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Cranbrook Herald Nov 13, 1913

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We are Ml eauipped to
ten oet tteMt class
L«W»tfv. A„embl^' ^v
In tbe Herald Fays — 117
Our   Local   Coluaim
10i*. a line
SO. 4«
City council met at the city hall in
regular session on Monday afternoon
at 2 p.m. Present Mayor Bowness,
Aldermen Ward, Clapp, Carr and
Kennedy, City Clerk T. M. Roberta,
City Engineer F. O'Hara.
Minutes of previous meetings were
read and approved.
W. B. Bardgett appeared before thc
council with a complaint, regarding
the dumping of sewerage water from
the Cranbrook Steam Laundry into
tbe creek, and on motion the city
clerk was instructed to notify Mr.
Davis, the proprietor, to connect
with the sewer at once, on account of
the many complaints heard in regard to this matter.
Letter was received from A. II.
Webb, secretary ot the Cranbrook
Agricultural association, tlionking
the council for tbe free use of the
room at the city hall, but stated
that the directors had decided to occupy their present .quarters for thc
balance of tlieir term.
Dr. O. L. Bayfield was appointed
acting city health officer during thc
absence of Dr. J. H. M. Bell.
Report of the finance committee
was adopted and the following accounts ordered paid:
B. C. Livery      1.50
Beattie-Murphy Co      3.05
City officials salaries   355.00
City clerk sundries     28.30
City Transfer  and  Warehouse
Co  106.78
Cranbrook Trading Co    27.15
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.       .75
Cranbrook Cartage, and   Transfer Co    23.00
Cranbrook Trading Co    26.15
Cranbrook Sash and Door Factory     55.99
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.. 197.92
Derail, F    18.85
Engineers    payroll  (sewerage
debenture account) ...    198.85
Eaglneers payroll  14,3.40
tost Kootenav Butcher  Co....   10.80
Fink Mercantile Co. ,    19.15
Fire department payroll   260.00
Hill     25.00
llerald Pub.   Co.,   Calgary ..,     1.40
Herald Publishing Co    48.70
Kootenay Telephone Lines   ....   19.05
Lethbridge Herald       4.68
Manninri, Ira R  388.72
McBride, J. D    50.00
McCreery Bros    10.70
Nelson Dally News       1.90
Provincial government, Nelson   11.50
Police payroll 	
Parrelt, T. N	
Parks, F. and Co	
School board payroll .,
Ward and Harris	
Ltddicoett and Waller .
Uddlcoatt and   Waller, school
stick.    Mr.   Ward replied to the presentation speech,   thanking the council lor their present (>n behalf ot Mrs-
Ward and himself.
Council adjourned.
I i
A now and profitable business is
.springing up in British Columbia in
the growing of nursery stock, lt business whirl, formerly went almost entirely tc Holland and Franco, Last
year sixty carloads of nursery stock
came in from liollam., the numbers
of individual millings and saplings
running into tbe millions. The consignments included large orders for
ornamental, trees and shrubs, as well
as the orders from the fruit growers
for nursery stcck for the orchards of
the province.
"This year has shown a considerable shrinkage in the amount of im-'
ported nursery stock," declared Inspector W. II. Lyne of the fruit inspection department today. He 6cor-
rected the erroneous impression that
this . was an evidence of utitetneSs
among tne fruit growers, by explaining that this is tbe first year tbat
the local nut-series have been able to
All thc large demands made upon
them by thc local fruit growers and
"Developing a nursery is a slow
business," he added. "One has to
wait upon nature. It can not In*
rushed up as one would build a factory in • hurry. The local nurserymen have been at work for several
years preparing to enter the nursery
field, and this year they are ((competitors, I expect to see now the
nurserymen of the province capture
the trade from tbe European growers.
This reduced importation is an evidence that tbey have commenced to do
Mr. Lyne stated that there is no
reason why aU the bursery stock imported from Holland could not be
produced here in future, as thc climate and conditions are somewhat
. 395.00
.    78.82
City engineer was instructed to
purchase a five-horae power boiler
from thc Canadian Equipment and
Supply ('«, Calgary, at their price
of 1158.35 t.o.b. Cranbrook. This
boiler will be used for thawing hy
ilraut.s during the winter months.
Mayor Bowness and Aldermen Ward
and Clapp were appointed cn the
court of revision lor revising the vot
er's list for the year 18U. Thc
board will convene on December 10th.
Bylaw No. 1,10, amending bylaw No
129 which was known as Local lin
provemenl Debenture Bylaw changing
llk> Interest rate from 7 per cent to
6 per cent was Introduced and read
first and second times. Council
thin resolved into committee of the
whole lor the discussian of the bylaw
with thc mayor in the chair. Bylaw
wos read third time and passed.
Bylaw No. 131 amendment to the
Cranbrook Manual Training School
Debenture bylaw changing interest
rate from 5per cent to 6 per cent
was Introduced and read first and
second times. Council resolved it
sell into committee ol the whole for
the discussion ol the bylaw with the
mayor in the chair. Bylaw was
read third time and passed.
Bylaw No. 182 amending the Sewerage Debenture bylaw was Introduced and read first and second times.
Council resolved itself into committee on the whole lor tbe discussion ot the bylaw with tho mayor ln
the chair. Bylaw was read third
time and passed.
Motion- ttat bylaws Nos. 131 and
132 be submitted to the voters on
November !6th at a special election
was carried.
Ordered that bylaws bo published
lor two Issues in the Cranbraok Herald.
Mayor Bowness on behalf ol the
rouaeil presented,Mr. aid,Mrs. Chas.
Ward will,    a Mutlhil silver canal*
For morning wear lho lumper
much In evidence.
Fashion dictates that tlw stylish
cut should be short sack effect with
one button, a wire nail am! a piece ol
twine. The lapels should lie soiled,
as last season, and tlie grcaso spots
are being worn larger and more it-
regular in shape. If one elbow is lo
be worn through, it should In' thc
left, one, as tlie old style of having
holes in both has practically disappeared.
The trousers should be ol blua' lnil-
ticking with one leg thirty inches
long and the other thirty-lour. Bagging at tlie knees is as chic as ever
and torn places should In' V shaped.
Fringed at the bottom is very popular and trousers should lie creased
horizontally around and around the
leg in irregular wrinkles.
Shoes should be soaked in cutting
compound or nny dirty oil and rubbed
with ir<n rust or red lead in promin
ent spots. Holes should he bored in
lhe uppers in order that the stocking
toot may protrude and catch any drip
oil Irom the lathes, automatics, etc.
Ot course tlie modern slice hire will
still be inaale from rawhide bell
For headdress, straw lints will be
very popular talis winter. They- should
be spotted with any good grease or
"hair oil" minus the band, and may
he worn witb or without the brim.
Neckties can be worn this season,
but they are not necessary. If worn
tliey may be used either ns belt or
Pocket handkerchiefs will be carried
in the hip pocket with thc monkey-
wrench, and should lie of dark hrown
For evening wear (if you have
night shift) the fashionable dresser
will wear one tan shoe and one black
The oiled straw hat and jumper
coat still remain papular, but all the
grease spots and boles should be well
rounded and rubbed with Iron Mings
Meeting of tbe Cranbrook board of
trade was held at tl.e eity hall on
Tuesday evening. There was only a
small attendance but the meeting
was enthusiastic. Harold Darling
occupied the chair and Joseph Ryan
officiated as secretary pro tem. Minu-.
tes ol previous meetings were read
and approved.
A motion by Mr. Ward, seconded
by Mr. Elwell, carried confirming
the action ol the executive in expending $350 for advertising purposes for
the year 1914 with Heaton's annual.
The executive was instructed to
arrange for either monthly or bimonthly luncheons to be held at regular intervals, at some convenient
plaee*wherc the members could gather
and hold short husiness sessions aud
discuss their problems.
Motion by Mr. Ward, seconded by
Mr. Raworth that tlte meeting recommend to the executive that the
different la-dies' organizations in connection with the various churches he
approached with thc offer to serve
these luncheons in turn, was unanimously carried.
Several subjects were,widely - discussed by ihe various, members present. The matter of raising funds
for next year's work was given some
It was suggested that lhe hoard
again approach the C.P.R. with the
proposition of asking them to build
a s.mr track between Cranbrook and
Wasa or Hungerford on the Kootenay
Central and make this city the southern terminus of that road.
The need of making strong representations to the Dominion government for the purpose of having an experimental farm in this locality. This
subject has been before the board of
trade for some- time, but according
to the feeling of tha meeting further
representations should be made, as
tlie establishment of this farm here
would he of untold benefit to the
settlers already here in showing them
how to scientifically reap the most
results and would serve as a standing
advertisement of the district's products. Thc board will take action
on this matter in the near future.
It having come to the attention of
the board that it is the intention ol
tlie department of lands of this province to throw open about MOO acres
of land in this viridity in the near
future the following resolution was
unanimously passed and.a copy ordered to be forwarded to the lion. Win.
H. ftoss:
Whereas, it having come to the attention of the members of the Cranbrook board of trade tliat the department of lands are considering tlte
opening of a large traet of land in
this district in the near future, it is
hereby unanimously resolved that wv
request the departmenl to throw
these lands open tor bona fide preemption and not for sale as in the
latter ease they would be purchased
hy eastern speculators and the district again be in th© same position
sis today.
rami's mstitute ketiii
George and Clement Yoiin«, sons of
Captain Francis I). Young, nnd Vivian Marplcs, were drowned in a small
slough, near the ranch of i u|ttj!J!l
Young, through ■. uV-'i'iiif. ,,n thin
ice. Mrs. Young, who attempt 'il a
rescue, nearly loat her life In a Eliui'
W, Ilalsall, secretary of the board
of trade, is in receipt of the follow
ing letter from W. P. Ourd, resigning
ns president and thanking tbe members for their presentation:
W. Ilalsall, Esq., Secretary Board of
Trade, Cranhrook, B.C.: j
Dear Sir: I beg to tender my resignation as president of your board.
It is of course understood that I hod
vacated tlie office, but I believe you
desire to have the formal resignation
In writing.
I desire to take this further opportunity of thanking the members of
the board who contributed so very
handsomely for the travelling case of
which I was the recipient at Cranbrook the other day. I prize the
gift, not because of its intrinsic
value, which is considerable, but because of thc good-will which so evidently went with it. T shall long
treasure it as a reminder of the very
happy years which I spent in Cranbrook, and of the kindheartedncss
and loyalty of its citizens.
I have still interests in Cranbrook
and Kast Kootenay of suoh a considerable extent that I shall hope and
work for their progress, and I sincerely trust that the citizens of the
town and district will give the executive of the board their hearty cooperation, which it deserves. Kven
in the worst times it wilt pay handsomely to keep the merits and possibilities of the district and town before the investing public.
Wishing the    members of the noard
all possible success and prosperity.
I remain, yours faithfully,
W. K Ourd.
VflMouw, B.C., Oct. Jufb,
At the meeting of the Farmers' Institute last evening those present
had the pleasure of hearing short addresses from Mr. Macdonald and Mr
Hive, commissioner of live stock and
chief dairy instructor for tho province respectively.
The room in which the fanners
now meet was well tilled and called
to order by the president, A, U
Smith, at about 6,30. The routine
work was disposed uf by postoon'ng
the election of delegate to the winter
convention and* the passing of resolutions for thc same till the next Hireling of the Institute ami with the
permission uf Mr. Worthlng-ton, who
was to have given a paper, laying
this over also till later on in order
to hear the visitors from tin*,coast,
whose coming so fortunately fitted in
with the regular meeting as the notice was too short to have made other arrangements.
Mr. Macdonald on heing called upon, took up the work of his staff in
their efforts to get control of und
stamp out bovine tuberculosis. He-
fore entering on his subject, however,
be touched upon his special mission
here at this time in connection witli
the sale of stock, speaking of the rapidly increasing scarcity of dairy
stock throughout the east since tlw
change in the U. S. tarilf. From his
remarks It is safe to infer that iu
far as the high cost of living pertains
to dairy products the consumer can
comfort himself that the worst is jet/
to come*, with dairy cows grins ,"
the States at the rate of liftv carloads some days. In the face of this
it seems an opportune time for
farmers to get back to the keeping of
dairy stock i(l short order.
On the subject of tuberculosis, the
speaker stated that it was now generally conceded that bovine tuberculosis is transmissible to other animals, including man, and quoted instances in his own experience of pigs
and horses both being affected from a
badly afleckd herd
Me went into the new regulations
for testing and described the greater
efficiency of thc test now used, In
reply to (fuestions Mr. Macdonald
said there was no reliability to be
placed on outward signs as indications of tuberculosis, as very often
tbe best looking animal in tbe herd
would be the one affected.
Speaking of the acceptability of the
new compulsory regulations, he
stated that the Dairymen's associa*
tion and the Milk Shippers' I'nion
were both strongly supporting the
department in their efforts and so
willing were the owners throughout
. the province to aid their efforts and
so general the support given that
prosecution had not been necessary
in any ease.
| Tuberculosis cattle arc often responsible for tuberculosis in poultry
and pigs as well.as man and by heading it off at the point of origin the
human race is saved the menace;
springing from the secondary sources.
The present regulations provide for
indemnifying the owners of diseased
cattle to the extent of one half thc
estimated value up to one hundred
dollars on grade cows, the public
thus assisting the dairyman by pay-
in,? part of the cost for their own
Mr. Hive spoke briefly ou the work
ot the    dairy   section of the depart-
Kditor llerald: | meat's staff    in testing herds      fi r
I production rf milk and butler fat and
Dear Sir: Having not-iced, an article   recordinR  same( outlining the  meth-
in lastJ week's Herald from Mr. Wells,   ^ jn ^ cow-testinff aKSociations In
important dairy district
Kditor Herald:
Dear Sir: 1 have been asked by the
city council to write a short cuplana-1
tion as to tlie reason for submitting I
bylaws Nos. 181 and 132, copies of
whicb appear elsewhere in this issue
of your paper. It will be understood that tin* bylaws simply increase the rate uf interest payable
under the original bylaws from 5 per
cent to ti per cent, without increasing
the city's debenture, indebtedness, Tha
two original bylaws are the ones
known as the "Cranbrook Manual
Training School Debenture Bylaw,"
which authorizes tbe issue of debentures for Wf500.00, and fhe "Cranbrook Sewage Completion Bylaw,"
which authorizes the issue of defcfrn-
tures for $20,000.(11). As is well
known, owing) to the stringency of
the money market, city debentures
bearing interest at ft per cent. are
practically unsaleable, and bylaws
have had to lie put through In such
cities as Fcrnie, Lethbridge and
Vancouver increasing the rate of interest in order to make their debentures saleable. In the case of the
present debentures issued by the eity,
we are instructed by the Imperial
hank that debentures of 5 per cent
cannot be sold but that debentures at
B per cent tbey believe to be a saleable asset. I
All money bylaws, with very few
exceptions, have to be submitted to a
vote of the electors, and in this case
amendments to the bylaws have to be
submitted for the approval of the
electors .and three-fifths of the total
vote east, must lie iu favor of the
bylaw. The moneys n» the debentures, have been raised by temporary
loans, but in order to sell the actual
debentures themselves, tl.ey must be
put in the form of an asset which the
citv can dispose of. At the Interest
rate of 5 per cent per annum, they
are unsaleable. At « per cent tbey
are an asset whieh can be disposed of
as has been the case with debentures
of other cities. As I *jftve stated,
money now demands more interest
and we are only one of very many
cities- throughout Western Canada
who put through bylaws bearing in
mind the old financial conditions
when money could be obtained at ii
per cent on city debentures. Tims?
conditions ij] the last year and a half
have changed and we simply have to
follow the same course as that followed by other cities and raise th?
rate of interest to meet the demand
of the money market.
As I have stated, anv bylaw which
on its original passing has to be submitted tc the people, stands in th?
same position wnen any amendment, is
sought, that is, the amendment must
be submitted to the people and it is
therefore simply a matter for the
property holders to vote for this bylaw in order tr enable the eity to dispose of the debentures.
Yours truly,
!\ V.. Wilson.
City Solicitor.
Twenty-one head of Ayrshire grade
cows, bred and duo to calve before
spring, and fourteen two-year-olds,
beinfi sold today al public auction at tin- exhibition grounds by
.lames Arnold, auctioneer. The sale is
being conducted by the live stock
branch ui tin- department of agriculture ami is tin* lust sale of its kind
to he conduc ti li in this district.
Tlie sale is strictly bona fide with,
out reservation ami is for cash. Tlte
stock have all been carefuUj selected
and are alt tuberculin tested.
W, S. McDonald, of Nelson, live
stock commissioner for Hritish Co-
iimiiia, arranged for tin* shipment of
two carloads of cattle into tbis district, (hie is being sold here today
and the other carload was *.olrt at
Nelson un November llth,
liis sale ni live stock miter   these
conditions should be an added induce-
ill  to tiie    it.iiiymg interests       to
pnning ll
iris tow
lliell c;
the district
factor in Cranbrook m
for becoinmfi one or
ing centres of tins   p
opportunity to purcba
cows at rcasonabh pt
ought   to encourage  im
aid be
king the start
le great datry-
ivince. The
j thoroughbred
•es is one lhat
iv farmer to
the barber, stating that he had not
sold his business, 1 would like a few
lines of your valuable space Ito let thc
public know exactly what did transpire. I
In the first place, the week before,'
Mr. Wells had an article in tlie papeu
saying that he had sold part of his
business, then   in last week's Herald
the more 	
where, the government supplies boll)
equipment and qualified.agent to visit
each month the different herds, scop-
ping for two milking* at each (or the
work, the owner paylnj one dollar
per year and keeping the man while
at his place. In sections where there
were   not   cooui/i     herds to justify
H ve more attention to this part
his farm and a little less to fruit
or chickens or something else ami result in the growth of sufficient cattle
in this district tn supply tlie local
demand for milk and butter and ;1
factor that ought eventually to
brimi down the price of meat in this
Mr. II. Rive, W. s McDonald, Dr.
W. W. Alton ami T. A, K. Wiancko.
all officials of tbis department of the
government, an* here in the interest
of this sale.
In some places Mr. Rive has been
asked by ranchers why the government docs not bring in bulls. Ik* explained tbat in the first place there
was a sufficient number of good bulls
in British Columbia to meet present
requirements and in tbe s,>cond place
the live stock branch had already
made provision io supply, ranchers
with such animals, allowing three
years for payment to he made. It
had been arranged said Mr. Rive,
that ranchers who wished io buy a
thoroughbred bull could make application to the government through any
fanner's institute. Tbey would then
he supplied with a bull, One-third
of the price hail to be paid "n receipt of the animal, one.third at the
beginning of lhe second year and the
balance at the beginning of the third
year, no inieiest charged The government also paid transportation to
the ranch of the purchaser
It Is believed, continued Mr. Rive,
that if every rancher in tbe province
produced his own milk, cream and
butter the imports ol dairy produce
to Hritish Columbia would Immediately show q very heavy decrease
and it Is chiefly with this idea in
view that the g< vemment since August last has In ought in and sold
about live hundred cattle in various
parts of lhe pin*. Ince,
Dr, l 11 King departed last Friday fur Chicago to attend a five da yd
clinic of the surgeons of the Ini ted
States and Canada About a year
ago a meeting of the leading sur-
U«ons ol tlw Culled States met ia
Washingu n, B.C . and decided to
form an organization to be known as
the College of American Surgeons
and to confer their degrees upon representatives from every state in tlte
union and each province in Canada.
Their degree will he equal to the F.
R. C S, of London and is an honor,
not only U Dr. King, but one tu
which the cily of Cranbrook may
.share lhe fact tbat this distinguished citizen has heen called to
share in this honor is;1 matter which
should be a source of pride to every
citizen of ibis town. There were only six surgeons chosen from the province ol British Columbia .ind as this
yeai mar's th.' beginning of this or-
ganization. Dr. King will lie enrolled
as one of the founders The Herald
wisbas to join Ins many friends in
the city in congratulations tor tb.*
well deserved honor", which have (alien to him
Dr. King has been a successful practising physician  in  this eity fit    the
past several years and has set a high
mark for his profession.     There      is
probably    no better known man       in
East Kootenay and manv residents, ol
thc district tcday owe tlieir lives   to
his   knowledge and skill      lie stand**
pre-eminently in the front rank ol tbe
surgeons of Western Canada      Above
and beyond any degree which fee. may
secure,    he     possesses the confidence
and esteern of loose who know him as
a man of sterling integrity of character, and a lasting    mark more valuable than    insignia of degree or rank
built through years of toil and    service, lives in the hearts of bis Cranbrook friends
FEME mill.
hi- comes oul mail says, "Contrary to si-inJinjr.   in a   man,    the department
reports, 1 have not snhl my husiness w||| supp|v the equipment if Ihe n«n-l
In Cranbroo!:,"      Sow whicli article ,.rs »||| unit, on ,„„,, m!M0 ln t|„.ir
is the publie to believe? community to    do   tlw testing. This
When Mr. Wells sold out to me 1 should be easy of accomplishment as
bought everything he' hnd except   his, there    is   scarcely a    district tn be
plate glass   sign nml   his goml will, found    today    without at least ono
and it was generally understood that dairy school   certificate in Its midst.:
he had no intention nf going Into thc Mr. Hive recommended this work    to
barber business   in   t'ranhrnok again, all dairymen as a stimulus to belter
but   was going to    the coast to en- stock and better methods and in tbat
gage in business there. way to better profits.
I have the hill of sale lor the    fix-     At    ">«-    closc a hearty    vote nf
Wells whioh thanks was tendered the speakers [nr
tures I bought from Mr.
must surely convince tin- public that
Mr. Wells' statement in last week's
Herald Is Just a little bit wrong.
I had no Intention of paying any
attention to Mr. Wells' previous an
tides in the Herald, hut when he
comes out with thc last one, I considered' it no mure than right to publish this in order tn show the public
where I stood on the matter.
Boh Nelson.
their kindness   in giving the farmers
their evening    r.n   such short notice
and udournment was carried.
■ -        I ■
e Court aaf Canada have
nt in the lire eases
st tiie Canadian Pacific
,111 \ In .lamas T. Uafad-
Cummlngs, Alex. Kerr
aim nnd Hnisiaali. These
tried al Kernie      some
Mr. .lustiii' Clement and
mis given to the plaintiffs
An epidemic ol smallpox has bro1 en
out at Kerf meos.
Tbe Maaom ol Revelstokt have il
elded to build a new temple
The Iiriiish Columbia exhibit     f<
the  Chicago Land show, whieh   will
open on November 20th, has gene fur-
trict this fall has been ideal, in fact     g^ Kooh|l|,frljll IarroWB are
it eotiM not have been better had it' advertising   ia    tastera papers   for
|M» toad* tu order. * wif*w.
The Suprem
given ludgme
brought again
Ratlwn) com]
law, Harriet
and Parqulmr
actions were
time ago by
■uilument ^^^^^^^^^^^
foi damages amounting to JS,000.00
The railway company appealed this
decision lo thc Court ol Appeal for
Hritish Columbia, whieh appeal was
dismissed Tl.e cases were further
carried by tin- railway company tn
the Supreme Court ol Canada. Th.*
result bolng that the, railway company were held liable for the large
foresl fin* whieh occurred in Mir vicinity of Morrissey, destroying the
property of lho plaintiffs in the summer of 1910.
Travels Lewis, K.C., ol Ottawa.
and A. 11, Macdonald, of lhe firm of
Harvey, McCartecj Macdonald and
Nisbet, Cranbrook, appeared for^ the
different plaintiffs.
Once in many theatrical moons
there is p:--l t'td a really great play,
one iba; riws above the mere purpose
of entertaining and sends forth a
message thrilling with hope and Inspiration—a play which ministers can
recommend, ai presenting witb mora
uvtd Impresstvenesfl than tbey eas
effect, some of those fundamental
I ruths which lorm the basis ol right
In ini; and thinkinc-
Such a play is "The Dawn of a
omorrow," with ils message entrusted to a little waif ol the London slums "(Had*1 she is called,
pathetic in her world-wisdom, woo-
derful in her philosophy of cheerfulness She is a fiery young pagan,
fighting for l»er very existence. But
her soul is flooded with human lovn
and understanding, that t iiifces tbe
world about her ,(nd finally flames inlo the light ol perfect faith.
The Bast Knd with its poverty of
necessities, the West Knd with its
poverty of happiness, ate fhe two
extremes pictured in th:* play.
"(Had" bridges the k»II between
i hem and opened up a vast field tot
mutual iielp anl compensation, ("The
Dawn of a Tomorrow" does not lecture, nor is it pedantic in treatment.
It simply present* a powwfttl story
witb such realism that its purport
can escape no one. Advocating as it
does the doctrine nf cheerfulness, its
seriousness is of len veiled with
Miss Felton may have ''greater"
roles in ber repertoire than "Glad,*'
but surely none more fascinating, nor
farther reaching than this little cockney. The full strength of the Allen
Players is demanded by this production, and appreciating as they do tho
power of the play, none rf theic
energy is misdirected.
"Thc Dawn of a Tomorrow" will
In* presented by the Allen Players at
lhe Auditorium tomorrow night.
The climate in thc Cranbrook   dis-jf
W. ,1. Ireii, formerly divisional
superintendent of lho C.P.H. at
Cranbrook, who was transferred to
llie eastern division a few weeks ago,
is in charge ot District No. \, from
Toronto to Smith's Fulls.
Mines of thp Atltn district in Northern Iiriiish Columbia are rivaling
those of the Yukon. The past year
has h»**n the best in the history ot
tin* camp. On* nugget weighing 7fl
ounces has just been brought to Vancouver. This is the biggest nugget
ever found in Canada, If Atltn were
&S far nwav as rbisana, there would
undouhtehly tie a big rush to tho
J. H. THOMPSON, Editor ami Manager
Subscrip'.ion Kates
One Year
Six Mouths .
Three MimiTin'      -
Advertising Kates
Display  Ailvertisiiig  2c
per inch.
Reading notic
10 uts pi.-rttHis.
lassilia'il ails
aaiiaiii by population, umi the redress EXPANSION OF TIIK BRITISH
sought fur by the Maritime Provinces COLUMBIA PRUIT31NDUSTRY.
will have lo be given, if Riven at all
in iU,y measure, by the lederal gov-
einiiieiit. The Question will be dismissed later when Hie next redistribution bill eiiines up.
Inquiries Irom Australia and New
Zealand' for Hritish Columbia apples
have exceeded all past records this
year, and as a result shipments to
these colonies will aggregate Into
high figures. The fruit Inspection
svstein of lliilisli Columbia has now
CKANBROOK, B.C., November 13th, 1913
A iluli lias been formed in Calgary
with tin'luualulile object ol promoting ■■—,
a good healthv Canadianism. Thc l;cc" thoroughly reorganised, and
club, while composed of men nominal- s,«1'1 of <""' '"i«P««'for for the entire
ly Liberals, is not entirelv partisan Province, deputy inspectors are Minimal Uie main idea seems to be the liolml al .»>', u'aa">K *|W|ng P«W
iplrll of Irrational imperialism    and
There should lie no objection to Lhe
two inlaws which un* io bo submitted to the ptoplt* on Novi'inht'L 20th.
Tin* necessity toe tho passage ol thesd
two bylaws simply arose out ol present financial conditions and arc thr
whirl) the debeu-
egotiatcd In tin
They do nol In
Indebtedness hut
interest rates so
disposed of lQ nd
Igfnal bylaws
lajorltles the
present toiidi-
iled unanimous
terms     under
hues  ran   be
money markets,
croaee  Uie    ci tj
simply chin gc Lh
that they may fo
vantage,       Ai
wero passed b\
nmendment   m
i inns    shohlfl
"I hereby express my doslre to In*
come ii member ol the Canadlat
Unionist League, and do pledge my
sell to support l Istcr in her desin
lo remainc wilh the Hritish empire
and I hereby authorize the accretarj
to sign my ii.imc un the mcinhershl|
This is the   pledge Lnkcn by   tliosi
who wislj In li
so-callwl Cnn:
whieh mis be
for the purp
fiinns who wiiii
light for list
.starts, if it ev
thiit branches
formed Uijougl
Mow .many Cu
duty to lave up
British empire lc
dired loyally along channels best
designed to build up tin' empire—'
namely by building up Canada. That
blatant loyalty whieh is made up ol
(lag     waving and     peifervid oratory
ml mighty little practical action  is
nt true imperialism* 'lhat man
besl serves llritain who serves Canada ami who so acts as to contribute
lu Un development of the best in
Canada with a view to empire-wide
service. The Irresponsible Hag waver seldom docs much beyond frothing,
ami such patriotism makes lor anything but stability. It is quite possible to lie loyal lo (Ireat llritain
ami he a good Canadian at the same
lime To bent' some men talk such
an impression would not lie gained,
hiii behind all the frothing und   flag-
waving stands tho sound, sane Cana-
ilianisni which believes" in building Up
Canada so that when the empire
needs Canada the country will be
ready, Froth is ol very little use
in Lite hour of emergency, and that is
nhoiit the only resource of a certain
school of politicians conspicuous in
Canada around election time.—Loth
bridge Herald.
.•nine memhcis ol   the
Han     li ist   League
n formed nl Toroni
an oi enlisting Cana-
if go lo Ireland and
I whin the big battle
r start-;. It is stated
,1 the league will be
ml Canada-
Indians feel it their
arms against the
support Ulster?   It
sir Kit-hard McBride, thc Tory
premier of Hritish Columbia, at Ot-
tawa, on October 22nd, broke all
rules of the Canadian club by discussing parly polities with a heated
defence of the Horden Naval Aid bill.
His offence was the greater because
it was committed in the presence of
II.It.II., the goVrrnor-M neral, Sir
Wilfrid Lnurler and the Rt. Hon. R.
L, Horden, as well as many leading
representatives of both political par-
tics.    Thc
is to be, hoped that there
many.    The wording ol the
tho entire affair   as n pipe
tlw   entire  affair nr  n   rtl
p rente folly
but   then* I
ida hi
cn ilia
ion is nol nn Integral t
empire. The Canadian Uf
guc bus all the earmarks
ami should not 1
.■ ol sn
mc rah
' llomin
-i ol th
a nif.metit.
to do with
troubles oi
id i.i ii
icrlotisly foi
have plentj
ither | |»l-0» und whoopei
,1,1 ih-   present projool to Can
hoiiid stun buck to Ulster with
soon   as     possible.—Saturday
mly new thing about   Sir evening the
in somo instances the local customs
officers having undertaken to act &s
Thc active interest that tho provincial government is taking In the
fruit growing industry is als(> indi
cated by the appointment recently ot
a commission lo visit California und
other fruit growing States with the
purpose of .studying marketing methods and thi* utilization of horticultural by.pivduets iu those districts. Incidentally it in expected that i»i-
portant information will he gathered
regarding the citrus fruit Industry,
The present season has brought sub
stantial prosperity to apple growers
throughout the boundary dislrict of
British Columbia. Fruit ranches arc
being planted and cultivated according to the latest and best approved
methods, and farmers who give the1
necessary study and attention Lo the
business are getting results.
• •	
Sundays—Low mass at 8..10 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to ft p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
iJ * .
Rev. o. E. Kendall, pastor.
Preaching services". 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m. Sunday School and Fellowship Bible class 3.00 p.m. Topic of
the morning discourse: "A Croat
Task and My Purl In It." In       the
To Learn the Auto Business and Take an Agency
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week driving, selling or repairing
cars. We will teach you in a '•*
weeks in your own home town to he
au expert Automobile man, andv get
you an agency for a high grade car.
, We have been established five years,
and have over liOOO successful gradu
utes. Write at once for free booklet
which gives full information.
508 Church St. Rochester, N.Y.
Our Stock of
On Monday evening supper was
served at the church from 5.30 to
s o'clock after which a programme
was remit ted, There was a largo
attendance. Rev. 0. K. Kendall occupied tho chair and the following
programme was rendered.
Piano solo—Miss Belau.
Recitation—Miss Bradley.
Duett—Messrs. Ashworth and Hawkey.
Recitation—Miss Sarah Palmer.
Recitation—Miss Bessie Woodman.
Violin duett—Messrs. Hawkey and
Solo—Mrs. .Jas. Brechin.
Solo—Miss Leaman.
Quartette—"In the Haven of Thy
Breast," Misses Sarah and Mary Palmer and Messrs. Hawkey and Palmer.
Recitation   ...   ."Caleb's Courtship*'
R. Palmer.
♦    — ■
and acGMi Dries
is now complete.
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F. Parks & Co.
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Regular Prices
These Dresses are all the latest Fall Styles
and are made trom best quality Serges,
Lustres, Etc., in all colors.
The conference ol provincial representatives ai Ottawa came to an end
on Wednesday, having been in session
tor three days. Tli** principal result
was tin* unanimous demand Irom provincial ministers fur additional foil-
oral subsidies, amounting tn more
than double Un* present grants Irom
tin* Dominion treasury, It was also
proposed to Increase the salaries of
lieutenant-governors anti to change
the title ni Hie office of "governor."
A warm discussion look place cm th.*
vexed question of representation,
The request ol the Marillmo Provinces lor ;i restoration nl tluit parliamentary representation as to tbe
time of Confederation, and for provision against any reduction In thai
representation through Ihe. mow
rapid population growth of the othei
provinces*, was voted down Thc ma
jority of the. provincial prime ministers and   ministers agreed to adhere
■strictly to the principle of represent*-) longed* cheer
Ulchnrd McBrldc's speech was its ut
ler Inch ol manners
was merely the political clap trap he
has been living vent to on every occasion during Ihe past two years,
ever since Mr. Horden induced him lo
give up his demand for a Canadian
fleet on the Pacific.
McBrldc's method, however, was
typical of the present Conservative
party ai Ottawa. He apologized for
it by declaring that this was not a
political Inn ,i National and imperial
matter upon which there should be
no political divergence. Thnt is the
true Tory view. When they supported lhe idea of a Canadian navy
in 1009 they agreed with the Liberals. When at the behest of the
Nationalists in l.Ul-12 tbey suddenly
reversed their previous views and
held up both hands for tbe tribute,
they declared that their volte face
should not lu* B party question and
that anyone who dared diner from
them, nr matter how* their political
weather-cock shifted, was disloyal
ami partisan. Mr. Horden is of the
type ol politician who has deep sympathy for the facts if the facts differ
from him.
It remained for Premier Scott of
Saskatchewan lo set the matter
straight, In a dignilied speech ... be
refused to be drawn into anv controversy, merely remarking "When the
political leaders of Canada conic to a
conclusion as lo what is right with
regard to our naval or military
Btrcngtb, then tho people of Saskatchewan will not he behind the
people of any other province in support ol that policy."
Mi Bride's speech was received with
a chilliiri silence. Premier Seott's
tactful remark was greeted with pro-
i n»a .v.n -v    Prom Falling Into tbo Hands of
Its material | Living God."
A cordial invitation is extended   I
all the public
topic will   lie: "ESC-ape
Nov. Iflth.
Holy communion, 8 a.m.
.Matins and holy communion, 11 a.m
Children's service, 3 p.m.
Evensong, 7.80 p.m.
Services will be conducted by Itev.
II. A. .Solly, the organizing] scccetary
of the Diocese of Kootenay.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson.
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"Old Testament Characters: ,Iona.
S, S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
"The Changed Life-"
Anthem, selected.
Everybody welcome. Come.
Mid-week, service Wedoesday evening, K P-111.
Rev. W. E.,Dunham, pastor.
Preaching service next Sunday nt
11 o'clock, subject: "Compensation of
Evening   service    at 7.30
.Subject:     "No    Cemproni'tsi
Edmonton, Alto.., Nov. 111....When
the city council turned down hy a
vote of S to I the resolution adopted
by the Edmonton Board <,[ Trade **■'!
Labor Council, favoring a, plebiscite
at the civjt* election on Dcc.miiT l\
on the question of an elective commission, it forced a. dozen of flntl-nd
ministration candidates into the
held. W. J, McNamara, » millionaire property-owner, formerly mayor
of Wotaskiwin
eed    himself
Those old favorites, yet ever young
with new productions, new sc'!nes and'
new specialties that please, thc Allen
Players, have heen showing before
crowded houses this week and presenting a new repertoire ol plays that
are proving the best yet. Monday,
they produced thc well known play,
"Green Stockings," a play in which
Miss Kellon, the company's leading
lady, was seen in one ol those character which lit her like a glove.
Mrs. P. R. Allen scored a great success in this play with her great comedy role. Among tlie old faces
which are familiar to Cranbrook
theatre goers with this company
were Birou Kagan, Charles Clapp,
Arthur Kenck, Irving Kennedy aod C.
Thc Monday night success was followed with "Tho, Gamblers," a heavy
melo-drama which pleased and last
night they presented the popular
comedy, "(Jet Rich Quick Walling-
ford." This play was especially
noted (or the appearance of Mr. P. R.
Allen, who was greeted with great
applause on his appearance.
The Royal Hungarian quartette    is
still with the company and draws
large share of the applause.
Tonight the company will present
"The Spendthrift."
The story of "The Spendthrift" is
an absorbingly interesting and Intimate study of married life. It is
somewhat daring in its treatment,
but gains thereby the power of commanding attention. It Is certain
that one's interest will have no
chance to flag from beginning to end.
Frank Leslie Parks and Miss Josephine Harrison Rogers were quietly
married at the home of Mr. and Mrs/
Geo. B. Powell on Garden avenue
Wednesday- afternoon, November 13th,
at 1.80 o'clock by Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor ol Knox Psesliylerian
church. Miss Florence Belau and
Mr, G. B.. Brown were the only invited guests. Tlie newly married
couple left on the afternoon train for
Spokane and from there will visit in
Illinois, returning home by way ol
California, spending a month oi
their honeymoon.
The groom is the proprietor of the
hardware store of F. Parks nnd Co.
and is an old timer in Cranhrook.
The bride came to Cranbrook about a
year ago. Tliey will reside oh Pool-
ey avenue.
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The play selected for tho Initial
appearance of ftco. II. Summers- and
his company in the Auditorium on
Monday, November 17th, Is the, splendid English comedy "Thc House
Next Door," hy .1. Hartley Manners.
The rights to produce this enormous
success have been acquired only
through the most urgent appeals to
lhe author and then on the assurance
that Ihis great comedy would receive a splendid production at the
hands of Mr, Summers. "The House
Next Door" is perhaps one of the
most interesting comedies written
during the last decade. Tlw peculiar mannerisms, tbe quaint repartee
Alta., today nnnoun'!1111'1 dccWodly original wit of the
candidate for mayor, I l™,in»   *««*«.    Sir John Cote-
As proud of Kootenay ami as much
delighted with every fresh evidence of
growth as a young father with his
son and heir, F. E, Simpson, former
proprietor ot the Cranbrook Heralfl
and a pioneer newspaper man of Uie
interior, reached Nelson last night
on the coast train ami registered nt
the Hume.
"Dad" Simpson would rather talk
of Kootenay or of British Columhi.*
as a whole than ent, and he sees a
new, greater and more wonderful future for this countrv even- time he
visits it.
Two years ago he went to England
and was so anxious to talk British
Columbia that he used to stand outside the railway offices in Charing
Cross and expound to thc crowds of
prospective' settlers the possibilities
and opportunities of this province. He
has recently returned from n six
wee-ks' visit to the United' States
and while there found no difficulty In
frequently getting together a crowd
of men eager to learn ot Britisn Colombia. Near y everyone .seemed to
be interested in tiie Dominion.
Mr. Simpson states that he has
now retired from business and has
settled down at Victoria.
The capital city is recovering rapidly from tlie effects of the financial
stringency, the large outlay on such
works as the new breakwater, railway terminals, the $1,000,(1(10 Hudson Bay building and other improve
ments doing much to keep the cily iu
its normal condition of activity.—
Nelson News.
tlie platform being the commission
form of government, with the initiative, referendum aud recall. Mayor
William Short, K.O., is a candidate
for re-election on the present charter,
under which Edmonton has municipal
ownership of public utilities and the
single tax, as is William -T. Mag-
rath, who was defeated for th*
mayoralty in a three-cornered contest in 1012. There will be twenty-
live candidates for five seals in the
Lending Lady  with Cb
i. ll. Bummer s'
at thr Auditorium all Next Week
Special services were held at the
Baptist churrli last Sunday in commemoration of the anniversary ot the
church. A special anthem hy lhe
choir and a quartette were the feft-
lures of the evening service.
WCld, requires the most polished comedy talent to portray and Mr. Summers has satisfied both tlm author
aud the public that he is a true exponent of Ihis "marvellous old man,"
liis worki is an astonishing piece of
character acting, making the impecunious and irascible old baronet,
whose childlike simplicity and high
sense of honor endears him to all,
one of the most striking and out-
slanding characters in any play ot
this period. The story of the comedy Is pure and wholesome, laughter
nml tears following ln delightful
sequence and one feels -the uplift tonrj
after the curtain has descended on thel
play, a strong company ol players
will support Mr. Summers.
lli-lwoni   nicking tlicir apples   and
prunes and   discussing tho Doukhobor
slliialiin lho  people of Grand Forks
nre pretty liusy just at present.
I '
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Fur further particulars tee
Beale C& Elwell
w'***-   fltoTOMVTtAI 	
Motion pictures ore being UBCtl to assist .Mrs. John I>. UoekeHlor io
learn lip reading, as she is becoming deaf. The Hint is run oil slowly and
Mrs. Rockefeller studies the lips ol lhe BCioru, She is learning rapidly
to read what tliey say.
Saturday afternoon oil is generally
supposed lo he « pi..s.*tit-d,iy privilege. On the contrary, however, the
Saturday hall-day holiday, aud even
the "eight hours a dny," were in
force in the t'.nys ol the Roman empire.
Saturday, very appropriately, lakes
ils name Irom tlte Roman god, Saturn, who presided over the Roman.
games nu a universal holiday called
furiously enough, the names ot the,
remaining days of the week arc ol'
Norwegian nrlftin. Right, hack In
lhe ages of Yikings and their sturdy
fin fullers were sun-worshippers, rtnd
Sunday was a Special day set apart
lor its worship. According to their
lielief the moon was the wile of the
s-vm, and, therctorr, eruld not he ignored—hence Monday. Tuesday was
named after the god (,f Rnr, Tlw.
The monarch of the Norseman's '
heaven, Woden, endowed Wednesday
with Its 11 tie. Thursday Is dedicated to Thor, the go.l ol thunder*
Krt-ga, the goddcis ol love, bad Friday d«Mitc4 to hit -orship. THE   UBANJMOOK   HERALD
British Columbia Agents
Pretty American Girl Married
To Captain flaster, British Army
********************** **********
A Good  Home
ia what is dear to every num. A homo
ii where Peaee, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Oolumbia, when
"Oranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
P. O. Box 134 CALGARY, ALTA.
Sir Sidney Ollvor, former Gottornor ol Jamaica, reoently said: "My
stddy of renditions in tlu- United Sbttos lias brought me to lire,belle! tliat
no solution of tin- American eolor dlfflcullies will, Ih- toiuid oxcept hy re-
miliiti-ly dlsa'IniniinK tin- color line and the rsoo differentiation theory."
Miss Anna Dorothy Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil White Ifes-
eltinc Jones, of Yonkers, was married to Captain Herbert V. Hoskins
Master, of the Queens Regiment, Hritish army, third son of Mr. Charles
Hoskins Master, of Harrow Green, fated, Surrey, England.
After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the hrido's
aunt, Mrs. D. Crosby Poster. After a trip to England Captain and Mrs.
Hoskins Master will go to South Africa, where the captain has been assigned to a post.
Lundhrvrk. Alta,, Nov. 8, 1N8.
Kditor Ilfiald.
Dear Sir: Having mil iced in some
Ol tht' last- Issues o( your paper lot-
Wts from a Itev. 0. B. Kendal) trying lo refute thi' teaching! or Christian Selene*. I am not a member ol
the above, hut 1 have received so
much benefit Irom it that I cannot retrain (rom askinp; you to give space
to the following:
Up to three veins ago, tot fitly
years I have been n tree thinker. The
thought ol God or prayer was u
foreign subject to me in the last
thirty years. Up to ttirco years
ago I was a hun.en to myself ami
others. My limbs were open sores
and I was In misery all the lime
My weight was 376 pounds. I tried
every remedy, many of thc best doctors, osteopaths, and in fact anything lor a relief hut it was in vain.
Finally one ot my daughters had
embraced Christian Science and she
asked mo to try ft. she said by
dtf i.nt reading ot S.lenec nni
Health by Mrs. Eddy ami prayer to
God, I would be healed. I said that
Godi and prayer were foreign things
to me, and I did not sec how I could
■get any benefit from it. ' She said 1t
was because I did not know what
God waw—God was love, truth, life
owl I was God's child and if I only
wanted to let Him He would heal
me. I took then this daughter ol
mine at ber word. I got tlw book
"Science and Health," witfh Key to
the Scriptures, and I took the Bible,
which I had not read for half a een-
turjr, I read and re-read the books
aad lo aad behold the sores on  my
limbs commenced to bent, and l began to lie ahle tu walk some distance
even day ami commoncOd to go to
church quite regularly. My benefits
wore so great that everyone Uiat saw
me noticed it.
I am now past tlio three score and
twi miles stones, I have malty children and grand children that glory in
the ohanec thai has corttb to me
through Christian Science and tha
IHble. I have lost one hundred
pounds in Weight and l .un as healthy at I ever was iu my life. 1 used
to drink very Incessantly nnd us-ul
tobacco in all its forms and have now
no desire for any ot it. I thank
God for having Inspired Mrs. Eddy to
the discovery ol Christian Science,
lor it has done the work, t am not
hy thia letter I tying to argue with
Mr. ft. 0, Kendall, His letters are
leadiog many to look nji and road
the dear little hook, "Science and
Health or Key lo tlw Scriptures,"
and il is only a matter of time (so
far as Ire is concerned) that he will
try tlw matter out at the right ham!
side and he will truth discover.
Hy Mr. Kendall's construction ol
Christian Science it is tlw devil's
work, and all the pleasure, health
ami happiness I have enjoyed ami
now enjoy, is lhe devil's work.
Hy having seen   the great transformation that has taken place, mv life
has been gained from  the work of the
devil,   though unwittingly.   It
in the Scripture, "Judge hot, that ye
shall not lw judged."    I have    been
to more than one hundred Wednesday
night meetings,   whin    1 have heard
from eight lo   ten persons testify to
thc physical healing and  spiritual uplift they have experienced   and prats .
Ing God for it,   and us there       are   sel of 3400 tons.
thousands   upon   thousands
he likes, according   to Mr. Kendall's
construction ol Christian Science.
Ah no! Christian Science Is too
precious a jewel to me to be destroyed hy such doctrine. Scripture declares that God made man in bis own
image ami likeness, therefore wc are
spiritual and not material. The real
Cod, real man and real universe are
not discerned through the material
senses, the finite cannot recognize the
Infinite, thus really spiritual being
can he recognized only through spiritual senses or spiritual understanding and this spiritual understanding,
the perception nnd appreciation of
divine truth Christian Science makes
possible to all.
Mrs. Eddy always said to her students: "Fjollow me only so far as I
follow Christ." Would Mr. Kendall
lead elsewhere? Mrs. Kddy says on
page 128 nf "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures." "I
had found nothing in ancient and
modern systems on which to found
my own. Except tho teachings and
demonstrations of our own great
master and the lives of prophets and
apostles the Bible has been my only
authority. I have had no otheO
guide in the straight and narrow way
of truth" On page 1!>7 ol the same
volume ate the truths Christian
Science, the point of whicb reads:
"Adherents of truth will take the inspired words of the Bible as our supreme guide to eternal life." The
light of Mrs. Kddy is the word of
God, which points unfailingly to
Christ himself, the true light whieh
llghteth every man that Cometh into the world.
In the teachings of Christian
Science God is ever present, always
operative, always available, divine
principle dispelling illusion of mortal
senses, destroying sin and prevailing
upon man to be as the scriptures de-
clan* him to be "The perfect likeness
ol the Creator," not subject to mortal discord. Is it Anti-Christ to
know that <iod is love, that he is a
very present lielp in time of trouble,
that it is he who redeemed! the lite
from destruction, who forgiveth all
Iniquities and who hcalcth all thy
In conclusion, permit me to say
with thc blind man at thc gate,
when the scribes and learned ones
asked him what he thought ol that
Christ that had healed him on the
Sabbath, he said to them, "I don't
know your laws, but one thing I
know, I have lieen blind from my
birth, but now 1 can see and for this
I am grateful lo God."
Most sincerely,
0, Lund.
Charles W, Gales, son ot Uie late
■lohn W. Gales, died in his private
car at Co.'.y, Wyoming, last week
from a stroke of apoplexy. Young
Gates was a visitor in Vancouver
about three months ago when he
spent his wealth lavishly. Al one
time during his- stay he "tipped" a
waiter al. the Vancouver hotel $-\ft
for services at one meal. He had
the reputation of;) spendthrift.
Look for this
label on every bas
IT means best quality—tested
quality— full measure and
thorough satisfaction.
It ii on every bag of
Canada Poland cement I
IJNLESS you have facilities for testing cement, you must
depend upon the manufacturer for Cement that is
reliable - Every car of Canada Cement is thoroughly
tared, and unless it passes every test it is not allowed to leave
the mill.
Yeu can dtpend upon Canada Cement
Be sure you get it.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Ejw lifm C*,"•<,•,Ce"•.", ■>•••" « you, n.i«hbo,hood.   If vou do no.
Know him, aak ua for hia name.
ITriu nr InfirmM.r, Bureau fir „fiu „py ,j ,h, l6c pap b„h „wu,
the Ltrmtr Can Do Huh ClKrilt, "
• *
Tho official hangman of Canada is
said to he sore on account of lhe
commuting of the death sentence of a
Toronto man, thus knocking him out
of a job.
If a piccolo player Is an adept at.
eating corn on the cob, the harmonica player ought to he graceful with
» si,vet-: watermelon.
What is said to be the first Instance in British Columbia, and the
second in Canada, when a Doukhobor
hns become legally married, occurred
in Grand Forks last month, when
Timothy Vcncdicktofl Shrebnefl and
Mary Hoeoif were married by Rev
C. W. King, minister of thc Baptist
church, and formerly pastor of the
Cranbrook' Baptist church. The
groom is a Russian resident of the
valley, but not a Doukhobor, -while
the woman was formerly a member
of and was married in thc Doukhobor
colony, but left thc colony a year or
two ago.
A warship has   heen blown up    by
wireless off  Portsmouth, during    an
experiment  with a mysterious invention whlcn the British admiralty    Is
testing.    The ship on which the  experiment was being made was       the
! third-class cruiser Terpsichore, a ves-
Shc now lies in a
of chur- dock with   her bottom blown       to
BYLAW Nt). 132.
A Bylaw to amend Bylaw No. Hilt
of the Bylaws of the Corporation of
the City of Cranhrook.
Whereas by said Bylaw No. 109 of
the Bylaws of the Corporation of
the City ol Ctafibrook, certain moneys were authorized to lie raised for
tlw. completion ol tlie sewer system,
namely, twenty thousand dollars
And whereas owing to the difficulty
of disposing ol said debentures by
reason of the stringency in thc money
market, it has tx*cii found necessary
to increase the rate of interest from
five per cent (5 p.c.) to six per cent
(li p.c.) per annum for tl.e purpose ol
disposing of said debentures.
Now therefore the .Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City ol
Cranbrook in Council assembled enacts as follows:
1. The recital to the said Bylaw
No. 10», of the Bylaws (I" the Corporation of tlie City nf Cranbroo'i
being the "Cranbrook Sewage System
Completion Bylaw," is hereby amended by striking out tbe words and
figures "One thousand two hundred
and sixty-five dollars and twenty-six
cents ($1,265.26)," in the sixteenth
awl seventeenth lines of tbo said
recital and Inserting in lieu thereof
the words and figures "One thousand
four hundred and slxty-fivo dollars
and twenty-six cents ($1,465.26."
2. Section 1 ol the said Bylaw No.
100, being the Cranhrook Sewage
System Completion Bylaw" is hereby
amended by striking oui the words
and figures "live per cent (5 p.c.)"
where thc same occur in the first aud
second tines and inserting in lieu
thereof the words and flgurt-s "six
per cent {6 p.c.)"
3. Section 6 of said Bylaw is hereby •mended by striking out the words
"one thousand" in the second line
thereof and inserting in lieu thereof
the words "twelve hundred."
4. This Bylaw may he cited as the
"Cranbrook Sewage System Completion Bylaw Amendment Bylaw."
Read tlie first, second and third
time on the 10th day of November,
BYLAW Nl).  131.
A Bylaw to amend Bylaw No. I til!,
heing tlie "Cranbrook Manual Training School Debenture Bylaw."
Whereas hy Bylaw No. 102 of tlie
Bylaws of tihe Corporation of tl.e
City of Cranhrook, certain moneys
were authorized to he raised for the
purpose of erecting, and furnishing a
Manual Training Schorl, namely, six-
thousand live hundred dollars
And whereas owing to the difficulty
of disposing of said debentures by
reason of the stringency in the money
market, it has boon found necessary
to increase the rate of Interest from
five per cent (ii p.c.) to six per cent
(fi p.c.j per annum for the purpose of
disposing of said debentures.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City ol
Cranhrook in Council assembled enacts as follows:
1. The recital to the said Bylaw
No. 102 of the Bylaws of the Corporation of the City of Cranbrook, being
the "Cranbrook Manual Training
School Debenture Bylaw" is hereby
amended hy striking out the words
and figures "Four hundred and sixty
one dollars ami sixty-two centst
($461.62)," where the same occur in
the thirty-first line ami inserting
lieu thereof the words ami figured
"Five hundred awi twenty-six dollars and   sixty-two cents ($528.62;,'
2. Section ii of the said Bylaw- No
102 being the "Cranbrook Manual
Trainiiifi School Debenture Bylaw" is
hereby amended by striking out the
words and figures "live per cent
{5 p.c.)" where the same occur in tho
first am! second lines and inserting in
lieu thereof the words and ligur
"six per cent (6 p.c.)"
3. Section 7 of the said Bylaw N
102, being thc "Cranhrook Manual
Training School Debenture Bylaw'
is hereby amended by striking out the
words and figures "Three hundred and
twenty-five dollars ($825.00)," where
the same occur in the second and
third lines thereof and inserting i
lieu thereof the words nml figure
"Three hundred and ninety dollars
4. This bylaw may be cited as the
"Cranhrook Manual Training School
Debenture Bylaw Amendment Bylaw."
Head the first, second and third
time nn   the 10th   day of November,
ches in the whole civilian! world, the pieces.    Details of the Invention
devil must have got nn to a Job that jealously guarded.
IT'S TIME  to tttrolt r« jtwr ««•
,4  >X COURT
RAYMOND P.  KELLEY,  Principal
.*!■   of P. 0.)
the cast bank • >i
river, at a poln
97-100 chains eas
south of tbe S.
9970, Or. I., thence
more or less, to ;
east of the  said S
lie Skookumchuck
ninety-tour an 1
and 140 chains
F>. corner of lot
east -."■ chains,
point 1-" chains
K. corner of Lot
9970, G. I; thence south 20 chains
thence west 15 chains, more or less
to the east ban5* of the Skookumchuck river, thence northerly along
the east bank of the SkookumchucA
river, to the point ol commencement, containing -10 acres, more
or less.
Wm. II. Moss.
Dated September 19lh, 1813.  43-1*
Exceptionally Beautiful
Designs are being
shown at the
Call in and see them
TAKE NOTU'E Hint Ilia- above is
a true ci.pj- ol lho proposed Bylaw
upon which tlie vote ol ihe Municipality will he taken nt thc Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, on Wednesday, thc 26tli day of November,
1913, between lin- hours ol » o'clock
in the mornliiK lin o'clock local lime)
and 7 o'clock in the evening (8
o'clock p.m. local lime).
Clerk lo the Municipal Council.
Dated al Criinhrook this With dav
nl Navtmber, ISIS. MM
TAKE NOTICE llialt tin- iila'iva
a 'Crue copy of the proposed Bylaw
upon which tlie vote of the Municipality witl Ih- taken at the Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, on Wednesday, thc 2iitlt day of November,
1013, between the hours of n o'clock
in tlie morning (in o'clock local time)
ond 7 o'clock in the evening (S
o'clock p.m. local time).
Clerk to tbo Municipal Council.
Bated at Cranhrook Ihis lOlb day
of November, 101-1. 18-JI
that I, Wm. II. Moss, ol Cranbrook,
B.C., Civil Engineer, Intend to apply
toe permission to purcliasa- tin- lollowlng described land:
Cuimnenciag at a post plaated    ou
Scientific Miica
A bJUtdwirtly innatttfd wi*klj.    Utvtt Hr
Dlauon "f mij ■rlenUfl* hrnnw.   letmi ;■ i
1 .■■■■.•I». tl-"* «  T**"", tW**H WIMl'l.    *-"l<l *7
ail Mttawtkrt
MUNN 4Co»«»*"w- Hew York
District of South Kast Kootenay,
TAKE NOTICE lhat .Joseph
Blakp, of Wasa, B.C., occupation
Farmer, intends lo apply fur permission to purchase tin* following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted IO
chains east of the south eaat comer
ol hot lion, thence east 80 chains,
thonco south 20 chains; thenco west
80 chain*;, thenco north 20 chains lo
place of commencement, containing
llffl actoa, more or less,
Joseph Blake,
per James ff. Blake, Agent,
Dated September 21th, 1918,    40-flt
Daily, December I to 31
189   Ri rinrl   Trip
MDNC: $95.40
■   $99.55
0   :• ing Fares from
otht-t   . -' .Mans   in
a iXTAIUO, (JL'EBEO, and
R ■   rt  limil th
Strap h.
privilegi a
Boa ■    ■       ■:
from un-.   I Mia I
lion pri-
i   Pacific
: through
Special Fares in  Cnnnetion
*Mth Atlantic Sailings Nov. 7
to December 31
Excursions to
United States
Daily, December I to 31
nd trip
farea to \ ■ u-t, in
Minnesota,  Illinois
aouri, Nebraska.
I;  l'<\wiN.
air. Af/aMit,
I'.  M...I.-1,, M..||aa„la.
'■•>      Kx-
-■■ -i
■ inmlnit-
i n
•• i-Mtrniic
< 1
when nn.
i ■ i
• ii t  mi—
Iny.   IJ*-
i lh
1, i
- \\\
tig ennfl-
n   1l ll. III.
i c i
i.    Si
inJnyn, Hi
ii tl
1' in
London is in the calm before the s<
Royai wedding sure to bring a rush
All Arrangements Have Been Made for the Event. Whicli, in Its Ceremonial, Will be Simple-
Popular Hostesses H ive Now Ended Their Round of Entertaining in Scotland
News of the District
(Special correspondence).
a very    sucooRstut dance
•iii-sday nlghl al tlu- Ccn-
There w
Kivcn on
tral hotel. |
The Society (iirl mine, which is
just three and a half miles Irom this
place, has recently shipped a carloail
ol ore tu Trail, II.C.
Mrs. Nordlnc went to Cranhroolt
on Thursday lasi with her sou Harold, who has been ill for some lime.
Harold was left iu tin* hospital lot
treat ment and tin* doctor in charge
of the case pronounced it typhoid
lover, However, the treatment he
had received here was jusl whal ho
required, so tho attack will not lie
as severe as mlghl otherwise have
boon expected. Mis- Nordinc returned on iSntiirdn}'-
Mrs. Pearson, who lias been in
Cranbrook wltli l.rr link1 son Oscar,
who is in ih" hospital there, returned
home on Thursday. She returned to
Cranhrook ininiedinlely, however, as
tlto child was not expected to recover. The latest report is, that Oscar, who is sii(TerinK from pneumonia,
■has taken a change for the better
and is now slowly recovering.
On Tuesday night the store of   Mr.
.1. W. Fitch     was     broken into and
robbed of two    sulteases,    two live
pound    boxes    of chocolates, several
boxes of sardines and    other grocer-:
les,     The tl.ief gained  access to thu,
building by breaking in one   if   the
windows.     As yet no direct evidence
has been found that can be used     to-
trace   thc fl'lllty    party.     However,1
thi* polite have discovered one nf   tlie
suitcases    nnd    some   other articles
down     al   one   ot the     ranches near
here,   so it is   likely the hobo    who
left   these tiling; there will soon    be
traced  down  and brought to Justice.
Our   town   has hern   Infested      with
tramps of   late     and   petty Ihieviun
lias been   carried on for some,   time
past, so it is to in* hoped that     Uio
police will he successful in their   investigations.
Rev. Mr. Pearley, Methodist minis
ter of Fernie, held service here On
Sunday bight, which was well attended. Mr Pearley was a Btjudefit
missionary here some eight years
ago, and although In' has travelled
much in other countries during that
time, yet he has n warm fooling lor
many old acquaintances which he
met here on his return visit this
On Monday ni^ht the Ladles Aid
Society of the Methodist church here
nave a very successful anniversary
entertainment. The entertainment
took lhe form of a lantern lecture,
which was delivered by Uev. Mr.
Pearley, of Fernie The pictures,
which were principally views at
China, were very clear and the explanations given hy Mr. Pearley were
most interesting, as he had spent
some four years in China as a mls-
sionery ami all the scenes were familiar to him. At, the close ol the
lecture refreshments were served hy
the ladies and then games al all
kinds were indulged in hy t-hc younger
portion ol the audience. Au admission fee of twenty-five cents was
charRcd and a go* dly sum was added
to tlw treasury of the society.
The Misses Florence and fieri rudt
Rutledge, daughters of Mr Hutlrt'.gp.
of Cranhrook, arrived hero r n Saturday to spend a time visiting theli
mini, Mrs. ,1. \V. Fitch, of this place,
Mm.  MrFarlnnc iT-lurnrri trom   tin*-.
Written by Bright Correspondents
cast yesterday.
On Friday night last the Kootenay]
hotel was robbed of some $17.On in
frank bills. Il seems that Mr. Breni-
ncr, the proprietor of the hotel, was
uneasy, as he hnd given a room to a
man ot doubtless character, so ho decided to keep a watch around until a
late hour. He and a number of other men sat in the office until about
three a.m. the following morning. He
(hi n went into the bar room to
i empty the till and discovered that he
j had been robbed of about $17,00 in
I bills. The silver was left untouched. The robbery must have taken
j place between IH a.m. and 3 p.m. the
i following morning ami in (he- room
j just adjoining tbe office, where Mr
Bremner and his friends were sit-
! i Ing.
store staff,    spent a   couple of days
this week in Fernie with friends.
Alfred Johnson was in Fernie  this
week on business.
(Special correspondence).
Mr. ,J. Downey, photographer,
turned   this week from   the     Crows
Nest camps, where ho has heen for   a
few days engaged in photo work.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ted Marx, who have
lived here for thc past year, left a
few days ago for Spokane, where
they will reside for a time.
The many friends of Mr. Edgar Wll-*
son will learn with regret ol his misfortune. While splitting wood on
Monday evening of this week he accidentally struck, his hand and severed part of the index finger on the
left hand1. Or. Davis dressed the
Mr.- Peter Lucier, who has been
superintendent of the Crow's Nest
Pass Lumber company's sawmill
during the past year, moved his family this week to Uurton, where he
owns a large ranch.
M isses I lazel and F-dythe Lmul
spent Friday of last week with
fiiends in Cranbrook.
Dr. Davis returned to town a few
'lays ago after spending the greater
part of thc week in Cranbrook.
We arc glad to learn that Mr. M.
1). McPhce, who is ill in the St. Eugene hospital, is very much improved
and that he hopes to be able to return home in a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Scarboro, who
have occupied Mr. A, Shcjipard's residence during the past year, left last
Saturday accompanied by their family for Burton City.
The bazaar and supper announced
for last Sunday evening, hy the
Ladies Guild of the Presbyterian
church, met with a decided success.
Thc night- was fair and pleasant In
every way and although1 tlie crowd
was not large, those who patronized
it were the ones who always spend
their money the right way and help
to encourage all good efforts put
forth. The members of thc Guild
wish to heartily thank those friends*
who gave them such loyal support
and helped to make tlie evening'.** entertainment such a decided BtiCCffiS.
The children enjoyed the fish pond and
the candy booth, while the older
members ol the gathering enjoyed
the pretty things to ho found In the
fancy work booth and the good
things at the relreshmenl tahle. The
proceeds of the evening passed the
one hundred dollar mark and will lie
used by the ladies for the Ifeneflt of
We are sorry to know that little
Lloyd Gordon Burgess Is ill this
week and   hope that he may soon riv!
cove r. ^H	
1    Frank Harrison, ol the Crow's Nest  imdertnklig t
(S|H'Cuil correspondence).
For seme time past a useful undertaking lias been in progress on the
initiative of Kev. Joseph Philp, who
is staying lure with Fred Adolph for
lhe winter while ministering to thc
Coal Creek district in connection
with the Methodist body. He is on
leave from a charge in Essex, Ont.
Oo Thursday, November tith, a free
reading room was opened and inaugurated at Baynes Lake hotel, .1. Uad-
ford, pioprictor of the hotel, has
granted free use of a suitable room
for the work of the Beading Room
association, anil has throughout taken
an active part as a member of the
committee along with Samuel Noll,
secretary-treasurer; W. F. Wright,
G. Null and C. Brooks. The gathering, which included Rev. C. L. Cowan, of Waldo, members of thc Ross
family, of the Ross-Saskatoon company, F. Adolph, of the Adolph Lumber company, Mr. Anderson and Mr
Ilislop, of Waldo,, and other residents, was called to order at 8.30 p.m.
by Rev. Joseph Philp aa chairman,
whose opening address gave a short
sketch of the movement for a free
reading room in Baynes. He said it
was evident from the ready and willing support given, that the idea was
not a new one to the district, tor
people came forward with help even
before they could be asked, The
Adolph Lumber company gave tlte
material for tables, seats and newspaper racks, while a senior member
of the firm was Instrumental in getting these made at a good deal less
tlian half the usual cost, and the firm
also furnished free thc necessary
fuel, Thanks to gene-rous subscriptions and provision of papers, the association began with four dailies,
nine weeklies, seven monthly magazines and four other monthly publications—a total of 21. The chairman
said Canadians were the greatest
readers in the world and were still
crying for more rcadin-|. The trouble
was lhat no one could hope to live
hmg enough to touch even the fringe
of standard works, which were at
least 3,000 in number, He gavo library statistics for various Cities
showing that much more than halfof
the hooks read were firlion. This he
deplored as compared with the read-
in1; of biography, which, he contend
ed, was much mom beneficial and
permanently elevating- Beading gave
the power to live with what was
best in past, present and future-Mine
cannot always select one's company,,
but that was not so in rending, Therefore, one should read only the best
books in each subject. He did not
despair of seeing more benefits flow
from the reading room than they
could see were likely at present, and
among others he saw a very good
chance of getting gofng a circulating
library, too. Fred Adolph, ot the
Adolph Lumber company, then addressed the meeting. Ale said that
most peoplo thought husiness men
had no thought for anything hut business. That was n great mistake.
He could vouch tor nis own case
along with many others to lhe contrary, and he had often wished there
were in tin1 district something in the
from   the strain ot   work.    Ht then
gave some interesting facts on     «■*
early history of libraries from   their
inception some 4,000 or 5,000   years
ago.     The earliest   library consisted
ol books  in .the   form   of thin bricks
stamped witb letters, and one ol the
early libraries lou-ndcd by a king was
called "Me$iic,inc for thc Soul."    He
said thc first thing he remembered as
a boy in the way of such a thing was
a mechanics' institute, and that    he
found much inspiration and many
noble ideal  from  his reading ot biography there,    He could strongly  recommend the uplifting power and thc
good Influences   derived from      such
reading, and lie thought the stock   o(
high ideals    to lie gathered   thereby
was thc best and   most abiding capital a young    man could start   with.
He expressed   the pleasure it      gpvc
him to ste all   denominations represented hi fore him; it only exemplified
the fact that true knowledge was undenominational, non-political and   as
unlimited as tlw swing of mind     itself.     G.    Null emphasized the   lact
that whilst the need and thc hour tor
some such    provisian in tlw district
had long called aloud in vain, now at
last they had thc man as well tn  the
Rev.     Mr.    Philp,     whose untiring
energy and enthusiasm carried   along
the effort   to    success.    They hoped
that other   departments'  of   mental
and social activity would result from
it in   natural sequence, and that like
some   fair    and   noble tree it would
throw out its branches in strong and
beautiful   growth    through   the district.    A wise man had said, "Reading makes a full man, speaking makes
a ready man, writing makes an    accurate man."    Many an undertaking,
even more modest than this, had led
to great things, and why should they
not go forward in thc hope that this
reading room,    with a good circulating library   and   a debating society,
might produce the full man, the ready
man and   the accurate man? He was
glad to see the touch of grace   given
to their meeting by thc presence    of
so many ladies, and he sincerely hoped it would be continued in order   to
leapen and beautify the work of   thc
Beading Room association in all   its
departments   as   nothing else  pould.
Rev. C. L.   Cowan, of Waldo,    gave
some interesting particulars  ol    thc
origin ot printing In Europe, and expressed the warmest wishes for    the
success of   the-    undertaking on    its
mental,    moral     and     social   sides-
Messrs. Badforn, Hislop of Waldo and
Bridges    also   spoke,   while   W.   D.
Hart fine a humorous reading. After
refreshments, kindly provided by several ladies,   had been partaken      of,
the meeting closed.
The annual dance in aid of thc Anglican cgurch, undertaven by the
chimb Ladies' Guild, was a great
success on Friday, October 31st, in
thc Adolph hall, Baynes. The Cranbrook orchestra was at its best and
all who attended departed highly
pleased ami satisfied.
Louis .Smith was at Fcrnie on business bent last Friday.
Jim Fusee has a bip job at •*0Ci»in
cruising timber.
Word has been received that Mr«.
Adolph, sr., is lying very ill down at
Long Beach, "California.
A spur is being built at Bator's
mill to convey logs from the main
track of the G.N.R. to the pond.
A government crew Is working
the Elk bridge, fixing the hanks
the Elk to prevent wash-outs in
Over a hundred men are now
ployed at tjic Baker company's
ging camps, east of thc town,
Quite a number ot friends met together in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. 11. Ross last Wednesday to give a
send-off to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robertson. A very happy evening was
spent and after dinner Mr. and Mrs.
Robertson were presented with suitable tokens ot appreciation. Mr.
Robertson has been over four years
in this district and has formed, a
circle of good Iriends. They will be
missed when they go to Medicine
Father  O'Neil celebrated mass    in
Baker's hall last Sunday morninrj A
large number from Baynes attended.
Rev. Mr.   Bruce, of Trail, has been
offered Mr.   Colquhoun's position    In
this district for the winter. His   acceptance is not assured-
Archdeacon Beer, p.D., preached in
Waldo last Sunday morning-
Mr.   Swanson, engineer of tbe mill
at Baker leaves Saturday (or    Vancouver.    He   hopes to return in January to resume his work at the mill,
Fred Wood is   working across    tity
river at Fusee's camp.
At Baynes hall on Sunday evening
the Uev. c. L. Cowan will preach on
"The Impeachment ot Christianity.'
Jim .Joyce passed through thfl town
on Tuesday. He has closed down
the works at Flagstone lor the winter- /
Mrs. Smith at Krag baa heen nuite
ill for a week. Dr. Saunders has
been* in attendance, and she is now
Always Reliable
Relief from the ailments caused
by disordered stomach, torpid
liver, irregular bowels is given
—quickly, safely, and assuredly—by the tried and reliable
SaU ..wywl.re.   Uboxn.2Sc.Dta.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richards St.,
Cheap. — Apply Herald Ollice.
Phone 18. tt
Ana-ail. tor
Shop lllaane SO lta-aitlenaaaa 40
(Successor to V7. F. Guttn)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
1>. O. Bin 869
CRANliltOOK,  B.C.
A.F. &
A. H.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Headquarters for nil  kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Physicians and Surgeons
Oflot ii Kuldeice, Armstrong in
Forenoon! - • ■ -1.00 to 10.M
Aimiouoin • - - 1.00 to   4.10
Evening! • - • - 1.10 to  I.U
riundaya - . . - 1.30 to   i.M
CRANBROOK :■    ll    H    M    I. e
Regular meeting! oa
the   third   Thursday
ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
F. B. Miles, W.M.
J. L. Craaston, See.
Ckebuknt Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Chrlitlan, K. ul R AS.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Hotel International
Geo. LoNnPRE, Proprietor
Situated at Kingsgate, B.C., on
the Boundary Line, in a epot ol
rare scenic beautyand the enortp-
man'i paradiie.
Headquarters for Commer.
clal Men and Tourists
B. .C
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard Bt. and Trent Ave.
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office la Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. O
Moeti every Monday
night at   New Fra-
  ternlty   Hall.    Sojourning Oddlellows cordially Invited.
J. II. Tiirnlcy, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meets first and   third Wednesdaya
in each month.
A  cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 81st.
W. M. Harris, Chlel Patriarch
II. White, Scribe.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 2611 Matron
P. O. Box SI5 Garden Ave.
p 0. Hoi 218
Tel. No. 143
Cranbrook, B.C.
Following thc Duke ol Sutherland's
oiler to sell 100,000 ot bis broad
acres at £2 per acre, Lloyd Oeorgo
lias addressed a letter to the Duke,
Indicating that il thc Duke will write-
to him officially, stating thc cjact
nature ol the oiler, he will take care
that it Is placed before thc proper department with n view to a report being made     on the proposal,   tor the
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates 11.00 snd up per dny
Our bus meeta all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
COMMERCIAL Capital offers un.
rivalled oraportunitlea for money
HOMES. Locatedon the FRASER and WILLOW
and HUDSON BAY. and other nalliaaada. In the
centre of. LARGE RICH FARMING and TIMBER DISTRICT, the natural aupplja point for the
aurea tha future of WL.LOW RIVER. Write
now, t<*day, for free man,, plate, etc.
443 Richards Street, Vancouver, B. C
Agent* Wanted
Civii nd Willi Eifiiceri
British Columbia Land Surveyor! .
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
W. R. Beettr. runenl Dtrsatot
Cranbrook B.C.
Phone 340 P. O. Boi 686
Norbnry Ave., neit to City Hal!
No. 19.
Meets every second and  fourth Wed-.
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahi cordially Invited.
Sis. Maude Hickenbotham, N.O.
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Rec. Sea.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second atul
Fourth Thursday of eacb month at I
p.m. sharp.
I. Mcl.achlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   cltl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Prcs. See.
Box 613
Visiting members cordially welcora
Cranbrook Lodge
No. 1049
Ma'i'ta ever; aea-ond and
fourth Weiineaalaj a t8
p. in. In Royal Black
KulKlita' Hall, Baker
R. S. Cakkktt, Wee,
Day Phone 233
Night Phone 361
Frank Provenzano
General Merchanta
Employment Aganta
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 mONE 144
District ol South East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that James W,
Blake, ol Wasa, B.C., occupation
Farmer, Intends to apply Tor permission to purchase the lollowlng descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted al
the northwest
Oroup One, Kootenay Dlstrlot,
thence west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, t hence cast 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to place ol
commencement, containing 100 acres,
more or less.
James William Blake.
Dated September 24th, 1913.    40-9
Surawaor to F. T. F. PERRY
District ol Cranbrook.
orner ol Lot 11016,1^ Q KxlBonl|edjorlinadelivered,
(J ooil work only.   Prompt
$ Telephone No. 405
P. O. Box 7*J3
Works : Armstrong Avo.
For Sale
shape ol a     leading room air similar |       	
give relief and reerca- rntmldeintitin ol the government
TAKE   NOTICE   that Thomas S. Oil" <"><cfortl Engine, 11x11, Prico
Olll, ol Cranbrook, B. C, occupation     S85U.U0.   May be Been at Bene-
Looomotlve Engineer, intends to nP-     j!0' Hiding,  ono   mile eaat ol
ply for permission to purchase     th=     Mayook, B, 0.
following described lands: One'Oxfonl  Saw Carriage, com-
Commencing at a post planted on plate with rack feed, 3 blocks.
Gold Creek about 8J miles east ol H post (logs. Price $2150.00 at
the southeast corner ol Lot 9205, Elko, B.C.
,!««.. east 80 dhalns, thence south Ono QiM frH]m ^ ^
40 chain, thence west 80 chains .^ „,,,, <,ab]e and ,,,„„,„, „„,,
thence north 40 chains to place ol drjvfi m],lpvB price tmm &,
commencement. ttt E]ko B 0
Thomas S. Olll.        „    .» , .   ,
George Kennedy, Agent.   I    For fnrthir particulars apply In
Dated Stptemher oth, 1913.    37-10 I*e**-« & Johnaon, Elko, B. O.
Pride of Cranjirook   Circle, No. 158,
Companions ol tne Forest.
Meets In Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ot each month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secretarr;.
P. O. Box 442.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome.
LODOE, No. 1871
Meets lit ami 3rd Thure-
ilsya nt 8 p.m. In Royal
lllnckKnight*of hole
Hall, Dakar si,eel.
Frhd W. Swaik, W.M.
H. I.. Wiu.i.Mia, See.
-■'Cla.i  'l
President 10 u-HitKi-cano
atoote regularly tiaa>itr*t Friday evaiitugeeel,
laiiaaraaiiatiiaii on 1'iatillr- liiiitr>r*ail|i|allad
II you want latiifactlon with
your washing   send
it  to
hipeuial prices lor family work
PreBJflent : A. B. (Smith
Recrfltary: 8. Macdonald
Fur infiiriiiRt/on regarding landl
•> and   agriculture   apply   to the
♦ Secretary, Cranbrook, B. 0.
f Meeting—
£       Every second Wednesday
*■+*>*%+**%*%**+* *%i
Oppoilte O.P.R  StHtlon
THB    PLAGE    TO     OET    A
nu "RlVOM. S tor.
The Store with a Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wlier. It Pay. to Peal
A. K. .Ihnkh T.,1. Ilaiiiia
1'llaaaia. llHIl >'l I»l
llox 1112
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
rl'l 11H tjlllltl* Villi  IMt'CH lllfl'l
Yuu HiiiM
Si-.* nn ii hunt your CifiTPtt* nii-l
ltuHHinniiL Wink
is guaranteed in
every part and
Every one a
All that we have
sold have made
friends for us.
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Wilfred T. Awniaek wai in
Wycliffe today on business.
Read Ihe I'.L'.K. ail.
and Mrs. A. K.
.lafiray today.
I.eitih were  in
Woaid lor sale.—.1.    S. I'cck * Co.
C. M.   lOalwarils of   Haynes    Lake,
was a city visitor on Tuesday.
Hveryhoily    is n   liifili liver     iliesr
days.    Can't be anything else.
Woaail for sale. Phono 100.       S8.ll
.1.   I'.     Kink was in
first ni this wa-ek am In
Spokane lb-
Miss Doll liewiir. ni Pembroke
Onl , is visiting bet sister, Miss .1
('. M.  IVwnr.
Iteiul the I'.C.K. ml
Burn.—'.in Monday. Nani-nilii'i 10th,
1418, (ai Mr. nnil Mis. Oeo Baldwin
n ilnuaiitrr.
Noticotiio watcli curried by
the next well tlressiil woman
yon meet, Tf it is smart nml
fiisliiiiiinlilu slit- bought it
here- whore wc specialize in
women's beautiful wnlilit-s
tlio kintl lliut are moderate in
prico ns well ns good, Come
in mid let us bIiow ynu to-day,
Next lo thai 1'aaal. ORIce
and Mrs. A.
tintiii anal
11.     While
In Foil
on Tuesday
11 a, in., ia     meal,
—ttii 11 Wanning
lliun-AI Clnnbi
am NOV-
HUi, I01S,
In Mr. m
al      Mrs
Bird, n son.
Wond for salo.—I.    S. I'eck & Co.
C.raliam Donaluie was up from
Wardner shaking hands wilh bis old
friends tho first of llie week,
Read the C.C.s. ad.
L, .Johnson of Kimberley, was registered at the \\o\v\ Cranhrook on
Air. C. T. Davis, proprietor of thc
Cranbrook Steam Laundry, wns in
Kimberley on business Tuesday.
Fresh hot house lettuce and celery,
—lra It. Manning.
any size; fiood   wood
ery.   $4.00 toni
ll?rald office.
■Stove lengths,
prompt deliv-
C.O.IX Phone Heed,
Born.—At the Cottage hospital,
Cranbrook, B.C., Wednesday, November 12th, 1013, to Mr. and Mrs. II.
Barr, of Wasa, a son.
$45 set of democrat harness1, almost new, $27.00. Apply llerald office.
Born.—At the Cottage hospital,
Cranhrook, B.C., on Thursday, November L3th, 1913, to Mr. and Mrs, W.
Guthrie, of this cily, a sun.
Mrs. .1. A. Sinclair will receive at
the homo of Mrs, (i. tt*. Jolmson on
Watt avenue on the third Tuesday of
each month.
Bowser   oil
Mercantile Co
tank far sale at Kink
Miss Amy Craig, ol Hegmtt, is visiting Mm. L. .1. Cranston n inv days
this week.
Dayton and   Toledo scale
at Fink Mercantile Co.
lor   sale
A moetinji is called tor nest Friday
evening al 8 o'clock nt the V.M.C.A.
for the purpose ol organizing n Cranbrook hookey chili.
Ne\t Saturday afternoon the Ko-
bcJctkh lodge will holtl a cookery sale
in th? front window ol the C.C S,
Tea will also be served,
Bead tlu- C.C S. ad
Fairbairn Bros, were in from the
ludaba ranch, Marysville, Wednesday
ti attend the meeting ol tho Farmers' Institute and remained tot tho
stock salo this afternoon.
tt 1). Hill BHCCecdwl In disposing oj
neatly Uio entire stock of lho Pya
blilldlng, and left last Snturdny to
return to bis home in Vancouver.
Large dry warohoUN to rent, $0,00
per month.     Apply Herald olTioc,
Mrs. .1. W Rullcdgo and family left
t^day for Nelson io join Mi KiiM
ledge, who left some time ago to ac
eept a position with Meagher ..nd
Meet me at Bob's Place. Frank Dunn haaVeceived
-^ ' a wolf whioh was kilb d n ;
Miss Laura Richards entertained ai Nest. It is supposed to in
number of invited friends at the and reports state that the
homo on Garden avenue on Tuesday large number of these anii
evening, the occasion being her hirth-ing in that dislrict ffhich
day anniversary.
be pell
W. IL OrWIlth nml wife of Baynes
Lake, were in the city on business
.1. I). Aye was In tlie city Wednesday from Baynes Lake, being registered at the Cranhrook hotel.
Head the C.C.S. ad.
.1. S. Staples and wife of Wycliffe,
wire city visitors Wednesday and
R. .1. Long ol Creston', was among
the busy tradespeople In the t'ity
Bowser oil tank for sale at Fink
Mercantile Co,
Constable .1. Walsh and wife of
Fort Steele, were over on Tuesday
■pending tbe night is the city.
Road Ute C.C.S. ad.
,i, M. Christie, tbe new manager of
the Canadian Bnnk ni Commerce, has
arrived a.tcr a three, months' vocation and is now iu oharge of tin* heal
financial institution
,L McTavish and wife were up from
Bull River on Tuesday. They report
business flourishing at that point and
all ot Hie camps- will have a full
winter's run.
Dayton and Toledo scales lor sale
at Fink Mercantile Co.
This morning n Ore alarm was
turned in from Oeo. 11, Powell's
cleaning works near the public school
building. Nothing serious developed-
A disastrous lire occurred there
about a year ago.
Another of the pleasant dancing
parties of tin* Cinderella club wns
held at Carmen's hall on Wednesday
evening awl a large crowd enjoyed
tlie good music until a late hour.
Head the C.C.S. ad.
Tea Garden preserves have the genuine homo made flavor.—lra R Manning.
The annual meeting of the ('ran
brook District Conservative association will be held in Cranbrook on
next Friday evening. The local mem-
hers are preparing to give the attending delegates a good time,
A st. Andrew'sdanco will lie held
at Fort Steele on Friday, November
38th. Tickets on sale at the Beattie
Murphy Drug, store. 4fi-2t
Mrs. Lamb, of this city, is serious
ly ill at Cranbrook. Her son-in-law,
W. IL dates, left on Thursday morning last for that plaee »n receipt of
the news.—Fernie Free Press.
Beer and porter made bv the Cranbrook Brewery is tbe best yet. Phone
.lames Downey, who has been confined to the St. Eugene hospital for
the past two months with blood poisoning rf the hand, is out and about
again and will soon be at work
Miss Nairn, the Red Cross nurse,
has been engaged at  Mrs. Rufelodgc's
this week taking care of the bahy,
which has been ill with a touch of
Read the C.C.S. ad.
Rev. A. L. Burch, travelling secretary of Westminster Hall, the .Presbyterian Theological College at Vancouver, occupied the pulpit at Knox
thurch laft Sunday at both services
ind spent the week in the city, leav*
ing today for his home.
Phone 177 and have a ease of heev
or porter delivered from the Cranbrook Brewery.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Macdonald have
returned from a trip east where they
visited Toronto, Montreal and New
York. Mr. Macdonald attended the
sitting of the supreme court at Ottawa for a wee'*;. They report a
very pleasant holiday ami visit.
Wood soap is invaluable for washing all kinds of flannel and woolen
goods.—Ira IL Manning-
Practices bv the city band are be
ing conducted on a number of new
special selections for the purpose of
rendering a concert in the heart future. Local singers will bo asked to
assist and a line musical programme
is expected to be arranged for the
event whicb will take place the latter end of this month.
Read the C.C.S. ad.
Hcncy O'Halloran who has been in
thc St. Eugene hospital since last
May with consumption, died last
Thursday. IKwased came here from
Calgary. His brother, Charles
O'Halloran, of Banff, arrived the first*
of the week and the funeral services
were held from the Catholic church
on Tuesday morning, Undertaker
Macpherson in charge.
Furnished Cottage to rent-Three
rooms with water; good location,
Apply Mrs. Rondeau. 44
Cranbrook bankers proved themselves a strong'aggregation of basket
ball players in the game with Wy
cllfra last Friday evening winning thc
game 85-40. It was an Interesting
exhibition played in thc. new club
bouse before a large crowd ot spectators. The boys trom this city
motored up. Those representing
Cranbrook were: McKwen. and Mackersy, defense; Ashworth, center,
Shfl t ford   and   Mclllwaine, forwards.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Raworth Bros, have the new bell on
ihe post ofilec tower In working orn-
dition and it tolls the hours nlghl
and day ami serves to remind the
late sleeper in the early morning
hours' lhat il Is time to he up and
doing. Tlie large clock in the tower
is Ircing made use of hy tbe hurried
citizen and the banks report that
merchants arc meeting their drafts
better since the new clock was installed.
nine to prove a menace
men and an effort is bell
the hunters to have them
id. The |x*lt shows i
was (tf a very large sia*
wolf's bead bul il is Ilia
white patches, which pro
was crossed with a doj|
Head the -'.''.S. ad,
dinners, socials, etc.; any number ol
pieces Address Cranbrook Orclws
lra, I', it. llox lii!i-.Mis. Arnold
Wallinger. H-ir
Hood wintering for horses and
cattle to be Lad at tbe Ward Ranche.
: Jerome,       Plenty of  hay and grass.
! Apply C.arbutt Urns., l!o\ 7Kli,
Cranbrook, l5-3t*
a l the
branch o
the sale of gl
inducted hy the
thc department
tare today ranged fro;
$110.00. ' Thirty five In
cattle  were disposed  of  I
lowing parties: (■* l! Morris, Albert
Bryder, E 11. Small, Ben Kle'r, -I.
(iarside, A. Doyle, (Ieo, Tisdale, W.
B. Bardgebt, the si   Rugenc Mission,
II. Griffith,  M   Morris   It   CL    lit*
butt, N. Hanson, H. Palmer, \
Staples, Fairbairn Kins, and Titter
ton, A. Leitch, A. ilollffe, Mi Chis-
holm, T, E, Austin, Mr, (lutbrle, tt
T. Awmaok, ami A Hamilton, Foil
of the herd were purchased In Mr
Doyle, of Fort Steele, lhe largest Im
dividual buyer. Three wenl to th
Mission and several buyers secured
two eacb.
Heinz pickles, pi
soups are always
and I
l>. c. Coleman, general superintendent of the Canadian Pacilic railway
at Calgary sponI Thursday in l-his
Hfty and Inspected the road and shops
lite- During his slay he mel 'he
cownitlee of management of the
Railroad Voting Men's Christian association. Members of the inann.r
mini committee pointed out In Mi.
Coleman that n year ago when there
was a strike the V.M.C.A. had housed several strike breakers, and consequently tho union employees have
not since that lime felt so frlendlj
toward lhe association Tbe general
superintendent assured the manaji'ng
board that in the future in the event
of a strike ihe V.M.C.A. will be
neutral, and will not be asVd lo
take in strike breakers, Mr. Coleman promised the hoard lhal they
could have this stalcm.nl in writing.
Frank Deacon, of (he British Columbia Livery, and -lames McDonald,
former proprietor of the Cranbrook
Cigar store, have purchased the
garage and contents of Peter Mathe-
Read the C.C.S. ad.
At tbe meeting of the Cranbrook
Poultry association last Friday ai
tbe old gymnasium ;i very Interestinp
debate look place on the subject ol
open bouses vs. closed bouses. Tbi
open houses wen* defended by A. tl
Webb and C. R, SltOppard and tin
Closed houses by K. 11. Slater, T. S
Gill and Wm, IlarVpy. The judge,
were S. I,. Coop and W. W. Mac
Qrcgor and they gave their decision
in favor of lhe closed bouses. Mr,
Slater lead \\% ibe argument for the
dosed bouses presented a very com
prchmsive defense and exhibited his
many ribbons won as a further proof
in support of his argument. A resolution was passed congratulating
1he president, Mr <'. I!. SHoppard,
on the advent of n new daughter in
his .family. Another resolution ol
regret at the depart tire of Mrs. It.
Brown and appreciation of the excel
lene work, she did for the association
in the pasl years was passed. Th ■
matter of discussion of the exhibits
for the Grand Forks show was postponed until Friday, the 21st Inst.,
notice of which appears elsewhere in
this issue. At the next meeting a
discussion on "Feeding" will he
conducted by,Rev. 0. K Ktndall nnd
John Levett.
Oet thc habit of patronizing
industry and   drink Cranbrool
and   porter   made by the Cn
's beet
Be Mr won! for Brut iwk, and lepw
word (or each m»k niter
Mandoline and nil
gether   or    separ.il
Box A.B.C., Herald
or lor sal
ly;   aim*
lost new
WANTFD.-A    trod
cow.     Apply   Ambrose
have not sold in
brook but have
lion ai the Cro
I am   prepared
Suits and Coats
ity to reports,
,■ business in Cran
ipcned In a new locals Keys hotel, where
10    assure      all   old
tlends     ibc best   possible
■'ml w  Wells, barbpr,
FOB SALE.—Young pullets. Apply
Solomon Konry's house, next to
public school. 15 2b*1
FOR RE-NT.—Stable for two'
horses, large hay loft and oat bin
with electric light; verj warm, $2.50
per month.     Apply Herald ollice.  15
Nicely furnished moms  to let; ecu-,
Ually situated in modern house; next
to Dr. King's, Armstrong Ave.  t.vit-
LANDS.—Ten acre Irncls; close i,,'
market; forty sold; still good choice;
only $8,110 to $85 00 per acre; $10,
monthly; no Interest.—Write Columbia River Orchards, Limited, Nelson, |
B.C. in
Prices that Count
Every Womnti's, M isses'.
uml CliiKlreu's Coat or Suit
in stuck is going to beclenml
prices that nru exceptionally
small, too. Vou cntinot afford
to miss this chance if you nre
in ueeJ of wearing apparel.
Space will not permit a tie-
srrijMiun of tbe garments.
We ask you to inspect these
offerings yourself — l*e your
dwii judge is to the very
B|x'ciul imrgains that may bo
obtained hen*,
Ladies' and Children's Shoes
l-'i-r BtriH-l .-r evening wear
our showing ol Footwearctvn-
not be excelled.
We liave carefully luaaka-il
after the ohildren, too. This
week we have placed in sim-k
a splendid selection of School
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hercbv given that a'l
changes of display advertising
must reach this office not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connol he
guaranteed attention.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
For all the News read the Herald
$2.00 a Year.
Read the C.C.S. ad.
We offer oiir pare bred Berkshire
lioar for sale, 16 montlis oh! at MS;
also a lot ol small pigs at M.00 each
Inijuire at St. Eajcnc Mission. 46-41
Agents wanted In Cranhrook; ojuick
selling domestic utility; big money
lor hustlers.   Write lor partlcalars.— i horses,    with largo hay lott and oat
First-class democrat (or salr,
cheap.     Apply Herald. ill-*
NOTICE.—To all my old friends
aad patrons: I liave rc-o[>i'nrd a barbel shop in Ilia- i'loss Keys hold anil
all patrons will receive the very besl
attention-Fred W. Wells.        I'l-it
FOIt SALE.—Complete set. ol
Encyclopedia Brlttanloa. Apply P,
O. Box 54, city. H-tf
FOR  RENT.-Qood stable lor (our
Waddy nnd   Young, Northwest Trust
Hldg., Vaacouver, B.C. 46-lt*
NOTICE.—The Western Hospital
and Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.,
hereby give notice that O. Haskell
nnd .1. II. Thamcr nre not authorltti!
to do business for said company.-M,
.1. Fitzgiblion, Manager
bin; snelter lot buggy or culler; eleo-
tric light; ocntrally located. Apply
Herald office. 42-tt4
Set    ol democrat harness lor sale
almost new.    A|i|)ly Herald,        .11*
The  Cranbrook   orchestra  having
Vancouver'lelt  ttio Edison Theatre, (a.open    at
' all times lor ongagomentg for dances,
U. U. 8.
G. G. S.
Saturday, from 3 to 6, Nov. 15th
Buffets. Linoleum, Rockers, Couches, Dressers,
Beds (Brass and Iron), Rugs, Wagner
LOCATE THE SPECIAL TICKET on the different pieces of
Furniture, bring it to the office with the  cash, and  the goods are yours.
Their color will be red. If you get in early and keep your eyes
open, these snaps will be easily located :—
Quartered Oak Princess DresBer  $31.00      HED TICKET   $1(I.'J0
"    HutM     AO.iXJ "                 -I '.'•".
.Mission Couch. Auto Cusliiaiiis   ,„    , (15.00 32.1)0
Brass Bed, Massive Design  ■"""" "               -' '■"'
Wagner Go-Oart, Massive Design  . 18.00 s-'-111
Velvet Rug, 8 x I yards    28.50 11 -'■'•
Kitchen Chairs, fi only  .75 ■■'■•>
12 ft. wido Linolenm, sq, yd. { "■"» •;t"
fin. -       m        - :;1
The above are a few of the snaps. You will now admit the possibility of getting Furniture cheap
It is up to you to be on hand at three p.m. Saturday. Look about
until you find the RED TICKET.
Saturday morning will find us reducing our prices on all lines of
Furniture, Rugs, and House Furnishings, 20 and 25 per cent., which cut
rate will obtain for a few days only.
Cranbrook Co-Opera=
tive Stores, Ltd.
Read What a   Herpicide
Enthusiast Says.
You are becoming bald. The hair is
getting thin am tho ion a.l your head(
and unless you take ray advice you
will, beloro long, ho as hairless as a
croquet ball. Remember too thai ]
chronic baldness is Incurable. |
Il is all ilue to dandruff. 1 can
tell, because you always have ilun-
alriiil Hakes ou your coat collar. Besides being an indication nl impciiil
ins baldness, it also suggests untii.i-
X'wbro's Herplcrdo causes dandrtifl
Iaa disappear and prevents the hair
from fallinn Olll It has a wonder,
lully beautifying effect upon the half,
producing changes which are sometimes beyond botlof.
Yuu aro not taking any chances
when you purchase Herpicide and you
are tempting fata- when you use any
thing else. Herpicide lias thousands
upon thousands ol satisfied users who
testify to ils genu destroying ami
hair preserving qunlilies.
Newbro's Herpicide in Title. anal
$1.00 sizes is staid by nil dealers who
guarantee it to do all that is claimed If vou aro nol salislieal your
money will be refunded.
The best*, barbers recommend and
use il.
Send Hiav in postage lo Tbe Hcrpi-
cldo fn., Dopl. II , Detroit, Mich., lor
sample ami booklet.
Ileallii-Murpliy Co., Ltd., Special
a * —.
Wiihin halt a dozen years the city
Christmas h.is been measurably clvl-
llzod. This is n big achievement,
considering how It was done. Only A
few years ago city tulles joyously
inarchnl in their great winter fasti-'
val over Uie prostrato todies ot
thousands ai' saleswomen. I
No law has anywhere been passed
on the sullied. No political party
has taken ii up. Yet, hy a steady
appeal to individual good will, the
week-before-Christmas slaughter ot
shopgirls bas heen notably abated.
You know very well that you ran
do your Christmas shopping between
this date mid December fllteenU.
quite as well as you can do M afterward. Hy doing it early you will
help lo save some young woman from
nervous prostration. Nothing is n?-
eessaiy hit ;i little consideration for
others nn your part. On your way
lo help a cumbered woman who has
to help ;i cutnb?rod woman who has
dropped a bundle? The whole thing
amounts simply to Ilia! f
Hy showing whal a little practical,
kindness on the part of the Individual J
shopper will do, Christmas shopping
in cities has already been measurably I
civilized, Nowadavs the shopper
who puts shopping of! to the last
moment must have a good reason or i
had conscience. This is better than
a reform enforced hy law. He careful
to help it nu this year hy shopping
— ►____
To Members of the    Cranbrook Poultry and Pet Stock Association:
A special meeting ot above association has been called tor Friday evening, the 21st inst., to tato' up the
matter of exhibits t0 be sent to
Grand Forks show.
Since it was decided to call this
meeting 1 have received tlw- following
Jptter, which explains itself, nnd it
will bt; necessary to take up tho
matter mentioned therein at tho
same mooting. Members please turn
out. No other notice will be given.
A. H. Smith, secretary.
Victoria, B.C., Nov. 4th, 1913.
Dear Sir or Madam:
As per resolution passed at the
sptlng executive meeting ot thn B.C.
Poultry association, I have been instructed to notify you that, In accordance with article 5, section 2, of
the association's constitution and
bylaws, which reads, "The directors
shall be nominated and elected by
each local poultry association to
serve one year." your association's
delegate the next year must be elected at a general meeting of your association, and his name forwarded to
me not later than December 2nd-
Article 1 reads, "Officers.oloct to
lake office on April the first."
Therefore, the present year's delegates will attend the forthcoming
convention to be held during tho
poultry show nt Grand Forks December llth to 12th. All persons elected
delegates to the provincial association must Ih* or become members ot
the,association before being seated at
the convention.
Enclosed please find sUimptd addressed envelope. Please do not delay in forwarding on new delegate's
name and address.
Yours truly,
.1. H. Terry,
Secretary B- C. Poultry Association,
P. S.—New delegate's name and address must reach me before December
selves ot the opportunity afforded,
but we are* informed that very tow
have enacted bylaws as provided tor
in this act.
In the first place, non-residents
should not have the privilege -of
selling milk that is not produced under the same conditions as are required of our own local dairymen.
Secondly, the consumer has a right
to the protection thus provided.
Colllngwood   Sehtiehcr, government
engineer (nr the Grand Trunk  Pacific, J
1ms just completed   a tour of inspection over the new line   from I'.dmon-]
ton tn Prince   Hupert and he expects'
the golden spike will he driven    next !
.June or .luly.    lie says construction
than   at anv     time sinee    work was
is proceeding more rapidly at present
start ed
British Columbia will have a u
strung exhibit at the I'nited States'
Land Show lo he held iu Chicago No-1
vember 211 lo December 8th, A large
space has been secured and special
care is bring taken in lhe collection1
of a striking showing of the resources
of tin* province.
During tl.e last session of the legislative assembly ot British Columbia
an act dealing with the marketing ot
milk was passed. One of the main
objects in passing this act was to
give the various municipalities power
to enact bylaws which would give
them full control over the sale of
milk shipped inlo British Columbia
from tl.e i'nited States. As milk
from the I'nited States is shipped into Hritish Columbia under Dominion
regulations*! provincial departments
and officials have no power to deal
with the matter direct. The act
above referred to gives municipalities
power to enact regulations which
would place the producers of British
Columbia and the State ot Washington on the same basis, and thus require the dairymen of Washington
who ship into British Columbia tc
conform to similar regulations as are
enforced by the British Columbia department of agriculture within the
province. The consumers have a
right to the protection thus afforded,
and the department is desirous of
having the co-operation of the municipalities in order lhat efficient inspection may be maintained. It is
especially important, in view of thc
campaign being carried on to eradicate tuberculosis from our dairy
herds, that each municipality shMI
|>ern,it the sule of milk produced only from cattle which haw been properly tested for tuberculosis and
found to he tree itorn that disease. I
this manner the municipalities are
given power to control the sale < (
milk from the Cnited States, al-
Ihough the provincial authorities can-
nr I do ao directly.
It was expected that immediately
upon the passing of this act the various municipalities, und particularly
the larger cities, would avail   tbem-
&£&« MONDAY, NOV'R 17
Harry D. Harrs presents tht
Distinguished Comedian
Geo. H. Summers
In Modern Plays
25c, 50c. AND 75c
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 11.—Next
year's dual conventions of tho Ontario Sunday School Toae-hors' association will taki- plnco nl Kingston
and London. Thi- official convention
will he hi'ld at London, where thi
it-purls nf the officers will he road
unvl business for tlie year transacted.
his was decided al a special meeting
ot tin- executive of the association
last work. Dates are not yet named.
"Over 70 per cent ot the electorate
of thc Dominion oi Canada expect
bribes for their votes, uiul I firmly
believe that the bribing ot the community is every hit as bad as the
bribing oi the individual," Bald itev.
T. Albeit Moore, D.D., of Toronto,
general secretary ot tin- department
of temperance and moral reform ol
the Canadian Methodist church, in an
address. Speaking nl political pur
ity, he said it should be taught ii
the homes ol the country hoys.
London, Nov. 11.—Norman Angell,
author ot "The (Ileal Illusion," de
Vplopeil another thesis last night al
the Liberal Colonial club, namely
thc impregnability of lhe dominions,
based on the (act lhat these coiiutrie
had no govcrnmcnUl or economic
center, the seizure whereof pnraly7.es
a country.
Ilismarek in Paris, he said, could
dictate his terms, hut the cunuuest
of Canada or Australia involved tin
occupation of the whole country before it could Ik* effective. This oh-
viuiisly was a physical and moral
If it took Kngland three years with
lOO.OUO men and t2.r.li,IUtO,000
conquer the Transvaal and IDO.fltlll
adults, unable to manufacture arms
and ammunition, how long would it
take an invader to occupy Canada
with a population thirty limes larger, and able to manufacture aims
and feed itself?
The speaker contended that there is
no nation in tlu* world capahle of doing this, witb the possible exception
of the United States, and it is precisely against this possible exception
that no military measures had boon
taken- If it possibly happened that
Germany conquered Canada, she
would be unable tu fiermani/e the
coflititry just as Kngland, he said,
failed to transform Quebec, and Germany would be so exhausted by thc
conquest thut she would fall an easy
prey to the l«*rauco-ltussian alliance
"The notion that Germany might
conquer Canada, in order to feed herself is ridiculous,'1 concluded Mr. Angell. Germany buys Canadian com
now and she would -still have to buy
it if Canada were conquered.
"The idea nf the conquest of the
Hritish dominions is due to tbe confusion regarding what the conqueror
could or could not do."
Beattie-Murphy Co,, Ltd., has the
Cranbrook agency for the simple mixture of buckthorn burn, glycerine
etc., known &s Aldcr-l-ka, tbe remedy
which became famous by curing appendicitis. This simple remedy lin
powerful action and drains such sur
prising amounts of old matter from
tho body that JUST <>NK DOSE re
lieves sour stomach, gae on the stomach and constipation almost IMMKIt-
IATKLY. The QUICK action ol Al-
der-i-ka is astMiisliine,.
On Thursday night at the Russell
theatre I was amazed to see Col, thc
Hon. Sam Hughes project himself into the royal box clad in an ordinary
business suit, set off with a llnmin^
red tie. H.R.H. thc Duke ot Con-
naught, the Princess Patricia, and the
rest of thc government housi1 party-
were, of course, attired in evening
dress. To me it was a dtefjJBbing
exhibition of gaucherie. I am told
that he. was snubbed by the Duke,
hut, unfortunately, I did not notice
it. When I expressed my Indignation
to others I was informed that this
was not the only occasion upon which
Col. Sam has done the same thing
Do you suppose thnt this Canadian
minister of the crown is ignorant of
the ordinary conventions, or does ho
act like a boor merely to attract attention lo himself'—Ottawa Prefl
*Jb W
Experienced mother! lay
Zam-Buk U belt for children'* injuries and ikla
troullet, became:
It is herbal—no poisonous
mineral coloring.
It is antiseptic—prevents
cuts and burns taking the
wrong way.
It is soothing—ends pain
It heals every time.
Just as good for grownups.
Sold tit all »tore$ and
Already clta rf 1*1 witli obtaining
money by false pretences on seven
counts three additional informations,
charniiii*; the .same offence were laid
against W. .1. Laurie. Laurie is alleged to have defrauded the com-
plaintants on deals connected with
Hritish Columbia land. H e told the
purchasers, it is said, that he wanted
the money to pay for staking and'advertising the property, and it now
seems thai he had no control over it,
Laurie was originally arrested on
two warrants. On Wednesday his
hail run out and he was locked "p
pending a renewal ot the -bonds. On
the same day live fresh charges were
laid swelling the lotal to seven. The
three charges sworn out yesterday
brings tl.e number to ten-—Calgary
British Columbia is on the eve cf
tin? greatest mining .icvclopment ihe
province has known. Sen's f.»r ■ii-
vestors have been numerous (his
summer. The difficulties they meet
with arc the scarcity ot developed
properties on the market, and the excessive prices placed on prospects
which might otherwise justify development. That the province may
have the full benefit of the promised
renewal of mining activity it behooves every man who has thc interest of the mineral industry at heart
to do his utmost to keep it clean
and Tree from wildcat promotions
Then* are enough resources and opportunities for legitimate work
without wildeattlng. Then the min
oral I ml us try may be expected to un
ilergo steady and prosperous development till Itrllish Columbia talus its
place among the leading mining countries of thc world.—Mining Record
right away—thc first day you start to
take RHKUMA-the Uric Acid poison be-
gins to dissolve and leave the sore joints
and muscles. Ils action is little less than
magical.   50 cents a bottle—guaranteed.
Judge Unrhorst of Ft. Loraime, Ohio,
says: "Afler treatment by three doctors
without result, 1 was cured of a very bad
case of Rheumatism, by using two bottles
Heal tit* Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
If you want      P.O. Box I'M
Phone 485
and your order will
receive prompt
Cranium k B. 0.
— m	
CONVEYS the exact meaning desired when we speak of women's
" Queen Quality " utt all, everything,
in the most modern shoe making.
The Aborn shoe for women is also
excellent—the latest lasts, the best quality
of material—but just a little cheaper in
price than "Queen Quality." We have
just received a large shipment of new
styles and leathers.
Every pair guaranteed.
Large dry basement to rent, 1110x20
feet, $5.00 per month. Apply Hcralal
$100,000,000 TO BE EXPENDED
*********************** **********************
I Imperial Bank o! Canada I
D. R. WILK1E, President.
No Man's Collar
ia comfortable it it doesn't tit
perfectly. Neither is tin- col-
liir worn by your horse. We
luive been culled the "horse's
merchant tailor" because we
are so particular about the lit
of the harness we sell. Tin-
better you treat your horse
the better he will treat you.
Get his harness here.
W. M. Park & Co.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants
Farmers aud Private Individuals invited,
Drafts and Letters of Credit issned available in any part of
tiie world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: il. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
on thc
Keep In mind llie (net Hint oacli
th ink of Liquor you tnki* only
creates nerve domainl for
larger iliinko nml
more ol them
In THREE DAYS yon will lio
Perfectly Cllicil ol the luii.k
Habit anil nil thoa-e aymplimm
which aerni to rea|ilire liapioran
" medicine" will ali,ii|'|, in,
MIllt.CIMMOOK, |. c.
Royal Hotel
Well Furnished, Steam Heated Rooms
Everything New, Clean and Bright
Best of Service and Cuisine In our Dining Room
Only White Help Employed
Large, Spacious Parlors and Comfortable Rest
Rooms for Ladles
All the Comforts of Home.   Family Trade (liven
Special Attention
Billiard Room
Cranbrook,       -       -       B. C.
The Home Bakery
Huhkrt Fhamk, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbrl-y Ave.      Opp, City Hsll
TAKE NOTICE that I, Mury
Emily Less, nl Crank-rook, H.C, mur-
t'inl wiiiiiiin, intend to apply for permission tu purchase the [ollowillg
described land:
Commencing at u post planted at
tin- south cost corner ol Lot 91tn,
O.l., thence south twenty (30)
chains; thenco west twenty (20)
chains; tlit-nt-c north twenty (20)
chains; llmice cost twenty (20)
chains to point of commencement,
containing for'v i-'b) acres, mom or
Mury Emily Lees, Appltci-
per Win. II. Moss, Agent.
Dated Ootohcr null, mis.     h-iii
Cranbrook Land District.
TAKE NOTICE that Stewart
Morris, ol Cranbrook, B.C., nccupsy.
tiam Surveyor's Assistant, intends
to apply lor permission to pun-bass
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted lorty chains east ami twenty chains
smith ol tho south oast corner ol
Lot 0070, Croup One, Kootenay District; thence south sixty chains;
thence cast twenty chains; thence
north Klity chains; thenco west
twenty chains to point of commence
ment, eiuntalnlng one hundred awl
twenty acres, more or les.
Stewart Morris,
William II. Moss, Agent.
Dated September 13th, 191.1.   41-10
To Rent—Large Fireproof base,
ment, 20 x 100 ft,, $7,00 per
month.- Apply Herald Office.
warehouse' with Irost prool basement and electric light; very large
ally.      Apply Dot 3, IIeru.il.      lll-tl
l'air of light bob sleighs lor sale
cheap.    Apply Herald. 34-*
Cranbrook Land District.
TAKE NOTICE tliat Harriot C.
Miller, ol Hossland, B.C., married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the lollowlng des.
1 riled land:
Commencing at a post planted at
Ihe north cast corner ol Lot 9970,
Oroup One, Kootenay District; thence
cast forty chains; thence south twenty chains; thence west lorty chains;
thenco north twenty chains to point
ol commencement and containing
eighty acres, be the samo more or
Harriet Caroline Miller.
Win. H. Moss, Agent.
Date* September Mtk, lilt. 41-Mj


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