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Cranbrook Herald Feb 12, 1920

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Array ,■',-■:•
t ririh ton I'HE HUME -
IIKllDk   f'OBEMOSt'    tLWifS
VillillMH    31
X I* M H E It
EXPECTED    TO    HE    AM,-
consumes much time
tiovoruiucut    Supporter*    Ho-
veal in Speeches Import-
inri1 of "Dry" Question
illy the Herald's Special Correspondent in the Legislative Press Gal-
VICTORIA, it. C\, Feb. 10.—Prohibition promises to tie tho all-absorbing topic nt the present BesBton
of the Legislature which completed
its lirst week's work, n week almost
wholly devoted to consideration of.
the Speech from the Throne, the do-
bate on tlie Address in Reply being
got well under way. The importance
the liquor question s assuming in the
minds of tiie members is indicated
by the nt ten tion which governmeni
supporters are paying to it in their
True (lie Speech from tho Throne
—one fn which a legislative bill of
fare even more meagre than usual is
offered—made but passing reference
to the subject, merely mentioning the
fact that amendments will he submit- j
ted further regulating the issuance
of doctors' prescriptions. nm this;
admission that tiie government deems*
Jt advisable to bow to the universal
denmnd for betterment in existing'
deplorable conditions consequent upon thc well-nigh general violation of|
thc law, may be said to bo more or
less political camouflage. The fact
is. antl it is accentuated by remarks
of Liberal speakers, that the government is ready to go much further in
tbfi matter of liquor regulation than1
tiie Speech from the Throne would
Indicate. Undoubtedly. Uie govern j
ment supporters in their denunciation of the existing conditions and
their bold declaration that the time
.lias arrived when the problem of a
hone-dry province or, as opposed to
tiiat. tiie sale of liquor under government control must bo faced, are
merely feeling out for the' government ilie sentiment of members of
the House. Charles F. Nelson, (Slocan). himself a strong prohibition*
1st; Dr. Sutherland. (Tlovelsloke.) J.
\v. Cowper. [Vancouver,- a member
of the original committee of forty
prohibitionists who launched tlie
prohibition campaign ii'l tliis province and saw it through to :i finish,
nnd Hugh Stewart (Comox,) all hidebound suppliers of the present Liberal administration, were unanimous
in their declarations thai something
more than a mere limit ing of the
size or number of doctors' prescriptions is nei'i ssary
Dr Sutherland, hlnwalf r physic
Inn, doclnrod tho net bi it now stands
K a curse to the medical profession
thai lhe doctors want none of it ami
that he did not blame Ihem for taking
advantage ol the opportunity thrown
tlieir wny and making all llu money
they COttltl through thO Issuance of
prescript Ions Mr. Cowper, while
emphasising tyi porsonal belief in
prolilbltlon-fcoiifci ed that nftor what
haa i n seen of th< operation of lho
mt and resultant conditions, ho was
fully propnred to sink Ills personal
predilections ami in ihe public Inter-
esl suppori gOvcrmntW control,
wherenndn liquor could he purc'„a ■■
ed hy lhe bottlfl for ue in the home.
The genera] mu| widespread violation of the h'\v was nol overlooked by
these govt mm on I support ors though
none of them hinted tint Mich a con-
diilon would seem io indicate tlmt
Ihere has been a decided laxity ou tho
pari of the authorities wIi-.ro duty ii
ts, under tho terms of the pre.-etit
not, lo enforce il. Thi-- ,plwi.
mutter will cerlainly nol b
looked by tho Opposition,
Mr. Cowper, erstwhile crltl-
former encumbent in'iho -.ilie
tornoy-general, M, A. Macdonald,
whose retirement from cabinet rank
wn» due lo Cowper's charges later]
substantiated hy the findings of n
Royal Commission, found im place in
hlH denunciation nf the liquor situation for criticlism of the present chief
law officer of the Crown. Indeed,
Mr. Cowper pinned a medal upon tho
chest of that cabinet oillcor by assorting Hon. Mr. Farris could not in any]
degree bo blamed for conditions, that i
It had been his earnest desire to enforce the law to the utmost. Opposition speakers were u alt Ind enough'
to Hiiggo.it that Mr. Cowper, having
for the pant three years beon more1
or less—generally more—non por- ■
noun grata with the administration..
Is now seeking, on bended knees, to
(OoatbUM* oa Page FTval
March .Ird Ih Uie ilnte set by the  '
Provincial Public UI lilt les Commit-  |
1  Ion fur hearing Ih,. applications of
!  The    honieiinj    Telephone    Lines*
I  Limited, and the Cranbrook Elect-
trie Ugh I Citinpati) Limited,, which
eompaiili's prtltiiui in increase their
tales   for   telephones   inul   eleelrle.
Ity, respectively.
The hearing is scheduled lo lake
plme In lhe Court House before Ih*'
I'nhtlc  I lllltles Ciimmlssioiier.
<<iiisldenilile opposition luis de-
i eloped in regard lo Ihe application
»i the llghUng eiiinpaiij. which asks
thai il lie given the right lo raise
lis rales t'rniu is to 'Iii rents per
kllowtill hour.
Will Fight "Flu"
Should it Come
| Craiiliiiiiik   Cltl»etis .Tukf   xtcps
I ninlMI Malailll) Stir.ni! il Re-
ll|i|irur In  llli' I'll)
Veterans Dance
Tomorrow, Night
liig Musqueratle to he Held Friday
Great Preparations King Made
for tlie Occasion
Tlie Friday night whist drive aud
dance of the Ureal War Veterans' Association was not so well attended as
formerly, poslbly everyone -* holding
Ai Uie Parish hall on Sunday af-
' ternoon a largo crowd assembled In
j the Intereata of combatting lhe "flu"
should an epidemic attach Cranbrook
again this year
, Keeping lu mind the rapidity with
which Uio disease sprtjnds, the movement is considen d a wise one. Tlie
|St. John Ambulance were instrumoti-'
I tal in awakening public interest as an
. outcome of a consultation with Ur.'
j Mackinnon, and the citizens readily!
'responded to tho Mayor's call.
There   was   n   plentiful   expression
of opinion  on   behalf of the mayor
.who formally outlined the aims andj
(objects of calling  the meeting,  mid
Messrs. Hev. Harrison. ('. J. Phillips.
' Dr. A. A. Macklnon. Rev. J. P, Stn-
I clalr, C, O.  Staples and others, and
finally it was resolved that ihe cxec-
utivo  or  St.   John   Ambulance  meet
'with  the municipal  board of health
land  the former work  as  subjunctive
jof the board of health and thnt the
city   hall   bt   tlie   headquarters.
1     It was further resolved, that volun-
II is announced Unit ilie an nun i
meeting of lhe . ranbrook; Haunt
of Trade will be reid on next Fri.
day, February BOUs
It i> expected 'he meeting "ill
lie af interest benni-M- of lhe map)
important mailer- the Hoard has
on IK pr"L*rain an! under »aj.
Members* ol the t hwton Hoard of
Trade ure expected tu be in attendance, us well us the lecturers w\n>
will cOlldud lhe lOhool in in nn-
lug, etc., in-fore the Farmers' in-
stltule during Hie ■ etk.
A iiiiiHjiiet will he arranged in
honor nf the ilsllos.
Mark Twain of Canada
In leash for the big ball to take place Iteors  for  nursing,  cooking,  loaning
at the Auditorium Friday evening.    Iof aut08- 0,c- bc requested to give
Mr.  P.  Willis  has been  enterprls-'In tl,eIr names at tm('e or t() tlle
ing enough to get a good supply ofjclork- stating whteh.
costumes  imported for ihe convent-  nnr* t'lT10
once of patrons and most of them arc
already bespoke for hire.
full  time.  Hi-
could be devoted.
While some advocated for a proclamation it was felt such was not nee-
There  is no doubt a  inrge crowd
essary as the situation  had not yet
will be in attendance and with tho | arisen for emergency help and that
reputation the "vets" and their hard |there Wlls no nee(1 *o cauB0 m,blic
working ladies auxiliary have for do- a/!nri** But !t was deemed advisable
ln« things It Is bound to be a howl- t0 bp road>* hl *'ver>' department,
ing time. ; should an S.O.S. be sent out.
Valuable prizes are being offered i On Monday evening the health com-
for fancy dresses which should put mlttM and tne st* Joh" Ambulance
vim into the choice of characters, and execut,ve niet •flrirl (,iscilft'ed the pro-
It is not unlikely that Mary Queen of "niinaries of preparedness. Arrange-
Scots will bo flirting with historical ments for a <'en,rjl] soup kitchen nn-
tortures nf old and Mother Eve try- der tno superintendence of Mrs. Geo.
lug to score even with his wily Sa- Hogarth were suggested and that
tanlc majesty. Thc Herald wishes'Mrp- G* H- Thompson he nsked to
tho nffnlr a bumper success. !tflko charge  of  procuring a certain
„ , . amount  of   pyjamas   and   pneumonia
Jackets which if not requisitioned for
"flu" can be handed over to the hospital and no waste would accrue.
Ta   allay   any   panicky   sensations
and admitting that knowledge is pow-
of Agriculture of tliejpr lt wa8 Wisely decreed that nursing
w»'! lectures be instituted to take place
at the City hall in the council chara-
here beginnning  February 17th  and;Der    „ -8 tmf]er8t(>0(| ,hnt mesdames
lasting until  the 20th. tho meetings Macklnon, Q,Taylor and Miss Olive
While kindly consented to give talks
nt these meetings.   The first of such
was  held Wednesday  evening.
While there i-. much sickness in
tbe city and several cases of the
la grippe, they are not of a severe
type and we are assured by the medical officer of health that so far no
case of Spanish intludnza has developed ia the city.
An Agricultural
Chautauqua Here
Four    Days'    t'ourto    of    Lectures
Demonstration--,  und   Discussions
mi Farm Topics Next  W»'efc
The  faculty of Agriculture of the;
University  of British  Columbia
conduct a short course in agriculture
lo Ik*-  held
in  Veterans' hall and In
the schools
The program follows:
Tuesday, F
brnnrj  17th:
0,:ii> a.m
At   Central  Sehooi:   Soil
11,00 am
hive Stock lu U C  Agrl«
2.00 p.m.
S.00  p.m.
-Judging Dairy cows.
An Agricultural chautniiqtia  will be
held in this city In Veterans' hall beginning Tuesday, February 17th and
for the following tluee days, the 9.HO
sessions    being    scheduled    to    take
place at the Central sehooi.
This   frill   be an  Opportunity   not
often   hnd   ln   this   district   for the
trained    farmer   and    stockman    lo
brush up his knowledge, for the untrained, practical mtfn, to obtain the
technical   reasons   thut    clinch   iiis
practlocs   and   i()   find   the   scientific
cause  for the  occasional   failure tu
achieve   the  expected   result   in   his
work that everyone experiences once
in a while.
The speakers on this occasion  will
be F. M. Clement, professor of Horticulture and Dean of the Faculty of
Agriculture; P. A. lioving, Professor
of Agronomy; II. II. Hare. Extension
Assistant Department of Animal
Husbandry; T. A, Benson, Representing Poultry Division. Ottawa;
and possibly VI, Kadler, Associate
Professor of Dairying.
All the speakers uftlnd high in the
callings they represent and the local
farmers and others should be benefitted through their visit.
E., i...ijih"t !s tlu-1*hu!sttian of the
local committee.
A chance to let the boy &ee there'l
is   something   underneath   the   actual
hard work of farming liini if follow-1 	
ed oui correctly will finally bring j Local bowlers will participate in
siicces:. and also a chance for the another telcpraphic match with Nol*
veteran or the beginner In farming to son bowlers .whom they defeated so
get answers to question! and to hear badly in the lasl match, the game to
discussions on the various phases of ho played on the "V alleys,
the work ho is proposing to enter up-. Ten men on a side will participate
on. : in tlie contest
The speakers at this school are all' The locals are arranging to ro to
recognized authorities in their Unco of Nelson Saturday night, and if they
work. Their mission is to point the do. Nelson will come here next week
why and wherefore of the work that: to play a return match.
Continued on Page Three A spirited eontst le looked for.
lu     the     days
when   Interesting
people    caiue    to
■C^^HH^*^.     ^'WSfi- • r^'L^xiS
Canada -o nud it
rif              "^*nKfcp^^H
freshly    Interesting    there     was
nobody    could
Br-:.>*                                ('*'5flS3
reveal  ihe   spir.t
WWLr*                                            '*nrffli
ol    the    Und    to
iiifin   iike George
K%-                  H
Hum of Uie C.P.R.
H ;« said he put
mm t-^I **r    w
Major Pond or ihe
railed States out
of tnislue.«s.  Why
ro   on   a  weari
Ht- ti   jsmmk*/*           MeJsffi
some lecture tour
LJt   p
under   that   im-
prsssarlo s   «uid-
O i- o i k it    Hum
|3L             * ■■nH
could     transport
■piftf^    '.' fi*
you  to  Winnipeg
1   and  on   through
\\\\m                  *'* WwUtfi
the     del.Khls    nt
Un- Hock lea in all
■Fi   k^-'-*SB
tlu  comfort of a
mfcM ,&tyfi&&m
S l|  tn  pi   It 0 It s
H^    ^^  *>Wm
coach? Great per.
nonages    beseech
'    him lo call them
bj     their     first
\\WE&8&r&mW<t~%'' 4
names.     He  has
king.-,   and poten-
fl^h^S^tSrmk*: ^^^r^^-an
graphed      photogravures   of    hi*
features   for  ad
miring aulborosses of i.
ellors.     There did unce seem to le' u
t nu
when the truly great wc
noi venture lo rom< to Canada n thi
' :.-t
ascertaining whether Georg
Ham cuuld receive (hem.     He
ill   t'i
have gol so '"fed up" wi
h d
ikes nnd royal hodles thai In   lid uoi
■:■ nd.
lor a change, escorting
tied   persoualiti.     o[    niernoi onal
Mmiy men whose signal
ll e.
command impi rloui  pa ■  ■■ •■ ■>, \ no
think of rorgetiing to m
uni 'heir t'hi ihtina-   <.»*■;    (|        |     -.
vou Id
dream ol neglecting a i
L'oinirland.     n,. '■•■	
grata wiih a!: kinds or i
• in Who'a Who, whei  he m
the courl circular ha? u
•nlargcd (n publish th	
his honor.     Now he h
is a
chleved thu siRual ho-u    o     n    -,-,,
mention In ihe exclnsivi
 H r*ost.     II :,,'.. reiierwj ,., h	
even il the League of N
,: ,'-' Jeopardized, the i ffi   al ei   eri ih
ei   of
tlth 'ind revelling iu his h gh   pi   ■-
brlghi  though arlsioura
oudon taper says George "•-"
Twain o,' Canada.     1:
is hi     ■ hIi  aro beyond coi i il
will yet go down lo fam
■ as
having originated .mc |ok<      il   |
as generous with hi-  In
for professional jokesml
As  he ii"\e;-  has  patl rt-'     ■
imiiable quips he often 1
s at them when In hears   ■
Until lie realizes Ihal  ih
verc «f his   own mak ns      \\>    ■    ,
•   ■ •
I card of the Cincinnati
lonaire he took tn \i i ko
■ ..
thi' plutocrat was nliacl
■> brigands rrom Toronto             .
(Mini later complained ti
police that In the enennnt.
chain  had lieen stolen.
should be added ihal t>oi   ■
mn wiih his Cincinnati
go when the watch and             ■ ■
Thou -ands of personage
i hav< enjoyed seeing Cansd;   1
In how much their nujoymein
was due to h R kind!*   trft and   -
aUent'on.     They hate i
tribute to the i Diirti - "> he km ■
'    II
how in i vtend In behalf
Iril-iHes eve- ;...d th.:=
ii' railway.     Bui perhnpi on ■ ■■' the
iparabfe bunion .      n rone
t.i'-  v\ ii a , on. of \oi5i
v   1,_\
Mr. Ne    Muni i *;... 3c >tl il  a lUn r.
(  i'^'gbted  la ighier ■■ i   ll    i«aod  u
11 Itr t ■'   -, i hes.     Thej
\i in Uritalh thnl not :r> hare     - wn fl
ay Ignorance o'. the Kmp     s - ■-- •■■
B0WLER& TO FLAY N^THKR         [*'*>'+1*4 Pi * i • * ; • *
* i i
WITH         *               COMING EVENTS
AGGREGATION  * < 4> Q • t i ■• ■*• ■ «■ * • • •
•  t f
v.'iir Veter-
for tiie an-
uf May S'H*-
■in?'. February 13,
nouncement of the 24th
ond Annual Celebration.
Aid of Methodist church, In Gym on
Saturday afternoon. February 14th.
COUNCIL MEETING—City Hull, tonight at S o'clock.
Hall. Tuesday. Feb.  17.
Knrefttrj  Department i» Rrect
fampint! lirmiinK for I'm*
of TOUrJRtg   HiTfilhoiits
An important meeting ef the I'ub-
llctiy committee of this district waa
held Saturday In Fernie, all points interested in the important work bolng
represented at the meeting
Messrs. w H Wilson and .i p.
Fink were on hand from Cranbrook.
other delegates present being Major
MaKniUlne and Editor Hayes. Crei-
ton; Muyor Heuder-*u. Fernie and
Messrs. Henderson- SpauldlOg and
Major Mallendliit- occupied ihe
i'on-id>?rabie correspondenc< was
read by Mr. Wilson and disposed of
In the regular order of business.
! The representative, present rfivo
their approval to a letter written by-
Mr. Spaulding to Winnipeg autoisis
who proposed maktns a t^ur under
Lhe auspices of Calgary Good Roads
Association, caling to their attention
the r.dvisi'bility of Including tlie
Crows' Nest and Windermere In their
The question of the proposed bookie, came up and after considerable
discu>=ion it was moved by Messrs.
Hayes and Cleland thu Mr. Spaulding secure half dozen "dummies" as
1-er stock submitted by the Fernie
Free res* and ;ecure prices on 10,-
•XK' booklets, with man inserted, from
outside publishing house?. All of the
committee expressed themselves as
being in favor of spendng money in
ih« district, but in view ~< the £aci
tiiat public money was being' expended on the publicity that the booklets
be secured as reasonable as possible.
Messrs. Spaulding, Fernie; Wilson.
Cranbrotflc and Hayes, Creston, were
r.^nied as a committee to order the
booklets a*- soon as bids were received.
Th'. general wrlteup submitted by
■ Contln-ied on  Page Fouri
Kveiling',  special   Meetlne   of  Ihe
t raiihrook   Poultry   AsuOclalloni
7.80 |im Poultry Si lection of
Laying Stock.
S.SO p.m.— Incubation and Feeding |
■f Voung Chicks,
Wcduesdny, February lM|h,
9.00 ii.m. At Central School: Subject to be arranged.
ii 00 a nt Management of Dairy
2.1.0 j..ni     Small  Fruits
2.40 pm    Fertilizers,
.i.iP p.m    Poultry  Demonstration
Big   Developments   in   Evangeline's   Land
11.00 i
IV1.1nan   lIMh.
I     Siicculenl   Crops,
■  3.00 p.m.   Care ami management of
Form Poultry
8"ii  pm. -Judging  Live Stock.
8.00 p.m    silos nnd Silo Filling.
0 00 p iii     Herd   Improvement
Friday, Pcbmarj thith.
S.00  p.m     Alfalfa
8.40   p IH      Tree   Fmllfl
;. l'ii p in   Pork Production
a  goncrnl  nlghl  meeting may  bo
VI'IIY  AtTlVi: l.\ IKAMHtOtlK
 , l
of the
of the
of ot-
' lleally dealers are reporting considerable activity in renl ostato Just
now, isevorat deals being made of:
Into for residence and oilier property.
Several deals are under way which
may bo consummated within t*» next
few days.
Heale & Klwotl report the siile of
(he BaldWWin cottage on Hanson Avenue to Edward BIrce.
Tho Hull ltlver Electric Power Co.
has opened au office in Fernle, according to report,-, from that placo,
and It is snld acdvr. operatlona to
harness the great water power on the
Bull Hlver may take on Hhapc soon.
The company Ih already uegntlat-
ing with the city of Furnlc aud other
HR6rH of "Juice"' in supply them with
sit they require.
The Cranbrook Board of School
Trustee; held a meeting In the City
holl. at which meeting considerable
buslnes of a routine nature such as
the passing of accounts was disposed
Trustee W, R. Wilson acted as the
chairman of the board in the absence of Chairman White, who it out of
the city.
The new Dominion Atlantic Railway Passenger Station   at Bridgetown.
Not only i* the Canadian Pacific
Railway making advances in accordance with the necessities of the
limes, and providing every modern
Improvement for the convenience
ami comfort of the public, hut all
Its subsidiary Hues are similarly progressive. The Dominion Atlantic
Railway, which serves a large portion of Nova Scotia and runs through
thc beautiful Uud of Evaugeline,
now owns and operates The Pines
Hole! at Dlgby, providing first class
accommodation for ihe large uutu-
bem of tourlBta who viait the district. A new night sei vice between
Halifax and Yarmouth has recently
been inaugurated. This uighi service leaven Yarmouth on Monday.
Wednesday and Saturday eveulugu,
•ud Halifax ou Sundays, TumdayK,
and Frlday-J. and marks one of the
most Important developments Blnee
the through Hue of railway from
Yarmouth to Halifax wuh opened up
for traffic Ul 1891. Then- train* cur
fiUflf m. m wtlMi CreUht ud pu-
ssuger service, bul only carloads of
through merchandise are carried.
Wheu on a trip of inspection over
the Dominion Atlantic Railway, at
the end ot November last. Mr. Grant
Hall, vke-presldent of the C. P. H..
expressed the dealre to have the
D.A.R. equipped in the near future
witli (steel rails muoli heavier than
tho«e at prcHcut laid. He said thnt
this work would probably be undertaken when the effects of war conditions had di-tuppu-iied. Important
improvements are bolus carried out
along ihe line and arrangements are
progressing for the ereotion of a
new station at Dlgby which will provide the most up-to-date racllH-ifli
for tourlMlrt and other traffic and
add oontlderabl) u> the beauty of
the town, lt Ib aflmatod thai during Mil!), 00,000 tourlata visited Nova
Bcolta and Hpeu1 tbete about $3,-
'inn.mm Receuily a new station
wan oiicio**! ul Drldgetowii, miieh to
the MtiL'V'tloii of liie public ot thai
(•wm. • U l» a
:M ft. x f>6 ft. with 20 ft. overhanging
on each end aad h-w ln front • uvia
walk :i»0 feet long sod 12 feet wide-
The building te very conveniently
de»igned. It hue a cement bnar-
ment,     The outside finish is t»tu<xxi
•ii trniMlt lath, r#nired with plain
Itcbbled d<udi, with emootti finish
above aud below. The roof U ats-
lieetoe.   Tbe luade cousletn of fiiuit.--
■ooai, 2n ^, x 24 ft, office 14 ft
oppoulie side or the track, wn* built
by contract by J, H. Hick. & Sous,
under the personal aupervlsiun of
Mr. E. A. Hicks, of that firm, who
bee already built seven Dominion
Atlantic Railway stations.
The Dominion Atlantic Ry, has
aliio added to tu system the hotel ac
Kern ville now known an the "Abct-
deen," Kentvllle is an Important
and growmj centre, and tbo tact that
11 iu. ladie*i' waiting room, ll* ft. i ll is now to have mndem hotel ac-
A ft., and baggage room 24 r>. i-j ft,
The Inside ftaiafa U of Douglas fir
and birch, finished in the natural
wood, 'i'he cellLngs and side walln
are sand fttiieh timed in cream.
There arc aleo up-to-date -<niven-
leuces and the heating idant con slats
of a Cumberland hot air furnace
iiiaiiiiiuciiiifi aud UuMalled b) Mr.
Q, K. UankM, of Dridg•■•"«... who al^o
executed Lhe plumbln ; The tuM**
tuid ouiside decoratliifi wa*t in charge
of Mr. Harry Sancton. The whole
work, including the building or a
tnlffct iked M It a U tt, on lhe
iiuiundation will add tremendously
tii Lis benefit
'I'he "Aberdeen" Is aplwulldly nit-
uated, and will he made very attractive, it will he renovaaed and
refumlahetl from cellar tn roof.
Many of the i-oqciu, wll: bn equipped
with private baths, The work ot'
tetuivation will bef,'ln at once, but
win lie m conducted thai pi«*!. will
not be dtsturbed, The Aberdeen
V..W continue to be operated the year-
around, and cater Uj the general and
eotUBierctal internets a* wall as ttt
tha uwrt* uatt^
In  '-•ttiiversation  With a member of
'• the   Fink   Mercantle   Company,   the
lUrald man  was informed  that  thU
i company lad Jusi unloaded two cars
"f bed ^j'-rlng" and mattrf".f*ef-.
Tlii- ie an unusually large order.
' but having positive Information that,
it bis advance wa™ to take place, and
tu enable them ro sell thc broods at
former prices, the fink Mercantile
Company ordered a bin supply early
In January.
The new  price on  the  well  known
Ostermoor mattresses v.-i 11 bo 1*16.00,
'm'  Fink-, will continue to tell them
at t!it  old price, J3S..O0    They received enough coll spring!! to furnish any
ordinary hotel.     This will give tbe
reader somo idea of the amuum ot
1 bedding   in  the  lot   The   people of
''his district need n't have any fear
I of a raise in the retail prices of bedding for some tlm*\
The Forward Movement drive hero,
through   which   the   Methodist   and
- other churches hope to raise their
quota for the great work to be undertaken by Canadian churches, Is
reported hy tho canvassers doing th«
work here, to be progresing nicely,
li  I, confidently btlievcd by those
. iu charge of the canvas here that
Cranbrook will reach tho amount set
out for her before the week's end.
) It was reported litre today by par-
i ties who had just arrived from Rtnir-
more that there were one hundred
cases of the "flu" there and that nurses are wanted. ' \ li K      T « 0
Thursday, February 18, l-iin
Your Nexl
Will be a
Find out WHY
Call To-DAY
Raworth Bros.
Jewelers A) Optician*
Next to the Postofflce.
Cbc Cranbrook herald
Published Every Thursday by
W1LI, A. EUvETSQN Editor
Wll.l, A. BLLTJTSON, JR., ..Asm. Mgr,
•>wiib n Mission) Without h Muasle'
I'rinl.-il   liy   I tilon   l.nhiir
Subscription Price, $£M a Vear
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week tn semire attention.
No letters to the Alitor will be Inserted *.\t.:pi over the proper slgnatun
and address <>f tho writer,     Tho ruli
tidiinis of no exception.
The complete banking facilities provided at
all our branches enable this Bank to give
Business Accounts the care and attention they
need and deserve.
The Merchant and the Manufacturer will find
the services rendered by this Bank of the greatest assistance in conducting their business.    -.„
Cranbrook Branch,
B. E. Howard, Manager.
Suh-A.mi'v it Ki,ul,., ley.
THURSDAY,  FEBRUARY   12.  10211
Cranhrook nnd distrlol has a
bright future before It. The
.vear 1920 should witness great
activity in tliis district if but
one-half of the program mapped out is brought to a final!
There is no room hereabouts
for pessimists, and everyone |
should lend a helping hand lo
community interest undertakings. One business man owes
it as much as another to the
community in which he operates to put his shoulder to the
wheel and take advantage of
the good things lining held out
to everyone within the district.
Tliis section of the rich Province of lli'itsh Columbia will no
doubt  experience  the  greatest
Influjf ttf tourists ever enjoyed.
aj. .'w'uh Ihe business activity
wnich will be noticeable to all
these outsiders when they come
our way, combined with a real
hospitable welcome which must
be accorded them, they will go
their way with a recollection of
Cranbrook which will be bene-1
licial to an extent that will he!
difficult   to  estimate as to  its|
value in the immediate future.
The undertaking of the Hoard
of Trade to provide a log cabin
at the depot with the co-operation of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, is another
undertaking whicli should be
niBhed to an early completion,
for the time Is neart at hand
when tourists who have been
at points south of us and at
the Coast will be enroute home
to the Prairie centers, and to
have tho cabin intact and displays as outlined contained in
it, would get the attention of
many who may never come our
way again.
Also, the efforts of the local
Prospectors' Association in arranging a display to be made of
our Minerals at Ihe Northwest
Mining convention In Spokane
should meet with unstinted
support; it means much to Ihis
Co-operalion on the part of
everyone resident within the
district is what is wanted most
just at this time.
We have the goods but we
must place them on display.
Commercial bodies everywhere
are anticipating heavy traffic
from all over the world following the Great War's end and
the demobilization of the gallant boys who brought the contest to a successful conclusion
for civilization, an now that we
enjoy a safe world in whicli to
live without fear of Hun despotism, many unsettled will lie
seeking new homes.
•Tin: lit:n i.tvmiv (iimim;
"The  Hed  Lantern,"  which  rmnes
In   tlle   Rox   Iheall'e   en    Friday   and
Saturday, February 20 anil 31, i« a
play ot mysterious China thai .(-Ives
Nazlmova, the star nf tin unfathomable depths, a dual role which reveals iho tremendotiB range or her
raro artistry, li is a iilhy of deep
undercurrents, telling tlie story of a
Eurasian girl—Iho daughter of twn
races—who feels the eternal conflict
of Ilie alien bloods forever raging
within iter soul, ll is a theme to
wake tin- pulses of the heart and rill
tlie Imagination with the irresistible
lure of secret Asin—wttli a splendor
like tlie day ami a mystery like lite
night, wheel- tiie dancing shadows of
the red lantern light seems peopled
with tlie thousand and nne malignant devils which forever hntillt
those mystic and enigmatic iPeoptl of
the East. The play resounds wltll
barbaric nielndy antl glosw with tlie
gorgeous and varying lutes of liie
Extracts from die Cranbrook
Herald ot this date, 1899
Save your Hair!    Get a small bottle
of Dander I ne right now—Alto
stops Itching tsalp.
Hurry McVlttlo mul Ah*. McBride
cairn! in trom Fori Sleek- Monday io'
see tlie town.
Tlie carnival held Thursday night
nt tho rink was largely attended nnd ;
wns ii great success.
The Fort Steele Mercantile Com-
imiiy Is arranging to close tts store
in Wardnor tor the Winter.
l.a-.i Monday Sum Mitchell fell oft
a loaded wagon nnd was seriously
bruised, hut fortunately escaped serious injury.
South Kast Kootenay is all right, in
patriotism as well as in everything
else. When the call came for volunteers, and it was announced that a
rocrilitin-g station would he opened at
Fort Steele on lasl Monday, a waive
of patriotic enthusiasm swept over tho
district, ami by Tuesday night the
full iiuotsi of forty hnd heen examined and accepted for the Strathcotia
T-hin, brittle, colorless ami acraguy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp; of d-indnitf—that awful scurf.
There it. nothing Bo destructive in
tiie liuir us d.indnitf. It rubs ttie hair
of its lustre, its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverisli-
nt'ss and Itching of the BOftlp, which if
not remedied iiuises tbe hair root? to
■brink loosen mid die—then tli.' liair
falls out fast. A lit! In Dandarlno tonight—now—any Mine—will surety save
your hair,
Get a small bottle of Kliowllon'a
Danderiue from any drug store. Yon
surely ean have beautiful hair ami hits
of it if you will ju-t try a little Ihin-
4erinc.    Save your bulr!    Try  il!
Only Tablets with "Bayer Cross*
are Aspirin—No others I
"Choosing a Wife," Ihe First National attraction which wfll be shown
at the Hex theatre, starting on next
Wednesday and Thursday, answers
the question of whether a young and
beaut if nl girl should attract n mnn
if middle age more than a woman
only ii little younger tlmn herself.
In this picture, which is tilled witli
remarkably dTainjatilc situations, a
woman well past the first bloom of
youth, through a stran'-ge series of
circumstances is led to believe that a
distinguished scientist, who ims left
to explore a remote part of the world
hns proposed to her
"Pape's Dlapeptln" makes sick, sour,
gassy stomachs surely feel fine
in five minutes.
If whnt you just ate in Retiring on
your stomach nr lie**, like 11 lump nf
lead, or you belch gat> and eructate
Hour, undigested food, or have a feeling
of dizziness, heartburn, fullness, nausea,
bad taste in mouth and stonntcli-licnd-
aclip, vou ran get relief in five minutes
by neutralizing acidity. Put an end to
such stomach distress now by getting a
largi flfty-ccnt ease of Pape's I)ia|ie|)niii
from any drug store, You realize in
lire minutes how needless it is to suffi-r
frnm Indigestion, dyspepsia or any stomach disorder earned hy food fermentation
in   i i i-xei iiivn acid in stomach.
Curs   Sick   Headache,   Constipation,
Biliousness, Sour Stomach, Bad
Breath -Candy Cathartic.
Xo odds how l*il your liver, stomach
or bowel*, how much your hen.I aohes,
how miaeralile. you are from oonetipa-
tioo, indigestion, biliouiiie** ami slug
girth bowels—you always get relief with
CftioaroU. They Immediately deans*
and regulate tin- stomaoli, remort th-
sour, fermenting food and foul gu<M:
take tht* excess bile from tlie liver ami
carry off the constipated waste mallei
and i-iiiui, from the intestines and
bowolfl. A tn-eent hox from your druggist will keep your liver nd .towels
nlt-nii. ett.inaeli sweet and heud elear for
OM/iiLli-.     Tlivy  Work  while  ym  sleep.
Applications  to   till   tlie   position  nf
Constable in   the  City  of  Cranbrook,
win be received tiy tho undersigned
not Inter than 5 p.m., Mcnday, February   lOtli.      W.icu  applying applicants  will   kindly  state  experiences,
salary required and give references.
City Clerk.
Crunbrook, 11. C,
February 6, 1920.
If you don't see the "Bayer Cross"
on tlie tablets, refuse them—they are
mil  Aspirin at all.
insist on genuine "Haver Tablets of
Aspirin" plainly stamped with the safety
"Buyer Cross"—Aspirin prescribed by
physicians for nlneteea years and proved
safe by millions for Headache. Toothache, Earache, Itlieuinatism, Lumbago,
Colds,   Neuritis,   and    Pain   generally.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets—also
larger "Bayer" package*. .Made in
Aspirin is thu trade mark (registered
in Canada). of Bayer Manufacture of
Motioaceticacldester of Snltcylicncld.
While it is well known that Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist the
public against imitations, tlie Tablets of
Bayer Company, Ltd., will be stamped
with their general trade mark, the
"Uayer Cms?*       	
Let us supply you with your next
counter sales books. We have a complete line and prices are as low as
the out-of-town fellow will give you.
The Cranbrook Herald.
Mrs. Taylor's'
Mrs. Taylor uses "Pacific Milk for
all purposes nnd finds It most successful."
Her Gingerbread recipe Is a good
S  oz.   butter,
'.1 oz. sugar,
\2 oz, flour,
S oz. syrup,
% oz. ground ginger,
';■ 07.. mixed spice,
Mi teaspoon sodn,
'/!■ cup Paolo Milk diluted.
Mix welt und hake tn a slow oven
-   Factor) at Ladner, B. 0.
February 2nd to 15th, 1021)
Bonsplel Start, UK 2nd, lliiu
.'urnliil Starts Feb. "Ill, 10211
Banff's ruinous Toboggan Slide Open
(ill the time. Hwlmmln'j- In thu Hit
Sulphur Pools. Hocke;*. Shi Jumping. Snowsliaoiiig, Trap Shooting.
Dancing every night.
Qomfortablo   hotel    accomodation.
Make oyur ruKervnttona early.
Full   Detalia  from   any
I uniiillim I'arltii' Agent, nr
llUlrUt   r>iwiftr   *(«■!,   .llfirj.
liighei* Kail //ay
Necessary, Sa /
Wage Inereesea  on Canadian
Uo.kJs More Than Inte "st
on Whole War 1...U
Itallnaj Sllintluii In I'uniiilu With.
uui I'uroll I  tin Place In lite
Dei hi. lie Sujs.
i ii iMii
in rale
ling the Cana-
ii] at iho lto>al
ijeet, "The Ne-A
omliu l"
.. tiicli    ii.
atlona extraordinarily difficult. We
-.■-..m uppreciate that Uiu people lu a
Jealous mid exacting mistress, but
fre ulao know tlmt tbe public lu a
gcuuious aud persistout frleud, nee
its confldeneo is secured. We know,
JosephItoo, iu.it no sentiment will control
iter    of   Still*- - tlitj success nf our efforts.
points to   this)    "HereloioiH. iii Canada tbt.e bus
esample  of
e waj
iii  .ih
[cb the work
>s  ./as per-
been, I think, a prevailing decency iu
competition, which has been encour-
aglng. 1 have no reason to expect
that that will change, or that t. :
methods and measures taken by the
National Railways to further Its Interests uud extend its buslnes will
be any less reputable than those
n Canada and in ibe orgaui-l taken by the Canadian Pacific or by
r which 'la contained various |tne Canadian Northern, the Grand
'Since the war, there has been con-
it;,., d the Rai'way Association of
inada, whoso executive cuinprlhes
e iireaideuts of tliu principal rail-
committees   from
financial and  tunic
cotupauies.   who  ure
ss of Hi.
Mr. Ha
I I ruilk, or any other system, which ..,
now consolidated or to be consolidated into the National Hallways,
but there Ib always the danger of
political methods beiuv adapted to
tbe business of railroading und puli-
Infltience    being    imed    where
Mr. Beatty -a il: "Plnoo J had it
pieatuira ot'v,uie' Western Canada
in Ma> tust.ii very Important change
hi Ihe transportation situation ban
taken place thn ugh the sudden con-
summation ol a plan for (lie acquisition ol tlie r; rami Trunk and Grand
Trunk Pacific Hallway Companies
with a view to tholr Incorporotlon
Into the system ol the National Itail-
ways. In due course, when the
legal and other formalities Imve lieen :
fulfilled, this consolidation will lake
place and the test or the possibility
of successful administration ot »
vast system of railway undor thc
seals of the Government will be
made. It Is probably tbe most ambitious and comprehensive task
which any Government or any people has takpn upon themselves, except temporarily und in emergent necessity, ll may be a test over a
period of years and the results may
in* expensive, hut under honest management with Independent and non-
political administration, und uhove
all with accurate Information supplied to the public us to the result
nf these operations, the people of
this country will be able to determine for th'emselves whether thai
cystem Is the l*e«t and If not whnt
Improvement should be1 made In tt.
I make no comment on the wisdom
or otherwise of this further extension of Government ownership or
railways in Cauadu. The matter
bus been settled by tlte representatives of the people I am r.orry.
however, that a little more time and
ho operating
officers or the
constituted lo
i action would
tbe truftlc n*
ui oi the rail-
id   myBoir   sll
timitie.', and i; bu-MticHs methods rail to aocompllota
t -Mlli lhe ex- j1"' desired result. I W1W- Mry ^^
ho ihere Kuiiis, he will be " nai1 Mr, llaniia's strong plea for
eoulirmcd lu lila original decl-lon to | *"aoiiottdont administration, which
be a railway man and not a polltl- mwl,t8 business administration, bo-
clan. «»IM ' Would dislike to see poHl of-
"I have known Mr. Hanna for a f)^6*; JWcki, and public works and
y apprecla    ""	
I pe
emit many ywvn, and my apprecla- '"■tltutloni or nil Borts made depen-
tlon or his personal qualities and of-1',I11 "1MM1 whether the    community
ficlul   ability   as   disclosed   lu   the! J*Hir,UR  *•»  tave  support lo  tbe
numerous exacting and difilcult posl- «*"«»«    Rallwaya,    if tbat hap
110113 be Iihh bein called upon to till I ftn<(1   Wt'  '"i*ht  have   to  t>»tabllsh
Is very great.   The ract that he was  ''francs,     hnitpiials,    tbeatres   audi criticism    than    other"   Institutions;'
trained in his earlier years in the -P1*™ '» »fder to meat tbat new and Their affairs ■*"> more public, and
I service of the Canadian   Pacific uudipecilliai'    Mltlcal-rallway    OOmpetl-, their officers better und more wide-
1 *'"■ lv known.   Thoy are easier to .inder-
competition stand though they are huge In sue,
" " und their   ramifications   are  great.
of Canada, hut one of the most corpulent. Its problems are the problem of Canada; it has u gia\e interest In the economic and industrial future of Canada. I can imagine
nothing whlcb concerns Canada's;
progress thai does not concern dl-|
rectly, or indirectly, the Canadian
Pacific. It is. therefore, proper la
its own interests aud tha' of its.
shareholders, that Its office tri should]
take an Interest In Its commercial
aud trade problems, and further thej
solution of them to the best of their,
"It Is equally proper that Canadians should concern themselves
somewhat with the problems and
administration of the Canadian Pacific, and there Is no occasion, *o
far as the Canadian Pacific, or any
other railway, Is concerned Tor the.
people to regard them as soulless
corporations, when Ihelr stake In the
country Is so great, and their Interests aud your Interests so truth.
iu common, I
"Thero is always In the mind* ofj
some people a mystery ln the ex.sl-i
Olice and operation of any larue COM
ponition. whether Government owned or privately owned. It Is nup-1
posed to conceal within lhe walls of;
lis offices machinery for many
things not directly connected with!
lis enterprise, Nothing could bal
further from the facta. Being public!
utilities,   they   are   open   10   more,
has always, both personally uud otu
cli'lly, retained a very sincere affection for Lis former company has not
detracted from my appreciation of
".Mr. Hanna aud 1 have a great
many problems In common and
others which are individual because
peculiar to the different systems of
railway operation, in which we are
respectively involved. Occasionall"
it may be necessary in public utter-
anc . for us to refer to each other,
or the Interests which we represent,
but 1 recognize that these references will be few and far between,
because I can Imagine not nine of
much less public lrf.ere.Kt or plthlic
Importance than mv opinion of the
National  Railways snd Mr. Hanna,
unices It Is .Mr. Hamu s i-pinloli of
the Canadian Pacific and myself,
Mr. Hanna rather departed from the
rule a few weeks ago in Toronto, and
with his characteristic Scotch pawk;
"The foundation
should be the name. Tbe legislative
control of Parliament, the regulatory
control of the Dominion Railway
Commission ahould be the same in
respect of all railways operating under the federal jurisdiction. Tbis Is
not the case as yet, the Government
having reserved by statute special
rights to the National Railways not
enjoyed by private companies and
withheld it In certain particulars
from tbe Jurisdiction of the Board
of Railway Commissioners, but 1 am
hopeful that lu time this will be
remedied. The accounting methods
and financial returns of all companies should likewise be absolutely
identical. Given these essential premises and the National Railways tbe
independent administration which
their officers desire and you will see
railways competing In thiH country
under conditions which will stimu-
humor, whatever that means, said l«t« «"•' '"'^ «* "J™-1* ««'•*«•
that the trouble with me was that 1 advanl"«" »' aU SiS" "*V° b"5'"
1 did not believe In public ownership, "'ss„wl'h„ "«"•. ^ ,e,h'r'?«" T"
bul thai I would hope for Its niccen. *"£?•, ?."!,££.?\lr.\SSS?. ',i\*'~
and   that   nolwiths-.tunns   „,,   ract|^^1^%^
this means rtiat tiie rati way situation
in Cutmdd \f. now completely chang-
i'l!, and the country must depend for
some time at least for additional railway facilities, where needet. upon
the National Railways or the Cana-
f""n pacific, because with preponderating mileage under the control of
the Government, It is not likely that
much cnppal would be attracted to
new railway enterprise for the rewards which such investments might
bring. Therefore, I think It may
be fairly stated that such additional
construction as takes place within
the uev few years will depend upon
tbe witlinsneBs of (he National Railway* and the Canadian Pacific to
appreciate these needs and their financial ahilltv to meet them.
I -This Is a situation which Is without parallel any place In the world
<w here a government-owned and
noerated railway and a privately-
owned and operated railway not
greatly different in the matter of
mileage, both with, of course, adequate crcd|t have in their hands the
almost exclusive right to remedy
transportation Insufficient at most
places throughout Canada. It Is
true, I think, tbat tliis will provoke
a highly competitive condition. How
effective this competition wilt be
■will depend upon Its honesty and Us
fairness, If political methods nre
to be Introduced into the competition, and facilities provided tn accordance with political expediency
or If p-ilitlcal rewards follow the
[extent of ttie support or otherwise
which is granted by shippers to the
National ft all ways, then I should say
the competition would be unfair aud
of doiihiful commercial or national
I "DuKng the course of the year, the
railway companies of Canada bud to
meel -* great many problems, due
to ibe emergencies which prevailed
which were unusual
Importance and which required new
methods ti. secure their being dealt
wiih competently, For thai purpose
the Canadian Railway War Hoard
was constituted ami through tt the
pfforts i-f ail railways wern coordinated to meet the extraordiiiarv
demands th.ough the movement of
war traffic am! soldiers, The work
was well Tnd efficiently done: was
no v" lone. In fact, that no' one
honr'i ".Vmurrogo wis nm ■< tl to
I Alia) ■> phlpplna h\ deloyp "n fv>-
Itdlan railways.   I have recontlj ro-
re not given boti:
the peope themselves nnd their par-'that the Canadian Paclftc"had occu-
llamentary representatives, because I pied a vory unique and strong pobI-
would have been better satisfied that j tion within th- Empire, In a few
the decision then represented the months' time It would be number
view and desire of thp vast majority two instead of number one, and that
of the people of this country, espe- was where the shoe was pinching.
daily of the business communities, As I say, Mr, Hanna intended this
who have a particular stake in the ! to be a humorous remark, but Scotch
railway situation and a particular! humor It sometimes hard to under-
knowledge of what constitutes effl- stand, aud his audience, a most ln-
cent railway service. The deel- tellIgent Toronto audience, mlsun-
Slon has been taken, however, and; derstood him and applauded his
tbe consolidated system will be ad- j prophecy of the advent of another
ministered by a board selected by the railway system, bigger aid better
Government, with experienced rail-1 than the Canadian Pacific.
way operators and executives In im- j "I Imagine tbat Mr. Htuuu and
mediate charge of the property, with myself *ould sit down today and
Parliament, as ls inevitable, in full discuss with the utmost cander the
control of the financial support to be general railway situation. Inoldeti-
Blven, and the Government of the tally to tbat we could, I think, «gi :e
day with full responsibility for the i without much discuwdoa ai to which
expenditures of the monies Toted i was number one and which was
for such purposes. The raault ofj number two, 1 say this without any
hesitation or reservation, because I
know what a wise and experienced
man Mr. Hanna is. 1 can say with
equal confidence, I think, that five!
years from now Mr. Hanna and I
could discuss tlie question with equal
frankness and agree between ourselves as to whieh wu then number
one and which wu number two. O!
course. It would be the same railway, but as 1 have said, Mr. Hanna
is a very ise man. Five years hence
he may even be wiser than he ls
now, but that would not be necee-
sary to enable him to reach a correct
Mr. Hanna has recently adopted
the role of prophet for the National
Railways. He ls a cheerful prophet, and he palate a glowing picture of tbe future of the properties
under his charge. This la as lt ahould
be, and he ts wise ln making lt as
attractive as poeatble. He has recently taken bis penoll ln hand and
added together the Joint mileages ot
the Canadian Northern, Intercolonial,
Transcol ttnental, Grand Trunk ani
Grand Trunk Pacific railways in
Canada and the United States; he
has likewise added the number of
I engines and curs of all descriptions,
lens of frelsht carried on all systems and has concluded The National
Railways are, or will be. the greatest
ru'lway system in the world. I di
not dispute his figures ss to mileage,
und I do not Imagine It is of much
public Importance whether the gross
earnings  of  the  combined   systems
s to demand a voice In Its expenditure and ln the management of the
institutions for tke financing of
which they are responsible.
"I do not pretend to speak for the
Since 1004 the railways of Canada
have been required to Justify every
rate, act and practice which affect-,
ed the public or the public Interest.
Can this be said of any other enterprises? I
"The problem of Increased cost**
practically brings Uie rallwav companies in common position wilb oth-.
er citizens of Canada. The cure for
It Is greater production and trade!
expansion, hard work and thrift. It
sometimes seems to me that we lose
sight of the very fundamentals on
which the prosperity of this country has heen heretofore based. Tht
foundation of our economic stab'l
Ity rests upon perseverance, work
and the rewards which come froml
it. We have no more right to ex-'
pect to receive high wages and high,
compensation unless we can give an,
adequate return in service, than wel
have a right to expect to appropri-'
ate and keep what does not helongj
to ns. The necessity la preached!
from one end of the country to thej
other, and It cannot be preached
too often, because unless it is practiced thts country will not enjoy Ha
share ot the world's prosperity and
will not be able to meet the very
disquieting conditions   which   have
National Railways, but no doubt, as j resulted from the economical up-
in the case of the C.P.R., large sums heaval of the last five years, Heads
of money are required to complete jof financial Interests see It, and ad-
work that has been heretofore Im- Lfga economy of all hinds. Indlvl-
posslble to undertake and to extend; -jua]8 appreciate It and to some ex-
facllities to meet the rapidly increas-' tent are practising lt. Governments,
ing needs of the country. Neither of j federal, provincial and municipal
us can stand still; we must progress millt a'iBO it.e it, aud practice It, or
tf we are to receive our fair share e),€ turd times will succeed our present era of prosperity. It has al-,
ways seemed to me that bard time*;
do succeed any era of great spend-:
ing or extravagance, and It is a serJ
lous commentary on the comma*
sense and sanity of people that lt
j? necessary for the realization of
these consequences to be obtained
by experience instead-of by a care-
of the country's prosperity. In or
der tu do this we must have money,
aud money can be obtained only ln
two ways, by stock or bond issues,
or by revenue. Operating increases
viuiiui be taken care of by the form-
The extraordinary recent costs
of maintenance and operation can be
met only in one way aud tbat Is by
Increased revenue to the companies. f,",| appreciation -of the trend of
and In this we need the sympathetic events and by modification and pru-
support of the people who demand ajdence anticipate and prevent the
high standard of railway operation]natural consequences of extrava-
and railway service which can be gance and Imprudence. I am an op-
t-eoured only, in view of the prevail- tlmist; I do not sec how anyone
lag high prices, by paying a trans- could be anything else so far as
portation charge at least equal to Canada Is concerned, with its nat-
Ike Increased coat of operating. You tural wealth aud the virility of Its
are all aware thut ln ISIS railway i people, but with great optimism can
wages were Increased in Canada by ■ R„ equally great discretion, and the
an amount aggregating $77,000,000. i fact tbat a man or a nation. Is full
aa amount greater than the Interest! of hope and confidence doe-i not
on the whole of the war debt of Can- J mean that he should disregard the
ada; the rates were at the same time) warnings of the times, or with his
increased and they brought ln $43,
000,000 additional revenue to the companies; in other words, the Increase
In rates failed to equal tbe increase
tn wages by the enormous sum of
f34.000.000. There can be only one
eud to tbat condition, unless the revenues are readjusted to meet these
Increasing costs. While rates will
have to be again Increased, they
cannot be Increased indefinitely and
our great struggle from now on will
be to reduce costs ln order that In
time rales themselves may be lowered. There are only two ways of reducing railway rates, and ons Is by
large increase ln the volume of traffic and tbe other Is by decreased cost
ln the carrying of traffic. No ordinary Increase In business will be sufficient to take care of the extraordinary Increases ln the coat of labor
and material which the railway eom-
punies have experienced ln recent
are greater or lcf-s than the Canadian j years.
Pacific, Up to the present, they are "I know that you, gentlemen, are
less, although the mileage I * greater, 1 very well informed on the subject of
but I do say that lhe test of the best! railroads. I know that many of you
or worst railway Is not necessarily j are. or huve been, persistent users of
determined by mileage, and "best" the railroads, that you have compe-
and "biggest" are not necessarily lent unties and tbat you have come
Bynotiymous terms. Companies must In contact with their operations In
stand or tall mi the character or tho a more Intimate way than most citl-
ervice tbov render, nnd If on<  rall-jzens of this country.
eyes on his own future fall to observe the economical pitfalls Immediately in front of them,"
In this progress towards full prosperity. Mr. Beatty sold he saw the
western provinces playing a great
In conclusion I would seriously
urge upon you all the paramount
necessity of quiet sane cons-dera*
tion of Canada's economic problem*
as they develop. It is, 1 think new
conceded that most of the errors
made In past years have been die
to a too ready acquiescence In ill-
considered policies and a serious In-
difference by the people as a whole
to the correctness or otherwise ot
the conclusions reached I am, 1
think, quite within the mark In laving that our principal rallwaf and
economic mistakes have been due te
the lack of keen appreciation tn
those whose concurrence permitted
the adoption of these policies. Thert
Is no time in the history of litis
country when the views of extremists should prevail as little is now
The difficulties whieh confront ui
are not Insurmountable if the solu
tion of them nre given ihe moderate snd sane consideration vbich It
tud Is pens able lo s> correct conclusion.   Appeals to pr.ludic" and tra
You will I
Hnd   of   Rreat lady's "service  \'n' consistently' belter] think be the first to appreciate th;|5i?^afPlIJJtllltv   are   fruitless
than another'.-..   If   Its   of-v-is are accitraoy of my statement when * nBpmJJ,ani K„od.   Given   the
the history|"^l".";."., ,.f n
diversity of eoon
   efficient, Its service n*oro ex-1 Bay that at no tlnu
pedltlous mul its huifnen traneac- of this country has there been moru
tions with ihe public more satlsfa* , need for nn appreciation of the prob-
lory, It Is the railway which wlV beheiilH of the railways und more   iced
•V, ,v retarded as (he ie.,t. whe-  for support to   the   railway! than
ther tin mileage be son iwhal moro now.
omewlml less than Its rival's,     |       A CITIZEN OF COUNTRY,
"There is little If any. merit In thnt * f'deneo thnt otir i
Hln-a aloofness wltll which rail- dueed «o s mlnir
y rnmnnlai dealt with the pub- omto strength nf ihe country In
* The Canadian Pacific Is n cU-crewed beyond the .possibility «
of Canada, not tbe first cltl/en | serious setback."
"The National Rallwa:
■Ivpb ur-' confronln
f (|, .r.'H* P wliinh
.ui precedent, and
most mearurr of
nth receive, siill re
v aud
I CO'lll !P II'
'mot' wltb-
li with the
ort we c-ui
those on*.r*
recognition of Uio
omle   neeeKHllles     which    llievltiibl-
extstH fn n country the size of Can
nda. nnd a serlnilB and single de
nlr# to meet ■«i"t df*0OI0 of (hem P
the  Inlerpsls of Ih* country as i
whole, nnd I would have every eon
f wm.M be re
and the eeon
ftlfitf-mmmttm^lffmetmrn^ 1*^/-»*
New Clothes for Old
m Send us jour garnii-uts tu lie Cleaned, Dyed or  '
Y    I'ri'ssril and save Ilie priee ul uew.
Cranbrook Cleaners $ Dyers
P.   W.   WILMS,  .Viin-wr.
Foremost Cleaners and Dyers uf Everything
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HUflpi wi|ft>-   ll#   H-VI,'   HiV|)i   mets/l/l  ttnj[)i   WHIM
ftlt-tliotnet Cliurrl)
7ISO P. Jl.—Divine Worship.
Preacher: HEV. It. W. LEE
Vou are Invited
u Bgun tgp jnyj^gm fism ESS u&g g
ItEiD THE HEIULU AMD Oil THI NEWS-ONLI I1MI FIB IliB Thursday, February 12, 11)20
THE    CRANBROOK    11 E It A 1. D
I' X G l:    I II It E E
Only 5 More Shopping Days
Wednesday, Feb. 18, at12m.
Every Article in the Store Will Carry Pre-Sale Prices Beginning Thursday Morning, February 19th
A Few Sale Closing Bargains:
30 Ladies' Silk Poplin Dresses, regular from $27.50, at
30 Ladies' Tweed Suits, ^Et&SHj regular   37.30, at
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Carnival Spirit at Banff
Banff la to htvt an elaborui ■■
iwinter caml-ul this year, and will
be wi fete from February -n*i to tha
fourteenth Inclurive, Situated a*, it
is lu the Canadian Pacific Rockies
ud surrounded by the iraudeur ot
Tunnel Mountain. Rundle Mountain,
wnl Sulphur Mountain, Banff, tht
national resort, is faet becoming tho
centre of winter sport In Canada,
m Chrlatiania in Norway. H It :i
perfect wlntor plajriround with Its
natural   mountain   llldM   and   Ideal
skiing        Tht  preparations  for  the
carnival thin veer an' mi a  larger
and   broader   aoal*   Uiaii   previous
yt!*r»; tlir aiui lieinu lo uiak
•tfravthe In winter as It Is in the
■ummei      In  on* auped the visitor
•will   And   qomblnad   summer   and,
-winter amusement in the bot tul-|
j»hui   ipiiU|i,  which   |Jvt  out'  the,
■privilege   uf   swimming out In the,
open   with   lhe   ihwmomeler  above
or tren below zero, in not tepid but
warm water.
The spirit or the oar nival will
-again have full sway throughout the
town, antl those who arrive at night
will And themselves hi a veritable!
fairy land Colored lights aro to be
'strung across the streets. down the]
famuua toboggan slide, and ou ulic
rinke In thousands giving a great
gala effect. *
Tbe list of amusement* Is u long
one. There are hockey and eurlinfc
mau'-hee, toboggan raoes, anowshoe
*nd ski racm . Tbe ski Jumping this
year promisee to be one of the big
■events, for a new jump has been
built costing several hundred dollars, and some of tho best skiers lu
■Canada will take part tn the competitions. The Pony eki races are
on the programme, and will doubt -
leas create much incitement. Snow
•hoe tramps have been planned and
lunch will be served at tbe Kami.'
srardesi's oablti. Those exhilarating
toUMB^wa onariuntsd by aaan who
know eve
The carnival win be juai
ttnued round of gaiety and anyone
who Imagines the world
mountains u> be dead in tho
winter Will have a pleasant surprise. Rivera, brooks, cataract
and faHs nre all pursuing their
merry OOUrW, aa In lhe summer except ln u few occasional spots. Tho
anlmaia are not huddled up Uvalde
their burrows or seeking shelter
away from tho world, but roam
around as in summer.
Tho carnival will be opened hy the
Superintendent of the National Park,
and a special programine lias been
arranged for each day and will conclude wllh a farewell ball and distribution of prizes. There ai j three
comfortable hotels which remain
open throughout lho winter.
Tho carnival ami bonspell
Banff are bottoming amongst t" e most
Important and widely known evontti
of ths Canadian Winter, and will
at tract thousands to see "Top nf th
World" In the winter. Nature In all
tli-< beauty of her winter garb Is in
her he.it ai this time of the year.
In.siaii nf being dead Ihuiff will hi'
very much alt vs.
i.-ci'*-inued from Page One!
upholds country life and the profession on which we all must depend for
whnt is at nil times, often our breath,
the most necessary to our existence.
Any movement tending to make
more attractive farm life, tc better
tt-- practices, to give Its devotees
more tn think on and by their thinking make poBsiblo a system of work
less irksome, more profitable and
more enterprising is worth the attention nnd tin support, not only of everyone In the district who Is In any
way engaged In the practice of agriculture, but everyone who reaps the
fruit thereof.
An appeal Is mnde to tile farmers
of the district to support this new departure of the Farmers' Institute ln
arranging this school and the University ami the faculty who are making It possible. Country families are
urged to give the boys a chance. Let
those who have in the .past competed
iu calf raising and other competitions
get a chance here to loam how to do
better noxl time; let tho others learn
now to start in on those or other
The Pnrmcrs* Institute hopes the
citizens of Crunbrook will try and attend some of the BfiMlona. In thc
peresenl growing tendency of town
and country to took askance and
living, the Institute believes all will
living, the Institute believes nl will
get u new bleu or two on the other
follows' side of tiie question, nnd by
nil means If you have a boy who loans
towards an opt-door life or Is attracted to livestock, let him nttend these
meetings. In the end his education
will not suffer mid who know-, it may
the turning point in his life, deciding him towards a profession for
which he lu naturally lUted nnd ln
which lie will bo the success each
liopoi to be In life.
The  IllBtlltlto asks  for  full clai
es that they whn have solicited tlie
services of these people may not be
ashamed for lack of support.
They advise all interested to study
tho program. It Is worth while nnd
for the sake of tiie dlstrlcl and your
neighbors, turn "-tt.
Few  Drop* ol "Froeaone," Than
Corns Lilt Off-No Pain I
A tiny bottle n( "Freoaono" costs io
lit lie hi any drug store) apply a few
dn.|-> iijuiii nny corn or nill'uv In-
stoutly it iti.ji.-. hurting, then shortly
you lilt Unit liMtln-rt-Hime corn or callus
right off with yom lagers. Truly)
So b-Mbuf!
Caoadlana bate irown more and
flora appreciative of lha richness
■nil variety of the Provinces of oui
liomlnlon In Drltlah Columbia.
nature itemi. io htra compreased
ii.-i j limited hpact the feature-* of
lu.ii j continent Htrbly endowed
wltti   a   s.-ai.h   of  forest,  mine  and
leutn.a land of lofty mountains,
;•; d niptHiioii* i vers, ll is the gr at
■ Mi n W.---I r.i promise. The city
.' \-.m ouvrt lints on the verse of s
s nrlnu-* waterway—the gateway to
the Pacific (Heal purple mountains
vi ith snow •crest* i learning
iternsa the inlet Stanley Part near
' - is a wonderland ol a thousand
•,. Tea In ilie distance can he yr-m
- n (timmll ul Mount Baker, rohel
whl.eness. in the
lovely senility nf the "Sleeping
Reauty" Mountain, in the grace and
aUHelfnesi of the mountains known
it- "i-inna" which -.lami guard over
the harbor, In the placid dtgnlt) and
grhnriem ol niauy niher mountalni
there ■•■ unfolded h matchleaa
No one cau tomiitain o' "a lad;
oi romance in ti Waste* i -vorid
Where mood the rnreati pi tneval »
few year* mi. now i fp -.',>■■ era per a
ch tion a I iustlmtloti i. and hennllfiil
home* with gard ns uf rose* uud
gaily bordered path* Tbe eliflim ot
It sll Is eaally nmieistood An ia
t-.ua local layaiti aad a
(1) Canadian Pacific Railway Station at Vancouver, B.C,
(2) English Bay, Vancouver.
(3) Douglas Fir Trees in Stanley Park, Vancouver.
utile civic pride accomplished math.
Vancouver is now one of the great-
est seaports In the world. pnaaeeelag
one of the moat beauttful sites imaginable.
CuHinopolltan ire tha throngs that
crowd   Vancouver   streets,   la   (ha
tbs Indian, and men
but the white man
is   does   his    civil"
aaeee, Hindu,
from all dims
nation •
Vancouver ta of the 30lh century
fall of up-to-date aplrlt. impre<i,ated
vitk   optlMlam   aatf   ■ackoal by 11% VAGE    FOUB
llll:    ('KAMI HOOK     11 till ALU
Thursday, Ki-liriiar) \i, 1M0
When  In  Spokane   Make
It the
The Hotel Willi » Person-
(iiiixiiiinl  Ui  Ivciitliiim
Yen  Moderate  Rules
(Continued from Tage One)
Mr. Spaulding was approved for the
I booklet
The map as suggested by Air. Bruce
j will bo used, Mr. Dawson of the Natural Reaources department of the 0.
j I*. H. and the Calgary Good Roads As-
! sooJitlon stating ln cotVeapondenco
■ beofro the committee that the map
j waa in course of preparation and the
cost of same would be $ 185.00 for 10,-
| 000.
.1 The map will Include all of South-
\ enf*t British Columbia and pari ol Al-
j berta and will also bIiow connecting
roads with Dlacler und Yolowstono
> National parks.
It is the Intention of the committee
to scud these maps la -ill Eastorn
Towing lu'uici. us suggosted by thol
Pacific  N'orthwest  Touring  Assocla-t-
,.,     m,...„;i :„     ,:,,„::     «.■   —m~^w:**.w±mmm   ■>» The    setTOturj    also    reported    thai
mm.      PlHillil   ■■■■irrffl    ' "
'nf Mrs. .1. W. Spcnce. wh.,,  n-p,,-,.. nl "I ' '^^^^"i^  [ "'■"■t    "-is    summer,    aboil,    a dOMD
the work were presented by the var-" '       "   Bampl" «™ml*  """ bl,ilt  "" Blono
i   ions officers of the circle and « study AXNHAL HALL u¥ THK GKKAT     ■ '"v n,ncefl h"u"" Vl,llk i,|lt! ,'r,,w'*1
nn.de   of   the  mission   work   of   the      WAB   VK.TIHANS  TOMORROW      iNos1 iiml ,1,!"  ,!l" »«depbrogli would
church in India. ■   NIGHT•   ma«oii«ratik   iFFAi«lbo tlioroiitfhly nloaroil oroimtl oach of
A   goodly   number   gathered   nnd|
,,ril;,::c;:^   light rofn slnneiits wore served nt tli
,,   ..i    i;...    .nm. !■■■    i*i\ ■"!    t:i    !.:■■     MHMUHi'iiii    mi'iiii'
i route for the convenience of tourists,
pointing out the distances to the next
camp, the Idea of tho Forestry do-
peartment   being   to   provide   those
g (ii-iiiitATitiN t ttuiiirrii;
Tho commlttto having the arrangements In charge Ter tho 24th of May
celebration hen. met on last Friday
evening nnd discussed plans ror Uio
.Messrs. c, o. Staples, Dr. Rutledge
nml George Hogarth were named ■•
commute* to secure the best talent to
be luul for the boxing events
Chief of Police P. Adams is chairman of the committee having the ar-
i rangeinents In charge, President
Ashworth of the O.W.V.A. being the
secretary-treasurer of the organization.
An executive committee of six re-
powi r to appoint sub-committees for
nil branches of entertalnmont.
I  mission rntn.i: av baptist
OVER 500
tin.'  ri
Wlllcll   IVOUld   lin   sillllstcil
Mivi-nii'iii  iu  ptiro  wiuc-r,
IF VOUR rilll.ll IS ( HOSS.
I k. Il-itlii-rl   If Toiimie Is ..iinlcil,
-   I'li'iiiisii l.lllli- Illinois (Villi ''(.'all.
I'unila Svni|i of Kitrs."
<}l (Kl.lt IIIUM'
fruits  are  ftnni   Brltiali   Columbia's best orchards and gardens
canned liere the day thoy are Mothers can rosl easy ufti-r giving
picked. "California Syrup of  Pigs," because
Kvcti tlie cann arc made In our j in a few hours all tiio cloggeil-up
own Province Auk your grocer .vault-, bout bile and fermenting food
for gently moves out of the bowels, and
you huve n well, playful i-hiid again.
Sii k rliildren needn't bo conxod io
Raspberries, you'll like the sun- take this harmless "fiult laxative."
ripened, fresh, sweet pungency of Millions of mothers keep It handy bo-
tlils good fruit, with niiiiii ot tlie '"iiise they know Its action on the
bltternes and sourness usually stomach, liver and bowels is prompt
round In canned raspberries.        and sure.
'   Ask your druggist  for a bottle of
l'u*  DP  '" ("California   Syrup   of   Mais,"   whieh
KrlU-.li lolnmlila ll) 'contain:* directions  for  babies, chil-
jdreu of all ages and for grown-ups.
Dominion Canncrs It. ('.. l.ltt.,!  .-»-*-	
HEiiii a mkktim; tpksdav
Vancouver, II. C.
Phone tfo. 4011
(-ranbrook,   .     .    .It. C.
Tlie Executive nl tho Board of Trade
held it meeting Tuesday morning In
i tin: offleo of Presldonl Sprout, the
meeting bolng called to consider om-
portnnt mn tiers in connection witli
the work of tbe. board which Is getting unite active iu matters of vital
Importance to tliis section.
Business  of  un  entirely   local   nature was discussed and announcement
I of the mutter will be made later.
The Annual ball of tho U.W.V.A., I
bo given  in  tho Auditorium  tlio.itrojStews will also bi   placed along the|
tomorrow night, February  18th, will
he the evnt nf the present season.
The veterans have spared no pains
tu Imve the appointments perfect  In.
every  respect aud their guests  will  «™ven*imcos  ,„„|   thereby  eliminate
no doubt enjoy a nleuseunt time.
Tim tilTnlr will in. a 'masquerail
possibility nr fires
| eighty-seven   pe
Hill Ii ,VI\<; 1.11(1 oil T1IEKI
lt was slated tiiat
f  tin.   fires
j lasl year were caused by callipers.
The Auto nine Dunk Company, of
Chicago, was requested to submit a
J number of proofs of thc pai*e ad con-
I traded tor by the committee.
The  meeting  was  an  enthusiastic
The Weill worth hotel paid a line of
Hun ami eosls before Justices of the.
Peace E. A. mil and T. M. Roberts °"°' "," "'" «*<-*--*..teraen being de*
w nl       charges   brought   by | Ug^   ™^. ""'   I'™"™18   <?" .,hls
Chief of Pollco Adam
down upon thc pine
found liquor t here.
,vcl (| -ccllnn getting Increased tourist trnf- i
. : lie duing the coining summer and ex-1
pcrionclng n general revival along all
Notwithstanding  repented  waeiiiin.s I
of the chief who had the placo spot-;
ted for some time, the proprietors
failed to obey his commands, hence
they are out of pocket to the tunc of
one hundred good Canadian dollars. ,
Maglstrato l-cask. who has been ill ;
for somo days, wae unable to hear
the case.
Tim Courl ot Revision of the City of
Cranbrook to hear complaints against
tlie assessment mude by the assessor,
sat in the Council chamber at the City
ball .Monday evening, several complaints of .property owners being adjusted.
in tlia muscles, "neuralgia",
soreness, aching back, pimp-
hs, boils, rashes and other
eruption:;, usually result
from self-poisosing by products of imperfectly digested or non-eliminated food.
Private Nursing Home
Licensed by  Provincial   tluvt
Maternity and (ienenl Nursing
Massage aud Heat Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone -Mi V. O. Boi 8li,
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
chas. s. rAKKi.it
Forwarding aud  Distributing
Agent for
Lelhlrldge and GreeoMU Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars t Specialty
HrniliiL' unit Truusl'(>rr!uK
titven prompt attention
Pboae (3
HEPATOMA removes Call StOUCS
corrects Appendicitis in 24 hours
without pain, itcuii-icri'ii under
Pliro Pood and Drug Act. $6.00
Sule Miiiiuliiiluri'i
MK9.   GEO.   S.    ALMAS
Hox 1078 2.I.I 4th Ate. 8.
Sii-ikiiliHiu, Snsk.
Mouluiia Hi-ilnuniiil
Mesh m All Hours
Tlyars, ri(f«retten and Cau<l>
Opposite ttie Bank of ('omni«rc-e
iiArriSTfi noitKiM. for
This week the Bnptlst church Is
oudeavorlng to raise its nllotment for
the Forward Movement The Bnptlst church is endeavoring io raise
one million dollars in Canada* British Columbia has Been asked to raUe
$31,000 and the local church to rn!»p
$!lii(J as Its share. This works nut ni
$S.10 per resident member.
Dye That Skirt,
Coat or Blouse
'-pHE Demand Will Exceed the
A Output —Place Your Order
The Ford Company advise that,
on account of the shortage of raw
material, they entertain no hope of
supplying the demand for Ford
Oars during the coming season.
Our allotment pf cars will be
small compared with the demand
that will exist in this territory. In
order to obtain this allotment it
will be necessary to show the Ford
Company the actual orders.
As Ford Dealers in this district
we are anxious to serve the community to the best of our ability.
By placing your order now you will
assure yourself of getting your car
at a later date:
Dealers      Cranbrook
Top   of the  World  Carnival
\ mfi b*s*-**-
l;;..j Ij restore
nctivilyof liver,
bowels, kidneys, nnd slrin,
and so counteract cause and
relieve symptoms.
...... CI. .1 An. Modish. In ll,. World.
J ...rrHwn. ui i.u.d.. I. u.,-», £k., test.
"Diamond Dyps" Make Old, Shabby,
Faded Apparel Juit Like New.
nn: home u.i hi: if v
ilobt. Frame, Prop.
! rcsh llrenil, ( aki's. YW*
nml 1'nslrj
Pboue 37
Norbury Av».       0|>|i   Clly Hill
Don't worry nliout perfect rosulte,
l'*p "Olnmond Dyes." guuranteed to give
ii ni>\.', rich, fttdolcM color to any fubric,
whether wool, elite, linrn. cotton or mixed
jh>"i!*.- ilrensos, btniifiCR, stockings,skirts,
children's coals, druporlea,—everything!
A Direct Ion llooh is in jinckujic
To mdtcll any niiitcrnil, have dealer
show you ••-.iowiuno* Dye" Color Card.
Large, luxurious, easy-riding cars of long wheelbase, expensive to buy and cosily to keep, aro numerous. Innumerable makes of small, llght-weighl cars ride well
on smooth roads, am) are low in flrsl cost and economical In upkeep.
Overland ■! is a third kind of a car -a new type. It rides well on any road, and
combines the advantages of Lhe large and small types of car.
i imsi-moits'   ASSOCIATION
V.nst  k.Hili'iuiv llMrlrf
Lt.-Col. C II. PoHon....Hon Proa
Chas. E. Evans, Esu President
Harry Qambl'e, Esq Vlce-Pres.
J. V. Hiit'hrrofi. Oranbrook,
.1. T, Laldlaw, Esq Executive
w. II Enssie, Esq         "
Dan   Mclnla,   Esq	
John l^cnsk, Esq         "
Wm. Evans, Bsq         "
Organization completed Jan. 7,
1920, memberaldp roll open for die
enrolment of prospectors. Appii-
cntlons nnd correspondence with
suggestions lending to ,promate tlie
Interests of prospectors solicited.
Annual mombcraltlp ri?e. $5.00.
Call in and see
the demonstrating model and
see the latest
in automobile
That extra 80 Inches provided by the three*,pol<U cantilever springs is one of
the Caitaee of extra comfort to the piisufngerH »nil extra protection to the ear
\\\\ Vltirs
Iiiuirr is to have an elaborate
winter camt**al this year, and will
be en fete frnm February 2nd to the
fourteenth Inclusive. Situated an it
Is in the Canadian Pacific Rockies
and aui'rounded by iho grandeur of
Tunnel Mountain, Rundle .Mountain,
and Sulphur Mountain, Banff, the
national resort. Is fnsi becoming tlie
centre of vi titer sport in Canada!
as t'brlstlanla in Norway. It Ir a
perfect winter playground Willi it.*.
natural mountain slides and Idi al
puling. The preparations for the
carnival this year are on a lar*."'*
and broader BOale than previous
years; the aim being tu mike Banff
at'ractlve in winter an It la in the
summer. In one aspect thc visitor
will find combined summer and
winter amusement ir. the hot sulphur springs, which glvo one the
privilege nr swimming out In tho
open wiih Uie thermometer abovi
or even below nero, lu not tepid hut
warm water.
The spirit or the oamlvill will
j attain have lull sway throughout the
town, and those who arrive at night
win find themselves In a veritable
fairyland, Colored lights nre io be
strung across tin Btroeta, down the
famous toboggan slide, and on the
rinks in thousands giving a great
gala effect.
The list of amusements U a l»n--
onc There are hockey and curling
matches, toboggan races, snowshoe
and ski races . The Bkl Jumping this
your promises to be one of tho bis
events, for n new jump has been
built costing several hundred dollars, and some of the best skiers In
Canada will take part In the competitions,   Tho Pony ski  races are nriao
No. ti; Xo. (18
Dally Dally
12,16 p.m. Ar Crnnbrook Lv, 4.1B p.m.
12.25 p.m, l.v. (.'ranbrook Ar. 4.06 p.m.
Train 8'.';! will leave for Klmberley
dally except Sunday al 7 k, and train
{■.24 will arrive from Klmberley dally
except Sunday ut 2.10 p.m.
Kmunay Central Branch no change.
on the programme, and will doubt
IeBs create much excitement. Snow
shoe tramps have been planned and
lunch will be served at the game
.warden's cabin.   Those exhilarating
Rivers, brooks, cataracts
and falls ure ali pursuing tbelr
merry course, an lu the summer except In a few occasional apota. The
animals ore not huddled up inside
their    burrows or seeking    shelter
'tramps *ro conducted hy men who;away    from   the   world, but roam
.know every Inch of the country.
Tbs carnival will be just one continued round of gaiety and anyone
who   Imagines   the   world   In   the
around an ln suinmer
Thc carnival will be opened by the
Superintendent of Ihe National Park,
and a special programme has been
mountains   to   he    dead    in    the arranged Jov each day and will con-
winter  will have a pl«tuuuit »ur-|olud6 ..ith a farewell bull and dis
tribution of prizes, There u. i three
comfortable hotels which remain
open throughout U,# winter.
The carnival and boryiy.'ll at
Banff ure becoming i moT-gal i o moat
Important and widely known events
of tbe Canadian Winter, and will
attract thousand.*, to aie "Tpp ot tha
World" In tbe winter. Nature lu all
Iho beauty of her winter garb In ut
her best at this time of the ycflr.
instead of being dead UanJI will l>%
very much alive.
The Herald, $200 a Year Thursday, February 12, 1980
r A 1.1:     i i v ti
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Drs. Green & MacKinnon
I'liv-lniiiiH and SurgcuiiK
Office  ut residence, Armstrong
Forenoons     900 to 10.00
Afternoons   2.00 to   4 00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.30 to   4.50
lilt. P. 11. MILES
Office In Hanson Block
9 to 12. a.m.
1   to    5   p.m.
I'limir Sjli
Nurblirj *«', ucvt lo I'll; Hull
ItcllHMlelllng nnd llepnlrs u
J.    I.    Ill 111 C ltd IT
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Nol another shoe in Canada is made this nay.   \o
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llnrtt shoe.   Only the boxes they ci  in lire paper.
nml might) gooil paper too.   Not many pack their shoes
so well: this prevents the leather being scratched nnd
wrinkled, ami they sell nl llboul thc same price as shoes
that nre not ALL lent lur.
We have both Ladies' and Men's.
I   nil. w. x. v v. ii o. 11: i
J Campbell-Manning Mock I
I   Will resume practice on 1
I     or abonl February !,*> I
I.O. O.K.
CITY 1.01MJK, No, 4*
llnll.       St.Jmin
cnnltHlly Invite,
Nobis Grand,
Met'tn   every
Moinl.iv iilglit
at   Kratcrnlly
. UK    t)dd(t.llowR
liee. Sea,
j liWhttehou
te   W. M  Harris
I'ranbriiuk, B. I'.
Meets every Tueeduy st 8 p ui In
the Fraternity 11.11
0 ii Dorgatrom, C c
c. ii. Colllni, K  it. & H
visiiini brethren cordially la-
tiled |o .tli-uil
Itt'ltlltur Mccliuir
BKCOIU)  NATI'llllAY   nl rarli
Miinlh nt I! p.m. in the III) Hall
Meets lu the
Sll   THE   Willis   l-IONOS NOW HERE
Buoy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Bo» «
All ladles ro-illally Invited.
Clarke & Sainsbury
Fko.. Jl .r 171     P.O. Bn MS
♦—♦"♦-♦—♦—♦-♦—♦—»-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦--♦-» ♦■■■» ♦♦•♦■♦♦»
»-f-*-«-» t « ♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-»-♦-♦-»-»-«-♦ »♦»♦♦—
G.W.VA Hall
 " rw
(Continued from Page Ono)
creep bach into tlie party fold, hoping Iiis former activities aa n member of the Vancouver "purity squad"
in cleaning or Beeking i<> clean tlie
political Anpeaii stables of the .party
there, might he overlook. <|. Iqi
Mils. Ralph Smith, who*  clnlm to tl
Independencfl  docs  not   prevent   her
consistently and persistently supporting  the  Liberal  administration,  did
j not us was expected of her, lake any
decided stand upon tbe prohibition Is-
I sue. As woman's representative Un
Uie House, it was expected ntie would
have something to say of present conditions from the wHiiinr's standpoint
and of woman's attitude on tlie alternative BUggceted hy previous speakers. She contented herself with
stating that in the event of "nother
referendum she was sure the people
would make the right decision but
ihe offered no opinion of her own as
to just  what that decision should he.
I'lniiu inu   Scandal   Itn lied
Ah echo of the famous "plugging
■ nunia." was heard in the legislature
on Friday, when Cap',. F. .1. A. Mac
Kenzle, Conservatve soldier member
for Delta, suggested the House would
he interested in learning how it came
that Joseph ('. Cook, one-time secretary ot Hit Ward Two Liberal Association. Vancouver, and one of the
"inside k,.ii(;" of Liberal workers who
manipulated tlie votes; of tiie Seattle
waterfront thug.* Imported by the
hundreds to Vancouver In February,
191(1, to personate in the Liberal interest at the .bye-elections at which
M. A. Macdonald was elected, came t0
be appointed to the responsible .position of cashier In the department of
the Provincial police at Vancouver.
Cook is now a fugitive from justice
having recently levanted from that
city with some $:i000 or more of Provincial funds tilehed from the proceed- of motor anj other license fees
collected by the olllce and turned over
to him i'or safe-keeping A reward
of $1,000 is now being offered for his
arrest. Like his former pal In tin
"plugging" scandal, John T. Scott,
of notorious memory, Cook made his
getaway t0 Seattle by motor, lie Is
still some laps ahead of the officers
of the Crown.
Capt. MacKenzIe quoted from the
Official record or i'mV-s evidence before the Royal Commission which Investigated the "plugging" charges and
which found that: "It is proved beyond nny doubt that an elaborate
nnd expensive scheme of personation
was adopted In behalf of M. A. Macdonald. the Liberal candidate." True
! Cook, before the Commission, was a
most  recalcitrant  witness.      Ho ad-
' be Btrouueusly uphold, Authorltl*
were i|iioteil hy tiie premier and I
Opposition leader in support of their
, respective .positions und finally the
debate was adjourned for n day on
suggestion of Mr. Hawthorntlnvaite,
Socialist member tor -Newcastle. wh<i
opined that Mr. Speaker should have
i time to consider the matter ami who
suggested   thnt   the   Opposition   lender's assertion that the premier's tnc-
icked of Russia  was a com
parison  hardly  fair  t<-  Russia,
On Thursday the matter "gain
came up. There was n.ore arguments by the nRposlng leaders and
then Mr. Speaker rendered bis decision one he Inul had before him al!
written, a fact that did not escnpo the
eagle eye of the leader of the Opposition who suggested Mr. Speaker had
reached Ihs decision before he had
heard tho full argument The decision supported tbe premier's star
The Opposition leader appealed to tin
House against the decision and was
naturally unsuccessful, the govern
ment majority—one he was wont if
lub a brute majority—being on hand
lo support Mr. Speaker. Hut the dl
vision, the flrsl of the session, was
significant in that It showed evidences
of the growing spirit of Independence
among the government supporters, w,
D. Wlllsoti, (Rossland,) and Whiteside, iXew Westminster,) voted with
the Opposition as did Hawthornth-
waite, (Newcastle.)
This display an the part of some
'if the Liberals was a subject of comment Indleatlny as it did a growing
spirit of Independence among the
rank ana die of the government side
Fp-counrty members particularly,. If
their views expressed iu the corridors founts for anything, and showing a disposition lo be Iritlnal of their
own chiefs nml they admit au increasing restlessness among their political friends in their ridings, one engendered, they suggest, by present
conditions and the feeling tbat the
government, after three years in ofllce. is not showln mi indent Initiative
In meeting the pressing .problems or
development, while ther is no appar-
pressuro of the financial thumb-screw
pressure »f the flnancll thumb-screw
applied by the ■■dmlnistraton.
Despite promles that the present
scission would see an improvement in
the way of the early preparation and
submission or legislation, the ract is
government legislation is no more
ready now than it has been at thc
corresponding period In former years.
This session will, of a certainty, st e
a repetition of previous sessions when
bills came down in bunches In the
dying hours of the session and were
rushed through with a rapidity, but
lack of consideration, that savored ol
the rediculouR. True the legislative
tiill of tare as presented In the Speech
from the Throne was a slim one and
did not Indicate that the governmeni
: mitted destroying the books and  papers or the Liberal "plugging" com-j will  have much  legislation  to offer,
[mfttee on  which  he  was associated Beyond some amendments to existing
| with John T. Scott. Seruten and oth-  legislation, chiefly designed to afl'ert
j ers of that ilk wb0 handled the "plug- irrigation, fore-t administration.bigh-
gers" ar *, saw to it they were housed  ways, and some amendments t<* Miami got to the polls at thnt bye-el* largo the powers of the Land Settle-
cctlon. Hut he had absolutely no re 'ment  Hoard in  acquiring settlement
membra nee  why  he did  so or on  areas, there is nothing of out*stand-
whoge orders  or  advice.      On   that j lag   importance  far-shadowed.      But
point  bis  memory  was a  blank.   It I as the session proceeds more matte p.
was a remarkable thing, Capt. Mac-  requiring legislative enactments will
Kenzie opined, that a man  with  tbe
notorious record of Cook should have
been given a position of trust by the
government The House would, he
was sure, await an explanation from
Attorney General Farris with Interest
and expectation.
After Cook's recent disappearance
from Vancouver with n wad of the
I people's money, Attorney - General
Farris. in a newspaper Interview, intimated that Cook was already in tlie
; government service when he (Mr.
Farris) entered the cabinet. This
stati ment docs not tally with his nu-
Kootenay Granite It Monumental Co., Ltd.
General Stona Contractors and
Monumental Works
Front SL, Neliu   P. O. bo, 8*i
WRIGLEY5 sood. we
must KEEP It sood until
you set ir.
Hence the sealed package
—impurity-proof -guarding,
preserving the delicious contents-the beneficial goody.
The Flavour Lasts
i§ 55
ship your furs
undoubtedly crop up and the usual
grist of bills ran be coin.ted upon.
But if the Speech from the Throne is
any criierion. the government i*; apparently resting tt,pon Its pu>t achievements rather than seeking to improve its record by new or novel enactments,
The general consensus of opinion
among members was about summed
tij) by Mrs. Ralph Smith, woman member for Vancouver, when in her speech
on the debate on th* address in reply
she admitted she had looked for something bolter and that the Speech from
unless the bundle is taffed to "Shubert"
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miuT.jiM.il miiMK I
ttl.t.9 ««..*.( 11.1...8 <*.■««,
N.IM101.M I ri.isn»u. I    N? 2
tens ..........li—. *o ...-.**>.!*.,. m ims
I swens to questions put at Inst year's the Throne did not appear to contain
! session by   Mr. Bowser,  Opposition i much real "meat."
| leader, who sought  Information con- [     ,  ,,.
earning Cook's appointment and the:
■■ reasons therefor.     Then  Mr.  FarrI*,
! had replied, Cook was appointed toj
| the position  in June. 1918.    In  other'
j words be was given the job of cash-
ller some months alter the  Attorney-1
I General assumed t ho direction of thej
l-aw department of the frown, and In
a depnrtmem coming under the Jurisdiction or Mr. Farris. (
Opposition members of the LegHa-
titre are going to lind tbelr inqufsl-'
tnrlal   privileges  materially  curtailed
this session.     Hardly hml their lirst |
questions   reached   the   order pa,per'
that   Premier  Oliver  seized  upon   a
technicality to prevent what he term-;
ed the "abuse of the privilege ot que..-
i ion."   Mr.   Bowser  lind  prt -ented   a
number ot queries bearing upon nd.
mlnistralive affairs, notably a request
for  information   as  to  salaries  paid;
under various special Acts and war-
r antftin various departments with details thereof and also as to data concerning superannuation of civil servants hy tho present govornment over I
the past three yean.     The premier
held that the proper method for the i
opposition leader to follow was to ask I
for a return to be brought down, that
the time required to look up the records, etc., would be s0 great that the
rules of thc House never contemplated  that   information   of   tlmt nature
should   be   -supplied   In answers by I
membcra  of  tho  government.      Mr.
Bowser  pointed  to  previous  experience of the Opposition where returns
asked for had been purposely delayed
until the last day or the aesslon so
that the Information  asked  tor was
not forthcoming thus preventing the
OnpOBltlon   from   oxerclong   its   undoubted  right  to follow Its  role of
UiVMtlgator or the governmeni h stt-
MimUtriUM tf fttklk ftCftir■, ft rlfhl
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HatdquHara lor .11 Mid* al
IHI-:     C It A Mi It 0 (I K     HERALD
Thursday, February IS. IftSU
| Bonf
i wore
pita] witli  Illness.      Tiu-j'
mipuuitd  here by Mr,   lOw-
on wlio is C.P.R. switchman at that
/{ why  it  Is that >*o\ir eyes ^
"^f art) uoi bo strong ns for- fc\
!|s meriy;   that  they tire bo ^
w soon   and   ache   so   fi'?- ^
"^ quently?   It you do, thinu wv
M ol   the   strenuous   work .^
v'! your   eyea   have   lo   dol !K
^    Kor eighteen hours or ***. \^
wi    every day they  work ot- ^|
#    len under conditions any- \
fi    thing but good. |J
. ii. hilson qj|
omnw *
  ^      »fl
.Mrs. loin, umi is Buffering with
Dr. Oreen is at the Coast on a business trip.
In-. F, B. Miles, the dentist, lefi j
i'or Vancouver today to take a course
of lectures given under the nusplcca
oi the Vancouver Dental Socltey.
Dr. Miles expects to return to Cranbrook   on   the  28th.
.Mrs. ;inil Miss Maystre will hi- "at
homo" Tuesday afternoon, February
iTtii, 3 to 'I p.m., ;it 234 Hanson Avenue thi occasion being Mrs. Mays-
tre's Itoth birthday.
I     Tht' sun of Uev. Loo llll
ill tor tho past fow days.
been quite
Amusement Tur Kxcellence
"More Deadly
Than the Male"
JACK   I'll hKlllll
And the Corned) Sensnttnn
Pn i
ior A.
M. Fallon, who
i iniKsInn liore,
It, J. Tallin of Calgn
I'rli'iin  Potlorntlon of
■y. nf iho Aiu-
jfltior,   was   in
tin- liiy lust week-end.
.    Iiu
- Noa
o   Ewcn   uud
. nm condnod i
I   SI.
EnKlnoer Juntos is
la grippe.
Buffering with
.\i  .\. Bon I o has arrlvrtf homo from
, ii busbies trp to tho Const.
Iceedod  beyond  his  wlldosl  expeetnt-
j ions
| + + +
I a ful so alarm was tin- cause of the
tiro alarm sounding a call on Tuesday :
niorningi no fire being reported by
the department
+   +   +
If   butter   weather  can   be   found;
anywhere than thnt Crnnbrook is now j
enjoying1,  citizens  would   like  to  be
shown.     The   weather of  late  has I
Leo Hamburg, onglneer, has none
to crow's Nest to relieve Jack Mo
Callnm who is ill anil unable lo continue iiis work.
Friends d! Mrs. (Rev.) Leo will re-
gr-ci to learn that she has- beon quite
ill t-i- th.- past ft w days.
v Bruce Ritchie, ono of the members of the engineering staff ot the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Co.. Limited, with headquarters at
Troll, arrived here Monday onroutel
lo the Sutltvnn mine at Klmberley,    i
Airs, F, ti. .Miles continues tu make
satisfactory progress, having been
the victim of quinsy in Hi. ISugene
Jack Mc Cal him is sick at his homo
with typhoid (over. Ho is reported
progressing favorably.
Dalton Avenue, or Hex 931, Fernle,
B. C. 12-18-«
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auto lost. Finder please return to
J. F. Deacon. 1-29-lt
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WOOD' price SlB.OO, Agonclce
open. 22t, WobI Notre Dame [
street. Montreal.
Klekiioefer. Crnnbrook, B.C., Sleepy I
Hollow Ranch. u-18-it
furnished house wanted for a short j
lime from parties desiring to leave j
Among the High school pupils thej
following are victims of In grippe
Jennie Hopkins, Ortie Hopkins, Al-
mn Sarvls and Irma Ward.
the city. Musi be modern in every
respect. The beBl of references
can be given. Address "House," in
care of tho Herald ollice.      2-12-tf
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cut oil' the last lap of Winter consld- |
ernbly. j
iii F. Thompson, C, P. It, agent in Kas
' so, Iiils   been   transferred   to   Cran
IV. J. ATCHISON. Miimiui-r
Oa) Phono 74 Night Phono 204
VV.  F.  ('Inland,  Invermore,  wns
ileal in i lip city Iuhi Riiiulay.
A. B Davis. Wnldo, was hire
j    Wiuntm's Institute Annual danco on
Wednesday, March 3rd, at the Parish
Hall, commencing at !Ufl     Tickets,
slnnle tl;  double |1.50;   extra  lady
I BOc.   Herreshmcnta.
-i- + + m
i     L'ji   until   Wednesday.  February  IS,
at noon, when tho big annual clem-     JlrB K "■ Loarattn who hlls bcon '"
Luce -ale ot W. 1). Hill, the ladles';*'"1' '" •iH|'1'"' i'J»>l'roved.
and ohlldrcti's exclusive store sale is
Miss McBirnio,, who haa  boen snf-
Manager   Walker.  225  We
Dame Street. Montreal.
llenient   hoard,   was   here   this   week'
brook and left Monday morning fori from his home in Creston,
that city.   The best wishes of a large ! __
number of friends in Kaslo go With      .Mrs.   Marry  Hall  and  children  of.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson to their now |Medicine Hat, arc visitors with Mrs.!
li' you arc In Hie oiit'OMown ilintrlet, drop ik a letter or eunl and
aiiytliinir you want In onr Hue will he sent >iy return mall or express.   Me [jive special attention to out-ot'-towu orders.
^i.'r;;'v'':'':'::vi;T'-';:::.ii;::i::;;7:S;''^::''i.i!~;i;::;::;' n.r-;_TV .:';rt:in:~:i:-'7iii:":^;r.
.- _:.* ririib..':. ;::.:r '..v.? L:r-.ii:'^^:ryHTO5^B0-cura^ '
home.—Kaslo Kodtonalan.
j to come lo an end. will be Lhe last
•opportunity for shoppers to purchase
j ladies' misses' and chlldon's shoes at
2f> ppr cont olT regular prlres.
fcring with rheumatism, is convalescing.
tt. R. tteatlip Is In Calgary on bus-
, iness. •
.1. n. Hall of Martin Avenue
Moot McLellan is a gust at the
home or Charles Bidder, having suf-,
fored an injury to his wrist while
working at Campbell A- .Myers' camp.
Mr, Asscltiur, who was absent from ,
the  city   last  week-end   in   Calgary
arrived   home  Monday,
+    +    +
!    Remember tho clearance sale of W,
p. Hill comaatoan end next Wednea-l    n   n.   Drew, tho  Kimberley hotel
i day. February is. at noon. ' nmil> Wils i,ero vesterdav. ^^_..^^_.^^_^_
+   +   + „ 	
I'    Only S days more hi which to piir-      Blmor It. Abcrnothy of Fori Steele.!    Tiir travelling nailery of historical
chase at reduced rates at \v. I). Hill's LM hero last week-end
i exclusive    ladies'   wear   store   great ■ 	
j sacrifice sale.     Sale   will   close
! noon, Wednesday, the 18th Inst,
+   +   +
.{historical pictures to m:
, pictures   under   the   auspices   of   the
I,  O.  1).   !•:..   which   should  have  itr-
W. Spller and A.  W. Collins, per-U^d January 20, eiimu on  Tuesday
o, w«re here last week-end an,i   wi"   be  on  oxhlbltlon   all   nexl
_ weok from 4 to fi p.m. al the Presby-
j    Plain   and   fancy   sewing   wanted. |    j   McCarthy und Mrs McCarthy, of f tor Jap school room.   An admission of
Later will have ladles' trimmed hatsj jj„|| River, wort here last week-end.     ,fl oen,s wl" ue charged adults; chll
I to sell.      Next  door to Hill's Indies'i _ (Iron   fi        *~  ■<-»-—  "-  —'  -'
2-12-lt'    It. Sinclair Smith, of the land set- bringing
I wear   Hon:
lo  defray  the cost of
xcollent pictures hei
Naval Officers C.P.O.S.  Manager
Over tbe Cca €up$
List your house with the Oranbrook
Agency Company.
+   +   +
The Parochial Suppec will be hold
In the Parish Hall on Tuesday. February IT.
+   +   -h
One drunk and disorderly was upJ
In   Police  court   this   week   and   was
lined V2o and costs,
•1-    -I-    + I
Insure with the Cranbrook Agency
I 'orapany.
+   +   +
The Parochial Supper will he held
In the Parish llnll on Tuesday, February l".
+   +   -t-
A class lu nursing  was conducted
in UtC City Hall last   evening by SOV* j
oral Indies well vcr-eil lu the profession, the Idea  being to instruct  any-
ono  desiring   to   have   n   thorough
knowledge of the Importanl work
■1-   -I-    f-
The Udtos' BocIetyAId ol the Meth-
• dint churcn will hold n eookins sale,
and afternoon ten on Brturday after-
noon. February  14th, ai  :i •.'clock in
i..« gymn    The public arc Invited to,
uttwiii j-:>-2i'
•1-  -1-  +
The Lantern servicts for the youtiK
people wll bo continued next Friday
•■veiling in iii,. Baptist church at 7
(.'clock, when Itev. J. P. Sinclair Will
illustrate hi* address by a beautiful
HorloJ of Bltdcs, Unite a ntimbor ofj
iKiys ami girls ar> taking advantage
of these services.
+    +    +
Tho City of Cranbrook is asking for
applications for lho position of constable the place created by the Police Commission at its flrsl meeting,
when it wae decided to mid another
patrolman to the force. The applications must be in thc hand of lhe
city clerk before fi p.m., Monday, Feb-
ruary Hith.
-1-    +    +
Frank Keeunn In "Gates of Urass"
Is to he tho attraction al the Hex
theatre Monday and Tuesday, TliO
piece Is m«dt up of live stirring acts
■-f virile drama when "Jim Blake,"
"shell game" expert, realized that
"Mie blgiger the game the easier," hr
forsook the country falr-groundH and
trod the pathu of "high ilnnnce," but!
although  his flnanclnl  lichctnua «ur-|
A particularly Interesting nava!
career tics behind Commander
Thomas Pisher, who bas just taken
up his ne* appoluiuicni In London
M.Oeueral Manager of ihe Atlantic
Lines ot ihe Canadian Pacific Ocean
Bervlcea Lid. The very broad ritld
ot Mil nit u-.,' national work in ui
(shipping aud diplomatic circles during tht wai covered by Commander
.Fisher specially fit him Tor the
onerous duties ot directing one or
tbe greatest passenger und mercantile fleets in the world,
Commander Fisher was bom in
i.i».jmiii,bam iu 1883, umi underwent
his naval umning at Dartmouth Oil
the old wooden battleship "Britannia." He sp-nt four years in China
during the period of the Boxer Rebellion, ami (bee baring passed all his
examinations with flying colours, bo
received very rapid promotion, and
ai tbe age nf twenty was insih- a
Lieutenant. He .served im soma
years in the Mediterranean on ii.m.
S, Bacchante, flying tbe flat oi tbe
late Admiral Sir Baldwin Walker,
Bait, uud later uu Uie sanie ship
under Admiral Sh Henry Jackson,!
tbe late Flrsl Sea Unit, ajcj bavin! oaaliftud as a guuuery Bpe'p-
lalist ' iiinuuinlci Fisher nerved tor
a short lime on tbe staff uf lhe
Director or Target Practice,   Utei
he Joined H..M.S Uelleiophou Ul
Uunusn Offlcei uud when in 1919
Mr.   witiKtou  chunhiii  Introduced
Muff 1111.11111-;, iuto thc Navy Com-
mandei Flsbar wan one of the first
batch or Officers to take tlir Staff
course, ullttnutely being -cic, imi to I
remain on un a leoturer **t th* Navul'
College ul 1'ortnmuuili. When war!
broke out he went tu neu wiih Ad-
i ral Sit Alexander Bethel, the thcu
president f|f the War College, aa Flag [
Commander in the Reserve Fleet.:
Ue "as associated here witb lb*I
importaut work of safeguarding thej
intuit- of tbe J;;xpedi:toosiy Force
to France, and was present al the
laudiU'4 of a small force ot Itoyal
.Marines at Ostein! iu September,
1914. With the termination of this
work In tbe winter of 1914 he joined
the Trade Division of tbe Nival War
Staff at the Admiralty and was there
In charge of that part of the organ.-
zutlon set up to deal with queRtiousj
relating to neutral shipping. These
were the early days of lhe blockade
nnd neutral steamers were doing
ihelr heat iu evade tbe Naval Patrols
and carry supplies to Germany via
neutral puns. Commander Fisher
took a prutulueut part In devising
and carrying out the system or supervising the movement;*, and car-
gOOS, etc,, to neutral vessels by
means or conlrol over tbelr »upplie8
nf hunker coal at ports at home and
abroad. This system, when in full
working order, materially lightened
the arduous tssli nf the cruisers em-
ip ov-d on blockade- tlipy, because it
was one or the conditions that all
nini*« bound io nt nod countries adjacent In flormany should call voluo*
fully for examination at- *  BtUis-b
Capt. II. It. Gray, Ollicer.
Boys und GIrli*, dont forget to call
al the Army on .Monday. 7 p.m., and
have a good time.
Sunday—3.30 p.m., Sunday school;
7.^,11  p.m. Salvatp'i  meeting,
All are welcome.
Pleasure   In   I'nrlvlitHtnMies**.
"They     had  a  pleasure  in
i unrighteousness."—2 Thoss. 2:12.
1, Thla is an age when people
■ "take pleasure in unrighteousness."
, Example I. Novels. The writers
1 of ihese novels tell us that unless
they put in Improper things tbey cannot -ell thorn. The more suggestive
they are. the better they sell, and
'■ the belter the price publishers will
pay to the writers. "I hate the hus-
i Iness and despise lt," snld a popular
. novelist. " but I must live." And
. so lie sits down and writes books
that eorrput the youth aud beauty of
our laud and load them to the police
: court nnd divorce court.
Example 2, The Cinema. Commissioner Sow ton tells of the twenty-
eight boys between the ages of sixteen and twenty-two who were sent
to prison lately in Wostern Canada
for daring  burglaries nnd robberies
which they had learned from the cinema. Some of them had held up a
train, robbed the passengerr,, and
gone off in nn automobile, just as
they had seen it pictured. Most of'
them came from good families and
were not in  want.
The cinema people excuse themselves hy saying that the public must
have* exoituniont, and tragedy, and
plenty of "unrighteousness."
2. What doc- God say about them'.'
They shall "perish." t Verse 10.);
They shall "be damned." (Verse 12.)
In Hebrews 11,26 we read how Moses
"Chose rather to suffer affliction with
lhe people of Ood than to enjoy the
pleasures of sin for a season." He
made bis choice. He did not simply
desire, but he chose.
Have you chosen God. of the
world? Vou must choose one or the
other. You can desire blth, but you
can only chooes one. Which shall
it be?
Herald Office
The big clearance sale of W. D.
Hill, at his exclusive ladies' and chil-
rire|iU ready to wear .store, which
lias boon in progress for tho Pas- ten
days or more, will positively close on
Wonesday next, Feb. IS. at 12 o'clock
For tho closing days of the sale
Mr. Hill is offering some exceptionally big bargains In somo of the lines,
mention of which will he foilud In
his advertisement announcing the
closing date of the sale to be found
on page ", of the Herald today.
Cranbrook women cannot atTard to
overlook the big bargains now prevailing; In fact overthlng in the big
store is marked down one-(|Unartcr
of the former selling prices.
i6 mile from City Limits and one
mile from Post Olllce.
25 acres, 1ft acres cleared and under cultivation.
Excellent spring.
Highly adapted for market garden
or dairy ranch.
Good range.
Price ?2r.00.ti(i.
This price is only good for one
Apply  BEALE &  ELWELI/,
2-12-2t Cranbrook, II. C.
Commander Thomas Fisher, K.N., General Manager of
Atlantic. Lines, C. K O. S.
Iu America t'ouimundcr PUber had
au opportunity of ciuunuin;. ut first
band thc shipping and transport problems or the Stniss and Canada and
ie connection with bis duties be United ull the principal porta on Uie Atlantic seabourd. Including tbe Canadian ports nf Montreal, Quebec and
Other (.r.o.s. Officials.
I'..Mown.; ibe appointment of Cotu-
'ommunder Ether's services In
ib s malts! have recently been ie-
cognised by the award of a C.B.L.
In Idlt; be wiih employed as ic4.li-
incul representative in the various
negotiations fur the use of neutral
Shipping by ihe Allies,    Tbis work
wm uf vital importance to France.
und Italy aud Indirectly to thin conn-1
try ulso. In maintaining nuppllcti dui
nig (he most difficult part or the, mander
war.  Incidentally, Iftuioiaudtr l-'lsh-   Manag*
er ca'hftred a valuable knowleda" of
tb>-   hipping in lei eats of Europe.
Liu ring   this period   Commander
Fi.sli.-r served op various Government Committees dealing wllh commercial and shipping matte.-.* Including amongst others tbe Cohi ' o
ports Commute* presided ovei by
Sir Douglas Owen uud tbe Board of
Trade Committee for ths Conservation of Coal, presided over by Sir
William Marwood. It is not without
Interesl that the lattor Commi.lcc,
ou a motion by Commander -fisher,
supported by Sir Richard Kedmnvne,
passed a resolution which ultimately led to the introduction of the
Flsber, K.N., as General
Atlantic Lines, with
Head Office at 8 Waterloo Place,
l^iiilon. it i.i now announced thai
the other piinc.pal officials of the
Company in Europe, some of whose
appoint in ents have already been Intimated, arc as lol lows:
Mr. .1. A. Martin, Manager, Royal
Liver Building. Liverpool.
Mr. .1. V. Forster, O.B.E., Assistant
Manager, Royal Liver Building, Liverpool.
Mr. 13, T, stcbblng, Passenger
Manager, Royal Liver Building, Ut*
Mr. A. H. Allan. Freight Manager, *
Royal  Liver Building, Liverpool.
Mr. P. W. BrookcH, European Ac-
Daylight    Saving BUI by tbe   then I Couniant. ItovalTl'vcr Buildin7£iv-
Home Secretary. Mr. Herbert  Sam-   erpool. uuiiaing, ut-
11 h ihi «iMMM   io*.. L Mr'    fannoth   Mackenzie.   Chief
in the summer of 'i9i7. soon after | Snpt, Knglneer, Sandon Dock, Llver-
the United States came into the wa
u liaison officer was appu ntetl to
link (be Brltisa Ministry of shipping
with tho American shipping board.
Sir Thomas Royrtoii was ffnl cbonvii
fur this Important post and b- wu..
followed by Commander Fisher, who
filled thin difficult and responsible
position wltfc aaitod ntseess.
Mr. C, E, Butter, Agent, 103 Load-
enuall SL, London.
Mr. Wm, McK. Rodan, Agent. 25
Bothwell St., Glasgow.
Mr. A. s. Kay. Agent, 11 St Augiu.
tine's Parade, Bristol. »
Ml W D. Qvotumt. AMU, U *■*
Aes Jetdaws,.
Beale & Elweli
:t ViHHiil Lota on linker Street Snlnult offer
ti-roomoil CottUffO umi 2 lots. Vim Home Ml.   ♦ SIMMMt
I'ollatte mill •-' lots on Kreneli Avenue     f.lMI.IMI
Duelllntr antl Cnltngo,'-' loll, Burwell Ave  s.-.tt.titt
CotldgO, Slul.lt* umi 2 lotft, I.Utnitilen Avenue     llllllt.lHi
Ccitliitre nml !l lots, l.iimsileii Avenue IIOII.IM)
Moilern House, s   roms, lliiiisuii Avenue C-VilMlll
Modern House mid 3 Intu, Fenwlek Avenue ,. .1500.00
Collnt-e ami •-• lots, Hurwell Avenue 1S00.00
Modern Coltnice on Hnnsiiii Avenue l.iiO.OO
li-roomed House, (modern) on llitiison Avenue. 1100.00
I 1-2 lots nnd Large Modern llesldence on
Armstrong; Avenue  8000.00
Buy Now and Save Money


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