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Cranbrook Herald Apr 6, 1911

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Array ■kit
AP*ioisn  *l
We are well  equipped  to
turn oul the beet clusu
uf work
In lbs Hsrsld  I'tra — Try
Onr   Local   Columns
10c. s line
VOLUMK   1*1
$2. Vote to Stand
At. the.rogular motillily mooting   of
llie cily cOUIlCil on Mnuduj   afternoon
IiikI, tiie chief mattei under consider
ntion was llic so-culled Vi vote. The
Miiijcct wan Introduced by a dologa-
1 ii mi from the board nf trade and led
lo ii prolonged and Home what uut
mated discussion. Whllsl tin- goner
ally expressed sentiment ul (lie aldermen present was iu lavot of some
amendment of the Inlaw, regulating
this matter, as no du Iln tlo propnsl
tinu was presented ami tu cut out
llic %i vote altogether was deemed
ion drastic, the outcome of the discussion was a decision lo take no
steps in the matter [or tlie pro-
Those presenl at tho meeting were
Mayor Hunt, Aldermen .IhIiiisoii,
Taylor, Bowness, Campbell and .lack
The hoard of trade delegation, including W. 11. Wilson, M. A* Beale,
Ira Maantng, J. D. McBride ami W.
K. (iurd, being present Mayor Hunt
suggested that they be heard before any other business was taken up
Accordingly .Mr. (iurd opened the discussion. Mr. (Iurd went into ihe
subject at considerable length, the
purporl of his argument being thai
without revision nf the road tax bylaw, hy the elimination oi Uie
$2 vote, the sewerage bylaw could
tint lie carried, hul, mi the other
hand, if the $2 vote wete abolished
there could lu- no doubt of the passage nf tbo sewerage bylaw and the
re-election of llie present council next
year. Messrs. Manning, Beale and
McBride also spoke, following mainly
the arguments advanced by Mr.
In reply to the delegation Mayor
Hunt sa,d he deplored the situation!
and admitted that the Vi tax bad
led to abuses, at the same time the
council was confronted with difficulties iu dealing with the mattei, but
the delegation could rest assured|
that they would give the matter]
earnest consideration and attempt to
evolve some satisfactory solution ol
the problem.
The delegation then   withdrew   and
regular business   was proceeded witli.
Among tbe   correspondence was    a
communication  from the Women's In
Kink Mercantile Co.
r. Parks ami Co	
.lames Poster (buy)
W. A. UolllliS	
344 10
$8080 Hi
rin- finance committee recommended
creases iu the salaries id the city
clerk and Ibe city stenographer ol
Vin ami **.i per month respectively.
On motion of Aid. .lohnson and
Campbell ihis recommendation was
adopted, Alderman Jackson voting
In connection witli a verbal report
nf the lieallh committee the qucs
lion of the maintenance of a smallpox patient at the pesl house was
considered, Martin, tbe pest house
caretaker, undertook to care for and
feed the patient, at tbe rate of S4.60
per day, or to eare for thc patient,
nl lhe rate of 52.50 per diem, the
council to feed both the patient and
himself. After some discussion, pro
nud con, it was decided that it would
be the least expensive to pay Martin
'.(.'ill per diem to take entire charge
tf lhe patient.
The (|iiestion of insurance of the
members of the lire department was
the next to be taken up. A communication was read from Messrs.
Beale and Klwell nu this subject. The
proposition put forward by them was
in effect that for 2 per cent of the
pay roll they would insure each member of the brigade In thc amount of
$1500 in case of death, the total liability of the company not to exceed
II was estimated lhat the annual
premium would he ahout $130.
Aid. Bowness suggested that iu
view of their past experience it
might prove more advantageous (or
Ilu- city to provide for the wages of
sick or disabled men and to set aside
iti'i per month for that purpose and
fm payment of a certain specified
sun in dependents of deceased in the
case of feial accident.
Mayor Hunt pointed out that in thc
event of some serious mishap, which
might occur at any time, the council
might be called upon to pay death
dues iu several cases, and they might
find H difficult to raise $3000 or
$1500 at brief notice.
Finally tbo   matter was referred to
From an Independent Point of View
" Reciprocity " Text of Sunday Evening Sermon
by Rev. Robt. Hughes
stitule,   .signed by    Mrs   T,   S, OIU'the tire   committee, with instructions
nnd Mrs. Thus. Christian, asking   the io report nt the next meeting,
city council to    construct a sidewalk    on motion nf Aids. Campbell    and
to the cemetery, |Bowness, inlaw   So, 03, the rate bv
('liy engineer,    in reply in      tptes
hulls,   intimated    tbat   the inst oi
putting down such a sidewalk would
mu between $2500 and $3000, The
mattei was then referred lo thc
board «i  works    fm then considers
law was put through its several read
[s and finally passed and adopted
The board uf it.i.l.'s $2 (ax t
linn thru   i anu' up fui (in ther
cusslon \iiii   lengthy di
lhe following motion   WOS   mi
Aid   .lackson. seconded bj   \l
"That   the cltj clerk be
lo nollfj the board ol tradi
council do imt intend   to
\o   ts (dealing   with   tl
ai present "
*,1    b*.
Ihal Hi,*
\ Inlaw for levying a late or rales
within the limits ol tbe municipality
of the Citv of Cranbrook
Wbeteas n ts necessary and exped
lent that a bylaw be passed tor levy
lng a rate uu (be lands and improve
meats on the assessment roll of the
Corporation ui the City ,if Cran
brook to provide for all sums wbicb
may be required foi the lawful purposes oi the Municipality nf tbe
titer bylaw Corporation uf the City ut ('ran
■ load tax) brook for lhe yeai of 1911, and toe
iiu' setting .i time foi the payment of
\s an amendment in the foregoing lhe same in order tn save the dis
\id Campbell, seconded in Md eounl and rebate,
Taylor, moved as follows: Ind whereas, the assessed value lot
"That (be .ii\ clerk be instructed taxation of the lands within the llm-
to notify (be board nf trade thai Its nt tbe Municipality of the Cor
the council will submit the question poration as revised by the Court of
to a   \ote of the rate-payers " Revision   amounts to   the sum        ol
Md  Jackson's view nf ibe case was seven bundled and fortj two thousand
tbat .mv general abolition      of    the nine  bundled   and ten dollars ($742,
$2 vote would be grossly unfaii to   a .UO).
largo number ol men who wen- |ustlj     \nd whereas, tho usessed value fot
nlilletl   lo |
\ld   Campbell. vvluM  Ogre
in civil  admin
the inaili with ibe position taken by brook
Md .lackson, thoughl it would In- Itevls
belter to give tin- ratepayers tho opportunlt] o( passing un tbe question,
and suggested the presentation of ,;
Inlaw ou the subject al the same
iinr a-* tho M»'erage inlaw is i run
aken     tbe amend
taxation of the Improvements within
Mu limits of tbe Municipality ol the
Corporation uf the City of Cran*
revised In the Court of
amount s to tour hundred
ami right] tour thousand six hundred
and forty dollars (1484,640).
And wbeteas the assessed value for
taxation uf Ibe lands and improvements wit bin tbe boundaries of the
Cranbrook City School District as
defined hy Orders in Council, dated
Campbell Uie 27th day of November, 1305. and
.lackson, llie 23rd day of April, IHiui, and out
On a vote being t
ment was defeated,
nnd   Taylor for and
Itowness and .lohnson contra side" of tbe limits of the Municipality
Aid. Jackson's motion was then and as revised by the Court of He-
carried, Aids, .lackson, Itowness and vision amounts to four hundred and
.lohnson for, and Aids. Campbell and forty-four thousand nine hundred uml
Taylor contra. forty-eight dollars (MIl.fllR).
Ttie liuance committee reported   the And whereas, it is necessary       to
following accounts, which were order- raise the   following sums, that is to
eil paid: say!
School hoard orders    % OQA.gO,   Kor   public   school   purposes, eight
Pollco pay roll     .Tlil.no thousand   three hundred and seventy-
Eire departmenl     &25.00 two   dollars   and forty-nine      cents
Salaries     300.00 ($8,872,40)
166.911 For hoard nf health purposes, one
LUIII thousand two hundred and twenty*
211.50 seven dollars and fifty five cents
09.00 <tl3.W.55),
120.75 Kor general purposes, llfty thou
11.25 sand   seven   hundred and nine dollars
Herald Publishing Co       8.65 and twenty-two centB (160,700.22)
W. .1. Selby       30.00    In all    the sum   of slity *^M"rt j church and itotfl.
W. K. Worden      24 M1       (Continued on H9» eight.)
City engineer's pny roll ...
City Clerk, sundries 	
A. n. Orace 	
Prospector   Publishing Co.
Klectric Light Co	
Kootenay Telephone Lines
As a refreshing change from the
partisan discussions of reciprocity
that have heretofore been given pro
minenco in these columns, we reproduce below a summary nf Rev. Kobt
Hughes' sermon Oil the subject, delivered last Sunday evening, Rev
Mr. Hughes discusses this question
purely from the point of view of the
Christian worker, irrespective of
partisanship.     Mr. Hughes said:
Reciprocity. This is a word
which we meet with every day in
the papers, and a subject upon which
much discussion is nowi being waged
from ocean to ocean. What does it
mean, and what are the principles
which underlie it, and what attitude
should we assume toward It? These
are the questions which 1 purpose to
try to answer this (-veiling, mid i.i
doing so I hope that I shall succeed
iu shewing the relation wliich this
matter bears to progress.
Ist. What is reciprocity? Tho
word has, like so many in our language a Latin derivation (rcciprocus)
whieh means—"Turning hack the
same way." Those who unlerstnnd
engineering will get the i-'ia in i'e
reciprocating engine, fn short, Ue
idea Js best expressed perhaps tu
this way: Ueciprocity means "Equal
rights or benefits to be mutually
yielded or enjoyed." If there is true
reciprocity, there cannot be anything
unfair about it, or else we sliall have
a contradiction of'terms.
Starting then from these premises,
that reciprocity stand-* foi all that
is fair and mutually agreeable, wc
can pass to tbe second question
which will involve a little more consideration, vi/:
2nd. What are the principles under
lying reciprocity?
Heforc attempting to answer this
greal question, 1 want to clear the
ground a little, hy reminding ynu
that this cannot be properly discussed nn the narrow gauge ol
part y ism. Sooner or later, the par]
ty idea has to disappear. Very few
thinking men will tie themselves iuj
any political colored ribbon in the
new age. The great thing iu the
world is character and individuality, I
if ynu tub a man nf these he is a
poor man indeed. Vou need not infer from this, that 1 mean that
party will necessarily rob a man of
his character, hut it will often robi
him of lus individuality, and some-]
times, u will make inroads upon bis
character too The man who can j
only see the political party advantage in legislation, is a small individual, and needs to get over thu snake
fence which his busses have hedged
him in with. Vou will nearly always note lhat in a great crisis, wc
forget partj politics—why' Because
we arc face to face with issues thai
ate national, ami wc need co-operation and not opposition. Two "foolish neighbors who have not spoken
lo each other for years, will probably both run fnr water when either ol
then barns catch lire' In lhe supreme moments nf life we come out
nf uur little shells and give the best
side uf uur nature's a chnnte! I venture to predict that the day is not
far distant when the business nf nur
COUnlrj will be greatly assisted liy
saner politics, and the selfish and
sordid partylsm which today sn often
stands in the way of progress, will
give place More the advance of education. People very often raise a
Rival cry against tho narrowness of
denominationalism. Why all these
labels'1 Why Methodists and Presbyterians and Anglicans, when one
ehurcb would serve the purpose?
Exactly! Applv this argument to
the political arena today, and the
need of reform is just as clearly seen.
Difference of opinion of course wc
shall have—and wanl—hut such differences of opinion need not be no
costly to the country as they ure at
tbe present time, both in the church
and In the state. The prevailing desire of many opposition leaders, is
tn defeat tho government, und not
to assist in the good government of
the country. The question of a
Conservative or a Liberal government iu a free country Ifkc our own
is purely secondary. What we need
is strong men with brains and
character; in tbe hands of such the
country is safe, whether they sit on
the right or the left of the speaker,
whether they recite tlie Apostles
Creed on Ihe Sabbath, or sing the
"Old Hundredth" in a humble meeting house. The new age will sec the
i shedding   id     many labels
pre enl
answer tbe question: "What arc   tlie
principles  underlying (ho. mattei   nl
. reciprocity "    The fundamental prln
clple is that of brotherhood     i    |
I the  most Important;   then ivn    have
.involved the   principle ol nn -reinl
and social exchange, and International relationships which are of , vast
I importance in these dav h of
guns and European unrest, i.
look at tin- situation alii
apart frum a political bias,
are about ninety millions
speaking people upon
American continent a! th
time. The area is roughli estimated nt T.iHiii.ncn square miles Then
is no such quantity of land altogeth
er, that is tn say, in sueb a compact
aggregation, capable of such promise
and richness iu any pail uf lhe
world. Tbis vast region replete witli
resources beyond tabulation, will
support a population j f at least
360,000,000. Across the center oi
this tremendous tract Ilea ilu- nth
parallel, and over the two division*
floats Mags of a different type. Ilui
the root stock of this greal people In
n p! Tbey are, speaking generally,
nf one blond, in their lust moments
thev    turn   tu the  same   home-laud
I   We can    now better proceed
in both
across the sea from whence Ihev
came, aud know, In spite of tlu
differences that have arisen since
that day, that Ihev have a common
bond, one that is more than geogra
phical, more than commercial—the
bond of brotherhood, tin- bond ol
Inutbe!bond, the bond of hi I
Wc are indebted to tie American
people for their splendlil independ
eiice and ama/ing progress!vciiess
their fearless denunciation of wrong,
They fought Kuulaml - the quest inn
nf unjust taxation, and then tbey
fought each other un the question o
traffic in human flesh and Blood. The
Civil War, unhappy and disastrous as
it was, may be viewed as a trlbtlli
to the virile sense of Justice which
prevailed; from a coldly commcrdul
pnmt of view they had everything t
lose by such a war, but they fought,
and today Ibe slave is free WY
are living side by side with out
brethren, we have nothing to gain
by preserving unreasonable distinctions. We prefer lo have our lla;;
and our government, (hey prefer to
have theirs; the talk of annexation
may he dismissed as jocular am!
amusing. ,We have everything to
gain by social and commercial relations of the must friendly kind The
question of geography must not be
overlooked. We are Ihe proprietors,
mutually I mean, ol Ihis hemisphere.
Our shores arc, upon lhe east and
west washed by the two mightiest
means upon the globe, we are just
as secure upon the north. Now what
dues this mean'' If means tint i
friendly relations prevail as doubtless
tbey will, we are (.Imply beyond the
possibility of invasion by a foreign
power, more particularly is this true
if we preserve, as "f course we hope
to, our relations to the motherland.
This continent need never fear the
devastation of war; thc tread ot (foreign soldiery will never leave behind
it its legacy of sorrow and destruction; we are practically invulncr
able, and the British and American
Hags can guarantee thii for all time
Is it not then the height of folly to
even suggest the question of part)
polities in so far-reaching n mattei
as that of reciprocity?
Wc now have to i on«idor lid     Oui
attitude toward this question
Surely it si Id he one nf the most
friendly nature? 1 am nol assuming
Hint every detail ol the present
agreement now before Iho two pow-
ers is perfect, nor du I think that it
will be without local difficulties foi
some little time. Certain parts nt
this wide Dominion will have mure
advantage than others, but after a
working basis has heen established ll
will work out for the good of both
countries. We nre apt to be local
and provincial in our mitlnok, which
is after all a very dangerous sclflsn-
ness. More than fifty yenrs ngo we
had a reciprocity treaty with the
States, and this was enjoyed for
twelve yenrs. The trade hi that
period was quadrupled between the
two countries. Since tho abrogation
of that treaty iu 1866 the poputatl in
of the United Stales has more than
doubled,    and Hie power of purchase
and consumption nf  products    hv
these people mav be said to have
nearly trebled Wc have to admit
the Canada of then and now is a
very different one, bul we have also
to admit   thr advantage nt this im
Niciihi-   maikcl   ou lhe   dividing line.
The feai    (but the American markel
! will  hvvuinp    in. is a bogey pi which
we need huve no fear.
The puny politician uill find great
dangers confronting ibis question,
ami clewing it purely [rom a local
point of view may succeed in lliocu-
lining others  with the virus uf fear.
lhe Whole question is nne wbicb
must lie viewed as a whole, ami   nut
I hope that 1 have made myseli
perfectly    clear.       We may Itol lie
able to accept all the terms aim
percentages of this treaty in pen- i
agreement, but 1 think we mav con-
'lude thai the underlying principles
which reciprocity represents an- most
iiitaiulv to be desired.
It only remains for me to say,
• hai permanent friendship with oci
brothers across the line means much
for progress, especially in lelu'.u'i to
lhe Kingdom of (tod. .Stand ill j i i
getlicr, we can nol oil I) insure mi
own peace, but in coucerl with (lien
Britain we can demand that v ai
shall he very largely an impossibility. Whal this means tu progress it
would he very difficult to ovcr-cstln
aie. The very tan that ihe American farmer is looking this way, ami
that many ate bringing their lougei
experience to       bear upon
tht- fertile plains uf this
great land is a sign ol relationships iu the future that will make
the fisheries dispute and the Alaskan
boundary aiiait a thing of the past,
and we will hope, never to be re
pea ted. In 1*71 Canada sought for
a renewal of free trade relations, the
lion. (Ieorge Hrown went to Washington and acted in concert with
Lord Thornton, the British mini-'*■'.
by this treaty natural productions
were to be put upon the free list,
.iml also many other things. A
canal was to be constructed with
twelve feet of water from the St.
Lawrence above Montreal to Luke
Champlain, and one of like depth at
ilu- head uf this lake to the Hudson
al Albany, with a view nf making
New York a port of entry for Canadian exports and imports This was
tu continue in force for twenty-one
years. That treaty was turned down
by ibe American senate, and evei
since, until a few years ago, friction
between lhe two powers has been iu
evidence. Canada wus then little,
and perhaps iiisignifleianl in the eyes
of our brothers across flic line. That
day has gone, and the Canadian
tiade is a thing to he desired, ami
while some may imagine thai the
luited States is getting the besl ol
tbe bargain, they must not overlook
the fact, that Canada is growing
rery much faster than the States
ever did, and lhe day is not fai
distant when a mighty population
will people the continent fmm sea In
It is safe to say that reciprocity
stands for progress, and that tin
Christian church will have a splendid
ally in her great work of world-
evangelization in the greater co-operation which closer trade relationship*
will undoubtedly establish.
flow the Money Will be Spent
An important change in the bus)
in-ss life of Fertile which Is of run
sidcrablo interest in tin- cltj. ha
taken place, whereby Mi M A Mac
donald, nm- of the leading lawyers ul
Kootenay, becomes associated in the
partnership nf Ross and Lane Mi
Macdonald will continue as the head
.if the present Hrm at Cranbrook,
and will also he an active immhet ol
the Pernio firm.
Mr Macdonald eame to Kast Koo
tenay in 1908, and became associated
with the itriu' of Harvey aud McCtti
ter, which has become one uf the
leading law firms in the upper counlry, largely through the active and
persistent attention which Mr. Macdonald has devoted tu the linn's interests,
Tho .Kernie firm will he carried on
under the linn name uf ftoss, Macdonald and Lane—Kernie Km- press
The Kink Mercantile Co. have just
received a large consignment uf fancy
eating apples    Si* window.
Fresh asparagus, tomatoes, green
onions, radish, cucumbers, lettuce,
parsley, celery, spimnli and rhubarb
dailv shipments.—Campbell and Mat.
As previously  announced in these columns, the appropriation
work in the Cranbrook district was placed at    $75,000,     Parti'
tbe various items ul expenditure making up that total have si
ceived- as follows: i^B^
Trunk mad  ,   .,..,  i
Cranbrook t.i Steele .    	
Cranbrook lo Mission 	
Cranbrook to Moyie, uld road  ,....,..,
Cranbrook to Wycliffe 	
Cranbrook to l'erry Creek 	
Cranbrook tu Kootenay Klats	
Cranbrook in Hugg's ranch, via Leslie's	
Cranbrook lo Morris1 and Mount Baker North
Cranbrook tn I .ci ten's, Hamilton's. King's and McClure's
Cranbrook tu Kootcnaj Klats, from Junction Road
Kuit Steele and Golden Road ,     ..    .
Fun Steele and fiuit River Road-,
Kort si.eh- and Wild Ilursc Roads
and Shingle and Maus Creeks
iwi Steele Junction
imt Kock) Kurd 	
md Uestp.itt, south tu Kootenay
Fun Steele
Full   Mecle
F. ii Steele .md   Wcstport tn Mather1
IVasa tu Skookumchuck and Finlay Cr
Wasa lu Trac)
Mission in Wasa
Mission to Mathers' .
Mission in Perry Creek Road
Mission in Marysville .
Wyellffo 1.. Marysville
Wycliffe t.. Cherrj Creek
Marysville to Kimbcrlej
st   Mary's Itoad i<* Whltefish Creek a
Kirabertej lo North Star
Kimberle) t" Stem winder
Kimberlc) lo Sullivan
Kimbcrlej tu Mathers'
.Mi   Make! and Qold Creek Roads
i; ite way tn Linklotcr i'reek
Wi -i Hank from Boundary Nurth
Curzon tj> Kingsgate
Wattsburg to Nlggei Creek
Fmt Steele
APPROPRIATION to clear Joseph   prairie Creek
mth    end uf  Lake
foi  ru*d
culars ol
been rs
15,000 00
t.bou 0u
1,000 00
500 ou
3,000 00
1.uOo 00
1,000 00
1,000 (hj
3,000 uu
! .olio uu
1,000 00
3,500 uu
1,000 DO
1,000 00
'.uu Oil
1,000 00
1,000 00
5,000 00
I.o ill
3,000 iii
500 00
1,000 oo
1,00(1 un
1,000 oo
1,000 00
500 00
500 00
'.tin 00
600 nn
500 00
1.1(00 Oil
3,000 00
1,000 uu
i,00" 00
1.000 00
1.000 00
1 .nnO uu
1,000 00
i ,ooo on
Tin- postponed banquet to mm-
memorato tbe opening nf *h«- Rail-
n-aj V M C A it. this city Is to
take place at : ;■< o'clock this evening in tbe V.M C A   dining room
A large number uf invitations bave
been issued, Im hiding a long list ul
C.P.R official! ..mi V M C A secretaries, among them being the following:
Wm. Whyte—Vice-Prei C P ft.
■ I   Price—Gen  Supt, Calgarj
C. Coleman—Supt <ar service, Win
\. E Brook—Divisional engineer,
I! v I'yin—Divisional master me
chanic, Calgai)
.1 McMillan—Supt telegraphs, Calgary,
w I) Haldane-Oeneral Irelgbt
agent, .v"lson.
I! (i "j N-'illh— District passenger
agent, Calgarj
a C. Harshaw—Trainmaster, MacLeod
.1 E Ryan—Chiel dispatcher, Mar-
.1 MacGregor—Roadman ter, Macleod
It. Mollis—Roadmaster, Macleod
.1  Teller—Roadmaster, Fernle
And   all local    C P R  officials; also
the following V.M.C a   officials:
I M Dudley—Internationa) secretary, Montreal
('   K   Sav ei—'ha it man    Can     West
Council, Winnipi.
.1 h Pot ton—General iccretary,
II Dsilantyne—General lecrctary,
.1 U Ward-General secretary,
E tl Chagwln—General secretary,
Moose Jan
E M Thomasson—General secrc-
tarj. Lethbridge.
c Robson—General secretary, Regina
*i M Oraban—General secretary,
\V Anderson—General secretary,
W. .1 Greem—General Secretary,
\ Thompson—General secretary,
Tomorrow the visiting Y.M.C.A
secretaries will meet in conference on
ibe work nf ibe nssoclnllon in     the
On Sundav     aflernnnn at   l o'clock
tin- first    men's meet.ng will Im* lu-ld
and one or more   ol the visitors wilt
address Unit  gathering,    A   V M.C A
bet Ira has been  oigani/nl      ami
will provide music both ai tbe
banquet ;.nd regularly bereoftei at
Um .Sunday meetings ,\ male quartette will also take part in the
r.ieeung on Sunday afternoon. to
which pv*ry man in town is cordially
Tu the EniK.r nf the Herald
Sir: I do not   wuh to discuss    th*
merits, nr dements nf the Road Tax
bylaw, but in view of a statement
made by .Mr Gurd at a recent meet
ihi of the board of trade and re
praU-d again at the me#-ting ut the
council on Monday, I feel it is my
duly to point oat how entirely in
correct and misleading such statement IS
Mr (iurd slated that the Objection
iu the Road Tax bylaw was that ii
t xteiidf-d the franchise to what be
termed a '•transient" class <.f pet
sons who have no interests whatevei
io the city and that all that was
necessary jnder such bylaw uas for
a person to have resided in tbe cily
fur a period tA thirty days and
thereupon became entitled tu claim a
huijsehnlders vote
I (eel sure that Mr (iurd wuuld
not wilfully make such a misleading
statement, yet a lawyer nf lus stand
ir.g could hardly mivirMerprct the
wurdint; of the Act or Hylaw
Mr Gurd must know thai the
Road Tas bylaw authorizes tin* lerj
ing of a tax upon male persons who
have resided m the city for a period
uf thirty days and as a lawyer he
must also know that before a person
who claims to vote hr reason ul
having paid that tax, he shall during
the month ol October declare upon
oath that he has resided within the
city limits since January ol the
current vear That Is in cft..\ be
must have b«-n a resident ol more
than nine months
While on this subject I feel it U
only right and proper that the coun
ell'i position on thc Hweroge qoei
tion should be fairly placed before
the people We have willingly sub
muted this matter to the electors,
and the bylaw was defeated Not oa
its merits, but on some extraneous
issues which have absolutely nothing
to do with   the sewerage question
In view of this fact and that a
very large majorfty ol the ratepayers are strongly in favor of the immediate construction ol the sewerage,
I wish to state publicly that il this
opposition is maintained 1 shall have
to recommend the council to exercise
the authority they have under the
"Local Improvement Act," wbicb
Art authorlres the Coundl to Install
a sewerage system without taking
the formality of a vote, as is the
caw In other money bylaws
P. DeVere Hunt,
Mayor Ill 15   (JUANBROOK   HiOKALO
Willi Hie approach of another summer season no subject is mine worthy of careful study than (be disease-carrying proclivities of thc
common house or typhoid Ily. Of all
Insects this is one of the mosl familiar to everyone, whether resident
.,1 L-itv, lown, village tu country.
Until    reecnl     yi iuseel vvas
regarded i liarmli ., or al must, as
a slight nuisance, bill scientific investigation haH proven it lo he tar
otherwise, if is todaj recognized
as the mosl m'iions caiiier of lhe
* . :■ . id .i ■ iltli idi i>l i\e\ minting
diseases. M brei il and multiplies in
filth, and pre ul ■ i : ■ and di i-
en t1     In II    fro rover II  Roes,
The pressence ol lhe lion ie II; Is re
cognized ,i p ii ■ ■■ ol infection, and
musl be di stroyed at all i >sli When
n is remembered thai il is lhe d!
reel means of di tr! Ihr  (i rms,
i  pi   ... .             i diseases n
typhoitl, Infantile diarrhoea, luhereti
Insi . anthrax, I radio * * pttcemia,
etc . Its menacin li rai tei will be
appreciated The experiments ol
(.r.,* i nnd SI *■ ll al  Hies can
net as   carriei         tl nl    tapi
ami nlhei    pain ,  and  lhat
man ma)  be   infecleil Hj     dc
positin nei iden
lullj immei ied in hi f. "I Wc have
bee  o ncci i! lo the presence of the e in eel in large num
hers that we do not concern oursel-
xv , re tardin , tl ir character oi think
|1 nei es! ai j taki pn cautions t.i
prevent Iheii breeding, oi to prohtbtl
I hei i access to o pi ..ducts.
The typhoid Hie: aim. i bite. Ihere
fore thej do nol iunoeulale individ
u.ils with iii ''.j j ,i do some mosquitoes, bul thej ael .j mechanical
i-.ii i lei -, i oiivi ; ii ' In ;ei n
upon |heii bo i" m within the all
meittnrj canal, 'jj be depn ited with
thc excrement. The common Hv.
then, is nol Ilu cause, hut the con
veyoi j.i disease, ll is well known
thai tb.- adult :ln- feed greedily upon all kinds m filth and offensive tidal,
attai k   ore inimal .
.warm around ■ lie .put um and ex
j reta ol pei ion alllicted « Ith loatli
Mime 'li easi n believer a
j ham -   odi rs, eagerlj      over
i I.   oftentimes     leav i
ii,ul nf sickness and death t)l lhe
diseases thus carried, typhoid probably ranks as one ol Iln mosl serious
li is estimated thai in ihe I nited
stales alone 250,(1(10 people are an
nuallv afflicted with typhoid fever.
Mnn- than twelve per cenl ol tho
cases, notwithstanding Uu exertion
ol lhe   besl    pi )  i   at ■ ■*•  lata!
About the same i r iporti ■*.. a< i >rd
ing tu   population,  holds for      ' 'an
It  i. wi 11 know n thai  in rural 'lis
tricts typhoitl   fever is  ch      more
prevalent I linn in eitii - where steps
are taken to provide proper sanitary
'measures Al the Tei ntenarj ci li ■
brat ion at Quebec a (real deal of
di i m ..' on tin1 ' I'tnhled troops
resulted from the work of dies, and
.. fe« j.i i proved Fatal. At that
lime nnlj the sanitnrj odieers j-' thc
militia reallzi il I lie dangers thai tho
troops   im nrred heeaii c ol the filthy
condlll i lhe ground      I .j Ido i"i
the •anil's At Savard Park there
were nuoieroii piles nl stable manure
scattered about, which were breeding
plan    for   fl lien th   troops
eame   these   In si i I     * r ■■ n vi rltnblo
j.!.. (tie       rin j     rovi red   the i i In
ih,* cook houses ami the lahli in tlu
mints lent i, ami   ii wn * almi st       a
mirai le   thai the o nnt ol sickness
result inj froi tin - Insanitary con ,
ditions wns -jj small P >i tunatelj.
the ' roups were there lnr onlj n low
davs. and no ed irt was spared on
the   part nl the   military authorities
tu mak,' tllC 1 I.i i .j ■ ' le.it; BS possible
In refcrrin ■; («• thc conditi ins
existing iu lhe i nited -i.it. - mill
tarj ' amp   dm It-Amei
lean war, V li i ' Phere is no
doubt Ihal all    nd ■   kill In
feet Ion, n tivci time, bul theli verj
ncecss gives opp i in Itj toi thc
ih, . i.. do     rin      -    chief a      coi
veyoi     11   fro ■•*   Infi > I     phorevei
thej pill tin Ir feet,   li In He ■
the; I   id   ll        Ives with     the
l|< |    ..'   il     I :■
im*   pal lent, i It to
In-  in hospital oh ervatlon,
ami j .if* thi polsoi o taken up
Into ilu    very mii loot!   and
water for us.- at the next meal.
There is no long nnd rout d .bout process Involved It is very plain and
direct Yet, when thousands ol lives
nre ut slake in thin wa] lhe danger
passes unnotii ed, and Ihe . uitsnivcn-
ces are disastrous and ueem mystet
Ions until attention 11 directed t" tht
point, then ii becomes simple enough
in all conscience."
in    Hewott, the entomolo Isl     for
tho Dominion experimental farms, has,
called attention tn the menace ol the
house fly.   A  verj    erimi    lourco    cl
iuii'i tion, in   which Ries pi iy n   prominent part, is th- milk supply,      \s
is well known, milk   In n mosl      ex
eelletit culture   medium i n lhe devel
opmeni uf bacilli,   which uiiliiplv   in
il   with exeeedlnp  rapldlt]       Rxpei
imonlfl have  nhown   thai u   Inglo ily
mav   have   upon lli  hod)  several mil
lion bacteria, which if allowed lo
develop will multiply in a few hours
a thousandfold. A single Ily, contaminated by typhoid germs mav i!
it falls into a can ol milk, spread
contagion throughout the entire coin
niunity. IM. llewelt cites a cast'
given by the Colorado State Hoard ol
lieallh, which illustrates Ibis, tad
lie quotes from Dr. Taylor, wlm
says: "In thc city of Denver we had n
very sad as well as a plain demon
Btratfon ol the transmission of ly-
pliold fever by dies and milk. Karl)
in August ol this year (DUO) tho
wile dI a dairyman was taken Willi
u phoid fever, remaining at home
about three weeks before her removal
iu ibe hospital ou August 28, Dm nu
iln- liist two weeks in September wi
received reports nf numerous cases u
lj phoid levet in the northern pur
tion ni Denver, and upon invoHtiga
lion round   thai all these cases    bail
ien securing iheir milk trom this
dalrj An Inspection of thc dairy
was then made, and, in addition In
learning uf Ihe illness uf ihe dairy
man's wife, we also   found the dalrj
n,an himself siineinm with a mi III
case ol typhoid fever, bul still (i|i
and delivering the milk. The watei
supply at this dairy was fairly good
Iluwever, we found both ibe wifi
and husband had been using an opci
pttvj vault located thirty live feel
from the milkhouse, which was      ui
screened, ami was open in Hies. Th
gelatin culture exposed for thirl
minutes in the vicinity of the vault
a nl iii ibe milkhouse among the milk
ans gave numerous colonics nt ly
phoid bacilli, as well as colon bacilli,
nd the ordinary germ life. Tin
s.inci-    uf   Infection   in   the   dairy-
nan's wife case is unknown, hul I
am positive that  in all  lhe cases tti:
milled nn    this milk route the    i
ection   was   din-   io bacilli   carried
mm ihis vault by flies and deposited
upon    the milk cans, separator       ami
tonsils in the milkhouse, therebj
contaminating Uu- milk. The dairy
man supplied milk to 113 customers;
5.1 eases of .typhoid fever occurred,
.md three deaths resulted there
Manv similar instances might In'
ntid lu show the great risks run hy
allowing,dies in multiply and tu con
laminate food, The foregoing, how*
ever, will suffice tu prove that the
Ily is unmistakably ile carrier n
only nf typhoid, but nf ..ther d
The typhoiti   ily breeds chtedj
resh horse   manure, and shows
decided preference for that which
wel, especial 1}   if il  is in a state
fermentation,     Hut it will alsofcrccil
in   human     excrement, barnyard    re
fuse, dung of all kinds, dirty        bed
ding of   piggeries, decaying vegetable
nnd    animal    substances,     garbage,
put urn    in   spittoons, ur other filth,
rmulcd there is sullieient amount oi
moisture, and a moderately high tent*
porature,       A single refuse heap will
upply a whole neighborhood , witb
Hies. Purine one day a Ily may lay
11 j 'in 121' 1 o l "id eggs. In w arm
weather they usually hatch in les
than twcnty-foilt hours, lu live day
the larvae may. under favorable con
ditions, attain llu-ir full growth ami
remain in the pupa stage three day
or mon- I rider the most favorable
conditions of moisture, temperatur
and mini supply, a period of eight oi
nine days elapses from the time the
Cggs an- laid Until the adult escapes
Hum the pupal shell. 1 siiully twelve
to twenty days are required,
The best way to abate the Ily nuis*
uncc is to prevent the breeding ol
Ihe iuseel This is comparatively
easy when- strict sanitary measures
are enforced and everyone dues till
pan Hut under average farm conditions remedial measures are nut
io easilv instituted. Even there it
much mote readily accomplished
than is usually assumed, Flies will
not, as a rule, lay eggs in dark
places, imi will maggots develop
Uio material in wbicb thev arc found
becomes too drv Experiments hnvi
shown that manure and othei ily
breeding material should be. kept ii
duk cellars, or spread quickly nn tlu
land in summer, and lhat all expos
*il material shnuld he sprinkled liber
nil) with chloride ol lime or drench
. d with kerosene emulsion As pal
Native measures one should screen
all doors and windows of dwellings,
cover all milk, Iruit and other food
utb mosquito netting, and use poison and sticky (ly paper liberally.
To drive (lies Irom the house darken
all windows, open a door, and then
burn some pyrethrum powder, or
evaporate a teaspoonful ol carbolic
acid over a lamp.
W. -l   B,
When a medicine must be given
wiling children  it    shnuld  be  pleas;
to take Chamberlain's Cough \u
idy is made from loaf sugar, anil ■
rools used in its preparation give
a flavor slmllai to maple syrup, tin
ing it pleasant to take It has
superior for colds, croup and who*
llig cough.    Por   sale    by  all        de
ers 1
-*5*i   .<"   So-
t/»B *:
\nf&  *;    *
Tr%,f'Jr'-       ')
,  ' ■■ ' ■■>    ii
••■•*■■■. If
Ev,.ry  m< bher si I      J■■■"  •"■'
tlmt tin Skill " ■»' •' •   ■
bsndortii tt.s i
Iml i often li id ,oi« ■■■■
tions, i, .   r. i.  ■ '"
:•■,-.! **,-■ i by Z   .  ' ■    •   ■ III-1
•lusofZaiD    • ■ *-,'      '.,'.
r*. ,.,!•!■■•.   hi.    Iiablos,   ;   j ■
out ii natl        * i I   i   ■ ' * 0*1
*■'*,* ' ''-
-.. ,tl,n ct
lui ■■■  •' '■ *    . ' ' ■
Bim-B *'*    aim . i  »;"■■■■'■■ «M
t.,0ktub'.o '**■* I* .]■*..*',:
Mm I.* II"1
H „i,il . i - *i
l.i-o o i
r,f,l,..il  io 1
■   .!.*'!        .
I!,* „   I  ,*   IH   I ','.*:.I   ll
I.     i        :     tni      ■> I* ill*'*, laml »*o
-     Ml   I        li   lllll   ll     •      I     >*
2,230,00(1 un tlio   pit*, khis \,*;u    l-'uiu*
loads nl i*. I hail lo In* irralnl lor
tin* iTii.vri) ol ,,in* rural, and it Is
interesting lo note Unit tot tlio |ii*i-
ioil under review nn average ol 18s.
11.Id. Jin iiiiiii wns si'dired lor tile
company'a- iiulimi, in comparison
with 12s. II.3d. |ier carat in llie
year ending (MoIik 31, 1000.
Naturally, emphasis is laid ou the
improved prices realized lor iliu-
uiiinds, Mnl in Ihis connection the
remarks ui tt Uusch, who is cntrust-
i*,l with the management ol the sales
department In I.und  nre Interesting. Writing i*i 'ils experience during the past 12 months, he reports:
■'Our Ini'* ■ has paused throng!) n
prosperous lime, the demand lur
brilliants having heen n good und
general one Uesides the United
States ul Mm inn, Europe (iu par
liculni 'ii, nm,■*. liiu* Franco ami
German* , ■ hem u ready buyer uf
lirllllnnls,   ■> Uml producers ul rough
ill,in ,1s Micotinlercd    grenl iiiili.nl
ties in salislylng Ibe requirements ol
llieir clients; In other words, tin*
supply ultra exceeded the demand."
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French resuUtur; never (all*. These
pilta ore exc-L-BtliiiKly uuwurlul in M'milulmif the
[pneratlvo purtion ul Om (cmalc system. Hcfiis-
all cheap Imllatloim. Dr. da Tbb'b are sold nt
tfi a box, nr three fnr 110, Mailed lo any address.
Tha loaball Drug Co., it, OMltarlnei. Out
l-'or sale nt Uentie,  Murphy  &  Co.,
iji \-:K\ ul'' Till'. MOL'UIN ROUQK
Whal  piutuisi's    lu  he   llie seiisatinn
ni iln- current theatrical season      la
Siilllliel   Iv   Iluih's   proilllClloll  Ol     the
i ii lis leal corned) drama, "The (-Jueen
ol ihe Moulin Rouge," which eomes
lo Hie Auditorium on Thursday,
April 37th.    in the past two     Beo
mis, probably no musical production
has been su widely advertised and
talked o! us has "The Queen ol the
Moulin Rouge" on account ol it1-
correct ami careful treatment ni
night life in Maris.      The production
iviit une entire season al the
Circle theatre, in New York City,
•,i\ months  al thc  Olympic   theatre
in Chicago, and bus enjoyed record-
breaking engagements in tiie larger
eastern cities. II comes to this
city with almost the entire cast
aud production intact, which will he
by far the largest musical organization to be seen here this season. The
locale ol the story aRnids excellent
opportunities for sumptuous stage
settings, magnificent costumes and
elceirical etTerts, for which Manager
Itork is famous.
One nf the featured dancing novelties iu this musical comedy,, is the
"Dance d'Apache," The      Paris
Apache is considered die mosl
cowardly and at Hie same time lies
pcrate footpad nu     earth,    He     lives
on ilu' earnings ol unfortunates and
by the use ol   his knife, thrust III
the hack uf his victim. The number
us given iu this production, portrays
iii pan torn inc an encounter witli the
Apaches, The act occupies aboui
twenty minutes ol tho performance
and is pronounced hy critics to be
Ibe best hit of pantomimic acting
ever seen in Ibis country
Tn&Dc Marks
Copvrights *.c.
l,n»f,nc-t*(Vii'iliiir a flip! i'i, mitl diMici liil imi nm?
ili'tH.ly ,i*..*,Ti'..r Mir •■i>ml«ui uuo w,,,,||..*r mi
h:vi*tilli*ii l-i |.i-i.l'Pi' ly ;* iti-nlnhln. t'.iiii.nutilH,.
■! .mi!iti'U'll.v,-..iill<'oiHlii1. HANDBOOK mii'n'.'its
t-i-ti'. IrCft.  l"ltll'SLlip*m.i   f<-|-M-l'l!.'l!-K|,titt!llt9.
I'ntoiits taken turoukn Munn ft Co, teceivo
tjirtial nutlet, itliltout cimmo, in tho
Scientific nmnmi.
A tianrtmipflly Ulmtrtl«l
.iitiiium ni    —
cm nix, in.:
mt clr-
iM fur
lid ly
 & Co.3e,B—d"a*-Hew York
llti.iii.li Ollliso, Ci'iJ i<" HI., Wnililnuliiti, I) C.
I Lame .Shoulder is nearly always
tine in rheumatism of the muscles.
and quickly yields to   the free appll-
I cation nf Chamberlain's Liniment
For sale by all dealers. Ttf
.Nearly every store advertisement
holds "probable proiit" for you. Nobody else can decide for you what ad,
it is—or iu what way it holds profit
for you.
~ -^"rraaHiW-BiSHEWas
TIIE    I'ltIM lilt   HI VMOND MINK.
illy Owen Lelchei I
Among the numerous mining enter
prises wliich        have        bios
sinned Into        cxisti ncc       in
ihe Transvaal since the on
elusion nf Un- Huir war, the Premier
diamond mine al Klandsfonlein, neai
Pretoria, has proved Ibe most re
markablc and most Important. Km
full} a dozen years ilu- existence of
diamond iferous ground In this
local!t) hns been known, bul it was
not until 1002 Ihal Sir Thomas Oil
iiiian backed his confidence In the
Klandsfontein properly witb cash,
.onl with tin- help ni some .lohan
nesbiiig friends paid thc owner ol
lhe properto fc.55,000 and vornied the
Premier (Transvaal) Diamond Mining
In May, 1003, when 1 first visited
lhe Premier, a .small washing gear ol
rather antiquated appearance was ut
work, Mellaril}', thr manager, lind
nisi arrived from Kimberley, lhe l>>-
eal ofllccs consisted ni a liiius) h I
ing tin shanty, ami tin- majorlt) ot
llie property was thc typical iree
covered South African veld.
Today, ihe   Premier    mine consists
of a huge    open    working   extendin
over nearly    Un* whole area i i      the
pipe, namely,    3570     claims (each
feel by 30 feet).      On the edge      of
ihis pipe is erected sunn- of tlie mosl
modern and powerful mncbinerj      .it
work anowherc   in the world,      nni
which is now  handling aboul 10 mm,
1100 loads ol grouhd per annum.     At
night searchlights   Hash llieir      raj
across this      great     jewel
Stores, recreation halls, oifici
resiliences an- nil laid nut uu a     , !
uf completeness     .unl     magnifli em e
whieh has seldom if   evei bei n ei| ial
ed in the history of mining
Thc mine gives direct em pin j meiil
iu 751 white men and 12,0(10 natlv
es, and the company i> desirous o
increasing the nuinhei "r natives    in
the mim- rami nds tn 11,1 , whieh
uill admit nf operations heing cai
ried oul nn an even larger scab- than
nt  sent
Under the diamond-mining law    ol
ibe Transvaal, the companj ,*
Ibe government   <-u pei ei nt nl      ■
profits, siihiii t to certain agreements
as iu expenditure on Increased equip
ment and the   creation    ol     resei
f Is. etc
Some figures ns i.. the actual
hlcvcments ol Ihe i ompan} In the
eight years of iis ,m li nee maj 11 rr
be ol In teres I and will serve In de
mnnstrate lhe Impoi i nnt pi linn tin
mine has attained lo Tin lotal
profit secured   by    the compai
l.ili- has     at mteil      lu   Cl.fiOO.n;
vi this   iln-   Transvaal    go' ern
has received    tl,377,8(ll    and    share
holders   ei,2in,00fl        On   eqnl| mt
C 1,002,201    has been   expended     Tin
siablislmieiit uf a  trading (nml    Ins
called for   im".■■■>■',  and an emergen-
y fund has claimed  Ct"n,     in,
the date oi conception and up lo
the end of the company's lasl fiscal i
year (vi/., Oct. 31, W!0) lhe com- |
pany has washed 30,830,020 loads ol I
ground and   has   recovered Ifl.Wl.Olt
rats nf diamonds,
Thr annual report ol Uio   companj ]
has just been issued, ami states lhat i
iliiring lhe yi-at     ended w lib Octobei
31, lino, 2,115,833   carats    ol   ilii |
iiinnils weti- produced and a profit n|
£5-11,102 was realized,    The avera
number ol    loads    hauled    in    lhe
course ol Ul hours was 32,033,     tin-
total (nr the     VI umiitlis amounting
to 0,002.320,    ni   nn    Increase     ol
;; *; ■$$%
A Dollar of Durability for Every
Dollar of Cost
W/HATEVER roofing you choose for your building, don't let'
the question «f first cost have too much influence.    The
cheapest roofing at first is apt to be the must expensive in the end.
Paroid Roofing
costs a little more than some roofinRf, but every dollar of additional
cost Will Rive ymi a dollar's worth more of service. The idea hack
ol NEPONSET roofings has always been to make them so durable
that their years of honest service would be their strongest recommendation. NEponseT roofings are ihe most economical roofing!
you can buy because they wear so long Without a single leak.
Write for Book of Plans for Farm and Poultry Buildings
We will •md vuu at the nme time The NEMMET Booklet, which de-
m-tbei tbr different kindi ol NEpqnsct Roofings for different types of
liuildiiiii'.. Thli book ii Invaluable to any one about to build nr repair.
F. W. BIRD & SON, Maker*.    571   Lotleridge SI., Hamilton. Ont.
tiM\i*m*m IT'K'.    OrfftUt ■    ' l •■r'.rti *'..* . tNttJI J»i «'OtwTffm/ IUiIjik' tmtm,
Wloalr ■.:     Montrtkl     st   Miti. h ■       Tumrir.II,
f-  ' .V.il|>*'l". '.-'■ *■■ i      l-twYork     W».Matl-:i      Ckinr*    HrUtti. Of«.     E»a FnafttM
TAKK NOTICE Lhat 1, llarrj S,
Clauiblu, ui Kimberley, is, C, occu-
jiuUuii, Mine 1'uieiiuin, intend to a|i
pi) im perm Union tu uurchavu Lhu
(ollowlng described lunds:
Ucgluniug at a post planted on
north boundar) id i.ut UUIU, and on
wesl boundary ol Tlinboi License Nu,
UH33, thenco north Unity tne chains
uml lurty six links (,35.-10) tu south
era boundary nf i.ut -mtiti; tlience
westerly live chains and twenty Uuks
(5.20) nluiig Boulhern bouudary of
i.ut 4086; Ihence soutb-woBterly tit
u-en chains und lltty links (15.50) following tbe eastern boundary ol the
Empire Mineral claim; thenco northwesterly nineteen chains and filty-flvc
links, lollowing southern boundary nf
Kmpire Mineral claim lo the N. K.
corner nf I.ut 8012; tlience following
easl boundary uf Lul 3042 twenty-
i chains und seventy-lhrcc links
(22.73) to tbe S. K. corner of Lot
3042; tlience westerly, following southern boundary uf Lot 80*42 lour
(bains aud ten links (1.10); tlience
easterly, lollowing northern boundary
d Lot 3032 eight cbains (8.00) in
west boundary of Comet .Mineral
laitn; tlience northerly following
west boundary ol Comet Mineral
claim nine chains (it.Ofi) to N. W.
corner Ol same; tlience easterly following the north boundary ol Cornel
Mineral claim twenty-two ehains and
seventy-three links (22.73) to tho
\. E. corner ol same; thence southerly following east boundary of Cornel Mineral claim twenly-lwo chains
iml seventy-three links in the S. K.
•nrner ol same; tlience easterly following northern boundary ot tho
Mispnlt Mineral claim live chains
(5.(10) to west boundary ol Lot 2048;
thence northerly following wesl
boundary ol Lol 2iHl twelve chains
(18.00) to the V \V. corner of same;
ihence easterly following northern
boundary ol Lol 2HI3 twelve chains
and five links (12.05) lo place of
beginning, containing eighty-three
acres (83.00) mure or less.
Harry s. Gamble,
Mated March  15th, 1011. 1-9t
t«**4**«4C**t*< »»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Imperial Bank ol Canada
li. li. WILKIE, Prwlilont.
HON, ItOUKRT .IAI'1-I'AV. ViM.Pmld.ml
At'ootiutB ni' Corporations, Muni,*i|i.ilitii*s. Morolinnts,
I'Viiii*:.-. ini I'rlvnto Imliviilnnla invited,
Drnfti im I Laltora of Onalii isnu.il nvnilnblo in nnjf imn ,,f
ilu ivorll.
MVIN'liS DKl'.VIIT.MKNT -Bpeoinl nttontlon
ui*.,*,, to HiaVinM Hunk Aoooiiutl, Dapoalli ,,f 11,(10 nml
i;,, i-1 ■■ rectjiveil nnd Interest nllowod from ilnteot iloposll.
ran  ! k Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
**** ** • ?*************************************
!' ,***•********************** *************
It is the Saint* l'Im*c
'I'lu* Place tlmt in Pupiilur
Good ns tbe lli*st
Bettor tl  tlu* Kist
The Cosmopolitan
If yon conio once,
Von will cnim* iiKiiin.
E, 11. SMALL, Proprietor
Any available Dominion Lands
ffitblll tlie Hallway Belt in llritisb
Columbia, may be bomesteaded by
nny per sun wlm is tlie sole head ol a
family, ur any male over 18 years ol
age, tu tbe extent ol one-quarter
sect..in ul loo acres, more or less.
Kntry must be made personally at
the local land ollice for the district
in which tbe land is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made nu
certain conditions by thc lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister ol au intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per-
lor, the conditions connected therewith under one of the following
(1). At least nix months' residence
upon and cultivation ol the land in
each year fur three years.
(2). If tho father (or mother, if
the lather is deceased), id the
homesteader resides upun a farm in
the vicinity ol the lund entered Ior,
the requirements as lo residence may
be satisfied by sucb person residing
witb tbe lather or mother.
(3). II the settler bas his permanent residence upon farming land owned hy him in the vicinity ol his
homestead, the requirement*   us   tu
resideme    tuny  be satisfied  by  ie>iil-
ctiui upon tbo said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should In- flvea   lc   tlm ('timmiBsiain
er of Dominion i.amis nt Ottawa ■>(
Intntlon to apply fur patent.
COAL.—Coal inihiiiL' rights may be
leaned lot a period of twenty one
yejiiK al an annual rental ol $1 per
acre Not more than 2,570 URI
•■hall be leased In one iudhidtinl or
company. A royalty at the rate of
Inc ends pel ton shall be collcetcd
on the merchantable cm.! minod.
Deputy of the Minisler of the Interior. .ID-aiJt
0|i|io»lle r P II. Station
THE    PLACE    TO      OCT    A
Headquarters for nil kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlio Shoo Spooialiet
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchant!
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 344
II yuu want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it to
Spaeliil prleos for (amity work,
Nelson's Leading Hotel
l.'i.nnn with HhIIih.   'I'hoiifl in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises,
Thoroughly np-to-ilate.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
ORO. P. WEI.I.S, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
wish iioxn, I'Roe.
Chop   Suay   Noodle
A quick Msal ami „ Good M.*.,l
term tBIIBD   anmai.i.vI
Knuliles trilileis throughout tlte world
to communicate direct with Bngllsti
in each .luss of goods. Besides lieing
ii complete commercial guide to London nml it-, suburbs, the directory
contains lists of
witli  Hie Goods they ship, and   ile
Colonial and   Foreign tMafkets they
supply j
arranged under the Torts to which they
•^nil, and Indicating the approximate
of leading Manufacturers, Morchents,
eh'., in Iln- Principal provincial  towns
anil Industrial centres uf die I'nited
A copy of the current edition will be
forwarded, frei^bi paid, on receipt of
Postal Order for SOs,
Dealers seeking Agencies ran advertise their trade eaids foi 20s., oi largre
advertisements (rom 60s
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Abchsrch Lane. London, B.C,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦<-***+*4****
Wr offer tb*1 above from
liciivy In vim: strains, ns
well iih Sinnv Winner* in
While Wynmlitllts  unit
S. ('.   While  1 .♦ uliorns
i ♦ Semi in your unlt'rs early.
SCALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
der (or Examining Warehouse, Van
Miiiver, B.C.," will lie received until
11 nu P.M. on Monday, April 21, 1011,
for tlie construction of nn Examining
Warehouse, Vancouver, lie
I'lans, specification ami (orm of
contract ean In- seen and form of
lender obtained at the olliee ol Mr.
■I. E. Cyr, Superintendent ol Publli
Buildings bu Manitoba, Posl nfllcr
Building, Winnipeg, Man, Mr, Win
Henderson, Itctldcni Architect
toria, It <', at tbe I'nst (Hiiu
couver, and at tbis Department
Persons tendering are notlOed
lenders will m>i de considered unless
made on lha printed forma supplied,
and signed witb tbeir aetunl Slg&tttll
is, stating llieir oeenpatloiiK and
plates o| residenee. In tin' ease of
firms, Die nelinil siiituiliiie, ttie nu
(me of tbe occupation, and    plnee ol
residence <*' ,:H|1 siwnliw ef tin* Dnn
innsl be given.
|]inii tender   must be accompanied
liy nil aeeepled elieipie on a ehai tent
bank, pnuiMe     to tbe order of     the
Honorable    the   Minister of Publlo
Works, equal to ten per cent  (10 pe )
of the nmounl of the lender, which
will in- forfeited if tho person tendering decline lu enter into ii con-
Intel when ealled upon to iln ho, or
fail to complete tbe work contracted lor If the lender he not
accepted tin- Cheque will be return
Tbe Department doex not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Ity order,
n. 0. DESR00HER3,
Hepiutmetit of Public Works,
OtttWa,  Man li  22,   PHI
Newspapers will not be paid      for
Ibis advertisement il tbey Insert    it
without   authority from tbe Depart
incut. mil THE   U It ANN HOOK.    II KHALI)
Another "Nest oi Traitors
asking him  to continue, nnd it     has QISN1
heen signed hy all   the members now
in the city,  except it is   understood, I   Will
! live or six." Mouth has     Ini
in    reference to Premier McBride's ami methodica
..."._ - -,,     ,.       _, connection   witli     the     movement to whieli, il  i.s
Leader Borden Rxperlencmg Similar Treatment to displace Mr. Borden, u.e victoria Co- him unless the
lutiist   makes   the following editorial to he   performed in ii
statement, which may be accepted as successful,    Getter al I
|authoritative,   In so    fnr as it refers the sight of one eye
That Administered Sir DcKenzie Bowell- Premier McBride Will Take no Part in Attempt
to Oust Borden.
During lhe past few days there have] ay, the   ultimate outcome of
beeu   rumors of another serious split present  row iir the Opposition
iu    the Tory   ranks   nt Ottawa. The is still problematical,
stories coming from Ottawa reminded    Tlio Ottawa     Journal,
one of llie   notorious ''Nisi uf Trait-  editor,  Mr.  I*.  I).   Koss, is a
io Mr. McBride'S present intentions.
McBrida knows when he is well uil'
mnl dues not view favorably any
early plunge into federal politics. The
Colonist says:
"The name of Mr. Kicllard McBride
is often mentioned in connection with tin
federal politics, hul we ran say   with ey
perfect truth that he never has   done
Incident of IDOll, when pom old) upporlcr nud close personal friend of anything towards its Introduction
Sir Mackenzie Howell wus sacrifice Mr. It. I.. Borden, lias come out
to a self-seeking (ml Ion in the with a very (rank statement uf the
party. j rouble iu the   enmp, resulting   from
Happily mi Ihis occasion, the In- cabal against llm Opposition
traitors have not been Minvsshil lender. The party's dirty linen is
With hul lew exceptions Lhej have- ure frankly (old to sit down and he
scurried lo covet and Mt. 11
leadership for (he time being,
role, remains utilities I loncd
Au   Ottawa despatch gives
version of the stains quo:
Today confusion, uncertainty
rhaos reign in the Toi) camp    Homo
of ibe scullers who eame to oust Mi
Itonleu from the leadership remain to
prav.     Ile has    shown nu entire willingness,   nud,    indeed,   a determination, to resign tbe leadership,     willi
its   constant    worries and bickerings
with disgruntled ami sel(*scoking factions   within the   parly.     He wishes
to retire to private life again, resume
the practice ol  law, look alter     lus
already   large   financial Interests ami
havo some leisure hours, free
the Incessant    strain of seeking I i
please everybody, reconcile divergent
Interes'ts nml shape political compromises to cover all wings of Die
parly. This attitude be has made
very clear to the insurgents.
washed in public, nud   th
live themselves or else get out. lt
Is apparent that as a result of the
Mllying nl his friends around him
All.    Iiorden     has again taken beurl,
ml is now   disposed (o   consent    to
remain at the post and.tight the eon-
{ pirn tors in a finish,    He docs
wish   lo retire   under a cloud,
is nevertheless anxious   to take
first    opportunity of stepping
.ith the dignity and honor into
aimer arid purer atmosphere.
The Journal says In part: "Mr
I,. Borden, leader ol thc Conservative
arty,    will   continue tu act in tbal
Opacity,     For some days there   bas
ecu the possibility that be might
Irom relinquish the task vi leading thc
to Conservatives back ti) power. There
bas been a crisis impending Mr
Borden was seen this morning b
Tin- Journal, and it was found    that
o resignation bad been handed into
the    party by the Opposition leader
to such discussion He has said
over uud over again lhat he timls
In British Columbia abundant scope
or his efforts ami a Held •>( lahoi in
wliich ihe rewards ought to satisfv
any reasonable ambition What,
iusurgmits then is the explanation ut these frequent references to him' We think
tin- answer lies upon the face of the
facts as    tbey are known to      over)
ne Mr    MeBliile's .idministration
oi   allans in this province bas    been
onspuiiuiisly      SUCCC88tut,      Hi-    took
nice when the province was almost
Iscredltcd financially; he has   placed
il upon a foundation that is unsur-
assed for stability b) that upon
,bich the    credit uf auy government
in the world rests. He bas Inspirit the confidence of capital in this
rovincc   as a field    for investment,
He has demonstrated tbat be posses-
s qualities of  leadership.     He     hns
a clean personal record.
"I'mler these ctrcumstaaccs it      is
not al all surprising that, when   the
vents   of     polities eatise the matter [|'ie annullv (lf %m
f   leadership     of   the   federal parly |((l ^^ m ^
for ten years in anj
Here ii is—watch for the name!
This is the flour you have heen looking
for. It is SEAL OF ALBERTA—the flour
that   experience   has   demonstrated   to   be
Vou ean test this for yourself. Buy a
sack of SEAL OF ALBERTA, Use some of
it for baking your next batch of bread.
You may note these features about SEAL
OF ALBERTA—It will absorb just a little
more water—It will make a larger loaf—It
will be better shaped—It will be beautifully
rounded, neither falling over the ed^e of the
pan nor flattening out on top. It will be
lighter, sweeter, better bread.
Then test it. Make any comparisons
>on like. Consider color, texture, appearance*
You v. ill find every word we have said to
be ime. SEAL Ol" ALBERTA is not only
different— It's better.
and after the agi
contribute $2a n   vent
pose if sbe     would frm
contribute the balance j
premium necessary lo
annuity, au oiler   whieli
readily accepted   on ascertaining h<
small an  amounl   she would he     re
quired lo pny.      Slir found Ibnl     bj
a Saving of     $2.37 a month, in nihil
tion to the $25 a yeai  (oi  J2.0D     I
mouth)     to he   paid bt    the   ratlin
hi not   onh
(Section 10)
lhat ou   the 21 til   day ol April noxt,
application will be made to Ihe
riinieiidenl   of Provincial Police
(he transfer of the license foi
sale   of liquor by retail in and
the premises    known   us   tin-
As a result there has hern a ureal got could it be discovered that there
.scurry lo cover The great major- Wouhl be any resignation. The halt)' of his followers realize that there rcsslon was conveyed that Mr. Hot-
is no one to Iill his shoes, and that ,|eil •,.„[ i,js leading men would fight
if he resigns the last condition ol the malcotitent.s-for one or two mal
the party will be worse lima the nntents *lhcre art—to a finish. It
tirst. Consequently a round robin was remarked that there would b
neither variableness nor shadow if
"This    can only    mean one thing:
that   the parties who bave been   ea
eavoring to make thc situation    so
[.comfortable for him that he woull
was gotten up praying Mr. Horden to
remain at tbe head of the party, and
assuring him of tin- cordial support,
sympathy and allegiance of bis foi
Tbis   was signed   by all the    Conservative  members    then in Ottawe, become heart-weary and resign
witb  the     exception of Messrs.
aud Forget, M.P.'s for Quebec
and Charlevoix, respectively,
backed by the other Quebec
capitalists and party manager!
Ptic official connection with thc party will
Wesl liavo in go    under,   so tar as      any
who. connection witb the work or policy of
Tory the party is    concerned. Thc_trouble
head- |s an old one.       For   the most part
ed the present insurrection, and with \ |KIS   been     occasioned   by       two
the exception of Messrs. Nortlirup, tilings: (1) jealousy; (2) the lact
Owen, Scbafiiicr, narnard, |)r.,Keld. i,.,i Mr, Horden is a man whose
of (ireuville, and E. N. Rhodes,   and   luracter   is above reproach. Pealing
possibly a few recalcitrants who still witn iln-   second     oi these eonsidera-
deelare themselves iu favor      of      a *jjj,ms nrst.     it may be   said      that'
change. here are a number ol men connected  |)jvjsjon i ,_
Yielding to the urgent request of n villi    the   Conservative party,       as
large   majority of bis followers, Mi. there are with all parties, who   nav
Horden has   for the present consented ax,.s \0 Rrind.      They feel that with
to    withhold  his resignation pending flr   Horden as premier no day       of
.ith wbicb   Mr. McBride is associated to come up [or consideration,   bis
name   should   at   once he mentioned.
We do   not    profess to know     what
the   future  may have In store       for
him; but we   know tbat be has   dis-
barged     his   dntf to     the province
without   any ulterior motive assocla-
ed with federal politics.     Any   suggestion to Ihe effect that he las ever woll|)| 7,,
sought or   desired to   supplant     M
Horden in the   leadership of the Co
servalive garty is absolutely without .','  .
warrant 'in fact.      We may go further and say that he has not had      ir
contemplation an entry into the    led
eral field."
ii would In- paid I
should sin-    die before i
expired tin- annuity  urn
tinned for the   rcmnind
term to sueb   person ns
name, thus   insuring   a
turn of $3,000, but, as
with tin-     proviso thai
survive     the ten     yeai
iiiliuiii'd io
nig as   sin-     might li
leath occur   before .*>"■ i
paid in     with I
lc ien
ltd  he
positive ic
las heen said,
»h<)lllll      she
s iln- nuuuitj
hei self s>
iv Should
II    thai      she
pel  cent  com
Mew      Hotel,   situate al   Mai
liritisli Columbia,   Irom L'liarl
Finch to Evan Thomas Crowti
Marysville, Hritish Columbia,
Dated   this    22nd   daj ol
C. 13, Finch
Holder of License.
E. T. Crowley
at Applicant   tot Tla
f|      Divisions
2 c
pound interest would go lo her helm
It i.s certainly a   mosl attractive In
vestment, and other fathers or moth
ers desiring to sd sn excellent      a
example     lo their
ages mny   ascertain
on the subject    In
postmaster, or   din
inteiident of Annuiti
whom all letters gj>     	
al Ah
III Id ren of any
lull Information
pplylng lo their
t to the Super
;, Ollawa,       to
some effort tn  again Bccurc  ni leasl
a semblance    of harmony
Tbe insurrection is recognized
premature, slace   no provision
Inst  made for a successor, and
result   Mi    Borden has no* thr
band    If he consents to i
leader it    uill he onh be
grail w
ill dawn for them     His main
Miss Alward
Division 11 —
Miss Dick
Division 111 -
Miss Currie
d united purpose iu politics has been to purify Division IV.
paity loyalty, nnd on the express sil
pulation thai faction tights and *..,
balling against him must cense
It     is understood   that Mi   Borden
himself   has    lieen in communication
with Prnnn. McBride of British Co
lumbla with   reference to t.»
cession to the    Opposition leadership
at  Ottawa, and has found ll.it      M
McBride is    unwilling   to come easl,
at    present,   al am     ute      Elthct
Premlei Roblln oi  Mt   Rogers wouhl
be   willing   t<» take     On-  Opposition
leadership, hm    the   western Conn:
vattvr members think that thej    ai
vorj   well placed, and as  Mi   Hmhi
■ *t Marquette, has aspirations, and Iw
is   uni    alone     in    this rcsprctj    tl P
Manitoba    ministers   would   not   i-
welcomed at Ottawa.
Tin- opposition   members (cai
H Mi    Borden retired to prlva
public life    He has sworn thai win
•ls  i-turned to power the pilferers     will
Wtta  disappear like snow in .lune.   Thus it
is   il is that sonic of the financial interests
whip o| ,1,,. province of Quebec have     dc
inltnuo   .i>   ter mined upon his downfall    Add   lo
aiise of bis  \nttm .„„. fl-ajjo    ;,S|lir,.s t»> take     Mi
Borden's place
Wain, ni coaise. there aie men
who have bonw bim personal ennui.
.'ust as everj strong man has his
enemies Mi Horden has had bis
These Inimical forces managed Un a
few days to sUmpede some ot thc
weaklings oi the party Tbey wen-
swayed lot a day or two, but have
swayed back again, when the evil ol
the  situation    was forced upon theli
* lutei si Mtdlaf Thp most serious
patt ol the opposition to Ml Horden.
u it is hall, senous, now lhat it is
revealed, comes from the province "t
Quebec it is i well known tact that
nol a single Conservative politician
i'i French Canadian extraction has
said a good   word for him in      tbat
[province Their spMClKS have heen
that apologetic There have beenotben nl
lid  course       The     moneyed   interests
Miss H   Alward
Division V —
Miss Henley
Division VI —
Miss Eaaton
Division VII.—
i   Miss Hamilton
Division VIII —
Miss Pati'ii
Division i\*   U.S.-
I.    l   Cranston
:iu UK   70.17
11 82   89.46
.ini lit
due D
Kl  out   to defeat  him BI
hv   Itodolphe  Forget,   M
al tin*   Juncture Sir Wilfrid     would I which have
bring "ii an    election, and the resull  represented
would he the annihilation of Ihe Cor {p., and Wm   Price, Mr, two      of
servattve   partj In Canada, and    iis the rlcheal   men in Canada    Anothci
relegation to Opposition for yeara to
• ■      There Is no doubl ol      the
t.ot itiat    Mi   Borden is tued      nl
Opposition leadership,    lie has   been
bothered   tn   distraction bj dissati
lied   members    of   the  Coascri stive
partj in parliament ami out
The Montreal group ol Coos.rvatiTc
intics, among whom is sn Hugh
Oraham, hate proved a particularly
Influence is ibat ■■( Rutui II Pope,
,a M p Tbese thter, it is slated,
have been conducting a lobby against
the Opposition leader j
■Sn Hugh Oraham was in Ottawa
loal evening, and while tt is true
that The Montreal star, his news
paper, has mvei done anything to
.i*.sisi Mi Horden, hut rathet en
deavored  to discredit him. tt is   not
Total .Coi
IVcicase  in aiti-ndanc	
ness Irom vaccination
Division 1
Oracle   Hlgglna,   Alfred McRitchie,
Ernest •lones, Bert Murgatroyd, Ash
ton  Powers.   Edith    Caslake,  Charlie
Division   II
Murray  Robertson,   -'osopblno To-
nit/. Martha Bennett, Percy Bargett
Mma Carson.    Vincent   Fink
Johnson,   lohn Pye
Division HI.
Vera   Bradwtn,   (Unity
Harriet Moffat, Russcl H
rion Lelteh.
Division IV
Gordon Taylor, Oordon Argue, Sadie Wood, Mary    Barnhardt, Melville
Dallas.    Karl King,    Alma   McNabb,
tiladvs Spence, Colinan '.'unit/
Division V.
According lo the "Stat
stract for the British Empire in cadi
year from tH.la to 1009," just is-
11 33 89.81 sued, Sydney comes seventh on the
list of the great cities of the empire with a population of liii.'i.nitii
It is the largest city Oversea, if the
cities of India an- imt taken Into
account. Melbourne is tenth, with
ai;2.oon people, ami Montreal eleventh, witb 500,000       it   is interesting
to note       that  the     mosl     iult-liscD
congested area in ibe empire is Hong
33.13   71.88 Kong, which bas   a population       ol
9,t587.S   to the    square    mile.    The
33.00   87.00  most sparsely inhabited area   is   the
Falkland Islands,     with     0.8  to thc
9.07   80.51   square mile.     The total value       of
 the empire's   trade in 1000 was tl,-
596,000,000, of which 78.2 per cent
was foreign, and the balance Inter-
Imperial 'lhe total tonnage of the
empire's shipping is 13,3*18,013.
s:t 12
(The Electric Restorer)
Elol, Ma
restores      every
to its normal ten
nerve in the body
| Nerves that havo been dormant (or
years will vibrate once more with
vigor. Two boxes of PHOSPHON-
01. bave been known to make weak
men (eel as they did at eighteen.
t Weakness is converted into strength
where PHOSPHONOL is used, premature  decay is    impossible, sexual
lucakness is converted Into strong
manhood, both physically ami    men
Muriel Batter, Irene Beech, Gladys tally.
Danny Da
thom ni his utile.   He bas tm n known just what Sir Hugh's influence I
t «i by his i rltlcal followers      to
abandon positions which ho hai taken
on greal    question*.,   notBhl)   on    Ihe
nnval i ssues, and this has been ' a
source of exasperation to him ami
ol weakness to the Conservative
part> There is a feeling in the
(Conservative ranks that aftei len
years' leadership, no mailer how in
different ihe following, Mi. Borden
should he nearer to
than he is at presenl
feeling   has    come t
Biook! ^.^^^—^^^——-—^^—^^—^
niels, Rub] Findb\, Ng Wai Hoy,' regardless ol join
Llllle Lancaster, Marv Laeey. Viola | PHOSPHONOL
Sarvis. Edward Tumor, lohn Turner prepared upon pi
Mabel McOoldrlc, Llllle Taylor, Ma- clples, bjr siperi
it- Campbell, Irene Bernard duces results
HOSPHONOL  is  your  medicine,
condition or age
is n new remedy,
rely scientific piin
chemists     it pro-
Sadie Sacey, Margate! Morrison, all forms of hm
Alma Sarvis, flarlleld Taylor, Irma lack of control,
Ward, Mali Ding, and   muscles,
Division   VII. [worry, blues,   i
has  heen iu ibis connection
Then there in Mr W. It   Nortlirup.
M P   for Easl Hustings.    He was an
BSplranl   for the leadership of       the
party in limn, when Mr. Borden   was
nppoinled.     He is understood to    to
still  an    aspirant   for that position.
He Is credited    with being one       . 1 Mali Otioiig Kin
those  nt the bottom ot    thc trouble
last year when an effort was      made
the premiership to .oust   Mr.    Borden.    Communlca*
Word of   thi   Rons from leading Conscrvatlvca    ii]Henderson, Ocrtrude Hopkins, Marga-
Mr    Borden ils   constituency  ol   East Hastings'ret  l.acey,   Pearl    Pratt,    Gladys
i.    prompt!]
e weakness,
twit*hing i.i nerves
lespondency,   mental
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      idefislon,  weak bej-1
Robert    Beaton,    Jessie    Femiessy,' and Impoverished blood.
Earl   Fennessy,    Norman   Campbell,'   Price:    13.00 a box, or two   boxes
Stanley    Mofl.it. Edith    Murgatroyd, for $5.00.    We will mall this to any
Marion Drummoiul.    address under separate cover on   re
Division VIII n-ipi of   price       TIIK PlIOSPHON-
Lt/vle   Chapman,   Merle    Bennett, OI, DRUG CO , St. Catharines, Out
Ethel Clapp,     Mable Finley, Murray | I It
These are a few of the worries In hla morning arc. however, that
bus had, and tbey have told to som ,.Im „s member of parliament has
extern on his health. He has been| ,„„ its course, and that bo will be
compelled to take bum vacations, uccceded as Conservative candidate,
und, being a man of Independent Ior- nt a„y rate, bv Mr. Harry Corby,
tune, has decided Ihal Ihe honor U hr, summing up, it may bo said
not worth the many sacrifices he <.ini (he disgruntled lorces have been
has been compelled lo make. ami swept aside by almost the entire
therefore decided   lo   resign   Though   orco of tho Conservative party.      A
htsjshacklrlon,     Hope
Welch.  Elsie Welch,
"Our baby   cries for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy,"   writes   Mrs. T. B.
Keiidink. Rasaca, (la.     "It is    the
hesl cough remedy on Ilu- market tor
  coughs, colds and   croup "   For sab-
he has rctiHiKidcred hm decision tor a round robin bas    hern passed aioumlUy all dralcis 7-tt
Taylor,    Verna
Annie (libson.
AImuvh Hi-' UeM (Juiiliiy nnd
QuM Bmtes. BafiMMMtn'i
lames. Op« Dvaml Nlsht.
Asaya Neurall
THE    NEW    f. EMEDY    FOR
Nervous Exhaustion
Ncrvutts Exhaustion unchecked
aclic, Insomnia, Digestive Dis-
tm'bauces, Mental Depression,ami
many serious organic disca-^.
Marly treatment with "AsAVA-
Xw.RAi.--." averts these. It feeds
the nerves, induces sleep, improves the appetite and diction,
and restores buoyancy of spirits.
A few doses convince. $t-50 ]x.*r
bottle. Obtain from the following
'.11 IT HERE SmC£ t^W*
- .'V. -    ~^**r   - - <jv
Wewanl everjroiieloknoM.
lljat wc are paying »
c~4)5 Inlereslr^
perannom aaJilr? rnlhly
> S upward) subject loWitV
drtMaat br checj-uc & -
<^5£ Interest-^
on time deposits ot *
\ltmvc3lni(int}' for climb B
10  I.uls.   Blook -V.  $475 hhoIi.      Will sell in |mir-*
^^^^^B .', Cash, balance '•'•. '» anil '.' mouths
s   I. .is.   lllock   II:   -*:.: nch.     Will sell in  jmirs
!. Casl,. balm     and    i ihs. I^L^_
These ar,. excellent investments ♦
BOX    1287
* *******************
dmtwl RbawialbiBinr-i.
SiFj'ouartiiol.'w.'iii-l •
tYilcmalitdlv. *■*■*-*■
deposits )y mail :^r::r^ „
» ♦ ♦ caiiityhmiltD— ^
'iMKan sciii) ^ Draff. \J
Pk.I Office * 6j(|'r.'o.i 0?
Orilfr or Re-.'dcrcj - *' A
better c. wilhir-wal*". m
-•—--•■■■     |
• iW)' TO' YOU W
Refer \TT** ■*•*•*■
or To anyone in*
Write ib about ft May
i it now
321 Cambi/Street
Vancouver B.C.
CAPITAL,- 510,000.000 REST. - 57,000.000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce w.e the most convenient
lorm in which to cam money when travelling. They are negotiable
everywhere, self-identify!ug, and the exact amount payable in the principal foreign countries U printed on the face ol every cheque, The
cheques are issued in denominations of
510. 520. 550. 5100 and 5200. 2,5
and may be obtained on application at the Bank.
In connection with its Travellers' Cheque*. The Caradlan Hank of
Commerce has issued a booklet entitled "Information of Interest to those
ahout to travel", which will be sent tree to anyone applying for it.
U* T.Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
▼▼▼WWWWWWWWWV """"""V~~™~™» 'WW™t*m*mWmrwmrW
I For Cash Customers
In order to induce Our Customers to pay Cash
for their purchases we are introducing a new
system which (I ves all who take advantage ol it a
Cash Discount of 5 per cent.
We will sell you a book of ticket, good for $5.10
for S * 75: and a book of tickets good for S10.01,
for S9.50. Call and see ua regarding this and we
shall be pleased to explain the matter thoroughly to you.	
P. BURNS CO., Ltd.
A Good   Home
is what is -War ut every man. A home
U where Peaoe, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reatoti
iiu'ii thronshont Hritish Columbia, when
"Cmnliroo1;" is mentioned think of the
provisions Joe, Brault has made f<-r an
i'lejil home al tin*
Canadian Hotel
♦ |aj.„ipimlt,!  IMI,
♦ Capital Maid l'p S6.300.mM, Reserve 16,000,000
♦ lotal Assets. Over Svs.ooo.ooo
IIOI.T, I'laai.l.nl        K. I.. I'F.ASE. lin.or.l Mal^a*(rr
& ot Kirns. Corporations and Individuals ,«la*iiwl.
um   :'**** 11 *■ i-iii,*.- iL*c,*i\,*a avt-rv attention.
-win*.   DKIMimiKNT- Depo.lt.ol tl (,' snd upwards r«i ied
an.I interest slloired at earren| rate.   Nu (ormallty ,., delay In
ivltlidfav   1
\ il rUnklng Bnslnetitreosactad.
Cranhrook Branch: D. D. Mel.AW S, Manager
************ *********************************
Will iill promptly
.•ill onlora for:
S II KruitH
licisc-B nii'l Flowerina Slirubi
Alio Prttll Trees.
«-5t I
EBt'.fiii'-'.-j.-,. .... .-'terni.:*
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
MEDALIST    OF     THE   I.iaihiN
Terms on ..j.j.ia .,-
* .j.i 1 ■•.. p ii ciii I
My  tlu
i. Hi-.iiu',
Managing 1
CR4NBK00K. If. C., April ft. I''il
li will lie noted that ihe city
round] has decided in take no im
mediate action in the matter ol thc
removal ol Lhu 1-2 vote, mj called
The reason tor this decision \s quite
intelligible The council, aa nl pre
sent advised, is nol quite certain uf
Its powers iu i lie mattei. neitbei
bove llic nppi nenii. ol litis Vote, as
yet, placed i-learh before Iho council
Iheh    w isln     In   :l:<  in.iii-1, unless
Ihal  thej
'II,     .1        I.il
Mi Ini
tn  t.i
wi' ale i<i bj suti
its entire   abolition
woll   understand this, ni
eotuicil,   being     imw lllltig
When this   nintli i  flrsl i an ■■
11 iou   > onsfderation .unl iln- pi
nl   watt made foi lhe entire alio
i.i Hi.'    o call rt       vnli     ■   |i
mil   thai  Mich     .i Ktcp H'ulllil he
!•• justtf\, as ii would iluitraiicli
number nl oil izoi , in evei j respecl
save thai "i beini; ownei * * i registei
nl   properly,   entitled    in lhe (run
enls i
1 hi.si-
jj! iln
lull I
SO  .1
believe thai the oppon
s to   saj
iln- ah usi
in   it
vote, t
who Im
i".i   in lhe    |:
welfare    ol the    citj
advised to   secure let
tin- preparation of an
nji.ni-.i il   I
■ii  n   [titration
no v.i II ilefim d lul
.unl general
would be well
I advice       im
,I.U lullm ni      lo
he hns in mlud,   In  fact, such       an
outcome ol nlluii's was predicted,   al
ihr Miine etlng, bv ono 'if his loyal
followers and fellon  townsnieli,    Mi
II   II   Watson.
lu his
il this
budget speech mi T
•el,, Finance Minislei
[ng was ahle once again to malt
stateinenl i»i the most uatlsfa
nature regarding the Jnanccs ol
K  in be
It is
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol jwjori
is every nerve Id the i
_ proper tension ; roll
v\m nnd vitality, Premature dMi.yii.nu nilm
wenknett amied ut once.    Phoaphoaot
make vmi ■■ new num.   Price III a lion, m twi	
|!V   M.illcl titaiiv address.   Th»Bcobell Drupj
Co,, St. OAlharlnM, Onl.
For salo ul Ucatie, Murphy
id    pi
hihpii it
laps, nol great-
I thai the Tor
crying oul "Let well
■ " They are simply
V the wonderful prosperity of the country
administration. When
; in the constantly re-
thai characterized
ration it is almost awe
realize that undei 1,illinium,    with    vastly
greater expenditures, n sh
possible Ior the finance ml
announce n      surplus    of
 .lien      In view of such
diowlng there need be no i
Iterleiiced nl Ihe prospectit
1 ■. i  three millions of i
the mloptioji ui ihe reciprocity
ment, thai will nimplj mean s*
mivmg iu iln- consumers ul i
\ii   Fielding anticipates an ev
over (20,
a splendid
njjlelj e\
- loss    of
venue   In
iu agree
j lar
On ll
bylaw, regulai iii|! lliii mat tei
which, whilsi eonservtnji lhe privi
lege ol the franchise to bniin llde re
sideutH ni lhe city, who foi the lime
being maj nol be property ownei ,
Inn whoso everj intere t is tied up
in the prospeiiti ami pro t, ol Uu
eitv. would ki ep ofl the I isl n en
transients, and n < Ini "I men, main
Iy occasional vi .Huts, and in no
sens.- of tin* word bona fide re.id
nils, who will lend tlieni   li i lo
crooked electioneering devices. \s a
matter of fact, i lose unpen ision ol
lhe Msl and strict enforcement ->i tin
laws governing its preparation, will
result more elTcctipelj in safeguard'
ing the jusl rights ol prnpi i Ij o« n
els lhat) anj inleiferenco uIth the
existing fram hi v. regulations,
Liberals as well as < '..ns«'H ,il h es
Will rejoice in ihr facl thai Ihe el
[oris of ,. eel lain clique in the Tory
partj in oust Mi i: I, Horden
from tin- leadership, have teen
thwarted. We can well appreciate
the fact thai Ml Borden Becks rellel
from t It*- ard tinu . rtutiei i I :.i |
tion, ami wr i nn sympathize, in
certain extent, willi the apparent
prevalent opinion in Torj rank.
thai Mr, Borden's retirement wi uld
make for the strengthening of the
partj. at ihe same lime we regard
with unqualified eon tempi lhe edorls
of a few sell seekers in the pai tj t
humiliate a man wl <i has proved
himself worthy, in everj respect,   ol
(ei sin pins nexl year,
leciplnclty agreemenl,
iti of surpluses, Uu
ter said:
••Then-    m.i. lie      ^^^^^^
where a huge surplus nl such u
character would bo upon lo criticism,
li it were the resull of nn increase
nf burdensome luxation ii would   be
>iu'ii   in    criticism,   hut   In      ihis
; instance taxation   was    lower   than
before, bul   owing to   the nourishing
ondition oi iht- country the amount
collected was larger Kales of ells
touts taxation wen- lower than tin
previous year. When Ihis surplus
comes in us irom n system ol laxa
Hon which is nnt open lo the charge
of being   generally burdensome,       I
lllink we tin well In take Iht- surplus
hlained in His way uiul use it ill
paying ini some portion of mu cap!
tai and special charges tlmt other-
ise would ha\e to he replaced by
iildii imis In the public debt."
Last Sunday morning Moj ie wus
shocked by the tragic death of Edward Desaulnicr, proprietor ol thc
Central hotel, who shot himself. Do-
saulnicr was well un in years, being
over sixty, and lu- had heen wot
lug a great deal about his hiisine
owing tn iln- depression prevalent
lhe tamp,   uud     in  Ihr   approaching
III    SOU   [ll
the wo
y dellbe
a slick
in a eh:
Wt.id was
the high trust imposed In hint
his parly The treacherous
iiuial ol Sn Mm ken le Howell
IK-HI is recalled hv the pn scnl
lurhanccs In tl <• Tory ranks
pili  Mr, Borden has retained
support    nf  Iln-  till-ill   bulk  nt  hi -   iiii
mediate followers in the hnui■■ and
(or the time being is master of the
situation, imt it i.s nbviotu tn it un
less lu- lake a strong grip ol the nil
nation anil plan- the traitors in his
ranks where they belong, his (enure
nf office will In inn <>f brief duration.
A partj split hi intrigue and dissen
ir rlinl
the ranks, can offer
in inlelli
I eh
fi-(!ciicrnl Bowser is aulluil
in for the statement that there will
be a   Dominion election before     the
lapse ol lhe ti'-xt twelve months, in
order, as be puts it, tn evade ihr re
distribution ol seal in fai t, Mr
Bowsci would appeal In be remarkably conversant with a numbei ol
fads of which ilu' ureal mass ul the
Canadian people kno*v nothing Sol
only Is he iu ,. pa dtlon to announce
an early   Dominion   general elci  Ion,
hut ho was ahle to inf a Vaneou
ver    meeting   thai Ihi     ri i lj roi It]
agreemenl    was i d on the Cana
dian negoliatoi       Mj   Bowsei     did
nol say if Hon   1!    Wi Bride Ini
to ''mii ihe   Dominion field and turn
the provincial premiership over     to
himself, bul   doubtless Ihal Is   what
received iu town on Sun
•laj Insl lhat Warren Delleck had
.uci'uinlieil to lhe white plague at
llie Sanatorium, al Tranquille, near
(nmloops. This sad intelligence
.v.ts received with sincere i eg let by
be many friends of young DeBcck iu
his citl ll was known that he
was pretty fai advanced in consumption, hul it was hoped tbat his stay
it lhe Sanitarium would prove help-
ul .uut thai he might soon bi< about
Deeeased was quite a well known
i<luiii', Inning played Tor his native
ui, New Westminster, iu lacrosse,
mskel hall ami baseball, and having
taken an active part in these and all
•Ilnr games during Ihe years he
im-iI in ihis cltj.
Delleck eame in Cranbrook from
mm Westminster in September
Itm:,, and entered the employ of
W 11 Wilson, the jeweler, with
i'hom he remained until April, IfllO,
vhen he lefl for Fori Oeorge. In
IBOfl Mr. DeBcck was married to
Miss Alice Tuiiibull, like himself,
native bom of the ltoyal City. At
fori Oeorge DeBeck filled the position ol postmaster. He was also
iccrelary ol thc Fori George Telephone company, and conducted a Jew-
Ity store. Ile was back in ('ran
brook last fall mi business in eon
i.iimn with the telephone company, mainly a Cranbrook concern.
and upon his return look his wife
with him, she being one of Die
three white women residing at Fort
Oeorge, Soon after his return lie
was taken sick and finally became so
had tiial   il      was   decided  In remove
him t<> K'amloops. The nip out
from Fort George lo Ashcrolt hy
sleigh lasted nine   days, undoubtedly
uoied too severe an experience and
hastened his end.
Mi W II Wilson, who had lhe
best of opportunities ol judging    the
harader of lhe deceased, speaks in
terms of Mann praise of bis manv
excellent qualities. Young Delleck
was a member of the Masonic order, having joined    the craft in   this
iti, and his funeral, which took
place in New Westminster yesterday
ifternoon, was under Masonic aus-
plces    D   .1 McSweyn,     Maurice
Qualn   and   Watson Hall, of       ihis
ity. were with the deceased when
the end came.
line ol I
Wb.-iia   ^^^
eased went aboul
imt ing his hie ve
p a rille   with
string, so thai sitting
could jmiIi tin- iiiggei, which
with fatal elTecl
I'lu funeral look place In ibis cily
on Tuesday, nml was attended by a
large lllimbei ol bis Movie friends,
Including his sou and brothel, A
daughlei, who has been living iu
Montreal, Is on hit wav out, Intending lo lake up residence with lu-r
brother ami uncle mi the Alberta
lunch, after a brief • istt to her
fai lu-r.
.lames Finlay, general manager cl
lhe Maple Leaf colliery, returned
home yesterday. Seen by the Herald in reference lo llic strike situation in the Crows Nesl Pass, Mr,
Finlay lull mated Ihal there was no
present prospect of resumption ol
work. There was au abundance ni
coal on hand lo last probably three
months. There was on disorder oi
disturbance of any kind. The men
had quietly removed their tools and
quit work, bul had not interfered
wilh lhe men necessary to keep the
pits iu working order.
Mr. Finlay could    oiler   no siigges-
Apiil UU).
the pastor will preach at 11 and
Sunday School and Bible classes al
evening discourse
all who go lo
Subject for
Scarlet Line.
A hearty wchoini
no other church.
Visitors and those passing through
tho city will he made to feel at
home at this service.
Tuesday.—Kp wo rth League meeting
at 8. Subject: "Paul's Later Missionary Work."
Thursday,—Devotional and social
Friday.—Special practice for the
Kaster music All members are requested io be in attendance
"A I.itlle (lul Who Saved a (treat
Man" will be the subject of Ilu
morning service and il will be of
speeial In tores I to the boys and girls
to whom u special invitation is giv
en to be presenl. Come uud bring
Evening subject: "(idm/i and the
Gospel of Kiishu." Rev, c. W.
King at both services, 11 a.m. nnd
n.80 p.m.
Afternoon Hible school with clussc
for everybody at 3.
Monday evening at 8, the Voung
people's meeting.
Wednesday, 8 p.m., mid-week meet
ing for prayer and praise.
A cordial Christian welcome to all
Hon as to tlu
time      oi
of       possible
t lemon I.
(be striki
accept tin
probable length
the        strike,      ■-■
terms      ol     se
The    men     would    m
i possible terms    j
ease of pay offered
i  per eenl
i  per  cell
in trouble
and are standing out   to
Mr. Finlay anticipate!
ICggs! Eggs! 80c
Kootenay Produce
per do/en —Fast
and Provision Co.
Taylor Milling and Elevator Co.,
Maim foe tnrerfl i»f tho famous
' Pride ol Alberta "
"Mother's Favorite Flour."
Otficonml U'nreliousn on O.P'R, Limits,
W.-si of Fn iglit Sheds.
»♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦v* >«♦♦♦«♦♦♦i
The liritisli Columbia Sunday
School association of Kasl Kootenav
distriet will hold its annual convention in Craiihionk next Tuesday anl
Wednesday, April 11 Hi and 12lh
Kev. .1. W. Williamson, general secretary, will be present, together
with V. K. Malum, superintendent ol
lhe largest .Sunday school in It.!'.,
anil II. -I Knott, chairman of tbe
leiitral committee.
The meetings will ho held in tbe
Knox school room on Tuesday at
8 o'clock. This convention Is to
consider the best means of advancing
lhe success of the Sunday school
work ami should interest alt parents,
S. S. workers, scholars, and minis
icis. An Invitation bas heen extended to Creston, Movie, Kimberley, Marysville. WydifTe, Fort Steele,
Kriday evening last the C.P.R ollices defeated tlie team representing
Baker St. North, liv three strings to
ll. Wcisliinil ran it*) the liigliest
score lioth for singles and agKregale,
liis figures being 216 nnd Hit* respectively.
Mauler ....
Weishrod ....
.. 97
1.33- 427
150- 122
1211— :i«!)
123— 338
122- 1115
717   (170   1151-21111
[.unilhct-j* ..
(larrett ...
1 lanes 	
.. 81
no- in
III— 150
121- 331
02- 252
113- 361
On   Monday ovening
C.A. ran   away
eantile Co. team
(id I   007—1838
last the V.M
frnm the Kink Mer
heating them 3   to
li.   The   Y.M.C.A. ran up the record
score fur the series so far, making
total   of   2250 for the three strings.
Hall took   the hie.li singles with 170,
whilst the Rev. ('. 0. Main was liigliest aggregate with 100.
Main  170   137   150- 166
Stlnson  171   103  121- lol
Hall  138   170   120- 113
Teet  132   151   151— 131
Cranston   102   131   1511- 155
770   701   722-2250
and Kernie      li
Wardner. Klkmoulh      	
send delegates.
Ai the regular monthly meeting of
Selkirk Preceptory, No. 15, last Monday evening, ollieers for the ensuing
year were elected as follows:
Sir Kniuhl  I>,    J. McSweyn—I'rin-
ipai preceptor.
Sir Knlghl Dr. Miles—Constable.
Sir Knight l». J. Johnson—Marshall.
Sir Knight W. 11. Wilson—Sub-
sir Knlghl M. A. Bcalo—Registrar,
Sir Knight F. .1. Deanc—Chaplain.
Sir Knight Dr. Boll—Treasurer.
.Sundays—Low mass at K 30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.u:.; Sunday school
rrom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and lk'lie-
dlctlon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
W*Mk davs—Maas at 6 am at the
Kather 1'lamondon,
Part* Print.
April 0.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
S. S. and llihle class nt 3.30 p.m.
Evening service at 7.30.
It is expected one of tlie visiting
Y.M.C.A. secretaries will speak.
On Tuesday evening the Young
People's Guild will give place to the
Sunday School convention to bo opened that evening in ivnox sehool
room, conducted hy Rev. .1. \V. Williamson.
W.F.M.s. on Thursday, April 18th,
nt 3.30 p.m. at lhe manse.
Cookery and apron sale in Ilu*
sehool room on Saturdnv, April
0. O. Main,
Fulton ...
Hrown ....
Mcl.eud .,
..   08
. 06
111- 380
110- 2115
112- 382
118- 310
145- 3011
in price, but oil
Wordens' Dray.
Every color now in
stock; ask lor a
color card: or if out
of town. We will be
glad to mail one.
F. Parks
(Successors to McCallum
& Company)
Hardware Merchants
Cranbrook, B.C.
■■*.■ .'.un 665—1763
In tbo name played on Tuesday
ni^ht linker St. .South made a valient eflort to heat the record held by]
llie V.M.C.A., but fell short by 1-1
[tins. They, however, managed to
heat the Offices by <i strings to n.
wlik'lt was some consolation to thom.
I've scored the single string highest
wilh   218 hut was beaten for tbe as-
gregato by .
who i
Johnston ...
Tnphatii ... .
1 lu
ll 3
Tho Cranbrooh Haptist church held
a social Tuesday p.m. with (ieneral
Secretary Harknesft, of Winnipeg, as
guest of the evening. Mr. Ilarkness
Is tbe executive head of the Baptist
union of Western Canada and is vis
lllng the fields of the llritisb Columbia und Alberta conventions. There:
was a good turnout ol the members|
of tbe congregation and his address
was listened to with interest. He
reviewed the organization, the evangelical, missionary and educational
enterprises of thc denomination as
undertaken by the churches of the
four western provinces, Including the
seven conventions in thc union. Four
of these are Knglish and three non-
Knglish speaking and include a mom
bcrshlp of over 11,000. There are
two colleges, one at Brandon, Man.,
the other at .Summerland, B.C.; and
an annual expenditure of $87,000 is
made by the union, chiefly in giving
the gospel tn new and growing settlements, the weaker churches, and
iu reaching the European populations   UirongiU£  into   tbe   country.
Refreshments were served by tlie
ladies committee at thc close, when
a social time was enjoyed. Mr.
Ilarkness has expressed himself as
well pleased with the thriving and
enterprising spirit of the people of
t'ranbrook and the beautiful scenery
surrounding tho town. He left for
Nelson and other points west on the
Wednesday noon train.
.Sittings of the supreme court for
tho trial of civil suits will be held
in this city on May 25th and at (lol
don on May 2!Mh.
The Herald has received from .1. S.
Carter, G.P.A., C.P.R. Winnipeg, a
copy of a very handsome booklet issued by the big corporation, entitled
"Tbe Coronation ol Oeorge V," and
giving a concise outline of tbe
services at tbe coronation in Westminster Abbey, with a number ol
beautiful illustrations. The production Is in every way most artistic
and forms a beautiful memento ol a
most interesting occasion.
1». D. Morrison and P. W. Reeves,
former Cranbrook residents, have entered the real   estate business       In
Do Not Be misled
Joseph Ryan
SANGA directly on the oust shore of Kootenay Lake,
ono of the most beautiful situations in the
Kootenay country, 52 acres of prime fruit
lund, close by Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing. Fee simple title. A bargain at
$100 UU an acre will sell at $115.00.
CRESTON. Seven acres cleared. About four und
a half acres were crop (outs) lust season' All
ready for fruit planting. Fenced with four
rnws of barbed wire strung on cedar posts.
Nice little shack with stove, etc. Well partly
sunk. Fee simple title. The greatest bargain
in the market and an admirable*  investment.
London and Lancashire Llie Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation
Accident, Health, Plate Glass, Automobile Assurance
Why not insure against sickness?
R.aworth Block,
Baker St.* Cranbrook.
*********** 0********************************
llltc.i Grade
P. 0. BOX 831
High immI Low
Preseurt* Ht.'tiui 11.-,. t tt,ta|
I     \ in lllllll H'atama
Vapor Hyat,*„,H
Ulna, nml i:\liiiu-l
!   ViutlliitiiiB Myati'm
j  Ilui Water ttyatema
Victoria, in partnership with Mr.'A. E. Wayland's claim, being the in-
Kandolph Stuart. Baron von (}ersi*- torscctlon ol the north line of the
walil, who until recently also resid- propertj* ot the t'rows Nest I'ass
ni in this city, has gone down tn Coal Company's land, and a survey
Victoria with his wire, and will join line running north and south, the
tin* above firm. same being the initial post ol I. II.
Dr. V. \V.(ircen contemplates the Preston's claim and marked "I. H.
re-organization uf the old Cran- Preston's southeast corner," thence
brook Gun club. He will be pleased 8(1 chains west, thence 80 chains
to hear from others desirous ol es- north, thence 80 chains east, thence
tablishiiig sue]*, a ciuli and in tin* 80 chains south to place of beginning,
course ol a few days proposes to call containing <*I0 acres, more or less,
a meeting for   organization purposes. J !. H. Preston, Locator
All the   neighboring towns have gun'
i lubs and tiiere is no reason       why j
Itatice l.ameroux,
Located .Ian. 211th, 1011.
Cranbrook should nut fall in .line.
(lame Warden .lames Hates paid an
oflicial visit to Creston last week
and in course of his investigations
encountered several eases of deer
trapping, in which others than Indians were implicated The matter
is heing carefully enquired into and
prosecutions will follow.
The attention of tho Iluruhl hns
lieen culled to a certain price list,
emanating from a Fernie business
house, that hns lieen widely distributed throughout thn city,
appealing to Cranhrook housekeepers to deal with them, under
promise of refund of railwav fnre,
if goods to n certain amount he
Tho Herald desires ti make a
few references to this assault upon
Ihe local market, references which
nre founded upon indisputable
facts. The rensou for this Hooding of tho city with circulars from
Fernie is quite obvious. Owing
to thn tie-up of the coal mines this
Fernio house foresees fulling olf
iu trade nud is attempting to make
a raid upon the territory of its
Crnnhrook competitor.. Und
such circumstances it might lie
reasonable to assume thnt con
•idurnble advantages were to bo
gnined. but uu examination of the
price list discloses nn entirely
different state of a Hairs. I n brief,
it shows thnt the local merchants
are retailing Indies' uud men's
furnishings, household furniture,
boots and sIioob, hardwire, crockery, etc., nt prices that are not
beaten by tho Fernie house nnd
in sonic cases aro appreciably
lower than those now offered.
Whilst the Femie list is largely
devoted to groceries, it must he
born iu mind that the offer of
refund of railway fare does not
apply to purchases of groceries.
Cranbrook housekeepers have
over been loynl to their home
town and once these facts are
taken into consideration, there is
but little reason to fear that the
projected raid on this market will
have any appreciable effect.
The Huflalo curtain stretcher $2 7
Iron boards $2.75.
Xow is
To purchase  what every
famiIv should own, thut is n
1 can supply you with n
superb make, ut Prices aud
Terms Hitherto Unknown.
It will pay you lo investigate. Drop in und hnve
a little talk about it.
"Every thing in Music and
.Musical Instruments."
Two Doors from I'osl lllliee.
Phone 7105.
52-tl (
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
I balers lu
Fresh and Cured
ry. (lame  uud Fish
in Season.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co. |
-t  ®
The Old P. Wood's
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands (or the district of
East, Kootenay, lor a license tn prospect for coal and petroleum nn the
following described land, located on
thc North Fork nt Michel Creek, five
miles north of thn Crows Nest I'ass
llranrh of the Canadian Pacific Railway:
Commencing at the S. W. corner si
if you appreciate a pure
s|mrkling beverage. There
is not another brand so well
known ns
Vou mny Older nny flavor
you like, one is t ipinlly  ns
good ns another. If you
hnvo never tasted (lur
Drinks,    you    are   surely
losing a treat. Order to-day
East Kootenay Bottling
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown nnd Bridge Work
n specialty.
Phone No. 2IIIJ     Armstrong Ave.
Cranbrook, B.C. TUKCKAMlliOOK    IIICI.'AU)
Surgical Dressings
E have just received a large consignment of
TIMT    Illl ail. and Syil.
i-illt I Paokaia,
GAUZE '"'^a-18"
All are made by Johnson & Johnson, the
leading manufacturers in these lines.
Have you tried their SHAVING CREAM?
It's a winner.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd,
Tlie Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, British Columbit
ItiWilraiii    i
In M uilii
Ut rrlinr lhe sMu
il |ik'(iMirr
Spring Attire
The bye Sight
la   nature's   al   precious
gift.    Should   vo ti   require
advice call uml h.-u us.    Wu
guarantee to Rive  relief
the most troublesome of cae
Raworth   Bros.
Grttdunle Opticians
Jt ni
- bur
Htil shifts,   twill ciir!.int full size,
11.65 palr.-C t\ S.
Mr. Howitt Chase,   ol   Fori   William, Is visiting Mi. A. ('. Pye.
Fresh killed    chickens   al       East
Kootctiay Butcher Co.
Roy Burgo is In from Perry   Creek
Bed sheets,   twill cotton, full size,
$1.65 pair.—C. c. S.
Pride ol Albert and   Mother's Favorite (lour at Ward awl Harris. I
Don't    miss   Bealo   audi   Elwoll's
splendid   oflerinns     Ibis week.   Just j
take a look at their advertisement.   '
Eggs I Eggs I 80c.   per dozen.—Easl
Kootenay Produce and Provision Co |
E. Mailnndaine    and     0.  Erickson,
left yesterday for Skookumchuck.
Bed sheets, twill eotton, lull size,
%i.lb pair.—C, c. .s.
Home made  candy 20c. pel
ttirday only at The Palm.
If you   want a car   with 1
aney, the  resiliency of much     mote
expensive cats, buy a Reo.
Orders taken lor home mown
mushrooms at Kink's Pure Food Qro
Bed sheets, twill cotton, full size,
fl,65 pair.—('  C. s
Prime mast beef at East Kootcna)
Butcher Co.
W. K JohtHHtn is a! pn siiii ,n
Waldo, Installing a blowei system
for tbe Baki-r Lumber compan)
Bed sheets, twill cotton, full si.,'.
II 65 pnii —C. V  S.
Map nf Italy olive oil—the genutni
pun- nil —Campbell and Manning
A Monanh Stumping machine In
flrst-closs condition, verj powerlnl,
lot sale at a bargain, s.f patmon
lonced   tadv  stcnographei
Box .10, Fernie. It C
A tents J3.7ft.-0C S
The infant   BOn ol      M'   and Mis
John Mii-iii:;iii died "ii Mondaj     and
was burled on Tuesday, He.\   Pathei
pliiiiitiuili'ii officiating nt Hie (unri.ii
"iiv    Gall"   s.m|>   foi     removini
stiinis   front carpets ainl clothes    ai
Fink's Pun- Kood Orocery.
ij t Flowetllng's appolntmenl a ■
a clerk in the local government nl
the is gazetted this week
KM*' Kkks! BOc pei dozen —East
Kootcnaj Produce and Provision Co
Ono in u Canadian Swcrson'
stump pulh-i wtth nil attachment
ready foi use foiling i heap«
Cranbrook Trading Co
Bed sllirls, twill eotton. full si -,-,
ll 66 pall -C   C   S
;    WANTED.—About one     dozen
good laying hens.     Any breed. State
price   to Box 2115. 7
Beale and Elwell are offering a
couple of properties tbis week which
ate snaps.     Bead their ad.
Geo. II. Thompson, city solicitor,
is iu Victoria and will take tip the
question of tbe $2 vote with Attorney-General Bowser during his stay
at tbe capital.
A tents $3.75.-C.C.S.
A full line of fresh fruits at Ward
and Harris.
FOR SALE.—Ono Belgian bare and
seven half bred Belgian hates.    Apply
Percy Bardgett. u it
lee (Team bricking a specialty    at
| Tin- Palm.
' The Fink Mercantile Co. arc show
; ini; the lincst dates ever offered foi
! sale iu this city. Tbey arc large.
I plump, juicy fruit—delicious in flavor
See window display.
I Buy your tents while the price Is
| down    A  tents $3.75.—C.  C. S.
(Jeo. P. Tisdale has Imported a
carload of agricultural machincn
irom Calgary for bis Si. Mary's
Prairie ranch.
Bed sheets, twill cotton, full size,
$1.65 pair.-C. C. .s.
Eggs! Eggs! SOc, per dozen.—East
Kootenay Produce and provision Co
LOST.—Alrdale terrier, black and
ton, with grey hairs mixed in black,
tail docked. Return to W a Roi
lins. Royal hotel lilt*
Don'l forgcl to order youi Eostet
dowels rally You will then get
ibe Iii si choice.—Campbell and
Buy your tents while the price i-
!.j\, i       \   leliN  IS.76.—C.   C   S
Prime Llmbcrger cheese at Ward
ami Harris
If you want to buy wfth both suit
•f youi   >,       bU]   a     Reo. The lu.iu
mum oi accessibility, simplicity, dc
paodablllty—tbo tar tor every man
•Cranbrook Trading Co
A tents S3.75.--C c s
Eggs! Enfts' 80c, per do/en — East
Kootenay Produce nnd provision Co
Bed shirts,    twill cotton, full si/e,
HI ..:. pair.—C  0. S,
Mis t i.   South   returned toda,
(mm Iiiitisluil, Alberta, when- she
was called last week end by Ihr sud
den death of lu-r brother, Robert
Utii Iii Kite
ll ul cloth 88c  si|. yd -f C s
Swift's Premium   hams and bacoi
al   l.'asl   Kootenay Butcher Co
SALE 18.0 pet luad delivered
Tin- Ring Lumber Mills, Ltd, phoni
IT, P  ('   Bov V. Mt
I Do you want a 20$ investment
The property wo offered last week for $750.00
must be sold this week.    Price is reduced to
$700.00  Only
Is rented for $16 a month. 5 rooms, water,
electric light, sink. This splendid offer is only
good for one week.
Proven in coasl to co
A twits $8.7fl.-O.C.S
Miss Wellman   announce
forte recital by her pupils    to       be
given in the Masonic bu!! April lflth
at 8.,'Ill   p.m.   Programme to he   announced later.
Flour oil clolh 35c. sq. yd.—C.C.S.
Butch sets and garden seeds of  all
kinds at Campbell aud Manning's.
For snaps read Beale and Klwell's
ad, this week.
Floor rugs, big shipment just arrived from Glasgow. New designs
and prices to suit all— C,  C. S.
Finest creamery butter, 4 Ihs. foi
J1.00.—East Kootenay Produce and
'rovision Co.
A bowliiiK match has been arranged
between     the Fink Mercantile   company and Campbell and Manning's to
lake place probably on Tuesday night
Floor oil cloth 35c. aq. yd.—C.C.S.
Beo made world's   record of      ten
days, fifteen hours, thirteen minutes,
lowering record ol   J I,nub ear       hv
four days, eleven hours.
Floor oil cloth 35c, sq. yd.—C.C.S
The    Fink   Mercantile   Co, expec!
their  advance shipment ol strawberries in the   course     ol a   few days
Leave your orders now, as the ship
ment will be small.
FOB SALE.-S. C. Brown Leg-
born eggs $2.00 per 13; Buff Orpington eggs $2.00 per 18, My birds won
eleven prizes nl the Cranhrook
Fall Fair Insl yeai — lf. II. Slater,
'phone 'J"2. 6-3t*
Floor oil cloth 35c. sq. yd.-C.C.S
H,  L.    Sawyer, ol   Marysville; Ai
thm Hlggins, *-f Kimberley. and Geo.
P. Tisdale, of   Wyclille, arc gazetted
illectors of votes f<»r the Cranbrook
Electoral district.
Flower City   marsh   mallows 11.50
for a    ■"> lb.   box this  week   only al
The Palm
Floor oil cloth 35c. sq. yd —C C S
Patmorc Bros; are Installing     thc
latest and   most modern styles       ol
switch boxes and sepcrators in   their
blower systems   and are turning oui
a lot of  work.   Mr. K.   II   Patmore,
who has    charge "f this   work,   lias
tad b      large   experience,   covering
many   years  and their   work always
gives satisfaction.
Floor oil cloth S5c   sq   \«l —C C S
Tbe regular   monthly meeting     ol
the Fanners' Institute will be    held
in tho   \ M.C.A   committee    rooms
at 3 o'clock     Wednesday    afternoon
Floor oil cloth 35c. sq. yd.—C.C.S
FOR    SALE!.—Transposing    scale
Ileintzman and Co. piano, worth new
(600.00, Sale price 1300 t"i. See Wm
Ouerard, Opera lions. .j tf
Steele   Bttggs and McKenztc's new
seasons field  and garden s^i-ds       el
Kink's Pure Food Grocery
Linoleum, 50c. sq   \lard.—V   C   S
\le\   Blttclc,   o    former Cranbrook
boy, was in town   the earl) part   of
the week ftotn Corbin, where he is at
presenl employed,
Linoleum, 50c, st). yard— o c  s
Vtways remember wo are headquarters     fur   choice   confectionery   and
fresh  fruits.—Campboll and Manning
Finest creamery butter. *{ Hjs.   for
(I IHI—Fust    Kootenay  Pioduce   and
Provision Co.
\ nulmbci of Fori Steele resident
We want you lo come
in and examine our wheels
and satisfy yourself of the
big value we are (jiving
this season on thc High-
Grade Massey Silver
Ribbon" and our Rudge*
Whitworth wheels You
cannot afford to send away
for your mount. Oui prices
make it to your interest to
purchase here.
"The Range Store"
_ n
wen-  in town    ycstcrilin,   including
■ los. Walsh, ll.L.T. Galbralth, T. T
McVittic, A. Doyle, W Tallin, K,
M. Voung, and .Mrs. Oalbralth,
Linoleum, 50c, sq. yunl.-c. c. S.
In cases of rheumatism relief from
pain makes sleep and ri si possible
Tbis may be obtained bj applying
Chamberlain's Liniment. I'm sate hy
all dealers. 7 n
Hruce Hrown, former!) on the start
of the .1. 1). McBride hardwnre stoic,
is once again a   Cranhtonk   resident
lie returned    from   Fernle a      tow
days ago to take n position wilh F.
Parks and Co,
Linoleum, fine. sq. yard.—C. c. s.
Seville bitter   oranges for manual
ade at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Tbe resignation uf Mi. James As
worth, as general manager of the
ipcratlng department of tin- Crows
Nest I'ass Coal company, is announced. He will be succeeded by
Mr. .L It. Wilson.
For dainty   hand-palntcd or Limoges   china sec   our stock.—Campbell
and Manning.
Linoleum, 50c, sq. yttrd.—C. c. S
■ 1 It, Terry, provincial poultry in
spector, will address a meeting In
Mlghton's hall, over Lester Clapp's
tobacco slon- on Friday evening,
April Tib. at 8.30. Every person Interested in poultry raising is invite I
to be present.
Spring lamb at Easl Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Floor rugs, bin shipment just arrived from Glasgow, New designs
ami prices to suit all.—C, C. S.
(lus Andecn is having plans prepared Ior a new hotel al Kitchener, for
which he lias already secured a license The new hotel is to meet the
requirements of sportsmen wbo Hoc".
to that locality for the excellent
fishing and bunting.
McCreery Bros. Clothing for Spring
1911. embodies all that is new and handsome in the clothing business. Besides
being dressy it is distinctive, and the
(it and finish of every garment is per-
perfecl. We ask you to look through
our stock. These statements will prove
$7,00 to $30,00
Hundreds of the most popular
patterns to choose from if you wish a
Suit made to your measure
A Guarantee With Every Suit
$20.00 to $35.00
Ladies' Suits, Coats, Dresses
Our assortment ol Suits, Coats and Dresses
eclipses anything before shown in Cranbrook. Wc
have the color, material and style that will suit you
Charming Garments for Easter
A new shipment just in The separate skirt
is most popular. Scores of Styles in Tweeds.
Voiles, Panamas, Serges, and Venetian Cloth in
Black, Navy, Brown, Paris Tan. and Grey
Price $4.50 to $14.50
The newest style, in Suits and Coats including
some New French Models in Coats. May we
show  you  Ihem ?
Suits   ;>.o.50   to  $40.00
Coats   $7.50   to   $25.00
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores.
........   —Ian pntnptMl out.
Ooupooli -mil TranchM Dug.
I'm, k Vnr.l*. mil 1/inOI CltWrotl,
w.r.   dti.I   Otwpooli iMiipiif.l.
■ Ian   Kill.I,■ni,,,..   (I,    |,y  w. ,|
2t,bJi.C'1' *'""'"*■•"• PHONE
NO. 358   i Bwhtn-l Door
Putitoty. rjt
Wc also liuvu ii 2.1 slory House, Stable, nud three M»
for sale t
Price $1050.00
Terms can bo arranged.   If ymi are looking for a home or
investment ilon't mins these splemlid opportunities.
-.*  V ♦'>-■' 1
''   \/A   elY''        JXr   I
Tin* Ri'Miiim-, good niii f.tsliiiiiinl.
luuiii made Jcffcraon river boots, Wc
have llu-ni in IKtCO styli-s, itn liiiliim
Difords,    Kvery pair guaranteed   to
or vnur      miil)c\
give   sntisliK tinu
bark.    ^^^^^^^^^^^
Subject Vethodist Church, Sunday night," Tht fcir'ct Lire **
U ynu wont a iiii'illnin weight, I'n'*,
easy on tires, casj on gasoline, Inn a
Sco tlie Kink Mercantile company's
ihowing ul fancy eating apples. Tin*
best fruit procurable.
It   wns  reported   by the   elilel Inspector ot tin- western division of th-
C.P It. that thc Raworth Bros,   hai
sold more railway watches during the
last  three   months   than  any other
watch Inspectors  between Vancouver
and Winnipeg,
Linoleum, 50c, sq. ytird.—P. ('. s
ROOM AM) BOARD  Mrs  Barrel!
French avenue. 7-It'
Tin- regularly monthlj meeting    ni
board of trade, which   hould      havi
been held   last   Tuesday, was   postponed Indefinitely  on i mt nf   lh<
Indisposition ol -s;" n tary R. D,
Rcnedirt, who is suffering fn»m n m-
vera attack ol inflammatory rheumatism.
Pineal creamery butter, -t Ibs, tor
(t1.00.—Easl Kootcna] I'roilurr ami
Provision <'"
Linoleum, 50c iq \*.i\*\ —c, v s
J. Lalleiir and \U. Oreaves, both
local railroad men, V.r<- purchased
thr Kast Kootenay n-1»Hn« works
from 0, Stevens, and Laircui tnok
iharge on April i-t The new prop
rletora arc both well known and extremely popular so tbal them should
In' a bright future before them in
their new venture,
Hearth brushes nml boh brooms at
Kink's Pure Komi Groci n .
Tbr provincial voters' list closed
on Monday last, pending tho courl
ot revision to be held on Monday,
May Ist. There nr.- 291 applicants
for registration and Slfl objecttlQM
to nnmrs already registered.
Finest creamery butter, 3 ths    for
(1,00.—Gail   Kootenay Produco   ami
Provision Co,
Linoleum. SOc, S(|, yanl —P. ('  S.
The school   trustees have bml       a
Union -lack  hoisted ovei tho  public
school.  Pending   some    alterations,
which will permit "f Its being lowered ami raised    easily, the Dag is (ly
ing night and    day.     Hut this   will,
only be for a    short time, when    it
will ti? loweini at sundown daily.
Customs collections for the month
nf March amounted t<. * 18**2.11 V* i
ihe fiscal year ending March 31st the
customs collections at tbo pnrt ol
Cranbrook amounted to $0i,533.Jl,
as against $5I,493.<N for tho" previous year. Inland revenue collei
lions for .March amouiitnl t >
$2051.20, anil for the fiscal year just
ended $17,885.38.
Itev. <;, il. Hamilton, of Kimber
Icy, was a guest al the Methodist
parsonage on Tuesday last, writing
in bis thfological examinations In
preparation for the coming conference
iu May, which will he held in Vai
coiner. Prior to this the district
meeting wilt be in Kernie on May 3rd
when all the Methodist ministers w| I
present their reports.
Chopping bowls at Kink's Pure
Pood (irocerv.
A Monarch siummim machine In
tlrst-class condition, very powerful,
fnr sale at a bargain, See Patmorc
Mr. M. A. Macdonald. ol thc Orm
<f Harvey, McCarter ami Macdonald,
lias entered Into a partnership con
net-lion with the law firm nf Ross
and Lane in Kernie, the new firm In
Kernie to be known as Ross, Mai
donald and Lam- Mr MacdonaH
does not intend, however, tn allow
the new connection to interfere li
any way with his business m Cranbrook and will simply cn to Fernie
from time to time to take the court]
work for the Kernie nrni
Choice veal at Eaat Kootenay.
Butcher Co,
Floor  tugs, bin shipment just ai N
rived from  Glasgow      New deaigti
ami prices tn suit all — V   c   s
Constable -los    Walsh,   ol    Vuf
Steele, Monk- he has encountered
nm of hard link A tew days agi
he hnd to brine his daughter into lie
hospital for treatment for srrimi
hums she had sustained Yesterdaj
lie had to in in.-, his eldest bun in foi
treatment fnr appendicitis. Al flrsl
the doctors intimated that an onct
atlon might not be necessary, bul
today he was informed that the
young man would have to he Opera!
ed UpOR. The operation was to have
taken place at I o'clock this after
noon, and as the lad was otherwise
in Rood health a speedy recovery ' ■
Potato mashers and rolling pins ai
Kink's Pure Kood Orocery.
KOR SALI-. —Transposing scale
lleint/man and Vo. piano. Worth new
$600.00. .Sale ptiie $800.00 See Wm
Ouerard, Opera House. Ml
Thc Dominion railway commission
has issued an order in regard to tt e
much cmiiplstiied of "drlivery limits''
[ oi express companies. Ir. the past
, thc companies have set up areas iq
cities and towns in which they will
collect *.r deliver parcels, peoph*
living outside those area-, yet within
the boundaries of the municipalities,
have for years given voice to their
grievances. The commission in it*
judgment, after bearing hoth sides,
makes collection ami delivery within
municipal boundaries compulsory
darting on June l next, hut glvei a-.
opportunlt) to the companies t
ask fnr relief in special cases
Finest creamery butter, l lbs fur
(LOO.—East Kootenay Produce anl
Provision Co,
The 1!'-j- Is the latest in design
most accessible   See it
Buy your tents while the priee i-
down.   A tents $3.75.—C. C. S.
•tor nip
TV la.	
ana lha . ;*.;■.« .,
,     aiva, tnaaaa it lha
, .   f   Slicker nl Oualil)
^^^^        I Sold EvarawfaK.
Toronto,  Canada. "I
President: T. .s. Oiu,
Secretary: s- Macdokald
i Kor Information regarding lauds ,
» ar,-!   agriculture   fit<f>ly    to  lite <
* Secretary, Cranbroofc. H. C.
Every second IVednesdi
We   use   nothing but the
Genuine English
Guarantee Results
B.   H.   SHORT
The I'ainler and Ueturatur
Armstrong A,t*.
P.O. Bo* a Phone in
Big Coned*'.
Ailrtoittli Hon ..(lira I ullforoii
[oli! Held,.
A -i>..i ...Iiiiui b) Etllmn,
I llf Inil l-kilt-li y.l'l |'V,.| i.lij.iyoil.
Cleveland Wheels
the most snitable for tbcte
roadt,   At
Frank   DezalPs
whore ri'jjairsof all kinds are
ijtiickly nnd efficiently
TAKK .NOTICK that I, John .1.
Johnston, of Kort Steele., it* ''., oc*
eupation Parmer, Intend to apply l*>r
permission to pun base the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ut
j the northeast corner ol Lot No.
18106; tnencfl 20 chains cast, ihpr.cn
1 Ml 'hains south, thence in cfaalni
west, thenco 4*> chains north to place
I o( riirtimrnrpmtnt.
John J. Johnston.
I>atrd Krbnuty  7th,   IBlt     BMt* TttIC   UB AN SHOOK   HERALD
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
-.^ivi *,-*«i-;«
iiu [.'ml Roo ,
Things nre bright, ning up in lilko
'I'lu*   Agiii*« Mi'Unin llardwan-   com
purii mi* imlnling llii'ii new  store
Soint*     lllt'll |»il "ii Uh ii  m.iniiri-
us a woman (lot's ln*i* foinplfxlon
As in* go l*. press Johnny Tbomp-
-mm, I'.I' 1: btakciimn, is devouring
Sroli'll -..in- .il Ibe I'.'liiniliia liuli'l,
ami going ail"i iln ia like a rooll nl
l.*i   ii nil * Illl '* II
Brevity is iln* boiiI >.t wit, bin
mir absence In the south i/minlr* is
tin. rensoii Klko notea *v.*i.* nn sn
short "a linili enilfl.
KrulllonilB is nttrm 'in*, a grenl
ileal ul attention Ihcsi ilnys llentl
Uiis t'olumn nexl wnl
Charley   Kay's nr-vi block on     the
...iii.-i   ul    Mail, anti Mnrkcl   tit'cl
makes llie   Men-hunts linnk look like
a man will in*
Tin* Haul, ni Montreal may open up
a branch in Klko this summei
l*:,l McKee, pn* Itlenl nl iln* Sons
..i Ilrsi. nas in Klko ini*  u.i'li
u i: Hi is, innii in ,.i lanils mi
ll i' am! Tobacco Plains, passnl
llirough KII.ii .*n Ids way in the
coasl last week
Mi     I'lilmi'l, ni  Krag, is \ isltiug
unl, iln* Thuuipson's in Klko
Klko is    itling up iln* hull play
ers aial expi cl. In pul up a good
leant iln- -iii'iiiiii
'I'lu*     1 mini     Sl.ii,       g„vi innii ii!
hate i I.' Peary a tear ail al, lun
even    Ihis due!!    lain* hint as   l.n
hnck I.maul iln real as tin* plan*
v.lni,   lit   l',,nl< is   ....In!
Nexl   In ihi  sui li In .,[ heaven   i*.
a  cheerful    ian*       There is i lis
Inking ii      Tin- height eye, iln*    un
.1 liil   brow-all lell m thai which
dwells within li sun* pays in ail
n*iii-r     when   you've gol lhe goods.
am! i an guarantee them all Iresh
I'Mipi ilu* salt
A liii; slimy party  will leave Klk..
ini iln* South Fork Weditcsdaj  >
um     More particulars lain
(' I*' Sotlcsling ami (leu ll Kill
son were Klko ru-itm , this week
(.Sprcial j.'iretipoiidcncc).
Th.- mines closed ue Friday ni^ht
f<o an indellliite length ot time
Verj little work wm done in Kridaj
ami everj train hroughl miners home
with llieir tools, prepared Ior a long
holiday. Man, o| iln- younger men
have lell lown t" seek employment
elsewhere, Su l.n the afiair tuts
been verj tpilel ami the public men
an- hoping fm a speedy settlement,
an iln- strike means a greal loss of
properly lo all directly concerned ami
tie whole town will suflei  in ,i meu
Mite   llulu   tin-   t lli . '
linn W li ituss was in town 1 ist
week ami inrt wiiii a verj pleasant
.surprise on Tuesday evening, when
sjiiiii' ni lir. inanj iriends assembled
in tin- Kernie opera house tu onee
mine shake hands with their old
nii'iiil .hi.I have .i pleasant chat lo
gcthcr. During ihe evening Im*
llonnell presented Mr, U>>ss will' ,i
ha ml so i nol) (itted leather travelling
bag ami al-.i> presented Mrs Items
wilh ,i chesl ui silver ns a token of
the esteem in which both Mi ami
Mrs   Koss   weie lu-ld iii this city
\h i' i in i. j.i Wardner, wns in
Kernie mi Tuesdaj ol lasl week
Tin* weeklj leliteii tea was held at
Iln- home <<t Mis Oro Well on Weil
Tin- montbly meeting ur the Ladies    \|il        ••" li 1 \   ul   l.ln'N   I'i'' -li\ 'J'I
ian church was held at the home
ui Mi (I s I'rossman on Monday
\pnl Unl.      The   ladies Intend hold-
ir._jl a sale ui ap    .on! other useful
article   un Hn- ISth.
Wm Sj ,tla i jj. an employee of the
Columbia macaroni factory, had liis
left hand sn badlj Injure!) In some
pari oi id,- iii,u hlncry mi Thursdaj
lasl Unit amputation was necessary
Tin' opera lion wn * \>- rtormed in Hie
Kernie hospital <>'•■ Kridaj  morning
The remains ol a man, supposed lo
l..' William Marasco, were found in
the Klk rivet on Saturday afternoon
li i-. not known when thc • ini wb
drowned, hm i' musl hnve been
some month   a
Miss   Hulem i-    M' IV.ill.   vlio ! M
been visit li.. hi i bn 'i'i Mi \ \
Mctlean, .mil lamllj. left on Mondaj
f.,i   t'resli : die will      vtall
nnolher brotbci  bel  ri turning    to
her home In Montreal.
fairly large crowd was present uml -i
choir was organized. Tuesday ami
Saturday evenings were appointed as
nights for practising for the Sunday
evening service. The pastor, Kev.
Sinclair, hopes in the near future to
In- able tu form an orchestra to as
.is, ihr choir.
j Mr K A Penson, who has hern
living   lien- fm    Hie pasl two years,
I moved his family lo Creston a lew
ila\s ago, wliere Mr. Penson will be
gin fruit growing mi his ien acre
plot, which he purchased recently
!    Mi    Untie  Hanson called mi    ('ran
1 brook friends last week
Miss KiUlhc I,uml was the guest of
Cranbrook friends last  Kriday.
I    Mi    llerherl Kelt left fm Spoknne
' Sumtaj afternoon
i    Mi    ami   Mis    Lincoln   and little
: son, who have resided here for soino
past few in on tlm, lefl a few days ago
, to      he  the    gliesls nf    Mis.  Lincoln's
sister iii California.
Mi I1 Kant/, of the King Kdward
liuiil, was in Cranbrook last Mondaj on business.
| Mis i» Lninl h-ft lust Saturday
morning for a visit with her brother.
Mi' Con/ens, who is in business in
Mi r W Smith, of Kernie, was in
lown on Monday lasi mi business,
M: Kwan, of Cranhronk, is in
iown ihis week making preparations
fur ilu- building of a lime kiln mi
ilu- property owned hy Mr, Harvey.
Tlir beautiful new residence recently built b\ the lumhei company to
hi- occupied by Mi Ceo. Willson, o!
the olliee stall, is being treated to a
j oat oi paint this wee!. A new
lawn fence is also under construction, which adds greatly to the appearance of tbe premises
Mr Wm Matiielly, manage) of the
government bridge gang, arrived in
town on Tuesday to finish packing
I'nl straightening iln- abutements ol
the new wagon bridge across the
Kootenay river, which was built by
(hem lasi year
Mrs. Taylor was in Cranbrooh last
Lnile I Iii man Iteinstmui, who has
• ui ill fm the past few days, was
laketi io   ihe St. Kugene hospital at
taiiiiiook    on  Tuesday  morning ol
'his  week.
Mis Wilson is busy this week packing hei household effects. She will
leave in a few dins to join her husband, who lias a good position witli,
a saw mill company near Nelson.
Miss    .losie llavfil, nf the       t'lan-
l k post ollice stall, spent part   of
Tuesday and Wednesday in town, the
guest of ber mother, Mrs. Otto Wisnei.
Mr and Mis McDonald, of Berlin,
Out , are spending a few days of
Hns week wiib friends in town.
Mi Stearns, superintendent of the
i'rows Nest Lumber company's mill,
at this place, was m Galloway lasi
Wednesday on business.
Mi and Mrs, Wright and family
have tbis week taken up llu-ir residence in the bouse owned by Mr. 1'.
I Ian1/
Mi Wright and family, of DIalrmore, eame into town a few days
ago and are now settled in one nf
ibe company's cottages mi Laurie
company's camps al Athalmer.
Mrs. .). l'.   Pitts came down   Iron.
Windi-t'tnei'i' nn the stage Hie end of
last week,
N. Hanson was in Cranbrook last
week, where lie had a conference with
Mr.   Hart, one nf the t'.l'K. ullieials
'in Calgary.    What was discussed    is
'not known but thought to have referred  to   the Wasa townsitc,    whieh
I will be placed mi tlie market in the
near future.
I The laud is now in good condition
for spring plowing and the ranchers
around hero arc busy getting their
farming im piemen Is ready
(Special correspondence)
.1 A. Laurie, of Nelson, and ,1. A.
Duier, of Yorkton, Sask., visit mi
Marysville on Thursday last nu
business. Mr. Laurie was one of out
old timers, and wo wore all glad In
shake him by Hu: hand,
Dan Howe and Hans Lund blew iu
nu Wednesday last aud registered at
tbe Central. Dan bas a crew working ou the government mad at Wycliffe.
Kolantl Hnd has taken nut a crew
in work on tin- road smith of Wycliffe
Miss Sybil Heading, nf Kernie, is
tin- guest of lu-r sister, Mis   a   Dai
Mrs. I*. Lund, ol Wardner, is visit
ing her brother, A. L. Cousens, al
Matthew Crock,
ll i. Sawyer, the popular hotel
man, has been appointed commissioner for taking affidavits undei lhe
Provincial Elections Act.
.1.   Iv   Dickson,   lenieseiitiug the
beef king, and Sid Newman, nf Kernie, visited Marysville on business
on Thursday last.
itev 13. V. Flewelllng, Cranbrook's
('hutch of Kngland minister, preach
ed to a large congregation here nn
Tuesday lasi.
A blizzard <>f unusual violence
swept over Marysville mi Saturday
night, leaving iu less than an hour
snow lo the depth of two inches,
it. Staples, L. Williams and S
Clark were Marysville visitors mi
Sumlay last.
There have lieen twenly-tive objections tn names on tlie provincial Miters list, and sixteen names added.
(Special correspondence),
Mi   \  Johnson, of thi' Crows Ne&t
sinre    stall,   called    'in   Cranbrook
friends last  week
Mi      \     Sheppard  ami  Mi.    i-\
Speaker, of     .lalTiay.     spenl Sundav
lasl with Ihelt families In town.
Mi   T,   Online],  manager nf     tbr
Crows  Nest Lumber  company's urn-
eral  store,   was in   Michel lasi Mon
dny on huslnei
Ml    (il.th.Uii   Dmi.ilme   h tinned      on
Saturdaj      evening    from   Cnlgnrj,
\   meeting of  all Interested       in
music was called  al   Hie Libia) j   hall
on Mondaj  evening nl 8 o'clock      \
(Special correspondence.)
Mi   (I   Kiicksnii, of Cranbrook, vvas
a Wasa visitor last week.
In a few days work will he resumed
in the f IML ramp at Skookum
chuck, which has been shut down a
couple of weeks. The C.P IL log
drive uill he a large one. It is estimated tbat about six million feci
oi lous and 150,000 ties are ready
im  tin- drive down tlie Kootenay.
Mi 11 !■:. Blrtch wns out with
his auto tbe other day lie made
qulto a record tiip to Port Steele,
considering tlie bad  mads
Mi ami Mis p K. Patrick, ol
< ranbrook, were Wasa visitors last
week. They did not drive mit at
tin- rate of thirty miles an hour, as
Wo aie used tn see them come, but
Mi Patrick said he enjoyed the trip
immensely, even if ll was slow dti\
nil* with iust a tram oi horses
I     11    Pearson, of  Kurt   Steele, paid
,i    claH    tn   bis   logging    camp   at
Skookumchuck the other dny.
The flows Nest Puss Lumlier com
pony's scalers spent a few davs in
He neighborhood making final scale
"f logs About twenty meu were
sent out hero for tlie river drive.
Which is commencing, More than
one million feet of logs nre to he
taken down Hie river to tin- company's mill at Wardner,
Mi and Mrs. Chas. Stevens, nf
Tracj, were Wasa visitors tlie end ot
last   week.
IL llurrow, of sheep Creek, went
through heie Sunday on his way
homo from Cranhronk.
Wm French, of the "Orange," was
1 etc on business last  week.
Cranbrook is now regarded as the
labor center for Hie upper valley,
lagging camps ami saw mills lnrgeh
depend upon getting their labor
hands from there Recently twenty-
six men came through here in oue
dav, having heen hired iu Cranhrook
for    the    Columbia     Rjvel     Lumbei
While  shopping   the mosl a lying
thing fm me is to have someone try
to sell me something ".Inst as good"
when 1 ask im New-bin's Herpicide.
To be sure there an- imt many drug-
gistswho do Ibis, Imt what few there
arc should know that such a policy
will destroy thc customer's confidence. When they liy it on me 1 never wait for the story, simply hunt a
store where thej will sell me what I
ll is absurd fm anyone to say that
a preparation is as good as Herpi
cide. 1 don'l think they believe it
Hiemselves. Kverj druggist knows
that there is bul one genuine, original dandr-m germ destroyer and
that is Newhro's Herpicide.
I     It  keels      the head      five from dilll
tlltllT, piculs ihe luiii from coming
mil and bUi|>h itching of the scalp.
Heipiciile is really a wonderful
remedy, wbicb dins just what you
want and expect [|  lo do
line dollar si/e hot I les are guaran-
leed. Sold ll) all diuggisls. Applications at good barber shops.
Send Hie. in pnslage for a sample
in The Horplcidc Co , De|tl, 1! , De
I mi', Mich.
Prescribed and recommended for women's ailments, a .scientifically pre
pared remedy of proven worth. Tlie
result from their use is quick and
permanent. Kor sale at ait drug
stores. 3-toDelft
liflh Census of thc Dominion
I. Population by name, etc—(tl
Headings)—Name; address;      sex.
whether single, married, widow, etc.,
date and country of birth, year ni
immigration; year of naturalization;
nationality; religion; chief occupation; any other employment nr occupation; whether employer, employee,
or on own account, where employed,
vletbi'i "mi farm," "iu null,"
'■store," etc., number of weeks em
ployed iii 1910, and hours per week,
total earnings in IfllO, life, accident
and health    insurance and cost in
Dill; if at school, number of months
in 1010; whether can read and write,
language commonly spoken, if over
sixteen years old, cost nf education
in 1910, whether blind, deaf, lunatic,
J. Mortality, Disability, etc.—(38
Headings) —la |. Mortality —Name,
sex; single, married, etc.; date ami
country of birth; religion; occupation;
month of death iu census year, cause
f death, place ami name of physician, (b) Disability—Nature nf in
jury, cause nf accident; weeks nf dis
nhMity due to sickness or accident,
*. of salary, voluntary allowance
bv employe). compensation by employer undei statute, compensation
hy insurance in census year
3 Houses, Buildings, Kami ami
Fruil Lands—(61 Headings)—Owner,
tenant or occupant, address; houses
inhabited, vacant, in construction^
barns, stables, business buildings,
farm land occupied, owned,
leased, Improved, unimproved; acre
iige in marsh land, in pasture; orchard and nursery, vegetables, etc.;
fruit trees (detailed) bearing or non
bearing; yield In 1010; grapes ami
mu.ill units, maple sugai and syrup
in 1013; natural Ice stored m win
ter 1010-11.
i Agriculture—Groin ami othei
Kield Crops—( it Headings)—Acreage,
yield and value of fall wheat. Spring
wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn tm
husking, buckwheat, beans, peas, flax
and mixed grains; also of bay and
clover, nllulfa, corn for forage, other
forage crops.
ft, Agriculture—Hoed crops, tohne
co, Hops, etc., Kield Crop Areas,
1011—(SI Headings)—Acreage, yield
and value of potatoes, turnips, beets,
etc , also ol tobacco, hops, grass ami
clover seeds, aieas of grain and other
field crops for the harvest year I'll
8. Agriculture—Animals and Animal Products—(ta Headings)—Live
Stock in PHI— horses, cows, sheep
swine, turkey, geese, ducks, bens,
bives of bees. Live stock sold tu
DM ll—horses,     cows,     sheep,    swine,
poultry. Vntmnl products in 1010—
wool, milk, bul ter, cheese, cream,
Ogga, honey      Dine bred animals    ie
glstercd, or eligible, iu lull—horses,
cattle, sheep, swine.
7. Kami and I rban Values, etc.—
(•ill Headings) —Values in tllll of
lauds, buildings, farm Implements
and machinery, and live stock. Live
stuck, nursery stock and dairy products sold in I-'in. animals slaughtered oa farm in 1910; other pm
duct of lhe farm; hired labor on
farm in 1910.
K. Forest Products in 1910—(63
Headings)—Measurement ami value of
timber—ash, birch, elm, maple, oak,
pine, etc; logs for lumhei—elm, oak,
pine, spruce, etc.; firewood, lenee
pnsls, piling, mil road ties, telegraph
poles, etc.; wood for pulp; furs     and
skins of forest animals, undressed,
ii. Manufactures, Ship and House
Duildliig—(13 Headings)—(1) Capital
employed in 1910 (2 questions). (2)
Kmployees iu 1910 110 questions).
c.) power cmploj'cd iu works—steam,
gas, water, electric, etc. (.1 questions). (I) Cool aud other fuel used
(7 questions). (ft) Custom wnrk
and repairs in |0|0, also raw materials (3 questions), (fl) Class and
value of articles made, or built, in
Di. Churches, Schools, Colleges,
etc.—(32 Headings)— Location of
cliurch, school, etc (Place id worship) denomination, seating capacity,
number of communicants; value of
edifice and laud. (Sunday selim 1 or
latecbism) denomination; number of
officers and teachers; ot scholars,
value of building and land, (high,
public, separate or private school)
liml of school; number of rooms,
number of teachers; of puplls;\value
nf buildings and laml. (college, university, etc.) kind of class; number
nf professors, lecturers, etc, of stud
nits; value of buildings aud laud*
(Charitable, penal and other Institutions) kind or class, number of olli-
cers in charge;, of other employees; of
Inmates; value of buildings and laud.
(Charitable, penal and other Institutions) kind or class; number of officers in charge, of other employees; ofl
Inmates; value of buildings and land.
(Wherever "ollieers," "pupils," "inmates," etc., are mentioned, whether
male or female is to be stated.)
II. Kisherles (ll Headings). Name
of person partnership, etc., address ;
value of plant employed iu 1010; num-
tai rn' persons employed, days service'
in IfllO; wages in 1910; value ol catch
in Dili'—fresh fish, fresh lobsters,
shell lish, fur seals, hair seals.
12 Hut ley and cheese factories (2:1
Headings) Name of factory, owner,
value nf buildings, machinery aud
plant, number of patrons in lultl ,
days operating; number of pounds of
cheese made in 1010; butter; condensed milk; selling value of cheese and
butter at factory, amount of mony
distributed to patrons in 1010; number of persons employed; days of scr-
ii- in |910; wages aud salaries.
Ll Mining and Mineral Products!
iD't Headings). (1) Particulars ol
Mines aud Mining Works (2) Km
ployee.s—salaries and wages, 10 IQ. (.1)'
Capital and plant employed at mines
quarries, etc., 1010 tl) Products ot
mini", and woks, 1010, (5) Metallic
oies and products (0) Abrasive products (7) Kuel and Light Materials.1
im Pigments    (■') Structural mate
mils of stone and clttj     (10) Miscellaneous product!
\i   i norganUed   Deuimis—populn
i nnimiin/ed Regions —Mortal
I lllll
\t,    Lnorgaiii/eil      Itegioiis —Kurs
and skins ; Ash. whales and seals.
A few doses of FK1 PILLS will
convince you that n Tew more will
cure ymi. Every box of FIG PILLS
is guaranteed. If they do not cure
uil HIadder, Kidney, Hbeumatism
and Liver Trouble your money will
he refunded.
Mc, a hox at nil leading drug
stores, nr mailed on receipt of priee
by The   Klg Pill   Co.,   St.   Thomas,
Sold and guaranteed in Cranbrook
bv The Cranbrook Drug and Hook
Co., Druggists.
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
The production of the musical com
edy "Alice in Wonderland" tumor
row (Kriday) evening, at the Audi
tor Ium, by local talent, promises lo
be an exceptionally brilliant afiaii
Upwards of mo local performers will
he seen in the production, which
bus been carefully rehearsed under
the personal supervision of Colom-I
Bragg, of New York, and Miss Dies
ian, of Chicago, stage manager,
Thr latest rehearsals give promise
of an unusually finished performance
and there is every reason to antici
pate n crowded house The performance will he repented ut the matinee ou Saturday aud again ou Sutui
day evening.
Below is tlie full caste and a synopsis of the play:
Alice     Vera Brad win
King   Mr. Randall
Queen   Miss Hlchenbotham
Cook   Miss Yanslykes
Duchess   Miss Karrell
Britannia   Mrs. Kraser
Kail y (Juccn   Laura Richards
Mad Hatter   .1. McCallum
March Hare 1. Bourgoiue
Doornioiise   C. McKowan
Mouse C, McKowan
Rough Rider   L. L. Laugiu
Soldier Man  Mr. Armstrong
Che'sire Cat  C, llickenbotbani
Caterpillar   E, Drown
Wolf   Mr. (iuthrie
Owl  Mr. MeCounell
Kagle  H. lliekenbotham
Kox  Mr. .lones
Rooster  Mr. .lones
Executioner  M. Drummond
Knave  of   Hearts...11. Htckcnbotham
White Rabbit   0. Moran
Kisli—Footman   F. Swain
Krog—Footman   A. Moiitpetit
Mother (loose   Eva Conley
Indian Maiden   Miss Tannhauser
Kitty O'Connor   Miss Cameron
... Mr. Peppers, Mr. Hlckenbotham
  Miss (laskill, Miss Beattie
2 Spades  II. Donaldson
5 Spades  A. Laeey
7 Spades   II. Fraser
Fairies, Elves, .Sailors, Japanese,
Wax Dolls, Hello (iirls, Nell Drink-
ley Oirls, Double Sextettes, Auy
uld Time Oirls aud Boys, March,
(Iirls, Courtiers, Specialties, etc.
Prologue.—Scene. Wood Fairy
Queen, Fairies, Opening Chorus anl
Dancing. Song—Fives,     Lullaby
Oram!      Final—Elves,    Fairies  and
Act 1. Harden. Alice and the
White Rabbit. Tlie Mouse's Story.
Tbe Caucus Race. Alice and the
Caterpillar. Tlie Fish and Frog
Scene 2—Wood. The Jolly Sailors. The Elves. Little .lap Oirls
Mother Goos-q and Medley, Four
Little Dolls. Fairies' Flower Drill
The March of Nations and Flag Spec
taclc. Boy in Blue and Columbia
(Heroes of Canada.) Rough Rider
(It's Oreat to be a Soldier Man).
Orand Finale.
Act 2. Kitchen. Duchess (Speak
Roughly), Alice and the Pig Huhy
(Am 1 Di earning') Tlie Mud Tea
Party. (Wake Him Vf). Scene 2
—Landscape. Specialties. Nell
Brinkley Oirls. Scene 8—Oarden.
Painting tbe Roses. The Queen and
the Croquet Party. Scene I—Lands
cape. Tbe Injun«Duncc. Double .Sextette    Tough Specially,    (All    the
Boys Look OihnI to Me). Scene Ti—
Palace The Trial. The Fatal Let
ter. The Accusation. The Verdlcl
Who Cares for You, You're Nothing
hut a     Pack   of Cards Medley of
populur songs by entire cast. Finale
Special musical numbers by Item
ick and Co , Witmark ami Sons, Leu
Feits, Hugei and Co., Ilavih.ud and
Co . und others, New York Cily
Constipation hum:, in any ailment!
in its train aud is tlie primary cause
nf RlUCh sickness Keep ymir bowel-,
regular, madam, and you will escape
many of the ailments to which wo
men are subject, Constipation is a
very simple thing, but like many
simple things, it may had to serious
consequences Nature olten needs n
little assistance and when Chamhci
luin's Tablets are given at the lirst
indication, . mh distress and suflei
ing muy he avoided Sold by all
dealers. 7-tI
f Baldwin & Lancaster j
Cnnlrat-toia fur nil ItintlanM'aillnr
Wnrk,  ('t*aa|HK)la,   1'oiunlalii.iia,
Wells.   ri|.(*    l.uyili|*   mnl any
work of tlmt ,lpr*rai|,1 loll.
Wooden ripe l.n,in*:
• "-"I .a      *
Is the buying
For your home
Intelligently ?
Some housewives, harrassed to
the verge of nervous breakdown
by trivial annoyances, devote no
to the " buying" problem. They
buy when they HAVE TO —
perhaps at "the nearest place" —
when, very likely, better values
and lower prices are advertised by
three or four different stores. The
housewife who does not give as
much attention to a
Study of the
as she gives to other things in the
daily routine that are of half as
much importance, will never find
any real interest in the business of
She knows her " market" as well
as any broker or merchant knows
his. And she will never stop to
tell you how " hard it is to find
anything in the stores nowadays
that one wants and can still afford
to buy." For, to an ad-reader,
that is not such a hard task 1
Herald Ads.
Make Profitable
|feBB8t833BBBB3S33tS8Sa& THE   OHAMinoOK    JIKHAM)
**wmvammwmwm*iti*t&ii*HS!xwpxiaft9i • _	
meBtw'aammmmmOiee/rj^^e'i^ \ w' ——
Orescent Lodge No, 88
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc. I KNIGHTS   of   PYTHIAS
Money to loan on favor-thle toi-ras,    I Cranbrook, B. C.
! Meets   overy    Tuesday it I p.m. al
~ZZZZ  i J* M. Doysc, C.C.
ii,, in* uncniTii ' ''* M* Christian, K. II A* *-s.
IKMll:  IKI.M'OAI. '   visltitiB brethren   cordially Invited
li. attend.
A  homo li   homo
Maternity, lihuiinmliuin
Mini I'neii nla
Torim  i lurate
MKS. I*. BBNT, Matron,
IMI   Ilui I*  JTII
l)!*!S. KINO & ORfiEN,
Physicians and Sur   ions,
OHloe al RNldeiet,  Arroal     -.   *   -
Afternoon, * -
Evening,    - *
ritnnlavs -  *   -
n nn to I" 110
a nil t*. I Oil
7 BO to - 110
2.80 to i SO
,1.   \V.   ItUTLISOUK
Uut,I 'in.*   ..I   Ontario   Veterinary
r..ll*.**.>. Ton ntii. In l>us
Clrmlimto nml M.-'nlli.i ..I McKllllii'a
Veterinary Uoll»it»  i lilcami.
In III n
Nine yeara aiparb*  Veterinary
Ollice—nexl door lo Posl Mike
Minn*.*  111      ■      P.O. llm ISI
Nlghl .-,,II — 11  11. 8 •• a li*-i.l.*i	
dw. r. p,. Mil is
B to 12 a.m.
I to   B p m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Dittec In new IM.I BlocV
CRANBROOK -       - ll   J
Omnbrook ami Fori Si* i*!<*
X    J. Q. CU .VI Mi NOS    t
X ?.i0xo?i«8 Cranbrook, B.C. 5
B.    C.   fer!   Surveyor
CHANBROOK     -      B   C.
Ask for Hilcjoa LITBU    I
Km family me there ii
«n wholasom -
II lt,OYON I ITUI .  tt    tRH.    k
*9mm*mmm,',-*~*   mm --  .     |
in-i i; \\i i     iXH    :
to   SnI 1,111 |
¥?. If.  II      I
'     .!..*.  I.  .
P R 0 V1 S I 0 :.
lilVI*:   I   1   \ TRIAL.
IJ    T. K. FUTA
I 0PP0SIT€ DEHOT       PHONE 211 j'j
i 10-lt '■;
AND flll-lMIST.—Chiiri*,*s: (Inbl,
silver, t-npjier anil load, il cacllj
BiiW silver, 11.60; sllvei lend, ,1.10;
gold-Silver, willi copper or load,
$1.50; -/.inc. $2; silver le.lil .ill'*, S3
Prii'en lor olbei facials on applies,
lion. I' It llm 0 ll, I ins, Nei
> II. O, ii; ii
l.O.O.I*'., KEY OITY LODOE, No. 41
^fj^s-wte,*. Meet, every Monday
SwOCjOi nlelit at New Fra-
rewSiSSaa* tnrnitv Hall. Sojourning Oddlellowi cordially invited.
i:   II   Patmore W. M. llanis
N. (I. Seo'T.
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 84
^§% ■."   *•"•'£_*• "•
^*  I tegular meeting! on
*.'    ■ .,       Liiu   third   Thursday
u( ovory motitli,
VIbItins brethren welcomed.
a. U. Sliankland, W.M.
13, W. Connolly, Secretary.
No, 19.
Meets evory second and  fourUi Wednesday At Fraternity Hnll.
Sojourning   Itebekahs cordially in
Miss E. Johnston, N. O.
Miss Hickenbothain, Seo'y.
Merit in    Fraternity Hall Flrrt and
Third Friday*.
T. Fraser, E. C.
RL MacKinnon, M. H. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
Um. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
L. Bent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
.Meets in Carmen's Hall first anil
third Thursday of each month at
3 p.in. sharp.
Mrs    Lulu  Hayward,  Rec. Sec.
\V. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
• ► *'><•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«•♦♦♦♦
I Presbyterian Church |
—    ♦
♦ ♦
* Hun.lav morning aervtet* at 11 a>
»        o'clock ♦
♦ *
* Sunday    fiening    terviee at •
;.t'n o'olock *
.    Sundav      School   aud     Hible *.
Class at 3 o'clock J
I   I'resl vterian    Guild. Tuesday, *
I at  K o'clock «
1 Baptist Cburcb |
r    <'batIrs W.   Kin-t. *
-arsooage,  Norbury Avenue.     *
, ■■■!. ini    III,      P. O. Boa 817. a)
•> J
Keg l.n  Sfivicra—Sunday. 11 *
V ■ nt      ami     7.30   p.m.;   Bible *
il     wit*      Young   l.«alM' •
' **a     and     Young    Men'i *
i Ian, :i p m. f
• H nday,   Young Peoples',   I  2
a P "i ♦
;,     Wednesday, Mlil-Week Meeting, j
<,     A  cordial t'hitstian welcome f
♦ to all. f
M .**v*****************
ra of property for
j     in i !algary caii er-
« ■ roiulta 11v eorrcs-
|K>mliuR ■ nli
Tin' Dominion listal year ends on
March Slat. All claims lnr bounty
upon lead, earned up to Hint date,
musl be promptly presented, Mines
having im Mit nli shipments, shmilil
Immcdlatelj send in un per eenl,
•nnd Una! -m per cent claims.
Those having March shipments
must arrange to Ret prompt returns,
ami present Iheir claims (o me (duly
rrrtlflcd al UlO smelter) nnt later
than Vprll Hth.
Balance* of bre, nn hnnl unsmel*
led, must in rath case in- ascertain
nl, unit the amount of lead represenl-
ed hy such unstudied halanre deduct-
nl from the claim.
From   April   -tlh in nth my offlou
will lie in lhe Stratheona hotel, Nei
O.   (I.   Hinll.lll.lll
I It Supervisor nl Lead llounllcs
in view ni thc rapidly increasing
number ol automobiles now being op-
rated i» this i in, ii may he opportune in republish certain
the act oi lasl session i . ii.,- |iim.iu
•ial legislature, "Kegulating tbo use
md operation ol Motoi Vehicles,"
"1. All licenses undei 1Mb Act shall
lie granted, renewed, permitted to be
isstgned, ami iransfcrred j>i cancelled, as thc case may be, li\ thc super-
Intcndenl m" provincial police pursuant to anil .ith the
pro* Isions ol ih s
Now is tlie time when your
children are very apt to catch
cold, The sudden changes in
tlie weather, the difference
between school and house and
open air, getting uncovered at
night, all often lead to sore
throats, coughs and grippe.
ui Tar and Cud Liver Oil
should  he  taken   at   :       .'• *
symptoms,    Children
taste  pleasant, and   ii   keeps
them well and strong.
Xo better combint I
tonit haseverbeeu com]       * |.
Ask for Mathieu's Syrup i I Tar
and Cod Liver Oil.
Where there is fever with (lie
cold   take Mathieu's  Nervine
Powders to reduce the ft       :.,;
relieve the pain. They .
in boxes of iS powders for 25c.
J. L. MaTHIEU CO., Prop.    SHBRBROOKB 0*11
*-fc*fl 'v
JS©!    RONJ !
-Ha*, na
Syrup of Tar.,'i
**, ■'"'..
J. L ill        :
<P*  "        -        'I
t   HUKI  ,i. -" *,l _    }U
■S&iTfifl   j
Large bottle ?5 cents.
Distributors for Western Canuda
Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Soskatoon
[Injur) lus   niiiui' uml address, und al-1
Uo Hie name ami  uddress uf ihe own '
ii mi hucIi motor, and llie numbei ul
| tiie   license   ol Hn-   said   motor; and
rrom nml afU'i  Iho happrninn t»l   ucb
! shall within six hour* hirnisli lo the
| eliifl ci' police or olliei ollli tr i.l pu
'lire ot such city, and n in a ilistrh I
' municipality shall within twenty-foui
'horns furnish lo thc ck-rk j i to some
police olliccr ol Uie municipality, and
ii in an unincorporated I* colli j -1 all
within twenty-fnui' hours furnish In'
-.nine provincial police officer oi i on
stable, a written reporl ol such acci
dent, setting forth with parllculaiil)
all material facts."
"31.   When any loss or damage
incurred   or  sustained by anv pel on
bj   reason ol the proxin.il j  or   pre*!
ei i a   motoi   i>n ,i   higliwaj, llie
is ol proof lhat such loss or dam j
age did uol   arise through the ncgll
gence i-r Improper conducl ni tin- aw  [
'..I ot driver or   cliauftcui ol       the
motoi Etlin.ll he upon the owner       id
such motor."
"35, In addilii'ii lo the ohllgalloi
to comply with lhe pro* Isions of
section 2.i nf Ihis Act, every person]
having charge or control ol a motoi
-kill be governed by tho provision
ui this section. No motoi shall be
tiiii ni driven upon anv highwu) j
within any cily, town, village, oi
selllcmeiit al a greater rate jol speed
than len miles an hour, di upon anv
highway outside of any tit;., town,
ur village at a greater speed than
iiwenly-live miles per hour in open
country uud twelve miles pei hum
ia wooded country. Provided i,li;ii
the council of any muulcipallt)   maj
WHEN may
we have the
pleasure  of
showing you the new
spring Styles in Fit-
Reform Suits and
Spring Overcoats?
We illustrate a
new style of Rain
Coat made from
Gaibinette and
Fit-Reform was first
to introduce the
Wardrobe System.
'Sf       -~-Ha
*-' rO-aflL, WU
Automobile Operators Take Note
Ruies and Regulations Governing the
of Motor Vehicles
hv Inlaw sel apart any portion
any highway within ihe limits
tin- municipality on which m
may be driven at any hlgl.ci ial
' speed Mian hereinbefore llmilc
the purpose of testing motors,
-■ration may pass inlaws tor regulating
governing thc use of any such
Sole Agents In Cranbrook*
(11 Any person upon
siiaiit t'i Hie provision .
ii shall lie incumbi nl Lo *
license as a chauffeui hall
-,,,ei'i i.f any ncglecl in n
apply for such license pui
Die provisions of this Ac
ol an ohejice against tuts
H       AllV     pI'ISIIIl     Wilf'lllt ■*mmmmmwmmmmmmmmmm*m*mmmmm
any such application i"i n license as bridge."
17.   Kvery
control of
1 mas    of   highway    fnr  t he   purpose
1   "'Hi.    Upon approaching a crossing
whom, pur
or intersection ol highways, and also
ul this Act,
tn   traversing the   t ri  sing «>i Intci
pplj  tin    .i
section,   und    in   ■ row lug   a hridgi.
11, in       re
every   person in   rontiol of a motoi
iusal        I >
shall inn it at a rate ot speed    lea
maul       lo
than   dial above specified, ami    nol
I, he guilty
greater than is   reasonable and prop
er, having regard lo ihe irathe    an:
making in
use   uf   the Intersecting   ways       oi
' I m*mmmmmmm\*aaaa*mmm
The Wonderful Cure
Or. Khrllch's Spci'il lhe only specific
evei   liai ■■■ en I  I uickly and
-i:. :'.'--:ni;>. Wi liavc -i * thii remarks ble
gpeellc "H0U" wtitcl *«- been full; tesled snd proved
to be a 1'OSITIVE cure lor ibe "terrifying specl6c
I    | -■'..-•■ ■ ■' "     -   ■   -<\    '■;.    use   iu  our
Inborat oy,   I   i lias cured thousands
of men In Knrop    u ■•■ o  I wc e i nred after
tirsl  ■ ■■ itmei \       ■*..■...       ■ ■, need   medical
.•■•..'■*.•-■    ■ - ■        :    -■■ ■ mi case, using
ol ;
huiii.eur any  statemeii
aim* fl he falsi- shall li
ifleni-i- against this Ael:
(3)    The provisions of ihis section
"ii. The superintendent oi provincial s,l*,n "", :1l"»'v '" motors nirnrd    by
police    shall b«- th,- official p.iuiaiilv  "»unicipnl corporatlon-s, or as pari of
harged   with thc enforcement oi th
provisions ol tins Act, uud he
a    motn
having char:
anv high
ment   for
Weak net *,   v.-iri*os(   Vela
Write   for   Information,
all   o;;   -    liieuei   ol
Hydrocele   BiuoJ   inj
j pulilir tin-
shall »»»laiices."
department, or to am
J III. !
"23.    lu
holding a
the ivciii o( any licensee
chauffeur's license Issued
Act conl ravening any ol
provisions of this Act, or bj
reason ol reckless nr negligent driving, or hy reason of the use of intoxicants, or f"i any other
becoming, in the opinion of the superintendent of provincial police, unlit
lo act as a ehauffi ur, thc superln
lendcnl of provincial police shall, up
on prool in his satisfaction ol lhc
fact or existence    "i such contraven-
way shall comply with llie following
inles nf the road:
(I). Drive always nu the left haul
-iile rn' the road.
(3).   On meeting a vehicle, keep t •
the lefl; and
(3).  On overtaking and passing
vehicle, pass on lhe right."
"38. In addition to tin- proviaii
fnr motor traffic regulation coutaii
in this Act, the municipal council
any municipality iu the province
reason Hritish Columbia shall he deemed
have always had power to, ami n
hy bylaw and concurrently with ■*
in addition tn the exercise ol .
powers conferred upon such munici
council by the "Municipal t'lau
Vet" nr hy any nlhei*act     *i
Bladder   sad    Re.tal   Dlwrden,   Eu*.   sot
Couirailed  tlhneali
M it ;VnHtotmcal Museum in tin- North-west.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Streei, Spokane, Wash
have power tn assign to every
onstable ol   pro> Ini ial   police      and
ivcry police constable such duties un-' ""der ihi
er this    Act as by thc  superintend-
nt of provincial police ma) be deem
1   expedient Pro [di jI.    always,
lhat every chief ol police and even
mliiv officer and every constable in
he province ol Hritish Columbia
•hall aid in the enforcement ol anil
shall in all possible lawful mi ans
revenl  contraventions  ol the provi-
I ihis Ai:. _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
person who Is upon reasonable """ '" 1"lli""-'' and without tho legislature of the province of British
[rounds ol belief suspected .-i oi I",,,,-s*''> of holding any formal or Columbia, provldcaml enforce..bylaws
barged witb thi contravention ol PubUc "r ull,,'r hearing, either cancel regulating traffic and motors on high-
such chauffeur's license absolutely, ways in every respect, save as to
... suspend such chauffeur's license ihe rules ot thc road and rate ol
ami all rights of t»je licensee there speed, and, in thc ease of motors not
undei i..r such period as the superln- used or plying for hire, save as to
tendent of provl clal police maj rees, as such municipal council ma\
r-inh lit,       In lhe     enl *<i cancella-  think ih."
lion of license, all the rights <f the "|:j. |h any prosecution under
licensee thereundei shall forthwith this Act, whenever It appcars'thal
abate and cease telj " the   defendant    nr accused   has done
":.!.    Kvrrj  i-i   i  having   control nnj. ;lct or has been guilty ol     an)
oi charge ol a motoi  shall, whenevel  ael oi omission    in respect «-i which,
upon   nnj highway    di    npprnaching v.ere he not   dulj»licensed, he   would
any vehicle drawn   i-   horse or   hoi   he liable to some penalty under   thi
": anj  hoi - ,     anj  Act, it shall be Incumbent upon   the
person     Is   rldln        lerate, manage, defendant to    prove   that he Is duh
and control such motoi in such ma-j- licensed;   and    in an) prosecution ol
ner   as to excrclsi     ■ rerj  reasonable ,i:n person tn charge nr contiol
precaution lo  previ     thc It I^htcnlng
nf any     siuh   I, ami ti
insure the safi ■    ■      protw tion    «>
any   person    riding or   driving   th
1 name; and—
■   di    shall      not   ttp| nli      such
vehicle, horse, m h i   i «Ithin    om
hundred   yardi gn ater   speed
of lhe provisions of this Act
J.  Every caftei hroughl
.    the  province > f Hritish L'olum-
exrepl a motoi hi into the
province lempoi r touring pui
pose-  foi anj i seceding
thirtj days, shall, within fourteen
ays oftei it Is brou ;hl Into the
tin ince   and ■! oi
perated upon m al ti ■. an)  bighwaj.
e registered wtti   ,;       |s rlntendeni
lb c pursuant to    the
iu\ Isions j'i this
■•I I Evei v ownei ol a mol an I
rerj person li \- -■■ ti slon oi control
if a motoi shall pn) la 11 <■ minis
ci ol (.nam > ami agrii ulture n re
glstratton lei ol li n dollars In re
spei i "i e.nh snd cveiy such mo
toi, and Hi addit Ion tl • reto an annual license tee ol ten d< ;1 ti i In re
spec! in i ,ii h nnd c erj sin h motoi
Provided thai where one person i-
owm r and • • \ In pos
and conli-1 ol llu< same
motoi, onlj on re i-i ration fee and
one annual licensi f« m il he p.iiu
in respei i nl iui li motoi, ami pro
.uiul nlso, that when re I Iratloi
tikes phi* c i iti i than the month oi
March in am )
fl p.nal'le .ilui	
puled ai thi  rate ol nne dollar    pcrjportunlty t
month f"i eai h ni mth and portion ot
a    month   in iw.j ii tlu date ol regl
I ration am) the thn Ij ftrsl ilaj      ol
Decembei next ensuing remaining uu
"I.s \.. person under the a c nf
seventeen years shall dire or oper
ate a motor upon or along anv highway.   No    Intoxicated   person      m
person    under the infltien I Intoxl
feiir shall have, drive, operate, or use
on nr along any highway. Nn ehauf-
iViit shall have, drive, operate, or use
a motor upon or along any hlghwa)
unless such    chauffeur has been Heen
any motoi or ol the owner «>f sue!
motor fnr any offence against thi
provisions of this Act occurring oi
alleged to have occurred whilst such
motoi was In motion on anj high
\ .iv, and in anj .i< tion, suit, or pro
reeding against anj such persi n m
owner   for   the   recovery of damage
than   ten   miles p       iur, m      pass foi  Injuries alleged to have been can
thc same goini oppi  i1- dim   ^i-i bj   any   motor  whilst In motloi
lion  at   i greatei      ieed    than   ten on a highway,   such person oi owni
miles pei houi
Ci    li goin
i. thi  in am lee lo lion shall   signal hi'
'ti i,i j and give Ihi
same dlrei
:   Ire to pass,
d.iMi      p
 Bin '* M:.t1  he in.iv
be passed with sad'    and
11).   h  lignalli :       . nj drlvi i   lo
stop, oi if an) i nvhli h the mo
lor is approaching o
frightened ot um I;
motoi, Including the
remain stationary ■
necessary to allow
■      ■■'■"■"• proceeding.'
shall be deemed to have been drlvln
ami using such motoi at an unlawful
rate of speed until   the contrar)
proven,  and it   shall   be    Ineumbenl
Upon lUi h pels.ui ni ownei   in    pro
lhe ai lual   rate    "f ipred at    wine
iui h   motoi    was being   drl<en  and
■ ii al thi  time In question in    thi
i rosw niiJ'ii "i in the action, suit. oi
>>»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»»
11. I.  STEPHENS, Prop.     •
CALGARY, Alberta
rhe Hotel with "The Reputation"
^_^H    You'll get vour Money's Worth.
♦ «...
♦♦♦♦<>♦♦«-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
.-.*  .. .
-si i ompili
.a egg markel oi to a deal-
. j with      bis
name and    dati Ing aid egg
in imi out lueer oi deolet who
fai • - ii.aikfd as   Iresh
1   II   top -in'.
Ine, i 'I shall
Ifthg as may   be
such rider       "i
driver to pass or until directed
such rider or driver lo proceed "
"*m The drlvei j : a motor upon
any highway outside the limits of a
city shall, upon meeting ur over
taking a funeral pr ■ ision, stop I is
motor, ami,   where practicable, shall
As Intimated above the provincial
regulations can bo supplemented In
>--Itain particulars by city bylaws.
but as a general rule the provincial
statute regulates motoi traffic
Of Interest to Farmers
sed  pursuant to the provisions
.ji turn out Into an)  Intel ectlngstre
this Ait, ami lu Ids a current ami
unexpired license issued an
der      nnd      hv       virtue nf
lhe provisions of ihis Act, Kvery
chauhVui ami everj person desiring
or intending   lo act   as n rhnuflcur
(•„ *
within the province of British
lumbia shall he under obligation
apply for a license to ael as
chuunYiii iiudi r ami pursuant to
provisions of  Ihis  Ai 1   In  that
mad. nr     lane   until the funeral pro
cession has passed
li    In ease an m  Ideni i c
any   person,    whether   on f< ol      oi
horseback "i    In n   .hide, or lo any
horse or   vehicle in   charge "f      anv
anv motor oi
That  the   poultrj  industry of Hiit
Ish Columbia   is a growing   Induslrj
cannol be denied,  says lhe Successful
| I'oultryman, hut    with ihe • loi <    ol
to another vear   when statistics arc be
j>i   Ing prepared wc ate Drmly Impressed
thai ihe demand lnr poult rj produeti
is far beyond   the supply        This is
a mw province ami our industry    is
petsnu   oi   I'lJiUliil'V ^	
I i [owing lo   ihe  presence <>f an) motoi in iis   Infancj and while a few poul
ft Jon any highway, the person In charge trymen an* making financial progrea
the of such motor shall relum    to   the others are "losing   in   the    game."
he   scene   of ihe accident   nml give      in Whv more   poultry ami eggs aie   not
writing to any one sustaining loss oi   produced within oui province Is dilh-
in 1810 ■ nf 1909 fs    ftome-
thing i le the fnen
Itome   |
m   I'M" .
Ltlighl    Lasl
ported oi
pounds   il |9,260
j-ii eggi ■
not amounl ■      ■
lion dollai ' '■'     ■
easily si e   Kin ire get! nj ■
from fall
on, then
Mi aiii! tbi
east the ■■ -i        o|
'.'. sted       b)
■   ■
■ :
not 1 than
inilli' • loltUl    ■
1 >:    in  twelve
rhe fi e as i Ited     In
lhe llini' i   food i ..mnn * innii       an
ijuite plati imi   (a ts     are
lust ,r Hritish Colum
bia ,i- .r ntrj      Thr exe
cutlvc ol the Hritish Columbia  I'i ul
try ossoi ■  ■ ing       oi
net oh th pa tsed       thc
follov Ing ii pi h which it
h Iii   * ■    ■•mc a- tion in  ili  ■
That the preva    ng
torn,   when    selling   egas, ■•[ misrepresenting   lo the    purchaser      thi
.ir .I     coil
Irletl)  fresh,      is
detrimental (a 11 imei       ami
produi ji ll en I .* the Hritish Columbia l*n ill i i .i sot mi Ion respw I
rnmenl ol the
province o| Rrltl h Columbia that if
legislation   i   po   Ihlc thai such    he
| ii.n »i■■!    .iml    this  .issi.i lalmii     WOUld
mggi  i iii.it tlu producer, when sell
able lo .i : ne of not    less
■ i ceding fifty
■-. fa  Jifl'-ree "
poultry industry of British
. annihilation    or
•■•in    to
..;,'i the produc-
BBumM   will   know
eggs    he  is
snd whi-n buy-
.   that he is
'"" ...   ami
rill   benefit
paid    fnr
-I VI IH TK.NU ■   Wd  Ul
■1   will t.t   re
■ ■ti Kti-
>■     tin    •       Vprl       1911, lot the
I i        M.i l   I        Mails,
on a propi ied i'-mmj i tor four
• pei week each
reek, between ' 'ranbrook and Golden \ la v\,i-.i, | hundi i Hill, Fair
monl spi ing Windermere, (Athcl
mer, Wilmer, Sinclair, Brtsro, Oat-
■ na, Beard t*reek and McHurdo, from
lhe I'ostmastei Qeneral'i pleasure i
Printed n illres containing turtbef
Information ■■- to conditions oi proposed contract may be seen and
blank forms of tendei may be ob-
talned .it '!"■ Post Offices of Cranbrook, Wasa. Thunder IMI, Fairmont Springs, Athalmer, Wilmer,
Windermere, Sinclair, Urisco, Qalena,
Board Creek, McMurdoand Oolden
and al the office of the Posl OfRw
Inspn foi
post Office Inspector's Office
i:th March Illl.
P    \    llruee,
7 :tt Post Office Inspector, THE   CRNBROOK   HKRALD
$2. Vote to Stand
(Continued [rom pngc
hoped that tliey would   be as    good
[rlcnds to tlie new minister.
Tlie iollowiiig   oflicers  were    lluui
elected by ballot    lor    the  ensuing
I year:
Mrs. J. K McNalili-l'residcnl.
three hundred and nine dollars -.uni lands and Improvements within tho' M|.s (. ^ patniorc—Vlco-Pres
twenty-six cents ($00,3(111.211). [brook ns u   tax tb pay oil the Inslal-
l*'iu*   (ho nr-ccBsary anil   lawful   ex-  nl nn the   suid debentures    issued
pemllture   [or tlu* current yeni       nl pursuant   i" bylaws Nos   31, 22, ii,
IIUI. 57, 03, 05 and   08, "I    the  Corporu-
Uul   whereas, ii is estimated   that j Ho" ol llu' Cily nl fi.inlin.Mk lot tho
iln* revenue lor the current year      ol year 1011
Mis. .1. Crooks—Secretary.
Mrs. .lohn Shaw—Treasurer.
This Is lhe fourth year that Mrs
.1. Shaw hns been elected to thc
Ireasurership, which the chairman remarked musl be a testimony lo    the
,nn   -..-iii   amounl     I       llie sum ni    5.  Thc  said    rates or taxes levied' ™J, jn ™1Uoh tlleso duties Uml    hee"
,„* ive thousand lour  ulrcd   and by the  ton-going    sec.lons one   two,    er(ormcli.
wcntv-Iuui    dollars and seventy-liveH'*'''-'*' "'   ■••   *-.*'■■"•■*.   *»re     Al „„, ,.,„S(. „, ,*„. „„,,,|n,K,      re
''',-',-*-■-,' ,vlM   * balance'"""   due a ayable hy the persons' ratmml. ,Vcre   served by   Mis.  I,
I   |,||(     i,,,,,,!,,,! liable to pay the same to the collcc-] R     Manning    and Mrs   II     \. Mc
ami   thirty-four   dollurs°and Mty-onejJ r tlio salil Municipality   ol    tho, £„„"	
i,„is    ($11,831.51) lo be raised    by Cil)'"'C'ra'ihrook, at his ollico       In,    .,.,,„ r'0„ow,„g   ,tttli,.s »,.„. .,,,,„,
•vying a la\ uu    llie  nssi .wil lands Hie said ( ity.                                     | ^,s   ^ |(
nd impnn I   **;    I j   ''    '■    rebalo ol    one-Bixth (1-Oth) Mrg' M> |n
'''''l!"^''!i"'."!;!'!,."!\:!!\.'!!r!l.hl'v''^iMis '■ " •
levying a tax ou    the  assessed lands i'ne sum Ml). Mrs. Ira 11. Manning,    Mrs. Wass	
'    "ebalool    one-sixth ll-Oth) |Ml.s Mn „-,_    Mrs     (|    ,,„„,.*,
liilnisl    Mrs. I    1'al
n|,mposcd which shall bo paid on      or     Mt|     ,,    w. Patmoro,    Mrs
",(""-    ""' :1"n'     ll"v '"  ■ll""■'  l,lll'i I'arks, Mis.    Hen, Mrs. W. II      M
Are Strong at this Store
raise the following sums to |>u)
tin* insialim nl ol pi Inclpul nnd Inter
till' iiiM.iiineiit oi principal iiiih inier-i 	
csl ilue on the debenture loans incur-provided,    however,   ibnl   nei robs* o  -,„,..„„,, ,*,„,   K. A. IIUI, Mrs -I
reil   pursuant tn bvlaws numbers 21,18''1111 k' M"mi   ""   ""' "I"'™1 "ll0 Crooks, Mrs.     William   Slater, Mrs
,,, provided under   section four (ll here*! ,,   |||(iivn   Mn     WaU      J]|s |)||n
cents' '   ""'   r"v "'   ('l;"n"""k* "'", ibe uhseiiee of Mrs   McNabb on    ac
1    »»!  "•'""" '"•'"l"" "   »">'  count ol her lather's Illness.
'"J* hm]>y  mn[ "" ''""ls       '",    Mrs   Itoberl Hrown Invited the Aid
'l»«>emenls   where the laws      on    ,,,, „„„,„ ,,„. „„. „     mM
franh k, that Is to say? ,*.., lieing the levy lor paj lit on   °'| ||n„, M„. Wel.brou. M. *    i   n   *.,,„
On    *'i,lv  im.   Hill,   lor debenture111"' "lMal""'l't"   "" 'lj'"eiiturcs issued | ^ ,.„   .,.   (*,„ isliun. *,,,„   ...  *.-„ i
li.an incurred   puisiianl tn bylaw  So  l™r,fu   '" »yl»»« numbered 21, -    ^ j,,,s  j   g||aW| J||x ,,   A     M(,
21, Hu* sum    nl sis hundred and one     ' ''". '":     _"'."   '".   ..       l "!.'"'.! "J k0WBIIi   n,.Rr,.|   ,,**s   expressed    at'
dollars      .mil      eighty two
1*1,111 B2)
im     .lull    Ist,    IOU, mi  llelll uill
loan Incurred pursuant to bylaw    Nn ,   d        improvement! lor
22, the sum   ol three hundred       and         , J       ,„
twcnlj     dollars     and    nlnet) seven    .    „. ,,;,. ratM ,)t ^ ^^  m
l'1-"11" 'posed or any part therco! shall    not
""   •"">  ]-'-     '""•   "" ■letH.-nturc *,.,,.,*,,„„ 01 *„.,,„.,   u„. u,|rt... nr8,
l"'"1 "l"""''1    "' h-vhlw N"   nisi) day ol December, 1'HI. '    tho
23, ih,  sum   ideighl hundred       and s.,mc „my   be collected   wltl, interest
1   "   ''""•"'•   '""' ""'- ' '"'s lu the manner provided  by lhe Muni-
($802 l:,
A number  of   baseball enthusiasts
| met last    night    in the   committee
rooms oi     tin-   Cranbrook  hotel lo
^^^^^^^^^^^ ipal   Clauses   Ael ami   Amendments I organize lor thc coming senson.
fn   .July   1st,    fill. I"i ilrbentuii- ,;,,.,-,.,aa, iii regard to tin Heeling of     C, E. Lindsay   called   tho meeting
loan Ineiiireil   pursuant In Inlaw No. ,.iV(.s *„ ,,,.,1,.,* a|],,ul ii o'clock.
'i7,f  the sum ol two     thousand eight     ,    This bylaw may be cited as   the     Tin* lirst item   mi   the programme
hundred    and   right dollai   and lilt) '..l[:lU. [|j.|„W| nm ;' was lhe election ol oillcers. This was
cent   [$2,808.50)   carried through in   quick time,   euch
,"" ""■• ':'■ ""■/•"'I'T'n::' *w. « ,s s,w,.,. ,i,.„ „*,„.""•«■ °m™* **■< "■<*>;•»* «*
":"", "  ;"',"; " '    , ,   J'-, hrlfcer  ael  1   lhe matter  tho ■"•"»  "'" '" «'" "««"*
';■■„""■ "'"";"■ "K    ' " ecu.   * ol   police    should ho Instructed      "',"">s   '"'",   l«« year secured
,,1"'""    '""l      """"i'"' '"     ,„    enforce   iln*   r -ctlen ol the $21  ho 8tt0"«fst,   "*'   '"  "ll,m-    lh"
 „ ,.. , ,.„,,, ,liave ever had
.i\ Immediately (nun everybody.
Mil    Jackson gave notice ol      hi*
Iln  Seplelill.il   Isl,   IHII,  lol   deben
J""'loanii I  I'J ;'"' '" ^'"'lia.e , troduce » bylaw       to
*"  «5 ""• » ' ";.;;„';:;,""";,','„",' limit the speed „f automobile, within
Hu* city limils.
eply l" r'lre Cllh 1 Wand il   w
liiin.lnil       ami  ^^^^^^^
l$5,l!l? nni
tin   lleeelnlirr  JSlll,   I'Ul.  I   de .. ..^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lure loan incurred pursunnl  to bvlaw '"'"-:1   llial ""V l"'ls"" mlM tavo
law  \'„   .ss Iho s„,„ ,„■ nine   hundred  ' s '" '"'r ime* >'lnl    ''>
and   ninety-elghl   dollars   .,.,,1   eiahl '•'•')  l»th prox     This year the couo,
 t.i.is na, ell will nol provide Ine cartage.
In  .ill    tin* sum    ..I ile'.ili  II        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nine    hundred   .,,,,1   nil i dollai        WHERE THE LADIES RULE
and twenty Ihrre     cents ($11,051 23) 	
h. hr raianl liy levying a las on the   j\m  \|_    MKKTINfi    AND Kl.KC
nasfssi'd   lands    and     itntirnvcmiiit!.      TION OF   OFFICEUS OF LA-
al in laid.  . HIKS   \m OF MET1IOD-
Tlicr-L'forc the   Miink-ipal t'oui      u 1ST CHURCH,
iln- Corporation ol the Citl ol Cran I 	
brook in cotini'il asnemldcd, iu.ui. .1 ! -| hl. .milin\ mM,i|ng (1f iln- Ladies
follow... i \i,l „( thi-     Mctliodlst   church    was
1 Thai a levy ol live 15) milla on |tl.i(l itl t)ll. residence ol Mrs. Ira
ih.- dollar he levied on all the a ■ ; \iftnnliig on Wednesday afternoon
srssed lands and Improvements with j jnK, The reports were prescntwl,
in the limits i.f the s.ml MunU'lpnliU   K\.M} shewed'considerable activity iu
'd lite   Cor| llou o! the Citj      id   lhh   ,|cpartmeni     ol      lhe   church
Cranbrook and within llic houndarlcs ihmunlioiil the year, ilu- sum of
.,[ tlm said Cranbrook Cilj      School    -,»,.,;„ |H.jllt;    tlll. sptcniHil llnaneial
Hislriet,   as n   sel 1   las fnr      lhu   r(.s„||    The pastor, Rev. II. Hughes,
year I'M I who presided, congratulated       Mrs.
2 Thai .. levy   o ■ (1      ill a    ricorgc Powell, the retiring president
Hi, .lollnr be levied on all thu assess- „„ ,iavill!i    t|l(1   rt.rnn|    vrart    th(,
I'll   lands    nnd   Improvements within  .,, mt rnincal    by tho society being
lhe limits ol lhe said Munieipalitj lhl. |arKcst |n its history, and ven-
,,, th.' Curporation -jf lhe fit; »I ()im| tll SIly lliat jt was the result
Cranhrook as a hoard ol health tax ,,, ,|H, suUir uf tllli|v ,ll|(1 ]oyaltv to
'"i the year I'll ; ,1,. wor||     .,f the    members   nl the
: Thai n levj of tour .mils on vw He thanked tho ladies for
the dollar be levied mi .ill asscsseil ,|„.n assistance In making the par-
lands and within the limiti. <•( the ,<lliU,,. S(1 comfortable, and lnr their
said inunlclpallt) nl lb Corporation onerous help in the finances of tho
nl ih< Cilj ol Cranbroul i e oral (Quarterly OfTicinl board, and as it
ins Im the year 1911                       i wu the last    meeting ihal it would
l    Thai a levy "i len (10) nulls on |,P |lis   privilege lo preside nver.   In-
Ihr    dollai i j- levied   mi all aasesscd .,^,.,1 i„ Bay how much both lie and
rands and Improvements within     tho i,js wjM. appreciated their interest in
limils ..f the MunicipallU    ..[       the ,iN. parsonage and the church, and ho
Hon. Pies.—Tims. Caven, M.IM'.
President—E. II. Small.
Vice-President—Qeorge Hoggnrlh.
Secretary—C. C. Connolly,
Treasurer—J. K. Dickson,
Manager—C. Pldgeon.
ICxeciitlvc committee—A. I. Mc
Dcrmot,  chairman,    C, Pldgeon,  C
Lindsay, C. C. Connolly, .1. 10
Captain—A. W. Peterson.
In tin- discussion whieh followed ns
in players fnr the coming season lhe
manager reported thnt he was In
correspondence with a couple of las;
years players now residing In Spokane nud who had expressed a desire
to play here again. Captain Peterson suggested that there might he
qui to a number of players in the
lown who had not reported themselves so fur, but if ihey would hand
in their names to liiin or the executive he would see that they were
advised of the dale of the lirst prac
tire and given a chance lo show
their ability.
•fudge Ryan was appointed dele
gate to the hoard of trade in m
and secure some financial assistance,
as it wns felt that the baseball cluh
was one uf ihe best advertising mediums fur the town.
The executive committee will ap
point nne ur two uf llieir number lo
rail upon the business men of lhe
town with a view to getting in subscriptions, The general feeliuti ni
the meeting was that for the 21th ol
May celebrations it would he a good
idea tu get in a team from Spokane,
Uonners Kerry nr Sandpoini and the
secretary was Instructed io open up
negotiations with that object iu
If it is at all possible and the hoys
Our Name  is  always u  Si^ii  of (Jootl Shoes.
1 k
Best (if  Shoes,   wherever  you   see   it.
We   i
,* ii
368,   tlmt   are   tlie   production   of   tin*
!'*,   1
anti most Noted Shoetnaken,
The Hckis; Of Better Shoes.
See Our Window.
Fink's Special—Stetson and Hawes, Von=(ial Hats
These names make an impression; the goods sustain it,   Here you see
lhe pioducl of three of the best makers in Ihe world.    Quality is a certainty,    Choosing is a ple.-.sure;   we show thc   variety of styles.    For   a^_
novelties in Young Men's Hats, see our line     -     $2.50 to $5,00
Easter Furnishings Are Here in Great Variety
Ties, Collars, Shirts, Gloves, Hosiery and
Fancy Vests
This store enjoys the reputation of having one of the largest and most
up-to-date Men's Furnishing Departments in Western Canada. If it's
the newest thing you want, you will find it here.
FINDING thc right place to buy clothes
is a highly important matter to men just
now: First, to get correct styles, new,
handsome and honest fabrics, thorough
tailoring, and clothes that you are absolutely
certain of having been made in a thoroughly
clean and hygienic factory. Second: The
matter of cosl. For the first, CAMPBELL'S
CLOTHING is foremost in every point of excellence. Campbell's factory, which makes
most of our clothing, is notably ideal in the
conditions around and throughout.
HAT "Sterling" is to silver, what "Bessemer" is to steel, the
names of "Hartt" and "Invictus" are to shoes. They are the identification marks of shoes of matchless quality and exclusive styles.
They stand as an assurance to you that every penny you spend for either
•' HARTT " or "INVICTUS" SHOES will be well spent. We are sole agents
I   I
NO store in the West gives more thought
than we to proper clothing for men.
We use nothing but the best imported
materials and our tailors are all experts in
Iheir particular lines. We guarantee perfect
satisfaction. Call and see the beautiful
clothes to select from.
got the backing from tlie town, to
which they are entitled, ihey are an-
viniis tu form a league which wuuld
lake in Lethbridge, Macleod and Pin-
ehcr Creek. There is no doubi what
ever that if this idea could he
brought t" a successful issue the
lown would have ono of' the best advertising mediums it is possible to
have, Thr three towns mentioned
an- reasonably dose tu Cranbrooh
and air all uf I hem hot hcils ul
baseball ami would assuredly bring
up a   largo number uf fans whenever
ihi',  \M-ii> booked to play here.
The meeting closed ahum ten
o'cloek with every one satisfied thai
tin- prospects fur this year were
brlghtei  than ever.
and social work. A line new Karn
organ has been recently installed
There is a large .Sunday school an-l
Voung People's union ami the out
li.uk fur goud work Is promising
Mr. King has been approached un
behalf uf three other churches, two
uf them in the United States; bul
prefers Hritish Columbia tu any oth
er part of Canada ami the Dominion
tu anywhere else under the sun, be
ing of I Iv Loyalist blood ami
Canadian training.
At a largely attended meeting ol
iiu- church  congregation last Thttra
day evening, the Firs! haptist
church of Nelson extended a unatii
mous call to Rev. V. W King, uf
t'ranbrook, to the local pastorate tu
succeed Kev. Dr. Kugene Hooper, who
left fur the east last week.—Nelson
Daily News.
Mr. King has received and accepted
Ihis call to enter upon his new
charge May 1st. White this Held
has lust heavily of late, In the removal uf several of its must prominent families to other parts of the
Dominion, it has one uf the mugt
convenient and up-to date church
edifices in the Knutenays with a
seating capacity of four hundred, a
wel] arranged suite nf vestry and
class rooms with basement for school
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Hales $1.00 and up per day
Comer of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our Ium meets all trains
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
:|H7    MOSER, II. II	
Rtaldem >•
NVntly overy Btora advcrtlMsmonl
lioiils "probable proiit" lnr ynu. N,»*
imhIv rise can doclda lor you wli.it nd.
it Is—or in what way il holds profll
lor yon.
Field and Garden
Outs Wheat
Timothy Clover
Knpe Millet
Hye Grass Peas
Onion Pets     Turnips     Carrots
Beans Onions
Flower Seeds        Brume limes
Sand Vetches       Spring Hye
Cranbrook   Trading Co. i
The Central  Meat
Wo are (looking onion for
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Red Eggs
for hatching.
Price $2.00 per setting
from   1st prize   winners   ut
Criinlirook Agrlnultirral Show.
A. Jollffe. Proprietor.


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