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Cranbrook Herald Dec 24, 1912

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We are well equipped lu
turn out the beat clues
of work.
line '"I //
Ml. :>2
(By S. .1
Lust   Kootenay district ol British
Columbia, (or the lust decade, bus
been Hit?   largest lead-product rig sec
lion of Camilla. It occupies tlm
suu l lir us it-in portion ul British Co
luiubiii und adjoins tin; northwestern
part of Montana anil tlir northern
part ol Idaho. The purpose of this
paper is to discuss the origin of the
silver-lead ores of Kast Kootenay
und compare them with the similar
deposits in Idaho. The field-work,
on which this article is bused, was
done in connection with thc geological mapping of Kast Kootenay for
the Oeolobical Survey of Canada.
Tbe silver-lead deposits of East
Kootenay occur in the Purcell range,
which is made up almost entirely of
sedimentary rocks of pre-Cam briars
and possibly Cambrian age, called by-
Daly the Purcell series. This series
consists of a great thickness of argillaceous quartzites, purer quartzites and argillites, with very subordinate amounts of limestone, folded into numerous northerly striking
anticlines and synclines. These structures are truncated by normal faults
which strike in a nortneasterly direction. Intruded into tlie Purcell series are several smull cross-cutting
bodies ot granite and granite porphyry. The ore-bearing formation, the
Aldridge quartzitc, is the oldest
known member of the Purcell series
and consists of a series of thick and
thin-bedded argillaceous quartzites
(locally called slates). Tbey are
dark gray on fresh fracture and
weather to a rusty brown color,
which aids in identifying the formation in the field. An examination of
the positions of the ore deposits
shows that they are restricted to
the upper members of tbe above
mentioned formation where the thick-;
bedded and purer quartzitc strata
are in greater abundance.
Sullivan mine—-The deposit of tbc
Sullivan mine is situated aboul 20
miles northwest of ('ranbrook, B.C.
It produced during the year ending
J une 30, 1911, 31,005 Ions of crude
ore containing 258,371* an. of silver
and 14,187,351 lbs. of lead The
gross value of this output was $635,
Krom 1804 to June 30, 1911
total output was 126,178    ton
taming 1,040,309 07   of stlvei
52,840,761 lbs, of    lead with .
gross value of 12,566,449
The oduntry rocks belong to
lower part ol the Purcell series and
have a general N —S strike with
dips varying from 211 degrees to so
degrees to the east The thick
bedded members ol the ore-bearing
series, the most favorable loi re
placement, appear, when examined
microscopically, to in* made up "t
angular Interlocking grains ol quarts
a 12  tiini      in  diametei   with      liiiuor
amounts of felspai ami nld The
deposit strikes about   \ —s      and
dips to thr east cnnformablv with
tbr enclosing quartettes, which on
the So-fool level dip -'» degrees to
the east ami on ihe Km loot level
75 degrees in the same direction In
the upper part of the deposit close
folding has Increased Che thickness "i
tbr ore
The ore body is not a tine fissure
vein but is a replacement deposit
rnnlormable in dip and slrike with
tbe enclosing quart/ites The mav
tinuin stope width Is 180 feet and the
minimum slope length 588 leet
The interior ol racb ore mass ran
mm;. o| an intimate mixture ol line
blrndr and galena with minor
amounts ol Hie iron sulphides, py-
ritr, pyrrhotitc and i.imesonitc
llrre and there through this mhlurc
occur lenses of purer galena The
gangue, which is very small in
amount, contains Idlotuorphlc ctv
stals ol pink garnet, some dlopllflfl
und aetlnolite with verj subordinate
amounts of culeitr. This interior
/one passes outwards into .1 line-
gratned mixture of pyrite, pyrrhotite
and small amounts of catena associated with crystals of colorless gurnet,
aetlnolite ami Inutile The pyritic
mne, in turn, with u gradual decrease in the amounts of sulphides,
grades exteriorly Into a eherty 'zone
which is present only where the
cosntry rock is the heavy-bedded)
purer quartzltr. When the more
argillaceous slaty members are pre
sent, tlie pyritic zone passes into
the normal country rock at that
point. The eherty zone is free Irom
gangue minerals and passes niit*
wards into the normal quartzites
which enclose the entire deposit. Nn
garnet or dlopside is present in the
country rock and tliese minerals are
entirely restricted to lhe .ire.i
flues-red by tlw ore solutions.
As mentioned, ttie ore deposit as a
whole is u conformuble replacement
of finegrained .1 -.lllucuotis qtmrtzltei
by fine-grained galena, zinc blende
and iron sulphides. Replacement is
very well shown in most parts ul tlie
deposit since alternate bunding of
ore uud quurtzite is seen near the
periphery of thc ore masses where
the relative susceptibility to replacement of the laminae of the
quartzitc is different. Joining tliese
favorable bauds are numerous interlacing veinlets of sulphides which represent an intermediate stage in the
complete replacement of the quartzitc. Examined microscopically, the
sulphides appear to hgve entered between the quartz grains of the quartzitc and then to havo attacked the
quartz itself. Tbe sulphides, entering along the favorable laminae replace thc muscovite also. Evidently
muscovite has been formed previous
to the introduction  or the sulphides.
Pangenesis.—A par agent-tic study
of the ores show that thc gangue
minerals are often in idiumorphic
crystals and free from sulphide.-,. Also, tho small cracks in the gangue
minerals are filled with a mixture of
pyrite, pyrrhotitc, zinc bleade and
galena. From these facts, it is c included that the gangue minerals have
priority in formation. Tbe -elati nis
if thc gangue minerals to eacb other
counld not be ascertained as tliey
were never seen iu contact. There
is a possibility tbat some of the
sulphides were contemporaneous with
the gangue minerals, for idiomorphic
crystals of pyrite and arsenopyrite
were observed embedded in the fine
grained sulphides. This latter second generation of the sulphides is
represented by a fine-grained intimate mixture of galena, zinc blende,
pyrite, and pyrrhotitc whose order
of formation is so confused that they
are believed to be contemporaneous.
The sulpho salt jamesonite is associated with small calcite veins which
are later than the main ore bodies
and is probably a secondary mineral.
The passage for the ore solution
which formed the Sullivan deposit is
believed to be the well-defined bedding planes of the quartzitic strata
Krom several such channels the solutions replaced the country rock within tlieir sphere or influence
st. Eugene deposit.—ihe St. Eugene mine which is located on the
east side nf lower Movie lake near
the town of Movie, B.C., up till the
"lose of last year has been the largest lead-producing property in Canada. It yielded during the year end
ng June 30, 1811, IT,705 tons of
■rude ore ami 7,7ns tons of concentrates containing 804,044 ox. of ill-
and 8,018,169 lbs, of lead The
gross value of this output was Jl-",-
ull During the period from 1M4 to
■ lune .lu, 1811, the total output was
1,001,890 tons ol etude ore and
187,889 tons 01 concentrates contain*
int :">.-"•'', 177 OS. of Stive: and 225,-
tiT'-.t-T > lbs of lead, having a total
gross value of $10,304,520.
The deposit of the St. i-.ugcne'
mine occurs kn a zone of lissuring
which cuts across lhe axis of a
northern plunging anticline composed
of argatlliceoui quartzites helongiug
to the oldest member ol the I'urcell
series In this zone, two fissures
are the mosl important, both "I
which strike east and west with an
SVetage dip ol 70 degrees to the
south on     lhe    I.IIOII    foot  level
Which is 1,1)00 feet above the level
of Movie lake, these two iissuies are
800 feet Spar! and converge down-
wards and to the west Joining
these two muni fissures is nn Important system of connecting nssures
at various distances apart which
Usuatl] met the main hssures nt a
small angjc At tbis juncture or
close to it, occurred most of the
Important ore bodies. Very tittle
displacement has occurred along the
Veins us a whole.
The ore bodies are replacement
deposits jn the heavy-bedded purer
quartzites and are restricted to the
fractured area between the twn main
fissures. Where the fissure crosses
the more argillaceous quartzites, it
is usually tilled with quartz containing small quantities of sulphides.      ■
Thc ore. consists mainly of coarsegrained galena with subordinate
amounts of zinc blende, pyrite,
pyrrhotitc, magnetite, and a little
Chalcopyrlte, It is also reported
that tbe sulphides—pyrite and pyrr-
hotite-rwere slightly more abundant
near tlie periphery of the ore bodies.
The gangue which is small In amount
consists nf pink garnet, actinnllte,
quartz and some calcite. Tbc garnet,
aetlnolite and quartz are more ahun-
Idont in the transit Ion zone of      the
ore and cosntry rock,  and at   times
(Urn!faun! on page sis).
(By E, S. Martin).
Of the sentimental side of Christ-
uius mosl of us have a fairly definite
Idea. It is clear to us how it means
good will to men and is properly
celebrated by exchanges of gifts and
the promotion of gaiety and human
welfare. Most of us realize that
Xto birth of Christ was a true Godsend to earth, but not many of us
have due com prehension of what really happened to earth when Christ
was horn, or nf the nature and
scope of thc impulses and inspirations that His coining let loose
among humanity. We have accepted
the idea of peace on earth, hut largely by an act of faith and commonly
with only a very vague notion of ito
power or of the processes by which
it is to come about. Our ideal of
Christ is of a person mild, compassionate, full of sympathy, preaching
submission. So He was, and He
did preach submission or something
that looks very like it. We are not
used to assoiiate great power, the
ability to shake and shape the
world, with mild, submissive-seeming
persons. It is as though what seemed wax, fit to feed a gentle flame,
had turned out to be dynamite, and
where it fell changed the very face
of nature.
The politics of Christianity—that
in it which immediately allects luws
and government and the courses of
ons—appears, as we try to trace
11 ordinary history, as a record
of wars, persecutions, sectarian
squabbles, conquests most cruel for
the spread of thc true faith, lasting
and intense rivalries between various
depositories of that faith, image-
making by symbolists and image-
smashing by iconoclasts, ominous deviations by the self-indulgent from
the Galilee standard, and drastic
Puritan expurgations of beauty and
sport- It is not a panorama fit to
induce, much gaiety even at Christmas time. Nevertheless, since the
year our calendar dates frum, the
Christian processes of world regeneration have gone ahead.
Dens it seem r.ot eo?
Pevet is not disease, bui part of
the effort of nature to get rid of disease. We see and feel Ihe fevers of a
world that has much the matter with
it. "Who knows," says a recent
writer, "hut a day may come when
the bloody church history of the first
eighteen centuries of our era may be
looked upon as the history of t'he
infantile diseases of Christianity.
Kvcn now Christianity is nol linn un
its childish feet; its maturity is
hardly dawning on our dim vision."
What this same writer calls "the
power of a fundamentally new aspect
of life's problems" is the power
whose coming we recognize at
Christmas time; a power that penetrates all politics and ull social life
and that hammers at the stubborn
gates of economics. Not so much the
Golden Rule us tire power that is
continually compelling the recognition of the necessity of the Golden
Ilule is tlie Christmas-horn power
that the world has Co reckon with.
Christ is Xto great mind, the great
radical. It was a tremendous driv.
ing, upsetting force that came out of
lurieu into the affairs nf men. The
peace' on earth of which the angels
sang is a peace incompatible with
tyranny or despotism, no peace of
Suppression, of a lid held down upon
a gasping humanity, but n peace of
liberty, of justice, of civilization, of
tin* highest development to which
humanity can attain.
And tftat sort does not come with,
out fevers, observe this latest one
that has been burning so fiercely in
southeastern Kumpe. The Turk is
passing because his religion Is a dying flame by ttie light of whicb men
can no longer come to full contem-
porurv stature. The Christianity of
the Balkan Christians may be a wild
enough mixture', but there seems to
be life iu it The people whom it
Affects cannot stay still and be left
behind by an advancing world, They
lie quiet and gather power as a geyser gathers steam and presently burst
out at the obstacle in their way. It
Is strange. Fifteen years ago the
writer already quoted, forecasting
and justifying thcVertain destruction
of Turkish power, described Turkey
nevertheless us the lust little corner
of   Europe in 1 which u whole people
lived in undistufhed prosperity and
happiness.     It had nn social     ques-
Kditor The ('ranbrook Herald:
Looking hack on thc magnificent
progress that the province bus enjoyed in the year just ceasing, and swing before us the certainty nf still
greater advancement in the coming
months, the holiday season finds
abounding happiness aud content in
B. C. and nowhere greater than
among the. people of South East
Kootenay. I take pleasure in accepting the invitation of the Cranbrook Herald to send a greeting tu
all who have the good fortune to he
resident in that part of thc province, and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Richard McBride.
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 21, 1012.
To the Editor <.f the Herald:
I take thc opportunity you kindly
otter of wishing ihe people of South
East Kootenay a Happy Christmas
and u Prosperous New Year. 1 would
draw tlieir attention to the distinct
issue between the two political parties in tlte Dominion on the navy
policy. Shall Canada contribute
ships to the imperial navy without
assuming any responsibility as to
tlieir maintenance, or shall she assume her share of imperial defense
und provide und maintain two lleet
units, whicli can be 1111 d on the Pacific and on the Atlantic ut otherwise
as may be determined after consultation between the Uo governments,
carrying out the policy laid down at
the imperial conference -if 1!H0, when
the Canadian waters, both in tlie
Atlantic and the Pacilie were fairly
defined and regulations drawn up.
Space does not permit to refer to
other questions nnly In slate that
I look for progressive development in
all the industries of the Sottfttry,
which shall have all tlie assistance 1
con give them,
llewilt linstock.
Ottawa, Ilec 21th, 1012.
tion, he suid, 110 bitter struggle for
existence, no great fortunes, no
pauperism. "All form u single harmonious family and no one strives
after wealth at the expense of his
neighbor.'' He did not speak hy
hearsay; bo spoke of what he had
seefi, and he said: "Here it is the
Christian who throws in lhe leaven
of discord, nnd with the cruelty of a
ruthlessly reacting power of nature
tho otherwise humane Moslem rises
and destroys tbe    disturber ol     hln
The picture is of Mohammedan
content with a stagnant civlllvatlon
and of the Christian leaven lhal will
huve it that all the dough shall rise.
It is not in the Christian principle to
tolerute stagnation. Nothing must
stand still that it can reach India
learned that lesson, Japan learned
it, uml now China. It is a hard
lesson for lazy people whose arrangements suit them and who likt
to he comfortable. But they will
all have to learn it. The Almighty
will is to be fulfilled whatever fevers
Our ills that in' America, as in
Europe, we struggle with and suffer from, are the ills, doubtless,
proper to our stage of Christian progress. Wc are more drunken, more
greedy, and far less contented than
the Turks. We have prostitution,
trusts, monopolies, high tariffs, und
other painful incidents of progressive
civilization. Our rich people get
too rich, our poor people too poor
But we are never let alone. We mav
never sit down aud sav our task is
finished. Constantly proceeds the
tearing nut' of what was unjusth
constructed; constantly the elTort to
replace it with something better devised. Constantly, by the pressure
of inexorable events and threats of
calamity, we are constrained to curb
the rapacious, io restrain or reform
the   vicious,    tO     support   the feeble.
protect the weak, and tram the ignorant. Never may we lie back and
rest, nor shall we The work is tn be
done. If we do it we lire; if we
shirk it we go the waj of Babylon,
of the builders of the pyramids and
of the temples of Yucatan and Peru
and Ceylon, of the Greeks, of tlie
Unmans, and now of tht old-time
conquerors of Spain and Constantinople.
But the spirit and the teaching of
Christ is imperishable The best
hope for us and our civilization and
for our escape from the disasters of
our predecessors is that spirit and
that teaching and the growth of
human capacitv to live and work in
accordance, still distant and imperfect, *with both.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic,
removes dandrufl and prevents falling
of the hair. Has a record for
growing hair—05 cases nut of 100.
Each package contains a packet of
Machela Dry Shampoo Powder. Price
for complete home treatment, $1.00.
Sold and guaranteed hy tbe Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.
I make neither   boast nor apology,
but simply     state thnt I, who am a
total abstainer    and sometime member of thc Bund of Hope, Rechabites,
Good Templars and the various other
water-wagon   brotherhoods,   wanted
to get drunk.
"Crazy," I hear some one exclaim.
Still, if    further    proof of my remarkable abstinence   be required, allow- me to add convincingly that thc
redoubtable "Carrie Nation" had  no
more sincere admirer than I, yet    in
the face of    this assertion I stoutly
maintain that I longed tn quaff    the
flowing howl,
"Pure cussedncss," you remark.
"Exactly, them's my sentiment*.."
But allow me to explain.
Lung, long     ago. wben tbe    choir
of angels    heralded the Iirsl Christ
mas,    ihey  sung something     about
peace and good will to men.
Possibly they were not bleeding
turkeys at that stage lu the world's
history, iu no other way cuu 1 account for the angels choosing such u
dull, uninteresting theme, iu preference to a carol extolling the virtues
of the turkey-
Rut to continue.
On Christmas Eve I sauntered
forth into thc busy streets, pecking
in here and there at the store wm
dows, and ruminating on tlie fancy
that this grey old world is quite a
cheery place after all. A window
full of dolls and toys and other pretty trinkets caught my eye, and I
caught a glimpse of thousands of
little children caressing these childish treasures.
I suppose there are millions ol
■em. counting in China, bui I don't
know whether the little people in
China rlay with dolls,or not, be*id-.
es, being a bachelor thc figures up
pal me.
A few more steps brought me to a
cigar jftote, where "My Lady Nicotine" was displayed in all her bewitching beauty, hut passed quickU
on as my exchequer was badly bent
"Splendid," I exclaimed out of reverence to hoary heads and scraggy
necks, I mazed at a display of
mufilers and comforters, to whose
soft encircling folds, scrawny necks,
creamy necks and much necks could
alike be entrusted.
"Gee," I whispered gleefully tn my*
old jimmy pipe, "ain't it great that
Christmas is coming " The whee/.v
reply of old jimmy was lost in the4
racuous greeting of a youngster:
''Merry Christmas, Mister," us he
raced by like a tricksy goblin
I will nnt weary ymi with all I
saw- There were slippers, dainty
enough for a Cinderella and cflzj
enough fnr the most bebimioneil veterans. Tliere wata ties and states
and socks, the like of whieh Beau
Brumiiiel never possessed.
There were— but why go on Suffice it to say that for some reason
or other I was glad and ready to give
peace and good-will to everyone when
suddenly I met with disaster
I raised my bat. quickly concealed
my jimmy pipe und mumbled a greeting Into the frosty atmosphere
".Mr. ————." she exclaimed, 'I'm
so glad you are in town. "Won't
ynu COtne to onr place for dinner to
"With pleasure," I replied
"How fortunate that ynn are disengaged.' gurgled her companion
"Could you not arrange to spend the
evening with us "
"I shall Ik- delighted," I replied.
Inwerdtj debuting what was good
for an overloaded stomach and hesitating between castor-oil and Mother Seigel's Syrup.
"Now Mrs. —— - that is mean
of you, I particular!) wish my guests
to stay through the evening Their
going? away breaks up tbe party,
don't you know "
They turned to glare at one another and I slitl noiseless), into the
Perhaps I thought aloud, or perhaps my disgruntled countenance betrayed me, but soon a benevolent
l<miring old lady accosted me       with
"Excuse me,    brother  " ' Your
dit tion is fault 1 dear lad.."
1 interrupted, "perhaps you n-v.\a
son or grandchild."
deigning no answer she continued
"I want to invite yon for Christina*
dinner, you lonk so loncson*
"Dear lady," I cried, "vou overwhelm me, here indeed is disinter-*"-
cd kindness"
"Yes," she ndded beaming upon "■■
through    her    spectacles,    "we an
rather proud of our scheme."
"Scheme!" I frowned.
"Yes," she explained glibly, "you
see it's like this: Our Ladies Society
wish to provide Christmas entertainment for the homeless young men
and women in town."
"Very nice indeed," I cut in is she
paused for breath-,
"Let mc see now," she went on
rocking ber head to one side and eyeing me pertly, "you clerk in the dry
goods store, do you not?"
You would mst suit the company
at Mrs. .        She is a charming
woman.        1 feel sure ynu will tajoy
"You are mistaken, mt benefactress, I am a teamster "
"Ah!" she exclaimed in a shocked
whisper, "tliat is unfortunate."
"I'm afraid we didn't make any
provision for teamsters."
A very wise omission," I hastened to assure her, then seeing that
she wished tn close the interview, I
bade her a kind good-night, breathing
u fervent "Thank Heaven," as 1
turned on my heel
Considerable ruflled and talking
wildly about the milk of human kind
ness, I strode round the corner, careening against a man coming in the
opposite direction and who promptlj
sat down on the sidewalk. "Merry
Christmas," he hiccoughed as 1 help
cd him to bis feet, then as ff tlie
greeting were incomplete he added
"Come and have a drink "
The dec, no strings attached to tt
Invitation swept me front mv moorings of temperance and sobriety, a
burning thirst consumed mt au4 I
Smacking tn] lip- iu glurluu* an
ticipatioii 1 raised the glaftt aui tur
tied to pledge my companion With
bleary eyes he gazed at two small
coins in the palm of Ik*, hand 1
grasped the situation, muni drink*,
previous to our meeting h**\ rediict-d
liim to a penniless condition and
hastily excusing myself, I lowered
the untouched glass and vanished ig*
nomiiiiimsly into the outer darkness
"Christmas," l cackled mirthlesalj
as I reached the street, "there am':
no such u thing " Next dav. when
all the world sat down to a turkey
feast, a wild-eyed figure climbed on
lop of a stool In the Chinese restaurant, and ordered a plate ol corned
beef and cabbage.
.My turkey, His of thee,
Sweet bird of cranberry.
Of thee f sing.
I love thy breast and wingi*.
Neck, legs and other things.
My hear' when 1 eat thee
Wi di rapture sings
uh ■
Editor thc Herald:
Sir: Last September tlm
columns mention was made
research work being done bj me In
behali "f the Oregon Historical Society to deiiniteh Im ate and mark
the loutes and trading posts of the,
discoverer and first explorer ol the
Kootenay and Columbfa rivers uu
then sources, namely, David Thump-
sou, a verj remarkable man Concerning him it mai he mv pleasure
to inrnisii um with some Items Utter on. but at pies nl 1 am immediately concerned in tracing tbe name
of the Moyle river, and the source of
tbe old pack trail fn in Ronners Kerry to st Joseph's Prairie There
are various explanations given (or
the name Moyle but where it catno
from is not satisfactorily explained
us yei Probably It is derived from
some French word which had a similar sound I am told that ihe trail
down the Moyle was usuall* wet and
that the trappeis or trader-- that
were in the country before the mining excitement cave it the name I
am alto told Thai it comes through
the Indians and !-* a corruption ol
the name Moses
\s to the "iii it.ui used bt the
packers north ol lionners K> tt\ it
would be interesting to kno* win-nit irft the Kootena) river nnd cross
rd over to the Moyle, whether tit
way of Creston 01 along the lin»
of tbe Soo-Spokane ns non located,
Oov Simpson, of the 11 W Co iu
1841 crossed through b> that trail
and teems (0 have Come Upon the
Kootena) nearly as high up as Creston It anj of your readers have
anv knowledge of this subject and
will write to me I will to wry much
obliged DaVld Thompson made use
ol that trail in the year IMjS but
it had been used before then
Yours truh.
T. C   Elliott.
Walla Walla. Wasl
Box V%.
Kll IF 11. ILK. IH
London, out.. Dec. 20 — Altsttfei
McBride, of Cutgarv. a lormtr NOT"
ent of this city, died of heart 1 ■ '
at the home of his daughter, Alt*
Plashbrook, this afternoon.
Mr. -I I) McBride, of Ih 1 c'>
received thr sad intelligence -f *f«
death of his father by tele-gram ' ■
Kriflav last, and left the game too*
ing for the easi to attend the f.'*--
Mr McBride was one nf the •* I
early old-timers ol Calgary. .,-.::.
there from London in 1887, ar.d f *md-
ing the McBride Hardware cMl?*ulfi
which was purchased a lew :»r/ith*i
ago by the Comer Hardware o'm-
With the exception of visits to h »
daughter in London sinr-e the death
of his wife four vears ago, M:
Bride has resided continuously
Calgarv (or the pas; tweet v-sti
yean Ile was a member of Central Methodist ehnrt h
During all his lil.* m that citv be
has been closely identified with elffc
affairs About eighteen vears igo
to wus elected to    the position     of
during rm. 1 !!■'!>:■"""
IS -ftrnal to the Herald)
lave/rmere B< , Dec. 31.—All the
mo'.e serious busine**-* ol life down
hfri Ihu been laid ••.-i'l- is preparation for the joys of *. oncoming
Christmas There are -• he Christ-
*..*i uee entertainments held in ,\tb-
al.ner ai-d Wilmer, and .1 good old-
Ehjhlonod Christmas tree treat is
p:»tr,ii.**d for the ehildrei 1 ' tt.»
The Wilmer Dramstff Society    are
h.iled to pre an .*•:,..teur perto;
r.ance m ibe ■rriierlaimneai hall at
A'-halrr-ere during tiki weak, "piis
rr,arks one *-f a w-ne- which they
i.uve given Their efforts are prt-
Mnfneatly successful
Th* winter Urns lar has been mar-
■H by it-, extrem, ~ ■ ■ »nd epm-
ptrative al-seM^e of sno**. Th*- Ibef-
mometers on Ibe ■■ • I sods havo
not nearly rea.-.' .•: rbifeftbosc.
on the higher beocbeJ ibos 1 much
milder temperature iti|l The pre-
blpltatlon for snot for the memih f,f
Kaverobei did r.ot rm. much ovei six
and a quarter nvto* Tbe retort 10
, |(sr foMIus n-o.iH. ino* il ftnythidg
a smaller quantity pro ruts The
abaf-me of sno.-. has given the promoters "i outdoor rinkx •• iplendw
char.ee 'Min* sre
n the neighborhood
lie left     Calgan      to visit
Plashbrook in October
na n_twmi
(Special to the Herald)
Edmonton, Alta . Her US —one
hundred visiting rinks from as far
east as Toronto and west to Van
louver and fifty local rink-, will
participate in the seven open events
for handsome prises at the etgfeth annual provincial bonsplel, undei the
direction of the curling ctubs *f
Oreater Edmonton, lie-finning lauuary  I .'ith ami    continuing eight  davs
Ever) citv and organised lown In the
provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Allien a. and British Colombia
will he represented I'nth teen sheets
of ice will be readi for the openim-.
day and it is expected to decide all
the competitions within the scheduled lime, 1 in less weat hei conditions
Interfere Ths citv council of Edmonton has crant**: * 1 *-'•■* tovaM
defraying ibe ureases of the 'spiel
.1 W. Mould is chairman ol ths committee on airangrmer-i*
Sister Syndelifjue, an tdd time
nmbcf — *■**•■ s' Russw hospital
nursing sun, feesived telsgrs^U« In-
rtroetlons on Tuesday lasi ".o prn-
teed at or.ee to Uhabasca Landing,
where she would join e par'v of Sisters going up to Stuigcon t, tiOktj
where a new hospital is to be established short as the notice was,
thi* devoted Sifter .: ruedlntel;.-
made readv to start out nn the lofrg,
and what may prove al this fcason
of the year, ibmewliat perilous njur-
ney sistei Byndell^ts; startm tor'
Athabasca Laldlng yicidy iter
hestination is some hundred miles
beyond that point During her long
connection with the St Eugene hospital, nnd prior to that sjtth the Indian Mission st SI 1'n'iv.r sislcr .
Sypdclfo,UB earned the sincere respect
and regard ol the many who '.*nc in
contact with' her, ami wti'i warmly
apprei i.t'ed hfffhelf tacflflcii efforts
in the cause of -n.-ri'i II'' many
Mfebdi heft will wish h*t ffle arrival «i her new flelrl of effort, whilst
siae•^--'•.  regret tint Ihe loss the St.
Eugene hospital «i1l -nutuln m     het TKUC   UtUNBIlUOK    HKKALU
is exported.
Ontario li'iuls Ihr- pmvluee-l In uiiii-
i-l'ul prulluctioil will, 41.40 pel etui,
Hrilisli Columbia and Nova Scotia
milking nslt in order.
Tlir number n! men employed in
mint- production last year wss 6*4,07*
ami the a um ol    wage, paiil Mi,
One of Thomas A. Edison's new
Blue Amberol Records
was played 3,000 times
on an Kdison Phonograph—and gave just as true
and sweet a reproduction the last time as the first
This wss not »n endurance
test for mere hardness.  It
wts an endurance test for
quality of reproduction—to find if the
Blue Amberol would
be as far superior to
all other records in
TiMaW A. SS'      lac-. IS* UaaaiJa A..., Otaa.a, N. J..U. S. A.
A uai!«. m*. .1 Urnnm •*••«.•■•••• ••*. R««"d. ""ill *»« !—**. »'
"The Beattie-Murphy Company, Limited"
'The Cranbrook Drue; and Book Co., Ltd."
tune after countless playingf
as it ii when new. Your
Edison dealer will play
some of these wonderful records for you
on an Edison Phonograph. Ask him
to do so today.
As the Beat Remedy (or the
Hair and Scalp
Wish Our  flany
Friends and
A Merry
*■—■ ————i
a. the Hrralii   I'nltli.hini Company.
t, .1. Deux-, liiuiagiag Kditor.
CUHIMK. I. C Oecember 21,1912
"At Christmas play, and make good
Kor  Christ-mas    comes but   once   it
These old lines nf Thomas Tusser's
1128-1580, QCCUl to one lixlav ami
with the idea ol conforming to the
spirit ol Itase words, The Herald Is
issuing today, 'wn days ahead ■>:
time, iti order that its staff may be
free to "play and make good elieer."
Tht Herald wry sincerely takes
this opportunity <>[ extending tn all
ita read rs  Uie   heartiest  Christina
Norbury rtl Jnue
Sacrifice Sale
I'M f'-i-l frniitHui' uii Nur
bury, ami 122 tat <>n E<1-
•mnl.   PoiltlTuly the best
available Woae in comer
in the fit)*.
Price $2,000.00
Half I 'aali
Ratter ip* t liis al once.    Kiclti-
airely by
Chapman Land &!nv Co.
Two doors from tlie Uex ThfAti*
Ottawa, Dec 23.—The falling ofi in
Canadian production already imlical-
rd by the statistics covering the iron
and Rteel industry is shnwn by r
general summary ut the whole mm
-ial production oi the Dominion during last year just issued by the
mines branch of the department of
mines. According t" it the total
valui " ■•lineral production last year
was $103,220,804, which is $3,602,
tii'l less than that of tlie previous
year. Tht* annual nul put per capita
was $14.42.
The production of metalliferous
products was valued at Mfl.lOM-W,
ii decrease in value from tbe previous
feat of $3,333,440, or about «; per
n'iii itn* production ol cloy, limestone and other structural materials
•.wis $22,700,001.
The most important product in
point of value was coat, which contributed over 2"i! per cent of tbe
total production; silver, next in im
portance, contributed over Hi; per
it nl, nickel in [ht cent, gold almost
'•! per cent; clay products, s per
. cement, 7 pet cent, and copper
little over ti per cenl.       The scar
( cnal ami coke in Allierta and
itlsb Columbia is Riven as one rea
the   decrease in the produc
'    . ni    itinera!     A very large pro-
l       rn     ' the mineral production   ol
Canada   is exported for consumption
or trfininn outside of Canada,   while
oil        the   othet   band   considerable
quantities   Ol   mine     products which
bavo   been refined or subjected       to
PSHlal treatment or in the form   id
manufactured goods ready for    enn
Rtttnptlon are imported.
PtacMcally the whole Canadian production   '.I copper,    nickel and silver
'I have been using Newbro's llerpicide [or tlie last four years and lind
it the best  thing made.''
Joseph I'l/./.erln.
1675 Richmond Terrace,
West Brighton, l* I., N.Y.
"I can    truthfully say that llerpicide is the best   remedy for the bair
1 have ever used."
A. t). Rsthenbuecher,
Virden, III
"I ha\e used many preparation   in
my shop, and lind Herpicide best of
alt for falling bair and all scalp    or
skin diseases."
.1. A. Oliver.
Leslie, Ark.
"Newbro's     llerpicide has always
given the best of satisfaction."
S. M. Chambers,
Tcekwila, Wash.
While   lhe,barber    necessarily carries other  hair    remedies, Newbro's
Herpicide is   one he swears by    because he knows its merits.    He can
conscientiously   recommend it to kill
tbe  dandrufl   germ  and falling hair.
In making    an application ot Herpiclde lie feels and lnows that the customer is receiving full value (or   his
money and will be benefited far     in
excess of his expectations.
Send 10c. in postage for sample
and book on the hair to The Herpicide Co.,. Dept. R-, Detroit, Mich.
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c. and
$1.00 sizes is sold by all dealers who
guarantee it to do all that is claimed. < If you are not satisfied your
money will be refunded.
E. -Mallandaine was dowo frorrt
Windermere the early part of . the
week. Speaking of the progress tie
ing made in that district, Mr. Mai-
landaiiie said that divisions A- and
It. of the Wilmer District Columbia
Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, was
now under water to the extent of
12,000 .inos, there are another 50,000
acres tn be irrigated. Sis parties
of engineers will be in the field next
spring to tackle tbis big block. The
company has been re-organized.
largely hy Englishmen, who have
increased the capital trom half a
million to one million. A tine hotel
is bfiiu; established at Invermere as
well us other business institutions
A big garage is in course of construction, which will obviate the
necessity of sending in Calgary lor
repairs, elc.
The Windermere Sports Association*
is now running at full cry. Hockey,
three bowling rinks, a toboggan
slide, laid out for a mile and a half,
make up some of the attraction*
available. There will be s hockey
match Sunday next at Wilmer, In
verniers vs. Athalmer.
Mr. Mallandaine intimatrd that Mr
-I. I). McBride's candidature for A
It C. senatorshin was very favorably
received throughout the t'olumbia
Use Your Influence for
Concrete Roads
There's no need to point
out the advantages of
good road..
It wed i., Ix- tlw there wjs l.nlr choice
Macadam lor thr country and .mailer cilia wai
Ihe only material uted. Then, twenly year,
ago concrete vrat introduced. And Inr these
twenty years  cortcre'e  ha. t>f«n proving
It » now acknowledged to lie one of the
best known material, lor road, or for street
pavements to be ai far mnerior to ordinary
macadam a. macadam is superior to sand.
Estimating the Cod.
It is nol the first cost ol a road lhal determines it's real cost; nor is it the first six in inthl
of service that determines whether it's a good
road or a poor one.
The only iure uav lo find „ut whal a road
hucoit, is to add to the lust cost all that is
ipent d,r repairs in fifteen or iwenty years.
Now, ih.u's where concrete roads win
ever) nrpimrlK iheii lir>t mat is praCticiilly
Iheir only COM; they rrciuu,- imir or no upkeep
Aililrr*.    Good Roada Department,
C&nada Cement Company, Ltd., Montreal
The kind of good road,
however, in another
cuu.    Concrele,  instead of   needing repair.
actually becomes stronger with age.
How You Can Holp.
Kou can help your community to cone lo
a wise decision the next time the question of
ruads comes up. four influence will be a
factor in providing yourself and your neighbors
with thoroughly satisfactory highways.
We wish lo convince yon first -we know
tliat when yuu are "backed up" with facts
which we will gladly furnish you, you will be
ahlr to convince your neighbors.
Make it your business lo get these facta.
We have a ipedal department which will        '
not only give you lhe facta, hut will also       /I*
supply valuable assistance to any com-        /
munity desiring lo  build  concrete        .**
roads. /l       PI**".
Ask   for    "(iood   Roads ' «nd me
Literature"    or   um   the      ^       ihe   fceu
coupon, •        about coMiile
/* highway..
The Boy Scuuu, together with , a
number of members uf tbe Veterans'
association, enjoyed a very pleasant
evtniug, last Kriday at the camp
lire at Russell's ram-he.
Thanks to Mr. Marcbant, aud n
patrol of the Scouts, who worked all
the afternoon, u splendid bonflru -was
obtained. Sonus, colTee making ami
potato roasting, formed lho chief attractions. One lively event was the
near loss of a line row of potatoes,
hy tho rolling of a big log from a
nearby pile. This scared the boys,
momentarily, but thc potatoes were
quickly rescued and mot a worse
Hev. Mr. Kendall briefly addressed
the boys on this occasion. Holh the
youngsters and tlio veterans are looking forward to another such au outing at au early date.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
East Kootenay District.
TAKE NOTICE that Laura E.
Oreen, of Vancouver, B. C, married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase thc following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe S. E. corner ol Lot 335, G.I.,
thence south forty chains, thence
east twenty chains, more or less, to
Ihe west shore of Premier Lake,
tbence northerly following the said
west shore a distance of fifty chains,
more or less, to a point due eatt ol
point of commencement, thence west
five chains, more or less, to point of
commencement, containing fllty
acres, more or less.
Laura E. Oreen, Applicant.
J. G. Cummlngs, Agent.
Staked November llth, 1912.    47-9
RovelBtoke, B, C., Dec. 23.—Thos.
Kilpatrick, late district superintendent of tlie mountain division ot the
C.P.R. and a well known and respected resident of British Columbia, has been endorsed by the Revelstoke Central Conservative association for the appointment ot fourth
senator from British Columbia.
It is understood that Mr. Kilpatrick intends to accept another and a
higher position in the service ot the
C.P.R. and will, therefore, not be
able to consider the scnatorship.
To Fwble Old People.
Aa au grows old tbo waste of tit*
ertten becomes more rapid than repair, the organ. «ct more slowly aad
laaa egsctually than In youth, the clr-
salathn la poor, the Mood thin tad
dlgaaUoi weak.
Tlaol, our lielleloua. 004 liver and
Iraa tunic, without oU. ls tke Ideal
atxeagthener awl body-builder for oid
folks, for it contains the very ele-
menu leaded to rebuild wasting tia-
saee aid replace weakaeta with
strength. Vinol also fortifies tb* system against cotds and thus prevent*
A giaadnelee of Alexander Haeall-
toa, ont eighty years ot age, oaoa
remarked: Vlnol la a godaend ta eld
people. Thanks to Vlnol, I aan a
nearly appetite, sleep soundly, feat
actlTe and well, it is the finest tealc
and atrength-creator I har* ever
lf Ttnol falls to build If tba
feeble old people, and enate
strength, we will return yonr money.
Craabrook Drug and Book Co.,
Craabrook, B.C.
Los Angeles
Special Train from Spokane,
Wash., Tuesday, Jan. 7lh, 1913
Tickets on sale by Canadian Pacific
Ticket Agentaln Albertaand Kastern
K. O., on January 4., 5 and 6,1913.
Final return limit Apiil .'0,1913
Fare from CRANBROOK to
LOS ANGELES ind fieturn
Going and Hemming vi-t Spokane
Going via Spokane. Returning via
Special Train Trip from Spokane
to Lou Angeles coveri aeven day*,
stop* being made at Portland, San
Krancifco, San Jma, Santa Clara,
Santa Cruz, Monterey. Del Monta,
Paeo Roblei. Santa Barbara, River*
lide. and Redlandt.
Fare on going trip Irom Hpoknne
ineludes berth and men In on train or
at hotel, and a number of light
teeing trips. Return la by regular
twice, meals and berth not
For descriptive pamphlet apply
Dlit I'aii'r Agent-
Calgary, Alta.
If You Want
Your house connected with the new sewerage system,
PHONE 340. Our work Kuarenteed. Estimates of eost
cheerfully given.
The Cr-xnbrook Plumbing. Tlnsmtthirtg
e.nd Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
We Wish You
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy and
New Year
Northern  Lights
What would be nicer than to fit
your home up with this splendid
new Tungsten lamp. You will
save your eyes, your money,
and at the same time make your
home bright and cheerful. We
have them in all standard sizes
at Vancouver and Calgary prices
Davis  Bros. Electric Co.
Halsall & Co.
>♦♦ ************** ********
Families Are Buying
"Sunkist" Oranges
by the Box cr Half-: tk
Enjoy the rich, delicious meat nnd sweet, tr,n;— j- ice of
ruddy, thin-skinned, seedless "Sunkist" oranges.
Have this golden Iruit for breakfast, des ..rt and
"between meals."   Cleanest of all fruit?—never louclied
by bare hands.   All the pk!.ers
and packers of "Sunkist"    ,""        ^
oranges and lemons wear    '
clean, white couon gloves.   c' .    ,
"Sunkist" oranges nre the fin-   *» ST"*
est, juiciest oranges in ihe world.    *"y
Tree-ripened.fiberless. Notneccl   *\
in "Sunkiit'' Buy liien hy >he box
or halt-box.   That is cheaper than bin
ing by the dozen.   They Leep for wee   ..
Ask for "Sunkist" lemons — so f.ill of
that they go farther than otlier lemons.  Try   . . ...
UH kist" lemonade—hot or cold.   Lemons aiid flavor
$'    ll to fish, meats and salads.
Rogers Silver with "Sunl.ist" Wr**,*:; ers
Cut the trademarks from "Sunkist" or:i!ige ar.d
lemon wrappers and send Ihem tons. Weoffcr27dif-    I
ferent premiums, all Rogers A-l Standard Guaran-    H
teed Silverware,  Exclusive "Sunkist" design.
For this orange spoon ncml 12 "Snnktst" Orange or
Lemon Wrappers and 12 cents. "Red Ball" orange antl
lemon wrappers count same ns "Sunkist."
In remitting, send amounts of ''.0 cents or over by Postal
j Note, Post Office or Express Money Order.
| Buy "Sunkist" Ornrges and Lemons
at Your Dealer's - *• *" "" • *>,
Send your natiic nnd full address for    *t
free premium sheet nud Premium Club £ '
Plan.    AiMrt-.-s ail order.* fur premium; *
and all inquiries to n-:
California Fruit Growers Exchange '
lOSKbfSL.CliI, Car. Chirr.-, Torocln. t.-el.     V*
, , Nud&nti.r ol impnrtiiiK a,.ta    N„ injur* trom tomlgalloB
, i No drying „ut in courat, ol atil|,ment
All our tltM era wintered in Iruet-proolealUrt
Therefore protect routaell Iiy liojrilie onr, me.   tt rile for Celt, 1,'irue
■Id 1'rir. I.i-1 to
Eetitbliehed 1900.   One hundred and t.t-nt v live aire.
Reprteent.tive: P. H. WORTHING*''!*.
W. B.—Webn.e HWAKP el„,k In IMntoel,  Red,     enliliy, JoMtbU, Coi'e
Orttnge, Outnrio, .Nortbern *|»y „u,l Wegener
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Avent
Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C.
»»»■»»»■>»»♦»»»■*»»»»»»*■*> * ♦'#k#
laVurnorated 1 mil!
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve Sii.goo.ooo
H. 8. HOLT, Preeldenl      K. I.. PKABE, General Manager
Account* ol Firma, Corporation! and Individual! eoliciled.
Ont-ol town bttiineia receive*- every attention. .
SAVING!* DEPARTMENT-llepoeltnot f I .Ml and nnwarda received
ud intercut allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking Bnainentraniartid.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager v
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., I.L.D., D.C.L., President
(ienerul Mannger A.aiatant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may bu opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce In be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as Is given lo all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit lo the Bank.        a4
R. T. Brymncr, rianatrer Cranbrook, B. C.
************************** *********
A Good  Home
is what is ileur to every man. A homo
is wliure, Pei.00, Comfort, Contentment,
awl Plenty is found. Tlmt is tho reason
iniui throughout llritish Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault hus mado for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
A Wise Legislator once said:
" If I had tny way. I would write the word * INSURE'
on the dcor of every house,"
Remember, the neglect to insure to-day does not provide
for sickness or accident of to-morrow.
Spend five cents a day with us, and we will step in when
you are disabled. It means protection to you and your home.
Accident and Sick Benefit Policies
are real protection.   Let us add you to our list of Policyholders.
Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
Ageits International Casualty Comprny
P. 0. Drawer 50 Phone 437
Phone : Seymour "ft'lO
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
B. C.
Two hundred elegant!*? furnished moms. Every modern
oonvenlenoe. Elevator service. Oafe in connection- Rooms
$1.00 iht day ami upwards,
tlp*country visitors i<> the Terminal City will find evory
foiivtMiioiii'o nul comfort ni tlio Granville Palace, Bpcritil
Attention being paid to their wants.
We bavo a nice assortment of FLOWERS FOR CHRISTMAS, eut nml in pots.
We Imve Asalons, Chrysanthemums, roinsettus, Carnations- Rohoh, NaroisSUS, Holly mill Mistletoe.
East Kootenay Greenhouse Co.
Phone lim ORANBROOK, B. C.
Visit our tireeiihouses in Slaterville
Conte de Noel
MILK      MILK      MILK
Kxperiet  has taught us every precaution for the production of the highest crude of milk. We feel sure that out
trial will prove Ihis.
J. A. PRINGLE, Prop'r
Plll'll LES PETITS ET I.ES tlliANlis
•T'avaiB autrefois une grand-Uld-
re, perBonne bonne et unliable. <[iie
le eours des anuees avail dote
d'une philosophic bieliveillnnte et
douce, s'aooomodant de beaucoup
de ohoses, et indulgellte it tolls.
Ci-tnil une de ees vieilles ugrcir
iiles ii regarder, avec seB jolis che-
veu\ blaiH'S soyeux sur uu front it
peine ride, un leint frais, el de
jolis yeux rieurs d'une jeunesse
(''lonnante, comme sou tjaraotere
d'allleurs; ayant quo nne vie calme,
eseinple do heurls, ho guile <le
jeuiie femme lui fitait restee ; et
bonne pour inoi ! la grand-mere
Quand j'avais faitquelque fre-
daiue (eoninie on peut ou faire de
ein,| ii liuit tins) j'avais de su pun,
une petite gemonoe, qu'elle s'elfor-
cait de me donner d'un air severe,
suns jamais y r/'iissir. la seuionee
pusse,', ou plutol pour la fuire jius-
ser, o'elait loujours nuelquea l'riiin-
dises accompagndesuc 1'inevitablei
Tieus, tiuiis vrui, tu merlterais de
u'en pas avoir. Je baissuiB un peu
les yeux pour lu forme, tout en 00-
ceptunt bien entendu- Plus tanl,
la semonce, s'etait trunsfonuee en
tin liieitveilluiit eours de morale
approprie A l'age, et les friandises
-■'etaient transformees en pieces
blanches, plus utiles.
II faut avoir en, une de ces
grand-meres plus que muternelles,
pour savoir tous les tresors de ten-
dresso, tpto contiennent le crctir,
de ces chores vieilles uimees.
Pour ma plus grandu joie, la
mieiine, avail un reel talent de narration, et sa provision de conies
dtait inepiiisable. J'ai souveuan-
co d'une nnnee, ou je supputais
ies caileaux qui pourraicnt in'e-
choir, (nous etions ii l'epoque de
lu Noel) quand ellemedit qu'au-
trefois, dans le temps, duns ie
bien vieux temps, les eiifunts fo.il-
lirent etre privies d'etrennes, ce ipii
serait certainement arrive, sans
('intervention d'une bonne fee, ell-
fin, elle me dit tinulcmcnt, (pie o'e-
tait toute une tongue histoire,
qu'elle allait me confer, et elle me
fit le joli conte suivant :
II existuit uu temps judis. dans
notre pays dc Provence, des Iron-
badours et des fees : ces dernieres,
vennient de chez les Kspagnols
qui les tenaient des Arubcs, ii qui
clles avuient 6*4 iru'isuiises pur les
Perees. II en etait de jeuues et
de vieilles. de jolics, de in,,ins belles et de luides : les lines, bienfui-
ssnles.et d'autres. metlant leur cer-
veile a la torture, pour trouver
qnelque chose de niul *| faire.
Presque toujours, les jetines et les
jolies etaient de bonnes f,''es. tun-
dis que les aulres, etaient des fees
mall'nisantes. I'arini ees dernieres. il en etait line fort redouteV,
o'dtait la Borgne, tel etait son nom.
Bossne. boiteuse, oagueuse et
borgne, cela va s'eu dire, sur son
front s't'-panouissait une iiidi'iige
verrue grosse comme un <cuf, ni
dents, ni elieveux. les yeux liordes
le uoir. uu nez orochu de vieille
s,>rci<'-re, la peau plus riil,'-,, qu'une
vieille pomtne, Kh bien ! su nie-
elinneete etiiit pire que sa |X'rsun-
ne. 06 qui n'est pas pen dire.
Bile avail pour voisine. la belle
tVe Clermonde des ilea d'or, etUe-
bre bien loin a Ia rondo, par sa
liouie et sa beaut,',. Kile etait ,-n
elfel. jolie il ravir et faile au Imir.
donner du bonhour anx hummus,
etait son unique souliait. aussi sa
Unite rayonnait sur tonics les ercn-
I'n jour, la Itorgiic vint la voir :
"Ma stcur. lui ditelle. ee nom de
sieur (it fuire une grimace a la
belle Clermonde je vietis deinan-
der votre aide, pour un bon tour
que j'ui imagine. Voiei ee qu'il en
est. Le bi>nl,,,iiiine Noel est en
route. |K>ur etre ici dans quelqiies
jours . or cette unit, vous le save/..
['enfant Jesus fait sii touriice des
eliemini'es. pour remplir les sou-
liers des eiifauts.de friandises et
de jousts ; eh bien, jai iieiiBe de
le suivre. |x>ur ranmsfler lout ee
qu'il Burn mis. de cette fncon le
letideiuaiii   matin, nous   |„,urr,)iis
jonirdii desappolntemenl de touts
eette mirumille ; que iM>nBf/..vous
de moll iilee ?
Ne eoiupte/. pas sur moi (your
une |Mireille l)esog.ie ; comment !
la vie de I'hnmmc n'est-elle pas as-
se/. rcuiplic, de miseres et de peine*, de toute sorte, |iour vouloir
encore donner du chagrin a ces
pntvres pctits, alors que durunt
leur vie, iis gnnlcroiit le souvenir
de ce joyenx reveil de Noi',1 ? Jamais ! jamais je ne preterai In
main, it une chose aussi iilwiiiilia-
ble, co serait un veritable crime,
Atix paroles et ft Pair indignc de
sa MIc voisine, la Borgne comprit
qu'elle n'avnit plus quVie chose ft
faire, s'en idler, ce qu'elle lit incon-
tinent, tout en imirmnnint in
pelln : je trnvaillrrni seule.
Clermonde. tcllement trocassee
par ce qu'elle vonnlt d'cntcntlrc,
ne put, do la milt, former ses jolis
l.u Borgne etiuit fee, elle n'avnit
atieun pouvoirsur elle, alors	
comment fuire four cmpcchcrdu
cottier toules ees lurtues d'enfantsV
II y avail hi in, il est vrui, lu
Heine ties fees, mais l'on ne pon-
vait avoir recours ft ses lions nllices,
que dans   les ei s  d'une excessive
grnvite,  el   puis e'etuit   si
Pourlaut, ft .la pointe du  jour,
niuniede Ba baguette, elle so mit
en route, et ce ne fut miere que
vers le soir, quelle arriva en vue
du palaiB de la reine.
C'6tait un 'lean et mnjestuoux
palaiB, um- merveille <!,■ niarbre
piMiti'-liijue, laille dans dn 1'arosle
lilus pur. Won front rayonnant, se
dressuit au haut d'une collino, toute recouVerte d'un lapis iiie,iin|Hi-
rable. fait de Ileum rares et admi-
raiileB. Ues banuieres tissees d'un
lil dor legcr, ondiilaient nux domes
de cette masse architeoturale, moi-
tie gothiqtte, inoiiie sarra/.ine, o,u-
vre t'aiiL-istique de tees, dci sylphes,
deB genius et deH gnomes r,"-unis.
(-•levi'i' a la gloire de la Heine,
Au moment ou Clermonde arri-
vait, la rouge clitrte d'un soleil
couobant, faisait (Jtinceler ses fen,-.
Ires encorbellfleB,  bcb  miradores,
ses ItliluirelB. ses tourelles,   et lull-
tes les pierreries serties dans le
niarbre. faisant a eette facade une
mosaYque Inestimable, On aurait
dit des gerbes de l'eiix mnlticolores
inontuiil dans Pair : ici o'elait tou-
une gamine de bleus, oil les ecln-
tants supliirs corindons et les la-
pis.lazullis. alleriuiient avec le
bleu mat des turquoises ; hi. e'e-
tait tout un entrefacement de ca-
pricieuses arabesques, oil les ecla-
tanlB rubis du 'J'liibet s'uppareib
laient d'une faeon ideale au violet
des amethyst, s. ii la couleur olive
du jade, au rouge sombre des es-
curhoiieles uu vif eclat, ail jaune
dori5 des topazes, et au jaune ver-
diltre des chrysolites, Notre jctine
fee, etait dbuhie ; mais ce fut bien
autre chose, quand elle etltpontS-
tre ft l'interieur.
Ici, e'etuit le luxe oriental, dans
loute su splendeiir. Des bin ieres
tarnishes par des globes depolis
d'une transparence laiteuso, se
iiiariaient pour le plaisir des yeux
avec d'udniirables fresques, et
mettuicnt en valour la beaute* des
plafonds points : uuivres d'artistes
Un puuneau represenlait lu fee
Viviane ct I'onohhntour Merlin,
dans les lxiis de la Brocdlinndo ;
dans d'autres, l'artisto celebrait les
hauts fails des fees oelibres ; Ks-
terclle, Meliisine. I'rgele. Morgu-
iiu, taiidis que les peinturcs du plafond, rucoutatit les exploits de la
Dame blnnchc.oiTraicntaux regards
euierveilles, des paysages inontii-
gneux d'Ecosse. baigues dims d'i-
deules elnrtes lunaires,
Deux'jeuues femmes, inerveil.
les de statuaire eliryseldphautiiie,
tenuient duns des poses graciles.iies
lettes divinement ciseiees
dans lesquelles brulalent de stiares
piirfuus. dont Pair etait tout impre-
gnd, tan,lis que duns le loiutaiti,
une musique de rove, apportait
mix oreilies chnriuet-B. des synplin.
uies ft plonger I'l'iiue dans le ravis-
Clermonde etait un peu dans cet
etat d'esprit, lorsque la reine pa-
Quel hasard bienheiireux. mn
cht^ru enfant, vous atueue duns
mon paluis, et me procure le reel
plaisir de vous voir ?
Clermonde. eut tot fait de lui
apprendre le noir projet tie la Borgne, et terniinu en ilisunt : Je
cotnpte stir voire pouvoir. mu belle
reine, |>oiir empecher les pleura de
couler. sur ces fraiches joues d'en-
Mais ce serait comme un noii-
vean masBiiere des Innocents ! r<*-
pondlt la reine itiiliguee. encore
pire que celui d'HtSrode, lui
avail au uioins un motif, il trem-
bluit gxiur sa couronne, tutidis que
['autre nous aliens y mettre
bon ordre.
Kile prit un iimrtcfiu d'argent.
et en frappa un gong. Soudiiin
app.irur, nt, comme par magic,
trois pctits latins.
—Econtez bien, leur dit-elle, dans
trois jours, quand les cloches son-
Heroin pour la uies-e de niiuuit,
rKnfaut se mettra en route, pour
idler remplir les soldiers des tout
ja'tits, places sous les chemim'-cB,
de friandises el jouets.; lu Borgne
doit suivre. et prendre tout ce qu'il
aura mis. Vous passorez apres. et
voub remplirez ,le nouveau ft plcins
iMirds, de iigtics. duttes. nougats,
pa|iillottes. fruits ft mamma glares, policliinelles, ixiupces, tam-
liours trompettes. chevatix et sabres
do hois, tons les soldiers qu'elle
aura vides.
II sera fuit.couuuo Ie desire Votre
MnjeBte. repoildlienl les joyeux lu-
tiiis. heureux de pouvoit joner un
miniviiis tour ft cette vilalne tie,
qu'ils execraient, el iis disparuri'iit
incontinent, comme iis ctuicut ve-
Clermonde remercia gran,lenient
lu reine, qui lui donna ft soiqx'r eu
sa compngnie, et hi menu ensuite
coucher, dans hi plus belle clinm-
bre du paluis. oil notre jolie fee.
s'endormit liercee par une suave
musique. nrrivant ussoiipie ft ses
oreilies, tout juste pour pcuplcr
son soinineil. de reves etoilcs.
II fut fait, comme il avait etc
Jesus vint remplir les soldiers,
la Borgne vint les vider. et les hi.
tins vinrcnt les remplir ii tiouveiiu.
avec uno telle aboiulanee, <pie le
surplus, rcmplisBui! le foyer.
Aussi. le leiideiuain matin ce nc
fut que faces ravies. joyeux bulle-
meiitsde mains, i'l eristl'allegresse
ft u'en plus linir : or, comme la
uiaison etait trop petito |xmr con-
tenir cetlo joie dcbnrduiitc, mnlgrd
le froid, toute cotte marmnille se
dispersa duns In rue, pour idler la
crier il toils les rJoliOB.
La Borgne Slant sortie, pour
jouir do la eoimlenuilion do tout co
We have a trim/:.; Hml has a record ol retarding hairiness ami promoting hair Ktowtli in 83 out of
overy lint cases wlioro usod according
to ilirceiions for a reasonable iengtli
of time. Tliui may seem Ilka a
strong .statement—il is, and we moan
it tn be. and no nne sbould iloiilit it
iiniii they Imve put our claims to an
actual test.
We nre sn certain ltexall "03"
Hair Tonic will eradicate dandruff.
aet to prevent baldness, stimulate
the sculp and hair roots, arrest premature loss of bair and promote hair
urowth, tbat we personally k>vp (>m
guarantee tn refund every penny paid
us fur it In-overy instance where it
iloefl nnt give entire satisfaction to
the user.
Rexall "93" Hair Tonle is as pleasant to use us clear spring water. It
delightfully perfumed, nnd does
nnt grease or gum tbe hair. Two
sizes, 50c. and UM. With our
guarantee back of it, you certainly
take nn risk. Sold only at our
store—The Rexall Store, Heattic-
Murpliy Co., Ltd.
petit moml.1, fftt consternle ollc-
iii-miii', devant son plan -Vliout'*. rn
voyant tout cu .lebordmiH-iit iTInt-
muur joyouse, tamlis qu'ftil <*«n-
tmire, Olermondodtflitatixnngotf,
mi milieu du vncarme assounliH-
saut des trompettes, il** tons ces
jouiR's tapaxeurs aux frhnoussefl
liarliouilli'-i's (It; chocolatH ct dc
La liiirjiin* voyant IA, an voisine,
comprit qti'ollo uV-iait pas 6trang6-
a cet ctat ile chosen, cpie son
projet, s*il avait reusui, aurait oon<
trecarrd, aussi, s'en n)lu*t*ollo vive-
ineiit, ot fort depitee.
Kn ontrant, (lane sa mniBon, une
surpribif (l«'*sa^realdi> I'y atteiitlait ;
Hula trotivti ploino de serpents,
dV-nonucs rnijNtii(J». do Beorpioiis,
I'antigndesgdantes, toute une ban*
le d'eubrmes rnts-nux dents ace-
nSea( ot beaucoup d'auircs betes
venimouscn. I'V-tait le cadeatl do
Noel <|Ue lui l';iiw;iii*iil nos trois hi-
tins. Soudain. elle fut onloceo,
piipice, mordiie, |mr toutes ces
hetes immoiules. dont cite ne se
pouvait defain- : alfoleo desesp.'--
rce, liurlante, elle alia se pn'cipi-
ter dans son pints, d'ofi jamais per-
nouiip lie I'a tirce.
Ciminiedepiiis cette cpoijiic. on
n'o jamais   ouV purler ile   fee inal-
faisante. il faut croire quo i
vait etre la dernii-ro, Tcsik
s'en etant plus reproduite.
Maternity Nurse
Graduate of Qusen   Chnrlotte'p  Hoh-
i'itnl, London,England
Patients attended, Town or Country
Address I'. 0. H..x H2, or Phone330
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service
New Cars
Hciireuse enfauce ! oil In i ie est
toute fuite (le rose et il'uzur. nu les
uTiiikIb yeux sont pl.-ins ile cotte
,'liimere mloriilile, ,les j-ruiuls ciciix
Ifleus respleiidissiiiiN ! cur on suit.
que e'est lu-liimt. bien limit, ilerric-
ni les etoiles. <[ii'iroiit uu jour les
eiifnntB sages, docilea et oheis-
Aiuts, |)iirtuKer la vie des beaux |m-
L'es. lie velours et ,le soie Vet us.
'iue le Seigneur donne nux roll*
luirons. qu'il loge eu ses chill, aux
ile pnrmlis.
Ileiireiise adolescence.eunsses
umlernelles si bonnes, jonets.croy
nines, chers souvenirs, qn'etes-
vous ilevenus. depuis que le Tenqis
de su main ini|)il,,julile. nous u
pnussc dans la Vie 1 Ponr cer.
tains, les croyancea survivenl :
pour d'autres, les pliilosoulies, el
les (lenscurs rencontres sur In route. ,'i cou]is (le tbeoriesjet de doclri-
nes. en iirrachent les piemiers luui-
benux, le Mensonge nniversel el
periiinnent de la vie. preml le res-
te, lnissiint n In place lea ilesillu-
sions : il arrive   un jour alors. oil
eeux-lii, coninienccnt k croire	
qu'ils lie croicnt plus ii gruiul elm.
bc, siiion, mix reahtes.
Seals. Ies clicra souvenirs nous
sont liileles ; il en est ile ceux-Iii.
pli tliireut toute une vie. et ne
nous (|iiitteut que le jour, otl nous
retournoiis dans le eul me ,1,'liiiitif
du N'e.'ll.t liieiifaisaut. Si qllel-
inefois. au grd ile la (lensee capri-
'ieuse, uu de ees souvenirs se pr,'-
seiite ilevant 1'olijeeiif dn cerveau.
sous forme de conte, on le contain.
pie avec une euriosite utlciulri
III) lieu   lloil d'alaT'l   estouqa''   j ar
nonibre des mis. iiiseiisihleuieiit.
contour bc dessiue plus nelte.
ment, In forme se precise, d'impre-
cise qu'elle .-tait. lout s','<:laire. 00
revit alors, veritnblenieiil. ses jell-
lies nns. On s'ubsorlie dans cette
'otitemplntion, |>eut.etie plus qu*il
ie faudrnit. I'lmaginatloo aidant,
on cree ii ce conte.une |mrure nou.
'elle. on   miiplilie le decor,  on le
oudriiii (I'nnamagnificence Impoa-
ible. et   puis, sans   penser u plus
...on I'ecrit.
(In foil, sans bien s'eu reixlr,
compte. le tteste de I'etltoniologja*
le. piquant sur sou ear Ion. le brll-
liiul colleopten1. qui ib'soriiiais lie
s'envolcrn plus.
C'est Iii, la rainnqnl fail
ee conte nn'if el d'un autre A
ele ecrit, me foiirnissaiit uinsi loe.
casion de m'evailer penilaDt quel
qucs lieuns, des eontilicences ,1,
la vie rcello, |»oiir vo^uer sur li
chiuicrc ail,',', ilu beau pnsse.
A. I.ai hi.
Charter,.,) Couipanief, ft
W. H.Ai.i.H.v K. II..Smith
I'. Cl. Box I HO
NELSON     -     ■     |.C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Ftencti TetiUlatui j aevtr faill. Tliese
pilla nre (-xcvclinRlv puwertul la r eftlfatlu tie
Kcnermlv** potlinii ul ilie lemaie svsiem. Keluse
all cheap imliatluns. Dr. d* Tui't art tnlii at
•Salitj-i.oi-ilit-utdrllo. Mailed t.» mn .-iil.ne--..
Tb* Scstmll llm-- Co., St. CMharlnea. tut
For Mle at Bwtle, Murphy 4 Co..
"•Tlir frliubrrt t\*\)ipptr"
MalUd rate <■■ Um iDlemlf-l 111  K-a* Ni
ieio us mn mm oi a postu tcbii
Write far It-NOW-IT'S **Hr.K
the Iaf|»l Hovir In Iti* HBt\iH*mU*$ .Uhi •* • is
Ann n. mi Kah Furs
JS 37 W. f__H 11. Btjj jj CNlCKf, HI, UU
NotlcO uf AppllVittiutl ful
pruvat u( Works,
Ut      *•
I'AKK NOTICE    tLa; the Briuth
iluiubiu Suutiifit. tUilwar Cum-
puuy, will uppl}' tu tbe Cumptrulltt
i Water Kights fur tbe appruv.il uf
the plans uf tlie workl tu be instructed (or the utilization uf the
water from Movie Itivi r, which the
applicant is, by Permit No. 88 authorized tu take, store, and .*.* for
and make surveys necessary fur tbi
construction of works.
The plans and particulars iequite-4
by subsection (1) of section TO oi the
Water Act" as amended have bc*ri
filed with the Comptroller of Water
Hights at Victoria and with tht
Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections to the application tnay
be hied with the Comptroller fl
Water KipM*. Parliament BolMligs,
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this
tOtli day of November, 1-M2.
W. F. Guri.
iO-lt A?cnt of the Applicast
coming into her
We have jusl secured the
exclusive  Cranbrook
Agency for Beautiful
District ol   Kasl Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICK tbat Thomai Joyce,
ol Calgary, Alta., owupatios, ration,
inteudi to apply tor permistior, lo
purchase the lollop, iog r]i*crit>*il
Commencing at a post planted oo
the south md ol an island Is the
Kootenay river, opposite Lot 358,
and two chains east ol the north end
ol the island applied tor by Vf
Murdoch; thence north to chains,
more or less; thence all around the
island, back to point of commencement.
Thomas Joyce, Applicant
W, Murdoch, Agent.
Dated 16th November, 1912.    41-lt
Dislrict ol South Kast Kootenai-.
TAKK NOTICK that Itoherl
James Crooks, ol Cranbrook, occupation OaggnKemnn, intends to apply
(or permission to purchase the lol*
lowing described lands:
Commenting at tlie south cast corner ol lot sis thousand three hundred
jn,l lurty-live (1346), group one (1).
tlience west nighty (HO) chains, more
<>r less, lo the est boundary of lot
i-ikIii thousand live bundled and loctjl
one (SSI1), tlionre south ten llni
chains, more or less, to Ihe irf,rth
boundary of lot six thousand two
hundred and t„rtv-!hree (MM),
riroup One Hi. thence east eightv
IHU) chains, more or less, lo a point
due south ol the point of commencement; Ihence north len (I'll chains,
more or less, in the point ol commencement, containing forty HO)
acres, more or less.
Robert James Crooks
Dated November 28th. HIS.   18-»t
WANTF.D.-A   lady to work      l,.
*r how.    Apply to tlm oH*». in ll
r.iNumi rumen srsti-a or out
— ciitmnc - -=!■-■ -
st, a,,., leaning and Rhade li>rinv
I.„.|. - I'm,, ■ Qamenla n «j»cial,,
KeBlt,-,..  I'nra. III,,....  l.a,llM' or Mr.:
l-reai1.'   nml
Located   one   and    three-
quarter miles from Ihe
eily li mi Is
Cranbrook Orchards
Are owned and being sold
by one of the largest real
estate companies in Winnipeg. They have already
sold more than Iwo hundred (200) acres most of
which has been sold to
actual settlers
These people will locale
on their land within the
next year and will bring to
the Cranbrook District Irom
Two thousand (52000) to
Twenty thousand (S20.-
000) dollars in cash apiece.
They will immediately
start to clear their land and
will put up substantial improvements
This land has been inspected by the various representatives of these people, and they are more
than pleased Hiih the
climate and thc agricultural possibilities of this
This is the starting of a
NEW ERA lor Cranbrook.
The majority of these
people have been trucking
around Winnipeg buying
property there at $125 an
acre a few years ago, and
are now sellingout at from
$1,500 to $2 500 per acre.
This means that we are
getting the right kind of
people—the kind that can
and will DO THINGS
One of the gentlemen
who bought, is one of the
largest horticulturists in
Winnipeg and has a yearly
contract to supply, the
Canadian Northern and
Grand Trunk Railroads
with all the flowers that
they use He expects lo
start a large greenhouse
here on his propcity early
in the spring He has purchased fifteen (15) acres
of this property
Wc kn,,,v "f no
Safer Investment
thnn a CRANBBOQK "If-
t'llAKIi to-day. i,i„l Ihose ,,f
us win, know in, pouibililiei
of tl is cmitirv lho : lote no
linn* in Bccnting oneottfaooo
tracts beforo the) are gono,
Thii, Company owns ami
controls over Two thousand
(iiHliii torn In tl>is vicinity
ami thev will Ihi the melius of
LritmiiiL' in iii.'inv new settlers.
\\V ean sell yon ibis pro.
|K'rty at low pries ami on
verv easy t.-nns.
Out ol '
nri.,1 „r dyad ml hl.al.l aaj
,.,■'....,.,    n.ntl* dow
rk :,,<<•,..I"l lo pronn't
J.  H.  SMITH,   Prove
l.nftt'k A,a. near Bak.rst.
Beale & Elwell
Sole Agents for
Cranbrook Orchards
' Cnr-brook, B. C. THE   OBANBROOK   HBBALD
School Report
3 aL «
1 S ?
fci ll
I-* M    «
v 5 * »_
5 « a- o
.. ir,
„ :»
. r,n
no. -tt.
.. is
.. 53
1 52
.. 51
90 12
Division I.-
I.. J, Cranston ,
Division 2—
Miss Dick ...
Division ■■—
Miss Darkls   ...
Division 4—
Miss Bcchtcl
Division 5—
Miss Suttaby
Division 6—
Miss   Richards
Division 7—
Miss  Hlscocks
Division 8—
Miss    I'artwiiRli
Division 0—
Miss   Faulkner
Division 10—
Miss McDonald ,
Division R (Miss Cartwrlght, teacher) wins Nelson Shield (or attend
Division 1-
loin rmnelathrr.
Wilfrid Dallas.
Divisiua 2.
Vera Bradwin.
Mollord CarsM.
Delia Dow,
Oracle Hi^ins.
Itollo Johnston.
Albert Laurie
Edith Mr Donald.
John Pye.
Robert Pye.
Gordon ffalllflpr.
Eric Spence,
Hazel Taylor.
Wanda Kink.
Marion Leltch
i>oiiKlas Finniss
Dorothy Mackfy.
OlidyB .lotinslon
/ Division 3.
a 'Philip Hunfis
(irace Bardgett.
AliCr Hrown
Harry Dons.
Bernadette Doyle
Hilda Hood
Charlotte l.cask
Mcrritt Leask.
Oeorge Pratt.
Dura Pye.
Rainsford Parks.
Rusiell St  Kloi.
Merle Taylor
Division 4,
Howard Armstrong.
Mary Marnhardl
Armour Hrault.
Milo Drummond
Mary Dunning
Hugh Fraser
Dorothy McLvan
Barclay McNeil.
Lottie Moore.
Margaret Mullen
Sidney  MurRatrovd
nrenrltle Musser
Olttdya Parnaby.
Agon Reekie
Kettle Robinson
Mny Smith
Mav Small.
iii.nil*. Spence.
Margaret st. Kloi
Doris Walhtmer
Horatio -leeks.
Division V
Muriel Baxter.
Irene lurch
■inhn Brake
Romeo Brault
Once Doris.
Harold Ilaslam
Flattie Hollander.
Nr Wai Hoy.
Ruth Kendall.
Alio Laeey.
Harold I ,t\v.l
fir iter MrFarlaw.
Nellie   Mt'KtHna
Dewey McNeil
Evelyn Mfwrp.
Mary Mullen.
Dorothy Reed
Violn Sarvis
Mtred Stndali
Violet Simpson.
Clifford st. Kloi.
Keith Wasaon.
Imv jj Wat sou.
-vrthur Willis.
\tmie Mcllirmr
Divisiol «.
Nina I tr Ian-gen §
Allan Brown.
Cbarllfl Chapman.
Christine Carson,
•lennie Hopkins.
Thir/a Johnson,
leannettr .lones.
Wilfrid Kennnly.
Harry ftfUMT.
Margaret Morrison,
Warren Spence.
Harold Hood
Diviefm im
Robert Kakln.
(leraM Cllne
Stanley Blower.
Gilbert Brault,
Nora Findlay.
Vivian Kummer.
Ruby Lister.
Vera Lister.
Edward McLean.
Mina Moore.
Ernest South.
Kathleen Tito.
Douglas Thompson.
Gerald Bartlam.
Kdward Stone.
Wilfred Joltffe.
Dorothy IHifort.
Moon San.
Raymond St. Kloi.
Bernicc l*ratt.
llertie George.
Douglas Russell
Division N.  lo Sr.   1st  Primer.
(rilberi Brault.
Marjoiie Bur I on,
Harold Dow.
Robert Rolsen.
Don Ewin
Nora Findlay.
Kdna  Fieek.
Francis fluerard.
Marion Henderson.
Mar Kirkland.
Vivian Kummer,
Walter Lee.
Vera Lister.
Ruby Lister.
Kathleen Tito.
Kdward McLean.
Nina Moore.
Moon San.
Ruby Scott.
John Shaw.
Kmest South.
Douglas Thlmpson.
Hugh Willard.
Gerald Cllne.
Stanley  Blower.
Krina McNeil.
From Division   IX to   Division VIIt
Second Primer.
Gordon Armstrong.
Winnifml Armitage.
Dorothy Basset
Vera Batter.
ChrisMpher Duekerlng,
Ida Dunning
James (Ieorge
William (leorge.
Katherine Hunt,
treble Horrid
Lenora Hill.
Thomas Hoggarth.
Kneas Hoggarth.
Stella John * '»-
Anme Johns u
ftlA K-.-ndall
■Limes Log* i.
Patricia McDermot.
Mash Mow.
On Mow.
Donald Morrison-
Kitty Ko.sindnle.
Gllbcrl Simmons.
Phylis Small
llertie Tuwusrnd.
Jack Ward.
•lack Stephens.
Promoted on Trial:
Jean Donaldson
Isabel Parker
Division VIII ,   Promoted   to Senior
Second Primer.
Gertrude Willi
Katherine Atchison
(iabrictla Hamilton.
Alfred Jollffe
Charles Musser
llieve Parker
Kdward Taylor
Jackie Moffat.
Kettle Johnson
Alice Brake
Annie Gibson.
■ lark Kirkland
-lames Kemball
Leo Frost
Ktbel Clapp
staniei Ft lev
Margaret Carr.
Gladys Sbackleton.
Allan Livingstone
Arthur Gill
Blltabeth Chapman.
Howard Brogan
Division   VIII .   Promoted    to Fust
Norman Beech
Leonard Burton
Faith F.win-
Annie Parnabi
Maude Malcolm
Irene LiniH'l.
Gertrude I'arnabf
Until Simpson
Waiiacr Dwrterei
Ada IIiKi-in.i
Stanley Moffat
Freddy Brlggl
•lohn Townteod
Sam Watson
Dudley Stone
Louise Kelsey
Camilla Tito.
Jim Tito.
Senior First Reader
Joe Frost.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Margaret  Lacev.
Cyril Selb\
Sadir Laccy.
Bruce Laurie
Annie Shaw.
Sam Speers
Norman Wnvson
Bella Poitet
Dnnald DallU
Denys S.ir.tnnnv
Maud Scott
Itav Rcotl
Palmer Rutledge.
Cecil Taylor
Hilda Smith
(do*-,■,. (irr,
MaU-nlni Belanger
Promoted   'o Reader II.
Mamie Bartlam
Merle lUmuett.
Kathleen Brown.
Mary Carson.
Charles Clapp.
Kdith Cummlngs.
Marion Drummond
Vivian Fraser.
Hugh Hannah.
Fanny Gartside.
Harold Kumnier.
Russell Leask.
Mary Mann.
Krir MacKinnon.
Marion M-icKiinion.
Ma Kwong.
Pearl Pratt,
Winnie Phillips.
David Reekie.
Flossie Robinson.
•Vtmn Sarvis.
Harry Smith.
Kverett Williams.
Helen Worden.
LIssic Piggotl.
Ida Jognson.
Otto Gill.
.Joseph Swain,
itoy Roblchaud.
Kdith Couldwell.
1311a McCloldric.
Robert Beaton-
On Trial:
Eddie Barnhardt.
Mabel Flndley.
Barry .MacDonald.
Iln ul Sanderson.
May Brake.
Division VI.,   Junior Second  Reader
to Senior Second,
imniia Argue.
Allan Brown.
Nina Belanger.
Merle Bathie.
Annie Blayney.
Wilfred Cadwallader.
Jennie Hopkins.
Harold Hood.
Herman Hollander.
Violet Jones.
Jcauelte Jones,
Thir/a Johnson.
Kllen .lohnson.
Wilfrid Kennedy.
Faith Kendall,
Kdith Murgatroyd.
Margaret Morrison.
Wilma McNab,
Irma Ward.
Muriel Wallinger.
Division V., Promoted   From Senior
Second to Junior Third.
Muriel Baxter,
Mabel Brown.
Ruby Deacon.
Harold Leask.
Nellie MeKenna.
Grace McFarlane.
Dorothy Reed.
Klsie Taylor.
Arthur Willis.
Florence Rutledge
This notice was posted on tba
ground tm the 17th day ol December,
1912. The application will be filed
iu tbe olliee of the Water Recorder at
Objections may be tiled with      the
said   Water    Recorder    or with tue
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Wm. M. Campbell, Applicant,
by A. II. Playle, Agent.        51-lt
For a License to Take and Ise Water
thut the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
Co., Ltd,, of Wardner, B.C., will apply for a license to take and use 111
cubic leet per second of water out of
Little Hull River, wbieh flows in a
southerly direction through Lot
313, G l , nnd empties Into Koolenay River crossing at Lot 4838. Thc
water will he diverted at government
road, and will be used fm* lluming
logs on the land described as Lots
•iiW,, 2hOO, 1 SHfl and IK.IH, Oroup 1.
This notice was posted on tho
ground on the 9lh day of December,
tf)12. The application will be tiled
in the olliee or the Water Recorder nl
Objections may he filed wilh      the
said Water     Recorder   or   with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Crows Nest Pass    Lumber Co., Ltd.,
hv W. F. Ourd, Agent. iiMt
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings ou
tlm   third   Thursday
of every mouth.
Visiting hrctbien welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Distriet of South Kast fflootenay.
TAKK NOTICE that John Stanley
Peck, of t'ranbrook, B. C, occupation, Employment Agent, intends to
apply for permission to purchase thc
following described lauds:
Commencing al a post planted
about 20 chains in a westerly direction from tiie north-west corner of
T. L. 6575; thence -SO chains west,
more or less, to the cast boundary of
lot 6231; thence north 40 chains,
more or less, to the south boundary
of lot 11230; thenco east 10 chains,
more or less, to the northwest corner ot lot 0234; thence south 40
chains, more or less, to the southwest corner ol lot 0234; thenee. east
SO chains, more or less, to the point
due norlh ol lhe point ol commencement; tbence shuth 10 chains, more
oi less, to the point of commencement, containing 200 aeres, more or
John Stanley Peek.
Dated November 23rd, 1912.     49-9t
Crescent Lodge No. S3
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every    Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, C.C.
V. A. Stride, K. ol It. A S,
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Hotel International
Geo, Loi.oi.rb, l'roprletoi
Situated at Kingsgate, B.C., on
the Boundary Line, in a spot ol
rare acenir beauty anil tlie sportsman'* paradise.
Headquarters lor Commercial Men and Tourists
B. ,C
I.O.O.F., KEY t'lTY LODOE, No. 42
Meets every Monday
night at   New Kra-
      tcrnity   Hall.    Sojourning; Oddfellows- cordially invited.
H. E. Stopbens, W. M. Ilairie
N. O. See'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Oflicers July lst to December 31st.
H. White, Chief Patriarch
1). F, Rodkey, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekabs  cordially invited.
Mrs. Alma I.iddicoat, N.G.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
,v .Ir. IV
No. on Roll.
.. 8	
Alb. II.
Owing lo schedule changes in tbe
legal rale at Victoria and consequent changes in the various papers
through,,,! the province the Herald
gnnounees that beginning with January 1st the lollowing charges will
be mail,' ior advertising all legal notices: Applization for liquor license.
$6,011; liquor license transfer, $8.50;
land purchase, $7.00; land lease,
$7.00, certificate ol improvement, 10
cents per line first insertion and 5
cents each subsequent insertion; dc
lini|iient co-ownership notice, 10 cents
and 1 cents, duplicate certificate, 10
cents and r, rents; water notice, 10
rents and 5 cents, coal and petrolenm
notice, $6.00. 51-tl
For a License lo Take and I'se   and
Store Water.
Ihat Wm. M. Campbell, ol Cran
brook, II. C , will apply lor a license
to take and use 10 acir-leil ol watrr
out ol Paton's Lake, on 1.01 221',.
and empty into a pond near Lol
IMS and 28li« Tlie waler will be
,ln cried at the lake and will be used
lor irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lul 2215. Ilroup line.
Notice is also given thai he will
applv for a license to store or pen
back lorty acre-leet ol water Irom
said lake The water will be stored
in a reservoir ol 10 acre-leet rapa
city, built or to be bull! al Ibe outlet ol said lake, and will be used lor
irrigation purposes under the above
notice ol application lor n license to
take and use water.
Electric Restorer tor Men
Phosphonol restores every nine in the bod)
' '■■ ll. i„i,pe, tcn.um : To.li't.a
vim, .in ■ utality. I'reniatmu ilccav ami all aexfial
Wesknen a,rod at on,,. Pho.phoanl will
make ,,: a new nun. Price IS»box.,,r iwo hr
,5. M.,,\l to anv addreas. The Scobell Drug
Co., II. I >.lutrln«a, Ona.
For sale at Beattie-Murphy Co., Lit
liistrict ol East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Allrcd Pigott, ,,f Craubrook, ll.C., occupation
Carpenter, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following
described lands:
1 uiiiicnciiic at a post planted at
the southwest corner ol Lot 9101.
tliencc south 20 chains; tliencc cast
2„ chains; thence north 20 chains;
tliencc west 20 chains to point vi
commencement, containing 10 acres,
more or less.
Allrcd Pigott.
Arthur Henry Pigott, Agenl
Hated October 28th, 1912.        15-9*
District of South East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Benjamin
11. Ralph, ol Winnipeg, Man., occupation physician, intends to apply ior
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
thc south end of an island in thc
Elk River, opposite Lot 227 and lol
lowing Ihe shore around lhe island
lo point ol commencement, being 10
acres, more or less.
Ilrntnmin 11. Ralph.
Dated 2«lh August,  1912.        :I8-9I*
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday o! eacb month at 8
p.m. sharp
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pearron, Sec., Boi 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.^
Meets in Carmen's Mall drst aad
third Thursday ol each montb at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
lib Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger, W. C. Crebbln
Pros. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially wclcom
Cranhrook   Lodge No. 1049.
Meets every   Wednesday ni£bt at
p.m. in Royal  Illark Knights   Hall
llaker Street.
32-tl        Ii. S, Qatrett, Secretary.
Pride ol Cranhrook   Circle, No. 153
Companions of tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Wbittakcr, CO,
Mrs. I. Heigh, SecretaDy.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome.
For Sale
One Oxford  Engine,  11 ill.
.May Ih- ieon nt Bonodlot Hilling,
one mile fast ■*.' Mayook. IL 0.
For further i>artieiilnrB apply to
LeaBk A* -t-nhhBon. Klko, I". 0.
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Forty years in USC, 20 years the
standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. Por Woman's Ailments, Itr. Martel's Female
Pills, at your druggist.
41 Market Company
Wc hanille iinthin-' Imt tin- liucsl quality
Hams, Bacon. Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
A trial orrlor will oonvlnoa you of thoir excellence
Try our Brookfield Creamery Butter
Diseases of Men
I ixinit ivfl.v row tiint».'niirthn ol all the
ten that nrenbtoluteljlncnrabtebyanjr
ifthodn olhor than tnoM I i-mplo.v. I do
mil ■■ini* wlinliiiriirciitf.il.vi.il or lu'iw Iuiik
nrtiy what tii.nnnliflitii-i trvrtti-il .inn ■ tin*
probability in thnt I <nn ear*.vou, mnl 1
will ln-n'ili- in N|M*ik i.fitnit*i.v In thf mat*
trrwhel  1 km-n th*-* ilMt.il*. nf ■.uiir.-m.v.
It you ni. 'I rail at my nflln* write [nr
my liook. «ti. h ilwrihm my method.
All Idtith aie tfi' n niKi'iiii attention.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modem equipped Cafe at tnoilarate
RiHee $1.00 and up per day
Corner of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our btiB meets all trains
many liocl Men Robbed of llinb
Businea and Social BUuidlni
by Drink
l.'lll-i'il nl
III IIIrw days
Boj MB, Oanbrook, ll.O.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
.Money to loan iiii favornblu tni-inti.
Barristers, Solicitor* and
Money lo l.oiin
31 ll
The Coeur D'Alene Company
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflot at Ittitiluet,  Armttroni  i.e.
orriOB hours i
Forenoons dull to III IIU
Afternomn - ■ - lllll to   4.00
Evening*. - - - - 7.90 to   »M
rfumlars . - - - 1.3(1 to   4 JS
ORANBROOK :■    II    il    it     It. O,
JAB0B 00ETZ, President
HARRV F. BAER, Secretary
5     The Little
or (lie ejonsc. tbo chicken
the ilnck, the turkey yon
want for the Christmas
dinner we'll have it; and
we'll have the finest, juiciest, sweetest, anil most
savory nssem 1> 1 are of
Christmas meats ever ou
exhibition in these parts.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co. I
The Home Bakery
lioitKKT Fjmmb, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pie j, and
Pastries or All Kinds
Norbury Ave.       Opp, City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries a full stock of
Mccormick mowers
Repairs for above always
in stock
President: 1.6. Uili.
Secretary: 8, Maodosaui
Kor in'ormstlon regarding lands
and  agriculture  apply   to th*
Recretary, Gnubro.li. B. C.
_        Kvery mood Wi
■oetnawr t>, P. T. P. initio
Nelson's Leiding Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date,
Riles, $2.00 • dty and up.
ORO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manner
I to 13 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   s p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -        - B. O,
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown nml Bridgs Work
a specialty.
Office over F, I'urki Hardware
Store, Baker Street
Phone No. 2110
Cranbrook Collate Hospital
Terms un Application,
Phone 2511 Matron.
P. 0. Box r1 IS    A rmstrong Ave
Craubrook ami Kort Steele
T.tNo0!,:'"' Cranbrook, B.C. 11
B.  C.  lane)  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
A M. Can. Soc. 0, K,
Civil Engineer and Architect *
Ofllce over Oranbrook Drag nn,l Ho k
Co'e. Slore
Telephone Ml P. 0. Hoi M
W.    It      Itv.llt.    KlIll.-fBl    PI,,, 1.1,
I't.i.lir...,   It  Q;
Phone lllll
I'NIU.Iil aki l:
Norbury Ave., nail i,, rut Hsll
Day I'lione'.':i:i Nlghl Phone nnt
Frank Provcnzano
General Mlerchente
Employment Agente
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. *.m 194 fKOHl 144
II you want satiilaction with
your washing  send
il to
•Special prii'cn lor familv wurk.
Deposit,- O.P.H. stntlon
THE    PLACE    TO     OCT    A
We wish all our many Patrons
and thc Public
A Merry
and best wishes for a
Happy and Prosperous
New Year
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The _Jexa£JL Store
Cranbrook - - ■ B. C.
A Merry
And a llriu'it mnl Pros,
pcmns Vew Yonr is our
wish fur nil, nml if Iiy
nny chunce you have
ovcrl iftketl iiiiyun,,. wo
eiill have 1 ft sum,- very
nice uifts, which wa
are certain will In, very
acceptable, even should
they iirriven little lute.
Jeweler and Optician
nm npibs
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Peter Woods returned [ruin Albcrl.i
last Friday.
It. P. Davis, of Wyclitle, was m
town on Monday.
Mrs. A. ('. Harsbaw will mil receive on Thursday, January 2nd.
Mrs. ami Miss Stuart, mother and
sister ol Mrs, K. t. Brymner, are
spending the holiday season here.
Misk Viney Dorli who bai been
attending St, Joseph's college, \ci
son, returned borne Saturdaj last ■■>
upend Christmas witb ber parents
.1. Malcolm, of Uie provincial government office stall, wlm recently un*
di'irfent an operation ami returned
home from the hospital, had lo return to the hospital yesterday fur
anotluT operation) which was per
formed ten satisfactorily,
O-wiiig to his Inability to carry out
frrtam financial ariaiigcments, Mr.
I.e Roy, who recently formed a part
n-erslnp with Wn (im-rinrd, in tho
management of tho Auditorium
theatre, has decided to withdraw ami
left foi Spokane last week ■■nd.
Mr. and Mrs M A. Macdonald an*
tlie guests of Hr. and Mrs. .1. H
King ami will remain in town until
after New Year's day Mr. Mac
donald, who has been working verv
hard on thc coast, exnresses great
pleasure in bring back in Cranhrook
oner again.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Pair of good sleigh shafts for sale
$2.00. 2-tt*
Peter Woods was in town on Tuesday.
T. T. McVittie and wife were in
the city on Monday.
Geo. Geary, of Fort Steele, was
in the city on Tuesday.
Geo. Watson, of Fort Steele, was
in the city on Monday.
A. J. Miller and wife, of Wasa,
were in the city on Monday.
.las. Austin, formerly director of
the    Cranbrook   band,   Is here this
week from    Spohane renewing acquaintances.
Mr. and Mrs. James Catou ami
son, of Spokane, former residents of
this city, nre visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. A. Johnson.
Thc lies Vaudeville company will
perform here at the Auditorium this
evening and tomorrow evening. Tiny
come highly recommended.
LOST.—On Monday, December 2.*-rd
between Christ church and Raworth
Bros, store, one Rhine stone earing.
Will the finder plca.se return to Mis.
IX. T. Hrymner. 52
A meeting of the Cranhrook District Fish and Game Protective association is called for Friday evening, December 27th, at the Hotel
Cranbrook committee rooms. All
memhers are requested to attend, as
business «•( special importance is to
he disposed ot. Time of meetiiiu
S 90 o'clock
The many friends of Mr. ami Mrs
Alex. Henderson, of this city, sin
ccrelj sympathise with them in thin.it loss tbnt. has occurred to them
al ihis season ot the year. Their
l:.tle baby boy, just twelve months
old, passed away last Saturday
night Tlte funeral took place this
morning from the Catholic ehareh.
Hev. Father Plamondon officiat-iug,
and W. It. Beatty in charge of arrangements. The funeral was quite
largely attended as a token of re
spec! and esteem for the bereaved
Tbe annual concert and Christum-,
tree of the Ilaptist church Sundav
school were held in tlie mectint;
bouse on Monday evening. The child
ren in full force were present to pnr
Mclpate in the joy of the occasion,
and tbey did full justice to aFI tlml
was required of Ihem. Parents and
friends wero present in large num-
Ikts and enjoyed tfce carefully prepared programme. fiifis iu the
shape of usefut articles, with a bag
ut candies, were roc.-ivcd by each
child present. Great credit Is due
the committees for the ardent manner In which they undertook and
conducted this annSial celebration.
Send Flowers That Reflect Your Taste
Every chap whose sweetheart loves flower*,
who has a sick friend, wants his or her lloral «i(
proachable in blending of colors and pristine fre*b
To Im sun, of true value in ''ut Flowers or any
Wn-ntlis, semi to ->ur store. A large Bluff of con
eiilliinsts rear (lowers und plants iu our comm
houses, only us they should Ihi raised.
lo yon all orders ol *5.00 nntl upwards. Onrsfci
are quick as well as original, TriiBt us with your -
every person
t to be niiap-
kind of Flornl
ipetent horti-
ndiotis |*reen-
llisl designers
rush" inslriic-
21MHtll A,
I'll,hi,' No
c. WVsl
rai. Night Oaii-mns
Many shrewd persons save
their money buy buying diamonds set in rings, pins anil
other articles of jewelry. You
can always sell a diamond «t
a fair profit—if yon-buy right
Purchasing diamonds will not
only, therefore, enhance yuur
personal appearance, but save
jour money and bring you
a reasonable profit,
Meet me at Hob's Place.
Mrs. .lames Carroll returned Monday night Irom a ten months' visit
with Iricnds in Ontario and Manitoba.
Mr. Godsal, ot Pincher Creek, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. P. H.
Morris last week, lie is now on liis
way to Honolulu.
Ilavis Bros., thc local electricians,
have been awarded a contract by the
O.P.R. lor tho erection of a complete
electric light plant, of 500 lights capacity, at Bull Itiver.
FOR RENT.-Ollice building on
Fenwick avenue, corner ol Baker
street, formerly occupied by the
Lund Land and Development Company. For particulars apply to I*.
Lund, Wardner. 37-tl
Thc local Salvation Army corps
have been busy during the past few
days investigating any and all cases
ol extreme poverty at this season.
As a result ol their enquiries they
bave already disposed of ten baskets
of Christmas fan- ami arc prepared to
supply any other deserving eases, il
notified in time. The captain wishes to thank numerous contributors tn
these baskets, the local storekeepers
responding cheerfully to lhe Army's
appeal. There will be a Christmas
tree at the barracks on Friday evening. No cliarge for admission will
he made, but a silver collection will
he taken up. It is hoped to bc able
to provide a bag ol candy for every
youngster in attendance,
Holy Communion:
First celebration) •> a.m.
Scciiml celebration, s a.m.
Matins and celebration 11 a.m.
At matins ami holy communion:
'..roi  741
Hymn 71
Festal rc.iH.r.s. s   Tallis
Propel   Psalms:
Monk in IV
Ouseley in l\
Turle in IV
Venite Crotch in A.
To Deuni,    Russell, Norris, Hopkins.
Benedlctua—B. ll. 29.
Anthem—Thomas NariU.
"Behold    a   Virgin   Shall Conceive,
and Hear a Son, Etc."
Hymns 72, 73 ami 233,
Kvrie Steggall in E.
(tloria Tibi and Oratias— Pltimmcr in
Itev. 0. E. Kendall, pnstor.
Sunday services will he held morning and evening. Thc pastor will
preach, using for ibe topic In the
morning) "Retrospection;" in the
evening Ihc topic will be: "The Tale
of Lire:" Its Character: Its Turning
Point: Its Climax: Its Ilrevity." A
cordial welcome nnd the season's
greetings ;ire extended to all.
The report uf tlif conciliation
hoard, which is signed hy Judge Me
Gibbon, nf Brampton, out., iiiuu
man, ami .1. A, Macdonald, of Halifax, representing tbc employees, fullj
justifies alrnoal everj claim hv thf
officers ol the Brotherhood t.. more
ihan vindicate ili» position whicli
they took throughout.
The minority report of ,1. E. Duval
of Montreal, who was appointed by
ibe departmeni of labor to represent
Un* company upon ihc latter'a refusal
in be represented, has not yel been
filed with the department, but it is
believed thai though ll docs
agree in every particular with tb
the majority, in certain vital ji
it is iu agreement.
I Recognition <<i the schedules was
asked lor from lhc company, together with increases nf pay averaging Ifi
per cent. The strike was called on
the minister ol labor's first refusal
to appoint a board, and Is siill on.
The general disorganization which ensued, especially at the lakes, during
lhc grain-moving season, and the
consequent representations which
were addressed to tlie department on
this account, finally induced the minister to grant a board for "a limited
territory," it being generally understood that the finding would apply
throughout the system.
The report at the outset commends
the minister for limiting the scope of
the inrpnry, and recommends as follows:
1. The strikers should he reinstated in their old positions forthwith at
the same salaries they were rccciviijj*
at the time of the strike.
2. The strikers should receive
hack pay fur llie time they have been
on strike.
3. The men who were discharged
for their connection wilb the Broth*
erhood of Hailway Employees should
be treated as strikers, receiving the
same treatment.
4. Increase of salaries is recommended, hut is left to ihc parties Interested to arrange at a fulure date.
5. This report is to cover all districts alTecled within lhc senpe 0f tbe
The board then lays down certain
rules which shall govern the members iu reference to vacancies, appointments, etc. It further decides
that the schedules recommended shall
take cfiect from May 1, 1012, and remain in effect for one year, ami from
year to year thereafter.
Time and a half for overtime, pub
lie holidays, and Sumlays is recommended by thc hoard.
It is understood that Mr. Duval in
his minority report recommends the
reinstatement of tbe men. No communication in connection will. the
award lias been received from the
company, but there is reason tn believe that au amicable agreement will
be reached, ami the minister i confident that the company will abide
by tbe award wben it is presented to
them. Thc        recommendation,
however, that hack pay
be given to the men for thc period
during which they were on strike
may be opposed |>y the company.
The strike was called on November
Ith, and will he continued until the
company has decided upon what
course it will pursue.
■Indue McQibbon who acted .1-;
chairman of the hoard, has acted in
like capacity on no less than ten
urbit rat ions, some of whicb concerned the biggest railway disputes
in Canada, lie has the further distinction of having had every award
he made faithfully carried out afterward.
President Mosher, of the Brother
hood, when seen was thoroughly sat
isfied with the result of his efforts
and those of his fellow-oflicers and is
optimistic that the award will he
carried out by the company.
There is really very little doing in
municipal politics these days. Only a
few business men appear to he taking thc slightest interest in tbe Makeup of next year's council.
Names so far mentioned, do not
vary greatly (rom the list given last
week, but two or three names have
come up this week of special interest. 1
Thc list as at present stands as
A. C. Bowness for mayor.
Jos. Campbell, I,. Clapp, O. Erlckson, W. Cameron, -I. E. Kennedy, \V.
Halsall, C R. Ward, II. A. McKowan, Cl. Johnson, John Laurie, for aldermen.
The two last mentioned, Johnson,
a C.P.R. locomotive engineer, and a
lormer member of the council, and,
Laurie, head car inspector, both
reside in the power bouse district,
where the now school building is
Hearing completion, and that section
of the citv should be represented on
lhe council hoard.
Mrs. Binmore and Mrs. Cann, of
Fort Steele, were in town shopping
this week.
FOR SALE.-Cireular sawmill
machinery, complete with edger,
trimmer and sorting rig, in first-
class running order; also all ap
fxirtenanccs thereto. Capacity
70,000 ft. II. M. per 10 hours. Seer*
el togging trucks nnd sleighs and
general loggers' outfit. Alsc two lots
tnd office building, corner Baker St
and Fenwick Ave- Por further particulars apply to The Lund l.und aad
Development Co., Ltd. 33-tl
Crnnbrook District.
TAKE NOTICt: that Annie Mac-
aulcy, of Cranhrook, B.C., occupation nurse, intends to apply for permission to purchase thc following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
thc N. W. cornrr of Lot lOOSfi, ({. 1.,
tbenco north Iiii chains, more or less,
to thn southwest, corner of Lot 8552,
O.L; thence east, -10 chains; thence
south 00 chains, more or less, to the
N. E. comer of Lot, 10080, 0.1,;
thence west 10 chains, more or less
to point of commoncomont, contain,
ing 200 acres, more or less.
Annie Macaulcy, Applicant.
J. 0. Cummlngs, Agent.
Staked Dec. lOttl, 1012. 53-01'
We arc so positive our remedy will
relieve constipation, that we oner to
furnish it free oi all cos! if it fails.
Constipation is caused by weakness
of the nerves ami muscles of thc
large intestines or descending colon.
To expect, relief you must therefore
t«me up and strengthen ihose organg|
and restore them to healthier octlv
We want yuu io try Uexnll Orderlies un our guarantee. They are
eaten like candy, and arc particular-
1} ideal lor children. They act directly un the nerves aud muscles of
the bowels. They have a neutral action on tho other organs or glands.
They du not purge or cause any inconvenience whatever. They act to
overcome chronic nr habitual constipation and the myriads of associate or dependent chronic ailments.
Try Rexall Orderlies at our risk.
Two sizes, 10c. and 2.1c. Sold only
at our store—The Rexall Store,
Heat tie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
IWESXr?*^^*''*     ■■rn
Sincere Wishes
r a
Mr. Wm. Steward, Cranhrook, ll.C.
My Dear Friend: I must tell you
nnd my friends at Cranhrook now
that Judge Ryan deserves more than
credit for tlie hard work) ami good
work he did at the Chicago Laud
Show for British Columbia, and
more especially the Cranbrook ex
hiblt. His good work >s hound tn
bring good returns to Cranbrook ami
the surrounding country. Please
send me the Cranbrool; paper that
has the statement of the oxhlblt in
Chicago. Please remember me to
thc judge and ull friends, and oblige
yours truly,
Oeo. T. Carr
Chicago, III.
Care P.O. Box 232.
Happy and
New Year
McCreery Bros,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clolhirg Stcrcs
SP"V "Ki
* •
• , 1
. ,1
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► ,
► ' 1
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*■ •
*' 1
♦ "
************************************* ************************<■**■
WHEREAS, In times past it hath been the custom ♦♦
in sundry places and clivers manners on the re- J*
currence of the day whereon is celebrated the ♦♦
Birth of our Saviour for all good people to send ♦♦
felicitations and good wishes to their best and ti
dearest friends: ♦•
♦ ♦
< *
< ♦
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- ♦
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Now, therefore, know ye that the good things said
said and done in the Olden Tyme be not forgot en and fall into desuetude, to the detrin.ent
of the good feeling holding between friends, and
WHEPEAS. It is good and profitable to the soul*s health
to i iterchar.ge sentiments of goodwill, paitici.-
brly at tlis time and especially toward these fcr
whom a sincere regard is entertained, ard
WHEREAS, It is desirable that this commendable custom should be maintained, we hereby in all feed
faith and honesty wish our many friends and
customers, Health, Happiness, and all the Gm-
pliments of this Joyous Season.
Cooperative Stores
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Machine Co., Ltd.
Oxford, N. 5.
Manufacturers of: rt,"S
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Gauges, Pembsrtliy Injectors, Etc.
Repairs to all kinds of Machinery
executed promptly and efficiently
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Cranbrook, B. C,
Phone 5  u
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Imperial Bank of Canada I!
> HL'tl.   'irr.,*n .   -rs.iw.k.i-',. ' '
l>. K.
WII.KIK, Prwlilenl.
il issued iivniliilil,. in nny pnrt nf
AccouiiU  of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merolianti!!
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts am! Letters of Cr,
the world,
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank AocoilnU. Deposits of tl.H0 lind
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
With   Billiousmn   and   Sick
Headache. /
Calgary, Alberta, July 8, nil/
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time with Billiousiicss, Sick Hoailr/ho
and Liver Trouble.     Notliing fcemeil
to do mc   any   good.    I lu*''almost | '»rk usually has a green color,    duo
given up in despair when I decided to «° '•■"   development ot minute grains
to each unit ot lead It is said that
I almost all ol the ore bodies contained an increasing proportion of
sphalerite iu tlieir outer portions and
Ihat where the ore finally graded into
the country rock the principal constituent was pyrite. . . The quart-
zite all shows some inetaliiorphism
due to the intrusion of llie monzou-
ite.   .   .   ln consequence-  of il,    the
Alter taking about half a hox lhc
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Mary  I'llson.
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(<.'ontinui.il from page one),
the fissured quartzites near the vein
arc heavily charged with these minerals. In addition the quartzites in
certain localities show evidences of
silification although no true chert,
as found in tlte Sullivan deposit, was
identified in the St. Eugene.
A study ot the pangenesis ot the
ores of the St. Eugene shows that
megnetite was the first mineral deposited and was followed by the
gangue minerals. The garnet, with
approximating idiomorphic outline
is penetrated by numerous needles of
aetlnolite. The sulphides were d«*
posited lust and fill the cracks and
interstices of the other minerals
The presence of the diagnostic minerals, garnet, dinpside, aetlnolite,
and muscovite, which are entirely restricted to the ore deposit and absent from the surrounding quartzit-
siiggests that the deposition nf
the ore took place in the deeper vein
/.one under conditions of temperature
and pressure, comparable to those nf
contact metamnrpnic deposits No
Igneous intrusion which could supply
solutions of this kind outcrops with-
several miles of these deposits.
However, in tlie neighborhood of the
Sullivan mine, small sills of gabbro
older than the nre deposits are exposed and in the St. Eugene, a
dyke of diorite cuts the vein. The
ureal study of tne East Kootenay
district revealed numerous cross-
cutting bodies of uranite and granite
porphyry which are prrtbahty subordinate nr "cupola" stocks ot the
West Kootenay granite batholith.
In addition, the areas of sillimanite
garnetiferous mica schist in East
Kootenay are interpreted as argillaceous quartzites metamorphosed by
au intrusion of granite not yet exposed by erosion. It is therefore
concluded that the Purcell series of
East Kootenay, in part, rests upon
an intrusive basement ot granite
which was the source of tbe ore solution, resulting in the formation of
the Sullivan and St. Eugene ore
The St. Eugene vein, described
above, represents a fissure filled under conditions less extreme than
those of the Siillipan, since garnets
are less plentiful, galena is coarsegrained and more abundant and holds
smaller quantities of zinc blende and
pyrrhotitc. In addition carbonates
are more abundant.
In comparing the deposits of East
Kootenay with those of the Coeur
d'Alcnes, the genetic relationships
become still more clear. In both regions, the deposits occur under similar
geological conditions and as replacement deposits i n fine-grained ar-
gillaccntiN and purer quartzites. The
description of the various types will
be given in an order corresponding to
a decrease in conditions of tempera
tup' and pressure, starting with the
most extreme, those formed under
contact metamorphlc conditions. A
rather full description of the (Iranite
or Success mine Is given as in this
depnsit the relations to the intrusive
is clearly shown. This deposit has
been described by Itansome in the
tollowing words:
"The ore of the (Iranite mine is
exclusively confined to the tongue
like mass of slate and quartzitc
which . . . extends almost entirely across the large intrusive body of
iiion/onite north of Oem. Tbere is
no vein, the ore occurring in masses
of Irregular form and various sizes,
which are clearly for the most part
replacements of the quartzites in
places where the tatter has been
most thoroughly fissured. The ore
masses in so far as they exhibit any
regularity at all are suggestive of
lenses standing on edge, the shortest
diam. *.r of nearly every mass being
approximately horizontal. In the
upper workings, the ore consisted
chiefly or galena carrying about
three quartern    ol aa ounce of silver
of pyroxene or In a Few places a pink
tint where garnet in microscopic crystals is the principal contact nicta-
morphic mineral. Tlw microscope
shows thnt the qunrt/Jto is eotn-
thu •*>,etelV recrystallized to an aggregate*,
'of interlocking quartz grains which
enclose variable proportions of thc
pale green monocllnic pyroxene,
green rrnwn blotlte, white mica
(probabh muscovite), and garnet.
The association of the ore minerals
with the metamorphlc silicates is so
close that the conclusion of their
contemporaneous genesis is unques*
t ionahle, . . The microscope reveals tlie presence here aud tliere of a
little carbonate, apparently calcite.
The foregoing characteristics judicata
that the nre of the (Iraiiitc mine
was deposited shortly after the,
intrusion of moi.zol.itc am) is a
phase of contact iiietaiuorpliisiii."
A comparison nf tiie description of
the Granite nr Success mine of
Idaho with that nf tlte Sullivan nf
Hritish Columbia given above shows
a striking similarity. Moth deposits are replacements of argillaceous
quartzites hy an intimate mixture of
zinc blende, galena and iron sulphides, the latter increasing towards the periphery of the ore bodies. The gangue minerals arc almost identical iu both cases but in
the Sullivan, the contact metamorphlc silicates are restricted entirely
to the ore masses, while in the
Granite or Success mine, the enclosing quartzites are heavily charged
with these minerals. Therefore it is
concluded that the Sullivan ore
masses were deposited under conditions nf temperature and pressure
less extreme than those under which
the Granite or Success ore bodies
were formed. Also the fact which
is especially worthy of emphasis is
the presence of an intrusive inonzon-*
ite genetically related to the ore deposit in the Granite or Success
mine, while in the Sullivan, no such
intrusion is known; but from the
similarity of the ileposit in mineralogy and relations-iips such a mass
is doubtless present although probably too deep to he exposed in the
future workings ol thc mine.
With a further decrease in temperature and pressure the conditions,
under which the St. Eugene of Eust
Kootenay, thc llig Eight and B. II.
ore bodies of Idaho were deposited,
arc reached. In these deposits, pyrlte, pyrrhotitc and the contact
metamorphic silicates are less abundant and cnltite more plentiful than
the Sullivan und Granite ore bodies.
With the entire disappearance of
the above silicates and a notable increase of carbonates which point to
conditions of deposition less extreme
than those of the St. Eugene, wc
have the Tiger Poorman lode described by Itansome as follows:
"In the Tigcr-Poorman and Standard Mamuiouth mines siderite is
only moderately abundant and the
ores contain notable quantities of
sphalerite and pyrrhotitc. Pyrite
aird chaleupyrite are comparatively
abundant in both mines."
The Wardner mines represent ore
bodies deposited under the least extreme of any, either in East Kootenay or the Coeur d'Alenes. Concerning these deposits Itansome
siimmari/rs as follows:
In the Wardner mines siderite is
most abundant than elsewhere in
the district. Sphalerite is rare, pyrite subordinate and pyrrhotit* unknown. Garnet, biotlte, pyroxene
and magnetite entirely absent from
these deposits."
Thus the. evidence regarding genesis
brought to light in the study of the
silver-lead deposits of East Kootenay|
supports the view advanced hy Itansome in 1908 concerning tlte origin of
the silver-lead deposits of the Coeur
The following table* is a summary
of the relations existing between the
deposits nf East Kootenay aud the
Coeur d'Alenes and showing their
probable relations to decreasing
temperature and pressure.
The Management and Staff of this Store
Wish all their Friends and Customers
We hope this year has been a happy and prosperous one for YOU, and that 1913 will bring you
still more happiness and prosperity. Cranbrook
and the Cranbrook District are, we have always
claimed, unsurpassed by any town or district in
the Province. 1912 has been good, 1913 will be
better. Boost for Cranbrook and get your full
share oi the good things. We have to thank you
for your patronage in the past, and hope, by
honest and courteous treatment and prompt service, to merit your business in the future.
Honesty and Courteous
Service our Rule
Quality always our
first thought
McLaughlin and Ciiniidn Carriage Co.'s make
Call aud net our Prieea
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
A. F.
A A. M.
Nil.      34,
At thr last regular meeting ol thr
ahnvr lodge, tbr lollowlng oflicers
were elected lot thr ensuing yrar,
and will br installed on the evening
ol Friday, December 27th, St.
.Inhn's Day:
W. M.-F. II. Mllrs.
S. W.-H. White.
.1. W.-H. Ilickrnbotham.
Treat.—J. I*. Fink.
Src—l. S. I'eck.
S. D.-H. Ilanflrld.
.1. D.-.I. II. Spence.
I. tl.-.l. E, Davis.
8. S.-A. II. Norrls.
.1. s.-w. v.. Worden.
Organist—E  Elwell.
II ol I'.-W. II. Wilson.
Tvlrr-II. II Carter
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have tome Gilt Edged Original Prairio Townsites
(not sub-divisions), which appeal to the intelligent investor, and we intend to put on an extensive advertising enm-
paign in CKANBROOK ua toon a* wc complete arrongc-
menlt with a Hit-class man, who can follow tip inquiries,
We mail the district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself can make thit a permanent and very prulit.
able position. Apply II. W. McCurdy, Mi Temple Huild
ing, Toronto,
Ilranitr or  Slln'rss,
Sullivan, Kast
St. Eugene,
Countr* Rock.
I'rltchard slate
(upper part)
Pre - Creston lorm
ation (upper pnrt)
lithologlcally same
as Pritchard
Tiger Poornian,
Wardner Mines,
Pre - Creston forni-
I ation (upper part)
1 lithologlcally   same
as Pritchard
1 llurkr formation
Revet t  formation
Meliitnorpliism ol
Country Rock
Rccrystallizrd to an
aggregate ot inter
locking <| u a r tz
grains which enclose pyroxene,
mica nnd garnet
Rrcrystallizrd and
altered to chrrl in
close vicinity ot
ore bodies
Some recryntalliza-
tion ol wall rock
(lalena and zinc
lilenile with alum
dant pyrite; some
chalcopyrlte and
pyrrhotitc present
Galena and
blende witb
dant pyrito
(lalena nnd /.inr
blende, some pyrite, pyrrhotitc,
chalcopyrili' and
Galena, some zinc
blende, pvrite, pry-
rhotile and chalcopyrlte
Mostly gale n a,
I small   amounts    ol
sphalerite   and pyr-
I ito
Mineralized quartzitc, garnet, pyroxene, blotlte, muscovite, quartz, very
little calcite
Mineralized quart-
zitr, gurnit, pyroxene, biolltr and
muscovite, quartz,
very little calcite
Mineralized quartzitc, garnet, aetlnolite, biolile and
quartz, some calcite    	
Quartz and siiletitc
Structural l:, l.
Rriilacrinenl ,l.-|.<. .
it In fissured quart
zlle, not a true
Replacement ileposit In well - hrdded
quartzites, not a
true vein
None known
Siderite in great
fbundance, small
amount ot quarts
Replacement  depot-1 None known
it in -issiiml quart-'
zilrs, true vrln
Replacement ,lrpos.
it in fissured quartzitc, true vein
Replacement ileposit in fissured quart
zlle, true vrln
Nonr known
Nonr known


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