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Cranbrook Herald May 4, 1911

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Array 'til
We are well  equipped  lo
turn out the bestulasi
of work
In the Herald l'nv»—Try
Our   Local   i.'ulunini
We. a lino
NO.  11
St. Eugene Hospital
to be Enlarged
Lance Brick Addition to (he Haiti Building to be
I:reeled -- Also an Isolation Hospital
Association Reorganized
A largo brick addition to tin- St.
Kugciio hospital main building is
contemplated, in fflot, tin* plans an:
now in runisc of |)reparation by Mr.
,i .1. o'o.u.i, architect, ol Calgary,
For some IImo past the need of additional accommodation al the St.
Riigcna hospital lias been recognized
by tile beads nf that Institution and
ways and means of providing same
have town the subject o! earnest consideration.
Tlii1 Sister Superior informs the
Herald that they now hit their way
dear to making the requisite improvements and that work thereon
will likely be started at an early
dale. The proposed addition, which
is    to he a substantial   three story |
brick building, will contain between
twenty and twenty-live moms, In-
cltiding a inuteinijy ward, a new
surgical department, and several private rooms for pay patients.
In addition to the foregoing, plans
for the isolation hospital are also he
lug prepared and ibis, too, will probably be underway in the very near
The St. Kugenc hospital bus long
held an enviable reputation throughout the interior,*as quite one of the
best institutions of the kind In West-
u Canada, and with the additions
and improvements soon to he provided it will rank among the most
commodious and up-to-date hospitals
Of the Pacific Northwest,
ATTACK   DECISION     OF   B.    0.
The court of. appeal has allowed
the appeal of the defendants in the
ease of Kr/us vs. the Crows Nest
Pass Coal company. Chief Justice
Macdonald and Justice Gallagher
favored the appeal, with Justice Irving in the negative. The ease concerns an Austrian who was killed, in
the company's mines. Action was
b rough I on behalf of the relatives in
Austria under the Workmens Compensation Act, Justice Clement allowing the claim. The decision of
the court ol appeal is based on, the
laci ihnt the act was intended for
the benefit of parties residing within
the province and not for outsiders
over whom the provincial legislature
has no jurisdiction.
L. P. Kckstein, of Pernio, counsel
for the f M W. of A. and the W.F.M.
lias issued instructions that application be made at once to the court of
appeal for leave to appeal direct to
the privy council.
The DAVIs     Urns    have taken over
the Quoin Electrical Supply Co ami
'will operate the business under the
firm name ol Davis Bros, Electric
Co, Ltd. The Davis boys are well
known and highly respected locally
Itotlniic experts in then parttculai
hues and can bo counted upon to
handle all work entrusted to them
in a thoroughly workmanlike man
Maurice Qualn, who was formerly
head ol the (Jaaln Electrical Supply
Co., has severed bis connection with
that fiim ami is opening up a new
pin t in al supply house on Norhury
avenue, lo be known as Uie Mum. i
pal Electric Co . In premise* adjoin
the Methodist church, where a special
Ing Want ami Harris' store
\ \mi:s   OBJECTED  TO 1 \
An Ottawa despatch says: The Liberal members spent 4wo hours in caucus on Monday morning with the result that it was decided to proceed
immediately with the construction of
the Hudson's Hay railway and liki
wise adopt a progressive policy in
regard to the extension of the l.C.It
in the Maritime Provinces by the
purchase and construction of additional branch lines. It is understood that it was decided to add
three new branch lines to the system
in New Brunswick and two in Novo
The details will Ik* announced in the
house by the minister ol railways at
mi early date.
The Liberals say that there was
hut little discussion id the situation
arising out of the apparent deadlock
on the reciprocity question. It was
taken ior granted from what occurred
in the house on Saturday that the
light would be proceeded with in the
house and thai Sir Wilfrid Laurier
will not go to the Imperial confer
ence. They say that Saturday's
long sitting of the cabinet was de
voted to the dlSCUSSlOn of supplemen
taiy estimates and also ol the rail
wa> programme submitted to the
caucus on Monday.
Definite Steps Taken to Secure Park Grounds for
Exhibition Purposes
on Monday last Government ArchIi
i v Vrmstrong held a court ol re
vision oi the voters1 list, when the
numerous objections filed in the local
Conservative organisation were |one
lulu Mi ti it Thompson appeal
eti tor the Conservative party and]
\h \i \ Macdonald represented the
Liberal pain
lu all upwards ol twenty names ol
bona fide voters, sought to be remo*
ed from the list, were retained, In
several Instances it was obvious that
objections to then retention on the
list were absolutely visionary
due case was particularly objee '
Unliable. \ rancher named Charles
l.erov Bechlel, resident in the vicinity ol Port Steele, had been objected
to, although it was well known that
he was and bad been a resident of
the district tor several years past.
Several other similar eases might tic
quoted, but us all of them were
found to be qualified voters It will
probably suffice to state Hie mere
tact. A wholesale attack was made
on bona tide French Canadian electors, but, happily, here again, the effort lo disfranchise legitimate voters
railed, Evidence was adduced satisfactory to the court thai these men
were residents of the district ami
duly qualified to he registered as voters.
In two Instance* Mr. Armstrong
reserved decision lo investigate some
technical objection raised against
their registration.
last    week    the   Herald chronicled
stirring times  |q the building Indus
This week it  is able to tell   of
still   fm I bet   activities in   this line
Happily these chronicles are founded
u  rat t    Things  are doing,   not to
be done in t'hc future The chief
I.in in ibis connection is tin- new
ntii fete wah'lti use to be ccected foi
Lcstel Clapp, the wholesale ami re
toll c|gai and tobacco merchant
Mi      Lcstel    Clapp,    as    is       well
known, carries a very large stock ol
costly cigars and tobaccos lo meet
On'    requirements of   his wholesale
anil retail trade lb1 has been car
eying this valuable stock in bis
itakei street premises, which do not
afford adequate protection Iron Ore
Heme ins determination to erect a
fireprool warehouse
treble Wallet has the contract   loi
this building and a start lias already
been made on the foundations
The It nliline is to be erecteil on
Clark lOemic, and will be built en
ttreU ot concrete, iftsM tect,
Contract?)! Archie Waller is making
good progress on the Cranhrunk .lob-
bers, Ltd , building. He has a gang
i f men at work turning nut concrete blocks and the foundations ol
the building are well underway.
Work on the foundations of the
Hanson block has been somewhat retarded by water, but Contractors
Lcosk and I.iddicoat have overcome
that difficulty and will now push
rapidly ahead with the building.
In addition to other private residences now underway in t he city,
Contractors Baker and Baafleld are
busily engaged on two large buildings, which will make very handsome
homes when completed.
R. S. McNeil is excavating a basement (or a warehouse to be erected
at the rear of J. Manning's Baker
street store.
When in town during the week, Indian Agent Oalbralth spoke most enthusiastically of the fine big building
to be erected at the St. Eugene Mis
sion lor Indian industrial school pur
poses.     In   addition to    the   mala
The meeting of the C ran brook Agricultural association held on Tuesday evening at the Hotel Cranbrook
committee rooms, was well attended.
The principal business, apart from
the election of officers, was in connection with the proposed purchase
of the Park association's grounds,
which was finally decided upon, the
details, being left in the hands of the
W. B. liardgett occupied the chair,
and Mayor Hunt acted as secretary.
The first business taken up was
the election of officers, which resulted as follows:
Hon. President-Wm. Hamilton.
President-W. B. Barrtgett.
Vice-President—Dr. Itut ledge.
Scc.-Treas.—P. DoVere Hunt.
Board Ol Directors—Messrs. A. L.
McDermot, R. T. Brymner, P. Matho-
son, W. II. Wilson, W. J. Atchison,
Jos. Brault, (Jus Andean, A 0. Row-
ness, R. B. Benedict and F. A. Russell.
Hon. Vice-Presidents:
J. Cook—Crest on.
H. K Impton—Windermere,
H  McNaln—Skook'umchuck,
Otis Staples—Wycllffe.
W. s. Santo—Thunder Hill. ]
and making them eligible to bold office, should be the same as last
year, viz: $1.00.
The question of the purchase of the
Park association's grounds then came
up for consideration. A motion was
finally adopted to the effect that the
Agricultural association purchase tlio
grounds and that the directors of the
association be   empowered to    meet
the directors of the Park association
ami arrange terms of payment, etc
The price to he paid for the
grounds is S52{i0.0fl, being the actual
amount Invested therein by the members of the Park association, several
of whom are prepared to turn over
their stock to the Agricultural association to facilitate the transfer.
T. c. Douglas-Bull Rfvei
E, Anderson—Ward nor,
A.  Doyle—Port  Steele.
P. Woods—Cherry Creek
Fred Adolph—Baylies Lake
A. Hodgson—Marysvllle,
M. Phlllips-Elkmouth,
Fred Roo—Tobacco Plains
Frank DeRosler— Juffray.
A. B. Smith—Wasa,
A. E. Watts—Watlsburg.'
P. Lund—Marysvllle Junction,
R, It. llruce—Wiliiier.
Percy Haywood—Yahk,
•1, L. McKay—Alhaliner.
P. Murphy—Gateway.
II   E. Birtch-Wa.su.
II. Granger—Canal Flats.
On motion it was decided that (he
annual membership fee, cut it ling
members to   a    vote at all meotlugs^nercd for sale     Pending the
Ostrich Farming
in East Kootenay
A Recent Arrival from Germany to make the
The directors of the Agricultural
association met the represent at ive
of the Park association, A. C. Mow
ucss, yesterday morning, in pursuance of the above resolution, when
details of the proposed purchase were
discussed, It was decided to raise
the sum of $1000 by the sale of
rmil units, of the vnluo of (1U each,
|im o[ said    units being Immediately
plolion <d purchase and the repayment of the units st Id it is proposed
to appowint a board of trustees to
represent the Interests of those in
vesting. The proposed trustees are
Messrs. M. A. Macdonald, Jos
Campbell and W. II. Wilson.
It is also proposed to conducl o
live membership campaign throughout
the city and district.
school building, which is to be a
very large, handsome building, upwards of 130)000 are to he expended
upon outbuildings, including workshop, blacksmith shop and bakery.
The Nelson Council of the KnigUts
of Columbus will be inaugurated on
Sunday, 28th May. and will be the
occasion Ol a memorable gathering ol
this rapidly increasing order. Joseph
Ryan, the District Deputy, of the
Knights, deserves the credit tor the
formation of this new council, which
will Start with a membership of
about one hundred.
The inaugural ceremonies will takr
place in Ute F-aglcs' hall, Nelson,
and the three degrees will he eiem-
plUJed bv the Spokane council degree team, assisted bv Joseph Ryan
as (irand Knight and W. E Cline as
Financial Secretary In the evening
a banquet will be extended to all the
tatting members and the ladies ac-
ompanvtng them
From «>ne hundred and lifty to two
hundred members will make Nelson
their rallying point on 27th May, and
all those intending to make the trip
should be careful to provide themselves with what are called,"Standard    Certificates"   from   the ticket
agents of the place where they SCCUre
theii transportation, By st doing
they will be enabled to make the
lourney for a single fare, probably,
and certainly for a fare and a
third, as arrangements have been pei-
fnieil with the CPU. to have the
benefit     of what is   called the "eon-
mtton rate" extend to those   going
• Nelson on this occasion,
Final figures of the trade ol Canada during the past liscal year show
an Increase ol 181,059,800 In the
total volume of imports and exports,
as compared with the preceding year
The aggregate (or the year was
1780,084,880, or nearly double the
trade of ten years ago, and over
three times the trade ol fllteen years
ago, when the present government assumed power.
Imports for the year totalled JI fit.■
888,0841 an increase of |B0,111,364,
Ksports of both domestic and foreign
products totalled 1887,108,885. Exports of domestic products totalled
$874,816,883, a decrease <f 14,884,
884, owing largely to the demands
of the home market keeping pae
with the increasing production, and
also to the falling oft in the quantity
i f western grain for export last fall
Exports of foreign products totalled $98,870,818, an increase ot about
$2,51*1,000. The exports ol coin and
bullion lust year totalled $7,186,155,
as compared with $8,894,688 lor
•J* tj. •£• «j* •$• »|» •{• »|« •$• .J. A .!. .J.
«fr   "As between  Canada, eM the
+ United States the trade and the
•{* mutual benefit   from    the trade
•fr agreement   will increase.    It is
•I* amusing,   and    I    am not sure
•h that it has not some   elements
4* <d consolation in it, to find thai
A all the    buncombe  and   all the
+ exaggerated   talk and misrepre-
•{• sentation in politics and all Hie
4* political ghosts arc not confined
•r> to our   own   country, and that
•I* there has entered   Into the dls-
«j» cushion in Canada, as  a reason
+ for   defeating   the   adoption of
•h this   contract   by the Canadian
j 4* parliament, a fear   that we do-
|*f* sire    to   annex    the Dominion;
. <fr and the'dream* <»f    Americans
i •$■ with irresponsible imaginations,
| 4* who like to talk    of the starry
14* dag floating    from   Panama to
4* the Pole, are    exhibited by the
4* opponents     or    the     Canadian
4* treaty in Canada as the dcclar.
4« ation of a real    policy by this
4* country, and    as an   announce-
4* ment of    our   put pose to push
4« control over buj neighbor of the
4» north.
4* "I am not an anil Impcrlat-
4* ist, but I have had considerable
4» experience in the countries over
•fr which we have assumed tem-
4» porary control. I do not know
4* when that control will end, hut
4* I do know    that, in  respect to
4« those Countries, WO have taken
4* over heavy duties and ohliga-
•f lions, the weight ol which
4* ought to destroy any tempta-
4» tion to further the acquisition
•j. of territory. The talk of an-
4» nexation is bosh. Everyone
4> knowing anything about it icnl-
4. Ires that it is bosh Canada Is
4» a great, strong youth, anxious
4« to test his muscles, rejoicing in
4. the race he is ready lo run.
4* The United Stales has all it
4» eon attend to with the territory
4» it is now governing, anil to
4* make the possibility of the on-
4* nexation of Canada to the Init-
4» ed States a basis [or objection
4. to any steps toward their
4» greater economic and commer-
4» cial union should be ' reoted as
•f one ol the jokes ol the plat-
4> form, and Should not enter into
4« the consideration ol serious men
4« engaged in solving .1 scrlotis
•)• problem."—President Tnft.
Married, at St. Eugene Mission, by
the Rev. Father John, (KM.I., May
2nd, 1011, Mr. David Emery, of l|ic
Knotcjiay Telephone company ibis
city, to Miss Annie Huber, fourth
daughter of Carl Huber, of Weiner,
The bride was attended by Miss
Annie Cliurest and the groom was
supported by Mr. Ititaiicourt. After
the ceremony the young couple drove
to the residence of Mrs. Sarah I.
Oalbralth, Fort Steele, where a wedding breakfast was partaken of,
They left in the afternoon for Fer-
nie, where the honeymoon will be
spent with friends, and on their return they will take up their residence at "The Cottage," Watt
avenue, Craubrook.
Both the young people are extremely popular and have many friends in
the district, who wish them many
years of happiness and prosperity
4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. A A .J. A A A A A
Editor The Herald:
Sir: Permit me to ask for space in
your esteemed paper for the following
With the increasing number of automobiles in this district the need of
an automobile club is felt. Cran
brook as the commercial as well OS
tourist center of this valley should
take the leading part in the adver
Using of the valley's advantages ami
commercial possibilities, and there is
no better way of drawing outsiders
attention to this than by encourag
ing auto excursions from other plac
CS tO here From a social point of
view an auto club would be a great
success, correspondence    with  otbei
lubs would lead to arranging ex
cuisions between the dubs, ami In
many other ways would an auto club
in Cranbrook he Invaluable, not only
to its members, but to visiting auto
mobllfsts and the country al large
and, last but not least, would the
club he iti a position to advocate
good roads Several business men in
Calgary plan an excursion per auto
mobile to Craubrook and Wasa this
summer and in all probability will
the tourist trnflic be lurge. With
this in view allow me to suggest
that Cranbrook automobile owners
get together and form "the Cranbrook Auto Club," which will be
welcomed and supported by all auto
enthusiasts throughout the valley.
Yours truly,
C. W. Johnson
Wasa, B.C , April 30, 1911,
It. E. Blrtch has purchased Pat
Quirk's ranch, of 100 acres, three
miles BOUth of Port Steele. Quirk,
who lor several months past has been
on the siik list, is now rapidly re.
covering and, despite his advanced
age, is wonderfully spiy-
Miss Elisabeth Woodbrldgn Thompson last week m Saratoga Springs
celebrated the lOOth anniversary of
her birth. She was born in New-
London, Conn., April |0, IH11, and
is a direct descendant ol William M.
Brewster, the "ruling elder and
spiritual guide" ol the Pilgrim lath-
Miss Thompson rewind all of her
faculties awl is in tbc best ot health
The Queen of the Moulin Rouge,
as presented at the Auditorium last
week, proved quite harmless. Owing
to the     smallness of the stage,      11n-
special scenery could not be Utilized,
which undoubtedly minimized the effect of the presentation as a whole.
It was a blight, tuneful production j
the costumes were pretty and Robl
Lett proved a capital comedian, otherwise none of the prliulpalH made
any derided bit.
For the past two weeks a Mr
Otto 'Becker, of Hamburg, Germany,
has been in this district sizing up the
situation and the possibility ol securing a suitable -site for an ostrich
farm. He has been successful, ha\
ing purchased a block of land near
Wardner through the C P R it t
land department.
Ostrich farming in Kast Kootenay
strikes one, at Inst blush, as being
almost as impracticable as banana
raising, but in this case we nave
the knowledge and experience ol a
man who has engaged In the ostrich
farming business in Africa ami, presumably, knows what he is about
So far, the Herald has not had any
opportunity of discussing the mattei
with Mr. Becker personally, its 111
formation of his intentions having
been secured from the official ((   the
C.P.B lai il department through
the ranch at
Wardni 1 Whethi 1 01 not the climate of East IS nay will be suitable for ostricn cultivation doubtless
remains lo In proved The first ei-
j perimental importation of ostriches
into California was made In 1882
and has pri ved successful At the
present lime abo I 15011 ol these
birds an to be found on ranches in
California, Ari ona, Texas and Florida.
When the At n stock bos     be
come ll I)     acclimated the In
dustry is expected to yield rich returns, as sow 1 ( the South Vtrican
(arms are reputed to paj 10 per cent
ni • pi • on thi lnv< stment Experiments in ostrd! .ni' now
M< v Central and
South   Vn ■ ■   .1
TO   BE    RE SUBMITTED       For.
The regular monthly meeting ol the
city council took place last Monday
afternoon, when the following were In
ittcndance: Mayor Hunt and Aldermen Johnson, Taylor. Campbell and
W W, Scott was accorded permission to put up street sluns, which he
had had prepared in connection with
a city directory lie is getting up,
subject to the approval ol proper*-,
owners concerned.
A numerously signed petition, requesting the rtrsubmtssion of the
sewerage bylaw was presented, an.1,
it having the requisite number • \
signatures, on motion of Aldermen
Johnson ami Bowness the city solicitor was Instructed to prepare the
necessary inlaw.
\* the last     rogulai meeting      of
; Kamloops lodge,    I.O.O.P.,   Bro. P.
E   Simp-':, was presented with      a
pa ■ ■ 1 -!< i -   jewel ; v Grand
rer C 1 Chapman, who had
been deputized to make the presenta-
j Uon by G I Mastei E I. Webber
who. being sick, was unable lo attend. Bro Simpson responded in a
lew nppn remarks after which*
At the la-: regular meeting of
Selkirk Pro • v 1 j officers f. 1 the
> na til - ly  installed   by
Installing Officer Eminent Sh Knight
\rmstrong, as Isted by Eminent Sir
■ Grace, as follows:
Eminem Sir Knight D J. Mc-
Ss 1 ■ a— P ■ sidb ■ pi ' ■ ptoi
Sli  Knight a—Marshall.
Sir Knight Wilson—Sub-Marshall.
Sir Knight Belt—Treasurer.
Sir Knight Deone—Registrai
Tin* following  amounts \vi r
- ni.lrr
til paid:
Scnool hoaril orders 	
1007 IS
City officials salarii-s      .    .
103 1 0
City engineer'! payroll
Cranbrook police salaries
Cranbrook lire department .
235 00
City clerk (sundries)   	
15 22
W. A. Rollins   (keep ol pris
'i JS
The   Prospector    Publishing
to 00
The Herald Publishing Co    .
'1 00
O. A. Marlin	
ITI 00
P. .1. V. Pcrrv 	
T. N. I'arrrtt	
3 ..0
Cranbrook Dally Entertainer.
2a "
.1. and .1. Taylor 	
Vancouver Rubber Co	
C 21
The     Kootenay     Telephone
Lines, Ltd	
]] ".
Cranbrook Blectric Light Co.
120 Ti
Cranbrook Dally Entertainer.
2 11)
II. White 	
II. P. Wand 	
P. Ile/all 	
Patmore Hros	
T   N. l'arrett 	
'! 15
City    Transfer   Co.   (W   i:
m "1
Qualn Electrical   Supply Co.
Crane and Ordaj Co	
Inf. 10
F  .1  K  Perry	
:i". Bfl
Fire Chief Wand's resignation   was
read and the mayor reported his   a<
tion thereon,  Intimating that he had
Instructed Drlvei J  w  Foster to tv •
as chief |>ni tem
on motion of Aldermen Campbell
and Bowness the mayor's action was
rhief ('. A. Dow was appointed
sanitary Inspectoi at a salary of til
pel month
Bylaw No fit;, debenture bylaw- No
8, otherwise the sewerage bylaw,
was passed through its several readings and' committee and on motion
it was decided to take the vote ol
the ratepayers thereon on Monday,
May 22nd.
in accordance with the odet made
by the Herald at the time ol the de
feat of this bylaw in February, II
will be advertised in these columns
fiee of charge and the city clerk will
act as returning officer without fee.
Bylaws Nos, 08, 04 and *i". were Unity passed and adopted
Council then adjourned.
C. U Ward left for Winnipeg last
Saturday night on a business trip
He will be away several weeks,
Itev. 0, o Main is in attendance
at the Presbyterian Synod, now in
session at St Andrew's church, Van.
■ ■; the Cranbrook ifetbodisl church took place on
V- .. ..   May  1st   The Sun-
ttaj '      :;  shewed an average
attendance of ninety-one out of
one hundred and twenty-eight enrolled, The cradle Roll department,'
; M: (; w Patmore is the
superintendent, reported fifty - nine
, superintend-'
ent "f the school—Di E W. Connolly—woi thanked lor his faithful ser-
■. ■ ■
The ele< tiot ilted   In
the following appointments:
Mi     '    .-... — - iperintendenl
Mr  i;    w   pati lore—Assistant Su-
; • rintendeni
Muu Ma>' Chapman—Secretary.
Hiss Prest—Treasurer.
Mi   W   c   tdlard-Ubrarlsn
Were all re appointed i tor 'V.i labors    ol
The quartet Dffii lab Board meeting of the ebon h immediately followed,     when reports    for the yeat
were read ir.' Dr Connolly These
showed ail liabilities met,'with a
small balance In Hie bank on the
right    1
Reporfc Iron   tbi   Ladh     ttd, Sunday   sdyl    and    Kpworth League
■! m tmertcal
report   I Nfl psstoi showed      a
membershrp 11 one bund red end twen-
i\ ils, vhh I onsiderfni a loss by
removal at ■ other 1 auat ol I sn sty
brfng the
numbei to wiUiln sir ol that returned last year The majority of the
remorali ho been 1 1i"' roasl The
mli ionai■■ -.■ Ing amounts■! t«>
1246.00, being hfty-slx dollan .less
than the report ol last yest The
total monies rail ed by the church
during the twelve monthi amounts to
13406 00
A resolution was moved by 0 \V.
Patmore, and seconded by Mrs
"That the members of this board
place on record their appreciation of
the faithful services rendered by
Dr. K W Connolly to the School,
Kpworth League and all branches of
our church work, and assure him of
their prayers and good wishes, They
trust thai Ood will continue lo bo
with him, and bless his efforts in his
.uture sphere of labor." Carried unanimously
The doctor briefly replied to this
resolution,     and   was     heartily ap-
pinnded    bv    the   members of the
hoard,  who all   rcgTCl   his depaituie
Alderman    Jackson    is   aw'uv at
•mi»u • villi1 .1 ihorl racatlon. THJfi   CUANKKOOK   HJBRAJLD
i:t ii.u \;
blilude ■
St. .lames' Diocesan In
hi'l llatcmaii, who a:
Mary has worked thei
as a Sister of Charity
a pathetic appeal on hi
institution, which ilepei
subscriptions   to etinbl
in form vvhal It is propo
the "Pootllghl  Fund."
Nearly forty yens ngo
Itatemaii was Henry Irvi
lady, ami there ate m.ii
goers   who   will recall w
her  Ophelia,   hei    Desileino
.lullct      Hit lettei i- .nil
"Ilotb    Sides     of    all
i cell in ihi'
ip, Miss Isa-
Sisti-i Isabel
for 13 years
las seal mil
iilf of that
j entirely on
it io   carry
s for C5,l	
ised to   call
Miss Isabel
lug's leading
in old play
a,  ami   111
rcsscd    t
P light:
rywhere,"   and appeured in
London Daily Telegraph     it i
•-Dear Worldlings VII; I
(.5,000 Will you give it me'
ten! rohlghl I saw a little n
lights flickering nl intervals on
wall ol my convent cell, only
streel lamp Ruining neross my
and 1. a nun, looking absently
them, thought, 'They are jusl I
row ui footlfghls ' Fool!
What a world of memories
dancing into my mind in the \\,
that one word! And 1, weary
begging oi those who may be
what weary ol ghing, lurn to
deai Worldlings, and nsk your
"Twenty -eight yeni), elghti
London and ten 'on toui.' spi
happy, blameless camnradei lc
the footlights, makes  me qui I
Ike   ;
lie ti
beat tin
this of
ng of tin
e. Nevet
respon .- lo ■
mine, bii I a
■ those whose
van! of bettei
foi want of
"And you—yi
of the hxitlighl!
tic players play
will help us
from you nlghl
ter year, ror Cli
to cvei :,iiou parting ii
.'or 'Ophelia's' broken In
Temple's'   lost   child,   ol
will In
,    Who
. I am
ailes  1
111.'   oil
Live   I.
lis      that
,-oii  refusi
111   ti.  help
have slip
'I   side
I.   loo,
; tears
ur hen
.orld s
ud     fur   tonigh
I     Willi
Ight, year   al
on his    way
i     his   wife
I oi 'Nelly
n any ol my
1 believe   you
s when 1 sr>i-.il
low I am ask
"     Impossible!
I'lhe, foi
have the
uha to'—
ing ^^^^^^^^^
Olvc mi- but one shilling r
the tears we have shed lo|
'Hecuba,' and I should
GS.OOO, and 'What' Hi
"There is no mote acting foi me
You may remember, ileal World, how
for many hundred nights a very
great man m tin1 neighborhood ol
Wellington siicci .ohr-i-il me to 'i;ei
me to a nunnery,1 and well, I have
got there—and, happy in that cli dee,
have nothing to ask for myself, yet
am  I  begging I am    bold to beg,
for the cause I plead is of no mere
private interest, it means all to yoi
thai it does lo me. M erfi • to all tin
"Wo are seeking help lo endow c
house, now dependent on day to day
begging, where for fifty tears n
large tiumbei of.glrlfl ol all classes,
whose feet ha\e slipped, have been
helped lo stand upright and to stay
upright Think gen I y of them, deal
World; perhaps they had no light to
guide their young feet, perhaps no
home, perhaps no mother, perhaps—
oh' a thousand causes Hill if you
and I don't help them, lift them
up, fen I, clothe, train, console, be
Ileve in them, mothei lliem, love
them—their chance is poor indeed
They hove fallen in the battle ol life,
and we are cair)Inn some ol them
to shelter, safely, and tending. tt't
can't di  it alone     land us a baud
"What a wonderful thing Is that
primal Instinct in every human heart
to seek for what we have lost. How
the value of everything Is enhanced
in loss. Nothing we siill possess
can replace it—how we seek and fume
for the lost address, letter, key;
there is no such trlnklel, no such
deai little dog, no such friend, and.
ohl Lord God, no such child—as the
one we have lost Mothers and
fathers haunted by the thought of ia
dear living child gone—where? fh<>
knows—just for wanl rl a Vnlimine llghl foi hei oil -will i"i<-i
stand me, and 1 hope will I, [p Us
who are trying so hard to lift up
some other mot hei'. i hi Id In me
mory ol the living lost, help us.
"What home, what family, la quit*
untouched by the Inn:, dark shadow
of tins great I rouble? \re not
some vexed with the ghi st of that
black day ol long ago when they
stumbled, alas' not alone Lay that
ghost and ease thi pain ol memory
by helping tins cause of ours, If a
woman unworthy tin- name has snai
ed or Injured you, help us to keep
others from becoming stub women.
If no shade of this big lowering
cloud darkens your sunny We, give
us your thank-offering for the blessing
of immunity.
"Help us if you are rub, help us if
you are poor Send us £50 or send
lis a shilling, but, dear Worldlings,
nil send something to our hankers
fCoutts and Co , Ho Strand, W c |
for our 'Pootllghl Fund', don't
•cheek the float' (I r. ordei given to
lower the footlights), bill rothi i lend
cheques grent or small floating In
that we may turn 'all lights up
full' to show the right path m the
stumbling . r the way hack to ih<-
strayed Girls' Voices all over
England and overseas in colonies and
illfy Mint Ibis is not
hut has been done in
of cases, and is being re
iluy by day here, where our
utioliold of sixty Is always at its
;yd mil in,     Voii can have any mim-
»ro< f.s If'you desire them.
"Help us, Worldlings all, and you
specially, my foutlight folk of old,
endow this house to stand as witness
that prejudices, divisions, differences
melt like wax before this great fiery
trouble, and the hope of lessening It
makes all the world akin.
"it was J panic Deans—what n seeker Of  the  loSt     she  Wttffll—Who       I
when pleading for her sister's life:
•When the hour of death conies, it
[sua what we have done for ourselves,
but what we have done for others
that we think on maisl pleasantly.
lb w true of all death-beds hum that
of our dear King, who died asking
had he done his duty, lo the poorest
among us who may find comfort in
that dread hour in the remembrance
of just such deeds of mercy as 1
have begged of you tonight.
"Ah, my little row of lights on the
wall has vanished. If the lights ore
out, the play is done. 1 lie sleepless sometimes, thinking of the sorrows of others' lives, hut tonight I
shall sleep, I feel so sure you will
help us find keep you, dear World
hugs all.     (iood night."
Tlie foregoing is reproduced in these
columns on the oil chance of Its
meeting the eyes of some old country men, who retain kindly memories
of Miss Isabel llateman, in the days
when she was one of tile queens of
(he footlights, and may he Induced
to assist in her eharactcrislica
kindly work.
U   eS
II   i»M   1)0.Ill
15  38.80  Sii.nl
II   :ik:ii   87.01
II  3.1.01  77.ia
I'ivisiini I —
Miss Alwnrd
Division II —
Miss Dick
Division Ill-
Miss Clinic :j
Division IV —
Miss   ii   Ahranl i
Division V —
Miss      Ilfllloy      .... T>
Division VI-
Miss    Kaslf.ii ..
Division VII-
Miss   Hamilton
Division VIII-
Miss I'ulon   l;7
Division IX., II.s-
L    .1.   Cranston . 11
:i!i; VMi.m ;n.!i;
Division I —(Miss Alwnrd)—having
tlin highest percentage ol attendance,
is awarded the Nelson Shield lor the
coming month.
Division I.
Wanda Kink, Hazel Taylor, Alfred
Mcllitchlc, Ernesl Jones, Borl Mur-
gatroyd, Edith Caslalcc, Vera Crls
In. Wilfred Dallas, Charlie Morrison
Shingles Crack and Split
When you think of the good old shingled roofs
that seemed never to wear out, don't forget that the
shingles of today are not the shingles of twenty-five
years ago. Modern kiln-drying methods destroy the
wood fibre, causing tin? shingles to crack and split,
Paroid Roofing
is made to last. Back of NeponbeT Paroid Roofing
is over a century's experience in one line of manufacture,   livery roll is guaranteed.
There are different neponset Roofings for different types of buildings,
Let us know whether you are luiililin^ or repairing a residence, barn or poultry
house, and we will give you full particular! about the NEPHN8ET Roofing that
is giving satisfactory service on a building near you of just that type.
Neponset Doalera Qferrwhorc, If yon do nol know Ihc eno in your locality.wrlto us.
Write for Book of Plans of Farm and Poultry Buildings
NcpoMtt Roofitlgi an uuide in Camilla
P. W. BIRD & SON, Makers.    57J Lotterldnc Si., Hamilton, Out.
tiUlInhrJ tNS.     0.itinall<f( QmfttU hnlt JiVjt-iri <■»■/ tfabi.-r- / fofAAaj Itym
Wlnitljisr-      M,.iitr>-il      St. John. H. B.       VnfiMUVtT. 11. C.
East Walpol*. Man.       Haw York       Washington       Ctilcaco       PurtLiU, Ore.        tiu. rmnciico
I. Francis Downcs, of Flagstone,
in i be province of British Columbia,
give notice lluil on the 2»lh duy of
May, 1011, at eleven o'elock In the
forenoon, 1 intend to apply to the
Wulei- Commissioner at his Office in
Craubrook, for a license to take and
use one cubic foot ol water per
second from Edv/ardfl Lake in the
Craubrook Water District. The water
is In tie Liken from Edwards Luke
nl the head of the ditch authorized
by Water Ftocord 22!>, and is to be
used on west half of the mirth went-
quarter of the southeast quarter of
Lot 855, containing 8ft acres for irrigation purposes,
Harvey, McCartcr and Macdonald,
1041     Solicitors for Ihc Applicant,
hert. Moser, Helen Leclorc, Dorotbj
Lea.sk, Gladys Shackletcn, Pearl
Pratt, Hope Taylor, Tllclmo Sllnson,
Flossie Robinson, Thomas Reekie,
Verna Webb, Elsie Welch, George'
Welch, Gordon Woodman, Harry
HOWEL   disorders   quickly  cured by
At nil dealers,   25 cents per box, or
The Fig Pill Co , st. Thomas, Ont.
Sold and recommended by The
[Cranbrook Drug and Uoott Co., Ltd.,
tawa, to whom
postage.     Lite
cd al   Hie post
..II letters go free nl
time may be obtain
The objeel of Hie Art Is to pro-
mole habits of thrift, and li provtdi
all persons, male or female, domlcll
ed in Canada with a safe and sine
plan of making provision fur old age
at  the lowest  possible cost.    Doposil
from lime lo time   In any money or-l «■»*•	
dor office such sums as you can The dirigible balloon still finds
spare, for which purpose the post- much favor in Germany, where greal
master will supply you with a pass private efforts are being made to
ii may, if you prefer, ro-j construct mon.ilei ships of large pas
scngcr-carrying capacity.     A project
Division II.
Murray Robertson, Josephine Ton
it/, Gordon .Valllngcr, Martha Bennett, Porclval Dardgett, Frank Romford, Nathan Barnhordt, Alice Brown
Melford Carson,   Vlnccnl Fink, West
ley    Kindley,    Willie Leainaii,    Tn iic;
Lcask, Lottie  Leask,   Dorothy Mac-
key, Edith McDonald
Division til
Vera    Brad win,    Ora*
Harriett   Moffctl, Claude
Norma Moser,    Sydney
i.'.iiiiMoni Parks!  bora Py .
Stuart, Eric    Spence, Merle
Pearl Wlnsor, Charles Elmer,
Division IV.
Melville   Dallas,       Harold
Mary Leask, Grace MoKorlani
Matrellais, Ah Minder   Mennie
Reekie,   Nettie    Robinson, Itfargarcl
st. Kloi,    Gladys    Spence, Gordon
Taylor, Rosa Tit.., Column Tonll*.
ie Bnrdgett,
, Nelli,
i Aglici
on V
Murlol Baxter, Allen Brown, Ed
ward Brown, Irene Chatlerton,
Grace Doris, Ng U'.ii Hay, Lillian
Lancaster, Walter Lao lie, Allan
Lacey, Viola Sarvls, Edward Turner,
Mabel McQoldrlc, Marie Campbell,
Irene Bernard, Bertha Leclere.
Division VI.
Donna Argue, Merle Battle, Charles
clapp, iTcnntc Hopkins, Harold Rummer, Ella Medi Idrie, Ada MeKeima,
Winona Stinson, Garfield Taylor,
lima Warp, Bessie Woodman, Charles
A Chapman, Christine Carson, Mah
Ding, Warren Spence, Dclphinc Hen-
Division VII.
Marion     Druiiniioiid,     Otto
Thi-r/a Johnson, Alfred Jolllfe,
Me Leask, Mali Quong Kin,
Roblchaud, Mnud'.<« Scott.
Division VIII,
Homer Aubortln, Merle Bennett,
i:ii/abeth Chapman, Ethel clapp,
Kathleen  Brown,  Miibie FInley, (ill
book; I      	
mil these amounts direct to the
annuities department, in any mannei
that may best suit your convenience.
(If by cheque or money order, this
should be drawn to the order of the
receiver genoral), Upon your depoa
its t per cent compound interest will
be allowed, and al the age of 55
(which is the earliest age ut which
an annuity eau begin) or al any lal
cr age desired, and of course the
longer deferred the larger will bo
iniii Income, stub annuity as the
lotal amount 1 hen at your credit will
purchase will be paid lo you in ipiar
lerly instalments BO long as you live
A definite amount of annuity may be
secured if specific sums are regularly
paid. Should you die before the
annuity is due, all payments made
will be returned to your Irgal rcprc i
sen tat Ives with 3 per cent compound
interest; Ihoiieji the same payments
will secure for you a largRr anauitj j
if you do not wish to provide for j
ibis return.
If you have an amount al v. ur
credit in the post office savings
hank, you may have this amount, or
such portion ii it ns you may desire, transferred to the annuities de
paiimeiit for, or on account of, the
purchase of mi annuity.
The minimum annuity wlllch may
be purchased is (50, and the ma\i
ilium Jfiun The earliest a^e at
which I he purchase may he begun is
5, but it may begin at any age there
after. To each purchaser a con
Intel or policy is issued, and u provident feature of the system is that
there are no penalties or forfeitures
If payments should (or urn reason
cease, tiny inai he renewed at am
lime, and if arrears are pot made up
the imly effect will he I tin 1 a smaller
annuity  will b- secured
\ person over the age id *.j may
bu\ an immediate annuity, and a
last survivor annuity, immediate oi
deferred, may be purchased by any
two persons by a single paymenl.
Ily paying a III He higher rate, all
annuities may he guaranteed for a
number of years certain.
About 1,800 persons liAVo availed
themselves of the Act, and over
$800,000 have been paid Into the
fund. Every class of the community
may he said to he purchasing,
Twelve lecturers ot agents are employed to present the features of the
system to the public from the platform and otherwise; and an offlCO
staff of eighteen is already necessary
lo handle the work. You hear no
share of this cost, hut every cent
you pay in Is placed at your credit
for the purchase ol your annuity.
If you desire any f-irtbei information on the subject this will be supplied you by the superintendent id
Canadian government .innuitie-.,   ot
j is now on foot     to form a company,
with :\ capital of (wo million poinds,
\ lo construct an airship eight    times
larger than   Count   Zeppelin's latest
| ship.
|   This monstei airship will he of the
rigid type, divided into thirty-eight
!airtight compartments, 775 ft. 1< ng,
1130 ft. broad, and the vessel will be
propelled by thirty motors each    ol
J ItMl horse power.
I A crew ol six officers and. ninety-
[four men will he carried, eighty foui
I of the men will attend lo the niu-
! tors. It is also intended to provide
accommodation for two hundred pas-
i scngers who wilt have cabins with
sofas and a dining saloon and promenade fleck,
Every person on board will have a
parachute to be used In ease of disaster to the    airship.       A motoi    In at
will also he carried.
News will reach Ihc vessel by wireless telegraphy, and will be circulated among the passengers hi means ol
a news sheet printed on board,
Two of (lies, luxurious airships are
to be used in carrying passengi rs to
and from London and New York.
The (are will he £40, and the Journey will occupy three da) I
other vessels ol Gils aerial lleel
will make tout • n and Europe
Needless   in    say       Iliele  is p   ,|i,i:p
division "f opinion ;,s to the probab-l
Hit) of achieving any or all id these!
[uoiei ts      Man) peoph  regard    Mi
whole    Idea    ... a Joke, while otbei
are all foi taking it up serlou |j
1, Iteglnnld S. Phillips, of Flagstone, in the Province of British Columbia, give notice that on the 2tHh
da) of May, DM I, at eleven o'clock
in 1 lit* forenoon, I intend to apply to
the Water Commissioner at his Office
in Craubrook, for « license to lake
and use three cubic feet ot water per
second from three springs rising on
sub division one, of Lot .'{tin in the
Cranbrook Water District. The water
is to he taken from the said three
springs and is to be used on sub-division one of Lot 367, containing Hill
acres, for irrigation purposes.
Harvey, McCartcr and Maeih nald
10-51     Solicitors for the Applicant
Dr.de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator I never tails. These
pills lire exceedingly mmerhil In reBulittlng the
generative oortlon of the fetlliUB system. Kefim*
nil cheap Unit all mm. Or, da Van'st ure sohl ut
Ilia box. or three tar #10. Mailed lo anv ii'HreM.
Tb» luobell Drug Co., St. OUlisrJiie* "ut
For sale at Ilontic, Murphy &  Co.,
0|>|>OHitti O.l'.K.  Slllliim
Iieiiili|iiurti'rs [or nil kinds of
Sutisfm'tinii Uiinniiitcnl
Tint Sinn' Specialist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
». 0. BOX 194
-     B. C
TAKE NOTICE that Wllhemina
Moss, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation
Spinster, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
Hie southeast corner of Lot 9801
Group One, thence south 20 chains
more or less, to the north boundary
of Lot t.x.'Jl; thence westerly along
said boundary seventeen (17) chains,
more or less, to the west boundary
of Lot 8111, thence northerly along
said west boundary a distance of
twenty (20) chains, thence east seventeen (17) chains, more or less, t
the point, of commencement, contain-
Ing thirty-five {*•>) acres, more     or
Wilhemina Moss, Locator.
Per .J. Walsh, Agent.
Dated April 8th, 1911. 8-ftt
Tmoc Marks
^^_^^__ Ce-PYHiGHrs Ac
Anrwi muting a *kftrh m><i daMriptton ma*
qnJi .If iu..fr.. .11 i.-ir <<i u lo* witHlier «u
eiY.-nii.ui « i.n.tinHr tiiiviiltMe. CiiniBiuiit^n-
;!.■!.»Hiik'lj■ ■.t.;!.'..i1iial. rUNDNMonl'ai<-t.u
MM Ut*. OWMI HtClt-r fur (retiring ij	
I'notuU laUn turuUKlt >luuu * t
d■■ t'\ttotkt, wiilinutcnsiv*,MtM
Scientific JUneriCiitt
A hwtitanrtlr lllnstrtl^ wrcklf, lar^-W rtr-
:iiiti:«|i i'l nnf mifhiin.- luuonl. Inm» fur
ruu'U. fta l jva, (Msumt wi«U. (■"id lj
m[ iiewMlrakra.
Itruicti unuu. ex V HU WMhingioo, U C.
i:\'i-'i:\ i.i itli: hit helps
"Ii ilnie any one pnwnl who
wishes the prayers of the congregation for a relative or friend?" asks
i lie minister
"I do," says the angular lady who
arises from Ihc tear pow, "I uranl
the congregation to pray for my
husband "
"Why, sisi.i Abigail," replied the
minister, "you have  no husband   as
vet  '*
"Ye, but I want you all lo pitch in sevenly-lhrer
an' prtt)   for one for me!"— Life
TAKE NOT10E that 1, Harry S.
l.amble, ut Kuiibi-ilcj, ti. C. 0COU-
pfttiOOi Miuu i- oicuian, iiitcud to up
ply iur permission to putcha.se the
iulloiiiug described lands:
beginning ui u  post planted     on
uoi lb buuuduiy ol Lot 2ul3, uud    ou
.est boundary ot Timber LicenM.* No.
1M2, thence north thirty-hve cnaius
ud forty-six liuks  t35.tii) to southern   boundary   vi Lot   40110;   thence.
westerly Ave chains and twenty links
(5JB0J along southern boundary     ol
Lot |0M;   thence  south-westerly fifteen chains und fifty links (15.5U) following (be   eastern boundary ol   the
Empire  Mineral elann; thence north-
westerly nineteen chains and fifty-live
links, following southern boundary of
Empire    .Mineral claim to the N. K.
cornet of  Lot 8012; thence following
east    i iiit.ii >   ol Lot ;iol2 twenty-
two    chains ami   seventy-three links,
(33.73)    to the  S. E. corner of Lot j
8042; thence westerly, following sou
I hem   boundary   of    Lot  .'tlTlS (our
Chains   nnd ten     links (1.10); thence
easterly! following northern boundary
of Lot 8082 eight ehulns (K.OO)      to
west   boundary   ol    Comet   Mineral
claim;     theme    northerly   following
west   to.iiiL.iiity   of    Comet   Mineral
claim nine    chains  (0.00) to N. W.
corner of same; i hence easterly   foi
lowing the north boundary of Comet
Mineral claim twenty-two chains and
links (22.73) to      the
N. E. corner of   same; thence southerly following east boundary of Com-
t Mineral    claim twenty-two chains
II yuo want satisfaction witl.
your washing  send
it to
Special prices for family work.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   "
every room
Barber Hhop on i be premises.
Thoroughly up-io-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WKLLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, .Manager
(CrminllKU    ANM'AI.I.V)
Unable* traders throughout the, world
to communicate direct with English
in each claps of goods. Besides being
a complete commercial guide to London ami it- tHthiirhs, tint directory
continue liets or
wiib the Goods theyshlpi and  the
Colonial ami   Foreign Markets they
arranged under the Poitf to which they
-fait, ami Indicating the approximate
of leading Manufacturers! Merchants,
etc., in the principal provincial towns
and industrial centres of the United
A copy of thp current edition will be
forwatded, freight paid, on receipt ol
Postal Order lor 20s.
Dealers seeking \ii"iieie- ean advertise their trade cards for 20s., or Isrgre
advertisements from 60s,
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
21 Aschsrcl. Use. Londun. B.C.
♦ nnd seventy-three links to the R. R
fint'i  my   premises,  ono
Buokskln Pony* 4 white feel
up  to   knees,   white  (nee.
•£ brondeti n on left shoulder, x
Owner tney have anuie on *
payment of oxponsi s Inonrrt ii j
♦ to date, pony in plftimod,       $
August Olson,       f
± Wiir.lnt-r. h.C. ♦
; 8h|
irnrr of samp; llipnrp pAslrrly following nnrllirm boundary of Ihr
Mlspall Mlnrral claim flrti chains
(S.nO) lo west boundary ot t.ot 3013;
thc-ncv nortliorlv followlnn wpst
lioundnrv or Lot 2013 twelve chains
(12 00) lo the M. W. corner of same;
ibcncc caslcrlv following nnrthern
linnndarv of t.ot 2013 twelve chains
and flvp links (13.or.) to place of
lionlnnlnn, contnlnlnit cluhty-threc
acrrs (ID 00) more or less.
Marry S. (female,
Any available Dominion Land,
within the Itailway licit in British
Columbia, may be bomesteaded by
any person who is the sole bead ot a
family, or any male over 18 years ol
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section ot ICO acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office (or the district
in which the land is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, tie made on
certain conditions by the lather,
mother, sou, daughter, brother Ol
sister ol an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required t.i per,
(or, the conditions connected there
with under une of the following
(I). At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation ot the land it,
each year for three years.
(3). It the lather (or mother, II
the father Is deceased), ut the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity ol the land entered lor,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If the settler bus his pcrman
cut residence upuii tunning land owned by him In the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may bo satislicd by residence upon the said land.
•Six months' notice In writing
should he given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
Intention to apply tor patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may he
leased tor a   period    ot twenty-one
years at an annual rental ol tl   pel
acre.     Not more   than 3,570   acres
shall be leased to ono individual    or
company.    A royalty   at the rate ol
live cents per ton shall be collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister  of   the   Interior. ia-i6t
Dated March 15th, 1011. 4-lt <
w. p. ouro,
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan ou favorable terms.
Every earn and comfort  .
A homo from home
Special attention in cares u(
Maternity, 'Rheumatism
ihkI Pneumonia
Terms inoilorate
MRS. E. BENT, Matron.
I'.O. ih.x I'l,,,,,,. U7ii
1'hysicinns nnd Surgeons.
Office at Resldeaee, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - ton to in no
Afternoons - - - 3.00 to   4.00
Evenings ■ ■ ■ ■ 7.80 to   8 .10
Sundays - - . - 3.30 to   4 80
.'"UMlKODft  :i i.     II     a. O,
VUTt'ftlNAKV SUftfieON
QrodunlB   of   Ontario   Veterinary
Oulleau Toronto, in lHils
lii.viim IModnlllatof McKillip's
Veterinary College  t'hlfisgo.
in lino
•Vine years experience in Veterinary
lirachice hi Manitoba
Office—nevl door lo Poll Ollice
Phone IJV     •      P.O. Box 184
Nlghl call — It. II. Short'. llMilrtic.
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office In new Reld Block
CRANBROOK -       -       -BO,
Cranbrook and Kurt Steele
2 KS* Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.  and Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
Ask for UalcvH LITHU WATEI
For family use there is nothing
so whoh ne iin.i so |uir«» a.
Hii« niovo.l Ills 0l1.ee from llskiir street
io Norliury nveniie, next ttooi1
to itjiiiiifiifH riioto Ktodlo.
H.  H.»itr. ftrnm) lllraclor
f'rmiibrrKlk  It. V.,
Prancli Downos, o[ PloRitnnv, in
Province or   Hriii-ii  L'olumbin,
giro notice Dial  mi Ihr 1'Mh tiny     (if
Miiy, tOll, nt Blovotl n'rlmk In     (Ik-
foroi ii, I Intend   to apply to   tin*
Wall-1 Coiiiiiiis.sioni'r nl Ills OITIce In
Uranbrook for n Ifcenso to inki- .mil
use two mill bno-liall cubic feci of
water per locond from FJdwantfl
Lotto in the Cranbrook Wntci His
11lit. Till! watof Is to hn Inken
from Edwards Lako nt Ur licuil of
ilir ditch authorised by Water Record 22S iiml is to ln> iim-iI rn Sllb"
division .1. t)f I.oi 958, containing ino
acres for Irrigation purposes.
Harvey, McCartcr nnd Mucdoimld
in'it      Solicitors for tin; Applicant.
AND CHEMIST.-Chorgos: Gold,
silver, copper and lead, $1 each;
gold-sllyor, SI .50; silver-lead, J1.50;
gold-silver, with .>copper or lead,
(2.50; tino, S3; silver-Icad-rtnc, j:l.
Prices for other metals on application. 1'. O. Box CO., 1108, Nel-
, U  O. 4011 THE   CKAMtltOOK    IIICKAI.Ii
♦       INTERESTING ITEMS      \,
The London Times sins ii is sin-
cprelj to In- hoped, from over) point
ol view, thai lime will dispose ol
the Illinois Uml Sic Wilfrid Usurlcr
may bo nbsettl frotn llio imperial
coiifcinicr. Tin- Canadian Amorlcuti
treaty is an outward and visible sign
of n new era in Imperial pollllea,
uml mil only as ihc principal aulhoi
of litis agreement, bill aa ihc oldest
nnd most distinguished member of
t he conference ami spokesman par
excellence for nationalism in ihc
Dominion, it is of flrsl Importance
thai Unifier should bo present al
the discussions. Then- is no real
security that, any Imperial problem,
whether of population, defence or
commerce, will he handled safely mid
satisfactorily, so long ns there is no
mutual understanding of the obligations of (be live British tuitions, one
lo another ami lo ihc empire as a
whole. What is needed is n frank
understanding by the Imperial conference of the British foreign policy as
it stands al the present moment, and
as it is likely to be affected by unforeseen events, some arrangement or
understanding should be maintained
during the period the conference is
nut in session.
Remarkable Intercsl has been
created in naval circles in England
by the announcement thai the admiralty have ordered experiments to
lie carried out by a new 15 in. gnu,
Whlcll will be as superior to the
13-5 in. gun, with which air new
Dreadnoughts are to be titled, as the
latter excels the present IJ In. Run.
It is generally admitted that this
decision of the odratraltj is the reply of Great Britain to the n in
gun lately adopted by certain foreign
powers, including Germany. The ox
perlmental trials of the new weapon
are expected to take place early in
the presence of admiralty experts.
Tin- course for the clrcuii ol
Europe has now been definitely rjocld
ed. This grcal International aerial
race will now be across four ci un
tries—France, Belgium, Holland and
England—and will pass through three
capitals—Paris, Brussels and London
Tile chief  Stopping  places        OH      the
route after the start from Paris will
be Liege, Utrecht, Brussels and London, with, of course, a return t<> the
starting point near the French capital. The competition is by far the
greatesl that lias yet been proposed
in aviation, It makes Ifgttl ol Iron
tiers, lmks up countries speakini
three languages, and Includi n b
double uiuiiu v r»vci the sen. Its
accomplishment will be the must
triumphant demonstration ol ihc
powers ol the aeroplani re! seen The
circuit of Europe la organl ed bj the
Standard and -1- Jnurnal," ol
Paiis, in collaboration with "Le
IVtM Bleu," ol Brussels, and the
Wiatfnn committee In Holland The
departure will probably take plan
from Vlneennes, new l*nrls, on June
is. the competition continuing until
ihr mil ol the month The prlw llsl
now amounts to a total ol eifi.aoti
\pprcclatii n   ol the onerou   tl
nl Klngrhlp comi a Irom s perutal ol
ihC  list.   Hist   issued,  of   the rOVO. en
gagements that stand to be fulfilled
b] ins majeatj during tbejnoaths ol
.1 and Jul)     The) begin with the
leeepn il foreign ami Oversea   re
prcscntativcfl on   5tine i". and   eon
iimte dail]   until   tin- same  dal	
tile following month, when both   the
King  I (Jueen arrive In EMlnbui ;b
\u interesting Item ol ihc fttturw
loi i lit- coronation period Ii Ihs
meeting that will take place at
Queen's ball on .June -1't <•( public
school men from all parts ol the
British Ides The nbjeel ol the
meetlng-Htdmlnlon t>i which will '»■
bj invitation only—la t<> make *>
si al   appeal   ..■   thow  who have
been  bmUghl   up  ill   the tradlt I    > I
mil  public schools and ulilvei sides to
reeognlito their share ol rcsponslbll
It) for the social, moral, and rellg
ions welfare ol their fellow-country
men It is felt that the appeal will
receive special force from the fact
thai it will lie made at n lime when
n new chapter In the country's history is being opened by the coronation of the King. The chair will he
taken at the meeting by the lord
chancellor, and the speakers will bo
the archbishop id Vort and the Bishop ot i.nnd. n.
Interest in the Scottish National
exhibition which is to he held in
Glasgow from May In October, bus
been greatly stimulated by the pre
mi.se of Ihc King to semi n loan exhibition,
His majesty lias promised lo lend a
small portrait of Lord DarniYy with
brother, portrait of the sixth Karl ol
Angus, mid portrait of King James
V., ii flintlock pistnl of silver, two
carved dirks, targo with pierced
bosses, and three swords with buskel
bills of silver. Tbo.pl .trails are of
special interest. The portrait ol
James V. is one of the few existing
repiesi-nlalions of his majesty's mi
ceslora, the Stuart Kings ol Scotland, wllllu that of Lord Daruley is
closely connected with the trnglo
story of Mary Queen of Scots.
The decision reluctantly given by
the Queen Dowager of Spain that alio
finds herself unable to lend the enucl-
flx in her possession said to have
been worn by her lineal ancestor,
Man Queen of Scots, on the day of
her execution, has been a disappoint-
men I. Her lord chamberlain, however, is endeavoring to procure a
copy of the booh giving (he history
of the crucifix ami containing an engraving of it.
An interesting display in connection
willi the opening ceremony will be
given mi the River Kelvin of the successive types of ships used in Scottish waters from the earliest times
to the present day. Some twenty-
three vessels, represented by models
worked by operators inside or underneath the floating model, will sail in
possession down the Kelvin on the
opening day of the exhibition, the
types varying from the "dug out"
canoe of the early Britons to the
liners and battleships of today.
The exhibition will he held ut Kel-
vlngrovc Park, Glasgow, and will be
opened on May "th hy the Duke of
Ponnaught, who will be accompanied
by the Duchess of ConnaURht and
Princess Victoria Patricia.
The London, Eng., issue or the War
Cry, of April l.'.th, just to band, is
largely devoted to reminiscences of
the great chieftain, General William
Booth, whose 82nd birthday was
celebrated on April lOth,
A special feature of this noteworthy event was the big birthday
parly lu-ld in ilie Congress Hall, at
which the general was present and
delivered as inspiring address. Upon
ibis occasion tin' Following message
from Her Majesty the Queen was
read amid thunders of applause:
Buckingham Palace.
April 9, 1911.
Deai Genera] Booth:-
Thc Queen has commanded me ta
write and convc) t<> yoo her sincere
congratulations and best wishes on
the celebration ol your birthday in
this ycai ol their Majesties' Coronation
bed in wiucii i awail lite closing
moments of my earthly existence. I
feel as though I see you mid the
whole Army ol Salvationists voicing
your resolution lo be tnuo to the
convictions I Iravo lodged within
your hearts.
"M) comrades, I bless yi u with
all the blessings ol which mi soul is
capable, and I call down upon you,
mul upon your wives, husbands, children, mid children's children the blessing of my Heavenly Father'
"This is, as wo all know, my
eighty second birthday, That is a
long Innings! And surely during all
that time I shall have learnt something worth knowing mid that is
calculated i< help me to further
carry on this War and to carry it
on to the end of my command!"
(Enthusiastic volleys).
Optimistic as ever, the general
looks forward to the lime when his
present eye trouble will be remedied,
and outlines a series of prospective
engagements, decided upon in the
spirit of faith and confidence, in
Scandinavia, Canada, the United
states and Germany, in addition to
the International Social Council in
the near distance. And then, "Well,
then I may hope the hour will have
arrived that tbt operation on the
other eye will take place and I shall
he a young man again!"
Naturally no occasion could he
more fitting foi a glance hack at the
Army's beginnings. Speaking of his
first stand on Mile Km! Waste and
the dramatic, historic, and soul-
moving utterance he nmrie to The
Army Mother—"Darling, 1 have
found my destiny"—he says:
"My destiny    was   not a fortune—
not a big   church with a bin salary.
No! My destiny     was   Whiteehapel."
(Volleys).    "I have given you,"    he
goes on, continuing that epoch-marking dialogue, "and I have given   my
children—and here is one," ho added,
in   an    acceptable aside, indicating,
amidst thunderous applause, the chief
i f the   tan
I    "And, having started, I stuck      to
' it, though perhaps during my eighty-
two years I might     have done more
I and done belter,"
Hut this notwithstanding, what had
been done had been done well, and
Ibis leads the general to explain
some of those ideals and principles
Which have made the Salvation Army
what it is today.
"From the first time I stood upon
a chair and talked lo a crowd of
people in Nottingham, there have
lieen written across every speech 1
have made these big letters, as big
and as plain as I could make them—
"One of lire scents of ihc Salvation Army," the general proceeds,
"is not that she has been saving men
from sin and hell, hut that she has
been making them saviors ol others
'Saved i" ■erve,' that's the motto—
that's tin motto!"
very    well to congratulate    .    !
j on having oui   district so well
j vertlsed, but are   we Individ iulh
(operating   in    this    advertiserm
I There are many   ways oi ad irlis
and each one of us interested in   i
development of this countn can   i
his share   towards drawing oni inattention to our mineral, timhei ,,
land resources.      Let  us In   progn
Mr. and Mrs   fi   II, Thompson,
Cranbroi k, spent the week end he
Mr. and Mrs. <i. Erlokaon, oi r,,
brook,    were    guests      ;it   \\;..,;   hoi
Tuesday last.
Judge P. Wilson, F   It. M nils,
H. Small, of    Cranbrook; mid A
Watson, of Pernio,    came out
Cranbrook in Mr. Small's auto Til
day last.
The  Queen hopes   that    you may
h.ne health and strength to continue
the arduous ami difficult work which
you have so successfully carried   onl
foi the comfort are rrlid ol the nil |
niiim and destitute (#«>*«>s>*****A*^f>
Believe me,
[Signed) i:  w  Wallingtofl   I
From the report of the War Civ's
ipeelnl representative at this great
gathering is taken the following bj
impsts of i he general's reply to the
v.ni.his congratulatorj speeches that
preceded bis remarks:
When the general uses and moves
towards the rail to replj. the his-
torie ball is Instantaneous)] trans
formed into ,i cheering, leaping, b<-
Wlldering scene Tin shrill volley ol
the gnl Cadets Is but faintly beard
amid I he thunderous ioar ol the multitude      The greeting is   overwhelm
4 *
(Special correspondence).
Ml <Mis Staphs mid Miss Staples
ol Wiclifle, were Wasa visitors last
Mis M Donofaae has returned home
Irom a vlall to Cslgjarj
Mi and Mis R ll Small, Mr. ami
Mis   p   r  pat lick, of   Cranbrook,
and Mis   Plcrson, of Witiuer,     went
through lure last  week  on their way
to  Windermere     Tin-   party made
the tup in     Mi     Small's new   Punk
Tlnn, amihst a silence Hint is, if
possible, "Mil mole affecting than the
i utburst >>f enthusiasm n moment
ago, our beloved leadei begins     bis
"Mi dear Son, Commissioners, <n
(leers,  Local Officers  ami Comrades:
How  shall  ■ luffictontl)
foi tins reception you bai
(oi this  expression of love and l<
alt] '     I thank you from the bottom
of mj  heart      lam your servant ns
well as your genltcrul. You love me,
ami I |ovo yotl       I purpose to   love
you lo the end, and I shall not only
give in) thanks for   this kindly    recognition of the feeble service I have. i},,- week.
been able to render you, but I desire II (•;. Hindi bus relumed from a
through yon to thank the comrades, visit to the States.
up and down the world who feel af- j A large number nf men went
tor Hie same fashion, who love after through here last Sunday tor the
Hie same style, and who intend to C.P.R. company's log drive, which
serve with the same devotion. | will commence at once
"I want also to thank the crowds
ol men and women outside our hor-,
tiers who feel ns you feel, and who,
somehow or other, have been Inspired with the convid Ion that the gen-1 sued. It is
oral id the Salvation   Army is what} interesting
l.  .1   Broad wood, of   Sheep Creek,
latter a few dais visit here, returned
. home Hie   end of    last  week.        Mr.
I Hioadwood is electing a residence
thank yoii'm-ar Sheep Lake ami is using several
given me; pock   horses foi getting up material
■ ami supplies fn m here.
j W s Santo, of Thunder Hill, was
here on business after a visit to
Cranbrook,    lie returned home Sua-
I day last.
|   .loo Walsh, of Fort Steele, was out
i here on official   business the end    of
Refusing   un   appointment as war
>n of the   provincial   jail at N'nnai
mo, offered him hy lion. W. .1   How
•r, attorney-general, because of   bis
mg service   with the provincial po
re   department  in    Vancouver,   \h
ohn Monro,   has decided to no inio
the hotel business at Newport, Howe
Sound.    He is now   seeking a trans
•r to himself of the Oalbralth      II
•nse at that point.
For ten years Mr.   Mftinro was   al
tached to the   Vancouver    provincial
police force, finally   holding tin- posi
ion of   senior   const able.     Several
months ago he was transferred      lo
'ernie   ns chief  constable for South
last   Kootenay.   lie    resigned   that
ositlon Inst month.
Your correspondent has just received one of the C.P.R PHI British
Columbia pamphlets and must say
lluit il is one of the best ever is-
holh attractive and
The illustrations are
be professes lo In'—that his side de-1 well selected and distinct This see-
siie is for the honor ol his Hod nnd Hon of B C has been given a pro
the welfare of his fellow-men. [ mined 1 place in the booklet and eov-
"This meeting, nnd the feelings (>rs several pages It will no doubt
Hint have been expressed, Increase j prove very effective advertising for
my etnlidenee in the future. They this whole valley and bring our un
carry me forward to the hour when I j limited resources before thousands of
shall  see you  gathered    around the interested readers.       Now, It Is all
Before Beading your money *
* to outside [mints, and run- n>
*ninj{ the risk of your orders *
4: Ihmiiij other than what you s>
*■ really wanted, or being do-m>
* laved on the road. When 1 a>
4* can supply you >
-with  ANYTHING   in  tin.*
line of •
Music or -
Musical Instruments >
IT .11 ST ONOE,    *
*j 52-0 >
P.O. 101 924 PHONES 10S, 335 *
Always thr !(•■ • Qnalll
(Juirk Ht-rvicc BttlilMH
Lunch.   Opvii l-.i. tttiil
J. SAKA.il'.'lli. I'l:- ■ '
if you appreciate ;i pme
sparkling beverngi' Then'
ii not aii<.tli<fr brunil so well
known as
You may onl.T any flavor
you like, ono Is equally ns
Kood » anotlior,    If you
have never dinted Our
Drinks, you arc surely
losing ii ireni. < Inter to.ilny
The Miller says:—
is a better flour, because I follow
it through every stage.    First,
I am mighty particular in the
selection of the wheat, and that
counts a lot.   In fact, it is one
of the very biggest factors in making a
superior quality of flour.   There is a big
difference  in districts, you  know, and
for Seal of Alberta   we select wheat
from particular districts.
"Then   we  are    careful   about    cleaning   it.
It is screened and scoured and washed.   It would
be hard to do  any more than that, wouldn't it ?
Then we have searched the  world for the finest
milling machinery, and we have it here    When the
wheat is milled it is  tested  and aged, and not a
sack goes out to you until it is just right.   And that
is why so many people say Seal of Alberta is a better
flour.   Those who use it know it is better, because
it makes a larger, lighter, whiter loaf of better texture
and finer appearance.   Those who use it know it is
better—I have told you some of the reasons why."
Tlie ten qualities vvhleli go to make
up Die ideal woman have been chosen
liy ih- votes nf the readers of a
Kreneh newspaper. Many thousands
nl readers look p;n i in the "election," and the result whs as foi
Imvs, t In- qualities helng chosen in
the order in which
they     are      given:     Goodness     ot
heart.    Order,   Devotion,   Rco y,
sweetness.    Intelligence, Aminhility,
fidelity, Patience, Modesty.
Physical beauty does not seem in
have been considered necessary, and
Intelligence    is nut nmong   lite lust
■ ii    the   ideal  qualities
♦        SANITARY ENCIKtms
lllgli (Irn le
P. 0.   BOX 831
' rriHATK. ,.\
High ami Uw
Steam IfratisJ
Dl Siit,.,,,,,       j
i inoi >i-i..iii.
I. .-■ .m.l Kibsu.1   ;
si -i, m.
I B   M-l.'lllB
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **************************•—4+4*
Nervous Exhaustion
Physicians agree that a vigorous
nervous .system Isessential lotlie
successful treatment of Consumption. "Asaya-Nbuham," feeds
the .nerves with Lecithin (obtain-
tl from ej;e;s), the element required for nerve repair. Its use
maintains full nerve vit;or, restores courage when hope is failing, and thus lends Incalculable
aid in throwing off the disease.
$1.50 per bottle.   Local agent.
R. T.lirymner. flanager Cranbrook Branch
********************** **************
When Nora Serves
East Kootenay
"AT II HIRE SinCE 1900'.'
you WORK,
our sujirir.js is
mrmiv er people op
shoulp you Hive m
fIBfi IMitRfiriCR TOtlili-K
321 fiambU Street,
gA&i\couver B.C.^
:ill at thiit
• Ige for a
.   ••  ■} irtliring
■; • in   h   ktfu
•• ■ me—«nd
:•■■•■ enoofh
lei I '"HM and
1   ei   r»i)i,»f
the     licemn
Crsnl B. t:.
A Good  Home
is what is 'lour to every num. A h me
is vhore Peaoe, Comfort, Coiifc nent,
and Plenty is foand, That la the ■•
men throughout British Colnmb
"OranbrooE*1 is mentioned think <<f tbe
[irovisions Jo«, linnilt baa mode for on
J iclwil home :it th<
! Canadian Hotel
loaorponli    10W
rIBAO OPPICB     -     M0NTRBA1 . *>\ BBBC
Capital Maid Up Miaooiooo Reserve t6t9ootooo
Total Assets, Over fog,00O|0O0
Il  -  HOLT, President B. 1.. PKA8B, Oeasrtl Mansger
Aeeountsof Kirms. Oorporstf oni sad Individ as ti loheited.
Out-ol lown btiklneu receives pvery RttenUnn.
SAVINUrt DBi'AHTMBNI   Depoiltrol j; 00 snd    i wurdi reeeirrd
mi'l Intsrasl slloved si current rate.   So fornmltty <ir delsy in
A Osnsrsl Binktng Bnsinesa trsnncted.
Cranbrook Branch: D.I). McLAWS, Manager
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦
X    WeolTor the aboro from
♦ iiettvy Invite.: Btraina, »s
1    well avHnow VVinnera in
♦ White Wyonilotles ami
♦ 8,0.   Wliiie Leghorrii,    ♦
♦ Semi in yiinr onlers early. «
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦ft
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Mlili.M.IST    OP     THK   LONDON
Terms en .i|in]|entlon.
Aillllr«  P,  0.  I'lljl CKANBUOOK  I! KHALI)
CU/VN BBOOK PIEBALD | •!• •!• •!• •!• * * •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• +
... ...
By tltu llernlil   PllhltBblng Company
V. .1. Deane, Managing Editor,
CRANBROOK, B.C., May 4,1*>II
The scwerago bylaw is to be re-sub
milled to tlie ratepayers ou Monday
May 22ml. In the light ot the ilia
eussion that has taken place siiu-i
ihc defeat of the original bylaw li
tills    conueetiou,     oud
*\* bouse,
•I- pusals
•I* hut Mr.
•I* before i
knowledge   ol    the
sequences ib.it   must
hi' not taken   uuickly to Improve the
sanltarj condition ol the town,    wo
Imagine thai no   ratepayer, sincerely
concerned  tor tho  welfare oi    <'iau
brook, will tail to register his      01
her vole in favor ui pro. Idlng      the
means for tin-   Immediate commence
incut ni   work  on the proposed sewerage system       Whilst ii is obviously the dulj ol every good citizen   lo
put forward   special   eltort to secure
tlie passage ol this bylaw      Ity    llio
requisite majority, what is      everybody's business is li
undone, II would   il
in arrange al   once
incut of  u reprcsen
of property owners,
counted     upon   Lo
their time belweeu i    ^^^^_^^^^^__^^^^__
nl polling in a systematic canvass in] nothing against him
|*> Ottawa, May 3.—Sir Wilfrid *\*
•I- Laurler, it is understood, has *\*
4> definitely   decided to go to the *
!»!• Imperial couterenef  and corona  *\*
\*\* tion, and will sail on tho Vir- .»•
4« ginian un May 12. in coming to *\*
•!• this conclusion, it is understood *\*
•(• tlie premier has been guided by *\*
!•!• the consideration that if he does •{■
•f. not attend the conference his ac- .J.
'•J* lion will he mis-understood in *\*
... Oreat   Britain. .J.
•> This morning Sir Wilfrid bad *\*
* a slum conference with II. I.. •{■
»!• Burden, tho leader of the oppos- •!•
•I* ition,    and     it is said that he *\>
#!• submitted certain proposals to •!•
•J* him in     respect    to the session •$•
1 •!• and the business still before the •;-
.lust  what   thoso pi"   *\*
were   ii  Is not known, •$•
Horden   will lay them *1*
Conservative   caucus •!*
w.       It    is staled that .{■
... Sir   Wilfrid Informed    the ('on- .J.
»|. sorvatlvo    leader   that bo pro  *\<
•J. posed to leave for F.liglaml *\*
•J. nexl  week, and would leave tin* »$•
•I» house in charge of Mr. Fielding •!•
•!• and other ministers. .J.
for tho appoint j
line committee liable that even his political oppou-
who could be1 cuts decline to lake it up, shows
actively devote what manner nl man Mr. Oliver Is:
>w and the datci It   means     thai    there is absolutely
lie has beci
favor of the bylaw. ] subjected to the most scrupulous ex
 , atnlnntlon ami   has come through ii
untarnished.    A man with Mr. Oliver's ability, who is as upright as In
1 bylaw,   the Herald i Ilshcs|is ^il"ll", l,c   sncriilced because soini
 I political adventurers would prefer il
Mr. Oliver will be stronger now than
of lb
the  pi
defeat ■
..f Ihc pill
be held on Un, occasion, free ol
charge, it will also do all printing
required in connection with the poll
tree ol charge ami, in addition, provide a satisfactory poll clerk at Its
own expense. City Clerk Roberts is
giving bis seniles as returning ol
fleer gratuitously, so that the oil)
will be [ml lo no expense because of
the  ,.<- iuhmlaslon "f the bylaw.
li will bo gencrall) regretted
tbrongboiil the Interim newspnpei
world thai l/red •!. Smyth has been
compelled bv force ni circumstances
lo suspend the publication ol the
Moyio Leader, .i papei he has con
ducted on the pasl thirteen vc.il,
with conspicuous success. His lield
was a limited one nl best, ami with
the curtailment oi operations at the
st Kugciie mine, his clientele be
came altogether too resl rii toil In
permit ui profitably continuing pub
llealion. During the years Mi
Siny111 has conducted a paper al
Miitic he served bis town ami district
faithfully ami eliiclentl) and was al
ways a powerful force for sound,
clean journalism. The many (heads
be has made throughout Kust Koolc
tuiy by his good work will wish him
every success in Ins new held of lab
or, whatever thai mai bo.
Politics nol onlj make strange
bedfellows, but, occasionally in Can
ada, account for a good deal nt very
dirty work, as witness tho vile al
tad upon Hon Prank Oliver, par
iieiilars ni which appear elsewhere
in this issue. Tie one redeeming
feature ol ibis dostardl) outrage is
ihc splendid stand taken by Sir Wil
iiid Lauriei lb- told the blackguardly blackmailer, who approached
lorn, with a view nf wrecking Oliver's
public career, thai ho would stand by
his colleague until the charges preferred against him were proved and
in the meantime  Invited   bis Inform
ant ti   take Ins alleged pr h lo the
opposition       llappll),   Hie   Uppnsl
lion  refused   In  i oiilitcliulii c  such   lac
(us Commenting upon the situation thus created, Un- Calgary   vlbei
tan says: And what manner id poll
Ins have We in   \lbeila noff '     What
kind ol organized piracy ami trained
rafltlaalsm have we here? Kormeri)
polities was peaceful ami i iii methods
uprtghl ami straight, and such is the
ease now with this simple exception
Since Mr. ('loss's downfall, the pii
ate, Lite buccaneer, the bloodhound
and the sleuth have been active The
thief ami Un- inn chit hovo become a
factor m political methods The) nod
their way into a bflnll in .iitioit, m-
iinc a private papei *4 a cornpan)
there, photograph 11 .m^ then by the
grossest sort ol mis eprcsentalli n
undertake to blacken the name nl a
prominent oil ben of Uherta. They
break Into an Kdmonton bank, secure
ihc ledger ol a business • oneern in
that city, photograph n page ol the
ledger and thus armed stari out to
work ihc ruin of one ol tie most Illustrious citizens that Alberta has
ever produced.
These tactics do not meet with the
approval    i i    tin-   people of Alberta,
Who aie becoming alarmed al   it
is significant that in ovcrj cose
desperate work is aimed at the
whom Mr. ('loss and his friends
attempting to destroy, and it is
sign!(leant   that   in overy<   case
vi|e work has been without effect
The result  nf 1h>
Craubrook' city band is not enjoy
ing the prosperity that characterize]
practically every other city institu
Hon, ami this is a condition of af
fairs that s bonld be remedied. At
present only two of the original
members of tho band are actively
sociated with it. There is urgent
need that some of the skilled mui
eiaiis, oi whom Craubrook can claim
a goodly number, should pbee tbei
services at the band's disposal. Th
city council have promised the cits
lomaiv grant, but this is conditional
upon certain specified performances,
throughout the summer months by
t he band, serv ices, which, mulct
existing conditions, the hand will be
unable lo render. It is therefore
essential that all competent bands
men should at oner pitch in and aid
in restoring Cronbrook's city band t
ils former strength. A good band
Is a valuable civic asset, and the
Herald sincerely hopes that those
capable i I securing this desideratum
will take this notice in the spirit id
which it is intended.
The idea id commemorating the
erection of the new city hall by
some form of civic celebration has
been well    received, although the
suggestion put forward last week
cannot be acted upon. It is contrary
to the regulations governing the Ma
sonic order for that body to pat tin
pate in a publi e affair of this kind
under the conditions that rightly
govern such demonstrations. How
ever, that fact need in no way mill
late against a civic demonstration
thoroughly representative of th
city's varied interests.
The public library idea, mooted in
last week's Herald, has already taken practical shape. Sectional book
■ uses are being installed in the V.M
r A reading room ami a stall mi a
small scale in collecting books to
All thein with will be made at once
Those having good standard works
io present to this library are re
quested to phone No. 321 and they
will be called for.
The present membership ol tho
local Y M.C.A now numbers 2'Hi and
new members an- continually coming in. so that the goal of 2a0 is
within sight.
A tennis court, double si/e, near
tho baseball    diamond is to be maik
-ti ..n tonight.
itelow is given in (nil detail particulars of what appears to be a
cold-blooded attempt lo blackmail oi
politically assassinate ono of Sir Wil
[rid i.aurier's colleagues, presumably
Hon. Frank Oliver, minister of tin-
The Ottawa Free Press, under   the
heading "The Work of a Man With a
Grievance,"   says:   "Some commons
the! was caused around   the precincts   ol
men  parliament by the   circulation of    a
"-"'Toronto evening   newspaper contain*
ing uu anonymous charge concerning
the alleged bank account of an un
named member of the Federal cahi
ttempt at polltl [not. The story is one which has
cal assassination will make Mr oliv been oflenil to various newspapers in
er stronger than ever and will cent- Eastern Canada during the past
pletely wipe out any opposition tojmohth or so, and Is not taken ser-
him. The fad that his enemies, us Inusly by anybody. It is regarded
ing all the inside information which las n clumsy attempt lo get even
ihev possessed, then adopting the'with, the minister by a former cm-
methods of desperadoes, stealing let- ployno who, having (ailed to secure
tors, breaking lain hanks, produce a what? he considered to be his due,
case agalnsl    lllm, BO weak and nine    has     taken  this     method of getting
evi'ii. Those who know tho facts assert that Ihc story is ntndo nttl ot
whole cloth, has no basis in fact, and
slate Uml Ihcy will not pay any
attention to il."
Tho Toronto Globe says: "Until
some definite charge is made thai
might he actionable in the courts, no
attention can be paid to the vague
charges id graft made against mi unnamed minister in a Toronto evening
paper. The threat that such charges might be made has boon known
here for some time, and no effort has
been made to prevent Ihe publication
ot any charges thai any man or
newspaper might bo disposed ti take
legal responsibility for. If either
the newspaper or the man who makes
the charges wilt come mil Into tho
open ami give the inline of Ihe persi n
accused, steps will be al once taken
by the prime minister and tho ncctts
ed minister to see that tlie matter is
thoroughly ventilated in public,"
Investigation has shown thai this
despicable plot to blackmail tin- minister has been hatched for marly
three months,     and unsuccessful     ef
foils have been   made la sec      jis
publication In Conservative uewspap
ers, but they have refused lo have
anything to do with [t. Investlgn
lion shows that il was patently a
blackmailing job. One Conservative
editor, a close personal friend of (be
Conservative lender, threw   the data
back' in the face of the man wl Iter
ed it with the contemptuous oxclam
at ion that he "wouldn't touch it
with a ten tool pole in order not to
soil the pole." When Sit Wilfrid
Laurler made bis statement in ihc
ci ntmoiis this afternoon It was greeted by enthusiastic applause, and no
comment was made upon it by either
side of tlie house. To the present
Lho consplrati is have contented
themselves with cowardly anonymous
insinuations. The noxl move is
theirs and il is awaited with interest.
When I lie house met Sir Wilfrid
Laurler said: "1 deem it my doty to
call attention to an article which appeared yesterday in the Toronto Telegram in which direct reference was
made to me. The article is a long
one and I did nol read it all it
Will he sufficient tr read the matter
which has a reference to my name
The article proceeds to say that on
the second of March this letter was
addressed to me:
•' 'My Dear Sir Wilfrid: 1 see that
you are having troubles of your own
by defection of the 'Young Napoleon,' on the trade question and in
other ways. The other ways are
more serious. Only in one Instance
in the history of Canada has trade
played a part in the making or unmaking of a government, ami that
was in 1R7H. Even then, as yon
well know, there was contributor)
negligence on the part of Ihe govern
•Clifford Sffton's defection on the
present occasion will not count
against your government, lie is a
squeezed lemon politically and With
out patronage and controls no foi
'Neither your government nor any
other government will fall, except
from weakness on the inside. That
was what happened to the Tories in
1896. Members of the cabinet had
hocome corrupt and the McGreevy
Langcvln scandal aided by the Maui
toba school bill and cabinet crooked
noss, did tlie rest. Recently the
evidence has come to me that one ol
your colleagues is a grafter and a
boodler. I shall he in Ottawa for a
few days and am willing to submit
evidence to you as Tarto was willing
lo submit his evidence of Langcviu
McGreevy boodllng to Sir John Macdonald. Should you SCO fit lo take
Immediate action it would go no
further. The alternative would Into place the document and letters
ami photographs of cheques, etc, in
tin- bauds of the opposition.'
"On receipt of that letter I Instructed my secretary to send the
following ci in in u ideation to the
gentleman who wrote it:
"Ottawa, March :., 1011. Hear Sir.
I am Instructed by the prime minis
let to inform you that he will be in
bis office al in o'clock tomorrow,
ami ready lo see yon.
'(.Signed) K. .1. Lemaiic,
"The gentleman waited on mo    as
staled in the rest of the letter, several times. Without committing my
menu ry as io Hu- number of times,
I know It was more than once, tmi
the tenor of each conversation be
tween us on these occasions wn* nl
the same nature The gentleman In I
question, with whom I had in forme) j
years friendly relations, hut Willi
whom I have not been In commnnica
Hon for many years, called on me
and gave me the name of my colleague, and said that he bad lost the
Confidence ol his party, that he was
a boodler nnd n grafter, ami for
these reasons should go out of the
government. I said that I had no
reason to doubt the honesty of my
colleague, who was not only i
colleague, but a personal friend,' nml
that I would not accept the altema
• he mentioned, namely: 'Should
you see tit to take immediate action
il would go no further, hut the alternative would be to place tho documents, letters and photographs ol
cheques in the hands of the opposi
lion '
1 stated to my informant that    I
would not take any such action as he j
suggested     under such terms, but  I
had the fullest   confidence In my col '
league, that I believed in his honesty
Electric Restorer for Men
HHi^*11*1011— i'".''it'sl'|.t<,.*|ierr tens&nVr«h>»s
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wd.tkno t avpiti 1 nt oii'c.    Phonulionol will
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and that if 1 were shown that my
confidences were misplaced, ho would
have in take the consequences. My
informant was free to take such
steps as ho pleased, to place the papers and documents in Lite bands ol
the opposition nnd do anything he
pleased with litem
"If my colleague was then proved
to be dishonest ho would have to
lake Ihe consequences, bill if not, it
was my duty In stand loyally by
"Tliis is the gist of the conversation Hint took place between us
This is the i lllou I lake, and 1
leave that position In the bands of
parliament nnd lho country."
Ottawa, Mil) 2.—liefi re Ihc orders
oi Hie day were called lion. Frank
Oliver said he desired to read a dls
patch from Ottawa which appeared in
tho Toronto World of Friday morning
Mr. Oliver read the dispatch which
set forth two illslim t statements.
One was to ihe effeel thai an order-
ill-council dated May, 1008, gave the
Canadian Northern railway lho privl
lege of transferring their choice- of
over nun,linn acres of land earned
through a railway subsidy from
Manitoba to the wheat lands ot
Saskatchewan The oilier was thai
subsequently two accounts, one [or
$50,000 and the other for $10,000 had
been deposited to the credit of Ml
Oliver in the Imperial Hank at Kit
monton, this mi ney having come
irom the Manhattan bank of New
York City.
After rending this newspaper statement Mr. Oliver noted that no direct
statement of any charge had been
made against him. No connection
was alleged or inferred bet ween tho
transfer of land and the alleged deposit nf money to his credit, bill the
statements were placed side hy side
lor the purpose of creating a connec
tion. Mr. olivet declared that there
was in foundation for such an insinuation. ThoB
been passed on his rccommendi
and he had made thai recommendation in the public Interests, No money had been paid to him or to any
one in connection with the order-in-
counctl.    No special charge bad been
made declared Mr. Oliver. Nevertheless he would ask thai a special
committee of lho house be named to
enquire Into tho charge which might
he made in connection with this mat
(Continued on page live).
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.11 Ward nnd Harris
Ret i: p Klewetllng is in Nelson
i his week
ninghams Oc —C. G  s
Mis   \     Salmon left this tnnrniti;
foi 1'algarj and   m ill In swa;      fi i I
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ever handled. It will outwear three or lour of the
ordinary kind and is easy
to handle.
Be sure and examine
this hose before you buy
You will appreciate its
good qualities at sight.
Mrs. IliK-liaiian, passed through town
yesterday en route lo Winnipeg,
where Mrs. Buchanan will undergo an
Hood value in dinner sets, ] 12
piece sets, $7.35.—C. C, S.
Superintendent South, of the Protestant Orphanage home, Vancouver,
was in town during the week', his
mission being to remove three of Hie
Davis children to the home. Three
other children, al present inmates
of the st. Eugene hospital, will he
taken down to the consl later on.
Special for Friday nml Saturday:
Miss GoiT will demonstrate how to
prepare "Pineapple Cream*' al Fink'..
Pure Food Grocery. Ladies do nol
miss this opportunity, as il is de
Timber Inspector A Carney, who
Iras been an inmate of the St. Kir
gene hospital for some few days
past, is making rapid recovery and
will likely be out and aboul again in
a day or two.
Prints that wash, iiie_c.es.
A. C Bowness and p, Mathison
left yesterday for Spokane where
they will attend a grand conference
of Dokkics if opportunity permit
they also purpose attending an aerial
meet at Walla Walla. Mr. Malbcson
Intimated that he would likcl) return
home by air-ship, landing in the vie!
nity of the V.M.CA. on Saturday
Bedding plants to arrive about the
15th of May. Leave yom order ear
ly and they will receive prompt attention.—Campbell and Manning.
If you fail to attend the Geisha
this evening, don't miss the chanco of
seeing this excellent amateur musical
production tomorrow (Friday) evening. Those taking part have gone
to great trouble to secure a successful production and their efforts merit generous support.
Hoot polish, metal hand dauber aid
shoe brush, outfit   15c,—CC.S.
Have you the winning number,
777, for the Kitchen Cabinet at the
East Kootenay Produce and Provision Hmjsc?
Harold I,. Taylor, formerly compositor on this paper, left for the
prairie on Monday night's Flyer
Mr. Taylor will meet bis father at
Calgary, from which point they will
journey cross country some B0 miles
Use OrcnestUf, the great dust term
killer.—Campbell ami Manning.
Fire   Chief   Hand has bid farewell
We    have    just    received    from    the
manufacturers a Car of Wire including:
Poultry Netting
Wire Fencing
Barbed Wire
Plain Galvanized Wire
Our  Prices are right.
i    J. D. McBRIDE    !
Smart Clothes for Men
who want to !»■ really well dressed.   If yon Imve never
worn our clothing you ci ot realize   without Bei ing
what the quality really is, In our clothing yon secure
the finest materials nml workmanship, simijp.rotention,
and Unit ntade-for-me look. The styles ore dvsigm d by
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Behind this is our guarantee of absolute satisfaction
or money refunded,
Prices $10 to $30
Don't forget our SPECIAL  AlEASlRn DEPARTMENT.   STou may select your cloth from the greatest
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/   your individual measure.
Prices $20 to $40
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Btanding features of
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Regal Boot," spring's
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Century Shoes
also in stock.
Let us show you
this season's styles
McCreery Brothers
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
and Clothing Stores.
fcS„v.      : .'     ~ ^ti^sBB
lo Cranbrook and his position is be
ing lilted temporal II) hy Driver .1
W. Foster, win lias sim-d on t! u
brigade   fur   several years most   cf
Urookfleld extra creamery; huttei,
always reliable, al Ward and Harris
Frank MoKcnna lias nol pel return
ed east in connection with the C P
It. mechanics' wage dispute, owing
io the promotion of <i. .1. Uury to
the position of third vice-president
of the t'.l'.K. there is some contusion
as to the official who should deal
wilh this matter, and pending tin- ad
lustmcnl <>f this .Mr. McKcnna will
remain at home.
Prints that wash, 10c.-C.C.S.
special for Friday and Saturday:
Miss Dolt will demonstrate how to
prepare "Pineapple Cream" at Fink's
Pure Food Grocery. Ladles do aot
miss this opportunity, as ii Is de
At the district meeting of the
Methodist church at Fernle yesterday, a vote in favor of church union
resulted in 7 for io t against Re*
I-'. .1. Rutherford, of Crest on, was
appointed to tho stationing commit-
lee <f conference, Mr. J. A. Harvey will be the lay delegate from the
Cranbrook church at the conference
Mr. John Shaw was the lay repre
Bcrtatlve at the Fertile meeting.
For soreness of the muscles wheth
er induced by violent exercise or In
jury, chamberlain's Liniment la ex
cellent. This liniment is also highly
esteemed for the relief it affords In
cases of rheumatism. Sold hy all
dealers. Il-tf
Hoot polish, metal baud ilnubcr an
shoe brush, outfit  15c.—CC.S.
Rev. Root, llugib-s is attend I np the
district meeting of the Methodist
church at Pernio this week, on Friday he will be tearing for Vancouvci
io attend the conference, returning
here to preach bis farewell sermon
ou Sunday, May 21st. On the 23rd
Inst, he leaves for Boston direct, a
companied by Mrs. Hughes, wheni
they sail for England to attend thq
coronation festivities. Accompanying Mr. Hughes on bis European
tour Will be a parly of upwards nf
twenty people. Lasl Thursday
crcnlng Mr. and Mrs. Hughes were
presented with purses, ol Knfi'ish
sovereigns by members ol the con
rrogation, Mis .1 it McS'ahb read
.in address, expressive ol tho regret
fell bv the congregation at I •"•
Mr. Hughes, whilst Miss Mabel
Brown and Miss Gladys Johnson pre
Rented tho purses to Mr and Mrs
Gel the habit of eating the besl
Hazel wood Ice cream is the Ins' We
have it.—Little and Atchison.
Hoot polish, metal hand dauber and
shoo brush, outfit  15c.—C C.S
A special despatch from Ann \rbor,
Mich., says: The marriage of Miss
Pauline Nancrcdc, youngest daugntci
nt Dr. and Mrs. ('. Nainiede, to Ml
Chester Staples, of WyHlfio, B.C.,
look place ben- in St. Andrew'!
church April 27th. A surpllced
choir of thirty voices sang tho
luidal chorus from Lohengrin as the
bridal party entered the church. Tho
bridesmaids were Missis Clare «lohn«
son, Detroit; Ellen Mcrrltt, Toronto;
Murmrie Smith, Berlin, Oat.; Helen
Ross, Lindsay, and Lilian Brown,
Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mis Chcstct
Staples arc honeymooning in Now
York and wilt subsequently make
their home nt Wycliff.-, whom a
handsome   residence bus alrcadj bee
rectcd tor theli accommodation
Mis-, (ii!': is demonstrating the vai
oiis ways of preparing the "Tuxedo"
pi i laities at Pink's pur  I   od G
iy all this week
TO    RENT.—Furnished   and   ml
ilshed rooms to renl      Vpply
Mis     |.\   m     Cox,    Van     Horni
St. H-lf
New  tine maple sugar and  syrup.—
Campbell and Manning.
Two    weeks ago today a -mall fire
iccurred in the stock room ol     this
ifflce, causing a certain amount    of
lamage to  stock, which,was .:
In the London and Mutual Fire    In-
■ irani •    i ompany,   ol whh h M<  si
Win-Id   and   It* berts   are   tl
agents.     A claim for damages    was
put in and   the Herald rei elxed      a
cheque   covering   the    same   today
Further    comment    Is    un ■
avc to suggest that if in need of fire
insurance, you now know where   '•■
will he sun-   'if a pr"ii;p'  -■":-•..'■:.•
in the event ol a fire
Table jellies    made from   'T ixedi
idly   powder    are    free   from that
ry, acid flavor so noticeable in the
heaper jelly powders. Come m
and see "Tuxedo" d■■:..- • tl -*■ -
The Fink Mercantile Co , Ltd
•mini im tion to
I'o    this
i ii and     i in*
-The I ,:i.au   Villon.   C. W   Cross for
ink Olivi i.   as
■ ittuwu
■   ■■ pirati-
•   : lie    men
■ misrepre-
■ -.  .    . •           .        thei
*_ 1	
FOR     SALE scale
; Heintzman and ■ •>. piano, worth new
|CtW 00. Sale price I Ofl 60, Sec Wm.
Guecard, Opera H 5-tf
(Continued from page four;.
Glen Campbell—1 would lik. ■ a -.
the fir-' minlstei th*' name of the
man who made the charge to blm
that has Iiitii referred to hy the mln
Istei of the Interior just now.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier-Mr. BlaeOllll-
Mr.   Campbell—Will the prime    •'
Ister lay on 'lie tablo "f tfeo bouse all
correspondence, with regard to    tins
charge made hy Mr. MacOilllcttddy.
Sir Wilfrid—I am just about to
move for the committee desired by
my lion, friend, the minister of the
Interior, and the correspondence will
be at the disposal ol that committee
Mi      Campbell—How    many Intel
views had the Inst minister with Mi
MacGilliCuddy     and "hat  took place
at these interview i?
Sir Wilfrid—My hon. friend is very
Inquisitive. I musl tell him frankly
l do nol remember how many Interviews took plncc
Mr. Campbell then asked as to tbs
source from which ihe money cam
and how it was expended. Sir Wilfrid
replied thai he had stated tfaootbei
day th.it be believed the mlnlsfc i ol
the interior lo be an honest man an I
th.it he would continue to believe
that he would continue to believe him
honest until In- had been proved Boll-
Mi. Campbell then wanted to know
what sum had been expended but the
ipeaker ol tho house ruled that ho
was out of order and would have to
fjlvo notice <f any further questions,
pointing out that the prime minlstei
had answered these questions as a
matter of courtesy.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler then moved foi
the appointment ot a select committee ol (Ivo members ol the house
to enquire into the matter to which
tin- minister of tho Interior had re
i; i. Borden enquired as to the
scope of the proposed enquiry 9li
Wilfrid said that the committee
would enquire under oath Into all
circumstances surrounding the Issue
of this order in council
Mr. Hot den suggested the sdvlsabtl
"ACROSS THE PLAINS."   A thrilling
-.    I rain
attacked by
In.li.si te« me tit-.l lo
•■ .   !.,   burning,
w:..-:, I] ■ ■ ■    ed In leouU.
li-. lifol i     t ■■ i.inlio
»■ . -\ , ; :, l.lirnl
■"• •-. Nellie.
" NEVER AGAIN. ■ ■ »i i"«-
i. - ;.«
ar.lei ■  !
to win I
"THATOIRL OF DIXON'S."   i >i".^
Iraraa tlie Kdiion
Q     '  - •     :    .bowing a
Columbian Wood I
>plit Pulley
Mtulo B.C.
Gondii >!' ck   now
carried in Xi Ison by
Ihc Nelson Iron Works
********************* >
:Baldwin SLancaster!!
Oonl lllkindii i
Work,   i.-.-:   - 1      K..'it,.!.itioiiF,
Well-.   PI* ■     i .f Ing   ..i d any ' i
WOl '■   ■ :■'■[.'
Woo 1- ■   Pi| e  I - ii .-
I RRJ sos ini K.
Dr. II. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work
a special!)
Phone No, 210     Armstrong Avo.
I   mm   News of the District   iiH
f Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned irom Newspapers
HI.  Prwl Rob i
.lolly ihe iVlll.w wlin'   down today,
(live him .1 smilo i u  111 iv;
The   world    snnu'timi •■   has a tunn)
Ami you may he down lomnrruw.
tVtlei hpendlug several months in
Spokane, Wnsli . Miss .Jane Todliun
lor, one ol Klko's mosi popalai
young ladies, returns, and Is ivel
corned nl the station hj a large
i in !,■ ui friends She was the finest
of Ml and Mrs. Krvd filedhlll, Sun
light Cottage, S'tirtb Sim park, toi
luncheon on anIvnl in IClko
Joe Aguctt isays Hie l Ime hni ei int1
io Inspect tin-in good-ns-new screens
you pul away last fall, and huj sonic
new ones In town. Don'1 semi lo
Timothj llardrackH Ka.tem I<n whul
you can buy in your home town
Talk about pet ullui casi ■ nl infal
tinlion There's the Prim- • Irene
stink mi the sand ot New Vork Imi
■lohnnj Thompson, n V.V li brake
in,in. nl Crnnhruok, wan seen walk
in- down Main Blrcvt, Klko, ■ .'I. .1
married woman ihr other d iv.
Andrew Kenne I reei ived from
Crnnbroov lasl week 12.IH, Ilalian
humble bees and the plainer mill
iv-nrking nighl and day, IClko Is rci
tnlnlj buzzing.
Miss Vox ami M < Milne, nl Waldo,
were Klko vinitoi Ihl w ei ■. the
guests ol Mi     V   Kllngi iismith,
lloliet Isoti,   tlie  'li':
had a big run on   Mini-   -■'. rup nml
spavin cure lasl iveek,
Only when Ihe blush 1 on Ihe
peaches can we feel ih.it sni ing      Is
neai,   said   .'ti     I II .1 I tei      Bui
this does mil refei In Ihe artifleinl
blush on -..un.' penele the yrni
There's     noun 1 lit) liu      npi 1
lugs in     Klku ,     hut ii alri'l   icllhui
groceries,     nuni boots    or •>■ ei ill
something Timothy enn'l  suppl)
P Hmn. Is in build n hi ■ a iatl ill
and slaughlei house n. Klku anil will,
saw Jimmy   Millei. ,1! 11 pul  in       11
sausage   1 ufai 1111 m-  plant.     "I
wan- ni the dug."
The Ret   Mi   llrnnt, ol Vt rnle, w
down in Rlkn Ihi 1 Imliii]    1
pure an ni heaven
Mi .      Win. 1 mid     children,
Michel,   nre    spending  .1     month
Klku, Die    111   I    id  Hi il K
Kilmarnock t.'nsth
Von'ie often I  tell nl full
linn into had scrapes Well, h'red
Sheridan had n couple - ho 11 il
hud all their huh ■< raped nfl I. '
Klessed :iTr th.' mirth makers
The police received notice that
llieie was I roil bli dnwn at the Indian reserve, Tohm en Plains, nml .1
posse ol police in charge of Hill
Leocey dn ve down Sumla\ In investigate, hui found 11 v..1 [11 ' a Uitle
ease .if jealousy betwn n 1 w n hi ml;
Kverythlnu conn nul In the wash,
foi v.hih there1 lift ,] 1 1 ■ >up
The     hoard     n| hnvi
anothei dying Interview with the
citizens about Vict oris Day celcbra-
lion. I ion'1 (ear up j inn 1 ickel be
tore the hell rings 1 in Friday
nidi I the citizens held a u 1 i-tlntr, to
liml out    || onybod)   bud seen Kelly,
and discuss ih.-   pleasures id  a 1 ic
without  a ilnoi  1^1.oh
No niait.'t whal yom grandfathei
was, it's whal \< u ore thai counts.
Th.- Ruthvifi M Donald Coiieerl
parlj played to .1 crowded house
lasi Thursday evening ami proved ;i
tatr (teat to lho • who 1 an nporeei
ate good singin ■ Mi Dull . the
wholesale hardware tun ommend
ed ihe party and was Ihe means ol
them playing here, but they were
just as pleased with F.lko as Elko
was   with litem,   so    we   fell sorry
that  Mai   had  lo .mil nihil)
the kidlets We could write a
whole column about tliesc clever
people, hot wc an 0 gosh darned
busy trying to bring, life into the
Klko hoard of trade thai we ha\e tu
draw the line, Hui Ihej an
buck lo Klko and intend slopping .1
mouth with us It' hard In keep
away from Klku, urn 1 j mi 1 ai
rjualnled with the li' 1 om n
The citizens will hold anothei
meeting   this   week 1 .11   make
itnul arrangem nl who's wh i,
ami Hie   amount  I hit I  will he ottered
in prizes, and   com    " 1     ippolntt il
to make ihe celebration ihe hi
held in ihr Crov ■ '-.  ' Pa
Some women ore sn nil <■ tin j
couldn't finish a how I nf mush H ilh-
oiit using a finger howl.
The only emptj litnise In Klko al
the present time Is I-i ai ey's hotel,
—He City Itusiile Several 1 ottages
nre being bulll lo rent and three or
four lots in Ihc city limits unsold.
Then she takes anothei spread Klko
is sure growing.
lakes, and these spots are also   easy
of access from Movie.      In this   con
(Special corres ulcnce). wi-Uoa the attention of the people of
K n vrnotl made a hurried both Movie and Craubrook should he
a Wardncr this week. | directed towards slocking the Munroe
an-    snrrj    to have overlooked and Moyle lakes   with either      1 e
meiitioninbl liie fa. 1 that Archdeacon lleer held services in the
1'lull house two weeks ago.__Mr. and
Mrs (ifo Tanner had their little son
christened hj the archdeacon,
The  home  of  Ml.   .1,   A.   Tol'iney    is
looking very pretty in its new dress
of palnl.
Mr. and Mis. K It. Wuohi arc
Port Steele visitors al present.
Dunn Htos. have completed the addition to Mr. Mtlle's house.
The car ol new machinery bought
hj Mi Tonncy is being unloaded.
No t\i use now for not getting your
land ready for planting.
Mr l.. \. p. Smith has set out n
large number ol strawberry plants,
raspberry bushes, etc., etc.
The ladles al Hie Club house are
■hui to report a Jap conk, liven u
Hie biscuits an- 111 t so good a little
rest is mighty sweet,
The bUZZ  of the saw ut   Hie Adolph
1 ill] v. ill sound good to everyone.
Mi Miami, who has been attending
college in Toronto, stopped oil in
Paynes io have a visit with Mr. ami
Mis. K II Ann.11 Mr. It I and was
mi his way to his ranch al Kclownn,
Mi    Radford's cottage   s going   up
1 i-ely,  with Mi. ('has. T r        as
1 liiel 1 alpi-liler.
Von must take a drive down Valley-
View road every dil> these times ol
ton  can't      keep  pace  with  all      Un
. linages thai are laklng place.
Mi .1 i: Hutchinson look a trip
1 1 [{oxford Thursday.
Ho we hear a gentle tinkle? II isn't
iw hells ellhei
\   1.it load      of seeds and  seed  potatoes ate being unloaded hj Mi. .1   A
! iirmey.
Mr.     Williams, of     Valley      View
nre, reports good business.
Mi   s   .1   Morrow will have      Ihe
how garden   of the valley this yew
Mi   uilliamson, who is in charge   ol
!i   Morrow's  grounds, certainly de
erves credil foi his work,
Mr,    Kohson    is getting on nlcelj
with work at Hie  Raynes Lake green
New arrivals    and strange      laces
every    week.       Watch   Paynes Lake
. low ami llourish.
Mr. and  Mrs. Win. Hurl tarn are re
icing   over   the arrival of a    little
Mr I), IV. Hurt is stifle ring with 0
ion bad .old
We understand U1.1t out teacher,
liss Graham, is contemplating gel
: Ing up an entertainment at the
lose ol school io raise funds foi
1 lino! supplies We ate sure that
everyone will lend a willing band.
Major Hridgo, Col. Gavin, Captain
Messeter and Mr. Voss arc making
fine progress with their clearing.
They will have a number of acres
lead) f<u planting shortly.
Everyone   Hike   heed.       No mine
altci   May   1st.
The Kootenay River Lund company
is putting up   a neat cottage io    be
used for office purposes,
ills   fl.U
(From the Leader).
No more diamond drilling will   be
done on the St,   Eugene property fur
he pieseiii       The machine is   being
moved to the Sullivan at  Klmherley.
('has. LIveslej will represenl the
Mo;h- lodge ul ihe Knights of Pj
thlas annual convention, which opens
.,1 Kamlnops on Wednesday, May
v M. Demings, nlghl operator at
the C.P.R. station, returned from
Cranbrook yesterday with his bride,
and they are    slopping at  the Movie
The wagon road to Hie Soclclj
(HiI mine is drying out nicely, ami
from present Indications it will hr
possible to commence hauling down
ore by wagon within leu days oi
two   weeks'   time.
I!.  \.   Webster is   having nu
tiiy of land in the lower Moyle vat
ley surveyed into ten acre tracts. M
In understood that most of these
have already been sold t*> a colon)
ih.it    is   coming out   from England
liis sluing
v change has been made    in    the
1 out.-of the government wagon road
along the    upper    Moyle lake.        In
lead of following the old road along
1 In- east side, the road will (loss lho
harrows near the Porto Rico sawmill and will follow- mil over the hill
on tl-.e west side past Munroe lake lo
flrecti bay near Arthur Ward's ranch
near Swansea uml then out to con-
liccl with the road which is now
built. This will give a good, steady
grade and steep pitches us are on the
east side will ho avoided. Resides
making a better road it will make it
1 disor- i''''' '" h lll'n ''lt'1'"   bay by     road
inch    nn.i  from both Movie ami Cranbrook, and
I   ('|.l|n   I will pill  Munroe    lake on     the     main
line nf travel.     Botli Green hay and
Hour or black bass, While then-
arc good numbers nf fish In these
waters just now, the iiium- of the
fishing spoil should not ho lost sight
of. No doubt the Dominion govern
nifiii lialeherj would willingly supply
(lip, lish ii the propel reipiesl was
al ■
Geo. Clothier, al i ne lime superln
tendon I ot the Si. Eugene mine, has
been elected secretary of Ihe Masonic
lodge recently  Instituted nl Stewart
Thus. Rates, whoso district as lire
warden will extend from Moyle us
far west as Vnhk, was in Cranbrook
the first of ihe week getting Ins in
slruelions from Geo Watson, dlvl
siotiul fire warden.
I \ Dinsmore, former constable ut
Moyle, has been recently appointed
chief constable of ihe Honmlary His
tiiit. Some years ago Mr, Dins-
more was provincial constable al
Grand l-'otks. A year and a half
ago he was transferred to Movie,
and again after a few mi lit lis he
was sent to Stewnrl to pul that
n.-w camp in order.
Last Sunday some twenty-five
members of the Independent Order of
(hid Pillows matched in a body 11 1
tin- Mi-lhmltsi church, whore a special
eiviee was conducted by the Rev.
.1 W Miller, It \ Mr. Stanlpj
Peck, of Crnnhruok, was orgaulsl,
nnd there was special music and
singing hj  the choir
P. M. Christian, manager of the
Cranbrook Prospector, was in town
Tuesday on business in connection
wllh his paper,
sick hendacli
doreii condition of lln
enn be cured hy   the
heihiiu's    Slom.nh     end  l.ivei   Tali        i**^^-^^^^———-—-^—^—
lets   Tun.    Par sale by all   denl-MHn  Iftkc   nro'lelighlful spots foi
jj ,( camping uml   fishing, and can ensllj
he m.ule attractive   summer
(Special correspondence),
Geo, E. Henderson, president and
manager of the Electric Power com
pany visited Penile ami other points
in ('lows Nosl Pass, 1 lie past week
011 business pertaining lo Ihe Interests here.
Geo. Watson, flro chief of Cranbrook district, called on us tl ther
day while on his tour looking over
the district in the Interest of fire
Mrs. Bvn Henderson ami Lottie
(H< uilflining visited Wardncr last
Prldav to lake in the sights ami
display tlie millinery capabilities    of
Hull  River.
Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Shndd, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. .linos, and Noal Cameron
came io camp last Sunday and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.
ilnrry and Robert Henderson, A.
.1 Westine ami Harry Tempi.■man.
whit two pack ponies haded with
supplies, guns ami ammunition,    de
palled 011 a  ttip forty  miles up Hull
River on a bear    hunting expedition,
to be gone (or a week or ten days.
No doubt tie first couple of days
will he occupied   ni looking up trees
putty well supplied with HmtlS.
D S. GInter, secretary of the
Power company, relieved himself of
Ihc burdensome duties ol his office by
Inking a day oft lust Tuesday, taking
in the balmy atmosphere ol the city
of Wardncr.
E (* Hem-dirt experienced unite a
mud slide from off the mountain,
caused by the leakage ol water t*ip
ply at his placer claim, which created some excitement for a few mime
les. The slide did but very little
damage, except making il rather disagreeable under fool about the work.
There is gnat progress being made
at this claim, and Indications on hod
in.k promise n very rich reward lor
ihe expenditure uml labor performed.
(Special correspondence 1
Mi n 11 White, of Victoria, was
doing business in town lasl Wediies
Mr   \\ If,,nl. who has been in the
si Eugene hospital al Cranbrook
for the pasl few weeks, was able lo
return to bis home lust Wcdncsdny
nften n VIthough somewhat Improved Mr.   W Iford js still  in       a
very weak condition.
Policeman Ailmy was In Cranbrook
lust Wednesday on business
Mi. (*. M. Peiiiiook, of lho Crows
Nest ofiieo stall, was a Cranbrook
visitor last Wednesday.
Mr. Rett Purlotig, the company's
chef, was wilb Cranbrook Mends
lasl  week.
Mr. Watson, *.f Port Steele, has
been appointed chief flic warden for
the district. Tie spout Thursday
lasi in Wardncr.
Mr. Mllroy, of the It. ('. lands department, accompanied by Mr. ami
Mrs Otto Rocker and child, recently
of Germany, arrived in town last
Thursday afternoon, since that, we
understand, Mr. Becker has purchased
;i nan ol land   on the opposite side
f ihe Kootenay river.
Mi. Duiilop, of Calgary, called    on
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills'
Imported Worsted Suits
Prescribed ami rcrnirimcntlDt] tor women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth.   The    _ _.        _ , . , .
result irom their use is quick and | j. or  y0Ur   "be$t"  suit—tor  evenings  and
drug 1 mnm *     Isbs^IbbbbbbbbbVIbbbbbbbbbbbbIHIbbI
1 ,n,r'  Sundays—there is nothing else quite so rich
sidonco in the house recently occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Ottu Wisnor,
now owned hy John Hnlfsted. Mr.
Relnoehl arrived a ilaj Intel' with a
carload of horses nnd will begin
work on the Kootenay Central
branch of the C.P It
Mr. Win. Cieon, late of the nun
pane's boarding house, who bus boon
upending o ii>w weeks in Vancouver
and nthi r const   points, returned   lo
town las' Saturday afler  Billy's
friends here are glad to welcome him
Mr Chapman, ol (lallowhy, called
on friends here l.i 1   Monday.
Miss 15, Lund returned on Saturday from a visit with Spokane
The Galloway baseball loam came
up io Wardncr on Sunday last to
play u friendly game with lho Ward-
tier team.     The nften n was quite
warm hut lho hoys managed In do
some good work. The game resulted in a score of ■"•—:* In favor of
Wardncr. R. E, Eaton acted as referee. A large number of spectators
witnessed lho game. The boys re-
Mined home on the 1.25 train.
Mi p. Lund left ou Saturday afternoon fur Winnipeg on business, lie
will he away several days,
Mr, Wm. (iieeii has accepted a position as cook at the r.N.P (,, coin
pnny's cam]) at Galloway.
Mr Norman Moore left on Monday
afternoon to do homestead duties on
his ranch in Alberto.
Mr. and Mrs. R, Sharpe, who have
been spending a sllorl time with their
daughters here, loll 1 n Monday for
ihe ranch near Lelhhrldge, Alta.
Mr. Sid. .Johnson wcnl to Galloway on Tuesday nf ibis week to assist Mr. Win. Green, who Is.cooking
.11 the  C.N.P.I..   company's     camp
Mr. c. M. peimoik left lor Calgary
-m Monday afternoon.
Mr. R. K. Raton, our popular
teacher, is conducting a night school.
Lessons are given three times a
week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
of each week, beginning al 7 o'clock
Mr. A. Sheppiird, (tl lanray, was
in town Sunday with bis family
There will nol be any service in
Ihc Wardncr Presbyterian church on
Sunday, May Tlh, as our pastor.
Rev. Sinclair, has been asked to lake
the services in the Cranbrook Pros
hyleriau church during the absence
of Rev. C. <>, Main nt the coast.
Obebobnt Lodge No. !$
and elegant as Fit-Reform Worsteds.
We import the fabrics from England—and tailor every
garment throughout by hand.
Let us show you some of our
novelties, which appeal to all good
Sole Agents in Cranbrook.
Be a Well Man!
If you nre a sick man. suffering from
nny disorder, we can curt1 you Permanently.
You do not have to linger nlotig stiffen ng
from disenso, because we nre medical
specialists with nmny yenrV experience
tri'iitino; nnd curing successfully nil men's
A sure and permanent euro in nil diseases of
men, Nervous Weakness, Varlcofe Veins,
Hydrocele, Nervous  Ailments. Hlnod and
.Skin  Disorders, Sores,  titer*.  Kidney,  Macdir   and
Rectal Disorders, nnd ail special ailments common to men,
I'.ist Anatomical .Museum in the North-west.
Consultation Free
If you cannot come to Spokane for preo consultation
now, write for our free booklet.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
i Imperial Bank oi Canada
FOH    SALE.—Transposing    scnlo   Automobile   parties [mm Cranbrook|trtrnils hero lost Tlmrsii;
llclntzman and L'o. plunn, v.mili nci\   can make the urn mil In ti-v. Hum an
10 , Sale prlcp »31io.on  Sid Win    i  whr-n Uic    roail   is   complotoil,
Queraril, Opora Home B-tl   .mil enjoj an anting on clllioi ut Ilia
(Special correspondence),
Navigation on the Columbia river
was opened this week by the passage
of s. s. Selkirk from Wesl Plrlandi
io Golden ami return to Windermere
ol tlie S. s Klaliowye irom Oolden
to this point, iinth carried good
loads of freight. Both boats have
since made additional trips, stopping
ai Invcrmcre and other points.
Tin- Columblo and Kootcnaj Railway ami Navigation company, following in Hi.' footsteps of the government, have rti.-uily announced an
Increase in 1 he price ol their wild
land lo irii dollars per acre. The
private sale ol two other pieces ol
land, comprising in all over In"11
aires has been announced. Tin-
lands an- partially Improved in pnch
rase and aflonl excellent views if
(ho grand scenery which surrounds
Ihe headwaters of the Columbia
river.     The prices an* nol       made
public, hut are said lo lie sufficiently
high    to    above   the      high water
mark for similar lands in this part.
Amongsl tin- residents of the valley
who have returned from European
lours are Captain It. s. Grant
Thou,),| nnd Mr R. Randolph Bruce.
Mr. Bruce Is vice-president of the
Columbia Valley Irrigated I-'ruil
'.anils, Limited, with head offices
lure, lie is enthusiastic over the
doings of his company ami the tremendous publicity which Is being
drawn to this part by articles in the
standard magazines and newspapers
Hi rough mil ihe Engl lull speaking
Itcferring to ihe local doings of his
company  he   mentions    ihe   active
1 pnlgn  which   iliey  an- preparing
io carry on here     At least om- turn
drill  met;  will  ai once he employed
locally.    Tl..- sales of the rarm lands
nml  villa lots have started.      The
new   lots in the   un to dale townslte
of Invcrmcre arc   now .pen and fasl
being    talon     up       Like I'rlnee Uu-.
pert,    Invermcre   is  one of tlie few
lownsiies throughout   America which j
has   been laid  out   strictly on        i
landscape basis,  all Its streets    he
ing made lo conform lo Hie beautiful
Iv rounded    contours of   the ground]
on which Hie future town will        bo
Mr. H   II.   Boss, O.K., has arrived	
to till     ihe   position of malinger for j —"
tho   Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit     Unless you   enn make it profitable
Lands, Limited. for people to  watch your store ads.
Mr. and Mrs. Knlc Small, of Cran- you'll not make your store nils, pro-
brook, accompanied  hy Mr. Patrick, htnhle to    you.      Nothing Is surer
visited    here recently ia Mr. Small's {|,all (i)at.
new louring car.
► »♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦e
H. L. BTEPHEN8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
♦ The Hotel with "The Reputation"
I You'll get your Money's Worth.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED • $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5,745,000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 5,745.000.00
l>. It. WILKIE. PrwWent,
HON. KUHKKT JAFFHAY. Vice.Preii.lfnl
Aoooililta   of   CnruoriitioiiB,   Municipalities,    Mi'rclmiits,
Farmers ami I'rivatu I ndlviduals invitetl.
Dmfts nml Lfltera of Credit issued tivnilalile in any part of
the worl I.
SA VINOS DBPABTMKNT - Special   attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts.    Deposits of $1.00   and
♦  upwards received aid interest allowed from date of deiiosit.
j   Ctiuk Branch: H.W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•  ■""■"•"•■ *■*"* *■■*—""
Cranbrook. B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Floyse, CO.
K. M. Christian, K. It. & 3.
Visiting brethren cordially lnvttfd
to attend.'., KEY CITY LODOE, No. 41
Meets every Monday
night at   Now Fra-
Wbsrar   ternity   Hall.    So-
journlng Oddlollowi eonllally invitsil.
t:   tl. I'allnore W. M. Harris
N. (I. Seo'y.
irw -
Cianlirook     liOdge,
No. Ut
A.F. * A. U.
-. ,^- / a' ltcj;iilar meetings on
V*\i < Hi" third Thursday
"* w of ovory month.
Visiting hrothron woloomoil,
A. C. Shanklnnil, W.M.
13. YV. Connolly, Secretary.
No. 11).
Meets every second and   fourtli Wed-
nesdny at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Hehckahs  cordially Invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N. G.
Miss 1 lickenbothaui, Seo'y.
Meets In    Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
H. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of euch month at 8
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
I.. Bent. Secretary.
Visttlne brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall llrst and
third Tlmrsduy of each month at
S p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu llayward, lit*. Sec.
V. II. M.Farlnne, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
: Presbyterian Church;
S>   Sunday morning service at II '
♦ o'clock
♦ Sunday   evening    service   at'
♦ 7.3(1 o'clock
?   Sunday      School   and    Bible
♦ i lass at 3 o'clock
X   Presbyterian    tluild, Tucsdav, ,
T        at 8 o'clock
▼» ^TTTT^. . >Tf Ttf tf ft
| Baptist Cburcb |
t Pastor, Charles W. King.
X Parsonage, Norhury Avenue.
4) 'Phone, 281.      P. O. Boi 187.
f Regular Services:—Sunday, 11, ,
J a.m.     and    7.30   p.m.;   Bible i i
I School    with     Young   I.adlea' ' '
♦ Pbllethea    and    Young   Men's' '
♦ Bible Class, 3 p.m. ; ;
♦ Monday, Young Peoples', ■ , ,
S p.m. i i
I Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting, ' '
♦ A cordial   Christian welcome
♦ to all.
AAAAAAAA afcsfcsfcafaiafca* a* s% afcdfc S* s%stists>
WWW WW ▼▼▼▼WW www
' ****************** 4
It is the Same Place
The I'luce that is Popular
flood ns tho HfBt
Hotter than the Ileal
► ♦♦♦♦•••♦•♦♦♦<
The Cosmopolitan
I, Rohcrl F. Neiswcndor, ol Sheep
Creek, Wasa P.O., fnriuer, gl\e notice
tl.i.t on Ihe Slh day of .lime, Hill,
at eleven o'clock in Ihu Inn-noon, I
Intend to npply lo Uw Water Com
mlssloncr al hli OlUco in Cranbrook
foe a   license   lo lake and   use two
and a quarlcl CUblO (eel ol wulrl  pel
second   Irom SI p Creek    in     ihe
. t .ii.i k Water District,   The wal
it is to iir taken from ihc stream
mi l.ut MIT, ihe properly of V'mi
l-aniiy, and    is   lo in* used on pre
.itijii  II. i I \n. I97R, ho Irrlgn
linn purposes.
Apiil 30th, cm.
Ill .It Holier! F. Nciswciulci
  I   Tlie job department ol this paper Is
equipped with     the moat up-to-date
Today's k11ne   advertisements pro    faces nf type.     You get what    you
clip:   Creek,   came    Into town lasl  hably   contain   Information   of    IM    want when you want It at the Her-
Thursdo) and have taken up their ro   MEDIATE VALUE TO vol'. aid.
Mts. RolhoeJil   nnd family, of Pln-J
If you come once,
You will come aguin.
Presiilellt I  T. S. Hill.
Hecrelary: S. Maciionaui
For inforinatioii regnnliiig lands i
ami   agrieullure   apply   to the .
Hecratary, Cranhrook, li. C.
Millmen Take Note.
A  Big Stoek or
Has been received at
Frank  Dezall's
whore repairs of all kinds are
quickly and eili"ieiitly
FOR    SALE.—Transposing    scale
. ""Meeting--""" T.  HolhUmnn and Co. piano, worth now
£      Every second Wednesday      J 1000.00. Salo price 1300.00. Bee Wm.
tllitilttlaHMMMflteO)   duerard, Opera House. r. tl TH*   CR-iNBROOK    HWKALO
To tho Mayor and Councillors, Cranbrook, B. C—
Gentlemen :—
We take pleasure In submitting herewith report with plans for the
sewerage of your city. ,
The design, consists of an intercepting main drain through the city
along tlie lowest lying ground, into which all subsidiary drainage will
discharge, thence by un outfall sewer to sewage purification works fully
a mile to the northeast ol the city limits, where an outlet Is obtained
into St. Joseph's creek* where it crosses the railway through culvert
The capacity of tfie drainage system is ample for eitension and
growth to a population of about 15,000 and capable ot taking a reasonable proportion of surface water, while the first Installation at purification works Is good lor fully .Willi people.
We find that with your excellent system of lanes 30 feet wide, they
work out economically and to udvantuge, thus saving most of the streets,
Including Baker street, from being torn up for sewers and branch connections to buildings. The t'onstiuctiou on the lanes behind the business
blocks on Baker street can he curried out quickly in slant stretches and
will give hut. little Interruption to traffic.
The purification anil disposal works consist of (I) g small screen
chamber where the sewage is first roughly screened before passing into
(2) the liquefying or septic lank. Tills is a cover-in tank of concrete,
Willi necessary steel reinforcing, of dimensions shown on plan,
having battle walls, sludge pockets, manholes and all necessary
appliances. The liquid effluent from the tank is passed onto (3) the
percolating niter built up of coarse sized material to a depth of li feet
on a concrete Hour (10 ft. x 50 ft. The tank liquid is spread evenly
over the entile surface of this Alter by means of special patented
sewage distributors. The diluent from the percolating filter, which
is already in a high purified state, is finally passed through (!) a
line-grained linishing Olter of sand, 00 ft. x 30 ft. s 3 ft. deep, where
the Onal stage of piliflcation takes place, resulting in an effluent with
a very high degree ot purification physically, chemically and bacterlolo-
gically. A sludge (5) is provided onto which the mineral sludge
which accumulates in the lank can be run periodically for drying out
nnd Onal disposal. The Oilers are arranged so that compartments can he
shut nil for surface cleaning, etc., without interfering with the continuous use of the works. All byepass pipes, valves, storm-overflows, etc.,
for the efficient operation u. the works are included.
We submit herewith a carefully prepared schedule giving in detail
full and explicit description with particulars, costs, etc., all as per accompanying plans. i
Size Description Lin.
of Pipe. Depth. Feet. Rate. Amount.
15 inch in Cranbrook street   7'6" 5380 J2.05 $10824.00
15 inch in Shaughnessy St. and Cranbrook Lane to Harold St  7'6" 2000   2.05
18 inch in Cranbrook Lane and Oar-
den Lane to S. Baker Lane  8'B" 1750   2.55    4.62.50
15 Inch in South Baker Lane, Fen
wick I.., Louis St. and Armstrong L 1
15 inch in Edwards St. to Clark 1...:.
10 inch in Edwards St. to Van
Home St	
> inch in Clark I., Louis St., Van
Home St., and Dcwar L. .
2150   2.20
1000   2.15
2190 00
1150    1.63     1807.50
  8'      1750 1.50     2625.00   131811.00
8 inch in Watt Ave. and in Rloek  8'      000 1.10      080.00
8 Inch in Watt Lane  7'       006 1.00      661.00
8 inch in  Dcwar,  French and Durick
Lanes   7'6" 1998 1 05     2097.90
II inch in Hanson,   Armstrong,   Nor-
bury, Fenwick,  Haulm,   Harwell
and   I.umsdeu Lanes, Poole    and
Marlin Ave  7'0" 5991 .95    5H94 30
8 inch in Edwards   from Hurwcll I.
to Martin Ave  9'       832 1.25     104000   110370.:o
8 inch in French, Durick, Hanson and
Noi bury Lanes       8'     2664 t 20    3196 80
6 inch In Fenwick and Uanlcn I.tines    7*6" 1332 .93     1265 40
8 inch in Hurwcll Lane ......._            10'       est I 40       932 40      5394.60
270    1 111       297 IM
6 inch in rlaik Lane . . ,.  8'
8 Inch in Durick, Hanson, Arnstroti|
and Nolltlity I.anes  |T
8 inch in Garden, Burwell ami south
Baker. lanes   8'
li nub in Siuilti Itakci l.nnr III'
2000    1511     31X10 Ml
1333    I 40
10.0    I 311
500   1 m
870    I 511
1966 20
1560 00
800 00
1105 00
7'HI    I M      Illi8 0(1
I .'in 140
70 00
29 on
1736 00
8470 00
III Inch in North Bakei lane ... 8'
8 Hah In North Baker Lane 'I'
III inch in    Haloid     and Van Home
Lane     8'
s Imh   in tun    Home   and    Burwell
Lines.    8'
121 concrete manholes complete
7 latupholcs in South Bakei  l.a'-.-
Ftusliiug connection* 	
Engineering, legal and   contingencies
III per cent	
Total foi sewerage system 	
l.lqurf)ltlg ot eeptlO tank       I   4(810 (Mi
Percolating Filler        Simeon
Sand liter   3000.00
Sludge hid .                                           10000
Pipes, vnlree, etc  soo.oo
Engiiieciing,  treat and   contingencies
13 per cent      204000
Total foi sewage disposal workj      19040.011
Total  foi sewciage system   and   disposal works  ...894,076.00
179016 011
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
BY-LAW NO. 96.
It may be, of course, that you will desire some modification as to
Ihr extent of the system, vlll more or less than is shown on the plan.
This ran all be adjusted and covered In the bylaw which your honorable
body will prepare.
We are sending on two sets of plans, one being for the provincial
hoard of health at Victoria, which you can forward to Dr. Pagan, the
director and secretary, as soon as you have passed on the matter, as It
Is legally incumbent to do so and receive their approval.
We also enclose herewith a copy of the bylaw framed to suit your
case, similar to what was passed here by the counrll as a local Improvement, as It may be interesting and useful for guidance should you adopt
a similar policy ' ',
If there Is any further   information  desired, bearing on  this   report,
kindly let us know and wr shall be only too pleased In furnish I*.
Yours obediently,
.101 IN OAI.T,
Consulting Engineer for II.Il and Smith.
Vernon, B.C., 20ih .Inly, loon
NOTE -In the Estimate ol Cost "Lanes" have been designated by
the nsme nl .Street or Avenue Immediately lo Ike west ot northwest id
the lane. _. «•
A bylaw to raise the stun of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars (1100,-
(100.OU) by debentures for ihe purpose
of installing and constructing a sewage system in and in the vicinity of
tlie City of Cranbrook.
WHEREAS on the 20th day ol
April, 1910, a petition wan presented
to tlie Municipal Council ol the Corporation of tho City, of CranbTook,
signed by the owners of at least one-
tenth (l-llllh) of the, value of the
rateable lands and improvements in
the said City as shown by the then
lust Revised Assessment Roll, requesting the Council to introduce a
Bylaw lo raise (lie sum of One Hundred Thousand Hollars (1011,(1(8100)
for the purpose of installing and con-
strucling a sewage system in and
in the vicinity of the City of Cranbrook.
AND WHEREASl the said Bylaw
wus submitted to the ratepayers of
the City of Cranbrook cm the 28th
day of February, lull, and was then
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by at least one-fifteenth (1-loth) in
number of the electors who are qualified to vote on the bylaw, has been
presented to the Municipal Council
on the 1st day of May, I 111 1, being
at an interval of not less than sixty
days after the defeat of the said Bylaw, requesting that the Bylaw be
again submitted to the ratepayers
pursuant to Section seventy-seven
(7.7) of tile Municipal Clauses Act.
AND WHEREAS for the purposes
aforesaid, it will be necessary to
borrow the sum or One Hundred
Thousand Dollars (1100,000.00).
AND WHEREAS the whole
amount of the rateable lands and improvements ol the said City, according to the last Revised Assessment
Roll is One Million Seven Hundred
and Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred
and Ninety Dollars ($1,711,000.00).
AND WHEREAS the amount of
the existing debenture indebtedness
of the City of Crnnhruok is One Hun
dred and Thirty Thousand Two Hun
drcd and Nineteen Dollars and Fifty
Four Cents (113(1,210.51).
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council has power lo pass bylaws for
contracting debts, by borrowing
money or otherwise and for levying
rates for payment of such debts ...on
the rateable lands and improvements,
either or both, or rateable real property o f the Municipality for any
purpose within the jurisdiction of the
Council; but (be aggregate of such
debts, except for worksof local improvement and for srlum! purposes,
shall not exceed twenty per cent (20
p.c.) of the assessed value of the
lands and improvements or the real
properly of the Municipality, according to the last lleiised ... resstncni
AND WHEREAS tho present de
benturc indebtedness of tlie City of
Cranbrook, other than the indebtedness for works of local Improvement
and for school purposes is Ninety-Si*
Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy-
Eight Dollars and F, ur Cents (106,
278 01)
AND WHEREAS it will be requisite to raise annually hy rate the sum
of One Thousand Thiee Hundrid and
Twenty-Six Dollars and Thirty Cents
(tl32ii.ini 10 provide for a sinking
fund to pal the said debt and the
sum of Five Thousand Dollars
(I5IMTOISI) to par interest.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal-
Council of tlie Coiporation of the
City nf Cranbrook in Council assembled, enacts ns follows:
1. It shall and may he lawful for
ihr Mayor of the Corporation ot th.
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon
the credit of the said Corporation,
by way ol the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
may he willing to advance the same
as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding in the whole, the sum of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars (1100,-
insi mil and to cause all suck euros
so raised or received to he paid into
the hands of the Tieasnrer of the
said Corporation, lor the purpose
and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful tor the May-
ir of the said Corporation lo cause
any number of debentures to be
made, executed and Issued for such
sum or sums us may be required tor
the purpose and object aforesaid, not
exceeding, however, the sum of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars (8100,-
000 00) each ot the said debentures
being ol the denomination ol One
Thousand Dollars (11,000.00) and all
such debentures shall be sealed with
the seal nf the Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the 3rd day nf July, All. 1)11,
and shall be made payable within
forty years from the said date la
lawful money of Canada, at the offices ot the said Corporation in
Cranbrook aforesaid, which said
place id payment shall he designated
by the said debentures.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest the rate of Ove per centum
(5 p.r ) per annum from Ihe date
thereof, payably yearly al Ihe offices
of the said Corporation in Cranbrook
aforesaid on the 3rd day ol .luly In
each and every year during Ihe currency thereof and shall have attach.
«d to then coupons for the payenwt
of the said Interest, which coupons
shall be signed by tlie Mayor and the
signature to the said coupons may be
either written, stamped, printed or
lithographed. j
5. During   the currency of       the '
said debentures, there shall be raised !
annually by special rate on all    the
rateable lands and improvements   in
the said City of Cranbrook, the said j
sum      of     Five    Thousand      Dollars    (15,000)      lot     payment     6 I
the       said Interest       on       a
sinking   fund    for    Ihe payment  of
the said debentures, and the stun   of
One   Thousand 'Three Hundred    ami
Twenty-Six Dollars and Thirty Cents
(11326.30) for the purpose of creating
a sinking fund for pavmcni      of the
debt hereby secured, making in      all
the sum of Six Thousand Three Hundred   and  Twenty-Six    Dollars  and
Thirty Cent's ($6,330.30) to be raised
annually by special rate as aforesaid
during each of the said forty years.
6. It shall be lawful for tlie May.
or of the said Corporation lo negol
late and sell the said debentures for
lest than par, but In no ease shall
the said debentures be negotiated or
sold for less than ninety per centum
(90 p.c.) of their face value, including the cost of negotiating the sale.
brokerage and all other Incidental
1. It shall he lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders I hereof,
or any part thereof either at the
time of sale or any subsequent time
or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith br cancelled and destroyed and no re-Issue of
debentures so re-purchased shall he
made in consequence of such re-pur-
8. This Bylaw shall take elect on
and after the 15th day of June, A.I),
9. This Bylaw may be cited for
all purposes as the "City of Craubrook Debenture Loan Bylaw No. 8."
Read a first, second and third time
on the 1st day of May, All. loll.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is
a true ropy nf the proposed Bylaw
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the Municipal
Building, Baker Street, Cranbrook,
B.C., on the 22nd day of May, Kill,
between the hours of 0 o'clock in the
morning (10 o'clock a.m. local time)
and 7 o'clock in the evening (8
o'clock p.m. local time).
Clerk to the Municipal Council.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Public Building, Grand
Forks, B.C." will be received at this
office until 4 p.m. on Monday. May
20, 1911, tor the construction of a
Public Building at tirand Forks,
Plans, specifications and form ol
contract can he seen and form of
tender obtained at the office of Mr
Wm. Henderson, resident architect,
Victoria, B.C., at the post office,
Grand Forks, and al this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the cose of
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place ol
residence of each member ol the firm
must be given.
Each tender must he accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order ol tbe
Honorable the Minister ol Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount ol the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department dors not bind it-
sell to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, April It, 1911.
Newspapers will not lie paid lor
Ibis advertisement it they Insert It
without euHrerily Irom ihe Department. H-2
Ottawa, Ont., May I -Discussion
nf reciprocity was resumed in parlia
ment today. Mr. Nantrl. a wmser
vative nationalist, criticised the
agreement, which, he declared, was
unnecessary, as the t'nllcd States
would have been compelled to open
ita markets to Canadian loudstufls
without concessions from the Dominica.
Alphonse Vcrville (labor) Indorsed
the agreement. For many years he
had been president ol the Trades and
Labor Congress ol Canada, and he as
serted there was no foundation fm
claims that Ihr laboring men In the
Dominion are against Ihe agreement
To a mac Canadian organized
laker favors the reciprocity agree
■eat, tMOMared.
. 1.1
. 111
Is the buying
For your home
Intelligently ?
Some housewives, harrassed to
the verge of nervous breakdown
by trivial annoyances, devote no
to the " buying" problem. They
buy when they HAVE TO —
perhaps at "the nearest place" —
when, very likely, better values
and lower prices are advertised by
three or four different stores. The
housewife who does not give as
much attention to a
Study of the
as she gives to other things in the
daily routine that are of half as
much importance, will never find
; I   any real interest in the business of
,.. 1
,.. 1
, .11
, 0 <
,. 1
She knows her " market" as well
as any broker or merchant knows
his. And she will never stop to
tell you how "hard it is to find
anything in the stores nowadays
that one wants and can still afford
to buy." For, to an ad-reader,
that is not such a hard task!
Herald Ads.
■ hi
. >i,
■.. 1
11< 1
line ot the most original ideas In
construction work yet perpetrated un
Spokane buildings is the novel as
well as attractive rool garden which
"Dutch" .lake (Jacob CloeU) and
Harry Bacr arc making on the rool
ol the Coeur d'Aleno hotel The rool
garden Is ti resemble In aim,.si every
detail the hurricane deck of a modern
steamship. Vnd "Duleti" .lake has
not forgotten an) ot the Important
Ginghams 0c.—C. C. s.
As easily cleaned as a china ten
cup is the Leonard porcelain refrigerator,    Made I and Rapids,   the
home of swell goods.—I'ntiuore Bros
W. T. Watson, C.P.R ngent al
llosmci', has been chosen to represent
tin- crows Sesl Pass, from Kootenay
Landing lo Medicine Hat, and Calgary al a convention ol C.P.R
agents and operators which will he
held al Toronto carl) IIiIb month
After ibc meeting In Toronto Mr
Watson will enjoy .1 brjfl holiday In
the old country,
(lingliains flc—C. C   S,
.1. M Howell, a populai drugglsl
ol rireensburg, Ky , u^, ';We use
Chamberlain's Cough Reined) In oui
own household and know it Is excel
1,1,1 "    Foi sale In .,11 dealers    II 1
I!.,ml   value   In    dinner   scls, 112
piece scls,  $7.25 —C.   C.   S.
Collections   ;,t    Cranb k custonn
ofllce for 1 In- month of April amoiuil
cd to $887;l 80, Inland revenue col
lections lor no,nth ol April amounted
In gtO.13.73.
fftngl s Dc.-C. C. S.
Wc have |usl received a fresh ship
meiil nf Popham's delicious big chocolates.—Little and Al,bison.
(Ilnghams 0c—C. c. S.
'tin- Canadian Pacific and Canadian
Northern railways have agreed to
new terms respecting mniiiteiinnec
„i wn) employees, granting them
belter general conditions nnd an In
crease in wanes ol fourteen per cent.
Over 111,11111 -ii an- nffecteil       b)
these  new   enmlltions, emplnyecs In-
Iween Purl   \rlluir and Vancouver.
(lingliains Oc.-C.  C, S,
llol untie candy     20c.  Hi, Sal,11
dot only ,11 The Palm.
Calgarj has |uil sold ovel a mil
Hon ilollats .,( I. per ciml bonds to
Ibc Hank ol Montreal do 10.1 This
is the hcsl price it, the hlstorj ol
Calgar) nnd aboul the lu-si in tin
west Six years ago Ihe same bonds
sold lot 88.
The Kootenay Tcl-pliote Lines,
Ltd., have is.su :cl a new directory
which has been distributed amortR
subscribers. In case any subscriber
has been overlooked, he or she, will
please call op Phone No. 03 and a
copy will at once be delivered.
flood   value  in   dinner   scls,   112
piece scls, (7 25 -C. C. S.
Chief Provincial Constable \ C.
Mini y, who bos recentli tnken rhargc
in this district, was down (mm Ferine during the inch, Inspecting
points In Ho" vicinity, lift for hi me
yesterday.     Mr.   Mint) for     man)
years was , stable al AshcroD   and
conies In Ibis ilist iid highly recommended.
(lingliains 0c—C. ('. S.
.Mi utsi'iTut lime ft nil iitiic, (1 cooling summer beverage, nl Waul and
lie. Ilonoi Judge Wilson returned
colli in Ihe week from the Winder
lucre district, having held eourl nl
YYiluiiT His honor remarked wllh
.,,,,a/,tmt,t ibc remarkable growth ni
Ibal dlstrlrl Settlers of the very
licsl class, a,i' IKiuring in and build
inn operations are going abend ,,n n
large scale
Prints ili.it wash, lis -c c s.
I.ivo man or woman wonted f,,r
work al home, pnytng 12 0  M00
you Have. Than to Crow New.
The tendency lo put olT until tomorrow what wc .should do I inlay accounts for most of the bald beads we
see in tlie front row,
Newbro's. llerpicide stops [ailing
hair mid prevents baldness. The dan-
ilruit germ is destroyed by its use
and a condition of.lieulili maintained
in the hair iliul scalp.
Nearly everyone has hair troubles
ol sonic description which llerpicide
will always correct. Don11 wall until it is too laic.
Il is conceded to be the standard
hair remedy nnd is recommended and
applied by    all the best hair dressers
and hiii'iicrs.
tine dollar si/,' hollies sold by all
druggint8 under tin absolute guarantee.
Send in,- In postage for sample nnd
book about the bull' to The llerpicide
Company, Dcpt. It., Qotn It, Mich.
Heat lie Murphy Co., Mil., Special
per day wllh opportunity to advance Sparc time can he used.
Work not difficult and requires in
experience. Winston, Limited, Spall-
ina Ave., Toronto, om. I0-2i.
Oinghnms 9c—C. C. s.
A man named Clifford Minis, cm-
ployed at Ibc Wiillshurg mill, siis
tallied injuries last Saturday morn
ing, wl'ilst unloading a car of logs
that proved fatal, lie was broiighl
into tlie St. Eugene hospital in nn
unconscious condition and death en
sued thill night. The funeral took
place on Monday, Rev. Ml. Hughes
(lingliains flc—('. ('. S,
For (..ill list of spring and summer
sailings lo tho old country apply I"
the C.P.R. ticket agent, who will be
pleased to give any information as 1*
rates, reservation, etc 10-tf
Ladies cashmere hose, Saturday
only 25c pair.—C. C s.
Lust week end Mr. (I. F. Steven
ion, managing director of Crnnhrook
lubbers, Lid., was n guest of honor
it tin- Fernie club, when 1ic was
roadc ibc recipient of a' handsome
ease ol silver, the gift of the citizens
-ii Fernie to Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson,
.is u mark ol appreciation and nn
expression of regret nt their departure from Ibc coal city.
I.adies cashmere hose, Saturday
only 25c. pair.—C. c. s.
Is there anything in all tills world
that is of more importance to you
than good digestion? Food must In-
.■ntcn to sustain life nml must      lie
digested   and   converted into I,I I
When the digestion fails the whole
body Buffers. Chamberlain's Tablets arc a rational and reliable cure
no Indigestion. They increase the
How of bile, purify the blood,
strengthen (he stomach, and tone up
tbc whole digestive apparatus to a
natural and healthy action. For sale
hy all dealers. U-tl
Prints thai wash, 10c—CCS,
FOR SALE—New tent, ten ounce
canvas, ten hy fourteen, three tool
wall, never been used, cheap. Apply
alter six, 5 Realty's shacks, Crnn.
b k. 1I-2C
I.adies .cashmere hose, Sal in da
only 25c. pair.—C. ('. S.
The Edgewood Lumber company, at
Castlegar, II I', have recently adopted a policy in connection with the
housing of their employees which is
meeting with general approval on
tlie part ot the men. They have done
away will) the old fashioned boarding
house, which has come to he a recognized pail of the equipment of most
mills, , .imp. and mines, and are
erecting in Its stead a number of
attractive three-room   cottages, The
rooms in each collage arc a siltiiij
room and two bedrooms. They nr,
comfortably and hygicnlcally furnish
cd. Two men li\c in each collage
Twenty-night of these buildings liai
already been creeled. The men ha\
their meals in u large hall built cs
pccinlly for the purpose.
The Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Ltd , have issued a new directory
which has been distributed among
subscribers. In case any subscriber
has been overlooked, he or she, will
please call up Phone No. 53 and a
copy will at once be delivered.
(loud value in dilute! sets, 112
piece sets, $7.35.-0. C. S.
A verdict.of 1,7,000 was roturncd
lasl week by tile special jury sitting"
nl Vancouver in the case of Alexander Chirk, nn Injured brakesman, who
brought action ngaiusl Ihc C.P.ll.
foi the loss of n hand while working
for Ihcni nl Spi'iicc's Bridge lasl No
vciuhcr. The case was stubbornly
fought out. Sir C. II Tiippci,
K.C., counsel (ot Ihe defence, mill
Mr. s. s. Taylor, K.C., lor tho
plaintiff, bulb making long and i'l"
ipicnt addresses to the jury. Mi
Justice Gregory in slimming up held
tluii there was nothing lo show that
j there hud been any reason why Clark
I should have been riding on the pur
tlcnlnr freight car where ho received
Ins Injury. He submitted u series of
| questions.
I   Prints thai wash, lOo.-CC.S.
, SEALED TENDERS (marked ten
j del for Sidewalks) will be received
: bv ibc undersigned up till 12 o'clock
j in    Saturday,    May nib, 1011, lor
tbc tonsil net ion of approximately
12(11) led (i (out plank sidewalk on
Garden avenue, from Hyde to Louis
Si ud and 1300 feel on Hurwcll
Wciiuc from Louis to Edward, City
furnishing all material.
der for Cemetery Fence) will bo ro
reived op till 12 o'clock noon Saint
day, May Otis, mil, (or the construe
lion of a Picket Fence at the cemetery, City furnishing all mntcrinl.
Plans and other Information regard
Ing above mentioned work may In- obtained from the office of the City En
The right lo reject any and all ten
iters is reserved.
II. V. Parker,
11-11 City Englneei
The Consolidated Mining nnd
Smelling Co. of Canada, Ltd., n
Trail, ll.C, give notice thai nn till
I2lh day of June, 1011, al eleven
o'cli ck in tin- forenoon, it intends
to apply to Ibc Water Commissioner
at his office iu Cranbrook, for a
license to lake and use twclily-flii
.ubic feel of wilier per second, from
Mark Creek, in (he Cranbrook Wai
er District. The water is to he
taken from the stream about at the
Sleiowiiiilei dam, Lot 3032A and is
to be used on Lot 11828, Mark Creek
for mining purposes and purposes in
cidental thereto.
Tin- Consolidated Mining mid Smell
ing Co.
Hy C, II. Mcliougull, Agent
April 20th, 1011. II 51
Unit we lut I lii apply lo Ihe Chid
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
for permission In   purchase the    tol
Refinement, Style, Character
and Good Building all evident
in our Women's Spring Shoes.
Lace and Button Shoes of
choice leathers on a variety of
handsome lasts.
Oxfords, Ties, Strap Sandals, and Pumps in some
very dainly creations—they're certainly beautiful.
Well take the greatest pleasure in showing our
Spring   Footwear   lo  any  Woman that is interested in
choice shoes.
Phone 2.1
A.  C.   PYE
Good Shoes
Phone 23
loiiing described mill sil". situate' in
Soiilb East Koolenay District:
Beginning at a posl planted nl the
intersection of Un- western boundary
of Lot Number. 800(1, with Ah- rigltt-
of-way of rim kootenay Central Railway; lllenee sotllh 51 chains 11 links
cast, Iwclily-scv, n (37.00) chains,
more or less, following Ihe northern
hotulary of tho Kootenay Central
rlghl nl way; thence north twenty-
eight (28.(111) chnins, mote or less;
I hence west fourteen (11.00) chains,
mora or less, to the boundary ol
Lot Number 51; thence iu a northwesterly direction, following the
boundary of l.ot Number 51, lo tho
cast boundary ol Lol Mimbcbr 80(10;
thence oust (luce t ;i,ii) chains to
the north cast ci run ol Lot Number
3000; iliciuc south lour 11.00) chains
lo the south ens! ,,,111,1 ill I.0|
Nuiiibci :n nil; thence west two (8.00)
chains, no,re or I ., lo lho place ol
beginning, contuining duly (Hi)
iictes, more or less
Tho Bridges Lumber Company.
J. F. Ilridges, Locator.
Haled Ibis 2,HI, day ot Vpril,
1011. 10-111
The? in-idrs storm Inp with our Reflex F.tiR*
(iioienieti) aUi.lut.-Ij prevents water from run*
ninw in tit the front.   Onlv fu'ebutlmifs.  Ankiur
the Fi»h ftrand REFLEX and net a belter
wraiins, b'etter finished, better l.»'kiuft slicker
in rvery way,
Toronto, Canada. 411
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ******************
The Magnet that draws
People to this Store
Is Splendid Values
HERE is a distinguishing character lo the
Clothes we sell. They have Ihe finish lh.it
make the man well dressed.
Quality is   Ihc   finishing  touch  lo each garment
that goes out of our store.
Campbell's and Coppley, Noyes &
Randall's Proper Clothes for
Men and Young Men
New Season's
Just Arrived
Up-to-date  first-class
Paperhang'ers lo hang
B.   H.   SHORT
The Painter and Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
P. 0. Box 33 Phone in
Auction Sale
Tlit- nmlorsignwl Auctioneer Ins
ln'1'ii instructed io offer for anient
the Royal Hotel in Cranbrook, in
tin- Province oE liriiinli Colntnlrifl
at Ihe hour of two o'clock
in Ihe afternoon, those certain premises known as
Lot 6542, in Group 1, in I
Ihc Koolenay District, in
Ihc    Province   of   British
♦ It's a wise head that comes here for ils hat,
♦ No man who puts himself in our hands
1    can go out with an unbecoming hat.
♦ We've'hundreds of Ihcni.
The right size and shape for every man'
and salesmen who can lay their hands on the
proper hat for you.
Every shoe in our slorc possesses a certain
individuality, a certain strength, a certain
saving. We have them in all leathers and
styles, high and low cut; all toes, from the real
narrow to the wide foot-form shapes.
We are showing the greatest assortment of
exclusive styles of strictly high-grade shoes
shown in Ihe city.
Our Hosiery, Underwear, and Men's Furnishing Departments are
bright with everything new. The popularity of the low-'shoes this season
gives greater prominence than ever to fancy hosiery. Our lisle thread
hose with embroidered effects and colored silks are Very attractive.
Our Goods
***************************** **********************
■ i
Builder and
Si-|itir Tanks ami Concrete
Work generally u
; Estimates   Freely  (liven.!',
I'.O. Ho* 346
Cranbrook, B.C.
It)  Lots.  Itlouk i>;  $47-1 eaoh.      Will soil  in  onus.
!. Cash, balance .1, li nml '■' months.
S  Lots.   Block   II;   JS50 ench.     Will sell in pairs.
:l; Cash, balance 3 and (i months. *
These are excellent investments. *
BOX    '287 I
The Vendors have obtained n
ri-j.iri nn the properly from Mr.
II. V. Pnrlter, O.B., Crnnbrook,
anil the Btiuie inny bo inspect.d
Willi his plan or copies obtained at
tin. offices ni the undersigned
solicitors, or the auctioneer.
Terms of sale ten per cent, deposit ai time <>r sale, the balance
in li. ii. nml I- mouths, with inter.
'si. Further particulars anil con-
litiiins of sale will lie made known
at the time  si'   Bllle.  mill   may   he
hail from theunilbrstffncdsolloitors.
Dated al Cranbrook this 0th day
if April, lllll.
Vendors' Solicitors;
Here's a Snap
$28oo.oo Cash
Buys a Fine Ranch
1(0 UOrcs river bottom, first-class
for market gardening or hay
land; Id neres first bench, 1"
fool high, good fruit hind; 80
acres a ml bonch, 60 toot high.
also good fruit land. Ilottnni
land nil fenced, Buildings including lions,■. two barns, chicken house, etc.. as well as $20tK)
worth of standing timber. This
property adjoins Ihe townsile of
Wurihier. f Iwner forced to sell
on ncconttt of ill-health.
Will accept $3800.00 Cash
and give clear title, if sold at
II. A. Woodford.
Wardncr, B.C.
I   TO    RENT.—Largo hascmcat, cnnl
nml dry.    Apply Mux 3, Herald   ol-
I flee.
Atchison's Ranch	
(Ilciiiluy, .1. ('	
Iii'inilli', I,	
Ilaslani, W	
Gucrard, Win	
Viols, IV. C	
Stewart, II. II. .
King, Hi*. C. W.
Crane, Rny R	
limes, .las. It. ...
® ® ® <•> ® ® ®(?) ® ® ® (•» 8 '•
;: East Kootenay      ;
• Butcher Co.
® Dealers Iu
® Fresh and Cured
® Meats.
Poultry, Ciiiiie nml Fi»h
® ' iu Setison.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
® GIVE    US   A   TRIAL
®    ————
i     The Old P. Wood's
® Business.
FOR SALE.—Hoory Worthlngton
duplex .steam pump, sl/o 11x2^x1; in
guild i-iiiitlilinii, price (50.00, iilsn
saw mill machinery.—T, W. Leask,
Cranbrouk. 10-81"
ihe Central  Meat
We are hooking order* for
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Red liggs
for hatching.
Price $2.00 per setting
From   1st  prize   winners   ut
Cranbrook Agricultural Show.
A. .lolilfe, Proprietor.
NOTICE—.'elluiH |,iini|,iii iiie.
OosspbolB nml Trenches Dug,
llm-k Yitr.lH nml Lamia Cleared,
YV.O. nml Cu.h|iou1h emptied,
nl-1, Hardening UOtlO hy \V. ,1.
fleluy, Ciiy Boavenser, PHONE
NO. 358. o|i|>,,iiir KiibIi nml Poor
Factory. • 7-4t


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