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Cranbrook Herald Sep 3, 1908

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NO.  24
»♦♦•♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦»><
Then is nothing now in the strike
.'iimaiioii, lot-all) or uUu'rwisc, but
(here seems to in- ;.n uiidorimrretit ol
fivlinu iliiu steps will soon lit- Utjtoti
iiut wHl bring ahoitt mi nRwemfflit
b.mrcu U» iiuNi null the oomptwiy.
.U there arc m.uij |ii«plr who lu.ve
not tiiul mi "PiHHliiniu to Irani Mie
VJttWfl o( I hi- i-oitlilKlili^ pRttloS, Hit'
lleuld juhils helow a stalemeirl
from iui*ti sMe:
fltORY OF Till-: stuikk
The following review of the strike
of the r, I1. K. mechanics and tine
troubl* which led up to it has been
prepared by the commit tin* of unions
giving their views oi Uic controversy:
As the  mechanics now   out       on
strike I'uift their     position misivpre- g|i
scintd by the I'.iUt.   and mlsuwler- in
stood by the public, it is only   fair
to thtmi that publicity lie given    to
their side ol tin- questions at issue.
The men contend the action of the
cmunany is clearly part ol a
sclteme to .disrupt, organized labor and
is tKMicved to be the initial steps to
give effect to an official's reputed
boast that he would burst every labor
Ijrive the officials the. pick oi the men.
After being persuaded 10 suj    thu»
;bo KCtllll'ULUl Hi qiU"*lKM mudc tin
.LuiupJaint that lie did not lty« bitt
Iook *»i the place do be and sis others were forwarded to Medicine Ma;
tin No, 8 as far as Coleridge- Wtohj
[waiting to he taken to th*
Hat Utej were ridieund and e-AlUM
j "scabs' b) a number oi the train
men. Tins was "bad medicine' fa
(tin union B»n, Hut lie states tlui
'inoti in that position ate no better
'than prisoners, In-inn protected by
special polieeiiM'ii afonwl tin- shop and
at meals.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j     The men  were laKen  H the Hat in
a cattle car and rvn up beside     ibo
lItu iiiaehiniNts {mm one end of     Uw   labor should ever QOQBOtrt to abandon shops.
mad Ui the other went out oil   sUir»u   ajule ul pay owe gtunod.     Titan is I   The nnthsnaa states that When he
mi AtigiiKt ft, at 1U o'clucs. oiUy otto pusmDic answer.     Otsjftuis* storied to w-'il. he was given a lielp-
ine toinpaiiv ale uiiuulaLing      ie-   cd ubut is merely a cuuitHnaboii   oi  er who be   is wre was a Hiukvitin
pni-is iJutt    i be   men are «un»K baos  wage corners,     in the. main uotniaon- jftlieotlvc who was pLieeU with    bint
and    iliai the   vacancies   ate    lilted,   houso men, Lultcsl *uu p|ibli(HH>l riled I to watch that he did no damage    "i
—tlio   plain    people oi out country.'crooked work.
The, rtmluu that nu urtibuml or un- j J It- also states that the enmpanv
just positlou oanuol iw maintained, are at a creator expense tlui.ii b#oro
and skould pot, be. They realize I the strike for they are boa-tdmg
that, when hard   times coin*-,     tiwy [scabs   as   well   us paying   them tin.
rate of wages.     Also tiltat the
men are niereU   putting in the lime,
they know,' they can dcmuwl any-
ihlng they want.
After working live liners the adventurer qtitl and returned to Ijettiftridge
pnnle.l   by   another   machinist,
who, though not a union man, would
t work on learning the trite condi-
m of affairs.
iienc slaleineirls are vouiiury to
icl. The eoinpaity is maKiitg au mill   u.se  ul   lis   pension SVsUlu        by
.suing notices to Hie men on the pen-
ma list to return to work in thv,
mps or lose ilieii    pensions.     This
^_^^^^^^^^^^-__._ cannot esseei to esuipe some   ol tiie
s not say very much tor tiie merits couseqasnces.        Ami if   ineir  share
merely means the abandonment of   a
condition not held essential by  tbem
in all sections of the country, that is
ui their (tension scheme.
Hi,- history of   the trouble then   is
Hint the company tried   all sorts   oi 	
schemes in April last to force      the condemned     by employers as unfair
issue and drive the men to some rasli and that places inferior skill on      a
act.     Instead, Hie men,    by      their purity wilbs uperior s'.-ill, they can-
I'.iin ui cnihlurt, and persistent efforts not very strenuously  maintain    that
ai    settlement,   showed they wanted they should    not make some conccs-
pcaeefut relations with the company if wimi (or Uie sake   of industrial ncace
at ail possible.     At that time    the and the welfare of the community at
company had no regard lor 'the inter- large.
est of the people ot Canada, but were As for the   apprentice question, it
laying themselves out to disrupt   oi- idoes not appear, in A growing eoun-
gnnized labor.      Their httet conduct try like Canada,    to be one of sufli-
vvs an utter disregard lor the pub- oietit importance to justify a strike,
interest, especially in view of t'he We need large numbers of skilled   me-
crop movement   and   prospective ac- elianies' arid the best we can get are
livitv in   the   shioments   ol lumber, those who, through a five years* au-
Auylhing they give out to tile    con- prentieeship in Canada, have learned
Irary is merely designed to hoodwink what is wanted in Canada in    tiu-ii
Hie pulilie and bluff them into believ- particular linft.    The needs of      the
tng    the   men    have no   grievance, country must 'he met. ami if we   do
whereas their very existence as
puked workers is threatened       as
organized labor has never before been
organization connected with the com- Urentoned in the hlstorv ol this rail-
pany's system inside   of live    years.   «
'i'hc company attacked their western
machinists    first, placing last winter
not. train our own boys to meet
them, we must, employ men from
outside, The striking'machinists say
that one apprentice to every five men
men on western lines on short time,
besides discharging a third of their
mechanics. Those remaining in the
company's employ were given an
average of onlv ISO hours' work n
In April the company gave notice
cancelling the schedules ihey hail
nret'iotiH-ly arranged with Mie" mechanics. The men saw the eompnnv was
ImWih (or trouble and with a view-
to having a (air and cipiitahle ad-
jnfitrocnt of their rrlations with the
company they applied for a hoard of
arbitration under the new Dominion
law dealing with labor disputes. The
company sought to limit the investigation of the board to western lines
only, whereas ttie men contended the
aetion *>f the company would not only
affect western hut eastern lines as
well. In this the men were sustain-
el by the board. Beaton on this
score the company retaliate by
discharging ROO mechanics in the An*
£ii«: shops alone, and extended their
noliey of repudiation of agreements to
the eautern lines as well as the western, thus involving the whole system.
When the board of conciliation was
set up and started its inquiry the
men asked that the investigation
should be thorough, and Ihey went to
considerable expense in preparing and
presenting their case, showing clearly
that the position ot the mechanics
was no better than, and in fact not
so good as, prevailing south of the
boundary and in Kurope.
In spite of this the board sought to
alter the condiiions, making the position of the mechanics worse than
they are anywhere else, and contrary
to ihe evWewe clearly presented to
the hoard. Thev wanted to allow
the company 1o alter the schedule s«>
thev could create four grades of
boiler makers—a precedent that is unheard of cither on this continent or in
Kurone. A boitermakcr is a boiler-
maker all Ihe world over, and the
men proved that principle up to the
hilt. The company demanded ttlftt a
sliding scale he adopted and represented that it' would only affect five
per cen1 of the men, hut wlien the
company's proposal was Investigated
it was found that it would certainly
men a reduction in the ease id at
least 70 per cent.
As to the apprentice question, the
nis'tom has licen to work one apprentice to live jifHlWCVmcn The men
nroved to the board That was the
rule, both in Kin ope and \iucrica.
In ttollnanee of, this Ihe hoard divide,!
Ihe universal rule should be alvro ted
in the case of the men employed by
the Canadian Pacific, and that one
annrenHee should he allowed to each
four iournevmen, thus nllowinir an in-
crea'c in the number nf rmnrentlcca
lo 2■*• per cent, of the Iournevmen
cm n toted.
The pilnclnal grlevnnee thus affects
the hollennakeis an I th.' nitostion of
n'lnrcfiiieo*. All oMiei points of
itlffetence can he mrHo*«blv ndtustod
tetween the company  pml the men.
Mo stront,lv do the men feel thnl
■it tnilislice lias h«*« n  done thnn   that
' iH uer cent of Ihe mechanics voted
to reiect the award on these points,
Ihouirn n<> strike u-as ordered till
cvnv effort was ma |p i* Recure nn
vmicahle settlement Thev were told
that as the company's urlnotnal otli
cer«, Messrs, While and MoKleol,
were away, the eomnniM could not
own Hie matter.     In Ihe absence of
Had the railway company   in is enough.    The commission say
view the duly they owe to the" public to four men.      Which is right'.'    it
in a busy full following a severe trade is argued on behalf of the company
and business depression, there would that the ratio of one to five will not
have been no cause for this strife and quite maintain ihe existing' immiier of
it would certainly never have    been mechanics, let alone provide for   ihe
called had the company been prepared demands of a developing country.  It
t.i abide h.v Its agreements or sought is ara'tod that each mar must remain
to make a     reduction in wages com- In active wnrk until the age of forty-
iieusurate    with its loss of business fix. if the numher of iournevmen    N
tilling the period or depression.   The to he maintained on this ratio. This
mechanics are   reasonable men,    and is too high an average, and if      ihe
prepared to  act iu a fair and «|ult- ratio were one to   four the demands
able manner, but they won't    stand of the country's develonnip. jmsinew
fur heiirt; the    victims of   the Bury would not he more   than met.    On
policy   in order that that gentleman the other band, it is almost a nrin-
may make good his rash promise; nor ciple of   unionism to limit the num-
do they believe there is another rail* b«r of apprentices, the theory   he'"'
way organization   in existence today that the few e-in w more tbnrotiahlv
that would not defend its rights    in trained than the many.     Hut     back
the same, manner as they are doing. r\  this, no douM. Is the conviction
They are lighting for a principle tiiat tint the fewer the    iournevmen    th>
affects     every   branch   ot organized higher will he the wages.
lihnr, and behind which every loyal ■--	
union worker will stand or fall.
In this strike the mechanic!) are determined to stand together as one
man, for in proper organisation alone
lies the security tor fair wages and
cipiilahle conditions.
understood to tic the claim oi
tin- cumpau)  that tne unuorm cia&bi-
iicttioii  oi    ail   boiler-masers in un*
tan, anil lias uecn tne outcome ot ti»u
pressure' of business in the west, tn-
aniing lite men to secure a uoiax'ssion declared without
mat   is unreasouable, and not to
tolerated in orrHnary times.     It
puiutetl out thai in the east, in
vngus shops, for instance, ihcrc is ito  able Mr. liruliam
sucn unitocm classification, the   men ways.    The fad
being   rated as   llrsVclass, riveters,
Miondtlass and tubers.     TbOHC four
classes are engaged on different work
,uw\ aiv paid different rates.
in tin- west tltere is one classification, ami the consequence is thai
men engaged on intricate work, call
mil, for ihe highest skill, are paid the
same wage as men who do a much
niteiim class of work.
Now,  if  it cnii he shown that     tit
cents an hour as a minimum wage is company
un reasonable,   public opinion     might
l the strike was justified. Hut
sa> t ha ,^_^^^_^^^^^^^^_
it is claimed that the wage is quite
on a partly with the pay for similar
classes of workers in oUjer. trades,
and is equal to that paid by the Canadian Northern to its Qrst-clasi ma-
Aionireal, Aug. 81.—There is no
truth whatever m the reports thai
meetings of conductors, engineers and
oiher organizations on the C; P. It.,
have been or are being held here, or
in Toronto, to take any action regarding the settlement of the strike.
These statements all emanate from
the same source, and are sent brood-
oast to deter the striking work nam
and those not fully posted on the
actual existing conditions. Strikers
should note that a strike cannot be
^_^^^^^^~^^JarhVtration under
be the I.emieui Act.
is Reports that the Government will
Uw interfere are contradicted by honor-
miuistor of rail-
^^——,^^—,. • arbitration has
bread)' been resorted to, and the delusion was rejected by the men. Tin*
strike followed this rejection. The
company waited two weeks to give
the strikers an opooDlunlty of returning lo work. When thev tailed
to do so, the company proceedill to
fill their positions, and will continue
to do so, until the staffs are completed, a process which is now processing most satisfactorily to the
It is understood that the
railway company has scheduled with
all the oilier unions, and these have
advised the company that their position will be neutral in the present
the same sections of
en Id he shown that
chauue would place in thu
ds <n the employers a power of
rl ml no ting between the men by
uis oi arbitrary classification that
ht prove tyrannical, public opin- |
nik'tit justify the strike on this
ami. The answer made xm behalf
In- cnmpaiiv is that the classifies
i In not to be based on men, bin
duties, and thai the division ot
it     was made In  the arbitration
Kroptoyes of the G. T. it. and C.
X. It. have notified the strikers that.
they will contribute SI per man, or
close on to SMO.itOO lor the present
month iu aid nf the strike fund.
Or, again, public opinion might jus-
tin the strike if ii could be shown
thai Hie new clnssillcaUou was a
blow at Hie Initio principles of organized labor The public as a whole
look upon lnlK>r organizations as the
only effective Instrument the wage-
earners possess for the redress of
wrongs, the advancement of their interests, and llieir protection against
tyranny. Sympathy would flow,
therefore, to the strikers if they
could show that acquiescence in   the
.._      new order of things means a   serious
these two, Vanghan and ftiiailghnossy  blow to the principles of trade union-
were also approached with a view |
settlement,   but refused any
tnrr<; on the naft of the men.
Th's showed the company had
'ntentenii *n discuss n fair settlement
ism. Hut such evidence has not been
forthcoming. If it be true that men
in the Angus shops, engaged on different parts of the various processes
>f    tioilermaklmr,   are paid different
by -ehising to discuss grievances  scales, it would appear fast the tact
 does not affect nnv principles ot trade
unionism, as organized labor is obviously strong in the shops.
Rate of Pay.
Tbi< conclusion that must, he reached therefore, as regards this item tn
the men's hill of complaint Is that
the issue Is simply one of rate of
pay, and (hat    the public baa to de-
with tb* men's renn>si*nta.tiv<(S left
no doimt In the minds of nnv reasonable tfinft that W was not a settle-
rent thev wanted but that this wns
tho stsirtlne Point In an effort on the
nnrt of the eompnnv to disrupt or-
•Mnlzert labor. Tf the eompnnv could
he"t t.V mcc''fo>tc.s their "burstiing-
nn" nolievi would he extended tn oth-
r nrganrzaiions in turn, with a view  termlne whether It will consider
r' bursting un   every labor organtoa- reduction from W. cents to 40 cents
turn    in   their   service    within five of the wages of the second-class men
Ever? effort at
il^thhrldge Herald.)
Tim following is an experience of
one of the local strikers who came up
.rom Medicine Hat on Friday where
lie was "scabbing." The man stales
litai betng convinced that the company were importing men from the
united Slates, he went to Spokau,'
to Investigate lor his own satisfaction as well as to contradict the rumors of the company to the contrary.
He was told that lucre was it strike
on hut that everything was going all
right now, although a few more mechanics were wanted.
Being turned over to another individual bo was questioned as to whore
he had worked and the ciass ot work
he had done.
Having given a satisfactory answer
he was hired and giver, the necessary
transportation. In company with
twelve others be started for Canada.
With them on the train was an individual, evidently an employe of the
company, who pouted the men how
to answer the inspector at -the boundary.
lie coined a. sooarate yarn tor each
vntuony anderson   has kk-
tvrnki) kkum kast-ks-
thusiast10 ovkr
(Victoria Times, Aug. 27.)
"1 am more than over, convinced of
the value of our property since witnessing the development of the Pennsylvania oil fields,." said Anthony Anderson, secretary of the Canadian
Northwest Oil Co., Ltd., to a Times
reporter this morning.
Mr. Anderson has just returned
from a trip to the eastern oil regions, where be purchased a large,
drilling and other machinery lor his
uinpany. One car load of this has
; I ready reached Maclcod, the pott of i
ntry for the district in which the ;
ompany's wells arc situated, and
two more car loads are en route. All
Ibis machinery is of the most modern
type, and when it is on tho ground
nd installed, the work ot sinking new
wells will lie vigorously prosecuted.
The directors have decided that the
company's business demands the pj-es-
uce of a manager on the gtouud, and
. i', .lohns, a large shareholder, has
been chosen lor the position; Mr.
Johns will proceed to the oil field in
:l few days. A proposal from a big
contracting firm to build and operate
a sawmill on the property uud au aii-
n) teal ion for the use of part of tho
magnificent watct power owned by
the company are under consideration.
Mr. Anderson was enthusiastic in
speaking ol the prospects of Uio
company. "The iwople I met bacAt
east," said lie. "could not understand
our seTlthg stock at SI a share when I
told them the amount of our cnoltflH-
mtion, I5flli,0lill and the very largo
area of oil lands which we own   and.
Bitrol, and seeing the conditions
there, one can understand their astonishment. One instance of how
done in Pennsylvania will
Illustrate. A man near Hutlcr saw
ndieations or oil on a certain farm.
Ie approached the owner, and after
■oiisiderable negotiation managed to
el a 21 years' lease of ten acres. He
told or mortgaged all he possessed
o raise money to prosoccl his claim,
and now lie has two fairi< good flowing wells on ihe ben acres. He wives
the owner nt the laud one-eighth of
all the oil and he has refused half »
million cash for his lease. A "roper! y like ours would tie capitalized
for ten or twenty millions, and
neople would lie jostlin' cadi other
i       ' stock at anv price."
"From what I have seen." contin-
ihil Mr. Anderson, "and from what   I
'  >bou1 our nropertc   I hate    no
hesitation in saving it is unite with-
'n the probabilities that Canadian
N'uith West Oil will be selling for S!>
i share hv the close of the present
»ear. The I'nion Oil l*<*.. of Oleum,
i':il.. which recently increased Us
rauitalizatioti from *lli.flflfl,flflO to
nil (Ifift.OOO has declared a dividend
of $2,000 per share in addition to the
regular monthly dividend of 50 cents
a share. That sounds like notion but
it is fact, and as we have the oil,
there is no reason why our shareholders may not been me equally fortunate
in time. Why, our water power
-lone Is estimated to be worth $500,-
000 the total capitalization of the
company. The taft of directors of
the Canadian North West Oil Co.
disposing of their shares is utter
nonsense, as von mav readily   uiKler-
taud after what I have told you.
The idea is preposterous and its best
refutation is an examination ot the
company's share register. On the
oilier hand I may sav. without a
breach of confidence, that certain of
the directors have been having ali the
shares thev could get. Messrs. C.
i'. Johns,'Wm. Turpel and W. Y.
Mei'arter. who visited the company's
property in Alberta recently are
anions these buyers. A few irresponsible people have been spreading rumors and -knoekim?' Ihe stock, offering slum's for sale which they dhi
possess, but these 'Teddy Bears' arc
harming onlv their own reputations."
During his eastern trip, Mr. Anderson visited n great manv oil wells
and talked with manv oil drillers and
nnerators, all of whom coneratulated
him on having secured for his eom-
nnnv the services of D. A. Slater,
who Is recognized as one of the
most experienced and reliable drillers
In IVnnsvlvania. "Dan" knows the
company's proper! v better than anv
one man 11 vine, awl he says ho
the oil is there."    He is now
The members ut the Cautbrook
tmnd are made of the ngiu kind oi
^i di They had a fine organist boa
and by hard work bad brought it to
a degree of efficiency that was a
credit to themselves and to the
town. After carefully looking over
t i.o add they succeeded in securing
Hie services ot bandmaster Dorrison,
who has been Instructor of the Citizens baud of Sartrfa, Onv., for the
past four years, and one who is re-
pognized as one of tho loading bandmaster's in Eastern Canada. Cma-
li rook is indeed loriunaU" in having a
man of Mr. Corrison's ability at the
land of its band, und it is safe to
predict that by next spring the
Croirbrook hand will rank with any
In Western Canada. The Daily Observer, of Sarnia, has this to say of
Mr. I'orrison and his work in Sarnia:
Ita'admaster i'orrison has tendered
his resignation as bandmaster of the
Citizens' band from September 22ml,
owing to his being offered and having
accepted an appointment at Cran-
brook, British Columbia. He hopes
to leave for that town about September 24th, Mrs. Cnrrison and family
will remain at their homo in Sarnia
iiniil next spring. Mr. Corrison has
held the position of warrant' officer
ami bandmaster of the 27th regiment
at Rarnig for the past four years,
and is highly esteemed by colonel,
officers and men of the 27th regiment.
Iff* was bandmaster of Ills Majesty's
Royal Welsh Fusiliers for ten years
bffore leaving; RnghUid in 1901, and
held the same appointment in the
Royal Canwdiam regiment at Halifax,,
N, S., until the termination of the ■
South African war, when the regiment was disbanded. Coming to
Sarnia as bandmaster of tne Citizens' band [n 1901 he showed his ability as an instructor and conductor,
The band, under his direction, has
attained a degree of nrofieiencv that
has earned for it .high romollmonts
[com iudges who haTe heard it at the
annual mHitary eamns, and on occa-
sic;ns such as the Old Bovs' reunion
at London and I'elrolea reccntlv. Tlw
bandsmen who have been benefitted by
his instruction, regret his drelslon to
leave Sarnia and wish him every mie-
coss In his new location.
flftOOK MAN.
fl. W. K. Carter viullwd Midiel last
week and iu conversation with a re-
psesentativc of the Herald, Mr. Carter gave some interesting facts about
that town. Michel, like all other
places in Kast kooteoay, is not
standing still. A new tipple is being built at a cost of between Wtm,-
Otitl and $;iiMi,u(K(. The mine is pro-
dueing 2,0110 tons a day now, but in
a short time will increase its output
to a,000 tons.        Mr. Carter speaks
ry highly of the hotel at the new
(own, which is run by Messrs. McCool
and Moore. lie says that the accommodation and the tablo are second
to none In the country. A now
hotel is being built in the new
town by Mr. Douglas, president of
Ihe Miners' union, which also will he
up-to-date in every respect. Another
thing Mr. Carter spoke of was the
wonderful way in which Michel cscap-
irt being burned, at the time of the
big fire. The flames seem to have
iumped from place to place in the
limber in the most extraordinary
v;a\, leaving the town unscathed.
No doubt -the exceedingly high wind
was accountable tor It. Mr, Carter
has great faith In the future of Michel and expects to see a large city
there in the near ruture.
Michael I'hillipps, of Tobacco
Plains, one of the pioneers of the
Kooteuays, having been here since
the early sixties, was the victim of
a runaway acoident yesterday near
KhVo. It seems that Mr. PbiUipps
was driving a young team, which, becoming excited, ran away, breaWng
up the rig and dragging Mr. i'hillipps along the ground lor a considerable distance. He was picked up
in an unconscious condition and
brought to the St. Eugene hospital on
the train from the east, where he
now lies in a precarious condition.
He regained consciousness for about
half au hour this morning and recognized his wife and daughter who were
at his bedside. His old friend, H.
1,. T. Galbraith, ot Fort Steele, who
happened to lie passing through on
the train vesterdav stopped off to be
with Mr. i'hillipps, when told ot tne
accident. There are hopes of Mr.
jPhillipps recovery, as he has a wonderfully strong constitution.
i »
Some of the sawmills on the main ,
line have commenced the manufacture |
of charcoal. What is the matter
v.ith Rome of the mills In this district doing the same, (in this sub-
;.vt the Uevelstofce Mail-Herald
The manufacture oi charcoal is an
industry which has ln-en but recently
commenced In Revetstoke with more
than ordinary success, For some
time back the manufacture of charcoal out of slit|is and ends, the waste
practically of a sawmill has suggested Itself tn C. K. Undmark, at the
IHg fcJddy mill, who, after creeling
ihe meessary requisites startiii burning Hi a small scale. The success
which these lirst attempts produced
gave confidence, and charcoal is now
tiding made at  the    mill for numct-
hle purposes. Mr. landmark stats
th it ho has an expert in the process
and believes that before very long be
will be ab.e to create the industry.
Kir, hemlock,    sprue.-, n n -, Inilsam,
dar, etc., arc equally well adapted,
especially cedar, which makes a high
lass form of charcoal. The mothod
>i manufacture consists of wood
burned with but little access of air.
Slabs of wood are built into a heap
and covered with earth or sand or
any material to make a solid cover-
; or else in retorts. The heap is
fired at openings left in the bottom
and the passes escape at small openings above. For the making of tine
charcoal for gunpowder, etc., the
wood is burned in iron cylinders, in
which process of destruction, distillation, removes the volatile hydrocarbons pyroligncous acid, etc. thar-
i.-oal is used in the arts as a fuel,
polishing powder and other domestic
ways. It is invaluable as a nonconductor packing in ice house and refrigerator, an Ingredient in gunpowdei
-nd fireworks in a galvanic, battery
mi electric Hgtttj besides in medicinal
;ind hygenie purposes.
Th** experiments now being carried
on at the big t'ddv mill may lead to
the development of this valuable industry and be a source of income to
i ha sawmills.
Specimens of Revelstoke charcoal
were included in Hie timber department of the Revelstoke exhibit at the
Ikunlnion Fair at Calgary recently.
Nojt Monday will bo Labor Day and
tho prople of Cranbrouk toave decided
lo have a celebration. There will be
three baseball panics, as follows:
Moyic   seniors vs.   Cranbcook *n-
Movie juniors vs. Cranbrook guoiors.
Kernie Fats vs. Cranbrook Fate-
There wlH lie a football match between Movie and Cranbrook.
HestrtpR those panics there will be
hose reel races, wet contests, rock
ilrilliiiff, tip makine, loe; loading,
sawing and chopping competition*,
ladies and chiidrens' races. Caledonian sports and a tiiK-of-war. All the
worts, including the ball games will
! c hi-'ld on the race track grounds.
A special train will be run from
Movie for the celebration witi a
lounti trip rate of 80 cents.
Everybody is doias their best to
assure' visitors to Cranbrook on
Labor Day a eood time and, weather
lermKtinff. there is no reason wtv
Labor Day this year should not be
as enjoyable as former Labor Days
have been In this city.
man to make   Mre inspector   bellovc
they were  anrlMm; but what    t»<nv    ...
were.    They were espectellv inntrucl- .knows   	
ed not to sty   thev were ptlni!    to on the    eroiiml    sifrrintendini!   the
work for the C.P.R. Iniacins ol the second plant and    he
The party received one meal on Mie . •.rmnisos    his   emnlnvers some first-
train and the rest ot the time   were einss wells In a verv short, time.
...ffloioyiu, iusHficatlnn tor the strike! !W on h»m sawlwlohes.    On atrlvfim     "You can therefore sav."   said Mr
roasemaWe    and Thls-'V"   •» "-^    ^> hivolv* ttie at Cranbrook Ihey were unloaded and  Aiilcrson In   conclusion,    that, t.ana
equitable adjustment having    tailed, proposiwfc as to   whether organlMd taken over to the sho;is, evidently to dlan North West Oil Is all rinht."
T. M. Roberts, clerk of the
municipality of tec city of Cranbrook, has received a letter from K.
E. Qosnell, archivist of the province,
requesting photOKsaphs of pioneers
(or use at the fall lair at New
Westminster. Those bavins photos
nf this kind should, send them to
Mr, Roberts at Cranbrook. The
photos will be returned, II so desir-
id, if not, they will be kept for a
permanent mhihit at Victoria.
The prize list ot the Nelson fair,
which will he. held on September 23,
54, 25 and 26, has come to band
and is to every respect a handsome
production. The cover is In colors
and was designed by George ilor-
strad, of Nelson, and lithographed by
the Schmidt Lithograph company ot
Portland, Ore. The book Itself was
printed hv the Daily News company,
ot Nelson. All those who had anything to do with the work should be
congratulated on its excellence.
Seven licenses carrying about 50
million of first-class saw log timber,
20 per cent of which is good yellow
nine, close to water on Arrow Ijie.
Good saw mill propositi.,i Ea»y
24-3t        A. W. McVlttte, CrauhMoir.
ttloru Dare alri her vaudeville
company held Uie boards at toe Auditorium last Friday and Saturday.
the entertainment put on was unique
and very good, Mass Dare's singing
t.cing thoroughly appreciated. The
moving pictures were nrstclass and
f. W. Reeves' rendering of such songs
as "Queen of the Earth" atti "The
Holy City" was in every way admirable.
On Monday evening the regular
tiovine picture show opened at the
Auditorium and there is no doubt
but that these will be well patronized dcrlng the tall and winter months.
The films this week were particular-
lv good, among the subtccts being
'Air Ships,"' "The French Guard's
Bride" and "An Artist's Inheritance."
At the Edison the pictures    were
ood as they always are at "the
little show shop at the end of the
street." The pictures ol King Ed
ward at the launching of the Dread-
naught and the suffragettes, drew
crowded houses. Mrs. Devett's rem-
dertag of the illvstrated songs was
as usual thoroughly up to the mark
s evidenced by the encores received.
Miss Georgie Small is hack from
her trip to California and Mexico,
under the auspices of U)e Vancouver
Saturday Sunset, and there Is absolutely no question but that Miss
Small has bad a most enjoyable
trip. "The Sunset more than carried out their agreement," said Miss
Small. "We had everything we
wanted or could wish lor. It was a
delightful three weeks." The £unset
party went as lar south as Tia
.luaiia. Mexico, and en route visited
San Francisco, lx>s Angeles, San
Diego and other cities, taking in all
the sights. Coronado beach and
Santa Catallna Island were points of
interest that were visited, also the
wireless telegraph station on Mount
Tamalnals, above Uie clouds, which
the guide said was a '''ticket office
for airstrips." Miss Small is lull ol
praise for the wav in which the
".Sunset" handled the trip, for the
nartv wit* whom she travelled and
for tho cotintrv that she visttadr, hut
IMP' greatest mead of praise is for the
."eonle ol Cranbrook and tile district, who made the holiday possible
through their subserlotions to the
Saturday Sunset. Before returning
home Miss Small «"cnt a weeV.witm
.Miss Fink, sister ot Mayor Ph*, In
Hy   George   Ashwortii,     Secretary
Cranbrook  Farmers'  Institute.)
From now on is the time that   the
farmer anil market gardener sees the
results obtained from the seeds pur-
L'hascd and sown in the spring,   ami
In man} cases   finds that his crop is
nol what he expected it to be; either
that the varieties he purchased   have
t come   true-   to name, or through
his own fault, or lack of knowledge,
hi- has planted a variety which     requires a ieager time to 'mature   than
local climate will allow,
the i.rst   case, if he is wise, he
will s.e that   noxt year he procures
lis *ctd from a dealer who has    an
indoubted      reputation tor   quality,
.ind in the scooixi, will make empirics
with a    view   to getting   a variety
more suited to the .listriet.
Whilst i' \\..uld be absurd to
..it   the   lacl of   uuving good i	
will ensure a good crop, it it a certainty that i" plant ball seeds will
bring failure in the same way ie
that all high priced seads must
be gi<od, .mil all cheap sends, bad,
,"ouW mil be correct, still, a mo-
nut's thought will show that the
dealer who. throug-h his reputation
fur quality is able to command a
high price for his goods, is lar less
liable lo risk that reputation by
arelessnesD or crookedness, than a
linn »ho have no reputation to lose,
who depend on low prices to
.'.itch trade; a brief study of the
methods adopted to maintain and inv
prove the qualities ol our crops will
Iso show that so much time and
trouble are necessary to do this, that
lie nun who giM-s in for quality must
I necessity be able to get a higher
rice than the one who buys seads
rown in a haphazard way.
Let us take, tor example, the cotn-
lon cabbage, as we know it at the
present day, and the methods by
Which ti h.is been brought to its
ri'st-nt state ot perfection.
This vecetable has been known, ac-
cordiu.; to prot. Bailey, lor about
IdOii years, and, as shown by the
t-iidcncy to revert to the original
ivpe, which is found In interior
strains of seed, was originally, a
stem surmounted by a whorl ot loose
'.eaves, from the center of which
ipr.mg the flower stalk, followed later hy the seed nods.
Some gardener who did a little
more thinkinc. than his felllows, no
louht noticed that one plant made a
bigger head or leaves than the rest,
■.ril saved the seed from this plant
tor his next vear's crop, with tiie
natural resurt' that in all probability
his crop was considerably heavier
ih^n that of his neighbors, and he
would also be likely to find a tew
nts which showfil more or less im-
nrovement on the one from which
he =aved his previous year's seed.
This method of careful selection
arried out through successive generations would in time produce beats
ol such a thickness that toe leaeea
:n the center would be so crowded
'ha' they were obliged to turn inwards, and, lieinc. shielded from ibe
sun and air. would become -bleached
imi thus form the starthw poftrt for
•he development of the cabbage as we
':ik-w it today.
The tn"dern grower of the first
eank is a scientist as well as a farmer, and is eontjm»»lIy on tbe lookout
for some individual' plant which
shows some trait, however slight,
which is an improvement on tb»
usual type, and finding this, exercises
•he greatest pains to permanently es-
abliih such, sometimes with sue-
eess. oftener without, owkw to na-
'ure's continual and obstinate fight
m revert to tbe original tvpe.
He mav raise thousands of seedlings, onlv' lo find that tbe point In
the parent plant which he wisbrrl to
perpetuate, has disappeared in the
oflsprir:*, it he secures one or more
;n which the trait still remains he
has advanced a step towards bis
goal, but only after several generations can he say that he has succeed-
.-•1 in establishing the improvement.
Even then, every year many plants
deteriorate, and the strictest care
and pains are necessary to keep bis
stock true to type, so that It will
easilv be seen that only seed grown
hy the man who makes quality bis
first consideration, can be defeated
on to give satisfaction to Hie man
who has to depend largely on tbe
1'iallty of his seed for the success or
itherwise of his vear's labor.
.lohn Fingall Smith and Mrs.
Smith returned last Tuesday from a
three months' trip to Europe. While
on the other sMs Mr. and late.
Smith, visited ScoMaad, England and
France. In Scotland they visited
many points of interest, including
Edinburgh, Olasgow and Dundee. In
England they spent ten days or so la
London, taking in the Olympic
*ames. in France thev saw the
sights of Paris. Mr. Smith toM tbe
Herald that he would not have mles-
cd tbe trip for a good deal. He says
that it has been an education in itself. Mr and Mrs. Smith were fortunate to return to Canada hi time
to   witness     the great spectacle at
The lots in the town of Monarch,
Alberta, are now on the market.
Monarch Is situated on ihe man Use
of tbe Crows Neat Put railway,
known as the Letbbridge-Macleod cut
oft, half way between Letbbridge a«tt
Maclcod and is tbe center of one ot
the finest agricultural districts in
Sunny Southern. Alberta. Business
lots ire selling at [rom 1850 to 14*0
and residential loti from line to
Sir.o. D M. Ross, ot CUresbata,
AHa., is the owner ot the townsite.
Secretary .lohnson, ot tbe fire department, desires the Herald to
thank those citizens who so kindly
donated seventy-one dollars to tie
| boys of the department, as evidence
nl appreciation of the good work
done In fighting the hush fires the
dav Cmnbrook wan threatened wi™
the fate that held Penile. THE   cliANKfiOOK   II KHALI)
1!   t. WALKER. President
H.U. LAIkli. Gsncral Muwgel
iMiBiisiim itai
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
1 Keserve Fund, -   5,000,000
DRAFTS AND  MONEY ORDERS solJ. ami money trannfcrrad by
telegraph or k"er-
COLLECTIONS made In all parts „f Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and uther foreign countries bought and told. lu
R. T. Brymner, rtanager Cranbrook Branch
♦♦♦♦ ♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦»♦«♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦44XHOOOOO0*
5   oa*y8 September 23, 24, 25,26,1908 dAs   \\
Double strung chairs, 56c—CCS,
Fresh    fruit   arriving    daily.—The
(there.    Miss Davis   will return   to had more than   her share o! sorrow
resume   her   position in the office of' during her p.\st few years in    Clan- '
the Klwtrie Light company. [brook.
P. Uitheson, who purchased the Take a day oil nert Monday and j
Wentwnrth hotel huilrtinR last week ! come to Cratidrook and enjoy the'
ot V. Hyde Baker, is having the1 sports of Labor Day.
rooms renovated and papered and the 1 Engineer Charles Magee returned ;
i'ronl ami rear of the huiMing | iast Saturday from a two month's
Emvtly improved in appearance, ;lrij, to Eastern Canada and tiie New:
Mrs. T. Heel- has returned to   her England States,     Mr. Magee visited
liome in Pernio after sever.il days in 'Boston, Portland,    Maine and other i
.1. M. Agnew, oi Nelson, is in town St.     Ijugeno hospital.       Mrs. Beck  points in the States and was present;
today. Psked the Herald to thank the mem-
A.   K. Waits, ot   Wattfiimrg, is in l*rs of the Reocteati lodge of      this
ho city todav. [rltv for their kindness to her.
Miss Bose, of Munis' Urns., visited |   -Mrs.    It.     F.   Shaw, of Waterloo,
Siiokane last week,
fleortw Harder, ol Fertile, wn
iho city on Wednesday.
WANTED—A packed house at
Viiditm-ium picture show.
LOST—Oold hand hracelet,    Finder
[please return to this office.      24-11*
I   Carload   chairs   coming, _old stock
t Quebec, Miss    [lungerfond, of Winni-
|lice, mid     Mrs.     I.     L, Cross and
Fill'It DAYS' IIKI.AY  IKiltSI". HAt'K
Z Kuglu1 liny, Tlinrsiliiy, Ki.pl. SI.    Chllilrnu'a Hay, I'liiliiy, Sept. 2'> ,,
J For further information or 1'iize List, write ] [
X H. C.  HOKItlS, Secretary,  P.O. Dos 05, Nelson, British Cntnmlita **
::ninj;.     BftC. a chair.—CCS.
|   .1. Btllard and M. Rockwell, ol Juf-
iiray, were In ihe city today.
Try   a     pound     ol our    Saturday
ISpecial, only 27c—The Palm.
When you're feeling blue drop In at
New Butcher Shop & Grain Business
• =
J I liara lioiit-lii nut the liiislatws "I 'Hie Haiiilnkin Moal Cn„ I.I.I.,
• and irlll continue hi mrve all who favor uie Willi their Wailatlm very
♦ i...,i mono; ran bn; In llic In I FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS.   Will    \ \
I    " '!'"'."" " "        ■      ■'       '
J iUUMltltiJi IIIV)
"I HAY CHAIN AND FEED at 'II Hints.   Special
R. KEMP, Armstrong Ave. ||
PHONE 57 P. O. l!o\ 101 < i
If you want THE BEST in *
Fresh,   Smoked   or
Salt  Meats
Call up l»HONE 45 or leave your j;
Orders at ;
The Calgary Cattle Company, Ltd. j
or   111    (illior  won!.,  for llif
refreshment nl guests, some of
lll-Wl h "llr HlflH-CLAM WINES are
 - not onlv desirable, lint essential.
Wholesale Wine Merchant I;
r..."|>.- "^ PHONE   IT
The Cosmopolitan jj
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
i !•*♦-«>• »»♦•«■ ♦♦»»»♦«>♦♦-♦♦-«>♦-♦♦ §j,$■»+■»♦+♦■»-»♦-«>»■>«-»+■«>••« »♦♦♦■»>•'
Hotel & s
Uucmd Umlert t Special.*
Hwed SttWIOf In CmmcIIui
N threat to railroad ami depot.    Hao accoiunuda*
lliins fur  the public  unequalled  in Cratibroofc.
I  llul ami C Old Haiti*
MoKffarth & Uollins
he Auditorium and hear Reeves.
F. .1. Smvth. editor o( the    Movie
Lpiidfr, \\»s in Craithtoota todav.
Mrs. .Iciiiiin^N. ff Fort. Sleolo,     is
,'isltlniE Pranbrortk Irjonda today.
Tht' Crairbrooli Uovors will      ylny
ootliall nt Nolsnn on halior l>ay.
A rurlfwd of hrickoMK and nut roiil
now in.     'Phono 66.—W. V.. Wordon.
WANTED—A  RCTveral st-nant.   Ap-
lily Mrs. Brymner, Lumaden Ave.
it   |   Mrs. Sawyor, ol Marysvillo,     was
l^ii|iinn in the otty one. dav      this
Airs. Tallin and baby, of Uit/vUle,
Wash., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. .lohn
OfTlcor MoLeoii is taking a lay off
.»f ten days and is hunting and fishiinfi
al  Yahk.
I'Mison Theatre i'a.: ('an replace
stolen t'liairs at $7.5(1 prr doz.—
i". C. S.
Miss Mauiluc Short, accompanied
lior grandpa rents to Gladstone, Man.,
last  Friday.
tfeti the news of the eampaign. The
llcralil from now until November HO,
1008, for 25c.
See our "New Century" Washing
machine, it makes washing easy.—
I'alrnore Bros.
$U».Hit reward. Hold on to it and
replace stolen chairs at VM pet
.lo/.-C. C. R.
Mrs. ,1. S winner ton mid two
children, of Maoleod, arc the guests
of Mrs. T. Doris.
Take a day off neirt Moadav and
come to Cranbrook and enjoy the
•quirts of Labor Day.
To clear out the stock I will sell
oats for $;i(i, timothy for $23 and
wheat for $36,—A. C. Bowness.
1 General Superintendent Price uul
:Mauler Mcehanif! Woodbonse, of Cal-
'•ary, were in the city today.
The Fink Mercantile Co. have ar-
'langcd with Wm   Hamilton to haiidle
■ all his home made jams and jellies.
We have an employment bureau and
' ii    baggage   storeroom.     Rates rea-
,«mahle.     'Phone fiti.        W. K. Wor-
]   The    niaohlnlsts     reetHved      their
■ strike pay yesterday and the pay for
Jihc enrmen will   be here in a     few
■ days.
I K. -J. Lewis, of Cork, Ireland, is
(in the City and is looking over the
iilivlriet   with n view     to taking up
Have you spent an evening at the
Auditorium?     If not, get. busy.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Atchison are
expected to return from California
next week. Mr. Atchison is very
much improved in health.
Mrs. Main returned home tbe first
of the week from a visit ol two
months with her sister in Southern
Oregon. 6
Mr. and Mrs. Burton have sold
their house on the hill ami moved
into the new house opposite to the
English church.
William Cameron and wife left last
week for an extended tkip throughout
Uie etist and exiieet to be absent
.'bout three months.
New songs and the best, and latest
pictures now on at the Auditorium.
Lumbermen arc complaining ot a
woeful lack of cars at this time,
which is proving a serious handicap
to them in their shipments.
ft. M. Blake has bought out the interests of Mr. Uogers, his partner,
in the Cranbrook Cafe. The transfer
took place last Saturday.
Isaac Buret), of Wvcliffe, accompanied by his family, left last evening
for his old home at Grantsville,
Minn., where he will visit for a
To clear nut the stock I will sell
oats for $3ti( timothy tor $23 and
wheat for $36.—A, C. Bowness.
Miss May Wilson, of Calgary, a
trained nurse, has come to make her
home with her brother, W. H. Wilson, and practice her profession in
Ibis city.
A special meeting of the K. of P.
lodge was held last Tuesday evening
fur Ihe purpose of conferring Whs
three degrees upon James McNeill, of
Double strung chairs, 55c.—CCS.
Krnest ft. Butler, of the architectural firm ot Hodgsuu A Bales, t'al-
gary, is in the city today coirterrvng
with (j. T. Brymner, of bbc Canadian
Hank of Commerce.
Ohaa, Parker, the Cherry Creek
rancher, was a Cranbrook visitor to-
tav. Mr. Parker brought in a number of tine voung chickens and says
be lias many more un his ranch.
(let in line ant follow tbe    crowd
o the Auditorium picture show.
Chief of Police Dow arrested A.
Freeman at. the station yesterday on
a charge of forgery. Freeman is
rrom Nelson and is held under warrant, charging him with forging a
Double strung chairs, 55c—CCS.
W. V. Jackson, the well known
nursery stockman, was in the city on
Monday last. Mr. .Jackson is the
man who made tjje trip from Cranbrook to Gt>lden on a bicycle this
Conductor D. J. Mclennan has
sold bis residence on Bakyr Hill to
II. Stewart, The consideration was
$1,556 cash. Mr. Mcl*mmti will se-
cure a residence nearer to the railway station. I
j daughter of Fumhnm, Quebec, left
,. Ilast Moadav for their homes after a
ino pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. W.
IT. Wilson.
R. X. Rogers, better knnwn as the
"Believe Me Kid," who is as happy
as nine million dollars, is now on
the staff of ihe Royal hotel. Mr.
Rogers ii a gentleman with n pleas-
ing persnialitv and a very entertaining manner.
Oct th« news ot the campaign. The
Herald from now until November 30,
1668, For 250.
Tbe iow "S.\SK-ALTA" steel
range is breomlnir a groat favorite
and Is proving itself to he ihe most
modern and labor-saving range on
•he market. Let us show you one.
[Yffli will 1V another tn lie delighted,
-Patmore Bros
Edison Theatre Co.! Can replace
stolen   chalts     at  $7.Till     per do?.—
o. c. s.
Mrs. Ri ». Benedict, Miss Benedict
and F. M. Marsh were in the city on
Saturday from Mayook for the pur-
noso of seeing Mrs. F, M. Marsh and
Mrs. ft, M. Marsh off to their borne
In Minnesota. These ladies have
licon sending the summer al Mayook.
Rock View lodge, No. IftS, give n
social ami dance on the evening of
Thursday, Scptemtier 17th, at Carmen's hall. The ladies are making
overs preparation for a pleasant evening and those present will enjoy
themselves. The price nf admission
will be It.
Double strung chairs, 55c—CCS.
Vint buy a range, not only for i
few years, but to last a lifetime
Why not get. the most labor-saving
and efficient? We can prove to vour
satisfaction that the new SASK-
\LTA range is the best on the market. "There's a reason." For sale
by Pat more Bros.
There will be a meeting of the
I .ilietal-Conservatives of Cranbrook
and vicinity on Friday evening, September the 4th, at 8.45 p.m. A. F.
(ioodeve, candidate for the Dominion
bouse, will lie present and address
the meet inn;. All Conservatives are
requested to he present,
To clear out. the stock 1 will sell
oats for $M, timothy for $23 and
wheat for $8ft,—A. C Bowness.
There will he a meeting ot the
Liberal-Conservatives of Cranbrookt
and vicinity on Friday evening, Se)i-
tomhor the 4fill, at 8.45 p.m. A. V
ftoodeve, candidate for the Dominion
bouse, will he present and address
the meeting. All Conservatives are
requested to be present.
There will be a meeting of the
I.theinl-Conservativcs of Cranbrnoki
and vicinity on Friday evening, September Hie itli. at 8.45 p.m. A. F,
ftoodeve, candidate for the Dominion
house, will he present and address
the meeting, All Conservatives are
requested to he present.
Double strung chairs, 55c.—C.C.S.
Al, Doyle has made a great record
raising fall wheat this season. lie
out in six acres a short distance
north of Fort Steele on dry bench
land and secured a yield that averag-
fd forty bushels to tbe acre and of
ihe best quality. This demonstrates
that Ihe land of this district is all
right for agriculture.
OH tho news of the campaign. The
Herald from now until November 30,
V-ma, for 25c.
Tho Lower Kootenay Indians resented the idea of the government
building a bridge across the float
river near Creston and pulled up the
stakes set by the surveyors. Indian
Agent flalhraith was called there and
hold a conference with two of the
chiefs and soon set matters right.
Archie Vroom left today for his
ranch in AHwrta, where he will be
joined next Sunday hy Mr. and Mrs.
VV. Burton, and the partv will proceed
at. once to Watson, Saskatchewan,
where the two gentlemen have purchased a general store and will take
possession on the 12th of this
fiet in vour coal now before the
his rush. Phone fifi.-W. K. Worden.
It. Kemp, who has heeii head cutter
fur the Dominion Meat company tor
Ihe past two years has bought ihe
business and will conduct it in the
future. Mr. Kemp will make a success nf the business ns be has made
place for himself In the business
circles ot Cranbrook and tbe people
•Mison Theatre Co.: Can replace
stolen   chairs     al  $7.50    per dew.—
c c s.
Cranbrook 1ms liecn full ot strang-
ess during the last few weeks. Every
one of these are delighted with the
Cranbrook district ami are all inquiring as to the resources and possibilities of the district. This is how
,Cralvhrook and the country surrounding the citv get to be known nnd its
resources made famous,
Wm. Hamilton's pure home made
red currant jelly at Fink's Pure Food
ftrocery. ■
The airties in thu Royal hotel has
been moved about 100 feet by W. E.
Worden. This was an intricate piece
of house-moving, as In one place
the building bad to he ta'i'tt between two others with only two
inches of lee way. A. II. Ncshitt
was in charge of the work and he has
undoubtedly made a splendid ioh of
Charles Magee has one of the
handsomest gardens in tfce^tty at Ms
home on Bnk.
finest show     in      hw«hji/ jh-wn iu vtiwi-   iir,i_|n;,.
brook mav    he seen in   Mr. Magec's   ;3Sr
garden, and   his Honey Locust hedge ">l|Trn
is a wonde
feet this
tifully kept, and add greatly to    the
apiiearance of his place.
Double strung chairs, 55c.—C.C.S.
Mrs. H. M. Pcttet received the sad
news on the ftth ot the death of   her
at the Quebec celebration where, he
says, hi' was introduced to the Prince ;
of Wales. Mrs. Magee will reamiu !
in Portland visiting friends for some
two or three months more.
Ret the news of the campaign. The I
HcralH from now until November 50,
1908, for 35c. j
.1. A. McMartin, of the customs !
otlice at Revelstoke, is taking Harry
White's place during the hitter's ab-
simce on his vacation. Air. McMartin, besides being a very competent
custom house official is a great dog
fancier and has with him a
ten month's old pointer, which would
Im- hard to lieat in anv man's coun-
Mr. White left yesterday for a
trip through tfoe prairie provinces.
Take a day off nert Monday and
ome 1o ('ranhrook and enjoy the
sports of Lubor Day.
There is an apple tree In the front
vard of .1. ft. McOalluin, The
apple tree was laden with fruit, but
ome vandal came along and, not being content with trying to taljp the
fruit, broke the limbs of the tree.
Such acts as these are of the meanest
kind, because the perpetrator ot them
cannot lie found out and bis work is
such that does him no good, but
simply plays havoc with tbe owner ot
the trees.
T. J, Skinner and T. A. tlatfielid,
two of the leading capitalist's of Calgary, stopped oft last Friday on their
way home from the trip to the coast
to take a look* at Cranbrook and
spend a tew hours with their old
friend, .lames Ryan. They were surmised to learn of the fruit possibilities of the country around Cranbrook
and were loud in their praises of the
fruit thev saw growing on Hamilton's ranch.
floods promptly delivered to nnv
■tart of the citv.—The l*alm, 'phone
W. E. McDcrmott, operator at
Brockett, is in the city on a wcetfs
vacation, accompanied by his sister. Mr. McDcrmott was operator at
Brocket fi at the time ot the accident
there some months ago, and although it was reported at the time
that Mr. McDermot bad jumiied over
the boundary line, he has continued in
the service of the C.P.R. all the
time and was in no way to blame for
the smasbup.
Double strung chairs, 55c.—C.O.S.
(Jus. Theis has been In town 1h<
past week enjoying a rest after the
work on the hydraulic at Perry
Creek. There was a clean up o! Uie
work done this season, and althoucb
there was only a few men employed,
the results have proven verv satisfactory to the company. E. J.
Hovnton, of Lacrosse, Wis., one of
the stockholders, has been here for
the past few weeks and left last Sunday for his home.
To clear out the stock I will sell
oats for $3fi, timothy for $23 and
wheat for $3(1.—A. C. Bowness.
Tbe Rev. W. L. Hall and wife are
at the parsonage for a rest. Mrs.
Hall has been suffering from the
strain of overwork in connection
with the late Fernie disaster, and
was very sick at Waldo, where she
has been visiting. She will remain
here ior some time and it is hoped
the Cranbrook air will completely
restore her to health. Mr. Hall
reports a busy city in Fernie, everybody liard at work" to get things In
shape for the winter.
Carload chairs coming, old stock
going.    55c. n chair.—C.C.S.
A. M. Andrews, for several years
accountant at the Cranbrook branch
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
left on Tuesday for Winnipeg, Man.,
where be will lie stationed for awhile.
There have lieen verv few men who
have lived In Cranbrook whose ih>
parhire has caused more sincere regret on th" part of th?lr friends than
that of Mr. Andrews. Those who
had the pleasure of bnowlng him
well were his l#st Merits nnd all
wish him everv success hi the future.
Double strung chairs, 55c—C.C.S.
Walter Haynes, of the Fernie Lumber company, was in the city this
week on business for Ms firm. Mr.
Haines savs that their company will
lie ready for business within a month.
They have several carloads ot tnaotdn-
tv delivered which was ordered hv
telegraph the day after the Are and
more on the wav. "Sandy" Mc-
Dongflll is not the man to sit down
nd fleure on his losses In case of
disester.hut believes in taktne time
by the forelock nnd ect'tW down to
business as soon as possible.
Carload chairs coming, old stock
going.    55c. a chair.—CCS.
J, McSweyn returned last Monday
from an extended trip to eastern
points and reports a very pleasant
time. Mr. McSweyn savs that when
the news arrived at Toronto that
Cranbrook had been burned the guests
H the WnlhjT house were Greatly exited and everybody was asking him
for the latest news. He telegraphed
Mayor Fink and when tbe welcome
news arrived that Cranbrook was all
right Ihe telegram was placed on the
■11 in the hotel office and was read
bv hundreds of neonie. A. K. Leitch
and Miss Ella Leitch will not return
for two or three weeks.
Carload chairs coming, old stock
oing.    55c. a chair.—CCS,
Tbe Rev. Main Is at Nelson attending tbe semi-annual meeting of
the Kootenay Presbytery this week.
Mr. Main writes that very encouraging and optimistic reports haw ■been
received from all the fields. The
Rev. .1. D. Miller, of Nanaimo, moderator of the    British Columbia Sv
tal,I 5ill Pe Inns the wA- WM P1***1' an" ****** thp
trf^^C»'Pw!*',t(rf wit* sI>wlal reference to
■ hi *Z ii "Mr Lai's Mull* "• **«*« Presbyterian
nd hsl£,,cv iSat hedge jjj* F>ven thousand dollars 1;
ler, bavin* grown fully three 1"ll^las^lo *?L™ V?1!?1"!! iMS
vh ifl« inwns «re twau- wmc* if is ho,wrt {hRi 1h(* British
lu-* iiS 52BLBI1    <L Columbia Presbyterians will      raise
Pres-bvterians will raise
M.000. The Cranhrooki contingent
donatril $50.
,4' £* •> •«•♦•■ •♦•■•♦♦♦
oldest, sister.   Mrs.    fleorge Oordon. ! -—
She is survived by. a husband,    three,   AU accounts against tbe Fernie re-
children and one brother.     All were lief committee must he prcswited to
Mrs. Davis and family leave      to-!present-  when the    end   came except   .1, F. M. Pmkham,    treasurer, on or
morrow for Atherni. V. I., where bhev Mrs. Pettet.    The sad news was   a before the (Wh of ills month or they
will join   Mr. Davis, who is located severe shock to Mrs. Pettet, who has will not be paid.
i I
Imperial Bank of Canada:!
REST -      -     -      .      .
Savings Bank Department
Intf rest allowed on Deposits Iron, date of deposit
Cranbrook Branch ■. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. i;
OftVv tlu* I'oilowinw Simps fur i|iiiok Halo,   Suml) cash
iiiul moiiililv puyini'iilK ma In- tirnmgeii.
5-R00MED COTTAGE - $900
Nrar Suhool.   Only r ntly uuill,
6-R00MED DWELLING, $1600
Tsvn Kiorv.   On Rnlior Hill,   All Mortem Improvements
We hnve a few Houses l<> Let,   Call unl see our List.
Beale  & Elwel!
miirti'  li,v   the Coinpnnies we represent ufler Hie
Ki ti.if- Kiru
Satisfied Every Policy holder
Yihi iiiiiv luivo it lire lo-uinrrow,   Slit
ARNOLD t&   R0BERT5 i|
Fire. Life and Accident Insurance
A. C.  Bowness i
Wlmlewilc Dealer iii
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
We   reeommeml   I1.  Dawson's   SCOTCH   WIIISKIKS us
the best.' Ami Moleher's HED OROSS (ITN.
All other elioiee brands kept in stock.
AQENT   FOR   T.   LABELLE   &   CO.
To clear for stocktaking, we will reduce the prices en tints to
flXi.OU; Timothy, $28,011; Wheat, $!lli.0l>.    Strictly spot easli.
A number ul Bain anil Chatham Second-hand Logting
Trucks. Just the thihK for Tie Contractors to buy.
For particulars apply to
The East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
New MuiiiiKOllielil hnprnveil In Every Way
Cranbrook,   Is. C.
lil'ST. ANDKIiN. Proprietor
Our Motto: "The llcst is Ni Too flood."
»♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< i
W. 6. BAROOtn
We have lots of Milk and we are bound lo gel rid of it. .Prices:
I pint per day  10 quarts for 91.00
1 quart iior day   II     " 1.00
2 •• ■•      Id    •• 1.00
liiidlon     ••            Ill     " 1.00
'-' gallons and over per day    II     " 1.00
I'ream, per quart, Win ; rates for larger qumitities.        i
Skim Milk  2fi quarts for tl.oo
Biittennllk, when wo have it  10 cents |ier ipiart. ,,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦^ I'llK   UKA.NBKOOK    UEKALtl
P. O.lBOX 33
ui.'ide ul' pare materials, mixed
with skill governed by experience, applied liy thoroughly
eoinpctonl ineohnnies, STAYS
The Practical Painter and pocoratui'
If you stop here once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit  Calgary   again.
Proprietor ♦
Try a   Case of
Two  Do/en   Pints   $2.50
,l<]|iiiil  to QuiiiiiuBs'.   Tho fiitust  buyurago on  tho  nmrkot
for family ami t:iI»r*? uso,   Imparts vigor and
ht'.-ikli. ami tonus up tho body generally
Brewer, Oranbrook,  B. C
Wentworth Hotel 1
COHHCTT k CO.. Propria
I!. C.
Tliis is lliu lintel that the)' ulk iilnait.
Wlmnra "Ilicy" V
.     The people.
1"«i i"«. ra
Why ilo" Ihey" talk ? Pi
On account ol the e I  ids, the > lortnlilo n 8, II seel- RJ
service, an,I the cnnlial.cin nils, trailiuual uccnlilcil lo nil.   Km a Pj
I ill Die Weiitwurlli iiml ymi become a IV worlli I ster.   Try It. fji
1 Canadian Hotel |
mi  - ©
£$ One of the pioneer hotels of t-ran- J§
JgJ brook.   Warm rooms, good meals jg
jj and a bar stocked with the best £•;
sa 55
I Joseph Bra\ih, Proprietor I
m m
■ ♦                                                                             .         . a
:Be(. to iinnoiiuco thai  they arc now open to u;|\*o estimates *
_    f.ir V intrncis. Iiirne m- -mall     \ll our quotations are reason- ♦
,-ililf, anil iMtliiic  Inil  lirsl class work,     let us quote ye
:   for your Iniikli
.<.,„ i,
al eouiparu our |jriees with all others in   ♦
# ,,.,..„ 4
***************** ***** **********************
♦ ♦
• Now anil Hlrtotly FirsUOlnss Tgi.ki'Honb 208H     *
t      iVmorieairl'lan, SS.'iO per ilny u|i *
I !
('has. 11 utTNUV, I'ropriotor.
Murphy <t Fisher,
PiiiliivuicnUrv,     Dcpartrarutiil    ai 4 ,
..  Patent Office  A»>0ls I    lisdium     took a   slump  Hiis  iw
 -r-'  I  ■ item M.tsii.iiiin |,n ounce to H.ilO
Practice before RMMaj Bumlisioo .'|Wl- , J!1'? '» » wvie Mciw lo liolf
Cliaries M„,pl,». Harold Pislier. *" "' ' " SW» «v>'l,n,.
-|    Tfie ,Ulllt«l   Slat. , .ileclinie   lire "
in ejtment.    p'.mr men were klllnl o
llieetilr.'   Ill   WnCII,   T«Xni
•■m      Cor. Hoy ur im<l Conlmu 8ls,   ,, ,,      ,
|       „..,.„,„■ |. H s,       Vancouver, B. L. 5
1 I
I   Dezall's Livery, Feed and
Sale Stable
\ '<  Fine Drivers, Handsome Rigs and Comfortable Stables
Automobile for Picnics, Hides and Trips to
surrounding towns
********************** ——~ .>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
i E&JUa.i*../7k..-k ! -I   JUNK   FROM THE  t
: Presbyierwn Cburcb: \ |    scrap pile    :
| S*ATED_SERVI&S       f|| SOME   1^™.,.   n j
♦ Sunday mmiiing service al II ♦ ; i    J"1^^"1T' •
• Sunday   evening    service   at ♦    It wH) s0„„ ,„.   tlme ,0 „lhlk  „,
:» i..10 oclocK T „.!,.,! Invami. „| ]|1S, winters awning ;
Sunday      School   and    Bible * !"i Uie skin.
•>        Class at 3 o'clock-' ♦;   'i
T: Toe man is now abroad in the Ijal i
T who shakes tee voter's hand, awifi
Z shakes ihe voter afterward,
********************** ,        —- j1
I clean lialik hill cainpaicn has licen I
 started in Ontario.    II is periodic in'!
the cent belt.     Imagine Ihe Ontario
auaaaaaaaa>aBaDaaaaiaaaaaaaaa>a sawses agitat-int; fur    a olean lunl.
I a hill,   ivlicn    they have    mst ikum
i lires'f    Nol on your lite.
i iiriic    neai nabltatiou,
<*ITn il.iiMi-lro'lilcn iraini' l,i
I 111.'I he
anil  I
ii nA
,1 lie
II     llillll.lc
ie:-. iiehl   l,n
id hand ol  u ,11 I
Presbyterian    Gnihl, Tuesday,
at 8 o'clock
_J __w nrs
■eh the   ihriies    el a provtocto
when    the Tories circulate*
it  lliev
in .she
If ctevhaeks were RreenbtoVe,
(here's an hotel nlont; ibe Crow lin
worth It's weight In diamonds.
Orgsobnt Loutui No. US .
Cranhrinik, It. 'C.	
Meets cvcit 2ml niyl -11ti Tuesday at', (iall> f>n,to,'loi is K0'"", ",IKwl V'M1
' ii.in. at Fraternity Hall. 'I1™?8 "'"   l""""k- .as " llns «* ettcr-
,.,   ,, .i„|,„so„, o. 0. ff* »ml I'WWresslve    council,    Al
.1    I.   Waller   K    nl It   &8       jlhe last   ineelins ul the villmic loan
Vleltiiig  ercthtM  enntiaUj lavifcl J 00 »'as voted, lor permanent    to
tu alt*Dd. iinoveliicnls.       deal   is     Ihe eoppe
I.O.O.P.    key Clly LoiUc
l"/i  .>;-'- J Ti    "l>:   <3:   Mee" ",r>
■«c2-;iC?~f:-J'  Monitay    nisht     >t
New     fraternity   Hall.     Sojourn*
ing OddfelloWH coriilatly Invited.
V. S,  Lldiliconll, Win. Harris.
N. O. Sec'y.
Lmnhrouk Lodge, No. J'
A. V. t A. M.
Reicnlm 'iieetllitf. „e
the third Thni.UM
ot eveiy  month.
VisltlDR hr.-tl.eu welcomed.
S. If. Hosklns,'W. M.
13. W. Connelly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at I
p.m., in Carmea's Hall.
Tims. Colo, W, P.
Olias, Smith, Secretary,
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
The Winnipeg Tribune says: "Coal
will he emil this winter." The Won,
Hill wl ver heard ,,f coal lain" hailed bav, scrap iron, baby cnriiagcs
.or ham and eggs?
I Notwithstanding the heavy rains ot
I last week. Pernio was dry. At pre-
| sent Fernie is a good place for the
booze artist lo steer clear of, as it is
Impossible to gel a drink in anv ol
tho life-saving stations lor money,
chalk or marbles,
The large crops in Alberta this
year, with   dollar    wheat in sight,
will Induce manv tar s to    make
substantial improvements. Thousands of new houses, barns, etc., will
Ire erected, and the lumber companies
of East Kootenay will enjoy tho
prosperity ol the tanners ' ol the
gopher belt.
Threshing in in full swing on the
(arms ot Alberta. Thrashing will
also soon he one of Ihe industries ot
our public schools.
A Coasl Tory paper says: "Oood-
i'vc is a III lo i shot in Kootenay."
Quite true The ex-mayor (or dark
horse) will get 1 vole to Curtis' 10.
Meet at II. ol I.. F. Hail 2nd   .ml
tlh Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren uIwavb welcome
.1. B. I.arrigan, W. M.
John McLnughlati, Hec. See.
"Hilly" Iioss, M.P.I'., Fernie, made
ibe remark that if Ihe provincial government dlil not assist Fernie In the
way ol a loan, he would resign bis
seal. While in Fernie Mr. Mcllride
snill tbe government could not see its
0.71 way clear lo help build homes to
shelter the manv thousands made
homeless on August 1st. So fnr
i"Hilly" hasn't  resigned,     lie slicks
Barrister) Solicitor, Etc.
''UANimuoK.imrnsii coluubi..
*    Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    *
Public, Etc. J
«i    Cranbrook,     -     -     B. C.    *
« i
»'••»•>■*<*\* ■ ■*.v.-■»*■» »»#.ti"  ■•it
DRS. KiiNO & liRl-EN,
Physicians sintl Surgeons
Offloa at Hrsideaee,  Armstrong  An
Forenoons' - - - - ii.oo to in.no
Allernoous - - - 3.011 to   4.00
Eyonlngs - - - - 7,:io to   s.ao
Sundays - - - - 2..10 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :: ::    ::    B. C.
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   Op in.
7 to   8 p.111.
Oflice ill new Held Hindi
CRANBROOK        -      -       - B. C
* ""
to his seat like
lunch counter.
a tramp to a free
i '
* l> II  Hoi
* Tel   No. I... .
Cranbrook, B.C.
nt'nil Dircptur
I'hona No.
■NPIMMIM                                       MMM  '
Mniitrmli Boston »ntl Tornn'o
pi '\ PI »•■■■; IH S Mil' NOTI Ml
l'.0.1ln*iWt NKL.SON, II. t;'
The lirsl fiun in Uie Dominion
L'loctlons was fiml al Sjilncv last
week by McBiUle ft Co. It was a
nun e«n and no one was hurt.
The State of Kansas pays members t>r the legislature 975 a session.
N'o wonder the constitution nf the
stnto Is called the "Work nf Idiots."
Kansas has also been tho home ol
many freaks, Carrie Nation, Colonel
Mary Leask, lockless Simpson, etc.
The tiro fighters have all returned
home. Tn a large majority it was
,i paying summer vacation.
Who ran In help me when I fell,
Ami tlitl some pretty story tell.
Kissed the spot to make it well
My mother.
1 Now.
Who ran to help me when I fell,
J \n:| threw me in ;i dismal cell,
Told the judge, was raising hell
Cory Dow.
I .The above com was handed'The by a
voting man who applied for a position on the Herald's obituary staff.
!   That generous corporation, Uie   C.
jl'.R., who arc always crying "Canada for Canadians" is sending      nut
[from Montreal one thousand Italians
to help, so the wires state, repair
the damages done by the recent forest Bros around Fernie. At present
the Crow' line has about as much use
fnr ttne thousand dagoes as a frog has
for a piano, as there are thousands
of idle men in this section,
f'olonel R. T. I,.wy, the saac oi
Greenwood, is lecturing in the
rent belt on "A Stack of Dines, or
I lie Difficulties nf Making n four
Flush Win."
"Ted" Roosevelt, proshlcnl nf the
United States, is talkim: nf g&lng lo
South Africa fnr big game. No use
■ -.ling so far. lie should oomo to
East Kootenay. The kopjes, twelve
miles west of CranbrooV, near Watts-
liurtr,. is as alive with bia name as a
due \s with Boas. Here .you can gel
*lw big black, brown and silver Up
hear, deer, gont, wildcat, couirar,
timber wolf, etc. If the prestdenl
would visit this district, he wonVI,
upon his return, gently warble lo bis
friends, "She's fine and dandy"."
"Wattsburg has no ministers, and
therefore requires no policeman or police judge." That's what a resident
The price of lead has none up. This
is probably due to tbe opening ol
shooting season.
Tin* coming Dominion elections
promises to be free from mud slinging. The Tories have no mud to
•Ih'rmv, ami the grits have nothing
to' throw mud at.
Some p eople blame the holmes for
starting all the forest, fires. Tbe
most nf them are caused bv hoboes—
not of the Weary Willie l*+ml. but the
aristieratic—coninii'iilv called tourists. Who ever heard tell of tramps
taking    to the    woods and building
tl.i \
si   wee)       "I'w.is Uib Urst WW '"
tht   Dt nlon elections, bu        the
mlcouvpi Province said. McUrido's
...  in ...is    mainly    turned on "the
■., s ' r>[ sh Wilfrid haurier, and
■ ■ .ii work to correct them- Ac-
[-iMTnft to Rlennrd the Pirst,  Laur-
t - n ign has been one of blank, as
'i as Kootl l^siation, but it was
lie ol tin ruptiou and scandal I*V i n
ill introduced by, Uie Liberals al Ot-
. y\ In- said niiikti correction. His
"ie eh  created   lib enthusiasm,     but
minded     one nf     what   Goldsmith
i-n tc in The Deserted Village:
AmI still   the w.mdei  grew
That lone small hirad eouM carry
All   be  knew."
rimy   degrees
tini-  southern
due. Ifirmip      '
\h.u,    ...
siv links,
I...l .\n.-:i
if rtbern li
II.  Nel
ton, "cowli
of Wattsburg, says llterc'a on
Mi. Walls' herd tlwt ga\
mr quarts of cream and Iron
uieil nine pounds n
rther stated tlml b
. in lead ibis bovine liomo fror
sniri''. fdr if she ran the milk in he
del would turn lo butter. This i
lug some, but Mr. Nelson is      n
west to the
boundary ol   i.«h No. (itu,
tn*', ttntitf gnuib
nine degreeSt Wl'bl
\ rbaiiis and tbiriy-
cuinpusiiig a portion oi
I-', fTiou]i One," to the
uundarj ol Lot No. 6030,
point about (ti.uUj
ns iri'in tlie .\. K. comer
<o. iiu;jti, Group Ouc.
ed Aug. Tib. [1)08. jl-tit
A. J, Orea.
Take notice that 1, Charles Kling-
ensmilh, ui EIku, li. t., occupation,
Hotel tveeper, intend to apply Cot
permission tu purftn.se the lollowing
described land:
* omineucing at a post planted on
the cast boundary oi tbe Crows Nest
{Southern ' right-of-way, about -iu
chains ioutb ui tbe S.W, comer ul
Lot 6;iii, iiroup One, thence running
easb to Elk river, thence toiiu\uu(
EiK Rner southerly to a point all
chains j>uuili, theucu west tu tbe
aioresaid boundarv ui Ihe Crows Neat
Southern rigbVoNwuy, thence lollow-
ing thu said boundary ui said t'igbt*
ui way tu the point ol co.mmencen*eut
and containing an acres, mure or less.
Olios. Kllugensmlth, Localoi
July Mb, jnos. ii-*i,
pill w j
of lam
ul COI
with ii
puli ie,
ul .lu»
Railway Compi
or mil utlior
"I   all)   I'.HL  thereof,   ali'l   lo
11 sidings ,ii any micb cou-
, in ineivo tiuin an) person,
n.i-iii i.r iiuily corporato grauts
. i.„'in-i ui othei assets m mil
ilruclion ui said uiulertaKing,
(Tier iu construct and operate
i!i and telepliotie tines for the
ul its business und iur liip
with sin-b other powers .> ..
':. .is are usually given to
> Companies.
at i laiiliiuuk tjais Ulli iiav
■.  A.D.  IIIOS.
iey, McCarter £ Uaodonald,
Solicitors lor Applicants.
mill   Ni
lor Investment
ovei In capitalists
eller, fliousiiiiils
aken frnm   the ere
in  beillR
111 rill v.
WnlJo,  B C.
I      I'.M'I,
.IiHIX, l'i,i|iliulii
IT  Kl'Sull
,lusl tin* piiiee to s'lioiul n few
ilnys' mention
llur Mloi'lu'il with tin! hunt
Iiluitij: servli'O Ili'Sl-eliliiH
C'oinfiirlnlile Ilo s
Mow growing in our nurseries Iur
tho full trade:
!Hl,tiUu peach, apricots, nectarines,
cherry, plum, prune, pear and apple,
in all the leading varieties.
lini.iiiiii small (nuts.
10:000 ornamental trees In nil thu
leading varieties for U.O.
Strictly home grown wfliioul irrigation and not subject lo damage
from fumigatlom
Stuck of bulbs to arrive In August
from Japan, France ami Holland.
Ueo supplies, spray pumps, seeds,
MO page catalogue free'.
VANCOUVER.  -  -  B. C.
Notice is hereby given tlwt an
order has this day been made by the
Honorable the Chief .Justice, Gordon
Hunter, for the amendment of the
plan ttf the Tmvnsite of Hosiner, said
plan being tiled iu the Land Registry oflice at Nelson, II. C, and there
numbered 772 andjor the filing of
amended plan unless objections thereto are tiled with the Registrar of the
Supreme Court of British Columbia
.a Victoria,- B. C, within six weeks
d the lirsl publication uf this notice.
The amended plan which shows the
proposed amendments and petition
may he seen posted in the oflice ol
tho Government Agent at Cranbrook,
Dated this 12th dnv o( August,
W. K. tierd.
Solicitor for the Elk Valley Development  Company,  Limited.
First   publication    27th ol Aujcust,
graphite mineral claim
situAtS' in The fout Steele
minino division of east
kootenay district.
ivhere located on matthew
Take notice that 1, G. C. Boattle,
K.M.C. No. B6S14-, intend 00 days
froiii date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor a Certificate ol
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining n crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action
under 'Section 37 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
G. C. Healtle.
Dated this 27th day «f August,
1008. 23-9t
Notice is hereby given that thirty,
days alter dale I Intend tu apply to
thu Honorable Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands and Works and ,lc the Assist-
ant Coiumlssiuner ol Lands ami
Works iur the District ol East Kuu-
lenay lor a, license to prospect iut
coal ami petroleum on tbe luilowiu^
iir.^iiUed laud, situate on the NortL
Fork of Michel Creek about twelve
miles north of the Canadian PacitU
ilway, and lying cast ol Lots blio
and 6H1:
.   Commencing  at a   post planted
tbe northeast corner ol Lot 0410,
thence so' chains  south,     thence so
chains east, thence W chains   north,
thence 80 chains west to place ot be-
gimilng, containing about mo- acres.
A,.J. Giles, Locator,
A. 0, Wayland, Agent.
Dated   July   4th,   luus.
2.   Commencing at   a post plautea
at tbe   southeast   corner   ol      Lot
Dili,    thence      HO   chains      north,
thence HO     chains   east, thence    .v
chains south,     thence ho obalaa west
iu   place     of     bcginuiug, containing
about UIO acres.
A. Cope, Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
Dated July 4th, 1008. 19-Ot
(Form K.)
Take notice that I, James A. Harvey, F.M.C. No. U80, acting as
agent, for James T. Laidlaw, Free
Miner's Certificate No. S353, intend
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificate of Improvements, Iur tbe
purpose of obtaining a Cruwa Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that    ac
lion, under section 37, must be c^m
menced before the issuance of    sucr>
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this fifth day of June, A.D
I DtlS.
D'-lOt James A. Harvey.
(Form F.)
Take notice that James H. King,
Free Miners Certificate, No. B.0312;
intend, sixty days from tbe date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for a- Certificate .of Improvements, fur the purpose of obtaining *
Crown Giant of the above claim.
Ami further take notice, that ac
Lion, under Section 37, must be com'
uieuced before tbe issuance of such
v eriihcate of Improvements.
Dated this uth day of June. A. D.
James 11. King,
per William Tatrant       - •■
(h\ M. O,, lutu+H)
l'i-0fc his Agent
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly ut the Province ul
Itritish Columbia at its uext ses-
giull, for an Act lo Incorporate the
Meaduw Creek Logging Rallwaj
company, with puwer to cuustruci,
equip, maintain and operate a line or
lines ol railway ul standard or other
gauge in East Kooteuay District, tu
ne operated by steam, electricity,
any uther power, for tbe carrying
freight, passengers and express over
ihe following routes:
1. Commencing at a point between
mile posts Forty uud Forty-One oc
tbe British Columbia Southern Railway near . ahi.| thence miming southeasterly to Meadow Creek, thence
following Meadow Creek in an easier
iy and southerly direction to ibe
International Boundary line, a
Unce of ten miles, more or less.
3. From a point "U the British
Columbia Southern Railway about
two and one-half miles west oi
Cranbrook, thence running iu a southwesterly direction through Lots
5210. 2310, iisOl, 2311 and 0313 to
tbe south-westerly end of Smith's
Lake, thence in a north-westerly di
lection to Perry Creek, a distance of
eight miles, more or less.
Branch lines from cither ol the
notice   that   Catherine   Mc-
iiouih,    wife ul AL Mc-
to apply iur   permit-
se tbe I'uiluwing     des-
i   Elk
ion   to put
rtbed land:
Commencing at a post planted   at
ho intersection oi ibe eastern boundary oi the right-of-way ot The Crows
Southern Hallway, with       tbe
northern noundaiy of Lot U,i, Gioup
One, Kootenay District, thence   cast
alon^ said boundary su chains, theaci
north mj chains, thence west    to the
astern houndar)  ol Lot 4143, Gioup
in.-, thxnee south   lo tbe south-east
jin.i ul i.ui (H3, thence west along
tbe     souibein     i>.<undary    ol   said
Block       -11U        io     tbe      eastern
boundary ol the right-of-way of   tbe
liuvvs Nest Southern Railway, theucc
souib .ilung thu   saia easteni uoaud-
1 ui saiu rlght-ol-way to the point
oi commencement and containing lsu
acres, more' or less.
Uterine Mclnnes.
Dated June J3id,  11)08,
lForm F.J
IN      THE     FORT
Take nui^c that William Tarrant,
Free Miners leiuncaie No. DWtiU,
as ageul for J. 11. Kuig, Free Miu-
ei b Certiucate No. iiiui., and Jaiuot
Angus, Free Miner's Ceitiucate No.
b<j{ii'jt auu iur Liu.seii, as owners oi
ihe aoov e mentioned Aimer*!
LUiais, iutend to ap-
piy, sixty daja from the date hereoi,
io the Mining Recorder Iur a t-eiuu-
eate oi Ifliprovements, Iur the puxposd
oi obtaining a Ciuwu Grant oi iu*
above claims.
And lurtber lake notice that at-
Uon. unacr fkclion 37, must be com-
luefiieM before the issuance oi kucb
Certificate ui im^iuvemeats.
D«U-a this -IU   uu>  ol Juue, A.D.
lo-tft William Tarrant.
Notice is hereby given Rial sittings
of the above Court win be Wld nt
the Ou'tiiiUietii jiui.u.ug, Craft-
brook, iur u.e aupusai ol Causes every
rteUnesday, *t two uclocii p.m.; at
Moyie ever)     Saturday at tne t>am«
buui, aiutl aI -ua.;j..„e, Fort .Steels
ana vSaiuavr ou BOCQ (]*)» auu uatfM
as*ma) l*c dppuuiivu u Uie piuuevtt-
.^li debts and demands not eictod-
ing the au— ui >luu i.*a b« ^uen lor
aLti recorered lu the aouvc mentionsd
Court ou summons aau juugiiarnt,
garmsbee tenner i^rioie or alter juug-
ment) ot on instalment oruer, waicn
can be enforced o> coiuuiitment if
instructions iur proceeuiugs can be
handed In ...» the uaUeimeutiontHi
cierss oi me court, viz.:
F. It. Mum*, Deputy .j^eim,
P. o, Routh, Provincial Constable.
-oi to—
Joseph Vtii-ii, Provincial Con-
^ubie, Fort Sletie.
Dated .-;ni ua)  ul June, lHU6.
iiy uraer,
Josepn ..yon,
ll-Ot Magistrate.
I hereby gyve notice that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
:1uj Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works.for permission to establish a
public highway from a point on tlie
wagon road near Fish Lakes in Lot
No. 670, Group One, East Kootenay
District being (fi,7'J) six chains nnd
seventy     - two        links north,
olghty-lhree degrees east
from the   S.   W. corner   ol Lot No.    -•• •■ - ■   ■■■■- ... . ....   /
tiTii  Group One   thence (0 01) ninety- connect with and enter into ruuinug IK-puly ol the Minister of the Interior
lour links south, its ar rangemenU with the Canadian Pa- MH
Any available Dominion
witbiii u.u Railway Deit in Dutisn
Columbia, may be homenteadud by
any pciboii wno u tho sole bead ot a
lainiiy, or any male over is years of
age, io tbe extent ol utto-auarter aeo>
lion ut Uu acres, more ot less.
Entry luuU be uiade puisubally at
the local laud oUicc lor tbe district
in wnicb *.e laud is situate. t,utry
U) proxy may, buwever, ue made on
certain tonaitiuiu by tne latficr,
mother, sou, daugbter, brother oi
sister ut au intending homesuadair.
I'bo buine&teader ia ic^uireu to p«r-
fuim tbu condition* connected tbexc-
wtin uuuei one ol tne foilowiug |i*na,
(l; At least six montba' i«aid«oca
upuu ana cultivation of tbe laud m
eacb year for tbrev years.
(SI. II the lather tor luotftac,
ii tne lather is deceased), oi ibe
buiiiesleader resides upuu a farm in
tbe vicinity ol tbe land eaieieU loi,
tbe requirements as to residence may
be sat.aiieu by such peisou iwiding
.vi Lb the father or inotber.
C3). Ii tbe settler baa Ala pac-
nianent residenctt upon farmiug laa4
owned by him in tbu vicinity of fiia
humcittead, tbe lequiremcnta aa to
residence may be satiabed by residence upon the said land.
Sis months' uotico in writing
should be given to tht Comnaasionat
ol Dominiou Lands at Ottawa ol in-
teuiiuii lo apply fur patent.
COAL—Coal raining rigbte may ba
leased lor a period ot twtnty-oft*
years at au annual rental of (1 par
acre. Nol more than 2,570 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at tfaa rata of
live cents per ton shall be collected ou
'A.   _._	
above, not exceeding in any one case the merchantable coal mined.
five miles in length; with power    to W. W. CORY. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
^:i.«M» A YUAIl
THK   l'APEB   111 AT   IS   HEAD   BY   TH.K   PKOPLK
SKl'TEMHKIt :t.  1008
CUAXBROOK  II Kit ALU 'are   more    politicians and would-be
., i until irians to r.he square foot in V an
il, the Herald   Publishing Company,U,UvOC than in any other city ot the
Limited.   Isainc g^ in Canada, and cot a   one
will play favorites, but all are look-
MiK nut for number one.
Kdttor and Manager.
The Herald Is worth »U> a year. It
Costs only VI. No man in South
lilast Kootenay can afford to he without it, and everyone living outside ef
tbe district, who is lu teres ted in the
progress of this section, should rratl
It. it publih-ht-s the news while It is
news, It Is controlled absolutely hy
the publishers. No clique, party or
Individual dictates its policy. It
dun't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to the community,
bend iu your Mubscription ami you
will he thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates St per inch per
mouth, in« more and no less.
Heading matter 1j cents per line
to Noii-adverUsers; lb cents per line
to tegular advertisers.
If you desire to reach tbe people of
Sou lb K.tst  Kootenay you must   ad
Vi-nisf  in The  llclald.
The lleiaid has u mst-olass job
plant, and its work is of the best.
Tin- Heiald don't want charity, it
wants a siniaie deal on your fob
work. II we can't suit you in quality and price, Lick, and bend your
work to some Cheap John lions? in
the east that nevci spends a cent iu
When the grinding Hell telephone
monopoly owned the tehiiinones in
Manitoba tone farmers paid $24 a year
for their 'phones. Now, since the
Hobliii government took charge the
farmers have to pay $*io a year. It
Is difficult for the agriculture element of that province to appreciate
the benefits nf government ownership
.is ilamonstratod hv Messrs. Itohlin
and Howis. tlw* head of the Manitoba
i-jijrtisb newspapers are, as a rule,
well Informed, but tbe matter of thp
IVruie lire has hwn illstvnetly hashed
hv some of them. Tin- Liverpool
Weekly Post has this to hand lo Its
readers in Its Issue of August Rth:
"hViini1, a prosperous town of
ix thousand Inhabitants, in the
corner of VatlCOU*
destroyed hv fire."
5,800 * Month
lion lift" npt'ii io in vest i|eu<
tioti liy adverilwerfi ai any
Tbe Meruit! uJvmn h rtollnr
in value fm a dollar in money. The ihlvoitifiut has ibe
right to know whut he in
receiving lot hi" money,
the lleiubl   in   out*   paper
tiiiii uoiii'ts InvHstitigHtinn,
1, b\ K. Simpson, manager of the
('raitbrook Herald, do hereby state
that Ibe pressman's hooks show, and
that I nave every reason to believe
that the circulation nf the Herald for
Ihe past three months has been
IT.lii!) copies, divided as follows:
Issue of .lime 11 	
Issue of -lone 18	
Issue of .fune 2.ri 	
Issue of July 2 	
issue of July it	
Issue of -Inly 16 	
Issue of July 23	
Issue of -Inly 3fl	
Total .Inly 	
Issue of August D ...    .
Issue of August 13 ... .
Issue of August 20 ...
Issue of August 27 ... .
Total  August 	
Total for the three mon
His, 17,469
or   an   average   or   6.82S
i   copies a
Subscribed and sworn to
before rat
this 2»th day of   August,
190S,     at
Cranbrook, B. C.
.lohn Hutchison,
A notary public In and for the County
of Kootenay,  Htitisb ('oluinbia.
*i-vv* >*»■> >-» stvtt '©ectfeiw **
There is going to be a warm campaign in Vancouver at the coming
Dominion election. W. W. 11. Me-
Innis lias been nominated by the Liberals and some of the Liberals are
sole. It is said that L, U. Taylor,
inannger of the Vancouver World, is
dissatisfied al the turn affairs have
taken, and showed it by giving the
convention a notice of ten lines, and
it is further rumored that \lr. Taylor will come out as an iijlepc-ndent
candidate unless- the executive raakp
haste to soothe his ruined feeliuus.
Joe Martin, the stormy petrol ot the
coast, has returned from Kngland,
where he made n bitter attack upon
the Liberal party of Canada, and it
is generally understood that Mr. Martin will be an independent candldade
for Vancouver, on the Goflservftittot!
side there is all kinds of trouble, as
'he party is lorn asunder be the war
between the MeRrlde forces nnW the
adherents of Sir Charles
Hibbert Tupinr, and It is
not vjiowti who will w> the Tori-
standard benrer. The Socialists are
doing considerable talklm- in Vnticou-
ver and will without a doubt put up
n candidate. Take it all together
there will hr all ktadfl of fun at the
coming election in that city.    There
ver, has been  „M__„,„„„__
And aicafn:
"The fire originated one hundred
miles north of the National I'ark,
near Banff, a forest Innjt dry from
Kor the inforniatiou of the Tost it
may be said that Vancouver is a city
una the commercial capital of British
'olumbia,     situated   on the   Pacific
■oast ami is exactly util miles by
rail from Banff, where the National
Park is situate", while Pernio is 1-2'.
nlies from lUiifi, in a bee line. Bet-
er get a map of Canada for tne Post
•ditoi-ial rooms.
Then Lioyds Weekly News, ol August tt'b, iras u number of strange ami
tartllTig tilings to say. Here are a
few samples:
'"What bills lair to be Uie greatest disaster ol modem times on
thu American Couniiivnt has ijt-
fallen Ibe Kootenay district of
British Columbia, where a vast
area, calculated at about. 200
square, miles, has been swe.pi. by a
sea of flame which has wipi-d mil.
ii'ij lumber and minium townships and many little vllages,
caused hundreds of death, and
rendered al the lowest cstitmaie
10,000 profile homeless."
The exaggeration in the above
iragmph is too evident to call for
Hitmen i.        Further   on, Ibis great-
family   newspaper    of    Ihe   Kuglish
working classes says:
"Then followed the news that
after destroying Fernie the dames
hat] wi|»ed out Hosnier, with a
Imputation of 500; Olsen, with 300
inliabitaints; and Sparwood, with
200, and had attacked Michel,
with 1,500. Morrissey was purlin II v burned, and the devastation
reached as far south as Klko, only
a small portion of the town escaping-"
Who     ever telegraphed   the   above
could iwve    known   very little about
tne far of the country.
One* more:
"Appalling scenes were witnessed during the flight of tbe
people from tfcc flames, which
swept down the mountain sides
Hko fierce torrents, devouring
mvryttring In their way. The
disaster came so suddenly upon
the people of Fernie that in many-
cases there was not time to escape, and hundreds took refuge in
coke ovens, which have been dug
ihep in the sides nf the hills,
while others found refute in cellars and wells."
A coke oven  is   not dug out, but
built upon level ground, a thing that
anyone ought to know.
But the piece dc resistenee ot    all
the breaks is the following:
"One of the most impressive features oi the great tire was bbc
wild s-tampede of animals from
out of the mountain fastnesses.
These hav« been in every caw the
precursors of the fire, and in
many instances warned people of
the imminence of ihe danger before it was otherwise known. The
terrorised animals crowded i*e
gullies and the prairie, where
safely might be found, regardless
of the presence of human beings."
One wonders what particular brojid
would produce the above. It Is a
fact, and one which annoys English
jx-oplc who have settled or arc sojourning in Canada, that Kngltefa papers, in a general rule, show such a
lack of knowledge about this country,
its people and ihe conditions here.
Papers with such a circulation as
Lloyds should have a Canadian, an
Australian, un American and u
South African on their staff so as to
edit their American and colonial
news with ut least a little saliity.
The Btiiisn Columbia government
has appropriated S&i.OOO for tie erection of school buildings, city build
lug and thr repair of tbe streets and
.sidewalks in Ferule. As it is the
people's money ttiat is being appropriated and the people are wilUug
that it should be done iu this case,
the act was ,i proper one in every respect .
It is arousing to read in the western Conservative papers extracts
from the Toronto News, which are
always prefaced with the statement
that the News is an independent
napot with sli.Jit Conservative leanings- Why should not tbe News
have Conservative leanings? It wns
iKtught and paid for a short time
ago by a Conservative syndicate and
those in charge of tbe News now
have no difficulty in recognizing their
master's voice.
The C. P. H. would perform a
great deed for tn* travelling public it
they would adopt measures that
would eradicate the tipping system
from their lines. Under existing
conditions it is a tip or migtitr po^r
sorvice, nod in this day and age
when a traveller pays for his ticket,
his meals and his berth af the prevailing rates, he does not feel inclined to be compelled to pay a dollar or
two n liny extra to cet what he has
already paid for, and be does not
care either to be oonsldered moan and
Wedding Gifts
In Good China arw always appreciated.
Wr liftve just received suuie handsome
pieces in
Moehu   Pott,   Clioeolnts Poll, Sugai  ami
t'ruaui s«'trt. Honey .tars, Bou-noni,
UOYAL VIKSNA—Hand Paluteij—
Cups and Saucers, Bread I'laie*. lilacuIt -lai-.
ROYALCKOWX I'l'HtY   Alikadoblue-
Cups and  Saui-ers. Sunai ntid Cream Sets,
Chocohite and Cocoa ^eif. Xiil Set*, Salad
Boots.  Shoes,   Hosiery,  (Doves,  Mitta'
Cut Olnss at  Reasonable Prices
We Need Space
for our new full stock of Boots uml Shoes,
Apart I'roiii tluit wo want no itM stock uiul
an lire selling oil" whut wo Imve loft nf
Summer Oxford Ties
ut prices Uml bIiohM lio
to buy.
911.60 OXKORDH for ll.MI
»a.7fl OXKOUDS for tl.Tb
t)il,7ft OXFOHDH lor HUD
II.ihi tlXI'OltPH (or |2.7B
worth $1.00, lor     13,14)
worlb$;».(Hl, for  .    *:'..iHi
LOT 270
LOT Sot!
► ♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«) d
little by his fellow passengers. The
O.P.K. gives t.lie bes-t service ol any
road crossing the American continent
nud if its officials would nuke \iw
receiving of d tip cause for dismissal
it. would confer a groat blessing upon
lie travelling public.
The Creslon land ,s.ilc is .Minoiintr-il
io liiLf place on Octoliei  I lib.
Notwithstanding the greal cry
ibiiui free school books ilm boolv-
iflleis iiie still    doiUR   a good biisl-
TIk-cc is no one who thinks for a
.uoment thai Smitb Curtis will be
itcfeuted, no mutter bo vvb^t party b«
belouK. Uui. the CVniKtwaUves
put up Air. (ioodevv .us u vicarious sacrifice. If there had been a
■Chosl, of a show for tbe election ol n
[Conservit'live iu ibis district Air.
Uimdovo would never bun- hetn fiv»n
ibe nomlnation. It would lute goin:
to Nelson and not Itossland.
The \iineouver Province has slarled
ml iu the campaign by making attacks on the character of 1he Liberal
•andidales. The Province has evi-
lently received its orders from head-
Ibo wuge earners ol this distr.ci
.now iull well tnal if the Consriw-
,i\is paity were to be successlul ai
tin- coming election tbv. higb, vaxm
advocates would be in the saddle uml
tie coat of iivinji Would go up. nu.
■lid, ihe wages, Tbe cmiditiou of u,c
uiiioi-i'ng man in ube (Staitcs lus
taught the laboring man in Canada
a lesson that be will prolll by.
lisalioiis   h> uxcevlng ihe demand for  machine politics is the man who falls
uliigner    larul.        fbe iarmers, tbe  lo    Ret    what be   wants in his own
railway     worsui's,    bne luiuiier camp    arty, or desires to Hail the tncmbeis
employes,    iu fact every man    who m Uie other party,
uoihs lor a   wage iu Hrllisn Conuu-, .—.
ma and other western provinces, as1 There was no order for the vnecliuir
■well as in tue cast, imve noUilug to tiou of the pupils in tne Cranbrook
!.,aiii n> au increased tariff, ami every- a-hools. Minister Young; is old
:imng to lose. Tnis is something lor enougti to know belter tbau to have
[eu'i'v man to consider before the next made such a sweeping order at the
nonunion election. time that be did.
Lmirier and prosperity will be ihe
Tbe wage earners of this district
nave no desire to see the tariff oi
Canada revised by the Manufacturers
.association, and that is why thev
will vote for .Smith Curtis.
"Wait until you bear from Saskatchewan and you will see bow the
Libera) party is going to pieces, '
said a Conservative a lew days before the election. The people have
There will be more laud cleared ioi
fruit and general agriculture in the
umtemiy valley next year than there
has been in all the time past. Tho
people are now confident that thi.-i
valley is all riidit as a farming and
fruit raising district and thev are
joint"; to take advantage ot it.
Where is there a better or more
prosperous town bhan Cranbrook?
If you want vour friends in the east
or In the States to know tbe kind of
;i country you live in, send them the
Herald.       It is better than a letter
id it will go every week.
We notice that a number of our exchanges are using our "Rambling Hv-
jveries" column without permission.
As that column is written .or this
tinner and paid tor, it scents that nl
least n credit mieht be given. It
iiiivh to bo honest, even in 1he news-
miper business.
The Cranbrook baud is to have one
of the best band Instructors in Eastern Canada. The best is none too
[good for Cranbrook and the Cranbrook bnnd.
I The brand of lish stories that are
being lold these days demonstrate
that Hie imaginative powers of tbe
modern dav Isaac Walton's are at.
vivid as ever.
j There nre some crossings and sidewalks in Cranbrook that need atten
lion before snow flies.
Canada's liuaucial statement does |
nut muse as good a showing for tin-
pasl year us usual. Why.' Because
ilio litiiineial depression that caused j
>o many large failures iu the United |
Slates, was far-reaching iu its ef-
teets. Hutih iMtglantl and Canada
were sufferers along the lines of
trade, and the financial statement of
ihe United States has not been so
hail since the gnat financial panic in
Ififl.'i. Those Conservatives who attempt to make political capital out
of the financial situation iu Canada
this year, are a class of calamity
bowlers thai are a detriment to
their country, and are so constituted
that they would say or do anything
against their country for the chance
of getting Into otticc. The progressive people of Canada, those who
would meet these depressions that
never fail to sweep over the country
tit intervals, with that Indomitable
courage that characterize the true
Canadian, bold country above partisan desires, aiki are. never found be-
loullng their own nest or placing a
blot on the escutcheon of tho British
empire to satisfy the venal desire lor
oflice holding.
I The Conservatives of the Dominion
have one great advantage. They are
out of oilier and can be profuse in
their promises and reckless in their
denunciations of the Liberal party.
j The people of Canada are enjoying
greater prosperity than has iieen, and
at the. coming election they do not
propose to trade horses while crossing the stream.
i The Conservative papers are not
saying much about tfce wholesale
bribery in the Colchester by-election,
when baskets of whiskey were found
on the front door steps of   political
'workers, and money was bad for the
asking for any person who would
work under the Instructions of the
Conservative organization.
The Herald has received during the
lutst numth many new advertisements from outside parties. Why'.'
The fact is well known that the Herald covers the field, and it is for results that advertisers pav out their
money. This tribute paid to the
i Herald's circulation and standing is
ine to be proud of.
Let us have a new fitv building in
The Democrats of the. Dirtied States
under fbe peerless leadership nf Mr.
Bryan, nre making a campaign on
economic issues, The Conservatives
of Canada, under tbe leadership of
Mr. Borden, are making a campaign
on slander and personal v ill ideation.
There is quite a difference.
The cost of living in Canada Is
high enough at tbe present time.
And yet if the Conservative
party is placed In iwvwer, the advocates of mi "adequate" tariff, which
means special privileges for the
favored manufacturers, will s-till further increase the tariff and thus adil
to the burden of the wagecarner. A
party that receives its campaign donations from the privileged classes
must necessarily place it«elf imder
obligations to those clauses/, and it
placed in power discharge those   ob-
!   Watch the Herald grow.
The term "ou the water wagon" is
now obsolete in Cranbrook. The
man who looks not upon the wine
when it is red is now said to he riding in the buttermilk barouche.
. W. W. II. Mclnuis will be elected in
Vancouver, anil will make a worthy
representative of that prosperous
| John Houston may he an iudepeud-
eut candidate in the Comox-Atlln
district. John Is jumping into the
frny early.
| Smith Curtis visited I-'ernie as soon
as be could after the fire lo see if he
could Rive anv assistance lo the sufferers. Mr. Curtis is practical, and
believes in doing and nof talking.
j We have seen several summers mid
a good many winters, yet we expect
to live long enough to see this valley
ii great Agricultural section, and
Cranbrook tbe commercial center of a
prosperous farming and fruit growing
The knocker never matte a cent bv
Nelson continues to be a big town
for its size, and vet it would have
more business if it bad less politics,
John P. MuCounell, editor of the
Vancouver Saturday Sunset, has pur-
elmsed the controlling interest in the
Jftlmonton Journal. Edmonton is to
be congratulated on securing one of
the best newspaper writers In the
Dominion of Canada,
There is a good deal of talk these
days about machine politics in both
parties. The term "machine noil-
lies" has become one of opprobrium,
and yet machine politics is but the
Jesuit of partv organization, and
without organization there could not
be such a thing as party. The man
whe has  thi    most to say   against
TJjere should be a meeting of the
old-timers of this district before it
!> too late for some to attend.
, Al the investigation of the charges
of bribery and debauchery al the
Colchester election in Nova Scotia
about ;i year ago, many of the witnesses called last week were
evidently suffering from poor memories, and tbe counsel representing the
Conservative committee did everything possible by technical objections to retard the progress of the
hearing. Men who bad received
ivhiskey in cases marked "choice
tomatoes" could not remember whether it was tomatoes or whiskey that
they had delivered at Conservative
headquarters, Others who had received money were unable to tell the
exact amount, or from whom they
had received it. Tbe boasted break
in the solid Liberal representation of
Nova Scotia was evidently secured by
means that would make au hoiu?st
Conservative hang his head In shame.
The entertainment committee of
Calgary subjected the visiting lint ted
States' editors to the ordeal of a
hand concert.     Cruel Calgary.
Before Calgary closes its deal for a
street railway system the city council should insist that the interests of
tbe people Ik protected, not only for
todav but twenty-five years from
Perhaps there never was in the history of strikes, a more orderly
crowd of men than the C.P.R. strikers in Cranbrook today. And there is
reason for this. The great majority
of tbe men ate among the very best
citizens of Cranbrook and have their
homes and their families here. Simply because one or two men out of a
hundred lose their heads and say
things that would be better left unsaid, there is no reason for the public to enst any reflections upon the
body of men as a whole.
Whenever Uie labor unions are eliminated wages will be reduced from 25
to f>0 per cent. Industrial institutions and railway companies combine
for their own protection and the
laboring man should he conceded tho
same right.
The Herald trusts that the present
strike on the C.P.R. will result In an
agreement that will give to both parties interested absolute iustlee. The
C.P.R. is- entitled to a fair deal and
so are the men.
The Leeward Islands, a little group
in the West Indies, are gohrg to give
trade preference to Canada. Every
little bit added to what you've got,
makes just a little bit more.
.lohn McKanc, who was defeated in
Ine Dominion election a number of
years ago by "Big Bill" Oalllher,
and afterward went to Nevada and
maWe a million in mining enter-
,prises, has come into public view
(again. About a vear mo he bomrht
the St. John (N.B.) Dnily Telegraph
and Kvening Times, and made them
red hot Conservative organs. Mr.
MeKane announces that he has retired from tbe newspaper business and
that be bad lost ILIfl.fiun "through
fraud and lying misrepresentation."
Money will not always make a sue-
•ss of a political organ.
As may be seen by Ihe sworn
atemcnl at the head ol this column
tbe Herald's circulation is still hi
the ascendant. The fael that the
(circulation of the Herald js iuereax-
.... week bv week, month bv month
and year by year, Is most gratifying
to the publishers because It is an
evidence that us a newspaper, Ihnt
gives the news, the Herald is appreciated,
The Herald is in receipt of the
Creslon Review. The Review Is a
four page paper and is in every wav
a credit to J. J. Atherton, the editor, and A, T. Pemberton, the raad-
....... It is evident by the advertising columns that the people of
Crestnn and the district appreciate a
home paner and ihe Herald trusts
that the Review may have a long
as well as useful career In the "land
of the big red strawberry."
The local government authorities
should take no chances on bush fires.
The danger is not yet over.
The Daly Reduction company, ut
He.lley, donated $1,000 to the Pernio
relief fund.
Wm. I>. Jones, who had his   back
broken at  the    Oranby smelter, two I
months ago, died last week.
!Twenty-one miles in seventeen minutes was the time made by two runaway coal ciirs on the C.P.R. between Castle mountain and Laggan
The inhabitants of the Lnnleau district are anxiously hoping that the
C.P.R. will see its way clear to extend Ihe line from Oerrard through
Trout lake and on to Arrowhead at
an early date.
| The provincial government have
mado a further donation of $20,000
to   Ihe    tuberculosis   sanitarium   ut
i Kamloops.
( "Fighting Jo,-" Martin, has put
through a timber deal on the coast
which will net him and bis partner
some $27,000.
i A million and a quarter dollars
was the value of a cargo of silk,
which the C.P.R. liner Empress of
China landed in Vancouver the other
The concentrator at Trail is being
dismantled ami the various pieces of
machinery are being shipped to the
various plants owned by the Consolidated company.
It is quite on tlif cards that John
L. Sullivan and his partner, Jake
Kilrain, may appear at the Nelson
fruit fair.
Arrangements have been made to
work the Link and Metallic mineral
claims near Slocan City under lease
and bond for a ]>erioil of eighteen
months. These claims arc situated
near the Ottawa mine in the Bondholder Basin.
. The Nelson Daily News has purchased the oflice of the London and
11. C. Ooldflelds in which that paper
will be published in future.
A new pile and truss traffic bridge
is to be built over the float river at.
a point two and a hall miles southwest of Creston. A number of the
piles have already Itcen driven and the
work will be pushed to completion as
rapidly as possible,
A white woman art! a Hindu were
married in Vancouver the other dav.
The woman is a widow In the earlv
thirties while the man is 20 years
of age. He bus lived In Vancouver
five years.
The smelter at Trail Is suffering
I from the scarcity of water.
\ milk man wns arrested in Vancouver the other dav for hauling
|milk anil swill in the Mine wagon.
He ought to gel five years,
The Rothesay Lumber eompaliv, of
Mard, has gone into liquidation. II.
W. Harvey, of KndcThv, has hew appointed liquidator,
Vernon has subscribed $0,000 lo the
Pernio relief fund.
The fruit, crop in British Columbia
it is said, will be llfly |iei cent
larger this year than last.
Kive bovs in Vancouver, vntyintj la
age from 10 to II years, were sen-
tenci-d to five years in the reformatory last week' for a series ol thefts.
I The Windsor hotel at Grand Forks
(has been remodeled ami rechrlstewed
I the Yale.
Two children of M. Vnrzuk, an employee of the smelter, were drowned
In the Kettle river at Grand Forks.
jThey had bi<en fishing and m crossing
the river on a    plank tho girl,    the
i vounger of the two, fell in and her
brother in his endeavor to rescue her
[was drowned also.
Rolf Johnson, of Minneapolis, was
drowned a week ago iu the Ingenlku
river in Northern British, Columbia.
He fell off a log, his body being carried over the falls and crushed to
Chewing Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
The big black plug.
Kqiuiriu^ u Specialty
A ikons Block, CruiiLrnnk
I'rusltluul : T. S. tim,
Secretary: Gkokqk .\hhwohth
\ For information regarding land* \
, mid agriculture apply to the ,
i Secretary, CranbrooR, B. 0.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
llooniK with Uailm.   'I'ltoiia in
every room
Ihtrlier Shop on the premises,
Thoroughly np-todule,
Rales, $2 0U a day and up.
GKO. I'. WKIJ.S, Proprietor
It. TOMKIN, Manager
l.fseoi.s in Musical TluMiy
In ami Out nl HieClly
Full Ori'lu'nim nr I'iunu Only
CKANIIUOOK       -       B. C.
Hup now- n limited
number of
\ Young Apple Trees
i oi; sai.i:
ul tin- vitrinliuH ..I'tvinlly
ftiVecleil uml nulliihlQ fur
2ND    "      ■  20   "
llelivttri'il ut (JriMilirouli
Ii wlei'tml hv tho I'iii-
fliai.t'1', Isi riiiiioe. LHV. t
'Jit.I I'lntii'e. I.'ir. Apply lo
ft. W. HUSTLEY, Nuraapy <
near Wilinnr, H. U.,or        ;
********************** ,l44i*,«i«iliW\W6fe!l'i.»eLu
■•'••m'+m'n-m+mi.mtmfw \ *tm nmm mmtmvm
Wr offer tin- I'uioii Wiirkiiik'niaii our congratulations un this tiny of
pleasure ami reunion.
The laborer is nol only worthy of liis hire, but he is worthy of tluw
breaks in tho toil which mark America's appreciation of his standing in
tin' nation.
bettor time than this to announce that we're a  L'nion
Man's Store.
As far as possibh
L'nion Working Men.
We charge no more for our goods than others ask fi
The   l'nion   Working   Man will always tind   a
Ii ii,,  here.
, we sell goods Ihat are made by well.paid, skilled
r the other sort,
welfoini-   awaitini
„l tWWU^vWlV
was Ui
■iVT   l||.
ami signifies WISDOM.
thu   Uirtli  Stone fur September,
Sapphires ami Diamonds maki
for a ritiis or brooch.
a very pretty com Una-
"The  Jeweler"
al   Watch
lor 0. I
Kunii Nn. l.-rn,l
Receiver's Xo.
LOADED ."Ml-.:.
iiii|iuiiuiii>ii: we liti
I I tie I
Sept. 3, 1008
To S. P.. Ortsmen
Shooting season now in.  Our stock
Guns. Rifles and Ammunition very
complete.  We want your business.
(9.25 turn.)
pearlies, era nappies, citrons, etc.
preserving.     Quality piaraiilccd
'"      in Ma part ol tho district are Bretcji-       f
HV encourage !!em«rfm.,& qpHM, I*.
ir store for_jmjssa(n's.     Here tin*
lWW Al, bwM .,»*i ,»!*! I".
III    iU        .Limn.'eil/   ml/   ilti i   J
KmnK'.a*rti•i-Jaokil Anrtirs'fettirnef
Inst  Meinlay.irriimi a"rfiT"vlt<iks' It"
thriiufcl] the Wrrta^crreV criuiilrv, lot)
«TC«inilv. well 'illt.lri"flif4r ot
ir*:. I   .i'ui.i    liml .'INmuinjI l.i .
<iel tfl'^'heK's"of'tlie'eiuB'fu'liH: TliV
ller.iU Irqmnnw unj.il SiTOntwr SO.',
1908, tor 2.V-. ;;,
Goortfe llailfctfc»,«ltrA«.<MW* ; iiv
the eitv mi Tuesday,    Mr. Il.ijimiii.
that ihe eroin'itt) tho \V.,.s».di*i
trlot    were   ranjrtflfcgl,     m«».this
year. *
Cheater 0, staples, aWMpH'.iiui
s vacation wit* his nrthci at »y
"'•■   '"   >n Tuosdaj tor '
' ' k.iii.i lor iuiiii iih I
', I We Iih
i i
i • left.   We
i i in order I
• i
C'ail ami
limine' Im.vi
H'llllt   Un.
i i
' ' Wi' have Inxtiilliii!
Mnkiiifi nn,I Itepnlri
tiaii- ineaiiH inuiir
Ii.iuiiH your work iliilin
< » Trtepln m>Xo. I8H
Corner Van Homn uml Diu-Icli Avw
kli(,M Ikl: NO IIONINii
■ial Proposition io make yon if you want
in an,l im'I a free hook on Hints
; ;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
j; coKiiwooii
< I
< I
coRinvooD; I
,v tt'ouilsni
E, II. AraoM
Sunday in Cr;
Charles Dav
j Cranbrook on Friday^ (
I   (h-orin- Geary, ol Font Stcfftjji'tY
in tl.e city on Friday. lllit't'i
I   Mrs. Sawyer, of Marysvilh. was
Cranbrook on Tuesday. '
I   Mr. Kheppard, of VYardner
the city last Salnrday.
FOB RBNT-Two turnlsho
Apply to Mrs. S, Richards.
Mrs. C, II. Allison will re
first Monday in each monili.
flraham Campbell and wile, oi Vet-
nie, were in ihe city nn Moiday.
Constable Adney, ol Wardntr, was u
Cranbrook visitor on Kruia* lasi.
Kmc planta—n piquant tabic div
liehi-.it Pink's Pure K.->.i Broccry,
Imperial Crawford peaahen for
preserving, al Fink's Pure Pood grocery,
Tho    International    Typographical
union donated five hutidri'il dollars
lo ihe relief of the Fernie printers.
John Teller, C, P. It. roodmoator
.ii Fernie, was in the i-h\ .,n Tuesday.
David tlrlUKIi, the wild horse pioneer minor, was in the city at. the
end ol last week.
\   I1     <!'; , editor of tho Cran-
lirook Prospector, visited'Fernie last
P. MoConnell, ol Waldo, massed
through Cranbrook on Tuesday on his
way lo Vancouver.
William Small is workiwj |n the
machine shops nf ihe Northern Pacific at Spokane.
Mrs. William Forsyth, of Kimher-
ley, was visiting in the city at, the
beginning of the week.
Arthur Ward, the Silton Cily
rancher, was n Crnnlirook \isitor oo
Friday last.
The C.P.R. hoarding house has ro-
reivod a new coat of paint, which i« a
T. A. McLean and wile, of Kill-
crest, were in the cily last. Saturday.
Mrs. Sissons and children returned
last Monday from a visit In Clirard,
B. C.
M. It. King, uf the King Lumber
mills, was a Fernie visitor lust Saturday.
i S. Hionards and family and A.
Ward spoil last Saturday at Elko
1 Timber limits to trade |or Cran-
brook real estate. Apply .1.1).. enro
Herald. lfi-tl
' l'. I). McNahb, ol tho Maker Lumber company, was in the eitv on
.1. Gusty, manager of P. Burns &
Co. at Fernie, was- in the citv last
Contractor l.easl, is building a Hue
n Baker Kill for 11.    Mc-
Cranbrook Drug & Book Company
H.  ALLISON,  Manager
******************** * ********
in time save sight
exnmlticri may mom
Small iliaortlors nn
is nutisfju linn  in  kin
nil right.    Wo ran lol
a lil'ot
w moro
zl.vi Lo  I
vc thorn properly
irrow anil reffret,
h every day. There
re that your even are
Jeweler and
Graduate Optician
City  of   Medicine   Hat
iu City
< 'in
lias lliaili-
wherelty ll
' ll
• s
»,'I'S  lielw
cell  thai
Uution ,'ini] Mei
II at
at a in
il eh
irireof 7".
CeiltS e.'ie
K  ItOHIJRTS, City Clnrk.
********************** **********
********************** ********************* >
If ymt tin-  liiturvfHftil,
(leiMjrlttttoil  of   tilt?   Ini'itlinll
iifHily tmyuii can Lull it, mi
where vein ilentru the wniei
wiilotititl piiy what ymi want. (Jive a
of ynnr h I renin and t«prui|{: it« ni/e »«
I the apinctsiitiHteplpvation uf the placet*
fun-Mi; uav how nmrh wtler vouneeil—
Will tfh
It will i
i' it. ami I will it.lv i-t; yon un to what I enn do for yon ami what
H.   Y.   PARKER      ,..,
1'IIONK III CUAMIKllDK,  Ii. U. 1'.0.110X1
********************** **********************
Men employed lor all kin,Is ol
work. Wosolieii i-ommpoiiilem-'e
Willi mill opomtom uml nilior
otliur liiilintrlen.
ADDRESS : P. 0. HOX 232
Swannoll, Iv I..
tjolmi'tniiii, 11. ('
, Ii  C. I..
Dominion ami British Columbia
P. 0 liniw.r ;«■, VICTORIA, B.C
Op|»sltoO, I'. 1!. Station
P.   O.   BOX   OB
Kirnl-elnm Willi, ul MoiloriltO l'li,:e«
l.lr.i'luuti- TorfflltuConivrVlltiir} ,,f Mimic)
Aim, elumt r,mnnnp Ifl-'Tllo llli^lr;il,',l
.Mll.iil .Stmly  lor lliiiiiiilli't'h "
TkIkiiI ' laa
B.  C.   Land Surveyor
C3ANBROOK    -      B. C.
IK C. Corhln parsed tihroURh
Cratrbroori last Tuesday in IiIr car
(let tlie news of tlie campaign. ITho
Hornlll from now rut il Novemln-r :10,
Iflflft. for 25c.
Thf liltle show slinii at the end ol
1 lit' street. AI waj s tiood. Thy
Edison Theatre.   ,
H. I.. T. (lalhraitli, t>! Fort Steele,
was stalking hands wilh Cranbrook
[rioftds last Friday.
Always the hest little show in th»!
citv with homelike siiiToundlnfiS at
the Rdlson Theatre.
H'ANTED—PosHlon as housekeeper
ui lifl|p. Ranch preferred. Apply
\.. enre ..I Herald. 24
Take a day oil nert Monday nnd
ronio. to Cranhrook and enjnv the
sports nf Lahor Day.
Mftiirlci Quaiii outdo a trip 1o the
Pass towns last week looking over
the telephone situation.
(Mis Staples has cone to his former home at Stillwater, Minn., to
jattend to some business.
I Dr. Green and .lames Laidlaw went
shoot lug ou Tuesday ami tetucmnl
with a nice ha*; of thicks.
I K. .1. Roberts, nianager ol the
Spokano-Intornatlonal railway, was
in Crnnlirook last Monday.
.1. McTavlsh, ol the Cranbrook
hotel, has gone to Prank and llhtir-
more lor a few days visit.
' Tom Whelaii and his brother.
Judge Whelaii, of Wallace, Idaho,
were in the cily last week.
i .Joseph Brault went to IMnchcr
Creek nn Monday to place his two
.sons in school at that place.
A. McKowan, of the Cranbrook
Sash & Door factory, made a business
visit, to Fernie last Saturday.
I (ieorge W. Orchard, a well known
lumberman of Spokane, was In the
city a tew days the past we«k.
Balsam of Mjrr, for burns cuts and
scalds, (or man or beast. For sale
by the Cranbrook Trading Co.    23-tl
P. Lund, manager of the Crows
N'est Pass Lumber company, ol
VVardner, was in ihe city on Monday.
The glorious fall weather of the
Kootenays is now with us and there
- is none rotter on the American continent.
i- K. K. Abereethy, of Kellogg, Idaho,
was in Ihe eitv a few days tbis
j week looking over some mining prop-
: osltlons.
I     The Flyer was several hours    late
last Tuesday   art! stopped here   !■ n
eiioiiuli  for the passengers to       get
1 breakfast.
I   H. j, Cann, one of the old timers,
'  who now makes his headquarters in
Calgary, was in the oiljr at the end of
last week.
The Klk River Lumber company
were the successful tenderers for the
lumber needed by the Pernio relief
The only place of <imusement patronized bv His Majesty the King on
his last visit to Cranbrook. The
Kdison Theatre.
A plcnsing countenance is the result of constanent dealing at Finh'R
Pure Food Grocery. I>o you want
lo look,- pleasant?
Prank Dickinson has gone to Lille.
Alberta, to manage the hotel at that
place. Mr. Dlehmson will make a
success of his undertaking-. *
Frank   Dunn,    despatetoer, philoso-
lleialtl from now
for 25c.
until November .'!".
K, for 25c* a      q
r.w.3n,i,,...t •©..'■■-<a»A
id grocery Tor your plums, pears,
#<„   * mwn^r AMBERGOODS
*********************   nmuunvwuo
|< »♦♦«».»........♦;
lull', left »ii Tuoxlai lor Aim    Ai-
lull.  MIOll.,     In      ITOinif      bll  Wnlll'i
tli.ini'i Jonra, ol ilio Crows SrM
I'hss Lumbr-r compaoy, was in tlie
oil! last Tuesday eraalait to mii-iiii a
spwlal . mecllnn of the   K.    ot P.
tli-t tho news ot the oatnpalgn. Tne
lli'r.ial Irom now until Novcinlcr ;iu,
l»08, lor 25c.
William Oliver, one ol the prlnolpal
business men ol LethbrMne, Uta.
spent several days in the city tie
past week iutervlcw-int several ol the
At the show Monday nift'lit at the
Auditorium tbeatre the curtain will
to up promptly at D..10, so that the
last act will be ftuished in time for
tho Labor Day dance.
WANTED AT OtfCG-FlrstrClass
stenographer for law oflice. suit*
fully qualifications and experience
and salary desired. tlov 7, Cranbrook, llrltish Columbia. 33-31
Airs. Nellson and daughter roturncd
last Mouday from Montreal, bringing
the infant child ol Mrs. Laurie, Uie
daughter oi Mr. ami Mss. Noilson,
who died a short tuna ago.
.1. 0. .McCallum has puidiasud the
A. Moffat rcsideuco ou llakcr Hill
and will commence at one* to remodel the place and make it one ol
the linest homes in the city.
Take a day oil ncut Monday and
come to Cranhrook and enjoy the
sports of Labor Day.
The Klectric Light company have
now got their new engine installed
and by next Saturday the dynanu*.
will be run by it, insuring au abundance of light for all purposes.
Mrs. l'osta, of San Francisco, who
has been visiting her brother, A. C.
Bowness, left on Mouday for La-
eombe, to visit with a sister and
was accompanied by Mrs. Bowness.
.John Dunlop, immigration agent,
has moved his headquarters to Cran-
brook and will be stationed here permanently. The many friends of -Mr.
Duidop are pleased to hear ol his
Duncan Itoss, M. 1'., passed
through Cranbrook last Monday en
route home from Ottawa. Mr. Ross
expects to leave tbis week for a
month's trip through the Cariboo
Mr. and Mrs. II. Gland, of Hosmrr,
were in the city on Tuesday. Mr.
Oland is building coke ovens at Hos-
ii'.or, Fernie and Michel, besides having the contract lor the big retaining
wall at the loop.
Harold Darling, who represents tlie
Crows Nest Lumber company at
Camrose, Alberta, was in the city
last Saturday and received a royal
welcome Irom his many old-time
friends in Cranbrook.
Get the news ot the campaign. The
Herald Irom now until November 30,
1908, for 25c.
I'etcr Wintefclt, better known as
"Chicken Pete," brought the Herald
a sample of the apples grown at his
ranch near Wasa. They are good
specimens and show the possibilities,
ol that part ot the district.
Frank Criderman, formerly of this
city, hut for the past two years a
resident ol Calgary, Edmonton and
Spokane, returned Tuesday evening to
accept a situation with the Cranbrook hotel. Mr. Criderman says
that Cranbrook looks good to him.
W. C. VeitK has severed his eoniuc-
tion with the Cranbrook Dyeing U
Cleaning works and has accepted Uie
position of business manager for the
East Kootenay Dye works. Mr.
Viets is a rustler and will uet business wherever he goes.
V. Hyde Baker, accompanied liv
Chas. D. Mc.Nah and A. Leitch drove
to Waldo In the big steam auto on
Monday to start the duck shooting
season on Tuesday, the 1st. and also
to look over the dlBerent milling
properties in that vicinity.
A letter Irom Walt Edwards, of
Wetaskiwin. to friends In this citv
states that Mrs. Edwards has been in
the hospital for tliree weeks as flu-
result of a serious operation, but is
now doing nicely, a tact tttat will
nlease her manv friends in Cranbrook.
Take a day ol next Monday aiul
come to Cranbrook and enjoy the
sports ot Labor Day.
Charles Freeman, ol Klklioni,
Manitoba, was In town during the
week, visiting with his Iriend, Oeorge
Rogers. Mr. Freeman has hern
farming near Elkhorn lor the last
thirty years and is one ol the pioneers of that part ol the potUh*
stamp province.
Last Mondav being Uk seventh
birthday of little Miss Ethel Dow,
daughter ol Chief ol Police Dow, she
entertained her voung trlcnds to hhc
number of twentv-three. at a picnic
in the woods.    The little people had
splendid time under the guardianship of Mrs. Dow.
I. M. DowseR and A. W. Ogden.
both of London, England, were In
Cranbrook dnrlrnr the week. Messrs
Dowsett and (Mgen are mattng a
tour of Canada anil tke United States
looking for nrofitatvle Investments. It
is rumored that tnev purchased some
land In this vicinity.'
For the Canadian National exhibition, to be held at Toronto. August
2»th to SentenAer Hth. the Cann-
dlan Pacific Railway will have In
effect special round trip rates.    For
******************** >****mnm„w„,ki
i in
to use our Store in'anv legitimate
way  >6u may KIM) K&eililWI'M
place  for   meetiiitju/.vour. Laciciatlwi'in'l
.;W;i.?,* M WiiB iPjeaswttMlf-,, ,„„
hour  Uaokinif over the largest and
n—* . .'''.     Mill-   .:l"lw    'I'IHii
SHMtilflSfiOt'tnil'nt ol i/;:i,
and Comic Cards, Local and,
d.,,li*iiMiA View Books, and Getniral
Souvenir Goods
; •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦••**********************
Ftatmily   Gr
That embraces a great mnny thine
nawa'paper.   So we situ ply want to it
stock embraces all the lines needed
i :.rrit*i in a Grocery.
i strive to hnvp
,)..l- delivered promptly
filer* solicited.
. and a lisvw^yi/m »
tpresa the fact that our
i a home and tittuuliv
0X3 S3MMU3
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *****
;;  PHONK 50
A •jiiimuer reeling in tl
lota of Preserved Peaches.
Peaches!   Peaches!
h ol winter il 8-«i:rnl by putting I
Campbell & flanning
: Auditorium, Sept. 7th, 8th, and 9th
Anil a Strong Supijortinn Co.
an excellent R.-p»:r!oin'
will (ireapnt
it the
MONDAY NIGHT the Bill  trill be
Press is loml in its iiraisc of ihe merits
uf this Company
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ******
i! The Dominion Elections
will   probably    take
place   before
November 30th, 1908
You want the news
of the campaign. The
" Herald will print
the news, and you
can get the " Herald "
from now until December 1st for
plier nnil all round sportsman, wont lull information as to r.it«s, date; .■[[<>
altdr tho ducks on Tuesday and sale, limits, etc.. annlv tn the noarrst A
what's more, brought them bom*.       |0.P.R. Ticket Agent.
************* THK CUANHIiOOK    ltKUAI.ll
MatiiilVlunTa ami Outliers
Detail Work It Bppoittlly
I  News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
printing press, tho paper is
■I, late.
Ii nun our uwa correspondent)
.W'esl as   "Pusiy"    in     the "Bonnie
lirlel Bush," dfeil in Now York   re-
Miss Fliireiiec   llroWn was in town | 	
ii.nii Friday to Tuesday, staying Meters, .las. McLaren and 0. W,
Miili Mis. McCnnnon. Mr. Howard Oonnioe, were in Cranbrook Sun
lirowii limit' his sister hack lo Iheit |i|ay,
raneli Tuesday morning.
Provincial Land Surveyors   i'"
i'l.irtinil Joule returned from Scoll
'niitl Hiiuinii'irs trull   ranch Tucsttuy,
Hide your little lmmmcr oral     ll)   where ho has   I n berrying Toi     the
i . speak    well   "t others, no mallet past week.
Ii iw    small  vim     mav    rr.tllv   swrtt |  ♦ ■	
yoursoil to bo. Ii makes othei
neoplo like vim. Ni.liwlv gets Btuck
knockci Manv ,t man has
n tub attending klrlctl) lo   hiajf CKESTON
Mr. 11. II. Uolrarl tin
1 wiff writ* in
i nuihrook Monday.
Mi. Muh. orE&nlzcr (
ir tho C.O.F.
silent .i feu hours in (
rnnlirook Mon
********************** I   ivtii lumlwn
II   D.uliii' lefi lot c.iiiitnsi', All.
Hvll.vvo   *in   MiMMi   BWINBKHIdll
OKFK'KSJ   AT  lull!'  STIiF.LK  AM
I    M
' i.'i .
i'.lliisl well'
jig nil alipli.'
i:.-lin,al.'s  Fl
l lulled
Foil Steele I'.O. Ilox 85.
I'lii.ii 1. I'.O. Hoi II.
'lVleplniiii' 171.
Ollli'o InCranlmuilii Held Hlunk.
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
I wink IS  inn ailvei-Lisetuellt,   lull I
pnl lliis ad iu Un' lleiulil lo
mii|iliilfii*n il.
Nrtat Luwi-r iriuslroilg Avenue
1'llii.M UltAMIKIHiK   In
Winnipeg, Port William,
Diilulli. St. Paul, Sioux Citv
Fred Hi ml si
i;il,o visitors Irom the
country this week.
Mrs. X. A. .Mi'Ki'iijii', ol I'liui'c Al-
l.iil, Sask., who Is visiling Willi Ah.
..ml Mrs. Klthgctismlth ol the, Blk
hotel, iiii.riHli',1 ihe picnic m Clows
Nest from LcMibrHlge,
.1. H. I'ugh, ol the I'un* & Living-
sum Lumber eompuny, came in Irom
lira I'liasl and drove mil to Hie mill
ul Hock Creek.
Ii is said, "A lady is a woman who
always remembers others and never
f.iiseis herselt." By changing the
sex we bave a pretty good dclinitloti
of a gentleman.
il'*inut ili>* erosion Kevirvv.) [
the  Fiver.
Hi'   inslii'i'lnt  Inr   the  C.
in Ctaniironk Mnudav.
Ur coiigratututc inn neighbor.
I'.iul llagen, ni llnck L'reoki
coiitsibulllig atniilii'i liule linger
ibe llitgcn family. Alt. Uugcn is ouo
i.l out [inn exports, ami-1ns berries
ate demanded as lar east as eodush
inuniiv aiiil vvestorly to all poinis,
where tin' hluo- miters o(: Un- I'ltclfle
kiss Miss II. C.     .
. Anderson and \V. Livlngstoni
i Okoioks gentlemen, were Elko
tors this week.
C.l'.lt. Umber and tie
nit' iu   from Cranbrook
W. Itnnkl
A fll'O al Ibe "ml Hill lower lalul-
111;; recently destroyed threo hundred
liilegntph pnli's ovMutl by .1. c.
haigllsii. A tiuii'lv elsingc nl wind
saved Ihe (own.
A very successful ball was given by
n(   tile Ladies Sewing   Circlu at       I'elL
Ashing tackle east.    It sure pays to !""• °"   SMurday
♦ X
■ {From the Moyie Leader.)
K. A. Hill is at Victoria on   busi-
Mts. A. C Conk is ii|i Irom Ilyan
lot a lew days anil is visiting Willi
Alt. and Alts. Ii. Campbell.
Tins week we sent n hia unlet
and it   was
New York
St. John, N. II.
St. Louis
Toronto    . .
Sydney, I. B.
.   «<07.5<l
Mill, to
i? I OS.50
Tlukot! on   Sab-   VI \Y   I  ami   IS.
JUNKS,!), Initial SO, JULY ll, 7,22
mid •!.:. AlIiil'ST il, r. '.'I ami J'.',
lints. First Class. I'.mii'l Trip.
Ninety Pays' Limit.
Htii'i'K-i —These tlekels are co«l
via anv i'fi'.i_'ni/,ii.| tollies in one or
I,-ill, litreelioliH Tn ilestiiiutitnis eust
of Obleitgo are itoml via llie Ureal.
Fnr   further   iiifiii'inatiiin.   Hates,
Sleeping   Car   lte.«e"rvat.ioits,   etc.,
apply to
C. Ii. McPHEISUN. .1. MOB,
li. I', .v.. Ii. I'. A.,
Mnyie may sunn bave a visit Irom a
ilistiiigiiishcd labor Ica-der in tbe person ni' President Clias. Moyer, of
tlie Western Federation ol Miners.
Meyer is umioiiiicctl to speak at i'boe-
nix nil l.libtit Dav, anil thru In- In-
alveriise and il makes us smile lo;"''1,1 atti'itdwl b) Lreslou duiieefs ul u-ntLs making an ollkial visit to the
si* lb,' vv.iv business is brightentog l""1' ■l;x''s' »llu mmlu the ttip b) larger unions in Ihe Lootenays. lie
„., ' singe, lianil em anil saddle horse. 1 tin »ill lie here some time early in Sup-
  Iriemls across the border had nrrnng- tembe', and    will probably lie      ac-
in s llniiuell Frruie's eminent 'I a mosl stiinpluous uepasl for tbe enmpiiiiled bv Joltii M. O'Neill, illiloi
'.iiiii.iiis'l, was In'Elko this week ami ICauucBs, this ileiinrtinenl belu- in ;,„ u„. Miners' inngnzinc, From hero
lis very probable the doctor will .•'•""W' "' M™.' w'"''•",','', . '"'hal .vir vIovit will go to Alaska. The
huilil a large sanitarhiro near the »••» "'ll1 '" ll"' ' °,cl lli." I,'',ll„ i""1 »"•'■>■••» ■',', , "'slslas Island and I'.ut-
r-alls-s ' "' 'hiiicers   greatly enjoyed the po- nniilMwIII be Iboroiighly llivestlgittal,
  lisheil Hoot ami music siipplii'd       hy and if 'he mine operators ate willing
Mutiiliv     nl    (lili'vviv   was"1' ' *'ls' l''ll'iiiiii'..    The funds of ,|„ ||h-|,.n i,,   u,,. ilenmmls ol lusticc,
friends In   Elko this    week   ""-' I.'""™ Sewing Slrclc hits been cu- u Angel   ol   Peace"   will again
' '•'elinl *M.    Air. Case was an excel- spreadjls wings over Ihe Northwest'
ul floor manager.
I   Mrs.
llnsllli'l   tn
ill her
1   Mr. Caiman, ^ Ihe   Mnckay-Smltli-
'Jllnlr comiiiiny, was in Elko with    a
few samples   ol   overalls, day honks
ami feather dusters.
lit. .Saunders, ol Waldo, and Mr.
lingers nl St. Paul, Minn., registered a I tin' Elk Ibis week.
Morgan, Thomas .v; Itradbutn, the
real esiate men from Eureka, Mont.,
.'.mi' at the Columbia hotel Ibis
iveek, Initbiiiir over some propcrtv
nisi nf the town.
George Uardslcy was an Elko ami
Fernie visitor this week Irom the
hie red appto country.
Robertson and Mrs. Wilson, nf
drove into Elko this week,
Mr. Ilirliaiiis and family, of Cranbrook, siKMit Saturday In Elko, unfortunately a wet. inl.set-.ible dav. hul
i !■ hone thev will come again when
Ibe sun is shining and the llsh trying
I" sleal the shoes ofl yollt feet.
Win. Hamilton, Hie lire warden, is
still iumpiue around like a Unman
candle in a rain .storm.
.1.   W.   Itl'TI.KIHil'.
Hiailiinte nf Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, Iu IBM.
(Irniluale ami Medallist nl
McKllllp's Vi'tiirfiiaty College,
Chicago, in limn.
Nine    years'    experience    in
Veterinary practice III Manitoba.
IIHke al Crsobrook Hotel.
Wli.it mull' mil
■il.'-SI    Ml
K < i  i .■tiiilr iii i' llviiw oil raisin t'likos
t        GATEWAY ]
(Ki'oin the Gateway Inleraatiunal)
N. K. SuuNlaby, of tlie Kt'iniv Dnm
.v Book stoic and II. .loluisrni ol Hie
.'-'f'lni-llt'iutly Clotlilng stores pitsswl
llirourfi Gateway Thursday vn route
finiii Vancouver.
Wyiino Heath aiul Will Ituus visited
Ktireku Tuesday.
Mi. Joe Friend returned (nun Km-
t-iu Wednesday where lie met with a
very serious accident, falling and
breakiiiK two rilis. However, Mr.
Friend is im the road to recovery.
Mr. J. Hruckhuusei |iastttil through
I in to way en route to Kerilie to see
itie seene uf the fire. He returned hy
Hie evening train Tuesday.
Mr. and Mis. Urn Hundley, we rcf;-
iet to say, have heeu ituuraiitfned lor
smallpoi ever since Ihe lire.
In every  house  in  Gateway
int. to a truck hud brluiiiUui; to the
Uesiern Mercantile company iiiim uim:
ni ilie depot.
Mrs. I.ecs, aeeoiii|Miiieil hv Mrs. ami
Miss Lamlcck, rcturiietl lo h<-t home
ni Uliiieiish Monday cveniiiR.
Mi. W. Mairliiiiiit. Unnailian customs
lti»|ii,elor, is iu Gateway, the rupsI if
Mi. and Mrs. A. .1. Joule. Mi.
£*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ MiUClmnt held service SmnlaV cveninc
in Ihe school Htom. and mive n Ven
iiteii'stiin; address. He also ad-
[iressed the children in Nmulnv st]honl
luring ihe nfleinooii, wliith was vi'iv
much a|i|ini'ia1ed.
Drink Home Beer
It i* Pure
ami     Mrs.   Heiinn r anil    .Miss
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
jllorls, of Fernie, are al  Un'     Itoval
I   Mrs, Smith is    slill with her sun
ll. c. Smith, in Rcxford.
Uie firsl lime in Creslon Ills-
lory, liitih mass was sittifj; at the
ehttreh of Hie Holy Cross <m Sunday
morniuj! last, there heinu; slxtv-tvvo
L'alhoilcs present. The choir has
heen trained hy Mr. C. V. Kiel, the
mass of the Holy Ghost heinu; rendered. Father Wagner was the cele-
lirunt and Mrs. C. 1'. Kiel ol'fiunlst.
A. I'l. Watson has arrived from
Krie, Pennsylvania, to lake charge of
t ln> bookkeeping and auditing de-
imrtmcnt "f the ('has. G. Hotl^ei's
lumbering and sawmill business.
II. \\. Atkinson has been over from
Itossliind for a week helping with the
nlllee work nl the St. Kugcne during
t!ie absence of .Air. Kamm.
'Since the cslabllslllng ol the local
telephone system in Moyie tlie business between here and Cranbrook ovi-r
the long distance line has more than
K. 0, Kamm writes from the cast
that his father is recovering. Mr.
Kamm and wife will probably not return from the easl for a few weeks
♦ ♦     Word comes from Ymlr thai    -la^k
:\t/ a Diwinu ^  "alv, wini Was blasted while working
WAKUIXC.K ♦ |j„ ,[„. si. Mugpne last siiring, is back
X J I from Spokane, where he has been un-
AAAAAAAAAAAAA^AAAAAAAA     lllT    t IfU t lllf'll t     fill'    S0II1C    t llllC.    DAl)''8
•**•*****"***********!..vesiKht Is gone completely.     He   is
(From our uwi curreapoiideBt)      |ri-sEdiug with bis broHicr-in-aw, A, C,
O'Neill;     Gn Hie   morning of March
Mr.  Muir, organizer for the Cmu- 7th last    I>alv   ami   Patrick O'Brien
dian Order ol Foresters, lias 'b««n   in I were working together up on the St.
town the past week, looking up new Ikurchc hill when thev drilled iuto   a
recruits, and has met with good sue- tnlssod hole.     O'Brien was killed oiit-
cess. jright. and Daly was lerrihly injured
iiboiit I lie face.
"Taft goes to church,1' says a
Pittsburg paper. Oh. well, it is
necessary now.
Mr, Waldo, representing the Foley
Biscuit eompnnv, of Winnipeg, Man..
was iu town lust week.
Mr. .1. Dormer, left for tlie   Cranbrook hospital Monday last.
(By John Nelson.)
Whether Sir Wilfrid Lauder goes to
the country   this fall or delays    his
- ■ " ■' !appeal for another year, he will not
Holmes left for Wetaskiwin, having sitting behind him iu his next
last week. commons the strapping member from
- " the Kooteiiity.s whom even casual ac-
Poliec Constable Anney was in Nel- 'ipiaintances hail as "Big Bill."    Mr.
nn last week.   JGalliher,   is   indefinitely out of poll-
"    ~* tics.     Hail he   chosen to again seek
A southern legislator wants a law   the- suffrages     of his   people,     there
gainst flirting.     Would it not be   a 'would have been no doubt   ol the re-
neeullnr world with everybody       iu suit, for lie is rich in human qualities
iail? .which are the key to men's hearts the
■"—■■■ | world over, anil nowhere more readily
Mr. Patterson, late chef at       the than among    the rough miners    who
Crows  Nest   Lumber company camp, form a large    portion uf his constil-
as iu (own last week. nents.
—— Nature was unusuallv kind lo    Mr.
Mrs. Blclsdell ami Mis. Miller were GallHier, lor in addition to endowing
Ciaiihrook visitors last Friday. him with a big heart, it encased said
—— heart in a massive frame and toniied
Mr. Herb Kitt   was in     Cranbrook H with a head and face which would
Friday. .command attention anywhere.        He
  {was nol onlv big   ami good to   look
Mr. Johnny Johnson and wife, of °'l| I,ul ho »'"? f "'I'11'1, 0l cTUk'V
Itosslnud, were visiting al Mr. Hclge- flv n',mv,J- W?" ho rtt°IM>«>   "»»-
n'fi lafrt week. I,|M,:|' »P°rl foc l»c more engiossing,
 , '.Hid alsn inure exacting, game of poll-
.,,,     ,,   ... .        , ., J   tics.    Ol his prowess in the ring anil
lie British government says there 0|| tll|, Krwa \mny n] Bfcorio^ art,
mus he n,. suits)i ute or hops. Ull ,„,,, ,m, W(1 ,l|t, „„t llWiUl. U.at Uie
..nisi g« ynuiself Mmngh yon      may f w|n8 ,ms  cvor ,)Ctolc ,,„,„
.te dancing. I lislnnl:
  !   Mr. Galliber hailed oiiginallv (rom
Mr, Armslrong, nf t'lunjirnwk, hell die counly or    Bruce, wboro twenty
court iu town Salurdiiv last:' years   ago     the annual     Caledonian
""■" • 'g.nues m     Ihe     villages yf Lucknow,
Mr. I'muhail. of the John t'assttty Paisley,     Tiverton,     elc,  were Ihe
loinpnlij, Wontreal, was in town Ha- local (ihinjiits, for which every son
tiirdav. uf  Ihe idd eoiinlv  who couhl develop
  athletie Vfunu"   nssiduinisly trained.
Mr. UnlUngs, uf Nun ton, Alia., wus Mr. Galliber was no exception to the
visiti.r in town lasl week. rule, and     local pride in bis uchicve-
—— nieiits suiter, d no eclipse because,    of
Mr.  Stocked, nf  llosmer,  was     in bis iioii'Scuttisn cognomen.     Biflug a
fitt'n Saturday. son   of    Bruce county, Mr. Galliber
- must of    necessity go west      when
Mr.     Vllfitisl Johnson, of Bossland, famh out of his 'teens, and on U*-
lopped nfi f.u a vlnB last  week   ou ["«, up his residence in_tbojimlr.es be
diuns bitd boon Uie spoiled children ul
the campaign, and their British
brothcrs-ui-arms were anxious to
show tbe colonials what thev eocld
do iu the sporting field. The w.otk
of getting out the c.in.idi.iu competitors for each event was undertaken
by Mr. Galliber, assisted bv his
chum Dave Carley, a man almost as
well known turoueiioul British Columbia as his friend, and a capital
newspaper man to boot. When the
entries were all in it was found that,
though tho Canadians wore numerically much inferior to the other branches
of the service represented, ihey were
iu for every event but two. And,
more, thev were backed bv every dollar Ihe little colony of Canucks bail
saved from their wages in navigating
Father Nile.
Both of these latter events were set,
for the second dav. and so Mr. Galliber and Mr,     Carley did nol concern
11 selves verv much over it, honing
that by the morning some of .the
voyniccurs   would nmlortahe to rcprc-
senl Mini umiiley. Meanwhile Ihe
sports went on, and, lemiirsahle to
relate, the CuuicU were pulling down
the prizes in nlmosl all the evenls.
The dav closed in a slullllK beat, but
with Canndli »dTets   swollen   with
bubs and sixpences from the knapsacks of Ihe "Tommies," uml With
sovereigns and half sovereigns Irom
ihe wallets uf the ollieers, for Itejqro
the dav was far advanced Ibe Canadians had decided Uml Mm luck was
all theirs and Were slaking every
penny obtainable mi au*1 man who
said he came fnmi Ihe other side of
There was a Hv in the ointment,
however, mid that was the IniiblHlj
of the men from Ibe Dominion lo offer contestants for the hundred yards
dash and for the standing Jump,
which was regarded as the premier
event of the loiiiney. Just Moulin- race was called, however, an Indian chief who bail brought a uuinher
of bis baud with him to "the river"
approached Mr. Crallihei. He land
heard of the dimcullv mil if his skin
was cupper be had the true instincts
of the sportsman. "Look here,'' he
said, "do \ou waul a man for the
race? 1 have n little buck here that
can beat anything on the reserve, and
if you like we can put him in,"
The youngster was sized and rushed
to the" tape before he realized what
was required of him. With tlie
crack of the pistol be was off like a
deer and heal a lanky artilleryman
bv au inch. The Canadian were delirious. Cheer after cheer rent the
air, ami Ihe chaff and banter which
only men under canvas understand
was beard on every side.
"Oh, that's all right," Ihe line men
replied, "but if vou barbarians are
real sports, why don't you enter
everything? We will give yon odds
of two to one Ibat we call heat vou
on Ibe jump."
This was a bluff which could not be
called, for it was well known thai the
regulars were reserving for this event
.liiiimv Corcoran, of the 1Mb ltoyal
Irish and the champion of India. Jimmy was already in bis tent, being
rubbed down with oil and other lubricants, and presently he emerged rc-
splemlcnt in green trunks and shamrock adornments, which he bad donned iu order to give the greater glory
to the isle from which his regiment
was drawn. Lord Aniicsley, who
was in command, and who had hltlvcr-
to taken no part in the banter, now
approached Mr. Galliher. , "See
here?" he said, •'you men should; lii?
represented iu this event. Vou nave
hail things vour own wav for nearly
two days and vou ought to he sports
enough tit give us a chance to lick you
for once and get back some of our
money." As he spoke Corcoran,
amid ;i mightv cheer, made his leap
and a triumphant shout went up from
the regulars. "How's that, bush-
wackers'" "Why don't you try?'
"Where's vour blawsted Canadians
now'"' were some of the remarks
which fell on Mr. Galliher's ears and
made him bite his lip.
Carley, who stood beside, him,
beard a muttered imprecation, and in
another momenl "Big Bill" was at
the scratch. The neat arms swung
a moment to poise the magnificent
trunk, and the desert sand Hew as he
struck it eighteen inches bevond the
marl-' of the vatmied Corcoran. The
latter essaved again and again to
beat it, but without avail, and when
lie bad given up the Insk Mr. Galliber, who had nol removed his boots
or any other portion of his wearing
apparel, made a second tump which
lauded him seventeen inches over the
first mark. It was nothing hut Canada for the next fifteen minutes, hut
when Cnrlev had time to recover his
breath he drew the big fellow down
lo him. "In Ihe name of heaven,
Bill," he asked, "bow did vou do it?"
A deprecatory smile passed over ibe
other's features as he reiilhtl. "Didn't
von know, Dnvey, thai T hold ihe record for Western Canada, and whoever is hest there takes no second
nlaee in anv other corner of Ibe
world—least of all. among mummies."
1! I'ONIKB, uiiiriii.ii'il purled tor
tiulille, pack, ilinihli. human, WO.O11,
fsu.im. AlmMAHKS fclli DO, i.15,llff.
-W.(i, r.'.'iiliiiiii.i',.ii.-'Hi'ii'.
< *********************
Ft Steele Brewing Co.
We regret to bear that Mr. C  Hart
Ihe engineer of ihe passenger     train,
has laid off owing to an accident
his bawl.
further develo|ied his athletic prowess
until he bad atlaim-d a more than
local fame.
It  was also inevitable that     when
Lord Wolsely     called  for  Canadian
vovngciira to'pilot bis force down the
Nile in  his    famous Egyptian enm-
Buper money may be full of germs pnign Mr. Galliher would he one    of
,n hut this weather will laill them.     If tbe number.     It Is   with an incident
vou are nervous bring the hills to the of that campaign that out slnry ha
his way to Kcrnle.
Harold Darling, of Camrose, Alto.
was renewing old acquaintances ii
I own lasl week.
Tim Loading Vr
1 Sin
I'KMfH.   A|-i'|,K,s
IIAZIiKWui'li K't: rpivAU
,i   s'lT.WAItT'S ri.NKriltiMH.ATIW
I'lmiii. "ft      *     Armitriitii: Ave,
The place where n Hollar if<juh
I printer,
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATHK
For liimily 11*' iIiiti' i* itolhlllK
sn wlioloBnnin mill an inlin iih
i'II'WjUT«d0thJdtt«Sla't|C<oili!w«nv'  Mr. Mlllor, ol V*n«rav<*, traveller ii«"». iiii'Piirolnry.totlw ihwi.1
Siiiidnv I'vwiins,   <loinR    connlilorahlc Inr'J. K. Sclinilchl, was in town S,
iliiir.iiui' tu mils nntl ties. luriliiv.
lo ilo. TIip fluhtiiiK was ovrr anil
Iho lori'i' was asspmltlwl al Waili-
tho river.' Alon ol all arms ol Hni
service were there nwaltlni; the com-
  ,  Diction nl     transportation facilities:
,,,.,,      ..,,„,, r.    ,     ,  ..      nntl Inr the ioint purpose nl passlnr;
■loiilv vlsili-il      l'i.-1   A. I'.lwell was in    CranbronB Sun- ||„. n,,,,. .,nrl of celehratini; the   cn-
,lla>'- , onerntion    of Imperial and Canmllan
 " ! "—' troops, ii Iur two-ilnv toiirnev   was
The slnf! ol the Gatcw.iv Interim- K11I11 n Vox, llie well known char- orcaniziil. There was a suspicion
linnal wish to apologize lor tin- lacl nctcr iietor, especially well known that the rrirulnrs hml a rather selfish
tlmt nwlnn lo their 'Inahilitv to use  ihrounhout     I'anaila anil the Middle IhtcMs! in Ihe    affair, as the ('ana-   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Air. anil -M
uie Kriiiav.
Jnsl IiiIiiiiiiI.ii ao'ni li ,l
Alau«vi*l\vIhtfiu under themiiii,
fro While I'llenlitiM
tn 11 Miniiwtriip
van wo it Mines
llmmiiii Avi'.    .   Oiiiilirnnk
X    Thai's what any woman is after a hot cup of Fragrant    ♦
* V
ll chases away the old tired feeling, and fills
X    her with new life.   So DELICIOUS too.
4 . ..	
Manitoba Hotel
.MMttn.wWn,.'.,,.,,, «„' WWINMHHH «WMS^MM*«HM
Headquarters for
Tlie Mil
ill llii'r
1 In inn rally located mil has olio ol thu liosl illlllngroonis
The lull- i.i »ii|i|i|i.d uiili llie l.esl of Liquors ami CinuiH
"\X?m ■'■) ^
*       llnr.lni.i    -   Cniiiliriink. II. IJ. X?Si'> '.^'
********************** ***********************
t *•' * Tli;* iv'.H.I.imvvii Ctc11cr.1l Mi'ivli.'int
Jlll'llSI'il   III llllllii'
■ + nNinniiici'tiH'Ml   thai   hu  cnrrioB all   kinds
T "C nit'ivliuinlisi'. mid ivcoivt'tl tin.1
# sloek nf Fishing'Tackle over room  here.
* 8111110 jtjuloua person uii^lii oull mo a
Bui Prod Uoo is luippy
knowing Unit lie liusn ropntntion in
fur voracity which is worth more to him
than untold gold.
harness and Saddles
,Mitiers'   tad   Pros-
petlors'  Supplied
Dry (londH
(I niter It: a
Raw Ktirs
Krull and Candy
Indian Curios
FlHliInx Tackle that
Calclrci Ibe Han
t FRED ROO, Proprietor
* ********************* **********************
We have ihe lines!
Cooked Ham
yi.ll evi'i llii',1.
For I.iiiii'Iiiik, I'inii.'s',
CniillllllB, i'l,., il
in iluliel	
P.BURNS «IC0., Ltd.   !
************ it *****************************
1 lmve » livo nora trncl nt Fruit Laud 11 little ovor 11 <!
mile trom town Unit. 1  will boII ut n prioti Unit will prove 11
uttructivo, witli pnrt casli pnymont niul Imlinico on ruuuon- ,,
ublo teriiiH.   Tliiu is 11 snap.
Aililross =
"FRUIT  LAND,"   Care   of   Herald   Office'!I
******************************************** TllK   CUAMtKOUK    HEltALU
1st Prize     2nd
10.00 a.m.—Cranbrook Juniors vs. Moyie Juuiow  $20 00  $10 oo
o;j    I1.IIO
-Hose Keel Contents, Wet,
76 00
1.1 Prize
1.00 pin
—RunniiiK llroml .lump  	
$10 00
1 4 00
1.16   "
—Putting niiii.simt     	
10 M
4 00
1,30   "
Hoys' Itui'i'. under 111 yours	
2 00
Ui   "
—One Hundred Vnnls Race (Open)	
20 UO
10 00
8.00  "
Running High Jump	
10 00
4 00
2.16   "
■ High Pols Viiuli        	
10 00
4 00
2M   "
220 Yards ltueu (Open)	
20 00
10 00
2.16   -
ttuuniue. Flop. Slop mid Jump	
10 00
4 IK)
8.00   "
Boys' Race, under 1(1 years	
8 UO
1 no
8.1S   "
liirU' ltai'i'. under 111	
6 00
2 00
8.110   "
8 00
1 (10
:i,l6   "
l'nion Men's Itaee, over .'16 ....'	
16 00
5 (Ml
4,110   "
Half mill- Pony Kmr. II.1, hands or
under (White riders only)	
IS 00
6 00
4,16   "
— Halt-mile Indian Pony lime (Indian
jookcya only)	
10 00
5 00
—Tepee Building, Squaws, lirsl smoke
winner  _
2 0(1
2.00 p.m.
Moyie vs. Cranbrook 	
$75 00
$25 00
400   "
-Fernie Fats vs. Cranbrook Fats	
6.30 prompt.   Moyie vs. Cranbrook   Medals value $75.00
2.30 p.m.   Rock Drilling Contest  $75 00 $25 00
4.30   "     Chopping Contest  25 00 10 CO
4.45  "     Sawing Contest  35 00 15 00
5.00   "     Tie Making Contest  25 00 10 00
500  "     Log Loading Contest   i  100 00 50 00
Tug-of-War 50 00
In all events where hvn |irlisoa ure given, three lo enieror no.enomt
prize will lie given.
In usse uf a dispute, thu
I'liiiuuittee of event.   Their (let
Realties, ,1. \V. Itolilnpon, T O
.1. A. Arnol.l, l> .1 MeSwevn,
liall: K. II. Simill. I>. .1. Kli'uer.
Tim rMVnr: Geo. llogiiiirlh, 1'
11. Tavlor (hoth nf Slo.vle).   II
I .Moyie
inline in In? brought before the Prenlilent arul
I'hinli In he t'niiil.
: SI. H. Kiiij.. A. Uilch. 0. MoKal), O,
ri.-, I'. Ilovtor. Athletic ."imrlH: J. Ileus,
I'. Kelly, I". Ariiten.Mli, \V. Itnllina. lior-e-
iiinil'iill: A. Slianfcland, A. Gill (Moyie).
. I'', .luhnsnu, llnek Orllling! A. Carnefuii.
Heel : A. I„ Sli'lVnnol, Snpt. Blaylft'k
:0. Wlso. C. Knoiie.
MONDAY,   SEPTEMBER   7,   1908
Special Train from Moyie, 80 Cents Round Trip. Leaves ,
9 a.m.   Returns 8.30 p.m.
Fare and One-Third from all other Points.   Tickets going I
good from 5th to 7th; Return 7th to 9th.
J. BATHIE, Secretary   -   S. MACDONALD, President
For the past year R. II. Hutchlns,
who was formerly super! nlendonl of
ihe Mother Lode mine, in Ihe Boundary, has been in Cores in charge oi a.
rree milling roM proposition. Mr.
lliiidiins, who is now in Rossinnd,
was under a three years contract', hut
in spite of tho fact that the Corcan
mint's arc the richest he ever saw,
lie could not stan:! it one year. He
said ho had to club men to set a
dav's work out of litem. Mr.
I hitch-ins says the Coreans are verv
dissatisfied with Japanese rule and
lie expect* a ecner.il uprising of the
people, assisted hv  the Manehuriaie.
Double strung chairs, 56c.—CCS.
It. II. Corbott, who bus been tho
proprietor of the Went worth hotel
since lasl May, has sold out to V.
Mntheson and hit for his former
home at' Medntne Hat last Monday
afternoon. Durinti their sojourn in
I'tanbrook Mr. and Mrs Corbetl
have made a largo number uf friends
ttho will regret their departure, Mi
I'mbett will resume his former bust
tuss at the "Hal," where he has one
of the largest pool rooms .md barbel
1'   M.i
first three weeks after the lire, they FUNDS
never attempted to take advantage
of the conditions, but joined with, the
authorities -and tbe committee to do
"at they could to aleviate the suf-
itic and relieve the distress. To
t the demand of the public   thev
Restormel   Castle,   they went under-[ met house by .scattering nuts on the An interesting feature of the distri-    The fate of the Crystal Palace   is
-round    in thu   tram.       The voting  ground.    Some days ago she suw    ft button    of   prizes    at   St.   Olive's engaging tbe attention of the London
jijueen exhibited signs of nervousness,  squirrel   trving   to oust    a swallow Urammar school,     Bermondsey, Sur- county council, tbe palace authorities
A cash donation of $35,000 has been   whereupon one of the minors said   to  from tlie nest, which contained young, ley, was the payment of the ■•rent" Having addressed a letter to the inetn-
gran-Uil by the provincial Lovecu-
ment to help the rebuilding of Fernie.
$25,000 of this is to be devoted    to
hurried along their buildings and   in toe    building    of   a    public school,
,i remarkably short time were ready $f>,000 fnr a new civic building    ami
to tale care of the people.    Absolute $5,000 to help in clearing the streets
order has     been    restored in       the and laving new sidewalks.     In nddi-
towii. the hotels had paid for    their lion to this the government will   at
licenses, thev had    lost a      month's once rebuild the courthouse and gov-
husiness beside their    build
ing and contents, and
its all other lines were re-
suining business thev naturally think
after .i month has elapsed that they
should tie permitted to do the same.
ernment buildings.
All accounts against  the Fernie rc-
ief committee must  be presented to
.1. F. M. Pinkhnm,    treasurer, on or
BODY FOUND before tJte 6th of this month or they
will not be paid.
Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock
the btfch of Ueub. Sleeves, who was
drowned last week at Stavely, Alt*.,
wns recovered by the searching party
and broughi to Frank today. The
funeral will be held at Fran's tomor*
iltt .
shops in    Western     Canada
Ihesoti, the incoming proprietoi     is j
so well known in Cranhrook as the
proprietor of the Imperial hole! th.it I
there is little tn be said, except ih.it ]
he is a irnotl hotel man.  runs D good j
hold and is a pood fdiow
(let the news of the campaign. The
lletftll from imw until November 90,
I0U8, for 35o,
\ meeting for the l.ols of Ihe cily
will  In-     held in the   (ivmiuisium on
Monday next at a o'clock}     The put-
pose is to form a hoy's brigade   and
ihe matter is being Uniterm ken by tho
(lev.     C. O.     Main   mid     Rev,    li.
Hughes.     Any boy hetween the wges
of ten ami Seventeen   m,n   loin.   Hoys
are united to come ami heal   nboul
it ne\t Monday,     \fter si\      weekv
drill, those who arc considered fitted
for the hrigndo will be allowed    to
enroll,    ntw   will lie    supplied with
tap. bell    and    haveruelm.    Weekly
drills    will he    held.     .Hid   physical
rveicise will    also     be given*     This
will be a splendid opportunity       foi
the lads of    Cranbrook to gel sipt.iie
.'boulders, to leant one of ihe   most
important things of life, the value of
■discipline.       All the churches    have
been nslrd to rccognlftc this    movement   nml     assisl     it   bv their Influence,    It is    purely umlenoinlna-
tional    and   has     for its ohi.rt the
jTiiernl welfare of the lads.
Double strung chairs, 55c.—CCS.    i
Tom and Con    Wbeinn, of the Na-;
'•antv hotel    at   Fernie,    were flmxi
JHtO and costs one day last week on
tho ohartre of   ojwning their Imr, nl-
ihoiigh the gentlemen had notified the
commissioners that thev were   rendv
for business.    With the loss tlwit had
been sustained by the hotel men   ot
Fernie, and with the energy Intii Umv
dlsplaytd iu getting new places    up
to shelter and feed the is-ople reimrd-
le^s of expense, it seems n    mltrlity
small business for ihe authorities («
impose a fine like that under the circumstances.    The hotel men of Fer-
nio united as one
N'eXl Sunday the services will he
held .it the usual hours, the morning
being devoted to a children's address,
liovs and yiiis are cordially invited.
In the uflcrnoon th.> Bible classes will
,i tttnble at :t o'clock and the Sunday
school al Hie same hour. Visitors
are always welcomed to our services.
In Ihe evening the subject will be:
l-riic straight Cate."
Tttesda\—Kjovorth   League  Mission-
\ meoHng nl 8 o'clock.
Wednesday—DevoHonal service      at
Frldav—Choir practice at R o'clock.
Five square miles of timber, situated three miles from Crows Nest
Pass Railway, near Cranbrook, B,
t'.. estimated to contain 15 million
feel. Easy logging and down hill
Applv to Mrs, R. H. Hos-
1 Main Si , Hamilton.
her Majesty, "Don't Ve be afeaid,
missus; it be all right." On that
man was given eigh-
tceupence and each hoy ninepenco "io
spend out
ascended the throne
miners, headed by
Thompson, marched
through Lostwithiel
The bird fought pluckily, and her
mute assisted. The squirrel was
winning when both birds suddenly
ew away, and, returning immediate-
When Queen Victoria  iy with large reinforcements, they at
no Kcstormel
Ihe   late Adam
In   procession j
I reefs.      Iu 18(15
tacked the squirrel
driving it off.
id a freehold tield, which was leased hers of tbe council asking them     to
in lfi5fi to trustees (or the benetrt oi tota steps ;o  rescue   the famous in-
tKo jmor of the parish.        The lease atftutioo   at    Sydenham   from     the
wns "for   a     term    of five hundred doom    which   menaces   iv     In their
years,   at the    yearlv rent of a red letter it ts shown    tfcat tie financial
aiiee.      iteceitiiv  panics     oi    ,-. * .,    ..ljiji,, _„r
ring the    district    to inspect  ...eth wnR r«H«t«.r*
ihe Duke of Cornwall, the then owner
of tlie property, now King Edward,
visited the mine.
Much interest is being taken in the
cultivation of various farms in West
Norfolk of new varieties of wheats
and oats which have been imported
from France. Recently parlies of
been tour
the crops. A feature of these
ported cereals was that they came
Into ear a fortnight and three weeks
before the English varieties, and the
visitors found the crops so well forward thiit 1 hi v are expected to he
tine for harvest u week curlier iban
the hitler. The French varieties also give indication of tin abuntaut
Weld. Leading millers express the
opinion that the French wheats would
make flour of excellent quality, cMor
find flavor. On one of the farms a
veritable "entente cordlale" crop was
being grown, six varieties of English
wheats being raised alternately with
half H dozen of the French on two
nere plots.
The  I
idies Aid held a verv success-
on meeting at Mrs. II. Ar-
tne on Wednesday afternoon.
-e was well tilled and eonsid
nsiiiess was transacted. The
ive ;i vigorous programme   in
them for the next few weeks
it interest was evidenced in
rnntrcmenlfl     for the coming
Festival and church nnnivcr-
\\I1\T    Till-:
A horrifying discovery was made by
a workman employed at a marine engineering works at     Middles-borough,
Vorks.     It wns found that a     man
had   nppnrenlily     suffered a lingering
ilmth    in    ono of   the huge marine
boilers, which    are being constructed
by tlie firm.     The boilers are   about
lil feet in    diameter,    and are com-
ptetelv closed up, with the exception
of a Mi-inch manhole at the fop.     In
(his manhole a driller had deposited
his tools at noon, and on returning at
ope o'clock he noticed q strong smell.
He thereupon  peered  into  the depths
of the (toiler, and to his horror    discovered the body of n man entangled
iu the mass of tubing with which the
toiler is Interlaced.       II was impossible to reach     the body, hut it was
apparently that of n young man, and
was in an tidvnuced .slate of decom-
posHlon.    The task of extricating the
.body was one    of considerable diffi-
jeul'lv, it being necessary to turn   the
The    Mystery of AucUw i Mler wmi»«wly nv''>; and iaho   off
it," a dramati/Htion of M.     R.ls,w "   ,h,, nla,,,K Mfirtv f   ro"^ Y
lthK'Hon's famous novel "Ladv Au* removed.      As none   of   the   firm's
lev's Secret."    The play itself  was wortmen have disapI»eared   it is sur-
trood.     Miss Van Tassell was    well \m^ &J (h*','"nl mkr<Hl ^J10
supported, and her acting, ns usual, el" tn s «*• *w\,fa,li"'1' was tmahle to
far afieart    of    what is usnaHv seen Intricate himself.    J rom m> flnnenr-
here.     Her mad scene in the '  last, njee of    the   remains It is thought
et was sunerb.    SneelaMies     were  «ta*he may haw been there for two
Introduced between nets and were en- months. „_
tlmthisi leailv  received. ..   ... ..   . . ..
Tilts company will nmwar at the Mf«J ^i^}, as«od«1">n" Tnr,>
Auditorium the first three nights of conneffetl * th the Restormel iron
nevl   week .mine, LostwHluel, Cornwall. wWeh Is
'       ^ -, iabout to he Again worked after belm!
closed down for net ween twentv   p-p-I
FERNIE RELIEF ACCOC-NTS    |thirty years.      Tt Is believed'   that
Remarkable conduct was alleged al
the Lewis police court nffalnsl Ed-
mend Heal, who was charged with intent to endanger persons on the nuit-
wav. Heal said he came irom Birkenhead. On Sunday morning an en-
cfne driver found that n locomotlw
which hnd lieen locked tip in a shed
on the Midland raltwav near Kirt-
Pt«ll  was missing.     On  invest igaib
Astrology is being put in an original use by an English astrological
journal. The Mystic, which is offering scholarships to children whose
horoscopes are the most, promising
for their future career. Parents who
have faith in astrology and wish to
enter their children for this mystic
ompetilion, fill in a.blank, giving be-
ides the child's name, etc.j date of
and where the
birth was rrgistercd. Fronj these
data skilled astrologists will cast
ihe horoscope of the competitors, and
the four children for whom the most
promising forecasts are made will receive I7fi in cash to help in their
launching on a successful career.
In the Utility Poultry Club's
twelve months laying competition
now being held at Braintree, Essex,
he numbers of eggs produced by the
leading pens for tlie first nine months
White W'vandottes. 800; White
Wyandottcs, R0S; White W'vandottes,
;!M;White Wyan.iottes, 785; White
Wyandottes, 707; White Leghorns,
72f»; BiifT Rooks, 700; Black Wvan-
dottes, «t i White Wyandottcs, «77.
There .ire siv fowls to eaeh pen. One
id the birds.       - *   "   "
again, eventually 'rose, payable at midsummer if   law- position   of tbe Crystal Palace com-
' [fully demanded."       The representa- pany is such that it cannot be carried
|lives of the trustees paid the     rent on much   longer    without tbe public
with a bouquet of    red roses, which help.
was handol
to the warden   of      the ,
In tlie presence of General Sir Ian
Hamilton, commander-in-chief of the
Southern command, novel siege imputations took place recently at Fort
Scraesdon, near Plymouth. Owing
to possible dangers'attending the
operations the defence was represent-
td by a (lagged position- The attacking force consisted of several
Royal Engineer comjanies and the
:ird Rifle Brigade. After a •mine bad
been fired in a redoubt, the a-ttaekma
'loops successfully assaulted the position.
A number of red deer antler picks
found oo the bottom ol tbe great
ditch of Abebury, in North Wiltshire,
at a depth of 17 feet, are now temporarily exhibited at the Taunton,
Somerset, museum. Tbe picks, of
the late stone age, or early bromw
age, arc fin** specimens of their kind,
and were used for excavating into the
solid chalk at a time when metals
were either unknown or only just
' coming into use in Britain.
Calf of   Man,     an    island to the
southwest of the Isle of Man,    was
put up for  sale    at Port Erin, but
—— I£3,000 was the    highest bid obtain
able, and the property is withdrawn.
A steam dredger which has beenioniy a small patch of the island,
deepening the water on Yarmouth j which consists of nearly a thousand
liar, at the entrance to the harbor, acres, is cultivated, tfc» rest bei«K
lias brought up from the mini, at a!()V,-rrun bv rabbits. Ol U> highest
depth of twenty fret, two old-fashion- ,,„jnt, some 350 feat ftbove the sea
id pieces of ordinance, about four 1 level, ar »he ruins of a verv ancient
feat long; one is of wrought iron and chapel.
the other is of cast Iron.    They must .
have been lying   where   thev      were
found for a long time, and some local
authorities surmise that thev      date
a Plymouth Rock, laid'from     Nelson's   days,     when sailing
eggs in thirty Mays.     )fleets of war were often off the port
A collation of letters aiAIressed by
Sir Walter Scott to the Marchioness
of Abercorn between tbe years 1800
and 1S2R, has iust been sold for tCUi.
I braid: Calgary theatre]
Konrs were again affonled the onpor-;
limit\ ol witnessing Miss Marie Van'
Tnssell, supported by a good com-l
most pleasing production,
niliUed  "
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+**+»«#♦«+♦ ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
he found Heal with the eiii'ifn' under
team rareerina up and down the
line, apparently,amusing himself with
shunting trucks for no purnose. Two
of the I rucks were knocked over. The
man persisted in his extraordinary
conduct until (he locomotive stoops
throigh ih<- steam being exhausted.
Hetil wns remanded for medical examination.
Two little hnvs," Uieh.ird flillespie,
four years old, and Nathan nose, five
vrars" old, disappeared from their |
homes at Sunderland. Durham, some
time ago. Their relatives heard a
few days ago of Ihe wonderful powers of a blind elairvovant at South
Shields, and a collection was made
nmong the neighbors to enable the
parents or (he missing children to
consult him. The elairvovant told
th-m that he saw the children heing
taken away hv ginsies. and the
searchers promntlv raided every traveling van thev met in the country-
S'de. Rut the bodies were found In a
loeal dock, into which, it is supposed, the hovs had fallen while playing.
A lady residing nl !'tto\e1er, Stsf-
1 there are not only manv thousands of j fordshire, reports having seen a   fight
\ll accounts a.«vlnsi the Fernie re-jtons of   ore   In   the nroperty,    but between swallows and a wmirrel. ln^
lief committee must he presented to 'irnneanese    and    yellow'   ochre, for side the summer-house in Mm grounds
  J, F. M. Pinkhnm,    treasurer, on or which the    mine can also be worked, nf the house n 'wlr of swallows have
man, and miring [before the MA of this month or they .When. In I Sift, the   late  Queen Vic- ni)[if a wtf,    The ladv has eneourac
the confusion and disturbance of the,will not be paid. itoria and the Prince  Consort visited ed the squirrels to frequent Uie sum-
New Town of Monarch, Alberta
I rtTC   '" ll"' *'■" ''»ii.iili»ii Pacitic TowiiBitt* of MONARCH, Alberts, are uuw
LU 10  f'OR SAI-K «« ". M. Roas'8 Office. Claruiholm.
Business Lots, $250 to $450
Resident Lots, $100 to $150
One-thir<l Cuuh, bulance six nml 12 months.   Interest li per cent.
Thin nmr townsile of Monarch ie situated on tho main line of the Canadian Pacific's
Crows Nest line, known as the LethbridRe-Macleod eut-olf, half way between Uthbridgc
and Macleod in one of the beat agricultural distrits in Sontheru Alberta and there iigood
o|»;niii((a in all lines of business here.   Writo, wire or phone for any information. THE OltANIiltOOK    HKKAI.I)
Just a Reminder
We want men who are particular
to give us a call when selecting a
We are confident that, quality considered, we can save you money.
It will be a pleasure  to show you
what we have and give you prices.
We can put a smile that won't come
off on the face of any man that comes in.
1 tu»U»^»UoU++l4»4f
I   X   t
Many people   and many newspapers
in Eoglamd have bad unkind remarks
to make about  King Edward's   tour
of visiting in Europe.    A remarkable
feature about his traveling is    that
at every point    he was (riveted with
an    enthusiastic     and   popular welcome.    If His Majesty could     spare
the time to visit the Dominion    and
the United States bis welcome would
he just   the same.    The truth of the
matter is that King Edward      the
Seventh is the most popular man   In
the world today.     It has been   wall
said    that if    the   people of Europe
worn called upon to fleet a president
today that the King would be elected
by neelnmation.       His most notable
nualifieatlon is    that royal one      of
taet, with which he combines a fitness
for statesmanship whtoh is. with him,
almost a Renins.     When he takes    a
position be never has to retreat. Ills
ministers never have to apologise t
any nf   his- actions.      Though be call
in no sense  of die   word in- called a
politician, he lias been close   tu   tht
heart ol affairs for many years.   His
ministers an* mere tyros an compared
to him and among thu sovereigns    ot
Europe, with the simile exception ol
the Kmperor ol Austria, he bus    hud
longer to familiarise himself with the
affairs of the nation limn any   monarch alive,    He had the advantage of
having as a mother n queen of ureal
ability and tireless energy.     He has
enjoyed the friendship of some of tlto
greatest) men of modern times.      Ho
possesses great natural abilities, ami
is nothing if not practical.    The empire is fortunate in having such       n
man at its head anil indirectly      Uie
whole civilized world shares in   this
fortune.     A   measure   of his   good
work cannot he accurately estimated.
It is lo be hoped     that the affairs
of state will permit him to visit tbis
Dominion in the near future so   that
tie may for once hear a really good
'anadian "God Save the King."
Rambling Reveries
Notice is hereby gun (bat 'M\
days after date J intend to apply.
to the Honorable (.diet Com- i
uii.ssjoucr uf Lauds and Works;
for a license lu prospect fur coal
and petroleum ou the lolK.wing
dta.cn bed lauds, situated in the
district of Smith East Kuuienay,
Province of British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted
ut, ibv south*ft,i curucr ol Frank
M. kirliy's claim, thence ttuilb. bU
chubs uluug CP.lt, survey lino, al
tbe 12 mile post, butweeu Block
46118 and Muck 45113, thence east tut
chains, luence. south so chains, thence
west ou chains to place oi c<
Dated July t. CM.
Pcaatt li. Kirby, Loc»:
Ouuald McLeod,  Agent.
Notiuv is hereby given tiutt 3»
days alter date 1 intend to apply
tu the Honorable Chief i,t>m-
niissiuiier ot Lauds and Works
foi a license tu prospect for vua.
and petroleum on tile following
to-scribed lands, situated in tht
district ol South East Kootenay,
Province uf tiritisb Columbia:
Uuuuueuctng at the uuitbwesi corner uf Maud M. Kailtun s eUim,
aud also planted at tht i- milt
pust ai Uie C.l'.K. survey :iic, L.iuUCf
suuU so chains aluug s.-.ii survey,
thence cast SU cbaiua, lUsjow north
au chains, along iui number GOSO,
thence west fib chains to point ot
Dated July 1, lauii.
Maud M. Rail ton, Locator,
DuuaUl McLeod, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that »
days alter dale 1 intend to apply
to the Honorable Cliict Commissioner uf Lands aud Works
fur a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum ou the following
describe^ lands, situated in the
district of South East Kootenay.
J'rovince of Rritisb Columbia:
Commencing   at   a    post   nlai.
ou  the    southwest     coiner of  Delia
Florence Haekett's claim, and       at
southeast corner of Lot 7002, linnet'
north     SO    chains,     thence      east
80      chains,      thence      south      80
chains, thence west 80 chains     along
tot line of surveyed number 7001,   tu
place of commencement.
Dated July 23,  1908.
Delia  Florence Hacked,   Locator,
A, Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 30
days after date 1 in tend to apply
to the Houuruhle Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petruleum on the following
described lands, situated in the
district of South East Kootenay,
Province of British Columbia;
Commencing at a pint planted
un tho northwest corner of Thomas
Mel'art's claim, thence south M
chains along surveyed lot line of
7001, thence east HO chains, along U-
cense number 1083, thence north 80
chains, thence west SO chains to
place of commencement.
Dated July 23, 1008.
Thomas AfoCart, Locator,
A, Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply
to the Honorable Thief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petruleum ou the following
described lands, situated in the
district of South East Knotenav,
Province of British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest comer of John
WesWand's claim, thence south eighty
chains along surveyed     line of     li
cense number lUh.J,    thence east    80
chains, thence north au chains, thence
i, est Hit chains to place of com mem r-
luted July 4, urns.
John .VesWaiid, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 30j
days after date 1 iuteud to apply
to the Honorable Chiei commissioner ol (Alius aud Works
tor a license to prospect lor coat
*,itl petroleum ou tbe follow ing
uuscmieu lauds, situauii iu tbe
district oi South East Kootenay,
Province ol British Columbia:
commencing at a post planted
on Uie southwest corner uf .U agg.it
iVtarre's claim, thence north 80 chains,
along license number lOSii, thence
cast Su cbains, ' licence suuin *>*
timilis, thence west 80 chains to p**c#
o: commencement.
Dated July 4, 1008.
Maggie Mair., Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent*.
Notice is hereby given that 3b
days after date i intend to apply
to the Honorable Chiei commissioner ol Lauds and Wonts
for a license to prospect for coal
aud petroleum on the Lollowiog
aescribed lands, situated in tne
district of South East Kootenai,
Province of British Columbia:
Commencing at thu northwest coi-
i.ci of Harry McLeod s claim,
Hume* south 80 chains along surveyed
line ui license uumbur lOal, thence
east 80 cbains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to place
ui commencement.
Dated July 4, 1008.
the place of commencement,
Dated July 5, 1308.
Cecil Hackett, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
1, James H. Drewett, of Nelson.
II. C, give notice that I will apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on tube following described
lands on fording River;
Commencing at a post planted on
thu north-east corner of Lot 0820,
thence east ku chains, thence south
!<u chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north *0 chains to place ut
Jits. H. Drewett, Locator,
J. P. Robertson, Agent.
Dated this 5Mi dav of August,
I HAS. 2Mlt
JOHN    W.    WOLF
Old Shu.:* Mailti Saw.
All Kitiil, <tf Rt|i»lr!ti|,.
(live me a call     ::
********************** j    FAMOUS RVANGELIST DEAP
9 .,..«.   «.-,   «..«......« "     Im D- Sait'toy died al his home in
2 HINTS ON FARM NG: U«M»> '«i vtU*>- »*iho »*• i,i
* mill J   VII   lanimtlU      ,;s vrars,     lia David, Sankejr, evaiw
many dilfarctit kinds
...     W-.J      ^,     .....
Harry Sul.rwi, Lnca
Hackett, Agont.
Notice is hereby given that bi
days alter date 1 intend to. apply
tu Uie Honorable t'hief toni-
eiissiuuvi ol Lands and Works
lor a license to prospect lor coal
and petroleum ou the loliowtag
described lands, situated in the
district ol South East Kootenay,
IToviuee oi British Columbia:
Coiiiuiciicina at the southwest corner of 0. V. Allium .s claim, thence
north SO chains to the cotner of license number JtiM, thence east el)
chains, thence south be chains,
ttience west so chains 10 place of
Haled July 5, 1908.
C. V. UuHlllan, Locator,
II. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is heretiy given that 30
days after date 1 intend lu apply
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ut Lands and Woiks
tor a license to prospect lor coal
and petruleum on the fullowing
described lands, situawd In the
district ol South East Kootenay,
I'rovlnce of British Columbia.
Commencing ,.t the northwest cor-
tiot ul William McMillan s claim,
thence south 80 chains along surveyed
line ol lot OOflfl, i-hence east Mi chains,
thouce north .-„ chains, tbeuce west
.-u chains, back to the post uf l.ul
till 00.
Hated .lul)   8,  1008.
William McMillan, Locator,
11. Hackett. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that !10
days after date 1 intend to apply
to the Honorable Cblel Commissioner ol Lands and Works
lor a license to prospect lor coal
and petroleum oo the following
described lauds, situated in the
district of South East Kootenay,
Province of British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted
! at the southwest corner uf Cecil
1 Haekett's claim, thence north along
surveyed line ol lot number 0098;
j thence east 80 chains, thence south
,80 chains, thence west 80 chains
alonj surveyed    lias ot lot 8880    to
i:    FOR  SALE    ii
In Cinnbrook, li. 0.
A choice location mid ut'ool lot.
i.oij'l root, holies and harn on
premise*,.   Watcrworke on lot.
Tor piirticiiluis apply to "K,C"
Herald Office.
j ;    Office Opposite C. P. R.
NO. 63;;
NO. 52;;
I liitvt! taken over tho bill
Inianls nml   business ot  A. .
11 tironiur, and will uivo prompt [ ',
attention to uny business in <,
our line.
Old Curiosity
JOSfiPH H. MclJAN, Proprl.iur
fiealer in
All Classes of Secondhand Goods
Furniture ol All Kinds, both
New ami Becotii|.|ianrl
Sage's Old Stand, Han
son Avenue
Rolist ami singer, was boru in Kdin-
burgii. Lawrence County, i'a., August
3<S, 184(1, Ho was tu«* smi ut Hon.
] Drtvitt A. Sanla-y. He moved to Nt*w
Caslle, Pa., a'nd became affiliated
al with tlie Met^ioiHst Bpiscopal church,
,   ,       ,.„ .     , j Jo    became    rhoir   Icirder,   Sumiav
nitwiiims, and Hiese diner somewhat HChooi Suporintend,>ni. and prcsideftb
inhabits. Tho kinds which cHranfof tbe V.M.C.A. in New Castle. At
lives uccur in the east as well as in Uie Indianapolis V.M.C.A. Intonia-
tiie west. The commonest of the!tioual convention, 1570, he met and
climbing cut worms is tbe one known hwaw »ssoctatep* with l)wig.it Lt.
dlitWuctly as The CUinbhw Cutworm!Moody, us solo Ringer in bis
(I'aragroMs .suandenHj. Tbe »ggs ol evaugcHBtie work. Some years later
this insect are laid soon alter mid-;he became a very successful cvango-
summer by a pale grey moth about tislic lecturer, and traveled l/lirough
.ut inch long when tbe wings are clos- Hie ririteH States and Knrope. His
etl. Thev hatch iu about a fortnight greatest triumphs, however, were at-
aiui Ihe young'caterpillars grow to iaiiwd through his eompos.im ot
be three-quarters of an inch Ions be- hymns, which enjoyed a circulation ol
foro winter sots in. Then they bo-'uO.OOO.OOO. His most popular com-
comc torpid and reinuin in the gccwul positions were "There Hero N nety
iitttil spring when they re'ive and j and \ine," and "When the Mists
feed on any vegetation .iftir ihem,"!»" tolled Away."
and it there are anv fruit trees iu the: As ,1 philanthropic worker, Mr.
vicinity they frequently do much Sankey enjoyed almost as wide a
harm,'although this is seldom ami-!popularity as   ho did as an evangf-
huted to them because they work at
night and their injuries are thiiuybt
in be done by something else. 'Jhose
caterpillars are full fed early in the
season, when they are one uiid a hiilf
inches long and white dotted with
small black points. Tlie moths appear early in July. The eggs of
siune kinds of cut worms are laid in
antunm ami of others in spring, the
parent moth having passed the winter rn perfect state. The best wav
to fight these insects is to use Uie
poisoned bran remedy. Tbis may be
scattered loosely on the ground
among the crop to be protected or
in the ease of climbing cutworms, beneath the trees where it will he found
by tbe caterpillars and eaten.
Another way of using poison is to
cut'from the edges of fields any weeds
or other vegetatlcn to be found at
that time of year and after tying it
up in small bundles, dip these'in a
mixture of Paris green and water and
then distribute thorn about the
ground among the orop. The cutworms will eat these and poison
themselves. Trees may also be protected hy tying small bands of cotton batting around the trunk, which
the heavy bodied cut worms cannot
crawl over. Kail plotinhing and
spring ploughing are both useful in
keeping down some kinds of cutworms, especially those kimls of
which the eggs nre laid in the autumn hut do not hatch till spring. The
ploughing places these so deep in the
ground that the sum 11 ami weak
RH'terpillurs cannot work their waytu
the surface. The koenimi down ol
all weeds in the nutuntn also prevents
tbe female moths from laying theii
egtjs on such clean land, because eggs
arc laid always on plants where the
voim" will find suitable food on
list. He donated sites and buildings
for several churches and Y.M.O.A.'s
and was a wide worker among the
poorer classes of the people iu Varge
cities nf the eonbinent.
The story is told of two little
children who came to tlwir mother
one evening end asked if they might
play store. "Yes," said the mother,
"but you must remember that the
baby is asleep. Play store, if you
'ike', but don't make n noise. Play
quietly." "All right, mother," said
the older child. "We'll pretend
don't advertise.'
(Form F.)
Take notice that I. James A. Harvey.    Free    Miner's   Certificate No,
IJjOft,  noHng   as  agent   tot Ike M.
,,.,,.„,,..,.,. Ely.   Free   Minor's Certificate     No.
1,os I gAVBt "RI718J." intend, nlxtv days    from
.  ... .,     .,     ,. i*"1 date hereof, to apply    to      Ihe
(Lethhridge Herald.) V||nmR |{rt.orm,r fnr ', (Vrdificato   ot
Several eastern,papers refer to (.or- Improvements, for the purpose nl
jte n«[J'a post village." Verily the obMnlmt n Crown (Irani of the
knowledge of ihe west is very slight above olnim
in Eastern Canada. It is about timoj AlH, f|)rMwr 1(l(.p f| ^ t
another press excursion of I anadian 'ij,,,,, m^t RfH,t.jmi H1 Im|f!| h(l ^
editors made a tout of Western Can- tnranH| u^^ thl, \mm(t„ of 8UCfl
ada lo ibe Pacific Coant in order that r^tlfieate of Imnmvements
they  might become hotter enlighten- j   Dated   this
ed,    Fernie is   an   incorporated city'a,D, IftflR.
with a population, before the fire, of ;>,i'.fit
close upon fi.ftOII people.
th dav   of
•I. A. Harvey.
(Kootenay Kootetialnn.)
Timber Inspector Carney returned
on Friday from an official visit to
East Kootenay. He was in Fernie
at the time of tbe (Ire and barely escaped with his life. He places the
loss on standing timber at $6,000,000,
on manufactured lumber at $-1,0(10,-
000. This loss of plants will probably bo about $000,000, which will
make the total timber loss approximately i,',000,008.
i Ta<e notice that I. William A. Rollins, will apnlv to the Iloord ol License Commissioners for the Citv of
frnnbroofa, at its noyt meeting held
after this date for the transfer from
invself to V. Hvde Tinker of the 11-
eonse to soil IntoTlcatlmr liquors hv
r*iafl in the nremlses (mown as the
Wontiworih Hotel, situate on Lot-s
II ond 14. niock 01, jn the said Citv
of Cranbrook.
. Wtiltam A. Rollins.
Dated August 29th, 1908.       M-5t
Professor floldwin. Smith has just
celebrated his oighty-flfth birthday.
(Commenting on this fiici tbe Winnipeg
Free Press says:
"Yesterdaj Professor Ooldwln
Smith complfltci'l his elghty-Ofth year.
We riTer him our respectful congmlu*
lations. Since 1S7"i, when he became
n, resident of Toronto, he has written
liis principal works—bis political his-
lory of the United Kingdom, a like
survey of ihe American Republic, his
vteties of Ireland, of Canada, of
theology, .is moditied bv new knowledge. ' All his working life lie has
'•ten all Influential writer in Ibe chief
magazi'ics and reviews of the Eng-
lish-si caking world; more fretptt-ntlv
still he has be. ii n contributor to
newspaners in London, New York and
Torcnto. His latest comments as
"Ilystan.lcr" in the Toronto Sun
show.ut undiminished facility with
the prti, a mastery of English style
in which no llvlug writer is his superior. In bis long aud busy career
as n publicist he lias ever told the
truth as lie has seen the truth, with
irowl of the bitterness of scot or
onrtv. Time and again be bus voiced smttments opposed to those cherished hv most of the Canadian nud-
■rs, yet no critic of Qoidwln Smith
deems him other than a man of scrupulous honor, absolutely candid and
fearless in sneaking his mind. On
tho occasion of his eiglitv-fifth birthday ever> student in th*1 Dominion
may well uncover his bond and thank
the venerable English teacher for an
example of informed and courteous
criticism, of fair play, of thorough
1, 1
1 III-
:<i n
iji 1
The discovery lately made ol the
spot, on an island in the Lake ot the
Woods, where in 17.111, were buried the
remains of the French victims of the
Sioux massacre of that year, opens
up a vista of early Canadian history
which is of treat interest. A most
worthy successor to Cbamplain was
Pierre Oautbier, Sieur do la Yerandy
re. Tho island on which the massacre took place has lout; been known
hut tlie spot where Verandre's son,
the Jesuit Auncau, and twenty youna
French fellow voyageurs were interred
had passed out of recollection until
its discovery at the beginning of this
month. Yerandyre was horn at
Three Rivers, Quebec, in lfiS.i, where
his lather, an officer in tbe French
army, was acting us coventor. He
himself became a soldier of France
aijtl at the battle of Malplaquet in
ttOft, .was so severely wounded that
tie was left on the field for dead.
After the war, finding life dull in
France, he returned to Canada and
took up the work of exploring the
west. lie failed In reaehlmc the
Pacific coast, which was his objective point, but succeeded tu making
many valuable geographical discover-
les which paved the way fnr later
voyageurs and explorers. His first
attempt to reach tho Pacific was in
1740, jiust ten years before the taking
of l/nobec, at which city he difil
while organizing another western ex-
ueditlop, Yernnflvre, ns far as Lnke
Wlnuiprg, was following in the loot-
stons of previous explorers, but In
\"i'M< he struck westward from the
Itirt river, nscendcd the AsfllnlMlifl,
and eventually made bis wav into the
"outiirv nl the Mnndnn Indian*. Two
rears later one of the sous fnlbtwed
ihe Missouri to the Rooky Monu
fains, more than sixty years before
ibe Lewis anil Clarke cxncditlon and
more than fitly venrs More Mackon-
■U> crossed Noil hern HrlliMt Columbia In the wean. In 1710 Yerandy-
■ e himself ascended the Saskatchewan
river from Luke W'lmiipen to tbe
bmclnro of tbe notlli ntul south
forks. II,' ereeied nl various times
several forts*: St. Peter, near the
iresenl Fort Francis on the Rainy
•"Ivor; St. Charles, on the western
horo ot the Lake of the Woods; Fort
Kongo, near the continence of tho
Red |t(nd Assiniboine rivers; Fort do
la Rclne, on tbe site of the present city of Portage la Prairie, and
Fort Dauphin at the forks of the
Saskatchewan. Champlaln and Ver-
indvre possessed many splendid traits
fn common. Courage in the work ol
-snloratlon, tnet in denling with the
Indians, heroism In the endurance of
disappointments ar>l absolute freedom
from exopceratlon in the records ol
(Mr worK It seems nppronrlate
thai «| *Ms ttme, wlm» so much Is
belne said nud written about his
treat predeeMisor, Champlaln, that
the name ol Yerandyre be not lor-
Take the sermons you heat home to
yourself. II you divide them and
parcel them out to your friends and
neighbors, and tlie people in the pews
around you, there won't be mueb ol
the "good seed of tbe gospel" left to '
bear fruit for yourself.
Lot's oftemr talk of nobler deeds,
And rater of the bad ones,
And slug about out happy days,
Yiiil not about our sad ones.
We are not made to fret and sigh,
Aud when grief .steeps to wata it,
Itright happiness is standing by
This life is what we make it,
1 i
Let's find tlie sunny side of men,
Or be hollovota in it,
A light there is iu every soul,
Thai   tn'cs the pains tn win it.
Ob1 there's a Klumberlng gitod in all.
And we perchance may wake in,
Our hands contain tho magic wand,
This life is what we make it.
Then  here's   to   Ibpw whose loving
Shed lighl and Joy about them,!
Tliaitl-s   lie    io   thorn   tor countless
We ne'er bad luowit without them.
nli'  this should be a hnpp)  world
To all who may partake it;
Tlie fault's our own if it is not—
This life is what wc ntako.it.
People wonder why the boys want
to leave lite farm and try their fortunes in the city, There is little
wonder when the matter is looked
Into. Too little effort is made to
make tho homes from which the hoys
waul to run away, attractive. The
almighty dollar too oficn gets in the
wav. llovs are not wild animals;
bey do not need pounding because
they do not do their work as well as
Mer persons. They have not had
the experience. One trouble is that
manv farmers have too much to say
bout "big I" in talking to theii
uvs. Why not say we or ours, in
niklng about the stock or farm, and
ncouraae tho boys to say the same".'
thev will leacn to take an interest.
Subscribe for n paper in their name,
ltd if there is something extra in
vegetables or stuck, let them take it
make tbe entries in their
and if they chance to get
lei tlirrn havo H to do as
with, il will stimulate a
tend to The details of tint
what is lost by letting
the money, will be made
extra care they will take
it! preparing for the next fair, and
ii wit! also increase the value oi
boih the farm and the stock. Hoys
like a little fun now and then. When
work crowds and they try to fcave a
l^tle sport, don't scold or growl,
put In a wold votirseli; the work will
go oft all Hie easier. 1» not thin1'*
too much of vour tiicnily. Do Haying to make tlie boys ihlnk they are
having a good time. In short, live
with vour boys. A little.fun and
nood nature will go lar towards
turning work into play. When you
net a hoc so that he loves his work
he will love his home and his parents, and you will have a strong arm
lo rest on its you go down the slope.
Home life is the sure test of home
character. Let the husband grow
cross and stirlv, and the wife grow
coW and unnmiable. The children
grow cross aud savage as young
bears. Tbe father becomes callous,
peevish, hard, kind of a two-legged
liruie with clothes on. The wife
bristles In selMefence. They develop
an unnatural growth and sharpness
of teeth and the house is haunted by
ugliness ami domestic brawls. Tbis
is nol what the family circle should
be. If one must lie rude to auv. let
it bo lo someone he does not love—
not his wife, brother or parents.
Let one of the loved ones he taken
away, and memory recalls a thousand
sayings of regret. Heath quickens
recollections painfully, The grave
cannot hide the white faces ot those
who sleep. The collin and the gieen
ground are cruel magnets. They
force ns to remember. A man never
sees so far into human life as when
he looks over a wife's or fimother's
grave. His eyes grow wontirous
clear then and ho sees as ho never
saw before, what it is to love and be
loved. It is a pitiable picture ol
human weakness when (hose wo love
best are treated worst.
Encouragement is something *'*
naturally look for. A little praise,
a word of hope or a cheerful smile—
Home thing for the hungry soul to
grasp and tlie weary mind to test
upon, as we climb the toilsome mountain of life. How many poor heart-;
have sunken Into despondency, when
a lit lie encouragement has rcassuml
them. The soldier looks for It on
the field of hat Ilo; it is Mm cheering
voice of bis leader that urges him
on through the danger of death and
crowns Ihe day with victory. The
poet and the nrlisl, the writer and
Hie musician look lo the world to
acknowledge their genius and give
tbein praise. It is encouragement
which, calls forth their noblest words
to climb the mount of fame until
they surmount all difficulties and
write t.boir names in llamlug letters
upon its summit. Then let us give
oneouiiigemenl to each other in every
effort of good, in every noble noMon,
in the little duties o| life, and W»
will be happier for If, the world will
be belter, and a smiling providence
will look down and bless out labor
of love.
There is a demand for good boys.
The liov who is honest, eaniesl and)
Industrious, will not be long out of a
ioh. Tliere are lots ol prosperous
business men, merchants and mechanics, who are constantly on tho outlook for good boys. They do not
look for thorn on the streets, however, hut in some sort of employment. Thev have no itw for an. idle
bov, He is too apt to make an idle
man. The boy that Jumps- Into the
first job that offers, whether H is
ureeable or not, Is the boy who la
chosen when the boy-buntoT comes
along. Tho boy trundling a wheel
harrow Is taken, while the boy playing marbles in the shade ie Wfc-tjhe
boy cheerfully minding tbe baby on
the front step Is invited to put on a
boy's suit, while the one playing
hooky Is rctused a place to drive »
dirt cart.


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