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Cranbrook Herald May 2, 1907

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Array Leglsiativ. Uhruj
April 3141
OEANBBOOK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.   Till liSDAY,   MAY   _.   1.107
KL'MI'.Elt   tl
Never trouble us. In fact, from a business standpoint, they make us happy. When in trouble' llu- people begin to.figure where their money will go the farthest, which invariably brings them to our stores to buy. In the face of great labor trouble, and general trade demoralization, our business increases daily. LOW PRICES is our only reason for
A GREAT BUSINESS when hard times is the cry.
sam: prici* r-.ar.
Hi'iliilnr (11,25
SALE inilCE mi.-.-.
Rogtilar *-_',7.-|
SALK PRICE "tl.115
ItcKiiliir »".60
Soiling nt
fin linos
llh'PKR YAltl)
Regular »2."5
oiib line to clear
Keuular Prices
Regnlnr 20o
Kegnlur iI.'ki
Regular 15c
All new assort.ui styles anil colon
Selling ul
See Itiirguiu Counter
Ininli.'l linsket full,
uml capacities
SALE l**~lC"*85u
Regnlur *1.2"
Miniv l'litti-i'us
• muti-li above also ut lutlf pric.
Kislmifil, can't help it
anil Slips the Biiine
75 cent line
In piece
1-lt'PEll YARD
lining out ut' the business
Take Notice, please,
we are giving up the
coupon system. In
future we will give
all customers paying
cash the benefit of a
Cash Discount
Chairs,  Double Stretcher
Sale Price 55c
3-Foot Bed, Spring and Hat-
Only $11.00
Same as above in 4-Foot
Ask fur your discount when paying cash
On Saturday, ALL DAY, we will sell
Bulk soda biscuits, 3 lbs 25c
(linger snaps, 3 lbs 25c
Choice prunes, 3 lbs. 25c
5 lb box Marigold tea, $1.75
Smaller quantities at prices in proportion
Tea, coffee and cake served from 3:00 to 9:00 p. m.
N .« is tlir time ti. buy
(iuuil work shiio, 25 pair
SALE si.s.-,
Regular $H.U0
SALE 81.85
ltei;iiliir $11,110
SALE s-i.i.t.
Regular $1 UU
SALE si, lu
lingular $2.50
See the tiliove linos before buying
Big shipment W. R.JOHNSON
PANTS jusl in. All upnl SALE
SI. 1.11
Regular $1.25
SALE ">0.
All good stock
CALFSKIN t.l.oi 'lis
SALE 70.
llosulnr Sl.Oll.
Ul i'KSKIN t;l.tt\ i-.s
SALE s|.•_'.-,
Ilcguhi  si ::..
SALE s |.•_':,
Iteeuliil  SI ::,.
SALE lit.
Regular 50c.
SALE 85.
Etegul&t 11 00.
Sw tl„- line
SI .25
B. I. WALKER, Prnidtlt
ALEX   LAUD, Gtntl.l M.n.,.t
A. B. IRELAND, Sup.rlotne.et ol
tsT.siJsn.il ise?
Paid nip Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throucnout Canada, aid ta me Unite4 Slat** and EWUnJ
Dcpoaitl .,1 *l imJ upward. r«el»cd, and Intcrcal allowed at
atirr.nl ral«», Tlie depoiiltur i» miblVcl i« nu delay whaiavar la
lllc willidrawi.1 ol III. whole ur any portion ol the dcpo.il.
Cranbrook I'ranch,     -      l;. C. MALPAS, Manager
I  Don't Neglect e_ Symptom   X
..I luiliiin eyealghi. On tlio tiralattfii nl tin* Hr.1 annnvanre,
.... tin, ti.-i iii.li.-.iiioii of .iitytliiity mmiR ACT. I'lltuiiu it
,,lt i-oi'i ion.I.m, mill nitty lie lUngenoiii, Slitiht cy,' ilofaHa
,-i,ii I., ,-iii,,il liy uhi.H^H. If trtiiitiumit ia tioiiiiimiif,.,! thru
they in,--lialu II ynuainiiei't Mini nun .->-.-b ..,-,-.1 iitii.iitl.ni,
 - n« a im nonl'ilu.
i ''"' '  ■' "     .
Jeweler end
Oredimle  «>i,ii,i»,i
J The Wilga
Under   the    Management   of
Mrs. E. Byrnes
The rooini have been retitii-.l
und tlm limine Ik eifOw in tli**
best uf com) It ion. (-.special at
Lent Inn   to   iln din in*- room,
I'l'lUll    WtlllOlll    tlHHIIrt    1*1111    l'l!
< ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦^♦♦♦t
i ________ Jb, ________ AA
Wfffff ▼▼▼▼
Some Rare Fine Presents for
CUT til..tss ia very ijopnlur1 lor Wnhlini; I'rcBOiil'a. Con'-
anil im if ynu nre in need »f a iclimce |ilwu Inr n |.ri'«unl:ilioii.
Wo have Iwaiitllul p>tteri,a .nil eiiiillaite nuttings.
i.ihfiul ivalcli Innnootqr (or 0.1'. It.
Oi'uw'a'Neal l'aa« Divilinu
THE      TOTAL      AT     PRESENT
Ofbo   Mini*  	
coiVni.iii, (maj. ft
Nel HLii.Tiiv ii
... 47
favor 43
Ferule,   May 8.—(Special    to     the
Herald)— Intense Into real  lias     been
 ifes-tod all -l.i- an to Uio result ot
ilu< Miir of (In- miners in this luwu,
.mil also in ilni other camps Involved
in iins Important controversy. Every-
l.oih roftlleos Ui.ii nn Ihe vol, rio-
hemlR ihe prosperity of British Co-
liiiiil)i,i bills rout Tin- vote so far a*
ii has been given oul gives a not
nuloniy in favor "f going io work
ui i.'i, Imi ihero nro strong rumors
nn tin* street thai tho Feruie vote is
strongl]  agnlnsl  tlio proposition! On
tin- other   I I   'it  is _alll Hint the
ii'iiiii* Mid* will show n majority in
fa mu of i in- men remimlug work,
it is impostrihle lo-nlghl to get nny
ili-hiiili* Inlfiimatioii, ns llioso in
char*-!' refuse In give oul Ito fiirls.
Hanthi-ad anil Cniimni-*' void tn-mnr-
rnw, ami il Is- quite possllltl. tlutt
noMiing ih'fiiiitc call he ascortnlned
until to-morrow night or Saturday
morning. Telegrams have been [louring in here hnni all over the province iiskini* for Information, which
shows that all nf Itiitish Cohmihi.i
are wailint" aiisiuuslv tor the result.
All latityllct IierV.'a'nif the reports that
Hiere is mi'i|. of ihe mounted police
irTa Imsfi fftneleation. Never was
lhere seen a hetter behaved body ol
men than the miners of this place.
They are talking anion-* themselves,
hut there is no ilemoiistrations, ana
perfect quiet prevails. Everyone Is
hophi-; for the best, ami trusting that
good judgment will prevail, both on
the part ot tlie operators and the
Luiidhreck, May 2.—(Special to the
Herald)—Those in charge of the. vote
here refuse to give the result until
to-morrow, and it is impossible to
secure nny reliable information ns
to the result of the vote.
Frank, Alta.,' Mav 2.—(Special   to
the Herald)—The"miners employed at
tfat Oeba mine took tbelr vote tl_u
afternoon with the following result:
Kor returning to work, 50. Against
{-oiii-* to work, 77. The result of
the vote at Hillcrcst, Oelleviu* and
Grassy Mountain has uot yet been
announced and there is no intimation
at this time as tn what they have
Lille, May 8.—(Special to Uie Mer-
. hi:—The vole of the miners at this
place resulted in 08 votes [n favor of
resuming work to 13 against.
Hellenic, Mav   3.—(Special to   the
Herat.!)—The miners here as shown
hv thi ir vote 'tti in favor of going to
work and IC aga'nst.
Hillcrost May 3.-(Spec.al tn    the
Her.ilill—There were 25 votes here f<»r
going tn work and only one against.
Michel, May     2.—(Special to     tbe
Herald)—The vole on the proposition
to    go to wnrk resulted as follows:
In favor, 130; against, 2til. Tho
feeling here is verj strong against
Uie operators.
Fernie, May l.—The situation is un-
iham-.il lo-night. The miners still
are excited and anxious ami eager tor
the developments of Thursday's vote.
Some openly sny they will not return on the agreement presented, but
I-Inmc in authority sny the same will
he accepted.
In connection with ihe reports Uml
armed forces nf mounted police were
being rushed to the bonier in onsc nf
,ni outbreak among ihe miners Dimity Minister >i Labor Mackenzie
King, tiMikhi received the following
tolegrnm from Sir R.cbnrd Cut
tvtlght, acting premier:
"Council wish ynu in Inform all
parties concerned ili.it llie commis
sinner and comptroller hnth advise
ili.ii the simple fad is, that owing
to urgent demands in Saskatchewan
during ire past winter (hey had tn
employ tunya police in lhat province
limn in Alberta. In other -.Minis
Mbertn was short about 35 men ..
its proper quota, and recently thev
have been trying to restore the
equilibrium and that only one officer
ami ton men have been sent from
Regina to the western division, and
these sim.plv to replace wastage iu
Ihal division. Report that more
men are to be sent is quite unfounded. No Interference is contemplated,
(Sgd.) R. P. Cartwright.
To-day S r William Mil lock, chairman "f the Conciliation Board, looked over the C. P. It. mines at Hos-
mrr. He was accompanied by
Mackenzie King and oilier officials.
The visit was only one nl Inspection
nml purely unofficial.
To-day the rumor was circulated
tltat the Michel miners did nnt favor
the proposed contract but no confirmation can be obtained.
I'linen x, April 80.—'Mie Hist serious)
effects of the tie-up of the enal fields I
ia tbo Crows Nest Pass (Lu»l_ict were'
lilt here to-day, when from 3U0 to
35H men employed at the Granny
mines were laid off, leaving from Ito
tu 150 only uu the mine payroll ul
tii.it company—ibe smallest numbei
that has been employed hy the Gian-
h\ company in Phoenix lur a long
For the last ten days tlie smelter
has been operating five or six blast
furnaces, as long as the supply of
inke on hand or en route lasted, hut
Uus afternoon the Great Northern
mil way haulted the last train ol ore
mil of this ramji till the dispute is
Milled, und to-night or to-morrow
iiii- furnaces at the smeller ' ai
Grand Forl*s will tie blown out one
after another, when 200 more men
will be idle for the t.me being, at
least. This result was anticipated
last week and the closing down may
lasl two weeks or _ monih or more,
according to what is dime and how
soon, in the Crows Nest country,
whence lhe entire coke supply fnr the
in" Iters is obtained.
While the smeller ut Boundary
Falls of the Dominion Copper company bus been out of commission tor
a week nuw, (mm the same cause,
lack of coke, thus far nearly tho en-
tiro force employed at the mines of
Ural company bus lieen kept at wnrk
bj  \\. C, Thomas, tlie manager, but
11   is hardly  In he cXpi-cled lhat     all
of Uus company's force, will find employment for any extended length of
liiin-. The Snowshoe mine is st 11
working ami shipping to the D. C.
Coppei company's smelter at Green-
wood, as ih.it smeller still has coke,
hut ii can only he a question ol time
nl! imih coke and coal are used u|i
,. nd i in- i ic-up becoming general,
iti rot* ing out altogether: something
lu>- 3000 men in the Boundary dv
ii id  alone.
(Continued on page two)
Imperial Bank of Canada
The Imperial Bank of Canada
will hereafter, until further
Notice, pay Interest on Savings
Bank Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, as
:| Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
_n MMmaaaiiaa^iiSfflsiB Massssra
Mbcrlyvllle, 111., April 27.-A hen
belonging to Charles WoolrldgC, of
iiu-, place, has beaten all records    in
!•*..* laying,    (oi     si/.e at least.      Not
.-..iiistietl with the usual methods employed hv the noble American hen,
ste hug become a disciple of tlie
frenzied lite and is laying triple-
-niked eggs, Twice recently she
has laid eggs with three yolks inside. The eggs, nearly six inches
long,    measure over   a fool around.
The lemon she has handed the neighboring feathered aspirants for egjp-
laying honors has caused them lo
give up in disgust. A strike is on in
all  the neighboring henneries.
Tommy South, the barber, was
smKlenlj taken with a severe altaek
ol appendicitis last Monday night at
a late hour, und Dr. Kirn*' had him
taken lo the hospital, where bo was
operated upon as soon us possible.
IIU condition for a lime was critical
hul the Herald is pleased lo know
Uml lo-dny he is getting along rrfce-
lj ami that now it will be onlv a
i| lies tion of time betort* U is fully recovered.
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Disinfectants, etc., or
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most ii demand, Fit-
Refori it- usual, shows
complt i -.i lortments in both
then' i. . iritc  shades.
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I   FISHING TACKLE    That Will Catch Fish   FISHING TACKLE if
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Hardware and Buil Icr's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
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Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of F; iliiiijj Tackle suitable
tor the District In B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs oi The Great West.
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B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
VI:Lu;iIi\ jir.-uj:; 1.11 ~>i:t ir   Implements lor Sale
Shop Phone 50
P. O. Box 1 It
Barn Phone 90
I Canadian Hotel!
J"j One of the pioneer li dels of Cran- jj}
gj brook.   Warm room.;, good meals }g
{■J and a bar stocked with the best JSJ
1*5 H
st m
I Joseph Bra\ili, Proprietor!
u u
(Continued trom page one.)
Kcrnie, April Hll.—T
mains uiichuiig'-'d and
vole of llie miners oil
settlement one way 01
Yesterday      atteni*
local  llltinll ln-lil .1  in.
ie situation re-
,ull awaits llie
'riiuisilay tor a
on     Glndslono
ss miTtius    iu
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦<»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I Head Office, Calgary A)ta« Phtnc 57 *
:    The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
X 'Vboluunli. & I'.-mil Dottlors in
♦ Our Meats is always fresh as nil our Heel Is   killed
♦ in Crnnhrouk.
Try a   Case of
Two  Do/en   Phils   $2.50
Gi]iiul to G niimcss'.   Tlio fittoat bovonigo 011 tint iiu.rkel
f..i- I'iiiniiy iiuil iiiiili- iisn.   Imparts vigor mitt
li.-itlilt. mul tones up lit.' body generally
Brewor, Crnnbrook, 11. !'■
tin- opera house, which was tillril to
overflowing. A special train bi.iiia.-lit
down miners Irom Coal Creek and
tlw town was full nl iiicii all day.
President slH-riiinii aiirt llu* district
li.iiinl officials i-x|iliiiiuil llie siuui-
ttoll, ..ml Hie proposed agreement, lo
tin- 1111-11 .11 length.
Seen alter Hie meeting Sherman
said llie proposal was rccelvt-il lavor-
alily and In-     was quill- confluent the
ti- ivuuld carry tliis time, lie left
lor Michel lusl night tn address tire
men nl Coleman; ultei Hint lie will
uy iiiiii visit .is titan) cmtipH as possible l.clole Thursday.
ll....i.t members lli.iliutn nml Patterson, ami board secretary -I. A.
Mmiloimlil,    also    led lot Coleman,
ll.iiiklif.nl, ('nn re ami ntllot .'..ltt|is
lu bold meetings.
Seen to-niitlii Sir Willi.uii Mitloek
said Hint tin- present siinuiidii was
serious- and requires tho greatest
(not and discrul'ion in bundling.
"Tile Inbot world is very sensitive," lie added, "ami tlie less said
nt liiis shine nt tlie tin nn- tin- bob.
Hi- iilsn iiiiiili' Hie lollowlng stuic-
iiiitii. 10 Hte press:
"The Conciliation llnnril, apnol.it-
.-.I tu investigate tin- coaf troubles
met to-day. All tlie arbitrators
wi-if present, numeiy Sn William Mil.
Iiui.. chairman; Mr. .1. 1,. Parker.
li'lit'.'soiitilin tile Western Canadian
Colliers company, llu* Crows Nest
I'uss I'oal company, llie ('aii-.idian-
Amerlcan Coal A- Coke company ami
iln- liiii-riiiitininil .'nul A Coke eniii-
11,1111; I'-raiili ll. Smith, nl Edmonton,
mi iieiu.il i.f tin- William McNeill companj-, the Pacific Coal i-iiiii|iiiny ami
lite llreckenrlilge A I.unit Cool cnin-
jt.itiy. nml Mr. I.otiis I*. Ki-lisli-in. re-
prcs-ciiting the whole body nt employees. An iiitiiiiatiini reached tin.
hoard in ibe effect tlml the parties
in th,- dispute weie endeavoring to
iii'iMtinli- a settlement ami In that
end a proposition was In he submit Ic I In tlie employees on Thursday, Mav ■!. nml accordingly lire
board deemed it advisable lo postpone ennsiileratIon nf Hie i|iiestions
until Kriiluy. May 'I If llie neitotln-
linus referred tn prbve unsuccessful
the hoard will then proceed with tin
wnrk nf tlie Investigation."
A report is now circulating thtt
the nsiili ni ihis afternoon's meeting
was nut tpiite satisfactory, hut
Shcrtiin-n siivs It was veil good Inr n
sfllli infill
tlrinips nf itiincis now hung nrnuttd
Uu- streei comers und talk very cx-
eiti.lh- nf the present siluatii.il. evidently arguing lhe matter oul between themselves as tn whether to
return tn work nr not.
Penile, April Hit.-Sir William Mu-
l.iel. chairman nt the Concilint-ion
Hoard, arrived this morning and Ims
been iu constiltntlon with Iletnitv
Minister ..I l.uhor Mackenzie Kin.;
sinee his arrival, giving tin opportunity nr an interview. Frank II.
Smith uud .1. I.. Parker, the two representatives nt Hie operators ..it lite
board have arrived. A meeting of
flladstone local union will lie held ni
- p. 111. to-duy 1,1 discuss lhe situation.
Hm ml town everybody receives the
news nf the settlement with satisfaction. The miners' officials have ul-
ren-tly left for the various rumps to
talk to the melt pending the vote on
Thursday, nn which everything now
depends. They me very optimistic
and say that 'wilh u definite agreement tn present to the men thev
expect nn difficulty iu carrying 11 vole
In ret urn In work.
fiiuml Porks, April 8(1.—Tho situation in regard to Hie labor quest Inn
nl lite Crows Nest Puss coal llelds
still gives pause fnr crave anxiety
throughout the Boundary, whose
smelting and luinine industries will
sun' -r severely, and in consequence react on all classes of the community.
Last nigirt a ennierence took place in
Hie Yale hotel here between Hie various managers und heads of many of
the liiiding mining and smelting concerns of the Kootenay nml Boundary,
moral Manager W. II. Aldrldgo, ill
the Canadian Consolidated Mining .*.■
Smelting cnmpn.iv came in [mm
Trail accompanied bv It. II. Stewart,
mine    superintemleirl, Manrfrr
Hodges, of Hie flriinhy. wns present,
und in addition OllflS. Iliessel. sillier-
iiiliitlettt of the Snow-shoe nt Phoenix, IV. C. Thomas, superintendent of
lhe dominion Copper Co.'s smeller at
Boundary (■•alls, uud .1. I-i. MeAllis-
i.-i. superintendent ol the il. C. Copper (',►. at flreenwood. Mailers respecting lhe minim; ami smelling affairs of the district were discussed
til a late hour.
Manager Hnducs stated to vour
iiespomlent that the tlr.nihv will
close at .'I p. in. In-day .ml hi," rnuld
give no assurances ns io how long if
wn.ilii remain closed down. At tit,.
It. ('. Copper company's works In
.•(mil, Mr, McAllister s.ivs they
iiill hnve enough coke t.. permit Hicnij
liinnilig (.11 pr.ssil.lv ten days. The
Boundary Kails plant closed on Sunday. Speaking of the ennl sitilntinii
of the malingers lusl niuht pniltt-
mt the iihsiilnte necessity nf Hie
fullest publicity regarding the disputes between operators and men.
'It is possible," he snid, "that as
soon us thp commission nets to work
lhe differences between the two parlies may he patched up without a
full disclosure of the causes which led
to the present unfortunate conditions,
uml if so there is no guarantee that a
similar state of things will not oe-
cur again in lhe tienr future, ns the
agreement at Lethbridge expires next
fall, for instance. It si-eins ciear
Hint iu some way the government
sluu-ld compel the fullest publicity of
all the inns and outs nf this business.
Tlie smelting and mining industries
nl Hie Boundary are getting loo large
und too Important to everybody tor
business lo be paralyzed iii this way
with no promise ol anything like
permanence in Hie way of coai and
enkp. supplies."
at wliieli time some matters remained    I.illsle.l. The   mediation     ot
iln- Deputy Minister «>f Labor produe
ed a contract I., which both parlies
agreed, t<» lust two years. The
I.istiii-i Hoard destro ratification
ilt.il recommendation, hy the tncii,
air.t a v,,te will he lati-it on Thursday."
II.- also saiil thirl Ihis settlement
was tnniiily dm- in lhc mediation ot
W. I.. Mackenzie King. Deputy Mill-
ist.-r of Labor.
President Sherman, ul lhe miners,
will probably leave fur Hie various
eii-mps nn Thursday, to personally
expluiii matters tn ihe men and to
take a vole us lu wiiellier tlm agrec-
1111 ul will Ih- accepted or not.
Kcrnie, April 30—Everything now
points tn a speedy anil happy teruiin-
ulinii ..[ Hie trouble here, ami subject
ih.- referendum vote, the mines
will resume operations next week.
I'opul)' Minister ut Licbor, illuckeu-
ie Ki-..;, has senl ihe lollowlng wire
n I Ion. Ilu.lnlpl. Lcnii.-ux, Mltiistcr
■I Labor, Ottawa:
"Am   phuseii in he able in Inform
.... ilt.it as Hie result uf negotiation
between lhe parlies during the pnsl
throe days the nutstimdiiig
polnls ul an agreement hnve been so
iidjiisfrd ns m make il 111 ptable to
the n|i..|al,ns nf lhe seven Cotnpailtf
.■omnrlsinx Ibe Westorti Cnul Opera-
tins nssociiitlon uml in the Pistriet
•Ai-i-uiive lion nl of ih,- United Mine
Workers of America. The district
exipiitive, hnve agreed tn strongly recommend this agreement fnr acceptance, by tin 11 nt nil the    minps,
A ri-fprenilum rule will |«. mk,.,, „,
Hi'iis.lny uf litis week. |» the
ine.iiillllte the sittings nf Hie Board ol
(-otipiiiation ami Investigation which
weie 10 have commenced to-inorrdw,
will sland adjourned."
Askid us in the terms of the agree-
inei't. Mr. King Mi.i.i he could say
nol It tig, ns ii was tlm wish of both
parlies thai iiotiilng he S|V( ut till
..Hit Hie vote is lukei  Thursday
'I li-ave every enitliileuce in lhe
K.fii'i'i   Kx-eenllve Hoard," he   said,
and they Im,-,. given rae assurance
tint they will strongly recommend
In"',,!. "1P" ' ,'''1"   ""• ',",, "Kf"*
esideiit Slierman   also said Uiat
is opinion ami Him of th,.   ottnu
  ™ ""* bunrd the men will ac-
leaves    f„r Michel to-dav
1 uml visit us manv camps
tu person, tn explain  tlie
1,1 « ten.      All camps
eepl.       Ill
.ltd a ill 1
.is possibl
sitti.it inti
The mallei- wns linally setlleil to-
ij-l. aftei Mackenzie King had
»oiM vet)' I111 r,I nml falthlullv to
set Hie trouble setth-d amlcnbly. In
Hie opinion nf both oporntors ' nml
'lien, it is the Deputy Minister ol
uinni iviin Is responsible in gettinc
' nat-tor adjusted His H,,,,-. ,,nd
Hi., consider Hie (hanks nf th,.
He -ue  line  Ihis
his services,
Sir Win. .Unlock arrives t„-,„„,,„„
11111 "HI watt    until alter Thursdiiy
taking Hi-linn.
efficient official foi
r-wiile, April 311-TIicr
"nn, in nny uf th,. mines to-iluy and
;i'i si I iiu 111111 her,, is now ver'
•nus. Afler all Mm ,inll. .„„,■ llas
nn spent in negotiations sinee the
mi iuiiveiili..n met nn M.ui-h ith
'i.'.-iii-ully nothing bus Ih'pii done „nd
 '   ""W in    worse shape tin
were.       Th,.   vote against
to work has complicated
■itlets considerably.
l-'ull iiut-hentie returns nf   Hm vol
g ut'' nuw in nnd nre ns follows:
.'••iiiii.. alinosl  iinaiinniis fnr.
Mlclrel, till against, M |nr
11 ol.-maii, fill ngoinst, lit r.ir.
crank, ill against, 11 fur.
Illllcrest, -11 against, .1 for
ti Inick
viie. unanimous against.
Lille, IU against., 7 for.
1 iiiiiinre. 101 nituinst. :( fur.
Bank-bend, ia« aKains-i, ; j,,,.
LtiiBlbreck   camp wns the onlv one
"''",';"' Pw    Hint voted tn return
hy III against, and till tor.
'I'he atteiulalii'p in Hm. majority of
camps shows that Hip mpn did ' not
lii.Hiri- to ai'lpnd the meetings i-on-
seipieutly the voting was small.
On SniiiMlay Deputy Minister ol
l.i.lni Mackenzie King, had posters
nrlnU-d ami |iut up round town tell-
111:. of Hip dispute hptiveeti \\K ,-ar-
l([ds cnul companies and their em-
lilnyp's nnd giving the names nl the
iiiiiiihi'is of the Cnneilintioii Board
wiili the Information that the hoard
would t-old its lirst meet ing Tuesday
I Periiip.
Kel'liie, April 2II.-A settlemenl has
lunlrably heen arrived nt in the present trouble here.
Seen to-night    fi.  ri.  s.  Lindsey,
President ol the Western Coal Opera-
'ors association,   made lire lollowlng
slalctlionl nu Hieh brltalf:
Seen Sunday night President Sher-
iiinn, ui Uio Miners' organization,
said Hie reason Hie vole went cou-
ln.IT in expectation was that the
men weie afraid in go back to work
wlllitnil an agreement ns they
iliuuulil it wns nnlv a ruse nl the
"I'-'" s; he also snid Hint the miners seeling In hnve no faith in the
'"'" law. He Intimated that all
linim nl ,1 set I lenient is nnt vet over
uml snid tlml iieguiiatinns with tire
iipernlnrs were still under wav. The
mliiers seem to have un Idea tiiat an
nrinnl form will he railed in and tire
lople among groups on lhe s-treet
corners, this iilternoon, was ol
<llliI'll shooting nnd arms and uininiiii-
iliun. All tin- lalk. however wus in
a I. interlng lone. Iml shows the leel-
.-. of lhe men.
The whole nffiiir now must \n- handled with liiinni'ss nml ilinlniuacy as
tie slighiesi hreuk will lend to
nui pi Ion le inn Iters lur worse than
tbey .ne nl present,
Uillinm ftrahaui, miners' board ic-
presenlallve. No, 2 sub-district, ro-
111-1-cm Ing Frank, Coleman, Lille,
Hellenic, lllllercsi mid Liindbrei-k,
snid: "As He men lurned down all
prnpos-ilions, with the exception nl
Lnidliiei-k, I feel like handing in my
Kernlo ami Lundlirrck were the onlv
mies who vnted fm gning buck. Tlie.
exe,uiive hoard has dime its host but
ihere is a want ul cnnlldeiice on the
Iiuil i.f the men.
The officials ni lhe district board
aver lhat, Htey never agreed that the
miners wniild go bark lo-dav, but
agreed to lay Hie situation before
Hicin and recommend Hint thev do
go hack. They admit, however, that
they IhoiiKht there would be no 41111-
i-tiliv In arranging tliis, ami that the
result of the votp was a complete
sivrprisc to them.
Inlervlewed       In-niglit     Maukenzio
not enlighten a large body ot foreign-
is iu a hurried conversation."
All ihis lends to lead une to believe that Hie situation is ominous
unit no one i-onnected with either side
seems able to figure nut. just- tiow
mutters stand.
ll would appear froui tlie proposition submitted by the operators and
Hie efforts of the district board lo
get the men to agree lo this proposition, ihal Ihey have both done Iheir
best in protect the interests ot the
public, but the nil-it have now -taken
matters into  their own hands     and
l.t'MBh'lt   COMPANY'S
(Itcvelsloke Herald.)
E. K. Taylor, inspector and Cal-
Riiiy agent for lhe Canadian Uirbecli
Investment A Savings company, was
iu town yesterday to look over lite
situation as part ol a syndicate who
,   ,      ,,      ,, are    purchasing   the   property   and
eli.se to go back    unless tbey     sec |jmils '„, „,,,   Mra„.y |>UI £.      Mm.
iheir way   clear to a betterment   ol
existing conditions.
President Lindsey, ol the Opera-tors
uss.K'iutiun. interviewed tiHtight,
said lie had nothing lo say except
thnt the o|H'iators have (tone tlreir
best in settle the mallei' and alter
accepting every iiftcr made by the
district board of miners are wilting
to rest titeil case with
.ti.,1   investigation linurd. ' will take pi«s'essiou on August 1st.    .
■lie    bale      curried     out    our     TlKt deal Is  • ol the largest   and,
promises, he said, mil it is now up „„,st impoiiant H> n has taken place
lo lhe inihlii- awl everybody gener- i„ ,|lis viotnity. and will interest all!
ally, to decide whether the other side h,,,,,. wn0 are coiinecled with lhe
has trinl lu do the same.' - lumbering industry. |
lhe   statement      regardltig     lust     -„, nl.w owners have decided     to'
w-e.-k s    conference, proceedings    and ,|ptmle the capacity ol the mill  and
whin would   prove of great interest „|, „ ,W(1 „r   „„,;,. „,ore band saws
to ihe public is being kept secret by Ml, ,o,tal| ,|„. ((,Uy ilVerage cut will
both pat ties.  1 average over 200,000,    Ob lieiug ask-
In sum up the sileatioi, IkiHi par- wl as „, wn0 M ,,,„, ]lt{M.lnh iu
ins are dissatisfied with the outlook t|k. ^1 Ml, Tav|or guardedly stat-
ind have done then bevt lo set ,,| tli-..t the names were not to lie
thugs right, hui tic men -niv 111 disclosisl, except thai ol Mr. .layncs,
lonlro ot the situation and reluse to ol t'aigU,v.      The syndicate, proposn
       "   "idermite outlook ,„ ,-ariy   ou the    nn'siiiess   on a lur
wi"  larger scale than hitherto ami Revel-
patty ut Three Valley. Mr. Taylor
sta-les that New York and Western
capita) are behind the deal and have
paid over tire purchasing option. I
The owners have paid tretween one
million, ami one hull .1 million dol- j
lais lor Hie concern, which includes
IH* square miles ol limits, couluininR-
nearly two billion leel ol high grade|
the public  „,.„', w|liu,
pine and   In-mlni-k, and
Delicious Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sodas
Natural Lemonade
Great West Sundae
Nut Tortoni Sundae
Milk Shakes
-lo l.'ack   with
head of tlu-in
Thev sav they
stay out until an agl'i-pment is al- stoke'lvilT.''we'hope,':lreiie'ht"''bv" Vho
rivi-d nt. This undoubtedly puis the |„(||„ „f American capital. Nnrotia-
.liMi-ii-t board iu 11 peculiar position, urn* have been pending for this deal
is the operators now have la right to (,„■ ,„,„„ considerable lime and mails!- how do they know that the men tprs have onlv just reached a head
will accept an agreement if one be arrived at? t
On the arrival of the delegates ol BRITISH COLUMBIA PAIILIA-
he different Hoards of Trade, repre- MENT IS PltOltO(lt_'El>
(railed by lion.    W. II. Cusbing,   ot 	
Calgary, V. A. Starkey, ol Nelson Victoria, ll. C, April 25.—The
md Trail. ,1. P. Fink and W. T. British Columbia parliament was
'hid, of Cranbrook, h, O. Kamm, ot prorogued to-iluv. Lieutenant Cov-
lloyle, W. Spier, of firand Forks and ernui Dunsmuir assented to all acts
I). .1. Matheson, ol Phoenix, it was with the exeeption ol thr immigration
oiind that the joint conference of the act, 10 wlllcll assent wns reserved
ipi-ralors and miners called for Hie in consequence nf its anti-Japanese
::ird instant was 10 be a closed clauses, which are considered as
iieeliug. It was thought best in the j-ainsi imperial interests. There
nil-lists of all parlies concerned thai has not liven lunch Important legisla-
if a speedy settlement ol tbe diflicul- k„ ti,.js session. The llsheries ait
y could he effected in tliis manner it ttJs uresscd in assert British Co-
would be the most ssatisfoctory luinhta's riglns to Hie provincial
'ilini of dealing with thf whole mat- iislt.-ri.-s tn which lhe Federal tlovom-
er. consequently it was resolved to meiit elnilus contiol. The laud ait
limply await developments. was ni-ng-tiiz, ,1 mid the phartmicv act
In the menu time all possible 111- amended sn that the departmental
.iniiiiiimi was obtaim-d that the stores are prohibited Irom soiling
lolegtltes might he ill a position to ,1,0^. A bill was- passed il-si'r.ilii
nt if called on. j.inni.ooo   noros ol  government   land
However, on Tuesday inurnliig   the (01-   thl. rstahlislii it   and tiiainten-
-..nferi-niv dissolved without effecting aiti-e of a provincial university.
1 settlement and trnni all inlorina- Alter the lnim.il closing it'is i-u--
11011 nhiniiiiilile the fault lies with tlie toinuiv tor the members to join
■lenitive nf tin- inlners, ihere being a cheers tor the King, which wns done
-.■rioiis difficulty between certain to-day, nml all joined except .1. II
iiiinl.i-rs therenl over the noii-dis- llawthorirtiwiiltc, leader ol '.he So-
•rliniuiition clause in Hie agreement, cialists. who remained iu his seat
Such iK.iug the apparent cause there w-hih. the King was cheered. Hi
wns nothing further that Hie dele- also kept his seat as the Lieuteiiant-
;nifs could du In the matter. flovernor  entered   and retired, wliile
tl is tn be regretted that itirtam- the other members rose according to
•nntory unt.icrs and misleading iu- the usual custom. Announcement
formation should be so glaringly pub- was made hv Attorney fleneral Ful-
lltdied by lhe press on occasions ol ton. iust lu-Inre the prorogation, that
th;s nature, and in Ihis particular in- Mie governor hud decided not to give
s-tuneo such statements as calling out assent to anv prosecutions under the
lhe militia and assembling Hie Mount- Dominion Sunday Observance Act, so
nl Police arc entirely uncalled tor. thai this net will therefore not bo
The town ot Forum, where perhaps
there are more coal miners idle at
nrnsenl 1 lui ti in any other place at-
'pctcd, certainly shows no necessity
fnr any such action, and even the
si'iTiees ui llu- local police were not
required at nny time during Die stay
if the delegates. I
Another misleading statement is
thnt the average pay oi a miner is
SlaUti per annum. This 011 the lace
nf it should show that reports are
often incorrect, though in certain
eases miners working on contract
under favorable circumstances are
nlten utile to earn some months eom-
liar.i-tivoly large amounts, it must be
remembered that this work does not.
average these sums during a year.      |
It has been stated    that tne cause
nf the men    leaving their work   was1
that notices were posted nt tlie mines'
lo the effect that    a reduction     ol
wages would   be made    alter Uiirty
days.     As a mutter ol fact, tbe no-
iii-e iu itself was strictly legal    and
rsnoilili.il with the new Act ol   Con-,
dilation, hut iu the then strained re-'
latinns was an error on the part   ot
the operators, and it bas been since
lea rued   thnt the   purpose intended-
thai ut    securing a  meeting ol   tbe
Bun nl ol  Conciliation—would     have
been   scented    without tliis   action.
HoWcver, this   could   not have been
the whole cause nf the "walk out,"
as why did Ihe    men at    the liiines
wbleh posted no notices leave    ttielt
made effective in Briiish Columbia.
Portraiture 1
UV   1'llllTlSlK.f.tV
Artistic Picture
Prest Photo Studio
\ \ P.O. BOX WW 1
Ferule, April 27.—Deputy Minister
of Labor .Ujitcti/.io King is lust In
receipt ol a wire Irom Sit William
Muiock, t bairn—n and tioveruuieni appointee, nf Hie Conciliation Hoard,
saying he is now at Sudbury and el-1
pools lo reach Fetule ou Tuesday,
when the board will Immediately'
Feruie, Apiil 27— Ballklieud voted
seven to go back to wotk and 12b
ugainst. Hellenic is also said to
bave voted against returning to
work.    Thr situation is serious.
Finnic, April 27,-Colemaii rumor
now confirmed, Men there refuse to
go back to work.
Mrs. John Whitfield, Swan Lake,
(Man.), writes: "1 can Irardly
describe how bad I felt before 1 took
Bileans. [ could not eat hut what
lie aimed pain. There was a sensation of tightness in my side and my
liver was entirety out of order.  ■   I
 „ could not    sleep ut nights,   suffered
King said that the adverse vote down !also from kidney trouble, and    was,
lhe Crows Nest was due to there not J altogether,   iu a   very serious condi-
Imvitig   h«'ii a    complete    and sym-' t-iou.    I had been ailing iu this   way
pnliietlc explanation nf tlie law.        "or years and it is gratifying to 'find
"Here where it    was dealt     with j lhat lllleans were equal to my case." ,
fully," he said, "il was carried    un-1   A certain cure for    headache, ihdi-
iiniinn.islv; In the other camps ttterc gestton, spring blood    troubles, cpn-
nre n    great   number    of foreigners stipation, piles, female ailments, and'
nlso.       And il is verv difficult     to all 'liver and stomach disorders.    50
A good  deal oi  negotiation went make iliem understand wiihout much I cents a box, from all druggists  aud'
on trom   lasl Tuesday up to Friday, I patience lu explalulng it.    Vou can- stores, or Hllean Co., Toronto. j
50 Tiemakers
\ \ Fur further utirticultirs apply !
nt W. E, Wet-Ion's OAtce.
1 have ft-ciim! umuhinery (or
HHwiug wood, anil nui now pre*
patetl to cotitnMit lor Wood of »iij*
t-n<th, in large or until ouaii*
Uut-ot-to-.il contract- HoUuittd.
Koi tiiitlii'i -uirtk-iiuirn addreit
. . Cm ilirook, B. 0.
i .
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
.Stephens & Hockendorf
Opposite C. P. K.
Si.oo   PER  DAY
Calgary, Alta.
ii now located In Ht comfortable and attractive new quieten In the Manitoba Hold.
This Institution Is fust u-M*-
date snd is modcrnly equipped
. to do just the bat work lo all
branches of tht tonsoritl art.
W. R. Ba.ur. rimanl Dtmtar
Cranbrooa B. C. I'hon. N. >
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old thoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing   (live me ■ call.
15.40 arr. Cranbrook Iv. 11.25
11.50 H Ktngsgatt "14.60
10.30 " Bonner* Ferry 15.20
9.00 " Sand Point Iv 16.55
6.00 Iv.  Spokane arr 20.00
Fur further iiutumiatioo, rates,
folders els., apply to J. Moe
local ugenl, oa write tu
A.U.P. l„
D. I'. A.,
NtU.BU.V, B.C.
T. Cole, Manager
Wo glva tin. licit to our no-
tr,.ii» in Uiu Hi. Mnrys vulloy.
I will have my wiutur supply
of Cnul in h tow days, aud sui
remly to take ontiirs. I will
I lave
Bank-watt Hard Coal $8.75
80ft Coal jo.7s
Lust wiutor I wus out uf Goal
part ot liinn. This year I pro-
pjsu to keen u good supply on
baud, und will sell
Now as the building  season has opened up, you
will surely require
Hardware, Paints, Oils, and Glass
For These Call at
J. G. M;CALLUM & CO. "
•HUM I-I IIII II I llll M I I I I III I "M H I •*»|,ff+*.f*«H.
JUill'H-H-l-l II IJ I I I I I I I I ll-l I H l"H"l -'Hm-H-H
The Cosmopolitan
The   place   where   a
man will return after i
stopping once.
. . . ■ 11-H l-l * I II I -H-• I-I-I-I-1 W--M . .    - . . .
■f"f'*t'l' r1l*l'*W'TT'.-r'T-H'T r'r'f'''T T*§ 't"t"|"|,'|,,|-l*'|ll|"|"|"f ■|"|l l"l"l"l"M
t —^— - i
* If you iviml I'lfiliim: tlwl is "Hilt Eilgo" in imiito,
-Clill  K I.'--" in lin:..|-i;il;i'i-l "Hill I-I ! ;.-   ill   lllllll.-.
cull noils ii-XKW   STOCK  of  Itemly Mtidu
ChthiiiB. JlTi.T   I'l-'CKIVKIl.   All Union Muilu
Leask Cb\ Henderson
"^***!i*AA«A AA.'.'•.^A*A*A--.*A*A*vg
- M>,„,l..-i,,F,.,« „l I «.
_ ■
ft********** if t************®
MnnulMiturLTS nl
I.|inKI:K and
Also  all   kiiuls of
Jitffrity, Kyftn uml
Cranbrook, U.C
Mi'flJ Office, * Lranbmok
Rambling    Reverie*
When Eve in tbe garden was plucking
tin* rose
And enjoying the Eden walks shady,
I   wonder  il ever  she turned uu ber
And sighed, "I'm too much   of    a
'Too much nf a lady,' dear Adam, in
A helpmate was made lo be petted,
Vim keep   things in   order; I really
must shirk
Though   tho   fact, dear,    is deeply
it-C id led."
To-daj she has daughter? whose delicate ha nils
An* wholly nnflbted for labor;
li .linn.-;!   fatigues   them   to flutter
their fans
Winn Kiev languidly call on a neigh"
Tlieli    misnion   on earth Is to gossip
.mil dress,
\ml live ii|inii life's sweetest honey;
X ml l-hey haven't a hothei or trouble
Tlwh    masculine    bank   falls    in
It  isu'l
lowliest       (hi
tn  Ik
in cooking and dishes
hniiii- was kept tidy
To il.lbli
Hut never
By ilaintv   aesthetic wish."-.
I am   free lo confess   there is sonic
Mring in life
Moro   att motive   than putting     n
stitch In:
Ami ninny » went-v. industrious wife,
Isn'i deeply In love with her kitchen.
But dntv is   duty, and    dirl always
Ami only the hi/y deny it;
Crocheting is nicer than making     n
slii ft,
But man never ye I was clothed   by
To sit in a parlor, in indolent ease,
Till nne prows all fragile anil hr/v.
Or flounce through   the st reels, silly
■.a/cr to please,
Is being ton much of a lady.
Too much of a latly lo darn up   her
Or govern her house with netimen;
Too much of n lady, wherever     she
Tn ever he much of ji woman!
The muscles that  Ood made are useless to her,
[\vep|)t to be wranned up in satin;
And ns fnr   an intellect—she     would
prefer        ____________________
bonnet io mastering Latin.
ever) dog, and ilu-ie will be but ti
iii-jlv   LlUUUlU   WUU   Ito   li'"'''- i >"
ailaicul cannot biuiW sucu H1....I.
n uouribin.-- only   on utuuuiiui
Uissati-iaeiiuii.     Su-ulig.il >>. ■-.-
i-iouu- ui a murky -M, awl su iiu-*, ..
_u.u.y ui^pusiiiou seal lei   ito uuii--.
llu Iiui ill  ami puiiUt-1  UU'J
you cuutiol di-jpei n by luabin-, ,- u.
sell miserable.     Never iuoi uitu   -■■■
UlUle Willi Uespuil,  J'OU -al >  Wua
.. bridge until juu conn: tu it. uou
liurro"- your   Hniiii ovei things
L'annut be helped.     Livt L-un.udui'j   ii
Hit* present.     The pas!   cmiitui    n >-
to remedied, and juu have }■■'• Lo   ..>
un* future.     Now is wteu you musi
act, ii juu act at all.     -Nuw is when
juu must be happy ii you expect   n>
enjoy yourself.      "Su tli. uoi    n
l-oi.'e y-juiscll   to be corelul tin
blues will not stay long il you don i
embrace trhein.    When you an  Ll
ened   with ,ni   attack   whit
.Maple Leaf   oi   roll oui    i   u
iiieu"    .uul    we   pledge     oui     ivniil
[ol  it, you can soon laii-.i.  w ith    the
best  oi    ibeiii.      Show    is a p
who -.'un whistle or sing wIn
poi t-l men Is come and we   "ill
wm one   who is never troubled w
the bines.     The rcmedl   i   iiifullible
Try n .md be convinced,
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
By-Law No. 38
A By-Law to Grant Certain Privileges to the
Cranbrook  Klectric   Light Company, Limited
mum****** »•** »* s
....... ........-..-» ..*..,
Hotel 4* *
Quests Comlorl a SpeclsU)
* *.! Stabling in Connection
railroad and depot.    Has urcommoda.
On- public unequalled lu Cranlirook
Hul  and Cold I-mIi-
Moggarth tS: Rollins
.... Proprietors
Tnn much of a Indv to "
To lu- n (nip daup-hter or mother;
Ton mueh nf n lade In hear the brave
Thnl ne'pr can he home \w nnoilier,
Bv fii'h'nn or hirlh quite too fine for
Ihis earth.
When il comes    for the Judgment's
•Teat  pnvdnv,
Tlioneh our Lnrd may delight in the
Mlies in white.
Will he <*mfle <ui "Too mi'ch of     a
It is said that a man would he
little better than a savage hul for
woman. With equal truth we may
assert, both men and women would In*
ha ml nnd selfish beings but for ehil
.lien These call out, and refine and
soften, ihe best feelings of the paren
-il hcnrl Their little deeds are so
many, and their simple innocenc
affeetfng, and their caresses so winning, that love and attention flow
out io them almost Instinctively
Thai must he n hardened nature
which cmiiot be icmoved by the soft,
touch, the playful childishness ,iiiri the
Inputted little "pranks of a baby.
If ihe mother would have her children susceptible of training, let    her
make hei own life what il should be
Let pure and holy thoughts fill hec
mind; grand and noble deeds ente
Into hei life ,Iusi as surely as
"like produces like" in tho vegetable
kingdom, will the life of the mother
be reflected in that of her child.
Robinson Akkeii/k- Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kin "a 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tl,. .i.lt.-i.t ..f s|irlD8 il,.«,.is .md
bnlut) days n-urim us ut tli.. woelui
:,.. i ili.il tin- iviu ol li'iiui to iii.ui-
Mii.l is .ii Ii.in.l, iilini llm tliritti
housenlfo will arm Iii-im-II ivltli nil
i,.ifsv.ii cqui|iiiicnts and proceed i
tin..» ..|..-ii tit.- (l.it.is nnd window:
oiilci llii! stoves iii lie carried inn
.in.l   turn   your   h-itlterto    poacotul
I .is I-,,iilil In- [inugjlni'd, lil.i snouli
,i.. I..INI.-.. (Ins coming calamity by
ilns prophesy, only to warn tin' lord
..i Uf lioiisefiohl lo if iIfi up .in fill.i supply ..I patience and ablilo Mm
lime mill liecomlntl fortituilo, !-'<>!
as .-iui- ns     iln- rain .111.1 mud     are
hnruingcrs ..1 the lniislit.  uv, joy-
lul s|iiing, mill iis birds, buns ..ml
blossoms, in fulfil mil this disordered   I se   I..-   transformed   iiniter
fl.illlul hands 11 1 tresh, clean ami
pleasn.il I '     I'i-....- -.ml otiloi mil
I Seven Years Ago
I in Cranbrook ..< uli ;
1 I
*   1TKMS  CULLED   1'ltO.M   TIIK
$ HERALD   ul-     TIlA'l    I'Alt: Ji
^HMVtVMMMtl •***_ b ""..4 G --■
All repurts allirnilng the permun
uiiCj ui Cranhrook a.s u divisional
a-lid repair point, as predicted bj its
Irieiuls, arc receivui-j, constant eu
dorseiiicui of tibcir trutlifillness bj
tin- actions of the ('. 1'. U, Irom
month tu moiitli. The liitesl cvid
ence oi tins is the fuel Ihal lui se\
eial days grading has been going «..i
ai ihe south end ul the shops uud u
largo space being there levelled apparently tor the construclion of new
uuildlngs. A visit Lu thu .-.imps lasl
Mumlaj by u Herald reporter, re.
veaied the correctness oi uus sus
p lei on regarding Inereuscil lucilities
inr repair work. Korcmun Jnbiison
was seen and upon being asked as lo
tlm iiidurc of the improvement;- said
Ihal lie could not yet go lino details
us to lhe size of llie structure iu to
ereeU'd but Unit the plot which wus
belli-* grnde'l was for the laying     ol
liaciis Lo the present ami into ,L new
building to be constructed immediate
ly, ihe si/.e of whieii he could not
then stale, as details had not been
Iii.];. decided upon. There ..n- al present 55 men on the shop pa) roll, -
of whom are. skilled mechanics. Tin*.
lorcu is being conslaiitl) aiigmenlei!
and that one hundred men ma) hi
employed in thesi shops within tin
ensuing jipijr is hardly the dream ul
an optimisi.' There is geuerai re
pairs of locomotives and cars—ol Iln
dully wear and tear kind—cunstiiiillj
in progress. lu addition to ibis
lu-avict and more extensive worki i
lii'iiij, done from time tn time, .is i
now the case wilh engine N". _8,
which is iu fur a thorougti overhaul
11 \ and in pari, reconstruction,
At. the north end ot llie town
preparations arc being made foi Uie
cnnsii net inn of extensive storage
coal bunkers. These are lo be used
li r ,i reserve stock, and at present
theii exact capacity has not buen
decided upon, but local ollicials be
lied thai about 2,000 ions, more ui
Itss, will be nearly right. This reserve stock, ns the name Implies, is
to b.* used only in eases ni emergent1)
"nusetl by a 'blockade in Iralllc pre
iva-tlnc the maintenance of thu supply
or daily consumption oi tratlic con
lnions which might make ii advisable for the eompanv foi the time
being to dovolo the entire carrying
capacity ol the rnad to ihe public
use Vnother evidence in Uruubrooli
ol tho two big P's-J'ermancnee ami
Superintendent Cameron has been
ahseni In Winnipeg several davs on
o fielnl business, hul is expeclcd lo
return the last of the week.
At Pernio recent I v, Alex,
(".Seotty") Hume was stabbed Uini
times bv ,t Slav named /ehit Tin
'.■use was the result nf drink. tin
Slav nagging Hume until blows ensued Separating /.ehlt wen! mil in
in the night, laying [or "Scottv"
and stabbing him as above staled
Tho wounds are serious, hut not
necessarily fnlal. The Slav wai
enptured tin* dav following.
Whtreas, the Municipal Counci
i..- puwei to pass a By-Law loi
licensing and regulating electric lighi
and   telephoi mpanies   ami     loi
authorizing     Uie   use uf public high
. .      bj  -.iui companies.
And whereas by By-Law So. 3;
.-■ri.'iii   regulations    are   set   fortl
 i   w hiob the pi ivilege to     erect
■;   ," pillarsl posts,  oi   othei      ap j
.iml to sii ing wires thereon
. ■  . onveyaui e ol elect! loity, i<>
■. •■ "i  leh pboiius .u.<1  illuuuii.il
-.. posei i  ■ iiM'itcIt and along put
ighwayi   "i    iln   """■   ■'    "	
... .. .  have  litt-n    ■
Iclpality, by the Compn
ot more than as follow.
City of
■t   im tli
ook  Kief
lied,     ha
ill    lo
i iti
..I   Llie
nl    b)
. L,
wmtmLWkwsm i ■ ^mwwmmmm
The Wentworth  1
'llilll" Carlln-everynne
gi-ninl Billy—stopped nil jusl u
liii-nl i'ii r.uitc Jn Mini.-, un-l
inniiiiil. Hiiiv did mil wander
fi.ini lhe ili-|int as ho did m.i n
lute any chances on geitlng 1.
i'tsin-j. th,- irain.
Ihe si
"Uf    till,.-     up    tllfI
.mis "1 "Iliun.., Swe
.iii.il .ill the sweelci
.uv ilisntii.-i.
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any lime.   Wc are on deck 25 hours
out of Hie 21
li..I  ilir blues, ilul vuu say?    Sum
cnoiigli!     A geiiuiiic attack, and tbo
sun   shining   I"if 1" in   tl..' heavens,
.uul mil  a cloud  in l». ' n.     Well'
IVrill Conic, nn friend, shake yourself logutber, (In ...tl Into flu
sunshine nml look ahoul you. Is
liiin ii lime fnr tile blues? Sir how
gleefully nil nature is smiling. Don't
he li,-liiii,l liiin.l in being happy illicit
everything else is rejoicing, This
world is iml n vale nl tears. This
life was   mil given   In us as a t-iiiie
plug   and   wailing.       Come,
gel  yourself   out uf Ihis Slough     of
Despnnil.    This is a time for action.
Never sit by the roadside nnd lament
over hy-goncs, nr despair because impossibilities are nnt brought to pass.
There are jusl as grand opportunities perhaps before ynu as have  ever
been   evperienctd.      There may    not
he jus! as much prosperity and happiness for your future if you so will,
as Ihere has been in the past.
And what a face! You'll spread
borrnr by sucr a long-drawn counte-
nk-iee. ' Indeed it is enough to give
a buffoon the blues, even to look at
it.      Go   to   the   glass   and   get.
glimpse of yourself, and then compare
it   with the   looks   nf friends   with
whom   you    meet,   but   don't  stand
looking at  yourself long, walk forth
in Hod's pure atmosphere.     Give    a l.mtw Mine    WnrKers. w
hcarlv good dav to everv man   nml|nn   for   stramgulated
woman you meet; a smile and a nod | The 'd'^at'o-i^w.™
INTRRRfiTINn       LORD'S       PAY
flurlph. April 35.—Newsbov flatlye,
of the Canada Railway New-. Con,
ii.iiiv appeared to-day before Police
U.ieLiraie Saunders, charged witli a
viola!Ion of the Lords Day Act, in
ihal he snid a number nf copies of
The Sunday World wiib- ibe West
V»nnd Grand Trunk train wan passing
through Clmdnh on Sunday, the l ith
Instant. The police testified thai
ihese papers were sold nu Uie train
lo idti/ens of Guelph, who hoarded
the trnin, got the pnper, and then
left it. The facts were admitted,
\| r. Iln verso n, K.C., for Un* defence,
contended lhat under the Lord's Pav
Act the railways run passen ~oi
trains, and that the supplying ot
newspapers came within the exception to the Ac! in the same way ns
menls and light confections supplied
nn tJie train. The news agent could
not distinguish bet-ween passengers
ami those who entered lhe train for
tlie purpose of obtaining papers, Me
admitted foreign papers could not he
After argument lhe magistrate' eon-
si-lored the cuse nf sufficient imnmi-
anoe to reserve it for the opinion of
the Court of Appeal. County Crown
Attorney Peterson did not oppose
this method     ot   disposing of      the
I   wheiiMS a   pellt	
than oiie-IUtcenUi    nt  Uie flee
entitled    lo    vole on this By
whs, on lhe 20th day ol March,
presented    in    the   Mnmeip.ii
cil requesting that the same be
it leil in tbe ratepayers.
I whereas il has been deemed ex
ul    to grant    tu the said Com
   certain privileges in connection
, iiu their said sysli in.
Thetefole, ihe Municipal Council ot
ne Corporation ol the City oi Cran*
i.uiil..   in    Council  asst mbicd,  enacts
,. follows:
I. Subj.-ei to the fulfillment ol
he terms, conditions and privileges
n -.n.l By-Lav. Nu. 33, ami in this
ly Law  hi'iein.iiin contained,  which,
in- due rulllllmeiit   Lliereul ate in   be
uud   coiisidered   as conditions
 lent   in    Uie enjoyment  nl    ih.
ighis,  powers ami privileges berebj
,i.ii,l,,I,      lhe   ...ml      The      I'l.u.lil.-nl.
.In iin-   Light    Company,    Limited,
nn I   il-. successors anil    assigns iieie-
liiili -i   culled   "the     C0I1!) J"'       an
n*ii la  gnuiled loi a  pei-lud nf twen
\ live  years,  Iloin  ihe date ol      Hi.
i>: liaut   he|i-in,illel    IlieilllOllCil,      lhe
,■:.: and privilege (not, however, an
-.elusive right ami privilege) oi
,.', ing and maiiilaiiiing poles, posts
.i.:i pill,us, ami oi slrluging,
.lu-ichiiig, laying, repairing ami
.|ii iiui;; wires mi ihe conveyance
il electricity, tot the use ol Iclc
.. ones .md tllumiliaUiig amt powei
uirposi's, in, uver, upon, along and
m, i au) and all public bi^nwajs
.1 Llie ( it) ol Cranbrook; ami ot
:i iistiucliug, ciiulppliig, operating
.i.,| uuiiiilalulng a telephone Aim
leeiric light ami powei system and
. i \ ice in Uu- Clt) ot Craubrook.
:. ilif Company shall erect ana
ii litiluiu such pules, post and pillars,
ml -ui ing, -si retch, lay, maintain,
.-,,.11 itiitl operate such wires in such
. lu.iii iet .1-. not to interfere with
■, c mil .lint unobstructed use ol Uie
lib .e highways ol    Uu- said    City;
mil   -I.,ill   place such   poles  al      Slldi
I .ml shall stretch such   wires
il .nn heights and tin all acts una
ihtitg-s, as shall be in cnniormity Willi
... ni prot Isious and regulations con
luiiu-d in By-Law No. AJ.
■,. WbeiieU-i any peiitin, lirm or
.-I[..ii.iiniii shall have obtained lawful aiitburil) Irotn tbe Council lu
i, .iin.e any building,   structure     ut
i (line IhtiiiiiJi nr across any public
higliwtt) ol the Siilii L'itj ni flail-
brook, and tlie wiles of the I'uiu
;.>iiiy shall obstruct, prevent or Intel
[ere wuh such removal, Uu- Company
shall within twenty-tuui hours aitei
"iui- in writing Irom the Council
ci Lie Chairman of ihe Works and
Property Committee, remove oi raise
i.i h wires su iis lu allow an iinnb-
sUucleil passage lor such building,
structure .or edifice; llu- expense
I hereof to he home une hull by such
person, firm or corporation and one
[tali bv the Company. Provided
Dial tin* Company shall not be re-
ipiitvU io remove ur raise any wires
contained in cables.
I. All w ins contained iu cables
shall he strung at a height uf at
least  _5 feet tioin Uie ground.
;., Whenevei it shall be necessary,
in grading, removing, altering oi
other a ise working upon any public
highway of the said City, to remove
ail j poles, posts ur pillars now
itnt.iltiig belonging tn lhe Companj
and which a is then apparent would
la- permanent obstructions, the Companj shall, upon receiving twentv'-
iiiui hours' notice from lhe Council,
"i- the Works ami Property Commit-
:moe such poles, posts or pit
iiinl il the t'iuiip.iii\ shall ui-.
i refuse sa in do, such poles,
or pillars may be removed bj
Uy al   Uie expense of ihe Com
such expense to w recoverable
nsis Rom the Company in like
r ,i^ Municipal taxes Till*
r.iph, however, shall noi appl)
bs, posts ami [nil.ns herein
placet! .iml erected pursuant le
'..visions ..f Ih Law No. ;',:; ami
h Uv Law.
PIii! Comi-uny shall iu the exer*
f the lights .nut privileges here-
anted operate its mild syslem
iiaint.iiti  ihe '..iuu- in lhe    best
 'i  ami with tl,.* In*I appliances
eailnhle, fnr the proleellon of th<
■I "ie- and propcrtj of the public.
7, The Company shall he liable fm
nd shall Indemnify tbe City nf
..■ innnli mr all damages arising
ut "t tli ■ construction ..ml operation
!    iti   -,,iil   s-stcm.
v The Company shall sn operate
is syslem thai then* shall alwavs
i- available tn consumers and eiis-
fill.-is wil bin the Municipality a nu-
furm supply nf electricity fnr il
tiiiiinating purposes by night, up to
la present available power nf eigh-tj'-
Ive Ki!.. Watts, .mil by niglit and liy
lay bo soon as Uie Company shall
,;i'n' in operation a water power svs-
i'lti. nf at least 110 voltage, find
itcady and regular usuage ot tele
ilinhes, dav and night service; ami if
l    any time the service of electric
or 32   candle
lhe   above   l.i
pOWCl     lights,    one 1
ales, and other catidli
n  (he same proportion.
welling   houses,     lu     c
75c. pci month pel light.
powei    lights,
.,   .iml   tm     8
i 13 nights ia
it the D-sincs*
13 ulgbts u. --
three-Iouxtbs ot
., for uvi-t
month,  the
(10 00
Tu    dwelling     houses,    s     c.i
lower, 50c. pui mouth pel light.
With a    discount   ul   lu   pet
in p, i' ) to consumers paying .j,
lelore tlie BJth daj ol the muntl
ai, u*i rcni.il, _..i. pi; uiouln,
M. tei rates im >'".» ■. •■■'.
loi.'ir. and private housi >. _0t
iMln Walt built, with ,i hm iu il
.in- ease nl stores, oilicca and in
il la pet c. ni, .m.i oi d.\ellit.:, i...
■I J.'i pei ceiii lu coiisumt ii ji.t
•ii oi beforu tbe lm.. da) ■-;
noiilh. To lodges, churcbia, Uieu
(iublic Iiu I Ih and sample rooms u
lights not  mute    ih.i
ihe   n b, une-hali
iiat rate,    foi over
iiiglils, in the month, tb
ibe    business     Hal   rat
i weiiiv-twu nights in li
nil biisiiii-ss Hat rates.
Kor arc lights,    tu midnigh
.ei  month.
Km   .uc  lights,     all  night,
;iei month.
Pcovideil, however, lhat U.c mitu-
uuiii rate in be charged l,y i|it> L'-'m-
pntt) shall be un* dollar ((LOO) pel
.noath, indnding me tei rental
The said rates toi electri" :.,..'.
•nail be reduced ten jut cent 'le
.1. '-.t to consumers when the propus-
•d new  plant of the Companj   i-> in-
tallcd and in operation, in addition
to the cash discounts ,ibo\e mentioned.
Knr dwelling houses, i_ nn pet
l*ur all  places mhei   than dwelling
 is.'s, $3.30 per month.
Sub.i x-t to a discount of Ir' pet
cent to consumers and users payiir.
tli advance on or before tbe lot!, day
if lhe month.
Subject, however, to reduction by
ihe Company from time to turn*
a it h lac approval of the Council; arid
it is made precedent to ihe enjoyment of the rights, jiowers and
iirhile-ics hereby granted, Uiat tbe
t'omiiany- shall not directly or m-
lireetly increase the said rates to
inj consumer or consumers within
lhe Municipality, provided tbat, if
llie Company, oi the consume! so de-
dres, a meter shall be installed bv
lite Company, sulijec!  to an    appeal
.. the Municipal Council In case ibe
insinuation nf a   meter is unreason-
,tile or inoquliable to either party.
lu.   A contract embodying the pro-
isinns hereof and covenants on the
pari of tho Company to conform and
o fulfil all   the   mntiers and provl
ions hereby required ol it. shall be
Irawn nnd shall lie executed by the
Chy of Cranhrook, and the Companj
■vllhin one   month after the date oi
.-huh this Bv-Law shall lake effect.
It.   Ibis Bv-Law   shall  lake elleei
iml he of force on and after the
iWLirMelh dav of May, 1007.
1- Tlis Bv-Law mav !h* cited a^
ihe "The Cranbrook Klectric Lighi
Company, Limited, Bv-Law.''
I tend lhe first lime on the 3nl day
ul  Vprll, A. I), 1007,
Kmd tlie   second   time on Lhe 8rd
lav nl April. A   Ii   1907.
Read   the   tint.]    time   on   the    20Ul
lax ol \pril, A. D. 1007.
Itecelved the assent of the eleelord
mi   ibe        dav of Mav.
\    I)    I'lOT.
Uin.iisiileied .md flnnllj  passed and
< lopn-il on lhc         dav of
A. 1).  1907.
Take   nolico   that    the above is -.<
nn* copy ot the propositi Bv-Law
upon  which   ihe    \i.ie  nl   the   Munici
lality will be token at the Council
i't'..i*i'iheis, Baker Street, in  the Citv
"i rr.ini.iook b. C, on Friday
the     Hull day    of    May,     A.     I)
10117, between Ihe bonis of nine
o'clock (ten o'clock local time) ii,
'lie morning, and sewn o'clock
(elghl o'clock local time) in the
i> von Ing,
Thus   M.  Roberts,
Clerk  to Mm- Municipal Council
at every ohild; otirtup or whistle to duogur is anlMpatod.
Hull's or telephones shall not, in the
opinion of the   Council, fulfill     said
rerjulrcmenls; and upon failure of the
Company,  without  just  cause    hem**.
shown, to rectify the same forthwith
after -is hours' notice in writing civen
them bv Uie Citv. the Cduncll    may
Snringvallev, Ills., April 20.-Johniby resolution, foif.-i! such rights and
Miffr-B. n tion     President nt     the privileges herein jtijnted, and annul
operatnd  and declare void the contract herein-
l„.,„j;i to-day. (aftei  mentioned.
successful        No     '■>    The rates    to   he charged     to
consumers and customers within  the
Itetween the  Corporation of the
City of  Cranbrook and the
Cranbrook Electric Light
Co., Ltd.
This    agreement entered  Into   this
 day of   A. M. 1907.
The Corporation ol ihe Citv of
Cranbtuok,    htx-rinalti-r     cail«d
Ua* "Citv," ol the lust  part,
The   Cranhrook    Electric Light
Company,    Limited, bcreinnltei
called    the "Company," of   tho
second part
Whereas by By Law   No   38, of ibe
('uy nl Cranbrook, certain privileges
have been granted    tn ihe c..m;i.,-,i\
subject tu the conditions ami regulations set  forth  in  Bv-Law.,  auuvjcrs
33 and :fS ul the said Citv.
Aird whereas by the said By-Law
it is pruvwhd that a contract . embodying the provisions of the said
By-Law No. As ant! covenants on the
pail of the Cnnijiany tn conform to
ml inliil all the matters and provisions in said By-Law required of it,
shall be drawn and shall lie executed
hv the City of Cranbrook and the
Company within nne month after the
date on which ihe said By-Law took
\m! whereas \v. The said By-Law it
was further provided and ' enacted
ihat Uu* same should lake efl'ecl and
be of (nice nn and after the twentieth  day of May,   1107.
And whereas tin- said Bv-Law duly
receiveil the assent ■: Ihe electors ol
the Municinalltj on the ... rtav
ni Mav, 1807, and -.»..•'< duly registered and" hecan.i' ..r. existing By Law ol
the Citv oft' ranbrook on the 	
day ol Mav. 1807.
Now li.is agrei m I Uitnesseth
ihat pursuanl U thi raid By-Uw
N... 38 and lo Uie I raises the parties   here:.. ...'•■-    , . ...   i,.l!..v*,-
ing, that is to s.,\
1. Subject to tho lultlllmenl >n" ibe
t.-nns, conditions and privileges in
snid By-Laws numbers 33 aud 3S, and
iti Uii- agreement contained, which
t. rms, conditions .md privileges and
tbe due fulfillment thereol are to be
d.-eniiHl and considered .is condition."
precedent to the enjoyment of the
rights, powers and privileges berebj
sranMi. the Company Is hereby
,-iauled by lhe Citv lor a period .'f
tweiiiy-iive years Irom tin- dale hereof the right'and privilege (nol, how-
be construed as exclusive) oi
eicclini ami maintaining poL**, posts
ami pillars and ol stringing, su,-i,-ti
ing, laying, rcpiiiring .ua! operating
wiii-. for tin- conveyance ol electri*
i'.'.y [or ibe -.s» ,.| telephones .md
illuminating and powe. purposes in,
over, upon and ulong and across any
and ...1 pdblic highways >>! th* Cilj
oi CranbrtM - and oi • oi st rue ting,
equippi i-.. operating a'»l nmintnialUfE
a telephone and electri* light and
pyttTi system ..;.': servk*e in tbe City
oi Cranbrook.
:    \- a oi   prei edi;,; to the
 ' Eng of sue)       ■■ legi >   tbe Com
- ■ ' 'v; agrxTs to .ii. i with the
Citj that il will fui n isl lo the City
tm street lighting purposes, standard
lights •.; ..* least HO voltage, wiu-ie-
- t it i the City maj ruquire the same
w;thin the corporate limits of tlie
City .i> the »an a I ox*, exist or as
ij :..:■-. :■■: be i xten led, and
ii. such iiui:| «-.> an i 'f such powei as
Ihe tvy may retfuire to the extent
of thp Company's available power
: -■ loi ■ as •- •■ ■ ■•' ip nj may be
i   era ting In Cranbrook. a; the    fol-
■ v..: g rates   thai is to say;
An    lights    st" <•■'   and l*. candle
p ■ w t-i Ijgb ■ s. $ I. H' per month,
yil nicht service h>r <trc*.*l
::....-.-... ■.■".: f-'-.-s and h-ht for
othei purposes according tu ihe Company's t_nfi. A:.->1 the Company
'.._-.'- -     ••'.    and    with   'lie  City   thai
■ r-.-.'\ will - .',-■'.•. .'.:.; maintain In
. ad ■ ■ _.: ■■'.. Ian | - carbon a'»t
other 'iti;.-- :"■■-.... lor tbe nuiii-
tair/enaiice of the s.ud lig.hu> free ni
And the Companv fuiiher cnw*nanls
and agrees with Uie City that they
will s<- >'«'*. as "in*;: proposed new
plant is iasUlled and available for
use make a reduction lu the City of
riity per cent (50 p. c.) on lhe above
rates for the first thirty-
two sixteen (It) J c_iidle
power lights used by the City, and
ol twentf-flve per cent <-"i p. c.) un
h- a.-o-.e rates for ail other lighls
'used by the City.
.ui ii: .11 such purposes Uie t'om-
juny shall   erect and   maintain    all
Holes, w:res _:■.! other electrical   ap-
jiaratus along such uf the Said street
ol tl.-- City as may be necess_iy    lo
rry out \to agreement as to lighi-
; hereiriUfure contained ar.d to do
o same   promptly and   in a workmanlike arid skillful nunner.
i. And :!.*■ City covenants :.:..!
agrees to pay fcr'the said lights at
...: rates :./>r,;hly, provided, however, that the l'i*y inaj al anj time
''•■■■I, _ivi:,_ threi montl t .'."* in
■.'. rlting to the Coropa ij terminate
this contract, so f-.r -s the sections
..iiK'ting street lighting ..:-'l the
supply uf electric lights to ihe City
aie concerned
!, The Company covenants and
agrees with the City that they will
within two years from U.c dale of
Ibis contract,, in--t.il and maintain an
.■bi'j ne lighi ■ tei oi :."t less than
:..'■ hkfl Ir.-d (500) i le. 'nr hoi e
And it is ui '-• ■■ tood .: ; agreed
l.v and between the Citj ar.d th**
Company tbat th-- i ninimcrs within
the Municipality, shall bave a first
claim on all available power, Subject
tn reasonable notice given t" the
'    And t'ne (''.;.,;■ nj  B| rci    '
with tin* city   thai tbey will     Immediately   upon    'hi- aigr.eir.en1 be
coming operative   deposit .:. thi   li
portal   Bank   of   Canada     ;.•   Craft
hn-ok, B.   C, tor a !>•■: .■      I tl " |
i.-,",   (i.,*, -,,   twentj  ii '-'-n     thousand
dollars   ($27,000 fi(.;   *,„*}.   ,,l     the
capital stock .>r ^i..<r.'   ol  Ibe   '' ■ I
panj to be sold .it pai to thu    City
ni   lo   bona   ftde   :■ ilde itf "f    .\to
Citv, and that  the)   ail! hot du.ru*,*
ibe said period ol thlrh   i iui    days
in ariv Waj  "''"■: ■■■      deal wilh' tipt
dispose 61 the said   lock oi lharcs.
i; n is expre Iv ii inters lij'i'l and
it greed by ana between the parties
hereto thai the powers and privileges herein and in said By-Law No.
38, granted by the City t<! the Com-
fi.my shall be conatruod to mean
and include only such privileges as
the City can lawfully grant, and the
City shall be in no way liable to the
I Company lor the non-enjoyment by
the Company of any of the rights and
privileges herein granted which the
City has not the lawful power lo
7. And it is further understood
nd agreed by and between the par-
Lies hereto tlinr this agreement shall
he binding on and enure to the benefit of the parties hereto their and
.eh of their successors and assigns,
hi witness whereof the "City"' ntts
hereunto caused Its corporate seal
tn he affixed and the hands of its
Mayor ami City Clerk lo'lie sel; and
the "Company" has hereunto caused
its corporate seal to be, a ITI led and
lhe hands nl Its President and'Secretary to,Ik* sei on the day and year
lirst above written.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
,    ia thu prtaenca ot THE  CRAiN BROOK   HERALD
♦•.■..Ht  A YKAIJ
llll:   IWIMCIt   IHAT   IS   lilCAl)   uv   nn:   eicoei.i:
MAY 2 IJ.07
By tat Herald   PuLllBliin* l-oi_i.an>-.
if/<,!,.. >,v«~\
Kditor aud Manager.
5        BY THE OLD HAN. «
*#_-*» -a »-_-M4*-M******* ***€**
"j*e«i" AiucSwaln, the well known
Jooiuuiist, u+t. neon duum wuie   w-
LClii-ul       euiloliai  dli-  luiui   'A.ul'k   on
law rio.speciut mo past IWO weeks,
"reek pusausses Uwi auiiuj, io uiuau
uu)  ueftapapet coiuuiu suiuo.
Auy uuu who iw> liv«d iu t!raii-
brook ioc a number oi years and
leaves it lor a -iiuil time i- always
plea-ted iu ruluru. 'Inere is a ia*-
cmuiiou auout Lue town iu.u is ir-
icsi!»i*i*le, and everyone stems to fail
ujiuer   uie .spell.
Why i. ii thai Craubrook cannot
have a nib" M-'uuoli    Uuiw wv*m> i"
: nol nail a*. u\'0 eujuj   WIS
una n ls lime mat *- wti*
lue pin
Wlial t laiibiunh ii einillcd tu ami
can __t il tue liualil ui 1units win
l_«.e up tuv plop".iiUuiiM iu Lue
uiui-vi   iiuiiiiei:
jiaii uo-« ai the C. r. it, station.
Mtc express delivery.
i . i'. ii. leiegiapu ollice.
Tlie cili-eus oi ibis town should
beui in uiiuU mat nu corporation
fcivcs aujiuui_ vuiuul.il it). Uul)
uiuj.« tuv* in LUul a-iU iui mat which
i.i u-usouaule and keep un askitij; evei
gel anythiug.
VVIiat iiu \ou Lbiuk ol the llciahi
cut'iovuisi.' Were au- uuiij uupcts
iu cau-iUa thai c_iiuui -Uuv. up as
well tu urn line. ibe ileiuld always a.d lead in Us pat ticuiai Held.
,v business mau ..aid lu the Herald
Una   week:      "iuu LUUlge wole      lur
)uui uuvetlisiuu mau must weekly
papers, nut i notice ihal wlicu i
auveruse m Uie Herald l mvaiiablj
6tl re_ulls." .Naturally juu du.
l>ui cuarges lor a i|uurier ui *. ]fi&*
is inure Uuu aoine weekly papers
dar_v lur a wuule page, hul tbe
lleruid uj- ihe reaaeis. .uuie people
leou me Cranbiook Herald tuuu au)
other weekly paper in uus part ui
u« province, A page a-lverllseuitUL
iu a p.. pci mat prllils only UV iu AW
papeis is uni woitii anyiniug tu auj
advertiser. But when an ad. i_
prluted iu a paper like the Herald,
it to read by virtually everybody in
the district, naturally it brums te*
suits. Ask auy  business mau     in
Cranbrook what they Unnk ui tbe
Herald as uu advertising medium, ami
lhe answer will be ai once, "it is
eiuiiieiill) satlsfaclory." Another
SU'aW Ihal shows winch way lhe
wiud blows is tbe fact that tne Herald receives from foreign advertisers
ibe largest price lor advertising uaiu
to auy weekly paper in British Lu*
liuiiUu, and loreigu advertisers never
throw away any money. Another
thing t-tut might be referred lo al
ihis time with prollt tv» the advertiser, and that is that the Herald
charges fur every local uf a business
nature. The .space in the Herald
columns is its stuck iu trade, and it
is not being given away. II a nun
wants to cheapen.what he lus tu sell
be only needs to give it away or sell
il at such a price ttat even the uu-
vice will know Uiat it is worthless.
To sum it up, it yuu want to reach
ihe buying public of this district,
yuu can do su hy advertising in the
Superintendent Krickson lus been a
busy mau the past two weeks, as he
lus hustled early and late to lake
care of his division und keep the
trains going during the baneful effects
of the coal miners strike.
A. K- Watts, the well known lumberman of this district, is being
prominently spoken of as a candidate
for lhe Dominion house on the Conservative ticket. Mi. Watts has
_e-*n doing some good work for the
Conservative cause, he lias been liberal wiib his money and his time,
he possesses keen intelligence, and has-
good reason to expect something
the Conservative party.
The Odd Fellows seemed to hnvi
captured the town the lirst ol the
Keep on   boosting    Cranbrook and
the district.     It will pay.
IL T. Lowry lias sold the Oreen*
w.*rd Ledge to .Limes (lieir ami bus
gone to the coast to live ou account
of [ailing health. It is lo be hoped
that the change of climate will prove
beneficial and that the old nun may
live tn write many more lines and lo
tale in Innumerable Jack pots.
Kaien Island seems to br a dead
one just now. It was thought that
rhis summer there would be a great
rush fo that point, and there would
have been had not the Grand Trunk
suddenly ceased work on its lown-
Make Cranbrook more beautiful is a
good slogan for any man in Ihis
asking for anything unreasonable iu
then by-law. n is lhe uuty ui
eu-i) piupcitj ownei to gel uul and
wuii iui a measure ut ims kind Uuu
mean-, increased prosperity fur Cruii-
(jiuok.     vve own   properly iu     uus
ill and  have  lu puj   quite a buucli
ut laves and wc would uul he sucu a
sUiUU I e      •>BS   as    l u   a tl v uca le     a
proposition that wuuid prove a ban
Hung foi tbe city. We know, uu Uiu
tun lit J, Uul lhe passage ut the
by-la h will he a big thing iui Until-
brook and every piece ui proper I j lu
Un- livvn. In working loi il wc aie
selll-.li Simply because Wi know il
will iteueiil what we have in the
luwu       Hit- by-law will pass bul lui
tin sake ui tbe town lei us give n
a iui.sing majuiiiy, just lu show
nui.siivcs and lue peuple uu the outside ihat we believe in progress aud
pro.-purily iu Cruubrooit and thai wc
,ae iml Head ones.
Kei me has received iiu appropriation trom the provjuciul government
oi $_u.uuO tot a uew public building
and "-lu.Ou. iui mads. And yet lhe
Conservatives bad tie nerve iu main-
lain .ii Uie bouse ut the recent session ihat where a district represented
by a Conservative received more man
.in. represented bj it Liberal
in        appropriations       it was
merely a coincidence. Why not be
boncM aud tell the truth. Tbe reason luui the Kcrnie district lias been
treat.d su liberally and the dunlin il. district sn shabbily is because
•'b.llv" Uoss is a Conservative and
Hi King is a Liberal. 'IT.it is all
Uuu- is to It. A leading Conservu-
llve predicted this very statu of
.ill. iM a few days after the election
wi. u he said; "Tfcey have elected
Mi.** and now Ihey can lake iheir
uu lit inc."
While absent uu nut recent I rip w
in. i two editors who lode around
tl. j respective cities in automo-
bllis, Naturally the (|itesUou arise:
in .in mind, "where did ihej gel ib<
The    llulklcv Pioneer, a new pape
jllSI   stalled b)   Alls.   I_.   M.  (Unlit   tl
exploit Ue wonderful HulUey .alley
bas jusl been issued from its tempor
an ollice at Vancouver, li is chink
lull ol information uf that mut)
country und will prove a vuluubli
pui'liealioii io those Interested in th<
111 STAN    McKAY   AMI    llll.l.IA.ll
FOROOTTEN   I'llAlttli:. .
fii  In
. lining
.in ii)
is    Uuu,
III   llll-
nil    llilll.
eyed ,.i  i
king  Willi
i.ii iti.ii
blast, pro
ns ruck in
tug luui ii.uu    Hi,- I,
gllill   ..Mini.      ||,s i
'"'      IH   CI Ill-ll        tu  |||s   |,f|   I,,-
seu'iit)  ul    Hi,, shuck,    Inn tl
ll Mil- Uml lie mil in- lull) re
ill u.iiilii ,, (,-» days.     Uuruiici
fill    IHIS   llllllli,-i|       ,|||,|   |||0VU   ,,,
mini.' List nigtit, ri'iiciiiiig Hi..,,,
uiu.' ocluck. Hi- ui-ni iiuu-n
Ilir iiiinc uml cviiiiiini'ii il,,- sen
 i.iiitiiii.i.t.- ilLsnsti-i  mul i
il.-.i.l. .1  tlml  .,1,  ii
liiii-H iii I'riiiiliruiik litis inurii.iig .,
tin If inn ins mil in- |M.|,| nun, ,,.|
In s ran  In- hr-uril     rruin.    llilli,:
Itii-;.-..--   ims   Iiniii      ,,,,   \ -,„n,.r
liili.1 nn-1 Uiiiicnii llcliiii- .-.iiu,. ii,
■■■'"•. Sculiil. II.,Hi lioillrs in
nn liiltl iliiivn Uni, iilli-iiiinin ,,,i,| .
''.. '' B  li)   I nili'lliikci  Ili-nlii
Win I.il III-.      i'II.MII'Iiin       in,..
'IK A .11.
II   Sn
"i  Hie   I'tHjiiiuHltiiii liuli'l,
ilii-i  li.ni- liiilii- Mlutis ill  iii,-
I. nil ul   i If in rcgiilai  liunrilers
"ill run   .mi  ,,ii„,   ims,. ,_,„
i-.lli   In-  In.ill,-   nn   linn,   jmy     ,„„.
I ill Iln- town for from one ilnll.u
me   I In-il    ilollurs.      'I'lte L'us-
'-III.m   l.nlii   is   iii.uli-   up  us     |,,|_
Uli.it is tlie (iuinl Trunk going tu
iiu In lliiiisli I'oluiiiliiii' Tlnii Is ii
<|ii. siiou iim! is liotheriug it great-
iini.ii people nisi at litis time.
To the Kditui Herald:
Sir,—Since ihere seems to be some
eunltisiOll as  lo  lhe real lads ot   the
by i.i.v asked lur by this company,
,.i.ti iii be voted upon uu the luili of
lui' mouth, we have ihougtvl thai It
iiii.^bi be well U> say a lew words tu
Uie piuperly uvvners in way ut c--
pi.i u.. tiun. In this election ibis
companj is anxious thai every voter
sh -aid be fully informed as tu lhe
lai us. bciu- pciiectly willing lu nst*.
11:- case Willi a public tlial is casting
an intelligent vote.
nciluing that uuiuj have neither
Uu- i uue ur inclination tu read tbu
Iuujj; by-law and agreement in us eu-
tneiy, bul wuuld appreciate u eoii-
cihu statement ul the lucis, we pre-
senl tbe fuiluwing:
Ibe by-law does nut giant tu the
company an exclusive franchise.
ibe cily may grant the same [lowers tu any other companj ne_l week
ut uext year, ur al any subscipieni
i in* city has Uie privilege nt buying
nui this company at any lime.
Ih.: city las lhe right lu install a
plan! uf its uwu at any time thai the
authorities leel thai il would be uu
atnauiage lu the municipality.
li iIns by-law passes, Uus company
will, as suun us the financial arrangements can he made, expend tuuu
ii.ii.uuu iu ViM.iMiii in   Improvements.
It ibis bj law passes the company
will be iu a position to meet every
demand fur light, which is impossible
ui. lei existing conditions, since lhe
plant is already overtaxed.
li this by-law passes this company
will Ik* able to furnish power tu manufacturing plants ut a rate lhat will
make (he building up id such institution-- a possibility in this community, a thing virtually Impossible now,
u"wul;  tu  the great  ex| se uf fuel.
If this by-law pusses lhc municipality will receive u concussion ol _-.
pe'i cent reduction on all lights used
at Uu>    present     time, mid up to a
(111tuber cipiallilie twice those used
It it is by-law passes Ihere will be
a .eduction of ten per eon! tn all
consumers on present rates.
If this hy law passes il will mean
that there' will he a 2*1 hour sci-
vlee, which is a bene lit in any city.
Under ihe present chart ei held by
Un* company and issued by the provincial government, the company
holds a perpetual franchise, and the
municipality has nn word as (o tlie
operation of the company's affairs.
Hut if this by-law passes lhe public
control of the company passes from
the province in ihe municipal authorities, uud remains in their hands during the life nf the by-law.
If ihis by-law passes all future
construction will Ih* under the absolute control nf the municipal
At the present itme Uu- minimum
rate when a meter is used is $L'_fi
per month. If this by-law passes
lhe minimum rate per month for a
meter will he reduced to one dollar,
and the necessity ol installing a
i   be
A. Klwell, F. Small, c. Ward \
Hradiey, It. Aikciis, Frank Marshall'
' iik Dickinson, A. Vouig, U. Kerr
II Small, ||. .1. Se„ti. Ft,d Mc-
IIOI.ll  ANNUAL   SKllWl-Ks     u\
-si Nll.U    ANU    MEET     WITH
UN   MONIJAV   i;\ ENlNtl.
'Ill,  iiii-iiiIti-is ,.(   K.-i    fin   Imlge,
•-•"   I-, I.   li. O.   !•'.,' oi mis   city,
"iii my  usiuiif urotliers, iiiieuii-
..i i.nisi i-iiiin-n last suntl.i) .iini-
1IO..I. at I u clui-ii, tue occasion m-iiif,
nn- sum aiiiiiieisari services. Tim
milliner", met at I'Tnleriiil) null a.
•1....1, ami miller llie gtiiiianee ol Will.
.Mii.i-,1, uuu olllclilli-u .IS lll.llsn.ll,
lllllrcucil iu a Imjy |„ inL. L-i,URli,
i.i.ii- ueilig al in iim-. t(L-i. jfitivi;,-
ung iiii-iiL-u.-il a strong si-ruiuli loi llie
ociasiuu lin.i u.is gita-tl) a|iprcciutei|
liy in.ise present, iiu. uieiuucrs ui
l.n- uebekali luilge ui-eitjiii-il lhe trout
seats aim as u was uuu nut visii,
as an organization in this oily,
iiaiuiall) tiiey were mudi uitcri'sliti
in Uiu proceedings.      Alter tlie  i
 ts llie Oilil telloils malillcl   balk
lu limit- liall ami illsliiinileil.
(In Mullllnj- evening a large iiunilier
ol 111.- liieliilieis ul .11..mil J-efltle tuilgw
oi l-'ernie ami llilili-y Luilge ul
.Uni..: ivere llu- gin-sis ul Key rin
I...iii.- ul this oily. There weie he-
ui.-i-.i U and lull iiilu Fellows present mul work was uxciujillllctl in tlie
mil i.i lory degree by  Un- home lodge
aii.l     111   llie      si-ii.liil    ili'niee   by    Uie
Muylo lodge. After tin- close .if the
ii.f.-iiiig tables were spioiul ami there
follow-ill al'l.-i   Iln- in.,,,v dainties hail
I n disposed ui a tout ul reusun and
a lion ul soul. It was a grail lodge
nlglil anil prohnlily one ul Un- Imgcsl
uu ei inns i-i.-i if Id i„ Ensl Uuulc
ll.   II.   I.fishl
wc. I,
Every man who has any lalth    in
tlie town and is auiinus to .see    the meter, in ruse nf a dispui
tdar-e co aiicd should Rft r«d.    to lefl In the city ooiincll.
vote in   favor nl the electric    light |    If this by-law passes llie company
In-law, and in the meantime see his aurws to deposit $27,00(1 nl its stuck
"■•tatliiors and ii«lur« them tn do lhe In tin- Itnperial Bank for .'ill days, so
same.    The lime has come tor Cran- Hull     residents   ol   Cranlirook will |their    gnrmeiil
brook citizens tn do somethi.it!  more have an opportunity In become Iliun-1 in wliieli   .Ihcy
ug   .--. 1., 1.1 ifl.niiiii,    Hi,
|     people, ol 'I'..i..uiu,
nil     villi   I,. I'l.iiiliiiiul,
leil     Hill ,v I'n  iiiiunt
id...... iii    clnllilng.     Mi.
is   ..in  i.i     tho In fi p.iul
in    lus line un iln-    cm
Illicitt.     He is a iii.  Ideas   and
since   he   lepil'Slllls   one   ol   tile    liliisl
prugri'iilve    limiting nun. in     in.-
ii.ul-l. lie Ims nn    unlimited In-ld iui
llu- .Iflcliipiilflil ul lip-li.ili.le Ideas,
Anil to sec Iiiii. slum tin- flllli I'eiiluiit
guilds is a pliiisiiii-, li.-ciuse In- is ,'.
clothing nrlisi, n m,m who ainccrely
believes Hun ll is n ciiine in this
.idt.ilici-il am- lor a man lu went an
ilh filling still nf clothes ivhcn he
can secure nne llial is perfect in III,
modern iu mali-up and tin- liesl in
Hie polnl >.t near nml style fm tlie
s.itne money nr less. Tn hoar liim
dilute un the philosophy of good
dollies, on the artistic manner of
ivi'iii'ing them, on the delicacy uf
coloring in llu- weaving on the ini-
prov.-mi'iii in tin- tailoring is a treat
to any individual who lines Hie good
things nf Ihis life and believes in
keeping up willi the procession. Hut f',"' "!'
Mr. I.eishiniin overlooks one important fa.-l. and Unit Is thai he is tor-
liinaie in representing the 20Ui Century people, The stylish cut ol
lhe perfi-cl manner
made, Ibe great
BY ii well-groomed man people usually mean n well-dressed man e who appreciates ihe niceties and
appropriateness ol correct style,   this kind nf a man is given favorable comment, attentive consideration preferences.    Ihere can he nolhliij* mysterious annul Ihe way he does it.   It is usually hy
wearing Clothes mudc hy the mosl up-to-date "Tailors."   Which Is undoubtedly and without question the
"20th Century" Brand Clothing
Which Style du Ynu Like Best?
from IIII.I. & CO.. who are Iheir exclusive
agents for Crnnbrook.
Vt hicii Myle do Yuu Like Bes
Last week a traveller representing one of
the liaslern wholesale Clolliine; Houses called
upon us. Afler handing us liis card, etc., he
invited us lo the sample room. We (old him
that wc did nol wish lo buy, as we were
already heavily slocked. Me certainly was a
great Clothing Demonstrator, and had some-
very new and bright " ideas," and we listened
enrapt to the end. Imagine, if possible, his
feelings when, upon sizing him up, we discovered on the inside pocket of the very coat
he was wearing the brand of the 20th Century
Clothing. His explanation was that he had
purchased the suit before accepting his present
situation; also admitted that fully 75 <; of the
travellers to-day were wearing 20th Century
Brand Clothes. This brand of Clothing can
only be had from HILL & CO., Cranbrook.
Don't be Careless about Your Clothes
If your fortune is mudc and all your ambitions realized, you can afford to dress as you please. Rut how
many men arc so situated ? The great majority oi us hnve our fortune still to make and our ambitions still
to realize. Our success will depend largely upon lhe impression we make upon those aboul us and upon those
who can help us lo climb the ladder, tiood Clothes arc a great help. Thousands of successful men will tell
i.ui so. The stranger you meet scans your clothes more closely than he docs your business card; they tell him
more. Then why not buy a 20th Century Suit from us, and allow us to extend a helping hand to assist you
climb the ladder of success to the very lopmost rung.   HILL & CO., Sole Agents, Cranbrook.
Wc have two Imglishmcn, one Irishman and a Swede, all "artists" in the Clothing business. Call and he
convinced that there is no Clothing on earth quite up lo the stnndard of lhe 20th Century Brand Clothing.
(ill \Nil l.iiliill.: MEETINGS.
Iii,. 1. (i. il. I', (liaitil Lodge lur
lliitlsh Columbia will ineel ibis year
u   s liiin, eniiiiiiriii'lng mi Weiliies-
i.i   .lime I311i.
Hi.- I-i,,-.in..,:I (li nul Lodge ol lhe
If iflii. i.l I'i Uu.is mil mi-el in con-
i ni. t   Nets,,,, tins ye i May
Kih, 'uu nml null.
I'I - lMiilflii.il Ilrilei i.l Eagles
Provincial lli'.inil Aetie nil! meet in
K. iff on Tiiesilnl, .1 nn,' llll.
llll-:   HISTORY   nt' TOWN,
i will
Mil   1
■ l'.,l\
i   at ll
ie ]
B  nil
,lll  llll
III,- 11,1
.tin iiiii
Luilmrtilgc, \|,ie ..— ih.- piugrnitiiiiH 11
I fill    llu-   Vil.il   lllll   Cfli-b.i.lli.l.   nl    llie' |
llll   nl    l.fll,limit i    Mill'     II,   has,,,
h.fii lluiilli    iii.iiiiii-iI   null tbe pros I
peoll ate thai It will eclipse all i
j previous film Is in lhc West. The ,
..|'|llopi ia lions    have  been    llllllli*    for
Hie various Kiili-cnmittltteiiR, Including
n handsome sum fm  prizes f.u     Hie
 ,                    ,   'liesl  features „f the parotic nnd pro-
tin, Uu- liiiliiiu    who lisiun [,„. n   monitor exhibition    of
I Sirdar a few weeks  pvmlcellules    in    Hie evening.    Tlm
ch ciiine iic.ii  resulting    in c[,r „[ oourse lionrs Ibe espense    of
was Indicted ,ui Wenuesiliiy   u,'. ..,,|jn. celebration, Incliullns   the
nml sciiieiieeil I., ihe pcnlloiiltary nt expenses   ,.f   visiting bunds ami al-h-
N'ew West minster for life. let i,:   tennis.       Il   is now   prohnhlo
 ♦  , llial   n   large hanquel   nl   which (lie
ELECTRIC LICET BY-LAW MEET- noluWcs of   the   province will     he.
I\;(j ,i.iicsis, will In- successfully arranged
  I f.u- nml    the lare.-sl  flnnr space     in
There    will be a public meeting at Southern Alberta wilt be secured for
Wonlworth hall nexl Monday evening nuiimol purposes,
purpose nf discussing     Hie    .''"' prognuiime
..    ,i   light bv-lnw.       Everv prop- «J"™ "''''i'1.' Hie whole morn ng     I
iii,  der is ' urgently requested In  ""' """"'."• J*'"1'. .'" l!s Viiri""'i '«•
In- present.
finally nrrnnged
lines, will illustrate lhe progress of
Lelhliridge,   mul      lhe    dislricl   of
• wliieli il is Hn- geographical and enm-
COHDWOOD. medal    renter.       Among     the llivl-
,,,,,,,   sinus nf    the   parade     will be three
ttH.ii talk tor prnsperllv. Now is the dally interesi.il in the company if'army of people all over Canada who I u prepared to Rii|iply good drv hawls, Hie Lelhliridge Ciidols, a band
time lo art.     The Electric     Light Hu-y desire. Ian- singing their praises, guvs n lung stnVn wood, nny length.    Orders enn  of inoiinieil Indians,  the school clil-
compauy ".-ill spend from ItiO.OOO to The. company would Is- pleased lo nay In make Ms I ask a much easier ho |,u W|H Benin .1- Klwell or fl. T. .lien, ntlilnllc teams in uniform the
iri.OOO in imnrovenwuts tl tttey are give any 'Inlormatloi. in iis powei re- one, Mil A (... nro lucky to havn Rogers. It. S. Baron, Hillcrcst; Ore hilgnde, a merenntile seellon nf
permitte.1 t« du so, and they «re not, gardlnj lh» by-law or the company, I lhe i-xclusii. sale ol such clotlt'ng,     .Ranch, 4   j large   proportions and a trade    soc-
,d . uli.
..I   lllllll   Itiver
I'lif evening
in.mi lespeols
.-.insisttue ni
mi the nubile
n,ink dliplnv
closing fciiiiu-
< every organiz-' i p knowt
mile ami Hade plings iu lhe train Willi Hn- .1 "
mil tl.... if Iml. ol I.iff. and let tin Iff I lump bo
iliolis  will     he      Illlile.       And    lli-.v.-iilj   t'.ill.i-l.
r public square,   keep iivllelics closeil Hint lead nil ....
A I Inill match     he   lhe sidings, rapcelnlli'  llmsc »uli    .
ilc Louis, ..I   If lllhl liliif.   llllllli end       (III.   Llilll;   ll   It   lie       'llll
fl Creek ol Dltiuhoripieninre bate every semaphore lilneli
..inf.,' iiiii leli hoi ween ulong llu- I show lhe n-ltlle llglll  ol
il clthei    M.-.l.i  Hal   hope Uml    I  y m.ilio lhe run     ol
I life  will I  slopping,       Anil     I..n I
prngramiiia will he   In give us Un- Ion   eomiiiatidmeuls    foi
Iln   best   nf   lhe   dav,   Hie schedule,  and   llll.'..   I   IlnV0 finish
j mussed baud concerl led the run mi schedule lime mul pull
square, while the Hie ed Inln Hie greal dark st..11..u ..I
is iii progress. The ilea Hi, may lhe supoiiiiteiiilc.il ol tin-
s     will he llu-     li.in-i iiinciso sin:    "Well done, thou good
I I fiilllifiii seiviiiit, com. .1   sign
h is likely Uml special lailway 1 the pay roll and receive youi check
rules .-nl iiiiins will he arrnnged for; for eie'inal happiness.
H.e optivoyillll f      Ibe hosts  nf vlsl-  *	
Ims  limn iill  points between     I'liin-
lirnnli nnd  Meilieine  Ilni  nn  tlif Ensl . SEALED TENDERS.
.ml Wesi nnd (Ileal  Fulls and     Ed- 	
iiiniiii.n North and South.     An    ac-     _   , ,       , „ ,
ci.iii.iil.il inn    en iii lee   is    niiikitig     s™'™ lenders will be reoeivcil   up
mnnle nrningeitioiils fnr Inking euro lo 12 o'clock noon, May llllli for the
of Hie visitors. lollowlng worki    Addition to bonril-
 .  ling bouse, Sirdar; erection ol Stores
...........      House nl    Crows N.isl; erection     of
A  RAILROAD   MAN'S PRAYER.    Sl„,,.s IIollso ,,, uiMiriilgo; erection
  I of  Station    at   Frank; erection    ni
An i,I.l railroad cinployco was con- Stock Yard al Kingsgalo; boating
vetted ul a meeling mul was asked Stores Building with steam at.
in lead iu prayer,     lie hesitated    a  Cranbrook,
moment—II     wilh   trembling, hut!    Plans covering above work (ire   mi
'•leu sounding voice said roveronllv: file at Olhro ol Resident Engineer .-i
"(I Lord now Hint I have flagged . C. P. II. at Cranhrook, It. C.
Thee till un my feel from the, Proposals must be submitted on
rough road ol life and plant them blanks liirnisbi-d by the Company.
safely nn lhe deck nf lhe train ol if'niiipany reserves the right to re-
salvation.       Let mc   use the saletj) ject any ami all tenders. 6-21 THE   -'-(ANKKIM'K     HKltAI.H
Matchless Values in Men's Clothing %
Each garment carries our assurance thai nothing better in this way can be had at   Q
the price.   Gentlemen, you should not agitate your minds about the selection oi a Suit,   fi
Money cannot buy better garments than lhc " FIT-REFORM."
is sufficient.   Bargains in
ODD SUITS, regular *7.f>n, $10.1)0, nml $12.00, for ... .
" ITI'-KKKi'ltM.'' runging in prico from
ROOTS AND SIlOl'K, Ih,. - D.-rliy" iiii.I "Slnli-r'' Sl„,,-,i. Ii-.m,
A word lo the wise
$10.00 10 $30.00
$1,00 nnd npivanls
B. C.
i,,         £  ft
* "*
i fCt^
, ^*i*-*i
^•M-rer.'                                '.
* '.-' ''j.
III..         ^     \|{.,                   I
* „*»
BP-.-a. +wt4___B
f^^^^    '
;./(/>  ?;; ^^sffia^afejl
■ «.:'. '/^lilS^Sfel
Beautify Your Home
'rimexp.-ii.se is little, the work is all pleasure anil profit, and you
enhance the value of your property by expemlinv; a few dollars on
seeds.   We have a  full collection of
Steele, Briggs & Co.'s and Mackenzie & Co.'s     §
M   Packet Seeds, all guaranteed Fresh.
WHITE 1'l.oVEK SKKD. |.,r II,
SWEET I'EA  SEEDS, per it.
Fancy mul Staple Groceries
ami Crockery, Mitt*-., (Iloves,
Boots and Shoes.  Cranhrook.
Bug Doom
Thin if lhe
Wiie.e.1 nonui"
ll|it to o.-t int.
the inula la |i
....I.l Le
une .,1 llioyeni when a vlgornna tm.
llu.-.- Insecta which, in anile ..1 nl
eienl.-.!.   The lieat |ire|>aratlon till
ll ,1,-sli.ivs   11
.....st ellecllve
..I Hit—, lionelies, Am.  I'lirnel lings, etc
iniiiiiiei.    Mutiey lul.-k if it Intls to gel II.el
Price 50 Cent.
... 111..
li.'.iil.. I'.il.li.   I1..I1.I i),     I'lli.M   U
Peterson Pipes
(1. B. 1). Pipes
B. B. B. Pipes
liold Seal Tea
wi Mention llu- Mnikel
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits
.lie 1 ,,-iif ,"1 iim iln- Heel in Hi. World
..-I -. low ul ll.e iiiimy lines of llu'".' u la thnl defy
a...i iiui largest Block ot tl.e.e gooili In city.
i,|ielili< n.
6 "Jl.TIN  II,V I' MIXIiH   II   HII'T'KUENT   KINDS $2.00
111 (I
M.ns' lentils   nxfottlB, $1
T.  Rogers Shoe Shop.
A   sidewalk   is   being   built   tn
now provincial nml city building.
Tlit1 re nro several rases u( measles
in iln* city.
Xeekwenr— every He nf tliis pea-
son's creation.*--Held & Co.
Tin* Imperial Rank ol Canada opened ii bin mils ol Uul institution at,
Fori Wil I in tn recently.
Constable .Ins. Walsh, ol Port
Steele, was transacting nllit-ial business in Ornnbrnnk Monday.
Constable A. A. Waul was down
Irom Marysville several days this
[tegular Bonn! nl Trade meeting in
Council Chambers on Friday evening
■of this week al 8.JK1 o'clock.
' Football bnots, canvas, $2.25; toot-
'ball bonis, nil lenlhcr, $-1.00, at 0.
tT. Rogers Shoo Store.
I   Laities white tennis Oxfords, $1.50;
ladies while tennis laced hoots, $1.75
a l. (1. T. lingers Shoe Store.
I    Don'l   forgol   the  tennis dance    at
Weniworlh hatl, May 84th. «-lt
'    The standard    nl the liritisb I.inn
I cigar is neviir lowered.       That    is
why tl remains   Hit; general    lavur-
1 it*. 48-1.
Mrs K. Johnson is visiting Mr.
Johnson ai Creston this week,
J, P. Fink is making some improvements on ins residence.
II. II Bohart, ot Wardner, was in
town Tuesday,
There's not a smart Idea missing
Irom oui toggery stock.—Reid a
J. ,1. Murphy, tin* well known
clothier ol Moyie, was tn town last
Mrs, H, Griffith expects to go tn
Bayi.es Lai* fnr the summer to Join
Mr. Griffith and her brothers,
James Ryan has had an attractive
picket fence put around his home
Mis s. .1 Morrow was the guest
nl Mrs. II. (inilith this week und on
Wednesday lott tor Nelson.
FOR SALK - Thoroughbred Ply-
mouth Rock Cockerels, il > lo S3
Belangee & Smith, Marysville, 11. C.
a   p. Tisxl.il.'    l.n    Tuesday     lor
Pineher   Creek to   ship a bunch    of
cows to Cranbrook.
Ai tii* Bales, ni tho Prnspri loi   hai
eicotod a neat lenco around '■■■- h	
mi Cranbrook avenue.
Miss lVarl McNeil, ol Wilnier, win
lus been lisKing Mis William Small
un nn Tuesday loi her home
Mrs. -I. II. King will receive ,.t ii.-i
In tint- nn Armstrong avenue on     Uu
second ami third     Tuesdaj   in     thi
Tin- family nf Judge Wilson let) oi
Monday for tlieh summer 1 w     on
Kootenay lake where thej will re
main during the stimmui months.
Judge Wilson returned last linns
ihiv ir.-in a ipiiek trip in tlnitii'ii,
» i.'ie he held .t short session oi
T.!i* sc-hi-olhuuse nechs n new eoal
.if paint and nci-ds it badl*,. Such a
ion. 1,,,.  imtilie hiiildidg is a  bad ad
id' ,uiy   lOWII.
\\ VNTKD-Thirtl     class     ei.g n
.vai.ied Aj.j.U m llti\ ii , P'ran
lirouk, It   t\ a
l>: \ul GrilliHi ri'hii'iu'.l Iinm Snok-
iiui' l.n i Tuesday aud ii'imiin.-d ii,
lown n da- hel.ire depni-tiii-- fm Wild
Fi'anti Angers contemplates n tiii
em ,in_ fm- Umber. Mr. Vuger-- v
i \,n..ilsii,an of experliMiee nml lu
will sucu I'd in tlie venture.
William Tuttle, ul Fernie, cami
dov.-n with tin* ti.ld Fellows mi Mnn
>l.i\  ami met  manv nil     frinuls     in
-ii v.
I...i,'i u.i'L'.-i nui Friday bargain
day, as we have ninny specials which
will iiiii'ii-si  you.—Rpid & Co.
tit number that Marvsvlllc Is lo
celebrate the 24Hi oi May. and tlml
vou nlwnys have n good lime when
you go there.
The city council should put in a
uuv; wall;" on the north side ol Hukci
sin-.'l from Heal' A; Klwell's ollice
west. Tbf old walk Ihere is gelling
in u very bad condition.
Ili-re is a query and an answer lhat
will prove Interest lug to the readers
of the Herald: "Why is the spring
sn cold ami slow tliis year'' Because
.ill Uu- Thaws have heen in New
FOR 8AM3-Two storv residence
on Baker Mill. Applv I., w Put-
more. :i-vt
Mi. and Mrs. Crosby relumed from
Kngland last week and mi Monday
liti for Vancouver where they will
moke their future home. They report a very pleasant irip In the Old
William Tranter, formerly a provin-
■ial policeman in Morrissey and Fer-
>ir, but for some time a successful
-Ml estate dealer in Red Deer, Ims
usl returned from a trip lo his old
lome in England.
FOR SALI5—One ltglil weight top
mggy; almost new. Apply W. !•'■
Worden, Cranbrook,' It. I'. a li
The Calgary Cattle company have
.ui advertisement in tliis issue of lhe
Herald that tells the truth. This
company, under tlie maiingemenl ol
William Harrington, has none ahead
in a most satisfactory manner, and
the patrons are pleased wilh Ihe
treatment lhat they receive.
FOUND—A sum of money. (I. T.
Rogers. n-lt
Business men should see that none
of the paper from their stores is
thrown into the alley or slreel lo he
picked up by the wind aud blown all
over the town. Clean streets show
thai people take pride in their town,
.iiui nothing gives a town a black cyi
quicker to st rangers t ha a di it v
12. .1. Cann, welt known in this
llstrict as an old timer, hut (or the
past few years travelling in the
prairie provinces, was in town a lew
tys this week shaking hands    with
d friends., Mr. Cann has taken ad-
Manage of the prosperity on the
prairie and by using good judgment
his made quite n bunch ol money in
al estate.
WANTED-A girl for hotel work.
Applv fo Mrs. Gen. Mead, Creston,
It. C. 4
.1. P. Fink anil W. T. Reid represented the Cranbrook Board ol
Trade at Fernie last week and both
of tlie gentlemen have been hlglilj1
spoken of by the papers and the re-
prosen tat Ives of other cities who
were in Pernio, Crnnbrook always
semis good men on missions of this
kind nml their presence Invariably
makes -i most excellent Impression.
Remember that Marysville is to
celebrate the 24th of May, and Ihal
'nu always have a t-omt nine when
you go there,
KGGS FOR SAUv-Wliile Wvan
dottes Fishers, $2.00; Barred Rocks,
$1.00; Brown Leghorns, $1.00; Duck
eggs, 11 for $1.00. Agent for Grenl
Wesi Wire Fence company. See me
before fencing. Bad; nf St. Kugene
hospital.—S.   Mactloirald. :">
The Co-operative Stores aro doing
ii lino business these thus. Manager
MeParliwio said to the Herald this
week that trade had been exceptionally j-n-jd and Uiat the people were
taking advantage of the nig Yeduitiou
salt* that was still going on. The
number of town patrons had increased to a very large extent and out of
town patrons are more numerous
than ever beton* in the history of the
store. Mr. MuParlane is a rustler
and witb a slock of goods that include dry goods, clothing, groceries,
crockery, glassware, boots and shoes
and furniture, naturally he is in a
position to meet all of the store
needs of the family, ami that makes
trading easy. ""And speaking of
furniture," said Mr. McFnrlano, "we
have just received a m-w carload and
it Includes some mosl attraelivo
articles that we will bs pleased in
show the people."
\\ |) McFnrlane Is 3u iter ing with i
bad net b Hal makes it difficult loi
him to attend to business
The weather is gradually gettini
more like it should be in this batmnt
Regular Board of Trade meeting ii
i ouncil Chambers on Friday evcuinf
nl  this week at  8 30 o'clock.
Foi up to-date jewelry, Tate, Uu
jewclei s wlmlow has a very One display.     Have you seen It?
Childs soft sole slipiiers and boot*
",i white, bin.-, red, bluek and tan,
loi.. 65c . and 75c. ai G. T. Rogers
Shoe Shop.
Fred Hazen and Harry Joyce have
left lor the North country to look
lilet a bunch ol timber' thai Ihej
have in view.
!■:. J. Eckslorm, ol Lelhhridge,
.-as selected a.s one nf ibe board ol
arbitrators by the miners of the
lain t  union,
The main sircet oi the towp is being iui t m a much more presentable
Irape In Chiel Dow's gang of willlnp
Uim'l forgel the tennis dance al
Wei (worth hnil   Mav 21th. B-41
Mi .m.i Mrs. Bert Ross have boon
visiting relatives in iln* city the past
week, They will return to tholi
mine in Sinl.ii in n few days.
Miss Laura Dudley, of Fernie, Is
visiting Miss Georgie Small this
I: j;il.,i Board ol Trade meeting in
Council Chamber,-, on Friday evening
.i  ihis week ut 8.30 o'clock.
Clean up your limit vard and yoni
lack vard. li will make you feel
.-M *i nod make mum nelghlrorhood
noli better.
TO RKNT—Front bediootn for our
,i   km. gentlemen,    wiib or with.mi
ii. d. \pplj (tux "A," Herald ol
.a.-. li
i!. .in nit,.! Uui MarvKvillc is ti
eli :irule the -Jltb uf Mav, and thai
>.ii nlwnvs have a good ion.' when
..ii go ihere,
li. in. mhei lhat Marysvilli! is in
eh irate iln- 2-llh oi May, ami thai
uu iilwavs have a j;.».il lime wbei
..n   :;n  Ihi'le.
il. Min owe the     Herald a dollar'.'
■ sn,' would it iml be a good illd
01   J'OII   to  |i,|-    il '      The  si up    need:
tie  money.
II Haiuhrick, who las been spend
i g ih.* past eight mouths iu college,
.i'< taken n posilion in the civil en-
inter's office nf lhe C   P. |{
G. 4'. Rogers is making a most
ittiactivc place nf bis home h\
ticieiiKing the size ni his yard and
.i.iiimi; a line lawn.
Fied Ki',.*, of Moyie, who has been
piiie ill wilh mumps ibe past week
.-..iv liiniui i i„ Craiilit-ook Momlu-
nid Iiiken lo St, Kugene hospital,
vhere lie is progressing uieely.
Dnii't rorgel the tennis dance nl
Aeiilwnrth hatl, Maj  21th. d-lt
A Grenier, the Craubrook hllll
nisi er. has placed a quantity uf com-!
nercinl paper ou his hoards in the
nisi two weeks. Mr. Grenier has n
llrsl-class line of boards now and anv
wnrk rat rustled lo him is carefullv
ittended lo.
There have been quHc a number of
muses painted in this town during
'be pas! week. It is in this maniiet
that the people of Cranbrook aie
working togethei lo make the city
nore beautiful.     Let  the g I Work
.... nn.
The Moore Concert eompanv ball
-iven last Momlay nlfilii wasa great
-niiess. The nttcndaucc was very
large and the music was greatly np-
'ireiialid hy all present. If ' the
inmpnny visits Cranbrook again they
tfiljj^pcelve ;i mosl royal welcome.
FOR SAI.K-Cvptess Inculintor, tin:
egg capiieily, $8.00. One breeiiingl
pen of five White Leghorns, exhibition1
•lock, $15.00. Wanted: Cattle io
Diiirture, all stock under two years,
SI,(id per month; over two yenrs,
M 50.     A. JolllTc, Cranhrook, B.C.
CI f
Mr. and Mrs. V. Hvdc Baker ex-
peel losn.il from Knginml the lAlh ol
this month. Thev will leave their
Iniighter with a sister of Mr. Nor-
burv to attend school in thai country; Mr. and Mrs. Bab-r spent
Kasler in Rome ami to friends in
ibis city they write that they spent
i must pleasant time.
Your bnrgaln nerves will tingle at
lhe mention of our Friday specials.—
Reid & Co.
A. 1). Grant, who las been at
Kaien Island lur the past few months
in iln- employ of The Grand Trunk,
us superintendent of building construction at Prime Rupert hns gone
to San Francisco, accompanied In
Mis. Grant. The move was made
necessary by the closing down of
operations by the railway companj
at its Pacific terminus.
Remember   thai Marvsvlllc   is  to1
. I. In.it,- the   24th ol Mav. and   lhat
m.u always have a good time when
you go there.
The new mill of the North Slai I
Lumlier company, bnek of St. liugene1
hospital, is    entirely completed, and
un   Saturday   lasl    the  inaehineiy   Was
sit in motion and testpd nnd everything found in tir-t-class condition !
ami as soon as the sii-el is laid on
lhe "pin the Benson's cut will begin
in earnest, The grade foi the spur
i- completed and it is expected ihat
i vcrythlng will be in shape Iui iiiii*
..Im- Pill Must bv the liist ol next
,i, Sellson, operntoi al the commercial telegraph office is giving
eminent satisfaction in thnl position
b) his prompt ami courteous treatment nl the pat runs. Mi. Nellson is
uue o[ those gentlemen who believe
ihat when people pav their coin lor
telegraph service they an* entitled to
value received and be never overlooks
.in opportunity to better condition fm his customers. His In lest
innovation is a telephone booth, thus
ussuring the absolute privacy of messages thai nre telephoned to bim.
Rossland Miner: Mrs, M. L. Crowley leaves for Greenwood to-day fm
the purpose uf visiting her daughter,
Miss I). R. Crowley. After remaining there for a time she will go to
Kansas Citv, where she will join her
daughter, Miss Winuifrtil Crowley,
wlm has left the Rosclnn Opera Company and mined the Boston Ideal
Opera company, which has an engagement extending over several
mouths (here At Hie conclusion of
the engagement Mrs. Crowley and her
daughter will go to New York, when'
two uncles of the lattei reside. It is
Miss Crowley's inl en tion to take
vocal culture lessons under some
competent I earlier in New York,
where she tnit-iitli. to remain fur several moutltt.
Beale & Elwell
are offering a Cottage and
Stable on Hanson Ave. for
bringing in over 2 per cent,
monthly on the invest*
III A I. 1-1 A I I'. A., I'M-, I'll I Mill... IK, 11  I *
Kiwi, 1
it, .,.11
,   ll.il.fl   1
, lire «...-
.|ii.-lil Mu
.,;:. ,5  Ilo
IUU in Uie
i„f    Hum
i . f. It,
lllll. ft
till'   A
...I    1.
' 1.'. Ming
liehl ,.1 .11
,.lft litis V
11   Al.i.ui-
is.   1.  .1
1 .    1
-.. Kelly,
Ul   AI..JI. .
4 4
4 4
Comlucloi \i thin ;. mes Martin
.'. .11 take charge of the Cur/on and
Kingsgate ii.iiii, i*ommencing Mon
day May 6th, su cei ding 11 t Me-
Lemraii, who has In ei   11 „i sferrwl lo
\l       lie
.. .,: ihiughtei
Moose Jaw     on
Imrgi  "i !!.-
T:  -i ..-<■    Wl
M     .   ■--:    hns   taken
tirdui  h il asi  train
Neil    who has    been
ireed    .    .     uudi-siml
. ■ ■       ..■'■■■-    1-
.,   ol I .- .  ..'.,       and
u .
■ .■.
e ■
.it    Moyie.
ict with ratliei a painful ai 1 idi nl  to
, --.. \   '■■ .■ ■  ol   ■   •  hai d winlt.
Iterating 1 t nui hinc "I      his
wi   inventio .   the sin ultai ■ ■ . -
ringi g ■■ chopping    ol
i mil ins; wood
.1   Bai;,;. ■ el      went    to
.: hi 1 on We«l ••■■■■■    relui ning     to-
ai  Foreman !'<■ 11   Ro
ift*   and
■■    fues*
P. t;.
ni.-, week on ibeii n - irn froui Wa
.1   L. Houpu, ,
UlSalOltCl    loi    Ui
r.'-iiLii Cumbri
nil  tu Nelson.
i imsiablcs Walsh and Ward, ol
•'uri "sieele and .Marysville, were in
own last Monday.
t'ue Cranbrook hotel La*, heen do-
ii-; a good business Lhe past week,
ii,.i Mr. Rollins 13 smiling Uiat serene)
mile ol    his,    wliile Mr.    Hoggarth
William Cameron has made _ great
inprovcment in Lhe appearance ui his
11 me In  the gruUing ol bis lots.
I'Jverybod) in Craubroolf swmus to
it* busy these davs improving their
New subscribers keep coming In tu
ihe Herald. The paper seems to
please Hie reading public.
Waiden     McKay,      uf    Lethbridge,
in liner  uf  the  Misses  McKays,
\i*filrng ins sisters this week.
(^uite a number ot the members .*.
th" K. ol t*. iodgc ol liiis citj will
*,<< to Nelson next week to attend a
nieel ing of Uie Grand lodge.
1101 SI-: TO RUNT. Apply to G.
I'. Rogers. 6
Dun'1 forget tho tennis dance at
Wentworth null, Ma)  -lib. (Wt
Wc sell the famous Cunklin Fountain
[ten.      Easily    tilled     01  cleaned.—
i.ite, the jeweb-r.
I'O RENT—Rooms furnished and
iiifurnlshcd. Apply iu Mrs, Cartwright, Armstrong avenue. ;>»-it
FOR SALIS—one lean: horses, harness and wagon. Apply to S. N.
Harris, Cranbrook, U. C. A
C K Iteid iV Co , have made .,
real improvement in the appearand
I Mien store win, ,1 liberal uppiica-
lull ..1 pa.ni ami varnish, and now
i..- place looks spick and -pal., and
i.e itock has >.ii been rearranged so
iiidl n is more attractive than evei
FOR    RENT—Serai mi with
ih  in    Han is   block, Armstrong
1 uue       \\ ill be lei singly  01    al*
logether.    Apply iu L. W, Patmoru.
f   I.. StepheiiH, who Is lhe proprle-
im ..1 i\m- hotels in Calgary, is making    great  sti Ides     toward  success,
I'm*  I'm-elis,   his   latest   plllibase,   has
livty-six rooms and twenty  mure a).
i.i iug au-l.-.i, an.l yet every night    he
Is   plucfllg   Mien   III   fills.       Then*       ate
i.u,t>-si\ employees In the hotel
nd Mr. Stephens is working    about
l-hleeii   llOUrs      .1   da)    lu   luuk   aflel
ia great business    ihat is increasing
II the Lime. During Ins business ca-
eei 11. thai city Mr, Stephens has
■.uli* a must enviable reputation  and
to-day be stands   ns one    who ranks
lie leading hotel men uf      the
business ability ami the winning of success.       The    Herald   is
pleased tu know this, as ii predicted
hen .Mr. Stephens went lo ihal city
a!   ii     would   be uiilv   a  few years
tan be.      would   ha U-'the control of
a- -if the best hotels in the town of
Calgary, ami In- is rapidly approach-
hat point, nne Calgary hotel
said ilnn he consklered Mr.
Stephens the best hotel man In the
province of Alberta and the pare he
is trotting in  lhat line seems tu      be
nrotty good evidence Uiat thai man
is right,       Nu man deserves success
ie than  Ml   Stephens.     The writ-
has     known   him    fm years   aud
Chas. Wlbi-r. boilermakei    uiu   bas
 ;. .. Mon I: eal the p 1st  month, re-
umed "-.. Wi Ines ...;. .1 ■; I,.- :■■-..<:
S   Smith      :  1  paiiei. ri signed
:■■ . md   lias   la^en
'.u-iiT.. -o_^ 101     bis :.- :..*. in Ottawa,
where bis sista  is   nd not    .-i-
J   Ferguson     resigne I Irom his po-
- tion .. •  "...;.   lespati hei   and     left
.. 1 .■•- lay : 1 Winntpt g
Mi • R. Anthony and daughters
May and Edith, departed on Wednes-
!ai fur Revelstoke on an extended
holiday visit. Mr. Anthony ac-
'.,-:.. as :..: as the Landing.
Conducior Jos   Belanger is ofl duty
- idering with la grippe.
Tram B_gf-_eerri_ri H. Wellband, of
Sirdar, bas resumed duly after an
absence of Atom three months at
..'. Chicago, where he- was a delegate
for the B. of R. T.
fl A. MacDonald, Yardmaster, Sir-
.jf, left to-day on a holiday trip to
Vancouver and St. John   N. R.
Conductoi Thos. Caven and Mrs.
Caven went to Calgary on Monday in
visit Mr. Caven's mother, who is ill.
fj F. Ward, of Brandon, Man-, bas
Iwen transferred to this point as
■witch man.
Conductor F. Wasson Is in the st
Eugene hospital    suffering with lumbago,
Brakeman I. T. Leveque, who
lias been visiting in Creston loi some
weeki past, returned to the city    on
ilth, brakem in, ol Medh ine
iting    ;:. Cranbrook     Uus
Brakeman H, Mai Donald was lJ^i
up with la grippe for several daj re
cently hut is again or. duty.
The unsfghtlj .-;•' trli light pole In
ihe centui of the station pi at form
.'.ill be removed and a more pictures
que one erected at lhc outei pml ol
ihe platform.
Conductor .1. McDjarmid and .1
• i.ifl of carpeiilers have commencod
work on the nix stall addition to Unround house Roudma -:'--' Mat
Newland has ,1 gang ol men laying a
lemporarj spui track on Uie dte foi
ihe  accommodation   ..1   Hie    work,
..hieb   will   take   ftlilv    Itte   motlUlS   111
1 ompletinn.
0 \ Hull ' ipi rintendent; il S
Lamb. Fred K1011 ■ and Fred Sears,
instructors! in ehnrj ■ of Ihe ah brake
Instruction cai ol the I C. schools,
arrived [n He* city «,■, Wednemlay,
imi will rielivei rree lectures at Ifl
... m., - p. in. and 7.30 p. m. dally
for the nexl ten day-, 10 ail railroad
employees. The equipment of ibis
<ar is complete In every detail and is
undei the direotion of noted experts,
rin- practical demonstration ol this
must Important Nature of modern
railroading will be greatly appreciate
d by local employees, and lame
classes will be in attendance during
ihe lecture course.
■ I If Vo\. District Freight Agent
of Nelson, was 11, ibe city several
days this week, and returned to Nel-
sun on Wednesday.
It. I). Mains, carpenter, will leave
on Momlay lor ,, holiday visit lo Ed-
mon ton,
The word of putting in lavatories
for both waiting rooms at the station will he completed in n tew days
0.   E.    J'ostei Thomas,
, .   .,.,„      r.....».i    ......     iui   y.-....i     nun       u.   I'..       I'oslei Tl.om.is,   timekO'per
knows that nil is good on tola earth [with M   Provrnznnas1 gang   was   iu
is cmm-iK to liiui, tttttt        the city several days tfais week. THK   CltANHUOOK   Ill-RAM)
di.-l  frmn I.''«jiI imisonlng
hilntar.    Him-Bu
Hill lumi,
A n.i.-in;.. .4..-I  hll ]u«t
fulluwiiig »i a nip From
imiiu-diiuidy aftwtnut Iri*
lliut n.uii'btft! Knm Buk
iiu*-.!-.-* ufritm, an tin"*.' «■'»■
f.i ■ lx .-.i.tM'. vldlu We M>1
t-.-U-1.nui.UliU I:
ii|i the ghoat wil
iiid have-Mivwl
1 faul in ikjIwii mul
ii", and it liitl» mora
iu t* tin if a j-.'t j-criiit into our
those genua get Zatu*Buk they
tfivt-Hptho -tiio-re wu ■ ftHiiugglu.   (Umi.f K-ielapda
bading analysts has pruv«l this. Write t.i im l-r Iii-
i_i-<-rt. Moiiiiwhili), whim yon sustain n eat, a l.i rn, a
bruUu. usi'intcli, orany Injury, jiuttapply /am Buk. Two
■ppuo-jaaea right away -cI-muw-h the iota, tlmsprevtating
lOimt puiaiui and anppural ,
I, i L-id en l.illy tl lakcaoiil sorenei
■ary lo Nalitro's heating pmeeasi
Ztn. Bub applied   I   '!' idjolidngc..lu.ui-.     All rtw
M       ■    !   lillv Mlitl»hot.    Notion- like
K»e lu* sam pie otter
ui.l druggists wil al
Magistrate Perry, of Gohlflchls, B.C.. believes in mak.
iui* a uqod thing known, aud wo do not blame him either,   j
Writing nf Zam-Buk, hesuvai "After a very fair trial
I hare proved Zam Buk eminently salisfnetory.   In my   |
ease it enrod a skin rash of live years' standing which uu   i
doctor bad been able to do any good for.   I would eer-   ■
iait.lv i-i ajjn tun |ii*r-on in k'-|i /aui-But*  in  m
h *'■."   He i-ii-iiUe right,    Kveiy home i la it.    Is ic
in ymir boil e! If not, why nol. All sturea and drug-
(•ists -ell at flQ tents a box."
T»-M Zam-Buk nt Our Expense
Wa appreciate the "Hniitiim taken by tlm man or woman
who says to ast "If your prepmat iu» i» what yuu claim,
ynu should hav.i nn nbje iim. t i letlillg ns try il before
a-K'iidiit-j nii.m-y ..ii it," '|'oevery peisuii taking thiiview
we nay, " We agree T* Sen.I usnne cent stamp (to pay
ret inn postage) and name und dole ol Una jiajier, and w«
will mail yuu a true li ml box of Zam Buk.
[very Home Needs Tmftk
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
(Prow the Moyin Leader.)
K. A. Hill will represent St. Kugene lodge 37, K. "I P., at the annual convention which meets in Nci-
*-< i, May Sill.
Ab-x Chisliolin i-- out oi the hospital, where he bus been for the
past 14 weeks, suffering Irom 'blood
poisoning m his riglil band.
Aliss Bertha Peterson, who is employed al Uiu llutel Wentworth ill
Cranhrook, was up lo Moyie Ihe lirst
ol the week on a visit.
The last ul the iee went out of the
lake Monday ami the boating season
is in lull swing. The launch uf ihe
JPortu llico Lumber company uial'es
trips tot, own alinosL every day.
Harold Ctupinull's hill lid i is olleil
seen on lhe lake, as is also the one
owned hy Frank Johnston. Willis
Lucas' launch will not he ready tor a
lew days as some ueeessurj repairs
will   Ill'sL  have    to   he  made. i he
usual number of sail and    row boats
art*   in   evidence.
It is the Intention of the .Movie
.Water company iu sink then pipes to
a depth of six feel, and suine ol tins
work is now in progress. The ver)
cold weather last winter nl.iv :d
havoc with some ot the pipes, uud it
is only nuw many people are gelling
water. By putting llie pipes deeper
tbe company believe this trouble ivill
he lessened each winter.
Tommy Carr passed through Moyie
a few days ago uu his way home frujii
tbe east. Me ami his brother Michael
are now interested iu some valuable
properly near Hazel ton.
company, was    married at Ingcr
(hit , on Wednesday    last to a dti
ol Br,  Nefl of that town.
(Kifjui Tht Kerala Kres Press.)
Mr, Zalk, nf Uuluth, and i>. 0,
Smut'/., of Si. 4'aul, were in the city
Thursday. Thev had been down Lo
the Loss Brothers Saskatoon Lumber
company mill, where thej are placing,
a I..I of mill machinery lor lhat
compi.ny. These gentlemen are alsu
heavily interested in supplying ma-
u-r; tl" and constructing lugging railways, ami have heen doing a largo
bus,a- ss in that line.
.1 P. Kink, of lhe Cranhrook Board
nf Trade, went home yesterday morning feeling greatl)    relieved on    the
favorable rulminalit f the    labor
K 0. Kamm, ol Movie, who has
betu an interested spectator on the
eoin-ii'iicc battles which have heen
v.a,t-.t during the week, lefl for home
this morning,
1).  II. Telford, who has been
ipiiiing large interests iu limber
aw mill property in this vicinity, is
aga n on our streets, alter a hard
v\ ir.it r spent among ihe Saskatoon
hu.-it's iu Saskatchewan, Mr. Telford will iuu! out some uf these limes
thai ihe winter climate among the
pine ol l-'.ast Kootenay is mucl) mild
er than the bleak' winds wl:ieh
whistle through the bare berry bushes
of Ui- prairie, aud swap his coon
skin eoat for a linen duster and slay
wilh us.
(From The Frank Pauer.)
The furniture at the International Imports for this district commune*
hole! was sold by sheriff's sale last cd coming to the Frank customs
Tuesday. It was purchased by the house during the week and quite a
new proprietors ul the hotel, Messrs. number of entries have already been
Armstrong & Klley. | in tide. The Inter national Coal &
  Coke   company, of Coleman, received
Hugh Cameron and    W.    R. Stone  the lirst consignment ever entered
have opened     olliccs in     llie Zeigiur ' the port,
block in Spokane and are in the Urn- j —
her  and  real  estate business.      Both!    <|      and    Iv    Liegeart,    of    I_.il
gentlemen have the very best wishes  Fmucc, stockholders and direct
of iheir many Moyie friends iu   their
new undertaking.
ibe Canadian Metal companies, win
are visiting the district in lira inter
esi ol the French Sluu'choldcrs ii
those companies, attended the opening
of ihe conference at Fernie Tuesday,
(From The Ferai* Ledger.)
♦ ,\ meeting was held Monday evening
♦ to organize a gun club. Organiza-
T:tiou was nut effected as many of
J, those who expect to become members
weie kept awa)' by other affairs   bul
is determined   to go abend   und
,   preparations Inr lie season ami
Fred stork   has sold his residence hj„, ncccsBary equipment has been or-
to J. S. T. Alexander.     The     con- j durcd.        Another meeting is lo     be
slderntiun was close lu $1,1)1)0. |,(.|,|   s,,m, to     perfect  the iirgani/a-
■ ■ Hon.      It is the intention tu secure
Uoginnld C. S. Kandall has     been u -.hunting range    nn ihe hill lu lhe
appointed Mining Recorder tor     t.iejt,.,,,t ,,f town.
Catihoo mining division, registrar of 	
lhe county     court ui Cariboo,     ami       . -     k(. . ,,   lo!l,
collector    ol revenue   tax for     tb-i|a Il1iml(i;r „- ,wtrons of that Winnipeg
Barkervllle assessnent district,     to ,  „     w||U,,, ' 1Is    ls ,.,      ,. t,lKl11
dale iron. May 1, 1007, tin-j cm be made. Several local
.- ,. ,, . , I pe.ipb- pooled in sending in au order
Norman   Frnser.   well  known     In  ',-,,,.„,!v       ,,,.,. („.. .apIl ,„,,,,,
:nijiin.  circles in l-einie and one time
Victoria, April a«.-\Vhile no of-
dedal    aiinouiicemenl of Cabinet     re-
mslrucliuu is likely to be made un-
I ih,- return from Loudon of the
Hon. Richard McBride, it is under*
sioiil ihal ai least two appointments have been agreed upon.
Uue is ihat ol Mr. W. J. Bowser,
K, C, ol Vancouver, whose uccepl-
.iiii.' oi tin* Alloim-y-tteueralsllip de-
in n is hilgi'ly on lhe'(piesliuu oi tils
nui .h.g aiia'iigi'un nls lor the lui|pl*
ling "i his law practice. The other
eiiaug-j iollows naturally, in that il
pi I., nes [or Llie Liking of the De-
pat mi.em of Lands aud Works by
linn. K. .1. Fulton. No provision, il
is >.ii.l in the best -informed leghla-
live circles, has been made for a
Cal.'inel iiiisiiinii for Mr. Carter-Cotton, Ua* A in.-er of Richmond,
T.-ere is nu question hut that Mr.
Bowser has had the Attoniey-Ueii-
eralsiip nt his disposal for a lung
Mm.-. Bui he has a lucrative law
practice in Vancouver, and then there
Lax been the question o| a possible
I'luui^j oi resilience. Nuw, however,
n is understood thai, in the event ul
his making a satisfactory arrangement regarding his personal affairs,
llie svnior member for Vancouver will
be .von, ia as head of the legal department of the province. The tlov-
eriitncul firl-s thai a man of broad
caliber, who will lake up questions
outside the mere administration of
criminal law, Is the ideal one for the
position, But it is stated that Mr
Bows'i' has nu Intention whatever nl
living in this city, though re will
neeessarily have to spend a good deal
of his lime here.
Considering lhe Immense amount of
work in the La nils and Works Department, it has been recently proposed to divide the duties of ' Chief
Commissioner. But this cannot possibly lie carried out until after next
session, in view of tbe special legislation needed  to make lhe change.
"The growth of the country and tho
numb""]' of new roads and bridges uud
oth'i important works on hand require the attention of one Minister,
and If properly looked after would
keep him traveling from place to
place marly all the time," said g
prominent Government supporter
this morning. "Then the timber and
lultd business is becoming exeefdiiiglv
importiiul nnd is siitlieient to take
up the entire attention nf one man."
ilsbed on and oil. Hands ami aims
enforced the appeals. The face
twite!etl nervously, lie jumped to
his feet, the lire 111 his eves, the llusli
on his cheek, 1 iUw- a player who bas
staked his all on (he last throw ot
ihe dice. The excilemenl abroad
was intense,     "rtentiemen," he said
delihetalelv.   "I   iievet   waul   to    lose
an opportunity. This cause is sacred
lo uie For it I live. Fnr it 1 am
Willing to die. I know of no othei
religion. My church is the world,
my coimtry is the whole earth. The
dav of the aristocrat and the capitalist is almost ended. Tbe dav of
the lowly Na/arene is al hand, when
"Man to man lhe world o'er
Will hiiUiers be for »' that."
Wa foil sorry hul lhe tears would
nol come. Alas: for the Communist
of Na/ai'elit' if this hole he an
Apostle. Alas; for the Christ:
Alas: for Un* Cross.
The hell of the engiiio announced
the arrival  at  our destination.
lie whose guffaw wn hatl borne three
boms passed quickly before us along
tin* corridor unheeded and alone.
There was something strange in the
soliiiiriness of ihe man. To some he
seemed a conqueror. But Ihese are
lb,' days of ii cheap Immorality. To
us his   weapons   were broken,     his
nath was faded.
We welcomed the deliverance as    a
•isoiicr welcomes the open gate.
Margnrcl McAllister,
Waldo, B. C,
We were accustomed to think that
lhe bore was the iudespensalile as-
sei of the church.
We have known many a poor minister almost done to death by the
prayer meeling bore. Indeed, wo
could cite eases where the absolute
exclusion of this religious freak was
necessary to the stability and harmony of church life and work.
li is tli (lieu It to determine his place
in the divine economy. Since our
lies I introduction to him we have
b.in forced tn accept Darwinianisui
and the law of natural selection as
lhe only possible salvation of many a
distracted ami heart-broken minister,
But, alas, we have mel another and a
,-ois.'—tbe travelling bore.
We have uot been able to determine
il he is Indigenous to llu- American
limit. We are far from our lih-
,i ten pounds nl raisins. Evident- ran*, hut we have never met him mi
superfiitcitdent o the Morrissey mine, I,. ,l(ll -^ ,,,,-,, [(, s , 1h(. w,s. ,w; nUm coitthienlB—never till to*
w-a_ in town a lew hays this week. ,' ,,|(, s|)lf,v ,,,.,,,,., Hl,V(.|Iv misjn. „, t|<
Mr. 1'i.isei is.u present.Government  ,    ,,.,,,, t)le orm,r  ,„.,, caB(J  mU   Thi.ri, ffng something effeminate in
ll.spec olr of coal mines foi   the Pro--   M.M   |(,|i |g Q, n,sj||       Nqw   t,mt   ([|s |(in|.       ,,,,„. 8mft„  |(|(||, t||(,
luce oi Afoerta. narticuhu     bunch of   Frank elMsoni  gmml weary face, the dark wan com
mis enough resin iu stuck lo last the   plevion recalled Uu* blue eyed Indian
rest of their Uvea,       But it served   id lhe pari* pioneering davs.    Withal
, Ui m right; ihev oca-ht to gel  [ohlwd   U.e lorm    was i.,11 anil slender,   and
•\ who send out >>f town for groceries.    Idnssed in shnhhy black.      Mis voico
  I was a iiaeked     'soprano,   which        in
I    Provincial     Mine Inspeetot Norman   dlmimiemlo was like tbe squeak     uf
Fraser and     Dlstrlel   inspector     K.'n co-intrymnn's oxcart, ami in ores-
I lle.itlicoie held an examination    tlm eemln was like the screech of an al-
In si of Urn      week of applieanls      for, pine t-iow.
Ine hoss ceriilicaies       hi fulun-   all I    TiU'Otitth   Uu*    long  nighl   he  talked
examinations for certificates in con-land in Iked Around him a crowd
, ne. lion with coal milling will be held adhered, alike In ideas, although dlf-
j in Frank, ii     huviiig been determined Kerent  in temperament.     It was de-
th.'l  this    is the    most     couvenlculj   ll-rlttfully  nmusing to bear him pre
place lor all concerned,
Tbe C.    P. It. company has a gn
• .I men nt work   grading and supi
soiling  de plul tu the nurlh ol    lhe
present    station foi    a llower garden I
and shruUbery,    A railing will    to
jiiaied along    the   platform and
picket  ence   constructed along    thei
side of tlie street.
Fred Stnrkey, representing the Nelson Board of Trade, was in the cilv
tills   week.      Asked how   West  Kootc-
nay would view ihe appointment   of
W. R. Ross to the mines portfolio in
the provincial cabinet he said that
SUCll a  choke would  probably   he     as
agreeahle to the quart/, mining     in- l,l,.,,ll,|)C  .... ,
terests as any that could he made. ' l!u| MIJ,S   ^",-1
Harry Howard, formerly a resident The Crothers mill is again at work
of Fernie, but now of Blairmore, vis-'after being closed down about a week
ited Fernie this week. | for repairs. The mill cut average
  'about 85,00" "
\V. R. Rnss    relurned     from     the
i.000 feet per day.
Coast this week.    Airs, Ross and the
family are still in Victoria.
Air, Jones, night operator at the
station, is relieving Agent Austin at
Klko. L. Knrighi is taking Jones'
Dan Nicholson, whose hand was
badly bruised some time ago, while
loading logs, will soon be able to
resume his labors again.
George Richardson, is giving good
siitisfaetion in his capacity as night
engineer at the mill, and is proving
the right man in the right place.
Tlie school is still closed on account of the measles. Several
adults have also heen confined to During the coal strike the C. P. il
then homes hy a mild attack ol the is enabled lo make more headway in
malady. I handling lumber and in consequenco
  j the Crothers mill is enabled to  place
II.  IL  Dcpcw,    Superintendent of i their   output on    the  market more
Un- C. N. P. Klectric Light & Power | promptly than formerly.
Iil* iifully  nmusing
iioimce decisively on all social and
economic questions tbat have ever
vexed humanity.
Socialism, he said, is the panacea
for lhe world's ills. The French
Revolution was in 1700, Virtue and
sin are relative terms. Indntl sin is
virtue in the making. Vice is the
product of environment. Love is a
sublime emotion. We did not know
whether tn laugh or to cry. We
protested in vain.
Wage slavery, he emphasized, is
worse than chattel slavery. The day
of disinterested goodness was gone,
hided he doubted if it ever existed,
except In romance or in a dream.
Again le paused for a while—the sM-
ence of the man was more potent
tlmn his speech.
Now it was Herbert Spenser and
his philosophy; now it was Robespierre; now it wiis the Communist ol
Jesus Christ a Communist—A
Voltuiieian petulance this. Again
we protested, hut the river of words
Spokes ma n-Rev lew: .lohn Hayes
Hammond, une lime president of the
Bunker Hill «v Sullivan Mining company at   Wardnei,   Idaho, one of     llie
largest silver-lead mines in the world,
who made his home at Wnnlner for
nearly a year iu 18111), is now said tu
rcivlvo n salary aggregating $800,001)
u jear, which is more money than
au' oilier man ever received fur liis
yearly services in a similar capacity,
Mm make millions on Investments or
Uy manipulation, but Hammond is
said to be the only man in the world
whn is paid su nearly a million dollars a year for professional advice.
Winn Sim Reed acquired the Bunker Hill & Sullivan group from the
ori."iiiul locators, assuming tiie con-
trad held by Jim Wardner for the
treatment of ihe ore, be brought
Victor Clement from Grass Valley,
CiiL, lu take charge of the property.
Later Clement organized tho present BuiHi'i Hill & Sullivan Mining
•V Concentrating company, and Hammond was made president of the corporation. This was in 1800, and Mr.
Hammond remained at Wardner nearly a year planning the development of
the great mine. Mr. Clcmeul was
then with him, and persons who wore
connected with the properly at that
line declare that Mr, Hammond listen,vl lo the advice of Mr. Clement in
iil I matters connected with ti:e exploitation ol the mine. It is said
tliit- often when examining the workings of the mine and planning for its
ful nre develo|Hiicnl, Mr. Hammond
Would suggest certain operations be
un-'lertaken. Mr. Clement would often argue against the plans and the
outcome generally was that Mr. ll;im-
iin.rid agreed with the views of Mr.
Air. Clement died several years ago
and iil the lime of his death owned
large number of shares in the Bunker
Mill .V Sullivan. ll was nearly two
years ago ihal his widow disposed ot
iier holdings lo the smelter trust for
approximately $1,000,000. ""-• Cle-
ineu-l Wiis the heaviest individual
owner in the corporation.
Winn Mr. Hammond went to the
mines of South Africa iu IK1M he
resigned the presidency of the company, hut still retained his stock.
So far as is known lie is still a
stockholder in the corporation.
Mr. Hammond was horn In San
Francisco "*2 years ago and graduated
from the Sl'.Tirld seientlc school of
VUe. During his boyhood in California lu* dreamed of nothing but
gold, for the western coast was gold
mad 'luring  Ihis period.
In his quest for the yellow metal
be has travelled all met (be world,
from Siberia to South Afrlcn. He
followed the course of piospecting    in
Australia during Uu- boom davs. ami
he was in the Trnnavpnl at the time
of Mm Jameson mid. With Phillips,
Frank Rhodes aud George Fatrar,
he was ruptured hy the Boers and
was sentenced tn death, Oom Paul
Krnger, undei- threats from Joseph
fh.iinhfiialn, released the four men
upon the payment of an enormous
His ollice Is now in New York,
from Ihence he is called to go to all
parts of the world in examine various mining properties, He also has
a corps of assistants who visit the
mines' under question to make their
reports to him.
D.   C.   L.
Distillers Company, Limited ijji
IN WOOD ',','<'.
D. C. I.. Scotch 12 Years Old
ill R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited ii
Victoria, British Columbia
Murphy _ Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    and
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before Railway Cnmniissl.in
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.
: '_i_liJ_f_l_tf ?♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
********************** **********************
_aa Ek
q^_i3_ __"
c. c. s.
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor]   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba Is centrally loeateil uml litis one of the liesttliningrooms
in the city.   The bar in supplied wiib ihe bent of Liquors and Cigars
Library Voting Contest
Tliis I'li'tfiint Lilirnrj-uml Hiiti.lsoino ense will lie given by vote to
tlir l,otlgu, Society, Church or School in Cranbrook i.r Distrit securing
Ihcliii'gust niinilii'i' of votes in the following milliner:
Tlie ini'ivluiiils listed below will give wilh every ten cent purchase
on,'vote. The contest begins February 8th, 15HIT* mul closes June
21st. IIIH7. A Imllol Ikix is [jlucotl in Itettttio & Atchison's ilrug store
where votes nre to lie deposited. Al tho close of the contest the
Church, School. Society or Lodge having the largest number of votes
will lie awarded the Library.    Current a units when  promptly paid
will lie entitled lo votes.
Iti'iiii'inlicr votes can only be received by (railing with the
merchants listed below.
Each week the Herald will iintioiitiee the respective standing of
lie I'ons.-iiits.
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness  .   .  .
Campbell & Manning
Groceries, l:mit. and
Confectionery and
Beattie & Atchison
P. Burns & Co McCALLUM & co
A. L. McDERMOT Dezall Bros.
Wine and Spirit Merchant BLACKSMITHS
I'he B. C. Livery Stable
B. H. Short..& Co.CartageandTransferCo
Painters and Decoraters |w.rdwiii_f, C«»i
Wall Kapers ^ ()|| AgenU
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
thos. t. iicvittie. r, t. a.
J. T. LA1DL-W. M. k.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It Is Healthy;
It is the Best
Pt. Steele Brewing Co.
Crescent Loi.uk No. 8!l
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday .1 a p. ni   el
New Krelemlt. Hall.
A. 0. Bowness, C. 0.
V. A. .Small. K. ol It. 4 S
Vlsltlne  krellirea  cordially ta.u.4
to attnl.	
rrurT i'i,,   1-Q.o.f-   *><y city Lit,.
ELPCEK No *•■ UmUl •'"*
W8VE**U  MuiiitiT    i.'fl't    at
New    Kraternlty    Hall.      S>.J>i.iiu-
Int Oddlelliiw. curdlally lavltrd.
t'lus. Sniltli, K. II. McKay,
N. O. Secy.
Iraaferouk l.udic Nu. J,
». P. * A. M.
Iti'gular uieetinKB uu
th. ttnrd 'I'liuikil.y,
of every iiniutp.
Vlaltlat tiett.M wdcuuud.
W. K. AUiilne, Sec'y
K.lwanl  ISIwoll, 11.11.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Mi'et every   Kii.lay    evening ut 8
I'lias. Smith, W.P.
ill. I), liilliuiss, Secretary.
Visiting itretltrei wirdially invited.
Meet at B. el L. K. Hall 2nd   and
1th Saturday each month.
Visiting orethrta always welcome
T. Boyter, Jas. U. Larrlgaa,
W. II. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
C. H. DUNBAR       |
i   Barruter, Solicitor, Notary
S PubUc, Etc
|   Cranbrook,    -    -    B. C.   |
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olllw at KeaMeaot, Armstrong Ave,
Forenoons - - - - 9.011 to 10.00
Afternoons - ■ ■ 2.00 to   tun
Evenings - - - . 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays .... 2.so to   4.31)
CRANBROOK tl    ::    u    ;:    B. O,
I to II a.m.
1 to  I a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
OOea aad reildenee oa Armstrong ...
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
Ito  Iim.
Oflot la new Reid block
Dominion ant] Provincial
Land Surveyor
Itesidence,   Cecil   frost's
Former Home,
(ieo. R. Leask & Co
(inr work ii [niir mlvuilinfiiit'iil, Iml wit
I.nI Una ml In llu- llumIdJlit
*iii|ili«tiuti il.
Nf«r Lower Arnmtroii*- Avon lie,
Livery &
Team, aad driver, fornliheil for toy
pelat la IBs diitrlck
A. UOVLK. Managu THK CUAXlinooK IlKHAl.t*
This Hotel has always licet, the leader
in its line, und will be kept up to tho
standard. If you wunt to meet tho
people, come to the Queen's Hotel.
Queen's Hotel, Calgary "
I'm.en i .troll
!«,,,, ,,,,,,»«,,,,,,«
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
AU kinds of titiieh work, in
way of doors, windows, transoms, ©to., Kiln dried lumlwr
for iuside work. Our work is
guaranteed aud our prions are
satisfactory.    Hchvu    doors
and Dressed Lumber ;;
Fur Sale
1)00 TAX BY-LAW.
No person shall allow any horse,
mule, bull, ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig
or other cuttle or poultry lo run at
large within the city, otherwise the
same mil ft he impounded uml the owner thereof is liable for damages caused. ,    ,
Any person may impound nn animal
lound running at large. The line to
the poundkeeper for every animal is
as follows:
Stallions, $5.00.
Other horses, marcs, geldings, til-
lies or mules, $1.00 each.
Bull, $5.00.
Cow or other kind of cattl
Boar nig, $l.o«.
Pin, Ninvp or goat, $1.00.
Fowl, _5 cents.
The poundkeeper may also
$1 nu for impounding nny .mi
25 cents   for     impounding any fowl,
und for feed may charge as follows:
Fowl ami geese 2Ti uents per diem.
If the animals are not redeemed tht*
poundkeeper will proceed io sell.
There shall he a lux ou .ill (logs or
$1.75 and on all bitches $5.IW.
It is t-he duty of the owner of dogs
to procure u tug from the City Clerk,
otherwise the dogs will ■- Impounded
und unless redeemed will to sold or
destroyed. Tags must to placed on
dog's collar BO as in ht* plainly seen
Iu addition to the above charges,
any per sun guilty of an Infraction ol
the by-law is liable to a penalty ol
$loii.(ill and costs or two months imprisonment.
T. M. Roberts.
By 1st Thu City Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
day-) alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, Victoria, British Columbia,
for permission lo purchase lhe following described land in South Easi
Commencing at r post planted nt
a point su chains south of Un* southeast corner ol Lot number 52-17,
Group 1, East. Kootenay, ihence east
•10 chains, thence smith 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
40 chains to tin- point of chains to
tire point of commencement, containing tun acres,
Rolph Palmer.
Dated this- lillh day of April, A.IV.
1007. Ml
in-iiiieineii'ts as le residence may In
satisfied hy such per.sou residing with
ilir la 1 hei nr mother.
(3) II the settler bus his peruu-
ueut residence upon fanning Uud
owned by him in the vicinity of his
homestead, the m-uitemi'tils an to
residence may be satislied by lesi-
deut-e upon the said laud.
Six mouths' notice is writing
rhould he given to the Cummitisiouer
tit Dominion Lands at Ottawa o( intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at
Mn per acre for soft coul and $20
lor anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be *ict*uired by one individual or company. Royalty at Hi*
rale of leu cents per ton ol 2,000
pounds .shall be collected oa tiie
L-rowu output.
Deputy of the Minister nf tbe Interior
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days afler dale 1 intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the district of East Kootenay, for a license to prospect (or
coal and petroleum on the following
described laud, situate on the Northeast Michel Creek, about five miles
north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, ami lying west of the Mclnnes
Group, and north of the Crows Nest
Puss Coal Company's land:
1. Commencing at a post planted
one mile north of a point one mile
east of the intersection of the east
side line of the Mclnnes Group and
the north side line of the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
't'lig tbe initial post of E. II. Le
h rami's claim, and marked E. H.
LeFninz's north-east corner, thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
soulh, tbenee 80 chains east, tlience
Si) chains north to place of beginning,
containing about 640 acres.
E. II. LeFranz, Locator,
Tl. 0. Belden, Agent.
Located March Ll, 11)07.
Said elaim being a re-location ol
coal license No. 1998.
2. Commencing nt a post planted
11 the north-east corner of E. H.
l.t'Fian/'s claim, the same being the
initial post of ,1. T. Penn's claim,
• ml marked .!. T. Penn's north-west
corner, Ihenee 80 chains east, thence
sn chains south, tbenee 80 chains
wesi, ihence 80 chains north to place
of beginning, containing about 640
J. T. Penn, Locator,
It. O. Belden, Agent.
Located March 13, 1.M7.
Said  claim   helne;  a  re-location   of
coal license No. I!»flfl,
A. Commenelng at a post planted
at .1. T. Penn's norlh-west corner,
said post being the initial post of
K. \- Martin's claim and marked E.
\. Martin's souih-west corner, thence
so chains east, tbenee 80 chains
north, thence SO chains west, thence
ffl chains south to place of hogin-
ning, containing about 640 acres,
E. A, Martin, Locator.
R. G. Belden, Agent.
Located March 13, 1907.
Said claim being a re-locntlon of
co.,1  license No. 2000.
cha.ius west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted at
lie north-cast corner of application
No. 5; thence 80 cliains uorth, Uience
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
south,      tiici-i-e    80     chains   east to
point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at south-east corner of application
No. 7; tlience 80 attains east, thence
80 chains north, tlience 80 chains
west, thence 8U chains south to
point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a |iost planted
at the north-east comer ot application No. 7; thence 80 chains nortli,
thence 80 chains west, Uience 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 0; thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 cliains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains soutb
to point of commencement.
It. Commencing at a post planted
20 chains west ol tho mirth-east corner of application No. 0; thence 80
chains north, theuce 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains south, thence SU
chains wist tu point of commencement.
12. Commencing at a post planted
: the south-east corner of application No. II; thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, theuce 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
Li. Commencing at a post planted
the north-east corner ot application No. 11; tbenee 80 chains uorth,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point of commencement.
14. Commencing at a post planted
it the sodthr-east corner ot application No. 13; thence 80 chains east,
thence chains north, thence 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
Dated 23rd March, 19(17.
15. Commencing at a post planted
t the north-east corner of application Nu. 13; thence 80 chains north,
tlience 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point of commencement.
16. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner ol application No. 15; thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains north, tlience 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
17. Commencing at a post planted
at    north-east   corner of uppl.eut.ou
15; thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point of commencement.
I,   <
nil   a
of   the
Notice is hereby given that
undersigned have submitted i
Lieutenant (ioveinoi iu Con
proposal undei tho provisions
Rivers and Streams Act lot cleaving
ami removing-obstructions from the
Moyie Hivei and tor the erection ol
a dam therein and fm lhe construction and    Improvements ol channels
COUIieClillg  lhc same witb a  lake and
with   Meadow   Creek ami [oi making
lhe  said   UlVCI   and  CI nils   Iil    foi
holding ami driving logs, Umber,
lumber, rulls and emits, and foi
creeling and maintaining booms foi
holding, soiling, and delivering logs
and iiiulu i b rough I down suld Itivei
uud loi attaching booms lo the
-.holes ol the said Klvsi loi said
Tbe lands to he effected In llu
said work ate Ciown lands ami Lois
4502, 41183, 667*1, 1897, Gioup One,
Kootenay district.
The rate ol tolls proposed to be
charged arc such as may be fixed by
tlie judge ol the County Court ul
East Kooteiiuy.
The King Lumber Mills, Limited.
Dated July 27th, l'JiiO. 50-01
imenclng at a post planted
V Martin's south-west corner,
tame being the Initial post of
But (ei field's claim, and mark-
L, Butter field's south-east cor-
thence SO chains west, thence 80
B north, thence 80 chains east
r SO chains snath to place of
ning,    containing)    about    640
C, I,   BnfleiTteld, Locator,
It  G. Belden, Agent,
•ated March 18, 1307.
d claim being a re-location    ol
license  No.   200]. 1 -6t
Uie Chief Cutiimivsiouer ot Lairds
and Works, Victoria, lor a special
license to cut and carry away timber
from    the    following described land,
Take notice that, under 'be provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37,
situate on the East Pork ul White (Revised Statutes ot Canada. 1000,
River, in North Kast Kootenay dis- hu Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
trict:' any, as Lessees   and   exercising   the
i. Commencing at a post planted ranch!sea of the British Columbia
about sn miles above the mouth ot outlicrn Railway, intends io apply
tbe East Fork of While Kiver, at to the Board of Bail way Coin mi S-
the mouth ot     Smith Creek; thence I (doners    for   Canada,   after   th
at the
Hie     folio
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in Briiish
Columbia, mav be hut nes leaded by
any persuii a/th is the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years ol
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section ol 160 acres, more ur less.
Entry must be made personally at
tlie local land office for the district
Ui which the land Is situate.
The homesteader ls required to perform the conditions eonneeted therewith under uue of the lollowlng
(1) At least six months' residence
upon aud cultivation of tbe laud in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, It
the father is deceased), ot the homesteader resides upon a larm iu tlie
Vltitaity ol tht land  entiled lur,   the
Notice   is hereby given that thirty
lays aftei date 1 intend tu apply to
el   Commissioner   of Lands
iKs,    Victoria, for a special
ut  and carry away tlm-
wini"     descrlbc-d
White  Itiver, in
Mirth l-.ast Kootenay district:
I     Commencing    at a  post  planted
on west bank of Mn- North Fork of
White (liver, about seven miles above
lhe junction of the north and nortli-
easi   foil,.,,  thence   80   chains west,
hence mi   chains north, tbenee     8U
tin Inn   prist,   thence no chains south
o point of commencement.
'! Commencing at a post planted
it s.mih-cast cornei ol application
s'o t; thence So chains east, thence
10 .bains north, thence 80 chains
vest, thence Xli chains soulh to point
>f commencement.
Commencing at a post planted)
u south-east corner of application Nu. 17; theme B0 chains eust,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
10. Commencing nt a post planted
at the north-east corner of application No. 17; thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
Chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point ot commencement.
20. Commencing at a post planted
at lhe south-cast corner ot application No. 19; ihence 80 chains east
thence 80 chains nurlh, tlience 80
chains we»t, thence 86 chains south
to point of commencement.
21. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 20; thence 40 chains east,
thence 160 chains north, thence 40
chains west, ihence loo chains south
to point of commencement.
22 Commencing at a post planted
at tbe south-east corner of application No. 23; thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains* west, thence 80 chains south
to |K>int tif commencement.
33. Commencing at a point plant-
til at the nor.h-lmst corner of application No. lit; thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence
•SO chains south, Ihence 80 chains
east to point of commencement.
24. Commencing »t a post planter)
at the south-east corner of application No. 2.0; thence 80 chains east.
thence 80 cliains north, tbenee 80
chains west, Ihence 80 chains south
lo point of com men cement.
25. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east comer of application No. 23; theme 80 chains oorth,
thence xo chains west,
thence      80
south, thence 80 chains  east
to point, of commencement
6. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of application No. 25; thence 80 chains east,
ihence so chains north, thence 8(
bains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
iuu drains soulh, thence 40 chains
west, theuce 160 chains nnrlh, thence
40 chains east to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at the north-east
corner of application No. 1; thence
iliO dm ins east, Uience 40 chains
south, thence 100 chains west, thenco
chains north io point ui commencement,
3. Commencing at a post planted
about nine miles above the mouth of
ito Kast Folk of White River aud
about 2<l chains north of the inoulh
uf Jim Creek; theuce 80 chains
nortli, thence 80 chains west, thence
chains soulh, thence 8U chains
east to point of commencement.
4. Ciuuuienctiig at a posl planted
at the north-east corner uf application No. 3; thence 8U chains east.
tlniK-e 80 chains north, thence 80
chain*" west, thence 80 chains south
lo point of commencement.
.. Commencing at a post planted
al the south-east uinier of application No. 3; thence *fo chains east,
thence Ml ilianis uogt-b, theuce 811
chains west, thence.80 chains south
to point uf eummenpimeut.
0. Commencing at a post planted
at . the south-east corner ot application No. 3; thence 180 chains east,
ihofice 40 chains soulh, thence 160
cha4Jis west, tbenee 40 chains north
to point of commencement.
Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 5; theuce.160 chains east,
thence 40 chains north, theuce 160
chains west, theuce 40 chains soutb
to point of cummencenient.
Chas. Chapman.
Hated 6tb April. 1007. 4-0t
Taku notice that, under the provision* of Sectloii 132, Chapter 37,
Revised Statutes of Canada, 1900,
bv Canadian Pacific Railway Companj', us Lessee*- and exercising the
fiam-hises of the 'British Columbia
Southern Railway, . intends to apply
the Board ot -kailway Commissioners for Canada, utter the expiration of four wws from the date
of the first puttpcatioo of this
notitv, or so soon thereafter as the
application ran to hwrd. for authority to construct, maintain and operate branch Urns' of the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a point on the uiaiu
Iim; of the B. C. S. Railway as
now constructed ucross Lot)
58i*, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, aud measured 1925 foot
along the center line from the northern boundary of siijl Lot; thence iu
southerly and westerly directions to
point*- ou said Lot 5808; the location
of which said proposed Branuhes is
more particularly shewn ou a map
or plait, profile and book ot reference, deposited in.the Nelson, B- C,
Registry Ollice on the 30th dav of
March, "1807, us No. 524 B.L; notice
of wldch deposit is!also hereby given
puisuaut to the provisions of the sail*
Kcctioti. *
C Drmkwater, Secretary.
Dated this 4th day of April, A. B.
lOO". 3-5t
3. < onimeneing at a post planted
at north-east comer of application
No. l; thence 80 chains north, thence
SO chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east to
point of commencement.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at south-east corner of application
No. 3; thence 80 chains east, thence
SO chains north, thence 80 chains
west, ihence 80 elm ins south to poinb
uf commencement.
5. Commencing ut a post planted
at north-east corner of application
No. 3; thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains west, Ihence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east to point
of commencement.
0. Commencing at a post planted
at flic south-east rorner of application No. 5; thence 80 cliains east,
thence 80 chains north, the_-.ee     H
■ Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east comer of application Nn. 25; thence 80 chains north.
tbenee NU chains west, thence 80
chains south, tbenee 80 chains east
to point uf eommencetiieiit.
28 Commencing at a post planted
at the nortb-ea»t corner of application No, 27; thence 80 chains east,
thence 86 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains soutb
to point of commencement.
29. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east coiner of application No. 28; thence 80 chains
east, thence SO ■ chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence M
chains south to point of commencement.
30. Commencing ut a post planted
at the north-east corner of application No. 28; thence 80 chains north,
ihence 80 chains west, thence 8(
chains south, Ihence 80 chains east to
point, of commencement.
31. Commencing at a post planted
at Uie south-east corner of application No. 30; Ihence 80 chains east,
tlience 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, tlience 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
Chas. Chapman.
Dated 25th March, ito., 4-6t
Take notice that/ under the provisions of Section' 222, Chapter'37,
Revised Statutes ol Canada, 1006,
he Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
M-fly, as Lessees and exercising tho
franchises ot tbe British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply
to the Board ot Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of tire first publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as tlie
applic-ation can be beard, for authority to construct,.maintain aud operate branch lines of the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing (tuiu a ■' point on the main
line of tbe B. C. S. Railway
now constructed across Lot,
1589, Group I, East Kootenay Division, in the province ol British Columbia, and measured 1578.3 feet
along the center ,line from its inter'
sn.-t.fom with the.westerly boundary
of said Lot; .(hence in an easterly
and northerly dilution to a point on
sa id tot 45|»; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
mure particularly shewn ou a map
or plan, profile,- and book of reference, deposited In the Nelson, B. C.
Ki-glslrv Office.on the 30th day of
March,' 1907, aa, No. 524 1)1; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the said
C. Drinkwater, Secretary,
Dated this 4th.day of April, A. D.
1807. 3-51
pi rat ion of four weeks from llie date
of the first publication of this
notice, or so    soon thereafter as the
plication can lie heard, for author-
i- to construct, maintain and operate     branch     lines   of     the British
lumbia Southern Railway, com-
menclng Bom a point on the main
line of the IL C. S. Railway as
now constructed across Lot
1870, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 2030.2 feet
".long the center line from its intersection with the northern boundary
»l said Lot; thence in a westerly and
northerly direction to a point ou
said Lot 187H, a distance of
507 feet, the location
f which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
plan, profile and booh of refer*
ence, deposited in the Nelson, II. IV.
Registry Office ou the iWUi dav of
March, 1907, as No. 521 CI.; notice
-f which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the said
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Bated this 4th day of April, A. D.
1907. 3-5t
Take notice that, under the provi-.
slops of Section 222, Chapter 37,
Revised Statutes of Canada, 1006,
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, us Lessees and exercising th*
franchises of the British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply
(o the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the dale
of the first publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as tlie
application can be heard, for authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines of the British
Columbia Southern Kailway, commencing from a point ou the main
line of the B. C. S. Railway as
now constructed across Lot1
6071, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, iu the province of British Columbia, uud measured 2460 feet
along the center line Bum its intersection with the westerly boundary
of said Lot; thence in a southerly
and easterly direction to points un
said Lot 6674; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn ou a map
plan, profile and book of reference, deposited in the Nelson, B. C,
Registry Ollice on the 30th day of
March, 1007, us No. 524 BI; notice
of which deposit is ulso hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the sairt
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated this 4th duy oi April, A. D.
1007. 3-5t
timber Notice.
Notice is hereby given tbat   thirty
days attfcx date 1 intend tu apply to
Take notice that, under tbe provi*
ion* of Netftfoti-. ,222, Chapter 87,
-Hevwrd Statutes of Canada, 1006,
lie Canadian Pacific Railway Conipanv, as Lessees and exercising the
fcaiicbises ol tlie British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply
to tlie Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of tlie first publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as the
application can be beard, fur authority to construct, maintain and oper-
iute branch lines of the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a point on the main
line of the B. C. S. Railway us
now constructed across Loti
4500, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 5:^26.3 feet
along the center line trom its inter-
flection with the eastern boundary ol
said Lot; theuce in a westerly awl northerly direction to points
ou said Lot 4590; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
or plan, profile and book of reference, doitosited in the Nelson, B. C-,
Reg'intry Office on the 30th duy of
iMureh, 1007, as No. 624 Al; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the saidi
C. Drinkwater, Secrvtury.
Dated this 4th day of April, A. D
1007, 4w\
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
the following described land on
White River, in North East Kootenay
No. 1. Commencing at a
pust planted about five miles S. E.
from No. 23 posl ou east boundary
uf Block 4506, and about one mile
east of White River, thence west 40
chains, thence north 160 chains,
tlience east 40 chains, thence south
160 chuius lo point ol eommence-
No. 2. Commencing at Uie southeast corner of No. 1, thence north
160 chains, thence east 40 chains
thence south 100 chains, thence weal
40 chains to point ut commencement.
N*, 3. Commencing at south
west corner ot No. 2, thence south
160 chains, thence east 40 chains,
tbenee north 100 chains, thence west
40 chains to point of commencement.
No. 4. Commencing at a post
planted 20 chains west ot white
River and about 11 miles above the
eastern boundary line ot block 4596,
thence south 80 chains, theuce west
80 cliains, thence nortu 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point o
No. 5. Cnimnencfeg at a post
plunti*d 10 chains west of the N. E
corner of No. 4, thence west 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, theuce south
80 chains to point ot commencement.
Dated 19th day of March, 1907.
No. 6. Commencing at a post
planted on the north bank of Martin
Creek aud about 30 chains west of
White River, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
160 chains, thence east 4<i chains
to point of commencement.
Creek, thence north 120 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
to chafus, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 80 chains, theuce east
chains io point of commencement,
No. 2. Commencing1 at a post
planti-d on the east side of Martin
Creek, thence soulh 160 chains,
east 40 chains, nortli IliO chains,
ihence west 40 chains to point of
No. 3. Commencing at northwest corner of application No, 2,
ihence south 160 chains, thence wesi
40 chains, Uience north 1C0 Chains,
Ihence east 40 chains to point of
Dated 22nd March, 1907.
No. 4. Commencing at a post
planted on south side of Cedar Ciee**,
(hence west 160 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east 160 chains,
thence souUi 40 chains to point of
No. 5. Commencing at a post
planted on west side of North Fork
f Pal User River about two and one-
half mile*- south of mouth ot Cedar
Creek, thence 160 .cnaius north
thence 40 chains east, thence 160
chains south, thence 40 chains west
to point, ot commencement.
No. 6. Commencing at southwest corner of application No. 5,
thence south 160 chuius, thence east
40 chains, theuce north 100 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of
Dated 23rd March, 1907. 2-Ct
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
lion. Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works and to tbe Assistant Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
fur coal and petroleum on the following described laud situate on Noith-
l Michel Creek, about 8.1 'miles
north of Hit* Crows Nest Station:
1. Commencing at a post planted
t the northwest corner ot J. IL
lemphill's claim aud same being the
lltltlul post of Geo. 0. Belden's
claim and uiuiked Geo. G. Belden's
south-west corner, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chuius eust, thttic-*
80 chains south, thence 80 ctuius
west to place of beginning, containing about 040 acres.
Geo. (1. Beldeu, Locator,
,R. G. Belden. Agent.
Located March 13, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post planted
id the north-west corner uf J. 11.
Hemphill's claim, the same being the
initial posl of Pauliut Dunstan's
claim aud marked Pauline Dunstan's
south-east corner, thence 6U chains
north, theuce 80 chains west, thence
80 chains south, thence 80 chains
cast to place of beginning, containing about 040 acres.
Pauline Dunstan, Locator,
R. G. Belden, Agent.
Located March 13. 1007. l-6tB
Notice is hereby £ivea lhat sixty
days afler dale 1 intend lu apply tu
ilie Honorable the Chief Comuu.-
sioner ui Lands and Vtutks fur pcr-
misslon to purchase the following
described lunu in the Elk River Valley, in East kputenay:
Lf.uuuencing ut a post planted adjoining the north-east comer oi J.
U. Pratt's application to purchase
and marked J. R. E's
■south-east corner, theuce eignij
chains uorth, theuce eighty ciuina
wesi, theuce eighty chains; suuth,
Uience eighty chaiits e*_ir- to point
uf -.-umaieuvement, and - cunU-itiing
640 acta.
J. R. Edmondson, Locator.
February __rd, I9u7. al-01
Notice is hereby given Hut sixty
days alter tfcite 1 ibleLd to apply to
the Honorable the Chiel Coamua-
siycer uf Lands and Works fur permission tu purchase the Mlowm
described lauds in the Eft River Valley, iu East Kouteuuy;
Couimuncuig at a post planted ad-
joiunrg W. F. Hull's S. E. corner,
one mile uorth of S. E. Oliver s ap-
pUculiou tu purchase and marled N.
E. O's uortb-east turner, tbenee
eighty chains south to tbe uuilL-
east coruer uf S. E. Oliver's application to purchase, theuce *Ngbly chains
west, theuce eighty chains nurlh,
Uience eighty chains cast to potftl ol
commeucemeiil, the whole coutaimng
646 acres.
V E. Oliver, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmuudsuu, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. 51-01
Commenting at a post
at of the north
planted 20 chains wesi
eust corner of Nu. I, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence soutb
80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 8.      Commencing   at a   post
Slanted ou the eust bunk ot White
liver across the river Irom the
mouth of Goat Creek, thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tbenee west 80 chains, thence noith
80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated 20th day of March, 1907.
No. 0. Commencing at a post
planted 1-J miles above the mouth of
Goat Creek on the west bank, Uience
west 40 chains, theuce north 170
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 160 chains to point ot commencement.
Dated 2tst day of March, 1907.
2-flt C. A. Chapman, Locator.
ihe Honorable thr Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
at Victoria for permission
to purchase lhc following
tli-snihed lands in the Klk Rivet Valley, m East Kootenay:
Commencing at n post plan tec) adjoining l lie soul h- west coi ner uf
Lot 2316 uud marked II. L's
south    - cast        corner, ihence
eighty, chains west, Uience eighiy
chains north, thence eighty chain's
easi, thence eighty chains south te
point uf commencement, the whole
containing 840 acres.
Horace Lltlleproud, Locator,
Per .1. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. 51-9k
Notice is hereby given thai sixty
days alter dale 1 intend to apply it
lbvi lluno.at-le the Chief Commis*
sioilet of Lands and Works
at ' Victoria for permissiuu
to ■ purchase the following
d»"-i;nbeii laii.iK in tbe Klk Kiver Valley, iu East Kootenay;
Commencing at a post ad-oiuii-g
the bouth-ttest corner of J. ft, Ed-
tuond-on's application to pucclmsu
any marked 11. G. O's
south-east comer, thence eighty
chains wesi. thence eighty cltains
no'rth, Uience eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains south to puiut
uf commencement, the whole containing 640 acres.
Henry Gerald Green, Locator.
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February 2ird, 1307. JUt
Notice is hereby given thai _ixty
days after dale i intend to apply i*
the llonoiable Chlel Cuuuuis*
si oner of Lands aud Works
at Victoria lot permission
to purchase tiie following
destnibed land in the- Klk Unci W
lev, Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked E.
P's north - cast corner ad-
joining the north-west corner ol N.
K. Oliver's application lo purchase,
Uicuce eighty chains south, Ihenee
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
»_..i lo point oi commencement, the
whole coutaimng i-16 acres.
Ernest Pullaid, Locator,
IVr S. K   Oliver, Agent.
February 23id, laor. si-n
Nut.ce is beicby given that sixty
days after date 1 intend io apply tu
Ibe Hunu_able tbe Chief Cuuiuus-
-toner of Lands and Works for per-
mi-biuu lo purchase the knowing
described lands tu the Klk River Valley, Fast Kootenay;
Commencing at a post marked H.
S. Kb bouth-east coiner adjoining the north-west corner of N.
K. Oliver's application tu purchase,
tbenee eighty chains north, thence
eighty chain's west, theuce eighty
chains soutb, thence eighty ctiaius
easi to point uf commencement, tbs
whole containing 64u acres.
IL S. Edwards. Locator,
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February 2Jrd, 1907. 51-tt
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days alter dale 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commis*
io.Ki ol La-ds and Works for per*
mission to purchase the following
described land in tiie Elk River Vat-
lev, m Ea»t Kootenay;
CoinmenciLg at a post marked E.
II. B's south • west comer aud
ad'oiuiug the noii_.-wt-.-~t corner of
" E. Goodwyn s application to pur-
cbase; thec-cc -v chains north, thence
su chains east to tbe west hank ol
tbe Elk river, ibt-Lce so chains south
.long said river, thence w chains
*e^t to point ui coiumencement, the
wbule eoatainiEg trte acie&.
E. H. Boyle, Locator,
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February iiid, 1907. Sl-lt
Notice is hereby given thai sixty
days alter dale 1 intend tu apply lo
the Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and - Works for per-
Uiissioa Lu purchase the following
dcMribvd lauds in East Kootenay:
Commenting at a pust planted adjoining N. East cumvi of N.
I-.. Oliver's application lo purchase,
aud walked E. E. U'a northwest coiner, tbenee'eighty thai ift.
south to the north line uf J. R. Ed*
luundsun's application to puicbaae,
tfaenet eighty chains .«^_t to the went
busk ot thu Elk nvji, ihence eighty
chain* north along soul rivet, theine
eigbly chains west tu point of com'
menc*~meitt, the whole containing t*4u
E. E. Goodwyn, Locator,
Pet J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
Febiuary 23rd, 10117. 51-0t
Notice u hereby given that sixty
days afler dale I intend io apply tu
tbe Honorable Chief Commit
lunei ul Lands .and Woiks for pet-
imfeion io purchase the followiug
described laud in Easi Kootenay:
Cotnuiencing al a post planted adjoining J. 11. Oldnc-ld's noi lb-west
cornei and marked S, E. O's
south-wesl corner, thence 80 chains
noi lb, ihence 8U chalnt. east, thence
30 chains soulh along tbe Elk river
io the north Une of J. H. Oldfield's
application lo purchase, thence 80
chains west to poini of cominenw-
n.eul, the whole containing 640
S. E. Oliver, Locator.
February 23rd, 1907. 51-81
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date Jas. M. W. Mall
will apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria,
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following
described land on the l'alliser River
and its tributaries, in North Kast
Kootenay district:
No. 1. Commencing at a pust
planted un the east bank ol    Bisdtk
Notice is hereby given that sixty
day-- after date 1 intend to apply to
(be Honorable the Chief Couitoi*-
sionur uf Lands and Works
at Victoria for permission
lo purchase lhe lollowiug
described lands in Uie Klk River Valley,  East Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south-west corner vi I-ot
2316       and       ma iked S.       C's
norlh-eatrt corner, theuce eighty
chains west, thence eighty chains
south, Uience eighty chains east,
theuce eighty chains north to point
of commencement, the whole containing 640 ucres.
Sydney Clarke, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 3»rd, 1907. 51-9t
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable tbe Chief Commis*
biotiet ol Lands and Woiks for permission tu pui chase tbe following
ilea lined land in Uie Elk Rivei Valley, in Kast Kootenay;
Commencing lea mile;, north ot
Sparttuod at a post planted une uai
nui Hi of the uorth line of Fuc.» 4
dc-ih-urli's purchase, Lot 2316, and
une utile went ul lhe Klk i.vei, and
uufked J. II. Os N. W. cornei, ibeuit- eighty chains east lu
the wesi bank uf the Klk rivet.
ibent-e eighty chains louth along said
river - lu ibe north-east corner uf
Fuss & AlcBonell s land, thence
eighty chains west, tbenee eighty
chain, uorth lo puiut of cummenue-
uieul, Uw wbule containing 040
J. 11. Oldfic-ld, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmoudson, Agent.
Dated  February 23rd,  1907.    »l-9i
Notice is    hcrebf give* that nitty
dap tft-n *to 1 Iii %w appil 49
Notice is hereby given tbat sixty
days after date 1 intend lu apply to
the llonoiable Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for permission tu purchase the following
described lands in the Elk River Vat-
ley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post pluubod adjoining the N. W. cornet of J. IL
Oldfield's application to purchase,
and marked J. D. p's N. E.
corner, thence eighty chains soutb
to the north line of Foss & McDonell's land, Lot 2310, therm
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
east lo point of commencement, tfce
whole containing 640 acres.
J. D. Pratt. Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent
941* ItttWQ 0x4, 1102.    «-H rill' ll.'AM'.l.'OOK II Kit A 1,0
Something new in
high-grade Clothing
for the coming Season
that will defy competition! Yes, sir! We're
all lined up for Spring
and Summer business,
and at your service.
We're ready for the
new season with every
thing that's good.
We've not a disappointment in store for
you. Our prices are
always fair. They're
moderate,and in keeping with the wearables.
We would be pleased
to talk clothes with
you, sir, at any time.
Campbell's Clothes are
as good as can be
We are showing a mosl
superb line of high-grade
tailoring samples of Spring
Suits, the best values ever
shown in the City. From
these we make up high-class,
perfectly-tailored garments that
will appeal from every poinl
of view to the particular man,
The excellence of material,
together with skilful work-
mnnship, places our garments
in a class absolutely alone.
Never have we been able to
offer such magnificent values
as ihis season. You should
see us before placing your
* •-*««
We've a Hat that
was made for you as
truly as if you were
measured for it, a Hat
exactly suited to your
build and the contour
of your face. From
the staid, sedate shapes
to   the   snappy   ex-
Wulii'i- SIcAdum Ims fl  in     K.l-
III...111.I.   tO   S|..'ll.l    111.'   S.I1I1M..-1    .HI     Ills
ranch, which is about I..... miles Iron.
that low,,.
Tin! Ui'ilish I.inn will nive yon un
holiest smoke. 41.-15
Miss Al. Young, of Fairmont, came
in .hi iln- Wlndcrmeru sine,.' this
Tlniis.l.iv mill lull Hi,. fnlli.witig day
1... Pernio.
S  Heir. ..I AHu,liner, ami l.vumn
Lewis, nl IVilmet. .ne in i|„. city
llns week un.I uie stopping al Hie
Cosmopolitan hotel.
foil SALE—A good    s .ml hanil
h.il.y carriage.     A|i|ily bo* 814.     :i
Kl.l.-.ly woman, English, wauls
nlncc as conk or hel|. in hoarding
house or    iirlvnto liimily,       Apt.lv
I Ilia 111 ollioc. n
Snioko   the    British   Linn nml     lie
h'H'I'V. 111-121.
Mrs. .1. li. M.'llii.le le'nr I   from
the e.iasl   yesterday,  whoro she      lias
1 li visiting liei ilniiirblor  Edith' for
lhe past month,
WANTED—Sltnntlon liy      young-
lady lo .In housework in private fani-
II)'.      Apply by   letter I,.    bos ins
Cniitbrnok, I!, r. |;
Fran VnnDeenr rol.iri.nl from   the
eoasl yostorduy anil slopped oil a
dav, hefnre going nn |n bis |„,m,. i„
Calgary  In-ilay.
N ('. SIcKinstrv sold an Indian a
horse lasl week for $135, That
shows thnl lhe Indians ale al.nni onl
ol horses when Ihey pav n while ni.in
ihal nmonnt fnr one.
Kill! SALE—Fireproof warehouse
ii.niLI.it cheap. Apply Kink Mcrenn-
llle Co., Ltd! 3
W7e nre o-etHncy the ..".l"; •'• t-iuieiihon was cniini   io
WC   ail, gelling  UK hledlclno Hal    lasl week l.v. Hie ser-
. . .       Inns illness ol her sister, Mrs. A. W.
trade ot parents who&,I'll,, ,,5";s; ||i'«,;fi" »«« ..,--
i I i.tinimiiieii by her son. Briiee.
IV. .1. Allan anil E.-'-j. Eltzpntrlck
nl Marysville were al Ibe Cosmopolt-
lan Saturday.     Thev were here    in
lie cclohra-
discriminate in favor
tremes, there is not aj0" youthful  ClothingIK £ 2i_. *""'
H.      .1     .      I _L   ■ WAN'TED-A    bright In
at   but   bears   the
stamp of style and
newness. Our Hats
are built with material
that is gaining for us
the reputation of selling the best Hats ever
sold in Cranbrook.
bright bov for mes
of rJilfirter    Th»* flWfr ?e?wjr   .sol'^ce at    the     commercial
OI  CfiaraClcr.    JL UC aicrttlclc^mpli oftlce.    For imrtictilnrs np*
ply to .I. Ncilson, agent. -l
Wb linv.' .'xtrn facilities this your to Imiuili-
HVM, iunl nri' in n position to quote
Soo us before yon insure, We handle solely
< '.-i M.-K I in ii riiiii|i,uiii's currying full Qoviirn-
in.'ill ili'in.ails.
Deal Estate
is very scarce. We have enough
in stock and to arrive to supply the
family trade with
Phone No. io
P. BURNS «L CO., Ltd.
There is nothing to
equal a
Hansen Glove
for Railroad and Mill
Men. They are made
soft and pliable, will
not bum, and do not
get hard after wetting.
You can wash them
with soap and water.
The Prices are right,
and every pair is
fully guaranteed.
We lake as much pride in
Underwear Department
as we do in the others. This
section invites to a selection in
Men's Fine Springwear
and good taste to their fullest
extent. Of the many lines we
carry, the famous
Stanfield's Underwear
is conspicuous by its completeness and for lhc beautiful, fine
quality of the materials, and
the excellence of workmanship
and finish. It's a pleasure lo
wear Stanfield's.
An ill-fitting pair of
Shoes are not only
troublesome, but they
will not wear half as
long as a perfect fitting
shoe. Here we fit your
feet perfectly, give you
Shoes that will please
you as to style, and
give you com fort in
their perfect lit.
young men and boys
hereabouts show decided preference for this
store, because they
know our Clothing is
typically different from
the usual. This spring
and summer showing
of ours includes the
best Canadian makes,
which are confined to
our selling. The materials, tailoring and
finish are absolutely
to be relied upon, and
it is better known
every day that
Our Prices are the
Lowest Possible
for anything like equal
When in the Underwear
Section, don't fail to see the
new goods in the Shirt, Tie,
and Hosiery Sections.
II. .I. Lowes, li. T. Howard, w. 0
l.ainl. Henry Sail, T. li. SleLellan
ami If .I. Smyth, all of Movie, were
ani.ine. llie main- guests a! the l'..s-
inonnlilnn Stolidity,
l-'i.-l .li.hnsi.n, nf Wv.-Iin'c; T. It,
Mnran, i.f Marvsiille: Si, II. Millian
nf Pernio. Prcii A. Dalles, nf Vnn-
enuver: were registered al lhc Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
I'ev.  J,  P.   Westtnan     is expected
In.iiie on Saturday ami    will enmlu.-i
'S  iu  Hie  Methodist  church
nexl Suiulav, h.ilh morning anil even-
IVANTED-GIrl   fm general    house
ivork.        Apply   .Mis.   Chas. Sfngoe,
Cranlirook, B. C, i-2t*
IV.       P.     Tate    leaves    to-mor-
row     (Friday)       fnr     Mail I     nn
watch Inspection trip anil Ihen
will en on In I.ell.hriili!.' fnr a short,
visil with bis son Boss.
llev. Wilkinson, nl the English
church at Fernie, was among the
visilin.s Odd Fellows last Mon.lav
evening anil remained over until Ttics"-
ilay afternoon, lhe guest of Rev,
Flcwelllitg, nf Christ church.
Col. Henderson ami wife canto over
from llieur ranch near Fort Steele
lasl week anil visited Crnilbrook
friend's for a few .lays.     The colonel
contemplates   moving    lo Cranio k
FOR SALE-Tomnto plants, shlp-
inenl and quantities as required. P.
M. Black, N'elsnll, R. C. 4
if ynu are building a homo vou will
need a good, reliable furnace. We,
•ne prepared lo prove to ynu that lh.1
Sunshine Furnace is the best hot air
furnace for your needs that you ean
buy.—Patmore Bros.
BOS' WANTEU-A live boy with an
hoiust desire to learn a remunerative
trade can secure a .situation al this
office.. No drones or expeiinionlnlists
wan led.
111. Watt was in (own Tuesday anil
Wednesday. The doctor, as immigration inspector, has .been transferred
In Kingsgate, as the travel frniii the
Northwestern States is chiefly over
Ihe Corbin road since passenger traffic opened.
D. K. Evans, of Pineher Creeki, and
Miss Paulino Evans, of Ihis city, rc-
lunieil yesterday from New Westminster, where tbey went to attend
llie funeral of Daniel Evans, whn was
killed in lhe train wreck on the V.,
V. A-  E. two weeks ago.
WANTED—Waiter at once. Apply
Canadian hotel, Cranbronk, B. C. 4
.1. II. McTnvMi is the latest arrival at the -Cosmopolitan Irom
Prince Edward Island, having arrived
from the potato plantation Tuesday
last. Sit. SIcTavisii says hundreds
are leaving the island ami coming lo
lhe Canadian west lo make iheir
Inline, nil being skilled farmers.
Fill!   SALE-TWO    cows in pinlil
.nul nne in calf; also good bull.     E.
, I Anderson,  Valley   Ranch,     Wardner,
ill. c. 5
The .Spokesman-Review of yeslor-
j.lav contained a notice ol the death
..III. E. Williams, chlel ilcspatchcr
lui lhe Spokane'A Inland railway iu
.Spokano nn Monday. The deceased
was formerly a •despnlelicr at Havre,
where he was well known by E. A,
! Hniiii. now   ili'spalii-cr     in ihis city
ami .la s .McNeill.
j   FDR   SALE-Two     resiliences   at
, very low price.' Apply Fink Mercantile. Co. 2
I    E.   A.   Cllllllingbiilil,  nl  Lethbriilgc,
I was in     town tile first ol   the week.
I \lr. Cunningham is one ol ll'e     best
i know ii citizens ul the prairie cilv anil
l~l..t- cfnrl- nl T aHltte    is always saying a good word fur Ins
UUr SlOCK 01 L.aUieS   j,,,,,,,,, ,„„„      h,, SilJ.s tlin-t on    Ibe
tnli of Ibis    month   llie pcopic w
F„ and a
ore those i
.. It A KB,
di, al	
IIiiK. iiii.I a length nl GARDEN
anvtliillg willi lus ganlen or luwu,
■Holes al
J. D. McBRIDE r«Ki*
ami gel the best.
Calgary Cattle Co.
-'HONE 45
You will always find the very best in
Aleats, Game and Pish
here.    And what is more, your orders
will receive prompt and careful attention.
li. C.
i-,i;,(SHC.Ei, .-rt
and Children's Shoes "»..lta "l""""v"''""'"'""";
The "Invictus" and
The "Barry"
will fill all of the above
4                            '                                                                                              'big crnwil In lhc lown.         I lie people
,TT , ,   ,       }c   rnmnletC.       Ou«ol Lelhliridge know how ti lebrale.
We make a specialty I1'' compic*.*..    wm ^tlUsllL1   clgara
\ ,   . .  I smoked In British Columbia than any
of   Heavy Shoes forces are right, and,
working men.
We guarantee the jth* qualitY is Suafan" !£ J;,
.le and thai there will he
big c.rmv'i! in lhc town.       The people
one brand made.    Why? 49-12
j   ll. II. Thompson, the solicitor, left
,,, i<        ,_  l_    liHdny Im Stillwater, Minn., and on
like   all     Other    gOOflS, nexl THumlny ho will he unit n
ilnalliage  to   Miss     Proctor of  that
Tile     bride and   groom will
several   eastern    cities for
d.ling nip. returning in Crania 1 ' l     J        DI   -,..■      t«*.      ..„ ! hroi.k about tbe lltst nl .lime.     Sliss
quality, and you pay teed,   riease   lev   usiprocior. wm he most pi-nsniitiy re
a less price here. show you through.
iiii-mlit'trtl hv  Hit* niiiiiy I'lirii'ls    sto
uiiidt*   mi Hit!   occasion    of lit*i two
vis Iti-to tills city.
!!B. H. SHORT <& CO.
The Painters and Decorators
Lxirj-e -Stock of Latest Designs ami Colorings
in Wall Papers
All. WORK UllAKANIIilill
; Plionc III      AKMSTRONO AVENUE  P.O. Box,J" t
\  <lA L. McDERMOT
Wholesale Wines, Liquors ami Cigars
POItlOKIN  LH'I'iiKS. Si'||LIT/, UUI'ill,
"\u person shall at any lime wilh-
...ii previously obtaining a permit
iiniii ll..- Chlel Fire Engineer, make
any li.inliie or oilier largo lire iii any
field, yard or open space"—Bylaw li,
sell Inn 2II.
No permit will be given lo burn
rubbish or make an open lire within
lhe city fire limits.
The penalty ol  Infraction ..(    lhc
above bylaw Is    a line of *lOH    and
ousts or twn uinntlis Imprisonment,
,l. I'. Fink,
Chiel Fire Engineer,
'' Th. heading Fruit SI  J
Aiiiving li.-.la.v: -
llll iillA llll
IHillllH'sK I.K.r'tl'.'l;
| | PI « 7S     •     Armstrong Ave. J
, *********************


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