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Cranbrook Herald Feb 16, 1911

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Array '■<>* iaKisktlt
til n,
2 uj
We ute woll  equipped  u
turnout ihe beet class
ol work
I!*. 0- C
Io ths Hsrsld Fsys-Tiy
Our   Local  Columns
llh. a line
VOT.U.MJC   18
CBAXBUOOK.,   KlUTISU   COLUMBIA.    I'll l HSDAY, KKlilll Al! V IC. Iill I
>'<). 52
Pioneer Lumber Company of
Crow's Nest Pass
Among   llir niiiiiy  lun
coma wlilcli Imvu mndo
tlie progressiva ludimtrli
tin- Inturloi ol liritisli (
Kast Koolciiu) Liinili
Limit e'd, stands oul pi
thr oldest id (ho pinned
"Crow," uml ii hrlel oi
history, muy,    pei'linps,
oliimbln, Tin
i Compntij
iminu'iilh iv
Iii in.; un Iln
iilinr ol Ilu
possess ii
more than passing Interest tu ilu
readers id ilu- Weslorn Lumberman,
tu many of whom, no doubt, tin- personnel ol its directorate uud manage*
ment are known
Starting,operations In 1807, with a
small mill ut Cranhrook, lie , under
tlu* name ami stylo of Tin- Cranbrook
Lumber Company, Limited, wilh the
late Mr. Archibald Lelteh, a lumberman of wide and varied experience, as
inanager, the mill capacity and work
inn force    at their  command,   wore
soon taxed to the     utmost  tu meet
the ever Increasing demand for     the
manufactured   product o[ the practically    virgin   forest, id   whieli they
lu-ld a large and   will timbered aire,
in elose proximity to their saw mill.
In 1899 a seven* blow was sustained by the loss of thc mill ami entire
plant at    Cranbrook by fire,     Nolli
ing daunted,   however, and with   his
characteristic    energy,    Mr. Leitch,
hardly walling tor tin- embers nf the
fire to    cool, at once made arrangements for the erection ot a new mill,
und within a few   Weeks sawing wus
resumed    with    a larger and belter
equipped plant than before,    To such
purpose uml such energy did the management exert    themselves, that, in
the   course    uf a few  years several
temporary    mills    hud been erected,
large and   valuable tracts nf   timber
acquired, and   the operations oi   the
company Increased to such an pxtenl
as to   necessitate re-organlzatlon on
a larger scale.     In 1002 this wus rd
feeied by   the   formation of the present comfbny, With Mr. Leitch again
at the helm.      Sawmills, with theli
attendant holdings,    were purchased
at Moyie and .lafliny, ami in |0O1 an
additional sawmill was erected      at
Uyan. thirty-five miles wesi tM Cran
brook.     In lflft7 lire again destroyed
llm plant ui     Cranhrook, the offices
and stalT being    transferred lu .Ial
fray, at     which polnl the headquai
ters of the company have since     re
malncd,     A small mill tV4s put iu at
Loco, about six miles mil nl    Cranbrook, lo ileal up the timliei remain
ing iu tlmt district.
The phim at ilndra; consists ol
one double cutting band mill and
planing mill, with a i.i na. 11 x ol
1)0,000 feel pel day, situated on the
margin ol a small natural lake,
which serves the purpose ol ponding
the logs, which .hi broughl bj log
ni ni; train   Irom a distance nl     one
tO   flVe    Utiles The   t [impOl J        VMS
und operates nboul twelve miles ol
logging railway, with Its equipment
of engines, ear*-, and ntliei   * i< ilitles,
a -special dinner being held for this
muler lhe name ul Tin- East Koala
naj Logging Uallwaj Company
The mill ai Loco is a rotary, with
a dnil) capacltj of 10,000 reel. There
are no storage facllllles for ihe lumhei, which is shipped as fast us
The  Ityan     plalil   is   also composed
ni a rotor)  mill, with a capacity of
811,  feet    per iluy.    This mill    is
also kept busy during the season iu
filling orders ror timber uml other
lines of lumlier which arc constantly
pouring iu from railway companies,
provincial governments, firms und Individuals. Kxcclleiii driving [acuities nre available here by the Movie
river, un which this mill is situated.
Being located on lhe main line of
life Crows Nest branch in each case,
with excellent natural advantages iu
addition to good trackage, there is
every prospeel for a bright future lo
encourage thc administration.
The present holding of the company comprise about one hundred
thousand acres, with an estimated
total of 1,000,000,000 feel of saw
limber, all of wliich is of easy access
lo suitable streams or railway nc-
commodatfon, During the sawing
season the daily output for ten hours
Of the three mills now in operation
is 160,000 feel, and the company are
contemplating the erection of a large
iml up lo-tlalt- mill und plant on thc
hunks uf the Knolenuy river a few
miles west of Jaffray.
During the sawing season a force of
miij live hundred men is maintained,
wilh an average monthly payroll of
130,000. The winter season Involves
in almost similar outlay, when log-
;lng    crews   an* sent   into the woods
md contractors engaged to gel out
he necessary logs for the following
enson's cut, thus rendering this
oncern an important medium of clr-
nlatfon m the territory covered by
*   operations
/. largo ami well assorted slock ol
huh i lass pjne ami larch lumber, in
excellent shipping condition, is now
piled out ai ihr .laffray mill The
planing mill, which has lieen tempoi
at ih closed for repairs, will shortl)
In- put Into service again, when n
brisk movement ol this stock will
take;place towards thc prairie proi
faces in response ij> tho orders which
are alrcad) being placed to meet the
in aw demand thai is anticipated foi
hnildini! material during the coming
The managemtnl ot the Mast Koc
tonn) Lumber company, Limited, is
at presenl undei the direction "i
Malcolm Leitch, ol Oak Lake, Man .
as president; \ K. Leitch, n sou ol
the laic Archibald Leitch, o! Cran
brook, as raauagcf, while I. s
[hum i: loflray, B C . siiii holds
the position nl secretary, anil also
has charge ol the sales department
II Ushylmu, n Japanese, foi metlj
o( ihis elly, is wanted b\ the \l
Iterta police on suspicion nf having
murdered his wife, a white woman,
named Louise Marquise, but common
Iv known as Babe Vdams, and her
paramour, r young white man, num
ed Jink Ersklnr     Thc alleged mm
del oc.ni red at T.ilui l.cl Monda)
liijjlt I'sliyjnifl     lived      hi »
time ago ami loi ■■ while worked al
Kata's mill, his wife worked n ■■
waitress at one ol thc Japanese res
tumunts There is tm prool that
I'shyima committed the murder, bul
be was known in have been madly
Jealous of lus wife and the lad that
she has been living ol late v llh Jack
Vrsklno, Is thoughl i" have prompted
the Japanese tu tho houhlc killing
When found both bodies were riddled
wiib bullets
Leather seat diners, set ■■■ t, tl«
-c. C  s
Cranbrook's scnloi hockey ag| ri n
tion did themselves proud al Nelson
last Monday evening, holding lhe
West Kootenai champions down In
tine shape, and whilst they failed to
score as many goals as the Nelson
boys, they gave Ihe (jueen Cltj play
ers Ihe hardesi run for their money
they have so far experienced this sea
While the local boys did not dish
up quite their besl game the Kasl
Kootenay silverware holders played
splendid hockey, says the Nelson
News, and nave Ihe Nelson aggregation n hard mutch, which provided all
kinds of entertainment for the hig
crowd of fans who lined Hie arena.
Archie, Harry and Kddie Bishop pill
up a splendid n-lii while Lt-s Steel
did good work on llm wing. Prank
Patrick worked luiidei than evei nnd
as usual seemed to gel through his
opponents pretty well when lie liked,
though he hud a lot uf hard luck    in
missing ihe nol Lester didn't begin to shim- much until the last
period, when In quick succession he
tallied a couple of well deserved
Pot He v tailors McWha, Cranbrook's lankj captain, and McQrcgor
made .1 splendid showing, while Mc*
Maims in goal proved a towei of
The game wasn't as clean
.1 . II might have been, a ntimboi of
players heing senl la thc fcni 0 i"i
dlrtj work
the line np:
\ii 01 Cranbrook
fttdii   Bishop MrMinui
Prank Pal 1 hh S,ma
Lester Patrick Kelt)
Archie Bishop McWha
Harry Bishop        . McGregor
Left Wing
Les Steel      Thrasher
Right Wing
1:   M   Hulnicr   Connolly
(in Kiiday night last, the Shops
did up the Ramblers by a score of I
to ■• The gamo was an exciting
one from start to finish, In the
tirst twenty minutes Ihe Shops scored three goals to 0. In the second
twenty McGregor took Small's place
on Iho Ramblers and within five minutes rolled up three goals for his
side, hut iu the meantime the Shops
hud scored ugalll, giving them victory
j by a score of 1 lo -i*
The   Nelson   Intermediate  hockey
team,  champions   of West Kootcnn,
; will piny Cranhrook Intermediates nt
the   Arena    rink    this   (Thursday)
evening.   ...
j   On Saturday nlghl lasl the    local
juniors met the youngsters of Movie,
'on Ihe Arena rink, ami did them up
wilh a score of 2 to 0.
Cranbrook a Wholesale Centre
Prospective Establishment Within City  Limits of Several
Wholesale Houses Favorab!y  Commented Upon
Reciprocity and the Lumber Industries
of Canada
The prospective early establish men I
in this city of u wholesale grocery
house, as announced in last week's
Herald, has called forth a great deal
of comment, altogether favorable Ui
such a departure
Representatives ol wh ilesulc
houses, who visit t'ranbrook regularly, express the unqualified opinion
that such a move is bound to result
favorably. They are of the opinion
that Cranbrook is the logical distributing center of iho entire Kast Kootenay district and some of them do
not hesitate to say lhat once the
wholesale grocery Is in operation
there will be no more need for thom
to visit this section.
In another direction Cranbrook is
rapidly branching out and from present indications the time is nol far
distant when this city will he the
headquarters ol an extensive whole
sale nnd retail men's clothing manufactory*
Mr. A, C. Pye, who has had long
and varied experience in this branch,
is greatly impressed with the pons!
bilities o(   the     wholesale tailoring
j business in this se< Ho lie is nl
I read) conducting 0 ,en extensive
land rapidl) expand in tailoring bus!
ness Mis large stall I .killed rail
prs having heen furlhei increased this
: week by the addition I throe expert
cutters from Scotia * Mi |»ye
J Duds thai the ad van t a ■■ uf having
■ clothes made \o , .- .isure, on the
(spot, so lo say, appeals slronglj lo
j lhe men iu the numerous '.imps Mi
butary to Cranbrook I'rices are
1 us low and'even lowei than hose
quoted by representatives of eastern
houses, und with the ndded advanl
ages of Inspect ion ol stuck and alterations to suit Individual tastes, the
local factory    can come prettj elo.se
I to corralling the trad  the    ills
j trlct. It is n trade of no menu pro
J portions and means leady employment for a largo numbei of huhlv
paid, skilled meehantei
In this connection and in course nl
lime there is prospeel ol the whole
.sale tailoring 'factor! heing Kiippte
meiited by u wholesali shirt factory.
Mr. I've has been in the shin maun
faclurlng business und knows it tbor
ouglilj lie is convinced lhat Cran
brook nun sliorll) become h prom
utile location fm a shirl faclorj and
lu- is read) lo branch oul when the
opportunity ohVrn
The Tayloi Milling nml ttlcvnioi
com pa ii), . manufacturers ol the
"Pride ol Alberto" nnd "Mother's
Favorite" Hours, is nnotbei whole
sale house that has picked upon
Cranbrook us the logical distributing
point for South Kastern British Columbia This linn has secured
quarters on Hie (' |\K. limits, west
ol the freight sheds, and will be prepared from now on to till all orders,
largo or small, for (toui. feed ami
It is u little earl) jusl yel lo uaj
much about the proposed match i.i*
lory, hul the llorald will nol be
found far oul when II sav- thai
In-fore many months elapse buildiii -
will he under way foi  bousing        ,1
e plete,    up to date modern  match
factory, .lust watch Crunbro A
grow ami, incidental!). nevi 1 over
look au 'opportunlt) of doing a
little legitimate boosting      !:  pat
Provincial Revenue
And Expenditure
Through some carelessness at Vic- Hu- present status ot ihe provincial tbnl the government propose to
toria or delay in the mails the ofll- I finances, bul a glance .11 lhe follow- [pond the accumulated surpluses *>'. le-
clal estimates for 1011-12 have not ing figures show "thai flnnmtally cent years during llic ensuing <:■■*'■■-
yet come to hand, although lasi 'Su- speaking all's well willi it •' and months on public works Krom piiv
turday's Victoria Colonist contained I that iu the matter of appropriations ale sources we have been ad.i --I
the following summaries of revenues j Tor public works, lhe government .that ihe, appropriations for l rat
and expenditures. It Is Impossible, have made liberal provision From [brook district will exceed SlOll.ufbi l \
therefore,   lo   discuss at any len-i'ii  such   figures as   we have, ii appears   a substantial amount
Kali male
Dominion oi Canada . .....   .           .'               ... .
.   .   .<   583,076.011
* -680,151 lllj
Land .Sales ....                                   	
..... 1,11m.nnnim
2,000,000 U ;
Land Revenue     	
200,000 bu
survey Foe!, 	
15,000 I'll
Timber Leases             	
„..,,....      76,000.00
85, 1 111)
Timber Licenses                     	
1,800,000 mi
Free Miners' Certificates                  	
■m.i ■
1,11,uon uu
8,000 on
35,000 on
l.». ,00
Law Stamps	
25,000 'ei
sale ol Government Property                                    	
1,000 mt
Kegistry Fees   ...           ...           	
150,000 00
Marriage Licenses	
Revenue Tax                                     ....      ....     	
Real Property Tax .....
100,000 DO
Land Taxes—Wild Land. Coal nnd Timbci  Lands	
170,000 00
"Dyking Assessment Act, 1005," (Interest on fixed capital) .   .
100,000 mj.
Tax on I'nworked frown Granted Mineral Cla.tns   .
(0,000 00
Tax Sale Deeds 	
1. J IJ 1
10,00*0 Oil
1,000 Ofl
1,mm in*
I.l Ml
300,000 UU
Traffic Tolls (New Westminster Bridge)
25,000 00
22,000 "ii
Reimbursements for Keep ol Prisoners 	
1,000 un
Interest on Investment of Sinking Funds       ...
60,000 00
fl5,00fl 00
Interest, Miscellaneous	
Chinese   Restriction Act (Act 1881, Dominion Statuti
.... ..     200,001	
25,000 Ofl
Lou Scaling Foes 	
25,000 ""
25,000 110
10,0* ■
F* ,000 Old Bfl
jg.ma mi m
si MM.\in in* ! ''.I'Kvurn 111*
In tin* summsrv of the main estimates ol expenditure, tin* comparative Rhnttfns, is
Public Debt                        H10-1I 1011 i-
Clvll Government (Salaries)       >  911,7111.11 '  M;,»r,o.ii
Administration ol Justice (Sa.nrlcs),                  .                    150,143.00 »ll,1
Legislation              101,19 1 1.330.1
Public Institutions (Maintenance)     00,(10.00 71,01	
Hospitals ami Charities   n salaries)                                            151,003.00 1'1 101 IKI
Administration ot Justice (other tlm                            133,100.00 107.350.0(1
education    '.     101,55  333,85	
Transport     745,7*11.0(1 318,0	
Revenue Services*  17,000.00 OH,	
1'ubllo Works     15,000.00 15,00	
Miscellaneous   1,350,803.00 5,507.90	
510,450.00 3,101, ".J '.;
> ,   	
Total                                                   17,738,357.11 (11,035,380.7 3
Tlio supplementary voles ol this session aggregate tl 008,307 II, .,*. compared wllb   31,381,303 10 voted bj
lhe house Inst session, while tho dotall Public Worsi (ole rontrnsts with liml ,.i run n thus;
1010 11
Works and Buildings ....'..  • 083,800.00
Government House  3,800.00
Roads, Streets,   llrtdges mnl Wlmrves  3,830,005.00
Subsidies lo Steamboats, Ferries ami Bridges .           . ... 10,100.00
Surveys and Improvement ol Lands., IKi,000.0
Contingencies  100,000.00
Suppli ntarles  15,100.83
Total   14,831,0951!
1011 18
11,09 ; 31	
!.;nj,i *
17,380 ii"
10,100 II
Tin* loll,
cussing Hi
In *s ol
The wrii,*i
major po
Inve oppi
ngri*ement on Un* pari ol Canada .
and one i-easi n given [oi opposing it-,j
adoption has been alleged thc crr.u j
Injun ivhirli will resull to the Ium i
berin   intiustn
Tlie h riter being .*ii^.*^.*.l in     thai '
business, iinturolly decided to    make '
 e <tudi ol Un* agreement in    so]
Ial     .i*   il
wing i.i
i copy nl a I
red   in t
In* columns o
, nf February
ic iimim
ml ii lo Uu*
lull*.11    i
1 nn lull.*i . ni
I   ..**,.**
en's association:
■u.il-.   Interviews
. .nni news i
i.i!  in  \
oui columns,
ed reciprocity
IIOV,  I.i ii
re Un* law-mi
In* two f
■i lias
i-*l ih,*
(oticcd Unit
said publlcal
adoption ol
im- all of thc various schedules, imt
lie is satisfied thai our Canadian representatives have shown themselves
to he wry astute diplomats iu so for
as tin- lumbei schedules ure concKU-
'ji They secure a valuable market
for their home sawmills and In return give nnt hint;.
The lumber operator who is not
pleased at the prospeet of having
-neh a market as that of the 1 nited
States thrown wide open to Ium
must be afflicted with a permanent
A summary of the agreement shown
lhat ii it should po into efleet on tbo
basis ui business between the t\*o
couutrles during the last fiscal year,
the t nited States would surrender in
duties 54,819,933, while Canada
would surrender ot hei revenue
53,560,579.01 It would therefore
appeal from ihe last two items that
uur Canadian commissioners carried
o his particular I theli astuteness Into other schedules
\ eopj  of thc agrccmed   as well as those ailccUng the lumbei
und all tl n   nmdeiice between  Industrj
the.  mi    :, representing     the     " 's otir    firm opinion that      the
'''■" powers '-.I-- been procured and al   afUnuancc ol the proposed agreement
tei a L-arel i the facts l!"  "■  r*" high contracting powerx
germani   - tion      i    to at iv'1'li *il''1 millions of dollars to     tbo
to be about as follows: ••'■'■   <' the timber areas and      tho
I    ' ndei bei presenl laws, Cuaada   lunibei manufacturing plant.*; m lint-
admit ■ ;.■■      il •■., all lumbei »Hkb ! lvii Columbia
hns uoi    been    further manufactured      li""'*' '- no    d-mbt   a strong effort
thuii planed on one side      VU .inuji-!iM-'"-- wade hy the    lumber interests
oil lumber and *      [cneralh   "' the United States lo defeat      the
an- admitted on thc pay men i   f     0  affirmancv ot the arrangement       be-
dut] * i : *   . fori the I"  s  congress     They    fear
'l i ■ ■■   ■ • '-     .   ''•    competition of Canadian lumber
lu the presenl law       'h'"11 -markets       As foi myself I
"saw I    -,:  D°ly *•) In conclusion that 1 am
boards a: present   concerned over the prob-
bei .   m .',_■ • . tl an j ability oi the   defeat of the airange-
i will be admitted free U-    ■   '■    *i-:fh 1  would consider .. de-
would --.n. however, thai tbi  . :'1'"^ blow* io n C. lumber Interest!
lav iHow •'■ ■  ;-.
Victoria, H  c
J. 0.
Feb   )
i amero
The Victoria Colonist publishis the
portal ion
side duty ardlesi
i.il agreement
'  rill law- ot the
'■ '•■■'■ '■ " ■-■■■; tl :'     )»■: [following despatch from Ottawa
■;.i b     British Columbia lumbermen are to
h ('"lumbia. arid j withdraw    practically all opposition
■  in ai< ■*..*.: to '!.<•    rctiprocitj   agreement   with
' nited   States, sV.vord.ne tu    .i
U, when dress d statement   made    b> .lohn  Hendry.
The duty on shingles   *. i..--president of   the ranadian l.um-
i* now  50 cenl   pei  U   and       laths   bermen'i asscKiaticm        Mr. Hendry
j" rents per M [ts also vfee-presfdent of the Canadian
remit   Forestry association.    He said that
tiie duti gb lumbei   main   while be t!,:"'-,cht Canadians ought to
centi       bave been able to    indure Americans
H I2J pei  M ith        to let ''inaaia.T     shinjEles in tree, he
H   and the rati :■■!' that the    reduction of tho duty
shingles !o   ■' M from fifty centi>   to thlrtj cents per
The   Canadii al     pon    th   oand was si distinct gain.
.* show that thi       V   I). McKar, Tnanagins director of
following   . :.:,.; .,  -•.     thi  Canadian  Western Lumber com-
i *     pany  ownets    of the  second largest
the i nited 3 mill in the world, *t   New Westmih-
Uough Uml of  ■"*■   1st■-   sa>s    "The    British Columbia
* .it,'' gum   lumbermen
13,140,359   red   tiotn
ial nut, 126,566; :su'.
pitch     p redwood ]   It*.-
would benefit greatly by
mad<*   by     the    I'nited
( nited States shipping regula-
.'•quirifis:   tlir     use id United
;: .".. pboard     11,298
It I om the foi ■-■ ini   v,a*- - bottoms tor American lumber
f pitch pin    .-.v..   rar..*tiian5i an advantage In tb'
has reallj ■■■.petition with I California market equiralent to tl i
B   V   lumbei   al ithei  til bi     ■ •hou'-jnd on lumber
Imported wen   necewarj (or use    In j ■ ■' — 4'"'-
' . *        .
fai toi les ■   i n all]   no doubl
served to enlarge the usi
::    the    Wl    "
rn proi li •
The recoi Mi
nl '■• ■■*'   L*nlt*
.1 States I
•>:;:<"■ ■ nV   and
leal .     alu    II   80s ;■".,  dutv  .-■!
i.j '..1   i .: i !>:o    railroad
ties, wood plcltel     palinn
and pi', ii 1991,21 '   ifutj col
letted     *"   30    lath       131,823   M
valm  11,802 111 Heeled Jlll.-
M value II,-
;•.'■ .';. .I ■ nllected M-l.'vK.
00,511,000 i.-. ■ id finished lumber,
value tl lected
. ■   * t items ah-.'.
■    ■  tl.  ne«- Usi.
thr middle
10 i J-nts pel
i Inmbet about
■  .■
The writei had    feared thai .i i al
tab    in     Uie     dark, a lean  bodv
t in be Inflicted    on
; Canada      bj
..iiu. ,u ui lr   it, the  proposed agree
ment, jui   li        ■   the editorial and
.md tu us items
n ,ni ii, youi i alued i olumns recenllt.
bul   all- : "   '.   thi    lull  te\1
ul tlw o        ■     and ri ul 11 through
he natural!)  di i Ided thai  some mis
take had been made b) Ihmw     wh"
tiii been writing for the Colonial on
I hi     ih ei ■      The wrlti i has   been
unable  t"   (lu«l    In the agreement   a
:   article touching on
■ lumber, wherein    the
commissioner!! for Canada have made
I,   lor ihe many
tl mmlsslon
era f-.i Ibe i nited suites
The     vrttei  has nol  had tile  lime,
noi iii faot, Hn- Inclination, io ••sum
The agreement between Canada and
the United states for the free Interchange of natural products and for
reductions Of duty on a limited number of articles not Imported by ("an*
i.. In anj large measure from Oreat
itntam is impregnable on the material side, says 'be Toronto Qlobc. I*
is a bartcain that no Canadian got -
■ •,* -^r. -lflord to reje-M Of the
• anadtan Imports, totalling altofstb*
■ t over fortj millions, on which the
duties havs been removed or mater*
iall) reduced 'treat Britain sent us
lul yeai   a little  nier  «■!» million
worth and the I nit--d State-,
sent us not I«.s than thtcty*tWO mil
lion dollars' worth, in other worts,
thi agreemenl afh-ct^ artlelu la
win'.it elread) out imimis iron, the
: States are in the ratio "1 ti^e
to om bs compared with those irom
fir.-.it Britain, despite the fact that
the duties nn Hritish goods tn on an
avcragi one-third less than on similar good from the United states
Undei the nrw agreement, eseept as
tu articles Utal go upon the free list,
tin- British preference srtll be maintained s.-. that British merchants will
still be In a better position to do
hi-u..- than thole of the United
How. then, ran any one assert that
the agreement affect* harmfully the
Importation ol British goods by Canada' There Is not the remotest
reason foi suppnHing that the chief
lim-s of British c-iport* lo Canada
will he lessened one dollar's worth
under reciprocity Thi   Important
reductions In duly on imports into
Canada are on bltuminoui roal, ag*
rlcultliral implements, flnur, vegetables, cottonseed oil, Rsh, pious,
thrashing machines, rolled iron or
sleet sheet*-*, and motor vehicles.
ft'ontinocd en page time > THE   UBANBBOOK  IlJCttALI)
-JIIH-1 ............iiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiii»iiiiii»tittttiiitiitiit.iiiiiiimniiiiiii.itl
Seasonable goods al remarkably low prices. Alter slock taking we find thai wc find lhat
wc have many lines in fall, winter and staple goods that must be cleared out to make room
ior Ihe arrival of new goods. Ul. Will. NOT CARRY OVER QOODS TO ANOTHER
SEASON. Al the prices we have marked Ihem, Ihey will all go. Our purpose is lo make Ihis
sale a rouser.   Ile on hand early.
— quick,
nml  complete—is Iho
i*ms prico-culllng.
A lotal disregard
Hn* i
I'nst soiling—
l nml zealous linylng.
..I il
■ rl
imlipil   I'linnliti*.
In* i
■ plckoil "i
Sn l
omo curly.    Tell
I \l l/l   VI.I.KI)    V.M.I'Ks  IN
Ml mu Prints in slock, comprising
ninny new Spring Pal terns, iust in,
Mill In* sold ul iln* snme big reduction      Ml ai.    Knglish mnnulnetiirc
nnd *.* .ii-iiulili*
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nu* .*. lajc. poi yd
i.'*. I'leecc   Lined
nvear, in
and lighl   colors,
Canada [oi 11.50 n
Ul \M'l*: PRICK
|ll*l    Sllit
>l '*. I i 111 i-:s.s   \ M.I H     IN I*'LAN
NKI.I.KT'I l*:s
Elarl    medium und lighl colors    in
     i.i    patterns        QUALITY
in VII VN'I KKD.    Wl  or colored.
Ite ulm  15    pel nl
i I.l: \I: wn*: i'liici: I2jc. per yd.
HI    : i.,,    •'. i    (limes while they
I'll*. Ml Wei*: I'lilci: tl nu per pair
Kin   s\( Itll'ICE    nl'   WHITE
Hn. in .ill appeal In lhe musl
: buyers        These    sheets
clii i.i   qaalltj and   lull si/e.
' ;■**'!..
'li    i: \XCE iMtlt'K 05c each
Clothing Specials
Our Clothing Sales in tlie    past hnve been interesting
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Suits i.i Overcoats at these little prices.    Many patterns
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Vii un   |„ $23.1111 Suits lor  $10.00
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OVKKCOATS — All Ibis   Winter's   Styles—al    (live
A wny Prices.
Ladies' Suits
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\m\V   III.
Corporation ol" the
Cily oi uanbrooK
BYLAW \<>   .'•
■\ bylaw i«-    : i ■  thi    urn nl One
Hundred   Tl sand     Dnllara 1*100,
null mi) liy debentures i ■* the purpoai
nl installing nml .i.[,-.ir,' i!ni ,1 .■■.'
age >-\ sii iu tn and ii   tbi     . inll)  ol
till-   I'lll   J.I   l'|   ll
WH Kit KAN .t I*. Mr,..i, lias been
presented lo thu Munli-I : unci I >■■
tlu- Corpora! i- n ol tb t'itj .■:' < ran
brook, ; i. <i ),- thi m is ■>( ai
h-asi our tenth <>f thi •.. tm> o| the
rateable lain) * ..j I - rnta    in
Uu* said *">\\ i shov n b) 'St- lus'
Ite\isiil Assessment I toll, req ii I in
the said Council to Introduce a Hy
l.tu t<   roi p tin Hundred
Thousand Dollai ■ :■ " ' •■" ' *'j f".
the purpose nl ll tallti ■*■ .nut eon
itnictlng a * • • * i ■ ei li i.i in .md in
the vlelnlt) ol tin Cltj ol Cran
AM) WIIKRKAS i-1 thc purpose
■foresaid, it v. Ill be :. -, „t* In
home of Nli II i M ill' ■ *. I on
borrow 'tn- wm ol Due l' ndre.1
Thousand  I toi 11
AND Will i i \ ihe whole
amounl ol tin
proieinelits ul   Ih
ing tn tin-   Iqi t   I I
Kelt i*. 11,331
AM' Will.I'' ■
the eitstlng li bteilness
ol thr     i ny ■ ok Ir fl 13
am»   win
Council 1..J   '.    ■ tvs In
cnntr.i' tn..-    di I        h il rowlHK
money or othi ru i ■ and foi levying
rates for payment ol oi
the rateable lai
either or boHi, • ■ rati .;*>!'■ i, ii prop
erty o I the Munh Ipalit) loi any
piirpi'M- a it [on >*t lhe
Council; hm ,:. .      ^<it>$
debts. i-\< •■],• i, |im ,t| |m
proveuicnt   and loi posci
shall nol -A- ■■
a.e.) of    thc ;i   ■ led    ral     • •* thi
lands and   Improvi mi:i    ■ I  the real
property of the Municipality, accord
ins t.. tm- 1,1 ■   r* . ..   \»,   -Mtin
AMI WIIERKA.H   the     u    <■■ ■!•
ben tm-- Intebtedm      i'   Ihe ' 'tt) ol
Cranhrook,   olhi i than tlw
nevh fnr   worki ol local Improvement
nnd for icl I p rp   •        '•- \t I ID
ami wuciti \S It ' i.- requls
lie to raise annual!) bi rale the sum
.<] H320.30 to provide for a sinking
iuud to pay  tin-     Mid debt  anil lhe
nm ol $51)00.00 to pay interest.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal-
Council of the Corporation of thc
i it > ol Cranbrook in Council as
Kcmbled, enacts ns follows".
1 It shall ami may be lawful lur
tin- Mayor ol the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon
thc credit of the said Corporation.
hy way of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, from any prison or per
bons, body or bodies corporate, who
may tie willing to advance the same
as .i loan, a sum of money not ex
reeding in the whole, the sum of out-
Hundred Thousand Hollars l$100,-
nn" un) ami to cause nil • '•• h sums
ro raised nr received In be paid into
the hands uf Hie Treasurer of the
said Corporation, for the purpose
and with the object hereinbefore re
2 li shall be lawful lor the Mayor of tin- said Corporation to cause
any number of debentures io be
made, executed nnd issued for sueb
sum or sums as mny be required for
tin- purpose ami object aforesaid, not
exceeding, however, tho sum of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,-
000.00) ".oil ol tin* said debentures
being ol   tin-    denomination  of One
rhou .<iid Dollars ($1,000.00) and all
luch debentures shall be sealed with
!i. Real ol the Corporation and Ig
tied Ov tin- Mayor thereof
. The said debentures shall beat
date the Mii day of July, A I), fill,
und shall Im- made payable wil Inn
fort) years from tin- said date in
lawful money ol Canada, nt the of
Rcc* ut the said Corporation In
Cranbrook aforesaid, which said
place of payment shall tie designated
by the said debentures
I. The said debentures shall beat
interest the rate of live per centum
(j p.c ) per annum frnm the date
thereof, pay ably yearly at the offices
of the said Corporation in Cranbrook
aforesaid on the 3rd day ol July in
each anil every year during the currency (hereof and .shall have attach
ed to tln-m coupons fur tlte payment
uf the said interest, whleb coupons
shall be signed by the Mayor and the
signature to the said coupons may be
either written. Stamped, printed or
j llm im', the currency of the
aid debentures, there shall lie raised
annually by special rate on nil   tbe
rateable lands in the said Clt) ol
Cranbrook,   the    snld sum ol 15,000
fur payment of the said interest on
lhe said debentures, und tin.' sum uf
(1,320.30 for the purpose ol creating
a sinking (mid for payment of the
debt hereby secured, making in nil
ihe sum of $0,320.30 to be raised annually by special rate us aforesaid
during each uf the said forty years.
; 0. It shall be lawful for the May
or ot the said Corporation to negotiate ami sell tbe said debentures for
less than   par, hut in    no ease shall
I ihe said debentures be negotiated oi
; snld fnr less than ninety per centum
iCtO p.c) of their lace value, Including the cosl of negotiating the sale.
j brokerage and all other incidental
i 7 It shall he lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase nny
of the said debentures upon such
terms ns may be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof,
ur any part thereof either nt tlie
time of sale or any subsequent time
ui times, nnd nil debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancel!
nl and destroyed and no reissue ol
debentures so repurchased shall be
made in consequence nf sueb re put
;   8    This My law shall tnkr efleet on
and aftei the Kt day «( April, A I*
D    'Ihis DylaW may be cited       fm
all purposes us the "City of Cran
brook Debenture Loan Itylaw v»  s"
I    Head the 1st  and -ml tinu- nu
38th dny of April, 1010
Head   the     third  time nn  the
l.n ni February, toil
TAKE NOTICK thai lhe abore is
a line copy of the proposed Dylan
upon Which the vote of the Mmiici
polity will be taken at Ilu- Municipal
llulldlng, Raker street, on Puesday,
tin- 88th day ol  February, loll, h<*
tweeli the limits ol 'I o'cloek in     the
morning (in a.m. local time) nnd 7
o'cloek in thc evening (H o'clock p
in   local time)
Tllos M   R0RERT8,
Clerk to the Municipal Council.
tu iu ■ quality mnl
•■■ni,.'. li.(.in. - * M, i.'
"in:. Day mnl NIrI.i.
The Monarch Life
Head Office      •      Winnipeg, Canada.
asm llAMKS ISSUED Commuted amt *l,12a,980.(ii)
ASSURANCES IN FORCE 3,009,716*00 Increase 30 p.c
PREMIUMS (JN SAME      100,3511.(17 Increase 30 pc.
CASH PREMIUMS       75,29*1.15 Increase 51 p.c.
INTEREST       15,018.4*1 Increase IS p.c.
TOTAL CLAIMS ALL PAID (1)        1.1,635.10
ASSETS      302,l«;.00 Increase 111 p.c.
RESERVE (JN POLICIES      115,832.18 Increase 57 p.c.
(IROSS SURPLUS      183,K!i2.00
NET SURPLUS—Over all liabilities      83,177.00 Increase IJ p.c
INVESTMENTS—Thc Compan)' iias exceptionally riioiI facilities ami
organisation for investment ui tunds, all til wliich arc being placed
in tirsi mortgages nn improved Western farms. Tin* Company has
never Insl. a dollar on any ol its investments.
Kor every ttOO invested, the Company holds security tor 5120.
INTEREST—The average rate ol interest in l»0!i   earned hy llriiisli
companies was 1.31 per cent.; hy   American   companies,   4.0*1 per
cent; by Canadian companies, 6.41   per   cent;   by lhe MONARCH
i.il'K in 1000, (1.67 per cent, and in IHIO, 7.00 per cent.
'i'lu- Average Canadian Liic Policy amounts to 81,074, llie Monarch
I.ii,* Arerago being 82,885.
Tin* Company still maintains its reputation of securing Its business
ui ii lour expense ratio    'I'lu-Total Termination Irom all sources    Is
, \u edingly sinatl
\ complete cop) of tbe Annual statement,   Including a synopsis ol
the addresses ul lhe President, Mi     .1. T.   (lorilon, and ol   llic Vic,
President, Mr. N. Dawll, Is ol ini,-rest, and   will he forwarded to any
aililn ss upon request
i   i;   iluiili.ii i:   8, Popliam, Mil
S Uaull tl  K Carrulhcrs
(I  A  Charlton, M l>
.las  Murphv
II   IV   Kililin
I*: i.
I! .1.
II   I
Taylor, l< C
It, Rogers
.1   T   GORDON
Managing Director
II  Olto
ii. Ironside
.1. s. skinner
W IV. Stewarl
DAWI.F.      t:   I.   TAYLOR. K C
Seeretnrv ami  lelunry
.1   A. MACKARLANi:, A 1 \
C. U. Ward, District Agent, Cranbrook, K.C.
R. T,Brymneri rinnager Cranbrook Branch
Fatal Accident on "Flyer"
Hut il is no Accident tlmt Short's prices for tip-tn-
,lnlo WALL PAPERS nro cut in HALVES.
1011 MOW HOODS expected shortly, must innlti"
room fur them, First class paper nt practical);
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Armstrong Ave.
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Terms: $10 cash, $5 a month; 7 per cent interest.
This is positively your last opportunity at present prices.      Plan can be seen at our office.
PHONE No. 20
Cranbrook, B.C.
(Continued Irom page one.)
Then- are still Imports Irom Greal
Hritain under the Inst Iwo headings,
but everyone knows thai our Imports nf thc othei articles cnumerat-
rd have been—and nnrtei .ill tarifl
conditions that maj be put into toree
will continue to be—drawn from tht
United states
Why, then, arc Canadians told in
monster headlines thai lhe future ol
the nation is at stake and thai
"where there is no vision lhe peopli
perish " it wi are now buying moal
of thc articles affected by the agree
ment from the t nited States and
must rontinuc to tun them num thai
countrj loi tin- BUfllcirnl reason thai
(treat Britain does nol sell tbera*,
what is all the outcry aboul ' It
seems to he almoai ent 1 rei) ovei tin
sale «>i Canadian pn dm ta abroad
that the opponent], ol reciprocit; arc
disturbed, it appeal i to be pi rlecl
ly loyal to hu\ the grcnti i pai i ol
the goods wc Imporl dom the United states instead ol greal Hritain.
it would he consistent with loyaltj
in the eyes ot The Toronto News and
Winnipeg Telegram to reduce the dut
ies on farm Implements, which come
almost    entire!)    Irom   the United
States Hul in some mysterious
way the sale of um lish, wheat, ba
con. butler, fruit, hay, cattle, and
other natural products t<> the 1 nttcd
States is going i" make ua disloyal
The markel will be bo good thai wc
will not care anj longer to semi
these things to (ireat Hritain, ami
where our trade goes there will oui
allegiance go also
There Is not In history a single II
lustration of a nation giving up Its
identity as the result of increasing
trade relations with nn adjoining
people Hut tn this ease, the opponents ol better trade relations with
the United States assert, tho two
peoples are very intimately connected
by lies of race, language, ami com
mon Institutions, as well as geographically, and therefore the power ot
mutual attraction Is unusually great
ami is likely to prove irresistible.
The Olobo does not believe a word of
this, and while Indisposed to retort
in kind against those who see a
traitor tn every advocate of the
agreement, does got believe that the
Journalists who advance the annex a
tion bugaboo themselves believe what
tbey are suying
The whole fiscal history of Canada
dunng tin* forty-three years thai
have passed since Confederation
proves that It is not trade that holds
us to the empire, hut the conviction
of the people ol Canada that thc empire is theirs as much a** it Is the
empire ot the home-dwelling Briton,
if trade la what is holding us tn the
empire an) mathematician can tell
ns Jusl how long wc are going to
remain Hritish        Here an- the data
upon which tl aleulation maj    bo
based In I8i3, the tirst year after
Confederation in which full returns
were available, Caaada Imported
Irom Britain goods to thc value    ol
10(1,582,  and     i sported goods ta
thc value ol * 18,743,0(10 to Oreal
Britain In thc same year she Im
ported from the I nited States ar
tides to thc value ol -H7.73fi.00fl ami
exported 512,073,000 Ten years Ial
er the imports Irom Britain had dc
creased to (153,052,000 ami the ei-
ports had Im reaaed lo *17,1 15,000.
In the same yeai lhe Impoi is from
thc United States had Increased t i
■ .j*.j'. 1,000,     while   the exports had
shrunk to JI 1,(108,1      This tendon
. t continued during the period when
there was much talk ol annexation
rhere was ,i stead; Im rease ol ex
potts lo Great Britain, a decline ui
Imports Irom (iie.it Britain, ami a
simultaneous Increase j.( imports
from the Untied Slate**, coupled w.th
a relative decline ol csports to the
United stairs So persistent has
hit ii ilns iimteiMA thai whereas in
is, . 80 per cent nf Canada's Imports Irom Britain ami (ho United
states eame Irom Great Britain, tn
rim tins mark bad shrunk to about
tn pet rent nf lhe total imports
coming from these two countries, the
figures heing 105,550,000 from (Ireat
Hritain and $223,501,000, The exports to (ireat Hritain last year
wen- 1140,93-1,000 and to the I'nited
Stales $118,150,000.
These figures imlleale thai tbe
trade with the railed States lasl
year, Including imports and exports,
wns over ninety millions more than
with (Ileal Hritain. Now, if our
allegiance goes with onr trade, we
should he rapidly becoming a mil ion
of annexationists. That Is precisely
the argument of the opposition press.
Ilui what is the toot? At no time
in lhe history of the Dominion hns
sentiment In favor of union with the
United Stales heen so non-etlstent
As trade relations with the I'nited
States have increased and have he
mine  more   intimate there bun been
I less and h-ss talk of political union,
Kvery Canadian who knows anything
of thc eurrents ot publie opinion in
the Dominion knows this to be true.
What, then, ean we think of tho sin
ccritj of those who now raise tli<
cry that increase of trade with   the
.1 nited states will destroy Canadian
nationality? Tbey are Ignoring the
facts of history, they me traducing
the honor of a loyal people, thej arc
dragging their country's Oag through
■lie niiif for a miserable patty ad
vantage        it is   the time honored
subterfuge Ol the professional loyal
list, hut it will fail as It deserves t.>
tall The pride of Canadians in
[theli Dominion and Iheir loyalty   to
the world's greatest empire are   not
to he sold with their wheat ami then
Discussed in Legislature
ll   (      BREWSTER,   M I. \    KOH
In the legislature lasi week the
Tom majority attempted to put
through a resolution condemning thc
Fielding reciprocity measure, Although Ihf only Liberal in the house,
Mr. H. C. Hrewster, Ml. A Un A\
herui, did not hesitate to lake up
ihe cudgels in behalf nf thu measure
and made u very effective speech in
reply lo W 11. lluyward, the mover
of the resolution, and to linn. Price
Rlllson, the new linanee minister
Mi Hrewster, on thi- reciprocity
resolution, said be approached     the
question with u great deal of dilli-
ileiicc, it being nne of sinh magnitude
and so far-reaching in its effect. Ho
Could only give his personal views on
the matter, rather than put forth
auy policy which might or should be
adopted by any political parly. In
the east great -difference of opinion
prevailed ns to the merits ol Ihe
matter among members nf both parties. Conservatives nnd Liberals
were taking opposition views, men
in both parties supporting or opposing it. Kven in British Columbia,
and within that house, there were
Conservatives wbo considered Unit
the reciprocity arrangement wns nol
nil had.
The former treaty, existing from
IN 51 tn IRAN, was approved hy all
parties Reciprocity wns disiiissej!
in 1HI17, in IRfiR the first tariff after
Confederation contained a standing
offer ol reciprocity  with the Stales,
iu lbtiU Sir John Rose was sent as
a delegate frnm the Conservative gov
erti cut to Washington to endeavor
to bring about reciprocity; in 1k;o
the ofier was again placed in the
tariff legislation oi thnt year, in
1871 Sir .lohn A. .Macdonald, when
... aged in the negotiation nt the
.'inn.nt ta Washington to endeavor
about commercial reciprocity, but
nas unsuccessful; in t-%71 Alexander
Mackenzie took    Um- matter up, dts-
patched   (J w    Brown In Washing
I ni, snitl a treaty was drawn up
which Congress failed tu ratify, when
•in- National Policj eame to he an
i*-siie one nf ihe strongest arguments
used in its   support  was thai        ii
would In- a means ol forcing the
Americans tn agree i" reciprocity; in
1870 'In- lirst national policy tarirt
contained a standing offer of reciprocity which continued until 1896; in
ISOfi the new Liberal government
sent a delegation to Washington; in
1808-1) tame the joint high commission, ami now In 1910-11 we had the
latest negotiations The minister
of finance had led the liouso to believe Uie day before that this was a
Liberal police only, bul the same
party which Introduced the National
Policy which thai gentleman thought
so much of had in Its tariff an offer
of reciprocity nn a 11*1 very similar
tn that now before tin' country,    In
thoM- words:
"Any or all ol the following ai
tides, thai is to say, animals of all
kinds, green fruit, hay, straw, bran,
iccds i.f ..li kinds, vegetables (intituling potatoes and "ther roots),
plants, irees and shrubs, coal and
coke, salt, hops, wheat, peas and
beans, barley, rye, oat*, Indian corn,
buckwheat uiul .ill other grain. Hour
of wheat and flour of rye, Indian
meal and oatmeal, and (lour nf meal
t>f any other grain, butter, cheese,
fish (sailed or Bmokrd) lard, tallow,
meats Tfrcsh. cured ur .smoked) and
lumber, may he Imported into Can*
ada free ol duty, or at a less rate ot
dut) than is provided by this act.
upon proclamation of the governor-iu-
councll, whirh mav he tssue-d whenever it appears to his satisfaction
that similar articles from Canada
may he imported into the United
States free of duty, or at a rale of
duty not exceeding Uml payable on
ihe sain.' under Btteli proclamation
when Imported Into Cnnd-**.,*
It was ilear from iln- records that
ever since 18'>1 both pnrtlcs had been
desirous of having closer trade rein
tions with llie    United States    and
Electric Restorer for Men 1
PhoSOtlOltol KltofM every nerve in the bod]
"  aH '" tit proper tensi-m: rctti rea
vim lod vitality. Premature decay and all HXtu]
v -.-iltnr-i  averted it once.    Ffcotpboaol «
t 'Make yen a new man.   Price Mi bin, or two ( r
Ji.   MatleiltoaiivailiheM.  TtMSoobeUDruf
; (o.lS..<Mh*rin-»-*,ODt.
| Kor sale nt llentie, Murphy fc Co.,
had tried to secure u reciprocity
agreement, and did away effectively
with the assertion of the minister oi
liuance that it was one ol these
things which only a Liberal government would, and which with a Con
H-rvative government in power would
not be done. The matter wa-i now
in the position where tne government
of Canada had to consider it in all
its phases. There was a great ileal
of sounding brass in the Conserve
lives opposition to the arrangements
arrived at between the two countries. The Conservative party whet,
in power, had advocated reciprocity
uud tried to cultivate reciprocal
trade relation:,. Supposing there
was a different party in powei at
'Utawa what a difference it would
have made in the attitude of the
Conservatives here* The Iioiim
: would have heard no sueli speeeh then
from the minister nf finance, but
would have been told that thc
, "grand old Cnnservathe party"
'which had introduced the Natinn.it
■ Policy was now again making hi**
Itory, and that this was ii i latest
and greatest feat
j The Conservative opposition ai tn
law j had not taken the mattei up
uud adopted a Iim- of policy in re
sard to it yet. The members wan
ted fuller details and larger know
ledge of the feeling In the eountrj
The Hritish Columbia legislature
would have acted wisely to have
taken time to consider the question
in nil its branches and known more
of it, before rushing in in nu endeavor to make party capital against
the federal government. The minister of finance had hecu Ill-advised in
opposing a policy when his own par
ty friends had for forty years pasl
been in favor of it.
Time after time   Canada had made
overtures to the I'nited States with
a view of securing reciprocity, bul
every time its commissioners    came
back without effecting anything, Hm
after a few years of Liberal administration the United States ehnngeil
its attitude, nnd today was found
making the overtures whieh had led
up to measures to give effect tn reciprocal trade relations. And now It
seems to he tbe cue (or all good Con
»««,-».>*.»++4 <*>♦*♦♦♦«
A Good   Home
is what is dear to ewry man. A home
is where I'cacv. Comfort. Contentment.
ami Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"CranbrooV1 is mentioned think of the
provisions •Iou, Brault has made for an
i<j>.il home at the
Canadian Hotel
-%i^^_     f-( t  leach. 101*»S**5_" -*!----  f-TT^tosL2[ltawFrn_^BUi*t«n»thaa t«
  rtu-t !.-*,*.«. *-Lj;iaiTsrf».»»*i •!*«,'.    .
___ .       .-■■ *,;:***   aSMnfhfeBta
> I t art   ft ** *w.- wf* v- v»». M-i it'    ■ • *, *. -
-   »■   I-'.-rwsvscm ll t.   « it-tii-
nu 'iti t ..tsrtilrac..' .VaaUiiri Un*. ***$'l tl     |U»-<j.>   ■• * U ti*
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦~ ****** ' *l
I Send  the Little One }
P. BURNS & C0..Ltd.
**** ****************o*<
****** *********************.*>
♦ In.or*inrHi.4 1BSS
♦ Capital I'.iiil Up S6,2oo,ooi> Reserve $S,ooo,<<ii
♦ lotal Assets, Over $95,000,000
11. S, Hul.I', President
I'.. I,. PRASE, Gensrsl M.rtf"
. Oorporstlona snd Indlvidusls solicited.
* o.u-tif town 1.ii-iii,*-- receives every ntt*niion.
♦ SAVINGS DEPARTMENT -DsposIts ol 11.00 snd unwerde received
T sn i Interest allowed at current rale. So formality or .ltlay in
X withdrawing*.
X      A '...in*,a! Banking Bmlnesetransected
I Cranbrook Branch: I). I). McLAWS, Manager
l,****XO******»********0*0****f9*00t******O** (MIANBKOOK HKHJk.LV
By tbe Hernld   Publlsblng Company,
P. J. Deanc, Managing Kditoi,
CHANBROOK. R. C, February Id. 1911
/ifiji'-fv-ffiir *
The tirst volu on the reclproult)
agreomcnt bas been taken In tbe
Commons at Ottawa, resulting in the
defeat ol Mi Monk's amctulinent bj
u vote ol Tl lol)7, in a Bparnclj attended house It become! more np
parent daily Ibat tlie agrremi ill nil)
bo passed b) Llie Un rli an house,
despite all tin- ouli n ol ipeelal in
terests Tho real liciie-flls ol Ibe
proposed agreement from the Canadian point nf vlett aro heiiifl li gbi
out in stronger ligbl .1- the iIIhcuh
siuii   proceeds Kveii   lhe Hritish
Columbia frult'giowerB are liegim n,.
m realize thai Hum squealed too
noon, and the liimbermeii bine prac
it rally admitted tlial tiny have nni a
leg to stand upon in theii origlna!
kick against lite mensure Still it
is noteworthy thai Bomr provincial
papers, that will tu.! lake the pains
to study the proposed schedules, con
tlnuc to declare thai lhe lumbei In
dustry will ho ruined and thai it has
been offered up as a sacrifice lo Lhe
American lumhei I rum One pro
vlncial paper  says:
"Tin* proposed rcciprocih is a
stab in the bnek tu Hritish Colum
bla. our two chief Indus! I ie arc
abandoned without tbe leasl consid
oration, and we arc lell i<< the mern
of the American lumber trust "
We pointed oul la ;t week llial the
tariff changes do nol affect Canadian
lumber, save in su fai as Ihey re
duce duties heretofore paid on Ium
her shipped into the United States
No sane man. who knows anything
about the lumber industry in tin*
province, ean, in tin* face of this
fact, honestly continue lo argue tbal
the provincial lumbei Inclu itrj I.
threatened in any partlculai b) Lin
proposed tariff agreemenl Opponent
of the agreemertl apparent!) thin
that the average eleetoi will not
read for himself the tariff     hcdulc-s,
the full nmounl required, ll is nol intended to raise that sum right off,
but onl) such amounts ns are m ci
siity to Jimv mi tlie work from Him
ftl lime Kvery propert) "Wiici
should feel in duty llUUlU] lu cu I III .
ui her, vote iii favor of this bylaw
mi Tuesday, Februarj 28th.
Mi \. i'. Klumcrfelt, who is offei
Ing a 550 pri/e for the besl impel
In .1 provincial public school u idler on "Why and How Musl W'u I'm
teel our forests," In n ply lu i i ■'
tor asking him certain questions in
reference lo bis offer, says:
"Replying lo youi queries, 1 '1*'
nol lliink there should he anj limit
to lhe proposed lesson. 1 should
fancy thai n model lesson covering n
series would he desirable In anj
cose, 1 should entisiih-i tbnl llie
sintU Bhould be taken up by the
larger and senior scholars The rea
sun I do ii. i designate |u il whal lhe
length should he oi iln- nature "I Iho
lesson is i-iisih explained by llie fai I
tbal I do nol know whal is besl In
)>.- taught in the schools, .mil 1 pic
um< lhe teachers Uiemselves would
he bettei qunlllleil to pn s on     litis
Sundays-Low moss at K ■'" n m.
high mass, 10,30 a.ir... Uundiij sel. n
(rum Ll to -i p.m.; Rosary nnd Bene
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days jj! obllga
tion—Mass at s a.m.
Week days—Masi at i; n in nt tin
Kather I'lamondon,
Parish Prlust
basis, which was seconded hy Rev
r. 0 Alain, it was carried by tho
narrow margin ul six to live—the
moderator, .1 , Mow, ol Rossland,
giving a casting vote in favor,
The matter of dividing the Presbytery into Kasl and West Kootenaj
was again up, but if was considered
premature to take Ihis step, the east
being loo weak m iis number of or
dnined ehnrges. li was clear, however, thai the burden of overseeing
all tbe missions llelds vvas ton heavy
foi om- man, and for tbo purpose
the I'lvshyien was divided into two
sections, Rev. !■:. Cl, Robb, of Kaslo,
m be convener of home missions in
tin- wesl ami Rev V 0 Mam in llie
\ie\ S Lundie was relieved from
Phoenix, and Kev P. McNabb from
Trail. Rev L. Thomas will leave
Waldo nnd llaynes     Rei   -l   r'etgu
soil,  l> M , nl  Nelson, applied for folll'
iiiouthh leave t.( absence, which was
\ new mission held vvas opened at
Uulfoui. opposite Proctor, In conjunc
limi wilh \lnsworlh KnN Steele
will I-i- separaled from Wardner and
ivorked by Itsell wilh several adjoin-
it was aliiiosi exnctlj four Icon
years since Presbyter) last met In
Ki.jn, .mil iwo members presenl on
this occasion were also prescnl at
Uie former meeting, \i that lime
Kaslo was a booming, wide open
Lown, quite in contrast with tbo
deepy burg ii is ai present, Tlio
visitors were kindly hillettcd by their
Kasln friends and treated with every
(Sundav.  Feb    lillb.)
Services at  11 and 7 -in
Sunday sehool ami Bible classes at
At the evening service, ladies arc
requested tn remove iheir hats dur
Ing the sermon.
The Lord's Supper will he ml minis
lei.-.i at the elo.se of this service
Tuesday, Keh   lilst —Kpworlb I.i i
    te union ami   reception in    tin
i Ium li Au open invitation in i ll
young   men and     women is hear lily
hut  will accept  Iheii
'foi even   extended.     A good programme    hai
heen arranged    alter   which refri ill
ments will be   served, .unl the gj 11
nnsium thrown   open fnr garni  . i
The committee in   charge ure hoping
in see the largesl gathering ol j oi:
people iu the history of lhe lea
Thursday, Feb 23rd.—Mrs. II. A
McKowan will entertain al an altei
noon tea on behalf of thc Lai I
Aid, from l in fl.
Piayer service and social bom ut
Friday, I-Vh. 21th —Cboir practlci
at 8,
Next Sunday, February 36th, .
song service will be held in the even
Ing, when speeial numbers will be
rendered in chorus, duet and solo
particular. We feel confident Lhat
they wrongly size up tbo average
western elector, who will tie satislled
with nothing shorl ol first hand in
formation. In Uil hi lli I the Hei
aid published iln- schedule in lull
last week, and this week reproduce
from the Western Lumberman ii
table ol proposed i.mtl ehnn ■ . u
affecting lumber, for the enlighten
ment of those who will rend into tbr
proposed agreemenl what ii tint*, not
(Mi Tuesday, Februai v ixth, rop
erty owners will be ealled upon to
vote for or agalnsl the bylaw t
raise $mfl.nun foi sewerage purposes
It is inconceivable thai an) proper
ty owner will vote against the by
law. the question Is: Will the prop
erty owners turn oul in force ami
roll up a bin vote? That is an Im
portani question Whilst there is nn
manner of doubt of the urgency ol
the installation of a sewerage sys
tern, it is iust possible tbal many
property owners, taking it foi granl
ed tbat their neighbors will v.ite in
favor of it, maj decide lo staj awaj
Irom thc polls This is something
to be avoided Nol onl) because ii
is in the best Interests ol the city
that every ratepayer, entitled so to
do, should go on record as favoring
the bylaw, but because a big vote in
favor will facilitate tbe disposal ol
the bonds, I.e., they will he disposed
of more   quickly    ami nt n smallei
outlay. Property owners should [thoroughly discussed Judge Forin,
bear in mind, that whilst the city is Uf Nelson, spoke ai length and mov
asking   (or leave    to raise 1100,000,  ed ;i resolution    approving ol      the
Subjects,   morning: "The Heaven!)
Storehouse," ovening, "Bocfisllders.1
Rev c 0 Main returned al (be
end of last week from the regular
spring meeting ol Knotenat Presb)
ij-i \, held iii Kaslo The various
congregations wen- reported as in
verj good condition, although a ills
 raging feature of    nearlj     every
report  was the lame exodus of fami
lies from Kootenny  this yeai -
The question ol   tlie basis of union
between   the     Metlioilisl,      Coilgre  *i
tlonal and Presbyterian churches was
»»»♦♦»♦<»» •♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Having opened up a
Wholesale  and Retail
Flour and Feed
here. We are prepared to
supply the people of Cran*
brook and district with
flour, teed and grain of all
kinds at moderate prices.
The Taylor Milling and Elevator Co.,
manufacturers of thc famous " Pride of
Alberta" and "Mother's Favcrile Hour."
Office  and  warehouse on
C.P.R. limits, west of freight
Give Us A Call.
lhe Knights of Pythias unite with
■is in divine service Sunday evening,
Public worship 11 am. and 7.80 p.m.
Mijjle school 3 p in wilh J'hilelhea
ami  Raima classes.
Mid week  meeting,    Wednesday,   8
\ cordial Christian welcome in all
Ou Tuesday evening, lhe 1Mb inst
the Rev. C o. Main, pastor t.i the
Presbyterian ehurcb, united in mar
rlage Mr. George T Smith and Miss
Marin MUllngton at the home ol tin
bridegroom nn Hanson avenue, in the
■:, .'. co "i a few intimate friends
Mr Ernes! South acted as best man
and Miss Martha Woodward was the
Mi.   Smith, or   "Oeorgo" lo givi
In li more popular name, has been
with th-- Cranbrook hotel for a
number of years and Is evtrcmch
populai v nh a large circle ol ac
i|uainlances Irom coasl to coast.
Mrs. Smith has heen in CiatibmnV
about two years and during thai
Mm- has made n large number ol
The Herald extends lo Mr. and
Mrs smith Us best wishes for n
long, happy and prosperous life to
Tlie banquet to have been held tomorrow (Kriday) evening to celo
bratc Hn- formal opening nf tlu
V.M.C \. has been Indefinitely post
polled, owing in the inability of eet
lam prominenl C.P.R. and Y.M C.A
nflli lain to reach here in lime.
The informal openlag will take
place as announced nu Saturday afternoon and evening Musical pro
grammes will he in order during the
afternoon and evening, and refreshments will be served. A committee
..I l.ulie * and gentlemen will be iu at
tendance throughout the afternoon
nnd evening lo receive Iho visitors
ami in show them over the building,
Everybody interested in Y.M.C.A.
work Is cordially invited to attend
on ihis occasion.
Commencing Saturday the Y.M.C.
\. dining room will be thrown open
to the public, (iood cooking ami
excellent service will be special fea-
I ires of thc Y.M.C ,\. dining room
iiu Sunday alternoon at I o'clock
thc first ol the regular Sunday after
noon services lor men will be held
l! is the intent inn to secure a good
speaker for each ol these mcotlngB,
and with good music, in make them
-specially attractive for young men
\ Y.M.C A. orchestra has been oi
gtinlxcri, which will he on hand everv
Sundav  afternoon
\ nt si- rockers Me.—C.C s
Fine Florida grape trull at Llllle
unl   \i«bison's
TO RENT.—A large warm stable
can be used as warehntise, $fi pel
month or  $"> on lease.       Apply Her
aid olllco. -IS-tC
i iiuici oranges, bananas, grapes,
nape fruil, cooking and eating ap
pies at Little and Atchison's.
During the past week several of our
local   curling    enthusiasts have been
Ing exhibitions of iheir skill       at
I nut side   points,       Cranhrook     rinks
'have    visited    Kernie and Lethbridge
laml have worthily upheld  then     ro
' pu tat Ion al each place.
j   Three rinks visited Ferine, .skipped
i by Judge Wilson, Oeo, Iloggarth and
R   K. heattie.     The   Free Press, ol
1 Fernle, says ol   the games then    in
progre s!
"The   Cranbrook    men    are    good
++♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«---•»♦♦♦♦♦*   sports, and in spite of the heavy lcc
Hill & Co.
We Must Reduce Our Stock
We liuvu just completed the most successful
your we liuvu ever hail, but we Hnd thul in several
lilies, wo nre still somewhat overstocked, In order
to reduce all lines to a minimum we will tor the
next is days place the whole ot our immense tip-to-
il.ili■alack of Ladles' and Children*' wear below
j hi nl bargain prices.
Wo liuvu not the time or tin* space lo quote you
prices but would advise you to watch uur windows
uml iilso to visit our store when we will quota you
prices which will compel you to buy,
Hill & Co.
Cranbrook's Greatest Store.
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
And with this * every Merchant in town can be paid
one dollar on account; because
when wo receive this amount
ut money we can pay thc same
amount to some one else we
OWo in town, and they in tara
ean dn the same thing, with
until by the simple fact ol
someone "loosening up" to
tlie extent of a dollar, every
Merchant iu town receives
that much nu account
87 nays. The Democratic vote was
143 ayes and only S nays. A majority of the Republican Insurgents present voted for the bill.
The McCall bill now goes to the
senate. What its fate will be In
that body is problematical at this
time. President Taft believes that
if a filibuster ean be averted and a
vote taken thc bill will pass. He is
insistent tbat tbe senate shall act
one way or the other and has indicated that he would call an extra
session of congress if ii does not do
kiiiilly "come thro" with a
"ONH SPOT" or as many
more us ynu , an spare.
The Hardware Men
bev  have   made   a splendid showing
and are   playing   tbe game for     all
here is iu it      All of the Cranbrook
inks an-    in the    Kernie   club and
Hums competition! and Heattie     Is
now playing in tbe (irand Challenge
While this   is not a Y.M.C.A. bonspiel booto is   not   so much in evld-
u has been   on former occ*V
This  may account for     the
downfall ol some of the rinks in  the
arlier stage* ol the competitions."
.Indue Wilson carried on the Yet-
ii' club trophy and the Hums trophy
.ill be played ot! here between     the
ibove mentioned rinks.
The Orand Challenge cup slays    In
Kinks skipped by .fudge Wilson, II.
.    Heattie,   \V.   Cameron   and     11.
at Lethbridge this week.
Washington, Feb. 15.—President
Tali's reciprocity agreement with
Canada was ratified in the house ot
representatives last night throgh the
support ol an almost solid Democratic vote The McCall bill carrying
agreemenl Into cltect was passed 221
to 02, A majority of the Republicans present voted agalmt the mea
sine, the   division being 78 ayea und
Here's the last word from .lames
.1. Jeffries, issued by him to the
press ol America in general:
"I'nder no circumstance shall 1
ever again participate in a publh
prize ring contest or exhibition. I
have retired from the ring for all
This is the decision I made mouths
ago. It is a decision I shall abide
"In effect it is thc answer   I have
given so often to the question asked
in one form or another of whether
would ever be seen in a ring again.
"At the risk of being considered
arbitrary, peevish, call it what you
will, I shall herealter r-Muse to
answer any query bearing upon the
possibility of my re-entering the
fighting game"
■ ®
Deulers In
Fresh nml Cttrcil
Poultry, liiimu und Kisli   ®
in Season.
GIVE   08   A   TKIAI.
The Old P. Wood's
®s (•■«*.• ® ■•• .•:■ '•*s•■• «■ *• *•
Ra.aworth Block. •
Baker St.. Cranbrook.     J
• ••••••• •••■••••••••••••••
Joseph Ryan
Real Estate.
Notary Public,
Registered Stallions ami Mares ol the highest breeding,
Registered Coirs, Heifers and Hull Colros Kor Sal,*.   The lust
in Camilla.
Got a Bull Cull and grade up your Dairy  Herd.    Come and
see cr write for prices. J. C.  DREWRY
Illl     DAVIS, .1   E Odin*
im    WATERWORKS        Shop
if you npprooloto a pure
sparkling beverage. There
is not nm'ther brand so well
known an
You niay order any flavor
you like, one is equally na
good as another. If yuu
have never tasted Our
Drinks, you nre surely
losingutreat. Order today
East Kootenay Bottling
In the bent investment in lhe west. We have listings
trom $850 a lot upwnrtls. Wo have made proiit fur a
number of Cranbrook oititens. You should join lhu
glad throng. Roforoi Imporlai Hank
+******************0**********00* *****0****0
after thc ist ol March, 1911, thc provisions ol the l)«g
•nd Pound By-Law will he strictly enforced.
City Clerk.
Dated at Crnnhrook this
7H1 tl»y ul February, ■«■■.
************************** THE   CBAJSBROOK   HEHALD
If there is  anything in Stationery you want
—wc have it here.
Eaton Crane's Fine Note Paper
and Envelopes
In all shades and styles.
Also a complete variety of writing pads and
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
uiidiii: it ens
British Columbia
When speaking of China ii is
generally understood that Pick-
on! China is iu n elnss by itself. It may be ft little higher
in priee than tlie ordinary
china, but there is some satisfaction in knowing that you are
buying Hie very best the market affords, and nothing turned
out by ehina manufacturers and
decorators today can compare with Ptcknrds, Wo hnve
some very choice pieces lefl any
one of which would tnnke very
pleasing and acceptable gifts
I.oiinue, $6.25.-0, C. S.
Thos. GaiTney, of Wardncr, has been
appointed a justice ol llie peace.
Fresh hot house lettuce at Ward
and Harris     'Phone 210
Dresser and stand, $0.50.—C.C.S
Ladies! li yuu want iln- verj
latest in corset covers visit Hill and
Lounge, Jii 25.—C   c   s
Mrs. W. Dempster returned to hei
home from the Homo hospital Ibis
week, attei having successfully under
none treatment f"i bilious grippe.
Dresser ami stand, $9.50.—C.C.S
Make your home made marmalade
When made trom Magnolia orat .ps il
is simply delicious — Campbell and
Cblldrcn*i shoes, "''j -C   I    &
K s Whttebrcad, former.) ledgei
kei'pei i.t iln local branch ol (ho Im
perial bank, has been promoted t <
the Nelson branch Ills plan ha
been taken in u i' Ci.iii.iiii. fonnei
ly of Winnipeg
Children's shoes, 09c —C  C  s
Jacobs Qcrman rusks, milk choco
late nnd buttei pud   nt   Kink's Pun-
Pood Grocery.
Hoy's school    .shoes, $1.80,—C.C.S.
Mis. Monk house, of Moyie, wbo
lias been a patient at the Home 1ms
[pllal for some time past, returned
home this week. She speaks verj
highly nf tlm euro and attention she
received during her stay at this Institution,
Hoy's school   shoes, $1.85.—C.C.S.
Oranges from 25c. to 00c. dozen nl
Ward and Harris    'Phone 210.
Early English bulTol $10.35.-
C, C. S.
The Dancing Club have decided to
postpone the last dame on their pro
gramme from Wednesday, the 22nd,
until Tuesday, the 38tli February.
As tills will be the las! dame of thc
season the committee an- arranging
tha! supper shall he served and dancing prolonged until a later hour than
is usual at  their bi-weekly dances.
Steel hed couch with mail less,
$12120.-0. C. S.
It will pay yuu tn buy a
ease of nur Magnolias. Special
price mi case lots. They are No. I
stoek and delicious flavor .—Campbell
and Manning.
Oak center table $2.20.—C. C. S
.Miss Hafccl Cooper has resigned her
position with the Cranbrook Drug
and Book Co, She leaves fur Elko
tomorrow for a few days holiday ami
will then return to ber home In Spo
kanc to reside with her parents
About twenty-fin ol her girl friends
^ave her a surprise parly last night
at the home ol her sister, Mrs. ■'
Hill and Co. are making a special
Ity uf Ladles Net Waists Ior evening
wear in white, cream and the very
latest Persian effects. Ask tn be
shown these lines in partlculai
steel bed couch with matt res .
M2 20.—C   IV s
Malaga grapes 2Jm pound at Ward
land Harris      'Phone 210
Linoleums I9e square yd —C C s
j There is a musical treat in store
1 fnr the evening <-f Monday, Pebruarj
137 th, when thc Winnipeg CItadi I
silver band will give a concerl in
[the Presbyterian church, under     the
itspicc* ol Ihi I cal Salvationists
•This band consists ol tort) instm
men tails t s, undei the leadership nl
Br f gad in Burdett and -\djuta it M
i lener] The band Is t nu
In a i.'in j'i Vlbetta, iti itlsh *'«>
lumbla and tho Stati ol Washington
1 .md will reach Hns tin nn the date
' mentioned above Mayoi Hunt will
preside and will be supported hj   hi
nre now very popular and unique designs are sought after
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fine selection. Low in price
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que designs
One of lhese rings mnj bo
Just what you are looking lor.
Kindly call and Inspect
C.P.R. Watch Inspectors
•     jQ ' ' aJM
aldermen The hand il one ol Uio
hesl the Salvation Army boasts ol
in the Dominion and a thoroughly en
ioj able musical evening may be an
tieipalcd by all music lovers
Linoleums IDc. square yd —C.C.S.
Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon,
the kind that always pleases.—Camp-
boll ami Manning
Do  you  know   thut-    croup can be
proven tod? Dive      Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy as soon as the child
becomes hoarse or even after tho
croupy cough appears ami it will [invent ihe attack. it is also a certain cure for crou p nud has never
been known to fail Sold liy all
druggists and dealers. 50-tf
Klonr oil cloth 85c. yard —C  ('  S
Florida   grape    fruit   (a  natural
tonic)   juicy nud    full flavored fresh
this week al Fink's Pure Fond Orocery.
The masquerade carnival at the
Arena rink on Monday evening
Ijroiight together a large number 'ol
masques, many of whieli were exceed
Ingly handsome. There was a large
attendance of spectators and to tho
strains of the city hand skating was
indulged iu by the many present uu
til a late hour.       The pri/e winners
(were Mr. nnd Mrs. A. L. McDermol,
for tho best costumed lady ami
gentleman; \ Armstrong earned oil
the comic prize again, ibis lime ho
ing cleverly disguised as a bear
! Ittlc Hazel Taylor carried oil the
girl's prize, whilst   Clin McNah won
: the boy's prize.
|   Floor oil cloth 35c   yard — C   C   S
i   Home made candy 20c, per lb   So-
i inula) only a! Tlu* Palm
i   Jacobs currant    puffs fa new crea
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; .-'ink's Pure Food Orocefy
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Herald office 511
The l'•!I edition     ol "5,0(10 V.u\-
Aboul    Canada."   this Indispensable
collection of concrete, crisp Canadian
edited hy Frank Yelgh, of To-
the well known lecturei    ami
writer, and    author of the nev. book
"Through   the    Henri   of Canada,"
I..- n   Issued    ami   i-. filled with
fresh data of a most interesting and
illuminating    charactei       it is     ..
marvel ol condensation, presenting In
■small spaa*   striking figures relating
I > every    phase and department    ol
ICanada's resources, trade and nation
al life Its popularltj .md wide sale
.in easily be understood, in tm I. r
... .is has been said, "Worth its
weigh! m Cobalt sllvei oi Yukon
Id "      The   booklet    may be bad
II -i>iii the leading newsdealers, or lor
35 cents from lhe Canadian Facts
Publishing Co . ui*: Spadlna \venue,
■Toronto, Onl
Men's   tweed salts 13 85 —C   C  H
Magnolia oranges, thc   sweet, julcj
kind -Campbell and Manning
\   few minutes    delay in treating
I some eases nf croup, even the length
ol Mine It takes to go foi a doctoi
often proves dangerous. The safest
■a.i. is to keep Chamberlain's Cough
Rl medj     m   the bouse,    and at the
1 first indication of croup give the
rhlld a dote Pleasant to take nud
always cares Sold by nil druggists
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i The Fink Mercantile Co received
.oi import    shipment this week      nl
1 Jacob)' fanej ami Iain biscuit*, *ii
reel from Irelaml
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i   While it is often Impossible to pie
Ivcnl an accident, it l*. never Impos
libit t<. I..- prepared—It Is nol beyond auv one's purse. Invest 85
tents    in      a  bottle  of  Chatllhell.lill's
Liniment and you are prepared (or
sprains, bruises nnd like Injuries
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ers, ."iH-ll
Men's tweed suits -M.8.V—C (*. S
"Standing Room Only," was lhe
[pleasing experience of Messrs, Oyer
lard ami Pclticmor at Ihe re-opening
It.f IhO Opera house on Monday even
jing These gentlemen nre thorough
11, on to their buslncsss ns public en
lertalnon They liml cloancd ll"'
building »p in k™.-J sliiipc*. laid down
carpel in thp aisles, ami mttttlitR on
ilii* stairway 1,'ailin-t lo tha gallery,
to fatten Hi,, noise ninili- hy people
palling In ami nnt, tin* building was
well heated, In furl the corolorl ,,(
Imlriuis had li"*" lookM ntlcr in
every particular Moreover, thpy
prorldcd au eietpllotmlly flue ntlcr
talnuiiiit.   every   detail   l„*,ni*.   well
Sr*-*.* ■   ■ ■■■* -1*3"
Good Plumbing;
Is  Not  A   Luxury
I  is an abiolute   necessity, it   von
take the lull enjoy-
We install
would   car
mcnl   ol living
ovorj* plumbing need, oi
Correct  l-'aulty dumbing
■■'*■   verj prorlcicnl
verj  little mroii-
Olll     wuil.in* ;
and will cause j
vcnlcncc in repali worli
and   vou   will find thai
Puts Us iii the Lead
il clan     work In   all
' as.*s
sin,uld you have anv  iiiumbing   to
'"   you   will    sav,    nun*   and
attending to II at once
III*     dull.
IIIMIU'V    ll
"The Range Store"
looked after. Thc pictures wcro i*x-
[■cllcnt, tho music away nbofc Ilu*
average, ami Mi UoRlcmer scored
i|iiiii* ,i hn as soloist im Tuesday
evening the Valentine dance proved
ijulte an attraction and again lasl
evening, iln* Opcrn lions,* was filled
io the doors     Messrs   Ouerard and
Doltle r   believe   Ihal in providing
lirsl-class* entertainments al low
prices they will build up a putronagc
Ilia, will
ia\i* in
epay them. ' They
a good sla
-C   I'   s
On narch ist
We Shall Be In Our New Store
From now until the 28th inst., wc have reduced
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r guarantee
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■rs ot ehiuu.
presents —
fan's biscuit
New laid   eggs ihal
i Little ami Atchison
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lew   hand-painted    pit
l<-<  birthday oi wcddln
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Serge suits f5.1-3 —('.  <
r-intKiuiK are aluavs more appeltz |
ig    when   llu-v are   kept free frnm ln '"""riant growth nl hair existed
ist and microbes.       Strictly sani-
iry conditions predominate at     all I   u   was thp   adoption    h .m  .....
times    throughout    uur     Pure Food
Orocery.—Fink Mercantile Co., Md,   I1"
Igothcr with the occasional use uf
community head    brush, which
■i* K* i thc    dandruff
Ip to the time we began to civilize
him a bald-headed Indian was a thing
unknown. Wearing nothing on his
head except the covering furnished h\
nature and being a stranger to the
use of a hair brush, especially the
public one, thc scalp and hair had
plenty ol ventilation, much sunllghl
and, hence, a   condition favorable to
lack; close lo th,
all times.
j    It    was the
, light excluding head   gears and
ihcial head   decorations general!)
,i . . uiujigii  gcther with the occasional use u
Vpply at
52-lt* ■""-'    dandruff   germ its opportunity.
Ii troubled  v lib Indigestion,    con
stlpatlon, no appetite ■ i reel billions.
Kive Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver  Tablets a trial and you will    pelIod« more or less,
pleased with the resull      These tab   falling hair.
lets Invigorate thc stomach and liver     Ma"V. to he sure
mil strengthen lhe digestion. Sold by   worrying   stage
all druggists and dealers. 50-11 .chronically   bald
Since this parasite has multiplied ti
in alarming   degree until now the
is hardly a person who is not liouli-
with dandruff and
Mei > %l -"> dress shirts 75c ~
('   C   S
Little and    Uchfson, headquarters
i all kinds ol fruli
The Kink    Mercantile Co,  will run
, "all going uni and nothing com
ing in" fruii sab- on Saturday, February 18th Watch their pure Food
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V   V   s
lust received —Another shipment
ol    blue and   white  Tuscan   ehina,
metl Ing thai   i>   dainty and  nice.
Iso verj reliable.—Campbell and
Men's working shirts IUc—C.C.S
\n attack ol the grip is often followed bj a pcrsl ten I cough, which
lu many proves a greal annoyance
Chamberlain's < ougli Itemed; has
been extensively used and with good
success loi thn rellel and cure ol this
cuiigb Man) cases have been eared
aftei ali oilier remedies lune failed
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50-1 i
Bostoi   rockei  tl D5 -C   C   s
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Fink'   Cure Food Orocrrj Saturday.
n pleasure, buying
.. wl nl six, (I*
at      In iJr  pkgs
Fink's Pure Food
15.—t'   C   S
(tropes at I.itlle
February 18     It's
al Kink's
l.e.itbf M*al   : 11
-r  c  s
Shop string pot
fresh and crisp al
Boston rockei 4i
Spanish     Mala.*,i
ami Atchison's
Morris -hairs *; 25 -C   C   S
Celery, lettuce,    horse radial it.
Hubbard squash, cucumbers and hot
house lettuce .—Campbell und Man-
Morris chairs *: :"> —C  C. s
New California Wlnnlngstcdt     i-ab-
bage.—Campbell and Manning.
Oak renter table $2 20 -C. ('   S.
After Mime vears of married life a
Frenchwoman eame lo the conclusion
lhat "wedlock had nol brought her
that contentment which she had ex
peeled," nnd she instituted proceed'
iims for divorce on Ihal sole ground,
sin- won her suit, the Carls correspondent of tin- London Telegraph
■ ,n v The i Mint found that, as mar
tied hfe had not pome up to her
ideal, she   was   entitled to be freed
from it     The husband ol tho dissat
have passed
Having become
they realize that
nothing is capable of producing nn-
tural hair lor them. Let these be a
warning to all who are experiencing
the significant annoyance of dandruff
nd falling hair.
Dandruff, which is due to a germ,
and falling hair can both be over
ome by the regular use of Newbro's
This wonderful scalp reined] kills
thc vicious germ which causes dan-
Iruff, cleanses the scalp and stops
the hair from coming out. The destruction of the germ permits the hair
to grow naturallv and luxuriantly
as nature intends.
Herpicide makes the hair bright,
-nappy, light and fluffy
One dollar si/e bottles guaranteed.
For sale at all drug stores
Applications obtained at the bettei
barber shops and hair dressing par
Send luc      in stamps <-t sllvei  i-.i
sample aad    booklet   to The   Ilerpi
side Co., Dept  11., Detroit, Mich
away In n very short time after he
islled wife appealed He bus won.
ami tbe higher jurisdiction lays il
down that wives who have no worse
grievance against their husbands than
thai marriage is not all they thoughl
it was must make the best nl It.
rhe appeal court considers that*
Whereas, it is proved by evidence
that defendant has always entertained a proper regard (ot his wife, and
whereas    the  latter   nerel) pleads
ihat she has not found in ihe mar
lied state the satisfaction whieh she
expected; but whereas the latter motive is not comprised among the
grounds upon which the law provides
that marriage may be dissolved.
therefore the  judgment ol tbe lower
ourl shall he reversed, and the pell-
loner's divorce suil rejected,
o ♦
J |       INTERESTING ITEMS      2
> *♦♦♦♦♦«•♦♦♦♦ #•♦♦♦•♦♦♦£
A Glasgow ■■ ati has made im
portant dlscovi rica of tin in the
Wheat Jewell part ■: lhe onee famous Friendship Mines, in Ce-. • -
Fart "f the propert) investigated
has not previous!) been worked for
one hundred vears The existence of
large quantitii i I payable ore ha-
been proud by a. tual j rushing >■ ■
cral virgin lodes, one ol which is 30
it. wide at thi surfaie and at a
depth ul ten fathom ai leldl *
20 Ih  ol tiii i<< the ton
The house . whfi;: Thomas ('.t:
lyle was born, at Eccletechan on
Kecembt-r 1, 1795, has he**n sold t"
the London syndicate which : •• -
is his residence in Chelsea The Interior is to undergo extensive alterations, and will be furnished to represent the house as II was In Carlyle's
boyhood Many relics I    i
transferred from London
A most interesting exhibition i*
now being arranged by .the British
thousand London children with a
coming observance in March of the
terccntenar) <jf the Authorized Version of the English Bible It is to
be organized personally by I»r Ken-
yon, the British Museum librarian,
and will Illustrate tbe history of the
Hible in Kngland from tLc earliest
times down to and beyond the year
lull, when the authorized edition ol
James 1. appeared Tbe manuscript
section ol the exhibition will Include
numerous examples <>f Hebrew and
(ireek originals ami Latin and Early
English MSS. rhe printed - Hon
will start with a copy of the first
example ol a portion ol tbe Hible
printed in Kngland, this being Tyr.-
ilalc'> New Testament, produced in
Ifi38 Othei examples ol printed
works will show all editions produced bv private individuals from Tyn*
dale's time down to thi Hi I edition
of the Authorized Version produced
*n 1811
Researches b) Rli Laurence
Oomme, clerk to the London county
council, lead lo tbe opinion that the
Itoman boat which was recently till
covered on t!.-- site "f the m a i oun-
ty ball nl W'eslmlnstei Bridge li
connected with an interesting episode
ir. the history ol ancient London, ami
is prubably a relic of the first fleet
formed to protect th** shores of Brit
.un 'No other such find has been
made in Hritain," Sir Laurence
writes in a description of the boat,
published by the council A coin ol
Vllectus, which was lound in the
boat, points to its date being about
J93-296 A I) . and its condition and
position seem to "show that it was
destroyed in b conflict that look
place where Westminster Bridge now
stands The episode which probably
l»d to its destruction was the defeat
■ f Allcctus, the Buccessjoi of Caran-
ikius. Carausitts rebelled towards
the end ol the third century, took
posesssion of Britain, and assumed
the imperial purple It is believed
that it was be who created the first
Hritish fleet. In 2% Constantms
seat an eipedition to Britain, and
A Meet us vas routed and slain
\mong tbe articles found in or neat
tbe boat were: Five bronze coins,
fragments r-f P"ttery, thre* gamine
butu-ns. two British spear
beads, and five horseshoes Portions
..f leather footwear were studded
with iron nails similar to those
tsed tr.  British workmen today
Money_Jo Loan
Private party will loin money
in vnrloui sum* up to li.ooo.oo.
C. Plnkney.
a.P.O. Cranbrook. B.C.
Etery Sight
Saturday Matinee at 2 p.m.
BEST    ,
I'lay - Moii*.
3 tllCt WWMttTM	
Oompleta) cha««*   of ftotfrttn
• .very Monday. Wrdoeidaj "J"'
Special Conw-dy  for Hatnnlay
Matlne» Children 5 «»»•
Mr. Farmer and
llifiire leiiilini; nway for your
«i*.*<l« come nnd •<>« ns.
Wi> handle  nil  kiuda ot *:bm
neiil* and tfe<l umiiiH
•***************************0****fmOO*0***** I
future nil Trade Licences mult be paid at Ike City
Clerk's Office, and further NOTICE IS HEREBY
UIVEN, that nny person carrying oa bualneaa within
ihe City Limits, nn or after the lit ol March, ion,
without • license on their behalf, will be proetcnted.
City Ctork*
Dated nt Cranhrook. B.C.
this -tti day of February, ion.
»♦»♦♦»♦♦» ******************* THK   OHA.NBIiOOIv   UMiALV
RECIPROCITY  ANn THE  LUMBER  fruit to the    London market, and II
: we could raise the best fiuit in    the
UmA*'.*lmi*.*i.-~*A—-..,    -#,A~t:A.*t.t\unaiora
serVatives, especially iu British Co
lumhi.i, Ui b t.i ml out and oppose negotiations which had been in line
with tlu-ir own party's past policy.
Thc    Dominion    government    had
charge ol the Intel
ol the Dominion, a
wm Id be saw no causa lor alarm
Hut it wns a Eiiet tliui under tlio administration of the lands department
much good agricultural lund was lie
iii-j, held in such ;i way as to retard
development; and il was a fuel also
that in some areas it was Impossible
lu expect the fiuit industry to pa)
v part lor, to use a familiar phrase, water
Ul util)     be   ed stock; in other words, they could
criticised on thnt line: British Co- not expect nn Industry lo \u\y II in
lumbia, in common with lhe rest ol the lirst place the cost ol tho land
the Dominion, musl accepl iis share was far above its actual value.
ol responsibility, and this policy, I "Then in respect to timber," sail!
like all others, musl he considered in -Mr, Brewster, "it is known we have
thc light ol the greatesl good to thc bigger resources and u better quality
greatest number. II British Colum-jol timber than any other section a
bia had some particular interests nl- the continent, and there is no renson
lected and could claim that rcclpro- why we cannot produce lumhei at
city ailcctcd tin welfare nl Canada cheaply as they can on tho othei
as a whole, then it *buld lie right side, On the other side they omploj
for the legislature to express an only white labor, but on this sidi
opinion. Hul the mlnlstei ol finance .Orientals nro employed, and tbey ah
would ii"' ai ;ue tl ' tin Maritime supposed to work cheaper, On thi
and Prairie provinces would nol other side tbey work under illUlcu]
benefit under the agreemenl The fish ties whieh, jf Imposed here would
etles were an'-rts el ol i intstandInn cause a great deal oi opposition
national consequence, the Maritime : Yet, we are told we cannot cum
provinces would be benefited in re [polo We have the greatest undeve
clprocity Wheul wn lhe staple loped water powers in the world,
the and when tbat is harnessed il should
lij  un   leiluce (lie cost of operation In       a
crop ol tin- prairie: ami th
grain growers would heiielll
increase In pi ice nnd . beapi
How could British Columbia suffer
in regard to form produi ti  ni   fruit
or timber?     The minister ol finance
had    made  nn  exl raordiiiai \ statement, that the   tarn or   ol Ihe prm
ince    would nol lie able Ui exai i ns
high a price Ior theli  piodi cts il the
"treaty" went through      In     oilier
words, opposition lo reclproill)  was
urged so that ihe Inrini i    eouhl hold
up the It  C  eonsmnei
ol tbe people want nl ']
the cost of Increased  I
live |h
pel  cent.
• ii  Ibe B.
. ...1.1 be
.. Un- de
, n.
m whal
Hu- kind
\\ il. plentj   .
ol  Hi..'   uj  il C
for     the othei    nine!)    .•-
That a pb-a fui piotn tion
C. larmer ami tmii    ri v •
put forth was n  ri pro. li
partment of   agriculture,
so    neglected   ajtrici Itural   interest
that   we bad    lodaj     to send mon
money out of tin- prorlitre fot   fain
produce Ihon    the farmers ul Brltisl
Columbia got, ullliougli lhe lands   ol
this province, if proper!) admlnlstei
ed need   feai     nu
ever       He did nol
Columbia farmers
to wish to profit
the large numbel
land, of tin- qualn
with    a splendid ellmati   v ith labor
as cheap aa ll he could nol see
why the    farmer     ol thi    province
could not compete   ui i -    I ill;     with
his brethren     aero     tl    line, espii'
tally when he had such n lai     mai
ket   opened    In    bii.     Tbe Cnlted
States    had    readied   llie   position
where, according In    I'n  Idenl Taft,
instead ol being an
they had tu Import,
dian government   dc
taking advantage • I
tion fot the  bem 11
The mlnlstei   ol (1        - ■ mi tl   lo
fear that the   trull    i Industn
would he     niiiied, 1ml. if the opening
of a markel nl om- hundred   million
minimum Under tbe policy ol Iho
present governmeiil it is Imposslbli
for lugs to ho taken out of British
Columbia, and surely with this market of one hundred million people,
thrown open to us, it must stimulate
iiiiliistn   in that  line.
Mr, Brewster went un to point
out that heretofore when reciprocity
had been up it was always referred
in as a treaty, hut now there was
no such entanglement Tin- agree*
incut was based on legislation amend
mil; the t,in IK of hoth countries, and
ii at anv time mi) of it proved onerous to Canada il would In- possible
undei -Ihe agreement lo rescind tho
law There   would    he no conlllcl
j with tin-    British   preference*     Mr
had   Hay ward j, and ibe minister of finance
st* Is.tmed to feai   thai thc sentimental
ore lelTcel would he had, hut thej     found
thai   (ireat Britain was the greatest
customer that the United States hail
loday, and let  it   was said that     n
Canada entered   into closei Irade re
latfons wilh the   United Slates    we
must become so sympathetic as     to
heroine disloyal lo (ireat Britain.
This mailer was su Jittlo undei
stood and was a subject so great
Ihal tie did nut think tlie bouse was
i.i ling tvisely in considering the ro
solution When they found thai lhe
Conservatives in the Dominion house
Loi not vet entered opposition ox
cepl h) way ol heckling while the
finance minister was making his
speech, while many Conservatives in
iln- east favored il, and some Mirer
ill , were opposed to ii, be did imi
"' think there should he introduced into
ili.ii house a resolution to embarasa
iln- Dominion government, and place
it in an awkward position, lie
could nut do otherwise than oppose
the resolution.
Mr.   Ellison    asked why tho tariff
wall was uut taken   (rum around the
manufacturers as well as thc farmers.
"I am     sorry that     il is   not; I
ll ■  I'ana
■   i J     ■•■illl   [oi
:   tin- Canadian
Brewster answered,
people was going lo   ■• alt i '■ thai in
dustry    there    musl   be   iometblng sli.,nl.l like lo see it go further," M
wrung wilh the industn      We gfew
the finest fruil in the world, as    thi
minister said, wh\.the.    i oulil     a
not produce at as    low a ensl      a
anyone     The minister had mention *"'
ed seeing  Vinericnn rriill dumped   on '   The   report of    the annual general
the London     markel         How could meeting of the    Monarch Life Assur-
reciprocity     between   Canadu     und anco   company gives    evidence      of
the I'nited States affect thai? strength and stability, as well as ol
Hon. Price Ellison asked wh)   ihe honest and efficient management. The
Americans Bent fruil lo ' niinda; why company's    net    surplus   over   and
American [mil was  mill In Victoria':* above all liabilities, Is piling up in a
"Because    we cannot   ;row enough [ mosl    commendable way, the    coin
fruit and farm produ'ii        miruelves pany's death  losses and expenses are
under tho agricultural nolle)   nl the particularly   low,    and   thc   assets
present  government,"   Mi   Brewstei show a    very satisfactory   Increase
replied \ The   company invests its funds      in
Continuing, he   said that nu reclp western farm mortgages, and its net
roctty agreement could prevenl     the average rate nl interest has Inereas-
British Columbia growei sending  his ed to 7 fi.t per cent.
Tbe cbangei Included In the m-w tariff agreement whieh has just bcoj
drawn up between representatives ol Canada and the United States havi
an Import&nl heating upon tl"- lumber trade, says the Western Lumber
man. The loltowli table shows the changes which will alien lhe Ium
ber interests uf Canada:
Article Former is  Duty      Prposed Duty
Timber, hewn. Bided oi    quared oth
erwlse than b)   awln , and round
timber used for ipal    i I In build
Ing Whirvei lie   per cu   It       Free
Sawed hoards, planks, deali and oth
er lumber not further manufactured than lawed .   M 26 per l.(int)       Free
Paving post*;, railio.nl  lies, and lele
phone,   troll. \. i lu trli  lighl and        ,
telegraph poles bt eedai and otli-        .
er woods  ...  10 |> c Free
Wooden staves ol .ill kinds nol further manufactured than listed     or
jointed, ami stave boll IQ p.c. Free.
Pickets and palings  .10 pr. Free.
Laths . . ,.20c   per 1.000 10c, per 1,000
Shingles ...50c   per 1,000        80c, per 1,000.
Sawed hoards,   planks,    deals    and
other    lumbei   planed ot finished
on one side, per l.nnn loot hoard
measure  J1.T5 per 1,000 lt..50c, pet   1,000 ft.
Planed  or finished    on one side and
tongued ami grooved, or planed or
finished on two Bides $2.00 per 1,000 ft. 7Bc, per 1.000 ft
Planed or finished on three   Idea,    or I
pinned or    finished on two sides
and   tongued   and    grooved,   her
1,000 leet board measurement  V> :t7f per 1-000 ft. U.12t per 1000 It
Planed lyid finished on foui aides, per
1,000 leet hoard measure        „., $2.76 $1.50
The Important item nu the above list is that of sawed boards, planks,
deals and other lumber not further manufactured than sawed I'mler this
head are included thi greal majority of Cnuada's lumber exports to the
United Stntes, which will he permitted to enter that country free ot
duty, when tbe new arrangsmost hat. lieen put into operation.
An Absolutely Reliable Roof
i- one nl thi; best inveslmi-nls .1 f.irini r 1 m pnssil.h make. I'lie
trillini! ail,liii,.ii,il sum ymi pa; fur NEP0NSET li.".iini^s is
iiiiui. up man)'times uver in tin ailclili I protection to rom* building, frecilom from repair bills, lire risks and nil  inR Irouliles.
TM*'' ■ .Iim .:..,.ii.in.nl. 'II Hi** InulliiK  i*.  ,,, .! .,1,11,1   ,.l  llie
1,1*11. ,1,111 ,i.nii. 11..I., in.-.111.I lliuiiaamli ,,r plinl 1 1.111111*1-, hove
iih'iI NtPuNSET I'm ■'■! k..iliii« for rears.    Tin' ' *il - I Nrf'ifisCT l<'»*li'<*!**
I'lilk nilli j in.11 1 Im Im, 11.nl Ntfonset P I I!.., ...mK- -Inry
I.     tllir ill *1"    il     >* II  III.'   lllllll!*  . *   B.I-      , ll     * *.»H
|„i iliir.     Hi* 1    .1   .Im. i*. hi Nl"H'isn Kiml * *   . ,.| linild-
I.i-.   n  I Ntl'DNSET W.lli i|*i*-*l l;uii in a; i'.ipi 1* I 11
Write f„r Booh of Plana ami Information on Paull    i louiea
ll     1-1..,1.11   ,*i uli.ii ■   ■      1 ,,;.i,i,.. ,,r,
mnl ,*i,.*. , 1.1 .ll 11-ii.i,,.
NtaonarT I,, ,r... .......        I* i,.,..!,, ..,,-, ii-
misEi ,*- m
1   r     ft V    ""-
The Wonderful Cure
l>r. Klirlieli's Hpccllleor "00G" i** the only epeeiflc
ever discovered to en in blood poit-on qi.icl.lv owl
BucceMfully. We Imvu ivcnicd tills rcmttrltable
specflc "llOtl" which lun> beeufullyteeted anil proved
to bo a POSITIVE erne for the terrifying Bpcclflt!
blood dlaease. "IUM" In now In uee in onr
laboratory. Komomber "HOW" has cnre*l ilionsnnda
of men in Kurope; moM of them were cured after
first ireat ment. tt'*- are experienced iiietllcnl
doctors and know how to tl tug none your <■ i-e. using
Vmi Dangorn'i Blood Teat.
Write  for  Information.
,-i-. .'ini   tronttnent   for   all  other   diseases   ol   men,   Nervous
VVeskoeif,  Varlcow v«los, Hydrocele,  blood   sod   Skin   Disorder!.
Sores,    Ulcers,   Klilnev.    Hludder   mi*J   Kcual Disorders.  Etc., and
Coniractcd Ailments,
Best Anatomical Museum in llic NorHi-wrst.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Streei, Fpokane, Wash' |
IS-2",t        I
Om*mmW**mm*MVH*S-'i'SX^TF: T^?-?T:r^.-.l-'^iS:
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED  -      $10,000,000.00
I Imperial Bank el Canada {
5,575 000.00
|i. li. WILKIE, President.
Accouuta   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants,
t I'.irniTs nml Private luiliviiliiiila invited,
* lirnfls nml Letters of Cnilit is<iu*il available in nny part of
* tlie worl I.
* SWINfiS  DIOl'.VIlTMr.N'l'     Special   attention
* «ivon  to Savings  Hunk Accounti.    Deposits of J1.00   uuil
* apwanls roooiveu and interest allowed trom date ot tleposil.
\ Cranbrooh Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
**: ***************************** *************
It iB the Same Place
Tin* Place thut is Populai
Qood us the llest
Hitler limn the Real
\ The Cosmopolitan
If you coma once,
You \* HI come again.
E. n. SMALL. Piioinii ,011
► ♦<•♦♦«>♦♦•»-»•»♦•>
THE !!
• 1
• *
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
************** **********************
We Are Not Malodorous Lawyers,
Trouble-Breeders and Parasites
But Sawyers of Wood and Founders
of Honest Industries ::::::
Wt* uie not political lieolors, haagors-on nml sycophants ol grasping Railway Corporations
V.V aro nol dissolute politicians, tin* rosldlum or spawn of Ottawa, neither are we alraul
to orltlclso even a Judge when ho prostitutes liis high offltc to sntisly petty personal spite.
Oui* mission is constructive, those Indicated destructive and Inimical to public weltart.
Wo give value* I.r money   received.      Arc nny of those guilty of that!
We Make Wood Pipes For Irrigation
which hencflts Industries.    Uut make no pipes to tap tho   public collcrs.     We carry our
lumber in thc yard and keep il ready lnr utilities.     Unlike   some lawyers   wbo      carry
■ theirs nn their shoulders, the utility being undlscoverahlc.
We Make Lumber, Sashes, Doors, Furniture, Wood
Pipes, Raise Live Stock, Make the Wilderness
Blossom and Produce, Our Clients Satisfied,
Our Deserving Employees Contented
Partners In Our Success
What do the parasites indicated do ? They give no quid pro quo other than Insolence,
deception nnd oppression tainted with the vlndlctivcness ol political spleen. The sullerers helpless, slider because tliey know nnt their sovereign power, hut Nemesis will be awakened and
woe to the culprits. 'Even ERMINE WILL NOT SAVE THEM.
SomejLawyers Are Honorable, Many Judges Upright, Painstaking and
Above Suspicion.   Such we All Venerate, Admire and Almost
Worship, Bven if They Have Small Human Weaknesses
The ermine they should wear Indicative of their purity and power, is not needed as a protection nor adornment, but ns a SYMBOL TO IMPRESS THE VENALLY CROOKED LAW-
We Struggle to Create. Build Up and Sustain Industries
Railway Corporations attempt J" straagle them In their infancy and dare to pose as
public benefactors, whilst robbing the people, burning ii|i their property, killing their cattle
and oppressing their pour employees wherever they   are not united for sell-protection.
Whilst the Parasites who Hootin inked the Representatives of the People
into giving them Ihe best part ot the country to esploit, ore by virtue ol watered stock,
fatted multl-milllonalres rolling In luxury In Palaces, Instead ol the chains, handculls, skilly
and wooilen couches they deserve.
Anl in the Disgraceful Exuberance of their Autocratic Assumption
tbey make the people believe with disgust and disdain, tbat (lovernments, Parliaments,
Politicians and those who sit in high places are at their beck and call. Can we wonder
thnt Nemesis will arise from bet stupor and smite the despoilers, thc robbers, who make it
so painlul for the   masses NOT TO LIVE but barely exist.
History will repeat itself, oppression, graft and corruption will perforce, sink beneath tbe
Anglo-Saxon love ot Justice and right by virtue of whieli nur rnce rules the world.
Tbe most gross injustice Is inflicted on the people nl Canada by Railway Corporations
who have been civeii millions nt acres ol land, wliich they ndvertlsc and esploit in Europe
and the United States ami poor victims pay their hard earned cash. Alter the poor beggars
raise produce, the great earning capacity of which has been over advertised, THEY FIND
THAT IT IS IMAOINARY, and further, that they arc handicapped In the transportation to
market and are al the mercy ol the great Octopus. Take as one example, freight charges
for farm produce for hauling less than MO miles to market cosls tlD.OO per ton, or more
than the value ol Iho product. The writer started out to ADVERTISE HIS PRODUCTS
AND WISHES TO SELL THEM to provide subsistence Ior his people who make LUMBER,
customers require ti  and can provide security we can supply them on   easy terms.      Kor
full particulars write
A. E. WATTS, Wattsburg or Proctor
Ami if you are oppressed by oxactloni of Railway Corporations;
(tr bale been ol  Bre being cheated by lawyers ;
in have been given a questionable deal hy THOSE IHOII IN AUTHORITY ,
Or voui political representative has been false in bis trust,
Or be has not paid what be promised ;
Or got you the position Indicated by Innuendo or nttberwise ;
A. E. WATTS will go one Better and Help You to Corall the
Crooks and Justice and Fair Play will Win Pro Bono Publico
NOTE—The story wilh details of the npprensions and rascalities indicated Is being written under the title ol
"The Curse of Canada"
A Nnrative of the Ups and Downs of a Pioneer ; How I
Lost One riillion, and the Fun in Making the Second
*.-« THB   Clf ANllh'OIIK     HBRAUJ
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
F. C. Bwannell, D. 1,. 8„ B 0.1.. S,
A. I. Robertson, ll. 0. L. S.
SWANNELL & ROBERTSON j      NeWS  Of   the   District       j
Dominion and British Columhia      ':* A
P.O. Drawer71)8 VICTORIA. B.C
! ♦
i **********************-**********************
********************** **********************
HI) Ml!
Kvery ei
II* nm
A  homo  ft'ii
eeinl all
in lion
y, llh
in casus ,.l
9   inn,
MRS, li.
I'll.,lie L'T.I      1
Opposlto O.r.lt. Station
TIIK     PLACE     TO      OKT     A
0001) MEAL
Physician.*, and Surgeons
OHIce at ItMldriii*.  Arui.tioni  Ave
office hours i
Furwuwiii, - - - - 8 (III lo 10.IHI
Altertiooni - - - 2.1)11 to '.UO
Eventnua ... - 7.80 to 8.8(1
riumUys - - - - 3.811 to 4.311
CRANBROOK :.    ::    II    li    :■»  0
Hondqtmrters for ul! kinds of
Siilinfucliiui (liiiininlooil
Tlio .Sinn. Bpuolallst
********************      *********************
(Special correspondence) Special corres] lence.)
.lames    Bates,    the game warden,
eame uver    from Cranbrook ti
whether lli.* lish were biting foi  tbi
boys.     It's really laughabli     to lind
,1. ".V.   lfU'i'l,KDGE
Hnnl, *t,**   of   Ontario   V,*,,»,*i,,,,r,
OnllnRli. Tiiiiii  in   In'.is
Diioliinii. iiii.I Malnllitft "I .IcKlllip'i
Vi-teriiinrvCillea,,  i'lii,*i*in.
in in o
Nine years experlenco In \.*i.riiuu >
practice in Manitoba
Ollice—next door lo Post Ollice
Pbone M     ■     P.O. Dm 181
Mitt all-B. II. Short'. IteaMenci
OK. F. B. MILliS
I to !:! a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office in new Reid llloek
CRANBROOK -       -       - 11. C,
Notary Public
lu Cosmopolitan Hotel
Crniilironk nml fori Sfeela
ttfklua" Cranbrook, II.C. X
m\*a*At*m\m\m%*m*m*%*%*%*m*%*m*\ *% m, m ****** A\ A\
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 184 PHONE 944
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing;  send
it to
Hpeniul prlcea lur family work.
la prepared to supply help, skilled oi
unskilled, on shortest possible notice; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms snd to sell
you fruit lands or other property tor
s small commission.
Addre<i:-W. Parker, 811 Baker St.
NELSON, II. C. 48-lv
AM) CHEMIST.-Chargos: Gold,
silver, copper and lead, $1 each;
gold-silver, $1.50; silver-lead, (IM.
gold-silver, with copper or lead,
3.60; zine, J2; sllver-lcad-zlnc, **■(.
Prices for other metals* on appliea*
tion.     1'. ii. Boi     CD., HIS, Ncl-
n   B. C 411-tf
B.   C.   anj   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.  'Phone In
every room
Barber Shop on ihe premises,
Thoroughly ap-to-ds*te,
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B.   TOMK1N, Millliluer
For family uie there li uothlng
to wholesome i"'i bq pure an
Chop   Suey   Noodle
su   many    cutin-h-    oui r>f
tackle when Jim potnet. around
Mrs. Josoptl Walsh .unl children, ni
Porl Steele, visited with us uvui
Sunday        By the    way,   ihe Mm
isii'l      \i-i\   Blow   .il   iJj'iiliiNL llif
pin ini
Prol      Richardson and
trom Steele with Ihelr company oul
Jit.    The profosHor Iion lieen ei   u i
tn iln several da) b ol trrighl in-s
Uie company.
Roy And rows wns sen I to Wardnei
last Sunday with n message to he
Bent by telegraph, and Hoy .. .r
elated with tin- fael thai he wan
provided with a good pxtiirc foi go
Coasting evenings are all the rage
tins lint* weather, and Ihr coasters
have come along very well, with tin
exception ol a few black eyes ami
Jammed shoulders.
Mrs. II   II. Headers 'eturned lo
ramp     after having spent a pleasant
week with friends at Porl Steele.
The management oi tin* company
purchased the pipe ami hydraulic outfit from the Wild Horse Plain Mining company ti> lie in readiness lor
placer work on lhe river bed as soon
as conditions will perm 11 They al
sn purchased the electric llghl plant,
and intend to install it, and have it
in operation at an carlj dale.
Harry Henderson, the foreman, i-
maklng fine progress with the dam
In a few days, there will lie completed, one nf the best tlanifi to be
found anywhere in the west. I' was
nut built by guess work, foi the
plans are patented, anil was con
strncted by specifications, known as
tiie gravity dam.
IN8UIUXOK  AM'   I.l M    I -I tl I
II,• in ,*,*i Iii.nil.*., f,  I'.,      *
t„ Norbury sveni .*. i ,*-.i iloo,
to Rlnnlnai PI ■ lo Ktoillo.
♦ The Crinbrook Employment x
• and Real Estate Agency   i
Uv Sprrlalll] li, liirnbMns Intor I
Lninuer I'ntmmnUi,, ic.ir.*,■ *i  i,
lrn.:li.'.. II..1.1-. nn.l Itmlil.r.
.1. Ann,.ni*. l'ni|., i-*l,,r
PI inl.'t     lloff,81lfl     P.O, H"X '-
Qeneral Itlacksinithinj;
Sleigh Repairing
Logging Sleighs made to order.
Large Stock of Hardwood Runners on hand.
ai thc nun tion "i the Frasei and
S'ecliaco III vers, will he tin* largest
<itv nn    ihr    Orand   Trunk Paclfli
Transcontinental    RallWB)     WCSl      Ol
Porl Qeorge is thc geographical
ami strategic commercial cento ol
Drtllih Columbia—the natural sup
plj polnl toi a iplcndld mixed (arm
[I       mineral,      Umbei   ami  eoal ana
■ ■I million., ol acrw made accessible
h\ HOfl milts d! navigable miter
Splendid opealngi foi business and
I,et lis semi ymi a free copy ut
'■British Columbia Bit Hot In ol loloi
ma tion," containing up-to-date news
ol the great inland Kmpire ot Canada
Write oi rail ot once
Natural Resources
Security Co., Ltd.
Paid Ip capital, $250,000,
Join I Owners and   Sole Agents Port
Qeorge Townslte.
Head Office, flflfl Bower Building,
Vancouver, It. ('.
The Job 'department ol this paper Is
equipped with the most up-to-date
faces ol type. Vou get what you
wont wbea you want II at the Herald.
(Special correspondence.>
A must enthusiastic meeting ol the
Marysville Conservative association
was lield in the dining room ol the
Central hotel, Which was kindly loaned by the- proprietor, Paul Handley,
mi Frida}. February 10th Those
present were: A Mellor, president
U I. Sawyer, vice president; IV
Handley. A. Harms. -I Douglass,
II Bird, Wm Bidder, .'ohn Hor
man, II I.und, A. Quay, Q. Hodsoii,
W Bird, I) Bird, 0. James, secce
Vftet a brlet address lir the
president, the minutes ot thc lasl
meeting, January 27th, were read bj
the secretary, which snowed an Increase •W membership "i twelve,
made at the last meeting, also show
ng that tin- association stands g I
llnanctallj \    lettei ol a|
ras read    Irom David .1   Douglass,
xprcsstng the regret nl thc memben
i| Matthew Creek toi non-attend
.ime. owing chlcflj tti tiie lind state
ol the roads Several resolutions ol
.tu Important nature were moved ami
unanimously earned and forwarded
in Mi Thus Caven. M.I, A., fm his
«onslderatlon. The meeting ad
[ourned al 11 p.m. The nexl meeting ol 1 lie association will be held
at the Central hotel on Saturday,
Feliiuau 25th, at s 30 p 111., when
alt good Conservatives who can maki*
11 eonvenlenl |o attend will he *el*
Miss Bella Taylor, ol Kimberley,
is giving lessons on the pianoforte
tn several "i the young ladles here
mi Fridays
Pete Robtehaud is hark at ins old
job behind the mahogany at thc Falls
\ lew hotel
(lame Warden .lames Hates ami
• iu, "i Cranbrook, were guests ni
the Central hotel on Sunday last
l*!  T   Crowley is busy moving
house from .1 i>"i»t halt nub-    from
town  intn    Marysville, which house
will he oui   future government loelt
Miss N Handley, Miss M Ouelctte,
Miss House, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs
lames, Mis llorman, IT Handley,
K P Crowlci. K Bidder, .1 Ureas
M*. ic Hint. 1. Campbell, T Hai
ris and J Smith attended thc dano
at Wycliffe on Saturdaj Inst ami all
reported a good time Tliey saj the
mnsir wns loVely.
Miss Watts, nf Wattsburg, was a
Marysville visitor on Monday, ami
nreontpnnicil Miss Nellie Handle) nnd
Miss House in a sleigh ride to the
Snllfvnn mine.
(Special correspondence, 1
Hi. Lees, "f Crnnhrook, came uut
mi n burn j.til lasl week. A, .1
Miller's two-yeat old child was taken
suddealy ill ami had to be brought
iutn tlie hospital Only a few minutes before thc doct.u drove up lo the
hotel, one ot the men at Skookum
chuck camp was brought dowa, having sustained bad ii tu his toot
He was examined bj i'i Lees ami
taken to Cranbrooh Im pltal
Pete Parson, who recently snld lus
fine ramh to K II Hirtch, ot Cal
gary, spent tt enuph ■■) days iit Wasa
The people of Wn n arc cheefful
uver prospei 1 ■ foi ..■• itng lummei
People have goi theit eyes opened t.»
the many natural es In    this
'■■ Hon, and il I talntj    thai
with the Bpproacl nl the K C l!
apltal will imd its wn] here We arr
trohg bellevi i- u -l i itura nl this
valley and gladlj »< I nmo new set
tiers and new pnterpriheis
John Sullivan, ol M< yle, wl wns
mining proper ij near rrooy, was up
there tin- othei daj obtaining re
iiilts nf work tti « going on there
l le enme down from I hi mine last
Wednesday, bringing with him several line speiimi n*. ol nro frnm the
recently discovered ledge
Mr. Sullivan In lends to do consider-
The sad news was received here bj Inblc developtnenl work on the prop-
wire on Monday Inst comvcy-Jng   the h-ity   next    stinunei and is confident
Kernie is having n ratln 1 ehunge-
able wintei To all upjiearaiices the
ivintci  is ovei and gom We have
had .1 week ol mosl de! 1 fu] spring
weathei nnd tho cltlzi u are hoping
f"i enough of this 1., reduce the
snow banks to kui Ii .1 m- as will
1 t'l'ii    ivat 11  in    thr
Ireel    latei on
The agri eiuenl     hi I the ioal
■ oinpuii)  and the minei   * npire ■   on
March 91s1, aud [hv mln r- are seek
hi       ■ 1 fii ;.|j. i'. ami
drivi    , who .,1 presenl ... * i\e HI [c
. houi. .1 ik l"oi .in ii.' ■ a ,c 1,1 ii|c,
ami ISe   and it fraei Ion    to
\iiii blue nn a ask i"i a    rale
lhat     will     nive them atmal  vi |i,.j
• i.'Im  hiHH*.    Instead    nf vj an, and
tempers v'i SO instead ol v,
■V verj sad aecldenl happened on
Wednesday of last weel. When the
four o'clock train came down from
Coal I'reek, Joe Blokemore, .1 trapper boy, who lives al Cokalo, jump
ed from a box ear thinking in sav*'
himself a tew yards walk In not
coming Into the yard, He reached
the hank safely Imt the .now was
packed hanl ami slippery, ami he was
unable in gel a firm hold Conso
fluently he rolled hack mi iln* irnck
and was crushed bj the wheels nf
the nttei coaches The Inn was III
yeai - "i age, I lis rat hei was mi thc
Main when llie aecldenl happened
Much sympatin Is fell foi ihe sorrowing parents and inrinhrr- ol the
f ami I j in their sad and unlimeli he
Tin- hand g( lhe Heap.!   lu ■ visited
.< large numbet ol homes in Fernle
dm inn. ibe past month Xmne days
thc latter pail ol lost week as main
as three funeral processions were
seen wending Ihelr way tn tlie ceme
air. James McLean, wlm has heen
spending thc lasi lwn inuiiths with
friends in \ova Seotia and other
eastern points, arrived Imme on Sn
t unlay
Mr and Mi**. I licks lett on Thurs-
iaj evening's train for Medicine Hat.
where they will reside in future
Mi. ami Mi** \. I Flshci have
taken the cottage recently vacated
u\  Mi   Micks un \ ietoria avenue.
A mosl  • -nil   Valeatfno pari)
wus given hi   Miss Gordon lu a few
lady   friends nu Saturday af*
St Valentine's blrthdaj was eete
brated in tlie usual fashion, namely,
hy sending messages thai people were
glad i" receive and messages that
j pie wile nol glad lo receive.
Mrs J. H Turnej. of Lethbridge,
was in lown last week
Wnt Scott, ol V'nncouver, late ol
Fernle, spent the week-end in Fer
Mis Codings returned from Macleod <»n Tuesday night's local.
Thc bonspiel Is   over        Tun had
the weather man wasn't   fund enough
anie in suppl) belter wcath
1:   foi   ice.      V-- il   was sume of   the
gentlemen learned lo sweep quite sue-
■ -ii!U in moisture.
The    Qhost carnival, held on Mon-
■    ii-. wav rathei poorly attend
■ il, owii    to tile mild weather,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills • ■    	
Aicll.hla French ,<if-i'.i ..i.i,,**.,*, I.uk.   II,,.,. I      SOCICIY   ANI) CIIUKCH
pill, lire Mceeciiiiiilv powen  I ,,*. .,*.*,ilatiiig th,: ■
jjaneratlvo poitlon ofIJin (etnal, ,y,lcm.   Ktfus,- •
rill chc-ip in..tai   *.      lir. ila Van*, .tie s.-ld nl 11
tlm box. or thre^l rlln.   Mmk-lio invaiiurets. •
Tha Srola 11 nr,,*- Co,, HI. rniharlni*.. ,'nt SQ
For -nil..* nl   Hei     Uurnl     s   I*,,
   ',       Orescent Lodge So, 33
will I"' pi" "ii ilir'niiirkfi in Un
near future, ni'corilln^ lu \h llan
.son's slnlt'iiii'ii'
Win French mnl \ Italley, I Uu
Grange were i Isitnrs in v, Insl
Ml   .1   I'   Kink, nl L'iniil u
Mi     I'cnuon, 1,1   Kurl   st, ,*!,*. wrii
picsls nt On* Wiisn lintel nn Monilni
The}' left Tuesilaj ninriiiiin mi   i
in t'nnal l*'lr,t-
Mi'ssi*. \,,tiii,in .limes an,I \ S
Mmrin enme in on llie sl.i*:,* hon
I'ninlili'iik Muiiiliii nlglil Tin i lell
iln* following day i"i Wlnilerniere,
Cranbrook, H. C.
Meets    ev'c-rv    'l'nt'Sllay at 8 p.m. «l
Fialernily Hall.
J. M, Boyes, C. L'.
T. Q*. Junes, K. ol R. ft 6.
t'Istling lirctfarco   cordially mvitad
to atteml.
I 0 0 !■' . KEY CITV LODOE, No. a.
Meets every Monday
night at   New Fi»-
^^^^^^    tcrnity   Hall.    Sojourn.np Oddfcllowi c'inliallv luVtUd,
Wt      fl      RrlckBt.n   came up Irom hy, s. Hall, L'. J   Little
Cranbrooh un   Tuesdaj nnd was     .'   ■
guesl at thc Wasn hotel   lie hit Wed
dead ay morning foi the f'.IMi  rami
at Skiiokutneliuelc. where lie will HUp
iTinieiiil iln- work ^iiiiui nn there
Mr Erickson made ipille n rei onl
trip mil here with his last team nl
news of the death uf Charlies Quan*
Btrami nu "hi timer in this district,
where he was highly respected by nil
who knew him.
Marysville    is   a lively   huiR   jusl
now.    One hns tn keep u sharp look
nut nn   tlie   main street, ns im less	
than ten teams    nro hnnilne; lumbei I Steele, was n Rtiesl nl   Was,
frnm Matthew Creek to tbo depot, in |Salurday
addition to   the regular Iraflie        II
will Km ui need a pnllcemtm for point
duty it this   inrreuse of ttaliif Con
that it is going tn Inn t a    win
ner       Ui' certainly wish him     sue
Chas. t'nrlwrlghl came down from
Mhaliuei last Tlnirsdn; "ti liis waj
in the coasl
Mr   |{. |,   T     nulbiaith, r.f Porl
Nol often do yon hem n( a 35i
preparation heing sold with a guai
ante* lo euro you. \n absolute
guarantee goes with uverj box ol
KI(! PILLS Thev will iniv rheum
aiism, Backache, llladdei Trouble,
f/requent Urinating, Runiiiig Sensa
tion, Painful Stltehex, Sluggish \A\
er uud all Stomach Trouble li not,
your money back. \t ail druggij»t.i
ir mailed nn receipt nl pine hj The
Fig Pill Co , St. Thomas, Onl
City of Cranbrook
that nn Tuesday, March ith, 1911,
tin* Court nf Revision (oi lhe Municipality ol   the  ''Hv   ot Pranbrool;,
B.      C  will    he held  in    (he I'i Ulli   I
Chambers on tho above date, al Hi.Jjo
a m. (local time) for thc purpose 11
revising tho Assessmenl loi the Cltj
of Cranbrook Those making com
plaints against their Assessments are
required to have their protests In
the hands <*f thc City Clerk (10)
days previous to tho flrsl sitting ol
the Court nf Revision.
Dated at Cranbrook, B <'., this
16th day ol January, 1911.
48-flt '        C. M. C
I'r.inhrotik     Lod0,
No, St
A F.  A-  A.  fit.
i. ,     llrgiilar mi'etlngi on
',    ,       the   third   Thursday
ol every month.
\: i'i' _• I rcthren wrlcomed.
W. K* Attiid      u M,
K. w. ' ii;  11], Sei rotary,
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fuurth Wed-
nesday at Fraternity Hall
Sojourning    Rebekahi  cordially in-
TAKE NOTICE that I, .lohn J.
Johnston, of Fort Steele, M. C, occupation Fanner, intend Lo apply toe
permission to purchase tlie following
riest rlhcd lands:
Commencing at a post planted a\
the northeast cornel ol Lol No.
8106; thence 20 chains cast, thenco
io ehains south, thence 20 chains
west, thence 40 chains north tn placo
of commencemeni.
John ,1. Johns ton.
Dated Februal)  7th,  1911    53-8t*
vi ted,
Ml a E. Johnston, N   n
Miss Hlokenbotbam, See'y.
Strayed into mv micIq nre opi ||m
nearly »hlt«, |tra« dnl " P " on It sli) I
ntnoHnntu lii'ittt .in ton o' rump Dm  M
'the I fit   Rh    flmtifi   plpai-? ettM   )-i.v
pernxt nnd tnko sidmsl »wny
I)   ,1, Mi I'll N MS,
Meets Id    Fraternity Hall Firat evti
Third Fridays
T.  Eraser, E. C.
'i   MacKinnon, M   R. and c
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets In    armen b Kail Second and
Fourth Tl urs r.'.h at a
p in. sharp
tt'm. Anderson, C  • f Ranger.
L, Beat   Si retart
Visiting brethreD made wflc-'tne
Meet*. .: I , ' ■;.' i Hall flrsl an!
third Thursdaj >•' «-.^ii month at
•" ii m,     ai
'•Ir-;   Lulu  Hay ward. Rec. Sec.
U   II   McFai Chiel  Rangei
Visiting brethren made welcome.
"AT 11 HEW smix woo;
We want evtiyonclo kw
tip! we are paying *
c-4.2 Inleresh^
pcranimm creJitcJ m'llilf
drenal by che<{.*ur & -
•^ 5^ Inters
on time deposits of ~
Wc mv«sl mwr ftrrdieata (}
infirstmwtsajcs.i'toa {
We waiitltiar »vinjs .iccnT
S ifyou are nol sa»inj -
sydenialifdlY* ♦ * * *
fomtncnii'MuW Willi (']:'•.
deposit!)\y mail * * *>
*** carilyliaiiJIci—
You can *j<end by hrali.
Post Office * omm
Order or Rejblc refl * ♦*
better c\ witliiwwate
can be made **** »
jPrcsbyurian Cburcb
Sunday momltii, service it 11 '
i o   Sunday   evpninc    itrvlc-i   at *
i J 7.30 o'clock
i J   Sunday      School   and    Bible \
; J (-Uss at i o'clixk
I f   Preabyterlan   Guild, Toesday,
! I at A o'clock
*  AiAA***tA**l(.AA*4A4AAAaiAA
v m*owwwwmf ▼ v w ww wwwww ww wet
| Baptist Cburcb f
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, .Joseph
Wright, o( Rossland, B, 0 , occupation Cigai Maker, intend t-» apply
lor permission to purchase thc lollowing described land:
Commencing ai a post plauted
about ii chains vest ot the s W.
corner of Lot 7307, being tin* Initial
post V E. corner; thena* south "-':
chains, thence west 40 chains, ihence
south 16 chains, theme we.-u :tt
chains, thence north 92 chains,
thence cast 80 *.hains to point nt
commencement and containing SIS
ai res, more or less.
Inseph Wiigbt, LocatOl
.]. H. Hutchinson,  tgent.
Dated   Nnv. Mh,  1910, f.-lit*
TAKE NOTICE that I, Bello
Dodson, ot Raker City, Oregon, ov-
cupatlon Hoasekeeper, intend to ap*
plj Ior permission to purchosa the
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at « post planted *>pe
foot west trom the v w. roruei ol
Lol 7397, being the Initial posl V K
comer; thence south 80 chains, thence
west ii chains, thence north 80
chains, thenco t*ast 14 chains tn
poiut ol L'ommenceroi'nt and containing il_' acres, more or }***■.
Belli  Dodson, Locator
J. H  Hutchinson, Agent.
Pa'.tii Nov   8th, IftlO. 15-tt*
J T Pastor,  Charles ff.  King.
w Parsonage. Norbury Avenue.
! *** 'Phone, 284.      --   -   -
j X
P.  O.   Box  «7.
Ilegnlur Services—Sur.dtr.  ii ,
and     7.30   p.m.;    bible <
hoot     with     Young   I .•"■lies' .
t Philethea     and    Young   Men's *
Youri; Peoples',    I
i ♦ p m *_*-_
: 9    Wednesday, Mid-Wwk Merting, i
:A coidial    rhristlan weleoma i
to all.
i *     ,w«
i X a.m.
I Z Srhoc
! $ Phllol	
j ♦ Bible Class,
[ f     Monday,
A Ltaly'f Coon Coat, coit
$50.00 will take S25.O0, vtry
little worn ; aUn a No. 8 Stove
with reservoir only used two
months SI5.00.
i wl'-h.
! Rrapoiwiblr
Rcfertif^* ■*•*•♦
or to anyone in*
Write us atnot it May
Do it now	
Mi   Man*.i*i    n tin i*il Iii     Irom I
Calgary lout wwk, wlirrr In*     wmi I
In lIlRCUia llliltlrm in ii rctilllt Willi
thc tuwiiattc at Wasa        Them* lots
I CambLe-Street
Vejvcwver B.C.
(,|VK  is A TRIAL,
T. K. FUTA    1
!ll 10-lt |
POfl RENT -Three nicely lurnlsh
I'd rooms; centrally located; with nr
i itlinut   hoard.       For    l-frinn apply
Minld ofllce 60
i I ,
TAKE NOTICK that I, .lohn Ls-
peth, ol Rosslaad, B. C, ixcupati^u
Miner, in'.And to appl> ior permission
to purcha^r the toljowtng described
i Dmmencing at m post planted
shout II chains   west    ol the .S. W.
no ol Lot 73*7, bt-Uif; tbfl initial
post N. W • theace South '**% chains,
thence t.i5r l* chain?, thence north
>*■ chains, fteccc west n chains tw
: Lni f conunenccmeot ar.d contain*
Ing 50 acres, more or less.
John Lapesh, Locator,
'. H   Hutchinson, Aaent.
Dated Not. 8th. :!M0 45-9t#
TAKE NOTICK that l^n.es Fish-
er, ol :'.'■ -.lar.-; B. C, oecupatiun
Agent intend •-? applr lor ptrmtn*
s.on to purchase thp lollowing des-
ertbed land.
Conunesdag a' a p* .t piautcu
about ll chains in a westerly direction from the S. T cornet *u! Lot
73't:, o»:ii.(>; t..c iai.ial lost N. E.
inrrj-r: tnenct lonth *"• chains,
thence «•«?«» 30 "^ims, tfc*-r.T lorih
i.t chains, ^hrace east ***t chains,
thr-n<e north l« 'bains, ;b-nc* eat»^
M fhains to p*jIm of eommonceuient
and c^ntaiuing T*y\ acres, more ^r
■lame* Fisher, Locator
1. II  Hutchinson, Ajrem.
Dated Nov. *th, \nt 4J-Jt«
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern eqvtppad Csteai iroJef»ia
prb at
lUie* f 1.00 and up per dee
Corner uf llowanl St.and Front Av*.
Onr bul oisetiill trsiue
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
Prueldent: T. b. (tar
Hwretary; ■*■ Maidonaid
For iiilorroatlon rsgardlng liudt
<§ mnl   •gricultnrn   spplv    to  the -|l
f K.-i-retirv, Crantirook, If. V
^^ MretiiiR
Everji wiiiiiI WodnSldas THK   OBNBROOK    &BR.ALD
For Isolation Hospital
one  ui the   main   lessons ol ihis
DH    OREKN     RETURNS     l-'ROM  case lies    rlgbl    lipre-lry Znm-IUik
SAT1SFACTOUV INTERVIEW       ,'>'sl  |,,r ««J   '"-""V. ';"r,,• stil"     ''' '
WITH (KiVKKNMKNT   \T 'I'lisem    wound       U Is eqlinllj ftood
VICTORIA ''"«• piles,    hlood-polsonlng, fwtU-rliig
  wounds, /-Imps, cold sores, children's
|)r, F W. Green is buck Horn his jonipttons, scalp sort's, varle-ise ul
visit In Victoria, whllher he wenl .core, chilblains, pic VII dragglsls
l.n the purpose ot Interesting the and stores sell at Rile bos ni posl
provincial government in thc e.tab- lm' M'"m Kani-llul. Co., Toronto, up
llshment ol an isolation hospilal nl ,"1' receipt ol prici' Von nre warn
Cranbrook, Dr. Oreen says ihal ''-.I ngalnst harmrul subslituli
I.r was verj cordlallj reeeivc,! nnd inferior pivparatlmis, which >ii
lus missii.it warml) endorsed hy llip'hlggei margin nf prolll
members   ol ilu-   governnienl     wilh
ml iu
inetlnips pushed ns heing "jusl u
g 1 "     Nothing is jusl ;is g I
hy Sir J-pbu Kirk, director ol the
Ragged School union, to Victoria,
It. C, seven years ago He told the
children ol lhat and other elites ol
the poverty ol thc children In London, and ever since there hns pome
a-oin British Columbia annually a
sum sulliciclit to provide nearly one
thousand Loud-own children with a
substantial New Year's dinner and a
good evening's entertainment.
One of ihe many good features of
the Canadian Oovprnmenl Anputlles
Vcl which should pommeml it to
wage-earners, and others Willi small
oi uncertain incomes, is ilu- Incl Uml
ii tlir purchaser is obliged foi am
reason in discontinue liis regular
payments (here    is nn tine, no lapse,
..ml nn forfeiture       Whatevc no;
Im- pays in will remain with ilu- gov
iTiimciil al   I per mil compound     in
whom he discussed ihe detail
Di   Oreen was nol prepan ti io h.ij
much for publication jusl ,u i enciit,
feeling it to   be   ins ilutj to -fubinil
the government proposals in the liml
plan* to the cltj council, which     ho
ivill 'in at an earl) dale, probubly nt
the special meeting lo bo held       on
Mondaj evening nexl
The government, in cffei,. ..*.\   hai
the Pity prepare plans uml i .-it ,i. tis
ol   post,    upon submission hi  . ,i< h
thej  will be prepared In gn .-artfully
Into ilu- mattei, ami, in Dr   iln iVs
opinion, moke generous prnviti *;i loi
lhe    Immediate erection and I rnlfch    lWH" u,,ul t,,c    llll,r   wlm l,,,P ?"
ings of a first-class eslnhlishme-u       '"""J l"•|i,,,l is ■ »nd l,c win l1"'"
receive such annuity as the payments
lie has made with accrued interest
will purchase If the amounl paid
is found not to lie sufficient to purchase an annuity of $511, which is the
smallest nmounl    Ihal ian be    pur
chased under llie net, all  Un- in y
received with .1 per eenl compound
inti'iesi will lie returned lo the pur
chaser. The system is mosl elastic,
ami Ha* payments may he resumed ai
any time, and lhe arrears made up
hy a lump sum payment, oi hv in
creased payments spread ov-i a number of yenrs, in order ihai the an
unity originally aimed nl mav      be
/am-Huk   Worked a Wonderful Cure
Sometimes o had burn, a deep cut,
or some similar Injury, sets up a
mnn- permanent injury, in the lorm
of an open, discharging sore In such
cases /am Huk will be found u| un
equalled value
\li .1 Nixon, ol HOI Wilham Ave ,
Winnipeg,    a blacksmith al the C.P
I!     shops, had hi. fool   hadlv   liimu-d
h, some   mollcn   metal falling upon
'Tin- hum wa
a very   secured.
had une, ami aftei lhe lirst lew days
n led an open sore, which showed
marked sinus nf blood-poisoning H
discharged I reel j ami caused me lei
rlble agony, Kor three weeks I suffered acutely and could gel nu ease.
Al last 1 obtained a preparation
frmo llie duel ut, which seemed to
stop the discharging and made me
quite hopeful, hul linalh tin- wound
became as had as ever
KmtIht particulars ol tins mosl
provident scheme nan he had upon
application lo youi postmaster, or
by writing lo the superlntendetil ol
government annuities, Ottawa, post
age free.
In Hm large hall of the Camberwell
Mission in Toulon Rtrccl, si;, Lon-
"l   was then ndvised lo ust- /am Idon, ICng., the other night, uver live
Huk, and    fr  llm nisi application  hundred poor ehildren of lhe district
Uu- halm gave um relief The Inflammation was thoroughly checked,
and iln*    poisonous    matter cleared
were entertained ai dinner and after
wards at a conjuring and ventrllo
ijlilal performance as the guests
Heat lie -Murphj   Co . I,t.i , Special   British Columbia.    The menu was a
ginning   with   /am link Healing J simple une,   consisting ol roust beef
then began, and in   less than      Iwojand potatoes and plum pudding.   Tlm
weeks   the   wound    was thoroughly   banquet was the outcome ol a   visit
II   Darling Ium Miniin.1 Irani u trip
In  Iln* |Hilllir |lii,'lll(Vs
lieal Sn.nli oatcakes nl Kink's
l',i,.- Kuml Clrocci)
l*.   M.illniiiliiiiii* led Im* Cnlisntj on
llllMlli**.*-  nil  TllCa(la) .
I!,., I*; I' Flowclling nml ('. A
r<„k .in* iiltunillng :i merling ui
Synod ni Hovolsloko
i:.nu   i*:nitu»ii   iiunri    £111.25.—
C!   I'   S
Tin* young |ii*ii|I|i* ot Ilii' lllllll isl
rliurcli guild i-n.iiivi'il enjoyed n sli*it*li
inir in I'mi Steele mi Tuesday ei'cn-
illg, whilst members ul tlir j'lrsliy-
ii-ii.in churcli guild drove oul to
l.iinli llm*,' camp No. 2
Num rockers Mc—C C S
On Wednesday evening nt*vt, Krlnii
0*00 •*••*• * ****** * ♦
Don't pny express or duty
on Slice! Music ur Musical
Iti&iruiiii'iilB when 1 con
supply you vith EVERYTHING ill the Musical Line
ui prices whieh cannot be
Kenton, Anywhere.
Your's of musical experience have enabled me to
eater i" a music-loving
11' Vou are n
Music Student
Singing Teacher
Choir Lender or
(Joneert Singer
1 ran supply your every want'
I CRANBROOK,    -    B.C.
♦ 52-tl
T ***** *******
my Mnjl, there take, place   at   the | ♦^♦♦W***«>W»»*»a>a>.»W»,».>»w^
Auditorium um* ol ilu* must popular! ***»-****fcAAA*bAA*»*"***'**-*»**»AAAA**»-'*-*•**-* .—------.--..------  - - - -	
social evriiis ul tin* wniti'i season, I
the rallwaymen'H hall On this occasion the ball is being held under
tin* joint auspices ol Selkirk Division
No. 27*1, ni lhe nil, Moyio DM-1
.sinii Nn. 583, ol thc ll nf 1.. F,. nnd
Crows Nesl lodge, No. 530, 11. ol
I.. [•'. and [■'.. Dancing will commence at 111!,*. Mush will In* supplied In Nolan's nreheslrn, ol Spokane The reception committee will
consist nl tin* rallowing Indies uiul
gcutlcnien: Mesdnmes T. S. (Illl, M.
Harney, T. Drummond, I) IC, Murphy, ll. tiWiolihlc nnd M \ Mur
gntroytl; M ssrs li K. Murphy, M
Barney, II McOolilrii*, I I'ush, I
Fry nml   \    I Iill
The Central  Meat
'lur   Specially   Is
Fresh Killed Meals
We GnnrnntiM ' 'ur
To   In*   ium!.*    "I   absolutely
Wc Solicit Your Trade.
A. .inlit.V. Proprietor,
One More Week Only
Hard Time Prices
In This Store.
One Dollar equals two.   Prices on many articles   ||
THE    IM K *.-.     R E M £ O V    IOR
Nervous &.?haut,tion "
Headache, Insomnia and Neuralgia arc generally the result oi exhausted nerve mitr*.*-;. The true
remedy is not a paralyzing drug,
but Food, Rest and tierve repair.
"Asaya-Nitk.u.i." is am I makes
possible this vtin*. It feeds the
nerves, induces sleep, quickens
tlie appetite and digestion ; freedom from pains and buoyancy of
-spirits result, J1.50 per bottle.
Obtain from the local agent.
have bfen cut in two.   All winter lines must go,
and some other lines too, it will pay you to in=
vestigate: you will be surprised at  whal we are
doing.     The Men's Clothing, Furnishing and Shoe
Departments, Crockm  and   Furniture Departments
have all beeu Knifed.
********************** to*************************
W.m.A w ..V.A W*Jm. I
w'aW'M W*aW*m
is the most marvelous of any Western Canada city. Three years' ago the population was
19,000 today 55,000 and still going ahead at a desperate rate. Is it any wonder that fortunes
are being made monthly?     Do you want to join in this prosperity.     You can if you will.
Calgary's high-class residential annex overlooking the beautiful Bow Valley, a splendid view
of the Rockies, and all that goes to make suburban property valuable is entirely controlled ty us
and only on the market a few days but selling very rapidly.   If you want a few lots at
$100 and $125, per lot, send us $5 at once
stating how many you want.   We will give you best possible selection.
University situated close to this annex.   Car line will pass this inside a year.   If you want to
make money send to us today.   Terms: one-third cash, balance 3, 6, 9, 12 months; 6 per cent.
References: Standard Hank.
The B and R Company, L.td.


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