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Cranbrook Herald Dec 1, 1910

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In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c. a line
i are well  equip*.*! Ve
turn out the belt cl mi
of work
NO.   -II
Santa   Claus
Is still in the same
old place.
Ever since Cranbrook was Cranbrook it has
been our duty and pleasure to cater to the spirit ol
Yule Tide. The fact that each year sees us with a
better stock and a larger business is a proof that we
have done it well, and that the people of Cranbrook,
and South-East Kootenay, appreciate our efforts to be
a little better than the best.
Xmas iqio will go down in history as our
Crowning Effort
We have gathered together for you this year the
best and most complete slock of Xmas Gifts ever
shown on the Crow.
We have purchased here there and everywhere
so as to get the best in quality and price. Already
we have been complimented on all sides and we
appreciate the kind words of our customers.
Upstairs in our big store, which comprises more
floor space than any two Drug Stores on the line, we
have the bulk of our stock. We invite yon and your
children to come and see. you do not need to buy but
we want you to see.
Saturday, Dec. 3
will be Special
Doll Day
We have several hundred Dolls which
we will (live Away Absolutely Free,
one to each child as long as they last
Have you seen our line of Special Canadian-
made I.ocil View Calandcrs and Xmas Cards.
They arc handsome and (ill the bill better lor loreign
milling than anything yel oliercd.
See these soon
A great many people are regretting having
ordered special Xmas Cards belore seeing our books
of Raphael Tuck's Famous Christmas Cards. Don't
be a regretter, be right and you will be with us.
Come early and often to thc Big Store with the
Little Price where QUALITY COUNTS.
Beattie - Hurphy
Company,   Limited
The Santa Claus Store
Your Mail Orders arc appreciated here.
Means Much tor Cranbrook
C. P. H. to Build Extension from Galloway into
Baynes Lake
Editor. "Cranbrook Herald",
Dear Sir:—
Referring to your telegram of the 19th
instant, which I regret to say has been delayed
in answering.
In the interests of the lumber traffic the
Company has decided to construct a railway
from a point on our Crows Nest line in the
vicinity of Galloway or Elko to reach the lumber interests at Waldo and Baynes Lake.
Yours truly,
W. White
Winnipeg, Nov. 22nd 1910.
The above announcement cannot tail
to prove oi very great Interest to
every resident ol Cranlirook. hired
railroad communication with the
important lumbering seel ion between
Galloway and lluynes Lake is now
an assured fact, something that
means very much to the business
men ol this city.
The (oregoing message from Mr.
Wm. Whyte, 2nd vice-president of
the C.P.R.. was received by the
editor of the lli mid in response to a
telegraphic query sent him because of
rumors thai had reached tho Herald that it was the intention of the
C.P.R. to construct this branch line.
The Herald wished, lo Ih* in a
position to give its cily and district
readers authentic Information on the
I pon receipt of this communication
from the second vice-president, the
Herald at once interviewed .Mayor
Kink, who It knew had for a lone,
time p ast been actively engaged in
promoting thc early construction ol
this line. It is a matter of general
knowledge, that some time ago the
C.P.R. had tbis matter under consideration, bin for one reason or
another it was allowed to drop.
Some six months back Mayor Kirk
entered Into correspondence wiih
District Freight Agent llaldune, at
Nelson, on the subject, pointing out
tbe advantage it would be to the
C.P.R. to have direct communication
with the lumber mill-; to thc south of
the Crows* Nest line Mr. IIaidant-
replied in an appreciative mannei,
asking for a more detailed statement
ot the amount ol business in sight
for the proposed branch line. Mayor
Kink at once entered into correspondence with the various mill
owners, whose Interest would lie served by the construction of tbis line,
securing a mass of useful information
which was duly forwarded to Mr.
Ilaldane, with a request that Intake a personal tour thr-nif-h the
district this proposed branch line
would serve. Mayor Kink promising
to accompany him. Th? trip was
made, Mr. Italitan- saw with his own
eyes the possibilities of ihe section,
not only Irom tlu- lumbering point of
view, but trom ihr large area ol
excellent farming land awaiting development. Further reports were
forwarded to headquarters, with tbe
result as contained in Mi* ft'. Whyte's
message to tin- Herald, published
Tbe proposed line, which, it is understood, will itarl from .in extension of the Crows Nest Lumber
company's tiding ji flnllowny, will
extend as far as Ibyaea Lake, a distance of some ten miles, tapping tin-
three big lumber mills of thnt section, the liosiKMasVatoon, the Adolph
Lumber Company's nulls and ill*'
Raker's Lumber company's null-*.
These mills lasi  vear shipped   Ml
upwards ol   -M.OOQ.OOO teet of lumber, equal to about 2,000 carloads.
After discussing Mr. Whyte's communication with Mayor Kink, the
Herald sin-wed it lo Mr. V. Hyde
Itaker, who Is directly Interested in
(be new undertaking, which will
prove ol very great service to the
mill at Waldo, in which he is largely
interested. .Mr. Maker expressed
keen pleasure at tbe receipt ot an
authoritative statement that, the line
was to be built. He had known
that thc matter was under consideration, but, up to that time, had no
idea that construction was definitely
settled upon.
Mr. (has. McNah, manager of the
Maker Lumber company, was iu town
from Waldo during the week and to
him also this1 important communication was shown. .Mr. McNah expressed keen satisfaction at the
news, saying that whilst they had
lieen fairly well treated by thc (iieai
Northern railway, that at present
taps that district, it would be of
very great advantage to all the mills
in the locality to have direct c
neetinn with tbe C.P.R, Crows
Nest line. .Mr. McNah went on to
point out that not only would the
local lumbering industry be greatly
benefitted by the construction of
this branch line, but that a large
area ol first-class agricultural land
would be made accessible. He estimated tbat there were upwards o]
150,000 acres of choice farming lauds
to be settled up within thc territory
to be covered by tbis branch of the
C.P.R. in addition to the three saw
mills already enumerated. So that
from a business point of view the
construction of the ten miles of railway should prove a good venture lor
the C.P.R.* from the outset.
Discussing the land settlement feature of this m-w railroad proposition,
Mr. .McNab said that the provincial
government should at once set about
clearing up sonic of the vast acreage
available lor settlement lit* thought
it would be good policy on the part
of the government to adopt this
course \ vast quantity of (arm
produce was imported into this section from Ontario and New Brunswick, which might infinitely better i*
grown at borne, fie intimated mat
fully HO per cent of thc farm shift
required by the lumber camps and
mills was thus imported.
The early construction of tins
branch line certainly means a nice
boost for Cranbrook. Tlw trig
mills operated in the section to be
served, do their banking in Cranbrook ami with more direct communication tliey will certainly be
prompted to do more of iheir trading with Cranbrook merchants.
Their employes, also, once direct
communication is provided, will tie
apt to come to Cranbrook to cash
their cheques and purchase supplies
A meeting ol ibe Cranbrook Pish
and Game Protective association
took place on Monday evening ol this
week, which was well attended. V
Hyde llaker occupied lhe chair,
The first matter dealt with was a
resolution from the Kernie (lame .is-
soclatlim, relative lo the imposition
ol a gun license, which, after full
discussion, was unanimously endorsed
and the secret an inatructed io so
notify Provincial name Warden Hmfti
The resolution read as follows:
I. That all persons residing in
this province who desire In fish or
hunt shall pay ;» combined rod and
gun tax of 12.00 per annum
2- That no person, except constables aad other permus allowed by
law to carry fire arms on his person
shall be aMowcd to carry firearms
outside the limits ot incorporated
towns* or cities dufing the open season unless he has taken nut such license.
3. That no person, except ns aforesaid, shall be allowed to carry lire-
arms on his person outside thellm-
its ot incorporated towns and cities
during the closed season unless lie
has obtained a permit from ths government agent of the district in
which he resides, such permit to be
Issued alter tlie said agent has satis-
tied himself that tin- request to
carry arms is for the protection "i
the applicant
1. That/he persons obtaining li-
censes or permits as aforesaid shall
when carrying arms outside of the
limits mrntloaedi bave on tluli    per-
Great Distillery for Fort Steele
Kursaal, Athletic Ground and Race Track to Make
Great Amnsement Centre
A representative of one nf the
great distilling companies ol eastern
Canada, presumably the Corby's,
though tills is not known lur certain, has l-eon making uulet but ef-
fcctlve investigations Into conditions
in Kast Kootenay with a view to
establishing nn ox tensive distilling
and brewing plant In this locality to
meet the growing demands ol the
western trade. It appears that
Kurt Steele has been selected as tbe
site foi the enterprise, which will ia-
volve an expenditure ol at least
One of the principal factors |o*
Oueiicing tho capitalists interested is
the purity and soilness of the water
of the springs formerly used by the
Kort Steele Brewing company, the
streams from which can be noticed
crossing the road on the flat between
the cut-bank and tin- bridge. It is believed that the brewery and distillery
will in- built somewhere near the
old brewery concern, formerly operated by Sick and Mutz. Another
important consideration is the excel,
lence of the barley grown on 'he
Kenwiek ami Doyle ranches near Fori
Steele. These baric.s    are proved
by exhaustive chemical examinations
in tho greal scientific laboratories
in (Iermany lo be richer in the constituents nf those essentials which
constitute tho bouquet, nr aroma, ol
the distilled or brewed article than
any raised elsewhere in tbe wotM.
Tlie gentleman from whom this important news was obtained also sairi
thai it was the intention of the capitalists to acquire several acre ol
the Hat betwn n the government
buildings and Hie principal street nf
Kort  Steele for  the  purposes    nf    a
recreation garden, something after
the style of the German beer gardens so prominent a feature of the
social life ni cities like Milwaukee
and others ol the middle west Hero
the people can sit and enjoy a timet
schooner or two while listening to
the excellent music which is Intended
to bo provided by those enterprising
caterers for the public amusement
An athletic and baseball ground and
race track will also be part of this
extensive undertaking Probably thu
first thing tbat will be erected will
be tbe grand kursaal, or combined
dance hall and vaudeville theater.
It can be positively stated that no
drinks will ire served in the body ol
this house, hut facilities will be provided in elegantly fitted bars on the
side afier tbe manner ol the London
music halls.
It appears to be the intention
of the people who propose to carry
out this large expenditure to make
Kort Steele om* ol the most attractive places in tlie west foi the tourist, who wants a good time on the
level, nr the finest of scenery on the
rough ground. They will seek to
cater for legitimate amis* incut, combined with conditions tending to the
reasonable amelioration of a thirst,
which can Ih- staved with a glass ol
pliable and long-vattcd whiskey or a
tankard of ale brewed nn tbe premis-
While     recrciting    that  Cranbrook
ha-* not    the ahvaatages   lo attract
such    a     money-making    enterprise,
' still it is right   to congratulate Pott
I Steele on    Its     progress.     After all,
- what is for    the advantage    of     one
part of the district, redounds to one
benefit ol tlte c-.ttnniu.ift, generally.
Consolidated Like Sullivan Hill
Big C.P.R. Mining Corporation Corralling everything
in Sight
When tbe Consolidated Mining cc
poratlon. owners of the Trail smelle
and numerous other properties, seciir
this district, it vvas Mt to be a nig
terests. That the Consolidated tai
demonstrated hv recent moves ol the
steadily buying Up and securing COB
van Hill. Among other properties
claim, owned by Messrs Beale and V.
Tin- Consolidated people ar* wi rk
little or nothing ear. Ik- learned from
their activity iu Kcuring Sullivan II
big doings in thc near future, alt ol
of Cranbrook.
rr.pany, of Trail, the big CP.fi cor-
r. the St. Kugene mine at Movie,
ed control of the Sullivan mine in
ffward move ior If-cal miniiig iu-
nk   well of     the   Sullivan is amply
hie COCporatlon They have been
trol of every   mining claim on Sulli-
secured have l«en the King OeOrge
(well awl   a claim    owned by N, C
ing very quietly just at present and
them as to tbeir intention*., but
11 properties, points unmistakably to
■Ahieli must inure to the advantage
sons the licenses or penults, as   the
Caso may be. under a penalty ol I
Ior each offence
.V That each person taking out
aforesaid license st..i!i be required he-
fore Im- can obtain a license lor the
following season, to file with or forward to the proper officer appointed
in that behall a statutory declaia-
tlon setting forth a description of
the game, turds and annuals killed
or taken under the said license
. That a fund shall Ik* created
Ih* known na "Tbe (lame Protection Kuiiit," the proceeds of **in< i.
shall Im- used exclusively in tbe en-
(orCement ol this jet. and that all
lines, license fees and other revenue
derived rrom the game bird and animals of tins province shall be plac-d
to the credit ol this Iuud.
At the suggestion .■( tbo seen tan.
K .1. Deane, a [•solution was drafted to bo forwarded tn the minister
of marine and fisheries al Ottawa,
letting forth lhe needs ol a Hah
bttcherj In Easl Kootenav and requesting the mlnlstci to instruct i
competent official ol ins department
to make earlv investigation and report, with a view to the establishment of such a hatcher) al the earliest possible Opportunlt) also pe-
questlng  the appointment  nf a fishery
Inspector,    resident In Easl Kootenay.
cents to    attend        At Macleod MO
itave thirty-five cents.
Tbe following letter from Rev, li.
V Saltoo, pastor oi SUoa Methodist;
church, speaks volumes-
Kreilenck    tt
Is-ar Sir: The
gave last night
was the    must
Prince,   Esq ,  Sao
I.ITUIAI..       iND        PICTOIUAI.
T Iti: AT
Hi n ipeclal arrangement a very
line lecture on the beauties and wonders of California will tie given In
Kno\ church Friday, December 2nd.
It is illustrated with 278 artisticallv
colored lantern slides with the most
modern .dissolving cficcts, together
with Ktmrfii't of moving picture fllui.
Th.* machine used is the most
modern made, and thoroughly ure-
proof Tlie description nf the
pictures is by the professions! lecture!, !•' \\ Prince \t Calgary
last week 1900 people heard the lee-
tun-      At High liner .120 gave nlt>
Travel Talk"    vou
in the above chjrch
delightful entertainment oi    the kand   l e*i*r attended
Kor twenty-live years I have been a
lover of lantern, ■.hdes and tn a'tend-
ant (when possible] of Illustrated lec-
InreS but never have I mo * ho
lore Illustrated with siirh a pmiuse-
nesa of artistic gems lhe rlld-ss
were the best I have ever wen, the
Hn-oothtmt of the operator'% work
could not b«- improved, the array ol
(acts, ligurcs awl •M-iqut-i-.i ducnp-
tions was marvellous If j had a
eburofa a thousand times raOfS artistic than   this lovely church Is, it
would   not   I*      too   gQOd    fO| your
incomparable "Travel Tali*.. Come
again, we will welcome vou with
o-ntn am s
Yours in.eerclv,
(.Sgd.) tie*, v Salloa.
I'tttor /ion Methodist Churob.
Hoots 'aw. t4ask., .\'"'   I, 1 ?-)io.
All those Who delight in beautiful
pictures, skilfully shown, in fine
artistic dissolving efleets, |n well
rded and well spoken desemtie
language—tb-tsc who are Interested iu
travel, m what other sections ol tbe
continent are doing, those who have
been to Culilornia or who .*ontem-
plate going—all such will be inter-
ested, entertained and delighted with
this "Travel Talk."
To give nn opportunity for everybody tn we and hear this treat. nn!v
a Iree-w II offering :tt the door of
ten cents and upwards is lieing asked
I.on't forget the "upwards," it is
worth it
■ •a .**»«■»
C. C MerrlfM and wife came down
from Perry Creek on Mondav last
and left tlmt evening for St. Paul,
wliere thev    will     upend  Mil* winter
moatas THE   CltANKI'OOK    IlKUAJJJ
I    News of the District    ♦
r 1
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•» v-»-se-»-a*»#
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦ &♦>•*>♦♦♦♦
(Bj  Kred Itoo.)
.Martin Thorpe, Moyie's hig gume
hunter, was down in Kll*o several
days lasi week and returned on Saturday night's local with the venison.
Charlie Kliiigetismilh, mi no host ol
the Elk, Is ilxiug up a winter garden in front 01 tlie hotel.
Prank Dickinson, of JalTray, wns in
Kf ii between trains hit)ing up
sleighs, cutlers and Ice cutting Implements.
Mr. .1 Thompson, the nev. proprietor, ol the Cojiiinlii.i hotel, wns up
to Cranhrook Saturdaj and '.nought
back a bunch ol wall (lower artists
from the banana town Mr. I'homp-
siiii is remodeling tlie hotel and wili
go after the business like a Ken-
lucky colonel after corn juice.
The residents of Klko nre 11 tickled
ut the coming prospects their Kaiser
Williams aie wiggling nl both ends.
Charlie Vcnndle, wh ns a    ronil
hog over lhe pike ror the (!■ P ll.,
left Klko Sunday Tor lhe south
fork nf the Klk river. His Lclh-
hridge friends will be rating venison
in n few days and the young Indies
will have mountain lion skins in
front of theli mirrors to cover the
holes tliey huve worn in the carpetc
Charlie is sun- as popular us u junk
fashion sheet with   the Indies,
i Special correspondence.)
The royal commission visited Fernie last week and heard twenty-two
witnesses in the city council chamber. Kviili'iice was taken on oh-.Ii
to insure deliiiitcness. The mayor
was called Upon to give statistics
regarding the citv. Principal Hruce
ami Miss llogan, ol the public school
.-.'art, testified as to the curriculum,
attendance, etc., of lhe public
schools Air. Julian uml Mr, Uc-
llonald representing llie Michel miners and .1. a. Curler, secretary ol
district No 18, I . M. \\. of \.,
were strongly In favor of night
schools for miners. Mis. Lane tr-
|i resell led the llenevolent society, and
poor        gave evidence        of
hn- story of the homes of the
the need of domestic science \y. s.
Stanley, chairman of Hie school
board, advised as to the linaii-ri.il
side of the Pernio educational oiies-
Lion.     Rev,     Pnlher    Michels gave
some idea as  to    Ilu   needs of       lhe
foreign population. Their chief til 111-
cully being luck of Knglish. J. IV.
Bennett, formerly ngenl for lhe
Sciunioii schools, reported on the
number ot people in this vicinity who
have taken u[i correspondence
courses. These people could be educated ut less cost uud with greater
facility iu   night schools. .James
\shworth, manager of the Crows
\est Pass Coal company, spoke    ol
the value of technical training. P. II.
Shaw, president of the Trades ami
Labor Council, Win. Lancaster, pit
boss, Her I Black, superintendent M,
P. ami .AL railway, and Win. Shanks,
colliery superintendent at Coal
Creek, testified to the personal benefits derived from technical education
Dr. Bryce and Mr. Porsythe were
well pleased with the interest
shown by the people of Kernie in
technical education and their idea
was that should the government
choose to establish technical schools,
Fernie would, no doubt, appeal to
llic government as a logical location
ior oui' nf these institutions.
The Pernio Lumber company mill
closed down Inst week Ior the win
Ilt'ole v and Martin have been
awarded the contract for tho new
II. c. electrical depot at New Westminster for the siim of $80,000,
Mumps are quite (lie fashion in
Pernio at present. Those who can'i
get them on both sides are willing
in take (hem on one.
The lirst dance of the Pernie (/mid
rille club was held in Brace's hall
last Thursday night. Tin- music
was good and those who attended
enjoyed themselves. These dances
are lo be held fortnightly during the
winter months.
The K. of p. lodge gave a very
successful dance la their hall on
Tuesday nighl of   this week.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church gave their lirst anniversary
dinner on Monday night. After diu-
nei the choir gave a very carefully
prepared programme.
The choir of Knox Presbyterian
church will give a musical entertainment in the basement of the church
on Friday, December 2nd.
The rink managers are very busy
making ready for ice.   If these crisp
The "Cranbrook Herald" has had prepared a
"Map of the World"
Including Special Maps of I rilish Columbic Alberta, Cam-la, and Ihe I'nitcd Slates
The (ieographical Publishing Company, Chicago.
Invaluable as a Work of Reference
To In- given away
lo Paid up Subscribers to the "Herald"
(>ii'- of tlicsi- Splendid Mnps will In- given tu oacll ami every
subscriber Io the "HernM" who renews his or her aub-
Bcrlption from one year from date, pny ing all arrears, if any.
This map can be seen at the "HeraM" olHce*   Tl is n work
that should Mini a place in overy home ami place uf Imf-iness
in Kust Kootenay.
A copy of this Map will be mailed
to any New Subscriber upon
receipt of one year's Subscription to the "Herald"
A limited number only available, secure
your copy now.
On Sale, Exclusively in East Kootenay by the
nights continue ws sliuulii soon be
going "over tlie hill" with oilr-sltttt-
cs over our shoulder.
There is .some talk of the rink
being kept open on Sunday afternoon. At lenst this wns a suggestion thrown out by "nn occnslonnl
churchgoer," in Inst
■ss. There maj* be
buili .sides. There
orse ways for people
■e have at
skaler and
week's Freo I
much said on
certainly arc worse
lo spend Sumlay, li
present   moving   plot
different places on one street, several poolrooiii.s nnd last Sunday the
roller rink open ior Sumlay amusement. Is this unl enough? The
writer's Ma was thai it is no worse
to skale than walk, Is this true?
When walking om is breathing pure
oxygen, is fail- in lace with mother
nature In all Ms beauty, whieli furbishes Uie vmv bcsl material for
...■■iliv thoughts ami conversation,
while in the rink, one Is face to fact;
wilh four blank walls varied only
at presenl. by broken window panes,
lu my skating experience ihere has
not beeu much attention paid to
ileep thinking. We skate purely (or
Ihe exercise. We walk for thought
anil conversation us well as physical
development. Wi have at prescnl in
Kernie, a largo number of youths who
are not (apparently) sbapiin; their
lives to become noble citizens< Children from seven to twelve years of
ngo are frequently being taken before
tin police magistrate for theft. Is
this not a sad stale of affairs? It
seems to me lhat if more time were
spent on thoughl for the rising generation ami less nn amusement, Fernle might have .i cleaner reputation.
Dr. Wilson, superintendent ol
missions, and ('apt. Logan, of Vancouver, spent Sunday in Kernie anil
addressed the congregation in Knox
cliurch Sunday morning. Capt. Logan was accompanied by .Mrs. Logan.
The Kernie Literary society met at
the home of Mrs. Potter on Monday
night *
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. ami Mrs. Jones and Mr. ('has.
Pinch left on Saturday for their
home at Corbin.
I*. Lund's lumber camp has closed
down for the winter
There i.s excellent sleighing iu town
al present.
One of the most noteworthy events
iu the history of this town took
place at the Kails View hotel a fev,
evenings ago, when a farewell dinner
was tendered Mr. E. J. Clayton, who
i.s severing his louj-, and honorabl -
connection with this community, I'or
vears past he has ranked among lie
most prominent of our huslness men
and for the past twelve years he has
hllid the position of postmaster.
Mr. Meacham occupied the chair
and filled that arduous position right
worthily. Afler ample justice had
lieen done tin- good things provided
Chairman Meacham, opened proceed'
ings, ol a Bpocchraflhtng nature, with
a lew will thought out and appropriate remarks ancnt the resources
and possibilities ol the St. Mary'.'
river district. He dealt more par
lieulaily with the mining industry.
The toast in honor of the rucs! of
the evening was enthusiastically honored, the wholo company joining in
sinning "Kor He's a .lolly (lood
.Music formed an important and
very enjoyable feature of the pro
gramme. Songs were sung by Mr,
Qeorge James, Mr. Chas. Waterman
and others. Kollovvin-; the bampiet
came a most enjoyable dance, lor
which music wus provided by the
Sawyer orchestra. Dancing was
kept up until the early hours of the
morning and it was a tired hut
thoroughly well pleased crowd that
responded to the closing wait?, played by Mr. .lames Waterman.
(Special correspondence.)
Tonny Armstrong! who has been
in the emplov ol thc company Ior
three years, concluded to seek p
more   congenial place a couple      of
rcelts ago, has relumed to nil Ilrsi
love "He it ever so humble ihere'-,
in place like home."
Thomas fileiideunlng has taken
some line plmtogruphs of the spill
way, and (lie water rushing down
the hill from the end ot the fl'line,
|o where the power house is to he
located. There is n great demand
for the postal cards he has printed,
as they are beautiful views.
Gen. E. Henderson, jr , Thomas
Olendcnning and Thomas Armstrong
went to Crnnhrook lost Sntuidnv
The two first gentlemen to become
Canadian citizens, while Tommy
went with them to see how lc was
Dong Ving, who has been head
cook for the company thi past three
years has quit and gone to Vancouver, where he expe-ls to enter into
some kind of business for himielf.
Accidents seem to lie contagious in
tlie C.P.n. tie camps. At proserin
lour    men are   prostrate from acci
dents caused by axe, and broad axe.
All arc being cared for ns best
possible until they can reach tho
hospital. H is not a very desirable
task to carry a man upon ,i sU'Oieh-
er over a stonj trail coverod with
three inches of light snow, for live lo
ten miles lo reach our camp lo obtain conveyance to Wa.-'lne-, where
the train is taken to i ruitbrook
Joseph Hailing went to Cranbrook
last Sunday to visll his daughter
I'.mily, who lias been in Uie hospital
for several weeks1 to bo treated for
blood poison. caused liy a pair
shears dropping with Iheir points on
llie back ol her haiiil.
There has been au unusual variety
of hideous noises al nil hours of the
night, which hns caiis.il insomnia hi
Hit- camp. One man went to Cranhrook io consul I a doctor in bis
e. ami was prescribed lor. An
'investigation was ordered to locale
the  place and cause    and  il was
found thai John flags trom was Inking lessons on a brass horn.
Wm. Ilradnor, ol Kalrchild, Wis.,
one of iln* heavy stockholders in
the Bull Itiver Klectric power Co .
I,Id., has been visiting with us and
looking over lhe works. Afler a
thorough Investigation ho is elated
over lhe conditions of the proposition Ho leM lasl Tuesday for tin-
west   by  way of Spokane
Mrs Oscar llclmoin has been on
tho .sick list the past week. Oscar
was compelled to leave his work to
attend to thc household duties.
Do not miss the poverty dance nt
the hall Saturday evening, llecember
3rd. Kino music nnd a good lunch
is assured. You arc cordially m
vited.     This means you.
Perhaps thero is no other tamp
in this section ol the country that
can boast of musical talent such as
we can. There arc four pianists,
four violinists, one flutist and one
/.ithern.     There is music galore.
(Special correspondence.)
Miss Kejmcr, who has been teaching school iu (ialeway ever since the
term opened, lelt for her home in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Monday*
The Gateway Mercantile store have
their new supply ol Christmas presents in .Everything Is very reasonable.
Wm. Laeey, provincial constable
from Elko, B.C., vvas a visitor in
town on Kriday.
.Mr. Crocker, Bonners Kerry logging superintendent, is in Gateway
on n business trip.
Tho-*.'. Green was a caller in Flagstone on Kriday.
Miss Elsie Joule, ol Gateway, who
has been nursing for tho last seven
or eght months in tho Kernie hospital is now laid up wilh typhoid fever
in Kernie.
Miss ['tier, the Flagstone school
teacher, and her youngosc sister,
who is staying with her. from Nelson, B. ('., were callers in Gateway
on Saturday.
(Special correspondence.)
Mr and Mrs. L. 0. Smith and
family spent a couple of days this
week iu Lethbridge, Alta.
Mr* *}. Wright and his party of
electricians are very busy these days.
They have completed the wiring at
the Crows Ncsl store and have Installed some excellent lights there.
They arc now busy placing the fixtures in their proper places In Mr.
Lund's house and diniin. thc course
of a couple of days that magnificent
structure wilt be lighted from cellar to garret.
Mr* Aikin, of Cranbrook, has accepted a position on the staff of the
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company's
Mr. J. Downey, photographer, was
fa Galloway this week on business*
Mr. ami .Mrs. George Custer, who
have occupied Mr. Otto Wisncr's
lioiiie here Ior Ilu- past few months,
left a few days ago to spend the
winter months In Galloway, where
Mr. Custer has accepted a position
with   the lumber company,
The rOStauranl which was started
a short time ago on the street near
the Cl' It. depot, is doing a rushing
business. Good meals are being
Served al all hours.
Mrs* K A. (ircen, who has lieen
spending a few weeks with friends at
Calgary, Banff and Imiisfnil, Alta.,
arrived home on Tuesday morning
last quite improved in health.
Mr. Otto Wisncr lelt a few days
ago for Galloway to lake charge of
the company's new mill there, which
Is opening for the winter months.
Croup is most prevalent during the
dry cold weather of the early winter
months. Parents of young children
should he prepared for il. All that
is needed is a bottle of Chamber-
loin's Cough Remedy, Many mothers arc never without it In their
homes and it has never disappointed
them. Sold by all druggists and
dealers. 37-tI
ci Tisr and Cod Liver Oil
This famous remedy is made
of two curative agents of proved
efficacy in diseases of the throat
uud lungs.
Beech Tar directly relieves a
cough or cold, and at ouce begins
to heal thc delicate passages; Cod
I.iver Oil strengthens,aud builds up
the System. These two ingredients
are scientifically combined in the
pleasant tasting Mathieu's Syrup.
Mathieu's Syrup does not merely
suppress the symptons of disease,
it removes their cause. It not only
relieves—it cures.
There is nothing better for
children. They like it, aud should
take it on the first appearance of a
cold. Keep a bottle always at hand.
When feverish take Mathieu's
Nervine Powders as well as the
Syrup—25 cts a package, containing 18 powders.
J. L. MATHIEU CO.. Prop'..    •HERBROOKr, QUE.
M-lltitou*. Syruji
I.U*-,. Ik,Hit* ,15c.
Nervine Powder.
18 In box lie.
Foley Bros, Larson & Company
Winnipeg*, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon.
ONLY $18. fot
either of these
Fit-Reform Overcoats.
You would expect to
pay at least $25. for
such elegant Overcoats
— big, roomy ones —
wilh snap and style in
every line, and warmth
and comfort in every
Ask to see the
■Arctic1 and "Double
Breasted1-$18. up.
Sole Agenls in Cranbiook.
A Kipping Good Patent
to Prevent Ripping
NOT  TO RIP   Jt   j*    ji
Always looks n,mi on tin!
iuind. Always easy to wear anil
work in. because il litis no
Inseams to hurl llic hand.
Will outwear three ordinary
glove*, because the fincer lips
arc protected by extra pieces of
leather, concealing tho seam,
Tin., nearest over mini,* io mi
everlostiog glove.
Tho only practical ivorkin i
glove ever mode.
The ".TORE ll ;, rum ll •
LESS llie ehoncp of OTHNt..
Ask your dealer In bIiow yon
Ihis wonderful glove, lias lo lie
worn to In* nppreclati d.
For sale hy Hie 'n-t ilenlrrs
1I.B.K. PATENT RIPLESS TIPS,   everywhere in Canada.
Made and gnnrantco:] ly the
|   T!:e Expert Glove t..i! Milt Makers of Canada.
Now uud thru a store hall as good
ns yours may manage to be reallv
VOURS, You should see to It that
such a state ol affairs cannot exist
TO RENT CHEAP-Large warm
stable with hay loft aad feed bin
above. Can lie used an wareboute.
Apply at HmM ollw. SS-M*
General Blacksmilhing
Sleigh Repairing
Logging Sleigbi made to order.
Large Stock ol Hardwood Runners on band.
ALEXANDErt LAIRD, General Manager
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $ 10,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
■Mo sale, cheap and o invenient. They ore payable! free of charge
<il till banks in Canada (except in the Yukon District).
Tin: Money Ordeis issued by Ihis Bank aro also payable free of
chariji! in Iho principal cities of the United .Stales, and at the
m rate of $4.90 to the £ sterling in Great Britain and Ireland.
They can lie obtained at any office of Ihe Bank on application.
K. T. Iirymuer, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
Just a Few Lots Left
$10.00 DOWN $5.00 PER MONTH
Get in on this Investment.   It meant money to you.
Apply to
l   .... *-*.,.ii m ...one of whether you
Wi.it - '           '  n hartt coti'liU-nn
ul life      • ■    i ■..;  i I ice *'i protect vour-
' ■ e •' ■ • • *i "*; Uj on you.*
)   *-■    * '. id ■- ■    !i • *i don't want
lo        1 '.           ■    ■  :         : *i .-...r.t   -
Ll I      ■   ■ I  ■     ■
I. ■-.. .   ...-..:    ... Wing .i Itcttcr
JHWi i I '.. ; end) •   . .  ii.it** ir.**- *.  . n-1  ;: jP^^f
< I ■ i, t ■   -.-■:.      *   uture,
■    ■- '   u ii   Is who nncc held low,
rn hi I  lal irk ■ mi .1
. '< .   1   .\ \ , ION U.  COfcRI >I'.>\M-
kj        -   - iicm how to act impliah the
'■   " .' uut 4,000 studenti v. :■
v niiiountino :,)
ovei      ■ I    ml    iv. 1 v month an ..\. i
:• ■    ■ I.''..--:,-
HOW TO DO IT       •
to                  *
1   .                                                          ,
in the Inti                      n                *
1 ■                                            ymi    *
■ * ■: Imi      *
I   ■  ■
nnt.                  n                                  .
i imi 1 a pol *(■ Nn mere toon**} ■    \
Ihel. 1 . S, Mill help you.            '.
Will you (ii***** the ^utrt todoyt
0                                       ;
imiunot-u conutfonfiEiict vchools
H.-i *.*.i, KftAira   H   1 .
1 ■
■ .    ■
■ . ■
't***. *..-*., .1 ll .
I  .    .
■ ■   .
D .* -
. ■
■ ■     1
■      .
-■ 1   .
si a S'a
'hi                            -im,.
I'W'l It o\     .\ INTER tAliK    OK
111 I H i; 1  \i> HV T   S.
nn 1
Mniiiii'i *. .'I Kati 1 ra Inttltuti
Hi-mi' down '"i .1 |*..|*. 1 on thr
nrlnlci nre anil managrtnctil nl beca
fi 1   ll        Hhi\   I      li.lM* rmlr.iMTi-it
in -iii together som-n polnli I con
si.hi ruHraaarj hul ani i-Mirm! 10
nmll n greal ilral on accounl ol
short new ■ '* tin p.
li is a Hiibjeci ihat is occupying
tlio attention '■! nil beo men north of
tin* warm stair*- I tIiinV my experience in loss and success entitles
mii> tn advise wiint js |ml lor thc
l.ranlironh district, wliich will apply
In uny cold eountrj If bees arc lo
he wintered outside, yon must commence lo prepare them in tho summer, Any old combs from which
tin* young bees havo been hatched,
then tilled wilh honey and naiad
over should !«■ put in thi- hrood
nest in •inly, nnd when ihr honey
How is over tbey should haw six
full combs ol honey nml two empty
combs in Iho conlcr lnr breeding
from Augusl hi.tii thi< time the
wenther is too cotd. If thrre is no
nectar coming from the field!, they
should he fed 11 large cupful of pure
Mtgur syrup every evening in a iuit-
ablt (eedci This will encourage
breeding ami ilu* old bees will, with
th<- extra exertion, du- oft. and will
In- replaced with young beca, capable
••I enduring tbe roid winter months
When breeding stops, usually about
October ist. a quantity of syrup
sugai ihould i» fi*d (two parts sugai
tn one pan water) sufficient to iill
the two center combs. Before .■■-ii.
weather sets in tfeeac will tn- scaled
"in mnl a large force *-t bees, all
roung and vigorous to winter over.
Vs soon as poulblo prepare winter
eases to pm hives In, largo enough
io allow fur right inches ot packing
on all sides, four inches nn tbfl
bottom and one loot on thr tup. Kor
an ordinary right frame l.nnpstroth
this would require a CMC ol 38
Inches long, 80 inches wide and 2ii
inches deep.
The pnrMtif-, should consist nf dry
leaves, dry planer shavings or eluifl
A bridge should he made lo extend
from the hive to the outer entrance,
the full width The bottom board
of the hives should he changed tu
give a deeper spare below tho frames
to allow (or Ihe accumulation of
(lend heet-:. Then fill up the bottom
ol the case four inches deep, have
entrance cut to suit, place lhe hive
iu and the covered runway connecting Ihe Iwn entrances, now pack all
around the sides up to the top ol
the hive Then remove the* covet
Good Printing
Is a Persistent Influence Exerted
In Your Behalf!
Kvery bit of printing that [gotta out to serve yon,
printing will lenve a poor impraaaion of its user ns surely
as won hi poor clothes, a poor store, or shop, or office.
OOOD Printing will leave upon every, uiiml an impression wholly favorable of its uaar.
Even if Imt one in a thousand of these "impressions'1
tips the scales for business, for orders, for you—GOOD
PRINTING will have thus paid for itself!
You can get it at this office—whether you want a
Ml tie of it. or a great deal.
The Herald Publishing Co.
and set aside, turn up the cloth
quietly and fold one halt back., next
place three one inch square strips ot
wood over the frames crosswise and
take an ordinary sack and fold over
the top, pack more .shavings to thc
depth of tlie top ot thc box, put a
cover over all to keep out snow and
rain. The object of the porous sack
is to let the molseuro up through in
the winter. Thc ease should now
he placed on the summer stand, where
the hive sat facing thc south, and
raised about a loot Irom the
ground, slightly higher in the back
to run oil rain or melted snow, also
any moisture in hive will run down
and out.
Don't attempt to winter in this
distriet with larger than an 8-trame
hive. I prefer thc Langstroth pattern with K lloflman frames. I use
six frames and put division boards
on the outside, sliming down a dry
sack to (ill the space of comb taken
nut of each side. This has a tendency to keep them dry and warm.
The outside entrance can he closed
all hut* an opening two inches wide
in eold weather. This can be opened Up to allow of any dead bees to
be pulled out in winter or spring-
Place a hoard from the ground up
against the bottom of entrance for
the bees to alight upon. Then when
cold weather sets In get another
board trom the ground up against
tlte hive above the entrance, this to
prevent tlir sun shining in and inducing the bees to ily and thc weatl.
er being too cold, die In the snow.
When tno board is there they will
walk out and finding the weather too
eold eeturn Into the hive. The main
causes *-l beca dying in winter ate
old age, cold, dampness or starvation. OM bees git restless and
consume more stores and not being
able to get oul for a cleansing flight,
contract dysentry and die. Another
plan, Botnctiroos used for wintering
when no cellar is hand) ami outside
wintering not desirable, is to select
a dry. s,.m|\ bank oi slope, where
w.iu-t won't lie, and dig a trench
I reel wide, 13 or 20 inches deep,
(mt about 1 or 6 inches dry leaves or
straw 111 the bottom, lay two poles
about IS inches apart along the bottom tho whole length and raised
about I indies on blocks On a
COOl  day carry  the hi\*.*s and     place
side by suic, facing alternately each
\\a\.  tIwn set  up   some poles to
serve as rafters, clearing the hives a
lew inches. I,a\ boards on these
then some straw and bank up all
around same a* pitting potatoes,
leave a small hole at the bottom (or
ventilation and insert a small pipe
in llie top for tlu- same purpose. To
keep mice otic put » piece ol netting
over the bottom hole. I would bank
earth la the depth of one foot all
over. The ends should lie treated in
(he same wa) as the sides. Iton't
open these clamps or pits until the
weather is warm Select a cool day
t 1 open. This is to prevent tbe
bees from coming out with a rush
and imt locating their own houses
go into other hives, leaving some
hives almost empty of hees, I do
md recommend any nf these plans to
bo entirely successful. In outside
wintering in a odd country there is
always a great loss and the consumption of stores is about 50 per
cent more than cellar wintering. A
properly constructed clamp may be
just as good ns the cellar, but it is
dillicult to get a dry sandy bank to
suit nml to get the ventilation and
temperature just right-
Though the lirst cost is more I be-
lleve cellar wintering is to he recommended here I prepare all
colonies for winter in winter cases
hul smaller than those described for
wintering outside. About the lart
of tlu- mild weather 1 carry all into
the ci liar nnd tier them up in rows
lacing the wall away from thc window. I find that when they are
properly prepared fur winter, and
wintered in a good dry warm cellar..
there is little loss in bees and
stores. Out of .six colonies wintered
in the cellar last winter thoro was
less than three hundred dead hcot
and tbey were on the lloor and windows, there being nunc in the hives.
The same winter seventeen wintered
outside, there wore two dead outright, two more queens gone, om
died of starvation and one with
abundance of stores. Those that
were alive had from one lo two
thousand dead bees, about four out
of the seventeen came out in good
shape. A furnace in the cellar is au
advantage, because it keeps the air
fresh and dry. Another advantage
of inside wintering is: the bees thul
are going to die crowd out and drop
down and mix with tho moisture
and get mouldy and thc hives arc
not so clean as might be, causing
extra work lor the owner and the
hees in the spring.
A few dont's for In* kee*iers.
Don't handle hees without a smoker. In going to open a hive tirst
blow a little smoke in at the
entrance then raise the quilt a little
and blow a few pulls of smoke in.
Wait a moment and then open gently
Don't strike at the bees. If one
should bother you, walk away from
the hive and strike to kill, using a
piece of sbingle.
Don't blow your breath on the
bees while working with them.
Don't open hives and work with
bees while there are robbers about
and poking their noses info the hives
you arc opening.
Iton't leave pieces of comb around
containing honey or any sweet about
the yard may cause robbery. He
geutie and firm. Don't jar a hive
or jerk a comb. Use a tool to loosen tbe frames. Commence from the
outside.     Take out one ut a time.
Don't jerk a comb with queen cells
or it will kill or injure every occupant in thc pupa stage. Catch a bee
by both wings over Lhe back and it
cannot sting you. Catch a queen in
the same way and handle her like a
young baby. One rash move may
injure her for life, and she may be
your choicest breeding queen, value
$10.00 or more. And before you get
one into her place the colony is ruined.
Don't encourage your hees to
swarm. Give plenty of room at
the right time. Keep only strong
colonies. A single beo may gather
only \ u/. ut honey in her lifetime
(Few bees, little surplus).
l>on't raise drones. They don't
gather hooey, but use up that which
the workers gather. A few drones
arr all that an* needed in a yard
and should be bred from a Choice
Don-t starve your beca. One pound
of honey or thick sugar syrup mill
raise one pound of bees and tbey may
gather five or si\ pounds of honey.
Don't keep old Inferior quceni
Keep good, three handed Italians
They are free from disease and arc
workers. They are gentle and
protect themselves.
Don't be afraid of a queen Von
can't induce Imt t" sting.
Iton't use leaky hives. See that
tbey are protected with outer covers
In coM weather and they will reward your kindness If a bee stincs
you rub the sting out. It cannot
sting again. It is only angry ami
will <Uc anyway. Ro don't try In
kill it.
Don'l keep empty combs in a
warm room in   winter.     Keep nut-
side where they
winter frosts
larvae and eggs
will   freeze      A
kill the wax mot
T. s. 0111.
Lame back conies on suddenly and
ts extremely painful. It is caused hy
rheumatism of the muscles. (julck
relief Is afforded by applying Cham
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contaiiiH lisle of
with  the Goods  they ship, andt ho
Colonial  and   Foreign  Market*' they
supply 1
arranged under the Ports to wliich they
Hail,  ami indicating the apptoximftte
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc., In the principal provincial towns
and Industrial centres of the United
A copy of the current edition will lie
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt ut
Postal Order for 20b,
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The London Directory Co., Ltd.
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Hotel Coeur D'Alene
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llutea U.OO nml ii|, |ioi .lily
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Our Iiiih moots nil truins
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.
Trade Manas
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qulrl.lr iiv-m-ilti
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Pf*ii ,iii - 'ini.r, "iiriiu. viii'H.r, 11. iuq
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A lianrtf-iticly IU1111 rat "rt ■•.-m.     LuaeM  rlr-
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TAKK NOTICE that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lands in S. fi, Kootenay district.
Pluck -1593:
Commencing at a post planted ut
or near one (I) mile east of the
C.P.R. survey line at the thirty-
three (.!:•!) mile post, theme nn
chains west, SO chains south, 8li
chains east, HO chains north tu place
of commencement.
Harry If. Hughes, Locator.
J. Livingston, Agent.
Sept. 2IW),  191ft. 33-9t
Rest on the
That i" w.tat anlliorltlei iny
reuanlinji tlio nipdlrinal t|iial*
hies uf the tvateri «t Halcyon
Hot .v|Miiii:-.
The Kanliaiinm ll now under
new   manaitenietit   and   Im
been retnoiFelleil f lop ■■•
Itoliom in 'l now* of fen every
facility f<o Ihe com fori nml
conreiilenconf pahon*-,
Half-1 -MS mnl li". i"*r week
01 *)'i i"*r day alid npwatdt-*.
WM. BOYD, Proprietor,
llalryoll,   Arm*   Uko,   B.C.
ecu/onitam ituijtr
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I Imperial Bank of Canada \
RESERVE      ....
$10,000,000.00 5
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X Uie worl I.
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Canadian Hotel
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P. BURNS* CO., Ltd.
CRANBROOK LAND DISTRICT.   |A^     yQ*J      QQ|f-Q     fQ
TAKE NOTK E Ihal liml* Mc I
Eacbern, ol Fori Steele, Brillih Cn '■
lumbla, occupation Teamster, in*
lemls lo appl; lor permission t.*
purchaao ti». lollowing describe* |
If yuu stop ut the
Hotel VanDecar
1 when you leave the C P.II. station
Commencing at tin north-west coi   ■•J- f"r ",(':ir ,*■"»'*•' *"*••. "'«•'*
nor ol    Lot 115, thence south to tbe : <""" "', Av"-   ;""lm*tor will
Kootenay river; th-nos  upstream to |        lM >'"" *l,"r" '" •">• ""■
-1 puint ituc west ol thp jioint ol be*,
ginning', thence to lha point ol   bt- 101   Rooms, modern  equipment,
Kinnini* moderate ratea,
Davis M, Kin li-t n     '..».,•» ,    r
D.it.,1 ootobei loth,   a i. L. D. VanDecar & ions
isio. s<-at. psoranrou TRK   Oil A N BBOUK   H BEAU*
UDANBROOK  HERALD Uss Interests of the oity, but so far
without success,     Mr. V. Ilyilr Huk-
Uy tbe Herald   Publishing Company, p| „.,,,    „ppr0actinU iliiring the week
f. J. Deane, Managing Editor.       wm* n„. rcniicsl rIiht lie accept noin-
"'   "'inatioii     To this Mr. Baker gave   a
| decisive    refusal,     mainly on     tlio
 il tlint lie expected to In* ubscilt
ii considerable
CRAMMIOk, B. C, December 1,1911)
Anothet year lias nearly wound its
ctnirst1. Tin1 Cliristmns and Suv*
Year holidays are ;u hand and wu
an- all moro or less apt to be looking bach over tlie cast montlis lo
size up Imw tbey have panned out.
So fat as urn own good cltj of
Oratibrnok is concerned, wc think wc
may all review 'lit* year, now rapidly draw inn io a close, with a considerable measure of complacency,
Cranhrook has made considerable
growth din-inn 1!lltl *im* ■■ ••Pl»''lls
to he but at the opctiirtff ol a lung
[H-ririd of prosperity. Certalnl) the
progress of the past elevpn months
has been such as tu permit of every
citizen anticipating v\itli \vlin,c-
Iwarled tortisfaction Uie jnyrtus
Chrisl mas season. Evidences are
already plentiful Ihal Cranlirook
merchants an- preparing with laviali
bands for an exceptionally bus. holiday season. They an.* wisely talt-
inc time by tin* torelock and laying
in their Christina** stocks in ample
time to permit ol earlv sbuppiag,
Urns ohviatiiiu that ton frequent
hletnish on tlie Christmas shopping
season—over-worked sales clerks. To
assist Cranbrook merchant:-' in adequately presentlag to their city and
district customers all thc tacts regarding llirit Christians wares, the
Herald has arranged In issue two
special Christmas Shopping editions,
nn December 15tli and llecember
22nd. Huth these editions will be
thoroughly circulated   and  m the
bands of readers in ample time In
allow of full advantage being taken
of tlie ("J-nod news therein contained
—for Cliristmns store news ts the
Itrst kind of news at Christmas
time. Arrangements arc heing perfected for the mosl thorough circulation of these two editions UlfOUgh-
out the territory covered by the
HcraM. Not only will llH'sc special
shopping editions reach everj household in the citv, but they will go
into thousands of homes throughout
thc districts iributan tu Cran-
hroiik, thus providing an unexcelled
medium through which Cranhiook
merchants can reach prospective ius*
lomers with their seasonable an-
It is interesting t-> recall (lint
twenty years ago tills week Hun
Colonel Maker was at Ottawa endeavoring to Interest tbe government
in the construct inn of the Crows
Nest I'ass rallwaj It will he recalled that ('oloncl linker was persistent in his efforts to secure the
opening up of the Crows Nest Imss
coal llelds and the construction of a
railway that would give Cranbrooh
connection with tin- outside world.
The colonel's efforts for many years
were unavailing, bul upon the coming inlo ollice ot Hie Laurier administration attention was Immediately
given the needs of this district and
in a comparatively short time steps
were taken which resulted in the
construction of the prescnl Crows
Nest I'ass railway What the
construction of this stretch of tail
road has meant for Kast Kootena)
it i.s mi necessary for us to dilate up-
m at tins juncture h has brought
prosper It) to a great section ot th-
province that ont) ne***l*tl trjuisjhirt-
ntioii to platv it in the forefront,
and in considering the credit due foi
this .s|ici'iat consideration must In-
given to tlie untiring efforts of tin
lute Colonel Baker
Municipal politics continue somnolent, Some effort has been made to
secure a candidate for the mayoralty
who would In- acceptable to the luisi-
in the city     dun
portion   of   next    year and       Ihur
wmild not  be iu a  position
give effective service to the cily.
The voting <>n the bylaw to raise
$15,000 for the erection of a brick
cltj ball took place on Monday last
and resulted In a verdict in favor of
tin- Inlaw, although the total vote
polled was disappointingly small. The
suit being: I" for, and 23 against.
w s special meeting of the city
council held last evening, thc city
hall hylaw was finally passed und
The tenders for tbe new building,
two in number, were opened and by
unanimous vote of the council Ibe
Contract was awarded to Oeo I.eask
and Co., whose tender wns somewhat
higher limn that of \\ ll Heattie,
the only other tenderer Oeo
l.eask's figures were M.V.2H and \\
R. Realty's $11,000, Consideration
was shown the l-eask tender
View of the original contract awarded bun, which was cancelled when
the hoard of trade requested that
the new city hall be built of brick.
Tlw Kire Limits and Ilui I (lings Hylaw.  No. S!i,  was finally  passed.
A Liberal Offer.
When the huir thins out. on Ibe tup
•f the bead and the bald spot is getting ready to appear in public, duii'l
get discouraged or irritable. -'ust
jo to your druggist aud a-sk for Par-
siaa Sage Hair Tonic. He will
charge > on fifty cents for a large
bottle but If it does not cause hair
to grow where the hair is thinning
out nothing ou this earth will.
And we want to say to everybody,
man, woman and child, that you
can have your money back if J'ari-
sian Sage isn't the best hair grower,
hair saver, hair beau tiller and dandruff cure on the marlcet today.
It stops itching scalp and falli'ig
hair and makes hair grow thick and
abundantly. All druggists every-
wliero sell Parisian Sage or oo.-iipaid
from The Oiroux Mfg. Co., Kort
Kile, Ont. Set! that lhe girl with
the Auburn Hair is on every bottle.
Sold and guarantivd by The Heattie'
Murphy Co.
A well attended inciting oi the
district lumbermen was held yesterday nfternoon at the Hotel Cranbrook committee rooms, on the call
of \V. A. Anstie. secretary of tlu
Mounlniu Lumbermen's association.
Various matters of special import
to the district lumbermen were
discussed. One matter of great importance was i in- question of present
•telling prices, After lengthy dis-
nisstou it was the unanimous expression of opinion that mill men
•ihould hold their present stocks for
the next six mouths and not attempt
to force sales ut presenl, as the
prices obtainable, in view of increased cost of production, were quite unprofitable. The pnsl year has been
one of the heaviest ou record in
the matter of sales, hut at the pie-
-,1'iit moment the uiillfticn have about
as liea*,) stocks on hand as thej had
al this lime lasl year. Thc season
wns, generally speaking, a very satisfactory one, aud whilst buying is
light now there is everj prospeel
of a Strom/ demand in 11)1] Prairie
retailers stocks are now below norma! and manufacturers have ever)
reason lit anticipate an excellent
ttaile nexl year. Another matter
up foi discussion was the enforcement of tile It. C. logging scale iu
the interior. L'p to tbe present tie
Doyle scale bas been in force aad
it is noted locally that if the R- C-
SCalc I*' enforced it will mean a
grave injustice to interior mill men,
who handle far smaller logs than
their coast ("luipftitor.*-. It would
iu faet raise the royalty paid hy
Interior mill men from ■<■ to *V* pe,
.■mi might probably lead to the
leaving of quantities ol small logs uncut Ibat at present are used.
Kire lossys, was another sulncct
loi discussion, but with this no
net (on was taken thut can at present   Ire  made  public
Uhen a "-Id becomes settled in the
.system, it will take several days
treatment to cure il, nnd the last
remedy to use is chambcrlain'r
Cough Remedy* It will cure .pucker
than anv other, and also lea.es th.
svstem ii a natural and healthy condition. Sold hv uil druggists ami
dealer! imi
Matured as Good Whisky
Should Be.
If t lime limit hid been set on ihe building of the Egyptian
Pyramids, likely ihey would nol be standing to-day.
ll doesn't pay to hurry some things.     That la why
"Special Selected" Rye Whisky*
I. ■al.r.a1 ar Ik. **.lo» tnl Mr." al.laO. •(
atorag. ia tk.tt.4 **k mtl. Tor yt.r. Ih.
wklaky I. gradually ilHHl. N.l.r. Iaa«» Ut
lit*..-M i. H-.oto.ia. Tk. .k.a.ic.1 .rojurli..
•f Ik. .k.rr.' woo. r.M.< Ik. k.rak.x. of Ik.
..« Wkilhj-.     Af.   JMI.  Ik.   fulaklM  iM'k..  I*
tk. tl...r iB.arl. Ik. ..Il.atr lk.l I* ck.ru->
UriUit .1 Corky'. " SlM.ial S.l.el... '
Tki. i. Ik. Ini.tt ... <MH4«*Hr Ik.
ml UHUln B.tkoat ol MlarlM wklaky. Nol
• ll_»hi.ky i. a... Iki. «e». ••! H I. Ik. o.ly
«.y lo i.l Ik. Corky Qulily.
Whirty I. toM ...rr»k.r<    Try ll lo-..y.
Tne H. Corby Distillery (omfiony
HeadOffices: Montreal.  "Cnrt<v'9ur*:.*rbvviiMi--rOv>»fMair . *-'-»ni.,rv"
C. P. I. Y. N. C i.
The lirst inertia-*; of tlu- provisional
coiiinilttco ot the railway Y.M.C.A
was held Monday craning, November
28th. in the Y.M.C.A. building, when
the lollowing officers were elected by
the committee:
Frank Dt'zall—Chairman,
It. Rrown—Vice-Chairman.
it. IVanless—Rec. Secretary.
It, T. Hrymner—Treasurer.
The usual railway Y.M.C.A. constitution and by-laws were accepted
for the Cranbrook association by
the committee, and a complete or-
unni/ation of the association effected.
A meeting of the committee will
Ik* Iteld .(.gain on Monday evening
nexl Ui complete organization com
mlttees and arrange prices for
carious features ol   the association
Those tm the committer, not np-
polnted as yet to a special office are:
U. II. Wilson, ,1. S Reek aad Joe
Sun i.s.
A preceptory of thr Royal lllack
Knights of Iri-liiinl was instituted on
Pliursday and Kriday, November 25th
ami 20tll by .1. V. U'hitclcy, ol Van*
comer, provincial organiser ol thc
Loyal orange association. Thirty
three candidates were put through
iln* eleven degrees of tbi* order, and
two old member, joined by ccrtiB-
i-iite, making a charter membership
>l thirty-live. Two ol tbi* candidates came Irom l-cthbriilgo, nine
irom Creston, and thu remaining
twenty-lour Irom Cranhrook. On
Thursday evening the first four decrees were exempllliud, and on Kri-
lay night lla* other seven. The election nl ..liters also took place on
Friday nighl and resulted as lol-
IV. Preceptor—Fred W. Swain.
Hop. Preceptor—S. I.. Williams.
Chaplain—I,. P. Taylor.
lieglslrar—It. S. Rarretl.
Treasurer—V. I.. Hrown.
Flint Lecturer— A. Ilorsman.
Second Lecturer*-Joa. U'allaci*.
First Censor—II. P. Wand
Second Censor—W. (I. Wayward.
First Standard Bearer—It  A. I
Second Standard Hearer—A. S.
Pursuivant—W. II. Hrown
lyler-ll. .1. Williams.
Committee—T. Ilorsman, A. Miller. IV II. Crawford, II. Chapman.
It. .1 Chapman, K. Corbett, (I.
After tk* officers were duly in-
atalled by It. W. Sir Knight .1. W.
Uliiteley, an adjoutnment was made
to the banquet room ol the new
Masonic temple, where an excellent
repaat had been prepared. After the
wants of tlu* inner man bad heen
latlallcd, the toasts of the King,
ilu* llrand lllack Chapter of llritisb
America, our visiting brethren. Lrtb-
brldgo Loyal tlrangc lodge, Cran-
brook Loral Orange lodge. Cran-
brook Pn*i*eptory and the preirs, were
drunk, and responded to as follows:
"The King," by all rising and
singing tlie National Anthem.
"Tl*. llrand (Hack Chaptrr of liritisli America," by II W. Sir Knight
,1   IV. Whilelcy
"Our Visiting Hrrthren." by Sir
Knight dr., McKeever. ol Chllli-
uai-k and .lohn llobh, ol Wilmer.
'Lrtlilirulgc Loyal Orange Lodge,"
!>> Sir Kmght W. .1. Chapman.
"Crnnbriaik Loial Orange Lodge,"
In Sir Kmght Jos Wallace, tlu* obtest member of iln* lodge.
"Cranbrook Preceptory," hy Sir
Knight Frul Vi. Swain and Fred L.
"The Press," by Sir Knight it. S
In addition songs were rendered by
Sir Knights I.. P. Taylor and Harry
rli.iliin.il,. and recitations hy Sir
Knights It. A. Fraser and Andrew
Miller. Sir Knight Swain performed tin* duties of toastmistrr and
made an ciccllcnt presiding officer.
Alter the banquet the Sir Knights
returned to the hall and completed
Ihs business ol organization, the
meeting closing about I a.m. with
the singing ol tlu* National Anthem
.iml Auld Lung Syne
Iliiring the evening a liearty vote ol
thanks was eitendrd to H. W Sir
Knight J. Vi Whittle* and Sir
Knights Oeo. McKeever and Jno
ll..hi. lor Ibe  etcellent mouer      iu
which tliey i.*.winpillied the degrees
and conducted the work of instituting
the preceptory. The preceptory,
which litis Ium tiutued ufter tbe late
Hon. V Clarke Wallace, will hold
its meetings mi the second and
fount] Mondays in thc old Masonic
ball. This hull hns been leased for
a jM*riod of four years by the preceptory, and has* been elegantly fitted up
for lodge purposes, so that it can
be rented to other societies. The
trustees of tin* hull ore Sir Knight
It. A. Fraser,F. L. Hrown and A.
Ilorsman. The new preceptory
starts out under very favorable auspices, and gives every promise ;>f
becoming one of the best in the interior of the province.
•I. II Mmiiii, ..I Toronto, Orand
Lecturer of the (irand Chapter ol
Royul Arch Masonry ol Canada,
visited Itoeky Mountain Chapter on
Thursday evening last nnd addressed
the meeting on matters appertaining
to Hie discipline and teachings ol the
organization. Alter tlu* meeting a
siijipcr was given in tlie lodge hall,
when addresses were made by several
ol the members present. Mr. Nlion
left on Friday lor llossland.
At the regular meeting ol the
local Carmen's lodge, held last Friday evening, tin* chief Item of business was a cons deration of tbe
work and objects of tlie II. C, Provincial Federation of Labor. After a
very interesting discussion the following resolution was unanimously
"Itesolved, that thc II. C. Provincial Federation of Labor, has proved
its-ell a powerful lactor in looking after the legislative interests of the
He it further resolved, that Kootenay lodge No. 173, seek affiliation
with the said Federation at mice."
Several old members turned up at
Tuesday's meeting of the Knights ot
Pythias lodge ami were warmly welcomed by the regular attendcrs.
There were various Interesting propositions put before tlie lodge, some
of which, it is believed, will be the
means ot causing a great stimulus
in lodge circles. The election of officers tor the ensuing term took
place, when Bro. .1. Hoyce was
animously elected to sit again
(Irand Chancellor; Hro. .1. A. Fergus-
son as vice-grand and Hro. F. M.
Christian as K. of It. and S. At
next week's meeting there will be
candidates for the initiatory and
second degrees. Hull up in round
numbers for a gnod time.
Several mutters of considerable importance were brought up at the regular meeting ni Odd Fellows last
Mondaj night. The election ol officers for tlu* ensuing term taking
place, Hro. li. II. Patmore as noble
grand; Hro. .1. A. Fergusson as
nobel vice-grand and Vi. Harris, secretary. The degree learn later had
their hands lull in passing four new
members through tlu initiatory
stagi* Next week these will take
the lirst degree. A lull attendance ol
members iv requested.
The Independent Order ol Foresters
are changing their meeting night trom
the usual 2nd and Ith Tuesday to tbe
Ist and 3rd Thursday in tbe month.
Tbe Foresters are preparing a banket
social to be held on Wednesday, December "tb. A good time is anticipated.
Provincial organizer .1. W. Whiteley
last week organized an Orange lodge
at Wilmer. with John Robb as mas**
ter, and (I. F. Slatk as secretary.
The new lodge starts out with a
good membership and every promise
ot a successful luture.
Last night at tbe invitation ol tbe
Itebekahs Ibe Pythian Sisters, Odd
Fellows and Knights nl Pythias attended a poverty social held in tbe
LO.O.F. and K. of P. hall. Norbury
avenue. Poverty was represented
by different characters and these certainly were poverty stricken, rags
and tatters. Mary Janes and Lumber Jacks were closely represented.
The judges* had their hands lull in
choosing tlu* om. lor first prize, but
afler tne grand march the award
was given, lor ladies, to Mrs. How*
ness. a hatpin stand, to tlie
gentleman, Mr Lorne Langin. a scarl
pin. In awarding the prizes, C. R.
Ward, chairman of prize committal,
said lhat tlu* mutest was very eloaa
in merit!, but he felt all would M
saliHtlcd with results, as the wtt-
ners most clearly represented original life During the evening reins***
mentv ami fruits were enjoyed, the
evening Closing with » dance, Steven
orchestra lurnishing the music
Sunday.—Low mass at It.-Ml a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom 3 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 3 a.m.
Weak  daya-Ma-t at a a.m. at the
Father Plamondon,
fart* Meet
Sunday, [lee. 4th*
evangelist l.ltch    doses his series
ol special aarvleea with us Ibis Frl
.lust once uioro AT LEAST
uiul jzo tin* IKH'NDK Justus
Ioiijj as wo can Bliiiul it; ami
aa uatinl WK ure hen* rendy
to supply tin* necessary fnr
Koinj.' on this
With the  FollowiiiK Lilies:
I Aluminum Top)
nud   the*   Prices range from
$1.50 TO 85.50
lneorpurnli.il  18UH
Capital Paid Up $6,-100,000 Reserve $6,9 10
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
11. R. HOLT, President      ii, 1„ PEASE, (Ieneral Mannger
Accounts of Firms, Corporations und Imllvlduuls solicited.
Out-of-town luieinesB receives every attention.
SAVINUS DKPAKTMENT-Heposits of (11,00 uiul upwards received
aud interest allowed at current rule,   No formality or delay In
A < ieneral Hanking Business transuded.
Cranbrook Branch: 0. D. McLAYVS, IHaiiajicr
\ |   PHONE 56 I
Buy the llest
And Live thc Longest
The secret of health is pure food.   Our Block Is upon (or Itiejioctlon ul
all time.   We luiyonly the liestnml everything la kept In diml i (
bins and casus.   A trial onler will convince vuu.
We also have
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
day cveninj;. A j-raciou-i work has
resulted, not a few having entered
into tlie life of faith In Christ anil
consecration lo his exalted .service.
Mr. Litch's mess-ages have been
strong, sympathetic, taithful—true
to human need nnd the insiiired
Sunday services, public worship at
11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m., with a sons
service, beginning at 7.15. The new
1,200 S.S.S. edition will be used
Ribte school with Philethea nnd
llaraca classes for adults, 3 p.m.
The pastor, Charles Vi. King, u ill
take (or his morning subject: "John
the Beloved. the Secret ot Mis
Transformation." The Lord's Se
per with right hand ot fellowship nt
close ol service. Kvening subject:
"What Think Ve of t'hrisf An
Answer From Friend and Foe."
Strangers always welcomed.
December Iih.
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock. Subject: "A Lost Treasure."
Afternoon, 3 o'clock. An enrollment ol soldiers.
Kvening. ft o'clock. Subject'
Saturday night, an hour ol picture
and music. Tbe mirroscope and
December Ith.
Children's service at II. Kvening
service at 7.30.
School at 3 and Kpworth l.ea.iii*.
prayer meeting at 7 in the inner vestry.
A hearty     welcome given to      III
Congregational singing.
Ladies are requested lo remove
their hots during tlu* sermon lor
Ihe comfort ami convenience of all
llie church. This rule is being much
appreciated, and is being very rtintllt
observed by tbe ladies ol tlie congregation
Tuesday.—Komorth League meelinj
ut 8. Address *i\ li,. Connolly.
Kvery member is cxpeii,-,! to intend
und answer to   the roll.
Wednesday.—Ladles    Aid will uu*
at the home ol Mrs. (I. Powell    li
portant busincs-**     Ml un- reouested
to be present.    I'lu* ladies will hold
a    baraar    on     the   17th  ot   this
Thursday.—Church prayer service
at 8.
Friday.—Choir practice at *. Speeial Christmas unislc-
Tbe Sunday schbol Christinas Iree
is to be held on Mondav averting Iln*
Alter thc service on Sunday evening, a social   hour      will U* held in
the    parsonage, and    the Christmas
carols will be tried over.
December Ith
Morning service nt 11 o'clock.
Subject: "How Sullering Perfects
Evening service al 7.30 o'clock
, ^ CUTLERY.   '"
Large choir at both services.
Sunday School at 2.45 p.m. to
practice Christmas hymns.
Bible class at 3 p.m.
Young People's Guild at 8 o'cloc'i
Managers monthly meeting on
Monday, December lith, at 8 o'clock.
C. (I. Main, Minister.
The adjourned meeting of tbe
Hockey association was held at the
Cranbrook lintel on Wednesday night,
the president. D. .1. McSweyn, being
in the chair. Tin* Crows Neat
Pass Hockey club wrote asking II
Cranbrook proposed playing in tha
C. N. P. league. Before deciding the
queatlon it was ngreeil to send a
delegate to attend a meeting of
those i lulls who proposed Jilaving in
llie C. N. P. league, II II. Kelly being li|i|inllileil delegate.
The executive committ'i* fur the
season was appointed us follows:
The president, II. .1 MeSwein,
With C. K. DlTTtsun, II D Kelly, II.
Milne and Campbell Lindsay, The
manager, C. Pigeon, being an ex-
ollicio member.
It was ileciileil Uiul clubs enlerin**
tlu* league must semi in a list ol
possible players and that no member of one team he allowed to turn
over and play for another team in
a league match without jiermissiou
Irom tlu* executive cotrimitteo.
Central Meat Market is run liv
local capital and local men.
Rev. II. Hughes will give a lantern entertainment at Yahk lor the
benefit of thc large number ol the
men e mplnyed there at the present
time on Friday evening, In the cook
house, by kind permission of the
management Magazines and pcriinl-
n-als will be greatly appreciated by
these men, any who have such tn
give away arc invited to send tbe
same to tbe jiarsonage
Manitoba farm, Iresh polk sausage
at Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
WANTED.—Six young Indies to
complete class iu practical dermatology; course includes halt dressing,
dyeing, bleaching uml facial building;
massage lnr reviving wasted 1 issues,
removing wrinkles, blockheads nml
blemishes ol the skin. Manicuring,
wig making nud hair work in uil its
branches. Graduates easily secure
good positions at highest wages.
Full   particulars    mi application to
the Secretary, Miss Eva Powell, Canadian College ol Dermatology, "rl'.i
Pender Street, Vancouvor, B.C  38-11
*fiiSl: *'*''
if yon npprocmto a mirn
spnrklin^ l-i-vrm^-. Tlioro
in not another brand so well
known oh
You tuny onloT nny flavor
you like. Olio is pqlinlly ns
tfbotl nu iiiiotliiT. If ynu
luivi* never lusted Our
Drill!-..!, yon nn* surely*
losinu'ii trent. dnlei'IiiiIii v.
East Kootenay Bottling
Company THJS   UJtAN ItttOOK    HJillALU
As u Cliristmns retnomber-
ailoe nothing could lie moro
suitable than n Jewel CnBe.
Anionj- our full importations
uro ltiiiny pretty mid uuii-mi
uononitB in liniul eluised silver
und nold lilled eiises. whieli
make very njiproprinte gifts
for either Indy or gentleman.
$2.00 To $10.00
Any article bought now will
be cheerfully laid aside until
called for. Make your purchase now when Hie assortment is complete.
tTawolef uiul Optician.
Mackinaw coats.—C. C. s.
Tlie I'uliii Is now currying a hill
line of lancy biscuits,
Picture (ruining at Hinniiig's.    .'I'Jtf
P. I.uml was down from Wnrdner
during tlie week.
Oranges    35c.   tloz.,   Cash.
Leask & Son.   Grocers.
P. DeVere Hunt lelt (or Fernie and
l.cilihriilgi- on Tuesday evening. He
expects to 1* back by Saturday.
Get the tialiit. Oomo and buy
tin- best.—Campbell and Manning.
Mackinaw coats.—C. ('. s.
If you've worked hard to build up n
successful store, don't advertise so
sparingly that no one would suppose
you bad succeeded.
Cranberries at Little and Atchison's.
Mackinaw coats.—C. C. S.
If the patronage of the readers ol
this newspaper is important to you,
make vour store-advertising import*
nnt to THEM.
Hand-painted Klite Limoges china
in berry bowls, salad and fruit
dishes.—Campbell and  Manning.
Mackinaw coats.—('. ('. .S.
On Monday next thc City Dye and
Cleaning Works will move into the
premises being vacated by Kaworth
Bros, on Maker street.
Central Meat .Market is new, hut
its supplies can be relied upon as the
best.    Next Catholic church.
Mackinaw coats.—C. C. S
Kred Itinmore, manager of Carlin'i
Kort Steele store, was in town yesterday, a utirst at the hotel Cranhrook.
rem cheap Applv ('., Herald office. II
Christmas itocklngs at The Palm.
Mackinaw coats.—C. c. s
.Marsh mellows, Turkish Delight!
and Cowan's Maple Muds, vert delicious —The Palm.
Llbby's real Mexican tannics In
corn husk**, at Kink's Pure Kn.*d
Mackinaw coata.—C. c. s
A branch ol the Imperial Hank    of
Canada has     lnvit   opened at Porcupine, Ont . under the management ol
w. Bourke,   formerly    ol Oowganda
und Cobalt  hi .inches
Tune iw Xmas photos yet —Albert
Art Phi.tn Studio
Mackinaw coats — c c S
Con tract 01 |<eask Informs itu*
Herald that in- will commenci work
on Ihe ne* cltj hall Immediately
and push it along as rapldl) as
wrath*) 1 condition.. ;•■•■■■■.1*
Imported French rhtj itallted
■iKirled Irulis, glace ■ berries and
pineapple.- Campbell and Mannlni
Mackinaw coata.—C C s
\ local (lire club 1*. being nrgaalted
and umlei Hint auspices n 1-* an
llclpated Ihal   Ibe Kernie Olee  club
Will short!)   \isit this ,il,  and 1.1.1   I
Boston brown bread .11 Kink's Pure
Kood Orocetj
Machinal coats - c   c  s
iirtie an some stoma In town that
ynu ought t». know bettei than you
do I'h'-te ate Rome store ads tn
tIn papei that jroti ought to RRAD
-not nuieU l.iMlh  ATI
MI'ltM.I.It)\'s   chocolate IIKAN8
\\|i MXM ll -Little and Welti-
The Kink Mercantile Co. were for-
lunate enough 1 • serine (he agency
lor McVittic and Price's high-elan
English biscuits. McVItlhs and
Price ratei lo the royal family.
Batursaj nlghl irom s to •■ o'clock
wc will sell fot east: only .mv limn-, In
our store nt a discount of Jo p(>r
cent.—C, c. s.
Vour store will get as large a
comparative share ol tlie "Christmas
business" as yon secure of the advertising space in this newspaper—
plus or minus your better or worst
iim' ol that sprier than your competitors make ut theirs.
Saturday night from t* to il o'clock
ve will sell for cash only anything in
our store at a discount of 'in p, r
cent -C. C. S.
Central Meat Market thes ipi-ility
Norbury avenue, next Catholic
and   quantity    at the    right price,
By the simple act of breathing, we
inhale life and death. Vou breathe
air crowded with disease germs.
These lodge* iu the membrane and nt
once commence, their deadly work.
In a night you develop a cold uml
before long you arc in the grip of
Canada's deadliest onomy—Catarrh.
You also breathe Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) and by sn doing
breathe iu life—Hyomei is medicated
and vaporized air. In its journey
through the breathing organs [I arrests ami kills catarrh nnd cold
germs, soothes the Inflamed membrane and commences the work of
healing. Ask the Beatlic-Murphj* Co.
what they know about Hyomei. You
will find that they not only sell il
but guarantee it. A complete -■tit
fit will cost you $1.0(1 from your
druggist or postpaid from the R, T.
Booth Co., Limited, Kort Erie, Ont.
Voir will find it invaluable lot
coughs, colds, catarrh and nil kindred diseases, Monev ri'dmded if il
The housewife who reads ads. and
buys advertised things has the satisfaction of patronizing ENTERPRISING nml PROGRESSIVE merchants, us well us the satisfaction of
saving money—something—on every
purchase she makes.
A complete supply of famous
Mayers' molasses stock food nn hand.
—t'ranbrook Trading Co.
To be business manager of a home
—which is the position of most
every housewife—is to appreciate the
helpfulness of the ads. Kor a home
that i.s "managed" hy a housewife
who does not read ads. is managed
Kramed pictures at Binnlng's. -1«-tf
It is understood that Mr. Hanson
purposes erecting a three story
building on his corner lot, adjoining
thc Queen's hotel, ami that the
Royal bank lias secured quarters
therein when completed.
Time for -Xmas photos vet —Albert
Art Photo Studio.
Thc drawing for prizes given in
aid of thc uniform fund of the Crau.
brook band takes place this evening
at the Opera house at s.:.n o'clock.
Thc drawing will he followed by a
Santa Clans' headquarters for nuts
and candies.—Little and Atchison.
H. H. S. Qeorge, ol Kamloops.
veterinary inspector for thc Kootenays, has been in town the past few
days, on oflicial business. He has
inspect-ed several of the dairies iu
this locality and sn far has found
them all to be in excellent condition
Drcescd Dolls. Xmas Presents,
let hod ist Bazaar. December
The Methodist church at Kimberley
was burned down on Sunday evening
last, between 7 and 8 o'clock in the
evening Tlw* building was insured
Pending the erection ol a new building services will be held in thc
school houw.
A full supply ot fresh fruit ami
Christmas delicacies at Little and
am Macdonald was up at Athalmer
this week, appearing for the defense
in the cast* of Kev vs Moore, alias
"Buffalo Mill " It will be remembered that Moore went oil with .1
young girl some weeks ago and was
arretted In Alberta by lhe mounted
Three Inches longer than the ordinary-, was bow we ordered oui Mackinaw coals made (or this season, so
the*, would covet your under coat -
c c. s.
Raworth Bros , goldsmiths and opticians, have issued a verj handsome
catalogue, profusely illustrated,
which gives an excellent Idea ol thcii
e\lensi*.i Stocks ol diamonds, n-t-.il
ei\   and silverware These catalo
gun can in- obtained upon personal
application at IhclC stole.
TWO famous \1rClaiv ranges l"l
sab- at   .1       S    McLean's Old  Curio
sit \ Shop One is a sl\ hole range
wiib reservoir and nlcklc trimmings,
the other is a sh hole rang)
with top closet and connections f«*i
wai* 1 wav Both In perfcel condl
tion.     Cheap lor cash
.1   1.   McK
,. up Irom
conver on Ti
on his u.it
to  V thai mei
McKaj ..I
a ted  lhe tcp.
the sale
d     ln-
laml,  which
appeared in last
Herald      He
remain ut
A thai
met some inu<
lite closing
up hli
business interests, but bus Do niten
tit hi ol remaining ihere permanent! j
now that he has disposed ol his
land holdings.
\mtas crackers and Blockings and
hundriils of different varieties ol
chocolates and lum-huns. Everything
to make that Christmas dinner a
success. Kor old and young, and all
earefuiiv selected and guaranteed In
be the beat.—Campbell and Manning.
\V. Iv Worden has purchased T.
Lebel's warehouse on Arinstiing
avenue and is having ft moved .uer
on the lot adjoining the Imperial
hotel. Tlte building will lie thoroughly overhauled and lhe Iront portion lilted up as a store, the rear
portion being reserved hy Mr. Worden lor warehouse put poses.
Are not delicacies from ,1 -laiiilily
arranged dining table more BppOtlR-
Ing than from a slovenly sel and
unclean .mr"      Delicacies   iu   Kink'*.
pure Kood Grocery (like those on
the daintily arranged dining table'
aro at all times scrupulously dean
and appetizing.
Thu Methodist church is endeavoring to gel the missionary society to
give 11 large gram towards,the es-
labl-isimient of an Institutional
church among the miners and others
of tlie Crows Nest Pass, the object
being to counteract the evil conditions BUrrounding these camps.
Three inches longer than tlie ordinary, was how we ordered our Mackinaw coats made for this season, so
thev would cover your under coat.—
C. C. S.
Alderman and Mrs (1. W. Patmore
bave tho sincere sympathy of the entire community In iho sad bereave*
meiii tbey have just sustained in the death
0( tbeir infant son, Graham Heury,
aged 10 mouths and 1(1 days, 01
Tuesday last. The funeral took
place at 2 o'clock this afternoon
from the family residence.
Sweet potatoes at Little and Atchison's.
Iv A. Hill, until recently one of
Moyie's leading business men, has
removed from that place tn cast in
bis lot with the citizens of Cranhrook, He has taken over the men's
furnishings department of his brother, \V. Hill's,hig store and will
devote his well known business energies In building thut up Mr. Hill disposed nf his Moyie business tn .).
W. Kltch, of that lown.
Your horse needs a BLANKET.
The Cranbrook Trading Co. have all
kinds of them.     Come and see.
Some wonderful, beautiful, pieces in
Wedgewood china that are worth
calling in see. Even if you don't
want to buy wc will be pleased to
show you.—Campbell and Manning.
L. Frank Hoy and Mrs. Hoy came
down from Perry Creek on Tuesday,
registering at tho Hotel Cranhrook. Operations nn the creek
have closed down for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy returned to the
creek yesterday, hut will he down
again next week en route to Vancouver for the winter months. Operations will he resumed early in April,
IJefore closing down , the steam
shovel had reached rim rock and, it
is reported, a very encouraging cleanup resulted. Mr. Hoy speaks with
the ueinost hopefulness of the coming year's operations, He looks for
clean-ups that will amply repay
those Interested for the heavy ex-
pcndlturcs they have already incurred.
Gannnp's chocolates have been tried
and proven. Every box guaranteed.
Kor sale by Campbell and Manning.
The executive committee of the
newly organized local branch nl lhe
Met ail Merchants' association, met
on Monday evening for the purpose
ol drafting a constitution and bylaws A general meeting of the
association will In* held .January 2nd
to confirm same, A suit-committee,
composed of Messrs Kink and Campbell was appointed tn arrange fnr thr
Are   Now   Ready
They will please you iu every
way.   Kindly call if you have
not received one.
We hope to be in our new
premises now in u few iluys.
Were we shiill have an entire
new stoek.    Don't fui] to see us.
t5/>e Raworth Bros.
Becurlng ol the services ol a per>
manonl paid secretary.
The Kink Mei cant ile Co, gave
found it necessary to remodel and
enlarge Ibe selling space in their
Pure Pood Grocer) Their ever-in-
1 uusing patronage illustrates tbat
the good people ol Cranbrook appreciate their methods nl serving
The old. old story, told times
without number, and repented over
uni over again for the last Sfl
■rears, imt it is always a welcome
story to those in search ol health—
There is nothing in the world lhat
mires coughs and colds as quickly as
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Sold
m  uil druggists and dealers,      S7*tl
An interested audience listened tc
Itei C 0, Main's lecture on the late
Leo Tolstoi ui Knox church on
Tuesday evening. Mr. Main devoted
Ins remarks mainly to (he personal
characteristics ol the great author*
Hi*, discussion of several phases nl
ihe noted Russian's career was .ex*
Iremel)  Interesting and instructive.
1 Stanley Peek, Ibe C.P.R, ticket
agent, leaves Ior the old Country
on Tueeda] on a three months' have
of absence He will in- accompanied
bv Harry Randall, formerly of the
Johnson Construction company They
sail on    the ltoyal (ienrge.
Quality remains long after price is
forgotten. This saying applies to
the \lel.\i lilll.lN CUTTERS. Buy
one and see—Cranlirook Trading Co,
It, \ \b Council, who formerly
carried on a furniture business here,
uud who later engaged in Presbyterian missionary work, and this year
graduated from Weseminster Hall,
Vancouver, was jn the city nn' Saturday last rem wing friendship, and
preached in Wardner on Sunday. Mr.
McConnell returned tn Victoria on
Mondav, where he has a settled
A young man's pride forbids that
he wear a Mackinaw coat thnt don't
cover his under coat. Our's are
made three inches longer than the
ordinary.—C. C. s.
Tho expressions of regret, heard on
every baud, al the unfortunate accident lhat befell Kred Pntton, nt
.laftray nn Monday last, testllle-! in
tbe most unmistakable manner to
the wide popularity of that young
railroadman Kred Patton, freight
conductor, bad his right loot badly
Crushed.     He was brought into     the
St. Kugene hospital, where it was
thought it would he necessary to
amputate the font. Happily, tbe
doctors now intimate that they believe this course will not hu necessary. Kred Patton is duing well
aud there is every hope of saving
his foot.
Jap oranges and Malaga grapes  ai
Little am) Atchison's.
A very unpleasant case engaged the
attention of Stipendiary Magistrate
Armstrong during three days of this
week. A couple of vicious kids from
Minnesota and a lascivious old man,
named Andrew Loyst, were the principals Involved, The Minnesota kids,
a girl of 17, named Alfamie Cor win,
and a boy ot the same age, Vencel
Cerveny, eloped from Virginia, Minnesota to Calgary with the intention
of getting married, but from oiiu
cause, aud another, mainly lack nf
money, deferred doing so. In the
meantime they became acquainted
with Andrew Loyst, a cook on a
railway construction train, for whom
young Cerveny went to wnrk as
cookee, The old man Iteniine eman-
ored of the girl and trouble ensued, resulting iu his. arrest at
Movie, whither the trio bad driftce*
oil a charge ol rapp, Tbe evidence nl
the boy and giel was of a most salacious nature, entirely lllllll for
publication. Magistrate Armstrong
at the conclusion ol the case fnr the
prosecution, wbicb wns conducted by
Chief Sampson, ol Kernie, committed
Loyst for trial at the nexl court <f
competent Jurisdiction, Mr. Qeorge
Thompson appeared for tin* prisoner.
McVittic and Price's dainty English biscuits fresh this week al
Kink's pure Kood Oroecry.1
The annual open meeting ot the
VY. K.■ JI. S. was held in the Knos
church school room yesterday evening. There was a large attendance
and a social time was enjoyed. Solos
were rendered by Mrs. Patterson, j
Messrs. Ingram and Worden; readings
by Mrs. Belmont and .Miss McNeil.
Rev. C, O. Main delivered a fine address. Refreshments at the close
were handed round. The total receipts for   the evening were $22.10,
VV. Doran, who recently sold out hia
ranchc in this district and lelt for
the coast, has returned tii Cranbrook
more than ever'convinced that tbis is
the best section of II.C. Mr. Doran
stayed ofl at Kamloops, Ashcroft,
Chiliwack, Vancouver, Westminister,
Seattle and Spokane, with his eyes
open for a good opportunity. However, alter very careful investigation
Into n|ieniugs at outside points he
decided • tti return to Cranbrook
thoroughly convinced that uo where
else in the province were the prospects so good, As Mr. Doran remarked to th-e Herald, "The outside places
were nol I 2 '■'• in it with ('ran-
Saturday night from H to !l o'clock
wt will sell lor cash only anything in
our store at a discount of 20 pet
cent.—C. C. S.
A young man's pride forbids that
Ih- wear a -Mackinaw coat that don't
cover his under coat. Our's ure
made three Inches longer than thc
ordinary.—C. C   S
The Kootenay Fruil Land and I level opment Co., Ltd., who iiwu lot
2..I, group 1, Kast Kootenav, at
Wasa, intend embarking upon an
active programme ol development ia
connection with ihii property, which
includes 1218 acres •>( the fruit land,
Mr. II. I; liircli, tin- manager, has
lieen in town uf late perfecting arrangements. The company's plan is
to subdivide the land into orchard
tracts, plant and maintain tbe same
for a periof nf four years lnr nonresidents. Wnrk of clearing and
getting the lamUm shape for spring
planting is now under way. This sec-
ton of the Columbia valley is
known, fur and wide, as one of the
mosl favored in l.ust Kootenay, and
with the advent of the K.C.R. there
will undoubtedly be a rush to secure
lands lliere. For this rush the Kootenay Fruit Land ami Development
Co., Ltd., proposes to be thoroughly
a tine selection nl second-hand lurat-
a Iim* selection ol second gand furniture for Hale cheap* .
Fresh hot bouse lettuce, celery,
radishes and parsley —Campbell and
An unfortunate accident occurred
last Saturday whereby thc Crothera
Lumber companv     sustained tbe lose
Sweeping Sale of Ladies'Suits
and Trimmed Hats
'*^S?*?W|'**-«r    ,.,
tovm*Mm*m*S*aitmnm^ _    '  *
We arc offering our entire
stock of Ladies' Suits and
Trimmed lints at a
Reduction of
per cent
Vou hnve only to come
uiul Beet these to prove for
vmirself thnt this it** a
There is a limited number only.
Early Shoppers get best selections,
Winter Stylo Hooks are now in.
Thoy cost yuu only lOo. in reality
u 16c, pattern goill^ free- with each
/IbcCrccrv Bros,
Granbroohs 2H'\> 60008 ano Clothing Stoves
Bridges Lumber, company bad bor-
of seven valuable draft burses. TKB
rowed five team*- from thc Crothers
Lumber company, to haul n big holler froth Fori Steele to the Crothers
Lumber company's camp nu Perrj
Creek. The mishap occurred on the
Second hill past the Mission. Thr
teamsters, instead nf following, keeping close inside the (.rack went too
elose to the edge, witb the result
that the boiler overturned and dragged the teams down the side h 11.
Seven of the horses were drawn under the holler and so badly Injured
that they had to he shot* Save
that the tit tings were all knocked
ofl, the bolter was'uninjured. The
loss is estimated at about (3,000.
Wc invite every "lover of tlie 1
tllul" to come in and see our immense showing of Imported china and
bric-a-brae.—The Kink Mercantile Co..
Many school children suffer from
constipation, which is often the cause
of seeming stupidity at lessons
Chamberlain's Stomach ami Llvci
Tablets are an ideal medicine lo give
a child, Ior they are mild and gentle in their effect, and will cure even
chronic constipation. Sold by ul!
druggists and dealers. '17-if
Il gives satisfaction What? -*'I 11
FLOUR. Try It.-Cranhrook Trading Co.
A. .loUfli-, wIlO has been follow lag
the butchering business (oi the lust
twenty years, has confidence in the
city and enterprise enough to believe
that'Cranbrook is now so large as to
justify him opening a meat, fish,
game and poultry store. This will
make the third of its kind in the
city. Mr. Jollffe has gone to considerable expense in building .1 store
that will meet all Ins Immcd ate
requirements, thc building with
equipment costing him in lhe neighborhood ol (2,300, The ston c -i.
tains tinder tbe one roof a business
department, an odiee, a room for
making sausages, this is to be < his
specialty; and a eold storage room.
Mr. Jollffe has a large quantity ••(
line healthy cattle to draw Irom that
would do credit to any owner on the
continent. These premises arc lo be
opened on Monday, Deeemhei Ul am]
will be known as tin- Central Meat
Market, located on Norhurj ■■'■
nexl to the Catholic church
Leave your order f«u JChum (lowers
early. We can give it bettei at ten*
tion.*—Campbell aad Manning
Saturday nigh* (ron, * la ,( o'clock
wc will sell for cash "iih anything in
our store at a discount nl 20 per
cent.—C. c. s
Flat top office desk and chair lor
sale cheap at J. S. McLean's Old
Curiosity Shop.
The Cranhrook Farmers' Institute
was in session on Monday afternoon
and evening, when tbe members enjoyed 'be privilege ol listening to
interesting addresses by visiting experts. At the Afternoon* session,
over which Mr T S (Jill presided,
Mr. L. Harris, ol Vernon, gave .1
prartical talk on the "Housing ol
Hees." At the evening session, Mr.
Gill again heing in the chair, Mr.
M. A. .lull, live stock cotnrnlssloner,
delivered a valuable address on tbe
subject    of     poultry  tare. Mr.
Middleton, provincial horticulturist,
spoke briefly on the topli ol fruit
tree planting, in tin* course nl which
he named the following varieties   ar
being the best suited for this district Pears Martlet t, Flemish
Beauty, Cleurn Anjou; apples. Pueb-
css ol Oldenburg, Wealthy, \-ilow
Transparent, St. Lawrence, Macintosh Ked, Jonathan, Bismarck;
crab apph. Transcendent, Hyslop;
plums, Pond Seedling, Italian Prune.
Bradshaw, Peach Plum, Yellow Egg;
cherries, Montmorency, Richmond.
Veterinary Inspector (ieorge also
brieflj address) i Uie meeting, takiea
as his subject, the class of buildings
that dairymen should have, A
hearty vote ol thank*, was tendered
the various speakers at  the close     ol
the meeting
Saturdaj night Ir ■-. B to 9 o'clock
we will nell : : cash only anything in
our store a: a liscount ol 30 \>ei
cent.—C. C. s
(■'.. to    Little and   Atchison's for
those sweet, Juicy -Valencia orar.se>
-Just arrived.—A laree shipment    of
Cowan's famous   MAPLE BUDS. At
Little & Atchison.
H. \ Carney, a son,of A. Carney,
the well known timber inspector, is
in town. Mr. Carney his one of ihe
prominent busfnc men ol the new 1
town of Fori Qeorge He speaks
verj encouraging)} ol the prospects
of the new northern citv. Already
Fori George I :....*,. assume
quite extensive pro-portions. The
town now boasti ol two acbooU, two
churches, three bank*,, four stores,
two sawmills, .1 hospital under construction and .1 n Idenl doctor. Ther**
Is a lol ol good lai I around Fort
Qeorge, upon which may be grown
:, I. it ,1 ■,'. ■ 1 Mr.  Caroej  him
self last yeai helped to tut oats
that       stood bis    head
There 1-. abundance nf good timber
and large  -■■;" I -"-il on Beai
Itiver, i" ii.iii south ol Kort George
South Kasl ol Fori Qeorge there ar>
placer dlggi and big qaarti leads,
winch will be operated once the
transportation problem 1- solved Mr
('arm v predicate tf.-'* Barkerrllle, 60
ttb-easl nl Kort Qeorge, will
short 1) sec a revival of Loe llvelj
mining activities that prevailed |,;,lt
a centurj Bgo. Mr Carney is
t hroughl j satisfied with Fort George
prospects, lie has mad. big monej
then nnd intend*- returning ;■- add ta
: i- pile
and speeial   prices
on all complete dinner seta     To the
■ surprise     his
1 • ■•( dishes   tin*.
come —Campbell *.*.d
iln .
Japanese laborers desire job it.
bush, with "• without trams, work
by contracl Boi I7IJI, Calgary,
Alta. iVTf
v.J\   ■***»•
A Rtsidcnl Agent to write
Kirt Insurance In the District.
Onlv Go-id Producer need
apply* Givin? full particulars wilh credentials. Good
commission. Applications to
he lorwardcd to
Ren*< just tha Stove yon havo
been looking for. [toonaanieatho
stuuke ami gaiei, making f. very
hot smokies!} tire, with a minimum
consumption of fuel.
"The Range Store"
.1.0. Glendav, of tha CHy
Engineer*! orace, has been
appointed to make inspection
• tf  tilt   hoti-*-**-)  in  t'-wn   anil
atearUin, in tin* interesla of
the Oity Water Sopply
Hyatem etc ■ the follow ipg Information, name -*f occupant,
proprietor, number of noma,
I lecupahUara reqaetteiJ to
irjve 11 isi 1 free ingreta to their
honio to check number of
rooms, in-." tee that all water
tape are In working order.
:>\a.5: '        ■   - - .
Soloman Koury
i «i
;.; Dry Goods, Men's Furnish- |
S; tags. Jewelry, Watches. |
. Ladies' Wrappers and
Silk Kimonas
I u-jt j
BEJSB^ri.'a'i^lft-iHlEMaiaiBltfflHBIM •I'JlJi   OUAMUUIOK    IIIOltALD
H.C. Hu„ II, I), I.
A. I. Uu ■.•on, B.C
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money lo Ion i ...■.'■■.Mi' i »•
■ mid eoiuforl
iiiiin  homo
Terms  moderate
MRS. E. BliNT, Matron.
J'.O, iJoi riiono UTii
1UXDM \-l I.l: I'lTY HAS I)
T-.ii Imr ■ ■  - ri
HI I.„.I [i -.in ii i ■-
1*1111111   TIUISKIl
.'.. 1*1 IIIIIUIK, R C,
SWANNELL& ROBERTSON  j directory ■
lloniliilonami Hritish Columbia
P.O. Drawer703 VICTORIA. B.C
Obeboent Loiioe No, 88
U|l|10.it.i C.l'.K. SI.,I i,.,i
THU    PLACE    TO      OKI     \
0001) MEAL
Miss ".'^1 Wellman
Pianist and Teacher
I*,.,■,!,..,,..| -pal.fall  ..I
ll vol.*   M-.ll. I '.I  M'illlli|H*JI
physicians and Surgeons.
tttfir.   al   l!,*.l.*.*ii,** Arln.trnoi   Af,
oi.*:* l.-i   HOUKS *
|.i,ii.iiii*ii  » Illl lo in nn
Allermiom - - - 1 Illl tn   1.00
Evenings *     - - 7 30 in   » 30
Siiml*,.).  t 30 in   I SO
.1.   VV.   ItUTIal'DOG
(Irn I ii   * ni"    IVi.rln.rj:
(I..II..U,. T..r  in  l-:i-
llrn li  in I 'I-I llli.l .,!  tlvKil i|,'a
oifite   nexl ii,)*.r i*. Pnsl Ofllce
Pimm* l.l'l P.O. Iln, IM
.,,*>.' rail - II   II   I - II Ur.
ITenilqtiat'tars Eor nil kiiuls of
Siilisf,*ii*liini liii.ir.nili'iil
Tlm Slum SijuciiiliBl
Provcnzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
It  yuo  want satisfaction witb
your washing   send
it to
Special prices for family work.
Hanson Avenue
Phone .H7
Crniihi'inik, ti, C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Boyes, 0. C.
T. Q. .limes, K. ol H. & S.
Visiting liretliren   cordially invited
in attond,
..'-.a-ff'*^'** ,      Meets every Monday
taa\a**T^3w!''S    "'**''*  •**'     *^CW   ^™~
VS"?:iJ!*yJ   ternity   Hall.    So-
lonmlng Oildtcllowi cordially Invited.
IV. S, Hall, C. .1. Little,
N, 0. Sec'y.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No.  31
A.F.  ft A    M.
Hogular meettnga on
\.//\ *     Hie   third   Thursday
"■ ■*■'■ ,il everv month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W.  !•'. Aim'       H
1*:. W. Connolly, Secretary.
tt.   K.   FUTA
Timothy and Oats
t *
♦ rhe Cranbrook Employment J
♦ ami Heal l:staic Agency   J
* :
♦ IIKI.I"    PltOVlllKIl J
mil ii     *
OK. P. li. MILKS
i.'-[-M J*.    HOOKS:
» to !'.! ii in
I  In   li p.m
7 ,,*   II p.m
Office m new Held Bloc.
I'ltANMUOOK -      - B. 0
,M*jt,ir,* t-ublic
I.i .'..-in .....li .a:
it ■
|   .1. ti. CUMMINOS   I
•       ntmatTion bkoineek       2
* 'ivi'v,' :,**   Cranbrook, B.C,
B.   C.   and   Surveyor
CRANBROOK.     -      O. C.
Ask fur Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family n*e 'lien* i H.inv
no wIn,l,*-i,1,-,. nn.l .n  nure na
lltl.CYON I.i I 111 \ «' ITKIt.
INSIJRAXCK   IXP   ItKW.   I*:-|.\TI*.
Alll N '
11*1. m*,i*.*i i.i* •' *  I
tn V'.rHiji *,*     .*  i ■   i door
to llhii.ii..... I'll*.1.1  *lmil,,
W.  li   I*   nn    ....   ,i  llira.ua
♦ »* 1*1
J    l,HII|l.*'l     I ••II
♦ i ,....i-i
»,*•-,-   I ..itiii.tin. -.   Kii.lt t   ' ""   A
lr„,*.„... II..T.I-.  Il.l.l.i.i-        *
nil. I'rojirietoi
-■J.i.-.     I'll. Ui
. ♦
I. prepared to supply help, skilled oi
unskilled, on shortest pojwlblo no
tico; to find ein|iloynicnt nnd f-nnr-
nntee jmsiiinns when sent ont; to
rent houses nnd rooms nnd to sell
nm fruit lands or otlier property [01
a .-innii commission.
Addresi:—W. Parker, 312 Baker SI
NELSON, il. D. 1» ly
No. 19.
Meets every .smiml and   (ourth Wed-
ncsday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Itebekahs  cordially in-
Miss E. .lohuston, N. 0
Miss Hiclicnbothain, Sec'y.
\Icels in   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MaoKinnon, M. II. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially Invited.
Mi-ets in Carmen's Hall Second anil
Fourth Thursday of each month at t*
i.in, sharp
Hm   Anderson, Chief Hanger.
L. Rent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
*:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• <• •:•
•:• ER AND CHEMIST.-Cbarges: *
•-. Oold, silver, copper nr lead, fl <•
•;. each; gold-silver, 11.50; silver- •>
■;• lead, 11.50; **olit silver, with >**
»> eopper or lead, J2.50, zinc, 52; •>
.;. silver-lea.l-7.inc, J.3. Prices for •:•
>'. other metals on application. •>
•••Long distance 'phone r,7. P.O. •:•
•> Boi, CIIOS, Nelson, B.C.    .My*
•:•*•> + •>«•<.*<• •> * .>.;. •>
559 Georqi,-. Street
l..,.|...« :itl-K; -lltli lii.'ii .
Iwbhto iiiiii'i.iri. ii.,tii,.,.,  i.*.,j...i mi
•WW 10 inikc I'.ilHli-inr.ii. i i'ti..-I i :   ..iu,. ■*■<■
Intml ■tykwln HairOonl ,WI|i    l* u-.  . rntm
F..Miiiill.iii     r<,iti|-ii.|„iir .     *>t. Ill hi    .      I'   "
i nrli   -iiu,-iii trill "Mil it,*.    ,|h ti npplicntluir,
IJ. l.l.flU.r l,,IJ ,1,11   y, <   ],..     I .,||    k....
i   ■■.    tml **f :* botttr iiiialit) ihau nni ■>' ■ ■•■
U.     Wh) Mni-rwl *     .    *      ■   ||r hu .
Ifnutiei   p-fllll] Inmn     : ..■' s • tr.t-. titily.   I •!*-*
•   il ahfl the I'.r  Ihii t,...i .   \>\    ■..■■■■
Lnr-       Mill I   "I'll •-;,*., I
Leo.  Mullr-,   Prop.
I.R  C. M,   R. A. M.
Orginbl f**rtCI Dtnra  ti   K
TtalChWOl   1'  ■.   '•■;■ .1.
Tlu**>r.v   ,-iti.|     Vui,.     "iilm..
I'iill T-rnn now ti»ij.*fi. i-.fcT     hip|| ,i. i ■■ i
•l'l„.i„* N.-
TAKE NOTICE that I, John Tularin-, *.( (lontfcll, It. i'., occupation Section Foreman, Intend to apply fm permission lo purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted
admit lu chains cast ol N. K. comer
nl I.ol initii, ilienre wesl 2C chains,
thenee north In chains, thencu unsl
jo chains, Ihence south m chains lo
point of commencement, containing
sn acres, more or less.
.John Tularin", Locator,
Charles Romano,   \gcnt,
Dated October :iid. pirn       Mm*
Meets in Carmen's Hull lirst uml
third Thursday of each month al
.* p.m. sbar|i.
Mrs   Lulu Hayward, Pre. See.
Mr-i. Isaac Baxter, Chief Ranger.
Vi-utin*; brethren made welcome.
******* ***************
►        President : T. S. Iiui
;       Keoretary: .-1. .Ma,*ii.,\ai.o
j. For liiloriiiuiloii regarding lands *
* and   agrieiiliitie   uj.j.iv   to the •
** -iviemiv. Cini,l.„.,k, li. C. f
\ ti.:, ♦
I       Every I U'eilnvnlny
t Presbyterian Cburcb |
.   Sunday mnrniug service at 11 *
>       o'clock ♦
* ♦
* S'tiiii.,,*   eveaing    service at *
* i.:io o'clock
ile J
* Sunday      School   and    Dili
J        Class at .1 o'clock
J    Presbyterian    tluild, Tuesday, *
at It o'clock -■
♦ ♦•«•►•••.
I Baptist Cbuvcb
J I'.istor, Charles W. King.
, Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
0 'Phone, 38.1.      P. 0. Boi 361.
*  ■ i
J    Regular Services:—Sunday, 11 !
1 a.m.     and     7.30   p.m.;    Bible i
* School    with     Young   Ladies' *■
* Philelhca    and    Young   Men's
* liiMi* Class, .1 p.m.
* Motldaf,     Young Peoples',     8
X P'n.
4,    .Vcdncsdar, Mld-Week Meeting.
* A cordial    Christian welcome
* '.. nil.
I  Im v *i|ii*iii*i] up in nil.lili.Mi
t" my i ijitilur Livorv. Kn.l nml
Snlea stnblu nn
Employment Office
and Dray Line
I nm in*, |*iin*,| lo Furiilali wnrk
for   II  anil   ti-flttls   mill   will
Kuiirnnti'p sntisrnotlou nr money
r* r loi,
J. Kenny, Prop.
♦ I
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>•>♦* ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t
Tlie tlisliuj) ul l^niiiliui was Llie central (lguco of ;i iiicturcsquo ceremorty
in St. Paul's churchyard tho other
day, when lie un veiled the now
"Paul's Cross," within a few yards
ol ihe famous old monument of
thai name which played such a prominent pari in tlie lift' ->f bygone London. The new Paul's Cross, as has
hci'ii nunoii'iml, is duo in a stun uf
CfiOOO lefl fur its erccCIon hy the
late Ui. ||  c. HIchards, K.O., MA'.
The i I.l Paul*-  Cross, WllOSC inriiiorv
it pprjieltinli . ■*■■ ■ removed hy order
•>f th. I mi -. |jnrli t.ienl in 1013, Iml
its Intimnle tin innries wilh tin- street
life of  Illl' fill cms ul   \NCIHI1   1,1*11(1011
^0 iis far ha.k ua the date ll.H. It
wili in* romeinhered thai at the
old Paul's Cross the Pope's Hulls
were promulgated There at the Re
formation the iinlhorlty of tho popes
was denounced Luther's Bible was
burned there, irom Pauls Cross Lot-
liner thundered against the. vices of
London, und there .Tnno Short* did
ponnncD in a white sheet for her offences, ami a meat man was publiclj
excommunicated for his sins. Tin
figure on (be summit ol the pillar
and the ornamental work of the base
was done by Mr. Peri ram Madtcn-
nal, A.P.A., tin- wll-known Australian sculptor.
.Mr. and Mis. Oraham, of Anchor
May Farm, Er ill, have, during the
whole nf Hu'ii all years of married
life, lived In thc same house. Their
descendants, who exteml to the
fourth generation, number over 100,
the major It) ot the male portion being Thames watermen and lightermen.
One of the grandsons two years ago
won lhe Doggelt's coat and badge,
nnd ho, with his brothers and sisters, holds ibe record for school attendance in lhe distriet.
A seheine which, if successful, may
revolutionize mei bods of farming
transport in this enuntrj and help
the Hritish agricull irisl In his right
against foreign competitors, is
iliurlly to bo tested in Kent, li is
nothing less than an nt tempi on n
largo Male h» place Kentish farms,
tillages, and tonus in direct touch
with London by menus of rapid
motor traction. In order to secure
I'n* necessary capital a company, to
he known as the Kent-London Motor
Transport (Limited), i.s to he formed, with a capital of e75,000. Oper-
it ions will In* begun by establishing a
service between the Maidstone, Tun-
bridge WelK. nnd Rochester districts
nnd Loudon.
Mr, Robert Voung, Ironmonger,
Edinburgh, who passed away the
"(her day, was known far and wide
-is a collector of horseshoes. Row
upon row, mi the walls of bis .shop,
hung shoes dating Irom the lime of
the Roman occupation (these having
been found in Monmouthshire) down
to thc present day. Among (he
latter were Included shoes worn on
the dn) of thc rare liy such famous
Derby winners as Lord Knsebery's
Latlas nml Sir .lames Miller's Rock
■sand. Every country in the world,
rrom China to Peru, had lieen laid
miller tribute.
The Scottish wkisKv trade continues in a depressed condition.
Complaint Is general ol (he limited
turnover, All sections arc more or
less had, Imt Highland malt is (he
worst. Rh rulers .seem to have forsaken this description, and when business is done il is almost entirely in
(he younger bondings, die prices of
which are unchanged. The market
for single whiskies ahoiil this season
is generally at Its busiest, but this
year there is little si(-n of any re-
rival, (Iiiiin whiskey is suficriiig
least, hut even in thnt huslness is
moderate, the demand being mostly
for youngest bondings. <*M grains
an- fetching little more than original
\ l.iw case which was begun In
1318, and was Interrupted because
Richard dc  Maundeville bad to leave
(or tlie w.n in France, has just neen
resinned m Uie chancery court Tlio
point at  Issue was tbe right   lo    hold
a market    nt   Stowmnrket, Suffolk,
and the suit wji-* originally nrotighl
bj the Vhfanl nf Si. Osytli, Essex,
in the twenty-second year of I'd
ward III . ,,_..itist Richard dc Mnun-
devllle -.wording to the \bhot,
who claimed In he lord nf the manor, Richard bad wrongfully obtained
(be grant nf Uie right to hold a market in Stowmnrket, and his claim
wns "to the urnvo*dnmage ol tho
said abbot." ai the resumed hearing Nr. (i. P Howard and .Mr. C. N.
Pt'ddar, the modern representatives
of Richard, asserted that Mr. (1 A.
Woodward, the modem representative
of the abbot, bad no right to set up
a rival mar! it.
The first nf a series of Overseas
poetry ovcnlngs, promoted by Ibe
Poetry Society with a view to showing how full of poetic fin- and virility is the English verse produced
in Greater Hritain, wilt he held on
Ileciiiiber IJ. at the Holhorn restaurant The tirst evening will lie
devoted lo Australian poetry, the re-
presofitalivc selection being arranged
hy Mr. .1. Ilcunili-r lieu ton, jr. Sir
(Ieorge Reid,    tbe high commissioner
■HHfJwp1  "
HV '«,'".'V'
No Alum
lime Phosphate;
if// ..__._—.
Hn .v./■"'.(' Tallinn powfJcr
Gxamlne *'><' land and take
only a biit.td shown to be
made witli Cream ol Tartar.
-;m ^ifim
" 1 am iniite
potitivo lhu) lli*?
ubo of nlum hnkiog
vdar should be < niutcmned."
' nlvcrstty of Mhhimm.
i ".REAM
'imhm'ii'^i«*S5> SI
jjllll i
■ ' *'..*..■.:,
some, reliable Grape
Cream cf Tartar Baking Powder.
Improves lhe flavor and adds to
ie healtafulness oi the food.
for Un*   Australian     Co
will   prcslil,*  mid s-ver
1    in'      Uu*
aKcnls-geticral ant)   othi
s Interested
in Australasia are assls
Ing.   Soiilli
\ ir iiu ns nml r.iiiiiili.ins
will have nil
o|i|iorliitiHy to slmw vvli
il they   .mu
liruiliic* ai a later ilii't*.
Mninlv Ita
Poetry Society has lieei
lic u      link
between     Kngllsli-sjicalt
ng       people
llirotiglinnl tlie v.ml.l. A
istrnlian anil
Kotitli   African branches
having heen
formed, anil mcinliers ul
tallied       in
Cniiaila, lirilia anil Kgypl
. the bond ol
common speech and   lit
raliire being
Mieri'liy strengthened.
An extraordinary    gci
cinl nieeling
*.f ilu* proprietors ol the
Midlnnd am!
[Ireat Western Railway
company   of
Monday, (he result in each ease heing
three consecutive days' holiday, the
commercial community and other
large interests likely to he affected
were consulted, and no material objection tvns made to the proposal.
Any available Dominion Lands
within thc Railway Belt in llritisb
Columbia, may be homestcaded by
auy person who in the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of Kill acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personalty at
the local land office for tho district
In which the land is situate. Entry
hy proxy may, however, he made oa
certain conditions liy the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother nr
sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to pet-
for, llic conditions connected therewith under one of the following
(1). At least six moulhs' lesideneu
upon uud cultivation of the html in
each year (or three years.
(Li). If tho father (or mother, if
the lather is deceased), ut the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
tlie vicinity nl lhu bind entered     for,
thc requirements as to residence may
he satislled by such person residing
with the fattier or mother.
Cf). li the settler has lus permanent residence upon farming laud owned by him in the vicinity of bis
hiJiiicsieud, the requirements as lu
residence muy be satisfied by residence upon the said laud.
Six months' notice in writing
should lie given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at. Ottawa of
Intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—foal mining rights muy bo
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at au annual rental of ;1 per
acre. Not more than 'l.y.u acres
shull be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of
the cents per ton shall he collected
ou the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 20-2ttt
irelaml was held In Dublin tn con
slrier a project for making Galwn)
ii transatlantic port, and establishing
iii connection therewith nn \nplo
t'nnadlaii service, including thc car
ringc of mails, and foi the construe
tion of a railway from Oalway lo
l-at-na. Mr, It .1. Kelly pointed oul
tlmt next year, in London, the Over
s;>a premiers would discuss the question of the terminal ports as regards the Vll-Red route, and It
would then be dee'ded finally as to
whether nn Irish port or nn English
■ mc should he chosen. A resolution
in favor of the scheme was ear
The removal of the G.P O from
si, . Martin Vic-Grand to the
building in King Edward street was
new building iu Kire: Kdward
street was completed early
on a recent Monday morning,
The new ollices had heen fitted lip
in every particular, and the old offices, with their contents, were left
exactly as they were. All that was
done was to finish Sunday night's
work at St. Martin's le-Orand and
start .Monday's work at King Kdward street The sorters, numbering over one thousand, dealt with
the outgoing mails in their oh! quarters, nud arrangements were made
for the Incoming mails lo Ih* delivered at thc new. The ode,- has issued
a remarkably Interesting pamphlet,
giving, among other things, some indication of the chnnged conditions
since ibe old building In St. Martin's
-le-Oraud was first occupied.
The following aro some of the comparisons set out in the pamphlet;
182"     Liiu,
No, of stall              ROtl        2(1,000
No, of post ollices
ami    post     boxes
in  Loudon 12a l.BSfl
No   of letters delivered within nu
area pf  I-    mlll'S
per  week 1(10,1 Ol    22,000,000
There wa*- only one dailj     general
collect! I Icttois ior  the c n v
through     London hi 1820,      The
average postage paid on a letter In
and from ihe province * v us about
flll.i and the posl i, c ill London was
2d for a Idler posted ami delivered
within three miles of llic (i IM).
and 3d. within aa area of twelve
miles. There were nix dallj collections in the central i arts nl Lou
ilon in eotiiu clion v*. Ith the Iwo-
penny post; now there ure seventeen
or eighteen of all classes t.f corses*
ponilonce In lhe c ntral dls-trlcl i. The
deliveries ol Lt-ndoii letters numbered
six in 1820, but there was inly one
delivery of correspondence from the
provinces, Now there are twelve
deliveries ol all classes.
The government has iloelib \ In
make Tuesday, Drcember 27th, a h-ink
holltlny, as well as Box in a; day, in
view of tlie Incidence of f'hri.lnii-
day on a Sunday. This course
would be on au analogy <<f making
Monday a bank holiday when Boxing
day falls on Sunday. The govern-
ment is anxious that the normal incidence of Sunday ns a weekly day
of rest shall he preserved in tl u
same way us when Christmas day
falls ou eithct a     Saturday or        a
.Mrs. .1. It Kfiinud, of (ioldrich
St , Sturgeon Knits, Ont., says:
i have Buttered for months with a
very weal; stomach, 1 had dizzy
spells, and nt times could not retain auy fond at all. I tried any
number of remedies and prescriptions
but none seemed to relieve me until
I tried Mi-o-na Tablets. I used    one
•\ nnii and they have completely
•ured me of my troubles, I am
n! en sed lo recommend Mi-o-na, .is I
know it to lie a remedy nf merit."
Mi o-nn is sold by druggists
everywhere at SO cents a box, and is
guaranteed to ctire dyspepsia, indigestion, sick headache, nausea, heartburn, sour stomach, belching of gas.
dizziness, heavy stomach and ear
sickness, vomiting of pregnancy and
thc after effects <'f over-eating or
drinking—or money back. Postpaid
from the It. T. Booth Co., Ltd..
Fort Krie, Ont, Sold and guaranteed by The Beattie-Murphy Co.
I, Thomas Wm. Barnes, intend to
apply for permission to purchase
eighty (SO) acres of land hounded as
Commencing at this post (being
planted at the south-east corner of
Lot 8106, Group 1, Kootenay District), thence east 20 chains, thence
north 411 chains, thence west 20
chains, thence south 40 chains.
Thos. Wm. Barnes.
Uth October, 1910. 34-91
TAKE NOTICE that tbe Bridges
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tin- north-east, corner of Lot 3060,
thence following Lot al easterly 20
chains-, tlience south 2,r> chains, thence
15 chains, more or less, to K. C. R.
right-of-way northerly to south-east
right-of-dny northerly to south-east
corner of Lot 8080, thence north
follow ing eastern boundary of Lot
3000, to point or commencement, con*
talning JO acres, more or less.
Dated at Kort Steele, B.C., Ibis
22nd dny of October, III HI.
The Bridges Lumber Co., Ltd.
.1. I'', Bridges, Locator. .10-01
that an application wilt be mnile oi
hehalf of the Kootenny Central Rait
way Company to the Hoard of Bail
wnj Commissioners for Canada at
the expiration of four weeks from
tha date of this notice or as soon
thereafter us the application enn be
heard for a recommendation to the
Govern r-ln-Counell for the sanction
of n lease of the railway of thc Koo-
lenay Central Railway Company to
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for a term or nine hundred nnd
ninety-nine years from the first day
of .January , nineteen hundred nnd
eleven, upon the terms and conditions therein mentioned.
Tbis notice is given pursuant to
the provisions ol Section .101 ot the
Railway Act.
II. C. Oswald,
Secretary Kootenny Central Railway
Dated at Montreal the 16th day ol
Novcmbtr. 1910. 40-54
Nelson*.* Leading Moid
Rooms wiiii Baths.   'Phone io
everv room
Barber Shop on the pr
Thoroughly up-to-i
Rates, $2 00 a day and up.
GEO, P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manager
No, I Timothy. Meadow nnd
Billion linis*.
by tin' enrcoas
ftliVB nnd (1rC8Bi ti
Growers, Ltd.
B, (1. AMBR08B, Mi.I;
Pincher Creek, - Alhcria
Dealers in llsy Slid Grain,
Live Stock, Fai .*.'
Produce, elc.
wis*: ilDNii, nun'.
Chop   Suey   Noodle
A Qalcli M.itl and . Ocol Unl
TAKK NOTICK that Annie M.i
Ington, of Cranbrook, lie, occupation, Mami'ii Woman, Intends lo ap
ply for permission to purchase (he
following ilcscrihnl lands:
Commencing at a posl plnntetl   at
lhe south cast   commi   ot  Lot   I ,
Clroup One, Kast Kontcnaj district.
theme wesl 20 chains, mora oi less,
to the cut hank of tha Kootennj
river, theme south easterly along
said bank a distance ot thirty
chains, more or less, lo Hie west
boundary of Lot SIS, Group one,
thence north nlong tho said west
boundary a distance ol twenty
chains, more or less, to pnlnl ol
cointiH'iiceiiieiii, ami contnlitlng forty
acres, more or less.
Annie Merington, Locator
j. o, Cummlngs', Agent.
Rtaked Nov. 5th, 1010. 88-0t'
Lai'H**, coct,   dry   storehouse,
very sate, double doors, no entrance, except through private
Apply at Herald Office. 17-tl* th**. efiANimoo'v hi: UAL I)
fake  w;
THE tlmo cr year la upon ■■■- «--i*---
It Is ntv-s-.-ry in think of **••'
tt*a*uforai Hon of lasl • ■ '■■-. **
clutlilm; int., i lit j f:'.;t i*. Sothlng
in   't.1*   work   1 I ; -   the
■Iv-t'liHi   a:.*!   D ■    ie!    i
making over.    Beside* i ■ .
elwyj  metl    li  of re
Careful .. ■■; wiitW*
Garments  *!.;»■   be   '•
rn.iy   be   rlpi    I    «!>ai I     in 1    dye I    In
br-wdth,   '.    ■   .   ■ ictter for aklrta.
lout* coats, • may t-»
dye    blouei -. ' ■ i
thing* o- Umi Juit • re,
withoui rl
Dlfffrent with   1 be
varli-im   pr*| •     ■    ' ■ ■"   *■ I li i
lia-* tti own
formatkK '■*•*-*
dye li lj- ...
tijr dbicotoi
•re   used   lo
liquid,   net*    .
Dip    til**    ■:.   '■
•thai it la ih-i rom ■ ■ '••  lha
dye befgre
th"- it tnuii In   lefl '    *       overnight.
Finally, • i ■■
gtfeka and '.i   * 	
•Ir to drip a
Ituj     Only In '
Tlierfl   aro   iiaua il ■ ■ -   ' ■ '
..■!■■  and
■a   ..■■'-'
1. -a qui,.]       ih ,■*  in m ■■
narver poaal
stiul**.   1'.    1    ■      '
by .he Mnptoy-ment "f that aulted tu tbe
Am  f..r mixed  K It*,  Ihey  are UBn-il-
lj cotton and wool, snd muat be dyed
according  to tlie  predominating 111 a tit*
rinl Tiii*. in usually cotton, but iher**
IH it different rule f.<r |-r.- ti .il*.'
-.very fabric.
The grenl i|Ut>atlnn of dyeing 1* Ilia*
,*r color. In general. v**lveie**n and *
t, v.- wnolan fabric* ara ih- only
yi,.,»i.i Tlmt will die ti- ev**n d:ii -
...i.i*. The Important thitm • • ■ *■•
 i,» the   shade stwn a   ■ >-'■ - *   thin
ll   Iiiih  been     'if  I'liiirn*-.  ..li ■ «*■*■  *«t
.'.  elng   1-   almvtj    U a   r-*et*u*;i ■ f
color   tin-   rejuvonatl I   ih*   ahiule
uIivhi.x prwBf-ni
in dyetna in another enb-r the f-d
lowing rulea should ba nhaer*. • ■'■
Blur   and   i•nn*!**   will   not   -J  *   over
('.•..'■.• or nr-ii'K-. in.i Mi* '■' ■
I.r..wo ilr**f*n will i'i-: d'"f ••-•- ril
..- iiroivu Sr«) brawn seni'l*! • >■
-..ii cardinal and turks) red -*■•' gar*
mt aill nol d>e oval *►*-•. o n»i
(Iral two ii.itii> ii * ■■! Mi- ••!' **l Hi
Crimson «iil nol ii" ■ •"■ purple *r
',1,1 gold, 1lt,r ■* alio** ny er put j'lr "i
■tati Hold* ii bro* *i pink ■■***'■•*■< -i ''
gray will ii"' 'i a over an) darS
. . :.. - m.i. h li iii. . i I* -■ -r ■■ H
v. iti  dye over ev«*rj Hit-*.-*
..f  couraa    figured   guoda   will   dvc
- *:   * ■.»;(.   gnmetlmea   lha   •.•.'!■. -
Inla   .nl!  .-.'in*.  OUI  a  Ugh lei   al  *• -
aldaiini    lha   i-alor,    you   tuual
, -    .......   ij  »varj   ehede  in   * in
M ...,*■»
itbjeci nf painting garment! lit
>f embroidery might well take
by llgetf, Nothing 1- more
timii ;i lingerie gown with
design touched In color, »r
iii ■ a rent! >*r -iti-Her of
i.]. -.. ■ un n ■ HI '■* - ii'i-rn panel
rli.boii     11.-   girl .!o   Ihla
worh Ktiould cuuni  li*-  -■  ( :..rtunat*-.
V t-lun    Ina  i ' art la lha
piiipIiuhUIi ...        ■ ■ '- ■    |'. k ng
„*,i  ii .* pn*it< rn li an   roloi   pai •
liilpH i,nh   .  * ■ whlta   ■ r i---
1.1|.. .t more  ■ la  giving tn*
lipped i      tl 1» work
with a line r brnah and the
nencll .he
W.i;it i <>b<r-i ni«y <\'.iu play tli-*!r
pari in the freshening .»r garmants.
one girl of . latotanca slway*
loucliea up the faded dower* on her
making them aa good aa naw
again; ... . tha i'l**a may bt -.;;.-:
In oth«r accawortai of ti-.e nm* aort.
■uch **' colored *!if,jr-,i on ■.ir.,.»'»»?.»b'.*-
goodi, feathers   fan*, eu*
So the rnal'liii Who df-M anl *titn*
and paint* may well r-Oolee in her
knowledge of thst uaaful craft, ar.i
her laai wlae -.i*1--*- w ml; batter leaxt.
It ■ peed Ily, for tt it a prime fac^-Jr ifi*
the methods uf tha e-Mniunlcal maid
nnd thp few italr.i on r.ar.Js ar.J *rx.i
It mon      V' * ana hlla   * ive-
i .:«■: nr   em   » .'.ivrng on ih.   line:
Paying Back
W11KN ) ■ . go camping ll *» autumn*, or on youi
mountain** Ilmtdng tr;:'. why
nol tak*? al *- - . - pai kagea ■■' hai I)
perennlsi Bowel •r-^J*'* Y 'u wt I rtnd
*..i    .    ; . .   ■ •    *•-• ••    '■ ■ -■     '■     ■-■■•*
deaart tdoaa n a- a roaa • a* to give
■a wonderful eurprlae to ne*: j.ara
vomer*- Often, as >o ■ * - i tbe
ranr a] *.r*.r.   >■   - :  ,  *      i fn tn
the wlnttoa an pr tola i ^-' * * -»■ **i ■■:•*.
and p-rhapt* n*-.x: jea.on thai track will
run thro-gh a fleid    ' ind pop-
■ lei
Bei!da* thete nee*!*. Ihere are »rn-
- *.*■» :srk»pur. foxglove, maii*(tjld,
hardy aeters-each  part of thi ■■■
will a'jgge*-*. new one*,     i* ' i   in  ,*ne
cl:y of th!* o'j-itr>. II H the i latnm
Map-inkle  all  Ute  refuae •   w:th
csaturti ;tn «*-*'l»   <    ■     ■  :  •
Mtt.Urti   of  tha ..-     Ice  g   w.l*l
1: :a Uka .-    ■ Maurice  I1"**-
-.-• ,  r    - of
i rea*Jr.g yoor atl t
growing   bT-j'Vi*.    *i.tr. never
,-r-"t  t-fir*
.Vtnd/ a Tblternoirthe W
i*,■•it* intitl  li
of       o
v ram
.Isrv,   l*i..wii
nnd  Itovvh
rd    man
,.i-  ib ired  and i«
mixed    ii.-i- are gonn
of ma ter lain
ombliiai)ona      Ihr  dyi   pdi    feati ■
, .,    ttreen:    hronaa        Ihlnga wilh wt I
.li hi
Old   I
imuteur iloei
ll    • im : Int}-,
oliiie   umi   m '   i ii-i*    - • i*n   li wilier
...ij   purple  aud t'rlinaon;     gllppera   i|je euall * ■■   luila  find
part of pink lo two parts      in tl.i> ntethoil   n       -    mentia lu re*
diluted,     salmon   pink,     jiivenatlon     One   i        it! m   nitut   i-o
*u,i   green    cei \*-- pink     noi aeem
-,-in   orange  and  brown.
THI*.   pli'tiirea   <    ■   *■:<ii•    on   ink
wall* of "in   rn ■■      **•!- all   i'io*
IF Tor
,*  •
.   .
■   ...
• It*.
r   ■      im bllnu of ihal
■ i*    t. ■.-   ihni   la   in-
....    .:■.---
r.j  ."Uf rgsctta, ihen, come the box**a
hai  lime loo long  been   .-■ eat*
It if jour buatneea,  ' ■ prucil ■•    » -
in aval; yourself or  ihi   i-iinm*i*» ihai
; to
i ■■..-* n.i  would
\.       ■ them
• >    « mw * ,.r hoota
gi -. '.-'.•      i   ace  litem
v iba   1 aurfacea   logather  tuul
n .)•.*• oUter, :i> abown in
»'. li.     Sow   tack   iivi't-   tin. outer
-.ti' ■>..>, ■   IbOfl   !. M 'Iii" tbe Una
oi i  .ij "   i   ia i*->ii lealad, and v»i«ts
a ■ overfnj ,,r . retonne or ohlnta.
T ••   Ihrae C >mpartmer.ts   will
hold vn:ir ahoea In heat line**, grhlle
pollih, brualit-a ..r other gaoeggorlggj tee
the : •■ Ir oi ' ■ m ■ in he kept *m the
■top ahelf. The whole can bo con van-
lantly puahe I into a cioMt.
Arranged on tho awaatiiui plan la the
gqiiara cablnei that glveg live oompirt*
mantg from four boxea, All muat it*
the aama alsa, uni li-wt rtwulbi are obtained v.'eii tha lemjlh In twice the
Width, rollOW tin*- line,!-, nf the drawing.
Nail < i -I bog io the niijiicent onea, and
stain the whole lo hantwnlfa with the
furnltnitt of lhe room. l» may he viawl
as a  |ui, u  uiaiiuvi.   a kiudv-m  Uia,  a
convei -"' reeeptacla for •*>■ s -or for
!...«     [|   | mi   be   rereed  In  ibe art   of
n, i v.      ,,,,   w H   m.M   ,loor*   i ■
c* an i m-ike tista doubly "mlu
(■••.*.„ ■ **. bQgga a *-.lii.i.'W leg! -'an
be uni* ' • 'i ihal la movabla and In
iblg mallei i» more desirable than liv
.,*■ kind rtaca iwo aioul boiaa
■mailer < nda, and a r Inl
i*Ahi--h tusx i,e ai long •• ymi window
permltii *■■ **■" plaee l-etween and
■ *tu ri ih atdi - lo lhe end nnei ir
* 'i.l i<e altachad i« ihe .'"turn, one,
*»* in i. ti ihe betier.    Arrangg ao thai
this .sn be Ibe eorivetib-iil re. eptiolH
for oiMa and enls Hint --.'ears a wln-
dotg   nest   t" Ibe heaii  *<t anj'  ptnclbi!
Cover the whole stit, denltn. if yuu
with, you pan aienrli « devlgn upon the
Ddei of ihi* morabla »«i Allow for
sburi Burtglni at aarh *.ni»* of the win*
iinw a pniow of th- isms material
and similarly decorated win give ■ da-
/      A
IlKhtful finish to yo.ir home-msde
Krom tiny wooden boite a long ease
fur ihs bureau le eeelly made. With
steel nulls attach them In a long row.
''over with tepeetrr and gold galloon
Pasta silk or soft leather on the Inner
•urfera before you teek oq the gulmpe,
and no prettier homemade article ooutd
be  wlchsd   for.
Heiidpai-er la «geallent to rub down all
rough edges or surfacea: a waa Amah
la good if you do not care tor a var-
Over 400 Perfumes
IT IH an Interesting thing tu know
Diet IL'OO gpeclea of plants are
gathered and ueed fur commercial
purpoaai |n Europe, of these *.'"
have s perfume ibat la pleaalng, and
enter lergely Into the manufacture of
acenie, eoape and aachets. There are
more species of while dowers gain
ered than of any other color lilt.
of these 1ST have an agreeable scant,
an extraordinarily large proportion
Neat In order come yellow bloaaom*.
• Hh VSt. ssvcnty-aeveii of. them being perfumed. Red flowers number
aS9. or which eighty-four are leanted,
The blue flowers are of 114 varieties,
thirty-four of whleb are perfumed,
and Ihe vlolut bloeeoma number SOS,
thirteen of whlah ar*
tniii'ii.i,   but
the esihi i*   ■: le
\\ tun  aelei    .      ! i   ■   *■• ■.*-  ii   l el \   lm-
pnrtnni Ihlng !■■ In  i     aiden il
A   | ly   i li    •:    ■    '   :•     or  a   guod
ono   no wlm ly    \*.   .u* ,i   and   hung,    wlti
cause more ■!:• ...
ens   color.    Fori
wild stints with  nol " ■     ■   tl nn
bare walla, oi  :i troublesome present
or iwo from sni ie I who recog
nlte   tbe  clalma  ■•'.   .-••    i til   w *   -■
seiioe   ..f   gppi ■ In   limited   tu
color llkeneaa .>' ■   .     ■ lao   .- frame
Our lelectlon of ml ecti Is nlmoat
unlimited,  bul  ll  It*   i   this  i li   I
thut    the   ditiit:<*r   lie*      tVllboul     .1-
si.hiie coiubbiti-  Ii   une's   own   lasle
■md knowledge  I ■      ■ it and l
est     Held     lie-*    ll      ' ■ ,   ■ I    flf
Wgrtd'a   art    u* *- . ■ -     Kurt hei
further itudy m» ,..* nn an  bpi r- •■! i-
llon of nne greai i iftai       I    -
iiuill   our   wiills   - ih.-   beg)   eg*
uni pies nf Ihem ail
for a lover *-J ihe .'
the pure, tends facet of Ihe Hut-
lice)II Madonna*, in thi  National
Uallery ami In the laouvre, never lose
Ihelr fiiBcitiiiiii'ii tn ihe aama room tn
the Ijouvre, v\iih u ■ uittmai •..* popular Mona l,l"ti nf Leonardo da Vln.l,
la mint her bt tin- game nrtlv!. hi a
rtiiliit Anne, full of hli own peculiar
fust'lniittnn nml charm
Besides the maaterpiecea in which
tha human e> nei li treated, there
are Ihe restful landacapea tlmt shtmid
be framed uml mini; lu ulvg the tm-
preaelon of nn open winnow, beokon
inn the onlooker into tlie ntiiid'.wa
ami woods beyond
When Stamps Stick
IN TIH8 boi weather Ave minutes
from poatoincs :., home erlil iiifllce
tn ati'k a sit.-.'t of poitage atampa
together tn Beaming!)  ii peteaa fa* n,
Wiini thi* oooura i > nol loak ibum
apart snd then ipend Inborloug ml untidy buura In paattng them on en\ aloi > i,
Inaiead,   place ml ■-   Iro Ing*
bogra and run a lioi iiatii in ov i them.
The atampn will rtaparain without removing the ni'i,.: *  .
The aama I* true nf . jurae of anj
euperltully of ptuie lie Aden leavai   't *x
book. eta.
BPARATE   moiifs  r-.r  embroldaty
i..l .
•v-e e,| In running r-dgne, in »n*uiti '■;■
hug.* gquarag "r In alngla :!**,*-..r>j tint
necagaarH) varj In abape, imt lend
toward genc:u: r< .ndncei a* « whole
Now there ore artleleg for the houae
beautiful that demand nu uptrighl
uti. Blender motif, auch sa art ebown
In these Illustrations |*hay belong !■«
sil who ror** to trace <r trangfer ibam
nnd to tho mora egporitltOCd, who can
siilergt* them. They wi I be foun I ep
pllcable to lompaliAde p ineli, to auch
email arUole-j is tie fat.* > •Work beg
tks east,  uurlgin «d.1 tabll runntr and
■  n ..*        in gt| erajh   hanglnga for I I.s
nn | .: ! lha i udotr Aiao it wir.
tw p.-afiii- to use th**— Ofl various
beaten bnaasrUeles it g| p*yi igrar**.
'iiitlines for »**■*■*-1, father or valve:.
The iQtian oatllftaa of th* >■■ nvmn-
(tonal roaa and the mm* rour ie.| tr*t»
lealgn  sr-* ttpoctglly   planned for tht-tae
who stencil, and II win he seen at a
K g| ... '!jst thev Ban \t+ "srrlM ou» In
f iii lew The roea itself
ma) ha g lull !•:•■'. with the stem re
prodaeed in doll leaf greet* an of tie
tree l* k"*'*" '" apl *is er,-:*: portion
->f ihe uppet l.s.l
More loggaatlve of embroidery ara the
■-sitsti an-i iris t»th of who:, an Intended for pilek work P. Hig : **t
stitches s.'itr lha Japanese. Verj fr«-
rjii-ntb. when tha outlines have t.e«a
dona   Ik-    hlrwa   lo   pr*-l    ■ eft-*'
-julekly. ]*jat * ,-■, gtltohel •» are here
shown era hsatllv ,. i e.| wlth.n |-*s*.e»
end petals, * .■* a fsw to ptodaee tho
-..lor. ror Instance, of tbe t i*i;e Irla
ir the rlrh brown of the rstta.l
All of these deelans Will lenra si*u
ss models from *■'■;' i, to pai d * - *n
Jspsnss- bvrtap paper far latnpsha.les.
ur upon parobment. ana their tNtltne
will  gMggesrt   ths  slaallsr  treatn-mt  ol TH*   CRANBROOK   BiMkXiXLb
Buffalo Bill's End
.irsrii'i*: nv SUICIDE.
The 1111111 Moure, liotta liiinwo ns
llull'ulo Hill, innii the Windcrinoto
country win, vvns cluirjji.il Willi tht*.
abduction ni .1 lllili' niil. iln1 ilmigli-
u*r ul a neighbor "i liis, nml wlio
was inirsucil with vengeance through
the length "i lhu Kootenaj mile)
nml run down ultlinutL-ly al Macleod
liy iho Sortlivvcsl Mounted Police
and brought luii'i. here fnr trial, has
mei Willi a Iraglr mil lij liis own
hiind in   Ihr jull .11   Mbalnwr.
Hill. Ii) in*. I'Sfajn;, raised llic whole
country on ln^ trail, The Indians
nnd others traced him iron, [lolnt
in |iolnt until lie ii .ni.* .1 point near
Klk,i Here, ii Is -.iiil. lie abandoned in- iilayed oul horses and such
was llic strength ol tin* man lhat ii
i*. said quite serloiislj ih.it he packed
tin* child (she ih aiimii fourteen
rears >»! age) i Itbei du In- bac - ol in
his arms   rigbl  tlirough Hn*    t'rows
Nasi I'n:***. .uni ,i\i*i' iln' mil.ni * h,
where thc police round Ium. He-
yond a doubl he was a man ol giant
strenglli, Hi* vii- olten known in
Inu-I, a whole ili-ii* ,,ii his back lnr
twi'iiii miles ami main another leal
ol Un* hi..* i.ii'i is attributed I" Win
When In* loll Into tlu* hands ol Ilu*
Norlhwesl men In* wa*. nlniosl a
wreck frcni tlie labors .,[ his csea|)e
from tvinderniere ami lib splrll
seemed crrun1i.fi ami broken. 11,*
crutnjiled Into a nervous wreck ami
dreaded Hu* resull nf (he trial loi
Ills nileiui* lb* stated ivlnli* lying
Iti the local .nl lun. lhat if lie
were Imprisoned In* would in* dead
in tun months Hi* was iai.cn up
ilu* i.illi'i I., nivaii tiial belore
Judge Wilson .mil wns tn lain* been
d'-'i'inl!il in   \. II   tlnedonnld, nf
Ihis lily.
iln morning hefoie tbe intended
In..I Hill managed lo gel hold m
lhe revolver belonging in    Constohle
iViiiiani, who bad left i,n iharge
of sonic young fellow (in his return iln* constable demanded ilu* return ni the gun, but Hill simpl;
presseil Its iiiii/.sde tn his liearl    ami
lili-ii his lib i      Ii is a gruesome
hit nl irugr-dy    ami lo dei-prii      fin
dark tints nf It,  ium  before       Hill
committed suicide his eldesl child, a'
young girl, was taking some stoek oi
horses over    Uu* Sinclair trail, **asi
nf siiiiiaii     Springs, uliiii   tin* ani*
mal   sh»*   ua*.   riding grew Iractlous
and either hi Hinging her nut <d the.
saddle oi by falling on her, indicted
such    injuries  as    resulted    in  lier '
death nisi nhout th.  time   lhat    th,* !
iiiilortunatc father had slnrtc-il    his '■
soul nn   iis      I'.uriu*.   in ilu* I mils- j
covered l*otintri       Death pays    its;
debls, Iml. 1,1 all accounts then arc a .
few jii'npli* in iln* Windermere c,»'inirv '
win, will sleep   iln* easier now  ti.ai
there shall In*   in, judicial Invesllga*
ii f Uu* episode which lead up lo '
the self .lesllii.'linn  ol  lliili.il**  Hill      j
ttitli Kewbro's llcrplcide.
Jllnli lliere an* no thrills iu the
narration ni Mi's. P. T. Nichols, 1123
Hrniid SI*, llelolt, Wis., lier story is
nevertheless ime oi amazing interest.
"Stricken witli neuralgia and erysipelas,  I Insl all my hah*.     My dnetnr
itch tended Newbro's Herpicide    1
used si* nr eight bottles ami now
hnve a line liisid "I slightly curly
light brown hair. Not a gray hair
in mi lif.nl. This is the more remarkable ns 1 am njidtllc-uged."
While the resull*, which follow lhe
um* of Newhro's llerplcttle are always more or less astonishing, they
are always natural. Herpicide des-
truis llie dnndrulT germ, stimulates
tin* ilmi ,,t blood in Uu* hall follicles
and keeps the scalp perfectly healthy.
It makes possible a natural ami luxuriant a-fi'iuli ol hail, except in eases
nf chronic baldness.
Mini,* rei lies snld    In  In* "every
Illl   as   good"   as    Null Inn's   ||cl*|il,*lilr
an frequentlj offered, nne should In-
si*,i upon having tlie original germ
destroyer, llcrplcide Thai is genuine It sinp* itching ,.( the sealji
aliuosi instantly.
Ki.r siili* ai all drug stores. One
dollar -in*   hollies    are guaranteed,
Applications   mo)     I btained  at
good hnrlicr simps Send inc. iu
posiuge (or sample lo Tin* llerpicld
Co., Dept. It., Detroit, Mich.
Heatlii'.Murphi Co.. I,Id . Special
1. 1.   i  Cranston ..
UK 58
II   Miss Alward
III   Miss   Dick
it. Miss 11    Uuanl
V. Miss llcnlc)  , .
VI   Miss Ciirrie
Si. 112
\ II. Miss Hamilton
VIII   Miss I'aton
IX   Miss     Crandall
Front room In rent "ti Arm-Iron*:
avenue; all conveniences. Moderolo
price.      Applv   Boi    I. llrrald of-1
lice. 33 if!
Division I
Hattie liurcli, Olive White. Lauretta uiiistrmig. Krances Drum-
iimiid. flrncfp iliggins, Harold Stevenson, Jasper Moser, Ernest *lntie&,
llerl Murgatroyd, l.iliih Caslake,
Florence Bathle, Kenneth Campbell,
Klmo Wilkinson, .lack llaslaiu
Divjsiun II.
Noble .McNeil, Willie Van, John
I'i.*, Harvey Robinson, Philip Hriggs,
Nathan llainhariH, Martin. Dennett.
Mellred Carson. .I,.s«*pliiiie Tol.it/.
Willi,* J.t'aloan, RntnTt Durcli. Vin-
.*i*nl Fink, Arlluir Hiirrh
Division III
l.ai   An.     Helen     Drldgcs,  Vera
Hiailniii.     Sam     lleliuetf,     Nnriliau
Fowler.       Merrnt      Lensk,      Nor-
man        Moser. Sidney      Murnat-
r-.iii.    Kainslnrd    Park*,,   Dora Pye,
l.Vlla Corson, Marlon Lcii.-h.
Dli-islon IV.
Hnivnrd Artustroilg, Bradford Carson. Harold Kay, Mary Leask,
Gladys Spencc, Oordon Taylor,
Dorothy Reed, Elsie Taylor, Nettle
Division V.
Muriel Ha.vU*r, Elsie Beattie, Allen Brown, Edward Brown, Danay
Daniels, Ng Wai Hoy, Hoy Joyce,
Willrid Kennedy, Walter Laurie,
Allan Laeey, Mury Laeey, Barclay
McNeil, Downy McNeil, Teresa Perry, Stanley Stewart, Crossley Taylor, Keilh Wasson, Sam Whittoker,
Lillian Taylor, Armani! English,
Mnlilr Hrown.
Division VI
Margaret Alma Sarvis, Norman
Stuart Wasson, David Reekie, (iar-
lield Taylor, Eric Charles MacKinnon, Simeon Kdward Barnhnrdt,
Pinna Ward, Jennie Hopkins, Bessie
Woodman, Sadie Lacy, Merle Bathle,
Freda Taylor, Harold Kummer. .las.
Division VII
Mari (.'arson, Wilma McN.iob,
Christine Carson, Robert Beaton,
Charles Chapman, Otto 0111, Alfred
Jollfle, Ma Bing, Warrea Speace,
Norman Campbell, Samuel Spcers.
Division VIII.
Flossie Robinson, Camille Tito,
Norval Caslake, John Dow, Marion
Drnmmoiid, Murray Henderson, Gertrude Hopkins, Margaret Laeey,
Itusscl Leask, Paul McKlnstry, Gilbert Moser, Cecil Iti-ade, Hojs* Taylor.
THAT THERE 15 tvorvN If*/
'GOING OUT (M winter unless
(VOTGEfTHiTJTYUSHrtrvD V/, *,.     v
HAr/DaSOME ATTllE JflflETlplE ^4&*%
right price „ /TS.
-.-"•..-,-*.• ,« .   iffn |.ir|aU.,a(.csi<-i*ii
Overcoats For Little Men
it will be welcome news 10 tlie
many present and prospective owners
of automobiles in tbis city and district, that a first-class, w*.*li euuipped
garage is to be established .a town,
under tlu* competent managemeu*. of
Mr. I'. F. Patrick, who has had sov-
i*ral year! training in some ol thc
lug English garages, and brings to
Hn* work tbe highest skill and cx-
Hie new garage will be ia opera-
li.m early in the new year. .", lully
i..|uij.|-eil shop is to be installed,
where complete overhauling of any
make ol automobile may be undertaken, and thc skillful execution of
vulcanized tire repairs by the latest
electrical appliances. Ihere will be
..it sale sixteen diilerent models ot
can ami commercial trucks, ranging
in price Irom IMKI to 14,000 to
.-boos.* Irom. Gasoline, oil und
supplies, boarding and storage ol
ears, etc., also a 10 horse power
McLaughlin Buick touring car for
renting purposes will be on band for
Hie juiblic service. The above ejjuip-
luelit, with promptitude and reason-
aide prices, should ensure the undertaking a success from the start, as
mil as satisfy the most exacting of
patrons, having regard to tbe sine
of lla. city and the number ot machines now in the district. The sole
agency lor thc well known .McLaughlin llmck autos and Randolph
trucks lias been secured and two ear-
loads ol tlies,* reliable machines are
ordered nnd due lor delivery in town
.in Die Lith ol Match next. One
carload of them is already be-spoken
hi well known residents ol tbe district Judging from tlie brisk demand ami press reports, the demand
will exceed tbe supply next season,
and intending purchasers all over
iln* Dominion will plan- their orders
much earlier than berclotorc. on that
account. It is neceesary tbat tbey
should, il they are to secure the car
,.l then choice, instead of those
available later on Most of the
manufacturers ..I repute, both in tbe
I nited States and Canada, bave al-
i,*,„tv . i,.s.si contracts, disposing ol
fi  two-thirds to their entire out-
pal lor DHL The intending motor*
wt should sec what this local firm
hai.* li. offer in choice ol cars, and
remember that they will always Iv
on li.ni.t to back up tbe car they re-
present, by keeping thera in steady
Berths ol the owner, instead ol out
.,( commission lor two weeks or
more at a time alter every little
misfortune that will l.l.ll machinery
nl auy kind To quota* the Herald
"Palrmii/e Home Enterprise," and
natch the dislriel grow.
PRICEJ  AT $3.00,  |4.SO.  JS.SO
1 As announced last week arrangr-
I ments nr,* under way for an en-
■ lertainnient to be given by the pab-
J lie school children in the Opera
! house on Saturdav evening, Deccm-
|l»*r 17th.
I The children are now being trained
! by Mi s. D. Ingram, choirmaster ot
; Knox church, lor the presentation of
; a chrisl mas cantata "Around thn
I World With Santa." The cantata
; consists ol choruses, songs, lectin-
i lions and drills, and will present a
j very pretty spectacle, each      ol Ihr
participants    appearing in   costume.
Mr  Ingram,    assisted hy the   school
stud, will spare    no pains to perfect
1 lis* children in their respective parts
and a really    excellent and enloyalile
. 11* itamintiii is OMuretf.
What woman at sometime, or other
dues not experience these dreodiul
bearing down pains. Mrs. E. Griffith, ol Main street, llcpworth, Ont.,
says: "A. heavy hearing-down pain
bad settled across my back and
sides. 1 was often unable to stoop
or straighten myself up. Many
times each night i would have to
leave my. hed with irregular and Irc-
ijucnt secretions of the kidney und
just as done out in the morning as
on retiring. I
was languid
and w-oidd have
to let my
bouse work
stand. Nothing
I had tried
would benelit
me. 1 learned
of Booth's Kidney Pills mid concluded I would
try them, which I did, and soon
found the lung .sought relief. My
back strengthened uml I began Jo
(eel better and stronger. I now
enjoy my sleep without being . disturbed und feci grateful to Booth's
Kidney Pills tor what they did lor
Booth's Kidney Pills are a boon to
women. she would know less of
backaches il she took more of
thes,* wonderful pills. They are nature's grealest specific for all diseases ol the kidney ami bladder. All
druggists, alk*. box, or postpaid trom
Tlie R. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort
Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed by
The Beattie-Murphy Co.
Central Meat Market opens on
Monday, December 5th, witb Iresh
killed meats, lish, game and poultry.
Secretary IU*nedict, of tbe Cran
brook board of Irade, is in receipt of
the following communication from the
secretory ot the Spokane chamber ol
Cranbrook   Board ol    Trade, Cranbrook, II. C:
Gentlemen: We are very much obliged to you for having invited the
National Grange to come to thc Pacific Northwest next year and meet in
Thc co-operative spirit In the
Pacllie Northwest is certainly to be
commended. Four governors have
sent in invitations; tbe mayors ol all
tlie leading cities in Oregon, Washington and Montana have done the
same thing; every chamber ol commerce and commercial club bas taken
action; the minister ol agriculture
[or AllH-rta has scut a strong invitation. We have all gotten together
ami whether we get thc convention
or nol we have at least demonstrated that the Paeiiie Northwest
stands together for the good of
Let nn- assure you again tbat thc
action of the Cranhrook board of
trade is apiirecinted.
Yours very truly,
R. .1. Maclean,
WMlf. CO.
Sanford JhKlgr cvri.ii.ik writ sustained Ms advance reputation in his
two performances in this city last
Wfek. Thr production of the "Three
Mtisket-t-t-i.*." was enjoyable in every
respect, navo for tin* absolutely tn*
competent work of Walter Robinson
as King Louis Mil., but this failurt-
proved costly lor the company, an
111:11.y win- were present nt Friday
night's production were so disgusted
with Robinson's utter incapacity
tli.it they stayed away from the product inn 0/ "Faust" on Saturday
eveniniE, whereby they missed quite
one of tbt- best dramatic treats that
hnve rot in this way i n many
Mr. Suntord Dtrdgc's "Mrpni.ito''
was cleverly sustained throuahout,
it uns n conception uf the part new
to mnnv who hod seen the Ir-'n?
p rotl uct ions, but none the less thoroughly artistic, Miss Adelle Nick.-
erson made a charming "Marguerite," ami good support was given by
the re«it of the company. Altogether a my admirable production ol
this great play was given, and it is
only to he regretted thnt more of
rranbrook's i heat re-goers were not
in nttendnm-i-
f. nt ml Meat Market is making a
specialty <>t their sausages, accommodation u-iiig spextaUy prorMed
lor same.
The monthly meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance meeting
held last week was one of special interest to mothers and nil lovers of
thc boy and his physical mental and
moral development into a sturdy
manhood. The attendance was good
and the two subject?*, presented by
Kvangelist I.itch on "The Power of a
Mother's Influence," nnd by Miss
Dick on "The Cigarette Evil," made
a deep impression on the hearers.
In the discussion    which followed,
warm    appreciation   was expressed,
Watch This
Next Week
♦♦♦4 ♦♦♦#■• ♦•*> •»*»•♦
and .Miss Dick was requested to allow her paper to be published in tin*
Cranbrook Herald, and it is published in part therewith. Tbe fact thai
groups of small boys as well as larger ones had been seen from time to
lime in quiet spots, smoking the
subtle and ennervating cigarette wus
a matter of grave interest to those
present at the meeting, and it was
felt that all parents should he warned
to guard against the danger to the
boys. Facts came out from i;ood
authority that such use of the weed
quickly stunted the physical, mental
and moral development ot the young
life and discounted the ability of such
youths in the eyes of employers,
who were quick to detect ibe baneful
eilccts of the cigarette in the growing boy* Positions of responsibility
are closed to such in most of the
great concerns of the country; and
ihe fact that the laws of Canada
and many of thc American States
have outlawed the use of cigarettes
by boys and youths and made iis
sale to them illegal is significant. A
unanimous resolution was registered
by the ladies iu vigorous protest
against ttie dealers who, for gain,
would not only violate the law but
ruin tbe boys.
After a brief word as to the origin
and tbe pernicious effects of over-indulgence in tobacco .Miss Dick Quoted
a number of authorities as the best
argument against the use of tobacco
by boys and youths and dwelt more
particularly upon tbe deadly Influence of the cigarette.
Dr. N. H. Delamatcr, specialist iu
mental und nervous diseases, says.
"The use of tobacco in any form
prevtou*. to sixteen years of age has
an undoubted tendency to lower very
materially the mental forre. and to
render the user a person without
ambition, and may even canst* insanity or idiocy."
Mr. Charles llubhctl. of the New
York board of education, says: "I
have found that a boy who smokes
becomes morally and mentally weaker than those who do not. 1 have
observed that boys employed in (justness houses and smoke are often dishonest, and that tliey do not attain
tlie succes*- that non-smoking boys
Dr. .1. II Kellogg: "Tin- fact is
established beyond u doubt, tbat
tobacco is a poison, deadly In large
dows, pernicious aud harmful in all
doses. It taints the breath, ruins
the digestion, obliterates the taste
and smell, spoils the blood, depresses the heart, irritates tbe nerves, wastes the muscles and deteriorates and contaminates every organ
and tissm*( with which it comes In
contact in the body.
"Its inlluencc is to lessen vitality,
to benumb the sensibilities, to shorten life, to kill. I sing tobacco is
dangerous, degrading* . . because
it is an undisputed fact that two
thirds of the \oung men who begin
to smoke before they are fifteen
years ot age become drunkards. One
writer calls it, in its many forms,
"The tributaries to the gnat ocean
of intemperancj*."
The use of tobacco iu any. form is
hurtful, but cigarette smoking is by
far tbe most injurious. It is an evil
which has sprung into prominence
within a very few years, and It is
one which, unless checked and stamped out, will work untold injury to
our nation. It is doing more today
to undermine the constitutions of
our young men nnd hoys than nny
other one evil.
tt may be ot interest and profit to
dig below tlie surface with tlie enquiry.    "What    per.irsity ol nature
{ influences a boy     to enter tin* ranks
| of the eigatette users?"     From      a
I thousand   sources comes the answer:
"He smokes   with the notion    that
I it makes him more manly."     In his
eyes it is part of man's estate.
I    Hut why ihe  cigarette more   than
other preparations of the same weed.'
|    First.—It rarely     makes   him sick
; when first used; the cigHr, pipe      or
plug would.
Second.—It leaves so slight an
odor on breath and clothing, it is
only detected when suspicion is already aroused, lie can smoke and
deceive those about him.
Third—ll is less than one-tenth
llie price.      Any  urchin  with ten
cents can buy    a package containing
one tlo/en.
We have no proper idea of the extent id lhe evil induced hy this
poisonous narcotic, or we would
wilh one accord, rise up against it.
The Canadian women have the destiny of ibis nation in their hands;
too long have they nulotly slumbered
and let this sin grow in strength ami
greatness, until like a monster he is
monarch of all he surveys; hut the
hall bas been called nml the women
arc awakening from the Itip Van
Winkle sleep, that has so long held
them, and when once awake. King
Alcohol and all his aides-de-camp will
tremble, and trembling, fatl
haul., payable to the order of thc
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per Cent (10 p.c )
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or
fail io complete thc work contracted f r li the tender lie not
accepted tin' cheque will in- returned.
Tin* Department does nol lund itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Ity order,
K. ('   liKSI.UCIIfKS,
Department of Public Worl-.s,
Otiawa, November -.. Iplfl
Newspapers will not he paid for
Uiis advertisement if they Insert it
without   authority item the Depart
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Public Building, Grand
Forks, It.C.,' will I* received at
this ollice until \M p.m. on Wednesday, December 2R, 1910, for the
construction of a Public Huilding at,
Orand Forks, B, C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can lie seen and forms of
tender obtained at the office of .Mr.
Wm. Henderson, resident architect,
Victoria, O.C., at the Post (Wire
Orand Forks, and at this Denart-.
ment. '
Person*; tendering are notified   that ',
tenders will uot lie considered unie*;** I
made on  the printed forms supplied, |
and signed witb their actu.il signalui
es, stating their occupations        and
plates of residence.     In the ease    of
firms, the actual signature, the    nature of the occupation, and   place ol
residence of each member of the firm
must lie given
K.ich tender    must Im* accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
"■ Asaya-Neurail
thi;   f. r. w   rt EMI   i .'   , o i'.
Nervous Exhaustion
Night -.u,..;!-. nre a sure .-;. n of
nervous exhaustion. Thej v...ik-
enthc IhhIv mid deprcssthemiiut.
"Asava-Nkurau," will 'iv..'*
conn.* this condition. It feed*, thc
nerves with Lecithin, the element
required for nerve repair, l-'ull
control oi' the bodily functions
s<x,ii return*,. Restful slet p is obtained, thc appetite and digestion
improve, nerve vigor is regained,
$1.50 per bottle,   Local agent.
Patent Ripless
are made for hard
wear. Practically everlasting. No seam, inside to hurt the limiilr,
and they are
— ***"**"-H»»M.OI . m
******************************** *************
hi time of nued It n Boll la
o| Hnniloiion'i Mounlali
Dow.    <i I fnila-H tell
ui 1 Imi tbi- wlii-ley 1-
1*. 1 mt I io nnytltlnii known
nnd   Mi|<*'iiio   to  moM.
.ask Will
Sandersen's Mountain Dew
Wholenilo Wine Merelmnl
■*ir4ct*wh. t» (*.»•**. Binrp in* nr.v tor :* n tt> •.*.••. Wof r**i*> nn.l nt-tf-atntB tunn to
.Uio-u-t,   Wrlln fur 1'rlM Lhl, MttrkH H.*(«.*  :-i. h inj- I ..-*, «.•..!..... ... «...i
.,1M»1.  VI     X'*.,...,


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