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Cranbrook Herald Jul 4, 1912

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Array V
We are well equipped to
turn out the beat clans
of work.
•"". 9- 1912 '*]
In thai	
Our   Local  Column.
10c. s Iins
NO. 21
Telegraph Companies Unable lo
Provide Report of World's
Championship Content
Tin- Herald liuil Imped to Imubln
to give its renders n full account ot
tliu light lit I.iih Vegns, X. M„ today, For somo reason or other,
neither the C. P. It. nor llie Western Union telegraph coiii|»inii>s
wero able to serum n report, doubtless because of jniidciimitc tele-
graphic connections witli this
point. The Hcnilil mndo early
application for a report hy'round)
nud had intended publishing the
same in this evening's issue. How-
over, no reports could be secured.
(Special to thc Herald)
MSan Francisco, July 4.—Word
has  reached here that Johnson
knocked out Flynn In the ninth
I ■
East Kootenay Lumber Company's
Employee Meets Willi Nasty
Accident al Ryan
Tuesdny'n very distressing accident occurred at the ltynn mill of
the East Kootenay Lumber Company, whereby A. O. Henderson, a
young muiried man, with a family
of four children, met with very
serious injuries. He was caught
in a shaft and his right arm was
torn off la low tliu shoulder, his
left shoulder was dislocated nud
his ribs broken, besides sustaining
other slighter injuries. Despite
hi) grievous injuries thc doctors
hold out hope of his recovery, Dr.
J. H. M. Bell left fur llyuii on a
special train immediately wont
was received of lhe accident. After
doing all that was |Kis*sibli' to
relieve his sufferings on tin- spot,
Dr. Bell lind Henderson brought
into the HI. Kiigcuo Hospital,
when-, with the assistance of Dr.
Oreen, tliu stump of the right arm
wns amputated and other surgical
relief iiiliiiinialcntl. llt-iid.-rst.ii.
who is but til years old, is doing as
well as can lie t-xpectt*!.
CK 6RJIND 010 Mil
On Tuesday of lliis week Sir
Charles Tupper ct'lebruteil his
nint't)-lirst birthday. He was born
iii Amherst, N. 8.. July 2nd, 1821.
Notwithstanding his great age nnd
his ninny years tit lalmriuns work
in publie life, the old gentleman is
still fairly ui'live, and as hopeful
as ever he wus in his early youth.
Canadians, regardless of party utti-
liiiliniiB. will join iti extending to
the grand old mail »f the Tory
iiarty liest wishes fnr ei.iiliiiu.-d
good health.
odd raw own
It may not he generally known,
says the Kamlmips Inland Sentinel,
that tin- new sleeping apartments at
the sanatorium have been fully lur
nlshed hy the (Md Fellows ol llritish
Columbia, tho money being raised by
voluntary subscriptions. Tbo work of
making the purchases and attending
to the delivery has two In the hands
ol K. L. Webber, of New Westminster
€*• ol the leadlag Odd.Mlowa     ol
the province and a past grand master. Ile wns In the city thc first
ol the, week to look over the new
apartments by authority ol the officials nf tin- grand lodge of Odd Kt-I
lows (or the purpose ol seeing that
everything was in proper shape, antl
■>n his return from llw sanitorium
stated lo V. E. SlmpHou, a member
ul the order, that lhc work til Installing Hat lumlture had been dune
In 11 most satlslactnry manner, and
is 11 credit to llie (Mil Fellows ul the
The lads and furniture provided are
tlio latest In hospital sue, and most
suitable fnr sanatorium purposes,
and are nt the same design as the
main building ts provided with. Special care was exercised in thc selection of bedding, etc., io ensure
warmth and comfort during the winter months, part of Ihe bedding being
made to order, as an extra precaution in the way of cleanliness, and as
a preventative lor the spread al the
disease germs. The sitting rooms
arc provided with writing tables,
reading or card, tables, settees and
comfortable chairs.
Feeling that this act ol tbc brothers and Bisters should bo recognized
in a fitting and proper manner, the
committee in charge has ordered
brass plate to be engraved with the
following inscription'
"This building is furnished complete by Voluntary subscription by
lhc mcmHicrs ol the Indi-pendent Order
of (Md Fellows ot the Province of
llritish Columbia," and the same
will lie placed on the mantel in the
sitting or reception room on the
lirst lloor ol the building. This brass
plate will be 18x30 inches in size,
and wilt alwayr stand as a monument to the swroslty and practical
assistance rendered by the brethren
of this jurisdiction to their more un-
ftirtunatf fellow-men.
On Saturday alternoon last the
loeal troop nl Boy Scouts.turned oiit
at the usual hour and marched out
along the Wycliflc road, where the
usual exercises were engaged in. lip-
wards ol forty lads put in an appearance.
V meeting ol the executive bnard
took place on Wednesday alternoon
at whieh matters referring to the
general welfare of the movement
were dIaCUISed, Tbi- question . I sent in-, iinilornis, etc., was considered,
alstt the important question ol fuiaii-
ii's. Tho executive committee will
tindritake to solicit public suhwrip-
tions, not to en-ceil tl Irom any individual (,, , defray tlie preliminary
organisation expense, and do plan
tis- Hoy Scout movement lu this city
ts-  worn hy (Ih- local       lloy
ui a-sound basis, Tho uiuf-nin to
Seoul, will ia- ol kahkl, trimmed
with green.
mm forty
Dominion day, Monday, .luly Ut.
the filth anniversary of confederation,
was enthusiastically 'observed throughout tlw Dominioo.
A notable feature ol lhe occasion
was the issuance nl tbc lollowlng
message from lhc only surviving
father of confederation, Sir Charles
Tupper, to thc people ul Canada:
"Thc delegates to Cliarloltetown
and Quebec In 1801, and London in
IMO.whosc efforts resulted in the
British North America Aet under
which all Ihc provinces Irom thc Atlantic to tho Pacilic are now united
in one great conlcdi-ratlon, were actuated hy thc sentiment that it
would secure their permanent connection with the British empiric.
"Their example bas been followed
by Australia, New Zealand and
South Africa, all ot which are pressing the policy ol mutual preferential trade upon the mother country,
and the Cnlonist party there declares that a great measure, which
President Tait says will iiidlssnlnblv
bind the empire together, will he
their first constructive act on attaining power.
"-Sanguine as wc were that great
prosperity would result from the
union, our londest expectations have
been greatly surpassed I ventured
(lie opinion years ago lhal- thc child
was already horn wbn wouW see the
population of Canada larger than
that of Great Britain. I now learn
with much satisfaction that tbe honorable Mr.*W. T. White, the able and
accomplished minister of finance,
with much better sources ot Information than 1 have, has expressed Ihe
opinion that our population will ex-
end Ihat of Great Britain in twenty-five years.
Charles Tupprr."
Tli*' iii.lueli.,11 of the llev. W. K.
Thompson took place al the Presbyterian eliun-li in this city last evening, Ibe eeeeniony being conducted hy
the llev. Hugh (Irani, nf Fernie,
iiiiMlt-ratnr nt Ihi* districl. He was
assisted hy Ihe llev. W. Stephen*, nf
Wanlner, the Rev. .1. A. McLean, ol
Waldo, and the Rev. W. (I. Blake, of
Creston, Alter tne Induction ceremony refreshments were served In
the Sunday school room of the
church and a social evening was
■pent, Mr. Thompson was atationed
ut Slavelcy, Alberta, before coming
to Cranbrts.k.
I '
Thc merriest nf musical comedies
The Flirting Princess," amused a
large audience on Tuesday evening
at Ihe Auditorium. Harry Bulger
certainly sustained his reputation as
a (tin maker, and ono nr two ot h s
company wero equally pleasing, nth-
rrwlsc/gtml,sinking wss noticeable hy
its absence. The chorus and their
cinches were attractive,' An utterly
nonsensical production, hut lull el
laughs and not    lacking  la  catchy
Moyie sustained ber reputation on
Diminttsi day and gave a cetebtation
that was well la keeping, with those
given tn the "Mineral City" in former and more prosperous years. Thc
lake proved a big attraction, and the
many visitors were ..ulck to rake advantage nf the tree motor boat excursion which was adordfd to all.
The comm Ileus in charge raised
nearly ISM tt, be distributed ia
primes, aaotber indication that the
town is a long way frnm being down
ami nut. The chiMrea were well
looked alter, aad those who tsiled to
win pri/.-s were treated to a little
silver shower which gladdened their
In Ihc main events Sydney Elmer
wis, the IM van! foot race and J
T  Drowning was second.
Miss Milk- Conrad was Drst ia Ihe
ladles' race, with Miss Dorothy
Blackburn a close second.
Sydney Elmer was Drst in the
standing broad lump;, Charles Nord
man second,
Sydney Elmer carried nd Ihe miner
in the liigh,iump. C. E. Howard,
of Creston, was second.
In the hop, step and lump Sydney
Elmer was, also Drst. Chas. Nord-
man was second.
A race was arranged wilh live Hindus aa the contestsnls. The dusky
stalwarts from the Punjab Mt     the
The motor boat race was woni by
('. E. Tattoo, and J. T. Drowning
carried oft first money Ior having tlie
best dfcoraei-d launch.
A trance in tbe evening brought
tlie day's, events to a suceesstul termination.
The Carmen's union picnic,al Perry
Creek brouglil together a large
crowd ol citizens, who tHoraughly
minted their outing on lhe creek, a
delightful picnic location, particularly when the catering Is lu such
cedent handsias those of Mrs. Purge
and her hoys. 1'pwards ol two
hundred people gathered at Perry
Creek Inr the liuiiiinl.ni day celebration, under the auspices nf the Car-
inen's union. Sports ol all. kinds
were, indulged in and excellent meals
were supplied at the Perry Creek
hotel, by Mrs. Purge. For the occasion a dancing pavillinn bad been
creeled, where the liRht fantastic
wss indulged in by the young people
present until lis.- rain put a stop to
th s lorm of amusement. Altogether
a very enjoyable day was spent at
Perry Creek.
The Carmen having decided tn
celebrate thc 10th anniversary of tho
founding of Kcotcnay h*i/e, hy a
drive to Perry Creek, rcmics;, <l tls-ir
incmlis'rs and their -wile's, swtet-
hrarls, children unit friends to assemble at hcadqyurtcrs at 8 a.m. on
Dominion day. At that bom a
giN.lly array ol rigs, etc-, were on
bund, awl by 8.311, tin- whole contingent were well nn Iheir way In
that ideal resort away back iu tne
hills, the most popular plu-ygiiinttd
fir the citizens nl Cranbrook. The
whole pailv disembarked at Mrs.
Purge's hostelry and immediately
scattered io different directions.
Sweethearts choosing the shady glens
lor a quiet stroll, children running
to lhc swings, etc., tbat.'.-ad been
provided for their entertainment,
whilst lhc married folk, wives anil
husbands, prepared themselves lor
tbe many races that were lo lie held
lor their bent-lit, both as partisans
and spectators. Wbo shall say what
thoughts passed through the minds
nf each individual nl that great
crowd, as Ihey sat, some on the
grass, others near the creek and a
goodly number around tho dancing
hoard, eating, Picnic fashion, thc
sumptuous meal tbat bad been provided by Mrs. Purge, and her able
assistants, many would be carefully
suing up Iheir chances in ibe 11)0
yard sprint, others would be wondering whether their "prowess" of
younger days, would "come back" in
order In enable them to win tbe
first prize in the fat men's race, some
would he troubled by a lust Inr gold,
s they heard the stories of tne
Creek's" fabulous wealth, whilst
the more sprightly ones would be
longing  for    lhe beginning nf       tbe
Ilg," the "reel" and lhc waltz
However, as all things eiiileth,- s<
did Ihe lunch, and preparations were
liiauiediatiiy made Inr tbc races,
which were run in (Ih- following or
I'nlon men's 70 yard race—First,
E. (Irldlev, pipe and casci.atciuid, G.
Baldwin, b. x ul'cigars, third, .1.
'amrrnn, tobacco pouch.
Married ladies, 50 yard race—First,
Mrs. Doran, Dower howl, ncc-nd, Mrs.
Grant, dower stand; third, Mrs
Grldley, belt buckle.
Single ladles, »0 yard race—First,
Mils Hlckenhnthain, ladies neck collar; senmd, Min. Maggie Clark, side
bair ronih; third, Miss Bertha lliek-
rnhntham, ladies neck collar.
Girls,    frnm 4 tn fl years   i Id, tt
high spots only.      When the winner, yards—First,   Maggie  Burt.mi cradle
got their money theyt nsd'usted their and doll;,  second,   Daisy Wbil taker,
turbans,    'picked up their umbrella, kitchen   set;   third,   May   MeKenna,
aad ticked ol with their Irleada to a small painted halt.
Boys, 12 to Ih years old—Kirst,
Willie Laurie, 12.00; second, Fred
Ilentley, f 1 (id; third, (lordon MeKenna, ."inc.
(lirls, 12 to 10 years old-First,
Aggie Bennt-tt, gold locket"; second,
E. Maclioiialil, band painted buckle;
third, Doris Mat-Lean, band painted
Men, Ha years and over, 70 yard:
First, Louie Pennon, gold ruff links
atad breast pin, second, James Limn
embossed , pocket 'inlay third, Louis
Sloekwell, suspenders.
Kojl men's race, 70 yards—First
■ lolin Brown, embossed pucket knile;
second, .lohn Deaton, s-'.ispeudcis,
I bird, Dan Burton, wrist bands.
Mtn's free fnr all, 100 yards—First
Mr. Porter, Egyptian mystery; second, Sohn Knutson;- third, Jack
Hoys, 0 In 8 years uld, 10 yards-
First, David Heckle, story Imok;
second, Ray Beaten, ball; third,
Charlie Chapman, money box.
Girls, 8 to 12 years old, 111 yards-
First, Eddie MacDona.d, necklet, second, Dora MacLt-an, ladies companion; third, Ada Bennett, cup, satieer
ami plate.
Married ladies, consolation race,
4(1 yards—First, Mrs. .lacobson, t2
worth nl groceries; second, Mrs
Ht-ckic, art plate; th nl, Mrs. Purge,
Vnung men's race, III tn 211 years
old", 100 yards-First, Harold llys-
Inp, 12 oil; second, Jack Scndin,
Sl.fiO? third, Alex. Clark, 11.00.
The racing being over, dancing tie
tame thc order ol tlw day, until
darkness began to Iall, when happy
but tired out men, women and
children began lo prepare Inr home,
and it was a joyous ami contented
i-rnwd that again returned In the city
about 10.30 p.m.
Thn Carmen's executive committee
'eel that tbc success of tbc day wa.
largely due to Mr. MeKenna, who
provided, the livery, Mr.. Uurge and
Iricnds who were sn k nd and generous at the creek, and to our city
uierchants and Iricnds who provided
such a generous prise lisl, and who
helped In every possible way to
tiring lhe celebration lo such a successful Issue,
A large number ol citizens betook
themselves to Kimbvrlcy Inr the
Dominion day hnliday. There they all
enjoyed themselves to tlw top ol
tls-ir bent. BasHull and football
mutches, in addition to athletic
sports nf every description, made up
a programme lull of Iun and gn lor
lhe delight ot all present. A dance
in tlw evening was so numerously al-
lended that danclag was, tor a time
.somewhat difficult, but this did nnt
in any way mar any person's enjoyment. Among the visitors Irnm Ure
city were Thos. Caven, M.I. A. and
Mai i.r A. (', llowness. The baselnll
match, Sullivan mine vs. Taylor
Lumber company, resulted in a vie
tory lor Ibe steel rmuadcrs alter i
well (ought battle.
A goodly number nl Crnnbrook
citizens went down to Nelson lor the
Dominion day celebration, where
they en-oyed a very geod day's
sport One nl tne star features nl
Ihc programme was Ihe lacrosse
match, ('r.ri'iiiaik vs. Nelson, ul
which the Nelson News gives Iho
lollowlng report.
A good exhibition ot lacrosse was
tbe game between Nelson and Cranbrook in wbieh the visiting team
won out by a score of •—7. Thc
play    was slow   because nl thc wet
cranbrook team by those    old  time'Empire,   The total membership il
no»rhy,hntel sad proceeded to hold a
little side celebration ol their own.
Harry (Slim)  Thompson won lirst
prize in Ihe single   handed rnckidrtl-
Ihvys, 4 to 6 years old, III yards-
First, Charlie Reekie, big hall; second, Charlie MeKenna, water pistol;
third, A.   Nolber, small hall, fourth,
Hag contest with a seven and   three- Sam Jones, small ball,
quarter inch,hole. James Colli    won    Girls, • to 10 years oM, 10 yards—
second money with a six aad a Quar- First,    Agnes Reekie, gold bracelet;
ter Inch hole. i    . second,   Nellie    MeKenna,   big doll;
Tne tug-of-w*r was won by a team third, Marjory Burton, girls necklet,
captained by L. A. Hone.i I   Boys, i to 12 years old, -10 yards-
In the aquatic sports C..E. Whit- First, Sam Wmtlaker, 11.00; second,
tea gave a good eibtbltioa.ia log .leek Klrkland, automat c toy pistol
Millar, aad   was awarded ths   ft se. third, Wilh. Leanisg, hall.
stick w'ielders, Barney Scott
Wm, Mathews. ' Tlieir presence on
the team added much to its strength
and the local boys hope they will
continue to play Vhrotiglioul tlie season.
Had it not been that Harris Man-
liar!, one ol the.star plains- lor Nelson, wus incapacitated at tho start
ol the second quarter by lieing nit
by a stick over the forehead, needing
a doctor's attention, the result
might have been dint-rent. Tne Cranbrook team played a good game, especially McWha and tlieir captain on
tla- outside home.
In the horse racing events two
t'ranbrook horses captured purses.
Bert Smoke's Angclen won tha
quarter mile open, receiving a purse
r. mi
nt 1125 and C, MeDougall'.
berry came second carrying
purse of 175.
The "Over Seas" Club
Visit of the Founder and Organizer, Evelyn Wrench
Thursday, 27th June, wns indeed
tlie red |etter tiny of the year for
lhe Overseas Club here, nntl the
Crnuhmok branch may pride itself
as ls.iiig lhe lirst brunch in B. C.
to be visited by the fouiiik-r of Ihis
great movement, tho results of
which cannot Is- foreseen. Mr.
Wrench was ncroiuf aided by his
sister, who has assisted her brother
in many ways, aecretarially niul
otherwise, particularly with respect
to the women members of lhe club.
In order to make the visit aa social
aa possible, a reception committee
was appointed witb full powers,
aud after receiving the visitors at
the depot ami escorting them to
the hotel, a motor trip was plan-
no) and carried out for the afternoon. This trip would have been
far pleasanler had the weather
been brighter, but the road to the
Mission lieing in tine order, the
journey.there ami back was very
much enjoyed, the visitors several
times remarking on the excellence
of the roads and the beauty of the
country—the on. hard at the Mission coming iu for special coiu-
Iu the evening n social meeting
of all the memliers of the Club
was held to hec>.m>- acquainted
williMr. and Miss Wrench—strawberries and cream. Ieo cream, and
other refreshments being served
Tbe Auditorium, where the meet
ing took place, was excellently decorated with flags, etc. the tables
being tastefully decorated I y Ihe
lady members. At H.3fi the public
meting waa held, in order that
everyone might hear what the
objects of the club are. The motto
of the club wns sung to the tune
of tlio (Ud Hundredth, everyone
joining in, and after a few opening
remarks by the president, who in.
tr,aliic.*l th.- visitor. Mc. Wrench
gave a very inspiriting nntl patriotic   addles-.   |Miilltillg nut   limollaf
other things thut the i-hib is iioii-
|*i|itieul and iinii-aeutiirinn. and
that il is tint only for those Ih.i-ii in
the old country - hm for all Hritish
citizens. whcthiT Is.i'ti ill tin-
inotlior country, or the colonies, or
uutui'idi/cd. Particular straff wits
laid nil getting hold of the .-liil.lr.-ji
and   inculcating   those   traits
ception of the club 26th Septem-
Iwr, IBlll. With a certainty of
HM'.dmi members within two years
of its birth, some conception niay
bc "aiiued of its magnitude ami
what power it can weld lor the
health of a national spirit if its
whole Influence lie used to foster an
intelligent and wholesome interest
in national life.
Mr. Wrench brought out the fact
that the schemer was originally
Cecil Rhodes, which laid in abcy-
unce until advocated by Lonl
Northcllffe and supported by Lord
Clruy and others. The movement
has been very inllueutially supported, but the chief credit for ita
present excellent position is due
to Lord N'orthclilfe.
Mr. Wrench wound up an excel.
lent speech with the hepe that the
local cluli membership would in-
crease and tliat everyone should
pull together for the best interests
uf the empire. The speaker was
applauded very often, nud it was
evitlent that Ins wonls found nn
echo in the minds of those present.
The chairman then called upon
the mayor. Mr. A. C. Bowness,
who in a very neat speech fully
concurred in everything advocated
by Mr. Wrench, and thoroughly
supported the idea that the traiu-
iiu; uf patriotism should and must
be U-gun during youth in order to
liuveaBlurdy growth that could
not lie influenced grosser ideala.
After Mr. Leslie bad proposed
a vole of thanks, whicb waa seconded by the.viee-president, J. F.
Smith, the meeting was closed by
all singing God Save the King,
A dance wan afterwanls given
by the club to which everyone was
invited, the Edison orchestra surpassing itself with dance music,
and tbia was kept up to 2:30.
A vote of thanks to those who
ao kindly aaaisted waa passed, and
the club presented ita compliments to Messrs V. Hyde Baker
id A. C. Bowness for the use of
their motor cars, and to Messrs.
Tooth and Leslie for the decora,
tiona and flowers.
The next morning Mr. and Mrs.
Wrench were taken to see a few
of the ranches near town, and
were then escorted to the depot by
the executive committee, when the
train for Nelson was taken in
order to be in time for the meeting
scheduled to take place at that
town on the 25th. Tbey went
with the goal wishes and Ood-
speeii of every member of the club,
as tneir visit here was most inspiriting- ^
FUNDS Fill Fill Fll
character   that    have   made   the
llritish   Umpire,    as   the  foundation of character is   laid   .lining
ground but on tbe wnole of a    good youth, and wc cannol expect true
patriotism  without   that   foundation, and I rue put Holism is not only
shown on the Imtll.li.-l.l. but in our
private and public lives anil morals.
their' f,„. the day ia not far ..If when a
the uiiiii I" Is- successful in publie life
order and little roughness was observed. Nelson seemed to gel tne
best of it ai first but Cranbrook retaliated and by tbe end ol tbc first
hall tbc score stood 7—3 in
lavor.     Nelson spruced up In
second ball and It can salely bc saitl „iust have a clean moral private
tn have been theirs lor tbey lound record. No one enn foresee what
lis. net lour times in that period to the club may become. It bus the
Crnnhrnot's two, mailing Ihe score opportunity of bemining n marvel-
al thc finlm 0—7 In lavor ol thc vl.i- Ions factor for good, autl if its monitors. Ihership eoiiliimi-H growing it  will,
Special mention should he made  ol lie able to wlel
th*   ********    woik dun.
A meeting ol the Kail Kalr executive wa* held Tueaday evening, at
whit* the principal matter uodar
discussion a as a letter Iron, tbr KIs-
■oce Minister, lion. Price Klliaua,
is which that gentle aa. whilst
pointing oue tnat Crsabrnok had already received generous treatment at
lhc hands ol the government, promised a lurther appropriation of
tMOO. Hr. Priee Ellison has evidently taken to heart tne claims ol
Cranbrook district in tbe matter ol
needed financial assistance to place
the annual Fall Fair upon . sound
basis. With thi. additioaal tSOOO
tbe executive will be la a position to
gn ahead with certain aecesssry Improvements to grounds snd buildings
and lo meet, in part, some td tbeir
financial obligations.
With thc united effort ol every
resident in the district there Is
every  promise   ol   an   exoepiinoally
Id a"isiwuHhai m.Mt'«0<"1 tolr ™° Wl'
lot     lbs make itself   felt   throughout  the!  «el la aad do your part. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
No. 1
.Many different styles in this lot.
Lace elfects, Embroidered effects.
Side effects,     ltcgulur value 25c, i i
80c, :15c.   All grotnied in one lot.    j ,
Sale price, 20c each
No. 2
Wash Belts
> 444**********************
Genuine Summer Clearing Sale |
Commencing Saturday, July 6th.   Closing Wednesday, July 31st j |
• i
Fall purchases arc crowding us out, WE MUST HAVE ROOM, Therefore we place our ENTIRE '.!
summer goods left on our shelves when August lst arrives. We mean business and guarantee everything we ;;
advertise. Your money back if you are not satisfied. Visit this store as often as you can during these SALE j >
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Below we can only give a partial list:
No. li
Ladies'Lisle Hose
25c pair
Embroidered Wash Hells, narrow
and wide. P. K. ltelts. Kegular
value Mac.
Sale price, 20c
Sale price, 25c pair ■;
No. St
Ladies' Vests
2 for 25c
Fine Cotton Vests, no sleeves and
bait sleeves. Full sizes. Splendid value at 20c.
Sale price 2 for 25c.
No. 4
Children's Vests
Nearly all sizes in this lot. Half
sleeve; no sleeve, tluod value at
15c to Sir.
Sale Price, 10c
No. ii
Princess Hose
25c pair
In Pinks and Ox-liUal only. Sizes
ll to 81. Fast colors. ltcgulur
value Xie to IUe.
Sale price, 25c pair \ j    Sale price, 5c yd
All colon. Tans, Blacks, Pinks, ] |
Blues, Kose, Mauve, dreys. ,!
Greens nnd Purple. licgulur <;
value liie pair.
No. 11
50c each
;; In Blues with White Spot only. ;'
All sizes.   Splendid value nt 75c.
No. 7
Ribbons, All Colors jj
15c yd
Pinks. Blues, Reds, Browns,
Greys, etc. Full 4 inches wide.
Good value at 2tie to 25o yd.
Sale price, 15c yd
Embroidered Waists, Plain Tucked
. Waists, Low Neck, High Xeck.
', Nearly all sizes in this lot.   Hood ',
value at $1.50 to $1.75.
No. H
4 large cards 10c
In Tans and Black only. Larue '
fnll curds. A limited quantity ',
Sale price,
Valendennes Lace
and Insertion
5c yard
SO pieces Valenciennes Lace nnd
Ii»erlii>ii, J in. to 1.1 in, wide.
Regular value up to llle yard.
Sale price, 50c
No. 11
$1.00 each
; Positive sale prices
No. 15
Children's White
Special Prices
Sale price, $1.00
No. 12
All at $150
| (Mil n.zi'h, otlil sty Irs. in l.incin,
No. 18
Fine Embroidered
Waists, $1.50
Hand mine New Embroidered
Lawn Waists, newest sleeve and
cut. Very dainty. Hiies up to
•Iti.   Regular value tlm to $2.5)1.
Sale price, $1.50
No. 14
Children's Tub
.^•c-SSWJ^-J^KL^^SS^jYi: t ManyditTerent styles «ndsize.i„
this lot.    A chance to secure a < !
in Children's Wash Dresses that
we are unable to quote prices, but
wc promise any child's dress at
No. 24
White Flannelette
...        .      , ,    ,,   ,.„.    , x 32   inches wido.   Pure Whito
. Nice and cool for lhe little chaps. ,    F|snne|otto, Fill0   „ven threatl.
, All sizes in while  only.    Open ,, Uool,    , m B     ,„r
■ sizes in tans up to 1. .. „„.„„ „.
| In Lawns, Vesting*,  Etc.,  from
I li months to 14 years.   Every gar- [
ment greatly reduced in price.
Ask to see these
No. Hi
! Ladies' Wash
  ! !   •'IfZ'M,',  arA fcffS ; ; ^".""ft nl! **** '".y"..-'-''.^ I I 8 toi   Regular value up to$8.00. I < Canton Flannel.    Regular  value
  , , UroMtars, MOll, lite.  Tho last of , , Intlmn Hoatls, Lawns, Mulls, Etc., ' 15c to INc.
i ;   ho season s best sellers.   Kegu. . . „t positively i . .   , ,        */%/%«-
; 4 cards, 10c ::'""to "p to IW0, !'Sale Prlce» $2-25 Pr- ' r—
1   Sale price, $1.50   j j Great|y ■*"* Prices * __ i   c-i- -•-* «x-
No. 17
P. C. Corsets
$1.00 pair
We nrn discontinuing this line.
All sizi-s, nil styles, Long hips,
medium bust. Regular value up
to $1.75 pair.
Sale price, $1.00 pr.
No. 18
P. C. Corsets
$2.00 pair
124-c yd., 8 yds $1.00
No. 23
ijtyash Ginghams
ii Checks, Plains. Stripes.   Per-
[ feet washing qualities.   All at one
splendid corset nt small price.
Sale price, $2.00
No. Ill
Sale price, 90c. pair : j Sale price, 124c yd
No. 20
| Boys' and Girls' ] Unbleached Canton
Tan Shoes
At $2.25 pr.
i Button or Loco Stylos. Star* trom ' ', 27 inches wide Heavy I'nlilcached
N... 21
$1.00 pair
In Tims, Black, ll.ils, lilnck with
Whito. Sizes up tu X. ltcgulur
values $1.5olo $1.75.
Sale price, $1.00 pr. ii   Sale price,25c yd
124-c yd
value llie.
No. 25
Flannel, 12k yd
Sale price, 124-c
No, n
Shoes for the   '
Little Fellows    li Curtain Scrim
25c yd.
Ilantlsome Now Patterns,
dcrcd and Plain Klfecls.
value nt SI5e to 10c yd.
Any Pair of "EMPRESS" SHOES up to $6.00 a pair, Sale Price, $3:50
Many other lines we cannot enumerate here
41 Market Company
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Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
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l.AIKIM   I'OHTlON   OK    OAl-iTM.
Bomo living victim, wns not uncovered.
Tlio swoop til tin* storm, Uto worst
in Xhe history nf tint Caiui'linn imrtli-
wi'st, wus over a rity whicli only a
slmrt time Iretoro biwl e<im|>li-U-d tlw
wuik tf ilis'kint; it**.! in *',.U »Ulvi-
for tlif fi'li'lir.illiMi ol Dominion day.
Unlit in.''  ami  ll,ti',:i OOVOrod  ...illtliiiKs
rvcrywlHTf niul    nolworks ul elcetric
nil \t$\tla   were Htnin-^ und ready       for
nit  Itwurination.      Tlmiugl-i    t-lnw Rally
decorated strocts   (Jut tornado swept
nml   within n lialf hour Ht-^ltin    had
('riiiciirniik, in common Willi
pin i* uf Owiadfli wan horrified
MtiiHlny iiiiunin*- to Ifiirn uf tin* awful ilisitsU'r tJiat li.iil In-fat.-n tlie
city of RogilHL Wiiliuiil wnmlng ol Mill turned Into a city of mourning.
nny Mini a terrible tornado KW-epl In tin* track of (lit* storm building
over Hit' rity, about li o'clock on after building lay tin , ruins, shrouded
Sunday evening, entry Ing deul-h nml In its gay colored bunting. The tor
disaster in Us trail, wrecking spli-n- nado swooped down Just a few
did buildings, tearing down   ohurobesj blocks to   tbe north of tbe southern
cutting a swath
 ^^^      tbe
f f Hfn had been very heavy, up in the j building? iu its wake,
hundreds, but later reports have hap-    In a twinkling three o! tire    hand-
pily modified tho ik-atti roll, whieh is somest  churches in Itegina were laid
now   believed to    have been    under in ruins.      They were the Methodist,
fifty. Baptist and Knox ehurehes, and   Ute
Mr. B. U-ubach. a brother-in-law of first of the   city's large buildings to
Mr. 0. K. Stephenson, manager      o! Ik- blown down.
uud liomes, elevators, wureliwises and  limits   of the city,
in fact, everything   within its reach, several Mocks wide right into
First reports indicated that thn lossJ center of   the town, levelling
tire   't'ranbrook    Jobbers,   Limited,
who was in church im Itegina at   the
Then the roof was swept from   the
Y.M.CA. building and the walls    ol
time thc tornado struck the city, has'the structure were shattered.      The
since arrived   in Cranhrook aud     in new   puttie library was badly wreck*
'course ol conversation gave a Herald ed and the Presbyterian church   was
representative   a    clear and compre- j laid im ruins,
hens ive account of Uie disaster. I   In   rapid    succession    the Masonic
At the time the tornado struck the temple and thc telephone exchange
city Mr-Laubach was playing the were levelled. Although many of
organ in the Anglican church, which,' the telephone girls were Irnjured, none
fortunately,   escaped    severe   injury, was killed.
only windows suffering damage. His One of thc most serious losses to
residence also escaped damage, nl- the city was that ut the wart-house*
thou-rh   houses   immediate,}-     to the autl the row*of grain elevators in the;
Canadian Pacific yards. Tpon these
Uie farmers of lho districl were de
] ■ i ding for the storage of their it »»s
this season.     Only one grain elevator
rear were badly shaken and had   all
windows smashed,
Pint   despatcnes   sent   oue    from
Itegina,   descriptive    of the disaster,
■drew rf very alarming picture of   tlie remains and that is much damaged,
tavoc    caused    by tire   wind storm,     The freaks nf   Oh- storm were    r
particularly fn   regard to the n..m|«r j markahh*.     A freight ear was hurM
of   lives   lost.       One such despatch,O.rm.g*, a freight shed.    A canoe was
carried from   Wascana lake, a      dis-
reads as follows: ^^^^^^^^
Dead and injured to a number estimated between 100 and 500 persons
nnd a property Unrn of $10,000,001)
was llie toll taken on Monday by a
windstorm that converted into a
mass of debris lire greater part uf
Itegina, Nils*.*., ami thru Wept ou
through  the province, leaving       des-
truetiim in its pathway
ToMgraph and telephone wires   are
down ,|inl it is almost hnpOtS hie, to
wet nown fhiin the other towns In the
province, hut so fnr ns tenrnod hen
no Ions ol life occurred outside of
Itegina. (irent ilcstruetiui of buld-
ings has Ih-cii rppnrl«*d from Qu'-
Appello aiul alao from Melville.
The magnitude of tire calamity
which Hegliiu bni mi firred could   noi
be climated at a Lite hour Sunday
nlflri. It seeiiietl certain, howeier,
tlml llie caaostttfl would roll up to
a total of between too and 500.
Crowds of volunteer*, all ml the
eily were nssjstltu; In the work of
seaicliilti* the wh'ikiii>e and do lioms
haiillt a minute went up that a human lu-.lt  01 the inangliil (nun      ol
tenet ot three-t|iiarters of a mile, to
Victoria Park ami dropped there
Many dinglieys ami even small sailing
wssels lie slrewn over Ore southern
pail of Uie city, as far M half a
mile fiom tin* lake.
Tire whole north side of Or city
Virtual!] WU wipwl out by the
■storm. Sll hundred families are
lamieleai. The napoi and city con it*
cli have started a fund and are proud inn foi   lite (Institute
Tire Uttnadb came from the south
and Onl itfOck the new parliament
liiiiltling just fomplcoed ut a -.**wt of
$2,11011,1(111). The building is of steel
and concrete, ami while it still stands
It it bail I y shaken.
It then swept aorthwatd, mowing
a \Ww*4 si\ liloeks wale through On*
most fashtimiAle rfddenee dUUh-l,
trnnNlormliig il into a mas*. ot
Mong Victoria street from Sii-
lt-nlh to Klevi-nth slrtvt 2«l bouses
weie ilislroyrd ni*d many persons"
Kilhd Automobiles fillnl with per
sons rate   hurled high In lhe air and
j We Have the Goods 1
Hose Screens
Screen Doors
| Freezers   Refrigerators |
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The Best Made
Cranbrook B. C.
Phone 5  t
deposited blocks away.
At Rlcvenlh street Hit- nu.incHs
district, cmponed of wholesale ware-
linuses, thanking inslilr.it ions und retail stores, wrii' Hindi- a heap ol
ruins, while the air was filled with
flyifiK wreckage I'nsl Kleventli
street, Albert, Smith, Onxnwell,
S.-arlh. Ilainllt.m ami lt..se slret-ts
tl.- storm roaehed the. retail scotioii,
which received the severest force.
Across the railway tracks several
nl tlie' largest wholesale houses In
lhe eily were unroofed, their heavily-
laden floors falling a* their supports
Two fires started, but as most ol
tlie lire halls escaped tbe storm and
the waler pressure was not Impaired,
the flames were confined to the ruins
where they started.
All eteottic lights and newer wires
are useless and Uie city is in dark,
ness. All conveyances were pressed
info service to convey Uk .read tn
llie morgues and the Injured to eho
Thc storm continued northwest
Irom Regina through central Saskatchewan, di/inu great damage, lint
no loss ol liie Is reported outside ol
Itegina. Heavy losses to buildings are
reported Irom Ou'.lppelle and also
at Milvllle.
A later despaieh said.
Forty are   known to lw dead nnd a
number of bodies   remain jn the debris   left   by last    night's   tornado.
whieh    wrought havoc in this    city
Tliere are fully 400 injured ami    several will die-
Tire property lorn is estimated    at
$10,000,000 to 111,000,000.   The debris is being removed slowly, for   Ore
workers    seem afraid   of their task.
Many   streets are blocked and    wide
d.'tixirs   have to   be made   io get to
i-criiiin pnrtiire.fi of the rity.
Tire death list probably will iraeh
eighly. for many persons were hc-at-
ing on Waseooa lake when the
storm hit Itegina and only two or
three have been accounted for.   Some
of them   were noticed M niggling
Ok* water.      Their bodies   will    not [provinMal government
Mrs. MeDougall ami Oir-*>i' daugfrters
W. .1. Wilson.
M. F. Restart.
Mrs. II. Ayer.
Three unidentified Chinamen,
Following is a list of lhe Injured as
compiled to date:
Mrs. E. P. Oordon.
Ellen Nykins.
Mrs. Holmes.
Mrs. Susan Holmes.
Mrs. Oraham.
Jessie Oraham.
• lames Louicke.
Mrs. A. Bruce.
Alexander Robertaon.
Mr. McK-iiVM'y.
Louis Rates.
.E. nienalioin
Frank Oulrloth.
Karl Keister.
.1. It  Hudson.
Mr   him) Mrs. .fumes Dunn
Vera Sounders
The storm lasted only a short
time, in facl il was over so qiiiekly
Hiat the ireople hardly tuul lime to
realize what hail taken place ami
thousands had an almost ml'int-ulnus
escape from death.
The first Intimation thai those outside the storm zone hml of Ihe rtis-
aster was when three girls who had
escaped from the. wrecked telephone
exchange irelongiiig tu tire government telephone tines appeared at a
newspaper olliee and told their experiences. The young .women had
slid from tlie second floor of tht* telephone building to the basement, car
ried down'hy a 15-ton swilchhoard.
Many freaks of the wind ate shown.
The roof of a factory luiildlng was
carried three hli-cks nntl crashed
through a handsome new resilience
Four livery Kt-jUlis were demolished
and every horse1 in each of them was
(hi Lorn street, one ol Uu* principal rcstdniee /tlwroughfarcs, scarcely
a hiiiMing is left standing.
Tlie Canadian Paptflc .railway yards
is a Hat expanse of ruined shops and
trains. Not a whole ear remains iu
the j arils. Some td them win- nicked
up hy the wind and carried lul several blocks. One was carried dear
through the freight sheds.
Early last evening Mayut McAra,
the civic authoiities ami u muiiher ot
pn mint-lit citi/ens formed ,i relief organization. Two temporary hospitals were opened, one in Immigtation
hall snd one In a city block, each being supplied with doctors -.m. nurses
wlm volunteered their services,
Premier Scott early conferred with
Mayor McAra and stated.that      the
would   place
piloting my knee, against the door, lu
tliat position I Klood for a fraction
of a second. The whole side of the
church collapsed ami fell in front of
me and brushed me by a hair's
lircadt'b, with a mass of stone, brick
and timlwrs.
■•I then crawled out over the door
that, had acted as a shield and cliui-
li-d over the ruins of the cluirch."
Next door to Uie church stood the
Methodist parsonage, which is in
ruins. The wife of the Rev. .1, J.pwlfl
Is an iiivtt' d. --he tvas lying in net
Istl in the Sun room over the porch.
Mr. Lewis rushed in and carried her
out jusl- as the room collapsed. Mr.
Lewis carried Irer toward the hack
entrance with tire whole house Hying
about him. lie could not- get out
and then made for liie trout entrance, hut this was blocked Holding
Mrs. Lewis in his arms Mr Lewis sat
on the stall*-, while they wait.il for
what they expected would he iu
staii- denth,
K-egina, July 2 —Tire most authentic record tliat ran he obtained of
Sunday's great catastrophe places
the death roll at 26, with 20 missing, some of whom mny yet turn
up. None of the injured in the hospitals are In serious condition, and
few, it any, deaths are expected.
Among tire missing arc Miss Davidson, of Prince Albert; Miss N. drier,
a nurse; S. P. Jones; Robert Black,
wife and child. Miss llawtherly; Win
Bullock; W. MeDougall, and five chit
dreti, and Mr. Havers, of llw city
clerk's office.
\~4 4-4 4 4 4 4 4-4 4 4-4 4 4 4- ft************
*,      Af*)Af*k.u   nnmnn !■■     •m**metm * _—     ...._—_	
I a*
* All trees offered for sale aro grown iu our own nurseries on
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4********************* ***
I** r.Tovrr,*t mil II its- lake dries    up
in ilu- lal,' stiiiHmr
Wild rumors are u-inn rn-.-iv,d from
iiit-ihlr points nf   tnriiirH.iis.-s Tuvinf;
brrn   ilcsl.-oynl  .ml    their   inmates
kill.-d. Imt all rural telrl*.me    lines
re do»n.
There «ere .ist)' girls la the Y. W.
... ImWav whtih laeed rm I'm
Hal park,, whetl Simdsjr's rvel.m.'
slrurk. tme side nl the huiWiiiK
was torn .sit, the roof was Mown
awiiy, the windiuvs vers blown In
ami mmt nl the furniture wrecked,
but rvery kuI ,-M-aped uninjured. I
lite leh-pbonc eichaina' I* nnthinft
hui s pile ..I brick and mortar and
un*,!.- of wtrrs. This was one ol
n» nm hniMlmrs which ihe lri»*l-
11.-.I crowd ol rescuer* attacked.
Moans and cries coming Irom the
dew-is- made lb™ work wllh mad
a- by one the Kills were reached,
Mid it was Inula, that only one wa*
hurt. Iter inj.itt.~t probably will
prove fatal.
Clllien* aided the polios durla* the
night lu the work ot riwruiug the m-
lured aad bodies ol the dead from the
The following la the list ol dead so
lar recovered aad hkatUM:
.1. .1. Ilrysn, mauafer ol the Thorp
and Aodcraoa rompanf.
.1. Scott.
Oeorge Crareas.
Mrs. Guthrie.
Mrs. W. C. MeDoaaM.
.lames P. CeJee, Ushoa Istad.
Mrs. Logaa Md child.
J. L. MeKa- aad Ma two ehlUcea.
.lames IHadsoa.
Rev. Louis House.
Mr. and Mr.. Frank Bfttfhnrn, formerly ot IIHaols.
Mr*. William Shaw.
.lohn Pergusoa.
Laurence Hodsmsn.
Arthur Donaldsou.
tl. tlrey.
William McMurdo.
William Crahb.
t'harles Oian.
K. Kremptoa.
A. U.
t25,MI0 at the disposal ol tlie eily
authorities and that more would bc
InrihciimiiiK il i.t'fssary. Step* nave
lani taken to re.aH the'local militia,
whieh is now in camp Seattle. Meanwhile ttie police arc guarding the
ruined strip to prevent pillaging nf
the damaged property.
A thrilling story id the Itegina tor
nado is told', -by the llev. T. .1. Farmer:
"I was in the club loom at the
rcarfof the Methodist church," l«>
said, "when the storm broke. 1 ran
to leave the hulld.ing when I saw
bricks lly iiu; through the. air, through
doors und window*. 1 ran back to
see II any ono was in the main lu.lv
ol the church. No one was there.
The arise was deatcning. 'llie whole
church risked and it seemed as il
Ihe world were coming tn an nul.
( ran hack to tlw rear .mrance
aad attempted tn open the door. The
wind was blowing so strongly that I
hesitated wilh   the door partly open,
Itegina, Sank., .lily fl.—The work
of clearing away tis- .li+ris nl Sun
day's disaster is |iroceoiliii|. well. Tlie
task is gigantic hut hundreds of
workmen are wigagcd un il. Already
some M-iitiilanco of oritci is la-inir.
ing evolved Irom Uie .'linos cansi-d Iiy
Sunday's cyclone. ii.M.1 work is being done tin., in the repairing of the
duiuugisl residences capable ol .being
itiade liubituhle. Over seven hundred
carpenters ure nt work and more
ure coming into tin- eily. That there
will Ir plenty nf work l»r all ma)
tic assumed Irom tlte (act that sixty
cents an hour, and more, is being
paid, ami even al thai figure men
are not to be'got.
Throughout the day tlu; C.P ll
have had a large gang at work ereci-
i»K new freight sheds, operations being continued into the night ami tin-
large temporary structure is now al
most- completed.
It has bom suggested that a social assessment should be levied upon
the citi/ens at large lo raise a million dollars or more In order that
tlu- ruined district may be rebuilt
without delay.
I'oiniuissioner Thornton staid tonight that be would use fillcen Lund
red workmen from other towns.
One suggestim. now under consideration is the proposal id Mayor Melts tbat the city should utiliic thc
pro|s-rty it possesses west ot the
eity, and erect 500 dwellings at a
■matt-rate figure.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
ll. K. WII.KIK, l-irai'leiit.
X       Accounts   nf   Corporations,   .Mitiiiciiuilities,    .Merchants i
• Farmers nml Private Individuals invited. •
Drafts am! Letters o( Credit issued uvtiilnUe in any |a»rt of *
the world. f^
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Total Astetf, $110,5^,513.19
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Br the Herald   Puhll.hlng Company,
K. J. Deane, Msnaging Editor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, July 4,1912
lieflina,    KaskatL-licwan's     capital
lias lieen visited hy a disaster unique
in Hie history ol Canada. Many lives
have been lost awl Incalculable  damage   occasioned    property   Interests
It is, happily, true, however,      that
in her    hum ol distress, Itegina will
have the    heartfelt,    practical sympathy of the  whole ol Canada.     Already generous offers of assistance to
tlie ili.-ttrcssiil ure ikiiiring into     the
alllieted   city, ami  tile Herald     lines
li. I ylH'S-itate to    promise for the citizens ol Crantirook ready rosponso   tinny appeal   (or aid    thut muy      lie
mode,    It is   very satisfactory      to
note tliat the   first sensational     reports ol lives lost have been greatly
inoililii.l.      II is now estimated tliat
llie total death    roll will not exceed
forty    or filly.       So lar the actual
number of   known dead does not   exceed thirty.      A conservative estimate 'ol the    property losses is    $!»,-
Sundays—Low mass at s -ill a.m.;
hlgti mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom i to S p.m.; Ilosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy day. of obligation—Ma., st 8 a.m.
Week days-Mass at • a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Farm Co., Limited, Nuniaka. Alberta. Mr. Millie, in company
with others, owns 11,000 aores of
lino (iraiu land at Niimukii, witb
7.000 acres in cultivation, one of
In England the ladies have entirely
abandoned    wearing rats, which    is
the largest bodies of land in the due entirely to the'new discovery.
It hus  beea    proven    that Henna
leaves contain the ingredients that
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long-looked for article
is preven every day.
The Americans are now placing nn
thc market a preparation containing
the    extract    from    Henna   leaves,
Messrs. Dahl aro also largely
interested in the Claresholin conn-
Mr. Downs is prominently identified   with   the   East   Kootenay
valley land and lumbering interests,,
with large holdings in both lines i"^*1 ls having a pheno.ncno.lsak
.pi. This preparation Is called SALVIA
at Ulngstone. 'and Ia being    sold with a guarantee
The orchards lying just south of tn cure Dandrufl and to grow hair In
the Roosville bench   lands  were abundance.   Being daintily pcrlumcd,
especial objects of tlieir scrutiny— SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair
trees    londiil    brancli-full    with *"rM»in*'    Thc <"'"nl>™k "'»«  ""J
Rook Co., your druggist, Is the flrsl
apples, pours, plums and prunes,
prophetic of tho botmdleisly im-
inonsi' possibilities in store for the
tide of immigration that is very
soon to sot in. Aiid they noted
also that nowhere In   the whole
Hies, led to'him, in less than      tea
It ls tne common thing when the
necupati't'S of an ants' nest. are
swarming, and the.insects are emerging in large numbers, tn see an enterprising toad sit at. the entrance id
the burrow and snap up every ant
that comes out. The sraoirtrler lie accomplishes under such circumstances
is frightful. Ilut,.!;! course, mosl.
ants are not reckoned as Insects injurious to man; ami lhe toad un-
iiiiest'iiinalily destroys some species
which arc Imicllcial to thc tanner.
I'pon the whole, he is immensely
useful, devouring countless numbers
of the very worst bug Iocs ol the
to import this preparation Into
Cranbrook and a large, generous
bottle can be purchased (or 50c
ter to   tlie select  staluling commit ten
on agriculture ami cnlmil/utinii.   K.l-
tlon ol the farms nml t'lcir
Mr. flrisdale answered many
Rev, VY. Klsnn Dunham, pastor
Sunday services.   Thc pastor
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Christian's
Evening subject: "Natural and
Iliviiie Forces in Contrast." A commentary on the recent disaster at
All are cordially invited.
Alt-acting Attention ol Inves
tors "Bench Lands Care-
fully Examined
(Special In the H.rulil)
Klko, B.C.. July 2iid.-Mr.J,
O. K. Nelson, freight agent for the
Northern l'ncilic Railway at llo/c-
■nun, Montuiiu, was in the valley
the past week, and while Inn-
made extensive research into the
fruit and dairying possibilities.
Mr. Nelson was d.-cid.-dly iinpn-s-
•i.i. declaring that Tobacco Valley's uneicelled cliiiint.-, soil and
mineral resources will compel a
wave of immigration in the vety
near future.
Itooiville Falls continue to Ih. a
favorite place for outings, parties
frnm Imtl) sides of the line visiting
it iu increasing numbers. July
Fourth it is expected that a big
delegation will lie over from the
American side, to enjoy tho wood,
lamls and cooling waters.
A distinguished party of Canadian capitalists were inspecting
Tiiluiecii Valley orchards and or.
chard tracts on la.tli sides of Iln-
International lloiuuliiry Ihis wool-
and expressed their surprise at the
showing along horticultural lines
that is being made. Those in the
company wen- Mr. and Mrs. Fluids Downs, of Flagstone, It. 0,|
John Dahl and Ola Dahl. of
Cliin-sholni. Alln-rtu ; and T. C.
Millies, secretary ot Ihe Namnka
Tobacco Valley country ore the imvills ., „„„.,. ,„- w,s |„,.j,i .b-m-rip-
frtlit.growing udvniitages so great
in on these same bench lands,
freer from frost aad richer in
'ssentinl soil elements than any
other locality In the whole Canadian north-west.
The result of this awakening of
Canadian capital to the immense
resources of the Koosville country
means much for Tolmcco Valley,
und is an exponent and a reliable
forerunner of a big development
just in its inception.
Baltimore, July 'A.— Woodrow
Wilson is the nominee of the Democratic Convention for president
of the United States.
The end of the long drawn out
came Tuesday afternoon, when on
the Convention reassembling Wilson on thc 43rd ballot made such
a gain as to make his selection
positively sure. Several more
ballots were taken, however, the
Kith showing Wilson. 900; Clark
si; and Harmon, 2.
P. M. Christian, manager ol the
Prospector, returned Irom Winnipeg
mi Saturday, where he had taken a
principal part in nn interesting eere-
umy, having heen united in matrimony to Miss Theresa, Stephenson, ot
Grimsby, England, who had journeyed out Irom the old country j to
meet him there.
Prank Christian's scores ol Iricnds
n the cralt will join wilh tb Herald
typi'stiekers in wishing him msny
years nf happy, •prosperous w.*M«l
The li'iiiiitiinti experimental l.iiins
system involves Uie oentrul [arm
situated at Ottawa and tfsnch
(arms and stgtians at the lollowlng
IHilnts: t'harlottetnwn, P.E.I., Nap-
pan and Kentville, N.S., Cup Rouge
ami Stc. Anne de la I'oeatiere, l|ue.
Iliaiidun, Man., Indian Head, ltosth
rti and Scott, Sask., Letli|f;idge ami
l.aeombc, Alia , Agasslz, Iinvrmere
and Sydney, B.C.
In ordet to lay More the country
the iliururler and extent ot tho
ork unili-r.-al <-n at thi-se laruis Inr
In- bcnclit ol agriculture, Mr. .1. H.
lirisdule, the director, appointed last
year to surcw-d Dr. Saunders, wm
called upon dining tie.- last session nl
parliament to explain Ihe whole mat
As   a    result   ol an iispiiry    con-
ducted by tlu- liritisli Columbia Kruil
work,!(Irowers' association  throughout    tlie
ipies-.various fruit   districts ot thc    prov-
whieli brought out much iisel.ul  tun-, asking what labor would be  rc-
c,iiircd (or the current year, it Is    ot
Interest,  to note Ihat thc trniti   dis
Iricts are miit*j, more thoroughly supplied wilh labor than wns the    case
iiif.irinntli.ri. During tlie course, ol
the central farm il cost (11.77 per
acre Ior cultural operations to grow
acre for o.illuial oiieral on* to   grow
(arm crops which yield a return      ol. two years ago, when the last general
$15.47 per acre, as contrasted with
$10.00 and $10.90 lor the average
farmer In thc same lreallty. The
whole subject as presented bas been
printed fn a bulletin nl twenty-two
pages which may be procured tree hy
applying til tlie publications branch,
ilepurlinent ol agriculture, Ottawa.
Dr. C. Gordon Hewitt, Dominion In-
tomologlst, says, referring to ihe infantile death rate
from intestinal diseases and diarrheca spread by the house
fly, he believes that the so-called .harmless fly is yearly caus-
iiii* the death of thousands of infants, at well as spreading
tlie germs of typhoid fever.
are the best thing to riJ your house of these dangerous
Itev. Mr. Stephens conducted anniversary services at the Wardner
Presbyter an church last Sunday, under very bappy auspices. A deb! nl
some $.100 had la-en completely wiped
out, thanks to the generosity nf two
members ot the congregation, who
had each subscribed $71. lor that
purpose, and tn the activities of a
ladies' commit tec, who li.nl inaugur-
at.*l a "tag day," and had collected
some $100. Tlie anniversary services were well attended, both mnrn-
iiiy) and evening, and mutual congratulations were very much in order.
Science idlers a new solution lor
tlie hug problem. It is to employ, In
its professional rapacity, so to
speak, the toad, the ordinary hop
toad ol the held and garden—«s an
insect destroyer, declares a writer In
the Technical World magazine.
In Ihis business the "humble load is
unequalled hy any atlier living animal. He is Ihe greatest bug exterminator In the world. It is entirely practicable to use his services
on an extensive -scale, employing hlm
systematical,y as an ally, lo keep In
check the insects which levy an an
nual tax ot over eight hundred mil
lion dollars upon our agricultural resources.
inipiirr was Instituted. At that lime
Iruit growers made application Inr
1450 men; as a result ol the present
iitmiry they have asked lor mly 300
Wages In lhe Iruit districts have
advanced slightly in two years and
(lie conditions ol thc working man
have also improved in that Iruit
growers are more generally supplying
inmlnrtahle lodgings and suitable
Prom Ute inquiry it was learned
that on Vancouver Island and in the
lower mainland suitable help can be
secured Witt little difficulty without
any special edort on thc part ol organizations Inr the purpose. It is
true, however, •that in these districts the Chinese and Japanese to
some extent receive tlie preference
over white men.
The Okanagan, which will have the
largest crop nt Iruit in lis history
this year, has mad.' tlw most inquiries for labor and It Is evident
that there will lie suitable employment lor men adapted to the work ol
harvesting and handling Iruit.
Tliere is nn reason why the dinners
ol ttie country should not hatch and
rear their own supply nl loads, lor
h«-al service. with a »loiigh, or
even a small pond ensured againsl
drying up during spring, the creature, will bruit nl their own accord
in any desired number, up to the
limit nl Ihc Inod supply available in
the shape ol Insect*. But one thing
absolutely essential Is thut they
shall be protected against their
natural enemies, snd by no means
the least destructive nl their enemies
arc small boy* wlm, through mere
thoughtlessness, kill toads whenever
Ihey get . chance.
It Is estimated that aa average
toad Is worth to the farmer live dollar, a year tor the cutworms alone
which It destroys. But this is only
one Item. The amount a toad will
cat ia astonishing. A large specimen
has been known to devour one hundred rose beetles at a single meal.
One toad needed seventy-seven my-
ciapod«—the common household oen-
tlpode—to satisfy hi. appetite; another filty-flve army worms and yet
another, sixty-live gypsy-mnth-cater-
pll.ars Still another toad was
lo eat   thirty-live large,   full-
Ifrown celery  worms in  Hint- limits,
while another    accepted     eighty-six
Kor a  Lle?nse  to Take' and      Use
that Edward Anderson, ot Wardner,
B.C., will apply lor a license to take
and use 1J cubic leet ol water out
ol Its Ha Creek, which flows in
easterly direction through applicants
and empties into an unnamed lake,
near Wardncr. Tbe water will be di
verted at west boundary ol applicants lamls and will us used lor irrigation purposes on the laud described as Lot 5082, Group 1, Kootenay Districl.
This notice was posted on the
ground on tbc 24th day ol June,
1012. The application wit be, filed
in the 'office ol the Water Recorder at
Objections may be filed wilh tho
said Water Recorder nr with the
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament Iluildings, Victoria, B.C.
Edward Anderson, Applicant,
hy Harvey, McCartcr and Macdonald, Agents. 27-.1t
Por   a   License to    Take and
that Peter l/ind, ol Cranbrook, B.C.,
will spply for a license to take and
use 80 miners' inches ol water out el
Mud Creek, which flows la a westerly direction through Lots 1002 sad
III, O. I., East Ken-may dislrict
and empties into the Knotcaay River
on Lot No. 114, O. I. The water
will bc diverted st thr east line ol
Lot 1002 snd wil be used lor irrigation purposes on the land described
as Lot 100.1.
This notice was posted on tbe
ground nn the 21«t day ol -lune,
1012. The apullcsUon will %> died
In lhe. olliee of the Water Recorder ai
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections   may he filed with     the
said, Water   Browser or with      the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament, Buildings, Victoria, B.C..
Peter Lund, Applicant.
per P. Lund. J7-H
Horses for Sale
8 yrs old, weighing 1,1100 llu.
and firat-olan in every way.
Price $300.
MARE, ft yrs old. weighing
1,170 lbs., broke single, double
and laddie; very vood life
and stylish.   Price $175.
R.LAM0MT, Cra.«-,B.C
ELECTRICITY'lis,  superseded
Old .ailing veinela are an antiquated
We have had lioreelcB* carriage* since
And women wear  .ilk   hosiery who
never made a Btiteb.
We have tile wireless telegraph;
And we sail o'er luml and *en;
We have machine piano, that  never
touched s key.
The old time liclly-nclie'we u.cd to
hsve i* append ieiti. now;
And we are eating eieniuery liutterllinl
never paw a cow.
Progre.. i* onr motto; modern time*
have come lo slay;
But we .lilt lmy PAIIKS'H hardware
in the Bame ..I.I fuel.'u.iie.l wuy.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves
House Furnishing Goods
Cranbrook   -   B. C.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic, will
•do it in B5 cases out oMOO. It is the
only remedy discovered that is similar to tho natural hair foods
liquids of thc scalp. Removes dandruff, prevents falllnn uf tlie hair ami
all other diseases of lhc scalp. Eaeh
package* contains a packet of Machela
Dry* Shampoo Powder, Price for
complete home treatment, $1.00.
Sold and guaranteed by thc Cranbrook Drug and Book t'o.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe at moileratn
Bates f 1.00 and up per dny
Corner of Howard St. nnd Front Ave.
Our bus meet* nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
• 1'Kiil'Hll.li-KH
JABOB 00E1Z, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
Lake View I
SI. Mary's Lake. B. C.
Guests convoyitl from
.Marysville to tlie hotel
by motor car or team.
i  Excellent Fishing Resort
linsoliiio anil Bow        s
Boats for Hire jfi
tin let B
The Home Bakery
Hiilir.ST FlAMS, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes. Pks, and
Pastries of All Kinds
i'l ION K 8?
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
AlcofcoBc and Physical
Mental shocks and bodily injuries
drain the nervous system with
disheartening rapidity.
The first step towards recovery
from this condition lies in rebuilding the worn out nerve fibres,
which can best be done with Lecithin, the form of Phosphorus required for nerve repair.
mt    NEW    REMEDY    FOR
No-vow Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) and
mokes possible this cure.
It feeds the nerves, Induces
sleep, quickens the appetite, aids
digestion) and soon restores fnll
nerve vitality. The beneficial
effects are evident almost from
the first dose.
lital Mil., M J...' Manl. IIJ0.
Ofauis Iras In. loeal aanu.
I/niggiiU, Cranbrook, 11. C.
Onl* e Uwrrac. Co., Sot. Mfis.
WriUUamro.il.. tax*cl
A LARGE LOT on Blook 184, near the Publie Schools,
212 tent by 8U feet, with house suitable for u small family \ ',
imtl lotting for rent nt $N.U0 per month and presently boon
pied by it tenant.   Price, with fee simple title,
IfliUO.iiii, Cash and terms
lllll AORES, in foe simple, one million feet timber, excellent eight-room dwelling house uml ulliccs; nliuiiiiiint wilier ;
2(1 iii-ros miller cultivation.
$0.11110, Onsli ntui tortus.
Kent buy in tin- Kooti'imy country.   Ooiivonient to rail and •,
IK) AORES Crown granted, 1ft uen-s under enltivntion, ,,
ft.ncri'u almost rawly for the plough, $1.ihni worth of logs ; j
ou luml; 1 ti'iim of horses, wiigon uml hurness, mower uml ',,
complete outfit ul line ngrieiiltiiru) implements; Isiili-r uml < >
engine with cordwood sawing outfit; leu room dwelling house, ''
waler in kitchen; burn with new liny carrier fork; carpenter • >
uml liliieksmitli shop, fully equipped, 12U chickens, inenliu- ' ;
tors, brooders, Will sell us a going concern—
$10,000, Oush ami terms.
I guarantee the foregoing to lie well worthy the cIobcbI | j
investigation by prospective investors, *
Raworth Block
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. LL.D*. D.C.L.. President
General Manatfer
AulaUnt General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        8.4
R. T. Brymner, manager Cranbrook, B. C.
Is at its best a hard proposition.   Let us
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up'and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
Phone: Seymour 70:iil
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS HROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished roonii. Every modern
convenience. Klevntnr service. Onto in eonuection. Rooms
$1.00 per day aud upwards
Up-country visitor* to tho Terminal City will And every
convenience nml comfort at the Granville Palace, special
attention lieing paid to their wants.
Read tbe Herald, $2.00 Year
* ■■
High-Qass Vaudevifle "*•*-*• ** Moving Pictures ^ Auditorium
We Imvo just received u Inrge consignment of
Thermos Goods
and are prcpnred to give our customers prices on this line
never before heard of,
Pint Hollies  $1.25 lo $2.75
Quart   "  $2.75 to $4.50
C.iir.Hi Pots  $7,60
Lunch Kits  $2.75
Tlii'iniiM Cups, set of 0, nickel
plated    $1.60
All rellllftblo
Something New -The Thermos Carafe
•lust the thing In keep that summer drink at the right
temperature.   Keep liquors cool for 81! hours without ice.
Quart size, all nickel pluted finish    $0.00
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The %GXa&JL Store
Cranbrook -        - • B.C.
jam* ^■i»iW'.-!.
fE.'.vllE-..        jmXVM. >,.-_..-.•■
I.-.:... :»am
If for no other reason
than to form a basis
of cnmpurisoii, Diamond purchasers
should see Wilson's
selection of Diumonds
beforo buying.
Wo court the fullest
enquiry as to our "Su-
perior Quulijy" claim.
l.iiinli'iiiii tie. Kijiiai,   yd.—C. C, S.
('. A. r'oote, Us- Moyle tail, r, was
in t'raiilirook yesterday.
Mrs. Ople and son. wen in
Wns on Friday lost.
Ask llli.ti.ly. Illondy know*.
Thi-   i-.is-Io.iis returns    fur
amounted to HB7I.1T,
I'ranlii'ook Agency and has located in
Don't forget the crockery sale    st
thc Fiok Mercantile. Co,
There   is some talk ol the openli
of a N'ew NVal institute    in     Cranlirook.
Preserving strawberries this week
will In- the lirst.—Campbell and MaU-
I'. 0. Cummlngs, of Kelson, has
joined the stall ol tne local branch ol
thr Royal bafJf.
Mrs. Hinmorc ami Mrs. A. II. Ken-
wick, ,.f Fort Steele, were in lown
Linoleum 5.1c. square yd.-
D. S
Mrs.    Cameron,   nf   Mayook,   and
daughters,   Mrs.   .lone* and Miss
Cameron, were In the city Wednesday
Dresser Willi stand $1(1.5(1—C.C.S.
Mr. ('. I.. Ilei-htel, of Wasa, was in
town on Saiinh.iv to nu-et. his sister
Flour, tenl, groceries, liarness,
arrlaircs, wagons and implements —
'runliruok Trading Ce., Ltd!
Colonel nnd Mrs. Henderson, ol
Porl Steele, an- spending a lew
itius nt Hull llivrr Falls.
The 1'tc.S. dosing cut sale    con-
tiniH's wiiii great interest.,
3MII    (Ieo   llamiaiit,   Mrs.  Ilannant    and
eliild   were    in     Irom   Springbronk
ranch, tha rlrtt ol tlio week.
*, II. Doyle uml his two daughter,
took. In     Uie Dominion Daj ortelrni
lion at Moyie.
Linoleum US.', square yd—('. C. S
c A. iteii ha*  retired lion.     Uu
Linoleum SSe. square yd.—I*. C. S.
Watch tor a good programme at
th.- Inwn social nest Wednesday Wen
ing mi Mr. I'rcn'. lawn.
(lorgnnrul,!    cheese at  lhe
Mercantile Co.
Ibe lin-ml wns so good. And the cook—his goml wife —
promptly nrdi-ml iinot'ter suck of the snini- good Hour from
which it wus iiiiule —
There IS something in that old saw tlmt "tho way lo
reach a man's heart is through his stomach," ami there's
that high quality in our flour which unfailingly Hilda tho
a,t8Iy,it wi" 8"liBf*v 5°n tlmt ,ou c*n'tbny,,e'',"r '*
Cranbrook, B.C.
FROM 01.00 TO 1100.00
Please Call and See Our
1912 Stock
Jewelers ind Opticians
Don'c forget the lawn social nest
Wednesday evening. Come and have a
good time.
New    potatoes, cabbage,
etc., at Ward and Harris.
F. II. Pearson, logging contractor
o( Fort Steele, was In town aa Saturday. ,
Big harvest when 116 snd >I8 suits
sell lor less Una UO.-C.CS.
H. J. Scott, ol the Cranbrook
Agency, returned last week In in a
business trip east and lett again on
Wednesday for the east.
Linoleum ite. square yd.—C. C. S.
11. II. Mi-U-.mI leaves t.alay on a
visit to his old l*in.' at Tya» Valley, P.K.I. He will be away a
couple cl monlfui.
Mr. and Mrs. Fled Kessler, ' oi
Movie, were in CratUfock tae first nl
thc week and were registered at tbe
Cosmopolitan betel.
Vsk niondy. Illondy knows, 'if*, ne
62. 21-tl
Mr. It, -McWhlnney, nl tbc C.P.R.
telegraph office, led en Saturday
night's Flyer lor Mt home in Ia-UY
In dg.-, rrtuming on Tuesday.
When a »l 50 iron bed tells at
Miss link, i,f thi' publie school
teaching .lad, is at preseot coul'uicd
to, the hospital with as attack ol
Linoleum He squat, yd.—C. 0. S.
Miss McCiillough, wbn hss been
b siting her sister, Mrs. N. McClure,
nf St Mary's Prsirie, led lor her
home in Ontario nn Friday last.
Dill pickles at the Fink Mercantile
The '-adies Aid nl the Methodist
church will hold a lawn social oa Mr.
1'ren's lawn nn Wednesday evening,
luly 001b.
New   crop   maple sugar —Campbell
Do aot forget the demonstration oa
'Dress ng Fowls lor Market" at the
Poultry aKnrtation meetkng Friday
evi-ning at govrrsmeat hulli af.
Dresser wilt stand S10.M.-C.C.S.
I. A. Arnold, ot this city, has
hem garelled official administrator
for the Cranl|rook electoral district,
vice .1. F. Armstrong.
Kitchen choirs Mc.-C. C. S.
The Cranbrook Fruit and Produce
Co., J. 1. Itaynor, formerly cl
Hellrvue, Sask., mgnagrr, will be
opening up in Ibe course ot a tew
days, m premises oa  Hanson avenue.
Dig harvest when Sit and lilt suits
sell Inr less than tlO.-C C S
Mrs. O. P. Tlsdale, ot Poplar
ranch, Wyelllle, returned to her home
last Friday alter having been tor
several days the guest ol Mrs. W. V.
0MM       Kworanji frail Jars, lb* far. you
get premiums with; also the host
preserving jars on tlie market.—
Crantirnok Trading Co., Ltd.
Fresh rliulurli — Wnitsoti's„.Box 21,
Creston*, B.C., will supply hotels ami
families direct at lollowlng prices
Inr cash: 10 Ih.. SI; 20 Ks. fl.iiO,
30 lbs. (1.80 ami 10 His. $2, express
prepaid to Cranlirook. M-lt'
Kitchen chairs 55a.—0, ('. S.
WANTED - First-class Journeymen printers and linotype opcrvtors.
Minimum seale ol twenty-four nud
thirty dollars respectively for forty-
elgHt hour week. Apply .lain.* F.
Morris and Co., corner tlranville mnl
Smyths Sis., Vancouver, B.C.    H-I-St
Kitchen chair, tie.—C. ('. S.
Miss K. Ilcehtel, teacher ut llaynes
Ijike, dur ng the past year, was in
Iowa on Saturday on her way out
to her brother's ranch.- at Wasa,
where she will spend part ol tier vacation.
ilse .Rose's lime juice, a healthy invigorating drink.—Campbell and Manning.
M. S. Middlcton, provincial Horticulturist, visited P. Lund's Wardncr
larni last week end land Inspected the
Kootenay Orchards lauds, later nn
going out to Wallsburg.
All odds ami enils of crockery one.
hall prlce-C.C.S
Mis. Esther Erlckson came in Irom
Moyie Tuesday evening and left Wednesday lur Kimbcrley, where she
will spend a lew days visiting with
her sister.
Large Warehouse—Apply F. ).
Deane, Herald Office *tf
Ask Blondy. Blondy knows
'I In lie
The consumption nt liquor and tobacco in Canada Is evidently rapiilly
increasing wilb thr growing national
prosperity and more customers. For
the month ol May ttie excise revenue
totaled 11,755,0110, an increase ol
nearly a quarter ul a million dollars
as compared with May ot last year.
AH odds and cuds of crockery one
ball prlce-C.C.S.
elusion of his speech he received a
gn-.it ovation Irom the large crowd
who cheered liim again and again.
Lcckle 18.50 shoes at $6.85.—
C. ('. S,
J. P. Farrcll, ol Moyle, has
orntly received his appointment
deputy mining recorder, For almost
a year there has ui-eu no deputy min
lug recorder's office at Moyie, and
the people in that vicinity were put
to cousiili-ratile inconvenience, when
ll.')- had work in Ihis line tn lie at
tended to. The appolntini ut ol Mr.
Fiirrell w 11 meet witli general approval,, as lie Is compel 'nl and
courteous and will iu every way lie
an efficient' official.
•til kimls ol syrups, grain. Juice,
etc., fnr cool, refreshing drinks —
Campbell nnd "tanning
The Ladles AM ol St. Mary's
church are making preparations lur
holding a lawn social on the evening
ol Tuesday, July loth. The social
will be ln-lil un tne church lawn nn
{iorhury avenue. There will also he
a drawing Inr a Morris chair, on
thai dale, with tickets at 15c. ench
ul two lor 2fic.
'. 0. S.
tR.fiO    shoes    at   W.55.-
•lark Nutt, ol Cranlfrook, wishes to
meet at Nelson sonic lightweight
boxer in Ihat distriet. He has an
open titimt as In terms and promises
that il a bout is arranged lw will
'give thc sports a good run lor their
money." Since 1010 Nutt in eighteen bouts bas secured ten knockouts
against Jimmy Milne, Johnny Bean
anl Slater Wells at ('since Albert;
Kid Heaulicr al Brandon; Jack pivne
al Dryden; Young l'/dson at Saskatoon; tlcorgc O'Mallay al Winnipeg.
Kid Stanley and Billy Decoursey at
Itegina and Kid  Morris, at Rostbcrii.
Stock   patterns in Lomoges   china'
and porcelain  at cost prices at
Fink Mercantile Co.
Sidney Elmer, son ol Ms. and Mrs
11. J. Elmer, Journeyed to Moyie on
According to reports circulated i
Freak, Alt*., the C.P.R. Is to glv
eaeh resident . I the lown, who has' Ihmiiniou day and showed the ua-
to move to obviate the possibility ol Uv" °' *■**■ •>"* a thing or two
disaster Irom Turtlo mountain „ site'"' athletic*. Sid swept everything
Irec in the new lownslte, and thc l»'<*'re him In the Caledonian spurts,
government will distribute $50,000 to j,k' *'M ""™* •« the hundred yard
assist in moving buildings, or to ""*• flrrt '» *• 'lauding broad
Inild new houses in eases where   the' JumP. *"»»   '■ **• «** i""*.     »»*
present buildings cannot be moved.    .Iirst to    "» toP- »**P ** >wnV- ***
__ I us.il to live ia Moyie, ana, even     in
Pseserv ng    pint-apples at, Uw Fink  those days was Uie champion marble
Mercantile Co.
Dr. Miles, accompanied by Mr. Leslie llojrrtson, of thc ResiMe.Murpby
stall, left for Itegina oa Monday
night, where both had relatives. Mr.
Robertson's sister's name appeared
among tbe list ol those injured ami
Dr. Miles was auiious to obtain information regarding bis relat ves, nl
whose safety er otherwise he could
learn nothing here.
C. C. S.
$8.50    shoes    al    $1, 35.-
Iir. and Mrs. J. II. King have returned Ir. m ao'enjoyable visit to ths
coast cities. Included in their trip
wa. a visit to Prince Rupert. Dr.
Klag .peaks mthusiu.tlcally of thc
dee&ts el this trip. Ile says the
■carry m route l. unsurpassable and
tn years lo come will undoubtedly
attract thousands ol sightseers trom
all parts of the world. Prince Rupert is building -up apace and, in Dr.
King's opinion will, in the near luturc, be the handsomest city on the
Pacific coast.
Fresh canteloupes, pineapples, cherries, etc., at Ward and Harris.
Tbe Calgary Industrial and agricultural annual exhibition was opened
last Saturday by Sir Richard Mcllride In thc presence nl a large
crowd. In a lew well chosen words
Premier McBride declared Uw exhibition formally opened. Alluding to
lhe honor which bad lately been bellowed iipm hlm he said Ihr honor
belonged to Western Canada ami lie
was the fortunate individual whom,
Ma majesty had thus singled out lor
a recognition ol Ihe Importance ot
(Ma part ol the empire.   At the eon-
player in thc school. Now be is alter
bigger game, and lrrrn his latent el-
forts it will bc seen that be is making good.
All odds and ends ol crockery one
hall prlce-C.C.S.
A new real estate office has been
opened in town. Messrs. C. N. t'or-
win and M. L, Bruce compose this
new firm, which wiil be known as
the Corwin-Bruce Investment company. Tbey have secured the premises on Hanson avenue formerly occupied by R. Campbell and have had
same very tastefully lilted up. Mr.
Corwln was formerly engaged iu Uw
mercantile business at Sand Paint,
Idaho. Alter a visit to Cranbrook
district, be was so favorably impressed wllh this section thai he decided to locate in this city and engage in the n-al estate bus ness witb
hi. partner, Mr. Bruce, lurmerly of
Vancouver. Both will move tlieir
families here in the course of a lew
weeks aad erect homes tor Uinnsel
ves. The trchard lands in this district will be tbeir speciality and
they will shortly be placing a large
tract, on the market.
Preserving raspberries
next  week.. Leave   your  orders eai
as the crop  is short.—Campbell   and
Save yourself time, worry and
expense by taking ndvuntnge of
buying your wasli dresses reudy
lundo. We have n splendid
range of neat, smart Dresses
suitable for house und afternoon
wear. You will find nearly anything you're looking for, priced
ns low ns .*■".'.on uud up as high
as t'l'i nn iu silk materials.
Millinery Bargains
I'nusuiil prices prevail in this
department.   Vou may obtain a
siiiurt Now Hal lor almost a
shadow of the original price.
Then- is left yet« good selecliou
of Slia|»'S ami also Tiimui.il
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothin*. Stores
and 3 Lots, on Armstrong Ave.,
Choice Location. .
is the only logical place in this town
to build your new home. In Iht " WHITE ADDITION " within
■ taw minutes' walk ol Baker Street, on Armstrong Avenue.
No batter situation. Call and let us show you this property.
All lots ploughed and levelled.
$200 per Lot.    Easy terns.
I Inly ii few Iota lett, so ml .illicitly
The appointment ol lion. Oeorgo
IVrley as acting prime minister limine; the absence ol lion. II. I.. Borden, who is shortly going to Kog-
Isnd, provides Canada wilh its lint
niilliimairc head and its Iirsl American-born prime minister. Not only is
acting Premier I'erley AincrloarHiorii,
but * careful search if Uw records ol
nnd cherries
Wr. I'erley has ever taken out liritisli |   FURNISH,-*')  HOUSE to let   t..r
'y,iialurali>atinn.    Rvcn it hs bad   tafc-,«"*«'  m>   Burwell avenue.     Apply
,     „   , „       llov ll, Herald onlce. at-lt
en  out naturalization pius-is in Can- '
ada Is. would he regarded  as a Brti- ~~'
i ,    . ti_.      !_ .   <>-   a       i> Straved    bay mare came   lata my
isli sulMcct   only in Canada.    II    nel ,      ■     _ "j        .        ,        ..'
' pl.ee at   Wardner    la early   spring.
went lo Kngland hi. Ci.na.lian nat..r-|()w|K,r ,„ay h,vo amt b, ,,„,,„,. Il)t
aliwition  would cease to luvc      any this ad. and ber lamp.—Arthur Lund.
cii.-ci nnd under Uni licit sh law-     ho Wardner, III'. 'li H
would be regarded as a citizen ol the
•he    slate Ull. lo    .bow that Iku. C. (.'. S
Ijiiteil States. The Incident. Is uiiiiiuc
in Canadian history.
Ucklo   18.00    shoes    st   Js.JS.-
v7ANTE!).-A competent maid tor
general housework. Apply to Mrs.
Oeo. A. Leilcs after .lone 21th. J*-tl
KOR SAI.n.-Haby carriage J7.00,
Apply Dos 9, Herald ofllce.       U-tl* TBE  CHASBROOK  HEBLDA
News of the District
(By Fred Roo.)
And July ttli will come around
In terrible ascendance
Anil the Yanks will shoot each other
Observing independence.
Don't    wait   until   ynu   get bald-
headed belore you liegin swatting the
lly.    Do it now.
Manager Young, ol the Merchants
Hunk, Lethbridge, Mr. Downer anil
Mr. Kent were Tobacco Plains visitors last week end.
A Winnipeg man lived lor years
with a silver spoon in his stomach.
He no ihautrt was horn with one in
his mouth ami swallowed it In liis
Instead of worrying about the high
price ol flour and meat. Pass the
strawberry shore cake please.
.lim Thistlebeak, Elko's celebrated
tenor singer, is to sing at the grand
opbra house, Fernie, Dominion day.
"Ilrinpi Me Back My Father's Grindstone or I Shall Slay Thee" and
"I.ocki-d in the Stable wit* the
Ward, who sells dirt tor gold dollar* in CranfUrook, and several capitalists, motored down to Roosvile
ami Toliiccn Plains this week,
II. was so Imt in Klko last week
the photos on Uk- walls began to
it. (I. Cummlngs, London, England,
was in Klko this week uml left,   lor
Oranbrook    where    he   might   visit
. Mends for a short while.
Mrs. ('. Dobbs, ol Taber, Alta., is
camping out on Riverside avenue for
several weeks,
A big crowd ol pionieers came In
Irom the Pass towns l>iaiiininn day.
A. Cummings, P.L.S., Ferule, had
several parties from Winnipeg anil
Calgary looking over bis InUt tracts
north of Roosvillc.
Mr. McKcnty, superintendent (lol
the II. and II. d.-parlnicut, Cran
brook, ami Mr. Brown, resident engineer, were visiting the best town
on tbe Crow Ibis week.
Mrs. At.liott.and lamlly arrived in
Fernie from Ireland, and left for
Gateway, where Mr. Abliolt inlc.nl-
g. ing intofthe dairy business.
Tis- 101 Ranch pulled Into Klk,
last Thursday, but Chiel ol Police
Oorniuri refused to let tlu-m unload
He told the management he had all
the gun lighters, Indian raiders and
1.1 ..li.iu. twisters he could manage Until lie got more help. He, however,
allowed Chiel l'ain ill-tiie-Kiice and
(lenera, Cossockcntheplagbatski to go
up town to. buy some supplies lor
their hands.
Tommy Youabt, oa old Fort Steele
resilient in the , n neties, now id V'.ur-
eka, was in Klko last Friday, .lusl
Ibe same Tom.
Frank Derosiers, ol Fort Steele,
passed through Klko wiUi a big
bunch ul horses he is taking through
tn Alberta.
Captain Dean, nf South African
fame, was an Klko visitor this week
driving <,iit with Mr. .1. M. Agnew to
his South CreeV ranch company Iruit
Sid O'Keele, tbe millionaire gambler, and several ol his Wall street
friends, are chasing the elusive ami
gamey trout at the Hock Creek
Mr.    Wilkinson,   Mr. C. M       I'd
wards ami Mr. C.   McNah, ol Waldo
were Klko visitors thi* week,
'Tis sweet to love, but oh bow   bitter
To love » girl and lo not get her.
Iluy her   a box   ul   Roosvillc straw-
And you'll get her every time.
We are pleased to announce that A
.1. Carter, chiel engineer ol thc
North Star Lumber company, Elko,
who Is at the St. Eugene hot pit.il
is getting alone fine, due to thc optimistic views he takes ol things in
Chict .I Police M. florman was
called to Fernie tor the Dominion
day celebration. Whenever there's
anything doing in Uie I'ass tbey
nave Io get thc 'Moguls Irom Elko
lo keep order. It might sound Irish
but it's a laet.
It has been suggested and also reported that we have been requested
to write the llle ol W. It. Ross, min
inter of lands. Laura -lean l.llihy
and (Lillian Russell are both anxious
lor a line on llalot llox Dili, the
hero ol South' East Kootenay, and as
we   have   known    lllll since he was
knee high to a grasshopper and
'ought, for him trom Soda to Hook,
wc are going to supply the dope until he becomes premier ot B.C. lly
that time we expect ta lie in the
cabinet ourselves.
There was an nwtul swtiahble in
Elko this week, bul don't- say 1 told
yotl, The lady was out calling and
Mi. Man arrived home earlier than
he was supposed to do and tlu- wife
a little late with the lunch, was
opening up a can ol tomatoes with
his razor, ami holy suffering cats, If
•ks like one ol the' two will visit
Reno, lhc jumping oil place. Holy
mackerel, who would have thought
It In Elko—the bridesmaid's pnra-
ilfse.    Cough up and look pleasant.
(Special correspondence).
Miss Verio Martin, who has been a
stiMlent at St. Anne's Academy,
Victoria, for thc pasl year, returned
I. her home last Tuesday alternoon,
lo spend the vacation with her patients.
Mr. Jark Powell, ol the saw mill
stall, was a visitor in Fernie last
Mr. Win. Barc'ia.', ttavcllcr lor thu
C.N.P.L. Co. is in town this week
ou business.
Mr. 'I've, who has been employ.il on
the Kootenay Central grade for tbc
pasl eighteen mnntlis, lelt last Wednesday tor Calgary, where be bas secured another goml position, the
work on this branch being now near-
Ing completion.
Miss Florence llerric is in Lcth-
hridge this week visiting her mother,
who. is recovering Irom an operation
iu the general hosuilal at loth-
Miss llaa-1 Lund spent a lew days
nf last week in Cranhrook.
Mr. Middlcton, the horticultiirise,
ol Victoria, was in town a lew days
ago on business. t
Mr. Alfred .lohnson lelt on Monday
morning, of this week fur a couple ol
weeks vacation in Spokane. He was
accompaniitt by Mr. Magoon.
A number ol the hoys Irom town
drove to Man stic on Sunday to   see
the ga    i.l hall bet wen     Manistee
and Camp N. Belli games end.il In
Manist.'c'.s favor, the seore lor the
fust game being tl to 7 and tor the
second 12 In 4.
Mr. II. E. Lal'ointc lett last Friday morning I.r a visit to his old
homo in MiSinocet, Maine, alter an
aliseiice ol seven years.
Mr. Win. Barclay lelt on Tuesday
lor a visit with relatives and Iricnds
in Prince Edward Island., Mr. Barclay has not virited the oid home-tor
over twenty years.
The holiday was quietly olwerv.il
In town, all work and places ol business living closed tor lhe day.
Last Friday was "lag day" in
town and tbc girls are to he highly
congratulated on their success, as
JIM was contributed wbieh, with
what bus already been promised,
fiillv pays oil the debt on the Wardncr Presbyterian church.
The Sunday school picnic held last
Saturday nn Mrs. Donahne's farm
across the Kootenay river was largely attended and was- greatly enjnyeh
by all present, Tbe cool weather
enabled IU' children In thoroughly
alloy the many spurts which hod
been provided lor Hum.
The Gladstone company played In a
well lilliil house In llu- l.llrary hall
last Tuesday evening. The littlo
Gladstone sisters, also Miss Edna
Randall, tlio noted concert ami ly-
ceiim entertainer. The entertainment ol the Gladstone company appeals particularly tu tlie women and
children, as it is novel, amusing,
clean ami Instructive.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Sheppard spent
Tuesday with Iricnds in Cranhrook.
home on Ibe stage, and .while lie
does not claim nny great histsonic
powers, yet, he is cotisiilcml a Itiir
actor; his supporting cast is all that,
money will procure. The pul'lic. «'HI
not only witness a pleasing per-
loriuancc, hut will have tlie opportunity ol seeing lliv "Grand Old
Man nl the  King" [or the last time.
Robert Fitasimmons wus horn in
Holston, Cornwall, Juno l, 18(13.
First appearance at Tinnmi, New
Zealand, in Jem Mace's competition,
which,he ih-lcutcil [our men, winning Hie aiiuit'fiu' championship ol
New Zealand. Next, year, same
competition, ilelcai.il live men,
among lliem Herbert Slatlo, (tin-
Maori.) other not dated Australian
performances are as follows:
.Mm Crawford, 3 rounds; ... Bill
Sliiven, 7 rounds, Sturlight, tl
rounds; Arthur Cooper, .'i rounds;
Jack Murphy, s rounds; Brlnsmcad;
2 rounds; .luck flrmilrci', 3 rounds;
Diek Sumhill, I ' rounds; Conway
Kiddle, 4 round.; Kugor, 2 rounds.
IK8fl, December 17, defeated Dick
Ellis, New Zealand, at Sydney, 3
I mm, February 10, lost lo .lim
Hail, Sydney, -I rounds. May 21*, de-
fenti'd Billy McCarthy, Snn Francisco, tl rounds. .June 2S, knocked
out .Arthur Upbuilt, New Orleans, i
I Mil, January 14. Knocked out
Jack Dempsey, New Orleans, Ll
rounds, lor world's middle-weight
fluimpinuship. April 2k, knocked out
Aflic Cough', Chicago, 2 rounds. May
I, defeated   Black Pearl, Minneapolis,
1 rounds, duly 22, Minnesota Athletic club, forfeited 13,000 on account
nt inability to bring oil match   with
lim Hall, at St. Paul.
1802, March 2. Knocked out Peter
Maliar, New Orleans, 12 rounds.
April 30, knocked out .lames Kara).,
Newark, 2 rounds. May 7, knocked
out .lie Godfrey, Philadelphia, 1
round. May 11, knocked out .Ierry
Slat/lory, New York, 2 rounds. Sep-
teniler 5, knocked out Millard -/.culler, Anniston, Alabama, 1 round.
1803, March 8. Knocked out .lim
Hall, New Orleans, I rounds. March
25, knocked out   Phil Mayo, Chicago
2 rounds. May 30, knock.il out Warner, Baltimore, 1 round. Scnleiiihcr
defeated Jack Hlckey, Newark, 3
1804, June 17. Draw with Joe
Clmynski, Boston (police Intcrlcrrcd1)
5 rounds. July 28, knocked out
Frank Kellar, Buffalo. 2 rounds.
September 20, kiioek.il out Dan
Crecdon, New Orleans, 2 rounds.
inns, April 10. Knocked out Al
Allisb, New Orleans, 3 rounds.
180U, February 21. Knocked out
IVIer Maher, near Langtry, Texas, 1
round. December 2, lost on foul
ni Tom Sharkey, San Francisco, 8
1897, March 17. Retained the heavy-
Mr. Robert Fitzsimnions and Miss
Maynelle llarnes supported by an excellent east,- in thc tour act drama
"A Fight For Love," Is thc confrng
al 1 ract lien at the Auditorium theatre
Saturday, .Inly 13th. This play was
written hy Hal Reid especially lor
Mr. Fitzsiiniiions nnd while It Is intense uml thrilling in theme and
dramatic situaeinns there ia nothing
which savors ol brutality which I*
otl.li attrkiiul.il to prize lighters. Mr
FltKslmmnns has lain belore the
public many years uml Is naturally at
Tiwm Mama
IIMOM Mfl Mill IS ■
rjittcMff MCtrtaln ml   .        . ..--   -.-  —
Scientific American.
A hMdmrrir HiMntr-1 wr-rtlr. l-anr* dr
- ulitlon of any a. n-nnii.- i-njnu.l. Imm Cut
1'anMta. Hit k J*U, iMMUtie prr-Mld.   N-ltl Ly
Mah** Short Work of
D-fp-Mtttn) tr-d •pparrntly It-opr-lni cum of
BcUliea, Luml*i*o. Gout Neural-fU awl all other
Rheumatic Kftiw-J-f. Like an an-fH of mercy It
Kuirivm insunt reiVf toate-»fon*km.*tllTmrB.
mm OM*m from both of uanr awl fnr » ywi
bu been caring man. woman and children for
whom there •ortne-J no help. Juit a few bottles
have carod ctM of from St) to CO > rsiV duration
and today it aianda unrivalled aa a quick, aafa and
ftbaolutelr rrilable trmtment for all uric acid dli-
ooatea, waak liMneri. ttt    Uts.MUrl.t-* tie of
l*wUf\ Ifi, Ibtmllt Umiy
•nd your Sato, at nni-.-.l.,t your run- tod...
M HWW b» AbfeH am.. 711 H, DautomK,
GkieMav UL, If rear dnuralat do*. r..i hav. H.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co.
| East Kootenay     |
Butcher Co. 1
®        HEAT MAHKET •
•        ——— »
® Dealers In g
® Fresh nml Cnre.1 g,
Moats. rn
Ponltry, Uamo nn-1 Fish ®
* iu Benson. ®
5   ®
®        GIVE   UH   A   TRIAL |
I East Kootenay
Butcher Co. •
•     The OM P. Wood's     2
■ Br-sine-s. S
•• ® • a Ifitt a c ® 9 a <s> *®
Semi-ready Suit!
■t IIS end 139
T 00K lot the pile*—ind Matt—iiwa
In tin jiockit— ■Iwiri tbt nun,
Aik you Clothier tnd wad lot ity It
book and unpli of" Kim's Own"
■trfestf.il. lend Jiiei-tloSetoI-trldy,
tlmltfd, WoDi'-ail. loi book •mltlifd
"llil" II'ymi cannot |tt It lo town.
•™*fnill QiUgrtug
G. Pred Johnston, Fcrufu, ll. C.
weight ('Hiiinjiiiinsliip ot iht* world by
knocking out James J. I'tnbHt at
('arson City, M rounds,
18(H), Juno ». Ust tV hoavy-
wd^ht o.Hunpiotisliip of tlio wotW by
drfi'at at tho Imn-tts of Jurticw ,1. Jeffries, Coouy Islantl, 11 rotimbi. October 28, knocked out Jed Tbom, 1
mnn, torch 27. Knocked out Jim
Daly, in I liih.tlcl|i.ii,i. 1 round, April
80, knockol out Oub Uiiblln, New
York, (I rounds. August 21, knoclieil
onl Tom Sharkey, Coney Island, 2
* * ft t 4> * ft ft t> # * ft # *
* THK »
* 4
«     Columbian     »
* *
**t) ie a guaranteed pulley. Tliat is, ***.
.I*, Hittiflfnctlon in guaranteed in every ^
*i respect.   Tlio *.
t Nelson Iron Works*
^ Has an ever increasing stock. *
*, Write them for particulais. _
•7 4 444 4 44444 44 4
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Bath..   'I'lione in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly op-to il.le.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
OEO. P. WKI.I.H, Proprietor
B. TOHKIN, Msnsgar
Ifynii romp tt
eipret.   to    Im*
i-IIP-I.     It    tltlllTH
m-1 tu run .run.
I'nW-* 1 know
that 1 inn 1110*
>uu I will not m-
ivpl yuur (•■«•.
uml in fvcry in-
MtHiiif I trrnt Iiy
DUt   OKU  oriftfllMl
-iilvatHfil und
NrfpuiiHi*  mt-
SperaafarrhMi. Orgaik Weakiew.
Last Vlgar. Varkacclt. Hydncek, Cm-
traclri Dlwr-Jera, S^cllk lltet Paitae.
Piles aal   Strklerti — restoring all
affect til orsanH tunormal and healthy
action in the ehorteel poeiible fpace
,,l Urn.
I'oii.iillnlinn uiiil iMtrnetiv. I*mkk-I It**
lit ..tlii.orl.y mall.
Fnr a  License to    Tabs   aad   Use
that .lonallun W. Innocent, cl Fort
Steels, H.r., will apply lor a license
to take aatt use 200 acre leet ol
water out ol unnamed spring snd
slniigli which Hows ii a southerly direct ton through T. I- 31223 aad
sinks N. ol Ut 8112, near Fort
Steals. The water will lu diverted
at .southerly end ot .lough and will
I*, used lor irrigation purposes oo
Hie land described as lota 1M2 and
7218, Oroup Om, and to store some
in reservoir 1 sere by Ave teet deep
al point of diversion.
I liis notice was posted oa ths
ground on tbe 10th day ot -lune,
IHU. The application will be fllcd
in the office ol the Water llreorder at
Objections may be Med with the
said Water Kecorder or with the
Cisnptrotler ol Water Rights, parliament Iluildings, Victoria, B. C.
•lonalhan W. Innocent, Applicant.
hy W. F. Ourd, Agent. 24-5t
Fnr a    License   to  Tike   and Use
Ihat .lonathan W. Innocent, ol Fort
Steele, B.C., will apply for a license
to take and use .OH cubic test per
second ol water out ol unnamed
spring and slough which Rows In a
southerly direction through T. I..
Nn. 34222 aad stalls N. ol lot 811!
near Fort Steele. The waler will he
.liveried at southerly end ol slough
and will be used tor domestic purposes on the land descrUml as lot.
8112 and 7211, Group 0a*.
This nodes waa posted     oa   ths
ground on the 10th day ol June, |
1912. The application will lie lili-il;
in rAc office ot the Water Mcconler j
at Cranbrook. j
Objections    may be fllcd    with the
Water Recorder or with the      Conip-1
(roller ol Water   Rights,   Parliament
Utilldlngs, Victoria, Ii.C.
.lonalhan W. Innocent, Applicant.
by W. I'. Kuril, Agent. 24-51
Cranbrook     Lodge,
fte No. 84
gemML      A.F. 4 A. IL
rKSBKES*   ltcgulur mooting, on
,vlM8@R.      the   third   Thursday
P**y ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peek, Secretary.
Okesuicnt Liiihik Nu. H-'l
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meet,   every   Tueidsy at 8 p.m. ,at
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. Jones, C. C.
J. H. lioyes.K. ol R. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Tlm Leading IliiBiness College
of the Norlliwuut
Where young peoplo ean receive
a thorough liiiHiui-B* training.
Ih in *e**ioii twelve months In
the year.
No entrance examination*,
Itont.l and room at very reiiBon-
lll'le tales.
We H.'e.iire ponitiotiB Ior our
Our new bonutilully illustrated
catalogue sent fiee upon request.
Write for il NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
let .* Mn.liei.ii      ■       Sl'OKANK
Meets svsry Mondsy
tilght at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows oordlslly invltsd.
IL J. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Seo'y.
Meets first and    third Wednssday.
ia each month.
A  cordial reception eitendsd     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lst to lieccnibsr 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe-W. H. Harria.
No. II. I
Meets every second sad  fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Hsbekabs cordially Invltsd.
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Deattic,   Rec. Sec.
Meeta In Carmen's Hall Second snd
Fourth Thursdsy ol each month at I
p.m. .harp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. I'carron, Sec., Bos 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's 11.11 Drst sad
third Thursday ot each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chict Itaager.
Visiting brethren made welcome..
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month ai 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger,        W. C. Crebbln
Pres. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
•   Sunday morning service at 11 I
1   Sunday   evening    write   at''
IM o'clock
Sunday     School   sad    Bibts
Class at I o'clock
Presbyterian   fluild, Tuesday,!',
at I o'clock *
Baptist Church;
! Pastor, H. S. Speller.
i Parsonage, Norbury Anaus.
i 'Pkoas, lit. P. O. Box M7.
'    Regular Servlce.:-Ssnday, II'.
a.m. and 7.11 p.m.; Si.Is, .
i School with Yousg Ladtsa'. i
. Phllstasa aad Youag Msa's < >
i Bible Class, I p.m. *
Mooter,   Yousg Peoples',   I
WsdaetdsT, Mld-Wsek Mwtfsg, i
A cardial   Christina wdeoos <
to an.
Pruiil.nt: T. li. Qui,
Hecratary: 8.' Macim.nai.i.
For information regarding land, i
i and  agriculture   apply   to the
> Hecrslary, Cranhrook, ll. 0.
* Meetlns-
Kvery .eeon.l VYedneerisy
Builder and
Septic TnnkB ni.il Concrete
Work p-ouenilly n
;; Estimates   Freely  Given.',',
P.O. Box 346
Cranbrook, B.C.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olliee over Oranbrook IVrug ami Book
Co'*. Store
Telephone "tnn
P. O. Box 37
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Krencli -eculatnT. never UU*,. Tliese
pills nro L'SCi-crliiiKlv puwuf.ul la leRlilatins tlie
Ki-uerativi* pcrti-m if Ihc lem.ili* system. Keliiw
all che.ip liiiitattim*.. !>'• «*• ▼■•'• are sultt at
th* hox. or three '.irli». Mailwl to any -nWi«n.
Tbc Ivtsb-jU I>r«g Co.. 81.« *.lliar|n-.». *»nt
Fur sale nt llealif.  Murphy A Co.,
Oppo.it. C.l'.ll. stuii.iii
THE    PLACE    TO     ORT    A
Heu'liiiinrters for nil kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Frank Provenzano
Oanaral Marahanta
Employmant Aganta
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
P.t. 80IIM mMII 144
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable term..
Physicians and Surgeons.
OIHos at RoldMos, Armstrong  tvs.
Forenoons • • - • (.tt) to 1D.IK)
Alternoon. - • ■ 1.00 to   4,00
Evenings • - • • 7,10 to   0.90
etuvdsys - - - - 3.50 to   4.00
ORANBROOK :i    II    H    II    ■, 0,
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing;  send
tt to
Special prices lor lamlly work.
Bncrsnar lo F. T. P. I'Kltlir
White Leghorns
Well known lor
I To keep up the .tan.ina i* Ihu
I greatem |,i«blem ol the hrccdur.
,., EOU8 MEAN I'ltOFIT j
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
7 to   0 p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
CIIANIIHOOK        -      -      - B. 0.
Cranlirook anil Fort Steele
iwitUTioN ENameei
'?i.°«8 Cranbrook. B.C.
Norhury Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone 233
Night Phone 350
B. C. land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
For lainily use tliere is nothing
*,» wholesome and so pure a*
W. tt Basllr. ruisral Dln.M
Cranbrook B.C.
Phone olli
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 2511 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
rescrlbed and recommended tor women's ailment., a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result from their use Is quick aad
pcraiasiat. For sab at i
I (2.(0 per 15) 17.0(1 per .in; 112.00 I
per 100, t'00|ier 1,000,
Oowlchsn, V. 1.
H. E. HALL. D. D. S.
Crown anil Bridge Work
a specialty.
Olliee over F, Parks lliinlwnri-
Store. Bilker Street
Phone No. 21H)
J. 0. Mitchell
Game Heads, Birds, Rugs, Fish
O.rrless lull .lock ol
Repair, lor shovs alwaya
In .lock
Electric Restorer for Men
vim and vllalilT.  Pr»BalVMf.dfjj>. Tot .11 t*W..*|
wa.knea* .varied .1 mc*. W.*pa.a.l «lll
make vou * nm in... P,k. IS* bo*, or l». lor
IV   MallHli.ai.ya.ldrM*.   n>Sa*M.UDra*
Por oils at SattClkarphT Co., Ltd.
Impnrlnl I. Ih. or'Klnnl hmImI psekrl.
Iraa Hatton A Hon*, Ik. King'. Hml.Di.-ii,
Rndlss, Inglasd. 8*«d lor eualoaw.
A. J. WOODWARD, Sola Agatat
As an
Ocean Port
"As an ocean port ALBERNI will compare most favorably with Portland and San Francisco."—From Official Bulletin No. 24.
Read That Twice
Think of what this (act alone menus to ALBERNI, situated as sho ia on the WEST
const ot Vancouver Isliinil H to 24 miles nearer Australia, the Orient niul the PANAMA
OANAIi than is Vancouver.
The largest vessels
not excepting monsters of the ''Titanic " class - can easily dock
Ami in a very few yeara vessels of this size WILL lie steaming up Altierui caual to
Canada's most Western port.
Bridge to the Mainland
Vaneoiivur Islam! will soon tin connected by bridge with the mainland. Then mails,
express, freight mid passengers from foroign ports will be transferred at ALBERNI to the
transcontinental trains of the C, P. It, and the'Canadian Northern, and start their Eastern
journey over ten hours sooner than tliey now do.
Predicts West Coast Metropolis
Not long ago a prominent raiway official—in close touch with Vancouver Island and her
future—predicted that a W EST COAST FORT, and not Victoria, will be the future metropolis of Vancouver Island.
And when you stop to think of it, why not ?
Such a port—and ALBERNI Is thc only one possible. It is on easier and nearer
harbor for ocean going vessels than is Victoria. Vessels entering Alberni canal and harbor
do not have to pass dangerous Cape Flattery or go through the treacherous straits of Joan
de Puca.
You Should Act To-day
ALBERNI offers you an opportunity you should not overlook.
Soon prices will be higher and your chance will be gone. A handsome booklet on
ALBERNI will bo freely given to you on request.   Ask for one to-day.
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cranbrook's public school closed
last Friday lor the summer holiday..
The youngsters w II enjoy severs!
weeks' vacation, resuming their studies on August Mlt.
Below will he found a long list ol
prumotinns and rolls nt tinner:
Ilencial proficiency—llngimlil Snins
Itcgiilarit)' and punctuality— Done
la. Final...
Deportment—Robert Iturch.
rrnniolcd From .tumor Fourth     •!.
Senior Fourth t
K.'Oiml.l Salnsbury.
Frances Noble.
Ila'.-I Taylor.
Willie Iron.
IVIln Dow*.
Hollo .liihnson.
Willie teaman
Mnrlnn Leit.-li.
Flounce I'ren.
Olive Dow.
Albert l.ainie
nulls lllckenlHiihain
Mt-lford Carson.
Iviln Urt-avcK.
Irme Elmer.
ll.ir.lon Wallinger.
Il.lllie,   Moffat I
Harriet Moflatl.
Mabel Turner,
(liltnrd McNabb.
Aithur Dutch. I
On Trial'
Erlr Spence.
Douglas Finniss.
Vera llradwln.
Ihibert Pye.
Pleasant Ilinklcv
Until OUI.
Merritt Leask.
Ilainslord Parks.
Minn Carson.
Dora Pye.
Edward Hannah.
Harry Doris.
Bcrnodctte Doric.
Roy Musser.
I'hillp Rriggs.
Cclia Carson.
Norma Moser.
Russell St. Eloi.
Bertha (lill.
Promoted    From Intermediate Third
tn Senior Third Reader.
Art*. Mcnnie.
Lottie Moore.
Hindi's Spence.
Agnes Heckle.
t;,.r.t„n Argue.
Hugh Eraser.
Margaret St. Elid.
John Noble.
Doris Wallinger.
Willi,, li.uu.-ls.
11 rem ilie Musser.
Qordea MeKenna
I'ards ol Merit
Deportment—(lladv. Brookes,
•ltunctuallty  and   regularity-Cross
ley Taylor.
Proficiency—Dorothy Mel-ean
llivisiim IV.   Ui Division UL    From
Senior Second lo -tunlor Third.
Dorothy Mcl«an.
Willie  M.'hison.
May Smith.
Armour llrault.
Itoaland Dot.
Msry llarnhardl.
Harold Kay.
Barclay McNeil.
Melville Dalla..
Mai Small.
Hcryl Camemn.
Ilayninad I'arnaby
T.i* Park.
Rosa Tito.
rlari-nee lllckenbolham.
Mllo liriiinniond.
Howard Armstrong.
Mary Malcolm.
• lohn llyslop.
Cards of Merit.
Deportment — Charles Elmer.
Punctuality   and   regularity—Agnes
Reekie and (lordon Taylor.
l'rollelency-Vlgll Santo.
Promoted Prom Senior Third Reader
to .lunlor Fourth Reader.
Vigil Santo.
Orma McNabb.
Charlie Elmer.
I Idea Bridges.
Merle Taylor.
' Arthur Riches.
Elhcl Paraohy.
N..-I Wallingrr.     '
On Trial:
Esthel llradley.
Nettle Rohinann.
Fred Urodley.
Fred Swain.
Prom Intermediate Second In Scalar
Nellie McKerraa.
Mabel McOoWric.
Elsie Taylor.
Honor Roll.
Proficiency-David Watson.
Punctuality     and   regularity—M.b
IVanortnwit—Walter Laurie.
Division  X. lo    IHvtslaa IV. Junior
See.sal to Senior Second.
David Watson.
Ruth Kendall.
Waller Laurie.
Romeo Brault.
Dorl. Salnshury.
Harold Hotlam.
Mah Ring.
Irene Beech.
Lily Taylor.
(I rare Doris.
ErMie Turner.
r*4die Brown.
Lily MeCready.
Muriel Jobaston.
Dewey McNeil.
Ng Wsi Hoy.
.lobu Brake.
Frank Bridgts
Halite Hollander.
Oa Trial I
\ tola Sarvis.
Allen Laoty.
Evelyn Moore.
Hist Reader to Junior Second.
Altai Bratra.
Willie Crawford.
Sam Wblttaker.
Muriel Walllater.
naaay Doalels.
Mary Laeey.
Hugh SirapsoB.
Kdwsrd Rlas.
Ilerlor DnnsMna.
Lily Newsom.
Willred Cadwallader.
Eugene Sutherland.
SMasy Bnthtmhy.
Harry Musser.
Meiba Shaw.
Joseph PatMasoa.
Muriel Raster.
Florence Rutledge.
Dorothy Reed.
Ethel Dow.
Harold Leash.
Arthur Willis.
Ruby Deacon.
Hoaor Roll.
Proltcieacy-Uretts Merit Batble
Regularity - Charlrs Auitla Chap-
larpnrtn.rat--.lota Dow.
Promoted  lo Reader II.
Merle Battrle
Irma Ward.
Drama Argue.
Violet ('ears
Jack Dow.
Mphlne Bennett,
Cecil Reade.
Nina Belaugcr.
Jennie Hopkins.
Faith Kendall.
Winona Stinson.
Thera. Johnson.
Edith Murgatroyd.
Freda Taylor.
Austin Chapman.
Annie Bluyney.
Margaret Morrison.
On Trial.
Christine Carson-
Verne Woodman.
Wilms McNabb.
Iaxmard Innliuiii
Bessie Woodman.
Promoted to Senior Flr.t Reader.
David Reekie.
Everett Williams.
Ilomar Hollander.
Joseph Swain.
Eddie Barnhardt.
Hugh Hannah.
Warren Spence.
QarHeld Taylor.
Harold Kummer.
Charles Clapp.
otto am.
Ella McOoldrlc.
Roy Roblchaud.
Marion Drummond.
Ma Kwong.
Mary Carson.
Kathleen Brown.
Fanny Osrtafde.
Vivian Eraser.
Eric MacKinnon.
Alma Sarvis.
Pearl Pratt.
Barry MacDonald.
Flossie Robinson.
Mabel Findley.
Margaret Laeey.
Edith Couldwell.
Robert Beaton.
Merle Bennett.
Palmer Rutledge.
Mary Barthlnm.
Russell Leask.
Honor Roll.
Proficiency—May Blake.
Deportment-Wlnnlfred Phillips.
Regularity and    pu-ietuallty-Sam
uel Sneers.
Promoted   From Second Primer    to
First Reader. Division V.
May Brake.
Harry Smith.
Mary Moan.
Marion MacKinnon.
Eli/aheth Pigott.
Malcolm Belanger.
Winnie Phillips.
Helm Worden.
Lens Scbtcri.
Donald Dallas.
Herbert Hall.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Edith Cummlngs.
Kaudle Scott.
Norman Watson.
Edna Sanderun.
Samuel Sneers.
Annie Shaw.
Sadie Lucy.
Joe Frost.
Bruce Laurie.
Cyril Selby.
Ray Scott.
Promoted From Second Primer, (Tits
B. lo Class A.
Norman Beech.
Gertrude Parnaby.
Earl Ftaaeney.
Leonard Burton.
Faith Ewin.
Ruth Simpson.
Maud Malcolm.
Freddy Brlggs.
.lira Tito.
Ada MeKenna
!.eaore Little.
Sam Watton.
Irene Mitel.
John Townsend.
Louise Kdsey.
Camilla Tile.
BIM Clapp.
Stanley Moflat.
Jessie Fennessey.
Ivan Drueh.
Rolls ot Honor.
Prohciency-Allred Jollllte.
DeporUnent-flabrh-lla I. Hamilton
Regularity   and   pitrmtiullty-ltope
V. Taylor.
Prom Senior First Primer to Junior
Second Primer, Division VI.
Allied Jnlllflc.
Iran Cob.
O.brlella llamillon.
Gertrude Willi*.
Reive Patker
.lame. Kimball.
Liver   Spots,   Pimples, Dsrk
Circles Under the Eyes.
arc all sign, ol the system being
clogged. The Liver and Bowels are
inactive and the Stomach is weak
from undigested foods aad foul gases.
tbo great fruit remedy, win make
vou feel like a new person.
Winnipeg, June 27, 1911.
After taking   three boxes ot     your
Pig   Pills   for stomach    and    liver
troubles    I feel strong    and welt and
9 to  do my own work.—Mrs,    A.
It. Sautter.
Sold at all dealers in 25 and 50
cent boxes or mailed by The Fig .'ill
Co., St, Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Every Dollar
Of an Ad-Reader's Money
Is Above Par
TlK'Ima Stinson.
Helen Leclerc.
Howard Brogan.
Kathleen Atchison.
Oeorge Couldwell.
Homer A'Uliertin.
Elizabeth Chapman.
John Kirkland.
Charles Musser.
Hnpe Taylor.
William Leask.
Margaret Carr.
Milton Sissons.
Edward Taylor.
Allan Livingston.
Norval Caslakc.
HQordon Woodman.
Leo Frost.
Oliver Cayo.
From Junior First. Primer, to Senior
First l'rliniir.
(lordon Armstrong.
Hlla Kendall.
Patricia McDermot.
Vera Baxter.
John Moltatt.
John A. Ward.
James Logan.
Lena Brogan.
Emma Reed.
Bertie Towascnd.
Donald Morrison.
Christopher Duckerltg.
Kitty Rosindale,
Jeanne Donaldson
l..iwr«nce Newsom.
Richard .(aNnoon.
Dorothy Bassett.
Michael Moore.    ,
Honor Roll.
Proficiency—Mow Mah.
Attendance   and punctuality-Theresa Laeey.
Conduct—Mint Moore.
I'loinoted    From    Class    A.   First
Primer to First Primer.
Mow Mah.
William Guerard.
Isabel Parker.
Margaret Lea*.
Christie Oormely.
Nellie Mcore.
Lloyd Boat.
Thresa Laeey.   .
Hector Herniman.
Leslie Snedden.
Rita McMilan.
F.rma McNeil.
Connie McClelland
Dorothy Leask.
Albert Aubertin.
Archie Itorie.
Annie Laurie.
inner Bernard.
Beatrice Wllltrd.
Kddic Spence.
.leanaic Cayo.
Promoted From Class B. First Primer to Clsis A. First Primer.
Katie Austin
Ruhy Scott
Oeorge Coleman.
Minn Moore.
Richard .Tone..
John Lancaster.
Stanley Krrntall.
Douglas Thomp-we.
Promoted From Class C. F rsf Prim
sr to Clan B. First Primer.
Harold llollings
Gilbert Brault.
HaroM Do*.
Vivian Rummer.
Vera Lister.
Helen McOoldrlc
Marlon Hna1er.au.
John Shaw.
Raymond St. Eloi
Ruhy Litter.
Nr.rah Haley.
Norma Wallinger
Earnest South.
Dorothy Duport.
CHhVird Ftaoeny.
Kathleen Vlto.
Stanley Johnson
Herbert McClelland.
"^ Your dollars vary in value as
they vary in purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
work of two.
Frequently Its Buying
Power is Actually
And the experienced reader of
advertisements will always make
a dollar command a premium —
make it buy MORE than a dollar's worth, as figured on "ruling
prices " of things.
How much " above par" are
the dollars in your pocket worth ?
It will depend on how closely you
study the buying opportunities
outlined in the store ads.
Nearly everybody understands
that a store's advertising, IF BIG
enables it to sell the same things
more cheaply, at a smaller per
sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
New Westminster, Jily 2;—Saturday evening's session closed thc most
memorable conticrftion ol all the sixteen annual gatherings In Uie history ol thc liritisli Columbia Baptists. Tin- convention will lie re
garden* as most important not only
In this province, but In the three other province, within the Baptist Union
of Western Sanoda. All' ol these
have just declared lov a vigorous
forward movement ill educational
work. Alter most careful consideration of tlie whole MKialion the uu
iinitiious ileeisioo ol tile 'cimvcntion
was to full into Hue with the general policy of the easl leading to early
t'.-.talilisheii*nl of a western union
.Meanwhile the British Columbia col
lege at Suniiiierliiud is to carry on as
au extra, a course of ut least two
years' arts until a university ii
The invitation from thc First Baptist church, Victoria, to meet there
lies i year was unanimously accepted
by llie convention. Upon the ro-
coiiimcnidutiuu ul thc committee ol
nominations, presented by Itev. C.
I'. t'uUi&otu, ol Suiiinierlaud, awl oth
er, special nominations, tho following
boards and oflicers were appointed by
the convention:
I'rcsldent-Rev. D. II. West, Jam
lesisi avenue church, Vancouver; vice,
president,   Mr.   C. M.    IVoodworlb
Vancouver;   secretary,    Rev,   F. W.
Alivachc, l'cntlcton.
Representatives were apiioiuteil to
the Baptist Union ol Western Canada
us follows: William Marchant, Dr.
Wolvelton, Mesdames Sp< 11..nl, McLcod and I'erry, itev. C. B. War-
nicn'cr, C. M. Woedwertii, T. B. l.us-
by, llr. McKcchnic, .1. L. Kcckwilh,
William Stephenson, A. J. and D. J.
Welsh, B. Robertson, Dr. Spencer, T.
C Parker and. E. II. Morgan. Alternates: Mrs. William (Irani, Rev. G.
J. Coulter White, U. E. Kendall, M.
E. McLcod, llr. Russell, A. F. Maker, A. J. I'erry, .1. M. Pattulo, Rev.
S. W. King.
llev. II. B. Macllouald presented
resolution, crystalizing sonic of thc
convent-ion's convictions. One was
mi lhc liquor traffic, in wh eh the
.-oiivmlioii stood as uncompromisingly opposed to the manufacture und
sale ol intoxicants as a (leverage,
anil held for local option as tbc best
lii.'ans of securing provincial prohibition.
Another resolution was on moral
and social reform, calling upon all
police commissioners and, thc attorney-general ol the province to use
their power in the cnlorccmmt ol
Us- criminal code ol Canada towards
closing all segregated districts. The
same resolution protesting vigorously
against tbc low wages some employees are paid whereby many young
people are tempted lo Ihc liie ol
Resolutions were.passed expressing
tla- warm appreciation ol thc convention ol Ua- splendid service reli-
ilcritt the cause by Rev. Mr. Mc-
Ewni, Itev. I)r. W, P. McDcrmid, C,
S. Stevens, Rev. D. II. Ilnrkncss anil
ttie late Mr. John MorUui.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.'10 p.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Hiiild Tuesday 8 p.m.
Mis. Kh-i-ncr wil sing at the opening service.
Mcinls'is of the local Orange lodge
will attend the evening service in a
Mrs. E. II. McPhee is visifing ber
sister at Carstalrs, Atla.
All odds and ends ol crockery one
hall prlce-C.C.S.
Rev. W. Kelinan Thomson and Mrs.
Thomson have moved into the
County Court Judge Thompson is
leaving this week end on a trip to
Minneapolis, Ottawa and Montreal.
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Cranst.in leave
lor Victoria tomorrow, where Ihey
will spend their vacation.
J. Henderson, principal nt the
King   Edward    high school, Vancou
ver, anil 1.. J. Bruce, ol Fertile, arc
In town conducting the high school
entrance examinations.
Miss Wellinnn's music classes will
enjoy a two months vacation, reopening In tbe first week tn September,
Tne prize Hghl gt Fernie on Honi-
nion day between Carver and Mul-
lius, resulted in victory for Carver
in the thirteenth round.
Mra. W. 11. Wilson and Mrs. I>. C,
Johnson have gone down to the
province 61 Quebec, where Ihey will
spend the summer months.
Work is well under way on Jim
Hates' new hotel al Hull Itiver. Ex-
•avntions (or the liusement, are completed ami today tlie material lor
ihe structure was shipped out from
Mrs, (Ieo. Hoggarth ami ber two
hoys, accompanied by Miss Wellman,
lelt for Vuiicuiiucr today, where, they
will enjoy a slay uf Irom lour to six
weeks. ,
; Hazel Fleener, pianist, con
trallo soloist and reader, will give
mi entertainment in Knox, Presbyter*
ian church on Monday evening, July
Uh. Miss Fleener is a graduate ol
the Teachers and Players Conservatory cl Music, Minneapolis, and is a
highly cultivated entertainer.
The Methodist church Sunday
School are holding their picnic today, about two miles from town out
on llu,- prairie. Thc children were
taken from the church in automobiles.
Last night the Gladstone girls pro
.'Hl.il a somewhat novel but decidedly
good cntcrca iiment at, the Auditor
lum. These young girls arc remarkably clever gymnasts and gave
an entirely pleasing, performance
Oeorge Barr McCutchcou's "Beverly ol Qranstark," wii be tbc next
big attraction at the Auditorium, the
performance being 'slated for Monday,
July 15th.
It is, practica.ly assured now that
an early start will be made on tliu
Mhi's club gymnasium and swimming
lank. Thc .present gymnasium will
be moved ucross thu road and cuu
sidcrably enlarged, tbe swimming
tank will be constructed, below Uw
Colonel Pompelly, ol Portland, Ore.
has 'been a visitor in town this week.
Tin.' colonel owns claims near Marysville and is a well known old timer
in these parts.
W. F. (IiikI, president ol the board
ol trade, bos returned Irom a visit
to Victoria. Whilst in the capital
Mr. Ourd Interviewed Premier Mcllride and Hon. Ptice Ellison .in n-
lerence to the needs ol this district,
impressing upon thc finance minister
the urgency ol .aid lor the tail lair.
He also took up wiln Uie premier
thc question nl more odequaee publicity (or East Kootenay and suggestions lie made arc now receiving
the premier's consideration.
Thc British Columbia act in regard
to extra propincial and unlicensed
companies is lo be lought in thc
courts and eventually carred to llie
privy council. The case ol the Dorse
Ifow company nl Ontaria against tbe
Agnew company, nl Elko, B. C, will
1*' the test case. This was revealed
in .> preliminary application in chambers last week. Sir 0. 11. Tupper for
the Ontario company asked lor a special appointment lor hearing ol
evidence. Mr. Justice Morrison referred it to Justice Murphy, the vacation judge. In reply lo tlie Ontario company's action the Agnew
company contended that tho plaintiff,
are not licensed to do business In
British Columbia. Tbc plaintiff's reply Is tbat they have a. Dominion
charter, whicli they say entitles them
to do business in all provinces irrespective ol provincial nets. Sir C. II
Tupper says thc journey of the case
to the last court is. inevitable.
WANTED.-A nurse maid tc help in
light housework; cook kept. Apply to
Mrs. V. Hyde Baker. 27-tl
Collections.—I*t us collect yonr
eld account.. No charge It we don't
collect.-Ssles Agency and Adjustment Co., Box 316, Cranbrook
B.C, Jl-tl
WANTED.-Slenogrnnher for com
merctal house. Apply with releret-
ces tt Herald ofllce. l-tl
agents wanted. - ii you can The Cranbrook Drug and Book
hustle apply m  writing to   sales (   store is the only place in the
Agency and    Adjustment   ""      ,,"'<
:H6, Cranbrook.
Persons desirous ol having sewerage connection made should apply to
F. Provenzann, P. 0, Box IM or
phono 244, who Is prepared to tender
on the work of excavation and ditching, an-"
IX) RENT.—Warehouse or storeroom space ivt reasonable rates. Furniture, pianos, trunks, buggies,
sleighs, etc., storeil in good dry
Warehouse. App.y at Herald ofllce.
Phone 18. 27-tl
wheeled English cart and single harness; In drst class condition. Apply
Herald ofllce, Box A. 3l-tl*
FOR SALE.-Good saddle pony,
broken to harness. Will also work;
goml horse lor small rancher. Cheap
for cash. Apply Herald olliee, Box
A. 24-tl*
FOR RENT.—Two tarnished rooms;
a I modern cnnilenlences. Apply Herald oflico. 23-tt
FOR SALE.-OIO acres on K.C.R.
with Improvements ami water rights,
going cheap as a whole, or in smaller
lots. Address, J. (>., Herald office,
Cranlirook, B.C.
Editor The Herald.
Sir: I am instructed by the executive committee ol the Twelfth International Geological Congress to re
finest you to draw the attention ol
your readers to tlie meetings of the
year lor the first time in Canada,
congress, which arc to lie held next
The preliminary arrangements arc announced in lhc first circular, a copy
ul winch is enclosed.
Since the first meeting of lhc
congress in Paris' in 1878,^meetings
have been held in Italy, Germany,
England, the United States ot America, Switzerland, Russia, Austria,
Mexico and Sweden. At the. last
congress held in Stockholm in 1010
there was an attendance ol 850 and
it is expected tliat this number wilt
bc exceeded in Canada next year.
Vou will notice that an extensive
series ol excursions arc being arranged to illustrate the typical geology and mineral resources of Canada. These excursions will take
place during August and September
ond wil extend from Cape Breton
and Halifax nn the Atlantic to
Prince Rupert and Victoria on the
Pacific, and Irom* Niagara Falls on
the southern boundary tn Dawson
City near the Arctic circle
Geologists Irom every quarter nl
Ihe globe will attend ila- congress,
and Inr many il will tie their first
visit to Camilla. Tbey will include
professors Irom the leading univeisi
tics and mining schools, oflicers ol
the vorlous government geological
surveys and mining departments, and
geologists and mining engineers in
private practice.
The value nl the annual mineral
output ol Canada has steadily. Increased year by year lor tbe last
thirty years    and is now over
city where you can buy the
Great French Tonic and
Blood Purifier
Qet a Bottle To-day and Tomorrow You'll be Better.
VIGOROL is a French Tonic composed of harmless lagredlenla, compounded by chemists, II ls very rarely youCan Bel a medicine that will
do its work as quickly as VIGOROL
eflects. I'liumatisni can and will be
driven away II you tal* VlflOROI.
It makes you (eel like a new. person
in a lew days. Are you not lecling
yourself'.' Have you that tired, lazy,
'.■cling? Do you lot dizzy? II so,
tliere Is something wrong. Drive it
away by taking VIGOROL. You will
eat and Ii*il better in a lew days. II
you don't, The Cranbrook Drug and
Hook will refund vou your dollar.
VIGOROL will cure all kidney, liver
ami stomach trouble, biliousness and
iii.llg.-st ion, mid tones up the entire
is the first occasion on which Ihe
International Geological Congress
has met here and the opportunity
will not occur again (or many years,
sinfeo thc meetings arc neld triennial-
ly in the dlltcrcnt countries ol tho
Canadian geologists arc fully alive
to the high honor paid them and
their country by thc selection of
Canada Ior thc meeting and they arc
being generously assisted in preparing lor it by the Dominion and provincial governments and by the railway and mining corporations, as
well as by individual business and
professional men, all ol whom are
contributing liberally both money
and time.
Field Marshall, His Royal High-
ness the Duke of Connnmjht, the
Governor-General ol Canada, has
graciously consented
honorary president
I shall he glad tn
tho circular to any of your readers
aPllying lor it anil to give any turtle
cr information about the congr?ss.
It is hoped that you, Mr. Editor,
will be so kind as lo use your influence and interest in making thc
aims, objects, and work ol the
congress known tn the public.
Yours very truly,
W. S. Lccfcy,
Secretary  of    tbe    Executive Committee ol tlie    Twelfth  International Geological Congress.
to become   tho
ol    the twelfth
send a copy ot
Final figures ol the revenue and
expenditure ul Ihe Dominion Ior the
last fiscal year just issued by the
finance department show a surplus ot
$37,834,518 in total revenue over all
Thc surplus conies within 11,000,
000 of paring every item ot expenditure on capital account, including
nearly 125,000,000 spent during thc
year on the construction ol the na
tiisial transcontinental railway.
The balance sheet ol assets and liabilities shows an actual   decrease   ot
(153,355 in    thc net debt    ot     the
Dominion as    compared  with      the
close ol the preceeding fiscal year.
The  whole    showing   is  thc mnst
one satisfactory annual   statement ol ad-
hundred  million dollars. Cimskiering, I ministration   in Ihe history ol   Can-
however, thc  known resources      and aihi, and Is a fitting epilogue tn   the
th.-    enormous    territory   whose re-Jong record ol  surpluses tor      which
sources arc
small, ami Canada needs   more    men|W. S. Fielding, was   primarily     rc-
whosc ro*.lone record ol surpluses lor
unknown, this output Is tin- former, minister ol finance, Hon
men Vi
ami more money lor prospecting, ile- rnonsiblo. The total revenue Ior
velopment and operation. Tnis She the year was 1130,130,857, an in-
can best secure by attracting, not crease nl over 818,500,000, as com
the general public, but those pcopl?. par?d with tire preceeding twilvo
whose business it is to engage   -  in months.
such Industries and   who  understand    The   total  expenditure   on consoli-
their    management. Geologist,    tnd dated lund   account, was 438,188,304,
mining engineers arc obviously those and on capital account 838,031,748.
best able ii, Influence    opinion       inl   The     principal    items   nl revenue
tlieir own countries oo the subject In were:   Customs, 880,5110,142, and ex-
whicli   they are    recognized author!- else 810,201,061.
ties,.hence    the oppostnnily afforded.   The  surplus is.  nearly   82,000,000
•by thc meeting in Canada ol so many more than the finance minister, Hon.
eminent    specialists    should  not be W. T. White, estimated in his budget.
neglected.    Every effort sttndld      bo statement ot last Februsry.
mode lo show to    Uw world      that    Thc totil net debt'ol the Dominion
while    our known   mineral resources March  31st   last,   was 8330,882,700.
arc large, we have on immense    un- I.iabil lies of   the   Dominion payable
developed   territory awaiting the ad'   in England total 8282,014,270.
vent ol thc trained prospector. Returns nl the revenue Ior the first
Meetings of various geological and two months ol the current fiscal year
other scientific societies have Hern show an increase ol a Utile over 85,-
heM in Canada in thc past, but   this 000,(100, as compared with April and
The Sale is
Still On
Many Money Saving
Opportunities left
for you, but do
delay longer
High Grade Goods
Low Grade Prices
May ol last year.
The revenue for tlw two months
was 821,010,1113, with customs ami
excise again contributing thc most
ol thc total increase.
A nominal decrease nl (1.7,810,028
in the public debt since March .11
is shown, but many large items nl
expenditure are not included in thc
returns furnished tn flic finance department up to May 31.
In the production ol the ordinary
larm crops ct Canada, approximately
40,000,000 bushels of seed arc required annually. In view ot tho
enormous extent to which yiild is
dependent upon thc qual cy and vitality ol the seed sown, it is ol tho
greatest importance,both to thc Individual tanner and to thc nation
that as a much ot this seed as possible be ol a high order.
The widespread efforts which are
lieing put forth in Canada by the
Canadian Seed Growers' association
to encourage a larger probtictian and
more general use ol pure and vital
seed ol productive sorts, is Ihc
subject ol a recent address hy Mr.
L. II. Newman, secretary ot tho
above association, delivered belore
the standing committee nn agilciilturr
and colonization of thy house ol
In this address the speaker traced
the origin and ilevelo|imen. nl the
association and dealt briefly with
the real nature ami extent nl thc
results which are being realized. An
Instructing    exposition ts also given
Raymond 4 Bell Stock Company
Monday, July 8th
"Dollars and Cents."
Tuesday, July 9th
"Thorns and Blossoms."!
I High-class Specialties between each Act
25c, 35c, and 50c
Seats on Sale at Benttie-Mnrphy't Drug Store
Best Dentistry
Reasonable Prices
For tho next 30 ilays I
will give a 10 PER GENT.
DISCOUNT <»> nil work if
yon brine; tli is announcement.
Dr. L. S. Eastman
S&i Zeiglcr Block
N. K eurnrr Klveraf.l. anil Howard
ol the modern conception ol tho
|irinclp,es ol plant improvement and
nl ihc efforts which arc being made
to take advantage ol these principles
iu the amelioration ol our plant rac
es. Finally there is presented the
system ol seed registration and the
recently instituted plan ot inspecting
and sealing all sacks ol seed belore
tbey leave thc premises ol tboBo
growers who grow seed Ior the
trade. This address which la printed in pamphlet Is being distributed
tree by toe publications branch ,ol Uu.
department ol agriculture at Ottawa.
that thc Hritish Columbia Suiithern
Railway Company ct Montreal, Quebec, will apply for a license to take
ami use 2 cublo teet per second ol
water out o* Moyle River, which
flows In a south westerly direction
through East Kootenay and empties
into Kootenay River. Tho water
will be diverted at Yahk and will he
used tor railway purposes on the
laml described a. the applicants
Thi. notice was posted on the
ground on the 12th day ot June,
1012.      Tbe application will, he Bled
in the ofllce ol thc Water Recorder at
Objections may be filial with     Uie
said Water    Recorder or    wlUi tha
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Perils
ment Iluildings, Victoria, B.C.
llritish  Columbia Southern Railway
Company, Applicant.,
by W. K.   Ourd,   Agent., Cranhrook,
B.C. 2151
Uiat Uie   BriUsh Columbia Souther
Hallway Compnny   Intend,   to appl
to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Victoria, llritish Coluranla, tor
Ihial license under part XL    ol    tht
Water    Act,   1000,   ud    Amending
Acts, to clear  and remove obstacles
from    Bull River, In East Kootenay,
Inr thc purpose ol msklng the tune
lit lor rutting and driving lop.
The mapt and plans and particulars
ol the proposed Improvement! and
workt have heen fried with tbe Chict
Water Commissioner, at Victoria
British Columbia, within 20 days
alter the first publication ol this
Dated at Cranhrook, British Columbia, the 17th day ot February,
W. F. Ourd,
20-lt        Solieltot Ice tht Applicant


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