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Cranbrook Herald Apr 22, 1920

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BHOOk   lillll BOM'   ALWAYS
VO I. U M E      2 2
j Little, E. J. Barter, A. K. Leitch, Dr.
a. E. L. McKinnon being named chairman, to go ahead with the suggest-
' ioiiH through the proper channels.
;    The question of game reserves, the
I Idea originating In the Rod and Cun!
| Club, was broached by J. P. Gulmont, j
jit being the idea to have the sections]
j In the vicinity of St. Mary's and Prem-
Iter lakes set aside by the provincial
' government for this purpose, and also,
aside  from  the  fact  thut  the  game
would be conserved through the plan
' the natural beauties for which the boc-
: tion is noted would be kept intact.
.    A  resolution  being formulated  by
| ilie Hnd and Out] CI lib will  be endorsed bv the board ol trade that tlto
| matter can be placed bofore the gov*
i eminent.
Tbe railway and truusiM>r(atlnti
1 committee was delegated to look Into
j the (inestiou ot securing if possible n
Would CoiiNervo Sconlc Ilenii. «*»«* tr(lin *«"rt» ovor toe Kootenay
| Central line to Wludtrmerc, us well us i
t)08 AtYonloil  hy Timber      | to have all colonists going into that I
1 district    routed    through    tht*   city I
! Instead of through Golden.
i    The meeting was one of optimism
From many angles the mooting of i throughout and u feeling wus apparent
tlie Cranbrook Hoard of Trade held | that Cranbrook would enjoy unusual
last Friday evening was the most iu-1 prosperity  during the coming Sura-
terontlng gathering of those Interested mer.
in the future welfare of the district |  ,^t	
yet held. About sixty were in attendance. President Goorgo J. Spruoll oc
copying the chair.
Col.  0,   M,   Blggar,  Ottawa,  vlce-1
chairman of the Air Doard, had a letter before the board with refernce to ,.
the constrution of alrdomes and air
harbors for the maehtneu to be used ^tt«r iro1a Mlnln« <'«"««*»«'' «»>
when the scheme to provide commer-
WORK ! 1>i:itTAKi:\
Along Trunk Hoiuls
Sl\   |ProvIn
M Mlil.lt 11
In    Trove Is   OIimtvck   Clogoly Much Onto ot' Interest tu Thoso
FOIt.ll   OF   BALLOT   TO   BE
ri:i) BY PltEHIEIt
[sucli industry was carried on hud got!
them and others equally outside the I
I system had been Riven permits.     At
least one result had been accomplished Mr. Bowser thought, some 500 in-'
diviiluiiU and their friends hr>*1 been '
'tided over th? dry spoil    Now the at-
torney-goneral knowing a scandal had
bt'f>n created over his permit system
had decided to cut it out, Had ho been |
1-QnOSt, Br Bowser asserted, ho would
have brought down the present amendments iwo years ago. Tho fact ;
was the government wus being fore-'
ed, on the eve of an (lection, by the,
prohibitionists to amend the act as1
the latter desired. The amendments!
he insisted, were an 1 rail 11 to thi medical  profession  for the government 	
hud no right in fix the amount of Uq-1 GOVERNMENT  MKMIU.ItS
nor or other article it doctor should, i
in his expert opinion, decide a patient BECOME  CRITICAL
Delegates From
Cranbrook Worked
Business Development—
Capital is Timid
farrell, written for
Who Go A tit hi Brought
Out nl Hooting
Proposal Bring* Perth Consltf-
erahlo DIscunnIoii Wheu Bill
Amending Act is 1 p
required Hut when
the right to prescribe
eight ounces ho was re
an affidavit one which
beforo unotlii r doctor
one was given
morn than
quired to n
ho could mi
That waa
rials Tell* oi Their Activity nt
Hie Seattle fathering.
clal air service Is perfected.   The lo-1
cal board had written rtie official call-}
Ing to his attention  the advantages
offered by (■ranbrook for one of thej
stations, citing the spot north of the!
city where Capt Hoy made his land- _ .        ,       „ ..       „.,,,.
.        ...        ,.,-,,.        r.   .   ' Prospectors Association of this city,
log while undertaking Iiis trnns-Rocky
Mountain flight last Summer.
That the delegate from the Board
"of Trade of Cranhroolt and the B. C.
General Publicity Agent for the C.
P. R., J. M. Gibson, wrote the board
regarding tlie proposed moving picture flint tho company Will make of
this district this Summer, and the matter was referred to the publicity commute to investigate and report.
The booklet which was compiled by
tho various boards of trade in Kast
Koottnny to be used In advertising tbe
district with prospective newcomers
and settlers within the district. Is off
the press anil about ready for delivery
according to Publiry Committee Chairman \V H. Wilson, who made a reporl
to the gathering or the irt^gfese being
made. The booklets, Mr. Wilson told
the board, nre now being distributed
by tlie committee to the various hoards
contributing to the undertaking.
The most pleasing information regarding thia phase of the publicity
work imparted to iho gathering by-
Mr. Wilson, wns that more than lSOO
requests for copies of the booklet had
been received from all over tho Dominion  and  railed  States.
Thr committee, Mr Wilson said, had
also received some correspondence regarding the early completion of the'
Banff-Win dorm oro road, as well as the
connecting up of the telephone lines
between  Wasa anil Fairmont,
The federal member for the district
will bo appealed to by Secretary Harris, urging that every effort Im   made'
to Imve ihe construction of the Banff-1
Windermere  rond  completed   at   the
( earliest possible date, and also lake up;
Will ihe proper authorities the tines-
Hon of having tho telophouo BystetnJ
111  the  Wlndormor district  connected
Wltll  the system now In operation In
Southeast Kootenay
Tho Agricultural Ootnmtttee made a
report   through   its  Che Irina n.   H   K
Benttfe. Mr. Beattie advising the gath-
orfng  that   Mr   a   it.   DoWolfe  had;
complete,! tho report an tbo St. Mary's,
Prairie Irrigation plan; thai the reporl'
was now  in till   hands of the proper
authorities   and   sume   definite  action
might he looked for soon
A committed consisting of   Messrs.
II K Doattle tV R Wnrd. K Staples
and Goorgo II* Hogarth were named
to provide Miitabit accommodation for
tOlirlste Doming Ibis way this season
by auto. The committee was given
power Ui act
worked most industriously at tho late
International Mining Convention held
in Seattle, ls evidenced In a letter just
received by the Board of Trade from
'he convention officials.
The letter, whicli follows, speaks
in most complimentary term:; of the
work of Messrs. Wallingcr, delegate
for the Board ot Trade, and J. F.
Huchcroft, who represented the Pros-
Sectors' Association, . v
•Board of Trade,
"Cranbrook, B, tt:
"Gentlemen:—We want to thank
you most heartily for the splendid
work you did toward making tbe In-
VANCOUV.BR.  B.C., April  10.
The llde of travel from Australia
aud lhe Orieni flowing in and onl
of Vancouver is most remarkable,
All the ocean linors are hooked to
capacity till October next. All the
ships sailing to Alaska and Northern British Columbia arc equally
crowded. Tho progress and prosperity of India. China and Japan have
had much lo do with this growth of
travel. The discovery of new gold
fields and very rich silver mines in
Northern British Columbia explains
the greatly increased traffic to the
North. Kvery hotel and aparlmmil
house in the city is congested and
there is not a room or a house In
the city for rent.
Building costs are so high nnd
labor so scarce only mnke-shlft houses are being put up In the suburbs,
and bankers, merchants and manufacturers who hnve plans ready to
build nre patiently watting ror n
slump in wages und materials lo do
so. And this is Hie condition
throughout the whole Northwest. Seattle's shortage of dwellings and hotel accomodation is too great for
words, yet the costs nre holding back
construction. In Spokane plans
were carried through for constructing new houses, warehouses and of-
flco buildings even at present costs.
| .emotional Mining Convention at Se-1 hut IKI snrmor hm1 the mmng ll(!ltv.
ittle the groat success it proved toll*. ltIejt ,,ot iIUu full KWiUR tllim ,.„„..
mon help In the building trades went
out. on strike for wages of a dollar j
You not only sent down a magnificent
showing of your mineral wealth, but
some splendid men to clearly, Inter- a„ honr for eiellt i]tMrs wor,( .,*.,,
ostlngly and  forcefully  explain  the dollar and a half for overtime.
opportunities for mining  Investment (    y0r emergency work on Sundays
and development existing in your rich ; and  holldhys   two   dollars   an   hour
district i Is demanded.       These demons have
"Mr. Walllnger and Mr. Huchcroft J blasted Spokane's new building boom,
were particularly *lrdess In their ef- In Butte tbe cooks nnd waiters are
forts io preseni the truth about your all nut on strike for similar tnaxt-
mlneral resources to the thousands of mum wages and shorter hours.
Interested visitors who inspected your The truth is the labor shortage
impressive display of ores. In addlt-'in the Northwest is almost a famine,
ion to tliis work, which they contin- One great cause of all ibis is lulled early nnd late throughout the en-jbor's lowered efficiency, Common
tire Convention, both Mr. Walllnger labor in tho lumber camps and mines
and Mr. Huchcroft-made two of the'won't look at less than $6.00 a day.
most interesting, pleasing an<i effect- Coal miners In British Columbia and
ive talks made dating tlu* entire Con-} Alberta average $7,00 a day. and
ventioo. Their addresses were chock Chinese helpers tn the lumber camps
full of just that kind of detlnlte In- earn $1G0.00 a month. Twenty
formation to mako one desirous of years ago there wns abundant white
taking n train for Cranbrook at theM*bor In the Inmhr camps for f.i'iuiO
lirst opportunity to personally inspect !l month and hoard,
ihe opportunity for mining invest-, Out oti the Frnser river fishermen
mem available 1n your field. .ixm making $40.00 and $60.00 n di
A most enthusiastic meeting or the
Cranbrook Dlstrlcl Itod and Gun Association was held In the city hall on
Tuesday evening, about thirty of the
membors of the association being tn
attendance. President Cooper occupied the chair and Secretary Gulmont recorded the business of tlu
The session lasted until about midnight, but every minute was consumed wiih Important business anu when
the clock In iho post office tower toiled off twelve bells, the business unfinished was left i'or the executive to
Secretary Gulmont read a large volume of correspondence showing hii
labors had boon rather extensive, bul
ho liiid secured the results most desired.
A-communication trom lhe (lull hatchery informed the club members
that a larger number of fry would
ho av:* liable this season than ever ho-
j fore for stocking purposes.
James   Hf'.mer,. superintendent   of
tho Oeradr   Flshesles,   replied to a
letter of tho club congratulating him
[upon his appointment to the position
He appreciated tlie club's interest.
The attorney-general had been appealed to to create an an&lcr's license
for the province of $1 but be wrote
the club saying the provincial government hud no jurisdiction over inland waters..
TheSotne ■ cMtfOrt^ttkni board wanted suggestions from the club us to
i Improvements in the game laws, and
ipondent in  tho
s Gallery)
— The form of
prohibition  ref-
later In the session, the club, by resolution, recommended as follows:
Open season for gouts, sheep,
moose, caribou and elk from October
1 lo November 15, hunters to be permitted to shoot :t goats, l sheep rani
1 bull moose, l bull caribou and 1
bull elk.
\MiiUe tailed deer — 2 buck
son to bo September Iii to December
Black tail — same -season, 2 deer.
Thc dub recommended also a closed season on muskrat and beaver,
but tlie question of a dosed season on
marten was left to bo taken up with
the trappers at a meeting to be cat-
led by the chair early next week, in
time to forward tho recommendations
to the game conservation board whieh
meets in Vancouver early in May.
The attorney-general had not replied to the letter of the club suggesting the fire wardens be given wider
I By our stair Corre
Legislative Prei
Victoria, April 20.
the question on tin
orendum promised by Premier Oliver was made known on Saturday when
the hill to provide I'or tho referendum'
was brought into lhe house,
Tin   aci   provides   that   tlto   ballot;
shall  be  U]    tho  question   as  fol-
"Which do you prefer:
"111   The   present   prohibition   act?.
"12- An act to provide for the (government conl rot and sale in sealed]
packages or splrllous liquors and
malt liquors?"
Tho vote is to he taken not earlier than August I or not later rhau'
September 80 ot this yenr.
Prohibition loomed largo in tfie
House when tbo debate ou the motion
for the second roudlng of thr bill to
uniond tiio existing act wns continued. Mr. Dower had his opportunity to accept dun "challenge" which'
the Attorney-General, iu his speech!
the week before, had issued to the op
position   leader daring tho latter t
"joker" In tlie bill, Air Bowser
thought Two doctors lost to a sense
of their professional responsibilities
could do a land ofllce business by
swearing each other's affidavits, Undoubtedly tin meat imik of the medical men were anxious ami determined to observe the law hui the htstor)
of prohibition in this province, n history which had made ll C.'s name u
byword throughout the Dominion,
had shown that som.' of the medical
men lmd fallen down.
Mr Bowser strongly Favored the
(Continued on Pane si\
J. M. Robertson
Passes Suddenly
Pioneer llu II road er Succumb* nt IIU
Home Sat unlit)   \ ftornoon
(-'.literal   H'edliesilai
Kvidi'tii Lack of Direction front
Government Side More Apparent Nt'iir Close
Victoria. B.C., April 20. With the
louse in session for over two and ono-
alf months nearly one-half of which
au truthtully snld to have hem wa.-t-
I. tho government found itself faced
ith a diit-atislled following which is
inking nn secret of iis resentment
ireparcd ami Ill-digested
b   put   forth   whii h   wa>
that .in
not com
sitting* i
rcsslou v
lack of a;
which   .1
was  for. i
1 tii
at   tlu
The sudden death occurred here on
Saturday oflernoon at his late rest-
ated liui
irii the In
cided to ■
ue. bolt
lass   upon   the
>vd.-d the order |
c.u   «r   Libera
Sly   voiced   iu
i-rridoru and coi
■ t  Ol   llMtsMUi*-,
itnlstratlon     i.i
ti before the H>
b'lt thi
e.i clll hers
OVl vuiueni
iii lhe l.o-
Htitutos an
a criticism
.oral luom-
I" iitimn-
were ask-
handa dc-
deuce   of    J.  Miller  Robertson, one  'bat th
possible unless
• ■ ept the rentstndi r ot tin
Wll of fare at Iti face val-
i whole mid trust to luck
Will te no ill ait.-i-effects.
repeat on the floor of the House thelof the best known pioneer railroaders, The evident lack of din tlou from
charges he had made at various meet- in this section, at the age of 56 years the government side, apparent rlpht
lugs throughout the province. An ■ When the news became known pen-' irom the beginning of the session, was
effort was made to force Go. oppos- oral regret was expressed at the pas* becoming more pronounced as th*
Itlon leader to speak-at a late hour sing of the popular railroader and session drew to a close. The plain
on Wednesday night, evidently  with old timer of the district. lack of co-operation among ihe mln-
tho Idea that the press publicity of,    Mr. Robertson was around all the toters  was a source of interest and
"You will tlnd that the demonstrftt* ^Ohlng Spring salmon for tbe New (powers and he compelled to enforce
IA f$w days ago *ono fisherman seemed a large sturgeon which he sold
There is a fisherman's
I for $7
Bon tod In  the Northwest.     Keep this]
good work up at every opportunity—l
It Is  tho best  type of salesmanship
in the world.
"I  will send you lu a  few days a(
1 very  hnnddtomt   picture of the Con-
vontlon hall, showing the location of]
1 j your exhibits.       Mr. Walllnger has
seen a proof of this picture.
"With kindest regards to your en
The   gathering   discussed  at   some i j|ro ni(1
lOllgth the question of conserving the.
Ion you made ot thc International Min-!Ynrk niMkot.      Tbe merchants buy
ing   convention   was   worth   many these nt iB cents n pound, rush them
limes all thot H cost you, both in.f"  wMwrntor curs  to  New   York.
money, lime and effort. It made avail- i whero tbey sell for 80 cents a pound
able to you the finest.opportunity for
promoting the substantial Interests of
your district that hns ever been pre
union on tho Pacific Const which
makes these high wages inevitable.
In the htg snlmou run of the Summer, .laps. Chinese mid Indians, us
well as white men. make $100.00 a
dny wheu thoy work hard. The .laps
always do and In a single season they
will save $-1,000.00 or $5,000,00 for
Investment In Japan.    Orientals are
die timber along tin trunk roads, nj
number being of the opinion that ac- i
(Ion should be taken to do this, that
thmo scenic beauties of the forest may1
bo spared lo do their part in making,
tin outing of visitors more pleasant
and iu order to maintain the high
standard of scenery which has made
this section famous.
Mr. A. K. Leitch of the Kast Koote-,
nay Lumber Company, spoke on thel
question and Informed the meeting the'
question had nover been brought before tbo lumbermen officially, but he
Uud discussed the question with lumbermen of the district nnd they had
signified u willingness to do everything possible to co-operate with the
board or othdrs In tho movement.
Mr. Leitch, however, stated that somo
of tbe lumbermen wore of the opinion
.embershlp, I am
"Sincerely yours,
"International Mining Convention,
"Chairman. Exhibits Committee.'
The mines of this district once more
are the principal shippers to the smelter of the Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company of Canada, Limited,
nt Trail, the monster Sullivan mine as
usual being In the lead.
The report, of the smelter follows:
Mlno and Location Gross Tons
Sullivan Ulnc) Klmberley 379,1
Sullivan (lend) Klmberley  176
North star, Klmberley     67
that the  timber left standing alongIst. Kugono, Moyln     4fi
the roads should  bo paid for on a. Paradise, Athalmor     ne
Rtumpnge basis, and that the govern- iron Mask, Kamloops c   -J ft
ment should take ihe steps necessary jjoslo, Hosnland ...MW  102
to porfect tho plnn. Last Chance, SandOB     27
A committee was appointed consisting of Mewirs. R, B. Beattie, W.
H. Wilson, Thomas M. Roberta, C. J.
Sliver Standard, New Hazleton..    34
not allowed on the deep sea fishing
boats save lu the cook's gallery, and
the boats nre Idle more than half the
time, for tho fishermen make so
much money iu a week that they
require two or three weeks ashore
to spend lt Thos boats are mil of
commsslon the greater pari of the
yenr waiting for the slackers to get
back to work. Tho packing house
which owns the bout cannot get a
now crew—it must wall for slackers.
Hence the packing house Is also
forced to work only to 110 per cent.
or 40 per com. of Its capacity, Tho
union Is thus tbe sole arbiter of the
The Inefficiency of eoal miners Is
so groat on Vancouver Island thnt
coal costs $0.00 n ton ul the pit
mouth. Honce arrangements are being made to bring cn.il bv r.i'l from
Alberta to Vancouver.
And farm labor fs just an scarce
and dear ns mining tabor. The iifred
mnn on the farm gets $ih0.00 u
month nnd board, and difttut liarvof-t
time $150.00 and fioQ.OO. The
kitchen maid In harvest llmo getfj
$100.00 a month. Thu boys and
girls who pick and pack iho luscious
fruit grown on tho Ptolllo coast unin
(Continued on Page Four)
the game laws.
Tho cobplatnt made by the club as
to the. careless manner In which pun
licenses were handled had been referred to the chief panic warden by
Attorney-General Karris, that offl-
olal calling to the attention of the
club to section 2~, ot the Came Act.
He aUo stated that 84,000 **>,$$ pun
licenses were Issued annually ard at
once members began to figure the total and could not see why from this
large amount of revenue the government  could    not     provide  necessary
his speech would thereby ho curtailed or there would not be pre-ent n
"gallery." The fact was that crowded galleries heard Mr. Bowser's
effort, the people waiting until well
after the midnight hour.    But it Imp-
forenoon, and was apparently io his
usual good health, but shortly alter
noon he complained of .' severe patu
In his side and went to bed. expiring a couple of hours Inter. Deceased was one of the beet known and
conjecture to the onlooker-. l'rem-
itr Oliver and AUorney-OeAeral Farris the latter of whom .\; :■. Dowser
baa dubbed •"the wicked partner'1 of
the administration. Bhowod evidence
of baring had a clash. Just what it
pened that the night on which the op-fhighly respected railroad men in the wa? all about does not appear certain
position loader spoke was thc same west, having come here at the time but on Tuesday night when the I'rem-
on which the Attorney-General, like of the construction of the Crow's j ier left the House to keep another en-
Achilles. was sulking in his tent. Ues-1 Nest branch, and bas fy.ee working) gagemeat .:e ignored 'ate right-hand
pile his challenge, thc Attorney-Gen-j out of here as engineer ever since, [man .ind handed the direction of the
oral was not in the House to see Mr. | He is survived by his wif-* and t«-o I Hoa«e bu=in&== over to his Minister of
t Puibic Works.    The Attorney-Gen-
ral paraded the corridors In a splen-
Madge   and   Marion,   both!
re at present nut-iiig  in'
Dowser  pick up lib gage  of  battle  datighten
und cast !t back. Mr.    Bowser's of whom
speech    was   temperate     In     tone Calgary.
though he did not mince his words The funeral took place Wednesday
when dealing witli the failure of ihe afternoon from the Presbyterian
Attorney-General to enforce the liq-iChurch, being very largely attended
ior regulations. He scouted the plea " The remains were r-ent to Moose
of the other thut the act  passed In j. law tor Interment.
1910 by the late government  did not  ■ *-*..	
permit wide enough powers to prevent the "prescription evil." and he
quoted i herefrom to show there was
ample machinery existing for prosecutions of those medical men who con-
Had the attorney-
travened the act.
general, he averred, undertaken one
or two prosecutions of medical men
who violated tin law, ihe result would
have lieen a wholesome tiling and the
spectacle of lho government doing a
liquor business aggregating $1."■"!■.-
000 with ti profit of over half a million In a prohibition province and In
a community which, the law requlr-
d. be sold only for medicinal purpos-ij.
■S, would never have been seen. The ,
'tin," Mr. Dowser asserted, was a
poor excuse for this unlimited sale.
In l!Hft when tbe epidemic was pam
and but comparatively few case- existed, sales of liquor had  Increased
The soil which was provided by the
Canadian Pacific Railway In co-operating with the Hoard of Trade and
the City Council to make a beauty
spot for the cabin on Maker street
near the station platform and when
it is pro potted to place the war memorial, boa already been placed 1»>
city workmen.
Already the ground- look more attractive, and when thi program a-
plann ed is carried out. tbe spot will
one of the prettiest place- "around
the city
especial 1 j
when the
taki ou
a   preen   C
•at  and  t
e shrub-
bery mt
game   wardens  to  bettor  protect  tho I five-fold,     Nor was the excuse of tlu
g»'»c- attorney-general that within tin  Itni
Lt.-Col, Cunningham. Vancouver, oi its of th" Municipalities the provln
tho Dominion Game Deportment,
wrote stating that the suggestion of
ihe club that mounted police be given control of the enforcement of the
game laws might he brought about.
Secretary Guimout caused a considerable ripple of laughter when he outlined what had taken place recently
when the cougar hunter expert  had
clal  police could not operate and the
duty of on forcing the law resled upon
the municipal authorities, a pood
as chief law officer of the crown <
The   D   I*.   Prospectors'   Association
expects Oovernment Mining Engineer
v 0. Langley to \»- here ;,t the nexl
meeting of tlie association and dellv-
1(1 Ier an address to Uie member--     The
Insist upon the Municipalities enforcing ihe law. could, in fact, send In
hits own provincial officers to the Municipalities and initiate prosecutions.        The fact   was.    Mr   Dowser
if the mooting will be announced later, but it is certain the
gathering will tuke place this month
at eth rogular meeting sometime next
did sort of i-olation. displaying an evident grouch. Next day he did not
•urn up at hi* office or at the House.
On Tuesday the House resumed its
work following the Easter recess and
:he Premier orcupied the entire afternoon with a -speech which brought tbe
.iiidtiet debate to an end, It cannot
be said be contributed anything constructive lo the dfrixite, bul if lie overlooked any of the old stock charges
tbe Llberali were wont to hurl fn Die
direction of tbe Conservative opposition and, especially, at the opposition
leader, members of the House could
not re-call them. It -was a repftltlon
of the same harangue which has done.
service on previous occasions at the
sessions and on the hustings the chief
burden of hi- iong being that the opposition leader, if he would but cease
hii crltic-tam ot tbo goerrnment and
direct his attention to assisting it in
evolving a program of advantage to
ithe province he would be exercising
j his rightful function Taken in con-
Junction with the unrest within tbe
[ranks of the government supporters
|and the outspoken criticism by kudu-
of them on the floor of tbe House, Uie
; Premier lecture of the opposition
leader stunk members a- being more
In the nature of an appeal to the latter to "Come over into Macedonia and
help n- "
Am r matter of fad the opposition
forces wen- critical during the last
week, especially during the consideration of the expenditure estimate-,
which have occupied the greater part
of the time Of the Home But its
whole criticism hah been directed lu
an effort to induce the government to
urtnll its program of expenditures
or the coming fiscal year, a program
come in here to exterminate these claimed, that while a total of 310,000|
animals. The hunter broke two ribs, prescriptions had been Issued with-
one-of his dog; died und he sold the; out restraint under a law requiring
other, , ti,at itquor should be dispensed sole-     Robert   Hylond, condtlcto
"Blind Tom" was also the subject |y for medicinal purposes, but uino Kootenay Central, who some tlmolwMch calls for rcurent outlays of
of considerable correspondence be-! doctors had been prosecuted. Tlie ago was overcome by fume- from tho Un.410,000, the greatest outlay by over
cause of his arrest for selling venl- permit system inaugurated by tlie at- Movt. j„ the car wliere he was sleep- two molllons of any previous year in
son. He had been dismissed hut the. torney-goneral three weeks after Uiehng, had a similar experience agnlu t'»e history of tho province. They
federal ban on Importations came In- a few days ago He was asleep In | polntad to the tremendous overhead
to effect on April 1. l!-ia. had proved
and there being no ventila-1 burden for administrative    purposes,
one that calls for nearly four millions
the car
tion he was again overcome from tbe
fumes filling the car. He Is petttnc
all right again.
purchaser had been fined $5.
Indian    Constable    Pred  Ryckmai
spoke of the efforts of tlie afflcJals|a boon to the thirsty ones.     Under It
to Impress upon the Indiana the footUflO permits were issued,   presumably fumes filling the ,-nr.     He Is pettlnp all told out of a total estimated reven-
tbat the laws must be oh.ycd.   The.to industrial concerns    to permit of Ull right again. ne of apyroxlmately twelve millions;
Blind Tom case was an isolated one  tliom   having   a   supply   on   band  In  ^^  to the borrowings proposed by the go-
he ibfiiight and there were few other case of accidents.     The return made WILD HORSE CREEK WILL | vernment -already   bills   calling for
violations among tho Indians.      Mr. to the House covering those permits. »-*-; ACTIVE ONCE SCORE  loans aggregating $10,800,000 are be-
Ryckmnn also spoke for several trap- indicated clearly  that   ninny  or tne   fore the house annd more nre to fol-
pers who could not attend Hie moot- holders could under uo etreuiwtan- The syndicate of Seattle mining men' low to tho rapid increase in new
ing In regard to the proposals to have ■ cos be entitled to them Members of I who have the placer at mines on Wild j officials for new departments of gov-
a closed season on marten. There tho underworld got them-; mon.Horse Creek, arc preparing to get tolernment the while the Municipalities
wore, plenty of marten and the pros-; described as connected wllh ship-1 work nnd ate getting things in shape lure making urgent appeals for aasls-
(Continiud on Page Six) 1 building concerns at pulnttt where no|at th* property. 1 Continued on I'age Three I- a ii i:    t tv <i
Mil:       C It A N 11 lillll k        III. KAMI
Thursday, April 82, mail
h may bo thai your oyoa arc l-ocom-;
lag weak and you aro afraid to acknowledge it. Thai if the way with
., su.,,1 many peoplo, both old and
young. Tlu young, particularly,
seem afraid to admit tlldlr falling I
sight, bul ii is no novelty nowadays
.uui certainly uo disgrace. We will
remedy any detectlvo oyeslght -illicit-1
The complete banking facilities, provided at
all our branches enable tbis Bank to give
Business Accounts the care and attention they
need and deserve.
The Merchant and the Manufacturer will find
the services rendered by this Bank of the greatest assistance in conducting their business,    m
Cranbrook Branch, B, E. Howard, Manager.
S,ih-A,-ii~r at Kiiuh-rlcy.
Extracts from the Craubrook
Herald ol tliis date, 1900
Norman McConnel toolt lite departure for Manitoba on Wednesday,
Judge K. It. Blake, ol Spokane, one
of tiie "Sullivan Crowd" was In
lown Tuesdny.
,F.   M.   Hedley. one of tho  pioneers j
or the Canadian .Bank of Commerce
hero, wus hero from Fort Steoh  Sat?
C. II. Monor, i
ware merchant, ii
to add u building
branch   store.
e Cranbrook hard-
it I'oiimitt nei'essaiy
!0 X 2*. lo liiK .Moyle
curoti ly and at low cost
Raworth   Bros.,i
lll'TII IANS and .ll» KI.I.IHS
Cbt Cranbrook fierald
Published Every Tburnlai  hy
WILL a. KI.I.KTSON  Editor
WIU. A. ELLETSON, JR., ..AmsI. Mffr.
"Willi   »   -lUnloiu   Will,,,,,,   N   Muitlc"
rrhitt-il  l»>   I „l,„"   l.ulior
Subatirliitioii l'rli-e, ttM a \>ar
Subscription Prlco, l,'.S„ WJH a Vear
Advertlslnff Rate, on Application,
, ■|„,„K...* lor Advertlllnff MUST tin in
till, office Wednesday n„,'n tho current
week in secure attention.
N'o letters lo the editor will be Ineert-
,,l except over the prop,., alenature
nnd address ut llic writer. The rule
admits ,,r no exception.
Kusily the mitstantliiiK feature of the legislation of the session which lias just closed is
the Government policy of deciding to effect loans amounting
to JIS.OOO.000, says lhe Victoria Colonist.
Nothing thai was done affects, so milch as lliese loan
acts do, tiie people as a whole
since it is Ihey who must submit lo heavier luxation to pay
the interest and eventually the
principal of lhe large stun that
is to be borrowed. Of the am-
iiiinl, $5,000,000 is devised for
highway purposes, something
very essential no doubt but in
no wise called for on the scale
proposi .1 at a time when taxation is already so heavy. A
sum of $3,00(1,000 is sei aside
for the construction of buildings for ihe University of British Columbia, an undertaking
which might very well have
heen postponed until financial
conditions are more stable than
ihey are at present. A large
amount is to be spent on land
settlement- purposes, although
grave doubt exists about the
efficacy of the policy upon
which the Oovernment is engaged. The money for the con-
lMined building of the Pacific
Great Eastern Railway Is necessary and no criticism can he
advanced in this regard.
With the exception of the
minor changes made in exemption amounts under the income
lax Ihere was not a single item
of taxation relief provided by
die Government. Expenditures during the present fiscal
year are to be greater Ulan
ihey have ever been befo're. It
is true the vast bulk of lhe ex-
pendilures. which may be described as on current account,
could hardly be avoided but the
burden which it has been
wrong m indict on the people
is the large new loans to
which we have alluded. If
these loans are Instilled thc
people of British Columbia
should he allowed lo decide and
to give this effect they should
lie lloated in the Province. If
Ihey are not subscribed it will
mean that the people do not
approve the expenditures that
the Legislature has sanctioned.
On the other hand if they are
raised the Government's policy is justified. The lloating of
provincial loans at home
would mean that the interest
would be kept in the province
and would aid in the work of
development. The Govern
ment, loo, by this method,
could save a percentage of the
commission charges and all
that is. or will be lost, through
an adverse rale of exchange,
In instances where loans are
effected in lhe United Slates.
Regarding a question of policy on what may be considered
as one of the outstanding issues iu ihe Province namely,
prohibition, all thai was done
was in make minor amendments in the existing acl and
leave it to the people in decide
by plebiscite about the future.
Among social legislation, lhe,
most Important Item was the
institution of mothers' pensions, a measure which has
met with general commendation. The Legislative session
was responsible for a good deal
of wasle of public lime, during
which members on both sides
of thc House indulged altogether ion much in acrimonious
parly speeches. One of the
mosl regrettable features was J
the rush of eleventh hour legislation, a condition which
should lie rigidly guarded against iu the future. Acts were
passed in lhe closing hours
which would have borne niiicli
closer investigation than it
was possible to give them. In
the interest of lhe country,
this method, for which the Government • i s responsible,
should cease.
(By C.P.R. Teletraphi
Ottawa, Out.—The Soldiers' Settlement Board announces tbat an uni ia
boi ei I taken to dltpoat of 75,000
acrea of Hudaou a Bay reserve iaiul
iu Saskatchewan aud Alberta, whicli
have been cancelled hy tbe Crown,
nteo 10,400 acrea of Doukhobor re-
aorve lands near Kamsack, Saskat-
eliewati. Another 30.000 acres ur
grazing laud will alto ke opened up.
Tbo whole 115.000 aorea will be
available for soldier aettlement arter
A [irll 30th.
Ottawa, Out.—A return brouflu
down In Parliament places the total
iiliatjiieuis in Canada for the Canadian Expeditionary Force at 590,572.
Ity provinces tbe number waa as follows : Ontario, -M3.6f7; Quebec, 82,-
793; Sew Brunswick, 25,864; Nova
Scotia and Prince Edward Island,
33,342; Manitoba, 6ti,J19; Saskatchewan, 37.fiW*, Alberta, 45,146: British
Columbia. 51,438; Yukon, 2,327.
prom the view-point UE
im it (ovmii'oiMim.s
Ottawa. Ont.—The applications of
over 100 Imperial veterans who desire to take advantage of the Soldier
Land Settlement scheme, have been
approved. These veterans will be
required to spend at least one year
on farms In Canada to become familiar with Canadian methods, The
others will be ubsorbed into tbe
Hoard's training establishments and
will be required to spend at least two
years farming in Canada before be-
comlng eligible for the loan benefits
of the Act.
Daniel-**' (■rent Work
About tlie only thing thai the
American Admirals have loft U. S.
Secretary Daniels to boast of as head
of ilu> Navy Department is the glorious fact that he Introduced grape-
Julco into the navy. - Hamilton Herald.
Sale  Komi to  Iterollltloii
A strike ends and .sedition begins
at the point whoro Labor attempt-**
to substitute a genornl strike for a
general election as the decisive fn-
llueuee in the government of n free
country. Sedition is inseparable from
the attempts lo uso the general
strike or any other strike as u short
cut to rovolution in the country's system uf government. The road to
Involution In n free country rflins
roads to revolution lead, and should
through the polling booth. The general strike and other .seditious roads
to revolution lead, and should lead, to
the penitentiary. —Toronto Telegram,
A Tank Tlml Mil si lie Ihinu
And now since less than llfty men
have decided that thc United States
Is to xhlrk her share in the burdens
of the world, that "making the world
safe for democracy" so fnr ns
America is concerned, to remain
merely a beautiful and empty phrase,
there Is nothing fur the other tuitions
tu tlo wive to apportion among themselves tlje task which the United States should have done, and do It among them.—Montreal Star.
a .      .
\V. U, llngnn. a veteran of the
late war, who was stricken with appendicitis nbout |wo weeks ago, und
removed to the St. Eugene Hospital.
died at that Institution after undergoing an operation, Tuesday. He
was uged 'Mi years. j
Deceased was qui to well known am- j
oug his comrades and has u brother,
residing here. No funeral arrangements bad been made up to the time
of the   Herald going hi press, ,
Quebec, l'.Q.—During the laBt 15
years the Province of Quebec has
spent 122,000.000 on highway*. In
192U the ordinary annual provincial
grants for education are $2,000,00-0.
The capital invested In pulp and
paper plants within the province Is
$84„00O,00O and the number <>' mill
employees about  10,000.
Sberbrooke, P.Q.— The Campbell-
Howard Machine Company, formerly
the Shei-brooke Iron Works Ltd.,
have sold their business to G. L.
Bourne and F. A. Schaff, of New
York. These gentlemen are respectively president aud vice-president of
lhe Locomotive Super-beater Co., nf
New York, railway supply people,
and It is the intention to manufacture railway supplies for Canada.
also to cany on a general foundry
and  machine  business.
W.   K.  (irunl   bus  least d   the  build-
lug occupied by the Central rostan-
j rant and the lodgings overhead, and {
[will renovate, rei'iirul-h and propare
lirst class furnished rooms for trims-'
i lent ur regular occupants,
|     13.  ,C Smith, a rancher near    Fori I
i Steele, and for a long time superintendent of the Sullivan mine at Kim
i tiorley, has declared himself as i
straight   Martin  candidate,  and  wll
| he endorsed by tin Martin ruction.
The Crnnbrook Football club or-'
gatllzed Prldny night and elected the;
following  offlcors;     President   P.  C
j Rankin; Vice-President. .John Robs;
Committee O, A. Leitch, Vincent Lid-,
dtcont and W. Watt; Captain. Archie
Leitch.      Tht* boys aro doing some,
! hard practicing and they propose to;
give any opposing team "mt has the
! temerity to face them on tho gridiron
j hut ii very short run for their money.
that chronic ekin diseases which
huve  dolled  all -other  treatments
j     yield to Zam-Buk ?
It ls because Zam-Buk ls germicidal, and also has such power of
penetration that lt reaches disease
la tbe underlying tissues and cures
from the "root" up. That Is the
only way a permanent cure can be
'     effected.
Mr. H. C. Buckley of 461 E. Broad-
I way, Portland, Oregon, says: "For
chronic skin diseases there ls
nothing like Zam-Buk. For fifteen
years I had eczema, and I tried an
endless number of so-called ' eczema
cures,' but nothing was capable of
curing me permanently until I used
Zam-Buk. Ten months' use of Zam*
Buk has effected a complete cure."
For ulcers, abscesses, boils, ring*
worm, blood-poisoning, piles, burns,
scalds and cuts, Zam-Buk Ls equally
good. All dealers or Zam-Buk Cu.,
Toronto.   50c. box, 3 for $1.25.
Chateau de Ramezay One of Montreal's '
Historic Relics
Vancouver, B.C.—According to announcement made by H. J. l.yolatt,
flcB-iirosldonl of Hip Train-Canada
Theatres Ltd., tlil» company will
Hliorlly fttart tlie construction ot a
now liieuire lo he erected, close to
the C V, It. Vancouver Hotel, which
will have a seating rapacity of about
2 0IM and cost J41 ..OHO: construction
o'r which will start shortly.
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"California Syrup nf Figs
Child's Best Laxative
Accept "California" Syrup of Pigs
only—look for thc name California on
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Too Much
A TMemOflfo m*y be *• danger
tiippeiue   as t00 Httle
f When the skin is sallow or yellow, the
eyes dull, the head aches or sleep broken
and unrefreshing, the back aches, or there
is a rain under the right shoulder blade—ii
is an indication that the body is being poisoned by poorly digested and imperfectlyelim-
inated food-waste.   It is a wise thing totake
to relieve these symptoms by
helping to remove the causes
S.U ,,.„,.!,.,» i, Cm,'..   Ii,!».,.., -J,
Kootenay- -
Daily Newspaper
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leased wire service of
foreign cables and
Canadian and American news.
BECAUSE of its complete
market  reports.
BECAUSE of it* service
of Kootenay-Boundary
new.-:, including the
worthwhile events in
your own and adjacent districts.
BECAUSE while its chief
purpose is to give all
ihe liest of the world
aud district news hot
off the wires, it never
forgets thai it is a
Kootenay - Boundary
institution, depending
for its success on lhe
success of the people
of the district, striving always to aid in
the development of
our industries and resources.
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month', subscription   or  $E>
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The Daily News
< Venning of tbe Bttudb or time
<- ran give the proper perspec-
aud value tu historic buildings.
i lies Rprlng up to preserve these
•a nt lhe past,
•rliup- ihe must famous of these
uirlula of lhe past In Canada Is
Chateau do Kainezay lu Mont-
which lias remained almost uu-
iK'tl Htnee the days uf the uld
Mb regime. It was built ln 1705
Si'igiuiui'   Claude   de  Haiuezay,
n ti       fiovp-aor    of    Montreal.
hr  I;I'jii  upi-ii  house  with his
whose hand waa ihe reward of
l'iiHiiiiI sortie with 800 men In
ni Quebec in 101*0, when the
11 ih- I'Vonlenao, governor of
nla   k-nded oil tbe Kngllsh fleet
i   William I'hlpps.
ii   I'liafpnu stands In what was
"H    itiahlonalile   part of old
 <   amid  mansions   and gar-
iti.ii nu-iKcil into lhe uelghbor-
lori'st-.      To-tlav the homes   of
"■ii havp forsaken the busy
rhun   «:id i iiu*.t>. tbelr chanulni.
.gardens still clinging to them, up the
alopes of Mount Royal.
Prom tho days of de Ramezay the
Chateau has been tbe scene of many
historic assemblies. Its roof sheltered not only tbe governor-generals,
tbelr Bultes of fair women and brave
men and their Illustrious (-.nests, bul
fur traders, scouts, militia leaders
and Indian*.
In 1745 It passed into the bauds ol
the Campagnle dca hides and as
India House became tbe centre nr a
great fur trade, rilling thin picturesque and Importaul role for nearlj
twenty years.
In 176H, alter the cession of Canada. It was agai-^tbe residence of
the governor, and Invitations to receptions held ihere during the following century are still in existence
The Chateau was headquarters for
the army of the Continental Congress in Its fruitless effort lo hold
Canada To-- the thirteen eo miles,
Afier Benedict Arnold railed In hi«
treason be retired to Montreal nml
stayed there for a {line U.-njan.li
Franklin lived in Die Chateau whn
he visited Montreal In ITIfl in bli
effort to persuade the French Can
adlans to join ihe new nation io tin
south, but his was a vain hope. Hup
ing Ids stay there lie established thi
Montreal "Gazette," which is still
running. Needless to Bay. lie did noi
found this paper for the purpose a
After lS4ii. the Chateau was foi
tlitrly-flve years used fur govern-
menl offices, When the govern menl
removed lo Ottawa, ibe city ure-
senled the Chateau to the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society fur |
museum, and as such ii Is un.uue.
Its collection contains all sorts oi
things ranging rrom crude homemade utensils fashioned bj tin
clumsy hands nf frontier liatjllanti
to portraits don,- h> v..-m "unowned
artisis. One m tiie molt >v.-.--,iua
hincs nmntia  Uie   ihominnds   rata-
OpUi'd   '•   II '   f-n    ...M    1|unj
Owi-I.iikI-I l.oml»lo
The Triplex Springs of the new
OVERLAND 4 make possible the
lirst light car with the steadiness ol
a heavy, long car.
I'iiIiIIc ii]i|in<rliilliiii nl Hie now flilltiinw in' llu- IlK'i-lmiil I Is sliiinn In III,, ni-r-luiii'-isliiii
ili'iniiinl fur this ,'iir. l'|»k»-,-i> conl Is low bccaiisfl llu- Trl|ili'\ N|pr!ni*s |»,-„u-,-( Hi,, iiM't-liiinlsin
from Urn usual mini shucks.   I,lulu ivi-lulit cronies ui'i-ul Ki'iiniiiiiy „! in,'I nml llrt-s.
The Herald, $2.00 a Year
■ Thursday, April 22. ll»2(»
ft HE '  C It A N II It 0 0 K      II E It A ti 11
i' A ii k   r ii it 11:
mint iik
Mrs. Wilcox siiyw s!.c 1ms learned
Hint it Hiatus u ililYirem-,' 'uiw mtloll
water uliu usch In Pacific I.1I1U.
"Don't In- kIiv wll"' water." she suys.
When a recipe calls ror a tup of iu.ll;
use less 11,1,11 halt I'urllle Milk and
over lull' water tu mi-.k,- up Hie clll).
.Mrs. Wilcox Is rlglil
I'AllI II   MILK I'll.,
l-'ueltir) al l.tulner, II. C.
—— i ill M———■
AltlUVAL AM) inr aim riti;
No. 117 No. m
t>ally Dally
12.15 p.m. Av. Cranhroolt Lv. H.Ui p.m.
111.25 p.m. l.v. Cranhroolt Ar. 4.05 iun.
Train s*j;t will leave for Kimberley
dally excepl Sunday at 7 k, und train
xim will arrive from IClmhorley dally
excepl Sunday ut 2,10 p.m,
Kootenay Central Branch no change.
Mtiutri'iil, (Jiichci-, Liverpool
Meganttc .. .May 22, June 19. July 17
Camilla ... June \2, July 20.   Aug. 21
AM*. Kit! AN  LINE
New    V^rk.    Plymouth,    Cherbourg.
Sunt Iiii nipt on
\ew York .. Apr. 24, May 22, June li)
St. Paul .... May 1. May 29, June 26
Philadelphia May 15, Juno 12, July in
new v.-iik. imimin;
Mongolia ... May 22, July *i, Aug. 14
Mongolia  ..  May 22.   July 2, Aug. 14
111.1) STAIt LINE
New Vork, Soulliaitipton. Anlwerp
Knuiiiiaiid .. May l. June r>, July 10 j
Lapland   Mav 8, June 12, July 17
Finland May 15, June 19. July 24
New Vork. Liverpool   -
Celtic  May ir., June lit. July 24
rinltir  May 22. June 20, July ,11
New  Vork. rlieroliiiurg, Siintliuniptiiii,
Adriatic Vpr, 24, May 29. July 3;
Olympic Inly 8,   Aug 4, Aug. 28 j
New Vork. <: thru Iter, Naples, tienou
Canoplc   Mny 12.   July 7
Cretlc      May 2-., July 21
For reservations and tickets apply
to local agents or Company's office,J
(i. P. Sargent, 010 Second Avenue.'
Seattle, Washington,
i IIi'piVM'iil.inr
jmriKi: mm: ami Frit i
j CALGARY,     .      VI.HFItTA
IMghosI  Tiish  Price Piiitl to
Uv Scoured in Camilla
How Kurds, the madmen of the desert, piny n death dealing gamo iu
whicli they seize young girls und
hurl thorn through tho nlr to be impaled ou swords which -huve been
fixed in the sands, and which In one
of tlto experiences passed through by
Aurora Murdiganlaii, sole survivor of
500,000 Armenian girls, Is shown in
"The Auction of Souls," tho story of
her amazing escape from ravished
Armenia, to be presented at the Box
Theatre, Friday and Saturday.
This startling portrayal ol Armenian atrocities In the years 1015-1917,
also shows how the Turks crucified
fn tiie desert young girls who refused to submit to them, and how they
took past tbts terrible line other girls
to horrify them ami break down their
courage. Sllll another part ot the
picture .-hows how girls were sold in
the slave market for less than one
dollar each.
Threo arts of rlotious laughter,
three hours of solid fun, music, rov-j
elry surprises, joy, mirth, screams,
wit. and Infectious laughter aro promised In tiie latest Mutt and Jeff scries "Mult und Jeff's Dream," which
In to be tho next attraction at tho
Auditorium Tuesday next. From all
accounts this new Gus Hill produc-j
tion involving the adventures, pranks,'
foible.*-, idiosyncrasies and rollicking
powers of "Bud" Fisher's famous oar-1
toon creations, Is the best that lias
been presented since their advent
from the poiges of the dallies to the
stage these past eight years. The
cast Is composed of forty peoplo Including a champion beauty chorus of
sixteen lovely and prancing maidens!
who are well versed lu the subtle i
art of singing, dancing and frolicsome abandon.
(Continued from Pago One)
HEATHS 1110)1
ltetunee Beans grow t. the mer-1
tlle Frasei Valley. They avr
si rlngless
()l akik mn mi
Is l!ie choicest or these, nml onl:
lhe perfect ones are canned nr.
tier this famous nttme.
Dominion Calipers K. ('., Ltd.,
Head Itltlce:
Vancouver, B. ('.
Meat,   ,l,rj
Mooter utcbt
 at Frauralty
lill.   'Bojouralm   Oddfellow,
cordially Intlud.
Noble   lirand, «•*'•   Sec.
.1. II. I'aiuerou        W. M. Harris
(HAS. S. rvitkiit
forwardliiK  and   "ilairltiutiui
Agent lor
l.elhbrldie and llreenblU I'oal
luifierial llll Co.
Dlitrtiutlon Can a Bpeolalty
llrnylntt mnl TranMoirlUg
Ul,eu |iroiu|it atteutlon
Fhoue «S
lMioiie No. UMI
(i tin In <Mik.   .     *     .11. Ct
I'mbrosk, B. C.
Mtsti every TuMfey at I db Ii
tbe Frttwnltr Hill
C. U. Boriitrom, O.C,
C. H. CoIJIqi. K. H k S.
Visiting  brethren cordially  In-
vltad to attwfl.
tance an*l aro being given the douht-
I ful handout In the shape of being permitted to double tax themselves for
amusements and to enforce the unpopular and unscientific poll tax. The
opposition urged thut non-esBOntlalS
be eliminated and greater assistance
be given to such urgent needs us the
hospitals, and when In answer to
their appeals for greater consideration of the already overburdened taxpayers the attorney-general brought
down a bill to permit o! the government going Into the moving picture
production enterprise under the guise
ol propogattng patriotic Ideas but actually, the opposition claimed, to afford a mean.', for political propaganda
at the forthcoming general elections,
the opposition lender emphasized his
bliief thnt ir ever then was a time
when a government needed to be criticized in an effort to apply the brak-i
es to the saturnalia of expenditure it
was now. Thnt was the function of
the opposition, ho said, and he announced his determination to exorcise
It to the full the while being ready to
assist the government, in every manner to inaugurate policies of real merit. This determination wus shown in
tiie oppositions wh'ole heated support
of the mothers' pensions bill, the elimination of tiio costly nnd needless
Public Utilities Commission, the inauguration of which last yenr the opposition had strongly opposed on Ihe '
ground that it was an unnecessary
expenditure of public moneys and the
history of which has proved to the
hilt the soundness of that position;
its support of the increased payments
to bo made to dependents under the
amendments to the Workuiens' Compensation Act. There hus beeu no
opposition offered by tbe Conservat-
lev.s to those measures having to do '
witli the welfare of the returned men,
measures designed to extend the relief fronted under various acts passed
by the late government lu tbe inter-'
eats of the men overseas. Those j
measures, the opposition heUl, were
but a just recognition of the claims
of the men who hud enlisted and served their counery, No objection was
taken to extending the scope of the
Department of Industries whereby another million will be granted to as-'
sist returned men In entering tho In-'
dustrial field and thereby aid in In- ■
creasing development of tlie natural
resources  of  the   province. In   :i
score of ways tho opposition tliis session bas shown its utmost readiness
to support the government in anything
possessing real merit and designed iu
tho interests of the Province.       But
there was no lack of emphasis In the
opposition  leader's  declaration     that)
the opposition was not to be deterred,
from scoring the government for tts
failure in respect of its land settlement   policies,    for Instance,    of the,
manifest lack of co-operation between |
the Settlement Board and Hie Depart- ■ _             ~~ ' '       ;-"
ment of Lands,   of   its having spent. '      ~
large sums for  settlement   purposes PHWCETOS MEN KILL NINE
on lauds that could not be developed. COUGARS M'KIM*. fflSTEK
nnd to its failure,   after four years in ■
office, to have settled a single return- The Princeton Star says:
ed man upon the land. The govern- '-Hartry and Wm. Gordon ap In
ment would not he permitted to load town after spending the winter hun-1
the civil service with Unpolitical fev- --tag and trapping up the summits of
orltes or increase departments not ac-jthe Muddy Creek pass. Thto Is on
tually needed without a protest from! the route of the proposed Hone-
the opposition. He claimed the right Princeton highway, and it is Interest-'
to tight against the increasing taxa-1 tag In this connection to leum that,
tion. the whllo criticizing the govern-! »he snow where this road will run;
mont for its failure to inaugurate! wwas only from 30 to 86,Inches
pollceis thnt would mean settlement deep, and now probably only about
aud development e»f natural resources. ;i*r> Inches. The muddy greek pass
It was the government's record of in « tho hi«,iest noint on the !)ro-,ose(1
competency. Mr. Bowser claimed, that Hope-Princeton route,
that offered fair Held for opposition "The Gordon brothers had splendid;
criticism and ho only hoped that as luck with their hunting aud trapping
a result, the government would revise I a»d ''aught many marten, besides
Its methods and give the tax payer a nine cougar*. The cougars are
run tor his money. worth (35; that is |26 bounty and $10
■ m ■  j lor the hide.     From what these boys
THE horse has been declared by Thomas Edison to be the most inefficient
machine in the world.   In return for the amount of food and care needed,
the horse returns less in work than any other machine.
The average team of fnrm horses a»la $4110, a
good set of double harness $100, ;i wagon without
box $115, making a total of $615.
A Pord Truck costs $750 at Ford, Ont. A Pordson
Tractor costs $860 ul Dearborn Mich.'
The initial cost of motorizing a farm is slightly
greater limn the cost of a horse out lit, but the lower
cost of operation and upkeep of the tractor and truck
and the greater amount of work done easily put
ilie horse out of the running.
Government experiments have proved that the east
of feeding a horse is K.7 cents per working hour.
A learn of horses cannot plow mure lean two acres
in a ten-hour day. At K.7 cents per hour or 17.4
cents per hour for a'leain, the cost would be $1.74,
or 8? cents an acre. A Pordson Tractor plows on an
average of seven acres a day. The cost per acre
averages not more than 75 cents /ser urn: for gas and
oil. Tlte Pordson does three anil a half times as
much plowing in a day al a smaller cost per acre.
Suppose you mo hauling produce to market or bringing oui supplies. If the lown is twenty miles away it
will lake you a whole day to make lhe return trip
with horses. If you have a heavy load and the
weather is hot it will take you two days. If it took
you twelve hours, the eost nt 17.4 cents an hour for
your team would be$g,09. The average cost of running a Ford Truck, for gas and oil, is 41 ■ cents a mile
or fi.no for the forty miles. But with the Ford
Truck you ean make the return trip in four hours,
The triiekenables you to make three limes as many
trips and at a lower eost per trip.
Hut this is not all. If yyu motorize your farm you
can get, up an hour later in the morning. Vou have
no horses to feed, groom or harness. You start work
after breakfast.
When dinner is ready you stop at the end of the held,
drive your tl'lictordirect to the house, e.it your dinner,
and rest till il is time to go to work again.
In the afternoon your motor works jus! as well though
lhe sun is hot and the flies ure bad.
And at night when work is over you are through (or
the day,    no horse- to rub down, feed or waler.
You are always free to leave your farm for picnic or
vacation no worry about horses left behind to'be
cared for.
Every way you look at it the motor has the advantage over the horse.   It
means shorter hours on the farm, more work done in less time and at less cost.
HffiiUr HmHii
skcoxii svnwuv ui mil
Nwiilti »l 8 p.m. I* Ilie I'll; Hell
out unit
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■laterally and Geoeral Nunlng
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Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 1» P. O. Bos MS
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Meets lo tba
Parish Hall
drat Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at > p.m.
^^^^^^^^^^^   Pres. Mra. K.
II. Leainan
•aey, Mrs. j. W. Barton, P. O. Bot 111.
All ladles cordially Inltad.
I'.aat Kootenay lllstrlft
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Chun. 10. to vans. Esq President
Hurry Gamble, Esci Vlce-Prea.
J. R Huchcroft, Crauhrook,
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Wm. Evans, Esq        "
Ort-uul/allon completed Jsn. 7,
lH-iii, membership roil open for tho
enrolment of prospectors. Applications und correspondence Willi
suggestions tending to promote tho
Interests of prospectors solicited.
Annual membtrahlp fee, »S.OO.
havo seen of the nctinn.4 of the «,ou-
gar, ihey believe tlmt a full grown
cougar will nvenige ;i deer a week,
so thnt the nine coiiRnrs they killed
will save tlie lives no 4CS deor In
twelve months."
Let us supply you with your next
eounter sales hooks. We have a com*
plete line and prices are as low as
the nut-of-towu fellow wilt glvf you.
The Cranbrook Herald.
TK\l»:ilS  1011  (OW.
"The "Spite llride" fl Selznlek picture starring OUve Thomas, comes
lo I he Hex Theatre Monday nnd
It's simply a knock-out — the be i
thing thut the screen has seen In
many moons. It Ims snap, dash and
zest; n humiin picture of human i<eo-
ple presented In a human way. And
Olive Thomas was never better In
her life. She Is Ihe essence ot youth
— youth at Its fines! ■ - with its Simplicity, grace, charm and wilfulness.
"The Spito Bride" is a drama of
youthful Impulse with just enouph
thrills to make you u little bit creepy I SEALED TENDERS addressed to
—not enough to make your spine the undersigned and endorsed "Quo-
run cold - with enough suspense to: tatious for Cdnl, Dominion Buildings.
keep yon  .nteroatod tr     start to S^S^U^Sk"'IJt'&SIB!
finish — wltll onough IniiRlis to glvo jj, lojo, -or the supply of coal for
thai nice warm feeling Inside nm! a  Hie public building* throughout   lhe
few tears which will glvo vou a plea- province of llrltlsh Columbia,
sunt, Happy feeling afterward*,        ', Combined specltinulonsland form of
'      ' ,,„     , ,      ., ,,„    lender can he obtained from the I'nr-
When Mllllcenl Ue Ihrew over nil- Phasing Agent. Deportment of Public
ly Swtoyne far another mnn, nilly. Works, Ottawa, and from the Cnre-
tliouglit the world had come to" ur , take's   of   the   different   Dominion
end.     He did not know what to do Building". '
, , „       „   ,      , Tenders will not tie considered iin-
so he married Tessa Doyle, a bentitl- leK, limd(, oll ,„n rornla BUppHcd by
ifnl, sweet, little dancing girl, out' the Department and In accordance
of spile. He didn't love liar — he with the conditions sei. forth therein,
hardly know her. After u few Kucli tender ninsl lie nccomimnled
,        ,      ,    ,   , ,',., , bv an accepted lllioillto on a chartered
weeks, when he had reaped his nt- LJ^ ]mi]t! tn ,„..' nn,,r of n*ft MilI.
lafactlon by making the world think |Htor 0r public Works, equal to in p.c
that he had Jilted Mllllcenl for Tea-1 of the amount of tlte tender. War
»a. ho hnd tllfl marriaRo annulled and' •'"■••i Bonds of the Dominion will also
proceeded to forgot all about the lit-
j be accepted as security, or wnr bonds
 , .       ,.     ...      [and cheques If required to mak.' up im
tlo girl who had been his wife for a |„j,i amount.
few short weeks,      Hut  he had not i Ity order,
reckoned with the hand of fate. »■ <'■ DBUOCHBRS.
-,*■»» ( • Secretary
If vnu  want news whllo  It   new* I Bonarlmenl of Public Works.
if you want.win while It news, fl (| 12 lfi
■utoerlbt for tk* Herald |-422-2t
I.AMt  ItKi.lSTM   ACT
(Section   KM.i
tn the Matter of Application No. 717W-!
lu the Matter of Lots 1. 2 and 8, Block
82, of Lot 132, Group 1, Map 1181.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt the above application has been made to register
John Maurice Hupp as owner in fee
of the above lands, ami tor the issue
to the snld John Maurice Hupp of a
Certificate of Indefeasible Title there-,
to, and that iu support of such application there has been produced a conveyance dated 30th January, l!i*J-j.
from the £aynes Lake Land Company
Limited, whose title is subject to certain contracts for sale i Inter alia) sot
forth In tlie ScHedule hereto and
which contracts are unregistered in
this office,,
that registration will be effected in
pursuance of the ahovo application
nnd a Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the said lands Issued to the said
John Maurice Hupp, free from Mich
unregistered contracts, after the lapse
of :ui days from tlie .service upon you
respectively of this notice (which service upon you respectively may bo effected by publication hereof for two
weeks lu the "Cranbrook Herald"
Nowupapur) unless you respectively or
your respective legal represntatlvoa
shall talie and prosecute the proper
proceedings to establish your respective claims, if any. to the said lands
or to prevent such proposed action
"n my part.
The Schedule above referred to:
Contract No. 20 in favor or F. M. E,
Vendibles covering Lots -1 and ■"-. Block
27, Map 11S1.
Contract No, '-'.. iu favor of j. Barnard covering Lot D, Block 38, Map
Contract No. 128 in favor of C. II.
Brooks, covering Lot 7. Block 83, Map
Contract No. 12t in favor of J It.
Brooks, covering Lot »!. Block 33, Map
Contract No. US in favor of Brooks
and Hart, covering Lot 1, Ithn-k 82,
Mai) 1181,
Contract No. 12S in favor oi C, U.
Barren, covering Lol .".. Block 32, Map
Contract No. 143 iu tavor of E King,
covering Lot 7. Block ;\2. Map 1181.
DATED nl tho Land Registry Olllce,
Nelson,   B.  C,   Hii-*   lull   ilny  of April.
A.O. 1020.
m K. s. STOKES,
District Roglstrnr of Titles,
To: F. M. E. Wimbles,
.1. Barnard,
c. II. Brooks.
J. It. Itmok.-,
Brooks and Hart,
G. It. Barrett,
v.. King.
of every auto tire,user. It i--, to
took into tbe advantages of saving his worn tires and makine
them go as far as possible by
having ui vulcanize them. In
thei-e days of high cost tire- it
i-, almo-t a necessity for tlie average  car  owner
Crnnbrook Vulf-uiii/inir Wk«.
W. K. GIBBI8. Prop.
I'l e  SH • •      Hex   IM
Opposite Bank of Commerc.
C1fw*M  md\fm    O-gSM md]frm    ity*    ef}^m m^ft-W i^ftS* .^frS-fl
\ Cranbrook Cleaners and Dyers
1 I'.   N.   WILMS,   -Manner.
Inn-most ( leaner- aud Dyer* of Kvcrytliiug
I'lioue  157 iIKANBROOK, B. C. Box 72
Qt-W" w"wV w"w* »*wV' »*wV' wwV1 w-Vw— w-sft^'^
flUrliotiist Church
7::m I'. M.—Divine Worship.
Preaclien REV. H. IV. I.EE
You an* Invited
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ot Canada Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchaser) of (.old, Silver, Copper and Lead llrei
I'rodiirers of Hold, Silver, Copper, Hlaeatoae, Pig Lead and
Zinc "T AII A.N AC" Brand.
Patronize - Home - Merchants PA«K    FOUR
THE      I  It V Nil ItlMIK
(Continued frnm Page One)
hi: It AM)
Thursday, April 92.; MIl'o
Sit.uo n day, according to their effl*
i lency, Tlu-y bej. i i'i the vineyards
nnd orange grov-.-o ot Southern California, and tho/ ond up late In ihe
■ Fall picking and paclilrg i: ■• Mis Hud
Apples of the Ok t*■..•;» 1 •tin! the Kro-
teuay. The berrlw, pouches, cherries, pears and apples packfcd and
shipped last season trom the vaileys
and hill sides drained by the Columbia totalled over 100,0'ifl .vs aud
brought the growers much more than
a hundred million dollars. Aid
ihis business is expanding nt such
a rate that 200,000 ours will be soon
needed to carry itway the surplus
crop. The potato, celery and onion
crops of the Ultunugun arc now ship-
lied to Minneapolis! St. Paul and St.
Louis, where they fetch fancy prices.
These nre shipped over the Canadian
Pacific and the Son Line. There
seems an unlimited market In the
Mississippi Valley for these choice
products of tho gardens of the Okanagan, bul the Canadian Pacltlc is
nni willing to take the risk of sending its cars off its own lines to supply the St, Louis demand, When
thoy gel on to ther lines they take
a very long time to net home and
thu most of them In poor condition,
The great spruce, (lr and cedar
forests of the World are ont hero on
the I'iiciiic Const adjacent to tidewater where their products cau be
economically marketed. The whole
World is clamoring (or the pulp, pa-
por and lumber of these forests, but
ihere is nut a mill on the Const that
can net nn ndequute supply of logs.
Tho liar real os ment und the laborers
Inn   few.
Tin- labor famine Is so great new
railroad construction and essential
betorments and extensions ure halted. Dwolllngs that formerly cosl
(10,000 can not now be huilt under
(80,000. J, J. Mill Ui iss; ran out
road in six months tn a cost nf $10,-
000 a mile. It wus part of tlie main
line of tlie I:rent Northern. Expert
railroad btilldors tell me that railroad building cannot now be done
under $80,000 a mil-'. The Canadian Pacific could not im replaced in
these days for $1,400,000,000, leaving oui of the calculation its groal
terminals and subsidiaries,
When tin- Grand Trunk is added
in the National Rail ways of Canadn
Hn* Dominion will huve 20,000 miles
ot railway! of its own. These will
represent Investments of $2,000,000,-
000. Lasl yenr tlie (lollCits of tlie
Government system were $50,000,-
000, It is perfectly certain thut
These annual delicts will continue mi
rates ure re-:nljusled to liiuke the
service pay. Why the tax payers
who never 'use the National Railways
should he made to pay for the service rendered to others, is, of course.
n political mystery.
At least $200,000,000 are needed
for equipment, betterments and essential maintenance and extensions
lu rentier efficient srviee on the National Hallways. The tax payers must
provide nil this money with no expectation that the politicians will ev-
re collect a cent interest on the investment The Dominion's present
deficit is $7(1,000,000 a year. Were
ihe National Railroads to collect sufficient revi-nuo to pay interest on the
investment tho deficit of $70,000,000
would he wi|ied out ami a surplus
or $30)000,000 accumulated.
Transportation business has grown
(id per cent, lu five years, and the
machinery of transport the railroads
stagnated during the same period.
Tho American railroads need 10,000
posonger cars. 20,oot) locomotives
nnd 800,000 freight cars. To overtake the business expansion and
growth of the nation they require
$7,(Hio.UiiO.Odd of new capital, These
ure Dunn's figures. America did
have tho best and most efficient riill- weu
roads of the World till Socialists,
muek-rakors nml demagogues blasted
ihelr efficiency nnd credit through
legislation ami Governmental regulation,
Now tlie Doveriiment Is Striving to
help the railroads hack to where ihey
it at tlie pit's mouth from oil. petrol oi* gas,
America built up her great transportation systems In the generation
succeeding tho civil wnr. nnd when
the dollar was often at a discount of
60 per cent. Then was very little
money iu America In those days and
railroad bonds had to he marketed
in Kuropo often also at a discount of
■10 and even 60 per cent. But there
were giants in those days, u mighty
race lired by the love and glory of
work and achievement, and they
,',riil-ironed the plains and bridged
mighty rivers anil mountains ami
transformed a continent in an incredibly short space of itme, The pioneers that made the trucks and built
the bridges and the mountain tunnels
then were tlie greatest empire btilldors the World bus over known. The
nation, rather than they, reaped tlie
harvest of their labors.
it was these pioneers who blazed
the way for the almost miraculous
transformation of America. lu 00
year's the Republic's population bus
grown from 15,000.000 to 115,000,-
UOO, and In oue century her people
have created more wealth than all
tlie nations of Europe antl Asia have
accumulated since the dawn of civilization.
To say thai a nation which has
achieved so much in u century can
no longer finance its development is
to say ihat the Amercati peoplo of
today are utterly unworthy tit' their
fathers and grand-fathers. Kngland
with one-fifth of America's wealth
nnd one-fifth of America's gold is
financing now developments, product-
oii. traiiiuiort' and commerce round
about the World. Never before
were English business men so active
scouting for oil. and gold, and silver.
ami platinum, umi raw materials lu
all the new und old colonics uud in
every land open to commerce and enterprise. Ami England is financing
all these and keeping credits down to
a I per cent nml Ii per cent, basis
at liie very lime that American hunkers huve hi charge 7 per cent, or
more io finance exports or absolutely
necessary trado or construction.
Belfast and Cllnsgow shipbuilders
can get all the money they need to finance shipbuilding al -1 per cent.
American shipbuilders must pay 7
per cent. Nti wonder, therefore.
thai llrltlsh ships are being built
and sold for $70.00 a ton while (he
same typo costs $110.00 a ton in America
Something has gone wrong with
the machinery of American lliiutirle
when money iu America costs double
what ft does in Great Britain, when
England, with 20 per cent, of America's wealth and mild can finance her
new ri'-constriiciion nnd a trade expansion aud foreign enterprise more
ambitious than ever before at half
the Interest rates exacted from Am-
[actttrcrs and morchante and ship
Th financial machinery, in other
words, Is out of joint. America cannot compete with England in tlie
markets of the World if.her manufacturers nnd merchants and ship
owners have in pay double the interest rules of their British competitors.
When Britishers Invest in oil wells
In Mexico or in Persia or in Mesopotamia, the English Government not
only Hives them the full protection
of her Army and Navy but also
cheap money, Wherever ihey go in
search of (rude or of concessions they
are certain of help, encouragement
und cheap -financing from their own
Government. England Is using billions of American credits to do these
things. And while Kngland is doing
all this the Great Federal Reserve
Ilnuk fs compelling American manufacturers, merchants uud curriers
to liquidate iliruogh high interest
rules and curtailment of credits.
Politicians excuse this hy talking
about Infln (ion and profiteering.
Uncle Sam was able to curry on he-
fore the war with a force of 350,000
civil employees. lie is using over
7011,11111) for the sumo work. 350,000
paid civil service employees
kept   iu   office   because   no   politician
ever wants to tfliH a Government job.
That Is where tht- deflation should
begin, not in curtailing credits to
manufacturers, exporters, or producers of food ami raw materials.
; Dear Sir:   |
1  see in your is
la meeting will he
uo this week that
held by the Hoard
mong other
turning of
which they can be built in Glasgow!
or Belfast. The Holllnger gold mine
is producing $7,000,000 and employ-!
lug 1,200 men but it could now bo.
producing $15,000,000 yearly in gold
if it could net the labor. The Sullivan silver-lead It 1 tic mine is now pro-.
during al the rate of 150,000 tons °' rrade or the "ur>wwrt-
a vear It is ready to produce 1.- j lll,,,«B- of «M«"ing the
000,000 ions a vear could it get au the St. Mary's River and Premier hake
adequate labor supply. A policy Districts iuto Game Reserves. Why
which lures labor away from the the Board or Trade? It would be lu-
productlon of lead and zinc und cop-J teresting to know just how much thc
per and gold, and pats it into ahtp-1 Board of Trade knows about, or has
yards lo build vessels which Canadl- Studied on, game protection. As its i
aits can buy for half the prfoe in Bel-1 name Implies the Hoard Is a body of j
fast is not either sane or patriotic, commercial men who must advertise'
And yet this is the very policy! the District, advance lug welfuro and
which log-rollers and politicians are steer as ninny outside dollars Iuto
advocating for Canada, Working-. this district as possible; composed of
men are beginning to soo this Tor1 lawyers, storekeepers, eic. It is a
themselves. The punishment am) line thing for the District—tho one I
deportation being meted out to the profoundly learned In the law and tho
ltetl agitators Is having a sobering!gentle art of soduclug tho dollar his
effect. There Is more efficiency and, way. the other for providing tlie com-1
less unrest in Western Canada, Hed ; inanity with the nocossltlc-a of llfo'
muck-raking leafiots and newspapers and incidentally making tho suid
are siiii printed and distributed and j wretched community pay top prices.
the wnlklng delegate is as cocksure
antl hiimploiis as ever. But these
nre fust losiug their influence, The
downfall of Bolshevism In Russia
ami the restoration of a now autocracy which dragoons workers is a
more illuminating object lesson than
Communistic preaching.
Even the casual worker is beginning (o see that unless capital gets
fair wages there will bo fewer new
jobs for him. He is also learning
thai, the rule of the Proletariat is
class rule ami for him personally it
may become more brutal and tyrannical than lhe rule or un aristocracy of
The people ou the wnole are learning that in a true democracy
'There must  be class but  no class
should rule.
Tiie isea  is  sweet  hat   rots tlie stagnant pool."
Moreover, the pioneers who are
still settling on virgin lands
Apart   from   Ihis  the   Hoard  does   line
work, hut when it commences trying]
to manufacture now ideas on Game!
Protection its usefulness ceases. Wei
have had lately nml still are enduring, to many amateur ideas on Game
conservation, and l think that the
knowledge of a grent many or I lie
Board on Game Protection ends witli
the automobile roud.
We do not hear much during tlie
winter or what is going on iu Crunbrook ins travel is not easy, nnd just I
what tlie Idea of making a Game Reserve of the St. Mary's is 1 fail to see |
-perhaps there is .something afoot
witli which I am not conversant—-but
apart from that the idea Is absurd.    ;
The lirst und foremost consideration for a Game Reserve is to have
tlie game for whicli to reserve it. In |
this the St. Mary's is slmgularly lack-!
Ing. I think I have as good a general
nd who I knowledge of East  Kootenay district1
nre creating farms and homes on the »nrt conditions ns the average man;
frontier, have no more use for Boi- liav« hunted and travelled both the
shovlsm than for a .rattle-snake, j Rockies und Selkirk* continuously
Neither have the prospectors and itor •' years :i»d with few exceptions
miners who are scouting all over the St. Mary's is the poorest game
Western Canada from Ottawa River country I know of. A few bands of
to the Alaskan border for new gold caribou, some deer and goat, and a
uud silver mines, or other mineral: percentage of bear are there, but it
wealth. The prospector is au inelp-j (hies not compare with the Rockies,
lent capitalist. He has courage. Im- and tin reason is not dilllcull io find,
agination, enterprise ami sleepless ] it may never have occurred to those
Industry, lie huts all dny for tokens | interested tha-t tlie making.:' of a good
"Light as air" whicli may lead him game country always has been, and
to the fissure on the mountain's side .always will be, natural feed wwith a
or summit where he may find the * capital "P." Without lots of feed you
precious ore thut will make him an- cannot expect to find game. The St.
otlier Monte Chrlsto. lie rolls him- Mary's is the poorest creek for grass
self in his- blanket at night and lIia, | klunv o( ;i|l,i undoubtedly it is
sleeps beside his camp fire beneath for till8 reason tlial t|lcro is 8Ucb n
Hie blue sky of lienvon and dreams Lparclty or game. Go into tlie Fernie
of treasures won, or else he dreams) DIstrlct( tllQ B|k< Fordmgi Bun and
of a little cottage in Virginia or Ohio, wmte RtVQM( Bnd ulso lhe PallfeeP
or in Tlppernry. or in Norway where Lre (,fl„Hets of lusclou8 buncll gnjB8,
he was horn antl where his best lev-  Uo]Hng hu|B 1M|(1  Iofty ni()Un).,iu af
*'(I onM s,in dweU- 'ter  mountain   of  that   ilaest   of  all
Thorn are no truer heroes or mon.  ,^ bimchgl.ft8S( 0„ whlch tIie lllrgor __
| animals thrive.   Tlie St. Mary's is un-!
I fortunate  In   this   respect  that   feed Uerfred
Is poor and as a natural result game
'■ te scarce.   You con make a reserve ■
of the St. Mary's but you will not In*
' crease your tgame In ten thousand
years bcciiui?o the natural conditions j
art- against ii; nature will look after
that, and wliere you will find lots of
feed, und it is permitted,
bo   abundance   of  gume.   Get  us   go
werth while
What their handwriting tells—
England's most distinguished novelist writes a
distinguished hand—but
more to the point—his
newest and most distinguished novel is appearing in Cosmopolitan.
Today, begin "In Chancery" which tells about Soames Forsyte who beliwres that a wife
is part of a man's property. *
Miss Hurst's hand shows
a disregard for details.
Her novel "Star Dust"
does not. In fact, the insight Miss Hurst shows into ihe heart of
Lily Becker- the tragedy of her struggles for self determination-
her loveless marriage all prove that Fannie Hurst knows the
essential details that goto make up the joys and Ihe sorrows of life.
Get thc new Cosmopolitan and begin "Star Dust."   You'll finish it.
Mr. Kyne's writing shows
that he was born and
brought up in the great
Northwest and knows its
people. Better still, his
novel "Kindred of the
Dust", now appearing in Cosmopolitan, gives ample evidence of
Peter B. Kyne's knowledge of the great hearted, romance loving,
vigorous folk who move in this drama of the passion of youthful
There are seven Cosmopolitan standard short-stories and
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In appreciation of their Canadian readers, the publishers of
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Cosmopolitan at the regular price everywhere of 25 cents, as
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won by scouts of civilization than the
West. Tens of thousands of them
gold hunters und prospectors of tbe
hunted for fortunes all their lives
and before they found them died be-
on their lips. They felt that they
side their camp fires with a smile up-
had helped to blaze the trail to fortune for others. They cooked their
own meals, butlt tlieir own cabins,
caught the trout in the mountain
stream and the grouse and the venison. Theirs were long laborious
days and years and when long delayed fortune sometimes came it did nol
divorce them from the joys born of
the adventure, grandeur and suhlim
Ity of the mountains of the West.
Tbe policy of the present them one winter with unfortunate re-j amino conditions closely in the pro-
Government seems to be to let the suits  for himself.   A year ago Inst posed new ones,
game take care of itself, nnd natural-; Winter a  venturesome gentleman of:    There is much more I could say but
ly have proven a dismal failure.       ! Swedish extraction from Bull  River, space forbids.
Wo  have  a   magnificent  game  re- whom 1 cun name, -jieit the Winter
serve to tiie north of us, n natural [thero and all bill cleaned tip this fine
game country abounding In feed and Colony;  incidentally he killed two or
winter pastures, with lots of all vn- three elk and came out with nobody
there  will   <*lot!os of game in It. but it is useless  to   say   him   nay,    I   venture   to  \swy
Let us go',(l expect results from it when no pro-' thai   if  we  had adequate  protection
nnd not rush too fast into this Jetton ls afforded. lin  the -shape of game wardens tills
tf Game Reserves stuck here and     '•■ Iue heart of the reserve is Mon-jnttui  would never have ventured in.
and serving no good purpose roe   ■-,a'ie-  heading  the  li.   forlt   of]the present iniquitous system of do--
i annoy tlie public.
AHTl-iril A.  WAUI).
1 itlea
! but to annoy the public. I White Itlevr and the home of a great   ing nothing to protu't our game is uu-
Anotht.r thing that strikes me very number of beaver-dam after dam forcloinl; the Intelligent system of game
I favorably is the fact that game re-U? miles. When I was gume warden protection which it had taken years to
, serves ure useless  unless you have we watche'd these beaver for years In
the means of keeping them as Bitch. J creasing
liy merely saying such ami such n dli
F«w Drops nt "Freozone/.'Then Lift }
Corn   fclght Off i
and spreading and far
lough away where they would do no
build up und which I claim hud the
best of results.
Before we set up new reserves let us
A tinv bottle
little :tt any .lr
■Iriiji* uptni any .
ly il stops hur'tii
lillll   IllltllCI
Stops Hair  Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
Canada has also been unable lo
belong nnd the general public must j deipobolUs the legions or Govern-
pay the price in much higher rates. mfin, employees nnd commissions
The general public Is always the vie-jwhtcll the exigencies of war fastened
tiin of Governmental stupidity, in-Upon her. The Dominion will need j
efficiency and blindness. The ablest efficiency experts to ra-organlie her
financiers and transport experts of | developments and co-ordinate her expenditures. French and Italian
money nre at discounts of fin per
World tried for years to enlighten Congress and the politicians of
ihe Impending wreckage of the railroads unless asinine Governmental
over-regulation was halted. Bul
Congress antl the bureaucrats kept
blindly  on  pandering  to  socialism
trict shall beset aside and nobody limit i burin.   One man ventured In to trap protect the existing onto and also ex- j with your linger
: In lt is a joke.   Vou have got to huve I     -^
. men employed who will make it an I
! unhealthy pastime to break the game
laws.     ,My experience hus been that
mosl men will break the laws il they j
enn get away with It. Let tlie Govern- ]
; ment put. on game wardens to enforce
the laws', thoy are excellent If enforced with tact and firmness. Most ,
!of us pay for a license to kill game;
and   the   funds   received   from   that i
ahould most certainly be devoted to;
[the department from which they are
i* "i-rco/oiiD   costs so
; stuie: apply a few
iu or callus, hiitant-
. i hen BliortlV v.ni lift
nu or uiUus right off
Truly!    No humbug!
Nova Scotia Lobsters Tempt American
Palates t\
revenue Is out of all proportion to
expenditure, and the deficits aro
made up oui of new loans or more
paper money. Canada's deliclts of
ami now the general public has to I $70,000 n yenr is entirely due to the
pay the price ill almost double trans- fnct thai it gives a pari of the people
portation costs.      And the $7,000,-1 railroad   service   for   $100,000,000
000,   must  lie spent speedily Un-  loss Hum cost  Including interest.     It
less congestion and paralysis ofm8 also due to the fact that tho Gov-
transportation are allowed to reign .eminent cannot shako Itself froe
over tho Republic. from the hosts who found lodgment
The motor car and the motor truck | |n it* service during the war.
will offset some of the evil cotiHC-1 These two reforms made. Cannda
.tuenees of tho Inefficiency of the rail- can look forward with perfect scour-
roads. But motor transport cannot Ity to n period of unparalleled agrt-
grow faster than it is. The further cultural, manufacturing, mining nnd
paralysis of the railroads would be commercial expansion. Her mail calamity almost as great as war, Ichluory of finance is in excellent or-
aiul tho railroads cannot get capital'der and her gold mid silver mines
unless they are granted rates which will soon put her dollar at u prom-
yfl tempi capital back Into railroad I him. Hut Canada must have more
Investments. 'and  more labor and  more efficiency
Moreover, tbo railroads must all: fro mher workers uud fewer strikes,
be electrified,    oil and coal nre both!Some way must be found to arbitrate
too expensive antl loo valuable to be   labor disputes ailtl slop the waste of
consumed in  locomotlvos.    It is an, Idle ships and factories,
onomlc crime to use them.    Eloc-1     II Is Infinitely more important to
A    few   cents   buys   "Dnnderlne.": ,,
After an application of "Danderlne" °nlV Tab,ets with    Bayer Cross"
you can not find a fallen hair or any j are Aspirin—No others!
ltd Ml percent, simply because dandruff, besides every liair shows
new .life, vigor, brightness, more
color and thickness.
George J. Spreull has purchased
the residence of George Stephenson,
of the Western Grocers, Limited, and
will occupy the residence as his
Irlc  populism   will  result  in  an  Im
men so conservation of wealth.   So
Will Die inohlli/nllon uud co-ordlliat-
loii of hydro electric energy general-
provide Capital for necessary railroad
construction, nml milling and milling
developmeul than to provide capital
to build sblph at double Ihe cost for
"Pape's Diapepiin" neutralizes excci-
slve acid In stomach, relieving
dyipepala, heartburn and
dlstresa at once.
Time it! lu five minutes ulf item-
uc|i din trom, due to acidity, will go.
Nn Indigestion, heartburn- 'sourness or
belching at gas nr eruntatioiia of uiuli-
acstetl font!, nn dizzim-is, bloating, foul
breath or headache.
Pane's Dls pepsin te noted tor its
spired in regulating upset utoniftclit.
It in the Bitrcpt, tptlckeBt ttUmiaelf sweetener in the whole world, and In-Hiilf-t it
te harmless. Tut an end to Momauli
distress At once by getting a large fifty-
cent enio uf 1'iipc'a Diupt-psln from any
drug store, Vou realize in five minutes
how needless it te Ut nnfter irom iudi-
frcHttoii, d*. "pepsin or any stomach dis-
urdrr taiiRviI hy fcrm-rntatltm dur to
ffiiTMivf aviiia ia
|    There ia only one Aspirin, that marked
' with the "Bayer t'ross"—all other tablets are only acid imitations.
i    Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
have been prescribed by physicians for
' nineteen years and proved safe by mil
i lions    lur    Pain.    Headache.    Neuralgia,
folds, Rlieumutlsm, Lumbago, Neuritis.
Handy tin  boxes of  12 .tablets—also
larger  "Bayer"   packages,   can   bo   bad
1 at any drug store.    Made in Canada.
Aspirin is the trade mark {registered
in Cannda i, of Bayer Manufacture »f
Monoacetlcucidester of Satlcylicucid,
While it is well known that Aspirin
| mean* Bayer manufacture, to assist the
! public against Imitations, the Tablets of
' Haver Company, Ltd., will be stumped
1 with   their   general   trade   mark,   tha
"Bayer Cross,"
If It's job printing you nre in need
of, telephone the Herald and let our
solicitor call. We are at your servlco
with an equipment second to none in
the Province. Buy at home and help
make Cranbrook a Uric city.
r.-nada produces SO per cent, of
(he lobster supply of the world, and,
In addition, tbe finest lobsters. The
lohsters of the New Kngland coast
aie tbo little brothers of tbe noble
crustaceans native to tbe more north.
ern and colder waters of Labrador,
mid, Inderal Canadian female lobsters
are sPle^e,' tor iim In American
hflh herii"t ,o Improve the strain,
The IjiIi.'kIoi coast bas the greatest
known supply, hut is ton distant io
be available rot commercial purposes
at ptwt-uL     Tba main supply  uw
comes from the Ouir of St. Lawrence
particularly around the famous
Island of Anticostt, nnd from the
waters about Nova S'-o'ia.
Nova    Scotia   is   tamtuis   ror   romance .apples, cherries, and   last but
no least, lobsters. The government
bas every intention thai thin hoppi
stole of ufralrs shall continue anil
niaiii'.uiis lltteen luiicberien in the
province, The lobsters are also
guarded out or season (ij strict pio-
teetlvo laws.
Tka Nova Scotia li*iu lobatu se*-
'yh.isf a*m*n<f&tAer rs ****. /Set ]onA '
.son has been Verv satisfactory Tne
total catch is glyen an 5,825^15
-pounds, valued at $ I .HIM.,940. The
can-ll was fiomewliai smaller than in
11*18. when tbe nuantltv was C.285.-
8"-". pounds, but a much higher valuation Ir nut on the lUlf. natch. The
value of the 1018 catch was J7S9.:i97.i
In lftl.i there were 1,020.8(14 pounds
of lohsters nut un In the eannerlea
and 4.8111,232 pounds of live lobsters
were exported. In Nova Scotln the
.price for live lohsters was 1fi cents a
pound, but much higher prices were
paid In Boston .where canned Nova
Scotia lobster brought 67.8 rents a
The 1919 season lasted onlv from
March 1 to May 81. instead of from
December IS le Hay II, aa ln pre*
vloua yean. Thursday, April 89, 1020
C ii A j) li it (i ii k     ii i; it \ L „
I' a ti i:     11 v K
timet. Up Qulcklj IM* Hn StitMng,
Penetrating Application tl
Hamlin's Wizard Oil
Mutt and Jeff
Coming to City
Well Known Mlrtli .Maker-*, to be Here I
al Hie Audiluriiini .Nexl Tuc-iilay
In cases of rheumatism and lama
back it penetrates quickly, drives out
soreness, and Umbers up stiff, aching
joints and muscles.
Wizard Oil is an absolutely reliable, antiseptic application for cuts,
burns, bites, and stings. Sprains and
bruises heal readily under its sooth- i
iiig, penetrating qualities.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.- i ,.n.,tP.ir.. „,.„,.„,., ,„
If not satisfied return the bottle and I' , '\,,"Psp"' "'
get your money back. * fumi  t>e".
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? ■ fust try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents.   Guaranteed. —j
ptiiriniM  tnii(i\i.s no
'Ml I'KltMH AM) IHSli SN
A. K. Leitch, Jaffray. it 13.' Bontty
ami \V. L». Gnlroy, iff this city, ull of
lielals of the Kooienny Tolophono Lines, Lid., wen- he In re thc pom lo City
Council last week rolatlvo to tin- proposal of the Council lo red lice tlle
plione rales In Pornlo. After hearing the oltlclnls citizens present at
the meeting und lhe members of tin-
Council were 8ntl8ft0(| that to lake
such action ni present would he
quite unfair in tlu company uud il is
quite certain the old rate will remain
lu force and lho largo number of
now phones asked for will be installed.
j Someone has said that there Ih no-
j tiling really new under the sun. We
I might nol wish to dispute this fact
' were not irrifntable evidence to the
ase of Mutt
the world t'uinous "Hud"
Fisher cartoon*, who have made history upon the stage mul brought the
shekels  to  the  box  olllce  these   past
sight seasons. Every year Manager
(lus Hill, wlio took I ho ni trom the
pages of the dailies and Increased his
already well earned fort tiro Ims stjr-
rouitled them with something new to
do. This season thoy will he seen in
n scries of hit I r-H pllttlllg, rollicking
ami mirth -provoking adventures calculated to mid lo their glory as fun-
ators who make life worth livin-g. and
OpOII tlle floodgates of Infections
laughter and Joy until their advent
is looked upon ns something essential to the welfare of the public.
Tlieir latest vehicle is entitled "Mutt
aud Jell's Dream." It la in three
acts, harboring a distinct and novel
Idol nml will he the next attraction at
the Auditorium. Tuesday next. Catchy
melodies, features ami other novel-
ties are promised. The cast la a
largo and capable one and includes a
stunning and captivating chorus of
Klrls who can sing, dance and wear
...    POWDER
Brick    i
!• I
: VI.T1.1UN  OF TWO  Hit,
it  tint'    in   the
lias nici
Coin poii
twenty sections o[ li
aioiiji Hattle Creek,
sunk In the spring
Chlcoitllml, l' Q.
commenced on the
model city ef Sagm
Bros.   Company,   w
about   $20. hi'mi
UIO   lit.ii.--p-
brlck and wi
lad llclited.
lleserve, eon;
land watt-red
kas been put''
Seiikin.nl Bo
ment and wll
at   tin
I be i
orlal   Oil
l liti111   oil
!i ol here
-   i ill  he
»li    nl    the
the Price
will cost
II --outatn
. bull-, of
ill  healed
al i
bj tile
I* soldo
|\1ded  ii
sn ot
it mas,
ct lie-
Dorothy   ll.lton,  the   Paramount- .
Artcrnfe star. Is enjoying a rapidly j Crauhrook bowlers defeated thc
increasing popularity with motion Nelson bowlers tu the recent Inter-
plcturo tans. Her previous pictures, City telegraphic match which was be-
"Extravagaiico,"  "Hard   Boiled."  andjlwoen Nelson, Revelstoke and Cran*
"Other Men's Wlveu," established her
as a screen artist of the lirst order.
Now comes liei* latest photo plliy,
"The Markei of Souls." supervisotl by
Thomna II. luce which will he the
attraction at the Ilex Theatre on
Wednesday ami Thursday, to boost
her still further up the ladder o"
hronk, the locals piling up 322 pins
above Nelson.
Messrs. Johnson, Tnrnley, Arm-
stotig and McToer were top notchers
in tho contest from among the local
The Reelstoke results were not received up to the time of the Herald going to press.
Winnipeg, Man.
laud, amounting lo
million dollars, was
ly in Charles   Appl
neapolls, reptvsentii
Iowa farmers,   The
tbo Huuibol.ll il.slrl
cbasern will
lu  time   to
Toronto. Ont.- Growln
in the province nm repi
aides US very favorable,
being in very good sha
paratlons for seedlns '
way. Fruit growers ar
over the seaBOU's pi
farms are thai s'.ns 1
sale of farm
it quarter of a
effi cled recent-
-gutu of Mln-
£ a number ol
land sold te tn
t. aud the pur-
i* the C.P.R
seed   in   this
■ti tl  oil all
fall   wheat
» ami pre-
f well    under
are optimistic
■specls.    Many
nds and wages
Scott.    Van
week-end on a vtoil tt
ami .Mrs J. Piilgall Smith ami wi
their guest for some time.
Mr.   Scott  is  a   veteran   of the
big battles In the givai  world
having hem shell shocked at Ypr
the   famous   orchard   light   and
wounded al St Eloi.
The soldier lias bee
valesceui   hospitals
also iu Canada,
BUbjecl of noted lecturers be*
In-   WOUllda   ami   still   feels   ||.
of them to a marked dogree at limes,
"A peculiar thing," said Mr. Scott,
"is Hint ii soldier was never known
to he shell shocked and wounded by
the same shell. If struck by a fragment iiis mind was immediately concentrated on thai wound, sn settling
his nerves that shell shock was impossible."
Mr. Scott apeoks In the highest
lerins of tho treatment accorded him
wherever he bus gone by those taking an Interest in the returned men.
 , t-m*. t	
Idge, Alta.—The Lethbrldge
ompauy   have   commenced
is with a capacity of 15.000
daj,  which  they eipt-et to
shortly to the full capacity
N, S.   A  large order for
i aud bars has heeu secured from
; the   Japanese    government by tin*
Dominion steel Corporation, which
> will  keep  the  rod  and  bar mill  iu
i iteration for a lon& time to com*.
Ijd mon ton,   Alta.—a  new  market ;
' To.   tbe Alberta    potato    crop    waa
opened up recently    when   a   first
consignment  of a carload    of    thia
vegetable waa sent to Sau Francisco.
Winnipeg, Man..--The flrsl paper
| bag manufacturing company in th*
west will be established here la the
| near future. Tbe Western Canada
Paper Has Co, is ut preseni being
organized by A. Seabrook, and rqulp-
uieni costing $50,000 being purchased
for the plant.
Cbarlottetown, P.E.I.--With tbe '
slogan of "Spend your vacation in
Canada" being taken up everywhere,
Prince Udward Island is looking
forward tn a large holiday traffic
ami    j    greaI    influx    of   .visitor*.
Virden, Man."—Dairying te making
rapid strides in Manitoba.    In J912,
55 cars of creamery butter were Im-
, (toiled; in 1013 the number dropped
( to 35; and ln 1914 to 20 cars.     Iu
i   1915, 60 cars were exported; In 1916,
US cars;   lu  1917, 9ti cars;   in 1918,
176 cars; and in 1919. 160 carloads,
|  left  the province,
|     St. John's, Nfld.- The Minister ol;
:   Marine ami  Fisheries,  who has Jllflt
!   returned   from the Culled   Kiugdoui
ami Curope,   statoe    that   *<reat ln-
; lurest fn Newfoundland   affairs   ia
j being   taken in England   and   that
■  capitalists are more   Inclined   tbau
ever  to embark on  the exploitation '
of the colony's natural resources.
Use Less Powder-
Get Better Baking
Baking Powder
Follow the directions on the label
Egg-0 Baking Powder Co., Limited, Hamilton, Canada
of farm help lias reached the record
Of from $C0U lo 750 per year.
Vancouver. D, C. - The steel
. freighter, S.S. "War Charger," built
j by J. Coughlsn and Sons, was recent?
i ly sold to Greek operators for SI.*
j 100,000.
I Ottawa. Ont.—It is expected by
Industries Interested that there will
be introduced at the present seffilon
, of parliament legislation permitting
■ private Arms to manufacture tu- j
duitrlal alcjbol. This is at *lie pre-
seal a government monopoly and tiie
production Is eons'derahly short of
the supply, the paint Industry among '
others being badly affected.
Cure   sick   Headache,    „.,
Blllouaneaa, Sour Stomach, Bad
Breath—Candy Cathartic.
!     Ifallfat, N. S.—Arrangements have
I  been   made   to   employ a wireless
Conatlottl n I ''■''■■I1-**''' fisheries protection cruiser
So odds how bad your liver, stomach
or huwela; how much your head ilohes,
how luiserabh- you are frnm couatlpa-
tlon, indigestion, biliousness and sliitf
yj-ili liowela—yttn always get relief with
'a-eiirciH. They Immediately ideanw
onl regulate tlie stomaeli, ri-tnovo t\w
mur, fermetitlng fmnt hh.I foul gumi;
hike tiie excess bile from tli« liver nnd
carry off the constipated waste matte)
and poi-en fnnu tho intestines ami
bnwnla. A Ill-cent hox from your druggist will keep your liver ni Jiowols
.■lean, stomach sweet ami head clear for
montlis.   Thev work wtiili- von sleep.
during the coming season for the
purpo.se of BCOtltlug mackerel in
order that tishermeu may he advised
of tbe arrival of scbools, tbeir
locution, approximate size and
direction and  movement.
Montreal. P.Q.—A total sum of $6.-
093,120 was realized at the fuf
auction sales here. Prices were
proportionately higher than at the
New York and Si. I-nuLs Sale*,
heaver bringing as high as $100
cadi, iii.ilc.-tKin $1,50, inuskrat $7.50,
w.iir J-la.^.-i. white ft)X $70.00, flUj :
$3,30, lynx $62.59. flshef $945.00, all-
vur fox $1,225.00.
flavors like the
pyramids of Egypt?
Because they are
And WRIGLEVS is a beneficial
as well as long-lasting treat.
It helps appetite and digestion,
keeps teeth clean and breath
sweet, allays thirst.
Sealed Tight-
Kept Right
Victoria, I! (I.--Canadian Kolstetn
cuttle are highly regarded in Australia, according to M. A. Simmons,
who recently delivered a small herd
of the.se cattle there. He claims that
the lliilstelns bred in tlie AniipoUHt
are not nn good a.s the Canadian bred
stock and ia making' preparations
brnith,  of  Fori   Stofllo,  und   Father |  iu  -     -*•
Indian Commissioner it. T. L. Ciul-
Alsask, Saak.   Gold was found In
a ili6:ii.,w Mel! on a tarm
west  of here, and already  twenty-
five claims  have been   taken out   in
ibe sector, lhe sold *ss assayed at
Calgary anu declan d to be tbe
geuuiue uieiul The well Is located
near an old creel, pr river bed aud
is ---aid to l>e ideally situated foi
placet win tug.
1 nt Creston this week iu
Of the BOVornl Indian re-1
Yi'iktoti. Sail:
have started a I
and secured the'
animal*. Iron: Gee
man. famous a!!
continent as a br
Belgians.   Tbey i
lag  Stock   to the
hi* farms of the
.fi.0nr.CW.AM 13:
g.x !-■* .
cultural di
iu the pro*.
and fun lie
plied with
glvi a
fat niin
ami   cii
met hod i<
lelglan horse farm
■ nucleus of seven
I'ge Kupp ol l-aiup
over the American
seder of high-class
lso purpose bring-
province from tbe
United States.
Fhe   new   agri- j
have been created !
i Ihe advancement [
opmenl ot modern
districts an bup- ,
Iturol experts who i
bes of the <
up-to-date ;
Lamhot, wo
itles I tholr roundf
They arrived hire Monday and. report everything iu good shnpo nt tho
Both   gentlemen   are enthusiastic
in tlieir work and the Inhabitants id'
tho reservations nro being given ev-|
cry attention and arc progressing al
long educational ami lines lines.
jwsembltj  another  herd' for"at-
Qlrlil Try It I Hair gets soft, fluffy and
beautiful—Get a small bottle
of Danderme.
ciou,   Y 1'..   An    InslMenl
ha.s    heen    made    thai     a
Investigation   of   the   pos-
of harness.us  the tides al
the head
of the Hay of Fundy. us r
Help us supply our tremendous demand for MARTEN, FISHER, MINK,
and all oilier Furs from your district.    "SHUBERT"     "'   ""
IH-IUln.URGll   N! I URGE   I
,»,., ,ft ..,,.0' I ,"*«-- j-WWj I'
will fay you' tha
50.00 to 10.00
200.00 to ie0.00|IS0.00lo 100.001
1S0.WI l» 100.00 75.00 to (0.00
75.00 lo 50.00 15.00 lo 35.00
100.00 lo 80.00 75.00 to 60.00
75.00 lo 60.00 55.00 lo 45.00
50.00 lo 40.00| 35.00 to 30.00
30.00 lo 26.00
50.00 to 40.00
40.00 to 30.00
2100 to 24.00
So 001. 40.00
2M0 to 20.00
35.00 lo 28.00
26.00 la M.00
20.00 to 18.00
35.001. 20.00
26.001. ISM
Fine, Dark
123.0(1 to 100.00
I25.00IO 100.00
.OOlo 60.00,
90.00to 70.00
55.00IO 45.00
MMto 70.00
65.00to 45.00,
28.00 to 22.00
20.00 lo 17.00
15.00 la 13.00
2a00lo 16.00
15.00 lo 13.00
12.00 lo 10.00
KM 1.11.00
12.00 to 10.00
(.00 to IM
12-001. 4 W
You've.got to ship your Furs to a reliable Bouse to get th* "most money'' lot
them. "SHUBERT" has been satisfying Fur shippers for "more than a third
af a century"—since 188.1. That's a record that apeaka for Itself. Take ao
risk—"TIIE SHUBERT GUARANTEE" protects you absolutely—bundle up
aU the Furs you havo on hand and SHIP TO " SHUBERT" TO-DAY.
ship au  youw__rmis_oim:cT TO	
924 Donald. SL Dept ™   Winaips^ Caaab
power development proposition, be
ttitde, It Ik believed tbat with the
help of ill** laiiways the project
oonlil be carried onl successfully,
and somr Investigation wmk has
sc*n uudertaken,
Krec'erirtoti, N. B.-Tlic    Vansfpi*
of  tbe  crown   Ian-is   h^ltl   by  the
(-nin't- of Mil- late Sir Willium  Van
Hume   a   former   president   o."   the
r.P.H. in ihe DalhotlSlo Lumber Co..
r   subsidiary   of   the   International
, Paper r'o.  of New Vork, has been
' accomplished.   The lands consist of
- 122H  square miles In  Northumberland Count;, on the Serpentine.
Calfary, Alta.—Arrangements have
; bean made by ihe TletKlan govern-
j ment for rredirs ammmtlnn to ten
million dollars for the ptirrhase nf
j western Canadian cattle, Since the
| elcnlnx   nf   iho   nfmtitlcr, u larfa
trade In Itreiiork has born main*
[ -alned with Belalum snd Pranrn.
mmtmpst) ....  -
roi.. folm:m named an
Lieut.-Col. C. II. Pollent received
notice Inst week-end uf his appolnt-
nint to the position of locul represon-
tntlve of the Canadian Pacific Natural Resources Department, nnd luisi entered upon \\te duties, leaving immediately for the Const to confor with
tlte heads of thc department rolatlvo
to tho work.
Lt-Col. Pollem ls well/iiialllieil toi
perform a service of grctii value to j
tho department and the district and)
no doubt his activity will result
greater development  hereabouts,
If yon euro for heavy hair that pll9*
tens with l*-auiy ami is radiant with
life; lias un Inconiparable w^itm-s*. and
Is fluffy and lustrous, try Dunderine,
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beauty of your liair, besides it imnie
dlotely diiwelvca
dandruff. You e»n nol
hoAlthy hair if you liave dandruif. This
destructive scurf robs tlie hair of its
lustre, its ctit-ii:'lli ami its very Ii(.-,
and if not overcome it produces u fever-
talinCM and iteliing of tin- *'h1|»: tlie
liair roots famish* loosen und die; theu
tlie hair fulls out tefi. Surely fc'H a
small bottle of Knowlton's Dandeiine
from any drug jstoru ami just try it.
Kenitiu. Saak.- More  settlers are
coming into Saskatchewan from the
United States this spring than at any '
tlmo since the outbreak of the war,
according to figures which have been :
received by local    C.P.H.   officials. I
While ibis Influx is considerable, tt i
in suid by these .sunt- ratJf-aymcrt Io '.
b> nothing to what may be expected
later in the summer.     i-unm. the
flfhl    llirelj    weeks   of   tbe   month i
iweitly settlers   arrived    here from j
I'. S   points on their way  to land j
they had taken tip,   Five i-urloads of
sty tiers' etfecis  were  registered  at j
Portal aw passlos throiigb to points
in thi   province   aud   twenty-three :
ean  to Ail. ^'u points.   Settler-, are !
ulrio eonilna through Klngsgate and
Miiierson,    tlie   li;r,fl!r at Uie latter
place belnii pari'lciilarly heavy snd
ils many as 40 carloads   *>t   effects
passing  through the port of m.rjr ',
to a duy.
id-sides it imnie-   r\ J     I I r"     J     J
M«JDyed Her Faded
Skirt, Also a Coat
"Diamond Dyes" Make Shabby Apparel
Just Like New—80 Easy!
Capt. Gray and Lieut. Thelrsteln,
Officers.      Phone 2K.
Sunday   -    ll   a.m    "Kolilles* 3
p.m. Sunday School.     7.30.
Atonday —■ 7 pjn. Vomit; IV iple'j
Tuesdny 1, S. Girl Qaurds (1*4
years Up) meet 7.:»,u p.m.
Friday — L. S. Boy Scouts tit yrs
up) moei  7.*i'> |i.in.
~\    SINC
SINCE § 1170      liSii*
lirs. Oreen X MhiKIiiudd
t'll}nlcluns and Surgeuu-
Ofllct:   at   residence.   Armsirong
Forenoons   9.00 to 1000
Afternoons   2.00 to   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.S0
Sundays      L'.30 to   4 30
The syndicate
recently acquire
10,000 acrea— nt
they  will   erect
lumbermen who
Hit property —
Wntisburg. wliere
big  mill, arrived
Don't  worry  about   perfect   renultn.
! Use "Diamond Dyes." guaranteed to give
! a new, rich, fadeless color to any fabric.
whether wool, silk, linen, cotton or mixed
! -.'nods.—dresses, blouses, stockings, skirts,
: children's coats, draperies.—everything?
A Direction Hook Is in fiuekage.
To match nny material, have denier
show you "Diamond tlye1* Color Card.
UK. F. B. Mil,IS
Offiee iu Hanson Bloi.k
9  to  12.  a.m
1   to    6  p.m.
Clarke & Sainsbury
I'lMin*- 73 or 171      P.O. Boi MIS
Iuto Saturday and liavo boen out to
their lilldlngs making a Btirvoy of tlto
Bttrrotindlngs in order to arrlvo at
eottie decision as to where tiio mil!
aud works will t,o Minced.
Those in tho party aro Messrs. It.
P. Wilson,'W. II. Dlssoll, Prod Bis- trnnsf
soil,    John  F.   Ho.ss.    all  of  Wasail.
i Wiis.. and  \V.  P, Barker,  Manlster,
IIII. »V . A . V E It G I K
riiiiiplit'll-Miiiiiiiiiir Hlook
Phone it;
llrlli'i' Hour.. II to I'.': I In .*, |,.ni.
Another change in the liersonnel of
the staff nf lhe Canadian Hank of
Cutntuori'o lias taken place. II. M. Me
Donald having been notified of his I
Creston and will ho sue*
eoded hero liy Mr. McConnel of iho
Vancouver Bank, who will act as paying teller.
Montana liestatirant
Ural* al ail Hoar.
cigars, Cigarettes and laud;
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Ueiuudelling aud Itppalrs a
1.    I.    Ill  I  III   Hill I
IIII IV I. A N II   K I \ 11
minim, i:\ci\ku:
The C. M. Kassett Co., Inc.
Engineers, Metallurgists
Chemlsta, Assayers
Laboratory Suppllec
S0~.209-.811-.9in   Hull   Strcel
l,el us supply you will, your noxl
counter sales hunks. We have u complete line and prices are as low as
tin out-oMown tallow will give you.
Tk* Craataook Huald.
PuntfM (or Black, Tan, Oxblood, Drown Leuther Shoes
White Cake and Liquid for White Shoes
l-llulle a.vi
Murliur; Ave, aesl lo I'll; Hall
Till:   HOX I   III K Kill
Hntit frame, Prop.
Fra-sli llri'ud. Cakes, I'len   '
■ ml I'aslrj
Pkont IT
NorOury Ae.      Opp City .Hall
Kiiiili-iiii) liraiillr ii Miiu-
uiiii-utal (11., Ltd.
Qeneral Stone Conlrattora aad
.Mnu.inioutal Works
I runt St., >el„,n    I'. II. tioi Mk
I I rniali? L .1.,i.i.,.1,1     $£ „  boi,
), ftrdrUB m..:. 1.    .,'   toon,
|ilti( |u 11C      I 111   rV .,111.1 L Ill-fO
^^^^^^^^ mid \u..liu
f-,-- \>rvr HtnJ nrnliulnctoiM-*'•grc* mmltei
fi route   will lrtijl.1 yon up   fin fot.orlworoi
\l, Htilnirfftkirci nrWnniilniUH-Hpl of prict
IIEI'ATOI-A remnvos Gall Stones
corrects Appendleills In 2A hour*
.vitlinut pain. Registered under
Pure Pood anil lirug Act.  ft; to
Sal*, Maliulariurer
MRS,   till).   S.    AMI AS
Hut 1071              itHI llll Air. S.
 Saskaltioa, HasL,	
THK      ORANBROOK      11 li R A L 11
Thursday, April 88, 1020
BUD  F IS H E fi'
(A Iti 0 A I)
\ul ii Miit Int' Picture     -     Positively Kiorjtlilujj Sow
PRICES!    FLOOR $1.65 & $1.10;  BALCONY $1.10 & Silo
Seats on sale now at Ki-xall Drug Store
Amusement l*«r Excellence
herself iu
"Auction of Souls"
tlie  screen's most   wondc-rtu!
FAY TlXI IIKit iu ii S Heel
-pi(iti. rintisTii: KitiKiiv
•Sally's Blighted Career"
In till' Sclznlck  Picture OIlMtlcil
"The Spite Bride"
ia   tour  parts.
"Market of Souls"
i   Paramount-Artera£t   plctare,
llrllMi.Ciiiiiiillfin I'h tin- Sews
vice it one ii lo Jndgo by the heavy
timbers being need in the work.
+   +   +
The s.  A. Offlcors  will  conduct a
prayer meeting   *u Kootenay orchard
tonight at tlu- homo of .Mrs. Clark.
+   +   -t-
SiiKiir 20c a Hi. Wu have L3Q0 lbs.
of Brown sugar to sell at this price.
To buy this now it would cost us
22c u Hi. We lmd to buy it to sol
wliitn .sugar. Wo cannot sell It ul
24c, so we will offor it nl less than
cost today,
f> 4> 4* 4* <!■ 4>4>4>4>4> <!><?•<'?> «•<•>■$- *$- •»
V..M.C.A. Annual meeting on Tuesday evening, April 27th, 8.30, in the
Association building.
CELEBRATION—Watch for the &n-
nouncemeflt Of the 24th of May Second Annual Celebration,
AUDITORIUM. — Mutt and Jeff
coming next Tuesday night, April
KKX THEATRE—Good program all
during the week.
Fnropi-iin llatllellclils Tour, iron*
dm I I'd li) the ltd. It-ilii-rl Himln->,
Kaslo, IM. I'lirij loaves In July; re-
I urns cud oi August. Clrculiirs on
a|i|illcutiou. 4-l--.it
Over tbe tea Cups
Insure with Beale & Elweli.
+   +   +
Chick Food—Pratt'B anil Hr. Rusks,
+    +    +
Mra Thorn of Lethbrldge lias dlspos-
,-,i „r iier resilience „u LumBiIen Avenue i„ Conductor .1. I'. McFarlane of
tin  C.P.R.
+   +   +
The work on the Goat River brlilg,
near  Krlckson   is  proceeding  nicely.
most all of tlie timbers bolng in shape
to lie placed.      *
+       +       +
It snowed, blown! and rained n Utile yesterday with very little sunshine
hut old timers .say this is a good Indication ihat wo will have excellent
woather right off dm bat,
+   +   +
.Jonathan apples $2,00 and $2.75 a
+ + +
Work on the new slip of the C.P.R.
ni niiti-n|iy Landing is progressing
nicely, The new slip will he a nimi-
Hter and is certainly being constructed to perform the very heaviest Bor-
IVIieu   lu   Spokane   Make
The Annual .Meeting of the Railway
Voung Men's Christian Association
will he held iu tlte Association building on Tuesday evening. April 27th,
al 8.30 o'clock. All members and
friends are hereby ui'god to he present.
There will be a reception of the unions reports for the year, discussion of
next year's activities, and election of
Directors for lhe filling of the vacancies, caused hy retirement or othor-
The Board of Directors for the past
year stands as follows A. A. MacKinnon, Pres.; G. J. Spruell, Vice-
president; J. I.. Palmer, Rec.-Sec'y
and Treas.; II. White. P, W. Burgess,
W. I). McLeod, W. J. Reed, .1. B. lieu-
ton. \v.. s. MacDonald.
Nominationes must be immediately
banded in to the General Secretary.
By order of the Board of Directors.
K. E. POW,
4-15-21 General Secretary,
J, Sims. Athalmer, was here Monday.
Jack Martin is 111 at his home with
tlie mumps.
ed, now that the war is at au end, to
make the journey. She will be the
guest of Mr. und Mrs, Smith for some
M.   (.eitch,  Jeftray,    was  a   visitor
H.  F.  McDonald,    Bull  River,  was
James McNeill. Shook ume buck,
ere tills week.
•ii*. Inverinerc. was u guest lu
hero Tuesday,
Chas.  Leask, Waldo,
in tho city on Monday.
was   a   guest
John A. Johnson, Klmberley, wus u
guest  iu the city on Monday.
iliis w
W. Skoals, Waldo
■elf's arrivals.
\V.   II.  White.  Yahk,
eok-ond on business,
ll. . Oatwny, Crouton,
ess visitor receni ly.
. was among \ —
j    P, L. Archer, the I
mnn, was here loilay
as here last'
'. forces, u
was a bust- ] Week from Waldo.
inal Plat stock-
on business,
.McPnrloii, of the   Forestry
guest In the olty this
Mrs. Gen. Custer, Wasa, was
in the city Saturday.
Messrs. ('has. ami B. W. Kvans, Hit
Marysvllle mining men. were here
this   week  ou   business.
Martin McCreery has been confined
> his home with mumps.
It.   Piper.  Creston,  was  a guest  in
the city the Orst of the week.
W.   P.  Cleland,   Invermere,
guest in the city on Sunday.
I>rs. Q. Bluckwell, Silverton,
guest in the city last week-end.
Rev. Uo 0
Church was in
connection with
Movement, Ho
W. I). Hill, w
laud  preparing
■stock whicli  li
the Presbyterian
Pernio yesterday in
thc United Church
is expected to return
i lias been al Ross-
the big dry goods
purchased there re-
as alcently for shipment to Cranhrook, nr-
A. K. Leitch, Jaffray. was a -business
visitor In the city last week-end.
Mr. and .Mrs. Wm. McGinn Is, Wycllffe, was here for the week-end.
P, (!. Stookdale, Invermere, was
among tho visitors to tlie city Monday.
rived home Monday and will depart
again for Rossland to complete the
work of the removal of the stock.
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Because—we give them
that degree of service
and co-operation essential to good eyesight
with glasses.
Our service does not
stop with your purchase of our glosses;
you are uot charged by
iho visit, we guarantee you good vision before we are through.
U. II. iV 1 li s 0 >
(Continued from Page Oue)
J. K. Stoddart, Windermere, was
among the visitors in the city Mon-
Mr. and Mrs. McMaster, Kootenay
Landing, wero guests in the city this
pectors objected to the .proposal.
A communication was read from
the Nelson Hod and Gun Club to the
effect that a fishing competition would
be held there- ou May 24. and inviting
the Cranbrook dub members to take
  j    Dr. King,   minister of works, ack-
Charles  Parker has been  battling Uowledgsd recetpt of a letter from tap
for the  past week     with a case of|cIub n°Wns him of his election as
mumps. ! honorary president of tlie organism*
__ , tion.     He appreciated the honor eon-
Dr.  Miles, who has been confined | forred upon him. he said.
to his home for some time, is able to;    Secretary Quimont reported on the
be at his office again. action of tlie board of trade in back-
_ ' ing up the club regarding tlie con-
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Moore have as nervation of St. Mary's and Premier
tlieir guests Mrs. William Forest and11-akes as parks.    Peter Lund had 240
daughter of High River. Alberto.
placing of anmiior referendum before the people of the province pointing to the fact that the soldiers are
now back and the women would huve
the opportunity to vote. He quoted
from a resolution passed by tho Prohibition convention held In Victoria
In March, 1917, wherein It was set
forth that the prohibit ion is to were
willing that the act should be enacted
for i lie term of the war aud a reasonable time thereafter until the soldiers
returned when, Ihey considered, tlie
time would be opportune for another
reference to the people. As a pub-
lie servant he was not he stated, expressing his opinion on prohibition,
though as a private individual ho
would vote on the matter as his conscience dictated. He referred to the
return brought down in the House]
showing the number or permits and
other information asked for. That
return had heen asked for on Pebru-
ury II, had been handed by the Prohibition Commissioner to the uttor-
ney-general on March 3. but had not
been tabled by the attorney-general
until March 20. after he had spoken
on the bill, During that period the
acres near St. Mary's Lake he would j attorney-general had been asked three
let the club have for' $8,600 and a \ times if the return was ready and had
hotel man had informed him that he stated that lt had not reached him.
would build a hotel there nnd pay a j The return showed a net profit of ov-
rental sufficient to reimburse tho pur- or half a million ou liquor sales In ad-
j chasers within the next 15 years. Mr, dition to whicli there were large
Sherlock was a Visitor[Ottimotft said the board of trado hg- stocks   of liquor on hand.     And yet.
Mrs. Rattray and Infant daughter,
who have been ut St. Eugene Hospital, have gone to their home at Yahk.
Jusi   nt   this   time    House-
t'lennlng is usually In full swing.
New Curtains
mny l><> required, t'onslilerinit tin-
illllicultv in procuring such goods, wo
nre showing u very rrcilltnble range
from which Iti niake your seli-rtlon.
The prices lire n little higher than Inst yenr, lint the quality is
very good and the assortment contains
some very beautiful designs.
it the
The Hotel Wllh a Personality.
t'linveiilent to Hverythlng
Very  Moderate  Kales
Klltl'lllttTION   III'   THU   CITV   OK
C.HtllAl:   NOTICE
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
tlis,t nil residents will he required to
clear up tlieir yards nnd to linve their
garbage nnd refuse placed in proper
recoptaeles in tin alleys at tlie rear,
uf tlieir dwelling, on ur before the 1st
day of May, 1820.
Pen-ons not complying with this
request will be required lo remove
the snld rerus. after thai date at tholr
own expense.
T.  M.  HOIllCRTS.
4-ir,-:it City Clerk.
lining to tlle slippl) ol' mill
teed—Bran and Short*—nol he-
Ina further ohtalnablp.l Just get
n few cars of choicest alfalfa.
Thi- Is the host substitute fnr
mill feed. Orders, and hay purchased before April llilh will
still he ahle lo take ndavntugc
of llu- Gimmmciil Kraal on
linve ample supplies of hcl
Timothy Ilny in sleek.
Jas. Kerrigan
Mrs. J. ('
In town for a few weeks, leaving on I reed to endorse nny resolution alongI Mr, Bowser pointed out, It was ap-
the Mth for her home in Vancouver.'tliese -lnes- .parent the Department did not know
B.C. ' I    The club will ask the government! whnt stocks were on hand at thc end
_ j to Improve the roads iu the St. Mary's; of •!,IS and lfllfl for In reply to ques-
Mrs.   Egan,  night operator at the|Loke scctlo»- Uons tlie answ6r lmd boen retlirne'1
Kootenay Telephone Lfn-fs office, who     Secretary .Gulmont requested mom- "not available."      Under these clr-
was quite ill recently, is able to be on  l,ora   to   have BUldea ln 11lc dlstrlcl : cunwtanees there was little wonder,
duty once more. sc"(l   •«   tholr "»i"e« that he could, Mr.  Bowser said, that the attaints-
_ .turn tlie name over   to the publicity \ 'ration of the Act hnd been a failure.
Ed. Chnett, "tlie old fat man" of the (deportment of the C. P. R. for pub- On Thursday night Premier 011-
L. D. Cafe staff, who was in Fernie I Ion tion in their vacation literature. I ver came to the defence of his attor-
for a few days last week. Is buck on A well known guide, n Mr. White, j ucy-gencrul In a two and a half hours'
the job at the U D, delivered ;m interesting talk on game speech In which he completely Ignor-
eftort    was    decidedly overdone but loader.
what it lacked in logic It made up fori The bill providing for the plebiscite
In noise and declamation. He tleclar- on the question of the present Pro-
ed every effort had been made to en-i hlbltlon Act aa It will be when amon-
force thc law and he went at length j ded this session, versus government
into tlie FIndlay, Gartshore and Other ] control and sale of liquor In sealed
prosecutions emphasizing tho fact: packages, has been brought down and
that "an ex-Conservatlvo attorney- -given its second reading. The vote
general and ex-leader of the Conscr- will be taken some time between Aug-
vattve party"  had  been  counsel  for just 1 und September BO, with August
Gartshore, though just why the fact
that Mr. Charles Wilson. K.C. of Vancouver former Conservative minister
nml a lawyer practising law in Vau-
onservation  and the club members jod ,ll« principles or the amending bill couver should not have taken up the
defence or why.  because  he did. it,
14 fixed ai=> the tentative dale
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Frey. who wero almost unanimous that his rec-! and devoted his entire time to "slang-
have beon at southern points on tholr ommodntlons should be sent io the Ing" the opposition leader in a tone
honeymoon trip, have taken up their Qnmo Conservation Board. \ of voice that at times almost rose to
resilience on Burwell avenue
should  be any  reflection   ui-on   the
Conservative party In its attitude to-
Ou motion of J. F. Huchcroft thej a scream.      He nccused Mr. Bowser[ wards law enforcement, the Premier'
'dub will  recommend to the nronor I of uttering false, misleading and mal-
Messrs, It. J. Adams   and   Robert
Brewer,  of the Kootenay Telephone bo permitted to trap fur bearing anl-1 "devilish subtlety" and raked .up ev- j tfldes of the House was that honors In
Lines   Limited,  who  have  been   un- mala. ery old charge he could think of. The the debate had gone to the opposition
der tho weather for some time nre|    a membership committee composed |
the job again.
Inb  will  recommend to the  proper j ot uttering fatee, misleading and mal- j did not explain.        Undoubtedly thej
liannols  that only  British  subjects' Iclous statements, spoke of the lattcr'sj Impression among members on both
Job Printing
Herald Office
of Messrs. Adams, Moffatt, Clapp and
— ISutherland   were named to tso after!!  ,
.Mr. James Beech of the Crow's Nest i additional membership. ' '
Pass l.unibtr ('o„ left lust week for     Some accounts  totnllhiB over  $17]
Skuokumchuck to resume his duties were pnld.
after a two week's holiday with bis : , *> ■
fnnilly ln town. ' BEAD THE HERALD. HM.IMI A YEAH
Wm. Wnlby, who has been confined'
to tlie St. I.uponi Hospital for some
time nursing a broken leg. wns able:
to he out on the istro&t yesterday hy
using crutches,
Daniel Burke, who lias been a patient at tlle St. l-.UBOne Hospital for
somo time, having a badly broken lag,
was able to get around tlle street yesterday for tlie lirst time on crutches.
I'hone 9.
Carpet weaving loom in perfct t order: instructions for use given.
To he sold nt a bargain ns we wan1
Friends of Operator J. McLean ot ll", r00IU-
the C.P.It. will regret to learn of the'    Do-'otby  Plt.no, c llllon  good  ta
death of his mother which occurred! new;  grand-tone I  the greatest  bar-
In Victoria recently.     Mr. MoUan's ■"'•" cver offered.
mother was burled nt Rossland. their     Kerr 1'i"n0- lier*«'t "m»- *'-M-
former home. i    'rou frame. Just the ihing for learn
er, $125.
Fred Ryckinun. of Port Steele, con-
table In charge of the Indians, who
has been suffering from a severe attack of influenza was here yesterday
on business aad In much improved
In health.
WANTED—-To roinninnlcate with parties having telephone poles for sale
for quick delivery. J. T. McCOOL,
11 Black Block, iteglnn, Snsk.
—————————— !
Prize winners ut Vancouver, New
Westminster and Nelson. $r, per
setting of IB. Apply at the Herald
office. 415-4t
Father l-nmbot, of the St. Kugonc
Mission, expects to depart early next
month for his old home In Belgium,
nnd will bo gone about four months.
Father I-ambot has not visited the
scenes of his boyhood days for over
M years and Is looking forward to arriving In Belgium with longing.
J. W. nnd Mrs. Burton departed
last week-end for an extended trip
to tlie Old Country. They will sail
Irom St. John on the steamship Mln-
nodosn on April 23. Mr. Burton plans
on  returning to Canada about Aug-
ist  while Mrs. Burton  will  remain
ii England till lata in the full.
Mrs. Hemming, aunt of- Mra. Geo.
Smith, Is expected to nrrlvo from Bn-1DANAKIKB FOR SALE -Singers and
gland this week on a visit tn Mrs.:    kens,   l-rlres en application] rcas.
Smith.     Mr*. Hemming ban not wen.   enable.   Set Ul, Kailo, B. C.
Mra. Smith tor stmt tin*, ud «mM- MMI
Located two miles East of the city
('heap for cash. Good frame house
and chiken houses, outbuildings
and b'-.rn. Good well r.nd spring]*'
at door. All cleared. Apply at the
Herald office. 4-15-41
large front rooms, well furnished
and heated; on Garden avenue;
suitable tor gentlemen. All conveniences, Apply Iiox A, lleruld
Water Glass
the Nii-Jlru-t'o Water Glass, the best egg preserver  llle tin
Colorite, any shade	
NEW hy
Imt tic
FARMERS, MET lll'SV NOW — ilont wall' until your groin is
destroyed — destroy the (Jnpher with onr Klll-oiii-ljtilck (loplicr I'nlsnll,
the best, ehenpest and surest poison   llilc nml #!.-!••
Hay Phone 74
Night Phone '.'III
II you are In the out-of-town district, drop us a letter or card aud
anything yna want In our line will lie sent by return mall or express.   We give tpeelal attention to out-of-town orders.
OUR SUNDAY HOURS ARE 4 lo fi P. M. Md 8 lo 0 P. V.


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