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Cranbrook Herald Nov 20, 1913

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 I-Ilslatlv, A„,ab].
April J4-a
We are well equipped to
tarn out the best class
ot work.
In the Herald, Pays—
Our   I.".*itl   Got noil
10c. n line
NO.  17
First Meeting Held, New Officers Elected and
General Committees Appointed
Yo may bounce owcr yer billiards, grow great owsr yet |OWl,
Or craw croiiso owei yer erlhbage in somo cosy howl;
Ye may whimper fur whist an' for loo ye may grace,
Hut for mt- let mc curl wi' Uie auld channel stone.
There the whirr o' the stone, on' tlio whisk o' the com,
An' the jokes- an' the shouts, set my heart ia a lows;
It's ii potion, a tonic, u cure for a' ills;
Auld John Frost, believe me, supplies the 'best pills.
Hear   tlie skip  shoutin wimiinbly, "Lay nw one then,
Noo just be owcr thc collie, I'm wan tin' nae molr;
Noo watch her, noo nurse her, noo help her nww,
Wcel play'd, sir! wool play'd, sirl Oh, she's ower/—let hw dss."
What words half sac cheering: "It's a perfect pat-lid,"
Or, "Man, you're a player, but tosh! it's ower guid";
"A great shot, sir! (Ireat shot, sir!" ri«{a|i owcr the pood.
"You play like a book,, sir!" the echoes resound.
"Tok' an inwick on that, or an outwick on t*is,
Now mak' sure o' yer stano-I don't wsnt ye to miss,"
An' to do it,—ah   man, sir! a kingdom Is won
When, "Hoora!" shouts the skip, "ye've played it, my sea"
Yes, gae bounce   ower yer billiards, grow great ower jrtr, gewf,
Or craw crouse ower yer cribbage in somw cosy howl;
Ye may whimper for whist, an' for loo ye may grons,
But let me to the ice, wi' tbe auld channel stone.
Cranbrook curlers will not live on'
the many laurels won in the past
hut are out this year again to acquire all the trophies in sight according to the plans of the organization
meeting on Wednesday evening. And
if enthusiasm will count for anything
the Cranbrimk Curling club is going |
to have all the other, British Columbia organizations backed off Uie map.
The meeting at the city hall was
presided over by President A. C.
Bowness and there wos a. good crowd
present. ' Secretary I). D. .McLaws
rood the minutes ot the last meetings ond they were adopted as read.
Treasurer James Arnold rendered
his report, which wos adopted. The
treasurer's report showed that after
paying all"'bill's Tost year the club
stood indebted to him to thc extent
of (2.55.
The following officers were then
elected for the ensuing year:„
Honorary, President .—P. E. Wilson-
Honorary Vice -   President —, Geo.
President— VY. V. Cameron.
Vice-Prestdint—I. F. Campbell.
On motion the offices of secretary
and treasurer were combined into ono
office and Mr. Banwell was elected
Executive Oommittee—W. F. Ati-
rldge, t'. It. Ward, and E. A. Hill.
Ice Committeo—A. 0. Bowness, P.
E, Wilson and 11. Hnnficlil.
Membership committee—W. F. Cameron, A. 0, Bowness nrad W, Hnlsall.
Official empire—lohn Cholditeh.
Chaplain—Uev. W. K. Thomson.
A motion carried recommending t,i
tin- lee committee tluit in ongnginK
the services of tbe caretaker or Ice
man that- It Is- understood be would
not be permltU-d to cull in nny competition or harm part ot a link ev-
crpt to till in.
As requests bail bean hoard, by var
ious members Irom ladies asking it
they might not be allowed to lorm a
club it was unanimously; decided to
grant the ladies club the use ol thc
rink during the mornlnfrJ and alter-
noons. Fees for tbe ladies were fixed at $2.50 for the lirst year. A committee consisting ol W. F. AttrUlge
W. Ilalsall and Walter Chambers was
appointed to look alter the matter ot
organizing the ladies' club.
A vote ol thanks was tendered to
Mr. James Arnold, who has held tbe
position of treasurer ol the club "for
tlie past seven years, lor his diligent
work during his long term ol office.
The membership committee enrolled
all the names of those wbo attended
the meeting and collected several annual fees of 110.00, and a whirlwind
membership campaign will be launched during the next few days. It is
expected that one hundred members
will bo enrolled this year.
Tho next meeting will be at the
call ol the president and secretary.
Those present were;
A. C. Bowness.
.1. F. Campbell.
T. M. Hoberts.
C, R. Ward.
E. A. Hill.
Walter Chambers
Mr. ltoulchl
Mr. Banwell.
Oeo. Hoggarth.
1.. .1. Cranstos.
11. W. Supple.
P. E. Wilson.
W. F. Attridge.
W  Ilalsall
las  Olenday.
A   0. Pye.
W. F. Cameron.
II. Spence.
I). I). McLaws.
.1. II. Thompson.
.las   ATnold.
Slowly, at times almost imprl-
cnpttbly, yet with tin- most consum
mate skill, -'lluoty pulled tlie
strings" nl the Deedwood theatre
List, evening, pulled at the heartstrings, ilctt ot touch, alluring id
milliner and a good sited addiction
witnessed one ol the besl theatrical
productions given here iii veins.
Press notices do this clever Scotch
play nn injustice by styling It i
coiiudy; It is fur nliovc that plane
Throughout Its tresh, wholesone
story thoro Is tin- most delicious humor, subtle and keen, never boisterous, there is tbere quaint and homely
in every situation and it never foils
to impress with its nnturalncss
through Uio skilful handling ot a
most evenly balanced company of
artists who rank well with the English players here two years ago.
Miss Dawscy McNonghton in the
title role is captivating, her character delineation n work ol art, yet
good as sho was, Hie support, accorded her wss so uniformly excellent
thnt one hesitates to give her all tho
credit for such a splendid production.
Messrs. Heron Sheofe and McKarlane
and Misses Richardson, Powell and
Ford arc entitled to shore.
The play is handsomely staged and
amply deserves thc long run ol prosperity It has cnjoyc<l.-De»dwood
Pioneer Times.
Ten tons of milk and half a ton ol
cream are shipped daily Irom Clrllll-
■waek to Vancouver.
Vancouver, B.C., Nov. 15.—Scenes
of wild excitement took place Friday
night at a meeting addressed by At-
torney-Oeneral W. .1. Bowser, belore
tin- local Conservative association
Then- wns a large sprinkling ol the
Cnitcd Mine. Workers ol America present and during thc course ol -Mr.
Bowser's speech tliey commenced to
sing tho "Red Flag." Questions
were hurled at thc speaker and he
wns forced several times to take his
seat. Eventually he answered his
interrogators and the singing and disorder was resumed.
Tho police were sent lor and a
posse of detectives and uniformed
officers put In an appear«nre at tho
hall where the meeting was being
held. The meeting ended amid
scenes ol disorder.
At Now Westminster, Hon. Price
Ellison, minister si (inane. in the
provincial legislature, wlrn addressing a meeting of ftmn-rvettves,
was also howled down, It is presumed by a band ol labor men who were
scattered through the hall.
. ♦
Some women Imagine thoy are not
In style 11 tiwy wear the aaats eaavf
plniaa twin*
Last Friday evening ibe annual
meeting of tbe Cranbrook District
Conservative association was held in
Cranbrook ami was one at tbe Urgent district meetings ever held. There
were about one hundred and twenty-
five wbo renewed their dues to tlie
association for the next year. The
meeting was called to order at the
committee rooms in the Campbell
and Manning block hy President T.
T. McVittie. Officers were elected
for the ensuing year and resulted lu
the return of the old officers of thc
association as follows:
President—I'. T. McVittie, of Fort
Vice-President—Dr. ,1. W. Rutledge,
of Cranbrook.
Secretary—.1. P. Fink, of Cranbrook,
Committees were appointed to take
up witb the land department of tbe
provincial government the necessity
of opening land in tlie Cranbrook
district for pre-emption and also endeavor to have thc Dominion government establish an experimental farm
in this district.
After Uie business meeting the various delejiates retired to the Hoyal
hotel, where Mine Host Steward hart
provided a baniuet. The tables were
laid with various delicious salads,
sandwich's, relishes and liquid refreshments and about one hundred and
thirty-five were seated.
Mr. Ira. R. Manning presided at
the banquet and speeches were heard
from T. T. McVittie, Fort Steele;
T. D. Caven, M.P.P.; A. E. Watts,
Wattsburg B. .1. Riley, Yahk; E. A.
Hill, ,1. P. Fink, .1. 1). McBride, Dr.
,1. W. Rutledge, Thos. Cassidy, Bull
River; W. B. McFarlane, A. B. Fenwick, Fort Steele; F, W. Swain, E.
Mallanda:n\ Athalmer; H. \V. Drew,
Kimberley, 11 L. Sawyer, Marysville, and s. Macdonald. The programme of speeches was interspersed
with songs by Mr. Henry and F. H.
Edmonton, Alta., Nov. 17.—M. K.
Pannamakcr. formerly of Baltimore,
Md., and until recently of Vera Cruz,
Mexico, where he served eight
months under Madero, has come to
Edmonton to establish a stock and
dairy ranch in Central Alberta. Hundreds of Americans, now farming in
the southern republic, be said,, will
migrate to the States and Western
Canada early next year, as conditions in Mexico have resulted in
heavy business losses, owing to the
continual strife among the people
Pannamakei reports that he sold his
ranch and other holdings near Vera
Cruz. At a sacrifice because conditions
did not improve, "and," he added, '
don't believe there will be any noticeable Improvements throughout
Mexico until the federals and the
constitutionals lay down their arms.
Most of the Americans ir, Mexico are
of tlte opinion that Uncle Sain will
hav,. to step in, the same as the
British government did during the
Boot embroglio."
The geological survey has receive.!
a sample of the oil recently struck in
No. i well, of the Calgary Petroleum
Products company, siluatoil at Blafik
Diamond, sixteen miles west of 0ko-
toks, Alta. This oil was struck al
a depth of about 1,-560 feet. It is
what is technically known as a
"white oil," being transparent und of
am amber color, it is phenomenally
light for a natural mineral oil having
a specific gravity of .about till Itatime
Evidently it consists largely of gaso-
line. In fact it has been successfully
used in its raw state in plaee of
gasoline in an automobile.
"White oils" are rarely found in
quantity. Tbey would appear to be
the result of filtration through clay
strata, under pressure, of the lighter
portions of ordinary petroleum. That
this has occurred in the present instance is made probable by the
fact that at a higher horizon in this
well a flow of gas of 2,00(1^)00 feet a
day, was struck. Tli'.s gas1 is also
peculiar in the large amount of giafio-
line it conta'ns. It | sot-ably represents a further stage in lhe process
of filtration.
The amount nf nil pns.til has not
yet heen determined, so that the
commercial value of the strike is
still unproved. If the amount of gas
encountered in the hiuhcr level is ally
criterion, this may prow to he the
exceptional case and a elqluidcrabc
quantity of oil, for a "white oil," he
obtained. j
Whether oil is present in largo
quantities or not, tbe strike is of importance as the "white oils" are
usually found only in tbe vicinity of
large bodies of thc ordinary petroleum. Thus it is an excellent ind'ica-
Mr. D. II. Dowllng, ol the geological survey, wbo visited the well
shortly before the strike was made,
reports that the well is located on nn
anticline, in shales of the Pierre formation, and that the oil was eiuoun-
tered in underlying Belly River bods,
On either side of the aiiticlin.* overlying Edmonton beds are exposed. Go-
lag eastward, therefore, th". covering
will rapidly thicken. Westward toward Mcose mountain, according to
the work of D. D. Calrncs of the sun
vey, the formations are folded into a
number of anticlines bringing lower
formations to thc surface, and in
Moose mountain faults are encountered. Between this faulted ground and
the well are several anticlines where
prospecting for oil might he undertaken. These anticlines probably
run in the direction of the main
structural lines, that is, roughly
parallel to the mountain ranges. Mr.
I). B. Dowling of the geological suiv
vey is now in the field, having been
amine tiie well nnd make a study of
commissioned by the director to ex-
the geology of the district.
Editor llerald:
De»r Sir: ln rc|ilv In Mr. Hob Nelson, tlie barbt-r'.s .stalemrnt in lasi
week's Herald witli miaul to selling my business, 1 want tlw public
to understand things clearly. 1 sold
Mr. Nelson one bailier chair, a number of barber and bath towels; also a
lew otlier small articles, for whicli 1
thc good will of my business not bi-
tht good will of my business not being mentioned by i-illia-r of us. Tho
balance of lhe fixtures belong to Mr.
Frank Ooddcris, the owner of tlie
property. 1 simply gave up my
lease and Mr. Nelson leased upon my
time expired, sn I bellow my previous statement in tin- Herald was
Correct when I said: I (lid nut Bell
my business, supposing 1 did intend
to lncate at tlie coast, I tliniiV ynu
kindly for your valuable space, I remain,
Yours truly,
Fred Wells, barber.
Last Saturday was the closing day
rf the season's shooting am! eonsid-
ering it was the commencement o(
lb.' life of this organization the results have been highly satisfactory.
In compiling the averages it was
found that a total of 3350 shots weiv
tired, with a total score of 7313,
showing an average of 2.17, which is
nol a good showing, but taking Int >
consideration the fact that eighty-
two members have used the run c,
and tlie majority of them never having tired at a target before, ami tbe
lateness of the season making tlw
light had at the close of the day.
we ean congratulate ourselves on> tho
result of our work. Tbe total membership of the association is now ona
hundred and ninety-eight ami we hop*
for a hetter attendance next year, as
not half this1 number actually to-.V
advantage of this great opportunity.
The following are Ihe names of Ibc
twenty best shots with iheir averages:
I'd. McMahon< 2.7113
.las. Milne  3.7112
A. McLaren  •..«■!
(I. II. Sadler 3.lfl
Wm. McKenzio  .3.11 .
Arthur Proudfoot  3.05
II. B. llieVs  3.03
('. A. Porter 3,
It. Bartholomew  3.
.las. Davidson  3.
Cluy Curiven  2.011
W. V. Attridge  3*05
A. Hawkins  2.00
0. P. Tisdale  2.88
W. ,!. Atchison  2.70
J, P. UFIcur 2.70
Kd. F. Johnson  2.61
II. O. Mceredy  2.59
P. Graham  3.49
II. II. Bourne  2.30
The annual meeting will be held ot)
December 1st in the city hall at 8
o'clock p.m. nt whicb it is hoped
tbere will be a strong attendance
and that every member will make an
effort to be there, as it is thc most
important meeting of tbe year, tho
chief business being the election of
officers, tbe making out of a programme for next year, and a committee appoinled to improve thc
lange and the number of targets. Another matter which will be brought
up for discussion at tlw meeting will
he an increase of tbe annual subscription, as the present fee of M.00
I entirely inadequate to Carry on this
Itosslan,:, (i.e., Nov. 18.—Before a
good sized crowd in tlte Miners'
union hall last night, Charlie l.ucca
of Chicago proved himself too -mucjf
(or Billy Kay of Seattle, and Referee
Dan Thomas had to stop tlte fight in
the sixth round. The ugh Ucca had
a great deal the better of th? milling,
Hay proved himself n game fighter
and assimilated a great deal of punishment but was always looking for
The first round did not give Lucca
time tn find bis hearings, and the
honors fell to Hay.   However, in tho
I second round l.ucca, wbo is a marvel
of alertness, catno into bis own    and
' the honors were even,     In the third,
l.ucca look   the lead and   from   this
j time he bad things very much     hii
, own way. Lucca scored two or
three knockdowns in tlte fifth and In
tla* sixth floored Hay. no less than
three times when Referee
Tb«naa called the Aglit.
Washington, Nov. 17.—More than
two hundred thousand acres of public
laud that had been withdrawn from
entry were restore*! during October
according to an announcement made
today by Secretary Lane of the interior, department. President Wilson
lias approved the restoration, which
throws open the land to settlement
The largest restoration of such lands
was in Montana, where a vast tract
bad been held up by the government
pending investigation as to its coal
Secretary Lane declares that about
58,000,000 acres of public lands now
are closed to settlement until tlieir
coal hearing values are determined
OF the land already classified' by tlie
department as coal lands are restored to surface entry, the secretary
adds, eighteen million acres alone is
valued by the   government at *"*» I
Next Thursday rvcn'ng, Nnmnlscr
27th, the Cranbrook city band is
giving a concert ait the young Men's
club building, assisted by tin- best
of local talent. Tbe band lias been
practising a number ol special si-lcc-
tions for the past several weeks in
preparation for this concert and tlie
programme will Includo overtures
"Nabucodonosor," by VcjrJI, and
"C«llf of Ilagdad" by lloieldlru, and
selections Irom "llnlirininn Olrl," by
Halle, "The finddess of Liberty," by
Howard, and "Marifani" by Wallace, and medley of Snatch nirs arranged by Haokcy.
The band selections will Ik- Interspersed wltli vnenl snlais, ilm-lts and
qiiartt-ttiM, ii'iilaliiiim and instrumental solos. Tlio programme will
require two lull hours tn render and
I will «Urt promptly at 1.30 a'dgck.
Sir Edward Carson
The above is the latest picture ..
addressing tbe crowd-, whieh come to
iie.u suhjci1  ni the
Toronto, Nov. 15.—An important
announcement was received from Ottawa hy the local agent of the Dominion immigration depart ment this
morning, in which a restriction nl
immigration is declared, for the lime
intervening between now and March
1st. Foreigners living in Canada
will not Im- able to prreure the admission of adult brotheis and sisters
by special application to Ottawa,
when the said relatives have not the
necessary $25 in thir possession,
upon entering the country. This
■ action means that some thousands of
j persons living on lhe other side of
tlie Atlantic will not he allowed to
enter Canada this winter.
i i   ■ i
I   Yoti can jolly a dollar nut ol,      n
man when you couldn't club a penny
I out ol him.
A wireless lint- devoted entirely t0
traffic between Canada and the I'nited Kingdom is among the many important wireless developments now
pending between the Marconi company and the government, and it is
hoped to complete arrangements very
shortly hy which the present line
from Glace Day to f'lifden will be
entirely devoted to Canada
''Wc have just completed ih? installation of a duplex system at those
two stations," says an official of the
company, "and thc only thing, which
is delaying us is a slight difficulty in
regard to the communication between
transmitting and receiving stations
between Le'tterfranck and Uifden, a
purely land line, Q difficult v to which
the post office is not attending We
expect that in a week or two everything will Im* ready. We hope to
transmit messages at the rate oi 100
words per minute, and receive them
at the same rate, and propose to lower the tariff between Oreat lint-am
and Canada to flvepence per word as
against 7J pence at ibe present time
and om* shilling per word as charged
by thc cable companies. Deterred
messages will naturally be sent at *
reduced rate, though we have not yet
decided whether lo make the reduction ."iii per cent.''
-— ■♦
New York, Nov, 11-Dr. J. l-eon
Williams, ol London, an eminent authority ol anthropology and geology,
arrived in New York today from
Liverpool with lifleen skulls of prehistoric man, one of which he estimated lo be 500,000 years old. This
skull was found by workmen near
Folkstono, Emil.ind. .Dr. Williams
holds tin- belief that maiikim: is ut
least 600,000 years old.
Dr. Williams said the finding ol
th.'se ancient skulls and other human
hones did not disprove in his opinion
tiiv Darwinian theory, but altered it
in some degree Dispart of man being a descendant of the ape, Dr. Williams said, these skulls tend to confirm the belief that Ibe anthropoid
ape was ;,n offshoot of primitive man.
One of the chief distinctions between
these skulls and those apes, be said,
was to Im* found iti the teeth
•Nobody's Widow ' was the last
production of the Allen Players last
Saturday night- closing a week's engagement at the Auditorium. This
comedy proied one of the best production- of a week ui heavy plays and
appeal.-d to the risibilities of , tbe
Urge crowd present. The play is a
,-arcastr. on tbe fads anl foibles ol
dear femininity and especially those
who belong lo I ■ •'■■ '•:■■• and are
gifted mth ".../ ■ '• mii 'artistic
temperament." D was lull ol rich
comedy and lhe "widow" who bad
left her husband and refused to recognize him later when ihey met,
was carefully portrayed b) tin- versatile Mis* Fell m I h lialogue was
full ol Rparkltng wit and * lever epigrams and the audience greeted the
many corned} situations with loud
The Alh-ns are playing a week's en-
gagemen'- .it Fernie and will then
travel into '-astern Canada, having a
long engagement during the winter at
Moose Jaw. The*, promise to bo
back in the spring with a new repertoire (.f ptaya and theatre-goers
will doubtless Hwait ll ii return
with anticipation ol pleasurable surprise, as each Reason find. Ibelr company growing better, with •' higher
class ol productions and a closer attention to the little details which
make or mar ,, pfaj
Any man would rather haye the
opposite side of the argument than
the right side.
One of the most Interesting letters
reoentlj received by the dairy com-
missioner, Ottawa, trom a school
teachei In Alberta who a 11 loi milk
record forma and literature on tbo
subjcecl of cow test inc. ■ -'-.fi-.e—now
listen Some ol 'In* hoys In tbe school
are starting ,t contest In recording
the production of Individual cows to
last one year.
This opens up a most promising
field lor every school teacher and for
thousands of hoys In our country
schools, In tins we would lie following somewhat slowlj In the wake
of many schools in Ibc i nited states
and New Zealand whore the use ot
thc Il,i11cock milk tester has been
taught fur some time. In a dairy,
country like this, we Bbduld bo out
bla/ing trails for other teachers and
boys to follow.
No better work could he taken Up
hy such lads, for anv record work of
tbat kind must Infallibly lead to
better, vastly better, conditions on
dairy farms. Probably these A Iberia lads will soon lie excellent dairymen obtaining* seventy-five or one
hundred dollars per eow
Needless to say the dairy division
will be only to > ready to supply
blank forms and Instructions iu aU
such canes. THE   OBANBBOOK   HBBALD
r,r» a VKVmt.lv TlER-VliD I ed the   ioundaticu    of a real   demo-  machine   to    defeat the   will ol tho
L,llA.iN »tiuu» .;        -'cracy.    The children ot the wealthy people.     What have Maodonald    and
J. R. THOMPSON, Editor and Manager
Subscription Rates
One Year
8ix Months
Three Months
Advertising Rates
Display  Advertising  2i>
per inch.
Reacting notices or classified mis
10 ets per line.
CRANBROOK, B.C., November 20th, 1913
in the Dominion have mingled with Canada gained by the Injection o! the
Ihe children of the less fortunate at Rogeru-RoMin gang into the tight?
the public schools from coast to y0r a year Macdonald has been re-
coast, for until recently then- has' presented by a man confessedly elect-
been nothing to make this freedom' ed |,y crooked methods—so crooked
unpleasant. Private schools have that Hon. Mr. Rogers dared not let
never nourished to a very great ex- i,jra (aee the courts. During one of
tent. I the most   important sessions of par-
Hut this condition is changing rap- liament since Confederation, Macdon-
iilly in. British Columbia, as a direct Um was improperly and curruptly re-
result of the almost unrestricted Im- presented. During that session Mr.
migration of Orientals. ln Vaneou-( ,\|cx. Morrison satin an extreme
ver    particularly   the  public schools, back bench to   which  he was not. en-
The Quebec byo-clcctlons in St.
.John's aunty and Huntingdon county
both resulted in Ihu return of the
Liberal candidates to the legislature,
though in the lirst named it was un
Independent Liberal that secured the
seat, the nominee ol thc administration convention going down to defeat
in a four-cornered contest, in whieh
throe ol the candidates were Liberals
and oiu1* was an Independent. In Hun-
tingden, Phelps, Liberal, foul a ma
jority rif .1811, with one poll -still to
he hoard rrorn, over Dr. Moore, Conservative. In St. John's, Robert
Mnrcelln, Independent Liberal, had a
plurality <f liil votes over Brossard,
the government nominee, who.se total
vote   w.is  H'22,    while   I'olllili,   uluilhfl
Liberal, received (i22 votes, and
Tiuileaii, Independent, had only two
ballots marked for him throughout
tbe whole riding.
The Uhijli light between railroads nf
the Eastern States and their conductors and   trainmen   over the latter's
demands for more pay has ended. Tlu*
employees are granted au Increase in
wages avcraginfi seven per cent., und
totalling $0,000,000   annually—about
half of what   tl.cy   wanted—from Oc
tober  1st  last, effective for one year, I
One hundred thousand men will share
in the increase.     Thus ends a     controversy that threatened at,one stage
ol its career to tie up by strike   tlu*
transportation facilities of all stages
east   ol   the   Mississippi    river ami
north nf the Ohio, au arva with       a
population of 17,000,000-     The award
of the arbitration committee is binding and     filial.      To its terms, however, the two hoard representatives nf
tlie   employees   liled a minority     report, and tl.e two representatives   of
the forty-one   railroads   ,,  dissenting
(►pinion.     In reaching its award   the
Hoard ruled   mainly   against the   employees   on     tour oul   of live points
submitted hy them   as reasons    why
the increase should he granted,    ami
found fur them „ii tin* fifth—Ibc    Increased cost ot    living.   Since   lllftil,
when lasl    an   increase was granted,
the arbitrators found that tbe cost of
living bad Increased seven per cent.
Is it possible that tbe IJorden   government is being   frightened into   for-
getfulness of its frantic denunciation^
of reciprocity in 1011. wh n the paid
agents of the high tarlft interests declaimed    from    every Tory platformi
against our trade going to the south,
and copied lion. Mr, Foster's demand
"No trade nor    truck with the Yankees"?     While     Mr.  Honbn's ministers have nut   dared openly to so of-
lend their masters "the interests" in
Canada, once they get away      from
here tliey talk as though tbe    great
Influence of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's eon-
siatent demand fut  lower tariff    and
wider markots    was causing     them
serious alarm.     At  New York,      nn
November 3rd,   Premier Horden     is
thus reported in the New York Herald: "In regard to reciprocity between
this country anil Canada, Mr.  Horden
said that Camilla had mi objection to
such a treaty, and that Canada   fell
she had   di ne her lair share towards
it.     lie said he regretted that it, had
not come to pass."
A few days later, nn the 12til, two
of Mr. Borden's ministers, Hon. Mr.
Foster, now acting premier, and Urn.
L. 1'. Pel lot lor, also attended a dinner at New York,
Hon. Mr. Foster is reported as having said: ''That the question of reciprocity between tlie two countries
would never he entirely settled. He-
cause a certain pact was not carried
out, it did nol mean that reciprocity
between the two countries' was not
gning on and increasing daily."
Hon. Mr. Pelletier followed and
told his New York audience that tbe
introliietiou id the parcels post system into Canada would he an added
means of international trade and
further incentive to good relations^
adding, "While we want to keep -the
right to frame our own tariff to suit
the people of Canada, we want
have the most extensive and cordial
relations with our relatives and
friends in this country."
It is aboul time for the Manufac
turers' association and the "Noble
18" to look into these heretical utterances of their servants in llie government, if this sort of thing keeps
on they will have to lay in a now
supply of i'nion -fucks for Ontario.,
are becoming overcrowded with oriental children, making it almost impossible lor parents who can afford to
send their sons and daughters to
private schools to submit to the conditions in the public institutions. A
recent case was brought to my attention where a white girl, nine
years of age, was forced to sit be
tween two Chinese boys, hoth con
siderably older. Tbis occurred at
the Lord Roberts school, in Vancou
ver, and the little girl, with lhe consent of her mother, rel'.isii*'. to re
main, This is only out* uf innuuver
able eases.
Not enough publicity can be given
this sort nf thing- It is a disgrace
to Canada lhat white children are
forced to mingle with Orientals
(•hough wilh equals. The color line
should be drawn, ami drawn strictly
Ii is the most dangerous influence
Mm. while, children, at an Imp res-
.ionalile age, can be brought into
ontact with. They themselves do
not understand the full extent of the
danger, but they have an unreasoning
feelitijiof fear. They do not like to
be forced to sit beside Chinese
Japanese pupils at the public schools.
They may not be able to explain this
feeling, hut certainly their parents
Should feel tin* necessity of bringing
about some change in, thc public
school system which will eradicate
the present conditions.
It- should not he difficult for the
school authorities to have erected a
separate building for Oriental children. If the immigration is to be allowed to continue as freely as has
been the case in the past, thc necessity for a change is obvious. And
spite of the protestations of the
| authorities il would seem that thc
influx of Orientals will not cease
Shipload after shipload ol the little
yellow men arrives in port, they are
taken off and set to work within
few days, yet the government keeps
busy telling tbe people what it is going to do toward restricting! immigration.
Pretty soon the people will realize
that under the present administration1
nothing will be done. Tbey will find
tbat the percentage of Oriental children at the puhlic schools is growing
even greater, although it is already
dangerously great. Then perhaps they
will take steps to at least minimize
ihe daiijit. The white children
iihis-! he protected from Oriental influence. The parents must soon bc-
ejin to discover that the public
schools are becoming unfit places for
tl.e education of white children and
the educational authorities will be
forced to take immediate steps to
afford tbe necessary protection.
When one thinks of white girls being forced to sit between Chinese
hoys at school it makes the gorge
rise. Despite all the statements ol
the good people who believe the
Oriental should he placed o:i the
.same plane with the whites, it is
impossible to leel thai nature drew
the color line to no purpose. They are
yellow of skin ami their minds <lo not
run in the same channels. They aru
dangerous, more dangerous- perhaps
than people iu general realize. The
yellow peril iu tbe public schools i
au ever present menace and must 1i
treated as such.—Saturday Sunset.
(Cranbrook's stabbing affray last
week lends additional force to the
uhove editorial. So long as the
Orientals behave themselves we believe tbey should be allowed the
privileges of the public schools, but
an act such as thnt ol last week
should bar that particular Oriental
from further attendance).
titled and at tbe end be drew the
full indemnity if $2,300 to which he
had no right- ■
During the whole session Mr. Morrison was only noticed on the opening
day when he was introduced by his
political sponsor, Hon. Hobcrt Rogers, and Hon. W. J. Uoohe. From
that day be never opened his mouth
to join in debate, nor did anything in
parliament or out. He sinuily voted
blindly for tlu: government and drew
$2,500 lor the job.
This fo the parliamentary rcccrd ol
Mr. Alex. Morrison, ex-M.P.:
Speeches, none.
Motions or amendments, none
Voted against Sir Wilfrid laurier's
amendment to the speech from the
throne censuring the Macdonald and
Richelieu by-elect Ion corruption;
against every Liberal amendment to
the Horden Naval Aid bill; for every
government motion regarding tbe
Horden Naval Aid bill; against Mr.
L, J. Oauthier's vote ot censure on
Hon. Mr. Coderre respecting the Ho-
chelaga by-election personation; paired against Mr. Oliver's motion ot
censure on Hon- Mr. Rogers in con
nect-ion with the Prince Albert
homestead scanJal; paired in support
ol the "gag" rule; voted lor the
$15,(j00,000 subsidy gilt to Mackenzie
and Mann, and against the Liberal
proposals to cither make this a loan
or to secure some substantial rcturty
Irom the C.N.R. for It; against the
Liberal amendment to thc Highways
Aid Hill, which were designed to givej'
tbe provinces their proper constitu-
tional control ol thc proposed expenditures—in everything else the
same consistent and silent support of
tbe Borden government.
Macdonald has reason to be ashamed of the manner in which Mr. Morrison was elected. It has reason to
(eel that Mr. Morrison's conduct in
parliament was on a par with the
means hy which he got there.
i » ■
Elementary courses in agriculture
for the schools of tbe province are
planned as announced by the Hon.
Price Ellison, minister of finance. Details have not yet been worked out
but the new courses are to be started
next year. j
The census on Britisn Columbia ag-
rieuHure shows substantial progress
has been made during lho decade
ending with 1911. At that time
there were more than live times as
many farm holdlnfH under fifty acres
as ten years before. Area in orchards and nurseries has more than
quadrupled and land used hi vegetable
growing shows almost ^ like increase. Livestock in the province
was worth more than seven times
that ol tin years before, while dairy
produce much more than doubled. The
value of field crops nearly trebled
the decade.
Hritish Columbia apples Irave won
first honors at Iruit exhibitions al
Sheffield and Edinburgh where they
came iu open competition with other
Iruit from all parts of lhe. world.\
Two carloads ol apples were recently
shipped to England and they will he
shown at many fruit displays in the?
leading cities.
Bringing a cargo of steel rails for
tin new railways now building across
British Columbia, tho steamer Buenaventura will reach Newport this
week and after diseharfi'ng part of
bet cargo will take the remainder to
Prince Rupert where it will be used
in completing tbe Grand Trunk Pacific.
Tbe outlook for silver is regarded
as favorable. It is estimated that
China will absorb silver lo (he
amount of 1,000,01)0,000 ounces for
coinage within the next ten years.
Last year the Kast absorbed 78,924.-
77fi ounces. India has added 140,-
759,000 ounces lo its coinage in the
past five years, and during tne same
period Imported 130,000,000 ounces.
Rt. Hon. R. L. Burden, who, with
Mrs. Borden, has been visiting
friends in New York, left recently lor
the south. Tbe premier expects to
remain in the southland until the
end of tho month, resting up, and
then return to Ottawa to prepare lor
tbe session, whicb will begin towards
the middle ol .January.
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Lustres Etc. in all colors.
imports ot dutiable anil trim Kooeis
were (61,054,1)00 anil Hv. exports
In, tlie matter ot exports agricultural products take tho first, place.
In Hie west,, agricultural exports
were (32,202,000, as against (10,-
772,000 for October, 1912.
Tliere is aleo a liig increase in Ibe
exports ol domestic animals anil
their products. In October last, ((j,-
778,000 worth were exported, ai
against (4,695,000 tor October, 11)12.
Sontbcy wrote this note on Le-
land's "History of Ireland":
"Plantation of Lister by .lames.
Ireland must gratefully acknowledge
tbat here were tbe first foundations
laid uf its affluence and security."
Time is the best, ironist. What
would Soittiii-y say in the light of thn
Irish situation of today? It is not an
easy situation, and Kngland is naturally timid because of foreign complications and the tear of having as
her Immediate neighbor a nation
which might co-operate with her enemies on the continent. Nevertheless
Uie only salution is toward more an,:|
more self-government for Ireland, and
until that self-government is secured,
Ireland will lie extremely unlikely
gratefully to acknowledge thc services of .lames.—Harper's Weekly.
Edwin Ismay is confined to bis residence this week with an> indisposition.
Help build up Cranbrook enterpris-
j   by   patronizing   the    Cranbrook
Meeting ol the executive ol the
Cranbrook Liberal association is called lor Friday night at the committee
rooms. 6
When you order beer, specify Cranbrook beer, made at home-
Next Thursday marks the first anniversary of the opening of, tbe Hex
theatre and the management plaivs
special performance 0n that date to
celebrate the event.
Line trouble on the Kootenay Tclc-
phonr Lines near Yahk was caused
this week by thn snowfall, and linemen   were .sent out to make repairs.
Porter and beer made at the Cranbrook Brewery is giving complete
satisfaction. Phone 177.
Dr. J. H. King returned Wednesday
Irom Chicago where he attended the
session of the American College of
Surgeons, and reports a very successful nnd enthusiastic clinic.
Promise ol cold weather has precipitated a run on tbe furl men and
basements are being rapidly Med
with the winter's supply of coal and
Distribution of Seed
Grain and Potatoes
Headquarters for all kinds of
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The Shoe Specialist
future MANUFACTUKINU aaaal
COMMERCIAL Capital .altera, unrivalled opuortuaiiuea for money
HOMES. Laxaatealon lh,- FRASERanal WILLOW
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cental, of a LARGE RICH FARMING and TIMBER DISTRICT, the natural supply paaint for the
aurea tha future of Wla.LOW RIVER. Write
now, to-day, for free maps, plats, etc.
413 Richards Street. Vancouver, H. C*
I'lione 177 lor your next case      ol
beer or porter.    Made at home   and
ii.ll;ir.'ll:tei'd ptlte.
One hundred and thirty carloads ol
Irult and produce were shipped Irom
tlie Okanafcan valley during the week
ending November Uth. '
A shocking fatality occurred at
Pent lc ton on Thursday last, when
three city employees met tbeir death
near tbe end of thc Okanagan river.
The dear are - lames Campbell, James
Boyce and Malcolm Nicholson.
An acre of banana trees will furnish lood tbat will support twenty*
five times as many persons as an
acre ol wheat. This should be
an inducement   for some of our fruit
Hy instruct inns nf the bon. minis
ter of agriculture a distribution of
superior sorts ol grain and potatoes
will he made during the coming winter and spring to Canadian farmers.
'The samples for general distribution
will consist of spring wheat (5 lbs.),
white oats (I lbs.), barley (5 His.),
and flehl pens (fi lbs.) These will be
sent out from Ottawa. A distribution of potatoes {in 3 lb. samples;
will lie carried on from several of
th.i experimental farms, Uio Central
Farm at Ottawa supplying only the
provinces of Ontario and Quebec. All
samples will bo sent free by mail.
Applicants must give particulars in
regard lo the soil on their farms,
and some account of tbeir experience
witb such kinds ol grain (or potatoes) as they have grown, so that a
promising sort for tbeir conditions
may be selected.
Kncli application must be separate
and must be signed by the applicant
Only one sample of grain and one of
pot at lies can be sent to each [arm.
Applications on any kind < f printed
form cannot bo accepted. If two or
more samples are asked for in the
same letter only one will be sent.
As the supply of seed is limited,
farmers are advised to apply early;
but ihe applications will not neces-.
sarity he lllletl in llie exact order in
which they un* received'. Prelerenc.
will always i>.* given to the most
thoughtful ami explicit requests. Applications received alter the end of
.lanuary will probably he too late
All applications (or grain (nnd applications from the provinces ol Ontario aud Quctiec fi r potatoes) sbouh'.
be addressed to the Dominion Cereal-
isl, Central Experimental Kami, Ottawa. Such applications require no
postage. If otherwise addressed do-
lay and disappointment may occur.
Applications, for potatoes, from
farmers in any other province should
lie addressed (postage prepaid) t0 the
super in tendrils ot the nearest branch
Experimental Farm in tbat province.
District ot South East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that James W
Blake, of Wasa, B.C., occupation
Farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner ot Lot 110-Ifl,
Oroup One, Kootenay District,
thence west 10 chains, thence south
40 chains, -thence east 40 chains,
thence nortb 40 chains to place of
commencement, comtaining 160 acres,
more or less.
■James William Blake.
Dated September 24th, lf»13.    40-9
District of Cranbrook.
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas S.
Gill, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation
Locomotive Engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nn
(lold Creek about 3J miles east of
the southeast corner ot Lot 0205,
licncc east 80 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 40 chains to place ol
Thomas S. Olll.
George Kennedy, Agent.
Dated September 6th, 11)13.    37-10
Canada's Exports
Show Incsease
Hail tlm
allowed   to
Canada  lias     always    lieen
riding ol Macdonald liecji ranchers in.''the banana belt."          I Ottawa,   Nov.   19.—For'Uio month
vote according to      its j Father Jeanott,   one ot the     best al October  jusl closed,   Canada's ex-'
proper  convictions    it is not impro- known of Ihe pioneei -priests ol     the ports were considerably in excess  ot
liable Hat Mr. R, I,. Itichardson,   a southern Interior ol British Columbia imports ol    both dutiable   and   free
eapiible and honorable citizen,   would died last Friday morning in      Hon- Roods.      The exports  were $57,144,-
liavt. been   elected to represent   thatl treat.    FaUier Jeanott wos ahead ol 000,   while   the Imports ol   dutiable
riding.     That this was more    than even tho   prospectors in many places goods   were   $.15,238,000, and ol Irer
a aaaiiaaiai    nils      auaiajn      aaa-aii    jia^ia,     .„.,.,*•        ■ ■•« - --   • ■- -     r-- ■ •   - •• ,   , ,1       ,  *,..,
proud ol its public school liystem. It  probable Is shown by the extraordin- In tho    Kootenays.       He was well  goods   $17,11.1,000, a  total   ol Ml,-
ibmothlng in whicli      tho  urily corrupt moans taken by    Hon.   known by many «l tbo old-timers   nl 381,000
country caaiilit lake pride, Im it mark-   Robert ltog«» nftrl bis Tory election C'rnnbronk.
For Hie month ol October, 1912, Um
Exceptionally Beautiful
Designs are being
shown at the
Call in and see them
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Christmas Rates and Sailings to the Old Country
BEALE & ELWELL are offering on behalf of the WHITE STAR
LINE ttlB following sailings nnd rates :—
Ai'l'liox Path
Pair Btbamsb From To Rater an'Ann.
Pec. 2. Canada    Portland  Liverpool.... $50 00 Dee. 10
8. Canada    Halilax   "     .... SO 00 Deo in
6. Marquette . Philadelphia...   Dover   55 00 Pee 10
11. Ilaverlord .. "         ... Liverpool  . 50 00 Pec. 17
12. New York..   New Yolk    South'pton 52 50 Pec. 19
1:1. Teutonic ....   Portland  Liverpool... 55 00 Pec I'll
H. Teutonic ....   Halilai   " 55 00 Pec. 20
15. Arabic    Boston  "       .... 5:175 Dec. 23
The above boats' are what are known an one-clnaB boat., and the
above rates entitle you to ordinary lirst-clae. accommodation.
Cranbrook to tlie Eeaboard and return are aa follows:
Cranbrook        Boston and Return       $1)7.40
" Halifax "                80.10
"               Portland       "                80.10
"               St; John        "          80.10
"               Montreal      "          81.10
"               NewYoik     "        02.10
For further particulars see
Beale <& Elwell
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First China Round Trip
Fan's from CRAUBROOK
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Retiiru limit throo mouths.
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i-'uiit'Hi In formation fiom io.nl
agisil, or
Dim. INidPgr. Agent,
District or South Kast Kootenny,
TAKE NOTICE that Joseph
lllake, of Wasa, B.C., occupation
Farmer, intends to apply 'or permission to purchase Mm following tics-
rribnl lands:
Commeno|ng at a P°f*t planted 40
chains cast of lhe south oust corner
of Lot 1101-1, thence cast mi chains,
I hence south 2(1 chains, thence west
•so chains, thence north 20 chains to
place of commencement, containing
100 acres, moro or less,
Joseph Blake,
per James W. Blake, Agent.
Dated September 24th, 1013.   40 9t
_ Marks
CopymoHT* Ac.
Aiernnfl MldtM *rt»lch «nJ dMcrlptfon mi*/
anfeklf uMrulri mirotHtina MtjrHUiw.m
iUfonQoa n priih«l.ljM[«il*^ni^Con>iP«inle».
tidMittal. HXNOnOK ooPwei-t*
lenlfrM. (JIOmi *k •*.<:» furiocunnir-atmiit.
Patent! taken iFimuih Munn ft Co. nttlrt
apttimtratita, wlHioi.tcbirf •, la tht
Scwttiflc Hmerican.
A likndMiMlr mtntntlnl wertl?. lAt^u dr
>. illation or Mir •.■Ifiniil.' {ourimt. mm* lot
Can uu. la.:* *. jt*t, ikHW inr]*-nd.   .-ulil tij
Ul iMWtiWlW*.
|X'S TIMF taaannall for your aMaara*
at tli. a'diraclaa-y ichaaal lite
fre. taaiaaam hy taamaaa plan, lalaail laaa'aliaaaa
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,i   a;,.,,..,,, copy.  HATNONtP. KIIUV
t'rlna-ipaal. .tonoa Hlalf. Iiaoa-llt ot P. Ill
Siaaakana..   Muiaa 27 A2H1
tliat I, Win II. Moss, ol Cranbrook,
B.C., Civil Kn«inPiT, iiitrnii lo apply
fur potmtiBlon tn purohtso tlie lollowlng doBCrlbod land:
Confronting ait a pout plnntcd on
I lip past tinnk ol llir Skookumcllilck
rlvpr, at a point nlnpty-foitr anil
117-100 Chains cast anil 110 chains
south ol (he S. 10. comer ol lot
IMI70, (I. I., (hence cast 35 chains,
mori' or less, lo a point 120 chains
cast ol thc salil S. H. corner ol Lot
0070, o. l; thenco south ao chains;
thence west 15 chains, more or leas,
lo thc east hank of thc Skookum-
chuck, river, thence, northerly along
thc cast bank ol thn Hkookumchuck
river, to thi point ol commencement, containing ',0 acrea, more
or less.
Wm. H. Moss,
Dated September 191b, 1913.  43-H
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Thc Herpicide Co.', Dept. R., Detroit,
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c. and
$1.00 sizes Is sold by all dealers who
guarantee it to do alt thai is claim-*
id. if you are not satisfied your
money will he refunded.
Applications may be obtained at
tlie beqt barber shops and hair dressing parlors.
I lea t tie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
Murphy, the beaten leader of Tammany Hall, is a true type of the American political boss. Wc are tol
He is tlie son of an immigrant
father and ;hi Immigrant mother. He
bad a little schooling, but not much.
His first regular employment was as
a street car driver in the days before
the trolley was known. From that he-
was graduated to tending bar In an
Kast Side groggery, From bartended he became saloon keeper, At one
time he conducted three saloons. The
saloon keeper is a potent force in
city politics. Murphy, as the owner
of three saloons, hnd influence. He
became a precinct captain and then a
Tammany district leader. In the days
of Tammany disorganization follow
inp the retirement of Croker he was
chosen as- one of the three district
leaders who, for a time, managed the
affairs of the organization. Tammany believes in one chief, not three.
The triumvirate became ridiculous
when Devery characterized its members as Sport, Two Spot and Joke.
Murphy was the sport, in a few
months Two Spot and Joke dropped,
out and Murphy became lire Boss. He
has lieen the BOSS ever since.
A lot of truth and some untruth
has been printed about Charles F.
Murphy. He has held one office,
that of dock commissioner. As
head of Tamninny hall ho petd n" salary. He has a (own house and a
country home, but his real home and
his real headquarters arc at Delmon*
Ico's. He lives at the rate of from
115,000 to $50,0110 a year.
When he became boss of Tammany
he was a raw individual Mc has
acquired polish since then. For several years J. Sergeant Cram was hi.-,
close personal friend. Mr. Cram is a
patrician. Before meeting Mr. Cram
Mr. Murphy never had worn a dress
suit. Mr. Cram is credited with introducing him into the ' Dolmonico
circle and having him abandon thu
knife in thc transportation of food
from bis plate to his palate.
Tammany Hall is on Fourteenth
street near Third avenue, Murphy
rarely goes there except around election time. Just before election he
can be found at a desk in thi* big
room. Then anyone can see him.
At other times he is one of the hardest men in New York to get audience
with. He is mil,I of voice, sparing
with words, and quick in his decisions,
He has done more to Spread Tam-
man-y's power than any other chief
the great organization has had, A
year ago he controlled New York
Oity and New York State and Until
Bryan assailed him at Haiti man* he
had hopes of dictating the nomination of a president. Now, through
one blunder (the impeachment of
Siilzery be has brought Tammany to
lhe verge of disaster.
People are wondering when this
craze for plot tiro "lifting" will end.
Now it is the 'famous "Madonna and
Child" by 1'inturlcchios, which has
disappeared from the church of Santa"
Marie Maggloie at Spello, the thief
hanging a wretched copy in ils
place. Tin* parish priest Is under
arrest, it is said, charged with     tho
The following extracts Irota
i.r'icle on toleration an I I'Hih ■ •'*
which appeared in the "Canad.a.i
Countryman" recently are worthy to
lie read and pondered. The article
was printed under the heading, "A
IJitle Sermon From n British-born
Canadian Who Thinks."
"There are two classes of Canadians—those who couldn't help being
Canadians, and those who could.
would Im* very proud to Ifehuig to tlte
'•eouldn't-help-it" class. But I he
long to the other, and would like to
tell you why.
"In the first place, you asked us tl(
come, The i|ivernment has spent
millions and millions nf dollars in In
ducing British-born people to forsake
homes and friends and traditions mid
places consecrated hy sacred dust in
order to help iiuild up Canada, Thc
Dominion has been prosperous because the immigrant, as well as thc
capitalist, has arrived.
"He gentle iu your attitude lo the
people who conn1 from the same land
as your ancestors came. b*t patience
have her perfect work in yon, in
them. Ask yourself how you would
gel along If you were dumped Into ;i
Yorkshire manufacturing town, and
sent lo work in a mill, and expected
to become a Yorkshirentati in five' of
six days, accent and all
"In the second place, I .am a Canadian because I know Canada. Hy i(
fortune I never deserved I wen I
through the mill of pioneering iu the
west between 1885 and 1801. Aftei
fourteen years' absence I returned,
and in six years I have travelled
150,000 miles between Halifax nml
"Will vou forgive me if I slate
that a great deal of Canadian pud
is nourished upon n very little know
ledge of Canada, They I now nol
Britain who only Britain know. They
know not Canada who only Canada
know, Still less do thev know Can
ad a who only their province know A
knowledge of the whole gives us a
saner, more understanding pride,
coupled with a more sympathetic toleration of the idosynerasii s of othci
"There is a glory of the native-born
the thrill thai passes through your
heart ami down your spine, when the
sacramental clement of your nativity
makes its subtle, compelling appeal
to your mind. I knew what it is,
but not in Canada. If you have it,
cherish it; he exceeding glad when it
come to you.
"We need not envy you, the native-
horn. Y6tl need not envy \m, the
British-horn. We are meet for one
another to conspire to make Canada
as noble in reputation as she is great
in extent."
Chicatp, III., Nov. 1".—War againsl
"legalized murder" hy surgeons who
are commissioned to wield tl.e knife
before they have heen su(Helentl)
trained, was declared at the closing
session' of the clinical congress Salur-
day. To prevent criminal malpractice, so far as is possible, the congress appointed a committee to visit
tht* state legislatures of this country
und the provinces of Canada to urge
the enactment of the following inter
national law.
"Require- physicians to have five
years' experience in general medical
practice before permitting them to
practice surgery, ordering that two
years of iheir practice he passed in
active hospital work. ,,r under tha
direction of a surgeon generally recognized as lu*in*r of the highest attainments; requiring medical colleges
to give full clinical advantages as
part of their courses in medicine."  „
Seattle, Nov. 17.—V, Stofansson
Arctic explorer and discoverer of lin
white Eskimos, who was aboard tlu
Karluk, whin that vessel was lasl
sighted off Flagman island on August
1Mb, possibly is lost, as is the vessel ami all of Iter people.
Nothing has been seen or heard ol
theK arluk since that date, despite
the facfl that, extensive search has
Irt-f-n made for her.
Whalers say there is little hope of
her ever being discovered, as site is
known to liave encountered the heavy
weather which prevailed off the Alaskan coast early in October. This is
the opinion of the members nl tlie
Canadian A relic exploration party
at Collision Point, according to a
report from Fairbanks today.
Stcfansson left Victoria lasi summer wilh au expedition outfitted to
make explorations ami scientific te-
soareh along the northern coast of
the North American continent.
Apply Z<irr,-Bi*-fc to all
wounds and sores and you
wlllbesurcriied how quickly
It Stops tne smarting ana
brings ease* It covers the
wound with a layer of protective bairn, kils ill poison
eeimiahvA:!? ,q fat wound, tot
prevents others cn'eHngi Iu rich
Dealing herbal tsttaca theo build
up from :he bottom, fr«b tbiuei
fid m a wonderfully abort time
(be wound ft healed)
&n Di .. ip ptalaritj fi but-d cn mtrit
in ■ a.. Kifi rwcMkiurca. !'« it.!* iud
Kitlha rnltl.ii>g, 'ZuuBuk-lj printed
f" *.V'J ''<k ',"''no (••lUii*. Ileum
• ".      ill I'fn.viu u>U Mori a*
A bulletin tecen
\ teatrj Drnnch,
ns   furnished by
upiled by the
ft*a, from ng
(Inns, shows
eas cul in Canada in 1813
0 fi  ■    board measure, ol
tl   ,.'  tl 5,475,781; 1,678,-
,   valued al W.176,-
■ WW   lath, valued at il.
*..t   ti"'.''"i> tons  oi square
ted at  H,835,t5t
; a d   n ose oi over 1" per
cm of lumbei from tbat
i, decrease taking place in
no   im epl   Saa
i*   twenty-eight   difterei t
cd sawn into lumber,   but
[.ns. d ->u*r one-thud    the
\ I.i
in   the order nai ted
Douglas tir and hem
uf disposing of said debentures by
reason of the stringency in the money-
market, it has been found necessary
lo increase the rate of interest Irom
five per tvnt ("> p.c.) to six per cent
(i> p.c.) per annum for the purpose of
disposing of said debentures,
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Cranhrook in Council assembled enacts as follows:
1. The recital to the said Bylaw-
No loo, of the Bylaws ff the Corporation of the City of Cranhrook
being the "Cranbrook Sewage System
Completion Bylaw," is hereby amended by striking out the words and
figures "One thousand two hundred
and sixty-live dollars and twenty-six
cents ($1,335.36)," In the sixteenth
and seventeenth lines of thc said
recital and inserting in lieu thereof
the words and figures "One thousand
Iou I hundred ami sixty-five dollars
and twxnitf-stx eents ($1,465.30."
3. Section I ol tho said Bylaw No.
100, being the, Cranbrook. Sewage
Si stem Completion Bylaw" Is hereby
amended b*. striking out the words
and figures "five per cent (.*> p.c)"
where the same occur in the tirst and
second lines and inserting In lieu
thereof tin* words and figures "six
per cent ('• p *.-.)"
;.. Section t- of said Bylaw is hereby amended by striking out the words
"one thousand" in the second line
thereof and inserting in lieu thereof
tbe words "twelve hundred."
1. This Bylaw may l»e cited as the
"Cranbrook Sewage System Completion Bylaw  Amendment  Bylaw."
Read tlw* first, second and third
time on the BMh day of November,
TAKE NOTICE that tlie above is
a true a p*. oi the proposed Bylaw
upon which the vote of the Municipal-
It) will be taken at the Municipal
Building, Korbur) I venue, on Wednesday, the 2i>th day oi November,
1813, between the hour-. ,,i ti o'clock
tn the morning (10 o'clock local time)
and 7 o'clock in the evening (B
o'clock [i in. local time).
Cletk to the Municipal Council.
I>.n,-d at Cranbrook ihi> lOtli   day
i November, 1913. tfi-2t
There was a decrease of U.I p*-t
cent in lho number ol shingles cut Id
1813. British Columbia cut almost
one-half Mi* quantity using Western
Red Cedar exclusively. Tin,* production of lath also showed A decrease of
ti.ii per cent, spruce making up over
one-third of this product.
The 80.fl |ier cent increase in tbe
production of square tembei is noteworthy, f.-r this i*. the tirst increase
since 1«77. White pine made up
53.5 per cent, and birch 2S.5 per cent
of lhe total amount exported. 97.5
per cent r.f trhich went to thf I nited
Kingdom, I.i per cent t" the I'nited
States and 1 1 per cent to other
Ol ii DE \H Food.
We believe and Sir Wilfrid Laurier
believes that the government can do
a good deal relieve tbe situation
by judictoti It gislation But as the
matter stands tin •■■ Is i.o hope
,n relh f Fi ont I   tt q lai I i  ■■■ h-ng as
len if  in    p rwer,     Whatever
(•'■ er v
to sc
■'.■   .- * bIh ul     re-
la   no doubt 'hat
.1- ■ an ol '          ant
n .1. ih price oi the
ment can help to have .< red* tion
made they will be only too well
pleased The situation has become
bo serious and w pressing that even
people with strong Tory leanings are
crying oul for rplief, careless from
what tiuartei It ■ ome -., long as it
comes from somewhere. Wives an.1
house! ■■;■(■. ■ * ompla n that a dollar
disappears so rapidly when uMfd in
buying food thai one hardly knows
what   has    become   ol i' —Hamilton
Hudson's Baj officials at Winnipeg,
have received meagre reports from
tho north thai a l»rtj •■' Esqulmos,
numbering, it is said, ten persons,
were rescued from an Island In the
mouth "f Hudson Bay, upon irtiioh
thej Irad been I laro n il lot s i" riod
ol ten years, it appeal * lhal the
Esqutmofl .■. *re can tht oil shore on
drift lee and carried aftt r long weeks
■ ii hard drip to tlte island upon which
the) were found. This Island h.»s
l-ecii steadily avoided by passing vessels b ca i ••■ "i reefs and magnetic
disturbances Which ahVrted the ships'
UYI.WV NO. 133.
A Bylaw lo amend Bylav No 109
of the Bylaws of thn Corporation oi
the City of Cranbrook.
Whereas by said Bylaw No, 100 of
lhe Bylaws <>f tint Corporation ol
the city of Cranhrook, certain moneys were authorised to bo railed (or
lin* completion   of tin- sewer system,
namely,    twontj       tlime.aiid      dollais
And Whereas owing to the difficulty
BYLAW NO. 131.
A Bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 102,
being the "Cranbrook Manual Train
ing School Debenture Bylaw."
Whereas by Bylaw No. lui f)f the
Bylaws of the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook, certain moneys
were authorized to be raised for the
purpose of erecting and furnishing a
Manual Training School, namely, sis
thousand five hundred dollars
And whereas owing to the difficulty
of disposing of said debentures by
reason of the stringency in the money
market, it bas lieen found necessary
t" increase the rate of interest from
five per cent (5 p.c. i to six per cent
<« p.c.) per annum for the purpose of
disposing ol said debentures.
Now therefore the Municipal Coun-
il of the Corporation of the City of
Cranbrook in Council assembled enacts as follows:
1 The recital to the said Hylaw
No 103 of the Bylaws of the Corporation of the cjty of Cranbrook, being
the "Cranbrook Manual Training
School Debenture Bylaw" is hereby
amended by striking out tl* words
and figures "Four hundred and sixty-
one dollars and sixty-two cents)
(1461.82)." when* the same occur la.
the thirty-first line and inserting in
lieu thereof tin- words ind figures:
' Five hundred ami twenty-six dollars and   sixty-two cents 'V12I5.62;."
2 Section "i of the said Bylaw No.
103 being the "Cranbrook Manual
Training School Debenture B.law" is
hereby amended by itrfklng out tbe
word-, and figure* "five per ceot
(5 p.c i" where Um same occur in thej
first am! second lines and inserting in
lieu thereol tlie words and figures
"six per cent (C p.c.)"
■i. Section 7 of tin* said Bylaw No.
I'i2, being the 'CraribMiok Manual
Training School Debenture Bylaw"
is herein amended by Striking out tfae
worda ami figure*. "Three hundred and
twenty-fire dollars (1435.00)," where
the same occur in the HCOnd and
third lines (hereof and inserting in
lieu thereof the words at*d figures
"Three handled and ninety dollars
($390.00) "
I. This Inlaw may be Cited as the
"Cranbrook Manual Training School
Debenture Bylaw Amendment Bylaw,"
Read tlw first, second and third
time on th** 10th dav of November,
TAKE NOTICE that lhe above is
a true cr.py of the proposed Bylaw
Upon which the vote of the Municipality, will be taken at 1 hi* Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, on Wed*
nesday, tin* 20th day of November,
19)8, between the hours of " o'clock
in the morning (in o'clock local time)
and 7 o'clock      in     ibe evening   (8
clock p m. local time).
Clerk to the Municipal Council.
Bated at Cranhrook tbis 10th day
ol November, 191.1. «-3t THB   CRANBUOOK    HERALD
—and Convicted
m&m. fern
... T*'l
33L '^hgmyJt
« aft//   - ^^^^^^^1%
f. ?!** ;
Young as they disappeared below tbe
Capt. Young was rom distance off
und Mrs, Young, being first on the
scene, made a determined effort to
rescue her son George, who could be
seen struggling iu a hole in tlie ice
near the center of the pond. With
remarkable courage, crawling bodily
over the cracking ice, she succeeded
in grasping his hand, but again Hie
ice gave way and now her life was iu
jeopardy. Capt. Young, aided by
Mr. Atchison, dicelcd her rescue after
a perilous struggle wilh the breaking
ice, although had it not been for tile,
fortuitous arrival at this juncture ol
Messrs. I.egotitt, Midford and livers
of Athalmer, who happened to be
passing, it is more than probable
tliat Capt. and Mrs. Young and Mr,
lions and frozen numb by their im-
tions anl frozen numb gy their immersion <n the Ice cold waler as they
were, would never have been able to
reach safety without assistance
As it was,     when the boy, George,
was brought to land, life was   found
to be extinct and Mrs. Young
The parly now endeavored to reach
the other two boys, of whom no
signs could , be Heen
save for an omnious
hole in the ice, and it was only after
much difficulty and danger to the
rescuers that they were eventually
brought out. In both cases life- was
extinct. They had laid down their
young lives in endeavor to save another, a record of heroism that forms
the one lustrous spot in this episode
of tragedy that has wrought such desolation in two homes and east a
gloom over tlte whole district.
All honor and praise Is,likewise duo
to Messrs. I.egoult, Midford and
Byers for their timely aid and plucky
The funeral of the three hoys took
place on Friday aud was largely attended by residents of the district
whose heartfely sympathy goes out to
the parents in their grief.
—for 15 years—
The Stanford Skin Remedy
Cranbrook    Drug   and     Book
Cranbrook, B.C.
all respect to them that is due to
their conscientious efforts to relievo
suffering, but claim the right to
adopt our own methods without unwarranted interference.
It is well that our critic should acknowledge that it is not live, doctor
but our Maker who roallymtoos the
healing. But why Omnipotent God
should require the assistance of tlie
doctor's knife or drug docs not appear, especially as .testis never made
use of such methods, and was the
only completely .successful healer the
world has ever known. And lie told
that thoso who believed on (understood) Him could do tho works He
did, and ccmiinant'ed us to do them.
Wm. F. Cochrane,
Asst, Oi s. Committee on Publication for B.C.
Nelson, B.C., November 10th, 1913.
Tlie vagaries of Canadian justice. The way iu which the prison [arm system in various cities and counties
ol Canada lias been abused, has called forth the above cortoons hy James Prise. The upper scene "Presumably Innocent," shows Ihe accused man in the depth of misery and bad company in a police or jail cell, while the
lower one /Convicted," indicates a veritable picnic for tho tried and f. und guilty prisoner. Mr. Prise asks
"Why is it that a man arrested, anl perhaps innocent, is thrown into a cell amid dirt and discomfort, whereas
the man convicted of guilt becomes an object of concern and is handsomely housed in the country? Why not
treat decently ihose who arc merely accused and who are presumably innocent?"
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents
(Special correspondence)
Mr. I'yke, president of the Vancouver Conservative   association, and license commissioner,   wns in Wardner
on business last Saturday,
Win, Pumfrcy. manager of the
Western Supply and Kquipment Co.,
Calgary, was in town last Saturday
on business.
Alfred Johnson is at present taking
an inventory at the several camps of
the Crow's Nesl Pass Lumber company.
Mr. .1. Downey,
on Saturday .for
in the vicinity ol
photographer, left
tlie lumbar camps
Bull Iliver, where
In*   intends-    do
lolng some photo work,
lie will be away several days.
Mrs. Louis Lambert entertained her
Sunday school class, which is emu
posed of young men, last Friday
evcnlng< A number ol invitations
were given lo the young ladies as
well. The evening wns pleasantly
spent in games and music, after
which q ver\ appetizing lunch was
served by the hostess.
Mr. Connolly, of the Canadian Consolidated Rubber company, was In
towtl a few days ago on husiness.
Mrs. Hayes returned home on Sun
day afternoon after visiting Mi
Hayes at the St. l-'.ugenc hospital.
Wo are glad to know that Mr. M.
I). Mcl'hee was able to reluru home
from Cranbrook e lew days ago somewhat improved in health.
Mr. and Mrs. Clcorgc Lesselyang
were in Cranbrook on business last
Mr. Chas, Brown mid wile left here
last Tuesday for Spokane, Wash. Mr.
Brown has occupied the position as
sawyer for Hie Crow's Nest Pass
Lumber company during the past season.
The tcaclwrs and pupils ot St. Andrew's Sltnday school, aided by the
pastor, Kev, Wood, have begun th s
week to practice for a Christmas
tree, which is to he held on Christmas eve.
Miss Margaret Uard delightfully
entertained a number nl her Httlo
playmates at a parly iu honor ol her
eighth birthday nn Wednesday evening last,
It is with regret thai we leain
this week of the resignation of our
primary teacher, Miss King, which is
to take effect on Dccomlicr 81st,
A four net drama was played in
the Wardner   opera house no Monday
evening of this week entitled "Tho
Final Settlement." Although the
night was very dark and rainy, the
attendance was fair, and everyone
expresses themselves as being delighted with the evening's performance,
Every one of the eight characters
proved themselves to he very efficient.
A meeting of the teachers of the
Sunday School and the pastor was
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Kdgar Wilson last Monday evening to
make arrangements for the Christmas tree.
(Special correspondence).
On Friday evening, the Mth inst.,
in lhe home id Mrs. II. IL Boss, the
Ladies Society of Waldo Presbyterian
chinch gave a social evening. Friends
from Baynes came down. During the
evening various parlor games were
Indulged in, after which the company
was entertained with a short programme, Mr. IL F Milne gave two
comic Irish songs, Mrs. C. L. Cowan
dive .. reading entitled "The Hose",
Mr, Brooks, two violin selections;
Mrs, Milne, a piano solo, Itev. C L.
Cowan, a    Scotch     song; Mr. .lames
ilislop,   it   reading.     Refreshments
were then served hy the hospitable
ladies, ami a very enjoyable evening
was brought to a close with the singing of the national anthem, It is to
he hoped that tho ladles will make
this a monthly occurrence if for no
oilier end than the social fellowship
it extends.
Mrs. Smith, of Creston, visited
Mrs. King last week.
Mr. and Mrs. U. F. Milne left On
Tuesday morning for Saskatoon. They
will visit their son Melford, who
lives at Fernie, en route.
On Thursday, November I5lh, in
the home of Mr. Pere Sundberg, the
Kev. c. [,. Cowan united Henry W.
Sharpe, and Miss .Jessie Uowcna
Sinclair, both of Flagstone, In the
holy] bonds of marriage. The happy
couple will reside on Mr. Sharped
ranch at  Flagstone.
The president {if the Hoss-Saska-
loon Lumber company, Mr. Henry
Telfer, was a visitor to Waldo last
Monday. As is his custom, lie will
spend the winter in Arizona.
Uev. Mi. Bruce preached at the
Anglican norvlco in Baynes last Sunday morning. It is to be hoped that
He congregation     will rally      round
Mr. Bruce during Mr. Cotquhoun's absence in thc old country.
Word has come that Itev. Mr. Colquhoun will sail on the S. S. I^auren-
tic for Liverpool on the 22nd inst.
He hopes to consult a specialist in
London ro his trouble.
There is only one sawmill operating
now in the district and that is tlte
mill belonging to the Adolph Lumber
company. Although things are
quiet at present, millmen eagerly
arc anticipating a boom in the
On Sunday evening in Boss hall at
7.30, tl.e Rev. C. L. Cowan will begin a new series of sermons on some
great religious characters of th?
middle ages. The first sermon will
he on "Savonarola, His Stand for
Christianity in Florence, ami its Consequences,"
Mrs. I>. McNab and children will
spend the winter in California.
The snow on Tuesday was welcomed by the hunters in tho district.
Luscious venison will grace a lew
tahles soon.
Tlie Union Bank at New Hazel ton
was robbed on Tuesday evening by
five masked men, presumably foreigners. The men shot the cashier,
wounding him seriously, hut not
fatally, and made oft with booty
amounting to $10,000.
Rats in thc Victoria post office are
making away with tho parcels
wedding take going through the
mails and so far the setting o[
traps has not math* any great difference in tho amount of destruction
manifested. Recently rats made
away, with a whole ham which was
being forwarded to a Victoria man
from Kngland.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
.152 Richards St.,
(Sura'BBair Iaa IV. V. all lin)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
P. O. Dl)5 Wall
'aiBVIiaai -i
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. tc A.  H.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
F. B. Miles, W.M.
J. L. Craaston, .Sec.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money tn l.oiui
Crescent Lodge No. 38
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K. ul H AS.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Hoatlquarters for all  kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Hotel International
Qko, Lonopbe, Proprietor
Situated at Kingsgate, B.C., on
the Boundary Line, in a spot of
rare scenic beauty and the BportR-
inan'B paradise.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B. .C
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave.
Intelligence has lieen received Irom
tlie western benches that a calamity
tin para lt*l led in Uw history ol the tlis-
trlct has occurred, emailing the loss
of three liven under most distrrssinn
circumstances. The scene of th*.* accident was a small pond, thinly covered with a coating of new ice, close
by the ranch of ('apt. Young. The
two sons, George, aged iVj., and Clement, aged 7, ol the latter, accompanied by Vivian, aged 8, and Kenneth, sons of N. M. Marples, were
playing in tlie nrightaornood of the Ice
when George Young, becoming separated Irom the others, ventured out o»
the frozen surface to reaeh some object he hart thrown on the ice. lie
had gained the middle of the pond
when the ice gave way and, his cries
attracting tho attention of the others
Clement Young and Vivian Marples
heroically attempted to cross the
treacherous surface to his assistance,
but Ihey had only gone a short distance when the [CO gave way again
ami they also were engulfed in Mie
freezing water. Kenneth Marples,
wilh great presence ol wind, hail
meanwhile given the alarm and was
on his way to call tin1 Youngs when
he heard the crash of Ice AM) saw
lhe Inst ol   his brother and Clement
Editor Herald:
Dear Sir: Will you kindly allow me
space in whicli to reply to a letter
on the subject of Christian Sciencu
which was printed in your paper
Bth inst over the nom dc plume "Interested."
Mr. Kendall's articles which he eulogizes show a campletc mistm-ler
standing of tlie first principles of the
subject about which he is writing,
and it would he easy lor him to go
on indefinitely with his style ol
criticism, with its partial or incomplete quotations from our textrbook,
calculated to hold up the subject of
ridicule, hut not to elucidate its real
meaning. It would be easy to hold
the Bible or any other work up to
ridicule in the same way.
It is no part of thc policy ol
Christian Scientists to enter into any
feet sure tliat such criticism 'will
(eel sure that such cr ticism wilt
cause more people to investigate the
subject lor themselves, and find out
what it really is, than drive them
from us. It is tho invariable rule
that such attacks always being as an
litccrcased number of enquirers.
As to Uie story of the man In Oalloway who died last August -a* alleged through neglect of medical attention. No Christian Scientist
ever denies medical attention to anyone who may desire It, and it can
only have been by his own wish that
a doctor ' was not called in, nnd it
Appears to mo that it was a ease of
unwarrantable Interference on thi.
part ol the outsiders to call in the
doctor unless requested to do so, and
to hurry him oil to the Cranhrook
hospital unasked. Who can say that
this interference was not what cost
the poor man his life, t'ntil materia
medica does much more than it has
yet done to prove Its infallibility it)
cannot fairly he claimed that any
case was tost because its services
were not called in.
Christian Scientists do not neglect
lo make use of materia medics, from
any spirit of fanaticism, hut because
they know from experience they have
something much more reliable to depend upon. A very large proportion
of them have found health again after being given up by materia medica,
and nobody really in a position to
know can deny Unit as a hotly they
are more free from sickness, and recover more quickly when thoyi arc in
trouble than any other body of
people, but thev do not claim to
have learned s() much ol Christian
Science as to render them immune
■ Irom sickness or aide to meet suc-
. ccssfiilly every case of sickness tliat
comes to them. We have no quarrel
with the doctors, and desire to snow
A modern equipped Cafe At moderate
prices       .
ItateB $1.00 and up per day
Our bns meete All trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB UOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
faataira MANUFACTURING and
COMMERCIAL Capital olTera un*
rivallea] opuortunltiea for money
HOMES. Locatailon lho FRASERaaaal WILLOW
anal HUDSON BAY. and otlior roilrooal.. in the
BER DISTRICT, the natural miiaply point Tor the
aurra lh. future of WI..LOW RIVER. Write
now, laa-aluy. for free map., plain, etc.
413 Rtcliai-dB Streut, Vancouver, B. C
.AkwiUi Wan i mI
Physicians and Surgeons.
OSee at Residues,  Arnntroi| it*
Forenoons ■ ■ ■ ■ • .00 to 10.M
Alteroooue ... 3.00 to   4.10
Evening! ■ . ■ ■ 7.10 to   I.M
Sundays ■ ■ ■ ■ i.10 to   4.M
CRANBROOK :,    l,    I,    H    1, 6
I to 13 am,
1 to   • p.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
Offlee In Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. 0.
^(      Meets every Monday
night at   New Fraternity   Hall.    .Sojourning Oddlellows cordially invited.
I. II. Tiiinley, W. It, Hauls,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesday!
In each month.
A  cordial reception eitended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chic! Patriarch
II. White, Scribe.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
I'lione 25!) Matron
P. O. Box UK Garden Ave.
l?2aluT Cranbrook, B.C.
Civil am Minim Enflaeen
British Columbia Land Surveyor.
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
W. B. Baaattr. funeral Dlreeto.
Cranbrook B.O.
Phone340 P.O. Boi 686
Norbnry Ave., next to City Hall
Day I'lione 233
Night Phone 35(
Prank Provenzano
Ganeral Merchant!
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■    B. C.
District ol South Kast Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE1 that .lames W.
lllake, ol Wasa, II.C, occupation
Farmer, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the lollowing  ties-
crilieil lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at
trie northwest corner ol Lot 11018,
(I roup One, Kootenay District,
thence west 10 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north 411 chains to place oi
commencement, containing 100 acres,
more or less.
■lames William lllake.
Dated September 241*, IMS.   40-0
District ol Cranbrook.
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas S.
Gill, ol Cranbrook, 11. C, occupation
Locomotive Engineer, intends to apply lor permission to purchase thj
following described lands:
Commencing at a Post planted on
Hold Creek about 3} miles cast ot
thc southeast corner ol Lot 9205,
Blent* east 80 chains, thence south
40 chains, thenco west 80 chains,
thence north 40 chains to place ot
Thomas S. Olll.
(leorge Kennedy, Agent.
Dated September 6th, 1013,    37-10
Surveaaor to F. T. P. PERRY
(1 noils called foroml delivered,
Uootl work only.   Prompt
ii Telephone No. 405:1
P, O. Box 793
Works; Armstrong Ave.
For Sale
Oni' O- ford EnRine, 11 x 11. Price
$350.00. May be Been at Benedict Siding, ono mile east ot
Mayook, B. O.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, complete with rack feed, 3 blocks,
8 poBt dogs. Price $250,00 at
Elko, B.C,
One Oxford Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. O.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnwn, Elko, B. O.
No. 19.
Meets every second and  fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rehekahs  cordially Invited.
Sis. Maude Hiekenbotliam, N.O.
Sis. Ada Illckerjbotliani, Rec. See.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each month at *
p.m. sharp.
.1. Mcl.schlan, CR.
L. l'earron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres. Sec.
Box 018
Visiting membera cordially welcom
W M.Eial.Eit. Iliit.
Cranbrook Lodge
No. 1040
Ma'a'la favaary aaa'a aaaiil aud
fourth Wednesday ats
la- 111. ill Itaa.vaal Black
Kniiilila' Hull, Baker
Pride ol Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ol tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ol each month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secretarry.
P. O. Box 442.
Visiting Companions cordially wl-
LODOE, No. 1871
Meets 1st anal 8nl Tlnlrs-
f.r ,     days at 8 p.m. in Royal
■***     Black Knights oil tela
Hall, Baker Street.
Faun. W. Hn mn, W.M.
S. I.. Wii.1i1.mu, Sea1.
President: 0. it. BasPiuKu
Meeta regularly llie Hrat Krlalaay evaaliltig eai'll
laitiirliiiitiiiai tan I'aaailliy tuntteraall|i|iliatl
Aaltlreas the Herletnry,
A. II. SMITH, Hi.% H.v.a
Ii you want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
tipeclal priuen for family work.
President: A. B. Smith
Secretary. S. Macdonald
« For information regarding lands
♦ aud  agriculture   apply   to the a
♦ Secretary, Cranbrook, B. 0.
♦ Meeting—
T       Every second Wednesday       m
********************* I
Oppoalta O.P.R. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     OET    A
n* QttxalL Star*
The Store witli a Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It Pa'ja to Deal
A. K. .laiNKH T. .1. Ilaaltia
I'lli.ia.'IISIt Pliaaaaaa till
Boi lun
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
Li't un Quota You I'riiw Before
You tluilil
Sir iih iilniiit your I'oTrule ami
ltiiKfiuciit Work
IS what tho mail order
houses say—send us the
money and we will send
you the goods. We say
—choose, THEN pay. We
offer you the opportunity of
examining to your heart's
content aud the please yourself about accepting or otherwise.
Don't you think this is a
far safer and more natural
way to shop than to pay in
advance for something yon
have never even seen ?
We think it is, and if you
will give us a chance we'll du.
moustrnte it to you Our
Xmas stock i* now in, and we
are in a position to show you
au interesting display.
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Kind thc Rod Tag.-C. ('. S.
David Griffith, of Fori Steele, was
over on business Tuesday.
Oeo. H. Watson wos in Uio city
from Fori Steele on Tuesday.
Harold Dai lin \ fo spending a few
days at Wardiicr on business.
Choice Christmas goods arriving
daily at Ward and Harris,
It. F. Davis was over Tuesday Irom
Fort Steele spending .*, (ew days     fn
the city.
Find (JlO Red Tag.—C. C   S.
Mr, AIM Hall, ol Marysvnie,
was in Cr.uihronk tho boelaulng ol
the week.
Childrens cutters and sleighs of all
kinds ai Finks.
W. Hunk in nnd wile, ol Hull Hiver,
wrio (imotlg  the out-of-town  visiti is
Horn.—Otl November 13th, 1.1)18, t"
Mr, and Mrs W. Q. (iihhs, Watt
avenue, u daughter.
How net oil tank foe sale nt Fink
Met cant ile Co,
Find the Rod Tag.-C, C   S.
Chas. Carglll and family have arrived (rom Calgary to spend the winter in Cranbrook,
Special sale ol canned fruits Saturday and Monday.—lra R. Manning.
IF Li Harrison, of tho Dridges
Lumber company, Fort Steele, is iu
tlie city on business today,
Find the Rod Tag.—C. C. S.
Ilk Jim Hannant, ol Wasa, is laid
up lit tiie eity with a broken ankle,
the result ol being kicked hy a horse-
(-hildrens cutters and sleighs of all
kinds at Finks-
Watch ths next child, or voiing
person, w tar inn a pair of glsstwi.
Don't tbey make tbe child look
old? That is the fault of tbe
glasses. Tbey hive no mote right
to make a person look old than a
hat or a stilt of clothes. The siotrr
kind mske yon look Vounoes—
the kind we sell.
Our kIumu n»t only cnlnnee yom-i|i-
poaraucfl, hut th«y an th« bent tli»t
tn'iiiTicn dun Imwii >ble to product fur a
rundltiun tllieyourM,
Meet me at Bob's Place.
J. II. Cones has resigned his place
with A. L. McDermot and accepted
the position of caretaker at the Cran.
brook Curlmti rink.
Pure cider vinegar at Ward
Mrs. W, ,J. Armstrong, of Lethbridge, arrived in the city this week
and is the guest of Mrs. K. M. Macpherson.
Find the Red Tag.-C. C. S.
C. h. Hecbtcl, of Wasa, was a business visitor in the city yesterday and
reports the snowfall at Wasa heavier
than near Cranbrook.
Wanted to rent cottage with modern conveniences.     Apply Herald.  47
I. H. Jones lias resigned his place
Waldo, were iu the city on Wednea-
the position of caretaker at the Cranbrook. *
The next dance of thc Lawn Tennis
club will be held in the Masonic hall
on next Wednesday evening, November
Vineland brand strawberries and
raspberries, 20c. per tin, 0 tins for
$1.15., Saturday and Monday.—lra
K. Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick and Mr. and
Mrs. Richard, of Fort Steele, were
over on Tuesday forming a theatre
party in thc evening.
6 It. linoleum Red Tag 310—C.O.S.
We arc pleased to announce that
Nurse liinklcy, who has been seriously ill with pneumonia, is able to be
around, again.
Choice lin? of olives, stuffed and
plain, at Ward and Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie, of Maeleod, Alberta, an: new arrivals in
tin* city, Mr. Mackenzie having accepted a position in the blacksmith
shop with .Medley l.ajoie.
Dowser oil tank tor sale at Fink
Mercantile Co.
C ft. linoleum Red Tag 81C—0.C.S.
It T Richardson, ol Fort Steele,
was a eity visiter on Monday. He
was busy making tlte arrangements
Inr advertising tbe big St. Andrew's
dance which will bo held in that eity
on Friday, November 28th.
Lombard plums, 15c. per tin, 8
tins for $1.00., Saturday and Monday, two days only.—Ira tt. Manning,
Memls-ers of the Cranhrook Poultry
and Pet Stock association are asked
not to forget the special meeting on
next Ftidav evening when the matter
of the exhibits to he sent to the show
at Grand Forks will be discussed.
« It. linoleum Red Tag 31e—C.C.S,
Orr vs. Butcher was the title of an
assault case that came before Magis-
(rate Ryan las-t Saturday, The defendant was placed under bonds ol
5-200.00 to keep the peace.
('hildrens cutters ami sleighs ol all
kinds at Finks.
Dayton and Toledo scales for sale
at Fink Mercantile Co.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Miss .1. M. Macintosh left today
tor Wardner to spend the week-end
wilh Miss Lund.
W. H. Johnson announces that   the
—- shooting gallery at the ihii will    be
Several changes have been made at open next Saturday afternoon al 2
the Cranbrook Trading company dur-|p.n». During the afternoon he \\ il
ing the past week, The harness'' conduct a mooting contest, foi
shop has been moved up on the second j which the lirst prize will be a season
floor and tlte space occupied formerly, skating ticket for gentleman, arid
by this department lias been taken also a boys shooting contest foi
for office room, greatly increasing the
floor space of lhe main store room.
Beattie-Murphy C.. hive :u;t installed some new show cases at their
store, which will be used for displaying candies and eUdfs. 'I Ik- new
cases arc handsome glass cases with
marble base ami add lo 'he appearance of their store iron'.
Wood for sale. Phone 400.
Regular monthly meeting ot the W.
C. T. U. will be held on Thursday,
November 27th, at 8,80 p.m. at tlie
home of Mrs. P. fi, Carman, Armstrong avenue. All members arc rc-
<|uesled,to attend-
12 ft, linoleum Red Tag 87o.-C.CS
F. Whyte. of Winnipeg, who recently
purchased a farm four miles west of
tlw-. city, was in the city tlte first of
the week making arrangements for
thc erection of a bouse preparatory
for the occupancy of his family in the
12 ft. linoleum Red Tag 37c-C.CS
T. J. Haas, accountant of the
Cranhrook Jobbers, has resigned his
position aud leaves Saturday for Spokane en route to California where ho
will spend Thanksgiving with relatives.
Stephens' mixed sweet and chow
pickles, on? gallon jars, $1-25 at
Ward and Harris.
Jos. Ryan was called to Alberta
this week to inspect and yd-, t on
some mining properties but encountered a fierce storm at Crows Nest
awl returned to await a more favorable opportunity.
One dollar a minute it's possible to
save    looking for   the  Red    Tag.—
c. c. s.
St. Andrew's day will be celebrated
by a -dance at Fort Steele to be held
on Friday, November 28th, 1013. Refreshments will he served in the Masonic hall. Dancing will start at
0 o'clock and music will be furnishes
by the Fort Steele orchestra. Tlte
patronesses arc Mrs. R. L. T. Galbraith, Mrs. T. T- McVittie, Mrs. F.
Illnmore and Mrs. A. B. Fenwick.
Large dry warehouse to rent, $8.00
per month.    Apply Herald offlee.
A delicious rich soap madejn one
minute from Symington's pen flour.—
Ira R. Manning.
Winter made a vigorous eltort On
Tuesday to push gentle autumn out oi,
place and usurp the right of way.
The first snow storm of trie season
fell on that day, but thc weather
continues mild, and weather prognostic. t..rs are predicting tbat we will
have open weather for several weeks
yet. Snow will assist the work in
the woods and will do no,harm.
(.'hildrens cutters and sleighs ot all
kinds at Finks.
On tl.e public school grounds at
noon last Thursday two hoys about
ten years of age, Allen Brown and
Chinese hoy, Him Hiitg, quarrelled
ami exchanged blows, the Chinese
boy, feeling that he was getting the.
worst of it, took out his pocket
knife, used it for a weapon, and stab-
tied young Brown twice in the arm
and hip. Tlu* wounds were not very
We ofler  our    pure bred Berkshire
hoar for sate, li! months old at $45;
also a lot of small pigs at $5-00 each
Inouire nt St. F.ugenc Mission. 46-H
One dollar a minute it's possible to
save looking (or thc Red Tag.—
C. C. S.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cameron have
returned from Q several weeks trip
throtifi'i Eastern Canada and tbe
United States. They visited Toronto, Montreal and New York and other large eastern centres. Tbey report
a very enjoyable time spent visiting
old familiar scenes in Ontario. Mr,
Cameron will resume his run as conductor on the C.P.R. within a tew
which a season ticket will be glv
to the lucky boy, The rctreshme
booth will be open also.
Less than half price means the Rt
Tag.-C. C. S.
Admitting that he too1* a l.cifH ti
longing to   Edward Luptun and sn
it, to tbe. P, Hums butcher store    i
Creston, but declaring that be     did
not know that  it    was not his ow
on account of the brand having      b
come    overgrown with     hair,   Co
River David, an   Indian, was suite
ced to two  mouths   in jail |>\  Jud
Porta yesterday.      The Indian asked
lor a speedy trial and pleaded gull
He    told    his  story through  J.
Uoodman, an educated Indian and souj
of the tribal chief who rules over the-
Indians in   Kootenay   flats.—Creston
Tbe Red Tag sale Saturday, 2 to K-
-c. c. s.
A three-cornered contest is promised in the Islands by-election to take
place on December 6th. Today Capt.
Maude, who was defeated at tho, Conservative nominating convention, announced be would Ih* an independent
candidate. , The Liberals, at a meeting held at Ganges Harbor, selected Alex. Hamilton of Pender Island as their candidate, W. W. Foster, the duly authorized Conservative
candidate, is carrying on an active
campaign in the constituency.
The Red Tag sale Saturday, 2 t„ 8.
-C. 0. s.
One of the first larrr dances 0I Unreason is scheduled to be ludd al the
Auditorium on next Monday ovcnlng,
November 24th, fn aid <f Sit. Mary's
school. Music will lie furnished) by
the Cranhrook orchestra. Supper
will be served al 21k. The following
ladicsiarc thc patronesses of the ball:
Mrs. H. H. Bourne, Mrs. A. L. McDermot, Mrs. Wm. Greaves, Mrs. T.
C. Armstrong, Mrs. T. Drummond,
Mrs. L. Doolan, Mrs. J. Mackcy. The
trustees of the new school find Ihey
are short a small amount for tin*
completion of the building and are
taking this means,o. raising the necessary amount. They promise all
who attend a good time.
Find the  Red
goods— C. C. S.
Tag and take    th.
A new edition of a series of font-
maps covering the Dominion railway
belt in the province of Hritish Columbia is now being issued from the
railway lands branch of the department of the interior at Ottawa. This
set of maps, the Kamloops and
Lytton and the Sicnmous sheets of
which are at present available for
distribution, shows in a most graphic
way the land sit ulion t, h vm recent date, and the standing of each
quarter-section, according to the records of tl.e department at thnt
date. Copies of the i.li.'etfi mi'md
may be obtain, d free of charge upon
application to F. C, C. Lynch, superintendent of railway lands, department of the interior, Ottawa.
Less than hall price means the
Tag.—C. C. S.
Jas. Milne and W. J. Nicoll lelt tin)
first of the week on a hunting expedition in the -Gold Creek country.
It is reported that they too't cnoufl'i
provisions to last for six weeks but
Dayton and Toledo scales for sale'are expected home hungry by the
at Fink Mercantile Co. end ol tlie week.
Find the Red Tag.-C. C. S. 12 It. linoleum Red Tag 37c.-C-C.S
Mr. and Mrs. David ttnlnl havo six tins Green Gage plums lor
moved into tbeir new residence re- M.00, Saturday and Monday.—lra R.
eeirtly erected on Lumede* avenue.
One dollar a minute It's possible to
Save looking lor the Red Tag.—
C. C. S.
.loe Mukis, a Slav section foreman
at Kager, was arrested and brought
to this city for trial on a charge of
theft and appeared before Magistrate
Ryan last Saturday morning. There
was no evidence connecting him with
the crime for which lie was arrested
and he was dismissed on that
charge. However, when arrested an
automatic -revolver and two loaded
chambers were found on him He
claimed tifet be lived in a lonely
place and sometimes carried sums' of
money on his person. Magistrate
Ryan assessed a lino of $00.00 lor
carrying concealed weapons ant! stated that he was forced to report to
the attorney general every ease that
came to his notice ol foreigners carrying weapons
One dollar a minute it's possible lo
save looking lor the Red Tag —
C. C. S.
Marie Dattola, the Italian woman
over whom the murder was committed at Rampart last September,
and who has been hold in the city
jail here since, awaltin i un order for
her deportation, tried to commit
suicide last Monday by cutting herself with a pair nf scissors. Shi
was takeb to the St. Eugene hospital, but, as the self-inflicted wounds
A subscriber who comes in these' were not dangerous sire was sent to
days and pays the printer, Is blessed,! Nelson, where she now occupies a
and in tho kingdom to come he will cell within a lew feet of the man
be given a place a little higher than who is sentenced to hang January
the house will be too good lor him. 8th because of a quarrel over her,
ten at the top of tlte column next to
thc reading matter and nothing in
tne house will lie too good lor Mm.
He will get comps to all the harp recitals awl have n reserved seat beside the editors, while all the delinquent subscribers will have to carry Harris,
water lor the performers and sit up
in the rriUcry.—Ex.
A Sale of Coats and Suits
===== =====
That Means Dollars to You
This special sale of these carmorits, coming at
this time of the year, just when you neiil the
goods, is worthy of your direful inspection.
Yon can easily see for yourself that these valine
are very much out of the ordinary.
We conltl not begin to give you even a small
description aaf.the gam ents: we want it understood that these B[H'cial prizes npply to
Every Coat and Suit in Women's    .
and Children's in Stock ri
Following is a small idea of tlie prices, but      *
you will  liave to see these garments tat realize
what tliey mean.
tJaVOO fur $38.00
85.00      " 211.60
.10.00      '• 21.50
25.00      " 20.00
$11.00 for $4.75... $4.50 for $8.60    $3.76 for 13.00
for    $24.50
"       1S.00
18 50
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
The board ot srluiail trustees have
decided In ask for suggestions Ian
names for the public nnd south ward
schools. The selection is open to
everybody, to use tlieir own judgment as to fitness ol names suggested. The person proposing the name
decided upon, as the most nt, will
have laho pleasure ol christening the
school at a public (unction early
next year.
Suggestions should he handed ty
Uie secretary, K. II. Mol'hee, with
the name nf the sponsor before December nii, mis.
Summers Company at
Oeo. II. Summers and company
liave lieen showing at the Auditorium
this week in a repertoire of interesting plays. Monday they produced
"Thc House Next Door" and on
Tuesday, "The Great -lohn tlanton."
Both plays were well produced and
pleased the large audiences. Last
night "Tbe Moss" proved the best
of the week so far. This drama is
one 0f the up-to-date problem plays
on tbe quest ion-, between capital and
labor from a political standpoint and
brought out the* best talents ol an
unusually gond company. Mr. Summers was seen in the title role, a
character he made live strong, loree-
ftll and full of heart interest, before
bis spellbound hearers. Harold Vos-
heig, nn James I). Oriswold, a contractor, and 13dward R. Tlsnc, as
Donald Oriswold, tlte son, and Orace
Whitcher, as Emily Oriswold, tlie
daughter, and wife of "The lloss,'
termed a strong supporting cast
Other members of the cast were: ('.
K. Harris, Kugene Lane, Louts C'ro-
Morante, The company is an excep-
litis, ("has. WhiU-hoiisi* and Milburn
t-lonally well balanced one and will
nr doubt draw increasingly larger
houses for the balance of tho week
during which they announce heavy
hills such as "Harriers Burned
Away," "The Family" and "Tho
Oold Mine."
A white British Columbia is   being     WANTED.*—.lob looking niter   lur-
ngitated loi   by a special committee  nan* or   beating    apparatus, Creese,
of,the Progress Club of Vancouver
A mass meeting fo soon to Ire held
and it is expected representations
will he made both to tin* provincial
and dominion governnients, stronglv
urging the exclusion of Asiatics. Attention will be called to the tact that
about eighty thousand Orientals hav,
come tn British Columbia this year
2>- per word fur tlrst ».*#k.an>l tape
Hula!   fail    ptll   1,     A-.-K   ,lft.-f
Mandoline and ffjltar (or sale, together or separately, almost new-
Box A.B.C., Herald office. «-3t«
Find the Red Tag and take the
goods.—C. C. S.
Woman wants private day work or
offices to clean—Mrs. Herntman, gen*
eral  delivery. 47-lt'
Corner tot IR in block 8o,(or sale
by Beak* and Klwell for $350.00;
close to government office. 47-lt
Find the Red Tag and take ttc
goods —C, C. S.
W. It. Beatty is platting a piece of
ground south of town into ow acre
tracts which he will sell at reasonable prices and easy terms. This is
very desirable property and .-> only
twenty minutes walk Irom "be post
office. IT
Find tbe Red Tag ..nd laki the
goods —C. C. S.
Christ Church [.adies Ouild will
hold a sale of work, home made cookery and candies in the Carmen's hall
on Saturday, November 29th, at 3
o'clock. Tea will lit* served. This
is a g»M»d opportunity t<- purchase
Xmas gifts 1T-!t
Find the Red Tiie ami take the
goods.—C. c. s.
FOR RENT.—Five-roomed cottage.
warm house,     in good condition, *lfc
month      Apply Box  163. l*
Box sin, Cranbrook it-h*
Less than half price means the Red
Tag —C   c, s.
\\ VNTEI).—To bay a good secondhand cutter. Apply Herald or pbuoi
101. 17
First-cla>s democrat lor sale,
eheaj).     Apply Herald. 3t-»
FOR SALE.—Complete set of
Encyclopedia Brittanica, Apply P,
O. Box 54. city. ( 4L-tl
WANTED -Roomers and tutarders,
terms moderate. All kinds (,i needlt*^
work done Apph IV it Box «77,
city. 17-lt'
Ix-ss than half price m ans (he Red
Tag.-C. C. S.
Set of democrat harness for sale
almost new.     Apply Heratd. 34"
The '"ranbrook Orchestra having
lelt the Kdison Theatre, is open at
all times for engagewnts for dances,
dinners, socials, etc.; any number of
pieces Address Cranbrook "rehes-
tra, 1' 'i. Box »'<'' -Mr< Arnold
Wallinger ll-lf
Oood   wintering tor    horses  and
cattle to 1* had at tbe Ward Rancbe,
-Jerome.        Plenty <>f   baj and grass.
Apply    Oarhuu Bros,     Rov 780,
Cranbrook. !8-3t«
FDR RENT.—Stable f<<r two
horses, large hay loll and oat bin
with electric light; verj warm, 12.50
per motitli      Apply Herald office. 45
Kicelj furnished rooms to let, cen-
trally situated in modern house; next
to Ur   Kinii\ Armstrong Ave.  I5.4t
LANDS—Ten acre tracts close to
market, fort, sold; still good choice;
only lft Of. to tSfi.OO pel acre; $10
monthly; no Interest.—Write Columbia River Orchards. Limited, S'Hson,
B.C. IMt'
■4-     -
Room to   rent;   modern hoase.—F.
D>. Thompson, phone -163. 47-11*
Try a pound of   Raxawa tea, 85c,
50c. and BOc.  per lb. at Ward      and
Preserving    quinces    and   Tolman
met applts.-lra U. Manning.
Post Office Reports for
Following was lhe oiiioiml of Imsi-
nrss at tho Cranbrook post office fan-
the month of October, 1913:
Total   uniount      ol   money
orders issued  I21228.II7
Tolal    amount     of   money
aaraleis paid 	
Taaisil amount ol posial noies
Total amount of postal notes
Stamp sale 	
71115. IS
A St. Andrew's dunce will lie    held
at Port Steele on Friday, November
2»th.    Tickets on sale nl the Healtie
I Murphy Druj. store. 4»-2t
Mines of Hritish Columbia durinR
1913 will al least equal, if ihey do
not surpass, the output ol lasl year,
which was tlie ra-cord mineral yield.in
the history of the province. This is
according to Mr. W, Flea-i Robinson,
provincial mineralogist. Although
placer gold production has been declining steadily for nearly forty
years, Mie production of lode mines
has lien steadily, increasing
Sleighs and Cutters
Also Robes, Bells. Blankets, Etc.
G3B ll
Scene from 11ml greal   English comedy
■The  Gold  Mine,"   at the Andi-torium Friday night hy CJeo. H. Summers and company.
(From the Dry tloods Review),
The big departmental stores     continue to extend their interests in   or
control of tlte daily newspapers      In
Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg.     A
targo interest     in, il not the Control
of, another Toronto daily lias      just
been acquired,     This makes      three
dailies in Toronto in   which      these
mail order houses are financially    interested.     In     Montreal it came out
in legal proceedings recently that one
of the oldest daily papers there passed sume months agn   into the hands
of the  cliief    owner of a rising mail
order house which aims to monopoU'/e
tin* trade In Eastern   Canada. Then-
are now nine    dailies    in Toronto,
Montreal and Winnipeg, whicli      are
known to be owned, or controlled hy,
thc big store and   financial Interests,
and while posing as the mediums    of
puhlic opinion are the organs of llie.si,
Interests.    The trade of these houses
has grown enormously in these cities
where these dailies circulate, but    in
the oilier   cities and smaller    places
where there are good   local newspapers, they have  not made the      same
gains,   because the   local newspapers
are well edited and are loyal to their
local merchants and     refuse to carry
llie advertising of the big city store.
The only way in which the trig dailies
can make headway fo by cutting their
prices.     They get $3 to $5 a year in
Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg,   huft
sell in other cities at 50c. to $1
year.       This    does   not pay for tlio
while paper on which these newspa]
ers are printed, but the heavy deficit
are made up hy subsidies through hi
advertising    contracts    and in othe-j/
ways, nnd by the    low postal rat
The merchants and newspapers    oi
side of these three hifi centres should
get together and insist that no newspaper should have the privilege of tlie
mails which 1ms a lower subscription
price outside   than in   the center    in
winch ft is published or whieh       sells
at less Mian     Nn*   eosl  of the paper
(From the Survey).
The "honor system" of using convicts for wort on roads, successfully
begun by Colorado, extensively adopted by Oregon and recently tried in
Washington state, has just had its
firsl test farther cast,
In Illinois nne day in September
forty - live prisoners, including murderers, forgers, hold-up men, thieves.
and other varieties of offenders, went
mil from .foliet penitentiary. By
day they work "like human beings"
under n superintendent!; at night they
live practically unguarded in a camp
over which (lies a banner with the
signitieent name "Camp Hope."
"Make good, fellows." called the UOO
who remained behind; "for Cod's
sake make good and help its all to
gel out into the sunshine again."
The Illinois test will tie watched
by other states, nnd particularly no
doubt hy Wisconsin, where the plan is
goon to be tried, and in Florida,
where it is coming to general attention.
"We'll just eat up that work on
Monday," exclaimed one of the men,
as the open air and fresh confidence
kindled his enthusiasm and vitality
Incidents have lieen reported which
aro significant as showing the temper of this honor squad. A newspaper
pbotographrr hurrying into Dixon
to mail a batch of photographs, left
his coal at Camp Hope. He had intended to return, but did not- His
coat lay in an exposed place and
hurglar who had heen sent up for fifteen years took it to Captain Kit.)
an and handed it to him remarking:
"Some fellow left his perfectly good
coal here captain, and 1 think
had better take care of it. There's
so many outsiders coming in." A
watch and $211 hill were in the pock
Tbis Y.M.C.A. team defaulted to
the Y.M.O. team, somo members ol
thc lormer heing train hands, were on
the road and it was Impossible to get
up a team. A scratch team was
picked to play the Y.M.O, team aud
that club won' hy a score ol 27 goals
to 21.
The standing ail the league to date
is as follows!
Hankers  1
Y.M.C 1
Hlg Five.  So games played.
Thistles  (I
Y.M.O. i 0
Official umpire— A. Mlrams.
OhVial rcferco-W. Hopkins.
I .last
Advance Showing
The Red Tag salt- Saturday,
-c. o. s.
: lo s.
"Goethe as a prophet," is the subject of interesting comment recently
by Kditor Norman Hapgood of Harper's Weekly, in connection with the
approaching completion ol thc Panama Canal. When this big - ditch
project was first, suggested hy Humboldt in 1820, the divine poet, was
enthusiastic.    He then said:
"1 should wonder if the United
States were to let an opportunity
escape of gelling such a work into
their own hands. It may be lor
seen that this young State, with its
decided predilection to the west, will
in thirty or forty years, have occupied aud peopled tlie large tract of
land beyond the Rocky .Mountains. It
may, furthermore, lie foreseen that
along the whole coast of the Pacific
ocean, where nature has already form1
ed the most capacious and secure
harbors, important commercial
towns will gradually arise, for the
furtherance of a great Intercourse between China and the Kast Indies and
the I'nited States. In such a case,
il would not only be ibsirable, but
almost necessary, tbat a more rapid
communication should be maintained
between the eastern and western
shores ol North America, both by
merchant ships anil men-of-war, than
bas hitherto been possible with the
tedious, disagreeable, and expensive
voyage around Cape Horn."
EMI tor Hapgood suggests that
"perhaps'' in liis conversations
"somewhere" Co, tlie predicted the
establishing of a Chinese republic in
lhe twentieth eentury. This is lie-
side the mark. The Headlight
would respectfully submit, however,
thai Goethe must have had a prophetic vision regarding the theatrical
stage whin, in the prelude to Faust,
he made Mr. Merryman advise the
Dramatic poel as follows:
G-lve in your play the life we witness
The  life  that   all   men lead but few
men notice.
Vet    whieh    will   please   ('tis very
strange, hut so 'tis).
Glimmers of truth—calm sentiments—
smart strictures, ,
Actors In   hustle—elouds   ol   moving
pictures.—The Headlight.
A fishwife entered a tramcar, says
the Scottish American, and thought
she recognized another passenger as
an acquaintance- Accordingly, sho
bent forward, and with an ingratiating smile said: "That's me, isn't? I
hardly kent ye."
"Aye, that's me," replied the other, "and that's you, isn't it? How
arc yc?"
"Oh, A'm nae that bad," was
After this, silence ensued, and
first s|H'aker, on further scrutiny
came convinced that the woman
posite was not an acquaintance
all. Again she bent forward, and
with an apologetic smirk, remarked:
"Hut that's nae vc at all!"
"Nae," replied thc other. "It's
nae nane o1 us!"
, tie-
'I'hc lied Tag sale Saturday, 2 to 8.
-C.C.S. lt
♦ >
There will be—
with the Red Tag attached Saturday,
from 2 to 8.-C. C. S.
Veterans ol the stirring gold rush
days of Nome, Fairbanks, Dawson,
Circle City and other lamous camps
in tlie I'nited States and Canada are
foregathering in Kdmonton for what
old-timers say will be thc greatest
mining .stampede in tlu; history ol
the west. Anions the pioneers of
the north country here arc Charlie
Bunn, "Doc" Kelly and "Dig Tom'
Chisholm, known Irom the Arctic to
Mexico.       Others   are on   the way.
Swiltwutcr Dill" Oates, whose exploits in Alaska and thc Yukon represent a dozen fortunes, is coming
from Peru, where lie has vast gold
holdings. Advices have beeru received that prospectors from northwestern and southern camps will he here
in time to join the rush, which is
scheduled for early in .lanuary, or as
soon as thc rivers freeze to permit
going norlh with dog teams.
There will be—
Beds    •
with thc Red Tag attached Saturday,
from 2 to 8.—C. C. S.
i >
Earn $15 to $35 Weekly
The demand for Trained Nurses
is ever increasing and Doctors will
not assume responsibility without a
Trained Nurse. The HOME STUDY
COURSE in Nursing which the Rochester Nurses Institute gives students
appeals to thousands. Their graduates
command from (15.00 to $35.00 weekly. Tho Rochester Nurses Institute
will thoroughly train any one irom
eighteen years to sixty, and give Dip-
loma when Course is completed
Write today lor Free Booklet.
Rochester Nurses Institute
508 Institute   Bldg., Rochester, N.Y.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.3(1 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday hcIioo)
(rom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ot obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at fi a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I,
*— 1	
Rev. W. E, .Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject; "Helpfulness as a
Kvening subject: "Forced Uurd-Jus
An invitation is extended to all to
attend thc above services.
ADVANCE showing of the newest novelties suitable for presents
for your relatives and iriends at home.
We have just received by express, direct from the manufacturers, a large assortment of the very latest ideas in both WOMEN'S
Both of these departments are filled to the overflowing point with
the most beautiful goods we have ever had the pleasure of showing.
Our prices, we think, will compare with the large stores in the large
cities, and our goods are guaranteed to give satisfaction or your money
will be returned or goods exchanged.
You are fully protected against loss and you have the opportunity
of knowing the goods are satisfactory in every respect before paying tor
Large dry basement to rent, 100x20
feet, $5.00 per month. Apply Herald
A decrease of nearly a million dollars hi the customs revenue for October serves to emphasize the advice
given hy prominent financiers that
this is not a time for plunging, and
that new ventures should be carefully
thought out before commitments of
capital are made.
Cue nf the chief causes of the falling off in imports is lessening work
Upon public works. Daring thc recent great activity in the construction tif railways, civic public works,
huge office buildings, and other structures, enormous quantities of supplies have lieen imported on which
large sums of duty were paid. The
slackening in importations indicates
that many of these great works are
approaching completion, and that the
men employed on them are being forced to find work io do.
Everything possible should be done
hy public and private action to direct 'this surplus labor toi* productive
occuggtion upon the land- The opening of the market ol ■•Mft United
States to Canadian cattle, milk and
other foodstuffs should enable hundreds of thousands of men and women to find profitable employment on
tlw farms of Ontario, Quebec and the
Maritime Provinces. A "Hack to tho
Land" campaign is almost as much
needed on Ihis side of tho Atlantic
as in Britain."—Toronto ciohc.
Tho Red Tag sale Saturday, 2 lo 8.
-c, c. s.
Thc opening game ol thc Pasket
Hall [.c-aguc ol the Young Men's Club
took place in the gymnasium ol tne
club last Monday evening when the
Hankers and the Thistles clashed, the
former captained by A. Ashworth,
the latter by *'as. llrecldn.
The Hankers were lu better shape
as a team and won a decisive victory
the final score being , Hankers, 2
goals; Thistles, 13 goals.
The score docs not however (live an
Index of the game, for from start to
finish every point was hotly contest*
cd. At times the game was a little
rough, hut Referee Hopkins handed
out thc penalties pretty freely, holding tlie boys well fn check.
The next meeting of these teams
promises to be interesting for tlio
Thistles nre out to regain their lost
Summary of the game:
Brechin—Center  9
Total  13
Shatford—Forward  4
Ashworth—Crater 13
Mclllwaine—Forward 12
McK wen—Guard	
Total .
Rev. O. K. Kendall, pastor.
Morning     worship,    11.00k. Topic:
The Grief of the Holy Spirit."
Sunday School, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Evening worship, 7.30k. Topic:
'When a Man is Castaway."
"Come thou with us and we will
do thee good."
Pastor, W. K. Thomson.
Morning service, ll a.m. Subject:
The Parables of Our Ix>rd—"Tlie
Blade, the   Ear and the Full Corn."
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Kvening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
The Unfinished Tasks."
Anthem, selected.
Everybody will be welcome. Come!
Come! Come!
Mid-week service Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Elmer O. Brewer ami Miss Kittie
IIolMnrh, both of Fort Steele,
wero quietly married at the Methodist'parsonage, on Wednesday afternoon, November 12th, Rev. W. E.
Dunham officiating. Mr. and Mrs
Brewer will reside at Kort Steele.
Canadians consume one hundred
million cigarettes per month. During
three months the consumption was
lour packaga's [or every man, woman
and child in the Dominion. That somo
women anal children are claiming
tfr.oir share is the disturbing feature.
. , ■
There will he-
with the Real Tag attached Saturday,
Irom 2 to 8.-C. C. S.
' 1	
When a woman can't start trouble
any other way she begins to talk
about the days when she was single
and liaial a goaatl time.
Lots of 11 tot! people are only
way on tho Installment plan.
Sometimes a, man would rather go
to jail with ilia' shorHl than go to
church wilh bis wife.
There Isn't nny difference between
the love Idlers aaf a wise man anil a
The Pool Killer isn't attending t0
his job. A New York man wants a
divorce because his wilai hasn't spoken to him in nine vears.
If you want     P.O. Box 137
Phone 485
and your order will
receive prompt
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Half an Acre of Land
and 3-room Plastered House
Imperial Bank ol Canada
AH property fenced. Lawn
and wood shed. Situation
just beyond the Power Hovrse.
No Man's Collar
is comfortable if it doesn't lit
perfectly. Neither is the collar worn by yonr horse. We
have been called the "horse's
merchant tailor" because we
are so particular about the fit
of the harness we sell. The
better you treat your horse
the better he will treat you.
Get his harness here.
W. N. Park & Co.
on the
Keep in miml the tact that each
drink ol Liquor yon take only
creates nerve demand for
., larger ilrinia and
more of them
In THREE DAYS yon will lie
Peifcctly Cured ol the Drink
Habit »nd all thoae aymptonu
which «ecm to require liquor»«
" medicine" will dliappesr.
D. R. WILKIE. President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   M'mioipalities,    Merchants *
Farmers and Private Individual) invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT —Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch*, il. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.   |
Royal Hotel
Well Furnished, Steam Heated Rooms
Everything New, Clean and Bright
Best of Service and Cuisine In our Dining Room
Only White Help Employed
Large, Spacious Parlors and Comfortable Rest
Rooms for Ladles
All the Comforts of Home.   Family Trade Given
Special Attention
Billiard Room
Cranbrook,       -       -       B. C.
The Home Bakery
Robert Fbahi, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbu-y Ave.      Opp. City Hsll
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Mary
Emily Lees, ol Cranhrook, H.C., married women, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east corner ol Lot 0104,
O.l., thenco south twenty (30)
chains; thence west, twenty (20)
chains; thenco north twenty (20);
chains; - thence mist twenty (20)
chains to point r,l commencement,
containing lorhy ;•'(»; acres, more, or
Mnry Emily Lees, Applies
per Wm. 11. Moss, Agent.
Dated October lflth, 1913.      16-51'
To Rent—Large Fireproof base,
ment, ao x ioo ft., $7.00 per
month.- Apply Herald Ollice.
warehouse' with Irost proof basement and electric light; very large
dry.      Apply Boi 9, Heraid.     10-tl
ol light bob  sleighs lor sale
Apply Ikrald. Ut-*
Cranbrook I.nnd District.
TAKE NOTICE that Stewart
Morris, ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Surveyor's Assistant, intends
to apply tor permission to purchase
the lollowlng described lands;
Commencing at a post planted lorty chains cast and twenty chains
south ot the south east corner ol
Lot 0070, Oroup One, Kootenay District; thence, south sixty chains;
thenco east twenty chains; thence
north sixty chains; thence west
twenty chains to point ol coinmeuctr-
ment, containing one hundred iiikI
twenty acres, more or les.
Stewart Morris.
William II. Moss, Agent.
Dated September 13th, 11113.   41-10
Cranbrook Land District.
TAKE NOTICE that Harriet C.
Miller, ot Rossland, B.C., married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the lollowlng des-
tribed land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north east comer ol Lot 9070,
Oroup One, Kootenay District; thence
east lorty chains; thence south twenty ohalns; thence west lorty chains;
thence north twenty chains to point
ol commencement snd containing
eighty acres, be the same more or
Harriet Caroline Miller.
Wm. H. Hobs, Agent.
Dated Ssptwnbst JOth, 1013. 41-10


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