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Cranbrook Herald Mar 16, 1916

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Nearly Forty Yenrs with the Salvation  Army  and  Hag  Seen
Service In Many Quarters of the Globe.
Commissioner Sowton, tiie first head
of tlio newly created Western Canada
Division of the Halvatlon Army, was
exlendod a cordial welcome to cranbrook at a public mooting In tho
Presbyterian Church Wednesday night,
and delivered an unusually interesting
uddress on his work with the Salvation Army. The chair was occupied
by Uev. W. K. Thomson in tlie absence
uf Mr. Harshaw from the city and with
him on the platform were Hev. T. Key-
worth, Hev. Stevens, Capt. Kerr of
Cranhrook, and Capt, Cox of Fernie.
Tlie Commissioner Is a fluent and
pleasant speaker to whom It Is a
pleasure to listen, and ills experiences
huve been so varied and far-reaching
that he has much to tell.
Commissioner Sowton is a native of
London, England, and has been associated wtth the Salvation Army for
nearly forty years. He has been an
officer for 32 years, and connected with
the administrative work of the organization for the last 1.7 years.
His first foreign experience was In
Norway where he spent four years,
going from there to Denmark, and
then on to Sweden. He also spent
seven years in'the United States in
charge of the Scandinavian work In
that country and was in India for six
or sev 'ii years before coining to Cauada.
j Tbe Halvatlon Army bus branches In
; 60 different countrieu und colonies,
I und recognizes tlie rlgnts of women as
' being equal to men. Woman suffrage,
j said tho Commissioner, has always
been recognized by the Salvation
I Army.
i Commissioner Sowton was sont to
Norway nine months aftor the Salvation Army was first started In that
country and because of the misunderstanding of the objects of the Army
there was much persecution of the
Army officials. It Is known aB the
land of the mid-night sun, and for
three and a half months In the summer the sun never disappears, there
being continuous daylight for the full
twenty-four hours. In the winter it
Is just the opposite, there being continuous darkness for the twenty-four
hours. During his stay ln the Scandinavian countries he mastered their
languages and with his experience tn
India learning the native languages
has become quite a linguist
A vote of thanks was tendered to
Commissioner Sowton at the conclusion of his address.
Nine Recruits Taken on for the  225th  During  the  Week —
Several Well Known Local Men.
Recruiting locally for the 225th has
provided a total of nine recruits during tlie last week. Adjutant Barnes
was here yesterday and stated that
uniforms hod been shipped from Ottawa direct to Ferule, ami should or-
rl%e and be ready for distribution in
two week's timo. The wearing of the
uniforms by those already enlisted
Bhould prove a grea. stimulant to recruiting and will certainly be appreciated by the men themselves, some of
whom have been ull winter in training
without uniforms, having to purchase
their own clothing during that time.
The appointment of the paymaster
of the Battalion lias been made at tlie
military headquarters at the Coast,
and It is expected lie will arrive
.Among the recruits taken on during the week is Alex. Williamson,
book-keeper of the King Lumber Co.,
who will go as   quartermaster   ser
geant. Mr. Williamson has been with
the King Lumber Co. for several years
past In the capacity of travelling
salesman and book-keeper. He enlisted previously with the 54th but owing to an Injury to. hli foot was .rendered unfit for drilling and was granted hla discharge. Another well known
local man ls P. E. Snook, wbo will act
as company tailor. The following are
the recruits taken on the last week:
Alex. Williamson, single, Scotch, bookkeeper.
G. DreBsl, single Italian, lumberman.
John Johnson, single, Canadian, miner
P. E. Snook, married, English .tailor,
John Olson single Norwegian, laborer,
V, S. Llddlcoatt,   married,   Canadian,
W. Brown, married, English, plumber,
(lust    Peterson,    married,    Swedish,
Angus McDonald,   single,   Canadian,
A. 11. Smith says Farmers' Institute
Convention was I'nanlmous In
t«ood Opinion uf B, V* tier.
Wept ol Agriculture.
Mr. A. U. Smith returned yesterday
from Victoria where he attended tiie
Annual Central Farmers' Institute or
B, C, as a delegate from the local
Fanners' Institute. One feature of the
Convention which appealed to Mr.
Smith was the remarkable absence of
drunkenness among the delegates in
attendance, not one being under the
Influence of liquor during the convention. This is much different to what
it was a few years ago, says Mr. Smith.
Tlie outstanding feature of the convention was the very live interest
evinced by the delegates, and the thorough way in which most of those who
spoke on the various resolutions
brought up had prepared tlieir contribution. Tbe chairman was complimentary enough to say that In this
Farmers* Institute Are Convinced of Wisdom of This Stop and
Decide to go Ahead—Good   Papers hy
Mr. Nentel and Mr. Watts.
The regular monthly meeting of tho tion under Part 2 of the Agricultural
cranbrook   Farmers'   Institute    was Act, and that the first duty this Instl-
held on Saturday last In the City Hall Ju* ^^^^.^""i"6! to_?erf?fm
at 2.30 p.m., 20 members being pres
Is to make provision for a Co-operative
Trading Co., as provided for under the
cut.   Considering the remarkably bad Bai-j Act."
state of the roads due to the sudden I The following committee was then
thaw this was a very good attendance, appointed: Mr. A. Neuze], chairman;
Pres. B. Palmer waB in the chair. j Messrs. W. B. Bardgett, A. B. Smith,
The minutes of the last regular Oeo. Arnold, A. E. Watts, John Mlt-
monthly meeting wcre adopted, and ac- chell, H. H. McClure, A. 0. James,
counts passed for payment. ! D. F. Starltt, and the President aud
Letters were read trom W. E. Scott, <■ Secretary, ex officio.
Esq., and Hon. T. Caven, M.P.P., with j    It was further provided that meet-
respect It was the most alive and up- reference to tlte question of adequate lugs of the Committee should be call-
to-the-minute convention over which  weed inspection, the termer promising
he had yet had the privilege of presiding.
' One of the most pleasant things in
connection with the meeting v.;a  llie :
united  heartiness   with   whicli   every
to get the Noxious Weed Inspector to
pay as much attention as possible to
this district during thc e-.inlng season,
: nd tl e latter stating that he would do
his utmost when at the Coast to get a
delegate declared his opiniou on the [local man appointed to uct In conjunc-
ablllty and  fitness of Mr. Scott for ; tlon with the Weed Inspector,
the position he holds as Superintend- j    A letter waa also read from R. M.
ent of Institutes.    He has a capahle   Winslow,   Provincial   Horticulturist,
grasp of the problems confronting stating that Mr. M. S. Mlddleton, the j other Government on the North Amer-
him as Deputy-Minister of Agriculture Assistant Horticulturist for this Pis- .lean continent. This address led to a
and an enthusiastic desire to do all In   trlct was likely tu enlist for Overseas brisk discussion. ,
ed by the Secretary on the request of
any two members. The committee will
hold Its first meeting on Saturday.
An extremely Interesting und Informative address on "Government
Financial Assistance to Farmers" waB
then given by Mr. A. E. Watts, In thc
course of which he pointed out that
our Government of B. C. Is further
advanced   in   this   matter  than   any
service shortly, but tlmt he hoped to
bc able to meet the request of this
Institute for a Pruning School,
The Secretary was    Instructed    to
open a subscription list for the benefit
his power to forward the farmers'
case. This Is accompanied by a
plainness of manner that to the shyest stranger betrays a common meeting ground and a sympathetic hear-.
Ing for his case, no matter what Its of the family of Mr. Sorei> Johnson, a
object; that taken together cannot [member of the Farmers' Institute. Mr.
fall to be an Incalculable asset not | Johnson Is at present ln the hospital
only to the government Wit also to j undergoing a serious operation, and
the agriculturists of the province. In has a large family of small children
their efforts to oblige and inform all; who are sadly in need of assistance.
Inquirers, the officials In charge of. Contributions of money or food for
every branch of agriculture apparently the benefit of the family will be gladly
were always ready to lay aside at received either by Mr. I. Bassett, or
any time their work and go into any Mr. C. M. Ormston at tlie Government
matter brought up. f*n Saturday, the Building, or at tho Herald Offlce, and
day following the close of the conven-; will bc acknowledged In this paper,
tlon, tbey wer« overrun with farmers Mr. A. Nenzel then gave a brief ad*
In their ot^-ices and practically gave dress on the subject of "Mixed Farm-
up tint* day to them .IrJuding Mr. lug . whicli was followed by an Inter-
Scott,ilwnoucid himself open to any  eating and lively .dJa&usslon.
delegates desiring to sec him throughout the day.
Points from his address appear In
another column In this Issue.
Before giving his uddress, Mr. A. E.
Watts moved the following resolution
which was carried unanimously: "That
a Committee be elected by this Institute with power to proceed with the
formation of a Co-operative Associa
te publish this Instructive paper
elsewhere In this Issue.
The meeting then unanimously carried this resolution: "That the Secretary is hereby instructed to proceed
In the matter of obtaining subscribers to the application to the Minister
of Agriculture for the formation of un
Agricultural Association under Part 2
of the Agricultural Act, and that the
Co-operative Committee already appointed bc requested to work la unison
with the Secretary In this matter, and
that tho Secretary correspond with the
neighboring Farmers' Institutes with
a view to securing tbeir co-operation."
Mr. A, E. Watts was unanimously
Invited to give a further address at
tbe next meeting of the Institute.
The meeting then adjourned.
The next regular monthly meeting
of the Fanners* Institute wlll be held
on Saturday, April 8th, when Mr. A.
Nenzel will continue his address on
Mixed Farming, Mr. A. E. Watts will
give a further address on Co-operation
and Mr. A. B. Smith will present his
report of the Annual Convention of
Farmers' Institutes.
Elkh Conservative Association Oppose
■ hefi-M'i'diiin Union Principle of
Compensation is promised.
(From our Klko correspondent)
At a special meeting of the Elko
Conservative Association on the 10th
of March called for the express purpose of discussing the Press reports
of our Prime Minister the Hon. W. J.
Bowser, that he had stated to a delegation from the prohibition people's
parly, that It Is the Intention of his
Government to draw a statute along
the lines of tlie Alberta and Saskatchewan   Legislation being  banded out
In our boasted white B, C; nnd whereas these hoteluien have pnid their
Government demands for the year ism
they should be allowed to carry on
their business as In the pust, and due
notice given them of any change thai
might tuke place In 1917; and that
this AasoclaUon advocates that under
uo circumstances should the Referendum bo submitted unless In case tbe
result should be In favor of Prohibition lt would make adequate provision
for reasonable compensation, and that
we stand to a man to protect the
rights of these people who have met
the demands of tlte Government.
The Elko Conservative Association,
Fred Uoo, Secy.-Treus,
of men  required to bring the 225th
io full strength.—Colonist.
Lumbermen of the Wlstrlct Very Optimistic About the Future   Sleeks
Need Replenishing.
A meeting of the lumbermen of the
district was held in Cranbrook n
Thursday last to amiss matters nt loway and will employ when the camp
common interest. Everyone seemed ,s running full swing 100 men. On the
to be optimistic about the future and stj>rt the CftmP wilt "tart with about
expressed the hope that the weather
would permit of the opening of the
sawmills by April 1 or sooner.   The
Staples of tlie Staples   Lumber company.
Tiie Crows Nest Pass Lumber company of Wardner will soon open a
Ipggtng camp near Caithness and Gal*
LtCol. Mackay, c. o. of the 107th
Regiment, vho recently received authority to raise the 225th Battalion,
C.E.F., In thu Kootenay district, arrived In Victoria yesterday to consult
with Col. A, T. Ogllvlo, the D.O.C.
He was accompanied by Capt. H. E.
Barnes, his adjutant.
They had un Interview with the D.
O.C. with respect to the preliminary
details in connection with tho enlistment of the new Interior British Co-
' lumbiu unit. It Is understood that It
Will be mobilized at Fernie, which Ib
the headquarters of the 107th Regiment, and that there will be no delay
In mustering those who have volunteered in the different sections of the
* Col. Mackay does not   anticipate
any difficulty ln securing tba
To be Held In Craabrook for Four
Bays Commencing March ft.
Mr. M. S. Mlddleton has notified tlie
Secretary of the Farmers' Institute
that he wltl arrive in Crunbrook on
March 27th, and wlll -conduct a Pruning School from tbe morning ot Tuesday, March 28th, til, the morning or
Saturday, April Ut.
This Pruning School Is only open to
members of the Farmers' Institute, so
that those wishing to participate must
become members, If they havc not already done so.
All those deslrloim of benefitting
from Mr. Middle-ton's expert tuition
must pay a fee of $1 for the course,
payuhle In advance.
Those farmers having orchards
which they would like Mr. Mlddleton
to visit must notify the Secretary of
the Farmers' Institute as soon as pos-
sible, giving the following particulars:
number of trees, variety or varieties,
and ages.
As Mr. Mlddleton wlll be In the district four and a half days a splendid
opportunity ia afforded to all those
who have orchards of any size to
havo their trees properly pruned practically free, and by a real live expert
who thoroughly knows his business.
planing mills of practically ull the
companies are busy turning out orders and, consequently, the stocks require replenishing as early as possible.
Those from out of town In attendance at the meeting wcre: George aud
A, K. Leitch of the Enst Kootenay
Lumber company, C. M. Pennock and
John Dowen of tho Crows Nest Pnss
Lumber company, Simon Taylor of
the Yahk Lumber company, M. B.
King of the King Lumber company,
Mr. Blrnle of the Blrnle Lumber company of Calgary and E. L. and C. B.
to -10 mon and gradually Increase
this number. James S. Mackay will
be In charge of the camp and will
start several gangs of sawyers,
swampers and road makers to work at
tlie beginning of the week.
Tho Yahk Lumbor company at Wasa
ls operating a crew ln the bush and
Invermere, B. C, March 13th—Messrs. Herbert Bedde!l,*rFred Cadwallader. and William Wilkes left the District last week to Join -the forces of his
Majesty In the Great War.
The Columbia River Lumber Company have started all their logging
camps up again at Golden, B.C., after
having closed down for the past six
weeks. Employment will be given to
about SOO men for the balance of the
year. 0—3*
With every passing day and week
the outlook for an extremely busy
summer In and around Kaslo and
throughout the Alnsworth and' Slocan mining district grows Increasingly brighter. Many neale are on tho
hook; leases are being eagerly Bought
after and It appears -.asfor to Interest
outside capital In legitimate mining
propositions.-Km lo Kootenalan.
"This Is the kind of weather we want ma'm.  No danger from Zepps now
you know." —From London Bystandtr.
Text of Address Delivered to Memhers
of Farmers' Institute, March llth,
by A. E. Watts, Wattsburg.
Sir Horace Plunkett and Lord Mont-
eagle were the original promoters of
Irish Agricultural Co-operation which
lias since worked such a wonderful
transformation In the condition of the
Farmers of Ireland. Thc greatest difficulty was to clear the air of suspicion
that some private sinister motive was
behind the scheme. Sir Horace Plunkett held fifty meetings before sufficient Interest was taken to start the
tlrst creamery, and It took two years
before the next was Started.
i Farmers got up at meetings and asked "before we go any further we would
j like to know what Sir Horace Plunkett
is going to get out of the Job?" In
Bplte of vicious attacks the public
spirit of Sir Horace did not waver, tho
| magnificent results of his work be-
1 came apparent, and soon after a na-
; tlonal testimonial ot a substantial
I nature was offered hlm which he asked should be devoted to the purchase
of a large bouse, which became the
headquarters of the "Irish Agricultural Organization Society", now
>known as "Plunkett House" which Is
the centre of co-operation In Ireland.
There are now S34 societies, and since
their organization the total turn-over
has been $123,000,000.00.
IT. S. and Canadian Commission
A United States and Canadian Commission of enquiry was appointed in
1913, consisting of members representing various states, and In addition to
the American Commission, the provinces of Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario,
and Saskatchewan were represented.
On April 26th the commission sailed
from New York and visited Italy,
Hungary, Austria, Germany, Russia,
Denmark, Belgium, Norway. Holland,
France, Spain, Oreat Britain and Ireland. Through the good offices of the
American Ambassadors at the various
European capitals thc Commission!
were able to obtain Intimate Informa-
tlon from expert men and to sec the
results accomplished ity Government
Paternalism and Co-operation ln Agrl-
The Credit Agricole of I'raare      j
When the Charter of tbe Bunk of
France  expired, the Government renewed It under certain conditions fuv-
(ConttauetJ on Page 4)
McCreery Bros*
take pleasure in
announcing   the
Spring Opening
Millinery, Coats, Suits,
and Dress Goods
Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday, the
16th, 17th, & 18th
of March
and following days
A cordial invitation is
extended to all
Cranbrook, B. C.
Iron Beds
Are clean, Sanitary, and
Durable. We have them
at all prices
From $3.50
and up
Cranbrook Co-Opera-
tive Stores, Ltd.
Oranges are Still Special Price
Juiej Ml Sweet
Large   tie 4s*.        Small, doi.  Mt
Medium lie doi. 2 doten  lie
Medium Small   20c doi.        3 doien   Hc
Nice Potatoes tl.00 cwt Fresh Efjs  li* lee,
A drop In the price of wheat thli week, get our price.
A carload of Outs, flay und Alfalfa thia week, .Ieo Timothy He*.
Hond us your order for seeds.   We have our stock* mw Me4y. -
Cranbrook Trading Ca., Ltd. PAGE TWO
We specialize in women's beautiful watches—the kind thut ure
moderate In prices us well us
good. Come In und let us show
you today.
ladies expanding Wristlet
Watches, those we can thoroughly recommend, Wnltliam movement     • •N--"'*'
Ladles open face Wntch, goUI-
lilled cuse. smull size us worn
now WM
Jewelers & Opticians
Next to the Tost Office
In honor uf the visit of tlie Uev. J.
P. Westman, Held secretary of Sun-
duy School nnd Young People's work
for the Methodist Church, a banquet
was given to ull Sunday school work-
vutlves themselves!"™ <" »" domination", of this olty
i by the management oi the local Methodist school. If the comments made
ufter the evening was over ure anything to go hy, everybody had a real  SOng, "Beautiful'Lady" by Mr. J. Low
Issued   Weekly   by   The   Cranhrook
Herald. Limited.
T. It. Kay, Kditor and Manager
Cranhrook, ll. C, March Kith, 1915
The Herald is in receipt of a letter
very erroneously signed, "A True Canadian und a True Citizen of Cranbrook" dealing with the question uf
enlistment. Tiie writer asks that the
letter he published, but having little
confidence himself ln its value as u
newspaper contribution concludes by
asking "If not pleuse let me know
why?" The writer of the letter is nol
man enough to sign his own name tu
his miserable Innuendoes against decent citizens whose bootluces he is not
ht to fasten, but like others of his
unworthy Ilk must attempt to stab the
objects of his attention through the
cover of anonymity. If the writer
would reully like to know why his letter Is not published the editor will be
glad to enlighten hlm If he will give us
the opportunity of doing so face tn
gasoline through a chamois skin. It
might Interest you to know that the
vapour arising from gasoline when
mixed witli air iu the proper proportion, forms one of the moat dangerous
Durlug thw bye-election campaigns
Liberal speakers raided such a hullabaloo over the alleged "rottenness"
and "corruption" of tlie present B. C.
government that tor a time they almost made the public believe that
there might be something more in it
than the usual election mud-slinging.
Sume of the Con;
feared that perhaps their party hud
been brought to devious ways, und
with the idea uf purging tlieir party
. uf Its wickedness voted for the Lib'
erul candidates, two of whom
elected by enormous majorities.
And now with tht.* house lu the second week of the session what has been
shown up. what sniggering revelations uf graft and corruption have
been unearthed? Witli the premier
and the government offering every
facility ami assistance to investigate
itacli and every department, tf tilings
, were In such a rutten mess the muck-
. rakers should havo been amply able
i tn substantiate their churges by
f tills time.
j As a nietter of fact whut do we find?
[Absolutely nothing derogatory to the
(iovernment has been brought to
light despite the frenzied efforts to
run down the leaBt suspicious clrcum-
1 stance. Tlie obvious inference is
that there Is nothing to reveal, that
tlieir slanderous charges were simply
^and solely election nmd-sllnglng with
; absolutely no foundation or basis In
j fact. They seem to have been made
without regard to the claims of honesty, justice or fair pluy and with
| equal disregard of the harm done the
fair name of the province.
There is only one honorable course
open to the opposition nt Victoria, and
tliat is to withdraw their charges and
apologize for the injustice done. So
Tar they liave shown no inclination to
do tills. Rather they have tried to
stampede the (government Into an immediate appeal to the country to give
them an excuse for not proving their
statements. But the ruse won't work.
The house will remain In session till
its work ts completed, and the only
possible reason for tho collapse of
the promised revelation will be proven
to be tlie lack nf anything to reveal.
.void Monthly Social and Whist :. .
—Will Again EutcitaJfl Children
on Empire Rnr.
The Overseas Club held their monthly Social und Whist Drive ln Maple
Hall lust Tuesday night, u good number of members being present.
Among otlier business transacted, it
was decided to ugulu entertuln the
children of this city on Empire Day,
May 20, 1916. The manner of enter-
tnlnment was left in the handy of
the Executive Committee.
During the evening Rev. W. H.
Bridge gave an eloquent speech on
Opportunities for the Overseas Club.
The rest of the program consisted of:
were i %ood til110.
er;   song,
"The   King's   Own",   Miss
Tousts were drunk to-The King and Grncy Bhll.k; Highland Fling, Master
Empire" proposed by Rev. T. Key- j. MliruocU; 8ongi »preUy Flowers",
worth, to the "Sunday Schools of the Mlsfi Nora Dlack; (,llct( "Atonft» m1sh
World" proposed by Mr. J. Palmer und Qraoy Bln(.k aml Mr j Lower< A11
responded to by Mr. H. White, aud to ,|1C ,)art8 were loudly applauded. Mr.
"Our Quest of Honor" proposed by Van staveren ably accompanied the
Mr. U. Patmore and responded to lu ^ongs ttnu* uuet) whllQ Mrs u B-)mond-
a rousing address by Mr. Westman. son nccompanled for the dance.
Outlining the new Ideal for all Sunday Tho wjuIU,rH of tlie wllfst drive were
School work and illustrating hla le- ■ y*r llHU *qrH y s, *piadalO.
murks by reference to a number of , Tho regllIar monUliy danco of the
charts which were prepared for the|c*uo wU1 be lleW on the 4Ul -Tuesday,
am still suffering from the effect of
the gas. 1 crawled on to Major McKinnon, about 160 yards further, with
tlie message, and then crawled back
to tho dressing station with another
message for Col. Hill. Tho gas from
thc shell did not seem to effect me
for several hours after. On reaching
the dressing station Dr. Robertson saw
I was badly wounded and sent me back
! in an ambulance, removing a wounded
'. officer to make room for me. He also
gave me a dose of morphine to ease
the pain..
"1 was the ilrst gas patient to roach
Popheringe and the surgeon-general
there undressed me hlmBolf to see
what kind of gas they were using. I
was shipped on by rallrond from there
to Boulougne leaving mat same afternoon on the hospital ship Caledonia,
and being in an English Hospital In
Chatham within twenty-five hours after being wounded. I was twenty-
threo weeks tn bed."
Mr. Glenday wus also euguged In a
big fight on the famous "Hill 60" four
days before the battle or Langmarche,
and was lu tho trenches almost continuously from thc end of January until
wounded In April, having been rushed
to the trenches within 36 hours of
landing in France.
Him, J-i-MIMW-Wk JMM^.W^ag
purpose, the speaker made an Impres
sion tlmt will not easily bc lost and
that must contribute much to the elll-
clency of the various schools of the
city. A very interesting discussion
upon school problems followed and
was very instructive. Musical numbers were contributed by Mr. J. F.
Broughton and Mrs. L. A. Manuel. A
vote of thanks was accorded the
Methodist School officers for tlieir hospitality by Mr. Palmer, seconded by
Mr. Crebben.
It is likely that mure of the same
kind of gatherings will be held in the
near future.
I.e. March 28th, In Maple Hall, popular
Wounded   In Fire Places and Gassed
While Delivering Message Be
Finishes Journey by Crawling on Hands and
Kor the sake of party advantage thc
Liberal opposition nt Victoria would
If possible hold up the passing of
supplies necessary to the welfare nf
the province, prevent the passing of months
desirable legislation, and hlock the
submission of the prohibition question
to the people as promised by Premier
BowBer. They forget or Ignore the
fact thnt this country Is ot war, that
all else Is, or should be, secondary
to the prosecution of that great object. This Is not a time for party
strife nnd Mr. Brewster, lender of
the   Liberal   opposition,   In   refusing
(Grand Forks Gazette)
While Grand Forks is freely admitted a "banana belt" there has been a
; Ittch of full appreciation of the possl-
1 bllttles of the orange here! Three
| oranges grown by Mrs. J, W. Lane on
: a tree at her home here were brought
( io The Gazette office on Thursday.
[Though somewhat smaller than the
southern fruit they have ripened fully
I ind have a good flavor. The tree
grows in the open in summer but is
taken   indoors   during   the   winter
Wounded five places in the leg wtth
shrapnel shell ln addition to being
gassed, then crawling 150 yards to deliver a message, and afterwards crawl-
  "' ;ug back to the dressing station with
The first of the Lenten quiet Wed-; another message, such wns the trying
nesday evenings was held last night at "Xperience of Private Glenday in the
the Parish Hall, when nearly 00 people : battle of Langcmarche as related to
assembled to hear the reading from ; the Herald recently in reponse to our
the beautiful drama of Martorllnck's ! earnest requests for his version of the
"Mary Magdalene".    The Interpreta-; groat battle.
tlon of lt ln the Rev. W. H. Bridge's ! private Olenday will carry with him
hands was wonderful and brought vlv-j to his grave the scars of his wounds,
Idly before all thc e-jsentiul change ln j but for all that would go bach to-mor-
the character of a woman, noted for i row if the military authorities would
looseness of living, wrought by her' iccept hlm again. He enlisted thirty-
meeting with our Lord, and tho piece | six hours after hostilities were declar-
interestlng In the human love story ] ed, at Windsor, Ontario, and claims
that is ho perfectly told, enables one\ the honor of being the flrst soldier to
to gain an insight into the miraculous [ enlist In Canada. He das no patience
hold that He had over all with whom j with the slackers and thinks It ls thc
He came ln contact, up to thc time j duty of every young able-bodied man
when, according to fate He was desert- j :o enlist and do his share for the Em-
ed by ull his friends except Mary. Mr.! iiire, and that provision will be made
Bridge may be congratulated, nnd : for every man when he returns. He
doubtless many will now read the play J ilso believes that -neutrals and aliens
which necessarily hc had to abridge.; -diould not be allowed to hold down
The wedding took place this Thursday, morning of Murray Leo Howard
to Marguerite Agnes Drummond, both
of Cranbrook, the ceremony being performed by Father McGulre after morning service at St. Eugene hospital. On
account of the Lenten scasou, tlie usual festivities were not observed, the
immediate family only being present.
It is against tho custom of the Catholic
Church to celebrate marriages in Lent,
but on account of the groom having
unlisted and wishing to be married before his departure, an exception was
made by Father McGulre, who truly
says that "These are exceptional times
and wo must be governed accordingly."
Wo offer our congratulations to Mr.
ind Mrs. Howard.
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Tlnsiiiltlilng, Plumbing and Heating
P.   BURNS  & CO.,   Ltd.
calgary    VANCOUVER   EDM0NT0N
For Lenten Season
(Richmond, Va., Times Despatch)
One of the curiosities of the great
conflict Is brought again into the
limelight by dispatches from Rome
predicting that Italy will declare war
on Germany some time tills week. The
Italian people clamor for such a dec-
Premier Bowser's offer of nn amicable j laration, but the government as yet
understanding ns to the duration of '>-»« *>cen able to resist these demands,
the session nnd the date of election. J
showed thnt he was not big enough
to rise above party expediencies, and
therefore not fit tn he trusted with
the task of governing tnls or any other
province. He had the opportunity of
showing that he was more than a men-
party politician, but turned it down
So mote it be.
How many times have you used
chamois skin ln straining gasoline In
blissful Ignorance of the fact thut you
were monkeying with "tbe most diabolical physical agent known, a force
which destroys with thc quickness of
lightning"? The phrase Is not of our
making, gentle reader, and we do not
It is not very difficult to understand
why resistance is made. German capital. In the decade before the war,
wns poured Into Italy In enormous
'inantltles and Is employed In many
of the country's principal Industries.
There Is, ln consequence of the financial relations thus Induced and of Intermarriages of the German and Italian nobilities, a strong pro-German
i party In Rome and the provinces. It
1 has exercised Its influence on the
government to maintain tlie existing
; anomalous situation.
Vet this situation cannot last. Italy's
allies must chafe under Its continuance, as well us Italy's people. In one
way or another—if not this week, then
within the near future—It must come
to an end.
The Cranbrook orcbcBtra wero at
their best, the four Items given by
them being rendered splendidly and
quite deserved the applause; their
playing together Is extremely good,
thc selections excellent und expression well accentuated.
Miss Hewitt in '"Mere Is a Green
HIU" excelled herself nnd this item
was greatly applauded and deservedly
so.   Mr. P. Parker with his beautiful
rendition of "The LoBt Chord" received tho Germans. Wo wondered what
an encore, will reserved, as his 'cello ; was doing when suddenly we saw a
playing is so appealing In expression.' bunch of French airships over our
"Crossing the Bar", tliat beautiful , head dropping different kinds ot
hymn of Kingsley's was very accept- lights. This was for the purpose of
ably sung by the choir which fully en-; giving thc range to their gunners. We
tared Into the spirit of the words. Mrs. '. -tood to at once, that Is, gathered up
Stevenson in "The Better Land" show.; onr equipment, etc., and at nine o'-
ed -her wonderful control of a voice ; clock each man was issued three day's
that Is a pleasure to listen to at all! rations and an extra 350 rounds of
times, and thc orchestra finished up i -unmunttlon. We moved forward .till n evening's program In which every . til we reached the outskirts of Ypre°.
piece was excellent, and short enough | This was all done in the dark, through
to appeal to everyone.   Tea and bread j tbe swishing mud, the sound of the
Mr. W, F. McGregor, more familiarly
known as Jerry, surprised his friends
here by stepping off the train Wednesday dressed in a brand new suit of
the popular khaki color. He left here
on the eastbound trip as brakeman
but enlisted at Blairmore in the Signal
Corps of the 192nd Battalion being
recruited thajpa, wiring back to Cranbrook for relief.""Jerry was a hockey
nlayer ot no mean rrVqr, being a member of various teams before "coming to
Crnnbrook. Stewart MclntO-qh, nn_
other Crarinrodh *jft&man, an* Ray
Howard, up till recentTr^l^raph
operator here, also enlisted with tho
102nd at the same time. Mr. Howard
Is an American and has had consider-1
ible experience in signal work on the j
other side. We understand he Is to]
be given a lieutenant's commission
and have charge of the newly formed
signal corps of the 102nd.
EGGS—Home produced, fresh eggs, strictly new laid—
Per dozen  35c
Per Case ol* 80 dozen $9.00
L.UYTOX BERRIES—A delicious nnd last) canned fruit,
Regular 25c per 8 lb. tin for   15c
7 tins for $1.00
Spring Seeds Now In.   Get your supplies here.
and butter were afterwords Indulged
In and enjoyed.
Next Wednesday Mr. Bridge will give
a reading from "Hamlet" and a short
program of music will also be rendered and judging by last night's performance it will be something worth lts-
lobs when Canadian citizens arc out of
work,   His story follows:
"Oo the night of the 22nd ot April
'he first Canadian Battalion wcre holding the regimental supports at a place
called Valmnrtlngo about three miles
from Ypres near the railroad head of
I'ropherlnge.   While here we saw thc 	
\lgerlan French coming down the road [
towards us in a regular mob, badly     On Wednesday evening, March 8th,
lemorallzed after their encounter with | at Fernie the marriage of Miss Hilda
Hodgson, niece ot Mr. and Mrs. Wood-
housc, of Fernie, snd Mr. Harry Harrison, C.P.R. agent at Hlllerest, took
place at the Anglican church, Rev.
Lane of Cranbrook officiating.
Ground has heen broken and concrete is being laid by the Consolidated
Co. at Trail tor the ten ton sulphuric
acid plant, near the new electrolytic
zinc department. The building will be
about 60x150 teet in size, of substantial and permanent construction, and
no tlmo will be lost In rushing It to
mud being the only guide we had as
*.o where our companions were. Ou
the bridge here the ministers and
:irlests blessed us and we dug our-
selves ln on the south of the canal.
"About threo n. m. we were ordered
o recover two heavy batteries which
(Canadian Municipal Journal)
, The fact that about 25 per cent of
guarantee the facts. At the same , the Canadian recruits have been retime we feel It only right to pass It   jected because of Borne defectiveness
on to motorists and others who have
been toying with tlilu innocent appearing agent of destruction, In view
of the positive warning given In a
recent issue of the Western Cnn-'dlan
Motorist, which says;
"Never strain  gasoline  through   ti
chamois skin.   Why?  Because  they
flat feet, varicose veins, and these
in men who at leust thought themselves physically sound, should give
food for thought to those who have
control of our public health, particularly In the schools. It would seem
that if a better system of physical
training and more frequent medical
examinatons had been In vogue In our
public schools a higher percentage of
are bad mixers. Assuming that you j recruits would huve passed the medlars about to fill your tank, the fun-leal examination.
nel ls In the inlet and a chamois j Tlie pity of it—young fellows unx-
skin is In the funnel, the gasoline i ions to do tlieir bit turned down thru'
■tarts to flow and static electricity it* ;i defect which might have been pre-
generatcd. What Is static electricity? | vented or eliminated, if detected while
It may be defined as electricity at rest. ( young.
It Is an agent neither of construction ; When we know of schools with good
or destruction as long aa nothing ls : gymnasiums in which the scholars are
done to unleash It. Unleash It and I allowed but once a week, nnd we also
you have to deal with the most diaboll-: know of schools where there Is neither
cal physical agent known, a force |a gymnasium nor physical exercise of
which destroys with the quickness of I any kind. The reason given In most
lightning. , cases being that the syllnbtiH did not
Static electricity Is now generated allow tbe time for physical drill. The
In the funnel, which Is charged with 1 state can hardly expect much return
it, and as long as the funnel rests se-! from a training such as this.
curely In the Inlet of the tank It Is	
grounded, and you are safe, but assuming you held the funnel as the gas-1 KIMJSttATE DONATIONS
aline filtered through the skin away t 	
from the mouth of the tank, nnd thnt i    ,.      . „ .,, u _     ..   .
sufficient static electricity had been . MrB- J- H Kln*' Honorary President
generated to form a Jump spark, and o' the St. John Ambulance Assocla-
following'the Inevitable law of elec- tion has received the following dona-
trlcitjr Jumps to the nearest ground tinn from tne lll(!frs (lf Kingsgate per
which Is your tank, from which gasol-'
tening to and no one should miss It.! hnd been captured by the Germans.
These evenings are certainly educative i \\V recovered them.
and to be entirely commended.
Letters from the front convey thc
information that then- is no more welcome visitor to the boys overseas than
the local paper. Many times has It
been written that when a bundle of  lighting being entire!
Heralds arrived tho boys were so anx
ious to get them that the papers wore
nearly torn to pieces before they
could be rend. The home paper always contains much news that the
boys wunt but which those at home
would not think of writing.
Thc Hernld Is willing to go half way
In meeting tlie friends and relatives of
That was thc laconic description of
t tlio re-taking of the guns as given by
j Mr, Olenday, and it was only by dint
lof much Questioning the reporter got a
| fairly good description from him.   An
! advance of this sort has to be made lu
' absolute quiet, the element of surprise being very Important.   The Germans were in superior numbers, and
there wns absolutely no light,    tho
and everything heing done by ear. The
guns wcre dragged back, and a number of prisoners taken. Many of tholr
»wn men were killed but they did not
know how many till later. They retired onto Ypres "getting hell all the
way from artillery and machine gun
At seven thn next morning    the
8.00 a.m.—Holy Communion
11 a.m.—Matins and Holy Communion
3.00— Sunday school and bible class.
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.   Second of special course of sormons on  'Some
Modern   Gospels'— "Socialism  and
Preacher, Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th
Informal Socinl Gathering In Assembly
room  after  evening  service.    Mr.
Bridge will reply to sonic questions,
Every Wednesday 7.HO p.m. service of
iiulet In church, followed hy sacred
and classical concert In hall.   Rev.
W. H. Bridge wlll give a reading of
Phone 377a
Milk and Cream
Delivered every morning; in sterilized bottles
Sold also by
Little & Atchison
tne vapour is rising.   Suddenly there
Mrs. Dunlop:*
i trhiii-v'iiliir bandages,
those overseas, so that the pleasure I |]r„t and fourth Battalions, supported
of getting the home news may be glv-, by the remains of the Middlesex, wore
en as many ns possible of the boys.      1 ordered to advance on a line of trench-
Tlio Proposition jes tho Algerians evacuated tho night
The Herald will bo sent to any sol- before on account of being gasBcd. We
dler overseas, for $1.00 a year, nr 50', reached the first tine, took this Une
cents for six months. We will do the]und consolidated them when they put
work, supply the paper nnd pay the jthe gas to us. I was asked by Major 1
j McKinnon to take a message to head-!
.quarters for re-Inforcements. I got I
! half-way down with tho message when !
11 picked up Corp, Mutton who was
wounded and carried him down with 1
me to tho headquarters dug-out. T |
illvered tho message and took Corp,
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning Service 11 a.m.—The Children's Hour, Blackboard Talk.
Character Study—How Mathew   the
Publican became a Patriot.
Anthem morning nnd evening.
"If thou faint in tho day of adversity,
thy strength Is small." Prov. 24c, lOv.
postnge and you pay half price.
A Beauty Secret
Is a violent explosion, then oblivion !'> night shirts. 8 rolled bandages, 18
and you take no further Interest In towels, Ii pr. sock wristlets, 11 hot
the proceedings.    Mnny   have   been J water |lf)tt|e covers, 68 handkerchiefs/
burned and scarred for live, and many . ,   .   	
have lost their life from the results eft * BUr*lcftI *own8'
this practice,   You mlRht have done tt! —■
scores of times, nnd nothing has hap-'
pened.   Your funnel might have boen I    The sum of $11
grounded each time, rir not enough
static electricity has been Roncnitcd
to form a Jump spark, but this article
- written to warn you not to strain
To fiave clear skin, bright eyes
and a healthy appearance, your    _ _
digestion must tegood-your    Mutton"to"tho"dreTslng'statlo'n about
Pastor, Rov. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. F. Nidd
Services ns usual at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. m.    Sunday School and Adult Bible
Classes at 3.00 p. in.
A cordial welcome to all.
Invermere, B. C, March 13th.—The
annual meeting of the Windermere
District Hospital Association was held
on Friday last In the school house at
Athalmer when there was presented
the reports of the retlifng ollicers and
directors, which after thc handling of
oilier business of a local nature was
succeeded by the election of officers
for the ensuing year. Many ot the
directors of last year declined to stand
again. Tiie result of tlie poll which
wns a large one cume out us follows:
President, Mrs. Basil O. Hamilton;
Vlco President, Mrs. Joseph Lake;
Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. O. K. Parham; Directors, W. A. Lang, Mesdames, L. J, Peak'*, William W. Tayntu
Harold R Forster, Kufns Klmpton,
O. E. Parham, B. Q. Fraijer-Crorle,
Miss Dora K. Boedecker, Mr, A, O.
Cuthbert, Mr, and Mrs. T. A. Pope and
Mrs. J. T. Burgess.
,000 was paid out to !
Trail employees of tho Consolidated j
Oo, for February, The number of mon ,
on the pay roll is about 1200.
bowels and liver kept active
and regular. Assist nature-take
m wi* Etwf Bu •( V'»l Vi.*- U WlM
ahUM-M-M-m.    ktMUIaUtHb.
liOO yards down the lino. Col. Hill,
now Drlgadler-Qen. Hill, gave mo a
verbal reply to Maior McKinnon not
lo advance any more until tho French ;
ndvnnced on our left.
"doing back with tho message I got   _,_,_—_—_—__—_—_—_—-—
wounded five places In the leg from 'bright nnd cheery character and all
shrapnel shell and a gass shell which, aro Invited to attend.
I fell right beside me and exploded, and W. KKBR. C. ft.
Services in s. A. Hall
Saturday evening 8 p.m.
Apple-Land Sunday School 11 a.m.
Sunday evening service 8.00 p.m.
The ahove services will be of   [
Some hand sorted lead ore is holng
shipped from the Florence mine, Ains-
worth, tiint Is reported to nm two
hundred nnd fifty pounds to the sack.
Second In Series of United Producing
CVs.  Guaranteed  .Attractions*
Here Saturday, March 2,'ith.
In this day nnd ago when the discontented nnd extravagant wife Is not
only 11 great economical problem, but
a menace us well, It remained for
Kugene Walters, the greatest playwright on tho American continent, to
offer a drama that not only shows tbis
spirit of some wives, hut given ihe
outcome of the Bame ln a truly dramatic manner. The consequences of
extravaganco are ordinarily far reaching in their effects, The average
husband delights ln offering the wife
all he can earn, nnd when that amount
does not satisfy her demnnds, rather
than face her criticisms and banter-
lngs, very often takes the line of
least resistance nnd obtains more money by any methods that come within
his roach. Embezzling, misappropriation of funds, nnd other dishonest
menus ure employed, always with the
hope thnt before his errors are discovered the Impossible will happen
and he can mnke good his lossofl. The
day of reckoning comes and the man's
life Is ruined. Tho worldly blame Is
tils, but the wife, who through foolish
extravagance aud vanity caused his
mistakes, is pitied as being unfortunate In her selection of a crook for a
Such moral lessons are always of
advantage to theatre-goers, especially
when the story is told In a convincing
and interesting manner. "Fine Fenth-.
ers", which appears at the Auditorium
Theatre, one night only, Saturday,
March 25th, will tench many a person
Its lesson, and wlll likewise offer one
of the most gripping and entertaining
plays ever written.
This production Is another of the
Halted Producing Company's guaranteed attractions, and is complete In
every detail. It will be offered by an
"ALL STAB CAST" that came direct
from New York for this Compnny. All
special scenery and effects nro carried
hy the compnny, and In every sense of
the word Is a complete metropolitan
Seats now on sale at Beattie-Murphy THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 1916
A Reliable Watch
fs a necessity. You can't
afford to guess at the time
In these modern days. • in
buying a watch procure the
best, not necessarily the
most expensive, but one
with a reputation for ac-
cuuracy, durability and
lasting satisfaction.
This constitutes a Watch
that can be relied upon
such as we sell. We solicit
your further interest in
Wilson's Watches.
W. H. Wilson
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mrs. W. G. Hayward returned home
on Wednesday from Toronto,
Middy Waists—Complete line of
Middy Waists, sizes two to 14 years
old on display at Model Variety Store.
Miss Betty Fisher is again able  to
be out after her recent sickness and U
  Ion duty at the Central school as usual.
Call In and look over our line of  ■
Express Waggons, doll carts, wheel; l-'apt. Passmore of the 19J Itegt.
barrows, garden sets, Just ln at mod- UIItl wilt ""d daughter are ipendlug
erate prices.—Model Variety Store.     tlltJ Week end With Mrs. Dunham.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Modern House, furnished, to let.
Apply to Beulo & Elwell.
Mrs. D. Sutherland entertained at
curds ou Friday afternoon.
Mr. and MrB. Christie and Miss
Christie spent Saturday at Wycliffe.
Sale wlll start at 9 o'clock Saturday
Morning.—W. D. Hill.
Mr. Wilfred Dallas haB been ln Calgary several days this week.
See Beale & Elwell about your In
Mr. Alan Graeme of Fernie waB a
Cranbrook visitor-laBt Saturday.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes. — Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. A. B. MacDonald has been confined to the house ror several days
this week with a severe cold.
On Friday evening Mrs. McPherson
entertained a large number of friends
at a musical.
Ladles' Middy .Blouses, Voile and
Lawn Waists, latest styles, made In
Canada, at Model Variety Store.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Manning are in
Victoria this week, Mr. Manning being
a delegate from the school board to
Interview the government.
Wo aro carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange.
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Doran and Mrs. T.
C. Armstrong left to-day for a couple
of weeks visit to rcattle, Portland
and other places.
We will not sell a dollar's worth on
credit or on approval—don't ask.—W.
D. Hill.
All dog licenses must be paid on or
before March 25th, 1916. Proceedings
will be taken after that date.— P
Adams, Chief of Police. 11—2t
Children's Silk and Cashmere Coats
for Spring $1.60 cach.-rModel Variety
Mrs. C. C. Suowdon left on Tueaday for her home In Calgary, after
spending two months with her parents
at Kimberley.
For notorla' work and conveyancing
call on Beale & Elwell.
Second hand deliveries, democrats,
etc. We have a shipment nf new buggies, deliveries, democrats, also plows,
harrows, etc., on the way. Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Children's Middy Blouses from six
to fourteen years at 7Ge eaeh, at Model
Variety Store.
Joe Neal, who has been on the King
George nud Creston Hotel staff for
the past year, loft for Cranbrook on
Sunday where he wlll make his home
in future,—Review,
The Udics' Auxiliary to the Y. M.O
A. will hold a "Shamrock Tea" and
cookery Bftlo on March 17th In Y. M.
C. A. from :: to 6. Uood musical program.
Everything must move out for cash
only the prices wlll bc cut too deep
for others to follow ua. We mean
business.—W. D. Hill.
Tho Rebekah Lodge Is giving a
social evening af Five Hundred to the
Oddfellows nnd their friends on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 8.30. Admission 25 cents.
A report to the effect that Hon.
W Tl. lloss would not be a candidate
at the forthcoming provincial elections is being circulated by certain
Liberals. Mr. Boss desires ub to
state thnt tho report Is absolutely
unfounded.—Free Press.
Mr. E. H. Stater and son Hilton, of
Chllfwack, B, O.i were tho guests of
Mr. Sinter's brother Albert here over
Sunday. Mr. Slntei nas Just return'
ed from Waterdown, ont., where he
attended the funeral of his father, Per
dlnand Slater, whose death occurred
aat Feb. 1Mb, In Us IM yaw.
Mr. Ivor Bassett is making arrange-,
ments to have Mr. J. R. Terry, Chief.
Provincial Poultry Instructor, give a
special lecture to the members of the
Cranbrook Poultry Association on
(Thursday evening, March 23rd, In the |
City Halt.
Spring tailored hats on show now.
Formal Opening of Easter styles commencing Wednesday, April Utli.—Miss
McLeod, .Milliner.
A special meeting of the Ludles' Aid
Society of the Methodist Church will
be held ut the home of Mrs. T. C.
Phillips on Wednesday. March L'L'nd at
'si o'clock.
Mrs. Oatway and children arrived
from Cranbrook on Sunday and ure
now getting comfortably settled hi
their new home In the Brown residence. Mrs. Oatway Is the wife of the
new manager of the drug store whom j Friday the 17th.
the Review Is pleased to welcome to | Orchestra will provide
Creston.—Review.  ,
The Tennis Club are giving an informal   dance  In  the  Christ  Church
Parish   Hall   ou   St.   Patrick's   night,
'he   Cranbrook
the music.
Mrs. Mcduffie received for the first
time since hor marriage on Wednesday afternoon. The brldo looked
charming In her wedding dress uud
was assisted by Mrs. Ed. Patterson.
Tea and coffee were poured by Mrs.
Leitch and Mrs. Mcpherson, Miss Bessie Pyo and Miss McBride served the
refreshments and Miss Dora Pye opened the door'for the guests.
China Cream Jugs, Saturday only,
10c each, east window, at Model Variety Store.
Now Is the time to try an experiment ln the poultry business. A
small flock around the home Is always a paying Investment and u
small outlay now for eggs will put
you on the roud to fresh eggs and
chicken dinners. Look over tho
poultry ads In the Herald and buy a
setting of eggs while the season Is
W. D. Hill haB decided to quit business hore and return to the Okonogan
where his family are at present. Mr.
Hill Is offering his store for rent.
J. M. Crookston, who for tho past
two years has been on the cashier's
wicket at the Bank of Commerce, has
been transferred to Cranbrook.   He
left on Tuesday for three-weeks noli-
day at Victoria before taking on his!tnllorcd '«*«• on "-May now and will
new   work.    His  unfailing   courtesy J u« «>"<• to sIl,,w *■■"■■ t(l tlie M*™
with the bank's customers as well asH Cranbrook and district.
Ills good  nature generally   will   not |
30on be forgotten ln Creston.—Review
For Tired, Weak, Nervous Women
Bcllefontaine, Ohio.—"I wish every
tired, weak, nervous woman could have
Vlnol, for I never spent any money in
my life that did me so much good aa
that 1 spent for Vinol. 1 wu weak,
tired, worn out and nervous, and Vino]
nmde me strong, well and vigorous after
everything else had failed to help me,
and I can now do my housework witli
pleasure. "—Mrs. J. F. Lambokn.
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic, ror all weak, rundown, nervuus, debilitated conditions.
Cranbrook Drug &  Book Co.,
Cranbrook. B,C.
poultrymen will be unuble to get down
In the afternoon, nn effort wlll be
made to liave .Mr. Terry attend the
Poultry meeting In the evening, and
give a short talk on Poultry matters.
At this meeting, Leghorns all varieties, will be up for discussion, and It
i.s hoped thut a good number uf birds
will be ou hand. All interested in
poultry should Pake an effort to be
present ul this meeting lo hear Mr.
Terry. 10. T. Cooper, Secy.
J. E. Macfarlune bus returned from
Frank where hu has been for over a
year conductor in charge of the various sidings   at   Coleman,   Blairmore, .
Frank and Hlllerest.	
  I    Invermere.    B.   0.—The    informal
Mrs. Muir hus returned to her home j opening of the golf season took place
in Vancouver after spending the past on the links of the Invermere Oolf and
few weeks  with her father. Andrew j Country    Club,    on    Saturday,    the
Clark, of this city.
A meeting of the Executive of the
Central Conservative Association will
be held Monday evening In Clapp's
Mr. Ernest Jones, stenographer with
Parks & Co for the lust two years, lefl
Sunday for Montreal whero .,1s parents are now living.
A. B. Smith says tlie hottest matters
in convention were Gophers, Chinamen
and Doukabors. He also says thut thc
formers want the Poll Tax re-Imposed.
Mrs. Cleland, wife of Wi H. Cleland
of Invermere, who.has been in the St.
Eugene Hospital, is Improved sulll-!
clently to return home and accom pan-
led Mr. Cleland tu Invermere last
Miss McLeod will not hold her fur
mal Easter millinery opening till
April, commencing Wednesday, the
12th, but has a large range of spring
• eleventh Instant.
The meteorological returns for ths
Dominion Government Experimental
Farm at Invermere, B. C, Just to hand
show the total precipitation for 1915
to ha in.os Inches as compared with
a total of 12.74 for the year 1914. The
total fall during the growing season
from April to September Inclusive was
11.25 inches as comparea with 8.78 for
the same period in 1914. For the year
1014 tiie totul hours of sunshine were
1833.9 while In lfllii there were but
175H.5 hours.
The Rebekah Lodge Is giving a
social evening of Five Hundred to the
Oddfellows and their friends on Wednesday, Marcli 22nd, at 8.30. Admission 25 ceuts.
McCreery Bros. Millinery Department hns been tbe centre of attraction
for the ladles of Cranbrook tills weekend, thc spring opening being held
this Thursday. Friday and Saturday.
Miss Larcombe is in charge and has a
beautiful display of the new styles in
vogue this spring.
The first big consignment of Canadian fish for Canadian soldiers now
overseas Is being sent to England. A-
bout forty tons of lake and sea fish _, .,    ,
.... ,       ,, ,   .. _.    evening.   There was a far attendance
will be sent weekly nenceforth. The 1,   , ,   ., , , ,  .
_.,.,_. ,     , ,  but orgnnlznt on was not completed.
flrst lot Is made up of salmon und , ,  ,        ,J
A meeting ln thc Interests of the
prohibition campaign wns held in the
school room of Knox Church Monday
The bright sunny days of March and
April are an Inducement for the housefly to appear. An early start In destroying these pests should be made
on the first fly seen, and thc good
work should be consistently and effectively carried on. Tho destruction ot
the early fly will mean thc saving of
valuable lives, as there is no more persistent carrier and distributor of dls-'
case than the house fly.
10          40
"       It          37
"       12         37
"       13         27
"       H           13
IB         28
"       IC        31
Is not only a deserved recognition of
Sir. Abrlel's hard work in past years
by the militia department for the fish
In the transports crossing weekly. The
soldiers will thus have their regular
Friday fish ration fresh from Canadu.
10 acres, 5 acres under cultivation.
one mile from town, 5 roomed cottago, —_—_—_—_^_—_.,^_—_^_
stable, chicken houses, for sale or for b,lt nls0 •■ recognition of Kootenay's
lease.    Apply to Beale & Elwell. r,s'"B   Importance  In.the  Provincial
  Fruit Growers' Convention.
Mrs. II. W. Edmondson, of this city, 	
last Monday received the sad news Mr. Joe Kennedy, till recently of the
of the death of her brother-in-law, local P. Burns staff, has been proraot-
Lleut. J. P. HolUns of Sheldon, Blrm- ie(l to tlie management of the eom-
Ingham, England. Llout. Hollins was Pany's store In Trail and assumed his
one of the most popular and genial new position last wees, We under-
HcenBed victuallers In the city area, Bt*nd that Joe was quietly married
says the Birmingham News, before he bttoW going to Trail and thnt with his
took the action he considered combat-' °rlde he Is taking up housekeeping In
ible with his duty to his King and nls new ,lom(1- Congratulations and
Country and re-entered the nrmy for' hest wishes,
the duration of the War.   He retired1 ........
•even years ago after twenty-two and
a half yenrs service with the 8th Kings
Own Liverpool Regiment. He was
over the age limit and though he up
halibut from the Pacific coast and
soles, cod, smoked haddock and fillets
from the Martlme provinces. Another
shipment will contain lake white fish
from the western lakes aod herring
from Lake Superior. In this way the
whole fishing Interests ot the Dominion will be represented In the new
ish diet for the boys at the front. Spe-
! Another  meeting  will  be held  next
; Monday evening in the same place for |
! the purpose of properly organizing.
I Don't forget the farmers' short '
courso lectures next week. Your Institute guaranteed an attendance of
thirty  members.    Are you   going  to |
(By "Bulls-Eye")
By the time this issue Is In the hands
help them out?   If the number ls not i of our readers the Short Courses tor
clal ~coid~storug7has* been""reserved j™1;.!1.w,n be B" off for next wlnter'9 ! ?rmera.„wU1 J*!.0'080 at *?*   0n.
course. Wednesday and Thursday next four of
  I the Department of Agriculture's best
Mr. G. Abriel of Nakusp has been experts will bc lu our midst to give
elected President of the B. C. Fruit I the benefit of their practical advice
Growers Association for the year. This | and knowledge freely to all those who
The meeting of the Cranbrook Poul*
..Hod for a"7ommissron\rtl.7oui'break  try Association held on Friday. March
of the war it was not till September | J**^,™]1 ;*!?.nda?L,il!^,,!!!;t5!
last  year  thut  he
was  drafted    to
I Rhode  Island  Reds  wen- not out • -
strong as the Orpingtons and Wyny>
are energetic enough to attend their
The Farmers' Institute only asked
tor two short courses, but theJDepart-
ment hns given more than good measure by arranging for four. These four
courses are of great value to all those
who are at all Interested In the progress of our agricultural resources.
As was pointed out ln Mr. A, Nenzel's
address, the district around Cranbrook
Is especially adapted for Mixed Farming. These courses all bear on this
aspect of oflr agricultural possibilities,
in order to secure short courses another year It will bo necessary for at
jleast thirty persons to be present at
I each of these meetings. As the Far-
I mers' Institute alone has a member-
{ship of over fifty, and the Agricultural
Association and Poultry Association
have both large memberships, It would
look as though It should be an easy
matter to get at lenst thirty at each
meeting, but, like tlie people who were
Prices will talk foi the next few
days. Imagine Ladl-V Hose all slr.es.
In Black, Tan or White, regular price
35C; being sold at 3 pair for 50c—W.
dottes at previous meetings. Howoter I Invited to the wedding feast. It Is
enough were there to make things In- ' surprising how many people can rustle
foresting,   Owing to Mr. R. T. Wil-1 up quite legitimate excuses for their
Nights of Sleep vs.
Nights of Agony
Verdict Favors I>. I). 1).
It Is foolish to lie awake all the long
night through with that Intolerable
itching caused by Eczema and await
the coming of tbe day. D. D. O. Prescription is made for you If you are a
sufferer.   It will cool that hot, In-
llnmn nnd John Levitt being absent,
the meeting called on the 'old reliable'
Charlie Sheppard to Judge the birds,
and E. T. Cooper to assist him. Mr.
Davo Moore turned out to be the
lucky one, winning both prizes which
consisted of one setting of pure bred
White Orpington eggs for flrst prize,
donated by E. T, Cooper, and a box
of poultry specialties as a second prize, donated by Tho Crunbrook
Jobbers, Ltd.
The meeting was pleased to welcome
Mr. Ed. Slater of Chilliwack, one of
the old timers of the Association, and
an up-to-date poultryman.   Mr, Slater
non-attendance. An excuse Is always
easier to arrange for than a little bit
of personal exertion.
Remember, theso experts nre travelling right through the Province and
judge the different districts by the
numbers who turn out to their lectures. There Is nothing to pay; the
Short Courses arc free to uil. So that
ls one excuse you cannot advance. Of
course the time wlll be so awkward
that you can't possibly attend, the
roads will be so bad that you cannot
get through, you have so many chores
to do that you positively cannot make
the grade, you know it all -beforehand
anyhow, those lecturers are only book
gave a very Interesting talk on Rhode
Island Reds; going to a good deal of fanners!
pains to point out the good and bad I gay; supposing you were a little
flamed and itching skin, you wlll be!features of tne Dird8 on exhibition, more of n "hook farmer" and a little
able to rest at night, awake tn the j'Mr. Slater also passed round some   less of a hot-air artist'   Do you really
sSrtir%Mr>B^k^,i^wm>i.5^l!^,,!,,1r■1,■,M,,, rpD,m "^ F,,^■,«—i*-1';"«•»»** -•» ■«• ■«***■■; **»
these things, aa wo liavo testimonials "■ '• "■ '"'"■ how Is It you arc- nol n millionaire?
trom many sufferers right among yonr | The next meeting wlll be held In tho Thow yonr excuses whore yon throw
neighbors. Try a bottle and you will 'same place on Thursday, March 2:ird. ymir rubbish■ It's their proper resting
not regret It.  Come In today. 10„ thlH dolo, Mr, j B, Tt,rry ,.,,„,„. j ,,,„,.„    ,,„,„„ ,„ „,r s||||rt c.ollrw,
clal Poultry Instructor, will be In tho rion't let these export* go away with
olty, and la booked for on address nt! the  Impression  that  Iho  solo  crop
Skin    Reined jr  Ithe Parmera' Institute meeting in the!raised In tho Cranbrook district ia a
iCnakfaek Dew* Beak Oo,Oeaatf*Jk,*-<leraoea.   A* m pal many of U.e,bum lot ot "Know-lt-all" ranters r
Dn  f\   For 15 Yean
• lit !/• the   Standard
WE have decided to unload the entire stock in as short a time as
possible and will offer all merchandise at prices never before
offered in this city. Are we hard up ? Yes. There will be no
question in anyone's mind if they will carefully note the prices we will
quote on every article in the store, and we have pressed into stock almost
$6,000.00 worth of new merchandise since January 15th. We will quote a
few prices here which w ill largely govern :—
LADIES' XEW UP-TO-THE-MINUTE MOUSES, regular price tt.i'o, Sale Price .   75c
" " " ** «    «    U2.00, Sale Price .$1.10
" ** is n     «     #4.511, Sale Price   *J.S5
FANCY DRE8SGOOD8 In Klorisp, Snoivflake Voiles, retrular 65c, sale price «He
PRINTS, regular 15c uml lso, Sale Price     lSKc
LAMES* uml CHILDREN'S HOSE, nt out' hail price—
Ludles' Hnxp regular price :15c Sulc Price  S tor SOc
FLANNELETTE, In ull colors, regular ISc, Sale Price  lie
FLANNELETTE, in nil colors, regulur I2«c, Sale Price  8Hc
at less Ihan cost.   Mlilies reirulur 76c ut 45c, Middles regular $1.25 at 65c
Middles, regular »1.J8 ul  »5c
Our store to rent very reasonable    Apply on premises
We clean chimneys, we clean toilets,
we clean up garbage, cheap to compete
with bad times.—Phone 868.
Diversion and Use.
TAKK NOTICE! that John Millard,
whose address Is Marysville, will apply for a licence to take und use 7Vi
acre feet of water out of Millnrd
Spring, which flows easterly and sinks
near the Bast Boundury of lot 52fi(i
ir.K. 1605). The water will be divert-'
cd from the stream at a point about
600 feet north and 100 feet east of S.E,
corner of lot 8760, and will be used for
Irrigation purpose upon the land described as lot 526C. This notice was
posted on tbe ground on tlte 4th day
of March, 1916. A copy of this notice
and an application pursuant thereto
and to the "Water Act, 1914" wlll be
tiled ln the office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook. Objections to
the application may be filed with thc
Bald Water Recorder or with the I
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after thc first appearance of this notice In a local newspaper.
The date ot the first publication of
tills notice la March 16, 1916.      n-lt
Short Courses  for  Farmers
In connection with the Farmers' Institute, will be given by
Agricultural Department Experts in the
as foi Ions:
Wednesday, March S2nd. al M0 p. m«—
"Dairying", by Mr. T. F. Wiancko.
"Mixed Farming" by Mr. S. H. Hopkins.
Thursday, March r*.lrd. at 2.00 p.m.—
"Crops for Live-Stock", by Mr. H. O. English.
"Poultry" by Mr. J. R. Terry.
Notice la hereby given that the flrst
sitting ot tbe Court of Revision for the
purpose of hearing complaints against j
the Assessment for the year 1916 as
made by the Assessor for the City of
Cranbrook and tbe Cranbrook Schoool
District wlll be held in tne Municipal
Hall, Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C.!
on Monday the twenty-seventh day ot
Murch, 1916, at ten o'clock a.m. local
tinie. Notlco of any complaint must
be given to the Assessor in writing'
at least ten days previous to tbe sit-
ting of the Court.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C,
thia 22nd day ot Feb. 1916.
8—5t. Assessor.
!c. par word for first week, and lo. per i
word for each week after
FOIND-lblld's parse,
quire at Herald Office.
Owner lu-
FOB HALE—Furniture, bicycle In
good condition.—Phone 482. tf. |
Sat., Mar. 25
FOB SALE-Nftw Parlor Salle, lu«
not been unpacked, will sell cheap. Kor
Interview apply box 2*1, city.     11-lt
Prices: $1.00, 75c, and SOc.   Children 25c
Reserved Hcnis now on Sale at Beattie-Murphy'a Drug Store
FOB SAI,K-One line IV. Wjandolt
Cockerel of choice breeding for two
dollars—A. B. Smith, box 852, City.
FOK HALE- One good team ot young
horses weighing about 2600 lbs.—H.
H. McClure, Wycliffe p. O. »-3t
WASTED-Ford live passenger rax,
used one or two seasons, cash If right
price.—Apply box 26, llerald.
COSE OX—Make ne an offer for
this valuable farmstead of 4H acres.
—John Brennan.
to Mra. Oeo. Hoggarth, Cranbrook
Hotel. lt
N.C.  Rhode Island Beds
S. (. While Leghorns
Winter laying stork, »l,2.-, for IS
Reliable Egg Farm, Cranbrook.
Setting Eggs For Sale
S. C. White Leghorn, and
Buff Orpingtons
(U0 for l»
Also Clucking Hen
J. JOHN, Hanson Art.
TO BENT—Thirty acrea Improved
land, formerly occupied by J. A. Prlnglo, good house and other buildings,
very suitable for stock farming. For
further Information apply to Canadian
Hotel. li-!t
acres on St. Marys river adjoining
Marysville townslte, 200 acres broken,
good buildings, young orchard, some
alfalfa and timothy, balance broken
laud la grain last year. Pall plowing
****.—**ftr *st* IS, HaraM.       U It I
Mr. Tigho Moored; is
prepared to kWk private
loaaoni in Advanced
Dnnoiqg and Donoing for
Children a Specialty
Household Goods
at Sn. J. g. Heaatm wOl k*
eoaelaM Uli week.
Articles .till to sell an
Draislat Table, Ulehea Tenia,
Naiall   Table,   alio   Bedstead,
spring, aad lattnea.
MRH. I. n. KN1-IE,
Car. Laaieea Ave * Edward ft
Solicitors and
■eaey to Low
' Baak BaOilat
(laMMtor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrletar,    Solicitor   anti
P. 0. Box IH
•IS. Illie A GREEN
n.**.lelaei  and  Snrgeone
•■ee at realdaaee, Armstraag
omcB houri
tttmsass   1.00 te Illl
iWiniiae  100 to   «0|
■vaalage    T.JO to   1.10
•■■•lars   1.10 lo   4.10
Craabrook,  B.C.
•nee ta Bassos Bloak
I lo II II
1 U    I Bam.
1 to   I PS
aal Beaeral Hualaf
tarda. Ava.
i ae Application
MM. A. BALBON, Matron
keae *** P. O. Box Ml
I P. O. Box 181
Eiaeral Director and Embalmer
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
«tB aad Mining Eaglaeen
B. C. Land Server en
Pbona 106 P. O. Box II
Organist  Methodist  Churak
Beedveo Faille fer
Orgaa, Flaaoforte, Voice,
Studio: II Norbury Ava
••aeral Merchaat
Bavleraieata Afeata
B. B. Baa IN Fhoae III
Spokane, Waablngton
Wa believe wa
have more regular patrona from
Brltiah Columbia
than any othar
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to thia city, lat ua
ahow you why
this la true.
Oppoalte new Union Station. Cloae to all plaeaa of
liitereet. Rooma elegantly
furnished Ratea aa low
aa at the mora ordinary
lee Btaaauhlp bb Ua Real
Meat a ovary
Monday   night
at    Frateraltf
Ball      Sojourning   Oddtelaewe
eardlallr InvlUd.
W, M. Harrla,        A. M. Datia
Sec. NU.
Ma.ta ever; Tuesday at 1 a at la
th. Frattrnlty Hall
R. C. Carr, CC
F. M. Christian
K R. a s.
P. 0. Box
Yleitin*; br.tbraa
mrmsmss* A-
vltad to aateod.
Meeti -jver* ticond ail tsurife
Wednesday  at  Fraternity  Ball
Sojourning H«b«iaha
I* Invited.
Sis. C. Heimet, N. O.
Sis. A. Ilicki nLotlium, Sec.
John Taylor of Kimberley spent a
few days here before* going to tlie
Western Federation of Miners District
No. 5 wlilcli opened Thursday, March
9th, at Trail. B. C. Mr. Taylor went
as a delegate from the Kimberley
Mrs. Schander of Missoula, Mont, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Conrad.
Two cars of cedar posts, one for
Cranbrook and one for the prairies
are being shipped from hore by
Jumes Parkin.
James Roberts attended the Convention of tlie Western Federation of
Miners held ut Trull last week.
Last week a painful accident occurred during school hours, Charlie MacFarlane fell from his seat in a faint,
striking bin bead against one of the
othar seats nnd inflicting a wound at
tlie back of his bead.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. nates returned
front Cranbrook last Thursday,
Charlie Nordman of Alnswortli Is
here on a visit to bis mother.
Fred Kesler left on Sunday tor sTl-
verton. ,
An yon a sufferer? Know
that terrjble aching, dragging
— down pain, that robs you ot
pleasure, even of rest, and makes
life miserable.? Don't you belie?*
in the law of average'.' If a remedy
bas cured hundreds of people, don t
you think it likely it might at least
cure you?
Just give Zam-Buk a fair trial!
Mr. J. McEwen, of Dundas, suffered from piles for fifteen years.
He says: "I tried pretty nearly
everything, hut got no permanent
relief until I tried Zam-Buk. This
balm relieved tbe pain; continued
use completely and permanently
cured me."
The rich herbal essences of which
Zam-Buk is composed, qulctyy remove congestion, relieve the dull,
gnawlug, burning pain, and cure.
All druggists and stores, or postpaid from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
for price, 50c. box, 8 boxes $1.25.
Masts ln Mauls Hall aaaead
and  fourth  Taaader  el men
moutlt at a p.m.
Membership   .***   A
I. T. Braka. I. F.
VlslUni    i
Meets in tlu
Muple Hull
flrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every montii
at 1 ii. ni.
Pres., Mrs. W
1). McFarlane
■cv, Sirs. John Show, P. O. Box 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
forwarding    and    Distributing
▲font tor
Letlibridfe  Ceel
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil Ce.
Braying and Traniferrlag
Oirou prompt attention
Phona II
Bar tfeaae Ml MiM Phoaa II
■arfcuT Ave., neat te City Hall
■•adeaarters for all klnda el
Satisfaction  (aearenteei
The Shoe Specialist
.   M.   SMITH
I! E M 0 V A T 0 R
and   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
oi.ii s
I'lione 304
Uott. frame, Pro*
rrueh  Bread, (lakee, Plee
and Paetry
Phoaa IT
Bet-hair Ava      Opp. CM* Bell
If  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
■end tt to
8peclal  prices for family
Mr. 0. ShTpmnn bas been appointed
provincial constable with headquarters at Kimberley.
Tlie majority of the residents hnve
signed a petition in favor of a dally
mail service.
B. Lundin has resigned his position
aB caretaker of the Consolidated Co.'s
Smelter ot Marysville, a position he
has held for many years.
Preacott Lewis was a visitor to
Cranbrook on Tuesday last, returning
on Thursday's train.
W. Fleming of Meadow Brook, wbo
is suffering from blood poisoning,
found it necessary to go to the hospital for treatment. We hope "Billy"
will soon recover.
Jack Cavanaugh tlie "long line skinner" from the "Hill" was in Oranbrook i
j last week getting liis stake fixed up.
! It Ib tlie intention of Mr. P. Lewis
to open up a meat market here In the
: near future. As this lias heen a long
I felt want we congratulate Mr. Lewis
on his venture and wish hlm every
There are at present 150 on the pay
roll at the mine.
The leap year dance which was given by tbe boys of the Mine on the
,28th inst was well attended. In spite
1 of bad travel outside points were well
! represented. Dancing commenced at
,9 o'clock and continued merrily until
3 a.m. when fully 20 couples wen
left to dance the "Home Sweet Home
jWnttz". A dainty lap supper was
t served at twelve which was greatly
I enjoyed by all. The music was fur-
inlshed by Messrs. Smith and James.
I Mr. Neuman acted as floor manager.
Mrs. C. C. Snowdon, who has been
I visiting with ber parents, Mr. and
j Mrs. Taylor, left for her home at Cnl-
igary on the 7st inst.
(By Fred Boo)
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Macdonald who
I have been spending the winter in the
! RooBvllle Valley returned to Okotoks,
Alberta, this week visiting friends in
' Fernie several days en route.
R. Joyce, manager of the Flagstone
Lumber Co., loft for Edmonton this
' week.
Howard McGulre one of the prosperous farmers from thc Roos.'ille Val-
■ ley, got a pure bred hull for bis dairy
j herd from tbe Government Experl-
| mental Farm.
| Jim ThlBtlebeak returns from a
visit to the Tobacco Plains Country,
visiting Flagstone, Roosvillo Valley
and Gateway und claims when the
time comes that W. R. Robs will got
the biggest majority he ever got In
this District. Jim says he never met
one Conservative in all his travels
that was rocking the boat, but smiling
that gladsome smile, because they
were living in B. C. instead of Alherta
and Saskatchewan, where the Grits
have nothing in their heads but.'-rrfl
and tobacco smoke.
Mrs, Wm. Murdock and son of Flagstone loft for Coleman to visit her
mother who is leaving for Scotland.
Tlie Elko Conservative Association
held two big meetings last week and
at the special meeting which was the
best attended and resolutions were
forwarded to tbo Hon. W. J. Bowser,
the Hon. W. It. Ross nnd Thomas
Covin, M.P.P., at Victoria, B. C.
Mr. E. R. Ford of Calgary was in
! town tliis week, but claims no relationship to Hurry.
! Milt KnBtnor, Ferule's popular ln-
j surance magnate, was In Elko this
week on business.
Miss E. Patterson nnd Miss B, May
Roo ot Roosville Is visiting witli Mrs.
Tom Taylor this week at Flagstone.
The Elko Water Power and Light
{Co. held a meeting Mondny night and
the annual meeting will hc held on
March 27th at thc Elk Hotel.
ly or almost entirely surrounded by
vacant or Government lands; and
whereas no steps to combat this pest
have as yet been taken; now, therefore
these Institutes request the Llcut.-
(i over no r in Council, nud Legislature
that steps bc Immediately taken to
combat this pest which is responsible
for a large annual loss to ranchers
situated as aforesaid. Mr. Smith also
brought up other matters of Inipor- I
tance to tlie ranching community.
Bert Grant returned with the Robin |
on the list inst, and Ib a guest nt the
Central Hotel.    *
Mr. A. G. James, aecretary of the
.Marysville and district Farmers' Institute, has been notified by the Deputy
.Minister of Agriculture that short
courses for Farmers will be given by
experts from the Agricultural department at the Central Hotel on Thursday. Marcii 23rd, at 2 p.m. "Dairying"
by T. A. F. Wiancko and "Mixed
Farming" by S, H. Hopkins. Everybody welcomed, admission free.
Hev. A. B. Lane held Bervice at tiie
Knglish church un the 5th inst, which
, was fully choral. Miss Handley presided at the organ.
Ben Kaer, the local dairyman, was
a. visitor to Cranbrook on Tuesday last
returning on Thursday.
House Cleaning Time
WHEN the house is being repapered and other Spring improvements   being   made   you   may    require   some  Linoleum,
Congoleum, Wool Rugs   or Mats, Curtains   or Poles,  Bed
Sheets or Pillow Cases, or the cloth to make them from, or some article
of Furniture.
We expect a large shipment of Scrims, Marquisettes,
Art Muslins, Velours, Poplins, Plush, etc. will arrive this
We feel quite safe in saying that this lot contains the
nicest assortment of decorating materials that has ever
come to Cranbrook and we ask you to examine these goods
and note prices before ordering.
has a reputation of over one hundred years.
We are agents for CONGOLEUM, tho floor rug that
holds no moisture, yet you can wash it with the hose,
sticks to the floor without tacking and will not turn up at
the corners,   "•> square yard.
Ironing Boards, Curtain Stretchers, Clothes Backs,
O'Cedar Mops and Oil, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets.
Ladies over-all aprons, made of excellent material and
in the best possible manner, regular 75c to $1.00, Saturday
Price   60c.
Mrs. J. Metcalfe left on Tuesday via
Rampart for Cranbrook.
Assistant Commissioner Wilson of
the Royal .North West Mounted Police
visited Fort Steele on the list inst,
Mr. Wilson Is from Edmonton and ou
his way west.
Mrs. F. Bininore received on Wednesday.
Mrs. Fenwick postponed her tea
planned for Friday on account of her
At the Red Cross Meeting on Thursday Mrs. Harrison took charge.
Mr. Quartley visited town on Friday
nist Inst.
-The death occurred on Sunday the
5th inst of Chas. Rose, of Missoula,
Montana. The late Mr. Rose leaves a
daughter in Fort Steele, Mrs. A. Fenwick.
Colin Dunlop in writing from France
said lie was well and on duty again.
He said also that the miners were being taken from his Battalion and
shipped to tho front. Colin said he
saw "Shorty" Merrick who is at the
front again now. Siiorty has been having a very exciting time and likes it
very much. He Is very well known
here. Douglas Dunlop has been sent
back to the base and so far has not
been hurt In llie least.
Mr. G. R. Evans In writing said he
was well and enjoying things. That's
tlie right spirit, boys.
John Damer, Vancouver, of Darner,
Lumsden Co., was doing business ln
town last week.
William Fleming ln writing to his
sister, Mrs. R. L. T. Galbraith, said he
very much appreciated the "smokes"
as alt the boys did. He also said he
hadn't been engaged In actual fighting
1 but was very anxious for this, and
that he would be going into the
. trenches that night for four days. Mr.
Klemyng was in Mexico at the time
war was declared but lost no time ln
; going to England.   He enlisted in the
"SI" Patten Is again wounded and
declares he's having a great time. This
is ONLY the fourth time, they say,
that SI has been wounded.
Someone writing from far away and
a soldier writing from the front said
that it was "some comfort" to receive the home paper and to hear all
ubout one's friends. After all It's the
little things ln life tliat count, and not
least of these the home town (or nearest town) paper. We never miss these
things until they are out of reach. How
many thousands of boys at the front
wish for an extra long letter "all
about the old town" and those who do
not care to write more than twelve
pages could just roll up a paper (say,
ror Instance a Herald) and sent It off.
A circular letter has been sent by
order of thc Bishop to alt the parishes
of Kootenay District, asking that the
people make contributions towards the
purse of gold which is to be presented to Archdeacon and Mrs. Beer on
the occasion of tlieir Golden Wedding
on March 27th.
Wm. Carlin left for the Coast on
the llth.
Mr. A. B. Fenwick and C. Attree on
Monday succeeded in breaking the
roads for cars. They "made It" In
the "Blue Bird" and arrived home ot
the respectable hour of 4.30 p.m. and
with the proof—a newly bought piece
of Celluloid.
The placer miners are about to start
their work washing at Wild Horse
Judge Thompson and E. H. Small
passed through town on the 13th on
their way to Windermere District.
J. Beck of Radium, B. C. spent a
few hours In town on March 13th.
Father Lambert left town on Monday last.
Constable Walsh left on Monday by
Kootenay Central for Canal Flats.
Tbe 12th Annual St. Patrick's Ball
will be held ln the Band Hall on Friday 17th at 9 p.m. and from all accounts a jolly crowd and a jolly time
are expected and what Is more—good
weather. Now that the roads have
been broken for cars and rigs our
Cranbrook friends will no doubt attend. A welcome ls all ready for
In answer to the query "What's the
matter with Kelly?"  we should say
Nothing bo far as we can see! and he
tioth King's Royal Rifles, then after I will be right there on the 17th."
training from September to July, Mr. 	
Flemylng  went to  France, and has
since been serving Ills country there. [GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL
Fort   Steele   resembled   Venice   as       ASSISTANCE TO FARMERS
much as tt ever will on Friday the!
For Best Quality
Milk and Cream
Vie have secured llie services ol M. McCrlndle as herdsman. Mr.
McCrlndle, who has heen two years with the BraeniBr Stock Farm, has
had a life experience In producing milk ud cream (or the most discriminating trade.
T. E. AUSTIN, Proprietor.
touting |*||1 for Wuuion. JS ft box ttt Itircc fo-
ltf. *siM at all Jinsff storm, or miUnl to any
Mdnaaon rttfiptof prlc«. Thi Soomi. Ubu-
**" jit Ctittuiriniit, Ontario. '
Vim mm
TtteUtf-for Van* and Brain; Inemm*"jrroy
■Mtor'.aTflU.e-willl'Utldyon up. |J niiox.or
t*o tor |!t. at drug ilnr-***.. et ity nir.ll on rrrvlp,
*t>rkt Til HcQiii i, nice Co.. St. Chthtrinet,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
■juonutt.ui i<>j loipiW oi iiiufm sum
ipoq eqx -ipvup iniuuppjs jo )0|p
-joa •a n| aun|in<>J 'pl»i( hum lsonbu,
uv ■X|iniu«ii| iuii| auuiiH 'puoi) ;>i|i
uo mm ipnais ooa'd « pun 'ointp ;»m
tuivop Su|IUOJ sda Joquiu ju ii.HHiq v
ooum Ixtm .un jo )no v* "1 P*ll"J "11
-JM* spo jo Xnpwinj, uo Xija|UIU
•SU )■ duiey joqiuni i.oinxmu II iu
poiM iv* inuonou p-noiu mm y
I Farmers, Knnohcrs Hi Trappers
It does net cost you anything to
Get Our Casli Offer
on your furs,  I'JxpresB them to us.
We Vny All ('Imrircs
over a 55.00 valuation.   We make you
uur offer
and Hold Vour Furs
for ymir reply, returning them
il Our Kxponse
(If not purchased,   Try ns.   In
rbUBlness since 1SK8.
218 Eighth  uvenue  west, Calgary, Alta, *7-tf
C. E. IllchardBon, H. O. Dempster,
of NelBon; J. Usher and A. A. Ward,
Provincial (lame Warden, of Craubrook, were among the arrivals nt tlie
Central Hotel last week.
Hans Lund, Mrs. Geo. HawkcB, Miss
Handley and her brother Kd, and Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. James, of Marysville, attended the leap year dance ut Kimberley on the 20th inst.
Mrs. Horman of Kimberley spent the
week end visiting with her mother,
Mrs. Bidder at Lottie Luke.
Marysville, Kimberley and Wycliffe*
citizens are petitioning the pust ofllce
authorities for a dally mail service.
There are In Marysville 30 residents
who clnlm Bristol, England, ns their
I birthplace.
■ Mr. A. B. Smith who reprp«nntf*il the
[Cranbrook Formers' Institute at the
Convention at Victoria on the sth, Oth
nnd lotii. also represented tho Marys*
iville and district Partners' Institute,
[Hesolutions were passed by both Institutes, thnt whereas In the past serious
Inroads haw been made by gophers on
tbt crops of ranchers wbo axe entlrt-
10th. However as soon us ferries nnd
canoes wcre discussed off rushed the
water in little bands, into cellars, or
over the K. C. Railway track to do further mischief.
J. J. Stephenson, representing tho
McLeod Milling Company, was doing
business ln town on tlie 9th.
Chas. Stevens of Wasu waB ln town
last week.
J. M- Christie was nmong the guests
at thc Imperial Hotel lust week, also
A. E. Keesor of Medicine Hat, Alta.
A. Doyle drove to Cranbrook laBt
week and also to Wasa.
Win. Carlin drove to his ranch last
R. P. Lnngford, representing the W.
H. Hulkin Co., Vancouver, wus In town
lust week.
Sam Cadieux drove In from Sheep
Creek iHst week end.
0, 0. Snowdon of Calgary paid our
town n visit last week.
A young torrent succeeded last Sunday in making dangerous about six
feet of Kootenay Central railway
' track, by stealing the foundation and
j depositing it lu thc river. TIiIb .however, wus remedied In timo for tlie
train on Monday which was three
hours late on account of another and
la larger washout several miles out.
Mosars. A. Doyle and A Fenwick
\ saved the day (Friday) when hy dl-
: verting thc course of a nowly formed
\ river rushing headlong across the
i track, they saved the much threaten-
j ed culvert from a swift ride..
! Miss Doris Kershaw spent the week-
! end at her home here.
Wards off Nerrous Break Domt
Alburn's, Pn. —" I am a teacher fn the
public schools and I got into a very nervous run-down condition. I could not
■Ir-en and had no appetite. I was tired
all the time. My sister asked me to try
Vinol. I did so, and within a week my appetite improved and I could sleep all
niRhtand now I feel well and strong."—
Rosa M. Keller, Alburtis, Pa.
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic, for all weakened
run-down conditions and for chronic
coughs, colds and bronchitis.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co..
Craabrook, B.C.
(Continued from Page 1)
orable to agriculture; flrst, being that
the Bank advance to the Government
40 million francs (|8,000,000) free of
Interest to use ln subsidizing the
rural credit organizations. Second,
that the Bank of FtAiice pay anually
a certain portion of its yenrly profits
as an advance for agricultural credit,
this conditional advance was to be not
less than two million francs, It has
varied between 4,000,000 and 5,000,000
francs per annum.
Since this law was enforced the
Bank of France hus provided 130,000,-
000 francs, ultimately the Government
will return tho original 40,000,000
francs; but thc balance will remain
as a cnplfal for tlte regional banks.
During 1913 {17,000,000 wus loaned to
peasant farmers for agricultural development through the regional hanks.
of wlilcli there nre 100 In France.
Considering that the Province of Alberta is larger than the total urea or
France, her peasants are fairly well
financed, special encouragement Is
given to young men who have finished their military service to take up a
small farm.
Italy grunts financial assistance by
State and Co-operative Institutions,
the Government having furnished $14,-
000,000 for agricultural loans. There
are also rural Co-operative Bunks, one
of the most notable ls the People's
Rural Banks founded and organized
by Slgnor Lutgl Luzzatti, who addressed the American Commission when In
British Columbia
In 1912 a Royal Commission was appointed and its report Is more complete and Interesting than that of any
other Canadian report.   Based on the
(report of tills Commission waB fram-.
ed the Agricultural Act passed In j
191*5, litfinitily providing for flasaetsl
assistance to Co-operative Associations and also directly to Individual
Brltlsii Columbia takes precedence
over the U. S. In promptly applying
legislation for tills purpose, and Is
also ahead of other provinces In Canada ln that respect. A Bill is now be.
fore the U. S. Senate and tiie various
Provinces of Canada are now providing similar legislation for Agricultural
credits. Government Assistance to
Farmers ls no new idea, Frederick
the Great having Inltnated the move*
ment, the basic principle of which has
been adopted by other countries. Slgnor Luzzatti describes Denmark as the
"World's Laboratory in Co-operative
and Agricultural Experimenting".
116,014 Farmers ha.e 7# acres and
under, 122,573 have 7Vi to 135 acres.
, Denmark exports $125,000,000 worth
, of agricultural produce annually. At
jHaslev, Zeeland, Is the world's larg-
jest Creamery, which receives milk
from 12,000 cows yielding 60,000,000
lbs of milk annually, and produces
butter value $950,000 and cheese $1,-
150,00 and supplies Copenhagen with
30,000 lbs of milk dally. This dairy
employs 400 persons and 100 horses.
I'niler Careful  Supervision  nf Chief
Adams Makes a Profil of #10.15
and Feeds City Prisoners
Free of Cost.
The police Commissioners Inaugurated a regime of economy ot their first
meeting by deciding to reduce the
police staff by dispensing with the
services of Policeman Aldridge. Night
Constable Johns, who haB been on the
probationary list, has beeu tuken on
The report of Chief Adams on the
cost of feeding prisoners for tlie month
makes Interesting rending. During the
month 602 meals were served to prisoners, at an average cost of 10H
cents per meal. Out of that number
of meals served 303 were for Provincial prisoners, which ure charged to
thnt Department at 26 cents per meal,
amounting to $75.75. Therefore, besides getting all the city work done by
all these prisoners our own men have
been ted the whole of tho month free
of cost to the city, ana wtth a balance
of $10.15 to the good. This Is certainly
a most creditable showing.
Mr. Geo. Stevenson, managing director of the Cranbrook Jobbers, Limited since Its Inception four years and
a half ago, left on Tuesday for Nelson
where he will open a new wholesale
grocery. Mr. Stevenson has made a
wonderful success of the local wholesale grocery and will sUll
Barred Rocks, S. C. R. I.
Reds, and 8. C. Vi*
Hatching Eggs-
Barred Bocks $8 per U
Beds.. #1,50 per 15 or |8 per 100
Leghorns 91.50,. 15 or 97 per 100
Produced from the best  egg.
laying strains.
P. O. Box 441     Phone 377A
Setting Eggs for sale, Rhode Island
Reds, $1.60 for setting or 15. Mrs. \V.
Soden, phone 313.
his connection with It, but expects to
have larger opportunities in the larger
city. His removal from the clly wlll
be a distinct loss In noi only 1hihIuchh
but also In social and muslcul circles.
Mr. Stevenson's excellent buss voice
being greatly appreciated ut various
functions from time to time.
Mr. Stevenson's removal wlll ne.
cessltnte a readjustment of the stair
of thu Crnnbrook Jobbers. Mr. F. VY.
Burgess wlll have charge or the financial end of the business nnd Mr. Finlay Robson will take charge of the
sales end. Both theso gentlemen are
well and favorably Known nnd will
maintain tho good reputation tlie Jobbers have gained for satisfactory deal-
lug with the trade.
At an executive meeting of the Board
of Trade held Wednesday afternoon
the petition for a dally mall service
to the villages ot Marysville, Kimberley and Wycliffe was heartily endorsed. The petition will be Bent on to A.
G. Davidson, Supt of Mall Service at
Calgary, with a resolution from tho
The sum of $35 has been raised by
the people of Kimberley for Red Cross
work aud has been forwarded to headquarters, through lire. King of Cran-


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