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Cranbrook Herald Apr 13, 1916

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Uniforms for It. Company Arrive at La-st—Lieut. Lister and 35
Men Transfer to the 225th—Footfall and  Baseball
Teams Being  Organised.
Tlu* uniforms (or tin* 325th lmvo finally arrived and n number of tin* men
mado thi'lr rirnt appearance In khaki
on Mitmiiiy. The Bine and iil.yHl.iuo
of tin' local rocrultu i« su much superior tn tln< usual Btnndard tlmt the
Inrgir hI/i'h speodtly run short nml
there nre Mill n number nf men without uniforms tllOUgll then* are plenty
or the smaller bIkqh bUII on hand, The
dotlclenoy will hood be supplied however ami it*-is hoped they will till bo
fully eqtilppod In u very short time
now. Tho men look much smarter
nnd very much moro soldierly In their
now equloineut, nnd Cruubrook wlll
have every reason to bo proud of the
splendid body of men now being recruited here. Since the arrival of tlie
uniforms thero has been u marked
improvement In the esprit de corps
ot the men.
Col. McKay nnd Capt. Barnes, Adjutant, paid a visit to the city this
week and inspected the men on Wednesday morning. Col. McKay was particularly well pleased with the progress the men havc made with their
drill, and complimented the men on
their appearance and good work on
parade, and intimated tl at Insteaf of
the afternoon parade the afternoon be
given over to sports. The local officers have worked hard to make tho
men proficient, and though handicapped until now by the lack of equipment
have made good progress and the local company will stand fnvoraolo com*
Utrlson with any other company o? the
225th, or any.other company formed at
the same time.
Tho best nows of the weok Is tho
fact that Lieut. Lister and thirty-five
men of tho 102ml, quartered here, have
transferred to the 225th and are now
on the strength of B. Company. This
tiringr, the Company well up to the
hundred murk.
John Ohar|es Gilbert, au American,
signed up laBt Thursday for the Army
Medical Corps, und wus sent to Ferule.
The only recruit this week Is Francis
Dulton, a Belgian, who has lost his
family somewhere In Belgium. He
hopes to get to tlie front at the earliest
possible moment to do his bit In
nvenglng tho Hun atrocities which
broke up his home. He Is a peaceable
man himself, hut in common with so
many of his fellow countrymen has
suffered that thc world might be saved from the Hun oppressor.
A football and baseball team are
now fn process of organization and
they hope soon to be in shape to challenge anything ln the district. There
is much splendid material for both
teams in B. Company, and they will
play either civilian or military teams,
and think they can trim them all.
Lieut. Harris and Co. Serg.-Major
Brewer left to-day for tlio CoaBt to
take a two week's course in musketry.
The company wish to thank the Imperial Bank Mess for the gift of a
gramophone and fifty records, also Mr.
J. M, Coutts for a football.
The Company have displayed on the
window of the orderly room a copy
of one of the heart-rending War
Posters by Louis Raemaekers, the
famous Dutch Cartoonist, entitled "Iu
Cranbrook Has Ideal Site for Concentration Camp—Would be
Mattel of Economy and a Stimulus to Recruiting
to Train 225th Here.
Wast*? Paper Bylaw to be Enforced—
Watering Trough to he Erected—
Many Small Mattem Re-
celve Attention.
The regular meeting of the city
council waa held Wednesday morning,
present Mayor Clapp ln the chair and
Aldermen   Santo,    Balment,    Leask,
Home Guard Drill will be commenc-
' ed again, und a drill has been called
for Friday night at 8 sharp, to assem-
; ble In front of the city hall. Capt.
, Tisdale has been re-instated and will
j take charge. Drill will take place
every Friday night tnd oftener If required.
Every man may not be In u position
to enlist for overseas 8erv.ee but every
Hanson aud l?rickBon.   Minutes of the ; one who lti abItl t0 drm should he glad
previous meeting were rend and confirmed,
Mr. Nesblt appeared before the coun*
ell on behalf of the Board of Trade
of this opportunity to acquire the
rudiments of military train in c by devoting an hour or so once or twice a
week,   The need may not arise but it
In regard to the erection of a water- I is well to be prepared.
lng trough for the convenience of the ■    Let every able-bodied citizen turn
farmers.    Mr, Palmer appeared later | out Friday night at 8 sharp.
on  behalf of the Farmers'  Institute
ou the same matter, lt was the general opinion of the Aldermen that a
watering trough was really needed
and as the expense would be small lt
should bc put In at once. On motion
the matter was left In the hands of
the City Engineer to select the most
suitable location and proceed to put
one in
Women's Institute Hold Patriotic Day
—Large Quantity   of  Supplier
Donated for the Red
(.'ro*w Work
The regular meeting of the Cranbrook Woman's Institute was held on
Tenders were received for street |the ,Irst Tuesday of the month as
cleaning from Cranbrook Cartage and 'usuaL MrH- w- B- McFarlane, preat-
Transfer Co. and from W. E. Worden, dent- occupied the chair. Tho first
the contract being let to thc latter at  Par* of the mectinB waB token UP wlth
|250 for the first clean-up and then
$60 per month. There was some dls*
cusBlon as to the placing of the garbage by the householders on the end
articles  received  from the advisory
board, also Mr. Scott the deputy minis,
ter of Agriculture.
This being the April meeting it was
of their lots or on the lane. In or- !8et -Wl for a Patriotic day, and the
der to keep the lanes clean and -pre- 're9t of tIie afteri-oou WM •**«•<• UP
sentable it was thought the garbage jwit" Patriotic songs und recitations
should be put on the rear of the lot !and a Pancr on "Wh« * Woman Can
In a convenient place to be taken up ;Do for the Empire", also a prayer for
by the wagon, and lt wlll be left to ! °»r -"Wler boys ot the front. Follow-
the engineer to see that the garbage lnS ■•- the program: Solo and chorus,
Is put in an accessible spot. Soldiers of the King; prayor for the
'soldiers by Mrs. Palmer; a poem was
read by Mrs. Shaw which was composed by one of the soldier hoys, entitled "The Girl Behind the Man Be-
Lctters were received from A. B, '
Macdonald ln regard to looking after j
the water records, and In connection '
with thc case of Mrs. Stojack.   This !
woman  ts a foreigner who cannot
apeak English.   She has been deserted
by her husband ana let with threo
children to support and is In nbsol*
utely   destitute  circumstances.    Tho i
Sunshine Society has been attending
to her wants but as their funds   are
limited they now ask the city to look
after her.   There has been an entire
absence of relif cases during the past
| winter and the city has spent practi-
cally nothing In that work.   In this ,
case the woman's lack of English Is
hind the Gun"; a recitation by Mrs.
Cold well entitled "Have you Mothered
a Man?"solo and chorus by Mrs.
Thompson entitled "We are Knitting";
paper read by Mrs. Sarvis entitled
"What a Woman Can Do for the Empire."
Then came the Red Cross shower as
the President read out the names of
the ladles they came forward and laid
their donation on the table and, a
hearty clap was given each one for
the splendid work done. Following Is
the result of the shower: 27 pair sox,
A" very largely attended meeting of
the Cranbrook Board of Trade was
held In the Cranbrook Hotel on Tuesday evening last to protest against the
published report that the 225th Battalion would be concentrated at Vernon
for training purposes. As it was understood that Captain Ritchie, as a
result of his recent visit to Cranbrook
and Inspection of the suitable site, had
reported in favor of establishing the
training camp for this Battalion here,
it was felt that this proposition was
distinctly unfair to Cranbrook. and
that tho presence In Uie city of Col.
McKay afforded nn excellent opportunity of ghlnt* the military authorities an unbiassed account (if the feelings of Cranbrook citizens on this
matter, Colonel MucKay being present
at thc meeting.
The general dissatisfaction of the
city at the proposed treatment of the
226th Battalion was ably voiced by
Bcveral of the leading business men.
It was pointed out that in order to
secure ,the greatest possible stimulation for recruiting ft wan necessary
thai the men Bhould be concentrated
nt some point easily accessible to
their friends and relations so (hat It
would not be unduly expensive to.
visit them In their (mining quarters,
nnd that whereas by concentrating at
Cranhrook It would entail only a com-
parntlvely small expanse to reach
them from any point In the Kbotenaya,
111 the event of Vernon being selected
It would cost anything from |SD to $70
to do this.
captnln Ritchie on his recent visit
hnd expressed tlie opinion that had the
authorities been aware thut si.eh an
ideal npot was available for a concentration tamp when ihey selected Vernon lust year, not one battalion only
bul two or throe brigades would have
been located here lu addition, the
D.O.C., Colonel Duff Btowart, wus
strongly opposed to giving the tlQCOflr
sury preliminary training In lurge concentration camps such as Valcartler
beforo sending the recruits oversells,
and greatly In favor of training lu battalions at selected pOttttB, believing
that this favored better discipline and
equally as satisfactory if not hotter
results, and was furthermore strongly
in favor of Cranbrook aa the concentration point for the 225th Battalion.
Col. MacKay was himself heartily in
favor of Cranbrook for this purpose.
It was a case of either Cranbrook or
Vernon as the concentration point.
With these remarks Colonel MacKay
signified his hearty accord.
It was further pointed out that the
members of the Provincial Legislature
who represented the Kootenay district
I had sent telegrams to Ottawa, protest* j
i lng against the establishment of a concentration camp at Vernon, and that
| a majority of the nine Kootenay members had specially mentioned Cran-
| brook as the most suitable concentration camp.
I After further discussion a committee
f of three composed of Mr. W. A. Nisbet,
\ President or the Board ot Trade, and
; Messrs. A. C. Bowness and W. B. Mc*
i Farlane was appointed to draft a res-
j olutlon to the Secretary of the Militia
I Council, and Colonel Duff Stewart, D.
jO.C,, protesting against the proposed
| concentration at Vernon. The follow-
: lng telegram was drafted and sent by
|that Committee: "At a largely attended meeting of tho Cranbrook
Hoard of Trade and citizens, a unanimous resolution was passed protesting against the concentration of the
.?-!;i!ii Battalion at any point outside
lot the Kootenay district. The officer
I commanding thc Battalion spent the
I day in Cranhrook, and after inspection
I of grounds nnd location In general ap-
' proves of Cranbrook as the concentration point for the 22Kt!i nuttallon."
lt was further moved that a commit-
toe, composed of Messrs. A. C. Bow-
■ness, \V. B. McFarlane. A. B. Macdonald. and Mayor Clapp should visit Fernie with n view to securing thc cooperation of the Fernie cltlsens In having tho 225th Battalion retained In the
Kootenays Tor training purposes.
In reply to a hearty vote of thanks
for attending the meeting and listening so attentively to the arguments
: put forth, Colonel McKay said that he
had vory pleasant recollections of the
{way Cranhrook citizens had treated
hlm in the past, and that on this visit
he did not find their Interest and good
wlll had In any way diminished.
a big handicap to her in obtaining
work, and It was thought something , J ""■ °  *j»»»J 7 flur"lcftl *gk
shold be done, the matter being left10 ** Wflter tottta «ge"|j «"' «*•
In the hands of the Relief Commlttet. jmouU' *»-f • °ver * ** c'°th8'
.... ■m_. .   M ..    Dn.*„a  one blanket, nnd some old linen. These
A letter was read from the Police    .        .       ' .e.   .««« .
„ __,   *      _ . ,_ ...      _ „,, *•,„ iwlll bc turned over to the I.O.D.E. for
Commission that in view of all the f *.*■*/•.       t J
■       —   ti - ™ui. ti,- shipment.    Refreshments were served
circumstances in connection with the .    ' ,„
ms. *m   , m*.   a,is -un   t- **,„ umesAm «# by the committee nnd the meeting clos-
theft of the $40 while In the hands of    * ,    ,      ,,    _        ,     ■"       .
.,.,   .. „     _M «,„    ed by singing the Woman s National
the retiring Chief of Police they be-,        *
lieved ho should be relieved of the i     tIiem'
responsibility.   The council at a previous meeting put through a motion
to hold the Chief responsible for this      Saturdayi Apr|| 22ndi ,,a8 ta pro.
money, and did not feel inclined to cla,med __ pub„c M|d_y f__ th_ pf0.
Mr. Porcy Purkcr on Tuesday last
conducted an evening with Mendelsohn ln Christ Church Hull, ills program was worthy of a far larger audience. Probably Crunbrook wlll begin
to appreciate this exclusively gifted
young vlollnst—somo day. Those who
love good music and appreciate executive ability wlll not mlsa nn opportunity of hearing Percy Parker whenever thpy havo a chance. Mrs. Stevenson's rendering of several of Mendel-
Holm's songs wns very much appreciated, MrB. Stevenson being ln exceptionally good form and singing with
delightful verve.
Thc St. John Ambulance Association will give a dance In Christ Church
Parish Hall on Easter Monday even
lng, April 24th, from 9.30 until 2 a.m.
Good music and refreshments will be
provided, all for thc sum of fifty-cents.
Come and have a good time.
rescind   their   previous  motion
simply filed the letter,
vincc  ot British  Columbia,  in  commemoration of the battle of St. Julian
On motion the following accounts ,__t y_a_   It is particularly requested
were ordered paid
Beale ft Elwell $8; Beattie-Murphy
$2; Campbell ft Manning, $75; Cran-
that there be a general display of flags
on that day,
Good Friday coming on the 21st this
brook Herald $14: City Clerk's Bun. makM ,wo MUat, com,w toge,her
dries I2S.30; Cranbrook Drat ft Boo* i with Easter Sunday following, while
**.- ***   at/a.        n..rthsn*l,       DkI.ah,.       BF0   TK. **
Co. $740; Cranbrook Bakery $fi,7B;
Cranbrook Laundry $3.85; Cranbrook
Sash ft Door Co. $16.67; Cranbrook
Meat Market $16.80; C. P. R. Telegraph $4.09; Cranbrook Electric Light
Co. $206.31, thawing account $29; City
Transfer ft Warehouse $71.08; Cranbrook Cartage ft Transfer $7.26; Fink
Mercantile Co. $6.75; Henderson, Wm.
$3; Hanson Oarage $35.80; Kootenay
Telephone Lines $21.90; Ira Manning
Ltd. $21.20; J. D. McBride $4.95; Parrett, T. N. $3.50; F. Parks & Co. $2.30;
the Banks will also be closed the foi
lowing Monday, Easter Monday. The
Banks however are about the only
business Institutions which close on
Easter Monday.
Householders will need to lay in a
good supply on Thursday to carry over
till the following Monday.
At the annual meeting of the Cranbrook Golf Club the following officers
Patmore  Bros.  $8.60;   School  Board iwerc appointed:  Hon. PreB., Mr. V.
payroll $1839.85, orders (delegate's ex- jHyde Baker: Pres., Mr. J. M. Christie,
penses to Victoria, $117; City Officials
payroll $267.60; Fire Dept. $245.60;
Police Dept. $260; Police Dopt, special
$46; City Engineers $125; Sullivan, L.
P. $B.
Vice. Pres., Mr. E. L Stapl.es; Secy.*
Treas., Mr. M. A. Beale; Oen. Corn-
Messrs. C. Staples, A. B. Macdonald, J.
Miller, J. T. Laldlaw, Mesdames Oreen,
Christie, Macdonald and Beale;    Tea.
The City Engineer's report of work ■ committee, Mesdames Hogarth. Milter,
for the month of March was read. An Thompson and Ncsb'tt.
Interesting Item from his report la the \ *fne |ft(jleg 0f t*,e General Committee
fact that during the last sis months |Bre Uie HoUBe Committee for thj year,
the only laborers employed on city i Mr- c. o. Staples was elected Captain,
works have been prisoners, In two *n,e old Kootenay Oold Club House
or three days however there wlll be j wl)| be moved to the new ground* and
no prisoners and with spring work fitted up as a dressing room. Several
crowding it wlll be necessary to hire j improvements ore also being made to
outside help.  The report was adopted ! tne c\a\. house.
and It was left to tho engineer to hire '  —
such help as needed. DAILY MAIL
During the McGlll*Watson case last _!	
fall a post was removed from the ver-     Word haB been received from the
andah of the house and never re- j Post Office Dept. at Calgary that
turned, lt having been used as an   dally mall service wlll be commenced
exhibit in the case.   It was ordered lon the Kimberley Branch on the 17th
replaced, and left in the hands of the of April,
city engineer. — —-
Farmers* Institute Ask Hoard of Trade
to Co-operate-Suitable Shelter
for Teams Needed—To Ar.
range (onventlnn of East I
Kootenay Institutes,
Thc regular monthly mooting of tlw
Craubrook Farmers' Institute was held |
in the City Hull on Saturday last at
2.30 p.m. President It. Palmer wns In
the chair; and thoro was an attendance of eleven members, which, considering thut tho beautiful weather
kept ttie members out nt work ou their
farms was not nt ull had,
The minutes of the iust regular
monthly meeting wore read aud adopted, the correspondence rend and ordered filed.
It was decided to enter tills yoar for
Field Crop Competitions In Oats and
Potatoes, those entering lo pay an entrance fee of $1.
Mr. A. B. Smith then gave a brief
but Interesting account of the Annua!
Convention of Farmers' Institutes at
Victoria, which he attended as delegate of the Cranbroo-K and Marysville
Farmers' Institutes.
In the course of his report Mr. Smith
said that the Convention was held in
the Convention Hall of the Empress
Hotel, Victoria, something over a
hundred delegates being present. The
discussions were very live, and the
biggest trouble the Chairman had wus
In keeping members from interrupting
ono another, and in recognizing who
had the floor first.
While at Victoria, the delegates from
the East and West Kootenays held an
Informal meeting, proposing some united action from that district on local
matters prior to the next annual convention. It was decided to appoint a
convenor and to gather as many delegate* aB possible at preferably thc Nelson Fall Fair. Mr. Jamlesou of the
South Slocan Institute was appointed
convenor and will communicate with
the different Institutes beforo long. In
a private letter to him, Mr. Jamleson
had expressed tho opinion that pos-
slbly all tho Institutes of the East
Kootenay could more usefully meet
separately, aB they have stock, range
and water questions to solve In which
Uie West Kootenay institutes are not
greatly interested. Mr, Mitchell, the
delegate from Golden, proposes an
Eaat Kootenay sub-convention at Invermere Fair next Fall, and Mr. Smith
thought It a good Idea and one worth
following up later on. He expected to
see Mr. Mitchell next week, and would
express to him any sentiments the
meeting might advise.
The following resolution was then
carried: That the Craabrook Farmer's
Institute la heartily in sympathy with
this suggestion, and la willing to cooperate with the other East Kootenay
Institutes in arranging for a Convention of these Institutes.
It was resolved to asit the Craubrook
Board of Trade to co-operate In a request to thc City Council to erect a
public watering place In a convenient
position ln the City, at the same time
bring forward the matter of erecting
a suitable shelter tot teams entering
the city.
It waa also decided that the regular
May meeting should b« postponed, and
that the June meeting should be held
at 7.30 p.m.
The meeting then adjourned.
Thc home of Mr. nnd Mrs. A. B.
Maeleod of Fasslferne, was the scene
of a very pretty wedding on Wednesday noon, April 12th, when their niece,
Miss Bessie I). Profitt of Burlington,
P.E.I,, was united in marriage to Mr.
Arthur K. Stewart of Calgary hy Rov.
W. K. Thompson.
The bride looked charming dressed
In white crepe de chene, and shadow |
Uce with veil and orange blossoms,
carrying a boquet of bridal roses.
Miss Elsie Park and little Miss Jean
Maclcod acted us bridesmaids, while
Mr. Lloyd Crowe supported the groom.
After doing justice to a dainty luncheon prepared hy the hostess thn bridal party motored to Cranbrook wl ire
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart loft by thc afternoon train for their new home In Cal- j
gary, accompanied by showers of rice,
confetti and good wishes. The bride's
travelling suit was of blue silk poplin
with picture hat to match, Tlie bride
la well known in Kimberley, having
resided there for the past year.
McCreery Bros.
On Saturday afternoon,.April 15th
tlio St. John Ambulsnco Association
wlll nlvi! the list of tho series of teas
they have been giving In Little *
AtchlsoD'i store. Don't forget the
pitct uct Ut Mt.
The matter of wine piper blowing
about ind creating t nuisance wis
brought up, snd ib there Is t by-law
covering this the Chief of Police wlll
be Instructed to see that Its provisions
ire rigidly enforced.
The street watorlng for the year wlll
be lot to Mr. C. S. Parser on the same
terms as last yetr.
Tenders for mtttreaiei and bedding
for the fire-hall were raid. On motion
It was left to Flre Committee to buy
such supplies ts may be necessary,
•nd tlio procure paint for the flre
Miss Jean Corbctt's sister arrived
this afternoon from Winnipeg and wlll
shortly take up her duties at the Roytl
made for attending outside fires, no
change will be made from the custom
of the past.
The city clerk has lately had the
collection of trade licenses and other
extra work added to his usual duties,
tnd It was felt by tho councillors that
In view of the extri work now idded
hill which will be put on by the staff I to the office and In recognition ot Mr.
In their spare tlmo.   The question of Robert's faithful service to the city
during tho last ton years his  isliry
the brlgtde going to fires outside the
corporation wis also brought up tnd
while some of the Aldermen were of
the optnloa tint t charge should be
should be Increased to »12C a month,
and a motion to this effort wis ptst.
Dr. Mitchell, veterinary of Kings-
gate, died at the hospital yesterday.
Mra. Mitchell is expected to arrive tomorrow from Toronto and the body
will be shipped East.
Thc death occurred this afternoon at
St. Eugene Hospital of Thomas Haley,
aged 35 years. He leaves a wife and
children. The funeral will bo held
Sunday afternoon at ono o'clock.
Mr. Jas. Mscdonaid, thc dairyman.
wtnt under an operation at St. Eugene
Hospital ind though very low for a
while Is now reported as slightly bet-!
Tho Guild of Christ Church wlll hold
an afternoon tea at Mrs. Miles' residence on Garden Avo., Tuesday, April
26th. Tea wlll be served from .1.30 to
* o'clock. Tbere wlll nlno be an exhibition of household helps
Are showing
very  special
Ladies Suits
at $10.00
You'll like the
Spring Hats
for Men
They possess a distinctive
touch of individuality which
puts them in a class by them**
Boys' Easter
are now in--a very good range
of cloths in grays, browns, and
navys.    Prices ranging from
$4.50 to $7.00
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Iron Beds
Are clean, Sanitary, and
Durable. We have them
at all prices
From $3.50
and up
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd
ITRE HONEY-Frcsh'ln tills week:   1 lb Jar 85e
6 pound Pail   Sl-o
WATER (ILASS-PInt Tins   tie
Quart Tins  50e       Gallon tins  11.00
I.AIMIHV STARCH-We have a few 6 Ib, Trunks   lit etch.
Just what your children want.
DATES—Fresh eating Dates, per package   ISc
TOMATOES- per tin  Ik or 7 tins tor   »IJK»
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAGE TWO
THURSDAL, APRIL 13th, 1916
Pick up the pieces. We
can match them — and
possibly improve on
them.' Our experience
with thousands of eyes
has made us experts In
that condition of yours.
Come in today and let us
have a confidential chat
about your eyes.
Jewelers k Optician*
Next to the Post Offlce
Weekly   hy   The   t'ranbrook
Herald, Limited.
T. II. Kay, Editor tnd Manager
Crinhnrak, II. C, April 13th. 1910
There wlll he 59 Sundays In this
year, an occurronco tli it will nol happen again tor 110 years. This extra
Sunday can hi' utilised In attending
church, culling on :'our best girl,
reading tho Scriptures, playing with
the children, breaking :'. two-year-old
colt, ur some otlier way. One hundred
und ten yours from this date you will
probably be paying the penalty ot enjoying the pleasures of the method ln
which you choose to spend this extra
His Lordship Bishop Fallon, lto-
man Catholic bishop ut Ixindon, Ont.,
Htate chaplain of tho Knights of Columbus und uIho of tlie Ancient Order
of Hlberniunx of Onturio. has recently sent out a stirring recruiting letter
to thc members of the two orderB,
from which tlm lollowlng urc extracts:
"Forgetful of past wrongs, heedless
ot her diminished population, but hateful of oppression and keen for liberty.
Ireland dashed into the foremost of thc
fray and many of the most glorious of
the puges of her history are now being
written on the battlefields of Europe.
"That thc British Empire Is engaged
In u just wur. that the war is as much
Canada's an Englands. and that Can.
iida'a cltUens have n bounden duty to
spare no effort In bringing that war to
a victorious Issue are statements so
self-evident us to require no proof.
"Honor calls on every Knight of
Columfius who Is fit nnd free for overseas service to offer himself for the
•work. Shall wc leave tho burden, the
duty, nnd the glory or tills work to
others? ,
"Tho rights of humanity require that
we make the sacrifice. - Have martyred Belgium nnd stricken Serbia and
sorely jn-essod France no power to
awaken a responsive cry in our bosoms?
"The defense of civilization demands
that wc hurry to its assistance. It Is
our civilisation—tho civilization that
suits—Hint's In Jeopardy. Are we prepared to willingly nccept another kind
of civilisation? Do we realize that the
exercise of personal responsibility in
political affars, upon which rests civil
liberty, hangs In the nniunce?"
Wt dc tot hold ourselves responsible |
for opinion expressed *j
The Editor, Cranbrook Herald, ■
Dtar Sir:—May I be -tllowed to
make a few remarks about-tbe letter
written by "John Cranbrook" and published In your last Issue.
John Cranbrook seems to think that
nothing   Is   being  done   to   prevent
drinking among recraits.    The   men
! ln power at this recruiting office are
| doing all they can and by the best
means too. and that ls on the "give and
! uke system".   It Is all very well for a
j civilian to talk about discipline, discipline all the time, but until uniforms
urn Issued and proper barracks, witb
i guard rooms, etc., orgunlaed, it Ib a
1 very difficult matter lo break men Into
proper military, red tape routine, us
laid down by the Uovcrnnient Regulations.
If Johu cruulirook knew the men
i personally, and could sec for himself
I the known "hard cases" amongst the
! recruits, uud could hear what these
men have to suy for themselves—how
sorry they ure for again "falling by
the way side", he would not try and
roust the men that are In power here.
No, sir! It Is very, very hard for a
man who has worked In thc bush all
his life to be brought into barraoks
and made to stay here after his cheque
blown In. At his old life he would
have gone back to the bush and work-
ed again, but now hc must stay and
has got to fight the old failing, which
all of them are doing to their utmost.
Remember, "Rome was not built In a
day" and the longer It takes to build
anything, the better it Is In the end.
Another thing, the citizens of Cranbrook liave not bees, anoyed in one
single instance by these wild boys,
and It is not such a disgrace as one
may think to have been sent down to
the city Jail, that being done simply
because there was not an adequate
guard room at the disposal'of the military authorities whe;e nlllarlous men
could be confined.
Yes sir, John Cranbrook, and men
liko him, must mike allowances for
recruits who have hitherto always
been free agents, and who now are
brought into contact with a stronger
force than themselves, and a force,
which ln due time will make as fine a
body of men as have ever left the district.
Private H. C. Sullivan,
225th Battalion
teas on ttie courts which proved uo
popular last season.
The following officers were elected
(or the season: Honorary President,
C. Harshaw; President, N. A. Wallinger; Secretary, A. Raworth; Auditor, M. A. Beale; committee. Miss
Hewitt, Messrs. Mcllwaino, Garrett
and Rumsey; Ladies' Committee, Mrs.
Mecredy, Miss Woodland, Miss Bessie
Pye, Mrs. McKowan, Miss Gicgerich.
The following editorial Ih reprinted
from the Medicine Hat News, hut is
equally applicable to Cranhrook merchants, a number of whom use stationery printed In the East when they
could get the same article from either
of the local printing offices. Tlie News
"Four accounts rendered to The
News through tills morning's mall by
local mercantile firms, were carried
on stationery which whs printed In
Toronto. Mr. Merchant, do you think
that Is doing Uie fair thing by the city,
to which you nre looking for support.
Do you think It Ih doing the fair thing
by the newspapers, who are constantly
urging upon the public tlie necessity
of buying at home? Is it doing the fair
thing by tho newspapers which con-
llstontly refuse to nccept advertising
matter from out-of-town departmental
stores, in order thnt the local mercantile tabrlc may be established nn a
sound basis?
"The merchants have it within their
power to so seriously cripple the local
printing offices, financially, as to drive
them to the wall, forcing sixty or seventy men to leave thc city with their
families and seek occupation elsewhere. A policy of this nature would
certainly linvp a reactionary effect upon the city's prosperity and the merchants would suffer 1n common with
others who are dependent upon the
city's growth for a livelihood.
"We In Medicine Hat must stand together or wc will inevitably together
"The News would nsk the merchants
to give their very serious consideration
to this matter of sending their orders
for stationery to out-of-town firms."
■-*..»*♦-    —
Postmaster Henderson has recovered sufficiently to go to his home and
made his first appearance   on   the
street yesterday.
The Cranbrook Branch of the St.
John Ambulance Association has shipped a box containing the following
Red Cross Supplies to thi* head office,
60 large pads, H by 7 hy ti inches;
ti suits flannelette pajamas, Vi hot water bottle covers, 48 cheese-cloth handkerchiefs, IK face towels, 144 compresses, 3t> three inch roll banduges, 24
(our Inch roll bandages, .16 triangular
banduges, (i flannelette nightshirts. 3
while helpless shirts, 1 pair cutis. C
pair socks.
There was a record attendance at
tho Rex Theatre on Friday evening,
April 7th, when the members of St.
John Ambulance Association took
charge for that night. A sum of $30.50
was realized towards the funds of the
Association to he used In their work
for the war.
The Association wishes to thank the
management of thc Rex Theatre for
their kindness In giving this night to
Mr, Raworth very kindly rendered
the aong "Kitty, Kitty, What a Pity"
during both shows and was heartily
The Bishop of Kootenay, before a
packed church confirmed 23 candidates on Sunday last. The candidates'
who were dressed In white witb white
veils proceeded from i the Assembly
Room and entered the church to the
singing of 'Onward Christian Soldiers',
The Bishop, who was suffering from
a bad cold, gave a very simple and Impressive addresB and then according to
the ancient apostolic site laid his
hands upon the head of each candidate
separately, with prayer. The new
candidates wlll make their first com*
munlon on Easter Day at 8 a.m.
We understand that the English
Church Is organizing a summer camp
at Aldridge. It Is expected that Mr.
Simpson wlll spend some time there,
Mr. Bridge will slso make It his holiday resort. The camp wil probably
start In the middle of July md last for
one month. Those who love a good
open sir holiday In congenial company—and at a low cost, had better
apply to Sec. A.Y.P.A. Jack Hainan,,
who will put them wise.
Union Lenten Services will be held
In the following places of worship
next week:—Tuesday, April 18th, at
the Salvation Army Hall, speaker, Hev.
w. K. Thompson; Wednesday at the
Baptist church, speaker, Itev. Thomas
Keyworth; Thursday at the Methodist
Church, speaker, Captain Kerr; Friday, at the Presbyterian Church, speaker, Win. Phillips, The first three
meetings will begin at 8 p.m. The
last lon Good Friday! at 10.30 a.m.
Let this be s self-denying tnd •
soul-Hearchlng and spiritual quicken
Ing week to uh ill; md let everybody
endeavor to attend these meetings.
Annual Keeling and ElKtlot of OH.
cms— Pity to Mart Hoot.
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook Tennis Club was held In the
Y. M. C. A. building on Tuesday evening last, President N. A. Wallinger In
the chair. There waa t good turn-out
of members md tbe outlook for the
season Is very bright. The Club have
three good courts which tre now being
rolled and put Into shape for tn early
start of playing, and thc season will
probably be opened with a tournament.
The tintnees ot the Club tre In good
shape with practically a clean sheet
except for the unpaid baltnee on the
New by-laws were adapted tfter
thorough discussion. Under tht new
rules Sunday playing wlll *e prohibited after four o'clock in the afUruoon
The colors of the club will bt blue
and gold. A special by-law was pbhs-
ed that soldiers In training hen shall
have tho privileges of the club free,
subject to the ususl conditions of mem,
bershlp except tho fee. Tht Itdlei
will continue the Saturday afternoon
ducts, (one a well deserved encore)
Bang Mendelsohn's "I would that my
Love" and "O, that we two were Maying."
Last night's reading concluded a
series that has filled a great want In
our parls), life and as a social factor
has done wonders. They have been
eminently'successful and the many
kind friends who gave their services
so willingly, deserve the thanks that
Mr. Bridge tendered them last night.
Mr. Bridge may very well be congratulated upon the Inauguration of
the series, the success they have attained, and not least upon tho excellent way that he haB interpreted the
several plays exploited. Incidentally,
It demonstrated the usefulness ot a
Parish Hall.
'The White Feather", the play that
has roused the Interest of the whole
British Empire, is coming here on Saturday, April 22nd. at the Auditorium
'No play has ever been written which
so closely brings to light thc workings
of diplomatic plotters. The Qerman
espionage system Ih here laid bare.
Tho completeness of their plans and
the wide scope of their operations are
shown In u way that instills deeper
thoughts Into all who witness It.
It ts the play that took London by
storm under the name of "The Man
'Who Stayed at Home". On Its presentation there ■& sensation was caused throughout the Old Country that
*v»ntually lead to thc exposing of
many real Oerman plots against Briton.
The 'company producing the play.
which Ih a William A. Brady production, Is backed by W. B. Sherman.
This alone Ih a guarantee of the class
of entertainment we may expect. Every
member of the caste Ih an artist, thoroughly equipped for the playing of the
spectacular drama.
James Guy-Usher whose reputation
extends all over Canada and tlie United States Is playing the leading role.
He Is assisted by a company of players
with whom he has been associated for
a considerable time. They carry with
them all equipment necessary for a
proper production of the play. Cranhrook playgoers can count on a performance such oh lins never been Heen
here before.
Coming at the present time, nothing
could be more appropriate than this
tense drama. The play contains the
true British ring und Is hound to
quicken the pulse of any with good
British blood in their veins. Though
characterized as u heavy drama, the
situations of intense interest nre so
Interspreud with comedy, thc spectator will have no desire to drop Interest during any second the play is In
The price of admission here is announced ns 11.00, 76c and SOc. Tickets
may be secured from Beattic Murphy
Marvellously Inspired Russian ..Hints
Continue to Aemeic I nhrnrrl
of Suecei.
There Is no poHsllie room for doubt
to the phenomena., achievements of
c Chernlavskys In Canada. They
have absolutely create) a new era ln
Leu, Jan and Mlschel Chernlavsky,
the renowned violinist, pianist nnd
'cellist had n fascinating career.
Tho Press opinions of Paris, Brussels. Berlin and Vienna, Moscow, Pet-
rograd, Sydney aud Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington, Cape Town and
Johannesburg, Bombay and Calcutta
are unanimous In declaring the great
genius possessed by these Russian artists.
* The Chernlavskys have visited most
countries, giving concerts all the while
and heaping upon themselves the golden opinion of half- the musical population of the globe. From 1900 to
1903 they toured throughout the length
and breadth of their native land —
Russia. 1906 saw them in Vienna
while 1906-7 were devoted to London
and English Provinces. In 1908 thoy
undertook their first South African
and Australian tours under Edward
Branscombe's management, visiting
the former country a second und third
time In 1909 and 1911. They toured all
through India and the Far East in
1912, and again ln 1913 and 1914,
reaching New Zealand for their return
visit at Easter, 1914, being back in
Australia in June the some year.
Born In South AusHla, not far from
the Crimea, of parents who could not
afford to pamper them, they did not
fin a bed of roses in tho beginning of
their lives as concert artists, but they
were not long in obtaining recognition
from the public, which indeed came to
them at the age when most children
are at the kindergarten.
These famous Russian artists appear
here on Tuesay next, April 18th at the
Royal Gwent Welsh
Male Singers
under auspices
Knox Church, Cranbrook, Thursday, April 27th
Best balanced and most perfect Chorus that has ever
come from Wales
Don't Miss the Musical Event of the Season
SEATS, S1.00
Ust night at the Parish Hall the
Rev. W. H. Bridge read Galsworthy's
interesting piny "The Mob", and held
the audience In thc grip of ItH moral
until the end. . There was a very good
gathering to hear this extremely up-
to-date play. Mr. Bridge. In view of
our prcHcnt war condition, having to
explain thut it was written early In
19)4 before tlle Europenn f-nturlysm
The t'ranbrook Orchestra pluyed
four selections of four-piece orchestral music that were evidently very
taking as encores were called for but
tot responded to. Mrs. A. B. Macdonald ssng ToHti'n "l.n Serenada" with
flolln obligate by Mr. Percy Parker,
as the second Item on the program.
Mrs. King and Mrs. Stevenson In two
Divine worship at 11 a.m. Subject,
"The Triumph of Character". Special
Sunday School at 3 p.m. Classes for
all ages.
People's service at 7.30 p.m. Subject,
"The Greatest Need of Our Modern
Age",   Special music.
"And as His custom was, He went
to the Synagogue on the Sabbath Day."
Let the people of Cranbrook follow the
Master's example.
Stringers and those without a
church home ire most cordially invited to worship with us.
Sunday—8 a.m. Holy Communion,
11 a.m.—Mattlns & Holy Communion
7.30 p.m.—Evensong:—"A Reformed
Preacher—Rev. W. H. Bridge
Holy Week— Service Daily,   8 a.m.,
10.30 a.m., 7.30 p.m.
Good  Friday—10.30 a.m.
Three hours meditation from 12 to
3 p.m.
Evensong—7.30 p.m.
Easter Day—0.80 a.m. and 8.00 a.m.
Holy Communion.
11 a.m.—Mattlns and Choral Communion.
3 p.m.—Children's Service.
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
Young children will be looked after
for parents ln Assembly Room during
Sunday evenings.
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning Service I) a.m.—Children's
Sunday Bchool tnd Blblt Cltti I p.m.
Evening Service 7.80 p.m. Subject:
"Pride tnd Humility."
"Thc fear of the Lord Is to hato evil,
pride and arrogancy, and the evil way,
and the forward mouth do I hate,"—
Prov. 8c. 13v.
Eighteen of the competitors who
have signified their Intention of entering the Boys' and Girls' Poultry
Competition have now got their hens
sitting and are anxiously awaiting results. Twenty-one days seems all
too long to them to wait for the arrival of their chickens. Some of them
spend most of their spare time watching "Biddy" to see that she keeps right
on -her job.
Mr. BaHsett has received a letter
from Mr. W. H. McDonald, Superintendent of Boys' and Grils' Junior
Institutions stating that though in order to compete for the Government
prizes lt was decided that those entering should all raise the same breed
of chicks, he has decided to allow the
members of the Cranbrook Poultry
Competition to use different breeds of
Poultry, and therefore those who have
entered this Competition will be eligible for the District and Provincial
prizes offered by the Oovernment. This
should encourage the boys and girls
to take Htlll further care of the chicks
that hatch out.
Those who have entered will be supplied a little later on by Mr. Bassett
with small packets of Giant Sunflower,
Dwarf Essex Rape, and Thousand
Headed Kale Seeds, to be planted tor
the benefit of their chicks.
R. S. C. Chapter US
William David McKay hereby gives
notice that he has, under Section 7 of
the said Act deposited with the Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, and
In the Office of the District Registrar
of the Land Registry District of Kootenay at Nelson, B. C, a description of
the site and the plans ot the McKay
Reclamation Scheme proposed to be
carried out ln and along the Columbia
River from the Southern limits of the
town ot Golden, B. C, southward along
the river to the end ot the Railway
Belt near Galena In the District of
East Kootenay, Columbia Valley, British' Columbia.
And take notice that after the expiration of one month from the date of
the first publication of this notice,
William David McKay will, under Section 7, of the said Act, apply to the
Minister ot Public Works at his office
in the City of Ottawa, for the approval
of the said site and plans and tor leave
to construct the ssld dykes and ditches,
all having regard to the said McKay
Reclamation Scheme.
W. D. McKAY.
Dated at Ottawa this 3rd day of
March, 1916. 12-4t
Setting Eggs For Sale
S. C. White Leghorns, and
Buff Orpingtons
11.50 for 15
Also Clucking Hens
J. JOHN, Hanson Ave.
Prompt Relief
from the all-too-common ills of
the digestive organs—weak
stomach, torpid liver and inactive bowels—is found in the
always safe, sure, quick-acting
UaM Ids .IA., |MM» I. is. Wstld.
W*m>.ara.   lammssm 11 ustVa
MiTBonisT cmnei
Pastor, Rev. Thos. Ksyworth
Orginlst, Chit. P. Nidd
Services ts usutl it 11 a.m. ud T.80
p. m.    Sundiy School tnd Adult Blblt
Clisses it 3.00 p. m.
A cordial welcome to til.
Saturday—Salvation meeting tt 8 p.m.
Sunday—Sunday School it 2.30 p.m.
Evening Service at 8 p.m. A special Invitation la extended to the city
The Sunday School at Apple land Is
now transferred to the Hall In the city,
and now Is a good time for any children who wish to attend same to commence,  All art welcome.
for the round trip
Tickets on sale
'APRIL 20-23 (Inclusive)
Good returning
APRIL 26, 1916
For tickets and information
tpply to any C. P. R. Ticket
District Passenger Agt.
Calgary, Alta.
Mr. Carl. Jensen, ranchor of Cherry
Creek, ls doing well after an operation
at the hospital for appendicitis.
Sat, April 22nd, 1916
VV. H. Sherman presents the great all English Company
and the Brilliant Young Actor
In the Sensational Success of three Continents-
England, America, Australia
"The White Feather"
under the direction of
$1.00, 75C 50c
Reserved Seat Sale at Beattie-Murphy Co., opens Thursday Morning,
April 19th.
■ Arcadia Boneless -Codfish, per
two pound box    40c
Finest   Oover   Leaf   Sockeye
Salmon, per tin    85c
Scotch Smoked.Herring, tasty
and nutritious, per Un ....   25c
King Osar Sardines )n pure olive
oil, per tin     20c
2 tins for  v    (Be
Domestic Sirdlnes In olive oil,
tine tiBty sardines, 3 tins for 26c
Phone 377a
Milk and Cream
Delivered every morning in sterilized bottles
Sold alto by
Little & Atchison
**MAmm THURSDAL, APRIL 13th, 1916
A puree la tt* tlie firm but comforts
able cling of our mountings.
They always keep your lenses
in optically correct position, und
wlll not tilt, slip or fall off.
If you have luul difficulty with
your present mounting, or have
been told your nose is "not adapted to eyeglnssos" come iu aud
let us try on one of our NEW
PITS-1.' 'moimMngB before you
give up in despair. Your present lenses can he put into ono
of our mountings. It costs you
nothing to try.
W. H. Wilson
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Twenty suits of pajamas were cut
for tho I, O. D. B. by Mrs. Clayton
and Mrs. Brake and sent to Kimberley
to be mude up by the ladies there.
No man can do effective work if
constipated—Hexali Orderlies are au
effective laxative. Sold by Hexali Drug
Stores only, 40c and 750 boxes.—The
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
8     PHONE     8
Did You See
These Prime Steers
Alberta's best 1   \Vi
air killinn; thorn I'm
All Choicest Quality
Como along and see
for yonrsi?U'
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mr.  A.  Duff returned  today  rrom
Burwick, Ont.
Lawn Mowers sharpened at Patmore
Mrs, Christie is visiting Mrs. Chester Staples nt Wycliffe.
One good Incubator for sale, cheap.
—Craubrook TriHUrig CW*~.
Miss Roberts hus returned from a
visit to the Cdast.
Mr. 0. E. Barber spent a few days
ln Nelson this week.
Starting and ignition  trouhlos our
•specialty.—Hanson  Garage.
Mali Jim, proprietor of the Kwong
Chong Laundry, left on Wednesday
for Canton, China, to visit his family,
and will be away for about six months.
The   window   display   of
Blouses and   Suits   at   W.   D.
would do credit to a city.
C. 0, Demarez, tlie inventor of the
propellor which made so many of our
citizens weathy, and who is in California at the present time, is again endeavoring to enlist Kernie capital in
Ladies'!11 new watch balance staff, which he
Hill's | claims will revolutionize the watch
| business.—Fernie Free Press.
Vinol Restored Her Strength
Canton. Miss. - " T am 75 years old and
became very weak and feeble from the
effects of La Grippe, but V inoi haa done
me a world of good.   It has cured my
cough, built up my strength to I feel
active and well again. "—Mrs. Lizzie
Baldwin, Canton. Miir
!     Vinol, our delicious cod liver and iron
'. tonic without oil, aids digestion, en-
; riches the blood and creates strength.
1 Unequalled for chronic coughs, colds
'. or bronchitis.    Your money back if
1 it fails.
Mrs. Benney and son Harry, of Cres
ton. are at the St. Eugene Hospital this | ten tion.   Let us grind your mower
week.    Master Harry has undergone ; Patmore Bros.
an operation for appendicitis and is | 	
progressing fuvorably.
  A local  honiface got even with   a
Vour lawn will soon require your at-! Chinaman In good style the other day
Chief Hersey is rounding up all dog-
owners these days for licenses nnd
states that owners are coming through
with the uecessury in very satisfactory manner. All dogs must have
tags for the current year or they will
be unceremoniously hurried to tlie
dog's last happy hunting ground.
Mr. W. B. Worden hus broken into
the ranks of auto enthusiasts hy purchasing one of the Big Six McLaughlins from the Hanson Oarage. Thc
other evening however he had occasion
to realize tliat there ls more to learn
about driving than appears at the first
A. E. Ingham, of Elko, was in town
on Saturday with a sack full of copper ore specimens rrom his prospect
on Sheep mountain. The ore Is a
very high quality and from recent development he Is very sanguine of soon
having a real mine, Mr. Ingham is
endeavoring to interest capital in liis
property.—Kernie  Free  Press.
The water this season Is going to be
very high in the creeks and rivers.
The small creek which runs through
the eity is higher now than it has ever
been for years and some low-lying
land has been flooded. The foundations on some of the foot-bridges liave
been undermined and will require attention when the waters subside.
The city police quarters have received a thorough spring clean-up under
the energetic supervision of. Chief
Hersey. The cells havo been treated
to a thorough coat of white-wash and
everything put in tip-top shape so that
though they could hardly yet be call-
arrived in the city on Saturday and led sleeping quarters de luxe, they are
is vlBlting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.! at leas'! clean and sanitary.
Robt. Adams and sister Mrs. Frank E. 	
Robertson, for a few weeks. ^ale & Elwell have been asked to
  j sell 15 acres of improved land situated
Your lawn will soon require your at-12 miles from post offlce, log house, 4
tention.   Let us grind your mower.—j rooms, stable,
Patmore Bros.
Our repair shup Is ln charge of an
expert mechanic. It In trouble consult us.—Hanson Oarage.
Dr. Bell, who has had charge of the
Isolation Hospital at the front, has
been transferred to No. 1 Canadian
General Hospital iu France, and bus
lu his care {JO medical men.
Shampoo your head with Hexali "9iT
Shampoo Paste—25c tins—Sold only
by the Hexnll Drug Stores.—The Beut-
tlt'-Murphy Co. Ltd,
A. 11. Smith left for Oolden Wednesday via Fort Steele to deliver four
head of pure-bred Ayrshlres purchased
by tlie B.C. Government for the Farmers' lustitute of Golden from J. A.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and   shoes. — Cranbrook   Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Thc semi-annual open meeting of
the Women's Missionary Society will
bc held In Knox Church school room
on Friday evening, April 14th, at 8
p.m. Rev. Mr. Keyworth wlll deliver
an address.   All are Invited.
The vacant grocery building on
Norbury Avenue across from the City
Hall has been rented by Mr. Amerman ■
for use as u Creamery und as soon as
the boiler und other machinery arrives will be fitted up ready for business.
Signaller J. A. Adams, who is serving with the 13th Overseas Mounted
Rifles now, quartered at Medicine Hat,
chicken   houses,  4
The Cttlnaman had been helping himself to a quantity of manure in the
stahle-yard when the owner happened
to come along and promptly locked
the gate. John had to come through
with a Five Dollar bill before the
lu-ys were produced and the gates
opened to enable him to get his team
out. Needless to say there was a great
flow of foreign oratory and "No eavvy"
hunk, hut with the gate securely)
looked on himself and team he finally
"savvied" enough to dig up the Ave
livery line iu a newspaper coHts the
proprietor something. If It ls for tlie
benefit of the individual it should be
paid for. If the grocer were asked to
contribute groceries to one abundantly
nble to pay for them, he would refuse.
The proprietor of a newspaper must
pay for the free advertising if the beneficiary does not, una yet it is one of
the hardest things to be learned by
many, that a newspaper has apace in
its columns tb rent, and must rent
them to live. To glvo away rent for
anything less thnn living rates ls as
fatal to a newspaper as for a landlord to furnish rent froe.
Air. Osborne Adamson, superintendent of Agencies for tho Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia, called on
his way East and told of the district
agents in tho seven north western
States and the three western Provinces meeting in convention at the
Davenport Hotel, Spokane, on April
4, 5 and 6. All expenses of each district agent attending were defrayed by
the Curtis Compnny. Mr. F. G. Murphy, of the Beattie Murphy Co., was
one of the delegates. Tlie arrangements were planned to give the delegates an opportunity of realizing the
great work the company Is doing
among boys.
We would remind our readers of the
concert which will be given at Knox
Church on April 27th by the Royal
Gwent Welsh Male Singers, under the
direction of Mr. Duvld John (Dewl
Llyfnwy) one of thc most noted Welsh
acres planted In small fruit, good well, chorus directors.   The chorus consists'
Price for a quick sale IfiGO. 0j  fourteen   members  among   whom
are Mr. Ben T. Jones, one of the best
The  East Kootenay  Lumber  com- 	
Paoy'n mill at Loco will close down J- •'••■ McFarlane and Clifford Lev-1 known baritones In Wales; Mr. George
""lv li'oRi^ .couple of weeks to make somejesque, who left recently for the East | Hopkins, basso of London Grand Opera.
~ needed repairs. This company Ims njt° ^Ust, have joined the second re-HoUR,,; Geraldus G. Howell, Welsh
.large number of orders for the prairie.! inforcements of siege and heavy artll- j iyrjC tenor, and Ernest John, the groat
Immediately upon resumption of work Icy **°w forming at Montreal. They Welsh operatic tenor. The program
a full crew will be put on. expect to leave for England about tlie ! w\\\ consist of solos, duets, trios, quar-
 . . first of May and complete their train-  tettes, etc., and we can assure our
For Sale—As I want to give more'lng there. Mr. McFarlane is stopping renders of one of the best musical
attention to my mining property I with his father while in Montreal. i treats which has ever been placed lie-
will   sell   my   undertaking   business , ■—'—• ' fore the Cranbrook public.
complete, invoice $2500. Terms:— Will      An arrangement has neon effected! _	
lease  or   sell  the  building.— W. R. jb>' the Dominion Government whereby      itoverend Father Lewis Drummond,
Mrs. J. R. McNabb will receive for
tho lost time on April 14th,
Trail Knights of Pyllilas are plan-
Beattie.   box   5$."..   Cranbrook.
J. W. Scott, well known here, who
enlisted  In   Mnnltoba,  is among  the
nlng for the erection of a $20,000 lodge I latest casuaMles reported from France.
building this year. The report says he is seriously wound-
 . ed.    Ills brother Is expected in
the '
largo proportion of foreign aliens s.J.D.D., Professor of Theology at tho
at present held in the detention camps Jesuit College, Edmonton, and known
of thc Dominion will be released to aid from COflf4i t0 coast for his brilliant
in the agricultural operations of the oratory, is in the city thU week
country. The Idea Is that farmers preftohlng a mission to the Reverend
needing help shall write to the deten- 'sisters of Providence at the St Button enmp commandants, enclosing i gcn(1 Hospital. About forty slaters of
This week we are featuring fashions I city Saturday when further partlc-1 money to pay the fare, whicli will be, the or(ler nre attending this mission,
latest creations in  Ladies Suits and   ulars will be obtained. ' deducted from the ilrst month's wages.' ninf,i 0r them having come from dlffer-
Blouses.-W. I). Hill.   .   , i en> »art"o( D- ('** Alberta, and as far
 , The customs office at Athalmere has ,    When you want to sell anything try ! north  as  the   Peace  River  District.
Mr G  F Stevenson, manager of the! heen closed and the officer there, Mr. j the  Herald  Want  Columns.    Mr.  F. \ Many of the old timers will no doubt
Nelson  Jobbers,   Limited,   spent  the [Johnston,   transferred   to   Kelowna. | Godderis recently advertised two bath-'
)u.ro. | This point has been under the Cran-  tubs for sale, and two days after the
brook office, and under the new order | Paper was published both  were sold,
week-end al his hi
Mrs. E. A. Hill
Thursday, April BQUi
this season
will   r.
, for tin
COlve  on i tin* postmaster there wlll collect the
last time duty on postal packages
Bungalow for rent—App
Van Brnaiu. P. 0 Box *-*
y lo Mrs
or phone
A meeting of Uio School Hoard was
held on Friday nlghl hist and routine
business transacted,
Miss Mei\e.*, oi Cranbrook,
several days III town this week,
Itlc  Free  Press
Our repair shop is lu charge of an
expert mechanic if tn trouble consult us.—Hanson Garage.
The Masonic Social cluh will hold
Its last dance of the season this Thursday evening. The club has had a very
successful series of dances and aims to
make the final dance the best of the
season. Dancing will he kept up for
an extra hour and refreshments will
he served at midnight
Mr. Godderis says he could have sold
six more through the name ad. This
is surely a splendid investment for
a small sum and speaks volumes for
the efficiency nf advertising in the
remember Father Drummond as he
delivered a very eloquent and Interesting lecture here on the 20th of March,
190... thirteen years ago, In the Wentworth Hall, now known as the Edison
i per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
The annual meeting of the Metho- Ir*.:        ■ - i      ■■■ t-
dist Church Ladies' Aid was held at [    (ilMHAI, SERVANT WANTED —
the parsonage on April 0th.   Most sat-  Apply Mrs. W. J. Atchison. 15.lt
tsfactory reports were handed In  by
retiring officers.   The total Income for
s',ont ■ season.    Dancing wilt be kept up for  the year being $415.21.   The following
Pel     -,**. .,vir„  iw...r <.,-.., r,.fr,.ui.im.Hi« Will  officer* WttTS elected for the ensuing
year:  President. Mrs. W. G. Morton:
Vice President, Mrs. W.  H, Wilson;
We nre carrying n full line of hoots      in   ■*,  case  In  court  In  Vancouver Secretnry, Mrs. O. B, Powell; Treua-
nnd    shoes.     Crnnbrook    Exchange, < the other day it was shown that n man  urer, Mrs. Ira R. Manning.
Armstrong Ave. | who owned a $:ir».oou homo on Sliaugh- 	
—— ; in isy Heights is now working 10 hours     The fortnightly meeting of the Over- j
('. M. lYnuork nf Wardner was in \ ,\ day In n munition factory for $100 a i seas Club was held In Maple Hall
tho eity Friday and drove home lu n; mouth. He was a prominent architect,ITuesday evening. This being the I
new Ford purchased irom the Hanson  hut there has been no work tn his line  night devoted to whist drive an Inter
condition, $10.
-Typewriter  In  good
Apply Herald Office.
TO   RENT — Fnur-roosKd   cottage
with bath.   Furnished, lis per month;
unfurnished. $12.—Apply phone 317.
{Mrs. Vun  Braam.  P. O. Box 428, or
phone 201.
Mr. W, J. Atchison  lias purchiined.
Mr. Hicketihotliam's fine residence on '
the corner of Burwell  ami   Kdward
a long time and Im
has a family
Starling und  Ignition  tr
specialty.—Hanson Garage.
A special meeting of the W. C. T. U.
wlll be held at the home of Mrs. Frank
Dezall, Ami Strong Avenue. Thursday,
April 20th at :i o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Elinor Staples and
daughter returned home on Friday
from Detroit where ?,frs. Staples hns
been visiting her parents.
Miss Jessie Kennedy, school teacher
at Kimberley, spent the week-end with
her mother here. Mrs. Kennedy hns
been suffering from an In feted toe,
roaultlng from a slight eut.
Rcalc & Elwell are offering for sale
4 lota on tho hill, size of property
132 by 122 feet, Comfortable cottage,
furnished, chicken houses,  Price $6G0.
Doctors Agree on
Eczema Remedy
I'niiilriii tlie Stalrmtnls About
I). I). I). Prescription
Oeo, T. Richardson, M. D.: "In my
ciiiiiilmi. Ii. D. I), should be applied In
ull cases of skin dlsesHC—sn immediate relief to tlle Itch, a calm to excited
nerves, soft, soothing, yet a powerful
iiBent, a strength to tho general system.
Dr. Unnn Holmes: "D. D. D. Is as
neur a specific for eczema and tho
dreaded iiHorlasts as Is quinine for
malaria. I constantly prcscrjbo D. D.
IJ. bIho for salt rheum, tetter, barber's
Itch, pimples, all forms of Itching or-
uptloas, scales, sores."
Dr. Ira T. OBbbert: "I freely admit
thut D. D. D. reaches most cases of
ooiema and permanently cures tbem."
t'liino lo ua and we wlll tell you
more ubout this remarkable remedy.
Your money buck uuIcbh the first
bottlo relievos yon. D. D. I). Soap
keops your skin healthy. Ask about It.
t'ranbrook Drug * Book Co. Cranbrook
Biting game took place. Mrs. K II.
Leaman gained the ludlcH prize anil
Mr. J. K. Smith the gentleman's. It
was decided to celebrate Empire dny
by entertaining the children as usual.
Further announcement wlll bc made In
due course. Members of thc club are
urgently requested to be present at the
next meeting, thc fourth Tuesday bf
April or the second Tuesday of Muy,
Havc your battery overhauled now
and be ready when the roads dry up.
—Hanson Oarage.
The Mayor, Chief of Police and the
Health Olllcer paid a visit to the city
nuisance ground yesterday and found
It badly In need of attention, with
badly decomposed carcases of dead
animals that had been dumped without nny attempt to cover them with
earth, entirely contrary to city bylaws. Mr. Worden Is to-day busy with
teams and mon putting tbo grounds
In good shape and disposing of thc
carcases In a decent manner. If tho
parties wbo dumped the animals in
this manner can be found prosecutions
aro likely tn follow.
Also Irrigated Hunch from 3 to 16
acres with or without modern house.
:: acres plowed, 1 mile postofllce. Apply
Russel, Cranbrook Hotel. 18-lt*
lVANTEn-OIrl for
work.   Small family, medium house,
modem conveniences; will pay |25 a
month.—Q. S. Ferris, Nanton, Alta.
FOR SALE, Cheaii-SH^*-* l-nhers
Incubator tn good condition, 60 egg
Hutchalot Incubator (new), Sanitary
hovers, new and second hand. Box
W. llerald office.
WANTED—A Oeneral Servtnt, by
Mrs. Geo. H. Thompson.—Apply to
Miss M. K. Paterson, or phone 923
after 7 p.m.
I WILL HIV for rash, old wtftons
sleighs, harness, etc., also plows tnd
other agricultural Implements.   What
have you to sell? Box 27, Herald offlce.
FOR SALE- - One registered Holsteln
Hull, four years old: 1 cow and calf,
freshened this month; 1 cow, freshened December last: 110 Whlto Leghorns
hens, 10 Wyandotte Hens; all flrat
I clasH stock. The East Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd.. Jaffray, U. C.       —M-2
IN every city there arc women whose smart attire sets them off as distinctively voguish dressers.    This is the result of discrimination in the
selection of garments rather than extravagant ideas.    You will find a
very complete range of this season's models in Ladies' Suits at our store.
Our prices are moderate, and we feel confident of our ability to please.
Not One Single Suit to Offer That Is
Not This Season's Model
The Coats are chiefly Russian Blouse   effects     All are satin lined.
Wide gored skirts predominate
A few NOVELTY SUITS direct from New York
Two dozen of the Fashion's latest models in LADIES' BLOUSES
just to hand.    See our windows for the display of these
Not an article in the store on credit.    Do not ask
Our store to rent very reasonable.    Apply on premises ,
,   YOU CAM'
Tlit mild but sure laxative
with Ibe pleasant taste
If you are bilious
or constipated
Rexall Orderlies
Keep your System
jug rinsed with
cold spring water
';'«. tnd - Jr.. boxes at tht
Reiall Drug Stores Only.   \
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dairy Supplies
Cream Separators, Churns, Etc.
Garden Tools
Everything for the Spring Work.
Flower and Garden Seeds
All new stock.   Package or bulk.
Tinsmithine, Plumbine and Heating
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office. Smc-lting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver. C'opned nnd Lead Ores
of tho
from this date will  be
under the new management of
Table* HalM'rlre to Soldier*.
Recommended by ten thousand doctors
WINCARNIS is an admirable preparation much prescribed by the Medical Profession. It consists of BEEF
EXTRACT and EXTRACT OF MALT dissolved in the
purest wine. It is therefore NUTRITIOUS, STIMULATING
suitable for the robust in health as well as the invalid.
For Sale by
Phone 17 WIXE MKRCIIAXT P.O.Box 166
Vacuum Cleaner
Brats lleils
Lawn Mower.
And everything In modern
No. 34, Armstrong Avenue
S. C. Rhode Island Heda
N. (', White Leghorns
Winter lirllik- stoek, *1.-V. lor 15
Btllahlt En >in, Crubrook.
Tuesday Evening, April 18, 1916
Th>* Renowned Ruaaian Trio
Violinist, Pianiit, 'Cellist
Deolarad by Press nnd Public to be
I ho greatest trio tourinu; the world.
$1.00, 75c 50c
KoHOrvf* your s<;tits al B.JiiUi»i*.\Iiir|jliy'** Dntg St ure
Subscribe to the Herald — $2.00 a Year 1»AGE FOUR
THURSDAL, APRIL 13th, 1916
■t-Mttlan, Stlleltor. aid
■ eUrtei
■tair u Lou
a-ja-aW Baak Balldiai
Htttt trtff
Monday alfkl
tt rrtltrattr
Hall. Sojourning OMMIaTW
cordially Invlta*.
\V, M. Harris,        A. M. Davis
Soc. N.O.
(Ittttutr to W. F. Ourd)
Barrttta-,    Solicitor   aa*
P. O. Boi IM
anl  Snrgooai
Mt tl rtttdenct, Arm.treag
amci houri
CMibrook,   B.C.
Crmilirook, 11. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. til
the Fraternity Hall
It. C, Carr. ('. C.
P. de Vere Hunt. K. K. & S.
p. 0. Bos 522
Visiting  brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Uo.r. evdry ...ond tad fc****ft
"Tt.luiBday at Fraternity Wt*
Sojourning Rtktkaki ,m**l
ly tnvltod.
Sin. ('. Unmet, H. O.
SiH. A. Ilicki nluthaiu, Sec.
I suffered with an abscess on my
face," writes Mrs. Herbert Coi, ot
Port McNIcbol, Ont. "I tried everything and received medical treat-
meut for some time, but ln vatn.
Flnallv the doctor advised an operation, which was performed, but instead of Improving, the sore became
worse. I had despaired of ever finding a cure, when t friend recommended Zam-Buk. I tried it, with
the result that before long the poison was drawn out and the sore began te heal. Perseverance effected
a complete cure, and now not even
a scar remains."
Zam-Buk ls equally good for
eriema. blood-poisoning, ulcers,
bolls piles, burns, cuts, and all
akin injuries. All druggists, 50e.
boi, 8 for 81.26, «r from Zam-Buk
Co., Teronto.
We hear that our neit K. C. R. agent
Is to be Mr. Jack Desmond of Waldo.
Mr. W. Agabob walked to Bull River
on Sunday to hold service there. Surely this was a fine example ln constitutionals.
Mrs. Pearson tnd family leave shortly for Mayook where tliey wlll reside.
Mr. Pearson has beeu there for sometime building a home. The children
will bt much missed at school.
Miss Duncan Is visiting ln town.
Mb ta Haatot Blttk
•unci Hount
•  10  11  11
I tt   • gat.
I It   • ga
■a*M*f aat treat**! lutiat
•udeo Art
faraa ts Application
MSB. A. BAI-MON, Matron
Mat M» P   0. Boi »«
Masts ta Maple Ball
and   fourth   Ttftdar  tl met*
month nt 8 p.m. ^^
Memberthlp  j*ta It ******
I P. O. Boi HI
rttertl lllrtetor aad Knilialaier
Undertaking  Pallors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
John Shaw.
Meets ln the
Maple Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
nt 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B.  MCFarlane.
P. 0. Boi 442
■dtally invited.
M aal Mining Engineers
B. 0. Laad Surieyori
Koiwiirainn   tad   DUtrtkiUaa
A|tnl (er
Ltthbrldft   Otal
Xl-llt Powdtr
Imperial OU Ct.
Drtajirm and Trantftrrlaf
Olven prompt atttntlot
Pbont IS
Mrs. B. Kerr nnd children returned
on Friday after spending two weeks
visiting friends and retatives at Kdmonton. Altu.
N. W. Burdett, accountant for tlle
Consolidated Mining Co., returned on
Sunday from Trail where he has, been
for a few days on company business.
Mrs. R. Crlsler of Fernie wns t
Marysville visitor for a few days Inst
week, and was thc guest of Miss N.
There was a good attendance at the
Farmers' Institute meeting laBt Saturday and a good number of the members took advantage of "The Farm
Building Series", copies of which can
be obtained by applying to the secretary.
The local Conservatives met at the
Central Hotel on Saturday last, when
resolutions of importance to the district were drawn up, and forwarded
to thc district executive for consideration.
Everything points to high water In
the St. Marys River this spring and
many of the bridges on the river will
need watching.
Mrs. P. D. Hope and Harold Bennett
spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs.
Conover nt "Meadow Brook" Farm.
r Fktat IM Nlfhl Pktnt II
Avt.. aai! tt City Htll
nntonartar. for til kinds tl
Sntlataetlon   Guaranteed
The Shoe Bpeclallat
Pbont IM P. 0. Boi II
Organist  Methodist Churek
attaint raUla (tr
Orfaa, Pianoforte, Volte,
■ludlo: II Norbtry Ave
L.   ill.   SMITH
Ladles   mid   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone 204
****** rBOVKNaUHO
BumbI Morebaat
■rattoimmm Alette
t. a. wu in
Phoaa 141
Spokane,  Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
Brltiah Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Bpokane
On your next trip
to thia city, let ua
ahow you why
thia la true.
Oppoalte new Union Station. Close to all placet ol
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnlahed. Rate! at low
aa at tha more ordinary
See StMBthlp aa Ue Baal
Btkl Promt, tte*.
froth Bread, Caktt, Flei
aad Paltry
Pbtat IT
Metaary Avt      Opt. OMy BaU
If you want tatlifaotioa
with your wattling
tend It to
Special prlcea for family
{nlMirif* Till for Women.   Jf. n box or thrrefor
10.  «olil at nil I'rug Mulch, or mullet) to any
tddmion receipt ot iTfce.   Tub Stomal, dhuo
i,.1*)L Cftllmnnei. OntiiHo. 	
V.Ulllr.for   Nerve nml Hr».n; incretwos-'gre)'
■Bttar'*:iiTonic—willbuUd yon up- $3 anoi,or
two fm
Beattifi-Murpliy Co., Ltd.. Agents.
0 fm* JS. nt rtpll
Ito*****, or t'V muii nn rucolpt
.1, i-.'f t, Co., St. ■•tttliiirlnui
TAKE NOTICE that I havp boiiRM
M fixture b (ind good will of thr rr*s-
tatirant biiHlnefln. of Mali Hymn at Dull
River. All Uioho having nny account
nf-'ilnnt mild Mali Hymn lilmiRe present
Httmo tn mo on or before tlio 2110. nf
March. 1918,—Geo Chow, Bull River,
B C. U4t
Mrs. Scliander accompanied by her
daughter Mrs, Conrad and her two
children Gertie and Marie, left on
Tuesday of last week for Missoula,
James Parkins left here last week to
accept & position as foreman ln a
sawmill at Blalrmore, Alta.
Father Kennedy held Len ton services here last week. Mission services will be conducted by Father Kennedy and Father Magulre this week.
Chief of Police Welsby from Fernie
paid a visit here last week.
Private Bruce McLennan, an old-
time resident here, passed through
Moyie on his way to Nelson last week
from the front. He was wounded In
the battle of Ypres.
Mrs. Arthur Arden and children
from Hosmer, B. C, are here visiting
Mrs. Bates.
The owners of row boats and motor
boats are all ready for the time when
the lec disappears. Mr. Attwood has
his two motor boats and row boat In
first class condition. Mr. McFarlane
has bought Mr. Bremmer's interest In
the Alva; Mr. Whitehead has bought
the Water Lily from Mr. Nordman; Mr.
Birch and Mr. Wills have been painting and In other wuys Improving their
row boats.
The ladies of the Methodist church
held a very successful sale of loe
cream and cake Monday afternoon and
Mr. Wulklntown arrived here last
week, looking around he thought with
all the hustle and bustle of our camp
he would take a quiet rest by the lakeside. To his delight he found a hollow
log the right size to crawl in and have
a needed sleep. When he awoke he
found to his horror the water had
come up nnd the log had swollen so
he could not get out. Naturally his
past came to his mind and with a sore
heart he remembered he had voted
against prohibition. It made him feel
so small he had no difficulty ln crawling out. Now he Is going to be government man, repair bridges, cut down
trcen. improve the roads, etc.
Invermere, B.C., April 10.—One more
of the old timers of the Windermere
district passed away on Saturday at
Wilmer ln the person of James Votter.
The late Mr. Votier was born many
years ago in Montreal and was of thc
French-Hugeno extraction. Hearing
the call of the West he went to California for the gold boom of forty nine
and from there followed the lure thru
the Cariboo ln the fifty-nine rush; ho
also took part in the famous Wild
Horse excitement of sixty four and in
the early eighties of the last century
settled In Calgary. From there he
came to this part where hc has ever
since resided. He was a member
of the Bow River Lodge of Calgary
Masons and as such received the last
honors of u Mason by being accorded
a ceremonial burial yesterday.
On Friday next Mrs. Oeorge A.
Starke gives a military euchre party
commencing at seven thirty in tho
evening. A small charge will be made
the players, the proceeds of which will
go towards some one or other of tho
public benefits which the citizens of
the district are supporting.
More and still more are leaving this
district to serve for King and Empire
In the Great War. Amongst the last
to depart are Captain Gerald Houl-
grave, R.N.R., who left to-day for the
Old Country taking his wife and child
with him.  Captain Houlgrave has bee„
rancher ln here coming from the
Old Country about four years ago
Prior to coming to this part he had
served fn the Merchant Marine and
was at one time fifth officer on board
the Lusltanla. He also has seen service In charge of a gun boat on Lake
Victoria Nyanza In Central Africa. As
the time of his return Is In doubt he
has made a disposition of many of his
belongings but still retains his Interests ln his farming property.
Still another ls a Mr. De Costa, a
gentleman of Portugese extraction
who has seen life In different parts of
the world, and a third Is William Per-
rlsh a full blooded Shuswap Indian
from the near by reserve and leaves
behind him a squaw with his children.
The second annual meeting of the
Invermere Golf and Country Club was
held on the evening of last Friday
when the reports for the past year
were presented and tbe election of officers for 1916 was gone through with.
The reports show the club to be In
good condition and from the money
collected for membership fees and
promises of contributions the outlook
for 1916 Is certainly very bright.
The nominations and elections which
took place are for honorary president,
Captain A. H. MacCarthy, and R. Randolph Bruce, C.E., F.R.G.S.; for president, Mr. George A. Starke; vice-president. C. E. Parham and A. 0. Cuthbert; secretary-treasurer, Alexander
Duncan MacKinnon; Captain Irving
C. Wedd; executive committee, Messrs.
F. C. Stockdale, William Howard Cleland Whelpley, George A. Bennet, J.
E. Cronwull; for house committee,
Mesdames Webb, Frazer-Cerle, Fisher,
Parham, Cleland and MacKinnon. The
club's course Is one of nine holes situated on Canterbury Point, overlooking Lake Windermere. It 1b of nine
holes with many natural obstacles and
by expert players Is considered a
splendid court. At least two tournaments arc to take place this year, the
opening one being for Easter week.
The second one wlll take place later
and It Is hoped will be in tor-provincial embracing players from Banff,
Calgary and Winnipeg as well as such
points within the Province as Cranbrook and Golden.
Farmers, Ranchers k Trappers
It docs not cost you anything to
Get Our Cash Offer
on your furs, Express them to us.
We Pay All Charges
over n $5.00 valuation.   We make you
our offer
ami Hold Vour Furs
for your reply, roturnlng them
at Our Kxjtense
if not purchased.   Try us.   In
business since IS88.
218 Eighth  avenue west, Calgary, Alta. 47-tf
At the Rod Cross meeting on Thursday Mr». Galbraith took charge. Although thoro was not such a large
attendance as usual, the work went oc
witli vim and lt must be said that Rome
of tho Red Cross Ladles have acquired
marvelous speed.
The Nip & Tuck Placer Co. has
everything ready to begin work with
Hydraulic appllence as snon as water
permits. Good things are rumored of
Wild Horse.
Wm. Kerr, proprietor of the Elko
hotel, of Klko, wns In town on the 10th
Mr, Quarttoy of Wasa passed thru
town on the 10th.
Mr. Pennlck nnd party motored
through town on their way to Wardner. With tliem thoy had two new
Ford cars.
Mr. F. Wasson and family motored
from Crnnbrook and spent the afternoon ln Fort Steele.
Wm. Carlin returned to town on the
7th after spending a month at the
Constable Ryekman arrived in town
on the 7th from the north.
Mr. John McTavish, proprietor of
Tourist Hotel, Bull River, was in town
on tho 7th,
Mr. D. M. Morrison of Cranbrook
spent Sunday In Fort Steele saying
farewells to his many friends before
leaving for Vancouver.
Mrs. Watson drove to Cranbrook cn
Tuesday to meet Mr. Wctson who was
returning from a few days trip,
Mrs. Leask and MrB. J. Wise drove
to Cranbrook last Tuesday.
J. Cameron and G. J. Birch drove to
Wasa on 6th Inst.
Mr. Kemprud left for Athelmere on
Monday where he will work for six
weeks or more.
A tea which was a great success In
every way took placo on Saturday
nt tho ome of MrB. Young. A charge
of lfic was made and the proceeds*
nre for the purpose of rellnlng the;
Presbyterian church etove. Tho Sunt;
day school pupils ploascd those pres-;
ent wltli n clever little program, got-1
ten up under the direction of Mist 3.'
Curley, to whom credit Is *J«t.
Mrs. Jim Joyce and Mrs. Tom Taylor of Flagstone wero guests of Mrs.
J. M. Agnew ln Elko thlB week.
A detachment of the 107th was down
to Elko this week and visited the falls
and canyon.
Mr. J. W. Kerr of the Elk Hotel
motored to Cranbrook this week.
Rev. Mr. Lane of Crnnbrook held
service at Trinity Church Elko Sunday evening.   .
Brewster, MacDonald and Parker
Williams may be alright in their private capacity, but In their would-be
public capacity they are a huge joke.
(Heavy on the joke.)
W. J, E. Baker, Nelson Department
of Hydrographlc Surveys, was In Elko
and district this week.
The John Phillips Saw Mill Co. Is
moving their portable mill Into the
Roosville Valley this week.
Mrs. Dr. Saunders passed through
Elko for England Saturday, several
Elko ladies being nt the Great Northern depot to wish her bon voyage.
The I.O.D.E. Elk Canyon Chapter
gave a very successful whist drive and
raffle of a cushion donated by Miss
Esther Hirtz. The lucky number was
59 and held by Miss Maxwell of St.
Thomas, Ontario. The Raffle brought
$31.26 and the Chapter forwarded the
sum of $20 to the Red Cross Society
and $10 to the annex of the Maple Leaf
Club In London for Canadian Soldiers
on short furlough In London. The following shirts and socks have been received by the Chapter and sent away:
shirts—Mrs. Agnew 1, Mrs. Kennedy 1,
Mrs. J. McKee 1, Mrs. Wilkinson 2,
Mrs. L. Foisy 1, Mrs. J. Sawyer 1, Miss
I. Holbrook 1, Socks—Mrs. Fred Roo
3, Mrs. J. Watson , Roosville, 2; Mrs.
Richard Hirtz l, Mrs. T. Roberto 1.
Mrs. J. M. Agnew 4, Mrs. J. McKee 1,
Mrs. Mason 1, all of Elko.—Miss Irene
McKee, Secretary.
Corp. Jlmmle Roberts, the crack
steeplechase Jockey from Elko, writing from Flanders, wishes to be kindly
remembered to all his friends.
A. E. Ingham Is showing up some
fine copper quarts on hli property at
Sheep Mountain, south of Elko.
C. Stephenson and family of Roosville moved to the Sunkist Orchard,
Roosville, owned by J. Broley, contractor, victoria, having taken over the
management of the place.
Itlli How To Cora Chronic Cough
Jackaon, Mitt—"I tm t carpenter,
aad tht grippe Itf t mt with a chronic
cough, run-down, worn out tnd weak.
11 took til kind, of couth tyrant without
help.   I read about Vlnol and decided to
try It   Btfort I hid ttktn a bottln I
1 ftit bttttr, tad tftar taklnt two bottle.
1 my cough It tntirtly curtd, tnd I have
8Uned ntw tlm tnd tat*gy."-JOHN L.
Vinol It t dtlleloui ood liver tnd Iron
tonle, guaranteed for oough., colda tnd
bronchltlt and for all wttka rua-dowu
Cranhrook Drua ft Book Co.,
CruMaoa, M.
Jxmericcm jEady and
Crompton Corsets
They never fail to win and retain the confidence and
complete satisfaction of every lady vi ho triei them.
Every pair guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction.
The prices are reasonable.
7)ry Soocis and draperies
We are receiving new lines every week. We expect
another shipment will arrive this week which will contain
some of the very newest dress materials.
Saturday Special
colors and sizes.
Full assortment of
Tfoduction andThrift
' (T^ AN AD A from her abundance can help supply the Empire's need.,
^-/ and this must be a comforting thought for those upon whom the
heavy burden of directing the Empire's affairs has been laid. Gain or
no gain the course before the Tarmers of Canada is ns clear as it wot
last year—they must produce abundantly in order to meet the demands
that may be made, and I believe tliis to bc especially true in regard to
live stock, the world's supply of which must be particularly affected In
this vast struggle. Stress and strain may yet be in store for ua all
before this tragic conflict is over, but not one of us doubts the issue,
and Canadians wilt do their duty in the highest sense of that great
word."—UO.V. MARTIN BURRELL, Minister of Agriculture.
MODERN war is made by resources, by money, by foodstuffs, as .
well as by men and by munitions. While war U our first business, it is the imperative duty of every man In Canada to produce all
that he can, to work doubly hard while our soldiers are In the trenches.
in order that the resources of the country may not only be conserved, but
increased, for the great struggle that lies before us. ' Workand Save'
is a good motto for War.time."-57fi THOMAS WHITE, Mini**
af Finance.
WHAT IS NEEDED ? these in particular-
wheat, OATS, HAV,
We must feed ourselves, feed our soldiers, and help feed tht Allies.   Th* need is greater in
1916 than it was in 1915.    The difficulties are greater, th* lash i* heavier, Ih*
need is more urgent, the call to patriotism i* louder—therefore bt
thrifty and produce to tht limit.
"THE AGRICULTURAL WAR  BOOK FOR 1916" » now in tht p«m.  To b. bad from
The Publication. Brnncli, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Breeders of
Barred Rocks, 8. C. H. I.
Reda, and S. C. W.
Hatching Egga—
Barred Rock. W per 16
Red... 11.50 per 15 or (8 per 10*
Leg-horn. »U0, IS or 17 per 100
Produced from the  beat egg-
laying .tr.iln..
P. O. Boi 441     Phone 377A
31k for $1.00
P.  BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Robert, and Winsor Mill started up
this week, having put in a aysteni of
water works. We hope to see them do
well as they hire nothing but whito
men and pay the best wages going.
R. Joyce, Manager of the Flagstone
Lumber Co., was in Elko this week
and Flagstone should havo better pollco protection at once,
Miss Ryan, graduate nurse, Vancouver' returned to Cranbrook this
week after attending a bad case of
acute pneumonia at the Millet House,
College Ave.
C. M. Edwards, manager of the
Baynes Lake Land Co., wos In Elko
this week.
Mra. Fred Roo returned to Iloon-
ville this w.ek afftr spending two
•rttka la «l*t.
IN THE MATTER of lir, "Land Reg.
lBtry Act" and ln the Matter of Lots
1, 8 and 4, Block 4A and Lot IM,
Mroup 1, Kootenay District, Province
I    of British Columbia, Map 1181.
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 3787C-1) has been made to register David Wallace Hart on the Register of Indefeasible Fees, as owner In
fee simple of the above lots under t
Conveyance to him from Baynes Lake
Land Company, Limited, et all, dated
82nd January 1916, and that unlesa
within 30 days from the date of the
Ilrst publication hereof jou file ln thl.
offlce a caveat or Certificate of Ua
Pendens I shall register the said David
Wallace Hart as owner In fee aa required by said application.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 31st day ot March, 1816.
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Datt of flrat publication, tth day at
April, 1810.
Ctrtlfleat* of Improvement
"Elba!" Fr., "Alta" Fr., "Badgor",
"Fox" and "Deer" Fr. Mineral Claims,
situate In the Fort Steele Mining Division ot East Kootenny District.
Where located—On the Sullivan Hill,
Kimberley, B. C.
Take Notice that the Consolidated
Mining A Smelting Co. of Canada, Limited, Fret Miner's Certificate No.
8014IB, Intend, sixty daya from the
date hereof, to tpply to the Mining
Recorder for t Certificate ot Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants ot the abovo Claims.
And Further Take Notice that action
under Section 86 mutt be commenced
before tbe Issntnce ot auch Certificate
at Improvement*.
Bated this 111 day ot April, 1016.


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