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Cranbrook Herald Nov 29, 1917

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THURSDAY,  NOV.  29th.  1911
HurnsH nn.upnv
'  Nt'MBKR -S
Helping a Government maintain itself and solve its problem^ Is infinitely more wortii while than helping to overthrow
it, and deluding the public into believing that a mere change of men will overcome difficulties that can be/ met
only by the combined power of the nation.
Disposed uf 67 Claims--iS Pull Exemptions-
Medical Board in Session Here
ie\   (l.UHN'11   1 II till.I.
(I'eilit. V.lft  "■ 1'neene'liuiill, I'eeiel. A. J.'
iCIIIieeeeli,  mill   l'*i|it. ('.   1'.  HlKlilllK, tIw
luumlmi'i   nt   iiie.   Military   Modlcnl {
huai'il e-rrlvt'il „, the. city eeti Hielui*ilu.v
Ui.sl.  Thoy hold tlii'lr (heel sitting thai
i'vi'iiIiik nnil were In speeeelon all Sun-
illny mnl .Monelny.
'i'ln* l,eee*al l-l-cniption Tribunal,
Moaars ll. Willie mil U. P. Pownall,
.wlih Hue Military Representative,
Major Harold T. Nation wer*. ucroril-
iiiKly nlile tee proceed with their duttoa
..en Miinilay anil have been steadily at
work .rrnin curly morning till late at j
mlghl ileulliiK with the large number
,ut cages .In wllldl decisions have been
deterred awaiting medical reports.
The total number of cases disposed |
o( by the Utennl up to Tuesday evening
was sisty-ai.yen. tho decisions being:
•11 nol allowed, 17 granted temporary
exemption. 5 oflpdltlonal and IS full
Detailed partU'Ulars of these cases
aro given lee'low:
Hamilton. J. A, M, Hull (liver, note
ullowed. !
Heed H. J.. Cranbrook, to report April
llllll, ms. I
Davis. _. I'., Cranbrook, to report May
10th, wm.
Dieycr, James, Jaffray, conditional exemption.
JVatson, J. HV, Kimberley. Allowed.
Fleetwood.  —.  Wlirdner, allowed,
Starrltt, W. Cranbrook. allowed,
'llnnlaker,  IS.,  Cranbrook.  to  report
February 1st. 1918.
Ilea, on, F.. Cranbrook, to report June
Im. HUS.
! I've   K. A.. Crunbrook, allowed,
JiilVi'n'iiery. ,1ns.    H„   Craubrook, al-
Hifftbcvro   I*:.. Tanglefoot, to report
Wuicust'lst. 191S.
Ilatiiiriiui. K.  Tanglefoot, lo  report
JW..* ii"th. 1918.
llii,rl„ip.*ii. A. Tanglefoot, to reporl
August list ,19t«
Brown, \V. '(I . Craubrook, allow.*.!.
Morris,   H.  P., i Craubrook,  to  report
■March  ill. m*(i*i.
Woeielford. V. C.,,i,'i'anbroy_, allowed.
Sieve-*.  .11..  Wyellite. allowetl.
Cadi*.*al*iede*r, 1... I'raobreok, allowed,
Ktieckforll. y. I... TatiRlefoot, to riijeort
.lane 1st. U.tlS.
Mvuieiowlch.  M„  Wyi'llfi.*. allowed.
Waelsworth.    W„    Tanglet'oot,  . cbu-
diiiiuiai exemption
l.ol'ngo, A.. Tanglefoot, 'r reporl .Aug.
Is!   191S.
t Olsea, M„ Wardner, not alkewoel.
Musi.ii, J.. Kimberley, not allowed
, Crow,'. B. J.. Cranbrook. not allowed,
, Hammer.  A„   'llinglefool.  to  fepori
..lunn 10th, IHIS.
SitlVer.  H   M-.   Was.1,   allowenl.
I*irii..leli   A., Kimberley. not allowed.,
■j,*.**..**V'*i ''. Kimberley, not allowed,
H,llV*l'»'    D„  Kimleerley. not  allowed
l*itu|:  ,.*..   Wycliffe,  not  allowed.
TanaMf.ilsy.    W.  0„  Kort  Sleele,  ol*
Mason. J ,D    Moyie.  lo  reporl   .lune.
IM. IIM,* "
ManncrB, t . \ ., 'ranbrook, to report
July  lat, JJH**
IjiJoIo, M„ CmUKpok  i.. rorjorl February lal, 18*5
i.untlu. ll  c. Crumb ook, allowed
l,*iur.*ii.*r. c. WiirdiLv*. not allowed
Anderson, A  V., WycBlfe, nol nllowed
Johi-.si.ii, lv. Wycliffe, nol allowed.
Ilelnlwuan,   N„   Kimberley.   nol   al
D.irln   A    Hull  Hiver. allowed.
Conea.l.       .   Moyle,  allowed.
Crosby, 0„  Wycliffe, not alloweil
Tliomna, 0., Mori' * not allowed
Votltltl, I... Moyle ii~.»iil)owed
Total   .minim  ("lU-ih'.t i..  Dale
i raiibrouh   UhIIcV  j iiIwiIkI   Isfttictii-
There Is every reason inr ihi I'mn- Una firmed   Ofileer*. t><*iril
brook Committee and tlu* varlon   Sub —	
""■■"•Utees tbrougl t  .trlct, to      v ........     . ~
i,*e I antlsfled irltti Ho* resull    eel  tl
Victory Loan c„,„p. i,.„ imn]>n ,Mli|] leonSiind,
'l'l"'    1100,000, „l.    originally        ,   ladli     ul   t'mnbrnnk   !e„*    .    ''-'''   by the Police aaslsteil
' ■■ i', uiinlssiunor      h ;i  i
ri".*s*Jlii  mi
****T*\l***m**\lmm***m***\s*m*S**lml***>**\lm1'' *"*ts»   *s*sltt"****.\ J
Seeil l'air in lit* Held ul Armstrong,
». I.
Tlioro were elK'it ontrjea in tlie potato competition tliis year, tlu* quality
of the produce shown being roraurk-
nbly tioful nml tin* nuiKe ot polntfl
between tin- hlKlu'st und lowest, very
Hiiiull. .Mr. (Jib.son. who officiated ns
Judge, comim-nted on the good results obtained here, compared with
otber districts further went, the season having been against good yields
and there being considerable potato
ground in some districts tiiat would
not be dug,
Tiie prize winners were:
1, Lyman Taylor, Wycliffe,  points,
!»:t, variety, Uurbnnk,
2, A. H. Smith, Cranbrook, points,
liVfe, variety, Sutton's Abundance.
;t. P, Clark, Wycliffe, potntH, fiOVj,
variety. Uurbank.
4. C.  S.   Fleming,   Wycliffe.  points.
S9H, variety. Gold Coin,
f.. ,1,   Mitchell,   Crnnbrook,   points,
»H%, variety, (not stated)
in the Wheat Competition the results were as follows:
1. p, Woods. 9,ri'A points,
2. R Clark. 91 •£ points.
:t. X. McClure, 90'i  points.
4. Ci H. Fleming. 90 points.
fi. byntan Taylor, 8ii-,._ points.
Tin* Judgfl eomnieaieil oa Mr. 1*,
Woods' samplo pf Bed Fife as seeur-
lug om* of tlio best spores on liis judging trip, It was iim only plump sample here,
AH prize., except the firsl were won
with    the    Uamtutfi    variety    of    wiiei.t
There wore nine entries, almost nil
being cm two or tliree points for
weeds, though Mr. F. Clark escaped
with tlie loss of only one. The woods
mentlonoil were Tumbling Mustard
;,nd Wild Buckwheat. The crops were
not judged until rather Into, September 3rd, all the grain being Cut, some
entries stacked, anil oue threashed.
The prize cheques will he presented
io the winners nt the Annual Meeting
of the Institute on December Sth, on
>vllich occasion it is hoped there wMl
he a good attendance, as not only will
the finances of the year be closed, but
owing lo lack of a quorum at the last
meeting, the Oirectors for the ensuing y$i*t wilt be sleeted.
TIhmy will be i( Sestj Fnlr held at
Armsirong. H <'. in Pepeplber and ll
ts hoped that pi l-'usi some exhiliits of
wheal aud potatoes will be sent trom
ihis dlstrlcl The Qovernment pays
transportation ot entrlei und gives
liberal prizes Pull Information van
be obtained from a B, Smith. Secretary of tl.e Farmers' Institute.
in   ih.'   Unfonlsl   i ■   room
ernotwi        .i nber 24li
sli.    ihe   ladli     ol   Cmnbii >k   rormec
I aimed al. was passed befori  the end   |
: "*' lho sec I   week, und  II ■  had been th
I »•>■ ,1"" ■:"1 ilh ll"' "gore to bo reai *     .,■■* mlon  nl   m    D * o hi   pn        ":"" "' '"' " ullinnino" ",',',, :irn"
j ..I   This amount of subscriptions ■■■.., .   , , . ,, ;„„ foHott    «"«' flmrged with Bamlng,
I secured to-day and witli two days re elegrani 'll'ial enmo on before relic-' vtn
turns yet to be added, the amount has ;,.:*,    llt> mue;. i .; lui     trHto  Aniold ""   Monday and  Ti
now reached 1183,600 , ,,. , .   ,„ ';,*'.. ;i' ,   anbrook   "a)   'he Sdtli and 37th of N'ovem
Full  particulars, giving aninnnl  nl   uiiia)   hul   will   crrauge   to  addrena   Tm'  fharpe  as  ngalnsl   Ce-   l	
j Craubrook    subscriptions,    and    Ce*   lmll<    of Cranbr ur fi I ne   w! ll ■' '" iHinlalmblo by Imprbonm
amounts sent lu from outside points,j'and sincerely ho] i   ij   'iii <ln   lVRa withdrawn, five or tho play
will appear in onr next issue. uvorythbi?* in ilmli- iuiu r tn aim -i   were fined JL'5.oii each nnd
The figures to date nre ns follows:     t'olon
Firsl   week $55,400,00       honor
Second  week $01,250.00      oyi - i
Monday $10,000.00
Tuesday   14,350.00 \ti
\ at Half
Kniilion, I
Jolinnson, •'
notliwoll   ll
Iou eel
Fleming, i'
Fleming, it
Anil, iv.on. J
Utlio. I*' J
TeiliKlefoot. IraLAllOWe
I.. Jnftrny, nc allow.
S. rrnnhrooli, not
Nl .   Wvelift...  eiinillllonill
Tilimletoe'l. ""I allowed
. cranbrook. allowod.
Hnii'iei*. It.. Crnnbrook, not allowed,
nini, \ i>, Cranbrook, not allowed
Adamaan, J. Cranbrook, not allowed.
iiertimi.     .  Cranbrook,  conditional
Heckle, .1 . rrnnlerook, tee reieorl  He.**
ember 3l»t. IOU.
Aiulersou. II . Hull Hiver. not allowed
Pennon, W  II., Waea, not allowed
giimraera, ,l   J.  Kimberley, nol  ul
Cameron  U. Crnnbrook, not allowed,
Meiionuiii. ii. F. Tanglofoot, allowed,
llollnuil, II   I.. Moylo, in report Mure h
tat, mis
Armatrong, <i* II.. t'rnnbronk. not nllowed,
.Miller.  I...  Moyle. allowed.
l'nrker. P. A.  Cronbrook, to reporl
June Int. 1918.
l'l HIV     (ill.HKIIT    IIIIIIIKH
K1I.I.KI) IX il'TlOX
Wo regrot to onnounco thnt Prlvnte
Percy (llllei'i't llldder, son of Mr. Chaa,
lllileler, nf tlila city, waa killed In
action on November Utli, A tclenrnin
to tills effect wns received by his
mother. Mrs. f'hns. Illilder, last Tuesday.
The sympathy of the Herald and
tlie community at large Is extended
to the bereaved parenla.
I Orient Dtllnln will bu.' where she
win borrow. Hoiv mtM-h wlll you lend
her to help keep rnaaiPata bualneaa
Provincial Library of
Hrltls   '  dun'*' la, Aug -:-i*
IiIiik in their i*  to suie i ••'!" ll""" *'-'
Oovernmei   iiiiholillug the were looking on J10.00 eneli.
um: Integrity of Canada 111 the .\.  II   Mncilonalil aiipearod fo
[ the world." iiroBocutlon.  Sliorwootl  llorrlini
(slgni II "S. Ilonuell." Pcmlc for the nceniied,
r  several   u I    * *hcs   had 	
Wednesday...   0,100,00 bee ntle  by  tli
Thursday  10,600,00 needed   tn   elect
»40,BBO.O0       eturl.'il   off   wltll
Iwllc    they   ,.,-..-
leir  ofticevs   nnil
uh,*l*slil|i   fil
Mra,  M. Worden, Mra. J   C   Leal
.Mi*.. A. T Phlllliia, Mm, M  A. Hon
nearly 1"" members.   Xol ;. slono Is      II   would hc  very  liunl to  -
Grand Total to dale $103,000.00     to bc len unturned to bring about tl 'c .nthnslasilc body oi   Ind
olcctlon of lhe "W'u the War ('until    who nro working so energetically
date, In*. Hounell of Fernie, whn has   further the pro nil f llio  »
1111,1, IIIVKIt THAIIKIIV .,|„.„| „„„ j,,;ll. !,„,. „ ,,.,],* „.!,,, „„,.   id-, Hounell is Hi,, right u  lu
boys nl the trout, right idace and ii is nn assured I
At the preliminary homing on Wod-     *i*ii,. rnllowlug i.ui,* r   ivi ro eleelcd:   that ho will bo clocleil ley a unoel a
nesday, In connection with iho recent      President, Mrs. A. M  I.: urli :   Vice-   u .mini tuujorily.   Willi Hu* vulun
irngeely nt Bull ither. James Young.   Presltlonl, Mrs. I,, li (ire u:   Secre-   nsslstnnco or the IiiiIIoh Iii Ibis rid
tin. accused, wns committee for trlnl   Inry. Mra. K. M  Mi Hi wrn: K.v.niive*.  tli ■ majority «*lll bo largely Inercai
Mr Jonopli Ryan roturnod on Sun
day from thc conference of the Associated Hoards of Trado hold ol Trail,
lust     week   In     cmisei|Ueuce   .,f     the
strike*, There wero twelvn dologntnt.
pronont ut tho conforenco from various points, Including N'otaon, (ireen-
wnoii. Orand Forks, Hossland, Trail.
Croston nnd t'ranbniok
a copy of tin* Btotcmcnl proparod
for publication by .1 Rub-committcc of
tho delegates has been bniidod to ub,
mi.I ns iln* Huhject is »n<- of vita' In-
Lores! to this district, wo append lho
statement in full.
The Executive or tho Aagoclntod
Boards of Trado attondod al Trail on
Friday the 23rd Instant aud after a
«hort conforenco with tho members ol
the local Board decided to see Mr.
.1. J. Warren, the general managor of
the Consolidated Mlnlni! and Smelting
Company nnd ascertain from him his
attitude with regard to tho strike.
With Hie utmost courtesy he submitted all documents constituting the so-
called agreement between the Sraoltor
Company and the Employees, All
nur-ntlons on the general situation
were readily artswored by Mr. Wur ron.
His attitude was that a contract unquestionably existed, and he made It
a condition that the men should return to work under tlio existing contract. Tho Executive met the Committee of the men later in the evening. They ton submitted all correspondent' between then! f.nd the Smelter authorities. The position after
hearing both parties appeared to Ih;
that Mr. Warren as strongly lush ted
(Cantlnued m page bur)
k» Fighting Men.
if out* answer
LJOW   many   Victory Bonds have you
Have you put yourself to any real inconvenience to buy Victory Bonds?
Have you denied yourself some purely
personal gratification, so that you could
invest the money saved in Victory Bonds?
Have you realized the urgent need for
personal self-sacrifice to make the Victory
Loan a great success?
Until you have bought Victory Bonds
to the very limit of your ability, you have
not done your duty.
Campaign Closes Saturday Night
What Answer
Will You Give?
Issued by Canada's Victory Loan CommittM
in co-operation with thr Minister of I ummr
et tlief Dominion ul Canada,
Now is the time
to get a snap on
an up-to-date Hat
all Trimmed Millinery to be sold at
halt price.
McCreery Bros.
Ciiiiibinuk's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
T^\rms.m't/mmtArsr\mem.mr\*em,mr\fem, msmsf*msm*M*yimt*
Rich Sparkling* Cut Glass
In exquisite designs will he found amongst our
many gift suggestions Now is the time to make
your choice. A small deposit down and we will
save it for you.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. 1. -TCHIS05,
There is Nothing Nicer
for a Chrismas Present
than some of our Hand Painted China.
Rich Cut Glass Water Sets. Berry Sets
Toilet and Dinnerware. a $ 6.000.00
Stock to choose from You are alwayJ
welcome to call and examine
Staple flroccrlcsi H«j. liruin. Feed, Ete.
If by any chance you   have forgotten
some of the Boys at the Front, why not
send him for Christmas a
RAZOR Sterno Canned Heat and Stoves
THURSDAY, NOV. 29th. l!H7-
Ever j'tiling the uM<Mtotfl man
i'iiii require Is lo ue found liere,
Atul J'OU may he sure it is tlie
very latest style. If J'Oll are
in ilmiht ulimit uhat to alvr
'•him**, 'Conic In iiutl let n.s
hel)) .hmi ns tu> lune helped
dozens ot' others.
Mere trill In* found the fines!
■.election of men's Jowelrj •'*'*
i|iilstles In the country.
i.r.II. >vni,li Inspectors
Xm| le, till' I'OSI  IM'lil'l*
y. m. £. h. mitt
llllll!'*.  li il.lil.  tO S  p.Ill,
(tegular Dinner \ Short Orders
Reasonable Prloes
Special   Table   for   Ladles.
ki:v citv i.oim;i:, No.42
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially invited.
K. H. McPhee      W  C. Adlard
Hocy. N. 0.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. It. & 3.
P. O. Box 622
Visiting brethren  cordially Invited to attend.
ovi:i.si:as cluh
Meets in Maji.i' Hall second
TueHduy of every month at 8
p. in.
Membership open to British
Visiting members cordially
E. y. Brake.        J. P. Lower,
President. Secretary
Meeta fu the
Parish Hull
first Tuesday
ufternnon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W,
H.   McKarlane.
Seey, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.
AM ladies co-dially Invited.
Mfiiilitna Itfslininiiil
Meals ut All Hours
Cigars Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Che Olasa fioiel
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist Investment eo.Dd
(Ise and  Murage)
TAKE NOTICE that linker Lumber
Co., whose address Is Waldo, B. ('..
will apply for a licence to take ami
use eight cubic feet per second ond
to store ten aire feel of water out of
I'lunihoh Creek, which flows easterly
and drains Into the Kootonay Illver.
The BtoragO-dnm will be located about
BOUth wesl corner of lot 616701, The
capacity of tho reservoir to he created
is about ten acre feet, and it will
flood about five acres of land. The
water will bo diverted from the stream
at a point ahout. the south west corner of lot 616791, aud will be used for
Ft liming logs This notice was posted
on the ground on the 4th day of October, 1917 . A copy of tills notice and
on application pursuant thereto and
to the "Waler Act, 1914," wlll be tiled
In the office of tlio Wator Recorder nl
Cranhrook. objections to the application may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Ii. c, within thirty
days afier the first appearance of this
notice lu a local newspaper.
Raker f,umber Co., Applicant
A, H, DeWolf, Agent.
The dale of the first publication of
tht* notice |h November 1Mb. 11*17.
>1.   V.   Heale.   Secretary   and   Ddllor
I). A. huv, Maiuiger.
('ranbrook. it. r„ November 29th, 1917
Illl.   110.111
Until. Frame. I'ree|i.
I'l'isli llrcail. Cllk<>8, Pies
iiiiiI I'ustrj
Plione 37
Norbury Avee.       Oi>i>  City Hall
in Ills manifesto Sir Wilfrid Laurier seek*- to evade responsibility for
a wnr time election by representing
that coalition government entailed an
appeal to the electorate on the Issue
of compulsory Bervice, This is but n
half truth nnd if coalition was to be
followed by uu election sueh procedure was due solely to the position
taken by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir
Lomer Ooulti.
Sir Robert Horden proposed coalition to Sir Wilfrid Laurier to secure
that unity which would have mado
compulsory aervice practicable without u war-time election. Both Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and sir Lomer Oouln
expressed their repuguar.c1 to forcing
mltltarj itervlce on their compatriots
wiiho,,• ;i nmiiiluii*, To removi this
olM.iele in his ilestt'o tor national unity sir Robert proposed that after
the formation of the coalition cabinet
an appeal to the countrv Bhould be
mado on ihe issue of compulsory service,
sir Wilfrid Uurler'i objection led
I to the broadening of tho terms where-
i by an election would ensue. It was to
I avoid an election and at the same time
uiik- effective provision for relnforc-
iig troops ai the front thnl led to the
Her for coalition It was the desire
or unity thai led Sir Robert to con-
| sent to an election if coalition was
impossible otherwise. Sir Wilfrid had
tin* offer of coalition, conscription and
no election and a subsequent offer of
coalition, conscription and an election, lie refused both. The responsibility lor an election rests entirely ou
Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Tie* howling down of Sir Robert
Ilorden at Kitchener, Ontario, by an
unruly gang merely exposes the calibre ni HOine of thn T.aurter supporters, li  helps the cause of I'liiini Qov-
Thero's fighting iu Plunders, there's
fighting   in   France,
And the fighting drifts near to the
ramparts at Rome;
Let us give Uie brave boys    In    tlie
trenches a chance
And abstain from political lighting
at home.
More men aud yet more men
must be taken from thc industries
and occupations of Great Britain
to meet the demands of the war.
Unless this Is done the wnr may
drag on  into  1920 or even   later.
These are the words of Mr. OeddeS(
the British Minister of National Service,  a  gentleman   noted   for   plain
nl for speaking
TDK     MAI.1,1 I INATION     OF    THE
Tho Laurler-Llberala are vainly
attempting to divert the attention of
the Electorate from the main issue by
adopting a platform of vituperation
against ihe i'nion Qovernment and
deliberately evading the one great ull-
absorblng question—whether Canada
shall continue to fill its place at the
bnttle fronl or to slink away like a
yellow dog with its tail between its
We are fighting a death struggle
with a still powerful enemy, Germany Is by no means beaten; on the
contrary, she still retains possession
or Serbia, Roumania, practically the
whole or Belgium and a large slice of
Itusrhi, that once great and nii»hty
empire, which in the early days of the
war was expected to steam roller into
Berlin, Is down and out. The fate of
Italy Is slill in the balance, and it
will be many months before the I'nited States can place an effective fighting force in the field.
The great peril is obvious and imminent ;..id it can only be met by a
united effort to throw all the allied
resources  into the  fray.
The greatest criBla of tinman history faces the world today and we
cannot become oblivious to or attempt
to dodge the issue.
This is no time f.>r political quibbling, and yet a large proportion of
the Laurier Standard Bearers—at any
rate In the west—while stoutly maintaining their belief in Union Government and National Service are allow*,
lng their win the wnr convictions to
become submerged by political bias
ill the free of lhe National Peril,
Their professed champion, Laurier, is
hand hi glove with Hourassa and the
■Quebec Nationalists who are foresworn to do all In their power to
turn Canada Into the "yellow dog."
There can he no ambiguity about.
Laurier's intentions If elected, they
cannot be twisted to suit bis Wltl-the
-war supporters and to deceive the
Electorate and the men and women
who, realizing the national peril and
the need for prom pi action, still support Laurier, are false to their own
conscience and, unconsciously perhaps, to their country.
A vote for Laurier is a vote for the
Sir Wilfred Laurier says he can
see no difference between I'nlonisin
and Conservatism Sir Wilfred Ih evidently getting short-sighted in his old
Lord NorlhcMffe Is undoubtedly a
very able man and has accomplished
many great things but there Ik one
great tilings he lias not dared to do-
tackle some of the Jobs he criticizes
so freely.
The voluntary system of recruiting
has heen proved a dismal failure in
Australia. If it could not succeed In I
Australia with its system of military
training, how could It hope to succeed In Canada.
The Qtiit-the-war Quebec Nationalists may look at the situation in the
wrong light, but they nre at least
sincere which is more thnn can be
suld for the Win the-wnr Lnuriei-Llh-
All credit Is due to the people of
the Cranbrook District for their great
response to tlie appeal for Victory
Loan Subscriptions, and the results
have exceeded expectations, already
reaching the mark set hy the Committee who have been untiring In their
efforts and to their exertions the alio*
•ess attained is largely responsible,
man in khaki that siie can spare from
her essential industries In fact, for
some time past she has at limes b ni
forced to recall man from the lighting line io re-join the Industrial
workers because they can he of greater service there.
Since Mr. GoddOS spoke the situation In Russia has grown steadily
worse until now that country Is no
loiger a factor iu tbe Fighting. Too,
Italy has found tbe Hun too strong
for her and it has been necessary Eor
Britain to send troops lo reinforce
the Italian arms.
Britain's supply of men is not Inexhaustible, and unless Canada aud
the other colonies supply the necessary men in greater quantities the
outlook Is for a lengthening out of
tlie   struggle   until   1920   or   longer.
Our readers should ponder this
over carefully. We all want to win
the war, and win it speedily. In view
or the failure of voluntary enlisting,
to say nothing of its weakness for
taking men who are needed at home,
and leaving with us many who can
bo better spared, it must lie admitted
that conscription is vitally necessary
and that delays to try out lurther
voluntary effort or take a referendum
on the question a la Laurier ate dangerous indeed.
Another hundred thousand men ut
this .juncture Is all Important. The
Inst hundred thousand from some
oversea Dominion may turn the scale
for human freedom.—Creston Review.
France. Oct.   10th,   1917.
My Dear Sister Annie.—I will drop
a few lines to let you know I am well
and hope that this finds you all well
at home. I have had soveral letters
from you and never answered any of
them, so I think It is about (line to
write one; I got a card from you tlie
time I went to Pnris, you were fn
Victoria then. Is Len and Harry still
running their cars? Tell Len to write
me   few Hues when he gets time.
Vou people al home often ask how
long i think the war will last; I have
had a vust experience since I sa w
you Inst and would like to write and
express my opinion ahout the war but
1 am afraid it would not pass the Censor. Tell Len that I saw Tommie
Good and Alex Sutherland here awhile
ago; 1 also saw Carl Mackay about
two months ago; he is in the 29th
Battalion. 1 was talking to Stanley
Stuart too; he Is just as happy as
ever. I aaw Jack Taylor a few day.;
ago and was talking to him.
I will close for this time with best
regards  to  everyone  at   home.
I remain,
Vour loving brother.
George   Crowe.
Fourteen boys, In care of R. 13. Pow, ■
attended the Boy's Work Conference,
held under the auspices of the C.K.s.
T. movement at Nelson. Nov. 22-25.
They reached Nelson ou Thursday
''veiling, and were escorted by the
Nelson boys to the    V.M.C.A.    where
Secretary of State, and
DR. S. BONNELL, Unionist Candidate
Mon, Dec, 3rd
at 8.oo p.m.
Reserved Seats for Ladies
they registered and secured their billets.
The first three sessions were particularly for leaders in boy's work.
(hi Friday evening the hoy's conference proper opened under charge of
the boys themselves. Otto (iii) was
chosen as secretary of the conference
ami It. IC. Pow to represent the "Y"
among "the Allies.'* Tlie sessions
right through were most helpful and
Inspiring, the prominent features being tlie demonstrations of charting,
and of the Sunday and midweek sessions of tiie organized Sunday scliool
class; the banquet in the Presbyterian Church on Saturday evening, and
the closing meetings in the Anglican
and Methodist Churches on Sunday.
The men leading the meetings were
I W, Storey, j. p. Westman, and C.
A, Meyers, representing respectively
the V.M.C.A.. the Methodist and the
Presbyterian Churches, A better and
more harmonious trio would be hard
to find.
It wns it red-letter day In the lives
of the local hoys, and they acquitted
themselves very creditably. It wns a'
pleasure to accompany them. We
hope that the various groups will
liave an opportunity of presenting the
work In their various churches, and
that the c. S. B. T. program will be
adopted iu every Sunday School.
charge was accordingly dismissed.    I
P. B. lllll of Golden for the Crown:
A. B. Itfncdonald of Crnnbrook for the
Leg Sore
A huge sore—very deep—full of
foul discharge. Agony all day; no
rest at night. Then—Just a few
drops of the gentle, cooling liquid.
D. 1). D. Irritation and pain gone.
Sweet, refreshing sloop at nlgllt. In
due time, complete cure. We guarantee 1). i). ii.
Let us give you
this book
Pierre Sumo, n Kootenny Indian,
was charged before Ills Honor, Judge
Thompson, nt th,. Wilmer Court, with
the then e,r u two yeur old animal.
The1 cu.se ruim* on foe* trieel on Tucs-
elsiy anel Wednesday, the :10th and 21st
ol November. It wns contended ley
iho Crown that the accused sold the
animal ie. one, Vallghnii Kitnpton. The
Crown howovnr, tailed tee establish
any caso against tho accused and the
'• m**mm***WU _m_Wm
TJxts Lic__iid."Was.ti
The Crnnhrook Drug & Booh Co. Ltd.
Craubrook, B. C.
Transfer of Rights under SctUon 1:1,
IVntei* Act, 1911.
Tako Notice that Peter Lund, whoso
nddress Is Lethbridge, Alio., will a|.-:
ply for lhe right to use* 320 acre feel
of thc waler, the right lee use of which
Is granted ley Conditional License No.
4-ii. een another pnrt of Lot Xee. 325, j
K. I), (viz. Carts o( Sub-divisions *!-:t,
lying e*ust of the* railroad track.)
There will  be- no change in    tlie ;
point of division,
Tlio terms and priority of tlie Licence* now applied feer will bo the
same as those of conditional Licence
42ti. a copy of whicli is on file in tile
offlco of tlte* \V«tor Recorder al t'ran-
lerneek, with whom objections lie this
application may he filed.
The consent or tho Lund Lane! &
Development Company, registered ow-
lleree of tlie lands to Which lhe* Clillill-
tieenal Licence, is appurtenant has
heen obtained.
This notice was posted on the |
ground on tho 20th day nf November,
The date of lhe first npponrani'o of
llie* lieilh'e. in the leee-al paper Is Nov-    _
ombor 28th, 1017, |
Signed  Peter  Lund.
48-41 por I*'. W. Burgoss, Agent. | |
It will show yon how
to reduce tlie cost of
clearing land.
It contains 44 illustrations of the most
effective methods of
It gives diagrams
showing how you can
place the charges in
ways that will cut
down the quantity of
Powder needed.
Mail the coupon
and the book will be
sent free.
fWlaLra (*"■'< *' m**' case
1™Jmc of Giant Stump-
this    ;;"•'. p,,nv,lc,r'
Use it alongside
test      "' any other
Keep track of tiie cost.
You will find, as thousands
of other British Columbia
farmers am.'* lumbermen
have found, that Giant
Stumping Powder goes
lurther and breaks up the
•■lumps heiler than ordinary
explosives. Giant Stumping
Powder has been made in
Canada fot 32 years, especially fur British Columbia
stump blasting.
Send me your lee.ok. "Bettor Panning wth Giant Stumping Powder."
I   Interested In ih>* subjects which I have marked .Vi
Nil nee
a*„i..i,i.,i I'lll (ot Women, eje, ei box or ihrcu lor
(in. S..I.I nt nil Drug Mutt-., or Iloel to nny
nil,lre'i,5<iii receipt,,! jirlee. Tita Sioii li. puni
to ,Ht.I'litliiiritiea. Oltuirlu.
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN. li;;;,1:;;;
Vitality;far Nerve Hint Hmlii; liieroHKM-'Kruy
mutter":" Torile will lilill.l ymi ii|i. 13 ft IMI or
*wo fur J.V lit iim* Meirc-t. nr ht muii un n-eeiiit
if price l uk scih'k,*. iHiiuCo., tit. ("•tiiurlnci
Coal mining rights or thn llnniln-
iiili,   in   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
NOrth-West Territories and in a peer-
tion of tlie Province of Hritish Columbia, may ho ieasetl for a term of
twenty-one years renewable lor a fnr-
' tlicr term of 21 years nt an annual rental of $1 an aero, Nol more
than 2,6110 acres will ho leased to one
Application for a lease must he
mado tiy the applicant lu person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tlie district In which tha rights applied for
art iltualt i.
In surveyed icrrllory lhc laml mum*
i li" dcsi-rlleed hy pactions, of legal aub*
divisions eef sections, and Iii iiiiHurvey-
eel territory th,. tract applied fur ahulll
lee slaked mil hy tlle applicant himself..
ISach application  must  tin accomi-
paaluil hy a tee of IC which  will   Ilea
ref led If the rlghtH nj|nljpd fur mr*
; not available!, but not .iijiorwlsii.* J %
1 royally .shall bo paid on, the mi.e-erf ,'.
Billable output of lho nilnu at thn* it *„
of five cents per ton.
The person nperiLling tha miller tfuall
furnish the Agent with sworn, nUjrna
accounting fur the full q|iu_t|i-y „.
merchantable ,-«ml mined ana ngfy the
royalty thereon, if the ooul raining
rlghls are aol being operated uncle te.
turns should he (urnlslmd'at least onco
I a year.
The lense will Include the ooat mining rights only.
For till Information application
should he made to the Secretary ot
the. Department of thn Interior. Of.
tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
nf Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N. ll,—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement wlll not ba ytlt,
tat. Thursday, now __th. i»n
Have You Seen it?
Something now in "Egyptian*1
Pottery wore, comprising Vases
Ash Trays, Tea Pot Stands)
non Bon Dishes, etc. You often
hear the statement "You Can't
buy anything in a Jewelry
Store under a Dollar." This is
a mistaken idea for we havo
many articles that come under
the dollar mark, aud the above
Pottery is nn example of what
can bo purchased for four bits.
Your choice of any of the above
articles at 50 cents each, any
one piece from this selection
would mak? a very acceptable
and lasting gift. Make vour .selection NOW.
M. 1b. Willson
j t:\vii,in
Lft lis show ynu   nur Hue nf
Aak tn see the TORTOISE
Hardware St Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     •     B.C.
ef_,Tisvme*think of any reaaon why
thttti* ile,.uld .not be one in your
horn, i «*
A lit, IV. ?, IMnftM'.renbrwk Kic-tif*
Kilby frames pictures \
Mr. w. J, HIpperson of Nelson was*
a visitor In tho city on Wednesday,    j
Mr. W. S. Crone, of Toronto, was/
a visitor in the city on Wednesday,    j
Rubber  heels!    Cents    75    vents,
ladles fill cents, at the Star. '
Saturday, December 1st, is the last)
Victory .Bond Day—pet into lint.
We are carrying a full line of booth!    A danco „ bPhlK arranged for Wed-
aad   shoes.— Craabrook    Richange, ' „ ,   ,, ,,
•Um.tronic Are. nesday, Dec. 12th, in the Parish Hall,
.. .    - , to raise funds ii> provldo entertain*
Mr. F. M. Smith of Banff, was a ment for the wounded soldiers at New
vlHltor In the city lust Friday. year's.
Mra. and Mlsa Larson, of Yahk We're]    Mr. Porbea Davidson of Vancouver,
visiting friends in tho city lust week-jUtt* B. C. roprlreenlatlve of the Cope-
end, ; Intufl'Chattflrson Co., of Toronto, was
  | transacting busincia in the   city   the
Mr, J. D. Brownell of Portland. Ore.,  early part nf the week.
was it visitor in the city on Sutu;day,, 	
ii guest at tlm Craubrook Hotel. •    Dr,   C   it.   HIggtna  of  Victoria,  a
 , \ former resident d( Moylo and Pernie,
Phono Ti for lowest cuah prices on i is in the city tliis week n membi r oi
meat aud groceries; freo delivery.— ; Uio MeJlccl Board under the Military
Cash Meat and Grocery Store. j Service Act.
\ (We du aol hold ouraolveu responsible for opinion i Kpre si d
by correspondent   I
ffTo tho Editor of thi Cranbrook Herald.
Sir,—Several of my friends have
informed mo •" a statement In circulation to tlie effect tliat my efforts
were belijg eJtertod hs distinctly opposed to the Wlo-tl ■ War policy ol
tbe government, and in rnvour oi a
straight   party  candidate.
I would like, sir. through youi
medlumt to characterize such a statement, as an unadulterated lie uml
without foundation
The author of the - tatement, whoever it may be, hat, sold Ilia honoi to
:i falsehood and i i the victim of a
diseased   mind   and   n seared   con
Thanking you. Sir,
Key wo
Mr. W. H, Orltnshaw of Vancouver
wns a guest at the Crotutirook Hotel
on Wednesday.
Born-On Nov. 23rd, nt Trail B, C„
to Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ryekman, formerly of Cranbrook, a koo.
Shoe repairs neatly done at the
Star—Wo hurry.
Mr. L. H. Campbell a knight of thu
grip, from Vancouver was drumming
up business iu the city on Saturday.
We are carrying a (ul! tne of bwrts
tnd shoes.— Cranhrook Kichauge,
\rmetrong Are.
Why pr.y mora when you cun save
buyl.ig for cash at tho Cash Meat and
Grocery Store,    Phone 72 for pri«en.
.Mr. Geo. Hogarth, Proprietor of the
Cranbrook Hotel, left, via motor, on
Monday, for Windermere and Golden.
A series of Whist Drives and Dances
will be given in the "Parish Hall, beginning Wednesday. December Sth.
Cards 8 to 10, dancing 10 to 1.
..Xpert piano and organ tuning, re*
pairing an<* regulating. K. A. Paitro*.
phone ail, P. O. Box 623, l.«_nbiwi»
Miss May llatcllffe left on Wednesday for Nelson where she Will visit
Mr. K. T. Donbleday, a former employee or tbe cosmopolitan Hotel, but
lutely of Trail, is a visitor in th* city j
this week. J
Currantal our prices 20 cents per '
package; we do not charge for de-
livery. Phono V2.—C*eb Meat and |
Orocery Store.
A Bazaar will be held in the Vain
on Wednesday. December Cth, uader
the auspices of the Altar Society ol
St. Marys Church.
Mr. A. R. Thompson, a commercial
traveller from Vancouver, was transacting business in the city on Saturday.
Whist Drive and Dunce- in the Parish Hall Wednesday, iVcember Sth,
cards s to io dancing io to l;
Thfl Imperial Bank will remain op*a
ull Saturday afternoon and evening
for th« transaction of Victory l-oat\
Private Herbert Clark, who waa
wounded at Vimy Ridge, is expected
home on this evening's train.
Jonothan Apples— small but good.
.niti boxes $1.70 at the Cosh Meat and
(Irocery Store. j
On Tuesday, December -Ith. the regular monthly meeting of the Women's
Institute will be held. Mra. .1. D. McBrldo will give a talk olt the "Dower
Law" and a social time will follow.
The meeting will commence at 8 p.m.
prompt and members are urged to he
Christ Church Library has re-opened und the committee will he ulad of
new members, Membership fee, $1
per annum; 50c six months; over -100
volumes, Donations of honks acceptable, Books exchanged Tuesdays.
7.30 p.m.. Sundays, 4 to 4.30 p.m.. und
8.46 p.m.
Classes in domestic science will he
opened in .lanuary in connection with
King Kdward Scliool and under a fully
trained Instructor. < looking, dressmaking, millinery nnd laundry will he
taught. Evening work will be arranged if a sufficient number of pupils desire It. Miss Cherrington will he glad
to hear from those who wish to tuke
up the course, ns soon ns possible.
Mr. George K. Rtevenion, Manager!
of the Nelson Jobbers Limited, Nel-!
son, II. 0.i arrived In the city Friday (
und returned home Sunday.
mini 11 svii \ nm.
• -*„!i ■! tenders  will be received by
■*      *|| ulster of Lands not Inter than
the        Jj»n tho 24th duy of December,
UOon       fc,r the purchase (.f Licence X
WHi       *>n.»t 830,000 foot of Tamarac,
IU0. t
P\  nl 000 cords IMt Props, on
Flr, Pin    W,"J    ,t0,i  |n the  vicinity  of
....   area       ****_ Ifftft-Jififlv      IHutrirf
Two. (21 >'
moval of t
of the Chi>
or District
X" ~* Kootenny District.
,, * ill be allowed for re-
wSo7' Further particulars
rf Kl re^'r. Victoria BC
VureHter, ''ranbrook. B. C.
TIMI    ■MAI**11*
     tarn will be received of
.8afltai«ffl.   tf Uindu not later than
thu MmlBtoi i    W(h d     of December,
MJJ f". Vim      hWfChaso of Licence X
1017, for the      \mm teci 0f Lurch,
"*?• l!„uti    w.diicrr.iock. turn
(tl\\M Kii Ill   W on Cor.. Creet.
Cednr Pol-s »'    w ,ct   ?
Nrar Croston. K   WfoJrt fnr „movaI
„f timber.   Purl    "J ',    „ 0  or m,
Chief rores«er.\   *J*^
trlct Forester. Lt   ~* ^^
Mr. John Tlanklns of Huby, Ont..i
arrived in the city Sunday for a
short visit with his brother. Mr. W.
Ranklns and Mrs. Rankin of Copper
lk> not send your orders out of1
town, v.'rtfan give you tlm suiur prtCM1
Fill out yonr order and bring to Cosh
Meat and Orocery Store
Mr. T. II. McOrohan of Nelson, the
well known representative of the
Mason & Rlsch Piano Co., of Toronto,
was transacting bualness In the city
this week.
Mrs. Chas. Magee, Burwell Avenue,
returned to-day from Calgary, where
shn had been visiting for tht* past
three weeks at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H, Scott.
l*ost—Presentation copy of Claaa •
dian Biptltft Church Hymnal, owner's
nam? Inslt'e. Finder please Tetnvn to
Baptist Church cr lo Mrs. Job. L. Palmer, 112 Burwell Ave. -M-lt
The end of the year for tbe Canadian Patriotic Fund expires on 34th j
November, and subscribers In arrears
are particularly requested to make
their payments to-day In order that
the returns nay be aa coMpMe aa
VOtilM* a
A very pretty wedding took place
cn Friday evening, November 23rd,
ut the Prosbyterlnn Manse. Rev. 11.
Wright officiating, when Mies Lilllc
Larson of Yahk wnn united in mar-
rityic to Mr. Alex Itnthroy of Bull
Illver The bride was attired In Ivory
satin and tulle; the riowofs on corsage ver** white carnations. She carried a brioHi bouquet of Chryannthe-
mnins,. The couple lefl foi Hull River
Immediately after tlie eeicmouy.
A wtnue-n's political meeting in the
interests <>; ttie liberal candidate, Mr.
R. E. BenttHe. wns held at the Maple
Hall on Tuesday evening. The chair
was occupied toy Mrs. A, A, MacKinnon who introdubced the speaker of
the evening, Mr, a MncNeil, of Fernie,
A letter woo read trom .Mr. Healtie.
who is in the Wtader.mere district this
week regretting inatiU/y to be present.
Mr, MacNetl dealt ai isonslderahle
length with the principal subjects under review nt the present tta&fl
The hall was well filled, but that
all present were not entirely in accord
with the speaker's views was evident
by the discussion which took plac*
before the meeting closed. M * J.
Laurie took issues with the sp alter
on various points, while several other
ladles, some in accord with Mr. Mac-
Nell nnd others of different opinions,
contribution to the discussion.
tiaeeiird '2nd Lleutenam In Illh lluy tti
Bublln Fusiliers.
Mr. Gt?r;ion Mec-edy hai been gasot-
ted a l!nfl LieutenaiH h. tie llth Royal
Dublin Fr_slliers, according to word
received t>? his mother, Mrs. n. c.
Mecredy. rf   Victoria.
LiiM'tei.nnt Mecredy left Cranbrook
an n Borgoaiit in lho 3B5lh Halt; lion
In July. 10l»i. going overseas wltli the
Battalion draft last January. In lho
spring of nn? ho was recommended
for commission h the imperial
Army a.u* qtiallflei *J un officer after
a three month's cotirs. m tho cfticer's
tml ilnn cckool nt Portsoy, Irolond.
Whoi Icbt henrd from Mr. Mecredy
wns with his regiment li, Dubltp, but
was expecting to leuve for Franco
very soon.
Editor, tin- Cranbrook Herald,
sir, ai a general mooting of the
Non-Partlsau League oi Kusi Kootenay held on Tuesday afternoon a
groat deal ot Indignation was t-di and
expressed over tho fncl Hint uttempti
have been Made to dlacredll the league
|j\ statements and Insinuations in the
effect Lhal the league was doing nothing tu further non-partisan government nt tlii- i rli!.- or the nation's j
It ought to be known Sir. lhal the
honours are due to the Non-Partisan
league for the initial move looking towards the elimination ol' politics in '
tho grent tusk that our government
hns upon its hnnds at this time
The records of tho league will show
that as early as the thirteen th of Aim-,
usi lust uu atteinpl was mnde to gain
the active co-operation of nil political
faiths in n common effort to cement
together Mil* besl elements of oni li :
party looking to the abolition of party
strife in the election Hint was Uien almost, if not altogether, an absolute
The committee uppolniud by the
league was instructed to canvass    the
situation und If ncccssnry to add la
themselves, parties outside lho nonpartisan league in order to gel the
movement under way.
Several gentlemen who were esteemed to be level-headed and |o whom
the stigma o* partisanship interests
could not 1>> attach ed were invited io
co-operate and a meeting was called j
at tlie city hall to whicli several per-:
sonal invitations were Issued nini
tnony personal promises given of attendance.
Details of whnt followed need not
he gone into here, hut stilllce it to
say that pnrty i iollng was so strong,
or rather Is may he said tlmt the opinion wns manifest Mint the issue at
that time WOS purely a parly one and
that nothing -could be done Hiut would
clarify the situation.
Since then attempts have lieen made
by the standard parlies in this city lo
form a real unionist party, witli what
results we all know, Imi this is the
point, thc Non-Bartizan League was;
ignored as far as being invited Into
negotiations were concerned, and only
after the old parlies found it Impossible to get together, was the Nonpartisan League approached as heing,
a factor in the situation,
Tiie minutes of the league are open
to anyone who is in doubt us to wliere
it.-, sympathies lay, us it is there
shown that it favours a conscrlptlve
policy as an expedient and lias communicated lhat fact to Sir Robert Ilorden.
The policy of the league is strict Independence and exists mainly as au
educational movement, and in the nature of the Case, while heing able to ,
register the opinion of the majority.
cannot as a league attach Itself to any
i olitk ul Institution.
In ronelusion. it may be again stated that the sympathy of the league is
recorded as being with "A conscrlptlve policy at this crisis of our nations
history nnil as heing opposed '•» »»>'
action that would cripple Canada's
contribution tu the successful termination of the war."
The meeting nlso expressed Itself as
indignant concerning tlie aspersions
cast upon tlie loyalty of its acting
president,  the   Kev.   Thos.   Keyworth.
nud desires to place on record its confidence in the non-partisanship ol that
gentleman nnd believes that any statement IO tlle effect of htfl opposition lo
a Win-thc-Wnr policy is unwarranted and untrue,
Florence A. Uurton,
RflCd,  Secy,  of  the   League
HONOR    ROLL     (Willi 1>     AT
The unveiling of tho Honor Roll,
on which ure the namei of fifty-four
teachers uud scholars of the Central
School who hnve volunteered their
services ln the cnuse of Umpire,
brought together a large number of
friends and relatives of the men on
Friday evening, tho large assembly
hall at the School being woll filled
A program had been nrranged by
the Junior Red Cross Society, 'including patriotic choruses by the
Junior Ited Cross girls, vocnl and instrumental selections by a number or
local artistes, and several short
The Roll of Honor was unveiled
by Dr. F. \V, Green, who occupied
the chair, nnd who mnde an appro-
print e speech) comment ing on the
lurge number of names appearing
on the Roll and speaking particularly
of those who have made the* supreme
sacrifice or WllOSO nuines have fig
| ured In the lists or wounded
I The following is a conipleto record
nf th« numrs on the Roll:
JCmas Cake
If n«t ahead, linked, will need
1<. lie tiuked -<>on. We IHMlld
like to ndvlsc thnl we new liuu-
in slock n mil line uf fane)
Raisins, < urniiit*-. Sulla mi*,
Lemon, 0range nnd (Itron I'eel,
shelled Umumts nml Walnuts,
mnl ull other Ingredients, Be
might sit) thai Mm siippl) uf
('itrritiit* nml Pei 1** Is \t\\ limited litis year nnd wc suggesl
Mini yon gel your order iu early,
Little k Atchison
Clunlun ee,linn,.., llu; Argue, K.iy*
iiiuiiil Al'linlroiig, ei,ml, - Itariilieerelt,
Harr) UqIIiIo, llurolil UrldBc*», Harold
riiil».illi.,lir, l..iiv -,■ i L'ailwnllniU'r,
Aiviiie rhi.iii.ini Frank iy-.i.tu* ii,
riiiiiii,* li;.*.i.. KiMiinr Principal P.
Ucxtor, Hm-voy I'i* e. em. Edwanl
Dnolnn, iVosley Flnli y, Curl Olll, Hnr-
ve* Hundley, Kiini.nl Hannah,
CliurloH Harnlman, Knn*-i Jonas, Grlf-
mil Jouok, ik-orgo Kerr, Itoberi
l.auii,*. William l.i *i,ie. Lionel Leash,
Donald LcbIIu, Cur ivlnckay, Clmrli *
McKownnj Clirit:c,i)ioi* McNeil, Nomi
McNeil, linn I,*i .Mini i-i ni. Deri Mur-
Balrnyel, Kdwnrd Nell, Percj Noll,
Frnnh Pa»»ineire, Sllna PnUoli, Aale
hmi Poevoru, Itobert Hold, John Hy I.
mail. Donald Slmii on, Prank si.isuu-.
I kIiih Siowurl, Uari Stcwurl, LoiiIb
Stewart, lloj Slocks, Mml Tlimnson,
Uordon   Wnlllngcr,  John   u* Is, Or
.ill.* Hun. Portlier High Schuol Prln
liiml Ashmore, Mm*.imil iijniiii. Wil
Until Brownloe, Harold lllckeubotlinin,
Clarence  lllckenbotlioiii
llundsomely mimed, und lilaced in
u    conspicuous    iiosltlon.   Uu    lloll
sl Ill iirova mi over nrosonl remind
it tn those nttendlnK lhe scliool,  i
tholr  iireelecessors  lourned n..t only
true   Drill li   spirit   whirl kci   a
i    willllts  li> rifihl   ten- Jusllce ami
(recdoui,    I   il   ii.*.**       l>    lee   I.IV
down hi    lire inr the cause
A   collection   wns  e ill le rraj
tin' cost of Clirlstmns 1*1,1 is -i-nl t.
iii,* hoys in ih.- front, $:I1S5 be lng
realized.    The  colliplete   |irog-al '
Chorus, 'The Mapli Leal Pol 1*1 r
Junior Ite,] ' i.e.- i;ni.. piano S '
Mis- Helen Worilon*   ,*,*,,, Miss Pal
Iowa; S|i li, Uev   T   II   Kcywortl .
K| ill, Uev, II   Wright: Unveiling ol
Honor   lloll,   by   In*   P.   ft',  t'.i	
Chorus, "ie Canada," Junior lied
Cross Qlrl : Piano Solo, Mrs. Walker.
Solo, Mrs, .1. Thomson; Speech, .Milt. I*:. Ilenttle; Speech, It. *.* f. V Harrison; Solo, Mis- Eunice Parrett;
Solo, Mrs A. li Macdonald; Solo,
Mr. P. Wnrllilugli.il: Cod Save Tll.
miss ji. i.ki:i:\ in:i hives
Mis- M. tii*, en who i- leaving for
Toronto in Mu* in in* ruture, wan pre
ented wlih ii bandson; -'le.*r nu ,-ii
ling :i few elny- ug,i. 'i tic- gift came
rrinn u number of ci I I'ri.iuls wttn
eiliuiii Mi-- Oreen has bi*en nssoclal il
in tlie* work of the local brancii of the
St. John Ambulance Association, ol
which s!,.* wus  President.
The vn niii*v caused hy Miss lie*,**** i
rollrenieni has been rilled hy the election nf Miss a. Mi Lennan
iSlvT.'. III'.AI.IZKD llliiil    HEI.TIXH
Mr    M   \   Deale I*  i.i recclpl of n
cheque leu* *i* Tr, from Mr  Itawortb,
the  i*i* 'd    ii   the ul   III    eel.I
gulel uiul  silver  •■■■   le      people     ettct
iiiisiy don: te el te. ih<   " ll I -  i ot.'
Tin mono) will li   hnnde d ovei I   I
Prisoners'    of    ft'i r    Bread    Fun I
Thanks are .in.* to .Me*   Raworth i*,;
tils  work  in e'ii     tion i x.-1 ' ■
has  klndlj   0fl ree *■ It i ■
the sami  purpose nl      Chi
* e ii   ini
mnl   silver  Junk   **,.*■ e
notify Mrs   lie
siiiul.ie   I..-,   ■ tii r   rd
Morning 11   Thcmi    Tl    Ilo
Altornoon a    T *   Dili *   -
Evening, T 10   1  i im    Th,. Two Ui
 i  Kevoltil         i:. v.,lutli ii
rather thnn  Evol itii n, tl
ut the people
Proaeher:   it.*v  Janice li inlop
('imiiniiiili.il  Service  nl  close ol  tin
Morning sen le e.
Young   People's   Meeting:    'Mondaj
evening nt s n'i loi k
Midweek Service:   Thursdaj evening
nl  S o'i loe i.
Rid the Skin
of disfiguring blemishe<i, by quick!}
purifying thu blood, Improvlns U a circulation, and regulating the. habit* with
"E are advised
by the Campbell Manufacturing
Co., makers ol men's
high grade clothing,
that the supply oi
dependable clothing
is almost exhausted.
No.v, and save $10.00 to $15.00
and get material worth while.
This is no Fairy Tale but advice that you wil! appreciate if you
take advantage of it NOW.
The Password to
pleasure, for the
fighters abroad
and workers at
home is
The name of the famous
Chewing Gum that has
won its way everywhere.
In cost—
Big In
It is a Sweetmeat a Stimulant and
a Health-help all in one. It benefits
teeth, breath, appetite and digestion. It steadies stomach and
nerves. It is ever-ready refreshment when you're fagged.
Made In Canada
Sealed Tight-Kept Right
\j*fThe Flavour Lasts
I Ma rf Aw IMkaea lea D>. Watt
( MITinc ITI   nl   IMI'lHiM HKXTS
Nulici* ,,l lni|i|*,,l,*llie III-
"Kmiilr. "  Ml
"Clinrlotli      l'"i ' II mal'
"Carbajal      I*'        nni"
"Alvariidfl      ' Mini
"Kntlilopn     i '     Mineral
"Annui   I*': Mlnernl Claim.
"Ward" Min i ■
"April   i'i.** rtlnernl  Claim.
■|:n. • no     I Mineral
i inliu
"Paulino" M
"Joioplilno" M
'■'l'l|i|i.*i*ni*v     Mlnel il  i l.iim
Slliinie.il Iii llu. l'*orl Steele Mliilim
lllvMeill    e,t    K,   I    lee   Lun    lll'ilrl.l
iWhore   Localeil:   On   Sniiivmi   mil.
kluil.arlvv. II >.    I.iul.il lli.l.lrr: Tie.
e ■ n-i.liei.it. .1 Mining h Sni.-ltiiic com-
,.,in> i,r Canada, Limited, Number of
I*.*. Holder's Pree Miner's Certificate:
r.ik. Notice tiiat I. .1. K. Cram, Free
.in,, i - Certilieate, 09811-B, actlni as
,iL'*-iit r.ir tli.- Consolidated Mlnlni a*
Smelting Company eif Canada, Limited,
i'r>... Miner*. Certificate, SB807-D. in*
lend, at H nil nf sixty elays from
in.* .int.* hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of improvements, fe.r the purpose of oli-
tnlnlng Crown iirnnts e.f tin' above
\i>,I further tales notice lhal action
under Section U of tlie* ■Mlnernl Art"
inii-i be commenced bofore the lieeu-
niii*.* nf such Certificate .if Improvements
Dated thl, Tth day of November,
Tin* Consolidated Mining n Smelting I'lenifntnT nf Canada, l.lnallrd.
Per J K iim- «. »L PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, NOV. 29th. 1017
mil) \ sriiixi.i.
linrrlsters, Etc.
1. Gurd        ll. J. Spreull
CHANUROOK, 11. ('.
Ollli'o In Hnnson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
Mill nnil  Hilling Kiiciiu'crs
R. C. Land Surveyors
KllllTBenej nml llnlll'l) Niir-iim
Itcglslerod  Xurse
Vibration    Troalm
.Spokane, Washington
'''liia hoiiBu has tht
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for lhc people of British
Col nui hia We appreciate
thia patronage and <io
everything In onr power
to make you comfortable,
i\ ii. nn
Two Itesorlers Turned Over le    Hie
M Hilar J  Authorities   Three
Other (uve*. Itelcnseil
police authorities are tak-
Tho Autograph Quill lor which tin
members ot the children's cluh nt
Baker's .Mill, Wuldo, have been col-1
lectlng for some time, will be com-'
pleted al tne home of .Mrs. McN'ab oa ; The
Dec, 7th. $53.00 was collected, which, ifig steps to enforce thr regulations
after dedticting $6.00 for quill mater- oI ,ho .Military Service Act. Nathan
nils and prizes, h'lt $-17.00 which was   ,, ,   . . ,    , ,, .,,. ,
turned over id the I.O.D.E. for the Barnhardt and Arvon I.loyd Griffith,
Prisoners of War Fund. 'Die Baker w',o deserted from the 226th Battalion
Lumber Co.'s camps and the mill   at! over
wad capable of healing a bad running sore, from which my husband
suffered, until be used Zam-Buk."
writes Mrs. 13. Ellis ot Castleton,
Ont. "The sore, which was on hit
foot and waa caused by frost-bite,
had penetrated to the bone. Tht
pain he suffered from the Inflammation was ao bad tbat he could not
sleep. He tried every remedy he
bad ever heard of.
Wasa gave generously, $8.30 being
collected for the children by Gordon
Taylor ;it Camp 8, $7.05 by Wm, Kelly
ht Camp 9, $2.00 ai tlie Plume Camp
by Mr. i'i- Wolfe and $9.75 by T). McFarlane nl the Wasn Mill. .May McKay wnn the girls' and Lawrence
Backs iiu* boys' prize.
Kxanillillllniis nml Itepnrts
1. i,. r a it K i: ii
Minim: I nieiiii'i-i'
aim ■:
ill   il. mill  l'ii*,   Cninnry,
llliel   Kll.ee.     |l    1
nothing gave hiia relief until ht
tried Zam-Buk. Within two noura
■zee. were rounded up by! arier tbe first application the pain
was eased. With perseverance the
Inflammation was drawn out and
the swelling reduced.     The pain
The basket
hi**.* hi-iiiuii
eel  Illl
Chief Hersey and brought before Magistrate Arnold on Monday,  Tliey were
ordered to be turned over to the mill- j then entirely disappeared and Boon
lory authorities and are being held liv the Bore *v»8 completely healed."
. '     ..           ...           *    i    r             i 'l'on cannot make a mistake In
llie* ponce iinniuiiB nniMil Ol I  , ugln_ Zam.Imk for ,CZMlla or „„y
een'i nk!n trouble, and li la equally good
I for bolls, ringworm, blood-poisoning
Three men of military ago failed lo and piles.   All dealers or Zam-Buk
produce documentary evldoiice of reg- Co., Toronto.   r,nc. box. 3 for ti-
loclnl given by llie Fnr-1 l8t''»"0"' »  cnll0(l "l""1 "' ''" "" I
■ nl Hi.  baml hnll. fori   '•>■   Chief of Pollco em Saturday
he fnrmera ot Belgium,  nlghl    Tho)  woro detained until In-i
linn, in the tormlnntlon   ..,-.ii,:;ni,.r, proved Hinl thev were nol
,.. a great success,   He-   ,,„„,_,, , .,
1   I,,,      I   IIIIJIII1I. ..ee,,     ,1,14.     ,1     I 1 a |      f I    ..
Licensed by Provinclnl (lovi.
Mielirii.,, i.i.J tieneral .Viireeint,
.Mm sue., and Real Cure, IligbeBt
References, fair terms, Apply
MRS. a. .SALMON. Matron.
Phono 2r.li P. o. Dox 8-15
Aiiilriss.iiiiniiii Ave., Crnnbrook
fore  Hi.,  biwkol!
mil: Ileal I'l'eii'l*. ml iiliyulenl drill by
the m*i I uii'ls ivna ulve.ie    The lues-
keis which wero original, showed Hie
■skill ul llu* IhiIIob wl mile II I. A
unique and skillfully mode bnskel
was pin up im* auction In llu- form nl'
.i Ini; cogln, iiiinle* by Mra. It, llonder-
.tm. which mu: complete oven to the
pelts banging mi the outside walls.
Tin' sum ui* $02,115 ..as realized from
the snlo of baskets. Mr, Spreull ami
Mr. Smilli nf Crollbroolt Ban* an ail-
dresa on the ndvuntngos of owning a
Victory Hond, at lhe social,
wm Koss. formerly of Port Stoolo,
now "somewhere In Prance", lias
I a nwardeil Hie Military Cross.
Pte, T. C, Fuller lal.* of Fort Steele,
was killed in iirliem  N'en*.  Isi  un    11:
His. OrCOll A >l it<* K i ll lion
rbysleiiins nml Surgeons
Ollice nt resldeuce, Armstrong
Forenoons  »oo to 10.00
Afternoons  200  o   4,00
Bvcuingn  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4.30
■ Miss  II Iley spenl  tile weok-eud
■ wltli Miss Viiileqilette nl Wycliffe.
Hurry Lognu, formnn uf llu* wrecking crew al llu> smeller, who left lasl
week im* New Denver, never roncliod
tliat point, be having ncceptcd a logging contract with Hn* Bridge Lumber
If vim want satisfaction
wilh vour washli.i*
send it to
Special nrlcos for familv
Kur warding   and   Distributing
Agent for
Ulhbrldge and (J ree u bill Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Drnylng nnd TnmsiVrrhiK
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
IJcncnil Mcirluint
Employment Agent
P. O  Box 108 Phone 244
liny I'lione 2S.1. Night Plioae :!.'»
Norbnry Ate, ni-sf In I'll) Hall
Our location is Bicellent —
close to Oreat Northern station
and 0 W. R. & N.—Milwnuke
terminal, and within a minute's
walk trom tlio principal business
houses ant) placoa of amusement.
See  Steaiiisliln  on   Roof
Mrs. P. t'nlr,- of the Sill
is upending n few days with her mother this week.
Mr. mnl Mrs .1 .1. Dickson were In
Crnnhrook this week,
A. U. James ims heen appointed
enumerator under ;ho Election Act.
The siid news lias been received
that Percy Bidder of lho .villi lias been
killed in. action.
Peter Roblchaud was a visitor to
Cranbrook on  Wednesday last. ■
The Govt. Artizinn Well outfit has
been fortunate in striking wnter on
.Mr. Bennett's ranch, after going
down considerably over im> feet, They
struck a gusher. Mr. Bennett now
hns Tu reel of water in tlie well, which
will um onlv snvc Hie hauling nf wa-
j ter from the river as before, but adds
greatly to the value   of   tlie   ranch.
j Tlie crew are now working on   the
tllanvllle ranch.
Crnnbrook Taxidermis! lies RE-
| opened l'"r lhe season's hunting,
■    The past week has been another gay
! one I'or the old historic Btirg, wilh the
i gaiety dance for the benefii of returned soldiers; the Government Commission Bitting severnl days, and the itead
; officials ot tin' Canadian Pipe Comp-
] any overlooking lhe contemplated improvements and extensions to   Elko's
i splendid water system, which Is second to none iu Southeast   Kootenay.
.Tlie Government Commission consist-
! ed of Mr. William Voting and J. S. T.
i Alexander,  Victoria,    with    Kred    0.
perry of Pernie. official stenographer.
. adjusting water rates.   At the dose of
j the sessions Mr. Voting gave a very
, Interesting address on puhlic utilities,
! which was more ilmn appreciated. He
: is a live wire and lias a happy faculty
of helping everyone see   both   ends
■avltliout missing llie middle   j. S. R.
.l-xandcr liis colleague, was formally
'. years Government Agent   at   Pernio.
Tin Canadian Pipe Co.'s otllcnls were
. down to meet ihe Government oiflehils
I   i"1 wen.. A. O. McGregor, Ga.i. Man-
| [*£cr, M. P. Hill, auditor ai.d Mr. .1. E.
Gird, the company's barrister >: Vancouver, and Mr. W. J. K. Hiker of Nelson   Engineer, Water Rights branch.
A. T. caldweii. port Steele, mining
man, was in  Elko tliis week looking
over some mint  properties.
The   Ingham   Boys are  working  on
tholr mlnernl claims at the mouth of
the South Pork of tho Elk, and fully
Intend  shipping  this   winter,     The
1 Gorrie   Hoys.   Itoosville   Valley,     are
doing work on their several   claims
• east or lhe Roosville Post Office, while
, Harry Wakey ts making good show-
j ings on tlie Red Ciinyoi: Creek prop-
1 ertlea.
Tlie Adolph Lumber Co., Baynes
Lake, are putting iu new camps at
Dorr, and are bidding for several
blocks of timber in the Roosvlllo Val-
Inn rcHired to depnrl
from their attitude appear lo have allowed Hie psychological moment for
nhlainlng tlicir demand' lo pass, li
i   believed thnl any Conciliation Board
would   lune  conceded      olffltl   hour
day to ih.* lour hundred aud fifty or
iive hundred men who claimed to he
"milled to ji.
It   is   in   h0   imped   lhat   the  good
(Continued   from   nago  one) ' li:*l'B|ig which  lias resulted from the
tlioro was an agreement in existence negotiations will he taken advantage
as llie men denied Its existence, it nt for the relief of the situation which
was suggested nt n conference of the imperil: the entire prosperity of the
men tiiat the existence or non-extst- Kootenay and may seriously affect
eiice of iliis contract as read upon the successful prosecution of the wnr,
tho I'-"'- <>f tlio correspondence be submitted for derision to the chief officials of tiie International Union ol
Mine,    Mil]    ami    Sine! cr   Workers
Alii men who have boen culled oat,
ami who have not yel reported, arc
liable on summary conviction to u
long term of imprisonment.
rOXmtKN'l i: AT TIMII,
By tlie Rev. James  Dunlop,
of "The Bundle of Lire",
Heath ii Shadow.
Death is realty a misnomer—i
[ phantom. Dentil makes life interest
I ing by shifting the interest away from
1 deatli altogether, Death is not a ter-
I minus. It is a starting point. To die
i is to throw off tho "earthly coil."
} Man is neither a body without a
spirit; nor a body containing a spirit.
Tlie mind is tlio man. Tlie soul is tiie
! self.    The soul  is  born  for  eternity.
It is a citizen of the otlier world.
■ Here, it is only an exile, longing at
times   to   i read   its   native  soil,   and
breathe Its native air.   Interest, tfiere-
"Be not afraid of them  lhat  kill the
hotly and after that  linvo no more
j that they can do."   It was the "after
that" which wns ever looming on the
wlilch is in nfflllntloti with the American Pedorntloii of Labor. The suggestion was not adopted, After further discussion ii was agreed thai n
mass meeting of the men affected by
ihis strlko decision be called nl tlu
Ball Ground at Trail at :i p.m. <>n Saturday.
At this meeting President Kred A.
Starkey and W. A. Alnstle, representing   the   Associated   Boards of Trade.
rocommended thnt the men take a
secret ballot as to whether tliey would
or would nol have a referendum vote
by secret ballot or return to work and i
„*,*i-|.t ,1 conciliation board.  Tliis was I Hl " ' r" "'"'killu ""'""■!l' ;1 '""'*v
well received and found much favor
■.ith a large number of the men. At
ihis point President Starkey had to
answer quite a number of questions
from different parts of the crowd. He
behaved admirably in a difficult position and by bis diplomacy crystalled : foro' smdnnlly moves Into the future,
tho good impression he had ,)r0(JlIced | ^ow oftendo we hear the Master say?
upon liis audience.   In time tlie matt
ametoa point where President Star-   bouy nml flfter ?»*  Iinvc m,lT°
key asked tlle men would they be wil-
ling to go back to work provided the
sight hour dav were conceded to the  Motor's spiritual horizon,
machinists nud carpenters pending the I    LWe is mUly 1,H  lt,ni;i!  ■"wri'K
decision Of a Conciliation Board'.'
A crowd of some 1500 were present
and 'hey appeared to be unanimously
ti favor of accepting this suggestion,
-n much so that a Committee conslst-
•iv. ot .1 D, McXevin, Pair Wage Offi-
■er. of the Dominion Government,
President Starkey, and Mr. Guy Con-
table, waited on Mr. J. .1. Warren and
■illhinltted the decision of the men to
his consideration. Mr. Warren refused to entertain the proposition and
reverted to his original position on the
tgreement. This intelligence was
lonveyed to the men by Mr. McNevin,
It is very satisfactory to state thnt
it is tlie universal opinion that nothing
Inn good will rise from the friendly
intervention of tlie Executive of tlie
Associated Boards of Trad,- in the
very grave crisis which hns arisen.
It. lias heen derided that tho District
Executive of the I'nion with the aid
of Mr, Alfred Bordsen of the Executive Board of tlie International Union
of Mine. Mill nnd Smelter Workers
are to lake steps tn induce the men to
return to work and then submit their
side of the controversy to the Conciliation Board. Should this fail of satisfactory results the Executive of the
Associated Hoards cd' Trade nre In a
' sion. Life is a continuous wholo, and
I cannot be studied in fragments. '"Tis
uot the whole of life to live in r all
of death to die." Life is a poem—a
sonnet of eternity. Time Is only one
stanza. That stanza can only be
understood by reading tiie whole
poem. It was the end nf the poem-
its climax- that appealed to the Mauler. Death, to Him, was nothing. It
was merely the transition stage between two very important things—
lifo now, and life hereafter. It was
passing from' one phase of life to
another.   Ii was only a gateway.
"There is no death! What seem- so
is transition.
The life of mortal breath
I; imt a suburb nf the life clyuiun,
Whoso portals we call "Death."
Death was not the home. Neither was
it tlu* traveller, Tho traveller was
the soul who merely passed through,
ou tlie high road to his eternal borne.
Mosoo .'.poke as death as u penalty
-it was punishment for sin. According to the law, death Is thus a curse.
"Denth," says Bclence, "is *• process,
n natural process, u law of nature,"
Death to tlie Christ, however, was
a robln.li in eternity.
Bacon assures i'r that "the way
ut overcome nature is to obey it."   In
&?*"."! *,
We believe that El Sidelo is a mighty good
smoke. We believe lhat you would think so too
if you could be induced to try it once. Therefore
we are offering you
A Liberal Guarantee
Buy SOc wortii of El Sidelo cigars. Smoke them as
critically as you like; then if you are not satisfied that
you have received big value for your money, return
the bands to us and get your money back.
Actual Sue
5 Inches
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf.
For sale at fi-st class cigar stores.
McLeod,    Nolan   &   Company j^
London,   Ontario,   Canada s^r
death i.i not to give way to undue sen- !
tlment. "Is not the tear of deuth
natural to mnn?" said Boswell to
Johnson. The Immediate reply waa:
"So much so, sir, tliat tlie whole life
is hut keeping away the thoughts of
it." But Johnson tiled. Think mt ho
pleased death come. He not only
died; he erred; and, in erring, mode
his friend, death, un enemy. The fear
of deatii is aol natural; hut tleath is
natural. Johnson's struggle to avoid
the thoughts of deatli was neither a
drift from sentiment, nor a cure I'or
sentiment, It was pandering to
wrong sentiment, end « shirking of
the Inevitable fact, whieh at lasi lie
had to (ace.
To face tlie fact of death is not to;
give place to sentinieni. It is to Biib-
mit to the highest reason. Death Is
u faet in both science and religion.]
It must bp faced by both the scientist
and the worshipper. It is a fncl in
common experience— tjhe big, supreme,
final fact which must be faced by all.
Our thoughts on Immortality, there*
fore, begin, inevitably, wiih tlie fact
of death.
on sale daily during December
Final Return, 3 months from dale of issue
»llii|i|.riill l.lnillcil" -Trail*.-! lunula"
Trawl ley
"The World's Greatest Highway"
Tlin.ii.li Slamluril ami Taiirlsl Slft'iiliiB t'ars.
Tleki'l*. uml full iiii'iii'iiialieiii (inui mi) ('. I'. II. Aiuiile.,
II. Vi. IIAIVStO. Dislrict I'llsarnacr   Amlll.  ClllgUI')*,   Alia.
position tee stale1 thai a Commission
wlll he. aiii.ointi.il rrom Otiawa wltli | llkl' inai-.K*''. Hie way to overcome
powor tei ileal wltli the sllilalion use u d6Bth ' ''•*' obedlonco. To the HCe.
whole, I "*" tl**le *v'tl* t'lc Ittfliilto" puiposo,
ll Is tiio view ot the Executive of the M01*"1 l'ai  "" :1|ii"**   " iB *',,ll'c'*1 "
Associated Hoards of Trade that llio    *''""'*'•    Tll°  Ma*  fm]   ■"  »ot
 a woro nm woll advised when tliey  "'*""" "il1"'' 1" t!,l< *""M ">' <h" "<••*'•
It is found, discovered, by both worlds.
Tie die* Is lo he lost, il)  tlie sen*-e ill
I'h..  Uroley-Nolan  Lumber Cc.
ono mile 11..HI1 of tbo Uooavlltc posl i '"<'<>" '" ""'"I" u"' "«''' "' ••"' lllilv
.ili.e iiav,. ui.i.iii iiiiriy in, 11 btlildlng  lock, assistant gonoral managor of tli
camps clearing mill site and logging,   Smelter  I iv them the same wane "'llll'h ""' l'll|l'1 I" l"Et In Hi* men, or
n','t','i,!!."",t" i;,",!",'"';!\., ''r,'""i'',V iir"  tor olgb't Hours as for nine hour, work lll° "ntorplllnr lost In tlio butterfly.
Mr  and Mr.  T. ™toiler    of   tho   " the c Hint  I rd decided lhal T"° «*«* s""' '«  ",'" "S»"o*"   Tlio
Square Deal Ranch, Itoosville Valley,  thoy were entitled to the eight Inmr ,l''*"1 '■"' ' ''•'''" "i)o|iart«a." They
'I I several days Iii Fernie Inst weeli   ,|„v.    This offer hail  10 1)0 accepted "'''''*'  woro ""  near' aa  "l,vr  ']aM)-
-| beforo Un* furnace tiros were drawn, "<""<>" ls "'" « l"'l", "f denaiiure.
I  11   clearing-house   for   otornnl   cm!-
Hi hint   s 11 furnished linusc
I rooms anil Initli, apply Herald (ifflce.
I'OH   SAI.K   Horse,   Imgir,   und
llal'lless.   phone   .till. 17-11*
I IMMIIIlidl,     l.t.MI     lllSTKlri
UMrirl    n(    Kn»l    hiinlcllaj
Hunt ol' Kili-lieiier, II. C, occupation
Fanner, Intonds to apply for pormia*
sion io purcboso tho following described lands: Commencing at a posl
Planted on tin* Southern boundnry of
I.ol lllinn and I'll cliuins In an Easterly
diree-iioii from ihe South-west cornor
thereof, thonce South 20 chains,
thenco E.n.1 lin chains, thonco North
to llie Southern boundnry of the
lllglit of way of lhe II I'. Soutllorn
Railway, thonco fnHowin*,. tho said J
Soiiiiiei'iy boundary oi iiu* rtlghi i,rl
way to a poinl on ihe Sonili boundnry
of I.ot iiiiii.'i, thence Wo i.tiy to the
point of coinmeiiitomonl
liuteil Octobor 87lh, 1011,
Qeorge Andrew Hunt,
45-ot Applloanl.'
IIIKIAN 12 slops 2 knee swells.
Fine tono—128. W. W. Kilby, Armstrong Avenue. -ifltf.
(HKIA.N   riiiiin shape, \t stops, i
knee swells, by n in ion organ Co.,
Kiinil iis new, cnsi -fnni, bargain- $45.
w W. Kilby, Armsirong Avonue, liltf.
IVWTKH   hi lie,..     15,    eiipalil,,
woman   to   Iiei;. wilh   children   and
housework; good wages.   Apply Mrs.
Howard, Hum-oil Ave.             is-:u*
roods, podnl ba.s, ollhor hand or fool
pumpod, suitable for tcachor or .emull
church. RarKain solilom mcl wiih
f.7n. W \1 Kilby, Armsirong Avenue.
Honest Opinion Doctor Gave
Hit Patient
Bedford. Ohio.—"I was in a pitiful
I condition, weak, nervous and run
down so I could not do my housework.
i I had doctored for years and tried
everything under the sun. A friend
told me about Vinol. 1 asked my
doctor about it, and he replied, 'It
certainly is the best medicine that can
be had today. I couldn't give you
any better.' I took it, and today I
am ai well and strong as any woman
could wish to be, and it was Vinol
that saved me."—Mrs. Frank A. Hor-
kev. Ash St., Bedford, Ohio.
We guarantee this famous cod liver
and iron tonic for all such conditions,
Cranbrook Drug ti Hook <?o., Cron-
I hronk, li  G.i   ultin ut tin* best tiriu,
glata iu all It 0, towns.
: grnnts.   It. Is thi* new world propnrod
i'or their sett I om ont.   In the highest
sense, death  is non-existent.    It  is
| not literally a fuct: for facts cannot
I lie abolished;   and  Christ  nboltehed
; death,   Ho did so in tiie only wny pou-
i slble.    Up showed by his own deatli,
| thai death never was tho thing that
' pooplo took It   to  bo.    Life here Is
death tn the highest and best.    It Is
tlio living who are dead.    Hut  fnr
deatli ihu soul would he Imprisoned
in n  world of sin nnd pain.    There
would he nn escape from this bondage
Death is the soul's escape to tho richer, freer, fuller lifo.   Death is a phantom.
Mouth and Sentiment.
Wo*aro continually being warned
of the danger of thi.ikiutf too much
of death—It Is pandering to sentiment.
Unt, is Bontimont, necessarily, nn evil?
lx)Vo is sentiment in relation to persons. Patriotism is sentiment in relation to places—the fatherland. My-
siielsm is sentiment in relation to Uio|
unseen, May sentiment unt thus be
a groftt nnd permanent good? Certainly, to fncf tho facta nt life and
The management of the Victor .Mine
at Knit Steele has purchased a compressor plant of capacity to operate
four drills. This will he installed
with tlie least possible delay and advantage has been taken of the practical completion of their road to get
this piece of machinery in position.
Gasoline will be tho motive power,
specinl allowances for loss of efficiency at the elevation of the mine having to be made. Taking the effective1
power of gasoline nt sea level to represent a certain figure, say, 100, this
power will decrease In n fixed ratio j
ns Wfl arceiid. lu the cast) of lhe
Victor Mine, the elevation heing about j
0,000 tho loss in power is nboul B5'J{ ;
below normal. It is for this reason ;
that airplanes have to be engined for
high flying awny heyomPlhe spoclfl-|
cations needed In machines Intended
to operate at fairly low elevations.
It  is very satisfactory to lie able
to   state   that   Mr.   1-angley  takes  h
special  keen   Interest  In  all   matters
bearing   nn   the   ore   transportation
question, and the modes nnd methods
iiy   which   ore  transport  can   be  ae-',
complished iu such mountainous (lis-;
trlet   ns  thc  Kootenays   whore   rail- j
roads aro nothing like as numerous '
as they are in more favored mining
districts,  especially  like  the  Coeur
D'Alenes.    He believes tliat gasoline
traction   will   solve  the   difficulties
of most of tlie mine owners in tiiis j
area, but to render tliat form of trac-
Hon   available   we   must   have   the ■
roads ami that fa what hc will en-1
deavor to provide as far as is practlc-
nl   from    a  business    aud  financial
standpoint.      We have every reason
to congrntulnte ourselves that n gen-'
tlemnn of Mr. Langlcy's high character has been appointed to look after
tlle mining interests of the locality.
It Is reported on reliable authority j
that  placer gold is being found In
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
paying quantities on thr* Skookum*
chuck Hiver bars. The river Just
now is at an exceptionally low Btngo
and tliis may account for the finds.
The gold Is course and easily won in I
either pan or rocker. There is some
history of gold being found here in j
the old times, Inn none has been gol !
lu recent yenrs. Lot uh hope Unit ,
tliis may be tlie beginning of belter I
tilings in tin* placer line along that'
Speaking of Skookumchuck  Hiver
reminds  one  of  the   existence  tiiere
of probably one nf the most remarkable nickel ores in Canada.   Tlie oro
Is a siuultiic. and much of the same
general character as tlie nickel ores
of tbe Cobalt country, Ont.   Ah lhe!
name   implies,  it  carries  nut  alone
nickel  aud  cobalt,  hut   also arsenic !
in  enormous quantities, tungsten  in I
tlie   form   of  scheollto  and  gold   to
from six to ten minces per ton.   The i
river,  too,  bucks into    tlie    grnnlte!
backbone of the Purcell Range and
there or thereabouts should lie found I
tbe tin ore formerly discovered aud
forgotten,  hy old Hank El lor—forgotten, that is, in the sense thnt he
never could remember wliere, exactly,'
he found the tin oro wlilch, beyond
nil doubt, lie once brought back from
ono of his  many  prospecting  trips.
Mr. N. A. Walllngor is authority Tor
Iiie   statement   tlmt   he   assayed   tbe
samples   which  Hank  brought  back j
Tho Shoo SpaclullHl
mm: ii UtAl'OOl
Siilisi'm-litiii (•iiaiMnfffd
Headquarters for ail kinds or
iilil.v, carried
 I Dial Hi'1..
tin   In   llie   I'o
banks or the Bltnokuniobuck is
virgin country for the prospector
should be examined as llie K t
now affords handy transport,
Leo P. Sullivan has proved (i
the lucky Under of the "SV,v-Li|»'.'
shaft mentioned in these notes smut*,
weeks ago as being aOMewbttW near
llie Leslie Ranch. Tbe nifttor tried
lo find it many times :t.id must liave
heen within twenty leet of it on some
occasions Imt mlsEfid it ufl the collar
of the shaft and the ground arouuq
had become overgrown with Willows.
(iood luck to "Sully" anyiiow, it will
do him no harm to record it If he nus
not already done ao. Tbo property
hns the outward marks of being valuable, i
The call for food conservallon is
directed chiefly to the women i.f our
land. "Kill the Ka'.er in the Kitchen".
Hut tbe good mnn or the hotico haa a
pntrlotic duty to perform too. Ho must
not grumble mid find fault with the
economical dishes bin wife serves.


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