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Cranbrook Herald Oct 12, 1911

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 J^tmiit isscinn,,
^Wy   L, W.:,l,l
|We aro well equipped to
turn out the bout claum
of work
In tin Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Column.
lOe. a lino
School Trustees, now that Litigation Satisfactorily Settled,
Prepare To Cope with Educational Requirements
of Cranhrook.
(•■■iiiliro,,.. city is fortunate In tti \t their lasi meeting, the school
board ol public aehool truiteea Tin*, trustees -discusm-d ih'tails ol work
body uiHloubtedly appreciate lho im nxjnlsite to place Hn* present public
jnijininv of iheir duties ami, su f.n bcIiooI buildings and. grounds In
as circumstances permit, are strlv- flrsUclasa sliatpc.
fug earnestly tt/ copo with Ihc Tin* groumls will bo levelled nml
growing needs ot lite cltj In the ill- fonocd. this work has already lieen
reetitm ul increased educational started. CVrta-in improvenwitU ami
facilities. alterations to tho main building   ore
Since the settlement ol the llllgn- also being undertaken. Thq board
Won witli the Pernio ('onirtruction have decided to purchase hloek it'**,
company, the trustee^ have felt Tree totwern the rink ami llie public
to devote atteittloii to matters thai school, upon which will he irccteil a
liave been pressing upon them for residence for the janitor nnd ;i
some time past, particularly in re- building to be utilized as a manual
gard to Increased accommodation for training school, a much needed nddi-
pnpils, due to the steady growth \ tion lo the educational facilities if
of Hie city and its rapid expansion , the city.
In certain quarters. j   Certain  scctlcr.s   if the    city are
growing very rapidly ami it is recognized   llial   BlepS    uitist  |,e taken      lo
meet the school rotfulremcnts o!
these sections. Witli tlmt object1 in
view the trustees an* now looking
oil I fm snit'ilti' sites fnr two additional bcIiooI buildings. These now
premises will be located sn as in
serve the southern portions of lire
town, one in Wte vicinity of the
power house and the other in tlie
vicinity id Pen wick avenue, Tin?
trustees realize that tin* city is
rapidly growing and that steps
must be taken promptly tn meet
prospi ct ive school requirements.
The contract for installing electric
light fixtures in the public school
lias been awarded to the. Davis Bro*,
Electric Co,
Grand Pre, tbe scene of tbe expulsion of tin* Aeatlinns from Nov;
Scot in. was the birthplace of Mr. j
llonli'M. in 1854. Cinder the aha*.
dowof Blomidon, and with its ever-1
restless litles. it is a cradle of
poetry ami mysticism. In Mr.
Borden the rosnlt of this environment taki s the form of it personality of outward geniality and
charm, hut an inward self tlmt is
revealed to few. Tbe future Prime
Minister is a thorough gentleman,
clean and straightforward, a fine
.companion, Imt withal reserved.
As a oampoiguerhc adjusts himself with difficulty to tin* varying
personalities of a day's companionship. On ilu* campaign platform
In* repeats day after day much thr
saint* speech, Sometimes bo is
heckled, nnd tins ads as a spur to
his force nnd his brilliance, The
ulntii'Vi mil; Rre of a British an^es
try rallies t.> the call of battle; n
little badgering makes n fiery declamation of wimt would have been
monotonous essay.
As leiderof a party in tho rionse
Hii  1001, Mr. Borden Iins been
effective in Im wnj a ns n ■peaki*r
of power and destructive force on
n great isstt . and for bis • srentive
nbility in gtUting work from his
followers. Ih* n&signex] ditTeront
mon fo dill* rent lines of inquiry
and study in criticism of the Go.
verttmont, an i nideil and eneour
age I their in li* idual efforts Vh^
strenuthi netl the otipositioii's ease
mnl developi* I ii dividual talent
tin* new Premier v\ill now find of
much value in f< rminjj n * 'nbinet
Durinu UU v* ars of njinorily
leadership. Mr Borden would fain
Imve returned to the law, hin
obosen vocation iu life It wns as
u lawyer of t'i i first rank, espeoinU
ly iu constitutional matters, that
In* achieved Ids vtanding in his
native Province of Nova Seotin.
His linn was at the front of the
legal profession, nnd Mr. Bordi n
was happiest when arguing before
a judge of a Superior Court. He
was no* a jury lawyer, and he has
never been a popular orator: be
hicks the magnetism or tbe tier
sonality that appeals to the popular emotions, liis sty If is logical
and argumentative rather than
fervid* or imaginative. His
speeches are thoroughly prepared
and tilled with the thought that
comes of wide reading. Only now
and again a story relieves the
weight of tho argument. As a
campaign orator Mr. Borden,
though never brilliant, lias improved in recent years. His audiences '*re impressed by his sincerity and earnestness, as well as
by his courage. His courage was
notably shown in his recent Western tour, when he told the grain-
growers he would continue to
oppose reciprocity, oven though he
never becamtj Premier, Time has
shown tbnt he was a better interpreter of the spirit of tlie country
than at the time he was thongbt
to be.
The now Premier] pausing in his
enmpaign as lie raced through
N,..a Soot in the other day to greet
his aged mother atUruud Pre, now
feels the joy his success has
brought i" her before it was too
late. His wife-, the inspirer of his
P tlitical ho] i-s nnd the companion
of his yens in th" wilderness.suddenly becomes thu first lady in the
laud. Tho little knowu, plodding
minority lender emerges from n
small room in tbe southwest corner
of the parliamentary hloek at
Ottawa and becomes tho exponent
of the will and hope of a vigorona
young nation. In a few days be
will greet the Dukoof Conn aught,
the King's nude ami future
Governor-General of Canada, and,
In Iter still, will write his speeches
to Parliament for him.
A new prophet has arisen in
Session in  This City Last   Saturday — Very Little
Kvidence of Interest Taken—Commissioners Delighted with their Trip in from Golden by Motor
Car and with the Prospects of Cranbrook
llmt. K L. Borden's cabinet is made up as follows, the new minis*
ton beingSWOm in on Tuesday:
PUKMIBR   R I Borden.M.P for Halifax. N. 8.
for Vale Ooril  B.O,
MINISTER OF customs Hon, Dr.J.D, lb-id. M. IV for
Grenvlllo, Ont
MINISTER OF F1NANOE   Hon W. T. White, Toronto, Ont.
P. for1 Torreboune, Quo,
itt>l a.
MINISTER OF JUSTICE Hon. O.J. Dohcrty, M. P. forSt.
Anne. Montreal- Que.
MINISTER OF LABOR Hon.T, \V. Orolhers. M. P. for West
Elgin, Out,
80n, Premier of new Brunswick.
MINISTER OF MILITIA—Hon. Col. Sam Hughes. M. P. for
Victoria-llnlihurton. Ont.
or Jaoqnos-Cnrtior, Quo.
01.0, of Ontario.
MINISTER OFTRADE & COMMERCE Hon. Georgo E, Foster, Toronto, Ont.
P08MMA8TER GENERAL   Hon. L. P. Pollot|er. Qoebeo.
SECRETARY OF STATE Hon. ffr. Roche. M. P. for Marquette, Man.
E-ist Toronto, Ont.; (I. H. Perley, M. P. for Argenteuil, Quo.; lion.
J. A. Ijnughce.l, Calgary.
The Royal Commission on Taxa- ■
tion, consisting of Hon. Price Ellison,
minister of finance, Hon, .\. E. Mc-1
Phillips, president of the council, (\
H. I.iigrin, editor of the Victoria Co |
loaist, w. ll. Malkin, Wholesale gro- !
cer, t f Vancouver, ami IT- Grey, ol |
Victoria, secretary, arrived in this '
C'ty on Saturday, shortly after 3p.m. j
in iiintnr cars, from Oolden.
To say that tin* commissioners wenb j
delighted with their trip through lhe
Columbia   and    Kootenay     Valleys,
would lie to nil too iiiadeyiiately express their sentiments.   As a matter I
id fact,    the several   commissioners
simply could    not Iiml words strong '
PT.OUgn in which to express their ap- I
preeiation td the beauties of the trip.
A very few minutes after their ar-1
rival, simply taking time to discard
some ot the dust accumulated on Uw
road, the commlsstooprs proceeded i«>
the Government offices, where, in the
court room, proceedings were opened,
There was a very small attendance
of the public, little or nc interest
being taken iu the work of thu commission.
Atter a tew opening remarks by the
chairman, Hor., Price Ellison, who
Invito! anyone, bq desiring, ■<> give
eridenee, Mrl J. IV Fink took the
Mr. Kink said he was prrsent at
the request of the board ot trade W
suggest that tin* personal property
tax iu municipalities shmilti
be      * »;t nl        into the    muni
cipal rather than the prov-
ineial treasury. lie also intiniatel
that it was the opinion td the hoand
of trade that it would tie etpiitalt'e
that lho poll tax should lie collected
from those only wlio do not otherwise
contribute to the municipal or provincial treasuries.
Willi regard to the income tax, he
expressed the opinion that the rate
of. exemption should Im- a minimum
of $1500.
In discussing the incidence ot the
personal property tax Mr. Kink contended that unpaid stock in the hands
nf morchands should in- exempted.
Mayor Hunt Was the next witness**:
Mayor Hunt expressed the opinion
that few, if any, were missed In the
collection of tlie poll tux. He favored the exemption* from poll tax of
those who paid other iiiuiiMip.il nnd
provincial taxes. His worship also
commented upon the Inequality or the
incidence of the income tax, particularly with regard to rail way men. lie
favored the extension of the limit of
exemption to either MMM) or 11800.
He did not approve of the exemption
of church property from .taxation, as
this frequently resulted In retarding
the development of cities.
Tl.is expression of opinion caused
some of the commissioners to subject
Mr, Hunt to n pretty close- cross-examination, Mr. Malkin finally scouring from Mr. Hunt a modification of
his original statement. The mayor
intimated that he had no objection to
to the laml actually occupied hy a
church building lieing exempted from
taxation, but lie did object to Iheir
property generally being exempted.
The mayor wns nol prepared to say
Ihat the view of the city Council, as
a whole, won in favor ol tin* personal
properly tax lieing paid into tlie mu- tpiulificd delight over their trip by
nicipal treasury Instead of to tlie motor cur from flohltn tn Cranbrook.
provincial, Imt lie though that some j Hon. Price Ellison, minister td
relief of that nature was requisite in [finance am! agriculture, simply could
view of tlie heavy burdens impose! not lind words in whieli to express
upon the municipalities. his   surprise and  amazement at   the
Thos. ItobertB, city clerk, cam.* glorious scenic charms mat thei vast
next. He advanced reasons why tho potentialities tf the Columbia am'.
iersonal property lax Rrould be def-1Kootenay Valleys. Me said be would
Jccled to the municipal treasuries nol be satisfied until he f„und an op-
instead of the provincial, pointing portonity to devote at least a full
out the expense entailed upon muni- week to recovering the ground trav-
cipaUtles in police and lire protection crsed so hurriedly between Golden
(or tbc stocks of merchants, who ia and Cranbrook*. It had lieen a revel-
many cases did tint contribute a cent .ation to him.
to the municipality above their trad.- !   Hon. A. E. McPhillips, dilatel en-
E. L. staples, lumberman of Wycllffe, volunteered evidence next. He
thought the poll t,ix a good thing and
Uiusiastically upon the scenic charms
<d the trip. It was bis first trip
through tin* Ksjleys,   ami it wft nut
be his last.
me that everybody should be made to ! v- "■ tMgtln, editor of the Vlcto-
pay. He li.nl no objection to the per- -"'a Colonist, lind been simply a-st-
somi property tax. Mr. staples bad, founded at the revelation ol such
however, some objection to the taxes unequalled wcnlc charms ami such
affecting lumber.   He urged that the- unrivalled agricultural     possibilities.
re was no proper margin between tlio
tax levied nn Mountain and coast
lumber. The levy on Mountain lumber was out of all     prop) Minn, eons*
lie told a Hei.il ■* representative that
he would make it its business,
through tli' columns of the Colonist,
impress Mjcii tbe    provincial r«v-
idering the higher quality ot the coast ornment, the importance of Immedlat-
prodtict.  He further    contended that ely devoting the   necessary expendit-
nii-ui.tain timber   licenses were    Ire- urcs to making easily    accessible by
queutly   eovereil lit      mining license
first class in,,tor roads this glorious
scenic route, also lo undertake at
onco comprehensive schemes fnr providing necessary irrigation (acttttlei
ami generally making known to the
outside world thr agricultural potentialities oT this set tion. which, h*
had estimated Included upwards ,,i
.100,'lllfl acres of the best arable land
The Victoria Colonist will from now
nu be an itotiucnt ami nn effective
which prevented ile lumbermen from
cutting over the areas covered by
such licenses.
Mr, staples expressed himself as
hcin-r in favor of a special tax on
lumbermen to provide for protection
against lire, lie thought every lum
bennen would welcome such a tax.
His company employed tm Japanese
or Hindus, but some Chinese.   Their
crew was made up of all races, Includ-,'publicity medium    lot tli
ing Americans.   Italians,   Atistrians, and  Kootenay Valleys.
(ialncians, ami    some Canadians ami     Mr. W. II.    Malkin, wholesale gro-
Englishmen. W »f Vaitcoincr,     tbe business man
Oeo. II. Thompson, city solicitor, Ol the commission, expressed himself
also favored the commission with his Jin equally forcible terms regarding
views on the personal property tax. the potentialities ol this section. Hi*
which he thought mosl assuredly [remarked, in course of a chat with n
should be paid Into the municipal Herald representative, that his one
'treasuries, ns the municipalities pro- regret was tbat so little was known
vWed the lire ami police protection 'ut this glorious section ol th.* prnv-
I for mercantile stocks. He fav„ted ince by Hn* balk oltbfl coast people.
(the total abolition ol the Apart iltogetbrr Irom the utilitarian
'poll tax. The pill tax. in his opinion, [polnl of view*, he regarded this see
'was most Inequitable, It was col- tion as of exceptional value from a
lacted rigorously rrom the employee, tourist standpoint, The thousands
I whereas the employer frequently cs- lot tourists who today were I ravel h
'caped payment altogether. The ex- im; through to tlie cast by the main
'emptlon fnr income tax should ho line, should one and all In* diverted
[thought, li* "raised to 11800 or $1800. through the Columbia ami Kootena)
| The last witness to volunteer test* Valleys, where they would enjoy
was   Mr.   i   P. Karnll.    of scenery unsurpassed in   the American
Australia Wants Our Apples
Order Placed for 100,000 lioxes—Creston, Cranbrook
and Wardner Districts Qreatly impress Fruit
Inspector Cunningham
Tlioimis Ounnigbaui, of Vancouver, provincial inspector of fruit
pests, was ;i visitor in town during
ihc week. Unfortunately his engagements did not permit of his
making 11 bug stay, Imt it is his
intention i" return here again
directly opportunity permits nml
toil.-vote Bevcral weeks to this audi
llu- Wnnlner sections, willi the
fruit growing possibilities of
which lie hic.i been immensely i
In course of a very interesting
dial witli a Herald representative,
Mr. Ouuuigham reviewed the
work of bis department. He point.
cd out tlmt 20 years ago when
fruit growing wns lirst undertaken
iu this province on a commercial
basis, it was decided, in order to
prelect tiic country from the dangers ot fruits pests, to establish a
system of inspection of all imported fruits and nursery slock.
The most dangerous pests affecting the fruit growers are conveyed
into the country iu fruit lind fruit
packages, ot which tbo most dang.
eroiiB is lhe ciallin moth. Nova
Scotia, Ontario and the United
Slates have sutTere.! severely from
this pi st.
Quarantine stations were eats.
l.lisheil  throughout  all ibe fruit
growing  districts, those ill Koote.
nay being located at Waneta, Mid-
way, Greenwood, Grand Forks.
Creston. Kingsgate, Cranbrook
.nul Fernie.
These quarantine stations have
been well organized and the work
well carried ont wiib the result
tbat llrilish Columbia Is absolutely free from the Ciallin Moth.
"Such is our reputation today,"
said Mr. Cuuiiiiiixh.im, ''our fruit
are entirely free from tlie San .lose
scale, thd Codlin  moth and   the
fruit lly. that we have a standing
offer from Australia for 100.000
boxes of apples."
.Mr. Cunningham intimnttd that
lie bad already certified to the
freedom from fruit pest, and 12
large shipments had been made
from the Okanagan .Harriet. There
is every promise of a large export
trade with Australia, inasmuch as
the season in It. C. is the offseason iu Australia. When they
noisl apples we can supply Ihem
ami vice versa. We already import some Australian apples in tbe
latter pari of April, uml in May
and June. It is anticipated that
a lame trade will Ih- developed in
fruit between the Commonwealth
and Canada in the near future
The steamship companies are providing pro|*cr cold storage tacilit.
ies. iu order to carry tlie fruit to
tbe tropies without danger.
Mr. Cuutiiiiktlinm went on to
remark tbat it was not only the
duly of his department to inspect
fruit, but to iiisia-et fruil trees.
During' the lust four years the
records show that 10,235,01 0 tre. s
and plants were Inspected, iu addition to the produce of our own
These figures uive some idea of
the magnitude of tbe industry
lieiiiL' developed. "There ure, in
fact." sai.l MrClibuingbum, "hundreds of thousands of acres of
_•"■<! fruit lauds in li. C. tbnt have
not as yet been touched, where I
.believe a u'ood.ling kee|ing. erisp
apple can be grown. It is a well
known fact iu hortieidture that the
further north apples are grown tli
better their keeping quality is. particularly, if grown without irrigation." .Mr. Cunningham also told
of another branch of liis work,
which includes the inspection of
the rice mills local,,1 in Vancouver
and Victoria, some seven iu num.
"Ground rico is often infected
with the grain wenvel ami the au-
gnuious grain moth, both very
destruollvn to grain nml cereal
food. We iuspeot ami fumigate
tliis rice and corn with carbon.
bisulphide. When 1 left Vancouver we bad iiniii' four hundred
tons iu the fumigating chambers,
We are very anxious to protect
the warehouses from infection in
order that they may be in shape to
receive the Alborln wheat for shipment via the Panama canal, now
rapidl) nearing competition,"
Mr. Cunningham is responsible
for the proper carrying ont of all
these duties He regretted nol
beingablo to sia-ml more time in
Ibis district on this occasion. He
had intended being lure early iii
September and remaining several
days. Imi otlier duties intervened.
However, at the lirst opportunity
he will return uml devote al least
two treeke to looking over this
iistrict. which bad particularly
impressed him. He bad been at
Creston   for   some time, and   had
en very strongly impressed with
the fruit possibilities of that district. He bad never seen better
fruit, more highly colored and of
letter flavor, than he saw there.
He had devoted all the time be
could simre to the land tributary
to Creston. and he would judge
that there were at least -H'.OOO
seres of land that would grew fruit
without irrigation.
"It is the l>est and most promising horticultural district in
North America, and I except
Referring again to fruit prospects around Cranbrook. Mr Cunningham said he believed there
were some favored spots in the
vicinity where hardy varieties can
lirown wftb safety. However,
he wanted to investigate the facts
personally li-fore expressing any
deeided opinion. Mr. Cunningham remarked thai in his position
it was essential that be should
exerci&e the utmost caution in recommending any partieular section to the attention of intending
fruit growers. Again Mr. Cunningham referred to the strong impression Wanlner distriet bad
made upon his mind and said. "I
shall certainly investigate that
district us soon as opportunity permits."
Whilst it could Ik- wished that
Mr. Cunningham could devote
mon- time to this section of the
province, it must be l.,rne in mind
that his parish is a very large one,
extending from I'rinee Rupert to
the American boundary and from
Cape Flattery to the Rockies,
,Moyle, liis object wa1'. nn h.lmll cl
the mine   operators   <»!  Moyle,   to
'unjc lor a reduction in ihc 2 p.c
mineral tax, which lie rontcmtal Imre
very heavily upon mine operators and
Continent, nr for that matter, in an'
part ill Europe
Mr.Malkin also si/cil mi tlie dlstlid
from n commercial point ol view. He
spoke ul the vast ipiaiitilv.il atci'iil
constitutiHl an olisiaele In llie way cl  rural prialnec now lieine Imported in
minimi development.
This concluded llie evidence, ami tbo
commission sdloumed in meet  a«nin
in Kornle on Mondny, nl tl.i** week,
|   Whilst   im   piiiiii'ihir   lateral attached to tile Sitting nl llie enniniis-
'sion in this city, thevlsll here of the
commissioners was mi Incident nl very  great   Importflnce,   as it   Hialile
'men, actively concerned in ihe admin,
Istrstlon ol prmin'i«l   nll.iiis. I„ vi
ta ilie province ami "I tl"' comparatively  Imlgnlfkanl    qusalltlcs i"""1
rai.isi ill siieii ideal   BCCHonS .is Ihat
|,!\   (l'll.llial\|     pill! niHIIUllo.)  ,.l|l   I'l
liis, where cer. essential ol ami ami
tltrii.,tf invited intensive cultivation.
Mr. Malkin was urcallv Impressed
wlili tlie potentialities ot Itiess .alleys, Imtl, a*- a business    man nnd as
IS lover "I la-ililtilnl seenery
i  Tlie foregoing brlel    summaries "I
I sll, n section nl il"- province, hereto-1 the opinion. e\iuesscd by members "i
lure a terra Incognita Bach ami all th" Royal (*ommlaslo*i ..' the charms
ol llie  commissioners   expressed un   and possibilities nl the ColumMa ami
Kootensj Valleys amply justifies tos
statement sbovs that tbe visit ol the
e.iiilliiissioners I,, I'raiilireok was an
iiicidc.'. "I ureal ImportaSjoe, apart
altogether Iron the sjaa-lal object "I
their visit
Tlie r«>iiiinissii>ni'is tlirounh tbs
courtesy "I •'■ I'- Kink, which wss
'■ii greatly ajmrsactatcil, wen- 0vet
.,n .,ji|M,itiiiiiiy ,.u Sunday moralag >>i
seeing soraetMng nl   the ssrlenltursl
possibilities el  Hie stctinn  iinmeiliat-
li siirmninliis; Cranbrook, They  we-
:,  urst drive I to Hk- ExhlbfHon
grounds, lie- l'«tl"n <>! wliirh, struck
the   eoiiiin sstoaers   as hcim. Ideal
Then thev were driven cut t" St
Man's Prairie, which pri red another
eycopmei loom and all . theli visit
to easl Kootenay has n**aoubtedly
proved a greal education to ibc com*
imssinners. and will certainly redound very much lo the advantags nt
lliis section The iinnnre minister wil
have the active support nl Ihe president nl lhe rouncil lu rei oiiimendiim
generous appropriations fnr the ih-v-
rlopmenl ol Ihi. portion ol lhe province, and tlm ehiel government organ,
Ihr Colonist, will be enthusiastic in
Ma support "I every undertaking hav-
iiiK Inr it. idneit the willing up ol
Hies,' v.llevs
M. liurrell is a native of Faring.
don. Iterks. England, where he
wus lmni on I nt IT,. 1868. He
enme to Canada in 1888 and w-as
fniii farming in the Niagara* ja-n-
insula until 1880, when he went to
British Columbia, He is a horticulturist and is one of the best
known fruit growers in tlie interior of llritish Coluuiliiii. He li-
res nl l.raii'l Forka. of which town
lie lias beetn mayor. II.- was first
elect,*! to the House of Commons
in 1908,    He is a member of the
Church of England,
The new minister of finance is u
native of llultou County, Ont. lie
is u graduate of Toronto Culvers-
ity uml I Isgoode Hull. He was for
a time engaged iu newspaper work.
For some years be bas luen general manager of tbe National Trust
Co, He claims to bnve been a
Liborsl in politics until reciprocity
was introduced. He is a member
of the Hoard of Governors of Toronto University, nnd n Presbyterian in religion.
K,   A.  W.illitiKcl   has been ap|a,int-
isi acting deputy assessor for the
Fori Steele ssssssmenl hurtrict. Tlsi
siasiiiinil dlatrlet formerly coi/ered
by the Cranbrook ass,ssnr has been
diviibsl into lw,i, Fume district having been ereatcd an asy -uent ,lls
.1   ShSrW Parker was lu town   Irnm
»as,i   dm in,'.   Ha'   Wiak THB   CRANBROOK   HBBALT)
The Imperial Conference of 1970
(Hy "Fulurus," in tbo Slfflidnrd o[ Rmpirv]
(Wo gather lhal Ihc scene ol Hit*
Imaginary ccnfcrciico described below
l.v our contributor, "Kuinrus," is
laid In Ottawa, li has been sug-
Kai'l (Dry lhal Canada musl become
geri-ed by no less an authority Lhnn
thu centre and predominant partner
rn' ihc Kniplrc.'j
Tin- opening "• tne I inner Inl t'oiifc-
i.'iici' f. r the Iirsl Hum- h. the L-'.mpe-
ini in person innrlis it notable dennrt-
iim' in Hi.* In.ii.iy ot Mns greal go
Uierlng. Mis Imperial Ma.cBly wm
mipporUil l»\ Un* King ni L'anndn, the
King ol Atwlialasin, and tlie frown
Prince ut Snulli Vfrlca, and In* open
ing speech was lull oi profound stg
gilicar.ee. Mc referred at the outs *t
iu the opening ol Uin first ol these
conferences In lhe rclfln ol liis lltus
trloua anceslor lOdwanl VII,
[■'nm a smnll and icml-nfllcJoI gn-
Uicring, with no executive powers,
tliis great Parliament had ilcvclopeu,
and now ruled and guided llie destinies ni lho mightiest group ol kindred nation tlml lire world Ind ever
soen Then the ilaughl' i nations,
though vast in area, were relatively
small in population and Importance,
and Britain was tho dominant pari
nor. Now her chldren had five limes
her population, and ovei diadow il hei
in wealth, In power, and In greatness. Then tin- lenrs wero lhal lhe
Dominions might break away Irom
tho Umpire They had seen how
proumtlcss were those tears. Equally
grotunllesH, !»■ lull nanired, was the
fear now somHimes expressed Uml
tlu* Motherland miglil some day as
siit her Independence, How could
such a thing be? Tho people ol 'I"'
Homeland were as loyal to Ihc Empire as any Canadian or lUslrallan,
and hrr statesmen conlenipmlcd no
sueli retrogaile step as separation
When he thought ol the glorious
traditions Uml mu Federal Empire
had accumulated In ''"' holf-ciiitiirj
nf ik existence, how soldiers from
Hi,, oh) Land had supported the Im
perlal Army on many a hard-lought
field, uml carried tlio Federal Hag to
victory*; how British sailors had
turned tho lido ot battlo in tavour ol
Aiiolrailn's flcol on Ihnl memorable
day in lho South Pacific!; hi' felt that
tho day was fur distant when Lire
Union Jack, tin* historic emblem ot
Britain, would rti-sa-ppenr from lire
corner ot our Imperial flag, It lho
Empire losl lho Motherland ll would
lose tin1 strongest llnh Hint bound it,
at.d whal would Britain gain? \
barren Independence, with no possible
iucrcaBC ot liberty or prestige.
j Britain was nol ho I in ilu* Empire by torcc. II she chose to leave
It, no li.i;.d would bo raised i< pro
uni ber. Much as tin* no-lions ol the
Empire valued their bond ot union in
bhu common possession <it the Motherland, Ihey realised lhal its greal
[si value lay In lhe vduntnry charac
ter of Lhal bond, aud no nttcmpl lind
ever licon made, or was ever likely to
be made, lo place it upon a basis ot
compulsion. The i.atlona had ot Iheir
own free will stood together in adversity, and were now united In pence
and prosperity.
in domestic matters .ill Ure legislation ol the last sessions wilh Ih.'
exception ot a tow minor amendments
which would now come before Ihem
again, bad been rati fled by
each '>f the National Par
ilnmeirls. Tho licneflts of
uniform legislation within lire Empi
i,. u; respect ot weights and measures
coinage, ratlin menage rnles, and
aerial shipping were already widely
■vii and appreciated, nml lestMcd l«
the soundness ol the work < f the preceding session.
With every confidence that the mem
[■its would show during this session
nn equal den lion lo their high and
responsible duties, an I thai they
wnidi! decide wisely and well lire mn-
, important auestlons lhal were be
[nre them, he now declared the eon*
* nine open.
and left Mr, Egglcshaw to BUcceod
Mr. Adney as policeman tor this
district. Mr. Adney is at pnesetvi
in ti wn and has not yet decided
whal   position he will accept.
The many friends of Mrs. Geo.
I lay wan!   will hear with regret that
'she is* on the sick list again. We
hope  for a speedy recovery,
j Mr. Key Anderson, of the Crows
Nest olfl.ee staff, spent last Saturday
and Sunday with friends in Elko'.
Tire new stables, which measure
78x00, belonging to tho (.'rows Nest
Lumber company, which aro now under construction, will be completed
in   a few days.
; Burns and .Jordan have purchased
nine more heavy teams of horses
and will ns;* them iii building their
new* extensions.
A. ('. Itowue.ss, tbe liquor man, ot
Cranbrook, wns doing business in
town lasi Momlay.
Mrs, I'iersim ami son Kenneth were
in t'ranbrook with friends last Friday.
(Special correspondence.)
Au auto paiiy consisting ol Messrs
Hyde Bahcr, K. Mnllamlaine, K. Hml
tin ami .1. Laidlnw made a ti ip lo
Windermere Thursday last and n Usl
ert-d at tho Wasa Hotel na their re
Messrs, C ll Pollen ..' l.rnnbrcus
antl II. .1' llaflner ni Vancouver wei •
guests at Wasa llolel the end ol last
Mr. W. Earl ol N-w Ymi r;|lj oui
fillid al Ihc local Btorc Inr an es
tensive hunting trip with lim- Whit-
as guide,
Tliere is now considerable net;
in tin* railroad camps around here
The Burvej part) is working its waj
towards Skookumchuk, Uu right-ol
way camp is istalilisliiil a couple ol
milt's from Wasa and Messrs. Bums
A .Ionian, Un contractors are pull
imt up their const met ion camp neai
here A large number of men will be
employed steadily in the camps wide:
together wiih operations in the logg
in*; camps will make Wasa a busy
place this winter.
A large ordei was received Uh
other day a> iln* local sion* from
Messrs, I. .1 Broodwood and A. Do.
ran id "Whitehaven" near Sheep
Creek wlm an* taking in ibi-ir uin
ter supplies.
Mi \ Hanson has returned home
from a inp In Spokane.
Mr and Mrs, |> Grainger ol Canal
Flats were Wasa visitor* last week,
Messrs. .1 \. De-war, F Bcvcreil i*t
l.niiiimi. England and II. O-alm ol
Baynes Lake motored nnt here witb
Mr A. fenwick, ol Porl Steele, the
nul ol last week and were guests al
Wasa llolel. The party spent a con
tie of days looking ovei some prop-
ertit*s in this locality fru investment
purpose ami it is li-arm-d on good an '
thorlty thai Important land deals
will result (rem their visit The
members of ihe party were much
Impressed with what ihoj saw here
anil were thoroughly convinced that
this country offers grmt opportunl
lies to Investors
Mr. and Mrs I'b. StCVeni win
hen* nn buatnesjj the end id last wrek
Born, at Wasa, t„ Ml .md Mis .1
Kwin, a mrI.
(Special corresp* ndence)
Miss Ha/el Lund and Mr. Rogei
Lund lett last Wednesday for Spok-
uie, wlnic ihey will attend school.
, Notices hove been posted up stat-
,lng ihat, alter October 3rd, and
continuing tor    ten days, Hull Rlvci
■ bridge  wil be closer! (or repairs.
The hand hoys extend a cordial
Invitation to everyone in t< wn t"
attend the banco to In* given by
them on October 18th, in* the libit uv lul Everyone come und help
lhe boys.
j   Mr. Henderson,   ol ('raninook, was
|In lown last  Friday on business.
|   Mrs.   Iteame   was    in    Cranbrook
.last   Friday afternoon.
Miss Jessie   McDougall left      lasi
Thursday  afternoon   to spend a few
I months with friends on ihe prairie.
|    Mrs.   Lund    and    Miss Con/ens left
■ last Friday tu spend a few days
Iwith tla-ir brother, Mr. a. Couzens,
,ni   Marysville.
Mt. Fenwick, of Fort Steele, ac-
enmpaniod by Mis. Penwlck and a
party ot tricmls, called mi Wardner
friends on their way to Baynes
Lake by auto.
Mr. Daggett and little son, who
bate spent Ibe .summer mouths in
(own, lefl a few days ago for Cascade, B.C., where Mr. Daggett 1ms
• 'iin-il a good position.
Rev. Mr. Stephens, late of Man-
■.ilie, Alta , has taken mi his residence io Cranbrook ami will take
charge <( the Wardnei mission during Un- winter months Mi. Stephens
preached his ini roductorj sermon
lasl Sunday evening, October nib,
tn a good congregation, While we
regret very much that bis family
cannot !»■ wiib us we are indeed
glad <•- welcome him to mir homes
in   Wardner.
The young people nf Wardner are
making arrangements foi a masquer**
ado hall io in* given on ihr evening
..I Octobci 31st in the llbrorj hall
\ veiy cordial Invitation iseilended
In   all to be presenl
Mi Mini., chief ol police Ol Fernie,
accompanied bj Mi Kg-glctliaw, was
in t« un losl Thuradaj looking after
police Interests Mr. Mlntj returned
to Fernii*   on   Ttiurstim    afternoon
There is nothing "just as good" as
Newbro's llerpicide. Some dealers
will even go so far as In tell you
I hey   have something In*t ter.
Tlmt dealer lias au axe to
Vmi can't stop his grinding, but
vim can prevent bim grinding il, al
your expense.
Then* is one sure, swill way lo
do   il.
Go where you Can get what you
ask for.
Vou won't bo obliged to do this
very often, as fortunately the majority of druggists ure honest and
Newbro's llerpieide has been so
long and favorably known as tlie
original dandruff germ destroyer that
no  one should be deceived.
When you need a hair remedy, you
don't want one which merely promises to kill the dandruff germ and
prevent Uie hair from falling.
Vou   want one llial will do il,
llerpicide does it.
The hair becomes soft and lustrous- Tbere is life, snap ami
beauty where formerly the hair was
dead, dull ami brittle.
Newbro's llerpieide is sold and
guaranteed by all druggists.
Applications of this wonderful
prophylactic may le obtained at the
best barber simps and hair dressing
Send it n cents in postage or silver
io The llerpieide Co., Dept. it., Dili oil, Mieli., ini a nice sample of
llcrplotdo ami a bonk lei telling all
about the hair.
ll>*   W.   M.   IHI»Mlso\,  M.O.
It occurred la a beautiful take country tint lar from the source of tbe
Montreal Itiver before this region bad
become so popular with canoeists and
We sal around a camp-fin near
ibe Hudson Bay Company store. The
ranger and one or two of bis men, a
11 u If-breed, whose grandfather, a
Scotchman, bad been a famous fur-
trader, a Pliisburger on his summer
wander I ii tit. and tbe writer. The half-
breed, a stik'iidld specimen of young
manhood such us Remington drew so
well, a pastmaHter of tbe eance and
woodcraft, sat silently smoking as tbe
i'irtsburg man related this story of
iheir return from SbusawagumioK
They had gone to the lake by one
route and returned by another. On
their return Journey on arriving bo-
low Kettle Falls, about forty-five miles
irom iiiu post, they came upon two
ranger! one of whom bad Just been
accidentally shot through tbc upper
pari of the thigh and was quite weak
from Iusa of blood, although bis partner bud already cheeked tbe hemorrhage wllh a tourniquet. These boys
Imtl been out three months and had
seen bin one party, bad eaten up tlutr
grub stake, were returning to headquarters [or supplies, and were looking forward lo meeting some of their
kind ami bearing from tbe outside
world. On moving about lu tbo canou
one of Ihem bad accidentally discharged his Cob revolver, causing a
hci-Iuus wound in tbe thigh and puncturing n hole iu the canoe. His partner knew dial be could not carry a
wounded man across the portages be-1
tween there and ibe post even if ho
could paddle tba canoe through the
thoroughfares, While ihey were pondering ibis quettlon along cnaie tbe
Plttaburger and his guide, their rescuers. [
The accident had occurred at twelve
o'clock noon; it wus than three o'eiuck
iii (lie aflornoan. The l> at wns mend-
id. nml lbs Indian and ranger eut
two sappllags nbaut tight feet long
and lashi d .. blanket across them.
making a stretcher. On this ibc
woumlid 1.1 K was laid aud car, fu.ly
lilted ami placed in tbe canoe, which
was in .d by the ranger, tbe Pittsburg nun. and guide following in their
Ai each portage tie wounded man
was carried across on the stretcher
by the guide and ranger and telt in
tne care of the man irom the states,
who had carried a pack sack acr.s*t,
while limy returned for their duffle
and canoo.
All this neecssliatcd numcroca
trips ou iiiu portages, aud at dark they
had only iinched the Sturgeon Kails,
thirty miles irom the post. Here a
council was hold, and tt was decided
to cache the wounded man's out tit, so
ub to proce. d more rapidly. The llnl-i
company travelled all night. Prom
Sturgeon in iin ihey ascended ibe
Sturgeon Itiver to the Obabika River,
and in ihose days lhe Ohablkii was
tilled wiib flood-wood Jams, wbieh
necessitated numerous portages, close
io m miu. arid a half. If I remember
A North Carolina Man Suggests
a Remedy
Greensboro, N. C—"For a long
time I was so run down and debilitated that I could hardly drag around.
My appetlto wa. poor and I could not
Bleep nights. I had tried different so-
called tonics without benefit. I was
advised to try your cod liver and
Iron tonic. Vinol, and I am so glad I
did, for It gavo me a hearty appetite,
I soon commenced to sleep soundly,
anil I feel strong, well and moro active than I hnvo for yeara. Every rundown or debilitated person should
lust glvo Vinol a trial." K. Allsbrook.
What Vinol did for Mr. Allsbrook
it will do for every weak, run-down or
debilitated person In this vicinity. To
allow our fnllh wo will furnish tbo
medicine free if It does not do as wo
claim. Coi io in and got a liottla on
these terms.
kF course you can get a
better Fall Suit in Fit-Reform,
than you can possibly get lur tbc tame
money at a tailor's
Prom tho Obabika they portaged to
Round l.uke nml paddled uortli ncraBt,
Hound Lake, mado u quartor-of-n-mile
portage in tbo smith arm ol Obabika
Luke, paddling ten miles on Obabika,
mado ii baif-mllo portage to a small
lake nml iheii crossed u short portngo
to the north-west arm ot Teinagaml
Uke. which broughl Hi; ni within lit-
teen miles of llm end of (heir j uinn y.
They arrived at the iiohi ui half-past
seven in lhe morning, in time to catch
the bout to Tomagaml Ktuiion. iiml tho
railway took the wounded man to ih ■
hospital nt Nortii Huy. Thus ti man's
life wus saved by the untiring perseverance ami marvellous woodcraft of
tbe half-breed, who never faltered, no
mailer how tired ihey were, always
encouraging tbo drooping spirits of
the others, and constantly forging
ahead with that indomitable persistence so characteristic of the true
red man.
The day following I made tho trip
In company with one or the rangers,
to bring lu the duffle of the wounded
man, and bad a very good object-
lesson of the difficulties they hud surmounted. At that period In the development of llie country It must be
remembered thut the portages wero
not nearly so well marked as they aro
at present. The night was clouded,
so much so, that one of the men had
to precede the party on the carrya
with a birch-bark torch to light the
After the Plttaburger had finished
the story, we naturally wanted to hear
ihe Indian's side, and turned to him
with Inquiries, lie arose, knocked
the uslies out of his pipe, and faded
into tiie darkness.—Rod and Cuu.
They stootl beneath the stars, silent
ns the heart-beats of the night lookiim
Into the dininoml-stutlded sliirifront of
ihe sky.
"Is that Mara?" he whispered, ns he
slipped his arm around her taper
.vaist, ami gased upon a glittering orb
In the distant blue.
"No, ii Isn't," she exclaimed, jerking away, "it's mine, nnd if you can't
tell the difference between my waist
and mothejjjS after eight years' courtship, well, we'd better part."
The matter was amicably adjusted
before anything serious resulted.
The master of a free grammar
school was one day endeavoring to
Instil Into the minds of his pupils Mint
two negatives make a positive. On a
remarkably fine day shortly afterwords the boys were petitioning their
master for on afternoon's holiday, to
which he hastily replied. "Nb. no,"
They were accordingly repairing to
their studies, when one of tbeboys (a
very shrewd lad) reminded him of
tbe fact that "two negatives make a
positive." and therefore claimed a
.holiday. The master, pleased with
tbe boy's wit, Immediately granted tbe
Pot was a raw recruit, and had lately
had a day's leave lo go duck-sbooling
with his sergeant, wlio was to Initiate
hlm Into the mysteries of that art.
, "Well, Mulligan," said a kindly sub-
altera, who look u separate and kindly
Interest Iu every man In llie company,
, how many ducks did you shoot?"
"Well, son*. Sergeant Hall shot six
brace; but as for mo, I couldn't hit
dlvvil u wan. son-!"
"How was that? Weren't there
plenty on tho lake?"
"Yes, there was, sorr; and. begorra.
that was the throuble. As soon ns I'd
point me gun ni wan duek. sorr, another wan would fly In between* nnd
shpoil me aim cutoirely!"
If Fit-Reform did not give you
better cloth, better tailoring, better value—■
you and oilier well dressed men would not
have changed to Fit-Reform,
The fact that  Fit-Reform is
griming all over Canada, U ihc U'.t proof of
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST,-   $8,000,000
of.The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on whicli interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. A234
Accounts may be opened in tlie names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by llie survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense In establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide lor
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
M* T.Brymner, Han; ger Cranbrook, B. C.
• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••it*
: Pride of Alberta and
Willie, didn't I tell you  I'd whip
you \t you put anotbur piece of India
rubber on tho stove?"
It Isn't me, motbor;  ii's fniii* r—
lie's smoking one of those cigars vou
\iive him for a birthday preflrnt."
II .von .mi" to
n ■'tm 11. uin.. tr.
Ml.-I.     It   llllll IF
lut' -ii inr ) i ii
li.litoi I ki.on
llul   I   nm  hui'
j on I .mu nol ii-
■tjj >< "i* '"*••'
mnl in iVf y III-
Htliim   I  tl.nl \n
ui. own oiiuiiini
i,.ti-iii.<-i..i in.l
i i-ii'iit tiir in I'll., nl*..
Fpe-mstorrroei, Organic -Wcakmxr*.
Lost Vlfor, Varicocele, llydmcclc, dm*
(ratted Diierdtr*, Specific i*l<»<) Po!t.ont]
Piles ail Slrklurcg — lojloilnp nil I
affiled orennii lunoimnl ami healthy j
action in ibe thorlosi possible -j>m-*"* 7
of Lime j
»b all lMorula nl Dlmnn, nl Man,    !
I'mihiitlnlini, ,ni,l in, Irii'liv.- I ItH It?
at uHl'aor l..v,iinll fl
910 linn Aid) BTIIWjT ,
: Mother's Favorite Flour •
• OHicoou Vim ITurui.' St.   Wnrclionso on 0. P. It. tracks.     •
• I'l IDS E G3 •
************** **************
9   »
Have ii very Hue assortment ol
*     V. D. CURRY, General Agent VERNON, B. C.      »
************** * 9 999*********
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All treesotTorcd fnr sale are grown in our own nurseries on
the Coldstream Kiilnlu *
Imperial Bank o! Canada
5,014 27800
I'. I!. WII.KIK, 1'rd.lilonl.
Iins. ItllUKIlT .I.U'VIIAY. Vlce-l'msidsnl
A iv, hi i W nf Corporation*, Municipalities, Merohants
Farmers anil Prlvnte Imllvliliiiils invited,
Oralis nml Letters of Cnilil issued available in uny part ol
the worl I,
SAVIMIS DKI'Ain'.MIONT-Speeinl attention
given to Havings Hank Aoconnls. Pr-ponlta of $l.im mnl
upwards reel iv, il ami Interest allowed from dale of de|*»sil.
Cranbrook Brarh: ». W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French nfoilaliir; never falls. These
pHls "re exceedingly nuwerlul iii ri'RiiliitinK tlie
generative, portion uf thi.* female nystem. Refuse
all cheup imitations. Dr. ile Van'e nre sold nt
I5fl box, or three for BIO. Mailed to anv address.
Tbe Soobell Drug Co,, Ht, <»thf*i Inua. nnt
Kor bhId at   Hent if.   Murphy   &  Co.,
0|l|IDB|tO O.l'.R, Slnlinii
TIIR     PLACE     TO      <n;i'    A
Houdquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
'The  Sline   Spei'ialisl
Proven/ano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 1,.
II yuo want  satislaction witb
your washing   send
it to
Special prices fur family work.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
ttrattna Willi Hllllia.    'I'linne ill
every room
Unrliiir Shop On till' |iri.Miia,'B.
Thoroughly np-te ilsle.
Rales, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. I'. IVBLL8, Proprietor
II. TOMKIN, Milliner
Ktmlilfa tniitmp throughout the world
to communicate direct with English
in each duet* uf ieoiuIh. Hf.-i.lt'** Ik-mir
ii complete commercial guide to London uml iin suburbs, the  directory
mnl.iin*- HMt- of
with   tbo  ti U   tlirrr-liip. uml   the
Colonial uml   Foreign MurkviH they
nrianjjt'il under lhe Port*? towhirh thev-
iall, mnl Indicating thu approximate
of leading Manufacturers, Merebanlft,
ct**., in the principal provincial towns>
uml Industrial centres of the I'mieii.
A copy nl the enrrenl rditiun will Ite*
forwartledi frei-jht puid, on n-nipi uf.
I'uftitl I'r.li't'ftu 1'IIh.
Dealers seeking iganclra inn mlver-
tlte their trade ca»dn fnr 20s., or largre*
advertisements from 00s.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 As-tiered Laae, Losifsa. B.C.
Tho Itosl plaster. A pleco of (bun,!
immnonctl witli Clinmlterlnln'n Liniment nnd lioimtl mi bvpc tin* nfTcclcil
imrtfl Ik superior to a planler nml
■osis only onc-tcnlh ns much, Kor
tale by all dealers, -in-tr
Electric Restorer for Men
PllOSphOftol "■I"*'-* «*«r nerve in the lio.lv
r tn III pruper lenilon ; reitmei
u ii iinl ".it.ility. I'lrnuliiio,).',,,y nml .-ill mail
venkntas nvnieil at ence. afhatptwatil mil
,.i.nic -.tiiieitii-wmiti, PHCS Saeboi.iirtwn lur
• v M.iiWii.HtiviiiMrfM. fteUiWUbrag
cu., at. VatharlBM, Oat.
For eale at Bcatie, Uurphy ft Co.*
East Kootenay      »
Butcher Co. ®
______________ ®
MEAT MARKET        ®
■   - w
i,  i     i •
llrlllirs  III g,
Poultry, litiini' iiiiiI l-'i'.ii  ®
iii Hciihiiii. &
Vi. sii .'mil Cnriil
East Kootenay
Butcher Co. ;
— 1       ,..
The Old V. Wood's      J
Business. i..
;., ............. ,..i ,ai
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A inmlern oqulppoil Date at motterate
Rates $1.00 and ujipei day
Cornel 11 Mow uni St. ami Fn i*t Ave.
Our Im- mth'lt> all train**
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr. THE   OB AN ROOK   IIIJRALD
Through the Crow's
Nest Pass on Foot
Peripatetic  Newspaperman   Draws Pen Picture of
Scenic charms encountered
Farms mil
ii> denuded
y give plum
Hid out    as    il is-,   between grand 1 vrltli  sel/1/loinont ana
mountains    in a    Icrtllo   valley,  is un  all hands   suppl.
ncvi'iilii'lfss disappointing      lis law* timber limits, ami f<
has  been ten   much lor it, ami    the in iruit. culture,
resull is funereal and lornidding.    Si i   From Cranbrook tlio mountatus
much  hail     been   said   almul     this  soon   thai   Hank lliis   laml oi prod
place  In the writer, Unit he received live  promise;     and   Cranbrook
one ul lhe   many shoeks ol liis    life readied   through   those open ami
in  encountering tho town Itscll,   lis luring     stretches    so   park-like i
one  main
large  and    oxpcnslv
.not  but  recall    tlie   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
J sufferings,      ll     seems unable      in'nl  tho labor market, UratibroOk in
  throw nil    the nightman   of     1,1b 'assure Itscll   that,   being al       i
| past,  snd tho strike has now nul   a 'gateway ol   this attractive    regii
b situation does honor *,,, lhe chot-  finishing touch in   llie severities    nl ami      Itself being lavoi
»l   H arly    pioneers, who very'nature in   lho    range of  its cxper- b)       ihe      wide        ami      hoi
'ideally hail au eye to nature iu tier  iencc. jlifiil    gills nf nat  its future
Aiiioiiu the persons   who iiuvo
I'lnntly iiii'ide provision   for old
ugo wbon it ooniuB nro two siHttTK 1 •*
lifted respectively ,'f.J niul 'At yeure,' W,
'I bey Imvo   purcliusetl   from the1
( aiiailiiiii Government a Lust Sue-1
 ^^^^^ vivor Annuity, that is an annuity
street,   with its     many beautiful, range ever succeeding range j wjlir,. wi!] g*Vfl ■ ■„,,„  together tin
buildings, wn-jin Its appeal to tbe  artlent love*: ol   incoine of $,;0ua year bo long as CRANDROOK.BRITISH COUJMBI.
severity of its (nature.     Whatever may bo lbe slat.*  ,*„„,. |H)l|. ]jV(.tanil lo In- continued \
j to the survivor so long as she livi
as sli.ifls
ol mount
Heights bright ami plerciiif
er spears driven into ilu
boldly warned Hit* traveller
aiii wonders In in* met.
Although al Ibis pail of tbe coii-
liiiftit lhe aetunt elevation of these
ranges cannot compare witb tbal of
many mountains in tin* South of
them, yet their tearful ami fantastic
shapes andprcsence may be moro
keenly felt than in regions of loftier
attitude. A contrast between the
Rockies ami tho highest ranges of
Austsalia, in North Queensland, and
in tho south of New- South Wales
is one complete and striking.
The mountains of tbo Southern
Continent are worn and rotii.ded by
age, ami thoso of tropical Queensland
an- tufted ami clothed by the thickest h h'sts, (tills giving a softened
ami more geniMl aspect to the traveller. Hut those of America are new
ly shattered, ami lagged as a colossal Iron gateway that, apparently
bars all approach and defies man's
Around Pinchor Creek lho foothills
offered their most alluring aspects.
Harvests were full and newly gathered and the whole lam! seemed well
tended, although licre as usual a ken.
wind was blowing down thi' passes.
For it does seem strange thai the
same gates can usher in ftotll hoi and
eold currents, and thattbe warm chl-
nooks t f winter come through the
same channels thai carry tin* chilling
summer breezes. Such a compensation hmyever forms tin* attraction
the far Wesli; before lhe Rockies an
passed. And what a world wide difference is in the conditions of lib
when out
Having  Iwiee     before    crossed  Ibe
Rocky Mis., once    through Colorado
by  Marshall  I'ass,     and  next     lima	
through ibe Kicking Horse, on tlm ('. 'choicest effects. Soon after Coleman I Alter leaving Fernie tlio valley*,
P. K, North Main I,hie. it seemed'is reached, where a thriving town'open up ami become tracts for ml
desirable to again cross Ihem by tbe j must have existed beforo the presenl blvation, the river comes in evidence,
noted Crow's Nesl. Pass with a view llltfl'orio strike. However, fl, liko all |ntrd Ibe foothill country assumes the
to comparative prospects, the mountain towns here seems half as-iecl   of lioBpltallty.      Many   good
I.'im', (Wiiii* reaching Lothbrhl -deserted and very desolate and dull. I sawmills are now to be found along
these stupendous ranges boil domilinl (Camiol belter Ihlngs soin lie hoped , tho valley, and settlement is every -
ed ll.e view, ami by (be time thai foi iu Ihis rich and Olico thriving where increasing. Somo eighteen
I'iiicher Creel; was I'cnohed (anotli i inoiinlnln region? Leaving Coleman miles er improving scenery, mostly
III) miles on Hit*   road), their ban nis j Ibe lieite winds Irom lhe pass aro on-I of  rugged   grandeur,   and Klko      is
were III ruff tuning our appr It, Soar-  cotmlorod; bul llu* prospcol opens up reached,     It is near Klko that      a
ing Rkyhlgh from (tie foolhill coiinl into pleasing viflley lands and tlio mountain range of gigantic propor-
ry, now cIoIIkh! with harvest, these scenery is decidedly Improving in as- tIons mnl startling contours becomes
mutilt-lnius commanded the entire laml -peel, A charming valley lake, skirl assertive, Suddenly to lhe right ol
scape by nu impii-sshi. grandeur, ed by the railway Mae, here adds a the I'lUt. a series ol heights re
choicer beauty lo tin; scene, which is veals a further range ami, crested
Hanked hy the magnificent Alpine on thai range's summit, a toworod
ranges, whose peaks display their 'mountain hare and castellated above
snowy summits at every turn of the j tlie sr.owy limits. Ii is as though
winding road. Here is tho source ot Table mountain, of which it is the
the Old Man Itiver, which omer-j.es 'counterpart, were built upon the
abruptly from a lakeside cavern In tbo | Alps. standing as it does, free
towering eliiTs io Uie right of the from snow, being perpendicular, it
roadway. Several fishers may here 1st crowns the while immensity with* a
(seen at times, and no doubt tho lake'constructive grandeur unseen clso-
!contains their game; though those, where. It is of horizontal, and dis-
we saw were empty handed; having tinct, strata, that rest rigid, and
probably relied upon catching their uniform, upt u the already completed
dinner.They seemed to lie miners, as mountain summits. It- represents
.some of their camps were near by, the same upthrust which made
and, now that wages are over, they [ Table mountain what it is; and
musl economize their money, and shows how lhe earth must generally
somehow lavish away their time. It have been riven and upturned,
is said deer, and other game, are when lhe Rockies were in forma-
gctting scarcer, although some old ti- lion; for this stupendous structure
mors stoutly denounce that idea, must have risen Irom the very
Some 2il years ago tlie fleer were as basis of the solid earth and turned
rabbits in Australia, and might be itself in space. Nearby a sportsman
encountered every morning. It is got off the cars with a gun; he
nearly HI miles from Coleman to tho doubtless meant to make these
Crow's Nest I'ass, and here Switzcr- ranges ring with his spoil. But
laud appears to be on every hand, here solemnity should reign.
The lofty mountains here hold apart | There are evidently two very
fur a space, and allow of fairly wide distinct kinds of stratification, anil
valley passage round their Hanks. Tbo the Table mountain at Elko rentiers
pass is a for more feasible and open j the rarer one very prominent. The
one than the other Rocky Mountain rocks or which it is composed rest
[lasses; being at a much lower eleva- closely ami ipiite horizontally upon
tion and presenting no actual bar- the support ing range. II repro-
riers. It realy seems the natural one sents the actual basement <,! tbe
to take lo cross the Rockies, and Its'lowest reefs raised to a pinnacle. Of
general appearance   and easy    access course        there can be
make il tbe one for a main   line   to   n0       danger of such        a
traverse.   A snug little hotel is here'well   poised   and    constructed monu-
""    lomd amid these grand spaces, and a jment   dessccndii.g lo the valley.   Hut
'  'ore or   two seem to indicate ^ tbat on   the   other     baud, as   at Frank,
ortly here will ite a thriving town- Iwhere   lhe strata are disposed to  be
:e.    A mile or two further on  the Ivertical,  er at an angle Inclined   to
the Rockies are traversed, IV?? t0 Mcflmm>*. «» ^Jf'f itIl«  valll'>-      ll»'   ,ianSpr *» ur'der'
and lhe valleys of It. C. unfold their !Alm,lt! "•"* *    encountered d»-
and warmer temp-
plays itself in matchless splendor.
The valley here is fairly wide Itet-
ween the towering ranges, and one of
the mountain streams    is utilized to
way   runs.    At Ihis point a halt had
to Ia- called, lor    the manifold bean
manifold charms
era tares.
Small and growing settlements arc
springing Into being amid these gorges, and ravines, and narrow Vlpino
valleys, now entered beyor.d Plncher,
their treasures l.      thus* progressive
while the    mountains are    unfolding ,,.      , ..        , .    ,,.
ties nl ihe     view were     enthralling.
The whlta Sierra ranges were passed
ami lay two miles or more I»e-
)iiinl,        ami      ou       tbe further
sldo of the valley where the mill and
township lav terrace after terrace oi
wooded foothills extended back into
soarir.g ranges where snows alternat-
,nd forest  to the
mining td the limestone foundation
is quite apparent. Tbe limestone
basement of one side of the mountain, at Frank, was, by tlie intrusion   of snow   waters, eroded       and
run a flourishing sawmill, on the side 'destroyed; thus   the sub-strata of tbo
opposite to that on    Which the rail- capping    mountain (lank   gave   way,
aud   allowed    the entire side   of the
pioneers,   tt  is onh natural that, Hi
sturdy   mountain    rices ol    fturopo
should seek    u land   conforming   tn
their own in natural appearance, and
thus it is Italian**, Swedes and Spanish arc, willi the Germans, numerous among the people if Hie ranges
The iiiiiitl.ii ni    forigners cannot fail I  ,    .„      _, ,
iti   with  pii-eipti
lo deeply Impress an) travellers, for '
bul n very lew seem lo Bpcak Fn
glish nt anything approaching ll \n-
•>iint generation maj rectify all this
it tIn* school system is regid and
searching; while tliere an bo more
('aiii and national people Ihan the.
children of the alien when well necll
matiscd, and soundly educated.
It is after entering Ihc mam ran
get, and the vicinity of Prank, lhal <
ibc mammoth convulsions of ntvturc
make themselves apparent Neat here
an entire mountain ol many fcbous-
iiml iii*! has riven Itscll asunder, ai.d
  hall has fallen headlong Into tho
Millet Some such cataclysm (>i
process ol destruction must have glv
en io man*,   nl  those mountains  tli. ii j
soaring ami shatlond appearance
when the earth's days were youngei
ami tin- snick of upthrust and convulsion wens matters of common n
iiirenn- No volcano gives such a
eoliisal manifestation ol power and
rhu,,s inn wild oi this mountain.
whose sides have leaped into the val-
summit 1
launch it
lu Australia
tlie mountains
greater   than
slide off into space,   and
li   witb a hound into   tla*
since the  age      ol
must    be       vastly
that   nf the Rockies,
all such eatastrophies are out td the
Question. For all possibilities of
ibis nature have already bail their
day, the mountain ranges there lie-
ling   eroded ami worn down to
Peaks thai climbed the clouds. ing eroded am| wor|| d0Wf| |(l    tM|.
In fact, tho composition of the plot* very foundations, thus proline hero is ..I ilu- finest ever exper- sent ing ihe rounded and softened ap-
ienccd iv the writer, who has trav-Ipcaranco before remarked, except
cried tbo mountains „i Japan, New when* the stratification is actually
Zealand, ami Switzerland, ami has I vortical, which is a rare occurrence,
three limes crossed the Rocky Mount | n was at Wanlner, twenty-throe
ains    Km n mountain resort no finer miles  further    on,   that   tlu*  land,
position can be fi l than some nub'! which had stead ll j been improving in
two Wesl of crow's Nesl on the '
C.P.R, side ol the valley. The superb combination of all classes of
scenes bere lends to make the prospect richer in grand effects than is
possltto    amid    astounding   Alpine
une   to   open        up    in
brightness.  Cranbii ok
■nl]  remains
self-contained and central
amid     tin-
lair surroundings oi tho**
c far Alpine
u   Cl
—-— -V	
. Boynton
X.iiii-Iinl.  II,,
i-rl These!
ml i
Frielii n    on thu   hemor-rtu
that   ace    swol,on, lullnmed ;
get!   with Id I, is     wli.il causes the
terrible pain ami slinging ami smart
ing of piles, /am link iipplletl at
night...will be found to give case ne-
forc morning. Thou -amis ni per
sons have proved Ibis. Why nol he
guided by lhe experience ol others'.1
Mr, Thomas Pearson, ol Prince
Albert, .Siisk., writes: "I mast than!
you for lhe hinriii I 11.n
Irom /aitiu-Huli. Lasl summer I Buffered greatly from p|.cs. 1 started
to use /itin-Muk and found it gave
relief, so I continued it, and
after using three or lour boxes I
am pleased to saj ii lias effected a
fers from  piles."
Mr. (i. A. Iitifresiic,
Joseph Street, St. \l
P.Q., writes: "I can I
mend Kom-Bnk lo everj
fers  from pilesf"
Magistrate    Sanford,
King's Co.,   N.S., saya
long   rrom itching piles, bul /.mi link
bas now cured mo."
Mr. William Kenly, of Upper Nine
Mile  River, Hauls    Co., N.S., sins:
I suffered terribly from piles, tho
pain at times being almost unbear
able.    I tried various ointments, but
verytlriug I tried failed !,< do mc
the slightest goml. I was lind of
trying various remedies, when i
heard of Zam-Buk, nml thought as a
last resource I would give (his balm
trial. After a very short Unto
Zam-Buk effected   n complete cure."
Zam-Buk is also a sure ture for
skin injuries and diseases, eczema,
ulcers, varicose veins, cuts, huri.s,
bruises, chaps, cold si res, etc. 50c.
ID* nl! druggists and stores, or
post free Irom Zam-Buk Co.* Toron-
for price. Refuse harmful imitations.
Try  Zam-Buk Si ap 25c. tablet.
Tbe cost of this on unity. $8,(143.05,
11 ml been invested ut 5 und bad
brought in Ices than 185.00 annually, with the difficulty and nu-
uoyonce of reinvestment, Thoiut-
.unity become.; payable when the
] younger sister attains I ho ago of 55,
[and should both die beforo thai
time llie purchase money will be
refunded to their heirs wilb three
per cent, compound interest. Euoh
is now earning her own living, and
tin* sum paid is tin- fruil cl' their
labours lor n number nf years.
They were thus nblo tha Letter tt.
upprealnlo tholr splendid op-
piiriuiiiiy. A enrd of enquiry nil-
dressed lu lho Suiwrinlendenl nf
Canadian Governmenl Annuities,
Of fawn, will secure fnr you any
information you desiro on the sub-
Bvery cars and comfort
A lionio from homo
 i«l nltenllon In cue™ i
Miiternlty, Rhsumatl.in
ami i'neumonla
Term,  modurata
MRS. I:. HUNT, Mslron.
Iloi I'lion.
ltilillllSIII'SS      iS
coiiillllim of llm
I,mi's Talilcls 1
si, macli ini-ilii-iii
line   lo ii (lis<irili'ii-,l
si mil.     I'IiiiiiiIii'I
ro    essential!)'       .1
 *,   illll'lllllll   CSiH'Ci.lU
•ivwlj80 lu'l "ii tl.nt organ; to clcnii.se  il.
sleengilicn il, tono nml Invigorate il,
gnlnlo    tin-  liver ami to banisli
biliousness jaisitivcly mnl   cllcctiially.
Ii'or sale by all iloalcrs. In ti
is:iik-i St.
icii, quoon*,
Igbly icoiii
one wlio sn!
of    IVcsloli
"I sllllcl'cil
a.1 ,1 ii.lvli lmii.i, in, , 1 Nnr-rr;
S 1 in Mnal K,.„',t,..   un,l \V,a
Kiiolcnnv I'olliill.a,   Kiocli unit
an 1    IJIaaal rolini.l 	
To|i -li.        •                   Ha-'
*!»••#•• 0*9*99
j The Ad. That's Worth
I A Dollar to You
\i\ may be iu this issuo Olid n i
[,', Bpltreii of 0110 miniilr mny '-
§ rcvt'iil it to you !
[a Of courso it mny In* that '
it| there aro ads. printed to-dny *v
^j Hint on* worth a good many iJ
g dollars lo you.   lint it might *:'
I to lit'
Easy To Find
fi nu ad. worth ONE DOLLA.   jj
heights  alone,   wb.-re   bul   sltipemhiiis |•.villi
summits appear # stagger the vision,
ami thus render tho .sense of immens
ii*. appalling.
The Loop   is    reached after Circuiting lhe OllflS nf A wilit'in*; Millet   nml
emerging fiom a rijorl tunnel; it is
nni ni much ailisiie clfccl ami trn-
teises U somewhat   dCSOl&tO     valley;
until iin* general illrcctlon of the llm*
101.1 nun's    lu a hlW im re miles Mi- j
appearance, became worthy of especial comment. At Wanlner tbc remark sprang naturally Into being
that c-l all places here was thu favored one lor a r.cw city in the
future.   Flanked by a river, freighted
tintleSS rafts of logs, with a
line am] open valley, with matchless
surroundings of forest range, foothill
ami meadows, here surely was the
Ideal spot for a town of magnitude.
All here seemed to In* ia ideal unison to favor the progress of mankind. In reality, Wardner's situation
is   superlative.
It   is     with   no    depreciation   nf
Cranbrook   tliat this remark is made
ley man)   miles    beneath.   Had ovofl libel is reached, mid here the full slg-
New Yolk boon below it w. uld have
he-Mi shuck into a dusl heap Two
miles tins    avalanche ol unfalhotned
tuck has covered across the valley,
obliterating n railway and a village.
Massive blocks ol    llmestono Hr in
(■rented masses like the itiins of a
newly sb&ttered world, The shock ol
that convulsion shook the eul tli for
211 miles around, nod must have
sounded like the crash of doom io
those who were destroyed by it. A
more awful and stupendous sight can
iiilicaiiiv ol ihe strike is apparent.
I hie is a township, well mid regain! ly built, of uniformly roomy
houses, built evidently wilh the
view id supporting in comfort a
large mining population, altogether
stagnating*, standing us it docs between mountains, fire blackened, in a
narrow and gloomy valley, it is
dark, strike-ridden and most depressing 111 aspect. Stores, largis
enough for A city, are -doing what.
business   tliey   can,    and     the relief
scarcely been seen on this planet. The 'store is here an institution. Leaving
lavages ol volcanic upheaval are sot.n J Michel, hoping for better things, the
covered by lava, and ash wounds line continues with little significance
mark the obliterated track of devast-1 until Hosntcr Is reached, some IH-
atinn, Imt here the battle ground of,teen miles up the valleys. Here is
tbe pods yawns naked in its miles of a small town, which certainly pos-
desnlatioii Iscsses great    attractions In its soen-
Kurtber on, at lllairmore, a site of cry, and distinctly progressive, und
true .-'Ip'tie beauty is found. The j prosperous appearance; at ai.y rate,
contrast is very strlcklng to the gor \n contrast to tbe strike-smitten
ge just left, where devastation has [townships already encountered. Some
wrought such gigantic havoc.   Itl.ii*    eight   miles   further and Kernic      is
more is said to be   the oldest little reached.       The town    so devastated |running iheii growing traffic thrmirfi
town iii the mountains; niul Ha aup   by   lire and    lutetul    events.     Well.; nw  valley, ami   inilln are prtH-eedlug
but the very appearance of Wanlner
called it into lieing, as the result ol
delighted obscrvatiut.. t)t course
the township of Wanlner is small,
hut no .surroundings can he mure
beautiful or promising. As one pass-
over the bridge, tbe sight of
those Alpine ranges, tho purple
foothills, ami the azure river, must
till enthusiasm into existence, ami
tbo remark is spontaneous, Mow
superb a situation' Tbe valley here
Is wide enough for a city with all
available facilities.
Further on, for miles by the ranges near Mayook, tbat paramount
idea asserts itself. how ot all
lands, this is one very lavishly
endowed by nature, though hut half
known to half the world It is near
Mayook, on the uplands li; the
riverside,* that tne expanse of
river, mountain range, forest, loot-
bill and valley lands becomes pvcr-
powerilig iu Its assertiveness.
I   Already  two   great railways    are
A Domestic Sketch with Mr. and Mrs.
Brown as the Characters
"William," said Mrs. Brown, as they
sal before the "fire—"William!"
Mr. Hrown obstinately refused to
brliiK down tbe newspaper behind
which be sat.
"William," said Mrs. Drown agalu,
"I'm golnt; away. Mother's u»ked mo
to (so and stop with ber for a mouth."
"Very well, my dear," said Mr.
Brown Immovably. "Wbcu du you
"Do put that paper down and listen
to me!"
"Can't I bear just as well with the
paper up?"
"Don't be silly! You don't caro a
"Well, you don't want me to object,
do you?"
"When do you start?" ho'asked
"Do you think you really could man-
HKe without me for a whole month?"
asked Mrs. Brown.
I'll try," replied ber husband.
I'll go, then," said Mrs. Brown; and
went to make arrangements for packing.
Next evening they referred to It
And you don't mind my leaving you
In the lurch. William?"
It would be no good if 1 did," be
Mr. Brown had been married three
But, William, if you don't want me
to go—"
Haven't 1 said that I'm only too
pleased thai you've Hie chance of a
Mrs. Brown waxed Hu.ipleious.
"When I've gone he'll ask in bis
bachelor friends, aud they'll amuke
In the drawing-room!" she mused.
"What a thought!"
Aloud, sbe said:
"William. I'm starling on Thursday
at ten o'clock. Now, while I'm away,
remember—you mustn't go Into the
drawing-room with your muddy boots,
"Draw up a set of rules, my dear,"
suggested Mr. Brown, "nnd I'll learn
'em In the train on my way to the
"William, don't be Billy! And If you
even dream of eating cheese before
you go to bed—"
"The dream comes afterwards,
Delia," Mr. Brown pointed out, "not
"After all," she Haiti, coming over
and sitting on bis knee, "there's no
place like home. Is there?   Am) men
are io helpless',"
And Mr. Brojtn spilled.
Make the Search
us nu  experiment
Physicians and Surgeons.
irflfa at Residence,  Armstronf A*i
t'ranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
AF.  &  A.  M.
Vfy'\*   Regular meetings on
/k the   third   Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
A. C. Sliankland, W.M.
IC. W. Connolly, Secretary.
Cbbbcbnt Lodqb No. 83
Cranbrook, li. C.
Mwrta   evory   Tuesday at 8 p.m. al
Fraternity Hall.
T. (i. Jonc, C, C,
,1. tt. Bojrra.K, ul II  N. S.
Writing brethren   cordially Invlt**.
to attend.
Forenoon. - •
Alleriuinna - .
Bvenlngs - - -
••Ultilayil  -   -   -
- 9.Oil to 111 no
- 'J.Ill) tu 'l.llli
• 7.30 to   8 30
- 1.80 to   4 30
ll     ll     B
9 to 11 a id.
1 to   II i» in.
7 to   8 |i iu.
I'lltio. In new Held Block
Cranbrook anil fori Steele
.1. tj. CUMMINOS
IKHHilTlll*. CMilVHtH
t i.lV I,'," Cranbrook.B.C. •
B.   C.   and   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
c3Jr3Hc1MaiB2H9jB2Hj^^ '31
Tin? Loading Ratines* College
of lha Northwest
Whore young peoplo can receive
a thorough buihiesi training.
It> in tenlon twelve mouths in
tlie year.
No entrance examination!.
Iloatd niul room »t very reasonable rates.
We secure oniltlonB lor our
our new beautifully Illustrated
catalogue sent free njion reqncit.
Wrltefoi ii NOW I     '
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1st A Madison 8POKANB
Ask for Halcrofl UTU V41B
Kor family nM tliere ia nothii.(f
•■i vltoleMme ami ao |„ir*> a.
I   i:..-«l   li,-.   ■   r
Cranbrook Collage Hospital
MUERNUl  ,mi privatT^iisi<io
Terms ioi Application,
Phono Soil Matron.
I*. ii. BoxiJ-lii   Armstronu Ato
TAKE NOTICE   llial Stephen Pol
len, ill   l.otiili.r., Kne., occupation In
tor,   iiitciitls  in apply lor pertnli
■Ion to  |iini-liiise Ha- lollowlng    ric*
iiilieil lands:
Coiiiiuencing at a prist |il.uit**it    a1
llie S.E, corner ol    Lot IW70, tlieli.,
mi     iliains iiuiili. thence 80  olialM
t-usl; Ihcnco 10 Ctaiu s.iutli, tlielie.'
Sii eliains wist, to the |»laee ol ciin
.1. Illake
llatcil -lulr «lri. UH 2- ''I
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.D.S.
t'ruH'ii and Bridge Work
a specially.
'hone N". 21)0     Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook, B 0.
Meet.  In    Kratcniltj-  Hall  Klrrt *:.«
Tlilr.l  Krlilaya
T    Kl.iser.   E    0.
M   MacKinnon, M. R  anil 0.
Visitiiiij ri.tcr. cordially invited.
Meet, every Monday
i.ight at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning UiMlellowB oordlally Invittd.
'. A. Kerg W. M   ll.nu*.
N. ti. Seo'y.
It) O.K.
third Wednwday.
Meets :::  I   ..
in e.i. !i month.   |^^^^^^^
A   cordial reception extended
trlsfllag brothers.
Officer. July 1st lo December .list.
I'. I'.—II   Clayton,
Scribe—W. M- llairis.
No.  IS.
Meet, every second and   fourth Wed-
nc*'ar  .1  Ktatert.ity  Hall.
SojnurLiiig    Helekab.   cordially ,n-
Mi-- Ada llichenbotliam.N O.
Miss M. HlckeAbothom, See.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at S
p.m. sharp
Wm. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
L. Dent. Secrctarc
Vlsitir.g brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday of eacb niootb at
) p.m. sharp.
Mrs.   Lulu  Hayward,   Roe,  Sec.
W. B. M'.Farlar,c, Cbiel Hanger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Presbyterian Church |
Suriday morotng service At 11 «
. o'clock t
Snnd&f    evening     »erv|ee   st Y
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School   *\m\     I
CUsa at 'A o'clock
Preshrterian    Guild.
at S o'clock
Tuetdnf, X
■ri; VNOB AM'  l:i:.\l.  K8TATE
am*  i:i:.\i.
.\ t.i. NT
I, William Cfowston, of CAitlogar, j
B.C., by occupation a fanner, give
notice Unit I Intend on Un* seventh
day of Novembei next, nl cle** en
Hiltt-k in iln* forenoon, tu apply to
tin* Water Commissioner nt bis office
as Cranbrook fi»r a license to taKt*
ai.d USO onr balf a CUblo foot of waler per second from I.ittK* Hull Itiver.
Tho water will be used on sul.diu-
slon   11   of    lot B13, group one, nnd
tbi*  polnl of diversion is neat  where
l.iitit*   Hull Rivet crosses tin- bound-
between lot 106 nnd subdivision
!  An old gentleman, evidently a siran
ger to London, stopped » youtb burry
'ing ftiotiK Piccadilly. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"'Voung;_mnii." be snldI abruptly, "\\\\t \,\iWy 818,   group   „ne, Koolenay
William CrAwslon.
Ihiletl IbiK    allilb day of SeptelnlMi
.want to no to llydo Park," I
I The youth seemed lost In tlioiixbt
for a moini'iii.
j "Well," he wiiii nl length, "you may
'go Just Hits onco. Hut you miisl never
task me again!"
Hi 51
Carries, lull itock ol
Repair, for above alwnva
in stock
AND I'llKMIST-t'linrces: Gobi,
silver, copper anil lead, 11 caeb;
gold-silver, 1150, silver lead, 11.50,
itnlil silver, witli copper or lead,
1" .'ill; EinC, 12; Kilter lead-7lnc, t:i
Prices lur oilier rtfetftll on application. I', n Hot I'll, 1108, Nelson, II. 0. 41 tt
I Baptist Cbuvcbl
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 26».      P, O. Boi 26T.
Regular Services:—Sunday, ll \
a.m.     and     7.30   p.m.,    Bible 4
School    with      Young   l.*dlea*
Phltethca    and     Young   Men's ^
ilible Class, 3 p.m.
Monday,    Young Peoples',    I
1 p.m.
Wednesday, Mtrl-Wwlr Mating,
A cordial    CbrfstlftO welcome J
to all, j
President: T. b. Gill
Beoretarv 1 -. M w uovai d
Kor Information regarding lands
*) itt.'i  agricultnre   aj'ply
nit uto   appiy    to   (lie
oretary, Oianb 00k, ii. c*.
^^^^^^^J Weilm-Mliiy
i - ii in...
nr iWAHrtO
Cop-tn.zHT* tic.
■*r mi
uni iii. itwJlVs
111 tllO
Sctciililic ttmim*
«Jo.36'""""1*" New York
om.ii, IS* V ft. Wn-liii^l.111. l» u. TUB   OltANBKOOK   HERALD
By the Herald   I'libliahinis Company,
f. J. Deane, Mananing Editor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, October 12,1911
ORANBROOK HERALD whole-heartedly to the duties of bis
new olliee. That be will prove successful, tbe Herald does not doubt,
il sincerity id effort make for llial
result. Mr. Burrell is a very line
lype of citizen, a man ot llie
strictest probity, in many respects
much 1 lie same type ol man as bis
Immediate predecessor in the agricultural department. Hon. Sydney
Fisher brought special knowledge lo
licar upon bis work as minister of
agriculture, and devoted himself Unsparingly, and Willi pre-eminent success lo the advancement ol agrieiil-
t.ral interesls throughout the. dominion. Mr. Martin Burrell, wc firmly
believe, will make lor himself un
e.iuallv  honorable record. !
The Humid records wilh very
sincere regret tbe death of lieut-
coluiu'l WoHendon, for ninny
years Kind's printer ut Victoria,
B.OJ Tin* Jute Mr. Wolfenden
was a very lint* type of man, a
faithful and efficient public servant
invariably courteous uml obliging
iu liis relations with the publie.
He will be sincerely mourned by a
wide of role uf friends and acquaintance!, witli whom liis duties
brought lum into eloso contaot.
Newspapermen all over tin* province will be among tboio who
will must deeply regret hisdeiuise.
The colonel wus ever most considerate iu his treatment of the
press gallery.
The session ut tbe Royal Commission on Taxation in this city last
Saturday wns ol no Bpeclal Inter-
est. None of tbe witnesses who testified bud given uny special study
to ibe question ami their ovldcnce
was more or less of ,1 perfunel-oiy
nature. Whilst we do not anticipate
uny direct lienelit tn arise from Uie
session hero of the commission wc
do look for very direct uml Immediate Iteneflts from tbe visit ol
Uu- commissioners pcrsor.ally, among
whom wen* ibe finance minister and
tin* prcsfdenl «•/ (he council. The
ministers were rooking llielr Aral
visit to Crunbrook and they came
in here by ante cars from Oolden, traversing the beautiful Colum-
Iiu and K.ml.nay valleys, en route.
This trip UoiH* was of great educational value to the ministers antl
will undoubtedly prompt them to
generous consideration of tho district in the matter of appropriations for development work in tbo
future. The [act that the editor
of the Victoria Colonist, the chid
government organ, was one of tbe
commissioners, and made the trip
fnmi (iolden with his colleagues,
will also greatly tend to tbe ud
Mintage of ibis section pt the
province. Mr. Liigrin was greatly
Impressed with all be saw ami will,
in the future, Im among the strongest boosters ol South Eastern Hiit
ish Columbia. It was a matter nl
general comment upon the part of
tbc visitors that very little was
known of the aotual scenic charms
and natural advantages of the Columbia and K< otcnay valleys, ur ot
the tlistriet Immediately surrounding C'ranbrooli on ihe coast This Ls
a condition of affairs that tbo visit
ol these gentlemen will go a Ioiik
way towards remedying, as they ure
all well known men, occupying Important positions in the political
ami commercial life of the province
and their reports will Ik* accepted
everywhere without question.
lion.  it. L.  Borden has completed
his  cabinet    making, and those   who
have   la-en  so busily predicting     its
personi.el   can now realise how littb
they   knew of Mr. Ilorden'.s views on
tbe   subject.      In some respects   tin*
British Columbia choice is the petal
v-i   Mt.prise   hi    a cabinet    of surprises*.  Whilst    mi om who    knows
the   men     will quest inn    the wisdom
ot Mr  Borden's choice, the (act    is
that   up   tn ,i   du", nr two ago     all
the   Tory propholl in     this province
had   Mr   \   s Qoodero slated for n
portfolio,   sflet Premier MoBrldo declined  the honor.      As It   is      Mr
Borden has   used bis own discretion
and   lias selected   frnm tlie number of
tlie   B.C, elect  the nne man pri*-emin-
cntly   outlined fnr eablnet  rank, wbn
will   bring to hear   nn tla' work    of
his department, agriculture, practical
knowledge.       The   Herald     can   Un*
ouatlflcdly congratulate   Mr.   Borden
on   the choice made ami Mr. Hurrell
on   lite  fact   of his Laving lteen   selected   to take charge  of one of   the
most   important,  if       not  the chief,
department:, under   tbe new adiainis-1
(ration.      Mr.     Hurrell is, probably,
one of   the   l« remost horticulturist's
nl   Canada Ile  has    a keen love
for the work in whirl, he has lieen
suceessliilly engaged for so many
both   in    Ontario ati.l tn   this
Sundays—Low    mass at K.-JO a in
tiigh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom 2 to 3 p.m.; ltosary and Benediction at 7.90 p.m.
Mondays and   holy days ot oblige
tion—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week  days-Haas at 6 a.m. at the
Father IMamondon,
October 16.
Morning service at ll o'clock,
Sunday School ai.d Ilible class nt
3   p.m.
Evening service at 7.80 o'clock.
Subject: Her Missionary Task, till
Church's Inspiration—with referent*,
to  the late Prof. Patrick.
Guild prayer meeting on Tuesday
al H p.m.
Choir practice on Friday at R p.m.
0. li   Main, Minister.
Sunday morning, Ll o'clock—Holl
ness meeting.
Sunday afternoon, .1 o'clock—Fret
arxl   easy meeting.
Sunday night, R o'clock—Salvation
Sunday school at 2 o'clock.
Parents, if yonr children do not
attend any place of worship, Hindi;,
send them to tbc Army hut .Sun
day afternoon.
The  service next Sunday evening is
triicularly the man's service. Mr.
Speller will speak on "The Men of
Canada lot the Man of Galilee."
In the morning "Open Windows'
will   he the subject.
Itil.le    school    at 3   p.m.      Lesson
Ezra 1:1-11.
The chutch lias invited Rev. Mr.
Ivindull, nf Hampton, New Hampshire, to take the putstorate. Mr
Kendall has lieen in the west, and
is a member ol the family noted for
its   in ft etl orators, etc.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services, October 15th, the
pastor will pteach at tl u.iii. and
7 :to p.m.
Morning subject: "Divine Substitutes." The pastor will gtvo a
live minutes tulk to the children
on   "The Eye."
tivcnlng subject: "Reflection ol
All an*  cordially Invited tn
above services.
We imve a complete stock of
Safety Razors
Also it nice assortment of
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,      -       B. C.
ibe  health ol the bride.
Later in the day Mr. and Mrs.
Watson Hal left for Spokane and
llie coast cities, where they will
spent the next three weeks. Mrs
Hall's going away dress was a stylishly cut navy blue.
Mrs. John S. Hall, mother of the
groom, was present at the marria;
"f her son, having come out from
LonnoxvHIc, Que., for that express
purpose. The newly married couple,
Iwo of the most popular young
people iu the city, have the heartiest good wishes of Cranbrook cltl-
sens for their future happiness and
prosperity, In which the HeraM
cordially joins.
Mr- Watson Hall has recently been
lilling the position of acting trainmaster at Macleod. On his return
to Cranlronk he wilt resume his
position  as vardmaster here.
At Christ church on Monday
morning lust, at 10..'Pi o'clock, Mr.
Percy Haywood, a rancher at Kings-
te,   ai.d Miss Kdith Richards,     of
Leicestershire,   England, were unit •
in  nistriage hy Rev.    E. P. Plowel-
ling.    Tl:,* newly married cotiplt> left
later   in   the day   on  the Flyer    I
their home at Kingsgate.
Bran, shorts, teed, oats, feeil wheat
and      timothy   hay.—Campbell     and
Before Selection
The uncertain. "Take-a-
chance" method of selecting a
piece of cloth, and taking the
tailor's word for It that It will look well
when made up. ls done away with for
those who wear "Flt-rlte" tailored clothes,
" Flt-rlte" clothes are readg-to-wear.
When you buy a suit you can assure yourself that It pleases you In regard to qual*  ^
Ity. workmanship and fit.   You take no  ?
chances on the cloth looking well In a suit
or the tailors ability to fit you properly.
The workmanship in the making of each suit, ls
the best form of specialized tailoring. The designs are
the newest ideas In clothes for men. and theu are sold
under a guarantee that gou will be satisfied in everg
wag or uour money will be refunded.
Either call at tha .tore er Band ua . pet card bearu*. roar
name and i.dd.-.M. and we'll at*, yen • COft. of (he Flt-
rlte Stale Fan-cut," conl.lnina.lhe ate.1 new. of furtion
tendencie, ftir the comma Fell and Winter.
L Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
Do You Ever Stop to Think
That Your Wife Likes
As Well as You like Cigars ?
Why not toko her home a box of ROAOH, TIS-
W>> have just opened up n fresh shipment ami
then- is no other Chocolate iu Craubrook quito so
Those who know and appreciate a t^ood Chocolate always ask for ltOACH, TISDALE.
We have ihe ugoncy for these goods.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
P. 8.—Bring  yonr prescriptions to us.
our business-
We kuow
ll-rlain's     Cough   Itemed.' lor coughs
nnd colds   in children. It is safe and
sure.    For sale by all dealers. 41)11
VI thr home ol Iht* lniilr, at
high in Kin on Monday, Mr. Watson
Smyth Hall and Miss Mary Klin
I.eiU'h   wen* untied iii  Ilif boii.Is     1-1
matrimony by ite*.. c. 0. Mam.
only tbe relative! and clone pemenal
11 ini h of ilie contracting part-Ice
were present. Tlie tlOUOD was pre!
lily  decorated lor the oeeaslon.
The bride looked charming in t
handsome cost tune of cream sat in
with chiffon tank-, trimmed with
embroidered silk iippliipie, ai.d long
wedding veil ol tulle, with orange
blossoms. She earned n beautiful
bounuel of roses and lillies of the
valley. Tha bridesmaid, Miss Hall,
a sister of the bridegroom, was
daintily nitired ir. an emlvoidorcd
chiffon dress, ever yellow salln,   ami
|wore  a black    picture hat, trimmed
with   yellow satin roses.
After  Hip    marriage .service,    the
-newly married Couple and the invited
gnesls    Siil down to in. elegant wed-
|ding     hreaklast, at   which   Mr.     A.
md he will devoir hin.M'll   Itaworlh bad   tlie honor of pioposin; j
Wr tvinit ii ■•.in
fell our iiinli-imi'l
Stock in Kaat Km
Ki'nt-'mi.v Count!
antnd,   Liberal*
>il  S-iYmiiiiii   to
• line of Nunerjr
iitnojr nml Wi'rit
■n. Htofk nflnr-
ToppcuUIi,       *        -        Wn
IM- tf
"1 In* Leading Builneai College
of tin* Northwest
WI en young people can receive
:i th irongli buihieu training.
Ik in loiilon twelve month* In
th« year.
Noentranoe examinations,
Itouol niul room at very rearon-
able rates,
We eeeure pot It lone for our
Our now li.'iinlifiilly illustrated
catalogue Bent fiee upon rri|.m*at.
Write for il NOW !
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lit & Mmlitoii     -      BI'OKANK
The   British  and   United    States
I'harniaeoiiocias, two ol tlie greatest j '     "*
medical books ol authority, state Mr. Thomas Cunningham, the fruit
Ihat the active principal of FIGS Is ,„ M
a valuable LAXATIVE REMEDY in
the treatment of all KIDNEY, UV- very flagrant case ol abuse o! office
ER, STOMACH and ROWEL disor- "Y ™ American immigration officer
ders. fornia.    At Kingsgate the American
FIG  PILLS educated young  Canadian, an expert
Contain the active principal ct FIGS automobile operator, was on the
combined with other valuable inedi- train with bim, en route to Call-
contents which constitute them the fornia. At Ittlngsgale the American
immigration  officer      ttoardid      the
best remedy [or the above ailments.
At   all   dealers 25 cents per hox, or
The Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold and    rccommended     by   Tbo
Cranbrook Drug and Rook Co., Ltd.
leading men of that district and one
of the most popular citizens of
Cranbrook, where be resides. The
citrtns ol that lown extended a
hearty welcome to Mr. ami Mrs.
Lcltch ou Iheir return from their
wedding trip."
A. E, Uumphreys, of Lethbridge,
Immigration agent, was in town this
week! In course of eonversat Ion
with a representative of the Herald,
Mr. Humphreys commented upon the
apparent |..u-l. nf effort lieing made
by South Kast Kootenay to attrnet
a desirable class of immigrants, now
pouring into the country from England. He said that ne encountered
hundreds of this class, ail having
some means, Irom $1000 to $5000,
men who wished to engage in fruit
growing and other forms of intensive
farming, Mr. Humphreys thinks
ili.it tbe plan t*f sending out literature, confined to descriptions ol
towns and their immediate vicinity,
is ol no practical value in attracting
the best class nf Bottlers. What he
recommends is, fur instance, that
Cranhrook hoard ol trade sltould
send a competent man to Winnipeg
to meet these new-comers upon arrival i lii-re and explain to them the
ail vantages, openings, etc., available
in South Kast Kootenay. A well
informed man, could undoubtedly attract a large number of very desirable settlers tu this -district, were
such  a plan adopted.
[norland orchards, and was composed of Jonathan, Mcintosh Rett ami
Snow varieties. Tins trial shipment
is consigned to Auckland, New Zealand, ami lhe manner in which those
sterling Canadian apples are. received
will   also   be watched with interest.
On tho I'.Uli September,
between the Royal Hold and
the Knir l, rounds,
triuimial with opossum, deep
collar, ntui  bearing  tlio T.
Kiitou in-.;.
Finder will bo liberally
Apply to the Herald.
You can't havo good cooking unless
you have a good stove, and your
stove Is iii use every day of the year.
We have Btudlcd the stove business
fnr yen is, ami line! th.it while there is
limhed demand for cheap goods
Hm majority ol the people nre wist*
the fncl Hint the lest Is the
Cheapest, and that a trille more paid
for a good article pays many times
over In tbe end in serviee, to say
nothing of the satisfaction of knowing you have Ibe best there is. The
ranges wo* handle—tho Kootenay and
the Sask-Alta—are made Iiy the Mc-
Clary Mfg. Co., the largest stove
makers under the llritish (lag. These
ranges are the best constructed and
most economical on the market and
while there are other goods On
which we could make more profit,
then* nre mine we could so positively guarantee to give the absolute
K. w. widdowson, assaykr Mtlsractlon these ranges will give. A
AND CHEMIST.-Charges: Gold, ,ul1 lim' o( hoal*" »!«« In sl,l,k- wc
silver,  copper    and  lead,   SI   each;  nre  the  stove   men.—Patmore Bros,
gold-silver,   $1.50; silver-lead, $1.50; 	
gold-silver, with copper or load, »or|.t triflc wilh coW ls ROrMl m,_
$3.50;   line, $2;    sllver-lcad-zlnc, $3.     .     , .   , ,
Prices for other metals on applica- VlC0 t0r prU*** mon and WOm0n- "
tion. P, O. Rox CD., 1108, Ncl- mu*v ,M' vital '" CM0 °( n obiW'
son, II  V. 41 tf There is  nothing better than  ('ham
The students of the International
Correspondence Schools who reside at
points lietween Pincher Creek, Al-
IWta, mid Creston, R.C., will cele-
traln and, after mics-thming tb-.biair tin* twentieth anniversary of
young man, ordered lum to remain Mlie schools by a banquet to be
iu Canada. The young fellow, al- liel,i at the Napaitcc hotel, in Kcr-
IttOUgh he hail his fare paid through | "■,'* " (' . "I""i the evening ot Mon
to California, had to turn back. He fi*Vti (,t'lt>ber 16th. Otlwr banquets
returnod to Calgary, whence he atv ,K''"K held throngluul Uie entire
came, determined, il at all possible, continent, and will number aboul
not again to attempt tn enter the ''hrec hundred, ill upon Uw same
Inited States. Considering the evening. The har.quet at Pernio pro
comparative freedom wiih which .tnlsei to be one <d the most brll*
American       citi/ens nre       per-   |l*'"1   events ,.f tla* Beaton nnd     will
mil iet| 1,, enter Can- ,H<   patllclpated   In hy over ono Imn
dietl students.  Arraugenients are     In
lhe   hands nf Mr.   Ont. C. Kgg, who
* THE *
;     Columbian     ♦
*. *
^t \9 a gnaranlecd pulley. Tlml .*,•*
^ latlltsetlon i*<giiaranU>«tI in every »
- respect.  Tbe
«        «-.,»«g,
* llaa tin ever InerMltng alet-k.-
-. Writs tin-in Inr psrileulsis. m
444499 44*4**4 4
j Nelson Iron Works*
ail., litis appears lo havo been u
gross Instance nt arbitrary conduct
un tbe purl nl ntt over odlcious ol-
li..*- .It...!-.- ill tbe Kt'liools work
Uirougboul litis district, and is well
kiinwii by all tbese wlm are Interasl
ed  ii. I.C.8. circles,
Ulirii tin- steaitisbip Maktira elenr-
itl Irom \ aiie.mver In.l week Inr Uie
Atilip,*ib>*j, sbe carried two earl.*ada
uf Okiinii{.|in apples sntl out tt, «vrr-
sras ciilniiieti ol Ibe empire ns an
Cranbrook, son ol tlie late Arbhl- expcrimuiijl shipment Irom Summer
bald Lcltch, on Hie occasion ol his land fruit growers. Half the ship-
rcoent marrioj-e. Tbo happy event |meni was made up „l specially se
occurred  at Kenora i(inl). on    Se.t- 1,-ctol  .lonathaas Irom   llir orchnr.ls
The (klolH-r issue ol Ihr Western
Lumberman contains tho Following,
ol local Interest; "Many llritish Columbia ami prairie nailers of tlie
Western Lumberman ull join in of
ferine congratulations and good
wishes to Oeo. Lcltch, lumberman,
;:Time is Money::
J \     Save lime bj learning lo w i ite
»    Bpeedy inlilon by n practical
' an l expatlenced leacher.
,    Pattlcula'i on ■ppllcsUt n fo
S.-i,,ir.l.iy night, n I'l.ii k Silk !
| Creiioii Bvonlng Dross, irim-'
Mini   Willi    jet    llllll     Ik-iiiIs  '
Iti w ml.
Ilux 808. t'rniilu
.•k. II 0,
n 'it
tombcr dtli, his bride being Miss
Mary Brownlcc, daughter oi 11.
Brownlcc, former Camulian ,1'ncillt'
railway superintendent ot Ihe Crows
Nest I'ass division. Mr. Leitch,
who Is manager ami one id the larR-
sl   shareholders  nl Ihc Kast Kootc-
nl (lie tlkanngai. Fruit I'nlnn, Limited. The parkhui wus done largely by
the manugrr In pi-rsoi,, and tbe export market ol Sydney, X.X.W.,
will he watched closely by the
shippers who are cssayim*. enlramv
to  this    port     o.   Iltc empire. The
nay Lumber company, is one of   the second carload was Irom  two Sum
Till: si.avks REVOLT
Come and Forget Your
;e*oi£ *
Harmony Rose Glycerine Soap
Is the soap without a peer. It is fine
for hard water, delightful for the toilet
or bath, and unexcelled for the complexion. Try a cake and if you are not
satisfied.come and get your money back,
Tlmt is tlio way nil Itrsiill goods nro sold. Don't
accopt Inferior substitutes nml rouioiuber you
ean only buy this soap in OHO store in eneh town,
nitinoly, Hie loudiiig ilrujr slure, which yon will
invariably Iiml is lho
The gfcxofC Store
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
Gull, 'phono or write for n cake of this simp uml
ho happy awl satisfied
dl&n secretary of the international
committee ol the Y.M.CA., whose
hoadquarters are in Montreal. Mr.
Calhoun renewed aorurafatance with
Mr. Teet nnd Mr. W. II. Wilson,
t whom   he had known in tlie east
J   French   peas, 2  tins fnr :15c.
, B.K.I5. & P. House.
i      Still       1
Another shipment of nil
Hint is now nnd nutty in
Fnll Jewelry bus just arrived, and whether your
intentions are to buy now or
later, it would do you good
to come in and look over
the many new creations,
whicli aeani to lie moro
artistic each season. Wo
havo also received an ex-
client assortment of loose
and mounted Diamonds
which will ln-ar the closest
The road tax is now dun ami
should he paid clthor at the eily
(.ffice or to Chlel Cory Dow.
I The Cran-brook Lawn Tennis club
prtipo.se holding a dance in iln*
Masonic hall mi llu evening nl
Monday, October 30th, at whicli
those participating will appear as
gliosis. The committee of ladles in
charge ol tho arrangements include
Mesdames ISrlckson, Qurd, Brymncr,
Benedict and Paterson.
J Vmi aro cordially Invited to tv
monthly tea nf the Knox church
Ladies Aid 1o lie given at the
manse on Thursday, October 18th,
from *'l to li p in
I Rev. II. 0. Kiniiii's-Cliiiluii, .,!
Vancouver, grand chaplain d the
drawl hod**** of British Columbia,
lA.K.j&A.M., whs to have accompanied
, lhe grand master on his visit in
Cranbrook lodge last evening. in*
j fortunately Rev, Mr. Clinton was
I taken ill at Moyle. where In* hati attended lodge ihe previous evening,
ami was unable to come on with the
otlier   grand lodge officers.
Teas served    from 1 p.m. to 10.3(1
jp.m. every day at The I'alm.
New    laid eggs that wc guarantee
at   Little and Atchison's.
Mrs. W.
avenue, will
October 18th.
J, Rutledge.    Norbury
he at home Wednesday,
Mrs.    J. H. (Dr). King and    Miss
Williams   have returned home    from
an   extended     visit
The Masonic grand lodge officers
left this afternoon lor Kernic, where
they will pay an official visit In
Klk River lodge, No. 35, this evening. Tomorrow they return to Cranbrook and proceed from here, hy
motor car, to Fort Steele, where
Ihey will visit North Star lodge,
No. 30. Thence they go on to
in New Bruns-1 Windermere, visiting Columbia lodge,
No.   38.
Assorted   biscuits only 35c. por lb.
at   E.K.P. & P. House.
Mr.  and   Mrs. (I- M. Barney    left.
on Tuesday for Spokane and tin*
.coast cities. They w!l be away
jal|>Ut  two weeks.
J   Mrs.   A. 0. Blaine will receive  for
| thi.1   first time since  her marriage at.
her   home on    French avenue Friday,
October 80th.
We sill I have a few of those delicious Nova Scotia iiraveiiKtein
apples.—Little and Atchison.
R. Kimpton, contractor for the
Cranbrook-Windcrmere mail service,
has disposed of the contract to Wesley Dawson, and others, of Athelmer, who took over the route this
week. Kor the present the new linn
will use horses, hut in the spring
they   propose   patting    on   a motor
      _ car.   Mr. Kimpton has handled     this
Homemade   candy 20c. per lb. So-(mail   service   for   many years     witli
A Splendid Array ol Wearing Apparel for Ladies
Our Fall Millinery
The new ideas, the resplendent display of
Hats, the gorgeous yet always tasteful color
effects, have excited unlimited praise from
every visitor to our Millinery Department.
We renew our invitation to you to visit
this department and view our new creations
and our new import models as well.
This week we wish to direct special attention to our display of Smart Street Hats.
You'll be interested. Good taste is the keynote of the showing.
Smart Suits for Ladies
801110 new iirrimln in tl,i8
lurilav only at Tht- I'alm.
great satisfaction to Hit- public generally, who will regret lo learn Hiai
lie   has given it up.
Knox church Ladies Aid will tK.lt!
their autumn sale ol home mado
Vookery about tlw 4th week ol
November. 1'artifulars ns to "laU-
ele., announced later.
Our constant aim is to make i 	
our Grocery Department a bet* I   Mr.  ana Mr.    Goss    have arrived
ter One, a more desirable Source '» town from t'ranbrook.   Mr. Oo*»|Slaplcs Lumber company, died     at
nf cnnnlv ... an efficient aid tn l,ils  taken a   position in the I'.l'.lt. line St.   Eugomi hospital last night.
X\S%J^y*TTtZt^'-1^ *""• Ka""«">s    ia,,"r a  h'ns si<w "' ,yph"i" '•'"•'
We are ollcring some special values
in glassware this weak.—Campbell
and Manning
K.    Vanson.   nn    employee ol the
perfection in all details ■quality, price and service. If not
already a customer, we solicit
an opportunity to please you.—
East Kootenay Produce and Pro*
vision House.
Oyster cocktails at The Palm.
Mr.   anil Mrs   K. II,ime, o( .'affray.
were   visitors  in   lown yesterda)
Phcno 75, Little and Atchison,
anything  in the fruit line.
(i,   11   Saddter attended the recent
crland came in    from    Calgary   on lll,'nls l0t
Saturday last to spend a  lirii*f vacar   tvttm.
tion here.
Deceased was 28 years ef age. a tia-
foi' ''Vl' °* England- His friends in
Cornwall, Knglaml, have been communicated with by cable, ami pending
word from them, definite arrange-
tlte    funeral will le      tic-
| Chlel nf Police Gillespie, if Lethbridge, was in town oTCt night, leaving for tlie west this morning. Mr
Gillespie || enjoying a brief vacation
ami    stopped  over a  day to    visit-
.Chief Cory Dow.
An Ei. irishman wants office* to
clean. Apply A.ll, Herald of-
flce. lilt*
Mrs r. Roberta return
il home yen
Preserving citron and
Campbell and Manning
motttOI   in  \ ml* n,   Man
Fumtkbcd room to let. Applj h-t-
dld olliee.  BOS S 11
Haii Id   hailing     is away on        a
buatneai tup to pralrlc polnti
The Cranbrook   Liberal association
hav(*   h-ased    tbe   rooms   over       I.
I'lapii's cigar store   for a term       of
j months, and   the   same will lie fitted
•rabapitcs — t UP 1,s (,'ll') feomi for the convenience
[of members.    Papers, magazines ai.d
other reading matter will he provided, in addition to cards, chequers,
dominoes., etc . which will he at tlu*
disposal >>( any Liberals desiring to
make use of the rooms during tec
winter evenings. Arrangements will
alw>   be   mtde     lot regular monthly
 , [or fortnightly    meetings, at       Which
Mis  PowIci and lam lly, oi    Cran-|toplcs of interest will Ih* discussed,
brook, arrived here last evening audi _——
will   take     np   their residence,       In      MMIe ami    Atchison,   headqnarti-is
K.imhHips-Inland     Sentinel,    Nam    tor Ha el wood ice cream, Hazelwood
toons                                             i creamery     butter   and   Hazelwood
                             (double -lersey hnttermilk.
t   Th.*  Y.M.C.A.'a   debating accrety'a
'  " P   *S  ■*   session last evening   proved very enjoyable       \   gcoftapbical   guessing
—— contest  formed     the     programme.
Mis  i.  .1   Cranston Is visiting hei   which was participated    in hy    up-
anis ot fortj members,
Cape Cod cranberri
Aldus, iu's
a at i.iiii.*  nml
Lftdj wants
plj care   Mrs
t il by tin* day      Ap-
I.auric,     Armstrong
John    V       h'ah'ii.      of    U.i   i
'-itt'iiiiiiu'.  ii (en daya in town, it guoal
ui   the Hotel Cranbrook.
.1    M   Doyle, ol
tor   the   P.    llm ns
town today.
Calgary, audita
co.npany,     is in
New     fresh    layet California Hgs—
t'anipli-'ll ami Manning.
(1. 11    Sadder attended tin- reccnl
meeting ol Mom.tain Lumbermen     at
If yon have any old clothes, etc ,
lhal nr.* not in Use, will von please
send  to Salvation Arm) quarters no
Hanson avenue,     or photic Salvation
Arinv.     (OS They    will lie given
away   to deaorvtog cases—Freak. A.
Stitile, officer in charge
■ ie Herald receiv-ed word from nn
niithoritalive source in Kernic just
hefort going to press this evening,
lhal the miners' il liv.tt, *. are
slill in session at U'llritridge. Whilst
nothing definite has hern aiiti"iiiiriil
intimating an enrh sett etuent o(
th.* strike, lho hct that the miners
Imve continued for mi Ioi.r In conference is tmir.Id as a prettv good
indication that seltlcmeitl will ensue
Swccl     potatoes al  Little and At- J at  an early date
cli i son's. '   —
— J    Robert* n's   Silver   Shred Mnftiin-
An   interesting   visitor in the   city ' la<k»  in I Ih. glass jars, only 20c. at
today was Mr. ('. II. Calhoun, ('ana- JB.K.P, A P. House.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery.
Additional sainnl.s i,| free milliii"
ore Irom Perry t'reeb, were on view
in town during the week. Splendid
specimens, witli tree goM visible to
she nako.l eye. There is a lot ol
work going on on the creek. In a
quiet way. Already West Koolenay
prospectors are becoming Interested
in lhe r«<ent rldi strikes ami More
long there will be a rush ol experienced gold 1i.ir.ter*, to I'erry
t'reek. locally, little or no Interest,
is evlneeil in Ihe recent strikes,
doubtless because nl previous experience wllh I'erry t'reek strikes. Hut
the rock now coming- In Irom IVrry
1'reek Is the genuine good stuff and
wherever any itiiantlty ol it enn
located there Is sure Ir bc a
camp, wllh lots ol money lor
lucky ones.
■""""A-'-J    V I SUIT, "itli Muck ami while
^"i®\s|*kv   [\ Btripcil velvet colliir,   Skirt
/, \  \! *'A rr nml coot nro imido plain.
If ii/^SHv Jl'•> // An exceptionally drossy unit.
'    * M/^ wo-00
i ' 9
"     BLUE SERGE SUIT, nu pli	
■ f runt siiliii Iiniii UiroUKliuiil,
ff   I A \rry sinurl unit.
imiilo with bIiiiwI collar uml
Bqnnra Inpols, tri il wiih
lilnok lirniil uml velvet, coot
lined with black s.-itiu.
An pxlromely ("rnccful salt.
That You
Will Appreciate
Every garment is unskrinkablo and
made from the bent grade of yam.
making it wear longer aud retain its
softness. A full range in combinations
ami separate garments for ladies uml
Prices $1.25 to $9.50
STAMPED NOVeLTIES.- . hlg range ol
Onltion l'n,»'. UontrodjtaceSt Tie Kit<*lcn. Hnir
Iteoolrcrt. Kto , just in, sntuble tot Xitia**
presentf, A full -ii..-!; u( siitf. (HnJIoSi Etc..
uIm> in.
novelty ♦,ff..■^:••' in these articles being received
every week. Yim will tpprMlste them.
They're different.
BERLIN AND EIDERDOWN WOOLS- A complete et'A-k of il.e Juuhle and Single Berlin! in
all colors At«o SQpper Soles. -Make those
nii-e Ohrisbnss presents now.
Autumn Style Books
Now Ready, 25c.
I Autumn Style Books j
Now Ready, 25c.   f
it*- ,aB^Haj5iBr0.,£/3s.?JSiSj3;[eiaiSEJaiE Br'i^r£!fSfaH^raf3fSfEf3EHi^^'5fs.-3
Id hi
/'//./.*•■ excuse un ad. of ours not appearing
in l/iis ntil's issue; owing to the pressure of
business wc hate been unable to write one up.
Kimilu call ami sir what •joint things ur are
Jewelers and Opticians.
la'ar^'flanji*.-.:-        - .HSiBaiBrasrasjBaiaiHESiBaraiB^^
I'lii- ll.i.il! than li.nl tin* nniisiial
iperienee «( being able tu lirlp Uw
finance minister ut tin* province oat
if n iinanci.il difficulty last Sunday.
Hon. Pries Ellison went to the
C.P.R. dtSHii i<> purchase tickets to
Kt-rnii* fur himself .mil partyt ai.it
ini.liin: Ih- h.i<| nnt suffldi nt rash nn
his tt-tTsnn tn meet the bill, preaetHr
iii   his fbiit;:..      I*   sn li.t|i|M'tn*'l thai
ihe ticket aei'iit did not know Hon
Price antl (KftiUI rt*A al aci |i I ■ 11
cheque,      it   was at tiii^   mosnei I
Hint   thi* arrival     ,,n     the   ten I
Iln* Ih'i.tl'l man proved a deStM
trin*i in tin feelings ol tin- Itaandal
Imiss nl thi< provtaos
LatnS hark j>  oftS nf thfl nasi min-
iimn fnims nf musoular rfaetunatl^ni
A fi w appllcaltoni nf Chamberlain's
Liniment win give relief Fnr Mb by
nil dealrn. 10-tl
The Royal rommlssloe in Taxation held a very succrssful session in
KvTiiii' on Mniilav laat Whilst in
Ffiiiii* the local board ot trade took
oiCAsion to wail BUOD PioanCS Min-
isltr KlliHoii .nil secured frntn him
protnlse nf a lnntl registry ntlitv antl
ihe rilviKion nl tli*' asacssmeul dlt-
trlct. sn that Pemle Mill have Its
own  assrssnr,    in place nf the work
bring |Hiluiiii. I  ,il   tht* Ctillihltiuk ol
Ilea ns heretofore.
The Methodist Church Ladles*
Aid will hold their Fifth Annual
Cookery Sale on Saturday, October 28th.
Harold   E, Pester, the wel known
Wiltm-r ramt.tT, arrived in town on
Tuesday in his motor car, which was
in o very iiiiai>i<iat**<i condition, wttti
tun springs broken,, n in**u>ii tire,
lamps i tt-<i on with ropes ami ,, ride
door ••{ the car turn nfl. However,
despite tins.- disadvantages, Mr. Po»
tei math* town in t-ime lo canli th<*
wt'stlMttiml train.
Iliniiv  tl|M    In
at  Lit tit* .hi t
Kor linn pauiH'iil <•' thr trade li
iiTiH, *»*.■ if.iinui*. b insa incii •*[»
psarsd brioii P ■;. - Hagtssrvi ■
Ryu th>s nomtag an... paid, la ndrM
Itoa to 'in* Itcsue, (.lie dollar apiece
U:\\ K Doras, Weslej CHar,
Deacon ami Dooat, Thu Proapcci i
Publlshlog oompaar, Vang Pong, It
II Short, -Ins Krnn\ ati'l ,-*"
Powell, There an* still otters aim
hn\p iitTt as ytl pa iti tln-ir traili* li-
eenses ami Hsftstreta Hyan latlnat-
i-ft that if it Im* fiiuinl ni-ci-ssary to
summcni th nt they will nut es*.»[•*•
with  sn stiml   a Hm* as tl.
Sec our  window  for Stoves.
Patmofc Bros.
Mr (ir.tnt Hall, th* BCW assistant  tn \'i PreaMeal Bury, who   is
i,n uaele of Watson Hall, nf tins
t ity. i ntrrrtl the employ * t thi-
Onad Trunk ii) thi' shops of thai
compaaj Is Uootreal anil remalaed
id. I,' ovei t"*" years He thea ac**
M'ptt'ii a position as master mechan*
it* nn tbe C.P ll in Itntish Columbia   ami   WM    In th.it hiisin«**i»     fivr
yearn at tin* mil nl whtck Urns he
was prentoifd <n the postUon «i a*
ststaat BOpeTtntendeal at WbJripeg
ut motive pi wai
Stoves! Stoves! Stoves! at Patmore Bros.—See our wirdsw.
A pleasant Incident of the auto
trip from Oolden w Craobrook,
mado hy thi* members ol tbe Royal
Commlssfon on Taxation, on which
Mrs. LtiRrin and Inr two daughters
accompanied Mr. C. II. Lugrln, • se **f
the nicmljers of tht- commission, was
tl.c naming of a mountain peak m
honor nf tin?" Misses Lugtin. Tbc
pt-ak selected was the bcld rock*]
prominence thai confronts ttip tra*.rl-
ler after reaching Canal Flau, part
of the Armstrong range, at tos
junction of the Kootenay river ai^i
tbe headwaters ol tin* Columbia
This peak, virtually at the partinc of
I I.r ways, with an Imaginary Taft
at tht> summit, will hereafter Iti
known as Mount Lugrln, if Mi Pai
Sons, M I. A , has his way
in tin* matter nf an application
' i tb i'Stic of n duplicate cartlft-
(Mti* <>f title to hit is. block 1,
Town of Kort Steele, Map tU
la hereby given that It is
nu* intention to Issus at tin ssplrsv
ti.m nl m.e nmnth aftrr Hie firs*.
publication hereof a duplicate nf ihr
certificate  nf   title    to thf      above
m•:.'.'-:.,-'i lot in the name of
Thomas C Armstrong, which certificate is dated the 12th day of April,
WOO, and numbered 3062K.
Sam'l R. Koe.
District Registrar
Nelson, B.C. 40-4t
Mi Kay   A   .1,, k- .v
Arrange to meet ycur
friends here
Afternoon 1
Sandwiches a Specially    t
aAaaa^aaaaaaAaASSAAaiA *%*%
J  5-R00MED COTTACE on French Avenue; water
uml wired (or oleetiio light. ONLY $900.00
S-R00ME0 COTTACE"" Uamon Avenue,
water, plutered. A SNAP AT S1.200.00
6-ROOMEO DWEUINC on Onmbrook St.
nearaohool) waterj oleotrio li^lii.
plMtercdi open lire place CHEAP AT S1.S7S.00
III, )o. ...r Ikl.k Ikal )o. ia. BI V lilt« OWN HOME o. . llllll ol
... ttOKllll.V PAVVIIItS     It Ml, nil .. .• ... ». Will |l.dl, c.,1.1. oar
^    ,l.n t. ,OH. THE  ORANBROOK   HERALD
A Sane American View
Tlio Outlook uf Now York, of which
Dr. Lyman Abbott is editor-in-chief.
comments as follows on tho recent
"Tlio Liberal Government had Identified Itself with the policy of reciprocity with the United stal.s, ami
it was Sir Willrid Lnurlcr'a hohl espousal of the cause of freer commercial relations between the two countries that ted i« his
political downfall, lie is the
to his political downfall, lie Is tho
foremost public mon in the history ol
lhe Dominion, the one public man ol
tn-tlav iu I'uuudu win- lias a world
wide reputation. His breadth or view,
his conception of his country's political Intcgrlt) and    its command nl
its own future, and
his broad and Mal-
esmaullko uras*) ni what might td tie
am! what will he, in spite nf temporary rwtbacks llku thai uf last week,
lite free and friendly rotations uf Ihat
country ami ours, liavo mado him
many enemies. lie fought a gallant
Hghl against Interests, againsl old-
time prejudices and a rccrudescoiico ol
antagonism to the United states.
Much was made of lhe matter ul annexation, whieli every sane Canadian
who knows anything about the sontl-
nieiit in this country must have
known was lhe grossest kind of political Imposture. Unfortunately, the
Speaker ol our House of Itcnresenta-
llvcs, who, like many other American
public men, is mil always a respon-
sahlc slalesmiin, gave necasioit ft r
revival of Ihis old-time cry hy what
In- piniiaiily mennl to in- a humorous
remark. The rapidly dying milagon-
ism between Uie Dominion iiml (lie
United stales was revived; mnny hit'
Ur Ihings welt* said nhoUl Auicii
tans, and many ungracious things
nboul President Taft—statements sn
wide of the mark that tu all who
know tin- 1'iesisideiii ihey bordered
on the burlesf'uc. This ebulltlcn <>f
bad feeling is of only passing Import
nnoc. li partially exp'alns ihe I.ihc
ial ilcf.-at. it does not tomb (he permanent relations between the two
countries. Their destiny is mil only
tn ili\iile the work and development1
of the conbtnenl between them, hut to
act in peaceful cu operation; and
shortsighted politicians on cither stole
nf the line can onH temporarily deleft! that destiny. President Taft hits
expressed bis disappointment at the
result; hut the campaign in both
countries has Ihtij educational In an
uncommon degree, ami Hit* permanent
outcome tan hardly he tlnuht-.it. After fifteen years nl service as Premier, Sir Wilfrid Lauin-i rctitca with
tbe respect and confidence of all Americana who have Imi'ii familiar wilh
his broad ami statesmanlike course,
his high character, ami his charming
personality. Others wlm served their
country well will retire. Among
them none is heller known in the
United Slates Ihan Ihc Minister of
Labor, tv. fa. Mackenzie King, who
secured fnr Camilla International dis
tlnotlon in the movement tor the rational solution of tabor disputes."
Free Arts Course
The minister nf education, Hon. H
E. Young, at the opening nf Bishop
Latimer college in Vancouver nn Mon*
day night, lasl,     math* the [nllnuiug
Important    am nccments regarding
the provincial unldorstty'
"Today the provincial department
,,t education Issued orders railing lot
tenders for the clearing td that part
u( the university site Upon which Ihc
main building -vill stand. 1 expect
this work will lie under way In -in
days ami I am positive that the liist
classes nf the university will assemble iu the early fall of 1013.
"Premier Mellride has promised
that $1,000,000 will he set aside
Irom this year's estimates for thi*
cost nl construction of the main um
varsity holding.
"Instruction in Ihc arts course will
be absolutely fn*c and students alfill-
.iieii with    theological ami tcchnlcM
colleges are to have all the advantages nl such an arrangement. When a
British Columbia parent places n
iiniii in tlie lowest kindergarten class
it will in- with the understanding
thai nothing hut lack nf Inclination
is tn   prevent     that    child   passing
il uh tin*   graded  ami   secondary
schools ami nu tn iln* attaining of a
degree without fee disbursement.
The University nf British Columbia will enter upon Its career splendidly endowed, Aside from tho
Provincial university lands with nn
area nf 8,000,000 acres valued at $7
lu $ln an acre, the university site
proper conststs ol i*11 acres in Point
Orey, worth prsoUcaUy 11,600,000
and wc are going to get Jill acres more lor that site lor I find after consulting sketches and plans fnr the
great university establishment already prepared we have no mem
for houses fnr lhe professors.
"Tbe depart nl of education   will
moke it an olljcci In educators to
come to iiiiiish Columbia, We are
going to get i tislructorn who are so
snapped up in their    work that tliey
will   have no time fnr ney making,
tla* department will look after Ihem
Tbc days of the under valuation nf
tutorial    services an-   past   and we
shall make our salaries eomuumsur-
ato with lhe dignity of a professor's
vocation in lite. 1 go cast iu 111 days
tu confer with leading edtieotlonalists
of Uu* country as lu th.* details and
specific items cf this undertaking.11
—   -♦ **•>• *•*-*■   —
The America cup
Sir Thomas, in a cablo Interview
puhliseil hy the New York American,
says he is prepared to issue au im*
'mediate challenge lor the America
Cup    II   the New   York   Clllb  will    ae-
eepl a challenge under Uie "universal" rule adopted by every yacht club
in tho United Suites. Ile will however, never challenge again under the
sixty-year-old conditions to which tho
club bus hitherto persisted iu adbor
Sir Thomas points out lh.it lhe cup
conditions aro now barred by overy
American yacht club, and lhal llu
deed of gift, tunics which the cup is
held, provides for a modi ileal Ion ol
ihe regulations by mutual consent*,
lie maintains thai if Lis challenge
were o-coeptid undei the "universal"
rule America would still have lhe advantage un no boat under this code
has yet been built iu Europe.
•'I        only       ask," he   .says,
"is for a sport
ing chance when tbe gun is fired al
Sandy Hook. 1 want no favours, i
merely say that lho rule adopted hy
every American club is good enough
f,r me. If you stick to the old cou-
tlitionn you may jusl as well send the
nip (u seme museum, as au ancient
The American states that Sir Thu
mas Llptor.'s lirst challenge fur tbc
America cup cost him something like
Sir Thomas Upton is al present
cruising on his Yacht Erin, bul wc
are authorised lo state (says Uie
London Evening Standard; that if
Ins views on Uio subject of a now
challenge arc shared on lhe other
side, negotiations would soon have to
be completed in order to give the necessary lime fur a new yacht to be
built. Ten months' notice Is necessary for a race next year. Former
races have taken place from September to October.
The American universal rule is
practically the same       as
mr       own International     rule,
lint the essentials of the
inle are that it rcstrlctstho dimensions ami the chape of the bout. The
idd rule under which the previous races have been hold does not limit the
si/** ol Ihe boat, save that lhe water
line must not exceed tin feet in length
for cutlers or sloops.
A boat may thus measure till ft. on
the water-line and lull fl. over all,
while is only a very limited penalty
mi huge sail area Sir Thomas wants
a -.ire under the universal rule, because it prohibits the development of
the freak idea, and is calculated ami
intended to produce a more healthy
and seaworthy type of boat. 1'ndcr
the old rufe any kind of freak could
be built for the race.
1 The progress of the conservation
policy of Canada, as applied In forest resources, depends moro upon tho
Forestry Branch ol tho Department
ni llie Interior than upon any organization. Upon the technical knowledge ami exactitivc ability of the ollic
i is of the Forestry Branch depends
the future ol the forest on 10,000,000
acres ot Dominion Forest Reserves,
as will as upon the large area ol nnit-
agrlcultural foresl laud in Western
Canada, which fnr the good ol lhe
country may yet be set aside as lier
maiient forcsl reserves, lu addition
tn linking alter Dominion lauds the
Forest Branch is now being asked by
Eastern land owners lo furnish advice as lo the best means of securing at Ihe earliest dale a profitable
eiop of limber ou waste laud or
wood-land. Tho proper adinlnistra
inm nt forest lands requires a special
knowledge of the trees    best  adapted
lu each region, nf their uses, ami nf
tin* markets. Further Ihere is needed
knowledge of tho liahlta ol all *•■■■•,
especially uf tin- mcroltantablc spo-
ties,  sn Dial it   mat    le known how
rapidly they grow, howihoy produce
iheir seed, when and under what con
ditlona the seed germinates, ami in
whal way the seedling and yniiug
trees ore affected bj their surrounding.  Such knowledge    is gained only
hy long study and experience. In order thai the new Rocky Mountain
Forest Reserves may he administered
according to tho latest scientific
knowledge and the licst experience,
the Forestry Branch is now making
detailed studies nl the habits id lhe
merchantable species ut trees on the
Eastern slope td the Rockies in Alberta nml has sent ono of the men in
charge of the work to study the systems of forest management practised
during the put-it few years by the
highly developed United Slates Foresl Service lu the National Forests
of Montana. The United states foresters   have   spent    large    sums of
money and availed themselves of the
experience of many men iu developing
plans of lumbering which do not Inconvenience the lumbermen but which
ensure the protection and reproduction of the forest ami the Ciinailian
Forestry Branch intends tt' l.cnefil
largely h) their ctperience.
How Edward Boitle Got the Explanation of Madeleine'! Change
Sexton illake ran hia eye over the
'Oling iran who nut tn an attitude of
lervous excitement, with tils long,
Itln I'unds gripping the arms of the
Hem's chair.
".lest back from West Africa?" he
■eti'itrkeit, to give bin visitor a chance
0 calm down a little.
Edward Cflltlo nodded.
"My bronzed look, 1 suppose?" he
emarked, rousing himself,    "But  it'
as a risky shot. Mr. Illake. Why
mi South Allien or Mexico—or any-
.here wm re ihere is a good Hun'il'
B'ake smile tl, and pointed to a scur
n   Mr, Dottle's lefl hand.
•The Wesl African spider," lie said.
No other nulmal tlmt I know of lilies
mil leaves it little nolo like ihat."
ih* Hi a cigarette.
"You have bad malarial rover, too
though mil Ini- some time," he add-
d rastially.
"Yes- ii year ago wns my lasl attack.   Hut how do you know that?"
"Oil, come," said Blake, "Unit's
tasyl Surely everybody knows that
nn'arial lever loaveB a series of
winkles nn tho victim's neck?"
"l hati forgotten my wrinkles . You
tave Bhorp eyes, Mr. Illake."
"Part of my stock-in-trade, Mr.
Boitle. Hut come- now you aro a
Utile calmer, what Is It you wish to
■im.* ult me about?"
"It's a somewhat unusual case, I
tm afraid; my doubt Is whether, tn-
Uetl. It is In your lino," lie answered.
"Let's hear it." said Blake. "It's a
ove affair, Isn't It?"
Boltlo sal iii> with a sudden sur-
irised movent! nt.
"Don't look so astonished," mur-
nurcd Illake. "It IS qtilto simple. I've
hm n consulted so often, you sue. A
nan who hus been robbed, or is under
i false suspl don, or tvanis to lind out
vho murdered Bomubody, Is up-Kt in
lulto a i'ii''.itnt way from a t.u-.n
vhose heart is aching for a woman."
"Thai is just the phrase, Mr. Blake.
!>■ heart It* a* bin:; for a woman—."or
ho dearest, prettiest, and yesterday
should have said tbo truoBt, won an
•• the world."
"Go on." bald ihe detective. "He-
•lit ni Ihe beginning."
"Three years 1 havo been out there
forking for her—rubber, you know—
md I've mnde my pile, i came home
n marry her, nml uu the day 1 sailed
1 koI her last letter—a loving, eager
letter, saying she was looking forward
;u the day of our wedding, just as I
A'as. I wept over It out of sheer joy.
Three ycara out there is rather a
it rain.
"Tbat was the last I beard of her.
During nil tlie voyage 1 was consumed
with Impatience Tor it to end—my
heart ami my mind were full of her.
People chipped me about being to
keen on going home to be married
hat I wouldn't even play a game of
leek billiards, but preferred to moon
mil stare ahead—looking out for the
•shores of old England, while they
were Etlll two thousand miles away,
The captain called me his extra lookout, as a mailer of fact, but I didn't
care. I was so happy—so hungry to
get to her. ..r. Blake."
Ile paused, ami Blake waited patiently lor him to resume.
"The voyage ended at lust, and
there was u lelegram wailing for tne
it Ihe dociiB, 'that particular Hhip,
by the way. had not got n wireless
Installation." Ho pulled a telegraph
form Irani his pocket and handed It
to tbe detective.
Blako nnd It:
"Sorry, > unnot marry you. Will
write U veil win wire an address. Do
.t..! coma lo boo mo: nnd try to forgive
"You can Imagine whal a blow ii
was to me, Mr. illake," he eald Bim-
ply. "1 Iiml been working for her out
there for throe years, and ber last
ietter Bald—" Ile gulped, and the
detective turned his eyes away."
"I didn't faint," he went on, "and I
didn't wire. I couldn't accept my dia-
misEal ilke that—so 1 just took a Bps-
rial train, and demanded an explanation. They tried to prevent me from
entering," ho added grimly, "but 1
would not be denied."
"Well?" said the detective.
"She was—she nearly fainted at the
Fight of nm, but pulled herBelf to*
aether, nml reproached me for coming. I demanded an explanation, and
Sbo ntlil she had none to give. 1 asked
her If ull her love-letters had been
lies—ami «ho hurst into tears. I In-
quired ihe name of the man she was
going to marry, and she told mo-
Donald Brayshon. I asked her If she
loved him. ami she would not answer;
I asked her if her-love Tor me was
dead, and she would not answer that
either. All she would say wus, '(jo-
go—I crtnnot marry you! Oh, Edward, havo mercy upon me, nnd go!'"
Ills hands were trembling, and
thore was lire In Ills eyes—tho fire of
a strong man's love,
"How could I go?" ho cried harshly. "I distressed her—but how could
I got Mm I could get nothing out of
her, Mr. Illake -nothing but tbe state-
mem that she could not man***- me,
and Hiai she was going il -urry hlm.
"In the end It was She who went,"
he continued alter another pause.
"She ran out of ihe room—ran away
from me. So I looked up Hrayshons
address nud went to bim—and lie
would say nothing either. I didn't
kill him, Mr. Blake—though 1 wanted
lo. I offered hlm money—all I had In
ihe world. I accused htm of having
some hold over her. and tried-.to buy
him off. But he laughed at me, am)
rang for his servant, aud, together
they put me out. 1 enjoyed tbat—yes,
t enjoyed that; but they got me out I
In tbe end. And this morning 1
thought of you." !
"What is It you expect me to do?" ■
Inquired Blake, who was keenly Interested In the story. The telegram, the
special train, the Interview with the
girl, nnd then the fierce altercation
with lhe man, ending with a combat
In which he shrewdly suspected tbat
llrnytihon had sustained considerable
damage—In Imagination Blake filled
lu all the details for himself.
"I want you to find out why she Is
going to marry him, that's nil." said!
Holtle.    "Kind  Hint out, and let mo
"Look here," said Blake, "I'll do my
best on one condition."
"Name It!"
"That whatever the reason may be,
Whatever the hold he mny or may not
have over her, Jott musl ple<lge me
your word of honor not to murder
The two men's eyes met—the eyes
uf two Hlruug, it Holute men.
-ilffto Is'ftiy nand upon It," said
Boitle, at last, "I accept your condition—but find out, and, If possible,
prevent the sacrifice—I am sure he
hasn't simply cut me out. if 1 thought
that 1 would take, my gruel like fi
man, but—"
"When is tho marriage to take
place?" Inquired Blake,
"Next week," he groaned.
"I'll do my best lor you," lliako
To find out why Madeleine was going to marry Brayshon, and, if she
was doing ii under compulsion, to discover some way of releasing her—
that was brleily the task which Sexton Illake had undertaken, and tho
difficulties In his path caused the
•real man considerable uneasiness.
However, Blako .v,as not it man lo
be easily tl.muted, nml by availing he
had established certain facts, at any
rate, In his own satisfaction.
It wi.s nol i > BttVO u lather or n
broth t i\>. dlBbonori it was nol ihe
usual story 11 at rgory or the staving
off of no Impending ruin that had
caused Madeleine Hoy ton to jilt tlie
man who loved her sn do voted ly al tho
hist moment, Careful .Inquiry among
the servants convinced Blako tbal all
tlio family, servants Included, were astonished at Madeleine's behavior, nnd
considered that she had treatod Kd-
ward Boltlo very badly, ami (hut nobody knew the girl's reasons.
Donald, Blako learned on the following day. was a young man of twenty-'
seven, witb a somewhni lurid past, a
man of ungovernable temper, who had
once been fined lor assaulting a servant. He had plenty of money, and,
apart Irom liis one appearance at the
police-court, there was uotblng serious against him. All the same, ho was
not the son ol' man one would havo
Imagined a beautiful, sweet-naturod
girl like Madolelne to JUt her lover
for tbe eleventh hour. ■
So far, in iwo days out of tlie seven
before the date of the wedding Illake
had drawn blank, and he sat up that
night smoking pipe after pipe In a
vain endeavor to solve the problem of
what the mnn's bold over Madeleine
could possibly he.
In the morning—the third day—as
Donald Brayshon came jauntily down
the steps of his lown house, be was
very much annoyed with a certain
well-dressed stranger who cannoned
lulu bin) lu the clumsiest manner, ami
sent his silk hat rolling Into ihe gutter.
The well-dressed stranger was full
of apologies, antl listened meekly io
Brayshon's revillugs.
"1 wus lost tn ii reverie. Do forgive
me, sir! It wns foolish of me, I know,
but pray overlook It!" the well-dressed Btranger said humbly.
Brayshon cooled down a little and
began to walk on. but the well-dressed
stranger kept by his side, still murmuring apologies anil refusing to he
shaken off. Gradually and skilfully
iie Introduced otlier subjects, till Brayshon, thawed and Interested, found
himself at last exchanging cards with
liis new friend.
"I insist," said tlie arranger effusively .whose card proclaimed him to
bo Sampson P, Vnno. "I Insist thai
you lunch with me to-morrow, sir.
Your conversation interesls mo, and
I want to force you us my guest to
forget the extremely annoying way iu
which I made your acquaintance."
"Very well," said Brayshon. "I
shall be delighted! We seem to have
a great deal lu common.!"
They parted, nnd Sampson P. Vnue
returned to Baker Street, doffed his
disguise, and, as plane Sexton Blake,
drove to an address iu Hurley Street.
The specialist gazed nt hlm in
amused astonishment as he explained
bis desire.
"My dear Blake," he exclaimed,
"what next?"
"I count upon you, Sir James," returned the detective coolly. "Don't
forget your promise over that Kller-
sham affair—that If ever you could
be of service to me, you would."
"But, Blake—to dress up as a waiter
and actually wait upon you and another man at lunch, and what is more,
to find a colleague who would also
dress up as a waiter—my dear chap,
I can't!"
"You must!" said Blake.
"But 1 don't know how to 'wait.'
We should give ourselves away."
"Mtat you. All you Will have to do
will be to put things on end lake them
off. I will arrange with the manager
or the restaurant to have them all
brought by a proper waller to the
door, ll will be quite simple—Just
think of how you have seen other
waiters behuve."
And, taking his victim's consent for
granted. Sexton Blnke promptly retired.
"Cheek!" muttered Sir James.
"But I suppose 1 shall have to do It,
aud it will he a lark!"
Blake, meanwhile, had gone to
Duiile's hotel.
"You musi n't ask questions," he
said. "And you must give me your
word to leave everything to inc. I
am lunching with Brayshon at the
Bingwood Restaurant to-morrow, and
you can sit behind a screen and listen
—If you nre sure you can control yourself, and will undertake not to make
a sound till I give you leave."
Boitle promised, and Blako went off
to Interview tht manager of the res-
"Don't ibink much of lhe Walters
here," muttered Brnyshon discontentedly. "But the cooking's good, I will
say that!"
"First-ClassI" agreed Sampson P,'
"That clumsy brute—the older one
of the two has already dropped two
plates," exclaimed Brnyshon, "besides spilling some soup ou my shoulder."
"Never mind the waiters, old chap,"
said Sampson P. Vane, soothingly,
"have some more. champagne. A remark you made yesterday has been
sticking in my mind. It sort of gave
mc an Idea. Look here! That case
I put to you wasn't entirely hypothetical. I want to know how a man
who Is madly hi love with a girl who
won't took at him can force her to
marry hlm?   You Bald—"
"I said the only way to rulo a woman was lo terrify her!" exclaimed
Brayshon, Inking thu bait.
"Yes—but how?" murmured Blake.
"Do you think these waiters can
"All the waiters at this placo are
foreigners, nnd can oiny speak enough
Knglish to mnl;,' themselves understood," raid Blake evasively. "I
shouldn't bother about them. Tell me
bow one can terrify a woman Into do*
ing whatever one wishes?"
"It mtiBt be a terror on a large
scale. Tu threaien to shoot yourself
or her Isn't guud enough. You must
threaten to kill hundreds—thousand*—"
i >M»1 W taiJpdttaoUvti lovs- of
"That's It, Vane! That's the Idea,
exactly!    Now In my case—"
"Oli, you have done 11,—eh?"
For n moment he looked confused,
and then coutluued defiantly, made
bold by the ohainpagno:
"Well, yes, 1 have!'' HIb eyes began to Hush. "This Is what I did: I
said to her, marry mo at the earliest
possible moment or (lie deaths of a
thousand Innocent men, women, and
children will be at your door. She
laughed in first, and then she said I
wus mud, and threatened io tell tho
police "JV i thorn.' I said; 'but before they cm Intorfi ro, lho deed will
he dune.' And It would, tool "Think
whal your ni-Jus would be like wilh
Um'. to haunt your dreams,' l said.
'What il comes to Is thai you have got
to give your life lo sovu thousands!1
: ho colled mc » domon she said
again iiml 1 wns mad, bul she gave
way in the end,   i convlucod her, you
iee,   ihal   I   would   do   ll    nml   lhal    I
would mannga to do It, somehow, if
sho hot rayed mo aud you can coma
i.i my wedding in four days' lime!"
"I boo the Idon," Bald BampBon P,
Vane.    "Bul   whal   was   ihe   actual
"blmplc nml convincing, my buy. t
swore I would put a sufficient quantity ui poison Into ono ui tbo wator-
mains to poison everyone who drank
a glass of waler ihal partlriihir main
"And she profi rrod to throw tier
lover over lo risking the lives uf so
innii -eh?"
"Of courso Bhe did, being a woman!
! knew she would, too- for all's tnlr
lu love aud war, and she couldn't lie
sure If sho atienipted to betray mo
that I wouldn't contrive to carry out
my throat; and, besides, she wouldn't
he able to prove anything, As l pointed out to Iter, 1 should simply deny it
to the police as an hysterical fabrication of hers, and then go ami do il!"
,   Once more he chuckled,
"Neat—eh? Just the son of thing
to terrorize a woman. What you will
have to do is to think of something
Similar, Old Chap!    Let's see!"
lie fell Into :i reverie, and Sampson
P, Vane beckoned to tho waiters,
"Good enough, Sir James?" be whispered.
"Quite good enough,", the specialist
•Boitle:'' called Sampson P. Vnue
Sharply, and al the same lime springing up aud seising Brnyshon In a
grip of iron.
White with horror and anger combined, Boitle rushed from behind the
screen to the detective's aid. and almost before he realized what wns
happening, tin.- two men hml BrayBhou
handcuffed aad helpless iu their
"We have made out the certificate,"
said Sir James. "He is undoubtedly
i.i unsound mind, and a fit am) proper
person to be placed under restraint."
"A cab aud two attendants from an
asylum are waiting at the back entrance," said Blake.
They carried tho lunatic, kicking
and Btrugg!ln3 furiously, io tho cab,
and having despatched him, returned
to their private room.
"What a ghastly scheme!" mutterul
Boitle. "HoiV poor Madeleine must
have suffered! t'an'n you su- how
such a terrible predlcameul must have
tortured ber? Poor Madeleine —
afraid to speak for fear he might
carry out his threat!"
"Mad as n hatter!" said Sir James.
"A wholesale Blaughterer—quite a
Well-known type. Blake. How did we
"Vilely! Bui, o!l the same, I nm
very much obliged!!' said the detective.
"I," said Boltlo, "am more than
obliged! i have no words, gentlemen, tu express my thanks. As tor
you, Mr. Illake, I a:a your debtor for
"Suppose you run away and relieve
the poor young lady's mind, ami leave
ts to finish tlie dinner." suggested
Sexton Blako, who never could hear
being thanked.—From Answers.
*>♦♦♦♦ *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦*♦♦♦-»♦♦
as to Thanksgiving poultry.
Libteiul nf boosting the pi Ice
beoauso everybody WHlltB lin-
koys. ublokoiis, ducks eto,,\i >*
buughl iu big quantities tn *1
can bull at big quantity prices.
Come and   select your bird.
We giiaianlee you'll miv later
thut never bad BWOGlei ur
toiidoiur  poultiy piii-Bid ynur
P. BURNS &  CO., Ltd.
ll. (',
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Frull, Agricultural, Ora/.InK ami Timber I nrnla.
Insurance, Slinks and llontls.
Wholesale Healers in Lumber.
*   Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
************** **************
Baker Street.
♦ ,
Creditor:—"Suppose   I'll   Imve  lo
wall till tho day of judgment for what
you owe?"
Debtor:—"Yes; call late in the day,
though."—Pllegende matter.
"Am 1 a .lave?" bellowed the btid-
dlng oratur, warming to Ills subject.
"You're under tbe yolk." roplled u
small boy hi the audience, as lie let
lly an unsavory cue..
"Flnt do you think," asked the visitor iu lhe local option town, "that prohibition really prevents?"
"Well," replied llle native, "It prevents a fellow from getting the best
whiskey, but it doesn't prevent whiskey i;ettlni; the best of him."
Wood prided himself on his joking
abilities, lie v.ns a 1,11 of a wai:—
what? Ono iluy he met n gentleman
of the name of Stone, The ihaneo
was too good to be missed.
"Hello: Happy Kastorl" ha bearaod.
with the conscious prido ol a witty-
remark-to-come stylo. "Ami how are
Mrs. Stone and all the llnle pobblos?"
"Very well, Ihniik you!" replied his
friend wltherillgly. "And bow are
Mrs. Wood anil all llie little Splinters?'
Wood wenl uway In,,kin:; IIioiikIiI-
Salesman: "Whal may 1 imve tho
pleasure ol allowing you. madam?"
Lady Visitor:—"Oh, I'm nol buying
at Ibe moment, I'm merely looking
round, taking stuck, ns It were, you
Salesman: -"I'm glad you mentioned it. the gUV-nor said lie thought that
wiib yonr 'Utile game.'"
Incorporated t8CU
Capital I'nid Dp $6,2co,oon Reserve $6,900,000
X Total Assets, Over $g5,m>o,o»»
+ II. S. HOLT, President      K. t„ I'KASK, General Manager
X     Accounts of Rrmii, Corporations unci Individual*., solicited,
•*     (mu <f lown liusiuoM rpcolves evory attention.
♦ SAVINGS nKI'ARTMKNT-Depopltsot $1.(0 and upwards received
♦ nml Interest allowed at current mie.   No formality or delay In
X wltlttlrawlii-jr.
X      A General l-huiktng Business transacted,
♦ Cranhrook Branch : T. II. 0'CONM.LL, Manager
*********************** 4*********************
A New England mother hati come
upon her eight-year-old sou enjoying
n feast whereof the components wero
Jam, butler, and bread.
"Son," aaid tlie mother, "don't you
think it n hi: extravagant to oat butler with that fine Jam?"
"No, mummte," won the response.
"It's economical; tho same piece of
bread does for hath."
Shortly after lhe conclusion of lho
honeymoon, Bpooner- on arriving
homo one evening, found hia wife in
tears, Between her sobs she gave
him to ii titters luml thut something
terrible had happened.
"Dearie/1 she sobbed, "It does seem
too awful Unit the very first moat*pto
I should make for you should he eaten
by tho eat."
"That's all right, my love," Bald the
husband, iinttlng her on lho shoulder
In his anxiety lo soothe her. "I'll hoi n
Ket you anotjier call"
Arrangements have been nude wilh The Mac-
Lean Publishing Company, Limited, Totor.tr,
whereby we can supply both
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Every phase of farming is dealt willi by specialists in the respective fields. No feature cl farm life
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Herald Publishing Co.
nrivlnj: along
to fork,  the  tl
ruins <>>' Hi'- mt
the anclfiit  *h.
Saer.   Ot th
by this farno
nothing now
old towei
p inl iun,
Hon as
Few i
more Im
from WntergrasBhtll
aveller may see the
unslon of Rath Gobnn,
(■elllng-place ol" (joban
many edifices erected
builder and architect
innltlB but Hie tiliell of
'i i u memory "f tho
r. Is still kept In ven-
v as ii!*. upright In bis
wlse'In his convorsa-
i clever In the mt of
i r»i
illy,    Nol
Hi> Iiml
i romii'd i
1 il  wlfu,
i  »i
1     Sll 1
li«     llm
i   woman
Iii   llm
following plan of Be
ings broughl lho Goban Saer
inr Hum (lie Inslghl he showed lulu ihe true virtueb aud merits of
women. Win n ho look It inio his
huid io gol married, ho did nol look
for the musl hi utittful girl ol bin ac-
quaint nm i. ii . la the fashion with lhe
foolish inemb ri of liis sex; neither
did he. like a nl ■•."■. or on Inflatod
willi Ills own li iporlauco, ihlnk only
of money ii
hui ono thi
ami that v
Wisest und
Iii'  liil 0]
Om- morning ho lold his Borvanl to
tuk|. a skin j -i Btrtppi d irom u young
shoep io Hi*-' ii. Ighborlng fair, ordering
him, an Boon as h had sold It. "to
bring li ha< k agalln, as well us tbe
price rccclvi tl for It."
Tho servant bad such confidence In
the wisdom "i his mastor thai he never even questioned tho strungo command,
Arrived nt tho fair, ho was soon
surrounded by a crowd of women, for
the fleeces which enme irom,ihe tir.ii
of the Goban Baer were renowi * d
through lho country tor their thickness and their quality. Bul the cager-
ness of Ihe bidders, ns may be guessed, quickly changed to stupefaction
when they learned the conditions of
the sale: "lie was to take back the
sklu as well as the price Of It! What
folly, to Us sure! He could lake back
the skin, bul ll ey kepi their money!"
A young girl had remained behind
after they all bad departed. Molly
Desmond was not rich. Indeed, she
would nevar have nourished a hope
of acqufrltog a tleece sn thiol; aud no
ompetltlon lutd not
she approached the
avlng reflected for a
Is bizarre proporn1,
i at a very low price.
: i :' n t. ,v mluutes to
rom the hide and
r i'l i.i ■ servant, who
!;   En  triumph  to  his
silky  If  ull
ceased1    t No
Bervant  and,
moment   i n
bouj-'iit the -
It wan i.'.
remove the  -■
return Ihe !atl
bnnirtht.  it   bt
On learning lhal there vts a pTior
girl in th     n< i {1 l*orhood   who   p. s
Bessctl  i-ii ■'.- Ion enough to understand his m a ting, Goban   Sn-,r   at"
once sought lies ha d In marriage.
The years passed on. The reputa**.
Hon and fortune of tbe Goban Ba-r
luereascd with ev ryone.
When he bp . his daughter twenty
years of age, beautiful as Bho was
good, and lui.v. that he had comfortably provided for her future, and that
of hlmsell ai d of his wile, he resolved
to do na i o c work, but to spend the
closing ponlou ol his llle in rest and
However, it happened thai the King
of Brittany wanted to have a magnificent palaci built. The stories he
had beard Iroi i travellers of the marvels erected b; the famous Iriab hui d*
cr made hlm del rmine that the old
man musl ha i ittxed to Brittany. The
Goban Eaer was promised marlil s iln!
like of which bad never hi ti seen in
Ireland: gi I, silver, ami precious
gems would be as plentiful as Iron,
wood or sb .; . len thousand slaves
would b; pli 1 at his command, and
all the * ■ ol the kingdom be
lis servants.
Docs artisl vei n fus ■ to add another laurel his crown? The old
bull(K*r b ■ . ; i .t.:■. ■ his former
works, an I i ut his days and nights
iu dreamln ; th- i .. • to be built
for the Bri
ills ambition was a great grief to
the wise Moll; ■ **he ■■ Igbtened
when slu l the k ngt hof ttie
jourm y ai dongt     an old man
mlghl i ncot ■ ' i In a sti i ko c mntrj
ninon. ': '■ s and i...l< us people
Remom I however
wns of no  - o Tii ttanj  tl q Go
ban Baei   ■ o      a ado tin
best   ol   It, i t] ,,i   V. let
should n<   -. i any her father.
"My d< s . ie to her
daughtt r bch thej i ted, "your
father is old. h it man n fuses to n ■•
knowlod] d tl . in leii it
prosit s verj unvllj Bee, tl en, that
he otton i in each
atraugi ]" ihat j i it r, n ska
frlonds wiib the women, the children,
nnd the dog, at d b . art lu n v< i to
remain longei than Ihree days in n
town where you will not have made
ai least three friends for your father,
si in  as human prudence can never
fortsse what uoa Hides in His Power-1 was willing to sacrifice the man she
ful hand, If It should happen that you j j0ved and lho chance of u crown tor
are ever In want of any assistance let I the life of her lather. He tent a uies-
me counsel you to tie a thread of red | BBgc to tbe kirn; that even it he were
wool round the arm of any messenger
you may send to me."
Tho father and daughter then departed.
After a great deal of travelling, both
by land and water, they arrived Barely nt tho palace of the King of Brittany.
JitBt as they were entering the
courtyard, the king's eldest son, the
heir to thoithrone, was leaving for tho
hunt. Ah soon as he learned, however, that ftho illustrious architect who
In I been walled for ho impatiently
lulil at lasl come, his curloslly to see
hlm was bo meal that be dltmiissed his
suiie nml re-entered the paloco.
Next day the prince again gave up
tho hunt, but for another motive. Ho
wished in see Klku, and booh ho b -
gnu In Hud mon.. pleasure in hihI'Ii nlv
mcetlng her graceful figure nt the
turn of a gallery Hutu In Hieing Die
largest wild boar rush from among tho
branches of ihe forest,
(.title Ity Hit it* the young people got
from looks io words. Prom the day
Hint Mlleu rirui. spoke to hlm tbe
prince gave up, nol only hunting, hut  '
set free in. would voluntarily remain
at Hath Goban until a consent wai
given io ills marriage with  Ellen.
Tlu king nt lirst, of Qourse, gave a
strong "No," hacked by a stout oath.
The prince, however, was the only
hope uf the country, and the Breton
Belgnours, seeing the obstinacy ot tbe
monarch, commenced to murmur and
Pear often maBters tbs greatest of
Kings, so tho lord of Brittany, judging It time to yield, graciously renounced the little pleasure of killing
IiIb architect. Ile contented bins It
With getting Ooban'S word ihat he
would never build another pn'are.
The prince inurrkd Bllon. Both
reigned long and happily, uml ns long
as lhe kingdom of Brittany   as ed, tlm
people blessed the memory of the
daughter of the tiobnn Baer.
You are not experimenting en your-
■If when vou lake Chamberlain's
Diitfh Remedy f-*i a cold as ihat
ither amusement in which he preparation has won Its groat repot-
used formerly to toko delight He .*.,■.„ ind oxtcnslvo nolo hv its
pitHseil bis entire duys shut up lu th - ,   ,, .     ,,
palace listening to the wise ami sweet wmarkalilo   cures ol colds, and    can
words which fell from the girl's lips.     always he depended    upon.     M Is pq-
The attention of tin* prime to  Kl* I unity valuable fm  adults und children
len did not escape the observation of L,„,    my ,„. tfWB ,(| y0U|lg cnnUren
the (Joban Saer.   "if," said be, "tho with   Implicit confidence as it    eon-
fcelltjg which this young mm. has for lai ,|ntmfu, drug(   Sllhl hy     all
my  daughter Is honorable, she shall ■    . .
be Us; tf ll 1b otherwise. 1 must take de.il,i^ »" ii
her away from here as quickly as
'^osBlble, even though I leave the palace, which promises to ba bo beautiful .unfinished." In order to find out
the nature of tho reding which Inspired the prince, Goban Saer spoke
to his daughter.
"The prince ia In love with you,"
said he; "I know It. my daughter; but
It is necesanry to prove this love.
To-morrow | shall invite the prince
to breakfast in the new palace. When I**9*
The visit to Cranlirouk on Sunday
of representatives ol the Lay-
trie repast i» finished, you will enter, men's Missionary Movement left a
followed by your attendants, carrying lasting impression (ln tit tliosc tor-
water for the washing of oud hands. ... . ,, „„
You will bring the basin to the prlno?, tu"*"° l'"l'"Bh "' lu'ar ll"'lu' T,l°
Imi 113 lie Is plunging In lila hands, two addresses by Mr. Senior, one ol
you musl inke un some of tha wat:r Toronto's leading    merchants, dwelt
zr\<n^Atbzzitt*oM?°» **? "»""■: - ricy""' *•
bear this affront patiently, he loves Women's Missionary Movement, lho
you sufficiently to let you share his aim, lie said, was tlie intensely spir-
throne. If. on the contrary, he gets jt,ia* ono ,,- making it, known that
Into a passion, it will be a proof that , ... q , _. .
the habits of his rank and the violence 'KM,S was a dlvlno SaUor, rtie pol-
of bts charactor are stronger than hia "T. that this present generation ol
love, and we must fly at one e. In my Christians should carry Hint know-
case I shall say good-bye to an un- Icag0 to tUs .trvmil gH1I.ratloi. of
fitiislifd pn'ace; In yours, to a grow.gn ,„ ... '. ** .
tenderness" nou-l hnstiuiis  in every    known pail
Ellen h'.'iit ber head and sadly pre- of   the world.     To this end business
pared to obey her father. men   were livit.g up alongside ol   tltc
The day of trial arrived all too soon. pajjlors with      vi      t   realizing    it-
After  breakfast,   the   trembling   girl ' ..,..• !
advanced towards the prince, holding ***  ■'•*■ tnuch tl.eir business    io   do
the basin of water.   He mechanically lhal   as it  was the pastor's.      Ami
dipped bis hands into It, his eyes b?- t,]H.v   propose    to     give   a   definite
ing  all  the time  tlxed    on    ElKn's       ',,.,■.*.
blushing lace.   She, with a pretence amounl ,,f ,m',r tum' mone>
of gaiety, took up some drops of the business ability t
water ami threw them at him.
stead, however, of (lying Into a passion, the prince just smiled at tb»
play, and gathering in bis baud some
of the drops which remained on his
forehead, pressed ihem to bis lips.
i.ii lying this out.
Some have already visited the foreign field that they might have
knowledge  at lirsl-lmnd. •
An   unique   prcposal     wns   made,
which Baptists ,41 over these     four
■ On seeing ibis Ellen felt that she ..rovim,,s   arp ^ttadMUcally adopt-
loved   the   lirince   a   hundred   limes  : , .     ..      ,
more than ever, mill llie old Oolwn "U!- v"-- H""1 In "rdvr lo Willi- OUI
said gaily t, himself, "I am bnlldtng the debt that lias accumulated
ilils^ beautiful  imluee for my davgh- through      lhe    course ot live years,
"T'lirln;;   all   (Ms  love affair, how-' ''w'   1,al,lis' ls asl"'d t0    »*««*••
ever, II musl not be forgotten thai tie i" addition   to their     regular Rivini!,
charming prince had   a   father, the one definite day to .lestis. One whole
King of Brittany, and that thi. father llav  ,,,    ,„,r thoufAt, energy,    elcr-
waa a very si-lfisli and   cruel   iran. ...
Enchanted with Uie imlare which was ''"*'■ earntogs, and savings. I.e.,.    a
beirn; erected for hlm. he got It Into full day's Income.    Tlie day proposed
bis head that Qoban Saer might build is   ihe 85t* and   that tin- result    be
u!i;«.s,i!LZui^,r,,K',o',ul,,„'°hre,r,.i'„)r p«« "p« •"" "'»"•«r^»»»<
of avorttng tbts calamity than by cut- Sonday, and  torwaroed Ui the gencr-
Ungoff the'artist's head as soon as the ,\ mission treasury,
work «»s finished.
Goban was warned by a fr'end of
his destined fate, and sought for
meniiF to avert tt.
"SIro," said be to the Breton sovereign, ■your palace will surpass any
tbat has ever been seen If you Will
let me go lo Rath Qoban for one orna-
Mr. Kstahrnnk explained in his own
forclbte, clear way. i!k* call to
convention    It, V'aocouwer, and
business   men especially, should
Perhaps Tbe most imfQin   of
ment—an ornament  such as neither series  d    tt>eelings   was  the after*
Franco nor England can produce on „,hm meeting ol women, addressed bv
account  of the peculiar beauty ami ...     ,     .    ,■„.,;,..„„      u« »„..,'
Originality of Its material and finish." W!M ,,amI     HoDlM00'       llir '"«'
The king, giiessliig that he wished Il,'r Mdrit. her   line touches ol humor
to escape, said, "Send a mess.nKcr." and pathos, moved all, and as a     rc-
"And to what mesienger, sir.*, could BUlt   ol her visit east,   Akidu, which
mnli a pre.l.iiis    Ohjecl b^- ci.uflded?    , .   ,    , mi
asked the Qoban Slier. has ******   Ul'"l>' »*•"• w,n    &'x
"1 shall think abou tt;' replied the l,s needed new chapel,
king; "but you cannot leave the pal*.   The special music Iiy tlie choir arid-
wi—i. ti.   i.i.    i i, , i     n    <- .      Od   verv much to Ibc jovous Uplift ol
When the Kin-,' left him the tioban   . * , ' '
Baor confided his trouble to his daugh  ™ *-*■ services,    lhe repreaento-
ter,   Ellen cudgelled her brains to see tlves spoke in the highest terms    nt
n way out ol their difficultly.   Alas!  their reception, ai.d   of their Itrtpres-
even il she wore able to scud a mis- , ,     ... -f„, ,,^„„,,. „i-
senger to Molly, what wen thai poor smns ,,f b»"ttW ' ^mwk.
woman's   resources  aim insi   those  o|. •
a powerful kliiK'.' |    WANTED.—Teams   In    haul woo
In the midst of her worrying, the   by   the cord;     two and    a half mile
prince came to visit her. and at sight  .  „,        .,,„,„ ,„    , ..„    ,    . ,.
Ol  hlm her plan  WSS formed. 1,a"1* A^A>  h>      ,n,tfr     tn AH '
"My hud.- said she. "there Is a pro-' Herald ofllce. U-3.
clous ornament which my lather tnut-t . >
havo to finish ihiH great palace, Dal'###•••*>■>•••••■%###•*>#>*>
the king mistrusts bin., und will not S^^^^w^'vW'ww
allow him to return to his own country for this ircnstire. .My father, ihIh
trustful also, is afraid to let a slave,
an officer, or n lord SO on sin h nn im-
portant commission.
"Perhaps hi* would content to my
going?" said the prince,
"Onl   I have no doubl ho wou'd,**
. i
It is oirieiiillv aniioiincal ili.it a rm-
Will   be  happy   lo  see WfSiAffi   ' ttl ,,,m" °l ***** «","t"Ww is '"
illy a
If you allow  mc lo attach this Un. ad   Uv
of red  wool  to your arm.    Bhs  will
know (hen thai you coma from us, and
that you are a friend."
•;ileu trombtod as she spoke,   ib
permanenl    itisiitutiiui
every town. Its Chlel objects wil bo
to safeguard ihe public iu tin- case of
such        an emergency as
prince smiled  and  held out  his arm,  war,        und to avoid        tO-
around which the dutiful daughter oi course to the use of soldiers in   the
Qoban Baer ik'd the myslerlous tlitn
which was to deliver the head of her
cut   of a ureal  strike. T\v„ ilassis
| lover, to bo held as hostage for that uin lv 'Wlwled-a First Police He-
of ber father. serve, cum|ioset| ol specially  ipialiln.l
The kliiK did not offer any opp:sl mrT1; tt second PoHco Reserve.  Pov-
[ Hon to the departure   of   his    ion. „   .   . , _. ■
I "For," Bald he. "when my palace w II n»->«IMa ami to some members     of
j bc perfect, I shall always ha mastor ■1»' Hecimd.
to do whal 1 like with the architect." _
\^ipz^^^,^j^ ,^^^ »»r r r,:t"
but he did not return.   In his place ,n »    Wue-nwik   just issueil    on the
came a messenger bearing a letter for quest Ion ol lm|N*rial revenue and ex-
tbo-KIng of Brittany. pendlturo. The period covered Is the
i    Tho llr -ton king read the letter. ,   .     „,. .    u    i    •*    t.
I    What wns his anger when ho learn- '»'    m"'n >''ur" ,f' M"r''11   "'   '"
cd that tho lirince was kept a prlsanor lsl111"7 •'"' l°t»l Imperial revenue was
at Hiith (lohiui!   lie lore out Ills hair 6112,198,51?, whereas the amount lor
In flstfuls, ho blasphemed, ho swore, i*s 1 a»-11  was £101,850,188, while tbe
ho wanted lo Imprison, torturo, chop ... .        ,,        ... __
up Oohan and his daughter.   Out a. *«P«y*tM'«    ct»Iie»ble imainsi rc,c-
tho wordu of tho sanguinary orders "m' f"1 III.' snnie v.sirs was 1)11111,725,
*'?r*!L.*5K!5a;.i*?-*l,LIr'iS.!,'*» "H.**•/•• 8"    and 6171,885,667      respcrtlvo-
Wllh   "TltO   IIOSI'  III   llllUHr "  Ut   Ull'
Opera 1 louse Monday  Night.
called tho throat of Molly:   "Member
for member, blood for blood, head for , .. ,   ,.,„ „	
. head." our   Army and Navy cow lM8,37n.im
i    Aud tho king had no other heir. and £11,170,000 tespcctlvelf, Wlicreas
I    Un his side, the prlnoe, after re- lasl real llie aiiiouiils were C17,41»,
"W SaHJ™ l"»_?«n»W» V ***** **> te in lbr   various rlvll  servkta bus
LADIES OF Ul l.Ti 111'] AM) HIv
At last ii reined) has been discovered thai will positively destroy
this  pest.
Thai DondruH is caused hy gcrmfi
Is accepted hj every Bcnsihlc per
DandruH is the rool of nil hair
salvia will kill the dan-lmR
genus and remove Dandrufi in ion
days*  oi money had
The Uranhrcoti Drug and I3u0" Co
guaranlcctl. li will grow ia r,
stop Itching scalp, fnlllnfl hair, ai 1
make the hair Hue:, and abund ■
It prcverrtfl hail li im Uiining i raj,
and adds hi,' and lustre
SALV1 \ |a ., I mil dressing Ural
has lioconn? ih1' fa vol Ite with wo i en
nl    taste anil  cell in i*.   v. Im I nua    1 ie
social Milne ni beautiful hair. \
large, gem rom hot; i!* «ot Is onlj 'i|1 .
at leading druggists everywhere, jtit
in CranlicpoN h*. The t'rfliihro h
Drug and     Hook     t'o Hit-   word
"SALVIA" (Latin for sige) is mi
every bottle,
grown from £20,015,000. lo C-13,008,
inio, Hie Customs ami Inland Revi
from £2,710,000 in £3,910,000, whlh
lhe aim nut retjiiini! lasl year lor th
postal services was £10,081,000, n
gainst  C10,B31,000 in IWi-7.
The I'lislmaslei-fieiieral will short
ly Introduce postal reform to meel
the requirement of persons who do
not wish to go to tin* expcire of re
glsterlng a letter at a cost of 2d., hui
who desire merely to have proof ot
the posting ol a letter to a particular person, which may lie produced in
the event ol a dispute. \tm.'e
ments hove been made whcrdi/ oi
ami after October 'l n ceH.ficntii ol
posting mav he olttaineil for (d. mi
application at any postohlcc. The
letter must not lie posted in a lei ter
box, Int   must he handed to tlio i n
tor-clerk, und the person posting it
must lill iu the form which \\i I In*
given to him, nnd nfllx a halfpenny
stamp. The clerk will then date-
stump aud sign or initial ihe farm,
A letter in respcel ol which one of
these certificates is issued will not
receive the special ircatmeul afforded
to registered correspondence. In Lho
event of loss, damage, or delay the
certificate will confer nu little lo
compensation, and will furnish no
hrocf of the nature of the contents.
By the death of "Old Kitty (Iray-
son," us Bho was familiarly called, nt.
llrytin, in the Wlgaii coalfield, In ul
probability the last Woman employed
in the mii.es of this country has pass-
il away. She was in her ninety-second year. It. 1834, when Lord Ashley's Act—whieli prohibited wonu n
ami girls, as well as hoys under the
age ol ten years, from working in lhe
mines—came into operation, Kitty
(irayson was a youbg woman of it',
working as a cillicr's wagoner in tho
oils. In order to evade what was
then looked upt n*\is an unwarranted
legislative Interference, she assumed
Hn- clothing of a man. Hy this ruse
he wus enabled to follow her old oc-
ii pa iii hi for nea i h a year, until a
Government Inspector paid a surprise
visit to the colliery.
The anniversary 61 Dr. Johnson's
birth—September IH— was celebrated
with all due observances at Lichfield
this year. A library ol Johnsonian
works, founded hy Un- lute Rev! filer Hay Hunter, has been presented
to the doctor's h'rthplnce by the widow of the rounder, nml will be houa-
;1 in a room set apart for tie* pur
pose. The library consists of about
n*!in volumes, with numerous autograph letters, manuscrips, engravings,
caricatures, etc. it includes copies
of all Johnsonian works from the time of .Johnson up to the bicentenary
celebrations of two years ai;o. Then-
are many first and rare editions of
tlie Dictionary,   the "Rambler," th-
Adventurer." "Rassclas," "Irene,"
political tracts, poetical works, anl
prayers. Mrs Hay Hunter. Ir, recognition ol her generous gilt, has born
elected an honorary member ol the
Johnson Society,
A design lor a novel vessel which
is particularly a motor-car designed,
either to lloat or run on the bottom
of tho sea, is at prosetil attracting
Hn- attention ol those Interested In
salvage operation and pearl flsherln
Tin* invention is the work ol a Mr
K. II. Crossley.    The     plans ihow  B
steel barrel IMt. long by Bit. In dla
meter, fitted with wheels which will
enable it to Ite driven along the Hoot
of the sea, and a propeller which will
drive it through the water. It has
portholes thai will enable the men
Inside to sit in every direction, uml
a double bottom, which, when tbe
crew wish to sink the vessel, tliey
can Oil wllh sea-water by mean- ol a
hand-pump. The strangest features ol
the craft are several steel toils with
ends shaped somothlng li'e human
hands, which are turned al various
angles ami pick up anything from
the bottom ol th* sea Other rods
are titled with thills designed In Lore
through roo**: <>t armour Another
feature of the Inventtonlsnn air-lock,
through which, if necessary, a dlvci
equipped with the ordinary dress ran
sleu out on t" a wreck.
| Mr. w <i Moon-air, o' Carnarvon,
Capo Colony, has Invcftled a stooping
bunk -Ahuii. ii Is ciiiiutid will remain
Norbury Ave., next u, city Hull
Open Pay and Klght
t     Builder and     |
Contractor      |
Septic T.inks mel Concroto   ♦
Work Reneralh n *
Bpeoinlly, ' ♦
Estimates   Preely  Given,
P.O. Box 316 *
I Cranbrook.  B.C. i
»i    VIC. ROLLINS, Mu
Si '.iiii.ur i!l30
UOLLINS Bill   -.  I'n.priil.
1221 Granville Street
Two liuiiilri-il elcHtihtly ftmiishccl rooms. Km ry modern
oonvonionco. Elcvalor sorvici*. Cafe in connection. Rooms
$1.00 per day niul uptiartls.
Up-conntry visitorn-lo tlio Terminal City will find erery
aonvenionca add  ifuri al tbe Granville Palace, special
attention beiug piiil to tlu-ir wants.
7*.';~i:T ■   v    ''"3-"-ra
♦♦; J****************** it********************:
.It's   the Same Place
Tlif Place that it Popular
Good as tint lli-st
Better limn the Resl
The Cosmopolitan
Dancing Season
(li pieces)
Can in* engaged un
Moderate Term:.
All comuiunicaliouB to
W. Thompson,
P. <). Box T.
Iwerity-tiv*** year*1 practicalexpertenca.
Five yean Impactor ol nuiiancetj.
Plamblngsnd Sewage ESxpertforSwin-
tion—30,'tt-O poiiulaiion.
Everything in Tin and Sheet Iron made
to order
Hot Mr Furnacee.     Hot   Water antl
Steam Boilt*fi>
Vou will find ni at our old stand,
If yon come once,
Vou will coini* again.
E. II. SMALL, Propbi
•♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦ *******<'. 1«C ***********************
II. I.. Mil ill N-, I'.. i
CALQARY, Alberta j
? The Hotel with "The Reputation" ♦
I You'll get vniir Money's Worth. *
*********************************** **********
li A  Good   Home {
is  a ji.it i> ■!. :,r to                    .    A homo *
i.- vrlioro  I', -I ie,  Uouil  rt, I  mtentinent, J
niul Plenty is i., mil     I            the n nson •
men tlirottghoul llritish Columbia, when *
"Umnbrook'1 i* mentionotl tliink of Ibe *
provisiona .Toa  Itrnnlt Iins matlc for an *
Weal           ..I the ♦
Canadian Hotel I
********** *»*******.■>**'>**********************
| "ISABEL";!
Tht*  •• Isabel "   lias  been • ■
jmt in oommituioi) and is tied
up at Athalmer.
Convert ion I for passengers
coining either by boat or autu-
! mobile.
Motor boots, canoes or riu-s ] \
i arnniL'''! for on board.
r. I'. ABU8TB0K0,  l'i.-ili-Nt , i
perfectly levrl uli.it hi tin- angle ol
lho lr-M I  ;i!.'! .,,. '1   Ull     '  Bit)   Im'.*-
ever violent the owlllaUon • suseil !
liiti-liliiK or rulliiij. AI llm In ll*
Hon 11 Mm i    Donald t'urrli
lill-     111 IIIU-.     Up   nf  Im       s I.
I,imk li, tbe c>bincs ol tho tt « II
Hi,-    OulldfoM Castle,    will,
I.nl   ,n l.n iniiiil I. i.iia
l'il|ir aliiiin   ll        i.il.lillr nl    Hi !• nl
'Ih i nn. i,',,i      il .i il   lo ntbjocl  tl"'
liitik l„ llir run l'i ni' lent   ol '
ii.i.i- ,■ mil nil.I Im:"''     The ill I
ll . ,,l  Hi.   ill-inK,ii .111'  lis silll|ilinl)
ri thi i., '■ with which h
. i. while ilu' rapcnsi  I
rtnly a    Iraotlonnl In*
.: ,i thi  r*o i ol fiiliiiR ii|i orrll-
niiry liuni      Hy i leans ol lho prim l-
i   ol In,   s li li .1 linn!   Inink    Mr.
;|I, i  j 11..        in ii.ni.li possible
,  playing   dI lillllarris    ai sea, Ins
n being Ui mai c nol alcnc the
table, li' i  'in riiini' room In
II   i     Played,  SO      st,i;iil;   llllll
ono will    in1 nlili- iii ii i|iiilm,'   ilii-
I c-uu i,n i, I shiji with tin- lame, sm
I..     .,   mi laml
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Preacrlbed and reeomraended fur wn-
nea'i alltnealJ, a identiAcftlly prepared remedy *>l provni worlb, Tliu
result from their hm- is quick and
pi'imaiiiiit. Kor sale at all druj*
.tores. 3 toDelS
TAKE NOTICK that William Mur-
durii, ..I Flaplone, B. C, necupptton
Lumberman, Intends to apply lur permission i" purt*mvi» (lie lollowlng
described lands:
Commencing nt a poll planted rai
iln- south end ol nn Inland on • tla.
Km i, ni,v llivi-i and on a line With
Hie north boundary lino ol lot M7,
iln-niv running north along slmr*   t>,
polnl nl riimni.-ni-('lii''lit
Wllllnni Murdoch,
llal.sl  llllll  AiiRiist,  lllll.        M-Ot THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Does your work require a solid well-made Shoe?
Bargains in Working
Shoes, $2.98
Made by the TAYLOR MFG. CO., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Full leather slock, chrome tan, soft and
Heavy SOLE LEATHER insole,   ONE   PIECE
sole from heel to toe, with stout half out-
sole   solidly   put   together  with  modekn
Seeing is Relieving.
To convince customers of this superior
inside construction of the Taylor Shoe, we
had one cut completely in Iwo. Call and
examine it. A glance will convince you
that for genuine value this shoe has no
equal in Cranbrook.
For outside work of any kind, buy Ihc
Taylor Shoe.
Upper Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys
Unsurpassed by any Section of B. C.
of Winter Apples
for   Raising
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
"In regard lo general (arming nml
the raising ol winter apples and
small fruits the upper Columbia ami
upper Koolenay valleys arc unsurpassed i»y any section of llritish Columbia," says Mr, I*:. .1 . Scovll of
Oolden, government agent fur Nortii*
cast Kootenay.
'■Tbero is u beautiful stretch of fcr-
tilt* country," 'lit* continued, "extending in Dial district south Irom tho
main lino of tlio C. IV R. through lo
Mini Crock, a distance of Kin miles
mnl beyond to Korl Steele, In lho
Dominion railway belt alone, on itith
sides ul tin1 river, thousands t*I acres
will Im* available for homestead ing as
soon as the Dominion authorities
makes tho necessary surveys. In tho
region traversed by both rivers there
of ncrcs of land have dready been
exceeding iu size several Okanagaus.
Si nib ot the railway belt in territory owned In* the province thousands
ol acres of land have already been
taken up. At ibis moment n government survey party is engaged in surveying laud that will lie available fn
pr,-emptors. These lands can not any
longer he purchased, There are quite
u i.uniber ol pre-emptions available
in upper Columbia Itiver Valley nnd a
greal many thousands in Koolenay
River Valley.
j "This whole district will wjtnesc a
large influx of settlers with ihe completion of a branch of the (*. p, R,
new being built south from Golden
anil north from a point on the line ol
the Crow's Nest Pass Railway Three
steamboats ply on the river and Uw
country is traversed by excellent
roads am) trails. There Is a splendid
highway all the way from Golden
south to Cranhrook as well as good
roads up the principal creeks. The
government     has also built a wagon
road from SpIUmacheen on tho west
side of the river through to upper
Col uin hi ft l fjko Thu completion this
ial of a new swing bridge across lb
river will form a splendid scenic route for motor cats next summer,
i "Tho Columbia Irrigated Frull
Lands Ltd, control 011,000 acres hc-
.wcotl Horse Thief Creek and I-'iiiley
Crocfe in upper Ctlumbin Valley, An
Irrlgalioi ditch is being built, It will
supply water for n large poll ion of
>tills area. Tin- company bas also
erected a comfortable hotel at Inver-
[mcre, near whicli, it is said, ihe C l'
It. will erect, a summer hold on the
shores ol Mmlermcro Lake. The Columbia Orchards Lid., a Vancouver
corporation, control 13,000 acres on
the upper Columbia between Sinclair
Creek and Headman's Creek. Their
tracts will Ir* subdivided and placed
on lho market ns soon as a system of
irrigation is Installed, Lord lllmllip
is another extensive property-owner
in the satin- district.
"The Provincial Government has in
tho field a survey parly under Mr. II
J, I leaner, ol Vancouver, engaged al
llie task of locating a motor road
front Hanff to the upper Columbia
valley via Kootenay valley and sin
clalr Pass. This is part of Hon.
I Thorn as Taylor's scheme for building
a network ol good motor roads acros-i
the province anil will result In al
Iractlng thousands of tourists in future years. The region, apart Irom
iis agricultural and fruit-growing possibilities, already fully demonstrated,
[possesses the finest scenery in Iii
world and is also the abode of big
game of every description. There arc
splendid mineral showings in the
mountains, notably of silver-lead jti!-
several properties will begin shipping
| with the advent of the railway."
liast Kootenay   Produce   and
Provision Company Branching out in New Lines
The Easl Kootonny Produce am)
IViivisiou Company continuo to
Lnuic!) out, IllOir latest intimation
is tin* importation of ~» cars ol
furniture. This now dopartinonl
ia to U* in ohargoofMr, P.M. Me-
The Kant Kootenay Produce and
Provision Company also intend
pmiltiim in a full line of men's
clothing hy Di-ieniLer lst. In i
nuoth r direction.too.this company j
is urAiicliiuif ont. Tliey intend
oreotinR&ootil sited nexl to their1
warehouse on the track and wilt,
hereafter handle eoal and wood.
The front part of their store on
Norhury Avenue, at present used
to store bujofiea ami carriages, will
Ite relitled for the men's clothInu
■ li'pHrtuteiit to he iustfilltd right
n way.
KOIl SAI.K-Two do/en May hatch
Wliiie Rocks and Leghorn (owls. Apply   liaptist      parsonage,    Norbury
avitiufl ll-lt
l>iurrhfH-a is always more or less
prevalent during September He pro-
pared (or it. Chamberlain's folic.
Cholera nml Diarrhoea Remedy Is
prompt and effectual. It can al
ways in- depended upon and is pleas
ant to take        Kor sale by nil deal
era. .iiu
Colonel Wol'endcn, lor Many Years
King's Printer, Died at Victoria
Last Week
Lieu. Colonel Kicliiinl Wolten-
'Inn, I. S. 0., tiled lust Mnuil'iy ul
tlie .-it"! uf 7ij.
C'ulonrl tVoIfenileii wns ninong
iln- lirst to join tlm volunteer
uiovement in llritish Columbia and
wus ensign iu thu New Westminster und Vii toriu ltillu Vol in;-
teen from lNiit-lNT-l, nnd in tie
latter year when the organization
wus merged us the Cuiiadiun
militia, herontinueilasii inomber,
In IM7K he retired with the rank of
lieutenant-colonel,and in I HUH, lie
wus rewunlial wilh nn I. 8. O.
tie i-ume to llritish Colninlita in
1868 with a party of 150 Royal
Kngineerti who were sent hy the
home uuthorities following the discovery of gold on the Fraser.
This corps of engineers did a
w.imlerfiil work in liringing civil!-
/ation out of the wilderness in the
1','irlydays of this country and in
tiie history which was made the
lute Colonel Wnlfeiiilen had a large
When tho corps ilislinndeil he
reeeiv.d the ap|»iintinent of
Queen'l printer for the province
and until the lime of his death lie
continued to occupy that iitlice.
Intormatlon    wonted as to Rhorc-
iilinlils ol Silas Nurris, lasl hi-aril ,,1
til Nelson about llm,- years ago.
Aililn-ss Iti.ln-n \inis, I', Tliirlciiilh
\v,-. W. Vaucouper, 11.0. ll ii
WANTED.—Sewing   by     Ihc   day
Apply llm .121. M-2t'
As announced last week in the
lleiiild, Mr. fl. J. Uury has been appointed   to    succeed    Sir    William
] While as lirst   vice-president ol    the
■ C.P.R. and general manager of western lines.
I   Upon  receipt  of tin news of    Mr.
■Hiiry's promotion, Mayor Hunt sent
him  Uie following telegram:
I "Cranbrook congratulates you upon
your    well merited promotion      and
I trusts you will bo spared many
years to enjoy it and future laurels."
i Iu reply Mr. fi. .1. Bury wired as
| "I am very prom, to think that, my
promotion meets iht* approval of tbe
ipcoplo of t'ranbrook. Have very
affectionate regards lor them."
I   Mr. Bury,  it will lie recalled, filled
I the position of superintendent liere
from   the fall ol   1*100 until      about
[the same time In IflOl. He gained
for   himself the sincere good will and
'respect  of Cranbrook citizens,     who
'one  and    all   agree    that no better
choice  of a successor to Sir William
While  could have been made.
.Mr.   Bury    is    one til   the      best
i known railway men in Canada. He
lirst  became Identified with the O.P.
•It. as secretary to Sir Wm. Van
HornCi later was appointed a super-
iiileniletit  with headquarters at Crott-
jlirook, thence moving to North May,
was transferred to Winnipeg as assistant general   manager in 1907, ami
'a   year   later was advanced to    tlu*
'office  of general   manager of western
: lines.
j In the railway and business world
he is known as a man of 'great
energy, splendid grasp and quickness
of decision. The appointment comes
as no surprise, as Mr. limy is a
railroader   through and through   and
[is   one    of tin* most prominent   turn
|connected with the railroad service
Visit Our New
and Inspect  Our Up-lo-dale Slock ol
Everything in Ihe Line of Electrical Supplies
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Held Office:     Baker Sired,      Cranbrook,  R. C.
Phono Ul P.O. Drawer Q
The Juvenile Bostonians
Thu chief theatrical attraction
next week in tlie ii'ipcariimcof the
.liivenilelloilimiiiii.nl the Auditorium for two nights beginning
Monday I let., Kith, On that oven-
tlm lively mimical comedy " The
Itose of liliimlien" will lie rendered, followed llle next ovoning
hy "The Ransom"n new o|ierettn
Hint has lieen winning the warmest
praise from critics und music
lovers in every city.
This city is fortunate in having
The Juvenile lloBlouinns booked
for the current theatrical season,
as the demands for the company's
time have lieen so insistant that
l.'otjgrovo *, Lang tho managers,
were not alilo to meet Iiy half thu
culls  mndu  upon    them.     Next
' season the company will prolinlily
I accept nn invitation lo invade the
east ns the Sliulierls nre willing
I to give the organization a chance
I nt Broadway.
|    This is something that no other
juvenile musical company in the
country has had;
The principals this season nn*
. Misses Hum' Henry, DorisCnnlield
Dixie White, Thorn Helleu, Kale
Neil, Ruby Westering, Etliol
Stoddard, and Daisy Henry,
There are 21) iu the chorus. Mrs.
E. Lang is the stage director, as
she has lieen for eighl years, nnd
Mr. (ieorge Bromley is the musical
director. Heats on sale tomorrow
at the Beattie-Mnrphy store.
The regular meeting of Maple
Leaf Ki-bekah Lodgo was liulil on
Wednesday evening Oct. Ilih.
Refreshments were served at the
close of the meeting and a very
enjoyable evening spent. Every
Rebekah is urgently requested to
attend the next regular meeting
which will be held Tuecday Oct.
24th, instead of Wednesday Oct.
A Rebekah Tea will be served
at the home of Mrs. H. Hickcn
Ixitliiini on Wednesday October
25th from il o'clock until six o'clock
nnd from seven o'clock until I0.:!n,
A silver collection will lie taken in
aid of the cause, anil a hearty welcome will be given lo nil Oddfellows, Hebekahs and their
Lust night was a gain occasion
ut Cranbrook Lodge, No. -II. A. F,
& A. M.. Most Worshipful, tin
(irand Master, Francis .1. llurd. of
Vancouver, paid his nlliciul visit,
accompanied by past tirand master, Harry N, Rich, of Lardner, and
district deputy grand master. II
li. Jewell of 0 ultra)'. There was
nu unusually largo tuti. out of
members and visiting craftsmen
Work in lhe third degree was exemplified, after which au adjournment was made lo thobnnquolting
liull where the fourth degree was
oxcmplifiod with a thoughtless and
heartiness altogether satisfactory
lo both visitors and hosts. The
usual toasts to the King, (irand
Loilge and Hie visiting I irand
Lodge ollicers, aliBenl and invalid
brethren, the local lodge nml its
otlicers, etc, were duly honored
and responded to iu good form.
An excellent program of vocal
and instrumental selections milled
to the enjoyment of th asion.
those assisting iu this lieing the
following!-' Bros. Pock, Itaworth,
Itusscll und McSwevn.
Tho Juvenile Rnstoninns offer
one of the most delightful entertainments that has been seen in
this city. They have a roportoiro
of bright tuneful operettas with
catchy music, sung in a eluirniing
manner by n score of vivacious
younggirls. It is just the sort of
amusement that ap|*cnls lo all
people, young nnd old. The habitual theatre-goer whose appetite
for music is dulled will lind in this
company something novel und up.
to-dnte, while those who do not
like thu usual musical comedy will
get just what they want in this
organization of clever girls, who
are amateurs or children, but just
at that age, Sweet Sixteen, which
is so charming.
Mrs.   l.i-ilcli    will receive Inr Mrs.
GoorgC   Lcitcli iii Tnt'N'ilav utliTtioi'ti,
October ivtiii [iiiiii S.80 1,1 ii.
Here's  a Chance to Replenish Your Supply at- a
Substantial Saving
Two particularly worthy items will be placed on sale Monday
morning for one week. Through an error in shipping instructions wc
received a double quantity of Blankets al a REDUCED price. We were
induced to keep Ihe whole lol. Wc will pass on to our customers lhe
saving wc effected, and on MONDAY MORNING, OCT. 16TH, AND run TIE REST OF
THE WEEK, we will place on sale
300   Pairs   Nice,   Clean,   Warm   Grey
Blankets at 45c. per lb.
6 lb. Grey Blankets
7 lb.     "
Grey Columbia Blankets at 55c. per lb.
7 lb. Columbia Blankets
8 lb.
10 1b.       "... $5.50
50 Pairs of White Blankets
Slightly damaged, but easily cleaned.
8 lb. Edinboro, at 65c. per lb. • $5.20
8 lb. Imperial   at 60c.     " . $4.80'
These goods bear our full guarantee of" Satisfaction or money refunded.'
Canada's splendid display of fruit
nt the Festival ol Empire at the
Crystal Palace has familiarised thousands nl people wiiii tin. capabilities
nl tin* country In thai respect, At
ihe Iliternational Apple Exporters1
Convention, licit! at Detroit, U.S.A.,
the "President's Cup," presented lor
the most comprcnensivo display ol
apples, was awarded to the Canadian
exhibits, alter meeting a been competition from displays made hv the
chief uii-iii* producing district uf the
United States. The principal points
liv which the Canadian apples won
.ere. "lino utiality'' and "commercial
aim*."      The    collection comprised
thirty leading commercial varieties
selected from carefully sprayed orchards.
(The Weekly Scotsman, Sept   IB)
Girl wanted (or general housework.
Apply  Mrs. E. ll. Patmore.       IMI
Mis. Harry Unliji-ltautl returned on
Saturday from a short vacation spent
at   the coast.
Otis Staphs, of Wyclifle, was in
town mi Tuesday on his way home
from the meeting in Ctlgary ol the
Mountain Lumbermen's association.
Mr. Staples stated that the principal
Ibusiness up inr discussion nt that
[meeting was tin* increasing Influx of
American    1 her     ami   ways and
means of mooting that competition.
Apparently the   American lumber ex-
[ porters are not particular about tbe
honesty of their statements in regard  to the lumber the) export Into
[the western provinces and it Is \u
overcome this gross abuse ot tbc presenl customs regulations that tbo
Mountain Lumbermen an* concerning
tinfflsehes just al present.
II. W. Supple, manager of the local
|branch of tin- Imperial Irank*, returned on Sunday last from a six weeks
vacation spent al his old home in
Pembroke, Ont:
11. S Parsons. M.L.A., for Columbia) accompanied the members ol the
Uny; | Commission m Taxation lo
town from flolden lasl Rnlardai
Juvenile Bostonians
In ritisical Comedy and Comic Opera
TUESDAY        -     -     "THE RANSOM"
Prices       ■ 50c., 75c, $1.00


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