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Cranbrook Herald Apr 11, 1907

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 Legislative Lnn
OltANKItOOK,   BHITISH   OOI.UM B1A,   TilUKSIiAY.   APBIE.    11.   1907
rsi.uilsiiii, ,ss7
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
B. E. WALKER, Pr.ald.it
ALKX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. 1KELAHD, Siiperlnteadint ul
Hr.ntb.ca H	
Bi ascites ItirouKhoul Camilla, and in tbe United Stales and England
IKp.i-.lls ul .111 nnd lipwurds received, unit Intercut allow.d at
cili-i-ciil rit.es. Tile dtinmiilor Ih snlqcct to no delay whatever lu
the wiiliuli'uvviil ol the whole or tiny portion of the dcpo.it,
Cranbrook Branch,
I-. C. MALPAS, Manager
A  Slil'NH  AMI   I'liOKITAIlLli  INVI'.ST.llKNT
Fnr a iii'i-iml nf llilil.-ivu only W'u linve huuu glvtiii the excln-
Bivil tmli' ol .'I low
very desirable: lots
ll is will known that, tlio I'. I'. Uy. have miule nrruiiRonionts
lo aptsntl thousands o£ tliiilurs io Vtotorm, Tin* value of Real
Kslutr in tlml City has gonn up in loaps uud houiitls.
An opportunity is now givnn local investors lo tnko ml van-
tiign of a real  livo, paying proposition.   feVir further parti en-
Real Estate CRANHROOK, 11. C. Insurance
I   Cumberland Blacksmiths' Coal
♦ —————
♦       Step Ladders, Carpet Sweepers, Oartlen
t Rakes, Etc., Elc.
Our Heats, Lard, Butter, Fish, |
Etc., arrive by refrigerator
cars twice a week, thus
ensuring Goods that
are absolutely
P. Burns C& Co., Ltd. f
********************** ********************** 4
| Sterling Silverware *
________________ •♦
Hi.) run know iluii iln" Store can nlnco linlore vou un mrnv of &
l.-l lulilo gnu,!, iii STUItl INii ill t'KUWAitK 1   IVn ,1. iuu *
Ulllcll anything  Iiuil   uv iuu iml clml   lo giuranlas, mill   Imifllf *
iliitllltlij Iuu lhc output oi Hie nni!l i.tinon- ber., J
There iiiiiv In- mull n II.iuc it- Silverware uiii'cilniiiliuH, Iiiii 9
yon Iiln'i net ihfiii lifif  no inuiicr how I'lnlly vou wniitml *
«   Wi    tl •     VVILa-OV/lMs    Gr.dn-.e  Optlolsn   *
4 *»*»»***»**»****»**»*****»** is
4V0w*Z      *T*7TZ       TT       —.      — |
The Wilga
Under    thr     Management    ol
Mrs. E, Byrnes
llu-loom, luivo   In Hill..I
uml the lioil.e  in now in llie
liral nf,- Iiiii.n.   Kr|iuf inl nt
1,-iiiioii   U,  the dining ir i.
I'o-.iiil wiiln.ni ronuii ciiii l,»-
ARR TIIK lllltl'IIDAV KTilNKS KM APRIL. Your wife or
ludv (rlttiul wiui hi iMittri'fiult- a ir-ift of n not It ill rn or itirt-e-ntoiit*
prefer li e HHterut hiiiim-inl-* uu<l oiher i*euin. we etui tdiow you a
ui.e Iim. win, RUBY, RMRRAI.D, SAPPHIRR, OPAL mul
I'RARI. (iiimblimtloiiH,
O.H.iiul W-l.il. In«|iectnr fnr It. 1>. It
llruw'M Neat 1'iina l.ivi.inn "THI' JVWi'l Pit
(Special despatch to the HoraM)
Witmipcff,    Man..    April    IL—The
must (HunsIrons wreck in tho history
ol Uie (' P. R. occurred last night
twenty mlleH from Chapleau, Out., a
ilivisjon.il imitit east ol Fort William, lesiiltini- in .i dreadful death
list ami ni.iiiv serious ami fatal Injuries, l-.\|iiess tram uumlier one
rumtln*" nl n liiult rate ot speed, was
ileriiiled hy a broken rail, all tlw*
enaciu's leaving the truck and several
hurled Into the iHteh. The tourist
coach, carrying em migrants from tho
steamer Konslitfftoii, took lire, aud
eleven fiersoiis. eight adults and thtea
children, pinned beneath the debris
were huriied to cinders. Ki^hteon
other passengers were seriously injured and Mie death rate will Im
higher. There is no list as yet of
the names of Mie injured, and no possible means of Identification of those
who were burned, and details of tlie
affair are very meagre.
London, April li.—Tin* fourth colonial conference, which will ussemblw
here April la, promises Io be tin*
most Important yet held, ulthou.ji
lhc absence of Joseph Chamberlain
the ex-colonial secretary, wlio.se imperialistic enlhusiiism gave the movement its greatest impetus, and his
personal antithesis, the bluff and picturesque Richard Sedtlon, the premier
of New Zealand, will be greatly felt.
Popular interest js enhanced hy tin*
participation of Dr. Jameson, the
Transvaal raider, who is now premier,
of Cape Colony, and General Louis
Dothii, premier of the reconstruct oil
Transvaal. Alfred Dcakin, Uie A us*
tr.ili.ili premier; Sir Joseph <L
Ward, premier of Sw Zealand; Frederick II. Moore, premier of Natal, and
Dr. Jameson have already arrived in
London. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, of
Canada, and Sir Robert Bond, of
Newfoundland, ami General Rotlm
are on their way.
Premier Botha embarked nt Cape
Town March 27, with the declarod
purpose of convincing (treat Britain
of the loyally of her Dutch siibjeolt*.
He will he Riven a hearty welcome
on bis arrival at Southampton.
The most important questions slated for discussion are a project pro-
\ idiot*- for a permanent council, pro-
fercntlal trade between the colonies
.ind Great Britain and among tlm
eoIonics themselves, imperial defense
schemes and emigration, with many
questions, like penny postage, the
totalization and patent laws.
Preferential trad-1 looms up as tlie
largest subject in the preliminary
talk While the colonists are auct
ions tn give the mother country advantages, Ihey chafe under the ' onesided nrrnngernents which yield them
no return. Premiers Laurier ami
Deakln have already gone on record
to this effect, and the tendency of
colonial opinion seems to he voiced
hy Hie following resolution which
Premier Jameson proposes to introduce:
"This conference, while adhering to
the principle nf preferential treatment for products and manufactures
of the [fir-tied Kingdom, desires to
Impress upon his majesty's government the opinion that the continuance of such preferential Ire-atmeM*
to British proilucers and manufacturer*; is largely dependent upon .bo
(-ranting of some reciprocal privileges
to British colonies."
Thi*. means a step away from the
free Irade, and the government appears anxious to evade that dilemma .
The next thorny question is that of
Imperial defense. The inherent dif-
licultv of the problem will be to
draw llie distinction lietween Great
Hrif".in\ position as a European
power and as the mother country of
n ureal colonial empire. Thus (Treat",
Britain could not expect the colonies
to hind themselves fo assist her In
.nil European war in which thev
were not concerned, though any col-
onv could emu roi I Great Britain in
u-.it without Incurring any hut the
moral obH-gaHnn to come to her assistance. The idea is to endeavor,
if possible, in arrive nt some agreement or alliance insuring consultation and co-operation in any conflict arisini- from causes outside nf
mirelv European polities, all parties
thereto contributim* men and money
for a common defense upon a population and revenue basis.
Dr. Jameson in-fends 1o propose a
plan Whereby contributions from
each eolonv should be eojhatly fixed on
the eondlllon that colonies be represented upon the imperial council at
which ipiestioiis concerning the peace
ol the empire shall be discussed.
Premier Ward, ot New Zealand, favors increasing the colonial naval
contributions. Australia is detcr-
lnlned to hrini* up the Asiatic exclusion uuestinn, and Premier Ward del-tared, on being Interviewed, that
New Zealand was against the admission or Chinese and Japanese, between whom and New Zenlanders ne
sees the Inevitable struggle for supremacy.
The premier said:
"We object to being bound by treaties, In which we have nn voice, to
admit Asiatics freely."
The government has reservrd 80
rooms in the Hotel Cecil for the entertainment of Mie premiers and theli.
st-ifls and families. The visitors
will lie banqueted extensively, and
will he given Uie freedom ol several
The following from the Chicago
Record-Herald ol April 5, elves the
results of the Chicago conference, and
Was  furnished  hy  Jos.   Jackson:
Through the mediation of Martin
A, Knapp, chairman of the iniersiaH*
commerce, commission, and Charles
P, Neill, rmied States commissioner
ol labor, _ settlement of the western
railroad controversy was effected yesterday.
The amicable uettlomeul ol the controversy by means oi government
mediation is highly gratifying to
President Roosevelt, as is indicated
by Uie following telegrams which
passed between the federal represente
atives ami Washington:
Chicago, 111., April l, 1007.—Pro-
sklent Roosevelt, Washington: Complete settlement effected, result highly satisfactory. A distlnui triumph
for government mediation,
Martin A.  Knapp,
Chairman Interstate Commerce Board
Charles P   Neill,
Commissioner ol Labor.
The President's reply;
lion. Martin A. Knapp, chairman
Interstate Commerce Commission,
Hon. Charles P. Neill. Commissioner
of Labor, Chicago, ill.—Am greatly
pleased and heartily congratulate you
Theodore  Roosevelt.-
A compromise was agreed to by
both sides, and to-day the labor
chiefs will meet the general managers ami sign the new schedule, The
terms of agreement provide for a
material advance in wages to the
employees over what was originally
offered by the managers. This advance will approximate $300,000 a
year, which, added lo the orlglnul increase offered by the railroads, will
add about $fitftnO,(B>0 a year lo the
pay rolls of the forty roads Involved,
lienetiting 50,000 employees. Both
stiles to the controversy yielded to
the urgent appeals of llie federal
mediators and made concessions in
the interests of peace anil the welfare
of the general public. The greatest
concession made hy the employees
was the waiving of tlie nine-hour
In consideration of ibis the general
managers agreed to grant a furl her
advance in wages to the brnkemen,
baggagemen and flagmen in passenger
service uud an increase of 10 per cunt
to employees on work trains who
are now operating under a ten-hour
schedule. The men ou worla 1 rains
now operating on a twelve-hodr
schedule are to he placed on a
schedule of ten hours a day without
ii reduction in wages.
In ihe final offer of Ihe general
managers before they appealed to the
government officials conductors ou
passenger trains were granted au increase of $10 a month, baggugemen
U< a month ami llagmcii and bralai-
im-ii $*. a month, Overtime at the
rale of ...I cents an hour ',.i conductors and 2b cents an hour for
other employees was offered. Employees on work trains were given
•io increase in wages.
By the terms of the settlement effected yesterday baggagemen on passenger trains will receive an advance
of 17.50 a month and hraketnen and
ll.igmen $6.50 a month, with over-
lime at the rale of 28 cents an hour.
This increase averages in per cent,
hut on some of the roads it •amounts
to a lion i 12 per cent to the hrakemen
and flagmen. The scale for passenger conductors, averaging about 8
per cent, remains the same a.s originally offered by the managers.
All classes of workmen in through
and irregular freight train service an*
granted a flat increase of Id per cent
over the rates now in effect. In addition to the wage increase the conditions of employment nn many of
the roads are materially improved.
The demand of the men in yard service in Denver and other western
points for a differential of 2 cents an
hour over the Chicago scale is referred without prejudice hack to the
separate roads to he adjusted between
each road and its own employees.
The railroads agree not to reduce
the number of crews or increase the
tonnage of trains so as to offset the
increase In wages granted the employees.
"We are satisfied that we have
secured Ihe best settlement possible
without a strike," said P. II. Morrissey, grand master of ihe Brotherhood ot Railroad Trainmen, last'
night. "That does not mean thai
we are contented, as we still believe
our original demands were reasonable. At no tine were wo unmindful
of the great public interests involved. Our policy has always heen to
drive the best bargain possible without resorting to extreme measures or
relying on outside arbitration.
"The railroads and their employees
know their own affairs hest. For
lhat reason we accepted less than wa
asked for rather than submit to
arbitration. The credit for a peaceful adjustment of our -differences is
lue largely to Mr. Neill, who suggested the concessions tn he made bv
■Ifot-ti sides and conducted the negotiations in n masterly woy."
Some of the more radical members
of the general committee declared
that the employees had yielded too
much, but the dissatisfaction among
■i hem was not pronounced. Thev
re glad that the controversy is ended so that tbey can return to work,
as many of them have been oft the
trains since early in January.
The agreement' wns brought about
without the general managers und
the labor chiefs meeting in conference. After discussing ihe whole
subject with both sides Mr. Neill and
Mr. Knapp drew up tlie compromise
agreement,'and the latter laid it before the labor delegates in person
Wednesday afternoon. He urged
them to accept the proposition    and
and people from out of town
points realise thai »** mean
biiHii)***-*- an our t»i|f sale In*
cretUM In volume every day.
=== c. c. s. =
told them that he believed the managers would do the same. On Wed
nesday evening the government
ficlals held a conference with the
malingers and paved the way for
lhc acceptance of the modified demands of i tu* employees.
Yesterday morning the labor chiefs
sent a communication to the government officials giving the terms which
ihey would accept. This was communicated to the general managers,
uhI l. G. Rawn, chairman of
general managers' commit tee
nice addressed a letter to .Mr,
nul Mr. Knapp accepting the terms
In acknowledging the receipt of
the acceptance from the general
malingers the federal mediators replied in part: "This favorable ie-
"ponsc io ihe further concessions
which we recommended iis ttw to the
ui-gnnlzntions and necessary to a
friendly adjustment ol tlie dispute,
ami for which we assume full responsibility, indicates a sincere desire on the part of the railroads to
promote friendly relations with their
employees hy acceding to the terms
of settlement which we officially pro-
Galley two head ami Introduction to
in their reply to the labor chiefs
Mr. Knapp and Mr. Neil) wrote in
part: "Your generous response to
our appeal has not merely been
gratifying beyond measure to us, hm
it must, wiii for your organizations
and for their leaders ami representatives an increase in that public confidence and respect that you have al-
readv won and have so long enjoyed."
In speaking of tbe settlement Tor
the railroads, S tti son Thompson said
last night that the peaceful adjustment of the difficulty was due to the
provisions of the Erdiiuiiu law ami
to the tncl and diplomacy shown by
dr. Knapp and Mr. Neill in handling
one of Ibe most delicate situations
with which Ibe railroads were ever
Ottawa, Apili 2.—The (fillet ol
Easier Uue was quickly disturbed
wui-ii the house resumed this afternoon. Less iliun a week ago tbe
cii'iicricioii Gleaner puiilisheu cerium,
statements relh'cling upon the private cuaraiier of the minister of railways uud canals. When these were
put into the tangible form of newspaper statement there was no oilier
alternative ihuu for lion. Mr. Emim-i-
son lo vindicate bis character in the
courts, and ou Sunday night it was
Ultima tod that he would lake lirst opportunity lo do SO. He has now
entered action for libel, not uni'
against the Gleaner, but against tii**
I'uioiito World and tin* Halifax Herald, which bad published the Gleaner's statements. Hut iu order to
leave himself free the minister bus
tell it incumbent ou hiui lo resign
ihe portfolio of railways and canals,
His resignation has been handed iu
and has been accepted.
When the house opened it was al
once apparent that Mr. Emiiicrson
iiad taken a decisive step. He had
moved away from his customary
ministerial seat, and was occupying
that which Mr. Sift on uses when he
is here. Sir Wilfrid Laurier mada
the announcement of the resignation
by reading the correspondence which
had taken   place. Mr. Emmersoti
(lien spoke for half au hour with
great vigor, denouncing his traducers
and stating that he would leave no
stone unturued to vindicate his character. He spoke al first amidst absolute silence, but later on his vigorous denunciations drew forth sympathetic applause from his fellow-
Liberals, and once, when Mr. Km-
merson remarked that all his enemies
were not upon tbe opposition side,
several Conservatives ejaculated,
"Hear, hear."
The resignation of a minister of thu
crown on such peculiar, not to say
extraordinary, circumstances, is unique in Canadian history. .Mr. Em*
merson promises to push the legal
proceedings for all he is worth, ami
if he vindicates himself, as he emphatically declares he will, doubtless
he-will return to the charge of the
department which he has iust vacated. It is significant as showing the
sympathy which is felt for him' that
this afternoon, he received a telegram
from Fredericton, signed by Premier
Pogsley, Hie leader of the opposition
md twenty other memliers of the
New Brunswick legislature, expressing their sympathy with him and telling him that he had their confidence.
Lethbridge, Alta., April 7 -The
-ontract has just been let for an addition of a Itiird section to the new
six stall C. P. R. roundhouse here
which is neariug completion. The
uccessful tenderer was James Mc-
Diarmid, of Winnipeg, who built the
first two sections. The contract
price is in the neii-hborhood of $18,-
ilOO. The completed building will be
ihle to accommodate eight locomo-
Ives al once, and will cost some
t7.-i.0ft0 or $80,000. The Jas Dal-
lantine Co., Ltd., of Winnipeg, has
the contract for Uu* heating. The
cement work for the new Bee tion will
start this week.
Mr. McDiarmid hits also received
tbe contract, for a six stall addition
io the roundhouse at Cranbrook, a
four stall roundhouse at Strathcona
and Swift Current.
15 C. S. Brown Leghorn Cockerels,
from Grove Hill Poultry Yards,
Waltbam, Muss., and A. B Williams'
strain Plum Park Poultry Yards.
Rochester, Minn., and 5 Blooded
Plymouth Rock Cockerels.
47-M* W. TellVml. Kitchener, B C.
FOR SALE-Eight second-hand
logging trucks. For patticulars und
prices apply to the North Star Lumber company.    Telephone 1S2.      _
Imperial Bank ol Canada
The Imperial Bank of Canada
will hereafter, until further
Notice, pay Interest on Savings
Bank Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, ns
heretofore. ^^^
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
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Disinfectants, etc., or
Pine Stationery,
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Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment ol Fishing Tackle suitable
for the District in B. C.
Indian Cuios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenir! oi The Great West,
* t
X B. H. SHORT a CO. j
Ihe Painters and Decorators |
===== x
Large Stock of Latest Designs and Colorings   ♦
in Wall Papers i
i   Phone III      ARMSTRONG AVENUE  P.O. Bo*. .1 d t rilK CltAN "SHOOK. UKUAI.D
A Hint to
Careful Dressers
The Double Breaited Sack Suit
is coming iuu. its uivn again.
The Fit-Reform '• Strand" Suits
embody those niceties ol style
■and tailoring demanded by men
ot good taste.
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Worsteds,   Chevio:    Serges   and
Twilled Vicunas,
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The  Indemnity Advertising Co.
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One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- J""
£ brook.   Warm rooms, good meals 53
IS and a bar stocked with the best 53
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fur family anil table use.    Imparts vigor ami
hi'iillli. ami tones up the lioily gimerally
Brewer, Cranhrook  11. 0
V  R, Watts feels Ihal an injustice
Ims 1 11 done him hy the garbled re*.
|iort.s printed regarding his notions
before \to luurhei invest(-gallon and
11 justice in him we herewitli pi inl
he full texl of his stateinetii  to the
lnni.ir.iii],> Oentlemen:
I have a complain! lo make ngnlnst
1 prairie farmer witness who reported in vutii committee something
In- claims ' 1 sard, which I am afraid
mil hi In* construed as nol being re-
speelful .mil not duly deferential to
your honourable selves.
Now, that witness like the rest ol
liis liitul did bui speak part nf Hie
111li uud sn conveyed a wrong lm-
■e-isioii, therefore, I trust you will
■;ir inv explanation or fuli routes*
ni, which you may or may iml ac-
pl as an apology,
i I was explaining tn tin* witness
detail inn uy of the troubles of mill
en    ui how   nl nne time    through
loolvhij* after the 'lubricator of cv-
limler tin* slide valve and seat were
him n|i, which caused a slui-l down
for a week.
II How a plane! man h-fl a
vi ml;  undei   cylinder  head,     which
sill islied up  lhc machine.
I       ,l|o\V   a      i   ..iletesslv    Inllcheil
iln- level nf a steam teed and put
lui-   nn the saw and smashed saw ami
sa".* nrhi-r, Ihese careless ails re
suited  in a  loss ni over  $liiuii.uu.
The runner said vou si hi emplo*
good men     I   pa-   them     well.     'I
. shed him what he paid pood men.
Ih said Vi" un per mini 111, I said,
- ell, in the cases mentioned, I was
paving lhc men ovei $100.00 per
1.1.-nih.       Then said  Iln* farmer,  vou
boulil have been there vourself   ' in
I.irk iifler  !> num.'.  llie planer and
'.Per limit's. I saiil I pitied the
poor members of nnillamenl who had
in represent such Intellects as bis
, n I fur tlml explained.
ll    llmv     I bail    loss 1 g up fnr
] nl; i.i  water fnr three years.
i:    How others hud millions      ol
fit 1 nf |oK.s swepl bv llooil pasl llieii
mills nnd lost forever.
I-' Others hatl iheui burnt up in
iln* bush.
I. Others had valuable limits des
Iriived hv lire.
II Others bail manv thousands ol
dollars worlh ur horses destroyed hi
.],  Illll'lS.
I. Others hail mills burnt down,
.:n I nol Insured fnr hair Iheir
■ I.   Others absolutely nil I    hi
in iis—owing  in    various causes,
a   which   was owing   In the dumping
<i American lumbei on our market
'I'd all this, ihis Intelligent farmer
((•marked, "Vou mill men don'l
in. nage vour business proper!v."
:.. I askeil the witness what li
luiil paid fnr his farm, he said
I'lni'.iin iiujl Unit il is now worth
Sl'U.OOO.flO, 1 tried In show bim
that Ihe value of lumher had not
risen iu equal ratio, ami that he
might tu be ashamed nf himself com-
in-* here lo worry parliatnenl with
bis IhIp nf woe, because he had
pav a lew dollars extra for lumber
This class of men. talk as though
ihey owned the government and ihinl,
th.fl their votes can make vou all
tremble in Ottawa.
-".. He said Ibe proper tiling I" di
.v.mid he fnr the govcrmnent In build
mills uml sell lumher al cost to fetch
-is millmen to lime.
1 said if iln* government did as iis
masters command, il need uni build
1 could    sell     tbe government
lo/.en or two mills and would he glad
lo do so.
i. 1 pointed mil tlml wc, in Brit
isli Columbia, did not ami would nnt
anv the starvation wages as paid i
the t-asl.
lu Ottawa men are paid SMiR pe
lay and board themselves, and for
■linilnr men we pay $2.50 to $.H.fn
it"' dav, nnd we feed our men wilh
Uie finest kind nf fnod and the deli
eacies nf ihe season, better Minn
many eastern hotels supply.
I employ good men and (bey dc-
ii'i've good lien! meal, ami high
■v.iires, and should Ibe lime ci
Alien [ cannot nfford lo pay high
.cages, I will close down my mills
mil go in fnr political business as I
idle Ihere is a good chance fur
iionesl nml sober legislator whn
-"iild    join in the hunt after    graf
!>.    The witness said he wauled  thr
■Mcrumcul   In  force  us   lo sell
■ iich as be.
I admit I said 1 would sell tn whom
I pleased and  llial     I would see   the
"overiimenl    d  before it  should
illctule lo me jn thnl  respect.
ii. I dn nol deny that I said 1
lelled ynur government ami dared yov
lo prosecute us in Ilrllish Column..*
is I know our cause has justice aud
right on iis side, hut which I know
counted as nothing wiib the Dominion government when ihe interests
<>l Ilrllish Cnhiii.'h'jn an* al stake.
I said there were murmuring thai
follow (liseontelilinenl which statesmen nf small caliber lake Iln heed until Inn late, nf Ihe kind thai losl the
fulled Stales fnr Un* Kinpiie. That
it is uni nt poring (if ;l diseased Intel
leet when 1 tell you Ihal Ihere [<
a-inns talk amongst ..Id ami power*
ful men nf ihe secessiun nf British
'.', liimhia from the Dominion. Ihelt
rjplnlon being Uml  Ilrllish   Columbia
WOlllll be bet let off as a cmwil col-
it V bin person.ilh I would s.ierilict
.nv nun inleiesls hi liter than help in
ii,.In ibe wml, ui the grand old
empire builders.
8. I admit I s.iid [ would do all in
my pi.wt-r in raise ibe price of lumber in iis highest legitimate limit,
'im ] had already telegraphed home
tn sell nu mote lumber, except an
ulv,ihit on 11si  price.     Thai  we had
'if  paternal   unVcriiliiciit   In   limk afler
our Interests. Thai ours was the
only large industry not protected ami
if the government would nol help us
'"i* iiuisi  help ourselves,
I). I iln not deny thai I salt! ynur
lionournble committee acted like a
pack of howling prairie wolves tearing a poor defenceless lamb lu pieces
when you bad Ibe witness, Decker, on
ihe stand, and said .when llie wolves
tackled me they might discover a
porcupine and get their jaws full of
lb. I admit f said parliament acted most unfairly in chousing a lot of
members to ael as our judges, man?
nf whom were jusl mouth pieces of
their masters, ihe farmers from the
Why diil nol Ihe government select
unbiased ami uninleresle-d members?
The reason is easy, you seem as     il
ui wish lo cripple Ihe mosl stable
and Ihe greatest industry of British
■Polmnliia-7 Why? I leave the unbiased public to judge, the majority
f  Ihe people d 1   wish lo see   ail
Industry     robbed     ul its due profit,
which  the cii'lcnit* before vou proves
lost millmen    have iml yet obtain-
II.   1   ijiiolfil  scripture which sait-h
Tn ht* thai  hath shall be given   and
from he lhat Hath nnt shall be taken
Millmen belonged to Ihe has tints,
who were being tried by a government
he component parts nf which would
shortly he ''lias beens."
1 pointed mil that history repeats
itself thai Irom the ancient to the
present times, high landers from the
mountain fastnesses have always
been renowned for iheir independent
ml generous nature, ami differed
rom lite Shvliii-i's nf the plains, who
ee'tied to waul everything in sight
nt! nut nf sip-Ill? Th'lll at the pre-
t-nt lime if we chose to do so, wc
mild pui up the price of lumber fin
'■'I   \|.     The stale of llie market  will
11. w ii. Tin* fad is noi generally
-iiowii thai llu* mountain mills alone
ia\e unlets ou hand tor over nn
■nil-ions ami we bait* mil ail millions
in -hip lu a few nuuilhs there will
a* a lumber famine.
I said Dial the president «f our as-
UK-inllnn ami others bad lime and
Hiui- attain, opposed ihe raise in
.rices, miylng thai although we union lit ed I v had the power lo ilo so,
mil ciiiilil squeeze Uu* consumer, wo
must deal wilh ihese mailers from
i sliindpuiut uf nistice and e*|iiily
lempere-d  with modem tion.
Now ask yourself how much justice
nr consideration did we gel in limes
of depression?
Tlie farmer should have some sympathy wilh his fellow men. We know
ii and ndmll ii. Ihal the furmer has
>is troubles, lb- has tu cniiili.il ihe
aaluraI elements which sometimes
sweep awav his crops, but in Ihal be
has an nilvanlnge over us. He can
sow again, Iml unci* our crop uf Umber is swept away by lln.nl or fire,
ii is gone forever, and .we shall not
live tn raise another crop.
A   farmer  may  sell nne crop at     a
li---*- and still survive, because      the
uexl  may be belter, bin   we can have
"o next crop.
If we sell  lhc whole nf our     one
l'p   at   a     loss,   which   the   evidence
rules    most of us have been doing,
t   spells     ruin simple and    complete.
I■■!»."■ 11 consider the manv  millions  in-
e-led hy mill owners,     ll   is      the
uisiiiCSS   of   true   statesmen   nnt       In
lh courage a due profit being made.
The investment of capital must  be
e-.v.irded.  the natural growth.      the
'e1- elupntelit   of   this  vast   empire    de-
iiu-ils    upon il, even statesmen     of
mall caliber can understand il. ami
1   is   iheir  duty   to protect   the  pro-
liner us well as the consumer,
The farmer being a producer should
n   some     measure   reciprocate   tin
sytnpnthy  we show for him,  his  in
lcrests are  identical  with  ours      ii
many  ways,  and   it   is  to our  inter
■sis thai  the  consumer  should     he
implied with lumber at a  reasonable
.rice, for then he will use more of it
vhleh    will    tend tu Ihe development
«f ihe country ami so be better for all
"f   IIS;
That cases of extortion exisl evid-
t.ce amimlnntly  proves.
Kvideuce also proves that mill
iwuers are nol the culprits.
There is mi reason why the prole-cr ami consumer should not be
ri.'tnls ami join together to stop the
lefnHoas practice ot ihe Intervening
>nrly. win. is a leech sucking the
ife's blood of legitimate commerce.
Tbe remedy is simple., and can he
■nsily npplied by the government if
i uses nnlinary common sense and
■an nffnrd to" dispense with the
udicinus stage play now going on.
(To be continued next  sitting.)
*mm44w44m**w* 3-3-3law^ , m^44444Jt>4444444444444*>
|Scven Years Ago || p0r(rai|Urc
S in Cranbrook dtdtf
| S
EITKMS iti.i.ki. mom TIIK g
aBKAI.ll   Of     THAT    DATE  %
A mooting ol lMil l.'i-llnus was In-Ill
iii Moyie List Saturday nir-lit to iire-l
|i.ir," iir till' nri;';ilri/.lltiiili nt a li,llr;i-
,il Dial |il;ni- Tin- lueelillg was .1
.slii-,-i-sstiil i.i.i- anil as soon as tlie
iiu-.-ssaiy iirialiKi'lui'lits ran In- matte,
a luilge willi u very gooil nietiiliersltiji
will lie inslalli-il llii-re.
On Saliinlav i-vi-liili« last ltr.in-
iHOlrk Al.iM.liir luilge, 1. II., was in
siiinii-ii In V. W. Hm. IV. I. Qulit-
l.in, II S.', lisslstl'll li) IV. Urn. Hy
,-is, ,,i \i-Isi,ii willi Hn- (allowing ,,i
IV, lllii. Ales, lliin.ill, S.lV.
«. Urn. W. V. Tale, K.W.
l\.  Ilni.  II.  13.  Ili-.illii'. -I.W.
ll.  Hm.  .laini-s llyan, Tii-asi-l,-i.
IV. llln   .I.-mul- .lollllKllll, Sii'v.
IV.  Iti..   -I    II.  Kins. S.I,,
IV. Iln,   W. I.. MeKei»le, .1 I".
tt. Ilni. II. Sleeves, S.S.
ll. Ilni. li   II.  Dnvlilsiill, .IS
«'. Urn. IV. S. Hull, I (I.
W. Urn   ll  s. McNeil, Tyler.
A la l iii- iiiiinlii-i ol ini-inlii-is wvrn
ini'si-ni liinn    Im.ii Steele uml nllior
litis     Tin' new   Inline slaris willi
lai'Ki- meailierslilii ami every pros-
|.i-i-i nl sniriss mul |irosiierlty. I.lnlil
" ■I'slinn-iiis were serveii tiy tin- la-
i niter tin- linslnrss nt tin- evening
, llnlslicil.
I.KAVK    Kill',  LONDON,
Dllnwn, April 1.—Countess Grey.
ler sister, l.ailv Mnrlev, Sir Wilfrid
nl l.ailv Laurier, Sir Kri-ili-rii-k Itnr-
l. ii. Hun I.. I', anil Mrs. Itrinleiii,
■i.i iln- Capital lacrosse plnycrs left
ui a spi'i-ial train Inr SI. .Irrllll tliis
ifii'immii. There lln-y will tuk"
itenaier fnr ICuirtaitii. ' There were
iver a  ilit.iisaiiil    |n-iipli> ai   the stn-
imi in i-lifi-r iheir frii-iiils nwny.
Ill'lilll! llu- li-iiinillil.-l nf tin- ' scs-
ii'-ii linn. IV. S. Kii-liliiiR will net us
I'aili-r i.f llu- house uf commons. Sir
rtiolmril   Cariwriirht, as senior privy
' lelllnr,    will    in- aetlng  premier
iiitil Sir Willriii's return, lion.
Am. Tciiipleiiiun dikes charge nf   the
iiiirlnc  I  fisheries ilepiirlment    in
Inn. Mr.  HiikIi-iii's alisi-iicc.
ll is expr-otcil Ihnl tin- wnrk nl the
lesslnn will he eniiiplelril ami proro-
51 Hon li-.ii-hi-il in Iwi, weeks. Pur-
i.iini'iil will then have hern in ses-
ii'ii live iiiintllis. Km the icninillil-
•r nl llu- session as liule contentious
esisliillou as possllilc will I,,, taken
i|'.     Hun.    Mr.    Oliver's Dominion
ai.ils hill anil II,,,,. ,\||. J plemiiii's
"Icnl iii.-.lii-ine hill will he Inlil over
Luui A'Inter, aliluiuiih in ihe prime
.1 lilc, lias lieen forced nut, nf the
lusiliiui i.f Inspeclnr-Kcncrnl ul the
ill llln, in ortler in give his jnh tn
nl. V'lilnl,     Tlie l.nier is In     pnor
■l-allll, .:U lias 1 n nil Sick leave fur
'wo inniiihs. He eniiiii h,. retired
"vi week nn a pension uf SI.Dim per
'l'..r,   llie  iimnuiil   uf  pclisinn      wllil-ll
'.'■ril Ailinei- will receive, as against
12.211) per aiiiiuin. which he would
lave gol if retired as niljiiliint-gen-
■""•II. Lieilt.-Cnl. Lessanl will ln^
■iinie niljiitntit-gcncrnl in succession
•ii «'i.l. Viilnl.
The lu,use discussed nearly Ihe
il-nle day Hie resolution nt Mr. M.»,lr
" lirlng Accniiiiliml lleililne, nf llie
lilfliur ilepurtlliciil.  In the hur      nf
lit- hnnse in illvulge llu- pcrs u-l nl
Hn- Nnrlh Atlantic Trailing com-
i.iiiv. Tin- guvi'iiiineiit resisliMl Hie
nuliiui. Mr. Ilcrgernn i-liniaili-ri/i-il
'he ivlinle li-iiiisiii-iinn ns n swindle,
.nl ilcclnreil Uml IV. T. it, Preston
'lui his    friemls    were th impair,-
Hi- mniinii was rejccle.1 hv nn Io SI.
tlrssrs.     Iliiiirnssn.     Liivi'igne   and
Hilrliaille voting wilh Ihi' minority.
In Ihe senate this ndernonn    Hiui.
lenrire   A.   Cox    cnterml   Inln     a
engt-hy ilefenre uf    himsell In      Ihe
nnlter nf the Canada Life company
innsiu-iinns, and ilenntinceil lhc     rc-
iorl nf the tusiirniice commission.
I'!. R.   Taylor,   nf   Pnlgnry,   enn-
iiiiied liis evidence before the lumlier
■iniiiiiittee in-day. putting in the cor-
espotidenep M-itii liis enmpanv,    the
Liiilysiniili   Lumher   compnny, whieh
Ijriteil hini to   be sure anil maintain
I Ion. K. Oliver In reply tn a ifucs-
lon snid the govcriiment  wnuld   n,i-
miiit a    new   commission fnr      tin,
Yukon ns    soon ns   river navigation
was open.
Him   Win. Tern plenum in the house
aid  iiuil   \V.     W.  II.    Mi-lnnes had
HV    I'llllTllllllAI'IIV
Artistic Picture
Presi Photo Studio
John \V. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
lllil slines made new.   All kin l>'
ot repairinir.   lilvc ilif n .nil.
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
5tephens& KotkenJorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary. Alta.
Hotel    I
Marysville |
T. Cole, Manager   t
Wo irivi'   III.' llt'Bl   t" mil- |U1    t
, trons in llie Si. Marvs vail.-v. *
l-iiiher Cnrenlii, nf Hie si Kitgeue
Mission, receuily n-itiriieil Iron, a
visit -to Ins     litilhin wards     around
Tobiicro     I'l s.        The Kalher re-
I i.i is tlml nature is I....king lis lovelies! down lliere, ihe season being sn
i.ii- advanced over any other previous
lccnrd. Spiitir, dowers, luxuriant
grass, and nourishing crops were vis-
ilih- mi    everv  hand, and llu- Indians 	
happy ami prosperous, all of whichI N, „ is hcrcliy given lhat ll.iilv
was very liiensant lo tlicit gunrdlau. ,|ays ,,,„.,. ,,„,,.   ,',,„„,„, ,„ .„,,,,,. ."
,,    .   ,,    ., j   „-    ..    .. llie    linn.      Chief      Cnllllliissinlu-r  ul
Iter   Ileal He ami «. S. Ki-ay were,, ff   ,        , ,(] t)    A   , t.
la, Nelson .Sunday nm Moi day last. , Commi-rslonor of Lands and
Ihcy wen- mined there by F. M. w k , „ district uf Enst Knn-
M.uliuiM  en route home Irom      lie  , f(„. ., nmnw „, ,„,,,,,„.,    ,,„.
 "™''1"(lj     '"   \nn«"'v,"'';   -,.l"";l'!>'ie,,i,|j,iil 1,,-irn ,i nn the lollowlng
Simpson and Dob e ainu-il li   ,,      Mll„| ,.lt„,   silll.ltl. ,„, tl„, N„,n,.
.ml thr.gold hunters m-eive.l       , Mjl.||(,, „    k  nb   , „ „„
seiiilnl). Ami ynu imagine norlll 0, tl||. rjanndinn Pneilic Rnll-
wuli such a warni lii-.irti-il aggrega- ,,„,, .„„i , ( „,,sl „r „,(, M,.I„,„,S
iiui, us   that tin- occasion was what   (; nmt nmth "I tin- Crows Nest
I.,...I     u<..,.<!,     ..,    ,1...        Al.,,.,..   I  ....I..,*      ,, '.,      ... ...
Cass Coal I ompatiy s innd
l-'r.'il   Smyth, "f Uu
says    Iln-     rili/i
ivriuld dcnoniiiinti
Moylc Leadei
..I    Cranbrook,
I.   Cnmincnclng nt a pest planled
c mile    nortli nf n polnl nne mile
,,    ,    ,,            "     .        ,              , nasi   nf  tile inli-rsei-l inn uf tile     east
II.  A.  K.innuse.  who ful   Ihe    pas ^.jrl,.  |in,. „,  ,|„.  Mel,,,,,.,  fl,-,,,,,, and
ifi years has liiaii.ir.i-il  In   j-ep alicnil ,,,,. „,„.,,, „,,„, |i|u. „, t,|p VmvJ N(,s,
,.l i-ivili/.niiuu.  wns over Iron.     his p„ss ,.„.,, Compiinv's Innd, said pnsl
present camping     iilnci—I'criile-t-his ,  ,ng „„, MIM         , „, ,,   ,,   ,
week.    He was a pioneer In Macleod, |.ran/.'s claim, nml    marked    E. 11.
the same al  1-erhie.     lie snys nuar- LeEranz's  nnrlli-casi   corner,  thence
Ids    nn-    getting     iim-uiiifnrlatilu sn C|,„|„s WC8t    thence    Nl    eliains
crowded in Krrnii-. Iml thinks be will Mn1|i,, u,™,-,. so chains enst, thence
stay   with   il  fur a     while, as the Xll am-m ,,m-fi, |„ „!„,.,. „t bcglnntng,
roiisHng (Ires     iiniler the coke ovens ciiutnlning nhniil 1)41) ncres
ami sulphurous vapors an- acclimnt-i ' r, h. LcFranz   Locntor
ing him tn tin- conditions nf a future jj  p,   Belden, Agent
■iiniii.      Hi-   is nne nf    the kind uf Located March 111, m'ti"
old timers    thai gin- you a half an,   said claim being a re-locnilon    nl.
hour's job straightening ynur fingers ,.,u| license Nu. IfidH.
alter stinking hands with him.
2. Commencing al a post planted
at lhc north-east corner nt E. 11
LrKinii/.'s claim, llie same being Hn
inih.il pi.sl of .1. T. Trim's claim
and marked .1. T. I'cnn's norlh-wesf.
corner, thence sn elinlns east, the
sn chains south, thence sn chains
,.   ,  ,- 77.      ,    -, o    , I west, Hienec sn ebnlns nnrlh lo nt
Fort  Frances     Out     Apr!18.-A  „,,„,,,;, R,   conlnltiiiig alio it    010
.ni^ mass    meeting nf boui    |iolilicnl iM.,-,.s
jiiiiiies  was held   lust   evening  to iu-. >T   T   ppi((]   * m,.,*(tr
iiiate Hit- uiovemeiil  iu New Ontario ■;  <•   ppj^pj,   \  '  (  '
nl' secession    from llie old     province.    ideated Mnreh  13   11)117
md forming a new one emhraciug Al-j   RnW ,.,.,■„; hr|nL, ■    rc-focntlon
goma,  Nipissing,   I bunder Hay    ami  eoal lleensc No   I'Min
Itainy Kiver    disirieis.    Km     somu i ',, ' " '
lime" Ihere     lias been a growing feel-1    ,■-.   Pommenelng  at   a   nost   nlinted
ing of disconteut over the way   this ,t    .1. T.  iv„„\, norlh-west corner
district has been treated by lhc Unss   ■-,,,•,■  p0S|  jip|nfl  ,<|1(> |„i(|n|  )ms,      „
iii.l Whitney governments, ami which  k.  ,\, Mnrtin's claim nnd marlceil K
has been inietisiiieil hy the niter   iu-   \. Marlin's soulh-wesl corner  thence
HUereiiee Premier Whitney and    his  so     ebnlns e;isl,    thence so ' chnlns
I'ldleaglies have    inutiilested towards,  nnrlh,  Ihenee SII chains wesi   thi-i
not     only Ibis part of   the cnuntiy,  so    eliains   soulh io plnco of beg
Iml  lo Ihe districts of Nipissing and ning, contnlnlng ahnul fi-to icres
Algoma.     The fad that in spite    ot; K ,\. Martin, Locator
n moiisl ranees    from nil sources audi R, fj. Jlelden, Agent     '
■ nn liuiti parties as to the i-onliniii'ili     T,nr;iteil "ifareli 13   lf|fl7,
Raid elaim being a  re-lncalloi
oal license N'o. 2nfif).
I'obliiirg of thi- disirieis meniioned by
sale of limber, collection of unjust
lies, iiiitiliilimis mining and limber
laws and the absolute refusal to re-j t. Commencing al a post planted
liirn even live per cent of the revenue ut P., A. Martin's smith-west comer
so taken, lias led to a -deep feeling' the same being (he inilinl posl of
throughout the out Ire country that if,*"1. I., Butlerfiel'l's claim, nml mark-
lliese disirieis would grow ami pros-(ed (V I.. lliiMi'i-fielii's south-easl cor-
IK'r they musM not look to Toronto | ner. thence SO chains west, Ihence 8(1
for further assistance, hut secede and chains north, thence SO chains easi
legislate (or themselves, | thr-we Sfl rlmins south  to place    of
The feeling that  New Ontario    has hegluutng,    containing    about     fill)
been the milch cow long enough has nt-rcs,
'ome to slay, and it is nol likely to C\ T,. nntterfield, Locator
H. 0. Hidden,  Agenl.
Lot-^I'li March 13, inn
Said claim  being a  re
eoal license No. 2nni.
location    of
:l as long as old Ontario holds thu
balance <>f power and retains all the
t'venue without an uileipiate tpiid
pro i-un in return.
Afler a number of speeches hatl
H-en made by the reeves of the sev-
■i.il municipaliiies and other leading
■ili/.ens of both     parlies the follow- _       _
Ing resnliition.     moved by Dr. K. II.  SYNoi'slS OF CANADIAN ilOMK
Ih'thiMie,     secrelary of     the dislrictj; STEAD ll ISO Ul/AT IONS
fuiiservaiiye association, ami second-! Any avuilahle Dominion Urnls
1 by \\. I. 'rice, a loatlmg Liberal within the Railway lielt in Hiilitdi
ailel of llmiss, was earned by a Columbia, may be bomesteaded hy
sl.imitim vole: I al,v person who is Ihe side head of a
Whereas. New Ontario comprising Family, m any male over 18 years nl
Ihe followim- -lisiiicts, Nipissim;, age, lo llu. exient ol onenpuuiei
Mgoimi, Manitoiiliu, Ihumler May. section of Kill acres, mole or less.
Italliy Hirer ami Ihal part of On- Kmry must he inailu personally at
lurio lying north and wesi .if the Uie local land nlhce for the district
Freiieti river, if thai part of Km- in which (be bind is situate,
wntIn east or the Maniluha bound-, The humeslender js rcqtilruc] to per
iiry he inclmlcd is siilllcleul In area lo futin the i.t.ndiiious connected there-
form a new province, as it bus au wilh under one ol tbe following
area of (132,81 fi sfu.ire miles,  l-il   of  plans:
llie area of Canada, and larger than il) Al least .six months' residence
tlm com billed eren id Alberta and upon and cultivation of Ibe land iu
S;is1iiitehewaii and 1_ limes the com- each year for Ihiee years.
hined area of Nova Scotia, New | (._) If Ihe father (ur mother, if
Krunsivick and Prince Kdwaril Is- the father is deceased), of Ihe homeland. ! slender resales upon a farm iu tbe
"And whereas: The legislation of vicinity of llie laud entered for, the
"hi Ontario tuts uniformly fnllowod it-tpiin-im-iil.s as to rcsldeiieu may to.
tbe system of collecting revenue out Hut lulled by such person residing with
nt the resources of ihe district nnd Ihe father or mother,
has never iimue any return for the t-'i) If the setllei has bis norma-
same. | uent residence upon fanning laud
"Therefore, il is resolved lhat a tiwuwl by bim in the vicinity of bis
committee he appointed lo communi- homestead, the rwiulremeula as t<i
cate wilh Ihe various cities, lowns residence may be satislied by resi-
.iml miinieipalilies, throughout the deuce upon the said laud,
■districts of Oulariti Iving west uii-dj Six months' notice in writing
uorth of the French river, and en- .should be given to tbe Commissioner
deavor to ascertain Iheir opinion of Dominion Lauds at Ottawa of iu-
eoncerning the advisability nf sored- trillion to apply for patent,
lug from Old Ontario, ami of forming Coal lands may be purchased at
a new province, and in the event. Mil per acre (or soft coal und $_(),
if Iheir being in favor of the same fnr anthracite. Not more than 321)
to have n meeting eallwl nl a con- acres can he acquired by one iuili-
venienl city in each district, with tho vidual or company. Royalty at the
object of appointing a hoard or com- rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000
millee. to arrange to hnv
♦ null ■■■»!» » * imhii '*■*•*■'
f is now loc.ili'J in its coinlorl
t able anJ .tltractive new qu.tr-
_ tcrs in tht- Manitoba Hot-:!.
This institution is just up to
date and is mudernly t-quipp.d
f to do iust Hit" best work in all
t branches ot the tonsoriftl art.
w. n. Itotu
■niibmok ll. C.
0 «>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
w A SNA!'IN i
t   A Sl-COND'HANl) SAFE   X
1 ■lAYI.IIIlllltlMI.I.. Al.l.lllfSS ♦
| P. H. JOHNSON. CAl.tiARY |
♦ r. ii. mix n«;i ♦
•T_t-,1 _.I»'■l.ala.f.i'a t,af..l»l. 1..I-,l___-_t___t-l.
*r" i***t"""*i*,*t".*i"*T"i""'""i**1"1 |**|-»"-i*"''»'-*t«i«|«
Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
iMachinc  Shop|
;; "AcKiiinon & Johnston
Wo nru propnrixl to
ilo nil kiiiils nl' rt>-
puir work l.onv,y mul
li^lit, ni.-iki' cnstiii^ti,
turn ulinl'ls. uli-.
Scientific    Hnr.wshiieii.K   a ', \
. .^..j, I..I..I"1mi..|..I..jbJ..,..Im,m{h(hJ..jm]..j.|,
Ih* ilot'9 iiiuilorii work
in h modi'rn uitvinur
When yuu want p;iiiil-
in_; duuorutiug, paper
I will linvi' my winli-r supply
ul' Goal in it [uw ilayn, nml tun
r.M-lv lu  Ink.'  i.nlura.      I   will
llniiklu'1,,1 I lur.I CiiiiI $8.7S
Soft Ciul $(i,75
I, ml. ivinli.r I w,h uul ul' ( 'h.iI
part ut liinn. 'I'liiii yi-itr I prn
p mi- lu ki'i-p a i;,iu.l  supply  un
liniiil,uml will mill
  .. pli'lns-' iniumis   sliiill    uv fiilliictiil   ou   Uie
ipliril    lor nor Ihh-h nlrurwl  i-itc   tnki'ii   of   tlm   alMivr     iiiimeil Riown output,
tin' posilion of deputy minister      ot  illslrlcls lo nii'iirtiiiii Mm feelings of, W. W. OOKV,
mines- I the people In the matter." Deputy ol tlie Minister ot the Interiot
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiulu uf liniuli work in
way u[ iluurs, windows, trail-
sums, etc. Kiln dried lunilmr
fur iuaiilo work. Our wurk is
gimratiteod nnd our pricos tiro
sutisfiiotury,    Hcrunii    duom
Ruugh and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
mt* iMM-intumn' THK   CltANIlliOOK.   IIKKAI.I)
Now as the building season has opened up, you
will surely require
Hardware, Paints, Oils, and Glass
For These Call at
the adjoining sol
d,irrwi»il.       The
■HI III1111111111111111 111111111111111111 HII
•t-n-i'i i iiiii 11 in 111 it 1111111 n ui in 1111 in i
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
titi'i11nihit;ni;hi jih*m*H! !"H"l"*"l"lM*M
i-i i-i-i i iii i iii i i i ii i ii i iiii i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i ir-
fjl-olll gill t
1 ilieil fruii. bin
the si-r.mli ..I
l   I'.irln-atli
»ii poisoning
.. kitti-n
If you want Clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" iu material and "Gilt Edge in "make,
call and Bee our NEW STOCK of Ready Made
Clothing, JO./r RECEIVED.   All Union Made
Leask C& Henderson
Tin- quantity ol meat used bv Hi.
British Army in 19(15 was 15,000
Up to tlio week ending February
111, SlI.lllH tree meals have been Riven
to Leeds scholars tins year.
George. Stnflold, a tiuv eifflit years
old, leil down a Well 50 tret deep at
Aslrliy Without injuring lillnscll in any
The number ol passengers carried
by the Brent Kastcrn route to Holland has been steadily iiic.easiiis and
is now  100,1100 a year.
Tho engineering works at Dereham.
Norfolk, of Hobble!, Limited, were
•lest roved hy (Ire. The damage is en-
Unrated at £20,000.
The body "I Flauli-in HOW, a Swis.
governess' In a Stalyhrtdgr magistrate's family, whn disappeared sumo
weeks ngo.  was found ill the canal.
The bishop ol Truro has appointed
the Rov, liu'lutd Samuel Hassard,
rector ol Truro, to ihe newly formed
residentiary canonry in Truro cathedral.
Mr. William James Harris, senior
coronet of the county nl Kent, aitd
clerk to the Siltingliiiiirnc bench ol
magistrate, died at the ago of
About 8,000 delegates wen- present
al Leeds tor Uie opening ci the annual Free Church Congress.
The Inter-university boxing and
fencing contests were held ,u Cam-
bridge, I'auibi idge witinitrg by fivt,
events  lo three.
Flltecn thousand children Iron, the
clciiH-uUry schools in lluddcrsflotd
had.a special holiday to enable Mine.
Clara Bui- lo mliil a promise to sing
to them.
companion to th.- CouirtcBs of White
ton, attending with the Countess u
coronation ceremonv und tl.,- t....
rinse i-i-li-biatlons ol (Jnivi, Vi
Aflfiw.inls Mrs M'Km.v wns
Sn  Bran  Chichester'! lamilj ■
exit-nsiv, tour,   being   shipw
nc.ii  Hn-   scene ot    Si   l*aul'«
wreck     Sin- crossed Uie desert
camel,    visited   Palestine, .mil
ceedi-il tn the Califnrni.iii it..I'll
ihe famous rush of ' io.
*********J************* **********************
inn.. '
with |
O.   C.  L.
rV debtor who  was toinij, .sued hy a I thirty-fly
company -mid he    had loin children,
une ol whom was paralyzed, und    "i
wi-.ii iiu.    company   was   i^i-iv/ed
also," be atUltt.it
}I i T, a*-**-*-^^ MMBtictrntrt ol        1 Jh
I y*^Fa^PI___ri" RouKhanddressed    |->
Maoulactur.r. ol
Rough and dressed
Alio all kinds of
-     MILLS AT
Jaffray, Ryan and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Head Ollice, • Cranbrook
********** J*  *************$
Hotel & &
fluem Comfort • Specialty
Hood Stabling In Conneclion
Nearest to nitron,) anil depoi.    H.a aeconimoil..
tlona for the public unenuiUled lu Cr.nbrook
Hut and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and gee us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out ol the 24
A find ot Ancient and priceless
church pinto has bi*cn made ut Yarmouth parish church, the articles coiv-
sistinn; •>( a chalice, three tups and
two pit tens.
Mr. Harold Ernest Woolley, a
vouiij* Hirminirb.ini slock broker, was
lound shot near LeamlnRton. A revolver wilh two chambers discharged
was in his rlff-tit Inuid.
Obnrles Adolphus Wilehell, a
youiiR solicitor of Cheltenham, was
found dead in his bedroom with his
throat cut and an art'Ty in his tc*s
severed. lie hud been sulU'rin-- trom
The hoard of Hade committee,
which investiKUtwl Ihe wreck of tiie
Nelson line stenmt-r Highland Fling,
near Falmouth on .January 7 last,
suspended the certificate, ot the man*
l Captain Purvis, for six month*
for carelessness.
Sir Wilfrid Lawsnn's collection of
"•nuravines, which is one of the finest
Uiat have ever come into the aui'tion
room, will he sold at Sotbchv's iu a
fpw weeks. There arc I,WW lots,
nml the sale will occupy seven days.
A case in which the condition ot a
typewriter was the point in question
was hoard at the Westminster county
court. The tvnewritcr was protluc
.■il Judso Woodfnll had it on his
desk,' operated it, anil remarked,
"That is all right. .lud-"ment for
the plaintiff."
Lord RaRlnn, whn presided at the
annual meeting ot the Douglas (Isle
Df Man) branch ot the Lifeboat
stitutlon, strongly advocated a memorial l.i Sir William Hilary, tn
who-jc efforts- thp foundation of the
great institution was due
The LowesInft lifeboat has a helper
in Spni, a sharp terrier, which can
perform a     number of tricks.      and
fter each display collects and de-
noslts them in bis lifeboat collection
bov      Spot  has     police ted  £'],   lis,
il. during the past twelve months.
Emily Barnes, who obtained a situ-
tion as messenger boy, was ordered
by the Liverpool magistrates tn bp
nt to a reformatory for five years
for theft She broke open her employer's desk with an axe, and stole
£4, Her sex was discovered when
she was taken to the bath-room after
her arrest.
A Hertfordshire brewing firm pre-
pntc-il Iheir customers with "tear-
iil" calendars with a mint a tion for
very day. The linn were horrified
-no morning anil their customers
mused to find the qoutatton for the
lay was "When thev are thirst**
fools would fain have drink."
It was stated at the Shorpditch
count v court that n horse which had
been injured in a motor omnibus wns
dosed with three-star brandy and
whiskey o! the best, mid had a man
io nurse It. "And hot water bottles*]
md pillows"" asked counsel. "Now
vou're trying to he tunny," was the
witness chilling  response,
"! am subject to fits—electric
fits," was tbe explanation of an
15ns! Mam woman who was charged
with holm; inebriated to the extent
of Incapability,
A vcrdicl of "Heath from pneumonia caused by an accident in the
hunlinc field," Was relumed hy a
coroner's jury nt the Holborn coroner's court on Mr. Amhrose Herbert
Rtlrcrlngton, n solicitor, who died in
his chambers at Lincoln's inn a few
days after a hunting accident near his
hoinc nt Pur ton, Wilts.
"Great clearance Rain. Premises
comiiiR down," arc the words ot a
placard on Ihe walls of Cheeryble
bouse, in Cannon street, Manchester.
Thin means that another Dickens'
landmark is to he erased, for
Cheeryble house was the home of -the
brothers Grant, who wcrcthe originals of Charles Dickens' brothers
Cheeryble iu "Nicholas Nickleby."
With the except inn of a few slight Internal alterations Ihe house stands
to-dav ns It did when Ulckens described It.
Rnglemeie lodge, Ascot, the residence of Sir William Milter, has heen
destroyed hy fire,
Damage estimated f1 ■■'" '"" •"■■'•
caused bv fire at the timber vard of
Ori-j-gs, Limited, at Gloucester. The
previous evening there was a
destructive fire at Kicks & Co.'s
timber vard, and both arc attributed
to Incendiarism.
Tlie four storey factory of Messrs.
Oldtands, woollen warehousemen and
clothiers, Moor street, Birmingham,
was completely gutted by Are    and
A school buy named Arthur Bulla,
nine years old, was convicted foi the
second time ut the Dartmouth po
I Iiu* court on a charge ol elver pit-
!.ny. He will be sent lo a reformatory.
Sir Fredrick (Urrlsnn general
iii.iouffer of Uu- London and Northwestern railway, ims accepted lh«
first presidency of the newly formed
Loudon   Hallways    Athletic assocla-
Thc sentence ui death passed at the
Old Bailey on John Allied Wyatt for
llie murder of bis sweetheart, Florence Wakcling, at Stack well, has been
commuted lo penal .servitude for life.
Mr. Harold Ernest Woolley, a
young Birmingham stock broker, was
found' shot dead near Leamington,
in bis right hand was a rcvolvor,
two elm ui lit-rs uf which bad becu discharged.
A swell London weekly thinks it
possible that the next generation
will discover that after all it is better to turn out a lad to make liis
own living at the age of sixteen than
to give him higher education and a
lirst rate start in life.
Tiie Sheffield licensing mnglslratea
have declared that persons whose
three mile walk is taken on Sunday
with the object of obtaining a drink
are not entitled to the drink. Only
lhose who walk for tbe sake of walking arc entitled to a drink.
Lord Rosebery has written a letter
to the Times protesting against the
erection by the London county council of more lunatic asylums at
Epsom. He declares that the town
is being ruined by being flooded wilh
population of insane Londoners.
A summons at tlie Yarmouth police
eourt against an engineer for
breaches of thp Factory net, was
dismissed by the magistrates after a
solicitor hail pleaded guilty on his
behalf, because a witness was in
doubt about the day on which the
nff.-nce was committed,
A volunteer officer who was found
shot in a first-class carriage at
Runlett Road Station on Hie Great
Kastcrn railway, has been identified
is Captain W. Scott McDonald, of
'he 3rd Esses volunteers, a widow-
-r, living at Rose)!, Clova road.
Forest Gate.
''I see the doctor recommends rest
and dieting," said .fudge Bacon, London, at the Whitcehapcl county court
\o a debot who banded in a doc-
tor's certificate. "I think the best
think I can do for you will be to
seiid you lo Brixton— there yon will
receive proper dieting and a rest."
An explosion of gas occurred at
Gen won colliery, Llwvnhemlv, near
I.lanelly, as the result' of which tlie
roof fell in and four men were en-
tomfced, name-lv, Thomas Davies,
Thomas Howell, Llewellyn Evans,
ami David Phillips, all married, of
Llwynheady. A rescue party descended to the workings, but so dead-
'y was the after-damp that it was
impossible to reach the entombed
men. Unhappily, two of the rescue
party, Edward Harris, of Llwynheady, and Roderick Davies, of
Llairgennocli, lost their lives, being
vercomt by the afterdamp.
At a congregational meeting if the
members of Portland    Street Unite
Free    Church,  Troon—Rev     <;    I
Brander,   B.D..  minister, preslding-
Mr.  . I. inns Mull' Pa to       '  ' Wn
presented with an iliuninaled addres
and a purse ol sovereigns in recogni
lion o! Ins services to the chuit-li
Mrs, Palon was also presented with
tcold brooch, Mr. Paton was
teacher hi    Troon   for ,t   period
mis, and retired 20
years ago, Foi almost fifty yean
lie had Ih-pii in office in Portland Si
United Fiee Church (late Free) ->
elder and as session clerk.
Distillers Company, Limited it
lhc  u.u.n
.Ml*   .iui,    L~«   juu.
.    lUl  u*.»>._
Ol     UVU
l-UU,     I uot
ia lite
;**,  trialc-i.
watwwui, i
■Oa l    un
on      Ou
School boards are now insuring
their teachersv with a view to escaping trouble under the Workmen's
Compensation Act.
Leitb's Salvation Army breakfasts
are not so popular since tea, bread
ami jam dropped out ol the menu in
favor of porridge and mill'. i
Dundee workers seem very restless,
awl it is now rumored that there are
prospects of a lock-ont if matters do
not smooth down a bit.
There Is again anxiety about proposed quarrying operations at Abbey
Craig, Stirling, and possible damage
to the Walluee monument.
Bailie and Mrs. Boyes, Lochmnben,
recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, when they
were recipients of numerous and
handsome gifts from their children
ami grandchildren.
The body of the Rev. Principal
Rainy who tiled in Australia, lias
been buried iu the Dean cemetery,
Edm-burg-h, beside thai of his wife.
The death took place, after only a
day's illness, of Mr. John Wilson,
who was well known as the crier of
the fair at Langholm Common riding. He stood ou horseback in the
market place and made two proclam-
at ions—one before the marches were
ridden, und one after. He was a
good elocutionist, und did the peculiarly quaint proclamations justice.
Mrs. Margaret Pr I tig In M'Evoy, a
native of Swinton, Berwickshire, has
lied at the age of H2.   She was     a
Dou-lt, Pdrpolie hide leather
and canvas, waxed, ready for
une, swivel and hook, padded
hanil hold, good value at 9I..A,
SATURDAY MIUHT, April tl, 65c.
— CCS.—
it It, umii. Ill la ttp.,.tuiuiiiil, -.1'iiLit
_i 11/ui.n, Uf (-ai.... UVMuitil j, Uiu-
1*1.At .uit-t^a i*. _u ma Uluuuii ul tutl
UrfliaUl f ul I}, oiCulia aiiU luu^iu
niW lus lvbiui<;Uk 1 ih.il Uuuu^.1 UIU
-llttJ-A tij.j iui* .liUilu)'. uc al-o
CriaiiMiiUUinAi _luj-i.ti ni Llie Uu.
iisuuiut uar uuan Lui*u u.olc'-i'')
an-a comlUttu-ueU Uie reglUlCUl loi niue
yvAia.   iu uli uc -eiu-u ii years    m
me ii-gnm-iiL, .u  lual Ills ft aim*,     lu
•,1m Vucuui   posilion art*    Uiuieiriahle.
Tiie Duke of Portland always look,
lorwaiu wuu fctvu atilK-ipuLiou Lu im*
aprlug salmon tisning, und jusl now
ac ia enjoying giH-ti spurl al laver-
fturry, in luvci'iiess-siiire. 'ine uuch-
css ui I'oiUaiiU is noi an culhusiusl
iVUcic angling is convcriittl, ami while
lilt! Hula- ih fishing Uie Harry auu
uyiiig an occasional cast iu Loch
Oieii, sho contents herself with driving and walking excursions amidst
lovely scenery, which can hardly he
.■■■'iiaUi'-l in1 ' the whole of Scotland,
llie Duke rents Glengarry house auii
llic lishing [nun Mrs. El I Ice. Tin*
estate was bought of Glengarry foi
fci2U,0fl0, and llie present mansion
was subsii-ki'-jitly built.
Largely owing lo the frailly that
comes with the increasing burden of
years, Mrs. Brown, granddaughter ul
Robert Bums, with her husband, Mr,
■lean Armour Burns Brown, have decided to remove from the Burns
house where they have resided now
for about four years, since the building was taken under the joint control of Ihe town council unit the
Bums club. Experience has proved
that the duty of acting as caretakers
is too taxing, more especially during
ibe tourist season, when visitors
come at all hours and iu au Increasing stream from morning till night.
In most cases—aud this is especially
•so with Americans—there is an cag-
■r desire for Interviews with both
Indies, and often it has only hi~eu
il great inconvenience and sacrifice
of personal comfort thai this
natural curiosity could be gratified.
Every succeeding year has brought
an increased number of visitors, and
luoti witnessed the largest record-
about u thousand more than in 1005
—so that it must have been an exceedingly trying time for tbe ladies
D. V. L. Scotch 12 Years Old
i> ♦♦
,  • - **
,  , - **
i! R.  P. PithPt  A Cn    MmifpH it
R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
^^^>^^^^^>l^V^r^^^^^^>rv^>f*^W^>^^M^>^^>*v^>V^'*V^>*v ^^^^ ^^^^^^ Ww 9% WW
Manitoba Hotel
dan McDonald, pkopkietor.   ckanuruuk. b. c.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba Ie centrally locateJ and ha* oneol ibe best diulugra
in the city.   Tbe bar is supplied with the best of Uquoreaml li
Library Voting Contest
Mr. .lames Hood, u prominent Irish
horse dealer, ol Londonderry, was
accidentally suffocated by gas in a
Dumfries hotel.
Mr. E. H. While, of My Lady's
road, Belfast, was found witb his
throat cut, In a first-class carriage
ou tbe railway oear Middlesbrough.
John Wilkinson and his wife were
rack sentenced at Sleugh to three
months' imprisonment with hard
labor for neglecting their five children.
The Rev. Robert Richard, a
clergyman belonging to Yorkshire,
hanged himself at Dr. Dawson's
private asylum at Kiuglas, near
Dublin. lie made a rope out of some
of his bedclothes.
A verdict of "Manslaughter" was
returned by a coroner's jury at Armagh against Mrs. St-gahuii in connection with the death of David
Crozter, Mrs. Segahan struck Crozier
with an umbrella while he was fighting with her husband.
Mr. T. W. Russell, M.P., who Is
suffering from a dangerous Internal
complaint, underwent an operation
at Dublin recently.
Tbe King has approved of the appointment nf Mr. Thomas Lough,
M.P., to he lord-lieu tenant of the
County of Ca-van, in succession to the
Into Colonel K. .1. Saunderson.
Tiie Ballinusloe branch of the
Gaelic league are erecting a beautiful stained glass window in the par-
sb church in memory of the late pre-
ddont, the Rev, .1. J. O'Plynn, C.C.
The death has taken place of thr
Very Rev. Canon Gately, P.P.,
Strokestown, County Roscommon.
file deceased priest, ' who had heen
uiwell for a coiisitleraUe lime. Was
i prominent supporter of Uu* Gaelic
movement, and was a member of
the County Roscommon committee of
griculture and technical institution.
There have been im fewer than j80
claimants for the- fortune of Patrick
White, a Wexford man, who died ities talc in Brooklyn. New York, last
May, leaving property valued at tin,
ufitl. Tbe list of claimants have been
greatly reduced now, and three of
those ' who have good claims are in
Ireland, one of them an inmate of a
k \\ is proposed to erect a suitable
memorial to the memory ot the late
Right Rev. Mgr. Hanly, Castlerea.
At a meeting held iu tlie Convent
schools, Castlerea, Very Rev. Canon
llarte in the chair, it was decided
that the memorial take the form of a
Celtic cross to he erected over tbe
deceased's grave, at a cost of about
A: 12(i, and a memorial hall and
schools, which arc expected to cost
about £2,000,
This'elegant Library aud Handsome case will be gin
the Lodge, Society. Church or School in Cranbrook ur Di
the largest number of votes in the following manner:
The merchants listed below will give with every ten <
on*'vote. The contest begins February Sth, 1907, and
-Jlst. l.M-7. A ballot box is placed in ii-ratti-- -V Atchtsoi
where votes are to Ih* d'-posited. At the --li*-. of the
Church, School. Society or Lodge having the largest nuw
n by
trit s
vote to
will be awarded the Library,
will bu entitled to votes.
Remember  votos  cau
merchants listed bvlow.
Current aec
*nt purchase
.-loses June
s drug store
contest tiie
-oums when  promptly paid
only lie   received
by  trading with the
^ Each week the Herald will announce the reaper.
"lie consunts.
standing of
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness  .   .   .
Campbell & Manning
Groceries, Fruit, and Beattic & Atchison
Confectionery and DRUGS
P. Bums & Co McCALLUM & CO
A. L. McDERMOT Dezall Bros.
Wine and Spirit Merchant
B. H. Shortn& Co.
Painters and Decoraters
-.Wall Papers
The B. C. Livery Stable
Cartage and Transfer Co.
{Wtrehoueing. Cual
and Oil Agents . .
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
J. T, LAIDLAW, M, %      	
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It li Healthy;
It Is the Best
[Ft. Steele Brewing Co. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
13.00 A VKAIS
TUB   l'Al'KU   THAT   IS   1IKAI)   BV   TUB   CBOIM.B
Al'HIL 1 I  11)07
By the Herald   Publisliing Company,
Editor and Manager.
Tlie Herald is worth 110 a year. It
costs wily 12. No uian in Soul"
h.si Kootenay can afford to lie without il, aud everyone livlug outeltle ol
the district, who is Intcicsted in the
irogresa ol this Bectlon, should read
It, It publlsks th* news while il is
news. It is controlled absolutely by
ihe publishers. No clique, party or
individual dictates Us policy. it
don'l try lo please lhc people. It s
desire is lu publish a newspaper that
will be a credit lu the cuiiiiiiiinity.
stud iu your subscription mid you
will be tliankliil ever allcrwnrd.
Advertising rates H per inch
mouth, no more anil no less.
Heading matter 1.1 routs per
lo iiiin-advHiisi'is; in cents per
tu leijiilar advertisers,
li ynu desire lo reach lhc peuple ol
Soutb Kast Kootenay yuu must advertise In The Herald.
The llcralil lias a firsl-class i job
plant, and Us work is ol the best.
Tlie Herald don't want chanty. It
wants a siraare deal on your job
work. II we can't suit you ill quality and price, kick, and send ynur
work to some Cheap John house in
.lie east that never spends a cent ill
4,500 & Month
Tliir* in the guaranteed
-•illation of the Herald
I'remi room and subficrip*
Hon lint*, open Ut iliveMligation hy rail vei liners at any
The Herald given a dollar
in value lot a dollar,!n money. The advertiser has the
right to know what he is
receiving for llln money.
The Herald ir one paper
that court*) investiti-*atioii.
The Herald for the next lew weeks
Hill inn a column or so ol suggestions from different citizens on
"How to make Cranbrook grow.''
Ttaia should make interesting reading
and should prow valuable in bringing
uul ideas for the advancement ol tlu*.
(Special to tlie Herald.)
Vancouver,     »    C„ April 11—1.30
p.m.—The   following    press despatch
lus just been received.
New York, April 11.—The jury,
,i'ter their long deliberation, retumedi
to thi' court room this afternoon
v.iiii .1 verdict ol acquittal against
Marry K. Tlmw. All this morning
the scene tit suspense which character! ml the weary hours ..i waiting
■ »u*nlu y w ei v i ejieu ted. Mrs.
Kvelyii Thaw was early al the court
nml kepi weary vigil until the jury
n'tiirtieil with the verdict lhat meant)
life or death to her husband. The
verdicl did not create very much surprise in Ihe city, Those who had
hiWi following the case closely dedans! that the result was inevitable.
Crowds outside the court waited
patiently for the verdict which
meant the life or death of the young
millionaire, hut the decision, when it
did finally come, did not cause many
expressions of -surprise. The court
rowtled all morning. The
wife ol the prisoner, with set face,
wailed patiently for the verdict,
p to the appearance of the jurymen
ie had hoped against hope that the
srdictt would he in favor of her husband, and when the foreman, in a
distinct voice told Judge Fitzgerald
Lie decision that had been reached,
-.iu almost collapsed.
MANY t-KUl'l.K.
A. T. Clark ,of Moyie, is iu town
All lines ol dry goods is cut to
cost at the C. C. Stores.
Miss McDonald, of Fort William.,
arrived in Crambuook Saturday for au
extended visit at the home of her
cousin, Conductor D. .1. McLennan.
c. a s.
There are always certain elements
uecessary before any mechanism or
organization can have growth.
There must he inherent Hie and
healthy surroundings. If the lift
germ is dwarfed, then -"rowth will
he retarded and likewise ii environments are noi conducive to the best,
then we. may not look lor advancement which should naturally hi
Then looking al Craubrook from
these points, we ask how can wc
-"row'.' Naturally Cranhrook is well
situated, we have a line climate, one
of ihe best in British Columbia or
industrial conditions are good.
There never was more lumher manufactured in the vicinity, and never
such activity, and we have the base
ol supply :or many a long year.
Wu have our agricultural lands,
our garden plots, and fruit holdings.
ICach year verities the fact that we
have a productive soil capable of
yielding rich returns. The lirst clement is fulfilled, we have the climate,
the Umber and the soil, then advertise and lot the world know what we
have in and around our city.
Again we might well speak of our
educational advantages. A good
public school, wefl equipped, with
teachers. Our trustees might help
by agitating for a high school. We
have many in our city now wishing
for the opportunity of taking advanced work and with a good entrance
class this year we should he able
to secure the reifUtred number of
Lei us have a high school and keep
ihe boys and girls at home. Families wish to settle where the best
educational advantages ate to be
Oue more point Hint always proves
an attraction to anv place, that is a
high moral tone, people with to live
iu a law-abiding community where
the moral sentiment is predominant.
Newspapers can assist much hv
voicing the sentiments nl our city,
Let the papers uphold our laws at'id
nut do as it done in some places,
ridicule the law regarding Sab-bath
Observance, etc. |f nur papers will
Uphold the town in every sense, and
come out more clearly in support of
a good, clean town, wilh S.ihlhilh
observance II will prove an attrac-
Then I conclude hy
s follows:
u our cilv and    com-
tion ibis
summit)-* up
1. Believe
2, Advertise   wfselv
x   Vdvornte    and i
i.   Ut   all aim ut
City in B ,(J., and
to come Mils way.
Men's boots and shoe
windows below cost.
The Sister Superior aud Sislcu
Augelint, of St. Kugcue hospital, returned from Portia ml Tuesday, alter
a month's vacation.
KOK SALK—-A good second hand
baby carriage.     Apply box 844.      A
Vou should visit the C. C, Stoles
Ihese days for real bargains.
Dr. F. It. Oreen returned from
.Mayook this morning, where he has
been attending Mrs. It. U. Benedict,
who has been very ill, hut is Improving slowly al present.
The British Lion will give you an
holiest smoke. 49-1-
Miss O'Sullivan, of Fort Steele
Junction, who has been quite ill lor
some time, is now convalescent and
wilt be able to leave the hospital
within a day or two.
There are more British Lion cigars
smoked iu British Columbia than any
one brand made.     Why? 40-12
tins. Dlcson and Andrew Bonne, tin*
last of the diphtheria patients, were
discharged from the pest house yesterday and have returned to Wardner.
All lines of dry goods is cut tc
cost at Ibe O. C. Stores.
C, K. Weaver, J. M. .lack, 1. M,
Parks and John O'Conner, capitalists
ol Bradford, Pa., have been in
Craubrook several days this week
It is understood they are negotiating
lor the purchase of the Watts mill
and timber limits at Wattsburg.
You should    visit the C. C. Slor
ihese days lor  real  bargains.
Hm ii—Friday, April 5,  HI07,
Mr. and Mrs.  I'egraee, a daughter.
James Manuel ino, the wounded
Italian, is rapidly improving since
Ihe removal of the bullet hy Dis.
(ireen aud Mercer, and wilt lie able
lo return home iti'.i tew days.
Constable Lorsch, of Wardner, is a
Crnnbrook visitor io-d,iy.
FOB   SALK—Two     residences   at
very low price.   Apply Fink Merc
tile Co. 2
"Jack" Ardell, who was employed
lu the Tale jewelry store for a number ol months live years ago, was in
town l-liia week. Mr, Ardell is now
travelling salesman for a large
jewelry linn, and as Cranbrook has
been added to ins territory, expects
to make the town twice a year iu
future, lie was much surprised and
pleased at the growth Cranhrook had
made since his residence here.
Save your money by purchasing
your groceries at tiie C. C. s. lor
Movie Leader: The Cranbrook
Hera-id has entered upon the tenth
year of its publication, and it is now
a ten-fold better newspaper than it
was in its first year. The Herald
has been good to Cranbrook, and in (burns, scald:
return the people of Cranbrook have j and diseases
lies! moral  been good to tbe Herald, thus making
Tate, the jeweler, says that diamonds are the birthday stone for
April.     Head his ad.
There was u large and enthusiastic
session of Key City lodge. No. 42,
1 O. O, F., Monday night last and
two candidates received the initiatory degree. There will be degree
work -it every meeting for the next
fi w weeks and the members are requested to be prompt iu their nt-
Carmen bracelets are tbe favorite
bracelet of the day. We have a
nice selection.—-Tate, the jeweler.
A c, Wilmot visited 1-elhbrldgo
lie first o (the week and reports
1'iai thriving cilv is undergoing a
r.'al estale boom that makes the
fici'ccsl prairie gale look like a selling     plater     in   a     slake   race.      Mi.
U ilinot assures   us    ih.it  you     can
stand    on the   street    corners    and
watch the pieces of vacant lots jump
sky ward   wiib a  speed  iha t exceeds
ihe growth of an Iowa corn field and
causes   one to    brush up his mental
arithmetie    and   commence figuring
bow  many seconds  will  elapse Iwfotu
lu* price has reached the blue   dome
hove,        There are seventeen     real
slate   dealers    in     Let Mr-ridge and
very one o flhem is  "making    hay
■ bile the suti shines."
The C. P. H. Quadrille club will
five their second masquerade ball io
Wentworth hall on Weduesday evening April 24th. Tickets: $1.60:
lady spectators, 5fl cents. The public is cordially invited to attend
C, \\. Fox, who has been employed
by the North Star Lumber company
im some mouths, died of typhoid
lever at St. fcJugene hospital lasb
week, The body was taken iu
marge by Undertaker Beatly and
Ihe relatives wired Lo. On Tuesday
a son of ihe deceased arrived iu
Cranbrook and yesterday lit-, remains were forwarded to High Itiver,
where Ihey w ill be interred wit-U
Masonic honors, the deceased having
been a member of that order.
K. 0. Sahlin and AL Nelson, two
miners employed at the Sullivan
mine, were badly injured Friday l>\
.Hilling into a charge of powder,
which had failed to go off ami in
some manner been overlooked. Mr.
-sels.ni esca'ied with slight injuries,
principally caused by small pieces oi
r-ick being blown into tlie eyes. Sail-
hn was not so lucky, his face and
eyes being badly pe'pjK'red with pai-
iides of rock and powder, the bridge
of liis* nose crushed, and his riglil leg
being broken in two places below iiu*
knee. The injured men were brought
to Cranlirook and placed iu Si.
Kugeiie hospital where they are doing
nicely under the care of Drs. Green
and Mercer.
Victoria Week: The number ot
Kooleiiuiaus visiting the coast is oi.
the increase, and it is now no uncom-,
mou    thing   for The Week to receive
ills from fifteen to twenty old
friends in the course of a week.
Among those whom we were glad to
greet since last issue may he mentioned the popular lead bounty commissioner, Mr. O. O. Buchanan, uud
the indomitable rustler from Cran
brook usually known as tbe Old Man.
We may not'see eye to eye. with F.
Simpson in matters political, hut
when It comes to advocating the in-'
(crests of Kootenay we ale two of a
kind. Simpson is busy these days
connection with some grand order
another of which unfortumately
The Week knows little, except that il
dignified and honorable.
and con)iuu-
cure n     high
Some jjfople couldn't get ahead if
thev didn't push someone else behind!
True love goes all the way.
Agitation is the mother of reform-
a t ion.
A lot of reforms are exhausted in
tlie preliminaries. '
It's a mighty mean dog that will
not make friends.
The man who puts his trust in
himself and Ood usually lands.
A lot of men try to hide their
Ignorance behind a screen of prof an-
A lot of men who are always talking about dying for their rights are
never sensible enough to vote for
I hem.
Mr. Wm. Wilson, of Craigie Villa,
London (ful), ihe inventor of the
Wilson Fruit. Case, now adopted by
tbe ('ana.Man lioieiniiieiil, tells aii
Interesting experience which shows
the healing and antiseptic value of
Zaill-Bllk, the herbal balm. He
says: "I hud two poisoned wounds
on my leu. which were very sore and
Inflamed, Tiny caused me much
pain ami suffering, and although I
tried several salves ihey refused
hen I, Zam-Buk was recommended,
and I applied some. It acted
splendidly and in a very short lime
healed the wounds.
"Al another lime I sustained a
nasty cut, Zam-Buk took away the
soreness almost instantly and soon
closed and healed the wound. 1
have also used Zam-Buk for other injuries, and I have no hesitation in
expressing mv high opinion of its
value. It 'is, without doubt, a
splendid household holm!"
Zam-Buk cures blood  poison, cuts,
bruises, old     wounds, running sores.
ulcers, boils,    spring eruptions, scalp
sores,    eczema, itch, barber's   rash,
nd     all skin Injuries
All druggists     and]
lores sell at fifty cents a box,     oi
XKI I: have just received another large shipment of up-to-date
Clothing, and would again remind our patrons that the
Clothing business has undergone a complete transformation
in the last few years, that the best tailors now work in great
factories at large salaries, and that the very best of these arc
employed in the manufacture of
20th Century Clothing
If you wish to be well
dressed in a perfect fitting
suit, don't fail to inspect
our stock, as we can satisfy
your wants in fabric, fit
and price better than cus*
torn tailors.
And remember that we
have the goods to fit you
out in the latest fashion
from the crown of your
head to the soles of your
Walkover Shoes for Men
Are Unbeatable in Style, Price and Quality
people will want, a strong romliiimlmn.      "Old Man" |from Zam-llnk    Co., Toronto,     lor
Simpson is certainly lo lie cmifratu-   pri.-e.    Ilnccmtier,    it Is purely ber-
J. P. Westman.   Hated on Ms enterprise. lui.
In ihr mutter nl Uie "CrrnipMlea
Winding-lp Aot, 1KUH, llcing
Chapter II «! II"' Stnt.itf.Ei ol
Ilni i,li I'nliiiiiiilii, IKIIK, uml
Amending, Actm ami
In the matter nl Tlio I'ny Hull 'lol.l
Mining uml Milling i'i>ni|iaiiv,
Limited, N.m-1'..rnninu Liability.
Tlie creditors ,,( llie nliiivu iiiimerl
t'limimny nro rmiliesletl, on or lieloru
llie lOlli day id May, A. I>. 1111)7, to
Sft.it their muni's anil addresses, uml
Hie particulars nl lliolr ilrliM or
claims, nml llie llll.nes anil addresses
oi Iheir Solicitors, ii any, tn John
Least, nl I'm uli. nnk, Ilif ("lUcial
LltiUliiiilnr nf Uu' said Critiil.il.iy,
anil, il sn ni|iiir<-d hy notice in writing iiniii thr said Olilctal l.iojuldntor,
arc hv their Solicitors lo come in
anil prove their said debts nr claims,
ni Hie I'hiiintioi's ol Mis Honour, I'.
I-;. Wilson, Local Judge, Cranhrook,
nl such lime as shall be specified in
such notice, and in 'lefaull tliercnl
they will be excluded Irom the brue-
lii ' nl any distiiluitiitn made helore
such debts' are proved.
Friday,    Hie        lOlh.    liny nl    May,
lllll", iii Iwo o'clock iii the nlle'r-
lionii, ill the snid Chambers, is appointed Inr hearing nnd adjudicating
upon (lie debts and claims.
.1. F. Armstrong,
District Registrar.
Haled this loth duy ol April, A.M.,
11)07. Mt,
Sews Note- Ex-cliief uf 1'olicu Huron liut eugUKud in llie find" bushiuBS in conjunction witb ranching. THE   CRANBROOK   HKRAM)
"Novi-Modi" Costumes
and Skirts
When you get reiuly for u atyliah Skirt or Costume,
you cut. be sure of "something different" Iiy coining
to REID di CU.'S Store.     Our garments ..re all
llie stylos lining totally ilillVrnnt from anything elsn
in town. Li.ilios will liiul it n pleasure In simp
whivro Btyle uml rellnemenl t;i> liiiml-in-lumil.
B. C.
t "Cinderella"
i >
i I
< >
* -
The MCIN'I>KUKI.I.A" CUSTOM fllUOI. 9IIOK for WW stands
nui trom among theeommonplaco,
They may ho aptly teimed " work* of art."   Until you have
aeeti lliom, ur better, enjoyed iln1 ea*>e and comfort uf wearing one
o[ these modols, you eaiiiiot realize what piogress ton lieen made    J[
iu ibe an oi " Shoe Toggery."
,, Von will tlml (hem not only smart in style ami full ul beauty,
4 Iml the eomfnrt von bave heen loot-inn (or.
I'lNliKltKI.I.A MlnKS are for liullt'S, and proeiirnhle only at
i| G. T. Rogers
I'lincv nml simt.i.- nroct-rlea
an.11 n».*k**rv. Mills,tllovuB,
M.iu'n A sliM.'u, CiHiihruuk.     i i
Soap Selection
it nnt' u( tin- iiii.ai luipurtinil fpiiMm'M •■( t'lir bu.vln**,,    Wt. nre mi-rliil tn
M'i<-i'i mil- Hutips wlii.li are!i-ih»friMii eseesHof iilkidiaiul Hieiiiiule Irom
pn iitti'rfttlft.   Sueli nre (he tinl.v kind nnfe lu iim*.
Wc inttku it ii rule tu pri'lii'i mil' eimtiimoi*" H-fulii-d I Iiu product h of
ntiHi rupiiloiiH iimuufarttiirci-M.   You can -lt>p I upon any bwiml of tump
>.m Bwbt'li'    OiiiNiii,-k Inn liil'RiMilii', mul I'uIltalliH
TU11.KT Sil.U'S NIIKHKItY ftOAl'H        MKtU.'.NAt- SOAPS
Hath hoaph shavinu soaps     iuhtii.k soaps, kit.
tl will -my vnn l.il>iiy.V<>lll-s.Mi|mlu>r<*.   SKI*. OtJH  WIXUOWS.
i:C. E. REIDaCO.„kZs,sii
, iiiiilii ui n ,,'flnfk. i,ti.|,lliig >tiiliirdiiya iiinl iiIrIii.
Iii'lure I'ublle lluliiluya.    I'llo.M. 71
an appetite for Breakfast'
Groceries, Fruit, Confectionery Tobacco |
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦< ***************
20.000  ACRES
nl Hie vary pink id tlio iielnele.il Inmli in ihe lioaiillfiil  Konlenny
Vulluy, I'.asi KiHilumty, ll. U„ ox I linn Irom Canal Mai lo
Klku, llie iillfif.l for sale ill liuni fl In fill |u.| ufin.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West ol the Rocky Mountains.
'Iln- landspresent ovury foam t neufulmwa, liiulutlltig tlm.
Innoil tranches, brushy llatn, mural., pralrla uml meadow.   The
luiiahy llnu, niiirsli mul nioa.lira  lamia cimal.t nf dean, Idaok
Inaiii | lliu IhiiioIi luml  being a siitul)  Inn.ii, siilenillilly ailn| I
lurIrn'.tciillnra.    When iuumii ay  caron uu ihe
lielu-l.is". WlllBI fall I■■■ ),.,.| d, | iilllllnlll e ks IlllwilUJ Irolll
llie Hockloa ii he Kuotonny river.    The lumlt are lull)' surveyed ninl ti aid llie l.n, have I a sulwllvhleil Into feticcd
larma ol aliiiul 811 acres each,
The purcliuae price »ill iimlmte Hie tliubor, which ean lie mild
hy ihe puri'liuaei srliliinit any lluldlliy to guveriimenl or other
royalty. Thetlinlni will In many imaea more than ieali/e ihe purl-Inn-,, price, anil n-illiiiullciisua.iMtm-lully recoup I lie amount'invested, l,ogs nan he driven oullie Kootenay river, which touch-
Oh every lot eave one. The main WUgllll road through the vullov
passes over ui el,me In each Inl, ami the proposed Kootenay Cerl-
iml railway will parallel llie wagon mad.    The ,;, p, j{_ itr ii.iite
Convetlleut tn the IuuiIh.
I'm [urtlier particulars apply in
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.     ' " '
, ,i i
i ii i
, „ ,
, ,i,
. II >
I ll I
I „ >
I,, I
I ll,
■ II,
I ll,
. II,
' ll I
• ,11
I ll,
" Craven" "milking Mixture
"Ml Philips" "nuking
"Garrick" "moking Mixture
"B. D. V." Smoking
A. .) Miller, of IVns'a, was in
town  Monday.
Chas. A. MacKav was up frnni
Movie i, couple ul days this week.
.1. A. Ilroley, ni Ferule, was trans-
neling liusiiiess in town yesterday.
Mis. Melliii, ,,| Marysville, is a
Cruirlirooh  visitor to-day.
Dolly Yarih'ii was delayed hut will
each here about April 15th,
K. IV. Mitchell was up Iron. Kill-
liiniilh  yesterday.
T, K. Austin, ,,l Kimberley, is in
town to-day.
Fresh prunes iu -.1 11. boxes for
Jl.sr, at O. T. Posers.
.1. It. Mc-lliide .mil .1. P. Pink left,
yesterday foi a lew davs visit at
John Brcckem Itlgc, the seuioi
partner of lire linn ol DreekcnrWge ...
Lund, is in (own to-day.
I-:. Elwe.ll, ol Bealo ,v Klwell, was
transacting business at IVanlncr ves
11-11 lay.
Cinderella sliivs lot ladies at tl. T
Rogers shoe shop,
Mis. Waul anil children, id Marys-
Mil,-, visited Crnnbrook (.lends this
.1. M. Agnew, ul the Baker Lumber
company, was up (nun Waldo u
couple of days  Ihis week.
P. .1. Smyth, of the Movie Lender,
spent a couple „l davs in town this
Pave Kluiei was up (nun Klngsg&to
to-day and reports everything prosperous in Hun burg.
Ml. and Mis. B. 0. Kamm, of
Moyie, were Crntmrook visitors Friday last.
F. II. Pearson, ol .lafli.iv, was
iiansaiiinp; business in Craitblrook
Saturday last.
Fill! SALIv-lln,. ol the best and
most modern houses in Cranbrook.
All conccirlenccs, Apply at Herald
ollice. 3-tI
II. Hunter, nf Plnchoi Creek, wns
Interviewing iiis Cranbrook friends
Tlieedny ol Ibis week.
Miss .1,'uiiio Fleli'lior, a soprano,
quite an ovation (or her rnnlrihu-
llons.—Glasgow Dally Record,
Het Thomas Sowcrtiutts will
preach in lhc Melliodlsl ehuicb nexl
Sunday, morning ami evening,
II vim wish in sec a good Rilllic nl
laiskflhall en in ihe "gym" Friday
night     ('   1'. II. vs. Hanks.
HAY   FOIt    SALE-! have about
2UI is ol hay lor sale that 1   can
slop nn slum notice. Write or wire
me (nr prices. John Wilson, Hi.-.ti
Iliver, Alta. f,o-4t
Mi. anil Mis. Win. Piepoi leave toil' Inr an cxlctldcd visil tn Edmonton ami vicinity,
Mis. Harry While, Miss Sybil
While and Master Fled While visited
ilnvio yesterday.
J. Mcl'hail ami F. J. Clayton, ol
Marysville, wen- quests a< „„. |(nya|
Saluciliiy lust.
FOU NAI.K-Seiil pnliitoes; Early
Hose; well ripened and preserved. Price $.|ii a t„n, delivered.
Apply SI. Eugene Mission. 3
L. A. Meaclien. ol St. Mary Lake
ranch, was in town a i-oup'le iif days
Mils week.
Dan .Mi-Lend is up from Wardner
to-day. Dan always visits the Herald and sees that liis subscription Is
paid at least, a year in advance.
Strayed ou to Hie premises of S.
.1. Harrison, Wardner, B. C, an aged
sorrel mare and colt. Owner may
have same by proving property ami
paying expenses. S. .1. Harrison,
Bos 5, Wardner, B. 0. 02-31,
Charles Fitzgerald, who has been
in Seattle the past, lew months, is
s|ieiulliig a iew uays wltll cranbrook
Chlel nl police Dow was quite ill
a lew days last week, hut was sul-
(iclentl)  recovered Tuesday  to     ie-
vuine bis dunes.
FOR SALE—one team noises, harness and wagon. Apply to S. N*.
Harris. Cranbrook, B. C. ' 3
D. B. Dulmage. manager ol the
Robiason-McKenzIe Lumber eoiu-
pany, left Monday, on a business trip
to Calgary.
Hill A Co. have jest received and
passed Into stock another lame shi|i-
ment ol "'rith Century" clothing,
and have been, si, ou.sy the past
week that it was Impossible to give
their ad. the |iroper attention, but
watch lor tiieir announcement next
week. It will prove interesting read,
T. C. Prootor, ol Nelson, mnnngcr
of the Kootenays Valley company,
was looking after the company's interests in this vicinity yesterday.
Oeo. Cart-wright, ol the Creston
Lumber A Manufacturing company,
spent the Easti-r holidays with his
family in Cranhrook.
The Otis Staples l.iiinlifi company
started tin season's work at their
llilll at Wyclifte Mniulnv. ..ml i-x|mi-i
lhat tlie out Ibis ve.n will break
all records in this locality.
FOR SALE—Plreprool warehouse
ami lot cheap. Apply Fmk Mercantile Co., Lid. a
The lire bull has received thai
much needed application ol pnint and
the appearance is much Improved
thereby. 11. II. Shnrl ,\ Co, did
Uie work.
P. DeVete Hunt led Tuesday lor
Winnipeg, where be goes to meet
loseph Jackson and assisl him in
adjusting railway mailers Willi
ompaiiv officials.
KOR SALK—Two story residence
nu Baker Hill. Apply L. IV, Pat-
mote. a-il
11. Dudley, W.   .1.  Itln II and E.
Y. Brake, ol Feruie, visited the
Crairbrook Odd Fellows lodno Monday night, returning homo un the
local Tuesday morning.
Miss Jennie Fletcher created a favorable Impression, iu her iiunilieis
she utilized a powerful soprano voire
to the utmost advantage,—Irish
Ten piece toilet sols fnr ?-J.aO at
('.. T. Rogers.
A. E. Shipley, manager ol the
Nelson gas works, spent a couple ol
days in Cranbrook Ibis week, the
guest  ot    Mr. and     .Mrs.      Ilarryi
Save   your    money by
your groceries at   the C.
('. S.    for
Hereafter Crant/iook Aerie, No.
'iiii, F. 0. E., will meet Friday
nights instead of.•.Wednesday. The
members are requested to take par-
I icular notice of this change.
Engineer Charles Harris, whn was
ifuarantiued with smallpox al Michel
inr seven wt?ks,, has been released
and relumed to Cranbiook Saturday
Mrs. Jubez Harris will lie "at
home" un Wednesday, lhc 17th,
niter-noon aud eveuiug, at. Ihe home
..( Mrs. 0. W. Patmore. Mrs. Harris leaves (or Camrose, Alberta, Fri-
day, tht 19th.
FOR KKNT—Seven moms with
bulb in Harris bluok, Armstrong
avenue, Will be let singly or altogether.     Apply to L. W. Patmore
.Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Small and
rhildreu aud Mrs. J. P. Mackintosh
lefl Monday, via tbe Spokauelnler-
tiutional for Spokane and other
points, where they will visit lor
some time.
PeeWaukee apples $1.2.1, Greening
apples, $1.75 at G. T. Rogers.
W. .!. Massey, of Vancouver, sju'iit
several days iu Cranbrook the |iast
week endeavoring to impress Oeo.
Hoggarth with Uie beauties ol auto-
inoblling. At last reports Hoggarttl
and his driving horse were several
laps ahead.
Tbe slaudard ol the British Lion
ligur is never lowered. That is
why it remains the general favor
ite. 19-12
Miss Jeanie Fletcher, the distinguished soprano vocalist and gold
medalist, has a rich, pure, cultured
voice, which she used lo advuntage,
aud aer singing elicited quite a
storm of applause.—Hamilton Ad-
Miss Jeanie Fletcher, a soprano
with a voice of unlimited power,
Kave a most tasteful rendering ol
'■Bonnie Mary o' Argylo" and "Flora
MarDouald's Lament." This young
lady's enunciation is particularly
good.—Midlothian Advertiser.
FOR SALE—Two residences at
very low price. Apply Fink Mercantile Co. 2
Geo. W. VauDykc, of Denver,
Colo., was a guest of the Royal
hotel Saturday last. Mr. VauDykc
is one ol the heavy stockholders in
the. Sullivan and- is spending tlie
week at Marysville looking alter bis
interests there.
Ladies, this banana belt climate is
a little hard on the skin. Get a
bottle of our Skin Food early this
season. Neglect to pro|HM'ly protect
your skill Iron sun and wind is apt
to mean irreparable damage to your
skin.—0. E. Reid 4 Co.
E. EJwell and funiily returned hoins
Saturday last alter a three months
visit- in England; Mr. Klwell slates
ihal they hud pleasant weather In
England and enjoveil the vacation
immensely, but was more than pleased to get back to t'raiibinok and
South East Kootenay again.
FOR SAI.E-Oue large refrigerator. Apply Fink Mercantile Co.,
Ltd. 3
The second regular mooting of
Maple Leal ItehcUh lodge was held
last night and three now members
initialed. Tbe ladies nl the degree
learn are taking ..great Interest in
tho work and Ibe. progress thev have
made In so short a time is remark-
aide in the extreme.
FOR SALE -• Thoroughbred I'lv
mouth Rock Cuiki-iols, II fin to 13.
Ik lingo & Smith, Marysville, B. 0
lu another column ol this Issue
will be found a nolice re cleaning ol
alleys and lanes. - ami llie city authorities call special-'attention to the
loot, that litis will be the last warning given, so It behooves each and
every clttoen to take heed thereol
snd govern themselves accordingly or
suller the consequences.
Burred Plymouth Rock eggs for
hatching 11.00 per setting; (SOO per
hulHlred; also, Mammoth Imperial
I'elrla Duck Eggs I2.0U per 10 Iron.
high scored birds. Mrs. W. F
Ooran, Silver Creak Ranch, 8 milts
wast oi Crulxaok, U-tt*
* t
The direct tram service to Spokane
via the L'. P. R.-Spokutie-liiteTiiu-
lionul route, was inaugurated on
Monday and since that date has been
patronized hy steadily increasing
numbers ol people. The tickets sola
by Mr. Moe, agent at Cranhrook.
averaged only lour per day (or '.'In
lirst Uuee days, but the actual number nl passengers (rum all points w.u
lor Monday, 28; Tuesday, 35, Wednesday, ll. when all the advantages
nl Uie now road, consisting iu Uu:
saving of time, money and changes
ii mute, become generally known,
'be traflic will lit very heavy. Tho
return trip from Cranhrook now
costs $12.no, as compared with $21.70
formerly. The following Cranhrook
Irninmeii and engincmen have been
placed in charge n( the new train between Cur/on and Klngsgato; Con-
ductor, D. .1. McLennan, Brakeman
P. Ryck-nian and IV. E. Dixon, Engineer G. Munroc, Fireman ,1.  iV.iloy.
The time ol the Shopmen, which
lias been kept Inr the past year In
Calgary, will hereafter bo handled
here. Mr. W. K. Walton, of Cal-
zaiy, arrived un Wednesday and took
ip ttio duties ni timekeeper.
Mis. Henderson, wile ol Jas. lien-
dorson, lie Inspector, is visiting this
w,fk ia creston.
Hugh MacDonald, litter, wont I..
Wiielend this week to relieve Locomotive Foreman F. II. Pennyfuther (or
two or three wieks during the hitler's temporary absence.
The lollowlng brakenien won- taken
into the service this week: James
I'allaglian and L. Nellie.
Mr. S. II. Reynolds, assistant city
•ugincer. Winnipeg, brother ot Wi
It. Reynolds, of the trainmaster's ollice, will arrive iu the city on Friday. Mr. Reynolds hns been visit-
ng in California and on his return
Irlp will spend a few davs wilh his
brother bore.
R. S. Chapman, ol Feruie, lormer-
v n( ihis oily, has mined the clerical
•tall in the freight tlcparl nl ul the
ttnt Ion.
■ I. II. Sage, hiller, has been trans
(erred to. Superintendent Erickson's
iccuuiitiiig stall.
W. E. Wnodhiiuse, master mechanic,
nf Calgary, is in the cily on official
business of ,the company.
R. D. Smith, district master mo
flianic, who has boon al Medicine
Hal Uie past week returned on Wed
DeVore Hunt left (or Winnipeg nu
Wednesday lo join Jos. Jackson and
others ot the committee of trainmen
uf western lines, who will interview
ihe management in regard to the
new- schedule.
Mrs. Wm. Cameron left, lor Calgary
.in Wednesday to visit her sister
.Irs. Kirhy, whose eldest boy is dy-
.ug from spinal meninigltls.
To numbers ol Cranbrook residents
Sirdar has been long known as a
pleasant summer resort. In the past.
however, the lack of adequate
hoarding accommodation was felt.
The ('. I*. R. will spend $2,fM10.(IU
ibis spring in building an additiou to
ihe company's hoarding house, thus
overcoming that difficulty, and with
Mrs. (Ionian's excellent management
Is sure to attract manv families (rorai
ibis place.
.1.     Teller, rnadmaster   at  Fernie.
was in Cranhrook on Saturday making   arrangements lor     tlie season's
lieavv construction work on his di
i riot.
Su|>erinleiident Erickson and Secretary Art Wilson are making a tour
nf inspection of the division this
Win. Smith, C. P. R. gardener, has
planted 1500 tulip and hyacinth
bulbs in the station garden which
will soon present a very nice appearance.
Conductor Ira Aldridge, Ilrakcinen
D. Hopkins and G. Miller left on
Tuesday for Sirdar, whore they will
have charge of the ballast train (or
he summer's work.
Bi;...  ■M**=zzr1Bw
Spring Weddings
The lirst ri-.|iiisir,- o{ tl i
HOME  is a
Comfort, Luxury, t'. ti.
venience iittpnil tlie'lmvii a
nf n - Km i'1'KN \ V
RANGE lor th,- «,nip.
merit nf tin- kitchen. It i-
u   constant   guarantee   ■•!
SAT1SFAI l'li i.N
-   See
Crunhrouk. H, C,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>*♦
Some of Our Real Estate Snaps I
" Ki-si.li-iitial I.ids mi tVnwick Avenue
:•  ;.u
il       "           "     "   l.iiiiisih-n tlvenui
:i-l! n-il Dwelling on Bnker Hill for
'2 Corner Lots on Baker Street    Price t
1 Roomed House near School
I'l-Unnilli-il lluuse iiii   1'urwell Avenue
.*, IL nun,-,l Plastered Cottnge mi Hansen
I.1, Acres, fenced, 111 minutes' walk from
Posl 1 iiii,.-
Brick Bungalow nnd Stable, rrnts Inr j-
Tn month.i
■ i \     1,300
I'f lti-,iiiieil Dwelling,nil modern improve
llenls    lure:
liathrtiom, lawn, etc, only
'.i-l! nisi Hra.se, suitable [or Boarding
Busy i,- in-    Kraal! casl. payments only.   1-
,1 fuitlift i-.nl
IL     V
.,11 lift  al   a       .
iled  tbo man.
Engineer All Kllllns is in Calgarj
liiispital undergoing an nporaliou fni
Uie injuries to his hack. Mrs. Kit
lins will remain in Calgary unlit Uu
esult  is known.
(Nelson News.)
In a district in the Slocan country
where, so far, uo rich strikes    have
heel, made, F. s. Griffith, o( Slocan
City,, has made a discovery which  is
iiprcccdcuied.     He has ore, assayed
ore, which runs over 2000 ounces in
liver,   besides  iis    lead   and    /.inu
The    property   is   the   Westmont
roup which is s-iliutisl on Ten Mile
l'reek,   about one    mile   and a ball
above Slocan lake.     There ale     no
lUior properties ot note In the   Immediate vicinity    with the exception
I tlie Enterprise.    Associated in tho
wiiciship    of the property are   .Ur.
Urillith and also P. W. Ellis, ol T'o-
tonto,    the   well   knuwa    jeweller.
Eleven years ago ore was discovered
in an outcropping uu the ground covered by tbe Westnionl group,    suniu
1 which   gave (airly high     values.
Some surface work   lower down   the
hillside showed the ledge to be    ap-
latently permanent.     It varied Irom
eight    (eet   lo    eighteen Inches    lu
width.     Uul there was little use in
such a discovery unless it could    be
shown    to   be existent    at depth.
Therefore, after having guaged     Uie
dip and strike oi the ore by work on
Ihe   upper levels,    Mr. Griffith proceeded to locate tht ore at depth hy
driving a tunnel to crosscut the vein
at a depth nf SOO leet.     It was     a
large undertaking as the crosscut had
to be driven a   distance of over     a
thousand feet.
Now the faith ol the owners in tlie
property, after   11 years work,   has
been justified.    The tunnel, driven to
distance ol   IIM    fni lion, fea
ui pi
leal     drove on,     lollnwing    up uu-
riil nu a distance ui aUuui au leet
.ii.-ii uiu ore,     which    was running
In.ill DU ounces iu ailici with    uiuei
ulues, siiddciiH chunged miu a iu.-t.fi.
jrmullon.     Eight and a ball     ions
.no sn nn been exlracled aud     as-
u)s iiniii  this  taken noiu   Ine uu-
iuii Hum ouu lo 20UU
ll is the inuuuuu
•a llie owners  tu snip al once      u,c
nre which ttiej have recovered and tu
proceed Iminedialel)  Willi lue plop.:
development ot wbul La. now piuud
lu   Ue  a   valuable   property.
F. i, M. R.   1 AKIIS  At
FERN 11..
I-.' -.. I- , ■ Slur, ♦
\l If ♦
Phone  :i> Arm-lrimt!   1
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦->-> r*»
.*Yniit\ April i.*
i.uiifiiUbli* uccrileii
lurieil Iiere iui   si.
ill   lilt*  \ dills ul   llu
ii Michel railwuy,
It. Ui'l'ul ai i ocl(
ii-x-ii, Wliile the
t'ltgagt-d in aiiuniu.
-Oik ui th**   uio*.t
IS   -.VhiCU   liu\C   OC-
lllt-    lime    l.auiy-*[it:J
' .Muiri.s*)*.-), heiiiu*
u'-uumu: ue C. 1'.
il- bdiuiU-} a iter-
yard eii^ine -a-s
_ a siring ut c-i-3
little -"ill nam*.-- iit-_.-"i, a*.-.c*_
>»*ai_ ul  a^*.*,  aitL-mjit*.*,! lu tiu*>s U.t
track, ami before the engineer ot
crew saw her ■iaiig*-*iuti-- pusiiiun she
was struck by the Lai*, ai.it leil undei
un- -""heels. 'Ihe iu.it truck -*a_">e*_
over lici lt*g crushing it in a terrible
manner anil neeesstlaliiirg aiajjutatiuu.
i tit; wheels alsu \u^x-il over a purtiou
ni one luiiil", idrvih-f- uti the finger tips.
She was Immeillately removeil to tbe
Fernie hospital where \to ilm.-u-r')
tiulil uul .-iiiuiig hopes ui her rt-cui-
t.-iy. Tin* case is „ paiiiL'ularly __d
one from \to fact that tbe child's
mother is a widow*, the husband having been killed in the terrible explosion at the Coal Creek mines il
Notice i.. h
Iii- iiu-i-iinu, l
ht-KI in Uiu
Alomlny, Apr
tu Ol'gilltiZO fi
iis members
lion suceessfi
x puli-
ill   to
ireby given
i Fruit gro
Council Cli
I   15tll,     at   2      o'clock
ii ihe iiiu'ual benefit of
and make their occupa-
a llilll-t.i
I RAN it:
(Nelson News.)
The .Jeanie   Fletcher company, new
to this city, iii.ufp good lasi night at
the opera house and the repetition of
>l ihe court-it to-niffhl with a sub-
littriion ol English for Scotch
ill Im* well attemlod hv lovers
-m-d nui
the   chief
hough   th.
(Hoza,   esp
n Wiicffl
ie  fit'
iti   I
•reived   last
unj- that to<
live."  in   \il,
"vender ful,
M Went wo
ini", April 13
Aliss Fletchi
iii.uHon, ol course,
niano playing oi 1
ctally in his sclec
r awl his variations
ll.nie,  was excellent
■met player. 1.. r;,
vnrmlj  applauded
pieces, particularly in    a
im Clou noil's F.Mi'i   Mlm
a   pleasiii*-   inprHIKI      whu
ii- attention lo expression
'tness find imoothness ol
in ,iMlludinous Btrlvlngn
nllic uppei register, ttw-
tit devoid <.[ anv oilier
. Hccmaey ol pilch. Tho
rendering ol the
iifii'," made Miss
Willi Mie ladies ol
>i homesick Scots-
Itei ihe concert,
isl have heard her
Sync." 1 didmt
the song till she
wi-, perhaps     the
htti   Miss   Flelcliel
However, the
t With the ■"C'lieral
'iiuti' Thro' the
e expression    was
ih hull, Saturday even-
F(iH RAI.E—Two residences at
very low price, Apply Fink Mercantile Co. 2
TO RENT—Rooms ful nlshed and
unfurnished. Apply to Mrs. Cart*
wright, Armstrong avenue. 60-4*
is \\(.\i '.'-"iiiii im: i.
Wednesday Evening
April 24th IMU7
DaJn   :.   .,    -   ■
i   I- K  -   .
ill KI.TS j; v.
I..„l, -,-. -.,-..,-   ,.
Saturday, April 13th.
By S|h
Fletcher Concert:
Ji"*- i   F--TZ4.1
*l nu
******************** *
*   m
u t t,-l
ll    U.c
r. mpi nil
1 p  .
ft.     I«
'ii.     Bain,
II   1
1    ll„-
Statute, ol
Ism      in-
K  Act
lj and
man,-! ul
Tin- I'd
llnli Gold
X oti
A niei-luu- ol llie sli.iri-li,,l.li-is ot
Tlie l>.iy Roll Gold Mil.nn- and Mill
lllg Conipanv, Limited, Nou-Pn bi il
l.ialiiliiv. Mill l„- held at tlio -Cham
bers of Mis Honour, P. i-:. WtlHoii;
Local Judge, Crnnluool: on Mm. l.n
the JJiul day nl April,  1907, al   ll..-
Iiour ol lour oilock in the after.	
to eonsiili-i a tender „i One Thousaifd
Dollars made Io. tlie assets ,,[ u„.
said Company.
•lolin  Leask,
Ollifl.il   l.i,|,ii,|.,i,,i
Dated   this    lbtb   day   ol    A mil '
"M".   Mi Till*   CltANKltOOK   11 KHALI)
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
F. Waring, of R, (i. Dunn A ('<..,
of Calgary, was here examining the
foundations of the business blocks In
Klko, Baynes I.nke, ICIkmouth ami
Roosvillc, the land of sunshine, trull
and llowers,
The Ignorance of ihe   lowet cln
is liwomlng alarming.—Wr-bster.
Mis.   I.iu-v    l.ctlielsll.l
luforurally Wwlnesdny ufldrmmn al
her icsidi'iiee. Fine Miple creel". The
ii ft or noon was spent with convcrua-
Hon and fumy work, .md later llghl
leiie^iiiicnis were served, coiis-lstlni"
uf salad, samlwlclies, cake and coffer.
The It (' government Imilt and
furnished an up-lo-dnt-u school in
Klku. The trustees have secureil n
-plendid le.iHiei. Sow, iis up in the
people ol KILn in see theli clilldren
attend Ihe schoid and behave themselves wliile selinol is in session.
So iiu Her how eipeti .t teacher may
he it's impossible for them to make
scholars unless the parents help lo
push the giimc along, A word tn
the wise, etc.
"fan vuu spenk French' Well,
yes, a liiih'. Thai is, 1 ean shrug
niv shoulders.
Ilaimlet— Act I, scene 5.—Kilter
ghosl and Hamlet.
Hamlet: "Where wilt thou lead
mc''    Spenb!     I'll go no further."
(Ihost. "Mark me'"
Hainlel: "All light, "Old Man."
I'll mark you, Waif until I "*o In
Fro.1 Roo's for some lishing tnekli1
lhat marks ihe liij- catches wo read
alrout   in  the Herald.
Vuu may talk or ihe joys nf summer,
Of the fhi.veis you may sing;
Iiui sitting down ou a red hoi
Is the sign of an early spring.
There's a gang of fin roofers in
town from Fernie. I la il < .oluiinVhi,
good live shower baths.
Jake Arnold, the Poller Palmer of
(iali'Way, II. ('., was in Kiln Ihis
week looking over the Walt street etui
t.f it.
Mr., Mrs. aud Miss Taylor passed
through K:ko on iheir way to Cran-
linxil; Friday. Mrs. and Miss Taylor have heen enjoying camp life
down the Kootenay, where Mr. Taylor is hie; ogemati in the Haker-Mc-
Nab tall pines.
Dick—"What   would  ynu  dr.  hill if
you had a million dollars7"
Hill—"Notli ing."
I-:. I.. Burden, nf Toronto, was In
town living tn induct' the people in
cover their hetids with St radian
Pete Pringle was in from the snow
hell with Mr. Hates, nf the Mae-
Dotrald saw mill, near Morrissey,
Messrs. Clark and Pettigiew passed
through town on their way to Cranbrook, where they intend buying
some lots,
Tlie innchIiterv for the Rock ('reek
mills arrived iu Klko and Manager
■Johnston expects to he shipping lumber to the sheeplierders out in Sunny
Alberta in two weeks. '.'nut's going some.
While the Fish Refused to Bite.
Act  fi, scene   I—The  Elko pioneers
lights turned down.
Enter  Heroine and  Villain.
She looked at him with horror,
Ami she coldly  turned away;
And thr audience sat and shivered
'? tiough they knew- not  wlni  in ,,,iy
The     villain's dagger   glilleied   and
described a semi-circle in     thr
Hut as tits arm shot down,    a voice
rang out
Vo   Is Mould    Dt    Aket lice  Ranh
Roo Kite Hal Dite Os Tsnn I.vtw
Odo l.yu Rsaye Ar,
Atrd the murder was prevented.
Willie Laurie was in Klko this
week from Calgary, giving a Camp-
Mi snug and dance with a I Ionic
solo, and a Scotch mist fell o'er the
town that wet several Irishmen
J oil ll Todmi titer left fnr the mine
regions of Fording river anil the
North Fork nf Klk river, afler spending a pleasant visit with his family
at this point in the Rocky Mountain
Walter R. McKay, Ihe popular
young contractor --ml manager of
lloH-rooks general si nre, was a
Cran brook visitor this week.
The building trade is very active in
Klko at present. The Holfnmn house:
and the Columbia lintel arc fixing up
their places, with sample rooms and
other conveniences for the commercial trade. Fred Roo will build a
targe warehouse, and ii is expected
that a large private boarding house
«ill he built  right away.
A man Hint's close we all dpsplse,
lie wearies us, we find,
But when a **irl with laughing eyes
Is close,  we do not   mind.
W. A. Frost, tbe real est.ii-* agent
in the Tobacco Plains country, was
in town with a parly of hind seekers
troin Spokane this  week.
Miss . Talkrmdowii entertained
Toilgllliul .lack, Springhalt Sain and
Oooscneck Bill, tn an Informal tea
last Sunday at the beer garden*-.
Sardines and Sottas.
Seeding is ahniit over mi Tolmeco
Plains and the mines (copper) nre
cceatrug    't|uite a boom   In Roosvilie
. ml   Eureka.       The  Rex  group       is
working double shifl and experts say
that   there  will  he a   Unite City     on
Tobacco Plains ere long.     The Coper Giant, on Plii-Uipps Creek, owned
hv M.  Phillipps,  Kst|,, of Fruit ta nils.
Klk river, will be worked as soon ns
Ihe sunn   g-jes.     The Copper Kettle
roup owned    by Chicago capitalists
re lo he worked     right away      ami
thi'i     valuable   properties will     be
iDiighl   In the float.     ll will be the
ii Tobacco Plains. ' The Flathead
reservation is to he thrown open
ml thousands nf people will come
rum the Middle Wesi States ami
.ill drift nnrlh, smith and west ot
Callspell, and Hie properties on
I'ohMcen Plains will lirlng ntne-
enths nf tbem to the mine regions uf
.noM-vlHc ami Purndlse, north nf
lod's country as ihe Illiterate call
lie   1'nilcd   Stales.
mm aaHn-MM-MMM - * ■
On Friday lust a dance was held in
he Library hall under the auspices
i ihe Crows Nesl Puss Lumber
'ompnny's Ktuployees' club and lib-
ny. The at'teiidaiice was a record
ue, Ihere being nuineroiis visitors
:oih ii distance, and a mosl enjoy-
blc evening was spent, dancing l-ving
.•pi up till an early hour in the
loniiug. Music was supplied by ilii*
erbie symphony orchestra and Mr.
;iin Wauclisiiiilh made an ellicieiit
nor manager. During tbe evening
ii interesting presentation was made
pi Mi. and Mrs. George Custer, on
ie occasion of iheir recenl murriiege.
Ir. C. II, Lindsav, on behalf of the
nployces, asked Mr. and Mrs. IV
■i's ucceptiiiiee of a handsome scw-
iig mai'liine as a I niton of the esteem
ml regard in which they were held
v ttir employees of tin1 eompanv and
Ir. Custer on behalf nf Mrs. Custer
ml himself returned thanks.
The enthusiasm wiib which Warder has opened up the baseball sra-
-.iii during Ihe past week bas been
-omcthiiig seldom seen in the town.
.11 the boys are taking a great in-
.-re.sl in gelling Inlo shape for
Lnslness and the remarkable stunts
erformed by some nf litem during lin-
'lactiee games go to show that Ihey
i re hound In make sonic of their op-
I linents wonder when' lhc gaiuo
irlglmited. Sieve Ridlev came
.cry nearly carrying oil ihe honor nf
linking the lirst home run id n>.* sen-
'in, but unfortunately he lost hv a
i -ngtli at the home plate. If the
boys receive the support they descrvi
i gin Ihe citizens there is every rea-
•m why we should have some good
•.nines this summer. We hopu tlnii
•he baseball etiliiiislnsts of our
',eighbni'ing towns will take warning
•qui this and be ready tn receive
lie gtnn|s lhat inn toys will be in
bane to deliver wllbin the uexl few
<>n Sunday evening a Presbyterian
lltireb service was held in \to I.ib-
"iiry hall, when a choir of children
'-ntiil-uted a iiumhei nf livtuns which
'.ere to have been sung nl tbe Kasl-
r serviee nn the previous Sun-dav
ut which unfortiiiiateiy had to be
osipmied. There was'a grnUfying
(lendnnee, and Ihe time and trouble
iHirl in teaching tlm children wns
inrily compensated for by the splen-
lld result. There is mi reason whv
Mis choir should nnt he a permanent
ne as iu a very short time Hie
lilldien   would   soon   he able   In   s-liu-
llte hymns with nne prneliee each
week, and it would he a decided im
'fovenieul on Ihe lirdlhVrenl singing
we have been accuslomed tn in     the
The Misses Kill th and Hazel [.und.
who have been     sin-nding the Master
■icaUon at home returned in school
at  Xelsnii nu Monday.
Mr. II. C. LintUiiv lefl on a bus!
ness nip tn Spokane mi Mondav and
was absent   for several davs
1 11 MOYIE |
 (From Wit Hayje l.tader.)
The people nf Movie nre determined
to have a fire hall, one which will be
iu every wav a credit and an ornament tn tbe town, As it will re*
tpiire nearly *;nu in build nt purchase n suitable building it will be
si-en that some lull rustling will re-
tjiilre tn be none. The board of
trade has the matler in band ami
there is un -juration but they will
icc(«il|ill»li what ihev have set nut to
do. ll is proposed to raise the
money by popular subscript inn nml by
giving an entertainment or two. At
the meeting of Hie board Wediiesda"
evoning it was decided to give nil
piilertnlliliu'iil nn Hie evening ol Wednesday, Apiil 2ttli. There is plenty
nf local talent iu the town niril
cvervone whn cm help mil will be
invited lo do so. The getting up of
the aflair lias been left to the following comml'Hec: R. Campbell, A. P.
Macdonald, F, .1, Sinvt-h. K. A. Hill
.!. W. Fitch, .lack McTavish, K. O.
Kamm, V. Desaulnici, W. P.. While,
ami -I. P. Farrell. A meeting will
he held in Hie sample rooms of Mie
Central hotel next Mondav evening
when further arrangements will be
made and a programme rliafted. All
Interested arc rwiiiesled to attend
this meeting.
Miss Jenlrie Smith spent  ihe week
in Craubrook visiting friends. Miss
I.uiu  Crowe had charge of the posl
office during her absence.
.lohn Simpson whn has been principal nf the Movie school for almost
two years, left   Monday for Toroato
where he will n
I cfnrc coming      in  the  west. The
.-Iiniii will open uext Monday moiu-
ag wilh     Miss Nicholson as teacher
f the senior department, and Miss
,uiu Crowe in charge oi the junior
Mrs. Conilid was removed Tuesday
o Hn- hospital at  Craubrook.
morning by a car while he was ip-
paiiing Hie drum on the' second incline. He was at first thought to be
seriously injured In ter iml ly but later
reports, trom Hie hospital, where he
was taken, indicate that his injuries
are not of a serious nature ami that
he will be about again before king.
C.   P
W. II Laird returned lo Movie
Wednesday after lieiug east for over
two months Most of the time lie
spent on Prince Kdward Island, but
to was also in New York and Bo
Ion. He is again holding down his
i.Id job at  Hie St.   Kugcue mill.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mis. Thos. Summers on Mondav,
\|illl   1st.
. MacK.iy has a small (out nf
"cuvtiUng mi his bits near tbe
IL track preparatory to erect-
lie buildings in connection with
is sub -marine mining proposition.
.1. c. Brewery returned yesterday
uiu the east, after spending the
Inter iu Montreal, Toronto and Ot-
,iwa. lie is in town for a day
looking after his many interests.
Miss Nicholson was iu Nelson
his week attending the teachers cou-
enlloii. She was accompanied by
er sister, Miss Mae Nicholson, who
.as here nu a visit, but who has
barge of the school ..1 Cascade.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hair are again
,i Moyie aftei an absence nf several
iionMi's. Mr. Barr was al Toimpali
ml Goldflelds and Mrs. Barr was
1 si-ting with relatives at Kenosha,
Vis. Thev will again hike up their
lotnn in Moyie.
it. T Howard returned the first
I ihe week from Emlerby, where
!• was looking after n ranch which
e recenl ly purchased. He has lffl)
t-res of lirst class laud and intends
.einiiallv to make his home there.
Ir. |Inward is well pleased with the
iiillook nf tbat  purl  of the country.
Nearly Hie whole town turned nut,
n l lie dance which was given •* the
nke Shore hotel Kaster Monday by
ir. ami Mrs. p. .1. lligginsami Mr,
ird .Mrs. Gill, whn ale conducting tin)
'nsmopolltaii hotel close by. A"
Im all ended had a big time,
The   second    contest  iu the    series
.f elocution contests held under   tlie
usplccs of the W. C. T. U. will take
for some time' place on  Monday evening next,'April
Sth. in Shirk's n|*cla hnusc.      .\ class
f six contestants including a    young
la-dyi    from Coal  .Creek, have  ' been
training hard and au exciting contest,
xpeoled,      A   splendid    musical
programme is being prepared to    be
laterspersed with the rcclUtious, As
Hie programme   will commence       at
MO sharp ami as no nne will be   allowed   to be seated    while ,i   eolilcst-
nl is reciting, the public are rc-
i,ut*stiHl to lie sealed early. There
.ill nnt he any reserved seats iu thitt
(From Tbe Fernie Ledger.)
Last    nidit     Miss   Bacon,  I).  D
Mrs.   .1.  Kllby,  N.  G.;  and Mrs.. .1
Bulger, P. G-, all of Nelson, were in
he cilv iiuil      instituted a   Bebeknh
odge n't I. 0. 0. F. hall.
Nearly "Jfi eaiHlidnteN received th
legree. . The degree was conferred in
very impressive manner hy the
Velson Indies, ami the new sisters
vere eutliuslnstie over tbe beauty of
he ceremony. The following were
iianlmuusly elected to be the first
Ulcers ot Esther, Rebcknli lodge Ni
N. G.-Mrs. Margaret Beck.
V. G.-Mrs. Carlson.
R. S.-W. W. Tuttle.
Treas.—Mrs. Vance.
Financial  secretary—Mrs,   Handler
Past Grand—O.  N. Ross.
The iipiiointed oflleers were:
o. (l.-L K. Covert.
Warden-Mrs.  Bell.
Conductor—F, Handlcv.
R. S. N. Cl.-T. W. Bell.
Chaplain—Mrs.   Nuuii.
R. S. V. G.-Mrs. Hanson.
L. S. V. G.-Mrs. Stone.
Afler the initiation uud election of
.dicers a vacation was taken and the
.hole party enjoyed a most dnlntly
repnred ami served supper supplied
iy Mr. Sliim. All together it was
i most enjoyable occasion long to be
This is the beginning of a very
large Rehckah lodge here, which will
ie a most efficient auxiliary to t<he
I.O.O.F, order.
Miss Bacon. Mrs. Kilhy and Mrs.
'lulgi'i returned tn Nelson by this
milling's train.
Mud and show slides on the G. N.
'■•Iweeii Fernie and Mnrrissey have
interfered witb traffic on that line
lo some extent during the week, but
trains are again on time.
Dr. Corsuti, of tbe school board,
stepped into the corridor of the public school building Thursday ami
lunched the lite alarm button, and in
■ess than W seconds all the clilldren
were safely out  of Hie building.      A
ood record.
G, G, S. Lindsey returned to the
city from Calgary Wednesday.
K, P. Miller, who has been cashipi
"f the Cttr.il company for a vear oi
more, has resigned ami will go to
Tabor tn hike the position of head
Hcnunhini with the Reliable Coal
coinpnuj nf that place.
F. II. Sherman, president id -lis-
Irlcl Nn. IR, .lames Lancaster, pre
-dent nf Gladstone union, and
Thomas Biggs, secretary, arrived
'iitnie nn Wednesday, after their pro-
Inliged slay at     the Calgary eonveii-
(From Tin Ferule Free Press.)
Archie Nicholson, a miner in     No.
mine, Coal Creek, was crushed this
lames Pasta, a Hi year old bov,
had his leg broken ou the tipple at
Coal Creek yesterday.
Miss McCiimoiit was at Cranhrook
iver Sunday,
Mis. VI W. Tuttle is ill in Hie Bel-
luig'hair.  hospital,
F. Rutherford of the freight de-
narhiieiit nf the C. P. 1!., bus been
transferred   in Alnelcod and expects
in leave shortly.
Miss Clement   went   to Elko    this
week   In  take charge of that     school.
Miss Sinclair, hei successor, is nt-
tending the teachers convention at
Nelson and will arrive iu the cilv in
time to take up her work next Mon-
(From The Frank Pauer.)
The most distressingly sad accident
lhat luis ever happened in lhc mines
if the International Coal * Coke
ompnny at Coleman, occurretl ves-
i'tday morning at about II o'clock,
\n explosion nf gas caused t-he dea-th
•if three of the best known and mosl
topulur nu*" in thp cmplny of the
'-.unpauy while eight others were
vercome and must have perished
Kid they not been speedily found
nd removed. Fortunately thev
weie taken out in time and' revived.
None is seriously afTccled.
The dead are: 'IL Gtewcutt, si'., his
ion II. Grcwcutt, jr., and Chas. Hut-
ton.     The other men affected   were:
II. Gillctt,     .Toe Li.ska, Walter Nelson, W. E. Clarke,    George    Wilson,
lohn   llogaii, ,f.     A, Price and Edward     Eacott.        Gltlett nml Liska
'.vere  somewhat   burned bv the     ex-
losion, but  Hie others onlv sufTered
from the cflects nf the after damp.
Hut ton who was a fire boss, at   7
'clock fu flip ipornlng, examined the
lace    where the   explosion occurred
ml reported it iu good order.    The.
"ten went ou nIiIG and Inss than two
' ours later the explosion came. The
•-plosion blew out-some of the stop-
ings,    rendering  ih impossible      to
"en-tllate the place until repairs could
'e made ami ns none of the men af-
''•eted were able to talk yesterday it
as been impossible to determine the
■nisi* of the. accident as yot-
It would appear that none nf    Mm
lend were killed hy Hie explosion and
•hat all met dentil     from Hie efleet*
f lhc deadly after damp.        Mutton
Was not in the mine at the time, not
'earing the explosion, ran In and fell
'ead in Mie entry,       Grcwcutt, sr,
"as working in room till, where it is
thought the explosion took place. He
■.raped and was in  the main entn
when be thouiffbt.  of his son and turn-
d back.     A fellow workman tried tn
lissuadc bim hut be insisted and like
Mutton,   fell dead jn tbe entry,   The
■<ody of young    Orcvi.utt was     not
'nuiid fnr some hours, when it    was
hiken rrnin chute .IK.     Evidently hi*
'iad run from bis place in tlie cross-
ut ln-twcen "»8 and fyl, and fell into
'he chute.
Of the eight     men taken out     un-
tmscious. some    were overcome trv-
'tig to    gel out,    wliile others     fell
while .engaged In Hie work of rescue.
Only two of the eight were    burned,
tillctt and Llska. indicating that the
immediate effect «f the explosion was
■nnfhied tn a small area,
As far iis has been learned, the
'nine is nnt damaged to any extent
The most pitiful phase of the at-
r'ir Is that In the removal of the
(trewciitts, a large family Is lefl
d-stltuie. 0 re wen h, st\. leaves a
wife amt several small children.
L-rewcuit. jr.. and Mutton were both
voung men ami single.
E.   K. Orchard,    who is departing
i, n'-VV'r,kr l,is f",lirr' f«»WelIc«
tn British Columbia, gave a supper
'■riday evening .it the Frank hotel to
'  few friends.     The guests were .1
J. Nrmer, R. Sleeves. C. ]) Mc-
t*   .•«''• ,"„ »l'i<,'*fr. .1. Robertson,
'-■ W.    Luckbanll   and     AL Manuel
'eliciliinis stH'irhes followed ;i spread
i rare excellence.
C. ll Valois, who has the eontracl
n do rnad work for the government
"■ the Pass, is this week engaged in
repairing the bill road l«li.,.< out of
Jrank to Lille. The bank is Mug
'■o'«H un and the hitherln danger-
"118 piece of rnad put in safe condition.
A wedding which partook somewhat of Hie romance of au elope-
mwtt. was celebrated at Columnn one
'lay lasl week. The nrine||ials were
•lohn May and Miss Ellen Aubcrtin
|'f Lille. The couple were to have
been married ionic weeks heme but
n appears loves intb->;mlinns v/vtt
*oo enthusiastic to be deferred longer and aecordiugly they took a
'piiei trip to Coleman wbera they
were united.
•\ Masonic lodge was instituted at
< olcmun lust evening. Following the
ceremonies a IwnRuet was held at tho
Pacific hotel at which speeches were
made uml which proved a thoroughly
cnjoyahle affair. The officers ItuSoI-
Ird were: W. M., Br. ,1. West wood;
£*• W., G. L. Frnser; .1. W., G. W.
Kerr; treasurer, II. N. Galer; secretary, (). p. Porter; chaplain, .1.
Ivldrhlge; M. of 0„ S. Armstnmg;
S. B., G. H. Dickson; .1. p., J. A
Price; s, S., .1. 0. C. McDonald;
J- S., J. Hunter; tyler, J. Chalmers.
(Calgary Trade Gazette.)
Auy Calgary resident who has had
occasion lo visit the 0. P. JL express
offices, must be astonished at the
enormous number ol parcels plastered over with tbat well known blue
and while label, with the name. of
Eaton in largo, staring capitals. If
Calgary was some isolated village:
i hundred inhabitants, this craze
fur buying goods thousands id miles
distant, with the uncertainly ol
getting what yon ordered, might be
excusable, hut in a city like Calgary
with its splendid stores ami immense,
stocks nf goods, it seems almost a
farce for people In send their money
Hill of Hie city tbey earn their living
in, in patronize eastern depaiiment.il
stores, and who usually get in return for their money cheap Irusli
hum home Hebrew sweatshop, which
iu nine cases out of ten never gives
lasting satisfaction to Ihe purchaser,
A gieui many different plans have
been originated and Hied with little
or no effect, to wean this particular
ityle nl bargain-hunter, but Ibe
ureal cause nf failure Is that iim
lioillt' mereliaut doesn't feet) bis cus-
I outers wilh the light kind nf pap.
The only way m cure this mania is
fnr the Calgary dealers to, tu every
.-asc, thoroughly convince their cus-
lomeis ihal if they want to huy
(OOils nl undoubted (pialltv thev can
■■.ft them in Calgary lust as cheaply
is in the easi, plus Ibe express, oi
even less, but if tbey are hound to
purchase shnddy goods, lei thein gn hi
Hades or Katun's, nr any old place,
mil tbe sooner thev burn their lingers
the better, as this class of trade is
not worth catering to; but if the
eustnmer wants good goods, don't
leave any stone unturned to convince
'iim of the folly of sending their cash
■nit nf the city. This is not buitf-
less, and Hie Calgary mi'icbanls are
lo blame, as Ihis money, everv dollar
if it. rightlv belongs to Western
nerchants, and tbey should malic
•prcinl efforts to corral all this cash
.vhicb is streaming east by
mull. Below we reproduce*
tide from the Canadian Courier, dps*.
Tibing a plan formed by the meis
chants in Gladstone, Manitoba, lo
ippose ihe departmental stores:
Out in the town of Gladstone,
Manitoba, Ihey are making au experiment which promises opposition    h
lie city department stores, a mini-
'icr of the merchants have united and
irganlzed under the name of "The
Merchants. Limited," with a cnpltnl-
'.•.ation of  $50,(1(10, The president
Ms a dry goods    store, the vlee-pre-
Idelit has a grocery store, ami the
itlier directors are'also merchants.
They propose to run all the
uisinosses iu the present estahlish-
iiruts, but under the one company,
There were two hardware stores, hut
me is to to eliminated. Go-ids will
'io sold only fnr cash nr under tin
■nupnii system. The hitter is some
what typical of the West, where
credit is very common. In Ibis i
i farmer who wants credit, will
to the head office, give a note and
*et coupons which will be us good ns
-ash In all of the slores under |l«*
•ontrol of the company.
The ex pei'l men I begins this week,
iml     It   will no doubt attract wide
Mention. .Much will depend on the
iimitngcment, If it is determined
ind relentless In keeping down     tin
xpenses of administration and ii
running the business at the least pos
■dhlc cost, there seems little reason
why goods should not tm sold mor.
cheaply than under the old system nf
every man for himself. The trouble
usually comes from the inside, not
from the outaidc. Some director (nr
his wife) interferes, and the families
•ret mixed up, and the business falls
Into hopeless confusion.
Tin' small merchant in the towns
'nd villagies has certainly a bard tinm
»f it. The rlepnrtmenl store entn*.
'ngue is a thing ot beaut v and a inv
forever, with its colored cover, it's
'uapjnlfieent ImlMnne Illustrations aurl
its well classified lists, Tbe sending
nf money or goods by mail has eome
to be so common aiid so easy that
no person takes risk of loss into account, Postage is low, the cost of
nonev orders ant) postal notes is
small, the catalogue comes free, and
why should not the order be sent
to Hie big city store, where tho
"latest" is always obtainable?
It is not likely Mint the proprietors of the department stores are going to Me awake o1 nights worrving
over those enterprising merchants ji-
Ota-dstoiifi hot nevertheless the other
small merchants throughout this
broad Dominion will watch the experiment with interest. There may be
some imitators perhaps. After'nil.
it is more a question of men than nl
lohn S. Heuld, of Portland, has
Irceu connected with the Maine Central railway fnr about thirty years
as claim agent, and has had some
mighty funny experiences, Me was a
witness to the following, years ago,
in the station at Watetvillr, Me.
An ohi "haysccdy" looking man
walked up tn the much entmier, seat-
d himself on a stool, placed bis
bright colored carpel bag on the next
I tool, and partook of a hearty
lunch. He passed the voung man a
dollar hill to hike out the pi Ice of
his lunch, all cenls, and was surprised!
when the young man said: "Not
any change, sii; ymir carpel bag occupied n Kent, and we must collect
for that."
The old man looked dazed for a
second only, aud then replied:
"AM right," and oiHiilng the bag,
"Old carpet bug, I have paid for
your lunch and vou shall have it."
Quicker than ii Hash he threw in a
mince pie, a plate id doughnuts, and
several samlwlclies, aud departed/
amid the shouts of every one in the
Work without worry usually tends to
prolong life. On the other hand, worry,
with or without work, is tatal, because
it uses up what the Oocturs call tbe
"Lecithin," a phosphorueil tat which
is the chief constituent of the brain and
nervous system—a waste which, it not
stayed in time, means complete nervous wreck. The evident moral is
"don't worry'1—advice easy to (*ive,
and in these days nf stress and strain
practically impossible to take. The
alternative is; find some way of re-
placing the wasted Lecithin— the
pbosphoii/ed fat, This absolutely
essential element will be found iu
its must perfect, palatable and assimilable form in
an emulsion of Cod Liver Oil and
with Iron, the recognized blood buildui
—making riiHKOI. the ideal nutrient it
claims to he.
For the prevention or treatment of
nervous p rostral It-n 111'KOI, In absolutely unequalled—it is sale, suit- ami
The formula of IT.KHOI. li freely exposed} consequently
11 You Know
what you take"
Druggists • Cranhrook, B. C £
Mur|ihjr ft Fisher,
I urliamrntiiry,     lii-pai tinr-nliil    aa*,
I'atr-nt Office Agents.
Practice Betorc Railway Commlsilon
lliurlia Murphy. Harold Fisher.
Plll'stunil to llu- lif.illli Itv-I.aw
No. II, q| Mii- I'ilv „[ I'r.iiiiirniik,
liot'cy is lu-rcliy sivi-n that all nwn-
i-rs. ti'iianls mill iHTiip.itiis nt lamls,
houses in [iremlscs within the City,
shall clean tiro siiltl pi'dnlses anil remove all rulvliisli and noxious, of
fensive or unwholesome matter Iron:
their [iretiiises ami llu- lanes adjoining, on oi before the Diuli tlav of
April, liniT.
No further iiolilii-atinii will lie glv
No noi iiii-.it Ion is necessary to sub
slniitiate a [iroscctilion.
Anv |ierson refusing in ncglcctlns
In obey Ibis notice, limy -be lineil
$10(1.(111 aihl ,-osis or two months im-
liiisoimient wilh html labor.
Hv iirilei- Local llouril ol Health,
.uul     E    W.   Connolly,    Medical
Health  Officer,
Dated ibis Hub ilny uf April
11107. 3
Lady Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned have submitted to the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council a
proposal under the provisions ol the
Hirers and Streams Act lor clearing
and removing, obstructions trom the
Moyie Hiver and tor the erection ot
a dun; therein and for the construction awl improvements of channels
connecting the same with a lake and
with Meadow Creek and for making
the said River and Channels fit lor
holding and driving logs, timber,
lumber, rafts and emits, and lor
erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting, and delivering logs
and timber brought down said River
and for attaching booms to the
shores ol the said Itiver lor said
The lands to be effected hy the
said work are Crown lauds and Lots
ISD3, 4083, 6674, 18117, llroup One,
Kooleluty district.
The rale ol tolls proposed to be
i-barged are such as may he lived by
the judge ol the County Court of
East Kootenay.
The King Lumher Mills, Limited.
Muled July 27tb, lllllll. 60-01
I.. 1>. tl HIIOI- MBN
Doilblt, Por|ioiiwliiilc laather
anil canvaa, wujc-il, roatly for
u.e, .wive! anil hook, puibl.il
hand hold, uornl value at ll.t-'o,
SATURDAY NI0HT, April lllll, 6k
= c. c. s. -=
II you want WORK, see mo.
If yon want MKN.neuil to me.
II yon want lo sell ynur HEAL
ESTATE, Hat it with me.
Obesokmt Lodge No. S3
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at I p. m. 11
New Fraternity Hall.
A. 0. Ilowuess, C, 0,
F. A. Small, K. of It. * 8
Visiting   brethren   cordially tiv.lt*,
to attend.
"  I.O.O.F.    Key Clly IMt,
       No. II. tlnta «v«f
WB8•sCr'S-'  Monday    night    tl
New    Fraternity   Hall.     Sojourn.
lag Oilill.llow. cordially  Invited.
Cb.is. Smllh, F. II. McKay,
N. O. Sec'y.
Wantrook l.odfc. N«. II
A. P. t.A. M.
Regular meeting, oa
the third Tliund»j>
ol .very inoath.
Vlsltint hretlM welcomed.
VI. F. Atridge, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, W. II.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet  every   Fridav     evening at i
I""- ,   _■
Chas. Smith, W.P.
M.  ll.  Hillings, Secretary.
Visiting brethien cordially invlud.
Meet at B. ol L. F. Hall 2nd  tat
Uli Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren alwaya welcomt
T, Boyter, Ju. E. Larrigaa,
W. M. Ste'y
Banister, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc
Cranbiook,    •    >    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OBlca at Reddeaea, Armitroag A.a,
Forenoons - - - - o.oo to ifi.oo
Alternoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8'.30
Sundays - - - - 2.80 lo   4.30
CRANBROOK II     ::     ,;     t:     B. 0,
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
* to  I p.m.
Offlca and rwldenca oa Armitroag av.
* to 12 a.m,
1 to   I p.m.
* to  I a.m.
OHm la new Reid block
J. 0. CUMMIN0S, C. E.
Dominion nnd Provincial
Land Surveyor
Reside    Cecil   Proit'i
Former Homo
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our wnrk ih lour R<1v--rlir---n-'iiit, lint 1
iml, Him H.I in tlm llernlil.tu
fliiililmelitt- it.
Nuar Lower A nimtrong Avenue,
$a.oo A YEAR
Livery *£
iTeama aud drivers faralilied for lay
point in th* dUtrlct.
This Hotel Ims always been theleatler
in its line, ami will!»' kept up to thu
Ht.-inilanl. If you want to meet tlio
people, como to the Queen's Hotel.
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
I'm,nui nut
The Cranbrook Herald
Winnipeg Daily Free Press
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known, and so is the Free Press, as the
leading Papers in their respective fields.
By reading the two anyone can keep
thoroughly posted on "the local news of
the district and the news of Canada and
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take advantage of this extraordinary offer, you must be a new subscriber, with subscription paid; or an
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> exteuiieil to A I'll
■25 th,
Ly speci
il arrange..]
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im fiirllu-r
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thin has
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ONLY    *4>0*CO    YEAR
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager Herald
Rambling Reveries
Count no expense loss thai makes
tini home more delightful.
When tin* last word is likely to be
nn unkind one, let some one else Bay
Marriage serins never so much a
failure tn a man as when something
goes wrong ut home Uiat lie can't
possibly blamo his will* fur.
Tin'    kind   nf religion that tells in
the long inn is the    kind that never
howls ami growls because there is no
wash day.
d men say, they art* perfectly
5 tn spend iheir whole lives in
i im king iln-ii wives happy, hut they
don't spi'iid anv money lot the  same
[nil pt.se.
Tin* housewife who at night raises
the shades ul but prettily furnished
pnl'lor,    Ihal      ihe   world   in   passing
maj     catcli a   glimpse ul tin* happy
plitiile Within,  dues a gnnd  Wink lot
How often dons one hear a great
iiiiin nny, "I owe everything to my
Inline training," oi "Whut I am my
mother, oi my lather, made me."
And how often 'Mih truth, Uie bad
in.in, the mean, petty .small man,
might  say  the same thing.
We nevei have more than we can
heai. The present lioui we art! always able lo endure. As our day,
so is oui strength. II the trials of
many years were gathered Into one,
thev would overwhelm us; therefore,
iu pity to our little strength, lie
sends lust one, then another, then
removes both, and lays a third,
heavier, perhaps, than either; hut all
wisely measured to our
strength that tbu bruised weed is
never In oken. We du not look
enough at our trials in this continuous and successive view. Each one
is sent to teach us something, and
altogether they have a lesson which
is beyond the power uf anv to teach
nl nnt*.
Cherish the home with infinite tenderness.     You cannot love    it     too
imieh, nor give it too much time and
thought.      Iteuieuvlier life has nothing
better to offer ynu; it is the climax
md   crown of fill's   gifts.      Make
very dav of life In il rich ami sweet.
It will    not lust     bum.     Sec to it
hat vou   plant nn   seeds    of bitter
memory; tlml  there will be no neglect and harshness In haunt you   in
fter   years.       Your little ones will
lie and   go hence   with your words
ml spirits    planted in  their eternal
nature.     Sons and daughters will go
from you Into the    great world,     to
live ns you have taught them, to   ba
or weak according t-n the spirit
you have dignified upon them.  How
you will yearn for them whether llv-
i- or dead.      I low sweet or     how
bitter will     be the days when they
prattled about you in the .home from
which they   have gone   forever!     So
live with them ami train them     now
that   when they nre tone you     and
they can look hack on the past with
thankfulness and nol regret.
0(1011 COMPANY*.
Young men are often al a loss to
tcnow tlie 'luest manner of spending
their leisure hours. A few suggestions on lliis point may he of service. "Evil communications corrupt good manners," and in the like
ma unci good associations exert a
must beneficial Influence.
The society of a refined and to
tolllgcnf lady should be desired. If
von have ti true woman for a friend,
vuu have in lie) a treasure indeed.
Seek her society whenever practicable, not necessarily as a lover, hut
as an iMiiiesi friend nml companion.
No matter if her conversation does
nol sparkle with wit, nr not exhibit
profound culture ami erudition No
mat tei if you are acvyunlnted with nil
hei home nmusementK and know "alt
her songs by heart " In her presence you will lose all relish for vicious pleasures and receive mental
an.I moral Improvements.
I girls
The n
e often spoiled by
The lather never
titer's rheumatism
hurts so she does not see how little
Maggie can evci laugh. Childish cu-
riosin is denounced as Impertinence.
The parlor is a parliament, and everv
Nring In everlasting order,
H.ilk and tops in that house are a
nuisance, and the paper that the
lnn iv expected io relish most is
geometry, n little sweetened hv the
chalk of blackboards. Kor cheerful
reading the fathei would recommend
"Y-iiiiu* Night Thoughts" and Her-
w>- '.*■     "Meditations     Among      the
him. Collars and cuffs and neckties I tn tlie Hoard ol Railway Coinmls-
are all very well; but they do notjsioners for Canada, altei the ex
make up a good husbnnd. thoUgfl ihev 'pirainni ol  four weeks Mom   the date
da very well nn a tailor's dummy. I ol the first publication "i tills
Integrity ol character is as much notice, di so soon thereuftci as tltc
more Important than these things as application can he heard, foi uuthor-
man  is  nf  tm:
world than a dude.
importance to the
M the lust ehaiiec ihe hoy \
in.'.ik loose WHh one grand leap
he will clear ihe calechlsm; he will
hursl     aw,i\  ini<.   .ill riotous living,
He    Will    hi-   sn       nl.nl     lo  get   Ollt  of
Egypt ibai Iii- will lump into the
Uni Sea The Imrdesl colts in catch
nre those thnl hnve a loin; time heen
locked up Hestraints are necessary
hut there must In- some outlet. Ton
In ■!, ,i ibnii will overflow all mea-
Don'l  marry  the young man    who
axes Ins    mother to    find her way
home     as    lies!     she can on a dark
ht, while without  Ihoughl nr wor-lilim*   nf the II,    (V
ipology lo Hie old Tndy, he looks [now       constructed
Take notice that, under the provisions of Section __:-, Chapter .*?,
Revised Statutes nl Canada. Hint;,
llie Canadian Pacific Rallwaj Company, "as lessees ami exercising llie
franchises id ibe liritisb Columbia
Southern Railway, intends lo npph
the Board oi' Railway Coinmis"*
sinners (or Canada, aiier the expiration of four weeks from the date
oi the first publication <>i ibis
notice, or so soon tliereafter as the
application can he beard, tor authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines ol the British
Columbia Sou t hern Rail wav. com-
ttienein-* trom a point on the main
line ol the it c. s Rallwaj as
ow constructed across Loll
808, (iioup l Kast Kootennv DUi-
ion, in the province ol Drit-fab Columbia, Ami measured lf)25 feel
itloiM ihe center line from tbe north-
■•iit lioundar) ol said Lot; ihence in
southerly and westerly directions to
points oil said Lot 5808; the loeaMon
ol which said proposed 11 ranches is
more particularly shewn on ., map
ti plan profile and book of refer-
nee, deposited In the Nelson, It, c ,
Registry Office on the 30th day ol
March, 1907, as No 534 E I , notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuit to the provisions ol ibe saldj
C. Drink water, Secretary.
Ihi led tills 1th day ol April, A. I).
11107. S-Al
Take notice that, under the provisions of Section 222, Chapter .IT,
Revised Statutes of Canada* WOO,
he Canadian Pacific Railway Company, as Lessees and exercising thu
(franchises of the liritisb Columbia
Southern Railway, Intends to apply
the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, afler Ihe expiration of four weeks from the date
if the first publication of this
lintlec, or so soon thereafter as the
application can he heard, for authority to construct, maintain ami operate branch lines of the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a pnint nu the main
ilinc of the It. C, S. Railway as
■now constructed across ' Lot
4ii89, Group 1, Kast Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 1578.3 feet
long the center line from its Inter-
M-ctiom with the westerly boundary
of said Lot; thence In au easterly
and northerly direction to a point on
il Lot ' '158R; the location
of which said nroposeri Blanches is
more parUcul-k'y shewn nn a map
plan, prouie and hook of reference, deposited in the Nelson, B, C.
Registry Office on the 30th rtnv of
March, 10(17, as No. 521 DI; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the saiil
C. Drinkwater. Secretarv.
Hned this Ith dav of April, A. D.
11107. 3-5t
Take notice that, under Ibe provisions of Section 222, Chapter 117,
revised Statutes of Canada, Ifififi,
<lie Canadian Pacific Railway Company, as Lessees and exereisiitu; tho
■franchises of the Briiish Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply
to the Bnard of' Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from ihe dale
the first publlcn t ion of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as the
ilieation can be heard, for author-
to construct, maintain and operate branch lint's of the Briiish
(olulttbln Southern Rnllwnv, com-
from a point on ihe main
Une of the B, C. S. Railway as
now constructed across l.oty
IVW, Group 1, Kast Kootenay Division, in the province of Briiish Columbia, ami measured 53^20.3 feet
along the center line from its inter-
tlon with the eastern boundary of
said Lot; thence in a westcr-
nd northerly direction to points
said Lot' 4590; Ihe location
of which said proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
or plan, profile and honk of reference, deposited in the Nelson, B. C.,
Registry Office on ihe :mth dav of
March, 1907, as No. 521 Al; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the said*
C. Drinkwater, Seereinrv.
Piled this 4th dav of April. A.' D
1907. 3-5t
Take notice that, under the provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37
Revised Statutes of Canada, Iflflfi,
tie Canadian Pacific Railway Company, ns Lessees and exercising the,
jhlliehises of the Briiish Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apply-
to the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of the first publication of this
notice, or so soon thereat tei as the
application can he heard, for authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines ol ihe ilrilish
('oluuibia Sou I hern Rati way. commencing   from a     point on ihe main
' ■'    ' Railway    as
itv lo construct, maintain and operate branch lim*s of Ha* Bniis-b
Columbia Southum Railway, commencing from a point on the main
line of the B, C, S. Rullwaj ,.s
now constructed across Loi
nt.71, (.roup l, Easi Koolenuy Division, in the province ot British Columbia, and measured 3*100 feet
along the eenici line from Us intersection with tin* westerly boundary
of said L"t; thence in a southerly
and easterly direction in points oh
.s.ii.l Lot ' 6674; the locution
i,l which said proposed Branches is
liinn* particularly shewn on a map
oi plan, profile and hook of reference, deposited in tin* Nelson, B C,
Registry Office on the loth dav of
March, inn;, as No. 531 HI, notice
..I which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to tbt* provision*- of the said
s<- I ion.
c   Drinkwater, Sccretnrj
Dated this 4th day ol April, A   D
Notice i*. hereby given that thirty
y« aitei date 1 Intend to apply to
i* Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works, Victoria, for a special license
cut and ratiy away umber   trow
llu*    following     -h-3,1-1 ibed      land    ou
White Rivet, in Nurth East Kootenay
Nn     1.       Cummenciiig      at       a
posl  planted about five miles S.  E.
from No. 23 post on east boundary
Block ta96, and about one mile
:t of White River, thence west   4U
chains, thence   north    160    chains,
thence east     40 chains, thence south
Hill chains     to point     of commence
No. 2. Commencing nt the southeast cornel of No. 1, thence north
Hid chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence -south 100 chains, thence west
Hi chains lo point ot commencement.
N*% :f. Commencing nt south*
west corner of No. 2, thence south
Hill chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north Hid eliains, Ihenee west
n chains to point of commencement.
No, l. Commencing at a post
planted    2U  chains   west   ol White
River and lihoill ll miles above Ihe
eastern boundary lint* of block 450(1,
tl.cuce smith 80 chains, thence wesi
RU chains, thence nortn 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point oi
No. 5. Cnmmriicfeg .it*jra post
planted 111 chains west of the N. E.
.nmiel* of No. 4, Ihence west Ml
bains, thence nortli 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, thence soulh
chains to point of commence
Dated lfltli day of Match, 1007.
No. II. Commencing at a post
planted on the north bank of Martin
ek awl about 20 chains west of
White River, thence south DIG chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
Kill chains, thence east 10 chains
to point of commencement.
No. 7. Commencing at a post
planted 20 cliains west of the nortli
east corner of No. fi, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains,
Ihence east 81) chains, thence smith
sn chains to point of commencement.
No. 8. Commencing at a post
planted on the east bank of White
River across the river from the
mouth of Ooat Creek, thence east
8ii chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
Sii chains to point of commencement.
Dated 20th day of March, 1907.
No. f), Commencing at a pnsl
planted U miles above the mouth of
Goat Creek on the west bank, thence
west 40 chains, thence north 170
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 180 chains to point of commencement.
Dated 21st day of March, 1907.
fit C. A. Chapman, Locator,
and Works foi a license to prospect
foi cn.il .md petroleum on the following des nhed land situate on North
east Michel Creek, about U miles
noiib of the en.ws Nest Station:
l Commencing at a post planted
at ihe iinithwisi corner of J. II.
Hemphill s claim and same being the
initial    post ol   Oeo     (i      Bcldeu's
i .'aim   und   lii.nl.i-d    Geo.   G.   IMden's
south-west corner, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains east, thence
mi chains south, thence SU chains
west in place uf beginning, containing ibout 640 acres.
Gen.   G,   Belden,   Locator,
It    G.   Belden,  Agent.
Located March 13, 1007.
2. Commencing at a post planted
ii the north-west corner of J. H.
Hemphill's claim, the same being the
iniu.il post ol Pauline Dunstan's
-l.iim and marked Pauline Dunstan's
■outh-easl corner, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence
-0 chains south, thence SO chains
■asi to place nf beginning, containing about inn acres,
Pauline Dunstau, Locator,
R   0, Belden, Agent.
Located March 13, 1007. 1-Ct#
1 hereby give notice that sixty
days aiu-i data 1 Intend in apply to
ihe Chlel Com miss i one i ul Lauds anu
t-Vurks ior permission to purchase an
island In thu Kouteim) river, the
southern pan being opposite tbe S.
IV. cuiuei ul tbe Indian Resent ou
Bummer's    Kbit, thence up ibe mci
ul about ball a mile, (Juiil.uii.iiir; i, 10
en acres, more ur less.
Geo. Geary,
Ruled UU K»b.  1WU7. 4?-li"
Tbe partnership heretofore curried
n by the undersigned under ihe firm
aim* of    "W.   F.  Tate A  Sou,"     as
swelors and opticians, nf the town
i     Cmnli I.,     B. c, is dissolved
'mil  this dale.
W. I*'. Tntc wilt canv cm the busi
ess nf the liim at C'ranbrook as
cii-iiiiurc, 1-nllccl all debts and pall liabilities.
Urn   K, Tale,
C  Ross   Tale.
Dated   this first   daj ol   March, A
».,  1907. 51-31
is  ll
ircliy Bi
,'ii  Hint
■fish i
i  lie
n  tin-
.I'.SS   (
.11 ('
i iii,
ml,. II.
anil turn
l'., iniilt-r
Iii iii name and style ol McKinnon A
Johnston is this dav dissolved.
Tbe liusiiiess of the partner-hip
bas been Acquired bv A. A. McKinnon,, who will carry on the same
as belclofnic anil collect all debts
"Win:- the partnership and assume
■md pay all liabilities.
A.   A.   .McKinnon,
K. D. Johnston.
Paled Ibis Sth dav of Maicli    \   H
1**07. ■   si 3,
Notice is heieby given that sixt>
duys aiiei dale I intend to apply lu
Uiu iluiiutablt* the Chlel L'ouiuiis-
sioiier ot Lauds and Wutks lot permission iu puiebab*; tbe fulluwu^
.H-si-iibcd lanu in ine Llk River \ alley, in Kast Kpoleiia);
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the north-east corner of J.
i).   Pratt's    application to pju-ua_c
ami        marked J.        R. l_'s
suulh-east comer, theuce eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
west, thence eighty chains south,
ti.ei.ee eighty chains east to point
ui commencement, and containing
i-10 acres.
J. R. Edmondson, Locator.
February 23rd, Iim;. ji.y*,
alone   as best you can,
seeks his enjoyment at   the
One of these davs   when | 1N7'1, Group  I, East  Kootenay Divi-
\ellv is worn off, he will leave   sion,  iu the    province of British Columbia, and     measured    2036.3    feet
along the  center line from Ms intersection   wilh  the northern boundary
of said Lot; thence iu a westerly uml
northerly   direction  lo a  point      on
distance    of
Ihe location
while 1
Don't  marry a man whn curls     a
sn.nihil lip   when religion and     the
Bible are spoken of, and who has nil'said   Lo't      1879
the mistakes of Moses and the   mis-1 a97 feet,
deeds of Solomon on his tongue's'of which said proposed Branches is
end. A copy of Ini*ersors lectures more particularly shewn on a map
nn his parlor table, instead ol the or plan, profile and honk nf refei-
fiimilv Bible, is a verv poor guaran- utico. deposited in the Nelson, B. C,
lee of hnppv life I Itefistry Office on the   30th day    of
Don'l marrv a man whose friends March. 1007, as No. 521 CI.; notice
smile at each' other when his name of which deposit is also hereby given
Is mentioned, and sav, "Well, we hope pu-rstiant to the provisions of the .snid'
he will come out all right, hut he is  section.
sowing n few wild oats now."    Re-1 C. Drinkwater, Secretary,
member Hint what is sown before Dated this 4th day of April, A. D,
marriaire     is reaped after marriage.   1907. * 3-51
It  will lie very awkward for ynu to 	
he obliged to reap that crop one nf i
these dnvs; and If vou marry     him
you will have the most of it to gather In.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date Jas. M. W. Ilal'l
will apply to the Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works, Victoria,
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber fmin the following
d.-scrilwd land on the l'alliser River
and iis trimitaries, in North Easi
Kootenay district:
No. 1. Coir.me*icing at a pnst
planted on tbe east hank of Smith
Creek, thence north 120 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
in cliains, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east
10 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing, at a post
planted on the east side of Martin
Creek, thence soulh UiO chains,
east 40 chains, north lfifi chains,
thence west. 40 chains to point uf
Nn. 3. Commencing nt northwest corner of application No. 2,
theuce south 160 chains, thence west
lit chains, thence north Kill Chains,
thence east in chains to point of
Daied 22nd March, 1907.
No. I. Commencing at a post
planted on smith sole of Cedar Creek,
th-iice west 160 chains, thence north
10 chains, thence east 160 chains,
tin-nee south 41) chains to point of
No. 5. Commencing at a post
planted on west side trf North Fork
of Palliser River about two and one-
half miles south of mouth of Cedar
Cieck. thence 160 chains north.
Ihence 40 chains east, thence lun
chains south, thence 40 chains west
io point of commencement.
No. fi. Commencing at southwest corner of application No. 5,
thence soulh 160 chains, thence east
10 chains, thence north 160 chains,
thitice west 40 chains to point of
Dated 23rd March, 1907.
Notice i_ IicilL) given thai sixtj
nays aitei dale 1 intend lu applj tu
tne ilououblr* Uie Chlel L'uuiuiis-
siuiicr uf Lanu_ and Works iui ptr-
lulsMuu lu puiL-ha-i* tbt- [OlIOWlU
described lands in u,l* Elk River Valley, iu East Kuuicnay.
Commencing at a pu.t planted ad-
juliiiiig W. i*". Hull's S. L. cornei,
out* mile nuiLb of S. E. Uiivei » application to purchase and maibed N,
t.. O's nuitb-ea*.i corner, meuce
eight) drains suulh tu the nurUj-
e.isl corner uf S, E. Oliver's applica-
uoii io puix*ha_e, thence eight) chains
,'.e.si,    thence eighty     chains north,
Uience  eight)   chains  L*a;,t  tu  point  uf
commencement, the whole containing
uiu acres.
N. E. Oliver, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 2Jid, 19U7. il-'Jt
the nonviable ihe Chlel Commis-
sionei of I,amis ami Works
at \ [etorla       for        pern
in purclia.se the i illow in-i
described land, in the Elk Ki" I I
ley, in East  Kootcnaj
Commencing at a post planti I ad
joining the south-west cornei ol
Lot 3318 und marked 11 I. -
south    - cist        corner, thence
Ighty drains     west. *:	
chains north,     theuce eighty
t,   Ihence eighty   chains  south     to
point    of commencement,    the whole
inlaining 640 acres.
Horace Littleproud,  Locator,
Pel  J. li.  Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, Hm;. ,; 9t
Notice is    herebj givei   •'■   ■    ,w
days after date 1 intend lo a]
ihe    Honorable the     Chiel 0
sionci     ol      Lands      und      Works
it        Victoi ia      foi
to        purchase        the        follow
lescrlbcd lands in tin   I Ik Rivei  Vol
ley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing     a-,   a ]
ihe south-west corner   ul J. R. Ed-
ih>ijiI-...;;'s     application .   ■
i nd        marked      IL        G.        G's
~oulh-east    cornei.     thei bi j
"bains     west,     thence ■-...;.'■.  i. uli -.
north,     thence   eight)  	
ihence eight)     chain
commencement, (he w I uli
i* 6-10 acres,
lletuy  Oeral I Gi   ■ , 1      Loi
Pel s. E. olivt i, Agent
February 23rd, 1007, ".in
Notice is     hereby given   lhat sixtj
lays aftei date 1 inteud to ap] ■•   .
be     rlonorable     Chiel      Commis-
ioner    ol     Lands       and       i\  rl -
t        Victoria      for        pei i
o        purchase        the       tolh
tescribed land in the Elk Rivei  Vol
Enst  Kootenay:
nnmencing ai a  ikwI   marked  E,
north - cast       cornei      ad-
■bains     north,  them e    eight)
■..si to point .'i commencement,   the
ivbole containing 646 acres.
Ernest Pollard, Locator,
Per S.  E. Oliver, Agent
February 23rd, 1907. 51-9t
I ..Nil  \   I ICE.
Notice is    berebj  given   'hut * \-v
ia\s aitei   dale   I   il to a     I)   to
he    HouQiable :».     Chief Co   :...^-
ionci uf   Lands ... I    v.    ks fur per*
y, E.ist Kootenay.
Commencing a; a post marked II.
E's south-east cornei ad-
iniitg the north-wt si cornei of N.
. Oliver's application to purdmse,
.(.■nee eighty chains :. irtb, Uience
ghty chains west, -,:.v:,<.-<.- eighty
.ai:,! soutr.. U once eight) iains
isl to point oi commencement, the
hole coritaiiiin- 640 acres,
Ii. s. Edwards, Locator,
IV: s   E. OHrer, Agent.
Fehruar)  23rd, 1907, '•:■.''.
;,e      Hu:aj!_jit-'       Chiel      l on ..
ioner of   Lands a'.a    Works ;■-■: permission to     purchase the     following
.ribcd land in the Elk   River \al-
ley, in Easi Kooteiiuy.
Cornnn-r.cins at a post marked E.
11. B's auu;:. - west cornei and
Ijomiiig the north-west corner of
E. E. Goodwj-iS applic_Uuu iu purchase' thence J*'1 cb-ains "iurib, thence
0 ciiiiins east to the west bank uf
he Elk river, thence so -::_.;j.j ^uu;n
long .said r.ver, liiei.ce su chains
west to poir.t of commencement, Una
.vault* containing t«u acres.
E. H. Boyle, Locator,
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent
February 2ird,  1907. 51-9t
Take notice that, under the provi- COAL AND PETROLEI.'M NOTICE.
sions ot  Section    222,     Chapter 37, | —■
Don't marry a man whose linen Is Revised Statutes of Canada, 1006,' Notice is hereby given that thirty
more snot less than his character, the Canadian Pacific Railway Com- days after date I intend to apply to
whose shirt collar is more Inflexible puny, as lessees and exercising th*f the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
than his integrity, and whose necktie franchises of the British Columbia Lands and Work, and to the Assist-
is thu only Immaculate thing    about Southern Railway,   intends to apply ant    Chief    Commissioair ol Lands
Notice is huuby given lhat sixty
lays alter date 1 intend tu apply tn
Uiu     lloiioiable  the      Chief CoiniUis-
"ioner oi Lands and Works tor permission io purchase the lolluwiug
lescrlbcd lands in East Kootenay;
Commencing at a posl planted adjoining N. East corner of N,
Oliver's application to purchase,
and marked E. E. G s north
west corner, thence eighty chain;
.suulh to tbe north line ui J. R. Ed*
moiidson's application to purchase,
Uience eighty chains cast to the west
hank of the Elk river, thence eighty
chains north along said river, thence
eighty chains west tu point of commencement, the whole containing 040
E. E. Qoodwra, Locator,
I'ei J. It. Edmondson, Agent
February 23rd, 1007. 51-91
Notice is hereby given that silly
days after date 1 intend to apply to
lhc Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Uorks
at Victoria for permission
to purchase tbe following
dosnrlbi-d lands in ihe Elk Rivei Valley,  East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south-west corner r-f Lot
2316 and marked S. C's
north-cast comer, thence eighty
cliains west, thence eighty chains
south, thence eighty chains east,
ihence eighty chains north to point
of commencement, the whole containing 640 acres.
Sydney Clarke, Locator,
Per J. I!. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. 51-91
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days -Iter date 1 intend to apjyPj to
Notice i» berebj given that sixty
■Ja)*> alter date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner uf Lands _*j_ Works loi permission to    purchase the    folic _
described land in East Kootenay;
Commencing at * pus-, planted ■■>]
joining J. Ii. Oldfield's north ...-.;
orncr and utaiked S. E, O _
outt.-Vie-s-t corner; thence BO •;:.*!:■*
north, thence oU chains east, thence
lu chains south along tne Elk rivei
to the uoitb line ui J. li. Oldfi Id .
application tu purchase, Uience au
chains west to point ui commence
meet, the whole containing llu
S. E. Oliver, Locator,
February 2Jid, 1907. 51-flt
Notice is    hereby given ixt)
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commis*
sionei ol Lands and Works loi permission to purchase the following
described land in the Elk Rivei Valley, iu East Kootenay
Commencing ten miles nortb ol
Sparwood at a post planted one mile
north of the north line of Foss ...
McDonell's purchase, Lot 3316, and
une mile west ut tiie Elk rivei and
marked J. II O's N. W. corner, thence eight) chains east
the west bank ol the Elk rivi r,
ihence eighty chains loutfa -doit* aiu
rivei to the noi i h-ca • i t ui nei ot
Foss A McPonell land, -I.-:.'-:
eighty chains went, thence eight)
cliains north iu point ol commencement, the whole containing niu
J. II. Oldlield, Locator,
Per J. R   Edmondson. Agent.
luted February 2-iid,  iuu;.   :,t-'.\\
Notice is    hereby given   that sixty
days after date I intend tu apply tithe Honorable Chief Commis-
idoner of Lands and Works foi permission to purchase the following
described lands in the Elk Biu-i Sal-
ley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the N. W. corner of J. II.
Oldfield's application to purchase,
and marked J. D, P's N. E.
corner, thence eighty chains south
to the north line of Foss A McDonell's land, Lot 231 fi, thence
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
east to point of commencement, the
whole containing 640 acres.
J. D. Pratt, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent
Dated Februari 23rd, iwi.   ' _i-n THE   (-UAN'ltltOOIv   HKIlALO
Fink's Spring Clothing
What man is not interested in the subject of what will be the newest for spring
wear. Without egotism, we can suggest no
surer or more authoritative source of information than a personal review of our Spring
Our stock is simply magnificent. You
are not confined to choose from a few
models, and this spring the number of individual styles are greater than ever.
The styles are authentic, the fabrics exclusive.
Our prices range from
$12.00 to $30.00
We want you to see what we are showing for spring.
Furnishings That Every Man
Underwear, I losiery and Neckwear (or everybody.   The
Idlest Novelties in all lines.   We have the exclusive sale ol
The newest an I nattiest neckwear in the market.
The Invictus
The Barry
The season's styles of
the faultless fitting shoes
are here for your inspection. For beauty and
newness of styles, high
grade leathers and finish,
these Shoes have no equals
on the market.
The Latest in Spring Suitings
Just a reminder. Now that it is spring
again, we want to remind you that we've
ag reat treat in store for you whenever you
can find it convenient to call and see our
beautiful assortment of Spring Suitings.
Our Goods are
R; E. Beat-fclo left yesterdiiv on a
business trip to Kevel'stoke.
(Jeo. Geary wns over from Knit
Steele yesterday.
.1. Shaw Parker was over Irom!
Km t Steele yesterday.
Gust. Theis, was down from Perry1
Cricki a few days Ibis week,
KOK SALE-Ono large refrigerator. A|>plv Kink Mercantile Co.,
Ltd. ;t
Mrs. P. E. Wilson, gave an at
home in a number of friends yestor-
i'. W. Leask, of the' Leask lumber
mills, ('lestnu, was in town ihe first
ol ihe week.
,1. A. McDonald, of Murysville, was
r Craubrook visitor Kiidny ami
Saturday last. I
WANTED-Ghl tm- general house-
umk. Apply I,, w. Piitmore, Cran-
brook. _-tf
Lesler 01n|ip and Tim. O'l.e.uy
went   tn   I'rest on      yesterday tm       n
few days shooting,
Hi-i-ii— Kridnv. April a, 11107 in
Mr. and Mrs. W. ,1. Lowes, nl
Ktiinia. (int., ,t daughter.
P. .1. Leighthiiuser, ibe Marysville tniiMiiiul artist, was in town
a couple of days (his week.
Save your money by purchasing
ynur groceries nt the C. ('. S for
Br. Collin, of Marysville, was in
town a couple of days the past week
assisting Dr. Green and Mercer.
Oeo. Mead, proprietor oi the Creston house, was transacting busines--
n Cranhrook Friday.
Mrs. A. C. Bowness and children
md Miss .lesslo Cameron spent
several  days al      Crcston   llie      past
Mens boots and shoes in C. C. S.
windows below cost.
Little Jessie Kennedy, daughter ni
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kennedy, visited
friends in Kcrnie last week, returning
homo Sunday.
J. ff. McNichnll, nf the Enterprise Lumlier company, ot Leih-
.-ridge, is transacting business iu
Craubrook to-day.
Conductor Phil Mellette, of Medicine Hal, was in Craiihinnk yesterday fnr the first time in three years,
•'Phil" was much surprised ' anil
pleased at the remarkable piogres!>
ihe town  has  made iu  that   time.
Save your money by piirchasinu
your groceries ul llie C. c s foi
.1. S. Carier, district pnsseugei
agent, was in town the first of ihe
wrck, Mr. Carter goes to Spokum
in assume the duties of his new position on May Isl.
Word has been received from D. A.
McDonald, who is undergoing treatment in Spokane, that he is improving wonderfully, ami hopes to he
able to return to Cranbrook within
tho next few weeks.
Mens bonis and shoes in C. C. S.
windows below cost.
George Mead, jr., of Creston,
sptMlt several   days   in   Craubrook   the
past week, returning home on Monday. Little Charlie Clapp ac-
coinpanted him on the return trip
und is spending a few days at Cres-
K. C. Malpas, manager nf the
t 'a mid in n Bank of < 'ommerce, re-
i timed from tbe coast Sa i urdny
last. Mrs. Malpas and ihe children
remained iu Victoria fnr a few
weeks visit.
The drug stores of Ben 11 ie <&
\tchisoii ami C. E. Rciil & Co., will
close promptly at ti p.m. herenfter,
with the exception of evening's before
holidays, when thev will keep open
until 111 o'clock.
License holders should rememlieii
lhat under the by-law governing
name it is not necessary for the city
clerk to give them notice regarding
payment nf same, but tbat it is their
duty to pay same promptly or lay
themselves liable to prosecution.
Mrs. A. D. Grant, Miss Minnie
Grant and Master Ho wan Grant,
mother, sister and brother of Miss
Ella Grant, arrived lu Craubrook
Saturday last for a few days visit.
They left yesterday for Prince Hu-
pert where thev' will join Mr.
A number of the Craubrook bachelors gave- a very delightful ball at
Wentworth hall Thursday night
Inst. The hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion and those
in charge proved themselves adepts in
entertaining their guests, and the affair was thoroughly enjoyed hy all
KOR SALE—Fireproof warehouse
and lot cheap, Applv Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.  . 3
The entire staff nt .1. D. McBride'--
hardware emporium was kept busy
the past week unpacking ami passing
into stock the several ears of s,i|i-
plies received by that enterprising
Institution, and a casual visit to the
si ore or immense warehouse will
convince the most skeptical that Mr.
McBride carries llie larnesl stock ot
hardware and mill supplies in the interior of British Columbia.
Smoke Hie British Lion nnd he
happy. 411-l.t
.1. N. Grieve Canadian government agen t ,i t- Spokll ue, passed
ih rough Cranbrook Tuesday en roll I o
to Macleod with a party of laud
seekers from the other side. There
were twenty-six in the party. Mr.
Grieve informed a Herald representative that the emigration rush had
nist started and that Ihere will be
large miiiihers leaving Spokane for
iln* Alberta country Irom now on,
and they they will'nearly all go via
ihe Spokaiie-'liileiiiationai and (■. P.
It, route, on account of the saving
both in time and money. They
leave Spokane in the morning uud
arrive in Macleod the same nighl.
whereas if tbey go hy the Great
Northern thev have l<i lay over a
whole day in Kcrnie.
For all disoiders of stomach and liver, Eileans are^ a
sound, sale and sure remedy. They strengthen the bodily I
functions in Natures own  way, being compounded
from Nature's own herbal extracts.   Women the world
over find them a boon.    Finest household remedy.
FO R '    '"''"*n"-'-V   ;"
a CHAIN oi'  flowers across
There is nt Irani , 'Hi"' .'I    ll"'
f. I'. II. Iicndipinrtcrs in Miuiirnil
Mini mill ilir atmosphere ,.l spring
Tli.it is Un- oltlrc »i Mr. \   Nlewnil
Plllllnp. Willi, i I'll ' i"   "fff, ilif
I'nllllllissinllfl nl luxes llilll fl.iillis,
Ims f lif iff ol III,' company's llnnil lif
li.iiiiiii'iii. siiys llu' ll"
\,,i only   was   siinhfiii  slimming
llllOIWll III,' "|ifli a in. Iff Iml llu'
uir win, l.nlfii  Willi  Ilif fragrance   nl
flowers, nml .ill rmiiiil iln- i i lienu-
liiul  plunls .mil  III ns  were  I"    lif
sii-ii.     There wei ses .mil   ccrnn-
tliilis  nu    liis   lull lop  ill-I There
■fill    llllllli    ill   .1    flll'llfl'   of
tlie ri'iini. Ami Hii'if were lull lilii's
in flower, Inis ni iliun, giving ii
tinifli ,,f ilflifiif, .uul iflnifiiifiil to
llie whole
Now nre iif very busv iluys willi
Mr. Dniilop, lor lif is sending mil .ill
iver Ilif i'.  IV 11.   system his lentil
iiiiii.i! greeting t" nowor lovers, uml
wilh e.ii'li greeting .1 packet of seels
lor Hie gtirilens in nml nrouml the
itatlons, Uie seolion houses, uml llie
illiff Iniilillngs nil ulong Ihe iii.iin
mil branch lines of llie system
11 gives .1 very hlltiinn lolich to Hit,
wnrk' of Die sif.it ruilwny, lliis
Illuming ul (lowers ulong ihe lines,
uml ahead) il hits resulted in csl.ih-
lishiitg in summer lime what is prac-
tie.illv n I'hniii "f Unwers renehing
from fff end nf Hie Dominion to the
oilier Thiisr whn have travelled
over llie svslcm, partieliliirly nu tlie
prairies, know what lovely little gardens are in he seen ,1! the various
slopping plnei's.
Mr.   Iliinlnp    started  the work   ten
Itl.lssi Tl. CONDITIONS.
\ ni I fioiii Ihe  norlli h.nl   gone
0 visil lh,< colonel, whn lived in Ihe
".iiniii     Mississippi    lilfl    Iml I  nf
! l.niiisi.iii.i      There was nn mos|i.iiito
I in lliti. .f fi      Uiu hfil. .iml  in      Ihe
'  il'.   When   Ihe  Ufl'.ln  cu.no     wilh
, II f   w.l.fl   .iml   liiUfls.       Ihf   liillllli'il
11,sii..1 nskeil:    "S.mi. why is H Hint
ihe i.i-ils"     Dnesn'l  iln- colonel Imvo
• lllll   III  Ills  liinlli'"
A,, mil," replied Rum
"I   Im, 1     how hi' si Is  ii."
"Hfil. will," snid Sum,  "I  reckon
it's  ifsl   ills  WftV:   III 'If In'  p.lll   uv du
in :ln ,nli ilc colonel's mn' gcn'rnlly
f 'inxirnleil ilul If li.ni' 1 pay mi
nltiltll.in In ili> slii'i'lfis, nu' 111 iif
Ins' purl ut de niflii miIi de skeel -
ii. is inns' gen'rallj sn 'toslcalod
del lift limit pay im 'tenlliin in lie
colonel. "-Ex,
\     certain   Irish    woman, on her
ili.iili hi'il. called her litis) I in   Iter
si le. "Patrick," she said, "I've a
ln.il r.iiifinsl lo make of ye." "1
couldn't refuse ye nniiythlng, Mary
ipnmlcd     ihe   sorrowing
1 i.i.-
nl.       "Patrick,    s.ii.l    Mar
lllv,   "I   IVlllll   ye  in Live  1111,11,1
11 the ctivrlngc hesiile ff In   11
account. I le liegiin hy sat lug
ihe llnwers nui nf his own
garden in   Toronto, nml giving 1 lii-ni
In ihf slall n.isli'is.     (Iiuili'.illv he
liilercsteil Hie ('. 1'. H. management,
.mil now, excepting nlwavs Mr. Dun-
lop, Ihere is no more'mil busiest le
ildvocale nf Hm uml, ni iln- floral ile-
piirlmenl than Sii Thoinns Shu ml.- .
nessv himsell. l.asl year, llirougll ,
Urn work ni Mr Dniilop, ihere were
.1 thousand gnrdens along llie lines of
ihe colupiiuy    where otherwise there
tunilii  hnve'lieeli 1 ultiv.iletl  waste.
\liil Ihnl     is in.I   .ill.       The I'lTcct of
I'stahlishlng gitrilens makes for gen-
eruL Inliiiess .mil elennliliess in Uiu
station huililliigs—"to mulch the
giirden"— while the people living
around, captivated hy Ihese beauty-
spots, set 1,1 wink in m.ike gardens
nt iheir own, and vie Willi encb oilier
ns 1,1 wlin slmll hnve Ihe best.
l.nsl year Mi. Dlllllop senl mil as
many as .1 tbnusunil packnges nf various vnlleties nf seeds. Nuw he is
sending mil I,SOO, nml he hopes to
see u garden ihis year aroutid
everv slallnn .md section I11111.se ami
nlhff building mi Ilif Ihf ('. IV 11.
lines. Encb packcl contains Iwenlv-
lliree varielies nf llower seeds, wiib
Inslrucllons us in Iheir plnnllng   nnd
fure. l.nsl     uillliltlli lie     scut   mil
many thousands of bulbs lo plant for
blooming this spring, nml ihe packets
nl s Is senl mil In-dav will be fallowed in, snv. another month, bv
thousands ol plants and shrubs. Mr.
Dniilop Ims already b 1 having piles
nf letters impi iii inr, allot.) llower
planting for ibis year, so il Links as
il his own enthusiasm is shared all
over lhc system.
In nililitii.ii lo the gardens, a good
deal of Hie seed II ol such brilliant
plants ns poppies, etc., are sown
nlong the emlmnkments of llie railways, while in British Columbia,
llt'OUIrd ibe hotels and along Hie Hues
und trails I'idelwciss uud other plants
are sown.
Those Interested in llower gardens
mny like in know the varieties of
seed which Mr, Dlllllop is sending oul
to-day. They     are   as    follows:
Alyssuni. Sweet; Antirrhinum, Giant
(.'lowering; Aster, Enchantress;
Asicr, Queen nf ihe Market; Balsam,
Hose Flowered; Candytuft, Mixed
Colors; Carnation, Mnrgucrite; f'en-
tiiurea. I ni pern I Is; ('limbers; Diaiithiis
mourning Cbnk leverlaslJng Flowers'
(iodctln. Duchess nf Albany, Lady
Albemarle, l.adv Satin Hose, Sunset,
Glnrinsa. Mixed; Ktichla nr Summer
Cypress; Mignonette, Sweet Scented;
Nasturtium, California Giant, ('liin)i.
ing; Trimnrdeuii; Petunia, Large
Flowering, sinele; Phlox Drummond.;
Popples, llurli.'iiili's Silver Lining nml
Mnld nl Ibe Misl; Slocks, Swart
German Ten Weeks; Sunflower, Phry-
saiit'lii'iiiuin Flowered; Sweel Pens,
llesi Mixture nf New Varieties; Ver
beini, Ginn 1  Flowering.
Mr. Dniilop says II hnve varieties'
will give u profuse uml continuous
supply Hii'iiimliniii Hm season, lie is
askinn his gardeners along Ihe line In
make a siiifinllv Ibis Vf.ir ol Ihe
iliidfli.i. which, lie says   are licnull
fill tor solid lifils, ns Ihev bear will*
ly opened, ctip-shnjied llnwers nl snl
III)' levliil I of Ibe mosl  del leu I e
•uul lovely colors.
" "I'ls  inn much ve're nsliili nf Inc.
Mary." cried Put, springing in bis
[eel in desperniion.    Mary, however,
wns ili'lfiiiiiiu'd 1111 this pnint, uml
Put (iniilli yielded In ber "lusl tnv-
t|ulst." "I'll lave her ride bv my
si if." in- promised, weeping bitterly,
"but mark ye, Mnry. daili.it., 'twill
sphoil llie diiv fur iiu- entolrely, that
ii will."-Ex!
mis who are iliilcMed to Ibe
l.iiftiis hotel, C1n11l1n.nl,, will hereafter kimlly pay Hie atnottnt due, to
N     I'.   Moll Iff.      win,   is   Ihe   onlv
1 entitled to give 11 valid     rein    discharge „f such Indebted-
111 -s, (nun thin dale.
N.  P.  Mnlhiiider.
Dated at Cranbrook,  II. C.     this
Huh day nf Marcli, A. 11., 111117.   i-at
Miss A. 1.. Milium, leiiehnr ol
I'iiiilotorli!.   Toiiiis 1 111111
Aciiistrona Ave., Cranbr
c. c. s.
A kiss In > 1,1,1 in.1M1,.1 means
Faith; n kiss in a vniing girl mentis
Hope; n kiss In an old mm uiralis
ChinIIV, And Hie gle.ilesl nl Mn-,f
is Chill il v.
"   WANTII)   '
All kinds nl Indies ami gentlemen's
leaning, pressing uml  repair
'iislle Imiierinl hotel.
Tea, Coffee, Cake
served FHRK every lifter-
liiiiin nt nllr si.ue. .luring
Hie III.) SAI.K.
1= C. C. S. —-
for Tn1.1a-Allu.1H11 I'i
living on nv siilisis,	
AI'llll. L',',1',1
From I'.iiius
MAUTTl.Ml!) I'l!()\ IM'KS
on sam: daily till
iiU'l'ii  nl'' AI'KII.
Send fur v - fiimnls while llu
Hies nre hot.   Full piirticiilurs m
piiliciiilou 1.1 Infill iif-'iii- in wrlle
I:..I. COVLB       .1. S, CAHTIJH
a .; I', i, 1. i'  i.
VASi'iiiivnli        m;i mis, 11 r
\ ii,i aiii.i:    1111TKI,  I'lini'i in v
i\ tin\ 11:. 111'
I ndei   iml In  in hit nl Ihf powers
 I I     111   11    ffii.iiii    nun li'.ai'.c,
win,I,  iu   need .,1  ihf   lui"-
.,1  ..,1,1, there will I Deled loi  mi In
hi    llllhllll   ulll'ti'Ul mi N.illllll.lt,      Ihf
Iwenlletb day April, 1)107, nl ihf I	
„| III o'clock in lhc f.ileniioll, .il lhc
nil    of   Ihf    If    f  I   SflllcllOI    III
Ilir   on,   nl   Cranlii 1. hv     .Inliii
lliilfbi'    Ksipllru,   Aiicli r,    I,'.'
following property, vi/. THE INTERNATIONAL ilO'l'EL, MOYIE,
II.     ('., otherwise    known   ns     Lot
■" un, I'li-ssini', uuu  ri-patiinf.,   m   Tlii'ee   (3) in   Block Three (3) Lake
Hie Cialibriiiik Dye Winks, Armstrong   ,s1i,ut   Adililii
    Map 1181,   nl     Ihe
Townsite ol Moyie, on which Inl is
'lii'tcil a Viiliiahlc hotel building uml
itlifi- improvi'iui'iits.
Terms of snlc: Twenty per colli, "f
(lie purchase money In in- pilld nt Ibe
l.ime of sule and Ibe balance within
:tii days Iberealter.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to
Solicitor   lor   the   Mortgagee, Fink
—      Dated at   Cranbrook,     B. C„ this
.**   4tb day ol April, 1907, 8-3t


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