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Cranbrook Herald Apr 10, 1913

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 April 2M j
We are well equipped to
turnout the heat class
of work.
W^Jaysl.l   I'uys—Try
NO.   15
Writeup of Province Hade for Special Edition
of Toronto Globe
.coining in the work of turning the
eyes of Kustcrn Canada to the wonderful dormant possibilities of the
Groat West the Toronto (Holm on
Saturday, April 5th, issued a splendid pictorial special edition descriptive of the resources of Western Canada. The issue is replete with [
beautiful half tones of scenes from
city, Held, forest and mine and contains a comprehensive review, of the
growth, development and future possibilities of the Great West. The!
following is an extract from an article on Hritish Columbia, containing
a review of the principal industries:    |
It has taken over twenty centuries
of exploration, conquest and commerce to complete the westward
march of empire. Phoenicia and
Rome could not find a farther west
than the extreme narrow confines of
the Mediterranean, 0r thc small, seagirt islands of Britain', and the world
did not know there was a real,wcst-|
ern hemisphere until Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.
It was not until nearly three hundred years after the accomplishment
of Columbus, in thc year 1771,
that Juan Perez, also from the
Court of Spain, found the far northwestern coast of America, now Hritish Columbia, on whose shores and
within whose mountainous interior
are being enacted just today the last,
scenes of man's persistent westward
march. One hundred and thirty-nine
years have passed since the lirst
white man sighted Hritish Columbia,
and yet who is there to say that he
knows that province, even at this
date? Ils story has not been half
told, and its future, like its highest
mountain peak, is far beyond the
clouds, in the realm of mystery.
Captain Vancouver was really tho
first- man to bring tlu* present British
Columbia before thc world. In 1782
he sailed along the Pacific coast, ami
made an extensive and important
geographical survey. Then, in 1708,
Alexander Mackenzie and a party of
fur traders belonging to thc Northwest company, which became such a
bitter rival of the Hudson's Bay
the Northwest fur traders and the
after a long journey through tlie
mountains. For iwvtity-ritdit years
beasts and savage mon to a veritable
Hudson's Hay company competed
bitterly wilh each other, ami the
amalgamated, establishing a series of
Hudson's Hay pi sis throughout the
territory now owned In tbe province.
At thai time tin* onlj produel ol
"New Caledonia," as thai mountainous section was then called, was
fins.       All   the    while   the Hudson's
Hay company held New Caledonia under lease from i'hc British government, and iu is io, largely as n result of the efforts of the company,
Vancouver Islam! was proclaimed ii
Hritish Colony, although tin- Influx of
white Bottlers had been vcr\.slow
(►tie day, in tin* vent 1858, gold was
discovered    on     I In* mainland,     ami
proved  to Ihi    the  loadstone which
first attracted close attention to
Hritish Columbia. Thousands o
treasure hunters anil settlers rtisht*
in from the southern portions nf the
Pacific coast, und very soon Import*
iinl changes were made iu the nation
al status of old New Caledonia. Th
territory was created a crown col
ony,   with    responsible government
ami called British Columbia. Law
were enacted nnd enforced in accord
ance with Hritish precedent; roads
and trails were made to the varioii
"diggings"'; civic, educational a»d religious Institutions weie established
and Hritish Columbia changed In the
eyes of the world from a vast hyperborean wilderness inhabited by wild
ish Cylumbia numbered slightly over
mecca to be occupied by an army of
sturdy pilgrims from all parts of the
world. Thus, British Columbia's,
present premier industry—that of
mining—was started, and with it the
first big step towards developing
the natural resources oi the province.
At this time the population ol Hritish Columb.n numbered slightly over
ten thousand.
This vast area of Brilisli Columbia
is mostly covered,by forest, but
within as\wcll as without the wooded regions, there are extensive deposits of minerals and millions of acres
oi agricultural lands. Tlie rivers,
lakes and coast waters of British Columbia are also well stocked with
Jish. From (hew four sources ot
wealth have nriaeu lour very flourishing    industries,,    mining, lumbering.
fishing and farming, mid the development along these lines in tho short
period of twenty-five years has b-cen
wonderful indeed, Mining, as has
been said already, was the first factor in the industrial career of British Columbia. Tlie needs of the- miners when the rush began in 1858 encouraged other ventures, and in due
time the timber and fisheries became
nearly equal in importance to the
gold mines of the province. Agriculture was not considered for many
years, nnd even today the agricultural resources of British Columbia arc
not being utilized as they should he;
but of this more shall be said in another paragraph. At the present
time, or rather according to the latest records of 1312 at the time of
this writing, tlie industries, in the
order of their worth to British Columbia, witli their respective values,
are as follows:
1311. 1912.
Mining    $23,211,816   $32,600,000
Timber  24,823,000    28,000,000
Agriculture . 20,837,593 22,000,000
Fisheries    .... 11,000,000     11,000,000
The other districts, well known for
tlieir mining industries, and now tbe
most productive- oi their kind in all
of northwestern America, are the
Kootenays. Kast Kootenay forms
the southeastern portion of British
Columbia, and is famed for. the immense, coal measures through which
the Crow's Nest Pass railway operates for many miles, both in Alberta
and British Columbia. These mines
have an almost inexhaustible supply
ol the best bituminous coal in the
world. .It is said that the Crow's
Nest mines are capable of producing
ten million tons annually for seven
thousand years. At present the
operators are content, with a.million
tons every year. The beautiful Columbia and Windermere valleys, with
their splendid fertile tracts of fruit
and grazing lands, are included in the
Mast Kootenay district. West Kootenay, containing the Kootenay and
Arrow l,ake on the west, and includes Trail, Nelson and Rossland, all
familiar names in the department of
mines. Both Kcotenays, together
with the Boundary region, which lies
iu the most southerly part of the
Vale district, produce the great proportion of the mining output oi British Columbia. During 1912 tlie
Kootenay-Hotindary mines produced
metals, coal and coke to tin* value ol
$17,0011,111)0, as compared with $13,-
000,000 in 1911, ami out of a total
production for the province valued at
Lumbering from certain points ol
view is the important industry of
British Columbia. For one thing,
the largest. Compact nie;i of merchantable limber in North America is
possessed by the Pacific toast province. In these flays of ruthless
slaughter in thc. forests ol the continent, British Columbia has, in her
magnificent pine forests, an nsset
which will probably bring greater n>-
tlitns in due time than any other of
her possessions. Already limber and
pillpWOod form the basis for Hritish
Columbia's largest manufactories.
Then, in a way, any great agricultural progress whieh the people of
the province will lie able to make is
Immediately Involved in the lumbering industry, because much of lhe cul
livable land now lying dormant beneath heavy pine trees must 1m* clear'
ed if Hritish Columbia intends to
make of itself a self-sustaining, prosperous country. At the present
time it is estimated that the forest
area of Hritish Columbia is 182,000,-
000 acres, with u lumber capacity ot
360 billion feet.
The entertainment given in aid oi
the above -institution on Wednesday
evening, April 2nd, was an unqualified success and was given great
support, the hall lieing crowded, the
result financially being most encour-
aring to the board Tin- numbers
given by the choir, under Dr. Maxwell, were all encored, and special
mention must lie made of the
"Dainty Domestics," hy the school
Children, the actions of tlie children
evoking much amusement. ■ Miss Cur-
ley's song "Beloved, it is Morn," as
also Mrs. Richardson's "Tht Rosary"
both called forth the amount of applause they merited. "The Admiral's Broom," given by Mr. (1.
R. Kvans was also heartily appreciated, and the audience were more
than delightful with the numerous
sont-is of Dr. H. B. Maxwell, who
proved his versatility in these and in
the farce which wound up the concert "Rlighted Buds." Miss A.
Woodland, as "Drusilla Durham,"
the. "Blighted Bud," carried iter part
through splendidly, her make-up being
especially good. Mrs. F. Binmore,
as "Mrs. Hypatia Harrington Hitchcock," made a-, most fascinating widow, and her advice to Miss Drusilla
Durham on tbe matrimonial question
created great merriment, Miss Lassie
as the Irish maid and Mr. Kvans as
her swain, Pat Maloney,1 were true
natives of the Emerald Isle. The
romantic Miss* Angelina Harrington
was Impersonated charmingly by
the adventurous r.nd amorous Mrs. J.
O. Tannhauser. John Smith, a
drummer, was impersonated well hy
Dr. Maxwell, and Mr. Innocent as
professor Peter Palman, a former
suitor of Miss Durham's. Mr. .1. O.
Tannhauser as Sir Roger O'Trammel
both filled their parts splendidly. The
entertainment was attended by many
friends from Cranhrook, Bull River
and other points and tlie dance, the
music for which was generously discoursed by the orchestra and other
friends, was kept up till an early
Somewhere about the first of May
tlie new brewery in Slaterville will
commence operations. Tlu* new build-
mg which was erected by Contractors Christian and .lones, has
been completed and the machinery is
now lieing rapidly installed. The new
concern is operated under thc name
ot the Cranbrook Brewing company
and is backed largely by local capital. The active management is in
the hands of Andrew Midler and
Harry Hesse, formerly owners of tlie
Moyie brewery at Movie.
The new building is three stories
in height 36x50 . feet in size and in
addition to the main building, a cold
storage plant 50x30 has been erected. The water is supplied by a deep
well sunk by the company and is
pumped with a steam pump. An ice
house with several hundred tons of
ire already stored will .provide for
additional cooling service for the
warm weather.
The brew kettle has a capacity of
thirty-five barrels per day and tho
management, intend to start at full
capacity, as they have ample storage
capacity in flic vats and anticipate a
trade commensurate with thc full
capacity of the plant.
Part oi the machinery was
brought here from Moyie and part is
entirely new and the next few days
will be devoted to getting everything
ia shape. A strictly modern bottling works will he part of the new
Messrs. Muller and Hesse arc experienced brewerymen and have on
hand a large stock of hops and malt
ready for the start as soon as the
machinery is all in place.
Ainiio May, the baby daiiKbk'r ol
"Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carson, choked
to doath on Wednesday afternoon
from a piece of orange peeling,,
which lodged In the throat. The distressing and snd accident occurred at
the family home in this eity, the
little one having just eaten part ol
tlie orange and managed in some way
to got,hold of part ol the peel and
was dead before a doctor could be
summoned, She was one year and
nine months old. The body was
placed In charge of Undertaker Mac-
plier.Miij nml the funeral will be held
trom the Hetbodiit church on Friday
afternoon at 2 p.m.,
beautiful bass solo, w.tb Ropr
ligalo "Give tn (ioil in Kulle
sure," was much appreciated,
choir is lining good work an
serve every cncouragcnienl fi
attention to their honorary
Tbey • slim because Lhcj I"
sing." Tbey Intend giving
song service a) an early dale,
pastor assisted In, tlio choir.
A  Well W
,i,   .li
The Herald has been awarded the
printing of the annual prize list for
the Cranbrook Agricultural association. The copy tor this list is now
well in hand and will ho published in
part in next week's issue ol lhe llerald.
The directors are preparing a large
number ol special prizes In each department which will be cnmpli ted before the publication of the ofilulnl list
and will be announced throiigh thc
Herald later. A special feature will
be made of the baby show, thc prizes
being announced later.
The public generally should appreciate the efforts of the directors in
compiling tlie list so early in tlie season and providing for its being placed before the attention of everyone in
the district in time so that -ill may
prepare exhibits for compeihig in
the various sections and classes.
Fruits, vegetables and p]ra*.so.s can
thus be grown especially for exhibition purposes to the advantage of the
exhibition as a whole and logether
With the greal interest already lieing
stimulated for the fair for 1913
should make it one of the most, successful ever hehl.
Tlie regular meeting of thnJPoultry
association last hlidaj ■<-\\-mu^
brought out about twenty-live chicken cranks. After the regular business of Ihe evening was concluded
Mr. Dunham took charge of the
meeting and discussed Wyandottes
wilih four White birds and two Columbians before him.
Mr. Dunham, who is strictly a utility man, placed his greatest stress
on those points and qualities of Hie
breed that appeal to thc man who
is in the business .for meat and
Cfcgs and it was not hard to see that
in his eye the While Wyandotle is
the only bird.
The white birds were supplied by
Messrs. W. Harris, (}. Patmore, C,
Sheppard and W. W. McGregor, while
thc Columbians were the property ol
Mr. (J. II.,. Tayhir, tlu* new express
agent here, ami were premium winners at tiie Edmonton show recently.
A supplementary meeting of the
Poultry association will be h?ld on
Friday, the 18th inst., at the old
gymnasium, when Mr. Dunham will
give a talk mi "Care of Young
Chicks," a topic that ought to bring
out a large number.
Last .Sunday evening the choir of
the Presbyterian church rendered the
service of song entitled "His Moth
er's Sermon." The story is from
the pen of the famous Ian Maclareru,
and the musical setting by J. H.
Merridilh. Mr. Atchison, the school
principal, read the story most effectively, holding the 'large audience-
spellbound throughout the service.
The choir excelled nil previous records, rendering lhe musical performance in magnificent style. Miss
Irene Donahue presided at the organ, aud excelled In the. solo
"Tract* ITar   How  to  Pray."       X~
Montreal; March 2», 1913.
To the Editor:
Dear Sir: May I be allowed to
make an urgcnl appeal through your
columns in regard to one of the most
vital questions before the Canadian
people— tlie construction ot tlio much-
needed maendam highway from ocean
to ocean.
My 1912 transcontinental motor
tour from Halifax to Victoria in tho
interests of this Trans-Canadian
Highway was, I undersland, the lirst
attempt to cross the country by automobile- Owing to the K.ips in thc
"road" in New Ontario and B- C. I
was compelled tn ship my heavy car
many hundreds id miles and to make
immense detours. However, 1 was
able to arouse considerable interest.
Both in the press ami on the platform, the cause of the Irantsconlinen-
tal highway was enthusiastically endorsed. It was felt that a continuous maeaham road from the Atlantic
to thc Pacific would provide a prolific source of national revenue by
opening up the magnificent scenery of
thc Dominion lo motorists and the
international tourist generally, would
introduce capital nnd the highest type
of settler, would throw open and develop inlo a world's playground lhe
uniqnc Lake Superior and Lake of
the Woods country, would unite east
ami west, and would Induce the construction of good highways everywhere as the result of this one    line
The interest, once aroused, should
not he allowed In flag. Practical!
example is fully as importanl as organization before we can hope in gel
co-operation between ihe different
provinces and move Hie Dominion
government to support ;l policy of
federal aid in trunk road construc-
Dependent upon rnlslng the necessary funds, 1 propose in organize an
expedition nl once and, with two
suitable motor ears and equipment,
to motor all Ihe way across Canada
regardless of ibe existence or nonexistence of roads, taking with me
a press representative., photographer-
cinematograph 1st, mechanical experts
and one or two mounted scouts for
New Ontario and B. ('. I further
propose tr, organize public meetings
fur the sij;!iinK of a petition for presentation to the Dominion government, and to arrange for demonstrations of motorists all along lhe line.
I hope In have the co-operation oi
mayors, boards of trade anil the various motor clubs, as well as the patronage id some of the premiers.
This appeal for aid to the expedition is earnestly addressed In every
motorist in Canada who is a lover oi
the road and who has a patriotic interest in Canadian development,
About $7,Mm are needed for lhe pur
chase ol cars and equipment and to
meet general expenses of a three to
four :*,onths loin. If towns through
their corporations, boards ot trade oi"
motor clubs, would kindly contribute
a small iolu, lhe money would soon
be raised. Falling that, I am not
without' hope thai some geucrous-
spirilrd man ar group of men will
come forward and provide me with
the necessary backing.
Canada needs Ihis great transcon-
ental highway at once! There is ;l
roadless gap( of one thousand miles
In the very heart of the country—a
pathless wilderness, a no-man's land
of solitude. No one has ever been
able to cross Manitoba from cast to
west or vice versa, and hundreds of
miles of blind, confusing trails reprc-
sint the Canadian highway in Sas
katchewan and Alberta. So far the
Trans-Canada highway is but a
Yet, that highway will prove to be
the regeneration of Canada. It will
provide that artery of communication
through 'which will course the life-
blood of the future Canadian nation
Without trunk highways Iberc never
has been and never will he a great
and consolidated nation. Canada is
still without nalionhood'
Compare these conditions with
those prevailing in the south. On a
transcontinental pleasure tour offline
thousand miles in the C.S. I always
found an uninterrupted thoroughfare
whether I motored through the deserts at 500 feet below sea level, or
over tlie Sierras and the Koekies at
9,000 to 10,000 feet above. Iu the
Central States, the painted telephone poles guided me alon^ tbe
transcontinental highway, aud for a
thousand miles I found my road
across the south-west western plains
and over the lofty passes marked by-
stone monuments lovingly
in commemoration of America's pioneer forefathers by lhe patriotic, public-spirited daughters of lhe American
Revolution. What thc D. A. II.'s
have done, surely the Daughters of
the Empire cam do. Many old, historical trails are 'being forever oblitet-
ated in Western Canada. A great, a
noble work, remains for the women
of Canada. May I therefore take
the liberty of directing a special appeal to the gentle sex to throw in
their lot with the men who are
working for the good cause under the
banner of the Canadian Highway association. I trust there is not a
public-spirited woman's organization
In Canada which docs not feel that
if the women of the States can SO
nobly identify themselves witb the
movement for national roads, it cannot afford to let this trans-Canadian
highway remain a dream any longer.
II we are to truly gain the centurj
for Canada, the trans-Canadian highway is a vital necessity of the country's advancement. By carrying ou a
vigorous agitation now, ;i passable
kind of through toad may be ready
in 1917, the year of the semi-centennial of Canadian Confederation
Nothing could.be belter calculated to
quicken the deep current nl Canadian sentiment than the simultaneous'
celebration of the completion of the
highway—the next'logical step, after
Confederation and the construction of
tbe Transcontinental railroads, in the
building up of the body and spirit of
Thomas W. Uilby.
References: The Automobile Club ol
Canada, Montreal, and tbe Victoria
Automobile association.
Canadian Pacific Announce at Winnipeg the Building of Three Great Routes to the Coast
Winnipeg, April 8.—The Canadian!
Pacific railway has decided on a
second tunnel in ihy western mountains. This will be sixteen miles iu'
length, the longest, in the world, be-j
ing nearly four-miles longer than the,
famous SimplDu in the Alps and
nearly twice as long as the I.otsch-
berg tunnel opened last year.
The tunnel will he through tbe
Kicking Horse pass of the Rocky
mountains. The eastern portal will
be in Alberta and the western portal
in British Columbia. Careful computations indicate tbat the work
will cost * 11,000,000 and will occupy
seven years to complete. This is
based on the data secured Irom construction records of five large Alpine
tunnels, The tunnel, in the Selkirk
range through Rogers Pass, will reduce (he trackage by live miles and
will do away with manv miles uf
dangerous snowsheds tirades will
be reduced Irom two and a half per
ceil! to less than one pel >■ nl
The Canadian pai ■ raihraj has
an ever greater plan ah an this
and that is lo eliminate t:. • Rocky
Mountains so far as rail cooiroera Is
concerned. The company pr"p<*;< *
to have Ihree, and posstbl} dan. djs.
the links     from Weyburn to       l.eth-
City of, Mexico, April R.-Sennr De
LaiBarra, minister of foreign affairs,
announced today that Mexico would
not recognize tlw republic ol China
because "conditions there are too
eoast.       The lil'.sl  wili  !»■   \\h- present
main line. The second will be the
new cutoff via Sonus .md through
the Crows Nest Pass, and including
the linvs from Weyburn to Lethbridge and from Grand Forks to
Vani ouver, now undei construction;
and another will be through Saskatoon and Kdmonton and through one
of ihe northern passes into the competitive territories of lhe north, continuing ou io a northern Pacific
coast poil. Tbe Soo line will likely
be run      on tO    Nelson    o\er regular
Canadian Pacific rallwaj tracks and
then diverted to Portland io catch
fast through freight Mwven Canadian and Vmenc.in prairies and fiuit
lands ,<i ibe south.
Improvements now under way and
proposed will make the Canadian
Pacific mam line shorter than any
othei transcontinental i;-. Vmerica hy
three hundred mil v Grades and
curves "ill fo bettci than on any
American road and lhe company looks to develop western outlets io Europe and the Orient. Complete electrification <''■ the Rocky
Mountain division has practically
been decided Upon This will mean a
saving ol two-thirds in Hie cost of
Settlers Report Weather Delightful, Climate Hsalth-
ful, Work Plentiful and Opportunities
Following are two letters written
In men wbo came into Last K^k-
nay a year ago and settled on fruit
lands. The letters are se-if-explana-
tory and will tend to convey ire-
proper Ideas regarding this country
to those who are ir-vestieating and
lookine for opportunities for locating
in this district:
Cranbrook, B.C.. April 4th.  1913
Messrs.     Beale   and    -Elwell,    Cran-
brooh. B.C.
Dear Sirs: In asking me i<<- some
facts ngarding the Cranbrook district of Kast, Kootenay I rnav sav
that I eaiae here in Ma>, 1912. i
had with me two cows, ont- horse and
eighty chickens, all of which have
done well since 1 have !,»•',. here.
and I consider this a
stock country, which f<
chicken raisin^ and small fn
not lie beaten. Wherever 1 ha
apple trees growing I am fo-:
say ihey are doing cxeeedingi
This is a very healthy count r;
tally for children, the summers be
Ing delightful and there being an a!
most total absence of wind which i
a great treat after the prair.- eai
of Calgary, where I .md nt] famil]
lived hefore coming here. The weather is lhe best in lh" world. I
have been settled here atx ul on,
year and am very clad we came, a>
we have done well. I own lot tea
of the Kootenay Orchards, which adjoins the Cranhrook Orchards, the
land in both blocks being similar. If
a man buys live acres of this land,
in order to put up a house, stable,
chicken bouse and other out-bulldlngs
and thai sufficient land to produce a
crop in ord'-r to make a living, he
require- at least $700.00 capji.il,
aparl from He- purchase price ot the
land. I think the cost of living here
compared With east of Calgary is
aboul th.' same, if anything a Utile
more favorable [or this district. If a
man wants work here there is no
trouble in getting it.        Hoping this
will give you some useful ideas.
[Signed) A. -I. MeJsey,
Cranbrook, B.C., April  lib, 1013.
Messrs. Beale and Elwell, Cranhrook,
B. C.
Dear Sirs: In reply in your enquiry with regard tn some facts concerning this district I may say that
J came to Cranbrook on the 6th of
October from North Portal, Sask.,
and last -lune purchased five acres of
Kootenay Orchards which adjoins the
Cranbr,X'k On hards and was well
satisfied wilh my land after getting
here and found conditions as they
had been represented in me. I found
ilu- v.in!er a K<-r»d deal better than I
expected, ibc coldeal day finding me
driving a distant-:* of seventeen miles
without any discnmfon. As far as
I have seen the climate i> all rigfct
and mj hear' and asthma t roubles
have If-eii a crr-a* deal better since I
have been here.
I consider my land contains an
average number of stumps and I fully expert to dear il of these for
ian.OO per aere and supply everything and pven make money at it. I
landed here with $500.00, a span of
horses, *waenn and cow and now
have house, barn, chicken house, ice
houy* full of ire and land cleared ol
everything except stumps, and an
acre plou^h'-d. also ten acres cleared.
It is mv Intention to put fn twenty
acres ot crop this spring, principally
vegetables and oats for feed.
I have two snn.. one helping at
borne, tlie other one working for
wages, with which I am helped. I
am clad I came here and consider
the country has the greatest opportunities and nave Induced two of my
friends to buy here alreadj and cx-
ped to pet more.
(Signed) -I   II- (Hlpin.
The above nettlei is willing to
swear that the above statements are
The Chapman Land and Investment com pan j reporl lhe following
sales tbis week:
Robert Myllc, ol Kdmonton. purchased loi '2G. block in.
.Joseph Urault, of the C.P ll dining
car department, purchased lots 10
and 20, block 111.
Maurice Parfitl purchased lots in
and 11 iu lhe Haley-Atkinson \ddi-
George Carrell purchased loi n in
the Haley-Atkinso,, Addition,
C. Carman purchased lot, 5 in the
Haley-Atkinson Addition.
Dr.    Thos.    I.ions, ol   Hull  Kivei,
purchased lots 1 and ■'*, block K, Hill
Frank \. Kortier, of Kimberley,
purchased lots 2 fl and 30, block E,
Hill division.
At Calgary, on Saturday, April
5th, 1018, by Itev. .1. A. Clark, pastor of the Presbyterian church, Mr.
K. P. Elgce and Miss Flora M.
(Dadi, both of Cranbrook. The happy
young couple returned to Cranbrook
on Tuesday The news of the wedding came hs a surprise to their
many friends in this <il\. Mr. El-
geo is employed in thc government
Office. They will reside in Cranbrook, being already co/ily ensconsed
in a cottage on Hnrwell avenue. THE CRANBROOK HERALD
By tbe Herald  fublisblim Company,
K. J. Deaoe, Managing Editor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, April lOtb, IQ13
The German war scare created and
fanned by, the Conservative press is
laughable to anyone who knows the
real state of affairs, This gallery
play to the popular prejudice of the
people and taking advantage of their
ignorance is one, of the rawest pieces
of political bumcombe ever attempted
by a political organisation. The
real Ttermans have no quarrel with
the real Hilton. How does tho
Conservativo press expect to take
the friendly! visit of thc (lerman
Councillor and his train ot Germans
who will inspect Canada from end to
end in -June, with the view of sending great numbers of their people
here lor settlement* To be consistent
they will have to term the visit as
an invasion and move, cannons into
the daily Conservative paper offices
to protect (be country.
■ fudging from recent, developments
at Ottawa, Ibc Horden government
anticipates a short life, and intends
that it shall be a merry one. The
postmaster-general's comtruet for
forty years' supplies of mail-bag keys
and locks is an example, of the point
ol view of members nf the ministry.
Will the Conservative press stop
dodging and squirming on (he naval
issue long enough to tell the. Canadian people—the self-respecting Canadian people who want lo undertake,
their own defence—what Mr. Horden
meant when lie said iu the house, of
commons on December 5: "Is there
really any need that wc should undertake the hazardous and costly ex
periment of building up a naval organization especially restricted t
this Dominion when upon just and
self-respecting terms we cam tak<
such part as we desire in naval defence through the existing naval organization of the empire?" %
The usual by-monthly meeting of
the Overseas club was held in the
Carmen's hall on Thursday evening.
In, accordance with the programme
arranged early in tbe season, the
meeting took the form of a whist
drive and social, wWch was well attended.
On tlw. programme were songs by
(Ieo. F. Stevenson and George Sims
and readings by, Harold Darling. tThe
ladies first prize in tbe whist drive
was won by Mrs. Bradley and Mr. A.
Clark won the gentleman's prize. An
invitation dance will be given by, the
club, on April Ilith in Carmen's hall.
All meetings arc being well attended
ol late au<V the officers are much
pleased with the increasing membership which is now well over one hundred.
4,000   RUSSIANS    TO   WORK ON
Saskatoon, April fl,—.1. (I. Taylor,
superintendent of tbe Saskatchewan
division r,[ the C.I'.R., says that the
C.P.R. will have over 4,000 Kussjnn
laborers ut work constructing branch
lines in Ihe west   within the      next
ia our poliey of doing builnm, More ihe
Br* <KTiir-t «•- j.r,'fi.iii
tbat ab«o1utHy prnt«rtn find inteatmrdH you
from km* in .-tit*,- ol tin-    HlTiiiKliliiiutlwuvH
brings 'oi ineri'iiMi' of ttr.-n
where tin threat-ana, Your boma Is al slake,
Yes, We Have
For Silver.      25c
For Cutlery.      30c
For Stoves       15c
For SShoes.     15c
For Floors    60c
For Furniture..... 2SC, 50', $1.00
For Hands     15'
For Sweeping _    50c
For Lubricating.... 15<=, 25c, 50c
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
two weeks. "All our labor for construction work," he continued, "we
are bringing Irom Russia and th-vy aro
already arriving in large numbers."
At Christ church, Cranbrook, on
Saturday afternoon, April 5th, at
3 o'clock,* Charles Sm.th aud Catherine Smith, both of Wyclific, were
united in the bonds ol holy matrimony by the Uev. E. I'. Pic welling,
rector. After lhe ceremony tho
happy couple ami guests drove to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Staples lor the weibliog supper. Mr.
and Mrs. Smith will reside at Wycliffe.
TOTAL 208,480 FOR 11)12.
London,, April 8.—Thc annual report on the emigrants information office- states that 2K,15ij Idlers were
received in 1912, a decrease of 0.9
per cent. Inquiries relating to I'hc
I'nited States decreased by M.8 per
cent anil were only 1.1 per cent of
the total number of Inquiries received. There was a net movement
from the United 'Kingdom for places
out of Europe of 208,486 passengers
of Hritish origin in 1A12, as compared with 261,800 in 1911. The net
movement to lhe various countries
were as follows:
1012.      IOU.
Canada  133,581      134,705
Australia   08,088       50,337
New Zealand  11,051 9,432
United States   45,817       49,732
South Africa       4,233 7,527
There is an increasing tendency, the
report says, on the part of Ibe Hritish emigrants to proceed lo other
■parts of the empire rather than to
foreign countries.
The number of lhe emigrants entering Canada increased from 350,374
in 1911 to 395,804 in 1912, of the
latter H5,8r>!) were of Hritish origin;
110,113 were Americans and 100,802
were of other national!ies. Thirty-
four per cent of the American settlers were of the furiuiiijjj class and
lhe actual wealth brought into Canada by American immigrants during
1912 exceeded .t 1,800,000.
Chapman Land & Inv. Co. |
Two doori from the Iter Theatre
PHONK 101 !'. 0. llox 12.-,
Chase, B.C., April 0.-Manager H.
W. Sawyer, of thc Adams River
I,umber company, at t he regular
meeting of the board of trade,
brought) forward a plan lor making
tbe common housefly such a rarity iu
Chase this summer that before the
end of the season folks will be displaying Hies iu glass cases as surviving specimens of an almost extinct
The plan is simple aud inexpensive.
It constats in sprinkling witli a weaki
solution id formaldehyde any places'
whoro flies:arc likely lo breed. This
needs only, to be done nfter a rain, I
as the treatment is effective for
weeks in dry weather. Tlie places
m;itirmg the    most careful attention
p7   ilalsall & Co.
New Wash Bordered Voiles
Neat  Stripes, New Persian   Borders,  in  Tans, Hlues. lite,
will make up a beautiful dress.
Splendid Value at 45c to 50c yd
New Crepe Cloths at 18c to 20c yd
Plain Stripes and Borders.   A really splendid cloth.   Will
launder beautifully.   In neat stripes and bordered effects.
Good Value at 18c to 20c yd
New Vestings, New  Dimities,
New Piques
New Spotted Vestings, Stripe Votings, Twills, Etc   Special Value at
20c, 25c, 30c, 40c yd.
Suits-Johnny Coats-Suits
Navy Tailored Suits
Smart New Effects
Plain Tailored Suits
Special Values at $20.00,
$25.00, $30.00 Each
New Outing Suits at $15.00
Iu Creams. Tans, and Sax Blue,
Creams with Black, Creams with
Tan. Creams with Bine.
Special Values at $15.00 Each
arc stables and all Places where animals arc kept, garbage cans, etc.
Mr. Sawyer staled that on the advice of Dr. Scatcliard, the local
health olliccr, hr had last year used
$15 worth of formaldehyde ia the
logging camps on the Adams river
wilh excellent results. Whereas ia
previous years the men hail suffered
from dysenfry and typhoid, last year
the camps were free from such diseases, lie believed that an expenditure of $2!i in the town would keep
il. free from , (lies during the coming
A mild solution of formaldehyde is
not poisonous and what accidentally
falls on grass or plants will not
make them injurious to animals. The
substance is often used) to disinfect
milk, with no harmful results exceptl
to infants.
Tlu; hoard directed the secretary to
confer with Dr. Scatcliard and ask
to sec how far the provincial board
of health would co-operate in a war
of extermination against (lies.
Canadian government officials recently have created a "repatriation"
bureau, under tlu* federal Immigration
department, whose province it will lie
in endeavor to secure tlie return lo
Canada ot natives who have moved
to the United States und other foreign countries. To this end the Canadian Koverrmient will establish
numerous immigration offices on the
other side of the line.
O. C. I'aiilin, formerly ot St.
.Johns, Quebec, lias been appointed repatriation agent for the western Canada district, and is now at Nelson,
where he will establish headquarters.
His lirst greal care will he lo get in
touch witb tbe Freiicb-Canndians iu
tbe United States, and induce them
to return, by locating those who
want lo farm upon desirable agricultural lands and finding situations for
those who want lo follow other pnes
of work.
To assist ibc lumbermen who arc
beginning operation's in Hritish Columbia, Mr. I'aiilin will send agents
among the French-Canadian woodsmen in Mie lumbering regions of thc
uislerii and middle western states to
net them to accept service wilh tho
Canadian concerns, nnd his efforts
promise lo become a factor iu lhe
labor situation in the northwestern
States-.    Mr. Pu-uliii   was aceompan-
The Great French Tonic
Builds up a Run-Down
System --Hen and Women of Cranbrook may
now be Strong and
Healthy =-- Cranbrook
DruatandBookCo. Have
it and Guarantee Every
VIGOROL is the latest invention.
A new lease of life is guaranteed to
every man and woman who takes
VKiOROI,. The complexion is made
clear; every blemish will be removed,
thc blood made pure, the nerves made
strong, and every organ will be
placed in a healthy condition- Rheumatism will he entirely driven out of
the system; tbat tired feeling removed; mew ambition and energy will be
yours. You will be able to compete with the world, (let a bottle
of the wonderful tunic today. VIGOROL will remove that pain in the
back and give you a healthy appetite.     Price SI.00 a holtle.
ied on his lirst trip to Hritish Columbia liy ;i wealthy lumberman of
easlcrn Canada, who is contemplating extensive operations in the Kootenay region, and there is every Indication Hint tlio entire lumber industry of Canada is behind tho
Saskatoon, April '.K—.\ Main load
of Dotlkliobors mil ward bound on the
exodus from Saskatchewan to Hritish
Columbia passed through here today.
There were six hundred DouWrbbors
and Uhelr families on board. This is
the third consignment, two train
loads numbering fifteen hundred trekked last fall. Tbey hail from Vere-
gin, Sask., and are bound lor Custle-
gar and Kinuainl, where their compatriots have established a fruit
Col. Dullard, a returned missionary
I will give a lantern lecture on India,
Japan and Korea, illustrated by otic
hundred stcrcoplicon views made In
Japan hy a special process of tinting.
The colonel will qJbo exhibit a number of household gods of the heathen.
Rev. W. E. Dtlnll&m will preside, and
short addresses will be given by
Rev. IV, K. Thomson aud Rev. O. B,
Kendall. Local talent will provide
the musical pari of this Interesting
service. Methodist church, Tlmrs
day, April 17th, K p.m. Proceeds In
nld of Ibe local Salval.on . Army
dorps. Come and bring n friend to
this lancinating and Instructive missionary sell ice.
T CAME into being as the spoken language
came' slowly, gradually, and to meet an
urgent need. I have been worked for evil, but
mostly I have worked for good. I can still be
worked for evil, but each day it grows more
difficult so to do.
I am at once a tool and a living force. If
you use me wisely, I am a tool in your employ.
If you misuse me, my double edge will injure or
destroy you. If you do not use me. I am a
force that works ever against your accomplishment of the aims and purposes that animate
your business.
I speak a thousand tongues and
have a million voices.
I am the ambassador of civilization, the handmaiden of science, and
the father of invention.
1 have peopled tho prairie, and
with my aid commerce has laid twin
trails of gleaming steel in a gridiron
across the continent nnd stretched a
network of copper into tho far corners
of the globe.
I am the friend of humanity— for
I have filled the commoners life with
a hundred comforts denied tho king
of yesterday.
1 laugh at tarifis and remake laws.
I have scaled the walls of tho fanner's isolation and linked him to the
world of outer interests.
I build great factories nnd people
them with happy men and women
who love tho labor I create.
1 have made merchants princes out
of corner shopkeepers and piled the
wealth of a Monte Cristo into the
lapB of those who know my power.
I am a bridge that cancels distance
and brings the whole world to your
doors, ready and eager to buy your
I find new markets and gather the
goods of the world into a handful of
printed pages.
I fathered the ten-cent magazines
and the penny paper.
I am either the friend or the foe to
Competition—so he who finds me first
is both lucky and wise.
Where it cost cents to hire me yesterday, it costs quarters to-day, and
will cost dollars to-morrow. But
whosoever uses me had best have
sense ; for I repay ignorance with
loss and wisdom with the wealth of
I spell service, economy, abundance, and opportunity; for 1 am tbe
one and only universal alphabet.
1 live in every spoken word and
printed line—in every thought that
moves man to action and every deed
thnt displays character.
1 am Advertising.
Advice regarding your advertising problems is
available through an application to the Herald
Advertising Department. THE   OBANBKOOK   nEllALI)
No Other Hosiery
Offers This
'Foot-clothing that fits with absolute perfection, for\
reasons you will readily see if you'll glance at the'
picture here . . . the only hose made that is perma-1
neatly shaped to the foot nnd leg, nnd that is both
Seamless and Snug-Fitting)
You winilil not think of buying hrtso with a seam up tbe front
of  the tori . ■ ■ - V/Ollllln't tluit lie uttly  anil uoroiiifortolilo V
I'roliobly you boy tbo kind wiih a seam up tbe buck only
because you didn't know  there was a kind free from tluit
discomfort nnd  nnsldhtlinoss.    There Is, however.   You
'on get tbe bvttvr kind iu any  weight   or  eolor  if you
buy hosiery made by
Penmans  Limited
Paris Canada
Uadcrwear.   Sweatara,   Hoaiary
\ Seamless
Are Being Cured by Vinol.
Did you ever cough for a month?
Then just think how distressing It
must be to have a cough hang on for
three months.
Mrs. Maria Primrose, of 87 Newell
Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I had
a very heavy cold which settled into
a chronic cough, which kept mo
awake nights for fully three months,
and felt tired all the time because my
rest was broken so much. Tbe effect
of taklug your coil liver and iron remedy, Vinol, Is thut my cough Is gone.
I can now get a good night's rest, and
I feel much stronger In every way,'
It Is the combined action of tho
medicinal elements, cods' livers, aided
by the blood-making and strength-
creating properties of tonic iron which
makes Vlnol go efficient in curing
chronic coughs, colds and bronchitis
—at the same time building up the
weakened, run-down system.
Try a bottle of Vlnol, with the understanding   that  your  money   will
bo returned if it does not help you.
Cranbrook'  Drug   and   Hook   Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
The foundation! stone nf the new
capital oi lhe Commonwealth ol Australia was laid on March 12th last
by Baron Dentnan, governor-general
of the Dominion, il wns christened
Canbarra, alter the namo of the district in New South Willi's, in which
it is located, in the presence of an
immense gathering of the people
drawn from all parts of Australia.
Canberra will'be built on two com-
mandlng hills on either side or tho
Molomglo river, which will in* magnt-
flcenUj bridged. Tlw Intention of
thc federal govprnmctrl is to moka
it ;i mode) oily f«>i its purpose.
Architects from all over tho world
were Invited to compete for the fur-
ntshinjj nf the pt.in on winch Australia's new capital Will be built, Tbe
New York Commercial in a review ol
the undortaking, slates ih.it  the plan
accepted is peculiarly American, sun,
Rested hy tlie Citj  t.i WftBlllUglOfl      ia
its general   design, though    modified
from that in its details. Tlw Commercial is Justly proud .<f the tad
thai ibc  winner of ibe prise of $«,-
7f>u ollcied is My. Waller Hurley Cnf-
ri.i, oi Chicago The plan covers .1
district oi twent) live aquaro miles,
and the arrangements give spooial
attention    to   structural  valuo and
convenience,     combined   -with beauty
of public buildings.
Those   will he the house-, of pallia
incut, tbe govoniot general's palace,
the courts of justice, departmental
other buildings, churches, a national
art! gallery and library, a cily hull,
railway stations, barracks, jail, markets and parks. The Industrial and
residential dislricls arc also carefully
planned in the total scheme. The
new Canberra bids fair to be worthy
of the function which it will embody
in Australian development,
Thc plans provide fur an immediate
population of 75,000, ami are of the
radial type, like (be spoken of a
wheel. From tbe crnler, where will
be grouped all (lie niuie beautiful
and important government structures, streets and boulevards*will diverge to other centres and from those
in turn will ramify! street spokes,
broken up and beautified by squares
and circles* and other delightful spufs
el   greenery    anil   plant decoration.
Canadians! w||o have visited tbo capital city of tho United States, the
scat of federal government sine
1S00, will recall that in this respect
thc Meal of Washington will be made
tlie model, as it is in the geometry
of the design.
The site for Canberra was purchased hy thc government of Australia
in 11*11 from thestate of New South
Wales. The science of building is
making tremendous strides in advance of the last cenlury, and it
confidently predicted'that tbo building of Canberra will not long be delayed. It will then supersede Melbourne in thc stale of Victoria, the
prestnt scat of the Commonwealth's
government, as the capital of the sister dominion.
The annual meeting of ibc Boundary Mining and Exploration company
was held at Midway on Monday,
April 7th. About two thousand
feet of prospecting, in the shape of
shafts, drifts and tunnels have been
made in proving the continuity of
No. 3. seam. Thomas I.. Brophy,
M.K., who recently examined the
property, says: Tlie location is ideal,
giving shipping facilities over two
railways, and being within short distances (1f three large smelters, in addition to many prosperous and growing towns, where there aro ready
markets. Thc coal is a high grade
bituminous and produces the finest
quality iri stool-grey coke. It is al
excellent steam coal aud nothing belter could 1m* round for domestic pur
pos.N. us it is dean and free trom
noxious odors. In his opinion, the
Companj has a body of coal of several million tons proved by the work
already done, and< there is no doubt
hut that the coal now being develop-*
i*d is one fit the smallest scams in the
propertj nf the company. The scam
averages six fed in width.
A. K. Watts, president of the com-
pain, alter tellin-g of the brilliant
prospects of the company, says that
application has been made for a railway spur to the portal of lhe tunnel,
which is only mo feet from ti«* railway- ll is therefore hoped that the
company will be able to ship coal
very shortly, and to rapidly develop
tbe properly aud its earning capacity.
There are a number of shareholders;
of the company in Cranhrook who aro
greatly pleased over the Improved
adaptation is bused uu the theory
that Mary Magdalene's influence oi
the Savior was greaiei ihan that 0
any other woman.
The lirst act discloses Mary,
beautiful and wealthy Jewess court
esan at a sumptuous luncheon in th
Garden of SUeniis, tin* philosopher
al Hethclchein. A handsome young
Komun lieutenant, Lucius Verus, is
desperately in love with Mary, who
refuses bis offers.
Tbe second act passes in tlu* luxurious villa of Mary, who is already
under the mystic religious influence
of Christianity. Lucius Verus
presses his suit, and Mary is about
to yield to his supreme outburst nf
profnno passion. It is a terrific
struggle between the flesh and tin*
spirit, but Lazarus, restored to life,
appears, saying to Mary, "The Muster calls you," whereupon Mary, as
if hypnotized,, quits Lucius and follows Lazarus.
The third act is at .Jerusalem, Pontius Pilate had Instructed his lieutenant, Lucius Verus, with .the duty
of guarding the imprisoned Christ.
Lucius, burning with his passion fur
Mary, imbued with nystic faith, re-
Christ to escape if Mary will yield '<'
his embrace. The disciples who are
present implore Mary to comply, but
Mary, imbued w,th mystic faith, re-
'fuscs, and follows Christ on thc path
to Golgotha.
This is considered the finest and
most dramatic work which Maeterlinck has yet written.
The part of Mary is admirably
played hy Georgette Leblanc Maeterlinck. . Tbe Christ is not impersonated on the stage, although His
voice is beard in prayer and pro
claiming the Christian faith. This
scriptural tragedy is a complete
■dramatic success, and will be given
later in Paris.
When a doctor endorses a prcpara
tion it means more than an ordinary
testimonial. His opinion is always
that of the professional man devoted
to the welfare of the people. i
Dr. J, -i. Hoyd. Covington, Tenn. I
says: "I feel it my duty to write
this for the benefit oi those surTerinju
from dandruff. In the average case
a few applications iff Pfowbro's Her-
picide will remove all dandruff. It is
advisahle in continue its use for aei 1
oral weeks." i
The words o-f ■'■ It. Thompson, M j
»., No. 2 Burrough Place, for. Hoi j
lis St . Boston, Mass., nre not 'ess
enthusiastic "I can only speak iu
praise of Newbro's Herpicfdc. li is
all thai is claimed and perhaps more,
Herpicide not only cleanses the scalp
hut brightens the hair, gives it lite
and makes il soft."
Dr. T, A. .Moure, Duncan, Ariz.,
writes of his experience: "My scalp
was in places covered by patches    uf j
dry, scaly material and the Itching
was incessant. Since using Herpicide, all these evils have disappeared
and my hair is soft, smooth and
growing, Hair has grown on spot-
before lull  thinly coveted.''
S'cwbro's Herpicide is "the original
remedy ti. -kill the dandruff germ*'
and stop falling hair, The terrible
itehing which goes wilh dandruff j-.
allayed almost  at once."
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c. and
$1.1") si/.es is sold hy all dealers win,
guarantee it in do al! thai is claim-
id. li you an* not satisfied your
money will he refunded.
Applications may he obtained at
the leading barber shops. He sure
you gell genuine Herpicide. Send
Hi., in postage for sample and lK>ok
to The Herpicide Co., Dept, K., Detroit, Mich.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
commodation for over 2,oui) second
and third-class passengers. There;
will be no first-clas accommodation.
The. comfort of the passengers has
beeni especially studied. In designing
thc staterooms an unusual number of
Iwo berth rooms have been provided,
The ship is fitted with Marconi wireless apparatus and a submarine signalling system. II is built with
bilge kieels and watcr-ttghi doors.
Tin*)   KiTnu:   ok   westekn
New York, April 8.-A cable to
lire Tribune from Nice says: "Mary
Magdalene," a three-act drama by
Maurice Maeterlinck, presenting with
intense realism the Biblical tragedy,
and brought out last night in the
Municipal Casino, product*! tl profound  imprciwioii.       The  scriptural
A series of tests to determine tbe
mechanical and physical properties of
western larch (tamarack) has been
recently made by forest product ex
perts, and it has been shown that
the strength is 81.7 per cent., where
western hemlock is 88 per cent and
Douglas- hr 101) .per cent. It Is
shown tbat the maximum strength of
green bridge stringers average of all
grades is 117.fl per cent, as great as
the. strength of the small clear
beams cut from large timbers. The
stringers from small trees are of
better quality than those taken from
old trees, and lhe material coming
from the upper portion of the tree
exhibits less strength than that
from the lower portion.
These results will assist in making
more common the use of many spec^
its and grades of timber which have
hitherto been thought useless. .lust
as in Eastern Canada red pine,
spruce, tamarack and even balsam fir
are taking the place of white pine, in
Western Canada suoh species as larch
can replace. .Douglas fir in some of
the less important industries.
Certain regions, notably the Nelson
and Cranbrook districts in the southern part of British Columbia, are
culting large quantities of birch at
tho present time. This timber is being usi-d in all forms of construction,
in making floors, and in many other
directions. In East Kootenay, tamarack will rank among thc foremost
Important woods. As time goes on
tliere will doubtless, be great development of the iamarack trade, mainly lieeause thc old-time prejudice
against it is rapidly passing away.
One of the problems which awaits
the attention of tlw forest branch in
the near future is the making of investigations which will show-what
species can be used io best advantage
in various lines of construction and
manufacture. The lumber trade and
woodworking industries have benefitted in other countries by just such
procedure, ami with the great resources of inferior sizes and spcelcs
which British Columbia has, in addition to some of the finest timbers in
the world, thc increase in the value
of wood products would be very
great.—Canada Lumberman.
Thc first of two liners commissioned by the Cunard line for the
Canadian passenger service this summer was launched on Saturday,
March 22, at Orcenock. The Adan-
la, the new steamship, is a hand-
•nrnio   vrswl of 13,000 tons, with a<<-
Writing lo tho London Daily Mail,
Laura Sykes of Cluny, Alberta,
deals with tho problem of obtaining
domestic, help in Canada aud in the
course of her remarks stales: "II is
not,, that, we are unable to get 'helps'
but that the 'helps' arc so incompetent, more especially ou a ranch,
where I have lived [or some years. I
have had several lady helps from
England who had 'done, a great deal
of housework and washing, etc., at
home,' and felt competent to undertake the work on a ranch ami demand, a large wage. My experience
of these has been that they are quite
unable to put their, hand lo the real
work oc ri'ali/.e that Wie are paid in
do the hard work—washing, churning, cooking, bathing, etc., with help
from the mistress of the house. Instead the lady does, the principal
work, while the help does the lighter
housework—makes a fake ami helps
in little ways. ,
"I wish some lady who has worked
out here and knows all the inconveniences of a ranch house, would start
a training school and let the girls
have no up-to-date, college lo learn
in, water laid, en, gas, and every
convenience in the kitchen. Let
them learn how to chop their kindling, carry water and coal, do the
family washing ami cook a meal in a
hurry witb, nunc than likely,     very
little material     to cook   with, and,
above all.,save themselves work.
"We are willing lo train a, good
girl and give her good wages when
She is, competent to take hold of the
work, but we cannot afford to pay
full wages and teach a girl Iter work
as well. Also, most of the girls
who come on a ranch come with th*
idea of 'having a good time'—riding,
'surprise' parlies, etc. We do not
pay wages for Ibis, bul want real
help for Which we will gladly give
good wages and not, grudge any small
aiuiisemenl there may he."
Liver   Spots,   Pimples,  Dark
Circles Under Ihe Eyes.
are all signs of the system being
clogged. The Liver and Bowels arc
inactive and the Stomach is weak
from undigested foods and foul gases.
thc great fruit remedy, will make
you feel like a new person.
Winnipeg, June 27, 1911.
After taking three boxes of your
Pig Pills for stomach and liver
troubles I feel strong and well and
able to do my own work.—Mrs. A.
II. Naulter.
Sold at all dealers in 25 and 50
cent boxes or mailed by The Fig Pill
Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
thai the Canadian Paciflo Railway
Company (as lessees and exercising
the franchise ot the Kootenay Central Railway) did on the 29th day of
March, 1913, deposit in the Nelson
Land Titles Office, plan, profile, and
a book of reference, as No. 7a9 K.
shewing revised location of proposed
line (nun a point in lot 2(ii to a
point in lot .'134, Kootenay District,
Mile 36 to Mile 38.35.
Dated at   Winnipeg this fourth day
of April, A. D. 1913.
P.   Mcpherson,      Right-oMVay   and
Lease Agent, Western Lines. 1
Incorporated 1HG\)
Capital Paid Up $11,506,000        Reserve $13,500,000
H. 8. HOLT, President      E. L. PEASE, General Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations and Individuals solicited.
Out-of town InieineBs receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEI'AKTMENT-DepoHitBof $1.00 and upwards received
and interest allowed at current rate. No formality or delay in
withdrawing. 4
A General Banking Business transacted. f
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager      J
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace. Comfort, Contentment,
anil Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
R. T. Brymner, flanager Cranbrook, B. C.
' Imperial Bank of Canada 1
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -      $10,000,000.00 ♦
CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED       - 6,620,000.00 I
CAPITAL PAID UP      -       - 6,770,000.00
RESERVE FUND     ^b^^H     6.770.000.00
D. R. WILKIE, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants
Fanners and Private Individuals invited,
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT     Special   attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts     Deposits of $1.00   aud
upwards received anil interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: il. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
*"**<-*0>,***v*<r*<.<>*<Kt*** ♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦  ************
* - -
Ku danger ot Importing j*-?«>
tfb drying out ion
:jsrj from ttiuiigt.ti.iii
All our tri**?** are wiiht*-.! in front-proof ■.-dlars
1^£ Tti'-ri'din* protect \unrieM bj* buying our trt-«.   Writ*: fur CutRlogu*'
ami Priw Li«t to
Established 1900,   Obs hur.in-J anil tavulr-fiv,? a«-r'-
Representative: F. M. WORTHINQTON
N.IJ.-Weliave DW.UlF stock in Mclntoab He.:. Wealthy, .lotinlban. Cns'ii
<?r..Tnj.' Ontario N.,niv-r-. <\j asd WVj»»(.*»r
All Diseases Peculiar to Men
1 an a graijaa'*. >;wnrf<i s.r.'i r*¥i*X*n*i
M.D.. with a record of IS ft*n ••{ sucretoful
(•raetire in man'a <Ji»ea*e*. I ■*'*.* the first
reliable men'n specUbit » toc*t* in Spaakane
and have beer. f< r 7 yon in the tune liaoli-an.
No ou* is uo rfatnplicattti f'-v rnv metrK#i» of
trvaLrr.er.t. S<> maiu-r r,o» many have trwd
your ca*e. In u b*nee0 ihe ff*-tail* an<i I •■ill
ncaran:** a rare thai will .■.»*-.
Free Museum of Anatomy
I have treated hundred! •■'. patfeatab) ■■ ■■
andamno* treatfnf ma] fiw eaaoM eorae
to Me me.   A"   l-'.tfr:- ar" .«■■,>*- Hrictlj cnrS-
il'-nliul i.r.'i ■ ■ :■■■■    , ;-'. a-  .■;, —'. . ... a- I.'.-
cai-e*. tn;it I deal with peixr.a;,;..    Write tot
Tbe New
Remedy for
SpecllU Blood
r**U Ka?I   I   FV    "0 Howard St.
EXPERT ukologist SPOKANE, Wash.
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have Borne Hilt Edged Original Prairie Townsitea
(not sub-divisions), which appeal to the intelligent investor, and we intend to put on an extensive advertising campaign in CRANBROOK us soon as we complete arrangements with a first-class man, who can follow tip inquiries.
We mail the district thoroughly, Tho right man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and very profitable position, Apply H. W, Mt Curdy, "»02 Temple Building, Toronto.
I If You Want
Your house connected with the now sownraRO system,
PHONE 840. Our work guaranteed. Estimates of cost
choeriully given.
The Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing
and Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON , Proprietor
************** **************
* »
*   Fruit Ornamental »
* *>
«       Trees Shrubs       »
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local A-zent
Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C.
**************************** TIIE   OBANBROOK   nERALD
One of Thomas A. Edison's new
Blue Amberol Records
was played 3,000 times
on an Edison Phonograph—and gave just as true
and sweet a reproduction the last ti me as the first
tone after countless play tags
as it is when new. Your
Edison dealer will play
some of these wonderful records for you
on an Edison Phonograph. Ask him
to do so today.
This was not an endurance
test for mere hardness. It
was an endurance test for
quality of reproduction—to find if the
Blue Amberol would
be as far superior to
all other records in
A. Ediaon, lac., 100 Lakasida A.a„ Oraaaa, N. J..U. S. A.
A complete fine of Ediaon Phonographs nnd Recorda will be found at
"The Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd/'
I'The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co* Ltd/'
News of the District
(By Fred Roo).
It sure pays tn advertise it you
havo the goods. You can rtovier lead
unless you lilt. Otologists report
seeing tracks of an overgrown pessimist around Fording river owning a
disposition that has fourteen nit ties
on it and a button.
New laid eggs are now down to
forty cents a dozen iu Blfco. You
can buy regular eggs for even less.
The Indians on Tobacco Plains a"'
holding-a big "grass dance," Did you
get that?
As stated in last week's Fernie
Free Press, "alter a detour through
Beautiful Baynes, Gateway, Tobacco
Plains and the Roosville Valley we
are back again in Klko without loosing our character en route. Did you
get that Old Michel. Klko, tllie New-
York of the Pass, is lull of angels,
love, rosess and genuine bumble bee
honey. At thc next regular meeting
of thc Klko board of trade we will
move that thc prosperity holders of
Elko, who will neither pull nor push
for the town, will be allowed lo get
on the wagon and ride.
Dave Hoey is tearing the alfalfa up
hy the roots for the Broley Orchard
compaiuy, Roosville.
Mr. and Mrs. Adonis and family
from -Glasgow, Scotland, arrived in
the best town on the Crow last Saturday.
f^l'd   sooner   Ik; a   booster ami with
the angels.stand,"
"Than    be   a   dirty   knocker,  etc.,
Elko has more railroads than any
town on the ('rows Nest branch, ami
more railroads building Into it than
any town in South Kast Kootenay.
Tbe only misfortune that Klk0 suffers so much,from is being owned by
ihe octupus C.P.R. who havo Sir
Richard and M. .1, Dowser according
to Colliers, backed oft the earth when
it comes to taking everything and
giving nothing in return. Klko is
thc most Milid of town in li *. . U'
day- Go where you will tlicy are
talking ot Klko. Yea, even in the
trappers and prospectors cabins.
M. Gorman, chief of police, Elton,
returned from Port Arthur, where he
went to bring back two Russian diplomats to Hosmer. Another evidence of Elko. For anything ot inv
portance they have to get a man
from Elko to deliver the goods. It
makes us smile to sec this old historic burg pnjoying so much prosper
ity. Always leave tlicm.smiling
when you say good-bye.
Heaven give rest to his weary soul,
said .Jim Thisllebcak, when he heard
of, J. P. Morgan's death,
The way some people talk about
their home town sounds like killing
Dingman, the daisy traveller from
Nelson, arrived iu Klko last week
chaperoning one ot the. charming Red
Deer dairy maids, of the Laura -Jean
l.ibby type ami the way .she dispensed wisdom with the, aid of a bottle
of milk s'iie carried in her hip pocket,
would make a fellow sit up and take
notice, While Dingman sat on the
counter across thc store listening to
tho lecture, looking like a .Jersey
cow waiting for somo one to come
and milk him. They made a line
team. He was selling desiccated
Kxcelsior breakfast foods and she
tin* milk to wash them down.
0. H. Howe, the popular manager
of lhe, Merchants Dank, is leaving
Klko on the 15th of April for Alberta. The board of trade are giving him,a royal send-off and a t full
account of same will appear in this
column next week, and should be
read by everyone, even, the knockers.
Mrs. Paukhurst may have seen a
turbulent future for her daughter
Ciiristobel, when she named her after
a Spanish battleship, aud now an
English, judge sent her, up for three
years to think about it.
Thc, Klingensmiths are expected
back home ihis week from Mexico
and California. A telegram received
this week says: "Dying to get back
to thc picturesque burg." .Say, did
you get that.
Queen Mary, let, il be known, tbat
sho disapproves ot woman suffrage.
She not only dislikes the principle
but has seen some of the suffragettes.
Tlie possession of gold makes the
meanest man powerful. .The lack of
gold makesj many a great man weak.
The best feature of Elko's building
activity is that the finest structures
are yet do be erected.
A young lady in Fernie has a jieili-
greed dog and she told a friend In
Elko thnt it was a thoroughbred
'Hie smallest thing on this earth is
a small town.
Tom Prentice and Si! Hradley, both
Napoleans iu their class, were Klko
visitors this week. Several other
travellers registered and a larger
amount of train lumpers than usual.
We notice • several Alberta papers
copy the Elko notes. Another nroof
that, it pays to advertise.
(Special correspondence).
The Jewell Lumber company arc
breaking up camp in Kast Wardner
after the winter's cut. The logs are
decked beside the Kootenay Central
tracks to be shipped to their mill at
Wardner is to have an intermediate
baseball team this summer. The
boys arc around collecting the very
necessary catli     to  make themselves.
Mrs. Lovick called on friends in
town Friday last.
Mr. Codhill, of Michel, B.C., called
on friends in town Friday, going
through io Dull River in tlie afternoon.
Mr. Lee Ilerric returned to town
after spending a   few days at Moyie.
Some of the boys that arc musical
should bring the baud into sliapc
again this summer.
Miss Florence Ilerric was* iu Fcrnie Saturday on a business tour.
■ lames Dates, of Bull River, was
tin- defendant, and Roy Limmer, the
prosecutor in a case of assault, held
at Wardner police court Friday. The
case was dismissed for want oG evidence. Mr. McNeil, ot Fernie, acted
tor the prosecution.
The song service Sunday night at
the church -was so ably rendered,
with the assistance ot Mr. Achison,
in the pulpit, that thc few in the
choir deserve great credit.
Mr, William Barclay was a Cranhrook guest over Sunday.
Tbe new game laws are being conspicuously posted so that,all may
gain the right information.
Mrs. Flossie Kimball, nurse in
training at, thc .St. Eugene hospital
silent' Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Lucier.
Mr. and Mrs. Bureau, sr., left, oi
Monday night for their old home iu
Michigan. They expect to return to
Wardner later on.
There   will be a meeting of (liurc
goers this week to elect,officers  and
also appoint    those to journey      t
.lames Downey dropped off Saturday from Ontario, where he has heen
for thc past two wars. .Jim intends spending the summer here.
Miss Addie Buck spent Sunday
with her father in town. Addie is
working at Cranbrook.
Mr. Clarence Martin came in Irom
the west Saturday. Clarence is going to saw here this summer.
Mr. II. K. LaPoint lett on Monday
afternoon for the prairie, where, he
intends spending the summer. We arc
sorry to loose Hank and wish him
every success.
Mr. Graham Donahoe returned to
town Monday last after an absence ot
a month with friends in Cranbrook.
A baseball meeting will be held
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the
Library, hall for. placing the senior
team on an organized footing.. A
large attendance is requested.
Miss Constance Heric, of Moyie, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heric for
a few days.
O. W. Powell was in town Wednesday looking up husiness. George
says lie is getting a car for ihe business.
Mr. Wright, ot the Rumscy Co.,
Toronto, was in town Tuesday showing some of his new pictures.
Mr. Carlin, of Fort Steele, called
on business Wednesday.
Mr. P. Lund returned Tuesday after a short business' trip lo the
The ladies of Wardner lwve begun
a series ot teas, which are to be given in connection with their church
work. These afternoons arc to be
given lii-wwkly, ejach member taking
turns in entertaining. Mrs. George
Wilson entertained a very large number of the ladies last Thursday afternoon. After a very pleasant afternoon, was spent, Mrs. Wilson served a( very appetizing lunch. A silver
collection was then taken before the
company dispersed.
ton real estate,
relumed tu Creston
(From tlie Creston Review).
Arthur and Miss Ilattie French, of
Bull Hiver, were visitors to. Creston
a few days this week.
Miss IrCim Oartwright, who has
boon spending n week with her parents at Krickson, returned to Cranbrook Sunday.
R. Ualiii.sley, who has been spending about a. uttmUi on tho prairies in-
Mr. and Mrs. Fortier, of Canyon
City, left on Monday for Vancouver,
where they expect to reside for
Mr. and Mis. Willis, who have
lieen residing at Canyon City the
past eight mouths, left on Monday
Tor Vancouver, where tbey expect to
reside in the future.
James Barton, who has been ex
press agent ;il Cranbrook for a mini
her of year . resigned his duties on
Tuesday. lie relumed to Creston
Wednesday, where his wife ami family reside.
Guy Lowenbcrg left on Monday f()r
Nelson, from I here he will nccouv
pany Jas, II. Scholicld, M.P.P., to
Victoria, where he will wail upon
the government provides that th<
wing a grant of $2,(101} with which
to complete thc survey of ihe Kooti
nay valley, which was commencod
last year to ascertain the feasibility
of the scheme to reclaim them,
T. B. Winlaw, of Winlaw, B. C,
and well known in lumbering circles
around Crcston districts, has secured
the timber limits, which have been
advertised for sale, by the government for the .past three months, fn
selling Ibis timber to .Mr. Winlaw,
the government with a view to se-
timher bo removed in, four years,
and that Mr. Winlaw Pay $2 a thousand stumpage, and one cent a foot
for cedar poles. This timber in
etudes some of the best cedar lu the
Creston valley.
Aplin, of Baynes Lake, B.C., Handier, intends to apply for permission
lo purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted
at or near tho southeast corner of
Lot 6231, Group 1, Kootenay district, thence south -10 chains; thence
west *lfl chains; i hence north 40
chains; thence east *I0 chains to
point of commencement, containing
IfiO acres, more or less.
Dated March 22nd, 1013.
P. .1. H. Aplin,
Clarence W. Mmrhead, Agent.
Located Mutch 7lh, 1013.        13-10t
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French retfulntur; nt-ver fails. These
pills arc ijxceciiinfily powerful in regulating the
generative portion of tin- lemnle system. Refuse
nil cheap Imitations. Dr. de Tan'i are soli] nt
(5 a box, or three for 110, Mailed to any address.
The Boobell Dr ng Co.. St. CattuM-lne* Oct
For Hie at  Be*tie,  Murphy  &  Co.,
Hardy Northern Grown Pedigree
And other loading varieties, best
suited to this district
Express charges prepaid and 10 per
cent, discount allowed on all orders
with remittance in full received before
Match :!().
Catalogue sent on request
Wymulel.B. C.
District of   South    Division,   East
TAKE N'OTICE tnat Phineas DeVere Hunt, ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Agent, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north west corner of Lot 5805,
Group 1, Kootenay district, East
Kootenay; thenco south 80 chains;
thence west 20 chains, more or less,
to the east boundary of Lot 0345,
Group 1; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 20 chains, more or less,
to thc place of beginning, containing
80 acres, more or less.
Phineas DeVere Hunt,
per   Robert   Williamson Henry,
Dated February 1, 1913. 6-lGfc
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11 x 11. Price
$350.00. May be seen at Benedict Biding, ono mile oast of
Mayook, B. O.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, complete with rack feed, 3 blocks.
II post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxford Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulleys, Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. C.
For further particnlare apply to
LeaBk & Johnson, Elko, B. C.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 31
A.F.  & A.  M.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
I'\ B. Miles, W.M.
■ I. I.. Cranston.
Cbesoent Loikiis Mo. 33
Cranbrook, It. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, 0,0.
1.'. M. Christian, K. of R.&S.
Visiting brethren   conlially invited
to attend.
l.O.O.P., KEY CITY LOUOli, No. 42
Meets every Monday
night ot   New Kra-
__ . _ _.     teruity   Hall.    So
journing Oddfellows cordially invited.
R. Dixon, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Seo'j.
Meeta first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to Dccomhcr 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
II. White, Scribe.
No. li).
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebckabs  cordially invited.
Mrs. Alma I.iddicoat, N.G
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
J. McLachlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec, Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at S p.m.
Membership   opeu   to British   citi
E. Y. Brake, 1.. Pearron,
Pres. Sec.
Box (118
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook  Lodge
No. 1040
Mfota evorj Weduoadlui
nt. s p.m.in Knviil black
Knitilits' Hull, linker
Fiikii. W. Swain, Diet.    It. S. G.uibktt, Sec
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ot tno Forest.        ■
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month at 9
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whittaker, CO,
Mrs. A. E. Shnw, Secretary.
P. O. llox 112.
Visiting Companions cordially: welcome.
LODGE, No. 1871
Meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 8 p.m. in Royal
Black Knights of Ireland
Hall, Baker Street.
Fbkd. W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. Wiu.ia.ms, Sec.
11 niukoi no «llff«ron«! what jou ilinire •>•
,'lmilir.K tills Honsim—we run iuprilr Ton,
and wilh tlio illicit quality of nursiry stock
eTcr itfuwi*.
All tritK, I'tiil.K villi';.-. tnTM-i, fihniiM*,
SttTfroeni, roues, etc., lolil l<y m tiro ifunr-
It Will pay foil to gel In tOUCh with 111.
32 PAGES,       10+CSTAMPS)
II you want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Special prices lor family work.
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cars
Hotel International
Geo, LoNOFltB, l'roprk'lor
Situated at Kingegate*. B.C., on
tlu* Boundary Lint1;, in a spot of
ran* scenic beauty and tlie BportH-
iuiui'm jiiimilisi*.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B. .C
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol reitarat every time iu the body
■ .  „■,.,*.—        .in un |>ni|R>r tension j ruitoreH
' ",l1 vitality.  I'renintiiiuilcriiv nml nil sexual
ivonknou averted nt once. Fhiwphonoi will
make you a nowmmi. Price ip«bDX.gr two i«r
*».. M.ii'r-.l l<.fiiiva-liln*ss. TheScobullDrug
t lo., Ni. CnttUM-iiiee, Onl.
For sale at Boat tit- -Murphy Co., LH.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Gate at moderate
Rates $1,00 and op per day
Corner of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our bus meets all traina
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B 00ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
Kohkrt Fbami:, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of Ail Kinds
rilONK 87
Norbury Ave.       Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction (Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries a full stock of
Repairs for above always
iu stock
Succwor to F. T. P. PERRY
60-62 , [
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Forty years in use, 20 years tho
standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. Kor Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martcl's Female
Pills, at your druggist.
President: J. II. McCi.uhk
[        Secretary: H. MAODONALn
, For information regarding lands <
• and   agriculture   apply   to the •
' Secretary, Cranbrook. B. C.
' Meeting—
|       Every second Wednesday
President:.'. It. Shkppjuid
McetH regularly 1 lie first Friday ovonlng each
information <>" Poultry inntterH supplied
Address tlif Secretary,
A; D, SMITH, Box 853
Oppositn C.P.R. KlutUin
THE    PLACEJ     TO     Ol'.T    A
|   Many Good Men Robbed of High
Busiues ami Social Standing
by Drink
il Outwl at
1 in thru, days
I Box :tar», Oanbrook, It. 0.
Of Spokane, Wash.
Dentistry and Oral
Will be located in thc offices
formerly occupied hy Dr. Hall
over Parks & Co.'s Hardware Store,
APRIL 5th TO JUNE 1st, 1913
Cranhrook, B. C,
W. F. G.URD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms,
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
OSct at Rntdtice, Arra.troni in,
Forenoons - - ■ . fJ.OO to 10.Oi
Alternoom - - • 3.00 to   4.60
Evening! - ■ ■ • 7.S0 to   6.88
Sundays - - - - 3.39 to   4.38
ORANBROOK :i    tl    h    »    al. O,
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   % p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ollice in Hanson Block.
ORANBROOK -       -        - B. 0,
Cranbrook Collage Hospital
Terms on Application,
PIioiib 2511 Matron.
P, O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Port Steele
?.i°No?i«8 Cranbrook,B.Co
B.   C.  land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
A M. Can. Soc. C. E,
Civil Engineer and Architect
Ofliee over Crnnliruok Unic nml Book
Co'h. Storo
Telephone mi
1*. (). Hoi V
W. K. BaattJ. Puaaral Dlracto,
Cranbrona tt.C
Phono 840
Norbury Ave., next to City Hull
Dny IMionu 211:1
Night Hi,hi.. :im
Frank Provenzano
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C.
P. 0. BOI 184 PHONE 144
Graduate of London College of
Music, Knglnnd
Visits and Receives Pupils for
Also representative (or Mason & j
Kisoh Pianos
Is Quality a Greater Consideration in Purchasing Drugs than
Price ?
We believe it is, and insist that all
our drugs and chemicals be of the
highest grade. As a result you
take no chances in purchasing your
drugs from us.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The ftexalUL Store
Cranbrook - - . B. C.
Do You Find It
Difficult to Read
By artificial light? Or to sew ?
Or to do any work that requires a
good deal of eye work f
Headaches follow, more than
likely accompanied by dizzy sensations.
It's your eyes, without n doubt.
The symptoms nre well known
to opticians, and they mean that
the eyas are weak, or that they
have been overworked.
Let us investigate.
It fo almost u certainly thnt
glasses un- needed.
If you will rati some diiy we
will tetl you all about it.
W. il. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
George Longprp, tho pouular hotel
man of Ktngsgatc, was in Cranbrook
Lite beginning of tho week.
Tin C.C.S. price ou linoleum fo
fc.V and ii'..! 1 2c. per square yard.
Guy Lowcnbcrg haa received tin*
npirofntmont of Justice ol thc ponce,
lor Creston, B.C.
Mr, und Mrs. Qco. W Muir returned to their homo al Vohk th,* firm* ol
tho week,
White Wyandotte Ekrs for
Hatching;. Kecord layers. $2.00
setting.   0. W. Patmore.      14-lit
C. E. Ayre, manager of tho North
Star 1'Unln'i company nl Elko, was
in the city Tuesday.
Itev. E. IV FiOWellitlg has heen
confined li his bod this -week wilh an
attach of lagrlppc.
Tho O.C.S.    prloo on  llnolctihi Is
Mc, and (.2 1 2c. per square yard.
it. l). Prnsor, of Cranbrook, was in
the city last week looking tot n business location.—Qrand Forks sun.
Peter Woods returned Monday Irom
I'ituhef Creek with u carload of beef
TO RENT-—Furnished bedroom
with all modern conveniences. Apply
Mrs. il. Leask or 'phone 138.     M-tf
W. !>■ I.aidlaw bus liern on the
Kick list the past week beiiifi con-
llned to his home for several days
. Allan. DeWolf fo ut Victoria this
week taking an examination In civil
The C.C.S. price on linoleum Is
BOo, und (12 l-2c. per square yard.
Harold llifkcjihotliant has been
triunforreil by tho C.P.R. to Calgary
and leaves in a few days for his new
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Frank • Leclcrc, who has been working for Leask and Johnsoi at Elko
has returned to Cranbro-jk with bis
FOR      SALE.-Two      4x8    pool
tables.—-las. Scott, Columbia, British Columbia. 13-2t*
Miss Pearl Hillier, of Calgary, arrived in the city the first of the week
and will visit indefinitely wi'.h her
sister, Mrs. E. A. Hill.
Mrs. J. W. Fitch, of Mojie, spcni
several days in thc city ttus week
visiting at the home oi Mr. and Mrs
B. A. Hill.
Wagner collapsible go-carts at the
C.C.S. They are the best lor the
Mrs. \v. C, Schwann o.: Vancauver,
arrived in the city Monday aud will
visit for several weeks. She i-; thc
guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hill.
Mrs. Agnes Heed arrived in tho
city this week from Goderich, Ontario, to visit her son, Harry Reed,
a salesman with E, A. Hill and Co.
She will remain for the summer.
LOST.—An Airedale dog. Information as to same will lie gladly received fry IV. F. Curd. 15-lt
Horn—In this eity on Tuesday.
April 1st, 1913, to Mr. and Mrs .1
l/. Smith, a healthy pair of twins,
boy and girl.
Deotge Moore, telegraph operator
in the commercial office of tlu* Canadian Pacific railway, has been moved
to the Penile office of that company.
Wagner collapsible go-earts at the
C.C.S. They are the best t«r the
John Freeman, of Moyie, came into
tho city lust Saturday to have a
small piece ol rock removed from his
eye. He is an employee of thc St
Eugene mine.
HflajlCWOOd ami Morrison, a new
firm of lire, life and accident insurance agents, hav^ opened offices this
week in     thc Hanson block.
WANTED.—A competent housemaid, Apply Mrs. Hoggarth at
Cranhrook hotel. 13
Mrs. .1. P. Fink gave the first of a
series of teas to -be given by ladies
of the Presbyterian church, at her
home on last Saturday afternoon. Instrumental music by Miss Wanda and
Master Vincent Fink was much enjoyed hy those present.
Dr. Wm. IL Thompson opened the
offices, over Parks and Co.'s store on
Mondav for the practice of dentistry
The doctor comes from Spokano and
is well pleased with the fine weather
encountered here this weeb.
Sco the Wagner collapsible go-
enrts at the C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest.
baby thut looks good,
•loos not cost too much
and   is useful,  if   what you
want. Cull in ami have a look
ut this stock.
The HlMtlop »f bobj piwrtit*
curried ut llu* More »«« lmugli'
for jiiHt inch it rfiHf an fount.   II
you art iu .Inula we can hel[> you
un   we   liuve   ]i,>|f,,.,j  ItiiDilieilaj ol
Dthirrj. Oonttln to-day,
Meet me at Bob's Place.
In the estimates recently passed
by the council there is included an
expenditure for three blocks of cement
Sidewalk, which will Ik* constructed
ns soon as the weather will permit
The walks to be built arc both sides
of Norbury between Baker and Louis
and one side of Armstrong between
Baker and Louis.
WANTED.—School teacher, lady
preferred, for 1 lurlingham Assisted
school. Address Frank Murphy,
Gateway, B.C. is-3t
Kaworlh Bros, this week placed in
front of their store a new thermometer, which is government tested and
absolutely reliable. So many Inquiries came in every day eanceriiitq;
the temperature that they decided to
place the thermometer for the benefit
ol the public.
White Wyandotte Egg* for
Hatching.   Record layers.   $3.00
setting.-0. W. Patmore.    H*2t
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ilalsall returned Wednesday night from a
month's trip through California and
Mexico, visiting all the points of
interest ai°"S the Pacific coast. They
encountered delightful weather
throughout their journey and enjoyed
the trip from beginning to end.
Reo the Wagner collapsible .;o-
carts at thc C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest.
T. S. Oill has received) official notification that he has won thc third
pri/e given by tbe provinclaNgoverp*
ment, tor thc year 1** 12 for papers
read before Fanners' Institute. The
prize paper was on the subject, "Bee
Keeping for Beginners."
FOR SALE.1—A good blocs of 'and
under cultivation, with water f)r irrigation. For terms app'y to John
Lcbett, t'ranbrook. 15-St*
Crnnbr, ok lodge, Court Cranbrook,
8913, of thc Ancient Order ol Foresters, has been successful in winning
the champion shield, open to the
Dominion for having thc largest number of new members during the year
1313. The total number ot new
members enrolled was forty-three.
See the C.C.S. for thc collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart on
the market.
The Independent Order of Foresters
announce their first annual hall at
the  Auditorium on Friday, April 18
Several changes are being made in
title interior of thc Cranbrook Cooperative Stores this week. New
paint is being put on the walls and
thc gent's furnishing department is
being condensed on one side of the
store to make room for a display of
furniture on thc other.
WANTED.—Woman     for    general
housework and   to assist In the, care
of     two    children.     Apply this
■lohn and James v Martin returned
Monday from Kastern Canada alter
spending the winter in and,arounil
Montreal ami Toronto. They were
accompanied west by n younger
brothei, T.| A. Martin, who will   re
main, here indefinitely. They report
having a good time during their absence but say that ihey ijhi not see
any place the equal of Cranbrook for
climate and report ,1 tremendous
movement of emigration to Western
Canada from the cast this year.
Sec thc C.C.S. for the collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart on
the market.
C. A. Johnson, an edgerman in the
employ of the Otis Staples Lumber
company of WycHITc, met with an
accident on Saturday while ,,1 bis
work whieh resulted in a broken
right arm. He had fed a hoard Into
the saws when, for some cause, It
was thrown back, striking Mr, John-
Son, with the result mentioned. He
was unconscious irom the blow for
thirty minutes.
RHNT on Cranhrook St. from April
15th; $30 per month. Apply Mrs.
L. P. .Sullivan. M-tf
Lester 0. Weinrieii, of Minneapolis,
Minn., field man Tor a big timber
syndicate, who has just completed a
several week's trip through British
Columbia, and who was in Cranhrook]
last week, has just announced that
his company will commence operations in this province in the near fu
ture and indicates iu a recent m;ei
view that thc new plant will he lo
cated in East Kootenay. Mr. Welti
rich says that a large number of
eastern syndicates and lumbermen uf
Eastern Canada will come t., Brit Mi
Columbia this spring to 'o'd; over
the field with lhe view of i'.:tuie operations.
See the C.C.S. for tho collapsible
Wagner go-carl, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart 011
the market.
The Young Peoples' Society of lhe
Knox Presbyterian church netted a
peat sum (rum the appearance of Ihe
California Jubilee.'quartette iu the
Clrureli under tlieir auspices on last
Thursday evening. Four colored
gentlemen Composed their quartette
and their work was exceptionally
pleasing. 'ihe double voiced soprano-tenor was the chief entertainer
and the novelty of the performance.
His readings from the colored poet,
Paul O. Dunbar, were well received.
One of the most pleasing numbers on
the programme was the quartette's
rendition of » selection from "The
Chocolate Soldier."
WANTED.—Competent maid for
general housework. Apply Mrs. II.
A. McKowan. iii-tf
A very pleasant surprise party was
held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
J. II. MeClure west of town last
Friday evening, when the neighbors
to the number of eighteen or twenty
dropped iu to celebrate the return of
Mrs. McClurc from the east, where
she has been for some months. A
programme of songs, games and
dancing was indulged in till the small
hours, and refreshments for the inner
man were served and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Among
those present were members from the
families of IL FI. McClure, F. Payne,
R    Morrison,   Laidlaw, Parker and
nil ton.
.Seo thc Wagner collapsible go-
cetts at the C.C.S. They are the
meat durable, comfortable and cheapest.
Col. Dougherty, one of the oldest
pioneers of the district and a picturesque figure in the mining development of the western country, was
over from his property ou Wild
Horse ceeek near Fort Steele last
week. The colonel was right hand
man for John W. Macklc in the early
days and knows all tbe big figures in
the mining history of the country
from California to Labrador and
from Vancouver to London, lie was
In the Black Hills, Leadville, Hossland, California, Butte and Kootenay,
through the days of development aml
chose this country to stick to. Ho
has a firm faith in the future of the
mining ol East Kootenay and believes that a rich mining district will
eventually lie opened up here. .lohn
W. Mackle and Chas. I>aly, two of
his former friends, have gone to
their reward and t-fie colonel is still
very much on deck, weathering the
seasons as they coma and go, is feeling Mm* and thinks he will live to |>c
a bwodi-M.
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion that the most won-
I (Ictful discovery of recent years was
the discovery of Zam-Buk. Just
think! As soon as u single thin layer
of /.am-lluk is applied to a wound or
a sore, such injury is Insured against.
blood poison' Not one species of
inicrobd has heeu found that Zam-
Buk does not kill:
Then again.     As soon a« Z.nu-Buk
is applied to a sure, or a cut, or   t
skin   disease, it.   stops the smarting
Tbat is why children are such friends
of Zam-Buk,.     They care nothing fi
the science of the thing.     All     tin
know   js   that  Zam-Buk   stops their
pain.      Mothers   should never forget
Again. As soon as Zani-Huk
applied to a wound or to a diseased
part, the cells beneath the skin's stir
face are so stimulated that new healthy tissue is quickly formed. This
forming of fresh healthy tissue tl'om
below is Zam-Buk's secret of healing. The tissue thus formed is
worked up to the surface and literal
ly casts off the diseased tissue aboVf
It. Tills is why Zam-Buk cures an
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, of
101 Delorlmler Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Co. and told them
that lor over twenty-Jive years he
had been a martyr to eczema. His
hands were at one time so covered
with sores that he had lo sleep in
gloves. Four years ago Zam-Buk wai
introduced to him, and in a few
months it cured him. Today—c
three years after his cure of a disease he had for twenty-five years—hi
is stilt cured, and has had no tract
of any return ot the eczema'
All druggists sell Zaii.-Huk al SOe
box, or Wo will send free trial box if
you send this advertisement and a io,
stamp (to pay return postage). Ad
dress Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, Ont,
single comb White Leghorns, excellent
laying strain; $1.5(1 tor .Li. MM per
100.—W. J. Atchison. ir.-tl
Wm. Milson, un (Englishman, aged
forty-nine years, is in custody iu
Spokane on a charge of insanity, lit
mailed a package containing a clipping and a disconnected communication to President Wilson challenging
him to light a duel. In J ami a
last he challenged Premier McBride
to a duel, and swore vengeance
him for some fancied grievance. The
package addressed to President Wilson was opened in the Spokane post
office, and he was placed under, arrest. Milson owns property itu various cities in this province. In
(irand Forks ho owns the lot between
the Lion Bottling works and McNeil
and llenniger's store on Bridge
street. He has also property iu
Hossland) Fernie and Vancouver, and
is fairly well off. It is probable
that he will be deported if he is not
committed   to a  Washington asylum
FOR SALE.—An organ, in good
condition. For particulars apply
pgone HI or P. O. Box 573.       11-2-
At a special meeting of the city
council held on Monday evening Mr.
F. O'Hara was appointed city engi-
nerr to fill the vacancy made by thc
resignation of Mr. Partner. Mr. O'Hara is resident engineer for the engineering firm of Jas. J, O'Gara and
Co. with offices in the Hanson block,
Mr. Parker will open a private .office
In the city. After passing the rate
bylaw providing for a levy of 31
mills, tbc.eoimcil adjourned to next
Monday at 2 p.m., when the regular
meeting r,f    the council will be held.
Miss Ella Keefe, formerly in ihe
employ of F. Parks and Co., has
returned to town,
WANTED.-By English girl just
arriving, position as useful help or
general servant. Well recommended.
Apply Box 561), city. 15-lt'
FOR SALE.-A Hall sate in good
ondftion. Apply City Clerk at
city ball. 7-tt
FOR SALE—House and two lots
in the city on Dewar avenue, two vacant lots on Watt avenue; also Yet-
erans'a grant of 1(M acres in New
Ontario. For price and particulars
apply to A. C. Pigott, P. 0. Box
225, city. B-tl
FORT GEORGE, the new payroll
city; openings for business and professional men of all kinds; also carpenters, builders, bricklayers, brick
yards, sawmills, lumber yards, sash
and door factories, and every kind of
business. One hundred million dollars will be distributed in the ncxl
four years hy four railways now under construction to Fort George,
which has lieen selected as the main
payrolt center and the location of
mam passenger divisions and terminals where    abopa and manufacturing
at Moderate Prices
If you are looking tor something
in a Hat that is stylish, exclusive,
and at tin* same time reasonable in
price, we invite you to inspect our
Every day sits new creations
copies of   distinctive   models  of
New    York    nml    Palis,   ;is    well
us   imported Pattern   Hats   from
If you prefer to have your own
wy       ideas worked ont. we will !>*■ pleased
Shoes for Ladies
That combine Style, Comfort and
We are glad to be able to bIiow
the best range of Ladles' and
Children's Shoes that have ever
been shown here. For smart
nifty shapesor conventional effective lusts, we are able to show
exactly what you want.
$3.00 to $6.00
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
plants will be located. Eleven railways are building ot projected to
Fort George, which will be the distributing point and center nl on
hundred million acres ol rich agricultural, timber, mineral and coal
lands In Central Northern British
Columbia and the Peace River iHs-
liiet. One tliousand miles ,if navigable waterways on which seven
steamboats arc already piling from
Fort George; cheap electric power
and cheap coal; school, churches, hospital, public hall, waterworks, and
all conveniences. Thousands of construction men bow on the ground
You cm secure a business opening
new. pnn't delay. Official information given free—Natural Resources
Security Company, Ltd. (.Joint Owners an'I Sole Agents for Fort George
Townslte). Edmonton, Alta.: 40-J-
■104 Moser-Ryder Bile.; Fort George.
B.C.; Central avenue. Address or
call Vancouver office: 634 Vancouver
Block, Vancouver,  B.C. U-21
FOR SALE. Single Comb
White Leghorn Eggs, headed
with 2nd Cockerel at Provincial
Fair, 1912. $3.00 per 13- Also
Baby Chicks for Sale, $20.00 per
loo, or $5.50 for 25; E. A. Orr s
famous strain. E. li. Slater,
Phone 292.
At the Farmers' Institute ■ etlng
on Wednesday evening occurred t*u
very pleasant Incidents, one being a
letter from the deputy minister of
agriculture to the institute commending the recent paper given hy
Mr. -lohn Levett, ;is one ol the mosl
practical articles ever delivered here,
r available fr.r the use of new comers into this section of the country.
The other was a letter from the
samp gentleman informing Mr. T S,
fiill that he had been awarded the
third departmental prize for best
papes given* at any Farmers' Institute during 1112. Thc paper referred to was one on "Bee Keeping for
Beginners," and will be published as
part of the departmental Farmers'
Institute report.
Two new automobiles were received
in Cranbrook this week, a era
Studebaker 35 was received by
W. ll. Wilson, who fo agent lot the
company, His machine li a seven-
passenger touring car, the body is
modelled on the latest classic lines,
and is equipped with an electric self-
staitcr and electric lights. Mr. Wilson is well pleased with his new car
and believes it to be one of the best
cars ever brought to this district.
Tin* other ear was a Btudebakei 25
five-passenger touring car and Is tho
property of Dr. I. W < Rutledge. This
car.ls fitted with all the lat(/t improvements of the 1913 models snd
is a smooth running, noiseless, powerful machine.
.Mr. and Mrs, W. IT. RUtledgo have
moved from their former residence
on Norbury avenue to the residence
on Garden avenue recently vacated bj
the family of Wm. Guerard.
Mrfl. Wm. Guerard and children left
tlie lust of the , week f..1 Medicine
Hat lo join Mr. Oucrard.
♦ - ■ . H   1. REDS     ft
-*»   Eggs    from   pure-bred   stock;
ft good laying  strain, satisfaction ft
ft guaranteed. 52-00 sitting. ft
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦
ft   Pure-bred stock;   Rood lor pot ft
ft or    protit,   young stock, $] 50 ft
ft per pair. ft
ft L,  P.  SI LI.IVAN. ft
ft  Box 153,     Crantropk, B, C.    ft
W. M. Parks & Co.
Complete Line "f
Harness, Saddles, Bridles,
Blankets. Robes,
Whips, Elc.
Trunks, Valises, Grips,
Bags, Etc.
Complete Repair Shop
"*FWWWW ~~ www w w w
-        WORKS       I
. Goods caltod forsnd delivered. •
(ic**l work only.   Prompt    T
Service Z
Telephone No. 4051
P.O. .Boi 793 J
Works : Armstrong A.vo.    2
For Sale on Easy Terms
Owner ot ilx-roomedi modarn and
comfortable re*idenc*3 onOirden Ave-
iitu- ir libel toieftl&tnfl inbjeel to delivery on or nfte' .lime M. 1600. 'low n and
f.ii). i-er monih until balance Is paid; or
$1600. down find 126. per mnntb on t..il-
ance; or $2000.downand fl'* (••■r month
iijwn balance. Any reaponablopropoi-
it iou lecn tea tin* properly Preient
owner will guarantee ayear'i leaeaat
$)!). per monlJi payable quartet ly in advance to purchaser upon either of the
above propositions, Here ieii chance
tn timke a ..'■■"! In rest ment with no risk
A'l-.i'-st* Box A. Cranbrook HeriM.
Reedimen to Ilia Majesty tlie King
Sole Agents
515 Fort St. VICTORIA
Did You Know
That you can get anything in this line at
Price was $8.50.
Sell at cost        $0 15
Price was $10.50.
Sell at cost    $8.35
Price was $4.50.
Sell at cost       $3.35
Price was $12.00.
Sell at cost       $9.00
Price was $2.50.
Sell at cost ...     Si.00
Price was S'.I.OO.
Sell at cost     S6.60
Price was $1.0(1.
Sell at cost    $3.00
Price wbb $11.60.
Sell at cost     $8.65
APPLES, $1.75.   Cash, $1.65.
SPUDS, $1.00 per cwt.
Phone 183      Durick Ave., opp. Ry. depot
♦ ♦
♦ ED.
♦ Average number of mall-
♦ bag   locks   bought   per
♦ year since 18iiB 	
♦ Number ordered by Hon.
♦ Mr. Pelletier immediate-
♦ ly  after   being appoint-
♦ ed      postmaster - gen-
♦ eral 	
♦ Total
♦ bag
♦ post
♦ since
♦ Sept
5,813 ♦
11,102 ♦
baptist rut ■■kch.
Kev. O. K. Kendall, pasfor.
Morning worship, 11.00k.
Sunday School, 3.00 p.m.
Evening worship, 7.30 p.m.
All are invited.
number ot mail-
locks bought by
ollice department
Confederation   to ♦
.      1911, less than ...150,001) ft
♦ Number   contracted    (or ft
♦ by   Hon.   Mr. Pelletier, ♦
♦ Oct. 26th, 1012    .'150,000 ♦
♦ Price paid under Liberal ft
♦ government    for lots of ♦
ft 5,000         1.00 ♦
♦ Price   bargained    for hy , ♦
♦ Hon.    Mr,     Pelletier in ♦
♦ lots of :jr.o,ooo    i.oo ♦
♦ Hon. Mr. Pelletier when later- ♦
♦ pellated by    Hon*. Mr. Lemieux' ♦
♦ on   March 10,     as to who the ♦
♦ locks were bought from: ♦
♦ "From a   firm   in Ottawa ♦
♦ They  were   the lowest  tender- ♦
♦ ers."     On   March -'11, Mr. Pel- ♦
♦ letter   admitted    tenders   were ♦
♦ never called for. ♦
♦ The   contract    entered info by ♦
♦ Mr. Pelletier   was with a com- ♦
♦ pany specially organized for the ♦
♦ purpose, at   Ottawa, alleged to ♦
♦ bo  composed   of    his political ♦
♦ friends.      Premier   Rorden  re- ♦
♦ fuses an investigation. ♦
♦ fs this honest government?        ♦
♦ ♦
Pastor, W. Kclman Thomson.
Morning service, II a.m. Tlie sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m( Kev.
Mr. Stephens of Wardner will preach.
Violin solo by Master Vincent
Solo by itev. Mr. Stephens.
Preparatory service on Friday evening, 11th inst, at 8 p.m. At this
service Messrs. H. Campbell, F. Dezall, S. Taylor and II. White will be
ordained into the eldership ol, tbe
Presbyterian church.
Kev. W. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at ll.a.m. and/7.80 p.m.
Morning subject: "Tin* Vjclolious
Evening subject: "Tlie Development
of Christ."
All aro cordially invited lo the
above services.
Ottawa, Out., April 0.—The Introduction today of (In* lirst closuro resolution ever presented in the,Canadian parliament was followed hy
scenes of greal confusion. Even Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, the former premier,
lost his customary calm and became
visibly angered.
When Premier Horden concluded Ills
speech on the closure resolution
which was introduced to limit debato on thc naval hill, Minister
Hazen arose to move i the question,
hoping thereby to cut. off amendments, but Sir Wilfrid, already on
Ills feet,i, was recognized.
Another Conservative member cited
rules permitting the house to decide
whether in such ease it, iwould hear
any one -and moved that Minister
1 la/en lie allowed to speak. This
motion waa carried, and a disorderly
scene followed.
Sir Wilfrid's supporters sprang to
their feet "with1 cries of "shame."
There was a battle of demands for
"fair play,", and epithets were freely
bandied. The tumult, continued until a motion to adjourn for dinnor
was carried.
In his speech Mr. Borden said that
debate in parliament "must be preserved under such conditions as shall
not permit it to degenerate Into
license and obstruction."
Since the foundation oi parliament
in 1807, he    said,   business has been
Pictures Changed Every Day
1. A BUSINESS BUCCANEER.   Drama.  (Knlem).
2. THE LICHT THAT FAILED.    Drama.   (Vitagmph).
8.   THE PARASITE.   A Story of War and Society.   (Kalom).
4.   THE LISTENER'S LESSON.   Comedy.   (Essanay).
THE HAND OF JUSTICE.   Drama.   Two-Beel Foatun
2.   MEXICAN LECEND.    Drama.   (Pathe).
I.  JONES BUYS CHINA.   Comedy.   (Oinos),
transacted by "closure liy consent."
The opposition in this Instance was
iiio, willing to consent. Mr. Borden
cited many authorities defending closure, among them the Hritish premiers, Gladstone and A squill).
At the night session Sir Wilfrid
Laurier replied io .Mr. Uordcn. Tho
former premier said he always had
opposed closure and deemed unfair
ihe government action in shutting oft
amendments to the closure.W'solu
lion, lie charged that "gag rule'
was being'resorted to. The opposition, he added, had not .hindered the
transaction of government business
and bad been justified in ils course of
obstruction. ...
The   debato had hot heen concluded
when the house adjourned.
The second convention of District
No. 2*1 of the Ancient Order of Foresters mil in the Carmen's ball iu
this city this morning at 111 o'clock.
Delegates were iu attendance from
the different courts as far east as
.Medicine Hal. It is only a matter
of four years since this district was
Instituted from off the Calgary
branch and during the few years of
ils infancy, it has made rapid strides
iu the way of progress. Many items
of Importance were passed during lhe
present scssiou'as a means of outlining greater privileges for all the
subordinate courts working under its
jurisdiction, also one of the features
dining the meeting was the passing
of a set of bylaws, for the governing
of the district court.
This court is the first in the Dominion of Canada to undertake such a
step, which bespeaks the energy and
ambition as contained in Forestry in
Ihis western country, as compared
lo lhe workings of the order in other
porta of the Dominion.,
The following district ollicers were
iu attendance: A. E». Unpen, I). 0.
Hanger; R. II. Morden, I). S. C.
Hanger; T. ll. Fleetwood, D. Sccrc-
laty-Treasiirer; \. Taylor; D, lleadle
and .1. K. Clarke, superintendent of
Addresses were delivered on Forestry by tho several ollicers and delegates that were iu attendance.
The meeting was called to older at
Id a.m. this morning.
The night, session will be devoted
lo initiation work, of which ibe local
coin t has been fortunate in securing
Court Shu's degree team (Lelli
bridge) In put on the work. Thi:
team holds tho honors for being tin
hist whipped team in active work
wcsl of Toronto, and is under Hi
management of J. !■'. Clarke, a member wlin has Ix-en iu Ibe ranks of
Forestry f,,r many years, an
through his,vast experience in Fores
try has placed him in a position,   t
of bowel ilia and in a abort time
usually make unneccaHory the ooo-
tinued uso of pliysics and purgativeg;
thus tending Lo atop such unhealthy
habits us may have been formed.
Make Us Prove It
Wc dare nut exaggerate to you. We are dependent upon
your patronage. To get it we must have your trust and confidence. We make the following statements with a full understanding of what they mean to us. Vou are safe when you
believe in these statements.
For the Bowels
If you only knew :is much as we
and tho^e who have used tbem know
alwut Hexali Orderlies, you would
be ns eothusiastlu about recommending them as we nre. Tbey UWtCJUflt
like candy. Tliev act •«■ ciwlty and
no pleasantly that the taking of tbem
is a pleasure,
Kven children like Roitall Orderlies; und you know that if '*. medicine uppeids to a fluid, it will appeal
to grown-up**.,
help chase doom, dispel hlupn and
make you feel happy by their nplen-
did tonic, cleansing ana strengthening effect upon llio bowols, — They
net Ui free lhe system    - and keep it
free- fromthodlatrwaand ill feeling
thut i.iturullv results from it regular
und inactive bowels.
Rexall Orderlies do this quietly,
without griping or causing nuusea,
purging or excessive looseness. They
act to overcome and remove the cause
Make us Prove This I
Wc do not ask you to take ouf
word for this. We want you to moke
us prove It, aud ut no cost to you.
Buy a box of Hexali Orderlies at*
our store. Use them oueti, or use up
tlie whole boi. Then, if you tan
not thoroufthly satisfied, just eomo
buck empty handed und tell us.
Without obligating you or question-
mi; you we will return the money
you paid us for them.
Doesn't that Indicate that Rexall
Orderlies are at least worthy of trinlT
Down t. it prove our faith in thorn?
Doesn't it merit, your confidence?
Could any offer be more fair to you?
We particularly recommend Rexall
Orderlies for children, delicate and
llgcd persons. Hexali (Irderlies Como
in convenient vest-pocket sise till
boxes. 13 tablets, Hli*; HO tablets,
Uflc; 80 tablets, 80c,      t\   ^
CAUTION; Please bear iii mind that Rexnll Orderlies uro not sold by all drug-
•jists.   You can buy Rexall Orderlies only nt tbe Hexali Stores.
You can buy Rexall Orderlies iu this community only ut our store:
Beattic Murphy Co. Limited
Store      British Columbia
Tin'"-.' in a Hexali Store in nearly every town and eity la the United States, Canubnasd
Groat llritfiin. Thoro is » different Iloxull Remedy far nearly every ordinary human ill —
each especially detuned for tbe particular ill (or which it ia reootnmended.
The Rexall Stores ore America's -Greatest Drug Stores
fortify every weak place that a subordinate court might have in its con-
.sl ruction,
The. local court and tbe companions
have made extensive arrangements
towards entertahrlng the officers and
delegates at the conclusion of the
session by holding a social concert
and dance in, the Auditorium theatre
.1. M, Agnev/| merchant of Elko, is
in tlie cily today, being a guest at
the Cranbroota hotel.*
Lorraine Adair this week purchased
lot 17 in the Walkley Addition
through tho Chapman Land and Investment Co.
(i. W. Donahoe, accompanied by his
sister, Miss Iioiiahoe, of Wardner,
Ieavt' tomorrow for Creston for a few
days|visit witli friends.
Winnipeg parties have purchased
twenty acres of fruit laud from the
Chapman Land aud Investment Co.
and intend going inlo the fruit and
poultry business.
Mrs. Proctor, mother of Mrs. O.
II, Thompson, arrived on Monday
for an extended visit with, her daughter.
Dr. and Mrs. J, II. King have
completed their visit at the coast
and have gone east as the doctor is
in need of extended rest before, he returns lo his arduous practice here,
Mr. 1'arvin, of Toronto, has been
overhauling the pipe organ of the
Methodist church during tho week.
Mr. Parvln is an expert organ builder and has put tht big organ in the
Methodist, church in strictly first-
class shape.
W. '1'. Kcefo left on Saturday for a
tour of the prairies. ITc will visit
Cranbrook and Calgary for a few
days, when he will go to Vancouver,
where he Intends to learn to be ' a
machinist. lie intends lo devote
himself particularly to automobile
machinery.—Rossland Miner.
Joyce Brothers, ul the Hock Creek
Lumber Company, Limited, Elko,
who bought out tbe Klagstoneiinill,
plant and limits some time ago,
started cutting lumber about April
1st. Several camps have been logging since) tho lirst of the year, anil
have made a good cut.
WANTED.—By April 2iHh singli
man to work on ranche, must he
able to milk and drive. Wages $11)
per'month and board; steady job for
right party. Apply pawn all, Bull
River P.O., Last Kootenay, British
Columbia. 14-2t'
On Thursday morning it was discovered thai; the high ivater in
Smith crock bail washed out the
bridging mi Last Baker street to
such an cxtcnl that tralfic across
the bridge was dangerous. The (iew
city engineer, Mr. F. O'llara, was
soon busy with ;i force of men and
before night the damage had been repaired and the bridge rendered safe
for traffic.
The members ol Maple Leaf Uebe-
ka'h lodge proved themselves capable
of entertaining on- Wednesday evening
al Fraternity bail at their unique
social, event, known as the "Sock
Social."      There was a good crowd
and everyone reported having a good
time. Songs by Miss Edith Cas-
lake, Miss Finniss adid Mrs., Chapman were special numbers on the
programme. After the programme
the guests were indulged In various
parlor games after, which refreshments were served.
It was discovered on Wednesday
that some miscreant had entered tin:
vacant house of -lohn Leash on Baker street and after prying into everything, breaking open a desk, etc., had
lighted a fire on the floor, pouring
water on thc flames later to extinguish them. The police were notified but have no clue to the perpetrator. Entrance was gained to tho
house by means of a skeleton key,
which the intruder forgot aud left
in the lock.
Oscar Mortimer returned Wednesday from a trip to Fernie, where he
signed articles lo box Koblnson at
Fernie on tbe 2,'lrd Inst. Hie will
train iu Cranbrook, having fixed up
training quarkus on the fair grounds
where he can use the track. He is
oub with a challenge for Hcddigan,
the referee of his last bout here with
Roblnsoh. Hcddigan claims to be
the middleweight champion of Canada. Mortimer agrees to meet him
in Cranbrook at any time and agrees
also to stop him in ten rounds or
forfeit all the gate receipts, together with a side bet of as much as
Hcddigan wishes to cover.
Tho Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.,
the English syndicate which purchased the Hanson property at Wasa
lastl summer, have taken charge of
the property and are -making a number of changes and improvements in
the,property. The manager has nol
arrived and no definite po.icy can be
announced until be has,looked over
the situation. In the meantime the
hoU'l, at Wasa is temporarily in
charge of Mr. l\ W. Johnson,, who
was manager under Mr. Hanson lor
the past three years. Mr. Hanson
lias moved to Cranbrook lo reside
and intends devoting a large share, uf
his time to his 'interests here.
A new sawmill is being erected on
thc 'Kootenay river, four miles west
of Fort .Steele, by the Bridges
Lumber Company, Limited. The
cqiiiument will comprise three boilers, three engines, steel carriages,
heavy saw frame etlger, trimmers and
other up-to-date machinery. The1
planing mill trill have Berlin equipment. The firm have been operating
a portable mill about a mile from
the site of the new mill, where the
timbers and other material was prepared. The new plant, whieh has a
capacity of between 15,000 and r>0,-
000 feet per day,i is now ready to
cut, and'will be started up ns soon
as the weather will permit. The Wat-
ernus Engine Works furnished . the
full outfit of mnchincry and boilers.
Salvia Is a Hair Preparation That Will Grow
Hair Abundantly.
This is an ago ol new discoveries.
To grow hair after it has fallen out
today is a reality.
SALVIA, tho Great Hair Tonic
and Dressing, "will positively create
a new growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from Dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
.SALVIA is guaranteed lo stop
falling hair and restore the. hair to
its natural color. The greatest
Hair Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by expert
Watch your hair if it is falling
out. If you don't, you will sooner
or later be bald.
SALVIA prevents baldness by-
fastening the hair to tho roots.
Ladies will find SALVIA just the
hair dressing they are looking for. It
makes the hair soft und flulTy and is
not sticky,    A large bottle 50c,
Sold at tho Crnnbfl-ook Djrug and
nook Co.'a store.
HIS two button, blunt
cornered sack in one
of the new
Campbell's Clothing
Not extreme in any way,
but with enough style and
distinctiveness to raise it out
of the ordinary,
properly marked. At present the
annual loss in Canada through bad
and broken eggs is very heavy. Only
stamped eggs, amounting in all to
about thirty thousand dozen, were
sold by the Pundns association during the past year, and the price
realized was over three cents per
dozen more than the figure paid by
stores for ordinary stock. All of tbe
eggs went to Montreal. The retiring ollicers of tlie association' were
Trade Marks
BTiTnreppnillngftiiltplrli mid dt-?Cr'i>C.r>n i.ni
i'lNii-MriV'iirl-.'iiiiiiii.i^i'pit. iMJUPiJOIJ1 on en
tent frcu. OUIent iiumiiT fur i";, mum I'litoun.
I'u'enta taken tliroiiidi .Uumi h Co. rueelVf
if'Cfi'ii '"'firr, without charge, uttio
Scientific American.
A liiififlaK.rcely llltiftrafpil iTWklf.    I-nt;.'f>pt elr
• ul.tlloil   i>l   liny   mli'lHill"   j"iini:.l,      leiiu*   tin
('nsM.l't, $s."G i, year, puMairV preiMld.   t-ulrt by-
mi Mmd^aUut
.   Branch Office, fi35 F Hi- w-i.t.e.Btnii. I) Q
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and to the Assistant Commit*
sioner nf Lands for the District of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe
following described lands, situate on
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the    Mclnnes   Group   and tht
j Crows   Nest   Pass   Coal Company't
■ land:
Commencing at a post planted at
It.    G.   Belden's  northwest   corner,
same   being the  initial post of      R.
Covington's claim, and marked    "R.
Covington's      southwest     corner,"
thence 80 chains north; thence       80
chains  east; thence 80   chains south;
thence 8fl chains west to place of beginning, containing t*to acres,    more
or less.
Located .lanuary 21, 1913.
IL Covington, Locator.
Batiee Lameroux, Agent. 9-8t
Cranbrook Kindergarten
Kdvrarcl Strrct
Cortlflrattul Teacher, School ll'.l fur London
HnurailOto ll': 2ln4
TEEMS: $;l r. fur fiinr weeks
Somthing You Have
Never Seen
Nor Even Heard of
In Europe it is used thin yearns a
littlo Easter present, or, rather, a mark
of courtesy to friends and relatives.
Its value hp a token lies more in the
novel idea than in tho price of the article. It la arranged co that it can be
sent just like a postcard, for a cent, or
two. to any place in Canada or the
United States. The endearing idea
about it, ie the embedded
which will shine nil night long (or in
any dink room) in a
Glorious, flystic, Blue Light
after you have exposed it to daylight
for a few minutes. The price in ho low
that anyone Is enabled to be convinced
Of Its real nature.
\l fo indeed nn article which in held
in high esteem by any Christian family
or peiHon.   The shining Cross is made
of a stone, which is found only  near
Jerusalem, and of which the Bible"
sneaks an the LUMINOUS BTONK in
picturing Soloimm's Tcnipit1.
Prices are 15c each ; 2 for 25c; 5
for 50c; and 12 for $1 00
832 VongeSt.,    TORONTO, Ont-
Pole Agent for Canada and U. H.
A list of local poultry breeders,
with varieties kept, will be supplied
free to nil inquirers by applying to
tho Secretary of the
Address A. 11 Smith,
Box 852, City.
1 have tbe following machinery for
sale nnd in order to clear them out,
oiler tbem at tbe prices below, which
arc about one-fifth the price that
new machinery would cost:
1 ('handler and Taylor firebox boiler, 51"xl8' long. Pressure 80 Its.
Inst 1). C. inspection,, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 Atlas Return tubular boiler,
56"xM' long. Pressure 80 lbs. last
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cut-off
engine, ll"xIG" stroke. Price at
Cranbrook, B. C, $200.00.
1 saw husk complete with top saw
frame nnd mandrels and saws and
20 feet extension shaft, $250.00.
1 four saw etlger with saws. Priei
at Cranbrook., $200,00.
1 Hoyt planer aud matcher, 24",
Price at Cranbrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity of shafting, etc.
Apply to
- Klko. B. C.
thirty days after dato I Intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands aud to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for tbe District of
Kast Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands, situate oe
tbe North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north ot the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup and tbe
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
t, Q. Belden's northwest corner,
same being the initial post of K.
Covington's claim, and marked "R.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thence 80 chains north; thtnee 80
chains east; thence 80 chains south;
thenco 80 chains west to place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Located January 21, 1013.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batlce Lameroux, Aff»t. *-ft


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