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Cranbrook Herald Oct 3, 1907

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 I.i'.l-lat i
NUM11EK   28
With Hags living and the people
Craubrook out almost en masse, regardless of party affiliations, Mr.
Borden and his distinguished party
were given a royal welcome when
they arrived ou the easiboutid train
ai .vto o'clock Tuesday afternoon,
The station plat loi in was crowded
with  people,      ami    as soon
patty stepped ofi from the t
i Oininll Ice   uu   leecpl ion,   heaih d
Messrs.  Harvey, Thompson,    V
Itirllius.  Will    Rollins,  .lames,
S   .1   MiglHon, William Small
K vnu,
(I. D.
Tisdale, Joseph Hyan, .1. D. Fink,
V Li-itch, Thomas Caven, VI. It.
Doss, .1. D. McRudc, Dr. Bunnell and
others greeted them aud escorted
Ihem tu Ihe ca triages in wailing.
The band was ou hand uud as the
i nt laming strains pf music Mint the
air the parly were taken lo the
carriages aid given seats as fol-
Carriage No. l.-lt. L. Borden, A.
I .i-i l eh and Wm. Small, president ol
iln* Conservative association.
M. IV,
Deed,  MP.,
Otis Staples
Al D
and   p,
at I r.ul i
evening and was
by the opposition on lhe Cau-
I louse uf    Commons It    was
lied down hv the automatic system
brute    majority,    without     tbo
mhlance     ul    a single cogent, argti-
pposttloti 11k*iit being  advanced    against    the
Inl to merits   ot the contention.   The   load
t lie imlcMedness     lias   been   laid
ii the country, and Hie people will
w.ike    up    some       day     '"      realize the      enormity     ul     tho
bunion   and,       may lie,       ii"-    enoi-
mity uf   the    dubious    transactions
under wliieli the load was laid oil the
shoulders of thi* young countrj
n   day,
piece n* rottenness lo another more
rotten, and nil this that ii might
keep its band on political inltueuco
and ihe loaves and Ashes."
"The tlrlls uel nu tin* prineiph
•in ihe victor the spoils/     Now   let
nn- give you a    few illustrations     ...
Uiat elegant principle in action.
•There is u place down un Lake
Huron called St. Joseph. The population cannot be much, since the
postal revenue of the area amounts
In lhe huge sum of $10 a year—ami
in.llniiii, over fur salary ol lhe post.
iriiconc down the
i all
ti. nil.!
Carriage No.
Mr. Bergeron,
and A. Walt*-.
Carriii*-i* Nn. Us—Mill Herron, M.
l\, Pineher Creek; .I. A. Harvey and
Dr. S. Bonnell, of Fernie.
Carriage No. |.-(l. IV Tisdale,
Thos, Caven, and IV Lund.
Carriage No. fi.-W. It. Hoss. M.L.
\., of Fernie.    (i.  IV Tbompsi n,    .I.
Carriage No. It.—Joseph Ryan,
Joseph Si-nls, William Rollins and
II.  Itabiehaml.
the parly were given a short drive
over the city and then tn''en lo the
Royal  hotel,   where an informal     rc-
eeprion  was held and   the  | pie     of
Cranlirook, regardless of parly feeling, gathered to extend a cordial welcome to Mr. Borden and his parly.
The members of the parly were very
much pleased with the spCrit displayed hy the people of Cranlirook
ami many were the comments on the
liberal disposition displayed by the
people of this city nn lhe occasion of
Mr. Borden's visit. After the party
had arrived at the lintel. Mr. Borden
was Informed thai the school children
were waiting iu receive him. and like
the man Hint he is, not desiring to
disapptvnt even the children, he litis
mediately walked to the school
bouse with oilier members of Ms
party and met the clilldren who had
gotten in line for the-purpose. Mr.
Borden made a few appropriate re-
mar'-s ami then ih.* little ones gave
three cheers for the opposition leader. Bnl just at this time there
was a little net performed that was
not down mi the programme. A
lillle chap, who bad parents that
were not of the Conservative persuasion, stepped out nf lhe ranks and
raising his cap cried: "Three cheers
for Laurier.'* Perhaps no man iu
lite whole party enioyi
more than Mr. Borden,
nne laughed more than
They bad the evidence, e\
before them ol tbe trend ol i
I nm Into 11' C. This iuiii
mallei is growing to bo o
tin] really serious questions
polities of the day, whethet it
or international, and has appi
Un- crisis stage here iu l(.
n In- believed thai il was froi
Liiu-rul benches at Ottawa 111!
lloor was unlocked lo admit tin
nt' Japanese and Hindoos, which
trill ly threatened to disturb the
pence, and to disturb Un' relations
it.rt oul) between employer and employe, hut between country and country. The opposition foresaw lhe
Conditions as they exist today ami iu
Itlliy when the (i. T. IV rail I way construction bill wns before lhe house,
Mr. W. II. Bennett proposed lo add a
chilis j to exclude all Oriental labor
from   Mie lit!llllill; of  the  road.      Tlje
proposal was automatically voted
d .ami. One would think thai it was
Uu* Hon, Mr. Fisher, wlm, during a
visil to Japan, caused those little
brown iiu .cents hi l.e aware of the
existence of Camilla. Tlml '« wbal
one wouhl infer from the case he
made in llh* house un his return. Air,
Fisher assured the members that
they well have no fear of Immigration from Japan where tin- permit
syslem prevails and whereunder only
Siu.letils, merchants or traveller uie
permittid lo go tn foreign countries.
".It Is all right," said Mr. Flatter,
in effect, "what harm can a few
students and so on, do you? Let
them come. Only four or five a year
will visit us and retire edified." And
they came and keep coming, aslound-
inu' mass of students, to be sure, Il
w:is upon such seaiid.lously false representations that the western gales
were thrown ajar. Will Fltypr'n
latitudes shut lhose gules as easily
as they opened them? lie would
assure his hearers that he and his
a«-'iM'iat.*s would insist on the facts
of this matter being made clear to
everv man in Canada, but more especially to those in ll. (V, since ihis
province is liotind to be the chief stif
fcrer if this fh-ud of iminlgrail
n 1 cheeked from the Orient
l'*e people lind out the rot len so-
thisms by whieh llvy were beguiled
will tear the men from power
who deceived them in tbe interests nl
tin* Japs und th" profits ol the trade
as'oehitious tbat underlies the* j^hole
festcring heap. This is* a supreme
consideration for H, C. and he di
mantled the unquestioned recognition
of the broad principle that lo the
white men who discovered It, made
It, developed it and loved it, belongs,
It. C, ns a glorious heritage
applause frnm all parts ol the house.)
Let tbem Ik* sure thnl the east
wouhl In* solid with tbem in Insisting
mi Ibis policy ot a white man's*
eountrv for the white man ami the
signs that (Juehec was swinging back
mistress.    Hell, fi
wanted a    wharl
I Hog if there   were
lhe    Wharf  In dn it
Vancouver, Oct. L—The convention
of ibe Liberal party of British Columbia Called hv Leader J, A Mai-
dciiald, M   IV  p .  K. C, of     Hoss-
l.itr.1.   m.i    ihi<   alien u   at     the
llf Lih.-r.il assoeiatn.ii rooms, this citv.
About three hundred delegate*- from
all parts of the province were in attendance, wh n Fred Peters, K. C ,
was invited lo taku tin* chair hv an
unanimous resolution, J. N. Ellis ao-
cptiug ito office of temporary sii--
It. (I.     Macl'hcrson, M. IV. having
given an address nl welcome to   the
Mi. Maed.in.ilj   at the re
wind i
whaiviiig    on,
1  Imi  there was none there.     This was
a drawback, nf course, hut   the     gov-
n'um.'ni called fnr a wharl and in the
wharf went ,m a cost of $15,000,   All
llial   money  Was not     lust.    Someone
made a profit.
"Ami don't forget the wharf at
Maries. I don't know if it was
erected hy the man from Si. Joseph,
hul it mil) cost a mul ter of $70,000,
and if no boat or steamer can como
within a mile and a half id it, thai
is the business of the steamer or
the hint.    The wharl is there   ready
;,.fnl quest o( tin- chair, briefly stated   the
*ot occasion ami object   of the gathering.
uh    I'1"' old provincial Liberal association
was ,lil<l '-'I'^'d and there being no organization with power to call a convention he luid    done so himself.      This
would he the first convention of   the
pany since 1002.    He suggested that
a new provincial association be formed with    suhsidary district and local
[associations.     Mr.' Macdonald,     who
ilmil been received     with an ovation,
.resumed   his   sea-t   amid   loud    applause,
Tin* chairman appointed the lollowing a commitlec on credentials; J.
W. Deb Karris, Vancouver M Mcintosh, Vict.ni.i-. \\.   Grlgor,     R0sx-
jland;   Dr.   M.  S.  Wade,   Kamloops.  W.
Brlggs, Revelsloko; W. Moore, Port
i Essington, and    Dr. .1. 11. King,   M.
IV P., Cranbroo't, lie then sug-
•d  thai  committees ou orgnniza-
I iho prospects of the Cranbrook
Fire Brick t\: Terra Coita Company,
[Limited, were partially realized ou
Wednesday, the 2nd Instant, when
tiank Byron brought into town the
first load of bricks und building
blocks from the company's works ou
Perry Creek. The attention ol a
large crowd was im media I el) attracted by the magnificent quality ol
llie material, which has so fat ex-
celled anything broudn into Uus district in Hm i„i,.k ij,,,.. is already
mentioned iu these columns, the
weather hampered the operations of
Uie company during Uie past months,
bul in spite of this, the pn-duct is
here to prove that in the matter ut
common bricks ami building blocks
the company has substantiated iis
statements to the public to the full
ami, as man*, remarked when seeing
Un* bricks, that the product ir, bettei
than Uiey dreamt of expecting, The
common bm+s now exhibited*,   only
go In shOW What call Im* done with
this company's clay, for when re
pressed tbey will be better than auy
pressed buck now on \to marvel,
which is .Im- tn the finely divided
particles, nf which the day'is com-
pnsi-d ami ti. us silicious character,
there being absolutely no conbustlble
matter in the clay, The brick Is taken
fiom lhe kiln    exactly   the same     as
when it eame out of the mould, giv-
the   beautiful   smooth    surface
solum n>,
organized, hut ill
a striking committee
pointed   lo submit   sin
ihe standing commit)
■igre.-d to and the e
striking committees v
iidlournmcut was madi
The striking committed
ed were. W Eraser, Vict
Oliver, Al l'l1, Delta; a
M.P.P., Nelson When
resumed     ihe reports    v
and  adopted   uiih
Hon. W, Te ei
iloliald, M. p IV.
otllcio members nl
The inectlttg tin
S o'clock in ihe e
f tin
'polls be
I iml nary,
v  he ap
is Thi
., -ill
i-i! appoint-
.iia,       Jotlll
nl  IM    Hall,
the meeting
A. Mae-
wete appointed ex-
all committees.
I  adjourned      until
111 ill*.
I .1.
Every riding in ihe province was
lepivsiuiotl except Columbia, most of
Uietn wiib full di'lcgatioiis. In addition to u.e ilulv elected delegates,
mosl of ihe Dominion ..ml provincial '•
w tiieli
blocks, which
to 12 ordinary bricl
quite  new   in   these pa
provided    with Hweo .
ami perfect!)   fireproof
ome thing
is, .md being
ir chambers,
lorm a build-
lug material unequalled, Then finish
is beautiful. tensile strength, enot-
mniiN. are fireproof ami tn being hollow i.n ., non-conductoi to Iieat am)
cold. Besides     this, tm    dipping,
their small    weight as agau^t ordinary brick, will plav a most important
part.     These blocks, on accQunt     of
ihtidr lnfusibillt)      ami    tine  texture.
can be _da.ed quite readily, so then-
is no end to the variety ..t beautiful
tilings and brick products which this
company can turn out      Sow     that
the companj   have iht'ii   hist  hatch of
bricks out. a kiln has been consDruct-
I foi bakim; lire buck amt    alroady
j vera I   th'iis;itKl  have been  moulded,
iiiii ami     placed   in the kiln and iu
,vo weeks, with ordinary luck, there
ill Im* delivered in Craribiook.     the
in si     tire bricks     made in    Western
tada.        The    company will    im*
liately pn**.-t*\*d to erect a test oven
coking purposfs at some favorable
for lhe business al all limes. Don't,
isk me who got the *vu,uuii, Iml
don't you think it is Worth while be-
llig in politics on lhe llrlt side down
there where lhc whurf-ticc grows
wilh leaves on if uf Mn hills'!
"And there is the classic case uf
JIu- fellow who Wanted tu make a
■anal Hum the sea to a lake so that
he pom Usher folks could find shcl-
fur their duals iu rough weather.
hai was loo goud a thing tu he
il up. The canal was cut and
ien il was found that the lake was
few hundred feet higher than the
sea, so that all the water spilled out
and there remained no lake for the
shelter of people of the sea. But
someone got paid for the job, aud no
impertinent    questions are permitted
members are in attendance. 'a|sa Sen-|!,wlllt iu secure the coke oven
ator Bahcock. irade, was the original Intention  ol
At the e vi n I tig session the first bus- this company, and when it is estab-
iness was the unanimous adoption of (listed, thai tbey can make lire brick
a proposed foi in of telegraphic greet- suitable foi this purpose the future of
inns to Sir Wilfrid Laurier. 'he company Is assured     The profit
The convention nexl took up tbe accruing from Uie manufacture of
proposed constitution for tin- British (common brick and building blocks is
Columbia Liberal association which sufficient in itself to handsomely leaflet full discussion, was adopted.      «*ard the shareholders, who have   re-
The proposed terms of a constttu- cogoittd tbat tbe prosperity of a
lion for district ami local assocte- [country is determined by its indus-
tions were also discussed and adooted [tries and wgo have the courage and
subject to the approval ot the dis- judgment io Invest their money in
tricl- ..ml local organizations. [promoting and     forwarding its     in-
Thc session aiisiouim I ..:   II  p   m. [icwsts.     Fire brick is ibe eoal, how-
Clock tomorrow
sk'd about the matter in   lhe
i   "Did yuu ever hear the story
the     brave old    cruiser called
ever, and it will noi be very long
nua before that is reached, This is
a lesson to all, don't waste opportunities, take a chance, foi the man who
never taies a chance, nevei wins.
The chance ia this is over.
„   ,.,,      [   Winnipeg* Sept. U.—Tho basis   for
LEADER OF ONTARIO 'tbe "»??»??"« oi «" P«W°*
to    meet at'   0.80
Business js- proceeding most harmoniously and expeditiously. The
convention is far the largest and most
representative and enthusiastic ever
held in British Columbia
new schedule between    the 0, iv K.
~* [western Hoes auo machinists was ar-
(Toronto Globe) rivod   at    late   Satuiduy afternoon.
Huu.   A.   G. MacKay, in au inter- Though the   whole schedule bas   not
view with The Globe, said. 'yet been drawn     up, tht most     lm-
"Thu      acueptauce   uf   the Liberal portent item-—aoura oi    work    aad
leadership in provincial affairs brings [wages—have been decided upon.
wus |io my mind    very clearly two ideas; |   it talis foi a nine bom oay,    *ud
.20  tahle
Ilors    of
an elegant   luiielteOll
the visitors.        Tl
gentlemen    were ii
sent: It.    I,      Bon
geroii, Dr. J. D.  Iteid,
Fred. Hamilton, It   K
A.  Doll ins,  .1.   A. Ua
Small,    A. E   Walls,
Caven,    F, J.   Sum Hi
nd Neil McLcod Cm ran.
luncheon    members ol
pai I)   ualUd about  tin
loan) ol the business i
The    meeling     at   ill
bouse   iu     the evening was a     great
success, nearly every seat iu the laigo
 liiniium was occupied, while     the
gallery, which bad turn reserved h
lhe ladies, was filled Th
W\\h lieaulifullv itec'tati-.l wilh potted
and presented a
penruuee, Sealed
Borden and his distin-
f.aislml     party     « re the following
1.1,.iuu.. nl   ('ousel.,il 'Ch
■loe Seuis, J I1 rink. Fie
Uiown, W It. MoFmlaiie, nils Sla|
Vs, Thos Daxler, D It Itlilim
.1 Smyth. Mi, st.i.-i. Mr, Mummer
s J Mlgtlton, IV Si John C
Vrnmlle, l D Mcllrldo, Joe Jack
sou, Ham Drew. Joe Hall .] \
Vruohl, J E. Davis. Judge Amler
son.  A.  E. Walls, Wm   "
Kollms, D,,\e     El t.
D.  J,  Johnson,  (i    IV
O'Neill, 11. T. Rogers,
Mr. A. Leltch nihil,-
man, amt prmiipt'y a'
to mien  the
line, as in     tbe old days, were
■arch    of   not wanting.
of    the I   He was there to advocate tbe hou-
.i.niewliat est    administration     of the     public
lite east   money   aud    of the public revenues, ["Arctic?"       She was purchased
■ven one' He claimed that the money that came Germany lor some $80,000 and ... .... .......     .....
t to   the out of the   pockets   of   the    people meant to te* the very first of a fast j the one, the lolly' of attempting    to ' wages are divided into three cfasse
standard by     wav of taxation, direct or    in- |fleet to ply    hetween   England    and properly discharge   the duties of the acconHn*" to location
When  direct, sliould never under any    cir- Canada.       Her name then was    tho.position and    at the same time '
went    to eumstances lie applied to paying   the ["Frost" or    something    li'*    that. Attempting, even    tu a limited
if     their ballot staffer and the election maul- ! She was a frost all right.     Well,   on. tent, to follow the practice of
the west   pulator,    or    be    applied    for   the her first  trip across the ocean     she  profession;    lhe uthci und more
il they [ purposes of corruption.     Was   there,by all accounts excelled all her prev- portant,   the    responsibility ut
man in that great assembly    who I Sous records,       She came over    in WOrk undertaken.    The result of
el.d with dice
ncil from anv p.i
nl    Inillll   bill       tha
uis  iiiisaupri In nsii.u
* Liberal press anil tlul
-ts    hail  a   deal    lo do
unsatisfactory "tntn of
rv Literal paper and every
speaker in the same cause that     the
ciilistruelloii of the (!. T.  P.
would begin   simtillnneously iu     thu1
east   ami here in the west.'From   tho |
lal Inn uf this scheme here iu B.C.
Mr. Leltch thanked those present for untold benefits   were to flow.     Tbey
their attendance, commenting   In     a have nut slnrfcd to flow vet, though
must felicitous     manner mi Hie pres- the veins have worn on and on.     It
ence   id    sn many ladies.    an-|    nn- slill remains fur the first spike to bo
tiuiineed tin'     order uf Ihe speabhig. driven in the   (!. T. P. railway     as
Ml*. Lelleli also aiinhure-ed,    for   tho far as D. (V Is coiieerned.     No doubt
;•'    "■' of Mr. McBride. stating   that the public bad been deceived, but    at
'islness     hud made if   neees- Ihe coining electiniii he was   certain
to th
wouhl dare get up and attempt     tu
rineiple  sav thai    for the pas-l seven    years
when  tlie ways of    the Liberal administra-
that. lion of the Dominion were honest or
power there even dec eh lin the mural sense'.'
nvesti- I   Internal revenue has increased enor-
■ -   mously     in recent     years, but     the
expenditure   has,    with     even lout,
kept just abreast of it.
Mr, Borden then referred in scathing   terms to the scandals connected
with llie Brodkvilti
lions and before passing from it said:
the I "If the people put up with conduct of
taken up In    a  this kind in those placed iu authority
from that iu lover them, they deserve, and will get,
overnment    has the very worst government the world
nuesllon is stat- has ever seen."
ihe Grit organs |   After a brief   resume ol the    clutef
*.-. but let it ln> planks ul the Conservative platform,
nn ean never die  such as the relation of im migration;
of authority are'the    management ul the public     du-
llon.     Richard main lor the public benefit; the oper-
ie the last  pruviu- all >f the government  railways by
fought     ihe    ense'a commission corresponding in    scope
ugnhml     the poininimi and   authority    wiib the   Board    uf
ami   whin    begot     the  Trade in  England;  nationalization uf
orsement  of n  smashing  telegraphs and telephones, the sjieak-
lioI hesha'e lo take the er closed by thanking those    present
ih*    ven fool of    the for the exeellenl   hearing ihcy    had
An.l lest nf „ll he carried 'given    him.      He especially thanked
Tlie quest Inn will     not  the ladies whom he was glad to    see
had assembled to the number uf    a
couple of huiulred.      lie asked    them
to In1 propagandists In n good cause,
for    the ladles cau ilo anything,     no
[matter   wbal,    ll   tlie)' hut say tbey
I mean tn.     A lady's Utile linger     is
the center ol the orbit ol many   aud
|many the   life of  men.   If the ladles
onlv gave tbe word Uuv would    win
back   the    Kootenays   In its pruper
alignment ami that   was at the Con
uli In the shops between Fort tt ilium
ex* ami cast -*t Broadview the wages wilt
any 'be 12$ c, arid Irom Kamloops to
im-1 Vancouver, both included, im. wages
the J will be 43 I--ic. an hour.
  ...   my i   The fastest time ever recorded by a
85 days and a half. That is going observation and experience as a mem* ipa%siitger train on western lines ui
some. When she arrived iu jwrl ber of Uie legislature for live years tbe V. IV It. was made by lhe
ihere were no bands, but a deputation hns convinced me that, next to ' tlie Overseas eastbound last night. The
look her for investigation to the premier, the opposition leader holds [run from Broadview to Brandon a
dry dock. She went in the "Frost" the most responsible position in tbat [distance of 181 milts was made in
and came out     the "Arctic,"     with  legislature. two hours and     eleven minutes.     It
$235,000 worth ol provisions in store I "Apart from the lact that helreuuired 11 minutes to cover the hr
and the renowned Captain Bender, ■ ought to stand in the forefront in
who has Nnrlh Puletis on the brain, framing and determining the pulicv
in charge. He staked his profession- of his patty, he is responsible f"'r
al reputation the evening before at a much else. Certainly, hv action ui
ami London clec- champagne supper that he would nail inaction, positively or negatively, ho
tho Maple Leaf Forever ou the old largely assists in determining, nay,
Pole or die in tbe attempt.    So   to largely ibtcrmincs, whether the   dis-
make good he poked his nose north,
along there, till he entered Hudson's Day, where he and bis hardy
rew wintered iu royal luxury. They
found a hill th.it they christened
Mount Laurier. 'Tls up there yet.
Said Dernier afterwards when be
back   for     the reward ol     his
parly peril  ci iin.11 die for
laid in absolute
play.   (Loud     np-
ol tin* G, T. P. railway,
i would remember how in
Liberals had shouted them-
rse insisting ihat the Con-
as a party were opposed
ilcet.      A more gross mis-
r -iir '
of D. C, would stand
ami bring about a
n uualy of a Consor-
heing     represented
sny for that gentleman to return tu Ihnl the |i
lhc coast after     the meeting al Nel- solidly logetltel
sin on Salurday evening. reversal of the
Perhaps there    never'   has lieen    a vbIIvu   plovluci
ImtIer*meeting In   this part    of   the snlelj
province linn the one held    Tuesday hoi.se
evening.    There were both Tories awl him was
(Irlls i»ri's*enl  In large numbers,   but stir tlml
each sinn'cr    received tbe must     nt- face nf «
lentlve Ilea ring and al no time   was nml ot the popular ilelei'mlnnthm    1
there  lhe slightest    disturbance     or-huve us s.niml n   Conservative  repre-
aiiv simi uf  disrespect,     Mr. Doid-*u| sen*) a linn iu Ottawa us we have    in
sno-'te for nbnut un hour and a    half Vlotopfn,     lie culled for seven sou ml
aud     was fu'lowed hv Mr. Bergeron., Conservatives from D. C. when     Ihe
who entertained Ihe AlhlfeUce   with a votes are counted afler    the eoinim1,
very witty speech that made     lhose election.     ll   was the right  of     his
present laut;h heartily most ol     the i'artv     Ihal   In- should so call     t>
la Hon was never uttered. We servutive side ot the House ol Com-
pto'i<wiil that the whole enterprise be mo-is   at    Ottawa.   (Long continued
constructed    as n state uirdertaking, cheers,)
to    be owned and controlled fnr    all Mr. Bergeron is the "orator in   actinic hv the    Canadian     people wholtion."      A  raging,  mountain-torrent
were supplying     tilne-letilhs of     tho .of    an orator.      Where he hits    ho
(•ash and    credit necessary for     the makes a mark and when he lets   go
promoters of the line,     Whv    should lhe deeply sarcastic note, it cuts   a
we    nol go farther nnd supply     the bote you could bury a house iu. Nine
nlber tenth uf the cash ami own   lhe and twenty    vears'of service in    the
liv    flrlts   In Ihe   Dominion line ontriuhf     Remember, thai out- house at Ottawa have nol marred   in
The splendid meeting before side of Ori'iil Britain nnd Ihe I'nlted the slightest the glory ol his immense
lorions   earnest of     the States the governments ol the civilliz- physical vitality.     In Ove minutes he
s running under the stir-  ed (imiutHes of    Europe nwn     three- bad captured his audience and   Ihere-
IV out h"ie   in  the west fifi),s „f ||M.   entire rallwav trackngo afler they laughed   at bis suggestion
cusslon ni public questions as between the two sirc.it historic parties,
cither upon 'to hustings or upon tin*
floor of tin- house, shall In* conducted
upon fail, honest, broad, courteous
and gentlemanly lines, or whether it
shall descend lo the level of tnlckery,
vituperation, personalities and mud-
wltether patriotism
nine subservient to
ami the desire  to
e at any     COSt.
been decided
hall govern or b
party ism, socallcd,
gain or retain uflli
"Had  ihere not
■nihility among my fellow members 1
■ertainly    wo-,Id " have   kept mysell
to follow   the praotico of    my
-fcssloii, ..inl would not even    con-
8 miles out of Broad.lew where there
is a bard grade. The six minutes
lost weie made up later when the
train at times attained a speed ol
almost 70 miles an hour, aa consecutive miles being covered in 97 minutes,
Edmonton, Sept. 2?.—The prosecution of the executive Ot tte Alberta
Lumber Dealers' association which
adjourned till today was adjourned
(or u fortnight by arrangement between Mr. Woods and Mr. Bennett,
it bad been arranged to call Mr.
Skead, but Mr. Woods wired to Calgary to countermand his attendance
and in tin- meant une tins hod been
done tu meet the convenience ol Mr.
Beimelt,   who ,.i   present is in    the
.Vl'TlE t\    ATCIIISon   INVEST
(Movie  I..'..der I
ii is understood that Messrs   Beat-
tie a   Atchison, ol   Cranbrook,
dating:   'It  Was fine, said he, to   SCO clinging; i,, short
the belles ol thut Esqufmo land come '
round awl sit on a cake of ice, smoking tobacco that cos) the government
In>ut $2 a   pound,   wearing at     tlie
ami-   lime   wiib their national costume of dirty   fur ami endless grease,
in lliu.'iy     huts   that cost   $8.50 at   j.
Point Levis.       They had a     pretty  j,
strong line of   actual necessities    In ditloimllj have accepted the position,
slock when tbey statt.dout to   find  | also    realize that mv predecessor's
the nolo at a cost of nhoul $700,0 irlmiifty, geniality and' well-deserved
lu the   country.     Don't he alarmed. | popularity, not onlv among his    lei*
Everyone got paid and there was not low-members, but with the rank and |take ovei the business of the Moyie
a Grit from Dan to Beershobn that file of Liberals throughout the prov- Drug -v Stationery company next
did not have a little line of graft jmee, render my tasi in following him [Tuesday, October 1st. Mi OoWwln
aboard the famous "Arctic." |llMl &\ a\\ an ^sy one. Stewart will continue to manage   tbo
"Don't think    lhose    stories    are     "You   will   scarcely   expect me to business, as at present.
Every fact in connec-!outline n policy.      Policies are    pot'
n     tho  ol mushroom growth.     They ure not
make  made by leaders or conventions tn   a
day.    I shall take early advantage of
opportunities offering to discuss fully
ami    frankly at   different points    in
this province all questions that fairly
como within the    purview of provincial   polities.       Suffice il     to    say,
however,     that   while, in   my judgment, nn opposition ought  to te' Veen-
fairy tales.
Inn with them ean be found
records of the House. They
pleasant hut pathetic reading."
lllllll  Ibe
not   Canada   move along .
when    she is pledging hei
lhe evlunt  of fifty  million
in connection with this
ci nl'iimtal svslcro9 The
Cnnndn should own, nt le
interest in this enterprise
Whv should ior cheered as a good audience should
Imllar lines |   "Canada," said he. "is iu a   stale
tn iof    political immorality.     Thai com
Montreal, Sent, SO,—nudyard Kipling and Miss Kipling left this morning by tbe Imperial Limited fnr
Winnipeg, Vancouver and Victoria. He
will te' in the west about three weeks I"INM l'
returning here ami leaving for England the last week in October.
i). il
ought also i
t    every
The new   members added     to
of dollars dition of political     immorality     -and Odd Fellows    order the past
(Moyie Leader.)
Judge Wilson has been agreed upon
us the third   man on the arbitration  tration
the hoard   to   settle   the difference    be- Persons
year  tweet) tbe   miners ol the St. Eugene owners
new trans- rottenness Is    the natural result   ot [number    81,245,   being   one   of Die nnd Hie Consolidated company.    The
people of   tlie doings of Ibe present government, ■ greatest  increases in tt single vear in  hoard consists of S   S. Taylor, J. A.
ist, a    ball  which,    from the earliest days of its  the history ot llie   older       The Re- Harvey and Judge Wilson.    Thev will
Anv male or female, being a British
subject ot the full age ot _J1 vears,
who has paid all the rates and taxes
for the current year, and has continuously resided within the municipality since tte first day of January,
1007, and who is a temseholdcr or
license holder within tin- muuiei[-al-
Ity, may register as a voter for the
l»88 election, il the necessary dt>
duration is deposited at this ndlcu
on or belore *■ p.m. of the 80Ui day
of    fletobcr Persons   qualifying
as license holders, who are not prop-
rty tedders,    must attend to legis-
,f    their   names on the list,
who have become   property
since   December 31st I !!"■•')
hut   when  power    drifted    from had   lo worse,
thorn and ho    made  the call in    the , the justice ol    this contention    was 'from misdeed to misdeed, from    one
in ..llh onh'i duiiug ibe year Increased 21,507.
ber lib.
requested lo inform    ihe under-
limed at onee,
Thus   M   Roberta, CMC.
abuut Monday, Ooto-1   Qlty   clerk's office, Cranbrook, B.
IO., Oct. 1st, 1007. 3-17-41 THE ORAKBnOOK IIKHAI.O
hSllllLISIII 1' 1867
pirid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Resti . . . 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches rtroutfiout Canada,'and la the United States and Enjlai.il
B. E. WALKER, President
AI.EX. IAIKD, Grnei.l Manager
A. H. IRELABD, Supeiiiil^iideut ot
(K.  II. Schooley in l.acomhc (Alta.)
The annual meeting ol the Alberta
of men and women from Cranbrook
met thu train and a session was held
At night a   smoker was given    by
the business   men for the   delegates.
Another session next morning close-)
lhe Craubrook meetings, but the boat
to Nelson was made use ol   to   complete the convent ion.
Cranbrook citizens headed hy  "Old
Press association was held at Cran-.Man" Simpson, ot the Herald, made
brook, ll. 0., ou September Vi   audi the members so   welcome that it is
II.     A goodly number of Ihe editors  reported   one of ihe tatter forgot to
arrived on     belated  trains,     though   pay li's hotel hill, as he bad had
DeDoslts „l SI and upwards received, and In.erest allowad at
current rates. The depositor is sublcc. to no delay whatevtr in
Ike withdrawal ot tlie whole or any portion ol the deposit
Cranbrook Branch,     -     F. C. MALPAS, Manager
several were kept away by the sever.
storms prevalent, all over the west
,il   the lime.
The good people of Cranlirook* received us with open arms. Committees met till trains and the spirit
oi welcome pervaded the very air.
The show windows of the stores were
ilnsseil in holiday attire in honor of
the Alberta editors, who were made
to feel that the people of Cranhrook
were genuinely ghld to have us there.
lor money .luring his stay in the
city. Another member thought tho
hip iii.Himl to Calgary was gratis,
nd just had time to jump off the
train and purchase lhe reduced lick-
Old Man" Simpson was so
Imsy he lorgot himself ami took the
long trip around tbe lakes nnd
through    the  mountains in his ollice
ll   wa
A   Word   to  the  Wise!
Gold weather means big fires in your house,
and at the commencement of the cold season
there is always a danger of fire owing to
neglect of stove pipes. See your stove pipes
are thoroughly cleaned, and better still, also
Heal Estate CKANIIROOK, B. C. Insurance
llilfl.il  h,,s|iil.ilily     lli.it
.1 in    us, imi tin. warm
lilu-  LLimil  fi'll,iwslli|l.      A
f   llllli,',.   nl   llll'  fill    l.'i'l-
lnil.es ol    iiu' editorial
till'    HIlllIC    wlitfle-siiiili'd
liiii wns extended in Um
Jus. i..ifu'iI.ii .hlpmsnt nl ♦
11 -•———-—__——____—
|| li i, a |.| |iilil C iiuunil llial Mill du.'roy liiM'.'l.- uml Files.
II „• i v„lll ■I'llllli'1111,1    Iff
J | Ih,- il "ii ynur Poultry IIiiiihw.
I, H i. ..'mn I   I., prnlntl   Ilium uml   (Illllle'Irnni  Ilif nml
\......ir.; in kill I. i L'ntili! nml ll,i_s; to ex.eriiiiniiiB 1-oiillry
I Inns. Vormlii; i Ilcsle IM lines, Conkran.li.a uml llkl) liouso-
linlil posla wli"ii um-il 11,1'nnllng lo ilhei-llans.
I'ut up in 73c. and $1,5,1 patented screw top tins
i j U. E. REID CS> CO...«.moists ,
PltiiMI   71 l)l_|H'nKln_ ts mir .pcdall) ♦
Just  from the Manufacturer |
 ———————————— *
A  In,.,' nirloly ni Ilk.  I'K .III. SI-: f HKUOC'llliS,  i 11 J
lull,.! ami inn. in r|i_ii_ .Iwi.iis,   Also 11 nine ainrtmrnt nl *
I'UAIII, ANU IUA.M.1M) STICK TINS     Cull ill nml liuvu ♦
II look nt Hf if I
l   W. H. WILSON,
Jeweler nnd *
Gradimlc  Optleinn      *
< ********************* **********************
ii THE
We handle only THE BEST
:;   FANCY AND:SI API. 13 UROCEHIES.   Only the Choict*t Lines ;
n_: l'l-:.,'Hi:-!, sill,iiui,..»l inmufti sr,; I'i:Alls, tilth
: 1:1.1 i:i:i:i!Uti:.._nll, i,ii«k,'i«.r.T.', ninl »:i.«i.
I I I.™,,.
********************** <
Pabst! Pabst! Pabst!
.lust r mil n CM! of MABST BOTTLED BEER
Wholcsal- Wines, Liquors and Cigars
CRANBROOK, IJ. C.       -      -       I'HONI. 17
Tliib Hotol hits always boon the lonilor
in ila Iim'. .nul will Im kept up to thu
Bl1.111l.tnl. If you wii.it to meet tlm
people, r',1111' t,t tlm Queen's rinli'l.
jj   Queen's Hotel, Canary '"fZ^r
ii.nn with
pi ess men.
Ciiinbrooh Is a wide awake young
■ iiv     ol    aliont   11,000   population,
witli room tor 107,000 more. It
Iim. a beautiful situation tn a liroail
valley tielwei-ii mountain ranges, with
a liU'ltC area ol agricultural ami fruit
lain) surrounding It. The excellent
displays of vegetables aiwi Fruits on
exhibition in Hie store windows wero
conclusive eviileuee of the ai|,i|itali-ility
oi llie elimate ami lhe fertility of tlm
soil. ll is llie chief divisional point
ou lhe t'rows Nest Pass route, railway  shops being  located here.      It   is
ih<- principal lumbering point iu Mast
Kooteiiuy, and also the supply point
Tor ,1 large part of Kootonay mining
dislriel. Crnnbrook is a commercial
center of present and growing Importance, It is supplied willi modern
conveniences such as telephones, electric lights, water works, hospital,
public ...al high schools, etc. As a
residenlnl oily the Alberta newspaper
men will heartily endorse its claim
to having "no superior tn Hritish
I The lirst business session of the
Press association convention was
held on l*'riday afternoon iu Cranbrook's new opera house. In the
absence nf the mayor, Alderman Fink
officially welcomed the editors to the
cilv, aud in his address of welcome
assured them that during their stay
thev owned the city, and il was very
evident to the visitors that Alderman Kink's words were ito. truth uml
nut the mere hollow expression required by formality.
I Numerous questions of Import to
the newspaper fraternity were Introduced ami iiillv discussed, wilh much
pnill! tn all present.
1 On Friday evening a smoker was
given hy the business men of ihe
city llial was very unique and highly
enjoyable, Refreshments were served, speeches made, toasts proposed
with responses assigned to tho various visiting editors, and numerous
excellent musical numbers were Interspersed. All of Cranbrook's leading citizens were present and joined
in     the   proceedings   with a hearty
j Saliirdav forenoon another profit-
i.iili- hufdm'fts session was held. It
was decided lo change the name of
iln- Alberta Press association to "Alberln and K.istern Hritish Columbia
Press Association."     The eastern H.
('. editors have always heOli admitted
to membership   in    this association,
ns their interests arc closely identified
with those of the Alberta newspaper
men, hence it was deemed advisable
tn include Ibis territory in the name
I   At noon ou   Saturday the    entire
editorial party boarded the train for
Kootonay Landing, the first stage of
an excursion which had been arranged Ihrough the Canadian Rockies
Iiniii Cranbrook to Calvary. At
• Kootenay a transfer is made to the
Iim* U. P. It. steamer Kuskunook for
lhe fifty mile trip by way of Kootenay lake to Nelson, where train is
ngnin taken to Itobson ou lower Ar
row lake, where transfer is made lo
the steamer Rossland, on which tlie
trip ol something over a hundred
miles is made during Saturday night
and Sunday to Arrowhead at the
head of the upper Arrow lake. The
Arrow lakes are broad expansions of
ibe Columbia river, and the mountain
scenery .surrounding is very fine.
I Momlay morning wc resume our
Journey ou the C. P. It. main line
eastward to Calgary through mountain scenery thnt is magnificent beyond the power of pen to portray—
mountain scenery that is said to be
unsurpassed in ihe known world. At
points of greatest interest, throughout the mountain region lhc C. P. R.
company have erected good hotel
buildings for the accommodation of
the sight-seeing public. These hotels
are under able management and   the
i service is very superior, with a   cor"
,responding price attached. The best
of guides ean be had at Ihese   places
[for side excursions on horseback    or
j   The   westward    trip to   Kootenay
, Landing by way of the (.'rows Nest
line is also filled wilh interest. Somo
of Die points tbat are of interest to
the    tourist    are   Turtle   mountain,
J Crows Nest mountain, nnd float
Itiver canyon.      One who has    seen
(Turtle luoiiiilain since the terrible
slide which   des) roved part  of     the
.lown of Plank, Alberta, a tew years
ago, can bave no conception of the
awful destruction horn that nval-
atiehe   of rocks.       Millions of     tons
1 uf rock came' thundering down the
mountain wlttoji force tbat sent the
huge boulders for a great distance up
tin- other side ol the Crows Nest
\ alley, almost forming a new mountain from tbe debris. Tbe coke
ovens at various points along lhc
Crows Nest Hue, where the coal Is
the region is converted inlo coke for
use in the Kootenay smelters, are
also objects of interest.
! Krom si art to finish Ihis veal's
convention, with accompanying exclusion   was a notable   success.     It
[Was decided to bold uevt year's contention at  Nelson, fi. C.
it nb rook's
her   Ire.
it    gratify
t   koolcna*
di for Nel-
le lo the 1
's ride In
P. 11. In
welcome was sincere,
tmeul of tbe editors
tig,       The town     was
Landing the boat was
tu. where a change was
tain again.     After   an
Itobson, the Rossland,
at, was hoarded   about.
,1 C
> p.m. Saturday for tlm trip up the
Arrow lakes. The 0. P. 11. boats,
Kuskunook mi Kooleuay lake, and
Rossland on Arrow lakes, are tho
liuest steam.'is on inland lakes iu
Canada, und the service is excellent.,
pi. Seaman, of the Kuskauook,
im moil lately rornered the ladies in
cabin and amused them by making
ihem draw pigs willi their eyes shut.
That is bis aiitograpg album. The
meals and table service on tlie Rossland could nui he imuroved, in spite
of the terrible anxiety of the steward
to see.lhat no nne got a meal without paying. Some day that steward
will allow a diner lo sit down without producing his ticket and then the
consciousness lhat he has not done bis
duty will likely lead to suicide.
Tiie trip tip tbe lakes was as plea-
ant as could la* expected with the
loilds concealing the mountains and
i cold raw wind blowing.
At    Arrowhead,     the   end of    the
Hie (
a train was ngnln tak-n. Here
. P. R. came in for considerable
ism on account of the uselessly
wail    tourists have to     endure.
In a small village, hemmed in. hy
mountains, witb absolutely nothing
to do, it drives tourists to threatened destruction to lie forced to sit
around for four hours and more
wailing for au engine to stop shunting-
Rove!stoke was reached about IM
in the afternoon of Sunday, ami tiie
parly remained here until Monday
morning in order to see the mountain by daylight. Rut again they
were disappointed to some extent, as
a great part of the scenery was
bidden by ibe rain and heavy clouds.
However, as Cliarllo Clark so feelingly said, tin- scenery was "awfully
nice." It was only when Mount
Honabl sprang into view through an
unexpected opening iu tho clouds,
that ihis descriptive elTusiou burst
from Clark's lips.
The slops for meals at (Racier and
Field were the brightest, of lhe. trips.
Iteaiitiful location, artistic and airy
dining rooms, well cnok-d ami served
meals, and cute little Jap waiters
with iheir "fell shoes" did It.
At Calgary all left the train save
he editor of The Times-, to return to
heir homes next morning.
It wa#a great trip and "Old Man"
Simpson's management of it was
Next vear, Deane, of the Nelson
News, promises the boys a better
time in Nelsnn.
(A. It. Walt, ol Kduiniiton News.)
If you want to let the people of
Craubrook know what I think ot
their town, you may say that I consider it one of the beauty spots of
the Dominion. 1 am a great lover of
tbe mountains, but I much prefer to
hnve ihem some distance away from
me, as at Cranbrook, than hanging
over me and giving me a feeling of
oppression, as is the ease, along the
main line ot llie C. P. R. for Instance. The valleys of Hritish Columbia sliould be productive of great
wealth lo that province in the years
to come and there arc none thnt have
appealed lo me more Iban that In
which Cranbrook Is situated. The
fruit growing possibilities of the district, joined with the immense lumbering and mining industries, shout il
alone build up a great city. The
fact that tbe town is a divisional
point on Ihe railway nnd the center
for a vast stretch of eountrv should
mean much tn you. Hut best of all,
you have the men and it is the men
who count. A half do/eu brainy enterprising citizens are worlh more to
a place often than the most stupendous natural resources. T never met
in any part of the continent a body
of people more thoroughly In earnest
in their efforts to boost tlm town.
They are lhe best advertisement you
can have. When a stranger sees
such public spirit hi* knows that
nothing can hold hack tbe town
whieh displays it. So hearty was
the welcome that wns accorded us,
such princes of good fellows did your
people show themselves, that speaking for myself, I know that I shall
cherish lhc memorv of mv short stay
with you to my dying day.
Lacey   Amy   In Medicine
I Times.!
Thr* storm of two weeks ngo   was
[all that prevented tbe Alberta Press
association frnm bringing out fifty
instead of twenty-five mcmliers. As
it was tlie meetings were full of interest, nnd an enthusiasm aroused
that bespeaks a larger association.
■   Most of   the delegates    did     not
arrive until  tbe afternoon of Friday,,	
September 13, tbe Crow train being million dollars to the grand lodge of
delayed five hours on account of the thnt order of Pennsylvania for the
fallen wires and llie wails made for education ami support of male or-
ihe Spokane Flyer.      A large   body phuns of master Masons,
The World Evangel tells of a sturdy
lillle fellow who was digging a bob*
by the rnad side. He got along very
well uuiil be eamo to a heavy stone
wliieli was too much for bis
strength, lie carefully removed all
of the dirt about it ami tried in
every.way to get il out, hut in vain.
At. this juncture a large man came
along, and seeing whut the lioy was
doing stopped to give some advice.
Hut the boy replied: "Well, sir, your
advice may lie good hut it isn't ' advice I want just now. It is ;i lift,"
With a laugh the man saw Die point
and quickly helped lhe boy lift the
stone out ot the hole, 'there are
many times in life when strong men
and women waste time in giving advice to people weaker than themselves, who do not need advice half
as much as Ihcy need a tift."
(Hy F.   C,   Mighton in Die Canadian
In considering the status of a
town or city, one must always take
into considerut ion its ago. The
Crows Nest Pass line of the Canadian
Pacilic lailway has turn now iu operation about nine years. Therefore,
Cranbrnok being oil this line, can
irace its history hacki, only nine
years. Previous to lhe railway
building to this point, Cranbrook did
not. figure much, except as a mining
center for tbe rush to Kimberley.
Her present population of S.tHMI
people bus all been gathered together
situ i. 1809, In natural situation,
Cranbrook has heen favored. A comparatively level piece ol valley prair
ie, gradually rising as tbe land recedes from the Kootenay river, makes
nn ideal site lor a city. Neatly
mountain streams furnish waler for
ihe waterworks syslem Installed, and
lhe pressure by gravity is sufficient to
give ample lire protection when the
volunteer lire lighters are called upon
to extinguish a total blu/e. A well
subscribed telepltone sei v ice, w i 1 ii
long distance connect ions, is a big
aid to the transaction ot liusiiiess,
the telephone company also operating
tbe electric lighting plant for domestic and street lighting, t'nllke the
majority of southern H. c. towns ami
cities, Cranbrook is the center of an
agricultural district, where the bench
and bottom binds found for miles
hack towards the mountain, nu either
side ot the Kootenay and tributary
rivers, nre capable of producing excellent crops. A good market for
such produce is always to be found
in Cranhrook, and outlying lumbering
and mining camps throughout the
district. Tbis land may ho obtained
from the government by pre-empt ion
or purchase, and the government land
'office nt Cranbrook is able lo furnish
all particulars. The culture of fruit
is still In its experimental stages, although apples and even grapes have
been brought to maturity. Undoubtedly one of the most important
factors ' in the commercial life of
Cranhrook 1s the lumher manufacturing. As many ns twenty sawmills
are found in the neighborhood of this
city, employing about 1500 men.
Tbe biggest percentage ot the wages
I paid these men finds Us way eventually into Cranbrook, and forms a big
consideration to the local business
linen. Only a short time ago the
Canadian Pacilic railway made Cranbrook a divisional point. Here nil
train crews change, both from east
and west bound trains. This necessitates a large proportion of the
railway men being residents, nnd tlrc
result is that almost Ihe whole of
, the large railway payroll is spent iu
Cranhrook. The C. P. R. are now
(Working on an enlargement nf the
present roundhouse nnd shops, to
bundle the increased work. II, is now
found impossible to keep lhe yards
eleur nf repairs, especially since ihe
ailveiil nf the new through service via
Cranhrook is tlie center of the
mining operations at Kimberley und
Marysville, and lhc silver-lead' mines
al Movie, only twenty miles distant.
The St. Kugene mines at Movie are
the largest silver-lead nviiies iu America, uml second largest in Ibe world.
The ore passes through the concentrators at the different mines, ami is
ihen forwarded lo the smelters at
Marysville and Trail. Lead mining
is prospering under the present
bounty hut received a hard blow,
three years ago, when the price ol
lead fell so low that it was neeessarv
to shut down operations. Cranbrook
is a cusloms station, nnd the amount
of tint labile goods passing through this
branch Is considerable. The travelling public are entertained well, in
, the six or seven hotels catering to
their needs. Tin; Cranhrook hotel
has found its accommodations far too
small to meet present need1', and the
proprietors are now having a targe
addition built, whieh will almost
double llieir accommodation. The
Canadian Hank of Commerce have recently erected a very commodious
building of red brick, and stone, while
the Imperial Bank contemplate build
lug a similar office as tbey find their
present, -quarters too cramped for
transacting the volume of increasing
| Tbe principal residential section is
situated on a very prettv promontory, nnd known as "The iiill." The
tion, and known as "Tbe lllll." The
city is now getting large enough to
make the naming and numbering of
streets essential, and doubtless this
feature will become an accomplished
tact ere long. "Beautiful Cranbrook" is the watchword of the
householders, and all seem to vie
with one another in their endeavors
to have lhe prettiest home and
grounds. The amusement world is
not entirely foreign to Cranbrook),
and the increased travelling facilities
arc making it possible for a hotter
class of theatrical attractions to visil
the cities nnd towns along "The
Crow." To aid this, a local syndicate bas heen formed, nnd a new
theater is now almost completed, fitted up with modern stage fittings
and mechanism necessary for the proper staging of almost anv travelling
productlott. The various religious
denominations, Roman Catholic,
English church, Presbyterians, Methodists and Baptists, are in a very
flourishing condition, while 11m
Catholics have established one or tho
best equipped hospitals between Winnipeg nnd Vancouver, in charge of a
mosl efficlenl staff, and whose low
death rale Is one lhat in I gill he envied by many more pretentious in-
siiiiitions. An uncommon ailment*
oflen met with here, is ihal of lend
poisoning, contracted, by Ihe miners
In the silver-lead mines of the district. Cranhrook occupies a similar
position to that of nil Hie cities and
'owns in lhe Kootenav eountrv, In
being situated In the midst of an almost nneoueeivably wealthy country,
only awaiting Ibe Incoming ol capital
to make It bear the name of the
rleliest mining eountrv in the continent.
Tims. R. Pat I on, treasurer of tlie
grand lodge of Masons of Pennsylvania, has   left bis fortune of    three
Reported by   Beale A El well, Brok-
■ ers, Cranbrook, B. C.
Sullivan  10
North Star  12
Allierta Coal & Coke  40
International  Coal   95
Panhandle Smdler  Ifilt
Rambler Cariboo  27"
Diamond Coal  65
Nicola Coal Mines   fig
B. C. Amalgamated   0
Sales:-125tl Nicola Coal; 3000 Sullivan; 1600 B. 0, Amalgamated.
Imperial Bank of Canada!
$4 845,000
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed un Deposits Irom date ol deposit
Cranbrook Branch • J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. j j
Are ynu out. »f
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It stands for Fit-Reform <|ualily and Fit-Reform values.
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Groceries  and  Crockery
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health, and tones up the body generally
Brewer, Crnnbrook,  It. C
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Head Office, Calgary Alia. Phone 57
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wholesale anil Retail IVnlers III
Our Meat is always fresh, as all our Beel is killed
iu Cranbrnok
j******************************************' >
g Canadian Hotel |
Q| One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- $
|2f brook.   Warm rooms, good meals 0
! mul a bar stocked with the best BI
«Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
1 B
New nnd Htricilj I'i rat-Class Tei.ep.ionb 2080
American Plan, $2,5U per dny up
(IllAfl. Hautsky. Proprietor.
Cor, Seymour mid Conlovn Sis.  . T _.    —
o Mau r.... sun      Vancouver, B. C.
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Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Rambling Reveries
It is among men who try to set a
living liv shift ni trick ol laziness
that wo hear the familial words,
"tht* world owes me a living,M A
loafer who never did a useful thing
in his lift*, who dresses .it the ox-
pense of his tailor and drinks at tin*
cost (il llis friends, always insists
Ihal till' world owes liim a living,
am) declares his Intention to secure
the debt. \Ve should like to Vmow
how it is lhaVa man who owes tbe
world for every mouthful ho ever ate
nml every garment ho ever put on,
should he so heavy a creditor In account with the world. The loafer
does not li*M ito truth about it. Thu
..mid owes him nothing but    a very
lOllgll nillin and it retired .uul otherwise useless plate to put it In,   Tbo
World owes a living to lhose who oTO
nut abb* lo earn  , lo children, to
llie 4.ek, lo lhe disabled and the at-ed
and to all, who, in ito course ol nature nr by loiee ot circumstances, are
dependent.      And it was mainly for
tin* supply of the wants of thef.eth.it
men wne endowed with the powei
lo produce more tlmn enough for
themselves. To 11 genuine shirk ito
wot Id owes nothing,
Has a woman a riglil to make a
fool of herself || a man does? This
would make a good subject for
debuting societies, A man will stay
around nights, visit the gambling
dens, play poker, and lose money that,
Iiu ought lo spend for the comfort ol
his family. At the same time the
wife is staying home, sii tins hy ll
cheerless fire and taking care of a
number ot children, that she has only
a half interest iu. The man will
visit the saloon, smoke cigars, play
tbe wheel, drink poor whiskiey, and
occasionally go and piny wltih tho
girls lhat nro not of his own family,
while his wife is lioim trying lo save
money tor the family by patching,
darning and going without things for
lHM-self and the house. A mau at the
sabie time will "go out with tho
boys" and spend %2't. Is it right?
Supposing we turn the tallies around
and his wife commences lo play the
fool, for you can call it nothing else,
and what will happen? Supposing
the wife takes a notion to have a
lillle time of her own? Let tor go
lo the bowling alley, the billiard
hull, the saloon. Go oft to a convention or some other place with a
lot of gay girls and have a good
lime, spend the money that ought
to go. toward paying expenses, smoke
cigarettes, drink seven different kinds
of booze and come home with a had
aste in her mouth and iu a generally
stained condition, wouldn't it break
every link lhat hinds the home circle
together? Morally, sin* has just as
much right as a man lo do Hieso
things. She has just .as good a
right to hra foul as n man. hut what
would happen if she should'' Tt is
easy enouj^i In guess. There would
he divorces ami oHier things too
numerous to mention.
Regarded ns a sentiment, love is
possible in respecl to principles; hul.
lecarded as a passion, il is possible
only touching a person. \o one
iltes for abstract truth. Idealize il.
connect it with something tangible,
and man will die for it—not before.
Even then his self-sacrifice is Impelled
by regard, neccssitv. or ihe force ol
collateral circumstances A patriot
does not lay down his life for liberty
in Ibe front rank of hat tie with the
same feeling which tills iln- bosom ot
a frontiersman when he dies lighting
at the door of his cabin in a heroic
atlemnt lo defend his wife and children  from    murderous  savages.       We
admire beauty; wo reverence virtue;
we praise modesty as dements ol a
character, hut never until these are
cm I .oil led; until tbe eves behold them
n a physical form, never until llie
.voin.in wln». we believe, n-presenl
these qualities, stands heforo us, do
we    love them The qualities      we
admire; Hie woman we love, Ilere,
at Ibis print, yon see how love
tslue.iles one in worthy directions.
The man loves the womatl, the woman the man, ami each the qualities
that tlie other represents. Each
educates the oilier into a finer appreciation, a truer regard, a higher
emulation of the virfi.es each embodies, and thus, ns Tennyson sin^s:
''Thev mew together, i
Dwarfed or (lodllke, bond or rree."      !
Sometime"—It is a sweet, sweet
..:, warbled to amt fro among the
topmost boughs ot the heart, aud
filling lhe whole air with such joy
nml Rlndnoss as Hie songs ot birds
In when tin* summer morning comes
nut, of darkness anil day is born tm
Hie mountains. We have all our
possessions in tbe future winch wo
■all "somt'iime." lle.iutiful flowers
ami   singing birds  are   there,     only
hands seldom grasp the one, or
our ears hear lhe oilier. Hut. oh,
reader, In* of good cheer for all tbo
good l here i.s a golden "sometime;"
when all the hills and valleys of time
past; when the wear and fever,
disappointment and sorrow     of
are over, then there is llie place
Ibe    rest   appointed ol     God.
homes toad, over whose mot (all
shadows or even clouds; ami over
whose threshold the voice of sorrow is
never heard: built upon the eternal
hills, ami, standing with thv spires
and pinnacles of celestial beauty
among the palm trees of the city
on Iiinii. those who love Got! shall
nst under thy shadows, where there
Is no sorrow, no pa hi, nor the sound
ol weeping "sometime."
kirps order, and cxctciscs many virtues, ami promotes the Interest ot
iimnkuiid, and is ihat stale of good
to which God hath designed Hie present constitution of the world.
Rise with the lark, but not for one.
He very careful to attire Yourself
ii.-.iiU. ourselves, like om salads, are
always hetter fm a good dressing.
Shave unmistakably before you descend from vour room; chin., like
losteis. should have llieir lie..ids taken oil before ihev are permitted to
uo down Start with determination
i.. l..* agreeable and good tempered,
and that, lite an overwhelming lire,
nothing '•-'ball pul vol. oui Should
th,- tea mil In* hot. lake n ...olv;
should the ham not he salt emulate
the philosophic Bacon, ami having
made a few pleasant observeWons
ahout Ha- milk of human kindness,
the Mn-.ii ..f domestic telicit) the tup
..f happiness I icing full, lie butter
resembling an actor in a hesh part,
because ii appenrs in a new toll,
conclude with ibe Appropriate ballad
of    "hei   the  lo.ist     pass,'     I'r.ieking
fresh i-l'i's ,n,.l   stale |okes   imullanc-
Men and women make llieir own
beauty or thcti own ngllncs I,nui
1,11 Urn speaks of a man Mwho was
uglier than he had any business lo
be." and il he could but lead it, every
human being carries his hf in his
face, and is good looking oi the reverse as bis life has lieen rooi! or
evil. On our features Hie fine chisels
of life and emotion are eternally at
work. Beauty is not the monopoly
trf blooming young men and pink   ami
while maids. Then* is a slow growing beauty which onlv conns to perfection in old age. Grace belongs to
no period of lite and Improves the
longer it exists.
Men, in iheir inmost souls, feel
more than woman can, Ibe change
wbich must come over tbe world,
when the publicity Uiey know nml
led in Iheir own lot come to turn
the whole race out of doors. They
themselves live now in Ihe reverence,
admiration, ami love which tbey feel
for the di-.ic.itc, the domestic, the
private nature of women. They see
Hie homes where along Iheir public
cares are soothed and made tolerable,
turned inlo disprlvncied pails of hotel
life. Tliey feel the romance, Hie
poetry, Hie sentiment of life oozing
out under the blows aimed at the
chief hoop which hinds lhe staves ol
society together, and tbey kn iw tbat
women without their consent is about
lo discrown herself queen of her own
home, in order to usurp a barren
scepter in Hie kingdom of public life.
It is idle to warn, to prophesy, to
complain. The fruits of lhe tree ol
knowledge of good ami evil are fair
lo the woman's eyes as ol old: and
lhc tempter is no less of a serpent
hut (hough we shall still go doubtless
band iu band wilh the modern Eve,
when sin* expels herself from lhe
garden of (.oil's own pftinllng, we
know better Iban she tbe charms id
Paradise which we shall lose together, and Hie coldness, and emptiness of
all lhat lays outside. II is only
some divine Interposition which can
divert lhe mad determination that
does nol mind ruining man in rashly
protesting against the Hat that made
humanity male ami femalo.
Poor people never live in brown
stone fronts or elegant villa residences, witb all the modern improvements. Consequently, in the dead of
winler, llieir furnace grates never
break down, their Hal roofs never
leak, their water pipes never hurst.
Their plate class windows an* never
hit *kcn, t heir du in I) w a i l ers never
give out, their patent burglar alarms
never nre off a 1 lhe wrong time, Their
coatbmau never gets iliunv, no careless servants break theii Sevres clwua.
In fact, one of the chief pleasures of
poverty is exemption Irom ullliction
of servants. Nu domestic rage
around the humble dwellings ol Uie
poor. When the daughters ol
poverty exchange calls, their conversation may dwell upon plcasjulcr
themes than the trials they have
undergone with Hie cook, the nilnu-
tiat of tbe chamber maid's slovenliness, ibe fact that the second girl is
mote than mistrusted of "'taking
things," it not being fashionable yet
lo speak of defalcating with the
spoons though we will doubtless soon
reach even Unit point of whitewashed sepu teller ism. The enormities of what hn. been dubbed "ser-
vantgalisiii," disturb not the peace
of poverty.
The Woman who is indifferent* to her
looks is no true woman. Gotl meant
woman to be attractive, to look
well, lo please, and it is one ol her
duties to carry out this Intention of
her Maker. Hut that dress Is lo do
it all, andito sullice is more than we
can I* brought to believe. Just because we love to see girls look
well, as well as to live to some purpose, we would urge upon them such a
course of reading ami study as will
confer such charms as tin modiste ean
supply. N. P. Willis wrote a very
pretty paragraph on the power ot
education to beautify. That it absolutely chiseled the features; Unit be
had seen many a clumsy nose mul a
thick pair ol' lips so modified by
thought, awakened and nctlvo sentiment as to i»* unrecognizable. And he
put it on tbat ground Hint we often
sir people, homely and unattractive
tu youth, bloom In middle lift* into a
softened Indian summer of goad looks
and mellow tones.
Marriage has in it less beauty, but
more safety than single life, It bas
not more ease hut less danger, it is
more safely than single life. It has
of sorrows' and fuller of joys; it lies
under more burdens, it is supported
by all the strength of love and clwr-
■Ity, ami those burdens are delightful.
Marriage is the mother of the world,
ami preserves kingdoms, and tills
cities nml churches and heaven itself.
Celibacy, like the My in the heart, of
an apph., dwells in perpetual sweetness, but, sits alone, and is confined
and dies in singularity'; tint marriage, like the useful bee, builds a
house ami gathers sweetness Irom
'every (lower, and labors and unites
into societies nnd republics and sends
out colonies; and feeds the world with
delicacies, aud obeys their king,   and
There are other ministers of love
more conspicuous than she, but none
in whieh a gentler, lovelier spirit
dwells, ami none to which lhe heart's
[warm requitals more joyfully respond, She is the steady light ot
her father's house. I Ier ideal is
imlissnlubly connected with that of
bis fireside. She is his morning sunlight nnd evening star. The grace,
vivacity and tenderness ol her sex
have their place in Hie inigTitv sway
which she lmlds over his spirit. Sin-
is Ihe pride and ornament of his
hospitality, and the gentle nurse of
his sickness.
"Ibiv may rail against women as
de like," said a darkey lately. "Dey
can't set me against dem. I hah always in my lite found dem de fust In
peace, fust In quarrel, fust In do dance,
flint in de Ice cream parlor, and the
flint, best amt last in de sick room.
What would wc do without dem? Let
lb re is no question that habitual
cheerfulness is a great blessing. Hut
when cheerful people aie landed, let
il be remembered as a general thing.
hey an* no more.to be commended
for il iban a person with a pair of
beautiful eyes Checi fulness  is     a
mallei of bra Ith and constitution. An
Invalid or a nervous person—a very
s.'iu.ii\y person, easily affected by
.iiuiosphviu- ami other Influences—
cannot In* universally cheerful. He
may do much toward endeavoring to
be so. it is true, but it mast be a
thing ..I effort. Manv people nru
cheerful because they are apathetic
The sorrows of others, not being out
own, are easy to bear, We do not
wish lo decry this social sunshine.
but lei us not forget that there are
very sweet (lowers that flourish and
give us perfume in Ibe shaoV and at
be born as young, as ugly, as
helpless, as you please, ami a woman's arm am ready to receive us.
She il am dat guv us our fust dose
oh caster oil, aud puis clothes on our
belplcss, naked limbs, and cubbers up
foots and noses iz long llanno!
petticoats, and it Bm she, as we
grow up. dal tills our dinner basket
wid doughnuts and apples as we start
to school and ticks us when we tare
tiousers.     Yes, ser, do     women
(Hy Fred   H, Reynolds   iu Vancouver
Saturduy Sunset.)
Advertising pays. There is no
question about that. It bus boon
tried so thoroughly aud math) so
many fortunes that there Is no room
to doubt Us efficacy, nor the neccs-
sily of it where prosperity iu business is to be won. While this statement is incidentally true, advertising
must he done judiciously and wisely
iu order to get the best results. Tho
mere insertion ot a carelessly written
ad. at casual intervals never did and
never will create business for any
merchant. It's the keeping everlastingly at It, pouudiiigaway day
after day Ihal finally wins'success
and hig financial returns.
Now right here is where the advertiser's judgment should cut an important figure. Much advertising jS
resultless because it is based upon
dead merchandise or unseasonable
wares llial no amount of public!!*,'
could possibly move. Here is whoro
Hie retailer should use his best judgment and nol continue thinking that
"just anything" will do.
Speaking generally, there ure hut
four characteristics which render
goods worthy of being advertised:
That  Ihey are newly introduced.
That tbey are better value than
usual at the price.
Thai Ihey are superior in character.
That tbey are bargains.
These four characteristics should re-
ce.ve nf tent ion iu the advertising
policy of every store, not all to the
ie extent, of course, hut depending
on the character ol trade catered to
A few general hints as to the preparation of "copy" will not be amiss;
for in the average, store too little
attention is given to tbis very important matter.
In the first place, don't try to advertise loo many articles at one time
in a small place. Introduce what
you have lo sell, point, out its good
ipinltl.es, show that it is useful 01
desirable for your readers to have,
and if there me special Inducements
in price, state tbem In dejall. Do
not deal in glittering generalities.
Don't try lo jam In too manv large
type display lines. In most' cases
only the beading, tbe firm name and
the price of the article advertised
should be displayed.
I'se attractive tuts if vou have
them, but don't, tor heaven's sake,
use illustrations that hnve no earthly
reference lo the goods advertised.
Advertising alone—no matter how
xeelleut—cannot build up a big trade
ir make a house great. The business itself must be light. The store
should be kept clean, neat and at-
tracb.ve, the stock in perfect condition, Hie windows dressed trequentlv
and furiiis'hed with attractive show
cards. These matters, ami many
others that will suggest themselves
to the merchant, once attended lo,
and a reasonable amount uf time to
the preparation of copy, will make
your advertising productive of excellent returns,
Tbey who believe most in advertising are Uiey who have proved it
most. John Wannaker, Marshall Field
and others of the great advertisers
have not scrupled to commend it to
others, ami have confessed tbat mueh
and very much of their success is due
to their faith iu printers' ink. The
age has been educated to lull appreciation of the value ot publicity.
Toronto, Sept. 85,—Commissioner
Blue, ol the census and statistics
branch ol the department of agriculture in a paper yesterdav at the
meeting of the Canadian Manufacturers association in Toronto, gave illustrations of the growth ol Canada
foreign trade in the last year ot the
iu the twentieth century. Canada's
nineteenth century, was $:*fifl,0u8,i)iiu,
while in the sixth year of the twentieth century it had icached S51M,-
aim.omi. The assets of chartered
bankis in the six years have nearly
doubled. The amount at the credit
of depositors iu Uw chartered savings
hanks was (007,880,000, or $300,1180,.
mm more tliuu in 1001), The same expansion is seen bolh iu steam aud
electric railways.
Dealing with tbe census ot manufactures of tbe Dominion Mr. Blue
stated that in fourteen cities and
towns of the Dominion there was an
increase of 53 per cent for the five
vears ending 1M.5. In conclusion Mr.
Blue says while it will not be claimed lhat the older provinces are growing at the same rate as the west,
there is no doubt that all parts of
lhe country hnve prospered iu their
varied industries, and there is no
limit within sight to the greatness to
which Canada may attain before the
century ends.
There is no doubt but that a large
per cent of the degradation, disgrace,
ruin ami crime among tbe young,
springs from habit of night prowling,
corner loafing, kindred acts by both
sexes lu eity, town nnd hamlet all
over this broad country. Anv person who beeps his or her eyes oiwn
knows this. Hundreds of boys and
girls nre out at night, and we all
know that many Influences for evil
aud none for good surround tbem continually.
fr you nro in tlie market fur loading chains, wo have the
Trident Steel Loading Chain
Tiir ihi,in tlml will outlast any other on the market,
Breaking strain foro-lGth inolioknin ■ MiKl llis.
J-ineli chain       .    0,160 llis.
J. G. McCALLUM _ CO. "T^t
•    ... *
* When your Friemls visit Town, bring them to the i
|    Saratoga Restaurant
• Opposite ('. P, 1!. Depot
I ... J. SAKACiUCHl       - . Proprietor
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$***A**** ****************&
Mi.u.icturer. of
Rough anddressed
LUflBER and
Also all  kinds uf
JaiTray, Ryan ami    !j~
Craubrook, 13.0.      ;.§_
Hod lllli.e. - CriDbroi.k     ! ♦
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MESHS IE :;SG3._5H__3__3g__SS_SSHg
1  The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Mantgers.
Drop in amt see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
| out oi the 24
t*-~"t nr ■ .■■■■■rnriWTiT T^""
Whim yon. buy iii*it:_ in hot weather. We pay
partii ular nt ton tion to tins feature of our business.
That is why people depend npou us f^r the best at
tliis season of the year.
B. C.
i rijght to be .lone by ob wi*l. our
pure Lead and Oil Shop Mixed
l'liint. We guarantee our work
and material to be of the best.
Thoroughly    up-to-date   Sign
Painter*- and Decorators.
Phone 111     Arin.lronj Ave.
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining linginters
anil Surveyors.
.1. T. LAIDLAW, M.I3.
A N11
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in our advertisement, but we
put thin ad in the Herald tu
emphasize it.
Near Ixtwer Armfltrong Avenue.
I have secured machinery fur
eawiiix wood, am) am now prepared to contract for Wood of any
length, in large or ninall quantities.
Out-of-town contracts solicited,
Fur further particulars address
Cranlirook, It. 0. THE   CRAIN BROOK  HERALD
$2.00 a v i:ai;
OCTOBER  »,   1007
'.'HAN ItROOK   IIKKAI.D  Mg a     m'lstal
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By tli. Herald   Publishing Company, ti,,.   ,i.„,,i,.
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always ,1
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.. wiili JoJiti Houston.
.fill     iliiiik  Uml  tbey
nil.I'     III,l'l I v  in     lliis
ir Mi. Ilorilon .mil Iiii
I  fi.if     ri.mlii.N.k
in.s rldtt.
r.ftffii.n is .i very patertntnliiR
_ ..i.f.iifi   inn    li.. did nnt  in.iI.f    any
. li.Mi".        Krcrrono    iircsent leallznl
///I lli.il i... imiiv In    |i,'ii,'i'i mul     Uml
?Jl     A . '» Illlcal "lmiVer Holms    lor
,S~   ,0\^^Sfo*-^v\   IiIj ""ii pari) nil ,,i lhe vlrluca    in
" "  ' ' » Hie iluinlogi I purity he I. lalkln*  | unity."    'I'll
IUii'miicIi liis Imi.      There aro scola-loali il tlio olijeel is Ih
lidltor ami Manager,
I-., in..
i'\i i>    pullttenl i...11y
N.'xi Sunday inorniiig al 11 o'clock
will In- lhe children's service, a re-
fil.ilii.n Mill hi' iI'liili-ri'il. mul tlie
pastor will give a short mhln'ss.
fulfills air Invited tn bring Ih,*
rliil.lii'ii in tliis servile, ami all boys
ami girls wlm attend no other church
will be welcome. The Men's Own
meeting   will be held In Iho gyinnas-
ii.m at :t.H.I ill the alt nun.     .trk.lt
sliming   with   nli'lli'stral   llilisir.      The
snlii.'ii nl iidilii'ss hv Mr. II. 13. I'on-
i.i.ll,   li,.in tin'    iiiovltii f Quoliee,
will in' "Quebec-. Ni'i'il, Our i'p-
i Inr men
tn.lv    „l
is still Itolillng liis job,
.Miseiil and eiiili.isi'iin'iil
na.ii.iiti     nf tlie penple
Tbo lleralil is worth 11" a year. It
.mis nnly $2.        N„ man  In    South'    I ..on
l„,si Kootenny ean aHord tu li. with-. in   Un
out ll, and evoryone living oirlalilii ol n irmi
the ilistiiei, wlm is Interested in tho.c d
l.lnmi'SS nf  this BCCtlOII, slmuld real!
t     li imlilislifs tlie news while it is     Head llie ureal oner nilvcrllseil   in
new*    It is controlled absolutely by  this     issue of     lhe licrnlil.     Three
the publishers.     No clique, parly   or I'tcnl nailer* Inr Sinn a year.
Individual dictate*   its policy.      n ——
don't try tu please Hie peuple.    It's |    I lif licrnlil circulation keeps ariiw-
tlcslro i.'. to publish a newspaper Ihat.in.,     Win''       Because    llie Herald
will lie a   credit lo the community. |glves     lhc    peuple   value lor    Iheir
.Send  in  your   subscription and   yuu
will he thankful ever afterward
siilmrts tlml directly relate In    Ibe
i al and social well being nl     Ihe
I |,lif    The   Similar     School    ami
\\,,nun's l.ilile class' will be held at
a o'clock, in whieh visitor* aie heart-
lllll welenllleil. Subject fnr the even-
till.' service: "Is the lllble Tree!"
I'l'lie   siiiT.unelll   nl  the Lord's  Supper
will follow Ihe evening service and
new members will lie rceolvcil, Tlie
Lcacue will hulil tlieir usual serviee
lit   8 o'clock. Tito ilfvnlinn.il cnlil-
niitlee hale charge. l.n Thursday
eieiiiiiir next, service* will he held at
tlm Kast Kootenny mill .md Wults-
■ llie at  7.IMI.
Advertising rates SI |ior inch per
month, no more and nu less.
Heading mailer IS cents per lino
to non-advertisers; Hi nuts per line
to regular advertisers.
If ynu tl.sire in reach ll.e people of
SSoulli Kasl Kootcuay yuu must  ail-
VII Use   III  Tlie   Ill-laid.
'flic Herald lias a lirst-elass job
plant, and iis work Is nl tlie best,
'llie Herald don'l want charity. It
wants a square deal on ymir job
work. If we can't -suit yu in quality and price, tick, anil send your
work to some Cheap John house in
Hie east Hint never spends a cent in
|^i T,»A Jiife^ti*«*»l
f   * ... ..„..",	
i'. 1'. It. PROFITS
.11 I.V   AMI  Mill ST
Montreal, Sept. 'm —The slaleinent
nf earning ol the U. P. II. fui .luly
and Augusl .slinws a very maiki'il iu-
i reuse over the corres|)ouding 'period
ni last vear. as shown In Iki.res for
..must 'as follows:
timss ealliimis, 57,lllll, 177; working
expenses,  St, la'l.llll.,  net   profits, t'2,-
1 ii
e    net   profits
iwn months,
111,  til" liiilies
4.600 a. Month
Tliis is tin
filial, ,1
I.l i
II villiie In. a .1,.Hill inn
■y. Hie a'tlverli'ici Iuu
flu tu know wlm. In
receiving    in:    Ins    nun
llie Herald       pi
Ihnl courts invosliliiriil
Augusl, |l)OII, I
were S2,'lli:i,7_ll ami fn
ending August 31, 1
me as lollows:
Oross earnings, SM.018,453; work-
IliK expenses, (8,1.11,321; net prnlits,
1:1,1)77.128. I'm- iwn months ending
August .11. HlUli. Micro was a not
proOl   nf (1,8.11 ,.1.1(1.      The Increase in
net prnlits over Hie same period lasl
vear is     lherc.nl. fnr August, $107,-
i;:tli. anil fur Iwn monllis ended  Aug.
I, there was nn Increase of .'JI2.7HX.
A  Hiios'f K..11 CRANBROOK
(Medicine Hat Times.)
due could nut help being Impressed
with lhc difference between the prep-
a nil Ions inaile by lhe city of Crnnbrook for Hie Press assoeiation ol
Sepl, l.i, and lhose liv .be eily of
Medicine Hat lor Hie municipal con-
vcittion. In Crnnbrook every store
hail a special window dressing nf unusual excellence .'lags were flying,
ami mosl nf Hie stoics had in iheir
window* neally printed cards welcoming the eilitnis. Two large win-
down nu the main corner were devoir
i-.l entirely in a display i.f the [ir,,<l-
jiieis ,,[ tin- district—mineral, vegetable and cereal. Nothing was ton
good fm  iln- i veallon.    The whole
'. in  sh,,weil iis   desire tn entertain.
j A sinnkr-i was given, ami iu many
stores the merchants wnuld nut accept  payment fnr    purchases     made.
IC'ranbrook will be kindly remembered .md well nilvcrllseil bv .he editors.
Uie I
OBSERVATIONS    2'sanuon   team   wins   championship
.Spokane,     Sept.     21'..—Me.lillivray
mul   Erickson, in     Hie championship
drilling contesl last night here, drilled :VI Inches   nnd wuu a great    victory.
'I lie  greatest   surprise nf the Simi.-
i,f  the mail eleIks win, run    on  ,„„. ,,,ir ,vna „„, ti,,Wm. vk,,„,v     ,„-
un iiu     wiicn  ,,„.     S|1I„|„„ tCTm ovcr compotltors
"   ■■       ,'f.  wi'li    Invincible  reputations.    Both
iii-li arc uni|iii'stinn,i)ily the griindest
nek drillers     ever seen here.       The
lumpelilni      was  fnr  tlie    champion-
II ¥
'-.- 1 .i 1
tin- go
1 boxc
llll   till
II  fu
llie i-
invenienco   ol
the I
ul  1
ils    llll
ii nr ins
liiuii'is.    The hifi prize noes to    the
liver-lend Slocan district.
ow  to he ,.1   I
people are enilcavorl
.-ii iht*   ear,     Last  Kridny the   mail
eleik mi car No. 2033 became a little
indignant because there were unite a
...      I , , , ,        , < DIM )■<   I I < "1 Oils       ..II llll- 1   I.,111.IIMUI"
"l,ll",,1     V1    »!' «   »'10 "'"""'    . "   ship of America, mill     will, it  p.'ucti-
1'i.ei-  mall   on     h,-  em, and tally ,             „„. tlmin|»lnnshln of    the
uloscd Hi,- door, kicking wlml     mail  ,..,,,1,1        fircnl nxc Iniiicnr nrevn 1
ad bee,, laid on tho lloor nl lhe oar X! II was   ten tlml lhe B
oil In tliogiotnl.         I     was     wilh ,,,„!,,  ,,„,,  sunh      ,,„.!,.  slrl.|   ,1,,.,,,,.
•   ,-.,l   ,,11,,'ully  II,,I   those who     hail „,„,  y,„.k,v „,„, .,„„„,„„. w„„     'flll
hroiigl,   importan   mail to the train _„  ,  „.,„,    „,,.,. ,,.1,,,,,|1,| „s SH„,
weie able lo get il .n llu- Imx hefuri:
the train lelt. Thai mail clerk evidently fnlgol   that   Ilif    people     wlm
were trying lo gel  letters    ln    Hm nnimi p ii'i.'nnivn
box wit,, among Ihoao w aid liim DOUBLE \\l-.l)l.l.N(.
.md   hired   liim, us Ihcy   rcprescnlMl ,.     .1       „.,,,,     ,     ,    .,-
Hie people.       If i,  is   nol  right     to Al -    " !,„„M|)U',0'I1?1    'hu',\, ",is
mmi   letters mi   Hie train   whv   dn ""'"'""i m"*<? ■    l.''>'1"'' ".' ""'l's-
I hey hnve   a mail   box mi Hi.  door v'"'''    was "mvJ    '" marriage    in
and'win- is ii iiui  iltrvhive       im' Miss    Nclllc    E.'Curtis, ot Bristol,
mail   .brlil along   Irom lhc    nconlo Kl«s"l;l1111' ''>' the     Hov.  It.    Hughes,
and    dins established     Hi.-   custom. llilsl1"' "' "n1 Motliodlsl chiircb.
■ ,   liiiiitediatt'lv    following   the   ceremony,     I If 1111   1:.   Bidder, also    of
brook liv his linniisliiiis, iu'i.,1          ■, Unrysvlllc,    was   married    lo Miss
report on his notions senl inl,', 01'- l''1'."1 V' W'"-""n, »l London, Kng-
law.i ll is rrulta likely ihnl he
wnuld thus he Inughl in understand
ihii lhe more (act Ihal he worth lor
ilif governmenl doc* nol gin- him
llower to insult the people.     . lint.
Wlml   llial  mail clerk, wli,
tooly insnlii-il   Hi   pcopli
lung  ways iii  Hi
place nn i-ailli.
■mini it.
The Iwn coulrnellng parlies .sigmsl
lite certificates as witnesses fnr each
other in the vestry al  the close    nf
: ' ;     "' -   j'SfS^iXt'hosrihe'ir
"">    llie* lame aeliiss ilia Allantie on   Hie
sa  vessel, Hie Empress nf Ireinnd,
!u lln'i'l      Ilieil   husbands ill lliis cilv.
Il-e 'iii/ei,'. i.l n,mill-mi. gave Mi. one arriving jusl twenty-four hours
limil n ami I.f ii.nly .. fin.- reception nhend nl tlio other. Mr. Bidder's
regardless nf politics, Tlml is the mother and brother wero wilh the
I'laiilniiiil, wav. mil ii Is ,1 good piirty mul have gone nn in Marvs-
"lie. .lilll'.
.  .. I   llnlh Mr. nnd Mrs. Payne nnd Mr.
Keep lulil on boosting Crnnbrook.  ami Mrs.    Bidder will reside iu    llm
II    will   pay     ynu ami il   will also   smelter city,
tunii- a pleasing pastime, j ♦	
The way to ma^T big winning tor! MARHIE1)
Cranbrook is lor all lo stand logelh-     „„rrlt,l-AI   s.SI)   Monday evening,
Itov.     Main   oltlclaliiig,     Mr. Peter
Adieilisiii"   in   lhe     11
lesulls.      The lu-sl  evlili
alii brings
Moliuulcr, proprietor nl Die    i.ucens
liiiiel,   mul   Miss   llnrliro tVlljanson,
anr,  ivTho^hSfhSss^meii11'' f fJJ? ggJE ^.hn "ic presence 0,
lilo   ilklfnl Diiclnn   ,     ,,,,...    .1 ..    I      ■'    " "     II H IHIS   ,lllll   llll'    ll.\l     ll.l V Ml.
Iirc'io'lltrow .w^taffTirSU    Is """ S.,r.8,: A '""". Ml '"','<»"««.
.   , ,      . ..nd Mrs. Miilaniler led lor Kiich.ner,
- r  nndwl      ,...,■ adf^ise' Ihe    Sfi '"^     nl a law da,!    with
generally place Ihet, moncv where 11  " nl!"        .	
will bring rolnrns.    Thai is why tho! -- '
ll.'ialil columns   are nlwnys   lull    ol
advertising      Everybody  In  tin. ,)!<_-
I liei   I "..il, Ihf lleralil.
Captain Thorold mid .lohn Watson
ntrlvwl in lown Insl   Sunday wilh n
('iimliiiml, will l,e u grcal finii cen-  Hue bunch of cattle that Ihcy    sold
Ier wilhln a few years lime.     Mark  In P. Bums & Co., receiving for the
Ibis and soo if in- -ne mil right. same   something over (2,OUI).      The
  gcntlomcn had nn trouble nu tho drive
The C. P 1! has cut Ilia Nelson from Windermere uml brought every
News uO irmii Ihf Associated Press animal into tin* corral in CrnnhroOK
reports.    The ('   P. It   has iniutii as in good shape
.losei'h Mnycock, aged 7U years,
ilicd al his home mi Baker Hill last
Thursday evening after a short illness Mr. Mnycock had heen a re-
siili'til nf Cranbrook for a number of
years ami was a good citizen who
i-njoyed the highest resoeel of Ihe entire eomtminilv. Mr. Mnycock was
hi.ni in Treinvieb. Knglaiwl, and
leaves a wife and three sons and
four dnilgblers, The funeral, which
was held al  lie'    Kiidish elu.reh     on
Salnrdnv often n at 2.30     o'clock,
was largely attended. Rev, Klcwel-
ling olllcla'ted and ihe remains were
interred in the Cranhrook cemetery.
We desire lo ex|iress our thank:
lo the neighbors and people of Cranbrook generally for th*ir kindness
during the illness of our husband a"d
father, and wish to assure them that
iheir attention and Ihe favors rendered were appreciated to the fullesi
Mrs. Joseph Mnvcock,
Mrs. William (Vllearn.
Montreal, Sept, SO.—W. W. Ashald.
siiprriiiieiideiii of telegraphs, Grand
Trunk Pacific, would give out nothing fur publication todav iu connection with the reported offer of a tvii
per cent advance, to iis telegraph
operators hy lhat railway, it is
said, however, that, some announce*
merit might be expeeliil iu a lew
.lays. The Incnl order of railway
Ii-leiir.ipliers is said to have advised
Iht- (I. T. R. men in accept the com
paiiy's oflef.
Fresh home inade candy 25c. per
pound; bananas -Hie. dn/.. Salurday
'llie Palm.
Priee tickets pay.
Change your ad. regular.
(in alter the orders.
l><> a little advertising every week,
Your trade needs constant attention.
He polite, and your clerks will
learn lo be likewise.
Advertise differently from all other
merchants in town.
Keep a mailing list of farmer customers; keep it up to date.
Advertise in a paper with a etrcu
hii imi.     Circulation  counts.
Don't "sleep" on your joli—keep
il up to date.
Ynur slock must he good and well
cared for.
Printers ink used in the right way
will do the. business.
Talk) quietly to your clerks. The
man who   talks   quietly   gets     tho
We know you've heard It before, hut
all Ibe same, it pays to advertise.
One good nd. deserves another,
11 pays ymi to pay tbe printer.
Absence makes Ihe ndd gluw  weak-
Make your newspaper ads, ami ch- ■
cubits teem wilh seasonable sugges*
tions nl gnod tilings.
Early tu realize and early  lo ad ver-.
Use, I
Makes a man healthy,     wealthy   and
A loan is best when lefl atone,
Kbitlery finds fouls' favor lirst.
Bo It lodny—for tomorrow you die.
The reader   Is   mightier than tie
Tall;    happiness, tbe   world Is sad
enough without your woes.
An   emptv   stomach   bears nobody
hut the conk.
Some of us are our own stumbling
bl neks.
Sune ot us think that the devil invented work for a joke on humanity.
Full Lines of the New Fall "20th Century Clothing"
The purpose of this Announcement is to make known
to men of discriminating taste, men of ideas and ideals, that
the Styles and Fabrics as authorized by Canada's leading
clothiers, viz.: the "20lh CENTURY CLOTHING CO.,"
for Fall and Winter, 1907-1908, are now ready for the
most critical inspection.
Go to the clothier who represents the "20th Century
Clothing" in your community and you will find a particular m.rchant, a connoisseur of Men's Fine Clothes, whose
business methods are high class, who believes lhat quality
is paramount, and whose selection of merchandise is based
wholly and solely upon merit.
"20th Century Clothes" have gradually, year by year,
drawn away from the products of other makers until today
they are (am:J for their excellence and perfection in every
The quality, individuality, styles and fabrics for the
coming season express the usual degree of originality which
has made "20th Century" brand of clothes sought for by
the best clothiers.
In behalf of th: better clothiers throughout Canada we
invite your inspection of the new Fall and Winler Styles,
and suggest the firm of Hill & Co., who have the exclusive
agency for Cranbrook and the surrounding district.
GENTLEMEN:   We handle the "20th Century" brand Clothing because il represents a standard accepted
by men of discrimination as (he epitome of correct style and good taste.   Our Fall Lines are now complete
$16.00     TO    $37.50
Oue quart of oats will run it twelvo hours
(Gleaned froin evebangis )
Ow* uf the greatest troubles nhoul
liquor is Hint lhose whn never uuu
il aro*tbo ones wlm suiter mosl limn
lis efleets.
The man who does his best without
t.tuin.iliiin is worlh twlco as much
us tbe man wlm does mure hul UropB
growling all ihe time.
Many people dodge aioiiml th.* i-.u-
ner lo avoid I rouble, only In discover
ibat trouble has darted through linal ley to lie.nl them nil.
There Is an old wiyiiifl to the effect
thai "bv who sups with lhe devil
n .-.Is a long spoon." Maybe su, hul,
be wlm kiiuwingly sils iluwn tn sup
with Ihe devil hasn't gut sense
enough"to use a spoon.
There may he a skeleton in every
closet, hut what's the use id rattling
the bones?
A consecrated
Recreated purse.
lib! means a    con-
wonders bow the
Half the   world
other half lives.
When a man goes out looking for
advice lie never bunts iu vain.
A wife can manage a husband jusl
as long as she can beep him from
knowing that she Is doing it.
1 THE   r It AN BROOK   11 KII A I. It
l\\X I" ve !?8kVe to-d«.^ ex^cll^* ll?e Clo&k
you wl&b
l\t*X be II will be goge to-n)orrov.
While our itock of Clo&k_ i * M It * fulie't
-|?ould you pot select tl*e o*ie you vl'l* for
tl*l" -e&"o*i--rig|-t 170w?
Tl*e'e s.re * few tl-19-j- ve tl*li)k will
tenjpt you:
New Swell Shapes nn.l Styles
I'rlcoa S9.73  to SIS.00 en.-l .
Well iiiiuli' ami lit perfectly,   Colon) New Browns ami Ntivys.
Price S7.SO
Ve cfcripot describe *xll ve t*a.ve. Ve
i~ivite you to conje a.i*_ see our Clo&kA &pd
Reid Block
for. ITITwe'Ishop I
Fancy Slippers
BEDS Springs ♦
Mattresses     Comforters     Pillows |
Rugs       Mats      Linoleums I
Dresser and Stands Tables f
\ Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
AND     1
of t'on, chain, which i\n,rn.:s two
tons ol'   ■ LORD   WABD'8"   l-oi.isilKI.
Vour waleh may 11111 uven if a jewel is rntektd tuul it may keep
fairly good time. Thu pivot revolving in fundi a jewel booii
lu'i-niiie*. cut, iliun increasing thu damage uml the cost of repairs.
If v ur rt'iilch i** varying it will pay yon to lmve it examined.
We guarantee nr tit-fact ion or money refunded.
ntlli'lul W11I1I1 lii*iu-.-li>r furC, I* 11.
Cnnvh Xcul I'n- h lli.l-.iuii
B. B. B. Pipes
Peterson Pipes
G. B. D. Pipes
My Stock is Complete
nil:   i,,i:.ii < iisisr
I   Sii.
nil'-.'.  C. S.
11 .is
Men's shoes,  | uff.-C. C. S.
Kid shoes, J oll.-r. r. s.
La-dies' shoes, \ olt.-O. C. S.
Shoe sale.—C. C. S.
.1. B. Moran, of Creston, spra!
several days iu town tbis week.
John Ke.uilin was among those
wbu wenl to Spokane this week.
Mrs. (Iran* Mortimer, ol Wichita,
Kits., is visiting her sister, Mrs. It.
A. H. Durrnnt came iu from Perry
Creek on Tuesday to attend the Borden meeting.
Mrs. .1. ('. Reed und baby left last
Mondav for Medicine Hut, where the
family'will reside iu (Tie future. 1
lack O'Ncil, engineer, is in Spokane this week taking in the fair ami
visiting his family. I
WANTED—Position ns bookkeeper
or clerk. Applv tu M. B. T., Box
112, Cranbrook, 13. C. 27
.1. .1. Murphy, lhe well known
and popular merchant of Movie, was
in town last Thursday and Friday.
William Brown, a brakeman on
Hit' C. P. It., was called to Spokatio
last Monday liv the sickness ot his
A. .1. Martin went to Spokane this
week lo see lhe fair and consult with
railway people on some Important
0, L. Pedlar, nl the Kernie Free
Press, wus in town on Tuesday ami
remained over to bear Mr. Borden and
his party.
WANTED—A woman to do wash-
in-': for small family* at house. Machine furnished. Applv "H. S,"
Herald office. 27
K. Mallandaine, T. M. Roborts and
W. It. Qrulrii returned last Friday
from n most enjoyable trip up tho
Windermere valley.
John Herrou, M. P., ol Pineher
Creek, Alia., was among the out   of
iwn guests who came to Crnnbrook
1 hear Mr. Borden. |
William Carlin and Miss Carlin. ol
Kurt Steele, left on Monday for
Spokane. Miss Carlin will go iin to
Seattle before her return.
S. C, McKlnstry had lo have   one
finger amputated from the hand   that I
is .iillieleil with blood poisoning   and !
is  now getting alum; all right.
Bert Whimster and W. S, Stanley,
ol Pernie, were Cranhrook visitors
Sunday last, coming up to attend a
meeting ol the typographical union.
tiet your who n  "Perfect   Pantry."
A complete   kitchen   cabinet,      The'
most complete    cabinet uu the market.     To he had at     Pal mure  Bros.
William IH.von, B, Leahy and P.
Meridian returned last Sunday from
Spokane, where they went to visit
Ihe fair and have a few days vacation. I
Mi. ami Mrs. C.  M.  Keep ami children and Mrs. Trlle left on   Monday
morning fur     I'm Hand after a     wry
pleasant  visil     wilh Mr, and     Mrs.,
• Limes ltynn. I
Sydney Poole, of the repair do
parlnient of tbe C. P. It., who has
boon stationed In Fernie for somo1
time, was transferred hack to ('run-1
brook tills week.
Kd. Little, who is growing rich
farming on Hie prairies of Alberta,
wns in lown a few days lust week
shaking bands* wilh his host of friends-
in ibis community, I
The C. P. II. Quadrille club held a
very enjoyable pally Inst evening at
Wenl worlh hall. ' There was Just
enough ol n crowd present lo make
dancing pleasant, ami the evening was
voted n grenl success by everyone.
Wilbuiit a doubl Ibe only carload of
ebiiin ever received in the Kooic-
n.iys w,.s landed here this week fur
•!, I>. MeBride. When n firm gets a
wbule car load of chain that Is going some, nnd is some Indication of
ihe sloeli thnt    Ihe firm carries.
Dr. R. Bonnell, D. V. Molt nnd W,
II. Boss aM\ wife, uf Fernie H. W.
Drew, uf KMiorley: Neil Mel.eod
Curran, of North Star- I) .1. Rimer-,
of KingSL-ate; T. McVittie. of Fort
Sleele were among those who eame
in enrlv Tuesday tn attend the Borden meeting.
A pleasant dancing party was -riven
last Thlirsdnv evening nt the Went*
worth hull in honor of Miss Annlo
W'ise. who left vnsterdiv for her home
<n Detroit, Minn, She was ac-
e<-..*i-.n.l.*il by her brother Otto Wise
and Richard Cains. The party will
be fthspnt about n month.
Dave Bales, one or lite best friends
the Herald hns in Ibis country, sent
n word nf kind grpetlng down to Mils
office Inst week bv mutual friemls.
Mr. Bales is kept busy these days
in the Windermere eountrv ns n contractor, nnd Is building n number of
fine residences for new coiners in that
There are people who nre violating
Ihe law by building houses without
chimneys, and tbe cilv authorities
should take this matter lu hand. It
is not fair to force some people to
build chimor-ys and lo let others
build ns they please, ami at tho
same time jeopardize their neighbors
in case of a fire.
sewing mn
sels uf beil-
A. S., care nf
.   Kid shoes, J off.-f. U. S.
I   Men's shoes, J ofL-C. 0. S.
!   La-dies' shoes, \ off.-C C. S.
I   Pi)tiuoi-j Bros., tinners and plumbers.
I   Arthur Mott, of Waldo, was in the
city yesterday.
I   K. H. Bohart, ul Wardner, wus    in
town yesterday.
I    A. B. Trites, of Feruie, is at     lhe
Cranbrook today.
.Mr. and Mrs. E. Feogan, «»f Marysville, wore in town last Tuesday.
I   Mr. and Mrs. .\I. Barney have taken
rooms m ibe Cosmopolitan hotel,
I   Harry Bradford, ol WycHIIe, was in
Hi.-     city a   couple nt   days        tlris
II. II. and    .1. Boss, ol Waldo, are
in i«wn today and registered ,.i   iho
Cranbiook hotel.
Bui 11—On    Sunday, Soptembui   22,
P1117. to Mr. and Mis. Joseph W 1-
iii.ui, a -laughter.
Miss Maud BolBYIi, of Moyh
visiting Cranbrook friends ..
ut days this week..
I   V Hanson uud V. Hyde Da
llns morning loi Spokane tu WW Un-
liiusb ot titie big lair.
I Liny Itahichuid has gone lu
Frank to take charge ul llie yard
there Tor the 0. P, R.
The votei.s list closed on Tuesday
ami quite a iiumbi-i of names were
added in Ibis district.
Mrs. P. Luis) ami Miss Couzlns, oi
Wurdner, aie in the city todn) ami
guests at Mm Roj'al hotel.
It should be known thai the tu-w
fall Fil-ltefoiui Clothing is now
showing at Burns Itiolbers.
Mrs. T, D. Caven bas returned Irom
Calgary, where she has been visiting
ir.ends fur the past few weeks.
Don'l forget that we carry a full
line of the McClary Heating stoves,
ibe ,,besi" 011 the market.—Patmore
Tom Caven stopped oft on Tuesday
in attend tin* Borden meeling and
visit with bis many friends in Cranhrook.
(ienrge Leask and family returned
lust weeki frnm Spokane where tbey
were vi-iting relatives and attending
the fair.
FOR   SALK-Siuger
chiiie, organ aud    two
room cruckerv.    Apply	
Herald ollice. xx
Judge Wilson and family returned
from Nelson List .Tuesday and are
now al home again in their resideiitu
uu Baker Hill.
Tire Hospital Aid committee are
arranging to give a ball on tbe evening ot the 25lU ot November iu Die
new opera house.
The Wentworth hotel has been making some improvements Ihu past week
lhat adds very materially to the appearance* of the hotel.
D. Y. Mott, of Fernie, came down
lo hear lhc Dordeti parly speak ami
visited with his numerous Cranbrook
li lends ibe next day,
A. J. Ileiului'sou leaves this week
for a trip to Hamilton, Out., wPen-
he will remain for about two months
looking after soinu business matters.
Misses Belle Stephenson and Kate
AlcKuy have relumed irom a visil lo
Spokane and other points uud will
resume charge ot lhe dining room ot
tbe Craubrook hotel.
I'bi.* new furniture fur tbe Cranbrook huiel is being unloaded amt ._
number of the bed rooms in the new
addition will be lixud up tor occupancy by Hie latter part ot ibe weeie.
••Stan lighi.'; We mean, stall
housekeeping right. Tbe right way-
is to  get a "Kootenay" range.   Ymi
get all the satisfaction there is to be
had. We have them in all sizes.—
Patmore Bros.
shoe sale.—C. C. S.
It, Kimptoii, of Windermere, one of
the men wlio have demonstrated that
the Kootenay valley is a great [mil
country by making a success uf a
great     apple orchard, is in ihe city
and u guest at the Cosmopolitan
The John Leask building is living
rearranged to give larger quarters to
Clint McDonald's cigar store and Mr.
Laiug's barber shop. The iwo front
rooms are being Ibrown into one of
lhe most attractive places in the
Harry Briggs, oue of the most
popular traveling men un the road,
was iu the city last week in the interests ol the It. P. Hi ihet company, j
When Harry Briggs cannot sell goods '
the rest uf the hunch would better
.Men's shoes, J ofl.-C. C. S.
(leorge Downs has leased the hotel
at Perry Creek und taken possession.
Mr. IKjwiis w\ll give the business his
personal utteution and endeavor to
sustain the excellent reputation that
tho hotel has Jind while in charge ol
Mr. and Mrs. Burge.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Taylor, of
Arnprlor, Ont.. left on Tuesday for
their home after a visit ol several
weeks with their son, Simon Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Taylor
accompanied them and will visit
ut the o<d home lor a few weeks,
opening of gymnasium for
*""      will  be
D)n*-IfMiK will be held Friday, \
Oct. 11th. There wiil be a pro-;
gramme consisting of Athletic and
musical numbers. The executive desire t« put the gym on a Arm basis,
ami wiib this end in view tbe season
tickets are now on sale nt $2.50,
Ladies' shoes, \ olt.-C C. S.
Judge Wilson, wlm has been selected as the ihird man in the contro-
versay between the coal miners and
llu- C. P- K. at Hosmer, F. B. Smith,
who represents the owners and F. II.
Sherman, who represents the men,
will meet some time next Week to
receive the testimony of the interested parties.
Kid shoes, \ olt.-C. C. S.
William Brown, nf Manitoba, is
visiting his brother Fred at Ryan.
Ilotli of the gentlemen were iu town
hist 'Tuesday*to hear Borden, and
Fred said that lhe Conservatives had
started to import members ot the
imrly from Manitoba to Kast Kootenay. as tbey had more than they
needed In Manitoba.
Frank Murphy, has returned from
his trip to Calgarv and Banfl and
other cities where hi* went on a well
earned vacation. While tn Calgary
Mr. Murphy witnessed the production
of "Shamiis O'Brien," one of the
pluvs put on hy the Jere McAiillffe
Slock company, which will lie In
Cranbrook tills fall, and savs Ihal
without exception Mr. McAullft.- is
the best come4fen on the road.
Kboc sale.-C.  C. S.
Kul  shoes,  I  off.—C C. S.
.Men's shoes, i oil.-C. C. S.
Ladies' shoes,  J  oil— C,  C.  S.
Frank B. VanDecar   is in  Spokane
tins week.
A. .1. Devlin, of Spokane, is in the
city today.
•1. B. Langley, of Spokane, is in lhe
city on business.
Dave Griffith, of Wild Horse, was
in town yesterday.
A baby was burn lo Mr. and Mrs
Wong Kong on Tuesday.
Constabli- Walsh, ol Fort Steele,
w,.s in lown yesterday.
Hill & Co. have put in a new
safe in which in store their surplus
Vie Desaulnier, of Moyie, eame  up
on i'uc.sd.i. \u be.ii Ml. Boldeu ul»l
lu, pally.
Bipe tomatoes for sale. 50c, put
box uf Liu pounds.—J, Stace Smith,
Creston, B. c. 2s*^t
Miss Lewiu McKachcin arrived on
Tuesday iiuin Lethbridge lot a Visit
with hei parents.
Dave Hi i-ekeiii idhe came down from
ibe up-rlvci camps yesterday Im a
short visii in town.
AL B. King and lamily aie expected to leave New Brunswick on ibe
.'iiii insl lur Crnqbrook.
Angus Musser and ti. I-., Tomllnsou,
nl Kimberley, were registered ,ii the
Cosmopolitan this week.
WANTED—fHrl for general liouse-
worU Wages: $_ia.iio per month.
Apply Mis. It. K. Beattie.
LOST—Sihei dollar brunch wiili
"A. B. 11." engraved on ii. Finder
kindly  leave at  Herald ollice. *
(leorge Bremner arrived in ihe eily
last evening aud was will inly welcomed by bis many friends here.
Du yuu Know lhat for nm- iluHar
ynu can get a gnod bal al Burn-,
Brothers. Cause why; ...Id lines In
be cleared.
Mr. ami Mrs. Sherwood llerebemei,
ul Fernie, are in Ibe eii.. .Mr.
Herein met is here in uttend the ses
sinti nf couniy court.
Put mure Bios, are Installing septic
tanks for ihe disposal uf sewerage ai
ihe Canadian hotel this week. Lei
the good wnrk go on.
Du ynu require some dresses or
suits made'. Remember Burns
Brothers have nice stuH and a good
dressmaker  lo  make  it   in.
The weather the past week has
been as tine as any one could wish
fur. li has been of the kind that
makes bananas grow tin* second
.soTH'lwA. P. Nlohulson, 01
Crothers mill, is un authorized agent
oi the Liuiiiiiook Herald, and will
gladly tatto subscriptions uud give
receipt for same.
fel. A. Hill, A. Johnson, Frank
Johnson, J. McTavisb   and 1).    aic-
JtllOSU, all guod fellows liotu Moyie,
weie in lown today ul lending lhc
session of county courl.
.Mayor Finluy tunic down from the
Suilivan mine Tuesday und remained
over ui.i'il lliis morning. Mr. Finluy
says tout tlie work oil ihu Sullivan is
progressing in a must satisfactory
P. Dallas was up on a high mountain near Hosmer one duy last week
and when ho started to eat his
lunch he saw a paper lying on tbe
ground, and 011 picking it up found
11 was thu Craubrook. Herald. "1
read every line in that sheet and
you can net it looked good lo me,"
said Mr. Dallas.
Ladies' shoes, i uff.-C.  C. S.
The Argonaut club's lirst dance at
the new opera bouse lasl Thursday
evening wus a great success in every
way. Belween eighty antt oue»huu-
died guests were present and after
dancing until 12 o'clock refreshments
were served and then dancing wus
resumed uud the party did nut break
up until about 2 o'clock These
dunces will be given every two
weeks, uud the lirst dunce augurs
well lor the future success uf lhc
The cou«iliaUoii hoard that has
been appointed lo settle the questions ot dispute between tbe telegraphers uud lhe 0. P. It. is now iu
session in Montreal, Air. Nesbitt
represents the C. P. R. and A. Donahue ihu telegraphers. lhe session
will continue until a settlement is
ciU-eted. The point iu contest is- thu
low rule of wages paid the telegraphers considering their long hours
and the degree ot responsibility that
rests upon him.
Kid shoes, { ofi.-C. C. S.
Mrs. Hugh Stewart gavo the Herald
a bunch of wild strawberries this
week that bad been picked iu the
woods near town. In ito bunch was
a blossom as well as a number of
well developed and ripened strawberries. This is lurther evidence ol
the marvelous climate that characterize this part ol British Columbia.
Just think of strawberries growing
and ripening on the first of October.
it is no wonder that the people frnm
Halifax tu Vaudouver recognize tbis
part of the province as the banana
Shot! sole.—C. C. S.
There seems to be some trouble
about the telephone companies of
Ciaiilir.Hu. and Feruie connecting theft
lines so that the people of the Crow
might be thus placed iu communication. The government of Allierta are
huililing to the British Columbia line
und if lhe Cranbrook company builds
through to Crows Nesl they will
have a most valuable connection and
lie independent of the Fernie company. That is tbe move for tbo
Crnnbrook company and they have
only a few miles tu build to make
ihu connection.
Men's shoes, J of!.—0. C. S.
The people of this district should
hear iu mind tho big house warming
that is to lie given on the 12th of
this inoiiih by Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
Elmer at their handsome hotel at
Kingsgate. This is not to be a
formal opening, but a g°°d old-fashioned bouse warming, like ttiey have
in Eastern Canada and the New
England States. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer will he only too pleased to see
their friends on that occasion and
ask the Herald to say that they will
endeavor to give all of the visitors a
pleasant time. Train arrangements
will he made so that the people of
the district will have every opportunity to go with tne least Inconvenience possible. Bear in mind ttie
date and il you can get oil for tbe
evening take the train for Kingngate.
Buys HOUSE, LOT and FURNITURE on Baker Hill.
Cash and $25.00 a month buys a TWO-
Norbury Avenue.
Armstrong Avenue.
Buys CHOICE LOT near the C. P. R.
Buys TWO LOTS AND WAREHOUSE on Durick Avenue.
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer
Family Herald and Weekly Star
Cranbrook Herald
The Western Canadian reading pubtfc is rna-le up cbiedy of tJ.e-re classes :
Persons who have lived in tiie West for a lengthy p-triod and are out-and-out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from tiie old Country, from the United
Suites and from Ens tern Canada.
Perhaps no one newFpaper coold inter with complete latiifaction to all
tbet'e classes, but by this combination offer every -[-ecial need i-» met.
The '• Weeklv Free Press and Prairie Farmer" give* a complete record
week by week of all happenings in tlie Western Provinces. In addition it
ban special departments for American and British *eitler-. Tiie " Family
Herald and Weekly r-tar " supplies tbe former resident of Eastern Canada
with the new- ol 1 lie Eastern portion uf the Dominion in detailed form, and
the " Cranbrook Herald " provides Lhe local Western news, which you cannot
du without.
.iii-lt,.,'.. $2.50, i',r ft
arraer," Winnipeg
: aii'l ''Cranbrook
■!, . _n-l
.11.1,1," f
me '■ Week!
Herald  am
,r une year
. Pre
_. and
This offer in open only lo those wbu are new subscribers, or tli"-<- who
pay up In full, and WILI.'CLO.-K DECEMBER 1st.
'now IS TIIK TIME iu take advantage of THE BEST OFFEB L\ Ll:
Shoe sale.-C.  C.  S.
Kid shoes, 1 oft.—C. C. s.
Men's dlioee, \ off.—C. 0, S.
Ladies' shoes,  1 off.—0. C. S.
Cranbrook shows hersell at the
best when _rtio is entertaining visitors. ,\s Dr. Bonnell, ol Fernie, sani
tbis week iu the Herald: "Cranbrook peuple stand together on any
proposition and unite to make a
success. Today is an illustration.
Vuu see tints and Tories working
together to make ibe visit ol Mr.
Borden ami bis party a success. It
[s no wonder tnal ' Cranbrook is
prosperous, when tier people stand together as they dn. There are other
towns that niiiiht well follow the
example set by Cranbrook iu this
Customers will p1en.«e hear £
in   mind that all accounts
$ aredue on or before the loth, $
no   di count   being allowed
after thnt date.   Office will y
be open from 7 to 0 on evening of loth.
Please bring bills.
CO. lid.
No person shall allow any horn,
mule, bull, of, cow, sheep, goat, pig
or other cattle or poultry to run at
large witMn the city, otherwise the
same may be impounded ami the owner thereof is liable fur damages caused.
Any person may Impound sn animal
tuund running at Luce. The fine to
the poundkcel*r lor every annual ia
as follows:
Stallions, S5.0Q.
Other burses, mares, geldings, fillies or mules, (1 Ob each.
Hull, $5.00.
Cow or other kind of cattle, $2.00,
Hoar nig, $1.00.
Pic, sheep or goat, $1.00.
Fowl, 25 cents.
The poundkeeper may also collect
$1.00 for Impounding any animal and
25 cents for impounding any fowl,
and for teed may charge as follows.
Fowl and geese 25 cents per diem.
If the animals are not redeemed tho
poundkeeper will proceed to sell.
There shall be a tax on all dogs of
$1.75 and on all bitches $5.00.
It is the duty ol the owner of dogs
to procure a tag from the City Clerk*
otherwise the dogs will be impounded
and unless redeemed will be sold or
destroyed. Tags must he placed on
dog's collar so as to be plainly seen.
In addition to the above charges,
any person guilty of an infraction of
the by-taw is liable to a penalty of
$100.00 and costs or two months imprisonment.
T. M. Roberts.
1st Th q  u City Clerk, THE   CRANIUtOOK   HBRALO
News of the District  11
■ Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
♦        CO PLAINS
(From our own correspondent)
Uihj ni ti,,' greatest sins is i„    l.e
concerned    ns a    htirro filling n|i on
i'tii|ity loiualo fans.
Kred Zcllors, general manager ol
flu' riiMsani Valley Horse ranch, was
.Ins week 11t.1l.it11: ai i.iti^t-iiii-nts willi
Hi,' general fti'i'.lii ignit ni Klko (or
shiiipltiR some blooded slock lo tho
t'ulgnr)  country.
Tlif Klko siring bond nluynl at
King Friday night nl tlio danco given
ia tlie Palmer house.
\.f if
n„ regrets 11,
tmc looks height.
look .11 litem, hul
'.Hi anil  wusll   mill
I   llnrnc)'   Mulhern, mayor ol ...iHr.iv.
nko nml  the Inliullnhlc ami ever refreshing all
nrnnnil gontl   lollow, blew Into Klku
Saturday night ami sjiriit Similav nut
linns    when  ai tlif Itock Creek pineries.
I T'lii'   knocker or hunum jncknl,    is
-- ■ - iti'illter useful,   urunmeninl, necessary
I'li.iiln,' Klingensmill mil    m t desired, Imi is a detriment In anv
Klko s.iiiiiiiai nlglii i.n iim last twu '■ mill)'   unlor.iinnli ongli    to
lai.iis iiniii     S|iiii'aii     ttlu'ii' he had lutw I" lifU'hor sui-li   wnt'lhless    enr-
liirn     pending a    lew ihtys al    llie ensses.
i.ui.     tl,• Is flunk lull ni lillle slut-1  '
li-s,  tin-     late,l    Juki's anil can recite (.I'nllnn Hill,    whose     mother     was
Mnrj luid a Imle lamb Hum start in drowned through    a cloud burst, ami
iniisn ami never spiil'n drop. his   father was roasted In death in a
  pralrio lire, was in Klku peddling in-
U.   \. Frost, manage, ol lhe Frost B'm',.''.i '«'"•   ,   ll'' is """ raost
Investment coinimny, called at    litis i'hniuentnml pcrsuasiyo speaker     	
ullieo ami luui, Ins oath uu a .stack ui
bibles I gavo a east iron botul tlml
In- did    leave   pcrsonallj    with "Old 	
.Man ' Simps,,,,   .ImKlt.u,terns    that J||sjj    ^           „,               ,     ,
sou Id In  on   eared bep e ibet Utb ,  ,   „, „,,. ,',,„,,.,, ,,,,1V,S   cnm«
ncilc lhc " Old »     "     II   L dedtai WW,     Limited,'  was in  Klku     this
for their    non-appcarauco.    We were ,,.   ,      ..,          ,,..,,         . ,,
Ink  iii IVuil- Inylor A,kens    left Sunday    night
lor Stcltler, Alia., lor the winler.
il in Klku since the Fernie
hall Irani played here in llie good
nld summer Iim,'.
luid lasl  1.1.,1,1   Unit
...*. spenl  Ibree days luokfng through
the Holy llilile anil llu- Nelson   News'
Im something    mean lu call us    for
ilifii    non-appearance.      Nuw, boys,
mu   ,i word Iml    Irish, mul    d—d .
lillle ul that.
Whut is ymir candid opinion of the
Ancient Greeks?
lie's a lucky man    who ean dream
lull day and nol     have to work    at
.1.  It. Wallace, the genial editor ol "'H1'*" 	
llie Kernie     Free l'rcss, was an Klku
visitor 'this week looking up material ttl' have uu sympathy with a   man
for 1.1,0 liis I'hiislmas annual Ihey ale   »'l,o spends     all his     in y on bail
getting mn.    Thf lasl year's was a whiskey ami plug hats.
gODd une ami il lie heats thai  il  will 	
sine In- a  credit   lo Snulli   Kast  Kon- Messrs.  Young and McCain', ul Mnc-
l,'inn.     lie was delighted with    the hod,     spent    Sunday in Klku    and
country suulh nt lure, ami the pros- drove nul lu ltoek Creek.
peels and  p.issiliililii's  nt      Ihis     liy- 	
■"""I'   '" I     'iml  I'll tmisipu' hum. .1,,,'     Uourgolno,    Ms..,    the    well
 s\die will ij,„,wn   chef,   alio lias been dirt-cling
album ami    overlooking .lie   masts, joints,
cutlets,   steaks,     vegetables,   lireak-
"" "~ lasl funds, soups   and mulligans   for
Mis   Cook ami daughter, who  have llie  Hake,     Lumber   company, Ltd.,
been visiting   Mr. ami .Irs. .lohn Ir- passod through Klko lor Urunlrronk to
um-.  Klk rivei  bridge,  icltirncd     Lo visit his family,     liuurgoine is    one
Medicine Hat lllis week. nf Uie best cooks in lhe country ami
  tlie uroma trum his kitchen has   been
The    United   Stales ami ,'atiaili.iii known lo make travellers passing by
boundary    line surveyors nre camped open   their  mouths   wider   titan    a
at l.uus'i'iilli- ami are completing the charity   subscription   list,   ami    hi:
ami    Iiniii
have a hrighl page in llu- hi
ul  Suulh  Kast  Konfeniiv.
lllll' i-asl
'Ihis mil lie
ami .<
I ll.l I    pilillt
some lillle
Klku visitor
npi'li-faceil. Tobacco i'lnins fruit pies
an* marvels of llie conteelioncrs art,
and be takes the compliments and
ImiituietH thrown at him like a little
|..n soldier, lie expects to return in
nhoul Iwo weeks.
('. Wrvilt ami Prof. Kyr went,   up
tu Cranbrook fur a well-earned test.
s  body.
.1.  II.  MiMull,-
eriiihenl ngenl,
this week.
Monli     papers aie   full   uf    the
train Imlilup nn Tobacco I'lnins, ami
of course, iis old Hill .linn He was
seen iu M,iim hv Ilir police, Iml Hi,,
police happened In he nil duly at the
it .iml   did nut   feel like arresting
liim   llii-n.      Ib> ami  llis fin.Ills    were
in Kalispcll, then up tn Knieki,   ami
Hoosville.       At    Hoosville Ihey   led
Iheir   horses on pea vine null banana I   ,|0|„,   uyan,     proprietor   oi    the
I,...,, li       ,",   s!',l|'."'s ;""'    ,lllt'"  Central hotel, was in Cranlirook last
rossct 1 tic horde)  in llie tlend   hour  _^allir,iil}  „„ |,„si„css.
"i ihf iimiii, hi'1,1 u,i iiu- ii.nu, return- 	
i-il   ,u   Roosvlllo      ami   spent   several |
days lishing ii. Hie creek and lefl via
Hu- Flathead trail fm- Plnclior Creek
j     (From our own correspondent)
Mr. and Mrs. tt. li. McMurtcy,   of
Toronto,    Out., were the guests    of
id we have nnt llu- least  ilnnl.t  hut
.Mr. and Mrs. Uanucy un Friday
their Intention lo hold up Tim lust' while on their way to Vie-
l.ahi'l. the mllllonnlru ncrdinnt uf l""a' AUur V1S|U"S in \ ictoria
l|,nl place, ilir. and Mrs.   MeMurtry will return
  I In Toronto  hy lhe main line of   tho
Master Fred II.....  ir.. sold ,.     I'm.   Canadian I'aeillc railway.
Paci'i   in   Elko  lliis  wee., getting     al 	
fancy prico fur it. Tlio question of crossing the Allan-
  ' tic iu live days is n naughty     prob-
Tho mads south nf Klku have    all  leiu.
disappeared    and    nothing hul. game i 	
trails left w,- aie sure getting it ' No matter how tiglil money is, it
where Iho he,, got tin- liaii'hei iii this is slill able tu give speculators a
district. staggering blow.
If ynu know flow a clu
live slinvv other peuple.
'Don't. Worry Club."
slian should     President Van Home, of tlie C. 1'.
i 11.   docs uul    apprehend any serious
  finaiiciai depression.     Van receives a
'<  ■" "»,,a Paper Buggcsls that if   n|aly „f    um, hundred thousand per,
a woman vv.uiis to lii.lv hm money so and is a   cheerful    member of     llie
her husband   won'l  lind it.   she had
heller    place il   in     flic llilile.     Hilt
alien' in tin- mime nl Elijah's grand-1   Mr. Armstrong, of Craubrooic,   was
nioihi-r sliould the man pul it. „ Wardner visitor on Wednesday lasl.
Millir.nl Vancouver, was in town Milk is going up in lhc cltitcs. The
lliis Wfi'k with a hie line uf f.inry dealers have no objections In mcet-
e""ds. iug anything coining llieir way, even
a shower.
I.nvv   .limit Paddy    was up    fr,,,,, 	
iiati'iv.iy tin. ntii.i day and gave the I   Jim  Brown,    proprietor    ol    the
local  lallruadi-is    tl vaol  elevation   Union hotel, was ill      Cranbrnok lasl
a Irug should have in a swamp. Salurday on business,
While Hie SnifSpii-Caii liileinaliun-'   The season „l Ihe     year is    over
■ I   Ciirliiii  Crnnlironk   through  freight,  when il is   easier tn    turn ovot old
was slopping in Kli.-i the other even-   eaves than new ones.
Ing i«. nllow tin- brakesmen in Ircezo a i —
collide uf hot tnl.es, and Hie govern- I This is a knl "Id wnrlil-bnl, .lie
ment veterinary dnclnr a spavimsl nlrslilns al .he lairs lute I., leave
wheel   \l.l,-im.,i,   lllckenholliam, win. It.
I  "itli "Id Winnipeg Irlenils.
Stielilists win, have been investigating    lhc trouble on the Pai-ille coast
• I.ui. Riley came in Saturday night   diagnosu i. as an irritable skin ei-uji-
nil di "ve a parly nl surveyors down  tion.
h grove Hits, fur Hm Pugh &
Miss    M.nv     .1	
looking .is     svvi-,-l  a.
fame in trom Hu'
peddling pnnsies, pi
ami plneapplcn Sh
were opening un in I.
ompany    Sun-     Mrs. Alex. Sutherland and children,
Who have lieen visiting [ur the    past
three mouths with her parents    ami
Sil-by-llie-lire,   friends al   Victoria and other places,
a rose in .lone,   letutiieit   homo un Sunday     morning
villf   this week  last.
isnips,   peanuts i 	
' said the mines'   A Parts dentist is using electricity
•al Hie hand ami   instead ol chloroform as an anaestlie-
prospectors     wero coming in     every tie.     When lhe patient  wakes up lie
day.     The   dais were beautiful   nnd imagines lie has been struck liv llght-
hrlglil  Iml   Ihf iilgltls    were    darker ning and never misses Ills teeth until
than a slack nt Mock eats. Hie brea'kfast     Innd is   served    next
  ' morning.
Elko was    crowded    with visitors I                       ——
Sunday evening,     livery lis.    saddle Miss T. 11. .lohnson, leaeher, spent
horse,    oxen ami    lop-onrcd donkey's Sunday renewing old acipialiitances in
being in    commission.       They were Klko.
people   frnm    Pranbroolt,    Wardner, 	
Jalfrny,   flaynes Lake, Waldo,    Elk- Toronlo is     so elated   over     lhc
inoi.ih. Oateway,    rtnnsvlllc, floslon, cistern league pernionI  Ihnl  il     bas
Mass. Calearv.    Macleod and a  Iln forgotten all   nhoul     lhc Dun bridge
roofer from Fernie. ami Hie new union depot.
lb tx Car Hul, was in Ellin   Monday ri, Hanson, of Wasa, was the guest
checking up the yard looking as    uh- ol Mr. I'. Lund last Monday.
quilo il) at present.
Mrs. bonnboo and family have
moved Inlo the little cottage near
Mr. Thorp's residence.
Ill Cialiaiii bonnlloc bus had tlie
posl    utliec   remodelled    am.    some
helling and a counter hulll by Mr.
ttning,     He inlemls keeping a small
luck nt groceries. In addition to
this, Mr. Donahoe, during the past
week, lias had quite a huge luMiMon
biiill. wliieli is in serve as a stun,
room Im part nf bis goods.
I'liere an- Iwo kinds nf girls In the
DM—111. gill win,   works and     the
gil'l who nails.    C mend us lo   the
Work lends dlgnlly In   Hie
girl,   is an   added charm to
her.     The girl wbu vvinlts. (iod hless
her, combines i'he useful and the or-
,atifmat.    sin- might end about, mil
ti   sufas.   nnssip    and   read    slory
tiool s. Imi she prefers In tic uf  somo
llie world and goes nut as
Pimples (tl Face Sores
■re a common trouble. In. pur it leu which iliuuhl be thrown off from tliubmly lmve a
tendency in rt'inam in tlitn-yniuin, thu»OkUiDg the yoreifcud giving rise tu all sui-Uof
iKhakr-.<'.il.lv -ikii. tnitil.li's. Z»in Unt aeiilicl to
the iklii Kan a n.oit wbuleHOine ettVt-l. ltatiuiulale*
ami lit'liH tlieitkint-j throw offaoj impurity and
rentorvi llu* rikla to a l.e.illliy state.
'■/.nm link la thu ln-.t household balm erer
brouKht Into a lioinc." Such In the opinion ot Mre.
Ktirali McDonald, of Birr, (Ont) Sho nuys:- "My
Utile girl li.ni a nevere and obtitlnate rash on her
ekiii. 1 applied Ziini'lluko few timet mul the
nkiii iruul.l.. .vl.ii'li lii.it ilcfled all other remedien.
vvti.l uwuy like iiiuni*'-"
Znm-Buk onroa Kc/cma, I'k'en, Scrofula, Pols*
ont'tl wnuiul- KilUiiiiK^oreriuiidallSkiii llUeawM.
Utiljlwd well in il /.;.m H«k in lhe llnent einbroca*
lion for IthimmiUiMii, S.-lalua, etc. nfaiUtorM
and ilnncKi,ii «l am-onti,, orrrom/.im H.ik ( o..
1'nronioforprii.e.il boiMfor|lW. {V, h. til/oni
He kind   lo    vonr neighbor and      do   Ihe ghost  ol    M.itthtis lo .111 allilll.lu
mil iilvvuys be ImckhitlliB tbem.   Tell ol warning.
vour troubles lo Ibe nmlei laker,     lie ——
will  bury   lltcitl. I    ''•  -,-    JftfVts o|ieneil his new bolel
 . nt   Hosmer   oil Frl'lny,    Mr. Jarvis
Inrii   '1>IS :1 ''"*' ',III'I'H|!-'  ttlMi  is an eX|.orl*
N)%w.eiiee.l eaterer    in the matter ol    Um
visiting  fr
Haukin,   who    hu
i.is    in   I'liipinau,
liber, iraeber. s'ahslailv or IUnmswii., i.;r th: past llireu months ; ;;'mf::iis ami luxuries ot modurn lib
..i ..i  t    ■  i ... <-....ti....... ...ni   I,.-..  ..'.^.l-   *" snutiiii ii
buu-i'l.ee|ni   br.nely   makes ber
way.     Smli women are the sail     of
uili is ihf King-
lit* earth,
ilum of Heaven.
toik arrivi-il at Ihe homo ol
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles West ou Tuesday evening Insl ami left Ibem a tine
baby bov.
If yuu waul lo reach the peo|iIe lo
leil ibem what you lmve lor sale,
don'l run around from door to dour.
You will only grow i*rev headed and
to railed a "lailure." Adverli.se
your wants iu tlie Herald, llie paper
everybody mills.
Mrs. Thorp, of Klko. is spemiiii}.; a
few days wilh ber friend, Mrs. Otto
P. I.lind is in Wyeliffe Ihis week on
Ah. fieorge Willson. who has Ihmmi
In ihe SI. Riigene hosnilnl for the
iiasi Ibree months miHering from a
bul let wound in the leu;, relumed
home on Monday evenlne; lasl. His
manv friends here will be pleased lu
see him ngnln.
(Krom our own correspondent.)
A woman can weep wilh joy nnd
weep with sorrow at Ibe same lime.
Have any of yuu men tried It?
II. I,. Borden, lender «>f the oppose
liuu iiu Um Dominion house, in    liis
returned lo Crothers mill last week
where he received u warm welcome hy
the hoys. Mr. Rankin reports a
very pleasant nip ami spent a must
enjoyable time in the east. Tho
farmers and lumbermen of New
Brunswick are feeling happy ami business is good. Mr. Rankin in conversation with vour correspondent
staled lhat llie rush lo the west,
from fhe east has materially Increased lhe wages   in the lower provinces,
Sinee the Crothers Lumher company slaitcf?- skidding and sawing
operations, which commenced about
live weeks ago, there has been some
very good work performed, tin
September -Ith two teams handled
eleven hundred and one lu^s in oue
day, which, by the way, is an exceptionally good record. The mimes
of lhe teaiuslers who drove the teams
for Ibe big day's work are Ban Nicholson and Neil Nicholson, two men
who know a thing or two about
hu ml I Ing lhe reins. When the day's
work was over the logs were counted
by (he men who rolled Ihem on the
skid ways and It was found that there
were only twenty lugs difference in
number rolled by the two men. One
of the teamsters had all) logs, while
llie other had 501, whieh makes a
lota! of IUU lot's skidded. The snnm
day Ihe sawyers had a very Imsy
day. Howard .lordin and David
Dixon sawed 'V.12 logs and lhe next
best record that was made tbe same
day was _iN0 logs. Tbis is the, best
day's work lhat Ihe Crolhers Lumber company ever had performed, and
so Tar ns Ibe writer can learn it is
the best day's work that lias
been done in Kast Kootenny. Much
credit is due to these men "and Uiey
are lo lie congralulated upon their
proud record. Duo lliini; certain and
speech iu the   new   opera house    in I thai is:   Uml  Ibe    Crolhers Lumber
Crnnbrook Tuesday evening ineiillonod (.ompany   were   logging   some   tbat
Bill Bower and Oust Bi*lma-*e, who
have been cooking for Ibe Crothers
eompanv for the past, mouth, me giving entire satisfaction in every respect .
(Kiom the Feruie Kree Press.)
A. D. McDonald has sold bis sawmill ami limits below Morrissey to
Messrs. Fell and (iatvey, of Calgary.
W. 11. dates has been appointed
assistant customs' officer ut this
port of entry to assume his duties
October 1.
The liebekahs will give a ball
Thursday,  October 21,
thu fact lhat Premier MeBride was
railed in tlie coast from Nelson and
could n,t accompany bim to Cranbrook. Well, it. looks as thoiif*h lhc
premier has wasted enough time iu
trying lo make this district Conservative.
While yuu are discussing the speech
f Mr. Itui-den, don't forgot one thing
—boost Crolhers mill.
We read willi pleasure ia tbe columns ol last week's Herald that
many Chinese are leaving the coast
ami ate going home to their beloved
China, (iod speed them on their way
and may Ihey never return is Mie
wish of everybody in lliis thriving
huif;. There" is lio doubt but that
tbey bave taken a huge amount of
money oul of this province, which
they will live happy on in llieir own
country for many years. But after
all is said tlie Chinaman is not nearly)
so undesirable as Ibe Jap. It ^s a
known fact lhat the Chinaman will
sit a price for his labor and slay
with it. Take Ibe case of the Jap.
lie will work for whatever i.s offered
bim and today iu Seattle, Wash., he
is working for fifty and seventy-five
cciils a day. This is a nice state of
affairs indeed. What men are there
among you who would work for tbat
amount of money'.' None! Certainly nul. Then now is the time to get
in and stop this Astatic (low into our
province, It must be done. Now,
now is lhc lime.
Semi Ibem back—the Japs.
In and around LTotbcrs mill at
ihis season of the vear lltc'scenery i.s
al iis best.     It would do you    good els to lhe acre.     They are hard and
to lake  a   walk around   here    some firm and will boil to a-savoury meal-
Sumlav   afternoon.     The glad   hand Iness that    would     make the mouth
awaits you.     Welcome is wiil ten   on of a camion water,
every tree along the road. |                               " '
  Immigration Anent    Duulop is   be-
Tlie    Crothers    Lumber    eompany ing flooded     witb   complaints    Irom
erected a new camp lately.    The new  new coiners from the Old Land who
camp   is ahoul   iwo   miles    distant left    Iheir     homes    to   come licre
from its present camp and tlie   mm-  through misrepresentations ol a sew-
panv will have everything ready in a er rat who styles himself Uev.
few days.                                              i Brooks.
There are a few men in Ibis   camp I   When it comes lo raising vegelables
who    are   Uoubled   wilh  ehesticltis. the people in llie Klko country     will
This  Is a dangerous  disease ami  we lake lhe  prize.      John Molt lias     a
would suggest  lhat lhe men troubled  lurnl|     exhibition   at   his hotel
wilh   it   la- taken    in     hy   the dog which weighs    over seventeen pounds,
catcher at onee. lie also has seveial     potatoes which
- .-■ ■ weigh over ■'!£ |H>iimls each,
(leorge    Plummer,   one   of     Clan- ——
brook's popular voung gentlemen, Was The provincial building has laken
visiting Crothers mill Sunday last, shape al last. The shape nnd size
Call around again (leorge. .of the structure can now he discern-
  iil.     II will be a credit to the city.
The Herald is a wonderful paper in |
a wotidcrfttl country. Kor Ihe past Hundreds of men bave been pouring
eight vears Ihis paper has been boost- inlo Kernie during the past few
ing the resources of Ibis mighty work on the Crows Nest Southern
province. It will boost it lor eight construclImi to Michel, and now A.
vears more and then some, OuMirie & Co. have more men    Ifian
--■— thev rapiiro at present,     Work     is
"Knock ami the door shall.he open- IHoeeedlng   rapidly    and It   Hie line
nl   unto  vou."       Tbe few knockers  «™ her continues tbey will make    a
around   tliis   district    iloirt't    even RnfM' showing by Christmas time.
"knock."  Thev waHt. right in. i   ,,„ ,T    _
, |    Ihe hose reel racing team gave an
xbihition run on Vieimia avenue   on
The promotion of a company to
provide for a curling rink aud bowling green iu Kernie is a step in the
right direction. Kernie has needed
just such a means of recreation for
a long lime. Our available aiuuse-
meiits have not been, In tbe past,
as varied ami healthful us the apostles ol sane living could desire. The
move is also nu evidence of prosperity and growth.
Harvest is just commencing iu Fernie. Tlie crops never looked better.     Potatoes will thresh 300 bush
i good business in the
glowing eily.     This makes Ihe third
(Continued on page seven.)
Now Dial Cranhrook bas Ihe union
Mondav night.     The learn that   can
I;;!:;;1 &. il^JZ v!^\:nlz *•• '»™^"- - - -■•«"•
Unit llie union label is on It. I)e-
iiianil tlie label, il represents (air
wanes, union hours, and lair Ireul-
tnent .o nil-
P. McConnell, nl Hie Island Hotel,
on tlie Koolcnav river, lias seven
neres of potatoes wliieli will yield
liim IfiO liusliels In Hie acre,
"liy their nulls
them." So also
ye   shall    know     The birth   rale In   Fernie    would
is   the  knocker f,m   President   Roosevelt, an espnn-
sion ol the frontispiece and galvanize
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash    j
and Door Factory J
= 1
All kiiuls ol linisli work in i
wny of tliHirs. windows, trim- j
sonis. etc.   Kilu dried lumber i
for inside work.   Our work is j
KUiirautcxl nml our prices nro t
satisfactory.      Sturm    doors ]
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
W. H. neatly, .'iiii.'rnl llir,','lor
CrunbriNik II. C. I'bi.nu Nn. SO
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It la Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co
■»■•'■»» t mm*
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
. to do fust the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
Livery  S
Team, snd driver, furnished for in
no.n. In the <IL*H. i.
A  HOV. R. Mnnntrer
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
ul repairing,   (live me a call.
The Truth About Scotch Whisky
|"l 11-: Hiifest uml most refreshing of all Ix-vera-*™ is Whiflky nml 8odn.
Where wines ami other Htimulaiit*. are forbidden, Whisky, diluted  ,
with boiiio hu it able mineral or aerated water, and prescribed bv a ' '
, physician at tlm proper time, has always « highly bencllcial effect. * '
Scotch Whiskv bus long been acknowledged the best. It hns almost < ►
entirely superseded French Hrandy over the greater part of the world. ' '
This is owing to the skill and cure whieh have, of recent yenm, lieen ! *
devoted to blending. Mnlt Whisky, by itself, utiles*) verv old, is heavy \ \
and unpalatable, mul Is extremoly hurtful to the digestive nrgaiiH when
taken freely.
tell Onilli Whisky, however, being made from the flnt>nt gniiiiHiiml \ [
mulled bailey, nml distilled practically pure by modern appliances, it*
■ fruquontly preferred.   No stronger evidence of" iis purity can be given
tlmn  llns, that   of the most eminent I'rofeHwirs of Chemistry iu
hlightml has used Canil.us (iniiii Whisky for nenrly thirty years.
Tbe htomlluK of Mnlt und l'l rain Whiskied has within recent vears been i ►
educed tort science, the result Mug a combination which avoidi* the
eitvtuuss of tlie " All Mnlt" Whisky and imparls „ distinct delicacy to
llie Itleml,   Of course  l.o|b   kinds must hive *\%,e.    Nothing is harsher
tlmn Malt Whisky unmatured,
"The I.011.I..11 Wine nn.l Spirit Trade Record," of Kih May, lUOft, in
discitSBtng tbe recent controversy regarding "all malt" Whisky, says:
"li iNiiiii.li i>> I..' h'i_ivti.'.i Hint Ihu agitationsninetliuuagorpgiinl
ihu till iniiii' m-iih i-iuuliii'h-d ..ii llu- i-vlri'iiii' lii.fr. ii wen, hn tliu dmimu
"i grain uml mull to -nil mult' wns iuu.li ion extiviuv, nu-i ii
(i iiuil-.
w lii.tiil i
'I Iiuil '.ill
dis nro fin
,n..i i,.i i..i»
not ili.Hlriil.lt', iiii.I Uu- KhuIinIi
llf   (1
Of   S,
I Proprietors of ten Scotch histilleries, (unions for Iheir luukes
iml Mult Whiskies, uml we hold enormous stork.*- ul Mb kinds
ii pure lilumleil Seidell Whisky, diiiiriinlecil Inr aye, qunl.iy and
flavor. Il never varies, It Iuu. obtained Hold Medals (lliclir.l A»u„lf)
srlieruviir uslilhlte.l in inmpi .Hum willi oilier IdemU. For General
Table Use il stuml* willnuii a rival.
"KINU flKOlinK
there If uuv ililllcillty
iienii'ft Ajjent's niiine ami atldre.H.
We ulao sell CALEDONIAN, recognised as one ol tlie best.
WHISKY iH known everywhere, Iml (dinnhl
Itniuing it, pleilHe send ua a postcanl fur our
R, P, RITHET _ CO,, Ltd.
********************** *****
********************** **********************
X   FISHING TACKLE    That Will Catch Fish    FISHING TACKLE ',',
FRED KOO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing Tackle suitable
for the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Bi; Game Heads, and Souvenirs of The Great West.
|     HEADQUARTERS    •    ELKO, 8. C.
llieyelii itoinirs always in stock.   Machines for putting ou Buggy
Ituliliur Tyres, with Tyres always on band.
I'IIONI. till
. 0. I10XN4
j    13. C. Livery and Feed Stables
* ""
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, i-koi-nibtok.   cranhrook, h. c.
Headquarters for
TlieMiiniioliiiiseHiitriilly locAtetlnntlliuonflof tlielmtilliitngrflomii
In the eity,   Tbu bur is sii|>|>|itil with the liest of l.i-|iiora uml i.^\u*
ii The Cosmopolitan iii
I    • ' ^~^^^  '' ~~*~~^m^Mg5m-3g— .^^ (    (|
The  place  where  a
man will return after $
stopping once.
«»tt»tIIlll»lHlIH««*.««*t«»tT««ttl«l»«ttt«, THE   CHAN HOOK    HKIIALO
(Continued from page six.)
line hotel iu Hosmer and another one
is lieing constructed.
Murphy a. Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    and
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before Kailway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.
t'nUBi-KNT l.ui'ui: Ni). llll
KNIGHTS   of   PYTHIAS gi » n
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at s *■ m. al
New Fraternity Hall.
... II. Henderson, K. nl It. & 8.
W.  A.  Itollius, 0, C.
Visiting   krethrw  cordially lavtted
tu attend.
IiO.I.iP.    Key Clly ..edit
No. 41. Meats amt
Monday    uighl    al
New     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
Chas. Smith, F. II. McKay,
N. U. Ssc'y.
Population, .lune 80, 1900, .Of.,:...;
net gain   Irom natural    increase 183;
Tho promotion   ol a company     to oi |ws than in 190-1-5.
'provide for a   curling rink aud bow.- .
ing green in Fernie is a step in tb»| oi the .09,394, 88,880 are in re-
right direction.     Fernie has   needed serves, and .11,714 not.
just such a means of recreation    (or  .
a long time. Our available amuse- Births, 1005-6, _.r»lii. deaths, 3,320.
meats have not been, in the past, as ,
varied ami hml.htul as the apoat.es ol Income derived from exercises nf
sane living could desire. The move Indians themselves passed the 5 mil-
;s also an evidence ol prosperity  and,.ion mark,   exceeding previous   veins
t,.-»r<Mk l.„.|«. H*. J.
«. P. * V M.
hVauiti meet.ne* «•■
Iks unid Thursday
nf t.eiy moath.
Visiting ftretk.ta welcomed.
Edward Klwell, W.M
W. F. Attridge, Sec'y.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at I
Chas. Smith, W.P.
M. D. Killings, Secretary.
Vlsltlug brethren cordially Invited.
Meet at B. ot L. F. Hall 2nd  and
4th Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, Jaa. __. Lr_.-tgan,
W. M. L*ft.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public Etc
Cranbrook,    -    ■    H. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
ofUca al ResMeaca, Armstrong A.s
Forenoons 9.00 to 10.110
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings - • - - 7.30 to 8.30
Sundays . - - - 2.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :.    ::    ::    ::    B. C.
9 to .2 a.m.
I  tu   _ p.m.
7 to   8 |i ni.
Oltiee and resilience un Armstrong avc
CKANBROOK        -        -       -     B.C.
9 to .2 a in.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office in new lleid Block
CRANBROOK        -      -      - 11. O.
(Fram tht Moris Lwfer)
There i.s talk ot orgauUlag a debating .society lu Moyta.
... IV White, ol Calgary, was lu
Moyie lor severs, days Uie guest ol
his dauKhter, Mrs. Ooldwlu Stewart.
..any Boyd came bad.   Ust weak
11 ihii Eureka, Mont., where he spent
some tune    with lus brother, Jutau
lloyd, and ulster.
Dcsaolnier Bros, are having tbelr
cut imges on Lake street overhauled
ami tepainted.
"Jimmy" Casey, who at one  time
was in Moyie with his uncle, J. J.
Murphy,    is now on the polk", tore*
t Cario, Illinois.
Miss I.ulu Crowe.left Wednesday lor
Toronto, where she will attend sehool
during tlm coming winter.
' E. A. IIIII and E. O. Owynne wen
bunting liear and other -big game
around -catiiHHi marsh (be first ol Uie
| Miss Catherine Duffy, of Boston,
is making Moyie a visit and is the
guest ol Mr. and Mrs. ,1. 1*. Farrell.
Dr- llarvie will leave tomorrow
or Vancouver and will ha away for
n week or ten days. Dr. Coffin, Of
Marysville, will look alter his prac-
Illce during his absence.
Chas. llrenchley and James Mc-
I Neill are back from Stettler, Alberta,
where they have been all summer
I working on the ranch ol Mr. and
Mrs. Whitehead. They say the ro-
cut heavy storms did little or m
damage In the portion ol Alberta
where they were.
I C. .1. Armstrong has again disposed
nl his interest in the International
Iiniii to It. .1. Riley, his tormer partner, who is now the sole owner. Mr.
Armstrong will probably locate at
tlie coast.
! CV...   liNtllfmiliKS AND   I.IIHINIIIN !
¥„i°no"h? Cranbrook,B.C.:
Civil   Enfflncot
Railway mil Mining
Engineering n Specialty |
I'll..in-   171 I',  o.   llm   1.
New am. Heeuml hand.   Cann-
'luui or  Amerit'iiii lintkcs nlway. -
on liiiinl. * i
ItefeicniTH in C ntl.trnok! Fink '
Mercantile Co,, V   llv.le .lake
_'W.   ... wUhoi I Keld'a I'rv '
i Coal. Store.   Ad.I.e..: ' 1"
P.   H.   JOHNSON       i
P. 0 llm .Wl      Cnlgary, Al.a. X
- !
The French Dry Cleaning procesB
enables ns to clean mens pants, suits
and neckties, ladles suits and skirts
In such a way that Ihcy positively
look as good as new.
We are experienced dyers and cleaners, llieiefnie, wc do not roipilre to
send anything down cast pr up west.
mma. leask, i_iior
(From Tbe Frank l'aner.)
F. II. Sherman and J. II. McDonald, members of the conciliation
board wliieli is to investigate the
differences between the Hillcrcst Coal
comnany and the U. M. W. A., met
in Flank last Sunday morning to
endeavor io a j* ret* on the third member. They could not agree, however, ami ihe government bas accordingly appointed the chairman ln the
tieri-ou ot 0. W. Fisher, speaker ol
llie house in the Alberta legislature.
The turnrJ will convene in Krai* early next wo** and will probably sit in
the sample rooms ol th* Frank
Roberl Lake, ol Calvary, who w-
t'lttly purchased Ivu acres of fireclay
I.ml    Irom     Joseph LHUe, ut IWair-
moie, visited the district Ti*e*k*y.
It is reported tbat a fire Ink* works.
Is iimoiiii .(he possibilities oi the not
distant future.
t'npl. W. A. Hector, ol fllairmom, ts
Absent at Detroit, Miehinan, bel»g
1 rented hv an ear specialist, l*a?t.
Heche took a severe eold some time
ago ami his hearing became cflectAd.
lu a short time he had almost eu-
t-rely lost his heating.
' Contractor!) Krayer and Sinclair have seenred the contract
loi bul Ming sewn more new eefh-
tngcS at Hellevue,    which the    West
Canadian eollicries proposes erecting
ni once lor the accommodation ot
their men at that place. The same
contractors have secured the oon-
1 met for building the big nnw barn
of the eoal company. Work on the
litter has been star toil.
lVlei /alii, employed on the ektra
'wan-* of'theO. P. It. at Crows Nest,
I .si a In; by falling   under the    cats
I Crows Nest Monday. Z*lli was
attempting to board a moving train
whin lie li*U under the wheels and
oho foot and a part   ol   the leg    mo
erribly crushed that amputation was
nttrssniv. He was brought to l>r.
Maleolin'son's hospital where the operation was performed.
A, Fleishman, the traveling jewel-
ri, hnil a eonimingling ol good and
bid link lust week that was    rather
t Miliar. He was robbed of one nf
is grips containing about $3000
worth of jewelrv and the thief got
sway with the goods hut he made tlm
mistake of attempting to cross the
boundary at Gateway and thereby
Ml down. The American customs
ollieer held bim up for duty and the
thief, evidently seeing he was going
to leave u dangerous clue, made off,
leaving the grip which In good time
was returned to the owner. Tne
police ol Hritish Columbia am) Alberta lmve been busy on the case all
week hut thus far without result.
by J million.
Of thi-;, value ot f.int. produce,
Jl,H7!t,.'iK2; wages earned, 11,737,009,
85.307 engaged in agriculture, cul-
M vat ing 47,9M acres; raising 1,408,*
o«0 bushels of grain ami roots, and
118,000 tons of hay.
Aggregate earnings Irom hunting
and trapping, 1702,398
Capital of   Indian    trust fund   $1
c.»st of Indian   department   IflOS-fl
There are 301 linli.ui Rehools—328
day, 90 boarding, 2.1 Industrial.
Over 300 Indian youths an* lenrnlug
trades in industrial Schools.
101 schools under Rom*n Cnlholles;
89. (Hiurch nf England 4.1. Methodist*
Ift Presbyterian; I Salvation Army. '
10,088 pupils enrolled,
29,000 ol ihe Indians are Prntesl-
ant; 95,000, Roman Oalhollo; ll.OOii
pagan (outside of far north.)
Tlie Indians own 70,000 horses ami
horned stock.
Canada ranks 11th in list of
ship-owning countries; 5ih In 1874.
Cam-da has over 7,000 vessels legist ered.
Canada has nearly a thousand lighi
houses, lightships, ete.
fttimda has 1,0.3,3 steamboats under
Canada has 28 life-saving stations
Canada's    shipping,    190ft, showed
sea-going trmnnce, Ifi millions; costing and inland tonnage, fii millions
80 in all.
Toniace of vessels built in Canada
1805', 21,865.
Marine department of Canada took
over Halifax dock vard (worth three
millions) .Ian. 1, iim?.
Canada paid, 1005-.;, $1,327,560 j,t
steamship subsidies.
Of this, (409,000 was tor mail car-
rfagw; $18B (170 for Australian service Jl.33,833. Soulh African; $122,-
222, France; $73,000, China and
.lanan; $79,500 Hritish West Indies
ami British Guiana, and $54,005 Mexico.
Most of Canada's coasting trade is
, carried on by Norwegian vessels, manned bv Norwegians.
To end ot fiscal year, June 30, 'Oil)
An exchange in speaking of a    de*
ceased citizen said:
"We knew him as old Ten Per Cent,
'I'he more he hud lhe less he spent;
The more It got the less he lent;
He's dead.
We don't know where be went,
Hut II his soul to heaven Is sent
He'll own the  lialps and charge 'tm
tm was Canada's record rear in
Canada received 180,084 Immigrants
to June .10, iwe-incrcase of 42 7<*a
over 1906, and 58,733 over 1904 Received calendar year, 1900, 216,003.
WtttPer Wlt *****' f" w,e CftftM,*a
Canwd* has   rsoeirol 7IO.O00    im-
migftants in six wars: vi/., 275 000
irom Great Britain, 240,000 from
fluted States.
Canada received, in mon, 152000
Syjl?"* S^I" nwl Europe and
84.000 from United States.
Over Mtty per cent of the 1m-
migtatwn of lilOfi was agricultural in
ns (diameter.
Sewnty-flve per cent of the Immigrants of 1*900 speata English.
The l»06 Immigration was largely
Anglo-Saxon. '
Increase |n foreign inmilgratinn to
June 80 1006, 7.00U; U.S., 14,000;
tlrrwt Uritlan, 21,000.
304,000 Anglo-Saxon immigrants ar-
rnw in thrw* years, 1903-5 ua
•gainst 107.IKIO foreigners.
1 JC01^,""!" hil1' <*"• Immigrants who
IMt Kiiglttiifl, 1900, went to the
Canaju ^jj $ftt9, )M,r ,)Pfl(, ^
nring in mid locate lhe 1904 immigrants,
Canada will, it Is estimated, receive 300,000 iinniluranls in 11)07.
Each Immigrant Is estimated to be
■worth 11,000 to Canada.
231,021 Americans bave come to
Canada in the past six years.
They brought, in cash and settlers*
effects, 80 millions al $350 per head.
51 different nationalities and countries weii- represented in the Immigration of 1«0«, representing chief
races ol five continents.
' South Africa sent 00, West Indies
171; Newfoundland, 840; New 7.ea-
land, .88; Persia, 7; Egypt, 18.
Canada hns nearly 100,000 Oaliclans
from Austria.
The Donkhobor immigration of 8,500
from Russia to Canada In 1899 wan
I the greatest exodus ol a whole people
Owl'      WtK    Now numlH>r over 10,-
Canada has received 250.000 Hritish
Immigrants In last ten years.
The Iloukhohors had (1905) 422,700
acres ol land, ol which 180,000 have
been taken up by tbem as homo*
Oanadfl lias 7,000 Mormon1*, 2d,imn
Monnoniles, 20,000 Hungarians.
Canada has 20,000 Chinese, 4,585
Japanese, and over 2,000 Hindoos;
17,000 negroes.
For every British immigranl In ten
years there lias been one Irom the
t\ S.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier: "3,300,000
people will have settled in Canada
from 1901 to 1811.
Sixty-five per cent of total Im*
mtgratlct: lor 10 vezrn was t-nslislv
speaking-, 35 per cent foreign.
Cost of bringing Immigrants lo
Canada, 1901 Continental, 1! 24 per
head; Drool llritain. S4.08; United
States,  tl 53; general average   $8.08
The Immigration for lfloc was
treble that for 1002; tour tin Lhat
ol  1001.
The British Immigrants foi 1900
were" 77,111 English; 19,500 Scotch,
3,sii7 Irish.
Figured by population, Siollanil
sent one In every 230, England one iu
everv 100, Ireland oue In every
Emigration from Scotland has in
creased 100 per cent in three yeara.
Foreign arrivals, 1901, wen-: Oall
clans, 7,792; Germans, 2,985; Hun
garinns, 1.207; other Austrians,
2.201; Scandinavia ns, 4,203; Russians
ami Finns, 2,800; French and Belgians, 2,392.
The Immigration of 190(1 averaged
3,700 per week.
I.onl Stratliconi predicts lhat at
the end of lhe 30th century Camilla
will have a population twice as large
as thai  of the British Isles.
If this comes I rue. it will make
Canada the dominion state in tin-
304,000 Amdo-Saxon Immigrants
came to Canada in three vears,
1003-5. as against  107,000 foreigners.
It takes onlv three vears for an
immigrant' to earn ., vole in Canada.
Solvation Armv brought iu 13,000
immigrants in 1000; estimate lO.oiMi
tor 1907.
In 1003, 43 per cent of Inhabitants
of Western Canada were eithi-r foreign
or children of foreign horn parents.
That percentage is now being lowered.
Even a piod argument is nlnc-
Ientha wind.
Face powder Is the kind thai lays
nit the Insect, man.
A nick of lime—a piece broken.out
of ancient crockery.
A girl hasn't much lailh in a
mirror that tells her she is ugly.
No .small boy minds catching anv
disease dining ih<* scliuul term.
Occasionally a man gets off the
water wagon and climbs on the band
When a man drops bis coin al tho
races he ean charge it up to running
Even your worst enemy probably
has no idea how mean vuu could be
i you wanted to.
At    best    the life ot a 1 k paving
teller is a bard one; In.* is always reliving checks.
Fortune awaits the genius who can
invent a drum that can Le heard only
by the small boy beating It,
If a man pretends to In- afraid of
his wife she Isn't apt to invito her
mother for a six months' visit.
White there is an unlimited amount
of gtxMi reading in au unabridged dictionary, It is distributed in ;i tantalizing manner.
Take notice that 1, William Sbei-
woud Boll, ol Cranbiook, u. c, uc-
cupaUoii, Veterinary burgeon, mieuu
iu apply lot a special Umber license
met ito iuiluwu_£ described lauds;
1. Commencing at a pu_>t piatcii
lu the eust bank ol Stiuiiu Creek,
.i...uui lori) iin; chains irom Muyit
Kim, running au chains west, tbenct
jo chains t.outb, tbulicu t>u utiulns
cast, thbuce mi chains north tu puiui
ui uommtnoement, aud containing uu
.area, more ot less.
Located ibis 4til day ol September,
A. I)., 1807.
The late Andrew .1. Dam, a well-
known hotel man ol New York, was,
ut the time of tlie Civil War,
proprietor ol a hotel in New Bedford. A number of colored citizens
interested iu the formation of a military conipanv called upon him and Informed him that lliey would he glad
to form a company ami allow him
to suggest the name, provided he
would pay for the equipments. "Congressman T. D. Elliott has fitted out
a company of white men, aud
throughout the war they will bo
known as the Elliott Light Guards,"
said lhc spokesman of lhe colored
null. "Well." said Dam, "if I am
1 equip and organi/e ihis colored
mipany, I shall insist Ihal they be
known as the Dam lll.n'i Guards."
The company was never organized.
Cobalt, Ont,, S cut. 27.—Thursday
afternoon a rich strike was made in
the United States Cobalt mine in
Burke township adjoining Ibe Oiatn-
liers-Ferland property. The strike is
in a vein of argeniile ten Indies wide
ami will run from om- hundred to
two thousand five hundred ounces of
Kilver to the ton. Tin
twenty-five feet from thi
in a drift on the lir.t
depth of fifty feet.
nnd was
main shaft
level al a
Take notice thai. John (leorge Poupore, of Krag, 11. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, Intends to apply for a
peclal timber license over the following described lands:
2, Commencing at a post planted
about 1) lilies west of Elk lUver
uud about two miles soulh ol Martin
Creek on the west lines of lands surveyed adjoining Elk Riven* thence
south 80 chains, thenco west 80
chnins, tlience north so chains, theuce
east 80 chains to place of commencement, nnd containing UK) acres, more
or less.
John Oeori*e Poupore.
Dated July 30th, 1907. 22-0t
_.  Commencing at * post placed un
Hit- east bank ul SuillllU Ciee... >j,i..'U_
-m chains    south   ui    A!u)l$   Ulvcr,
1 tinning Ml  ullUHiS     easi,   inuucc     60
chains south, thence s» chain*,   west,
Uii'liec SO  chain*,  iiui Lli   lu point      ul
tuiiiiiiencciiieia, an.l containing uiu
acres, mote or less.
Located this 4th day ui September,
A. I). 1907.
'i. Commencing v.i a post placed
un the west tilth, ol Scmlin LuvtK,
.1 iiuu 1 120 chains fiuiu Moyie Itiver,
1 mining mi chuius west, lUencu &u
ehains south, ihence 80 cliains oast,
thenco an chaius nonli u> point oi
commencement, and containing 1. iu
acres, more or less.
Located this lib day oi September,
A. D. 1907.
-1. Commencing at a pust placed uu
lhc Vtcst Folk 01 bciinin Uuu,.
a.iuut llie cliains fiuiu flioyic Kim,
1 Mining 80 chums easi, iUjicu _u
cnaius south, theuce mi ch,.iii.-. west,
I iieuce Ml chains north to point ui
commencement, and containing uiu
acres, more or less.
Located this lib day uf September,
A. D. 1907.
5. Commencing at a post placed 75
ehains cast uf Uiu folks oi Scmlin
Creek and about lio chains south
ot mouth ol Nigger Creek and 130
chains Irom Aluyiu Falls, tunning su
chains soutll, thence M0 chains cast,
tlience ho chuius north, Ihence mi
chains west u> pu.nt of commence*
ment, and containing tilu aclcs, more
ur less.
Located this ith day ol September.
A. D. 1907.
0. Commencing at .a post placed 100
chains due south of the mouth of
Boulder Creek, running 40 chains
west, thence iuu chains south, thence
III chaius east, theuce 100 chains
north to point ol commencement, and
containing (ilo acres, more or less.
Located this 18th day of September,
A. I). 1907.
7.' Commencing ut a posl pluccd on
ihu north bank of Moyie River 40
liains above  mouth of  Nigger Creek
II the S. W. corner of Lot No. 8497,
1 heme 1 uniting east MO chains, theuce
outh Mil chains, thence west- 80
.-hains, theuce north mi chains to
point of commencement, and containing Mil acres, more or less.
Located this 1th Aa, of September,
A. D. 1907.
8. Commencing at a post placed
mi chains cast of 11 mile post of
C, 1*. it. line uf Moyiu River, running SO cliains south, theuoe MO
chains west, ihence 80 chains north,
Ihence 80 ehains east to point of
commencement, aud contaiulm; 1; 10
acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 10, 1907.
II. Commencing at a post placed
Mill chains east ol 14 mile post of C.
I'. It. line of Moyie River, running
80 chuius south, theuce 80 chains
west, thence 80 cbains north, theuce
mi cliains east lo point of commencement, and containing u-iu acres, more
or less.
Located Sept. 10, 1907.
Ul. Commencing at a post placed
IHO chains east ot 14 mile post on
C. P. K. Hue ol Moyie River, running
in ehains east, thence 100 chains
nortli, theuce 40 chains west, thence
Hill chains south to point of coin-
iiiciiceiuent, and containing 040 acres,
more or less.
Located Sept. 11, 1907.
11. Commencing at a post placed
200 chains east of 1-1 mile post ou C.
P. R. line of Moyie River, running
40 chains cast, theuce 160 cbains
north, thence 40 chaius west, thence
100 chains south to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres,
more or less.
I   Located Sept 11, 1907.
I 12. ('ommencing at a post placed
2!U chains east of 14 mile post ol
C. P. R. line ol Moyie River, tunning
40 chains east, thence 100 chains
north, theuce 40 chains west, theuce
100 cbains south to point of commencement, and containing 010
acres, more or less.
I   Located Sept. 11, 1907.
I 13. Commencing at a post placed
2*0 chains east of 14 mile post on
,U. P. R. line of Moyie River, running
10 chains east, thence 100 chains north
thence iu chains west, Ihence 100
chains south to point of commcncc-
uiciit, ami containing 840 acres, more
or less.
Located Sept. II, 1907.
1 11. Commencing at a post planted
320 chains south o( the mouth ot
Nigger Creek uud 320 chains east and
io chains north of 15 mile post of
C. P, R. line ol Moyie River, running 80 chains north, thence M0
chains eust, thence 80 chains south,
theuce 80 chains west to point ol
commencement, and containing 040
acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 12, 1907.
15. Commencing at a post placet!
Mil chains south ol the mouth of Nigger Creek, aud 95 chains east mouth
of Scmlin Creek, running MO chains
south, thence 80 chains east, thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains
west to point of commencement, and
containing 040 acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 9, 1907.
William Sherwood Bell. Locater
per Arthur Yeager,. Agent. 28-flt
Take nnliee that I, Lester Clapp,
of Cranbrook, 11. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intend to apply for a
special timber license over the    loi-
lowing described land:
Commencing al a post planted at
the soulb-easl comer ol I.ui 3068,
thence west    10 chains, Un-nce south
2U chains,      ih,.,,,,,    west Ml     c|m|ns
Ibence SOUtll      10 chains, thenco    cast
IH chaius,      thence    south   III chains,
Ihenee easi   in chains to west boundary of T.    L. ,,f l.     Clapp, Uience
worth 2n chains to X. W. corner    of
P. II. U. 90, thenco easi to a   point
just south of s. !■;. corner ..I L. 3060
norlh to poinl of commencement, and
containing 040 acres, fore ur less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent
Dated Sept. 2:.. cm:. ' 37
Take notice thgt 1, Henry F. Landed*, ot Uaiewuy, is, u., occupation,
uumvuy Agtnt, intends tu
appi) iui permission lo purchase lbs
loiiuwing uescribed land:
luuuii.iic.ng ul a post planted -I
i miles wen ui ihu ivyoicnay mer
uiung un ine lu tenia tionat uoumtan
Uience nonli mi chain,, Uivuui weal
-u chains, thence auuih uu cbains
iliencu weal -ju chains, thence soum
■;u .wiaiiis, thence east uu chains lu
puint ui comuiencemcut, and containing uiu acres, mora or less.
Henry i*. Landeck.
Baled Julv 25th, iuu.. 21-ut*
Take notice lhat Albert Barnhardt,
l Cmv-on, B. U., occupa-
.tion, Rancher, Intends iu apply lor
permission iu purchase tin* loiiowmg
flv'suribed land:
Uumiudicing at a post planted 4
chains cast ui S. \\. corner ut Pre-
tmptiou iNo. iu;u, south oi Uurzon,
B. C, theuce east 2U chains, incnu-
souin li chaius, thence wesi au
Caains, ibence north Ij chains to
|miui uf commencement, una couiain-
iag uu acres, more or less.
Alueri Barnhardt,
Dated July 21),  1007. aiMIl
Take nolicc thai John George Poupore, ol Krag, B. c, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends tu appiy lur a
special timber license over uie following described lauds:
.i. Commencing at a post planted
iiboul one mile west ul the Elk Rivei
un thu norlh side ol .Martin C'rcen,
Iliencu west 10 chains, tlience norm
iuu chains, theuce cast lu chains,
thence south liiu chains to place ui
commencement,   and   containing   uiu
ores, more ur less.
Joint George Poupore.
Dated July 3Uih, 1907, 22-tit
Take notice that John t
pore, ol   Krag,   B.   U.,
Hotel Keeper, intends tu a
special timber license over
ing described lauds:
4. Commencing at a [.
un the south bank uf
about two miles from th
and ou the south-east
Timber License No. 12
south MO chains, thence
chains, thence north so ch.
east M0 chaius tu place uf
incut, ami containing uiu ,
or less.
John George
Dated July 31,  1907
leorge Pou-
pply tor   a
o»t planted
Guat Creec
a Elk rivei
corner uf
lUi, thence
west »u
uus, thence
ares, mure
Take notice that John George Poupore, ol Krag, B. C, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, intends to apply for a
special timber license over the folfow-
ing described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted
un the south bank of -Martin Creek,
about two miles west of the Elk
Itiver; thence south so chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north su
chains, thence east so chains, to place
el commencement and containing uiu
acres, more or less.
John George Poupore.
Dated August 3rd,   1907. 22-Ct
Take notice that Thomas Young, of
Cranhrook, B. C, occupation, timher Cruiser, intends to apply for a
peclal Umber Hcense uvcr the follow-
ng described lands:
Commencing at a po.it planted at
the south-west cornei .
hence north SO chains, tl.encc cast
40 chains, Ihence north 4u chains,
thence west Ml chains, thence south
120 cliains, thence east 10 ehains to
point of commencement, and contain*
ing lilu acres, more or less.
Thomas Young.
Dated Julv 2llh, 1907. 22-01
Take notice that   1, Nicholas Pow-
s, uf Cranbrook, B. c, occupation,
fliiiibei Cruiser, intends io apply lui
fi special timber license ovet Ibe lull-wing described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
tie iiotlh-west corner of Lot 2705,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence nortli M0 chains,
Alienee fast 8(1 chains to place of
commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Nicholas Dowers.
Take notice that I, Robert Robson,
of Mayook., B. C, occupation, Rancher, intend to applv [or a special timber license over the following descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-cast comer of my preemption, Ihenee north M0 chains,
tbonce east 15 chains, thence south
30   chains,    Ihenee   '-ast 8a    chains,
J thence south fi0 chains,  Ihenee    west
'100 ehains to the point of commencement, and containing 545 acres, more
or less.
. Robert Robson.
1   Dated Sept. 5lb, 1907. 2&-6t*
Take notice uul   1, Lester Clapp,
ul     Ciauuiuub,    l).     U.t uccupattuu,
lUU'l   KcvpL',   UlliUila   lu  *P| 1)    .ul   A
special Uiuuei Uecune U.U uu loliuw-
mg lU-acnticU laiius:
ouiuieiKuig a* a posl planted at
uuiUi-wcal corner 01 uiu^h iiUa,
Uience went Ml chaius, Uience nuiiu
chaiua, Uience e*%n\ iu bntun iy
luuiuu £>uuthciu Hallway, tuiiuwiug
lain^j ta a suaiu*.m direction lu
lace ut cuiuhiuiceincai, and cuniam*
ng uiu acres, more ur lesa.
Lester c lapp, Lucalt r,
Nicnolas 1 uwers,  Ag
D_U*d   August   it),   1DU,'. Zi-iit
Take notice ihat 1, Abel Horsman,
l   cianuiuus,      U. c,   occupauon,
Lumberman, oitcnus 10 apply lor    a
peclal  uiuotr license     ovei   the  following Uv&ciibed lands:
Uomuitfucrog at a pust planted about
irw ai.u a nail miles suuiu ul Uur-
r*i and about twu miles cast ol tue
l. P.    Railway,     uei.ee easi      iuu
L_ains,    Uience    souUi     -lu     chaius,
iheace w*.i". it-u chains, theuoe uurtn
iu cbains to puint ol commencement
tud   containing    c4u neres, tuuie or
Abel Horsman.
Dated August --', lyo7. ^*-0t
Take notice that I, Lester Clapp,
of Cranbrook, It. c, occupation,
Hotel Keeper, Intends to apply for a
special limber license over Ihe following described  lauds:
Commencing at a post planteil at
the south-west comer of Block yjuti,
thenco south 80 chains, thence easi
m.i chains, thence north SO chains,
thence west BO chains to point tf
commencement,     and containing   04w
.res, more or less.
Lester Clapp, Locater,
Nicholas  Powers,  Agent.
Dated   August  20,   1007. 23-Ut
ui* EAST KuuibNA 1
Take uotice that 1, Lester Clapp,
of Cranbrook, a. c, occupatiuu,
Hotel Keeper, intends tu appl) iui a
tyeviai uiuuei liceuae uvei mv loliow-
mg ucbcrmed lauds:
v-ouuuenciug at a post planted at,
lhe s. tt, coiaei ui 1. L. saul, ihence
oulb isu chains, east io chaius,
mote ui less, to s. \\. cornei ui 1.
i'. uiuj, Uience north &u chaius,
u-ci.ee west 30 chains, Uience norm
ftu chaius, ihence eaat t.u chains,
nes nuiih _u chains, uici.ee weal
puce ol commencement, aud containing uiu aces, more ut loss.
Leslei Clapp, Locater,
Kionolos 1'owers,  Agiiit,
Dated August _1, 1UU7. 30*81
Take nutice tbat Grant Miller, ol
Winnipeg, occupation, Uentlcinaii, intends tu apply ic*r permission iu ijui-
rhase the lollowing described lands:
Coinmenemg at a post planted at
tbe south-west corner -u (ihains west
of Lut 2316, Group 1, thence nurlh
au chain., theuce east 20 chains,
Uience south au chains, thence wesi
.iu chains to pui_i of oommenoement?,
and cooUining iuu aciuj, lu-av ur
Grant Miller,
Frank Fletcher, Agent.
Dated July 0,  1907, .iU-itt
Take notice that 1, Abel Horsmau,
f Lranc-roor:, B. C, occupation,
Lumberman, mtends lo apply iui a
pecial limber license over ito foi*
owing described lands:
Coiiimencing at & post planted
ibom three and a halt miles souUi of
Uurzoa and anuut two miles east oi
C. P, Railway, tbenee east 100
chairs, thence north 10 chains, ibence
west IUU chains, thence south 40
hains to point ol commencement,
and containing 010 acres, n.orc or
Abel Horsman.
Dated   August   29,   1007. 21-61
Any available Dominion Lands
within tho Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may he bomestmded by
any person who is the sole head ul *
lauiily, ur any male over Ih jeais ol
age, lo the extent ol ODOKjUartW
section ol IUU acres, moie ui less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land othce lor the district
in which the land is situate.
The bomesteadi; 1 ■ required to perform tbe conditions connected there-
ith undei uue ui tbe lollowlng
U)   At least six months' residence
UpOU and cullivatiuu ol   the laud     iu
each jear for three years.
(2) It the lather (or mother, U
the lather is deceased), ol the homesteader resides upon a. farm in the
vicinity ol tbe land entered loi, the
requirements as to residence may be
satislied by such person residing witb
the lather or mother.
(3) II thu settler has bis permanent residence upon farming land
owned by him in the vicinity of bis
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satislied by residence upuu tbe said laud.
Six mouths' notice in writing
should lie given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of in-
Irention lo apply for patent.
Coal lands may bu purchased at
$10 pur acre fur soft coal and I'lO
for anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by uue individual or company. Royally at the
rate of ten cents per ton ol 2.00U
pounds shall he collected un Uie
grown output.
W.  W. CORY,
Deputy ol the Uiuistei of the lutcrtot TIIE CRANRHOOK.   11 KHALI)
Sole Agents for the
H. S. Peters
Rl.'.OLVED /
COULD You 5\1£ Ttitn UP Goon
"^      BUSTER BRpv/tf.
A BETTER . . .
A  .SWELL     .    .    .
.SUIT FOR $14.00
.SUIT " t-20.00
SU\T     "    '26.00
The popular Ladies'Shoe. Why ? Because it is made on strictly scientific principles, the
very latest lasts, of the very best leathers, and by the best shoemakers in Canada and the
Why pay more for cheap shoes than for good ones.   Ours are guaranteed lo give salis-
laclian or your money refunded.   That's the kind of goods we sell.   Nothing else.
Our Tailoring Department was never so complete as now.
If you are going to buy a Suit for Winter you should come
in while the stock is so complete.
We have the very latest fabrics in the very swcllest
shadings, and your selection is all that is required, as our
own first-class tailors will do lhe rest.
Come in and see our stock ; then you will go back and
get your friend because yoi. will be tickled. Our prices
are right.
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
Sil Philips
Jusl received hi
'.'.IR th.i.uiiimst
A. MeDouisal, uf Pernio, was in
town last Sunday.
1 II. 10. lira.Iiii vlsltt.1 Nelson ami
Itnsslaml 1111 business lliis week.
M. ... Ileal,, sails on llie llh uf lliis
mouth Irom HiikIiwiiI tor Crnnlirook,
.1. McDonald look in llie siitltts of
llie S|ioknne lair Insl week.
Oils Stuplcs returned Insl Saliir-
ilnv trom a III.   I" SIHlwnlcr, Minn.
II. li. Yules went to Nelson hist
•Mrs.     Clmrles    K11 iirciisihI I li,    ol
Klku.  nsilivl Ciiinliiiiiik  lliis  week.
'    W.  II.  IIIII ninl   wile spenl several
ilnys nl  lhe Spoliinc fair Hits week.
Dr. Hell vlSlt.il Hie lair nl Snnkllllo
lliis week.
A,   .loin's    eainn down   from    Hie
Nnllll Star Ihis week nml Weill to
fll'Ol'Ke Brattle nml .1. ll. Miller,'
"I Hie Imiifrial Bunk, left for siiuk-
■  I«*t S lay i„ lake iii the lair.
llm. Matthews left M I,,v moraine
Inr 11 few days visil to n„.' Spokane
Iv Kllson, conductor, ol Culicarv.
.mil  ...  .Inyce,  lira. n,    well' visi'l-
liif! Cranlirook frieuils last Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Phil ||uml, |,.,VI. ,,„„.
tn  Medicine lint   lor a  visil   willi  tlie
' lier ot  Mrs. Ilnmll.    Tliev cx|icel
In lie nlisent almiit  Iwo week's.
Dr Collin, of Marysville, Ims Rono
10 Moyie 1,1 look afler Hi llnrvle's
inaclii'i' wliile Hie liit.nl' is on n trill
lo Hie eoiist.
Mrs. s. Melanin ami 'daughter
l.niir.i reliniiHl last Mondav [roll)
nn extended trip to points in Kusleni
Cnnndn and Hie states.
I.nrk I.aiiirin returned last Siimlnv
from a lr||i t„ Ms old home in New
Brunswick, where he enjoyed n very
ideasant. visit.
M. II.  Kile,' and family will leave
■New Brunswick    on ihe Sth nl this
month- Im llieir return trip to Crnnbrook,
Charles Klliwcnsmltli, nl the Elk
KIKihot.l at Klko, wns in town last
Saturday ou his return [rom Hm
Spokane fair.
Mat Itnckeuilnrl. of Calvary, ami
■ I. E. .Sleplii'hs, ol Morrissey*, passed
IhroiiEli town lasl Monday lor Spok-
nne where they will visit the lair.
Miss Bertha Shore, of SI nil lord
(Int., is visiiing in Crnnbrook, the
Kill's, of her sister, Mrs. .1. II Cas-
Miss Bertha Peterson, Miss Ocrtlo
Boek unit Miss Carrie Carlo are attending lhc I nir nt Spokane tliis
E. I. Patterson and bride returned
Inst Sunday evening from llieir wed-
uing .rip and are settled i„ their
halKlsome home on Baker lllll. -
Mrs. Oliver Purge, who Jins been
wilh Mr. Ilurec in Spokane during
his sickness, was taken down with
lever last week and is now quite
d.ek herself.
Mrs. ,1. p. Fink and son Vincent
accompanied Miss Ethel Fink to
Spokane lasl Snturdav. Mrs. Fink
expecis lo In, absent about Iwo
l'-l>ll IMMEDIATE RAI.E-A lim-
iliil number ol thoroughbred Berkshire pigs eight weeks old. Call
upon or address, .1, I-I. Sleldiens
Dr. .1. II. King. M.I..A., .1. (I.
Mc.'n.luni and .'. Onrtchnrles led last
Sunday for Vancouver where thev
went to ii I tend the prnvlncinl Liberal
convention. There were delegates
Irom Fernie, Foil Sleele, Wnnlncr
nml Moyie.
A. .'. Sli.iiikl.inil ami bride arrived
lasi Saturday li  England nml have
cninnii'iiced   lioiis'i'ki'eiilni;  on     Norlh
I'l.inlirook slrii-t    Tl inny friends
nl Mr. Shaliklaiid were plensed to
see him Ictllln.aml gave liulh liim
self  ami   llilile a   warm  welcome.
Allan Malison returned lasl Sniidnr
lli'lll   the  niirlliwesl   I'OUIllrV,      where
he lins been proR|ieet]ng fm llnibur
with Ale.. Sinilh lor lhc past tew
months. Like others win, have
Visited that country Mr. Miiiisoi, sum
linn ii was one nl Hie tinniest trips
Hint  he ever look In H.is country.
IViHln.li Hamilton Ims furnished a
box of line apples Hint was senl to
... S. Dennis, land agent for ibe (!.
P. II. nl Calgary and assistant lo
the vice-president liv Joseph llyiln,
An ac'sniiwlcdgincnl lias lieen received
from Mr. Dennis in wlllcll he savs
llial lie w.ll lake grcjl pleasure 'in
showing tlie people what tills dislriel
can do in lhc way ol Iiuil raising.
Fred (I. I.illle, lhc ninvor ol Ores.
ton, was in town a couple ol davs
lllis weoki enloylng Hie Imnann he'll
wen titer and shaking hands with liis
old time friemls. Ills worship Is
very much adverse to talking nnd it
was with great.ilillicullv Hint Hie Herald induced him to sny a tew words
about Ihe pineapple lerfi'lory ' ol
which Creston is the financial, eonw
nierclnl ,nnd social center. Mr. Little
is of the opinion Hint Cranhrook will
tie a suburb of Crcslon in ten years
and that Nelson will nlso be taken
Into thai, iniiiiiiip.ililv
Vancouver, Sept. 27.—The Oriental
exclusion league is circuuitiiiK very
widely through Hritish Columbia tlio
following petition to Sir Wilfrid
The petition of the undersigned residents nf tln> province nf Briiish IV
luiiiliiii huniblv sheweth:
1. Tli,it Un* province nt Britisrh
Ciilumbla Ims in Die past ami will
continue to In-, [to dumping ground of
Oriental laborers—notably tlie Hindus, Japanese nnil Chinese.
2. Thnl at iln* present lime there
mv at least 30,000 Orientals of the
foregoing races in British Columbia.
•I. Tli.it I Ii,< Orientals enter IttftO
competition whh white mi'ii whom
thev Jiajr largely displaced in the
fishing .in.l lumbering iiiilustrii's, anil
li.ive ii,sni|H'il the pluci's ainoiiL'st un
vKill.il   l.iliuii'is   that   Would olhviwist*
In- hiliii hv white men,
i. That iiu* Orientals aro not
enpnhle ol assimilation willi the
white laces nt present in Canada,
.md thus proven! ihe formation ol a
homogeneous ciiizens-hlp.
1 ft, 'Hint the national existence ol
Canada is threatened hy tin* Introduction nr noiHisaimliable races ami tlm
eonsetpieiH driving out ol 1he white
I li, That the royal commission «p-
|n.iniiii hy vour goverumenti fully in-
; \estigahii Ihis question and urged the
prohibition of nil Oriental immigration, and your governmenl recognized
the soundness of this- ilettsion hy
passing lhe Chinesi- exclusion act, uml
arranging wilh the government of
.lapan for a I iml led immigration.
7. Thai the measures adopted hy
your governmenl have not heen effective io secure the desired ends.
Therefore, your petitioners humbly
"That, regardless of foreign countries, and all sentimental anil pot Mien I considerations, your government
inimoillu'tely pass Mich leirislntton as
may he reV|tilslte of Orientals from
llie Dominion of Canada."
And your petitioners as in duty
will ever pray.
The pet i I inn i.s to he circulated
throughout the province hy the Asia-
lie Exclusion League. Promises of
signalures have hei'ii rewdved from
nil classes, trom the laborer to the
liusiiiess man. The miners' unions
Ihrouglioiit Hritlfth Cnlumhia have
endiiisnl II, and have sent expressions
of approval to the league in this
The pelIIion, it is expected, will
li.ve over 5,(10(1 signatures from Vancouver alone. These will he copied.
'''iniril in a hook, nnd sent to Sir
Wilfrid  Laurier.
If Immediate action is not taken in
lhe matter a  petition will then go lo
the throne, If tlml has no result
the league will lake measures to
prevent Ihe debarkation nf Orientals
in Vancouver, which will lie very effective, sn says a prnininenl officer ol
the league.
.1, R. U'ilion. tbe Australian cmi-
(rntlion expert, says: "The league
gains power daily. We have m»w
i.ver 2.01U1 niiid members, and nmofy_,
Ihese ate Messrs. fjarifrn, MacOowan
i.i.-I Mcfliilre, the local members.
"In view of the excitement pro
Viilcni. the executive committee has
decided nnt tn hold another parade
for some time, Put we are afraid that
ihe members will carry the fight over
our heads."
! Helena, Mont., Sept. 28.—No defi
nile trace has heen found ol the train
rohhers who dynamited the Great
Northern express and mail cars near
Uexford. Hiough a small army ot
I men has been .scouring the adjacent
country iu every direction from tlie
scene nf holdup. Besides the sheriff's
posses, the railway company has a
I large force on the ground and the
Draper hloodhounds were pressed into
service. The time elapsing between
lhe robb.-ry and the appearance of
.officers on the ground—8 or 10 hours
—gave the bandits a considerable
start ami ihe opportunity to cover
miles in (tight.
It is now believed that but 2 men
commit tod the deed. The bloodhounds have lieen taken to the Yakt
section, where it is said a clue has
he. n found. The sheriff's posses have
been called off, as the company has
sufficient men at work to cover the
field, though Sheriff O'Connell and
the regular force are still actively
engaged ou the case.
The pursuit of the train bandits developed some humorous incidents,
ih..ugh fo some of the leading actors
il may uot have appeared quite in
that light. Oue was pulled oil at
Trego, where Deputies Ingrabam and
Mi-Ma mis searched a freight train. As
ihey o|H'iicd a car door four men
jumped out on the other side and
Inked for the lull timber. Calls to
slop had no ellcet, and they were
clipping it off In record time when
McManus slmt In the vicinity of the
leader, hut UM* Mark Twain'*
coyote, I here was not kng left hut
the crack iu lhe atmnspheie. McManus' horse was ncarhv, and knowing that they would naturally come
mil over a certain trail, lie mounted
and made a short cut. Leaving the
Inns.' in Hie lirtisll he stationed himself hchiud a friendly tamarac beside
lid* trail and wailed fnr the f mir racers. McManus stepped out leveled
his ride -md called a bait. "D—I"
yel Inl the man In front, "here he is
again!" and up went his hands, lui
companions doing likewise. They
said tbey were (mm Minnesota ami
had wniked in the harvest fields in
eastern Montana. Not answering
tho description of the genuine Imn-
dits, Ihey were allowed lo depart,
 I ""• probably well into Washington by ibis lime. But it would lie
interesting to read what tbey have to
sav about Ihe wild and woolly west
when they tell their adventures.
obtain iu the territory extending front
Port Arthur to Broadview, fioin
Broadview to Kamloops the men will
he paid a higher rati*, namely, 45
cents per hour, $1.05 per dav. Krom
Kamloops to the coast thev will Iiu
paid VI cents per hour, $3.87 per
Kcrnie, B. <_',, Sept. 30lli, 1007.
A. .1. .Icffs, Esq:
Dear Sir: As secretary ol tho
Kernie hose reel team I have been
instructed to issue the following challenge fo yon:
Kii st. That we, the Kcrnie hose
reel team, challenge lhe Nelson hose
reel team, lo run a huh anil huh rare
for two linii.lt.'.I and lifiv dollars
Second. That we, lhe Kernie h....*
reel team to run a wet leal for two
c-cl learn lo iuu a wel test lot Iwo
hundred and fifty dollars.
The conditions nl both eventa to be
III.1 same as unileistnod liv Ibe h'ci ■
nie team ou our recent visit t,, your
city, anil not like the exhibition mil
Kivrti hy ynur team mi (hul occasion,
which we considci was uul iu nuconl
mice wilh lhc printed rules undei
which lhe lest wus to lio nm. We
insist that Hie men composing each
leant shall have been residents of
thn'r respective l.amis Hm h ilnys
prior to the acceptance ol ihis dial
leiigo; also, Unit llu* races he run at
Cranhrook. Thai this challenge he
accepted hv Hie Huh dny ol OeloVr,
and   tbat ibe races lair place wilhln
7 days later.     Thai ftfftll.OO  si  he
deposit!d hv both teams when tho
articles arc signed. That ,1, P
Kink, of Cranbrnok. hn stakeholder
ml to him lhe deposit musl be paid.
Yours trdlv,
Unlit.   Talc.   Hon.   See.
Souie men imagine th-y nre
iust li-ecaiise Ihev refrain from
Winnipeg, Sept. Hfl.—The wnrto on
H.e new schedule ot blacksmiths on
tli*' Canadian Pacific Railway company was completed today and a
most satisfactory conclusion was>
I 'inIer the new schedule the blacksmiths will receive 42 cents per hour
instead of 3ftJ cents per hour as
midcr the former schedule. The men
will work nine hours per day instead
of ten. Tlie new schedule will he
$.'1.78 per day,
The rate of 42   cents per hour will
List of properly    offered for sale by
Frost Investment Co.
Real Estate and Denials
ItiO acres on Kootenay river near
International Boundary, excellent
grain laud without irrigation, 2
miles from town, good soil, lays
nearly level, one half prairie lialancii
covered wilh scattered timber, can
be Irrigated if needed for fruit ur
grain raising. Price, $S per acre, !-.'»
cash. Balance yearly, or will exchange for Cranhrook city property.
500 acre hay farm. One of lhe best
in East Kootenay, 300 acres natural
meadow; heavy ' black soil, i clear,
balance lias some scattered brush, 5
miles from town, good outside range,
log buildings, spring water. H looking for u money maker investigate
this. Price, $10 per acre, $2 cash.
Balance iu yearly payments.
Mil acres wild land oil Si. Marys
Prairie, about 12 miles from Craubrook, I miles Irom Marysville, lays
slightly rolling, good soil, will maku
good diversified farm. Price, K> pel
acre.    Easy terms.
■IfiO acre slightly improved farm on
Kootenay river, 1 mile froni station,
beautiful location, 70 acres in
timothy. $1500 house, good hams,
elc, full set implements, I horses, ::u
head uf cattle and all household
floods go with place, a money maker
From the start; $8,0110. Reasonablu
280 acres wild land ou Koolcnav
liver, 200 acres low bottom land, excellent lor timothy, good deep soil,
80 acres bench land, covered Willi
pine timber which goes with laud,
good outside range. This will maku
a nice place for diver si lied fanning.
Price, $0 per acre, | cash. Balance
Three residence lots on Baker lllll,
best location in city, lay high, east
front, slumps cleared, beautiful location for home. Price, 'if taken soon,
Three room house, close in, lot 33
feet front, house nicely finished inside, in good repair. Bents lor $1(1
per month.     A snap at $550,
Cranbrook, B. c.
Heal Estate and Rentals
(GruiIiiNtt' TorontoCoiisorvntorj' uf
Mimic   Ti'iiilicr's Diploma)
Telephone in.)
l(,'|.iiiriiiu u S|ni'iiilly
Aiki'iiu ItliM-k. .'r.inl,rii,.|,
Tl..   I. I,MB I'll,.I S	
.'..K.K..V..S.I  IIUI-   IS.)
1 ...... AI'I'l.l.S
V,.,, I'l.i.l..'
.n/.i.i:«iin|i hi  i tit.nt
'tion* 7ft Armnlruiig Ave.
Take notice Hint T'lii' Kill), l.ltlllll..
Mills, Limited, iii.i'iu. lo u|i|ilv for
|ifrn_lssfou to luircliusi) It,,* foilowiiii;
dcKcrilicd land:
.'oiniiii'iiciiiK a I ii post I'I.iiiIiiI nl
the soiitli-ciisl curlier ol llie I. .'11-
liill limber limil, l.ot .ill., tinmen
ruiiiiiiiK norlh tliirly-tlve chains,
thence eust twenty chiilim. tli.nco
.soutll twenty cliiiiiiK, more or less, to
Hie II. ('. Southern rifrlit-iif-wiiy,
thence' lollowlng Hie said rinlil-ol-
way-lu ii .outli-wesleriy illrcction lo
point nl commencement, nnil contain-
inn Ally aoreu, moro or less.
(Sgd) The King Lumher Mills. Ltd.,
■ . Oeo. HttnKcrlord, Locator.
H»ted Septcmhir ItH.i.  1007.  2ll-«t


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