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Cranbrook Herald Mar 28, 1924

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Array '•■,
—        Apr. mjC
N I M B E li
Friday and Saturday April 11-12
ROBIN HOOD" Thar., Fri., Sat. April 3-4-5
Friday <&> Saturday April 18-19
Club-Work in East
Kootenay District
One Duty of Agriculturist Is to
('rente tn  It Mug t.cucrnlmii
Desire I'or Better Slock
By  ANCIUB  L,  hav. U.S.A.,
(District    Agriculturist,    Crnnbrook,
In tho Agricultural draette.)
The men and women of tlie future
are the boys anil glrlfl of the present
and into their hands will bo entrusted
the political and commercial Interests
of the country. One of the greatosi
responsibilities they will liavc to assume will be the perpetuity nf a successful agriculture.
In view ot the above fact, and realizing the importance of good live
stock ln an agricultural country, It Is
obvious that one of tbe most important
duties of tlie present day agriculturist
is to create a desiro for better live
stock in the hearts of tlie rising generation. Different districts offer different opportunities to accomplish this
aim, but where tho conditions ure
favorable for tbe formation of Hoys'
and Qlrls' Live Stock Breeding Clubs
and Live Stock Judging Clubs, the
very best results can be obtained
Where such clubs are properly organized and managed, it is generally
found that the interest taken lu the
same is by no means confined to the
club members, for their parents,
well as all the agricultural organizations In the district are generally just
as keenly interested.
Fast Kootenay Club!, m' l.n!!t
During the pa.it season livestock improvement work along different lines
has heen promoted iu the East Ko<>.
tenay District, and undoubtedly has
created a desire on tlie part of a few
at least for better live stock. Tlie
Cranbrook boys" and girls' pig raising competition is probably one of the
steps towards live stock improvement
work wliich is most worthy of note.
Early in the spring of 1928 it was decided to form a Boys' and Girls' Pig
Club, and 31 competitors were enrolled
twenty-one of wliich carried the work
on till fall, and wore able to exhibit
their pigs at the pig-show held In
Cranbrook on October the 13th.
Selection or Breed
In selecting the breed of hogs to be
raised. It was decided that in view of
..„.   SOI Til OF WALDO
Settlers    Near    Dorr    Petition
Df|i)irtmci.t For Fdiicn-
tioiml Facilities
Tho Department of Education re-
contly received an application from i)
number of ranchers al Dorr, south of
Waldo, for tho establishment of
chool nt that point.
To make an investigation of the
situation. Inspector Manning made a
motor trip to the district on Friday
Inst. It appears that recently a number of Philanders from Manyberries,
Alberta, settled there.
At that point tlie amount of available bottom land is limited, and the
high laud ou account of the low precipitation, has not Iieen considered of
much value. Tbe newcomers, however, have selected it in preference to
bottom. sub-Irrigated land, believing
that they can make a success of lt.
Tlieir progress will lie watched with
A Herald representative who accompanied the Inspector, was much im
pressed with tlie many evidences of
the keen interest shown by these citizens, of foreign blood In the starting
of a school in their new home.
One bad some time ago purchased
the Gregory bouse on the Waldo road
and though he might have sold ft at
a profit, has kept it for a school and
is willing to turn it in as part of his
contribution thereto.
The department of education supplies the teacher, desks and maps,
while the district supplies the building, grounds, running expenses, fuel
supply and janitor service.
Should a school bu establiohcd at
this point, a number of other families
Intend settling In that district.
Thirteen pupils of school age are
available In litis section and as the
minimum number for au assisted
school is ten, tlie inspector has recommended that a school be established.
This should be ready for Opening
ibout Blaster.
Tax Rate Will Be
Down To 47
Council  Able to  Strike  Lower
Itttte By Considering New
Sources of Income
5        WOMEN'S
i        INSTIT
The regular monthly meeting of the
I Women's institute win be held in the
K. of P. Hall, on Tuesday., April 1st
April 1st,
, ., lat 3 p.m. sharp in Drder to gel  the
,,   , ..     , . . .meeting over by 4.
By taking  into account   sources  of
,, . .        .... -Mrs.   Hennessey   will   attend   to ex-
revenue which may   be   derived from
, .    .,     .,,, .,  | plain    mailers    regarding    a    school
larger surplussee in the different mil- '
Itles operated by the city, and other  bouse,
,    . u   .ma i      After the meeting ;i Sale or Work
revenues not at first figured on, and
, . ,     , will lie held and afternoon tea will bo
also by paring   as   closely as   pot.- ,, , .   ,    ,
... ..       , . ... ,.  served,  at   which   everybody   Is   wel-
Bible    all    civic     expenditures,    it ...«,,,..
. ,        ,u.    .     , ,,    ..     come.    Mrs.  J.  Thompson  mid  Mrs
has been found possible to strike the I , ,,, , ,    .
,   .     .. , , ,   .      Norgrove    will contribute a duet to
lax rate for the coming year at forty-
,,, ,   ,,       , t ,,,    the afternoon's program,
seven mills, a reduction of four mills     „,    ,     , , ., „,    .
.„,   , ,,, ,        ,       The institute members would like to
from last year,   Tbe levy will be made ,   ,. ..,
, ,,_    „.   ,        ,     . -J see   as many ladies    as    possible ut
up of 25 mills for school purposes, 15,
for debenture sinking fund and Inter-
City Will Celebrate 24th Well
G. W. V. A. Aiming to Put On
Hest Vet ut Old Fair Grounds
For Empire Duy
Mrs. P. W. Willis was again subsuming at the Central School in the
room of Miss P. IC. Magee. who was
compelled by an attack of the grip
lo icma.n at home for a few days
this week.
est, and 7 for general purposes. The
school estimates originally called for
28 mills, an increase of two over last
year, but the fact that the revenue
derived from poll tax col lections
should have been placed at the credit
of the school board has resulted iu
tlieir really entering the year with a
fair sized surplus, and with this estl*
mated revenue at their disposal for the
coming year, it has been found possi
I see   as many ladies
their meeting or when the sale opens
at four.
Thursday last at aboul 10.5*0 a.m.,
tlie power house adjacent to 'the big
Waldo Hotel, belonging to the McKay
Brothers was totally destroyed by
fire.    That   the   larger   hotel,   wliich
..   ,    .  ,      ,,       ,     , .        , 'stood but   1» feet away was not also
ble to bring the scliool levy down one: , ,       „ ,   ,
.„ ,       ,   , ,     ,„   „        ,i destroyed,  was  due   to  ihe  e( heient
mill from last year and nt.ll allow of
funds enough to finish up u couple of
the new rooms in the upper part of the
addition at the central school for next
fall. A surplus of between four and
five thousand dollars from tbe light
department Is figured on a conservative basis, even with the lower rates
expected to go into force, Last year
with tlie present rates there was a
surplus of ten thousand dollars. In
the  water  department   instead  of a
| work of the volunteer fire brigade
that was soon on the scene, who with
what water supply there was available and as large a supply of wet
blankets that could lie mustered, kept
the scorching building from spring'
ing ablaze.
The fire, which was first noticed
by one of the helpers around the hotel, started lu a wood pile back from
the power house ami before it could
_.. , ,   , ,    , .be put out had jumped to the oi   pit
small surplus as last year, it is ex-       ' ,
.   . ... - 'at   the rear of the power house and
substantial.   Other sources of income,'
from this to the building, where waB
Mrs. Spence and children arrived on
the fact thnt this was to be a bacon-! Saturday from Merritt to join her
hog  competition,   and   thnt   the   club husband. Mr. Charles Spence. manager,
would be entered as a district display of the Cranbrook Co-Oporatlve Store. |fron,tlu\u,,ers.U;ere hav?« recentl*v
In the Provincial competition, it would They    have     taken      up
bo advisable to   select  one    of   the Idence in tlie Armour hou.
strictly bacon breeds.   As there were strong Avenue.
located a complete water pumping and
such as government grants of various    ,,,„,, .,      ,    ,
electric lighting outfit valued at some
latnre. arrears of rates and taxes, are L   „„     ,, , , . ,,  ,
...        ,    . ,. ,   .14,000, which was a total  loss.    Had
xpected to materialize on a somewhat    ,        ,   , ,        .,     .
, ,     , .  _, ,, ,    the wind been blowing up and down
larger scale than was at firs: ntitioi,    , „ .    . ,,
,   .     _,        , . . .the valley instead of across it  would
pat ed.   The estimates have been fnr- ,        ,        , ... , , .
,,      ,   ..    , . , , ,ihave been Impossible to have saved
ther dealt with at spec al meetings of .,    ,
....        ,       , ., -     the big hotel,
the council this weak, ai'd this ovenine •_,,.. ,   ,
,,  , Am soon as new** ti. the Hre reached
a meeting is called to give effect to    ,      __ , ,       _ . .. ,.
the  Baker Lumber Company trucks
aud men were Immediately rushed to
Ihe scene where they rendered valuable assistance in saving the hotel
Plans as  to the  rebuilding of the
. power house have not yet been deter-
The matter of the repairs to the wa-  mjn0[j
ter system at Slatervllle has also been]
I before the council again, a committee
the tax rate by-law. the light rates bylaw, the penalty percentage by-law,
dairy inspection by-law, and other
measures Which have heen before the
council for some time past.
Mr. and Mm. Wilbur Hill and little
the|r -met members of the council ,o go into °,,e "^ "" **?**' ?V6Djng
" \ ; ths question. The rdesnl, is that at ",ra <->''^''''». making the journey
on Arm-! . I back with Mrs E. A. Hill and daugh
ter. Mr. Hill has derived a good deal
of benefit from his stay In the south,
his friends are glad to learn.
Wtnnora of Bocotid  place in Stock  Judging  Competition,   New
Westminster Exhibition, 1023
Front Itow: John Clark. Stewart McClure
Hack, RoW!   Allan  Keer;   Align*. Hay,  District  Agriculturist
the question. The rdesull Is thai at
the next meeting the council win pro-
Ibably be asked to authorize a by-law
| to allow the city to undertake the
work of renewing the mains there, with
j the expectation that the Slatervllle
■ people will take up about half of the
debentures necessary for the expenditure, and oleo pay double the ordinary
wator rate, instead of one and one-half
times, as at present From the added
i revenue resulting it is expected tliat
I some repayment can alr.o be made to
the sinking fund, so that the issue of
eight thousand dollars worth of debentures or so. If it were necessary.
would not become a charge on the
city, it in possible that tbe expenditure called for. If tt || gone ahead
With, may he made from the proceeds
|of the unsold portion of tbe recent
*S:tr».000 water by-law. Whether a plebiscite of the ratepayers of the city
WOUld be needed to sanction the undertaking will al.*o he determined.1
The City fiery is now In communing j
Coming Events
more   Yorkshire   pigs   av&llable   thnn      Tlie awards ami weights ot the pigs
pigs of any other breed, the Yorkshire were a« followsi
brOCd   wns  selected      ll   was   impem-j Exhibitor W'ght Of Pig
tlve thnt  all  pigs  should   he  from  ai   1   Marguerite Htarrett       2'M Ib.
pure-bred Yorkshire boar Tho results] i John Clark   381 „
of pure-bled breeding Were so clearly    3, Leonard tilanville    216 ,,
brought out on the date of I lie show {   I Doris  llyneinlh     210 „
that  undoubtedly   the  Crnnbrook   Pig    .'•   Leslie Herchmer    203,,
Club In 11)1!. will be made up of only i li. Mary Green   232 „
pure-bred pigs. 7. Mary Richmond ........... 240 ,,
Exhibition Day I S.Carl ltrennan   229,,
Cranbrook   Pig-show   was   held   on    0, Donald  Tlbbott     204 .,
October 18th. This day was selected SO[10 Frank Herron     198 ,.
that as many as possible of tlie pigs ll Haehel Green    188 ,,
In the elub would be about six months j IS, E. Campsall    191 ,,
of age. All pigs were weighed and al-|l8. A. Campsall   198 ,,
though the placings wero not  made 14.    William Cullen    209,,
According to weight, it was consider-115. Mary Cullen   176 „
ed a factor in favor, provided lt was lfi. Robert  Creelmun  170 ,_
carried by a pig of proper bacon type.117. Clarence Johnson   172 „
Dr. Knight, Chief Veterinary Inspec-118. Jack Reid    175 „
to from Victoria, placed, tho awards! 19. Mary McClure   176 „
and  explained  to the exhibitors the 20. Helen McClure   184 „
different points looked Tor in an ideal 21 Stewart McClure   175 ,,
bacon-hog, and clearly explained the Ef.Hei.tln1 Factors Required
reasons for making his various pla-     It ls  interesting to note that the
ctngB. (Continued on Page 6)
The 24th of May Celebration got
away to a good start ut u meeting held
in the G.W.V.A. on Tuesday evening,
and the aim is to he for this year a
better and a more complete celebration than ever. With the old fair
grounds available it is thought that
it will he easier to put a real celebration over, than was the ease with the
other grounds, which did not lend
themselves-   altogether   to   celebration
In the absence of Major H. 11. Hicks,
William Johns took the chair, while
the minutes were recorded hy Mr. R
Rashleigh, the secretary of the organization.
At present the tentative program
calls for a good program of horse rac-
an effort being made to get In
some outside horses, with tho Inducement of good prizes, and also provide
some events for local horses with good
prizes. In addition it Is proposed that
there will he tho usual program of
baseball, football, and ordinary athletic events, which will be scheduled
for various times during tbe day, and
the school children's sports to be held
the day previous. As the 24th comes
this year on a Saturday. It Is proposed
that the annual dance take place on;
Priday evening, followed by a Cinder-'
ella dance again on Saturday evening,
lose up at twelve o'clock. There
will also be the parade of decorated
cars and floats In the morning, which
was such a pretty feature last year.
Committees as follows were named
to look after the various lines of ac-
Installation ol' OAircrs Is Held
At Athalmer; Also Enjoyable Dance
Under the auspices of Assembly \Y
83, Athalmer. the Windermere Uis
trict Sous of Canada held their first
anniversary gathering on Priday last.
March 21st, in McKay's hall, Athalmer.
The occasion was one long to be remembered. About 175 were present
and it was pronounced by all as being
altogether tbe hest entertainment of
that nature ever held in Athalmer.
The evening was devoted to dancing.
an admirable program very thoroughly enjoyed, The assemblage was a
most representative one, being composed of all nationalities.
The hall was most tastefully and
gorgeously decorated, Canadian colors
and mottoes making up the entire decorative scheme, the Canadian Bnslgn,
maple leaves, etc, being displayed in
great profusion. Much credit must
be given to Mrs. J L. MacKay w
had charge of the decorations, and
her assistants who so effectively did
tlie work under her direction
The music was a fine feature being
furnished by the Athalmer orchestra,
under the direction of L. J  Pieht.
Messrs. Pat Kelly and K. K Tunna-
.Itffe also furnished excellent entertainment hy their violin renditions i>f
reels, etc.. which were participated Id
by many and enjoyed by all. Many
thanks are due these gentlemen for
their generous response to frequent
An Innovation occurred during the
midnight recess which was much en-
Joyed by all. in the short address given by Mr. A. C, MucMUlan of Vancouver, representing the Grand Council of Native Sons of Canada, who gave
a short sketch of tlie origin of the as-
*lated     the   principle?
tlvlty In connection with the 24th, und
will meet ngain on Tuesday evening' socio tlon am
ot 8 o'clock to further plans: i which govern  name     It  was a  truly
nances—Same committee as for theiPfttrto,i,• Canadian speech.    Mr. Mar.
17tb of March Dance. Milieu showed clearly that the incul
pable and Floats-   Messrs. Wor-.calin* of *»"« ldeals antl lhe
Recommends as
to Game Laws
Koii k Uui\ Club .Meet to Consider Open Seasons
For This Vear
A meeting of tlie Hod fc Gun Club
was held at the City Hail on Monday
evening, when a group of enthusiasts
met to consider the recommendations
which are made annually in regard to
the open season on game of all kinds
B. T. Cooper opened the meeting, with
A. E, Turner, as secretary, recording
the proceedings, but later Dr MacKinnon, vice president had to lake the
hair, and conducted the meeting to
the close.
Before leaving, Mr Cooper explained the objects of the meeting and also reported that plans on the hatchery are being carried WeJI ahead, and
to such good effect had they worked
out from last year, that Mr. Ryder.
who was here last year '.or some time
at the expense of the club, would bo
coming in again. Ln the employ of tlie
department, to carry on the work at
tbe hatchery. A small account for
paint supplied at the hatchery was
passed for payment.
rlt of true Canadian citizenship could
not but advance a spirit of loyalty fo
our great empire The address was
well received and generous applaiso
given at Its conclusion.
The offfcers elect then adjourned
their own hall where installation was
had by Mr. MacMlllan, Grand Installing officer.
A most dainty supper was serv d by
the Canadian Ladles which was thoroughly appreciated. Dancing was resumed until about mo a.m. when the
entertainment closed by the singing of
"O Canada," all present jofning.
Many thanks are due for rhe sup
port of so many residents not native
iof Canada, which    the   Native   Sons
W. much   appreciate.
An  evident  spirit  of goodwill   pre-
The events noted below are those
for wliich p-iid ad" ertising appears In
this Issue, or for which printing work
has been done iu t.iir ofllce.
Priday, March 28.—KnoX Church Ladles' Aid Tea at the home of Mrs.
(ion  of  the  inspector of   municipal!-j     gj( paterson
(Ior  on  the  matter nnd   at   the  next] __
council  meeting  the  matter will  be I Friday, Mar. 88: Dance In K. P.
gone fully Into. |     hy Brim ond son's  Serenaders.
" •• | Tuesday, April  1:  Women's Institute
The   first   meeting  of   creditors   In      Sale of Work, K.P. Hall at 4 p.m.
thu estate of J. 11. Haslam. druggist,1 *~
assigned, was held on Monday after-, Thurs. Pri. * Sat. Apt 8-4-6 "Robin
noon at the office of Beale & Blwell.!    "*"'•" wlt" lm« Fairbanks, at the
Tho statement  presented  showed as-1    htar
sets conilottng Of stock, fixtures, book ! _,   ,      , ,    .T* -      ,
.    i     .  *<*-•«*»      ...   ii      Wei nesday.    April    Di     Lecture    on
of ubout $6,500, with lla-i    ,       ,       ,    „      ,  .„.    ,.  «„ ,
1   Lourdes,  by Rev. J. ltiduult, O.M.I,,
at the K. P. llnll, nt 9 p.m.
den,   Huilivan.   W.   tl-  Wilton,   li' P
Sullivan and T. M. Roberts.
Children's Sports — Messrs. F. O.
Morris, J. P Scott, J. M. Clark. H. L.
Baseball, Football, and Athletic
Events—The Amateur Athletic Association, O. T. Moir. Dr. Huffman. H.
Horse Races—Dr. Rutledge, Messrs.
Worden. J. R. Walkley, J. P. Fink.
Advertising—H. B, Hicks. U P. Sullivan, Murdock.
Decorations— W. Johns. R. Pond,
Grounds—Messrs. Bardgett, H. Ferguson, H. Ogden, Dr. Rutledge.
Subscriptions — C,    Johnson.
Johns. H. Ferguson. .._..__-j^-j-j-j^-j-j-j-j-j-j-j.,.,^^^^^^^^^^—
A committee was also appointed toivailed which speaks well for the adv-
keep In touch with the other commit- ancement of Canada and the Winder-
tees and to keep them well up with j mere district In particular,
their work, so that there will he none| Mr. Fred Cameron acted as floor
fall down, but all will carry their manager, also much gratitude is felt
work through. ■ for  the  enthusiastic   help   from   Mr.
The grounds committee will look1 MacMIlIan and for his willingness to
over the fair grounds and decide what live any information, which is of such
money It will be necessary to spend,ureal help to the beginners. All will
there before the prize money can be | look forward with keen anticipation
decided on. |t0 the next entertainment by this at*i-
J. R. Walkley who is in Calgary thls|wohtflon, and hope it will come soon
week, is expected to be able to make
debts, etc., 	
hllltics running to about $3,000 more'
than that.     The   ciaiim    are   about
some   preliminary  arrangements   for
some horses to come here for the 24th
and his initial efforts will be carried!
on a little further hy W. E. Worden   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
who expects to be in Calgary for some'    For the purpose   of   organizing a
ten days, about the end of next week. [Sunday School  the surrounding res*
 ■»■■»— jidenis met In the Mission road school
LECTURE ON  FAMOUS room on Sunday, March lfith.   Four
SHRINE AT LOURDES       families were represented, A. splendid
TO BE HEARD SOON |P,r,t previlled. unanimity of purpose
___ (being manifest, and a helpful service,
ommendatlons as to the
game regulations were taken up, and
the following was arrived at, to !>■•
presented at the meeting of the Game
Conservation Hoard when it convenes
in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday
of this »cek
Moose —■ Recommended closed for
.iDother rive years. In the opinion of
some, there will in time develop good
moose hunting in these parts, if careful conservation is followed.
Elk—Short oper. reason as lasl recommended from the 15th to the 20th
of October, with a bag limit of one
buck over one year.
Boar—Left as last year
Carihoo—Open for mo'Uh of September last >|ear and recommended
tiie i-ame again this yesr. Game warden Gregory Thomas, of Moyle. suggested that It be a closed Reason, but
It was finally decided to recommend
it t*> ten as last year.
} Mon*.tain Sheep — Recommended
lopen for six weekf. as last year, bag
limit of one ram.
Mountain Goat — Open season for
three months. &*. last year. limit of
three grats.
Deer. - 'Black and White Tailed)
I_ast year the buck law was in force,
with an open .*.*-ason from September
16 to December IS As to the wisdom
of the burk law there was much dls-
iKsfon pru and con. A petition was
read from four Marysvllle hunters,
urgfn?  that   in   the   best   interests   of
all concerned, a change be recommended J. P. Gulmont, game t>oard representative, stated that It was almost
certain that the buck law would be In
force- again this year, and cited many
cases where it had worked out to the
advantage of thf; hur.terp. increasing
the deer to a remarkable degree in
some cases. The recommendation that
was finally adopted by the club suggested a limit of two, one of which
might be a doe. and the season be from
October l to December 16.
Ducks and Geese—Open season from
September 16 to December 15 recommended.
Grouse-- Two weeks lesson only,
recommended for blue and willow
prairie Chicken — ('IiihwI as lap*
Ths practice of shooting at ducks
ind geese with high powered rifles
was brought up and deprecated generally, but Mr. Gulmont stated that it
generally recognized thing al
the coaEt and could not tie forbidden
on thai account, though in thiB locality it was quite dangrrou
There WBI a considerable discussion
on the law which requires deer »o N-
Rev. Father J. Bldault of Letbbrldg«|moatty song, was conducted, an well
will deliver a lecture In Cranbrook on as pl*M 'or the future bolng freely
Wednesday evening. April 9th, In the discussed.   Officers were elected, sup.
K. of P Hall The subject of the lee- P«« Chosen and all dismissed by 4J0|brought out entire in order to show
ture will l>e "Our Lady or Lourdes." a«« arranging time which will In the buck law has not been violated
How many people have heard of the future be 3 p.m. every Sunday after-.lt ffM unanimously conceded that this
city of Lourdes, situated in the upper] nati»- worker] hardship fn some cost . and it
^^^ I Pyrenees   of  Prance,  about   twenty-]    All parents and .children interested, WM decided I(, recommend thnt thi-
equally divided between  local credl-jSaturday. April 12: Cookery Sale by five mflos from tiie Spanish border? *■*« mtwt cordially invited to attend requirement be made Inapplicable In
tors and outside wholesale accounts.;    Parent-Teacher  Association. There Is no doubt that everyone will every l_ord*B Day. UiJH ,ilBtrict
W. Geddes, of Calgary, represented _. he anx'ous to learn something about     Mission    Road    Union    Protestant;    mi  Pollen brought up the question
the Canadian Credit Men's Trust As-  ™-*>■** •■     £*" U ft 18:   Whifc „,,.  „„_.., ramm]fl „anctuary th(U „ Sunday School. L ,nlroduclng new Kamr, 8pK.|M into
Hociation. and presented a motion to     ' «se-   il "■ *■ GrimthB Plc,ure* at visited by thousand** of pilgrims ev- Mrs. SHIRLEY.     thtB district   mentioning the ibex  the
appoint that body trustees of the es-.    »• *«*'■ _ 'ery year.   The origin of the Basilica.I Sec-Treas. ehamola   nnd   other   species, mostly
tale.   Thla was met with an amend- ,
the story of Bernadette, the grotto
that is now ho widely apoken of. the
spring of water whose, curative properties   excite   universal Interest.   All
Good Priday, April 18th:      Stalner's
ment that M. A. Beale be appointed.     "Crucifixion" at Knox Presbyterian
which carried by the casting vote of     church,
tho chairman, W. A. Niuhet.    Inspoc- _
tors for tho estate were appointed, Friday & Saturday. April 18-19: The; ,heae things will be dealt with by
consisting of two wholesale creditors Windermere picture "Unseeing F-it*,er nidault in his lecture. He has
and one local creditor.   A fow hundred     Byes" j j,|f., rPtlirnert fr0m a visit tn his home
dollars rank as pioforretl claims, but — I |n this part of France and he ia sup-
the remaining liabilities are unseen- Kneter Monday, April 21; Annual Hos-L|W wi(h „ ROfK* (.ollcctfon of ,HdM
red. i    Pltal Ball at the Auudllortum. t0 illustrate what he will say.
* * ' j European, which arc known to thrive
Many will be interested in the an*I under ni.nilar conditions obtaining
nouncement made by the Auditorium here The outcome of the discussion
Trustees that the BanfT Orchestra on the proposal was that CoL Pollen
will make another appearance lu this and E. T. Cooper were appointed a
city on Friday. April 11th which Is J committee to Innk into the matter
to be their final appearance    of the further.
season. It Ik expected that this will On the auggestion of Game Warden
he signalised as one of tho largestl Thomas, the matter of the introduc-
dances they have had here. (Continued from Page Four)
Hospital Ball, Easter Monday, April 21st
In The
Auditorium ?AGK TWO
Friday, Miiirh 28th, 1024
Methodist Church
The Methodist Chine...-  .Mi islon,  uu-
der thu charge of Mr. Chow  Ling, :.
lay evangelist, is exerting au  Influence among the Chinese of Cranbrook
which is perhaps but little und I
For some time tiie opposition of
actlouary organization among   he C .
iieso ha a  greatly hindered  the
Recently, however, a fresh atari ins
been made and the leader is looking
forward to better things.   Some prom- *■
inent Chinese, though not nominally
Christian, are strongly  In  sympathy
with the work and some who have bei a
intimidated by the opposition .■■■
ing new courage.
It may seem strange to thi
acquainted with the situation, thai the
Chinese who would op nlj
Christianity in Cranbrook have to face
an ostracism by tholr countrymen
which is very hard to tear. In :,■ i
actual violence has o< currc i In tin
past under varying pretexts antl Is
continually threatening. In Buch cir
cumstancoa those youths and men who
have tiio courage to attach tin ms '.■■
to tho mission deserve the sympaMiy
and assistance of every Christian.
Partly owing to the intimidation of
.   |1
ROFl     1
uus     im inu I e
vice moethig with us on Wednesday.
It is Bxpected thnt a baptismal service will he hold the rlrat Sunday
evening In  April, if pastor Tapscotl
has returned by that date. A number of people are ready for this ceremony.
Next Sunduy's evening service will
ho op a 'special nature, attention be-
lug given lo those who are seeking
knowledge of the new birth. A good
crowd is expected. Thero will be
good music by the choir. Plan lo attend this service if you huve no other
church    home.
The choir, under tho leadership of
Mr. J. L, Palmer has been rendering
music of u most helpful nature of lato.
Their Bervto
who attend.
are appreciated by nl
Mr. .1. I,
. !'
1 lit
■     HI'    11
II.   I..
Unless you see the "llayer Cross" m
on package or on tablets you are not
getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin I
proved aafo by millions and prescribed by physicians over twenty-three.
years tor
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis Ithoumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "llayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only.    Each unbroken package con- or Taj    oil expects to be bad
taine proven directions.   Handy boxes mlay In April.
twelvo tablets cost a few ecu's, drug- ,     .,,,„, ,   ,,  .
, ,     ,        ,, ,  ,,       .  ...       . ...      Doth C.O.I.T. i roups held interest,
gists also sell  holies or 24 and  100.!
Aspirin Is the trade murk (registered
In Canada) of llayer Manufacture of
Monoacetlcacfd.e8ter   of   Salycillcacld. .;
Whflo it is well known that Aspirin  .
means Bayer Manufacture!  to assist ,. ,.  tpriug work.
the public against Imitations, the To-i
blets   of   Bayer   Company   will   be      H Ipful
stnmped    with their    general  trade duel   i on  Wi
mark, the "Bayer Cross" [even-'n
irt  ii
You Can't Beat Tanlac
Says Alberta  Citizen
"The Tanlac Treatment  Made
Mo Look  Ami   Peel  Like A :-<■ put me in
Different  Man," Says  Petro- '                i in every way.   I have a
 ■ ' ■■:> like n log and
"The Tanlac treatment has mado me nm rid of nil my troubles, even the
look and feel like a different man," i in   my  li ■.    Incidentally I
tho positive statement of H. G. Petro, Imi   sal                   weight that I am
well known citizen of Okotolts, Alber- loo big        t      cl   Ui     1 wire before
ta, Canada. an I ellng fine
"Before taking Tanlac 1 waa Borely -   n'l  bent
troubled with indigestion, gas bli TANLAC IS   FOR   BALE  BY AT.T
Ing, nnd a tightness in my chesl thai OOT)                               .CCEPT NO
mado me short of breath.    My appe* !        iVEU 10 MILLION*
tlte was gone my circulation poor and BO.         ■ SOLD,
headaches   and   dizzy   spelts   would j
strike mo most every day  I also had|TAKE TANI At   VEOETABLE TILLS
Knox Church
Daintier, rat hor than such substantial fare as corned beef and cabbage,
were the order of thu afternoon hist
Saturday in tho school room of Knox
church. The quality of lho homemade
cooklnR und candy woe quite up to tlie
idard, and tha excollenl service as
i tho general dellciousuess of wal-
treases and all else connected with
the afternoon ton could nol be surpas-
(I,     In   every   way  the  first   public
tnture of tho C.O.I.T. was a marked
iccgb8 nnd the financial returns
ost satisfactory.
On    Sunday    morning    Messrs.   H.
White, A. A. MacKinnon, J. Laurie, I.
Innna, nnd O. D. Carlyle.were set
el apart to the ofllco of Elders. The
nlnistor, supported by the veteran
Skiers, M. MacEachom and J, F.
Imlth, stood behind tho communion
table and in front of the same stood
ho men who wero In be received as
lembora of tho Kirk-Session. The
teps taken wore narrated, the con-
regal inn addressed, the duties of an
Ider stated, tlie time honored ques-
[one asked of elders and people, fol-
wed by the prayer of consecration
nd the formal setting apart, and the
barge to elders and members of the
If reports that are In circulation
egarding Sunday bridge parties at
utsltle points are correct, what was
said on Sunday evening concerning
ransformation aud transmutation of
mpuritles nnd imperfections, in connection with ihe text, "The Lord will
perfect that which concernoth me."
,vns singularly appropriate for the
Limes and conditions in this particular locality.
ffhlch no doub
llled   pi
I Ferine Free Press)
After a long drawn out struggle
with the weather Plan, tlie Crow's Nest
Pass Curling Association bonspiei for
1923-24 season, wliich commenced in
Lethbridge In February, was finally
completed here this morning and passed intn history.
The linal game was played between
Milt Kastner and Harvey Brown, both
of Fernie. Brown quitting in tlie tenth
end with the score standing 11 points
to 2 in Kastner's favor. This win for
Kastner brought his total Up to 11
wins and thereby gavo him the Grand
Aggregate, nosing out S. Herchmer by
one game.
The following is the list of winners
in all events of tho spiel:
Only two of tho eight trophies failed
to bo brought to Ferine.
Grand Aggregate — M. A. Kastner.
Grand Challenge — 0. K. Stewart,
Ttites-Wood — "Scotty" Chalmers.
('tare-holm, Alia.
McLeod—M. A. Kastner, Fernie.
Magrath—M. A. Kastner, Fernio.
International—L, IC S. Herchmer.
Easy to Peed and Gftc Good He-
turns in Rich Milk in Say
Nothing* of Meat
tSoclal to the Herald)
lnvermere, B.C., March 22. — The
experience of those who have tried
raising gontB for use of their milk for
domestic purposes has proved t" be
very satisfactory throughout the Win-
dermere district. Mores the pity that
others have uot followed In ihe stops
of llio leaders iu this quaint Industry
for from all accounts the whole of this
neighborhood seems adni'mbly adapted for the roaring of lliese domestic
Tin.' virtues nud tho advantages of
goat rearing aro but llttlo known locally and one hoars of tlio drawbacks
nore than of the good qualities of
these animals. All kinds of tricks arc
laid to their charge 0f
thoy are iii tlie main
for Instance astltetr
of being able to mako n meal oft tin
cans. There is some mini attached to
them whatever the reason maybe, for
the slung expressions of lho "scapegoat," and "Mint gels my £001," have
a hidden meaning long lost iu tiie
dark ages. As to their good qualities.
thoy are reputed to be interesting aud
affectionate, in tlieir character and
their manners. They show a strong
attachment to tlieir attendants when
handled with care and kindness, and
certainly when it comes lo letting
down the milk, taken size for size
with the domestic cow, they can give
her a large handicap and heat her out.
Tho milk has n peculiar taste of its
own wliich is such that il would almost require to be cultivated before
it could he taken with a relish but
when given to children they know not
the difference, nnd it has, above all
other, qualities us n food for consumption that taken as a whole it Is free
from tuberculin germs which aro the
pest and the destruction, or rather
are alleged to be, of so many of tlie
human race. Tiie milk is easy to digest and is said lo take but one third
of tho lime which is necessary to assimilate tliat from cows. An analysis
of the milk shows It to contain a far
larger amount of iron and lime. The
average quantity of milk a nanny will
produce is about two and a. half quarts
per diem, though with care and encouragement this ean in time be more
tlmu doubled. A goat readies its
prime when about seven years of age.
This is the period when a cow is said
to be at her besl. It falls down in the
matter of age however, as it readies
the limit nt about ten to twelve year;.
and from the writer's experience with
some cows that have been turned In to
beef u goat of twelve years would lie
in comparison to tier as spring chicken to an old roomer.
Given a market, the price which the
producl brings, more than makes up
for llio smallness iu quantity for it is
always from twice to more por quail
than the lacteal fluid from a cow.
Goats are said to afford a certain
amount of protection from coyotes, to
'sheep on the range. They will thrive
where another animal will starve for
lack of food and it seems as though tiie
sparse ranges of tlie East Kootenay
might easily Btiport moro of these animals than at present and that without
'interfering with the cattle Industry
If their good qualities were but more
generally known.
j The department of agriculture of
the Dominion, at Ottawa, tho provincial department ot agriculture at Victoria, and the B.C. Goat Brooders Association al Vancouvor have tons of
: literature tolling more about these
quadrupeds and their many good qualities which may be had for tho asking.
Harvey Brown. | Victoria,—It is estimated that forty
j million feet or lumber will be exported
by water routes during the month from
all British Columbia ports.
MrB. B. A. Moorhouae entertained at
afternoon tea on Saturday last in honor of her sister-in-law, Mrs. N. Moor-
house, ni Seattle, who spent the weekend in the city,
D, McDonald, who has been with
the Sash & Door Company for some
time, has gone to Wycliffe, where be
hns taken the position of tie Inspector,—Creston Hovlow.
On Monday Of this week, Michael
McKIe, an Indian, brought iu six cougars, five of which wero females.
They wore taken in the South Fork
country. This makes about twenty of
these killers taken since Ihe beginning
of Hie year.    Fernie Free Press.
W, ll. [Hassle, who wus the city engineer hero for some years, returned
last week-end, and spent a short time
III tho lily with his sister, Mrs. ('. II.
Garrett, before proceeding up to Kimberley, where he is now surveying on
Mu1 Klmborloy townsite I'or Messrs.
DeWolf & Ham, of this city, Ho left
lho employ (if tho city iu 1921 nnd
went lo South America wliere he was
interested In it big mining venture.
Of late he has boon engaged In civil
engineering work at North Vancouver.
Old limes in tlie Fast Kootenay were
revived again this week with the re-'
liirn of Fred J. Smyth to tho city for
a short lime. Mr. Smyth was In Moyie running llio Moyie Leader when.
things in Cranbrook were just at their
beginning. He ran tho paper there'
till tho continued inactivity of the St.
Eugene mine broke up the town when
he came to Cranbrook nnd was connected with tlie Herald for some time.1
Calling in at his old stamping grounds1
again on Monday he was full of inter-'
esttng reminiscence of thoso days
and lhe people who held the centre of
the stage then. The plant at Moyie
was sold and later taken up to Athalmer, wliere it was broken up when the
printing office thero discontinued.1
Since that time he has boen ot Prince-'
ton and elsewhere, and at present is
working on the Northern Idaho News1
at Sandpolnt. He Is still interested:
In the Society Olrl mine at Moyie, and
it was in connection with a meeting
of the shareholders of the company
ai Moyie on Monday afternoon that he
came up from Sandpolnt on Sunday,
Intending to return again after the
meeting, if tlio pull of old acquaintance did not prove too strong.
F. J. Guimont left on Wednesday
for Vancouver to attend a meeting of;
the Game Conservation Board, of,
which he Is ihe member representing
this portion or the interior. Before
lea.jug ho stated thai he expected his
resignation would be given effect by
the board, having beon before them
for n time. Ho has spent much time,
and money In tho work of the Game
Hoard, receiving no remuneration beyond tlie bare expenses, and finding
that the unremunerated work he hns
been called upon to do takes an Increasing amount of time, ho feels he
can no longer carry on, though he fs
still, and always will be, intensely Interested In matters pertaining to
game. The work, too, has its discouraging features, and these naturally
make themselves felt under the conditions in which services are giveu free to the board. Many game enthusiasts in this district are hoping
that the meetings of the Game Board
being held on Friday ami Saturday of
this week will shape up at least encouragingly enough so tliat Mr. Guimont may be persuaded to remain on
lho board to give tbe district tbe representation its game resources deserve.
I J. D. McBride is spending a few days
I In the city on business, He lias spout
| most of the past winter in the east.
Mrs. Mary Norn Catherine De Cres-
pigny has been granted a divorce on
Iho grounds of her husband's inlscou-
I duct, ll is stated thai In left her on
their British Columbia ranch at Wil-
! mer In 1020 and never returned or
wrote until he Furnished evidence of
'fits misconduct   Tliey were married
I In mil,—Vancouver Province
The sulo lourisl through the Kuak-
anooli district this year is assured of J
SOt'vi'co by the announcement that Mrs. I
Jones will ai once start tho erection I
of a Millie commodious store nl which
win be always on sab' ovorytlilug required hy the motor tourlsl In flic line
of eatables particularly. She is also
filling up a lunch room and Ice crenm
parlor iu   wliioli  the  visitors can  se-
No Smokino—Ko Spravino—»»*■""?■
Just Swallow a Capsule
Restores normal breathing, stops
mucus gatherings in tho bronchial
tEibes. gives long nights of quiet
sleep; contains m, habit-forming drug,
$1.00 at your druggists. Send 4c
in stain™ for a generous sample,
Tomplotona, 142 King West, Toronto.
Cruiiliniok Drug H Rook Co.
fm;. light rofreshiuonts and tho place
will bo equipped throughout to mako
visitors eve'Ie'euiio to ami appreciative
of KiiHliatiEEEEis.   Oroston Rovlow.
Tho contracl lor Hi.e rebuilding <.r
a portion of tho main trunk road
around Crow's Nosl l-nko eviis loL eeii
Monday of this week and work lias
alveady commonoed. Wo iimlorBtand
that Mr. MoDotigall, evIue Ih suporvls*
ing tbEE work over irt*. PranK Slide,
eeIII also suporvlso tl.u work at Crow's
Nost Lako. -Blalrmoro Enforprlse.
fc-E'i « ' :"■!'.in':'   :;
These aro now on Display at our Oarage.       It will
lie a pleasure for us to   demonstrate   to you
these 1924 Models.
Ratcliffe & Stewart
Nash <3£ Star Cars
Exide Batteries
Phone 42
\ -xr!. ■ i:a "■:■■:■..:.■ :■   -." i ■:::-. sr j, je: mUH
•». a ■----"       ■■ ■ --- -      -,....mmmm,...mm.     |
When In CRANBROOK slot, at
Mount Baker Hotel
Couveulently Situated.      Jlust Modern Hotel In tho District.
KATES FltOlI $1.00 OP.
Phone 92 p. o. 13ox 265
Britsih Empire Exhibition
Don't Put It Off.    Choice Aero ininortntlons Arc Taken Early,
See tho Airenl of the
Full Information    Cheerfully Given.
Pnafiporifl   nnd   HesGrvnt.Joiis Ar-
ranged  on  lm.li
I am now paying from one dollar and forty cents to two
dollars for average lots of   SPRING MUSKRA.S
|   clear of hiits and damaged; also besl possible prices for
other furs (legally caught).
I   J. H. MUNR0 - - Revelstoke, B.C.
ft;is3«iMiflli(i«ijaiaiswainsi"mi ii. ub tnunmirami, i>in>mpf.  ■ t
JOE UYEMATSU, formerly proprietor of the Century
Cafe, has taken over lhe management of the CANADIAN
CAFE) on Van Horne Street, opposite the C. P, ll. Depot.
AIr. L'yenialsu lias spared no expense in thoroughly
renovating his new premises from lop to bottom, both Inside nnd out    - the place is spotlessly clean.
Joe's reputation as a restaurant man is well known to
the people Of Cninlirook and viciully. You can depend on
liiin for a flrsl class meal.
Canadian Cafe and Rooms
The City Bakery
Home Ma.de Bread, Cakes
;**_»_2?"\y<   ^
«.nd Pastry
It. EATON, Proprietor Friday, Mareli 88th, 1024
If! .■■•■••)   ICgVJI iVi  ;   ■>
' 'JfU
^/.er euen/ ;neai /
A pleasant
nn-:. ::•:?*«;(.■:'".■ "-
stvcot und a
bcnellt as
Good   for
teeth,   brfnti.
and tiv(-r  •:-■■■•
Make;; tlic|£
next drrtul*
laste belter,
CXtTU WORK IN EAST iin wliich eight dlstricta competed
KOOTHNAY  DISTRICT Woherlj Boyi* and Girls Calf CInb.
—  Tlu* first  steps along the  lines  o(
(Continued from Page one; live-stock exhibition work in the Mo-
first five, ninth, tenth und sixteenth I berly and Blaeberry Df strict*, was
plucings wero won by sister mate [made on November 8rd by the boys
bows. Tho first five sows were all laud girls of these districts. Last
raised under much the-same condl-i spring a Calf Club was organized in
tions und developed very much  the the districts and though tbo calves ex-
winner of tlio Silver cup
presented by tbo Canadian   ibnk   t.r  Commorco
for Heat  Pig in Cr.uilini.il;
rig Show of 1028.
Mill, and Cream
Bulte Dairy Farm
1 tVfftVfffleVfffffeVffffffff
'< k
aroBE www os thi. coairaA.I
To the Editor.
Cranbrooit Herald.
Supplementing some letters on tbei
Provincial Elections Act which you
were Kood enough to publish in your
columns a week or iwo back. I en-
I close Borne correspondence on the
same subject with tbe Deputy Provln-
U ial Secretary.
• Prom the Jailer's letter I certainly
seem to owo the Pernio Registrar uu
apology—and 1 am niad to make ft
i publicly- for thinking that be hud
not done his duty in the matter of the
ravlsed votera' list; it appears that,
beyond .striking off the names of those
Who did not vote ut the lost election,
he ls nm allowed to (iii anything or
himself, be may nol even scratch out
the name of a decease l person, every-
MONK  10
t   Wlillo Help Only Is Emiiloj-od.
Von will liiiil this Ciii'ii ii Hoinoy
rinco In Enjoy Yonr 3I.nl*     $
ALEX. HURRY  -   Prop.   |
ie'oi'ee nil very kooeI Individuals nm!
for tlie mosl part sl.fj.vn in jewee! E'(,n
againsl tuem, ho
tho (llstrl.t »EEiiu
::. if tlie Act ls not Intended tr» limit
iIie, Registrar'* powers as set forth in
Question ill, EE'hat fEirlhcr pnEVcrt; Eir
duties Jeiik ho In the matter, which
ee'ouIeI fairly permll him to give the
certification demanded In Section 26
(1)  wlthoul    perjuring   himself?   Is
. I.
e! E'ith.T died of If.filiiiEE list, the Registrar 'Iocs not con-ified in certifying lhat a
tlmo before. corn  himself with anything beyond was fit for tralllc because It had been
noi Intended to limit tlie fact that ihe said list has boen built In stricl accordance with tbe
mado up in accordance wltb the Pro- specification ami drawings, wheu all
vlnelnl Elections Act. the lime he knew thai some vital pan
I .-.in prepared to admit that ihe an- hod, by mistake, beon omitted trom Uio
omaly of the Registrar's retaining up- said spoeiacation ami drawings, as a
lf Vote a I consequence of which it would col-
apse as soon ns nny weight came on
I   if a Itesi.trar knoEws thai he has
in his list names ot people
on tlie list
person whoi
of a I
thing l» loft for some other person to ""' •*"l""°" 8UBSe8led "' ''"'L 4' "f T, "f ">"'"> be0" 1°'™"* <<°«
do if they reel so disposed, a mosl un>8 l"""r "a"'" M'"v" :,> a corriKt "''" "f 8"eh ,"™ase
John Seaward won first placing on
a very typy Jersey heifer of remarkable size und In good fit.
The following ure the rostilts of tbe
satisfactory state of things, in fact
one feelB Inclined to ask, why trouble!
the registrar at ull In the matter, why)
should not tbe whole work be done, or,
left undone, by voluntary labor? |
Mm I cannot retracl anything I.
said about the certification of tho revised list; in spile of a very poor attempt of the Deputy Provincial Secretary to read au entirely different
meaning into the words of the Act, 1
must, maintain that, under some circumstances,   it   certainly Incites the
same type. Tho how in ninth placing lit bi ted were ot different breed
ror some unknown reason developed a
llttlo rough at the shoulder while the
sow iu the tenth placing was also
probably a little too well done, without sufficient exorcise, with the result
that sho developed just a liltle short
and thick; aud the sow in sixteenth
placing, although n very good Yorkshire type, lacked finish and weight,
and ther fore had lo be placed down.
It was  evident   from  the growth OfIfifth Ruddle Price' sixth  David Linns-;   ■     i   .. . ,
° III Ml. llilUUIt, I U(,e,  B-JJ-UI, AW. Ill L-UH.H-   yiHCti.  tllO SpUCC  t lU*>* hate  OCCUPlOd  ill
these eight sows that thero are two ea-LHowerd Price* ninth. Fred  Bergen.
sential factors required in tho produ-Jhnm.
clng   of   good   bacon-hogs-namely,    AUJl0Ug„ thla was the llrsl attempt
plenty of muscle and hone i>roducing|0, t||0 ^ ,iml   _,,.,„ „, „,„ „wbtt.
Iiik ol live stock, it was very evident
thai the animals had been fitted and
trained for exhibition purposes anil
from tlie interest shown this yeur on
the part of tlie competitors there is no
doubt but that the Moberry and Iilue-
competltloni  First.   John   Seaward; registrar to commit perjury,
second, Oottnar Hed-erg; third, Enid     ,. „„, pl,hlICEitiun ot theso letters
Butterfieldl   fourth,   Cleland   Price; L„--8eda ln Kt,ltl„R lh- Acl ll80]r r0.
I think that you will agree that the
subjeEit has particular public interest
nt tlio present time.
Thanking yon, in anticipation, for
your consideration of Uie above,
nm, Sir,
yours faithfully,
.r. iiAitxAitii. r'apt.
J    Is Wlml Tliey All Say About
|       FRAME'S
+ nml PASTRY'
$ PHONE 87
| The Home Bakery
a *
foods, coupled with sufficient exercise
for tho first five months of growth,
j?\  and about thrco weeks finishing on
•> j  such foods as corn meal nnd barley-
It was slated above that last sea-
sou's club work has created a deslre|borry Districts Calf Club will Improve
ou the part of some for better live jtl future years, both in number of
stock; this is amply proven by the Icompetitors and quality of entries,
fact that already a number of lostfjuntor Live-Stock Judging
year's competitors have made Inqui-I   Another phase of live-stock Impro*-
rles at tho agricultural office as to vement work that has been promoted
where Yorkshire pigs of good bacon j„ die Boat Kootenay district during
||  type can be purchased for club work the past season is the boys' und girls-
next year, livestock judging work .
It fs worthy of note that the Cran- With the aim fn view of entering a
brook pig club won first prize for team in the junior live-stock judging
best district display hi the province, competition at  the New Westminster
your columns
Prov. Secretary's Office,
Victoria, March Nth, 192-1
Capt, J, Barnard,
BayntM Lake. Enst Kootenny,'B.C.,
ro Voters' List,
I have (lie honor to acknowledge the
not have been was-j receipt of your communication   of the
jlOth Inst.   In reply. I beg to refer to
ly remove such name from the li
Of course, in such ease, he woi
very likely bring the matter to the attention of some person Interested,
with a .suggestion that the latter make
objection iu statutory form.
I Will add that as you are no doubl
aware, the charge for a copy of tin-
Voters* Lists is fixed by the Statute
at tho rate of 25 cents a hundrec
wo r iis.
As requested tho correspondence
attached t<> yonr communication is re
turned herewith.
I have tho honor to be, Sir.
Your obodlenl servant,
isigned) J   L  WHITE,
Deputy Provincial Secretary
r !.'d
Haynes Lake,
March 22, 192-i.
Your grand-parents used it    Safe,
sure and efficient     Small ilose
means economy, ond brii
relief. Does nm upset tl ach
Trv Sbilob   80c, tfOc'and
Spring Is Here—
You Need A Tonic
To pivrifj  the 11 !. lone up jour
stomach and unik,- you feel bright
anil Ie«eKIij- lake
Celery King
H acts gently and wlthoul discomfort
Brew a eup for BVerj member of the
family—talte three Umea a week for
three" weeks. Everyone needs a
IpHng tonic   30c and 60c.
Baynes Lake,
East Kootenay, B.C
March io. 1924.
The Deputy Provincial .Secretary.
Victoria, B.C.,
Dear Sir:
I should he very much obliged if you
your questions as follows:—
l. Tin- duties  ot the  tlegistrur  In
making up the revised lists of Voters
are clearly set oui in the Provincial
Elections Act.
j 2. Tho question of perjury i|.
arise. Tbe Roglstror of Voter:
fles that the list is correct, that is lo
say, that it has been made lip correctly in accordance with the provisions
(of tho Statute.
Tho Act is Intended to limit the
would kindly peruse the enclosed cor-lRoglBtrar'B powers in the manner sug-
respondence, particularly the letters gested. Tho point which you raise is
dated February IS, 27, 2!). and March'not a new one and has been previously
3, and answer the three following discussed, lt was thoroughly gone
questions: Into when ihe present Provincial Elec-
l. In making up a revised list of tions Act was prepared for submission
voters, ure a Registrar's powers llm-'to the Legislative Assembly. The Hp-
IIed to striking off the names of those glstrar of Voters can strike off tlie
against  whom, for various reasons, a'names of persons only, who have fail-
Hayucs Lake,
far ti>
of 1
:e, his certificate In
just as much per-
? enslneer would lv
v.* Just used
aomalj for n regis-
its I il the names of
e ten the district?
t the Jalter leaves a
perjury than
Tbe Deputy Pn
Victoria, B (
notlDear sir:
rti-|    I   have  to a
[knowledge your com-
munlcation of .March 14th.
I have no doubt that what you soy
with regard to the limitation of Regis*
tear's.duties fs quite correct, as. whether the Act really Intended it or not
ii certainly seems to corroborate ft.]
and 1 must retract what I .-aid to the
Fernie Registrar in this respect. With
regard to (2), however, ! musl -'iii
maintain thai the question of perjury)
does arise; I should be very much
astonished if any court nf law upheld
your contention that to say "I hereby
certify that the above is a correct list
\< a matter t
far larger loopholo
the former.
It cannot be denied that part;, ot
this Act reflect very little credit on
those who drafted it or on those who
amended i:. and the sooner 11 is redrafted, the better. The publication
of this correspondence may. l hope,
assist a little in brinping about this
very desirable proceeding; and your
paragraph re* the payment necessary
for the copy of a list calls attention
io ;i mu-! necessary provision iu such
re-drafting, I.e., that a copy of the old
list should be displayed In every post
office when revision is about to take
place Ii Is not right that voters tu
outlying districts should have to pay
to inspect this Us:..
Thanking yen for your consideration of the matter.
I am. Sir.
Tours faithfully
VitiH.uner. -The Wcujdward elevator
b practically completed, increasing
:he grain storage capacity of the port
■ ■■■ 2.900.000 bushels Arrangements
are now being made to load ships with
whi -■.' by meana of lighters. If this
practice is established ii will prove
protest is made, nnd adding tlie names led to vole al a previous election or to of the Voters, etc.." is the same f hiogj another great assistance to handling
of those who make new applications'.'! whom objection has been made In tbe'as to say "1  hereby certify that tbe|0f Rrain
2. If so. does not Section 25,(1) of! manner provided  in the Statute.    It,above list of Voters' has been made  . _ . _ .,
the  Provincial  Elections  Act obllgcjis no part of the duties of the Regis- up correctly in accordance with tbe QTJHigJ .\ 6LBA3CY MASS
him, under certain circumstances, lojtrnr to strike off names of persons'provisions of the Statute." if the Act! gj? jjj; \ J'Jjf pr^ HAJB
of the Statute." if the Act!
tally intended this last meaning, all
perjure himself? Hie said ctrcumstan-lwhom he may of his personal know-
ces being that he may have personal lodge know to have left tlte district.,'that can be said Is that it was ^^^-JSo'Cent "Danderlne" So Impro-
: knowledge of the fact that certain per-i Tor various  reasons  such a course' ingly carelessly drawn up and very      res LlfeleSS NeglQCteil H&tl
JOHN" SEAWARD  viu.'sons. whoso names are on the list be-j would be impracticable and open to-badly worded.   You; might just as well
ner of first prize In Mo-
berley and Blaeberry Calf
Show in 1923.
cause no protest  has been registeredIvery ninny objection.'..    In certifying maintain that an engineer was Justf-
Young Emigrants Trained for Life in Canada
Clean Child's Bowels with
"California Fig Syrup"
Minard's Liniment
Co., Limited"
YttrmEEtsili,    -   -    I..S,
I Exhibition,   live stock JiiiIbuib days]
were twill  throughoul  the Bttmmer,
EEiiil il i\:m .E'ltlem from the IjitertM
taken that each boy was to help make
the learn tt, represent the Cranbrook
! tlistrirl al the new Westminster Exhl- I
IWliEEll   ,
: The three finally seleE'ted were
Stewart McClure, Allan Keer, anil
: JeeI.ii Clark, anil in the competition In1
I eeIu'eIi eiplil leitms wore competing,
they stootl second, sixth, antl twelfth
respectively, anil as a team won soc-
itiltl place, beinc twellty-seE-eii polnla i
heiiiiiii the winning <enm.
Tbe special prize Elonaled by ileall
Clements, nt ihe University ot Hritish
Columbia, for the. highest Individual
score In the Judging of dairy cattle
was won by Ktcwnri McClore or the
Cranbrook team.
This bciiiR the first year thai Junior I
live-stock JiitlfiliiK has been promote.!
in iii,- Cranbrook District, It was at
first somewhat Elimcult to stimulate
miiE-li Interest in the work, but as time
j went on It Evas very evident thai the
i boya  were becoming keenly litleres-
, ted.   The work Is now quite past tlie
collo, fcierish breath, coated tontnatI«l'«rt«n"i*«* »'»ec and n0 doubt will
or diarrhea, a half leaspoonfnl or Ren- '"> " l">™iaiicnt work for tho summer
Him. "California tig Syrup" prompt- h"1"'1" »"" W" "«'UP" " unrt of the
ly moves the sons/ gases, bile, -our* tta8 "l lcl"" "' "ie wlciiltiirlst In
lug food und wiislo right out.   Never !f"l"ro '"""■
**>*« -N-Jm.     J|P
ei.imps or overacts.
delicious lasto.
Ask your druggist for genuine "California Pig Syrup" which has full directions for infants In arma, and
children of nil nges, plainly printed
on boltle. Mother! You must say
"California" cr you'may get an imitation fig syrup.
Qablea love Its     t1"h Junior live-stock Judging work
Towrlss & Adams
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.    Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
Telephone 68
P.O. B« 111
is undoubtedly one of tho first and
most Important steps to be taken in
live-stock improvement work as far
as the rising generation is concerned,
A mnn must have some ideal typo in
view or he cannot be expected to carry on Improved breeding work with
[any degree of success. Therefore in
still In the minds of tlio boys of today
the ideal types of the different classes
of live-Stock und when they start in
the live-stock game In future years
they start with an aim in view,
An abundance
of luxuriant hair
full of giose.
p.c-an.3 and life
shortly follows a
genuine toning up
of neglected
scalps with dependable "Dan-
falling hair, itching scalp and the
dandruff U corrected Immediately.
Thin, dry, wispy or fading hair la
quickly Invigorated, taking on new
strength, color and youthful beauty.
"Danderlne" is delightful on the hair;
a refreshing, stimulating tonic—not
sticky or greasy!   Any drugstore.
ST05BS, stomach and liver
trouble", whon HEI'.tTOU
does the work without pain
and no rluk of your llfe, nor
loss of time. COSTAJSS
St) P0I80.1
Not .Sold By Druepsu
Sole Manufacturer
•ail Fourth .I.e. S,   I'hone UU
Pr!.- KM   1'iircel post
LV, renlE, extra
Lift Off-No Pain!
I.flmontnn. Alta.—Alberta has maintained an average yield of spring
whflat of l!Mi bnsheln per acre over a
period of 26 years, nccordlng to a
chart prepared hy tho department of
agriculture. In addition winter wheat
has averaged over Uio same period
20.19 bmbtls; rye, 11.84 bushrls, end
JUl I.T1
Above:  l>.ik.<nr Farm, PBlmoulh, N.8.. -in... initfli The F»rm  Home.    Below. Itftl  Jimnil* Immlrnmtl  Onrftf  Btlflllon
Amy au«plre*i aboard lhe Canadian  Pacific 8.8. "Melanaraa."   Rlffhtl Tj-pii-al of till fruJuaUl of Iiaknne Farm.
I NTEKEST in juvenile immigration is being increns- training which will fit them for life in Canada, be-
1 ingly manifested by Canada and arrangements *»■" :'v ■- ■■-'■^■•'"l- ih«?..*«. however, se-..;,
hnvo been made by the Government and Colonization
Interests to bring over from the Hritish Isles thli
year, a larger number than heretofore, The demand
for theso youthful citizens has greatly exceeded the
supply. In tho Inst score of yearn approximately
30,000 boys nnd girls have migrated from England to
Canada, while in the same period, Applications for
these juveniles hnvo numbered somp 450,000, the majority being from agricultural centres,
Within the last few yours a great deal of thought
lias been given to the training of theso girls snd boys
before tholr distribution to the various fanning ten-
tree of the Dominion. The boys coming out under
the auip.ee* of the Salvation Army are given a train-
tne couiw at tbe farm colony, lladh-igh, Knglund,
Mi geerljf o*V* juwU* ew|gni»t» wa given- aoim:
piiices in Canada where the children may be sent for
schooling nnd preparation for assimilation. One of
the most outstanding of these is the Dakeyne Farm,
neat Falmouth, NS. This farm was established In
1018 by an English gentleman, Mr. Oliver W. Hind,
who is largely interested in boys work in England.
Each yenr a number of buys are sent from England to the Dakeyne Farm, and they «re given Individual Instruction In dairying, stuck raising, poultry
keep and general farm work.    Each hoy thus feiirns, ■
by actual experience, the full round of duties that
may lie expected of him. Since Its inception Iiii hoys
have passed through the farm, and it is interesting
to note that several boys, nfter graduation, have been
Assisted in purchasing farms and in practical 1} ull
rases, money or equipment loaned, hua been rcoatd
In lulL  . - .. ^. *
Doesn't hurt one bit! Drop a little
"1'Yeeznno" on an aching corn, Instantly that corn stops hurting, limn
shortly you lift It off with fingers.
Vour druggist soils a tiny bottlo of
"I'Voczono" for a few centa, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn,
[or corn between iho ton., and the foot
nilliuirf.,  without aorcnrSB or lrrlta *agb FOUR
Friday, March SStli, l»24
uiaaiiiiraiunuai-raiBiiiiaiiiiiiiimoiiiiiiiiiiiETi.^  inroiinimiinniiii ° |
eve'11 known  "
me eeikI abroad.
It will EleliBlEi iiiEil surprise you
nOUOlULlunllEntiiiiiii[iiU]|!iu:i;i.iii:] i;j.i,i:i:i.ii,_Hi i ':'i nur .ki: hrii;iitvr ,[]!i:i i.1:i:ic..11.1:unc;	
i \% I % : \    YEARS   AGO
MStroctS from Tho Cranbrook
Henild of this dale,  1903.
Central lino proposed up lo Colden.
\ company has been
lie a steam laundry ii
already putllng up a
tlie city
A. Walllnger has been appoint-
suyer at the North Slur mine.
Belgian capitalists recently looked
over tho Crow's Nest territory und
Issued a sit atom enl that they ure eon
uidering erecting a zinc smelter
er nt Fernie or Frank.
A movement is on foot iu tlm east to
amalgamate tha Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregationallst Churches.
ives thin week
ction with  the
lhe Kootenay
Dr. Croon left this week for New
York whore ho will lake a pust-gnul-
uate eourso at one of tbe advanced
medical colleges.
.Mr. c. H. Pollen 1
for England in conn
further promotion   <>
the Cranbrook Gerald
Published Every Friday
Hritish political life, bul like many it more illustrious statesman before him,, lie failed nt the
jump. After breaking away from ibe Conservative fold, he worked his way Into the iniierinnsl
councils of the Liberal party, anil now was seelt-
gubicrlpUon Price  12.00 Per Yeur i.        ,
To United Slates •»«■» ■>»» v«.. linS election tin his reputation, nominally us a
Advertising Hates on Application,    Cl!
(or Advertising should be handed in not hEter tt.iiii Weil
nesday noon to secure attention.
Communications tor publication must be aeeoniiuniioEt
by the name ot the writer, not necessarily to appear in
..$i.'ill Per Vniri '"B '""•'"'
liangoB ot Copy Conservative supporter,     lint the electors
London borough preferred to elect an out-and
out man, with the party endorsement behind him
nnd Churchill's hopes of again becoming a fig.
nre in the laml are dispelled for a time.
MARCH       1924
am km iw ot» iw rm pm
2 34567 8
1617 1819 20 21U
U It 25 26 27 28 29
The city council will meet with "••--, end-
orsement in their efforts to reduce the civic tax
rate. With rigid economy in all branches, and
by developing a healthy surplus in the light and
water departments, it looks as if a rate of 47
mills will be established, or a straight reduction
of four mills from last year. This is a step in
the right direction, and in keeping with the nation-wide call for economy. It is impossible to
foresee what contingencies may arise, perhaps
calling for expenditure not planned on; but the
city council will not be held responsible
if that does occur, since they have shown coin
plete sympathy with a retrenchment policy that
really results in retrenchment.
How local go-gettiveness may sometimes
succeed where other means fail, is seen In the
case of the local fish hatchery. At considerable
expense the local Hod and Cam Club wenl ahead
and established ihe hatchery, after repeated re-|
quests for government assistance had failed to
elicit any response. Some help was forthcoming afler the operation of the hatchery had
convinced the department that it was not only i
practicable, but necessary, and this year the welcome announcement is made that the hatchery
is to be operated under the direction of Ihe gov- jj
eminent If the Rod and Gun Club had only
this to its credit, it has more than justified iis
existence in the eyes of those interested in the
proper care of the district's natural game and
fishing attractions.
~::Jc, aY **  r;.i_*ii'ti^^J"r.".i*-tr^
Varied Program Given By Jlus-
leal Society Following Reg-
11 In r Evening Service
Another suere.il concert wus presented on Sunday evening luaL at tho
Presbyterian Onuroh, following the
regular evening Bervlce, ami uguin the
building was crowded, Indicating tbat
tho work pC the Society being carried
on under tbo leadership of Mr. Cl. E.
Bower is far from being entirely unappreciated. Including Iho choir nnd
ihe orchestra of eight or ton pieces,
thero were about fifty members ot the
al Sc
taking pnrt   in   tlu
d   in   tin
nf two
bo on i lie program
who made their In-
Sat ii id ny, March il)
HAPPY IS HE that condemneth
of III H kind before a
mi by enlisting their
tho  Musical   Society  mny
ly be said    to   havo made
if strength to its array
ii and Instrumental talent.
MacDotighnll Hogg was ono of
Ills feiling rendition of "King
i Lament" being counted among
*i numbers of the ovuilng. Mr.
Iberg, violinist, also made n
mprossion with his two well
lo numbers. Schubert's "Ave
nl "The Rosary," his double
stopping effect being noticeably good.
The program was carried through
as published last week, and represented some of the chorus work iu "The
.Messiah," which it is hoped the Sooty will be able to present complete
some tlmo. Thero were also a number of the solos from tbe passion part,
including the melodious soprano ari ,
"I Know That My Redeemer l.ivcth,'
wblch Mrs. M. Forrest gave in her usual finished imuiner. Mr. 1. Hiiiina
gave a group of tenor airs and rec!t
good in
known t
torn Our Exchanges
Winston Spencer Churchill, the stormy petrel of British politics, is a muchly disappointed
man.    He attempted to stage a come-back into
There is no division of opinion hi this country on the
subject of loafing on the job. that is. carrying on a strike
while pretending to work—the mosl despicable ot all nielli
ods of industrial strife. The lumber operators should be
j given the co-operation of all decent workers in locating
these loafer strikers aud should promptly get rid of them
Canada is a country of workers. It lias no place for tin
shirker.—Calgary Herald.
Mr. Ross Sutherland Speaks on
Scout Work, and Illustrates
New Methods of Work
Wednesday evening of this week
was a big night in Boy Scout circles,
and all the Scout Troops and the Cubs
about a hundred strong, live and alert
looking boys, wore on hand at the
Recreation Club to meet tho Chief
Scout Commissioner for B.C., Mr.
Ross Sutherland. Thero were also a
number ot Interested parents and other friondB of the movement present,
but not as many as its growing importance warrants. A number of Port
Steelo Scout workers were also present
The boys wero all on the qui vive
when tho Chief Commissioner met
them, and the evening opened with
the Scout promise given by the boys.
Afterward* Mr. Sutherland put the
Scouts through some exercisoa, show
ing them some new games aiming at
tbe cultivation of alertness both of
mind and body, and also gave them
some work in the way of drilling hy
signs, new formations, etc. Then under the direction of Mr. Salter, the
Scouts went through Borne physical
*>xerclses smartly and the Cubs had
a little session of games. The boys
closed their part or the program by
saluting the flag as tho Lord's Prayer
was recited.
Later, Mr. Sutherland addressed
the adults present, not at great length
but giving a great deal of information
on ths development of Scouting, and
showing tbe need for workers ln con
nectlon with the movement. Mr,
Sutherland has been heart and soul
in tho work since tbe time of the war,
when he saw in the Old Country
how the scouts there were "carrying
on" in the places of men who had
gone to the front, and taking a place
In tbe national life in that time of
stress that would not have been possible without tlie self-reliant training
that the Scout work gives a boy.
He has recently returned from Ottawa where ho was one of the two representatives from B.C., to take in i
ten day course In the Gllliwell meth
ods of scout work. Ho had on a pre
vious visit to England become Inter
osted ln this course, and had welcom
od the opportunity to become better
acquainted with methods or scout
work that the eourso offered. Mr.
Sutherland was introduced to the
meeting by Mr. F. 0, Marsh as chair,
The Chief CbmmlsBlonor congratulated tbe boys on tho keenness they
had shown ln ths work, which he
I on PM* ftf%)
Principal   Porter's   Illustrated
Address Friday Last Filled
High School Hall
Friday evening last the auditorium
of the high scliool was filled to capacity when Principal Porter delivered
a most interesting and educational illustrated lecture on "Canada From
Coast to Coast."
With the many beautiful views that
wero shown the speaker took his audience on a two hour trip from Nova
Scotia to Victoria, showing In passing
the many and varied points of Interest
throughout the Dominion. He showed
that thero wero few parts of Canada
with which he was not familiar. The
lecture was ono of a serleB from the
University of Alberta Extension Department, which the people of Cranbrook havo on more than one occasion
had the pleasure of hearing.
Mr. Porter, in opening bis lecture,
expressed his appreciation of the
large number present, paying suitable
tribute to the grand Dominion with Its
nlno million people, of whom we are
proud to be called sons and daughters.
With reference to the Sports Fund,
which tho contribution that evening
wns intended to augment, the speaker
laid stress on athletic training in the
schools, claiming that a recent census of various schools, showed tbat
tho leaders In athletics were also the
leaders in classes. Athletics are essential to put the color in the cheeks.
The first picture shown was Lincoln
Hay, Cape Breton Island, famous for
Its tides, eighty feet being the normal
rise at this point. The home of Dr.
Alexander Graham Bell, on the beautiful Bredoro Lakes, would for scenic
beauty, compare favorably with any
spot on the continent. Tho fishing
and other industries as well as the
physical characteristics of Nova Seo.
tla were well exemplified In picture,
The impregnable Fort Monroe, Hal.
ifax's famous citadel, was dearly Illustrated and Glace Bay, where Ib located the largest anthracite coal mine
In the world. Following the slides on
Glace Bay, pictures were shown of
Yarmouth, Mr. Porter's homo town,
and of several places in the Valley.
The various industries; fishing,
lumbering, farming, dairying, fruit
growing were shown In picture form.
P. E. I. waa touched upon noting Its
leading nctlvltlcs.
New Brunswick next enme in for
attention, slides being shown of tho
famous reversible falls of St. John.
Then the Industries of ship-building,
lumbering and farming wore sketched
In rapid euccessfon. Fredorickton was
shown ss Ub capital clly and a little
of Its history was given.
In   Quebec   province   tho   north
wilds were first shown.   Then Quebec
city, Montreal, thchahitant farms, etc.
In Ontario several of the large cities wero pictured, showing the leading
manufacturing  centers.
The beautiful Great Lakes came in
for some very pretty slides. Northern
Ontario was revealed as something
more than a laud of wasies. Some
slides were shown of tiie soldier settlement farms of tho north.
The western prairie provinces were
pictured showing the varied activities.
Grain growing, cattle and horse raising, mixed farming etc., were given
In detail. Pictures of the large cities,
political aud educational centers, etc..
were dwelt upon at some length.
In British Columbia, mountain scenery, various industrial activities, etc..
were discussed in detail. The lecture
ended at the Pacific coast, showing
ono of the big C.P.R. liners about to
If ia that thing which lie
Romans 14:22.
+   +   +
Sunday, March 311
LOVE NOT THE WORLD, neither the
things that are in the world.   If any
man love tho world, tho love of the
Father is not in him.—1 John 2:15.
+   +    +
Monday. March 31
TRUST IN THE LORD with all thine
heart; and lean nol  unto thine own
understanding.—Proverbs 13:5.
+   +   +
Tuesday, April 1
thee. The Lord make bis face to shine
upon thee, and he gracious unto thee.
The Lord lift up his countenance upon
thee, and give thee peace.—Nambers
0:24 20.
+    +    +
 Wednesday, April "2
with observation. Neither shall they
say.. Lo heie or, lo there! for, behold,
the kingdom of God is within you.—
Luke 17:20-21.
April 8
Oil THAT MEN would praise the Lord
for bis goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men.—
Psalm 107:21,
+ + +
Friday. April I
THUS SAITH THE LOUD that created thee. O Jacob, and he that formed
thee, O Israel. Fear no;: for 1 have
redeemed thee, I hav? called Hue hy
thy name; thou art mine.—Isaiah ■!:':!
Word wns received iu the city Tluir
Btlay of the sudden death Iu Vancouver, ot Charles Burgess of Waldo, who
for the past two weeks with his family had been residing thore. Tlie late'
.Mr. Burgess was formerly Secretary
lo the Baker Lumber Company at
Waldo, and only left, there two weeks
ago to make his homo at the Coast.
The lato Mr. Burgess was born August 27th, 1871, ami was a. member of
tho 01k River Masonic Lodge of Fernio, and also of the Rocky Mountain
Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of this
lily. Ile is survived by his wire,
Lizzie Burgess, who with her family,
accompanying tho remains, la expected lo arrive lu the city ou Saturday
Uncle Jaltn1
ml husln ss of
nfo, until recently owned by
tiios and George ('ashman
sold by M. a. Heale. Trus-
tho Bankruptcy Act, to Aland Ham Bong, two young
of Crnnbrook, who will
carry on the business under the same
firm name from and after the llrst or
April next.
All accounts owing by the old proprietors mast ho sent in to Mr. M. A.
Bealo. The new proprietors are responsible only for debts Incurred ou
and aft r 1st of ApriK
Of the several problems of
mighty import—you bet the
Editor knows I Be it furrm' relations, or mighty world-court,
you'll find that the Editor
knows. His verdict is righteous
nn' right off the bat,—the pro-
cesa is easier 'n akinnin' a cat,—
nml he'll show a fool president
right where he's at—for you
bet the Editor knows!
In wide-world diplomacy he is
a peach,—you seo, the Editor
knows; he plugs every chasm
and sews up the breach,—it's
plain lhat the Editor knows.
... He lands with a biff on
the powers that be,—no geezer
ho apt or impulsive as ho, and
he stops when the enemy takes
to u tree,—Gol-darn it, the
Editor knows!
As a moulder of sentiment no
is supreme ami this the community knows,—and the flight
of his fancy is sometimes a
scream.—it's proof lhat the
Editor knows! He wallops the
welkin in front of the mob. , .
To bring homo tho bacon is pm ■
of his job, and his life is n lurid,
perennial throb. Lord blp**» him.
I —the Etritor knowsi 4*
Three of the many liquor cases came
Up before Magistrate Leask on, Thursday and in all three cases the parties were found guilty and sentenced
to six months at Nelson.
alive passages and Mrs. H. C. Klnghorn lhe contralto air, "He Was Despised and Rejected" the latter particularly being heard lo good advantage.
Tlie choruses were all sung with spirit and feeling, and comprised five of
tho "Messiah" selections.
The string trio in the first part of
the program by Mrs. Walllnger, violin.
Miss Wanda Fink, Velio and Mrs. H.
F. Helmslng, piano, wis one of the
outstanding numbers. Completing the
program were a solo setting of the
well known hymn. "There Is A Green-
Hill" sung by Miss F. Paul, and nu
organ solo by Mr. G. E. Bower.
Their performance on Sunday night
Will tend to create high expectations]
for other work the Musical Society j
has in preparation and the large attendances that havo greeted them at
their concerts should he convincing
evidence that the efforts of Mr. Bower
and tho members of the Society are
being given some measure of support
by those who realize that somethinng
for the public good Is being done.
We are Leaders in the Shoe Line
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+   +
Late .Tu iiios LIddfcoal Resided
til Fort Steele About a
Quarter of Century Ago
Clifford Slssons of this city, who is
at present a patient at the hospital, Is
now improving nicely.
G. C. H. Coleman, Windermere rancher. Is lit the city on a short business
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McLean of Medicine Hat were in the city last week.
W. S. Mlddleton. architect of the
Lands Department, Victoria, was In
the city ou Wednesday conferring with
tho local government agent regarding
certain matters of maintenance in
connection with the local government
with the departure of Mrs
Drummond recently to reside at the
Coast, another old time resident has
left the city. After such a long residence hero it is only natural that
many friends of long standing would
wish to mark tlieir regrets at her departure, and accordingly she was the
guest of honor nt a number of pleasant ladles' functions before leaving
when friends of St. Mary's church ami
the L.A. to the 11. of L.E. were present
to mark tho regret they felt nt her
leaving. Tho ladles of the parish entertained her nt tho home of Mrs. J.
E. Kennedy and the ladies of tho
L.G.A. at tbe home of Mrs. Dan Campbell. At the homo of Mrs. J. A. Genest a number of old time friends of
Mrs. Drummond, friends of the family
Mr. H. \V. Supple, formerly manager of the Imperial Bank here, but
now with that bank at Calgary, was
In the city for tbe week-end.
Assistant District Forester Stevens, and Messrs. F. H. Pym and J.
Sanderson, nre In Nelson this week
attending a conference of forest i angers of the Kootenay district.
After spending a holiday of three
or four weeks here, as the guest of
hla friend, Stanley Moffatt, Francis
Bow left on Tuesday evening to return home at Peace River, Alberta.
Ou Suturday last at Kamloops, at
tho home of his daughter, Mrs. A. H.
Mosbtt, there passed away Mr. James
Uddicoat formerly of this city.
Though he had reached Ihe advanced ago of 84 tbo news of bis death
was uiRxpeeled. He had walked home
only a week before his death. One
of tbe last of the veterans of the Indian Mutiny ami a military man practically all his life. Mr. Llddicoat was
ever ready to do service for his country. When the Great War broke out
he was soon one of those to enlist,
but to his regret had to be content
with detention camp duty, which took
him to Morrissey. Among other military service that he had rendered his
country was nine years at Gibraltar.
The. de< eased was ever active, men
by many years his junior being less
Minister   of j agilo  aud   without the physique and
TOURING CAR, With Starter
Cranbrook B.C.
G.   ll.   Nation,  Deputy
Lands, paid Cranbrook a visit on Sat-I bearing that  ho possessed
Tlie late Mr. Liddicoat was born in
Wales in 1S40 and came to Cannda
about the time of Confederation, taking up his residence in Ontario. In
1000 with his family ho moved west,
coming directly to Fort Steele whore
he was warden of. the prison for a
number of years. Soon ofttr arriving
in the west Mrs. Llddicoat died ami
was buried iu the local cemetery.
The remains, accompanied by Mrs.
Nisbet arrived from the west on Thursday evening and tlie funeral is lo
take place on Friday afternoon at
2.80 from the home of his daughter.
Mrs. Georgo l^ensk.
Tho Chief of Police would call the! M>'- Uddicoat is survived by the
attention of parents who permit tholr following children; Mrs. Goo. Leask.
children to cycle on Ihe streets to in- »'"' VIncpnl and Demy or Cranbrook,
stll In the minds of thoso youngsters Mrs. Nesbltt of Kamloops. James of
the necessity for them to know the Noepawa and Sydney In the States.
rules of tho road and to refrain from »♦•   *	
circling and cutting capers on tho lt is expected that Rev. w. T. Tan*
streets ns ft Is impost ble for drivers scolt. will be returning to the clly In
to know which way they nre to turn, lime to conduct his usual services at
Several escapes, perhaps from serious the Baptist church a week from this
injury or death, havo only been re- coming Sunday., On Sunday nix* Iho
cently narrowly averted. services will  be carried on as lost
Sunday, by Mr. IT. S. Haynes tn the
morning and Mr. H. L. Porter in lhe
unlay last. In company with Mr.
Norman Moore ho visited various
parts of the district, including Kimberley and the Waldo country.
Unusually Interesting degree work
was exemplified at the local Oddfellows' lodge on Monday evening, when
three candidates wore raised to the
third degree. The team was made up
entirely of third degree members and
the work was exemplified in full
form most efficiently. Following the
close of tho lodge the members were
Thomas!entertained at light refreshments by
the past grands of lhe lodge.
i;3LinEik3iir3ai3inci:i-:iCJ3;iiLimi3iatrjij!tiiitii:i=:^ LiniLi+ciiiiiiti'.iLitcsi-ia iniiMiicaiiiLitiiiiiiCJiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiit inic^iiiiiJiiiiiicsiiiiiiiiiiir C3M*t-lM*!z*M
I What Are You Looking For j
3 easy on your pocket bookj |
|   If so, then it will be to your advantage to Bee ub about that   I
| repair or overhaul job. |
|        IVo ran Weill your llrokcn (lusting* or Fix Tour Old Butter;
Vulcanize jour Tires ,<>r repair jour Cur,
§ Batteries, Accessories, Oils, Tires, Tubes ,Gas
Anything you waul    - Give ub a trial
■lt:iitl1l¥C31lllTll r=:il1Elt1liriHlirHi1EHlMtltL3li1lr :i C3 III ■ I MM ■-IIC 31ITIL11UIL1C311113111 111 IC >l 11 r 13IIIII lll-l Ll IC11 lllii II till nil! IIIII111IC JI1 • I 111 ttl Jl^C
P.   M.  MacPherson  retiirneil   rroni
tlio blp Ford convontlon In CnlKnry
last Friday, whore over a hundred
ilenlers  In thin particular  brand oi
tourwheeled conveyance had gathered
for many yearn, mot at aa Informal j to talk over prospects for tlio season.
afternoon ten. when they took nilvnn- It took them two tlnya nntl two nlRhta
tnce of tho opportunity to present her|to do It, but n very profitable and atlreflnery at Hast Calgary, which Ih nb-
wlth a club bun and a fold piece an1 the same tlmo enjoyable time was had. solntely the most inoilern pf Its kind
a nmnii remembrance from her old-Mr, P. Campbell, rice preildenl of the | now operating, nml will turn out a
tlmo Cranbrook frlomln. the preeento- Company was In nttonilanco and cavo, lurito volume of oil product*, for tho
tlon belnu mado by Mr. a H. Pollen * very Interortlng talk lo tlio local west. About tlireo hundred mm nro
nn their behalf. 'agcnti. now employed there.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T,. Palmer returned
Inst. Eveek from a short trip to Cnl-
Rary. Mr, Palmer hail the opportunity to hEEEk over the new Imperial oil
See The Co-Operative First J
Christie's Fancy Biscuits, 3 lb. for
Malldn's Baking Powder, 2% ">• • • •
Mullein's Uniting Powder 51b	
Llbby's Olives, large jars	
Canned Cauliflower, 'ii/Us	
Canned Sweet Spuds	
Crystal White Soap, 13   bars	
The regular meeting of the Co-Operative Ladles'
Guild will be held in the Ry. Y.M.C.A. Wednesday,
April 2nd, at 8 p.m.
Cranbrook District Co-Operative Soc. [ Friday, March 28th, 1824
************************** ding several days as the guest of Mr.
Iw l \s  r> r* r» I    r V      % u,u' Mrs. Jackson, McDougall Heights.
Mr. \V. M. Archibald uf the Consolidated spout, several days in Kimberley.
Dr. I,. Uke and Will A. Ellotson, Jr.
spenl iho week-end in Cranbrook.
Mra. il. Chomat ontortainod ou
Friday attoruoon.
Ueforo deciding on that now building or tliat repair wtirln boo Ceo. ll.
1/ojmk, thn Pioneer ..uililcr of Kim
borley aud Cranbrook. IStf
Thu newly fortnod firo brigade hold
n mooting in tho BChool houao ou Friday ovenlng. it. Burke was appointed
fin' chief nnd Dr. Hannlngton, Bflore-
A meeting of those Interested ln
tenuis was held in the Company's office on Friday evening. Mr. E. S.
Shannon acted as chairman. After
come discussion n committee was appointed to select some suitable site
for li'iiuis courts, thu committee to report at a meeting lo he held on Thursday, March 27th. Those appointed
wero A. Ward and 1). L. Thompson,
representing the towusltOi Dr. D.
Hannlngton reprooenttng the town
and A. JuckBon Uie concentrator.
Mr. and Mra. Victor Hayes returned
on Sunday from their honeymoon, and
havo taken up their residence nt the
fftAWWW'^Wi>*^MrYWft*W1/!bright FUTURE  VIM VI)
S       WEDDING jc     hist, hiking engineeb
List   your
property   with
Mr. A. McDonald of Crnnbrook was
the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lord on
Mrs. Jackson entertained nt tho tea
hour on Friday ln honor of Mrs,
Anyone considering taking life Insurance should consult Martin Bros.,
Cranbrook. They are District Agents
for Canada's largest life company, and
have specialized In tbat business for
fifteen years. 15tf
Don't forget "Clean Up Week,"
starting on April 1st. Here's a chance
to show how good a citizen you are.
Mrs. A. A. Ward entertained at the
tea hour on Saturday.
The school children are not waiting for April 1st to begin cleaning up
the school grounds.
Mrs. Brumby returned to her home
in Ganbrook on Saturday after spen-
Mr». J. Aldrldgfl
n Cranbrook.
spent several days
I       For Sale In Kimberley nt
10c per Quart
When Yon Think of Insurance
— Call Up —
Phone SO     ::     Cranbrook
Sole Agents for KImherley Townsite.
Ifulli'ux, N.S, — The formation of a
provlnco wide publicity bureau to
advertise Nova Scotia us a summer
tourist country was decided upon at
a conference of business men from all
parts of the province, held here recently. The objective is to raise ten
thousand dollars hy popular subscription, in which event the provincial
government will contribute an equal
amount, and to launch an extensive
publicity campaign.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Postmaster General, will be received nt Ottawa until noon, on Friday,
the 2nd day of May. 1924. for the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for a period not
exceeding four years, once and twice
per day on the route Fernie and Street
Letter Boxes, ((rom the Postmaster
General's pleasure.
Printed notices containing further
Information as to conditions of proposed Contract may be seen and blank
forms of Tender may be obtained at
tho Post Ofllce of Fernie. B.C.. and at
the ofllce of the District Superintendent of Postal Service.
District Sup't of Postal Service
District Superintendent's  Offlce,
March 26th, 1924. 6-7
A Johnson
Mens' Furnisher
Null Casos nml Trunks
BoOtl nnEl Shoos Neatly KenalroEl
A. Mellor
Morrison & Kurke    [j
Dcnlrrs In Conl ami Wood   *•
Tell your wive, and tell your
On Wednesday morning, March IU,
at the home of Mrs. George Henry
Tihbetts, Marysvllle. Mr. Victor Hayes
and Miss Ruth May Tihbetts were
united In the bonds of holy matrimony
by Rev. Evan Dak-er. The bride look
ed very charming in navy blue trav
ell Ing suit, with a hat to match, and
carried a lovely bouquet of carnations
The groon) was supported by hi
brother, Mr. John Hayes, while the
brldc'B sister, Miss Nellie Tihbetts,
was tho pretty bridesmaid.
After tlie ceremony the bridal party
and a number of guests sat down to a
splendid luncheon which was enjoyed
by all. This over the bridal party
left by car to board the westbound
train for Trail, Nelson and other
Those present at the ceremony besides the principals were: Mr. and
Mrs. John Bennett, Harold Bennett
Mrs. P. Cope, Mr. and Mrs. P. Cairo.
Nellie, Grace and Eva Tlbbetts, Donald Tlbbetta, Mr. John Hayes and Mr.
Harry Landry.
The home was tastefully decorated
with pink and white streamers and
Mr. and Mra. Hayes, upon their return, Intend residing at Chapman.
n by ihe advanc
na zinc ore one
ctically worthies!
■ meotlng held un
if tho B.C. chambe
ard of trade audlto
of lead and
S        OBITUARY        I
On March 26th, at the St. Eugen.
Hospital there passed awey Victor
Larson, of Kimberley, In his forty-
second year. Deceased had been a
carpenter by trade, but had taken up
ranching at Kimberley for the last
five years, Since that time he had
not been in. good health, suffering
from lung trouble. It is understood
that he leaves a family of two children in the Old Counery. The funeral arrangements have not yet been
Alex Gould, a resident of tbe Wasa
district passed away at the St. Eugene hospftal on Wednesday, the 26th
Inst,, in his 69th year. Little has as
yet been learned of his relatives or
his early life.
Bright prospects for the ruture of
the Kootenay country were advanced
hy ,\. ti. Langley, resident raining engineer al Revelstoke, when he related
ihe romance of llu district's mining
revival brought alio
n science in treat
considered to be pn
Ha spoke at a publl
der the auspices of
of mines In the I
rlum, Vancouver.
"I^ast year's producl
zlno from this dlstrlcl far exceeded
all previous records and from every
Indication will be even greater ibis
year," ho suid.
"The Trail smeller's outpul ol metals tor l'J2;i is approximately as follows: 36,000,000 pounds oi" lead; 60.-
000,000 pounds of zinc, and 2,000,000
ounces of silver. This is the highest
production of lead and zinc ever made
in the history of Canada, and it is ex-
pected to be exceeded in the coming
"Lead nnd zinc production, mostly
from the great Sullivan mine, was
made possible hy the advancement of
metallurgical science, by which lhe
different constituents of tlio highly
complex ore of lead, zinc, and iron
sulphides can bo economically separated and treated Not many years ago
this deposit was not considered of any
commercial value, while today ii le
recognized as one of the most valuable
of its kind in tho world.
"It Is strange that tlie keen Interest
taken by Vancouver people in ;iii
things pertaining to mining is nni reflected to greater extent by more capital from this ciity s oklng mining
Ono trouble seema Lo ba thai tli!'
girl who has the Initiative to make a
Leap Year proposal probably will turn
out to be a back seat driver.
*    •   •   *
A Hal lire and tt flat pockelbook
nre about Ihe worst combination.
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Chinaware & Optical Goods
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Kimberley Jewelry Store
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kimiii:i!i,i:v   -   H.c.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cin»d» Limited
Pwrehftienof Gold, Slim, Copper, Lead A Zlne Oret
Pro-ieeere ol Gold, Sllrer, Copper, Pig Lead and Zlne
knew Indicated a deep Interest in their
work. There were now 2.000,000
Scouts in all countries, and 50,000 in
Canada. The movement had grown
far beyond the original conception ot
its founder. Sir Robert Baden Powell.
Referring tn tho part Canada had
played In tlie war. the Chief Commissioner pointed to a side of the picture
bul little thought of generally; namely that many fathers and elder brothers are sleeping "over there" who
would otherwise now be helping in the
training of the boys. This he said
should stimulate other men to help
shoulder some ot the responsibility.
He hail seen very graphically tlie val-
uo of the Scout work ln England at
the time of the war, how their motto
of "ile Prepared" had meant that they
were ready to undertake many tasks
of moment at that tlmo. Eleven
Victoria Crosses had been won by
Scouts or former Scouts during the
war. which was Indeed a proud record.
Touching on Scout ideals, Mr. Sutherland referred to the fact that most
of the great uplift movements ln the
pftBt fifty or hundred years had been
horn of British Ideals, mentioning in
particular the Scout movement, the
Red Cross the Y.M.C.A. and the Y.W.
C.A., and the Salvation Army.
He also told Interestingly of the
birth and rise < f the Boy Scout Idea
In. the mind of the founder fifteen years
ago, and Im w it had been seized upon
by educationists as something to satisfy the need of the times, Honor had
been made the keystone of the system
—honor in all things. He showed
clearly the educational value of the
movement, and how In outdoor scouting practice the development of ideals
along right lines could be achieved.
The great need of the moment now
waa men, for scoutmasters. leaders
and executive positions, who would be
willing to make a ltttle sacrifice in
the Interests of good citizenship. He
strongly urged thrt some local representative, one or more, be named to
take up with the Ollllwell methods
with which he was now becoming familiar, which opened avenues of new
Ideas, and cost but lltle to get hold
of, beyond the time neceeeary to assimilate the course.
Mr. Marsh, ln tendering Mr. Sutherland the thanks of the meeting,
urged that the matter of some local
men taking the course be looked Into.
The gathering closed with the singing of the National Anthem, after
which Mr. Sutherland conferred with
local Scout leaders for a short time,
Ha left the following day on the west*
toan« train Ier Netoa*.
Arrangements are being made by
lie Consolidated Mining & Smelt-
ig Co. lo ship concentrates from
In ! Vntwerp, Belgium, for
tlnin ti h -■■-. according to an un-
anffrmed statement given out at the
The recently finished Kimber-
ceutrator plant would be In a
to    ship  large quantities of
er word  Trom the coant this
lated  thai  one  hundred  coal
e being  convert td  from  coal
; to ore carriers at the C.P.R.
it  Nelson for the shipping of
icentrates ot tlie Sullivan mine
icouver for ship-:
• treatment. Past
mi tlio woik.
■otng to Antwerp]
beyond what the:
& Smelting com-j
fi great plant at I
w power development
in use, Trail, it is ex-
ablo to care for the en-
ay to
or pre
I  Otis Staples Lumber Co.,  I
Limited !
; +
| Manufacturers all Kinds of Lumber f
Pine, Fir, and Larch |
Enquiries Promptly Dealt With
III   «P
Wycliffe, B.C.
♦♦♦+**+++*++*t**++****+*********+*++*<■+++**■•;•+■!■ *******
I rale.
Itooil   llial
hlppG.l   EE-lll
-real Klml,i>rley|S,|,,,j,IIj,VTS ()F 0Rj,
colic en-
lance bc-
od ill Trail
ronorteil I
lie first ntca-
ue to leave Vancouver for
via the Panama Canal, on or
■il 15.
i****.' **
146 Hi
Following IB a statement of ore revived at tlte Trail Smeller duriiiR Ihe
I period ilnriiiR March 16th to 'Jlst Inclusive
Apex, Ncee- Donver, H.C	
Bradley S.K., N'lcoia, B.C	
y nutter pro- Knobhlll, Republic Wash	
province shows a stoa-|l,"no Pine Surprise Last
according, to llio Intent |   Chance Republic, Wash	
provincial government Paratllflo, U-eko Wlmlermere, B.C.
1283 amounted to 10,- Qullp, Republic, Wash	
compared ev'Hi 8.901,- Roseberry Surprise N. Denver, II
2, iliiiI 2,710,400 IIeh. in Silversmith, Sandon, B.C., (lead)
nbor of creamerleB In-                                             (zinc. 50
I in 1014 to li.'i In 1923. Company MlneEi    633$
hid Know
(Continued from rase One)
Lion of wild rice will again be looked
into. An appropriation wan made [tn*
his purpose last year, bat tbo expense
,t iho hatchery made lt Impracticable
io/carry it out tnen. Mr. Cooper and
ol. Pollen were appointed a committee to get full information on this
question so that the rice could be sown
on the ice next season.
Some simple rules are being formulated to govern Dishing contests
being conducted in connection with the
Rod and Gun Club. This; yoar prizes
are being put up by fishing tackle
houses represented by Delany & Sinclair and the Cranbrook Drug & Book
Co., as well as Wm. Croft & Sons,
through Motfatt's Variety Stoie, as
The introduction of Hungarian
partridge as a gamo bird Into the district was again touched on, and It
was decided to appoint a committee
consisting of Lester Clapp and G. B.
Willis to procure a sitting from Alberta, under a permit from the Game
Board. These birds havo thrived in
Alberta and it is epected will do equally well in this province.
On the suggestion of R T. Cooper
the resolution introduced by Mr. Guimont at the Associated Boards of
Trade convention at Nelson recently
was endorsed, calling for more game
wardens, and the allocation of revenues derived from gun licenses for
game department work.
J. F, Gulmont, in referring to tbis
resolution, spoke of the work tho gamo
hoard has done, its members receiving
no remuneration, other than bare ex-
pens-s. Ho also announced that his
resignation from that body had been
before the board for some time, and
the meeting ho was attending this
w.ek would likely be his last, as he
felt he could not carry on. He felt
that the protection of game was still
lneflklont owing to tlio lack of funds
at the disposal of the board. Though
the province derived $180,000 a yeur
from the game revenues, lt spent only
140,000 In game department work.
There were differences ot opln ion
that had to be met and explained away
making progress sometimes seem
slow. They asked for the appointment
of a chief game icspector, and game
wardens giving their whole tlmo to
the work, instead of having it tacked
onto the work of the provincial police, as at present. Mr. Guimont showed that not only did the sportsmen
of the province contribute a considerable sum directly In licenses, hut
right in this district tho game resources had been the means of inducing
outside capital to come In and mako
heavy investment. A hearty voto of
thanks was tendered to Mr. Guimont
for his address.
Before the mooting adjourned, C. J.
howls was appointed to tako up with
Public Works engineer Brady tbo matter of getting public right-of-way surveyed into some lakes tbat had been
stocked with fish by the club, and later had como Into private ownership.
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Friday, March B8H1, III2I
It. ('. FREEMAN',
...r.'E' tliorus!"
"But, mEEilEE'E ileal good
that thoi
11 a.m.   "TIiee Qoi'deii ol  Edi n"
liiniLir Choir
12.15 Sunday School and Adult Bible I In
Leil by the Pastor.    Free Dlscu   Ion V       meil
730 p.m.   "THE HOUSE BY  Iiii: .
OP THE ROAD."    Senior Choir
1   Campti<>ll->l.)i,,;in .- Blook
f       VUot, •;.    Olllce Hours,
J > to 12,1 to £ p.m.   Hul". » to t.
Drs. Green Si MacKinnon
rhfNk'liini. ami Surgeons
Olllce   at   restdenco,   Armstrong
Afternoons   2.00 to 4.00
Brcnlnga   7.30 to S.::o
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
9 to 13 a.m.      1 to fi p.m.
Hlnton Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
•Baptist Cijurrfj
P.    . Hi   W, T. TAPSCOTT
SI MUV, MAliCH llll
ll n.m,       ' Service.
12 iiEi.ni. — Sunday yuliool.
i i.. ii ..1 For All Akc-s
7.30 p.m.      Evening Service.
: i.;ik.
I'm; aiie ((iiidiai.i.v
j    LUMBERTON    i
i* CHIPS \\
The dunce which wan held in the
Luinbertun Club hall lust Friday, wusj
a decided aueeess. A large number of
Cranbrook people were in attendance
aud a Rood time was bad by all. This
ia ibo first dunce that has been given
by tho Lumberton t'lub lor some time
and proved uh popular as those tbat
huve been arranged by tho Club in the
past. Refreshments wero served during tlio course of tlie evening aud
dancing was enjoyed until tlu* hour of
.Miss Downey, who had tlie misfortune to fracture her ankle last winter
on the Lumberton bill during a coasting parly, bud the cast removed last
week and is able lo be nrntiud again.
.Mrs. Savoy is visiting her sister,
Mrs. J 1-'. Conroy, In Uuuberion for
several weeks.
all pro-
Hans aro already under way for n
lauco whicb  in  io be given  I.i the
Phono CM
Norbury I.e., next to City Hall
Meets In the
K. of P. Hali
afternoon of the
first Tuesday ut
8 p.m.
All ludlsa ire
cordially Invited
President:  Mrs.  V,'.  W.   Wolfer
Sec-Treaitrcr:    Mrs.    Finlayson
Fuji Tea Rooms
Nexl  Futtt Grocery
I. O. O. F.
Meeta erory
Monday night r.t
'The Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially Invited.
JeJ.O.      -      -    R. \V. Leonard
Rec. Bee.  B. O. DIngley, P.O.
Evory G Arn;*!iU sent to U8 to b«
Cleaned or Dyed Is given
Our Utmost Care.
Our ImDwloOV**. of the business
Ib your assurance of satisfaction
here,   Phono, ond we will cull,
or bring ub your work.
We Clean and  Pya Everything.
PHONE  157
Mr. and Mis. 11. Beauregard were
surprised by a number ol' their friends
on Tuesday evening of lust week. Various names were played during the
evening and a good time was enjoyed
The regular weekly meeting of the
Lumberton Club wub attended by a
largo number of the members last
Wednesday evening. Seven tables of
Whist were in play during lbe early
part of the evening. Mrs. S. Wormington and .Mrs. J. A, Jones carried off
tlie ladies' first and consolation, res-
poctivoty, and Messrs. A. ,1. Neuman
and A. Root took first and consolation for the men. Tho entertainment
commttteo served refreshments, which
was followed by dancing until mid
.Mr. li. II, Lewis of .Spokane, was a
business visitor in Lumberton on
Thursday of last week.
The warm weather has had a rather
mysterious effect on the men of the
yard and shipping departments, for a
challenge has been issued lo the slorc
and office forces which promises to
be n battle royal. Fred Hunter. Slac-
koy Neuman aud Harvey Piper are
busy sinning up materia! for tlie game
for tliey are not iiufte as confident as
they were when they hurled the challenge.    Tiie  following speaks for  it-
one of lhe best dances of the sett30n,
U O. L. 2915 held iis regular meeting last Tuesday evening ln the Lumberton Club rooms. One new member
was taken Into tbo order and several
wero advanced iu the work of the organization.
Water Notice
"Owing io th,. profij c be
pagandn permeating tbe atmosphere in; Lumberton Club hall on thy nl&Ut oC
Mm vicinity of the store and hotel, we, April 26th. Good music has been en-
the undersigned, do hereby chnliongo gnged for this occasion and arrauge-
<be authors of said propaganda to a menta are being made to make this
game of baseball to be played between
the planing mill and yard and a team
picked from all other departments at
Lumberton. Said game to be played
within the next ten days, weather permitting. Conditional rules of the said
game to be:
1. No players under tlie height of
five feet two inches, or above six feet
eleven and one hair inches.
2. All players are required lo wear
a head covering of some description.
(Quite a few of tlie challengers are
minus the usual amount ot top cover-
.1. Tho umpire is required to stand
behind tho catcher. (Wo feel tbat the
most competent man for tbis position
is tho manager of last years team,)
Jake is wondering what lie lias done
to deserve this.
4. Tho losing team is to provide lhe
refreshments for tbe Lumberton Club
social evening on the first Wedneulny
following the game.
j Theso rules nre to be strictly enforced and subject to cliango ivllnoul notice by the shipping department only.
Planing Mill ami Yard,
j The challonge wns no! lout, in being
| accepted and Jake bus already Ifned
'up a team of ball lossers thai wl.l relish the feed that the challengers will
bo forced to put up after lbe encounter
that will take place ou tbe Lumber-
ton baseball field. Tbe reply to the
challenge is as follows:
I "Whereas, having received a very
haughty dial 1 enge from (ha hesty
I planer and yard men. we fee! It our
'duty, as REAL baseball players, to
■cept this challen.j1.
And Whereas, the challengers' aforesaid, having assumed such a confident
jtone, wo hereby give ihem notice- that
after the severe dofea: which they will
suffer at our hands ail crow ar.d loud
noise will he completely extracted and
their combs cut.
We hereby givo notice thut we have
chosen the refreshments wo shall require of you and wc figure the bill
for same will be at least $U.OO. which
amount we hereby tdvise you to collect liy means of 'i subscription among
your very few supporters. And. further, we aro fully prepared to do battle any time you may hnve Btiffli ienl
nerve lo meet us.
| TAKE NOTICE that William Heap
Holland, whose address Is Fairmont
Springs, B.O., will apply for a license
lo take and use 1,000 gallons per day
of water out of Cold Spring Crook,
which flows .south west and drains III—
i to Hi" Columbia River about one quarter mile north of point wliere south
line of Sub-Lol 408*1 joins Columbia
river.   Tlie watOV will be diverted from
| Hie stream al a point about -150 feel
N.N.W. of the north-cast corner post
| or Sub-Lol 40, Block 4500, anil will bo
used for domestic purposes upon tbo
laud described as Sub-Lot 188, Block
This notice   was   posted   on   the
' ground on the 19th day of March. 1924.
A copy of this notice nnd an application   pursuant   thereto   and   to   the
[■■Water Act, 1914," will be filed In the
olllce of tlie Water Recorder al Wil-
j mer. Objections to the application
may be filed with the Water Recorder
nr with tbe Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days nfter tbe
first appearance of this notice in a
loco) newspaper.
WILLIAM   HEAP   HOLLAND,   Applicant.
By F. C. Turner. Agent.
The date of tbe first publication ot
ibis notice is March 2Sth, 1924.       5-8
Halifax, X.S.—An increase of over
l.r.00.000 tons of coal for the year ending September .10, 1,129, Is recorded
iu the annual report of the provincial
department of mines. The total output was 0,179,090 tons, as compared
with 4,587,494 Ions for the preceding
year. There was an increase in local
consumption of over 600,000 tons
while shipments lo the St. Lawrence
increased hy nearly 500.000 tons.
I :"'::;;; i ||!ll:?!!!i'::„ iii >iy ipr
-.:,, ■■■- * ;••■' .   k
c '''
<3TG0N6EC than   its
v. ;■    -.-■-.'     THINK- ?
Kidding Kipling
I A fool Ihere was and lie saved his
; rocks, even as you and 1; but he took
j them out of tbe old strong box when
ja salesman called with some wihl-cal
I Blocks, and tlie fool was stripped down
j to bis .-'iicks, even as you and I.
LEARN   TO   E A B >
Individual Tuition
Commence Any Time
Day and Night Classes
Complete, Practlcnl Commercial
Course ln Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Spelling,
Commercial English, Commercial Law, Penmanship, Rapid
Calculation, Filing and General
Ofiic*? Procedure.
For Particulars:
Apply P.O. Box 14, Nelson, B.C.
§   Lee Ging   g
5 *"
*- Tailoring,   Dry   Cleaning,
Pressing, Repairing   .
■a \\\- also clean White Furs and
*" Cloves ie[ jill Kinds. High Class
a* Work ai lowest prices.
°f 11 Armstrong Arc, Cran-
IS    brook.    P.O. Box 508
Established 1898 Phone IU
Geo. R. Leask
Cabinet Work,   l'kture Framing
Estimates flven on
all classes of work
Offlce: Corner Norlmry Arennc
and Edwards Street
L. I). Cafe
. (Llltle Dutenport)
When you wlt.li nomethlng good
to eat go to tho "L.Ti."
OUR.    ritll'ES    AHE    BH1HT
■■D1JU IT I Jill Ul llll II    I
Sainsbury & Ryan
Estimates Given aud Work
Telephones 233 nnd Hull
CIIANBROOK      ■      It.C.
feuuMniiiiiiiflpr"1'1 "
You Will Mnlte No .Mislnkc
in  Ordering (lint
The Tailor
Ynu Horne Sheet
Opposite C. P. R. Depot
Phono 418     ::     Phono 418
LA  ft 1 ;)t
1 v^f ■^^^—i
f  '" -    • ,
Fatherly Ailvlco
! Customer: "Can 1 change these
pants a*, this counter'.'"
j Clork: -'Well, I'll toll you mister, wo
have ci ti f t <3 n few women -"hoppers—
so maybe you'd belter go to (be ilres-
: sing-room in ihe rear."
.Han Is lhe only animal Unit can
be shinned more llinil once.
Aho%«,   r.l'S.H.   "KmprfM  ot   Ht-allai.-t"   arming   n   <lut>b*t    tlttow, F. L. Wanklyn ul the L.J'.K. aililr.
In* prior lo Ihi unfellln**.     Inaot,  Iho  MrmorU'
110  was Abraham  Martin?
i the caitiff*
Kcxt to Moffnlt's
Montana Restaurant
Meals at All Hour*
Cotters, Cffarettei and Candles
Craikrwk Bl    -     ptoae Ml
Oil. Bank oC Conuneroe
Such Men
••"•■• '.^
jr.   at,    I
Mil. II
About, tbreo hundred miles up
tho const and then Inland about
forty miles is a prospect hole In
which two men base their hon°s
of future Inilenonflencc. Pnck-
Ing supplies te costly and bard
work, yet they packed in a case
or I'ncillc Milk each month
until tliey froze out hist fall
One of them n!iyn they couldn't
oook without Ibeir "raciflc."
Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Head Oi'iirf, Vancouver,  H.C.
Factories at Abbotsford and I.adncr
llii'l that question
been asked one year ago probubly not one Canu-
dlnn in a hundred thousand would have been able to
answer it Today It is different AIosi Canadians now
know he wa* first King's pilot on the St Lawrence
river, and the first known Canadian of Scottish extraction—two clnims to distinction either one of which
nii«ht have made him famous. Latterly other thlnffl
to his credit huve come to be known, and tliey will be
recorded in their due place.
In the meantime in it not remarkable how little
Canadians know of Canada's history—an rich a bit of
nation history as ever Wftl crowded into a space of
three hundred odd yenrs Tlie high points of the
splendid story some of us know fairly well, but the
little byways and side-lights, so full of human Interest.
they lie in a deep obscurity from which they are being
rescued one by one, ot the patient digging of this ot
tbat person or Institution actuated by a love of the
heroic past and a realization of its value in buildin,:
tlie national life of the future.
Abraham Martin was some figure of a man in hts
day although most of his just claims to fame seem to
have been thrust upon him It war* hardly more than
a matter of accident that the "Plains of Abraham"
should come to be named after him. and yet thut was
plenty to set all good Canadians wondering who be
was and what manner of life he led .Much digging
,in the archives of Quebec, and tln're are none more
interesting or more faithfully kept., hai brought out
much information about the man und his times lie
•was born In France, his father being u Scot which te
probably why Jesuit writing? of the times refer to
thim as "Abraham Martin, called the Scot" His father
probably came from Perthshire and wns one of »be
Scottish Guards of Louis XI. In 1(114 Abruhnm brought
liis French wife to Canada and thnt he saw the actual
founding of Now France may be gathered from the fact
that his name was on the list of the 81 white persons
who lived In Canada from IU29 to 1032, and he was
Jben known as a pilot   Ha later bad ten children
from whom linve come a vast number of descendants
among whom are numbered sonic of Quebec's best
families and leading citizens Hishop Tache of St.
Boniface is one of his descendants in direct line.
Champluin gave Martin a died to the farm land on
the Plains of Abraham, and documents telling of his
living there still exist He apparently travelled greatly
up and down the river for Cape Martin in the Gulf
of St Lawrence is also named after him.
All this was distinctive enough to justify the memorial which has been raised tu Martin in the Harbor
Siiuare at Quebec, Tin- handsome shaft of granue,
designed by Henri Hebort -»am! T. Koxburg Smith,
wus uuveikd early in May by Hon. Athanase Ib.vUl,
Quebec's Provincial Treasurer and the event was
marked by a gathering of notables includiim the Governor of Quebec. Sir Charles FI Una trick. Among
those who spoke were I*'- L Wanklyn, representing
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company by whom the
mi'morial wns erected. Llcut.-Col, Alex Fraser,
,\ I'C to the Lieutenant (lovernor ol Ontario, Law-
iiiiit Burpee. President of tbe Canadian Historical
Society und Monscigneur l.nflnmme, Cure of tho
Basilica The tatter spoke as the successor of the
first Cure of Quebec who was Martin's parish priest
and who was afterwards martyred by the Iroquois.
He read the baptismal certificate of Abraham Martin's
first child who was also tlie first white child burn In
Cannda He also read the baptismal certificate of
Martin's iSiiint child upon which appeared the nnmu
of Samuel dr Champlaln as godfather, The memorial
has been set up by the Caiunliaii Pacific in honor, not
only of Abraham Martin but of the stout-hearted
pilots who for over three hundred years have dune so
much to make the St Lawrence River a safe and
speedy route tr and from Europe. Thnt Company
uses the route more than any other, aud the arrival
at Quebec of thi great liner "Kmpress of Scotland"
on her first trip if the season with 7.11 passengers
from Europi later in th' day of the unveiling empha-
si7.es what nn.-* been accomplished in the making of
the St Law rem u iouU a great highway for ocean
boms eommereu.
Quite Fair
Here ik that suit I bought of you
lost   week." said the angry customer
to the tailor.   "You said you would
(return my money if it was not satls-
i factory."
"That's what I said." responded the
v   *    •    • I polito tailor, rubbing his hands, "but
No mother ever nurses n baby «ltli | I am happy to tell you that 1 found
more care thnn a nun nurses tho lasl' the money to be entirely satisfactory."
dozen hairs on Ids dome when ho finds . ——
he Is almost buhl.
Courtship i.s tho period of bonbons.
Marriage is the period of groceries.
"The chief fault of tho world is
misdirected energy." says an elllclency expert. Absolutely. Tbe energy;
now wasted in growing whiskers
would cover all tbe bald spots.
* •    *   ■
Woman's face Is lhe beauty specialist's fortune.
* •  9.  •>
Teacher: "Johnny, give mo a sentence using the word 'diadem'."
Johnny: "People who drink moonshine diadem si^ht quicker than those
who don't.
A mechanics' picnic—
"IHrly Hands. Dirty Face"
A firemen's convention—
"H(« Lips"
A back drivers' meeting—
"Livery Stable Blues**
A fruit growers' Association—
"Yes, We Dave No Banniins"
Au Old maids' party—
"When ivin I Know.**
* *   *   a
Some people have made a decided
success iii life by attending lo iheir
own business,
When the road builder encounters;
boulders or rocks he does not let them
BWOlve him from his course. Do you?
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Govt-
Maternlty nnd General Nursing
Terms Moder&ti
MUS. A. CRAWPOitD,  Matron,
O&rden Avenue      -   Phono 21,9
j Ladies, 1
I Attention j
j  C. JOE lil!OS„ Ladles' Tnllors 1
=  are prepared to niakE' Hint now |
I   SriilXU Sl'lT ror >oei    111   tlio 1
I            very Latest Styles. jj
| Gchtlomon'fl Suits |
r.                            Made To Order |
11         The Very Idlest Stylos |
a :   Cleaning * l'rpssinir   : |
. |    Opposite Bank of Coinniorce §
§ I'.O, Hex mu
I —
Full   Mm*  of   Wall   r«|i»»r
In Stock.
Store, Hanson Avonue
Phona 40fi at all houra
CIUNBB00K    •    •    .    IU).
A good description of a canoe irip
taken iu the Kinmlkn lake district,
Que., with u map Bhowipg the route,
nml run dolailB concerning the trip,
Ih written by J. Jenkins in the April
Issue of "liod mul Gun in Canada,"
Thin number ulso contains a good bear
hunting story by T. <\ Young, who
describes his bear bum on the (lout
river, British Columbia and u bit; game
bunt in Alberta liy 0. ITang, both of
whirh ure unusually good BtorlOB.
Sportsmen will be Interested in tho
tlshlng siory by Marl. McEIhinnoy of
Ottawa, nml the contributions ot IA V.
Williams, Bonnycastlo Dale nud Martin Hunter, N. W. Fry continues his
series on Bhootlng from the nix point
root, while J. H. Mattern has another
article, "What Is In the High Velocity
,30-!10." Joseph Martin completes an
Interesting gun department with his
account of tho .2.1 Long ltiflo at all
Range;-.. The other regular ileparl-i
meii.it contain much of interest, mul j ticket agent
tho April Issue will bo enjoyed by alt J. Bl PROCTOR,
those interested in Cmmdlau uuort.      {     DUtrlct Puc«Dg«r Agwit, CeJlUV.
'(*•■ ti PACIFIC'
NO (»7 PAH.V— To Nolsoni Vancouver,
Spokane eto. Arrive 18.10 p.m. leave
12.20 p.m.
NO. 08 l>AII,Y-To Fernie. Lathhrlage,
Medicine Hut, Cblghry, etc Arrive
1,10 p.m.; leave 180 p.m.
Cranbrook, VIvclliYe,  Kimberley Ner*
vice i
No. 8211—Leave 7.05 a.m. No. 82-1—Arrive 2.10 p.m.
('ranbrook, I<aKe Windermere and
Golden Sorvlce
Monday and Thursday, each  *e»*
-NO. Natl, leavo It a.m.     Wedn* ay
and Saturday—NO. sii arrive 3.30 pjn
For further particulars apply to any Friday, Mnrch 28tli, 1924
i* ::
5    FORT STEELE     ::
in the hospital.   Hor Manila will bej WONDERFOI; RECORD
glad Iii liE'iir thift Bhe li much Better.
Mr. J. Crooks is u busy mtiu EUBaottin
days trying tu keep the roads in re-1
pair around Fort Steele.
On tho 17th, Mr.
S|W Irt'day   ,
■; their ahlesl  so
|young people enji
he fullest extent.
id Mrs. K rshaw
All tho     A "nl" over a y
I   tt inui Ives to' l-xii.TlmfiituI Pan
Sum Braudor returned homo Ui!
EE'eek from Idaho, whero ho Iih.-e beei
at work during the oust wlutor.
Colin Cameron had tho mistortuui
to out  Ills  Coot last  week and  th
Evounil  rcEiulrodi ss\<irnl  stitches  ti
mako a closure.
Mr, Howard sutrorod a bad loss i
low days lEEEn whllo on Ills ee'iiv li
ICImborloy.   Por sumo icason Ills car
u tlary Dort, caught Clio  1 eeeiu i
total loss.
.Mra. Jucli Wlso was lalton Borlousli
III on Thursday last i nd waa rushed
:• -t--:»-:-■:• •:• •!• •:•+♦<• ^.^-<•<-*>•:• 4-<,++*n*•!■ •!• •> Vancouver,      Wheal exports Crom
.*.                                                   *iliis port i" tho fail nl February for
»                   ELKO                   * tho soason Btarllng Soptember 1, 1023,
I                                                            J lolalled    29,000,000   basiiuls.    Twelve
lo the hands %         HAPPENINGS          J °"111™ bUBliel* »™ l'""k'"1 <'"' Marc"
.   .    .             .aid b. retur- $                                                   J "'•"""B
limelight oEving   to   thi- nuiin-i'lloiismil  lo  Hue Assessor,  Caurl   House, *j,****,I,*.***+*+***,I'+***++*,>v ~~
world's record made by "Agassiz 9 ■                            that 3181 ol this montll.l    Prank Scott has left lhe Power Co's 0mc9n °", ™t'"d„1,'.S,' C, '„" "'" "'
-May Echo" when site produced 30.8S6 [ T*-**- '- l,:  '' "'     n ""	
Bhorl visit, following which slm will
return to Pernie for a time previous
to going to Spoka.no ee'Iipiv It in her
Intention to onter St. Luke's Hospital
in that oily.
, lbs. Eif milk and 1,681.25 lbs. of butti
PHYSICIAN LEAVES CITY | The Agassiz herd al iiresen
11 i
On Tuesila;
family lenvo
whero lho do
»hli li
if lho
" ~ I future report to Uie' District HettEii|Ei:ir
:, '..I liZ ™/S.!!?,l!'"..17.new"     n™ ot ,h<! •Mlll,">-Dls,,lct "■whk"
the case of
tile vicinity of Vancouver.
moors being thi e; ■:; nn
sorae seventy.fivo head and me ver; o party liabl lotos n not having I A lvllisl drive and social evening
excellent animals are to ho found there i red Corn this nol accepted which was a pronounced success was
Dnrlng-the last tew days three cred o se CormB can eas- hol<1 last Monday . A little more co-
table records have been completed, operation and support would make
"Agassiz Poitje DeKol ." 80790. pro-1   There are   nm between ;llrae functions a great help to till
m ; I      Domli Ion ex. ''""" '">''
one year It;
lilll lis
jthey reside, Ist of April in each year,
failing which llielr names will be omitted from the Militia Mat,
.Miss Sybil McDonald who for some
time lias been at the ..'ranbrook Hotel
left on Wednesday for Nelson for a
They Work Whllo You Sleep."
When you feel sick, dizzy, upset,
Evh.u your head Is dull or aching, or
your stomach Is sour cr gassy, Just
lake one or tiv^ pleasant "Cascarets"
to relievo constipation or biliousness.
No griping—nicest cathartic-laxative
ou earth for Mon, Women and Children. 10c hexes, also 2fic and 50c
sizes—any drug store.
In Hi
lllor two year old.
ike CowlchauJ   "Agassiz Poitje Conor;
Irom VI torln duced 19,827 lbs. of mlllt
Is of tho pro.     "Agassiz Pletjo Prlsclll
lomo m  n 10720, produced 24,607 Ib
nbor will In- a mature cow.
A hospital Is      Tile   oillcial   tests   are
■ i ! xemptionsj
A new class of nfter the ivar profi-
teers aro In vogue, viz: the travellers
who run jitney.   Some business men
would be Evlse if they got next.
iniEiro. I only one of these three, lull the
In tho   doparturo uE   Dr.   Garner, tw ilmals tested unodlctally 3.
'ornlo lose   it  goad surgeon, physl- cent,   Tho two young cows ;ir'-
Inn and cttlzon,   Por    ivon years lie from a full sister to tho mature
 '-- '"' ""       ' " ii Iii   proven all  belonging lo the "Peltje" la
worth.    To which la one of the host on the As
$200 each, aud lif
i Korndyk ^H^^^^^^^^^^
. of milk mal property rate liss     The Powor Company have got No. 1
educed to one half of one generator producing the goods, to the
to hand for por cent., II will bo necessary for all I' 'fit of Kimberley and district.
to make a return of ~"
per In ui   years as ANSWER THESE
ieh   all Ityofca      Ihe persouall Wlmt'8 Hie use of a guy cutting wis-1
ow, propi rty th    li] her tax, the
ssl.il It
many ho will bo In bi kuown and rt
omberotl in a profe, dounl way. I
natural aptitude for surgery and his
lovo for tlio work have glvon hint n
place of Iiisli standing in Iho medical
fraternity of ll.C.
While Ills processional duties were
arduous bo found time for oilier
tilings nnd lie filled u largo place In
tbe general life ol" the city. He eviis a
tu-; Fan
Db bred
m tvns n'.: always In-
but, in view of thla tax be-
' one half, this will no Ion.
\t tlie present linn- lie re      ■ :       ■' '	
are seven cows on  It.O.P. ail doing  .-*— .—
good    Evork.     One junior 2-year-old piO*.    |   . | ESIjDENT OF
"Agassiz Paforlt DeKol." 9327:'. which PORT STEELE HURIED
freshened last September, is on official
lis!  ut the present time and is averaging about 2*4 lbs. of butter per day.' (Vani on ver  Prov
The herd sires kept are as follows: ' The funeral of tho Into
dom teeth ff tin doflsn'1 know Uie value
Don't Pall To See The
BIG 22
At once, as ihey have a small
shipment uf CARPETS & RUGS
of various sizes and excellent
quality, at prices away less than
j   "Agassiz Champion Re-echo," ii!S09. bites.
of the school board, chairman i a 2-year-old sou of the fnmnn1 iv irld's ibe T
loy Scout Association, member champion   cow.   "Agassiz   Segls   May  Gram
11 of (he Rotary ('lull ami had a place on Echo,"   This young bull has been used  polo
lhe Library Hoard,   ile was un oulco'only on the old cows until auch time nioni
hearer in th" roiled Church, ee-Iici-c he tis he proves what kind or a breeder      '['In
will be greatly missi I. and lecturer he is. Messr
in First Aid nt lhe .'dine Rescue Stll-     "Maplecrest  DeKol  Henry," 248660, ll  it..
lion on Sunday afternoons. His duties has twenty-three daughters In tlio herd j A. Sir
in  connection  witli  a]]   these ollicosjat the present time.   This hull sired     Hot
wore faithfully discharged.   Ho leaves|both junior champions ul  Vancouver ago,
Penile carrying with him ibe respect In 1922, also lhe first prize y. g herd  Sloelo in  1S!J7. tvb
-' nil right thinking citizens who may I first prize calf herd, produce of dutul his husiness of wal
ml produce of dam with record,   Hisieler
oseph Tn
of a dollar.
If Hits country will expand when
Ihey havo lo use spotters anil stools
lo enforce tho Iaw.|
If it wouldn't ho as .veil If tho
business men of this district could
join lhe I.W.W. nnd get contributions
from the U.S.
Wlin's going to fix tho waternipe?
have lint a casual acquaintance with
him, but the lovo and esteem of nil
"7 ' » '<- -> — o. ... f,,,'t debtor to ."aTear ,,,IZlT^Zo^ "" '"" "'""
who knew his real worth.    We wish B.0.p.  is  ,„e  Hrst  ,„ „ o,,'h, fe, ,    ,     , ,,„ ln.     ,
him success lu his new field of labor. "Agassiz   I'eilie  DeKol" ,        •        ' K'' ""'"
™'!"» — twin, be-   TcanPoTPoU   "'3205* :, ,0-yeartZ'i'XTITZTl T
tweenprs. Garner and Asselstlne has | old hull, bred by .1. M. stoves   who M,s P c McWhnTr £™,   „ m    n
Steele took place from I    v*'ll° (-'rosHC('  ol,t ,!l(1 H from tho
Edwards Co's new chapel, 2421 \mma "' Elk°7
lie Street. Hi v. B. Axon of Mar-     wiirifn lbe matter with our electric
nnducllng th" service.    Inter- HBlitB, nDtwitlistonillnB the polos?
■as in Mountain VI. ev Cemetery. . _	
ie acting as  pall   hearers wore   ij.,||,;   LEATHER   BULLETIN
J. i. Thompson. II. K. Beattle, 	
commissioner;   Dr. .1. Elinor,  oflloliil   Tlicriiiiimeler   Headings   nl
III, E. Hunt and 11. Fraser.
in  Si,  Paul,  Minn.,   82 yearn
Ir.   Taunliuusor  came   to   Port
iM  """   '"'  ' friod on ji.1,.,.11 1:1 .
11111 law- March 11 .
spooled real-|Mar(,„ ,n ,
March Hi .
Mraoli 17 .
March is .
Put Stomach in
Order at Once
'Tape's Dlnpepsin" For Gases,
Indigestion, or Sour. I'pset
Instantly Stomach Corrected! You!
L'vor feci tin* slightest distress from I
Indigestion or a sour, acid, gassy'
stomach, after you eat a tablet of'
"Pape's Piapepsln." Tho momont It
reaches the stomach all sourness, |
flatulence, heartburn, K;!se.s, palpitation and pain disappear. Druggists |
guarantee each package to correct
digestion at once. End your stomach'
trouble for a few cents.
Vacant, unreBcrvi ti, survey*?*.
■ rown landa may tie pre-empted b)
ii'-iir-h subjects ovor 18 y<irs of age,
ru] by alKMis on dedai-in*- lntei tion
to become British subjects, condt-
ioual i-i...11 residence, occupation,
tnd liniJinvoment fnr ugneulturui
Pull Information concerning regu*
atlons regarding pre-emptions i?
given in Bulletin No. l. I*and Series
"How io Pre-empt Land, t.-pu-s ul
nhich fan be obtained fn p ■ f hara
by nd'ir".--*..riLr tha IX-p irtment nt
Lands, Victoria  i;- . oi tu uny Gov-
Records n*IU be granted ■ verlns
■uly land sui'atMe for agrlcultura
purposes, and which Is  not   timber*
tVt l per acre west ot th
... 48
...   14
been dissolved, Dr
[cure (
ine will se- sold a half Interesl fn him a: one
and carry on tlie fnr ?1.000,   This lull won the in;
Iclaas nt Westminnler in  1U1
—, —m—  ,ll(1 0J,]y gfjii 0f "Lady Peltje Can
Vcninn. B.C.—During the iiast year Jewal," who as a throe year olr-
the associated growers of British ('
0- time hail iho best record of any cow of
of Canada; I.*'.. i!4.14!i lbs. of milk and
fruit  to tho  provinces  of  Manitoba, 1,173.66 lbs. of butter.
Saskatchewan and Alberta, while G27
that at which Carpets were ever E 1 nilin   shippe'
sold in Cranbrook
gc/I fin |;e:.rs had been shipped to the United
*       l*"n Bargain! g Kingdom.    In addition 10S
tf s s r-tt   -,«    ,-*/-» 1: he^n sen' lo various foreign markets
THE teiG 22    ii*  - -
Armstrong Ave.      Phono 522
Nanalmo, Mrs. G.
Imols.  Staples of Calgary, and  Mrs.  U
latttre Tjingiu,   of   Port   Steele; four koiih.
He IsiPrank and vV'illlam of Butto, Montana,
ii-'I'ii. nr Vancouver. Walter nf Fori
Ste le, and several grandchildren.
,11 intuit Tlmo Now
Office Boy:  "Please, sir. m
i' afternoon off?'*
lum, Scandl-    Bess: "Qrandmothor's rum
navla, China. Africa, JCew Zealand and
Vanconvoi*. — Grain cxporfs from
this province coutimie lo be unusually
heavy hnd ni tin' presenl Wv-o- approximately 100 cars a day are lieing load-
iver on Canadian Pacific
•d for Va
March  1!( ...
March 20 ...
March 2i ...
March I'*! ...
March 23
March 24 ...
March  27, ...
March 2d ...
.. 39
.. 3f.
.. 38
.. 40
.. 41
.. 47
..   42
I Victoria
Applications ror pre en w.E'n.s ah
■• i» addressed to the Land Com*
ulssioner "f tiie L*in,i recording Dl
Ision, In which the land applied tot
Is situated, airl are ::..:■ on printed
(oims, copies of which can L"1 ol
talned from the Land Commissioner
Pre-i mpi I ns musi : ui :■ I  '.
five years and improvements madi
o \ aiue of $10 pi r a i ii i .-...;.-
Icarli g and cu Uvating at le is) ft *
i res  before a Crown Oram on i»*
For more detailed Information se*
Bul ■ tin     ' : IC*fl       : •      i'.i   uni :
•appllcatl ins are ree*h ed for pm
■.. ise   t>f   va< iu :    and    unrosaireJ
Crow ti  landi   n being tli
.■■■'■   r   '
prlco of flrst-da i li >i in ii
per ni;*   ar.d ->-.      I ....:'[■
land f- "    per     ■■ rt Iter infer
mation rejcnrdlnjc pur« h pb or least
of Cro« n laids Is gi\ i li Bul eiii
So.   10.   Lcind   .•*>■::<■ ii *hase  an.'
! ■ mp    ■ ■ 'rown Lands "
Mill factory, or Industrial sites of
limber land, no: excei I :.:  i' acres,
i-iy t;r ;..;:   J. ■ -:. ,i , :   \        .;   •>•..■. c, .•-
dl tlons      Includinr
paj ment
14 I
13 I
13  J
Including Holland,   0 ; rii
,K,xtni! Extra!
Excited Citizen: "A terrible crime
has just beon committed up at Widow j  AFTER THEATRE OR DANCE |
Dow'8 boarding house," ] §       PARTIES  CATERED  TO       1
opening of lho cropj    M ro Excited /'it.:  "What happen-, |   =
1st. to March 4. ex-led?" §    '
Vancouver lolalled ff0,673,-|   K.   C:   "Tho   paperhanger hung n|| Phone 77
t'r.surveycd areus. Dot -. \ t^!tie U
acres, may !■■*> leased si I <:r-*site*i
conditional upo-i a dwelllna helnc
'■■■.-. ts I In the first ye ■ tttie belnn
cbtatnttb'Q after resident e and im
prorement conditions aro fulfilled
and land hna t.eeii surveyd,
For gr»7.:i:g  t\r.ii   inJusirlal    purposes artas not exceeding   640 ar*r»i
may be  leased   by  one  ;»•"•« ?n   or  s
Under the Grazlm: Art the Province Is divided into grazlPR disirlctt
ar.i the rrr.te administered under i
r'ra3lr,j Comn -*r':' ■■ - A I ".' i
crazing permits are lEsu'-d based <ji
numbers ranged, ■,<'.",<■■::.■ ■■ ns £■'•■
to estftbllsr m - " ners Pi k» owner**
.■•■ for n assi ■■■.:: ns :>jr raii>;*i
mauaeemeot Fr»e. or partially fret
rermlts are available for settlr'l
■-arrFers and tr*vnl'**.i*s. ore '■> '."■
bead, PASS     BIGHT
Friday, Marcli 2stli, l»24
SPECIAL—       3 piece Dinner Set $19.50
t   WATCHMAKER * JEWM.I.KIt Nexl star Tin
■s—t  ♦  »*♦•>•> ■♦- ♦-■*> -»■■■♦-» ■■-»—♦—♦—♦--»—«.
Norlmry Ave.
lias Just Received ;■
01' The Latesl Models of ■;
Chevrolet Cars & Trucks \
The New Models presenl many improvements .;
over lhe old 5
Gladly Given
New  .Nl
BORN. - On Friday. March 21st, tit $
:he St. Eugene Hospital, tu Alderman T
;tinl Mrs. Jas. Dunlop, b daughter.     !*
- .**
Hemstitching.-- Mrs.  Surtees,  Gar-' x
len Avenue. 2tf T
Mrs, K. A. Hill, anil daughter Miss,?
-.cnoro returned  Wednesday evening %
from   Los  Angeles   where  they  have
ipcut mosl ot the winter.
Two Houses to I.i
fi Elwell.
Apply  MeaU
Mra. \V. J. Fouracro returned nn
Wednesday irom a ten days visit with
her sister who has charge of tho Salvation Army work in the city of Ferule.
The Kootenay garage will be pleased
to tako you out on a demonstration
ride lo show you just what Hie new
Superior Chevrolet is like. 1
New SUPERIOR Roadster
2 Passenger
c Passenger
ntiOH  Touring
r. passenger
For a first class car at a moderate
figure the new Star has no equal. See
Ilatcllffe & Stewart. 50tf
Preparations are now being put un
der way for the holding of the big
annual Easter event, tbe Hospital Ml
Ball on the evening of Easter -Mon- .Mrs.
day. Arrangements    are    being city,
Special! Special! Tungsten Lamps
at. bargain prices. 25, *10, and 50 wait
for 3Ec.
Our low prices win every time.
mifortablo House and Chicken
Ranch to let $!.J.0u per month. Apply
quickly lo Heale & Elwell. 4-5
We carry a full lino of Men's Women's ami Children'.? Rubbers.
Our low prices win every time.
A lecture on Lourdes, never previ-
usly offered to a Cranbrook audi-
nco, will be given in tlie K. of P.
Hall ou Wednesday. April uth at 8 p.
Do nol fall to hear Rev. J. Blcl-
. O.M.I. 5
G.   Erlck
made to ensure the event this
being no less of u success tha
any previous year.
$3,00 per annum for a Safety
ostt Box with Beale <v Elwell.
. II. Wi
if   ll
vermere, sister of
formerly of this
resent of Mrs W.
ibliln will be leav-
t of April ror her
Old Country.
iikkoim: irvitru 31st
ive thai  car overhauled as soon
losslble  beforo    lhe    rush starts
more  satisfactory  in   every  re'
i.   See tho Kootenay Oarage.
Owners  of  Radio  Equipments  are
notified that licenses are required to
operate same.       Present licenses expire Marcli Itlst next anil must be renewed.   There is a penalty of $50.00j
provided for falling to comply witli
these  regulations.    Licenses  are ob-     if
tainable   from   the   Royal   Canadian! for j
Mounted Police   at    Cranbrook. B.C., you
for the sum of One Dollar. Wort
Signed. iiiue,
'd on WedneS'
lern California
i. where he ac-
L. Burtch. The
ose part?.
you ;
ro figuring on Now Tires
our  i
ar this spring it will pay
to  ca
! ou Wilson's Vulcanizing
cs ant
get price;:.    Wfi Bell gaso-
oil. d
cessoriea and Second Hand
Tubes.                             ltf
From tho llrst test for visional power to the thorough
examination of your eyes, the
final grinding of the lenses,
and proscribing of glasses,
our service is  individual.
Genuine Interest, in every X
patient bus given ns a rep- Jg
ututlnn for Bllccessful lilting *
of glasses. %
W.H.Wilson I
Mr. and Mrs. r. P. MacDonald and
family left on Wednesday evening's
train for Fernie wliere they will spend
a short time visiting Willi relatives, before Mr. MacDonald proceeds on to the
St, where they expect to locate for
me time at least. A number of Oddfellows and Rebekahs were at the sta-'
ion to wish ihem goodbye, with which       Special Prices on New Batter
vas coupled  regrets at their leaving   Service Garage. Phono 34.
he cily, as well as the hope that they
might at some time in the future ream.
A shipment of two thousand day old
chicks was received on Tuesday evening for the ilrown Poultry Ranch, al
Port Steele, the first of their consignments for this season. The cllickB
were brought in from south of tho line
and special arrangements were made
to clear Ihem from bond on their arrival bore. All was in readiness to
receive the birds at the ranch, and the
percentage of loss Is understood to
have been quite small.
Ratcliffe & Stewart will be pleased
to show you the new 1924 model Star
Car. GOtf
There was another big dance at lhe
Wasn hotel on Saturday last, when
Edmondson's Serenaders from this city provided the music. Tho dancers
came from all directions and the affair was counted a success from the
first bar of music till the end of the
extra time lhat had to be played. On
Friday evening of this week Ihe Serenaders are putting on a dance at
the K. P. Hull.
An Interesting lecture on Lourdes
will be given in the K. of P. Hall on
Wednesday evening, April 0th. at 8
o'clock. Slides will lie shown to Illustrate what Ihe lecturer will say.   I
i home.
Mrs. N. Moorhouse. of Seattle, wa
, visitor In the city over lasl weeli
nd at Ihe home of her brother. B. >
Moorhouse.     Mrs. Moorhouse was o
There was an    attendance   of   ab-| lui|i ^^ fnm m ^tmaQu visil ,
>Ut thirty or so at the social ^"'^■. L,lstL,rn ,)()fllIS, !U11i (}„ Tuesday left ag-
ng of tbe Parent-Teacher Assocla-1 ftin Qn ^ m ^ ().- „„ jouI.m>y
lion held on Thursday evening last ;tt
the V. M. C. A. Mrs. J, J. Jackson,
the president, was In the chair during I A Sale ot Work of miscellaneous
the business part of'ihe meeting and articles will he held In the K. of P.
Mr. II. L Porter, the secretary, read Hall on Tuesday. -April 1st* at 1 p.m.
the minutes and the correspondence.I Afternoon tea will also be served by
The treasurer's report was adopted, i members of the Cranbrook Women's
Authorization was given to go Institute,
abend and purchase the lantern, to be
used for slides lectures at the high
and public schools, which It is felt
will be a valuable adjunct to the regular school equipment. Miss Wood
land   wrote  lhanking  the  association
The new issue of the 1024 directory
of the Kootenay Telephone Lines has
now been Just about  completed, and
)("j_   will  probably be issued to llu- publil
In a few days,   lt runs to eighty pages.
for the bird  charts presented to the
un additional eight pages over the pr
Iw-'Wyw-i***'**^-*^^ .wtfw i-wiftsp
A Roomy,
Easy Suit
Smartly Cut
Tlu' Society Brand "POOLE" is notable Cor two
things: It's roomy, easy to wear, as comfortable
aa anything you ran put on; and It's smartly cut.
It's the thing for the man .if conservative
IiisIe', who won't look al a commonplace sail. We'
hnvo ii in cholco unfinished worsteds, In neat
stripes aud plaid offocts.
1 .
Beale ft Elwell furnish all enqulr-i Wr>. Margaret Snowclen, who hist, A meeting of the creditors of Mes-
les re steamship trave to Europe week underwent a serious operation si Cashman and Ramos, .railing as
gladlj.       ir> ourjervlce, 4-5:at the hospital, continues   to   make  the club Cafe was held on Priday of
I good  progress towards  recovery,  her   lasl week at tbe ofllce of Heale & El-
A number oi Indians, about halt u  friends -ire iri-ni in i,,,,,, n     »  .   »   . ■ .   . ..
, , ...   I    ,Bilus nre B*"U to loam. i well.     M. A. Heale was appointed the
dozen  or  so. have  been   gathered  in m . , . .*•/*.. i,
,     ,. •.,.,,,„, — i official trustec in bankrupcy.   Outside
by the provincial police for theft and: I   , . . ,,,,.,
h the course of i no "f lw° Prett'rrp<1 claims thero
wero unsecured creditors with claims
totalling to about $000. The assets
consist of the stock nf groceries at the
University Extension Lectures, under
the auspices of the University of B.C.,
Mr. W. H. Wilson, president of the
Board of Trade, ins wired the secretary of the extension department that
evening has been arranged  for a
house   breaking   in   various   parts   ot|„ ,    eomieet*°
the district, Fort Steele, Wiudermere
and other places.        They will come
it!' for preliminary hearing iu the police court on Friday of this week.
Try the  Kootenay Garage for tho
service that pleases. Agents and Doal- lecture t0 tako placB "ero on Tuesday.
ers  in  Superior Chevrolet curs and April ir'"'-     Tne lectures are being;
trucks, i given by Dean Brock, of the faculty of,
_ j science,  and   the  subject   chosen   for
Private evening parties continue to Cranbrook Is "Physical Features of
claim ut tenl ion In social circles at j British Columbia." Furl her particulate present time, and bid fair tollnrs will be announced later. These
mark the winter social season now lectures, aporl from their interesting
closing as an unusually busy one. subject matter, also offer an opportu-
Amotig those who havo entertained j nily to make bettor known the work
at bridge on recent afternoons or ev-iof the provincial university.
euings   are   Mrs.   P.   M.   MacPherson. [  .	
Mrs. E. H. McPhee. Mrs. ti. S. McTn-[ag
tosh.   Mrs.   Mcintosh and Mrs. W. J.
Barber Jointly. .Mrs. H. White, while       0ANKKUP I  6' I UUK      %
Mrs.  P. A.   Helse  was hostess at a IB -.. . ,£
card party on. Monday night, and Mrs,
A. Shankland Is also entertaining at
cards this week. On Friday evening last Mrs. O. F. Collins was hostess to a party of four tables of mah
n    Cranbrook and
I to deal at
See the new Star
*ars at Ratcliffe
Because Lewis Yoder. a Calgary vi-
central    school.
vlous issue, some of which is
coun- pllnlst, broke quarantine and procee-
ted for by extra advertising, the remainder by Increased telephone Instal-
Studebaker Light Six
A Few Fads ul t tho LIGHT SIX. nml Whore !( Ia Made
THK BTUDBBAKER  182*1   LIQHT SIX.  being  powered
With a six-cylinder engine, assures iln.se qualitlcG of performance so desired lu a motor car. such as an abundance ot power, smoothness of operation, flexibility and
lack of vibration.
THE CYLINDERS are or large bore, permitting the use
of cast Iron pistons that stand up and give good service,
THE CRANK SHAFT is machined all over.     None better
ON A CONTINENTAL TEST tbe Light Six averaged 20
miles to the gallon.
STUDEBAKER 71 YEARS oi manufacturing experience
—together with the savings accomplished through vast
resources, large scale production and the policy of manufacturing Studebaker cars practically complete in Studebaker factories, thereby eliminating parts makers profits,  makes   it    possible   lo combine     high  quality and
low price in tbe 1024 Studebaker cars.
Factories cover 225 acres;  buildings contain     7,100,000
square feet of active floor space and Investment amounts
to *J45,f)00,000.     12.500 machines used in 600 manufacturing departments.
Dezall's Garage
PHONE    50
were appointed to carry on tbe work
:>f the different tables at the sale of
lome cooking to be held shortly. Mrs.
Cummlngs will be bead of the com-
ittee to look after tho cookery tables. Mfss Porter, the candy table, and
Mrs. Baxter the refreshment  tables. 1 ~nd "^^"b"atterJe8.
For expert workmanship in cl
Ing and overhauling batteries. Pi
j Service Garage, No. 34.
all for
Following the business meeting court
whist was played till close on to midnight, the prizes going to Mrs.  F. A. I
Williams,   first,     and    Mrs.   Russell. [
consolation.     .Music was rendered du- j
ring tho course of the evening    by,|
Miss A.  McCarthy nnd Miss F.  Paul, II
and refreshments with the customaryII
social  intercourse  brought   the  gath-'y
critig to n (dose.    The teachers were
lhe hosts and hostesses for the evening, Mr. F. G. MotIs being chairman
of the program committee.
Ki.nXaizL.L.j.i.Liiai. ::■;:■. I:
A Safety Deposit Box with Heale &
Blwell means service, security and
privacy. 4-5
We carl y a full Hoe of Men's Women's and Misses' Shoes.
Our low prices win every time.
thi: new
Armstrong Avenue
Wn Buy. Sell and Exchange
Thompson \ Peterson
Phone 76    P.O. Box 238
stock of Drugs i
nery and store
tlie  Estate ot' Je
called for
ml Stat lo-
'ixttires of
ik   llfciitli-
ded lo Iljiroiis to play for a dance, he
was brought before Magistrate Sanders in Calgary Saturday morning and
lined $10 ami costs.     Yoder left his
place of residence In Calgary after
the inmates had been warned of small
pox regulations by the health officials
and journeyed to Barons.      He did   ;
not  appear   In  tbe  orchestra  box  at !
the dance thnt night.     On the con-' ..
trury. he was detained by the Alberta   :;
Provincial   Police  and  spent  sixteen  I
days    iu    close    quarantine ut Cnr-
niangay.   —Lethbridge   Herald.
Cash offers Invited for my en- B There will bo a lecture with lantern
tire hay crop, for 1924. less 1", ■.■'; slides given ill tho K. of P. Hall on
tons. Situated near Lake Win- | Wednesday. April 9th, nt 8 p.m. Ad-
dermere. 192S produced 266 big ||mission: Adults. 50c; Children, 26c.
loads.  Considerable additional
urea  land seeded  for  1924 has I
B good catch, Timothy and Clover, ij
_  Buyer to irrigate ami  harvest. ^
"f Ranch in good shape. Irrigation I
very convenient.
(!.('. II. COI.KMAX.
6tf                 Windermere P.O. U
T jui nuii ru if   '-- 'iBBtsx
 ninniiiiimji iitiiiiiiiuiiiitini
iiiniiiiiiiiiiiitmiiiiiiiiiia iiiiiiitniiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiniiiiuiiiiiiiiinit:"!"'"":' "»irw
Now is the time to pul ynur supply down, no egga will advance in prlco
WATER CLASS (Reliance)  2 lb. tin .35
IMPERIAL FERTILIZER, in small quantities, per lb. .06
SPRING RYE SEED, por cwt $3.00
SPRATT'S BABY CHICK FOOD, in pkts 35 & .70
PRATT'S CHICK FOOD. 141b. Hags 01-45
LICK KILLER, per tin     ,35
EGG PRODUCER, in pkts .35 and .70
BROMB GRASS SEHD. per lb*    .15
Onr Supply of Garden Seeds is Complete and contains only
the best and most reliable varieties
| CIPPS, The plant food in tablet form, per pltt.
|   WAGNER APPLES, per box  	
Hanson Avenue
Brigadier Tlioraaa Coombs, the
Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army of Southern Ilrltfnh Columbia, will conduct special services In
the S.A. Hall on Hanson Avenue, on
Sunday. April Gth.
Sundny morning, 11 a.m. Holiness
Meeting; Afternoon. ". p.m., Sundny
School; Evening, 7.30, Salvation meet*
Everyone is cordially Invited to attend these special service!.. li-il
waite liaslaii], authorized
Assignor, of the City of
Value approximately $5,500
stock up-to-date and ready
for business, splendid opportunity. Lease of store
can bo obtained TERMS
may ho urrn"i;cd n approved security.
For Full Particulars Apply to
5-7 Cranbrook, B,C.
POR SALE—Litter Voting Pigs, seven
j weeks old. Mother registered Vork-
1    shire.   Cullen, ('ranbrook. 5»
' KOOMS FOIt KENT—209 Dewar Avt-
nue, 52tf
POR SALE. — 8 roomed bungalow,
fully modern and newly renovated
throughout. Apply Joseph Woodman, sitf
,    ,,..,       ..,.,.;,..,
.    . ■■■.,...
FOR SALE,— Fender for open gratr.
This Is a very good fender that ca»
be secured at a reasonable cost.
Phone or call at Herald Ofllce.
I WANTED—Advertiser desires to pur-
j Chase five room house with modern
j conveniences. Early possession
I    desired.   Box R. Herald offlce.   43tr
Missing heirs uro being sought
throughout tlte world. Many people
are to day living in comparative poverty who nro really rich, bul do not
know il. You may be one of them.
Send for Index Hook. "Missing Heirs
and Next of Kin," containing careful-j |
ly authenticated lists of missing heirs, g
and unclaimed estates which have been | §
advertised for, here and abroad. The
Index of Missing Heirs we offer for
sale   contains   thousuiids   of   names   |
which have appeared In American, 1
Canadian, English, Scotch, Irish, I |
Welsh, German, French, Belgian, j|
Swedish, Indian, Colonial, and other, I
newspapers, inserted by lawyers, ex- I
editors, administrators. Also contains |
list of English and Irish Courts of |
Chancery and unclaimed dividends' |
list of the Bank of England. Your j |
name or your nnceBtora mny be In the I
list Semi $1.00 (one dollar) nt onco -1
for book. ) |
L! j Dept. 752 M
| l'lTTSBUKUH, VL, II.8.A. |
Now is the Time
to hnvo your
Rugs and Carpets Cleaned
It will cnsl you hardly any more to have us do them
right, than (o pay a man to do them at home, and take
chances of your carpets being ruined by rough beating.
Cranbrook Cleaners & Dyers
P. W. WILLIS - - - PHONE 157


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