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Cranbrook Herald Sep 7, 1916

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MT -16
Sports and Itnchm will take up tlie  Al'lernnnii — Horses  aro
Good Tliis Vciir—Other   l.xhli.hs not up to the
Average hi Number.
To-day In tlle big da;
liriiok Fnlr. CommoncluH pi'
l tr, Hi,* .'iiiiiireu'.'i rucon
nml at ili>' completion
Ural heat ot the Indian horuu raeu will
lif run at 2,15, Prom llioil on tlioro is
a IiIk til'lernonii's proKnua ot apqrta
atul atnusi iiieuis including liunu* racOB,
hoys' rates, men's nuvs, stpuiw races,
teepee building contest, Jumping, ladles' nail driving contoat, otc., otc,
Tiie cranbroolt Dand will he in at-
tondanco all afternoon ami thoro will
he something doing all Un- tlmo.
The lair opened yesterday with a
fairly good attendance hut the proximity of election day seems to huve
kt'iit the exhibits down tn a minimum
in must classes. It is not fur reason
uf Inclt ol production hi the district
because tin* crops have seldom or
never heen better, and the acreage Is
larger than ever, hut notwithstanding
this there seems to have been little
interest taken except by a very few
anti in consequence the showing of
Inside exhibits in particular Is only a
fraction of what it should have been.
As far as tbey go the exhibits are of
al Ihe ('ran- [and Mr. I'.dwurdrt at Wycliffe and
ptly   nl \wo\ "tbers Is the redei-mlnn fealli
will   begin
these   the
i of
the fair. At uo fair hi this province
lor any otlier can there be found better Specimens  of horseflesh, and  the
number of horses is more up to Uo*
average than in auy other elass. Tlioro
an* some good cattle entered hut their
number is small.
inside the main building the most
noteworthy exhibit Is that of tho
schools of Cranbrook, and this takes
one whole wall. The showing of grain
is not large hut the judge says It Ik of
splentlltl quality, well up to tliat shown
anywhere, of good color and fine
straw, Another Interesting exhibit to
farmers is the showing of Siberian alfalfa made by Mr. A. 11. Smith. In all
ho has four different exhibits of second cuttings of alfalfa, the Siberian alfalfa being this years planting of
sprouts. It Is a most valuable fodder
and seems to be particularly adapted
to dry benches and will stand almost
any amount of frost without damage.
The scchool children were given a
holiday yesterday afternoon and were
much iu evtdenc. Owing to a misunderstanding thc children's races were
splendid quality but tlie big pumpkin 1 bmed for the aeconi| day but an !m_
and the big squash which seem so es-j pPomptu  program was arranged for
seotlal to a purely agricultural show
are conspicuous by their absence.
The showing of splendid horses from
tlie stables of the Kast Kootenay Lumber Co., the Mission, W. B. Worden
the youngsters and prizes raised   by
passing tho hat.
The judging was not completed at
the time of going to press, and the
prize list wlll appear next week.
t'ranhriiok  Contingent  Takes  in the
Kootenny Tennis TiMiriii.inc.it
at llali'mir.
The Kootenay Lawn Tennis Association bold their fifth annual tournament at the courts at the K>oienay
Lake Hotel, Balfour. Cranbrook, ns
usual, sent a small contingent down to
take part, but, unfortunately, met with
no success, although tho various mem-
bora have nothing to bo ashamed of.
Before proceeding any further, one
would like tn state that it is a great
pity that mure people do not take advantage of this ideal trip, with its specie.) rates, excellent hotel, and perfect
company anil enjoyment.
The Cranbrook contingent consisted
of Mrs. E. 1.. Staples and Messrs. Mcllwalne, Raworth and Wallinger. who
all report a specially enjoyable time.
day or the tournament
ally  disagreeable,  being
gb oi
was   elimat 	
wet and windy.
Mr. Mcllwalne wns unfortunate in
being drawn against Mr. Swartz, who
defeated last year's champion anti will
probabtj win tin open shales; more
unfortunately still in the mixed doubles with Mrs Staphs as partner, the
match against au extremely Btrong
couple wns unfinished ami consequently luul to be scratched in order to
catch the bod, although, at the time
each side Imd scored one set.
The c   1"   K   hotel at Balfour   was
crowded to overflowing an.I tm Sat-)""""' " ,  ,,
, of the most brl Ian
urday evening a dance was given and
evcryli.nl> invited, with the good floor
aud good oi'1, o ■ i1'' dance wae a greal
•.iic.-i ■-• on n>. ii llowing evening
Lieut Ullllnm nnd Iili nisoi I ttes gave
au out or tain meat for patriotic purpose:; Mint was enjoyed Ity all and
called for strong applause; ii certain*
1> deserved it
M is t,i be hoped thai next year an
eatui  t endeavour will he inndo to pro-
(apt. lleusltiiM Makes Stirring Appeal
Tor Funds to Carr) on the Good
Work iVmong Our Hoys
hi I'rancc
The question has oft.-n been asked
If  nil   tl miles*-   shipments  of  BUp-
plies. Bocks, etc, for lied Cross purposes were iili needed. Capt. Julia
W Honihow m hor lecture Friday
niuiit last answered theso questions by
showing that the heed was always
there for more, and still mor., lu
in r concluding words she snld:
"Our mon In Prance are doing their
hit on lin' firing Hue. Our women in
Prance are doing their hit in nursing
ami caring for Un
your privilege anti
Hie,]   ;
ml it i-
nine to glvo all We
ray  we call.  There
t for ns to do for
ever relinquish the
y nre safe homo after
.ee, or nt peace with
■all is great, but the
11 i
i in
r i
nl :
contingent peprc eating t'ranbrook
with friends make a point of taking In
what is. perhaps, tbo mosl enjoyable
outing nf tiir year,
I'rcutli Horse Contmlsilui) KxpecU i
he iu Crnnurooli oh. -rtid
The   French   ihose   Commission,
which Is touring lu Canada for tlie
purpose of purchasing horses for the
French Government will he in Cranbrook October 23rd, nut; ami at
Athalmer, Octobor 25th p.m„ 1910 and
is desirous of purcli
the following cl-rsc-.:   Light Artillery
Horses, weighing UOO to 12(10 pounds
flllO;  Heavy Artillery horses, weighing 1250 pounds ami upwards $140,
The Commission wants horses fifteen hnnds high aud upward i, and
wants them sound and gentle and broken to either saddle or harness. In
agt tbo horses should be between live
and ten years old, The animals need
not be of any particular colour, and
either mares or geldings will be acceptable.    Horse owners are advised
In no district will the electors show
greater wisdom hy returning the Conservative candidate than hi this constituency, which Is so vitally Interested in the mining industry. Thoroughly
business-like in every particular, the
policy of the present government iu
regard to mining has been beneficial
to a degree which few have stopped
to realize. The work of tlie mines department in tiie past eight or ten years
in unifying the practice in the recorders' offices Ims been done quietly anti
uniisteiistatiously, yet its benefits to
the mining community cannot be overestimated. The absence of litigation
over questions of title in tbis province
Is a direct result of the wise administrative policy adopteil at Victoria in
this connecton. but the wheels work so
smoothly that few people stop to resize the difference between conditions
in Hritish Columbia and those In other
provinces ami stutes.
Ken ils and Trails Unequalled
The province's splendid system of
railways, roads nnd trails, tlie construction of which has ever been a
chief concern of the Conservative administration, has made it possible to
ship and handle ores in a manner that
no other so spnrsely settled province
or stai<* in America has ever dreamed
Thc mining map of the province hns
the appearance of a crazy bit of patch
work, but its scientific lay-out is one
  leas of the de-
piillmeiit administered successively by
Sir Itichard McBrldo ami the Hon.
Lome Campbell, The boundaries of
tiie districts are  ihe watersheds and
,i prospector staking a claim run tell
iu an instant in which of any two dls
trlcts he is standing simply by observing the flow of the water
\c» Minister a Whirlwind
Tht* mining laws of Hritish Colum-
bia are known as among tlie most enlightened in the world. The people of
this district are loo familiar with their
benefits for auy explanation of them
ti> bo necessary here For years the
dopartmont was administered by tho
late   Premier   himself,   whose   genius
needs no commendation at tliis late
day. As his successor hi Uie mines de
parlnient Premier Bowser, In selecting
the Hon Umo Campbell, clu.se a
practical mining man in every sense
lot the word and one who has already
shown by bis energetic ami well directed activities that the chief Industry
of llrltlsh Columbia Is to be cared for
by another competent minister.
Some of the new legislation which
has been adopted hy the government
since Mr, Campbell has been hi office
Is BUITlclent argument In favor of rent'(turning to power a government whose
mining policy Is so thoroughly sympathetic with the Industry nnd the men
engaged In It.
Prospector Gets a Chance
The pros|M*ctor ls thc back-bone of
the mining Industry and It was In his
favor that two Important measures
were passed at thc last session of the
house. By un amendment tn the taxation act a long standing handicap In
the way of the prosiwctor was removed. Under the old law crown granted
land which had reverted to the crown
Premier ilowser is not appealing to tiie peoplo on pre-election pro-
He is asking support for a record of achievement, for a program
not to be too particular wltli regard for unpaid taxes wns not available
to minor faults providing the horse is for locution under the Mineral Act,
not Injured In nny way that prevents | Prospectors desiring to work it simply
It rrom doing all that Is expected or (had to take the risk of being outbid
lt In the matter of work. Just because by some capitalist at the tax sale, Tbe
u horse has a slight wire Hcratch It; ncw amendment enables hlm to obtain
does not necessarily mean thut ft will,a lease for one year on such lands
bo useless to the army. I (Continued on Page 3>
can and iu evoi
is nothing loo i
the men who wi
Btrugglo liiiitl ii
an honorable pi
their Uod. The
hoys wbo are in Franco have answered the greatest call oi all—the cull of
King anti country. Can you or can I
do less"
The lecture was closely followed by
tbe large audience present, and was
illustrated with 100 sterioptlenn slides
made from photographs taken iiy ('apt.
lleushaw  herself.    These  were elear
mid gave a splendid ideu of the magnitude of the work whicli is being carried on hy the men and women of Canada among thn wounded In Franco.
The whole organization of the Ited
Cross and the Canadian Army Medical
Corps in France ims "efficiency" for
its keynote, From trench to casualty clearing station, where the men
receive their first treatment, to the
dressing stations and from there
thrnuph tlie various field hospitals
hack to "Blighty" ami convalescence.
the great machine for earing for the
wounded, she declared, worked swiftly
ami with the precision of clock work.
"Blighty" she said, was the dearest
work to the cars of thc Hritish
Tomrale. "If you could only hear the
wounded soldier whisper through lips
twistetl with pain: "I am going back
to Blighty," she said, "you would
know that he meant—home." The
word was Introduced into tlie army by
the Fast Indian regiments, "Blighty"
being the nearest tlie Tommies could
come to the correct pronunciation of
.the word.
Describing tbe hospitals, Capt. Hen-
shaw declared that no hospitals in the
world were more completely equipped
for the care of all manner of ailments
than the Canadian held hospitals. For
the tirst time in tbe annals of field
hospitals, she said, the X-ray was be-
ing used ut the front, and witb wonderful results and every hospital wns
.■quipped wiili ■: complete outfit. She
here showed a series of pictures show-
in*; the various hospitals, laboratories,
sterilizing arrangements, diet kitchen.
for.i:e anti telegraphic stntlons.
The nurses In the hospitals, she said,
had many duties not in the regular
nursine course ami were nfter required to attend as many rs An major operations in one day. In the service, siie
deelare.i, no one minds any business
but tlieir own and what is more needed in the work i- a sense of duty and
no Imagination Since the war began.
*ni.i Capt Henshaw, many new Inventions have been introduced to the field
hospitals for alleviating pain.
lu making a plea for socks, Capt.
Ileiislkiw stated Hint the utter im-
dlity nf knowing how many men
would arrive nl n station in need of
applies, mode ii necessary to liave
in limited numbers of sock- on  hand,
'he ordnaice department, she snld,
.oiild supply perhaps '.no socks and
it was equally likely thnt 1500 men
1.1 arrive to be supplied, Totmnie
nlwnys bad his toes sticking out of his
socks, The need for more am) more
of these urticl.< wns therefore great.
Ity Instructing the men In the care of
tlieir feet, she dechinl and by supplying ih. m wilh fr.sb footwear as often
as possible the scourge nf ihe tlrst ycur
of the war. "trench feet", hud been
practically wiped out.
Cash Wanted
Money, she said, wus greatly needed for ihe purpose of buying muny nr-
tlcles that could not he tnuile, or thut
must he purchased speedily ami In
omorgoncles. This, she said, ilbl lint
mean that there was less need for the
hand mad articles, but there wus
groat u I fnr cash.
Cnpt. M. J. Vlgnux, at the close of
Capt. Hensluiw's lecture spoke of tht
work of the Canadian Army Medical
corps and the duties required of men
enlisting wltli that unit
ity means of a diagram thrown on
the screen, he described the wny In
which the various dressing stations
nnd hospitals are placed In relntlon to
the trenches and told of the manner
fn which the wounded ure picked up by
stretcher hearers nfter "icing hit,
curried to dugouts and given Ilrst aid,
after which they are taken to a dressing station to he picked up by motor
transports and convoyed to the field
The captain closed his remarks hy
muklng un appeal for recruits to thc
army medical corps and particularly
Ihe ambulance corps now being formed
ut Vernon camp and to which he himself is attached,
of development policies, tliat his government has put into effect. Every
single pledge that he made to the electors when h" assumed ollice on
December 15th last ha;- been carried out.
That ir- how Hon. W. .1. Ilowser does husiness.    It is possible that
he might win ..um.- vote-: Dy making pre-election promises but the
course he has followed i:- one that is meeting with the approval of the
thinking people of British Columbia.
Mr linwsir pledged himself to put the Agricultural Credits Act
Into effect That has been done. The lirst million dollars is now being
distributed as fast as appraisers can complete their work.
Ib' promised the passage of the Workmens Compensation Act ami
the mot advanct d meaurc of the kind in the world is now on the statute
Aid to shipbuilding was promised. Tbe necessary bill was passed.
It was so well designed to attain tlie desired end Hint today 10 wooden
ships und 1 steel ship are being constructed to curry Hritish Columbia
produce, more especially lumber, to oversells markets,
Mr. Bowser pledged himself to the completion of ruilwnys under
construction, This promise is being fulfilled. Both tlie Pacific Great
Eastern ami the Canadian Northern have been set to work under strict
government supervision to complete the balance of their undertakings.
He promised an extension of tlie lumber mnrket-seeklng activities.
The fulfilment uf that pledge Is seen In an enlargement of expenditures
for tlie publicity work lu Ontario und western Canada tliat lias already
brought excellent results.
Premier Bowser promised assistance to prospectors and small
mine-owners. As a result legislation was passed tliat provides Tor construction of roads and trails to mine, for free assays for prospectors,
for free advice by government engineers, fnr Investigations nf now
discoveries, for leasing of expired crown-granted claims and fnr assistance in the establishment of the Prench process for treating complex zinc ores.
Aid to soldiers wus promised. Twelve acts fulfil this pledge. The
rights anil property of soldiers at the front are protected; tliey und
their dependents are protected during their absence against legal notion. Free land and money to develop It with are provided for the
returned soldier.
A Boparate portfolio nf agriculture was promised. It has been
created with Hon. William Manson nt ils head. The minister will now
give his whole attention to tlie development of tills Industry, iu the
same way that Hon. Lorne a. Campbell's work is the encouragement
of tlie mining industry.
Premier Bowser is a man of liis word, a mau to be relied upon.
Every pledge has been tarried out. Every voter on Sept. ll who casts
a ballot for a Conservative candidate will know exactly what policies
lie is voting for,
A Vote I'ur Caven Means a Voto for the Ilowser tiuvcrnment.
Sergt, Hummell,   Gasttctl  and   Budly
Wounded by a Big Shell. Feels
"Juke" Again and Anxious to gel Back
much I wish I was back in God's country again, tin; doctors tell me that
they-cun make mc all O. K. again for
soldiering und I hope they ure right.
While I am banging around here I am
running a typewriter in the orderly
I am glad to know that thc mills
are running agin. You don't know-
how much I would like to hear the
hum of n circular saw ugain. If you
see Mr. Thomas Leask be sure to give
hlm my rcgurds.
Don't forget to write me again
when you hnve time ond tell me all
the news. I like it well here in
Hath, hut 1 never could soldier around
a ,huse buttallon nnd sometimes I get
sick to be buck with my mob or back
Tin* following letter has been recelv-
i by Judge Ryan from Sergt. S.
Hammell, who left here a private but
Ims been promoted since reaching the
front.   He Is now recovering from the
ffects of a bud shell wound and of
a dose of gas.
Bear Sir: -I received your letter of
July 12th yesterday anil 1 was mighty
glad to get it you may bc sure. 1 am
sorry thnt 1 did not get the letters thut
yon sent before, because It always
does a man good to get a note from
If you remember Prior Park rightly
you will know that it Is a fine place.
It Is tlie Discharge Depot for all the
Canadian Forces and 1 liave been here
fnr some time now.   I went through .	
the Battle, of Ypres without getting   a \    The polling booths will be situated
scratch und was made Sergt. there. My  In the following place.; • •
Battalion  wns next to    tiie    French, Sullivan Mine      Miner's Hail
troops and when the gas was put over  hhabcrley  ..
the French troops beat it and left our  Marysville ..
tlie music.   Thc Qer- hYycl-ffo
Division to fm
mans shelled us with guns of all sizes
and then charged us, but the hoys shot
Hell out of them nnd drove tbem hack.
Then they would shell us some more
,.. Lewis Mark *t
Next to Post otllce
....   Hub   Hotm
  Murphy's mill
... Suwyer's house
McCartney's house
  Flre Hall
.. Watt's residence
Uore next F. Parks
Returning Officer.
Mission       Bridge
Tata Creek School House
Westport  J. White's house
        Mayook   Mayook Siding
ami charge us again,   If you ever henr Wardner      Bohurts store
a mnn say thnt he likes shell flre you  West Wuldo   Bridge
can make up your mind that be never  West Gatew
saw real Shell fire or thnt he Is a Liar.   Kingsgate ,
1 got some whiffs of gas myself nnd   Yahk  	
my throat nml lungs nre not over It Moyle	
yet.    I  wns mighty lucky at that for  Wuttsbnrg
hits of my Buttallon died right in  the  ('ranbronk
trench, and the manner of their dying ,
Is not a pleasant tiling to think ubout .
But luck will not always stick to a
man If he stays In the   front    line
One night we took a bit nf u trench
from our friend Fritz and ho seemed
tn be right peevish about it.   He shelled like the devil before we find nny
time to throw up a parapet.  An able-
bodied mnn size shell, lighting mad
no dtmbt at having to work ut night,
decided to bust In my Immediate vicinity nnd when 1 came to, I found my
foot smashed.   One af the boys tied It
up nnd I stayed fn the trench.   Before
morning 1 was knocked senseless a-
gain and I pussed.   1 wns jumbled up
some Inside nud my back  was  hurt
and nil thing;
Wanted   Glrla to teal
Apply McCreery Mros.
Wanted  a good reliable gin. Apply
JI!.! Fenwick Ave, between hours of 61
uiul 7, :.>;-u
Mr. Charles Hrigcs from the prairie
lias been visiting his cousin, .Miss '
Bertha Hrown.
Mrs. Dilts, for some time an Inmate
ot St. Eugene hospital, formerly of
Port Steele, died on Tuesday and will
tie hurled tin Friday.
Fur Sale—American Organ. 12 stnps,
two knee swells, In splendid condition,
greut bargain $2r,. must sell.   Apply to
sldered I felt dum; Kilby, bnrber, Armstrong Ave. 86-lt*
tough.   After tliat I mnde a tour   of 	
France and England on a stretcher,       Put Dow is now numbered among
accompanied by several other gentle- the permanent residents of Crnnbrook, I
men of the military persuasion, who, wliere he has taken a   position with j
wero desirous of recovering from   the   the Crnnbrook Trading Co,    creston j
effects of more or less unwelcome at-' Ilt'vlew.
tontlon of the disciples of Krupps High i 	
Explosive Kultur.   1 wns mighty w-ll NRAIj INSTITUTE
used fn this country and I um fooling That craving gnawing desire tliat j
pretty frisky again Sometimes my consumes your very soul Is removed In I
feet get dt-ni! nn lm* uml snmetlmes Just three dnys. No had nfter effects,;
my hands get numb bul outside of j or return of the desire, unless alcohol t
Hint and my lungs I nm "Jake," Is willfully Indulged In on the part of (
If I had sutliclciii  language at  my  tlie graduate.   Write for booklet, Neal
Command I WOllltl try to Ml you how (Institute, Crunbrook, B c
McCreery   Bros,   announce   advance
showing of
Millinery, Suits,
And Coats
We appreciate the fact that more
than ever our customers want Indi=
vidual Styles. With this in view we
have picked our stocks, they are
Smart*==up to the minute as to fash-
ion==have Individuality—and are modest in price. Come and see.
Make this Store your Head=
quarters while visiting the fair
McCreery Bros.
C-ii brook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Still Talking Furniture
But we have a stock and values well wortii
talking about. You'll agree with us when you
see them. A pleasure to show you whether a
purchase is made or not.
Linoleums and Oilcloths
are selling rapidly at our very low prices.
When present stock is sold out yon will have
to pay more for the next Don't be among
the late ones.
V*   Vs   O*
We Sell
Neilson's Chocolates
For this reason:—
We cater  to   discriminating   people.
Folks who  appreciate  the difference
between   "just   chocolates"   and
At a confection De Luxe—so to speak
—we recommend Neilson's "Chocolats
des Aristocrates."
One Dollar and a QuarW a Pound Box.
I'hono 71 Wi J* AiriiN Manngor.
p^i^l^iSl^ rAGE TWO
THURSDAY,  SEPT. 7th, 1916
issued   Weekly   hy   The   Crnnbrook
llerald, Limited.
T. II. Est, Kditor und Itlanuger
Cranbrook, it. („ September 7. litlil
Voto for Caven, the Workingman's
A vote i'or Caven means a voto for
a union labor man who will always
use liia Influence to aet* tbat orgaulzed
labor ia not unfairly treated.
A vote for Caven means a vole for
the constructive policy of the Bowser
government, a vote for King minus a
vote tor Brewster and his policy of
criticism and iie.ssimtBUi,
Discussion is Invited by Liberals at
their meetings "In  theory only" as
evldenoe tho Wa.-n u ting.  Time wus
promised for questions aftor the Liberal candidate spoke, but Immediately
ut tho clone of liia remarks the chairman closed tl"* meeting by announcing the National Anthem,
What in tho Llboral policy on mining? This is on.* of the Important
Industries of H. r. and Is being foB-
tered hy tbe Conservative government, but tho Liberal leaders are too
busy predicting blue ruin and attempting to explain tin; plugging operations
ut the Coast to have any time to formulate a policy for the development of
mining, or any other Industry,
Tl loctora of Columbia riding have
tho opportunity on Thursday next
sending a gallant Boldler to represent
them in the next legislature. Capt.
J. N, Taylor, tin- Conservative candidate, la now at Salonika on active service dolus bia bit for King and Country and not only is dOBcrving of support on account or the sacrifices he
haa made In tin* cans-- or liberty, bul
la in every way a man well worthy ol
tho honor.
The government did not, ua Llboral
speakers claim, Bpend J2000 for carpets for use when tbe Duke of Connaught visited Vancouver. Tho expenditure In question Included u small
amount for rent of a carpet nnd the
balance wua for permanent fixtures
ami Improvements at the Government
House, Victoria, that were recommended i»y Hon. T. \V. Paterson, a
lieutenant-governor appointed by the
lato Liberal administration.
The extension to tho ladles of tlu
privilege of voting Is no more than
they aro justly  entitled  to, and  wi
would like to see British Columbia
lend In this reform,    it wlll help tc
purify politics, and tend towards moral
reform for the country at largo, Tli
ladies havo abundantly proven their
right to tbo vote by their conduct and
action during tho last two yearB i
tlie Great War.    It Is a non-polltlci
measure and deserving the support i
overy elector, Liberal or Conservatlv
Kitchener. He has the same Btrong
mill uf i vi nts and the determination
to govern events thut Kitchener had,
and In* Is the man who can ami will
bo uiaki ii way for it. ('. as to bring it
to ;i prosperity, that will be the envy
of all the other province, uud, as Thos.
D Caven is a strong supporter of the
Hon W J. Bowser and his policy, we
have our duty clear before us. Vote
fur Caven; Vote for Bowser; Vote for
The Llboral party claims to bo just
ns loyal uh the Conservative party;
and thia claim we do not intend to dispute; Liberals am) Conservatives are
fighting Hide by Hide on the buttle front
in the cause or Liberty. The fact that
there ure five Conservative soldier
candidates appealing for election ami
overy one opposed by u Btralght Liberal candidate while thero Is not a
single soldier candidate on tho Liberal
side, docs however seem to argue n
luck of appreciation of tho great sacrifice the soldiers aro making and an
unwillingness to have them represented in the next parliament, when* they
can he of ho much assistance In solv
lng the problems arising out of tho re
turn of so many thousands of their
woMt.v   srmuGK
In addition to tho ballot for candidates to the legislature at the election
next Thursday votors wlll have tlio opportunity of voting on the question of
Prohibition and also on Woman Suffrage, A majority vole will bring
either or both into operation, and the
votes on both bills are entirely apart
from party politics. An elector may
vote either for or again Bt both bills
without embarrassing his party, whether it be Liberal or Conservative.
If yon are In favor of Prohibition for
tho Province of llrltlsh Columbia you
will mark an "x" in the apace opposite the "Yes", if against mark the "x"
opposite the word "No."
If you are in favor of extending tlio
votn to women In this province vote
"Yes" In the same manner. If opposed
voto "No."
Conservatives Wo have reasons to
he proud of our party nnd of what a
Conservative Government has done;
all pull together, talk over the situation with your Liberal neighbor; you
can tell him what lias been done to
forward the Interests of the province.
All he can tell you Is what the Liberals promise to do. Ih that enough? If
so, can you nccept the word of men
who werR mixed up in the plugging
scandal? In these tlmos of stresn and
warfare tin1 reins of Kovernment
should be In tho hnnds of a man; a
man who knows what he wants and
k"Ih It. When- would England be now
without her Kitchener? The Llherul
lenders call the Hon. W. J, Ilowwer the
prototype   of   the    Kaiser.     This   In
wrong; Mr DowBor Is tho protoypo of
Election Hay! and what of thc
limes'.' Will the skipper who has so
skillfully ami successfully piloted the
ship of state through hard times and
good times and again improving limes,
obtain the renewal of his certificate of
command or will the passengers turn
the emit ml over to amateurs who
have had little experience, but whose
desires for authority are ovor-Strong?
Voters! Working Men! are you
using the Intelligence necessary to
realize the justice and assistance given to tlie working men oi this pro-
vine,, hy the Workmen's Compensation
Act. brought into force by the Conservatives',' Voters Miners and Mining
Men! do you reailv comprehend tin*
great help rendered to you and the
mining industry by the Conservative
Government? Voters! thoso who go
down to lite sea in ships, seamen,
stevedores und carpenters, also Iron-
miners, foundryraon, etc, lmvo you
foresight enough to realize the Importance of the foundation of the shipbuilding industry to the future of the
province? Voters' Those who believe
that a Prohibition Act Is necessary to
the welfare of the home in particular
and the country in general; Voters!
All those who make a living 111 this
glorious provlncce, who an* willing to
assist those who have gone to fight for
their country, who detest such tactics
as the Vancouver plugging, who ure
looking Tor clean politics; In fact all
those who are British Columbians fir.st
and party men afterwards, consider
ami weigh carefully the records of
the (wo parties and there will be hut
one way to vole and that Is to vote
for the Conservative candidate.
What have the Liberals to show,
when ashing to he placed In charge?
Have they a monopoly of ull thc bruins
in the country? Tf so, thoy keep the
possession of the monopoly strictly
secret, as there has boon no exhibition
of sound argument in this district on
the Liberal side; nothing hut criticism,
ihtofly in very had taste, vituperation,
whieh Is no argument, and a platform
mspieiions by ils absence.
(Victoria Colonist)
Mr. Brewster, in his tour tliroilffli
the interior of the province will find
few. it any, Idle men. He will find
the farmers preparing to take lulvim
tage of the provisions of the Agrlcul
tural Credits Act. He will find the
mining industry on a more prosperous
bases than ever before. He will find
i great dent of activity lu the lumbering industry. In short, he will find
little evidence that the eounry Is languishing under the "Incubus" of tho
Bowser government. He has sot hfm-
iolf a hard task when lie nttomnts to
convince the people that the policies of
the present government do not stand
for increasing prosperity.
(Nelson News)
"Can the Public He Taughted to Uso
More Lumber?" Is the question asked
hy the Canadian Lumberman.
The answer undoubtedly ls In the
affirmative. Tho British Columblu
government through its campaign fn
prairie and eastern provinces has
veil It. The appropriations that
huve been made for market extension
work have brought excellent results.
Advertising activities of various kinds,
tnore especially In the newspapers,
have increased the demand ror British
Columbia lumber in Ontario as well
as lu the grain growing provinces.
This Is one of tlio things the government at Victoria has done fur the
lumhormen of the province. The expenditures made benefit the people aa
a whole. Enlargd aales of lumber
give employment to more men, Increase payrolls uud help the general
business of Hritish  Columbia.
(The Golden Star)
Returns from the mining Industry lu
British  Columbia  for  last mouth  ex
eded those of the month previous by
.....n.io.nuu, and that was tho record
month in Hie history of the provlnc*.
This condition Is the outcome of
practical development, of now oro bodies in old mines uud opening of new
territory, nnd lu view of the fact that
tlie industry Is receiving the greatest
Impetus since the discovery of precious
metals in the province, it portends au
era of prosperity un exceeded even lu
the land boom days. It differs from
those days In thut it will create millions In new wealth which will por-
i olate through every avenue of trade
lu the form of wages anil for supplies.
■while u few fortunate speculators gathered iu all the money with the realty
Added (o tin* revival of precious metal mining comes the announcement of
tlie minister of mines, the* Hon. Lome
impbcll, that steps will he taken to
u.'velop the coal tar industry. Some
idea of tho importance of this industry
may be gained when It is stated that
tin; by-products of tho coal mines In
'     Packet of
\ $8°-WORTH OF ANY /
Clean to handle, Sold hy ull Drug-
gists. Groccni and Oeneral Stures.
times into his own.
If any portion of the U, H. A. poss
'Ssed such a storehouse of llllllevehip
id resources then* would la* ;i boom.
ucts are going to
In its mineral depot*
umbla hus an asset uitBurpfi
any portion of America und i
development Is beginning ther
be a quickening of   the   cun
pulse, and everyone join in hastening
the day when the prospector   again
British Columblu ami Alherta in l!)U
amounted to 12,370,107 pounds of ammonium sulphate and 43,383,300 gallons of tar.
gothcr and did the business. Thoy
determined who should run tlio coiin-
jtry (or a part of it), what interests
and Ideals should prevail; determined
; the great issues of a new country with
untold material resources. Now what-
lever this kind of government is. It Is
\ not thut of u democracy, Is it?
j Now tbis is not a butt at any party,
jor caucus or association, Every asso-
I elation und every Individual of necessity uses ull the power you give It—
and more If It can get it. It would bo
u fool if tt didn't. No sir, this Is a
nudge to tiie folks who don't euro who
runs the country or how they do it
I This Is a knock, if you will, to awaken
dormant citizens to n sense of their
power und responsibility. We huve all
| a stake lu tlie country whether we own
big properties or businesses or not
j We ull have lo obey the laws and on
children are formed ami educated nn
der them: why tboreforo do most of us
isit and such our thumbs while a few
louder voiced citizens hug all the
cake.'   I tell you. fellow citizens, It's
A   Political  Meditation
is   somc-
aud when
tt will bo
(By W. II. Itridgi
This political business
thing to do with everybody
everybody wakes up to it.
good business for everybody ns well
ns for somebody. The trouble Is that
Up to now only a fow have heen awake
-and those few the early birds out
for the fat worms. And most of us—
wo freedom loving citizens forsooth
—have boon playing at being fat
worms! All of which In plain unattractive language moans that the trouble with our politics and public life
Is tlmt only u small minority make
themselves felt in i.t. 1 would hazzanl
the guess that not ono lu ten of the
actual voters of this constituency have
given two minutes thouglit as to who
shall represent them, tholr interests
and ideals, in tho Legislature. The
overwhelming majority have sat still
and dumb, nnd n little bunch with
some idea of public lire—all credit to
them for that—and maybe some idea
of trade and personal Interest, got to-
tIsh Col- i ,
jisBGd hy ino 8°01* 8°'11B "round »"d quietly
thnt murmuring tales about tho wicked pol
ould Itichins unless wo are willing to get In
'y'1, and do same cleaning. 1 say um
ilM1H more, all that is wrong wltll this con
try's government is that there are n
enough people making tnomsolvoB felt.
So long us the "righteous" element
stays qulot wo may expect what wi
get. I um looking for a democracy;
more than that, I see It coming. May-
in* It's just yawning us yet. But It"*-
there alright—a big overwhelming ma
jorlty of level beaded, honest, serious
Christian citizens. Aud they will tak<
hold of things with some idea of whut
the soul of a nation means, and convinced that a city or a nation makes
a pretty poor bargain when it gains
the whole world and loses Its soul
Thero aro peoplo who do not advertise
hut who have brains and a vote never
Now there are a number of things
our waking democracy wants just no
and If any of our political leaders
hud the snap to got those things into
his platform ho would have democracy
which is a bigger vote than any party
commands, whole-hog behind him.
But I'll  keep  this  quiet  till  next
week and see what happens!
Too (•nml le Last.
Mrs. Green: "Thoy soon) to think
the war will he over very soon now.
-Mrs. 'Arris."
Mrs. Harris: "I shouldn't be surprised, Mrs. (.Ireen; twenty-live shillings a week and me 'tisbnnd away—
I always said it was too good to last."
Mark your Ballot thus
T. D. Caven
J. H. King
The Working Man's Friend
B.C. Prohibition Act
Steadily Losing
A Business Administration
.Must advanced Workmen's Compensation Act in World.
After lhe War Colonization provided for.
Weekly Hall' Holiday I'or Workers.
Twelve Acts io protect Absent Soldiers
Election Frauds prevented Iiy Lfp-to-dnte Legislation.
Special Acts to promote:—
Disproves Opposition Charges
Prohibition and Woman's Suffrage; out ol' Politics.
Compelled P. (rl. I', lo complete ils line
Ilor rowed monay at Low Rales.
Wherever the u. c Prohibition Act
bus boen discussed or studied, the
measure has steadily lost favor since
tho hitter part of May when It was formally passed by the Legislature without ono word from auy member of tho
House lu favor of the general principle
or tho details of the Aet.
Tho reason for this condition of affairs Is that the Aol la, on lis fair, nf
sueh a counterfoil nature and its terms
so absolutely contradictory to tho general meaning of the word 'Prohibition1,
that the puhlic lias cotHO to see lhal
the  Aet  will  not uccoiliplhill  |li<<  units
sought for by real Prohibition lata, nud
that, on lhe other hand, the passage of
thn measure would really be ilelrlnieu-
tul to the best interests cf the province
from uny standpoint.
The parties who are promoting the
light against the pas-sage of tin*  Acl
are following out u line of campaign
whioh hi unique on   this   continent.
An LI "Prohibition campaigns aro generally waged on the broad question of
,the advantage or the disadvantage of
Prohibition,   in Brltiah Columbia the
Antl-Prollibltlon  organization   throws
entirely to one side all tbo fnetn and
figures usually used   In   Prohibition
'Campaigns, and simply asks the elec-
'tors of tho province to "Head tbo Aol."
Lot tho reader glance ovor a few of
the principles enunciated in the Prohibition Act and see why the passage of
tbe  measure   would   not  be   for   the
advantage of the Province.
Although It is called n Prohibition Act, it provides for the expenditure of just aa much money
for liquor, by tlio citizens of Hritish Columbia as is now the case,
and also permits this Hquor to be
consumed    within   the   province.
Clause 57 Is u "Wide Open" section, ns it permits any citizen to
import liquor from any point outside the province, tlio orders being placed for any amount and as
frequently as the person may desire, all this being done  without
any control by   the   authorities.
Under this clause   a   man   may
place a standing order for a flask
of whisky per day, or a barrel of
beer per week, aud have delivery
of sueh shipments made regularly
to him, just as long as he pays the
THE   ritoviNn:.
Clause f>7 provides, as qui ted
above, for "wide open" Importation of liquor, Tho Prohibition
legislation of Washington and
Oregon provides for the Importation of limited amounts of liquor,
only one such permit for each
month to be granted to any one
individual. Kven with this limited importation enormous amounts
of money are now being dally sent
for liquor from these states to California. If this Is the case where
limited importation only is allowed, what would be the case In
British Columbia, where the right
to import Is absolutely unlimited,
unrestricted and uncontrolled?
Tbe Importation clause makes It
easy for the man with money to get
liquor, and the Act means absolutely
nothing to him. 'lhe workingman or
man of moderate means, accustomed
to buy his boor hy the glaBB, Is the mau
who has not the means to import liquor In quantity, und the Act would
indirectly deprive him of something he
desires to enjoy. The Act is class legislation also, in that It provides that
n man who Is a boarder or a lodger
cannot have liquor In his possession,
and further, that liquor may not be
kept in a house where thero are
boarders, where moro than throe lodgers are kept, or whore rooms occupied are in the same building as a Btoru
or business premises.
It provides that a constable may, nt
any hour of the day or night, forcibly
liter tbo private home of uny citizen
on tho more suspicion that he hus liquor in his possession. Having entered, the constable may break Into any
room of tho house, pry open any chest,
etc.. In his search for liquor. Another
oluuse ot the Act permits "sneak" informers to stale to a constable their
suspicion that a man has liquor lu his
possession. The constable lays nn information in bis own name, and lie-
name of the Informer will never bo
disclosed. Again, should liquor be
found In a man's possession bo Ib
deemed guilty of violating the Act until he lias proved that ho came Into
the possession of the liquor legally.
All these phases of the Aoct are distinctly opposed to British traditions
and customs.
Tho licensed liquor Industry in British Columblu directly employs nearly four thousand men, upon whom
there are depending for support ovor
six thousand persons. All theso wPI
be thrown out of work should the Act
At present every city, municipality
and, In the uu-organi/od districts, provincial authorities, derive a revenue
from thc licensing of the liquor trade.
If the Prohibition Aet passes, this
source of revenue will lie entirely ol-
Ilmlnated, which means an Increase In
the tax rate.
The above brief outline, covering a
few clauses of the Act, should cause
overy render to read this Act thoroughly beforo Sept. 14 In order that he mny
understand the real provisions which !
It contains.
This referendum question is not one
which should be voted upon because
the more nny-no of this, that or the
ither person, uo matter what they nuiy
ho. In the elector "UKAIl TIIK ACT"
uud "VOTtS NO."
H'S fheTwisf
fhaf sfops fhe
it is the sturdy parallel
tlwise pull ot the tense
■als ut each end of tho
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is pood fur yearn of even, buoyant comfort   ft cannot spread
imrwig.yi't it costs pn.Ctlc.llly no more I Ii.m a WOVClMVtrO spring
tluit twosboth*  •.Jli" unique Btool*rcluftirer.I adjustable comar
CKBttngB (patent applied for) ensure (ireat llreugtll, rigidity toni
pcrtril (it mi any bed; uud itn
Non-rusting Enamel Finish
positively will not damage bedding.   QYour dealer lells it, or
will gel it lor ymi if you ask lor ii byname,
Makers of Bedsteads ami lledilinu
VANCOUVER     Calgary     Rcglnn     WINNIPEG
mm n.eh Grata I1..-
A Car of B. C. Fruit will arrive
the first of
Next Week
Peaches,   Plums and  Pears for
Your Preserving
Next Week
piiom: 5(1
We are pleased to announce to our patrons that we are
now enabled to raise tlle price of Cream '.i cents  per  II).
butterfat, on all grades excepl sweel cream for malting Ice
cream. Tlie price for this had been and remains :isc per lb.
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Purchasers of (laid, Silver, Copped nml Lead Ores
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else   so   completely
sums nii il"'
inents of beauty
worth. Diamond jew
dry oE :tll sorts li
one nf onr special*
tlos, Another is mod
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Ilemembcr tlie dunce at Auditorium
tee-night tn aid of tlie hand.
Mr. Chas.  Patmore Is  visiting    la
Blairmore, Alta.
Mrs. Sam Fyles and Miss Radial
Bardgett urn visiting ttt tl"' Coast.
Gasoline und Oil at the Kootenay
Mr. 11. Sainsbury of Invermere was
t visitor In tlio clly this week.
Mr. M. s. Mlddleton, Nolson, Bpent
;ouplo of days In the city tills week.
Heale & i:iwell    Steamship AgOnU.
Miss Dorothy Webb left lost Satur-
day for Nelson where she will reside
with her parents.
MrB. VV. Cartwright returned on ,
Sunday alter spending a eouplw of
months at the Coast.
Miss Bar;
noon train
Ont., when
some time.
1 Cameron came in ou llsmi
Wednesday from Keaora, I
she lias been staytug for |
II. .1. Seott of Calgary was   a
ss visitor lu Uie city Inst woek.
Mr, Wilfred Dallas
days In Spoknno,
Is spending a fe
8     PHONE     8
V i. A i,   s P i: c I A I,
I'resh killed Heel
(■ruin Fed Pork
Choice   Million
I'resh Wllllo Siinsaues
Avoid Cooking mi a Met Dny
hy trying our own make
of HK.Aii < ni:i:si:. it's
real good stuff and
guaranteed strictly pure
food. The very ililng for
a cold lunch.
HAMS. BAt'OJi and Llllll,
Cranbrook Meat
j Wo aro carrying a full Una ol bout:
anil slioi'H.- ■ Crnnbrook Exchange,
i Armstrong Avo.
M. A   Beale ami   two   llttlt
ra left for Vancouver und Vic-
si Friday and will spend   the
next six weeks there.
Itev. .1. P. Westman ol Calgary wlll
addn . .i temperance mass meeting
to-night in the Methodist Church, com-
menclng at 8 p.m.
an? valuables in    lh-nlo
:iMy dopoBlt vault
Mr M. A Beale , Mr. N, Hanson,
Judge Thompaon and Mrs. Thompson
lefl yesterday for St, Marys Lake on
a flutilng trip,
tin* lin
Dolln Qroavos lefl for Spoken
t of tin* weok.
Mr. i>. Suthorlantl spent tin* paBl
week nt St. Marys Lake.
Mr. II. S. Gamble and Mrs. damulo
of Kimborloy, wero in the city for tho
Among tin* visitors to the Fair thin
weok wan Mr. T. A. F, Wlcancko of
Uev. W. K. Thomson will pi each
nn "Prohibition" at Knox Church on
Sunday evening next.
Thanksgiving Day has been fixed
this year for the Becond Monday in
Octoher, the 9tll of tho month.
Remember the big dunce in the
Auditorium to-night given by the Crnn-
brook Band.
Kilby repairs umbrellas and sunshades.	
Auditorium Theatre
Monday, Sept 18/th
The Blgffcsl Dramatic Production of the Ycur
'Somewhere in France'
The IVnr I'lnj of tho Duy in Pour Acts.
All star company of English Players
Cnrlnnil of Scenery nml Kffcets
Prices, 50c 75c & $1.00
Seats on Sale al Beattie-Murphy Drug Storo.
Lieut McCreery was in the city
ovornl days Mils week en route 1
:>  Voruon   afn*r  having  taken
Bast to
Support Ui'- Band by attending tin
big dance in tin* Auditorium to-night
A seven-piece orcliesira under management ot Mr, Percy Parker will
provide the music.
Public Opinion Indorses
this family remedy by making its sale larger than that
of any other medicine in the world. The experience of
generations has proved its great value in the treatment
of indigestion, biliousness, headache and constipation.
relieve these troubles and prevent them from becominj* serious ills b>-
promptly clearing wastes and poisons out of tha digestive Bystem.
They strengthen the Btomach, stimulate the liver and regulate the
bowels.   Mild and harmless.   A proven family remedy, unequalled
For Digestive Troubles
Eleven Million Dollars
Per Annum Are Wasted in
British Columbia on Account of the Liquor Traffic
Jusl stop nml consider tlie magnitude of tlii
« for one single moment!
'■ Canud. und I . S. Am
... 35 c.
(llltcrslon ami I -e
''im*  Rump !n tmii -iiiiii yesterday
morning tiy Ms worship Jiki^,- Arm,id.
llunui pleaded guilty to the charge, n
was reported to the police   between,   TAKB NOTICE        i   11 -.•■. i
four ami five In tho afternoon that   n son whoso address Is Bnkor, P. ()., wil
room in the Canadian HotBl had been apply for a licence to take am] use nni
entered, a grip cul i n and the e - aFt6 r°ot'"' "■'''''' out ot Upper lia Ha
** «"■*■'■ ■> ■ • ' -■-"•'" Sirr::':;!*':^,^:^
missing being fi new razor. Chief Her-|abaut 3% miles from lot 12241.   Tlu
Hey immeiHut
Vill. hn ish \ i 03I1JINE in their attempt to -au* tin* saloon nml the
dive contlntic to freely spend from their gigantic "hoodie barrel In
nn endeavor to confuse nml mislead the people, in nol u single one
of llieir costlj advertisements lune ihe*. made anj aitni|<i to defend
tbe traffic In which thev are engaged.
in 19U tin* people of British Columbia expended --1I.hoii.uihi for Hquor
ami It Is I'm' a couUnuatlon of Hits thai Hit* Whisk) < omblne Is fighting. Tlu* Llijuor Interests know thai the British t'olitmbla L'rohlbl*
lien ici DOES prohlbll Unit the British Columbia I'roklblUon >Vcl I**
lhe BEST Prohibition An hi all Canada. Thai Is Hie reason Hin
tunc opened Huir gigantic "boodle" barrel l" defeat It,
ease and by i
work had thi
o'clock the b
lice court tl:
went tn work on thi
e very clever detective
ef in lhe ceils by eight
' night, nml ii|j in po-
ext morning with tlu
In th
pollco yesterduy Impounded four
and two calves which ure now
city pound wailing for mi own-
Wc are carrying a full line of booth
and Bhoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. T. H. Crump of Revelstoke Is
Acting Superintendent here from Sept.
4th relieving Mr. A. C. Harshaw who
Is on his vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ilarshaw left on
Sunday evening for three or four
week's vacation in Toronto snd other
Eastern points.
Gasoline and Oil at the Kootenny
Mr. W, A. .Mather. Asst General
Superintendent, Vancouver, passed
through Cranbrook yesterday In his
private car.
Mr. John Tetter, Fernie, road master
for the C. P. It., i** Bpendlng three
ks vacation in Portland and other
st cities.
afoty Di
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1'he genuine "Banner* (patented July I'»0») spring In
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Viur.lr.ilel  ll.M
A-k foi llfc) name*
Mij),,,...' 'Lf.eV.l.fl I IhsUing
VAHCOUVBH    Uilpr-j • '''i''""- ■ WINNH'W
"ALASKA nn ... *Mi. I. m,■„,,. Itieh Dra-il Onjf
. Pwtid*."
Tiie bip war drama, "Somewhere In
France," a dramatic play, has been secured fur Cranbrook while cn route
on a roast to coast tour, and will be
given here on Monday. Sept. ISth.
The annual tennis tournament of tli.'
Cranbrook Tenuis Club commences
this week. There nro a large number
of entries by members of the cluh and
Bome exciting games arc expected.
A big temperance meeting was held
tn the Pariah Hall on Tuesday evening. Rev, w G \V Fortune ot Victoria wns tho chief speaker nnd presented tin* side for the Prohibition Act
Jin a clear and logical manner.
i Lieut, Hllllam and Company, who
j made such a splendid Impression on
the occaaBion of their recent visit here,
are giving a return concert Saturday
night iirxt in aid of the ramp Recreation Fund
The first appeal of the new Cranbrook Hand for public support Is halt,?, made to-night in the way of a big
dame In the Auditorium. Vour dollar will help tho band pay its debts
and provide yon witli a good evenings
i    Heale & Elwell have been Instruct.
i cd to sell a large modern residence-—
J-J bedrooms, furnace, bathroom, nnd
all modern conveniences; large lot,
siluateii In the best   resiileiltiul local-
jity; property cost $4000, snle price
$8000, Apply to Heale & Klwell for full
| particulars.
a number of tbo small boys have
boon in tlie habit of bathing iii a pool
iu tlii- creek near the tennis courts,
but the "awlmmin* bole" Is getting
(dirty and filled up. At n very small expense Hie  pool  caii  be cleaned nnd
I deepened to imilu* u very good bathing spot ami tlie boys are very anxious
that the city fathers have this done.
On behalf of the boys we pass this r*?-
I quest on to tho city council In   thc
I hope thai tliey will accede to tbo hoys'
The 342nd Ovorsoas Battalion, O. C.
Lt-Col, j. H. white, headquarters
Montreal, has opened a recruiting ofllce in Cranhrook at the ('. P. It. I*and
Dept. Building. This battalion is thc
third, and probably the lust of its kind
to hc raised In Canada, nnd will lumber overseas for the Allies, probably
In the south of Franco. Woodsmen,
sawmill workers and all others Interested nro desired for this battalion,
which will be going overseas from
Montreal In about five weeks. All recruits signed on here go in drafts
every few days to Montreal. Mr. L. M.
Kills, formerly on tho C. P, It. Forestry
Branch, was in tlio city yesterday In
the Interests of the battalion nnd appointed Isaac Hurch ns recruiting sergeant.
Two months for theft ami n fine of
$2« uud cunts for mullcloun damage to
foregoing result. Much credit is due
for Hie quick work hi capturing tho
thief, who pleaded as his excuse that
he was under the influence of liquor
at the time and did not know what iw*
was doing.
(Continued from page 1)
with the option of a second year at
$25 a year. His lease gives blm the
privilege of purchasing ut any time before Its expiry by simply paying tho
arrears of taxes, nud other costs nnd
charges. The unfair competition of the
capitalist who pounces on and seizes
Hie promising claim prospected on
such land is now oholished, and tlie
prospector obtains the benefit of his
Benefits Fell Alrcad)
Tlie appropriation of 200,000 for the
onstructfon of roads and trails to assist in tho development of new mines
and the shipment of ore is already
having good results. The policy of Hie
department in administering tho act
Is characteristically business-like, up-
a miner making application for
aid for Ills trail a competent mining
mglneer investigates the merit of his
property and tf Hie expenditure of the
money is justified in the public interest the matter is turned out by tho
staff of the Public Works Department.
Protection for Workers
In drafting and adopting the most
ulvaiiced Workmen's Compensation
Act In the world the government has
shown itself in sympathy with the progressive ideas and has given the mine-
workers a priceless boon, while placing the accident risk of companies on
W positive basis.
Liberals Would Increase Taxation
In a province whose rough topography has made the cost of opening channels of commerce so great tlie
urgency of Immediately increasing
productlng in all lines of industry
must be apparent In contrast, however, with the government's earnest
efforts hi this direction the electors
have witnessed the Llbral policy of obstruction crystallized in the highly
technical legal objection taken by
Leader Brewster to all this legislation
of the past session, which lie is seeking to Invalidate by his notorious lawsuit against the province.
The Liberals have hardly dared to
criticize the mining legislation or policy of the government, except in left
handed attacks, such as that made by
J. W. Weart, one of Hie leading men
in the party (said to be a cabinet certainty If Mr. Brewster forms the next
government) that the mining Industry
should be taxed ou a scale about five
limes greater than the present basts.
This contention he outlines in his
manifesto to the electors of South
Vancouver, where he is a candidate.
What a splendid Minister of Mines he
would he!
Wm. (iemmell of Crossfleld, Alta
to Esther Bwrcan of Spokane, Wash,
ut tho Presbyterian Church, August 31.
The couple left tho following day for
Crossfleld, Alta.
niltlST CII0RC1I
Rev. W. H. Bridge, rector.
TluiiikouMin: Seniles
8 n.m.—Holy Communion.
11 a.m.—Matins and Holy Communion.
3 p.m.—Children's Service.
7.:i0 p.m.—Evensong.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, Pastor.
Morning Service 11 am.
Subject—Against   Principalities   and
Sunday School nnd Bible Class .1 p.m
Rvoning Service 7.30 p.m. Subject-
Prohibition—Hue of the Signs of the
Times pointing to n Now and Retter
Day in the hope of tho Human Family.
2c per word for first week, nnd lc per
word tor each week after.
WANTED- S man ami wife to wort
on n farm- Apply Canadian Hotel,   lit.
FOK  HAI.K     Approximately   111!
Sheep, situated near Newgale, H. C.
property was Uie sentence Impound oa Apply tu P.O. Box 107, Fernie, H.C. 2t
water will bo diverted from the stream
at a point about 260 feet east of S. W.
corner post of lot 12241 aud will bo
used for Irrigation purpose upon the
lots described dj No. 11 and No, 12,
block 331. Tliis notice was posted on
the ground on the 17th day of August,
1910. A copy of this notice and an
application pursuant thereto and to
the "Water Act, 1014" will be filed in
the ofllce of the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, H. C. Objections to the
application may be tiled with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, H. C, within thirty days
after the lirst appearanco of this notice
in n local newspaper.
The date of the first publication or
tills notice Is August 24th, 1016.    34-4t
Hen* Is Die npproxi unite cosl of'
it mi lilu ctttesi—
N.-w Westminster 	
Nortli Vancouver 	
•1 -**•" In   lliii-.li Col-
Oilier cities and town-.
Rupert, Kamloops, Fi rn
non nml Revelstoke ..
other towns not includi >
.it least 1,010,000
The Kootenay Garage
wishes to Inform the public that thoy can now
Gasoline and Oil
having installed an  Up-
(o-l)nlc Storage System.
The   Kootenny   Garage
Tlm! eiie-ieei. ee "booze" expenditure ot s'Jei-.lei per raptta e'eiiiiilj ,»f Ntc
This i:i,i:vi:\ Mil,I.KIN UOI.I.AItS spent to intt.-n the
lin ilk accounts en' the Whisk) Combine would provido the
necessities en' life for more' thnn 12,000 families, ,.r 00,000
people, for an entire year.
Arc    you    In
favor ol bringing lhc "Brit-
Isii   t olunibia
Vet" Into
force I
ItlA'rr,       This space Is paid for from a Hind made up
[Wj | C#" subscriptions ol men
Hon of the degrading liquor traffic.
e aboil-
in the
is sealed — that's the thing I
like about it. No matter when
or where I buy it, the flavor
is there — full strength, and
it's fresh and clean.
So I always make sure to
get Wrigley's in the sealed
package —it's the greatest five
cents' worth of beneficial enjoyment I can buy.
Write Wm. Wrisley Jr. Co. Ltd.,
Wrigley ]!uil<]inj>, Torejnto,
for free jieiaile book by
tbe   Sin ;irim-n.
it after
every meal Page four
THURSDAY,  SEPT. 7th, 1916
GURD & SI'UK I 1,1,
Barristers, Ete.
W. F. Gurd        <;. ,1. Spreull
llarrisler,  Solicitor mill
P. O. Box S59
eunl 111
*i1^k_*.        Meets   every
£b^T3&    Murnlay ulglit
■2S5a"J*9»fl    Ht fraternity
Sojourning   Oddfellows
ly invited.
W. 11
Harris,           S. Fyles,
Secy.                  N. G.
Physicians ami Surgeons
Ollice at rosldenco, Armstrong
PoronoonB  o.oo to 10.00
Afternoon, -01) -o   400
Evenings  7 ;!0 to   8.30
Sundays  8.80 to   4 ::o
t'runlmiuk, lt, ('.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
li. C. Carr, O. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K, It. & S.
P. 0. Ilex 688
Visiting brethren c-ordiully Invited lo attend.
lilt. I'. II. MILKS
Ofllco In Hanson Block
a to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
Meets In Maplu lliill see'ond
Tuesday of every montll ut 8
n, en.
Membership open to llrltlsli
Visiting members cordially
E. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Maternity nud General .Nursing
Harden Avo.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phono 2511               P. 0. Box 815
Mrs. Jack McTavish accouipauled
Mr. and Mrs. Benedict un their return
to Spokane last week.
R. T. Richardson, gnme warden of
Fort Steele, was in town on Saturday.
Miss Robinson returned ou Sunday
after spending a two month vacation
ut the eoast.
The public meeting called on Monday nlghl for the purpose of orgaillz-
i lng a committee to collect funds for
Hie rUltish Red Cross Society wus
very poorly attended. Mr. lieu Luck
was elected secretary anil Mrs. Home
and Mrs. Cassldy were delegated lo
bring lhe matter before the Ladles'
Aid at llieir next meeting.
: Mr. lieu Luek, the local secretary of
tbe Amalgamated Patriotic Fund Ims
collected und paid to the Fernie
branch the sum nf STW.ii" I'or the last
nine montlis. Monthly collections are.
November $1IX. Docembor $100.85, Jan-
iiiirv (80,60, February (09.60, March
Jill. April $01.98, May $44, Jnne $39.86,
.luly $70.26.
.1. A. McDonald, Socialist candidate
for this riding, was in town Wednesday evening, distributing pamphlets
I printed witli red Ink.
Mrs. It. Hewat and sun Harry came
down ou the Kootenay Central train
Jou Tuesday I'venlng on their way to
\V. Watson of Fernie was In town
Wednesday In the Interests of llie anil
Phone 840 P. O. Box r,85
Funeral Director anil I'.inhalnier
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Ave, near Baker St.
Meets in tlie
Maple Hall
lirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
nt 2 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
11. McFarlane.
John Shaw, P. O. Box 442
lies cordially Invited.
Civil and Mining Engineers
II. (!. I.ami Surveyors
Forwonllng  and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-llo Ponder
Imperial Oil t'o.
Draj ini; ami Transferring
Given prompt attention
I'lione 03
Tiie Slieic Specialist
Satisfaction liuaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds ot
Day Plume 233, Night Phone 3.">
Norbnry Ave, next to City Hull
Phono 105 P. O. Box 83
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave.
L.   M.  SMITH
Ladies and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phono UIII
Held. Frame, Prop.
Frcsli llreael. Cakes, Pies
nml Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Teacher of Violin
Open (nr Engagements
Gi'iiernl Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phone 241
If vou want satisfaction
with vonr washine
send it to
Special nrices for fuinilv
Spokane, Wellington
thi: HOTEL with a
This house, lias tlie
happy distinction of bolng Uio fuvorlto stopping place In Spokane
for the people of Hritlsli
Columbia Wo appreciate
this patronage anil do
everything In our power
to mako ynu ('oinfortalili'.
Our local inn Im excellent • -
close to Groat Nortliorn Station
nnd 0, \V. it. fl N, Milwaukee
terminal, nml wltlnn a niinuto'a
walk rrom tin; principal businofln
houses and places of amusement,
Ner   Nti'iuiisliin   on   IN""'
BUlatlltg I'll! Uit Women, ¥> 11 l»o.t or Him* fur
lin. Bold ut nil I'nii, Mori's, or milled to any
Bddrouon r* t|il«-r jTlce.   Till 8COHKL1. UBUQ
Vttnltty: for Kerr0 And Hraln; tncrwuai*'grey
mattor'iRTonle—wlllbutl-J you up. *1I>»doi,-»
two \«r JV nt drug (torn, or tiy m»li on nosh*
of i>rlcr    Tn t; **a>litL.L Imuu CO., 81. CtUuitnt
IN Tin-: MATTER of tin- "Land Registry Act" nail la Uie Matter of Lot
,-,. Block Hi of lot 132, Group 1.
Kootenay District, Province of Brltlsii Columbia,   Map 1181.
TAKK NOTICE Hint an Application
No. 2985-1 Ihis been made to register
Frederick William Irving Adolph as
owner in fee simple of the above lot
under conveyances from Baynes I-ake
Land Company Limited et al to the
Adolph Lumber Company ami from
.-aid lastly mentioned Company to tlie
suid Frederick William Irving Adolph
und that unless within HO days from
tin; dati* of the Ilrst publication hereof
you file lu tills nfflcL* a caveat or Oor-
tlflcateof Lis Pendens I hImiII register
th<>  suit]   Frcdorlck   William   Irving
Adolpll as owner 111 fee.
Dated at Hie Lund lleglstry Ollice,
.Nelson, this Hist day of January, 1016,
SAM'L. 11. UOK,
Dlstrlot KeglHtrar
Seal of Land Registry
oilice (,r British Col -
bin.   Kootenay Dlstrlot.
To all to whom it may concern.
Dale   uf    fit'  t    l.ilhlleutlnll    Ihiii    17th
F. Lye, Weed Inspector, was here
tm ollicial business last Saturday.
The school opened up again last
week with Mr. Duncan iu charge.
Miss Ruth Tibbetts is spending a
few days ut the Sullivan the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.
Mrs, 10. Bidder leaves nn Saturday
for Greenwood, B. ('.. where she will
visit with her sous who are employed
ut the smelter there.
Tlie Evans Bros, who have extensive
mining properties nn White Fish
Creek and liave been In town for a few
days, returned tn their camp on Saturday.
Mr. Kd. and Miss Handley, Mr. and
Mrs. Duncan motored to Cranbrook on
Saturday, Incidentally taking In the
A. Miller, forest ranger of Creston,
was in town on official business last
Hans Lund of St. Marys Lake drovt
in from Ills place on Monday.
D. Sutherland und family of Cran
brook nre spending a few days fishing
at St. Marys Lake.
N. W. Burdett, and Mr. aud Mrs
Geo. Hawkes motored to Craubrnnk on
Constable Shlpmen went to Cranbrook on Tuesday on the trail of a
thug who had stolen money and blankets from a lumber jack at Staples
Camp Eight.
Harrv Edwards of Wycliffe drove in
on Wednesday witli ('unstable Shtp-
man and an Italian subject who was
arrested by Constable Shlpman at Wycliffe. Tlie prisoner appeared before
N. W. Burdett. J. P., ou Thursday ou a
charge nf vagrancy and pleaded guilty,
getting 30 days. 	
Mr, and Mrs. James Thompson nf tho
Hotel motored through tu Waldo last
week end.
Mr. Ceo. Cowan, logging contractor
from Bull Hiver spent a day In town
last week end.
Mrs. W. H. Barton and family left
on Monday fur an extended visit to the
Mr. uud Mrs. W. Smith nf Krag returned tliis week from u visit to their
daughter, Mrs. Hendericks of White-
fish, Mont.
John McDairmld, wiio recently enlisted in the llStli Hattu. at Calgary is
buck In town visiting friends. He expects tliat his battalion wlll leave for
overseas in the very near future.
One o ftlie most successful dances
hold In Waldo for some time took
plaeu in Host;' Hall ou Friday evening
last under tbe auspices of tlie Waldo
Chapter of thc I.O.D.E. The Cranbrook Orchestra supplied tlie music
for this occasion, which to suy the
least uf it, wus greatly appreciated by
those present. A nice supper was
supplied by the Ladles of the Chapter
and the programme was a lung aud
varied one and the dancing which kept
up until ubout :: a.m. It is roughly
estimated that there was about 250
people there, quite a large number
coining  from   Elko,  Fernie,  Wardner
Mr. W, Smith of Krag has been appointed janitor of tin* Waldo school,
and Jaffray.
Miss Margaret M, Thompson or Vancouver lias taken up the position of
teacher of the junior grades In tlie
Waldo school.
Mr. ami Mrs. H. II. Hoss motored
to Fernie on Sunday last,
Mrs. W. A, Totten and Miss Kdna
Dottrel I or Moose Jaw are visiting wltli
.Mrs. A. M. Beattie.
Mr. Sprague, of the SpragllQ-Row-
luud Lumber Company of Winnipeg,
Man., was u business visitor here last
week   end.
John Hoy. an old timer in the district, took ill In Hie Waldo lintel last
week end uud upon calling In the doc
tor it was found he wns in a very
serious condition, lie was taken to
the Fernie Hospital ami died a few
hours after from heart failure.
The Baker Lumber Co.'B new spur
track was completed tliis week, and
they liave resumed sawing lu tlieir mill
again nfter being shut dowu for a
couple uf mouths.
Tlie local nimrnds have been busy
all week limiting Hie slnughs lu quest
of tho elusive duck, but so fur siuull
bags liave been Hie order nf the duy.
Mr. Jack Saunders, who lias been
foreman of the Huker Lumber Co.'s
planing mill for several years, has
resigned his position, aud expects to
leave shortly for California.
Mr. Cltarlesworth, who has been in
tlie employ of the H. ('. Farms us superintendent, has leased the fruit ranch
of I'. I). Abbot.
Mr. J. McDonald, the soelullst candidate in this constituency will address tlie electors of Watdo ill Hoss"
Hull ou Sept. ISth,
The residents of Waldo nud district
gave a social und dance In Hoss' Hull
Tuesday evening as a farewell to Mr.
.!. McDairmld, late principal or Hie
Waldo   school   who   expects   to   leave
shortly for overseas service with tho
118th  Bnltn.
Dirk Joyce and nephew nf Flagstone
were visiting In Waldo Tuesday.
Jack McTavish of Jaffray was spied
taking In Hie sights or th
thus week,
fort sti:i:li:
Mrs. Filbert and daughter Margaret
aro the guests of Mrs, 11. Werden, sister to Mrs. Filbert.
No departure lias heen more regretted thun that of the Misses Ellinor and
Jane Curley who have been popular
Fort Steelites for the past four years.
During this time Miss Ellinor Curley
has been a most efficient principal of
the public school hero and her kindness ought never tu be forgotten by
tho children. Both tlie Miss Curleys
have taken an active part in the Red
Cross and many other Important
things. Last but not least they have
made many lifelong friends, who are
at present wishing them a safe voyage
to tbo mother country aud to their
liniuu lu  Liverpool.
The Ked Cross Ladies are about to
lmvo tho weekly meetings continued
as before the holidays. Tiie meetings
wery discontinued on account of the
heat, but tho work of knitting socks
and sewing bandages lias gone on just
the same.    A generous bundle of sup-
lies was shipped a few weeks ago and
another will soon be on its way.
Mr, Hubert Musgruve, mining engln-
r of Victoria, has been sent by the
Hon. Lorne Cnmpboll to examine and
report upon tlie mines iu this vicinity
and at Invornioro. The government
nro deserving of credit for acting so
promptly iu pursuance ot their policy
to help develop mining prospects by
building trulls, ete.
Mr. H. L, T. llalbraith is looking
forward to the visit of bis younger
brother, Alexander Galbraith, whom
he lias not seen for 40 years. Mr. A.
Galbraith will arrive here next week.
His liome is in Syracuse, New York.
The school gardens are looking
mite fair considering tho fact thnt
tbey have been left almost entirely
during tlio holidays,
All are very sorry to hoar that Mrs.
A. B, Fenwick is ill at the Craubrook
Hospital and we wisli her a speedy
Hev. Archdeacon Beer held morning
aud evening services at tho Anglican
hurch on Sunday last.
An enjoyable party in the form of a
urprlso was arranged nn Saturday
night iu honor of Archie and Tom
The patriotic society monthly collection for July was $JS, the amount being less because several of the subscribers have gune away.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Agabob nnd son
left on tho 4th inst fnr Vancouver,
Mr. Agabob has for tho last year been
Presbyterian missionary here and at
Bull Hiver. He will now continue bis
studies at Westminster Hall, Vancouver.
The All-Year Sweeper
MIT a cumbersome, nciivy nine him- to
hi1 used .inly feir weekly cleaning elny,
hut ii light, cnsy-riiiiiiliit! sweeping
uml cli'iining device that is used hy
Die housewife EVEUY HAY IN TIIE
YEAIt without fatigue. This wonderful
vacuum sweeper lias tl ew III (Oil) special and exclusive feature—the
AUTOMATIC     Ultl SU    AIUISTHENT    WITH     11110011     ACTION.
Thus, llie lirush lllll nihility adjusts itself le y carpel or nm.     II
reaches lightly ami firmly down into lh \t.  Inking ap all threads
anil ravelings.   This lirush acli together wltll thc trci ileus miction
power which sucks up every |iailiclc of dust and dirt, makes lhe' III (Oil)
HE LUXE the perfeet comliinalion vacuum sweeper.
1'itii i:
Vour Honey Hack
if Goods are nut as
Four well filled automobiles from
Eureka passed through Elko Monday
visiting the Elk Hiver Canyon en
route. They wore loud In tlieir praise
of uur beautiful roads. God bless the
Conservatives that built them.
Vote for Tom Caven Sept. 14 and
keep un smiling.
Mrs. VV. II. Bernard Rex ford is
visiting friends iu Klko and Fernie
tills week.
J. Broley, contractor of Victoria and
Lange, C, E. were down to Elko and
tho Itoosville Valley tliis week.
Jim Thistlebeak told tin* farmers in
the Itoosville Valley and Tobacco
Plains last week tliat tho Liberals
would be as useful to tho prosperity
uf B. C, as a snap bubble. Vote for
Tom Caven and don't drop tlie substance for tbe shadow,
Mrs. Zypli and two sons arrived ln
Klko this week from Mabton, Wash., to
join her husband who is night operator at the C. P. H. ollice here.
Mr. Tom Uphill with Sherwood
Herchmer, K. C, and Fred Boo, J. P.,
toured the Itoosville Valley and Tobacco Plains last week, lt was Mr.
JphiU's first visit In these districts and
his reception would have gratified the
last of the Caesars.
This is another vear gentleman in
which the B. C. Grits will be turned
down, says Jim Tliistl»benk, as painlessly as possible. Vote fur Tom Caven and prosperity.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead and family
of Medicine Hat are camped at Bock
Creek this week.
Which do You Prefer lei Relieve, the Evidence of Interested
Parties, Fighting for tiie Continuance of the Protitiihlc
l,ii|iior Trade or Disinterested Newspapers in Prohibition
Tlie parlies who lune faken ladders
from rear of Kcx Theatre without the
formality of permission, will avoid
trouble by replacing them within 21
hours of publication of this notice,
which will nol appear again.
Dear Sir:—May I ask through the
medium of your columns what the respective candidates Intend to do for
the town in reference to the Red
Light district? As you know, I have
no particular political convictions;
but I am trying tu llnd out frum a
careful study of the words and acts of
both candidates and parties which Is
tbe better way to vote. My vote, and
1 am assured a large number of others
will bo determined by the opinions
and actions in matters of public morals of the partiea concerned. It would
bu a ghastly Insult to the citizens of
Cranbrook to pretend tliat, as a community they desire the existence of
that beastly and disease breeding menace enplu niously known as "the Hill".
I cannot imagine tlmt tiie mon and
women I meet day by duy, the storekeeper.'. I trade with, arc eatlBficd
with this organised Instrument of
vice, satisfied to have tholr children
brought up iu daily familiarity with
so ottraod au Institution, I hav*1 sntn-
elent c-jiiflihi.ee In my follow cltlsens
to be assured tliat, whatever financial
rolit they may derive from Cranbrook
being an "open town", they do not
wish the continuance of this blot upon
their citizenship and patriotism. This
is no tlmt* tn lie Spending the potential
manhood aud womanhood uf OUT country In fruitless lust; the hour demands
better things of ns. Will our political
representatives or would-be representatives show their sincerity as clean
men and patriots by tackling this problem? Will the new patronago committee show us that thoy will allow no
man to hold public Office who condoms
or allows the present state of things
to continue?
I ask this in all sincerity because 1
believe that this great moment iu our
history calls to every mnn and woman
In our community to clean out these
old curses and straighten up.
In furtherance of this "clean town"
old burg: plan I am willing to risk wnatcver
,,    , .  ,,      ,    may be coming to me, In exposing th-
Mr. a. J. Moffat, accompanied bv his ,,.... ,
win., mihkM. hogan, all of Fernie, nam0B ,olc" of "" "r a,,y co"cornod
w>re Sunday visitors at Waldo. In the ownership or lu other business
John Cameron of Ferule was visit-[connection with the red light district.
dny of August, 1010
wiiii frlonds horo this week.
Lowe and  wife motored  Mini'
RIM. from Fornlo laid week end.
Yours faithfully,
(From tho Lethbridge Herald J
I From tlie Manitoba Free Press)
When Win-elm  Rivera e,f tin
Si'iili-il tenders will bo received bv
tlio Minister nf Liuida not later than
inmii iiii the utli eiuy uf Octobor, mm,
fur tlio purclmso ut License No. 70:i,
to cut lii.iiiiO.nou teet ot Douglas Flr,
  Cedar, Larch, Yellow Pine, White Pine-,
Pro- Manitoba lias now exporieucci] diio Cottonwood and Dead uiul Down Tlni-
vlnclal juil here was helping In the month of prohibition and tlio eyes ot ber] nlso H.ooo Cedar Polos and Si;,-
figlit. for "dry" legislation In Albert,! the Dominion ore turned towards this ooo Railway Ties, covering that por-
ho probably never thought that he province watching the operation of' tion of Lot 274, Kootenay Dlstrlot,
was storing up a labor shortage for the Manitoba Tcmpcranco Art. Out of Bltuated south of the Goat River,
himself. Hut that is just what ho eiiel. tbo many beneficial results conse- ! Two yours will bo allowed for re--
His "farm hands" at the jail are melt- ■ rpient upon this now law, anil which moral of tlmbor.
lng away, and ho sees visions of him- are apparent on every hand, thero Further particulars of the Chief For-
solf suing into the harvest field and stand out tho following facts with estor, H. c or District Forester
Inking tin- business  i-iiil of a  pitch-  perhaps greater emphasis thnn any of craubrook   It  C :i4-st
fork, in an e-ITort to   got   the   crop the others—
saved. It looks serious for the war-: Tno commercialized oied of Imnior-!"~
'I™- : atiil-.y leas been reduced to such an ,-x-
A year ago tho avorago number ot tent that 11 such conditions continue
prisoners ut the Jail was between 160 in the province ihey wlll he reduced
and 175. Things were booming. The te> a minimum in three montlis.
Jail hud plenty of farm hands. Tho Only U drunks were arrestee) In
crops were big. When Un- returns -1"1"- us compared with 201 lu the procaine In last fall ll was round   lhal  < »■■■>« month ot .May.
the jnil rami had turned mil over $211.-      -lust  hall' as  many  vagrants   wero
000 worth of produce. jconvlctcd during .lune as May.
There have been only one  half as
.... ..,o reserve existing on certain lands
many convictions in   lho   Winnipeg   ln Ul   vl,.illilv ,„ ,„,.„ c    ,   ,.
police court ns   there   wero   during , ,,rook ,,,8trlpli Bll,(1
Lot (1821),
Hon. A. J. McLean, collaborating
with Dr. Rivers, saw a bright future
ahead for the farm department of the ..
jail, and this spring purchased 240\   Wl,'.      ,  ,     ,   , .   .,  . iKootcnay District, by reason of a n-
acresraoro land, making 800 ln all in     n.<- wholes,, e houses report   that t;n, w]llll|l „„„,,„„', ,„ „,, ,„ lt,s„
tho Jail iraet.   They thought that by J'1 '' Ul,ls.'"  '"« th>'""'»»> of June c-0iumbln „.,„.„,, „„ „„. 27tll ,„■ „,.,.
giving the "boys" healthy outdoor ex-  ""}'  ""'"„,"'.'• ','.""    "s *'''.*, ',''","'  ember. 1907. Is cancelled, and thai -ell
ordsS the latter  would  be  earning f1','/" '   "" is '"ricll> attrlm"nbl0 vacant Crown lands within the boim-
ly benefitting themselves. ,S^^^Tfh.^nilllSSVg ".^"i Ziln"0 ""'"''" ""'"
Then came July Ist.   Things wont I of  bootleggers.    There  is  now    no ouutK In u"  Imi "non-
Bwlinmlngly for a while. Then one by t "Hquor ring" iu Manitoba. Applications for entry wlll be ve
one, sometimes two or three   a   day.     The   liotelmen    have   surrendered jcelved at the ofllco of the Government
the "farm hands" .started to leave,   themselves to the new conditions, have Agent, at Cranbrook, ond must be con-
Thelr terms wore up.   But thero wero fallen into line and are helping to fined to an area   not   exceeding   ICO
uo more coming along to take their the best endeavors in tlie admlnlBtra- acrea.
places. The police courts and dragnets   tion of the Act, U.    A.   RENWICK,
seemed  tt»  be doing  poor  business,      No weaknesses in tlie Manitoba Act Deputy Minister of Landi
Those who did come along were old.  have as yet been discovered, and  iu
broken-down   parties  who   would  just   nil eases taken to court by the license
as soon live Iii a well-kept provincial department convictions liave been ob-
jail as not,   It was a case of "every    tallied.
thing going out and nothing coming \    Tiie leading retail merchants in tie*
in."    And it Isn't getting any differ-  eity  declare that  money   which   for-
ent.   Ur. Hlvers confessed to tho Her-  uierly went iu drink is now directed
aid tho otlier day that his force was  over the counters of the stores, nud
down to flfi men and dwindling fast,   more domestic commodities are being
In fact, so serious lias the unlieard-of  purchased.
situation become that the doctor pre-1    The above nre only a  few  of the
vailed upon a couple of .'paroles" to   many Illustrations tliat could be cited
stay over a few days and help finish  to show tliat Prohibition did not come
up thc haying. to  Manitoba  too soon, and  that    the
That's what two montlis of prolilbl- *ct   '>»■   certainly   suppressed   th
lion has done to "Doc." Hlvers anti the  l,,|U"r l,'",r" ■
Lethbridge provincial Jail.
(he otliciats  will  be    aid
mitigli  hands around  to
Lands Dept.. Victoria, it.
1st September, 101(1.
llt'.lil I,ATKINS
ellslles, :.inil, oul. and do a Tew ol' lhe
odd  Jobs  lhal  go   wltll   Jnll   Hie.   hill
wouldn't it no a runny sinte or affairs
ir some rien- morning the gonial war-
,l,ii had in clainbor abroad his l-'onl
nud como lo Uthbrldgc In hire n
plo of dozen huskies lo lake ofl III
Coal mining rlghti or lhe lioiulu-
ion. Iii Manitoba, Saskatchewan nnd
Allien;,, the Yukon Territory, llie
North-West Territories ami In u portion of the Provlneo ot lli-ltlsh i'o
liimliia, mny In- leased lor a tornl nf
It's Ilkoly tivelilv-ono years al  nu annual  lenlal
Iii   ke-e-p HOTKIe MAN Will, (MST YOTK POII "t *l an acre    No moro than 8,000
PltillllllliliM ."-I" ho leased to one appiii-unt.
sli     III,
Sandon, Aug.  1
Application    for   a    lease    llllisl    be
'made  by  Hi,   applieaiit   lu   person  to
nlil'skey anil hlivo I II selling   II for  J-J.0,A,°m\ •'  ""'' *>'■'"'   "'  '.'"'i'','"
a nm i- ol yenrs.   bill   I   .in!"'1  ," »'"'1' "10 rights up I le-
going i" vote for Prohibition.1'
aro   iln.ih i
Uo-  land must
Jail   I'arin
moiioy, too?
Hilt even III the f;	
astioiis possibility,    lh,
wears Ills "dry" smile.
uud  pay 1 li .-in   real
probably  in  Sandon.    Mr.   Harris   Is
>r sni-h a ells- nut  only u  hotol man. bul   Is   woll-
doelor   still  known   as   lhe-   promoter   ol   several
I well known minim; eompflllli'te.
Wanted Immediately
Sawmill workers, Woodsmen
and all others interested
'hi fro OrcrwiM wltll the -l-'iut Foresters llatlaHnn, i. v.. V. and
I-niiilieriiiir i'or tin- Allies
TIiIh Itnl«ii. is rapidly molilllitlnK at Montreal and gocft ovorsens soon
O. T. Lt. (al. J. ». W1IITK,
l. |» .it. I,it ml i><'|it. ihiiidiint, Cranbrook
Itecratllng Stwaiit   isnnv Hurch
,„■ Bpeakor was Mr, J. M. Harris, ]    ■» anrveyedi territory
nrlotor ot tin* Kirn Hotol tin* Iiih ''", doBorlbod by hocmqiir, ot local buu-
,l h. Sandon, and tho ilrst Bottler divi»i«.i.« of loctl ,-and In uniiiryor-
od territory tho tract appllod for kIuiM
in* Btakod out hy thr up pi I can I hlniflolf,
Kncli application  iiiubI  hi* accom-
lianiod by n U f $5 which will l»*
roftmdod If tie- rights applied rur an*
net available, hut imt otherwise, A
royalty Bliall bo puid on the merchantable output or the mlna ul the rate
uf five cents per ton.
The person oporattttg tlm mine
Bliall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for tin* full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If tho coal
mining rights nre not bolng operated
BUol) returns should he furnished ut
least once a yenr.
Tlte lease will Include the coal
mining rights only, but tlio lesoe
muy bo permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights muy lie
oonsldorod necessary for tha workinng
of the mine at the rute of $10.00 an
Kor full Information application
should be made to the .Secretary of
the Department of tlio Interior, Ot-
tawai or to nny Afiout or Sub-Agent
of Dominion hands.
w. w. coitv,
Depiitv Minister of tho Interior.
N. B,—Unauthorized publication  of
tills advertisement will not Ito  paid


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