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Cranbrook Herald Jan 26, 1922

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UE rAI'llllMZHSTllE 11EKA1.D
M.irch 31-2
Opening Meeting
of 1922 Council
Preliminary Business Taken Up
und Commit toes Struck
Vor Ihe Your
A.   J.
J.  H.
Tbo first meeting oL the recently
dlectod city council took plnco on
Thursday ovonlttij of lust week, nnd
witli iho usual preliminaries all disposed of, committees appointed, and
ho on, the filtlcniicii will get Into the
lliick of the clty'a builnou by tlie
next, mooting.
Returning offlcor T. M. Roborts
mado bis customary 'declaration of
the result of the poll, nnd Mayor Genest took his accustomed plnco at
the head of the tabto, with the
aldermen duly olected for tho coin-
Inn yonr. j. li. Cameron, W. S. Santo, A- J. Balment, \V. J. Flowers, J.
A. Arnold nnd (i. T. Molr, ali of
whom woro present at the initial
meeting. During the evening the cub*
tomary felicitations wero exchanged
between tlie mayor nnd aldermen, n
solVnblo anyway Tor oenllnhied pleasant and harmonious relations during
tho coming year.
Committees were named by Mayor
Genest as follows, tlie first named In
each  case  being chairman:
Finance—\V.  B.  Santo, \v. J
ers, J. A. Arnold.
Public Works—W. S. Santo.
Balment, \V. J. Flowers,
Fire and Police—J. A.* Arnold
Camoron, G. T.  Moir.
Water—A. J. Balment, J. H. Camoron. J. A. Arnold.
Health and Relief—G. T. Moir. \V. S*
Santo, W. J. Flowers.
Light-—W. J. Flowers, W. S. Santo,
A. J. Balment.
The regular date for the monthly
meetings was decided on a motion by
Aldermen Balment nmi Moir for
tlie second Tuesday of eacli month.
H has formerly been tlie second
" Thursday.
A'ldcrmnn Raiment moved and Alderman Arnold seconded that the
Court of Revision for the purpose of
hearing nppeals against tho 1922 as-
sesment be held on Wednesday evening, February 7th. commencing at 7
o'clock. The courl will Uo composed
of Alderman Arnold. Cameron, Moir,
Panto and ffiowerft
By-Law No. 201, bein?; the School
1/jnn By-Luw, recently passed by the
ratepayers, waa given iis third reading and finally adopted.
By-Law No. 202, ttic annual temporary loan By-Law, was also brought
forward by the div clork. it authorizes borrowing from lho Imperial
Hank up to n sum nol exceeding $40,-
000, for current expenditures, secured
against tnx col lee tt one and was given
its first, Becond nnd third readings.
It was move! bj Alderman Balmont
and seconded by Alinornian Flowers
that It. C. Bakln be reappointed ns
Superintendent of Works, carry tug
this position along with that ol electric light bu per In ten den I The council Boomed unanimously appreciative
of Mr- Bakln's work,
A number of other matters were
also broughi up at the tndottng but
will probably gel fnvr consideration
nt the nexl meeting or lhe council, in
winter of ioee-28
Visiting Blnfeg  to   LellibrMge
. Bnch Uith One Cntcli of
Jo Woll or] In Uiu Event
The Scout movement in Cranbrook
is off with a swing and patrols are
now' being organized in tin. Baptist,
Metliodlst, Anglican and Presbyterian
CburollOB under the capable leadership of lho following mon: Cordon
MeKonua, Martin Harris, F. G. Morris, and W, M. Harris- These mon
have UlO boys work at heart and It Is
hoped and believed that lho churches
Will give them their hearty aupport
in every way possible.
lu communities when, the Scouts
aro organized you cun always depend
u)iou a troop of boys for asslsUtnce.
11* tbo grown-ups wfll help Uio boys
In their turn will aid the community
by work of public servlco.
Tbe loading men of Canada aro behind tho Scouts. It Ih uo longer an
experiment or lad, the results have
been shown. ^
Parents will do woll by encouraging tholr boys to join.
Archbishop) Matheson^ primate of
Canada, says: "Every good citizen
should take a warm interest In the
Boy Scout movement-"
Sir Hugh John MacDonald: "Everything that the Boy Scout pledges
himself to do is that which his mother
.vouhi like to see' him do. 1 would
liavo no hesitation In advising any
mother to let her boy join .the Boy
Boys who are interested should get
In touch wltll one of tho lenders or
with Scoutmaster Clark at tho YM.
C. R. C.   NOTES
Urging Removal
of Lead Tariff
American .Mining Body Pushing
Move to Allow Free Be-
Entry of Smelted Lend
On Wednesday evening this week
a very closely contested basketbafl
game between the High School and
Pirates took place In the Recreation
Club. A good crowd of fans was on
hand and iieiped to make the proceedings lively. The game resulted ln a
win for the Pirates, the score being
At half time the score was 13-7 in
favor of the Vlrates, who had the advantage ln weight. The High School
team on tho other hand excelled In
speedy combination work* Both teams
w-'re p< r In their shooting, showing
need of pratclce. C. GUI and A-
Knight starred for tho winning team.
while It. Benton played a good gume
for the losing team, nt guard scoring
four baskets.
Tho  teams  wore us  follows:
Pirates: Forwards—W. Wilson, D.
Pallas. Guards-—L. Baker. A. Knight.
Centre—(*.' Gill. Spares—L. Wyles.1
Ii.   McLean. ^
High School: Forwards— A. 0111,1
P McNeil. Guards—IL Burton, L* j
Burton.    Centre-*\.W. Spence     Spares
(1,  Hunter. C. Musser.
Tiio girls also played another leaR-
US basketball game last Wednesday
evening, tlie Fire Crackers versus
tho T.N.T.'s Tho game was very
close, ending witii a score of 8*0 in
favor ol the Fire Cvnckers. Who said
iho Fire Crackers could not Win n
Last Saturday night a very exciting hockey match wns pulled off be-
Iween Kimberley and Cranbrook.
The final BCOre was 8-2 lu favor of
Kay and Bamford starred for Cran-
ook.   McNeil made a very good goal
keeper.     The   excellent   goal   tending
r tbo Klmberley boa] keeper could
not bo - ni-i4i-.-_.i-i]
The only accident was when Mllo
Drummond had his eye hurt-
Tlu. throe I'raiibi.iok links who
wero fn attendance at the Lethbrldge
Bonsplel returned on Sunday laat,
and one quartette the Cameron rlnk,
brOUghl    hack    wtth   them   something
tangible in lho shape of seconds in
lho Munruth event The good news
nlso came  with  them  thut  Uie  next
Crowi Noel Bonjplol will be held In
Cranhrook. Thla win moon a i;ood
deal to the city, li being expected
that dose on three hundred curlers
will be hero ut that time l,.thbrldg.
sol a high standard this year in bon
Bptel hospitality, rrom whnt the vis
(tors say, and this olty wili have to
step out a llttlo to maintain the high
Olio of tlie trophies at lho Loth-
hridge 'spiel passes out of existence,
tho Walker trophy, which was up for
toil years, going to lho city which won
It tho greatest numlier of times, - It
Is not expected tha! another will be
put In to lake its place, hut Skip W.
F. Cameron made tho happy un-
nounc&nont at the annual mooting
last week tbat he was prepared to put
up a cup ns a consolation event,
an offer which was received with enthusiasm- It Is expected that for
tho next year's bonsplel nine sheets
of Ice will be required, lho old rlntf
bolng likely to get prossod Into ser*
vice again, if Uio necTiiry imrni-*-.-
Hhm Is forthcoming from mho city
council. Blairmoro, with Its now
$10,000 or $12,000 rink put up n fight
(or the bonsplel, but It camo to this
eity by a large majority.
There will bo a danco In the Auditorium on Valentine dny, February
1 -llli. under tho auspices of the C.lt.O.
The woll known Banff orchestra hns
beep  engaged  for the ocnslon.
Don'l forgot the Carnival. Friday.
night, Vou will miss a good tlmo if
you do. If you havo not a comic
costume come as yourself. Gate opens at 8 o'clock.
Attention I Those who aro looking
for excitement will havo tho opportunity of getting It Snturduy night
tills weok at tho ladles hockey match,
when the Redwings play the Snipers.
Mickey's famous hook check will
bo demonstrated and even Frederick-
son will bo represented. The game
wtnrts at 8 o'clock sharp*
Si-okanc, Wasli..
January  19,  1922.
Tlie Killtor, Cranbrook Herald
Crunbrook, B.C.
Dour Sir:
At today's meeting of the Northwest
.Mining Association a resolution was
unanimously carried dealing wltll a
phase of tlie lead mining situation.
For your Information 1 am forwarding
copy of resolution herewith, with the
ro'iuost that you give tlie mutter serious consideration und take action along such Hues as your good judgment indicates.
Immediately subsequent to the meeting the following self explanatory
telegram wus dispatched to Senator
"Your effort secure reciprocal agreement between Canadn and Unlt"d
States providing for free re-entry of
lead bullion to country of origin heartily commended today. Movement inaugurated to gain support botli sides
international lino. Adoption would
insure uninterrupted development and
greater prosperity in all border district.   Copy of resolution follows."
This matter is also to be taken up
nt once by the Mining Bureau of the
Spokane Chamber of Commerce.
Vours cordially,,
F. C. Bally, Secretary.
Whereas Senator   Poindoxtor   has
Initiated an effort to bring about a
reciprocal agreement between Canada
uud tho United States, providing that
lead bullion derived from ores shipped
across the international line,   either
way, may be returned free of duty to
the country of origin.
And whereas, such agreement would
not In any way Interfere with the lead
schedules provided for in the Fordney
Tariff bill now before Congress und
by which Import duties of two and
one-eighth cents per pound upon lead
In ore of foreign origin are provided.
And whereas, adoption of such reciprocal agreement with Canada would
provido altcmu'ivi smelting outlets
fur ore from districts adjacent to the
intertionai line in B. O. and
Washington, thus promising more un*
interrupted development and greater
prosperity in both.
Now. therefore, bo it resolved, that
Northwest Mining Association, in regular weekly meeting assembled, this
Lfith day of January. 1928, heartily
dorses and commends tho action of
nator Poindexter and pledges its
support in any manner thnt may
bring about such reciprocal arrangement by legitimate means. It also
;ills upon otlier members of the Con
greaslonal delegation from this state
to support tlte efforts of Senator Poin
dexter and suggests that tho matter bo
immediately laid before pnbll (.organization;, in mining districts in thii
state and British Columbia to thc ond
Hint It may receive careful Considers
tion on both sides of tbe international
line and such recommendations as
may seem proper to impress the desires of both peoples upon their rus-
poctlve governments.
And bo it further rOBOlved, that the
officers of this organization bo andj
hereby are directed to send copies of;
this resolution to the Honorable Mac-i
kontlo King. Premier of Cannda; Senator Poindexter; the Chnirmnn, Finance Committee, United States Son-
ate; Chairman, Ways and Means Committeo. House of Representatives.
members of the Congressional delegations from Northwestern states and
civic bodies in (ho Kootenay district
Of British Columbia nnd northern part
of thc State of Washington, with tho
request thnt favorable ntcion bo taken.
txn:i;i.HKM aj. farm
(By wire to tho Herald)
INVERMERE, B.C., January 25.—
Lato tliis afternoon tiro destroyed
tho new up-to-date poultry laying
house of the Dominion Government
Bxperlmerflal Form here, a pen of
fifty of tho best winter laying strain
of White Wyandottes were suffocated.
Tho fire was caused by gasoline escaping from a portable lantern which
was nightly used to light scratching
A meeting of the School Board was
held on Tuesday evening of this week.
when considerable discussion took
placo on thu plebiscite which it is
proposed to hold among the ratepayers as to which form of securing additional school accommodation shall
bo pursued. Two proposals will be
put to the people one tlie eight-room-
d addition to tiie . Central School
building, plans for -vhjcli liavo beon
prepared aud  made public, and    tlie
ther for u 4-roomdd building somewhere in tiie neighborhood of tlie high
school. No plans for this have boen
prepared, but If the ratepayers favor
tlie matter* will be taken up by
the board with tlie government. Tbe
■Hoard is holding the plebiscite in
iccordance with a promise they mado
io thoso in attendance at a meeting
liold iu the city ball just prior to the
Civic elections. II will bo held ou
Wednesday, February 15th, at the
City Hall, and since tho board has
decided to lay tiio matter before the
ratepayers in this open fashion, it Is
up to the latter to make u point of
recording their views.
The opening of a now room iu February entailing another addition to
tho central school staff, the position
was offered to Miss B. Curry, formerly of Vancouver, at a salary of $1100
per year. Miss Curry lias been called
east by the death of her father, and
word was received tills week by telegraph front Novo,' Scotia of her ac-
Battle of the        :
school bull
take   tho
coptance. Miss Curry will take an
Intermediate grade in a room which
fa.to be provided temporarily In the
ig. unci Miss White
nioi* 3rd and -Ith
grades at the Central School.
Mr. W. ll. Wilson has again beeu
mimed chairman of the hoard for tho
ensuing year, but he has not yet Homed hfs committees.
Word wus received on Thursday ev-
euiug of tliis week that Hon. Arthur
Melgheni former premier-of the Dominion, has boon elected nt the by-election In Gronvllle. Ontario, by a maj-
orlty of about lfioo. His opponent
"■;■ b n Progressive, thero being no
I.iln-fai opposition. ln tiio general elections tho Conservative candidate, Casselmun, wont In by a major
By of one thousand ln a Liree cornered fight.
Mr. H. L. Swan, of Pentlcton, regi:
tered archttoot. was in tho city for a
fow days lust week, leuvlng on Saturday. Mr. Swan Is co-operating with
Mr. B. A. Moorhouse of this city In
tho preparation of the plans for the
proposed additional school accommo-''
dntfon sanctioned hy by-law at tho
recent civic elections. He looked
into all the proposals which have been
hcought forward to solve the problem.
Including that of a new building somewhere in the addition south of the
city proper. At a brief meeting of the
school board on Saturday morning
Mr. Swan reported verbally on his
findings, whicli will be incorporated
In a written report to be submitted
to tbe Board ln a few days. Mr. Swan
is of the opinion that thc plans which
have already been drawn up are tho
most economical and satisfactory,
giving the maximum accommodation
for tho minimum cost. To put up n
now building, he stntos, out of tho
funds thnt will bo available, would
moan that only a four «r five roomed
separate building at the moat could
Bt obtalasd.
After the regulur orchestra practice of "the Cranbrook Musical Soc
iety on Tue day evening this week a
special general meeting was hold
for the purpose of making final arrangements for the organizing of the
Cranbrook Baud. ,
LIvo wire committees wore appointed to handle tho different obstacles which are met in the progressive  work ,of forming a  city band.
The problem of forming tho band
lias been enthusiastically, yet sincerely, taken up by thc Socfety and un*
doubtedly good results of a concrete
nnture will be the reward of the en
deavors which are now being pul
The old city hand Instruments have
been taken over hy the Society and
are being put fn good shape, although
it win be necessary to purchase sev
oral new instruments In the near tu
ture. We havo now over twenty
musicians who will take up active
band work Immediately, and Mr. l#e
I'M wards has arranged for them to
procure their Instruments at his
Studio on Baker Street next Monday
ovoning. January "Oth, and anyone
else who desires to Hue up with the
band, and who w*llT call at Mr. Edward's studio thai evening, arrangements will be made to get them busy
ns soon ns possiblo, The band will
be directed under the able conductor-
ship pf Mr. Edwards, wlio will Inter
announce tin- rogular practice night
for the band.
Conservatives  Await  Definite
Announcement Before
Tn king Any Action
VICTORS A.—According  to  returns
complied by the provincial forest
branhc tiio lumber industry lias had
an active year iu spite of the draw
backs of failing prices aud a quiet
home market. During the yenr L-
7aO.000.000 feet board menBure.of all
grades was scaled atyl reported to the
forest,branch as compared with 2,046,-
000.000 during 1920, a drop of only 12
per cent. It will bo remembered,
however, that 1920 was a record year,
with the industry putting forth every
effort at increased production.
Tho previous high year was 1918,
when the scale was 1.701,000,000 or
slightly less than 1021. "The timber
Industry during the past year has been
one of the big factors In our Industrial life nnd In providing work and
markets," said the minister of lands.
Considerable orodll Is duo to those
who, in spite of tho adverse conditions, kept their logging camps and
mills open nnd achieved for tho province inch a record.
Tliere are no fresh developments
iiis weok in regard to the political
-it nation  whicli  lias arisen lu regard
0 iho federal representation fur Last
Kootenay. There was a welcome
variation  from the song of acclania-
tlutt. has been sung ou behalf of
Dr. King nil through the riding and
i  province In general  when  somo
the daily papers wore seen to car-;
au Item stating what Is nearer tlie
truth, namely,  that tho matter  has
jl boen    officially   considered    by
tiier of tho other parties now iu tlie
running iu Kast Koolenay.
Mr. H E* Beutllo. who has been at
he Coast during the past week, was
lUorviow-ed While at Victoria, and
tlie following statement given out at
Ills time was forwarded lo the Herald:
Victoria, Jan* '22.
Declaring that Hon. J. 11. King,
newly appointed minister of public
works In the federal government, was
iie only man in whoso favor ho would
resign his seat in Kast Koolenay, IL
E, Beattie. who.won tho constituency
ho elections on December 0, tail statement today to the effect
that lie thought he was serving the
interests of hfs supporters by
giving way to the new minister, who
had been chosen by Premier Mackenzie King to administer what Is por-
nips the most important spending department, in tho Dominion government.
was greatly honored by the el-
s of Kast Kootenay when they
returned me by n substantial raajor-
ty." said Mr. Benttio today, "but in
iftiisldoratlon of Uio work done in
Jritish Columbia by Hon. Dr. King
luring tho past five years, and his
election by Premier King, I feel that
am best serving tlie Interests of my
■oiistitueucy and Canada as a whole
by relinquishing my sent in favor of
Dr. King."
"Hon. Dr. King is the only man in
the west for whom I would take this
stop," said Mr. Belittle, "Por.twenty-
five years we pioneered in Southeastern British Columbia, and much as
1 should like to go to Ottawa, I feel
that there is something greater than
my personal interests. Therefore, I
have decided to retire in favor of Dr.
King. Ho knows conditions In the
West bettor than anyone else. He
lias been personally Interested In Uie
doevlnpment of tho lumbering, coalmining and quartz-mining industrlos
In Western Cauadu and has become an
authority upon highway extension.
The system of good rouds lu British
Columbia is largely duo to the activity of Hon. Dr. King, and good roads
arc necessary to tlte development of
my constituency.''
"I have beon placed In a rather em-
hurras mur position, and it has been
difficult for me to make a decision,"
eald Mr. Beattie, "but I feel that I
have acted in the best Interests of
those who supported me."
Mr. Beattie returned to Cranbrook
on thc night bont from Victoria, while
Hon. Dr. King will leave for Ottawa,
via Cranbrook on Wednesday. He will
bo in the federal capital for a fow
days only, and will then return to
this province for thc purpose of cleaning up the unfinished work of his do
partment here,
There seems little doubt but that
the new minister of public works will
be returned by acclamation, as has
been tho case with all tbe 14 ministers of the Mackenzie King cabinet
While there is an element In Kast
Koolenay moro or less Inclined to
oppose the minister, still It ls scarcely to be expected that a precedent
will  be established  in  regard to this
In connectton with Mi* Beattlo's
visit to the Const, tbe Vancouvor Sun
"Interest Is taken'in bis visit to
the capital coincident with the caucus of the Liberal members today.
In somo quarters It Is sugestod that
lie may ho taken Into the Provincial
cabinet in order to try and save tlie
Cranbrook seat to be vacated by Dr.
The minister of public works carried the district by only a smnll majority and It Is regarded as doubtful
jf the riding can be kept (n the Liberal
column unless Bome special incentive
is offered the voters."
A quiet home wedding took place
this week on Tuesday. January 24th,
"when Miss Annobella Chalmers be-
camo tlie bride of .Mr. Walter Harold Brown, of tliis city. Tiie ceremony took place at noon at the liome
Of the grooms parents. Mr, and Mrs.
W. H. Brown. Norbury Avenue. Rev.
K. VV. MacKay Officiated, and while
there were a few friends of the contracting parties present, the occasion
was marked by simplicity, in deference to tho wishes of the bride. Both
woro unattended during tho ceremony.
Tiio groom fs well known in the
city, being with the B. and B- Department of the c. P, it, The bride was
also a former resident of Mils city,
leaving hero some four and a half
years ago to return to Scotland,
where her father still resides. Crossing the Atlantic again last fall, she
has since beeu iu Spring Valley. Minnesota, wltll u brother.
The happy couple left on tlie west
bound train that day for a short honeymoon, and will later make their
home lu this city.
mowjj.m; notes
The Inst telegraphic match was
Played ou Thursday night, Craubrook
was defeated by Nelson.
Line-up and score as follows:
.. 1S5
1S4 -525
,.   .   109
I-ow ....
..  IM
.  ns
.   171
16S: 5033
Nelson score--52.85.
Cranbrook score— 50.33-
A meeting of the Cranbrook Bowl
ers took place lu the V.M.C.C. on Mon
day. Jan. 23rd to arrange a bowling
tournament  and   to  pick  a  team  to
play Nelson on Saturday, January 2&.
A schedule was drawn up as folio we*.
Ono man team—Ton pins.
Ono man team—To pins.
One man team—Five pins.
Up to the present the results are:
Three men Teams
1.cam an
One man Team
Lea man
man Tewm—Five
Dallas t
Mr. \V. J. Wilson, of tbe Wilson
Vulcanizing Works, very kindly donated a Marathon inner tube, 'or the
winner of the Ten Pin single man event. The otlier prizes have not boen
decided upon as yet.
The team picked to play Nelson is
made up of the following men:
R. FInlay Capt.), G, Sinclair, M.
Dallas, c. Armstrong, (1. Simpson;
spares, 1). Leaman and W. J. Johnson.
Tire bowling game between Nelson
nud Cranbrook will tnkc place in the
"V" Alleys at 8 o'clock January 28th
and will be well worth seeing. Come
down nnd root for the home team.
WCXL iio\sm;i. win
At a largely attended meeting of
tho local Conservative executive on
Thursday evening of thin week, it was
decided that until such time an tbe
Liberal policy in regard to tho sllua
Hon Is made perfectly clear, nothing
ean bo done. There is n feeling
that until Ijr. King has actually been
sworn iu aa minister of public works
and Mr. Beattie's resignation as member for Kast Pootcnay \a also definitely accepted, no decision on whether the by-election ber-a will be con-
t«eted le
With the big curlers' donee over
tlie big bonsplel all through with for
another year, it is planned to get
tho local curlers busy once again at
tiio rlnk. A local bonsplel is being
talked of, and Will likely get away to
a start next weok, if tlie weather
holds up- In addition to tho cups
which have been competed for by local rinks In tlie regulur draws, two
otlier cups havo been promised, which
ought to stimulate interest In lho lo-
i*al club. One Is a cup proscnted by
W. F. Cameron, and other from W. K. j
W0rden> While definite rules have
not been formulated fnr either, It Is
understood tiiat for tha Cameron Cup
a handicapping arrangement may be
mado so that an admittedly strong
rink going, up against a weaker one
will be placed under proper handicap. For the Worden Cup it has
boon suggested that it lie held as an
open trophy, challengeable at any
time aud by any skip. Seconds for
tin. Worden Cup are being prcsonted
by Mr. AV. H. Wilson.
IltR probable that there will be a
meeting of the curling club very
shortly, when the proposals will be
laid beforo tlie members.
Curlers Dance
on Burns' Night
Hit? Attendance uu Wednesday
Night al Biggest Event of
the Senson
rImpressions as recorded by au
"Tliere was a lad waa born In Kyle,
But wliatna day or whntna style,
I doot it's hardly worth your while
Tao be sae nice wl' Hobln."
It was ln honor of tho memory of
the lad of Kyle, born one hundred
and sixty three years ago. that the
curlers  of Cranbrook    "ijuat    their
roorln1 play." forsaking for the nonce
"stano and blsom'. for' the floor of
iho ballroom.
Tiie Cranbrook Curling Club cea
rightfully lay claim to having many
"lads o' pains" among its membera,
mr what else can account for tlie
BUCCOSB of an affair so eminently pleasing as its dance Wednesday night on
tbe anniversary of the birth of Scotland's best-loved son?
It was ro-a! artistic genlUfl which
devised and carried out the scheme
of interior decoration whicli metamor-
phorized the Auditorium into a veritable corner of fairyland. Seldom has
iho youth and beauty of tills city
found itself in a prettier setting than
under tlie gracefully drooping fee-
toons pendaut from tho celling, our-
rounded by bunting draping its waUa,
to which crossed besoms lent a toucb
reminiscent of the laud ■*' tlie heath-
Nor was that all. On tlie stage,
flanking Uio footlights^ numeroue
glistening trophies. Interspersed by
Mirlln' stones o' guid Aberdonlw
granite, prvclaimed emphatically, the
l-rowess of the Cranbrook laddies In
many a hard-fought contest on the
c.it.ering Ice sheet. How many times,
wo wonder, did the time-honored cry
nf "soop 'erup-* issue from lusty
throats before thoee prized cups of
silver found a renins plaec in tbe
trophy room of thc doughty curlers!
Tho prizes won by the Cranbrook
rink at the Lethbrldge bonsplel were
given a place of honor in the centre,
and high over all at each side of the
stage, were sketch portraits of two
local curling celt-brities which interested  everyone.
The grand march with which the
bail was formally opened, was an epic
of color and action, led by Mr. Alan
Graham manfully scrurln' the skirl-
in' pipes to the stirring strains of the
"Cock o' the North,'' while tripping
feet threaded the mazes of the opening number, the scene was animated
and picturesque. It fair garred ths
hert loup tae &ee it.
Scarce had the drone of tbe pipes
ceased when the six piece orchestra,
led by Mr. Lee Edwards, broke into
dreamy strains of a wrfltx, and
soon the floor was again graced by
rythmics! gliding of radiant-faced
Therefollowtd then in quick order
{•ix trot, two step, etc., each number
being announced in curler's idiom by
Uie inimitable BiHy Cameron, director
of ceremonies, and round-up boss of
the Curlers' Club-
Then came the greatest treat of
the evening. Little Marguerite Caven
tripped out in all the bravery of Highland costume and took tbe centre of
tho floor. Again tho humming drone
and skirling chanter sounded their inspiriting Btralns.
"L'pon that night, when falrleg light
On CessUls Downans dance."
One could not help thinking of
fairies seeing the dainty little sprits
posturing and leaping in that dance
Of dances, the "Highland Fling.* Little Mill Caven In an artiste, nothing
less. She did mora than merely
dance, she Interpreted, and It was In
her Interpretation of the very spirit
and essence of the danco that she
betrayed her Innate artistry. And let
it be said, ln passing, that Mr Alan
v        (Continued on page five)
Nelson Bally News
O. C. Thompson, of the I'tlca mines,
arrived In Nelson Friday night lost
from Spokane, with bis bride, staying
or until the Kaslo boat Saturday.
Tho newly wedded pair will spend
heir honeymoon at the mino, when
a .residence is ready to receive them.
The wedding took place ln Spokane
on January 18th, Hev, Dr. DeVlnne
tying the knot.
Mr. Thompson bas the I'tlca mine
under a five year lease, and also ths
North Star mine, Klmberley, at which
place he became acquainted with Mrs.
Thompson, nee Mrs. Stella McMahon,
who is well known In East Kootenay-
No doubt the desire on the part of
Dr. King's supporters Is for the Con
BOrvatlvos to come nut nnd state their
Intentions, but tho Conservatives feol
pretty generally that it ought to bo
he possible soon to nee through the i
lia/o of uncertainty and conjecture
and find out what ta really going to
to toM wtth Um Bsst Kootenay not.
Iteglua, Saak-—Thirty-one head of
horses, three head of cattle, twenty-
sovon head of sheep and twenty-two
hogs aro Saskatchewan's contribution
to tho International Uvoatock Show
nt Chicago this y.-ur. After the -exhibition the bogs will be sold, but ths
hornet*, cattle and ahsep will go to
the agricultural show at (luelpli, On- PAGE    TWO
THK       i HA.Mill OOR       II I. It 1 1. 1,
Thursday, .Ian. SOtli. 1022
ing always warned of tholr approach*
Randolph Bruco is still working
his famouf* Paradise Mine, S.00O feet
up nt tho top of tho mountain, whoro
twenty yearn ago ho sand-papered tiio
trull so that, as ho said, Tho Herald
man could tuke hie cur lately up to
the mine.
C\)t Cranbrook herald
Published every Thursday.
P. A. WILLIAMS..Editor & munnger
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THURSDAY,   JAN.  2Cth,  1922
(From lho Calgury Herald)
Word comes from Invermere that
tho Bonff-Windermere trail, which
the Dominion government lias been
working on since beforo tho war, ls
nearlng completion. This Bluo Highway will lead In an almost direct Hue
from the Canadian National Park to
San Francisco, passing through a famous district where tho spirit of the
Last Creat West has always existed
in its most romantic tlmo. The inhabitants of tho Valley are already figuring on the Influx of a fabulous number of automobiles from both north
and south; with tourists eager to aeo
tho wonderful pecnery of mountain,
lake und river, tho bot sulphur springs
of Sinclair and Windermere, and to
*!CJoy tho big game hunting, boating
golfing and other sports in this paradise of good tilings.
Of nll the big companies and en-
teiiprlBlng concerns, tho Canadian
Pacific Railway has done most to
add to the natural attractions of tho
now famous Columbia •Valley, It is
traversed by a railway which has replaced tiio steamers which formerly
connected Golden with Lake Winder-
more, Into which they used to float
through tlie wide mouth of thc Columbia. It is now reported that tho C-
P. R. will construct a typical old-time
Hudson's Bay fort on the site of thi
ruins which slill exist where David
Thompson eroded his fort fn 1807,
on tbe hill below which Robert Ran
dolp Bruco has built his beautiful modern bungalow. History records the
story of David Thompson's discovery
of Lake Windermere moro than a con
tury ago. He came In with a party
from the south, fell out with his companions, decided to push on further
north nnd spout, his first winter alow
nt the head nf Windermere Lake, having to watch out for hostile Indians
from his lonely fort; hence bis reason
for selecting tho site, lie could com
mand n clear view of the lake and tho
whole surrounding country, thus be-
'..'-*' - V.-m-j ; .v, _.:•■  ii--"'-.
Front Pulpit io Potato Slasher
Wo seem to havo heard several
houi9ekeepers say, our own among the
number) "With all the cry about unemployment, wo can't find anyone In
town to como in and do our house-1
work." Wonder how many "unemployed" men might get good jobs in
homes if they wero willing lo swallow n little prldo and learn bow to
cook and look after a home! Wc
know one minister who has lost his
church on account of deafness and is]
now working happily iu nu npartmeni
house as a survnnt. What is the difference between tlie pulpit, and the potato masher? Not any, ouly moro demands from the kltchon than the kirk.
-Tho Christian Herald.
Victoria Conservatives Endorse
i'uik-y oi Opposition During
Lust Session
robiblllon Seems lo be Prohibiting
Figures of approximate accuracy
aro beginning to be available throughout tho United States showing tho effect of the prohibition law.
Under the license system there was
a commerce In bard liquor and beer
sufficient to allow a quantity of two
quarts por month to an army of twenty million drinkers.
Under tho prohibition* law, giving
effect to tho widest estimates or illicit Ihjuor Bulling, lt is reasonably
certain that thero is not more than enough to give one quart per month to
two million drinkers.
Mr. H. 0. Wells, the English writer,
coming to Washington as a correspondent at the Ponce Conference,
bringing with him the British Idea
that prohibition was a Joke, gave out
;i statement on the day of hfs sailing
for home. In which he doilarod himself convinced that prohibition in the
United States is a fixture, and that
lho days of the bootlegger are numbered.
This agrees with the report made by
tbe two Labor members of the British
rlianicnt, C. H. Stick and J. E. Dav-
ion, sent to the States for an Investigation of prohibition. They reported tho prohibition system a success
ilong economic lines; marked by an
entire absence of spending the pay
cheque for drink on payday before
going home; and that the illicit traffic
in drink depended for Its buyers upon
thoso who bad learned to drink beforo tho prohibition law was passed
This class of buyers is dying out; and
uo new class Is being taught to drink
in  its place.—Vancouver Sun.
MooSe Jaw, Sask.—Recently a new
record for a grain moving train was
created when n Canadian Pacific on
gino pulled 110 fully loaded curs of
wheat, comprising 10.5,000 bushels,
eastward towards tlie Great Lakes,
Tbe 'rain was nine-tenths of a mite
long and weighed approximately
6,868 tons, exclusive of the engine and
tho caboose.
Calgary, Alta.-—Alberta h exhibits at
tbo International Livestock Show at
Chicago include two Clydesdale marei
and a colt; two Percheron fillies and
a colt and a Shorthorn heifer. All
those arc provincial prize winning
stock and Alberta is confident of re
peatlng her successes of last year.
Tho animals aro travelling to Chicago In a special cur.
Star Theatre
Monday and Tuesday
JAN. 111! - 81
"The Golden Snare"
Wednesday Only
EEB. 1
The Man Who"
Bert Lytell
Next Thurs., Fri, Sat. ■ "OVER THE HILL"
Thut the leadership ot the Conservative party ls a trust whicli at the
1918 Provincial Convention he wus
given and thut he does uot consider
that he cun properly relinquish it into other hands until at tho forthcoming; pari;,- convention to ho hold this
year he had handed hack the trust ho
was given, was the declaration of Mr.
W. J. Bowser, K.C., Conservative leader, before a crowded inciting uf Conservatives at Victoria last week.
Mr. Bowser was given a very Iiearty
reception and his declaration wus received with approval. Ho referred
to tho crlticlsmH which havo been
directed against him, even within lho
party ranks, declaring them to bo but
Liberal propaganda,   what action tbo
Extracts from the Cranhrook
* Herald  of  ibis  dato,  1901
I i
Mrs.  Erlckson  has  recovered  from
ir recent illness and ls ahle to bo
out again.
\V. 1). Hiit and family returned last
weok from an extended visit to East-
*rn points.
J- P. Pink anuounces through the
olumns of tho Herald his resignation
ls chief of the fire department.
Thc Sullivan .Vino will resume operations on February 1st, nnd from
hat time on work will bo pushed.
VV, T. Hold's handsome new residence will be completed next week.   It
one of tlie finest In the Kootenays.
The Cranhrook Electric Light Co.
which lias tbo telephone lines of South
Kast Kootenay, Intends next Bprlng to
build a line to Marysvllle and on to
Klmherley. An exchange will also bo
put in here at Cranhroolt and a lirte
may bo built on the Elko, Morriscy
and Pernie,
. i man; convcutlo
gard Ing the lead*
to acqulsce in, hi
id that should h
,. rvative loader
nuccoflsful at tho poll
wero lie called upon
eminent, deem it fltth
ior should also take
of the active departn
ment In view of th
tion of tho provinco a
ous problems facing
consider he would be
taking over the Attor.
The   Opposition   lea
fit lo tako ro-
bo was ready
tie also stat-
gain tho Con-
0 party prove
ii" would not
i form a gov-
that us I'rem-
■hurgo of ono
:its Of govern-
present situa-
1 the tremend-
,i he did not
■ting wisely In
ir was in ex-
(Spoclal to. tho Horald)
Invermere, ll. C, Jan. 21.
A general meeting of the members
of the Stock Association wus recently
held to go ovor tho results of their:
lato Fat Stock Show. Tlie returns!
show that it was n success in every |
way, especially from a financial point'
of view. Tlie annual meeting of the
Association will be bold here on the
afternoon of Thursday, February B,
The annual meeting of tho district !
Agricultural Association aud Farmers'!
Institute) was held this week. Tho
reports of tho offlcors, while tut] of
hope for tiie year that Is to come,
showed tbo organization to be In rn-|
William Fox ,/wtv
-lhe greatest
jiUmm story
erer told
(I Im
tora fo
financially.     Th-
■ar whicli ims now
Newton, it.s.A.,
II.     C.     Ilavson,
col tent form und was repeatedly applauded- Otlier speakers on the program wore: Canon Hincheliffe, Senators Barnard and Green, Mr. K. H,
Pooley, Mr. Leon Ladner, member-
elect for the Federal riding of South
Vancouver, and Mr. W. .1. Pullman,
of Kelowna, u prominent fruit grower
and strong Conservative.
Following   lho   conclusion    of   the
Leches the following resolution was
unanimously passed amid cheers:
"Resolved that this meeting, representing the Conservatives of Victoria, hereby express Its hearty appreciation and approval of tbe splendid fight for a more efficient and
moro economical administration of
provincial affairs, mnde by the Conservative opposition under the able
leadership of Mr. Bowser, during the
recent session of the legislature;
We further declare that we view
with grave concern tbe tremendous
Increase in tiio public debt of the
province, with accompanying increase
In thc burden of taxation, which lias
annually been so market! a feature
of tho Oliver government's rule since
lt took office; and wo feel that not
thia policy of bor-
quanderlng be stopped
(Special to the Herald)
IN VERM EKE, B.C., January 25,
A meeting of tho membera and ad-|ortly  should
uorenls of  the  Windermere  Districtj rowing and 	
Nat, Liberal-Conservative Association! nt once, but that every effort should
was hold here on Saturday nfternoon.jbo made by a judicious system of re-
Tho general attendance was very j trenebment to reduce expenditures,
largo, the best probably In years.land by this mer.ns also reduce tha
Resolutions in regard to tlie possib- great burden of taxation to such limits
ility of pending elections were passed u.s a population of 500,000 people
and a strong motion was carried ln-j might reasonably be expected to
struotlng the secretary to get lu touch boar."
.villi various persons throughout Col-1 Somo Vancouver friends of the op-
nmbla riding to ascertain the views Position leader drew his attention to
In regard to holding a "general con- tlie fact that the Sun had stated that
ventlon at somo tlmo In the near fu- he had "expressed n willingness to
lure. A keen interest was shown in' glev up the provincial leadership of
tho proceedings throughout. Ono the Conservatives If Hon- Mr. Stevens
feature of the meeting was tho soclul! could ho induced to tako over the res*
side, tea and sandwiches being passed pousibilitles of that office.f
about after lho Important business Mr. Bowser has. issued tho follow
beforo the body bad been discussed. Ing statemenl for publication:
The .attendance of ladles was parti-, "Mr. s. I,. Howe of Vancouver will
eulurly large. ica" ft meeting of the provincial exo-
' cutivo in about a fortnlghfto arrange
I for a provincial Conservative conven
I lion. It will probably be in the spring
; or early summer at a place on a date
to ho arranged- We hope to make it
Oven a greater conveutlon than the
last. In the meantime I wish to den;
that 1 have made nny nrrangement
with anyone regarding the leadership
of the party. I havo not expressed
: any intention of giving up tbe position
J to which I was appointed hy a con-
[ ventlon In 1919. It is not for me to
make any arrangement for a successor
Tr-UPD-STS In nny event; lt will bo altogether :i
' matter for the party assembled    in
ttnfl i convention to say whether they wish
Milliters      Ul(l lo (1,n,ln,lt' ,,r to make way for
another leader of their choice,
WE  fflll SEND  ItOO  UK.
mittami:  sun:  DAI  on
ikii.ii voi it irns ni ii tes
DAYS IF Sll I\STIir(Ti:il.
Weston's Bargain
— r,
— 6
— 4
P. 0. HOX 205
Arthur J. Walkor, it. Randolph Bruw,
Pranh Jonoa, A. (*- cuthbert, Did. EJ. ■
Tunnacllffe   Major K.  B.   Voung, .). '.
W.   Morlaild,    Major    V.   O.   Turner,;
Hope iirewer, Nathaniel Bavin, ii. n.
Peters. F, Richardson, .1. Lambert,
J. Uko.
Hon. K. D. Harrow, and tho Minister of Agriculture tor the Dominion or
Canada, worn elected honorary Presets, Dr. i'. W. Tumor, iho late
secretary not standing i'or re-election,
Bnsil G. Hamilton was elected In his
Tho music pupils of Miss Bora K.
Bodecker undor ber direction and with
the assistance of others are putting on
Romberg'".-; Toy Symphony and Mother
Gooso In Athalmer on February 22-
The orchestra of young people will bo
one  of  seventeen   performers.
Kr. John A. MeCoskrio has been
appointed a delegate from Rocky
Mountain I.. O. U No, 2209 to attend the meeting of tho Provincial
Grand Lodge of British Columbia
to meet, at Kamloops on February
t flerbai
Saps a Juices, .
blended & concentrated
by scientific means,
give extraordinary healing
* shinpurifging powers to
diction, that    from    a    Conservative
I'polnt of view, the election is a mat-
j ter of minor Importance.   Dr. King's
i advent in the federal political arena
| seems lo uncover the workings of the
■ Liberal political machine to some ex-
| tent, and that ls all.    Whether   tho
doctor is elected or not matters but
, little to the people ot East Kootenay.
| He is not nt all likely, judging from
his past performances, to set rivers
on fire.   Neither is it to be expected
ihat he will be-other than a mere cog
in lhe Liberal machine, a docile toot
in the hands of Hon. \V- L. Mackenzie
King-   That, by tho way, is also th*
opinion ot* many who whole-heartedly
supported  Mr.   Beattie.    Mr,  Beattie
holds the respect of Liberals and Conservatives alike. Insomuch as he was
as the Fernie man car--[possessed of sufficient   courage   to
fight his  own   battle.    He won  his
fight on his merits.   The pity of it ls
that a man of Mr. Beattie's acknowledged ability should havo been set
back into the discard to make room
for someone    else    not   as    highly
What  do the    electors
Cranbrook, B.C,
Jan. 25, 1922.
The  Editor.
Cranbrook Herald, ->
Cranhrook, B.C.
! Dear Sir:
; "Just pesticntlng aroun* " wns the
i reply a certain well known resident
[of Ferule gave lo the question of a
[chance acquaintance he met on Baker Street a flay or two ago. That
, waa as nine
! cd to say in relation to his business
; -n Cranbrook. It was noticeable,
-; however, thnt he was eagerly seek-
* Ing information relative to Conserva-
i tlve Intentions in endorsing or oppos-
[ ing Dr. King if lhe latter elected lo
! offer himself
a candidate for the j thought of,
sent recently vacated by Mr. Beattie. | think about it
For tlie benefit of our Fornie friend
we may say. will.out fear of contra-
Yours truly,
i no hotter known golf
Courses in the Dominion than those
Bl Victoria Ot) Vancouver Island, no
j doubt due to the fact that the game
Is played every day in the year.
One ot the delights of tho winter
vi it   in  the CoiibI is to enjoy again
, tbo favored summer sport.    It will,
j therefore, coma us a   pleasant   an-
I uouncemetit  to know that he Canadian Pacific Hallway has completed arrangements   whereby  gnosis   of    tho
EmprosB Hotel at Vlctotia will be ac-
j corded  playing privileges on the cx-
|cellent IS hole Colwood Course.
J. Rouse
Exhibition in Montreal of steer carcasses weighing 200,000 lbs. and game, to be used
on tlie winter cruises to the Mediterranean and West Indies by the Canadian Pacific
Steamer*. "Empress of Scotland," "Empress of France" and "Empress of Britain."
R-cently prize beef wns placed on
exhibition in Almy's window, near
Bt, Alexander Street, Montreal, purchased at the Toronto Christmas
Show for use on the forthcoming
cruises of the C.P.SX. Steamers
"Empress of France", "Empress of
Scotland", and "Empress of Brlt-
ri:,". It was arranged by the Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd. The
carcasses, all Canadian raised stock
are of exceptional quality.
For three cruis>s the requirements
in beef are approximately 175,000
pounds, or in other terms 235 choice
steer carcasses with a dressed
weight of 7">0 lbs. each. The tur-
Iteya. chickens, capons, ducks and
ducklings have been specially fattened for tho particular requirements of these cruises, and no cold
Btorajre stock of «ny kind is to be
tis-L The 'liferent kinds of poultry
are also of uniform weight and
itrnt. C
In general the requirements for
the Empress of France. Empress of
Scotland, and Empress of Britain
are as follows:
Turkeys   18,000 lbs.
Chickens, fattened .. 16,000   "
Chickens, broilers .. 12,000   "
Capons,   15,000   "
Fowls   18,000   "
Ducklings     8,000   »
Game, assorted ....   7,000   "
Lamb     30,000   "
Mutton   ...*.... 60,000   "
Fresh Pork ........ 24,000   "
Pork Loin*    6;000   "
Bacon   60,000   "
Ham    35,000   "
Eggs  360,000   "
Butler  87,000   ".
Milk    6,000 gallons
Cheese      7,000 lbs.
Cream     3,800 lbs.
Coffee      6,000   "
Sugar  36.0M
Flour .. mai__-w >
Potatoes         60 tons
Turnips     8,000 lbs.
Carrots       7,000   "
Cauliflowers         180 dniu
Celery         240    "
Cucumbers          80     *    i
Cabbage          860     "    I
Egg Plant       600 I
Lettuce          180 dozea
Onions      7,000 Ibe.
Spinach         900   "
Tomatoes      1,500   "
Fish, assorted  48,000   "      I
Apples        500 easel
Bananas *...    1,000 lbs.
Grape Fruit        100 case*
Lemons         45    *-
Oranges     ' 300    "
Pears      3,000 lbs.
Grapes       3,000   "
In addition to these quantities,
specltl fruits, and tropical delicacies
will be purchased at different porta
on Uie cruise. Timrsiiii), .inn. _otii, waa
fl) King Ceorge greets the King of,
N-rway on his arrival at King's Cross
St.tion, London. Pictures are: from
left lo right, Princess Victoria, King
George, thc King of Norway, Queen of
Norway and Prince Olaf.
(2) A' Dental Discovery—The London
School of Dental Mechanics for Women
has discovered an articulator. Dr.
Weiss demonstrating his invention With
which it is possible to exactly reproduce
all the movements of the mouth to which
teeth have lo be fitted.
(3) Cattle Show at Agricultural Hall,
London, England. One of the King's
Highland cattle.
(4) The Prince of Wales at the inspection
of tho Bombay police. The Prince ssw
a number of native police, widows and
orphans seated on the ground.
(a) Indian staff and Ruling Princes on
the way to meet the Prince of Wajes on
the "Renown."
An exclusive picture of the aged
ate,   Cardinal   Logue,   leaving   the
Peace Conference of Archbishops
Bishops    at    University    College,
Pri r
U. S. Golfers who played winter.
at Vancouver and Victoria, and two
ii Columbia golfers who gave them
f r*t beating, two up and one to
From left to right, Jim Barnes,
Vork, open golf champion; Jock
Hutchison, Chicago, British cpen golf
champion: P. Taylor, Victoria Golf Club;
Dave Black, Shaughnessy Heights Golf
Club, Vancouver, professional golf chass-
piun uf Canada.
.^Hklj*.-1"  ■;...,a|
iu ircouitrrsrofC-t-fJ
Serving the Traveller at Windsor Station, Montreal
M —    	
&■_& _^r
,/mf        ■'■mm
■   l'i" ' <7to*ihm
'-->'M-  ■■-'M  w\
View of one of the counters of the new service depot for the accommodation of th'«
tmv-illing public, opened in une of the main entrances to Windsor Street C. P. K. Station,
Tht Canadian Pacific Railway has | Not one inch Is taken from the
Jtwt completed the remodelling of.passage way, but on each side fn
tfcs main entrance to the Windsor the formerly unused space a beauti-
Street Station in Montreal. Some J ful counter and exhibition shelf huve
time ago the Natural Resources been placed. The general furnish-
Exhibit in one of the entrances I Inge of the depot are of the pretties:
was beautified and enlarged, many a'-d moat artistic design. Beauty and
new products of the country be-1 utility went hand in hand in the coning added, so that now it is one istruction work. A special feature la
of the finest exhibits of its kind in j the electric lighting. A number of
tha world. Hitherto the spacious artistic lamps hang from the arch
main entrance which in years Rum*(above, while the countermand shelvei
by wai part ot the ticket offices was are illuminated by a system of hid-
ueed mere!;'   for   traffic,   a   large den lights whose rays, without any
space on each side being more or les
watte ground.
With a view to providing Increase!
facilities for the convenience of th*
travelling public the space that wa
formerly unused in tho main en
trance has been '.'inverted into (
tervfee depot. Here persons hastening to a train or returning from a
y.arinp effects, light up the station
with the most pleasant lustre.
The articles sold in the service-on-
the-way depot will be confined t<-
those that are usually required by
tourists and other travellers.
The greatest pains have been
taken to ensure that all articles wil.
be preserved in the best condition, a
trip may supply themselves with {humidor is provided for pro-serving
vinous requisites without having toj the tohncco, cigars and cigarettes.
walk an extra step outside the build*[The heating system i* Also perfect.
ing, or take the trouble usually {The depot will be open all day anu
taken to procure these requisites, in the evening—all the time it might
Tha new departure mi.rht be called be required for tha convenience of
a service-on-the-way dep< „
passengers to and from the trains.
The new .*-;.■ ;..*,- ,:, ar,j way
interfere with thi <*x-.>:„-;g n*»w».
stand En Windsor Street Station
which wi!: continue as usual. However, it fs likely that ths new service-on-the-wi.;. depot will consider*
ably relieve the conges.ior. .Hat
there used to be Hround the new*
stand, particularly at train times.
Though always Imposing, the ip-
pearaiue of the entrances to Windsor
Street Station has been considerably improved by the remodelling
that has recently taken place, la
the most delightful atmo*phcre,
those who have some moments tq
spare previous to train departures
can amuse and interest them <***>. vet
in viewing the wondorful exhibition
nf nature, resources in one "f ths
In selecting the books whieh will
be available fur the travelling pub-
lie, it hn*. been decided to pay -.-■••"Hall
attention tc thi  fiction I .i*nt
uutho?*. a policy which i«* being)
adopted generally ail ovet th* Cam
adion Pacific system. i'aoe rorn
THK     CltANBHOOH      II 10 II A I. D
For Constipated Bowels, Sick Headache,
Sour Stomach, Bilious Liver
The nicest cathartic-laxative in the
world to physic your liver and bowels
when you have Dizzy Headache,
Colds, Biliousness, indigestion, or
Upset, Acid Stomach is candy-like
"Cascarets."     Ouo or two    tonight
will empty your bowels completely by
morning, and you will feel splendid.
"They work whllo you sleep." Cascarets never stir you up or gripe like
Salts, Pills, Calomel, or OU and they
cost only ten cents a box. Children
love Coscnrets too.
I'mme's Dread h GOOD Bread
His PleSi Cakes and Pastry are
made la a tasty mauner which
Invites the most exacting person  to call  again, at
Plume si       *      Norbury Ate.
Forwarding and Distributing
Agents for
Lethbrldgo nnd Greenlilll Coal
Distribution Cars a Specialty
Draylng   nnd   Tnwplerrlng
Chen   rrompf    Aih'iniim
Phono Oil Proprietors
David Thompson
of the Kootenays
Pioneer of Contury Ago  Hail
Much to do Willi Oponing
iij> of This Section
OTTAWA.— Only 110,000
men and women out of an approximate total of 400,000 lia^o so far exercised their right to ballot on thc disposal of the army canteen fund surplus in the hands of the government,
and which amounts to raoro than
$2,000,000, It has beon announced by
tho Department of Soldiers' Civil Itc-
establlshmont at Ottawa. Tiio balloting has been iu progress for several
weeks and closes on February 1. In
returned soldier circles here lt Is not
expected that the total vote will exceed 30,000.
The question is now being raised
among war veterans, and In government circles, as to whether or not the
funds can bo disposed of as a result
of the plebiscite, owing to the comparative smallness of the vote being
registered, It was s:tid that this point
would have to receive the consideration of the Federal cabinet beforo action could be taken,
A tentative solution put forward
hy officials of the Croat War Veterans* Association Is that In tho event
ot the plebiscite being disregarded,
tho disposal of the funds could be
settled by a series of meetings of vet
erans lliroughout. Canada.
Officials ut tlie D. S. t'. lt. are
pointing io the advisability of veterans taking advantage of the opportunity and casting tholr ballots prior
to the expiration of tiie voting period.
mother: move |
child's bowels with
california fig syrui?
Hurry motlier! Even a sick child
loves lho "fruity" taste of "California
Fig Syrup" aud it never fails to open
the bowels. A teaspoonful today may
prevent a sick child tomorrow. If
constipated, bilious, feverish, fretful,
has cold, colic, or if the stomach is
sour, tongue coated, breath bad, re
member a good cleansing of the little
bowels is often all that is necessary.
Ask your druggist for. genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions for babies and children of all
ages printed on bottle. Mother! You
must say "California" or you may get
an imitation fig syrup.
v More: Delicious
Ml ■    '
. Striped Package
David Thompson was horn ou April
30, 1770 ,ln St. John the Evangelist
Parish, Westminster, Kngland, of David ad Ann his wife, of Welsh extraction (his speech proclaimed that origin.) When the boy was 2, hts father
died, indigent, and young David was
placed In the 'charity' -school-—now a
girl's school, and slill under the Abbey's shadow, tho "Grey Coat School" |
of Queen Anne's foundation, to "edu
cute poor children In the principles
returned of piety and virtue, and thereby lay
foundation for sober und Christian
llfo." That training marked Thompson's whole career; even In tlie most
dissolute |perIod of fur-mile. Entering when 7, at 14 he was apprenticed for seven years to tho Hudson's
Hay Co., which paid a five pound fee
for him. Thompson was an apt scholar and studious; as he had no home
to go lo, his holidays were chiefly
spent ln tlie Abbey (Westminster,)
particularly the Henry VII. Chapel.
Hfs favorite boolts were: Tales of the
Genii, Persian and Arabian Tales.
Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels.      •
He arrived at Churchill, Hudson's
Bay, In September. 1084. When 15.
he was sent on a foot journey of 150
miles—rough tutelage—to York. When
Ifi, he had helped build 'Manchester
House' (now Blrllng on the C.N.It.),
then the most remote Hudson's Bay
post. Next, with others, he scouted
liie Blnekfoot and Peigan country,
wintering (near whore Calgary lft
now.) wltb Peigans, Next year was
divided, first amongst the Creos and
Asslnlboines (near the site of Prince
Albert) and later at Cumberland
House. Here ho pursued his studies
(having broken bis right leg) in ns-
tronomy, navigation and physics, and
the following spring surveyed the
Saskatchewan and Hayes Illvers to
Vork, 750 miles. He wintered again
at Cumberland, studying, and then
next year went back to Vork to help
rebuild it. Tho following years, 1702,
3, 4. 5, he (ravelled all over the prairies between Hudson's Bay and the
Rockies, and on May 23, 1797, left the
Hudson's Bay Company employ. His
note-book reads:
"This dny left the services of the
Hudson's Bay Company ami entered
that of the Merchants from Canada
(the North West Comprny). May
Cod Almighty prosper me." He haa
beeu with the Hudson's Bay Company
thirteen years; had surveyed 9,000
miles of its territory; checked by observation for 3,500 miles, and bad received (for the last three years. CO
Pounds per year; then probably the
highest sum paid for any one of his
Thonftwn was welcomed by the
Nor'-Wosters, as boundary matters
and tho competition of the Hudson's
Bay Company made the services of a
man of science valuable. His flrBt
commission was to define tho 40tli
parallel to the mountains; to visit the
Missouri head; to search for fossils;
and determine positions of the N. AV.
Co. posts. It was to his liking; and
ho makes this note:
"How very different; the liberal
nnd public spirit of this N. W. Co.,
of merchants from Canada, from tlie
mean selfish policy of the H. B. Co.,
styled 'Honorable,' and who nt little
expense might have had the northern
purt ot this ocntineut surveyed t& the
Pacific ocean, nnd greatly extended
tbelr trading posts. Whatever they
havo done, the British government
bas obliged them to do."
This commission occupies
months, in which he co.ered 4.000
miles of survey—Including the north
nnd south shores of Lake Superior
from Duluth of Fort William; Rainy.
Red, Winnipeg, Swan, Assinlbolne
und Souris river systems; aid the
Mississippi nnd Missouri heads.
Then he went on to Lake La Biche,
and, in 1799, to survey the Athabasca
river system. On his way to Grand
Portage, (which was removed to Fort
William In 1S01, after Thompson had
found it to bo In United States territory) Thompson stopped at He a la
Crosse where the Froblshers, in 1775-
0 had found the Indians playing Canada's national game, ami married a
half-breed Cree girl of 14 In Catherine
Small, daughter of Patrick Small of
Glengarry, who was North-West Co.
agent thero from 178(1-7. With this
wife bo hud lived devotedly until his
death and by her he had seven sons
and six daughters.
begun bis mapping of tiio Canada of
his tlmo and knowledge. In tho spring
of 1S00 ho went to the new Rocky
Mountain House whero ho stayed two
I years, exploring the eastern Koekies,
i spurs aud passes from tho Bow lu
i tlie south, to the Saskatchewan In the
north, learning all he could of ua*
live manner* ami traditions, it wus
then (1800) that ho first met Indians
from west of the mountains (Kootenays), and he sent two men. LaUassi
and Lo Blanc, back witli them to'pro*
mote trade and reconnoitre routes,
Theso two men were, therefore, the
(Irsl whites to cross tlie Upper Coltini
bla --waters (Duncan Mctlilliv-iry
crossed in 1800, between the North
ltrazeiia branch and Athabasca rlv
ers.) From the Rockies. In 1804.
Thonjpson was ordered back to
ciairlilil, and that yeur his name first
appears us a X- \V. Company partner
In 1S05 (the year Simon Fraser wa;
sent across) the N.W. Company, busing decided to enter the country wes
oi1 ibe mountains, called Thompson to
ocHUCil- and late tho following
(Frasor having tarried iu New Caledonia, ns he called Northern B.C.) li
was ordered to get ready.
Great and secret preparations were
made iJaco Finlay having been quietly sent over to b.a^c the trail.) lest
iho Hudson's Bay Company should
precede them, uud by spring liS07, Iho
great adventure was begun. Its ob-
Jetc was simply to open trade with
Iho over-mountain natives (previous
efforts on acount of Peignn enmity
and native fear, having been futile)
and to find, by a pass south of tho
Peaco (that of Meckenzle and Fraser)
another route to the desired country
uf tbo Columbia.
Ho crossed by (now) Howse Pass
'called such after Joseph Howse, a
Hudson's Bay Company clerk, who
foWowetl Thompson's trail two years
later,) came down tho blueberry, and
reached the Columbia, near where
(now) is Moberiey station, on the Canadian Pacific railway main line on
June 30, 1807'. Ho ascended it to Its
source and thnt autumn built "Koot-
eniii House" (about one mile northwest of Atlinlmtr, where the Columbia
leaves Lake Windermere, and just
north of Toby Creek, but a quarter
mile distant from that creek's mouth,
(Lat. 50 degrees, 32 feet. 15 In., N.,
Long. 115 degrees, 51 ft. 40 In., \V.)
Wintering there he next year frosted Canal Flat (McGllllvary Portage),
lo the Kootenay Hivor (MeGillivnry's
Blvcr) called by the natives thc Flat
Bow), throughout Its course into Kootenay ('Flat Bow') Lake. On April
24 ho passed the 'Torrent' (St. Mary's
River—tho 'Grand Quote' of Governor
Simpson); and on the 27th passed
'Fine Meadown' (Tobacco River), in
Montana. By May ('., he reached Koolenay Falls (between Llbby and Troy
on the G.N.R.) and where later In
tho year bis lieutenant, Finan McDonald erected 'Fiatliead House' Portaging the falls, he struck the well-defined Indian trail (from Jennings.
Mont., lo Bonner's Ferry. Idaho), and
at the latter place fell In and traded
with the 'Platheads." On the 14th he
reached Flat Bow (Kootenay Lake)
and from Kootenay Landing returned
to Bonn ors, where he took horse and
then by the Movie ('McDonalds' after
Finan of the name) River, up what
Is now the C.P.R. Crow line, reaching
the Kootenay near Fort Steele- This
Is"the Simpson route of 1841; and that
of the U. S. prospectors 18(13-4, which
running from Bonners Ferry, Idaho,
over Service Berry Hill to the Moyie
valley (Curzon on thc Crow line), past
Crunbrook to Fort Steele, went on
across the Kootenay to the 'diggings'
at Wild Horse. Wild H_.rso, Thompson called "Skirmish Biook." and the
Sheep, "Lussier," and the mountain
opposite his Kootenay House where
ho arrived on Juno 5, he called Mt.
Nelson (locally Mt. Hammond).
From a trip over tho Kockles by
Howse Pass he returned in October
31 to Columbia; und sent McDonald
south to establish 'Flathead House,
while with James McMillan (who
built Fort Langley, 1827) and Jaco
Finlay, lie traded and hunted and wintered at his beloved Kootenay Houso
A word or two about Finan McDonald und Jaco Finlay, Thompson's
trusties and scouts. Wherever McDonald's name appears 1S07 to 1826, Il|
Is Invariably as advance agent devel
oping routes and depots. It was he
wbo opened "Flathead" (1808), and
"Spokane" 1810-11 "Houses," held the
'Saleesb' ty Peud d'Orellle for Tliomp
son, and led lilm up-river to Bevel
stoke, B.C., on the return from the
Astoria trip. He intermarried with
the Kootenays (one of tho very few
whites allowed so to do), und his
blood ls suid to run in some prominent Mountain families. He last appears July 1886, asking permission to
cross UlO Rockies, the first tlmo In
nineteen years of wilderness llfo.
Jaco Finlay (Jacques Raphael), a
half-breed, established trade for
Thompson In West Montana, and Jocko Creek, Missoula County, still carries his memory.
James McMillan spent twenty-one
years in the Columbia country, and
contributed much to the geographical
and ethnological knowledge of the
Spokane Flathead aud Kootenay districts.
Railway News
in Brief
1 :>;'----:i W, J. Boyee, one of tlu
most popular shipmasters in tht
(oast service of the Canadian Pa-
cmc Railway, and now master of tht
steamer Charmer, has been eleel >d
to the presidency of the Canadian
Merchant Service Guild and tin
British Columbia hranch of tho Canadian  Navigators'  Federation
Report from
ITS    "iii     |„.    ,-;,
Poeili. Rullwai
steel    car !-n.
■toria says: T.
by the Cai n
No.   ' !,   i ■'■.'
; |j
Baked, after 1.
ashi *   nt Lo.
Pass,   Immedl
completion of
tain the full i
it of t'h«* da ni
Vol, 51 iora,
o   U   manager
■ hi
rhief -ii' tho i
Banff, in be 1
vlnter carnival
from January
tn February  1
niakinp -
prcparnl  1
o    '
ut   the
lie   ho i
from the Dom
"c ire permlsi
i CJovernment
the donation o
for c petitioi
:' :i
reul buffalo h
.   , .
lorj* !...!■! a h .
'  y
hums of Cam
' I.i
and   the   United
Si Ite.     In :. i
*i i j
n thc winners
receive   a   nil
tro hy   and
dividual  mrda
Tl ■■   Vma: m
Vancouver, :
■ "Hells," Calg
Regents, ,ai d <
'ary Patricias
be among the i
iteting teams.
the leading ski
ipers of the wo
Jniiuarj   18-21",
,  whose  record ol
as  conductor' on
' fie    Hallway,    Ins
rouver,    tie was super-
snnuated fiv<
1 years ago,
Mr. URo'
e  w.,; a  bachelor and
had no neai
relatives.   He was born
in Quebec a:
nl commenced his rail-
road   careen
as   a   messenger   boy
while stilt in
hi.:  'teens.
—   '.fwelve  entries al-
hotel «
.11 t.' |T ."".i
ovei '.(
i loe recep
tion am
1 frolic, .*:.
1 the v,
hole affal
will re\
olve ab i! t
the 24
for t'-i:
■nival t;   '"
Excavation work . in connection
(■/ith the twenty-story tower to tie
added to thc Chateau Frontensc,
Quebec, has been commenced. This
foundation will be situated on tne
old kit.
which ;
•nen on
room ft
-r the bi
which 1
ite had t
the    so!
steel   i
which i
yard a
_  ;;\ . ""
V 'ci    1
ent for
tho  co
Dominion    .    ;■
tractor.-  foi   the   .1
tion, are  si ipi ins
Quebec  dpily.   and
that thc frame woi
the  way  t.     o n I,
ginning    r    . ;* -
will  ukc  more   th
years  to  Lomp'ete
tension   and   imp]
when complete :   ..
tcau In an   ■. ■ ■ *;
archite*.*C;u   . \| i
comparison \ Ith al
the American Cont
Edmonton, Alta—More than
hundred exhibits of grain
clovers und alfalfa from Alberta, from
seed* grown from the international
boundary as far north as tho Peace
Hlver country, aro being sent to the
I Internationa] drain und Hay show at
Thompson wintered (1799-1800) »t' Chicago. All of tho seed has heen
Fort Oeorge, on the Saskatchewan and vrown by farmers and tho collection
{here, with yrectom drawing peper, Is considered u nit ur tuneable.
Tiers Street,
lished tu matte
j of the tower.
ised at times to
ructural work
of twisting tr.e
/arious shanes
en in the court
with piles of
■■' d away to
'*■■ !ble. Mr.
■ ■ ■ erintend-
■- fxpects to
n     -ved with-
bt meantime tha
"*■ .tnd Its .-ree-
tl material to
ii Is expected
- i ill be well on
ti in by ihe be-
ii ner, -bough it
in annthei two
the eastern ex-
iverrfents    which,
I put the Ch:i-
posltlun by its
' iue situation in
other hotels on
During the present season the
Canadian Pacific has hauled 2,048
cars of grain, containing 4,286,903
bushels, which have been unloaded
to the elevators nt West St. .lohn. .13
compared with 2,0C3 cars, with 3,-
473,5*45 bushels di ring the corre-
soonding season. The elevator? -*t
West St. John contain a million ana
a half bushels of | rain. There has
heen a general fall! ig nff of import
freight during the ! 'Pt few days, but
the totals are considerably ahead of
the same period twelve months ago.
Quebec—Reports have been received of the discovery of a mine
near Onslow Corner*, Que., by Mr. J.
J, Turner which it Is claimed the ore
assays gool anil . ilver, and it is
understock lie has refused 5100,000
for it.
The building of the new C. P. R.
station at  Caneton   Place  is going
head rapidly.   The slate roofing be-
. and it will not
ready  for use.
En front of '.ha
e per cent, com-
■ing  of concrete
commenced In
'■ie erection of a
. and when fho
_^__^^_—   Carleton   Place
will  be able  to boast of a  station,
not ouly comfortable, hut suitable te
the requirements of Uie town.
;    Early this month    Judge   Q,   II.
Thompson handed down judgment In
j an appeal ease of Interest to sports-
I men and anglers especially, ln the
j district, Mr, O. J. Spreull appeared
i t'or the appellants and Kr. \V. A. Nts-
, bet for the respondents. The ease
was an appeal from u conviction
I made by Louis Perron, a Justice of
j tho Peace In and lot* tho County ot
| Kootenay, whereby the appellants,
' Oscar Stoneberg, John Moo und Thomas Gustafsou were convicted that tbey
did oh 'bt' -"th day of Oetober, 1021,*
at or near Clenlily, In the County of
Kootenay, unlawfully take more than
twenty-five trout in one day contrary
to Section 1 (e) of tho Fishery Regulations of llrltlsh Columbia.
"The facte nro," tbo Judge states lu
lila reasons for Judgment, "that tho
threo appellants wero seen starting
out to fish and later in the day wero
found by Constable Keif of the Itoyal
Canadian Monntod Police with a bag
or sack full of fish, whicli wero subsequently counted and found to bo
1..7 iu number, of whl h about 124
were found to be trout coming within
tho classes mentioned In the Section
of the Fishery Regulations, The accused did not deny that they lmd
caught the fish, and the number largely exceeded the a_.Brcf.ate which the
three of them could lawfully catch.
There Is no doubt but that the appellants caught more than the allotted
number of fish, and 1 would hold that
the onus was cast upon each Individual accused to show that he himself
did not catch more than the allotted
"Mr. Spreull made several objections tn the conviction, but the only
ono upon w'Wcti 1 feel called upon to
make a finding is that the information
charges that the three men took more
than tweiny-five trout in one day.
"It is clearly within the Regulations
for threo men to take more than
twenty-five trout; they can take seventy-five provided each man takes
twenty-five only. Not only tho information, therefore, but the conviction
is clearly wrong on its face. They
should have been charged that they
each took more than twenty-five trout
in one day. The question, therefore,
for me to consider is whether I can
amend the information and conviction
to bring them yithin the words of the-
After citing authorities in extenso
the Judge finds as follows:
"If, therefore, the omission to lay
out a 'single, distinct, positive nn definite charge' makes the proceedings
not an irregularity but a.nullity, I
cannot help hut arrive at the conclusion that where the charge as lntd Is
uo olfence nt all I cannot amend.
"While it is unnecessary for me to
do so, still as ocunsel for the res-
pondents lias requested me to suggest
any deficiencies in the Regulations,
I would point out one way in which,
to my mind, the Regulation is defective. The Regulation reads as follows: 'Section 1 (e). No one shall
take In one day by angling or trolling
or by both means more than twenty-
five Cut-throat, Rainbow or Dolly
Varden trout. Salmon trout or Rocky
Mountain whltefish, or of the different species than will in the aggregate
amount to more than twenty-five fish.'
.'It is manifestly impossible that the
Crown would bo able to prove that
the fish in tlie possession of an accused person were all taken in one
day or that they wore taken by angl-
Ing or trolling. Whero two or more
persons are found together, as in this
case, with an aggregate of more than
twenly-flve fish each it ls manifestly
impossible for the Crown to prove that
each man Is guilty. It may also be
ono or two. Whfle I might bo prepared to go to the extent of placing
the onus upon the accused under such
circumstances, I would suggest that
the mere fact of the possession of a
grealer number of fish than the law
allows to he caught should cast upon
the accused the onus of proving his
right to their possession. In other
words follow the procedure that is
followed in the (lame Act.
'"Por the reasons I have given I am
reluctantly compelled to quash the
conviction. Under the circumstances
however, thero will be no costa.H
Thursday, Jan. 26tb, 192*
■jftetfrtfttet Church
11 a.m.—Divine Servle*.
12 noon, Sunday School.
7.30 p.m.—Divine Service.
Preacher, Rev. R. W. Lee
Everyone Is Cordially Invited to These Services
;ji > f   ir'." di ■"/ jj^Bjidi msVS Hfl I
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Purchasers of Oold, Silver, Copper and Lend Ores
Producers of Gold, Silver, Copper, milestone, Pis Lead and
Zlne   "TADANAC"   lirand
Or Neuralgia., Sciatica, Lumbago?
The remedy is simple, inexpensive, easily taken and harmless.
Rheumatic Capsules
Your druggist will supply you.
Write for free trial to Temple-
ton's, 56 Colborne St., Toronto.
Sold By
Beattie-Noble. Md.
NO. 67 UAIM-To Nelson, Vancouver, Spokane, etc. Arrive 12.10 p.
ui.; leave 12.-0 p.m.
NO. m DAUA—To Fernle, Lethbrldge, Medicine Hat, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
The following iu a statement of tho
ore received at tiio Trail Smelter during the period Jan' 8 to 14 inclusive:
Mine Locality Tons
Joslc,  Rossland        91
Knobhll'i.  Republic       106
Millie Mac. Burton, B.C      15
Paradise, L. Windermere      80
Rambler (lead), Rambler       26
Rambler  (zinc), Rambler       79
Wind Pass, Clm Chua        1
Company  Mines     8306
Total   8703
t ranbrook, ttycllffe, Klmberley Ser-
■> Ice j
No. 853---Leave 7.05 a.m-   So.824—Arrive 2.10 p.m-
Craubrook, Luke Hinder mere nod
(Utilili-ii Senuw
Monday and Thursday, each week
—SO. 821, leave 9 a.m. Wednesday
ud e«turday-XO_ 821 arrive I.M
For farther particulars apply to
any ticket agen'.
District Passenger Agent, Calgary.
Bridgetown, Out.—A 190 acre farm
near here hus boen purchased for
S40.0O0 by the Ontario government
from A. R. Brien, a well known live
stock breeder. Work will be begun
immediately to convert lt Into an experimental farm for -the development
of specialized crop? for which this
section of Ontario is becoming famous. Special attention will be given
lo the growing of beans, tobacco, su-
jar-beets nnd corn. There are five different kinds of sail on the fornt,
time when the chlenl-d
Montana Restaurant
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Heals at All Hours
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
TAKE   notice that Lionel Edwaid
Robin  Booth of AUx, Alta., occupy
tion Rancher, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following des-
I crlbed lands:—
I Commencing at a post planted at
I the South west corner of Lot 10325,
I Group I. Kootenay District; thence
j North 20 chains; thence West 20
j chains; thence South 20 chains;
thence East 20 chains to .place of
21st Noember( 1921.    " 42-50
ing almost complcl
lie long before ii i
The new platform
station is seventy li
plclfd. nnd the poi
for floors has bee
ths waiting room
have been made by
: Hand filatfon
building  is opened
Calgary, Alta.—All lho dairy tents
ropurteil to dato nt the Western f'nii-
ada lull fairs have been won by Hol-
Bteln-FrcUlans. In both maturo and
hotter ciassos Western Canadian animals or this breed wero champions
nt Ootgary, Saskatoon, Vermillion and
mil It.
your mouth
v/ li o n   the
j   vr  /_\   troublesome, and
I '■'       'la tho  n"---'*:'--*'
IA 1 * vnpor that   Is
_|\\   etu liberated l» breathed
j.'u\ \'.-/       *°     *-Je    remotest
S,""-\-nL parts of the air  pas-
W_ttM-P s""'cs  and  lu"l-9-    l*
'* 7!' r    ooolhcs and heals the
(Section 160)
IN THE MATTER of Lots 14 and 15
of I^ot 30, Group l, Cranbrook City,
Map 9r>3, Kootemiy District.
Proof having boen filed in my of-
rrrice   or   the   losj  of   Certificate  of
Title No. 4t!20-l, to the abovementlon-
..(1 lands In the iii.nie of Daniel Wood-
-.vanl, nnd bearing date the 2nd May
j 1017.   1 lici'i-li) give notice of my In-
| tention at tho expiration of ono cul-
i cniliir month from tho first publlca-
i lion hereof to ismie to tlie said Daniel
Woodward  a  Provisional  Certificate
: or Til... in lieu of Klin-, lost Cerllfl-
| cute.   Any i*.*rsoij having Information
with  reference to such loBt Certificate Ih re.iucsted to communicate with
the  undersigned-
Dated at the Laud Registry Offico.
Nelson, B.C. this 22nd dny of December, 1921.
Date of FlrBt Publication January
5th,  1922. 46-49
"Pnjio's Dianopfiln" Is the qulcltost,
surest relief for Indigestion, Gasses, ]
Flatulence, Heartburn, Sourness, Fer-J
mentation or Stomach Distress caused!
by acidity. A few tablets glvo almost
Immedlato stomach relief and shortly
tho stomach is corrocted so you can
ont favorite foods without fear. Large
case costs only few cent! at drug *
■lore.   Million* htlped annmall/.
soothes and heals the
inflamed    membranci,
thus ending the Irritation
and stopping thc cough.
tops rrc equally good for
brcnchtUii, gore thtn_it and*£
larydftltia.   All dealers, 50c.
box, or Peps Co., Toronto.
1 erm^ejyt^sefj- *
"__# ■"•
We Want
Immediate Shipments
Ship to I
A. & E. PIERCE Co., Md.,
2110 I'rinresH St, Winnipeg
Prlinld Nursing Home
Licensed by Provluolal tlovt.
Maternity nnd General Nnrslna
MassagO anil Rest Cure, Highest
HoferenreH. tcrnm ninilerato.
Apply Mr«. A. Crawford, Matron
Address, dnrden Ave. ('ranbrook
I'lioue 259 P. O. llox 84E
Good Floor, Dressing Rooms, Card Tables,
Kitchen, All Conveniences <
For Prices and Other Particulars Enquire
THE STEWARD or SECRETARY, O. W. V. A. Thursday, Jan. J6th, 1828
PAGE      1'IVl.
l'liunu 2111 P.O. Box W
A.M.IU.C*. & B.C.L.S.
Cranbrook     -      -      -     B. C.
Campbell-Manning Block £
Phone 07.    Office Hours:       1
8 to 12, 1 lo 5 Ii.m.   Sals. 9 to 1. I
Prs. Oreen & MacKinnon
Physicians nnd Surgeons
Offlce at residence, Armstrong
Forenoon*   9.00 to 19.90
Afternoons   2.00 to   4.00
Evenlnge 7.30 to   1.10
Sundays     1.80 to   4,30
Office In Hanson Block
9 to II. a.m.
1 to    9 n.m.
Phone ISO
Ilorbury Ave, next te City H-iB
(Speclall to the Herald)
Invermere, Jan. 21.—Winter In the
Windermere district Is passing very
(liitckly and with profit Intellectually,
the cold weather to the contrary notwithstanding. February shows eyery
sign of being an nclve month. First
tliere are the Extension lectui.es un-
iler the auspices of the University of
British Columbia which are to run
over tho first, second, third and
fourth with from two to three sessions
for agriculturists per day. The program is now out r.nd ocpies may *bo
obtained from Mr. T. W. Turner, tlie
energetic secretary, here. Following
these are the annual meeting or tho
Stock Association to be held on February 0th, nnd then the annual masquerade dance on St. Valontine's day
at Athalmer, following which Miss
Mora Bodecker l« putting on with tho
assistance of the Hev. Bertram Atkinson Romberg's Toy Symphony, und
Mnl her (loose »t Athalmer on February 22nd. These two pieces represent a tremendous amount of work both
on tho part of the principals and
those who,.are helping nnd the young
children who are taking the leadfng
parts, The Toy Symphony will have
an orchestra of seventeen pieces and
the practices In preparation of the
great event havo been going on for
In addition to Che six other lecturers of the University of British Columbia who are mentioned as going
to he present at tho Extension couise
of lectures Dr. L. S. Kllnck, president
of the University, wllj give a lecture
on Friday, February 3rd.
Phone Xo. 409
Cranbrook,   .    .    . B. C.
Froctlcul Commercial Coarse In
Sliortlinnd, TyiiowrlUng
Bookkecpi".,   Commorcuil   lev*
Comnicrclnl English and
For 1'nrtlculf.ra A|i|tly lo
C. IV. TV I IK, l'rlncliml
1'. 0. llox, II. Nelson, B.C
y.ny 19tli. 1920.
Ceylon, Sask.
Dear Mrs. Almas:
1 had very good results wltll "Hepa*
tola." 1 tlllilk 1 passed about 100 or
moro gall stones. I filtall always fell
others Ilie liolp I recolvod through
taking  yonr  Iroaloirtit.
Mrs. Norman I'owe'.l
l'rlco Jil.IiO       Not sold by Druggists.
230 4th Avo„ S., Saskatoon,
Bask,   llox 1073. Phone 1SG5
Iteirulnr Meeting
(KCON1I  NtlTIKUY  of eaeh
-mull hi 8 pjn. In thr (III Hall
Meets lu the
I'arlsli Hall
Hft«>riioon of
lirst Tuasila.
at 8 p m.
i   Mrs.
Sec-trims: Mrs. (1. Tnylor, - - Boi 268
All ixliin oo-dlallr In.t.ixi
Crukrook. B. C.
Meets efer-r Tuesday at I p.m. In
the rrat-irnlty Hall
E. A. Hill, CC-
lI. L. Harrison, K.It. & S.
F. Kummer, M.F.
Visiting brethtnn cordially la
Tiled to attend.
I. O. O. P.
KEY CITY 1,0110 K, No. 42
Moeta every
bMonday night at
Olapp's Hall-
Sojourning Oiliirellown cordially
T. A. WALLACE, Noble Qrand.
W. M. HAIUUB, Dec. Secretary.
win ok imi.it I: iiistkk t     !
When HEPATOLA removes gall
stones In 24 hours without pain and
relieves appendicitis, stomach and
liver troubles. Contains no poison.
Not sold by druggists.
Sole Manufacturer
230 Fourth Ave., So., Saskatoon, Sask.
Price $6.50 Phone 4855
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Freezone" on an aching corn, Instantly that corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift It right off wltb fingers.   Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
'Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn,
or cum between the toes, and the cal-
Hisses, without softness or Irritation.
Morning service 11 a-m.
Morning subject, "The Church's
12 noon—Sunday School.
Evening service 7.30 ]i.m.
Evening Subject- "A Pother's
Tuesday, 8 pm.—B.Y.p.U.
Thursday, 8 p.m.—Prayer meet
Mrs- R. Hopkins has a recipe
for date oatmeal cookies which
has become quite widely known.
We wrote asking If we might
have lt to print for tbe benefit
ot other cooks. She sent It
yesterday and we will give It to
you neit week.
Mra. H. Is one of our oldest
users of Pacific Milk and Is a
splendid cook.
FaeterlMiU.bsti.srt « Usltmt
There Are Two Kinds
of Girls—
ibose who like n man for what
he has: and those who like him
for what he is. You'll linil both
sorts—uud one of lhe brightest
romunees ever screened—-when
you see
Qti. MAN
Adapted by Arthur Zetlner
from Lloyd Osbarne'$ story in
thc Saturday Evtitiing  Post
A Maxwell Karger
(Editorial from the Fernie Free Press)
A few short weeks ago a Dominion
election was held and R. E. Beattl©
of Cranbrook was declared elected
to represent the District of East Kootenay In the House of Commons. Mr.
Beattie has resigned his seat. He evidently did not appreciate the honor
which the electors of tills riding conferred upon him. Tlie Hon. Dr. Kinp,
Minister of Public Works in the moribund Grit government at Victoria, has
cast longing eyes on this seat, and
in spite ot the protests from his
party friends, from one end of the
riding to tlie other, has forced Beat-
tie's resignation and intends to run
here as Minister of Public Works in
Ottawa- A greater piece of political
chlcnnery was never pulled off. Had
Mr. Beattie been offered a portfolio
we venture to say he would have had
the endorsntlon of all parties in East
Kootenay. Dr. King is anxious to
desert the sinking ship or state In Victoria and find a soft bed for himself.
Dr. King's record ns Minister of Public* Works at Victoria is not one which
would lead the elertcrate to believe
that lie could successfully handle the
largest spending department of the
government at Ottawa.
Our men in public life arc exactly
what we make them. We do not believe the electorate will endorse the
Iilgli-handed manner in which Dr.
King has tried to force himself upon
them, nor wfll they approve of tho
principle of barter and sale of their
franchise, nor will they endorse the
principle which his friends are advocating, nf-mely, purchasing tiie support of the electors of this district by
promising to spend the public money
in this district if he should be sent to
Ottawa ns Minister of Public Works.
Bronchitis Colds
and  Coughs
Blown to atoms
Every trace completely removed by the
Worfd'i. 1110.-1 powerful p.qjuruium
Buckley's P-onchiiii Mixture
hilly panmteed
i.i (:ivc ymi ratio! ->r money refunded.
40 DOWI for flo
Sold -*y nil dniggi-ta or by mull from
W. K. luckier, UaHti. 14! MitMl ll    laiuu
(Continued from Page 1)
Graham Is, to use tlie lauguage of
Mr. Wm. Cameron, "the greatest piper in tlie world." Just us cleverly
did Miss Caveu. responding 50" an
encore ihat simply would not be denied, execi ta the difficult steps of the
"Sailors" Hornpipe.*' Dainty, clever
little lassie!
Then Mr. Alan DeWolfe took the
floor. Keeping perfect timo to the
music Mr. DeWolfe delighted all
bel olders with a bewildering series
of Intricate steps, even turning cartwheels without missing a beat. A
finished dancer and graceful, was the
verdict of all fortunate enough to
witness Mr. PeWolfe's exposition of
terpsiihorian  art.
Another very pretty feature ot the
evening's t'li.erininm.'nt was the
moonlight waltzes. Oreatcredlt must
bo given to the committee In charge
of lighting arrangements, Insomuch
as anything mure beautiful than tlie
colored effects reflecting on the brilliant costumes of the ladies, would
be difficult to conceive. The music,
the flashing of constantly changing
Boft-hued lights nre things to remember;
As hosts the curlers of Cranbrook
are ideal. Nothing was left undone
that would contribute to the enjoyment and entertainment of their merry guests. Everywhere the spirit of
good followsblp prevailed, and the
absence of all formality was productive of an at-home sort of feeling
that went far towards making the
Curlers' Annual Hall ono of the most
brilliant, and at the same time, most
enjoyable affairs that the Cranbrook
people have ever beeu privileged to
The smoothness and ease that characterized the carrying out of tlie pro-
grain spoke eloquently of untiring
work on the part of tlie various committees. There was not a dull moment throughout the entire evening.
So must tbo refreshment committee
be complimented, not only for the excellence of the viands served, but
also i'or the ease and despatch with
which it filled the wants of Its host
of guests.
There was a full house, not less
than a hundred and fifty couples being in attendance. The music, given
by the Cranbrook Orchestra, was of
tho best, and the dance is characterized as being the best held here for a
long time.
All hall to Robbie Burns, Scotland ploughman poet! Alt hail to
the good fellows of the Cranbrook
Curling Club!
May luck attend its members In the
bonsplel next winter.   Soop 'er up!
New York's Chinatown and the
Bowery, whose notorious fame has
mado It the mecca for hundreds of
thousands of sightseers, formed one
of the many interesting scenes in
Mr. Bert Lytell's picture, "The Man
Wlio." a Maxwell Karger production
for Metro showing at the Star theatre
next Wednesday only.
The familiar down and outer who
fringes thc dives of the lower Bowery,
tlie dregs of many nations who restlessly drift through tho neighborhood
of the old Five Points Mission section
nnd the cosmopolitan throngs who
mingle curiously with the impassive
Celestials in Mott. Pell and Doyer
streets, aro woll swung under the ca-
meru eye.
That tho proper characters might
not be missing when "The Man Who"
actors invaded the seamy section-
of town George A. McGuire, assistant
to Director Maxwell Kerger, .was busy
rounding up some of the Chinatown
In thc story by Lloyd Osborne
which was published In The Saturday
Evening Post, a returned veteran
sets out to make himself famous so
as to win tho love of a society girl
and decides upon the unique method
of getting people to go barefooted to
beat out the shoe trust.
(Special  to tho Herald)
The annual meeting of the district
hospital association was held at Windermere last week and was well attended- The reports uf the various
officers showed the institution to be
iu good financial position and to
have done remurkubly well in serving
the public in the uses for which it Is
Intended. The profit and loss account showed a net Increase for the
year ending December 31 of $116(1.65,
tbe total revenue reaching $6468.17.
The statement of assets and liabilities showed the net worth to be $1,251.-
23 which includes a value of $6,811.26
for the buildings. The report of the
directors showed an increase of fifty
per cent In hospital days and nearly
tlie same increase in maternity cases.
Mr. A. B. Fisher, who for several
years has proved a most efficient and
capable secretary-treasurer, asked to
be relieved of his duties on account
of pressure of Iiis own business Interests nnd this position Is now filled
by Mr, Wm. Weir.
The report of the LadieB Hospital
Aid, which is now under the able leadership of Miss E. M. Kittle, which
was presented, showed they had during the year presented to the institution either in cash or goods the sum
of $510.2:1.
Mr. A- G. Cuthbert was again elected president and most of the last
year's directors are again in charge
of the good work. A change in the
directorate was found necessary owing to some of the previous members
having removed from town and others
not finding time to contlnuo these duties.
Full statements us prepared by the
late secretary and passed by Messrs.
W. Howard Cleland and William Weir
as auditors, rends as follows;
Balance Sheet Dec. 31, 1921, 12 mths.
Accts.    receivable    $858.99;
Prov. Govt. $100.50  $   969.49
Inventories:   Food and drugs
$145.00;  Fuel $65.00       210.00
Furniture and equipment ....   1624.91
Building and real estate    6811.26
Unexpired  insurance         43.10
Imp. Bnnk, Current act     361.64
Imp. Bank, Savings acct.       631.67
Accts.   payable   $   390.74
Prof, and Loss, (net worth) 10251.23
Profit and Loss Account at Dec. 21,
1921, (12 months)
Administration  $ 218.27
Bldgs. and real estate     295.33
Dead and doubtful accts 322.50
Furniture and equipment     180.64
Freight, exp. and hauling      33.30
Ice      24.00
Insurance       66.65
Maintenance   1551.36
Repairs      601.75
Salaries   1462.15
Travelling expenses       15.65
Water, light and heat    630.02
Net increase   1166.66
"OVEIt  THE  llll.l.*** QBBAT
In theso days of carping criticism
of motion pictures and everything
pertaining thereto, it |B gratifying to
realize tbat there Is at least onu film
production in the field in which the
most zealous hunter for tilings to.
rltlclse cannot find the least  fault.
Blushes—there is not one in the
entire subject. 'Crime suggestions—
none, unless one who sees the picture
feels a strong impulse to do violence
to any man or woman caught lu the
act of abusing his or her aged mother.
This photoplay {s the William Fox
production "Over the Hill," a pictur-
ization of two of the most popular
poems In Will Carleton's "Farm Ballads." The film scenario was made
by Paul H. Sloane, and the picture
was directed by Harry Millarde.
In a dill tion to being tho reignig
screen success for many months in
New York city, "Over the Hill" is
noted as the most persistent breaker
of theatrical traditions tha ever located in Broadway. In the first place
the traditional Xew Fork screen success is a picture that enlists the
services of highly paid screen luminaries who work amid massive and
gorgeous settings in stories that
sometime Tail to appeal to best instincts. In the second place tradition
has held that a play could not, without financial damage, change its
theatre In the midst of a successful
run. Yet "Over the Hill" has occupied six different Broadway theatres
since its premiere a year ago.
'Over tho Hill" started on its v***.
markable career in September. 19:..,
and has shattered all records, Yet it
contains nono of tbe traditional factors of success referred to-   It ls just
"Danderine" costs
only 35 cents a bottle- One application
stops Itching and
falling hair, and, in
ends all dandruff,
a few moments, you
have doubled the
beauty of your hair.
It will appear a
mats, so soft, lustrous, and easy to
do up. But what will
please you most will be after a few
weeks use, when you see new hair-
fine and downy at first—yes—but really new hair growing oil over the
scalp. "Danderine" is to the hair
what fresh showers of rain and sunshine are to vegetation. It goes right
to the roots, iuvigorates and strengthens them. This delightful, stimulating tonic helps thin, lifeless, faded
hair to grow long, thick, heavy and
a simple, homely story with a little
old mother as its pivotal character.
About her revolves all tbe meanness
and BolflshnesB and loyalty of truo-to-
life human nature. Mar;- Oarr, a
player of distinction, ie the motlier of
the story, and her characterization ls
one that will live long in the memories of all who see her-
"Over the Hill" will be shown at tht
Star theatre next week. Thursday,
Friday antl Saturday.
Ladies Aid  $ 287.24
Contract patients    580.87
Donations  *.. 1931.52
Govt.  Grant   1299.00
Interest and exchange     21.99
Revenue from Pats.   2347.56
Sold In ('ranbrook by
Tlu- Itaatile-Noble Co., Craubrook Book Hi Druir Company.
OTTAWA.—A closo season for trout
fishing of any kind in the water of the
mainland of British Columbia from
February 1*1 to May 15 inclusive In
each year, is provided for by an order-
ln-council gaietted here this week.
Largest and Best in the City
Farm House Chicken Dinner .      .   75c.
J. BUCHANAN Proprietor
(Special to the Herald)
Invermere, Jan. 24— Advice haa
been received by Miss Dora K. Bodecker trom the resident secretary of the
Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of
Music, of London, England, that the
pupils as shown below from this district have passed their examinations
In Grammar of Muslo. The possible
number of n.arks wae 99: Dlv. I.—
Eleanor Bower 88, Noel Stewart 74,
Dlv. II—Kathleen Sims 76. Dlv. III.
—Mny Williams 72. Winifred Hllller
Mrs. J. K. Davey of this place, Is
vl-lttng her sister, Mrs. H. Llnnell, of
WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, vou are
nol getting Aspirin at all. Why take chance:-'?
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Baver Tables of
Aspirin," which contains directions ar.d dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache        Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Barer" boles of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggist..
AlPlrJ-l Is the trade m.-k fr--*liter-d in C.r..d.l rt E.J-.r *-»-.utac;ur- ot Mono-
ac.ilc-clilul.r ot saltern-acid,   jriill. It la .tl; kr.. .-n t:._. A.; :nn I...... U.v.r
inanutactiir.. oaaalat the public araln.t Imitation*, th. Tat'.t. of J:ave* .*omca_r
will be at.mp.' with Ihelr ren.cal t-ad. mark, tht    u.ytr Croia." *•»»'»"•"
A Winter Sports Expert
Following is a statement of the ore
received at Trail Smelter during the
period Jan. 15 to 21 Inclusive:
Mine J-ocality Tona j
Arlington, Slocan City       61
Bell. Beaverdell     39 j
Knobhill. Republic     29'
L. T-, Slocaa City      61
Ottawa, Slocan City    32!
Paradise, L. Windermere    35 j
Roseberry Surprise, New Denver   175
Rambler Cariboo, Rambler    54
Company Mines 8256
' Mr. C. R. Vaiwtaa, a noted Swlsr
$\i'\ instructor, who haa won numer-
oui championship trophies in various international ski competitions at
St. Morltz, Daves, Klosters, and
other fa man Swiss resorts, u
located at the Chateau Fror.tenac
hotel, Quebec, this winter, where his
services will be available for any one
desiring instruction in any and every
branch of ski-ing. Born in Daves,
Switzerland, and heinu an active ski
enthusiast from his boyhood, Mr.
Vasesha'i experience covers a period
of 20 years, mostly in that country.
He is an expert of Internationa!
reputation and holds the Kuroptan
tecOfd for di.tance in ski jumpine,
having jumped 203 feet at Klosters
in 1916. He holds the Swiss championship for fancy ski-ing, Including the "Telmark, * the "Chris-
tiania," croi--1 jumps, etc. He was
instructor ot j-ki-ing in the Swia*
Army flurinj: lhe Great War. He
was instmc*.:"R at I^ake Placid Club
during the winter =eason of 1020-21
The upper illustration rhow.*» C. B
Vasesha racing on his .;i*is white in
the tower picture ont gets a good
Idea of the fine physique which winter sport ■ have developed in the
Another interesting feature of
winter cports in Quebec City this
season is a young team of WTtlMike
huskies which have been brought
from the far north of Canada for
the entertninment of those visiting
the ancient ciiy.      , ini. j
it weak, pale, thin, or run down, try REDMAC, the King of TonlCB, This remarkable
medicine brings results quickly. It has helped thousands to regain youthful health and
Btrength. Try a bottle; a large generous hotlle ean be procured from your druggist
at a reasonable price. If you have Indigestion or Stomach Trouble, if you feel all
out of sorts, HKDMAC will put you on your feet in a abort time.
Sold >>j Craabrook 1)r-i( A Book Co. PAflH   srx
■THE      CnANltROOK      HSBAEB
Library r und Dance
imdoi the ausptoes of
C.H.S. Literary and Athletic Society
In tlie
High School Auditorium
Friday Evening, Feb. 10th
. Coca! Hews.
Cranbrook Dance Orchestra
-- HL 1 R i: Sll ME NTS —
Mrs. G- Hall returned to her home
t iinii River lust weak-end..
Mn    B
ii Tueida
A.   AiuulhouHw  will   retwivo
f, February Hnd, from 4 to
Thursday, Jan. 2«th, 1039
Mr. l.eo Hiult-r. u well known Wardner resident, paid Cranbrook a, dying
Visit early tliis week.
iioru— At tbe St. Eugene Hospital
on Saturday, January iilat, to Mr, nud
Mrs. K- Carvei', a daughter.
$1.00 A COUPLE
i;. M. Wilson, or
for r. Burns tt Co.,
this week busy at tin
.igury, auditor
as in tbe city
ical blanch.
1)1*1.1.   MVI.lt
City Hems of Interest
Partsh Hall
All local Artists
Concert S to 10 p.m.
Dance JO to 1 a.m.
ADULTS     75c
Frank 13. Carpenter, wbo.se third
adventure into matrimony ln a bigamous way was recorded tliis week in
a dispatch from Spokane, spent some
tlmo in this ciiy in tbe Bprlng, living
at Slatcrvillu, during which tlmo lie
is suppoaod to have made tbe acquaintance of Mabel Roberts, who was tho
victimized object of bis alleged affections. Carpenter was sentenced to
two years in jail for violation of the
Mann Act in tbo court at Spokane.
Insure with Beale and El well,
+   +    +
Watch our windows for Bargains in Baby Bonnets, reduced to 10
per cent above coflt. ,
+   +   t
Tungsten Lamps— 15 and 25 watt,
4,*ic; 40 and 50 watt, 50c; 100 watt Nitrogen,   $1.25.     Our low prices.win
overy tlmo. W. F. DORAN.
+   +-  +
Tho Ladies' Aid of Knox Church are
living a Valentino Tea and Cookery
Salo on Tuesday, February 14th, iu
tbo Presbyterian School room.     -19tf
•t-   +   +
During tlie past week or tea days
the Horald lias boeu  proffered contracts from advertising agencies, ou
behalf  of   national   advertisers,   bespeaking space tu the next few mouths
to lho value of between two and three
hundred dollars.
-J-   +   +
A Velentiiio Tea and Candy Sale will
bo held ut the Pariah Hall on Saturday aftornoon, February llth, from 3
to 0.    The proceeds will help to form
lorts and  playground  equipment
| for the Central School
+   +   +
Everything iu Woolen Woods
must  go  ut from  ta'/o   to  35'/o   dtr
count.   A glance at our windows will
convince you  that wo    are    offering
Bargains in Sweaters and Underwear.
T    +    +
Remember lho date, February 2<!nd,
"New Rectory" Card Tarty and Danco
In *tho Parish Hall.
+ + +
Mr. N. A. Walllnger, government
agent hero has received advice to notify all and sundry who bave uny
liquor iu tlieir possession to apply for
liquor report forms, whicli may bo
obtained from Mr. Walllnger at tire
government building. This Is in accordance With an amendment to the
Liquor Control Act put into force by
order-iu-council dated January lltli
of thin year.
+   H*   +
We have just received our Spring
shipment of Linoleum,    prices; $1.00
per square yard.
Our low prices win every time.
Horn—To  Mr.  aud    Mrs.
Lund, of Fernle, at Uio St.
Hospital, on Monday, January
28rd, a
J* li. Cameron, who lias been at tbe
Coast this week attending meetings
of tho Medical Board, is expected to
return  this  week-end.
Slop! Look! Listen! The Whist
Drive and Danco at tho Vols Mall on
Tuesday, January 31st, will be even
belter than the last one. Don't forget
the date. (   48
Miss Helen Doddtng, of Nelson, has
been lu the ciiy this week and interviewed the School Board in connection with the appointment ou the
Central School staff which was offered to ber sister, Miss Blanche Curry,
who is at present ln the east.
Tbe annual vestry meeting o£ the
Christ Church congregation will take
place on Monday evening of next
week, January .SOth, at the Parish
Hall, commencing at 7.;:0 sharp. Accounts for the past year will ho presented, and officers elected for tho
new year.
('has Freeman of Bull Hlver has
purcbaed the it. B. Miller ranch
near A. li. Fenwlck's, between Bul
River and Fort Steele, with all the
stock aud implements appurtenant
to the place. Mr. and Mrs- Miller are
leaving shortly to return ' lo Nova
Scotia at least for a time.
Mr. James Angus, old time prospector was in the city on Wednesday, this
work, Mr- Angus has just returned
from doing development work on the
Wall In ger-Malt land galena properties
on ihe west fork of Hell Roaring
Creek, about six miles from St. Mary's
Lako- He reports a remarkably fine
showing of ore on the properties.
Mr. W. C. Thompson of the Imperial Hank staff, who has been in the St
Eugene Hospital for several days suffering from an attack of bronchitis,
is now about again aud is beginning
to feci like his real self again.
A handflomc, substantial watch, is the earmark of every self respecting man. There Is
no article nf bis apparel, no detail of his
■dross that so loudly
proclaims tbo man's
character as tho watch
that ho draws from biB
pocket, No man Is bigger than his watch. We
havo watches for the
biggest of aion, By all
means consult us bo-
fore you buy a watch.
W. II, Wil-son, Jeweler
Mrs. Rcg. Johnson and little daughter aro returning this week-end to
their homo nt Klngsgate.
Born—At tho St. Eugene Hospital I
on Monday, January 23rd, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Paruaby, uf Slatervlllo. |
a* daughter.
Judge Thompson of the County*
Court went to Fernie ou Thursday to
hear the election of the accused lu
several criminal cases there.
Hon. J. H.
rive iu  this
King is expected to i
City on Sunday on  his f
fo&ihcsiu  .. i ■ '
. ■. ■ ■
way   from   Victoria  to  Ottawa,   a
will likely spend a few days here.
Stop!     Look!    Listen!    The Wb
Drive and Danco at tho Vols Hal! >
Tuesday. January .{1st, will bo even I
better than the last ono.   Don't forget |
tho date.
Mr. C, M, Edwi
was in Cranbrook
day lust.
The residence
well and Louis
the Christ Chi
purchased   by
Hanson Cla rag-
#Mr. Robert Cm
Forest Service at
Ferule district, w
day in connection
'da of Haynes Lako
in business on Mon
e comer of Bur-
resent lu uso as
ectory, has been
Draper,   of   the
cron of the B.C.
Hanbury, lu tho
is in town yester-
with departmental
city this woek,
morning's train
Evan Baker of Kimberley has
pending a short timo in   the
returning on  Friday
if the Wardner .
isltor on .Hondo
lyed-ln-the-wool i
Mrs. F, G
ns substitute te
School recently,
Miss Staple:,' ro
position of the I
IV.   F.   V.   1.
ncsday from
icro diotc.-e
annual   vestr
■ in defiance of hard
Lawson. proprietor
»tel, was a welcome
y last. John is a
ris luis been noting
her at tho Central
tnd is now taking
x during tbo Indis-
rrison  returned  on
t visit to the Win-
vhero he   ntl ended
meeting  as   rural
Fred Ryekman, of Fort Stoeio, wns
i-i the city this week for a time, and
as among thoso from outside points
in tho riding attending tho Conserya-
exeoutlve meeting on Thursday,
Roasting Pans. Reg. 75c each
two for $1.00; Bread Pans, reg. 40c,
'S for $1.00. Two big bargains we aro
offering in our $1.00 Window-
Frod Archer came in from Canal
l-'.ats tho middle of this week bringing witli lilm some choice beef for
The condition of Mrs. R.  W.  Leo
i greatly improved during tlie pnst
few days, though it will be somo Utile timo before sho fs ablo to be around again.
C. A. Ryder, of the Fuller Brush
Co., Hamilton, 'arrived in the city
this week and is planning to spend
some time hen.- In intrpduclng personally his line of goods to Cranhrook
housewives, as mentioned ln his advertisement on this page-
Store closed
all day
Wednesday.* Feb. 1st
For Sale llulr section of land In
Alberta, well Improved, ('all or write
J. ,\. Berg, Cranhrook, D.O, *8tf
Mr. Kvaer
of the
of Hamilton
has arrived in thc city.
Mr. Ryder will personally
call on each housewife and
has a pleasant surprise in
store for her.
-tr ■+• -fr
I W. O. Davis, trapping un tho west
fork of Goat Hi ver, captured a fine
specimen of rod fox, which lie took
Into Kitchener on Tuesdaj'. According io old-timers this is the first of
that specimen ever seen in tliis sec
ti n of British Columbia.
+ + -t-
On Tuesday of thin week Oeorge
Rctly, of Jaffray wus brought before
Magistrate Leaak charged with being
in possession of lltpior not bearing the
official government stamp. The ev-
donce brought oui tiio fact thai the
accused bad been mixing a home brew
concoction wltb alcohol, putting it up
iu good bottles and passing it off as
the real goods. He was assessed a
line of $76.00 and costs.
+ + +
A meeting of the provincial executive of the Conservative party Ih belli., held nt Vancouvor next week and
at thut time plans will  be made for
a big convention of «H tho province
some time Hit* Spring.
Cranbrook School Board
Notice To Parents
('ranbrook, B.C.,'
January 26th, 1922.
Mr. John Pollock, pioneer business
man of the Crow's Nest Pass, defied
tbo stiffness incidental to mature middle use and accompanied by Mrs. Poi-
loclt, camo up from Fernie to participate in ibe Curlers' Ball Wednesday.
The many friends of Mr. Pollock were
lelighted to see him and vied with
each other In their efforts to make bla
brief sojourn iu our city an enjoyable
— •**»
Although he fs yet without official
notification it is now regarded as certain that W. WL. Hurris will be thc
new postmaster for the city. Mr. Harris has received some documents from
the civil service commission that
leave no room for doubt as to bis
pending appointment No oue will
question but that the new postmaster-
designate will take to the position
business experience that ought lo
spell good service for the public 1Ie
bas toiig been1 a resident of this city
wns formerly in business here, has a
war record, and is at present carrying on In a numlier of public capacities.
Arrangements for a Valentine Tea
and Candy Sale are being made by
the staff of the Central Shcool In
order to raise a fund and provide
equipment for organized games and
sports. Tliis will be held nt the Parish llnll on Saturday afternoon. Feb-
,ry 18th, from \\ to 0, An orchestra
I bo in attendance. It Is hoped
that this will be well patronized ho
thai a good sum may be realized-
equipment is needed for baskotboll,
baseball, grass hockey, etc., aud a
donation will be made to the Public
Schools ieo hockey league, which is
now In fuH swing, nnd concerning
which full particulars will be given
next week.
.Mr. K. «J.. Montgomery, of the Sullivan Mine, Klmberley j has boon in
Rossland thia week, and during tho
bonsplel there skipped a rink, tho
only ono of tho twenty seven or so
tiiat could claim to represent Easl
J. P. Fink la In Fernie this week,
leaving on Wednesday's train. He Is'
combining with bis own business
there some oilier in connection with
tho Tourist Association of Southern
Siberia und B.C.. which was brought:
ye ■•:■ to foster thi
i'i tliis dlstrlcl
I ie Industrial needs
,.y for power In a I
possible outlet for
bell, of Rossland
lay Light nnd Pdw-
the felty on Wed-
ilding fl short time
He is looking into
la of K:ist Kooten-
rc way. nnd as
onnlngton Palis
into exlsteu.
tourist busli
On Thurs
Mrs. W. II.
in;? of the V
ly Club wa
ed, and i
dance or
will take
ary 16th,
N6ws o
it  uf   tin
)t n; the home of
the regular mcet-
Consorvative Stu-
Mrs. AV. IJ. McFar-
sldont In  lhe ub-
-   Staples, presid-
b very good alien*
.  It was decided
i* months to hold
men, nnd tho next
Thursday, Febru
no of Mrs. McFar-
doath of Harry Bentley,
Crow's Nest pioneer,
ace at Lethbrldge about
has caused real regret
[-timers of this section,
iy lu Crnnbrook who can
of reminiscence In
tie old pioneer, wlio
rs ago opened a tent
of whnt is now Lethbrldge- Previous io this he had come
ivesl ahead of the railway. After leaving Lethbridge for a time he was in
Fernle. and then returned east for a
while, lie died at the ago of 71, and
tho curlers al lhe Lethbridge bonsplel
paid a great tribute to his memory
by attending tho funeral in a body.
Ich took p
'.en days ago
ong the ol
ire uro ma
recall n wealtl
onnection with
thirty seven ye;
store on the she
Meetings of the Mountain Lumbermen's Association were held this
week in Calgary, many of tiio mill operators from this section Ij-eing In at-'
tendance. Mr, A, K. Leitch was again elected president, and ou tbo executive are 0 M. Pennock, of Wardner and E. L. staples of Wycllffe.
-Vmong thoso unending were Messrs-
A. K. Leitch, H. A. McKowan, (J. C
Robson, C, *W._. Pennock. and Messrs. Ross and Adolph of Wnldo und
Baynes Lake. Among tho ladles accompanying their husbands to Cal-
rary for the meetings were Mrs IT. A-
McKowan and Mrs, (I. C. Robson
A newly formed social and concert
•;•:[; originated this vwib vl,lch v.'il
be known as tlie Camouflage Club.
The Intention of tlie club ts to put on
q Borles of social nnd concert evenings, Including a Httlo drama as well.
Any person over sixteen yean; of age,
of either sex, Is eligible for member-
Bhip. The club is non-sectarian and
there is no membership fee attached.
The flrsl concert and dance will be
held on Friday, February 17th, at the
Parish Halt, nt ■*•* p.m. sharp. Concert
S to io, dance and refreshments io to
I a m. Cranbrook Dance Orchestra.
Admission, children 26c. for concert
only, iidulti 76c, includes concert and
dance.     Buy your ticket early.
, Come ctfOWD MOW ttnd take a miles north-west, with electric ener-
pood look nt the big bargains ln our gy.   This scheme is being developed
$1.00 Window. i In connection with tho Calgary Power
MOFFATT'S VARIETY* STORE. Company's plant at Kananaskls, and
_ ^  j will   provide for nn  auxiliary  plant
' to be erected on the.river from runs
from Lake Mlunewauka to tlie Bow
Tbo caucus of Liberal members of
the Legislature which opened its sessions ao the [provincial capital on
Monday last, has not given out very
much on the result of its deliberations, though ft was expected that an
announcement us to the make-up of
the uew cabinet would bo mude, and
it Is rumored that wheu this is filially
given out there will be some surprises. Some of the hossioiu of the cau-
cus wore conducted without any members of the government being In attendance, presumably to allow the
fullest   possible  discussion. It  is
now announced that there will be a
provincial-wide Liberal convention at
the Coast some time In March.
Pi ver. In tlie Rookie*
Hed Deer, Alberta.—Three carloads
of dinosaur bones Imve been taken
from tho Red Deer fossil beds this
season. Twenty-five specimens went
to the University of Alberta and University of Toronto; and 18 to the Geological Survey which will be added to
the government collection at Ottawa.
Some of the dinosaurs dug out of the
rock-llko clay are 30 feet long.
Tho  Committee  appointed    at the
Cranhrook   Musical   Society,  mooting
last Tuesday to canvass for support,
financial and otherwise, for the movo-
! moot  to  reorganize  the    Crnnbrook
bund, bus been getting to work, anil
reports gooil  response.    Ono of tho
canvassers  reported a    total of $55
from tbo first six calls made, which
| was looked upon ns very salifaelory.
To revive   the   bnnd    in    this city
it. a sign of the growth of a good
spirit iu  tbo city  which  Is  directly
emanating from the Crnnbrook Musical   Society,  nud shows a spirit of
ocnfldoiico In tho future thnt has not
perhaps been sufficiently In evidence
In thu past.   Help Ihe band If you can,
bul If you can't, dmi'i luiotik It
I'-1- the ambitious Cook.
Pyrex, Aluminum and
Snow While Rnninol Wnro
Pa.m'ore Bros.
Plumbing nml Heating
Home of the "CALORIC"
PlpeleBs Heating Systems.
(Special lo tho Herald)
l.ivermere, Jan. I'l—In tho mat
tor of a recent article which I .sent
In regard to tha collection of coins
Stating that tho first step was lo ool*
loot In bulk I havo slnco received n
circular from ihe Standard coin Co.
of 0310* S. Campbell Avenue, Chicago, oi'i'Mii" packages of coins suit-
.i-bie t' ■ beginners at tbo price of
f.lini one dollar per packet up. The
rirst soven packets of (iliis value
: ave in each tj.'ii coinn carefully tabulated as to country, denomination
■ ii*l date of Issue and the series goes
m in aocordaneo with Uio experience  i»f  lho   purchasers.
To the moro advanced collectors
• f Canadian coins the anniversary
books Isued by the Hank or Montreal
iu coinniciioratiou of ihelr one hundredth anniversary end tbo Canailian
Hank of Commerce tn celobration of
their fifteenth anniversary great in-j
terost attaches owing to the reproduction by them of coins nud -hnni*.-.
issued by the various banks which
ihey have absorbed in tho course of
lime. The celebrated gold ten and
twenty dollar pieces Issued by the
province of British Columbia before
federation Witli lhe other provinces
of ihe lioininion of Canada are shown
in tho splendid volume of Thc Cuiiud-
lan Rank of Commerce In good form.
Tho gold pfoces aro of particular Interest as they represent Uio only gold
plcocs ever Issued lu Canada prior to
tho organization of our Dominion of
Canada branch o* tbo Itoyal mint.
Victoria. B.C.—The announcement
that tho sine production of the Trail*
Smelter, Canadian Consolidated Mining it Smelting Co., Inst year will be
the laregst In the history of thc | laut
has been received with much interest
in B.C. mining circles. The output
Is said to bo nearly 50 per cent, above
that of 1920. A market has boen found
in Uie Orient, Important shipment..
having been made to the Kast recent-
ly, thus relieving thc surplus stock
Calgary, Alta—-A project is on foot
for tbe erection of a big hydro-eleetrlc
Centre which will supply the city of
Calgary and surrounding district,
woll as Drumheller Valley, some 85
I'll Oil*   It.
Wu puy the best prices going for all
tlnds of furniture. We buy any*
blng from a mouse trap to an auto-
I SAY! Our Ducks are going
lo lay. IT you want any to net,
(hey will be good, you run hot.
Hook your orders for eggs, We gunmen eight good eggs from eleven. %'IM por ttettlng. PoklDB
or largo Itouon Ducks. Hox 219,,
phono 428 4t_ir'
WANTED—To bear from ownor of
good Fnrm for snle. State cash
price, full particulars. I). F. Bush,
Klnneapolls,  Mlnnr * 45-47-48-61-1-3
VOL'H will to own yoin homo wltb
a small payment down will bring you
possession of your own bome.
Wo will explain lho details of it to
you and you will stop being a rvut
We have one or two SNAPS in
RESIDENCES which will be
OFF the market before SPRING
opens up.
IHIY mm while
the PRICKS nre MMV
WANTED—Men nnd women to sell In |
homes rubber-lined, waterproof
(llngltnm Aprons for use In the kit-J
Chen, Can easily earn $14 dally and
more. Knpld heller and ready de-j
mnnil. Send 75 renin foe sample
apron nnd fuH particulars. Money
refunded if sample returned. BRITISH HUBBMIt COMPANY, 232 MeOlll Street, Montreal. 4*41,
Established 1897
MMH ■"*•"■■ ■ • -■'■••■'■*" -


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