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Cranbrook Herald Dec 2, 1915

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Array 6'
Boca Interest Manifested by Cltlsens
aad Members ln Proceedings—
Cnaaury Discussed
The adjourned annual meeting ot the
Cranbrook Fnrmers' Institute was held
Reports ot Officers Presented for the
Past Year—Committees
At the annual meeting only a small
number attended, but a very Interest
The minutes ot the lilt meeting
wcre acceptod as read by secretary
Alb. II. Webb.
at thc city hull on Bnturdey inst, when ,      .    '
... - , 'ng time was spent   President T. J
there was a large attendance.   Among L, ********* s. *
.. I Doris wns lu the chair.
those present thcro were several win,'
have hot been seen nt an  Institute
meeting for a long tlmo pust, hut it Is
hoped that uow thoy huve registered —a^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^—
an attendance, thoy will continue to **•""" uml Uentlemon:
be among those praaant from month I On beliall of the directors for tho
to month. There Is not the slightest | I'ust yoar 1 beg to submit the following
doubt but that a regular scries of report. Despite tho difficulties en-
moajllngs with an attendance liko that countered hy your representatlveu they
of Raturduy last would prove vory , havo been able to make a good show-
beuelfclal, not only to tlio fnrmers, hot lug nnd tlio Association Is today some
to tho community nt large. I five hundred dollars bolter off llnan-
Tho meeting was presided over by j ''lully thun If no fair had been held,
Mr. A. B. Smith, with Mr. Harry White ; to suy nothing of the good wlll that an
officiating as secretary. : undertaking successfully carried out
Tho question of u representative to ; always brings to a public body. Ono
tho Annual Convention of Farmers''of the greatest difficulties has been
Institutes was left over ror nltentlon ! "instability of the directorate. Of the
by tho tew executive. I nlno elected last year only four remain
It wgs decided to make application ! The attendances at the meetings of
for Craabrook to be included In the | the directorate of those who were act-
itinerary of tlie lecturers who will j 'ng at tlie date of the folr are au
commence their tour of the province follows:
ta February.   Dairying   and   Mixed |                                        poss. actual
Farming were the subjects decided up- j Pros. T. J. Doris  16   14
Interest slide. Mortgage to W
If asked no doubt many others are | Accounts payable
in the same predicament.   That is for |    W. J. Uren    200.00
face value in cash and would let the ;    Paid  up I 3097.60 j WHY SHOULD ALIENS I country In at tlie present time trying j Its otlier rubbish.   The Gorman I
J. Uren    3000.00 i    REPORT TO POSTMASTERI to remedy the blunder of her hitherto | inslhrt n spy. a tufflnii. a barbel
  loo free import of aliens and Cunada i aud   .•.ip"*e,' naturalised or nol li
Allen  Enemies   la  Western   Canada i which Is In a worse plight Is making i ways s German.
Somewhat of s Me—Why Mot     ' no attempt to  help herself or the.    I see eight hundred wounded
Report te Police I :-nother country otbcrwlso she would jdiers are arriving this week.   V
^msm. no doing wlint the mother country isj are wc going to do with these?
To the Editor: doing and repatriating snd interning!Government wlll not. of course, tt
Dear Sir:—The alien menace is a the uliens. Tlie mother country has of disturbing the alien to make n
problem, which, In my opinion, thc ; already Interued over 31.000 aliens and. fur the wounded soldier, oh dear
; Dominion Government is making no j sent over 5,000 back to Germany and I We invited tliem here, they are
adequate steps to solve. Every week j Austria, theso latter being women and guests; this is the stock argument,
we bear of clothing, power and other j children and men above military age. - tn proposed Instead that some ot
factories engaged In making wur mun- '■ We often hear or people being fined chap should enlist and make way.
ltlons being destroyed aad further dls. t for helping aliens across the border.' a good many are saying tbat they '
closures agate of tbe gigantic con- [ Why we should stop tbem and fine, not give up their jobs unless tbey
other people passes my comprehen-1 tliat the Government Is going to I
the new directorate to deal with.
As regards tlie Uren mortgago 10
per cent ls certainly a groat drain on
resources and the sooner a change can
be made tbe better.
If these two items could he successfully negotiated the other three, depreciation, school  tax and insurance. copies or particulars   of   thc
could easily be handled and the Assn.  mortgage papers be obtained."
put on the high road to being a nnan-!   ThB oflloem for 1916 were elected as
clal success. I follows::
There urc four places lo nil on the     Hon. Pres. Hoo.W , J. Bowser, Mln-
directorate, one  for two years and i later of Agriculture.
Int. on Units....   493.74
Audit  fee     20.00       713.74
Bul. of assets over liabilities  3903.68
Geo W. Muir
This was accepted with a rider "that
on for the lectures    ^^^^^^^_
The revisions made In the Animals
Act laat year were the subject of some
discussion. A committee consisting
of Messrs. John Mitchell, W. B. Bardgett and M. H. McClure were appointed to investigate the changes and' report at the next meetiug.
The directors' report was presented
and adopted.
Tlio President's report wns also pre-
aented and adopted, and on motion of
Mr. N. McClure, seconded by Mr. Hayes
a hearty vote of thanks was accorded
to Mr. A. B. Smith the retiring president, wbo has not only Oiled this office
for the pant two and a half years, giving a great deal of time to the work
and never sparing himself when tlie
interests of the Institute were concerned, but during tbe past year has for
several months occupied the dual position of presides)! andseoretary.
r "The officers for the ensuing year
wore elected as follows:
Hon. President—A. E. Watts.
Bon. Vice-President—John Levett.
Directors—B. Palmer. A. Non sel, C.
K.  Ormston,  P.  Woods, J.   Mitchell.
B. T. Williams, W. B. Bardgett and N.
The directors will elect from their
aumber, president, vice-president nnd
secrets ry-irensurer.
Mr. J. M. Christie, president of the
hoard of trade, addressed the meeting
on tbe Question of establishing n
.creamery here. Speaking on tills sub-
.Vet. Mr. R. K Beattic offered his sug-
acetlon lhat while there are not sufficient cows in this district at present
tor a local creamery, if it woro poa«
alble to arrange for tlie shipment of
cream from thc territory between Koo-
tenay Undine and Kernie. Including
branch lines of railway, tlte proposition might be sriuigcd on a satisfactory basis.
A committee consisting of Messrs.
R. K. Healtie. J. Mitchell ami II White,
With power to add to their number.
will confer with committees appointed
by the bourd of trade and Agricultural
association on the mutter.
On motion of Messrs Wlltts nml'
Mitchell, a vole of thanks to tbe board
at trade and ils president, Mr. J. M.
Vlcc-Pres. W. B. Bardgett ....14
Sec.-Treas. A. H. Webb 16
Dr. Rutledge, elected for 3 yrs. 14
Alb. Nenzel elected for 3 yrs. ..14
W. J. Atchison, elected for 3 yrs 14
W.B. MacFarlane elec. for 2 yrB 14
W. E. Worden elec. for 1 yr... 8
\V Gilchrist, elected for 1 yr.. 8
The others who have retired are
Messrs. Pigott, Levett, Webster, Halsall, O'Conncll, Hougham, Russell
and Morrison.
lt took a long time to get down to
work as the financial outlook was so j
uncertain. \
Vague and partial promises of help
were obtained; from tbe city 1200.00
to (300.00; from tho Race Track Association »260.00. The City Fathers
were forced to withdraw and the Race
Track Assn. wisely gave $150.00 to
the    Patriotic    Assn.    leaving    only
three for 3 years besides tho vacant
posts of president and vice-president.
To carry out the above suggestions
requires tlie services of the best men,
us only a thoroughly representative
and strongly aggressive directorate
sure of the backing of all the members
can make the association u real success.
A successful fair Is an asset to any
city and is one of the hest means of
advertising the advantages of thc district.
Ladles and gentlemen, on behalf of
the directors, I beg to thank one and
all for the support we have received
Hon. Vlce-Pres. ^^^^^^^
1. W. E. Seott. Esq., Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
2. T. D. Caven, Esq., M.P.P.
3. A. E Watts, Esq., Wattsburg.
splracy to blow up ships, etc  _ 	
A recent rule of tbe Ottawa author-  sion.   Let them get across bat keep j vent the alien living oa the fat of
the local postmaster Instead ot as
formerly to tht police, but doe* anyone
In their right senses think that any
j alien la doing this.   I liave seen ao
Mr. T. 3. Doris was reelected to ' proclamation pat up ln the post office
the presidential chair and Mr. W. B.jor anywhere alte^ The only thing 1
Bardgett as vice-president. have seta la n stray paragraph In the
Messrs. O. Muir and W. H. Wilson '' <***" tt,*>* the" "ore the orders from
were appointed scrutineers and at thc j0*uw»' ."roolamatlons should be
lirst bslot Messrs. W. E. Worden, N. i"°»**1' "Wttout the Domlnlou. The
Hanson and R. T. Williams were elect- jota" ?r*h,r »'> u"*> ***• P»»tmaster
Itlea requires all aliens to report to j them from getUng back
*--'-• ^****^^^^^^ Tbe best manhood of the country Is
enlisting and soon we shall bave only
aliens left add then Canada wlll start
thinking, 1 suppose
land from reaping the benefit of tt
' sacrifices.
A lecturer recently reminded us U
our population has been lncreaal
faster than we have been able prop,
ed for throe years and Mr. W. Gilchrist
for one year.
Thu other directors are Messrs. A.
Nenicl, Dr. Rutledge and W. J. At-
shall In turn report to the Chief of
police "at Intervals of about once a
year     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Alb. H. Webb, secy.
This was accepted and pot on file.
Auditors report as follows:
Profit and 1-oss Account
Preparation of grounds t   94.23
Prizes as per book    640.46
  .....   r... ..,. |»«r|H
The other week we read of Germans ft' •** «'• '<"'■ In "" t""'**1 *•«
who had been naturalised In Alberta ,bere ls <>** foreigner for every rig.
being found In the Oerman army which j0' "*• l»l»J'»Uon. In Canada there
demonstrates bow much naturalisation j <>"' '"' eytTy twent)r- ,0 ,w<,°ly **
means to a German. A German doe.;" *h» "T<"tat "** CtDI*i* *"' ta
not lose his nationality by being nat-imore ""*[ta ""n n*Uv" bor°- *
urallscd In another country. The Ger- j thou«h* "' thl8 " timm "•""■M*1'
mans mentioned were shot which j K"r*' al"n ,h00ld ** **** ,0 '
shows that Germany wlll not have ] P0" ,0 **>• P0"0" every week, otbi
i month" forsooth! How the poBt-: two-faced subjects In Its midst. If ■ ***" be |n,<!r,,<'d-
master or postmistress Is to see that I Germany will not here   them,   why Yours truly.
■ the aliens comply with this latest or- j should we*  Sentimentality at the pre-     * '"
iter ant what authority the police has | sent time Is treason and Is absolutely.
over tbe postmaster Is not apparent. I lost on a Oerman. A br»nch "' "*« Canadian P«trl«'
In the early part of the war I believe;    Self preservation la tbe first law of f*Bi "*' k*cn •tsalaet •' w"l*)
Mr. Geo. Muir wa, reelected auditor. H|0 ,_, ^.^ a rc,,„t(!r of M_ I u(In _ ,„„ c_it, „,„ ,,„„,,,,, Thc managers and employees   of tl
l   Two Important items   of   business j i,ut m fti,,„ ordw CMU0 trom Ottawail wake up when we hav. trouble across Koss-Saskaloon Lumber Co. and   tl
next came on. !to dlscent'aue this, why was not dl- the border and then find It ls too late B*l*or L"ab" Co Md * «"""•'« •
Mr. A. B. Watts Introduced tho sub-; vuig.j. to deal with these aliens ln our midst. November 26th. when canraaslag con
jeet of cattle losses on the railway and     Tho pollco Is the proper authority The time to act Is now.   What does nil<"** w'r' appointed.
the little amendment that nullfled the | to look ,•(,,. ti,|a „,j „„, tU(J village Oils country want anyway with people
whole act supposed to give comoensa-1 postmlslrasa.   The wholo thing Is
during tho past year and to wish tho, - 	
new board a much further measure of i0"""™  w1'" '«"> ><*" *° ru»  "">
success than has beeu attained this jtieam' W' B' Macl"ar!ane anu Alh. H
Webb with one year to run.
whole act supposed to give compensa-
Sch001 tax       ir'20 j "°n to """ers. •   . j makeshift and lacks sincerity and Is
Interest on Ur.en Mortgage...   321.86 j   A „„,„,,„„ consisting of Messrs.: dona probably to pacify a litlle dip-
Insurance     '""•""iW. 8. MacFarlane, A. E. Watt*., Dr. lomatlc pressure oa tbt part of the
s*i*ti'*  • •• ■    mM '■ Rutledge, and W. B. Bardgett was ap- i Imperial Oovtroaunt.     Tht mother
Postages, Stationery and express 18.66:    „,„,, to get „„,„ „„„,,,,(!„„» ,aa I ^__________.
»100.00 for the Agricultural Assn.   InfOote money
Chrl.tle, lot their Interest in tin
July the Government having promised
t'00.00 a start was mado. The prize
list was cut according to tho cloth *e
were sure of and everything got Into
line for a good fair. The Retail Merchants Assn. decided to canvass their
own members for subscriptions to the
Fair, anil raised 1100.00 In cash and
♦200.00 value in goods.
The ladles of the I. O. D. E. applied
for concessions at the folr aad arrange
numts were made whereby they sold
membership and admission tickets at
tl.llO eacli and had all (hc mnwsslons
free of nny further charge.
The concessions formerly brought
In over »75.00 and the ladles, .sold 137
tickets. The thanks of the Aasn. are
hereby tendered to the Indies for the
splendid results they obtained. There
nre now many lady memhers of the
Assn und thoy have tlio same> status
Ins the men. The board of directors
would be tho stronger for a coupllc of
tallies or so. who could take, charge of
plo fancy work, art, school work, cookery etc., leaving the mere man to see
to the livestock, siwrts, vegetables,
grains, etc,
The membership for Ibe yeor Is 182.
In no year has the collet tlon of the
BUbsorlptloni, advertising >n,l the like
boon so easily accomplish., il. People
"''''" •» »'"» where they stood snd
Miscellaneous expenses   78.31
Written off  84.00
Depreciation     300.86
Unit Interest J  147.80
Auditing  20.00
of a nation which baa shown Itself to' Mr. J. M. Boyoe. of this city, ha
be on a much lower moral plant Ihan. acceptod a poeltloo. with the Easter
that of other aatloaa. If Ciaada wants Brltiah Columbia railway as mast.
to breed th? bast stock, lei It breed mechanic. Mr. Boyco left for bis nti
tbe Anglo-Saxon rser red get rid ot location on Wednesday afternoon
^^^^^^_     ,st;Wl.M
Entry fees   " 31.30
Grand stand       11.26
Advertising  ..'.      13.60
Membership fees    (182.00
Subscriptions and donations..   308.00
Government of B.C , 700.00
[Balance, being loss    391.60
 H $1929.16
'Balance Sheet as at November, 1915.
Property and Assetc: tr
Buildings. Nov. 4 ..$6954.32
1.,-ss depreciation      297.71     5661.61
Grounds    t-W37.75
.Fu/nlture,   1914....     63.00
Less depreciation..    3.15 59.85
Unexpired Insurance   >   156.90
iCash In bank  |    73.91
Cash in hand   ?        .90
Capital and Liabilities
Debenture stock..   $4000.00
Institutes and tho like Into line witb a
view to having thc amendment de-
leteed and the act mado to give some;
measure ot protection to formers.
The second departure was a visit,.
from the president of the board of
trade. Mr. Christie. j
He spoke at -length on the value I
a creamery would be to the city.   He!
gave statistics from Nelson and prairie
points In favor of his arguments.   Dr |
Rutledge supported the speaker and j
W. B. MacFarlane seemed almost sur-,
| prised  Into thinking the mlllenlum '
; was coming.   He, however, abtV sup-1
ported both the previous speakers, not I
so much as to tho specific value of the
creamery, but on account of the spirit
of hosting that seemed to be spreading
among the various city societies.
Messrs. Hanson, Dr. Rutledge, W. B:
Bardgett, W. B. MacFarlane, A. B.
Watts, J. A. Pringle and W. J. Atchison
were appointed to net witb representatives from board of trade and farmers' Institute. They were to confer
as to best means necessary to the
establishment of a local creamery and
$11,314.92 report back to special general meeting
W. B. MacFarlane moved the adjournment.
tar of a creamery was carried unanl-
A Vote of thanks to the mayor anil
corporation for allowing tlio Institute
to use the council ctianils'r was also
passed on motion of Messrs. II. Palmer
aad N. McClure.
Tbt question of weed Inspection was
brought before the meeting by Mr.
Beattie and afler some discussion II
waa raaolved that the attention or lhe
authorities be called to the fact that a
competent weed Inspector, who wlll
thoroughly cover the district, Is uf-
gtatlr needed.
A few other matters were diseased
and the meeting adjourned.
mat-j although perforce tbey g.v,. le.. (hey
Subscribers are requested
to note that subscriptions
may be paid and official re-
ctlptt obtained at
The City Hall
The Pont Office
The Imperial Rank
Tht Royal Baak
At Baak at Comeree
ulso inilil on the dot.
A good fair wiih held on September
8 and 8 anil somo 1200 persons visited
the same. The director., .desire to
point out tbe special dlfficnlt}' against
w h ""'*■ «»<! It so hard  to make
inbstaiitlul prngro,.,«. There used to
he two, but one •"that I wont serve or
1 wont give bemuse So and So Is on
Uio board" stems to have vanished,
and u much hotter feeling now exists
wltli regard to thc Assn. The one that
remains la n poser and will have to bo
squarely X(,et It the Assn. ever Intends
getting n/jt of thc mud.
Int. on W. J. Uren's mortgage $300.00
Int. on   units   150.00
Instils „,,,,     jQDd
Sc»o*'il tax       20.00
"ep' .'eolation at 5 per cent .... 300.00
4 ■ total of over $800.00 per annum
w* ilch has to bc provided before any
™ oney Ib available for a fair. Despite
' mr successful fair we are $391.00 to
the bad Including tho above Items and
$160.00 for a 3 year Insurance.
At present tlte value of the units Is
"l>nut nil. sovoral unit holdera would
be Pleaapd to. take It per cent of the
Home Baking Time Here Again
NOW that the winter season la witb us once more and a
continuous flro has to be kept going In the kitchen range,
the opportunity presents itself for more home-baking.
The odor of freshly baked bread, buns, pies, fried cakes,
muffins, griddle cakes, scones, cookies, gingerbread, etc.,
mitkes the kitchen more home-like and actually creates
appetites. To be well cooked, however, tbe best of materials are necessary and herewith are tendered several suggestions:
Flour—For talking good bread or
buns, good Dour Is absolutely
essential. We recommend
highly Pantry queen brand
made from finest No. 1 Alberta
hard wheat. In various sized
sacks, at $3.50, $1.80 and 95c.
Shortening—In the making of
pics, a lot depends   on   the
shortening. Crlsco shortening
makes that delicious flaky pic
crust that melts in one's
mouth. It Is, too, cheaper
than butter. Per lltjlb tin,
Lard—Pure lard always makes
certain that smooth Itakey
taste to the pastry every one
appreciates. We recommend
Swift's pure lard at Me per
61b tin.
Pancake ritnr—Who Is there
who does not enjoy a steaming
hot dish ot pancakes and syrup?
With Peacock, pancake flour'
you can make the moat delicious cakes. All prepared
In handy packages, at We per
Try one of these t
' Fried Cakes)-With corn or cane
syrups and coffee home-baked
fried cakes make a most appetising and satisfying meal.
Oood flour and shortening are
Potato Cakes-With plenty of
good butter—or maple syrup—
the old-fashioned potato cakes
aro delicious. A real treat for
the family. Puro maple syrup
at IMc, per bottle.
Gingerbread—You wlll be surprised at the Improvement a
few large, Juicy raisins make
in tht gingerbread. For this
delicacy we recommend Do-
molco fancy molasses at lfic
and 20c per tin.
Cranberry or Balsln Pie —Plo
time Is here again, and for a
change for dinner we would
suggest cranberries or raisins
fot the Oiling.   Together they
make a most appetising pie.
Cranberries are now only Ne
Cranbrook Trading Company
WE ARE going to have your Xmas Business
because it will pay you to deal with us.
We are offering great bargains on a strictly cash
You know the values you got last year at our store.
We are beating them this year.
Our TOY DEPaARTUfffiNT U al ready.
$1.00 DAY
$1.50 WORTH OF TOYS FOR $1.00
Come early in thc morning, for there will be a rush
•nd we want to give you service.
It will pay you as never before to trade with us for
your Xmas Gifts.
The selection is large. It is exclusive, and the price
will please you.
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
CnibafSok, BAG* Dteember 2nd, 1»15
Wbea.   taking   possession   ot   tlie
u Cranbrook Herald on November 1st
under a provisional    agreement    for
■ lease, "we confidently anticipated that
i'.it.' arrangements ot a permanent charac-
...   ter  would  be  completed  within  the
■.;. course, pt a tew dayB.   However, the
. month1*! November passed, and while
. willing', to meet all the requirements
-    ot the lessor, we were unable to secure a'Aettlement   The plant has now
been purchased by a number of local
Conservatives,    Our agreement  will,
therefore, be terminated within a few
'     days aid this Issue will likely be thc
. last under present management.    We
•    thereto take this opportunity ot ex-
-.-.   preBsltfg our thanks to all those who.
In various ways, have accorded     uh
their support during tho por.lod    the
;.;... Herald haB been In our hands.
1       t "J       .it T. Williams.
Tho subscriptions promised to dute
are arfTolIow.*..
Cranbrook .-■  $10,723.00
WycllHe       6,000.00
Warder     1.070.00
Moyie (per Mr. N. W. Burdett    681.60
Total       $18,074.00
Arrangements havc been made to
have monthly subscriptions or donations payable at the Imperial Hank.
the Bank of Commerce, the Royal
Bank, the post ofllce and the city hall.
After the 16th of each month arrangements havo been made for Mr.
C. A.^ock to'collect those subscrlp-
tlons (Unpaid. Subscribers, however,
will (ftfatly assist by making personal
paympiits ut ylthet of tho places mentioned where' official receipts may be
To thfc Editor or the Crunbrook Herald
Dear Sir:—By allowing me a little
■pace'In your valuable paper l would
like tdHHlthe people how I was used
In your white British Columbia. I.
worked for the BaBt Kootenay Lumber*
- Company, ut Loco for eleven day;; und
■eight hours, 1 got one meal per day
all but the last day, when 1 got two
meaty thirteen meals in ull and be*
eausff I did not make arrangements
at the office when I started, had to
pay ninety cents per day for beard.
I went to the provincial police about
It and they told mc I could not collect
the money as I had*eaten one meal
they jould make me pay for three un
less I told them In the office to that
effect. That Is your white British
Columbia and the protection a white
nan jtets In It.
? Yours truly,
Cran|rook, B. C. Nov. 31, 1916.
To tie Editor of the Herald:
Dear Sir:-—I am a Canadian having
BOt flvtid In this country for years,
I thought 1 would come over and sec
whit,. It waB like. ' I got employment
it tnk East Kootenay Lumber Co. at
.laffrjky. After :i weeks' work I had
tke lir go sum of $1.26 coming. They
hired) me for 2.00 per day, 00c for
board. 6c. per day for soup, 6c. per
day tor shack rent, 6c doctor, 6c for
oil. 1 worked for them und then they
laid off men. Who did they lay on*
Canadians! and kept on thc so-called
.Russianh. who are nothing but Aus
Mans. I can't get work uh every
camp Is filled up with the same kind
of people, so I have to leave thc coun
try I was born In and go back to thc
United States where thousand*; of
Canadians are going every day.
have lb st two brothers In the war
cannot go myself as I am unfit. Answer me through the Press what arc
men. fighting for? A country fitted
Wtth the enemy or a white Canada?
, Yours truly,
Klko, B.C., Nov. 29th, 1916.
.t O. J>. E.   NOTES
The regular monthly meeting of the
I.O.D.E. was held Friday, November
21th. "The treasurer reported a balance, tin hand of $181.87. The conven
on reported 71 large pieces and 48
■mall pieces made during the month
betide 750 mouth wipes. Donations
■re acknowledged in another column.
The ladles sewing for the week end-
Ins Friday, 26th were:
Monday.—Mfs. Green, convenor;
Mesdames Brake, Christie, McCreery,
Nisbet; Paterson, G. H. Thompson,
Phillips. King, Miles and McKowan.
Tuesday.—Mrs. McBride, convenor;
Mesdames Knight, Balment, Ward and
Thursday.—Mrs. Wilson, convenor;
Mesdames J. S. Taylor, Leslie, Huth
•Hand, t-'rebbln, Mecredy, A. A. Ward,
n*k and Palmer.
IMdajr— Mrs,    Barney,    convenor;
i Harshaw, Oeo, Taylor, Tis
For Christmas Presents
Can you think of anything
nicer than a dainty, piece of
Our stuck is the largest in the city snd our prices right,
as we fortunately bought before the big advance in
prices. Select now, and we will put them away for
you until required.
is where    we    shine.   GANONO'S   and    MOIB'8
CHOCOLATES have no equal.     In bulk or   fancy    ••'•
CHWISTMAS CRACKERS for table decoration.
riNSEL AND ORNAMENTS for the Tree.
The most complete Btook  af DRIED AND CRYSTALLIZED
Japanese Oranges will arrivo in a few days.
"       i  Hi i i   ■
aad more, people with cheat aal
throat trouble, have tried to cure
them by pouring cough ayrupe,
tang tonlea and the like Into their
AU a mlataket   The
Pepa way la different.
Pepa are tablet, made up ol Floe
extract, and'medicinal essence.,
which when put Into the mouth
turn Into healing vapors. Theee
an breathed down direct to the
langa, throat and bronchial tubes
— not swallowed down to the
atomach, which is not ailing. Try
a Ste. box of Pepa for your cold,
your cough, bronchitis or asthma.
All druggists and stores or Pepa
Co., Toronto, will supply    ,
dale, Kennedy, Crebbln, McDonald and
Cutters.—Mrs.  Bowness and  Mrs.
nn: christ cnuuni hall
The parishioners of thc Anglican
Church In Craubrook have been making sn&ial efforts; (or some time vant
to get a building 'suitable (or recreu-
tlvo purposes both In close connection
with the work of the church and aluo
to  be let to responsible parties for
oetings, parties; dunces, etc.
The efforts have resulted in u flne
ball on the back portion of the tiet-
tory grounds, running along the lane
across two and a half lots.
Cnder oue large roof are to be found
a tine hall, 50 feet by 20 teet, suitable
for concerts, gymnastics, etc. An en-,
tranee hall, 7 by 12 ft., alongside of
whicli runs'a kitchen,- 7 ft. by 18 ft,
which .contains a stove, hot and cold
water, sink, cupboard and shelves, and
at the opposite end In front of the
audience chamber Is a stage 14 ft. by
'Mi tt. behind whicb are two dressing
rooms, 7 ft. by 10 ft., each connected
with complete lavatories
I'ndcr another roof ls a ladles' par-
lor by the kitchen, some 25 ft. by 22
ft., which in heated by a stove and
will bb usftd-by the Guild and wlll also
be available for smaller meetings.
The building'is a frame building,
shingled, and stands on' concrete foundation;*,.
The large hall Is well heated by a
fine hot air furnace and arrangements
have been made to ensure the best of
ventilation. The windows arc small
and almost square, the single pane
being of flaked flint glass. These can
easily be darkened, tf necessary, and
yet on account of their position, high
up iu the wall, they give an excellent
subdued light. The exits tn case of
fire are numerous, as there are, besides the main entrance, a door leading Into tbe parlor and then Into the
street. A aide door on the Btage (leading, In case of .emergency, on to the
rectory lawn) and also a side door
half way up the halt leading Into the
Tlie floor Is of maple and tbe walls
are wainscotted in a moss green wood
tor about 4 ft. 6 in.; this wltll the
sand finished plaster above makes a
pleasant room.
Tlie stage Is an up to date affair,
roomy and well lighted with artificial
The scenery is yet to bt: made.
Above the main entrance is a flne
facade Which gives a suitable linisli to
the building.
Tit* coiit'ls In the neighborhood of
t'MtW.OQ. The bull will fill a long
felt und ^nuch needed want. To help
raise funds, tlie ladies of the Guild
liave contributed magnanimously, and
fn addition, these same ladles are
having a bazaar, tea, play, dance, together with many side attractions too
numerous to mention. This Is to be
held on the opening day, Thursday,
Dei-ember 16th, nt 2,00 p.m.
Tliey need all the help they can get
and the people of the city are cordially
Invited to do a little towards helping
them along. See advt. on another
I. 0. ». K. NOTES'
Mrs. J. YV. Coutts begs to acknowledge' receipt of the following donations to the Supply Fund of the
I.O.D.E. for November:
Per Mrs. MacKinnon
Miss J. Dew'ar ...I....'....$ .25
Mr. T. Austin  25
Mrs. Currie     .10
Choy Glm    .10
Uric MacKinnon 2G \   .95
Per Miss Alexander
Mrs. Cherrington 26
Miss Cherrington   .10
Miss Woodland 10
Mr. F, Woodland  ........   .26
Mr. Donald Fairbairn ....   .25
Mrs. Gordon Mecredy ....   C1Q
Mr. Gordon Mecredy 50
Per Mrs, Halsall   -
Mrs. Kumsey ...;. ...'   .M.
Mrs. Haslam  ....'.   .10
Mrs.   Beaton (Nov. and Dec.) .60
Per Mrs: King       i
Mrs. Bell  ......"..'.!......   .60
Mrs. Honey man  ..V..;...'.   .25
Mrs. S.Taylor    .26:
Mrs. Jas. Macdonald ......   .10
Mrs. W. Henderson  ..•.uV- .10
Mrs. It. P. Johnson ......." .50
Mrs. King  .;...   :.2S
Per Mrs. Paterson "
Mrs. F. M. MacPherson ...* .25*
Mrs. W. J. Mauley  j -26
Mrs. F. Burgess  ,.,1.60
W F. Attridge ;j .25
F. B. Miles  !.,,..'',' .25
E. Paterson .-;>. ,..T.i5
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
that the Court of Revision for the
purpose of correutiiiK and revliting the
Voters List for the Municipality of the
City of CranbrooX anil of the School
District of the said Municipality for
the next current year will »lt on tlie
teuth (10th) tiny of Duocuiour, 1916,
at tho City Hall, Norbury Avenue,
Cranbroolt, B. C, at ten (10) o'clock
a, tn.-local-time, and will continue to
sit If requisite from dny to dny.
City Clerk.
Dated at Cranbrook this 26th day of
November, 1916 «-3t
Mrs. McKowan .' ;....;,,. .$ 1.00
Mrs. ChrlBtie .....:. |*f...   2.00
Mrs. NiBbct   :)':'..!   4.00
Miss Chalmers 	
Mrs. Scott McDonald ..........     .60
Mrs, VV. K, Thomson  ;.'.   1.30'
Mrs. Wilson     1,00
Mrs.. Fink    1,00
Men of Bridge.' Mill  ,,. :1   4.00
Mrs. Stone  .....:.    ,30
MrB. Lewis  ...s..
MrB. Harshaw ,.'........."..,.'.   2,00
A Friend lv,. ..:,.   i.oo
Mts. McBride ..,,.....,....,....,•);;)((.
Mrs. Phillips      i.oo
Mrs. Balment 	
Mrs. McCreery '.'.'.'.'...'.
Total  •..•■...'.;.:'....'.:■. 132.76
M. E. Coutts,
Financial SecreUry
300 mouth wipes and old linen, by
Mrs. J. D. McBrldo. ,'    .
Old linen, Mrs. O. p. Tisdale.
l.unt Tuesday the Overseas Club held
tbeir monthly dance which waB largely
attended, everyone going "full speed
ahead" and enjoying themselves immensely. These dances are getting
more popular as they get known and
all who can enjoy an evening's dancing
witli good music nnd sociable com
pany, should look out for these dances.
Instead of the monthly whist drive
and Bocial on December 14th there
will be thc annual ball, but owing to
the condition of the times, instead of
being held In thc Auditorium, as on
previous occasions, It will be held in
the Maple hall.
Special music Ib to be provided, also
refreshments will be served tree.
The usual prices governing the
monthly dances ot this club will be
charged,,viz; non-members, gents. SOc,
ladies 26c; .members, gents, 25c. and
the dance Is to start at 9 p.m. sharp
until ?'..,'
A large crowd is expected ot both
members and non-members. For this
purpose a committee ot ladies and gentlemen will be on hand to look after
everyone's comfort.
Don't forget the dote, December 14,
1916, at 9.00 p.m.
Hev. Thos. Keyworth, pastor.
Charles F. Nidd, organist.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday school and adult classes
3 p.m.
The service on Sunday morning will
be ln the nature of a children's ser-
vlcee, it being the Brat Sunday In the
A song service wilt be conducted for
half an hour prior to the hour of evening service, under- the auspices of the
Young Ladies' Progressive Bible Class.
All are welcome. Come and sing some
of the songs you used to sing but
haven't heard for a long time.
.    4.00
Sunday school 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m.
Wednesday evening, Wfcmcn's Open
Mission Circle.   Come one, come all!
:! ehtltted
With (he Salvation Army Am.
. balance Corps...
Also Illustrating the Army
work among the troops at
home and abroad, wlll.be given
by  "
at the Methodlat Chuff h on
Wednesday, December 8th
at 8 p.m.
Admission   ,86c.
Children under twelve.... Free
Farmers, Ranchers & Trappers
It does not cost you anything to
Oet Our Cash Offer
on your furs. Express tbem to ua.
We Fay All Charges ....
over a 16.00 valuation,. We make you
our offer .      ...
and Hold Your Fur's' '"
for your reply, returning them
at Our Expense   -
If not purchased.   Try ui.   In
husiness since 1888.
218 Eighth avenue weit, Calgary. Alt*. 47-tf
Pastor, W. K. Thomaoa
Mornlng service 11 a.m. Subject:
Isaiah's Vision of God."
3. S. and bible class 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m.. Subject:
The Ninth Commandment: "Thou
Shalt Not Bear False Witness against
Thy Neighbour."
Anthem morning and evening.
"A man that flattcrcth his neighbour
spreadeth a net for his feet."—Prov.
8.00 a.m. Holy Communion.
11 a.m.  Mattins and    Holy Communion.
3, p.m. Children's service.
! -7;30 p.m. Evensong.
i   Service of Intercession on behalf of
the boys at thc front, Friday, 7.30 p.
Preacher Iter. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th
Second  Annual  Winter Show Meets
With Success-Awards Pah.
Untied Next Keek
About 360 birds were on exhibition
at the Drill Hall, when the local
Poultry Association held their annual
show on December 1st and 2nd.
Mr. Jos. Shackieton, of Edmonton,
placed the awards and at a meeting
on Thursday evening commented very
favorably on the quality of tho stock
entered at the show.
Messrs. Harvey, Atchlr.on, Palmer
and A. A. Williams made largo entries,
while exhibits of eight or ten birds
were made by several other fanciers
aud several Fernie poultrymen sent
along a number of birds that took
home their share of ribbons.
liiek ot space forbids publication
of tho priic list which Is bold over
until next weak.
The Home of Refined
I have opened lor
business in the Printing line and will cater
to the Cranbrook public for everything in
high class work. A
competent staff of
skilled workmen —
the best in the Koote
nays — will compose
the staff
As a resident of
Cranbrook for the
past ten years and a
taxpayer since Cranbrook's incorporation,
I ask the intelligent
public for a share of
tht trade.
Plant the most
modern in the Kootenays.
Try us for
Bill Heads
Visiting Cards
for a Rush Job Try
Us.  We savey
Office and Works
Cranbrook Street
Phone 392
Every Man an Artist
and Every Artist
a Man
IB;  Jwhatthe     n
160 pages ot valuable building information 52
useful plans—complete details on how to make
improvements on thc farm that arc lire-proof,
weather-proof, time-proof and economical —
besides scores ol other interesting facts,
It', the .t.nii.rii authority on farm building cim.truction.
It li.a saved thousand, uf doll.r. lor more lliun 7S.000
Canadian firmer, and will aave money for you. II you
haven't a copy, .end in th. coupon NOW.   The book ie free.
Canada Cement
Company Limited,
Till in coupon A^MMfoliAYl
42R      QenllemenI   Pleaae ..ml mc a trc-c eony .if ,
"What Th. Palmer Can Do With Concraie". '
Strut and No.
Skates and Other Seasonable Stuck
SATURDAY SPECIAL- soc   Japanned Coal Hod for 40c,
with Coal Shovel Free
Everything; in Hardware
Fresh Eastern Sauerkraut
Mincemeat and Chopped Suet
Local Fresh Killed Beef
Pork and Poultry
Fort Steele Mutton and Lamb
P.  BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
To England Under Neutral Flag
American Line (>'ew York—Liverpool)
Large, Fast American Strainers, Under Hie American Flag
No Contraband of War Curried
"HEW VOHK"  liKCKimiKB *ith
"ST. LOUIS"  liM'KMIIKIt 11 ■ la
-I'llll.AliKl.l'li IV nrXKMUP.lt ISth
And  I'lii'li   Siiiiirilnj  llii-ri'iil'li-r
Klrsl Class t»5.00| Second Haass «6».0II; Third Class *I0
Company's OIBee, A. B, Disney, Passenger Agent,
019 Second Avenne, Seattle, Wash,
Loral Agrnlst
J. W. Spence, C. 1*. It. Station
Beale & Blwell
Gcf'Mopo Money" for ymir Foxes
Mliskrat, White Weasel, Bimvrr, Lynx, Wotvea,
Marten and other Fur bcarul.oollonaillaraar.Mlln
Kllll-vim ll Fins lilliKi t„.--mii 111:111-lht lirtni
tm. Ii, the World ..aim. ea.rlmlv.lr In NIIUTII AHL1IH M MWIV**
- '   "    Ti-nliimiiibl,—»„: -I',!: Hi,-.ihi'wi!liiiTniiilili-miHlio(ir.r>.
nliiry." a limii[eisp.
i.Ntlnir for "moro llitul allilnl ofn
cestuirooonlofHendliiKFur Sliii>!ii-r-.i,!.,iiii„.S.Vl ISI-'AI'TOKY
...,,,.,,.,, ■,.,.,,., __    Wrl-- '  ■    -~' -"
Writ* lor It-NOW-il'. I-'HKK
AND fROPITABI.lt return.	
the only roliuljln. art-unite mnrkel roliori mi.
prfi-e lint publuv
A R SHURFRT Inr »»•" wi:*.t austin av«,
A. D. a3nUOE.KI.inC D.pl.c71 CHICAGO,UJJC
Sewing Done at Home or
US Hanson Avenne
Representative for one ot Connda'i
I.enilliiR PlanoH. An excellent opportunity for man witli moderate flnuacei
to open up a plano.buslnofs tliat wlll
be vory profltublo.
Anav/or. core ol: Fred S. Croai,
Wholesale Dept., 322 PorUgt Ava.,
mualtrac Haa. 4I-H ■"""    THURSDaiT, DECEMBER 2nd. 1915
Ready for You
Xmas Shoppers
You have only three weeks
left In which to do your
shopping. This year WE
shopped with particular
care when we bought our
Xmas .goods. Wc got all
we could, for our money
and will give you the benefit. Buy your Xmas remembrances here, now,
and buy in comfort, anti always bear In mind that
Jewelry Is the GIFT of
W. H. Wilson
Harness, cuttem and BleighB—Cran
brook Trading Co.
Tb* "QrtaU ta 8. 0." tn Mlt st ttt
HanrttS offlst.  Frits U*
A recent casualty list of the 13th
batalion contains the name of Robert
Ersklne, of Cranbrook, Buttering from
If you are leaving town and desire
to place your valuables In security,
rent a Deposit Box from Beale & Elwell. Absolutely safe, nominal
Mrs. J. It. McNabb left today for
Medicine Hat and Calgary on a visit.
She will not receive again until the
second Friday ln January.
RuiTiTs ror ladies and children at
tin* exact wholesale prlceB, and 60 per
cent iiff shoes, regular prlceB from
%2M to M.fiO, to bo Bold at 6Ge.—\V. :
1). Ulll.
Mr. Jos, Shackieton, ot Edmontou,
who noted a*, judge at the Poultry
show, Ih upending a few days in the
city before going on to the tthuw ut
Pernio next week,
Soloiuou Koury for bargains. j
When you have a bilious attack, or when you feel illness
coming on—promptly move the
bowels, start the liver working
and put your entire digestive
system in good shape with a
dose or two of the time-tested
You will welcome the quick
relief and often ward off a
severe illness. Beecham's Pills
are carefully compounded from
vegetable products —mild,
harmless, and not habit-forming. Buy a box now. You
don't know when you may need
Beecham's Pills. A reliable
family remedy that always
Should Be
at Hand
Ml Sal. of Am M*d.ctn* in tbo WorU.
■twrwbtrii   In bo-*M, 25 b«bU.
I    The Halsall store will be the bar-!
Kuln eeutor until December 24th.   Mr.
I Hill intends-, to clear the entire stock
      by the date named and hc eliould cer-
vlsltlng for a few days with her daugh- tair,ly dc- bo, if low prices have any-
ter, Mrs. Joe Marapodi. I thing to do with it.
Then* will bo a diver medal contest at the Kdison theatre on Monday
evening, December 13th. Entries
have been received from six local
buy;, and girls and in addition there
will be a musical programme.
The patriotic dunce at St. Mary's
hall on Friday last was very syecessr
ful, altho' the attendance was not
as large as had been hoped for. A
number of visitors from Fort Steele
were present and the Cranbrook or-
chestra supplied the music In their
usual pleasing style.
Mrs. H. Brunner, of Carnforth, Alta.,
left on Sunday last for her home after
For notarial work and conveyancing
see Beale k Elwell.
Born.-—At the Cottage Hospital,
Cranbrook, on December 1, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. H. Cassldy, of Bull F.t'cr. u
If you think of having that picture
framed come and see me. I will mako
a reduction from now till Christmas
W. W. Kilby.
Ira Foster and James Conroy were
visitors to Fort Steele last Sunday.
The road seemed hard to tlnd, as tliey
started early und arrived late.
Beule & Elwell have one or two
modern house:, to let at small rentals.
Apply to Beale & Elwell.
The drawing for Bobby Pye's black
saddle pony will take place on December 18th instead of December 4th.
What about an electric iron for your
wife for Christmas? Canadian Beauty
$4.50.   McBrlde'B Hardware. '.' '_-
The regular monthly meeting of, the
Women's Institute will be held in.the
Maple Hall cn Tuesday next, Dnc.7th,
at 3 p.m. celebrating their sixth anniversary and taking the form of an
English, Irish and Scotch social.    A
What Is Being Done
With the
Halsall & Co. Stock
THERE are just 15 more days for the people  of Cranbrook to purchase Dry Goods. Ladies' and Children's
Shoes, Underwear, Hose, Overshoes, Rubbers, and, in
fact, everything pertaining to Ladies' Wear, at
Even Less Than
Wholesale Prices
We intend to close the doors on or about December 24th
KINDLY NOTE THIS—and remember that early purchasers get the cream.
Everything must move out, and the prices will be slashed
to the very core.
Just to hand from a bankrupt stock recently purchased in
Okaqagan Valley.   Ask to see this line.
programme will be given und refreshments served by the members of thctse
different countries. Mrs. Jan. Johnstone, of Nelson, thc Kootenay District member of the Advisory Board
of Women's Institutes, wlll be present
to address thc gatherlug. Ladles cordially Invited.
A dance will be given ln tbe Auditorium, on New Year's Eve In aid of
the St. John's Ambulance Association
Pull particulars will be published lu
our next issue.
We pay cash for sacks; without any
holes, 5c each; sacks with small holes
2% cents each. Cranbrook Trading
Lieut. Banfield has received Instructions trom Lt. Col. Mackey, 0. C,
104th regiment to commence recruiting for the 102nd overseas battalion.
Twenty-one men have already been
enrolled. Men desirous of enlisting
can obtain full Information from
Lieut. Banfield, recruiting officer, wbo
will be on duty at the recruiting Offlce, city hall, from 2 to 6 eacb dny.
Your King and Country needs you.
Enlist today. The names of those already enrolled are as follows: Francis B. H. Thomas, Harry Talbot Cody,
Alex. Keddle, John O'Brien, Lewis
leader, Frank Campbell, Harry
Kotchorck, Lewis John Noblet, Dan
Archie Maclachlan, Charles Hopkins,
Joseph Ridgway, Chas. Henry Martin,
Herbert Headdon, James Regan,
John Rice, Arthur Rice, Arthur L.
Peppard, Robert Brewer, Frederic
James Britney, Frank Roycroft, Richard Thomas, Isaac Brown.
Big values at email prices-Bait*
mos Kowy. '-
Indies, we have a very new and
complete line of middy waists In winter weights, in blue and black serges; also skirts which are juat from
the manufacturers. This line, like all
others, are marked at prices that will,
at once appeal to the women who
know.—W. D. Hill.
Judging from the crowd that at*
tended thc opening night at the Arena
rink on Wednesday, It looks as though
skating would he a popular pastime In
Cranbrook this winter. The Arena
Rink company has made it possible
for everybody to skate this season, as
there has been a great reduction in
the price of season tickets. Mr, G
B, Willis bas taken over the manage*
ment and the skating public can rest
assured that whenever it ls possible
to have ice, Mr. Willis will deliver the
goods. The City Hockey team ere or
ganislng this woek, and there will be
two teama representing the Central
public school, which will Include one
ladles team at least The rink will
bo open on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday evenings from 7.30 o'clock to
10 and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 2 to C p.m.
Vernon, BC, Nov. Vi, 1915.
My Dear Friend:
I suppose you thought that 1 had
forgotten you, but never let lt be ssld
that I would forget you ho quickly.
I am sending you a cane as I prom
lied you; It is not like the one that I
waa going to give you.
Well, Tom, everything Ik flne. Ed
Doolan ts a corporal as you know by
this time and believe me he is some
big corporal, too. What I mean is, you
would think by the way he walks
around he was the Major of the right
half battalion, ha! ha!
I am sending you a list of the boys
who have been made sergeants and
corporals and every other thing. 1
will send you a card when we get a*
cross the pond. Give my regards to
your Mra. and all the boys.
I will close with best regards to all.
I remain, yours as ever,
Sergt. James J. Loftus,
My address:
Sergt. James J. Loftus,
No. 442708,
6<th Battalion, C.E.F.
Armf past e-Oe-a, lata ira, Bit.
Gifts That Are Appreciated
Are Those That Are Useful and Lasting
FURNITURE makes an ideal gift andis always appreciated and gives real service.
Dining Tables and Cbairs, Buffets, China Cabinets, Serving Tables, Den Tables and
Chairs, Parlor Tables, Cabinets and Chairs, Davenport Beds, Smokers' Cabinets, Celler-
ettes, BrasB Beds, Eiderdown Quilts, Blankets, make most acceptable gifts. Also Dolls'
Beds, Carriages and Sleighs. ,
The Ladies' Deparment contains many items such as Coats, Suits, Dresses,
Sweater Coats, Silk Coats, Kurs, Gloves of all kinds, Blouses, Handkerchiefs, Scarves,
Purses, Fancy Linens, Table Linen, Stamped goods, Slippers and Shoes, any of whicb
will make an excellent gift. j
In the Ladies Department are many nice things suitable for gifts for Misses and
Children, such as Dresses, Coats, Woollen Gloves and Mitts, Slippers and Shoes.
Woollen Clips and Scarves, Etc.
Tbe Men's Department ls well equipped to care for your wants. It contains the
newest and best in Ties, Gloves, Scarves, Shirts, Hosiery, Braces, Arm Bands and
Garters, Tie Pins, Sets, Slippers and Shoes, Coats and Suits, Etc.
It haa been extremely difficult to get many lines' tbis year and as lines are
somewhat limited tbe early shoppers will have the opportunity of making the best selections.
Everything guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Regular 25c. for
Regular SOc for SOc.
"       76c for 45c.
"     $1.00 for 00c.
Hardware ft Mill Supplies
Craabrook, B. C.,
m T. 0. Fish Market
V»a Horae Street aad Clark Arenas
A fall line of Hsb of all kinds.
Fresh sapplles twlee weekly.
(Opposite the Church)
at 2 pm.
To celebrate the event, a
will be held
AdmlislM Fm 2 p.* It 7 p.m. ■
Play »d tact from 8 p.m.
Mmiisiti SOc
Crubrook boys witb lb. Mtb Battalion.
C. 8. M.—Uver«ie, Schmlele.
Sergeants.—Pre, Lottos, Oration,
Malcolm, Qrulto, Or.nt, Spent*, Taylor, Webster, Hor.poole.
Corporal..—Olll, Doolan Logan, Robinson, Stewart, McLaggan, Gilpin, I
Hossack. Uunlap, Stead.
Cuteen sergeant Aihwortb.
Orderly room sergeant Boat
We all .end our best retard..
Toroato, Montreal, Ottawa, 8L ioha, Halifax aal Otlier
Dates of Sale, December 1st to list, IMS
Retail Limit S months
Extension privileges—stop overs—choice of rosle*
Via Canadlaa or American Ports
Dates of Sale, November ISth to December list
Retarn Limit S months
Extensloa privileges—stop oven—choice of reates
Chicago, Minneapolis, St Pan), St Loals, Kansas City
and many other points
Dates of Sale, December 1st to Slat, IMS
Betara Limn t Malta.
Dates of Sale, Dec 7,8, t, 10, IMS
Jan. II, li, 11,14| Feb. 8,1,10,11, Itlt
Retarn Limit April SOU, Itlt
Pall Information, steamship and sleeping ear reservations from any Canadian Parifie Ticket Agent
District Passenger Agent,
Calgary. Alta.
Forty Thuswaa levelled la a South
Kort   Pnpertf    Beat-To
Develop AU Winter
A mliilm deal vf considerable magnitude and one wblc-b may result In
tbe opening up of a nice little blsb
trade silver-lead property In tlie
South Pork section, wa. put tbrougli
on Saturday lait, when a syndicate of
But Kootenay Investors secured a
lease and bond on tbe Martin group,
la tbe Mint basin, the vendor being
3. A. Carter, of this city. It tbe purchasers complete the.- final payment:,
oa tbt property, tk. sum of money
that will chaftg* hand. aa a result of
the deal will be |40,0M. Of tht-.i
amount five per cent Is being paid
dowa-, Sre per cent In sli months and
tlio balance In three years.
The Martin group, whicb consist, ot
Ave claim., ha. been developed for
sea* year, past hy Hr. Carter, wbo
ha. had (or a paitaet la the week J.
W. Power. The latter, liowever, gave
a lease and bond of his half Interest
some time ago, the consideration In-
eltended once, and now having until
December, 1917, to run.
volved being 115.000, the bond being
Development ha. been confined very
cloaely to one place, where well over
a thousand feet of development lias
b-.fii done, very little els'- but Indications being the roward until a few
months ago. when a tour to twelve
Inch seam of ore was opened up In the
intermediate drift, a trial shipment nf
nine tons sent down thl. fall yielding
close to sli hundred dollars. Work
done since then has shown the pay-
streak to be at least seventy-five feet
In length.
The new owners have retained the
services of Mr. Carter u foreman, and
a comprehensive plan of development
will be mapped out and a small crew
kept at work during the winter
months. While It Is not certain, yet
It appear, most likely that the first
step wlll be a continuation ot the
present mala drift to the west lo order to bring lt underneath the ore
body already developed In the Intermediate drift, and which appears to
be dipping down the hill from the rast
lo the west All Indications In the face
of the main drift make It appear as If
It will not ban to be continued very
ate la Meeuaurtd.
k per word for first weak, sat te. aas
word tor me* vjtefc *****
rtlHR ■ cum   snucii*   tp
llftat ***** ler mm chaa*.   Aj*2
Jo* Beluger, city. tVB
FOB HAI.E«- KemiBftoa typewriter la
good condition.       Apply ' Boh  P.,
Herald office. If
WANTED.- Womaa ta ia wort  . at
home.   Apply Mrs. O, H. Thompson.
phone is M-lt
two   JSSft
lUay SI ea
•iTRAYED.   Two heifers
old.   Branded S
left hip    Please notify A. K. IssiU*.
Jaffray, B. C. . «tt
mum! to ht rumn, in
I    belter.   Owner eat hart  same ta*
proving property, paytaf tor i
:    tlcement and paying tor taaNaf
I    W. D. Stone. il
ST1BLK TO MUT, tte fear hem*
electric light, warn, wall net*
with large key Mt sat   as*
****   par   r-M*.   a***,
tHee «t*
fankhed ***** tt net-tsar •*•**-»
with talk; tcated: alese hit ******
paptrtd ud painted; pleat V aa>
etrcd; at thlleren ptatemd; ****■
ful tout tair; III ptr aaalk, %*-
ctotBag water.   Apply Banlt   at-
POB BALI rn«*p^ H.ttakald fr*.
nltur* ud ptraosal affecte, tattkar
chain, carpet", oklaa eabtaat,
lablec, deck, bed., Ottarmoor mat
trees, etc., snow.bom. ckatcc saddles, bicycle la food
Jug* P. •. Bat (**i
I r am r our
(Br Frttj um.:
Shop early and be thrice blessed.
*\giiew left for
Mr. and Mrs. J. M
Calgary this week.
Cranbrook Is having a poultry
They are egged on to doing it.
Chief of Police Drown, of Fernie, is
hunting big game around Elko.
Ray Hirtz, manager of Roo's store,
Elko, was out last week uud got his
limit of deer. Ray is one of the best
hunters in the Puss.
A Calgary bride who received fourteen lamps amoiif*, her wedding presents, remarks that she sees things
In a different light since her mar*
I' c. C. Snowdon, of Calgary, waa in
klko this week Blinking hands wltli old
friends and making new ones, while
selling gasoline, soft soap and other
kinds of soothing syrup.
• The Irish exodus mentioned in the
United States pro-German pupero is
' correct. They are leaving in thou-
■ sands and going over to Flanders vht
; the Smoky City.   (Sure Mike.)
The Elko drug store was opened Saturday night until 10 o'clock. They
must have got in another con«ignment
"of pain-killer. Its been awful painful
trying to get anything there for Bomo
Physicians who ure attending Emperor Franz Josef, of Austria, who is
. 8t> years of age, und they are unable
to agree as to what's the matter with
him. If they bad Doc. Bonnell out
there he would tell tliem It was old
age, says Jim Thistlebeak.
A letter received in Elko this week
from Geo. L. Pedlar, late editor of the
Fernie Free Press and now with the
Canadian expeditionary forces at
Shorncliffe, Englund, states that lie
has met several people In England
, that havc nut heard of Elko, and Jim
Thistlebeak says Its because they cant
Among the charming visitors to Elko
this week is Miss-Hetty-Hole-in-Hcr
Stocking, who Is the guest of Mr. uud
Mrs. Four-Sky-Tliunder, who
camped at the mouth of South Fork of
the Elk River hunting deer. Hetty is
one of the finest bead and bucks kin
workers on Tobacco Plains an-d captured the diploma ut the Knosviilc vnl
ley flower show this summer. And the
boys say her opencd-fuced pumpkin
pie's bids them all goodbye.
The social queens of Elko arc getting ready for a series of entertainments for December and thc ciino-
leon collected will be given to the
Red Cross and Patriotic Funds. Mrs.
C. E. Ayre, of North Star Park, Is
training twenty of the school children
In fancy drills. At the next sewing
circle Miss Brown wilt read a paper
on "how Mrs. SoapHuds mopped a hole
In her kitchen floor and fell Into the
celar." A full attendance Is requested.
Dave Mitchell of thc P. Burns Co.
got three deer on the South Fork
trail this week und shipped them to
Fernie, and Harry Gould of the same
Arm came ln Sunday with a set ol
tooth-pick snow-shoes, a wicked
looking rifle, and a determined look
and left for the scene of Dave's
slaughter. W. M. Walker, also of the
same firm, was ln Elko trying to buy
red-eyed turkeys for the Fernie coal
barons Christmas dinners. Wu ure
looking for Jim McMasters to arrive
toy minute.
The secretary of the I. O. D. E.
wishes to thank tlie following ladles
for their kind donations: Mrs. Weg-
rcn, 1 pr. socks; Mrs. Richard Hirtz.
2 pr; Mrs. Ayre, 2 pr; Mrs. Agnew, 1
pr; Mrs. Agnew, 1 pr; Mrs. Klingensmlth, 1 pr; Mrs. Blrnle, 1 pr; Mrs.
Young, 1 pr; MrB. Roberts, 1 pr; Mrs.
McKee, 1 pr; Mrs. Roo,3 pr. Also the
following linen donated by Mrs,
Lewis, Mrs. Richard Htrtz, Mrs. German, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Roo, Mrs.
Roberts, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Kllngcn-
. smith. The secretary wishes to announce that thc I. 0. D. E. will hold
a basaar on December 8th.—Inez B,
Holbrook, secretary.
from our church is often talked *f and
lt is with pride we remember some
twenty-two who liave gone from our
midst to fight our battles.
\\'e lament tlie fall in action of your
soldier comrade Kenneth Spencer and
we fervently hope and pray that each
of tho rest of you may survive to be
greeted once more in our midst.
Often our services are influenced
by our solicitous thoughts for you all.
We are indeed proud of the part our
Canadian boys have been able to play
lu this great conflict for liberty, truth,
and honor. ,
We trust that the Xmas season may
be as full of joy as such conditions
you arc in will permit, and that above
all you may enjoy tho persona) acquaintance and fellowship ot the
Christ of Bethlehem, and that your
whole lite may be blessed with a sense
of His pride and joy In your high and
pure purpose In life. We miss you all
very much in the social and other activities of the church aud school, but
wo are trying to do the best for those
who remain.
In closing, we look to you not only
to uphold the honor of your country,
but to maintain the ideals ot your
home and church In striving after
every high and noble thing, and amidst
all the horrors aud atrocities which we
from time to time hear of to keep a
kind and tender spirit, knowing always
that Justice should be tempered with
mercy and that affection is never
really wasted.
Again   wishing  you  a  happy  and
(Sptrlal correspondence)
The great war is certainly taking
Us toll from those who have at oue
time or another within recent years
called the Windermere district their
home or who have near aud dear relatives residing In Its midst. In addition to those previously reported as
dead from wounds, missing, taken
prisoner or wounded, there has lately beeu received tlie sud word of the
death by jaundice on a hospital ship
in the Dardanelles of E. B. Richardson, a son of the lute Sir Thomas
Richardson and Lady Richardson, of
Englund. The late Mr. Richardson
was u rancher living on his holdings
Immediately adjoining Wlndeimcre,
Shortly after war broke out ho left
everything und journeyed across to
England, where he joined a regiment
A very sad feature In his case was
that he had been preceded by his
brother, Mr. Douglas Richardson, also
of Windermere, who not long after
enlisting contracted typhoid fever and
shortly mot his death. This affliction
was further added to for Lady Richardson by another son being reported
Cable advice received by friends report the gassing or Lieutenant F.
James B. Hankey, of the Kings Royal
Rifles. Lieut. Hankey enlisted locally and after reaching England WaB
transferred to his present regiment.
Shortly   before his   departure   from
Quebec he wus united In marriage to! " . ,,
M ] peaceful Xmas aud an early New Year
Anna, daughter of the lute W. Norrls
and Mrs. Norris, who resides In Vancouver, B. C.
An additional sufferer ls Mr. J. A.
Burgess, a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
What Cures Eczema
We had so many inquiries lately
regarding Eczema and other skin diseases, that we are glnd to make our
answer public. After careful investigation we have found that a simple
wash of oil of Wintorgroen, as compounded in D. D. 1). Prescription, can
be relied upon. We would not make
this statement to our patrons, friends
and nclghors unless we were sure of
It—uud although there are many so-
called Ecsema remedies .'old, we ourselves unhesitatingly recommend D.
D. D. Prescription, 26c, and $1 a bottle.
Drop into our store today. Just to tulk
over the merits of this wonderful
Prescription, Ask also ubout D. D. D.
D. D. I), is Made in Canada
Conveyance to him from Barnos Lake
Land Company Limited et al, dated
6th day of November, 1914, and that
unless within 30 days from the date
of the first publication hereof you file
In this office a caveat or Certificate of
Lis Pendens I shall register the said
Ludlow Stuart Mangin as owner ln
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 9th day of November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication 18th day of
November, 1916. 46-4t
Miss  L.  Li-uske 32    99    89 270
Totuls   230 307 281 818
The Ladies' record score for this
season was raised lo 144 on Tuesday
evening by Miss Gladys Spence, being
previously held by MIkh Reta Cameron
at 130.
The next Ladles' match Ib between
the Roses nnd Pansles on Tuesday
evening next.
On Sunday afternoon the Men's
meeting will be addressed by the Rev.
Mr. Keyworth, pastor of the Methodist
church. The meeting will open at 4.16
and we extend a hearty invitatiou to
all Interested to come and spend tills
hour with us.
Brigadier J. S. McLean, accompanied by Capt. Cox, of Nelson, will visit
Cranbrook next week. Brigadier McLean will give an illustrated lecture
at the Methodist church on Wednesday evening next. Entitled "At the
return, believe us to be, on behalf of J Front with the Salvation Army Am-
the church and school, j bulance Corps."
Thos. Keyworth, pastor.
MUM, Senators aat
atatr Is Lata
m*s***tsi Baak BalUlaf
IN THE MATTER OP the "Land Registry Act" nnd in the matter ol
I.ot 2, Block a of Lot 132  Group
Mnn 1181
TAKE NOTICE that nt. Application
(No. 3038-1) Ims heen made to register E.telle Purlnton nnd Harriet A.
Kimball a. ownerH In fee simple of tlie
abovo lot under u Conveyance to them
from Baynctt Luke Lund t'ompany Limited et ul, duted 23rd October, 1914,
and that unless within 30 iluys from
tho date of tlie Ilrst publicntion hereof
you file In tlila ollice n cuvuut or Certilieate of Lis Pendens I shell register
tho said Estelle Purlnton und Hurriet
A. Kimball as owners in fee.
Dated nt the Lund Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 10th day of November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom lt may concern.
Date of first publicntion ISth dny of
November,  1915. 46-4t
(leaeessor la W. F. Ourd)
Barrlstar,   Solicitor   aai
P. O. Box DBS
FhjrslelaDS aad Surgeons
•■Fat at rtaldanet, Armstrong
orrica hours
ftraatoaa   9.00 to 10.00
Aftraooae  1.00 to   4.00
■rains.    T.IO to   I.M
Statu.   1.30 to   4.11
Craabrook, B.C.
Burgess, nt present of Athalmer, but
lately of Kitchener, B. C, Private
Burgess enlisted at Moose Jaw In
Saskatchewan and with his regiment
proceeded to the Old Country. He Is
nt present in the Duchess of Connaught hospital at Cllvedon, England.
Prior to being In Moose Jaw he had
been employed by the Merrick Anderson Hnrdware Company, Limited, of
Winnipeg, Man.
The Windermere District branch of
the Red Cross Society of Canada have
been gathering together comforts and
treats for tlie local boys ln the
trenches und those were today dispatched to the front.
Ronald Hewat, government agent
for thts part, has been transferred to
the Fernie district to succeed Mr. F.
G. Stalker. He together with Mrs.
Hewnt and family leave on Friday for
their new home. The person to sue j
ceed Mr. Hewat locally is not so fur j
known, hut Mr. John Bulman, of the I
Golden office, ls relieving meanwhile, i
O. W. Patmore,
W. C. Adlard,
It is no idle sentiment to say that
the boys are missed, for with twenty-
two boys wbo have been actively associated with the church to be taken
out in one year ls no small loss.
The Methodist people are to be congratulated upon their kindly thought-
Mrs. J. S. Peck will receive with
Mrs. H. A. McKowan. Wednesday,
December, 8th.
Monday, December 12th wlll bc open
day at the manual training school
Parents, taxpayers und others are Invited to vl.lt the school. Work will bc
la progress and there will also bn a
I ef Uw boys' work on exhibition
Since our last Issue thc local Methodists have had a busy time packing
boxes with toothsome and useful
things for the young men who were
associated wltll the church and school,
but who aro now serving their king
and empire In the trenches, the training camps of England or the concentration camps of our own land. Most
of these boxes weighed about six
pounds, while others tipped the scales
at nine pounds. Euch box contained
two or three choice B.C. apples which
will probably bc as acceptable as anything else whilst a follow is finishing
Ills tliird day in the trenches.
Some of the boys will be spending
their first Xmas away from home and
doubtless the boxes will serve other
purposes than that of tickling the palate.
For tlle boys to know tliey aro not
forgotten will perhaps add to the vigor
of a charge or make them frget the
inconveniences of a trench parlor—for
u little while, nt least.
The pastor, the Rov. Thos. Keyworth
lins also written the following letter
to eacli man, carrying tlio good wishes
of the church nnd school members.
My Dear Friend:
We liave today, in tho name of the
church, forwarded to you a small box
containing a few things whicli we trust
will add to your Xmas cheer and serve
to kindle some memory of your home
town and church from which you have
gone to serve your king, country and
You will be glad to know that the
folks of your home church are working
In many ways, in common wfth those
of other churches to meet tlieir sense
ot obligation to you and your brave
But we thought tlm Xmas time, opportune for a little moro than tho
general work that ls being done In tho
name of the community, and In the
name of the church to send a personal
reminder of our thought for and interest la your welfare.   Etch ol yea
The Fort Steele branch of the Canadian Red Cross Society, lately formed,
haB sent to the Calgary depot on Nov.
llth, tbe following articles:
9 knitted wash:cloths.
8 ice bags.
33 bedside bags.
42 triangular bandages.
84 T. bandages.
24 M.T. bandages.
59 cheesecloth bandages.
200 mouth wipes.
5 pairs socks.
1 pair mitts.
10 linen handkerchiefs.
Pieces old linen.
A donation of $10.00 was forwarded
to head office. ,
E. H. Curley,
Hon. Secretary
The flrst aerie, of tht Bowling
League ended on Friday evening when
the Shops were defeated In four
straight points by the city team.
The following I. the standing ol the
different teamB at the close ol the' flrst
hair, .tbe paints given being won out
uf a possible total ol. sixteen.
V.M.C.A 11
Office   10
City   10
Tigers    9
Shop.   Nil
Three matches in tbe second series
have already been played with the
Offlce vs. Tigers, won by tbe Ofllce,..
following result: ,
 ,. .three point, to one
Tigers vs. City	
won by the City In four .freight
Y.M.C.A. vs. Shop.	
won by V.M.C.A. in tour straight
The Shop Team has accepted a challenge trom the Ladles under the leadership ot Miss A. Hickenbotham for n
match to take place on Thursday evening, with tho understanding that the
l.adics do not put on their strong
players. The ladies are having some
trouble In rinding player, light enough
to fill the bill, but it I. expected 'tliat
they will have a team In time lor the
The third match In tbe Ladies' Tournament took place on Tuesday evening
between the Shamrocks and the Tulips
resulting in a win tor the Tulips by
three points to one, with .the following
scores: . .... „
.... .Shamrock.
Mrs. Spence.,..67....«»....96 — 232
Mrs. Cameron. 103. ...78....61 — 242
Mrs. Topham...81...113....60 - 2G4
Totals  261     260     217      728
Ml.. L. Richards II 131 110 341
Mia. 0. Hlekaabotluua ft  7*  Kl*!
That, after the 1st of January, 1916,
we will run the hotel at Perry creek
on strictly temperance lines. Good
table board and clean beds thc same
ns heretofore, to tlie travelling public
und visitors.
Thanking you for past favors and
soliciting your future patronage,
Yours respectfully,
Mountain View House,
Perry Creek, B. C. 48-Stebv,'
IN THE MATTER OF the "Land Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lots 9 und 10, Block 33 of Lot
132, Group 1
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2926-1) lias been mude to register
John Barnard as owner In fee simple
of the above lots under a conveyance
to hlm from Bnynes Luke Land Company Limited et al, dated Cth day of
November, 1914, and that unless within
30 days from the date of the first publication hereof you llie In this office
a caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens
I shall register the snld John Barnard
as owner ln fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Office.
Nelson, this 9th dny of November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of flrst publication 18th dny of
November, 1915. ,     46-4t
IN THE MATTER of the "Land Reg
istry Act" and in the matter of
Lot 1 Block 7 and Lot 6 Block 16
ol Lot 132, Group 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2899-1) lias been made to register
Conrad Lurges as owner tn fee simple
ol the above lots uuder a Conveyance
to him rrom Baynes Lake Land Company Limited et al, dated. 24th duy of
September 1914 and that unless witbin
30 days from the date of the first publication hereof you file In this office a
caveat or Certilieate of Lis Pendens I
shall register the said Conrad Lurges
us owner ln fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 8th day ot November, 1916
District Registra:
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication 2nd day of
December, 1916. 48-4t
(British Columbia)
Cranbrook, B. C.
Under and by virtue of the powers
contained ln a certain Mortgage which
will be produced at thc time ol sale
there will be offered for sale by Public Auction on Tuesday, the 14th day
of December, 1915, at the hour ol 2
o'clock hr the afternoon at the office
of Charles R. Ward, Auctioneer, of
Cranbrook, B. C, the following property, namely, city of Cranbrook, Province or British Columbia, morc particularly known as Lot No. 25 In Block
27, Map 669E.
For further particulars and condition, of sale apply to Thomas T.
Mecredy, Solicitor, Hanson Block, Baker Stree, Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this
29th day of November, 1915.
T. T. Mceredy,
48-2t        Solicitor for the Mortgagee.
is Hanson Block
• te 11 a.m.
1 tt   * ts*.
1 te  I pa.
aat Otitral Hurting
■ardaa Ava.
i ta Application
. A. SALMON, Matron
aW P. O. Box 841
Fkaa. 141 P. O. Box 681
Funeral Director snd EMbaluer
Undertaking Parlor.
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
Civil ant Mlul.g Engineer.
B. C. Land Surveyor.
the reserve existing on Lots Nos.
10366, 10368 and 11551, Kootenay District, by reason of a notice published
In lit. British Columbia Gazette on
the 27th ot December, 1907, Is cancelled, an4 that the said lands will be
opened to entry by pre-emption at 9
o'clock ln the lorenoon, on Monday,
tht 6th day ot December, 1915, all application, to be made at the office ot
the Government Acent at Cranbrook.
Department ot Lands,
Victoria, B. C,
September 24th,  1916.    39-10
IN THE MATTER OF tlle "Und Re-
gl.try Act" and ln the matter ol
Lot 3, Block 68, ot Lot 132, Oroup
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2925-1) has been made to register
Alec Charles Wright ns owner In tee
simple of the above lots under a Conveyance to hlm from Baynes Lake
Land Company, Limited et al, dated
6th duy of November, 1914, and that
unless within 30 days from the date
of the first publication hereof you Hie
In this offlce a caveat or Certilieate of
LIb Pendens I shall register the said
Alec Charles Wright as owner In fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, thl. 8th day of November,
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of flrst publication 18th day of
November, 1915. 46-4t
Capital Aathorlied  ...110,000,000*1
Cafltal.FaM Dp    1WM0M
Reserve  aat  Undivided
fretta    MH/XKMM
Account, of Corporations, Municipality. .Merchant., Farmers and
Private individuate Invited.
Draft, and Letters ot Credit luued
available In any part ol the world.
attention given to Saving. Bank Ae
counta. Depo.lt. ot |1.00 and upwards received and Intereat allowed
from date ol deposit.
A branch ls also .st.bll.hed st
Athalmer, B.C., under tht managa-
ment ot Irving C. Wedd.
Craabrook Branch
H.'W. SUPPLE, Manager
giatry Act" and In the matter ot
I/ot 1, Block 74, ot Lot 132, Group
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(No. 2941-1) haa been made to resistor Ludlow Staart Mangle ss owner la
lee simple of tbe sbeve let under   a
Bpokana, Washington
Wa believe wa
have mora regular patrons from
Brltiah Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Bpokane
On your next trip
to thia city, let ua
show you why
this ia true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates aa low
as at the mora ordinary
Bee StaUMhlp am tha Boat*
Bw Maae Ul Night Phon. II
1 Ave, atxt ta City Hall
Pbont 101 P. O. Box 33
Organist M.tbodl.t Church
■tttatvat PaiUt tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: II Norbary Ave
if you want satisfaction
with your washing
sand it to
Special prices for family
•antral Merchant
atailenuate Agcati
**. (A Bsa IN Pbont 144
no. un
Meets flrst sat tt
. Thursday, at I *
..(**** In Royal "*-
Knights ol Ireland Hell,
R, 8. Garrett, W.M.
T. O. Horsman, Ree. See.
Meet, .vary
Mondny   nlgkt
„„    ,   at    Frataraitr
Hall.     Sojourning    Oddttlltwt
eordlally Invited.
W. M. IliirrlB,     R. W. Ru.l.11,
Sec. N.G.
Cruulirook, H.C.
Mast, every Tuosduy at I p.fS- la
the Fraternity Hall
It. 0. Carr, CO.
V. M. Christian, K. R. * 8.
p. o. llox ill
visit'?.; brethren cordially bv
vltad to avi'jinJ.
Meets every second aad Itevsb
Wednesday  at   Fraternity  Eal
Sojouruing Rebekah. sertMt,
ly Invited.
Sis. C. Beiinot, N. O.
Sis. A. Hickcntotham, See.
As**. Prut, Pr.*,
Freeh Bread, Cakes, Pies
aai Paltry
Pkeae IT
Hefbary An.     Opp. Ctty Hall
L.   M.   SMITH
LadleB   and   Gentlemeu's  lints
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone 204
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Bas Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice • week
The only clarified milk In
We gaarmatee le Please
FOB: SALE CHEAP.—Gentleman's
coun cost, almost news three Middles,
sllglhtly nsedi (ear sets nl harness,
single and deable driving harness,
double sett wasting nsrnosii ero.a
est saw aai farsi tool.t one cutter,
•MM.   Apply rteae til.   t       el
Meets in Maple Mall seeSBt
and fourth Tuesday tl efts?
month at 8 p.m.
Membership   .pen  tt BiSaat
B. Y. Krai;., J. P. Lew*.
Visiting    members
Meets ln the Mapl. Hall
flrst Tuesday afternoon ol every
month nt IS p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
1'. O. llox 442
All ladles cordially invltad.
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. W.bb
For Information regarding
land, aud agriculture apply te
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Oil (11 ESTBA
Is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
rwrwardlug    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl-ltc Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braying and Tramferrlng
•liven prompt attention
Phone S3
is  open   for   engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms apply to
I'ranlirook, B. C.
Headquarter,  tor all kind, tl
Repairs   ,
taUifnctlon  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
falntJiij- ]'jli (or Wotntufi JQ it box or tbretfop
liv. (•«.<. nt nil l'niK Mon.*, or mailed torn
fWdnuouit*(>f>l[>t(i( j.ri-T.   thkBoobsu, Dim
0o,,Bt. CutliHriii-i. Oninrld. ■'
V'UHtYlfof Ni*rvn nml Htitin; increMM-'gnr
Mttar'.aTnni'- --williiitlldyoii up. II Bboi.-M
two for Jfi, nt ilniK ■mrrn, or >>y Bull *m nmm
H*fe*   TM Wiiu Dan Co., IL QtsBBmSZ


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