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Cranbrook Herald Feb 13, 1908

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Array V*
VOI.UMK   ll.
One of the Best Meetings Ever Held in ihe History
of Cranbrook
rii.< .iiiiiu.il meeting <>f Hn1 V
brook iiMiini t>i Tnwlfl look place
riighl  in Mlghtou'H hall.    Tlie ih
•t Hi.- last mooting having
load   li)   tin-  n-lniiu', societal.,  i
Dunbar,     wore tvdoplod.    The i"
.l.nl.     \l        \    Ht-iil.-,   lf.nl  llln  11-]
 I    llu- M't-n-taiv     te.nl  I lie Iln.', i.
i.'i-.n     winch wore ,mI..|i(i'.i. uml
UllC   >>1   I Ilillil, v   tolllleiCll    to   till-   II
ofllceil A   motion   WA       ...i
'in l.Msil.ir   Iht*   liirmhclship   I..-      I
VI   I.i   V|U 'I'll,-  elcilloli   ni   nlll
fiill.iWttl,   resulting   iu   [\\e   election   III
I    I-'.  M    Pinkham.  m.iii.iL'.ci  ..I     Hi
Imperial I lank ot Canada, i«i  prat
iiiiii; n   T. Rogers for vlro-proahlon
\. i,.     Mi'iviiiioi Inr sceretnrj
hcnsurci       Tho executive 11 n tie
dueled consisted ol i tie followlnji
M A. Maeilnnald, .1. I'. Kink, It
limns, M. A. Ileale, S -I. Mlghton
..ii-l W. M.  Frost.
\ communication wns rem! tro
K. Watis in reference to llio (
Truuk Pacific railway buy lug lies in
tbo States. Mi. Watts claimed thai
lhe reason tor Ihis was Iho C.P.IL
freighl rates to points in Iho provinces of Albortn ami Saskatchewan
were too hlgb. Ur. Walls enclosed
copies nl letters ho hail written tn
lire C.l'.lt, nml the railway commls-
.•oii. Tbo matter was referred In
tin- executive committee,  who     will
and    Ht
communicate uiih the ti. P. It
the railway commission.    The spore
tary of tbe Welcome Mining compflti)
v. hi. lmve largo mining interests    nt
tin-   St.    Marvs river, wrote nskluj
lbe Boaixl of Trade to usp their in
lluenec   with the   provincial govern
ment to have the wagon mad pxteml- ;i
nl from    Mcecham's, fifteen inllcs to n
Ibe company's property.    This mat- c
i.i  was also referred   fto tbe oxccii-.t
live committee. n
A letter Irom ibe Canadian Mining!
Institute Intimated tlml If tbo Board s
of Trade would liml a place for    it li
and look after il  the Institute would
.ui   turniali a tecltulcal library library ior
nul [Iho use id tbe people ol tbe -district.
Tliis was also rehired to the eiocu-
live committee,
m'|   Tin-   mal ter ol the punishing   rati
II   wii)     ployes,    under the   criminal
m\   ,(.,!.',    hu     accidents     taking    plate
.oi  llmiugh    iiuuneulary    lapses ot   uie
i-il mory, wm laken up by F. E. Simp
n sun      He   showed   that men     were
M   .nui worked inr very long   hours on
nil i all way h mid    tbat then, bring tlml
"■-. jbpj   were apt tn forget liMle things
whieh mlfthl    cause KerlouK accidents
(in.l   under    the    Canadian   criminal
cmle Iheao   mistakes were punishable
lij  long terms nf imprisonment.   On
II thei h I be pointed nut, men In
mli.'i  walks id life, who made a mistake,  were nol  held criminally     re-
Rponslhlc,      Mr. M. Macdonald   also
spoke on    this subject   veiy     fully,
■iii taking up the legal view ot tbo mat*
| ter ami suggested tbat it be left   to
\,[lhc   executive     committee   to  deal
id ; wilh, which was done.
Tbo Dominion fair to be beld at
Calgary next- July was next discussed. The executive committee will
.leil with  this matter.
Messrs. Simpson, BcftiWe and Roberl s were appointed as a sptai.il committee tn draft a constitution     and
Uy laws fnr the Hoard ol Trade.
The   question of   the ^c Hundred
lull being   amalgamated with      tbe
J t<f   Trade   was discussed, but
left in   abeyance until a    later
meeting of tlio hoard.
The railway freight rates between
Milwaukee and Cranbrook were dis-
ciissed and it was sliown tbat Cranio., nk Wiis being discriminated
against in lavor of Nelson. This
matter was handed over to tbe we-
iiitivr committee with Instructions
lo communicate with the C. p. It.
and lhe railway commission.
Itv an unanimous vote the retiring
secretary was    presented with     an
inorarftim of twenty-five dollars
The meeting then adjourned.
nt th
One of the biggest thincs that has
happened in Cranbrook during i i B
existence is the sale ot the three lota
on tho corner opposite tho Herald
building to the Dominion government
lor a federal building.
It. E. Beattie informs a representative of tlio Herald this week that a
.s*ale tiad lieen consummated with the
federal government aud that applications bad been made, not only for
the purchase ot the site bill lor
starting work un the building. Aa
tar as is known the new federal
building iu Cranbiook wit) bo
Ibitig similar to the federal b
iu Nelsmi, wlu'.ch is one ol the
In the province ol British Col
The groat increase in the post
vice in Cranlirook amt also tin
turns business, is the reason I.
government taking this action.
t'ranbntok is entitled to one
best federal buildings In the province
outside *»f the coast cities, ami \
GftUHief, lhe representative of ■
district in the Dominion parliament,
is doing everything in bis power to
give to Cranbrook and ihis dislriel
a federal building tbat will he a
credit lo tbe community.
Mr. Beattie, the postmaster, says:
"That the business of the post ollice
has increased tn such an extent during the past year that it is absolutely necessary fnr greater facilities to
lw provided, and that ho will be
mly too glad when the time comes
lhat Cranlirook shall have a federal
building tti meet the demands ol
this district. Cranhrook is one ol
the bosk towns in the Interior of
British Columbia and it is now
Dime that the Dominion governmenl
should give     Cranbrook the recogni-
>n that is coming to it as an im-
uortaot •nmmercial center. This Is
now being done, and it- is evidence o
the (att that those In authority at
Oit-awa recognize that Cranbrook is
entltlinl to federal facilities for the
handling of mail and custom mailers
'■ind it is hoped that there will be no
.nnecessary -delay in constructing a
building of a size that will he a
»redlt lo Cranbrook nnd the district."
A ciioiilar-haR been received at the
c. P, R. offices stating thai ■'
Rrownlee, who is superintendent at
Moos.- .law, will be superintended nl
Cranhrook, dating Irom Febiunrj
jjth* Mr. Brownlce will probnbl)
arrive here on the 18th.
A mooting was held nn Tuesday of
the shareholders of the Cranbrnok
Park, 1,imited, to arrange for the
sending of delegates lo Moose .law,
where a meeting took place on Wednesday, of -horsemen from Saskatchewan,    Alberta and Eastern    Hritish
i , >, -n     Feh   l" -Tho Times   this Columbia, to arrange n racing circuit.
l.tslHgi, i-eii. l-.-ino limes W» u is ^0]wi ihM Arrangements can
moruing publishes a long «spatcb j j*. maij0 to have a two days meet in
rev lowing the events iu Portugal. It:Cranbrook in May and a three    days
-s that tbe situation is improving meet in the fall in connection    wit
■lailv    and   that the government ad-j|he fruit fair.    Messrs. .lames Ryan
here's lo its   policv of consideration,iand V.    A.  Rollins   wen- appointed
lut   that it    would be a   mistake Undelegates and left for Moose Jaw on
iMHider all danger over. .Tuesday's train.
Yesterday was the anniversary of
tho birth nl Abraham Lincoln. " Lincoln wtu. horn on February Uth,
1809, near Hodgerville, Kentucky.
He became president in 18fiO and was
assassinated in Ford's theater, Washington, D.C., on April 14th, 1866, by
John Wilkes Booth, nn act-nr. In an
article jn the Kebruary number of
tho American magazine, entitled Lincoln's boyhood, Eleanor Atkinson
had, in 181ft, witli Lincoln19 cousin
and playmate, Dermis Hanks. The
article is brim full of stories of
Lincoln's early days. Speaking of
Lincoln's hive of learning, Hanks
>,.\ \he would say; "Deny the
things 1 want to know aie m books,
Mi tiesi Itieiid is tlm man who'll iti'
me one " Well, books wasn't as
pint) ,t> wild cats, but i gnt bim
..ne bj . nt tin' cord wood, ll had a
loi of varus in il. "Abe," sftys I
in..ni .. time, tliem >.irns is ail
LIoh." "Mighty darned good liis,"
he'd say, ultenay, when a story
Cams vnu a good lesson, It aU'ti no
lie " Dennis Ilnnk thus d -rrlbes
how he hoard of Lincoln's de. **, and
how be communicated the news    to
Sarah Hush, Lincoln's stepmother:
"1 lieord nf it this a way. I was
sitting in my shnp pegging away al
a shoe wen a man cam in an' said:
•'Dennis, Honest Abo is dead. Dead,
dead. Old Abe dead. I keep saying to myself. My God, It ain't so.
I went out to see Aunt Sahry and
said toiler: Aunt Snlvry, Abe's dead"
"Yes, I know," sea she.    "I've heen
for it.     I   knowed     they'd
bim." Ami sho asked no mie1
l-ions. The article concludes witu
Dennis Hanks saying: "Thai was
list, one thing Ahe Lincoln d'.
know; he didn't know how to be
in, to ilo a mean thing, or think
ol a mean thought. When Ood made-
Old Abe Ue left that ont for other
to divide up among 'em."
Abdul .\7i/.. Sultan of Turkey, June
•I, ISTfi.
Mohemet AU, Pasha, bv Albanians,
Sept. 7, 18j8.
Alexander II., of Russia, killed bj
explosion of a bomb at St. Petersburg, March 13, 1881.
James A. Garfield, president nl Ohj
United states, shot by Charles Jules
(iuiieau,   Washington,   July 3, in1-!
Died Sept. 19, 1881.
Everything Moving Smoothly and the People
are Pleased
Marie Francois Carnot, p
France, June 21,  1894
i.lei.l  of
h'lb of Persia, Mm  l
Vancouver, Feb. 12.—A special from
Victoria to tho World says:
lt is understood that James   Dunsmuir will retire from office soon after
he close ol the present session.    He
would    retire at once, so weary    is
be of tho fierce light which has   been
ting about his Dnrt-iou-Ui     throne
lately, but ii>«- splendid new home he
liiiiltiing is not quite ready.     It is
Hirst inn, however, whether or   not
be will endure the situation even for
lhe few weeks which the session   has
still   to run.       Much depends upnn'
lhe     premier In   preventing the fen-j
qtliry Into   the actions tor which the
opposition is     pressing.     As       the
premier does not     want, the enquiry
himself they bave a common interest
in staving it off.     Tho understanding'
seems to he that the lieutenant   Willi
go out into the   wilderness and-   by j
carrying the   unconstitutional .errors
..f the government with bim if in lbe!
meantime tho premier wilt hold   the
foe at bay in   the legislative assem-'.
Juan l-liaiio Hnrdu, presided nf
Uruguay, Aug. 35, 1897.
Jose Maria Rewna Barrios, president of OuatHinalii, Feb. 8. 1898.
Empress Elizabeth ol Austria,
stabbed, Sept.  10, 1R!18.
Humbert, king of Italv, shot Julv!
2H,  1900.
Wm. MoKinley, president of      ■
United States, shot a I Buffalo, Sept
fi, 1091   hy Leon   Czolgosz, an nnnr-
Kin?; Alexander and Queen Drags
of Servla, assassinated June in,
Victoria, B. C, Feh. 7.—Premier
MeBride today announced a bill providing for two ministers instead .■(
In the lauds and works depart*
ment. The Hon. Mr. Fulton w
retain the lirst position, and the
losl for the other 'is hetween Price
Ellison, ot Okanangau» Thomas Tavlor, nf Revdstoke, the Conservative
whip; and W. R. Ross, member fnr
Tbo council met last ruesdav tup. The opmmtttee Intend to .tsk
night at i.io in the council chamber, for further powers which will be
Ihere were present his worship the dealt with in ,. bylaw to be submitted
uiu vol and Aldermen Hum, Johnson (at ihe next regular meeting. iMti
and Henderson. Tbe minutes of ihe the above reports were adopted
meeting of Kebruary rub wero read Alderman Hum asked the \ n\
■<"•- adopted. i \vrk    u.lX.    much taxes were    out-
Mderman  Hunt   read  the  report of standing on December Slsl     last for
lhe   Me and    police commit iee      asjtbe years 1906 and  1807.     Ml    Rob-
follows: The fire and police committee .its replied, foi  1908   $145 83     and
beg to report on the piuposed     now!tot 1907 $1293.02      The council dig-
rules .md regulations as proposed   by cussed tlw advisability nf holding   .t
the   fire department   and recommend tax Bale to recover utese    amounts
Uiat  they be adopted and    that   the This    .mer wi.l he bi outfit up it1 a
council approve thu officers as select- future meeting.
i.i.     lu connection with the lease ol     AWerman     Hunt    moved secondeJ
in.-   provincial lock     up Mr-     Arm-.,     Alderman Henderson ami earritJ
ng bas promised to consult with that tbe accounts ol  A.  Doyle    and
government ot Mm province    In McCallum a Co. be paid,
"uitter. Alderman Hunt moved seconded by
health committee reportedIA deiman Henderson that bylaw iNo.
iImt they had visited the Chinese 15. being the temporary loan bylaw
-,..arter and the alleys in the center 1908, be reconsidered and finally pas-
i the city. Some nf the Chinese sed and was adopted. This was
ioiisis were found to be overcrowded carried.
uifl dirty, chicken houses, being, In Alderman lLmt gave *>tlcv
■ome instances, adjoining the dwell-jhe would al the next regular meet nn
ng, Instructions were given in of the council, introduce a bylaw to
ai.h case In clean up. Tim com- Impose a road t.,x on atl residents oi
uittoo found several alleys and yards the citv who were not taxed on real
u n dirty condition and Instructed property.
in   owners ot tenants to clean them     The ooi
Just as tlie Herald goes to press
this evening the finals of the Cosmopolitan trophy have been played, resulting in tbe Cameron rink winning
the much coveted cup presenl ed by
E. IL Small and the (our silver topped tobacco jars donated by A. i\
Ottawa, Feb. 13.—It is learned this
afternoon that Federal authorities
will disallow tbe British Columbia
Natal  Act.
[Medicine Hal News.)
Locomotive Foreman J C. Reid has
been transferred to Cranbrook, being
succeeded in Medicine Hat yard by
Arthur Mallluson, of Moose Jaw. Mr.[
Bold is a son of former Master Mo-
ol,an 10 Held, nt Winnipeg, and consequently the mime is a familiar one
amongst all the old timers in western
rail rnad   Circles, His     popularity
amongst the engineers and lire men at
this point was evidenced oil Monday
evening when a smoker was given in
his honor in the large apartment
which is to form the new bat for the
Royal hotel About lifty ol the mn'
were present and a very merry even-;
Ing wiis passed. Not the least Interesting feature of tbe program was the
presentation to Mr. Reid of a a-»ni|
locket and chain and a silver tea service. The presentation was made on
behalf of the engineers aud firemen by
Trainmaster John A. Cameron and
Paymaster Adam Hohkirk
The Herald is Informed thai Mr.
Krickson will take ohargo ol the lumber and tie interests ol *»'•■ •' '' ilia British r-otinbia and his firsl
duly wiU tie to supervise the opcta-
tlon of the mill at Wardner. known
as tb« Parker-Thorpe mill Mi
Krickson has been with the C. P I!
for many years, he is a man ol unusual executive abtiity. one who understands men and bas made a success as a railroad man from the
time that he staru<d many years ago
to u.e present day. He has been
one who has treated the men under
him in a fair and just manner, ami
there is no employe of the C IV R,
today who has worked under Mr.
Krickson but what has The .
praise to give for his treatment.
Th>' Herald trusts that in his new
field of labor Mr. Erickson will Unit
congenial employment and extends
tbe wish thai every success mav attend him
J ViViy*
A.   L.   McDERMOT
PHONE   17
CRANBROOK,   B.   C. THK   lllANII.ll.il    lll.li.Al.li
■  I. WA1IEB, Pr.sld.nt
*XU   LAIRD, Gelieml M-iia_*-r
A. ft. IRELAND, Supciiiiicuilciit «.
Ktl.llJ.-iUH, IMI
Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
irancits throuEhout CanaJa. and In Ihe Unite* Slates *»i ElflUt
_ .  **
Dc,,i.»its »l SI nnd upwarU*. received, aud Inure*, allswtel •<
current rates. The Je|n>«it..r is Hubitct l>. no delay whatever la
Um wllhilrawal ol tlie whole or auy portioa al Ih* tt*.***
A Wilite Mini's BsUblinlimenl kun inr While Men and I utile-.
•■|i comes as ii liii.ni nn.l ;. liliwsiiiK, y>- kt-n.
Bly's I-.' ..'.-I...-I, liiiii-li for ill- l.nsitii'-si. men "
! Merchant's Lunch irom lli.lll lo Mm daily, 25 cents. Sh.tri ;;
; Orders al  times.    Parties,   Halls. Banquets, Smokers, .;
Weddinxs and oilier ciilertai.ime.its catered lor wilh nr *
. without service.
• "PtWay nigM is Eagles night,"
find Insl Friday night, was nn Eagle
night without douW. To lhc accompaniment ot pipes and tobacco an
excellent programme was rendered a.
the Bdison theatre. Some very excellent moving picture, were shown
llu- .1. A. Urin, manager nt tlie
j-theatre. Musical numbers ..pre
i rendered by Professor Clarence Washington, Steward and Lewis anil
11kmnin,-:'-* nut- man band. P l-ecves
was iu particularly £n.-d voice and
di.l till! justice to "Queen ot the
Earth," "Honey Time," "Soldiers ot
ihe Kin*;." and several other selections, .t. Fa-irbrothei rendered several teii'ir solos. Sinclon McCoy,
the inimitable i-.-ime.lian. was encored
over an-l over asaln. His Scottish
anl Hibernian ditties are excrusial-
ind. funny. "Clint" McDonald
lin-uglit down tbe house with his
liutch eli-u: dancing. Foster Thomas
sanu a number ol English comlo
songs. Master Lincoln Smith, as
.m Irish comedian was splendid and
his latin r Charles Smith's song descriptive of ii hayseed al 'he circus
iiiis vere much enjoyed. The singing
i.f "The Mi.pl>- Leaf" bj ihf entire
audience was quite n feature. A
v,-n enjoyable linie was spent. -LIO.
Darts mattes nn Itloal chiiirra.ui. bavin- thai knack i.l lieepinj an audience
lu good humor all the time. The entertainment closed with .i s-luirt talk
Irom Thomas Cole, the president of
the Ragles lodge ami the s-im-in*. -of
tho National Anthem. II is understood that Mn- Ragles *''" eiv<'
anotl.,-1  smoker shortly
160 acres of i.lonl l-'liUT LAND, within n miles of Cran-
brook, .'nn In.- irrigated willi cory small expense.
ila pi-r acre, on g I terms.
II neres ol' Kilt IT LASH, one mile (rou. Cranbrook; --' i locality    I'm lree_ ulri-ndy lieeled
in f.ir plnnting in s|irinu $l.U0O
mu in.,., ,,r EXCELLENT LAND, |>arlly anitable fnr Fruit,
and partly for Whent, Dlny, elc    t-.itiini.-rl on u Railway
siding fn properl-     Good creek running through the land
Goad ii,.iel.,-t for nil produce    Wnuld make an I.W1 dairy
(aim     Price,  $21) por auri-
Family   Groceries ij
'ilnii embraces :i ureal iieiny tiling*, and a Iln would flit o
newspaper.   Su we .imply ivuni i iprewi the fact tliatom
stock embraces till ih.- lin...- n,.|..le.l in a home am. iiHiiallv
carried In a Ol ry.
.Ve strive to have nil grouts delivered pminpfh'.   Telephone
.rilers -oli.-in-l.
J.  nANNING.TvK0::
' <
. >..
. >..
, .<.
. i..
. I..
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************»
Thu besl wearing and quickest
ctittiiiK stones. We have them
tor all  purposes,
BEDS Springs
Mattresses     Comforters     Pillows j;
Rugs      Mais      Linoleums
Dresser and Stands Tables «|
N. Hanson, ol Wasa, wenl lo Spo
kane on Tuesday.
.1. Brown, ,,f Wardner, was in
Cranlirook on Kriday.
T. T. McVittie, ol Poll Steele, w.i-
■n Cranbrook on Friday.
..rant itilanger, of Marysville, was
lin Cranbrook on Monday.
It. If. Il.fi.nl. oi U'ji.lifi n-ns ii
Cranbrook on business on Prldnj last
ll. I-:. He.iti.ie returned from III:
business trip to Winnipeg on Sunday
W. E. Gurd returned from liis Imsi
l Albert (loodell, manager ol the
I smelter at Marysville, and .lames
] .'inlay, superintendent of the Sullivan
mine, left for a . business .visit to
Spokane on Sunday.
Wagsbaifqs homemade jams are the
finest that money can buy. The
formula -is simple, just sugar and
fruit, hut they are made by an expert.    Pink sells tbem.
P. IL Pearson, his wife and two
daughters, ot .lalfray, came into
Cranlirook on Tuesday. One of tbe
Miss Pearson's had' to undergo a
slight opera-.ion at tile hospital.
N. Hanson, of Wasa, was in Cranhrook on Monday arranging for the
purchase of a lot on Duriek avenue.
..n which lie will erect a garage for
his   iiilloiiiotiile ivheli he   i-onies     to
Tho llernld is in receipt, of a letter
from the Manitoba Free Press, extracts from which are as follows:
"It keeps our staff working night and
day to keep np with the number of
subscriptions aud renewals coming In.
fn connection with the Family lleralil we would say that quite a number of complaints have reached us,
which we promptlv reported. The
Herald replied that the amount of
business that had reached them prov
ed more than they expected, and ow-
n^ to some indisposition on the
purl of members of their stab, they
li.id got behind, hut, assured us that
Ihey would see tn it that, subscribers
got' all that nas coming to them
oven though then- might he some de-
l.iv in starting. The Herald believes tlial from- now ou there will
be no trouble, but should any oi the
subscribers fail to receive their papers, we shaf lhc pleased if thev wtll
noli.-* us.
i. P. Hill, managing director ol
llie Hillcrcst eoal mines, accompanied
b) Mrs. Hill, was in Cranbrook
spending Sunday with Superintendent
and Mrs. Erickson. Mr. Hill
when sen by a representative ol the
llcrnld, said: "1 expect, to sec Hill
crest oue of the best, towns in Smith
Western Alberta. There ate five
producing coat mines within a mile
■i the lownsite. The payrolls irom
these mines amounts to $100,000 per
month. Lots in the townsite. ol
[T,lli.rest will not, be put on the
market until the. general meeting ol
the companv has been held in Mar
.tier that ' prices will be announced
.il the lots put ou the inamct
There are already forty-seven buildings on the townsite and „
hotel is linished and tbe furniture is
■being- instalttd.- "Hillcresfcoal,
concluded Mr. Hill, "is the be!
steam coal in Canada. lt bums to
a -a bite ash and is absolutely free
from clinkers."
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd. ii
An Optimistic, club has been formed
.. Cranbrook and bas adopted the
following as its quaiilicatiou.:
The man who never makes any mistakes never males anything else.
Before money was invented, some
people were happy.
Shako bands as though you    meant
and smile.
(to    bury thy    sorrows, the world
as its share.    .lust smile.
When in doubt take Optimistic
views. Nobody can really harm you
.ut yourself.
You are under obligation to every
man on earth.
Hard luck stories are like overdue
In the realm ot the birds, the lark
s the Optimist, the crow is the pes-
s mist.    Why be a crow?
Born—At Craubrook nn February
5, 190S, to Mr. and Mrs. Livingston,
a daughter.
Born—At Cherry Creek on February
7, 11.08, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Parker, a son.
Born—At Moyie on February 7.
11108, to Mr. and Mrs. II. Saunders, a
Horn—At Cranbrook on February 7,
111.18, to Mr   and Mrs. R  Tavlor,   a
a    il.n
... last
,;iiiil unshoe
icM.-lci,   lll.tlli
ic iln- drat nl
less trip in tlit?
W. .1. Allen and E.
"f Marysville, wero In
P. K. Coke, ..I Poll Steel
il.-iiic; liusiiiess in Cranbrook
■I. Brock, ,.f Crcston, spent
in     Ci-iititit'noli     .,1   tbe    cm
. You ch,inst- lhe si vie      We
hv the i|iiiilill  nl llie .1   T. I!
W.   II.    Wilson,   lhe
liis regtitiii nip tu M
'he iveek.
F.     (Cl.lt.llCl    lliis   ei.111111,-,1
house hi  sickiii-s ui   llie
ihe week.
Cniidileli.i .1. I-:, McKiill.tin-
it if tei iv .1 in the Lethbridge
M. A. McDonald returned in,
■ii on Sunday, where he bad I
egal business.
Maurice ijiiiiiu
ville this week p
line into shape.
Take advanlaj
bonis ou Friday and Saturday n
U.T.R. shoe shop.
P. Lund, passed     Ihroiigh
brook mi   his   way homo from
eoosl on Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs. I-i. Ke.14.1n. ..! M
olllo, were in Crunl I. ..I   iln
ginning ni the week.
Imperial Bank of Canada i
$4,860,000   -
I'linil Hook, w Im works in one
P. II.   Pearson's     tio camps at ,
fi.iy, liml tln> misfortune tti cut
fool h.nlly and was litoughl  to
St. Eugene hospital fm- treatment
We dn not  claim
ts large
-I. .111. 'Si n:
I.l    sti.li-
llll- I'O.
mt   we  du .'li.im   to Ci
id     bcIcoI  ;i variety
i.i Imported groceries
11 ttir west —Fini. Mer
Savings Bank Department
Intents, allowed on Deposits Irom dale ol deposit
Cranbrook Branch -. J. F. M. PINKHAM. Mgr.
.. M.i 1
nf   Ilir  ■
nil  S.illi
FOR   SAI.I-.-Tliu-i-
le>s    ncirly    new.
Mi'fi'lrton. tobacconist,
Apply     i
!    THK HAI,I. MINKS Tlt-H'm.!'-     I
Holierl S. liny, ol Victoria, Ims
licon iippninuil receiver Uy tin- Bliaro
{holders nml bonifiioMers nf the Hall
I Mines, Mmlttwl. I' Is " pity to sit
. mining company that has luvn iu
iiisiiicss stt long in the KOotennys n»»
.. the Willi. It is lhe n-petitinii of .1
.tor)* that has been told many times,
n.l- ..niv in Camilla hut in the other
■ninnies. An old-fnshioncd iuwl con-
icrvnHvo lionrd (if directors sit in
.c hoard room of the company's
London olllco and, from there, direct
lie operations of the company's
nines ami smelters 6,000 miles across
land and sen. Modern methods are
luhoned   annul.:   I don   direetnrs     oi
ni..ing companies, so that  it is nnt
iirnugo thai companies managed     in
h s way cannot compete witli tlioso
i.n.iKi.l on  tho spot  hy  live,     wide
■•   men    who know the business
n-iii a practical standpoint and   ante given .1   free baud tn carry
ml   iheir ideas.     II   is tu he    hoped
ti   ihe    receivership  will lie     only
11.11 tracy  and    that the affairs    nf
In- company will be straightened oul
■ 1.  Hall.
yards nf
liis famih
whn -has charge nf
Frank, spent  Sundaj
in Crnnbrook.
\. Cb.1pm.1n lefl  fni a
,d that
ike their   plai
ins nf ihe K.
Hall mines will again
'i' among the leading
il -
Try  a   Case uf
Two  Dozen   Pints   $2,511
Eqoiil  l" tiiiiniii.ss'.   Tho finest   b»vnrago on  tlif*  market
tot family and table use.    Imparls vigor anH
health, and tones up tin: Imrly irenfrally
Brf.'W(;f, Oanbrocik.  K. (l  |!
R \i:i! W.    OK  OLIVER nunoE
lbe fuiif-rul ot Olivet Burgfl took
place from tlie residence ol his
dnu^ilrr, Mrs E- R. Day, at Kalis
pell, Montana, on Sunday, the 2nd
in.iaiil under the direction oi Uw
Knights of Pythias. Services were
held at. thp First Methodiit church
and the iulcrment took place iu the
cemetery at Kallapoll. Mrs. Hurge
will remain witb her daughter in
Kalispidl until spring, when most
likely sto will visit in Cranbrook
with her son Arthur.
im-nths visit    to   his In
Ontario, on  Friday last.
.iui- Walsh, provincial eoi
Full Sti-cle, was in Cran
illi.-i.il ii-1-..ni-ss on Fridaj.
Mis. \. Hyde Hai,.. led
coast Inst Alonda) and
tin-re for about three weeks.
V. Hide Baker lefl mr Spokane 01
Tiii-mLi-, nn business connected will
tbe natter Lumber company.
.loe Walsh, provincial constable ,>
Fori Steele. wenl t.. Klku ■ 1
constabulary business un Sunday.
■I. Dulmage, manager ol the Kobln
iun-iMoKenzTc Luinbor companj, re
turned Horn lhc Ciisf on Saturday,
A. Leitclt and wife returned Iron
Vieioria mi Monhiiy, when- Mr
Leltch has been on lumber business,
■I. Wri-ghi, englneei' for the t'i.a\>
Nest Pass Lumber company, a
Wardaer. visited Crnnbrook ui, pri
iv. II. Miincr, nf Winnipeg, Man.
.vhu'-vjwnt several days in Cranhrool
last iveek, left for his home 011 Sun
IVunUyi  and Clapp arc  filling     al
ic ice bouses in town with the verj
..■st of ieo from tbe watei wnrki
Finks have three ilistincl pattorm
in Limoges china—all received sinci
New Vear—baby rose, iluseliene am
Fleur ile Us.
One of the CP.R. engines fell Into
the turn table pit on Sunday. It
was hauled out by three other engines
at about 7 p.m.
Good ■' -coal stove fnr sale cheap,
inly used part of one season.       Foi
.le cheap. Apply  -1.   II.   lleuder-
011. Cranbrook, B.C. -IT
Take a trip to Dntvson over nne id
the finest routes in the world bv at
tending Hie Presbyterian church Friday night, February Uth.
Over one thousand pairs of bouts,
shoos 11ml slippers added to our stock
during the last week.—O. 'I'. R. shoe
On  account   of the immense     value
f irrigation lhe ranchers throughout
■ his district nre making a move    t"
n-iali means tu Irrigate their lands,
hrough the introduction ..1    the
..11 banks- Morse     gasoline     engines,
..nd   pumping outfits,     It  lies within
•as)   reach of all.        Patmore Bros ,
agents lur the distriet, are figuring ou
iiiitiug in a    number nf these plants
this season, and    will send a catalo
ae and Information tu anyone inter
■ ltd upon request       Si*  tbem.    IIO
William Jennings Bryan was a gucsl
ol tbe Canadian clttn in Montreal
last Momlay. With liis usual energy
Mr. Bryan met all the prominent
peuple, su its in tfot in touch with
things Canadian, lie said tbat tarifi
rofonn would be tine of tbe most
important issues al the forthcoming
presidential oQleotion.
the    well
ZKtf'S     WELL
(Special in the Herald.)
Spokane, Feb. Iflth.—Forty members of the Dramatic Order ol
Knights of K'horassen will leave here
tor Cranbrook, where they will arrive on the 22nd Inst. Tbe camels,
the nsscs and the tiger are all getting into first-class shape for the
trip and. it Is certain tbat /em
Zem's well will be opened on the
MEhT.of the 22nd.
Bed, bureau and    wash stand, din-
ng room    table and chairs, kitchen
•abinet,   heattog stove   and ' "ibany   .,   _
articles.     Call at    house1 on   Baker the stearn   log
Hill.-M?i. W. J. AtoWson.
P. .1. linnet I,
travel ier. for ilie
company, was in
Word lias lieen received    Irom
F. E, King at Pasadena, California,
saying that Mrs. Kinc is much    improved iu health.
Oood coal stove fur sale cheap.
f>n!y used part of one season. For
sale cheap. Applv .1. B. Mender-
on, Crnnbrook,  B.C. 47
Finks have just put on display an
assortment of German chlnn in head
novelties, banded in mandarin and
gold—something very unique.
Keep ynur fool dry without rub
hers by wearing waterpruuf boots,
lighi in weight. We guarantee the
qiinllty.-G-, T. It. shoo simp
A.   .1      King, 1.1 Knllspell. M..1.1 .
was at the Vosmopolltau ..it Momln)
Mr   King has     a large  he ennlrnel
foi the Ureal. Nniiliein lailw.i*,
Maurice QUftln'a elcclric aniniiinbile
may he ;wn on tbe streets these
Bveninga It is a splendid machine—
titr thaw.iig Iro/en water pipes
Oeorge Gear), wlm hns been \,-i t
■•ick in ihe hospital lor two weeks, is
improving. Mi. ..can's mam
■Hoitds will  he glad  In hear lliis
Finks are nlteruig a ninety-seven
piece under el.i/e dinner set lor
SllLOfl in -throe colors, peaenck, blue
ni green     This is excellent value.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Atchison will
leave fnr California 11s soon as Mt.
Atchison is lit to travel. Thev will
go hy oasy stages to Los Angeles ami
tl. L. McCrca has decorated nne 1.1"
the windows at Beattie A' Atchison's
for Valentines day.     It is a wnrk of
art and   must     be seen  to hn
Otis Staples ami Dr. F. W. Green
left for Nelson 011 Monday to attend
tbe trial of the ense of Mr. Nelsnn
against the Otis Staples Lumbei
company. Mr. Nelson is suing or
$3,;1<10 damages for n broken shoulder, which he got whilst engineer of
loader.      Dr. Green
Services uii Sunday at 11 a.m. ami
(.UO p.m. also Sunday school and
Bible class at '$ in the afternoon.
Morning subject: '"The New Birth,"
and the evening subject: "The Con-
icrsiuu of the Ethiopian." A baptismal service will be conducted    M
tie    close    ot the evening meeting.
ome!     All are welcome.
\ft.r a hot debate in the    Albc
■ a bill was passed to have   the
(lag    exhibited in the schools of   Uw
province ami that  lessons iu patriotism be given.
There was a young man from Sirdai
Wlm sang as he played the guitar:
'"When married we he
My sweetheart and me,
lur beverage will he G.T.R."
line your blower system put iu
first-class condition for the season.
Ae can save yuu money—WE KNOW
MoW—Patmore Bros.
l:or Rales, see
Real lislatc
Get Your 1908 Diarr :
If ymi lmve no.-nr liopi n .linn, tvliy uni sli.it Inn. l»i .-in.l *
ki'i-p .-> ivi.ir.1 of Ih,. ilnily i-v.-ni* (lliriilif lli,- n-m-     It Ink.—. ♦
M-i-v li.lli' I inn  .--.. 'h iiinlit. Iipfniyi n-lii-inu in jnl .l.nin   lli.- *
priiuiipiil liii|)|K'ujiigs nl iiu-liny, ninl it'« n jjiviit pii-nBiirc nl ♦
Iln- find of th,- yi-nr tt. ItmL th»- lii,i,k i.t.'r   Si.iti.-liin.-s I'fieonl. *
of lliis kind prove nf pri-nt vnlni'. ♦
I..-I ii. .I,..,,  I.... ..in  due line ..I ItWl.. l.li.n- *
Iliil,l„,lll-,l  |Iiukk>>.s                                       l-lliillt- 74 ♦
TKI.K.lliAPHS   AM) TI.I.I--
PH0NR s6     , itv STORE
.-Staple and Fancy Groceries
''..n.l.i.i im
Klii|.ll   nil,".
Iim.nun null.-, ol li'li
ii-iliiinl inul cftble.
niinort telegraph linen
., 'H.ili'i iiiili-s
uiu    Ims   I III.linn mil,...
iinil li'li.pliiiiir wires.
I.If!  I..|i.|..i..|)li  .1.
'' uiu ecmtrllnitMl lin-s,-
... Hn- nll-llhiisli l-aniir call
''..iiii'ilii's iniliiitiv.- m.iil..
iln- _rint .-i...-rprls*,-
i'.liiiinl invertte
graphs 7 milljniis
Cm...li.ni  IH..
Ihis ll   wirnlrm ii-l<*;
Over tliiity roars ivro
iiivi-ntcil tin. telephone
llr.ili.nii Hell
it  Itriinttnrit.
Hell  Icleiiliniie instiiimoiii. in     use
in .'niiinlii, nenrlv inn.rum.
•'nil. million telephone messanes were
..-in in mar,.
west to give expert testimony.
There is   one   telephone to
li nt iii.piiliitiiin.
There ate   over   200,000 miles '
telephone -wire* in Canada. ..
. Ill*:  l.irKe.l  .Stuck ul l-'an.y Apples ill lhc City,
► I'nuiiy footling, |«i Ih«     $2.25
t-'iin.-y Cooking iti.il Killing, |iei- liox    $2.50
i:.lm l-iiiii-y Haling, per bos    $2.75
tii usk aim: ciioick ptook ami auk bum. to i-lhask you  5
Campbell & Hanning 1
If ymi WUllt 1'lot hi nt; tlial is "(-Jilt I'Mp'" mi iiiinio,
(iilt RiIk*'" in material mul "(Jilt- IJMnn  in  iimkti.
cull mul m>e our NKW   STOCK nf  Itomly Made
I'Nl.ii.K. JI.'l.T UKI'KIVKI*.   AIH'  Mmle
Leask (®, Henderson
.1 ♦
A. C.   Bowness!
Wlinliisiiln lli'iilt-i- in
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
J!     We make a .specialty of giving; prompt
attention to Mail Orders J
********************** **********
,.. >
, .<>
... >
,.. i
, to
< io
< 1.1
For Your Winter Supply of
• • I
All orders will receive prompt
and immediate attention
Telephone 102
P. 'I. Box 786
N.'H Mniiimomo.il
Improved in Evory Way
Craiilirntik,   II. C.
HI'ST, ..NIJI.IJN. I'rciprli'tor
Our .Nl.,ll.,: -Tin- 11,-sl is N. Tnnfl I."
- Manitoba Hotel
* Headquarters for
*f Lumbermen
tl ...
TlieMiinltolmiH rent rally loimLml itii.llu.Hittii.of tliohestitiniujiroouis
in tin- clly,   The Imr is 8itpp|ietl with Hid Ih»b( of Liquors and Cigars
Hotel s> s
tiiifnis Comfurl a Specially
(innd Si5hlinjr In Contwillna
Nenri-m u. rsllrnml ami depot      Um* iic-com auxin*
tlnnn   foi   thi-   pittilic  unequalled   In  Crnnbrook.
Hul and Citlil Rath-
Hoggarth & Rollins
-f >'|"|"|"|"|' |"|  | ■|"r'|"l-H"l-"|"|"I*TT"I*tttH
The Cosmopolitan;j
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
H+-H-M--M-H-I-I-I l-H-H I'M j-H-M11
.. I-4-M-4-+44-
Nice Poultry for Sunday Dinners
Many Kinds of lish
Pine Fresh Creamery Butter
P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
I'IIONI: Ml. to
Rambling Reveries
**e ure afraid that oui domestic
lift- in this country will not bear
looking into. We lear ih.it out
houses will nol in- found tu bave
unity, and to express Uie bust
ihou'fiht. Tin- household, Hit- calling,
tlu- friendships of thu citizen nro not
homogeneous. Ilis house ought io
show us his honest opinion nf
iii;. well-beginning consists i
hi' rests among Ins kindred, a
get alt affection, all complianc
even all exertion ol will. Me
homo thither wlmtevci comn
aiMl ornaments have foi years
his pursuit, and Ins charnctci
Soon lie in iliein. Uut wli.il
predominates in our houses',
first, thfii convenience ami pleasure
Tako off the rools Irmn street to
street, and we shall seldom find lbe
temple of any higher god lhan Prudence. The progress ol domestic
ing has Net-ii in cleanliness
ation, in heal tti, in decorum, in
countless moans and mis ol comfort, in the concentration ol all the
nullities of every clime In each house,
They are arranged foi low benefits
Tbe houses ol tlie rich aie cnnleel oners' shops, where wc gel h weet meats
and wine; tlie houses ..I ll.e pool nre
Imitations of those to the extent of
llii'it ability Willi these ends.
housekeeping Is noi beautiful; it
cheers and raises nelthei tho bus-
band, the wife noi ibe child; nelthei
tbe host, nm the guest; it oppresses
Women, A bouse kept to llu end of
prudence is laborious \\ llhuut joy;
n tHiii.se kept to tbe end of illsplaj is
impossible to all but a few women,
and their success is dearh   bought.
mi the day ol the opeuiug of tbe legislature, when tbe lieutenant governor
entered the house, all mwnljvrK lose.
.Wi. Hawthornthwaite alone remained
seated. At tbe prayer the latter
stood, however, and an hour later;
meeting a iellow mctabet in the
lobby, tbe K. M. i-*i<*
'I noticed you stood during pray-mutely the same price.    Th
el" that is lar away possesses -,i f
"Yes; why no*?"     answered    the tion for most of us.    There art
Socialist. people    for   whom    an article
'■'Oh, it was the first time I    ever comes from    Montreal, Toronl
knew you to admit there w».s a    ri*-1 Winnipeg has an enhanced
lhi>iiig from the mail order Imn
Is a habit, yes, a mama witb go
peopl,.. People in the west vi
often buy goods Irom the mail on
houses that may to brought Irom I
merchants in.   the town for appro
r Rcing t-o yourself."
111  v.-nlil
Tlio true mission of this j.
(trnernl and ihis fiopnt'.lnt-lti
tii'uliir, in tills wonderful im.
fir.SS..iti to 1)1'      lUitf-llitliilllol;
charity towards nil, nml mr-
wanls none" It s|it-nlis I
lioldly lor tlin I null's suiil', i
ishes justice iifi tilt- it|i|il(. nt
It seeks by the prospcrlly
principles ami right liuum
lic useful us well as p.iiiiil.ir.
up truth .-mil (ear down
short, to improve nml t-n
well as to please an.l eulnrl
n    p.ir-
iil pro-
ee toil Irntli
il t-ln-i-
l-l,. I..
I.. Imilil
iiolile, as
lli-- I'. P. R. art golcg to spaad
1150,000 at OcwhI FviU let _. aew
round   -,-t_.c  _._,J    other   Unpru.-*-
| 'tin- Port Kssingtoo Hns tat, ->a*
.ttounccd It.- iu.tDM.Kt r-f rcntoviotj  to
I'riucc Uupert .-shortly and *U. pgt>-
i Iisli    a daily   ps.pt. at the U. T. P.
luminal eity. The editor will lave bis
liamla lull imuisK a pupu In opposi-
iii.ii tu Ji-.u Houstoa.
| An American cumpaay ts li^t-uricij oa
driving a tunae. live miles under the
i Phoenix hill tapping the Or-aaby aitd
! other mines.
'llie annual uiA-iin,. ot tht Crown
Ni*st I'as.s Coal company takes place
ti.ilat in Toronto, Ont.
Coal oil was struck ia the Okana.
K-.ni in lhc .Holler ami Thomas prop-
t-rty ut a depth oi 2d0 leet.
Tlni Umpire Printing anau.af has
lieen iueorporuU-d to take over the
Prince Rupert Umpire irom .lohn
The city oi Trail doc_u't owu a
cent uml has Situs in the bank. They
might to pave their streets.
I f liiuese working iu the Kolowua
lobaccn compeay'i* factory bave beet,
(lischargcd and replaced by wltit
1,'XHAPPV MA lllll tflKS
.Iniiii Houston will surely
nisi, mayor ol i'risce l.upert.
he   thr
The universal expectntion of   niiii--
ried ppople is Hint their mnrrleil lives
wilt always he happy ones.     Iielmleil
dreamers!'    They iitiae,iiii' llial    they
are different from other pi
that when 1-liev enter  lhe  portal    i.f
matrimony, love, pence ami prosperity    will   ever he llieir   attendants.
Such ones had better hy lin- consider
themselves the same as oliiers,    bin
torni iron resolutions thai will   keep the
them   from   dangerous coasls    upon
which so many have been wrecked ami
ruined.     t'nha|i|ii-    inurriaircs ib-pemi
upon many causes.    Previous in uuir-
riapte. maiiy try lo nppeat   more intellectual, more iiiuiiiiiie. ut  it- accommodating l-hnn Ihcy  renllj     are.
Depend   upon   it, that love   I
into   existence hv .1 inonnligli
strengthened by ilecetl nml tail
displays,   and    finally    consul
through    the    ilitlnelii-e  i.t   inl
iiii-nds, will fade in after Ine
Keronican bas not yet got a
niiiil service.     It should have.
Ileal estate at Hope Is beginning to
mve again alter a depression of
..me hundred years or less.
lbe waiters at the ..'. P. lt. hotel
i Field aro all white men.    This Ls
.nod   thing,  because   people irom
east   staying there were shocked
because tlie Japs looked an ii     they
wero dressed in their pyi.in.as.
At Kernie Ibe C. P. It. will e«-
ii,i„l $50,000 lor height sheds, tracks
,ii>,I iither Improvement:;.
\ Shaker colony will he established
sir,,ll near Asherolt. ..Some five hundred
nalilo members ol the sect will settle
 .1 il.ei.-.       They will make ifood   clti-
Ullilll-  "-iis.
nnd s.
as last as the flowers which
the bridal wreath.
Some children are more
show temper than others,
times on   account oi nttat
are valuable iu themselves
stance, a child i.i active I,
sensitive leelini* ami eager
nu.re likely lo   ineel with
Jars ami tubs than    a ,lu]
child; and if   lie is ui an opei
tuie. his    inward   nutation i
eillately shown in bursts ,-,f y
11 you   repress these ehtillitio
scoldinf- anil   punishment, yon
Increase the evil hy changing
into     sultriness.    A   cheer,
temnered    tone of your own.
pathy with his trouble, whene-
tr.iuhle has arisen Irom no ill o
an- the best antidotes; I.m   it
be better still to prevenl I..i.t
s   much as possible all noun
nnoyanee.     Never lear spi.ilin
dteii bv t-ii.vKii»_r them happy,
1.    ii.isslv,
INKl.lfN.'K nl-
It Is better fur any mini tn pass iin
evening, one,- or twice a week, in ;i
ladv's drawing room, oven though the
conversation is slow, an,I you know
the daughter's song bv heart, than in
a club, hnlel or pit ol a Mlratrc, .11
imusemcti-ts of youth tn whieh viiiu-
>us women etc nol admitted, uli nn
■t, ore deleterious In Iheh mtttire.
All men who avoid temnte socletv
have dull perceptions, and are
have gross Instet anil
ngninst what is pure Youi
swaggerers, whn nre sucking
nes all liii*ht, etill fi-ln.ile sne
ipitl. Pne.iv is uninspiring in a
okel; lieautv lias no chnrmi l.n a
blind man, music does noi plense a
poor beast win. does nul know mn
tune from another; hut ..s n nne epicure is hardly eves toreil ..I water.
..auee nn.l brown hrcntl and hulter
we protest we call -it loi .. lonf
evi-iiin- talkina lo u kili.llv wiimiii
ub*.ut her girl -lane ur liei boy Frank
and enioy .he evening's entertain
(hi,- of .be great In-lu-lits
Louis Ernest, who vva. well known
in tbis part of Ihe country as ptumo-
n-r nf the t'alilornU Wire Co., of
Nelson, went through the bankruptcy
court in London, La-gland, ills IU*
blllties were about 110.000.
I The O. P. it. shops at Nelson ate
i.siiming work and mote train crews
.ne being put on at Iteteletoke. This
is a sure s-l^n that rimes iwe getting
|   Tlie Orecnwood Ledge says: "There
is no foundation ts the report    to..
|we   refused   to take a load ol wood
.foi ii subscription."
1 In* walking habit la so strong lu
Nelson that toe street cars ure not a
| financial success.
'I'he Circuit Amusement eompany of
Spokane, who bate a circuit ol mov-
in*. pictures are gvtug to put one inlo
Oeorge Munro. ol Crcstoo, returned
(rum a trip to CaKlornia last week.
According to Oeorge the Aavor ot
Kui.tenay Iruit surpasses thnt otitic
Callfomian variety.
Tin- funeral of Mrs. tt. O. Orilett,
<<i Melson, took place In that city on
Friday afternoon.
lev nil
ietv   ill-
A building boom is pifdieti.1
Procter in the, spring.
derive from
tie. is bound tt. he r.-snt
The hnblt is ol grenl
upon it-, (im ,-itiii'ittiini
most eminently schist
In, 1
Hi. ilepeml ,
kes ns l lathe
Tbe change iu the timber ltce.se
law must make a material diherearc
It, llie receipts ot the publisher of
the Hritish Columbia Gazette.
Word comes Irom l-tux-ait that the
Granny mines are shipping mom ore
tlmn ever belon* in theli blstorv and
ihat tbe company's smelter In tun-
niii. at Its lull capacity.
Au Italian bank lure hoea opened iu
I-!. !■:. Phair Us again taken      the
.hai 'management ot Um .strattoona hotel
world. We fight lor ourselves,
yawn for ourselves, we liabl our
pipe and say v\e won'l go mil—we
prefer ourselves und uur ease; anil
the greatest benefit thai conies to n
man from a woman's society is. that
be lias to think of Bomehoily' lo whom
be is hound to be constantly attentive and lespeeliul.
A muddy stream, llowing into one
clear and suarkling, tor a time roots
along by itself. A lillle Inn her
down they unite, and the whole Is
impure. So youth, untouched
sin, may lor a short t-ime keep ils
purity in lotil companv, lint a little
iater tbey mingle.
il  Nelson.
The Fernie rink will he ready by
.luly. The annual celebration nu,
t.e held in it.
Twenty teams weir haulier*. *nr,1
In Greenwood last week, which
shows that tlie people or tha. city
insist on keeping warm.
Nesbitt, Mao.. Feb. ?.-The death
took place ou Wednesday ol last
week ol Mrs. Argue, known us the
hy ohlest woman In Canada. According
to family records, she would have
lieen 108 yean old nert August,   al-
nods in the home store havo .ill be...
seen and are an old story. There it.
., fascination in the element ,.( chance
in purchasing tltiiiKs unseen. i.l,i
people should persist in buying good.
iu this way with opportunities
abounding for seeing goods before
purchasing, it is hard to tell. \
writer in tin- Duluth Tr.-nle Nows
says:,The basis *i[ mail order business
is adii-rtising. Advertising, in href
Is netting but telling people vvhat n,'
have to oiler for sale, and in thi-
connection we would suggest i,, lr
Maters two thoughts, first, mnki
good use uf the publication In youi
town by taking space in tbe same In
tell ih,- people in tlie territorv tributary to your town of the uoo'ds nml
prices which you have to oiler. Si-.
condiy, encourage the publisher ol
that newspaper to dwell upon the tnol
that mall order buying is hul a habit
and that recognlrt-d .iiithoritiei on
tbe mall order business do pot i-l.-iiin
that greater values must lie given ot
arc. ppven by mall order houses, than
local _ dealers can nr du give, Inn
thut mail order business is latgclj
built up nn the above named lascina-
tiou for chance, and encourage them
lo cultivate the habit oi Inning ,,i
During the last week the C. p. It,
hav,- carried nut a number of export-
ments with Medicine Hal natural sa-
with a view to use it for illumiiial
log purposes oa Iheir trans. The
other day the Iwo Pinleh gas tanks
nl ein Nn. .10.1, eaeli with a eapnclli
of Ilia, cub leet were charged vviiii
natural gas- at Medicine Hal lo n
pressure   of   ten   atmospheres    um
poimdsi and   lot nearly   forty I rs
this gas brightly illuminated iiu- ear.
A few days later -a successful experiment was made. Master Mechanic
WoiH.hou.se ou the latter dav was
thoroughly satisfied with the results
i-cblcv-jd. The tanks weie ro-rhnrged
with mixed Pintsch and natural uas
and .he coach sent1 on to Winnipeg
vSaiturilay night and arrived liter
Sundays evening with tho lights slill
The adoption of this system is nnvv
under consideration, and should the
oflicials decide lavorahiy, will be an
excellent advertisement lor the Meili
cine Hat district and ils resources.
The linings on the cars art- equally
suited to either gas.
Figuring on the cost of this i-as nl
manufacturers' rates a night's light-
i.g would cost about four cents per
••r. Tlw CP.R, however, has its
uwn gas well, and even this expense
Is not' incurred. All the additional
plant that is necessary in the shops
here would bo a lew leet of hose.
—-_-_ * .—
Seven Years Ago |
in Cranbrook-** ot |
HKIIAl.ti   OK    THAT    DATE S
******** ****** *iit^
-.George Wentworth, of the Wentworth * hotel, has gone to Calgary.
From there he will go to Helena,
Montana, where he is interested in Ian
important law suit which has been
pending lor a number ol years.
.Thatiman Bentley, of Fernie, is n
prince.. When people from neighbor-
raj towns visit Fernie, you will always bear them talk about Harry
Dentley. He gets acquaint!-.! ami
tries to make visitors feel at home.
A mau like that Is. worth something
to a town.
Mrs. : Breckenrldgc lelt last. Saturday lor New Westminster to visit
with- a. sister. From there she will
go to-various points in Washington.
, Considerable delay is experienced
with express matter that comes from
Spokane and other southern points,
as tt has to -be taken trom Crcston
to Nelson betore being forwarded tn
\V. S. Kcay, the customs officer, is
very comfortably, situated now in his
new office in the rear ot the jw.st ollice.
Messrs. Moffat, Gilpin. Small.
King and McBride attend,-,! a Masonic meeting at Fort Steele Tuesday
The new bridge at Wasa tlial is Iieing built by N. Hanson, i-: nearly
completed. This will he a
fo.>d thing for Cranbrook.
The Herald received a communication Irom tho Vancouver Tourist ns-
sK-iatlon, Limited, last Monday, as
follows:. "Kindly send a copy ,.l
■The Herald' to Mr. II. Maboney,
Lint.*,,South Dakota, U.S.A., ns he
lias written requesting us tt. send him
a . paper Irom Cranbrook." Tin-
Vancouver Tourist association are
iilw.us. ready to see that anyone in-
tcrretod.in the province gets all the
Information about the par. ol lite
province he wants to know about.
That is why when Mr. Maboney, ol
Linton, North Dakota, asked lor a
paper from Cranhrook tho Vancouvei
Tourist, association asked the Cranhrook Herald to send him a copy.
(Winnipeg Free Press. 1
Mr. Hawthornthwaite poses as a
Socialist member ol the llrilisli Co
ltimhia assembly. Hi' therefore ignores all court customs, and prittei
himself on a sort of polite effrontery her
on state occasions.     As au instance,   where she died.
 .._ ,  ... On Sunday afternoon some twenty
though several ot her relatives claim men-Were in the rotunda ot the Criin-
ihat sho was In ter tilth year. She brook hotel and among them, saying
was peaceful to the last, and it was good bye to George Miner, were four-
clearly evident that death was due teen who were In -Cranhrook before
to advanced age only. «s -there were -.ranbrook started. They were:
no evidences wlwtevcr ol Illness. James-Byan, G. W. Robinson, George
Mrs.    Argue was born   at Plttilo, Miner, Oeorge    Bremner, Dr.     Hell,
Ireland, on August 15th, 1(00.    She ...P.  Fink, George I-eltch, ED. .lohn-
cunie to Canada lu H«:hnd lived lo son, V. Hyde Baker,    E   II   Small,
In.ario until IIM, when she came to Chlel nl Police Dow, F. E. Simpson,
grandest   farm    near Nesbitt, Hutch and "Brownie," the    Herald
Railway liquipment
New and Relaying Rails of All Kinds
Shay Geared Locomotives
Hesler Geared Locomotives
Logging Cars and Trucks
When in the market for any of the above
material, kindly forward us particulars and we
will be pleased to quote you our best prices-
im Ninth Ave.  Wesi
"""""""""""""——————————— ,
This 11. .1.1 tins tilwnj-s boon tho leader
in its Iim.. nn.l will bo kept up to llm
stiiii.liit-il lf ynu wiui! to ttti'.-t tho
people-, .-..nn. t,i llm Queon'a Hotel.
Queen's Hotel. Calgary
x *
£       Ni-vv .-mil Slrii-llv l-'irst t'litsa TBLEPHONE 20feC       *
American I'l.in. Su'.uO por dny up
I 'HAS   11 \hrsn. Proiirit-tur
Cor. Seymour and Conlova Ste   *, -*     —
*       opposteo/p R,s.at.on      Vancouver. B. C.
If Ml
1 Canadian Hotel!
H fit
& One of the pioneer hotels of Cran-           0
H brook.   Warm rooms, good meals           J3
03 and a bar stocked with the best           0
® Si
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
3 El
Wentworth Hotel
COIIBE1 I .-. CO., Proprietor.
CKANBROOK - - ll. c.
iiii- i- il.n !„,ti,l ih.it they talk about.
Who are " they " ?
Why do "they" talk '.'
(in account of the u'-i-'l menl-, tlie comfortable rooms, the excel*
I.nt .ervtce, nnil iti* tllal.eonrteou. treatment accorded to all. Lata
meal nt iln- Wentworth nnd you become :i Wentworth booster.   Try it
i'. M. V..ii\v.,iiit.-i, Proprietor.
Horses, KtiiU'N, in w ;uj.I second
hand furniture, stoves, tlnwore,
crockcry, glassware, anything nn-i |
overvthing Irom ;. white eleplianl in
,i white mouse.
You'll lie sur|Mit;eil iu.w  far    your
iiuil.ir will stretch at our sl.tre. Come I
uml   tra/e   upon us   and   our stock, J
il-   wil! save   y..u   money nnd pul    .10
milt- mi vour tace.
«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦I; [
.. ♦
;; One Team Pure-Bred Gray J;
i'erchcron Mares
Weight  1800   am.    i::.'iii.    Well !',
liriillett, geulle;   ivi.lk tiij-i-tliet
Hhi|.'lt... - Apply
-I.  It.  K DM. IN I .SON.
Proctor, B, (1.
Handley Livery and
Feed Stables
TIIK BES1   I- n.iM    TOO
i.Oiili  Full   i II IXHItOOK
Wl   |.\|.1.1Vull TO .'I'llNISII
llll. Hi:.-1
KigM. Hiding   Horse,   and
Pack  Horses Inr any
part ot the
'resident : T. M. Giu
(Secretary: Oiobor Ashworth
I For Information regarding lautle [
, an.l agriculture applv to tlw i
i Herretsry, Oranbrook. B, 0, THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
$2.oo a v i.ai.
THK   I'Al'KB   THAT   is   i:i:u>   m     IIIK   PEOPLE
tKllltl AUY   13,   I HON
ii i
i; m.i.
By th0 Herald   I'ubl
-       ■
Hues, .ire manufactured all over the
world our the largest factory i.s in
Brooklyn, New York. Id J907 '■)•
million of        these were
manufactured at this factory. The
'tst.il department of the l:uited
states estimates that over seventy-
e million valentines were through
Oie mails last year.
i-.Uiitii and Manager.
The Herald Is wt
tosts uniy %2.
E&St Kootenay eal
uul ii, and overyo
tlie district, who I
•in (Hi a year. U
ii mun   in     SuulU
afford tu be with-
■ living outside ol
Interested in the
progress ol this section,
it. It publishes tbe uewi
news. ll Is controlled al
tibe publishers.    So cllqu
.hould read
while ii is
loluteiy by i
, party or
Individual dictates its policy. U
don't try to please llie people. It's
desire ti to publish .. newspaper tbat
uili be ii credit to lbe community,
►Suiil in your subscription uml >ou
will he thankful ever afterward
Advertising rates SI per Luch pel
mouth, uu more uml no less.
lleiuliiig matter Iii cents per line
to non-ad ver Users; IU cents per line
to regular advertisers.
II yuu desire io reach tie
youth East Kootenay you
vertise In The Herald.
The llernld    has a  hist
plant, uml ils    woik  is of
The Herald don'l    want ch;
wants   u square deal on ynur
work.     II we can't .suit yuu In
ity und price, kick,
work lu some Che
the easi that nevi
• people of
must, ad-
class job
the best.
arlty. It
John's Paper has not as yet made
ns appearance inFernie. Will o' the
Wisp-like paragraphs appear in tbe
press saying That John's paper is
going io be published next Thursday,
bul owing to a delay caused by tbe
printers ft will nor appear but that
ii  will surely appear nexl Thursday.
imbvook beautiful should be
lhe .Om oi every citizen, went only
for uur personal satisfaction but, for
tlie purpose oi making the city
attractive to our fellow eiti/eiis and
the st-rangoi within our gates. We
sh-'iiid tltr nil in our power to get rid
"i unsigbfcly spots and To substitute
thai which is pleasing to the eye,
Much can he done at a trilling ea-
penso by the planting of a few (lowers and flowering shrubs about our
homes, Ii over)' Iiousebolder, without exception, wus to devote a little
time to cultivating a small (lower hed
wlial a diiVivnre It would make. The
Herald would like to suggest that at
lire lime oi flu fall fair a prize be
given for lhc best kept, garden. This
is done every year in Nelson ami the
competition It very keen indeW. Let
us b.u*e a Cranbrook Beautiful.
5,251 a Month
ll„: II,.
tlial noi
1, F. 1^. Simpson,
nwnugoi ui     the
Cranbrook Herald,   .
lu hereby   slate
that the pressman's
books show, ami
that 1 have every re
.isuu  tu   believe
that the circulation u
f tin- llernld for
ibe    pasl   seven    mi
tilths   has    been
90,780 copies, divided
as follows:
fi ii;,'.
Issue of Dec.    5 .
Issue of Dec.  li
.,.,      l.KIIU
Issue ot Dec.  lit
Issue uf  Dec. 28
Issue of Juu.   '*.
Issue of Jan.    !)
Issue of Jan. Hi
issue ol Jan. 23
Issue of Jan. 3(1
The governmenl of tbe province of
Hritish Columbia should see to it
tliitt the governmenl roads in South
Kast Kootemi) are put Into proper
repair bills year. This dislriel pays
nd your | a lot of money into the provincial
i ren-Hiiry nnd il is only right that
goodly portion should he spent
public   works   in    this district.
Tills pari of the province is settling
up fast and there is no good reason
why Hie rancher, the lurolwrnian, lhe
prospector, the miner and the general
public should not hnve good roads to
travel upon. This is a matter which
is entirely outside of polities, but u
niaiter which is of intercnl to overj
individual in the district.
On the   I-:.   A-   N. railway nothing
but  white labor will be employed   in
future, ai    least this   is the promts*
, made.
I The local merchants are complain
iiiji, oF the freight, service between Cal-
rary and other Alberta points and
Cranhrook, There is no reason why
thi- C.P.K. should take from fifteen
to twenty days to carry freight fi
'algary to Cranbrook.
In  Hit* nol  very far distant  (ut
telectric    railways, operated  by     ihe
, wonderful water power In the district
| will   radiate from Cranhrook.    They
[will connect every point in the    dis-
•i, from Windermere, on the norm
Oateway, on      the south,    from
iws Nest on    the east  to Creston
the west.
1 It pays to pay for an ad. in the
Herald,   and    the business   men ap-
1 predate the fact that money paid for
advertising in the Herald is raotm
fair, which will beheld in Calgary
next July. Too much stress canuo't
be put upon the fact that this (all
is the golden opportunity for Kast
Kootenay to get herself allien >.
and well advertised. The Board ol
Irade, the One Hundred Club and,
the City Council should arrange to.do
their pan. also. Lot the matter he
taken up iu good season so that there
will he no rush .it ihe List moment
Cranbrook should have the University ef British Columbia. No spot
ho whole uf tbis great province
is better n dap lid for the purpose
than CranbrooK. Everybody, irrespective of party affiliations, should
do all In 'heir powor to convince tbe
powers that he to Ihis effect. The
[•stabVishmenl of a university In
Cranbrook 'would he of inestimable
tue to the city and district. It
mid uor only bring s largo Increase
population by the students who
would l.i' hero but the fact of Cran
brook tiehig the acknowledged seat
uf learning for the province would
attract people of the very best class
.is permanent residents of this city,
W, I! ttuu, K.C., of Kernie, is In
the nuiiiing for the new portfolio In
the lands and works department-,
created by Piemior McBride.
Canada has tbe only large urea ol
undeveloped territory left ou the
continent. (July capital is needed
to develop Ihe resources therein oca]
t utned.
Total for seven months,30,70
Average  per  month   5,35
Subscribed and sworn to befoi
this 1st day ol February, 1008
Cranbrook, li. C.
John Hutchison
A notary public in ami for the County
of  Kootenay, ^<^^^^^^^™
The Conservatives in the Dominion
bouse arc muking a great- mistake in
endeavoring to lay a foundation of
scandal fot the coming campaign.
Every individual ol intelligence in
Canada fully appreciates the tact
that no party is immaculate, nnd,
whether it be Tory nr Orit in power,
liters «re hound to be barnacles attached K. the ship of state that are a
■ triment to any party. The great
masses are figur.ng from the standpoint of self-interest. They are
broad-minded enough to throw away
partisan feeling ana petty prejudice,
showing a desire to work for a
party that to their minds is doing
its very tost for developing the
magnificent resources of this Dominion and ffiving to Uie people an administration that will result it. the
greatest good  to the greatest    ntim-
J^4444 B-W -l&j) -•-■-. -.:.-. ,-v-,'t,-i;-t.-;
J!   ORSRRVATinN^    ^
Tomorrow is St. \ alcnl in
All in the morning botimc
I a maid i.t your window
To he youi valentine."
-Hamlet,   Vcl   i. Seem
Italy,   'be true homo ol -
the c trj  hum wbii I. I
>m of Bowling letters oi im
lure ni.
took ii.
awaj tm
powei a
vear on
of the
Juno, .ii
ihe tits
Rome be
The editor ol the Herald has no
lime to give attention to individuals
who. for petty spite, are endeavoring
tu belittle (be efforts of this paper to
promote the welfare of the district.
The Herald editor has- heely given his
time, Ills money aud the columns of
his paper for anything tlml was for
i be good of the communlt y and
cares nothing for the it i tic isms of
those who Uavc never spent a dollar
of their money except for iheir own
personal advancement.
The Herald trusts that the new
city council will siv lit lo make what
I improvements to the streets their
means will permit during the coining
I Tbe job department ol the fli-rald
'is crowded eaeh day with work and
It. doing everything in Its power to
meet the extraordinary demand made
, ti] its patrons. Additional room
..mt additional facilities, whieh this
olllco will have within two weeks
time will enable it to give far better
satisfaction io the future than bas
beiii   possible  in   the past
who us.
pail of
Herald original ed the term
belt" and applied it to   the
ilt district.     Any  newspaper
s it in connection witb any
North    America   except, the
ok    district, is guilty of pla-
The Kaslo Kootenaiaii Is iu a political controversy with John Keeu, of
thai city. Tlie l.oi-d pity t-he Kooten-
l.i.si Tuesday was the birllulay ol
Thomas A. Edison, the wizard oi
electricity. The world owes electric
lighting, i. nol to the inventive gen
ius at any rale to the executive anil
ity of Hdison.
Today is the anniversary of the
massacre of Gleneoe, two hundred and
sixteen years ago.
It always seems strange that  when
•t man buys a pair of   socks     wants
to see those socks; a man buying    a
pair of   hoots    warns  to   see those
hoots; a mau buying a    horse   wants
to see that horse, bul the man buying
advertising space usually  pays     the
price asked and makes no inquiry i
to tho circulation of the paper       1
which the advertisement is to he    ii
serted.    Such-an..inquiry is .not, nece
sary    with the   Herald",   as a sworn
statement ol its     circulation is published each week.     We Often wonder
why other papers do not follow    the
same, policy and so; give the advertiser a square deal.
A doctor in Berlin has discovered a
German government official who has
been asleep since July, 1904. That
doctor should come tn British Colum
as strong as C.P,
t     I'Vbru
1150,000 pronle In New York and
f.f),000 iieople in Chicago or a total
of '.sou,nun people are unemployed. If
these could lie put to work, even
Pan '",',",} two or two and a quarter doljnr
mother ol '',lV '' wou^ mean the circulating
mnders ol tlfllf a million dollars a day The
nas held hanks in the I'nlted States .ire
When 'T-iwderi with money aud if this
Valentino t'"11''' 0I1ly be paid out- in wages wbal
Roman bishop, became the patron a world of «ood it would do. Not
saint of the dav. lie was imprison- ""'y would it keep all these people
ed by lbe order of the Emperor Mar- cmpl»y«l but half a million a day
uus Aurelius and while a captive is woilW find itv way info the avenues
said   to haie    mir-.eiil.msh   restored l,f commerce.     That is the state   of
February lath
wolf," in hono
id the wolf, iu
and Remus i
\ lovers lot
to     last one
hrlstian St.
me sight uf the jailor's blind i
ier. Kor this ho was stoned
tjebeaded in the Forum. The
appearance of the valentine on
continent was ahoul tin- real
Before this, however, it had
through many changes whllsi so
■ in France, Germany, Engine
other European count rles
abotninations, known ns comic
1 MO.
affairs in the States. Renewed con
lidcnce in the neighboring republl.
means renewed confidence in Can
The I It-raid has beeu assured that
ii.uin* nlf. Farmers' institute will do all in
d !,l,d their power tn have -a first-class col
lhose i-tHou 0| farm, orchard and garden
rajen- produce    collected   for the Dominion
Are fii mil v tie!	
K. ties?
There will be some building surprises in Cranbrook during IflOR.
The government and the city conn*
il should make their arrangement.
,ow for the laying out of the grounds
bout, the government buildings.. This
should be done so that they may he
ilanted the first thing In the spring.
The fact that the membership fee
of the Board ot Trade was raised
from $1.00 to $10.00 is a sign that
the Board of Trade has really come
life and thnt in the future it will
be able to do some good, and nol
burlesque as it bas been in the
pasl1. It is impossible for those
wlio are elected officers to accoinolis
nything unless they have the funds
to work with.
I'he matter of freight rates between
Milwaukee and Cranbrook, which was
touched upon at last night's meeting
of the Board of Trade, will, the Herald hears on good authority, be ail
lusted In the   very near future'.
understood that the rate to Cranbrook and Nelson will lie identical
Tbe criminal court of Canada docs'
not eive the railroad men a fair deal.-
Those who arc familiar with
the work of railroad men fully appreciate the facts that they are working
under many disadvantages and should
not be held criminally responsible j
for errors made in a moment of
thoughtlessness. The Herald is|a
nhased to note that the Board of
Trade 1ms taken up this matter ami
memorallwi the government in behalf
of the railroad men. This is a.s it
should be. Thi' railroad man risks
his life (htj after day and PR out of
Iflil is doing the best he. ppn for the
protection of the travelling public nnd
Is entitled to eiTilit for what he i,
There are some people in Cranbrnok wlio may think that the
assessmenfs made hy the-City Olerk
.tie unjust, but everybody must heat
in mind that these assessments are
being made without regard to Individuals, and that in any case ' an
'ssment seems to be a little high
the rale of taxation will be correspondingly lower. There is sn much
revenue tn be raised to meet the
xpenscfl of the corporation, and in
consequence the higher the assess-!
ment tlio lower the tai to be paid, j
Ihis should be taken into considrra-]
tion by every taxpayer within the,
■ornoration of Cranbrook. .
The Natal Act bas been passed   hy'
Hill & Co. have decided to move out the
balance of their ladies', men's and children's hats. If prices count for anything
they will move quickly, as they will offer
them at one half off the regular price, or
in other words 50c on the $
Hats worth $5.00 for $2.50
Hats worth $2.50 for $1.25
Hats worth $1.00 for 50c.
They will also make special reductions on
the following lines:
Ladies' Skirts one-third off regular price
Ladies, Waists one-third off regularj'prlce
A line of Flannellette Waists to clear at 60c
Mini *l
We have 62 Boys' Suits ranging in size
from 22 to 30 that we will sell for the next
two weeks at half price. We have decided to reduce our mammoth stock and
will do it.
l.iinliiii ..n.l If never
pill iillllll-lll   rXf-l'IH
f,int.1:;.        Mr kiniu
-   I |ili- ..I  111 ,1 if li  1
Uml..his nol uili 11..1 1..
1 Hi.. Dominion .111.1 tlial 1
Uml In' hf (.if Ii.-.l 1.
....mill iln. li...i-,f 'lii.i
mil    reason, win- 1 Ins .11
fii.l.n si-il in  lllf 11..1.111	
llilll   tin  uili.   lllllll'ISI.it;.!
...lis   l.l-llfl-   lllllll   III     I Iff
lnts l.lki'tl    llns ,ii-l      .1111
11   lilt-in.
ili'iil lli.tl    was    iH-inlinii .irtwrrn    1. tii. knrft iu suttwivit-tit-i- t,i inn
i-iisiiii    In large lumber company nl Ka.s-t Koo- dividu.il nr any corporation.    I
l.iini ift s ] i.-n.tv iitxl    liiianrit-is ol Ilir    i'nlted Iitt and loyal t,. lli,- inlt-ti-st.
. I,it       iln-'St,iti-s     Kvi'tythliiK went lovely nn- Ih- represents, ami in ooiisri|Ucii
nl li.ts 1.1I1-1 til Limy I'liint.   it, Mie title of timber will do till in fm. power lor In
I limits
> Hi
Tin. lleralil is plnim-il 1.. s.n thai
Un- mini) tn.ids nl praise llw-l .int..
lieen suiil ovei lite death ..1 l.itll.
Mac," li.ni- been deserved,     IV1I1.1 .
limit-   IlltS   I.ITH   1 IIII   llml   ll.l.  111
nl 111 Ilit- wi-sl  llml  Iiu-. If Iil llie love
.mil .l.-f.ill I  Iln- peoplt  iiii.ii- lli.in
"I.illle Min." III. death was 1
lij..t\ 1.. Hit- mi-mI iind liis ,ilisi.tii.n
liinn tin- commercial lit.- ..1 Aiberi 1
.mil I tti 1 if li Columbia mil lie i.-ti
I when thev wett- inl,,rm,-J -.tiliuney, uml tin 111.111
laws n. .bis province evcty- liy     has evet     liml   1
as declared ,,fl     Tbis is   Hie fault wl.b Mi. Otillilici
llin-l Capitalists will uot    In- that tie has done wltili-
Intiiliei propositions id    Miis scntd .tie Kootenai's
hecanso   the   title it.
are iinc-riain.
tint-  iim parliament.
in tin
he Iiii iif
minion government have
I oiis of tin- Rienlesi nets tor
1 1.1 llm people nl Western
Hi.i'i Ims evel been done,
i-.i-.iiht-r' ol Inst, yt'iit has
niv ol lite farmers in ait 1111-
f.iitljl-i.iii, Inn thi" Roveru-
laken bold of the silualiint
to the. people, "MV tvill iiiie
ivil wht-iit. necessary io make
lliis week a representative ,.f tin
lliiiilil bail 11 lull, with oiis Staples
ol Un- (His Staples Lumber company, .1 iiniii vvlit, lias invested II1011-
s.n.ils ol dollars in llie lumlier in*
ilns!tii-s in this country. Mr. Staples
liilii-s the saint- iitliiiiiii- on dn. tini-
lii'i iiiit'siion llm 1 Mi- l.i'ii.ii ami mr.
I,uml nnil ('has . Mi-N.ili nn.l oilier
l.-.iiliui- lumhcrmen nl ihis roc.ion,
uml lhat i.s that tbt* -government
niil tnkc Bome notion In nivt-    n
lhe    provincial   parliament and    yet your Inrnilnir a Suc'ooss for this
thu act, promoted by tho Hon. Mr.-, son'nnd wc will lake your word   Im-'sli
Bowser    has    bmi a political fraud pa.-meiii of (mine."     Thai  is      lhe positive  title 10  timber limit
Irora start to nn™.    Mr. Bowser is kind V.I a lmmls.tinl.ion llml makes   a cured liy    lumbermen.    Onlv a    lew
one ol   tie sMewdest polittelans    in success u.r.iigU Western Canada audi days ago tbis question came up iu   a
Tin- Sun'uv closing law in Winnipeg
slums Ihal Hit' long hailed lli.'tl and
Iln- ahorl hiiiitil women are in lite
..nihil.- in Ilia. citv. The f-ood
people ninl Hie decent pi.iple will
li.ti* a biiril 1.IHO as Inn-gas tbat.
element is iu control.
linn. Vi. II. Cushlng, 1111
pttlilic works tn iWhi'i-tn,
the bri.iai.-si men tu nlllei
w,t.tern pi,,vinct- ■ Mr.
seams 1,1 bave .he propei
nf western movement, in
i.ltsts aad Is doing more Im
party fn Alb.-rt.-t in hi
methods than all nf th,- pi
the wesi.
n,      tl.
il M.f t.i
llll' lain.
Mr. Sifton, who has dune umn. fm
.V.   A.  Cliil.Hicr.  representative   nl
p.'iiliatiieii. Inr tills district, is doing _™________™,____^^
all he t-aii Inr the promotion ol    the tin- development o. the west than any
interests    in   Ibis   section o.      .be other mar. In Canada, made a spcti-u
country.      A man like Mr. Ualllher In parliament the otlier day thai was
who iii-riipii-s a prominent- position in a telling reply lo tho soaiwlal-mougcrs
parliament naturally is subjected tn nn the other side.    Mr. Sifton    told
.1 great deal of criticism.     The Her- the laets and showed them all of   Uie
alii, however, is free to say tbat this complaint* tbat had been made    by
district never could get a man   that the opposition were based on a t.ilse
has Ihs-ii more loyal and consistent in foundaiiicur,  ast -the prosperity     nnd
his ellorts to do all in Iris power for the -growth of western Canada     «.is
the bcnt-li. of    tho section of      the the best evidence In the world ol th.-
countrjt     that lie   represents.     Mr. efficiency ol tbe Immigration   pollcj
daUUier is not a man who will bend ol tbe Liberal government. THE   t'KANHKOOK    UKJUI.O
..»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************************************
14=Day February Sale 1|
0 '
of iuu- Winter S k.    If OUT PRICES will .In tin- work, it     ♦♦
Trousers, i,r.'i.
mu iiivrslini-nl
L'T ijoua tliu liali
is iiii niToinplislictl fiici.   We're not iroiti» t.. ooddlo you with h lot of extrava- **
f.-itti assertions .nul nlisiirtl sliiti'iiifiits.   Keep this thought  however, in \ ' jx
ininil:    If •■ y-iiu i-iiii  use anything in  the way nf a Snit, Overcoat,  Pair "I ♦♦
or anything iu theOlothing or Furnishings line, now is your opportunity ... make **
.Inst run vi
lu-n. eiiBilv
Now Is Your Opportunity.
eye over these oul  |.i-i
.,500   Pairs
of Men's
,i  ID i.n .-.-,>,   ..II
iiiniki-tl prices.
11..it   1 .   a 1.'. 1111
I I tot .-I -.-..
75 I'airs of
Odd Hoots
Suits iiiul  Overcoats
MEN'S 1«1:1:11 SUITS,
iiifin.iiiif ..in- linn..n-
■I n llelnitu"  liiabc;
•IB.llu 1..1 51200
.isn.i » sii so
J_ll.ui    ■■    SII. llll
nml '.■ I-, i.m ihev
.1-1111 Iii
.-.'It. I.il
' Wi
I.- I..1 m.a*
....I tain,.
11 St..Mi
..I |st«l
HII.S' IHI 111 SI ITS     M-..  h tv.-
ust. rnii.i. ..ti iir.iit'i.Ai
1.  I'l.KAH
I \i II
idem     M
Slim |itirsei. will s.uutl Ihe priceB quoted
rio.i's Shirts
In Flannel,Twead,Duck
nn.l Henry Twill
fl.00 .'iliilill,- 1 fni S.V.
(1.39 II.W
II...I. UM
117.'. UM
(2.00                   . S..H
Men's Sweaters
. ion.., i-.'i i'ii,-.n..»l_. uiultis,
with   Open   '.i.l   lttOIS.1
cottars.   Various coiors,
11.00 for       (I.M
(1.75 (ur     UM
,_-lllfl>|           *l M     IIUMII, „ iH,U...tt
♦ 0
Odd   Lines  In Negligee Shirts
Mostly large »i*>».   Worth (1.00 i..*I.M>.
tan;.-.,.. each
Leather Caps
ttegulai price ll.00an.llt.2il. HALE TUICE, 76c.
Tweed Caps
Wilh pullocer end Im band., ill la per cent, oil
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Fleece Lined Underwear
Ite.ntur price, 7-'.,-.
Men's Cardigan Jackets
.t.i... prices li.Tf. uu.i (I.T.-..
MALE PIUCBH, (1.0.1 an., (l.nl. EAOH.
flitls and Qloves
A Hiui nl one tinker mlt.s.    KALE THICK,
:l for Ml.-.
iiNKti wrrs .f Ttti! mumira sue prices;
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-Re. for...
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lireman's Oauntlet Gloves
lingular prlootl 00, SALE THICK, ;r„*.  . I-AIK
Neil's Canvas and Leather
flood viil'tt. a.   the re-fObr  (.rii-i"-.     Uul   the;
Ittll.t ','ii.
SALE THICfc'N, 11.00, (.-50,11.7.", uu.i IMC.
Shoe Polish
Hiiaiilai lOe.u llu.  --...I-)- rtll.'l
|..r '.'if.
Travelling Trunks
lleutilur price* M.Ofl, (l.;.i   anil »■>.-•>.    r-AI I
TRICES, (i.i-i, ll'..., an.. Sl.'-il EACH
Men's -Slippers
In i.-ii. _ I,.-* pair*only, to Ih-VLm
t Keid Block
. ***************************************************************
[Fonnsrh Vftoi ■
t Continuous Performances ]|
1 SOKflS
Wonderful.    InM
1 tm
Thursday and Saturday
llllt.i.l.' llll nt in*
1. Overture: Prof  >lrll,*nrv
_ Tho Skipping Cheeses
'■I. Window Demonstration.
I. Bunco tltt-orem
ng: - Sylvia."
<i. Hnllivan
Suicide Im,*.ssit.l.i  _^
Tragic Miunnttln
How to Cured Cold.
\ Pcmcmlwr—Cemp.cte Chasge o. Pre- <
> gramme eve.) Marts, sal Hands)- ] \
• AdmlMhn -Udells. Mc: Cb.ldrca Ik.
\ ,,i, „ I,.,-    times if ii is possible lo ir. n boot that will amt men- than a low weeks
!,,Vs a,,. I,,,,,1  in. in-.   Wc tlo imt claim uur Boys'Boots lo beovnrlastl.ig. but tv. ih
limn foi litem .. I.M IN I. OOOD V Al.l'I.N.
ON  1 lill. AY  AN1. s.\ I'LllllAV THIS WEKK WF. WII.l. SKI.I.:
$1.73 l,l'l"l'l.i: HKNT'S BOOTS, si/..s 8J to 10, f„r,.,-      $1.25
SI.7.-, Vi il  Ills- in 11 ITS. sizes 11 In  CI, for
si-..'! BUYS' 111lO'l'S; sizes I to 5, for
S-..MI       " "      '    	
ci2.'i-"i      " 	
Slim      •• " 	
.     * I ,«5
S.2. Hi
Arthur Kenwick, ol Fort Steele,
was .111 town today.
S. .1. Migkton, tbe lobacco kinft,
wont to Fernie today.
(i. Lnntrpre, ot the smeller city,
wns iu town last Sunday.
l.r. P. W. Oreen and Otis Staples
returned from Nelson yesterday.
Mrs.    O. McKeo and daughter,    nl
Elko, wero in town yi-sterday.
TO. McAlpine, ol Moyie, was   rc-
glstorcd at tho Royal on Tuesday.
13. Mallandaine, chief limber ranger
tor the CV.It., visited Creston Ibis
"Comer .loties, of Wartloer, was 10
gistcreil nt the Hotel i'ranhcook yes-
.lames Flnlay, manager ot Uie Sullivan mine, was in Cranhrook yesterday.
II. E. Taylor, of Moyie, was in
town on Tut-sday staying at Ihe Cos-
Ten passengers hooked passage to
England on the Empress Irmn Cran
hrook this week.
Hugh (lllmore, toe well known
agent nl the Waterous Engine works.
iv.is in lown yesterday.
Ubort Qoodall, superlnlcudent of
the Sullivan smelter at Marysville,
was in town yesterday.
The Argonaut club are giving their
usual -lance tonight. Tbe city band
orchestra are lomishing the music.
r w Wardel, formerly with the
t'.iiniiiiati Pacilic railway, joiiitd the
Herald stall as accountant vestei-
*S""C. Macdonald, of Ncls.m, repre-
senllng tlie American Tobacco c.nn-
pany, is ivgistcred at tbe Cianbiook
I'i.ink 11. VanDecar, accompanied b}
Mis VaiiDvear, returned home yes-
tcrday after a trip to Spokane   and
.is-t  JioiUtS.
1   M. O'Neil lelt lor Moose    Jaw
Sunday.    Mrs. O'Nell and      the
unlv went on to Minneapolis on    a
sit tn iriends.
Miss   Ella Orant left inr    Nctsoil
stcrday, where sbe will visit tor a
nu- and thru join her parents in San
\l   McCarthy, who has been spond-
I Hie winter witb liis lamily at
Elizabeth, New Jersey, ..'turned    to
lanlirook on Tuesday.
Mrs.    R.   M. Wilson rttunivd Horn
,1 iicoiiver today accompanies! by   ber
.11 l.ordon and Miss Ellis, tlordon
IVilson is much Improved la healih.
lining to tbe tact tbat no supreme
nun. judge came to Nelson, tbt- case
I Nelson vs. the Staples Lumber
company was adjourned lor two
The funeral ol E. LcMonte, o.
Movie, Kiok place Irom tbe Catholic
Inircli today. A delegation Irom
Hn' Miners union ol Moyie acted as
null hearers.
Tbo -lance at the Edison theatre
nsi night was very much cnjo.ed
I'ln-ie was a good attendance and tht
music    was lurnlsbed   by Mcllmry.s
,11-hcstra, which being translate,
means "A.l."
\ iKiyle came In Irom bis tie
,1111111s at Silton yesterduy. and tn
I'tiuversa-Won with a representative ol
the Herald, .said that the, were turn-
inn nu. trom SOO to «00 ties a day.
II O. Rothwell, ol tbo Canadian
Hank nt Commerce stall here, r,-torn-
n. today Irom Creston where he bas
been acting as manager during the
absence ol Mr. Fowler in Edmonton.
P, 11 Fowler, manager of tbe Cres-
imi branch- ol tbe Canadian Hank ol
Cnnmierce, passed tbrougb tran-
brnnk yesterday on his way to Crcs-
ttitt Irom Edmonton, where be bas
been on business.
A very enjoyable progressiva yct'io
parly was given by Mr. and Mrs. .
McConnell, at tbo Island hold, Waldo, last Friday evening. The liritt
winners were Sirs. S. Marrow IUI.
Ross, A. Elwooct and Joseph McConnell.
J. Breclcenrtdge was  m   Cranbrook
,1   Superintendent Brlc1*son wenl     tti
'Calgary  today.
—Meu iireferred. Apply to Mt..
■ Murgitirord. it-ti
FOR SALE-An cxcellonl tie umber limit, with.a cousiderahlc number
ol saw 1,-f*^*. Close to railway. Apply -'. !.., Herald office. Iii-tl
The Cranbrnnk Tradini* company
has nrrlt-rt^. a carload nl McLaughlin
rigs. Part of these swds linif al-
ready been sold, but there will in- a
good svlts-tion left tor those win. desire to purchase this spring.
No doubt the many friends nf llasil
R. Lawson, 0. Maclod and this town
will he pleased to hear ol his approaching marriage with Miss Malm
strom, which will take iilnce .ailv in
tun spring.
WANTEtt-7 or S roomed bouse
with kitchen, iialurnistied, suitable
for mens rooming and boarding houso;
rental moderate. Address with p.n-
ticular. L. if. ft., care Imperial
hotel ,17.-1.
Hoat tbe lecture on the Yukon bj
Rev Aia.it. also selections Irom
"Songs of 1, Sourdough," by J. T
I'umtn-rland. and a solo ti. \v 1-:
Worden.—Presbyterian olniroh, H'ri.l..i
Ferruary Uth, .11 sir, p.m.
Albert Drown has joined tho Herald
start as "devil." Albert is 11 veais
.Id. big lor his age. anil knows how-
to lig.it (ires, keen them going and
nan travel to the post office in .1
good deal lens than forty-live, minutes.
Ninety splendid views ni tli,-
Yuknu. --Songs ol a Sourdough,"
by Mie Yukon Kipling. A comic
talk by Mark Twain, illustrated hy
colored views. "The Difficulties
about that dog."—Presbyterian Kirk.
Friday, February Ilih, 8.18 p.m.
A nolico is posttd in the Hotel
Cranbrnok informing the public that
'-lie rinks composed of boarders of
the hotel challenge the world. Tlm
rinks are to be skipped bv .1. Mo-
Swej-n, Oeorge Hoggarth,' T M
Roberts, John Cholditeh, nnd W. .
Don't Take Milk at Night!
.Milk in auy form taken at ni_Jit is |.i lo cuuse
digestive disturbance. Four night s resl isuol refresh,
mg. To appease lnmger, or merely for company's
Bake." I'.OYHIL," in the form of e bouillon, or
sandwiched between thin bread and butter, is 1    . limit
After this li-;lit supper you will Bleep well and awake
********************** **********************
* IIibiowuoI  H1U-1..1  1.-ii.j„t,.,i »iihln l,». it.in. .... mil.,,.thrmn.n
* .i,..,iii.-..,.i tite Frank in .thin three-quarters ..i u 1   1- i....i.■,,..,,
* .uii.., it-itliiiitlir.--i|iiiiri.T-.i .. mu, „| t|„ jinni.- l.-.u n ..-  itltblnthru-
* quartet, of 1, ml Ith. ladR-h Colli, rlt-a ond nii-liion    it-. Hill.
J     ft...i.- ting TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS h-i.   „., 1..., .   ,.-,. ,1 ,,.,| ,1.,
* 1,11,11111.1. being ii,..|.ll.-.l    Tlifrf  at,- .il,.-i..|v  1,,-. - , _. ,ti it,..
T     1. ..11.    tlif IIII.I.IUIKT   MINI. I tviltn.l. „,..,.,_..  ..       .     .      ,. i
T -:'..,1..11.,.. uiii.tli, utiil, ,1,.   ..i_ifii..-i |,„jr..ll  . I ( ..   i..f.--
I       .mm per Mumb, All Irom Nile. Within One Mile ol iuan
* i'.|.-.-iii i-.tt. rtiti i,..t.ii!i..in,.-f t .t,.„tiv,   iiin.ir.-., conl has I      nnthemar    X
* I...I lnrli,.i;»iir»aliillii.-l..v nil  i,»Ih |.n.,.-n  il..fl f,.. Ip alum     I
* mul in t-imii.l,    It Lnrnsa white ash and I. kt-.iu-.-i, fr-s Z
A vory enjoyable danco was given
at tbti home o{ Mrs. Wm. MqPhco, ;it
the Kast Kootenay mill No. 2 on
Friday, niffht last-. About sixteen
young people drove out from Cran-
brook rotuining in lhe e.-irly bonis ol
tbt' morning and. reporting Mmi iln-v
h.«l a splendid time.
AJdermaa Henderson, chairman of
the health committee, Alderman
Johnson, a member of the bciiltli
committee, Chief of Police Dow unit
Or. Connolly made a tour of inspection of the Chinese quarters on
Monday afternoon, inspecting them
from n sanitary standpoint.
Como awl see large pictures of the
Klondike rush, mammoth mining
dredges at work, scenes taken at
midnight and many others, can-fully
described.—Presbyterian church, Friday, Kebruary Uth.
Enjoy an evening with fourteen
foot square pictures of quaint, towns,
glaciers, canyons, rapids, landscapes
and many other interesting features
ot the Yukon.—Presbyterian church,
Friday, the 14tb.
F. J. Kiikpatrick, who litis boon
working for Uio Herald (or . about.
ten days, returned to his home in
Fernie on Sunday. Mr. Kirkpatrlck
is a firstrclass up-to-date printer anil
did a lot of good work whilst here.
He is on the staff of the Fernie Free
E. if. Smadl, of Summerside, Canal
Flats and Ctanbrook, always on tto
ookout for the comfort ot the guests
if the Cosmopolitan hotel, hus put
in new electric light fixtures ami
lamps in the bar. Mr. Small tells
the Herald that tie - will niaki
i number of improvements ami alter
3turns for the comfort ot the guesti
-luring the next few months.
The moving pictures at the Edison
theatre are particularly good this
wtek. Mr. J. A. Brio is doing all
in his power to make the entertainment attractive and is succeeding ii
crowded houses count, for anything.
Moving pictures have come to stay.
There are no less than twelve firms
in tho United States manufacturing
films and two weekly newspapers devoted to the moving picture business,
art published In New York.
Mr. Kobert Oanthouy appeared lot
the first time in Canada before a
.arge, select and fashionable audience
at .Stanley hall, Montreal, and scored
a triumphant success, all four of the
Montreal daily papers speaking in
flowing terms of this great artist's
entertainment. His company of
London artists Join him for his west-
rn Canada tour soon after his Montreal engagement. This is the first
time a company of artists has ever
been associated with Mr. Oanthouy.
See posters for Montreal press criticisms and others. This splendid
concert party will appear at the
new opera house on Friday, February
21st, and will be the event of the
season. Seats on sale at Heat tic &
Will give a voeal and Instrumental
concert next Wednesday evening.
Kebruary lWh, at the new opera
house. They will be assisted by
tho following ladies and gentlemen:
Mrs. W. T. Reid, Mrs. Ira Manning.
the Misses Jessie and Lilliau McCowan, Daisy McCallum, Madge Roll-
i r tson, Messrs. McSweyn, Bold,
(Juain, WilMston, McCowan, Master
Charlie McCowan. The band has
teen practicing (or some time lot
this concert in view and are prepared to render a number of pleasing se
lections. Let every person in the
c.ty attend this concert and give the
band the support that It deserves.
*l.iO TO *:!.->.<n>
♦ We nn- aoilllj  Killlllilil- ".
T    iiliei ii iViv individuals h lin I;
J     ..ifi.lilfilffinnitH.
J. D. McBRIDE, Cranbrook, B. C.
snuie ..l iii....   days
• fail tn come in and ■
Sontfl peopts think eye gla.ee, ate in   .
Iie.aii.-e when onee wntn -• person
dependant .111 tlteut.   The truth las pi
litte.l pair of _laesee (tKMOVETUE STBAIX
npon tlio .v.-. therefore uo time should !.. !■ st
in iilf.ir.li.i_ il.i- relief.    WE GUABASTEE
- nm,nd .v„i.-i, i,.«i.-n„, W.   F,   TATE
■ '"'''' " "THE   JEWELER."
0. T. ROGERS' SHOE SHOP, Cranbrook     !|
Send tor our descriptive catalogue
ot nursery stock. Address The Rlv-
orsWc Nurseries, Grand Forks, B.
0. «-tt
Corporation of lhe City of
ntine ha.
OIXl.'K iim days nf old, Si   Vale
•^^ U*,*ti the ymtrtiii baint of iho ft
rdent gal-
It1.1t. ami  the  pretty custom 1
t sending
tokens ol   affection   on ST. VALENTINE'S
b popnlu
to-day a. it was liuinlrtHl. of y,-,.r3
'lliis year we ituve taken (.'rent p
ins in the
selection of mir stock of Valentine
Wo Imvo tin-ill in many varieties
and ut ali
prices, from Ten L't-nts. to Five Do;
Inr.    Von
slioitlil son tlii.-ni
mMmmmW WHERE IT PAYS TO DEAL        __\\
\       WATCH TALKS       \
*    Hiivi->,,ii ;i win.'ti tlfit requires attention?    M.. mail    i_ n- *
J*1 .lrnkeii.   A new nne nnly c-na.s SI 50. 1^
Does your watch stop occasionally and you cannot depend    pon it fnr *
9 lime?  Cleaning i- likely all it need., and $1,50 will Un it.
4    Nnmitter wnttthe trouble Is with your watch bring it li us.    11 ynur 1
_R ivi'fli ni'.t, recili-in.' {iittttirlng It in, It will eotu younoll Wi-are '
Jeweler nnd
Grt.dtiu.tt-   i)|itiii.,ii
Applications   will be received     hy
tbo underslgnrd not later than Sntur
On F,*ruarr 11th, tbat is nesl
Friday, the Oranbrook city band will
Iiniii a tancy dress carnival at tneir
skating rink.    Valuable prises are to _„_
l.e distributed to tlm winners and thej day, February 2Mb, lor the position
hand   will  discourse   suitable music of OHy Auditor.      Applicants   must
under tlie leadership   ol Mr. ,1. Aus-; state qualifications and sslarv     u-
tin  tbe bandmaster.    Tbe admission quired and ftivc references,
will be twenty-live cents, children 15| Thos. M. Roberts,
cents. '   City Clerk's Office, Cranbrook, U.C
* here toph-imc vnu.
Don't Spend Your Money
on Whisky
Tliis Space ip paid fnr l.y lite Methodist Church Temperance
Evniy possible help wilhln reason will be given to men ilimiring to
nnil lite liiittk Habit.  Call ami have a elinl wilh the Pastor.
Itnslilcnce next the rlnirt'li.
t'linnn 170.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•l TUE OUANBROOK   III.HAI.I)
Hij;li*Lli.s-i Dressmaking
Inl ...iiiiii,
n'. Wi
i     C.  P   1!   MOUSE   I pah
.Mnnuiu.-lui-i-i-s ninl Denier..
Detail W.nl, ,-i Specinltj
When You
Come to the Metro*
pi.lis stay al   Ur-
Palace Mold
Stephens & Kockendurl
Opposite C. IV R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
l'l ami AND llltl'M.*
High I'l.i... Hill,,-,- ..lu-lf
Mwnys I'p '...Inn-
ii|„-ii Inr inn nl-lttwn Engntie*
I' tl  It.,. ,1-     CIMVHKIIIIk. B.C.
I'rovinciul Land Surveyors
Fori Steoln I', il. Iiiiii -Mi.
Cranhrook P.O. Hox II.
Telepl fl7l.
(ieo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in our fttlveiliBenioiil, In
(.at thin n.l in the lluraM it.
omphaaUi* it.
Near f,owar trinstmng Woinie
Tht- National
Through Sleopiuu ami  Uiiiing
.'urn ami High Uli Tourisi
Sli-.-|.,.i-, nu nil Tl gli
The lin.iuf Minli.iiin! Mi, iu tii in
Banff Sanilariiim
This Winter
Exri-:t.i.i-:ii accommoiutione
Rales $2..i(l per day and up
(ktrruapomlenco llivlleil
fully aiiBworeit.   Call nn oi
iJOHN rion.
1). I-. A..
NKI.SUN   li
E. j. covi-i:
A  li   I' < .
.Willi 11:1!
Maiiul'ii'turcr ul
All toads of Hair U.tuds
Hair Jewelery
Wild Herb Hair Wash
Industrial Exposition
San I rancis-.... Cal.
Ilppesitt Kail si (..wmcrcc
1   IIU   News of the District
■S'-S' i-':S'.
McLaughlin Sleighs and
■  -♦ -
Heavy Harness for
Logging Purposes
UY luivfl the bes. RtOC-lf ..f
text™ Hcnvy Logging Hiir-
iiosH to In* found iu tho
KonlriiiiyH. Tbo " BriUKes'
Special "   Ih   nun if  by  ua,
IMI.f  WO l'l*('t1|]IllU-lill it HHlllf
ImriiuBs pfir excpllf-iioe fnr
tin1 heavy work required in
llu* Lumbar imluHiry. I'.ill
.in.I 9f# for yonraulf the
excellence of this Harness,
♦— -
Hrpairing in all its Branches
M. C Cooper, our expert
harness maker ami repairer,
always on hand to make,
repair, or do anything in the
harness line you may need.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Tcli't'tioite No. is::
X       00 PLAINS ♦
(l-t,mt out own i-inri-spoirtifliit)
Give !:eed t.o the voice of an    old
t.o the voice of an
'i-min has Riven liet
anil n.,1 lie iililt- In
•-.tin business lu-i.
Cory, witli n teni
llie  train   ttnlleil  ol
Slop ul.
,- pleasti
l.ntlibrtilge I
Al,-.,     VI.
..I  Elkn, is
n Sitnttitski mir
ply tn,l th i- tin
mi  resitliiii
\ Old Curiosity
.liiS.PIt ... HtltStS, Proprietor
All Classes ..f  Second
hand lloiids
I  ittiie i.l   All   Kiiuls, I ".ti.
-..•« nnil Se.-ntt.l liiiinl
Safe's Old Stand, Han
son Avenue
lto|inin'nt- n S|it-i-ii.liv
.-likens BJo-'k,Craubrook
.1.   W.   UHTI.EDGK
vetFWNAKv suttoeoN
HmiltmUtol Ontario Veteriii_iv
.'..llaiie, Toronto, in 1S!>S.
ii.Htliia.-a aud Mcitulllsl nl
MeKillip's Veterinary College,
Chicago, iu 1900.
Nine   year.'    experience    in
Veterinary practice lu Manltoha.
unite a. Crtikroo. llelel.
W.  It.  IL-al.lv.  .'uni-rnl  Ilir*-.-.
•nlir-inll IV 0. I'linno !
. Kd. l.aUal'gt. .tnd a bi« gang ..i
iJapimoso fie wrestlers arc stationed
■al tho Greal Northcta/Tanftj loading
Jtiw foi tin-   pstensioii casl nf   Per*
Miss Ht-ssu* K. Ihi.Lruiori, the.
populai ^c-bonl teacher at Waldo, who
lias bivn down With la grippe, we arc
pleased io say is fully FCCOtttvd and
utile to ivsiimc -her anti-PS it the
We are sorry to .say that Klmn
MoKw, Klko s mail carrier, and
youngcsl sen ot George MoKce, wat-
"taken to the Craubrook hospital Saturday. Perry McKtv, cousin it
Elmer and son of "Big Jim" McKee,
ot Kilmarnock Castle; Klko, who is
now in Cranbrook hospital, w.ll, we
;irc pleased to say, .soon be able lo
return tone.
W. S. McKweu visited Craubrook
and Kcrnie tbis week.
Mr. Martin, ol the Canadian Fall
banks company, was tiding some odd
jobs at K.xft-etiay river points this
Albert Armlst'ea-d moved to Wardner ibis week for tbe summer- where
he has lw>en engaged by the Board oi
Trade to play tirst cornet in the
Wardner string band.
Train up a servant, io the way she
should p;o amd the flrsl thins you
know she's gone.
The I tollman house opera house
changed 'bands ibis week.
Krnest Parks, of the Kejnic. city
police force, is visiting friends in
Klko tliis week.
Alex. Voting came in Irom Sunny
Alberta nu a soon visit to bts i * •
cuts, who moved here lasl fall from
Bciuisejour, Manitoba, and built .
line residence in Rush Grove park,
south of the towu.
Miss May Roo left for -** week'
visit lo ber home at Hoosville.
Hill Ii.iman.    tbe trapper,   eaugh
three fine mountain lions near      the
puck bridge at     EHio.     Over twenty
ivnx have been napped  within     two
miles of Klko.
The citizens of a town must be
generous, enterprising uod broad-
minded if 'hey wish their burg Tti
grow into a city. People with one
cent copper souls can never build tniy-
tbing great.
. The Shea Brothels aud a gang 01
expert ice cutters are filling the ire
bouses around town.
Sky pilots arc flock jug into Klko
every week and we expect to see tenders called for the construction of at
least four churches. We ate eipeet-
ing a gang of Mormons in this wc-pk
from the south and u Salvation Armv
drum corps from tbe east.
Louis Riley, of the Rock ('reek
mills, visited Klko Sunday.
Constable Walsh, of Foil Steele,
near Cranbrook, was au Kike visitor
tbis week.
(Krom tlio h'enile Free Press.)
"Hig Jim" McKee is anxious to
purchase a good saddle horse. No
Shetlands need apply.
W. ('. McClelland and family left
Klko to take up their residence in
(.'ranbrook,       Mrs. McClelland
has been in very poor health for some
months past. We hope the change
will do   her   good and that "Mack"
ill a.'cumulate vast wealth.
Where iu the name of Elijah's
grandmother is Jack Lewis keeping
himself these days and moonlight
was    here betwe-cn trains
nt several bonis iu
He repdrf:, tbat the
re proving satlefac-
Drink Home Beer
It l» I'ure
II It Healthy
It Li the Beat
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Livery  S
TeHin* mul >lri-reri fimiialicil fm  •«
p.iiui lo (tie tlffltrtct.
A. DOVLfi, AUiiflger
Sunday. 1	
Charlie Klingcnsmith, of the Klk,
jays he will be-in tne linals fur the
Hm yards, !!2fl yards uud half mile
taoes at the spring handicaps io be
run some time iu March.
John  It vine spent  sY*vcfal bom
town ibis wwk
marl prospects
tor?. W
Pied Hammond brour,bt iu d line
biiiich of fm this wi*L
Mis. Kred Roo catue op Uoin
Roosvilie foi several days this week.
The latest excitement. In ICIko is
raising umbrellas on account ol lhe
wet rain.
Manager Johnson, of the Pugh .\
Livingstone Lumber companj. ship
ped several cars ot N'o. 1 lumher lo
(Kriiits in Alberta this week.
The wood buffalo lhat- was shot
on Mot l's grade, near KJko, on Saturday, was purchased by T. Roberts
of the Klk meat1 market.
I J. IL Ross, Saskatoon Flats, Waldo, was an Klko visitor this week.
j The Union Bank of Canada, expects
to open up a branch in Elko this
I Several c,oi;k screw peddlers visited
Klko this week.
C.   A- Dow,   Cranbrook's   populn
Me! of police, passed through   Klk-
-ii his way to Fonite this wet*.   II.	
aid it was the hardest thing he bad conducted the plat
xjerienced alnc« leaving was to pass basis.
J,  II. McMiiliiii hits      	
captain i.f   It      compniij,   Kooleiinj
lilies, vice L'upt.  Krod Stock,  icliicii.
'I hen- vv us an uxhihltlou ul knUe
play in the temlerluhi district on
I'ltcs.liiv nlgiit, when .1. II. Cameron
was slabbed repeuiedlj hi ivu. Uni-
iaiis. llu received Lweutj wounds in
llie neck, back .md alnloiiieu Ac
eujtlliig to rumors, llu- Italians, who
had been working undei Ctinieruii as
Doss, thought the) had .. grievance
in lbe matter of pav.
.1. S. Volume went ilutwi In Cran
brook this week.
Mayoi     s. s. Taylor, of    S'els	
was in     I'Vruii- lasl  week on     legal
Cory Dow, chid oi llu- Crnnbiooh
poller force, wns in Kcrihe un Tuesday.
S. K. Walliicc nnd Mis. Wallace
w-flit down i<> Mnplu creek ou Fridaj
night I., attend the funeral ol -Wis.
Wallace's brother.
K. A. Maihii'soii, who has been relieving Jack Lowe at lhc express ollice for llu- past few days goes lo
Cranlirook on Tuesdnj.
0. L, Hoj'nton was al \ ieluriu this
week iu the interests ol lhc Uoiiii-
tain Lumbermen wi... are seeking
certain legisl.iti.m tli.ii will give
them the right to renew then licenses for 31 years and will give them
assurance ol fixed rovuHtics. \.
Lcitcli, nf Cranbrook, wiis Uu- ulhei
reprt-seiit.iiivi- ol lbe M ilnln mill-
Messrs. Iloraaday ami i'hillips have
reslgiied fiom the Kcrnie (rume Protective association. The stand laken
by tlie local llicmheis nl ihe associn
lion in ihe matter of ihe situation
of the proposed game reserve is sup-
|Hiscd tu lie the reiisoii foi Ilieil ac
Hon. They wish to be fnr tu ngit-
t-.tte for their own chosen tern.tory.
A conventiuii of the clergj of ihe
Church of Knglnml wiil In- held on
Tiics.'liiv mul Wediicsdm ul next week
week in Christ clutni.. There will
ho public service ill Uu- church ••n
both evenings.
'be steel on lhc i; \. is laiil for
about 11 miles up the vallev (u Mi
•he). The greatest ilillieiillj is Peng experienced in laying tin- rails,
is llm snow must first In- shoevelled
.IT the grade and il is dillicull to
ballast with fro/cn iiuitcrlaL There
s I'oiisi'dei'iililc work t<> I'i- 'lmi.- ..n
■he grade near Michel v.-t.
K. .1. Cook, t.f Reijina, has been ap
pujiiioi! tn lhc Kcrnie p..lice forcu in
lhe place ..f cx-policcnmii Parks. Mi,
Cook comes highly recommended nnd
lie has had coiisideiahie experience in
police work, lie served for several
years on tin- Natal police forte after
the Hocr wiu and Ims mure recently
been in Reglna, Sask.     lie is physi-
Jly ii fine specimen of voting mati-
btN'd and should make gowl in this
t l-T-otn uut ..ii ti corresponttcitt.)
llu- [.miles .Mil nt llie Metlioilisl
eliurcli ttiti-nil linlilitiii ii hox soolnl in
tin- tii-ti pnrsonage uu l-'eluuniy IStli.
\ aooil iirogramuiD is- lioina prcpnroil
.iml .ni i-ii.iuyiilili' evcnliia is iissiin-il
. ..nn- .mil Itring \..ni    irientls.    Ad*
llllssinn   Iti-l.-.
Messrs. l-'.nis ,v Crnivlonl, uut on
lerprlsiiig uii-ti-li.iiiis. t'liiitt. tn|, l.ii.-
erecllitg ii spacious liitlltllitg, -lit x nu
leet.     Tin- lower lloor   will ■ t-nnsisl
iitlliif, wliile tin' si'i'iilnl llnnl  will    Ill-
lit ii-.i    up   Into   a ni*,i ill,-.,    ttpcrn
Tin. new |inrsonngn is nenrlng com-
Tin-  weiitliet   i-nlitiiiilt-s  mil.I .mil
[i.ii'tii-s Willi lonmliig to iln will re
i|  In     until,- ilillgent  nsn ot Hn
i.nl.s nliilr ihey Insl.
/"MI \I.K liusl is line and
^-* white, imt it won't
niiikc good bred, litir,
white tluiir is all right as
lar as ii goes, hut it it
lacks nutrition its other
qualities amount to nothing
as fur us linking is concerned.
Royal Household Flour
l*.  K. Kowlci,    mniiager of
Canadian Bank of Commerce, wot
visiti.i  I., Cranhrook this week.
* *
(Kr»m  the  Mtiyie  Leader.)
Alter a closedown of .several days,
work Ims again been started nl ihe
Cambrian. Manager MncKa) .has
been experiencing some diflicnlty in
procuring weight to sink the shall.
Hi figured on gellips stesl rivlwai
rails fnr this purpose, Iml not being
able to get sufficient has been forced
to use rock Instead, which is loo
cumbersome ami not very satisfactory. He has ordered what is
known as an "orange peel" diggei
from St. Paul, and ihis will be here
probably within a week, Tin- work
ping along very satisfactorily.
fleorge Munro, proprietor ol the
ipul.it hostelry, Ims arrived home
..in ,i trip to California looking hale
ml hciriv. He speaks Very highly
t th,' climate in ihat  sunny land.
We   ,,i
,■  glad to    see Cieorge Cart
al».ui utiiin   after his recen
Arthur Hnrge, of Crnnbrook, was i
\i--ih.i lu Creston this week (all o
iisi .ue glad to see Air. Burgc com.
to town.
Mr. Clms
i i'i,-iilm
Fnas spent, several   day:
>k Ihis  week mi business.
Don'l forgot thi-
ii. si. Valentines
masquerade   hall
nighl  in   Spoors'
♦ 4
(Krom our t
nul  Mis.     A.
-ok hist   week.
.rrespondenl I
Thorp visited
nd Mrs.  I!   II.  Bohart weie ii
nik last  week mi business.
Teddy   Mack, ..f High River
, is ;t nuesf   at   the home     <>
Mrs. (lieen. CP.fi. depot.
li Campbell has been appointed
hi operator a* iln- loc.il depot to
;ist Ur. Oreen. Mrs. Campbell
.v.-d here ;i few days ago.
\.  Ij
nd \vn
Cranbrook last
Kvery little bit added lo what vou
>rct from the neighbors, makes [nst
i   little tul  more.
provincial const able,
a few days ago    mi
,1. S. MncKiicheni, aci
bis wife and two chlldre
iiesd.ii in Crnnbrook,
np.inii.l  hi
BpOlll   W.-.l-
The i.trnii) i.f s. (i Blnycoek, Iho
new suiieriiitenileiit a I the St. V'.w
gene, arrived hore Thnrsdaj from
Trail. Ml. Blaycock and f.imiiv will
occupy the large residence .if llie St
P. A O'K.urell, Ihal liillliuiil imn
naiist ..lid valuable assistant uf K.
Augustus llein/c, wns iu Winnipeg a
icvv davs ago, nnd is now un bis wn\
In Briiish Columbia. O'Karrell now
makes his home in \t-w \ ml. ,ti the
Wardorf-AstoHa. He hm been hi
Moyie ..u_sever.il occnBluim .m.i ,.t
one tinn- had an Interesl in lhe
Kd   I a Bout e was laken lo th.' Ims
pit a I nt I'raiihruol. an.I was nperalcd
i Monday for appcmllcltis
T. T McVittie, llu- surveyor, w.is
here most of the wed. doing some
wnrk for K,  \. Mnclleth and others,
G. II, Miner was on tlm Tliurmlnj
passeni'i-r train going ensl, .md met
several of bis friends al tin- station.
Mr. Mineral one lime conducted a
hardware store in Moyie in the quarters now occupied hy MacKnchern A
Macdonald, Imt is now in Winnipeg in
the insurance business.
On next, Momlay, February Hub,
I. II. Ilimoek, propriety of lhe Cosmopolitan hotel, will take over the
l<i-ke Shore hotel, heller known as
he Drewry building, uml will run it
n conjunction wit-b his own place,
flu- building fnr several monllis past
leased In K, D. Slinson, who
,i  percentage
Mr. P. Lund returned on Saturhny
iVening from the const, where he was
'iilltil mi business.
\t   present-   writing Master  Bobbie
■suthcclnml is very ill.    He contrnct-
i heavy cold a few days ago   and
Ims gradually   become     worse until
t   present  his     symptoms  are quite
Mrs.  P,     Luml accompanied    Mjs>
Kilylhe Lund    to Cranbrook a     few
ivs ago where    she will remain al
li,'     hospital   lo qndergn treatment
I--i  hot knee.
Mr. and Mrs. William Thorpe ami
daughters Laura and Davenea left
for Cloverdale last week, wheretbey
inlend to reside. Mr. Thorpe intends
irohig into the lumlier business in
I'loverdalo. Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe
e.imc bete from Kenova about eighteen months ago but in that short
lime have made    many warn friends
'In. will regret their departure from
•ui   little town.
is not only thr linvst nml
purest of flours l»tit nlso
tht- most nutritious. It is
milled 1>\ a process w loch
gives ViHl ;lll ot' llu*  Pillli-
limis    properties   oi    the
wheat in tin- lu-.-.t form for
vour use.    Y.-tt i:it get it
from y( ur grocer.
OgiliiC Hour Mills Co.. Ltd.
That Will Catch Fish
FISHING TACKU.    That Will Catch Fish    UStllNti TAtKLIi
l-Kllll ROO. I'roprieior.
Hardware aud Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries Fruit,
Flour and Mill Studs, Raw Fur and
Thr l.arge.l A-sorlriwnl ol Fishing Tackle suitable
lor Ihe District in B. C.
-   ♦-   -
lii.ii.iti Curios, Speeimen Big Game Heads, and Sou
venirs ol  I'he Great West,
* ♦
Wi me 57 Head Ollice, Calgary Alia.
Wc now have a full line of fresh and smoked fish
Kippered 5;ilnioi.
Finnan tlaililie
Fresh Salmon
Kippered Herring
Smoked lialibul
Fresh Halibut
(From the I'mnk Paper.)
liiiinl,- ll. Siuiih, fnrmt-Vlv iiiiiii- iu-
lii-rtin fm- Allifrl.i, visited Kriink .In-
List  .,[ Hi,, tt-ffli.     Mr. Sniitli     if-
'•l-lilll      ll-ltlllil-il    Iliun    it   si'VI'lltt-liVr
tit.Ii- tti|i it|i tin- S,isli.iii-ln-\tiiii rivi-t
111 OflllKIl i-|il'ii||i|iliii-n| tilii-ic In- III-
-IK i'lf I   .1    till,   ill   .1   I ll.ii   S.-..1I1   .,11    lllf
1   I' II      A Inr iii ii t-tiiil si-iitii    Unit
Ii.f  lull'I   lii'i-n   ,,|i,.|,|.||   up   Wilt, lilt-
ifiiiiiiL.il.].- s|iii'i.uli- Mi. Smith n i
III..-ul lis   ,-\is|t'||l'i.   if   i'\|llilitll-l|   lit
tin- tlll-l Unit llu- sill in .iiiiiii.|if oil
li|. fivct iiuil Uii' In,, ims sliirti-il liv
i  tnl-PSl'  I'm-.      Mr. Smilli's |in.|iiisi-
liis   tu   lli'li'llllilli'   Mil'   lll'Sl   tlli-iltts     ..I
■litiiiaiiisliin,; tin. li,-,., imt   |„. t-,.,11 In-.l
tli.-    i rlin.il.ii   Mini it   wnuld cosl
f.   I.,   iml il mil iliun Iln' iiniii ir.
.nlil n nl In if Iln- Urn burns fm
It yours, ulii.ii l„. \ws no ilmilii il
ill. lif siiiics llml while, llu* lin.
ui limn fiiivvfi it tn,nlil novor lil'S-
iii Iii.iii' Hnili fin. It-nl nf Hit. soiini
your. M is lunnjii,; 1,11 tin- w.n
ni-ross ii .111(1 (1.1,1 (nro. Tito w-nrli nl
■i|,i'iiiiiE ii|i llm swim sum,' linv,   will
l,i-  Iln-  llli'iili:. u( rllll/llR n(f  lllf lllllll-
iui! scotlnn uml ii will simplv Imrii
iist-lf oul.
Tin' Wi'sl Ciiiiiuliitn Cilliiiiii's    has
n-siitiii-il oin-iiil nns nt   |,||lo mill     In
-"llll'   t'Vll'lll   ill    Itl'lll'VIIO,   ,1   vi-rv   snl-
isfiii-iory iiiilii-ii.inn tlml activity In
vho coal market Ic resuming.
I The Dominion Meat Company, Ltd.
Pabst! Pabst! Pabst!
Just received ft OAR of PABST BOTTLED BEER
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars ♦
CRANBROOK, B. C.      -       -       I'IIONI: 17 I
y*\ **ra*^aa*^*^*^t^t ^*,^e,ea,9a^e,ewea^eaea^ea9*^a>^a^*^*^a^.
  *--«•■,...... "ijjp
Menu.ir.urei. 11. '
Houxh anil ilrc-si-,1
LUriBHR anil
AIihi all kinds ul
.              ,.*
ft********** g *************&
*        —* 1tmm' NOW IS llll: TIME
111 Ht'll'l'l   \ 1 -111-
Nun- Designs, Colorings, Etc
The Pl.a.eri and lleior.lors
Wn i'tii|ilti.v tii'stt'liisfi pointers
ami |iti|«r hungers THE   CKANBROOK    l1ERAl.lt
Murphy A. Kishor,
Parliamentary,    Departmental    at...
Patent Ollice Agputa.
Practice Mt-tnre .lailway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold t-'islur.
t'liiistiiST Li.ii.n-: No, :t".
Cranhrook, It. C.
Meets every Tuestlay at 8 p. .... al
New  Kralern.ty Hull
.1. I.   Ili-iiili'isi.n. K. ol li. Si S.
VI. A. Itollitls, ... C.
V.aitiiiK   bie.liren  conllally .it.le.
tu attend.
Tin- Kusslan Acarit-my ol S.*i«ire
Ims eleotod Professor Sir flwr**r Darwin, of r;iiiituiiti3- llitivt-rsity, tnbe a
corrospomling moniher.
Thi- army council lias *ieei<M that
tin- slouch hat as a protection lor .be
•i.ililirr afrainst the sun is not ce-
iliiiti.l in Hit- Uttlted Kini^lom.
Plans linv.. now- livt-u prepareil lor
iln- I'tivl'ion nt tin- t.wo temporary
law court*, in the .Indies' Quad-
raiigle tachrg the .Strand, auu it Is
expected that tht- liu.ltling u. these
courts will lu* prts'tssleit with illmn-
I.u.i..'.    My tn, I .nil.
Nu. 41. Ut-ets a.ery H.-imil...!'
M.tlii.av      Ulir.lt
Nt-w    Kralern.ty   ..all      Snjr
Iuk Oiltllttllnws ,-urdtally ItlVltoll.
F   1-:   ll„iin-.|, ..in    li.i
TilO   lliltl It-ship   .'nllillKlYOod, {**
second o( the St   Yjiiccitt class    ul
llii-iiiliiou^hls,     was i-i.tiiiin-iiit-d    at
nt Kehrtiary :l.     Shu will
l,i- lhc s.i.h     Droatltiaua.it typo   ul
11If-,l,i|. I., in- built (ni tht- Urit.sk
N. O.
Irani.*-.... I ,><!.,•. N<|.
It,-,uiu ii..-,-iiii_> .
the lin, it '.'.01, .di
• tl   t-vi-iy   tn.iBtb.
Vis.Una bretb en welcomed.
S. II. Il.isliins, W. M.
!•:. W. Connolly, seer.
Cranbrook Aerie
p in . i
every   .'liiin.     et-t-nli
i Kills  Theatre.
Thos. Cole, W. 1'.
Chas. Siiii.li,  Si'i'ii-t
r at 1
Visiiing brethren cordially  invited
t.OYAI. (IHAN.II'! I.OIl.li:, NO. 1ST
Met-, a. II. nt I.. I-'. Hall 2ml   anil
4tti Saturday each uioulh.
Visiting brethren always wi-lcom.
.1. I-:. Urrigan, W. ill.
.lohn MeLaugliliin, Uco. Sec.
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
('llANliKllllk.lllllTISII   COI.I tllll.
J      C, H, DUNBAR       !
t    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    J
J Public, Etc. J
2   Cranhrook.    ■    -    II. C.   I
i******************** »•♦. *
Physician.-, and Surgeons
i.«ii-» at lle.l.l.-iii-a. Armstrong Avt
Pnrennons - - - - n.ini
Alternoniis - - - _.N1
ISveninga - • - - 7.30
Sttntlays - - - - 2.30
,i iiiuii
i>   ..nit
„    Still
ll     . ill!
CHANIIROOK ::     ::     c
H. C
a to 12 a.m.
. to   11 p.m.
7 in   K p.m.
ce nml residence on Ai
iftr.tip avr
-     11.0
DR. F. B. Ml
OFF1C13   11(1111
0 lo r- a.m.
. to   li p.m.
7 to   « pin.
Offli-i- In new Iiiiii
- II. ('
A news agency is authoriied t-o
nHilu by tin- agents tti the city ol
Moscow dial, Mie municipal l.uu   (oc
Mi.iMKi, i i.miili-, tiit- tramway* and
other purposes, recently tuptittoncd.
Ims been purchased liy an Anglo
Wnrrir.ili   syndicate.
"This easi' is distinitmshed Uy aft
incident Hiui li.i'. never before aiiwa
in my experience," Raid a solicitor at
Shepton Mallet police court., referring
in a half penny being included io his
client's work—£1 5s. I0£d. "Tbat
being so," exclaimed tlie    t-liairman,
miiisl laughter, "wc will remit tbe
Tlio Themes Angling Preserration
soclot) have obtained permission to
Iniiisfur llu- li.sh from the Serpentine
i.. llu- Thames. Tin- lish include
perch, carp and roach, and some are
..I exceptionally heavy weight. The
netting will In- done al night, and t-he
iiiii will hf conveyed in tanks to various reaches of thu Thames.
CIVM   f NtilM I KS  \\\\   IKliilNION -
"sn'i.w"1 CranbriHiki B.C,
i li:
Meiciiiilile i
W. II Wi
Hoods St..i.
n,l  f;■ ,.i ■
V O, l!ti\ UHVI       Calvary, Mi
ltev.   Dr.     Rtrtwell, who    has
lii'ni chancellor of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Westminster at
Archbishops' house, has left for Roma
in tie secretary to Cardinal Merry
.Id Va!, pontifical secretary of stat-e
io the Pope, and to act ns English
adviser on religions affairs fu tbe
country io the Pope ami iho Vatican
authorities generally.
The unlquo sight of harvesting corn
crons in January hns been witnessed
in Hrnnstoti, Ken, Lincolnshire Scv-
.r.tl fields uf wheat, barley and oats
have been sold by auction as tbey
.tood in ihe lields. A miller pur-
ehased the crops, which ha** just
been cul nnd gathered. It is proposed to celebrate the novel event with
ii harvest supper to the men engaged
ii the work.
The Salvation Army has opened a
fund for the relief of the famine-
stricken districts in India. The
money raised hy the fund will not
be spent in indiscriminate charity.
Oram will he bought and sold at
cheap rates to the starving; small
loans will to advanced to families
who have some stake in the country,
and lhe removal of tlie starving to
regions where conditions '.-.re more
a..iniiii will he carried out when pos-
A    Wycombe builder named- Harris,
who twenty years ago was bankrupt
mil paid a dividend of ?s. 6d. ou toe
U, has jusl paid over £11115 to Uie
official receiver, which enabled dim
io pay the creditors in full- Tim
judge, in annulling the adjudication,
said he wished sueh applications ware
a.»t -M. rare,
l.ue \isitor to these shores, an
Egyptian gth.se u native .»( Africa)
has been shot at Wycombe Mapttw
■rie.it, Hiiekiiinhaiiishm-.
AI. Henri Martean of the -fj-rnfra
conservatory of music has btvn appointed to till the post oi rinlln
teacher in ihe Merlin high school for
musie, VuCatwl by ihe death of Pi.
Joachim. M, Marteau is a Frvneb-
m.iii. horn at Nancy, lie is .13 years
..I.l I Ik duties will be confined tu
teaching, and will not cover tln< dt-
iccti.'ii ..i the literal affairs of the
sel I, whieh will remain for the present in lhe bands of Hen Max Iliuch,
Uie eminent   composer.
(QanatHan Courier.)
Tin Hank of Knglandjs rate of dis
count has been towered from sevt-n to
foui |.ei cent. Another world-wide
uionej  crisis has passed.
lu i)iii7 Oauatla received n.oon
more British hmlgrants than did tii*
United Slates.
I.asi veai H7,a8.i Hiilish i-uu-
giants left for Canada, while only
11.-iii!) went io Australia.
The Grand Trunk Pacific hopes to
have Its line Mom Edmonton to Win-
mpeu in operation in September. The
[ slatn-e  is  7!M  lllites.
The Dominion government has OV
idcfl lhat every man in the west,
who h.is a farm, some horses and a
seedinv maehhie, shall have plenty of
seed i:i;iin.
I The mild weather has made livini;
ii. ■, expensive and has saved hundreds
loi thousands of dollars foi therall-
w.n eoiiipaiiies.
tliiough the kindness.-s shown me by
you and other auquaiiitaiices formed
in your beautiful city, and others iu
different cities I visited on my trips
through the far west i" Vancouver
and my return over tlio main line
through the Rockies by the country
•f that more than popular thoroughfare the ('. P. It., whose kindness ami
care of its patrons cannot be ovei-
rsti mated.
Wishing you a prosperous year, 1
remain, onc«' "a stranner in a
straugc land."
Yours Verv Trulv,
0. M, Mansfield.
An exchange from Alberta makes
some    vrry    fitting remarks    about
The Man With a OrievanoV a few
of which we copy for tbe public good:
'There i.s a cla:;s of citirens in
every place who looks upon a tiews-
paper as the mouthpiece >-i all bis
complaints. II tbe council does imt
act tu suit his views, be rushes to
tbe editor and demands lhat the
paper come out m favoi >.t his sole.
11 he wants a favor Irom the council
lie takes anotbtr tiip around to ibe
cditur and asks suppuit from ihe
newspapei. If the telegraph s.-ruce
i-'- bad and his messages nre delayed
Iw waot-R the newspapei to "Jump on
Ohi company with both feet, to use
a slan*; cinression. If the railroads
are not delivering freight as promised, again the bcli gc^-s "t ng-a-Ling,"
aad the newspaper is Implored to use
space to .soak the railroad a lew
blows below the belt, ii necessary—
but soak them anyway. Our experience goes to show that tbey every
man would faint if be was asked to
write a letter and sign his name to
the views he wants the newspaper
man to air. Vet he thinks the newspaper man should take uu lhe cudgel
ind fight the battle. It is the duty
of a newspaper to lie fearless in advocating anything to the advantage
of tbe people as a whole, but in our
opinion a newspaper should noi he
expected to air the grievances of
individuals through the editorial columns, We court expressions of
opinion from all business men on
vital questions affecting the public
interest, hut we are not in the personal grievance huslnes... It such
matters need publicity, wr-ic ■> lett ■>
and sign your name to it. and we
will publish it. every time—so long as
It. is not libelous."
Mr. Shas. Noble, of 375 Colonial
Avenue, 'Montreal, the assistant chief
operalor of the G.N.W. Telegraph
Co. and several of his family have
been cured of eczema by Zam-Buk, the
great herbal balm. He states the
facts as follows: "The disease started in the back of my hands in the
form of small sores and eruptions.
These were very irritating and when
rubbed and scratched turned Into very
painful sores. I tried waters, lotions
and salves, but the disease continued
to spread and I got. no relief- Then
t<i my alarm the eczema spread to
several of the children. The pain anh
irritation in all our cases was wry
great, and we were very much dis-
fceartrturd as all we tried proved unavailing. Zam-Buk was recommended and I obtained a supply. I tried
it first on a small patch of the eczema, and this showed so mueh improvement that I was convinced
Zam-Buk would do good if persevered
with, and therefore obtained a supply.
Eai* application greatly relieved the
Itching, pain and soreness, and it was
not- long before the eruptions and
sores dried up and disappeared. In
lew week;, irom commencing with
Zam-Buk every spot was removed.
"Tho children who had also taken
tbis disease were treated in the same
way and bave each been cured. Unlike all other preparations used, Zam-
Buk seemed to search to the roots of
the evil and it was really surprising
b«w -quickly tbe sores were healed,
In r.iy case and that- of my children
tbe curt* was most effectual and permanent as it- is now some months
since w<c were cured, ami there has
bw-D no sign oi any eruptions or sores
IX all druggists and stores 50c. box
or post paid from the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, No home should be without Zam-Buk.
front of a fireplace.
Speaking of glad surprises, did .
ever find a quarter in the pocket
a pail of discarded trousers"'
Culinary skill limited  to ludge c
chocolate ealte is not calculated
make housekeeping pleasant
lawyer     can  appeal  his mis
Notice is hereby given that 30 ti.
alter date 1 intend in apply to
nd Honorable Chief Commissioner
to Lands and Works for a license
prospect for coal and petroleum
[the lollowing lands, situate in
district)   of    South East    tvootci
to the supreme court; the
to wait much longer.
The proudest moment in a young
man's life is when the barber says.
Mom beard is getting tough."
When we get %ch the first thing we
will do w'ill hi? to buy a bushel of
collar buttons, a ball of shoe strings
and an extra pair of suspenders.
British Columbia, in Block 1583:
Commencing at   a post planted   al
or near a    point     one tl)    mile easi
t    the   2*   mile    post   of  present
c. p. it. survey, or west boundarv ol
Block  4593,  and Iieing the NW. corner
p.-st of    Mary .1. Cororan's    claim,
th-flice     running    east    Hit
' bene.-     running     soutb   Hit
t hence    running     west   ho
thenco     running   north    so
to a point of commencement,
cts W acres, moro or loss.
Located ibis   "2nd day uf
The mau    who wails until be
ionic to open bis pay envelope ftuu*
rally begins    wore Monday motnfig l^on
eellng well aod happy I           A*, ff. Beldeu, Agent for
——■ I          Mary *}. Cooorau, Locator.
When we read that a man -juJ »Ue WltnesspW F  Hutb.             4?-t
ued ti/gether tor tw-entj    oi ^„ , 	
aftei date 1 Intend to apply to the
• Notice is hereby given that 30 days
Honorable Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a license to
pros|tect for eal .md petroleum on
the following lands, situate in the
district of South Kast Kootenay,
uritisli Columbia, in B'ock LSM.'t:
Commencing at   a post planted   at
or near a pomt three (-t) mill's east
of   the    2!<   mile   post   of   present
c. p, R. survey, nr wes-t boundary of
Bh ck 1503, and being the N.E. corner
post of Catherine M. Chapman's claim
running   west   80      chains,
running    south   80   chains,
running    east   SO    chains,
running   north      Su   chains,
king to a point of commencement, making
jfilfl acres, more or less.
Located tins 23rd  dav  ui January,
: bene,
i Irene.
i m
thirty  years without a quarrel
wundei what tbt recording angel
.tl.o.it it
in receipt ol
The    Hi-iaJd
Boards ol   Trade register,  published
Ih Hentau's agency, oi Toronto, Ont.
0 contains official inhumation   from
Notice is hereby gi\ea that 30 da
alter date 1 intend to apply  to    t
Honorable   Chief   Commissioner
lA0<i9 and   Works   for a license
prospeeWTor coal aud petroleum    .
il„. sovommwt ot    the various pro- $]*»_$fc F^'Lini , _
specific opportunities, with local
references. The Financial Times, of
London, England, says ol this book
l oiuinebciug at   a post planted
r near a   point    one {1}   mile cast
the -27   mil*    post   ot   present
* «'"'•—"" '""*■■• is uio^U^&W^T1?.^0'
post of   William J. Conoran's claim.
thence     running   north    «0   ehains,
st    80    chains,
the commerce and industries ol
(Itfnctt    running    south   80   cliains.
tta-ntv    tunnteft     west   8f>  chain.,
I ast Thursday ont of tht.    worst lo a point nl commencement, nmkinK
■mow slorms- in .oars struck Ontario.lli.-. acrisT more or less'.
Fourteen (rains were cancelled      ia'   l,.«a(<-d this   22nd <lii>- ot .liuni-n,
riiiilti, including the C.P R. eipress
o.h ways.
A. W. Belden, Agent lor
William J. (Jouoi-an, Locator.
Wilnrss: W, *'. Huth. 47-bf
I have just what you
want in all kinds of
Call and see my stock.
Clint. McDonald
CIBiir Store, I'ool Doom and
H'rber Shop
.' I.
...... K llflNOU I.t riMtt.l'1't.H.
I'iillSl.lN DATK8, M.IL..CA
tm.il'KS, ncs.jir
choice iioTBd.isK urrn.'oE
Phone .'6 AnuiUviH, Are
Nut ieo js hereby given that 30 ilnys
alter date I intend to apply to ihe
Htuiorable Cblct Commissiniici of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect lor coal aud pt-lioleum on
ue, following lands, situate in ilu-
districc .01" .South East Kootenay,
-tmtwh Columbia, in iil nek 4593:
iiiiL'inR at a post planteil at
or imir a point one (lj mile casl
the 29 mile post of present
■Survey* of the C. I'. K., or
west boundary of Block 4593, ami
being . lbe S. E. corner
post of Mary Barret's claim;
thence ... running uorth 80 chains,
i hence running west Hit chains,
ibence running south ho chains,
thence running east 8u chains,
to a point ol commencement, making
640 acres, more or less.
< Located* this 23rd day of January,
1908.: '
A. W.  Qtdden, Agent for
Mary Barrett, Locator-
Witness: W. F. Huth. IT-fit*
send anything down enst pr up west,
_»_£!_>. J. LE\SK, Tailor
l'l*. fi, .908.
, in nut,
is now located lo Hs comfort-*
able and attractive new qoar-
: ters in the ManHofca Hotd.
This institution U 'pat up-to-
date and ti modcrnly equipped
> to do fust tbe beat work in alt
branches ot the tooaorial art.
Sheldon, Vt
Frleml Simpson-
Dear Sir: I arrived home December
>uii nnd found everything moving, as
usual.      Our   winter   has heen    aa
"open one" up   to a short time ago,
lwhen it seemed to "close."
|   Saturday night we were treated to
him   kind   we used  to have 25 years
The  Preticli   Dry   OtcanhiR process i,„,0| and Sunday nt 1.13   p.m.    our
enables us to clean mens pants, suits jniilwav    started n   wing plow ftter
und neckties,   ladies suits and sklr-ts ;0iir division, which reached the   nett
in such   a   way lhat. tbey positively i t(IWn east   ol us   (R. Fairfield, Vt.)
look as good as new. at  1 a.m.   Monday and finlslw-d   bet
We are experienced dyers ami clean- trip Monday through,
ers, therefore, we do not require to) Tuesday tlio mercury dropped rapidlv till ftedncsdny morning it reeia-
tiued -Iti below and at 7 a.m. today
f was up to 20 above, and still working up with strong south wind and
ome snow wiith prospects ol rain—
I    had a very    pleasant vacation
hoping     you   are   having   pleasant
The nui. with a hammei saws little wood.
Human life is always quoted low
on tbe industrial market.
The man who is honest from pollcj
is dishonest In principle.
It is always amusing to see a Iil
tie man swellHng around In fl place
of brief authority.
We would dearly love to know what
a. baby really thinks about alt the
fuss made over it.
The real philosopher is one who
can think eheerlul thoughts while
nursing a case of the grip.
Oranges are as cheap as lemons,
Why not band out more ol the former and fewer of the latter?
When it snows the city man who
doesn't know alfalfa from rutabagas
jays, 'it will help the crops."
Some* people make the mistake ol
praying t«ly for what they need
The rain    that keeps   some people
torn church is just enough to   ma<
an evening at whist a real pleasure
Why does the telephone bell always ring lust as you are lairlv senior! at the Utile wilh a mouthful ot
Our ideal man of foresight is the
one who setes on tne first stormy
day °f *1nter to sharpen tbe lawn-
Solomon was a wise man until be
got so much money It made him
The world will pause longer to
laugh with you than it will to sympathize with you.
We always have our doubts about
the veracity of those who say they
do oot like onions.
We cheerfully confess to he just
old-fashioned enough to live to sit in
Notice-is hereby given that 3i. days
after date I intend to apply tu tne
Honorable Chiel Commissioner ut
-Lands and Works for a license to
prospect*for coal and petroleum on
toe following lands, situate in lhe
dinarict-iol South East Kootenay,
vriMsh.;Columbla, la block 4593:
a.uiiinitfSping at m post planted at
it uml a. point one (1; mile east
>r tiie >;29 mile post of present
£. P. H.-ifuiVey, or west boundary of
Block 4593, and being the N E. corner post; of Katie Hunt's claim;
ihence •■running south 8o ehains,
thence ■ running west 80 chains,
thence 'running north 80 chains,
thence -.{running east 80 chains,
lO a point of commencement, making
#40 acres, more or less.
Located tWs 33rd day  of .January,
A. W. Belden, Agent for
Katie Hunt, Locator.
iVitaess: TV. F. Huth. 47-iiC
A. VI.  Helden, Agent for
Catherine M. Chapman,
!8   W   P   Hutb 4:-6tT
Notice is hereby given that ;lu days
after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
[•inspect for coal aud petroleum on
tho following lands, situate In the
ilisiricf of South Kast Kootenay,
Hritish Columbia, in Block  1593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near a point three (3) miles east
of ibe 29 mile post of present
c. P, It. survey, or west boundary of
Block 1593, and twins the S.E. corner post of John voason's claim;
i hence running north M) chains,
tbenee running west 80 chains,
ihenee running south BO ehains,
tbenee running east 80 chains,
a point of commencement, making
640 acres, more or less.
Located this 23rd day of Januarv,
A. W. Helden, Agent for
John Yeasen, Locator.
Witness: W. P. Hutb. 17-Gt*
Notico is hereby given that 30 da
after date 1 intend to apply to   t
Honorable   Chlel   Commissioner
i.amls and   Works   for a license
prospect for coat and petroleum    i
mc lollowing lands,    situate
utstrlcb   of    South East    hu
.int'isb Columbia, in Block 15
i ommencing at a post planted al
or near a point three (3) miles cast
i the 29 mile post of present
C.l'.lt. survey, or west boundary line
oi Block 4593, and being the N.W. corner post of Lula Veascn s claim;
uience running south 8t
, nence running east &u
thence running uorth SI
tlience running west &0
to a point of commencement
iiiii ucres, more or less-
Located this 33rd dav of Januarj
A, W. Belden, Ageut for
Lula  Veasen,  Locator.
Witness: W. F. Huth. 47-6V
Notice is hcreb) given that 30 day.
after date 1 Intend ••* apply to the
Honorable ■ hiel ■ lommisslonec of
Lands and Works lor >t license to
prospect i.-i coal and petroleum on
ihe following lands, situate in the
district' of South Kast Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 1593:
.itnmencing at a post planted at
or near a point Miree (3) miles east
of tin- 27 mile post of present
c.     p.      li       survey, present
boundary     line west    side     of
Block 1693, and being ihe S.E. comer
I hence
north      80
wesi    80
south   80
east    80
a point ...I commencement
oio acres, more or less-
Located this   22nd day ot January
A. W. Belden, Agent for
Nellie  McMailen,   Locator.
Witness   Oeo.  H. Albright.       47-6V
OF  LOCATION  UF  I'l.AlM  NO.   lb
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
Iter date 1 inteud to apply to tiie
Honorable t. hiel Commissioner oi
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following lands, situate in iw
district of South tiasf Kootenay,
.nuisii Columbia, in Block \yx.i.
-.'ommencing at a post planted at
i near a pomt three 13) miles east
of the 37 mile post ol present
C. P. It. survey, or west boundary
line of Block 4583, aud being the S.W.
corner pust ol Frank Garrisen's claim;
thence cunning north 80
thence running east BO
thence running soutb so
theuce running west 80
to a point ol commencement.
610 acres, more or less
Located tins   stSnd daj
A   W. Belden, Agent for
Prank Oarrfsen, Locator.
Witness: Geo,  11. Albright.      47-Ot*
OF   :
t THERN    D1V1-
Take notice th
of Crnnbrook, B. C,
couutant.     Intends
ipeclaJ timber   licens
\ll.iu G- Wilmot.
, occupation, Ac-
to apply for    a
'the   follow ui£ described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west coiner ot Lot 358,
thence running north 43 chains, more
or less, thence east, IB chains, more
or less, thence south 9 cliains, more
ur loss, theme east 80 cbains, more
or less, tbenee south oti chains, more
or less, to the cornel ol Lot 358,
thence weit 126 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Allan G. Wilmot.
DattvJ December 13th, 1907.    43-€t
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to   the
Honorable   ihuf   Commissioner    of
Lands and   Works   for a license   to
respect for coal and petroleum    on
he following lands,   situate In   the
district   of   South East   Kootenay,
Hritish Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at   a post planted   at
r near a   point    one (I)   mile east
i    t be   27   mile   post   of   present
t hence     i tinning north 80
h.'iice    running west M
hence    running south 80
tbenee    running east R0
a point of commencement, making
-tu acres, more or less.
Located this   22nd day of Jauuaiy,
A, W. Belden, Agent lor
Baldas Olldncr, Locator.
Witness: W. F- Huth. 47-Ot*
Noticfels hereby given that 30 d
iftor date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner oi
I-ands and Works for a license to
prospect-for coal and petroleum on
the following lauds, situate in the
district,*-'of South East K oot emu,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
, -.ommencing at a post planted at
or near a: point one (1) mHe east
of the 29 mile post of present
C. P. It. survey, or west boundarv ot
" " W. cot-
»»h- ;nt Itticnco    running    south   8u   ehains,
3ju? thence     running    cast   80
ohatu- **««    """ring   north
Sains h*"08    ruMhlB     «•*
Nolice is hereby given that 30 days
it uate 1 intend tu apply tu   tne
Honorable   Chiel   Commissioner    ot
irtis and    Works   lor a license   to
prospect- tor coal anu petroleum    un
lollowing lands    situate il    tne
district   of   Soutb East   Kootenay,
fitish Columbia, in Block 4593:
l ommencing at   a post planteti   at
or near a pomt three ,'i) nuies ea*:
the   . 29   mite   post   of   present
1*. R. survey, or being west boundary oi Biock 4593, and being the S.
W. corner post of Frank Alley's claim,
tlience   running   north      80   cbains,
tenet'      running   east   80    chains,
thence   running     sout-h   80   chains,
thence   running    west   80      chaans,
a point ot commencement, making
too acres, more or less.
Located tins 23rd  dav  of Januar.
A. W. Belden, Agent for
Frank Alley, Locator.
Wii ness: W. F. Huth. 47-0t
Notice is hereby given that 3*"* days
after date I intend to appiy to tne
Honorable Chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
Lhe following lands, situate in the
district of South East Kootvnay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
commencing at a post planted at
or near a point three (3) miles east
of the 27 miles post ol present
c.p.It. Burvcy, or west boundary line
il Block 4593, and being the N. E.
corner post of Corrine Alley's claim;
T-ke notice that George Herbert
Thompson, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Solicitor, intends to apply
for * special timber license over tne
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to anu in a northerly direc-
n irom the north-west corner of
Lot TJlT, tbenee north 40 chains,
tnecce west 4u L-haina, tbenee south
10 cnaius, thei.ee east 40 cbains to
tbe place of commencement, contaiu-
ii_i iou acres, more or less.
Oeorge Herbert Thompson.
Du:.*rf December 16th, 1907.     42-6t
Take notice that Abel Delanejf
liorsmao, ol Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Tie Maker, intends to apply lor a special timber license over
tne lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a point eight)
chains north and 20 chains west and
in a north-westerly direction from
the north-west corner ol Timber
Limit 9033, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence soutb 80 cbains to
the point of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Abel Delancy Horsman.
Dated  December  10th,  1907,  42*6t
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
Ui a point of commencetnen
ti*0 acres, more or less.
Locate*tb/is 23rd day of January,
A. W. Belden, Agent for
Easter O. Veasen, Locator.
Witness: ff. F> Huth. 47-6C
Notice is hereby given that 30 day
after date I intend' to apply to   the after date I intend to apply to   the
11. mm able   Chief   1 'ommlssioner    of I lonorable   Chief   Commissioner    ot
Lands and   Works   for a license   to Lands and   Works   tor a license   t
prospect for coal and petroleum    on prospect for coal and petroleum
the following lands,   situate in    the tbe following lands,   situate in
district   of   South East   Kootenay, (district . of   South East
British Columbia, in Block 45B3: Itritish Columbia, in Block 1593:
Commencing at   a post planted   at)     ommencing at   » post planted   at
i near a   point   one (1)   mile east, or near a   point    one (1)
.I    the   27   mile   post   of present nf  the    39   mile   post.
Uience   running
tlience   running
thence   running   north
.tience       running   east
to a point of commencem
>.lii acres, more or less.
Located this   22nd day
A. W, Helden, Agent for
Corrine Alley, Locator.
Witness   Oeo.  H. Albright.       4
Notice is hereby giveu that 30 day
after date I intend to apply to   the
Honorable    Chiel   Commissioner     of
Lands and.  Works-   tor a license
prospect for coal and petroleum
the following iai.ds,   situate in    tbe
Kootenny,,district    of    South East    Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at   a post planted   at
mile east
...   .„    29   mile   post,   of   present 	
. P. IL survey, or west boundary of 0. P. R. survey, or west bourdary ol C.P.R. survey, or west boundary   of
Block 4593, and being tbe N. E. cor- Block 4593, and being t-he S. W. cor- Block 1593  and being tljcN.W. corner
ner post of Katie E Oildner's claim; ner post 'of Maria E. Hunt's   dtln; mat   -of • Ben,.- •Mclldllen's    data*
thence    running    south   B0   chains, thence     running   north    8(1   chains, thence      running   east   80    ehains,
hence    running     west   80   ehains   tbenee   '■. running   east   80    cha ns, thenco   running      south   80   Jans,
thence    running  north    80 ehains, t-bence   rimning     south  80  cha ns, {hence   running  north     80  chains,
Ihence     running    east    80    ehains, thenw   running   w*st   80      chains, thence   tunning   west   80      chains,
to a noiirt of commencement, making to a poWt of commencement, making to a point of commencement, making
(Oil acres more or less.                        «40 aeree, more or less. 840 acres, more or less,
I oea-tod this   22nd day of January      Ueated tWs 23rd day of January, Located this   22nd day of January
IttOK                                                    \M%.                         ■ 1908.
AW   Belden  Agent for         I           A. W. Belden, Agent tor |           A. W, Belden, Agent for
Katie E  Oild'ner. Locator.                  Maria E. Hunt, Locator. B*nj> McMullen, Locator.
Witness; W. F^ Hutb               47-«f Witnew: W. F. .Hutb,              *W WUmw .(fr*. tf»flM!ht.      47-ef
Any available Dominion LanOe
witbin the Railway Belt in Brittefe
Coluubu, ma> ae mrtiiesteaded ay
any person who is the sole bead of a
u;»oi>. or any male over 18 years ei
age, lo the exif.it of ontrquartec
sectiou ol 100 acres, muie or lesa.
Entry must be made personally al
ihe local land olhcu (or the distriui
iu which the land is situate.
The boiocfeteutJur ts reipiired to perform tbe conditions connected tfceia-
wlth under one of the following
(Lj Al least sii muutiis' reside**
upou and cultivation of tbe land ta
each year for u.itu years.
(2) 11 the father lor mother, tt
the father is deceased), ol the home*
ileader resides upou a taim in fata
vicinity of the land entered lor, tt»
requirements as to residence may tic
satisfied by such persou residing wi*
the father or mother.
(3> It the settler has his permanent residence upon farming laud
owned by him in tlie vicinity of kit
homestead, the requiiements   ae    I*
r near a point three (3) miles east tBtldt.itw • „,ay be"satisfied by   r«M«
tbe   27   mile    post   ol  present deflW upon uie sma Und.
Sis months' notice
should be given to the CoinraissioadC
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply (or patent.
Coal lamls may bo purchased al
$10 per acre for soft coal and $M
(or anthracite. Not more than 830
acres can tic acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000
pounds shall be collected on lbe
grown output.
Deputy of t*s Minister of tt* Inttriflt THK OliANUROOK   HERALD
. i<.
. „,
, >, i
,' " '
,< " '
,< I. .
FEB. 15th TO FEB.  22nd
WE will offer our entire stock of READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING. These final
reductions are the outcome of our fixed determination to accomplish a positive clearing
with the least possible delay. Included in the offering is a range of styles and materials sufficient
in variety to assure a satisfactory selection.  A lew representative values are mentioned herewith:
$30.00 SUITS lor
$28.00 "
$26.00 "
$25.00 "
$24.00 "
$22.00     "
$21.00 suit:
$ lor
$18.00      "
$ 7.00
$25.00 OVERCOATS Inr
$24.00 D.-B.
It is the pride of this store to have assortment as light as possible at stocktaking time.    If
broken prices will accomplish our purpose, we make the break worth while.   Such an opportunity to save to every man in the city for ONE WEEK, COMMENCING FEB. 15th.
****************************7******************~******^^        _,
Sitmliiy ittitrntiis sorvtce in  . 1 ]|
Sunday   ovenlng    sotvice   at'
7.30 o'olock
Sumiay      School   and    l.iblo
Has.   at 3 o'olock
Ptf-.lty.t'.tiui    Olllltl,  Tuesday,
at' S u'.lti.k
, I, ,
... .
. ,. i
, „ ,
, „ i
. „.
,,. i
• „.
... -
'    li
************************************** **************** *** ********* * ♦«
Many a Man's Business is     \
Judged by His Stationery
i" •
Turns Out Only
It is able to do this because it employs artistic
printers and uses the best of stock and
modern equipment
Anything from a big colored poster to a
visiting card.   Look over your supply
and send in your order
I    E.  SIMPSON, Manaaar
*.-*.-*. -_-_-.-_.--■ __._____,_■____.______.___ *.*.*.* ^*. m. _■_. -|-|AAAA-|-|-||-.AA4 _
fftffff -P.-P ffffff ftffffff fffffffffffflf *
A******************** ***************************
Tlii' nival English l>ra
mut isl mul Eiiterluiiu-r,
uml liis lulo.itoil Coin
puny, will upponr ul tbo
■ Ul
Friday livening
February nsl
Mi'. .Iniilliiiiiy lias ,t-i
IM-lll'tnl llt't'iil't, tht- Kiltf
nn     8fl.-it.lll      itt'i-ilsiittts.
This is so.iieth.iiK  lhat in,
one can afford to miss
Kiwrvnl S'ltisa. Itt-n.lit-
& Att-hiflo.i'a.
Wlio will get the dresser?
Bargains in everything.—C.C S.
E.  E, Jones, nf Kimberley,  Is     in
town today.
(Victoria Times.)
The annual meeting of shnreholdeis
ot the Canadian Northwest Oil company was beld in Kir William Wallace
ball on Monday evening last. There
was ,t pood turn-out of mouthers, the
vice-president, A. Manson, presiding
The report gave a very Interesting
review of ttie work during the past
year, and showed that steady prugress bad beeu made even iu tlie lace
ol the prevailing financial stringency.
The company are now in first-class
standing and bave placed ou their
ground iu Southern Alberta llie mosl
complete and up-to-date oil-drilling
plant that, could be got. and what
was pleasing news to the members
ut the eompany, it is fully paid up.
They have also a gang of expert
drillers Irom Pennsylvania, who am
second to none in the work, ami win.
an: fully eonlident that the cotupan)
bave a most favorable location for
striking oil in large quantities, De
veloptneut work is to be dirtied tor-
ward with all speed.
The shareholders showed their sat
isfaetioii und appreciation of tbe sub
slantinl prugress made by unanimous
ly -re-elcoUng the threo retiring di
rectors—Messrs. Al.insou, Adams „
Tin- company begins aiiolhct yent
with tin* brightest of prospects ami
witU much enthusiasm oil llu- Hart ul
lhe nicinlh'i'N. lifting essential!) ..
lliiiisb Columbia eompany its possi
bill ties and claims are we'll worth}
i.f consideration lij British Columbia
investors who nro looking (ui mi
excellent investment wilh eumpni'ii
lively little risk,
In the Cosmopolitan trophy Onm-
t-rnii will play off willi Patmoro hi
lhc finals tonight. tu the Kink
trophy Nelson ■boat McSweyn nnd
Wilson beat Pinkham. Nelson has
to pbiy Wilson ami the winner ot
Ward and Stark. In the Unit trophy
McCowan will play Wilson and Ward
will play Patmore in the semi-finals.
'[to Cranbrook hotel has five rinks
who challenge the world, ilie skips <>i
which are as follows. .1. McSweyn,
Georgo Hoggarth, T, M. Roberts,
.lohn Cholditeh and W. A. Rollins.
The challenge was accept Oil by rinks
skipped bv .Indue Wilson, (J. t. Itogers, A. [UcCownn, W. Cameron and
.1. F. M. Pinkham. Only ono game
has been played in this series, pinkham beating Hoggarth.
ll. It, Benedict,
Crnnbrook today.
\hs, C  K.  lieid left
I.. Edmonton yesterday.
I   Cieisliinan was registered at  ill
Motel Cranhrook vestcrdny.
II. Saunders, ol Moyie, spent
ilnys last week at the Royal.
il. I.. Pearson, of .laffray, i
business in Craubrook today.
Dresser reduced $1.00 every day
-CC.S.     See their window.
A. C. Cooke, of Ryan, wns registered at  the Cosmopolitan yesterday,
Died—At the St. Kugene hospital
..a Wednesday E, 1-eRonte, of Moyie.
Died—At the St. Kugene hospital
today,  Nelson Church, of Kimberley.
Engineer Thos. Wilson, of Mac-lend,
was in town the beginning of ilie
The check rebate feature at the
C c.s. is meeting with u great run
ou the bank.
.Itnlge Wilson leaves for Revelstokc
tomorrow to bold county court iu
.hidgp Forln's phfee.
li C. Adney, provincial constable
,ii W.uiiiier, was registered af tho
Cosmopolitan on Tuesday.
Dick Garnet, n lurabennau, working at Kimberley, din! suddenly of
heart failure there yesterday,
A. F. Krapfel, manager of the
North Star Lumber company, was
registered at the Cranbrook on Tuesday.
■lames Ryan nnd V. A. Rollins lelt
for Moose .law on Tuesday to attend
a meeting of horsemen to lie held
i here.
Dresser reduced St .00 every day
—C.C.S, See their window.
• A crow was seen in Oranbrook this
morning and the geese are reported
to be living north over Manitoba, ls
it- spring?
Mrs. N. I. Harrison will receive
with Miss Connolly, at the home of
Dr.. Connolly on Friday afternoon,
Kebruary 21st,
Steam, hot water and hot air boating. Tbe best apparatus scientifically proportioned, and installed by
Patmore Bros,, heating engineers.
Who will get  the dresser'.'
The Western Fireman lor January
publishes a photograph of Mayor Fink
who is treasurer of the British Columbia association of tire chiefs and
It*is mi He likely that the council
will hold a tax sale In tho near future, of dcliquent taxable property.
It would be wfdl to pav up those
back taxes.
There are stoves and ranges, but
the Kootenay is the every dny stay
satisfactory range, all the year
round. ' To be bad at Patmore
Bros     Buy one now.
Dtessei reduced UM every day
■C C.S,     See their window.
The man) friends ot R. A- Maceon-
nell, of Wardner, who was compelled
I" give    np his   work    through
health, uili tii' glad to know be      is
bIowIj  recovering his stiengih.  	
Uiu. will got the dresser''      '
The CroWS Nest, 1'as.s Lumher ci.m
pan) have bad fl telephone placed al
their camp at  llu- Kimherlcy
An up-to-date moving picture   and
"'.Illustrated song entertainment     will
. . -be started in    ihe new opera    houno
visit proj)ai,ij.  ,IPVt  Monday.     The    show
will be owned aud under the management of local     people so tbat       all
money received will lie kepi in     tlie
town.      No outsider will lune    anv
Interest in it.     There will he shows
four or live nights a week.     Tin- films
ivMl be the best  that- ean h.-   bought.
, first-class singer has been engaged
n sing the illustrated songs.     Then:
is no doubt bub that tin- show    will
ne well  patronized.
the i
ling and will in future     be
ranbrook long distance sys-
The manual of the Britisli Columbia Curling association W07-S is a
very interesting book. Besides giving a world of information about
curling, a great deal of space is de
voted to anecdotes and verses tela
tlve to the roaring game. Besides
this the book has a number ol well
engraved portraits, including those ot
Judge P. E, Wilson, A. B.'MacKen-
zlc, -ludge .1. A, Forin, It. W. Gri-.
gar, 0 O. Buchanan mul W O. Me
.1 v nn.
It is understood that Mr. Browiilcc,
superintendeut at Moose .law, has
been appointed to take charge of tin;
work on the Crow, to succeed Mr,
Kricksou. Mr. Brownlee is a man
who will        come      to       thi',
city with a pres
tige of being a successful man in the
railroad service and there is no doubt
but tbat he wilt make a success in
charge of the business ol the Crows
Nest, branch.
R.     E.
Tl li
lt. E. Beattie, who returned from
Winnipeg and other points in Manitoba on Sunday, says that conditions
■there might he better but that
everybody lie met felt that iu from
(id to HO days there would be a marked improvement. People in Manitoba
looked for a good season this year.
"Winnipeg," says Mr. Heattie,' is
growing wonderfully and is destined
to be one of the greatest cities on
the continent."
Sunday, February lfl
Nexl Sunday evening there will bo
a song service at, tlie Methodist
church. Solos and well known
hymns. All are Invited to attend
who go to no other ehureh. Men's
own meeting in the gymnasium at
3.80. Subject; ''Success" Men
will lind this afternoon gniberlng both
profitable and enjoyable
Washington, D. 0., Feb i:i -Telegrams from Faiihanks to tin iitt-m
ncy-general savs that open ftil meet
in:.',", are being held to the striking
miners and thai threats, ol violence
have been made the Untied state-,
mars-halt has boon dneiied In tbo
attorney-general to uro all the force
at iii'. command to arrest lawbreakers and to prevent Intimidation
Bargains in everything.—C.C.S.
Ii .ovate' Irrigate!'! Irrigate1''
Pill* In:.i ri ops aie grown on irrigated Innd. (let ;i Fairbanks-Murse
in...-line enmino, and pumping outfit,
md irrigate your land. It will pay .
for itself in a short time..   Sold   bv ,,,ea.nin.E
PATMOKE     BROS.,   agents for the ""	
The check   rebate  foattire   at   the
C.C.S.  is meeting with a great vuu
on the hank.
Nova Soot la has a culling rink
Switzerland this    winter and it*
up    every   rink   it    plays
Burns, a Canadian, beat Palmer
*444444 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
The regular semi-annual meeting of Newcastle in a light   for the heavv-
Ihe Koolcnav Preshytery will be beld »««**. <*ampionsh)p of the    world
in St.   PauPs   PiesWrian   church!,1" ^on, England, last week,
Nelson,   during   February IRt-h, 19th ——+
and 20th.     The moderator, Rev.   II. BRYCE GETS L.L.I).
It. Grant, wilt preach an opening ser- 	
mon and on Wednesday evening Rev.' Montreal, Feb, 13.—The degree of
A. Kenmuir will lecture on the L.L.I), will be conferred on James
Orient. Rev. Main, of tbis city, Bryce,, British ambassador to Wash-
will be In attendance. iagfcon, by McOill University.


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