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Cranbrook Herald Nov 11, 1915

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January, for which month no records
seem to have been kept. This amount,
figuring 100 gallons per day for each
person, would bn sufficient for the ordinary needs ot ii population ot 15,000
It Is noteworthy, tn spite of a great
amount ot leakage In the wood pipe
Coart Stenographers' Fees Up for Discussion at Wednesday Afternoon Meeting
Tho regular monthly meeting of the
city council was held In the council (extensions, that during the last month,
chamber on Wednesday, 10th Instant, j the gauge In tho city hall has con-
at 2 p. m. with Mayor Howness In theJHlantly stood nt 106 or only three
chnlr. The aldermen proi.ent were j pounds less thnn the static pressure
Messrs. Leask, Campbell and Hun- at Mint -.mint.
flold. (    All BOWeragO work was finished   on
Tho minutes of the previous mooting j October 18th, with the exception of   a
were read ami approved on motion of little covering.
Aldermen Campbell nnd Lensk. J    Some  grading   was  dono  on   Van
Thero was eon side rn bio dtscustilon
with regard to accounts for stenographers' feus In connection with pro-
Home street, near Titos street and In
front of Mrs. Morris', mainly with the
object of properly covering the water
llmlnary hearings of the McGlll and I mains at these points.
Johnson cases.   On motion of Alder-1    The bed of tho creek on Edwards
men Leask and   Cnmpboll   those ac-1 street has been deepened anti Widen-
counts wen' referred to City Solicitor ! ed to properly drain the low-lying Innd
Macdonald, without prejudice to the | III tlio vicinity, and the whole length
right of the city to dispute payment ' through tho town Iisb been cleaned
of the claims.    Dealing with the quos-1 **n(l the rubbish removed to the nuts-
tion of fees of court stenographers, a j nnco ground.
further resolution was passed: That     The staff of public works now con-
the city assume no responsibility   for I slats solely of the   engineer,   Gaoler
stenographers' fees In connection with Soden and tho prisoners.   Efforts will
preliminary hearings or investigations I he made to do the work of tho city
before magistrates and that thc police I during winter without any outside help
magistrate and Justices of tho pence ," possible.
bo notified accordingly.     This    was |    Tlie report was received and filed on
moved by Alderman Banfield, second-; motion   of   Aldermen Banfield   and
ed by   Alderman   Campbell, and    Is  Ltssk.
simply to remove any doubts, ond is '    Moved by Alderman Leask, seconded
In no way a recognition of any obliga-! D>' Alderman Banfield, that tho pro-
tion on the city to pay any accounts
eo Incurred.
loosed new water bylaw be referred to
the water committee, with instructions
The  following accounts  were ap. | ^ report thereon at thc next meeting
•orovel and payweut   authorized   oa | of the council.   Carried,
motion of Aldermen Campbell and
Beattie-Murphy    I 1.15
Bums, P. & Co  8.75
City Clerk's sundries   8.85
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.. 208.10
Cranbrook Meat Market  18.55
Cranbrook Saab & Door  2.99 j
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer
Co  17.70 |
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co...
Cl*y Transfer ft Warehouse Co.
Moved by Alderman Campbell, seconded by Alderman Leask, htat the
proposed new bylaw regulating electric wiring bo referred to the works
and property committee with Instructions to report thereon at the next
meeting of the council.
On motion of Aldermen Leask and
lianfield, the meeting adjourned.
Herald Publishing Co      11.50I 	
Kootenay Telephone Lines....     21.50 > rh,,dren of Scn°o1 A*» MBst Att«d
King Lumber Mills, Ltd       6.20 8oho01 ETery 8eho°l Di>~
Manning. Ira, Ltd.         8.40' Llst of AmoobU
Payrolls, City Engineer    310.75
Police Dept     253.50
Police (Specials)       40.00 !
The regular monthly meeting of the
j crnnbrook school board was held at
School board	
Flre department ,
City officials
Parrett, T. N. ..
Seymour, E. C.  .
Ward ft Harris .
  255.50 j
  10.70 j
^_-_^_^_^_—.          14"o'
$3548.69 I
The city engineer's report coutaln-1
ed thc Information that 15 leaks hnvej
the city hall oa Friday evening, November 5th. Mr. H. White was in the'
chair, and there were also present
Messrs. W. H. Wilson, lra K. Manning
and W. Henderson.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were rend nnd adopted.
A resolution was passed, on the motion of Trustee Mnnning, seconded by
Trustee Henderson, that all children
of school age, viz., seven to fourteen
been repaired during the past month. \      „ tac*,uiiV6i wfth)n th(. Umft9 o!
Preparations for winter have been
made. Water pipes at the cemetery
and lawn tennis club ground!) disconnected, and other necessary work
During the month of September.
eundry necessary repairs were executed nt tho tliiin. at a cost not exceeding 1100.00. The Improvements
were discussed with Mr. Krickson and ,
approved by him, and In the opinion
of the engineer, there Is now uo reason why, with reasonable care, the
dam should not last for years to
The engineer al»o reported thnt u
survey of the bottom of the reservoir
had bei'ii made am) a contour plan
prepared. He has calculated the capacity for tho level maintained during
the summer to bo 1,006,500 Imperial
gallons. This level Is three to four
feet below the top of the diim. The
relation of this amount of water to
the demands for flre purposes Is In-
tereatlng. During the recent visit of
the flre underwriters' surveyor, Mr.
Bcrlmegeour, a demon ift ration was
given with five streams. From the recorded pressure of 55 pounds at the
noi7.1 e. with 100 feet of hose. It Is computed that the total discharge of the
five streams would bo about 925 Imperial gallons per minute. At this
rate, apart from the flow of the
stream or the ordinary consumption
of water, the reservoir would last for
eighteen hours. With two feet lower
It would last ten hours. It would
therefore seem that for flre purposes
the present reservoir Is very satisfactory.
From tho gauge readings on St.
Joseph's Creek, taken by the Hydro-
graphic Department during 1913 and
1914, during no month Is the flow less
then 2 8-4 feet per aeeond or 1,485,000
gallons per day, unless it might be ln
the Trnnbrook school district, be re-
qulred to ntteud school during the regular school hours, every school day.
uhject to the exemptions provided in
lie School Act.
Janitor      Davis     was     appointed
Truant Olllcer for    the South    Ward
school and Janitor Logan re-appolnt-
in the same capacity for the Central school,   the   principals   of   the
schools being required to notify the
truant officers regarding absentees.
The following accounts  wero     ap-
roved and payment authorized:
roachers1 salaries  $1232.50
Medical inspector         41.65
Secretary          25.00
Janitors        125,00
Arnold ft Huberts	
Beattie-Murphy Co,'	
Crnnbrook Electric Light Co..
Cranhrook Drug ft Hook Co..
Cranhrook Sash K lloor Co...
Bast Kootenny Greenhouse Co.
Herald Publishing Co	
Kootenay Telephone Lines	
McCreery Bros	
J. D. McBrldo	
V. Turks ft Co	
The meeting then adjourned.
Owing to the unforeseen change of
boat service between Arrowhead nnd
Wbst Robson, tho Hev. ChaB. H.
Huestls, field secretary of tho Lord's
Day Alliance, who was announced to
preach fn tho Presbyterian church on
Sunday morning next, will not be
able to All that appointment. Thc
pulpit will be occupied by the pastor
Rev. Kelman Thomson, who will
preach at the usual hour. Mr. Huestls wlll arrive In time to fulfil his
ongagemen to prench at the Methodist church In the ovonlng at 7.30 p.m.
Miss Elslo Wilson Is leaving Friday
afternoon for lethbridge, where she
has accepted a position.
Thousands Are Dying nn the llallle*
Held—Are Those at Home Worthy
of the Sacrifice
(By Cleric)
1 The above heading is a question
taken from a soldier's letter. The
placo of writing Is the trenches, lm-
nglne if you enn the circumstances. In
such a low-lying country as Flanders,
you nowhere require to dig very deep
before you come to water. It Is not'
difficult, therefore, to concelvo how
uncomfortable nt most times the dugouts must be. Doubtless the soldier
who wrote the words suffered much.
Peihaps he, liko many, thousands,was
contracting a virulent rheumatism
that would bc his bane for life If he
were not killed. But It Ib not of this,
nor his personal danger, that he Is
thinking. News has come to him from
tlio homeland of strikes when men
were being lost for want of munitions;
of healthy .well-dreused slackers for
whom the call to enlist for "King and
Country" has no meaning; of tons of
thousands shouting themselves bourse
at football matches, racing meets and
tin* like, while every day the casualty j
lists aro soaring up to unprecendent-
od numbers; of colloBnl selfishness of
such as would make capital out of the
I nation's peril; of the same old careless sinful ways unabated—he has this ',
news, and as hc thinks of It all, thc ]
poignant question rises to his mind,
and runs off his pen: "Are those at
homo worth dying for?" Thousands j
are being maimed and blinded nnd
tens of thousands are dying—nre
those at home worthy of the sacrifice?
This question cannot be answered
by a plain negative or positive. Before either Is given there must be
A Study of tbe British Nation
A study of thc British nation, it
would seem is necessary. What have
been Its methods of rising to the premier position among nations? How has
it treated the smaller nations? Has
it acted like an egregious monster
lording it over weaker states? What:
havc been its religious activities andJ
Its morals? Has it acted honestly In
Its International relationships? Has
it oppressed the refugee?
Help to the Weaker
It will bc readily seen that we can
hardly enter a full discussion, in the
space allotted to us, on all, or, perhaps, any of these points; but it ls
worth while remembering that no
weaker untlons were ever humbled by
Britain's might! Rather, she has been
thc champion of the oppressed, and the
liberator of the bound. It Is a matter
of history' that in 1821 Britain sent a
large volunteer army to Greece to
fight die Turks, and it was our fleet
that beat the enemy's ships at Navar-
Ino. thus enabling Greece to throw off
the yoke of the "terrible Turk." It
was Britain who first supported the
Belgians when they first tn 1815 aspired to national Independence, and in
1830 when Holland declared war upon
the ncw state, Belgium appealed to
Britain, nnd not In vain. And, if I am
not mistaken, it was Gladstone's
speeches thnt stirred up Russia to
effectively free Bulgaria from Turkish
domination. And I need only remind
you that If Germany had had her way
Franco would have been crushed unmercifully; but when on two occasions
Hriutin revealed that the entente cor-
dlalo was by no means mythical, Germany withdrew her aggressive Intentions.
This does not mean that we have
been free from faults—aye, and crimes,
too. perhaps; but what we have been
trying to make clear Is that no one can
read history without being Impressed
with the fact that Britain has been
broadly Impartial and a lover of freedom for all.
Britain the Home of the Kefugre
Britain Is and has been the home ot
tho refugee. Here the Jews bocked In
thousands, and If one haB the gifts, he
may rise like Disraeli to be premier. At
tho division of Poland in groat numbers the Poles came to the British Isles. There an Immortal Kosciusko, a
Muzzini, and a Kossuth may find a
secure haven. When kings and queens
are deposed, liko Empress Eugenic of
France, or King Manuel of Portugal,
an asylum may bc round   on British
Britain the Generous
To friends and foes wero aro allko'
generous. To Germany wo glvo a,
Hollogland, and her flrst battleship, I
(Would that the philanthropic states-1
m> n wbo planned such rare gifts were [
alive today! i   To the D
memory of Majubn lo
after thc last South '
them back their i ou
ter than baton , tho
Ing tho Dnton Ji   Is I
flagstaff*.   As Mi \ 0
author said long
hns achieved the
tion, she sets Lo woi
she gives free Institul
to govorn it.1 elf;  I
riches it. and ■    li
self agreeable to ■■
Britain Iii i
All this may a, i
it?   The question i
wns: "Are thoi ■ ■
for?"   Is onswi ri
wl- consider tliem  hi
descendants of Ulu ts
famous   statei mi n, ol   I
fathers, of courngi
goniturs,    we    give
Britain's Sla
But our solcli'-r-'p.!-
question in respei t of
pcnlng now, or, rather, how \
nation are acting now!   H<  i
beg of you not to point to ovl
tlons In other belligerent   ci
when we consider our ow i    i
sins are blacker or aqui I to i
Is In no way a palliative for □
pray you, put yoursi It In        i
the man In the trench  an
consider the vice, tin* tm tlo
<ng,  tho  Sabbath    d     critic
sight of men    dishorn
heat their neighbors^
drunkenness, tlio [llii :   •
the beastly Bclilsbnes
many, the callous Indltf n i   ,
a number in the face qf
most fearful conflict   in
vou consider these tiling . rt
der that our soldi':- aho) Id
those at homo worth t] I
The "Cure for Ihe 1
WO have got lo ... '.
for nny soldier at the fro I
a bitter question on ]
would further add tin I
about doing It, wc ar
the sacrifice of our br.
may   be  done?      In  • ■:,
words of the Bishop of 1
put our soldier's qui atioi  i
different  form:   "Are  w
such      defenders'.'" • Pray,
Serve and Save.
Remember Horace's lm] i    ;-
peal to thc Romans.   It m  ■
applied to ourselves:
"Romans! Repent and from ivii
Eradicate your darling sin;
Repent! and from your b
The sordid shame that I
.   SET
■    001 GO ■
■     a   .   . t
i it i
.     . ■
t Iho
i. 112
in   ar
i ked looking oM hags about LIBERAL ASSOCIATION
tve to Often rend.   Tliey nre nil
though   barring   perhaps   tin
.   ■
: ivl  on vii.
i  has become
: t, and in
■  ■     doli
:•    ■■
Mlsi  B  M. pj
inder Miss E. M. Fish-
efflcient In the stately
song and dance des-
gs   of   grandfather's
with Division VI. tn-
ic  • iv  audience to n cute little
d fn m Japan, umbrellas, fans and
■   Ini ludi d.    These give solos
di crlblng the- doings of
in that far on* land.
Rlcl ards lias one of the best
In, 'i   bunches of butterflies    ever
■ Rockies, real Kootenalons,
■ i these with Uio help of
It a V
li Glegerlch is field responsible
■two Items betwixt which tt will be
< hoo ■•   Ths flrat by division I.
ti  of an < xlilbltlon of Indian
drills and the second a Grecian
Addresses   Delivered   by   Prominent
Men ot the Parly Thursday
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook Liberal association was held In
Matheson's hail this evening. In tlw
absence of tlie president, the chair was
taken hy Pr   F. Il   Miles.
The following officers were elected
for 1916:
Hon. President Mr H <\ Brewster
Hon. Vloe-Presldenb—Mr- T. s. Gin.
President—T. M. Roberts.
First Vice-President- A.  U. Smith.
Second Vice-Proeldent — Joseph
Third Vice-Prealdeof}- E, I. Paterson.
Secretary-Treasurer— c. h. Ward.
Executive—P. B, Miles, H w. Ham
ilton. W,  A   Nisbot, C,  J   Utile. T.
In full costume by the girls of  Walton   W
be  high   school     Division  III.  pro-
two   Items,  under  Mfss  K.   M
i.t"!,   tin*  boys  giving  a   fine  OX*
i : iii posing under the heading of s
ot tho com erl   vll
i these ol   I
:      I
.   Ill    I
Guthrie, J a. Pringle,
J. K. Kennedy, P. Genest. P. a. Russell.
Short addresses were made by Df.
J. H King. H. K Beattie, A. B. Mac-
I and the girls appearing as d0nald. c. H. Ward. w. A. Nisbot and
other prominent members of the association. There was a very satisfactory attendance and s fooling of op-
prevailed throughout the
i] di b in full dress.
Mr, Ivor Bassett's class. Jr IV.. will
Ll rtaln tli.* audience with a short
in teal play entitled "The Fairies," t(mj
Phis i lass has summoned Jack Frost,
i airy Queen, many real live flowers
and u pretty little troupe of fairies,
dl port  themselves  on  the
I    eas only real fairies can.
I.  B. Shields with Division I. is
[lonslble  Tor    ono of the    scenic
of the ovonlng,     In Highland
they   describe   revolutions,
olutfons and evolutions too num*
Heard     Before    Pallet    HagKtme
Stalker un Monday
t'i the above the orehes-
er two items, various re-
Instrumental duet and an
Tiiere were some further developments In the eas- of W, ti McFarlane.
who was summoned as manager of A.
A. Johnson and Oo., lessees of the Rea
theatre, on the charge of having al
lowed   Elmer   Smith   to  operate  the
completing the pro-
inoviog picture machine at the* Rex
theatre, without having previously obtained a license. The case came before Magistrate G P, Stalker, of Pernie. on Monday afternoon.
Chief of Provincial  Police welsby
.   ,        of Fernie. stated tliat he had be>n ap-
uatriotic purpose.   The proceeds from, .-,
i. biid evening,   less
ii'*. Those who attend will at
bo   sur.' of   enough    for their
I roceeds from the vrst evening
rt dinting iis share of tbe ex-
. will *;g to some one or other
W. D. Hill bas :i staff of In
sistlng in the marking down prl
all lines of merchandise In tin
formerly occupied by Halsall
and they are sure outtlii
out of everything.
sfi ctton to :;    r   .
ilkm r has be  i su
1 proached by a certain gentlemsfr wtth
a request that the charge be' withdrawn, but could not see his wa^ clear
to accede to this request
The only witness called was Wovin-
I clal Constable Arden.   Mr. A. B. Macdonald.   who   appeared   for   Mr.   McFarlane.  examined   the  constable  at
" j considerable length.    Witness" Admitted that he had approached three mag-
j fstrates, all of whom raised objections
ito having the case tried before them,
MARRIED AT VANCOUVER!bat denied that he was prompted   by
any other feelings than those of duty
r. u. E, Barber und Xlss Gertrude  . . ,.       ,.        *.*.*.,
in pressing the matter as he had done.
Wad"   Bntintlr   \VsnlH-J_  U»l_
: be devoted to making the school
attractive to the pupils by pro-
Ing a much n-*d*-d and useful out-
r stive appliances of various
• '.. ;.- should be found in every
I iaygrouhd and  yet  is a
le - utslde tiie ordinary expenditure |
!.. F-t school boards.
Iluppily Wedded—Wel-
corned to City
Will be held al 8.31    . m. o'i ;
November 17th, ai tl ' Ha
The Secretary of the Provincial Br
Esq., and others will add   bs the meeting
i Wednesday even nig.
li, F. Nation,
^ ''".''-''"?!t,-\.jjKasraasssasoh. j
.  .
TBA, B5c,
c. n>.
Everybody's,  l   iv
■ i
TEA AT 10c 1
Gold Krai. 1 11.  pi
bl's Best. J l'i 50c,
Totley's, pkg	
Balada, pkg	
ti.             1 lb. pi
TEAS AT i:.r. '
Hluo Ribbon
COFFEE, Hlc ',' :
'   .
Gold   Seal,   Mocliu
nnd .lav::  , ...40c
Cliaso     ft     San-
Malkln'a Bost...S
BnrrlnRtnn Ha I.I
Bournvlllo, 1-; ID..
Van Hotttcn's, 1  !'
I . .    • ■
1 lb '..
: to
1 Its. tin                .
marriage of .\lr. 0. E. Barber,
manager of   tlie   Cranbrook  Dreg &
Booh ' o., to Miss   Gertrude   Wade,
...;■ r of -Mr. J. E. Wade, a foraicr
resident of tin.- city, was solemnlied
: thi   residence uf the bride's lather,
.  t    Eleventh Avenuo weat, Vancou-
on Tuesday October litith, at two
i,      l .H  ceremony was a quiet one,
■.  iii" Immediate relatives of   the
bride und grom being present, the olH-
inting minister bring the Revi Mr.
tng of Vancouver.   The bride wore a
ravelling suit of brown velvet with
mill!,  trimmings, and  hat to match,
, ith  corsago  bouquet of  pink   rose-
i , Luncheon   was   served   after
.'   wedding, and the happy couple
ft on  the afternoon  train  for the
outh, visiting the Ban Francisco ex**
isltlon, Los Angeles, Pasadena, I'ort-
ii 1. Seattle and other points.
Mr. and Mrs.   Barber   returned to
ooh on Tuesday and will ocoupy
c   Qualn   residence   nn   Norbury
o and  Edward) street,      the
i r couple  wire  welcomed
■ tl    cltj by their numorous friends
e  'Minding congratulations,
Patterson's Camp i     se,25c.and5<    ''"'..   .
Reindeer Condei 	
Instant Postum tins,
Another lot of oh U   ... , ■
Cran!)!    ■'"
tic regular monthly meeting of the
I rook Poultry association win be
Id   'n   i1;*   council    chamber,    city
ii II, ob Friday, November 10th,   Mr.
ti. Shepherd will rend a paper   on
Disqualifications."'     A   subject   of
insiderable Interest in view of the
approaching show,   The meeting will
mmence     punctually      at    eight
The annual meeting   of the f'ran-
AgrlcuHural association will be
Id (in Friday, November 26th, at 8
n In tho city hall,    The association
182 members, all of whom arc re-
i   I'd to make a point of being pre-
'■■nt at this meeting
Mr. Macdonald urged that as Constable Arden admitted receiving Instructions from Fernie on the after"
noon of October 18th. if he considered the lives uf the puDlic were being
endangered owing to the machine being operated by an unlicensed man, he
should have acted promptly, instead
of waiting until the theatre closed
that evening. Constable Arden replied
that he was otherwise engaged In carrying out his duties under instructions
from his superior officer on the date in
question until late in the evening. Mr
Macdonald rested ths defence on the
fart that no evidence had been pro-
daced to show that Mr. McFarlane was
manager of A A Johnson and Co. and
asked that the charge be dismissed.
Magi*-1rate .Stalker reserved his derision
Thief Welsby was in Craabrook
again on Wednesday, when ho made
an Investigation into matters that
have arisen in connection wlih the
charge made In connection with the
Hex theatre
Those    sewing at the   Red   Crofft
rooms for the week ending November
8th were as follow-;;
Mondny—Mrs Oreen, convenor;
Mesdames King. Thompson, Phillips,
Christie, J. 8, Brake, Worden, Nisbet,
Maisie and Miles.
Tuesday—Mrs. Shackieton, new convenor; Mesdames McBride, O. Mecredy.
Thursday—Mrs. W. H. Wilson, convenor; Mesdames Leslie, Cherrington,
Palmer, Taylor, Salmon and Halsall.
Friday—Mrs. Barney, cohvenor;
Mesdames Barrlngton, Shaw, Wilson,
McDonald, Tisdale. McBurney, Spence,
King, Coutts and Marshall.
Mrs. Howness. MrH. Miles slid Mrs.
Shackieton are the cutting committee
for the month s
***** mm, m*.
November Utk, Wis
1 feeling ot uncertainty seams to
prevail witb retard to tha Cranbrook
nubile market Tin city connell arranged tor the market to be maintained during the summer, and at the
|resent time the Farmers institute haa
andertaken the financing. lt the market is to serve tbe purpose for which
tt was intended, there should be at
least sufficient revenue trom stall ran
Sals, to pay rent ot building and
•ther necessary expenses, and bene
■ts should bs derived by those baring
produce for sale aa well as those who
satronlse the market
Ts ensure success, eo-operatlon la
necessary between producer and eon
snmer. The market le now being
•pened at ISO and kept open throughout tha day. On Saturday last tbere
was a good assortment of meat snd s
flair offering ot general produce, but
the number of buyere visiting the mar
ket was not sufficiently large te en
ssarags more farmere la bring li
If tbe farmers and ranchers will at'
tend with produce for the nut tew
weeks, eren though tbeir sales at
irat may not be very large, ud son
suiters wlll rlstt ths market with a
fair degree ot regularity, eren thoegh
ttt display of produce Is not very ex
lenstre, there ls no reason why the
market should not within a short time
proTB as great a success as markets
kare done ln other places.
The Pioneer has repeatedly drawn
stentlon to the possibilities of placer
saining in Southern B. C, and that all
ths placer has not been worked out
wss plainly evident the other day,
whan a Chinaman ls reported to bare
wslked into Cranbrook wtth a few
thousand dollars worth of gold, the
result of ble season's clean-up from
ths old diggings on Wild Horse Creek
■ast Kootenay. A few months ago if
sny party bad approached that Chink
ud been fool enough to inquire "how
Buck he was making a day?" the interrogator would bare had to be content with tbe laconic reply ot "all
kits." Very seldom, If ever, will a
Chink Diner admit to making as high
u a dollar.—Phoenix Pioneer.
lime I   Celd
attack, the lsagsj
sad the breataiag paa
'.ree   Te nre it yee aitd te in el ike,
Vtlnl direct. Oriiia.ry cougt ssiileii
ind avrup, de net teuck the laaga, bat
CO direct te your atom.ck, which U net
..ding.    Pep., on tbt coatrary, ge direct
te the very aeat ol th, trouble.
i    Pep, ar, tablets contusing
':..* medicinal infredieat, Be prepared
ist when placed upoa the league they
imincdi.lely  lure Ute  viper,
i.taelnaje, direct
breaSei 7ew'a the ieieesed air peeseg**|
. P,r*medicioeukM the fern eshesBa-A
.' .per, .od cure, cold,, cougka, bnaceltjs
I ■ 'in lung trouble,, just ■■ uvieg ia Pie,
■'".Haaad breathing Pieo-tsdea air pre-
rrr.tr. conaumption and cures ckaot weik-
neu, Tichtne., .ctom the cheat, pais be-
tma* the .boulder,, hacking eoogh, sere
throat, asthma snd bronchitis sn te,
JMlment, which, in particular, FepS hav,
!' e-n designed to cure. Peps will
lend .our pad cold.
' Testimonial, (or Pep, have been gives
.Vy member, of th, C.eadiae Psrliseaeet.
Idectert, lawyer,, eminent Canadian!
trnnsician,: all going to prove that Pepel
{have beea found e cure fer threat sadr
cheat trouble, often when etbarj
i remed.e, had catireiy failed.
*!, tRIlTRIAL-CitntWaaaa
Ajr tU.aeineil II. wltk taaUai, (ta, aa
IS. tan, ,aalaaa) I. P... Ce., Da.a.t 8,.
.**. TerMt., aal «a will aw, ,av . tree!
■r* trial a.rh.ee at F.H.   All.a«e,iet.
aa, elerea .all SaM. ts, to. w 1 *a\
■SaW SS III.  IP- IT "i |   "Wl
nVMUT.    NOVRMMR llth. llii.
ia tu Mavrnx or us "i«s« a*-
gtetry Aet" and U Uu, matter ot
tarts 1 ud I, Blsek II, ut UU
I ul I, BIMk SS, *t last Ul,
Hrass 1.
Map Illl
TAK1 NOTICB that u AppUeetlM
IN*. IIU-I) haa bee* sens* U regis.
ter Uoaglaa Philip Stargle Morlsoa u
owner la few slmpls sf Ih* akor* lota
under a eoaveyance ts klB from
Baynes Uke Und Osapur Umlted
et al. dated llth day of July, Ull,
ud thst uless within It ten trass
tk* dote ot Us tret pibllsstlM ksrssf
ree 11* tn this oaee * etvaat or Cor-
tfJoote sf Us rendene I stall register
the snld Deifies Pbllli Slergis Mori-
m u owner ln too.
Bated st tho Und Beats*** Mss.
Neleen, Uie l»tt day of Septemeer.
Dletrist lUgtstrar.
I* all I* whoa It stay eoaeern
Dste el Irat psklluUs* list day
of Oetobor, Ull. IMt
Sskedsle  for  H1S-H   Ilrswa Cs-
Dslsts st th* "I" for ths
Fast Week
On Sunday afternoon tbo T. H. C. A.
kold their opening meeting ot the scries, which, while the building was not
overcrowded, was attended by a
•umber of men Interested tn this important phase of assoclotion work.
Tke Ree. W. K. Thomson delirered a
splendid address, taking u his subject "The Future Leaders of' tlie
World," which was greatly appreclat-
scl. A sacred solo by lir. Oeorge Muir,
ud u Instrumental duet by ths Parker Bros, were also exceptionally good
ud enjoyed by all present On Sun-
4*7, November 21nt, tbe next meeting
will be held, the Rev. Ilr. Bridge being the speaker for the afternoon.
On Saturday afternoon the ilrst
bowling match of the league took
place, the competing teams being the
C. P. R. Offices and ths Tigers. Although badly handicapped on account
•f two of their leading men being out
ef town, the   Tigers   played   a flne
game, losing, however, to tho oaee
teatu by tour atralght points.
Tho second match waa held on Monday erening, th* Tigers this time with
their full line-up opposing tbo City
Team nnder the leadership of Hr.
Lloyd Crowe, eupported by Messrs.
Stong, Sutherland, Carlson and McNabb. The games were each keenly
contested, but the City Team showing
lack of practice through being ent of
the game for some time, lost also In
four straight.
On Wednesday th* third mateh,
Y. M. C. A. rs. Shops also resulted ln
a defeat for the Shops ln four
straight, by the Association team.
On Tuesday erening th* Udlss
League for 1915-111 was formed comprising flr* teams, tho schedule to run
aa follow*:
Rosea rs. Shamrocks—November
Pansles rs. Lilies—November 13rd.
Tulips rs. Shamrocks—November
Ross* ts. Pansles—December 7th.
Tulips re. Lille*—December llth.
Shamrocks rs. Pansiea— December
Roses rs. Lilies—December 18th.
Tulips ts. Pansleij—January tth.
Ulies rs. Shamrocks—January llth.
Roses ts. Tulips—Jnnunry 18th.
League games are called for eight
o'clock sharp and will be governed by
th* same rules as laid down, by lh*
men's bowling club for their scbednle.
Th* alleys are reserved eTery Tses-
day erening tor ladies ud eacb erening at the close of tlte match those
not taking port in tliat particular game
will hav* u opportunity of using the
The captains for th* various ladle*
teams nr*:
Roses— Miss Morton.
Tulips—Miss Lnnra Richards.
Mile*-Miss Ad* Hickenbotham.
Pansles—Mrs. Lester Clapp.
Shamrocks—Mrs. J. W. Spenc*.
Second Annual
Will be held at
Dec. 1st & 2nd
A large number of special prlzen offered for competition.
Prize List on application
Show Secretary,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Home* u nun airaa t*»t
VS* ******* enUstlag aa US* Ho*.
1MM, 1SIII ud Ulll, Kettaaar Dls-
trial, by reesoa of * m«oo aahUskod
I* th* British CslusUa Cuotte •*
th* llth ti Deeosasar. WW. Is *aa-
0*11*4, **A ttal tt* **ld 1U«* villi k*
•tamed te eatry *y |ri m**J— st I
e eVMk ta lho ft saw, oa Meatay,
tt* IU day *f IrSSteSkor, WW. all »»-
sllsatlsas ss he ssasw al tb* ***** *t
th* Oeveruaaat Agaat al Cnahrwk.
TOIB mm,
AsakllSslI  .
0>f*M taM V*	
ham  ul  FaoMtsl
its  of
d**HM**   JJereUit*,
Prlrate tasMlsstls ******.
Draft* ud Letters *d Or**** ******
arcfkiM* ta say put ad sks srarM.
SiTTIM WUmW  iassssl
•MuMea gtrea to S*t***vj Bsak Aa
*******.   Devest!* of fl SS ud ar
^rwarrVB    Fv4*nTVta    aaaaval    HaTVsr^*uV4    tHHa*r*TvS*BJ
(TM ,_u Bi IiimH.
A«*l», B.C.,  mmim *• ■ ■■ m
mat Bi lrrtaj C if #44
K. W. lUPrLl,
That Al coli oil pro fi « dltsjue li now
r«cofnlied by ici«nce. No man ln bit
icotei brlnci dligr&ce ud ruin on
hlmielf and family through cholet.
Alcura itopi tbe craving for drink,
bullda up tbe lyBtem, steadies tha
nvrTei. It li guaranteed to cure or
benefit or money refunded after a fair
trial. Atcura No, 1 can be given lec-
rrtly by any wife or mother wmntlng
to restore a dear one to health and
nsefilnesB. Alcura No. 2 Is the toI-
■ntary treatment.
Can be had at our store only $1.0*0
per boi. Ask for our free booklet
shout Alcura. The Ik»ttltvlturphy
Ctk.,  limited* Drnggleta. Craabrook.
Bpokana, WMUn|tea
Wa ball«r*a wa
har* aura ****■
lar patrons Iron
British Colombia
than any othar
Hotel tn BpokaM
Oa your nait trtp
te thia *tiy, lot m
•Taow yon **>*
this Is tm*.
■pBtToThB bow Vatmm ****■
ttn. Cts*Mtoafl**toeaaat
tattnat Rooina aUfaii**f/
frntshad. lUtaa aa low
a* at lbs aaora sTfOawr
•a* MaMakly ob tka Boaf
CranbrookPublic Schools
The notice of pnrcnte of children ef
school aee ls drawn to the fact thst
the School Trustees have passed * resolution requiring all children of
school age, Tis.. from the age of seren
to fourteen, inclusive, to attend school
during the regular hours every school
day (subject to the exemptions provided for in the School Act) and such
parents aro hcrehy notlflod that the
proTielone of the School Act ln that
behalf wlll hereafter he strictly carried out.
thos. m. nonnrtTB,
Secretary te th*  Board of  School
Crubrook, B. C
Hamster Uh. WW. SAM
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of the St. John Ambuluec
Association, Is In receipt ef th* following self-eiplanatory letter:
Hadam: On behalf ot His Honor the
Lieutenant-Govenror, 1 beg te acknowledge tba receipt of your letter
of October 17th, enclosing money
orders for 1110.11, being amount collected at Crubrook on Trafalgar Day,
for th* Red Cross Fund.
His Honor desire* te tbuk your association for taking up this matter In
tlte absenes of * branch of Ihs Red
Cross Society, and also thos* contributing to this fund, for tbeir generous
response to ths appeal made.
Th* money wlll bt placed with othar
contributions for tbe same object, ud
forwarded ls due course to ths headquarters of ths British Red Cross Society In London.
Baariatan, Solicitors sad
Molar te Loaa
lawyerM Bank Building
(Bseeessar to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,   8o!!rlter    aad
T. O  Vet IIS
Physician*  and  Snrgeoas
***** at  residence.  Armstrong
rarOSMBS    SOO to 10.S*
Aft*******  1-00 to   401
Evealnaa    T no to   III
 2.10 to   I.M
Crubrook,   B.C.
Tour obedient serrui
H. E. Young
SI Hanson
I le li a.m.
1 to I p.m.
1 te I p.m.
Ml Sonera! SnrrJaf
flardea Ave.
oa Amplication
I. .1 SALMON, Matron
IW P. O. Box M
I P. O. Box Ul
faastal Director and Emsslnsr
Undertaking Parlora
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St
CM ud "fining Engineers
E C. Und Surveyors
Ml Night Phone It
At*., next to City Hall
Pbone 106 P. O. Box M
Organist  Methodist  Church
Receiies Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Are
It you want  satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
tieneral Merchant
Bseploymenta Agents
P. O. Box 101 Phone Ml
Robt. Frame, Prop.
Brash Bread, Cakes, Plas
and Pastry
Phone IT
Horbnry Ave.      Opp. City Hall
L.   M.   SMITH
ladles  ud   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phont' 204
i. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
■Ilk and cream twice dally
Battermllk twlee a week
Tha only clarified milk in
Wo gaaraatee to Please
eeea esat, almost new) three saddles,
sllfktlT »ed| four sets of hnrness,
slack aal donbls driving harness,
Iraki* sss working harness) trots
est saw aal farm tools I one cutter,
««A*.   Awl* Ihsae 111. si
l.iivol Oraug*
No.   1871
Meets first and third
SjSr..*' Thursdays at I p.m.
K&» in ltoyal Black
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
R. 8. Oarrett, W.M.
T. O. Horsman, Ree. Sec.
Meets  every
Monday   uight
_      at    Fraternity
Hall.   ' Sojourning    Oddfellow*
cordially Invited.
W. M. Harris,     II. VT. Russell,
Sec. N.O.
Cranbrook. H.C.
■ every Tuesday at S p.m. ln
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, CC.
P. M. Christian, K. R. A S.
P. 0. Box 522
▼lalting brethren cordially battled to attend.
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday  at  Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Rebekahs cordially Invited.
Its. C. Bi-nui't, N. G.
Sis. A. Hlckcntotham, See.
Marts In Maple Hall second
ud fourth Tuesday of every
mouth at 8 p.m.
Membership  jpen to  Brltiah
B. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President Secretary
Visiting member* cordially
Meets ln tho Maple Hall
Brat Tuesday afternoon of every
month at 3 p.m.
Preeldent, Mrs. W. B. McFarlue
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Box 442
All ladies cordially Invited.
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For information regarding
lude ond agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
la open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
I'll ONE 184
Cranbrook, B.C.
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Letltltrldge  Coal
Xl-ltc Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braying and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
la  open   for  engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms apply to
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction  Guarantee!
Tha Shoe Specialist
Your Doctor
is Satisfied
and you are safe when
the prescription is filled
at our store.
We employ a special
dispenser — mistakes
are eliminated.
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
Headquarters for—
Stoves «•«•••
All styles.   All sizes.    All at
Moderate Prices
J. D. McBride
an assortment of LEG BANDS that
you will need for the coming show.
BURNS & CO*,  Ltd.
All fresh-killed meats.  Local production
Oysters are equal to fresh milk as a food.   Sealshlpt
oysters always ln stock.
We pay full market price for farm produce
To England Under Neutral Flag
American Line (New York—Liverpool)
Large, Fast American Steamers, Under the American Flag
No Contraband ot War Carried
S. H. "FINLAHIC (lor Fslmoatb and London) November 90th
First-Class »«.IHIi Second Class WMKIi   Third   Class,   flMO
SaT'SsA                 "I'HILAIIF.LI'UU" KOYKMBKIt 20th
I     J                «8T. PAUL" NOTKMRKK 87th
i**»*»B,4               "NEW KOBE"  DECEJIIBEB dth
„     IL    J-            «8T. LOUIS"  DECEMBER U.k
"     ' *R*   "                 And each Saturday thereafter
First Class M5.00| Second Haass 165.00) Third Class 140
Company's Offlce, A E. Disney, Passenger Agent,
(19 Second Avenne, Beattie, Wash.
Local Agents i
J. W. Spence, C. P. R. Station
Beale ft Elwell
Gcf'More Money" for your I'oxch
Muskrat, White Weasel, flravcr. Lynx, Wolves,
Marten nnd other Fur bearers ,.,ll<-, ,.,l is yoar mous*
Sllll" YOI'H I'l'IIS llllli:, Tl„ "sit llintlf the l.r,e,l
kiuee Is Ike WerM fc.llil, e.rluilvrlv In N0H1I1 IMHilUI «(\V IflM
ft rrllnUe—rt-a|M,n.ltile-Halel-'iirll,niHewiiliiin „ ii-  In-ilt.ti-
tltntliin eaf.tinK f'T "tiinre tlion n lliird "f ft' ,-tituiv." n Imm aur*
reaafulre,-„ril,,faen.llHK 1'nr Sliliu-n-. |,r, r„i>'.s,\'l ISI'Ai"I (in V
ANIM'IKlFITAIII.Kretnrna.   Wilt,. i.,r"tr«MaitttMlsi»."
ueonlyreliable,acctirsts tnnrkel r,-i»,ti eni] prti sllsi pubUsHM,
Welle loe ll-NIItt'   li'a |.|ll-«
Aa Da anuDLn i, inc. b.p, c n Chicago, u.s.a.
■TillHtlDR Illl for Wumen. $fi a Iran or thrrofo.**
tlu. Bom at all Ituk UUmw, or mailed t winy
wltJTMlon n'l*t'1]it of !■ rlcc TliK SiniliaLI. Hhiq
Co.,flt H.'.Lttiani)t.n, Out,j rid
VUsUtritnr Nerve anti Rmtti; liirrenar. "K-rcy
matter :ri Tnnliv-wtll build yon tip. ,3 u liox.nr
two Ittr U, fit 'IniK atiin-H. nr t,v mull on ri-nolpt
ol r-rter Tbs ncunti.i. Duuu Co., St. Cnuurlnae,
■sastto-Hsrahj <5»» UA,
Pastor, W. K. Thossess,
Morning service. 11 a.m. Subject:
"Chambers of imagery."
R. 8. and Bible class, 8 ;.■.
livening service 7.30 pn. Snbjwt:
The Filth Commandment: "Honor
Thy Father snd Thy Mother." A sermon for young people.
The pastor vill preach.
Anthem: Morning snd erening.
Bible study class Wednesday, I i.rn.
I a. m. Holy Communl**.
II a. a. Matins ud Llttsy.
7.30 Evensong.
3 p.m. Children's serrles.
I'reeeber s\**. V. H. Brtdae, RA, Utk
Kvery Friday: Intcrccsttlun for tbe
war at 7..10.   Kveryhody wolcomo.
Rev. Thus. Keyworth, pastor.
Charles F. Nidd, organist.
Services at 11 a.m. nnd 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Adult Classes, >
p. m. ...,
The morning service wlll be conducted by the Her. Chas. Clarke, of
Moyle, in the stead of Her. W. K.
Thomson as announced. The pastor
wlll conduct the evening service, but
tbe Kev. C. H. Huestls, Field Secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance, will
preach. The Sacrament of tbs Lord's
Supper will bs »dmlnlst«r*d at lh*
eloss of the erening serrles.
Strangers sad visitors cordially wsl- WURMAT, N0VHMU1R Utk. Utli.
TvaW   MaUaMawfilaWK   M Itfl tl P
Note the muimur of sincere admiration that arises
whenever the Gruen Very-
thin ls shown. And notice
too, the pride its owner
takes In showing It. Only
half as thick as the ordinary watch, compact, perfect ln proportion and finish, a "style" with accuracy possessed by no other
watch, has made the Gruen
Verythln Watch, "a most
admired of timepieces."
Come ln end let na show yon
how this beautiful thinnesa waa
obtained without reducing uio
ate* of morement parts, and why
yon too will take * world of
pride In possessing tbe Gruen
W. H. Wilson
Safety First
Indigestion, constipation, billouanets
snd many ailments of the digestive
organs arc often the source of serious
illness. At the first sign of disordered
conditions take the reliable family
remedy that la always dependable—
UrtMl Saim ei A«» M-Wictm •»*• W-mU.
■Mi ama*§ ■■Urn. 1» Um, 11 —ta.
Clear Your Skin
rink's Tailor Shop Is still running
•ugsla price* la all lia** *l
Solomon Konry's.
fk* "Orlsls la a. 0." Is* asks at fa*
■erald*«e*  Ms* Is.
flak's Tailor Shop Is still rsasiag
ud turning ont men'e salts.
Dr. 0. B. L. MacKinnon mad* • profession*! oil *t Wardner Tuesday.
T. T. Mecredy returned Tuesday
trom Nelson, where he has been on
legsl business.
Ttolpb Palmer left Tueaday after-
soon for Lethbridge, to which point be
ht* been transferred by tbe C. P. R.
Bom—At St Eugene hospital on
Wednesday, Norember llth to Mr. and
Mrs. Dennison, ot Blalrmor*. Alt*., »
Th* court of revision for prorinelal
eaters list will be held nt tbe gorera-
*>snt buildings on Monday next, llth
taatut »t t*n o'clock.
Mr. Lorenao Dow and family wish
through the Herald to thank tbe p*b-
11* tor kindness shown during tbeir
••Mat **re*T«nent-
J. ft. Thompson and family left
Vseedey for Hltirllle. Mr. Tmomp-
son will return to Cranbrook tbo end
•f tk* week to wind up hla business
OM Kaiser Bill's sword wu never
starrer than th* knife we are hand-
Hag whll* earring th* price* ot the
■•Ml * Co. stock. Call ud bo eon-
**ae*d —W. D. Hill.
Do not pnt your automobile away for
Ik* winter without having lt orer-
knnled. This Is our specialty; eetlm-
•te* gladly given—Kootenay Oarage,
tkeae* 171 ud 44*.
Secretary Wilson of th* Automobile
uaeetatlon haa received eilTlc* that
tk* aece*s*ry work has been completed end tbe road to Spoken*. Tl*
■tngagat* Is now in good condition.
T. O. Murphy, ot the Beettie-Mur-
psy Co., left Tuesday on a short bua-
***** trip to Calgary. Mr. Murphy
will combine business and pleasure
ud will Uke In thr sights ot the mar-
toIosb oil city during hi* visit
Mr. Ben Palmer hns a Buff Orpine
*** pullet that la certainly earning her
fc**rd. She recently produced a
vpeelme* of her fruit weighing Jusl
•v*r four ounces. When broken It
W*s found to contain another egg, perfect even to the extent of * hard shell.
Mrs. Walter Halsall lefl Sunday for
tb* roast to Join her husband, lie
lore her departure she was present*-!!
with a vanity hag hy tho Utiles (iulltl
•f Christ church, bring for years a
member. At the elation a large
crowd of friends *HSrmbled to bid
ker good-bye.
A copy of the prise list for tbe Fer-
ale Poultry Show Is to hud. Tlte
•how will Uke place on December Tlit
•sad Ith ud It la hopid that local
poultrymen wlll get together and ar-
svaage to send along an exhibit worthy
•I tb* stock In this district. Copies
•f the prlae list may be obtained from
Mr. I. T. Cooper, P. O. Box 443, Cru
Another very successful c»rd party
ud due* wss held at Bt Mary's hall |
•a Wednesday of this week. There
vara eleven Ubles for cards. Tbe
trie winners were Hiss J. Drummond'
ud Mr. Jamea Conroy. The ladles
Tffle WW • Jardiniere ud tbat for
•eatleman a brass ash tray, Tb*
Crubrook orchestra provided mnslc
far audng, to th* eatlr* aatlstsctlon
Bolomon Koury for bargains
Keep warm at night S*» Jink's
Big values at small prise* -Sole-
mon Koury.
Mr. J. J. Flnncssey lias heen transferred to th* Kootenay Central run
for * few weeks.
Th* sewing class of the Women's
institute will meet on Friday even
Ing, th* 18th Inst, at th* residence of
Mrs. 0. Cauldwell, Hanson *ven*e, et
eight o'clock.
Mrs. 3. H. King has recelied the
following    donatlona    towarda Red
Cross work: Mrs. C. X.   Darts, MB
Jose, Cal., 1 pr. knitted socks; Mr.
Guy Russell, 11.00.
Tou will save money by h*rlng your
car overhauled at the end ot the season Instead ot waiting until spring.
All work guaranteed—Kootenay Oarage, phone 179 and 441.
Mr. Seth Ryekman ls in' receipt of *
letter from Mr. w. W. McOregor, who
is at present visiting ln Calgary. "Mac"
spent the summer ln Ontario, ud ls
now on his way to the coast, where he
will likely locate.
Captain Kerr left on Tuesday to attend Salvation Army Congress at Tu-
courer, ud will be absent trom tha
city about ten days. During his absence the local ollicers wlll eendsct
the regular services.
V*ork Is progressing satisfactorily
on Christ church parish hall. Mr. R.
Dixon, who has the contract, expects
to start work plastering this week: It
ls anticipated that the building will be
completed in tlmo for the baiaar,
Whicb Is to Uke place on November
A meeting of the Canadian Patriotic
Society (Cranbrook Branch) will be
held ln the city hall on Wednesday
erening next. 17th instant, at 8.30 p.m.
P. Nation, Esq., secretary of the prorinelal branch, Iter. W. K. Thomson,
Rev. W. H. Bridge ud others will address tbe me ;ttng.
The annual meeting of the Cranhrook Farmers Institute will be held
In the council chamber, city hall, on
Saturday afternoon, 13th Instant,   at
30. Members arc urged to make u
effort to be present, ud all men Interested ln agriculture ar* Invted to
The dance given In Port Steel* on
Wednesday, the 3rd Inst, by the Red
Cross ladles, was a great success. T 11
financial   results—170.00   cleared—as
ell as the satisfied people who attended, will verify tbat Mrs. Wallinger's orchestra rendered excellent
nttislc, as usual. Seven car* full went
from Crubrook, Among those present were Chief Justice Hunter.
Messrs. McCreery, MeCrecdy. Mr. and
Mrs. (leorge llohnrth, Mayor and Mrs.
Newness. Mr. nml Mrs. O. F. Stevenson, Mrs. Stewart, of Belleville, Mr.
and Mrs Martin McCreery.
Fruit grown In the province of British Columbia, in now shipped regularly
to Australia hy vessels of tlte CVna-
dlnn-Allstrnlttsltin line, plying between
Vancouver and Sydney. Tbe feature
of the outward enrKo of the liner Mn-
knra, whieh left Victoria about 7.30
o'clock last night for Auckland and
Sydney, was 21,000 cases of British Columbia apples. On her last outward
voyage the liner Niagara carried 30,-
000 boxes of apples, In addition to ver-
lotts consignments of other fruit,
large consignments of B. C. apples
are also being taken out by the Cue-
dlu-Australaslu cargo steamers Wai
marlno and Walruna, both now on
th* coast.
Pink's Tailor Shop la still running
ud turning out men's suits.
1    Rer. A. D. MacLeod, of Harcourt,
N. B., In a letter written recently, re-
| ferred to the remarkable popularity
j whieh Zam-Duk enjoyn In tho homes of
j the people.
: "Really," he writes, "I know of
J nothing like. It! Having charge of an
I extensive mission over which I travel
constantly. I meet with many sick and and turning out men's suits.
afflicted people, and I have been araas-
ed at the good Zam-Buk is doing dally.
: 1 have learned ns an absolute fact that      Dave Glenday. a brother of James
for bed ulcers, old wounds, eosems and ' ai._T, 1§ being Invalided home from
skin diseases of ull kinds, the healing |
! [towers of Zatn-lluk are simply mar-; France, and Is expected to arrive In
vellous!    For the    painful    ailment, cranbrook Saturday
[piles, also, it is excellent   If a box of j
Zam-Buk could    be  put Into    every
home It would save many a doctor's
Here ts disinterested evidence, based
nn the hest and v/idi-st experience, of
the value of Zam-Buk, In the home*
of the people from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, Zam-Buk Is the most popular
halm. Why? Because ln so many case*
It has proved a cure when all else has
failed. Zam-Buk Is a sure cure for
ecscma, ulcers, abscesses, varicose
veins, scalp sores, piles, cold sores,
cuts, ImriiH, bruises, the eruptions end
sores of babies and children, and all
skin diseases ud Injuries. All druggists aud stores sell at 60c. box or
liostpaid from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,,
for prico. Refuse harmful, cheap lm-1
iUtion, sometimes offered. Send title
article to Zum-Buk Co., Toronto, ud
lc. sump and receive free box by return.
Keep warm at nlgbt    Bee rink's
Mrs. Tom Drow was a visitor at
Loco this woek, the guest of Mrs.
E. J. Elwood.
Constable Arden, of Moyle. was a
visitor ln the city this week, being here
on police matters.
Mrs. Thomas Tighe Mecredy has
changed her at homo day to the first
Wednesday of each month.
Miss Ida Johnson who has been visiting at Loco tho latter part of laat
week, returned home Sunday.
F. A. Russell returned to the eity
Wednesday from the prairies, where
he bas spent the past three montbs.
Chief of Provincial Police Welsby,
of Fernie, has been In Crubrook the
past week on official business.
W. Durrant, »—man-heavily interested in mining property at Perry
Creek, is placing a 6-stamp mill on
his property. Workmen were busy
Wednesday afternoon hauling the machinery up.
Passenger trafdlc Is heavy on the
Crow these days. The henry fall of
snow is driving the people from thc
prairies to thc morc protected places
ln the mountains, ln some of Wednesday's westbound coaches people
were packed lige sardines tn a box.
Bert Johnson, the Wardner butcher,
was a visitor ln the city today. Mr.
Johnson, Is addition to being a butcher, Is a chicken fancier, and will ln
all probability havo several birds on
exhibition nt tho winter show. His
favorite breed Is White Wyandottes.
Mr. J. T. Roderck, accompanied hy
Messrs. M. and B. Stearns, en route
from Edmonton to San Francisco by
automobile, made a somewhat undignified entry Into town on Tuesday afternoon. Tlte party left Edmonton on
Friday last and report a splendid trip
aa far as Fcrnie. Snow was tailing
on their arrival at this point, and they
wcre advised to lose no time ln continuing their Journey. Trouble at Morrissey hill was overcome with the assistance of thc soldiers there and ln
spite of continued heavy fall of snow,
all weot well until about 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, when about seven miles
out of Cranbrook, trouble developed in
the crown gear ud the party were
forced to camp until daylight. Their
car was towed Into town Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Roderick ekpccU to
continue his Journey within a day or
two, and will spend the winter at
Huntingdon Bench, Cal.
Joe Kitchen was taken to Fernie
Monday ln charge of Constable Arden
Joe has been acting strangely nf late
•nd will ba taker, to New Westminster
Jack Frost took * firm hold oa Crubrook this morning, when th* thermometer registered 4 below sent at
7 em Clght Inchee of asow tell ud
by appearance* la likely to remain,
than beginning eur first winter.
Th* winners In th* crop competition for tbis year have been u-
nouneed. I* tbe oats competition
J. Mitchell won first, Norman Me*.
Clue wos second and Lyman Taylor
third. In tho oats competition A.
Nensel carried off Tret money, Fred
Clarke second ud Lyman Taylor
third. The prise money, aome $70
wlllarrlTe shortly trom Victoria ud
will b* distributed to ths successful
Membership   Fee   Redneed   fer   the
('•■lag Season—List sf
The snnsal meeting of the Cranbrook Curling Clnb was hold at the
city hall on, Wednesday erening, Norember 10th.
The eleetloa et officer* for the ea-
suing year reaulted u follows:
Preeldent—Geo. Hoggarth
Vice-President—R. Eakln.
SecreUry-TT**s*rcr—A. C. Bowness.
Ice Committee—A. 8. W*rd, F.
Tophsm, G. P. Tisdale.
Membership Committee—W. F.
Cameron, A. C. Bowness.
Official Umpire—J. Cholditeh.
Chaplain—R*t. W. K. Thomson.
The membership fee, which In the
past has been 110.00, wu reduced to
17.00 for tbe coming season.
It wu decided not to affiliate with
the B. C. Curling association.
Elect Officer, (er 1010 aid Transact
Other Important Bulaess
Friday Ironing
The uiul meeting of the Crubrook local Conservative association
waa held at Clapp's ball on Friday
evening, November Ith. The meeting wu well attended ud th* business of th* evening wae conducted In
a very harmonlooa manner.
The following officer* w*r* elected
for tbe ensuing year:
Preeldent—W. B. McFarlane.
Vice-President-T. C. Phillip*.
SecreUry-Treunrer—E. H. McPhee
Executive—Lester Clapp, 3. D. McBride, W. F. Attridge, 3. P. Fink, F.
H. Derail, Dr. J. W. Rutledge, C. B.
Phillips, A. J. Balment
Tbs representatives to the dietriet
exeentlTO are u follows: Messrs. W.
B. McFarlue, E. B. McPhee, J. D. McBride, W. F. Attridge, J. W. Rutledge,
J. P. Fink, Ira R. Manning, Lester
Clapp ud Simon Taylor.
Eczema, psoriasis, ring worm, pimples, scales aud crusts aro duo to my
Had deeply burled germs in the akin
To secure relief and cure these senna
I roust be destroyed and eliminated.
The D. D. D. Prescription, a mild
compound ln liquid form of oil of
wintergreee, thymol and other healing elements, wlll give Instant relief
fn all cases. Unlike salves, it penetrates to the deeply burled germs, kills
and washes them out
A generous trial bottle for 26c. Come
In and let us tell you about our tuuuey
back guarantee offer ou a full size
bottle. Ask also about D. D. D. Soap.
D. D. D. is Made In Canada
(From the Feme Free Frees)
W. L. Phillips, preeldent of district
11, has reelgaed.
Mrs. J. R. Pollock la vteltiag ker
son Harry In Edmonton
Cku. Edwarda, of Wai**. waa In
lewu u business yesterday
Sherwood Hercnmec attended eoart
al Plusher Creek several days this
Born—in Edmonton, on November
1, to the wife of Mr. Barry Pollock, of
a daughter.
U. S. Consnl Bowman I* officially
Inspecting tbs internment e*x*p at
Morrissey today.
J. R. McEwing returned y«*terday
from a three month* vlalt with old
friends In Ontario.
Robb Sutherland, manager of thc
Nelson Dally News, wu In town yesterday on business.
D. B. Ball, formerly with A 0,
Llphardt, Is 1a town looking ever the
prospects for opening a Jewwlry ee-1
A school wlll be established at Mor- j
rlssey Mine* tor th* *env*nlenee ef
the guards who have moved their tarn- j
llie* to that potat
Tax collections ud other eity collections up to November let were
16,000 less thu last year. This Is not
too bad Judged by the shortage*
shown by other cities.
Dr. ("arson received * cablegram
from Kenneth on Monday tbat the j
last draft trom tbe 61th had u rived
at Shorncliffe on Sunday, having
made the trip to England ln six
days. They bare been transferred to
the 7th battalion.
Contractor Que Johnson has commenced logging operations on his contract recently signed with the Canadian Pacific railway natural resources
department at Bull River. The block
of timber, containing about 4,000,000
feet ls situated close to tbe townslte
of Bull River ud practically adjoining the compuy's mill at that point
Forty or fifty men wlll b* employed
tbe greater pert of th* winter by Mr.
Are You interested io Saving Money on
Groceries? (cash pprchahb.)
Bawfif Dan* at Mom* *r
by Bay
Ml Haaaoi A van*
1   98 Ib. Five Roses Flour, regular $3.60
1   49 It). Five Roses Flour, regular $1.85
1   98. lb. Prairie Pride Flour, regular $3.60
1   49 lb. Prairie Pride Flour, regular $1.76
1 100 lb. Sugar, regular  $8.25
1   60 lb. Sugar, regular $4.16
1   20 Ib. Sugar, regular $1.70
Blue Ribbon Tea, regular 46c	
Chase & Sanborn's Coffee, regular 46c	
Clark's Pork and Beans three for
Raisins and Currants two lbs. for
Candled Peels two lbs. for
6 lb. Tin Climax Jam, regular (SOc	
Etc., Etc, Etc.
We Invite job tn rail and Inspect ear stack
• 1.S5
Should b« of food, substantial
character, such as nice warm
Wool Caps, Neckscarfs,
Shirts, Mitts, Underwear, Socks, Etc.
Wa arc sola agents in Craabrook    for   the     world-famous
Every garment guaranteed perfect and of the very best quality
oi wool. Nothing mare suitable
than these goods to send aa
Christmas remembrances for
relatives   and friend*  overseas
So tar th* weather bu been precisely u Idayor Little forecasted and his
worship 1* mor* confident than ever
that tbe cold dip he looks for about
tbo llth will arrive pretty well en
scheduled time—Creston Renew
Tht rVorlit fa
Send M Five Roses
I    teas-**   SSA   Ait—    ***:■*.
i **s— m ******* Tea Qhi
Cook .Book<
CCrvc A »»«.■«. Of COCO ftCCPD aaa
    » A.  ,innii,,aaiaaaa,  al «*« tm. ,
I ' ' ' r      "-       "      -'      s*' " *t     t
■-;   AkUdulNoea,oe>V.aaa. ekaeaaalfaJ data*
|    w ml al a, »tk. a... baa. aa*
Cranbrook Jobbers <•£!!*
Keep warn at night    Se* Fink'si ANGLICAN YOUNG
Tollet Paper, regular 8 for 25c.
Special t far Mr.
Appoint «*a to Take Chart* ol Ike
Vi bit* Elephant Booth al Forth.
corning Ituaar
A well attended meeting of the Anglican Voting People's Association
took place on Tuesday. Mr. Fairbairn
read a paper from the pen of Miss
Mecredy ud a discussion upon the
value of the Problem Novel followed.
A debate upon the women's suffrage
question was arranged for November
23rd.     Mr. Onnston, seconded by Miss
Murgatroyd, will oppose the extension
of the suffrage to women.    Rev. A. B.
I^itte. seconded hy Mlrs Cnslnke, will
. . .   . . .   .      .. iir^tte on behalf nf the SOffrafS rnu.ae
rsmlshed moss Is reel, krsekftul II,
deerlred, wider* eenruleue*.   Ap- >    Messrs. Dallas. Hesse end Carl Gill
ply P.O. Boi 188. | „,.re appointed to take charge of the
m . CLiM    BflOCaUS    SB i Whit* Elephant .tall at the fortheom-
^"SeWa tor eel* see**    Apply ' iri„ b»i*»f on November 2Sth.   These
.** Petaager. eity    v-tf
"^-^——• i (..nticmcn   wlll be    rsta    collecting
heifer.   Owner cu have   same by I wWt« Slspbut* from today onwards
Is. per word tor flrst week, ud le. per
word tor eaeh week after
pruvlng property, paying for advertisement and paring for damage."
W. D. Stone. 4B-.1t
STABLE TO KMT, for fear torses,
alectrlc light, wans, well ventilated
srttk large key lot! ud eat Ma
**■** ter ssnlh, *tply B*r*ld
rsratshed Sonse le rent^-V'unr nsmt
wtth bath; fenced; close in; newly
papered asd painted; piano tf desired; n* children preferred; careful tenant only; 111 per month, h-
elndlsg waler. Apply Herald of-
•**. M-tf
•Mptkeaa 111
' FOB SAM* CHr.AP.-lIn»,rhold for.
nltur* ud person*! effects, let ther! Parker
,    chairs,   carpets,     china     cabinet,'
tables, dining   room suite,   desks.
beds, Ostermoor mnttress, etc., golf
sticks, uowshoes, skate*,   saddle*.
Apply 1>. 0 *** «Z4 *r phs-.* m.
Anybody troubled with articles of
brlc-a-hrae, pictures, rases, books.
Ford cars, sewing machines, gold
teeth or other Jewelory they can't get
rid of, kindly communicate with the
gentlemen in question, who will be
pleased to arrange for their collee
I tlon.
mon the Creston Review.)
Mrs. Balnes, of Cowley, Alt*., arrived on Friday on a visit to Mrs. T.
Mrs. Qualn bu son* sa a ****
relative* ud frleade *t
She left oa Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Cameron u*
tu, of Cranbrook, *r*
and are the guest* of Ut*. Is*****.
Mrs. Haslam, of cruavrsask. v**
.Sunday visitor with k«r wa, J.
Heelan, of tb* Craatoa Dne A M
Miss Merle Beth!*, wk* *m
the last two month* with Mafj
Crubrook. returned to
on Monday
D.  S.  Tlmmone  loadeal kl*
car of apples, which le
the praltie markets, the early
the week.    It went eut
Miss Mlddleton arrived from Nelson
on Tseeejvy u • Tl*it to Mr. u* Ut*.
Jack Cameron, who bu bas*
short visit to his [areata ker*. I
Monday for Lethbrldf*. Alta., to
mint the c p. it b«
Kaslo Kootenalu;    A Blal*
club hu been organised *l
It they eonld only spread tba
ment to Crnnbrook wb«r* saa
of that nature ls needed.
Coming event*— Teartna mr* *t
K. V. tracks, etc., settling   at*
Doukhobor* on Block 111, aad t
struction of tbe goTerpjaeat
line from Sirdar to Creel**
Some of our reeldeate *r
Mayor Utile's early winter
seriously 3. H. WMsrtas to
Ing overtime on a sew raartkaa
John muss to n
a**mm !**•
:.r-Tt" PA.OB FOUR
WE have purchased this stock at a rate on the dollar which will enable us to save you money. We
feel that we can unload the whole stock in four weeks, and will do so if prices count for anything.   Everything will be sold for less than the original wholesale price, and for many lines even
the wholesale price will be lost sieht of.   Note a few of the following prices, which will largely govern I—
We have 100 pairs of LADIES' SHOES, regular from $2.50 to $3.75.   Our sale price -    65c
LADIES' SHOES, regular price $6.00.   Sale price              -          -          - $2.95
LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S RUBBERS at less than the wholesale prices.
A bunch of MISSES AND CHILDREN'S SHOES at               -          -          Half Price
LADIES'AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR, regular 35c.   Sale price           -          - 20c
LADIES'AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR, regular 75c.   Sale price          -          - 40c
LADIES' UNDERWEAR, regular $1.50, ior 90c
Dress Goods to be Slaughtered
DRESS GOODS, regular price 75c, for
"        " "      "  50c, for
A limited quantity of PRINTS, regular 15c.   Sale price
Hose for the Children! Hose for the Ladies
Will be sold at prices that must at onee appeal to the saving housewife.
A visit to the store will convince you that we mean business, when quotations on all lines will
be cheerfully given.
We will charge nothing to anyone, and no goods will be allowed on approval.


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