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Cranbrook Herald Aug 22, 1912

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Array »•"■ A*.
. -•«
We are well equipped to
turn out the beet liuaa
of work.
In the Herald  1'uyo-
Our   Local   Cnluiuni
Hlr. a line
NO. 34
" Well done, Oood and Faithful Servant. Thou
Hast Been Faithful Over Few Things, I Will
Make Thee Ruler Over flany Things, Enter
Thou Into the Joy of Thy Lord ". Matt 25,21
Orand Old General and Organizer of the Salvation Army
(iocs to His Long, Last Rest
London, Aiir. 2t.-Ctoi.cral Wil- process!', n from London to Abncy
liuui Hi mill,   commander-in-chief    of Park.
Uw Salvation Army, died ut 10,30 i William Booth was born in- Not-
o'clock last nielli. lit- was liom litij-liam, Knglaml, April 10, 1829.
ut Nottingham  in IK2D. llle became a   minister of The Metiio-
The veteran Salvation Army leader dist Nt>\v Connection, 18.*i0; was ap-
was unconscious for In hours hr- pointed to hold speeial evangelistic
lote his death. The medical bulle- services until 1861, when, being refills hud not revealed the seriousness quired to settle in lb;* ordinary drill Un* general's coalition, wbicn euit work, he resigned and began his
for n week, it now is admitted, was labors among the churches as an
hopeless. , I evangelist.
Twelve weeks ago General Boot-h Finding that most of the inhabit-
unilerweiit .an operation for the re- ants of London attended no place of
tuoval of a cataract in his left eye. I worship, he began the "Christian
For, two days after the operation in-1 mission," lfiK5, which soon grew to
dilations gave hope of his recovery, be a large organization formed on
Then septic poisi ning set in, an! military lines, and was iu 187.S re*
fnmi that time, with the exception j christened the "Salvation Arm*-"
of occasional rallies, the patient's I'nder tbis name it has become wide-
lieiilth steadily declined. The general ly Known, and has grown to Immense
reeognlxed that tbi* end was near ■ proportions,
nud often spoke of bis work being A weekly paper, Uh Wai Cry, es*
I tanllshed in 1880, has a .Very
riHiiiiiamlcr-iu-  circulation     throughout     tbe
Tiirnughnul      the
Chief's    illness    bis     son,    lli.nuwetl
Booth, chief    ol   tad nl (lie    vrmy,
mnl Mis, nromwell lloolb, gave Hit* * I I
itnrrmlt-ting attentions to liim.
The agiil evangelisl died at his re-
Ritkwe, the Itockatone, Medley wood,
fiiiit miles [nun London, where    to
li.nl lieen     ei nlniiV to     Ins |k>-.| since I
the operation.    Preamt »l the bed-
sidc when the end nniir wire Mr
.in.l Mis lliam.vrll Itonih and tneir
daiitrblei  ami    ion,   \dint.ini ('atlier-
'iue    Booth ami   RerReonl    Bernard'
Booth; (he general's youngosl daugb
lei, Commissioners    Mis   BoOt-h-Mcl
herd,   .iikI    ('MMintissiniii-t      1 low anl.
t'olonrl     KltcMog and Dr. Wardlaw
Public iuleresl now centres in tin*
question nl i incc-esaur to the inte
commander.    Undei the constitution
ol llie   Salvation     Ann   tin* gencml
nominates his successor, This flcner-
ai ii.iuiii ilut several years ngo, plan*
Ing tin- name la a naled envelope,
which was deposited with the Salvation Viiii*. \ lawjfeTt, with instiuc-
tloni  thai ti   should nol he opened
Until after bis death.
Timiii-h nohod)   knows what   name
ito envi'bipe contains, Xto general
belief in the Mm. is that it will
prove io in- B mm wel I iio.fi., who
im ii.nu years has been its chief ol
White General Boolh will In* burled
Ims ind been decided. While every
Kiiglihh member ot tho Snlvntion
Army is convinced thai no mnn was
i  worthy ol Interment In Westminster Abbey, n is not expected
this honor will lie nwanled to flener-
al Boolh by Ihe Abbey authorities.
II fs lhe general lielicf that the commander-in-chief's last resting place
will he beside that of bis wife, who
"JI years ngo was Inn inl in Adney
Pail*. Stoke Ncwington.
Almost the Insi wonls ot OnernI
Itoolh were nth-red just liefore he
Insi ennsciousness. lie was referring
In (tod's promises ami, speaking
wilh great ilifhYiitly, said:
"They nre sun**—they are sure—it
ynu will only believe theui."
II  s probable the obsequies will ln-
intnisted to the Army's solicitor 22
years ngo, appointing the late comma nder-in-chi el's son, Brain well
Booth,, to succeed him, was opened
today and read.
Braniwell' Booth, who has been
chief of stall of liie Salvation Army
since 1880, accepted the succession
formally with much feeling. ■
(ieneial Booth's funeral will take
place on the afternoon of August
20 ot Ahney Bark oomotery, In I
Stoke-Newlngton, where his wife is i
burled. Thousands an- expected to
participate in the funeral service for ■
the Army, Which w.ill be held ito
pgecedtng night at xto great hall of
note how it progresses in fatness
and health. The cradles have -ito
rockers. Kiddies can sleep tfi beat
tlie hand without having their poor
little brains addled with dancing ami
dandling and tlie rest of it. Thus it
comes abo-At that In a little time
the thoroughly domesticated, sut.rag-
eltHiriiken husband, will miss one
of his most cher shwi Bounds, ihe
swish of Uw rocker and the magic,
hair-raising yowl of Macbeth Junior,
Who, like the mighty Thane id
Cawdor, -doth murder sleep, the in
nocent sleep'" But if the little babies over in the warm, sunny room
to deprived i,i rocking, they have a
special hot cabinet provided foi the
warmingioI all tbeir little garments
No more will tlie young hope of the
nations gasp out a yell of mortal
agony when ar frozen shirt, or whatever they call it, is lugged ovei his
warm body.
The second floor is devoted almost
entirely to the surgical and pathological work of the hospital with a
most exeenslve and carefully equipped
dispensary in ennjunction. One
room provided with alt manner of
sterilized bandages, etc., is used for
the dressing of wounds, etc., as they
progress to cure. Another is for
the administration of anesthetics before tlie performance of the major
operations. In another the din-tors
have the most elaborate kinds of
baths, needle, doiich, spray, etc., etc.
and witli [wafer specially sterilizedH
if necessary. To such an extent is
Ihe antiseptic method carried thai
the doctors can open and close the
taps of the basins in which fthey
bathe their hands and arms liefore
operating hy the mere pressure nf a
The opei al ing, room has ,t northerly exposure which secures the diOus-
etl light, so necessar) where sharp
shadows interfere wilb delicate
work. In the adjoining room to tlie
right tlw.' Instruments are prepared
tor their pail tf the work by being
placed in an antiseptic hath, heat d
by an electric coil to about 2iin degrees, Fahr Wonderful instruments
ihey aie. knives, saws, hammers,
chisels, awful looking brutes of
forceps, drills, clamps, rivets—a
perfect carpenter's ton-h of tools,
only thej are smaller—yes, ,,ni
sharper, very much sharper.
(Continued on page eight).
. *> -_
An Experimental Farm
General Booth published several
hymns and music boolrs ''Salvation
Soldiery" and "In Darkest Kngland"
and -The Wav Ont," a work proposing ambitious schemes for alleviating
poverty and suppressing vice. His
sins and daughters are all actively
engaged in the Salvation Arm) oi
the Volunteers of America.
flrneral  Booth's wife was an   en«
thUStooUr co-operator up to (lie time
of ber death iu  1880,
When the name of "SaHuliou
Army" was adopted iu I87tt military
terms were substituted for the ec-
clerrlattlcal designations, whieh were
first ndopted. Uniforms were devtft-
eil for Ihe laborers, which wen- iu
tended to he distinctive bui plain
and inconspieitoiis, and nul to depart
too notieenbk from the usual cos
tnme. Hence they vHry ln different
countries, and are adapted to thi1
national dress.
The doctrines of the Salvation
\rmv nn* described ns in harmony
witb those ol the orthodox churches.
No distinctions nre recognized, ex-
i-ept' 1-hose of individual ability and
piety, nml women serve in all duties
on precisely the same plane as men.
Convnitii nalilies nre thrown aside,
ami all permissible devices are adopted and practices followed that will
attract popular attention. The sys
lem of government nnd the nomenclature are absolutely military. IV
loeal districts and stations are provinces, distrlels, prsts, etc;, the
bodies of the working forte are
corps; the officers are the general,
commandants, colonels, majors, captains, lieutenants and sergeants.
While funds nre derived from subscriptions the aim is to ma'e the
posts self-supporting.
The Salvation Army has extended
its field of operations until It now
carries on campaigns in forty-nine
countries and colonies of Kurope,
Asia, Africa, America nnd Australasia. It reports more Ihan 7,000
corps, circles, and societies. The
gospel ts preached in 31 languages.
London,   Aug. 21.-
The new concrete and brick wing
of the St. Eugene hospital, erected
from the plans of .lames ,1. O'Oara,
architect, Calgary and Cranbrook,
hy (reorgc It. Leask is thoroughly
deserving of a visit if for nc other
reason than that it illustrates the
wonderful advance of mod cal science
since the days, back in 18.1*7, whon
the Sisters of Providence tooKi
charge of those stricken by the
terrible epidemic of typhoid which
swept this locality during tine construction of tbc Crow's Nest branch
of the C.P.R. as well as the material progress of the city and district
which it serves so faithfully and
The new wing extends west from
about the center of the main building and consists of three floors with
well, carried iu a very handsome
and imposing brick castellated tur-*
ret, for a specially large and roomy
leetric operated elevator, connecting the ground flooi with the others.
This convenience, the first passenger
lift to he installed in Craubrook
will t-c in place wfthin Ihe next two
weeks or so.
Light, abundant light. Is i ne of Xto
great essentials of health. Now the
pervading impression of tlte new
structure is one of brilliant light
with ttu> accompanying sense of
cheerfulness. This light is reflected
from gleam ng floors of polished
maple wWch adds wonderfully to Un*
effect.       The finish of the plastering
is almost as haul as glass awl every .REMARKABLE! SHOWING MADK
.corner is rounded so as io facilitate
sterilization and prevent injurious'
germs finding a hiding place lu tha
sharp angles where, in most cases,
they au* safe enough except from
liquid sprays
Tin*    upper fiooi is reserved     lor
maternity  cases    autl  here a    special
obstetric room is provided wiib the ,
! cannot but Ih* regarded as other than
Whilst Mr. A I-:. Walts, the
Wattsburg lumberman, is not engug-
■<l in a purely philantirroplc work.
his farming operations at Wattsburg
most modern appliances for this I
branch of the medical art. Verily,
the days of the renowned Safey
(lamp and Betsy Prig au* gone and
u theii place reigns the great Goddess   Hygiene,    whoso    gospel    is:
■'Cleanliness |s ue\t to godliness.
Death ami dm aie near ueighhors"
The one object aimed nt in Ibis hospital, the uld portion jtist as much
as the new, is absolute cleanliness
ami to obtain <hat Idea, fully three-
fourths it the Intelligence of tbe ar-
ebiteeis,   doctors, sisters and nurse
a go,*! work in the publie interests,
I lie has cleared and drained hum!
I reds of acres of hott-tfii lauds, and is
raising crops of every variety, tbat
I tell in    ihe    most .emphatic manner
possible, ihe great potent ia Hi ies of
I the soil in that locality. A large
'block of land, thai but a few months
I back, was water covered and totally
unproductive, is today covered    with
magnificent crops, including oats,
| minion', seven feet   high.
Mr. Watts wauls lo know definitely
directed.    That this may be sald-l**-*- *"■ 8row ■«■***-*«•«*»? on    his
to "pay" in lhe preservation of human life there can be no question nl
Ihis time of dav. In the Old Cumin a dozen years ugo, a woman,
newlj a moilier, was fed on milk and
soda water f< r seven days, or until,
is it was said, all danger of puerperal fever bad passed. Sewn davs
stri -■■ starvation ai the very time
th.* mot vi needed every ounce of tot
Strength hardly uppcals to us now
as sound medical practice; but the
Idea was thai keeping lhe patient
low in diet prevented, God knows
her tempernture getting high
iu (over. It is another example of
people supposedly clever beyond Uie
rest of u.s, mistaking (lie effect for
11m* cause. The practice minced tin*
mother's power of reslstmce to like
attach of the infective germs to the
finishing point. Siill, most
them    pulled through, though
In the presence
ejudr lhe lying in slote for,several of all the Salvation Army commis
days al Omgiess hall, Clapton, foi- I sinters and the principal officials la
lowed iiy a memorial nervier and   a ll^adfin    General Booth's testament,
land aud In* is carrying out a wide
scheme of experimentation, which
cannot but prove valuable to bim
sell and to this section of the province as a whole. It is worthy of
note that Mr. Watts offered this l-jiid
free of charge,*to the provincial gov-
ernmwie for experimental purposes,
but to no effect, the Mi Hi ni.- govern*
ment prefer to treat Cranbrook district with studied neglect m ail mat*
fers pertaining to Ila real wclfw
However, what the pmvtnohll gov
eminent failed to undertake, Mi.
Watts is carrying oui wiih emlm-ntlj
successful results. Crops, nl every
variety, mav tic seen ripening) on his
lauds, testifying to (lie excellence of
the s< jl ami to the favorable climatic conditions hi this spetlon. A
notable experiment. Is t ne with var-
so termed, is attractive in more
ways than one. Not only Is the
profusion of growth quile mil of tne
common, hut tlie numerous devices
contrived by Mr. Wails to Irrigate
and cultivate his crops are of special
interest and afford llie best kind of
education to those, uninformed in agricultural matters, who are, or may
be, seeking to learn the why ami
wherefore of successful cultivation of
the sofl.
It is only possible to give the
merest glimpse of the great work be
Ing canted out at Wattsburg by Mi
Watts, but it is a work ot first-class
importance to this district', in tbat
it is proving unmistakably the great
possibilities oi tbe soil
If infinite capacity foi taking
pains, be genius, then Mr. Watts
may fairly claim- to be a genius.
He has commenced tlu* Wtuk of
draining oft a vast track of laud, sit
nated at the rear of his present home
farm. When completed, und the land
put in shape for cultivation, he will
have, a vast farm of over liinn
acres, which will grow about every
thing that will grow on laud. To
drain oil the water from this land,
was something of uu engineering
problem, hut it was easily solved by
Mr. Watts. He constructed u wooden plough, of great si/e and peculiar
frame. With this plough ami a
donkey engine, .he constructed a
ditch that effectively did thc work
required. But, here again, another
problem arose. The water .running
through the ditch should be turned to
some .useful purpose, and, anyone
who visits Wattsbuig, will note that
it is now so doing Mr. Watts con
structed a wooden wheel, with .i
certain number of specially ion
strue-led boxes. This wheel raises a
■erlain proportion if the water How
ing through the ditch, empties it
into u big trough, from whence ii
flows into irrigation pines, laid all
over this vast' farm and effectual!)
settles tbi* watei problem so fat as
Mr. Watts' ranch is concerned,
Only the vaguest idea is here given
of the very elevet and extreme!) cf
bet ive engineering work*canled out
hy Mr. Walls. It would take an
expert to convey an adequate im
presslnn of what has -been done Bui
Ibe whole undertaking ufiorris a splendid object lesson, to even tbe least
informed, as to what can Im* done in
the way ot bringing apparently
gpftr land    under cultivation.      In
onnertlon wilh these big agricultural schemes. Mr. Watts Is erecting a
mill in (he mountains hack of his
place, the cut of which will In* carried down to his planing mill at
wattsburg, through the ditch Ihat is
draining tlie swamp lauds. 'Ihis
means a marked reduction in trans
portal ion charges. The mountains
afoind Wattsburg are covered witb
an excellent class of commercial timber, and it is Mr. Watts Intention to
erect several additional mills at convenient points, and tn handle tlieir
output in the name wuy, lloalim-, the
eut eimber through did Irs to tbe finishing mill at Wattsburg. II is easv
to foresee the day when a very larg<-
number of men will Im* employed,
both at the Wattsburg finishing mills
and in the camps In tin* sin rounding mountains. Then Mr. Watts
will not rare a snap of his linger
whether or not Cranbrook merchants
will handle his produce, lie w II
have   a market for all he can raise,
both for man and beast, right at his
own home.
Mr. Watts is not alone in carrying
mt useful work.nf this character    in
this district. Other litmNermen are
similarly engaged, notably thi- Staples Lumber company and the Crows
Vest Bass Lumber company, at   sev-
ral spots Alien- they bob! large
Mocks ol arable land It is bu tun
ale for this district that we bare
men * ho take this to,*., view of lhe
situation and are prepare) lo expend
*$to' mont-y  and devote ebe labut   lo
rotation oi   the problem of pro
wiling horticultural and garden ppi
duce tor ihr consumption of their
employers, aud field stuff, hay anl
grain for their horses ami cattle
of lous kinds of millet, including .lapan-
tboti- ese, .Siberian, b"-* and others, alt do-
sands upon thousands d ed id puer- ing well, st.me better than others.
per.il fevee and (hereupon people said notably the hog and Siberian. «
It was the will of God." Rather il Kverv kind of small fruits grow to
wan that thev were punished (or perfection, such crops of raspberries,
ma- currants, goosrt»errips, strawberries,
Ku- etc., would be hard Io Ireat elsr-
tof where In the west. Vegetables, too,
the of every variety,, are grown in pro-
children thrive amazingly, The newly fusion. Rhubarb by Hie ton, but
arrivtd babies have a bright, sunny unfortunately ('ranbrook merchants
room all to    themselves and wonder- prefer to import  their rhubarb   from
their ignorance aud in tht1 new
ternity departmeni of the St.
gene hospital they, by virtue
knowledge, live ami thrive and
ful deft-handed nurses to look after
them and dress them, feed litem
bathe them, anil do everything Imt
rock them asleep.       That Is barred.
It ts a wnirdcrMI -ight ami extremely Instructive to note what can
be done upon    land generally regard
It is proclaimed unnecessary. Around   ed as    worthless.     But it must    lie
**i.^,   ***»«J^    1
l_                                                    ^5?r^<»wH
■H*fB£*h}                                                              AaVK*\wBm\
Wtw_ m_-     . :W&
BkW ..XL                       -^rwfwB
H*—'-                *i$v **   aSB
rin" -jWf.qHi
fc      JI E
JVit^SI* *>'
■ j_\
rk    m
, i'-i'-
' •' » \S -■ ■
■*-(   i- -.-
. -*■■* r,
-   '-"   ;3',';4)j;^4-.
.  .* '•'-•'"•!
Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurisr
Word '.mu
n tt illi nl
ii   August
.Bit.      lie
pnventlon i
liiiiriii-i   In-
W. lUlsall,   SH-retarv ol (tie board
ot trade   is in   receipt ol the follow
iug self-eiptnnatorv httci fiom   tb.
•gent   general's   office    in    London.
Boar Sir: In thr absence ol the
agent-genera) Irom Kngland, 1 huu-
to acknowledge with thanks the ic
eript of     Xto   very   eicelhnt photo
a from (M*tawa tbat
Laurier will leave there
-,7th on a tour •<( the
Will attend tbe b-rvstrv
i be held iu Victoria, on
1—7 i pori his retutii
h ill bold a wriea ot
tings in the piiucipal cities
the province, tn Invitation to i»-
lude 1'iaiibi.r.ik in bis itfneran '***-
lieadi been Ion ~id.,i
The  Halifax  l 'hroiucle.  speaking foi
tin* Matilitoe I'i..*.inn-;, in a sum
g up .if the political situation,
Tliere is no denying ihe foci that
thai unfaiHng fa »pe and belief ihared
in by hosts of Conoervativw as well
as the entile Liberal party, thai the
Canadian people will at an earh
late call sii Wilfrid Laurier "lo (in*
sh his unrl. '—is recognized at    this
bout   as   L'onOda'l   nr**,,!.-.-!   as*-!    B.
reason of his unequalled political sag
icfty, lis uoquencfaaMe Canadianitm,
his Dawleas life, lus warm sympatic
his unrivalled paMIc gifts—sir,
Uiiiini is impllciOj followed as
partv cbiilf bv a half at least uf tbe
Canadian people, while by the tar<er
portion of the >>tber half be is Marly less venerated as the Uoorfolon's
lirst cili'i-n.
"Sir Wilfrid's mnrvef-jiu and in
rettsMi*. inOuence on the countrj has
.in vv.ll as ins political philosophy.
It is largely because ,,i the retnartc*
able union in him ol the qualities of
both tb,- man ... risloo, as well as
of tlu* practical politician tliat Sir
Wilfrid is s*j endeared to tbe Canadian people Ih- tar-ieach as ■+ political force i*. understood bv reason
..I the foci that ihe people bav'e such
a correct apprr-ben-, -..n ..f Sir Willrid
himself A statesman Incorruptible
aad [earleai. be is withal associated
in the minds ut tlu* cotntiioii people
as tbe plain and simple democrat.
Sir Wilfrid has always Impressed the
cottntr) with bis supeisatitve good
HBae. Never a radical in the sense
• d stirring tip new passions in the
multitude, tbe Liberal chief has yet
in a t-rriter .i'-gre-- th.iii au\ other
in our public life moved the hfearts
■ <i i...m who t-old social equalKy and
uidiviO'iui fteedom to be a birth-
"Tbeie Is no role tn srhfcfa t'aiiada
bsa called Sir Wilfrid tliat he bas
ii-d tillfi with coasuminate tact *od
.-•   M   Ul Md    ' apOCit) While        lie
brooked no   rival as   prime minister
ll   will   to  j,'.[,,•.■ li!'..!   oi,   all   sidfH
that as such, sir Wilfrid never failed, even in th** most critical juncture. As the constitutional ruler—
J tbe rokw of the people bis Goal ar-
Ibiter iu    ail Urinp       it. parUatoeft-
its direet basis m th*** character     of Itary leadership   this great Canadfafl
tbe luaii.
has imi
H>  tbe
Kii political career Is in*[bas    proi«*d   bUnself bj the force ot
from his inner life aad ron* Jos eioqaeoee and fi*. his fooult)     of
The principles which    la*   command    the eflual of   'hose most
nlded deep in Canadian   lif** 'emlneot    nod   dauntless in Hniflish-
consei|iien< e of his personal   ipt-akintr annals
able to
.is can
.fflcei j
nthlbil as many
possil.lv be sent
built,   we sbj.l     tie |
many photognphs
from    thi* {
If vou have anv recent printed
matter dealing with pour district or
etpeet to bring some out in the near
future, 1 trust you will remefflbei to
M«nd a good suppl] here, ns we nn*
eonstanth in r<-'*eipt of enquiries re-
Kiudini: the n.-iuhli-orbood of Cian-
brook in addition to other parts of
the province
si mini MiiMi    nis rm. is in
IM.     UAKKPI 1.1,1   CANVAS
riiMflllll Tl.iSs
Tin- .In,. I,.I
umdatlon ir i-
proparlni Im ih.-
Un' pruprcti    i
brm ."-I-
ul tin- Atrtcultnnl
lllll/.   Ill   litlM   ill,,*
i oininn fnir,      a.ul
ti     an-     f»,.iralil«-    f...
.in.  Im-Uit Iiiuu lus mi
I'r.inliritok before. Man..-
Iiii' liable*' room    an-    little wicker   mnembererl   Mint it ba* all nitail.il l<rapm that   I leal sowr ran liar.lii
be louag lot tins vrr,   lalK>- lK-w   I I
i-iailli-s and In Inmt ot tbe window a a (treat deal ul    i vi«-ii-ltlur^. Infinite
baski-t    arrunirement    n-st* on       a patlciaie and ,. large amount of c.ui-
srali* lor tin- proper u.-ifltinn ol the age.
Inlant every moning fn order       to Tke Waltabm,'. ranrbe, II it may he
will have it nuiunlt-d, bowr.er. and
sn that It receives due attention
III cmiw, Whru Ihe new Hrlti* ('.. 'l> li   Mm till
v.i RiukII bus been enpowerctl lo
t.nir tbr siirr. uiiillni; district! and
m.Iu-ii i xliiliils md s'.-iim- the 1011*0
i-i>.i|*-iatiiri, ul s.-iii,.-. generall) Ho
w ll in- accompohled mi tbeee Iripa
bi two uf tb** dlreotori,
i.i ,M. H   s  Smiiil bu ben turn
.il ..hi tin- lull ohar*jt nl tl«'    ar
lll.ll.iini'tit'.  In.   llu-   l.lii-   UieetlOg Hint
Iii- inteadi to djitlngalah tiiins.*lt   ...
hi* ia|..iril| nt (ace mana|l.-r
Ih.' prlte lists will In* il.siniiiit.al
i ll,!- .niirx-,.il i. tsi dire, and
utolde nridento, who in.,. i,,,i r<*
•ire one at an t-arlv dal.-. .Ii.mI.1
 Hal.' with Mi.  If. K. I.avis
Tla- un'li-isiv;n.-.l rnerobrJita a^rr*- t..
.los.- ai *i pin "i, Udoilttr, August
3i>th, 1112, tbat all luai .ill.iat tlif
lacross.' game 0B I Aliiliitiuli pottndl
at 5.-10 p.m.:
A   I.   MilhniK.!
Tb.- Fink ItaCtttth   Co    Ltd
Ciaiiliin.il. Ci--tl|*-ratii»- Storei
I-:    I, Mill
i'ampla-11 iir.il  Mhi.imi.
i  li  HsBride
rrMrbrooh Drn| aMi ii.«,i. 0o
\   c  Pye
I n   Uurrat
\   c.  ||„«,, ...
S   Kotiri.
K   fark* and  ''"
II III ly«l
W. II. Wilson
I!   I'   Moffatt
i.iiil.- ml  ii-ii: oa
Patmore Bro
UcCreerj Broi
Beottle-Murpb)  Co
Rtworth Broi
DaWtl ftios   KU-ctrii- Co . Ltd
Mauric Qmiln.
Ward and Harris.
Ca!ii|.!*'!l   nd  flatl.-lt
Cranliriaik Herald
*   llalsull
\ .Mill OF   THANKS
I desiie to extend nil h.-aritelt
lluinl", to Iln- Klku l.ailtrt Mil, tta*
Ladies fliiild ami all mi Inends and
aisyinililalHt-s for llu- swiipaWii- a*ad
lor toe taMiitilul lluriil nllerlng'i
slu,wn in.- in thr li,.-, ut mi loving
wile "Maggie."
tweet, refreshes the farmer who
builds a
Concrete Well or Tank
'"pHE PARMER, above all others, appreciates (rood water. He drinks
x more water'than the city man. The city-dweller is dependent upon
the public water-supply torthe purity of his water, while the farmer can
have his own private source ot water, and thus he sure that it is pure
and healthful.
A/TAN hasn't found abetter drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.    But in order to keep
*'■"■ water fresh and pure, a tank or well casing that will keep out every possible impurity must be used.
IT  i. ahaiilutclr  ivater-tlBrit,   |.rot«'.tnK V"iir water frum Kinase ol all 'TllERISar. acre. t,lai.heru«n f.>r •■..nririv «„ your farm —.,,, ev«v farm.  If
» km.li.    I cannot roi or en ..-.   It ,. ro.lly cleaned Inline.   Time * , would like fo know of them, write fur our liook, "WlmttlieParinerCaii
anil iwiler, iji. trail ot camliiK il lo demy, iictiwlly make u .milif/cr. 1)„ Willi Concrete,"   The laiok i, idwilulcly free.
Adrfrea. Publicity Maoafar WHEN yuu i„ lu I
/-« l S*, n "be ,ur, lh.il thi.
Lanada  Lenient  Company
(f\Vti Farmer*1 Information De-
**-** pttrlmenl will help yon la deetdn
how tu bttlld anything, from u porch-
Mlcpta ut.Uo, The uorvUo U free
you llunl even have to prumine lo
htilUU When th dottM auk the Information Department.
label if on
every, ton.' unit barrel. Then
you know vmi are getting Ihe
cement that I h a farmer's of
Canada have /uttrut tu I..- ihe
has iikkn  IIRVIVED.
'tin* revival of tin* quaint ceremony
of it wai liim; iln* famous Duntnow
Hit*-h after ilu* Interval ol five years
Ims infused a new interest into lilc
■Hii'ieitt diatom'.
Tlif iiroeeiiliniiK were nliM-T-fed Willi
tin* evis ol .ill Kngland looking on
—to he prpclM on llauh lioltdny. Aug-
nst   fltll.
■-■Vli.it ini married couple will go
it. iln- priory nnd, Ui.-.-lii..; on two
sharp stones,  will swear  tlmt     tliev
Imve nol (pmrrelled  * repented    ol
llielr mania:-*' within a year and a
tiny ait.-i its celebration, shall r<*
ivlve n (lltch ol bacon."
Whether ii was n little Joke on the
pnrl <>f Sir Reginald Kit/waller,
Loi-! of the Mnttor of Little Dunnutw,
lhe ami. nt Ksse\ village, or whether
lu- really wished to rowan! true tnat-
rimoiiial happiness witli tills utrique
prize, is not quite clear; Imt thc
Story goes that lhe--e were the eoo-
dlttons he laid down in 1244 for the
awarding ol the Dnnmow tltteli.
Vnotliei atorj ts to the effecl that
It   woh    the    monks of the Priory,
whieh was fouttdiil in 1104—-the remains of which are still io to seen at
hiitiim.w— who, being bachelors, and
wishing lo show Iheir scepticism as
tn Imppiness and nmrrluge being
compatible, InstKntcd tin- t-nst, m in
order io prove that in bachelorhood
lies the true secret of happiness.
If rrm hitler story is true, then the
monks were certainly able to laugh
nt 'In* married people of Puntnow;
f..r it was not until 200 years
after tlte custom had heen Instituted
that  the |ir]%c   was won    Again   (nun
lll'i to 1751 only live representations
took place, niul     Uu- flltcll was     not
again claimed until 1855, Krom
tstiii i.. 1x77 these were Imir awards,
three in 1801, two iu 1903, ami two
more in 1007 — the lasl occasion on
whleh iln* ceremony was observed.
From whieh it would seem that xto
major 11) an* like the coatcr-glrl who
was watching the cereiiii ny ol awarding ll.e llllch five years auo, and
who. in lii-iii'.*) asked if she would
like to win the pri/e, remarked, '-Nut
tne. Silly, 1 calls it. (ii'e me a
liloomln' good iah io a hit o'      ha-
instead    i.f  kneeling <»ii Iwo slurp
stones  .ui1!   ^u-.irita'i .is  t.i  the li,i|ipi-
ness i.f theli married lib*. camHdatet
ti r the Duntnow flitch now have to
prove th-ii ease in a mink trial.
with ,i |utj ct mposed of siv of tho
prettiest maidens of Duntnow dressed
in while frocks, and six bachelors
dressed all in their best, practically
any married couple who can show
ihal ihey have lived together It a
M-.ir and a day without tin* ftllghlral
approach ol .1 quarrel are swarded a
is certainly one of the most intrrest-
itig examples of an ancient custom
being Carried on at the present time.
Tlie reason why no awards of the
flitch were made during t>ho latter
1 part of the eighteenth century and
j the Iirsl half of Uu* nineteenth was
1h.it the I.mil ol the Manor caused
llu* ceremony to be discontinued, but,
thanks to the ell. Us of Mr. Harrison
A ins wor III, the famous novelist, wlio
Intercsl etl himself in ibc matter; a
revival of the romantic old custom
took place, and 011 one occasion Mr.
\ Ins wor 111 himself olliciatcd as
The records of Mitumow contain
some amusing instances of early
claims for the flitch. In 1751 John
Nlnikcsliafl and liis wife, of Wealliers-
field, Kssex, were chain-d round tbc
li wn by Ihe enthusiastic populace,
marshalled by the steward ami otlier
oflicers of the manor. The Hitch
was borne belore them, and Shake-
shaft Improved the occasion hy del*
ling slices of the bacon to the 5,000
Alas! it has to he recorded that
tliere were dishonest folk even in the
old days, who would swear lo anything for a ditch of bacon, for it is
related how Aubrey D. Palatal! brili-
id two of his father's companions to
swvhi* falsely on his in-half, whereby
Ite gained the flitch; bul as soon ns
he got possess on of ii he fell into a
dispute with his wife as to how the
hneon should he dressed, and the
judges tlierettpon took it away from
(hi another occasion a certain Mrs.
Stephen Freckle brought her husband
along wiib her, cs.nl.nl his virtues
and added that he bad a similar
story to tell; bul Stephen, like
Clcorge, Washington, could nevor tell
a lie. and Oiook his head, whereupon
his wife gave him a Ih>\ on the cars.
Ud again the bacon was hung up.
tiic market al auction (rom time to
time, sales keeping pace with llie
city's growth, and thus more than
provide for recovery of tla' money
advances from the provincial treasury, which so greatly assisted
Prince Rupert's rapid growth ami
which could not lie justified did the
government not stand as sponsor and
guarantor of the city's future. The
lirst of tliese sales was held in lflOII—
only three years a^t—and it was not
thought that another woild Ire necessary Ior live years. Rapidity of
civic growth ami substantial settlement have, however, torcod earlier
action and, upon the insistent m^ima
of thc local authorities, lots In sections 1, 5, fi, 7 and 8—among the
choicest portions ol tine eily—w II be
offered by the government auctioneer
al Prince Rupert on tho 28th and
2!Hh instant, the terms of pun-hasc
being as three years ago—-quarter
cash ami balance in equal annual payments extending over three years
witb interest at six per cent.
(Special to the Herald,.
Victoria, It. ('., Aug. 31.—In accordance with tho decision reached
at a recent meeting Ol Hm- cxcctllive
lol the llrilish Columbia uovernmeiit,
-plans an- to he prepared almost Im-
I mediately for handsome and commodious provincial building-- at
Prince llupeit—buildings which not
only meet   the necessities ol  the pre-
s.iit but will anticipate the growth
of the most Important northern city
ol America to metropolitan proportions, mid, as   Sir Richard Mcllride
has txpiesMil il, "will set the pace
tor tbe Dominion in the erection of
federal buildings at ihc new Rational
11 ai.si-niit im-nlal railway terminal
which must ipcfdll) follow."
At the same time the liiand Trunk
Mitch of bacon, but candidates      Ior Pacini*, utub 1 its aurmticnt with xto
the pri/e   have to undergo a humor- government, is proceeding with    the
mis  cross-examination bv the    local erection   ol om- of tbe largest    and
Wrta, attired In Wig and gown,    who most palatini hotels in Canada, from
plaj    Hn- parts ,,i counsel for    the plana by f.    m. Rattenbtir'y. Uie au*
claimant! .n.d  t--i the >b-!et-d.iut—the t>.r of the famous parllamenl hnild-
dllch. imis here, and of terminal works ag-
Two ifdcfl nt bacon, decorated with
gay ribbmis, hati/ on tent-potes on
either side of tbe platform, while
iIh' whole ceremony i.s presided over
by a Judge in red robes. On the last
occasion ,1 Mtch wafl won by n
clnrtiymnn and his wife, whose life,
according i<> counsel for tlw claimants, was "A lone life of perennial
firepiiol jov." Itut the counsel for
tin- bacon endeavored to in ita*) up
circumstances and recollections which
would prove thai the claimants did
not always po.s-.rs.*. an unruffled tern-
ner. it appeared that thej had
moved muni limes, to another parish. "Did not even a moving job
ruffle yon*'" asVisi counsel, "No,'1
promptly replied the clergyman; "1
left all moving to the wib" And the
latter, under cross-examination,    explained lhal ber husband "was       a
Urinating more thnn a million In
money; while tbc construction of immense dry docks, ct hi storage
works, etc., assures further the Immediate activity and substantial
growth of this new northern city,
horn "with a silver spoon In it's
mouth." For Prince Dupcrt's future Is doubly Runratili-fd by lhe
Orand Trunk Pacific railway and the
Hrilish Columbia novernment as
partnership owners lo the greatest
pxtenl of the townsite «nd guaran-
tori of its financial necessities during the years ol tm* city's upbuild-
Prince Rupert is ihe flrsl r.f the
Western Canadian eilies of tbe flrst-
• las*, in which the government has
r.-hiincil a quarter interest in tbe
townsite, making .•■■ selertlnna of
lots before permitting any t*. Ite sold
iidv man in iln* house, anl wss  imt and natural I- choosing especially Well*
naughty when in- hit the wrong nail placed properties      Tlw government
with the hammer" policy with     respect to Its holdings
The a ward 1 m; ol Ibe Dnnmow flitch is to plant    portions of those    upon
"This demonstration is a heartcn-
cr," quoth the genial Cation William
Walsh, tA Hrainpton, who was surrounded hy a coterie of cntliusiastie
Itoyal Hla<k Knights of Ireland at
tbeir celebration at the Island yesterday. "It will do much to inspire those who partUilKile with the
spirit of Strong, militant and effective service in the cause tA Protestantism."—Toronto (Dohe, August
It was in many respects a unique
gathering. There were no speeches
uud nc, business or organization meetings. It was a soc al gaMicring on
a large provincial scale—'a liearteller," as the Irish clergyman described
The Itlack Knights of Ireland Ih tlte
senior division of the Orange order.
The organisation has undertaken to
agitate tin- importance ot emphasizing the Siege of Dim, and has selected for speeial commemoration not
the shutting of the gates, but the
relief. "The Olorious Twelfth" of
the itoyal Itlack Knights is accordingly the twelfth of August.
Yesterday witnessed the initial effort to give tbis date commemorative mportance by making it the
invasion of a provincial celebration.
The expectation is. on the part ol
prominent members- ihat from year
to year tbi' twelfth of August- will
gather iu importance and Increasing
numbers will part dpatfl in Its doings. While yesterday's initial celebration was of a pri vine ial character. Its promoters stated that, as
lime went tm. It would not necessarily continue tc he restricted In
this way. While tlie "Itlack" in
Ontario have taken the initiatory
step, it is anticipated that all the
other provinces will follow suit, and,
while tlte demonstration was solely
of a social character on t Im* present
occasion, it Is expect-ed tint gatherings in the Inline will tie carried out
in much the same way as those of
the Orange order on 'luly 121b.
tercstS should be separated. The
unit should be the quartette composed of a farmer, a unionist, a manufacturer and a nondescript. These
quartettes would go on fishing,
tramping, hunting and smoking expeditions. Par from the strife and
noise of committee rooms, these citizens could discuss amicably tiues-
titms of national Importance. Any
man losing his temper could be immersed in the lake until quenched. A
spot should be segregated and named
"Windbag Hill," where fulminating
agitators, secession ist s, lobbyists
and husybotlics could be tied together in pairs and slung over wires in
the manner that tumultuous and irreconcilable tom-cats arc stranded
on village clothes-lines.
After a week of this sort of life,
imaginary disagreements, the "Kast
versus West" ad surd ity, the vague
and unprofitable exchange of abuse
and class hatred would probably no
reduced to the verge of disappearance. As citi/ens of Canada one
man would understand another, and
instead ot e.ich man, or class, striving for self, all would labor for the
national welfare.
During the following year, the
farmer would remember the manufacturer, not as a "tariff baron,"
but ps a jolly chap who was a good
fisherman; and the unionist might
fall to recognise in the man, who
cooked "bannocks" over n fire in his
own hui Id Ing, the "oppressor of
labor" and the "wrongful owner of
predatory wealth."
Thus, the four thousand delegates
to this noiseless convention would
become four thousand missionaries of
good, will—quietly illustrating thi*
strength, prosperity and content of a
united nation.—Industrial Canada.
It would lie in llir Interest nl Canada to ussfinttle annually In a •urn-
uin- fiinTiiiliiin n tliniiMin.l fnriurrs,
lii'iKutiil union li-ii.li-rs, n lliousiuiil
iiianiitiirtiiriMs .mil 1, ttiiitiMtiiitr' ml*"
rclliiiH-uiis ili'lcputcs Iruin tin' .prolt'H.
mods, in-iisimiHT*, riiilrnnils anil Wh
tail l..isiiii-ss. They slmulil be Be-
liTinl limn nil llie province", ami
•houlil moot In the ou.ii ..ir. Lata-
Temagarnl *miW lie a Rnml silo. Nn
nollllelaM slmiilil lie iwlniil.t.tl. I'tih-
llr wvrhrs   «lmiilil    lie li-irml, •*!
Frontier Days Celebration
Sept. 2-7,1912
Single Fare for
the Round Trip
Going Dates, Aug. 31 to
Sept. 5
Final Return Limit, Sept. 9
Apply In 1..H-I.I Aw-.-nt forTi.k.-l*
R.O, MeNKI 1.1,1 K.
Iii.l. IWenuiT Aa. nt
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION lor the issue ot a <lii|ilii'atc
tvrtilicati' of Title lo Lots 1 anil 2,
Block 41, Town ol Wardaer, Man
that it Is my intention to Issue at
thc expiration ol one month alter Die
lirst publication hereol a duplicate ol
the Certificate ol Title to thc above
mentioned lot in the name ol W. M.
UcW, which certificate is dated tile
25111 day ol .luly, 1808, and tiuinlaereil
Sain'l It. Roe,
District Itegisltar.
Nelson, D. 0.,
97th July, 1112. 31-41
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Of an Ad-Reader's Money
Is Above Par
Your dollars vary in value as
they vary In purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
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Frequently Its Biiying
Power is Actually
And the experienced reader of
advertisements will always make
a dollar command a premium —
make it buy MORE than a dollar's worth, as figured on " ruling
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Nearly everybody understands
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enables it to sell the same things
more cheaply, at a smaller per
sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
'fe"'*^W -.- -       -'■■-.''"•'""J' ■ ,...**.*^:.'*i;^.-~ ■■
Mr_y_*^.-      '   "-•
a.*.mw  -a* ^ >'-r:*':'..:::;;;:|;::;*rr*!!!;li
r 1   Lr-**ll   ■ *■■• :>
lnviies you io ilie
Sep*i.30ioOci. 61912
Tke Inland Empires lialiclar**
Seven days and six niM&ot
education and amusemeni ■ ■
Somei/iind io inieresievetywstiiop''
ReduveaYRaiKvqyt Raie?
VM. to R*l H CrtUrovt. 3ow (cr Frewm Lilian!
IUuMmM Daj-ylY^aa W^^ja^i^ » ^l^^lll J
41 Market Company
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Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
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Meetern IResfoential Schools
Distinctively Christian - Non-Denomlnatlonal
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tor «iili ot nil age*,,
Hliiiii|fliiii>«*>,v Htiylii-.. VniH'iiiiv.T.
I.in-io- «r.iiiinl". niBfi.itfWnt imiUtiiiL<ii,
with etetf minimi it|>|iliitiii-»< for li*tilth
Hml i'omfiiM.
A n-fi'li'iit in I nml <la> erliool for b",m
Kilt*fii Horrs. ailjuiniug tJhaagliiiws*/
Hi*i*-iiiM. Vinir.iiivt-r.
Buil'ling*. ftiilioilvuiK the liitw-t iilfiu
in -ilii.ol uriliiU'i-Kio*. Iu iiri'Dtuuii.flittf
SIM) I.o.vk.
I'Miii'htiotiul gtnntlard of tb* bigtiMt.
Full proviHoii for ut lilt-tic*.
Both tchooU open this tutumn.  For particular* addraaa
Stuff iim*i|iiiitli>il: cvi-ry I. Iht ii *-|h--
i-iiilint in lii-r iiwti iii-|iiirtiii>*iit.
Dr. E. U. ricl.AHEN, 4 Stanley Court, Vancouver, B. C.
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help you by sending our large
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Davis Bros. Electric Co.
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l'hone : Seymour T.'HO
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS liliOS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modem
convenieii".i. Elevator service. Cafe in connection. Rooms
$1.00 per day and upwards.
Up-country visitors tn the Terminal City will And every
convenience and comfort at the t Iran villi) Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants.
The Canadian Pacific crop report
lor last week says:
Practically the same conditions
exist this week as were reported
last week regarding thc crops aim.-*)
lhe line of tho C.P.R. except that
the crop is one week nearer maturity
with everything in its favor. That is
the gist of the reports as Bent to
headquarters hy agents ol tlie company Tn three prairie provinces.
In Muni tuba the weather lias heen
fair, some loeal showers and a trifle
cooler than it sgould have been lor
Ihu fast ripening, but that same
weather lias helped in the filling of
the grain, producing a plump berry
Whllfl it has retarded ripening. However, good progress towards maturity has bleu made and cutting is
general iu many districts south and
harvesting is general all over the
southern part of tlie province and in
the northern pact it will be general
next week and all-fiwr the province
in another week. The wheat on the
whole is free from any damage.
Traces of black rust are noticeable in
some districts hut Uie grain is now
so In j advanced that no appreciable
dama'-e can result. Thc crop seems
to bc free Irom everything except
hail or frost.
In Saskatchewan; thc weather has
been almost Ideal for ripening the
crop which, on the summer tallow
and new breaking is fully np io the
average, hut where stubble seeding
waft done, as was expected, it is he-
low the average. Flax is in good
Calgary subdivisions (rom 25 to 35
per cent of the grain has been cut.
Wheat cutting has commenced ln tbe
north, but will not he general until
the last of next week. A few farmers are threshing In the southern
part of Alberta and report the yield,
large and the quality good.
Results generally throughout the
three provinces show that the farmer is getting just what he worked
.or. This has been emphasized more
than ever this year on account of tbe
dry spell in .lune—where the land
was thoroughly ciiM-ivuied and the
moisture carefully conserved, tbe
plant stood the drought well, tbe
farmers having stored siiffn* ent moisture around the roots to tide it
through. Where stubble was disced,
or worse still, where the grain was
simply sown on the hard stubble bed
no moisture was available and the
v eld is correspondingly poor. Much
of this stubble sowing was done on
account of thc unfavorable weather
of last fall allowing little plowing to
he done.
Voltaire bt m vItke Andre
.onitoo, Aug. 21—The susthlncj
spell nf cold stormy weather Uvrou(li-
ont England, which at lirst was announced is now rapidly developing
into a tragedy. The weather i« colder Mian many October months, is
ruining the imps nod rottming the
vegetables. Tbe holiday season, usually now at its -rtanltb, is completely
spoiled and tbe seaside towns are almost deserted. The narvest has
heen delayed and every day makes
the rural outlook worse. The hay
harvest, which promised to be a bumper one a month ago, is now absolutely ruined, -and the bay lies rotting
anil decaying on the ground. The
wheat and barley crops will he the
worst tor a generation, and even tbe
runt crops are soddening under the
constant rain. The weather eiperts
give no promise ol Immediate change.
Chicago, Aug. 21.—lack Johnson
has ' signed articles to fight Joe
.leannette tan rounds before the St.
Nicholas Athletic club, ol New York,
on September 25th. tlem McMahon,
who made the match, guaranteed
Johnson "125,000, with a privilege ot
50 per cent ol the Arst 150,000 of the;
receipts and 35 per cent of al) over
tbat amount. Johnson is also to
get hall ot the moving picture receipts.
Doth Johnson and McMahon posted
tortrtts iwith Al. 'Kearney, ot Chic
ago. The reteree was-not named,
but McMahon said hr probably would
be Dan Tone, the club official.
Jwinnetle's slajnatare to the articles was obtained several day* ago.
What his share, will bu waa not stair
•*•   . >        l\ V
Jb retrouve. dims les quelquoB
rares notes mnmiscriU's qui rile
restent, la leltre ile Voltaire h ninl-
tre Andre* : cette lettre nous le
montre dans sa raillerie, bows uu
aspect de plus InteressuntB.
Ce document est dti, flux reciter,
ehes de M. Baude, nni'ieii profes.
Beur de l'llnivcrsiti', un . ru.lit et
uu ohercheur, utorl depuis, qui n
enriclii l'liistoire ftDeouotiquo, de
ourieux et iiiti'-ivsHunts documents.
Vers inn 171.0. un perruqiiier,
nomine Andre, s'nvisn de fnire une
trugeMie de cinq aotes, et en vers.
syant pour titre i /.- tmiiblriiirnt
ttr trrre lie lisboitltt, llenvnyii sn
piece I. Voltaire, m.-i-oiiiiutunee du
chef-d'oeuvre epistohiirt' suivaut :
A rill.if.tr,* et cfjlobre poete,
monsieur de Voltaire.
"Mon elier confrere,
"Cent uu eeolier novice dans
l'artde lapoesie, qui s'hnsanle il
voiib tledier son premier ouvrago,
vous nyiint toujous reconnu ixuir
uu tie nos c'lebreB, pur les {torn-
peux ouvniu-fr) que volts nvez mis
et que vous matte*, journeliemetit
au jour. Je tne trouvenii lieureux
si vous voulez bien jeter un I'tin
il'ii'iiil sur ce petit oiivrni^e en me
favorisnnt du msindre de vos sou.
venire. Je croirui munqiier H mon
devoir si je u'uvoimisquc je vona
recoiiiinis pour mon mnltre. 3i de
votre support, vous duigiic/. me fn-
voriser, je me jiromet que, franc de
toute crninle, je pulilierai siinsces-
se vos loiiiini'es, et je remind tc.
inoignitKc. on tout lieux coinbien je
vona suis redevuble du 1'iivoir
"Monsieur et elier confrere
votre tres hum' le el iitTectjoniie
Le grand pbilosoplie, s'limttsa
on ue pent plus, de eetle Iwutfou-
nerie singuliere et confrolernelle,
II rf.pondit ft mm I'htr confrirt,
ime tongue lettre d'une qnniititf'
ile }Hi|'es ne reiifernuint que ces
mots rep.'tes des eeiitnines de fois:
" Mnltre Andr.', fuites des |ierru-
que» ; encore des perrtu |iies, loti-
jottrsdeB perruques, rii'ii que ties
perruqiies, et pas Biilre eltose que
des  perruques ; recommencez  fi
faire elc"         Cette
ri"ponse ipirituelle. lie fut pus
omipletement comprise par le lies,
tinnlaire, il fant eroire. inr tout ee
uu'il troiivn i. dire h In reception
de cette lettre, fut que M de Voltaire vieillisgi.it. car il coiiinienoalt
il se ri--pi-.ter.
Cette anecdote a inspire i. un
poete uiniiiyine les vera lllivailts •
.leannot Tou|jet, pnuvre d'eiprit,
Atteint de lu ili'-tniiiianii).
Quittu le peigue, eerit, ecrit.
Accouche d'une troge^lle,
Court chez Voltaire, a la folie
li'oser le prendre pourcenseiir.
Main le vicillt.nl. d'un air nioqueur,
A .leannot decouvre sa nuque i
"Allez, dit-il, monsieur l'auteur,
Allez nte faire une perniqiie,*'     *
Ce chef-d'oeuvre, (jo parle tie la
tragfSdie dn perruqiiier) avnit fait
uu bruit etiorme, car pr'-s d'nn
demi-siecle plus tanl. un directeur
fneetieiix l'liyaiit fnit jouer sur un
tliefttro dea botilevanls, In piece
oliti.it mt immense siicccs de bouf-
fonnorie, et eut,—ce que n'ont 'An
lieuucoup de bonnes piiVes netuel-
les pr6s de cent representiitions.
qui furent, parait-il, toutes fort
Maltre Andre; avait In suiib dilute lea vers suivantB quand il se
erut poMe :
Les piV'tes, les perrnquiers,
Out entroeux qnelque resaeiiiblan-
Et   vraimeiit  dans ces  deux me-
| tiers
Je voia bien pen do dilffirenee.
I'onr reiissir dans ohacuu d'un.
Certe il ne faut pas Mre tele	
Compter ilea vers ou des cheveux,
C'est toujours uu travail de tete.
J'ajouterai, qu'il est pent Atre
plus difficile do fuire une perruqiio
que des vers, jo ne sais plus trop
iiuel .'erivain, Noilier on Juuin. u
.lit qu'il fiillait vingt-einq mis ppur
fuiro uu perruqiiier. nlors qu'on
ixinvait fuire un coiffeur passable
en six ntois. Etilin |jour terminer,
on pout dire que Voltaire, u .Into*
la lilitgue fruueiiise d'une locution
pitoresque. qui n'ust en soiiime
qu'une liiiiiiminti- |iuri«lie ilu//i-
mttor ultra (trepidant, I'apostrophe
du cjlebro peintre fittv.
A. Oaudv.
4 4. ******444*4 4 **************
*    Fruit Ornamental »
«       Trees Shrubs       •
P. DE VERE HINT, Local Agent
Phone 139 Cranbrook,  li. C.
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4***4******* **'* *
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      -
1). K. WILKIE. Pratident.
HON, ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vnv.i'.,-:dent
Hotel International
Ihu.  I.oniiI'hi , rni|.rif h.r
One of tlielwatliotflliin Bfiiit-li
Coluiiiliia. I.otatetl on llit* Uouii-
tlarv Line, bctweirn the I'niti'.l
Htttei antl Ctnadn, in a tipot o(
rare scenic lieauty, where kbiim-
•ImiuiuIb and Fifth ate plentiful.
Correipuntlence of tourieti
promptly answered
Kalei Keatonable
B. C.
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Cranbrook, B. C, Phone 5    -
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Mutts arc Government
Head Ofllc* CALGARY, ALTA. '
No iliingerol intimrtina pMlN.   Hm injorjr (ma taalgatiun
Ko drying out laMWHcd ■hipnu**nt
All i .ur it rM. im- wintfri*!! ia tmet-proot rellara
•flMftfon pmtwt yuiir-nH liv !-ii..inffiinr'lrc--j..    Writ-* Ior raUli'mi-
nii'l Prir« Un) to
"   liEPr.lt. OKASI) FORKS, B.O.
KalHtillaliail lliiai     .In. Iiumlrfal anil ...iity-B*. avrM
Repreuntallve: F. H. WORTHINOTON
|| H    »V him IIWAKK alia. Iii MiU.ori. *M. WmIiIi;.,li.uH.au. .„>•
( nt.iKr. ilnlRTi,,. SiTthrra 8p, a*M. Waganar
Accuunts   of   t'orijorations,   Munlolpalitii
Parmurs ami Private Individual-, invited,
Drafts and Letters of Cnilit issuiil available in any iwirt of
tin; w.irl-l.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Special attention
given to Savings Hank Accounts. Deposits of $1,110 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of .li-i<isil.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd.
I'. 1.1'Sh. PBBIDBKT
Head Office      •      Cranbrbuk. II. C.
See us about lands In the Beautiful
 Kootenay Valley  —=
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at Wardner, B..(.'.
ami Marysville, It O.
H. I.. STEPIIF.SS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
ln.i,r|,<,ri,tr.|  1809
Capital Paid Up $6,150,000 Reserve $7,450,000
Total Assets, $no,5a8,5i].ig
II. S. Ilnl.r, I'realdent
E. I.. PKASE, General ttusfsi
,,l„ ;-.■.:,
AGCOnntlol Fir...*,Cor|*jraliot,*an<l Irnllviilnalii
lltil-of town liil.ine** r«ceivi.B BTS17 att.ntion.
SAVINGS DUPARTMENT-Dsposltsol fl.OO nr.'l nmrsnli rscaived.
anil interest alloweil st current ratf.   No (ornmlilv nr rjatsy in
A lieneral lUiikinir BuaineaatraDBScte.1.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace. Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. Tliat is the reason
■nun throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook ' is mentioned think of the
provisions .los. Brault has made for nn
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
i*****9***t***»»******** *** *«« TUB   CBANJSHOUK    HKB-ALP
aafegalg    ■ a a gagssaagB
Hv llie lleiald   Puhllstiiii**. Company,
h. .1. Deane, Managing Kditor.
UUNBKOOK. B. C, August 22, IMI2
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes oi display advertising
must reach this office not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connot be
j-uarantced attention.
 + -.
\ loss of world-wide Import ton
1,,'fii susliiimd in tlie death of "Gwi-
iTnl" llootli, coiiiiiiaiiilfr-iii-i-liiif of
•llir Salvation Army. So one wlm
has paid any ftttontloii to tin* marvelous work tiecoinpl lulled by "Gcii-
Dral" Hooth throughout the world,
ran lail to rivi>j,nii/e tliat in liis
deoLlt, om* of tin1 greatest ami
t;i.inltsi movements for lhe upWl
,.f ilu- underworld Ims loal Its iimin-
Rprltlg. Tiit'.ian-fr of "f.-.*.ii*iul"
llootli was without precedent in Uie
history of Un- llrilish people, or, fm
tlml matter, in tin* history ol^ny
11Hit-r ran*. A poor, insinnitU-ant
Methodist minister, became weary of
Hi.' restrictions ami the Incfteclive-
nessMif bis Hiinislratimis. lie determined lo pursue a course of his own.
He resigned his pastorate ami es
I a I ill abed the t'hrisi inn Mission,
wbieh afterwards developed in'" lhe
Army. In ibis In- w.is olil) -'s
slsU-d by lis wife, OaUierinf Hooth,
who was fainiliariv Known as Motliei
of the Snlvatlon Irmy. She died in
1890, Tndnj ilif Amir, wil li its
li.-adipi.ilnis in London, Knghmri,
enrrirs on Its operations in I" countries amf colonies, embracing 7,riH'i
j.f.sts. iii.d.-r tin- ehnrge, of lli.i>2H officers ami employees, wilh 15,000
local officers, Ifl.QOO brass Imiulsmeii
an I about 50,000 musicians. Fifty-
eljtfil |K'riodieals an- putdished in 21
languages, with a weekly circulation
<>f about 1,050,000. There are llliH
social relief institutions In the
world, under tin- charge ol     near!)
3,000 utlii-ers and employe***-:.     .VI I
7000 fallei. womeq annually pass
Ihrough tlie in rescue homes, and
In m wn to 'tn per cent ol these are
permanently restored to 11 vm of
virtue, Abmu i"i(in ex-conviets pass
annually through the prison gatte
boines. There are 132 slum selHe-
menls in the pnurest dls*trlets of
greal cities. The number of annual
conversions in connection wiib lhe
spiritual work of tho Army bas
averaged from 200,000 tr. 250,000
during the past im years, mating a
total uf oM-r 2,000,000, of whom mil
less than 200,000 were converted
from lives id drunkenness,
The foregoing is indent a marvel*
IhUb record for one man's life work,
and il may In- safely Maid that il
by no means gives anything lil-e a
complete record ol "General"
(tooth's wiil Im humanity. In modern times there lias been m> other
siitb an Instance of self-sacrifice, as
displayed in the life ol tbe great
Salvation Army leanbr. A man pos-
sessed tl tbo bighesl taletils, an iu*
lellertiial ami a pliywiiaI giant, he
spent all Ins lime and strength n
ibe cause of sufFeriis; humanity
u.ilimn tlioiighl of reward in this
uoiJd There     is nn height        to
wbieh be might not have reached in
the   world  of  affairs, bad  to  1h*wi  so
minded, bul throughout a long lite
be devoted everj thought ol bis
miftd ami every power id bis body
io tbe service ol bis fellow man. His
career is among Ihe'hoblcsl examples in British history. Whilst at
the outset, be was subjected tr. n
groat deal ot abuse and calumny, it
was nol long before Ute inherent ex-
■ elleiiee ol bis work, won Ior him
llu- cordial support and sympathy of
the leaders of thought throughout
the English spooling tvorld. (ireat
llritain and Oroalct Britain sufier
..it ureparab'e Wss in the death of
'fieneial" Will lam Iiontn.
Some few weeks back the Herald
directed attention to what it con*
sldored a    nasty kpock tor fits city
and dlatrlet, The point ut liMM
was the proposed sub-division ol the
land registry dlstrct, heretofore cell*
1-01041 iu Cranhrook, now about to be
divided between t'ranbrook and l-Vr-
nie, with the lion's share going to
Penile. Th s matter has {wen taken flip actively Iiy the local Conservative association, in the absence ol
Tins. Caven, M.I,.A. So far, however, tbe representations made by
the local Tory chieftains, have serum! precious little consideration,
nnd it is intimated tbat Cranbrook's claims must bc subserviuit
to those of Fernie, | because, forsooth, Hon. W, It. floss, so demand*-:.
In view of the serious injury this
sub-division will undoubtedly work
to this city, the local Conservative
association should take steps to se-
eure a strong evpntwaon of public
sentiment in this eity, nnd wttti that
object, in view should endeavor to
arrange for a public mcotlng under
iln* joint patronage of tlw* city council and tin- beard ol trade. In this
way it may be possible to arouse
Premier MoBrhie to some appreciation of the just elaims of Cranbrook ju this regard.
Sundays— I,ow mass al H.iMl a.ui.;
high mass, 10.30 a.ttt.J Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Hone*
tietion at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ot obligation—Mass at R a.m.
Week days—Mass at ft a.m. at Uie
P. Plamondon, O.M.I,
Pastor, Hev. \V,  Kelman Thomson.
Morning, n a.m.: "The Problem of
.•.vening, 7.30: "What is Man."
s. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Guild, Wednesday, 8 p.m. Topic:
China, Crisis ami Challenge.
Itev. W. Klsnn Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Gift ot ■ the
I-.vening subject, ".ludgmcnt."
Ibis is the second address of a
series of four sernuns on* "Last
Pipe organ and vocal1 selections
rendered at every service.
All are made welcome.
To 'cleanse the system ol undigested food, foul leases, excess bile tu
the liver aud waste matter in the
bowels will impair your health. The
best system regulator Is FIG PILLS.
U all dealers 25 and 50 cents or
The Kifl Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Knights uf Canada for their hospital-,
lly, ou behalf of tbe Knights of the
United States, who attended lhe
meeting, and invited p all to visit
New York.
At the business session.tbe newly
elected officers were installed by M.
Sir St. ,1. B. Trcssider, ot Montreal. The report on the Orand
Master't address was read, and a
Master's address was read, nnd a
investigate exhaustively the proposed
reorganization of the order. They
will report at Vancouver. The motion od the question suggested the
creation of four or more provincial
prioiitis under Xto authority of the
Sovereign Great Priory to meet
every year,I with triennial meetings
id tilic sovereign body.
Tbe following officers were ehosea—
Orand Constable, Robert Clewlo,
Toronto, Orand Councillors, E. Sir
Kts. l>r. B. A. Clark, Whitby; R. H,
Hevell, Walkerville; A. Shaw, Kiug-
H-ton; C. II. Collins, Toronto; and
•J. It. Rankin, Calgary. The appointed members of the Orand Council nro— K. Sir Kts. .lohn Burns,
Hamilton; S. S. I,azier, Belleville;
ff. Garroch, Ottawa; C. E. Ho-
worth, Toronto, and ff. H. Mag-
wood, Cornwall. Provincial priors
for the following districts were
elected: London, .lohn Graham, London; Hamilton, ff. It. McCormlck,
Want ford; Toronto, It. Wallace
Smart, Port Hope; Kingston, \V. G.
It. Iliggins, Peterborough; (fucliee,
Charles Knowlcs, Quebec; New
Brunswick, H. P. Fleming, Monet on,
N.B.; Nova Scotia, Ht S. Thockston,
Sydney; Manitoba, .1. R. Harrison,
Saskatoon; British Colombia, J. •!.
Miller, Vancouver; Algoma, H. .1.
McCausland, -North Ray.
On Tuesday evening, at the residence on Harmon avenue, .leannie
Terraces and II. A. Gammon, locomotive engineer, were united in marriage by Rev. ff. K. Thomson.  '
The Crnnbrook Tennis cluh hold
iheir American tournament next
Saturday afternoon. The annual
iluli tournament starts on Monday,
August -lith. Members are request-
*d lo enter their names at the club
house for tliese events as soon as
Wcdltssclsjl's llsnir.
•Sutherland    131   .17:1   1111- 111
llcrgstrom 121  1,12 iss— .as
W. St.-plu-ns 1,17  130  158— I2i>
II. StcprrrllS  102   155   151— 408
Mcl'hcc      101   ISS   153— .190
135- 1.19
. .ISS
168— 444
1112- 452
155- 522
Tlllllll|lsir|l     ... .
149- 449
ADA Wll.l.
Vancouvci will Ih- tlw next, mwt-
jins |ilurc nl the Sovereign Ureal I'ri-
iity ul t'litimlii Knights Trtnplar. Tlie
29th annual meet Ing nt llul body
closed lust Friday at the Temple
llmildiiig, Toronto, with an addre*.
' Iii Qranl Master Vi. I). Mrilish, ol
tlie flrnlid l-'ncam|iiirnt of the I'nileil
states.    Ile heart ly thanked      the
There are no dead
flies lying about when
are used as directed. All Drug-
gists,GroCer$and General Dealers
sell them.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Ton!., removes dandr.il! and prevents falling
of the hair. Has a record lor growing hair—95 cases out ot 100. Kach
package contains a packet ot Maeheln
Dry Shampoo Powder. Price Inr complete home treatment, $1.00. Sold
and guaranteed by the Cranhrook
llrng anl Book Co.
Loudon, Aug. 21.—Astonishing figures shewing the relative morality,
sobriety, health, and sanity ot the
sexes, as far as such figures can be
laken as a basis of comparison, appear in the lirst volume ol the detailed census report Inr England and
Wales, wbieh has just been published.
Ilrielly, the figures show that while
the women are more moral than men
Ihey are not as sane nr as sober.
Tbe statistics relating to the sexes
may lie tabulated thus:
Prisons—1.19   women to 1,000 men.
Certili.il reformatory industrial
s.-hnnls—278 wimien to 1,000 men.
Workhniise establishments — 655
women to 1,000 men.
Hospitals—Sexes nearly equal.
Lunatic asylums—1,140 women to
1,000 mon.
Certified inebriate reformatories
and retreats—ol 1,357 inmates nn
census night nnly 104 were men.
Tliere are 1.179,276 more females
than males in England and Wales.
Since 1821 llie preponderenee has
steadily increased, despite tne luce
Ihat more boys nre limn than girls.
Tbe proportion nl icmales to males
is nnly exceeded in one European
n.im.ry. Norway-,
According to the revised figures
now issued, the total population ol
England and Wales ut midnight on
Sunday, April 2, CHI, was 36,070,-
492, a decrease nl 4,777 from Ihe un-
revlsed total previously published.
The approximate number ol private
lamilii-s was 7,970,660, with an aver-
ace family nt I.I. The density ol
population is now SIS tn the square
mile, against 558 in 1901, 497 In
1891, and 152 in 1801. Each person
now represents just over an acre, and
II the Inhabitants were separated at
equal distances over the whole country they wniild he 76 yards apart.
Tbe census shows an Increase in
population nl 3,511,649, tlie decennial
rate of increase, 10.9 per cent., being the lowest recorded, As the excess ol births over deaths rose
slightly, this decline Is put down tn
I^mdon's population has dcrllncd
Irom 4,536,267 lo 1,521,685, but
Outer.London has grown, Middlesex
by 42 per cent. There has been a
slight Increase In the urban population genrrallr.
I       —
W. Law-son, ol Moyie, has started
a llinr quarry on the west side ot
M.vit lake. 33-41*
For the Benefit of our
Sportsmen Friends
we give as under a copy o(
The Game Laws
For 1912
Heaver may not he killed in l.riii-h
Columbia until Nov. 15,111111,
Wapiti, or Klk may not lie killed
until Hept. 15, IBM.
Mourns tire pioteetetl in the Columbia
Distiict mini Sept. 1, UIU,
Iu Went Kootenny llionse ol all
klndt* wi b ilie exception of Pralrln
Chlekeii ititlV In- killed limn Sept. - to
Dec.ill, llu-i!
Dmiks, tloepu niul Snipe mny to
killed fiom Sept. 1! lo Feb.'in.
An open hcapoh lor liionne of ull
kiin.H. iiicludiiih* I'ruirte Chicken, lum
been declined in the Kemie, Colnuibin
nnd Crnnbrouk IthlingH fnun Sept. 2
until Out. i:n h, lull!.
F. Parks* Co.
Cranbrook    -    B. C.
Tenders for Refreshment
Booth on Fair
Tenders will Ik. received Iiy
tlio uiiili'isij'iici'l up to Moodily, August l'.ltli. lor tlm exclusive iniviloi;.. of ii Refreshment lluotli on the Exhibition
(■rounds during the Full
Fair, SeutenilH'r lllth nud
The hi^hesl or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Terms and implication
forms can lie obtained of
Armstrong Ave.
AQENCIES WANTED,—We desire to establish agency at once with
real estate firms, and live wire salesmen Ior quick aggressive campaign
covering Western Canada. Appropriations to make proposition known In
your locality. We furnish literature
and window decorations and il necessary co-operate by sending special representative to your city. 1100,000
to be expended on improving property. Write at once lor plan.—Beck-
man and Elliott, 1208 Dominion
Trust Blilg., Vanconvee, ll.C 32-lt
. ♦——
The Directors ot the Cranbrook
Agricultural Association, have made
arrangements with the C.P.R. Railway lor clic.i|> rates Ir.ini tla? following points:
From Kcrnle, nr.,1 all points south
ol Cranhrook.
Krom Kootenay (.muling and ull
prints north to Crnnbrook.
Krom all points on the Kimherley,
Tickets mi sale Irom the 17th to
mill ili-iliiifd rales: Knre ami one-
third. Display thl» 31-tf
IN THE MATTER OK AN APPLICATION for Ibc issue ot a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Lots 1 and 2,
lllock II, Town ol Wardncr, Map
that it ts my intention to issue at
thc expiration ot one month alter the
first publication hereol a duplicate el
the Certificate ot Title to the above
mentioned lot ln thc name ol W. M.
I.ecte, which certificate is dated the
29th day ol July, 1898, and numlaerc.l
Saml R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Nelson, B. C,
27th July, 1912. 81-41
Halsall & Co.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Outfitters
Fall Suits
and Coats
Are Here in Great Assortment
About One Hundred Here to
Choose From
Values are right.   Styles are
the Fall buying has cOnimen-
ced in real earnest.
Choose your garments early
from a wide range of
Pilot Cloths
Blanket Cloths
right and already
Prices range from $15.00 to $32.00
Crowds Are Attracted
by tlie rfinarhahlr values being offered in close-in live acre tracts.    Men
aul women of   riiscreti-m are buying
lluena  Vista Oardcn tracts    and Intend improving tbc land and erecting
fine buildings on them.     The price is
reasonable and   the terms are easy,
so no one who fs really desirous   ol
improving his    or her condition      is
deprived of     the privilege of aequir-
ing. at least, one of there tmots, To
see tlie property, all you have to do i
is call up telephone No. 2R0, mid the |
t'ranbrcoW    Agency Cninp-iiiy, Kxcln-
gve Sab's    Agents for the property,
will lie glad to tuke ynu out. It will |
pay you to get acquainted with   this ,
(ica.r.1 Manatler .Aaaialiml (Irnrr.l Manager
A LARUE LOT on Blook IM. nenr tlio Public Hi-ltooln,
212 foot by 8U foot, with liuusc suilnl.li- for tl snmll fniiiilv
nml li.|ti,u> for rent ut $s.oti uer iiimilli uml pretvnlly occn-
piiil bv il tenant.    Price, with hv simple lillo.
ijiiUiO.iKi. I'usli uml terms
Hln ACUKK. in feesiiiiplo,ono million feel timber, excel.
lent i-iulit-ri'i'iii ili.i-llini: liuitse nntl ulHees; uluitnliiiit wnlrr;
I'll iii-rea itiiilcr ctlttivntion.
$11,0(10, Cusll nml I' nn*
Best buy in the Kootenny country.   Convenient In mil nml
IX) ACRES  Crown gratilc.1, lfl iieiw nmler cultivation,
*• acres nliuiml rcaily for the |iloiii;h. $l.i««i worth of lous
otl land: I team of horses, •.vaj'oii aixl liarttehH, mower ami
coinulvtc outfit of tine ni;ri< illliirnl implements; Imiler ami
engine with conlwool sawingoullililen room ilwelliug Iiiiiihc,
wuler in kitchen: barn wilh new liny currier fork; .nr|«'i.l.r
niul blacksmith shop, fully . i|inji|«'l. I'-'" i-hiekc.is. inciilsi-
tnrs, liriaalers.    \Vill,s.'ll as n tioiug concern
.•SIii.ihsi. Canli nml lerms.
I guarantee the foregoing to I*' well worthy lhe
investignlion by pruH|Mi'|ive investors.
Raw.irlh lllock
I'll A Mlll< hiK
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as Is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in Ihis
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.       a*
R. T. Brymner, Hana-jer Cranbrook, B. C.
Read the Herald, $2.00 Year THK   ORANBROOK   HEBALD
All Next Week -- Vaudeville
THE KREGERS, Wire Entertainers
Extra Line of Pictures for Saturday
Don't Fail lo see Willie, the Dancer al the
Auditorium Saturday Evening
A Safety Razor for
a Dollar
It will pay ynu to invest in a GEM JUNIOR, with
Hcvcn lliiiiiiiakcc'im Blades, or un EVER READY, witli
I lllllllc:
Extra Blades, 75c. a do/.
>lIn-r makes tun,  iui'luilint:
Wc Imve nil  tli
/,KI',l,,nl$:i.50. ^^^^^^^^
('nine iu llllll lei IIS silllW Vim
Also The Gem, Anco, and Griffon
Automatic Strappers
Tliey are money anvers
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 1?e*%q&C Store
It Pays
It pays to hnvo your eyes
•■Niiini.i.fl every little while,
lu nlilen times eyeglasses Inul
only nne use to assist the
..I.I folks iu rciulingor seeing.
Nowadays WO lead more
strenuous lives nml the eyes
sulTcr iu riinsei|iience. Near
sitjltti'duess. neuralgia, liead-
nclies, llllll many oilier alllic-
tious. are iir<iiii|>tlv roliovoil
Iiy nrn|H-rl,v tiII.-.I classes.
Winn in need oil Wondv   phone i'
t'ontrnctoi  1  <■   MeCi
\ iine.iiiM 1   m sterility
\   II   Bullock lus m 1
'iiiifniiii.v to recuperate
(lorgonrola chew
h'.niil  (JriMlTV,
al   fink's
P. Lund
was down from Wardner
See our window of Royal Dotilton
ehina at half price.—Campbell and
Born.—At the Cottage hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. .1. K. Hartlott, Thursday, August 15tb, a daughter.
Born.—At the t'ottafle hospital, to
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Dezal, Wednesday, August 21st, a daughter.
Call up Ed. F. .lohnson, liucnsed
plumber, and get in estimate of the
cost of your sewer connections.
'Phone 267. 28-tl
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Aubertin,
Ken wick street, this eity, a son,
Monday, August 19th.     -
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Oarrett entertained a few invited guests at a card
party on Tuesday evening.
7-in pairs <f the famous Weston
school shoes.—('ampbell-tiarrctt Shoe
Mrs.    .1. H.    Moyie
friends at  Marysville tor
**     visitinc
a couple of
The |inlil c school n
dav, AUjrUgl  18th
opt ni on   Mnn
a .lulls t'o» biiiii. nl North Bay,
|l visiting    Miss M.   1.   I.allvin
ThC tos\. - ('.iiiipbell(iaiiett  Bool
K. tv. Adolph
Lake yesterday
was in In i'i Btyftpfl
Mrs. .1. H. Scott, ofcSouris, Man.,
and Miss .loafs Nevfn, ol Moom Jaw\
Snstt,, are -tfltttni With Mr. and
Mrs   ilex, I.. McDermot.
The Kink Mercantile Po. are tnk-
in--, orders for DamiOU plums lor Int-
.r delivery.
Contractor (.corpe Least, itartet)
ui!*- this week on a tine brick1-
garage i n Norbury avenue, opposite
Ibe   curling rink. This new itruc-
lure "ill lie :ioxl2n hot, with a
holler    house at the md, IBlflQ feet.
Ilalmei Wilson, •*■■•" mmc time
Ago asMVflted .i m*sn» In Uw Mam
toba botri,   wai ycatei-day aonteneod
lo two months hard lalioi iu Nftlnon
Any person requiring their bath
room, toilets, He., connected to   thf
sewer shnuld m> Kd. K. Johnson
Estimates furnished. ■'.ill 'phont*
267. 28-ti
l'hone I-:;
Sinn- ..piiositii station
Prizes for Fall Fair
tor brat army of K. ..it and llerrii* |>ut up in " Eifinn.
my Jure" Ono tlox. oncli pints, v|U>rli, uml half-mdlon
" Economy " jnm uud cn|» „.,     Value $4.56
Kor Is-st nrrny of Bread, lliorulte. efr.. made from
" Mother'-, favorite " or " Prhle of Alls.rla " Flour 50 lb.
•nek of "Mother's Kavorib-" nnd BO 11), sack of "Pride nf
AltoHn,   _     Value t'l 08
Kor nciiiid twit . 8.1 lb. of Mich.    $I.!K1
Kor farmer win.  enters Issl Mlnoll f Live -Stock.
Hornet, Cnttlo. Pin., Fowls, Ru, n receipt fnr -flti'iii for, nr
a* n isiyment on, Anything in our'carrlffgo or nwldlery line.
jfw t»t t wlm lum Im'H (othllvit of ernit. VogolnbltVI,
and llniins   A $lll.(lo rocoipt for. or na n lmymeut ou. any.
IhitiK ui onr wnijon or implement line.
Qet Busy and Win These
z  ♦
Im   almost   certain  In   hi; fond   of
Jewel a, lf die h VOUUglil, tt
will he lo your ttilvanUgt! to
lning Iter heieoeesBloiially (there
alio may Indulge hei fancy at lees
nxpente than elsewhere. ' We are
always carrying a specially selected line of' high-grade Jewelry,
including every article that ai»-
pealfi to femininity, And our
prices are reasruialde.
Jewelers and Opticians
When in need call Blondy. Phone (;'-..
Iu chamliers on Toeixlay afternoon
His Honor Judge Porta Issued an order for the administration nf tihe
estate of tbe late George (loldie,
Mrs. Annie It. McVittie, of Kort
Steele, being the sole executrix.
Paisley's flour nt Kuk's Pure Pood
Joseph McGlite, n Hull Biver him
bcrjack, died at the St. Eugene bos
pilal of lyphoid fever this week.
The funeral t-Mik plan* on Tmsday,
W. It. Iteatly haying charge of the
Interment. Rev. Father Lambot of-
Leave your order now for preserv-
iit*; peaches, plums nml peara. Par
hucc fruits expected dally.—Cathp-
'jiii and Manning.
Fred Burgess, wbo hns heen In
charge of the Luml Land ami Development company's office in tins
ly, has been transferred to Wand*
*r, where Iln* business of Hie company will be conducted hereafter, the
local office lx uk closed
Perhaps you h.m* yet lo leain <be
beat ami cheapest flour to lmy. Well.
Mother's Favorite, 13.80 for tun
liis. Try 2". ll.s. 90c.-Cranbcoo»*
Trading Oo.
; A farmer's wife who bad no very
romantic ideas ulmtit, Uie opposite
ses, ami   wlio,   hurrying from chum
I to sin!', [rom sinl. to shed, and back
to the kitchen stove, was asked it
she wanted to Mc. "No, 1 cet*
taiuly don't!" slid said. "1 say if
there's one little thing Wlat Xto men
[nlk can du alone, for goodness' sake
let 'em do it!"
, Hoys and girls school boots at low
prices.*-t'ampbelMiarrett Shoe Store
Mr. and Mrs- Williams were in
j from Haynes Lake during tbo WtoM.
Mr. Williams is engaged in business
ut Haynes Lake and Is greatly Impressed witb Uie prospects ot the
new settlement.
Some people ask us why Wfl cuu
sell so cheap, Our answer is because we are trying to do a eusli
business or as near as possible, thu.*
saving a b,g expense for which yuu
have to pay lor nt most places —
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Green tomatoes (extra quality) for
pickling at Pink's Pure Pood Grocery. Huy them now and avoid
frosted stock.
Miss Wellman ami Xto Hoggarth
hoys ha'vi* rcturnc-tt fiom a visit
to tbe- coast. Mrs. fieorge Hug-
garth is remaining ou the coast (or a
while longer for the benefit of her
When in need call Illondy. Plume 62,
A lively party of Cranhrook citizens left for Windermere in motor
cars yesterday, including K. II.
Small, V. Hyde Hater, -Prod Small,
\\. II. Supple, .1. .1. Young, uf
Spokane, George tloggareti, Miss
Wellman and tlie lli.'-;->.uih youngsters.
Tryl'risco for shortening ami cake
making. Sold by Campbell ami
the vehicle line left by winter, nml
we arc going to sell at any price —
Craubrook Trading Co.
In tbe police .court on Tueaday
Magistrate Joseph Ityan disposed of
a case from K mberley. A man
named Carroll preferred a charge
against Hairy Drew, the well known
hotel kw|K*r. of that place, ilf not
properly adjusting tbe barroom curtains, so as to leave an unrestiiri-
ed view of tbc bat* on Sunday. Upon
the complainant's evidence il was
established tbat th1* curtain ci uld
he .seen over, from thc sidewalk, hut
not from the roadway, which s ful I v*
a foot and a half lower lh.in the
8 ibe walk, In view of this fad,
the m aw st rate dismissed the case,
assessing llw complainant, Carroll,
costs to the amount uf 111
Creston I ted Aslraehan apples
Pink's .Pure Pood Urooery.
k. of tbe CtOWa  Vest
impany, was in    town
C, M 1
Pass Lum
oo Tueaday frnm St. Mary's Prairie,
where he had been enjoying a few
daya excellenl flatting* He pt<ici<f*.lcd
f.» Wanlner the same day.
Set*   oui    bargains In china      and
glassware       Must m*II regardless ol
>si —Campbell and Manning.
Shi-il "| coming to Cranbrook, I he
Western Canada Irrigation iisvm latum com1',  not   have  chosen a     lAoie
suitable   place ior    holding its 1913
ci iuenih.it than Lethbridfc
Kgg   planl
at    Kink's Pure    J"ood
Ura. KnuiN.'*.    wlm
lag ..i Dltol *ks f. i
tu-cks, retarned    i"
has been1 vi-nr.-
Ilie  past       f*'W
tbe citv     .Tbi*
Itev. Father Platuondon has none
down 1t» Vancouver to attend tire
annual retreat. Ite will he away
about two weeks, and in his absence, Itev. Father Lamlmt, of St.
Kiif.eiic Mission, will conduct the ser-
ihis at St. Mary's church There
will lu* only one mass on Siuwtay
next, al  10.80 a.m.
We are still selling gasoline and
kerosene mid wa uie still selling the
lH-st grades made ut less ihan you
an buy anywhere. We guarantee
this.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
On Tuesday evebing of this wn-k,
Coh in-1 Gaskfn, of the Salvation
Army, uddr?ssed a public meeting in
the Presbyter an   church. The colon-
I's talk was must entertain.ng and
inst rucl ive. Accompanyiiii; Colonel
(iaskin, were Major Green and other
prominent nlficials, who were alt entertained and taken for automobile
ridi-s by Mayor Hnwness, .1. II. Mcllride an<l  A.  It   Macdonald.
Full stock of all boots, to suit all
ibapea of feet, in half sfzee.—Oasnp*
bell-Garrett Hoot store
V.. Hyde Haker nitcilaitu*! a dis-
t iiguisht**l party i.f tishor* Irom
the old country this week, tmludiiu
Colonel and Mss. t'avemlisli. Lord
Cbesham. and Captain Sartonus.
who uie en toi in-- a tour uf Canada.
Mr. Raker showed the visitors the
sights of (lie city aud drove tlu-m
.iiiuntil tlu* ilistsict in bis molor
car. Tbey were greatly 4**lighteJ
with the scenery and thi1 evidences
.of prosperity on every hand.
If yon want a reliable and reasonable job .4 plumbing done or sewer
Igp r.-iiiiHitiins made, call up Ed. P.
lohnson, 'phone 267. 28-tt.i
Cauliflowers at Pink's Pure
•I. if, Voung, of Spokane, fnrmerly
____^_^_^_—^_—^-—^_—^ a well known newspaper man In tin-
Mrs .lohn Patterson ami daughter, jweat, with headipiarters at Calgary.
uho have been visiting Toronto ami j arrived in town yesterday oa bis
liter eastern points for tbe past * way through tlu- Winderiwre Valley
three months, horn returned to ,;1o Calgary, Mr Young's actWHes
Cranbrook, ,ai,.    now  cm-cntiatiii     upon fruit
tanning.     He hus b Ham nre   fruit
Full line school boots in button
and Ian* at tlte new boot strre.—
Campbell-Garret! Hoot store.
E, Corbett, tlie well known rancher, living cost of CranbrooVi, has
sold his ranch ami led on Tuesday
tor Owen Sound, Out., where he will
visit with friends for a considcrahlc-
time, ami spud tbe winter in Sant i
Itosn, California.
Crcst-m corn at Fink's PuYe P-w*
Grocery. -
A senior silver medal rlocutfriaiutvi
COntett will be held on TiMsduy
evmlng next, August 3TUi, in the
Hapttst ilini. h, when live \iwin-,
|ladles will compel*. Three cocupel*-
jenl Judvt'S     will award     the miilul
|.\ limit Unco   her, silver   collection.
11"ion*, ds tu help pay for pinvhaM* ol
a stercopliron Tbere will ,«lsn Ih* a
musical programme.
farm nine miles out ot Spokane, upon which he planted ' over lO.iiMi
apple trees this yi-ar, and he believes
tln-n- are Itetter prospects for bim
in apple grow m*; ihan ever there
were in the newspaper business.
las. Huchuiiaii has taken over tto
Irrnse of the Manft* Iva hotel from
.Mm Itn wn.
The Cranbrnok kindergnrten, r«*a-
dirtt-d wilh such success by Mrs. It.
A. Itacklyefl, will re-open for the
fall term on Momlav next, th-
*'tith, nl Carmen's ball llu- child
ien showtil a kiH*n inteicsl and • hi
Joynicnt In their work, mam of   tin*
'mothers havinir. iutorme-l Mrs. Raek-
Ivcll of tbc inurkist improvement an.t
* development     wtii in tlrcir   rhlldrcn.
I Consignment    of new nnd fresh   ma-
Iiei uls is awaiting'the little ones'
nttenlioii, and Mrs, Itncktyetl Is
hoping to put some exhibits in     the
w.' h McFariuiie has purchased a
new live passenger Mclaughlin touii
iug car from the Cranbrook Garage,
delivery being made tbis week.
Win. iHinstan, clerk In the grocery
department at Pink's, returned this
week frum a two weeks' hoUilu\ trip
tu Vancouver and coast cities
W. II. McPailane bus Im-cii at Tab
er, Alberta, for a few days this
wrck on business.
Call up Ed. P. .lohnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate of the
cost of your sewer connections.
Phone 267. 2s-tt
Mr. uml Mrs. P. Wusson ure leaving
in a few days fur u Vlsll wilb rela.
lives and friends in tlie east. Mr
\\assi-n has u month's leave of ah
sencc trom the C.P.lt. ami will s|»end
Uh* tluu* reviewing familiar scenes of
former days.
Tbe prices the Pink Mercantile Co
arc giving on china are making attoii
inroads in their display tlml tbey uie
forced to refit Iheir tables almost
Hon. -Nruator Wilsou, ot Montreal,
the well known member of the
wholesale liquor liim of Hoivin and
Wilson, was a visitor in town Ibe
lirst of the week, the guest ot Mayoi
A. 0. Bowness. Mr. Rowness tmik
the senator all around the city and
out into the surrounding districts.
Senator Wilson was particularly impressed wilh the St. Mary's Prairie
district, and intimated to Mayor
; How ness tbat this section was tbc
■ best portion of British Columbia be
had struck in a visit through to tlu*
I coast. The senator was given uu
j opportunity to enjoy some fishing,
and sitreessfully landed several t'tne
| fish, hut ntt without humorous incidents that occasioned Cory Dow,
one of the party, frantic amuscimiit
The senator was greatly Impressed
with the district surrounding Cranhrook and may n tbc near future u*-
come a larger investor ia land here
I about s.
[   Any  person   requiring tbeir    bath
i room, toilets, etc., connected to   tlie
sewer sbouM     see   Ed. P.   Johnson.)
Kstimatea   furnished.      Call   'phone
367. 28-tf
An incident that came to the nt-
umMm of the Herald, a day or two
ago, is worthy of note, with a view
to some action on the pnrt of department *A agriculture. A young
man came to town from Cnlgarj
with a view of engaglug in tin- tnr-
serjr business, lie intended import
lug a large quaatity of fruit ami
oilier trees from England ami Swiden, but found upon enquiry, that
said trees would all ha*v to in- ship
IH-d on from ('ranbrook to Vancouver, to undergo insprrtlou ft appears tbat there is only the one inspection office in    this province, ne*
essitattnr a great deal id expense
ami delay to importers of trees Irom
foreign parts. It would appear to
l-r reasonable to luggest tla* adrta
ability of establishing an rxamina
tion bureau in thr up country for U-
convenience of srttlrrs. now rapidh
p-Miring into all parts of tlie South
Kast Kootenay district.
Hilly Myers re-iem*. a wltf on Saturday to go to Calgary and receive
payment on his two galena claims
on Wild* Horse Creek, umk*r option
lo Calgary men- It is assumed
Ihat the consummation ol this deal
will mean active development work
,-on tbe claims
It you want a reliable and reason
able )ub of plumbing done oi sewer
age connections made, tall up Kd. P
Johnson, 'phone M7. 2ft-tt
At Fernie on Tuesday belore -ledge
Porin, the oasr of Itev is. Davidson,
nrgani/rr for the Moose lodge, was
dispowd of. Oavidson was charged
with obtaining meney under falar
pnMenres   in    cnnneclii>n witb    his
Most Unusual Prices on
Ladies' Footwear
1,-ulira'  White C'niivas   BootB.  in   Button  Style, {J-*) <j{r
regilor$8.25, for  V*.o3
l.ailii-s'C-iiivns I'liiiipii. in Whii.*, Pink, and Sky, tr* -t{\
i-i-uiiliii- $1.75, for  *1>1.1U
l.mliis' lilnck nml Tun Repp Slippers, with Unbnn »f *i f\(\
Heel, mgnlar $2.75, for  V*.vU
Ohildren'a Sandala and Sllppera f\rta  fli.'rrl fill
Trimmed Hats and Shapes
At Prices Like These i
Rogular $16.00 Hata,   17.00   !    Regular $10.00 Hala   $5,00
$8.00   ••       4.00   I       •'       $n.0ii   "       2.50
Early Fall Wearables
We l»eg t" nnnounce tlmt we arc now having ;i preliminary
showiiiK of curly Pall Suits, Coots and Sweater Con la. The
cool evonitiga iiinki' u Coat or Sweater Conl P86t*ntial, ami uwiny
aro tho now ideas you will flud hero. You nro invited to view
our display.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Ory Goods and Clothing Stores
The Canadian Mortgage
Investment Company
• liter
Loans on Farm Properties
Advances mud-* »i current rstei of Interest
to improve tartm. t.ny mutt* land. I'Uild
boute* or barm, buy «t.- k oi machinery,
i »>-..it e\i<tiri|- elaUns.
i-.Tr.iwrr- *•*• i'i\*u ran rniviLaai or
anoTJCiaa iiii.h HOBTOAon by Kiiiuntl tepaj
ment- ou account of principal, interest
tearing on atuounta to tepaid.
Beale & Elwell
Are on a par. Time
waits for no man, neither
does Ihe value ol property Secure
a few acres close in now, while you
can afford it. There is no better
Hunt & Darling
Gtnong'i   0. "
ulwuvK   winners.
will alwaiH   please
A hoi nl
.Kail Pair.       Wllhoot    the illxbteat iwork aa Otgwriter.    It. W. HenW
are j doubt the kiinlei*-nrten la Mippltih* a   appeared    for    the crown and P  I
iimni ti   continue ..'i.i .imiue Konu
iliMiiiHwtl tin* OSSe, KiiiiuatiiiK in
itrottf lanx<iait.e, tbnt tbe charge
should DSVer haw l»"»-ii laid and that
tbe conduot ol the nut-iMtratea iu
.iniiiiniitin-w, DnvMsoh b>r trial slmul.i
'be icpoiled to the SttOIMy-flWItl
\nbie Itaworth is baek Irom a
ti-.il to l.etlitiinlni- Mr. lUthortli
ami Rtently ntmch -Aitb tin* e.nien-
n§ nf non-l ciii/eiishi|i cM-rywhero
tnarrltoat lo    l^ethbrMffe. Ths itneta
ure kept in    line itftpe, welt linhi.«i.
Itnuers bloom in every icardcn ami
'■I..- whole appearance of tbe eity   is
tlr.iti. brii*bt .ind pngmnlve, The
I exhibition, now in prn.'if.s there, Is
[veTJ   hue,  the display  id li\e       aUirk
learn from Ijetbbridgn, principally
that oi united, ■■ -ii..i-"ire,ii '-"i effort
to advance tin* to*,x httereati ot tbs
city in everv posriUa manner,
' Quite a little etrltetnenl has been
amused in tin* ttclhtt) ol Jlffra)
over the slakimc ol Iron rl-iniis on
Band Cnsk. Mr. lags, an Alberta
expert, has been the lending simit lo
ibis movement, and aftnady Ihere is
'a diamond drill at work on Ito
'property I pvuinls   of U<> douo
claims haVfl btrn staknl -*o lar,
loim Ml woiil in t'liMdiioiik
WO do not aaat to fenve n Iblaa) in*
Wilson, of this city, lot   Ihr defaotr
Alter bearing   mhw of Uie evident e
•■ rr*M e-wnarl   de
brt_t particularly good. Mt  lUworttt
Hunks     tliere   are   RVeitl     llMOM
('raidirovk    riti/raa might profltobly
Tlie   C c s,  seem bent  on clotiog
out their     Itoch ol elotMng     and THE   UBAHRKOOK   HERALD
:    News of the District
(liv Fred Boo).
Tlie Queen Hees nf Baynes, Waldo
and Whllomoulh are giving n grnnd
kill Tuesday, August 27.1i. It will
be Mm swclicsi affair ever held in
the valley. Tbc music will be furnished in* Rlgnoi; Macaroni, ol Coal
Creek's celebrated orchestra, with
several assistants. These musicians
have played lielore the King Rdward
in Fernie, also Steve Wallace, and
other notables. The ladies are past
masters ,ii entertain nn, and every*
body can depend nn n *'*•'* pleasant
evening. The proceeds go to the
Imi Id Ing fund for n now church, and
the l.iutii'S (inild will spread the gospel of sunshine and any persons un*
nblc in enjoy themselves will be
given tin* services of a'doctor free nf
charge. (Jnitc a number ol potted
geraniums trom Klko will be there
with their glad rags on, looking as
wis.* as a Hra/ilian admiral when his
father's nn a drunk. Remember the
date. It's Impossible tt forget the*
plnce. it will lie time nnd money
well spent.
Miss Sylvia nnd Miss Scotl passed
through* Rlko rrom Roosvllle lor Nel-
s.iti Monday,
I', fl. I.eadley, chief accountant Ior
Ilif Lias).- and .Johnson saw mills
company, will shortly leave lor
Vorksgfre, Kngland. He will nisi, visil Manchester, London, also thc
home ol I.loyd Oeorge and other foreign countries and if bis health permits will attempt to swim the channel.
.1. M. Agnew's barb wire plated
fly swatlcrmay he all right, hui -'ini
l.iddiio.iit s:ns wh) nol mnkc It oui
of shoe leather.
•I. K. Lancaster, manager of tho
Co-tiperallve Stores, Fcrn4e, spent
Xto week end al Roosvllle. II vou
wan I to dn business with I.ancasler
oji a Sunday go lo Roosvllle.
ft no says the noble red mrn have
in. sense t.f hnmoi? A baud o! Black-
fool Indians down in Montana have
given Rolierl Tait, tbo president's
son. a Tctldj bear. Will he lake it
to lhc White House? Ask ,loc Ryan.
Messrs. (Ianetl, Ilcrley and Fred
Swain made a couple of trips to
Klko last week looking f«*r Mooac
hiili's, and other bargains in real
Motor cars are called n number of
hard names, but nothing like the
ones you see on the C.l'.R- sleepers.
Now Hilly Kerr calls bis car Seaside
but if you were riding with him go-
lug through a slough you'd Ibink ymi
were in mid ocean-
I). J, iiinrhrs, manager of the
Merchants hank, was down to Waldo
Saturday paying the mill men lie
was accompanied by two assistants
anil a posse nf light  infantry.
Jefferson Woll, philosopher, financier, retired circus performer, known
as "the Australian wonder," the Ben*
saltan ol the circus programme, left
Tuesday toi Fertile nn bis wav to
ilu* stampede at Calgary.
As we go lo press Miss Muriel
Avre, daughter of c. E. Ay re, manager of the North Star mills, is entertaining between thirty and forty
nf her Klku school frlmds, Thc
little guests of honor being tV* two
Miss Austins, of Ottawa, who arc
here on a visit lo their father. Thc
late offer noon am) early cvenlnfl will
be devoted       to automobile    rides.
games and other amusements suited
In make lue young folks happiest.
"The Haynes Lake Trading Co"
passed through Klko Monday Ior
Cranlirook, returning Tuesday, driving home in the cool of the evening.
S. Bradley, of the Cranbrook .Jobbers, wns in town this week, after
having om* of the must exciting (Ish-
ng trips in his life. It's really
painful lo .listen to Sam's struggles
wiib sour dough bannocks and grasshopper soup.
TtUleud Su-ii
OLD II tht* time tiiii* -feiywheii lo
Cutdt-ibi turn* in tin bucket.
•ind lui »iimf.|« ol tJu "Kinfi owo"
Mid toi US Btltaliii loom -»ltuit-lf
Aik tin elotlil** Id rout town or wild
diii*,'t   S-OiJ-ifiily,  Limited, MuuUcikL
§rart*m&g ffiiuertng
i".. Fred Jobiutou, Ferule, li. c.
(Special ciiiiespoiidencc).
Mrs. Kimball and mother, Mrs.
Liiclcr, were in Fernie on business
last Thursday.
Mr. Win. Barclay, who has been
Bpomllng ;i few weeks with relatives
and Iricnds in l'rince Rdward Island,
roturnodito Wardner last Thursday.
Mr.     Victor   Luml born   and   Rev.
[stay-toy left a lew days ago on      a
Ifishing lour.     Tliey will be away sev-
. era! days-
Miss Kd th and Arthur Lund    are
'spending a few   days of this      week
: with friends at Wasa.
1   Mr. Walter Magoon was called    to
Kernic last Friday on business.
|   Arthur  Luml   was   in    Cranbrook
last Thursday on business.
1   Mr. Fred Burgess    ol    the   Lund
Land   and     Development    company,
t'ranbrook, was in town last Friday
nil. business.
Wc nre glad lo see that Mr. Shim*
i ici; is able to he with us again.
■ Mr. and Mrs. Mkoad, of Hull River,
leN ;i few days ngo for Qrnvcnhurst,
Onl., where Mr. Skead will romaiili
|nl tlie sanatorium for trcatment.
His many Iricnds here hope for a
speedy recovery.
Miss Drummond and Master .Jackie
Mow, of Cranhrook, are holidaying at
Mrs. Otto Wisner's this week.
The dance given by the Wardner
brass band last Friday evening wns a
very successful affair.
Mr- Bradley, nl Cranlirook, was
doing business iu town on Tuesday of
this week.
Miss Maliel Kmbrec, of Hanbury,
11. ('., spent Friday with old friends
in town.
Mr. Ben Laird was in Csanhrook
last Monday on business.
Miss Ramsay and Miss Muckley, of
Point Hill, IVK-L, visited with
friends in Wardner last Tuesday.
Miss Ramsay has accepted n position
here as assistant teacher in the
Wardner public school.
Mr. Otto Becker was iu Cranhrook
last Monday on business,
Policeman Kgglcsbaw was In Fernie last Monday morning on business.
■loi* Shell, of .Inffray, was a guest
al the band boys dance last Friday
Miss Verb* Martin spent the week
end with Jaffray friends.
Mrs. Gatlney ami little son Gerald'
visited Cranbrook  last  Momlay.
Mr. nnd Mrs. K. W. Burgess, of
Oranbrook, moved tbeir household
effects to Wardner this week and will
take up housekeeping in Mr. Darling's
cottage on River street.
Miss Verle Martin left on Wednesday morning ft r Vancouver, where
sbe will attend the normal school,
whieli opens for the term on Monday, August 26th.
Herewith thc Herald gives n sum-
mar) if lhe chapter in "Veterinary
Pathology," on ihe subject of Quarter-Ill in cattle. a disease at presenl somewhat prevalent among
cattle in this district, for the benefit
of many of its readers engaged in
the cattle raising Industry. Tlie work
fploted is, probably, one t.f tlu* most
nuthorltntlve extant and was recom-
mendod to the Herald by Veterinary-
Surgeon Dr. .1. W. Rutledge.
Quarter-Ill is a stationary Infective
or black-leg-, has Ionic been known as
noi Infectious, and that the meat is
quite innocuous to man aud beast.
<,naster-!!l is a stationary infective
bovine disease, tliat is tn say, it is
confined to certain localities and
sheds, where it remains tlin nghotit
the year. It is specially active during the warmer months (June, July
ami Auguib), and it occurs chiefly on
the swampy ground. It also affects
sheep, goats, and very rarely horses.
As a rale, only cattle between the
ages of :( months and 1 years become affected. Calves under three
months, and indigenous enl tie over
I yens ale rarely attacked. The reason of this, probably, Is thai the
former are not oxposed lo lhe In*
fectrlon on account ol their fond being restricted to milk; and that the
latter are mostly immune from having bad lhe disease. (Hie attack
confers absolute immunity. It seems
lb.it pigs, dogl, eats, rabbits,      and
inan arc naturally immune to tlie
i disease. This statement agrees with
I the well-known fact that the flesh of
Cal tie which has suffered Irom quarter-ill can be consumed by man, dogs
nnd pigs, without any ill results.
j The disease is characterized clinically by Ibe development id tumors
Iin the muscles of various parts of
Ihe body, producing, when steoked,. a
crackling sound, whicli serves to distinguish this disease from anthrax.
, After death the tumors become Infil-
traled with blood and serum containing gas-bubbles; and tbis again
distinguishes black-leg from anthrax,
ns the tumors ol the latter are not
f iiniii to contain nny gas. Further,
in,black-leg the spleen is not affected
nnd the blood coagulates quickly,
j while in anthrax the spleen is much
enlarged and tho blood clots more
slowly. Blackleg has long been
km WH as a disease of cattle, but has.
Until within recent years, lieen generally contused with anthrax. The
black-leg bacterium does not develop
in the presence of free oxygon.
.Iti the lihod it is slightly motile.
The symptoms of black-leg are loss of
appetite, debility, and groat elevation of temperature. The disease
.runs its course very rapidly, and Is
j fatnl in nearly al! eases. Cattle between thc ages of six and eighteen
months arc most susceptible, young
calves nnd old animals lieing more
resislenl. Fat rattle seem tn bc
especially liable lo infection. Thc
symptoms appear suddenly within
from one to three days alter infection. Thc tumors may develop at
j once or mny he preceded by the
symptoms of lover and trembling. A
lameness of the le^s is usually, observed, and is due to the muscular
tumors which almost always accom-
ifests considerable palm, and falls to
the ground soon after the development of the lirst symptoms. Tbe
Part which is most affected becomes
swollen and assumes q hlack or blue
color, which is due to the infill ration and coagulation of blood within
It. The dried spores of the blackleg baoterium may he carried in hay
or other dry feed, and it is quite
possible that animals may be infected by eating such material. Recent
investigations, however, indicate thai,
Infection mist frequently takes place
through wounds of tin* skin, mouth,
m* tongue, such ns would to produced
by various spines nnd the awns of
Medical treatment of blackleg has
been uniformly unsuccessful nud it is
not to he recommended. On the-other
hand, preventive vaccination has given very satisfactory results. Out of
500,000 cattle vaccinated In Kurope,
i nly one-half of one per Cent subsequently died of black-leg. Equally
striking results have been obtained
by t-he bureau of animal industry of
the United States department of agriculture. This bureau lias perfected
a method of producing Immunity
againsl black-leg by one vaccination,
requiring less time than the old
mel hod, in which two i "inoculations
were made, with an attenuated and
strong vaccine, respectively. Stockmen mny now buy Hm* vaccine nnd
innoculatc their own cattle.   *■•
pany the disease.    The animal man-
The closing session of tlie Irrigation convention at Kelowna, H. C.,
was of special Importance, In, •pat
at iln* last moment, the following
resolution wns unanimously adopted.
Whereas, the successful settlement/
of the dry belt of British Columbia
is dependent upon an ample and permanent water supply for irrigation
purposes and in the clficienl and economical distribution of water to all
laud capable of irrigation and Ihat
can be supplied without undue expense;
And, whereas the present system
of supplying water by joint stock
companies in many districts only serves limited districts, ami a large
amount of first-class fruit and farm
lands is thus without a permanent
or satisfactory waler supply;
And, whereas, in the opinion of this
convention it is desirable and will
assist In the development ol the
country and safeguarding of the in<-
toreels of the farmers and fruit
growers that might be supplied with
water "from a common source, that
they have the power to organize for
tho acquiring of existing systems nml
privilege generally.
Therefore, he it'resolved, tbat it is
desirable that a scheme lie formulated giving the inhabitants of tlw districts served from the common sour-
es ol water supjily tlie power to
take over, control ami operate, for
ihe benefit of all land in such districts, all    water records, irrigation
mipanies and associations organized
for the purpose of supplying water
nnd that the provincial government
be respectfully invited to prepare ami
present to tlte legislature of the
province of B. C. al its next session
a hill providing for tbe establislimeut
of waler districts and Inr the organization of the InhaHitants "Ik* ng users of water" into corporate bodies
defining the powers, ikities ami obligations.
Indigestion-, Dyspepsia,
Heartburn and Constipation result more often from nervous
exhaustion than from food. Dieting aud pills will not long avail.
Permanent relief lies in rebuilding the wont out nerve fibres,
which can best be done with Lecithin, the form of phosphorus required for nerve repair.
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) and
makes possible this cure,
It feeds the nerves, Induces
sleep, quickens the appetite, aids
ingestion, imparts energy to all
the bodily functions, and these
disorders soon disappear,
The beneficial effects are evident almost with the first dose;
Hot I la. Il.la.a'ali-Mliil.nt. ,!..',!.
UbUlU from tlie lo.ul !i*l'ii...
IInij.j'i.ts, Crnnlirook, B, C.
Ila.l, & t.an-mc. Co.. Solr Ml-.. Montreal.
VVrllr tli.li. for II,. l-nik oa NtrVulU
Kallo 11*11	
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribe.! ami rcconinieiiflotl lur women's ailments, a seit-iililinilly prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result Irom tlieir use Is iinie-k and
permanent. For sale nt all drugstore.
«    TIIK »
* . . *
*      Columbian     *
« »
*) ib a gnniiiiiloe.il pulley.  That in, f*
*u8ntiBlHllliilll is».lllllllllllTililieH'l.v q*
*,reB|iorl.   Tlm -
! Nelson Iron Works!
« L'",TtD, *
^ Hub iiii   ovor IneroaBliig Block,-
.. Write iin in ti'i piirliciiliiiB. „
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms wiib Maths.   'Phono in
every room
Harbor Shop on the preminea.
Thoroughly np-tn-iUto,
Rates. $2.00 a day and up.
GRO. P. WEU.H, Proprietor
B. TOMK1N, Manager
If yon enme V
If    llllllTH
in.* iu cure .vmi.
I'lilemt I know
Unit I can nun
,M.ii I will nol OC*
i-i.pt your cafe,
nml in every In*
Kin nee I iri-ui by
Inv nnn nriuiiiitl
ml vim.--mI mnl
srit-iititti-   nn-
j       CURES ARE PERMANENT      !
spermatorrhoea, Organic Weikneis,
Lost Vigor, Varicocele, Hydrocele, On-
tracted Disorders. Specific Blood Poison,
Piles an-J Strictures — restoring all
.i-ffecicdof-jiiii-i I uiionnal ami healthy
action in tbe shortest possible space
of lime,
"Tf lilt I III- lnrli:- i.f ll'MMH'-- nf Mi ll.
t'oiiwiltiilinii iiiiil iiiflniilivi- booklet free
nl iilti.'i-nr by lii.'iil.
trade Manas
Copyrights Ac.
A-i**-*i« MMtltlf * akt-trh -md <!"-.<*rtnO-m mi}
     "-'   t Irwwliistiit'^du
•cut frea Oj-kut iil-biht Io? "-.curing unieiita.
Patent* Oik.ni tlimu^li jlunti k Co. nv-4n
»*in-i.i* ritict, wit hunt cbame, In this
Scientific American.
A hMntooTrPl- lllnrtntwl wrfklr-    t*HMl «*!»-
ulktimi ul mi-- Mi.'titnl.- }.mnntl. -L-ilii* Ior
('aii.ul*., $.1.7.-, h year, |h*-0*ue on-pai.L N>1<1 bj
kll m* nmu*.
MUNN & Co »-•~—* NewYork
Branch oniit*. KS P Ht, Waahlnfftua, 0 G,
tl.m-ictririljc.tiil.iiiiillnl. WlHDBijOlf OliCn'pl.tl
* "■ t, Oitton sitr— *--	
Makes Short Work of
Di'pp-ipat'il and apparently hopcteai crura of
Si-fat ica, Lil mi,ami, Cmit. NeuralRla and all other
forma of I'.h<*um;iiiam yi.ld at once to Abbott Bros.
Rheumatic Itemcdy. Like an anrccl of nwrcy It
has Riven inatant relief to Bl»p.for»aken sufftrera,
lifted them from beda of agony and for 28 years
haa been curing men, women and children for
whom there Memed ho help. Juit a few bottle*
have cured casta of from 30 to 60 yeara' duration
and today it stnmla unrivalled aa a quick, aafa and
ih-Kilutuly reliable treatment for all urie acid dla-
i*n*-<ii, weak kiunrji, etc   Let a dollar botttaof
Abbott Broi, Bhaumillo JUmidy
.•ml your paina at oncc*-atnrt your cure today.
Sent prepaid by Abbott Broa., 7118. Dearborn St.,
Cbicago, 111., if your drugfiat doea rot have It
Sold by the Craabrook Drug aad
Hook Co.
East Kootenay      |
Butcher o. •
Dl'llllTS   III
Prcsli nml Cnriil
Poultry, tiaiiic nml Fi.li   ®
in St>iis<hi, ®
® East Kootenay
Butcher Co. ®
 . ■ ®
The Old P. Wood's      |
Business. ®
® a
liii|>in-ti.il in Uih nriitlinil  flpiil»ij   inK-h-la
Irniu Slilhni ,V Simim. Illl> Klllg'**lr*!.l*llll>lll
lli-'iilina, ICimhiml.   Haml Inr HHIlllogill'.
A. J. WOODWARD, Sole Agent
MrJ Granville Sr.., Vancmivi»r. AI*o Vlutorln
Cranlirook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. * A. H.
RoRtllar llH'oHngs on
tlm   tliinl   Thursday
ol every month.
Visiiiiiic brotliren wt'lcomeil.
I). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. 'I'ecli, Secretary.
Oiiimocni Louqk No. :i;i
Cranbrook, ll. C.
Meets   every   Tucnilay at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, IM-.
F. A. Stride, K. ol It. & S.
Vlsitinj! brethren   cordially invileil
to attend.
Meets every Mouday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlellows cordially invited.
II. E. Stephens, W. M. Harris
N. O. See'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Olliiwrs July lst to Decembw 31st.
C. P.—H. Clayton.
Scribc—W. M. Harris.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebeltabs  cordially invited.
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Beattle,   Rec. Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pcarron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Drat >.d
third Thursday ol each month tl
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chiel Ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger, W. C. Crcbliln
I'res. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
Cranbrook   Lodge No. 1049.
Meets every   Wednesday night at 8
p.m. In Royal  Black Knights   Hall,
Baker Street.
32-U        R. S. Oarrctt, Secretary.
: Presbyterian €biirchi:
,   Sunday morning wr.lc. at 11 i >
i i   Sunday   evening    Mrvlc.   at <
7.30 o'clock
>   Sunday      School   and    Bible'
Class al 3 o'clock
PresVl'terian   Guild,  Weilni* ' >
day, at 8 o'clock.
********************* i
"Baptist Church
! I Pastor, H. S. Speller.
< i Parsonage, Norbury Avenue,     ' '
i ■ 'Phone, 284.      P. O. Box Ul.
''    Regular Services:—Sunday, 11
,, a.m.    and    7.80   p.m.;   Bible i i
11 School    with     Young  Ladies' T
i i Philethca    and    Young   Men's
i i Bible Class, 3 p.m.
■''    Monday,   Young Peoples',   8
,, P.m.
i ,    Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting, < >
< i    A cordial   Christian welcome' '
; | to all.
' 4********************
President: T. h. Uni,
Seeretarv: B. MAonwALn
For information regarding lands
• ami  flgrieiiltnre   apply-   lo tlie
fiecrelary, Cranlirook, B. C.
Every second YVetlne«ley
Electric Restorer for Men
PtlOSphonol leilore, every nerve In the uiajy
 .tu It, prt.pKT U-I!HH'II I TU.tmes
Vim anil vilallty. 1'reninlure tlernv Hint all m-xiiiil
v.-.-.iI:rit?-s liveried ul once. Pl.oapl.ODol will
iiiake vnu a new mnn. 1'ilce Jlla bna.ortwn lor
»B.   afalleiltonnviiiMraia;   11.0Hoob.llUrus
Uo„ at. ciiiai-iiio*. on..
Kor salo at Beattlp-Murphy Co., Lti.
Tll« I.I'llilillL' HllHillPHK t'lllll'IZC
of' thu Northwunt
Wliore yoting people wyn receive
ii thorougli buuliioBfl twining.
Ih in noBflion twelve inotitlm in
tin1 yenr.
Nn entrance oxnmtnal ions.
Honnl ami room ut vory riHiBorj-
iilili* rules,
We Beotire poalttoiis for mir
Hindu ote,
ttur new bountifully llliiBtntted
imtlilORllOHOIlt flOO il|iiill ri'iitH'Hi.
Writi'foi il NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ihu-;- Mn it I eon    -      ftl'OKANI.
: Archie Waller 1
t    Builder and
♦     Contractor
Si'plir Tanks nml CiiiiiTi'ti
W.nk Rononillj' a
; Eslimalcs   Freely  (liven.
P.O. Box .146
Cranbrook, B.C.
0|.|iu*lti> r.l'.ll. Klnlinn
TIIK    PLACE    TO     OKI    A
Ilr;i'!i|ii:irti-rs for all  kinilfl (if
Satisfimlioii liiiiirniili>.,(l
The Shoo Spectolist
Frank Provenzano
General Merchant.
Employment Agent.
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing tend
it to
Hpenal priren for family work.
Curriufl it full Btwk of
Kepairp for above nlwityi
in fturk
maorto F.T. I-'. I'KRIIV
prpraiH'f'Hi'iiririiiV^v:. ii=:^Bii--'iPii-i||--'
Lake View
iwrf, HANDLE*
St. Mary's Lake, B. C.
(lu.'sls conveyed fnnn
Marysvilli' to tlw liot.il
by motor car or lenni.
Excellent Fishing Resort
liamilini- anil  lt..w
Boats for Hire
! *
I   I
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money tn loan un fnvornbla Iitiiih.
Hamsters, Solicitors and
Mono)' in 1 .oi,it
1 lllll
111 lill IS
Physicians and Surgeons.
iiltli-. at Km1iI.ii-.,  Armstrong  I...
forenoon. - — noil to in nn
AIIi-.uii.hu ■ ■ - 2.IIII to   ..(III
Bycnlnga - - - - 7.111 to  11 sn
riuinlitya - - - - J.80 lo   I Sll
I'ltANLIUii!)* :.    II    11    1.    y. 0,
DR. P. B. Ml LBS
OFFICE    UllllltH:
9 til Vi ..111.
1 to « p.m.
7 to H p.m.
Olliee in Hanson lllo.li.
I'ltANHIiOOK .       -        -HO,
H. E. HALL, D. I). S.
t'riiwn nml llriilu'i.' Work
a riporialty.
I'tfici' over V. I'arks IliinUvari'
Slurp, Baker Stnrt
Phone Ko. 2*10
Cranbrook Cott"gc _Hosni^l
't'.'rina .ui Apiilier.tion.
Phone 28fl Matron.
P. O. Hun sir.   Armstrong An'
Cranlirook ami K.>rt Steele
1 .1. (i. CUAlMINdS
2 suRVfivnu
B.   C.   land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •      B. C.
A. M. Onn.Foe. ('. K.
Civil Engineer anil Architect
iifliiv nvi'i■ rriiiiiiiM»k Orna nml Hook
(',.'!.. st„ra
Teleplione 3SB P.O*. Hm "7
J. Q. Mitchell
Onmc Heads, Birds. Rugs, Pish
VV. It. Il.atlv. Km. -ral III n-li„
I'raliliri.il.  |l. .1.
Nol limy Aviv, .i..\I lo City llnll
liny I'll...... 393 Nlghl I'lione H50
Ask fir Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For Intully ii*,' lliorn ia *,.,.l.ii.ir
*,, wlioli'siime mnl h.i ..are ii*
Electrical l.'iininecr
IsnlnlfKl Planls for I.ii>lit ami
Power in MillB, Minis, Ktr.
Mnnii'ipnl liislalliili.niK ami
H. C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A i..-i.-iHf I'rrncli regulaU'T: never (aiii. TIionc
plll*t nro r'M-'-diiiiiTlv |iiiv*i*rliil In ii-RiilHtinit the
t*i!iii*T-ill*.'.: p irtiiiti fl tlio Iuin*ilc NVtcin. Krliine
-ill cliciip iiiiitiiitoi-i**. Dr, it« Vam'a mt snlil nt
»An 1h,\. or three: *,.* fin. Mallr*<l tn imv a-lillt-"!.
Tlw ■mMI Mrw-j l!o.( », •W'Mirlinw. '»ni
Kor sale ai lieaUo. Murpby A Co., THB   CUANBBOOK   HERALD
Cranbrook's Big Fall Fair September 19, 20
Officers—Rules and Regulations--Prize List (continued)
W. ll. Bardgett
11. 11. MeClnro
II. ll. Hall
,1. P. Kink
VV. II. Wilson
Itev. W. E. Dunham
Robert F. Davis
T. B. O'Connell
E. A. Hill
W. n. MiKarlano'
W. S. Santo
W. Si. Santo
F. A. Russell
llev. W. E. Dunham        .loan Levett     J. P. Flak.
Wm. Hamilton .1.   VV. McClure
VV. A. Rollins       Dr. Rutloilge
.lanir-s Bates
T. S. tiill J. P. Fink Archie Leltch
I'. II. Knocke     .lohn Levett     F. A. Russell
W. R. McFarlane
Address all communications to
Box 391
Cranbrook, B. C.
1.   Member', lee (1.00 to Hay 1, 1912.
3. All entries positively to be made on or belore September 181*.
2a. It must be understood tbat no first prizes
will be awardid unless there are tlirco or more
3. Entries to be made oa lorm provided to Uie
1. All entries must be in place by 10.30 a.m.
Hist day nl iAhil.ilion. All exhibits must remain
In [iliui- until 3 p.m. second day.
5. In awarding prizes lor breeding cattle, sheep,
or pigs tin' judges will lie s|ieci.tlly instructed not
to take ialo consideration their prcsrnt value to
Ibe butcher, hut to decide according to their relative value or merits ior the purpose ol breeding.
* ti. Exhibitors of tborotiiibl.rcd stock must show-
it cert'llcate ol Registry to the committee on podi-
glees nt tlie time of judging ol ihe animal cannot
ne exhibit.*! as a pure bred animal, excepting pure
hied Mock under six tuonUis ol age that have been
bred Iron) sire and dam tlmt me rcgistend us tfun-
..uglibred stock. Tin- ag<« ot all stoek shall uc
i-.iinpiit.tl Irom actual birth, except Hairy Cattle,
which shall dale Irom lst August, and junior calves
Iron. Match lst, 1313, nml nt the time ot making
ihe retry llie age shall !*■ given to tlie Secretary,
win. shall write the age on the entry card. Men
iu clutrge ol stock are strictly prohilnU*l Irom making any remarks regarding tbe stock, unless ir-lorm-
ntli.n lw required from Ihem by thc judges. Judges
will in no ease award a prise when there is no exhibit, and iu case there is but one article or animal
t'Xa.ihitc.1 in a division or class they will award nnly
one pri/e in a division—tlie, highest or second or
lliild, a* ,may he propel, All articles ot field,
garden and dairy produce must he bona fide, the
|ir.*luclion ol the exhibitor, and must be grown or
mad.' during tin- year 11)12.
7. No person shall, be permitted in tbc borne or
cattle lings or pens during tbe time ol Judging, except the jii.lg.ii, tbe grooms or persons in charge
ol the annuals, nnd members ol the press.
8. Any person who shall attempt to Intcrlero
with or inlluencc lhc judges while tn discharge ol
their duties, or who shall at any time on the
premises ol the association, use uny contemptuous
or abusive language to any judge in consequence ol
any award made by bim, shall forfeit his right to
any and all premiums to whieh he might otherwise
lie entitled, anl may be excluded Irom esbiblting
lor one year thcrcaiter. Judges arc particularly
rcuiicstcd to immediately report any breach ot this
9. 'Upon the discovery ol any traud, deception
nr dishonest practice either In the preparation, ownership, or ol any representation concerning any
animal or article exhibit, which may have affected,
or lime been intended to nflcct, the decision ol the
judges, tlie, hoard ol managers have power to withhold the payment ot any and all prizes awarded,
and may prohibit'any such party or parties Irom
.'xbiliiling   lor one or  more   years,  and  may aim.
publish the names ol such parties or not as may be
doomed most oxpedient.
10. Entry tickets, with class number, entry
number Hml name ol article, will bo furnished exhibitors. Tlw judges ure requested to*place tlie
pri/.e cards on each article with exhibitor's name.
11. Root crops and vegetables ol all kinds shall
bc deliver.*! Into tho show room cleanly prepared.
12. All exhibitors ot stock, articles ol manufacture ol every kind and specialty are eligible tor
entry lor prizes only by bhe owner, or authorised
13. The President and Board ol Managers snail
have the general supervision of the grounds and entire exhibition, ami control thc police regulations
nnd entrance and exit gates.
II. The Fair Grounds will lie open lor the
reception ol exhibits September 18th, and anything
may lie shipped in care ol thc managers ot the
grounds, but In no case will such articles be
brought to thc grounds and placed on- exhibition,
except by and at the owner or authorized agent's
13. All leed lor stock will have to be provided
by exhibitor, but there will be teed on the grounds
(or sale.
16. The Board ol Managers will use every
precaution In their power Ior the sale preservation
ot articles and stock on exhibition, but will not be
accountable lor loss or damage. Exhibitors must
give attention to their articles or animals during
lhe (air, and at the close ot tlie exhibition attend
to their removal.
17. Any person knowingly violating the Rules
ol the Society may lorleit any premium that may
ne awarded to "hem.
18. Officers ol different divisions to be distinguished by different colored badges witb tbe
name ol the office printed on each badge,
19. Should tliere not be lunds enough on hand
to pay prizes in full they will he paid pro rata.
20. Any person handling or taking any exhibits that do not Mong to them may be prosecuted according] to law.
21. An exhibitor who may desire to enter a
protest must en/ter such protest in writing previous
to close ot show.
22. Exhibitors entering articles lor special
prizes must provide a special eibihit. Society's
prizes and special prizes will not be awarded lor
one article wllh exception ol stock and riding tor
speeial prize.
23. All stock con compete in one class only.'
24. Owners ot all prize stock shall bring their
stock out tor parade when called (or.
25. Admission lee* to grounds snail he, single
admission 50 cents, children 25 cents; alt day tickets 75 cents, good io re-enter.
28. No person will be allowed to act as a judge
who is in any way interested in thc articles to be
27. It is particularly requested that the judge,
will not enter into argument with the exhibitor. >s
to thc merit, ol their exhibit..
28. Should there be any dispute, or mi.under-
stantlings which none of our by-laws and regulations will govern, whether in connection with judging or otherwise, it shall be referred to tbe Board
ol Managers whose decision shall he final.
All entries must be made betore Sept. 18, 1912.
Entry tecs, 10 per cent ol all prize money over
,2.00.     No prize. No entry lee.
See. lst.
t.   Pigeons, Homers, pair t 1.00
2. Pigeons, Kaut.iils. pair    1.00
3, Pigeons, Tumblers, pair     1.00
I.   Pigeons, oilier   varieties, pair... "1.00
5. Canaries, eocki     1.00
fi    Canaries, hen     1.00
i.  Rabbits, Belgian Hare, pair ...   1.50
8. Rahbits, Flemish (Hants, nail. .   1.50
9. Rabbits, other varieties, pair...   1.50
10. other Pet Stock, not elsewhere
mentioned, pair     1.50
11. Special   lor  best    display    tn
Class 12, year's   subscription
lo Thc Prospector     2.00
See. 1st.
1. Collies, registered, dog  I 4.00
2. Collies, registered, bitch   4.00
3. Collies, dog, open class   2.00
4. Collies, open class, bitch   2.00
3.   Fox Terriers, registered, dog ... 4.00
6. Fox Terriers, registered, bitch... 4.00
7. Fox  Terriers, open class, dog... 2.00
8. Fox Terriers,  open class, bitch 2.00
9. Setters, dog  2.00
10. Setters, bitch   2.00
11. Pointers, dog   2.00
12. Pointers, bitch         2.00
13. Cocker Spaniel, dog   2.00
14. Cocker Spaniel, bitch   2.00
15. Irish Waler Spaniel, dog  2.00
16. Irish Water Spaniel, bitch   1.00
17. Bull Terrier, dog  1.00
18. Bull Terrier, bitch   2.00
19. Bull Dog, dog  2.00
20. Bull Dog, hitch   2.00
II. St. Bernard, dog  2.00
22. St. Bernard, bitch   2.00
Sec. Ul.
1. Best Cat oo exhibition  f 3.00
2. Best Kitten on exhibition       3.00
»    .50
% 2.00
» 2.00
(Name ol Varieties must be Attached!.
1 Ml
1. Apples,      box     Fall,
name attached  I 5.00     I 3.00
2. Apples,    box   Winter,
name attached
3. -Apples, Fall,  5 Iruit
4. Apples,      Wlntei,
5. Pears,  beat box, name
attached     5,00"       3.00
6. Pears, plate   lull,   10
Iruits      2.00        1.50
7. Pears,   plate,  Winter,
10 Iruits     2.00        1.50
8. Prunes,    plate,       20
Iruits     2.00        1.50
9. Plums,      plate,      20
Iruits     2.00        1.50
Grapes, -plate green
or white, name attached    ...   2.00        1.50
Grapes, block or red,
name attached   ...   .   2.00        l.M
(■uinccs, plate, 5
(rules     2.00«
13. Peaches,      plate,      5
Iruits     2.00
14. Apricots,      plate,     5
Iruits         2.00
15. Crab Apples, bos     5 00
16    Crab   Apples, tlyslup,
12 fruits     I ill        1.00
17. Crab   Apples,    Trans
cendant,  12   Iruits..   1.50        1 ml
18. Crab     Apples,      any
other    variety,    12
Iruits     1.50        l.oo
19. Best   display ol Crab
Apples by resident
ol Crarabrooki Electoral district. Special by W. A. Rollins    5.00        2 50
10. Best display ot Apples by resident ol
East . iKootenay.
Special by B. H.
Short, wall paper,
value    5.00
21. Best display ol Iruit
grown in East Kootenay. Special by .1.
S. Dennis, ol Calgary   ...   75.00
12. Best plate ol Fall
Apples grown iu
Cranhrook district.
Special by Prospector Pub. Co., on.
year's subscription
lo The   Pr.wpect.it.   2.00
23. Best plate ol Winter
Apples grown in
Cranbrook distriet.
. Special hy Prospector Pub. Co., one
year's subscription
to The Prospector..   3.00
Special by Beale and Elwell:
Beat plate  ol apples    grown within » radius
miles ol Cranbrook, 315.00.
I 1.50
Ot li
(Please attach name, ot varieties, II possible)
•Sec- lst.
1. Potatoes,   bushel,  any
variety  I 3.00
2. Potatoes,       collection
named   varieties,   5
ul eacb.   Special hy
Fink Mercantile Co.
Subscription         to   ■
local paper 	
3. Turnip, table, 5 roots.
*• Turnip, Swede, 5 roots
5.  Carrots,      table,    10
3.  Carrots,    stock,      10
2nd.     3rd.
t I.W
Parsnips, 10 root.    1.50
Cabbages, 3 Summer
Cabbages, 3 Winter ,...
Brunei Sprout., 5
stalks   ...
Cauliflower, 3 heads ...
Ila. Exhibit ol   Caulidow-
er    and     Cabbage.
Special     hy    Flak
Mercantile Co	
2nd subscription to
local paper 	
12. Cam, 8 ear.	
13. Beets, table, 3 roots..
14. Beets, stock (manuals)
5 roots    l.M
15. Beets, sugar, 5 riots...   1.30
Celery, « bunches   l.M
Lettuce,      loose,       li
beads   1.50
Lettuce,       ball,       6
heads  1.50
Radish, 12 Long   l.M
Radish, 12 Turnip    . . l.M
Squash, Winter, 1   2.00
Squash, Summer, I   2.00
I on
1 00
1 UU
1 UU
23.   Pumpkin, 1 	
21.   Cucumbers, tabic, :i .
«.   Watermelon. 1   	
26.   Muskmelon .or   Caiitc-
loupe, 1 	
17.  Citron, 1 	
28. Rhubarb,    12 stalks...
29. Tomatoes, plate, II ....
Su   Onions,   white  or yellow, 12   	
31 Onions, red, 12   	
32 Onions,   pickling,   hest
Best farmer's evhihil, general:
Special by John Levett   I5.uu cash.
Best collection of clover and fodder grasses:
Special by Farmers' Institute, Ist I5.UII, -ind 12.ill
Best colleet'uu ol roots:
Special by.Farmers' Institute, lst {9.00; 2uj J2.;,u
For taking tbe largest iiiiinber ol prizes, open to
all coiners or exhibitors:
Special by Fanners' Institute, 1st $5 OU, 2nd 12 50
For best collection of larm products:
Special by Wattsburg Lumber Co., silver cup, 150.00
(inrt.   Special by W. F. Ourd, 125.00, second.
Speeial by   Canadian Bank ol Commerce, Ior
best collection ol vegetables.     Silver medal.
2 011
...    2IHI
5 ml
r. uu
i 1.00
I 10
I 00
1 UU
1 uu
3 JO
2 iu
J ...
: iu
l cu
i uu
i uu
l uo
See. |st
1 Rye, sheal „|  $ 2.00
2 Wheat,   sheal   ol Win-
S.   Wheat, sheul .,1 Spring
4    Barley,    slu.il    ol bul
5.   Barley,        slH'ut      ol
6 Oats, sheal ol black
7 Oats, sheal ol white ...
8.   Exhibit threshed
grains, 10   Its each
9   Exhibit    sheal        ul
grains, small
Exhibit tame grasses
in   sheal ol   4    ot
Exhibit   allallas    and
clover*, 4 or more
Exhibit noxious
weeds ol the district with names
attached and short
notes on crop ul-
lecte*. soils tbey
are lound on, ami
method* ol propagation and eradication 	
Exhibit native grasses,
small sheaves, with
names and notes ou
adaptability to cultivation, soil preferences, and quality as forage or pas
Beat collection ol grains iu sheaves ol nol more
than «ix inches in diameter Exhibits to be-
"orne property ol association:
Special by G.W.K. Carter, 310.00.
Special hy Dr. Green, 110.00.
Special by W. R. Brock Co., Calgary, Alberta,
silk umbrella      Value $5.00.
Sec. 1st.
1.  Hooey, extracted, 1 quart  I 2.00
3.  Honey, comb, 5 Its    2.IHI
3. Speeial by «. B. McFarlane,
C.C.S., for best bee krepei's
exhibit     5.H0
I.  Bread, white, 2 loaves » 2.00
3.   Bred, graham. 2 loaves  ».00
3. Two loaves bread,   made Iron.
Purity flour. Special by Fin.
Mercantile Co., merehaiidise. B.OO
4. Buns inad*   Iran   Purity ili.m,
not less then 12, Ist I2.u0, 2nd 12 ihi.
3    Best general   exhibit id    bread,
buns and   pastry, made limn
Purity (tour, titerchandise   .. I uu
I. Cake, layer, leed   2 uu
7.  Coke, leal  200
7a. Cake, Iruit  2 00
I.   Pie, apple   2.00
•.  lie, lemon  200
10. 4'ie. pumpkin   2-00
11. manhunts or Irled cakes   2.00
II. Exhibit preserved Iruits   4.00
13. Exhibit jelllea  4.00
14. Exhibit spiced Iruit.   4.00
15. Bnt exhibit    jams   ami jellies.
home nw.de. Special by W. B.
McFotlaae, CCS       . f. uo
11. Exhibit pickles and catsups 4 00
(7.   Exhibit wild   native liuils pn-
served  loo
II.   Exhibit ul   tellies Irom wild na-
tlw Iruit  3.00
t 100
1 oo
Best display iu    culinary Cass.
Special by W. II.   McParluue,
C.C.S         5.00
10.   For best display   ol home-made
dairy    butter,   exhibit to   lie
shown in crocks, bricks      or
prints:   exhihit   not to weigh
less than live pounds. Special
It)    11.   Vi    Supple, iiutuagei
Imperial Bank 15 uu       10.00
Two loaves hied   made   Irom Purity dour   special
by Fink Mercantile i'u , merchandise, 15.uu
Buns nude trom   Purity Hour, not less than 12,
lst 12.00; 2nd 12.00, 3rd 11.00.
Rest general   exhibit dI bread, buns and pastry,
made Irom Purity flour, merchandise, $5.00.
3ea ui Snd      3rd.
I     Asters 4  1 00      J    .50
3. Stocks    l ou 50
■i.   1'ansies        1.00 :»0
4. Sweet peas     LOO    *    .30
5. Sunflowers      \ 00 .50
«.  Best general exhibit       8.00        1.00 .50
7. Geranium, l   plant 1.50 .75
8. oUier   variety   ftowct-
laji, plant   .     I 50 .15
9. Kern, 1 plant      1.50 ;:.
10,   Other   variety, (oHsge
plant          1 :**' ,75
II Hest general exhibit
Mi une und dowering boils*, plants   ....    8.00 L.OO .75
I".!    H-.-uqu-.-t,  cut   Mowers*     I :iU ,75
1J     Hirtiqurt    Wild    lloweu
and tallage .       ...    1.50 .75
14 Si-hoot ctaldten's    col
lection ul fresh wild
flowers and plants,
ua.u-.-d _.   a.QO 1 00
15 Sv'tiuol     tliiUlfei. s  col*
lection ot prcased
wild flowers and
pl.tf.ls. La.i-i.rd 1.00 1 uu
Sec. 1st 2nd      3rd
1. Hand      writing      (ur
children   under   IU   t 1.00        I I ml
2. Handwriting   tor chil
dren wider 12 2 un 1.00
3. lluyiwritang   (or chil
dren under 1*       2.00 1 "O
4. Handwriting lor
school      pupils,  any
age  .'.   2.00 1.00
I.*.bove to   tie net less than Mi words)
OutiBTe map ol British Columbia, showing principal
rivers, mountain ranges, -hi*-! towns and existing
railways :
1 uu
1 UU
1 uu
5    Children    under
years     2 uu
»■    Children     under      1".
years     2 00
Freehand drawing.   Subject
selected by exhibitor:
7.   Children     under      12
years ...     2 00
8    Children     under       10
years        2 uu
» Best essay on Kast
Kootenay, its geo-
grauiatcal situation,
resources and climate    200
10. Flowered drawing, natural colors. Subject
selected by competitor and liui.tfld to
three      I 00
IjiilwoMlrn,  with mil »r linen.!
1 1 Ull
hriibrordri.,    with silk on silk
or satin	
1 UU
l 1.00
Kiubr.artlei \, Valenciennes . *
1 Oil
Embroideiv, tduvdow work
Embroider,-, evelet ,*...  .
i hi
Kaabrotdercd collar .
1 uo
Embroidered    handkerchiefs,    S,
initial-, or i...,ii"..t.ui..
1 nil
lid II
Embroidered     fi    o'clock     tea
2 ml
Center    pri-ce    einbr.ndered      in
clorid silk or lin'-n   .   ...
1 Ull
1 mi
Center    p..*-.*   embroidered   m
1 uu
white or linen	
I so
1 uu
Tray cloth, embroidered   „
1 uu
Table doylies It)	
2 00
1 00
Tray cloth, an, other kind
2 00
Sideboard scar!, embroidered
Pillow sham*, cmbroHlered
2 00
Embroidered towels, 1 pair 	
Sola   pillow,     embroidered   in
Sola pillow, collection 	
Teg cosy, euhroidered	
I'm  cushion, embroidered
2 00
I'm cushion, any other kind .
Embioidered photo Irani. 	
2 00
Itandkerchifl and tie case 	
2 ml
(To lie continued I
Ni illi OF IHE
etl Irani 1
Ig ')•
T      «1
at    surgei
\   has   rcai-lusl
alien  am   o
tho ilouti
is over there,
in. King, "i
lu-     (hei
I,  ..1   III.   .Mill
l.lll     »lH
.hill n si
ies ul      holes
llllllVI' llllll  III
h tv     llie
point of fiiu--
nu.-     iii a
left hone,
lu\    ii silver
spllnl n 	
Illl-ce     .11  li
il.-i   of uu
mi- inches
Inch wide anil
ling i n either
suli-    ot lhe
broken ho
a-, iiiiil     drive
Ihroiigh llmsc splints and tighten
Ihem up "iilil lhe fi.ii-lni.il ends ol
llir In.ne are broughl in period
nllgiimenl and pressed closely toge-
Ihrr su Ihnl  iinmedlale union is   ns-
s I      \s soon as ihe patient      Is
al.li- ti. nail, nboul miiIi a eruteli
Ihr splints nnd screws nre.rcmovoil
.nul ih.- NCrrti holes nil up much as
if lhe . prrutl.m fiai! Iiei-ii iH-if.-rrnu'it
..ii a inr. Tlml is wonderful work,
line il is only hedge enrpenli) lo
v,ii.,i thoso n-lmrds can do. Still,
..I! llielr marvrloiis manual s'.ill ami
anal iial    I ll'lellgc     IViillld L-ol.li.
for liltlo wen- il in.I for llir modern
power  I"   ki'i'|i   eul   surfaces and   set-
i-n-il tissues clean [mm Ihe elk-el ol
imiiifi.itin- perms.
Ill Un.nicli ihe surglonl rlepart-
ineiil the very lai.-si devices In const rucl ion, fiirnislilnij, sterill'nliuii
ami iiperation have liei n IhsUtloil.
Ver) special noli- sluiuld hr taken ol
ih.< \ rav .....in, i-iilllaillillg the
In.. ' -i.ii.. I'leclrle ninchlne wesl
..i H'imii|ieg. It is operated by a
sin.,|| .-I..-iii.- motor. Ilerc, if your
neriiiiiH «yslem needs it, vou can he
loili'lieil up with a luass i lul at-
fm  hi..- a kitchen poker, tliat     con
I i .parks     Into v..in soloi plexus
lit  ll   distance of six leel    ll  has
Everybody now adrorU
Zam-Buk ben for these.
Ut H. give YOU ease
ud comfort. ~~~"
Drvtp'tll a.J Sl&tt ntryvhtf*
am Buk
WI-JSTKItN   (>!.(!.VM/,KK OF
■ I. W. Wilkinson, organizer of llio
Trades ami Labor Congress, wlm re-
ccnely visited this section nml West
Kootenny points, has rotnniPil tn
Vnneouvei .md motto liis reports.
Krom those ii mlghl in* inferred
llial labor troubles un* Imminent in
these parts.
Speaking of a meeting wilh tho
Carmen's    union     in this  city, Mr.
Willviiisi.ii  said:
"Tin* Cnrmeii, of Cranbrook.. novo
.i Lbreo years' agreement with tbc
C.I'.H. which has still two years Lo
rim, the agreement, nol the C.IML,
tor thai w 11 i;u on I. r-well, olio
never knows. Now tbnt tliu Carmen
haic tlie ngsoemonl ihi-v nre continu-
nlh complaining because Ibc CP.lt.
is   jumping it ,ti overy   chance,  and
It  alt iti.ii min In- learned ihis    is
tr f Nit' Carmen's comllHohs right
the   continent.      'I'bose who
lul nl hi; .md little hrolliers an.-nul are In close touch say Llm I matters
Tlii*. are n guy   nml Imt ive i.m.ih - ,-"' working up to n climax, uml that
more oi loss.        If iicuralgiii     mrks    'tile is brewing, whieli may break
y<iui bead    und lace n genllc *bowei   oirl nl any time."
..i ii,,.,.  marvellous elertmns ivlll Im- |   01 bis -isiis iu West  Kootenny .1.
made lo descend on you i  n gol* |U.  Wilkinson,  western organizer   ol
den .     "* II Un ii i ploasos   lite Trades and Labor Congress      ol
In v, ii [mil ib'nvn Wit- blinds ami Canada, Bays he addressed a large
light up ., «hacking his Crookc's I open mooting of all workers in Nel-
Inhe, baud wn an affair like a vim and says conditions there an*
stereoscope Im llie uiti ot whieh yuu holler, Irom a trade union point of
ean we lb rough the leather ol your view, than any town he had yet
1,..'    iln- hones into inn in your fool, I visited.
in tlio I high Nines ir lhe hinges ot ' lie also held meetings at Vinir,
tour knees—-greatly disappointiupi Itossland, Trail and Kimbcrley, in-
sluhts nit of lie-in. VntirtvlU real eluding locals or District No. fi ..f tin*
i. «■ hn Iho flrsl i nm- how like ti Western Federation of Miners,
skeleton you arc when ihe flesh is | 11„. mlr-efs aro considering tlie
ofl .md that lie.oitv Is hui stin question ol attempting lo raise tin*
ilii'p, nlso maybe, ntlmt skinning minimum rale of wanes of all mem-
would do -une ol ns no particular |...ls ,.[ tli-t-i■ distriet to M.00 per
li .nn .i i.ii ;i .i'ii loveliness is dny.
concerned       VII ol which miracles if ,   y\*is js-   nfready paid in Ihe mines,
l'-'rtoi I    >.!*. on.- h ind and fifty   ■/■- large numbers of unskilled    men
years ago wouM cause the magician,   Vutklng round mills and smellers are
lho doctor, t«. hi- burned alive      f ,, getting mure than $2.51) per day.
lhe hoe and honor, ol (lod im(| ,U{. ,„|m.rs wan-  ,,, slr the waa
The ground lloor is taken un,,.)*-,    a   ,.s „, 1])(.SI.  „ rn[sw| -„ ||int paid
nfortublj     furnished parloi   t    soovengers   in the cities of   Van-
combined,   Private noiiiH    V|l|. ..,.,, victoria.
''■'  P "■- ■"',- "''' Sisters* chapel j   ■-•-,,. I(li|l,.rs wjI! p, after n *t    per
This i- .. ehnruring liltlo gem »(  an  ,|av wagei ., rais). oi four b|tSl
oraton   wllh prevailing i m ol de- .   -..^j,-,,,,, Moyer.has officially sanc*.
""*■'  in-cream,   white and    Hd : ,■„.„.,,    „,,, tijslli).t ,li)im|*s   .u.,inili
..ll brightened with ito glow ol Ute *)1||d Ih(1 ,,,„,.,„,, wi„ ,„. m.l(h. in ,,„,.
snnetunrj  lamp anl the blaze ol   the
lloweis  on the alUrs,      The Stations
of Mm* Cross,    done in    hi di     relief
harmonize perfeetlj  with the     color
■ 1"*  of Ihe <li.ipii ami are really
l.eiiulifiil     examples -.1     ih.* highest
ly|ie of religious art, The) were pre-
S'liml   to i-ln*      SisliT'.  In   Ml        .Io- i    .. ..
neph.llrault, of    the C dlan hotel. I rULt!.
who  i n!«  the other da). at Ins own
and nllli
expense mid of his own mire ino-
t ••ii. I'linisli'-il a beautiful loom foi
ihe priests  in     the rector) Mi
Mi.nit: i     oi     tin se rare ohara*
I ers    who do ■- I hi ulealMi      and
blush lo nml it fame
The    Crnnbrook V .il «r       the
Knights "(   Columbus Imve furnished
■il i Ihe     linei I room In lhe en-tiu*
lor mu h memtrers of the
onh i .i^ iM*i-d hospital treatment.
The iiiH.i is iu hardwood mari|Uelerie
with ihr emblems ol Ute ortlei in
mlornl wood ■ as a center piece. It
Is a    grand   pioci ol   worh       The
I When the agitation reacliw a head
it is imt impossible that tlte miners
mav seek Ihe appointment of u fed-
oral arbitration hoard, under the Industrial Disputes and Investigation
and if they have Iiy that
tfflliatcd willi the Trades and
l.almr Congress of Canada, the prestige and nil nonce which the Congress
has acquired during its 2S years' existence at Ottawa, will he exercised
mi their behalf
U'filtK    ON    THE   C. N.   II. AMI
Edmonton,       \IU.,     Vug    20.-
"Kinks of    Nature   Made  Straight
Ciunell, it is
.nd. gave the Sistci While Vou Wait," is not Ihe legend
over lho doors* of the engineers' log
ftlinck* in ibe Kooky Mountain c< uu-
'ii. wisi nf Edmonton, but il might
i.i- be, as thai is whal tliey are doing
lew tlfr Orand Trunk Pacific and   the
- ■ i nn nrdei in blank (or      iln
furnishings and equipment     Thc resull     is on-' of  the mosl  befllltlfulh
lit) i nnd furnished rooms to
found in C. .•!■      \    ii
petf.ri t.isti. ;,i(d    fine workmanship ICanadian   Northern   trnnscont ntal
n wdl deserves a visit      WlHi    tlw ivstems,   which   arc   rushing grades
rittings, oli . of t'i.- bath and lolh*l Inltd laying steel t.. the Pacific coast,
mom it will eost Uie K. of c. about |   (Tour   tl sand   laltorers are      at
,i,"M      The K   V   room, a1*    •' work limbering,    lunnelHng, B^-dlng
led, Is    foi    the use of       the and preparing foi tin- rails   on    tlw
pneml I first named line.     lu addition, forty
i'' I. * wing m its design,    eon. it earn shovels,   two river boats  and
Kl ruction .md ensemble is most high hundreds    of    horses,    dump-carts,
I) creditable to Mr. .1, ■), O'Oara, wtapers, cranes, track   laying    ma-
lhe .iniiitnt. and    the manner    m eh nes and  nil sorts uf tackle      are
which Hi.*   coat rod lu- been carried employed    on the last leg of      Uie
out   proves    that "thorough csafts- ocean-to-ocean   road. RngHieeri    are
uianshlp" is tbe motto*of-Oeorge K. confldenl that the golden spiko   will
Leask and the motto has been lived he driven about twelve months hence,
"I1   to,    to the   letter, In this cum*, mldwaj between Kdinonlon and    the
l.ntlerlj    tl.e entire supervision    ut coast, but the contractors, who hove
th.- work has been In thc hands     ,,f charge (lf hh** actual work, say    the
Ml   O'llnra,   who Is    the Craabrook job cannot be completed curlier than
representative-   of Mr. O'Gara,    the ihe fail of lnM und possibly not   be
architect. f„n. ,il(. nildill-p of 1918.
Uh n ail is -..mi aiei done one can- '   Outlets are now entering Iho most
Imt lulp fee]InH thut  ii  will to only difficult part of       the task, tlu* final
tum.mow     or after when lhc entire stretch of 21b miles, ull of which   Is
of ih-' prrsenl wooden it rucl ire will along sleep side hills, composed     ol
In*   |niii.ii    down,       it   i*. already slipper) mica clay.       The engineers,
KhowitiR rdgnu o| having survive! It.*; who planned the rom.* through    the
iisefiiiin          The   n.w     v.in;   will Yellowhead Pass, whieli makes other
shame n out ol existence at. I proud transcontinental grades appear as  it
as tin      new     struct une   now is it thei  wen- blunders, aie now running
will   mm   tow  io in- the n..l   wing, n constituent   tlmt defies practically
ami   io Ihe    world noes   lound i ver) law known lo railroad scletaooi
 I    '"    Its     dentin)    III  Ih-Hoi and  will keep lhe shovels busy       for
U-lngs Iwo years alter all ilu* steel is laid.
llie haime of the gtound between
bbe rail head and Fort Oeorge pre
seiiis numerous problelns In engineering. Tbe mien clay slides easily; in
tail, in scores' ol inst Alices It has
been necesenry to dis ""•'" the sntne
places two or three times. WiUi      a
mi tain   of this   jelly-like mixture,
nee-ding) only a light rainfall lo start
il Bhitttng. the drawl Trunk Paclllu
hns n problem iu railroading iirtl
encountered elsewhere in Uie western
country. [letween Pncnboiilns and
Tete J linn Cache Llie mountains rise
to heights of from 11,000 to 10,0110
feet. The highest peak is Mount
Itohson, 13,000 feet from base to
Mite -VI, the present head of steel,
i live miles below Tete .limn, is the
busiest place in the line. Two
steamers, ibe Constructor and tlm
Conveyor, were lmill last spi'ttig by
Foley, Webb and Stewart, to transport supplies down the swift running Fraser river. The boats are
of the stern-paddle type, 150 feel in
length with 21-foot beam, driven by
ISO-horse power engines, The boats
are of green spruce Limber, sawed on
llu* spol, and. considering llie material, tbey are remarkably g<"ul craft.
However, in account nf drawing loo
much water, the boats can bc used
only when thc stream is at its highest point. So (ur only half of the
supplies have been forwarded, and as
llu* season is Hearing its close there
will Is- delays.
Five steam shovels and seven hundred ears of equipment and material
are piled up al lhe head of steel and
there is so much other apparatus
coming up every day lhal one wonders how the contractors ean semi
even a fraction of it down the Fraser river before navigation closes. Tlie
lighter supplies will go down in
scows, whieh are lmill al the head of
sleel and abandoned after conveying
ilu* oargo to tbe canyon, tun miles
below stiilbard. Four experienced
men with 20 foot sweeps at bow
ami stern are necessary to navigate
one ol these scows,
Loading a steam shovel and transport ing it down a swift river is a
Job Urns would give even a seasoned
sailor some uneasiness. The shovel is
run over u temporary I rack to an
open scow, 10 feet in length j and 20
bet in width, lowered into the bottom and lashed In the nose of tlie
conveyor. When the Craftjswtngs
into tin* current and heads down
stream, the workmen bold their
breath and the owners begin to figure
the probable loss. Two shovels
have tn-en taken down that way—
usl (limed loose and allowed to
drift, so fur without mishap. The
Fraser rlv-*r, howover, has already
claimed fifteen human lives, mostly
by accidents with rude crafts, handled by inexperienced workmen. There
an- numerous swirling eddies in the
stream,   against      whieh   even the
strongest swimmer has Ml lb* or no
At intervals along the route between Edmonton and the bead of
sleel are vacant store houses and
other buildings of lo--, walls ami tent
roofs which were once occupied by
builders and grading nanus; broken
shovels, remains of worn-out machinery, discarded clothing and footwear aud heaps of tin cans are rusting, and decaying in the varied changes * t climate, and here and there a
Uttered slime tells that the work of
i.ii I road construction, which draws
iis material from the wiiole civilized
world, must also lake its toll of
human life.
Thirty-two largo ami small stool
bridges will he constructed between
He.splendant and Fort Oeorge. After
leaving    Tele Juan Cache tho    road
s.ltllll JHOJ   I.Mll  .UStM.af .1111 SSOJ.)  Hl.rt
before reaching the fort. The first of
these bridges is 17 miles below tbc
present railhead. At the canyon, iiii
miles farther west, the survey crosses ibe river twice within a few miles
reerosslng il al the canyon. There is
also a bridge at Resplendent, making
five spans over the Fraser river. A
I* ng bridge will cross the Shuswap
river ami one must Ih* built over the
Olios! river before trains are run into Fort Ceolife.
The principal contractors below
steclhend are; Carlton and Co., 2a
miles, with seven shovels; Griffith
ami Co., 2"> miles, with four shovels
un tht ground; Hums and .Ionian. I'i
miles, with a battery of diggers;
Spend and Co., 2.ri miles, wilh liie
machines and Simmons and Co., the
last 50 miles ol the grade to Fort
Oeorge. This out01 has alx of tho
largest Shovels in Western Canada.
Her Hair Commenced to (irow
After Two Weeks'Use of
Newbro's Herpicide.
"Fever caused me lo lie entirely
bald. 1 bad given up all'hope of
again having hair when 1 was advised
to use llerpiiide. Afler two weeks
my Imir commenced to grow. I now
have the mosl beautiful head of hair
anyone cvtr saw. Praise lo Newbro's Hei| hide."
Thus writes Mrs. Howard Itailey,
Of Bollevue, Mich. We ean point to
thousands of Instances where the
propci it.- of llerpicide lias been foi
lowed hi ,i reninr'-tahle growth of
Newbro's Herpiclde is the original
remedy which lolls the dandruff germ'
and slops falling bair.
Send 10c. in postage for sample
and booklet to The llerpieide Co.,
Dept, It., Detroit, Mich.
Applications may to obtained at
the best barbers and hair dressers.
Newbro's llerpieide in u0c. and
$1,00 sizes 1s sold by all dealers who
guarantee tt lo do all that is claimed. If you arc not satisfied your
money will he refunded.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Spcctiyl
the sum of $3800, received from the
Fernie .Construction Co., has been
expended in law charges and extraordinary expenses, and to notify
thc school trustees that if tliey consider il necessary to raise such sum
for ih«* Wonipleiion of the puhlic
school building atid grounds tliey
should submit a request to the council io place a bylaw for that purpose
before the ratepayers."
| It was also further resolved that
fraternal orders desirous of purchasing lots n the cemetery, will be
liarged Sll per lot, for nol less than
in Jots.
Next Monday evening at .1.30
o'clock the Fernie Lacrosse cluh is
scheduled lo cross sticks on the
local exhibition grounds with tlie
doughty Cranhrook defenders. Cranbrook has been practicing faithfully
for this game, expcolktg a bard contest. The visiting team is brought
here at heavy expense and liberal
patronage should he acoordod. At) tin*
stores have signed an agreemenl to
close at 5 o'clock and a big crowd
should witness the game, which
promises lo hi* warm from start to
Springfield, Mo., Aug. 21.
[is (believed to Im* tho largest
in the world was seen hero
morning while Jesse Fox anl
were walling to go to lop'.in,
ihey expect to live.
Tlie baby is ififtcen month.
and weighs seventy-seven pound*
is well proportioned and Min v.
six bal ami a woman's No. s /'i
The parents say they have fed
diluted   whiskey   since     it waf
weeks' old.      It consumes a
gluss of    whiskey daily, liesidi
other food it wants.
The mother is five feel three
In height ami weighs 1U2 p
The father is a farmer six feet
inches iu height.
il on
s two
s any
ma Is.
The Prettiest Picture
Messrs. Wit ite and Mcl'hee, on behalf of the board of school trustees,
appeared before n special meeting of
the city council lust Thursday afternoon, in reference In thc request
made at n pre.ions meeting, for the
sum of at-'tsou, paid over by the Fernie Construction company, as an outcome of the l.-nul proceedings.
In tbis connect on the [olU»wing resolution  was unanimously adopted
"That the eity clerk be instructed
to not iiy the school trusMrs that it
has been   found on examination, Unit
ihat an individual ean Imagine is
thai of a live-acre fruil farm—-lhe
emblem of prosperity*, happiness ami
comfort. In a    few     short   years
lluena Vista Gardens will he Uu*
prettiest residential section of the
city, Then you may have the opportunity of saying "I could have
bought that property tor $100.00 per
acre i Illy a few years ago." Take
advantage of your opportunity und
Itl'Y NOW. There are still a few
five-acre tracts left, at original
prices. The price of all unto] I
traces will he raised shortly lo the
same price as oilier property farther
out. It will pay you to -jet no-
quain ted with the Cranhrook Agency
Company, the Exclusive Sales
Agents for this property-.
Large WarchotiK.- Apply F. J.
Dcanc, Herald Olliee. *ll
A Hummer for the Summer
This is a (jpe.il advantage lo good
dressers. Our slock comprises .1
complete range ol
Men's Clothing
25 % Discount
off any Suil in the slore,
What You Want
When You Want It
All Goods
••WW WWWWW**rWW*9 *9*9*9W*4*y*W**w*/
All Goods
House t.i let ll'.mi Si'|1I.'iiiImt Ut.
h'urnisliul or ottwrwi-tf*. Api.lv 1*. 0.
llox tm, franlirook. M-lt*
FOIt SALE.—One   tram   heavy
ili.int'.lii. liorses.      Apply ll. Flnlay-
siin, Mr. Itotiiiisoii's saw mill, t'rou-
lirook. 3MI*
WANTEII.-Sltiiation lo cook [or
froili 10 to till prop'.; by .'xp.Tiflir.*l
mflrrted man. Waot all winl.>r',s
job anil can leave September 1st.—
li. Sparks, C'oolin, Maho.        IW-'lt*
FOR SAI.E.-200 sprini; chickens;
HI turkeys; .'I incubators, 1 iiroi*ler,
sel single ilrivinir, harness; ft acres ol
laml, closest acreage to tin' city,
with 'I dwellings. Apply alter 11
p.in.—Samuel .Mae.li.ii.ilil, back ..(
hospital, King St. 33-at
FOU SALE.—Circular sawmill
machinery, complete with edger, '
trimmer and sorting rig, in first-
class running order; also all np-
IKirtenances thereto, Capacity
70,000 tt. II. M. per 10 hours. Several logging trucks gnd sleighs and
general loggers' outtit. Alst, two low
and office building, corner llaker St.
and Fenwick Ave. F'or lurther particulars apply lo The I.und I.ami uml I
Development Co., Ltd. SMI
hustle apply In writing to Sales
Agency and Adjustment Co., Bo.
318, Cranbrook. 21-H
Collections.—Let u. collet! your
i Id accounts. No charge It we don't
collect.—S.Irs Agency and Adjust
ment Co., Iloi 310, Cranbrook
B.C. 21-tl
Anyone found trespassing mi the
llnriliiinirk properey, formerly known
us I'ntliui's l.nli.., mil lu- prosecuted.
.n-Ht A. II. I'layle,
For Sale
(iiu*.Matinson Locojiiotirn Firebox
Ho-ilrr. mounted on wheels; 1'-
inches tliiutiPtrr Ivy 15 ft. long ;
im*BBun\ It. C, inspection, 100
Also ono Oxford Engine, llxll.
May In- ut'i*ii nt Hum-diet Siding,
on«* iiiilo posl <>l Mayooki !'• l\
Fnr further pnrticii'nrs apply to
Leask & Johnson, Klku. B.C.
TAKE NOTICK llial it is my iu-
tt'iition wit Iii ii thirty days from tin*
date hereof tn apiily tn tin* Mayor
iiml Licensing Commissioners of tlu*
City nt Cranbrook Inr their permission to transtri* the Liquor Liconso
in my iiamo ami nttschlng to tlu*
Manitoba lintel, Maker stnrt,
i'i an tn« .uk, to .tames Uuctian&h,
Dated at Hit- City nf Cranbrook
litis ltith day nf August, 1012.
James Drown, Applicant.
Witness: ilosepli Ryan, Cranlirook,
B.C. .11-11
WANTKIK-Oiri fnr general housework, Apply Mrs. (1. \V. l'stiiion*.
City. IMI
POIt HHNT — Three room apart-
ini'iit, partly furnisitnl, tnai tlio
freight sboils. Apply W, It. Itealty,
city. 3i-it
Mrs. .1. S. Minnie. l.iimsnYn avenue.
city. 2B-tt
Several miles of telephnno wire, in
150 feet lengths, suitable lor fi'iu-in-i,.
can be purchased at bargain prices
trom lhc Kootenay Tolep.ioni' Lines,
Ltd. Apply to .1. R. McNabb, man*!
ager. 80-lf
TO RENT.—Warehouse or storeroom space at risisonablo rates. Furniture, pianos, trunks, IrnggU's,
sleighs, etc., stored in good dry
warehouse. Apply nt Herald office.
Phone 18. 27-tt
WANTED.-ny the W.   C. f. 0.,
mothers for tho young girls, who are
out so  late at ni-'.lit, wilh qursllou-
ahlo young men. 31-tl
"Ite east linlf nf Ini 13 iu bloek 8,
subdivision of District l-ol 200a,
(Jump t, Vancouver liistrict. Whereon
proof nl loss nf Certificate ol Title
No. 7258c. tn the above nnmnl prop
eity Issued in Hie name ol Oeorge
Menl has been lileil in this ofllep,
notice is hereby given that i shall
at the expiration nf one month from
dato nf    the flrsl publication heirol
Issue a -duplicate <>f s.iiit (Vrtilirah-
■•I Title unless In llu* meantime valid
objection In* uuule in me in writing."
I la till nt Laml lleglstrj Ofllce this
1Mb day of August.
A. (J. Smith,
Jilt District Registrar.
Inhibitors' Notice
Kor iii.* convenience of exhibitors,
Hit* Main lluiIdIfig will be open anl
ready l"r exbihiis nn lhc llth.
All Exhibits musl bc in plactf
by in n ni. on thc iqIIi. Doors
will Ite locked from to a.m. to
ij noon on thc iMh. in order i«»
allow judges lime lo an ard
Owing to tin* dissatisfaction In f"f
mer years, by Imvlng local people a'"'
as judges, lhe Directors have engngMl
competent un-intcrested parties trom
outside towns t<' acl as fudges in
the various (hisses.
Hy order nf tlie Hoard nl Directors,
the above mil- regarding exhlii is.
will he strictly inforced. II ll
Held In I'ainiwi's Hull
Cindu.l.J by MVS. It. A. KUkIM I I
OertlflctPil Twirl... Irom
l.omlun Hclioul lloaiil
llnnr*: HI In 13 h m I - lu i ■• m;
i'ii.im. 'jl'h i . ii iuix atw
The Home Bakery
iimiiihi Kiti.ii'. Crop,
Fresh Bread. Cakes, Pies, and
Paslries of All Kinds
I'IMIXI   •..
Norbury Af..      Opp. Clly II.li
NOTICE IS llp-.ltl--.IIY OIVKN ol
llm Intention ul .lolin MiT.vlsli I..
apply lor u tralistrT ol Iii* liipuir II
Cttlso tor tlm Wi'ntwoitli hotel, situ
ate on lot. 13 uml II, llliuii IH, I'liin-
lilook, B.C., Irom lhe uniil .lolin Mn-
Tuvlsli lo Dan A. MoDonald, ol the
said City nl i'rnnl|.Mil, at the next
meeting ol thc l.lrense t'oiiimisslniiers
l.ir the I'ity ol franlirook held thirty dav* niter tin- mil day ol August,
Paled al Cranlirook, It. ('., tl.ii f.lli
day ol August, una.
.lohn McTavlHh
32-r.t D. A. McDonald.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane. Wash.
A nin-lfiM i*.]iii|i|'i''l Caffl St iimmIi-miIo
Itnter; fl.00 and up pei dsjr
Out nor nf I lown nl St. ntui Km m \w
>t'ii hn:- insets nil trainf
The Coeur D'Alene Company
.  I'RnPRtKTllRI
JAIHIB 00E1Z, President
HARKV F. KAliK, Secretary


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