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Cranbrook Herald Feb 9, 1911

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We sre well    .   .,
turn out the best e
nd to
NO. 51
The Reciprocity Negotiations
Pull Text of Correspondence Between Negotiator*
The discussion over tbe reciprocity
negotiations continues witli unabated
/enl. Opinions ol tbe most diversified nature, many of thom entirely
without bearing upon the actual facts
of the ense, are being expressed iu
the press and by public men Carefully weighing the pros ami eons, uud
allowing fur the inevitable iutroiUtc
tion of partisan, feeling, it appears
to he becoming plainer day by titty
thai the great hulk of the peoplo on
both sides of the line favor the pass
ing of the reciprocity measure and
that despite the loud outcries of
speeial interests, the arrangement
will be ratified both by the Canadian
and the American legislatures.
As showing clearly the lines upon
which the negotiators worked, we
reproduce below the correspondence
that passed between the Canadian
negotiators and Secretary Knox
Washington, January 21, mil.
Jiear .Mr. Secretary:
1. The negotiations initiated by
the President several mouths ago
through your communication to His
Kxcellency the Hritish Ambassador
respecting a reciprocal tariff arrangement between the I'nited States
and Canada, and since carried on between representatives of tin; governments of the two countries, haw
now, we are happy lo say, reached a
stage whieh gives reasonable assurance of a conclusion satisfactory to
both countries.
2. Wc desire lo set forth what wc
understand to he the contemplated
arrangement, and to ask ynu to confirm it.
3. It is agreed that tin- desired
tarifl changes shall not take the for
mal shape of a treaty, but that the
governments of tin* two countries
will use their utmost efforts (<> bring
ahout such changes by concurrent
legislation at Washington and Oi
■1. The governments oi tbe two
countries having made this agreement from the conviction th.it. ll
confirmed by the necessary lenisla
live authorities,   it will benefit     the
people    on hotb   sides or    ihr bordci
line, we mny reasonably hope and
expect that tin* arrangement, II an
confirmed, will remain in operation
(or a considerable period Onl) tins
expectation on the pait of both gov
ernments would Justif) the time and
lahoi that have been employed in lhe
maturing of the proposed measure*
Nevertheless, il Is distini lij umlei
sto-nl tbal wc do not attempt 10
hind loi thc dilute the action of the
I nited States congress "* tin* pai
(lament oi Canada, bul thai each   ol
these  authorities    Rhall   bC  Bbsollttl Iv
fire to make ,ui, changes ol tarifl
polic* 01 oi anj othei mattei covered
bv the presenl arrangement that maj
he deemed expedient We look fm
the continuance ol thi arrangement,
not because either part) Is hound to
it, imt because of out conviction llini
the more liberal trade pollcj thus to
he  established   will   he  Viewed   bj    'he
people of the Init.si State* and Can
ada as one which will strengthen
the friendly relations now bappilj
prevailing and promote lhe commci
rial interests ol both countries
r> \s respects a considerable ■*•'
oi articles produced in hoth conn
tiies, we have been aide to agree
that thev shall be leeipn-i all) flee
\ llil oi the articles to hr admitted
Ine of duty ml,, the (nited Stat,,
wbeQ Imported trom Canada, and in
to Canada when Imported Irom the
1 nited state,   is set loith in Sche
llllle   \
a    \s    respects   anothci group "i
articles, we htVC    heen abb* to agree,
upon common rates of dutj io      bo
applied to suth article* when 1111
ported Into the t nited Stale'- from
Canada or Into Canada from lhe
United States \ lisl of ibese ar
tieles, with the rates of duly, is set
forth in Schedule 11.
7. In a tew instances it lias been
loiuid that tbe adoption of a com
mon rate will be inconvenient) and,
therefore, exceptions hnve to he
8. Schedule C specifies articles
upon which the I'nited States will
levy thc rates therein sel forth when
such articles are unpolled trom Can
n Schedule li specifies articles
upon which Canada will levy the
rales therein set forth whin sucb articles are Imported from lhe I'nited
in. With respect to Hie discussions
tbat have taken place concerning tbe
duties upon the several grades of
pulp, printing paper, etc.—mechanically ground wood pulp, chemical
wood pulp, bleached   and unbleached,
news printing pupei and other printing paper, and hoard made from
wood pulp, ui ihe vatlio not exceeding four cents pei pound at the place
ol shipment— we note Uiul you desire
to provide Dial mm li articles from
Camilla shall he made fiee of duty in
the United Stales onh upon certain
conditions respecting the shipment
of pulp wood from Canada, ll is
necessary that We should point out
ihal this is a mal ter In whieli we
are not in ;i position lo make any
agreement. The restrictions at
resellt existing in Canada are ol a
provincial character. Tiny have
been adopted hy several of the provinces with regard to what, are he-
lieved to be provincial interests. We
jhnvi! neither the right nor the desire
to interfere with the provincial authorities in the free exercise of their
constitutional powers in the administration of their public lands. The
provisions you are proposing to make
respecting the conditions upon which
these classes of pulp and paper may
he imported into the United States
free of duty must necessarily he for
the present inoperative. Whether
the provincial governments will desire tu in any way modify their regulations with a view to securing
the free admission of pulp and paper
from their provinces into the markel
of the United Stales must he a
question for the provincial authorities lo decide In the meantime,
the present duties on pulp ami paper
imported from the I'liilcd States
into Canada will remain. Whenever
pulp and paper of the classes already
mentioned are admitted into the
United States free of duty from all
parts of Canada, then similar articles, when imported from the
i'nited States shall lie admitted into
Canada free of duty
11 Tlie tarifl changes proposed
might not alone he sufficient to fully
bring about the more favorable conditions which hoth parties dc&ffc' It
is conceivable thai customs reguln
tions whieli are denned essential i.i
come cases might operate unfavorably
upon the trade between the United
Slates and Canada, and that sucb regulations, if made without due regard lo the special conditions of the
two countries, might to some extent defeat the good purpose <>f thc
present  arrangemenl       it Is agreojl
that   tlie     UtmOSt   Care   Shall   he   taken
bj both governments lo sec that on
I\ bu< h . (Mums regulations are
adopted .1- .ne reasonably nccessarj
for the protection oi Uie Treasury
ngalnsl fraud; that no* regulations
shall he made ni maintained which
unrcasonnhlj hampers the more lit*
ml exchange of commodities now
proposed; that representations ou
eithei side .ts o» the unfavorable
operation ol .un regulation will re
ecivc rrom th.* •iihei all due consldei
ation, with the earnest purpose     oi
removing .un     [Ust    cause of       coin
plaint, .ied that, 11 further legislation
is found ncepKsar) lo enable either
government to cati> nut the pm
poses oi tins pi.nisi.jii. such legists
lion will he sought from congress 01
parliament as the case ma) hr
12 The government of Canada
agree tha'. until otherwise deter
mined in  Ihem, tin- licenses hitherto
is-. I t.. 1 nited States fishing   ves
icls mull 1 'h« protisi-ms of section
:t of chnptei •■ ol thc Itcvlsed Stat*
'ii. ni Canada, granting to such ws
seK certain pihlieges "U the Mian-
tie mast   ..j   Canada shall continue
to he Issued   -Hid   thai   the In    lo      lie
paid io the government oi Canada
foi such license hv the ownei or
coramandei   ol    .un    such   United
States  vessel shall henaflei   (..■    one
dollar i" 1 annum
IS   it is understand that up 1
da) and hour tn be agreed upon be
tween the two governments, the president    of    lhe      I llited Stales    will
communicate to congress the conclusions now reached and recommend
tlie adoption of syeh legislation ns
may Is1 necessary on the part id the
United states to give effccl to tho
proposed arrangement.
it it is understood-that simultaneous wiib lhe sending of such
communication to the United states
congress by the president, the Canadian government will communicate t<
lhe parliament of Canada the conclusions now reached, and will
thereupon lake tbe necessary steps
to procure sucb legislation as is required to give effect to the proposed
Ui. Such legislation ou tbe part
of the United States may contain a
provision Ihal it shall not come into
operation until the United Slates
government are assured lhat corresponding legislation bus been or will
he passed by lhe parliament ot Canada, and in like manner the legislation on the part of Canada mav eon
(Continued ou page ten )
Vote on Sewerage By-Law, Feb, 28
School Board Estimates Passed as Amended—Isolation Hospital to
be Establised—Aid. Jackson questions Position of City Solicitor in School Case.
News of the District
Unpaid  accounts   (1910) 0.00
Telephone service .   .. 31.00
Light   30.00
Contingencies  100. no
Medical health inspection 500.00
Litigation expenses    , 2000.00
The city council were in session
the greater part of Monday afternoon
und a good deal of business, of more
or less importance, was transacted,
Including the iinal adoption oi tha
bylaw providing for the raising uf
$1(10,001) for sewerage purposes and
the reappointment of II. Y. Parker
as city engineer and superintendent
of water work's.
There were prescnl .Mayor Hunt,
Aldermen .lohnson, Taylor, Campbell, Bowness and Jackson.
After the reading and adoption of
minutes of past meetings, several
communications were disposed of.
(1). From the city baud, asking
for the usual grant in aid. referred
to the finance committee.
12). From the Salvation Army,
asking for the remission uf taxes on
city property, temporarily laid over,
upon lhe understanding lhat tbe same
course as was pursued last year
would be followed. I.e., n grant
equal lo amount of taxes levied.
(3). Request Irom Salvation Army
for use of certain band instruments
not now in use by the city hand; referred to the city bandmaster
(1). From K. Mallandainc, referring to number of dogs at large and
complaining of nuisance thereby cans
ed; deferred for later consideration,
The estimates of the school trustees for the ensuing year were next
presented hy lhe city clerk, as follows:
Litigation expense overdraft
!    (1910)      1*58,30
Teachers' salaries
 % D170.00
Teaching supplies	
General expenses 	
Flag, etc	
Equipment unpaid 1910
t    137.50
liant'l'ig lull 	
l.iulitiu*; system ami   bell
s       131.70
Improvement nt grounds
Toward completion i.f schi
Toward       completion
. .   3187.110
Total         MB.4H t'3
In a communication from the
board of school trustees, accompany
ing these estimates, it was intimat -
iii that it would be agreeable to the
board, if the Council saw lit, to have
a bylaw submitted to the people to
raise by debentures the amount required for permanent expenditures.
A long discussion ensued, the final
outcome being lhat the council passed items amounting to a total of
$12,481.60, as being ordinary expenditures, and as to tbe balance,
J7.non.Ui, for extraordinary and special expenses, decided that a bylaw,
authorizing the issue of debtntures
must be submitted lo the ratepayers.
An account from -lohn Choldltch of
$20, for auditing city accounts, was
passed and ordered paid.
Applications for the position oi
city auditor for the ensuing year
were read from R. \V. Macdonald, ol
Calgary, and N I. Harrison, of tbis
city. They were referred to ihe finance committee.
A communication (rom .1. P.
Hughes, "f Vinnlp ,-. re street numbering, was referred to the works
The following accounts were passed
and ordered paid:
School hoard orders  $891.35
City engineer pay mil    821.50
Baldwin's pay roll 310.65
Fire department pay roll 825.00
Police pay roll
.1. II. Mellride and Co	
Cranbrook Trading Co   ..
I Beattie-Murphy Co	
F, 0. F. Perry 	
iW. A. llollins 	
j Thompson Stationery Co ,
|   Ltd	
O. R. Leask and Co	
ICity clerk (sundry expenses),
[(Juaili Kleetrical Supply Co
j Canadian Rubber Co.   ..
East Kootenay     Produce Co
|Cranbrook Drug nnd Book ('•*
T. N. Parrett	
j Niagara Tails Rubbei  Stamp
■   ing Co    ..    ,
j Ueale and Elwell	
I McCallum and Co,   ...
R. E. Beattie	
C.P.R., freight 	
|llerald Publishing Co	
|ll. c. Gazette 	
Uethbridgu Herald	
Cranbrook Foundry 	
Cranhronk   Sash    and    Root
R. S. Oarrctt	
Nelson News  	
F. Ik/all	
IV. E. Worden   	
Fink Mercantile Co , Wll    .
Cranbrook Electric Light   Co
Kootenav   Telephone      Lines,
Ltd '.	
Fink Mercantile Co , Ltd.
T. M   Roberts, returning of!l
O. If. Thompson,    pull clerk
R.   A    Fraser   ...
1  III
^ 85
20 to
151 75
Aid newness, on behalf ol the
water works committee, reported
to bim of tbe amount «>f then water
rates, and bad asked for borne modification of same In this connection
Aid. IJowness said the watci committee had concluded to instal the
meter system for certain large users
of water, and submitted a schedule
nf rates agreed upon, as follows:
(Continued on page eight i
Building up City and District
Past year's work of Board of Trade—President Brymner's Review
--Cranbrook to become Wholesale Distributing Center.
Tin* annual general meeting ot the
Cranbrook tioarit of trad.*, h-nlrt un
Tuesday evening in tin* Y.M.C.A.
commfltec moms brought together
.i ttu,tini*ttih representative, gathering ot thf business men of tin* city,
as well ii*. a goodly number of outsiders
The meeting throii**hiHii was of tlu*
most harmonious nature, if twins
ibvlously thr unanimous opinion
hai tin* board lind done ami vr-as do
Ing koimI work (or ihr rity and dls*
It T Hi \ nm, r, president, occupied
iln* chair, and It. H Benedict acted
as sccirtar)
Alti-l tin* disposal of mlnutei oi
previous meetings, tin* secretary
t rt'asiirri and pit sidi'tit i-arh read his
report an tin*    past year's work, tin*
■poii of tin* pi.shI,ni, ii somewhat
lengthy document, wns received witli
hearty applause Itotli reports lol*
Cash in Hank cf *t*<.mni.*rc.'.*I..S!t
Cash   in   Imperial    Hank,     in
It. .1   Hmiiiin* 116.50
Herald   51 ..It
Agricultural  Association
prize   2.'. mi
Net  ttiihihti
$91.78  ni.71
ll»l 75  91.75
Unl   Mny 2!llh, IftlU,    Impel
Ial Haul,   »      lfi
7.1 members ltuo at  15.00    .its.iki
l member 1909 at   15 no      5,00
Loan, it T it     25.00
Donation      i.no
Concert A* dam*.., net $71.50, . lin.HS
Loan, it r ti   t 25 uu
W.   1*:   Wordin. old account   .. 13.50
Associated   Hoards ot Trades
oi Kasl Kootenay     25.(Mi
Delegates to Kernie  11.00
Vdvcrtlslng—Lloyds '25.15 .
Lloyds 10.05..
Dumfries     7.95.
  t:f 15 !
dovcrnment Inspection or dls
trilt     .      »                        ... 41 Si i
Dominion    government, lncor
■iornlion 5.03
Delegates to Fernie 10.00
Printing of constitution . 55.00
Dry Farming bulletin 10.10
Spokane exhibit       I90.J9
t'rmtii.c and stationery         . 3!J.5fl
Telephone ami telegraph •*80
Concert and dance      1s 25
Balance Hank of Com   II 55
Hal  Imperial Hank             10 I !>0
Kdw   Elwell, Auditor
Feb    7.   1011
It is enstomari in organizations
such as tin* board of trade tor thc
retiring president to make some few
remarks as to what bas been done
during tbe previous year and to give,
to some extent., an account of the
stewardship ot tin* officers elected at
the lust annual meeting.
I think we may all (.-cl pleased
with the amount ol work that has
been taken up during the year and
while there is mi immediate benefit
irom a itooil deal of it   upon   which
one eon    plat ne's   finner and say
that such unit such is the dirtt-t result oi thc .-fl*,it*. of the hoard ot
trade, I think that no (air-minded
person in looking at what has been
done ean say that the work bas in
any sense lieen wasted
1 am i*l.i't to tie able to report an
increased membership and the more
regular holding nt monthly meetings
While we did iml    sun it in holding
our general meeting every month
there were only two   ol three elcep
tions aud those lur good cause
Among thc matters which ban-
come before us lor our consideration, the tirst lhat I will brinK to
your attention was the formation of
thc Associated Hoards ot Trade "I
Kast Kootenay. which comprises
Cranhrook, Fernie, Ilosmci ..nd Mich
el with good prosp.fi ot an Increased
membership in the near future This
board ol trade has in tin- past been a
member o( the Associated Boards "i
Eastern Hritish Columbia .md it was
decided in the .ally part ot the year
that with the development which is
going on in this portion of Kast**ru
Hritish Colombia more attention
could be given to the weds of uur
district by forming an association
(or the mutual txn.tit ol all portion-
ol East Kootenai This association
was organized on the 27th April.
1910, when their Ilrsi annual convention was held in Fernie, at which
many matters oi great importance
wen* taken up and dct.ll with The
second annual convention
was        io be        held i"
Cranbrook on the 2«th lanuaiv lost
but owing to tin* congested 'tain
service the meting was not as tolly
representative as was desired and it
was therefore turned into an informal
meeting nnd adjourned to a later
date when the regular animal convention will be held in Fernie
Thc next matter was the Voting
Men's Christian association building
in connection with which we made
representations to tin* C.P.R that
thc site whieh was originally thought
ot on tbe other side of the rmluay
track was not suitable Afler a
good deal of discussion and man)
suggestions nl various sotts it was
finally built in Its present ury nu.
venlcnt situation It Is a matter ol
regret to all of us that the railwav
did not include in their plans n swim
ming tank ami gymnasium hut v\<*
are Informed by ihe officials nl th,*
road that there is a strong probabll
Ity ot these two items being added
to the list nl attractions In tin* m.i>
(Continued on page three ,
i.Special CorresjKiijdence.)
Prol Richardson .md wife, vi Kurt !
Steele, were visitors .tt .'amp last i
Miss Olga Mortensun, who is wait- j
ress at the Kdward hotel n. Wardnei
spent a week's vacation in camp, re
turning last Saturdaj*.
Mrs* Pickering, of Wardner, enjoy
ed a week of pleasure and rccreatioi
witli hei  tunny Iriends in ramp
Mr. 11     ll     Henderson wm\      u
Fort, Steele fast Montlaj   :•■
friends foi an indefinite period
Billy Hates has been un tin-
list fur tlie past week, hm we
glad     to    note   that    lie N   up
around again
Mis. Geo l. Henderson invited tht
talent of tin- camp to hei home tbi
other evening and gave a musical en
teitainment, very mucb t<- the plea
sure   am!   Inten *' 'hr    invited
Horn    Ilemlrrson    :■    tlw busiesl
man "ii   tlie    job.      \s foreman, hi
has a gang ol .i.j'n at work oi
dam, a   gang  running the saw mill,
nnd another putting up ice fot
.ic- llarling has taken the < antra I
for clearing a tire break liitv feet
wide on I'itliei -uie ol the Hume, ard
the way be makes the bush and tr-'.-.
quiver isn't  slow .
Iby no means conducive t.i tbe satis*
factory carrying on   of h.ispiial dut-
| ies. Thc directors realize thn
great want ami have made arrange*
ments for the erection of a suitable
addition this coining sprint;.
\ mosl enthusiastic public meeting
v,.i. i.. 1,1 in the office of the (' V.I,
K I. . i.t,! . at ■-> o'clock on I-Mday
afternoon last for the purpose of
forming a hoard of trade for the
Wilmer district Mr II i: Kor.-.Vi
oi Kirlands, was elected preside, l,
Mi. K (i Hall, vice-president, Mi.
n (i Hamilton, secretary-troas trer;
ive, Messrs R 11 Bruce, T.
Starbird, A. Taylor, Dr. Hanlngton,
ii K Sialkei ami Geo StarUo.
Man) Important re-sotutlons wt ie
moved and adopted, tin* mosl pressing, perhaps, being "the want ol a
bettei ■ lail service " Aftei mmb
■:. the secretarj was in*
■: . •,.i Ui wute 1,1 tin- uostmastei
,, :.< ral,   pointing   out on:     presenl
; iiiih. ultics and asking that ^iuh   at-
si tht   postal needs ol     this
growing    distrb t    be given   a* will
; .'.ne satisfaction i-« the evei ln< ti'as
Ing populatii ■■ It was also resolved '.<< applv lor affiliation    with
a:  :
the  \ssociated Hoard.*. .■! Tt
Y j - . n   British Columbia
One ,.f the mosl entl uslasl **■
ings ever held in this districl
plate un   Thursdaj evening L-'
the   new-   dining rn<>r.;    of tl    Hoi
Dclpbine, kindlj   .i 11    ■■■:  -;
sion hy the  *•   al |   iprl • r, Mr.  \
S   Moor<',  the principal  busi..*
ing ihe  .'.'■ ■: Beers for 19
Kvery availabl.     seat     wa.3     taken
tSpnial mrrrsp-indetu'e )
M.*..-*   H   C   St   Claii  and .1   S
Hew-'tson came     down from Winder
■   Friday nichi on their way    to
K     It      Hurgesc, of    ("anal Klats,
who   was a    usitor in Wasa liid.u
lays fear is lelt that       many
cattle   wili be lost in that pari     ol
• •ur.try,   on account of   ureal
scarcity ol and   rvtraordmar;.     hUh
riCH ol hay.
A   Ii   Ilorsman, of Skookum't hnek.
^^^^^^^ who spent a couple of davs in fran-
whenMr   i   M   McLc. .    - _s,     ^.^    pas%t-.l throucl.
open ihe meeting, in the court I   -   ...    .......^ 0„ his OT, back     -„
very able and   interesting
lattd   :-   ■ ■**•■.- .   ham n lei   bffi  S * '.*. mora-
party fmm   its InfanCj lo th . rn a    hl,smf^ u,p ,„ ,>lkam,
l,,,slTlnri 1*    *       ■        '":'-'- ' -' nd ''alcarr     He expects to be „om
,1|P c'K"i   *ort  t a week
year and pointing out the great bene-     r   ff   Jotalon| ol Wasa> ha„    nb.
tained thf agency for the sabs      of
^°     Kootenay     Vvnx, Land and Develop-
0win8   *      ' mpany., a,re tracts       Ho
blorkrd r..ad,   evcra -• .,a.    pur(-has,r, wiH       bl.
peters wen   inabli  to attend      h I   ,  >;i ,„r a Iar?,. Bumbet ,,, ,ol, Ul,
the measagi    n eli rd from i
dlcated that al though :. * ;:■ ent
person   they    wi n ; .:*'
Hon     Richard  McBride   wai
rnouslj chosen u honorary president
and Mi   J   M   McLeod,  ;!. ■ .k.o :
fits that must result Ir-^m thi
tinuation ol ti.-   Cot
ernmrnt uv. :r.:    *
■-...:..-     :n r.i-:
few nice days we had !!,'■ end
■  .v.-.ii er.d'-d up with a   heavy
fa!! ■■ r.    Monday      'Iii-   :.*ad-
around here arc in    suth a condition
••*  that freighting is almost       Im-
I' is almost a sure thing that T we
t I   Ice a week mail seme*- fa the
u*-Ai fjitijr>-     This will be welcomed
II between h-tr and ttir.;*:: iire
ably ar,d    ^ lei etslull] i
duties  ol  ;j;. pa- '
year was .i.t.:, elected 1
Messrs. II     E   V-: iti:.   1    Start
and A     s   Mm. :•    .   :•  elected
presidents, Arthur Tayh .     ■■: ter]
treasurer i v<  utlvi       '■*...    "
Messrs.  F      0    Hall    Iir    IU:
(l      Chamberlain.     K     Andre*:, f
IHI.   dny   V.i'..      .1    Robb,   I'    \     ...
and -I   Harbour      -Tomml
tht- takinc of affidavits, Meaai
I".   Powell.    H   Martm   H   i'.-
T    Starbird,     '   Barboui   .....'.   D
Vmll     A roti ■
presenl provim Ial   -■■ ernmenl
led   with the  names ><f 'h*-   pi i
and Mr. II    i:   Par on, M !■ !'    -'--t   I
carried   amidst    loud and t,: ■■ I
cheer*       The ri*malndi r ot thi
Ing  was    ti\.-   -.'.-■:     ti ..,. „ ..   . „ „.,
\ .ns that prevail
merriment   ''V'" waaaaaaa
.;  -1 rn pondi tn •
I  Anglican ehunh is ncaring
.  '.     and   will     he quite an
 ddltiOD to tht- crt.win^
A    pin* ol optimism is prevailing
and in a   lew    u-n-ks time    quite a
■       ted in real eatate
. *  that  the Eero marv.     !,.i-,
ntjt been reached thi"! winter ll      a
Illustration of the ti ipl .ii
\fi< t    rnair.     dlsappotntmenl ^ ani
lots i.f bard Itli    lhe Ice in
» ■ Miape om    *.■:.!it   •'■ tbe   torn
nn Saturday wen ai  !.**>' abb       I ■
pla\ then iim game     The
at Ion
man i
waa m<  l   encouia Ing    .»:■ I
promise    '.f   man)   • ■<   yabl
irith 1      -: ed -!■■ i"
good was   *.iown   all
\lthnngh rach link pi.i«- I   *
ihort.    <;     \. !■■■•"
poseil  ■•(       I.l BI  I  W     II
t'lelai i gained a w. torj nvi i n. k
Stnlker's, who bad with him .1 M
McLeod and ll. I. Furs ter, ..i \: Ui
') It is Interesting .■> learn that
arrangeintnl• ar  h*ing made *■   ■
le;  at     l-asl   one    unl, .ti   t» .■ fortl
coming bonspiel at rtoldt
\ laricc eongregatir.n asaemhled iti
the Methodial church to hear the
lantern lecturi ITw  Man ■■' Vr*\rr
■\ War," on i ■ 'hi..
The lU-\ ^arkissia-i {<j .i. . - at
■ ■   K.j .'■ Creshytrry tneel
i.i w
Special eotttapoa li n i
11 ■■   - boo)   house, ||U ,   ti..
addition ha.\ been put up, r*.      ury
much Improved both inside and out.
Mi   K.   Sheldon, station mi tel
Sirdar, is  about to buj  tin  McDonald  house.   Into which he and       his
:.!■•:,. r will shortly move
Dame Humor nays that some oi
'•■: bachcloi vuung men are thinking
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ of buildinc themselves hotnes tiii*.
\ meeting ot tin- director! <*f the summer. We are anxlousl) await-
Windermere Districl Hospital a- mg their next move
soclatlon was held in tin* office ol j Mr Tewhy and lamitv uie now
the Columbia Valley Irrigated Frail comfortably settled at the section
Lands. Ltd .    hei, on Friday, Janu
ary 30th
Kit lands.
net i. Mc
Lake.    (
M.   II   R  Fortter,
oei Upled the chair
Included Mrs. r.   \   Ren
fleo  Starke, Messrs    *i
Cartwrlght, K     ti   n.i!'
in  Hanlngton and the ■ec-rotary, 11
P.   Hamilton.       The principal item,
for   discussion being the ineorporai
ing ol    the    Bitot latlon   i'i   -ing     of
b\-laws and the extension «f
present hospital building     I he
commodatlon In the exlatlng
is altogothei Ion Inadcttuaic
,   Re
Itobert Hughes, of Cranbrook,
kindly came down on Tuesday
and gave tin people ol Sirdar a
treat, in lhe Jorin of a lantern en-
Lertalnment, which was much enjoyed hv   a well  tilled house
Mt    Heck    was the guesl ■•[    Mi
Rodenbroogh on Mondaj
Mr. Hoffman has been enjoying    a
thi   f- w dayi test with bis lannlv
in- ]    Mi      I'.iiiliaiin, who has been with
hiiildm.',   Mr.   Itoonati lot m-arh  nine months,
and     is   lur  gORfl to VtRCOUmi to li'.e
The entire stock of R. HIRTZ consisinting of Dry Goods,  Gent's Furnishings. Hats, Caps, Blankets, Comforts, Misses and Women's
Shoes,  Clothing, in fact everything carried in any good store.
In the next thirty days I am going to bombard competition with the most astonishing low prices the people in, and around, Elko
ever heard off. My entire stock is to be sold. Yes cleared to the bare walls if possible in the next thirty days. Now is the time
to by in your supplies at prices never before offered you.     Mail order houses beat to a frizzle.     Read   the   following   prices, then
come and be convinced of the low prices that prevail.
Ladies Shots 25 per cent off
Re|*. $'.25 Dross SI «
N'ow   $:l.'*ll
Rog s| III) Dross ---li,., -
Now $11.0 i
Rag. $2 51) Dross SI s
Sow SI")
Men's Shoes 25 per cenl off
Kog. 15.00 Dress Sltous Sow   8 11.75
1.50 Hon
1.00 lire
Men's Clothing 25 per cent off
Reg. $25.60 Suit) Now $17.90
20.00    '■       " I4.U0
15.00    "       " 10,00
12.50    •■       •■ 11.85
50 per cent off Men's Hats
All English Imported.
It ig. Sl.00 Soft ami stiff Hals   12.00
"      8.60         1.75
8.00         1.50
"      -'50         1.25
2.00   "       1.00
Gent's Furnishings
Reg. 12.00 Dress Shirts 11.50
"      1.50     "        " 1,15
"     2 50 Lumbermen's Shirts
All Wool 1 HO
"      2.IH) Lumbermen'-; Shirts
All Wool 1.115
"      1.50 Heavy Work Shirts    1.15
Kog. $4.n0    "      the suit $3.00
••    :i.oo        2.25
"    2.00          1.50
•■     1.50 Mixed Wool Btul
Fle.ro $1.20
Blankets and Comforts
lie*;. J5.0H Blankets Now |3 75
4,00     ■•          " 8.00
:i.50     '*          " U.'iO
"      4.00 t'oiiiturts   " :i :'.*,
.'i.itO      "         " '.' 10
Come  People Come.   Don't wait but come Saturday morning 9 a .m.     Be one of the first.    Bargains you want others want, so
come early.   An opportunity of this kind seldom comes.
Boys'  Clothing to be sold at a sacrifice. Children's Shoes 25 per cent off.
. Hirtz, Elko, B.C.
Sale starts Saturday, Feb. nth, 9 a.m.
Sale starts Saturday, Feb. nth, 9 a.m.
♦ ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦•♦ ♦♦©♦n* »*
(Special correspondence.)
I in- bonspiel 1   on in I- •■ 1 nn-     1 liiu
Week       Tlir  town ' ui Ij t    .uut     those
uni ilclv visitors who v.. re uuil       I
comi'    are lun \n-   n
three days    1 ui I, hi Kebruarj
Mh .iml    .i.ilin- ..1. tin   lUth llit'
|hi/i- I1.-.1 is 111 Uie hand*, nt .1   H    I
-Mi-Miiiilii ami A   II   lur
'1 In- mi onil   cnrim .ti nl iln
was In I'I 011 Monti ij * I
lith. \ greal nunihri ol people In
iii.i.i* appeared mi tin .rt uiul .1
largt    numbei  0     pied tin 1 an
stand anil   land in]      rn mi      li  na
withoui ,t doubl ,1     ilccl. il   111 . •■
Tin- costume 1 verting good tai ti  uml a 1 n al di nl
originality,     it  was lerj hard     1
decide whose ruKtuun   ....   woi th) ol
lirst prize, bul  (ini dges
cided upon Mi ■ ■■ \ di on, .1
worthy ol the in 1  la Ml     MH
lir    Huh.tn    ,, n        .!
Marshcl flrsl gentleman    and    little
Stewarl   Html-1 un. I'hi
rail's were nol  v■»■ t>  wi 11 pal 1  nl/ed,
as tin* ice was rnthi
badly   j ni    up before   he]
Nn ladiei entered
Probabl]   thi  gn *;' id
tho season so tai ws
h\ tin-    board   nl tra
nielli     The    1 rowd   was nol   over-
large,    bul   quit*     • ■ Iv.
everyone    pre* at n
the  dancing to    thi 1 hi
music was good   and thi
usual condition      rhi  1 ol
many uf the ladli    wen   • ■ Hwoi thy
ot   mention,   being nl the lat<
V Klstler, rtlstrli 1 treii til n enl
toi tin- (in-ai Northern, with head
quartets al Grand Km.*, lit'., was
in Pernio toi a tew di
Thc average attendants ul iln- Kernie public school l«-i ilnnuan was
•IR;. The average loi .Iannan . 1910,
was 885 The present enrollment Is
57ti. More teachers arc needed and
mon* moms are needed lo acenmmo
date the pupils who
Bfice at present and the nni who arc
Mitel) i" attend during lhe mining
months ol the pn ienl ti rm The
board has nilvi rtl rd
papers tor more leai hi - diitii to
commence al Haslet and md
Tho Slinw'.liue 1 lull mi 1 nl tit.
home ol   Hn   it   1    Mulrhend      nn
iVednesdaj evening nl tliis week.
Tlu* Kive 11 mid nil club met with
Miss llogan .11 the home nl her sis.
vi, Mrs (ien. s. Crossman, on
1 'ue ida) evening
Mis-, Ash worth entertained a hum
■1.1 nf young people alter the enrnl
.1! mi Monday nigbl
I rune is trying t" sec uut ovei
ihe drills these days, when it stops
m>wing "i drifting hme enough loi
one t.i luck out The I ill nl 1 no
is licaviei than lias evei been known
ui Iiiiui- in previous years.
\ti attack nl the Kiip is iiftrii (ol
lowed hy a pcrsislcol cough, which
ui man) proves a greal annoyance
I hambet lam''. 1 'otiglt Remedy has
been extensively used ami with good
success tor the rellel ami cure ol ihis
trough Manv cases have been - ured
nt. 1 nil olhi 1 remedies have failed
-Sold hv all druggists und dealers, sou
Voui .ul- carrying youi lore
news, slmulil appear ns regulatl) i\t
i ; 'lus newspapci      If ;< newspap
tl   ulnil ted  an     issue   lin\\   allll   theli—
even lot so weight) a reason as feat
ing thai it might rain—II would n it
in- .1 good newspapci
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
ll\|.\U   \(t   ,■
\ bylan In raise llic vuu "I One
Hundred Thousand Italian l$100,-
0(10.00) in debentures foi lhe purptmc
ol Installing nnd constructing .t ww
age system In and iu Ihe vlelnll) ol
the fit) of franbroolr
UHKKF.AH ., petition lias heen
presenteil lo the Municipal 1'ouncll ol
tl. L'orporollon ol the Cltj ol t'ran
brook, signed by tl"1 owners "i nl
lea ■ one tenth ol the value ol the
rateable lands and Improvements In
lhe said Cily as shown b) ".■■ lo*'
Revised Assessment Roll, requesting
the said Council )•• Introduce a Ity
Ian tn raise the sum nl One Hundred
Thousand     hollars i1!"". '
the purpon ••! Installing and eon
mu ling a sewage system In nnd In
the vuu,.tv ..I the CH) ol Cran
\\n iviiiinKAs rot t.ie pm ■■*
aforesaid, ii   will lie nevessar)      lo
tiot tow     llie sum    of     Om-   Hundred
I I'litiusaiiil Dollars (Xton,01 oj.
Wli       WHKKBA.S     the    whole
[amount "f ilu- rateable lands ami im
pruvements nl the said City, accord'
jug in the   last   Revised Assessment
; Roll is $1,220,676.
< wn Ulll-:i.i;\s Uu* nmounl ol
the existing debenture Indebtedness
ui die ('ity nl Cranbrook is %l¥l.
3.1(1 i.s
wn WIIKRKAS 1 li*- Municipal
Council has power In pass bylaws Uo
■ >ntra. ling debts, i>y borrowing
monej or otherwise ami fm levying
rates foi payment ol such dcbls on
tbe rateable lauds and Improvements,
I'ltliei hi bnib, ni rateable teat prop
crty o 1 tin- Municipal It) fm an)
mrpnse within the Jurisdiction ol the
found I; but tin- nggrcgate ol such
bbis, pxcopl foi works ol local Im
irovemetil and loi school purposes,
-lull nol exceed twenty per rent (20
[it | uf the assessed Value uf I Inlands aiui Improvements or the real
propert j ol the Municipality, accord-
In the last Revised \ - • >Mlil 111
wn WIIKRKAS   the   iimvn. ih
bent ure Intebtedncss   nl   the fi'v ol
Cranbrook,   othei than the indebted
fi •   works ol local Imprnvcim nl
nnd foi s.i i purposes is $0R(3Hfl IR
wn uni:iti:\s ii will be rrquts
ii,- tn raise annual!) hv rale the sum
nl 11 120 to lo provide toi a sinking
fund !•> pat lhe said debt met lhe
turn ol 15000 im in pa) Interest
sow im.i.i.HH.i: tin* Municipal
r.iin*. ii rn iiu* Corporation id the
I'll) ol   Cranbrook in Council      as
itiihli ll,  i liil* Is  .is  flilloWK!
i li shall and ma) be lawful fm
ti>e Mayoi ol the Corporation ul tin
Citv ni Cranbrook lo borrow upon
tin- ttiiiit nf tin- said Corporation,
b> way ni iln- debentures hereinaftei
uuil tinned, from am person ot pei
sons, bra!) or bodies corporate, wlm
maj in' willing in advance the some
as a titan, n sum nf mnticv nnt exceeding in tin- whole, the sum nf One
Hundred Thousand hollars ($100,-
mm.mi) uiul tu cause all ■ >h turns
i-tii or received tt* he paid Into
the hands nf the Treasurer nf the
said Corporation, for tlu- purpose
nnd witb the object hereinbefore re
2 tt shall lu- lawful Im tin* Mav
mi i.f tin said Corporation lo ■ ause
nnt iiiMuhei nf debentures lo hi-
ii..uti'. ■ \ei'nteii ami Issued fm such
sum nr sums .is mav be required fm
the purpose ami object aforesaid, r.ol
i uiiiiiui'. however, the sum ol   Ono
Hundred   Thousand    Dollars ($100,-
 1.00) each ni    the said debentures
lieing nf the denomination nt One
| Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00} and uil
'sucb debentures shall he seated with
the seal nf ihe Corporation and si--;
tied by the Mayor thereof.
t Thc said debentures shall bear
jtl.iti- the 3rd dav nl July, A.D. 1911,
and shall he made payable within
j forty years from the said date hi
'lawful money nf Canada, nt the Of-
flees ol the said Corporation in
Cranbrook aforesaid, wliich said
place ol payment shall be designated
by the said debentures.
I    Tin- said debentures shall bear
interest    the   rate  nf   U\e  per  cclltlllil
1(5 p c ) per annum fmm the date
thereof, payably yearly at the offices
ol the said Corporation in Cranbrook
I aforesaid mi ilu* *ird day nf July in
each and every year during tlu- currency thereof ami shall have attached in them coupons for the payment
.m tin- said interest, wliich coupons
shall lu- signed hy the Mayor ami the
I signature tn the said coupons mny be
[either written, stamped, printed nr
"i During the currency of thc
.ml debentures, there sliall in- raised
annually by special rate nn all thc
rateable lands In the said City nf
Cranbrook, lhe said sum nf 1*5,000
im payment nl ihe said interest on
ihe said debentures, and ihe sum nf
$1,320.30 fm tin- purpose nf creating
.i sinking fund loi payment of the
debt bereb) secured, making In all
tin- viiin n( $0,320.30 tn be raised annual!) bj speeial rale as aforesaid
during each of the said forty years.
fl M shall hi' lawful fnr the Mayor nl the said Corporation tn negotiate and sell ihe said debentures lor
less than par, but In no ease shall
the said debentures be negotiated nr
sold for less iflan ninety* per centum
<*tn p.c) or theli face value, Including the cosl ni negotiating the sale,
brokerage ami all other Incidental
7. II shall he lawful fnr Ibe said
Municipal Cotincll 10 re-purchase any
nf the said debentures upon such
terms ns may be agreed upon with
the legal in.Mm m holders thereof,
nr any part thereof either at the
lime ot sale or any subsequent liim-
OI   limes,  and all debentures so     re-
]im< liasni shall forthwith he cancelled ami drst rm i'i and nn ro-tsstie ol
debentures sn repurchased shalt be
made iu consequence nl such re-pur-
K    This DyUw shall take effect un
ami alter the 1st day of April, A.D
ll. This Bylaw may be cited fnr
all purposes as the "City of Cranhrook Debenture Loan Bylaw No. «."
Head the Ist and 2nd time on the
20th day of April, 1010,
Read the third time on the 6th
day ol February, 1911.
TAKE NOTICK thai the above is
u true copy nf the propositi Bylaw
upon which the vote of the Municipality wilt he taken at the Municipal
Building, Baker Street, on Tuesday,
the 28th day of February, 1011, between the hours nf ti o'clock in the
morning (10 a in local time) and 7
o'clock in the evening (H o'clock p.
in* local time).
Clerk tn the Municipal Council.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L.. President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Central Mamc-.ii
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST. - $7,000.(100
TAKK NOTICK that I, Josoph
Wrtgtit, ni iiiissi-iiiii, ii. r, occupation rigar Maker, Intend to apply
for permission to pim-hasc tlie lul-
lowliiK ilescrihiil land:
Commencing; al a post planted
about 14 chains west ol the S. W.
comer nl Lot M97, being tlie initial
post N. i: corner; thence south -I'i
chains, Hiriiu* west lfi chains, tliein'e
south lfi chains, theme west .11
chains, tlience north .'>- chains,
thence east Mil ctalM to puint *>(
i,.minim rim ni and cnntnining SIS
acres, more or less.
.loseph Wright, Locator
.1. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated Nov. 8th, 1(110. 1.1-H*
Dodson, of Maker City, Oregon, occupation Housekeeper, Intend to apply lor permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one
foot west from the N. \V. comet* of
Lot 73ST, being the initial post N. E.
corner; thence suiith 80 chainB, thence
west 11 chains, thence north 81)
chains, thence east 11 chains to
point of commencement nnd containing 112 acres, more or less.
Ilclli* Dodson, Locator
J. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated Nov   Bth, 111*. 46-f.t*
Every branch of The Canadian Bank of Commerce li equipped lo issue drafts o
die principal cities in the foilowin^ countriei withoui delay i
.Nr*  a&RhnJ Stbcria
Norny Sottttin
r.m.mM Spulti.-Xlr..**.
Pmfa Spain
iv™ StnltB Sett-tram.)
PMUppbe ItalanJi    Sv.r-J.ii
I'-Mtugal SvUnrliud
K.-umani.. luHwi
Uium;. ( mtr.l Suie-.
Smb. I'ruiuai
Wet InJir*,. tie,
omitty where they urn pnj
lire, Itronetti florini
A tf online
ktuiibiu- Immaric
Faroe Ihimi
1 It'lifl um
1 ,'rn;,i,4
Frch Cochin Ch
l'<* r manv
I.r.*.i: Britain
The amount of these drafts is stated III Ute money of Iht
able | that is thev are drawn iii iterltng-, francs, mark
l-SeU) roubles, etr., ns the i-.ise may be.   This i
receive the actual amount Intended.
isurei that the payee nbrotul * II
R. T. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook Branch
To Introduce out good! we will nil, i.*i ihr onl mvu
days, all out gnotli ai greatly reduced price*. Below yon
wilt nml a few ol iiirm Wiiii- (or prleta on anything not
here, or ncntl your order, .mil  we will guarantee- thr prlcea
and you may ivtut'i all goods that yon think ait- not latll
Ai.lir:.i...- gaaketfl tnntli: tn your own otih-r Irom
tin* very beai sliet-t with brass who   insn ...I'lr Hi Uld
Siinsri sheet, a ml rubber packing   Per lb 76c.
C. D. S. Bhcct packing  Per Hi 88c
Mobline red and black sheet wilh wile insn ...Per tb 7Bc.
i ih the spiral packing  Per lb 90c.
Boat (lake graphite |>cr lli BOc.
Tho best tan lace leather cut 80c, sides per lb 75c.
The bcsl taw hide leather cut 76c, sides Per lb 70c,
Dixon's snliil lull tlreaalng, one Ih. slick  Per Ih 35c.
Asbestos lent shields, mode to jour order ...Per Ih 78c,
We are headquarters    for a'ttntnnbtlo accessories, sucli
as threads, blowout patches, spark pluga, pumps, everything
for the auto.
P. 0. BOX 1961
Building up City and District
j ol agriculture
from tlie departtni
Victoria, announi
(ColllillllL-ll   '
one )
future, provided thu patronage would Hoards of Trade and hope Lo sec u
warrant their increasing their out- illteration in ihis respeel during U
The matter of government experiments in the treatment ol zinc v»;i;
taken up with the Department ' ol
Mines and some interest ing Infonn.v
tion was given us on this ..iibie.i.
This is u matter whieli will hnvo a
strong beating on the ruining industry of this section of the counlry us
the solving of Die problem or - :,nr,
zinc as woll as the other ores Vould
create practical!)' a new Industry In
our mining development.
Mail service.   This hoard 1
up the matter of bi-weekly null]
viee lo the   Windermere dlaUltn  .
strongly ou    several   occasions
though Up     to the presenl   linu-
old iiietlicieui   weekly service l* ■
in tone we aie    assured thai w
the next tenders are called
carrying the mail it will l.
weekly basis, which will o
much closer touch    with o
lo ihe north and will cortulnlv   en
large our   business    rclntt-).is   vith
that part ol the country.
We have also forward'd petitions
to the proper authorities In connection with placing a mail cur on Ilu
local trains and on the Flyer, hut tip
lo lhe present without effect. This
is a matter which should he strongly
taken up by the incoming council of
this hoard.
In May last, at our suggestion, Lite
district was visited hy Mr. Middle-
Ion, the provincial horticulturist,
with a view to picking oui favorable
spots for establishing experimental
stations. t'ntil a day or Iwo ago
we were confident that two such stations would he installed ibis summer,
hut a communication just received
Irom the depart mint has given our
hopes a setback and wc musl again
take up the llghl.
In May last we took up wilh lhe
government at Ottawa lhe (pies'lnn
of the early building of the posl of
flee and forwarded recommendations
lor larger appropriations for this
purpose. In the estimates for this
year a furthe'r $2"i,iU(ii has been sel
aside for this purpose but our posi
ollice has not yet been started This
is another matter whieli tlie ineoin
mg council should take up withoui
Among the subjects which have
been discussed with lhe city council
were a recommendation for putting
name plates on the various streets in
the eitv,      keeping  the    streets  in .1
dean and sanitary condition, building
and tire bylaw, limiting the si/e ol
Store signs extending over sidewalks.
a tie-up place for out of town
teams, and the building oi tin- cltj
hall in brick instead of t'ramc, as
was originally intended, tlie lighting
of the road to the hospital, nnd with
the government superintendent iln
improvement of tbe same road In
nil these matters we received everj
courtesy trom the city council and
1 hope the future will *-.,* the hoard
of tiade and the e|tj couni .1 '■ <■■■
Ing in even closei hnrmom  than   nt
I will not touch on the question o:
pub! lelt j tu   which    we   ha\e given
considerable   attention,   a-* this sub
jeet will     be   full J  none Inti
secretary, Mr Benedli t
in connection with the roads re
quired In "iis dlstrli l the lion Thos
Tayloi was lure in lhe earl) pari
tin summei when a i nmmil lee Intel
viewed him with a few recommendn
tion*. He asked \a al thai (line to
prepare as (nil Information .is    pos
sihli    the    various   roads whli h
were required In this ill-1 i< I ■■■ '
with this cn.I in vi. *,«. a special road
meeting was held In October, when
the various recommendations were
lull] discussed and forwarded to tin
department f"i then .i|j|j!j.\.iI l am
pleased to reporl thai all out n • ant
mi-niiatioiis have imi with tit n ap
prnval, some ol tlie roads if ii
presenl undei consl nu Hon ..ml ih-
rest ti» In Included In tin. year's .*■
lu    Vugust .tn   Irrigation
was held in Kamloops, .it which Mi
K   K   Simpson represented Un- Cran
brook board of trade, as a delegate
\i  Hie request ..f tbe citl.< ■
Hull  River,    who vnte hadlv   in in til
of a school hut lacked one pupil    to
make up   the neepwarj numbei > ill
id for hy Hie department, wt     ron
h     ic. oioniemled    that   thev   |»   t i  . ti
then     school   in spite "i 'In * Ia< t
This has now been established
\u Important resolution was pass
i.l in connection with tin extra
Provincial Companies Ael This
was very carelullj prepared bj .i
Special commit lee, who Investigated
the subject and afler being passed
by our board was forwarded to the
principal bodies m Hritish Columbia
interested in the subject and has re
eelved strong backing from nil ol
Among    the     mallets   which   we
would like In s lealt with strongly
in the coming year nre the question
ol a provincial jail for East Koote-
nny, lor which Cranbrooh is lhe
loRicnl sitnntioti nud n land registry
ollice for Knst Kootenay, Which,
with the Influx ol settlers which we
look Ior will be more urgently needed
than ever.
This brings ns to lhe subject id
home seekers rates, which nre at
present iu lone ns lnr wesl as Cowley and stop there. We arc bringing
in a resolution covering Ibis point at
the nexl    .netting ol   Hie Associated
In October we sent nn exhibit "i
farm produce to Spokane for tin
Dry Farming Congress. While thli
exhibit wns not entered in compel!
tion for prizes j| wns very favorably
spoken of by the many people who
nl (ended lhe congress and Mr. Uus
sell, who wns in charge of ll wns
able lo do n lot of good missioiiarv
work in educating the outside public
us in the possibilities Df Bast Koo
tenay   fr n    agricultural a land
We have iilso assisted iu putting
somo of out farming friends in this
district in touch witli tlio Dry Farm
ni", association by subscrlplng foi
twenty copies of ihe bulletins whleb
nre Issued hi monthly, which contain
Uu* most up to-dale Information nn
scientific farming
In UtO early pari oi llic yeai we
obtained our charier from the Dominion government and we are imw a
legally organized board of trade. We
have also been promised by the city
council a room in th,- new municipal
building, which will be set aside for
tbo use of the hoard of trade and
oilier similar meetings and will be
available for Installing a permanent
exhibit of the products of our country.
"hi tin- Kith llecember a conceit
was given by the Columbia quintette
under the auspices of the board of
trade, at which we netted a profit of
■J.6-8 and some odd cents.
We hear il asked quite frequently
"What i.s lhe use of a board of
trade" or "What has it ever accomplished." Fur the benefit of
those wlm are inclined to be-little
the work wbicb is undertaken by Ibis
body I would like to point out that
if any man or any body of men
king in harmony should he sttc-
iful in bringing even one sell lei
Into our district who will he a cm.
tomer of our various stores and will
add bis labor towards the development of ihe country they have sue-
cecded in adding to tin- material
wealth of the country, directly nnd
indirectly, to every member nf the
community. The wnrk which ean be
accomplished by every individual by
bis single elTorl is undoubtedly manifolded to an Incalculable degree bj
combined efforts on ihr pail nf nni
citizens \"o\v whither ibnl eomhin
atinu is ealled a hoard of trade or is
ealled bj some other name, does
iml matter If the body is working
for (lie common good it i-. deserving
ol Ibe support of every Individual in
ilu- community, irrespective of his
oeeupntion We would like tn sec
in the coming yeai nn increase in
our membership of at least lun pei
•ent      There are many people      in
■ mi town who have nol vet joined
■bis board, wit.is,- ideas would be    ol
"  usi   in    cat rying nn nur work
rhe larger we can make nur meetings
i   -,,11 ied am!    intelligent  will
In-  Ibi   ii,'-' USgions  which  will     take
Ud with this end in view       1
would impress     upon CVerj   . ne pie
., -sin    foi constituting
into ,t missionary toi       the
ol bringing in new members
. mu board
It  has lu j"; said thai boards     of
Irade aie    Inclined to iatertere      in
'. .1.. not concern them
. i'i    mj opinion, no mattei
>nne. ted    with tbe welfare oi    oui
' ■'.. i; and  lhe development ..f ..ur ills
trlel which is not the aftalr ni ever)
:   thi   .ii ll : ii t   and ll   is      foi
■ I In .1'.! oi Made, lo m I ns the
mouthpiece of those citl .ens
h Is witli deep regret that we have
!     lhe    iii mii oi one of tun
members,     Mi      \n hlbatd
Lelteh      Mi   Leltcli wai one ol   thc
■ iplc in ri .iii*.' Un- opportttnl
■I.i-* pat I  ni lhe . Otml l\      ..nd
lived up to tos progressive Ideas un
■il  lhe lime of Ins sudden death
ot   11" j- iiu se lew remarks
t,i thou I    making   Bpci nil mi nlion ol
* I ts    which have been
pul i " Ui by mu energetic and cap
aide secretary, Mi   llenediel      What
\. i i ii .i ui.  ot success we havi met
luring thn yeai Hie lion's shore    oi
in is due t.. ins hard and elli*
■■-■at work and well thoughl out
l also take pleasure in thanking
the executive council for ihe interest
Ihej have taken iu the v\,.rk and
theli prompt attendance at special
meetings which    were in many cases
ailed on thc spur of the moment and
it laconvenienl times
thul it bad been decided
tablisb u demonstration
Cranbrook distriet.
This communication
gave use to a good dc
sion, surprise being exp
such u   course
department   in   v
views expressed     ns t,, lhu |
lies of the district In Mr   M
: th.-
The elect it f officers for the     eu
suing vear was the next order      of
M   A   Beale nominated .1. IV Fink
r president
In a very graceful speech Mr
declined the honor, int hunt ing
such excellent work bad been done in
the past vear bv the present ollieers,
that he thoughl il would he In tbe
best Interests nf the cily and dis
Irlcl to reelect them, if Ihey were
prepared to serve for another term.
Mr. Fink moved to that effect, seconded- by Mr. ('tick, and there being
no other nominations, the motion
was unanimously adopted amid loud
President Rrymnci extended to Mr.
Fink his warm appreciation of the
tatter's kind remarks
Communications being the next or
der of business, tbe secretary read   a
i    livi
tbe     government horticulturist
I had visited this distriet during
past  vein
On    motion of     It
seconded by K.  pJlwell. H    v
anlmously    resolved t.i ask I
vlncial government lo establfs
experimental    farm in   tin- d
i rdei     tbal all doubt ns t
possibilities or this district, i
matter of fruit growing, migl
sel at rest \ ropy of this
tion will he forwarded to Mr
t'aven, M I, A , fm Immediate
A programme of addresses ..
topics bad been arranged as
ial feature of this meeting,
Innately those who had been
to discuss the several topics, had,
for one reason or another, been unable to prepare set addresses
However, brief remarks, very much
to the    point, took their place, .Mr.
I*. I.und opening with some practical
suggestions regarding the agricultural possibilities of Ibe district.     Mr,
Lund first took    occasion to compll-
meiil the board   of trade on the excellent    work    already accomplished
and the   splendid    opportunities Ior
improving   upon this     record     that
offered.     He    thought the hoard deserving of  the hearty   support id
every citizen and    of every resident
in the district.       Whilst be had not
bad linn- to   prepare a special paper
on the subject entrusted to him    for
discussion, Mr. I.und said thai       he
tind no   doubt    thul* the agricultural
possibilities of this district were verj
great and warranted    all the attention tbat could be given them.     For
his part be     wns inclined to     think
Hint   perhaps     loo    great attention
bad geeii     devoted, in    the pasl. Ij.
the fruit growing prjssibillUis of lla
district, not ibat be wished in    any
way to deprecate   these great possi
hilities, but be thought Hint at    the
present time it     would be more profitable to give attention to the mix
ed farming opportunities, which were
simply incalculable!    The local    de
mand iu this   dislriel for hay, pota
toes, vegetables   and   beef amounted
to an enormous sum, much of which,
under existing conditions, had to   be
expended   on    the outside.        There
w.-ic r.Mums of acres of nvn ..I'-e
land iu this distriet available      for
cattle   raising and     past experience
bad taught  Ihem that  they       could
raise in profusion every kind nf vegetable,     lie thought it would hr mote
to ilu- point at this stage of develop
ment to   pui forth efforts to secure
a class of settler   who would engage
in mixed     farming, the fruit raising
would follow in due course      He deprecated any action ibat would     re
sail in bringing inexperienced people
inio the district to engage in    nni
culture     exclusively,    such n coursi
would only result in giving tti.- coun-
trj      a black eve        There    wns in.
more   enthusiastic bellcvei in      the
agricultural    possibilities ol lhe dis
• m i    than     himself,     hut     lie was
doubtful nf the    wisdom ol de1 ol lug
loo much attention, at     tin- present
time, tn the fruit growing branch ol
the industry
The next topir foi discussion was
the proposed sewerage system, Mayor
Hunt nnd Mr. King being hilled tn
speak thereon Mayor Hunt frankly
admitted that be had been fnr too
busy in connection with his elvic
luiies to lind time to prepare a
Paper nu the subject. He hiieilv reviewed tlie situation, pointing nu1
ihe urgency of the demand for a sew
erage system and briefly discussed
some of the details nf construction,
pointing out the extreme importance
nf tare in const nut inn He ton
eluded with some kind references to
the work of the board ■ »( trade and
f its claim upon the consideration
I the public
Hi. King was in the same position
s the mayor, he bad been nltogethei
no busy in pit-par.- anything on tin
lu reply    lo a   question hv Mi    II
K. Heattie, Mayor   limit staled Hint
bylaw, authorising tbe Installation
a sewerage   system, would        be
presented to the people as soon     ns
possible Tbe    plan   prepared by
Messrs. Halt and Smith, eminent en
gineers, would he followed
Secretary Benedict nexl gave n
little talk on publicity, lie spoke
if the vital    Importance nf^arivertis-
ing, something thai everj live business appreciated and claimed that
tbe time was ripe Ior Cranhrook to
put forth her best clWts lo make
known far and wide lhe undoubted
advantages of this cily and district
intending settlers nnd Investors,
It was necessary, also, to he prcpnr
■d lo follow up live advertising wilh
appropriate reading mnl ter The
getting oi the money tor ihis purpose
Was lhe difficult problem In his
opinion it was nol fair to look to
Ibe business men solely for funds for
iis purpose The good accomplish
il by an aggressive publicity cam
pnign benefitted every property hold
er nnd In;   believed the in y tn
carry ou sin h a campaign should
ciiiiie out of lhe general revenues of
the cily. lu this connection he lend
un article from    .i Calgary paper, en
his.   who hnd BCCI
matches, wen-    c
lishlng a factor)
west      They bad
ments lo    locate
Ham oi Calgary,
ired a patent foi
mtcmplnting estob-
iomewheie in the
been offered Induce-
in either Fort Wil
HosWl ,
Mn. I;, i
ron -■  r .'■ .
Bays ;  - ♦•(j
took dipbt
thorn Hie no
on i i ■ -*■ ■    ! fl
Tliisbecan u
liiu Boon Bctiu
■ idilldn *i i ■. ■ .,     ■  ■
I ing from i
* i
r: !,.■'■
Wri   %
I ime.
nl tried
'i Zo.ro*
I i
* * pinj ii
t done by
he exhibit
'. ■ rnngements
! dmllar cx-
nd Lethbridge
dors ing the view he bad just taken,
lla Imped tile citj w .11 would
lake a liberal v lew ol the iluatlon
and be prepared • ■ um the board
of trade a substantial sum, nt. was
done in Calgary and [.ethhridgc and
other cities.
F       \    (til   el
subject, said th; I i .
besl advertising   n . i done by    tb
Imard of trade, wa    il *  exhil il  sent
in the Spokane fair,
nothing like a pracl , won
to interest outsidi i danj pi .sons
who had doubted tin ; issih'ilitj of
growing first class j It nud n etah
lis in this distrh i bad been n nvlnced
by tbe splendid ll lines
made at Spokane, He bad heard
tbe remark again and n nni: "1
didn't know \ , ould i;iov, anything like that u \> : inn-. I tin
it   was loo  . old '. ■ ranger
should be made to
lilblts to    Call i
year, II al all ;
W. F. fluid spoke nexl on the
utility j-i boards ot trade to the
community, Tbat the board of
uade could remit y valuable service
lo the community was evidenced by
Hie excellent' report ol the president
of tin- Cranbro h lord of trade.
He heartily eadoi - Mr. Hcncdlct's
view thai the money for carrying on
the publicity wi rt of thc board
Should ciiiiie nut i I thc \.:\i s, Mr.
(iurd staled thai nne ol several local men, ini.,.-ltd in a charter for i, trai ■ ■;■ • tern in Cranbrook and lie In ■■ 111 ■ boord
ol trade suei essfi continue its
good work so thai the time would
soon ' omo   win I i:   rtei might
be turned to pi * ■ :   al use.
ll K Health i wi ilso billed
lo speark on this . said that
he, too, hnd been n bu ■ -. t.* prepare
anything special, but he bad heart Uj
concurred In the ■ ,; ■■ ; t.
ceiling speaker in ■- Ihe utllitj ol
boards of trade The prescnl very
healthy growth ol Cranbrook nnd its
generally verj ■ ■ ipei ■•;■■ condition
was directly dm. In a large measure, <o ibe .: board of
trade Mr I thoi 11 thai
lhe funds fm can ng on the publicity campaign :<* be colic* ted
from the business ■ ien and the hig
corporations. He believed in raising
a substantial ntimunl and thought
that every business nun would be
prepared lo give from 1100 to MOO.
lie referred to ;; i St. Man's district as oltcrlng .j iplcndld opportunity loi publicity work. It contain
ed thousands ol a ■■• ■ ■ I tood land,
well adapted to ral r |ust the stud
referred to by M *. u I Willi Ihoae
prairie lands settled il would be no
dream to tall. an pic tri< street
railway in the       "   atl !'*.;*     the
suit ..in."    iii ' What     cool I
he done in this direction, when thc
business men took hold energetically,
wns well evidenced in lhe growth ot
llie telephone • - item in Hns eltj
Cranbrook, in ' ■ ■ ] d tc, was
tin- besl telephoned city in Wi bcrn
A. ('. Pye, called upon for n few
remarks In thi i mno tion, made a
very interest ini anno mccmenl to the
effect that two young mon, friends ol
uii with   lumbei
mg men hnd     intimated i
it tbey would visll Cranhr
■ course of a few months ;
opportunities al  this pom
ample   financial   baekin
iid he would bring Ibe mallet
in al n latei date
J.   Huchcrolt, In response to a re
qtiesl rrom     'he chair to say something as   to     mining possibilities in
" is district, said he had not come
prepared to speak on the subject, but
wished to remark that in bis opinion insufficient attention was given
in Hn- mattei of establishing innnu
facturing   interests    fn Ibis-section
The field offered special advantages
In many directions uud he thoughl
tbe hoard might well pay special'at
lenlioii to this subject He spoke
ol the large water powers right at
our doors, at presenl Idle, but cap
able of lieing harnessed and turned lo
profitable use for manufacturing pur
poses. He believed that there were
openings here for the establishment
ol furniture factories and other simi
lar industries that would give em
ployiiiciit lo a large number of men.
In regard to mining be thought more
attention might well be paid to
thut interest There were known
to he rich bodies of ore iu the district awaiting development. I lie
thoughl enough was not being done
to encourage the prospectors.
There being no further general dis
eussion, F     .1, Deane presented     n
petition   from Perry Creek residents,
asking tor a mail service and moved ]
ii  resolution   that   the board endorse j
the same     and     Hint the secretary j
forward it lo the  postmaster general,   through Senator Rostock    (!.  l(
Ward  seconded    the motion,     which
was carried.
Heforc the adjournment    Mr
ise lo say that be would not
anything he bad said in his
remarks to he   considered
The Wonderful Cure
Hi Khrli h
iivei ilifcoi
•toil  1	
11      ■
* *     *.*. 1.!* uril
■i  ■ ilii. it'tiinri able
- fli	
to lion I'Ofi
fci     '   toMi'dnuilprovnl
■   *   :**  in*   :  ■     ..
lilooil ilisei
-    1 Ofl     III     DBS    111     '    '
1> mircr
is cured ili'.ii-nti'l-
ot niiMi in !*.
iropc; most
it ilium m**m* i*iit,*.1 nftor
lirst treatm
int.     Wo
*..   . .*   i [eni * "   me li
ilortors unci
know lion •*
11   VOUI .U-f,   :-!: j
Write   for
^11   ol
leclul   trenlmeut   for   jll   oilier   ilieeaseg   of   in en.   Nervous
Weakacit,   Varicose  Velni,  Hydrocele,   hlninl   and   tSkin   Dlsi rderi
Sores.    L'lctrs.    kidnev.    Bladder   unit   kui*!  Dltordtrf,  Etc., and
Cnniraiicd  Ailments,
llosl Ai nlotnicnl Mum mti ;" tl e N'orth-wi .;t,
Dr.   KelSey'5.   Museum
2u) Howard Street, Spokane. VVa--.li
********************** *.*«<**♦*•**♦«♦♦«*<-« •>»«*«»
A. *
Imperial Bank of Canada
HI;Al) OFI I   !  :   TOI ONTO
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED - 510,000.1   I  0
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5,575,01   ,   I
RESERVE FUND         - - 5,575 000.00
I), i:
t ■
Atwouttts  o[   Corporutious,   M
I*'.inn.t-i uti*l Private 1 t * -1 -.
Drafts tttttl I. itters of Crutlit
the worl 1
s..\'i M.-i i)i:i'.\i; :m es r    S|»ciai
givott   t"  Stvilius   ll.tllk   Accillllll ;
npwards receivou anil inton -it nllowtil fr.
CranbrooK Branch-. B. W. SUPPLE, M,
sun; any     laek of   failli uti liis part
in ilu* fruit growing possibilities   ol
the distriet.       "I know fruit ean lie
grown  successfully in this district,"
was Ills emphatic remark.   What    lie
wished to urge vvas that as ..or honn
market   tor hay.     vegetables      am
cattle, is so large, as wo are sending I
out hundreds nl thousands of dollars ■
annually for these products, it would
he well to concentrate  attention up '
mi securing settlers who would    en :
gage in growing these articles     Mr ■
1 uml proceeded tu telt of a trip    In- !
made recently to Mexico ami of   tbe ;
millions ol acres ol barren land    be i
noticed en route     Here, he said, we i
have thc moisture, and whilst irriw- j
tion    was necessary  in spots, every- j
thing wns favorable     U>r Cranhrot'.v \
ilistrict becoming    the supply renter j
for the vast quantities of produce In
constant demand.     li properly sup
ported    in*    thought thai ihe Cranbrook board <>[ trade would he    the
means of   accomplishing great things
for the district, particularly In   tbe
way of Settling up the lands with thc
right class of settlers     In future lie
personally intended devoting a great
deal of his time to agricultural pur
suits and he knew that  they    would
meet with success.
Mr. Fink, sneaking in reference tti
Mr. Lund's remarks, said that thousands of dollars were going out of
the distriet annually for products
that might just as well be grown
light at home, Ho also took occasion to endorse the remarks made
by Mr. Huchcroft anent the t-stah-
llshlng her*- of manufacturing Indus
tries and went on to say that n
movement was well under wav to
bring about the early location of a
wholesale grocery bouse In ''ran
brook A site     Ior the warehouse
had been secured and application for
a, charter made There was no rea
s..ii why Cranbrook should not become a large wholesale renter Itui..graphical position was enllrel]
favorable to its becoming the distrl
butlng point for tbe South Kast
Kootenay district.
W. Hnlsall asked Mayor Hunt If It
would be possible for the council to
Impose a rate of one mill er of half
.1 mill for publicity purposes, specially.
Mayor Hunt did uot care tt. express an opinion off hand, tun    inn
 lilliculty in the wny.     This was
h.ing done In other cities
Secretary Benedict moved a vote
,, thanks to the V M V \ Uu the
ise of their committee mom Car
Meeting then adjourned
■»»♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦< t-<»-*4*«4>**«<->**»*« *♦•**>-»•>
• :
It is tl,* Same 1 I
The Place that is 1
t'tnn,]   ;i.   *    *■    |l    ||
Better than tin.* !* si
The Cosmopolitan
! oi    *   * .
i: n bMALL. r
********************** *<>********■ *************
i ******************* *******<><>***** ***** ***<>***
• ♦
■ •
H. i. -:.   ■*
*********************** *** t ♦♦•♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ll
CALGARv. Alberta
The Hotel wilh "The
You'll get your Won
jy's Worth.
********************** *'***■*<■**■**************
A Good   Home j
is what is '!'*nr ' home ♦
is where  I'** toe, C J
and Plenty i- I ian
men thro igh   tl British <
"Cronbroof" is ni think ol tin.-
prorisions •'<*•   Branlt has mail,   tor an
**************** ******** *************y<*****
■      HC.E
U.t>4t*at .r.v.m
Chisholm, of Fort Steele, occupation,
Miner, Intends to apply for permis-
slon to purchase the following des-
crlbcd lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tho junction of a large slough and
the Kootenay Itiver and following
bank ol the Kootenav Itiver in a
northerly direction to post Ni
situated at thn N\ fi corner ot !,nt |
1011, thence south t" chains, m<*re ot j
less, in post No. ,t, planted on |
bank ol slough, thence easterly 40 j 11
chains, more or less, to place of be
ginning, containing SO ncrei, more or
William A. Chlsholm, Locator,
Haled Dee   lUtb, 1*10 4V*Jt*
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦;<>?»♦*»$» <**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦♦ *♦•«♦♦*»♦♦
Send  the
.     !        'ta
LittSe One
tor tht' ii • .*'   j   ii ■ ■
hurry   il  you   comu I   roino
■ •   l ■ ■ i
■   ■■     '  ■
kcetx si JuOrc of n • ■ i    V---
■   her itiBl  win: yi n
i nv -,   ami no li ss.
Wo hnve  no   \*oor • uts  to
work off nnd no poor meal ol
any kind.
P. BJMS~& CO.,Ltd.
********************************************* UUA.NBUOOK UEUAL.1J
Br the Hersld   Publishing Company,
P. J. Deane, Managiag Ktlitor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, February 9, I'M
There is one aspect of this reciprocity question winch nppears to be
occasion ini1; our Conservative friends
a ureal deal of anxiety, ami thai Is
the possible effect it will have upon
the Hritish preference, Our Tory
friends are quit.- needlessly alarmed
It was a Liberal governnienl that
created the Hritish preference, in
face of a great deal ol hostility from
the ultra-loyal Tories, nnd so long
as a Liberal govern men I continues
in-office we may be nuttc sure Hint
no step will bo taken thai will in
any sense militate against the good
relations brotiRhi about between the
motherland and Canada by Sli Wilfrid Laurier's preferential policj The
Kingston Standard, n pronounced
Conservative paper, puis the question
in its proper light, thus:
"Are we so skeptical ol our own
loyalty to Oreat Britain thai wc
cannot trust ourselves to enter into
closer commercial relations with a
neighbor, lest (hereby we be weaned
away Irom the mothei counlry?
Is it of such stuil as Ihis we are
made, that it is leared we will sell
our birthright tor a miss ol pol
Whilst the    rontroi
nver      III
reciprocity proposals
great deal ol   partlsi
n fit
ling, it i
verv satisfactory   to
Unit       i
many instances the party papers
have declined It. hike a purelj parti
san view of the situation thus ne.it
rd and are discussing it from Ihe
point of view of the general benefit
of Canada, h is perhaps too much
to expect of extreme partisans t<>
take an unbiased view "I thc qties
tion, still it i.s a hopeful sign, when
prominent papers ol the type "f the
Kingston Standard, can discuss ibis
important question on its merits.
The Herald has reliable advices
from Victoria to the effect that when
the estimates are brought down, tin-
appropriation foi this.district, whllsl
not coming up to the lull amount
applied for by Mr Thos Caven, will
amount to a very considerable sum
Upwards ol Jun.nuo f,,r roads and
trails and a large sum f..i bridges In
addition, out ..f tins latter ap
propriation a sum of $5500.00 will
be taken to recoup Mr N Han on
foi the cost of the bridge pul in al
Wasa by that gentleman. Altogeth
er a sum     well, in   advance of M'-ii,
ono will be available f"i public
works in this district during lhe
ensuing twelve months,
The provincial .Tory press has de
voted much space ol late to the glor
Ideation <d John .lanline, MX \ .
fnr Ksqiiimall, who, elei ted ns a
Liberal, has gone over lo the govern
ment side of tbe house In ihe
course uf comment upon this turn
conl act, the Tory papers have seen
tit to publish a great deal of mattei
very uncomplimentary to Hon. Wm
Templeman, the Dominion mini itei
t.f inland revenue     There Is another
side to the case, as usual,   but      nur
provincial Tory contemporaries have
seen lit to Ignore it altogether. In
fairness to the minister and to make
clear to the public Hn- Incls in the
case, we reproduce elsewhere in this
issue, a public statement l.v John
Oliver, provincial Liberal leader, in
which he lines tin- real ren ions i.»i
■lohn -Jnrdine'fl betrayal ol the con
fldence ol the electors .-f Esquimau
Wc take this course more pnrtlculai
Iy with a view in refuting the dirty
accusations that bavi- been levelled
against the minister ol Inland re
venue. Any British Columbia dec
tor, who has bad anv Intimate know
ledge of provincial politics, during
the past twenty years, ki ov thai
Mr Tempi-man's course hm il' ays
heen exceptionally clean \Vhati vei
his weaknesses as a public man ma)
h*\ no -one heretofore had sn much
as dreamed of charging him with
corrupt or Improper methods In elec
Hon campaigns, i.r in anj act "f his
as a public official Hon Wm Tern
pieman has devoted many years t..
politics in this province He has
always taken a brave stand on all
public questions    and has invariably
been known as a straight forward,
honest advocate of Liberal principles
That a in.in ol the stump John Jnr-
diue bus proved himself to be should
neck i" blacken bis character, and
thai with thu apparent support ol
Un- Tory members of the local legls
lalure, is a disgraceful incident, and
ono which we believe many of their
supporters all nver the province will
sincerely Join wilh us In deprecating
John Oliver's explanation ol the
real status quo of the .lartllne-Tem- I
pieman incident will be rend wilh In- ,
n-it'st, setting forth, us it does, the
11 in* inwardness of .lai'dine's malicious attack upon the minister and his
hnsjc to betake himself into the
Tory tamp
The city council is taking hold of
the sewerage problem iu a businesslike manner uud we may hope to
ice the work of installation underway belore very long There can he
no question ol tha bylaw to raise
the necessary funds carrying. Kvery
resident musl recognize the Imperative need loi prompt action iu tins
The board of trade's annual meet
htg last Monday evening disclosed a
very satisfactory state ol affairs, so
far as that organization is concerned.
The board has done and is doing useful work, and its continued prosperity Is something that every citizen
■.hould deem a matter for his personal consideration. During the
meeting some interesting announcements were made, none more so
than that hy Mr. J. P. Fink io the
effcel lhat iu the near future a
wholesale grocery would he established within the citv II is about
tune that Cranbrook's geographical
position received recognition alf the
hands of those engaged in wholesale
trade aud we may regard the advent
of a wholesale grocery firm as the
forerunner of several similar Institutions.
We offer no apology for the large
amount of space that has been devoted to the reproduction in full of the
new reciprocal tariff hei ween Canada
and lhe I'nited Stales in this issue.
It is abundantly evident from the
discussions Hint have so far taken
place on this subject thai there was
need for (lie publication in full of
.■'..■ty detail ol the proposed new
luiiti schedules. We read Iu the
press of resolutions being adopted by
public bodies, of speeches by promiii
<nt parliamentarians and politicians,
condemning the new tariff, many of
whieli display a lamentable lack of
knowledge of the details of the matin discussed, an Ignorance qulto Intelligible, because Ihe subject is one
that calls for very careful considers
lion of a great mass of figures and
facts, access to which is not avail
able at a moment's notice. What is
surprising is that men, with any
sense of responsibility, should hasten
I., give expression to views based upon such Inadequate information. The
Herald's aim In discussing the new
tarifl proposals has been to avoid, so
far as possible, all partisan consider
a tions, and lo confine criticisms and
comment to the actual facts of the
rase und Hie conditions that may he
- haled thereby. l-'or that reason
we have gone tn llie expense, in
time and labor, ol reproducing exact
ly as appears in the parliamentary
record of voles and proceedings the
full schedules. With these before
them, critics will be in a position
lo discuss intelligentlv the hearings
j.f the proposed changes.
In (his connection we wish, in particular, to draw attention to the resolution adopted by the Mountain
Lumbermen condemning (be proposed
reciprocity tariff, a resolution that
ie cannot but think was drafted and
dopted, in Ignorance of the actual
facts, Reference lo the schedules,
published herewith, will show thai
the existing Canadian tariff, as it
affects lumber, has not been changed
nt anv particular, whereas lhe t'nit-
i il States tariff is In he mntcrially
reduced. In fare of this fact it is
hanl to conceive what justification
lhe Mountain Lumbermen's association can offei for passim; a resolution
j ondemnlng the reciprocity tariff.
Their Industry ran only be affected
beneficially by the proposed changes.
Ihelr American compel i I urs being
granted no advantage in the negotla
tions The fruil growers, too, of
this province, appear to be squealing
before they are hurl H is true that
In their case there Is proposed some
loss of protection in the shnpe of
tariff, but with lhe Increased demand     from    the prairie    provinces,
alter the ist ol March, iqii, the provisions ol the Df(
and Pound By-Law will he strictly enforced.
City Clerk.
Dated at Cranhrook this
71 h day of February, nm.
consequent upon the rapid development thereof, there should he nu luck
of, but rather uu increased, demand
fm British Columbia fruit.
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. P. Lund    and Mr. C. at, Pcn-
nuck represented the Crows Nest
Puss Lumber company at the Lumbermen's meeting in Nelson last
Miss Verna Embree spent Sunday
last with Cranbrook friends.
Mr. Stearns arrived In town last
Sunday, afternoon. He has been appointed superintendent of the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company's sawmill.
Mr. Fred Speaker aud Mr. A. Shepherd, of Jaffray, spent Sunday with
their families iu town.
Dr. Watt, of Kort Steele, called on
iriends in town lust Saturday-
Mr, Harold Darling arrived in town
n few days ugo alter spending u few
weeks on thc prairie.
Mr, and Mrs. Sharpe left last Saturday to visit for a while wilh
their daughter in Montana.
Mr. A. MacKinnon, of thc Cranhrook Foundry, was in town last
Thursday on business.
Miss Service and Miss Cameron, of
Cranbrook, were guests at the home
of Mr. aud Mrs. It. A. Green over
Mr. A. L. Couzcus, ol Marysville,
spenl Sunday with friends here.
Mi Blnnchett, of the Oreat West
Smelting and Helming company, of
Vancouver, vvas here on business on
Mr Patmore, of Patmore Bros.,
('ruuheook, called on friends In town
nn Monday.
Mr. Ilain, of Calgary, was in town
Saturday lasl ou business.
Mrs. (ieo. Custer left on Monday
last to join her husband, who left
ior their ranch at Castor, Alta., a
couple of weeks ugo.
Mr. Orace, of Cranhrook, was In
town last Tuesday on business.
Mr. Henry La Pointc was In Galloway last Monday on business.
Mr. Len Renwick and Mr. A. Lund,
..I Galloway, were in town last Sunday
Mr. Geo. Powell, of t'ranbrook,
was in town on Monday on business.
The friends of Miss A. Havill will
be sorry to learn that she has "been
obliged to return home for a short
time on account of la grippe.
Mr, Hoy Andersoa took in the
dance at Elko last Tuesday night.
Mr. Norman Moore, of Elko, arrived in town last Friday.
Mr. II. L. -lett, of Calgary, was
in town last Thursday on business.
Sundays—Low mam at 8..W a.m.;
high mass. 10.30 a.m.; Suaday school
from 2 to ' p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.S0 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation— Mass at I a.m.
Wwk -lays—Mom at I a.m. at tbe
Father Plamondoo,
Port* Prtost
February 12.
Services at 11 and 7.30.
Sunday school and Bible classes at
Kvening subject: "Thc 300th Anniversary of the Authorized Version ol
the Bible."
Interesting facts concerning the
Bible, the   process    of development,
Voung men are especially Invited.
Tuesday—Epworth League mission
ary meeting. Sunday School quarter
ly meeting at 0.
Thursday—Lantern entertainment
in the church, "Thc British Navy
and Life on Board the Men of War"
will be illustrated; also some local
pictures of Interest wilt he thrown
upon thc screen.
This will he a very interesting anil
inst rUCttve entertainment. Tickets
15c., children 10c.
Friday—Choir practice at *.
"The Finger ol God in the Twentieth Century" is the II a.m. subject. Evening: At the 7.30 p.m. service: "Safeguarded with the Shepherd King."
Bible school with Phllethca and
Baraca classes, 3 p.m.
Mid-week meeting Wednesday, 8
A cordial Christian welcome to nil.
Pastor King will be at home Monday evening to meet any tor personal
At a meeting ot the committee ol
management on Monday ot this week
it was decided to hold thc lormal
opening of thp Y.M.C.A. on Saturday, February 19th., to be preceded
thc evening bclore hy a banquet given by the association to all who
contributed to the furnishing lund.
At this banquet numerous outside
speakers will be heard, including International Y.M.C.A. Secretary Dudley, ol Montreal, Vice-President 0.
I' It W. Whyte, tlcneral Manager tl.
Ilury, Supt  Price, and many others.
Uu Saturday tlio building will hu
npt-li uti day lo lislturs, und every
person in town is cordially invited to
drop in during the iluy. A musiuul
programme will lie arranged for a
part of tin* afternoon and evening.
Kor that day every man may use
Ihe privileges of the building, and if
convinced tlmt these arc worth Sin a
year may become a member.
As. the association will open up
several hundred dollars short, tliiiso
who were nol approached iliiring tlie
campaign, or those who woro, mil in
a position to give then Have still an
opportunity tn have a share in this
The local juniors go up against the
Moyie juniors nt the Arena fink on
Saturday evening ;'i. 7 o'clock, when
a fast game mny bu expected. The
line-up will In- ns follows:
Cranlirook. Movie
H Heard  p. Campbell
C. Mackay   A. Koisylbe
Cover Point.
T.  Miintpetll      C. Reuse
1 to ver.
V. McXabb   c. Erickson
B. Kirwan   II. Crowe
Right Wing.
It. Armstrong  L. Nordman
Left Wing.
H.  Bridges   T. Crowe
The league match lasi Friday
evening, Commercials vs. r. p, R,
Traffic Dept. proved to be om- of
the best ami fastest games yet witnessed on the Arena rink. Whilst
llie scoring was all one-sided. Ibe
play was keen throughout. Al half
lime neither side bail scored. In
the second half Wallace ami Milne
each scored two goals, ami the
Traffic Department failed \o score at
all, the result being I to n in favor
of the Commercials.
The next game iu tbe series will be
between Shops ami Ramblers,. ami
takes place tomorrow (Friday) evening,
TO RENT.—A large warm stable
can be used as warehouse, $6 per
month or $5 on lease. Apply Herald office. 45-1P
tUKawm vum ■■■
80 GTS.
The Hardware Men
Wstfoli tof the
Ol   tho
Faultless flour
(11 Particular people who want a particular flour
can't help buying SEAL OF ALBERTA.
Actually we wash every kernel of the wheat
it id made from. !t is cleaned by S( parator:—
that is clone at most mills—then it is dry
scoured, but even that isn't enough. So we
actually wash it to remove any possibility of
impurities from the grain. This cannot be
done at the ordinary mill. It takes too much
power. It is too great an expense. Thit i.t
another reason why SEAL OF ALBERTA
is a purer, better Hour.
Q Now the wheat is washed in warm water.
That enables us lo bring' it to the light
temperature before milling, and the milling
process can be carried along belter with the
wheat at a certain temperature. That's another
reason why you should say ''oEAL OF
ALBERTA, PLEASE," when ordering (lour.
■*..    iv.- .
Dealers In
Frrsli nni! Cured
Poultry. Game antl Full
in Season.
[GIVE   US   A   Til IA I.
■WW""""!    ... i
The Old P. Wood's
Registered Stullions uud Mures of tbe highest breeding.
Registered lows, Heifers mnl Bull Calves For Side,   The best
in Canada.
Get a Bull Calf and grade up jour Duiry Herd.    Come nnd
see or write for prices. J,  0,  DREWRY
__'"■" UOWLiY   ALTA.
OOOOOO-OOOOOOOO *>>***-*#**###**«>
< »
*' TO OWNERS OF                              •
•K We   would   esteem   the fnvor of a                    *t>
* List of your Calgary Property with ♦
4 Prices and Terms.                                             O
* lll-A-BTH AVE. WEST *
4 48-lt        »
0_0 OOOOOOOO 00 00 **************
if you appreciate a pun-
sparkling beverage. There
is uot another brand so well
known as
You may order any flavor
you like, one is equally as
good ns another, If you
have never lasted Our
Drinks, you are surely
losing a tr,*at. Order to-day
FEBRUARY 14 TO 18. 1911.
Splendid -'i'uri:*
and Pfires
\ (irand
Trnnspu rial Ion
R-l I
Umler the
Auiplcei ol
Rossland Cunivnl
J. P. MoDoxald,
For  information
Apply to
Percy Hunt.
Chsmplonnhlp ol B.C
■ad    iRteroiliOPtl
Champion ship ol the
Cirllag Bon pelt
Horse Races, etc.
lla Die
Rossland's Annual  Winter sports, ao-at
********** ************* *****************
East Kootenay Bottling
Strayed Into   mv  .in*'., nn*. nne Hoi**,
I rlyalii.,*.  Urn ,l.*,l " I'" on  II *il,l   liil,.
nl*... Mm. innii on lop ol rump: On. .Vail.
Iih..l fu By.,   o.nsr i-lrase mil im*- i*jc*
UMISrl tmii (OJt. ni.ilii'.l fi'Yi.v
I,  .1. MrOINMS,
10 Roamed Plastered He use
On French \ve*f including water
7 Roomed, Two Story House
On Pooley Ave., including water
Que Roomed Shack
City of Cranbrook    «,
NOTICE   is    lll*:iil*;iiY   OIVEN||
that on   Tuesilny,   March Ttll, IOU,
lhu Court nt Revision  tor Un* Municipality ni  tin*  city  nt Omnbrook,
It.      ('.,  Will    III* ll,1.1  ill    111,*  t'l.llll, ll
Chambers on the above dale, at 10.30
a.m. (luiail lime) tor thr purpose "I
reviling the Assessment lnr the Cit*
of t'ranhronk. Those making coin
plaints aiininsi their Assessments are
miiiiieil lo havo thclt protests in
the hands ol tin* City Clerk (10)
days previous to tho tit -st sittlnis ot
thc Court of Revision.
Dated  nt   Cranbrook,    li  t', this
Uth day ol .Jamtry, lull.
•It-Gl 0, M. 0.
If You want to Buy a House—See Us.
CLEVELAND, M, 0, ...
ROSS, .1. II	
PYE, A. 0	
WE1SBROAD, P. fl* ...
Kmploymrnt Office
YOUNO, ALBERT      Residence
Fatal Accident on "Flyer"
lint il is ili ni',.ill,'lit tlmt Short's prices For up-lo*
<lnt,i WALL PAPERS art. nit in HALVES.
1(111 NEW HOODS ..xpert.*!! Blinrlly, ninsl make
room fnr them. Firstl class paper nt practically
your own pricp
B.   H.   SHORT
The Painter and Decorator
P. O. Iln« ,i,t Armstrong Ave. Phone III
Incorpornln! IW.II
Capital I'nlii I'p $ft,a<io,ono Reserve $6,000,000
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
II. s. Iliil.T, Presldsn- K. I.. I'KASE, General Manager
Aoeoiintsol Firms, Corporations and Imliyidtinl. solicited.
ont-nt town business rscstvei .vary attention.
BAVINGH DEPARTMENT- Deposits of $1.00 and npwanls received
nn.l i'it»r,*.t allowed nt oirrciit tnle.   No formality or ileliiy in
willi.Imw hn*.
A General ILiiIuiik Business transacted.
■ ■in r 1V. Branch: D.D. McLAWS, Muagtr
From Hansard, January 26, \ 911.
Less iliiiti onu year old 	
Valued al. not more than Sli per head	
Valued at moro Hum $13 per heart 	
ses uml mules 	
Horses over one year old, valued at Mil or less
Horses, N. 0, P	
VnlllCll at $150 or less per heart	
Valued at over $150 	
Swine   .	
Sheep and luiiilis 	
i.i-ss than one year old 	
one year old nr over	
other live animals 	
Poultry, dead and nlivo	
Wheal, per huslicl 	
live, per hushel 	
Oats, per hushel  '	
Barley, per Ijusliel 	
Illickwlicat, pel hushel 	
Beans, edible, dried, per bushel	
l'eas, dried, per bushel 	
Potatoes, per hushel 	
Corn (except   into Canada for distillation) ,
Sweet potatoes, per hushel 	
All other vegetables in their natural state .
Fresh fruits, viz—
Wild blueberries, wild strawberries and wild raspberries 	
Blackberries, Kimseberries, raspberries and strawberries, n.o.p.
All other fruits in their natural stale, N. (). P	
Dried apples 	
Dried peaches, pears and apricots 	
Fresh milk 	
Fresh eream  	
Harden, field and other seeds not herein   otherwise   provided for, when in
packages weighing over one pound each, not including (lower seeds 	
Crass seed, Including timothy and clover seed 	
Flaxseed or linseed   per hushel
Cotton seed and all other oil seeds	
llay  per ton
Straw  per ton
Extract ol hemlock bark	
(ilyieiine, crude, not pur llini
Mackerel, fresh, pickled or salted, pel pound 	
Herrings, fresh	
Pickled or salted	
Smoked or kippered, per pound	
Halibut and salmon, fresh, pickled <>r salted, per pound	
Cod, haddock, lint-, pollock, Iresh, salted or pickled, per pound
Boneless, per pound 	
Eels and smelts, fresh or frozen, yet pound
All other, fresh, pickled ot salted, per pound .  	
Salmon and all other fish, prepared preserved. N* OP	
11 in packages containing less than half a barrel. I'nited States (mini
mum HU p.)
Shelled, in bulk, per gallon
Shelled, in eans not oVel one pint, including the duty on cans, pel can
Shelled, in eans over one pint and not ovei one quart, itu'luding   the
duty on eans, pei ean
shell, in cans exceeding one quart in capacity, Including the dutv   on
cans, pei quart
Lobsters, fresh
l.oiistt-is. canned
l-n-.li watei  fish
All othei fish lhe produce --i the Asl. rlei
Fish oil-
Cod llUI   oil
Heal, herring, whale and othei iis|, oil
Feldspar, crude, powdered oi ground
Mica, unmanufactured  snd rough trimmed, and mica, ground oi bolted
Talc, ground, bolted, oi precipitated, natural!)    oi   artlflcUHjf,    not for
toilet use
Plastei rock  oi gyptnm, crude, nol ground -
Sail, in bulk
Salt, in bags, barrels and other coverings
Uhtstos. nol imth.-i manufactured than ground-
U round
liaihed fencing wire of Iron or steel.
Brass In bars and tods. In coll oi otherwise, nol
length, nnd brass In strips, sheets oi  plates,
.'i coated   (Foi us,- in Canadian manufactures)
Balance ol item
Carbon electrodes      	
i*i,am separators and parti foi repairs 	
Boiled   lid Iron rods in the COlli    ,.t   uon    Ol    Steel,      not   over  three
eighths ol an Inch in di.unetei 	
Boiled lion oi    steel sheets, ol plate*,   cumber fourteen guape or thinner.
gaTvanlxed ot coated with ilnc, i-*, oi othei metal, ot not 	
Wm, crucible cast steel, rained at nDt |cu than mv cents per pound
li.ih.un.ul uon "i 'tnl win-, t.itvt-.l ,,,  .„.-, numbers nine, twelve     and
thirteen gnngc •   	
Type-casting and type-setting machine and parts thereof, adnpted for use
in printing offlccfl        	
less Hum  s|\ fCel        in
not    polished, planished
Cotton seed oil	
Minora) waters, naiurui, not m bottle (,r jugs	
Soda ash     	
salt cake	
Timber, hewn, sided or squared otherwise  than   by   sawing,   and   round
timbci used foi spnr«t or in bu!!d|og wharfs 	
Sawed boards, planks, deals ami oth,., lumber, noi further manufactured
than sawed   	
Paving posts, railroad ties, and telephones, trolley, electric light     and
telegraph poles of eedai  aud olher woods 	
Wooden slaves of all kinds, not (urt|„.r   manufactured      than   listed   or
minted, and stave bolls 	
Pickets nnd pnlings  ... 	
Meats, fresh or rcfrigcrnted, pel potlftd  •
Bncoti and hams, per pound 	
Beef, salted in boi rets per pound 	
Pork, barrelled in biiiic, per pound	
Meats, other suited	
Canned meats und canned poultry **. .'
Extract ol meat, fluid or not	
Fluid *.
Not fluid	
I1 referential
IT) per cenl
1*» per cent
le. per  Ih
lfi per cent
IB per rent
lf> per rent   .
12J per cent
« cents 	
7 eenls  ,.,
7 cents 	
Ml cents 	
10 cents 	
la cents 	
Ill cents 	
I'll, per cent
50  .
121 cents ...
7 cents 	
lfi per cent .
la per cent
15 per cent
IS per cent
15 per cent
35c. per bbl	
17J* per cent 	
67c. per 100 His.
ljc, per lb	
U per Hi	
17J per cent.
171 per cent.
17I per cent.
lie. per tb	
Ie. per lb. ,„
15 per cent ...
lfi per cent ..
2c. per do? ...,
2c. per Id	
5 per cent 	
"> per rent
per cent
(Foi manfg, purposes)
\ rent .    .  .
|  rent       	
.10 cts. per 100 lbs.
\ cent   	
\ rent
j cenl
| eenl
j cent
l cent ....
17J   pel  rent
22A per cenl
17J per cent
10 rents 	
I) cents 	
!) cents 	
12J cents 	
12 cunts 	
22£ cents 	
12| cents ...
171 rents
fl ce
per cent
per cent
per cent
per cent
per cent
per bbl	
per cent 	
per   100 lbs,
per 11.	
ljc. per lb. ..
22J per cent
224 P" cent *
221. per cent
lc. per lb	
3c. per lb	
17 A per cent .
17A per cent .
21c. per do/.
2?.c. per tb. ..
10 per cent ,..
in per rent	
10 per cent 	
(For manig   purposes)
5c. pe
r ion ibs
2 rents
; cents
I cents
15 pei cent
I7J   pel   rent
1  i tiit
15 per cent
l2i   pel   cent
12 1-3  per  rent
15 per rent
8 cents
2'.   rents
; l». cents
J J, cents
I 20 per cent
271 per cenl
; J cent .
jn per cent
20 per cent
2" per cent
17 2 3 pel cent
15 pel cent
IS pei tent
I2i per cent
15 per cent
Free and 16 pel rent
2 cents 	
1> eenta
11 cents
1| i.nt,
lj eenls
I7|. per lent
171 per cent
le   per 100 lbs.
t-lt    per 100 lbs
17i per cenl ...
22i per cent
Free .....
5 per cent
5 pel eelit
17 J per cent
171 per cent
Free nnd 17!, per cent
21 cents 	
Ij rents     	
I; cents 	
IJ cents 	
1i  cents 	
2J per cent ,..,	
28 per cent 	
2Ti per cent
25 per cent
lj.'. per ii»
25 per eenl
25 per rent
25 per cent
20 per cent
12 cents 	
10 cents ..
10 cents 	
15 cents 	
15 i;cnts ......
25 cents 	
15 cents 	
20 cents 	
10 cents 	
30 per cent
30 per cent
30 per cent
30 per rent .
80 per cent ,
40c. per bbl. .
25 per cent ...
$1 per 100 lbs
2c. per Ih	
2c. per tb	
25 per cent ..
25 per cent .,
25 per cent ..
lc. per lb	
3c. per lb	
171 per cent
I7£ per cent
3c, per do/. .
3c. per lb	
ifl per cenl
10 per cent	
10 per cent 	
(For manfg, purposes).
50c. per 100 lbs
1  rent    	
1 cent	
I  rent 	
I  rent
1 rent 	
per rent   	
10 rents
3 cents
5 rents
25 per cent
30 per cent
pel rent
221 pei rent ....
22 1-3 per cent
17 1-t per eenl
5c. per 100 lbs
7J per 100 lbs
17J pei cent   ...
ri per cent  .....
Free .
5 pel relit
!i per Cent
20 per rent
17 J per cent
Free and SO pel
3 cents
2 cents
2 rents
2 cents
2 cents
27J per rent
271 per cent
United States Tariff,
$2 per head 	
$3.75 per head
27J per cent .
$30 per head ,.,
!5 per cent
$1.50 each
75c. per head
$1.50 per head
20 per rent    .
3c, per lb	
5c. per lb	
25 cents     ,
10 cents	
15 cents	
30 cents	
15 cents 	
15 cents 	
25 cents 	
(seed pease 10c)
25 cents  ,
15c. per bushel
25 cents 	
25 per cent	
25 per cent 	
10c. per bushel
2c. each 	
25 per cent 	
25c. per bushel 	
25c. per bushel 	
25c. per bushel 	
25c. per  cub. fl.   cap.
bills, or park a urs 	
Ic. per quart 	
lc. per quart 	
Free or 25 per rent  .. ,
2c. per lb	
per lb
per tb
per lb
per gallon ,..,
per gallon 	
5c. per doz	
20c. per gallon 	
From   15c   per hushel to
20c. per lb	
$1 (2,210 lbs.) ....
$1.50 (2210 lbs.)
me. per lb	
Ic. per lb,
1 cent 	
| cent	
50c. per 100 Ihs
4 cent 	
1 cent 	
J cent	
IJ cents  ., ..
} cent	
j cent	
30 per cent 	
30 per rent
Free •■*.
I cent	
Shell fish—free, other lish
{e  per lb	
15c. per gallon  	
8c. per gallon	
20 per cent (ground)    . ..
$3 per ton
20 per cent 	
lc. per pound
30c  per ton . .
per 100 Ibs.
tic  per ino ths.
25 per cent
per tt.
lfi per cenl
30 per cent
IS pet cent
3-1 Or  per lb
ir   It.   to 1 210c. per ft.
Not less than .Vi per cent
Not less than Ifl per rent
BO per cent .. .
20 per cent ..
f»c per gallon
r   per lb
$1 per ton
|c per cubic ft   .
$1 25 per 1,0*0 ft   ll. M
to pei cent
10 per cent
10 per rent ,
IJ rents	
t rent*   	
25 per cent
25 per cenl
25 per cent
25 per rent 	
Kates now   proposed
hoth United   State
and   Canada
15c per lb
ISC    |Nfl   P.
Free ,
Free ,
Free ,
Free .
Free ,
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free  .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Fnr .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Free .
Fret- .
Free ...
Free .
I | rents
ij cents
tI cents
1 I tents
1| crnts .
jo pel cent
Reduction by
"nited Stales.
1*2 per head ...
3.75 per head
per cent .
25 pei i ent
' $1 'j'i each
; 75i each
' M 50 each
1 20 pel
3c  per It-	
5c  per lb, .
35 cents 	
10 cents .
15 cents .
10 cents
15 cents ...
15 cents
25 cents  .
10 cents ... .
::, cenCs	
15c  per bushel
25 cents
25 per ceat
:"■ pi : cenl
10c per bushel
2c  each    ...
25 per cent ..
25c per bushel
26c pei bushel
35c pi ■ bushel
25c pel cu   fl   i ap  pkge
lc  per quart
Free or 25 per cent
2t   pei lb
3c  i" I lb
(ic   per Ih. .
Gi    I'j i  Ui
_v per gallon
5c   per gallon
5c   per dozen .   .
20    : • i  gallon
16c.   per bushel   lo
per lb
*• (3,240 II -
$1 50 ■■:.-■" .'•
>r    per  tt     .
.      ■* ■
; cenl
50c   per
J rent
I ent
; cent
II cent- .*
\ cent
> cenr
30 per cent
30 pec cenl *
! rent
Free or  |c   per tb.
IV    per trallon
Sr. per gallon
20 per cent
11 per 'in
20 ;■■' ■ ent .
lc, per ft
30c. per ton
7<\ per 100 Pis
He   per 10,   "
25 per rent
v   p.: It.
15 per cent
30 per rent
fi pet cent
I 10.-   per  Rt
Je   per lb. to I Ut     *'
Not ]es« than 35 per cent
Sot less than W p* i real
:<i pei cent
20 p,-r eenl
lc per gallon
|C. per lb.
fl pei ton
c p. r eu. ft. ..   .
11 29 pir l.ooo (t. B.M..
i« per cenl
io p,-r cent  ..
i 10 per cent ..
; ; eenl
11\ rent ■
1 pei cenl
l; pet cent ..
IIJ per cent
'. pri ■ ei I
20 pri  tent
Reduction by
25 per rent
1! 2 50 *    .
25 per rent .
I J.    per lb
y- pei ci nl
2"- per cent
25 per cent
20 per cent .
'.. a Ms
m cents .
i'i cents
15 cents
'  "l    :  ClltS
25  rents   .,     .
it'll ts
10 rents .     ,
30 per. i nit 	
30 per rent
30 per rent
10 pei tent
30 per rent
u\- per bbl . .,
25 pel rent ...
M per  100 lbn
2c   per ll>
2»-   per tb
35 pei cent .   .
25 pi r cent
35 |     i ent      ......
li   pei tr	
Se   per IK
17 i per t-ent
171 per cent
U   per doi	
8c   per ft   . 	
10 per cent   	
jo p?r cenr .
IQ pei cent	
i .J   ;
1 cent
1 cent 	
50c   per 100 Ibs
t c-nt
I cent 	
1 cent 	
1 r*nt 	
i cent
i cent 	
; • r rr.'.
3 cer.ts
' cents
S rem 5
25 per cent
30 per cent
\   rent
25 per cent
-.*  pel rcLt
:i\ per - ent
17 I-'i p- *' ■ ent
per 100 II
■i- ioo Ai
: 171 ; 11 '""lit
.". i» r eenl
11 pet cent 	
' I to  pel   rent
', ;,.; cent
;■•■■   ' ■:.'
2" per rent
i;» pei cent
Free and 20 per cent
IJ cents
; cent
15 per rent	
7 per rent 	
i, per cent 	
, | pet «ent
7| per fent 	 TBA  CRAS BROOK.    RMUA.V
I.anl, and compounds thereof, cottolone, cotton stcarlnc and animal seur-
ine, per pound 	
Tomatoes and other vegetables, including corn and baked beans, in cans
or other air-tight packages, including the weight ol the package, per
pound  *	
Wheat (lour, semolina and rye (lour, per barrel ol 196 lbs	
Oatmeal and rolled oats, per 100 lbs	
Barley, pot, pearled and patent 	
Barley malt 	
Buckwheat floui in meal 	
Corn meal * *	
Split  pea*,, dried  *	
Prepared cereal foods 	
Prepared cereal foods	
Bran, middlings and other oDals ol grain, used lor animal food 	
Macaroni and vermicelli  I1" ton lbs
Biscuits, wafers and cakes, having added sweetening only 	
Biscuits, walcrs, cakes and other baked articles composed in whole or in
part ol irks or any kind ol (lour or meal when combined with chocolate nuts, fruits or conlectioncry, also candied peel, candied popcorn,
candied nuts, candied fruits, sugar candy aud conlectioncry of all kinds
16 per cent
It cents 	
1 cent 	
Ill cents 	
Ill cents 	
2(1 per cent 	
ISC. per 100 U.K.
36,  per 100 lbs..
•illc. per bhl	
[Oc. per hushel .
171 Per cenl 	
lfi per cent 	
16 per cent 	
Tii cents 	
17} per cent 	
2! per cent 	
Maple sugar and maple syrup 	
Canned fruits. Including the weight ol thc package, per pound 	
Peanuts, shelled   Per pound
Peanuts, unsbcllcd   P" Pound
Pickles, sauces and catsups 	
Egg yoke, egg albumen and blood albumen	
(lurry juice and prune juice, or prune wine, and other fruit juices, anil
fruit syrup, non-alcoholic 	
Sardines, packed in oil in tin bores, tbe weight ol the tiu bur to be included in the weight Ior duty:
fa)   When weighing over twenty ounces and not    ovei tb Irty-slx   ounces
* box
per I
(li)    When weighing over twelve ounces and not over twenty ounces each
  per box
(c) When weighing over eight ounces and not over   twelve  ounces each
 per bos
(d) When weighing eight ounces each or less   per box
Sardines, prepared in oil in bores weighing over thirty-sir ounces each
Farm wagons, and complete parts thereof
Tooth and disc harrows 	
Harvesters and reapers   	
Agricultural drills and planters	
Horse rakes 	
Cultivators   ■	
Threshing machines	
Windgtackcrs, baggers, weighers, and scll-leedcrs therefor and finished par
Is of the foregoing tor repairs	
Portable engines with boilers, hi combination,    with   horse   powers   and
traction engines,  for farm purposes .,	
Hay loaders
Potato diggers	
Fodder or Iced cutters .
drain crushers 	
Fanning mills 	
1| cents 	
JO per cent ...
flltt * *
17! per cent .
12} per rent
121 per cent .
12} per cent .
121 per cent
12! per cent
lit. per cent
121 per cent
16 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
lfi per cent ..
I lav  tedileis
Farm or field rollers .
Malum* spreaders	
Windmills—and finished parts of the foregoing, lor repairs, except shafting
Cutlery, plated or nnt, vir.., penknives, poctetlrnives, knives lor household
and other purposes and table steels 	
BelK ami gongs, brass corners and rules tor printers 	
Basins, urinals and other plumbing fixtures ol earthenware for bathrooms
.iml lavatories, baths, bath-tubs, sinks and   laundry   tubs of   eartl	
ware, stone, cement or clay, or ol other material 	
Brass band instruments 	
Grindstones of sandstone, not mounted, finished or not	
tlutldlng or monumental stone ol Irrestooe, granite, sandstone or limestone unmanufactured, or not dressed, hewn or polished	
Hoofing slate  per squares ol 100 sq. ft
Vitrified paving blocks not ornamented or decorated in any manner
Paring blocks of stone	
Clocks, watches, time recorders, clocks and watch keys, clock cases, and
clock movements 	
Fcathci , ui their natural state 	
Printers' wooden cases nnd cabinets lor holding type 	
Vntlseptic surgical dressing, such as absorbant cotton, cotton wool, lint,
lamb's wool, tow. mte, gaurcs and oakum, prepared for use as surgical
dressings, plain or medicated; surgical trusses, peasarirs and suspensory bandages ol all kinds 	
Printing ink	
Ksscntial oils 	
Plate class, nol bevelled, In sheets or panes exceeding seven square leet
each, and not exceeding twenty-five square leet each 	
(ixide of iron ns a color 	
Motor vehicles, other than railway and tramway, and automobiles and
parts thereof, not including rubber tires 	
Asbestos, manufactures ol or ol which asbestos is the component oi
chief value 	
Canoes and small boats of wood, not power boats	
Wood (lour	
Digesters ol Iron or steel for the manufacture ol wood pulp 	
flrape   vines,    gooseberry, raspberry     and current bushes 	
Mineral and aerated waters, in bottles or jugs	
Musical Instruemnt cases, lancy cases or boxes, portfolios, satchels, reticules, card cases, purses, pocket books, By books lor artificial (lies,
all the foregoing composed wholly or la chiel value ol leather 	
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ...
15 per cenl ..
15 per rent ..
15 pel cent ..
15 per cenl ..
15 per cent .
12! per cent .
12! per cent .
12! per tent .
JII per cent ..
20 per cent .
20 per cent ..
15 per cent ...
10 per rent ...
tu pel cent ..
50 cents 	
lift  Per cent
15 per cent „
20 per cent
10 per cent .
211 per cent
12! per cent
12! per cent
5 per cenl ....
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
22| per cent .
15 per cent ,.,
17! per cent
17! per cent
2(1 per cent ,.,
12j per cent .
15 per cent ,.,
22! per cent
17! per cent
lj cents 	
15 per cent
li, cents ....
1} cents ....
i; cents ....
25 per cent
5 per cent
15 per cent
2! tents .
lj cents 	
50 cents 	
51) cents  .
27} per cent 	
16c. per 100 Ibs.
•15c. per 100 Ibs.
22 !c. per hbl	
121c. per bushel .
22! per cent 	
171 per cent 	
17! per cent 	
25 per cent 	
12! per cent
17! per cent .
2 cents 	
2 cents 	
2 cents 	
.121 per cent
7! per cent ...
17} per cent
■ cents .
:t0 per cent ...
22! per cent
17! per cent .
171 per cent .
17! per cent .
171 per cent .
17! Ppr cent .
17| per cent .
171 per cent .
17J PRr cent ■
17J per cent .
171 per cent .
22! per cent .
22 J per cent .
22! per cent .
221 per cent .
221 per cenl .
22J per cent .
221 per cent .
17! per ent .
17j per cent .
17*, per cent .
27! Per cent
27j Per cent
30 per cent ...
22} per cent
12! Per cent .
121 per cent
70 cents 	
20 per cent
17! per cent
27! Per cent .
12J Per cent .
27! Per cent
17| per cent
17! Per cent
7} per cut ..
25 per cent ...
20 per cent ....
30 per cent ...
22! P<:r cent .
22! per cent .
22! Per cent .
27! Per rent .
17! per cent .
174 Per cent .
30 per cent
20 per cent
2 cents 	
1! cents 	
60 cents 	
00 cents	
30 per cent	
15c. per 100 Ibs.
600. per 100 Ibs.
25c. per hbl	
15c. per bushel ..
25 per cent 	
20 per cent 	
171 per cent 	
27J per cent 	
35 per cent ,
20 per cent .
2} cents 	
2 cents 	
2 cents 	
35 per cent
10 per cent
20 per cent
•1{ cents .
3! cents 	
2} cents 	
35 per cent ..
25 per cent ...
20 per cent ...
20 per cent ..
171 per cent .
20 per cent ..
17! per cent
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent .
30 per cent ..
30 per cent ..
35 per cent ..
35 per cent ...
15 per cent ...
15 per cent ...
75 cents 	
221 per cent
20 per cent ...
30 per cent .
15 per cent .
30 per cent
20 per cent ...
20 per cent ...
10 per cent ...
27} per cent .
22! Per cent .
35 per cent ...
25 per cent ..
25 per cent ..
25 piT cent ..
30 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
17-) per rent
Aluminium in crude lorm     Free .
Aluminum in plates, sheets, bars aad rods    Free ,
Ijiths    Free
Shingles     Free .
Sawed boards, planks, deals and other lumber, planed or finished on    one |
side per 1000 feet board measure jFre
Pinned or finished on one side and tongued and grooved, or planed or
finished on two sides M„
Planed or finished on three sides, or planed or finished on two   sides
and tongued and grooved, per 1000 leet board measure	
Planed and finished nn lour sides, per 1000 leet board measure 	
Iron ore 	
Coal slack or culm, ol all kinds, such as   will   pass through a halt inch
screen     10c. per Inn
(This change in to admit washed slack Into the Called States at 16c
pel  ton ol 2210 pounds)
171 per cent
171 Per cent .
17! per cent .
22J per cent
221 Per cent
221 Per cent
12c. per ton
United States
ic. per lb.
1! cents ...
21c to 40 per cent	
25 per cent 	
2c. per lb	
*l5c. per 31 Ibs	
25 per cent 	
tOo. per 100 Ibs	
15c. per bushel 	
20 per cent 	
20 per cent 	
20 per cent 	
3 cents per lb. and 15 per
cent or 50 per cent 	
3 cents per lb. and 15 per
cent, or 50 per cent; or
1 cent per lb. and 35
p.c; or 2c. n lb. or tc.
a lb	
1 cents a lb	
2 cents 	
1 cent 	
} cent 	
to per cent 	
25 per cent or 3c per lb.
or 1} cents per lb	
70c per gallon 	
Rntes now   proposed   for
both United States
and Canada.
*10c per 100 I
11 cents 	
1) cents 	
60 cents 	
50 cents 	
lc per Hi	
45c. per 10(1 Ibs	
}C per Hi	
12!c. per 100 His	
71c per bushel 	
20 per cent 	
20 per cent 	
12} ''cuts per 100 Ibs.
I cent per Ih	
25 pel* cent 	
32J P" cent
Over 21 cu. in., 5c
Over 21 cu. in. 5c.
Over 71 cu. in. and under
21 cu. in. 21c	
Over 71 cu. in. and under
21 cu. in., Sic	
Over 33 cu. in.    10c. per
box to 30 per cent	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
15 per cent 	
According    to     material
35 per cent to 45 p.c...,
Steam engines—30 p.c. ...
Oasoline engines —15 p.c.
Horse powers—15 p.c. ...
According    to    material
35 per cent to 45 p.c	
■15 per cent 	
45 per cent 	
15 per rent 	
According    to     material
Wood 35 per cent	
According    to     material
35 to 45 per cent 	
45 per cent 	
According    to     material
35 to 45 per cent 	
45 per cent (?) 	
45 per cent 	
40 to 90 per cent 	
45 per cent 	
According to material
35 to 45 per cent	
45 per cent	
11.75 per ton	
10c. per cu. It	
20 per cent 	
35 per cent	
Dressed 50 per cent	
40 per cent 	
30 per cent	
35 per cent 	
45 per cent 	
25 per cent 	
25 per cent 	
221c per sq. It	
30 per rent 	
45 per cent	
25 or 40 per cent 	
35 per cent 	
35 per cent 	
45 per rent 	
25 per cent 	
Containing not over 1
pint, 20c per dor..; containing over 1 pint, not
over one quart, 30c. dor.,
containing over 1 qt.,
24,* per gal. Equivalent, .13} per rent 	
35 per cent       40, 45 and 50 per cent
1 cent a lb. ..
2 cents 	
1 cent	
} cent 	
32! Per cent .
7} per cent ..
17} per cent .
5 cents .
1 cents .
2 cents .
2 cents
30 per cent ..
22} per cent
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent ..
15 per cent „
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ,.
20 per cent ..
20 per cent ..
271 per cent
27} per cent .
32} per cent
22} per cent ....
5c per 100 Ibs.
121 per cent .
55 cents 	
17} Per rent .
17} per cent .
27} per cent .
12} per cent .
27} per cent
17} per cent .
17} per cent .
7} per cent ,.,
25 per cent ...
22} per cent .
30 per cent ...
22{ per cent .
22} per cent .
22{ per cent .
27} per cent .
17! per cent .
17! per cent .
25 per cent
25 per cent
25 per cent
lie. per ton
I'nited States
7c. per lb	
lie per lb	
20c. per M	
50c per M	
11,71 per M. II	
12.00 per M. ft	
12.37} par M. ft	
15c per ton 	
15c. per ton ol 2240 Ibs.
Reduction by
United States.
4} per cent
i cent 	
He to 2o	
13 p.c. or 70c per hbl..
50 cents 	
48 per cent 	
87c. per 100 lbs	
10 per cent 	
27} per 100 Ibs	
371c per bushel 	
71 per cent .
} cent	
25 per cent ..
17} per cent .
Reduction by
15 per cent
1 cent 	
3 cents a tb.
7} per cent .
0 per cent ...
49c per gallon .
1 cent .
} cent .
! cent
22} per cent
20 per cent to 30 per cent
From 10 per   cent to 25
per cent 	
From* 15 per   cent  to 24
per rent 	
25 per cent	
25 per cent  ....
25 per cent	
15 per cent 	
22} per cent ..
76c. per ton .
7} per cent „.
5 per cent ....
17} per eeat .
32} per cent..
12} per cent
7} per cent ..
7} per cent ..
15 to 25 per cent
25 per cent 	
15 to 25 per cent .
25 per cent 	
12} to 621 per cent
171 per cent	
2} to 121 Per cent .
27} per cent ,
7} per cent ..
17} per cent .
45.26' per cent .
7} per cent 	
15 per cent 	
2} or 17} per cent .
12} per cent 	
12} per cent 	
17 J per cent 	
7} per rent 	
18 per cent 	
i cent 	
2 per cent or 10c. per bbl.
10 cents 	
It per cent 	
71c. per bushel
5 per cent 	
5 per cent ...
1 cent 	
2} per cent .
2} per cent
cent per lb.
1 cent 	
1 cent 	
1} cents 	
21 per cent ...
2} per cent ...
3 cents per gallon
1 cent .
} cent ....
1} cents
} cent ....
5 per cent ...
25 per cent .
25 per cent .
5 per cent ..
2} per cent .
5 per cent ..
2} per cent
5 per cent ..
5 per cent ..
a per cent ..
5 per cent ..
5 per cent .
5 per cent .
5 per cwt
5 per cent .
5 per cent .
5 per cent .
i per cent .
21 pet cent ..
H per cast ..
2} per cent ..
2} pec cent ..
50c. pc' too
21 per cent ..
t per cent ...
5 per cent ....
21 per cent ..
2} per cent ..
2) per cent ..
2-1 per cent ..
H per ent ..
2} per cent ..
2} per cwt ..
2*1 per cent ..
5 per cent ...
2} per cwt ..
3, per cwt ..
2} per cwt .
32} per cent      71, 121 and 171 per cwt..   2}c par lb.
Rates  now   proposed lor
United States.
5c. per lb	
8c. per lb	
10c. per M	
30c. per 51	
50c. per M. It. ..
75c. per M. It. .
SI 12} per M. It
10c. per ton 	
Reduction by
I'nited States.
2c. per lb	
3c per Ih	
10c. per M	
20c. per ll	
$1.25 per M. It.
$1.29 per M. tt.
11.25 per M. It
$1.25 per M. It
5c. per ton	
W. I.
Cement, Portland  per 100 Ibs
Trees, viz.: Apple, cherry, peach, pear, plum and quinces, of all kinds and
small peach trees known as June buds, each 	
Condensed milk, the weight of the package to be   Included   in tho weight
for duty	
Biscuits without added sweetening 	
Fruits in air tight cans or other air light packages, weight of cans    or
other packages to he included in weight for duly 	
Peanuts, shelled	
Peanuts, unshelted 	
Coal, bituminous, round and run of mine, Including bituminous coal such
as will not puss through a lhrce-i|iiarler Inch screen 	
8 cents	
2 cents 	
2c per Ih	
15 per cent 	
lie, per lb	
i}c per lb	
l]c. per Ih	
35c. per ton 	
li cents 	
2} cents .	
3c. per lb	
22} per cent
lc. per Hi.
2c per lb.
2c. per lb.
45c per ton
cents .
3 i
ents ....
. per lb.
per cent
per lb.
per lb
per lli.
. per ton
United Stotei
Kates now   proposed    fot |
Reduction bv
United stale
8 cents  j n cents
$2 per M. to 25 per cent  |2! cents
2c. per lb. ...
20 per cent
2c. per IV
lc. per lb. ..
lc. per lb.
15c. per ton (of 2,240 lbs)
2c. per Ih...,
2(1 per eenl
2.* per II.
lc per III
!e. per Ih,
Reduction I.i
Ji  eenls 	
J cent
lie  per lb,     .
*  pel   cell!   .      ,      .
ic. per lb. ..
I lc. per lb. ,
I 4c. per tl. .
I Si*, per ton „
Wc  have a  large   assortment to
choose  irom,    Come    and   look
them   over.
Also   our    VALENTINE    POST
CARDS  the  best  assortment in the
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, - British Columbia
% The question of what watch to
bnyii a inr,| one for the avorngfl
in in to decide.
*. Doiens of gradei are pold undei
the winie name mnl it puxtlefl any
hut an expert to decide where practical utility nt ops and extravagance
begins,  we are
Watch Experts
ami will gladly help you in thin
imiUfi. nur itock embraces the
b.'st watches made, (-'nine In nml
look ihem '-ver, we're always pleased
lo show yon, wlifthei you .tnyornol.
*", Ami remember repairing i* om
specialty.   Our prices a>e right.
EXPERIENCED 1101 SKl,i:i:i Kll
FIRST    CLASS   COOK.      i.PPI.*.
V. 0,   V ,   CARE   llEHAI.Ii    OK
PICE. SI ii*
FOR RENT.—Three nicely fuinisli-
cd moms, centrally located, .villi or
without board Pot terms apply
I let nl.l office 50
Maurice (Juain is back from Edmonton,
\V. D. Hill relumed to town last
evening from Vancouver.
GUARANTEE nt Little and Atchison.
Miss Maggie Harris lefl on Tues
day for f'hillhvai-k, B.C.
Home made enndy 20e. Saturday
at Thr Halm.
Don'l miss the hockey match,
Moyfc vs. Cranbrook, Saturday : SO
at thc Arena rink.
Fancy new California cftbbagc—flrm
and appetizing—al Kink's Pure Food
E. D Kinzir, formerly accountanl
for J. It. McBride, has resigned his
position and left for the coast.
Genuine Swedish fish halls—fresh
this week at Kink's Pure Komi Grocery
Call and set* out display of oranges
un Saturday —Campbell and Man
J. I-:. Dixon, manager ior l\ Hums
and Co. in this city, returned from
Mew Brunswick last night
Hubbard squash at Campbell and
D. B. ll.mes. late ol the \shdown
Hardware company, Ni-lson. has tali
en the position of accountant with
.1   P  McBride
To buy withoui having read the
ads is t.i proceed on the theorj thai
tin ro i- nu advantage In KNOWING
things, over merely \sst mini;
\    V    Nelson and    Mis    N'elson
What We Sell
Advcrli es Us
What We Repair
Gives Us a Reputation
We  aro  detonniut'il   lo   be
second to none.
Ami  Be Convinced.
C.P.R. Watch Inspectors
**•*,*" j*
have gone down to Winnipeg fot a
short vacation and will he away
about six* week.
Welsh grape juice—delicious for
fruit punch—fresh ihis week—al
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
The Winnipeg Salvation Army silver baud of about fifty pieces, will bo
in t'ranbrook on February 27th.
Particulars later.
Popham Bros, delicious big chocolates always on hand at Little and
The fancy dress carnival at the
Arena rink on Monday evening will
be a big affair, eclipsing anything of
the sort heretofore held in ihis city.
Celery, cucumbers, lettuce and cauliflower at Campbell and Manning's.
W. .1. Kerr, formerly of the eitv,
has bought the Klk hotel, at Klko,
irom Chas. Klingensmith and has already taken possession.
We have a second-hand Jumper and
a second-hand two seated sleigh for
sale cheap—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Rev. Robert Hughes will visit
Wycliffe. Marysvill,. and the Sullivan
mining camp next week, in company
with Hev. (J. II. Hamilton, holding
lantern services in each place
Flower City Marsh Mellows at The
Miss E F Hoyle has severed her
connection with Hill and Co. nnd
left Tuesday foi Chillhvack, where
she is opening up a millinery ami
baby linen business on hti own account fn March tirst
Golden Flowei oranges (the peoples
choice) at Kink's pure Food Grocery.
A regular meeting of the Farmers'
institute will he held at the govern
ment buildings on Thursday, February -'th, in the evening at 8 o'clock
Subject; Reporl of delegate tn Victoria, I), c.
After dinner mints in boxes or in
hulk nt l.ii tie ami Atchison's
chas Fields, an old timer in ihis
district, was found dead in his shack
yesterday morning. The funeral
takes place at .1 p.m. tomorrow from
Heatty's undertaking parlors
Huy oranges Saturday ai Camp
hell and Manning You will save
Irving Willson, wife and child, are
laying with Hr, King (or a few
days. Mr. Willson is recovering
: irom a severe attack of diphtheria.
< Harness' Harness" Harness'! We
have our spring sets in now, light,
medium, heavy, single and double —
Cranbrooh Trading Co.
■lames Ityan is up (rom Vancouver
renewing acquaintances, All bis old
friends are delighted to see bim
hack in lown again, looking so well
.Inst arrived.—A fresh shipment of
unit at The Palm.
Dr. F. W. Green is at Vict irla, in
tcrviewlng tho government on the
subject of an isolation hospital for
Choice cucumbers, lettuce nnd eel-
'cry at Little and Atchison's.
Yesterday nnd today several citizens left for Lethbridge to take part
in thc bonspiel now In progress lu
that city. Among those who have
gone arc Judge Wilson, R. E. Beat-
tie, K. II Small, Geo, Iloggarth,
Aid. Dan Johnson, Aid. Rowness,
Geo. Miller, It. McCreery and Frank
Rossi ter.
Fancy Washington fresh eggs-
fresh tri-wcekly at Fink's Pure Food
The Went worth hotel is now under
new management, J. McTavish, formerly of the Kootenay hotel at
Moyie, having taven it over from
P. Matheson Mr. McTavish is well
known all along the Crow. He has
great faith in Cranbrook and looks
to do a lirst class business In this
! We have too many oranges und wc
are short of cash. Bring along
your money and sec how many
oranges you can carry away —Camp-
hell and Manning.
The W. T. C- U. Will hold an
elocutionary contest on Saturday
evening in the Presbyterian ehurcb.
To the winners of which silver medals will be awarded, as follows: Obe
medal.for tbe cradle roll, in which
division there will be six competitors, and the other (oi tbe junior
roll. Vocal and instrumental selections, and, a reading by Miss Ina
Ford, of Los Angeles, will form part
of the evening's programme
Mr. II. I). Chapman arrived in
town Tuesday morning from Arnprlor, Ont.,,to take up a position
with the Crows Nest I'ass Lumber
Whilst in Calgary last week, K. K
Beattie had a ilia.* with Cofoul
Walker, who was up here during the
recent bonspicl. Tin- colonel could
not say too much of the treatment
meted out to thc visitors to Cranbrook on that occasion and intimated
that if a bonspiel were held here
next year he would guarantee at
least fifteen rinks (rom Calgary
Choice cucumbers, lettuce and celery at Little and Atchison's
Thc marriage of ('. W. Voung,
chief of Nelson police, to Mrs. Pillock, nee Miss Stella Tamblyn, took
place quietly here ou Monday, the
ceremony being witnessed by -% lew
friends of the contracting part ies.
Kev. C. 0, .Main officiated. Mr and
Mrs. Voung returned to Nelson on
Monday evening.
Ontario pure white clove] honey
.it Kink's Pure Kood Grocery.
The death of Mrs. L. McKinnon,
grandmother of Mrs. Chas. Little
ami Mrs. W. J. Atchison, of this
city, occurred at WeStvlflc, N. S., on
January 2*Mh. Mrs. McKinnon had
attained to Iln- great age oi IM
years aud almost up to the last mo
ment retained full use of all her faculties. Mrs. McKay, mother of
Mis Little and Mrs. Atchison, who
is now visiting Mrs. Little, received
the sad intelligence of her mother's
death last night.
Sweet, juicy, naval oranges, on
the bargain counter Saturday only —
Campbell and Manning.
11 troubled with indigestion, con*
-lipation, no appetite or feel billions.
give Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets a trial and you will be
pleased with the result. These tablets invigorate thc stomach and liver
uut strengthen the digestion. Sold by
all druggists nnd dealers. 50-tf
New season's strawberry rhubarb
i grown in Cranbrook) fresh semi-
weekly at Fink's Cure Kood Grocery.
James K. M Pinkham, who bas
been in the real estate business in
Calgary for the past six months, has
iust formed a partnership with his
cousin, Norman Tonpial Macleod,
son of the late Colonel Macleod, who
has been with the CPU as travelling freight agent with headquarters
at Nelson, B. C. Roth men are well
and favorably known In the four
western provinces In adilitlon to
being real estate agents, the lirm will
handle fire insurance, coal, etc
Our New
No  More Burnt Fingers
Miss McLeod   ! Mm^ Bros-
Are Now Showing
op Spring Laces
LADIES' COATS Embroideries, Etc.
.. r,
nil   I
"■> uml are
tin* Lu
Fall in
.1 Winter
riCOB rauged from
Ti. clear
$15.00 to $20.00
Wo lul von few L*p-To-Dato
skirts which we will s,.|| at
L'.v;   (Ml   l|,*ij;iii,ir  Prici«.
It will pay ymi t,. invesli
■{ale tlirs... bargains.
"The Range Store"   Jfe   McLC0(l
You   should  not fail to
'see our  new fall range oi
'Laces.     Insertions,     Embroideries. Etc.
Time is fly ing along and
you   should    be   at   your
spring sewing now
A feature of the season
is the showing of very
deep flouncing designed
for lingerie dresscss. pelli*
coats aud band trimmings
of Embroidery
75C. TO $1.25 YD.
MacKen/i.-. A   <;   Motikhnnse, all of
Snap, the great hand-cleaner,
makes your hands (eel smooth and
prevents chapping.—Campbell and
FOR SALE.-GecBt down am!
leathers Apply lo Mrs John Mien
nan, Cranbrook. M-lt
sharp and closing ar 1 a m
The Kink    Mercantile compan]   .  ■
agents for Mi Vmi.  ami prici
■ •us English biscuits      Tbrii      coo-
utantly    increasing demand r'<>r the':.
toothsome morsels tellu tbi  -'>•:■■ ■
the   superior    quality ol i
Wisconsin cream brick cheese, iresh i"la,',' b>' lh,s liable ':""
will he found at t-"l Centre St., Cal
nary, Alta
.\ fresh shipment of Jacob*! lunch
cake .iust received from Ireland—at
Kink's pure Food Grocery.
A few tn i mi tc-; delay in treating
some cases of croup, even the length
of time it takes to go for a doctor
often proves dangerous The safest
way is to keep Chamberlain's Cough
Itemedy in tbe house, and at the
tirst indication of croup give the
- hiid a dose. Pleasant to take and
always cures Sohl In all druggists
and dealers. S0-tt
There is nothing   any more Invog-
orating or will drive awav that cold
chill quicker than a nice cup of   hot
Hovrll        Kor sole hy Campbell and ,
Tbe last (iarcltc contains the   an-j
nouneement ol the appointment      o(j
the   following to net as commission-!
ers    under the   Provincial Elections |
Act in the Cranbrf.uk Electoral   dis-
trict: Frank   Kaoiil   Augers,,Thomas j
Hoyter, l.arkin Langln, Joseph Mar-
tincau,     .lohn      0 litis    McCallum,
(Ieorge tt      Johnson, Joseph Brault,
James Itrechin, Malcolm   llorle, Peter (ireiion, Robert     Sinclair.    John
Foster     Huehcrolt,   James   Horace
King,    Maurice Qualn, James Hings-
totl    Doyle,    Eneas Harding Small,
Alfred    Oenest.    nil of   Cranbrook;
Walter Van Arsdale, Harry Mathers,
Alfred Brock   Smith, of Kort Steele;
Harry Han. Wasa,   Elgin Earl 'lones, Kimberley; Archibald McKachcrn,
Alfred Erickson, ol    Wyclille; Robert
Campbell,    Harry    II     Oimock. of
Moyie;    Daniel    < 'ameioii,    Richard
Joyce, of Mayook, F   J   .Smyth, II
this week at Fink's pure Food Oroc
The Auditorium has been undergoing a thorough cleaning this week
preparatory to its re-opening on
Monday evening under the new man
agement. Mr. Win. Ouerard ami
Mr. F. M. DeRiemer, who now have
charge of this place or entertainment, are    thoroughly     experienced
'show men and intend making Cranbrook's house of entertainment quite
one oi the. best in the Pacific Northwest.    There will be regular evening
.picture entertainments, Interspersed
with vocal and Instrumental selections, admission to which will be
only ten cents. A feature of their
management will lu- Saturday matinees for children, ail mission five
cents. There will he a regular
house orchestra of three pieces, Mr
Ouerard, violinist; Mrs Ouerard,
pianiste, and Mr (IreDicr, drums
Bookings so far include lhe Allan
Stock company, one week commencing February 27th, Hailwaymen's
dance, February 22nd, Fernie Italian
band, date yet to be fixed On -Monday evening the house will he reopened to the public (or the flrsl
t ime under T he new management.
when a good moving picture show
""1(j!wiH be provided, interspersed     wlttl
vocal and instrumental selections.
Mr. DeRiemer will he the principal
vocalist He was formerly with the
.Majestic theatre in Spokane - in
Tuesday evening there will he a
Valentine dance, commencing .it B, 10
Mr. Farmer and
Boforo s.*ii.liiit.'  uway for your
*..**•.Is .'onie iiuii sit* its.
We haiiill.*   nil  iiiiui*. ol vtruss
Boils mnl »•*,•'! irrniii*.
Do you know that, croup un be
prevented? Oivi Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy tu toon as the child
tiecomca hoar.se or eren after th
croupy cough appeals and it will pit
vent the attack It is ah' ..
lain rute tot etott p anrl has :
heen known to fall Sold j al
ilruggtsta and dealers
Grenestuf, the    greal germ killer
also preserves your carpet-S and
leiiins when sweeping.    Foi sal
by Campbell and Manning.
The ttial of   Stuart    [".-■*'. ■]■.-.■:*■:
with    assaulting   Charles Thompson.
cauafng bodily ha:in. wai beard     on
Wednesday before   .fudge Will
accused taking speedy trial alter tx
ing   committed by Magistrate Ryan
The accused was charged with     .n
saultlng    a   Swede,    i ne    Charles
Thompson, on January thc 1*1
and as a  result Thompson losl    bli
right .-ve        Dr. King gave ■■■
for the    crown and slated that     he
found a puncture In the eye, making
it necessary Ui    remove it and thai
the Injury might have tern ca
coming in    contact    with some hard
substance'   In a    ial!     He   further
itated thnt ii -,"..'ii«i n-'t probably be
roused1   by    a blow    from the flat
The  complainant,   Thompson,   gave
evidence on his two behalf, hu'  wa
loo Intoxicated    at  thi
i rouble to remembei elearl)
Ilis       honoi found        that
there ftas not sufficient evidence   to
■ '.iiiici t    Dow     wilh the "it fn
mishap which befell Thompson    and
dismissed tl» j barge ... ail t the s
cttscd.     George   H   Thompson    appeared for the i rown nnd M   A
donald for the o
Htutalwood    Creamer)    Bull
Kink*- Pure P I Oro ■ n
New Madras. Muslin
Scrim and various Curtain
Materials   are  on display.
We have a beautiful
variety of these goods It
will be a pleasure for us
to show them to you
18C. TO $2.00 PER YD.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
Clothing Stores.
HIVE C8 A Tii I.A I.
T. K. FUTA    I
The Knot    rhurrb La-lir**   Aid lute i Valentli    ies
...*,..    in
.,1 Mn      V,       !*.•*.:
'.! !*
1 ! In\   W VNTI'I' -'■*
,!||   l!">,  Sill * !   ■>      *.* llSUftl    Ifl   -*    I*
,;*'..;   OI     .i*!*- — V<   II
|\, Box *        ' M II
»«->•■»■*•->•«-»•»■»♦♦.>•* *>*>*»*>**»*M
A Lady's Coon Cost, cost
$50.00 will Ukc $25.00, very
little worn; alio i No. t Stovt
with reservoir only used two
months $15.00.
flBI.IC Nona; IS HEREBY OIVBN, that in
future all Trade Licences must he paid at thc City
Clerk's Ollice, and further NOTICE IS HEREBY
OIVEN, that any person carrying on hufiiics*. within
the City limits, on or alter the ist nl March. IOII,
*lthout a Llcenic un their In-half, will he prosecuted.
Cilv Clerk.
Dated at Cranhronk. B.C.
this 7th day nl February, TBJ£   -UHAiNKKOOK    IIJMAI.D
City Council
(Continued from page om1.)
No. of persons
Price Maximum    using Id gals
Amount in gallons per quarter,    per charge.             per cap.
ICOU per day,
K.OOU tu       12,000   !> 10 * 4.80                           3—1
12,000 to       18,000  Mi 0.8-1                          *—8
18,000 tu      27,000  'Hi 9.73                        7—8
27,000 tii       10,000    ..fl 13.00                       11-12
10,000 tu      00,000  32 10.20                     10—17
liO.OOO tu      100,000    30 30.00                         17—80
100,000 tu    lliO.m.O   .28 14.80               Industrial
100,000 lo     225,0011   >ii uR.M
^.GOO tu     296,000            1\ TO KO
205,000 tu     370,000   22 81.10
370,000 to    450,000   20 00.00
-ir.o.ooo tu   r.;i5,oon  is 00.30
535,000 10     025,000   It! 100.00
«35,0OO to     735,000      II 102 00
735,000 to     870,000       12 101.10
fiiO.OOO to 1,100,000      in 110.110
1,100,000 to 1,400,000  00 126.00                         "   ...
1,400,000 to 2,000,000  (IS HiO.OO
2,000,000 to 3,000,000     075 225.00
3,000,000 to 4,000,000     07 280.00
4,000,000 tu 5,000,000  003 325.00                         "
5,000,000 to 6,000,000    mi 360.00
U.000,000 to 7,000,000     o.V. 3S0.00
7,000,000 to K,000,000      05 400.00                        "
8,000,000 to 0,000,000      015 405.00
9,000,000 ami over     01 "
j" meter $0.25 pel month     ;" meter  (.0.50 ocr month
1"     "...      0 75        ■• 2"      "     - 150
:i"     •* 2 25        " i"      " 3.oo
i." im-ti-i vi 00 aer month
Aid. Jackson raised the point tlmt
it was now taking three men to look
after the water works, when all
there was tu 0u was to look after
the hydrants He wanted some ex
Aid. Bowness replied that Baldwin
und two other men were employed
He admitted that there was nut
much to do beyond looking alter the
hydrants, a job, whieh he believed
one man eould attend lu Mayor
Hunt remarked that he could not sec
what three men were required for.
After some further discussion along
these lines, lhe water commit tee
retired to ronsider the situation,
said committee consisting uf Vldei
men Bowness, Taylor and Johnson,
On their return. Aid. Bowness pre
seuted the following resolution. "We,
the water works committee, think
that a competent city engineer
should he appointed wlm would also
act as water superintendent, at a
salary ol $150 per month, witb pow
er to employ such labor as hr Hunks
requisite at euru-nt wages '"
On motion of Aid. .lackson, seconded by Aid. Campbell, the adupti i
tbis resolution was moved and car
Aid. Campbell then moved thai lhe
appointment uf city engineer be uf
lered to Mr II ^ Parker, this be
ing the only nomination, a ballot to
that effect was east by ihe eitj
Mr Parker, who was present, was
asked if lie would accepl the position
and said that he would be pleaBcd tu
do so, if his position with regard to
the employment and dismissal ul
employees were early defined It
was pointed out tu him that the re
solution inst adopted gave him lull
powers lo employ und dismiss whom
be pleased, subject, of course, to final
revision of same hv th<- cltj conn
Aid. .lackson next raised the ques
tion of unpad) trade licenses and llie
city clerk was Instructed to have
prepared fur presentation at the next
meeting a full list uf all unpaid li
censes, it being pointed
out       that       a fine not
exceeding $250 mav be Imposed
upon all delinquents
It was also announced that the
city clerk was engaged in preparing a
list nf delinquent taxpayers, in rcadi
ness for a tax sate, those in ai rears
would be .illjv.i d sixty days in
which to pay up
On motion of Aid -laeksou aud
Bowness, it was resolved thai ilu*
Pound and Dog Tax bvlaw would be
strictly enforced nftri March 1st
This resolution was the outcome of
discussion .ment Mr 1-1 M.illan
daine's lettrr
Bylaw No 7fi, debenture loan by
iaw No s. being the bylaw authorising the raising of JtOn.noo lor sewerage purposes, repayable In forty
years, was then taken up in Committee of the whole and Klven Us
third reading
Chief Wand reported upon the condition ot Kerrigan's huilding, where
the fire occurred that morning, recommending that the same be torn
down as it was unsafe
No action was taken Hound) nd
journed until H pm   Wednesday even
Wednesday evening's adjourned
meeting saw a lot of important bust
ness put through, Including an amicable adjustment of the public school
estimates, arrangements fur the sew
age bylaw completed, fixing <>(
water meter rates, discussion ol establishment uf isolation hospital lot
Infectious disease cases, etc
There Wen prcM-nt, Mayor Hunt,
Aldermen .lohnson, Taylor, Camp
bell, Bowness und Jackson
Immediately after the meeting bad
been called to order, School Trustees
Ourd and White, who wen- presenl
by request, were called upon to   ad
dress the council
Mr. (iurd briefly outlined particular, oi a meeting held between the
hoard of school trustees and the
mayor and Alderman .lackson, for
tin- purpose ui' discussing ilu* public
school estimates. As a result ul
that friendly Interchange of views
On- school hoard had reduced their
estimates hy some $4000, in the hope
thai ihe council would he able to see
iis way clear to pass the amended
statement without further delay.
Mi Ourd went on tu express his
vert hearty appreciation uf the spirit
in which the mayor ami Alderman
Jackson had met the trustees He
fell confident from lite altitude as-
siitiii-d bv these gentlemen that the
Iwu    bodies     would be able tu work
logethei in perfect harmony, which
was as it shuiihl be, both hod ies being actuated bv a common purpose,
tin- gelternl good ui tbe city of Cran-
Mr White heartily endorsed Mr.
Ourd'* remarks, expressing his per*
[sonal appreciation of the sympathetic
I attitude displayed by the council's
representatives towards the school
board, which, in his opinion, augured
well for their future relations
\Merman Jackson reported briefly
tin- particulars of the mayor's und
bis interview wilh the school board,
expressing in strong terms his ap-
pmiation of the conciliatory and entirely reasonable spirit in which the
trustees bad presented their side ul
tin* case. In view of what had
transpired he fell that the feast the
council would do would be to pass,
al once, amended estimates
Mavor Hunt endorsed every word
said by Alderman Jackson and expressed his keen pleasure in the remarks that bad fallen from Trustee
Ourd, He could assure the sehool
board that it wus his wish to maintain the friendliest relations with the
board, both bodies had been elected to
serve the best interests of thi- city.
It was then moved by Aid. Jackson, seconded hy Aid. Bowness, lhat
the amended school estimates,
amounting to $16,619.88, he accepted This motion wns adopted unanimously.
Aid. Jackson, in characteristic
frank manner, then proceeded to discuss a question that for a time promised to lead to rather a heated con-
tinvetsy, hut in the outcome threatened trouble, wns averted hy the alderman giving formal notice of motion on tbe subject to come up at
lhe next meeting ol the council.
Md Jackson opened his remarks
in this conncctlan, hy bluntly admitting that during the past year
be had not given the attention to
certain Civic matters that he probably should have However, he hud
Since heen looking very carefully into tbem nnd he now wanted some
explanation as to how the city
solicitor justified his position In acting ut one and the same time both
as solicitor for the city and as solicitor tor the firm of contractors,
who were engaged in litigation with
the school board. He did not see
how Mr Thompson could straddle
the fence in this way Mr Jackson
particularly intimated that his remarks in this connection were entirely impersonal and unbiased, lie had
always bad the friendliest relations
with Mr. Thompson and did not wish
to say anything that could be regarded as offensive But as a private cltlten he would not think it fair
if his solicitor to lake a ease
against him. and in acting for    the
intraetors In this case he considered that Mr Thompson wns practical
Iv arttng against the rlty, whose
solicitor he was
Mr Oeo Thompson, city solicitor,
intimated that he would not have
the slightest hesitancy in replying lo
Mi    Jack sun'1, statements.
Md Johnson pointed out (hat this
was not    the    right lime to d Iwu is
Now is the time when your
children are very apt to catch
cold. The sudden changes in
the weather, the difference
between school and house and
open air, getting uncovered at
night, all often lead to sore
throats, coughs and grippe.
ol Tar and Cud liver Oil
should be taken at the first
symptoms, Children find its
taste pleasant, and it keeps
them well and strong.
No better combined cure and
tonic has ever beeu compounded,
Ask for Mathieu's Syrup of Tar
and Cod Liver Oil.
Where there is fever with the
cold take Mathieu's Nervine
Powders to reduce the fever and
relieve the pain. Tliey are sold
in boxes of iS powders for 25c,
PswtTWim  "'
Syrup of Tar
I urge bottle $5 ceils.
Foley Bros, Larson & Company
Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon.
this matter.
Aid. Jackson said thut he was n
ratepayer und an alderman aud he
thought that it was both the right
lime und place to bring up the question .
Mr. Thompson again remarked that
he hud no hesitancy in explaining his
position. Prior to the action
against the contractors he had aeted
(or the school hoard as solicitor
without pay. He had, impersonally,
ottered his services to the school
hoard, when the eontractors started
llu-ir action, but the hoard had decided to go elsewhere tor legal advice When the contractors came
lo him, he had discussed the matter
willi then Mayor Fink, who had
agreed with him that it would be
peifeclly proper (or him (Thompson)
lu take a case against the school
hoard. The school hoard had no
mure lo do wilh the city council
thnn the city council had To do with
iln- provincial legislature. The trustees bad a right lo employ any soli-
eltor they pleased. At this juncture
further disctissiuii was postponed,
ilu- mayor holding thul it was oul oi
(in motion of Aldermen Taylor and
Campbell, it was resolved lhat the
vole of lhe electors he taken on bylaw So. Tii, sewerage bylaw, on
Tuesday, February 28th, between thc
hours of tu a in and X p.m. (local
on motion of Aldermeu Bowness
and Johnson it was ordered that notice ol the bylaw be advertised iu
the Herald and the Prospector.
On motion of Aldermen Bowness
and Taylor it was unanimously resolved that the water meter rates,
as prepared by the city engineer, under authority ol the water works
bylaw, be adopted.
lhe schedule ol rales, referred to,
appears iu (till above.
Aid. Jnckson then resumed his discussion ol the city solicitor's relations with the school contractors.
Mi Jackson remarked thai he could
no) agree with the city solicitor's
contention that the school board
was altogether a separate hody (rom
the city council. II the city solicitor light tbe case for the contrac-
I and the school trustees lose,
who will have tu foot the bill? The
raiepayers. To cut the matter
short, Alderman .lackson said: "1
ask Mr. Thompson to withdraw from
tin- case ur put in his resignation as
Cltj solicitor."
riiy Solicitor Thompson: "My resignation is already In."
Md. Johnson said he did not thoroughly understand the situation and
COIlld not vole intelligently one way
or the other
Aid RoWncss said that he would
not vote ou the case without receiving legal advice It Mr Thompson
were in the wrong, he would vote for
his resignation being accepted, otherwise he would vote against it and before coming to this conclusion he
wanted opportunity to secure legal
Aid. .lackson said he had taken
legal advice on the matter and his
advice was that Mr. Thompson's action In the premises had been most
Aid. Campbell thought that Aid.
Jackson's proper course would be to
give notice of motion that he would
bring the matter up nt the next
Aid. Taylor wanied to know why
the cily had to have a solicitor permanently engaged. When the city
wanted legal advice they could get
it and he would just as soon engage
Mr. Thompson as anybody else.
Aid. Itowness said that il there be
any regular procedure tn a ease ol
Ihis kind be wanted it adopted. In
his opinion the whole discussion wns
out ot order.
Aid. Jackson said he did not think
he was out of order. Ile was ac
tnutcd by no persona! mottveu
Thompson had always actrd an    bis
legal advisor in iho past and would
do so in lhe (unite, Hut he could
noi see how he (Thompson) could
consistently act (nr both ihe cily
council and the contractors. \ party at Fernie had told him thai the
contractors were worthless and
could get nu local legal advice, nor
at Nelson, and that Mr. Thompson
was the only lawyer who eould ho
Induced to act for them. For his
pari he wanted the matter to he
conducted in an orderly manner and
to lake its proper course.,
The outcome of the discussion being
lhe following notice of moiion by
Alderman .lackson:
"I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the city council 1
shall bring up the question o( City
Solicitor Thompson ael ing as solicitor (or the schuul contractors and
for the city."
Mr. King, being present at the request of Mayor Hunt, was called upon to address the council.
Dr. King said that some immediate
arrangements had to be made (or the
care ot infectious cases. Kxisting
accommodations were entirely unfit
and lhe cily was taking a great risk.
Dr. Green was at thc coast al     the
'present time, conferring wilh the
government on the situation and he
[(Green) had wired, asking what   the
'city council was prepared lo do. Dr.
I King said he had discussed the nuit-
I ter with the Mother Provincial oi
the Si. Kugene hospital, who Lad
intimated that she was open to consider lhe question ol establishing au
Infectious branch of thai institution.
.Sin- had   pointed    out that tbe cost
■of erecting and equipping the necessary building and the maintenance
thereof would    entail a pretty large
.expenditure. She thought it the
hospital undertook to provide Unbuilding aud equipment It would hu
up lo the government and cily council tu assist mntcriallv m the maintenance.     Dr. King expressed      the
| opiniun that it would be a good
thing (or the city to have a properly
equipped isolation hospital
I As to the question ol rales, reference would    be made to lhe charges
t imposed    elsewhere    and a   fair ar-
| rangenieiit arrived at. It was a
matter o( great Importance. Any
day we might huve an epidemic. The
present   accommodation, *uch as   it
I was, was ut the present time fully
occupied. If a sudden outbreak occur ied tbey would In- at loss lo know
I where to provide accommodation. He
I hoped     the council    would give tlto
matter prompt and favorable consideration.
Aid. Taylor said he would like   to
^iine the matter laid over until next
meeting, so that they might all
have time to    consider ways      and
i means,
: It was pointed out lhat Dr. (1 recti
was waiting for some definite advice on the subject and It was resolved to refer the whole matter lo
| tin- health and relief committee to
report at the next meeting or lhe
Aid   Itowness said lhat  he was Informed     thut  there was a horse at
lthe'lire hall, not    in use uud praclt-
■ cally useless, which wus costing the
city some $15 per month for main.
tenance He would like some action taken to rid the city ol this
burden. The mutter was referred to
the water works committee (or action.
Council then adjourned.
£♦♦**►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦*
|     DAY OLD CHIX     l
* Wc offer tin* nl>ow from *
T heavy layiiiK slruins. hs ♦
I well as Snow Winners In f
♦ White Wyiuiilntles nml ♦
I S. 0, While LeghoniB. ♦
J Semi it. your orders early. ♦
**+**H*)iJt ♦♦♦♦..♦♦.♦ t ♦;♦.♦ *■
We Are Not Malodorous Lawyers,
Trouble-Breeders and Parasites
But Sawyers of Wood and Founders
of Honest Industries ::::::
Wi* me not political licolors, haiigoi's-on ami sycophants nt grasping Railway Corporations
Wn an nut dissolute pollliclons, llic rcsltllum or spawn ol Ottawa, neither arc wo alriiiil
In criticise oven n Judgo wlion hi* prostitutes liis IiIrIi odlcs to satiric petty personal spite.
Out* mission Is eonslrucl Ivo, those Indicated destructive uuil inimical to public wsllars.
Wi* glvo value lor nu y   received.     Are any o( tln.se guilty ol that?
We Make Wood Pipes For Irrigation
which benefits industries. Hut make- no pipes to lap the puhlic coders. We carry uur
lumber in the yard and keep it ready for utilities. Unlike some lawyers who carry
theirs on  their shoulders, the utility heing nniliscoverahle.
We Make Lumber, Sashes, Doors, Furniture, Wood
Pipes, Raise Live Stock, Make the Wilderness
Blossom and Produce, Our Clients Satisfied,
Our Deserving Employees Consented
Partners In Our Success
Wluit do tlie parasites Indicated do! They give no i|iiid pro quo other thsn insolence,
deception and oppression taiuted with the vinillctlvenMS ol political spleen. The sulterers i'c'i,.*
less, suiter because tliey know not ilicir sovereign power, but Nemesis will be awakened and
wor* to (hi. culprits,   Even ERMINE Wll.I. .Mil' SAVE THEM.
SomeiLawy?!** Are Honorable, Many Judges Upright, Painstaking and
Abive Suspicion.   Such we All Venerate, Admire and Almost
Worship, Even if They Have Small Human Weaknesses
The ermine they sli,.ul,l wear Indicative ol their purity and power, is not needed as a protection nor adornment, but as a SYMBOL TO IMPRESS THE VENAI.LY CROOKED LAW-
We Struggle to Create. Build Up and Sustain Industries
Railway Corporations attempt to strangle them in their intone? and dare to pose a*
public benefactors, whilst robbing the people, burning up their property, killing their cattle
and oppressing their pour employers wherever they   aie not united (or self-protection
Whilst thc Parasites who Hoodwinked the Representatives of thc People
into giving them Ihe besl pan ol the country to exploit, are by virtue ot watered stock,
fatted multi-millionaires rolling in luxury In Palaces, instead o( thc chains, handcuffs, skilly
and wnoilen couches they deserve,
AnJ in the Disgraceful Exuberance uf their Autocratic Assumption
they make thc people believe with disgust and disdain, that GoveramenU, Parliament-*,
Politicians and those who sit in high places aro at their beck and call. Can we wondei
that Nemesis will arise (rom hei stupor and smite the despoiled, the robbers, who make it
so painful for the   masses NOT TO LIVE but barely exist.
History will repeat Itself, oppression, graft and corruption will perforce, sink beneath tbo
Anglo Savon love of justice ami right hy virtue of which our race rules the world.
The most gross injustice is IpQlctcd on the people of Canada hy Railway Corporations
who have heen given millions ol acres of land, which they advertise and exploit in Europe
and the I'nited States and poor victims pay their hard earned cash. After the poor beggars
raise produce, the great earning capacity of which has been over advertised, THEY KIND
THAT IT IS IMAGINARY, anil further, that they are handicapped In the transportation l»>
market and are nt the mercy of tbe great Octopus. Take as one example, freight charges
for farm produce for hauling less than 120 miles to market costs Mfl.00 per ton, or more
than the value of thc product. The writer started out to ADVERTISE IHS PRODUCTS
AND WISHES TO SELL THEM to provide subsistence for his people who make LUMBER,
customers require time ami can provide security we can supply them on easy terms l-'oi
full particulars write
A. E. WATTS, Wattsburg or Proctor
And il you arc oppressed hy exactions ol Itailway Corporations;
Or have been or an- being cheated by lawyers ;
Or hnve been given a questionable deal by those HIGH IN AUTHORITY .
Or your political representative has been (alse in Ins trust ;
Or he has not paid what he promised ;
Or gut you the position Indicated by Innuendo or otthernise;
A. E. WATTS will go one Better and Help You to Corall the
Crooks and Justice and Fair Play will Win Pro Bono Publico
NOTE.—The story with details of the oppressions and rascalities indicated Is being writ
ten under the title of
"The Curse of Canada"
A Narative ol the Ups and Downs of a Pioneer ; How I
Lost One riillion. and the Pun in Making the Second
I  i
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Every cure nml comfort
A  home from  homo
Speeial alteulion iu capes nf
.Maternity, UllQumntlBin
mid i'lu'iiiiiiniia
TorniH   moderate
MkS. li. BENT, Matron.
P.O. Dos I'I 2711
F. C. Swannoll, D. I, B., B ('. r.. B,
A. I. Robertson, B. <'. I.. S,
Dominion ami BritlBlt Columbia
P. (). Drawer 7WJ VICTORIA. B.C
Physicians and Surgeons
Oltlcs st Resident*., Armstrong Afs.
nmtlK IIOHItS :
Forenoons - - <
Afternoons - -
Evenings - • •
Sundays - - -
CHANBROOK :i     II     ll
- 1.00 to 111.IHI
1.00 to 4.01)
7.90 to S.3II
1.90 to 4.30
,1.   W.   RUTLEDGE
Graduate   ot   Ontario   Veterbiarv
Cnllege, Toronto, in l-ui-t
Graduate und Itadslllsl ..I MeKltllr/a
V...t,.riiun*v t'.ill >**.■   Chicago,
in 111 II
Nm,. years eiperlpncs iii Verurlnoi**.'
practice in Manitoba
Ollice—neil door lit Pail Ollice
Phone l,W      -      P.O. Iln. 181
Main call- B. II. Short's Realilclice
DR. F. B. MILliS
I to 11 t.iu.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Odioe In new Krld lllock
CRANBROOK        -      -       - B. C
NoUry Public
hi Cosmopolttsu Motel
Crmibruuk mnl Kurt Steele
< *********************
11 -
0|)|ioelte O.l'.H. Station
thr   place   To    got   a
Ili'iulqiiiirli'm for nil  kituls nf
Sul indict inn (iimrault'cil
Tbo Slim* Spuoittlist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANti:;oOK     ■     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it  to
Special prices for family wink.
Is prepared to supply help, skilled oi
unskilled, uu shortest possible notice; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property for
■ small commission.
Address—W. Parlter, 312 Baker St.
NELSON, B. C. '18-ly
Report on Sewerage System j FIG PILLS
and Sewage Disposal works!c™
AND CHEMIST.-Cliarges: (lull.
Bllver, copper and li-ad, SI each;
gold-silver, SI.Bit. silver-lead, J1.50;
gold-silver, witli copper or lead,
$3.50; zinc, $2; Bilvcr-load-zinc, 13.
Prices for other nit-lalt. on applies
tion I' ti Hns r.D , 1108, N,*l
, II  C. it; tf
Nelson's Leading Hole!
<» dmimmo*. *\n provincial unii ;
1: w'x"";.f Cranbrook. II.C.
9     C.    a-11   Sjrvr-yor
Rooms with Battia,   'Plionsl
every rootu
Bsrber Sho|.on tin- premises,
Thoronghly np-to*d*te.
Rales. $2.00 a day and up.
QUO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
II.  TONKIN. >I,,iiH|*e,
B. C
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA DAI IK
Kor family we thru1 in nothing
wn wholesome mnl ho pure m
11 M-OYON 1.1 III! \ wai! R,
LB C. H.,   R. A.M.
*. i,   *. .
i  . ,   .    .
I' r Em
!    .  . |
Hi. hi .,.1 i.iH.iiii,.,, f.on, li.ik.-i street
I., No.hnri avenue, nest dooi
to DlnDlngs I'lioto Htu.Ho,
Chop   Suey   Noodle
w. K. n...ti». .'.iii.**.i i' reeto.
OrubNOl n i*
* *
■• Ihelranliriiiikl iiii'lti.MiKiil ',
|;   and Real I stale Agency
Mj Sia.iiilil., li liirni.l.ii.B liiln.i t..r;
Lumber L'ompnntrs, Itnitr I Con-
irsetors, llnt.'i*. and Builders
.1. Armour, Proprietor
Phone mi    i:™. 2.1.-,    I*.,), it,.. 99]
(ieneral Blacksmithing
SIctRh Repairing
Logging Sleighs made lo order.
Urge Slock ol Hardwood Runners on hand.
mud i
PI in.it notice is ni:i!i*:ii\
OIVEN tlmt tin* t jii.i.li-in I'aiiiii
Itallwaj Compan] n*. lessees sod en
, ii Istng tin Irani hlse ol tin* Koots
tiiiy Central llaflv/ay, did drpost    In
tl..* Kelson Laml Registry tinu i
I tu* Dili .l.n ol December, run.     as
number TM   K . plan sod I k ol rr
iii>ti,«* i.iiuiiitiiii and inoiih* showing
the portion ol the Kootcna) Central
Hallway "location a*, revised" (mile
31.0   to mil,* :r, 1) I*.nt Steels     to
Haled ut Winnipeg this 35tli day ol
January, 1011
p. HoPherson,
Right oi Way and Lease Agent, Wist
i-ili Lilies "ill '-t
OVER 66 Vt*H3*
Tnanc M«r«*>
nrtln*(*l,Ii.l'li ■> .t.tr-PTIj'ilinm.,
i In ■■ » II i  mi
 .'.to,   '"..mmiitil a.
.     -ntlal. tlfiN'JBIlOa en il.
,ii.t foil. OI.I..I  ..■•",' ,.., f in,, pat..in-.
...lain, II...H tin-ii,l,  Miiiiii *, <... fu.ul**
SffidrMirt, »llhi ntebSMilStM
Scientific Jiimricait.
A  ^mlMtrplt ILlit'lntl-'-l wklv.    I.arr**»i  •■ir-
-tl..li*-ii i.t ni-T   s*i.*i.ii:if   (.H1MI..1.     I i'i ii.-.   ti.-r
I Hutu, $.i;» i    fot. Ik*k»U||i* |.|t*|ml.l.     **.,lil   l.y
ot Pipe. Depth, Feet. Kale  \mouiil
16 Inch in Cranbrook street       7'«" 528(1 UM MMU.OO
|j Inch in Sliaughncssy St. anil Cran
brook Lane t„ Harold St     7*t
IK Inch in Cranhrook Lane anil (lar
ileti Lane to S. Ilaktr Lane      *'
15 inrh in   South   Baker Lane, Fen
wick    L.   Louis   St.   anil Ann
strong I II'
15 Inch in Edwards si   to Hnrk I... .**'
in tmii   In   Edwards   st      to Van
Itorm* St.        »'      Hr'(l   Ll..',     IS'i; 5H
*; ineh in Clark 1. . Louis st .   Van
Horno St.. and Dewar L 8'      1780   1 Sh    8685.00 J318H.00
3500   2 05
1760   3.65
1108 50
316(1   2.211
innn  2 ir.
2150 ltd
*, null in Watt  Ave   ami tii Block      !*.'
1 IH
P ineh in Watt Lane   7'
1 (III
s inch in Dewar. French anil Duri**k
Lanes .                            T'l.
'  l litis
1 05
. inch in Hanson,   Armstrong, Nor
bury, Fenwick,    Oarden, Harwell
ami Lttnisilen    Lanes. Poole   ami
Martin  Am               T'li
'   i'ltll
•Will 1 111
. Inch in Edwards   tmni Hnrwell 1.
to Martin  Vvi                             '•'
1 2-.
mm on
s null iu I-'h-iirli. Durtck', Hanson aril
N..ihiu>  Lanes                 8' -l-itfl 1 80 3188 50
i, inch In Fenwick and Oarden urn-   7*8" 1338 '»"• I88S.40
-   ■          R irwell I ai                      .1"* tifif; 1 10 M2.W
i  i lark Lane 8'       i:n   i tn      397.00
v inch i!. DurJek, Itanaon, Vrrostrong
and n*j:Ihiu  Lnncn . B'      2nuu   i 50     3000.00
s inch in Garden, ltun\<!l and Switli
Bakei l..tn.s   **'
•   ^jmiMi Bnki r Lane mi'
1333   1.40     I860 30
mio  t r,»    r.i.	
in null in North Bakei  I.hh V
^ Inch ir. Ninth H.iKi i   T.nnr    8'
ih iinh in   Harold and   Van Home
Lane         **'
S Inch in   Van   Home ami   Burwcll
l.am-s      ^'
131 Concrete manholes coroptote ...
7 lampholes In South Baker Lnnr..
PloshlnR ronneetlona	
.Wi   i.r.o BOO.00
870   1.S0 1305.00
■:tn   i «n U88 '">
12 Ui    l.Ht 1780.00
(O.ftn s i7ft.fi*i
y, nn 175.00
y, ■
>S(I.*, ilii
68311 00
i m'ltn'i'i nn'.. ii":iii .nni contingencies,
in pn cenl  ..     i.*22.""
i'-i;ii fui sewerage system   175038.00
Liquefying m septic lank      I l(HH	
Percolating Flltei     "»"	
Sand liltrr                       8000.00
siiuiK'- bed           500.00
I'll-., valret, etc   . 500,00
Rnglnccrlng, Icgnl   ami rontlngencles
12 pel cenl           ....                 . 2010.00
Total foi sewage dlspoaal works  . 10040,00
Total im sewerage Bystem nnd nisprtsal works 301,016.00
It may In-, nf course, that yon w>" dcsiiv    some   modlflcatlon as   In
(hr extcnl of tin* system, vt?: more of lrtt<; than is shown mi   the   plan
This ran all In1  adjusted and  covered In thf hylaw which your 1i-»norahL*
body will prepare.
Wi- ait- sending on two Bets of plans, one lit'ing for Hi'* provincial
board •>( health ai Victoria, which vou ran forward to Mi Fagan, the
director and secretary, as soon as you have passed on thc matter, as il
Is legal!) Incumbent to do sr> anil roi-etvo their approval
We also enclose herewith u copy of the bylaw framed to suit youi
case, similar to what vvas passed here by the council as a local Improvement, as it may he interesting and useful for guidance should yon adopt
,i similar policy,
If then- is any further Information desired,   beating on   this report,
kindly lol ns know and wo shall lie only loo pleased to furnish i'
Yours obediently,
ronsiiitinK Engineer for <inlt nnd Smith
Vernon, fir , 20tli July, IflOfl.
note—lu tho Estimate ol Cost, "Unw" have been designated by
the uaiue ol Street ot Avenue Immediately to the we>tt ot northwest of
the lane
To tlte Mayor and Councillors. Cranbrook, B. C --
Gentlemen :—
We take pleasure In submitting herewith   report     with   plans foi 'I
sewerage of your city.
The design consists of an Intercepting mam drain through ilu ■
along the lowest lying ground, Into which all subsidiary drainage will
discharge, thence by *m outfall newer to sewage purification works lull)
a mile to the northcnsl of tho city limits, where an outlet is obtained
Into St, iloseph's creek, where it crosses the railwa) through culvert
Tho enpacllj ol the drainage system   is    ample    Un   extension  md
growth to :i population of ahout 15,000 and   capable of   taking a rea  n
able proportion ol nurracu water, while Um- lirst  Installation at  purlfica
tion works is good for fully 5000 people
UY lind Uuil with your excellent system     ol lanes   20 feel wide
wmi: out economically nnd to advantage, thus saving most ><f tho streei
Including Bakei street, from being torn up lor sewers  and branch conm-
lions in buildings     The construct! >n   the   lanes  behind the buslm-.;s
blocks mi [taker   streei can be ian nil out quickly in shoit stretches nnd
will give but little Interruption to traffic.
Tbe purification and disposal winks consist of (1) a small screen
chamber where the sewage is flrsl roughly screened before passtiiK Into
(2) ihe liquefying oi septic tank. This is a covei in tank of concrete,
with itccessarj steel re-lnforcfng, of dimensions shown on plan,
hnvlng hat tic walls, sludge pockets, manholes and all uecessary
appliances. Thc liquid diluent irom the tank is passed onto it) tin-
percolating filter built up of course sized material to u depth of 6 feet
on a concrete Hoot CO ft. x 50 It. The tank liquid is spread evenh
over the entire surface of this (liter hy means of special patented
sewage distributors. The effluent From the percolating Filter, which
is already in a high purified state, is finally passed through (1) n
(Ine-groincd finishing filter oF sand. HO ft. x 30 ft. x :'* ft. deep, where
the fmal stage of purification takes placet resulting til nn cftHiont with
a very high degree of purification physically, chemically nnd baoterlolo
glcally. A sludgo (5) is pcovldcd onto which the mineral sludge
which accumulates In tho tank can he run periodically for drying out
and final disposal. The filters are arranged so that compartments can he
shut nfT for surface cleaning, etc., without Interfering with the coiiUtin
us use of the worvs. All byepass pipes, valves, storm overflows, etc.,
ir the efficient operation of the works are included.
We submit herewith a carefully prepared   schedule   giving   in   detail
full and explicit description with particulars, costs, etc., all as per    m
compnnylng plans
K   HAfKAnil-;.  ULADDE.K
A few doses of KlQ PILLS will
convince you that a feu more uill
euro you Every box ol l-'K; PILLS
is guaranteed. If ihev do not cun
.ill Bladder, Kidney, Rheumatism
nnd Liver Trouble your money will
bu refunded,
25c ii box -ii all leading dniji
itores, or mailed on receipt of prici
In The Fig Pill Co , st Thomas
Okesoent l.uii.i. No, '. .
Kftltm Dn- Herald
The public press of tins province
without distinction of part) has always given this department very
efficient assistance; Indeed, l bave
always held tbnl without the cn
operation "i 'In puss we could
never have enforced oui horticultural
regulations, wliich arc proving ol
such immense advantage to tlu- fruit
growing industn of British Columbia, 1 would, therefore, take the
libertj ol requesting you to grant
me the use of your valuable columns
to direct the attention of all importers of nursery stock lo section I nf
tin- horticultural regulations, wliich
provides that certified invoices of nil
shipments of nursery stock, trees and
plants, musi he furnished to the In
spector of fruit pests, ol Vancouver,
al Die time when such shipments are
delivered for Inspection
The reason for this js thai when a
ease of goods arrives, we know by
the invoice wlmi It should conlaiu,
and ate prepared to check the con
tents over with the invoice This
greatly expedites the business ol in
spt-cijoii ami enables us to deal
prompt!)  with all Importations
It is clearly in ihe Interei is o| the
Importers that we should he able lo
detect any mistake ibat ma) have
been made in shipping tin- goods Ml
Ihis was caiefullv considered when
tin- horticultural rules were adopted,
bul unfortunately mnnv ot the tm
porters neglect to comply with Ibis
I would, therefore, urge that •" ■-<•■■*
eial observance of this rule be
The importations   of nursery stock
arc largely on Ibe increase, ami  I am
just completing additional foniiltles
for inspection Oni stall will bi
doubled this year, s.. that whatever
delays may have occurred in (he
past ma) he avoided in future, if the
importers comp!) with the regula*
tion above referred ij*
Thanking yon tot youi assistance,
I am,
V.mrs faithfully,
Thomas Cunningham,
Inspector ot Kruii  Pests
Vancouver, January 28th, nil
Cranbrook, H. C,
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Kraternlty Hall.
J. M, Uoyes, C. C,
T. (J. Jones, K. ol li. & S
Visiting brethren   cordially iuvitcii
to attend.
.    .,    THOS. C0NNOB
Meets every "\!"ttdiij
Light at   New ' rs-
S-tr^S*!-****  tcrnlty   Hall.    Ho-
lourniiig CMilMIn*.*.-* cordially Invited
IV. S. Halt, .'   : ■ :
N   (i Sec'y.
1 : ■■' roos     I-odge,
No. 31
A F.  4   A    U,
' *   V   I' :   !  *.*.*it . s  i I.
tlie   tniril   Thursday
ol overy month.
Visiting bretliron welcomed.
W. F. A tti
!■;. W. Connolly, Set retsry,
TAKE NOTICE thai I, John l.u-
pesh, ol Rossland, li. C, occupation
Miner, Intend in apply loi pi ri... I *.
Lo pun h.t-i* thc roll, .* . ■: s -ribed
Con * ■:  log    al   a pi si     planted
shot * : I chains   wesl    ■ ■ ti.,- s \v.
i    ■■•■    •   '.!*.*.  lhe imii.il
*  ■ '■    «    iboncc   * ;•!:   ii chains,
1 *i*'.  i I chains, thenee    north
tin nee ivesl ll i bains    t"
inmeneemcnl nnd   contain-
'■ *  more **; ti ■*
1 'Lu l.apcsh, l.ocati i
J   II. Until.i; * n, Agent
Dated v**   sth, : 111 I5-Bt*
Tin* hair ii mors exposed and hence
innii* liable to accumulate dust uud
dirt than anv other portion nf tho
In spit., ol this tin- huir receives,
as a rule, the least attention and un
teal eflorl is mode to keep it heal-
If th<- tlandrufl germ is allowed lo
work unmolested and tin* scalp !<*■
eumes ctUltcd with ilirt avcumula
tions, one may expect the hall t..
die ami fall out There Is no cause
for surprise in this phenomenon; ut Is
natural nm! hat>tiens ir, evi-rv instance
where the care ol thc hair and scalp
is overlooked
The one sun- reined) which pre-
vents the loss of hair ami permits
a healthy, luxuriant growth is found
in Kcwbro's Herpicide
The dandrufl germ cannol live on i
head to winch Herpicide is regularlj
applied Tin- germ dies The bail
ceases lo fall The ternble itching
stops almost instantl).
Thnt is what Sevbro's Herpicide
One dollar sire bottles are wild and
guaranteed hy ail druggists
Scud 10c, in stumps u*r I Met and
sample to The    Herpleldc l'n . I»epl
It , Detroit. Mich
Applications .a il«' unnd burbi i
Beettle-Murphj Cn . !.M . Special
AHtsn ihe B"t QasSU and
Qtltnj WnfcN. Hn-irr-sMi r>'-
taunrh.   npeii!»«-, „na Nu-fil
J. BAKAOUCHI. I'll'il'
TAKK NOTICE thai it, thirty
days (torn date I intend to apply nt
the oAce ol the Society Oirl Miniiu;
Co. lor loi» shares ol stmk destroy
ed liy file Niituli.*i ..( r,*itlfientci.
ll Oruikshank,
Klmherlcjr, B.C
Jasuary Utb. 1911 49-41*
No. IH.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Hebekahs  cord ally t*
Miss E. Johi stoi. N   i.
MiBs  llickeiilii.tlatu.   Sec y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall Flrsl »
Third Fridays
T  Fraser, E  '
U. MacKlnnoi   M   H   si :
\ isitfng s,.,*,; i cordis  .  invited
Meets in Carmen's Hall Sec nd a*
Fnurtb Tbursda* ol i nth
p.m. shsrp.
Wm. Andei ou, I r R. *.
L. Benl   -■ n ta
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets In Carniet
third   Thursdaj ontl
)i p iu. sharp.
.Mr:.*.  Lul i Hsyward   R e    •
Mrs. :
Visiting bn *; •
*       President     I   s. iiu i_
: -    '■
i * ror m format loi      .         . •>
i ► and   sgrlculture   si i ly   to the -i
< » Secretary, i rani  ook.K.I ♦
!'                     .).*. ■.'.- 4
;: Presbyterian Church t
!! — ♦
!',        STATES .-:.:!;•. i ES      4
::        — :
I,    -*>ui,day   I..   I;... a   ,ei...e   at   11  *
i i        o'clock *
i»    Sundav    ersnlDg     ker.i.e    at *
j [ 7.30 o'clock J
' *   Sunday     School   and    BiLle ?
| | t.'lass al .1 o'clock J
][   Preslivterian    Jluild, l'.f-....2
, , at 8 o'clock «
< *********************
********************* *
.Baptist Cburcb?
Pastor. Chat'.is W.  Kini .
Parsonaga, Norbury Avenue       *
'Phone. JII.      P. 0.  Box MT. ♦
Regular Services —Suuday. 11 *
am. snd 7.3b p.m.; lli'le *
School with Vou*,** l.a*lies' *
Philethes and Voun< Men's 4)
llihle Claw, :i p m. J
Monday,    Voung Peoples'
Wednesday. Mid-Week Use-Haf,
A cirdlai rhristlan -Kelrome =
to sil. J
Hat, ♦
enme T
TAKI   SOTll i
'.>•■ ■     . .
tt. ol    Ri
H  '
Agent, Intend
-  to]   [■ HI.I
s.on to pure! a
thr 1
cribed land:
Commencing    ai
•i    1
about   11 chain*, il
.- ■■
*teth  "1 rrr
tion from   tlir \.
•*v .
;:(!>;. being t:.<   in
■ i i!
;■ it     N   1
corner,    thence    lonih     "0
thenee w« I v"   . in  . Ihei
lit   rhains,   tln-nfe    .-.:.•    >u chail
thence north in chains, Ihence    essl
M chains to polnl  ol
and containing r.2" acre     mon
Inlilfs Kislicr,  I.Mi.tttir
1   11   Hutchlii   ■    \ •  •
Ilalerl  Nn\    Rth,   lOtfl "
The fob ilcpnrtment ol tliia papM Is
equipped with thn most up-to-date
faoes Ol typji*. Vou Ret what yon
want whrn foe waul it >1 the Herald.
Any   available     Dominion    Lands
'■*'..:   the Rallwaj  Bell In   British
: ...  bo boraestes i, ,1    by
■ wl Is tho sole bead ol a
fouiilj. oi sn) male over i> i-ars of
age, !■■   to,*    ext,*:,t o( one q tartei
i   ***i' acres, tiu'it* ot  ,,s-
ry m ist be made personally at
.   al ..t:.<*. office loi  tho district
In which   the land is situate, l.ntii
t  *:■  ■ lay, however, be made on
* I litit I - b)     the     lather,
..  i.. .).: :   brotbet       oi
bt tnesteader.
■ Header is required to parlor, the conditio!        nccted   there-
•   ■ '•    ■'■ '■'     tollowingi
tt least six m ntas' r. suier.re
ind i .ration ol the la:,. .u
.   ..:    r three years.
lathei     : ...ther,    il
•    *.••■' Ol       tbe
f.suies upon a farm in
..*.:.*! entered    lor,
'■■        •■ »   t<   : ildenoe may
■   such person residing
lather or
■ -*• f.ler has h.s perrosit-
-   tod owu-
.-.   ■ • vicinity     oi  bis
■■:, the requirements   ...    :.,
■ laid land.
notice   in   -.vrinng
* -   ■     to   the CominiuIoD-
. . .-. Lis ii at I **.*a.aa ol
sppl)  lor t'attnt.
I miotog .-igtts may be
■ period     : • ■ • :.:•-one
fit   per
Not more   tbar. . 571    acres
I'-ased to one mdnidual    or
A royalty   a*, the rate ol
I per  ton shall be collected
■ :■ * .** tble coal i   * -:
W. «. CORY,
Minister   ol   the   In-
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
-   ■■ | rlppad Cats m an     i   >
1. itea |1.00 snd up pei
■ i.- bus meets all trai
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
Iff | Q     ■
idles trs len thro igl o it tl ■■ vorld
ect with   English
In .*,. h i lass ol Boodi    Besl Im being
■ te   ''Jiniii-fri  "tl   gi :.:■■   lo   I.on-
id   :■■  - ihut be,   ii->'   directory
contains lists ol
wiih the Good*!  the] il  |    am] t bs
Foreign   Markets they
■   under the Ports toirbich they
i Indicating lhe approslntata
i.f lending Manntactnrers, Merchants-,
tHc.. In the principal provincial towns
Hti.l indastrisl centres "I its** United
\ ■ *t■•■ ,.f tin* current edition will Ih»
■ li <*. freight paid, "ii rei elpt ot
V* lUlOrdei lorSOs
|>enlers lieeking Agencies -1111 sdter
Use their trade cards (01 20a., .1 larj-ro
iiU.-rii"! -nt" from 00s
The London Directory Co.* Ltd.
U  \h.hMf.h Uit   IosSsb, IC I.»
Reciprocity Negotiations
(Continued Irom page one i
tain a provision that 11 sliall tiot
come into operation until lhe gov
I'linmMit ot Canada aro assured that
corresponding legislation lias been
passed or will he passed by the eon
gross of the United States
Vours fiiiUii'iilh .
W   s   Fielding,
Wm. Paterson
it cpartment
21, LOU
The Honorable W  S  l-
The Honorable William
Oentlemen: I havo tin
knowledge the receipt ■
munlcation of ihis dn
to the negotiations Initialed bj tho
President several months ago lor a
reciprocal trade arrangement bo
tween the I'nited States and Canada,
iu which you sel forth and ask me to
confirm your understanding ol the results of our recent conferences In
continuation ol these negntiat,ons
I take great pleasure in replying
that your statement of the proposed
arrangement is entirely in accord
wilh my understanding of i'
It is a matter of some rcgiel on
our part that we have been unable
to adjust our differences on the subject of wood pulp, pulp wood ami
print paper. We recognize* the ililii
cullies to which you rcfoi growing
out oi the nature of the
between the Dominion and
vlncial governments, and fi
present we must be content
conditional arrangement wli
been proposed in Schedul
tallied to youi li-ilei
I fully appreciate the i
li. which you coll attention, of
permitting a ton rigid customs
ministration lo Interfere will
successful operation of nm a
ment, if it is approved hj the
gross of the United states .md
parliament of Canada, and l ileal re
to confirm your statement of our un
diTstanding on this point I am
satislled thai ihe spirit evinced on
both sides gives assurance that ever)
effort will he made to Minn- the lull
measure of benefit which is conlem
plated in entering Into this arrange
Tin- assurance thai you give thai
the Dominion government pi opuses
to require only a nominal fee     from
the fishing     Vessels     <>t the    (tilted
States for the privileges in Canadian
waters for which heretofore a charge
of $1,511 per ton for eacli vessel    bas
I hi
been required is most gratifying
I heartily    concur    in your statement of the purposes inspiring     thu
negotiations and   in the views     expressed    by ynu   as     to tho mutual
benefit to be    derived by both countries in thc event our work is    confirmed, und   I take this opportunity
to assure you,   on behalf of Iho President, of bis appreciation of thc cordial spirit in which you huve met us
in these negotiations.
1 have tho honor to he gentlemen,
Vour obedient servant,
(Signed) P   (V Knox,
Why Jardine Bolted
JOHN   (M.1VKH     GIVES      KKAI.
Tho Tory papers have heen making
a groat to-do over tbo bolt of John
Jardine, MP P , lot Rstmlmatl, dom
lhe Liberal ranks to the Mcltnle
side of the house.
It is of In teres I to know jit.it why
lanliiie saw tit to renounce his allegiance Tlio fads have been fully exposed hy John Oliver, thc provincial
Liberal leader.
In the course of a speech made a!
the annual meeting of tbe Ksipiimall
Ilistrict Liberal association lasl
week John Oliver, president of the
liritisli Columbia Liberal association,
laid liefuit John Jardinc's electors
ilu- real reason for their representative's Withdrawal from the Liberal
party, aud for bis cowardly assault
upon the mlnlstei oi mines in the
Victoria office of tbo federal public
works department last autumn. Mr
Oliver, discussing thc mallei, said:
What Is at the bottom of Ibis assault'' I tell you tonight of what I
know, of the things of wliich 1 bold
the evidence. Thc reason for this
assault on William Templeman was
that at that very time and thnt
very place William Templeman was
slopping the grail or John Jardine
(loud cheers and cries "that is
line") I toll you, my friends, that
in what I say tonight I am not fenced iu by the privileges of tin- floor
of parliament, where a man is free
iiom being taken into the courts tor
whal ho says I stand here tonight with the honorable position I
hold as president of the Hritish Columbia Liberal association and with
iht property accumulations nf my life
tn back it, and I say to you tbat
the cause of that assault was that
William Templeman was taking steps
at that time to put an end to      lhe
grafting of J-jhu Jardine
John Jardine, when bo was elected
in 1907, claimed that he lost work
on account of bis position us a Liberal representative, Ho appealed to
the public works department and
was given work at the quarantine
station. Ho was authorized to do
work to a certain extent, lie went
on and did work and put in claims—
I am speaking conservatively—to the
extent of several thousand dollars in
excess of lhe cost of the work he
was authorized to do ("that is
right") He received that money
without the knowledge of the minister, without the knowledge of the
government, and William Templeman, having learned of that, went In
the official who paid that money unit
wanted lo know what authority he
bad to pay that without author!'/*
Uon, ami bis demand for an explanation led up to tho assault. If Mr.
Jardine disputes this let him take
me into the courts of tbe land and be
can liml the proof.
Is tbis (he only thing? What bus
been tbe cry of your representative
ever since the last election? Is il
not that he has not been fairly
treated hy thc Liberal party; is that
not the cry? ("yes"). Has he not
been        making that cry?
("yes"), He declared yesterday that he had boon making financial sacrifices and gave that us a
reason why bo wanted the leadership
—to improve his financial position.
After last session 1 received information lhat Mr. Jardine was complaining about not getting assistance
from the Liberal party in paying bis
election expenses, and a man lold ttie
one day that thoro were two Liberals iu iho legislature and thai
"Dick could havo one of them an)
time he liked to pay his bills."
There arc accounts for the lasl
provincial election In the Esqulmnlt
ilistrict which ho placed in my hands
last September, and put It up to me
to discbarge. I stand hero tonight
and tell ymi, the Liberal electors of
Esquimau who elected Mr. Jardine
as your representative, that, whether intentionally or unintentionally,
these accounts are padded to tho extent of hundreds of dollars. Do you
know what that means? I will put
it plainer, John Jardine represent
ed his expenses to bo hundreds of
dollars moro than what they wore
and tried to get the Liberal party
to pay him this large sum In excess
ol what he spent. Do you under
stand9 Is it plain enough? Is ii
plain enough to found au action at
law upon? If it is let John Jardine
start    it tomorrow    and 1 will stay
here aud give him the proofs.
I regret t.i have tu make ihis
statemeut but l refuse lo allow such
a man to vjllifv the party uf which
I am the head. It is a duly forced
upon me und 1 have to perform It.
That is thc position; that is tho true 1
position; that is why John Jardine
Is a Conservative today and is supporting lhu McBride government.
While it is often impossible to pre
vent an accident, it Is never impossible to be prepared—It Is nol beyond any one's purse. Invest 2fl
cents in ii bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment and you arc prepared for
sprains, bruises ' ami like Injuries,
Sold by -'II druggists and dealers 50-tf
The Central  Meat
Our   Specially   Is
Fresh Killed Meals
Wo (htunit.too (lur
To   bo   mnilo    of   absolutely
We Solicit Vour Trade.
A. Jollffe, Proprietor.
Prices Prevail Here All
This Week.
THE    N i: *v    REMEDY    KOR
Nervous Exhaustion
Alcoholic and physical exces*,es,
menial shocks and bodily injuries
drain the nervoussysteni witli surprising rapidity. Severe nervous
exhaustion frequently results.
T he only remedy is I'ood. Rest and
ner, e repair. "Asava-Xiu'rau."
is and makes possible this cure. It
feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
quickens the appetite and digestion, restores full nerve vigor.
$1.50 per bottle,    l.oeat agent.
One Dollar equals two.   Prices 011 many articles f
have been cut in two.   All winter lines must go, ♦
and some other lines loo, it will pay you to in- ♦
vestigate; you will be .surprised at  what we are ♦
doing.     The Men's Clothing, Furnishing and Shoe I
♦   Departments, Crockory and   Furniture Departments t
have all been Knifed.
****************** **** *•***********************************}*******
The Great "Move On" Movement of Merchandise |
At the  Cranbrook   Co-Operative  Stores for  the  last ten  days  would  indicate that lhe people were wailing for this JS
annual event.   Low prices is a sure   medium   of   moving   merchandise;   with the Prices now prevailing throughout the jSS
C. C. S. Store, it is not to be wondered, that the people see the great advantage   spending   their   money   with   us. *[?
Men's Heavy Tweed
3 piece suits
Wn do not toll von ,,ur regular price
on these Hulls. Vour common sense will
tell you they musl l». worlli $0.86.
Linemans Special
Same as Cut. This is a well known
(Hove, and sells regularly at $2.25.
Men,* On Sale I'riee
We want to call your attention to
the great bargains we are giving
in lined gloves and mitts.
Mule Skin Gloves     45 cts
Horse Hide Gloves
99 cts
Hone Hide Faced, Lined Mitts    85 cts
Mocha Dress Gloves
Canvas Gloves, 2 pall      15 cts
Underwear -mk
Penman Stamp On Every Article
Heavy Ribbed Underwear, per suit
Men's Shoes
We hnvo extraordinary bargains in
this lint*.   Hero i.s ono
$2.50 Now At $1.79
Cashmere Hose for Men
All 35 cent lines
5 prs. $1.00
Children's Felt Shoes
Regular $2.50.   Move On Price
Mackinaw Coats $4.50
These Coats sold all season at
$6.50 and $7.00
Men's Sweaters
All $3.00, $2.50, $1.75
$2.00, $1.35, 98 cts.
Mackinaw Pants $2.75
Boys' Hockey Slioes $1.98
Wool Mitts, per pair 15c
Men's Hockey Shoes $2.75
While Wool Blankets $3.60
Grey Wool Blanket?, welghl 10 lbs.
The Famous
Hewson Tweeds
Selling at
Oxtord Tweeds
Going at, pair
Prints 9 cts per yard
Whi :  llannelett
13 cts per yard
Yard Wide Colored
Flannelett per yd. 12 cts.
W«       W.       sO*
...' i?%xte
11 - Hi-Stf-'
25 pair
regular price
Move On


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