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Cranbrook Herald Dec 16, 1909

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JiO. 4tf
e     W
,> Uan-
nils   o
ii   Uii
i   ii
training i
if  lu
jr   wo
iu    llie
lUnlet Imn   of
i cotnlu-
sion was
ul b}
j special
i    nui
il   i
which .sill
cd a i
lhc con-
wntioit oi
i the
i Kt
ol Labor latclj held in Toronto. I'ho
coiiimiticc, winch was appointed by
lhe Dun vet eolivonUun in LUU8, luid
ihrce mcotlugs iii New iork, Wash
ingtoii ami Toronto, ami received,
discussed ami considered vory thoroughly  much     i imulioii   ami data
bearing on the subject ol Industrial
education In all its phases, 'ihcy
louml their subject so large and important after the) had gone into a
that Ihcy Concluded thai tiny ivoulu
not he Justified in reporting in full at
thu convention of this year, and will
conduct further invostlgutions before
Uie UUU convention.
"The inquiries of thc committee
seem lo indicate," said Mr. John
Mitchell, chairman of the committee,
iu presenting the report, "thai it
the American workman is to maintain a high standard ui olhcicncy, the
boys and girls of the country must-
have an opportunity to acquire educated hands and brains, sucb as may
enable them lo earn a living in a
self-selected vocation, aud acquire aa
intelligent understanding of Uie
duties of good citizenship. An opportunity to obtain such an education
is nol now witliin the reacli of the
great majority of thc children of
the wage workers. Only a small
fractiun of those whu cuter the lower grades continue until lliey complete the high schoul course. 'lhc
pupils- become tired of thc work the)
have in hand, and see nothing moro
inviting in the grades ahead. 'Ihe;.
are consciuus of powers, passions,
and tastes which the schuol docs not
recogni/.e. They long to grasp
things with tbeir own hands and
test the strength of materials ana
the magnitude of forces. Owing to
past methods and influences, false
views and absurd notions possess lbe
minds ot too many of our youths,
which cause them tu shun work at
the trades and to seek tlie ullice ana
store as much more genteel and
fitting. This silly notion has heen
shaken by the healthy influence ol
unions, and will he' entirely eradicated if industrial training becomes a
part of our school system."
In consideration of these conclusions, the committee submitted the
proposition Uiat there be establish.
ed, at public expense, technical
schools for lbe purpose of giving
supplemental education to tin se whu
have entered the trades as apprentices. The continuation of such education as carried on bv trades unions
was urged, ami special attention was
called to tin- work undertaken by tbt
International Typographical union
with such an end iu view. II wns
further recommended Uml all trades
unions which had not adopted ;■ --.s-
tem of technical education should
give the matter consideration Thej
believed that Un presenl i; h rtak-
ings of tbe unions <'.,;:i i '-■ * -
enthusiastic admiration, .1 i v ore
entitled io u.e rat bI coi li tl ai d
loyal support,
Following  is  i11'  1
conizations    \*!.'' I   I 1
derlaken an     extension ol 1
lor    their     memtH 1       Intel
Typograpbir.il     1 nion,  i !.
and       Stereo! > pers, 1,
Photo   Engi a era ol North a
Printing     Pressmen   B d   '       tants
Union, International Gi ai
International    llorsi  s
Pattern     Makers'     Leo        I  S
America,     and      tin   I Bl   1 -'- : - !
Chicago and Cook 1 ounl 1
Thai     technical    sell ol    I
Itshc-d also in connectb n with     the
public    school   b\ itonus   was 1
mended by the committee.     \t Ihesi
It wns suggested lhat pupils between
the ages   ot   tout twn     and i ixtcon
years might be tnu gill the principles
of the hades In compel.'in nud trained teaehets.     The course ol Instruction lu such a school sliould 1 e Kn
lisb,   mathematics,   phj ales, chemistry, elemental^  mechanics nml drawing.     The shop Instruction for   particular trades   should Include      the
dm wing,     malhfcmatii ■*.    mechanics,
physical and biological Bcleni 0 applicable to each trade, ti.' histori d!
that trade, .onl a omul By stem oi
economics, Including and emphasizing
tho phllosophj 1 f collective bargaining In order that such *.- 1 I
might he kopl In <lose touch with thr
trados, U was suggested thai there
be local advlsoi j boards, including
representatives ol the Industries, employers, and organized labor.
The oommlttee recommended that
technical education of tho workers in
irade and Industry, being a publlt
necessity, should nol be a private
but a public [unction, conducted ly
Ihe public at the public expense.
They fell thai there was Justification in condemning nnv Bvstcm of
public instruction privately controlled, and accordingly cxprcssod
their disapproval of a co-operative
plan being put Into operation in some
localities and carried on between a
high school and a group of niaiiu-
tncturers. The school engages a
teacher to be nnnroved hv the manufacturers, and the manufacturers indenture such bovs as thev desire In
have. The chief objections to this
svstem were that tho manufacturers
had the choosing of tho bovs tn leain
the trade, the veto power over lhe
boy's right to industrial education
Iieing Ihiis fn their bauds. They
might under tho system import hoys
wbn would he the foes of unionism
awl friendly to themselves.
The commitlee recognized that results vnsl in importance and magnitude hnd come from lhe notion of
congress iu 1Kb:! iu giving land
grants to each state tn be used for
a state college of agricultural and
mechanic aits, which appropriation,
followed hy monev grnnls ln I HOO
and 1907, provided thoso colleens
with a total fund ol over $3,0(10,000
annually. "Though this law was
plainly designed," the report says,
"for the betterment ol that ninety
per cent who are in vocations where
labor is done with the hands, those
schools, as most other schools, too
[ten were conducted mainly to ns-
ist those who were seeking au avenue out ul tbe manual side nf the
mechanical trades, agriculture and
homo-making into the so-called pro-
(Hv Philuurius.)
A movement is 011 fool towards a
permanent commission to dual with
compensation for injured Manitoba
Western Canada is joining with thc
east in u systematic educational
campaign iu public meetings ami
schools against the white p lugtie.
This, under the putrunuge of the
labor unions and thu government.
Chicago board of trade executive
lias introduced u measure against uli
"corners" in food stuff.
The recent American Federation of
Labor convention at Toronto, unanimously passed a resolution of appreciation ol the unrivalled lonstitu-
tiuuul liberties enjoyed in Canada.
On a recent Sunday morning the
Winnipeg police raided a "house" and
arrested a party ul 21 "inmates" iu
lhe act of gambling. Proprietor,
poller, chips, cards, dice, everything
iu the game was included as the
holdings of the law.
The attitude of all candidates Ior
public ollice in the Winnipeg election
wards the enforcement of thc Dominion criminal code against houses ol
prostitution will be made a prominent feature this year hy the Social
and Moral Heform Council, backed up
up a large and influential section of
lhe community. It is significant
that the alleged "segregation" alderman has announced his retirement
rum public service.
Alabama's sweeping rejection ot the
constitutional amendment to the pru-
bihitiun law is not considered a set
back bv many temperance advocates.
Tlie vote, in reality, was a turndown
in resentment against political oflice-
scekors through the temperance vote
is well as against the very radical
uut defective measure proposed. Under local option in two-thirds of the
state, uud in spite of some bad
loopholes in the law, there has
boon substantial advance. Birmingham's police records are interesting:
Arrests fur carrying cuncealed weapons were reduced from 248 in 1007
under license to 125 in WON with
closed saluons, discharging firearms,
Irum 7il lo 13; outcast street walkers, frnm 21 to 13: outcasts residing
in or visiting bawdy houses, from 202
In 111); wile beating, from 121 to 71;
robbery, from 30 to 13; begging,
frnm 22 to 8; disorderly conduct,
from 1,628 to 012. Kor these and
other offences the decrease of arrests
totalled 1375 in the one year ol closed saloons. Arrests of boys tinder
15 years was in the last "wet" year
IQ7 and in tbe first "dry" year only
The following amendments to the
Minimal code have been introduced
il Ottawa:
"28SA. Tlte owner and driver and
person In charge, or owner or driver
ir person in charge, of any motor
.■chicle commonly called and known
is ,111 automobile, which causes a
lorso to run away nr shy or bolt
uid thereby occasion bodily injury to
iny person, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to two years
Imprisonment "
Section 1 h) of the criminal
:.'i!e is amended by adding therein
Iho following sub-section:
"3. No revolver or pistol shall be
sold lo any person unless he produces
lo and leaves with tho vendor a permit, in willing, from the cbiet of
police or 11 police magistrate nr justice of tho peace allowing him to
purchase a revolver or pistol."
.oiidon, Kugland, there
comes a description of a large hotel
in thai City from which lhe proprle-
toi has absolutely banished the tipping nuisance.
The experiment has boon very successful, noi merely because it is absolutely bo bidden either to glvo or
i" receive lips but also because the
charges are moderate fnr tho service
rendered lo thoso who patronize the
the Institution, All the eight hundred rooms have beeu nccupied since
the building was opened, hundreds of
applicants are turned awav every
week, and every night hundreds nl
guesls stand waiting tlieir turn for
seals ai  the dining tables.
Tbe hotel is fit ted up with winter
garden, popular restaurant, concert
loom, nml other modern attractions
and conveniences, It seems not unlikely that the proprietor ol this
new idea London hntel will find manv
imitators on both sides of the Atlantic, and that those who do as he
docs "ive g&od service and nnv their
servants fair wages, will be amply
repaid hy the appreciation ol their
Thoso who have not adopted the
careful policy of buying their Christmas presents at thc bargain sales
during the year would do well to set
nhniit this pleasing dntv at once. December is now on, antl the stores are
loaded and crowded. Hut they will
be more crowded later on, and the
earlier thc customer arrives the
fresher are the goods bo or she buys.
Incidentally, there is an Immense
relief tn the jaded store-clerks -who
get worn to shreds und patches hy
Christmas Eve, but who havo to
keep on looking pleasant.
Thc Kink Mercantile Co. have arranged for an eitra supply ot green
vegetables for Xmas week.
The fireat Northern now lias
agents out purchasing the rlght-ol-
way on the proposed route from
Abbots lord to the Hope mountains,
and irom Princeton to Hope mountains."
This was the pronouncement made
bv Mr -lohn It. Snapp, general richt-
if-wav agenl of the Ureal Northern
railway Mr, Snapp has returned to
Vancouver from Chicago, where he
wus iu consultation with the headquarters' start ol lhe (treat Not them.
Tbe icsiill of the conference was
bis netting instruetions to net nclil-
ol-way purchase agents out at onco
along the trial location lines. These
men are now husv. and in the same
torritory un- the engineers who are
making the final observations thai
will determine the exact location of
the line and its grades. The trial
location lines aud the field notes of
the engineers were enough to satisfy
the department heads of tbe Ureal
Northern that a feasible route had
been found and there is everv indication that the construction gangs will
be close on the heels of lhc linal survey men.
The line Irom lite const now is
complete from Vancouver to Abbots-
lord, lt is evidently the Intention ol
the company to commence construction from both cuds 011 lhe ran now
between Abbotsford and Princeton.
The rich mineral veins of ihe Similk-
auieen seem at last likely to he able
to send forth their wealth, which has
so far been tied up for want of transportation facilities.
United States government reports
show that Alaska was second as a
gold producer in 1:108, among the
stales and territories of lhe United
States. It yielded yellow metal
valued al. $l!t,8'ri8.NO0. or two-and-a-
half times as much as was uaid for
thc district in lbe sixties. Colorado
lead Alaska nnly by Iwn millions,
and the indications are, lhat with
the opening of the new camps just
reported, in another year or twn,
Alaska will he the lirst in lhe mild
producing localities of ihe United
States. This is a matter of great
importance to lbe Northwest, for il
gets the benefit of Alaskan prosperity. The same report placed Washington seventh iu Uie production of
granile and fifteenth in the production of all building stones.
If your   town   needs boostin', boost
Don't hold hack an' wait to see
If some other feller's willin',
Sail right in, this country's free;
Nn one's got a mnrlgage on it,
It's just yours as much as his,
If your town is shy on boosters,
Vou get in the boostin' biz.
lf yon see some feller tryin',
Kor to make some project go,
Vou can boost it up a trifle,
That's ynur cue to let him know
That  you're nnt a goin' to knock it,
Just because it ain't your "shout,"
But you're goin' to boost a little,
Cause   he's    got "lhe   best thing
If you knnw some feller's failin's,
Just forget 'em, 'cause you know
Thai  same     feller's got some    good
Them's the ones you want to show;
"Cast  vour   loaves out on thc waters.
They'll    come   hack,"   's   a sayin'
Mebbe thej  will come back, "buttered,"
When some feller boosts for you.
It hns heen announced that tbe
managers of Jeffries and Johnson
have accepted lhe bid nf T. M.
Ricard. allied wilh .lack Glcason, Ior
Btaging iln- world's championship
fight. Tbe proposition accepted was
the lirsl offered bv Rickard, namely:
A guaranteed purse of $ I III.011(1 arid
two-thirds of tho receipts of the
moving pictures of the great hattie.
The fighters are figuring a big income frnm the moving pictures, and
it is understood Ihal the two-thirds
share of the receipts from lhat
source was a hig factor in the discussion.     Tbe only positive decision
1 In lbe location nf the llcht    was
t lorth in the hid. when it was
stnted Hint lhe battle must he held
'in California, Nevada or Utah."
New York, Dec. lb—The Jeflries-
lohiisnn fighl for lhe heavy weight
championship nf the world will be
toucht eitln-r in Sail Lake City.
Utah, nr in the vicinity nf San Krnn-
ciseo, nn Julv I nexl. Final articles hn- n 15 round oontost were
signed by the principals today, in a
hotel at  Hoboken.
Neither nf the contestants, according tn the articles, is tn engage in
anv boxiii" cimlest hefnre the date of
the hig fight. This effectively eliminates the possibility nf Johnson
meeting Lnmrfnrd or Jeflries fighting
Kaiiffman between now and then.
Both, it is further stipulated, must
enter active training at least ninety
davs before the fight.
Klve ounce doves are to he used
and the oontost shall he governed bv
the straight Marquis of Oueensbury
rules, while the referee is to be selected at least sixty days before the
The earnings of tho C. P. R. for
November increased $511,000 over the
same period last yenr.
SASK-ALTA semi-steel urates will
■ stand HOO   degrees mure heat    than
'other  grates.      Let us show vou.—
Patmore Bros.
G, Printer, nf Nelson, representing the Kootenay Vallev Land
companv ami Mayor •-. P. Kink, of
this citv, left last Saturday on a
trip In Canal Flats, where Mr.
Procter is interested in a bie log in
contract. Tbey   arrived   back   yes-
lerday forenoon, having enjoved a
verv pleasant outing. Tbe contruct,
n which Mr. Procter is interested is
being handled bv Dnilcv Bros and is
for four million icct for ibe Crows
Nest Pass Lumher eomoani "f
Wardner. They have had upwards ttf fifty men working during
the past two months and now havo
nearly four million feet ol logs c H
and skidded, representing, probably,
some of the finest saw timber ever
cut in easi Kootenay. After lhe
logs have been removed it Is the intention of tbe Kootenav Vallev Land
company to throw the Innd open Ior
settlement. Thev have a ver" I
irea nf laud suitable for agriculture,
if which snmc 7,uuu acres wns reccntlv snid lo an English syndicate.
i\lex. Emory, who runs the Sheep
Creek stoppine bouse, has on view at
his plaee some line sheau-s of oats,
standing five feet high, as line oafs
as have ever been seen in these
Messrs. Procter and Kink report
that F. W. Reeves is conduct ing a
verv comfortable liolel at Canal
Klats, with lbe best of accommodation for travelers. Out duck shooting one morning, Messrs. Cruder
and Fink crossed and recrnssed lhe
source nf the Columbia river.
(As'lurnished    hy
Beale &
.   Cranhrook,
Kt il  Oct.
Aurora    Consolidated
B. C.   Amalgamated.
11. C. Copper 	
Canadian   Marconi ...
Rocky Mountain Co-
Can. Goldliclds ,	
Con. Smelti rs   	
Diamond Conl   	
Diamond Vale Coal .
International Cnal  ...
McGiilivray Creek C.
North Stair	
Nugget   Gold     Mines
Rambler Caribou
,   .011
Royal Collieries 	
Society Girl 	
Western   Oif    (preL).
Western Oil   (ord.) ...
Veteran   War Scrip...
Pineher Creek Coal
Canadian North West
Imperial Develop
Everyone appreciates the boauty nf
Tloworing bulbs in the fall and winter, hut so many fail lo prepare for
the future iu time. It is very eas
lo bave the house full of bloom
throughout lhe dull season, aud
every lover of flowers should appreciate this facl. Particular attention is drawn to this matter in the
advertising of M. .1. Henrv. which
vou will notice iu this paper, Detailed information about   tbe culture
f bulbs can also he obtained from
this source.
The matter nf fruit ' trees also
claims our attention, nut merely at
the actual planting season, but ut
all seasuns with those whose policy
it is to have only the best. Those
who purpose planting should remember that this nnrsecy is located
right in British Columbia, Uiat thc
culture is conducted with reterence
to British Columbia conditions, and
that naturally the slock must he
well adapted In those conditions
which prevail in your orchard. For
further information, which will be
gladly furnished, address M. -I.
Henry, 3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C.
December 12th.
Morning service at 11 a.m.
Fellowship meeting at 12 a.m.
Sunday School and Bible classes
ut 3 p.m.
Kpworth League prayer meeling at
7 p.m. in the inner vestry.
Evening service at 7 p.m. Subject: "The dates of Cod,"
Tuesday—Holiday letters will he
read, under the auspices ul the literary department of the Epworth
league. An enjoyable evening anticipated.    All are welcome,
Wednesday—Parsonage open frnm 8
till 10 for young men who care tu
come in fur a social hour.
Thursday— Prayer service at 8 p.m.
Kriday—Choir pruclice at 8 p.m.
Ou Sunday, December Pith Rev. A.
K. Iletheritigton, R.A., ol Columbian
College, will preach on behalf of that
institution,   both morning and even-
■*     —♦—
Thc elusive pigskin twirled merrily
in the Gym last Kriday evening
when the juniors met under the titles
Clover Leaves and Shooting Stars.
After a well played game, the Clover
Leaves, having the heaviest team,
scored three to one, mul thus became
exalted! The Shooting Stars are
going to pay mure attention 10
shooting for goals next time they
play. The teams were captained by-
Messrs. Thompson and,Cbisholm. Mr.
Clarke, who is an excellent boxer,
will be glad to nssisl the rvm bovj
in this art; those wishing to handle
their fives well should come along
and tty the gloves with Mr. Clarke
The climbing rope has been nut inti
position, and the horizontal bar li
much appreciated.
L. S. Sullivan, who has been care
taker and stage manager nf the Auditorium since that house was opened,
has resigned.
Tin* National club liave invited Sir
Wilfrid Laurie* i" in* their guesl al .1
lanquel tn In* hold on .lanuarv 7. Sir
Hillrnl will In* in Toronto the day
provioua in lormall) open iln* Ontario chili, anil lhc officers oi llm
National club an* taking advantage
ul Ins prosencc in tin* city in tender
ii banquot in Ins honor. Sir Wilfrid, it i» understood, bas accepted
Um Invitation
Even the framcrs of the United
Stales tarill, could nol foresee what
the exact effect of lbe proposed
chaugis would he. The case ul
shingles, for instance, provided an interesting example of the reversal of
the effect    desired,    says lbe Canada
,iiinhermaii. It was hoped lo keep
British Columbia shingles out ol
United Stales markets by increasing
lhe Import duty. Some fundamental
economic laws, however, were overlooked, aud thc result is peculiar.
British Columbia shingles hnd a
strong hold on I'. S. markets, and
afler a short interruption the trade
is again (lowing inlo ils old channels.
The popularity of British Columbia
shingles is a factor in Ihis result,
and the natural ambition nf I . S.
workmen and others to share in lbe
benefits of increased protection has
assisted iu preserving the market Ior
the Canadian product. Canadians
expected thut B. C. trade would not
bu .affected materially as regards the
markets on the United Slates side of
the line, and that ultimately the
consumers in the United Slates
wouhl be compelled to pay the ad-
vance price necessitated by tbe increase of the latin for llrilisli Columhia shingles, lor the reason tlml
the manufacturer nf shingles in Pugol
Sound would, on lhc strength of lhe
new tarill, bring lhe price of the
United States shingles again up to
the level     of the   Hritish   Columbia
hingles. Tbis, iu fact, is what has
happened, for the i'nited States
tarill lias acted as a boomerang, according' to tbe opinion of more than
one manufacturer of Canadian shingles, lu the recent tarill increases an
advance of 20 cents per thousand
was made on shingles imported iuto
the United States. This was intended to stop the entry nf shingles
from Canada, and it did for a few
weeks. As soon as the shingle manufacturers in the I'nited States saw
this, they increased tbeir price 2b
cents per thousand, uud began tu
congratulate themselves upon their
finesse in having the tarifi adjusted
to llieir advantage. Tbey did not
anticipate what was to follow.
The loggers in thu United Slates
since the manufacturers t;ct more for
their product, concluded thai tlicy
themselves were also entitled to
more, sn thev added $2 per thousand
tn the enst nf the loes. Then the
shingle weavers wanted a slice of the
melon, and. they struck for hiuher
wages, asking a straight day wage
instead of piecework. As a result of
the latter request, many shingle
plants arc now idle, lhe weavers being on strike.
With all tbis increase, a reaction
has set iu. Of late the shingle manufacturers of Vancouver, wbo shin In
the United States, have again been
receiving orders, and tbe trade is
now about equal to what it was he-
fore the tarifi was altered.
If the government here stands
firm in its refusal tn allow the export of cedar lugs, the American
shingle manufacturers may call
peccavi," said a prominent shingle
man. "They cannot make shingles
nearly as good as ours, because they
have not got the cedar. The high
grade cedar is obtainable iu Hritish
Columbia, so with matters as they
now stand we have control and can
keep it. The result of the tarifi has
been tbat the consumer in the I'nited
States pays 20 cents more a thousand, fur we had in add lbe amount
of duty tn uur selling price, and even
at that the orders are coniiiitr in."
Christinas raisin:
C. II. Prescott
WyclilTo yester-
.las. Joyce was down from Mav
Fresh dates and
at The Palm.
II. Kdwards am
were in town frm
Choice Malaga grapes,
dates ami figs at Stewart's.
U. 11. Wilson, the jeweler, has the
Bwcllest line of electric iixlures ever
brought Into the Kuutenays.
Christmas supplies of all kinds at
.1. .Mannings, the Cash Grocer
Mechanical toys, 35c—C. C. S.
Dave Griffith, the veteran pioneer
of Wild Horse, was in town the car-
.     art of the weok.
Train and track, 76c—C. C. S.
Died—At St. Eugeno hospital,
Thursday. December Oth, 1900, Ever-
ell Joseph, infant son of Mi ami
.Mrs. Joseph Bird.
We have just received three carloads of prime Christmas beef.—P.
Woods A Co.
Word has  just   been  received    that
onu Tannbause
Hi-allk- anil Aid
ill in Spokane.
1*,       lull
ilson,   i
in-i Iv    with
s*   si-rimlaly
Cbrislmas conli
variety al Tin* l'u
in   great
li. (i. Iiuiin, of Calgary, traveling
passenger agent of Uie C.P.R . spent
a few hours in towu today, leaving
this afternoon tor Nelson.
Train and track, 75c—C. C   R.
John Cannon, ChaB. Kellv. Wm
McKclvey, Grace McKelvcy and V*.
A. Homier, all of Moyie, were ituests
at lhe Cranbrook hotel yesterday.
Dave Small & Co., first-class
ladies and genis tailors.
Mechanical tovs. 35c—C, C. S-
Mrs. A, Iv Haker, of Waterdown,
Onl., arrived in Ihis citv un Tuesday
and will spend the winter with her
daughters, Mrs. K. -1. Johnston and
.Miss I,ila Haker.
Tlie Fink Mercantile company's
stoic will he kept open everv evening
uext week for lhe convenience of
Christinas shoppers.
J. A. Molleur, who has a contract
in Nelson, was iu the cilv this week
looking after his real estate interests.
Christmas gilts of all kinds at the
Cranbrook  Drug A  Book Co.
Hot drinks and home made biscuits at The Palm.
W. K. Esllng, proprietor of tbe
Kossland Miner, was tn town yesterday on his way home from a visit to
Train and track, 75c—c. C. S.
C. M. VanWormer and W. J'-urton
spent Wednesday chasing the ccsive
deer, but returned without finiiug
liim. Both gentlemen assert that
Ihcy will try again.
Pye's lur vour hockey shoes.
J. G. McCallum & Co. todav receded a carload of contractors'
plant from Kernie, tbeir contract
for the posl ofliee in that citv havinc
been completed.
Hall's detachable umbrellas in
ladies and gents sizes 'make a very
acceptable t bristmas gift. You will
lind them at Wilson's, the jeweler.
Mechanical toys. 3;»e.—C. C. S.
Miss McKay, of ihe local post office stall', is a good second in the
Lethbridge Herald contest This is
a gaud chance to be a booster for
Cranbrook's fair ladies Get in
Home made candy 2Uc. a pound on
Saturday at The Palm.
A. Leitch, M. B. King and Jas.
Ryan and wife were passengers to
Vancouver vesterdav where the-- will
attend the lumbermen's convention,
which opens in lbe terminal city tomorrow.
Dressed dolls, 75c.—C. C. S.
a. I-;, Watts had sufficiently recovered from bis rec:-nt indisposition to
leave yesterday for Kamloops to attend the Conservative convention.
None of the other local delegates
were able to got awav.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ij
* l\
I Cranbrook B. C. j
- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t
Craubrook is situated between the
main range of tbe Rocky Mountains
and the Purcell range un a plateau,
known as .St. Joseph's prairie. Its
location is distinctly picturesque, thu
views to be obtained in uli directions having no supcriurs in Co
province ol British Columbia.
Cranbruok altitude is 2,087 leet
above sea level. The climate is un
ideal one. The snowlall is, as a
rule, light. Spring opens early.
The summers are pleasant, thc temperature always declining at nightfall. The Cranbrook district is
noted for its bracing atmosphere and
almost perpetual sunshine.
Thc surrounding district is famous
the worid over for its large bodies
uf silver-lead ore. The St. Eugene
mine at Moylo is said tu be the largest silver-lead mine on tbe .North
American continent. Tbe Sullivan
group and the North Star mine at
Kimherlcy contain large deposits of
tbe same ore. Gold placers are being worked at a good profit on
Wild Horso and Perry Creeks, while
m :■*'.}■ excellent copper prospects exist
iu varices parts uf the district.
Large bodies of iron uie have also
been discovered within a very lew
miles oi iho city.
Aa a Iruit country the Cranbrnok
district is unsurpassed. Although,
at the present time, but few orchards are of bearing age, still those
few have shown what can be done
along the lines of fruit cultivation.
The Cranbrook district has a larger
area ol undeveloped fruit land than
any other district in British Columbia. Fruit lands may slill be purchased at a reasonable purchase
price, which same cannot be said ul
any other district in tbe province.
Cranbruok is the metropolis of tbe
timber industry of Suuth Eastern
British Columbia. Throughout the
district there are vast quantities of
pine, lir and tamarac assuring an unlimited supply lor many years to
come. Tliere are between twenty-
five and thirty saw mills in the dis
trict, sume of them within a mile ol
the city limits.
I Cranhrook is tbe principal divisional puint of the Crows Nest Pass
branoh of the Canadian Pacific railway. Here arc located the office of
Ithe divisional superintendent, round
I houses and machine shops. A branch
: line runs eighteen miles north to
j Marysville and  Kimberley.
Market gardening is also gone   into
Ion a quite extensive wale and the
quality ol tbe vegetables raised is
second to none on the continent.
The educational facilities are u
perfect as the hoard of school trustees can make them. None hut well
experienced teachers are engaged on
the staff. A new end commodious
school building, costing (00,000, Is
now under construction.
Our book slock is more complete
then ever and the largest in the
whole of Kast Kootenav.—Cranbrook
Drug & Book Co,
Nee Pye's for your hoys reefers and
Complaints reach the Herald of
scarcity of cars, which mav seriously
affect some ..[ our local dealers, particularly those handling coal. This
is a matter the board of trade would
do well to investigate and take action upon
Dressed dolls, 75c—C  C  S
Among the letters received at this
ollice todaj    was   one   from Albany,
N.Y.,   in the   course ol which     the
writer said     "Enclosed please   find
J3.00 for one veai'- subscription   to
tho hesi   paper   in   the Kootenays."
Niedtcss lo s&\ thc subscription manager ol the Herald was elated.
Ripe tomatoes at Stewart's today.
Watch our windows next week lor
the best display < f   Christmas
In -l' Vi i- 4 Co
Dress d d< lis, 75c—C   c   S
,1 F* M Pinkham, manager of the
local branch ol thc Imperial hank. Is
a pntlenl nt the St. Eu»ene hospital. suiTcrine from an attack ol peritonitis He is do,i.e well and
should be about again within a few
Go to Stewart's fnr Jap oranges,
choice pears ami eating apples.
Tram and track, 75c—C   C   S.
Kire at n idnighl Saturday last
destroyed an old log building on the
Boket estate The building was
partially occupied and an overheated
.stow- pipe caused tho outbreak,
which resulted In the complete
destruction    ol    one if Cranbrook's
(io '.' Stewart's, thc confectioner.
be i.as ihe   largest assortment   ol
Xmns c ■.'.>•: -.. n and novelties   in
the cil\
-n into the Crnn-
Co.'s store    to
-ok   Diue A   Ho
■ the toys.
The (i.i^is . f Principal Cranston
and Miss Mwnrd are now occupying
ro ■■ w •■. :;.f new public school
buiidinn Whilst Lhe new building is
not as u: quite completed it is
expected that it will be readv fur occupation bj all '.he classes itn-
medlatch after the Christmas holidays.
Mechanical tovs. 35c—C. C. S.
Nleht Operator Partridce at Macleod was up Mr trial before Chiel
Iusikv Sifton v.-aUTdav at that
ilace '••! two charges of defrauding
the C.P.R. On the first count be
was found guiltv and on the second
he pleaded guilty. Up to the time
if eoing to press no word bad been
received of the sentence imposed upon
Mechanical tovs, 3jc—C. C. S.
LOST— Hf-tw.-,■:, Fr"nch avenui/ and
Christ church, a cuff with link attached. Kinder please return to
Herald office. 43-ewj
The tenth annual ball, held under
the auspices of Moyie Miners union,
No 71, WK.M . is scheduled to take
place at Morley's hall. Movie, on
thc nieht of December I5th. Tick-
etc. including supper, are placed at
52.On. ladles free. Tl.e committee
in charee nf arrangements is composed of the following: Mile Torpy,
Herb. Jackson. Fred Barker, W.
Klemine. Albert Gill aud Jas. Roberts.
Set- the mechanical tovs at the
Cranbrook Dni: ,v Book Co.
Anions recent real estate transactions Messrs Beale and Klwell report the following sales: Lot 33,
block 89, city; lots -'12 and 33, block
25, city; lots 1 and 2, block 27, city;
lots | of .< and 10, block 25, city;
and lots 12 and 1 i, block fiO, citv.
Messrs. Beale and Klwell have also
disposed of several larcc acreages recently, including lot 4884, 258 acres
and lot MIS, Uf) acres in tbe vicin-
itv of Kort Steele and lot 339, 160
acres on St. Mary's prairie.
Train and track. 75c—C  C. S,
delight mothers fa-art this year
with tbe new range she has wanted
so long'' A SASK-ALTA would
make her happy tbe whole vear
round, make the kitchen work easy,
the baking and cooking a real pleasure. It would he tbe crowning
gilt. For sale only at our store.—
Patmore Bros.
Dressid dolls, 76c—C   C   S.
The Christmas cantata, "A Jack
Krnst Christmas Shower." which the
Knox Sunday School have heen prac-
tisin*/. has been Indefinitely postponed because of the time taken from
the pupils' studv lor practice. Instead of tbe cantata a s icial evening with games and romps and a
Christmas tree nf candles, mits. rats-
ens, etc., will he given the children.
Gorgoirzola, English. Stilton and
Ingersoll cream cheese at Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
R. R. Jamies  formerly of   this
elf has been re-elected mayor ol
Calgarv bv acclamation. In a letter
to Mavor Fink, announcing thii
event, Mayor Jamieson expresses the
hope that Mavor Fink will again
make the sacrifice of his timo and
personal business interest* and follow
his example.
Dressid dolls, 75C.-C. O. S.
James M. Douglas, ihe n.-wlv elected member for Strathcona, who suo-
cecds the late Dr. W. Mclntyre as
Liberal representative of that constituency in the Dominion parliament, "is a brother of Mrs. G. T.
Rogers, of tbis city. Mr. Douglas
has resided for the past twelve
vears in Stratlieona and is one ol
the bright young husiness men of
that prosperous burg.
Xmas tovs.—C. C. S.
Mr. U. II. Ashworth has prepared
returns of the amount of monev ei*
petided in Cranbrook and vicinity
during the past year on building
operations for tin- use of Uie provincial bureau of statistics, Mr. Ash-
worth's figures show a total expenditure of $183,500, the largest individual item heit' tr.r. mid. the cost of
the new public school huildimr.
Xmas lovs-C. V. S. I-5ION5  and  VOICED Jbom the   INVISIBLE1
<'..• • 'i.-iti   tlmn, \'\ Hip Xt«« Vork thruM Co. All UltfliK  ttew>rnil,1
i.v.M n"i a religious fnnulle, it spiritualist, n new
thuiglu ;o|v<-a'e oi- a mental hepler. 1 am calm
ami logleiil m-il I am eerttiln I have my feelings
under perfeel control,    I know I l|lll HOl  subject lo
hysterln  nr   lui I lue imt lions.   Tho mime irrtlw an*
ehiit'tuterlsllenf Peggy nml lbe nuijorlty of women In
m.i  profession   vet Hiere have I n certain expert-
 -. in m.t life ami III theirs for which mute «»f i\*
• iin offer a lennlile explanation
Homciuhcr llml  Ihese are nil bum xperlenceB,
 11 inu mn mun inilntelllgoui nr  leveloped persons, but from women accustomed In note fuels cure*
tnilj nml inilneil lo make uecurnle, unprejudiced report* nf nutlieiitle observations,
My graduating exercises were seitreely over and I
w-i- loiikiim fnrwtinl to a couple of mouths of lonflng
her.ire beginning m.v work lu lhe fnli. But when nn
urgent penman I enII enme rrom tin uld chum ol mine I
<-. iihi i|n nn tixtx llmu |fn n. her ut  e.    When I III'*
iin' m the h.'ii«e nnd found the husband down with
an acute nltiiek of lohnr puctiutoubi 1 was very glnd I
bud M.me ror. rcuilsdlig Uieli- exceedingly limited Income. I wns willing tti take entire clpirge or the ease,
relieved ..niv hy Hie slight assistance my rrlend wns
Hide tn lend	
We foiiL'bt n hard hattie ror the Hunt's tire ami I
guve tiiislliifhigly or my newly ncplilred skill nml
all my strength li was now nt the end of the Becoild
week nt hi- Illness. He h-ul resied quietly during
u.e ilny, nml s.. iihilllt Iwelve o'ehp'k Unit ulght I
thought L might risk going tn my ngim lo get a few
bonis sleep, fnr I fell suill.v In need nf It. nnd my
friend promised m call me the minute she wanted me.
A Ghostly Whisper.
I hnve nlwnys been nhle to drop off In sleep at onee
nml I rarely dream.   This night wns no exception.
I   was soon   In  it   perfectly  bnppy state of oblivion,
when suddenly 1 heard, In a sharp staccato whisper:—
"Frank wlll die al live o'clock. Frank will die tit
five o'clock."
I nwoke with a start, threw on my wrapper uud
run througb the hull tn my patient's room. My friend
wus -Kitting al lbe side or her bus I mi id's bed and he
was resting quietly ns when I lefl bun. Naturally I
(llii tint say anything about "my dream." ns I termed
It, ami, yielding to her persuasions. I returned to my
room, furluuH ni allowing myself to be disturbed
when 1 knew how much I needed this rest.
It was then two o'clock. I went buck to bed resolved to mnke tbe hest or the few hours' more sleep
I hnd allowed myself. At four-thirty I wuh aroused
by my friend, who anxiously explained to me that
she bud noticed n change lu her hpshnml nnd-bad
thought It best to wnke me. My firsl glance told me
thai her fears had been fur from groundless. I was
astonished. In fact, nt tbe condition of my patient.
Ills face was cynnosed, his respfrnt'on labored und
be gave every evidence uf an acute cardiac dilntutlon.
While I hastily administered strycbuhie I told the
wife to telephone fur tbe physician. He arrived nf
exactly five minutes pust five. But the mun was
already dead.
That was my first case of—a "curious coincidence,"
shall we call it?
A few years Inter I was ealled to New Itoehelle
ou a typhoid cane. I wan day nurse at first, but
after the patient grew better the iiiirht nurse was
iIIsuiIksihI and I was placed In charge. My patient
and his wife were two of the dearest people I bnvp
ever known, wbh tbnt charming "id fashioned sweet-
ness nnd culture tbat I suppose requires tun long n
cultivation for the speed of out- modern dnys, and
they lived In one of those charming old fashioned
houses thnt «r*» nlso fast dying out with the gentle*
folk whu built them.
These two old persons had l#en lifelong lovers nnil
hail never outgrow.) tbe habit. As all their children
hod married and moved nwuy I felt-very happy that
nfter n time they spared a bit of thf Ir love for each
other to bestow on tne. Naturally I became very
much attached to tbem both. The wife slept In a
ruuty next In ber bnshaiid'H. und I way given a roam of
my bwn Just across a narrow bail. After my patient
been'lie stronger I would gn to my mum at night,
leaving hutb my door ami bis standing wide open, and
If he wanted tne. Instead of ringing a hell and so risk
disturbing Ills wife he would Just cull mv mime so'By,
nud ns i am n very light steelier thnt was all that was
required and I was up on the Instant and ready to do
what wus needed.
Called by Telepathy.
One day while I was on this ease j received u message which demanded my Immediate attention ln tbe
eity. As It was late before I finished my business I
decided I would renin In over night In the city, r.R my
patient really would require no attention that any
one else could not give him. It was one o'clock when
1 got to bed. thoroughly tired uut, and ns usual I went
tu sleep nt once.
Suddenly I heard n whispered "M|ss Brown" from
my patient "Ves," I answered, ns was my custom.
and started up at onee to go to hlm. The notion
woke me and It took me a minute or two to realise
where I was ami that I must have lieen dreaming.
1 switched on the tight to see the time, nu thut I might
know bow mnny good hours' sleep there was still In
■tore for me, for I wanted to catch the eight o'clock
train, nnd I turned over with a sigh of gratitude when
I discovered that It wns only ten minutes past two.
"Ob. Miss Brown, bow nice tu have you with us
•gain!" mild my patient tbe minute he saw me tbe
next day. "I hud u nmsl uncomfortable night, und sh
I didn't want to disturb the little mother I missed you
sorely. Why, once I even caught myself culling your
"Now, I can't believe thnt. You'd better be careful
or your wife will he Jealous the next thing you know,''
1 snid tesetngly.
"Indeed It la true," be answered. "I happen even
to know the exact time, for I picked my watch up
just after I had said your name, lt was ten minutes
past two."
ls thii another coincidence? Possibly. Or Is there
In truth a subliminal self endowed with higher per-
t-i'iitlve faculties which sees uud hears nud acts fur
• wny from tbe body, going forth and gathering truths
from ii thousand various snd hidden sources uud then
iv turning and reporting the knowledge It bas gained
to the ordinary senses?   Peggy tells a story certain
circumstances nf whlelj she lies never been able to
satisfactorily explain hy any other theory.
A Strange Death Warning.
Ai mie iim.- while she wns in Irnliilug. she was on
duly In tbe T. it. ward, and her sympathy and interest
were particularly moved hy one nf her patients, lie
wns all alone in the world, ami, realizing the hopeless-
new of his ruse, hf had mmln Peggy promise tbat she
would be willi him when he tiled.
Bui ..i irnlug when she eame In his bed sbe
noted ihal In- was brighter and more cheerful limn
he bml been for weeks, Thnl dny he seemed unwilling lo lune Pegg j iin nf hi- slghl far u minute,
S!m gitve him us uiileh of ber nine us she possibly
eiuilil, even taking off a few nil miles of iier recreation bourn i<> spend with bim.
li was ber turn In tho diet kitchen thai ilay. and
she was rushing through tho always unpleasant duty
when suddenly she beard a sharp knurk apparently
frou e side of ibe wall.   The mil Ira hospital  wns
very much cramped for mum ami lhe lasl bed in
this ward was within u few be lies of the wall uf ihe
kitchen. In Ibis bed was n man with -in imeertiUn
temper uml a very certain appetite, for with his
tuberculosis be combined, ns Is very common, an i.d-
vuueed case of diabetes, with Ils accompanying Inordinate ihb'si nud hunger.
When Peggy heard ibe knocking she Immediately
thought ol bin No. is. She knew mis man could
reach the wall If be sat up In bed. So she went ut
mice und nsked hlm if he hud knocked, lie said tin.
ami (hough she was not eiillrely convinced she returned lo the kitchen. But again she heard the
knocking, mid Ihis lime she determined hi pul a stop
to It at unco.
had seen enough nf It to almost welcome a call to a
severe attack of the grip, where I would not he Immediately confronted, as in tbe other malady, with almost inevitable defeat. My patient was an nged man
whn lived alone wilh an nnly daughter. She was unusually devoted to hlm, fnr It seems her mother had
died when she was -,-ory young, and her father had
assumed complete charge of her.
Throughout bis enure Illness she never left hlm
during iho day. hul usually at night I was able tn per-
s le her to He down hi lhe next room, although she
wnuld run iu every few hours to inquire fur hlm and
nsk If she could ilo anything for tne.
(in lbe ninth day my pnlletil was doing ro well thnt
1 was planning to leave til tho end nr the week. Thnt
night tiie iimighter surprised mo by snylug directly
nfter supper r—
"Miss Brown, I am going to sit up and wateh with
y Ight."
"Why, really Ihere is no need for It," I answered,
"for your rather has had u splendid dny. Now. ilo
go to bed. mid I truly promise to call ynu If there is
the slightest change hi him."
She hesitated a moment, and then, looking almost
ashamed of the admission, she said:—
"I don't know why, but something seems to tell me
that father will want me to-night. Indeed, it Is not
nervousness. I don't really know whnt It Is. I suppose it musl sound very foolish to you. But I must
stay here to-night," she ended with sudden determination, nml so 1 had to allow hei' to remain, uud
tucked ber up in tt big chair next to the bed.
At eight o'clock my patient was sleeping quietly.
At ten o'clock he was still nil right. It was ahout
eleven o'clock Hint he woke up ■ouiphifuing of nn Inhume headache.   Suddenly tie was shaken hy a vlo-
hlm Into his usual good humor, Bul Peggy suys the
earnestness of his manner when he was relating tbo
Incident Impressed ber more thnn she eared to admit.
So the next morning whim she received the mall and
found nne letter postmarked Kncheslcr sho decided
to open It.
The letter was from n sister of her patient, announcing the death of (heir moi her the night before,
Of course, Peggy kept the lottei neealed until the
mail was well enough to bear lbe news, nml when ut
last she showed ll 0. bim. though wither mentioned
the dream, she well knew li was tin ughl uppermost In the minds nf holh of tbem.
Is it true llml there are certain subtle forces thnt
pervade nui lugs, which mosl of us nre never callable nf exercising, mil which nri- lying dorms;)t during mir normal condition ami by some or us may be
brought into activity hy dlseuso or great debility' Is
It true thai ihere ure liner mental adjustments which
only manlfcsl thomselvos when the body bad become
very much weakened, nud Is uu longer guiding or re-
Bt mining Uu- free nud unlural aellon or the mind?
Visions from  Spirit  Land.
There wns n nurse I knew very well ul one time, n
woman of unusual Inti lllgence nnd remarkable charm
nud magnetism. Sbe was a most cnpnblo aud cou-
Retentions nurse, giving not only nil her skill, but her
personal Interest nnd sympathy to each patient. She
It was who onee told me that she was aware within
herself unit beyond ihe threshold of her normal consciousness of ii secondary self which had extraordinary and undeveloped possibilities, Probably that Is
why she hnd such wonderful stories to tell of thought
transference and nf premonitions, wliich she acknowledged and believed because she admitted the psychic
Influence which enabled her to perceive things which
i-.V   slow
r.i I  i
lug wl
Kin Ilea
"Mr. Caluhnn, do you wnul some more supper, and leiil chll
Is that why you knocked?" she nsked. Imping in trap of Ins in
hlm Inlo u confession, and the
"Sure, uml I'd bo awful glnd If you'd he nfter glv'n lhe iluii)
me snmeihln' mnre; there wasn't no mnre Umn u only Im
bird's bite on the dishes.   But 1 wasn't klini-kln'."        number
Peggy did not know whether to believe him. bill He died
she brought him another howl «>r broth and bread
and then went back lo prepare ber nexl tray, which       P( (
wns for her friendless pnth'Ut. hi bed No. 1. As she
was carrying It out she heard the knocking ome mme.
but this time very feebly, und, glancing oyer to Cnlit-
bun's bed. sbe snw hlm busily engaged with spoon
ami lingers, oblivious of everything bul tho dish be-
fore hlm. Since, therefore, be eolild nol have made
Ibe noise, she went mi in bed No, l.
She found hm- patleni breathing with greal difficulty, bis cheeks flunked, his eyes «tr I:. d in her ill
Motion, As she nunc toward bim be hateiy mannged
tu whisper:—
'•I've been willing for you. Vnu promised—you
know—ti- be will) me when I died. .May heaven bless
yoil—for ti'l you've"	
A 111 of coughing stopped his further speech, nnd    Mnvhe If I n Im - li i
It "as-. ver. .p*..,. ,,.. ,,,!,, lv
Putting aside fur u moment the theory of coincidences and ns-mnoiig that It Is possible for a nurse
by her sympathy nud concentrated interest ro In- hi-
tluem-'ii by what we term thought transference, Ing pitifully and trying ru give hlm her blessing be*
premonitions, &<■„ Is li not, Ihen, more probable thnt   ,-.,.,, Mbe died
a neur relative whose mind Is attuned by love shou.'.l       , .„, ,  ,  , .
be capable of nn even keener sensitiveness to psychic l Iie *''"'"' wns so mi1-   *w concluded, "every de
forces? This argument ts only put forward fn;* nrgu- Bill so dear and distinct, the looks of lhc room, my
meiil's sake, nud to puiut a tentative explanation of mother's face nnd voice, that I cannot arouse myself
the following stories. from t|1L, impression that  Ii   was not an nrdlnnry
Psychic Power fiom Sympathy. dream, but the truth that had been somehow revealed
During the cerebrospinal meningitis epidemic of   to me."
1006 the physicians, rather than the nurses, hnd their      of course, Peggy ridiculed tlie whole Idea and
hands full, fur this disease Is quick nud sure.   But I    finally .uieeeedetl In half shaming and hair bullying
ins pulse became very slow, the in us- -les
I; begun i" grow rigid, he lost consciousness
bank mio a deep coma. Though I made
ier 'phone at mice fnr the physician. I knew
well thai Uie drend epidemic bad claimed
ictlm. The stupor hekl mm HIE lhe end.
i nine o'clock tin- ims I morning.
A Dream That Came True,
nice mil's, d u man whom sbe has always
p of the swuiesi tempered and
lie lets ever bad. Hul one mol'll*
up he seemed lo have lefl till his
nd. Uc refused In be cheered, nnd
assured lerself that there was
nothing iuc matter with bim physically to occasion
I'm gloom, she tetmingly n-l.cd hlm II' he had hud-a
bml dream,
"Well, I Wlll loll ymi what's the matter." he Una I l.v
snid, "even If you dn lliiuk me a foul fnr allowing Ii
io trouble ni".   I did have n dn-  lasl  night thai
somehow I cnu'i In-Ip ihlnklug nud worrying about,
I can gel It off my mintl."
i ia- mul dreamed Uml be
was ill Itocbester in the home nf his milliter, i'he
was ill uml he was sitting on th" bed. Sim was frying pitifully und trying to give bim '■
were hidden lo others.
tine uf her musl Interesting experiences occurred
when she wns doing dislriel nun.log. She Imd
wntehed o\cr n Utile child with moumonlil duy and
light fnr linn1 weeks, until nt last, completely tired
uut. sbe begged a rrlend lo wateh In her place ror
. in- nighl sr. sbe might gel n few hours' Bleep.
Thai nlgbi lu her dreams she nuw, distinct in every
detail, lhe lillle r   where  she  bml  I ii  nursing.
She herself did mil  kcci  he present, 1ml as she
watched ihe child rose fr in Uie lied, ilriried slowly
across lhc room nml theu mn ihrough llm window,
waving goodby lo her ns li vanished fnun Iier sight.
The nexl mori'liig -be learned Hen ihe child had died
suddenly during lhe nighl.
Do the Dei.d Return?
Peggy (ells allimsl with awe .,r a wouinii she nursed
the  lirsl   year she   was   in   il   hospital   111   New   York.
The woman was very po< r. verj mueh alone, ami
tlm only per.s n whom she Imd >» love lu ihe whole
wi eld was n Iiill- tlrl. a -bil.l oi twelve, who hud
been hrmtglii iu ai lhe same ;lnj.\ both of ibem with
typhoid. A il'-smii limes a dny she would ask tlm
nurses lew Nellie was doing ami the nurses wnuld,
of course, yWe her cheering rcpnrls io keep up her
spirits, th-mgh the trulh was ihal Nellie wns very,
very III.
The child died. Strangely enough during the dny
nf her denth lhc mother did nol Inquire ome about
her. Peggy anxiously questioned all the nurses who
Imd gone Into the ward to account for the woman's
unusual silence, hut oip h one denied having mentioned the child's denth to (he mother. Besides, she
was so culm and undisturbed Unit Peggy was almost
convinced Unit she could know nothing of It.   But In
the evening, as Peggy bade her good night, the woman
"When  will Nellie be burled?"
"How did ynu know?" was all Peggy could say.
"Why, ske stopped ou her way out to bid me good-
by, nnd she said she'd come hack lit a very little while
to take me with her."
Need I add that the woman died wilhln Ihe weeKt
The physicians snhl thnt peritonitis bad unexpectedly
sel io ini'l Peggy held riei tongue.
I have never had sin-i. a convincing ocular demon*
st ration of life beyond the grave, ick once I had a
patten! who described lust auch nn apparition, sod
H" he had imt been so III ut tho Mine the sltitailiin
would t'oally hnve been funny. Ho wus a disagree-
able mnn, low browed, swarthy, witli Unto pig eyes
and puffy cheeks, iml nice lu nny way, mid there wss
bully spoiled lu every fentiiro uuu notion
Ue hnd been married twice Wife No. 1 nnd
evidently ndorcd him, had been irauipled upon uml
hud died. With wife Nn. :.' whether he did tke adoring nr not l do nol know, hut at any rate she did tbe
trampling, Without doubt he rovoltcd silently at the
nine tie was forced to dance by and burked buck
wilh longing tn the days when ne did tlte llildliug.
"Me always seemed restless when his wife was In
the room, nnd often spoke to ine nf tbe "Mrs, No. 1,"
us |>e crudely put It. He wns in thp lasi stages of
Blight's disease Ills skin wns sallow nnd waxy, hU
eyesight had begun to fall and be was very weak,
Suddenly   une   dny   be   rose   up   In   bed   and   said
"Why, there's Hon?. Don't yon see her? There, oo
tiuit ' hulr. She's beckoning to me Look, site's smiling.   Yes, rm coming.   Ves, yes."
His voice grew weaker, he fell back In bed nud ont
convulsion after another shook his frame. He died
that night. And if "Hose" gave hint whnt he de*
ser-ed bis welcome to splrltlund would L'ot have beeu
anything so happy us he seemed to anticipate.
An Invisible Avenger.
But Margaret nlso told me of a tale where thc man'e
sins did tint wail In he visited upuu Ids descendants
but were meted uut In a partial punishment to himself ln this life. The man bad been suffering Intensely for weeks with cancer of the liver. He was
growing weaker and weaker. (Trout a man of two
hundred pounds he now scarcely weighed one hundred. He hnd confessed to Margaret that he bad
done something very dreadful In bis youth, but hs
would mu tell her what, und he believed that this waa
Ids retribution.
"I musl suffer. I huve made others suffer. It ts
hut right. Hut oh. If I could only die!" he would
sny over mul over ngnln.
I wish 1 could describe the last scene of this story
ns Margaret made me see p. It wus a beautiful, cold,
cloudless night. There was im moon, but the stars
twinkled brilliantly In the velvet blackness of tht
heavens. Kven Hie wind seemed frozen aud not n
breath si tired the curtains by the open window. Only
ihe poor, sick iiimi wus restless hi this universal calm,
lie hud been tossing und murmuring for hours.
All nt once he sat up In bed. his eyes fixed on tbs
window. Kvery nerve seemed ut attention, watching
and listening to something which to Margaret was Invisible.   Then il urlnins began to shake violently,
aud as ihcy did so the mini gave a shriek as of horror,
a shudder ran througb him and he sunk back on tht
pillows gasping for breath. Margaret hastily gsvt
him a hypodermic and he fell Into a stupor.
When she glanced at the window again the curtains
were hanging quietly.
Is There a Visible Death?
I mice hnd nn experience so strange that I have
never before spoken *»f It, 1 would not believe It myself if ihere hnd md been another nurse present who
will hem' witness to It. We hnd been nursing a
woman "ith diphtheria, and 1 was on dny duty. It
was about seven o'clock in the morning nnd I bsd
Just enme In um! wus standing tnlklug to the night
um se wnllc she g.i"c me a it w details of tne patient's
"She Is very III.    I don't think she'll last the day
(Oven as she spoke we both stm'led, A curious gray
mist seiuted h have settled over ibe bad, far a moment almost Blunting out ot,r v»-v ut It. Gi-nduod/
ii became thinner nnd moved tn- '-ud away, and then
dissolved into nothingness. It hod aK teken mr. s
moment, and ihe morn:,'.; sunsbtee fgrl.-, tlllej ±e
room, But when wo ii-iv:' at ocs \n :-t*'S. sl;,» "m
deiid. Is Ihere such u filing—ye who know—luf i visible death'
A nti'sc must believe i.i a future life, not because nf
nil lhe Eeilgton-3 rb.U were -er penciled, r»''i t\A -L6
philosophies that wore aver nvoive-A nor f:-?-u tlm
milven-Ol Itigthiet ond longing that i'>.* hlldtn In *,'fry
itmi'tnl hrinsi, but 't Is « h-stte? burn in her Wtta f-
pet'iotice vlih Buffering nnd unnapuiitess until it comet
tn her almost as a rereJatlou '"'it goin<*w£sr&1 lotav
lime, somehow there musl be a el-niiee, t' »<■-" tor torn-
ppiiBftUnn, ttt least for n further rtm-elopn-eut
la ibli- iiffer life n "bourne fft'iui which an traveller i cu nis.' ur are then, seme mb-m. sltuiie.1 in
ciitcn the ghostly messages trom scoss cbo Ikn'dfai*-
land? \nd In tins very life Itnelf are 'here ,-.eim,i,»
vast cosmic agendas not amenable *" lerreshjlnl li.-''*
as our Hullo minis nnw grasp thsm, whlen might
mould our lives if wo would, hot vhtt r mu filial them-
selveH only to the few favored nuts who art keyed lu
In iheflo tales 1 hnve told I stand sponsor for the
trulh nf Ih" fuels only lu so far ns [ or my Informants
understood them. Bul we realize our h-ut.,.,,-,1 s. V>
do not u'temie nn explanation,   Act? as a 're btgln-
IIlllg, sn ill Ihe end, I merely say. "I no know."
-ptJHHB is one tittle incident connected with Uhnrlet
I H. Flint's life which shows us how sume American men place their wives oil u pedestal In a way
ibnt is pusudihg lo foreigners, Flint, us wo uli know,
wus among the nesl to see ii greal future fur the airship nud was Identified with Die Wright brothers us
a backer, fine ulght be Invited u Hubs Ian diplomat
to dine with bim ut home, the Invitation, which was
mi Informal one, explaining thai ihe dinner would
he smull. In fact there wnuld he tm other guests, only
bis ".Tonlor Partner."
The diplomat arrived punctually, dressed ln bin
ullieial ensitii iml decora led with orders,   Ua waa
ii. la-Ten liitothe dniwlttg room and shown ihe tiupnlet
which Flint had brought hack from Ids many ;ourncyh
around the world, lie Is u collector and a connoisseur, as well as a business mnn. But uo "Junior Pint-
ner" appeared.
The conversation was general, with nnw and then a
reference made by Mr. Flint to Iho Importance of this
person. He confessed to the guest thut he never took
uu important business step without Hrst consulting his
imrluer, llml he relied almost entirely upon the judgment uml sound advice oi the "Junior Partner." Finally, when he could no longer refrain from slowing bis
curiosity, tho Unssiuit looked at Mt. and Mrs, Flint and
nsited whom this mysterious person wns. Flint's reply
was to make it courtly bow to Ids wife snd present
the foreign diplomat to his "Junior Partner."
■H .
XO.   II
Big Preparations Made by All Local Storekeepers
-Seasonable Goods in Profusion
Now on View
Cranbrook's storekeepers uro always up-to-date and ul Christmas
time they invariably mnke preparation ou a lavish scale lo meet the
prospective demands of a community
that requires the best nf everything.
A visit to Urunbrook's mercantile
emporiums will satisfy tho most
exacting that adequate preparations
have been made fur this year's holiday trade.
Such a visit was made the early
part ol this week by a representative
ot the Herald and on every hand he
found active preparations under way
(ur what promises to be a banner
Christmas trado.
In some eases goods were not
all opened out and special Christmas
decorations were not completed, but
sufficient insight into preparations
under way wus gained to justify tho
statement that Cranbrook's stores
will be iu better shape than ever before to handle the rapidly growing
local and district Christmas trade.
At Christmas time the demands on
the butchers are always exacting,
but no housekeeper need be at all
anxious this year. P. Burns and Co.
and P. Woods and Co. have made
ample preparations to supply all demands. At P. Burns' a carload ol
turkeys has arrived from Ontario and
special shipments of fine beef, mutton
and lamb have beeu arranged (or. lu
addition a speciality will be made
ol oysters, crabs and other shell lish.
P. Woods and Co. have a carload ol
poultry, including fine turkeys, geese,
ducks and chickens en route and they
are making a special feature, and a
particularly seasonable one, too, of
stall fed heel from tlieir Cherry
Creek ranch.
In the line of groceries, staple ami
special, Cranbrook's grocery stores
offer a splendid assortment of the
best. The Fink Mercantile company's grocery department is moro
attractive than ever. Whilst every
requisite for good Christmas cheer
has been provided for in abundance,
there are some special features that
attract immediate attention. Notably the fancy French asparagus and
button mushrooms in glass, I Ian y
Webb's famous Christmas puddings
and, specially worthy of mention, the
burnt wood, hand-painted glove- boxes, filled with luscious chocolates,
Whilst not in the line of eatables,
still a very essential feature of the
dinner tables, must he tinted, ihe lino
showing nf chinaware, which is a
special feature ol tho Fink Mercantile
company's Christmas display. Tho
Herald man greatly admired some
beautiful sets of Limoges ware, in
coined gold and white, also "The
Lucky Clover" sots, In Austrian
ware and some specially handsome
Hoyal Doulton ware in addition to
the foregoing the (inhb-n Lavn ware,
offered something unique Uiat will be
sure tn oatOh the eye nnd the purse
nf lovers nf Choice chinaware.
Campbell and Manning's grocery
store   offers   equally nttraotlve feu
litres. Tliis season u feature has
been niitde uf Christmas confeotlon*
cry. Tills llim alwuys make a
Speciality of green stall and cut
flowers and lot the coming t'hiist-
tuas season Ihcy will h;i\c a special
Iv large and varied Muck, lamp
bell nnd Manning were opening up    a
fur the Xmas trade und dues uul
think he has overstocked. Morc-
ovor, be has u great assurtmeiit of
every other kind ol candy, as widl as
a bewildering collection ol toys, etc.,
Ior Christmas trees. At The Puliu,
headijuailes fur home made candy,
Santa Claus bus been booked and
will he on baud to delight the hearts
of all Crnnbrook youngsters by the
lirst of next week.
Cranbrook's bakeries are always
up-to-date and whilst they carry full
lines of all staples, thero is no
particular line in which special attention may be drawn at this season. At the Cranbrook bakery, Mr.
F. Kummcr has his hands full with
special Christmas orders, cakes of
every variety and degree of luscious-
tiess boing his strong suit. At the
City llakery equally busy times are
ahead. Mr. F. Seymour had no time
to tell of any special lines, but assured the Herald visitor that everything good to cat in the baker's line
would be on hand at his place of business.
Christmas time is not only the season ol good eating. Some special attention is paid to liquid refreshments
and to meet these requirements A. L.
McDermot and A. C. Bowness, the
local wholesale liquor men, have
made special preparations. A. L.
McDermot directs attention to his
large stock of Pabst beer, the beer
without a peer, and to his importations of tine old sherry and Spanish
port. A. C. Howness makes a
specialty of Schlitz and Fernie beer,
P. Dawson's Scotch whiskey, Corby's
Kye and Melcher's Ked Cross gin. He
also carries a line stock of imported
Having provided for the inner man,
thc Christmas shopper will probably
turn his or her attention to the very
important matter of selecting Chrislmas presents and here again, the
Cranhrook shopper's only trouble
will arise from the multiplicity and
variety of offerings.
At Heattie and Atchison's, thc re
cognized headquarters for Santa
Claus, tliere is such a magnificent
shewing of Christmas goods as thai
lirm have given their customers
grounds for looking for every Christ
mas. It would occupy several
columns to tell at all in detail of the
wealth nf gifts gathered together for
the choice of Cranbrnok Christmas
shoppers, it must suffice to draw attention to one or two special tea-
lures and tn advise every person to
pay as early a visit of inspection ns
possible. Particularly attractive
will he found the special lines uf
leather and brass gooiis. lit hooks
and tins there is an abundance of
choice and a specially pleasing (Datura will he found m lhc Raphael and
goods of every variety, kitchen uten-     In   reviewing   the Christmas trade
sils, so necessary at this season, be- mention must be made of Uu- special
ing a specially strong line, I sale ol    pianos   to open
Cranbrook jewelers apparently have   itoom No.    5, of     the
strong faith   in   thc   superiority   ol!hotel, on    Monday next,
jewelry fur Christmas presents    and j auspices    nf   the
equal faith in thc capacity of   Cran-j^'ano   company
brook citizens to indulge tlieir     gift P*»P«lar piatu
giving   propensities   to   the top   ul  1'any are
under     the
ami Risch
sptrlnllv  I
ii i'
1       Sill
•1,    0
ware   win'
i iiu*
III*! all
Tills stork
■  liegll
,i regu-
lur Import
It   li
'ilif*; their in
tent inn In
a spot
iil lei
tnte uf
nr    llii*
i nui
*  Uii*v
tm luniii u
i f
Hi isl ..I
urt     wnn
,   Mill.
i   wll!
(0 -.fn
nas |ir
, Sflll-
.1. Manning, Hi
- Vnn
grooor, is
in Iim
a Iln
A   s
ni his cht
st mas
will 1
a a lull
Hue of Ramsay's confectionery. Ih-
lius nlso opened up a large ami varied
assortment nf crockery, Attention is
specially directed to thc Art Making
Powder premiums offered at this
store. These premiums arc well
worth securing ami will mnke valuable and appropriate Christmas presents.
Still keeping to the sources of good
things to eat and drink, visits were
paid to the stores ol II. Stewart and
The Palm, where candies and con-
(ectioncry In tempting prolusion
abound. II. Stewart's stock
strikes the uninformed as being altogether too vast even lor thc candy
loving youngsters of Cranbrook. Hut
when Mr. Stewart tells ol purchasing
chocolates hy the carload and of disposing of them In short order, one is
forced to admit that he knows what
he is about in providing so liberally
tor the Christmas trade. He haB imported a ton and a half ol chocolates
IstmaS cards
The Camilla Drug and Rook company have iheir new store literally
with Christmas gifts ol
civ. Special pinmineuce
o handsome manicure and
toilet sets, which will make very acceptable Christmas gifts. Rooks and
toys also attract, attention. The
little girls will he specially charmed
by the fine showing of dolls.
The ladies, aUer attending to the
requirements of the littlo folks, will
result with pleasure to lhe stores
where tallies goods predominate.
Hums Bros, arc shewing sume very
tasty ladies collars, belts und handkerchiefs, just tin1 things for Chrislmas icniciiihiniices. A line line nf
gloVOS i-s another special Christinas
feature, Fnr Christmas tree decorations the Rut us Bros, are showing a
splendid assort ment.
Alessis, Hill qml company's Indies
licparlmcnt is also overflowing with
dainty and timely Chrislmas offerings,
Miss McLcnd's millinery store will
surely bo n center nl attraction this
Christmas season. One line ol goods
Oltorod this season thnt is sure to
prove attractive to thc ladies, Is a
consignment of German coats und
suits, offered at specially reduced
Cranbrook's hardware merchants
are affected Ity the Christmas season,
in common with their lellow traders,
and they have all laid in special seasonable stocks. .1. I). McBride is
making a special showing of cutlery
and sporting goods. .1. G. McCallum
ond Co. offer as special inducements
to Christmas shoppers their popular
oil heaters, ns well as a fine stock of
nicklc-platcd ware and cutlery. In
addition they have on hand a supply
of curling stones and, lor thc convenience of those who wish to shew
their appreciation of their horseflesh
at this season, a fine line of horse
blankets. Patmore Bros, are to thc
(ore   with a   full lino   ol  hardware tion of Christmas shoppers.
their bent. A visit lo tbe stores of
Raworth Uros. and W. II. Wilson
justifies the belief that costly jewelry
if every variety is in great demand
in this flourishing city, Were this
uot tbe case, such stocks ul dazzling
gems ami massive plate as were disclosed in the Herald man's astonished gaze, would never huve been imported. Raworth Hros. are particularly strung iu diamonds this season.
\notlier leature ol their Christmas
display is a beautiful selection ol
choice cut glass. W. H. Wilson offers
specially entrancing attractions in
pearl goods. Kvery description of
jewelry, set iu pearls, can be seen
here. Mr. Wilson is having installed
au electric plant for gold and silver
plating, which will be found very
serviceable at this season. Electrical
fixtures in every variety are another
speciality with Mr. W. II. Wilson.
Thc men have not been overlooked
in the catering by the various stores,
not by any manner ol means. Drop
into S. Mighton's if you have any
doubt on that score. Cranbrook's
noted cigar and tobacco house is
crowded with everything calculated
to delight tho hearts o( worshippers
at thc shrine of Lady Nicotine.
Worthy ot special mention are thc
cases of pipes, some small, some
large, but all of thc highest workmanship and finest quality. S.
Mighton's stock ol cigars would do
credit to a city of thc size of Montreal or Toronto. He has in stock
every brand worth smoking and practically an unlimited supply.
The Cranbrook Cigar store and E.
H. Hrown have also paid special attention to the requirements ol smoker i and at either of these popular resorts cau be found well assorted
stocks of the best there is in the
shape ol cigars, cigarettes and pipe
tobaccos, as well as all other supplies necessary to the comfort of the
The stores that cater more especially to mere man have been lavish in
their preparations for the Christmas
trade. The Fink Mercantile company's men's furnishings department,
is displaying a most attractive line
of smoking jackets, dressing gowns,
fancy neckwear, silk suspenders and
fur-lined mitts iu individual boxes.
Tlie C. C. S. have also a fine assortment of gentlemen's furnishings on
view, fancy ties and handkerchiefs being prominent in thc display. Messrs.
Pye and Co, are offering a special
line ul slippers, in cases, known as
the "Kuzy." These slippers are
made fur both ladies and gentlemen
and anything more acceptable as an
Xmas gift would be hard to conceive
of. Ilill and Co., too, have made
special preparations for their male
customers ami are offering many lines
of goods that will prove most attractive.
The C. C. S. devote chiel attention
to furniture and for the Christmas
trade they have Imported a carload
of fumy chairs of every variety, suitable fur lhe drawing room, the library, the den or the office.
The Cranbrouk Trading company at
this season are making special offers
in harness sets, traveling trunks and
dress suit cases.
The Cranbrnok F.lectric Light company have on hand a special line of
electric light fixtures, which the)'
think wouhl prove very acceptable
Christ mar presents nnd early purchasers will secure good bargains.
There are various designs, suitable
for parlor, library or ollice.
R. .1. Binning, the photographer,
makes a speciality of picture framing
at Christmas time. He has on hand
a goodly number ol that excellent
publication "Picturesque Cranbrook," than which it would be hard
tn conceive of a mure acceptable
Christmas present.
YamWnrinor's second hand store,
whilst not the place usually to look
for Chrislmas presents, will likely
secure a fair share of the custom of
this year's Christmas shoppers, by
reason of the fact that Mr. VanWormer is putting in a special stock ot
Oriental rugs and mats, something
out of the common in the way of
Christmas presents and at the same
time always most acceptable.
The city tailors, Dave Small and
Co. and Fergusson and Houston, are
prepared to turn out special Christmas clothing for all and sundry and
Veits and Raison and the Cranhrook Dyeing and Cleaning Works are
prepared to restore old clothes 'and
to make worn out dresses look like
new, so that everybody may be looking their best on Christmas Day.
Gen. B. Powell, the local agent (or
Singer sewing machines, inclines to
the opinion that nn more suitable
present ean be tendered the good
housewife than ono of his famous
Singer Sewing machines. He has a
well   assorted   stock (or tho inapec-
iffering for sal
btOOlC, at greatly reduced prices, a
car load nf choice pianos and the opportunity of securing a first-class
paiuu at a reduced price will nut he
overlooked by those iu need ol a
goud instrument.
Christmas crackers at The Palm.
Three roomed cottage for rent. See
Fink Mercantile Co.
Mrs. W. A. Rollins and sun left un
Sunday to visit friends in Ontario.
Dave Small & Co., first-class ladles and gents tailoring. Suits frnm
$29.00 up.
T. C, Douglas, a Bull River rancher, iB spending a few days in town, a
guest at thc Royal hotel.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday home made
candy 25c. per pound at Thc Palm.
ludge Wilson left for Rossland on
Sunday, whore he will represent, the
Cranbrook Curling association at tbe
B. C. Curling convention.
Get your meals at the Paluce restaurant.
Under bylaw No. 13 a teamster
was fined $5 last week for driving his
wagon across thc sidewalk between
the C, C. S. ami Beattie and Atchison's.
Fresh sweet apple cider at Stewart's.
Tomorrow and Saturday evenings
"The Pixies" will be the attraction
at the Auditorium and, from present
indications, they are likely to l.e
greeted hy crowded houses.
Three roomed cottage for rent. See
Fink Mercantile Co.
Jos. Daly, of Sirdar, thc C. P. R.
locomotive engineer, has been spending a few days in town. He is leaving shortly for Belleville, Ont.,
where he will enjoy a short vacation.
Two suites of rooms for light
housekeeping. Enquire of the chef
at the Manitoba hot:*!. 41-36*
Christmas stockings at The Palm.
W. H. Wilson, the jeweler, is Importing a large stock of Swiss watch
movements and to make room fur
them he is disposing of the balance of
his stock in this line at specially reduced prices.
The municipal court of revision of
thc voters' list took place on Friday
last. No objections being raised to
aay names on the list, there was
nothing doing save of a purely lormal nature.
Campbell A- Manning, the grocers,
propose giving up the tobacco and
cigar branch ol their husiness and
from now on until such time as their
stock in these lines is disposed of,
prices will be cut, so that bargains
will be plentiful.
Only white labor employed at the
Palace restaurant.
Partridge, the C.P.R. operator at
Macleod, charged with defrauding the
railway company, whose case was
referred to in our last issue, was
sentenced to two years imprisonment by Chief Justice Silton.
Go to Stewart's for Jap oranges,
Malaga grapes, choice dates aud Turkey figs.
The adjourned meeting of the Cranbrook Hockey league did not take
place Monday evening, but was adjourned until the 27th inst, when
final steps will he taken re schedules
ol games, etc. Three teams have already been organized, two representing thc C.P.R., one from the shops
and the other from the ollice, and tin-
third representative of the city
During this week Mrs. Lloyd is attending at the Fink Mercantile company's grocery depart men t, fur tho
purpose of instructing the ladies of
Cranbrook in tbo art of preparing
Cowan's cocoa and cake icings. Ladies are invited to drop in at any
hour during thc dny nnd confer with
Mrs. Lloyd. These chilly afternoons
visitors will appreciate a cup of hot
cocoa as prepared by Mrs. Lloyd.
Joseph Wayson, a miner, who arrived in Nelson from Cranbrook last
Thursday, where he had been working
In some nearby mine, has been committed for trial on a charge of attempted murder. It appears that
Wayson had some imaginary grievance against Frank P. Phillipps, thc
well known Socialist and W. P, M.
seoretary at Nelson, and meeting him
on the street, Wayson drew a gun on
htm and pulled the trigger twice.
Fortunately thc cartridges missed
fire and no harm was done, Phillipps
taokling Wayson and throwing him
on to the sidewalk, held him until
the police arrived. The supposition
Is that Wayson Is crazy.
Choice tomatoes and cucumbers at
Stewart's today.
The Big Santa Claus
Store with the Big
Stock Greets You
Ye old firm of Beattie & Atchison
are with you this year stronger than ever and are impressing all these who ir.sftct
their big stoek that "It Pays to Deal" with them. We would specially call ycir
attention to the following lines, all of which are very complete. The Prices are
Consistent with the Quality. We NEVER buy shoddy goods, nor do wc make
bogus statements.       Ask   Your   Neighbour. ** J* j* *
China and Cut Glass
Our stock of Cut Glass is very complete.    We believe that Meriden Cut Glass
is the finest in America.   If you are really looking for quality we invite you to
inspect our range.
Gjjd Chin) mikes a mast acceptable gift.   There are larger ranges than ours, but
nothing finer.      We are clearing out this line and offer you 20 V**~ cent-
discount from now till Xmas.
Xmas Cards and Calendars
We are showing a very large and well assorted range.     We are offering a regular
50c. local New Calendar for 25c.     They are the finest for sending East or toy our
old home.   They help to boost Cranbrook and East Kootenay.
Brass and Copper Goods
Are the correct thing.      They are taking the place of other bright goods.      They
reflect an artistic and up-to-date taste.     You will show good judgment in selecting
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Young Ladies Appreciate
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Toys, Toys, and then more Toys
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We will appreciate it.
Our Book Department
Is having a great run and justly, for we have a very fine selection. Gift Books of
all kinds for 25c. to $25.00. We are making a feature of supplying a Holly Box
with each book. It adds a lot to the Xmas effect. Come and see the biggest stock
of books in the Kootenays. SpeciaIs--"TheForeigner," Ralph Connor; "Ballads of
a Cheechako," "Service."
Come early and often to the Big Store
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Quality   Counts
The Santa Claus Store
Your Mail Order is appreciated here. c
i a
*   a***************************************************************** •*******•****•******************************************************<>******************* ♦
" " tt
Extends Greetings
To All Patrons
Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 11 09.
A. L. McDERMOT, Esq.,
Agent lor Pabst Beer,
Dear Sir
Kindly convey to all Patrons of Pabst Beer, through the
Medium ol the Cranbrook Herald, our sincere appreciation and
heartfelt thanks for their kind patronage during the past year.
Wc extend to all Christmas Greetings with wishes for a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Yours very sincerely,
I  have  the   best   Old   Ports,  Sherry   Wines,  and   Brandies,   the   market   produces.
A. L McDermot
Phone 17.      Cranbrook, ll.C.
*********************** -—■--■-—*****--..    .
We wish our many customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year;
calling your attention to the lact our stock of Delicacies for the Great Dinner of the
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Ovor 2 tons ut onrofully Boloctod   Slnck
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The famous Frache Bros, hot-house Lettuce and Radish-";
Nice    crisp   California   Celery,   Tomatoes,   Cucumbers
A direct charge ol n combine
among ihe Canadian Insurance companies wus made at Hie meeting of,
Western Canadian lumbermen nl
Vancouver last Friday alternoon and '
the discussion reached the length of
appointing a committee to look into
the matter aud il possible to bring
un action against the Insurance men
lor illegal combination, The matter
occupied the greater part of tho
alternoon session and brought out au
unanimous opinion thnt the lumber
industry did not receive the full
measure of protection wbieb wus its
Mr. A. I). McRae brought thc
question before lhe convention wh-Hfl
he urged closer co-operntlon between
the premium payers of Canada as
against the insurance companies,
Legislation was belore (he senate al
Ottawa which would prohibit the
manufacturers of ihe country Irotn
insuring tlieir concerns witli whom
they pleased. lie suggested a compromise hill, but was strongly opposed to the proposition whieh the Insurance companies were trying to
got passed and which would enforce
a I'i per cut tux on premiums paid
to u ut side companies.
"The organisation of the Insurance
companies is complete," snid Mr. Me-
lint', "and Hie proposal whieh they
havo before the senate Wlll if passed, shut out outside companies entirety."
Mr. Otto l.iichiiiutid said Hint iiis
experience wns thnt he could goi In
Burnnce cheaper in the United States
iliun on ihe Canadian side, lie bo
Moved in doing business In Canada il
the rates were at all reasonnblo and
he was Btrongly opposed to thc
contemplated legislation which would
place the husiness men at the mercy
of the insurance companies.
"We should light ibis to tlio Inst
ditch," said Mr. R. II. Alexander.
Mr. Alexander thereupon moved a
resolution protesting against the insurance legislation and which read as
"Whereas a number ol insurance
companies in Canada handed together
in a cast-iron combine to prevent
competition In rates, which, through
the operation of this combine, are
unnecessarily high, are making persistent attempts lo obtain legislation, which though ostensibly for the
benefit of the insured, i.s iu reality
to force parties insuring to pay these
rates and to doplivo Ihem ol the
right to contract for their Insurance
elsewhere than jn Canada, wliich enn
be done at lower rates thnn Insisted
on by the aforesaid combination.
"And    whereas     such     legislation
wouhl he onerous and detrimental to
those engaged in thc lumbering Industry, this convention of lumbermen
representatives from tbe provinces of
British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, unanimously protest against tlte legislation asked [or, resolving that it is
opposed to the best interests ol
those it is supposed to benefit, and
would add to the burdens ol un industry which does not receive the
full measure ol protection it is entitled to, antl further that no tax
should lie imposed on the extension
ol the hitherto unalienable right to
make conl laets wilh anyone wherever
residing and for any and all legitimate purposes."
Mr. T. F. Paterson thought tho
opening .sentence ol the resolution
was too strong aud suggested it
should he modified.
Mr. P. I). Roe, however, thought
it was all right ami said that the
Insurance legislation wus dangerous
tu Hit! business interests of the
whole country.
"Thai resolution is not a bit. too
strong," said Mr. E, .1. Palmer.
'The insurance companies don't need
my protection."
"lf wo tlo know there is a
combine (here is no reason why wc
should not say so," commented .Mr.
Otto Lochmund.
Tho resolution wns unanimous!)
carried arid Mr, Palmer expressed the
opinion that proceedings should be
token against the combine and a resolution appointing a committee lo
inquire inlo the matter wus passed,
the members to he selected liy Chairman J, E. Tucker.
Then enmo n motion which moans
a radical chango in the lumlier industry Tor the convention decided lo
make odd lengths of lumher a standard.
The matter arose out of an address
by Air. Victor ll. Bookman, ol
Seattle, who reviewed the stand taken by the American lumher manufacturers.
lie stated that a lurge percentage
of odd length clear lumber could he
utilized in the construction of modern buildings and that most of the
short stuff was cut out of multiple
lengths, a much too common practice
with carpenters.
Mr. Anstie, secretary of the Mountain MUlmen's association, said that
Iho mountain mills were all iu favor
of making odd lengths a standard.
Mr. Alexander said the trouble
started with tho Introduction of the
automatic trimmer. When lumher
was trimmed hy baud odd und even
lengths were sold on a similar basis
hut the introduction of thc auloma.
tic trimmer led to the increasing
sale of even length lumher. Referring
In tbe question of conserva!Ion,
which was touched on by Mr. Heck-
niiiii,    tho     true     remedy, suid Mr.
Alexander, was in putting on a high
price for the good stuff now cut in
thc woods.
Air. Bcckman urged the meet ing to
pass a   resolution    on this question I
and   a motion uf    Mr. Anstio's was.
.successfully      passed       making    odd
lengths in  the upper grades a stand- |
ard    alter   .January 1 next.        Thc ;
resolution read:     "That Ibis conven-1
lion of Western Canada lumber man- j
ufneturers,   held    at V ancouver  on :
December 10, does herehy approve of
the resolution adopted by the United
States National Lumber Manufacturers association at   Seattle, July  13,
to wit.   That in lbe manufacture of
nil   lumber    odd   us  well    as even
lengths, he standard iu flooring, ceiling,     partition,    finish,   mouldings,
drop and bevel    siding, und will adhere to same, believing it   to be   in
the    best     interests   of tbe lumber
trade.     This to he effective on .lanuary 1, 1010."
Mr. Cameron followed this up by a
motion that the .standard bundle
shall contain 2ii per cent of short
lengths, oighi feet as the standard.
This was seconded by Mr. Lach-
muiid. Mr. McRae moved nn amendment lo lay this on thc table, Imt
(he amendment was deleated.
Then Mr. Roe moved that iu all
bundles ol six pieces or less Ihere
shall lie one course short length and
in bundles of ill pines there shall he
jtWO courses of short lengths. This
-wits carried and so disposed of the
Cameron resolution.
Speaking on the question of duty
on lu tn hor Mr, Leitch said thai there
was no doubt that a duly was sorely
needed and il was us equally certain
thut lumbermen would nut get that
| protection until I hey could make
I themselves felt politically.
* Special mention musl he made of
tlie manner in which several   of   Lite
! lending stores have decorated their
windows for the Christmas season.
Notably,   as   usual,   when  it is    u
] question of window decoration, are
the windows of tho Fink Mercantile
company. One is devoted to a
splendid display of -.Christmas delicacies, tastefully uud most attractively     arranged.     The   other large
window is given up to a display ol
men's furnishings, that would do a
hig New York store credit. Next
in point of excellence are the windows of Heat lie and Atchison, in one
of which is a display that will delight every youngster In town. A
beautifully     decorated      Christmas
j tree, covered    with every imaginable
I toy and gaily festooned with sooson-
ttblo decorations.   The other window
lis given over to n display ol samples
' nf the beautiful brass work, which
Messrs.     Heattie nud Atchison    nre
making a speciality of this season.
A large stvan is n feature of this
window. Iu point of excellence and
originality of design, J. D. McBride's window comes next. Here
we have lather Christmas in his
aeroplane, just arrived from thc
North Pole, hearing all manner of
presents for Cranbrook's good citizens.
The Cauada Drug and Book company make an attractive showing nf
dulls in one window and of smoker's
conveniences, in the shape of ash
trays, cigar holders, etc., in the
other. S. Mighton's window presents a most attractive appearance
to all lovers ol the weed. Such a
display of pipes, cigar and cigarette
holders and cases, in addition to
choice cigars, would be hard to beat
anywhere. Burns Bros, bave their
windows prettily filled with seasonable gifts. Campbell and Manning,
too, have filled one of tbeir windows
with choice Christmas goods and the
other with a line selection ol Bristol
art ware. Hill and Co. have their
windows tastefully decorated with
seasonable goods. Miss McLeod, the
milliner, has a window full of creations that will attract the interested
attention of the ladies. Raworth
Bros, the jewelers, have a fine display ol jewelry in their windows, as
has also W. II. Wilson.
The annual convention of
British Columhia Conservative
sueial ion closed at Kamloops
Saturday afler selecting Nelson
the next place of meeting
gathering was Hie most successful of
its kind ever held in llrilisli Coiumliin.     Every   port of    the province
uud the meetings
most enthusiastic
A feature of the
splendid reception
McBride on Kri-
opening day of the convcu-
the victorious leader    ol
was   represented
throughout       were
nnd harmonious-
gathering wns tin
tendered  I'leiniier
day, the
Hun. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the party in the recent contest
tendered Premier McBride on Fri-
groalest ovations iu the history ol
politics in the province. Mc declared that one of thc first measures to be brought down at the
coming session of the legislature
would he the hills carrying into effect the railway policy upon which
be hnd appealed lo tbe country. He
also dealt wilh the questions of better terms ninl Asiatic exclusion.
One ol the important orders of
liusiiiess on Kriday was tlie election
of ollicers, |{. F. Oreen being selected as president, while William
Irvine of Nelson was chosen as the
representative of the Kootonays on
the executive committee. Friday
evening the delegates, of whom there
were    several     hundred, were enter
tained at a banquet, at which thc
premier, R. F. Oreen, the 'newly
elected president, and others spoke.
Saturday was devoted to discussions of organization and lo the consideration of resolutions, while the
selection of a place of meeting also
came up, Nelson finally being chosen.
Vi. Vi. Foster, of Revelstoke, was
unanimously chosen first vice-president, W. M. McKay and Osborne
Plunkett, of Vancouver, and J. T.
Robinson, of Kamloops, were nomin-
nated for second vice-president,
Mr. McKay winning on tbe
ballot. .1. B. Williamson, of Vancouver, was elected secretary after a
contest with Percy King, of North
Vancouver, and II. II. Stevens, of
Vancouver. II. L. Edmonds, of New
Westminster, was elected treasurer.
The executive was organized as
tallows: Vancouver, ,1. ,1. Weller;
New Westminster, .1, N. Carty; Nanaimo, A. E. Planta; Victoria, E.
E. Leeson; Yale-Cariboo, Thos.
Sweeney; Kootenay, Vi, Irvine;
Skeena, Henry Doyle.
Joseph MacFarlane, ex-harteiider,
was up in the police court charged
by the chief with being an habitual
frequenter or a disorderly bouse iu
the restricted district.
M. A. Macdonald appeared lor the
defence. It appeared that MacFarlane was before the court last October on a charge ol assaulting Violet
llulley, the woman who keeps this
house, and having pleaded guilty to
thut charge was warned if he was
again found there he would be charged us un habitual frequenter.
Mr. Maedoiiald made Hie point in
defence that no conviction could be
made ou the Information as it staled
merely that the licensed was a frequenter and fui led lo add the subsequent words of the section, namely, "und fuiled to give a satisfactory
I account of himself." These words
were inserted iu the section to safeguard those who might have legitimate business in those places, such
as a doctor attending a patient, un
agent collecting rents or anyone wlio
might go there for a proper and lawful object. He quoted a case in
The magistrate took the view that
as MacFarlane had been warned in
the strongest manner to keep away
from those places that he knew what
he might expect if found there again,
lie wus so found, notwithstanding
the warning, and sbould pay a fine of
J .'III and costs. Au appeal will be
Walter McKenzie, an itinerant
brakeman, wus ulso charged with being an habitual frequenter or a
house in thc restricted district. He
was captured at the same time that
MacFarlane was found in lhe Halley
house, M. A. Macdonaltl appeared
for the accused. Ile was lined $10,
being his lirst offence. An appeal
will also be lodged iu this case ou
the same grounds as in that Of MacFarlane.
.lohn Cornfield, an old offender, accomplished a prolonged jag on the
proceeds of "charily"—odd quarters
got for meals, etc. Ho got two
months with hard labor with the
white wings brigade on the streets.
The Uritisli government have decided to grant £135,(100 towards the
cost of constructing thc additional
piece of necessary railway, Irom
Collooney, in the county of Sligo,
Ireland, to Blacksod Bay, in tbe
County ol Mayo, on the west coast.
London will, by the constructiou ol
this railway, be ,inked to Blacksod
Bay by means of the railway to tbo
West of England, ferry steamers to
the east coast of Ireland, and by au
unbroken railway across Ireland. The
this railway, be linked to Blacksod
Hay—551 miles—can thus be covered
without change in 11 hours. From
Blacksod Bay to Halifax, in Canada,
the journey will last but three and
a half days. This section of railway
is part of the scheme, already before
ministers for approval, foi an All-
Red route to Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, and to a certain extent, therefore, it helps thc
larger proposuls.
With this decision on the purt of
the government, the early opening ol
the All-Red route becomes almost assured. It is interesting to recall, in
Ihis connection, that when the premiers of oversea states, ut the recent
conference, were discussing the general project of un accelerated mail
and passenger .service ut the Colonial
office, it special parliamentary committee was receiving evidence, examining documents, and studying llie
detailed plans and estimates for tliis
proposed railway. The bill lur
which llie sanction of parliament was
sought, and out ol which the protracted Investigation of the committee arose, was known as llie
"Collooney, Ballimi and Hclmullol
Railway und Piers Bill." Premier
Asquith recognized that Ihis short
line wus the key to the whole
scheme, since the nearest accessible
European harbor to Canada lies in
Blacksod Bay. If only this port
could he connected by rail with
the general railway .systems of the
country, aud thus with the railway
system of England, Scotland, aud the
Continent, the problem which claimed
so much of the premier's time would
at once be solved; transatlantic
traveling would lose half its inconveniences nnd more than half its expenses; Great Britain and the daughter states would be bound by a
golden chain, in which Ireland would
form thu strongest link. Resolutions
were received by the government
from many public bodies iu thc country, and unanimous support was accorded the idea bv all the Irish
members. The parliamentary committee reported in its favor, and tbo
proposed line ol railway was sanctioned.
The recognition of this lino   hy the
Canadian government as part of the
All-lied route scheme, says the
Standard ol Empire, will be the signal for tho commencement of the railway. Once the route is open the approximate time-table for the journey
to Australia and New Zealand will
Leave London (say) December 1, 7
Arrive Blacksod, December 2, il a.
m,; leave 10 a.m.
Arrive Halifax December 5, 6 to 9
p.m.; leave 10 p.m.
Arrive Vancouver December 0, 10
p.m.; leave midnight.
Arrive Honolulu December 15, 7 a.
m.; leave noon.
Arrive Suva December 21, noon;
leave fi p.m.
Arrive Auckland December 21, 7
a.m.; leave noon.
Arrive Sydney December 27, fi a.m.
Tnls means a journey from London
to New Zealand in 22 days 12
hours, and Irom Loudon to Sydney
iu 25 days 11 hours, or well under u
In 1SH2 nearly one-half the population of the German Empire wus engaged in agriculture. According to
the figures prepared by lhe United
Stales consul at Frankfort and published in a recent issue of tbe periodical bulletin compiled from such reports and sent out bv the Washington
government, while there has since
been a great increase in the population, thc number ol those following
agriculture as a pursuit has declined
about a million ami a half.
The lollowlng table shows the number employed in agriculture, Industries uud commerce and transportation in Ihe years named:
1882. 11107.
Agriculture.       18,229,465 17,081,130
Industries   ...   .18,088,080 20,886,0117
and transportation   .  . 4,351,080 s,27K,2:i!»
i,.:i!).SII,til.fi   52,;tl5,1H2
Thus considerably more thnn the
Increase in populai ion tins heen absorbed in the Industrial occupations.
In 1882 the value ol lhe empire's
in nn ufno l it red exports amounted to
MOO,BOO,000^ in 1007 if reached II,-
iii,7iiu,uiiii, Germany's Imports of
foodstuffs increased iu tbe same period from $210,600,000 lu J:V.s,Kiu,
In Germany, us iu many other
countries, there is now an "adverse"
balance of trade. In Hill? tbe Imports of $2,083,600,000 exceeded the
export bv $161,000,000, while in
1KH2 the' imports were $82,400,000
less than the exports, the totals being $737,000,000 and $770,1)011,(100 respectively. This, however, is more
than counterbalanced by the profits
fn Germany's trans-oceanic trade,
its hanking establishments in loroign
countries and its investments in
mines, railways, industries, etc., iu
foreign countries. The position of
Germany is becoming more and more
like that ol Greal Britain, where the
laud does not produce enough for all
the people, and it is found necessary
to look lo other countries for food
und Hie materials of industry.
When you pray ask for what you
need, not for what you want. THJ5   CUA-NJIIiOOK   I1KKALD
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000    Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hnve recently heen completed under which the branches
of this Bunk are able to Issue Dud is on the principal points
In the following countries:
Faroe islands
1-r'ch Cochtn-Chlr
Great Britain
Phillipine Islands
Soulh Africa
Straits Settlements
West Indies        I7S
uud elsewhere
tf. T.Brymner, Manager Cranbrook Branch
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦»-»♦♦-»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦
Investors Take Notice
See Clarenc e White   and
John  Sullivan
KITCHENER,       -       -      -        B. C.
For Mining Properties, Fruit Land,
and Timber Limits.
********************** A
We have received a full line of Dry Goods direct from the
Manufacturers of China and Japan.
All nt Lowest Prices.
Boi 302—The Silk Importers,' Durick Avenue—Phone 2111
New and Different
There is never anything
commonplace about Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats.
We create styles—we select
patterns at the mills—we show
effects that are confined exclusively to Fit-Reform.
Honest value for
Suit, ud
your money, ts
the Fit-Reform
Cranbrook. B. C.
Here is a Pointer on what to buy •'
the wife  for Christmas. \\
* i
A SEWING MACHINE.   Wo have ,, Dropbead maohino   '•'•
for $80.00 ;;
A STEEL RANGE.   Our Holiday Price is $60.00 !!
A WASHING MACHINE,   The best in tho market        !!
for $10,110 ,,
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. |
lhat thc Creditors ol the above named Company, which is being voluntarily wound-up, are required, on or
belore the 18th day ol December,
1909, to send their names nnd addresses and the particulars ol their
debts or claims accompanied with
proot thereol to N. I, Harrison, the
Liquidator ot the Company, at tin-
Company's ollice In tho City ol Cranbrook,
ln the event ol any creditor not
sending such particulars ot prool on
or belore the aforesaid day lie will
bo excluded from the benefit ol any
distribution made belore his debt or
claim ls proved.
tSi^ **    Cranhrook,   n. C   this
Hth day ol November, inoo.     '
W. P. Ourd,
M-M      Solicitor lor tha Liquidator.
TAKE NOTICE that Elizabeth C.
'Jammings, ot Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Married Woman, intends to
ipply for permission to purchase the
'ollowing described land:
Commencing at a pest planted at
the south-east corner ot Lot 8762,
Oroup 1, Kootenay District, thence
south 8(1 chains, moro or less, to tho
north boundary ot Lot 341, Oroup 1,
thence westerly along said north*
boundary 80 chains, thence northerly
80 chains, more or less, to the south
boundary ot Lot 8752, thence easterly along snid south boundary 8ft
chains, more or less, to point * ot
commencement, and containing six
hundred and lorty acres, more or
Elizabeth C. Cummings.
Dated 15th October, 1009.      33-0t
. |
Car nt Christmmt chair* just arrived at 0, C. S.
Richard Withers;, ol Great Roll-
eight, Os tor dsh ire, has attained the
remarkable age of 101 years. He is
in possession of lhc whole of his
[acuities and the enjoyment of good
health. He served on one farm as a
.shepherd for over half a century, and
did not give up work until well over
ninety years of age. When he celebrated liis one hundred ami second
birthday, the King caused a letter of
congratulation to he forwarded to
him, Mr. Withers takes a glass of
beor daily, and is a great smoker. In
honor of his birthday the village
bells rang out a merry peal.
Tlie chancellor of the exchequer, in
reply to a question slated recently
that the total payments in respect
nf old age pensions from .lanuary 1
last to November 2, inclusive, were
as follows: England and Wales, £3,-
370,009; Ireland, £1,511,817; Scotland, £503,867, The number of pensioners upon the books of pension officers on .lune 30 last (the latest
date to which figures were available)
were: England and Wales, 410,119;
Ireland, 184,285; Scotland, 78,173.
Mr. Lloyd-George added that separ-
are returns had not up to the present been obtained tor thc two sexes,
but he would consider whether this
could be done Ior the current quarter.
Cardiff people are not pleased with
the rapid development of the Chinese
colony there. It has brought a
crowd of evils in its train, not the
least repulsive being the opium
habit. It is an ascertained fact
that the opium traffic is largely on
the increase among the yellow men,
and despite thc new statutory regulations large quantities of the drug arc
illicitly obtained, chiefly, it is believed, from London sources. Con
current with the opium craze there
is among the Chinese victims of the
habit au enormous growth of gambling and kindred vices, and some vices
that arc not kindred. The stakes
are often heavy, and although the
poliee vigilance is keen it is feared
that in a few quarters the evils are
practised both day and night. Not
infrequently these yellow men contract marriages with white girls,
and one of the strange sights of Bute
streets are the half-white, halt-yellow babies, the offspring of the curious unions.
It was complained against a mill-
hand, in a Liverpool court the other
, that when he had broken ofi an
engagement by announcing that he
was "sick of courting," he went to
Southport with another girl the very
next day. Thc action was one for
breach of promise brought hy Miss
Mary Erwin, aged twenty-five, residing at Seedley, near Manchester, and
she was awarded £25 damages
against Robert Maudstey, of Salford.
They had walked out together for
seven years, and became engaged in
1805. It was on Kaster Sunday
last that he told her he was sick of
courting, further protesting that he
had his mother lo keep.
The Victoria Cross and other derations and medals of Surgeon-
General Sir James Mouat have been
bequeathed to the Royal United Service Museum, Whitehall, by Lady
Mouat. The group consists ot the
Victoria Cross, the badge of Knight
Commander of the Order of the Hath,
the Crimean medal and three clasps,
the New Zealand medal, the French
Legion d'llonneur, the Turkish Crimean medal, and the Queen Victoria
Inhere medal. Sir .lames Mount
won his Victoria Cross in the'Crimea by proceeding lo the assistance
and dressing thc wounds of Lieut-
Colonel Morris, of the 17th Lancers.
The act wns done under a hot fire
from thc enemy after thc retreat ot
the Light Cavalry at Balaclava.
A fraud which had extended over
sixteen years brought William Thos.
Barnes, aged sixty-one, a bank clerk,
to the dock at tbe Old Bailey. Barnes was in charge of the coupon
branch of thc bank ot Messrs. Glyn,
Mills, Curric and Co., in Lombard
street. There was a loan with thc
Republic of Uruguay, in connection
with which the bank had to pay
quarterly sums to holders ot coupons
in this country. The payments
amounted to £120,000 a year. Barnes took small sums from each depositor. In 1908 he obtained £232.
The frauds were discovered owing to
changes in the ofliee, but investigation showed that they extended over
sixteen years. The recorder: "Did
not the people complain that they
wero not paid?" "No, they did not
know. They were paid a proportion
of their money." The total amount
obtained, added counsel, was £2,900.
Barnes bad written a letter to thc
firm stating he could offer no excuse
or defence. Thc money, he said,
had gone in stock exchange speculation. For forty-two years he had
heen a trusted servant, receiving a
salary ot £330 a year, and he would
have been entitled to a pension ot
£200 upon retirement.
The recorder passed sentence of
eighteen months' hard labor.
Ono more actress has resigned the
j! stage for a title, when Miss Dolly
' 1'aruell was married at the Maryle-
bonc registry office to Prlnct Na--.it
All Khan. The wedding was a very
quiet one. Soon after noon tho
prince and his bride, accompanied by
a lady and gentleman, who acted as
witnesses, arrived at the registry
Office. The Prince carried a small
leather case, which contained some
magnificent jewels which bad once
been the property of the Empress
Josephine. These gems, which are
said to be worth £20,000, were the
bridegroom's gift to the bride. While
the short ceremony wns being gone
through tho precious rase wa left on
the floor! The prince, who is twenty-six years of age, is the son ol one
of India's most powerful native rulers in the great Mohammedan states
lie is a tall, dark, athletic man, and
looks much more like an European
lhan an Asiatic. J Ie has been residing in England about fourteen years,
and is a naturalized Englishman,
He was at Oxford, is a guod athleto,
and has studied for thc bar. After
the ceremony lhe jewels wen- deposited in Bond street, and then lhc
bridegroom went off to his club! As
tlie prince said, ii seemed an unusual
thing fur a newly-married man to do.
"But I have known my wife for two
years. 1 met her lirst at a supper
party, and we are the best of friends;
aud she understands my whims and
fancies perfectly." The bride, who
was married iu her renl name of
Edith Mabel Thatcher, and who gave
her age as twenty-four, was one ol
the most attractive young ladles in
Mr. Hick's play, "My Darling,"
when it was produced at thc Globe
(then the Hicks) in March, 1907. She
is a brunette, fairly tall, the daughter of an English father and an
Irish mother. She will leave the
stage altogether.
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retiring and by morning it will have
done its healing work.
Cold cracks arc highly dangerous
as well as painful. The air is full
of germs, and cold cracks simply invite them to invade tbe system. Ouce
having gained a lodgment they may
then produce Inflammation, gatherings, or even blood poisoning. Besides there is all the pain! Zam-
Buk is highly antiseptic. Kills the
disease germs, stops the pain, aud
heals. Fifty cents per box, all
Stores and Druggists, or post free
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, Out.,
as good," although imitation is the
sincerest form ot (lattery.
The Grand Trunk Pacific railway
has abandoned its plan of building
a branch line from the Yellowhead
Pass to the summit of the Rockies
to Vancouver, paralleling the route
adopted by thc Canadian Northern.
It now proposes lo build by a
slightly longer route, but one which
will open up au entirely new country. This is indicated by an application just made to the Dominion parliament asking (or an amendment to
the company's act of incorporation
and seeking for legislation authorizing the new route, and an issue of
bonds to thc extent of $50,000 a
The branch line, it is proposed,
will run south from a point on thc
main line between Moose lake and
Tete .laune Cache, Ihence through
the drainage to Clearwater river,
Bonaparte river, Seaton and Anderson lakes and Lillooet river or the
Squamish river, or between the last
two rivers to Vancouver.
Those familiar with the route slate
tbat it has many points of superiority over the former route in that it
will traverse proven mining and agricultural districts like the Cariboo
and Lillooet districts. Thc line will
run down the Clearwater, which in
turn empties into thc North
Thompson. From the Clearwater a
low pass will give an easy grade to
the Bonaparte river, which will be
followed south until the line will
swing west across thc Fraser and
into the Lillooet country.
Near Seaton and Anderson lakes
the company will have the choice of
three routes into Vancouver city.
One will be via Pcmberton Meadows
and the Squamish river to the upper
end ot Howe sound and thence along
the coast to North Vancouver and
via a bridge across the Second Narrows. The second route will he
south via Lillooet river and Harrison
lake to the Fraser river and thence
west to Vancouver. The third route,
said to possess equal advantages, is
trom thc Lillooet river south over a
divide and thence into North Vancouver via the head of the North
Arm ot Burrard inlet.
The Grand Trunk Pacific railway
originally proposed to build south
from Fort George, several hundred
miles west of Yellowhead Pass, Later It sought to parallel the Canadian
Northern route, its application Iieing
strongly opposed liy the latter corporation when the matter was dealt
with by the minister of railways. In
view of this opposition and thc fact
that an equally good route wns
available, the Grand Trunk Pacific
seems to have concluded tbnt it
would be better to build through
Southern Cariboo and the Lillooet.
The line will cross the Fraser below
11 is understood that the Dominion
government will make another shipment of live lobsters next spring
from Halifax aud plant them in the
Pacilic coast waters. Three shipments ot these live lobsters have already lieen made in the effort to get
them to live in Pacific waters, which
are considered by experts to he idea!
for the purpose." The latest shipment was made last spring and until
the present with one exception, none
of the lobsters have been caught or
seen after mice sel free on the Pacific
coast, ll is not known whether they
bave lived or not.
The government has not thought ii
advisable to make extensive tesis of
tlie results mi British Columbia coast
uuiil 1011, when about 1,000 traps
Will     lie   placed      where  the  lobsters
wore |nu Into tho sea, and it will
then ho ascertained whether or not
the experiment has been a success.
.1 *
(Form F.)
TAKE NOTICE that I, .lohn G.
Cummings, F.M.C. No. 1124350, acting as agent for J. C, Hooker, F.M.
C. No. Bli-115', and Joseph H. Wright.
Free Miner's Certilicatc No. 11641-1,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to thc Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for thc
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
if thc above claims.
And further take notico that action, under section 37, must be com*
menced liefore the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day ot September
A.D. 1809.
10-UL* J. G. Cummings.
TA K E NOTICE that Francis
Ciirtwright Lawe, of the City of
Kernie, iu the Province ot British
Columbia, Solicitor, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Coiiimencing at a point on the
north boundary of the A. J. Far-
qultarson purchase about twenty-
three (23) chains west of the Elk
River and about twenty (20) chains
north of District Lot 6030, thence
north twenty-nine (29) chains, more
or less, to thc west hank of the
Klk River, thenee down stream thirty-two (32) chains, more or less, to
a point twenty (20) chains north
from the north boundary of said
Lot 8030, Group One (1), Kootenay
District, thence west twenty-three
(23) chains, more or less, to point of
mm mencement.
Dated this 26th day of November,
1909. 4*-9t
Francis C. Lawe.
IN THE MATTER OF AN AMPLICATION for the issue of a Duplicate
Certificate of Title to an undivided
l-3rd of Lot 2377, Group One, Kootenav District.
that it is my intention to issue at
the expiration ot one month after the
lirst publication hereof a duplicate of
the Certificate of Title to the above
mentioned land In the name of
Frank P. Hogan, whioh Certificate
is dated the Mth November, 1901,
and numbered 926A.
T. M. Bowman,
Deputy District Registrar,
il. McLeod,
Land Registry Office,
Nelson, B. C.
42-41 November 19th, 1909.
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION tor the issue of a Duplicate
Certificate ot Title to an undivided
2-3rds of Lot 2377, Group One, Koolcnav District.
that it is mv intention to issue at
the expiration of one month after the
lirst publication hereoi a duplicate of
the Certificate of Title to thc above
mentioned land in the name of
William G. Carlin and Alfred Doyle,
which Certificate is dated the 28th of
August, 1901, and numbered 692A.
T. M. Bowman,
Deputy District Registrar.
H. McLeod.
Land Registry Office,
Nelson, B. C,
12-lt November 19th, 1909.
Low Round Trip Rates to
TieketH on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, Inclusive, good lo   return within three
Tickets issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship   Business   will  be nn sale
from Nov. 21 nnd limited to five months
from date of issue
Finest Equipment. Standard First
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on all Through Trains.
Compartment - Library - Observation
Carson "Imperial Limited" and "Atlantic Express."
3-Through Express Trains Daily-3
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1 Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -      $10,000,000.00
1*T CAPITAL PAID UP     -      - 5,000,000.00
RESERVE*     - 5,000000 00
I). B. WILKIE. President.
Acoouuts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants,
Farmers mnl Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any imrt of
the worlil.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT - Special   attention
given  to Savings  Bank Accounts.     Deposits of $1.00   und
upwards received aud interest allowed from date of deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
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Billheads Envelopes
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Mall Orders Promptly Attended To
H. E. CONNOLLV, Builllli Mssifer
2.00 A YEAI!
DECEMBER 16, 190!)
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
F. J, Deane, Managing Editor.
The good citizens of Nelson arc In
a great stew over the decision of the
C.P.R. to erect the proposed lourisl
hotel, fur Southern Hritish Columbia, at Balfour, opposite Proctor,
instead of within the limits . i the
Queen City. Whilst we can sympnth
i/e with Nefsun's soreness oyeu In
ing the hotel, wc cannot hut Ihlnl
that this unfortunate outcome was
largely due to au attempt tc "bite
off more thau it could chew." Th
Nelson board of trade had verj
properly inaugurated a campaign,
having for Its object thc compelling
of the C.P.H. to complete the construction of thc Crows Nest line im
that city, thereby abolishing the present boat service between Kootcnaj
Landing and Nelson. As this object
was one that could undoubtedly have
been obtained hail the board stood
by their guns, it was not very loi
before prominent C.P.R. officials
hastened to Nelson to interview the
president and other prominent, members, with the result that the hoard
completely reversed its position and
consented to drop the railway extension matter if the C.P.R. would
promise to build a tourist hotel,
either in or near to the city limits.
This promise was readily given iim1
the board dropped negotiations then
pending at Ottawa in connection with
the completion of the Crows Nest
railway. Thc C.P.R. has announced
its intention of building the promised tourist hotel, hut neither within
nor reasonably accessible to Nelson.
Halfour is situated on the opposite
side of Kootenay lake from Procter
and there is no direct communication
between that point and the city.
There would be morn sympathy expressed with Nelson in its present
trouble, if any good reasons could be
advanced, shewing what justification
that city had lo make a deal with
the C.P.R. on the terms speeilied.
Nelson is not the only point in
Southern B. C. concerned in the c mi-
pletion of the Crows Nest railway
As t matter of fact the hoards nf
trade of Kaslo, Rossland or Cranbrook could very properly resurrect
this question and, despite the deal
made with Nelson, insist upon the
C.P.R. carrying out its contract and
completing an all rail route into Net
punish alleged offenders against the,
law, there was no need to resort to
the publication of articles that cannot but injure the fair name of Cianbrook in the minds of the gcueial
public. If the writer he in possession of the knowledge he claims to
have of wrong doing in this cily, and
if be he actuated hy the high
motives we credit him with, his
plain duty was to take upon himsell
i lie responsibility of preferring
charges in the proper quarters. To
any readers of the Searchlight, not
conversant with conditions in Cranhrook, we woulil say, "Pay no more
attention to ils lubricity than you
would lo the similar vaporlnga oi
the Eye Opener aud other journals id
that class." Cianbrook Is a clean.
orderly city. It lias its black spots,
like every otlier community we have
ever known or heard nf, Imt, on the
whole, il is a city in which no man
need he ashamed to live, nor go in
fear for the welfare of his family, if
he exercise ordinary paternal supervision.
The National Liberal Federation in
Loudon has issued a manifesto. This
manifesto concentrates attention entirely nn the constitutional struggle
between the house of lords aud tbe
house of commons. It says: "If the
presenl action of the peers is not repudiated swiftly hy the people, the
rights anil privileges wnn so dearly
hy our forefathers in the great
struggles for freedom are all surrendered." The manifesto declares
the peers power to veto must he ri
lilrictcd sn lhat the last word o
legislation and finance will rest, with
tbe bouse of commons. Otherwise n*
liberal ministry again can assume
the responsibilities of office "In the
light forced upon us," the manifesto
■ontiuiies, "the electors will havo to
lecide whether they wish to govern
themselves or he governed at second
hand by a few hundred hereditary
peers, who have thrown the constitu-
ion into the melting pot, in order tti
shift the burden of the taxation
t ri un weal t h, land and 1 itjnor, to
food and Ihe necessities of life."
Lord Rosehery, in a letter to the
press repudiates the charge made
hy Lord Curzon that he led an army
lo the walls of n fortress and then
abandoned il. Lord Rosehery reiterates that throughout he bus opposed nnd warned against the course
the lords have taken as one calculated unjustly to affect the house of
lords Itseff and enhance what popularity the budget may possess.
Ue want you to thoroughly
read, mark, learn and inwardly
digest this column, taking
particular notice of our favorable juices and then
Compare the  goods
Tbat excellent publication. The
Fruit Magazine, in its latest Issue,
puts forward a suggestion that may
well receive the earnest consideration
of thc fruit growers of this province,
as well as of those of the wlml
Dominion. The Fruit Magazine ai'
vances excellent reasons why a Canadian National Apple Show should lie
inaugurated, and be held annually,
first in one part of the Dominion and
then in another. The suggestion is
made, and very properly, too, we
think, that the first national show-
should he held in Vancouver.
"Thc Fruit Magazine will be glad to
receivo brief communications from
parties interested in all sections nf
thc Dominion who are willing to promote thc welfaro of tbe country
through an undertaking of this kind,
with any suggestions they may have
to offer as to thc best way to proceed in formulating a simple and
comprehensive plan of action in order to secure the hearty co-nperation
of all concerned and thus insure the
fullest measure of success.
"By this means let us try to discover just what the horticultural
possibilities are in the broad acres
stretching from Charlottctown nn
the east to the Queen Charlottes on
the west. But to succeed, we must
begin now because an enterprise of
this kind cannot be perfected in n few
months and if we do it nt all it
must be done well."
Our attention has been directed to
to the last issue of the Cranhrook
Searchlight, a local publication of
the extremist variety, whose utterances, ordinarily, it would be thc
part of wisdom to ignore. But on
this occasion, in view of thc notification contained therein, that it is to
be widely circulated, we feel that
some notice must be taken of what
can only be described as a scurrilous
attack upon our city fathers, calculated to create an entirely false im
, pression ot conditions prevalent in
Cranbrook in the minds of non-resident readers, into whose hands this
sheet might tall. We assume that
the writer ot the editorial notes in
the Searchlight, to which exception
is taken, is actuated hy thc best of
,motives in giving publicity to such
malodorous utterances. But wc
would point out that to remedy the
alleged evils he complains nf, or   to
we   offer  with
anything else
in town
Comparison    is     our     best
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Shaving Brushes
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Says the Creston Review: "There
is a strong feeling at Creston nnd
Krickson, as well as other points,
tbat our member, A. II. Schofleld,
should receive recognition hy being
taken into the li. C. cabinet. Mr.
Sehnfleld has probably a better practical knowledge of the Kootenay district than any other member in the
house. He has had a long residence
in the district and has traveled ove
every foot of the Kootenay district.
Added to this he now has twice
been returned member hy overwhelming majorities, and lastly he is
a man of good husiness ability
Should a Kootenay member he selected for a portfolio in the McBride
government, Creston district feels
that it is not asking too much if it
insists thnt Premier McBride favorably considers Mr. Sebolield's case
for promotion to the executive coun
eil of the province."
Yet another applicant for that vacant portfolio. Truly Promior McUride will have au unpleasant quarter of an hour satisfying the claims
of so many aspirants for cabinet
Reviewing post, election happenings
somewhat unprofitable aud usually
uninteresting, hut, some reference to
the alleged mutual admiration proceedings at the recent local Conservative meeting can hardly he avoided,
We note that some of the speakers
laid special stress upon the clean
methods that had characterized the
Tory campaign. We would suggest
lhat the less said on tbis score the
better. Evidence has accumulated
and is still accumulating that tells
au entirely different story. In fact
the evidence already accumulated
points to the prevalence of practices
in Cranbrook riding that characterized the Tory campaign in Fernie.
More may be heard of these tactics
later on and in the meantime it
would he the part of wisdom for nur
Tory friends tn moderate tlieir trans-
pnrts somewhat.
The Post-Office wicket, both
Money Order and General Dell-
very, will be open till 9 o'clock
Saturday niyht.
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■ lames Thomson nnd Win. Henderson left fnr Olasgow yesterday,
where they will spend the Christmas
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same time.
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We bave the Famous Red
Hnne Stone. Here's the clear
thing for the hubby. It will
keep him frnm worrying vou nt
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Little Jack Wilson, son of Judge
P. E. Wilson, of this city, on Monday evening last at Nelson received
tangible recognition of an act of
bravery performed by bim on 29th
June last, in the shape of a Koyal
Humane Society's certificate, signed
by His Koyal Highness, the Prince
of Wales. Voung Wilson jumped into
Kootenay lake and rescued from
drowning the little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. 11. M. Stewart, of Nelson,
llis brave net was reported to the
authorities of tbe Humane Society
and    iu   due course their certificate
St. John, N. B., Dec. 15.—W. T.
Orenfell, the Labrador missionary,
who spent some hours here yesterday
on his way to Newfoundland
from thc United States, made a
statement relative to the Dr. Cook-
Peary controversy.
"I am very well acquainted with both Commander Peary and
Dr. Cook," he said. "I confess that
at first 1, like many others, believed
that Dr. Cook had reached the pole,
hut I am now, like you and everyone
else, in    view    of the overwhelming j
ation tn the young hero.
Local option bylaws were voted on
in six places in Saskatchewan on
Monday, being defeated in Hanlcy,
Wnlseley and Sjutuluta, and carried
iu Milestone, Moosomin and Indian
Head. 'I'he vote was extremely
close except in the case of Indian
. , , ,    . - ,      . .    evidence of   his duplicity, persuaded
was forwarded fo Nelson for present-    ..      .    „ r      " v
nt.inn   tn   th,.   ,'ni,,,-,  h«rn /otherwise."
Dr. Orenfell said that he wns well
acquainted with those in touch with
Dr. Parker and others who accompanied Dr. Cook in his ascent of
Mount McKiuley, aud who now state j
Cook never reached thc summit us
stated by him, and he was reluctantly compelled to believe thnt Dr.
Cook was wrong there also.
Mr. Orenfell said tbat he had met
both Cook and Peary in Labrador,
the former on two occasions. "Frank
Sayre, my private secretary, acted
as Peary's secretary, accompanying
him from Battle harbor. Mc prepared for the commander much of the
evidence of thc late discovery of the
Asked if he believed that Peary
had reached the pole, Dr. Orenfell
replied: "I havo no doubt whatever
that Peary reached the pole. I
think that Dr. Cook's mind is affected, and I incline to the view that
he himself thoroughly believes that
he Was at thc pole."
Montreal, Dec. 15.—The typhoid
situation continues unabated. The
total cases in the city hospitals now
is 2-23, many having to be turned
away. The Victorian Order of
Nurses are caring for 65 other cases.
A statement was made today that
there were over 500 cases in the
city.    Cold weather Is hoped for.
Miss N. S. Morrison, who tendered her resignation a few days ago,
ns teacher of the Wardner school,
has accepted a position on the
teaching staff of the Kossland public
school and wilt begin her duties there
early in January.
Baddcck, N. S., Dec. 15.-J. A. D.
MacCurdy, of the Canadian Aerodrome    company made a remarkable
Ideal   Presents
For all
Our Large
Xmas Stock
Is Going Fast
Thnt alone speaks for itself that wo
have the right (roods, marked at the
right prices. Bo convinced of these
facia by making a cull at an early
Cranbrook,       -       B. C.
night at daybreak Monday aiorning
at the Bentick [arm, intervale. The
machine took the air easily alter
traveling about 100 yards on the
frozen ground. MacCurdy gradually
ascended until he was about 250 leet
in the air.      He   circled a meadow
lour times at tliis elevation, covering
eight miles in all.
It was pay day yesterday lor local
C. P. R. employes and a goodly
number ol substantial cheques wer*
distributed. THK   CUANBROOK   UKUA1.D
Initial silk handkerchiefs, 50c.—
C. C. S.
F. J. F. Perty is distributing a
handsome calendar for the new year.
Jap oranges at Campbell & Manning's.
The Salvation Army nre having a
Christmas tree on the Uifrd.
J. P. Fink left for Kingsgate tills
afternoon on a business trip.
Patmore Bros, have issued a very
pretty little calendar for  IIIK).
Wm. Carlin, of Kort. Steele, bus
been n visitor in town tbis week.
Mechanical loys of all kinds nl
the 0. C. S.
Your Christmas dinner is sure il
you call at P. Woods A Co.
Mr. Hodgson, of Marysville, was
visiting friends iu the city yesterday.
II. W. Clark Is leaving tonight fm
his old home nt Violet, Ontario.
Sweet cider at Fink's Pure Food
J. A. McVicar, of Nelson, C.P.R.
auditor, has been in town the past
few weeks.
Oeorge Leask, contractor, of this
city, wns iu Kernie last Monday on
Best value in dress suit cases and
valises in the Kootenays at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
SITUATION WANTED by competent bookkeeper. Apply Box 45,
Herald office. U-tl
Heinz apple butler at Campbell &
Arrangements are heing made for
the formation of a Cranbrook Old
Boys club.
The city is giving the high power
Tungsten lamp a trial on Baker
Just arrived—A carload of the
best poultry ever received in Cranbrook.—P. Woods & Co.
Fancy armlets and suspenders.—
C. C S.
Born—To the wife of N. A. Wallinger, of this city, a daughter, Kriday, December 10th, 1000.
Special discounts ou all lines of
clothing from now until Christmns
at A. C. Pye's.
K. A. Small, customs officer ..i
Kingsgate, has left for his old lions
iu Prince Edward Island for the
Christmas holidays.
Olives stuffed Willi mils at Kink'.s
Pure Fooil Orocery,
A. McKen/ie, superintendent ot the
water wurks and better known ns
"Mae," leaves on Friday for coast
(lorgnn/ola and English Stilton
cheese at Fink's Pure Kood Orocery.
Mrs. Noble, who has been ill for
the past four weeks, is again iu her
place with ye old firm of Beattie &
We have just received another
shipment of diamond and pearl set
lockets.—W. II. Wilson, the jeweler.
The Curling club report that prospects for n good curling season are
exceedingly bright. About 35 new
members have been secured. "Hoot
M, A. Macdonald returned from
Nelson on Tuesday, where he attended the opening of the assize
court, over which Mr. Justice Murphy is presiding.
Thc Fink Mercantile Co. are showing a large assortment of bottled
fruits and relishes.
The Electric Light company are
putting a large number of Tungsten
lights in front of various business
places in the eity and the improved
street lighting is the result.
Vi. .\. Vree-.e, of the C.I' R office
staff, accompanied by his brother
Keith, of Vancouver, are leaving
Friday for Si. .lohn, N it , to spend
iheir Christmas holidays.
We have an exceptionally line line
of leather hand bags which make an
acceptable Christmas present.—W. II.
Wilson, the jeweler.
Initial sill; handkerchiefs, -ine -
C   C. S.
Did you ever see sucb a collection
of artistic brass as there is in the
window of Beattie and Atchison?
M is extremely fashionable and ns .i
glfi displays artistic taste.
Halters, 75b. at the i'ranhrook
Trading Co.
McCallum's cutlery window is certainly nn exhibition of the art of
window dressing and without doubt
is the hest display of its kind ever
seen   in  the eity.
Fine leather chairs.—C, ('. s.
Mrs. T. Gaftney, the Herald's
Wardner correspondent, has been indisposed for several weeks past, bin
is now convalescent and will resume
her weekly news letter commencing
with next issue.
Xmas without visiting Fink's Pure
Food Orocery would not seem like
Nmas at. all.
V. Hyde Baker left on Tuesday foi'
Portland, Ore., where he will meet
Mrs. Baker nnd llie children on their
way home from California. Mr. and
Mrs. Baker expect to he hack in
Cranhrook   the  early   part of    next
Aid      Price 50c.
Hubbard   squash
W.    IJ    McKatlau
any other member
at   Campbell &
in Cranbrook that- i>
[dear to the hearts of all the children
iis the toy window at Heattie anl
! Atchison's. Miss Kldson is to be
congratulated on the excelled taste
shown iti dressing the window.
Cranbrook     Farmers'        Institute
meets on Saturday nighl ;tt   the gov-
j ernracul building, when Dr. .1. W.
Uoutledge will read a paper nn live
s;ock hnediim.     This should prove a
very interesting
hoped thai th.
will bt
nl   it
See C   C. S   window.
WANTED-Qood   general
Ties    in   great   variety at A.   C.
Tbe cook hooks published hy     the
Ladies Aid of the Methodist, ehureh,
re now for sale and can be secured
Woods and Co. have Imported
one of ibe finest heavy draught,
thoroughbred stallions, ever brought
into Kast Kootenay. A yearling, he
stands 15J hands high and weighs
1300 pounds. lie. is a I'ercherou
and has heen imported for breeding
j purposes. Messrs. P. Woods & Co.
believe firmly that nothing is too
good for Cranbrook.
Halters, 75c. at the i'ranhrook
Trading Co.
Save the worry of making your
plum pudding. Fink's have Harry
Webb's in all sizes.
A. K. M. Pinkham, manager of the
local branch of the Imperial bank,
has sufficiently recovered from his
I recent indisposition to permit of his
j removal from the St. Eugene hospital to his hnme. Mr. Pinkham will
likely be about again in a few davs,
when he will leave for a short irlp
to Calgary to recuperate.
For holiday   goods see the special
assortment at the Cranbruok Drug
and  Book  Co.
The big swan in Heattie ^ Atchison's window has attracted much
attention tbis week. It was kindly
loaned them hy Mr. E. II. Small.
The big bird was captured on the
lower Columbia lake, ninety miles
north of here.
Fine leather chairs.—C. C. S.
Rocky Mountain Chapter, No. 125,
H.A.M., at its regular meeting last
Tuesday evening elected officers for
the ensuing year, as follows: 1st
principal, M. A. Beale; 2nd principal,
A. Shankland; 3rd principal, A, .McCowan; p, S., R. Burns; secretary,
H. H. Short; treasurer, D. J. Mc-
Swaln; S. N\, K. B. Miles.
Just arrived—A full assortment of
Curr &. Co.'s Old Country biscuits
at  .1. Manning's, the Cash Orocer.
Hay in carload lots at laid down
price.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
E. Miller, C. p. It. locomotive
engineer, of this eity, met with a
very painful accident last night. He
was coming in on his engine from
the east when by some mishap the
lubricator glass burst and a flying
fragment of glass struck him just
below the left eye. Immediately
upon arrival in town Mr. Miller received medical attention. He is doing well and will not be disabled
from work for long.
FOK SALE—Seven head of liorses
weighing from 000 to MOO pounds.
Apply to Dr. If. E. Hall. tl-tf
Xmas fruit cake at Fink's Pure
Food Orocery.
Santa Claus is coming to Cranbrook on iho noon train from the
east on Monday. Meet him. lie
has presents for you and will he on
Baker street every afternoon till
Christmas Eve.
Fancy armlets and suspenders —
C. C. S.
of Christmas  Goods
we have ever shown.
If you are undecided as to what sort of present to give, all you have to
do is to walk through our store.   Your decision will be made easy as
our show cases, counters, tables, etc., are crammed with dainty, useful,
and rich gifts.—Moderately Priced.
PAST, a magnificent rang,* ol
a.V., 56o.,   85c,   and $1.50 per hall
2(lc, 36c, 36o., 45c, r,lic, 00c, and
8je. each.
"Look like Silk."   15c. each or 860.
half dozen
Silk lint'ii.    $1.75 n pair
at $1.50 a pair
with lur top.   $1.50 pali
at $3.50 pnir
al 75c. and 86c. pair
wiib fringe.    $2.50 a pair
Our great warm reach-to-the-feet
Robes arc made to repel the chills
of the bathroom and bedroom. Give
your hubby one of them for a
.Xmas present.
Prices $1.75, $7.SO, $10.50 and $15.00
Kh-gnnt but moderately priced
SOo. mul 160.
30e. to 50c.
.'Wc. to $1.25
!l5c. and $1.-15 each
At 75c. each
115c. to 75c. each
Irom 85c. to $1.05 each
Tbrre arc so many Rood styles and
shapes In Mufflers these days that
it is hard to sL-lect any particular
style as the best, so we keep all
euod Muflh-rs.
Prices $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and
If you nre still undecided ns to
just what to buy him for Christinas,
let us suggest to you a box of our
Fancy Braces; all nicely done up
ready to post to him.
Prlcos   75c,    $1.00, $1.25,    $1.50 to
$3.00 a pair
We sell the best Men's Gloves the
world produces. Perrins and Gali-
bert's Gloves are the makes that can
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Prices for those lined with wool   or
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Prices for those lined with fur, $2.75
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The colorings arc neat, the patterns
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of your Xmas gifts.
Prices 50c., 75c, $1.00 and $125
We have an exclusive and elegant
range of Silk Handkerchiefs. Fancy
colored bordered designs that will
charm you. Also plain white silk
with initials. Again a nice greeting
Handkerchief.from your city.
The prices arc moderate for such
splendid goods—75c. and  $1.00 each.
The Tobacconist
The Smoker who wants
or anything in
always goes to
Cigar Store
Wholesale and  Retail
Form No. l.«600
    OBIGINATCO   BY   US   	
Reeeiver'rj No. Time Filed
North role, Dec:  9, 1909.
To J. D. McBride,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Will be in your window with my
Air Ship this week.
(9.25 a.m.)
The Popular Store, Cranbrook, B.C.
Custom lias emphatically decreed thai Christmas
should be a tim i of universal gift giving. Realizing this
fact and tlie over increasing tendancy on the part of old
and young alike to signalize the observance of tliis
popular festival by the interchange of gifts, we are show-
ing nn almost endless variety of dainty and artistic
articles which will make very useful and acceptable gifts.
Come in and have a look.
Iielow we give a few suggestions—
A watch, chain, charm, gold cull-links, stick pins, fountain
pi-ns, brass smoking sets, Gillette's safety razors, Hull's
detachable handle umbrellas, silver military brushes iu
sterling silver and silver plate, silver toilet and manicure
sets, electric, fixtures, leather hand bags and purses,
leather collar bags, cul glass and a complete line of sterling silver and silver plate flatware.
W. H.
4*..;-ii?».- THE   CUANBOOK   HEUALD
East Kootenay Bottling Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Carbonated Beverages.
Next Year's Great Pan-Britannic Pageant at the
Crystal Palace
There are others, but!!
-•■ I'. O. BOX SOI
!   Tlie great   Festival ol Empire, to
' In* lielil at tin- Crystal Palace    trom
wh>  not havo it.
k except Sundays
E. H. SMALL, Prop.
Every day   in  the Wl
If you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary attain.
11.  I.
| Canadian Hotel
{g One of the pioneer hotels of Cran-
gj brook.   Warm rooms, good meals
_ and a bar stocked with the best
|Joseph Brault,  Proprietor!
* *
New Manugenient Improved in Every Way     ♦
RuHthal f
It. c.
IUST. ASIIEUS. I'lllll'ltlliTllKS
Our Motto : " The liest ie, None Ton Good."
4 A************************
I Manitoba Hotel I
*    -     »
4 *
et      —!    *
*t%     The Manitoba in centrally Incaml and haa one of the best dlnlugrooins      w
dt     in the eity.   The bar if. supplied with the bent of Liquors and Cigars      Jf
* *
Headquarters for
The report of the special committee
appointed by Mr. llorilen nt the request of the Conservative caucus for
the purpose of taking into consideration matters connected with the approaching convention of the party
was presented as follows:
That a committee ot 50 of whom
not more than twenty shall he members of parliament to be known as
the committee on parliamentary arrangements for the Dominion convention of the Liberal-Conservative
partv be apointed bv our leader.
That said committee be called together at Ottawa for their first
meeting on some dav in the month of
Januarv. 1910, to decide on the wav
of getting thc party throughout the
Dominion to join heartily in the convention to arrange a .svstem of obtaining of delegates for the convention,
That while it is the opinion of
this committee that the Dominion
convention should he held in the citv
of Winnipeg, two or three days previous to the Winnipeg exhibition,
which will he held earlv In Jul* the
limil decision as to placing and holding it should tie left until thc first
meeting of the   committoe on parlia
mentary arrangements and thut in
tho meantime our leader he nsked to
communicate with the Conservative
provincial prime ministers with Conservative leaders of the opposition,
in the provinces which have a Liberal government anil also with tlu
Provincial Conservative Association
executives in these provinces where
such exist and request their opinion
ns to the time and place for hold ina
the convention, in order lliul theii
views may he laid before the committee on parliamentary arrangements at its mcetiiiir in Jniiunre,
Your committee further recommends that each member of tiarlln-
mint and defeated Conservative candidate be reel ues led to consult the
executive of the association for lllf
electoral division with the ob-ect ol
hbtninin" their views ami that whips
of the respective provinces he requested to transmit Immediately to'
each defeated Conservative candidate
a conv of this recommendation when
concurred in he caucus and invite expression of their views and opinions
of said executive Ihnrenn, The above
report was unanimously concurred in
and adopled,
The peculiar properties of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy havo hoen
thoroughly tested during epldotftlca of
inlluenzn, and when it wns taken in
time wc have riot heard of n single
case of pneumonia. Sold hv nil
druggists and dealers.
i May to .luly next, in whieh the interest of the whole world has been
I aroused hy the preliminary letter
j from the Earl of Plymouth, promises
to he one of the most noteworthy,
gatherings in the history of the
empire, says the Standard of Empire. Although lhe preliminary announcement was mado only a week
ago, tbe project has met with enthusiastic approval from all quarters, and its success has been assured from the outset.
It is the call of the Old Country
to thoso of the family who went out
years ago to turn the backwoods into pasture and the unknown into
empire; and at the Crystal Palace,
set high on the summit of Sydenham
liilt, with the undulating Surrey
hills beyond, the family Party will
hold ils festival. It is to be a
gathering that should have a political significance. It will not be a
flaunting of .strength in arms; hut the
sign aud token of a brotherhood that
time can never impair.
The Earl of Plymouth, ns chairman of the council, has already .given an outline of the festival: "It
will be the occasion," wrote his
lordship, "of a social gathering in
England of our fellow-subjects of
llu: liritisb Empire from the different
Dominions across the sens; and it is
hoped that the result will be far-
reaching in its efiect and of real
value in increasing our mutual understanding aud goodwill, ami thus
iu more firmly welding the bonds of
The scheme is a colossal one, hut,
were it of even greater magnitude,
the gentlemen who have placed themselves nt the head of it would he
capable of carrying it through to a
successful issue. Already upwards
uf £50,000 is guaranteed to meet the
The manner in which the Dominions
themselves have taken up the project
so encouraging that one cannot he
i optimistic aliout the result. From
every part of the empire have como
expressions of goodwill and loyally.
Organization oversea is thus represent wl:
Newfoundland—The Governor and
Lady Williams.
Canada.—The Governor-General and
the Countess Orey.
Australia—The Governor-General
aud the Countess Dudley.
New Zealand.—The Governor and
the Lady Plunket.
South Africa.—The High Commissioner and the Countess of Sel-
India.—The Viceroy and the C'uit.-
tess Mlnto.
lu these Dominions the work of
preparation Is being conducted with
boundless enthusiasm. The committee
iu each has been asked to invite two
hundred representatives of the particular Dominion to attend the festival, the selection being left entirely
to the loeal committee. The contingents will take part in the final
scenes of a beautiful pageant, which
is being arranged hy Mr. Frank
Lascellcs, which is intended to unfold to the assembled guests the
story of Old London, "The Heart of
the Empire." Mr. Lascellcs produced the Quebec Pageant last year,
ami that ceremony will live in the
memory of every one who witnessed
it. There was a poem in every scene,
ami in every scene, a power for good
that Canada will never forget.
"Years cannot efface the memory
of it," one visitor wrote, "Time
turned back, and l-hiebcc saw herself
as she was centuries ago. The present gave way to the romantic past
a.s a vast concourse of spectators beheld historic scenes wliich portrayed
greal, events in the lives of ihe Old
World and the New. Ten thousand
of us saw ou the Plains of Abraham,
where one of the most decisive
battles of the world was fought, the
arrival of Jacques Cart ier and his
planting of the Cross of Christ on
the banks of the St. Lawrence. In
the foreground they saw the primitive savages around their tepees, and
then in the distance, riding slowly,
gracefully, on the broad bosom of
the river, they saw the white sails
of Cartier's 100-ton vessel. And
what splendid, natural actors were
tht; Iroquois Indians, who played the
parts of tlieir ancestors. Amazement was depicted in their every
attitude as they watched the cross
homo up the river hank uml planted
in their midst."
The quotation may serve to illustrate Mr. Lascellcs1 intentions wilh
regard to tbe Crystal Palace pageant, of course, London offers unlimited scope to the master of such
a ceremony, and scenes from its very
earliest days are to be produced
with careful attention lo historical
accuracy. There will he twenty-
two scenes, and nn fewer than 15,000
performers are to be engaged in presenting the pageanl, which will he
in three parts. The contingents frnm
oversea will find n place in those
scenes, wliieli will be sympolical of
tho gathering of the children round
the mother.
The grounds of 1he Crystal Palace
comprise '*h\e acres, but the pageant
will be confined to the forty or fifty
acres known as the Rhododendron
Oarden. This is ou the left of the
lace facade, and commands a glor-
is view of th,- Surrey hills. The
grand stand, which is being erected,
will accommodate 20,000 persons.
The Palace 11 self will he given over
to a series ui exhibitions representing eaeh country. These will he arranged in ihe wnj .f illustrated histories, as a weie, of each of the
oversea Uoimn.uus, portraits of thc
great empire builders, founders ol
the colonies, and leading statesmen
connected with iheir development,
and the great men whose names are
revered in each of them. Pictures of
the leading cities of the empire mul
their chief buildings will also he
found duly arranged, together with a
mass of vitally interesting informant concerning the empire at large
Iu the great hall an empire concert will be held on the opening day,
May 2-1, iu wliich singers and instrumentalists from the distant parts of
the empire will take part, and concerts will be held frequently at
which performers from the different
Oversea Dominions will he specially
Lectures on empire, and on thc
different nations under the British
crown will he given frequently, with
free admission, by statesmen and by
well-known historians throughout
the progress of the festival, which
should prove of great patriotic aud
educational value. The University of
London, which already has arranged
a series of lectures throughout
(Irealer London fur the ensuing winter months, on the general lines of
the festival and its historical aspect
iu particular, will, under the general
council, be in charge'of these lectures, thc chairman of which is Lord
Loan collections of portraits of
great men connected with the growth
of the empire, of paintings, engravings, aud the like, connected with
different countries, prints and engravings of Old England and Old
Loudon, collections of old costumes
anil armour, will be arranged in conjunction with the council by a committee, with the advice of the Viscount Dillon, F.S.A.
Already negotiations are proceeding
which will result, it is hoped, in
narrowing the seas which lie between the Dominion and the Motherland. Every year thousands of Bri-
visit this country from Australia, India, Canada, and South
Africa. They will have further incentive next summer; and the council
is striving to make it possible for
slender purses to meet the necessary
expense. Every member of the family must fetd that he is included in
the general invitation to "Come
Home." Should the negotiations
with railway and steamship authorities be successful—and there is no
reason to fear the reverse—the cost
of traveling to the Mother Country
will be reduced to a minimum. It
is Imped that within a week or two
special announcements in this direction will he made. Cablegrams will
be despatched to thc respective
Dominions, so that preparations for
the visit can be made well in advance of the opening day of the festival.
After many delays thu report of the
consulting engineer to the Commonwealth government of the proposed
transcontinental railway (Mr. H.
Deane), linking up the eastern states
with the west, has been laid on the
table ot the house of representatives.
Tbe report shows the linu would open
up a vast area of liue pastoral country. By providing a means of transport it would shorten by several days
thc time occupied by mails between
Eastern Australia and the Mother
country, and, at the same time,
strengthen the defence of tbu western
state by making available the military forees of the mote densely
populated states in case of need.
The transcontinental Hue would link
up Port Augusta, in South Australia,
with Kalgoorlie, which is railhead iu
Western Australia. It would thus
complete the girdle of steel round
Australia though all lhe mainland
capitals from Perth to Brisbane. The
length of tbis link would be 10118
miles. A gauge of i ft. n\ in. has
been assumed, and a ruling gauge of
1 in tilt ami minimum eurvulive of 20
chains radius adopted. Tbe water
supply, tbe report stales, is the most
ilillicull* question. Large areas are
subject to periodical drought, mul
suitable underground water is rarely
obtainable. Water must be conserved in covered reservoirs ou account
of the climatic conditions. The rolling stock is estimated ou a service
of one passenger train per day eaeh
way and one goods train each way
on every second day. Earthworks
ure, for tbe most part, light, aud
culvert and bridge requirements ar
small. The route will tap 25,600
000 acres of pastoral country, capable of carrying, at 20 acres per
sheep, 1,250,000 sheep
From the Kalgoorlie Junction for
120 miles the country carries good
native grasses, saltbush, and cotton
bushes. It has an immense belt of
gum and gimlet wood, suitable for
fuel. From 120 miles to 100 miles
it is poor, sandy soil, covered with
spinifex and mallee. From 100 miles
to the South Australian border it is
Milestone formation, well grassed,
and with an abundance of salt and
cotton bush, timbered with small
belts of myall ami myoporum. Lack
of water is tbe drawback. From the
border to Coldea (170 miles) thc
route traverses an open saltbush und
bluehush plain, wilh a limestone surface; good pastoral country if it
had water.
From Coldea to Wynbring (10R
miles) inferior sandhill country; from
Wynbring to the Wilgcna boundary
(S3 miles) fair pastoral country.
From Tarcoola to Port Augusta
(2«2 miles) the line runs through occupied pastoral country.
The estimate of the cost is set out
as follows: Clearing, i) 15,000; fencing, £7000; earthworks, £355,000;
bridges and culverts, i'tiS.OOO; rails
and fastenings, £100,500; sleepers and
ballast, £1,010,000; platelay-
ing, £117,000; water supply, £609,000; station
yards (including telegraph equipment, terminal accommodation at
both ends, and workshops and machinery). £335,000; maintenance for
12 months, £03,000; rolling stock,
£201,000; land purchase, £5000; engineering and supervision, £100,000;
total, t3.OKH.oim. This estimate
throughout is based ou thc understanding that the best modern
methods and meehinical appliances
are to he used iu carrying out all
parts of the work.
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favoruhte terms.
Plans are now under wav for the
new Methodist. *100,000 theological
college which is to be erected on the
university site, Strathcona, iu connection with Alberta college. The
construction of the college will commence in the spring with the object
of having tbe building completed in
time for the opening of the fall term
next year.
A site of seven acres has been
granted hy the senate of the university for a Methodist theological college from the 250 acres included in
the university site. Thc new college will have a residential accommodation for about 80 students and
upon receipt of price. Nothing "just
will have five or six large rooms in
which the faculty will carry on their
(From the Moyie Leader.)
There is good sleighing on the
streets of Moyie.
The hell for the fire hall has arrived, and will soon he placed in the
tower. The bell is a contribution
by Chas. Stagg.
Friday last was payday at the St.
Eugene, and $31,000 was thc amount
disbursed, Business in all lines was
good and the holiday trade was
\\. II. Swan, formerly of thc
branch of the Imperial Bank at Arrowhead, is now in charge of thc
Moyie branch. C. W. Hemic has re
turned to Golden, where he was stationed prior to coming to Moyie.
Ice has formed on the lower part
of Moyie lake, ami most of the hays
are frozen over. For severs! days
Ihere was good skating in the large
hay norlh of town. East year the
lake froze over on the night of December 20th.
If you are hungry the Palace restaurant will satisfy you with the
very best that money can buy.
Mrs. B. Bent
Francis E. Corrison
linn.linitBtor Oranbrook City IIiiikI.
rliiiii'iiiii*.',.!' Klin*-. I'i*i*nl',vti*i*iiin Oil.
I.m,. IIM. Ilir. Miljinlv'K III,llll Wvl-ali
Teacher of
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
PHONE 2511   -  ORANBROOK, B, C.
U-****oi,h in Musical Theory
CRANBKOOK, -        B. C.
Miss Mabel Wellman
Pianist and Teacher
I'lTlilil'llti-ll  |,ll|,il III
(liilin-lllu M.ill.i ol Whitllpeit
Miss Helena Harrison
i ,.i*iiiii*,i KtmlMit
Toronto OotiH--rrntoi',v of M ii-Iii
Phone Hill {'.P. llm 127
Miss Gertrude Jones
•■inl ntti'iitiiiit given tn lieglnnerii
Box -I
Physicians and Surgeons.
OSica at Resilient-., Armstrong An
Forenoons 9.00 to 111.00
Afternoons - - - 3.00 to -1.00
Evening! ■ ■ ■ ■ 7.30 to 8.30
Sundays . ■ ■ ■ 2.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :i    :s    II    il    B, C
• to 12 i.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
OIBoe Is new Reid Block
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. C
VICTORIA  11.  ('.  LEADS.
Tin- Fillh Regiment C'nnuflian Garrison Artilli-rv nt Victoria has lieen
iiilviseil that its three companies
linvi- taken lirst. second nnd third
places in llu* competition with all
Canadian artillery regiments.
Nn. 2 company wlnnlne the imvcr-
nnr-gencrnl's shield Inr r/encrnl elli-
eli-nev. lt was held last vear liv a
llalifav company,
Car nl Chrislmas chairs just arrived at 0, C, S,
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be lioincsteaded by
any person who is the sole head ol a
lamily, or any male over 18 years of
age, to tho extent ot one-quarter section ot 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally nt
the local land ollice lor the -district
In which the land Is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made on
cettaln conditions by the lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister ol an Intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one ol the lollowlng plans:
(1) At least six months' resilience
upon and cultivation ol the land in
each year for three years,
(2). K the lather (or mother,
II the lather is deceased), of the
homesteader resides upon a (arm in
the vicinity ol the land entered tor,
the requirements as to residenco may
be satisfied hy such person residing
with the lather or mother.
(3). II the settler has his permanent residence upon {arming land
owned by him In the vicinity ol his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satislied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should be given to tho Commissioner
ol Dominion Lands at Ottawa ot Intention to apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may be
teased for a period ol twenty-one
years at an annual rental ot Sl per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall be leased to nne individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ol
live cents por ton shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined,
Deputy ot the Minister ot the Interior, za-aet
Cranbrook anil Fort Steele
< I' 11. But 218
Tul. No. HII
Cranbrook, B.C.
B.  C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
F. O. Swnnnell, I). L. S„
A. I. Robertson, B. U. I.
il G. L. H.
You judge n pair of shoes
somewhat by tlie way they
look perhaps you juiIro them
more by the way they feel, but
rest assured that if they do not
feel 'comfortable, thc chances
are ten to one that they will
not look well. You cannot be
at peace with a shoe unless it
feels comfortable, and no shoe
can be comfortable unless it
fits. If it fails to fit it will
soon lose shape, for you cannot be comfortable in a vice—
the foot or the shoe must yield.
Now Ames-Holden Royal
Purple shoes for women embody just these features-
perfect fit, perfect style, and
with it the maximum measure
of full comfort, and that is
why so many women ask for
Enquiries are daily being made at
tin- Herald for rooms, suitable lor
light housekeeping. Parties having
same to rent would do well to make
use ol these columns.
TAKE NOTICE that Harriet Cummings, ol the City of Fernie, In the
Province ol British Columbia, Widow,
intends to apply lor permission to
purchase tho following described
Coiiimencing at a post planted
twentv (20) chains west ol tho
northwest corner ol Lot 6030, Group
One (1), Kootenay District, thenoe
west twenty (20) chains, tfcence
north thirty (.'10) chains, thence eaat
thirty (30) chains, thence south ten
(10) chains, thence west ten (10)
chains, thoncc south twenty (20)
cliains, to point ol commencement,
and containing seventy (70) acres,
moro or less.
Harriet Cummings,
By her   agent,   Alfred   Cummings.
Data! this 3rd day ot November,
A.D. 1609. 83-tt
W. R. Beatty, Funeral Director
Cranbrook B. C. Phone No. n
Dominion anil Britisli Columbia
P. O. Drawer 7113 VICTORIA. B.C
Graduate ol Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, in 1808.
Graduate and Medallist ol
MeKillip's Veterinary College,
Chicago. In 1000.
Nine years' experience In
Veterinary practice in Manitoba.
Ollice at Craakrook Haiti.
Life and Firu IitBurnnee - Kcal folate
Ollice—Up htuirs over BuriiB' Dry
Good I Storo
Come in nml let mo quote you rates
Large nml commodious Warehouse, willi large collar, nlso
stable for four horses.
Cotiviiiiiiily situated,
Beale & Elwell
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Repairing a Hpeoinlty
AikiuiB lilock, Criinbrnok'
Opposite C.l'.lt. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     GET    A
If you   want   satisfaction   witb
your washing; Uni
It to
Special prices (or family work. THE   CRAKHUOOK   HERALD
C      „ ~V~ :j;vW" a** tf
MM m.
- /V* '"'"■■■"■ ■"■'^■■■:i:h'
(?■/"'■■" ■■■•' *'f1:*'*CTfe
I't.ljjf,.',*   **,'  ,*';*■• -fV.li-'..;. *f.,*-
:„■";' '':"':.aHE
IS  $60.00 TO  $150.00 WORTH  SAVING
MIM^——"*MMM*^      IF     SO
that will be run by the
Mason & Risch Piano Company
Commencing Monday, December 20th at 9 a.m., for three days only.
We have just received a full carload of Canada's Finest Pianos at Cranbrook and we have opened them up for display in No. 5 Sample
Room, Cranbrook Hotel. All these instruments are either our own celebrated make-The Mason & Rtsch-or standard high-class pianos
made for our exclusive sale and distribution. For three days we are going to give the citizens of Cranbrook and vicinity The Piano
Opportunity of a Lifetime. We are going to give discounts that actually count-are going to save our purchasers from $60.00
to $150.00 on every piano sold. Prepare to be one of the early buyers and get the pick of the bargains. Every instrument sold during sale
backed by our unlimited guarantee. Every resident in Canada is familiar with the name of Mason & Risch, and they are familiar with the
genuineness of any article offered by this old reliable firm.
On Monday, December 20th, at nine a.m. sharp, we will inaugurate this great sale-there will be but three days of these sacrifice prices
sale closes at 10 p.m., Wednesday, December 22.
Don't wait until the last minute~BUY EARLY.     We will arrange payments to your convenience,
and make delivery when you desire.       You are fortunate if you need a piano now.
N.B,—Enquiries will be promptly attended to if addressed to The Mason & Risch Piano Company, Cranbrook Hotel.
********************** ********************** *********
Journal.} 11
v and Good- j
oppronoli «.f i \
("Kii" in lhc Horn.
When Mif Angel ot iv
Mill descends, nl Ui
Chrislmas, lo warm thla nlil world!
with his licavonlj cheer nnd comfort,
it may In- thai tlio klndl) spirit ol
('limit's Diokons accompanies him.
Why else should thoughts ot Dickens,
of what ht' Ims iiniii' tor the human
family, crowd upon the soul unit
bless uml lighten it ns Uio generous
Penal approaches? Nn sooner do wc
sec tin* shop taking nn a Chrislmas
look, see the hanks ol greenery, and
tin' windows Inn sling wilh gat
wares of nil kinds, than wo begin to
think—of all tilings—of old Scrooge
and Itoh Crntchtt. The great, cver-
rccnrrlng wonder ot Christmas tails
ahout us. It comes warm and benign in tho dark ol the year, in the
vory heart ot winter, and imimtlinl
ly thc world grows young. Thc oldest, most dour and crabbed among
us grows most kindly. Christmas
lubricates tho creaking springs, oils
the catch ot the purse so that it
opens easily, and sends one fairy ray
ot tbe sunlight, of generous youth
into the most withered heart.
Notable as Christmns has alwnv?
heen, as a time in wbieb to feast and
rejoice, it remained fur the great
master of English fiction to bring
tho real, thc joyous meaning nt
Christ's birthtimo close to the
heart. To Dickens we owe the
spirit of Christmas. How full, indeed, grows the heart, and bow
lightsome, at the yearly remembrance of the Chrislmas fellowship,
the brotherly help of one human lio
Ing to thc other. Wo begin to
think u little of the wants of our
poorer neighbors. Thc world
abounds in frosty-nosed Hob ('rat-
chits and hungry lillle Cratch its
with   yearnings In   their hollow iu-
i't* goose and stuffing. There
iy Tuns ovorywhore—a prodlg-
unihcr—and, (Iod bless my
soul' we never seem to see them until Christmas is close upon us, and
ilie butcher round the corner is almost sold out. There are many
lean wives of lean tailors to whom
in every sense Christmas and plenty
ol food eiune only onee a year indeed. Ami thero are those i
whom, unless we seek ihem out, it
Will nol enme at/all.
What a uroup or Chrlstmases
Dickens has act ringing for all time
on merry Christmas chimes! What.
of old Fozzlwlg who called as early
as seven o'clock on Christmas eve
for lhc clerks to put the shutters
up and clear awaj and let the fiddlers in? And what of Mrs. Fczzi-
wig who came in accompanied by
tho three Miss Fezziwigs all smiling
together? What of the young men
nnil women employed in the husiness
ami tbe housemaid with her cousin
the baker, and the cook with ber
brother's particular friend the n
man! Odds bndikitis! clear the floor
for a dance and foot It twenty
couple ut once. And what of the
bright faces und merry hearts and
honest gratitude of all these Christmas folks down even to thc fiddlers,
and what of Old Scrooge a hoy
again, the wizened heart of the mean
years opening generously to the genial spirit of Christmas and to the
winking of old Fezziwig's calves In
thn cut and slui (Tie!
Hut all that was thc Spirit <
Christmas past. Recall it, O
friend, and let Its green memory
warm thy heart ere like old
Scrooge, thou hecom'st so hardened
aud sour in the world's ways thai
every spark of generosity and hope
nnd friendliness be qiiriirhed In thy
breast forever.
j   Christmas Present is yet our own.
Big, stalwart,    rosy,    crowned with
holly and mistletoe, surrounded     by
j all    the   homely   cheer    of turkeys,
[ geese,    game,    brawn,     mince pies,
I plum   puddings,    red-hot   chestnuts,
I cherry-cheeked   apples   and  Immense
j twelfth   cukflP,    which   we associate
j with the goodliest   feast of all    the
year, Chrislmas Present is with   u<
onco again, ours to make happier for
somebody, ours to make cheery   for
the downcast and the poor, and     iu
doing so—for   ourselves—never     fear
hut for ourselves,    We may not   j
know u Hob Cratchlt to whose little
famished family we may bring
and   merriment,   but there arc many
of a like kind close nt hand it wc but
look to find them.
Out upon the desert moor the
Spirit of Christmas led Old Scrooge
and into the miner's hut where,
humble as the place was, a cheerful
company had assembled round the
glowing fire. Thence to sea nrtd to
where iu a lonely lighthouse the two
ijieit who        bad watched
lbe light had        made
them a bonfire in honor of thc great
feast, and sat^-hearty fellows!—and
joined hands over the rough table
and wished each other a Merry
Christmas! and a fig for the wind
and thc sea raging outside there!
Even   on   lonely ships riding   the
black    sen the    Spirit of Christmas
came, and coming, blessed and comforted.    Kor every man among them
from captain to galley hoy felt   the
Christmas   feeling   and   hummed   u
Christmas   tunc,     and    thought   a
kindlier   thought.      Everywhere,   in
the dark   prison as well as the tur-
| reted castle,   in   thc woodman's hut
land tbe lord's banquetting bail    the
[ Spirit   of   Christmas   rested   for   a
| little,   and,   resting,   made   all the
world happier.
Hut what were they doing down at
Wardle's where the Fat Hoy in a
very burst of "geiicrousness" was
exuding gravy from his very joints!
Mr. Pickwick js here all smiles nnd
loose shillings in capacious waistcoat
pockets. And here, too, are Messrs.
Snodgrass, Winkle and Tupman, and
Sam Weller without whom, wc feel
assured, tliere would never have been
any Christmas at all! And here is
Mr. Wardle in a snuff-colored waist-
coast and drab shorts waiting with
thc Fat Hoy, ready lo receive the
cold but hearty Christmas guests.
"Aha!" said Mr. Pickwick.
"Aha!" said the Fat Hoy.
All of which meant a very merry
Christmas indeed nntl no end of game
pies and weal-and-'ammers. How
crisp and frosty the grass as the
friends stepped out together while
Mr. Weller and tbe Fat Hoy cronied
behind! How fine and dry and bracing thc air! I low well everybody
looked, and with what a distinguished air and stately tread Mr. Pickwick stepped up to the young ladies
and chastely saluted them!
And what au evening tbat Christ-
mus Eve was when all tbe servants
came in in bran new uniforms and
ran about the house in all the excitement of a Christmas wedding!
How rosily tearful the bride, bow
sympathetic the bridesmaids, bow-
watchful Mr. Pickwick in order thai
he might be the first to salute the
And then there was tbe Christmas
ball! Old Fezziwig's legs were
feeble as compared with those of
Mr. Pickwick without tbe gaiters.
Speckled silk stockings be put nu for
the occasion, and merrily he footed il
with the old lady wbo had already
made four false starts in her eagerness to step it with Ihe youngest.
Aud what things went on under the
mistletoe! Gallant Mr. Pickwick
saluting tbe old lady, and Sam Weller doing tbe same lo a young one,
Everybody kissing somebody, and
the poor relations kissing everybody.
And all the while the snow was
tailing outside, and the wind!    What
pranks it cut up, drifting the snow
across the fields in a thick white
cloud all of which reminded the old
lady of the Christmas Eve—just such
another night—when the goblins carried away old Gabriel Grub. Whereat
tbey all drew up their chairs to listen to the tale of Gabriel Grub the
sexton who was engaged in the unholy and un-Christmaslike work of
digging a grave on Christmas Eve.
Little wonder thc goblins got him,
and when the Fat Boy snickered his
unbelief in the corner, as no doubt
he did, being a gross aud material
youth without any taste for poetry
or art, smaller wonder again that
Mr. Pickwick reproved him, for, as
the old lady said with great emphasis:
"Gabriel Grub was carried away
by goblins and uo nonsense about il
To which Sam Weller—we feel sure
—added a deep umen.
Hut was tliere ever such a lonely
inn to spend a Christmas Eve in as
the Holly Tree Inn? Holly Tree, indeed, with never a red berry in it
from cellar to gable, and but rats
and mice and draughts and spindle-
legged furniture and four-post beds
aud dismal noises to make merry on.
If you stood up to look at yourself
in the glass you were all wavy and
distorted and cut oft at the eyebrow; if you sat in the deep armchair you were roasted by thc fire
while your hack was freezing; if you
stood up to warm your shoulders a
gloomy wall of darkness confronted
you in which ghosts and goblins
rambled and danced grotesquely; If
you looked round thc screen after you
were in bed, the wind rushed at you
like a mad bull. Christmas indeed!
A pretty Christmas tbis, snowed up
in a dismal Inn with a gloomy waiter
nnd a low-spirited landlady—but even
here the friendly spirit of tbe Feast,
dropped in, stirred up the fire, slapped ynu on tbo shoulder nntl set to
telling you stories of Inns you had
known and forgotten, till you woke
of n sudden to find that it was
freezing bard aud the lowering    sky
betokened snow, and up in London,
the Wails, red-rosed and cold, were
singing at keyholes:
"God bless you, merry gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay."
What a Christmas that was,* too,
when the Six Poor Travelers were
treated by the Seventh Poor Traveler at Richard Watt's Charity to a
Christmas supper and a "temperate
glass of hot Wassail." A Turkey-
spell it with a capital, for a capital
bird it was—flanked by a piece ol
Koasl Heef with the usual accompaniments, sent its fragrant message to
the more or less pinched and blue
noses ot the Six, and the Wassail
was being prepared—not in a bowl-
bless your heart and soul, there was
uot a bowl in all hrnad England big
enough tn hold it!—but in a brown
earthenware pitcher, a giant pitcher
calculated to hold a magnum if it
held a drop. The waiter from tbe
Inn near-by had brought the Yule-log
which soon was blazing merrily up
the wide chimney, and the Six waifs
and strays nf the mist and the (og,
creatures gathered from the flotsam
and jetsam nf a great citv—were
seated round the board awaiting
witb eager eyes and hungry stomachs, the coming feast. What a
procession filed into the room. First
the Seventh Poor Traveler, the giver
nf        tbe       feast, with        the
brown pitcher under bis arm. Then
the waiter, Hen, with the beer. Then
the inattentive Hoy with tbe hot
Then the TURKEY!
Then the female who carried the
sauces ready to be heated on the
Then the man with the tray on his
bead containing thc accompaniments.
Then the hostler from the hotel who
rendered no assistance at all save
his cheery grin, which being a wholesome and cheery grin, warmed the
hearts of the poor Travelers, and
gave promise of tin; mighty Ireat to
Hut that was not all. There was
Ihe wall-eyed    young man connected
with something in the Fly department who was waiting outside with
instructions that as soon as he
. should hear Hen blow a police whistle
out of the window, he was to dash
.into the hotel kitchen, seize the hot
plum pudding and mince pies and
I speed with them in all haste to
IWatt's Charity, where the female
connected with the sauce department
would meet him on the stairs and
souse the round, speckled, savory
pudding in a bath nf blue brandy.
Were ever Sir Poor Travelers mnre
loyally regaled1 And what stories
they told as they drew up tbeir
chairs around the hearth and were
helped to Wassail while the Yule-log
cracked in the deep fireplace and the
great toast rang nut:
'Christmas' Christmas Ere, my
friends," when tbe shepherds, who
were Poor Travelers, too, in their
way, heard the Angels sing,
" 'On earth peace, good-will towards men.' "
It is fitting at this time that a
little child shall lead us Charles
Dickens embodied in a suITering child
—a little child of fictinn—the whole
nf human nature Tiny Tim has
traveled all over the world on his
crutches carrying with him his beautiful message Ile reminds us to
think nf others, in think, those of us
who are no longer young, old
thoughts nf ynung Christrnases, and
merry and kindly thoughts always of
Christmas Present, for, as Dickens
"How many recollections, and how
many dormant sympathies, docs
Christmas time awaken! Happy,
happy Christmas, that can win us
back to the delusions of onr childish
days; that can recall to the old man
the pleasures of his youth; and transport thc sailor and thc traveler,
thousands of miles away; back to his
own fireside and his quiet home."
And so—a Merry Christmas! Give
il again—a Merry Christmas! And
because you cannot sny a good tiling
loo often—here it is onre more—
►************************* t
*************************** •
From Cranbrook's
Economical Shopping Headquarters
Christmas Neckwear
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Christmas Clothing
Jinny people experience difficulty in
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Christmas Shirts
Pretty dark   and   light   stripes   and
checks and all fancy colorings, jusl whai
the swagger fellows will wear in shirts.
Hundreds to choose from.
From $1.25 to $3.50
All the new styles in Mens' Half Hose.
Fancy and plain colors.
Au immense slock to choose from.
Suit Cases
Hand Bags
Read, over this list. Perhaps the most
useful gift we ean mention. A good
Case or Hand Bag will lasl for years,
always a reminder of the giver. Wo
are selling many Suit Cases for gifts
this year. When you note the
extensive variety and llu1 wide range of
prices you will understand the reason.
Suit Cases - $3.00 to $2000
Hand Bags ■ $1.50 to $20.00
Trunks   ■   ■   $6.00 lo $20.00
Vour initials free on any case. bug. or
trunk, worth S-5.U0 or over,
Christmas rapidly approaching, only
it few more shopping dny-a remain,
nntl the hint 10 of them will be days
of fitieli trenicmlouH activity that
liiin store will he Inxed to its utmost
l.nst weeks allies indicated not only
aa early but an extensive tendency
to the selection ot each handsome
ami practical pieces in Furniture
which we have especially provided ll *
lor the Christinas Season. Ia*
Xo better opportunity is offered in East Kootenny to economize
in the purchase of an acceptable gift thnn in the many pieces we
offer at special prices.
Hall Racks
Parlor Suits
flusic Cabinets
Morris Chairs     Brass Beds
Parlor Cabinets Card Tables
Bureaus Stools
Toilet Tables      Buffets
Writing Tables Parlor Cabinets Couches
Chiffoniers Rockers Parlor Tables
Library Tables   Davenports
Desks Hall Chairs
Shaving Stands Sideboards
Dining Tables
Pianos—Heintzman and Mendelssohn
China for Xmas Presents
What can you offer a lady that
she will appreciate more than a
piece of pretty china. We have
always carried a most exquisite
line of dainty Bric-a-lirac; but
this year we are sure we have
surpassed any previous attempts
ever displayed in this vicinity.
Products from the foremost
Potters in the old world arc here
in immense variety. We want
everyone to see our nice things
before making their Xmas
selections.        We   know   that


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