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Cranbrook Herald Jun 29, 1911

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Array .#
We ate well equipped toi
turn out tho hust clans
o( work
tin the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local  Column.
NO. 19
Large Gathering of the Order at
Victoria—Vancouver Gets Next
Clrnnd Lodge nf Itiiiisli Coliiinhln
A.K.&A.M. held its iinuiial convoca
Hon in Victoria lasl, week, upwards
ol two hundred dclucjales front all
purls of the province being in al
tendance. Officer", for Hie rustling
year were 'elected and nppolntcd as
lliaiid   Master—Frank    -I.    llurde,
Deputy  Grand   Master—Arthur 11.
Skcy,   Kani1on|)s.
tlraiid   Senior       Warden —  -I.  M.
Il.id.l.   Xaliaimo.
Grand  Junior   Warden — William
Henderson,  Victoria.
Grand  Treasurer — 11. 11. Watson,
M IU'., Victoria.
Grand  Secretary   — Dr. A. W. lie
Wolf Smith, New Westminster.
Grand  Tyler - T. Michel, Vancntt
fi S.I).—S. A. Cnnley.
G.J.D.—M.  -1   itarr.
fl.    Hir. of Crrililiuili's—\V.    Astlcv
tl.   Sunt, of Works—McK. Stevens.
II.   Sword   Bearer—John Warwick.
fl.  Standard   Ilcarcr-K. w.    Mc
ft.  Organist—E. II. Itussell.
(I.   Chaplain—Rev. V. Clinton.
(I.   Historian—lleWoll Smith.
IMi.fl.M., District   N".    1-1'.    -I
D.D.O.M., District No. 2—A. Mttnn
D.D.G.M , liisirici   Ni,    3a—I). A
D.D.H.M.,   Dislrlrl    N, .    :!-l.. u
District   Ni
District  No.  li-S.
District     No.   7-0.   D
District   No.   R-G.    .1
District.     No.   fl-S. I..
District     No. 10—E. A.
Grand  Pursuivant—Tiros. M. Long.
Grand Stewards — .1. II. Kelojrt,
Mr. Pitts, W. II. Wilson, llobt. llir-"
dnn,  C. Wain. i
Vancouver city was selected as the
next  place of meeting.
A discussion ol considerable interest arose in connection witb a proposition made »tiy Bro. Monro Miller, Victoria, that grand lodge set
aside tlie sum of ten thousand dollars to found a British Columbia
Mast iiic scholarship as the new Brli-
Ish Columbia University.
Whilst this proposal met with
practically unanimous approval, it
wns decided to deler action until
nest session of grand lodge, when a
report will he submitted by the finance committee.
Tlie Cranlirock delegates In attendance were Bros. .1. V. Armstrong,
M. A. Beale, W. 11. Wilson and F.
.1. .Deane,
Yahk is Booming
There arc few places en the Crow
line in comparison tt sic lhai arc
as busy al the present time as
Vahk, which has recently been made
the Junction of tlie I' 1' I! ami t'.io
Spokane International lines Last
month twenty thousand dollars was
the 'amount of tin- <' P R. payroll
alone, and besides this tlriv were
Hie payrolls from two or three
sawmills close bv.
The new sawmill of tin- Yahk Lumber company is being put in about
a mile soiitn of the town li will
Ik- rcodj toi cutting snout the first
of August and will have a capacity
uf thiiii ihe ih,umiiiiI leet of lumber n  da)
Tlie two -lot,- an,! Ill,' Yahk hold
an* doing a tlirlvtng business
The station nt Cunon baa been
moved lo Yahk and a platti in, throe
hundred ami ihlrf* leet in len rl* has
been built There are Bv, tract In
ihc yard limits and more will he
The mill uf ilu- King I umbel com
pain is running itcadll) \ private
railroad of Hie company runs up a
canyon some Hirce miles and the
lops an- hauled down on flat u
\n   .neiaiie ilai's \\,,is i,o   the little
engine  ami Hi,'    H,t,' ci - la    t	
hundred  ami nil) legi
Down llu Mo,,,, vnlloj between
Vahk and tin- boundarj line at
K Instigate is some oi Ihe ftnesl land
thai  inis o,,i „| iloni There etc
some iluiii rauchem down in tint
vicinity, and they sro .ill optlnils
tie A 1. Itaiiib.iii lilts lout I,„,,,I
red (mil trees planted Hi.it are
malting splendid proajress Ctras
f.lveslev and his hcother, Mr. Darn
bail m„i i: \ Webslet haw
sliawbi-iiirs   ei,'wo,-. Ihal   will     l»'
ei|iuil   le any at "1   Crestl n.    and
Pete, llavwooii Will Inivc a good
nop Ibis (all ul earn Is, potatoes
ami corn Bui lite te ore only it
few. Every *ottlc4 in Hn' " Hon
has been doing his sii.ii, to tiring
the country to lb,- front, nnd all
have their places surveyed, and most
of ilii'in have Hair deeds.
Logger is Killed
Thursday of last week Murdoch
Mackenrie, n logger, in Hie employ
ol the East Koolenay Lumber company at .laffray, while ol work
annul sis tulles mil ill tlie woods
was helping to toad a ear when he
was struck by a log tailing (run
the lop of flic deck, nnd when It
was lifted front his body he was
dead, having been killed Instantly,
Deceased was n native ot Prince I'al-
ward Island. He was burled at
Judge Ryan
on Reciprocity
Tin* Winnipeg Tribune ot Juno IM11
contains an interview with Judge
Ryon, «( Cranbrook, which is herewith  reproduced:
.fudge Hynii, of Cranbrook, B.C.,
lias -ttren a visitor in tlir city lot
the last few days on a business
trip. In aihlil inn to his business
activities be did a Rood drnl of
Interviewed   hy a Tribune reporter
day In- said: "This is roj first
trip to Winnipeg and I am struck
\try Much with at least two things,
tin* streel ear system and the
Cleanliness of the streets. Y<U
haw a very beautiful city, Indeed,
ami I lliinl*: it is one oi the finest 1
Imvc ever visited. The volume of
business going on hears out everything that has been said about Win
nlpeg H will he the Chicago ol
Canada,   I have no doubt.
"In   llritish   Columbia Investments
i every descrtpttcn ami interest in
Indus trios are particularly active. 1
was rather, surprised to leacit that
llitii.lt Columbia is m t so well
known in Winnipeg as it is in tho
pastern lilies uf Toronto ami Montreal "
"Whal stand does your province
take wiih regard to reciprocity," he
was then asked,
"As in every question," said the
judge, "Reciprocity has elements ot
good ami Clements of evil in it. As
lu British Columbia, there is no
tloubl that it will greatly benefit the
coal ami coke Industry around Crows
Mesl If reci|irocity passes ihi* par
(laments ni both Canada ami tho
United Stales, inside of two years,
I venture in say, there will be be
tu it-it om* hundred thousand nml one
hundred and twenty thousand coal
miners and coke burners al Crows
Nesl. It is not, unlikely that this
Increase in population and necessarily of prosperity would offset any
temporary injury which might arise
to the fruit Rrowlng Industry hy til
fording n market tor the produce
r,( the Nelson and Creston orchards
which could be reached quickly and
al a low rate of train freight.
Uoking at the reciprocity question
broadly, 1 consider that none ol us
is provided wilh the proper amount
of data t" thoroughly grasti the
significance of . the proposed change
In our relations with the States,
We nro In a state rf education 0'
the Btlbject, It looks to me to lie
serious experiment with prosperity
such as we arc enjoying—a leap in
bho dark, if you like. 1 hope the
end  will   justify tbe means."
Chas. Evans was down from his
mining claims on Whitefisli creek llir
first of the week. Whiteflih creek
is a tributary of the St. Mary's
river, and Iln* claims in which Mr.
Evans  and his brothers arc hit
The written decision rendered on
the 2«th Inst by Magistral,, iiyan it
the  case   of  the    school    trustees
ed In are some twenty-five miles against Mrs. Martha Fowler, is
north of Matys-vlHe. Some of the both Important and Instructive. It
liignest ininiiiK propositions In the establishes a precedent fnr tin-
country are up in thut vicinily, and (<ity. being the first prosecution is
only franspoitiiiiiii, facilities are sued under the net. While the jinlg
lacking to bring them to the front meiil will serve as n serious wain
as producers, In tho Evans group ing to parents with a loose pereep
there are four claims, About one ton of their duties to their children
hundred  and    eighty  feet ot tunnel.In Mucatlonal   matters,   li      will
work  and a lot of surface work Ins ' strengthen   the hands ol the    scl I
trustees  in      tho   porformani (
their duties and tench both parents
and children that Jim trustees
have the law behind llietn to enforce their requirements. There arc
entirely   too    many young lads run-
been  done.   Tlie   ore body is    from
Hirer,  hundred to four hundred    feet
in  width and a   thousand  feel     in
length.    This is Intersected    by two
large  veins that measure   ton    leet
in   width.      Tlie ore Is gold, copper
and  silver, and Uk values run   from'ning  about    our Stfects day      and
two  dollars and   fifty cents to    ten   night picking   up all manner of evil
dollars a   ton ia    the three metals. ! habits  and foul associations, ll now
But  Mr.   Evans explains that  there  appears   that the. school trustees arc
, The
acres of ore, even though it    is  determined   to  put a stop
low  grade, and Ihat the proposition'abuse  and in   this they liav
bigger than Hie ftranby.   At   the citizens  solidly   with them
present   time it is a little difficult to  good  wrrk.
get   up   into    that    country.     The |   The  following is  Hie texl
government   road runs   sixleen miles  judgment:
beyond   Marysvllle, but from     there . In  the mailer nf the "Willi
there is only a trail. The owners of the Evans group are t'bas.
Evans, Win. Evans, .lames Leinmoii
and  Win. McCalluni.
Mr. Evans tells of another big
proposition about sixleen (miles
north of Marysvllle. It is the Ihun-
iiiiim group, which is owned lay
Frank  Tracy, after   whom       Tracy
reek is, named. The Dominion has
some seven hundred feet of work
done, ami the ore is much Hie same
character as that fonad i n Ihe
Evans  group.
so   the
li      Hie
of    the
Act,  IflfHi.
Schiol Trustees   ,,[  t'ranbrook,
Mrs.  Martini Fowler, wife of .lames
Fowler, Ilefenilanl
The flcattic-Mniphy company made
every ehitd iu the dislriet happy
n coronation day. Each, child, was
sent a Hag on which was the portrait   of    tin- king and queen.
Mrs. F. E. Simpson, who has teen
visiting witli friends here for the
pas!   Ihrce weeks, will return to Iter
Kamloops    early      next
home  at
Patmore Hros. are installing the
plumbing and heating fixtures in
the new addition cf the C.P.R. depot, and are also putting in a heating  system at     the freight office,
Tho summons ill Hits regard
charged that Mrs. Martha Fiwlci,
as mother of Norman and (lordon
Fowler, both aged between Hie years
of seven and fourteen, had neglected
or violated the provisions of section
122 nf llle Public Schools Act,
IIHUS, in respect of the said children
in not causing them ta lie sent to
the public school or lo otherwise
educate them, there lieing no lawful
excuse  therefor.
I .fames Logan, tlio triianl officer
employed  hy   the    school   trustees,
i proved.', that   one      of the children
I ceased   to attend    scl I on the :trd
of March last and tho other on the
2:tnl of the same month. Acting
on the instructions of the school authorities he went on a    date, about
! the 21th March and spoke to the defendant about Hie matter, calling
her attention to the absence of her
children from Instruction, she said
"That is my business, nol yours.
This  is my property.    That is   the
Tin- census enumerators  have their kick  gate.    Take It."    Logan left
work lust about completed! and all
hooks will be turned into 'I'. M.
Roberta, census commissioner tor
the Cranbrook, Fernie and Columbia
ridings. '
Tlie  cxperl     from   the  factory at   principal.       He did
.   Catharines for the floo aut.mio- answer  Mrs. Fowler returned,
biles   paid n     visit to        Hie Cran-1   Mrs.   Fowler in   her evidence    n,l
brook  Trading company and cxaioiu-
d  their    cars,    reporting  them in
and came on a subsequent day with
a lorm in which parents are required
to state the reasons for the absence
of their children from the school.
He took that lorm bark to the
not know what
good condition,
Mrs. ii. E iiiiggs returned homo
few days ago    from Detroit    and
arious other places in the east,
where she lias been visiting for the
past   three months.
Archie Elwell denned up everything in Hie long distance running
at i'itichci on coronation day. He
tan a two mile Marathon race in
less tlian ten minutes, and had no
trouble in distancing tin- others in
lite  race. t
Tlie Cranbrook hand gave another
ipeii   air   concert     at the bandstand
mils that her children have not
been  at school sine,- M.utdi last. Ap-
I parcntly she kepi Oordon, the elder
boy, at home to assist her in house-
cleaning  and because she was suffcr-
. ing from pains of some kind, lint
there   is nothing  to   show tbat   the
I house-cleaning   nr ihc illness ot   his
\ mother needed Ins presence at home
for the past three months. Ilcr tius-
band, .lames F.raler, is millwright,
at King's mill al Yahk, but very
seldom conies home. lie knows,
she states, and approves of her action in keeping the chilnrcn Irom
school. The hoy Norman, aged
twelve, is being educated at home
hy   Miss Minklcy. a   pupil    of     the
lasl Sunday attennoon, whicli was ^j^, ^n,,) „f t'ranbrook, but not
greatly enjoyed Iiy Hie people In the mllli|f,w| teacher she instructs the
city. The band under the director- MM Inr two hours each afternoon,
ihip of Oeo. D. Ingram is making The ,,„,. (;or<i,,„ is „„| being In-
iplondid progress, Istructed at home,
The sleaiii shovel mid gravel train] «,*|ss Garnet BlnWey states on
nitlit that was at work all spring m\n s„e is seventeen yenrs of age
at Yahk, is now working between nn(| ,|,ai hrr education is mil yd
Icronie and here! A gravel pit has n,mplelrd as she proposes to con-
liecii opened nt the North star sid- tinl)(. ,n the high school tor another
ing, a short distance eust of t'rnn- vrar. she has nol been Instructed
brook. | j,,  ttac*    science      11   leaching, tun
llcv. .1. p. Westman, field secre- hi„iii:Ii she mav not he as capable
tary lor Alberta uml llritish t'oliun- ng ln(, property qualified teachers,
bin, in tin- Interests of tlie Sunday sll|| her pupil can learn more from
school and Epworth league of Ihe nrr j„ two hours each afternoon
Methodist church, will occupy the ,„„„ be would In the five hours
pulpit iii tlie Methodist church here rarn ,|ny ,„ the public school, she
next  Sunday morning ami evening.    aoca  n„i instruct the boy (lordon
Mrs.   A.   I..   McDerniot will leave     Tnis  was   n„.   evidence on cither
the end  of    tlie   week   lor Souris,  s|,,Pi
Manitoba,' where she will visit   Mr. |   -|-|u.
and Mrs. .1. II. Scott, loruier residents of t'ranbrook, where Mr.
Salt was chief desputchcr. Mr. Mc.
[lerniot will also go cast to Winnipeg next month, leaving here about
tho 8th.
TOIl  SALE.-I wish to dispose ot education  by
a portion of my furniture, such    as thP children
case is one which t consider
nf considerable public Importance as
bearing on the lUhls of parents, of
their own motion and for their own
reasons, withdrawing their children
from school attendance or permit
ting them to avoid acquiring an
running nt large. If
he hetween the
steel   range,    carpets      and kitchen o(  wy0R ntM| fourteen    il Is    clear
utensils  nl halt price.—A,    C,    Hn- trmn  ,„,, ,cni,s   „|    th,,. net    Hint
worth.    Call at    house until    next wtare  K(.im„is   .,„,  available       Ibc
Monday,   .luly .'ltd, and at the slore palTnts  must cither send them there
ot Raworth Bros, thereafter.             Inr flsr provide them with an eilnea-
II  any person   lias been overlooked r|on   „| an equally   high standard in
by  the census enumerators they are thrir  homes or elsewhere
requested   to make    Ibc (act known |„   ,m,   ,.flsc  before    me the bnv,
to any   of tbe    officials,    so   that flrrdon,   will,   according    lo       his
everyone  will be counted.
mnthrr'H evidence In*   fourteen year*
of age in a month or so. Shi* withdrew him from school somo three
months ago anil has wholly failed
to provide him wilh any form of
education in her home An offence
against the uct is plain in this matter ami a fine musl he Inflicted as
required  hy secslon 12-1 of the act.
In the case of the younger hoy,
Mormon, Miss Blnkley's hi^li opinion
of her abilities as a teacher fails to
convince me that she ix the super
im, or even the equal as a school
mistress ur governess, of the qualified
ladies of the public schools. Nor can
I agree, lo the likelihood or her pupil acquiring as much knowledge
from her in two hours as he would
in live from teachers capable of
teaching  Miss Hlnkley herself,
I find, too, Ihal Ihe hoy has not
been nt school for tin* past throe
months and Miss Hlnkley was engaged as his teacher about two months
nun. There was, therefore, one clear
month when'the hid was receiving no
Instruction whatever, a clear offence
against   the act.
In addition, I find, as a matter nf
fact, that the standard of education
licniu; imparted hy Miss Hinkley to
Nurman Fowler is not tip In Ihe
public school standard. There is,
then, an offence against the act in
ihe case of the boy, Norman, as 1
initial in the case nf bis elder
brother. I
I, therefore, ailiml^c Ihat Mrs.
Marlha Fowler shall be fined (he
sum of live dollars in tin* case of
Oordon Fowler ami a further sum of
live dollars in Ihe case of Norman
Fowler, maklupj the sum of ten dollars in all, as provided In section
122 or Ihe Public Schools Act,
11)05, Wild fines ami Mich of lliem to
he recovered In accordance wiih tin'
terms of sect Inn \2H ut the same
Joseph Ryan,
Police Magistrate
Best Talent in City Help to Swell
Board of Trade Funds
The Goodeve Meeting
Mr. A. S. Ooodove, member lor
Koolenay, addressed n public meeting in the Auditorium last Friday
evening on the question of reciprocity and other political matters.
The ineeiinK was imt as largely attended as was expected, but the in-
'•Wiiieni weather that evening no
doubt was in a way responsible fnr
this. Nor was there much enthus
iasm in evidence. T. T. McVittie,
of   Fort     Steele,    made   a   capable
hair man. With him on the platform were Mayor Hunt, (His Staples, 0, II. Thompson, D. .1. .lohn-
sui, Oeo, U*. F. Carter, registrar of
the supreme court, .!. P. Toft, A.
It, Fenwick anil James Cook. After
brief addresses by Mayor Hunt and
(}. II. Thompson, Mr. Ooodcve addressed the meeting. He referred to
the barrenness of legislation at Ottawa during the past sessttn, claiming that nothing of importance was
dealt with. He attacked the government for dilatorincss in bringing
lown the budget and also t-rilitisvd
the minister of finance" ia connection
witb the Farmers' bank. He devoted some time to a discussion of
the Oliver charges which have not
t been investigated. lie then
latincheil ont into a discirssion of
neiproclty, claiming that the t'nit-
■d States market was of no value to
Canada,   that    they would prove our
mvpetitors in our own markets, ami
Ihat the true policy for Canada was
encourage preferential trade within the empire. Mr. Ooodcve also
devoted considerable time to quoting American maga/lne writers nml
public men as tn the em*c1 of Hie
The  chairman at    the close called
ir cluers for the kin* and Mr
Ooodcve, after which the meeting
Raworths Branching Out
Mr and Mr*. A C Raworth will
leave for the coast nexl Monday,
ami after they take a holiday wilt
return to Lethbridge. where Mr
Raworth will open a branch fwelr
tort, This l.ethhri'Ur itoit will
le owned hy Raworth Bros., and
will he managed by A C Raworth,
while Archie Haworih will manage
the Cranbrook store. Mr. It Run-
Bell, who has been In tbe employ
of Mr. Elliott,, C I'll watch Injector at Medicine Hat. will arriv*-
n town with his wife and family on
Mtmlay next nnd will he employed
at Ibe Raworth Hros as head
watIh   maker and optician.
Are   we  not a    shade   tto modest
about   ourselves?     Is there any g«n.d
reason   win we, the citi/ens of Cran-
Ibrook,   should    not, as do the Gentiles  and lesser breeds   without   the
[aw,   vaunt ourselves fnr what      we
'are,   for   what we possess, for what
(we  accomplish,  and so on?    To   il-
jlustrate   the point, let Is lie       said
.that   on Tuesday evening un association  of our musical amateurs,     who
call  themselves the Coronation Con-
• cert  company ol Cranbrook, Mrs. K
il.  Paterson,   soprano; Mrs.    o. F,
Stevenson,   soprano,      Mrs    li    ||
J Drewery,   mezzo-soprano;   Mrs       P
Weisbrod,   contralto,     Mrs.     Arnold
Wallinger,  vlollnlste;    Miss     Maud
Short,   pianisle; Mi   Geo  D  Ingram,
tenor;  Mr,    H.   K Thompson, baritone;  Mr. Geo, F. Stevenson, basso;
Mr.   Ii. .1. McSweyn, basso cantonte;
director,  Geo  M  Ingram,    gave    a
concert   for   tin* benefit of the Cranhrook   board  nf  trade    which  marks
the passing,   tin- final passing let us
all  hope, of     musical commonplace,
and  musical   vulgarity.       It   took
everyone  who is a music Iovm to   a
plane  a thousand feet above what we
have  been   surfeited with    in    the
The Four Cs (ougbl they not to
be called the Musical Forces?] are
amateurs, one and ull Now thi
word "amateur" sit up a curious
dlfllculty fnr tbo newspaper critic,
who, according to all ihc rules governing press notices of such performances is bound, provided !>■
mentions one »t the performers, is
bound to mention all. More than
that he is bound to praise all, dealing out the red stiperlati\«* adjective to the stars, the comparative
or qualificatory adjective t,. the lea
brilliant and the pale. Ineffective
woo-begooe positive to thos»r who
belong to neither class. Turning
out that variety of matter is tbe
banc o( the press-man's life, brewing the arrow tbat ■'.*:. id darkness If he dares to overlrxk Betsy
■lane who waded through all the terrors of "Tlie Maiden's Prayer" or
that holy musical horror "Star of
the Bast" oi; *V piano. He knows
that the monuner of Betsy will
scorn hint and revile him for a
base hireling who, mush ally, could
not tell the difference between
"pop Goes the Weasel" ami a
double pianissimo.
It was a really wonderful entertainment we were treated to. Encores were barred, though recalls
were given in plenty, and ft»r tht
sin of not giving u$ a little more of
the sweetness we shall withhold all
names and say at once that any
llngle item on the programme was
of more than sufficient merit to
save any ordinary amateur concert
from the deep damnation of banality
am)   medU crity.
A few weeks ago the Oeisha was
put on in a maimer that fault if**..*
any professional company which
ever played bete Tuesday evnung
we had a mti-.ic.tl entertainment as
sound chorally as the Welsh choir
we recently heard in Cranhror.k and
entirely surpassing that organi/atum
in the quality ot the si lo voicis We
wonder what eoold bent, in the
amateur or professional ranks, the
instrumental  mtttJol
The point forces itself i n one. that
If such n moslcnl aggregation came
here  from some outside    point    wn
On pominion day at More Ihis
year (here will lie sporls nml prizes
for ihe children in the forenoon,
In the afternoon two pienhs nre
planned The Knighls of Columbus
will have a picnic in the Aurora
May, opposite Ihe town, and the
Scandinavian** will hold n picnic cm
the  Mt-llelh randi in thr narrows.
to shower our dollars into the
treasury, That was not done in the
.case of out home talent In the manner deserved The in use should
[have been packed to the doors,
whereas the house was onl) faitlv
would be tumbling over each other
filled, of course, everyone who tans
about music was ihciv. but Unpeople, in their masses, did in t
properly respond, Maj be tbe condition arose from the fact that
the trail of the serpent that stings
(hence the legend, stung) is ovei us
all. Be that as it may, wc can
safely say that whenever ttho
Coronation Concert company of
Cranbrook decides to put on another
entertainment they nun rest assured
ol a bouse and n treasur) that will
in some sort recompense Ihem for
the rare excellence ol the plensum
they  are bound to afford us
Part   I
Pianoforte solo—"Rondo, Op, M"„
Miss Maud Short,
Glee—"Who Know-  What the Bella
Saj" Parker
Coronation Concert company.
•Solo—"The Veteran's Song"
Mr   H   E   Thompson
Duet—"Venetian Boat Song"  	
Mesdames Stevenson and Drawer)
Solo—"Angels Guard Thee"      ......
Mrs  E. Paterson
Quartette—"The Milter"   Petrie
Messrs.   Ingram,   Thompson, Stevenson and McSweyn
Solo—-"Merrily I Roam" 	
Mrs. D. H. Drewery
Violin solo—"Cavatina"   .    Slunicko
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Solo—"Any OH port in a Storm"
Mr  D. J. McSweyn
Quartette— "Spinning Song" (From
Flying Dutchman) Wagner
M'-sdamt-s      Paterson,      Stevenson,
Drewery and Weisbrod.
Five minutes intermission
Part II
Pianoforte solo—2me   Mazurka 	
Miss Maud Short
Male quartette—
(at   "Tbe Minstrel   Boy" .    .Anon
(b)   "The Cobbler  and   the Crow"
M*■■  ■     Ingram,   Thompson,   Steoett-
son and McSweyn
Solo—"Farewell to Summer" 	
 , Johns* n
Mrs  o  Stevenson
Hum—"Watchman    What    ot     the
Night"   Sarjeanl
Messrs  Stevenson and Thompson
Solo—"The Land ot Yesterday"
Mrs  p Weisbrod"
V olla solo—"Elegy" 	
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Solo—"Summer   Night" Thomas
Mr  fi   Stevens'- n
<a)  "Annie Lanrin" Peaks
ib)  "Goodnight" Abt
Mesdames      Paterson,      Stevenson,
Drawer) ami Weisbrod
Solo—'There's a Land"    .     Mllteco
Mr. Oeo   U   Iiictam
Glee—"Ojrpay Ufa" Bctoomann
God Save the King
Prince Rupert in 1912
Charles M Hayes baa completed
tu- annual toast to toast inspection
trip of tbe construction and mam
talned  way ol   Grand Trunk Pacific
nml returns tn headtpiarteis at M'm-
tretl hoping that the first through
train on Canada's third transcontinental will steam into Pttttce Rupert
about n year from now He also
MfS that the Pacific terminus of
the n ad has doubled its population
in the last six months and tbat the
munieipnl authorities, an* platinum for
a eitv of i lie hundred thousand Inhabitants. Such is the faith nl the
Hank of Montreal in the future ol
the place that thev have loaned
the corporation one million dollars
cold cash without MCurttJ lo make
necessary improvements
The Grind Trunk is spending
something like flVfl million dollars on
drydocks, terminals, car shops ami
(oumlaties, white capital from other
s. ni hi -   In also   counted in tlie   mil
The   -Cat   and the   Piddle," which
was at the Auditorium last Tlmr-
da)   evening, is   a     musical eXtrava
ganjta ol the   rtrj best ami (oiliest
kind Tbe mosll was good, the
songs were nitty and tuneful, tlie
costumes wire splendid, thr actum
was excellent,    the scenery      was
magnificent, and ihe dialogue is
smart, indeed \ mong t he s( togs
"My Maul in the Moon" was a gem.
The Individual humorist of ihe ptere
was Harry B Watson as "Happy."
a child of fortune, and he was ably
assisted bv Oeo V. Hart and Ed,
Oilmorc Hose linylan was Charm-
ing as "Po|ly" and hrr dancing with
Arthur Boylan was a feature ol ihe
play. Lillian Wallace was sweet and
dignified as the gm d falrv, and
GtQ Wakefield was eertainlv gi.im
lie as "Great Gobs," the ruler ot
the demons Not last should lie
mentioned Ihe eat. who with his
fiddle and unties helped out the fun
iiniiu'uwlt THE   OKAN BROOK   HJ.HAJ.D
Ladies' and Children's
Boots, Shoes and
Ladies' American Oxfords
in nit tlie lending styles. Patent
ur (iun Metal, alsoBlitok Sui'ile.
Values $5,(X) unit S6.60,
Sale Price    ■      $2.95
Ladies' Boots
All styles, in the very treat
American unit t'annilinn miik, h
Values $'1.00, $4.80, $500, unit
Sale Price    ■      $2.95
Ladies' High Urade Hoot
and Uxfords
A largo  lot of  liroket
Values tip to $6.00,
Vour choice
Is the reason for the Phenomenal Success of the Big Sale!
The store is crowded every day and the people are carrying away BOOTS, SHOES, and
MEN'S FURNISHINGS.   If you have not secured your share it's up to you to make haste.
Your opportunity for saving money is now at hand.   Each and every article in the store is on
sale.   Nothing excepted or reserved.
Tooke's Negligee Shirts
$25,000     *
Men's and Boys' Boots,
Shoes, and Hosiery
Largo lol of Men's nnd
Boys' Boot, and f>x-
fords. Values to$B,00,    *7 |C
Choice.  (f)6.la
Men's High tirade Oxfords
In   Patent   or   (tun
Metal,   Value $5.50,    tfi 7C
Salt Price 1)0*10
Men's Heavy Work Boots
Tan (irain Leather
with Visoolizeil soles.
out. The$5.00grades,
Misses' and Children's Oxlords
and Boots
Vulucn to    $2.76
Sale Price only •  $1.25
Hig Reductions in Ladies' and
Children's Hose
$25,000    |
J. B. Stetson Hats
In all Styles.	
$2 95
$10.00 Panama Hals
Reduced to	
$3.00 Straw Hats
$2.50 Straw Hals
A large lot of
Soft and Stiff Hals
$3.00 Values for	
A large lot of
Men's Balbriggan Underwear
Per garment    25c.
Tooke's Qolf Shirts
In light anil iturk styles.
$1.25 anil $160 values, ut.
Silk Neckties
Latest Four-in-hand Styles.
"iOc. anil 75c. values     35c,
Balbriggan Underwear
65c. qualities at	
Men's Japonette Handkerchiefs
With fancy colored lior-
Fifteen cent values.
fin sale
3 for 25c.
Men's Large White Lawn
The 15c. kind .
3 for 25c.
" Zimmerknit" Silkette
Shirts and Drawers
Regular $1.25    Now 85c.
In White, Blue, or fancy
Btyles. $1,26 anil $1.50
values for.	
Tooke's Linen Collars
All styles    3 for 25c.
Heavy Work Shirts
In   Cheviot,    Twill,   or I
Black Suteen.   Tlio $1.00
values for
McPherson's Trainman's Shoe
Lace front unit elastic sides. $li.llli values
Trainman's Congress Shoes
$5,50grades for_    $o.IO
Men's Extra Heavy Wool
Sox—50o, kinds at	
,15C Heavy Wool Sox
3JC and 45c. Heavy or
Fine Black Cashmere
$25,000     I
Sale       ♦
\ Chinese edition nr Uncle Tom'ii
Cabin Ims iin'ii published. One ol
lho features of the dramatic reproduction tif tin* work is Topiy'n fan
dance amidst a shower ol llrccroci
era —Vancouver Province.
\s long as tliere arc knighthoods
nnd Ihal sorl nf thing, ii is as w.li
Ihal they aro handed mil in men
like  William Whylc.—Calgary  Albcr*
Tn i*\;i<lt- the law against Belling
hi* cream nn Sunday, Ontario von
dors nerve a cake with each dlnb
The cake is seldom touched, ami one
soda biscuit has been known tn act
as chaperon toi n dozen Sundaes.—
Vancouver Province.
The nn tern merit is gettlfl ; n ad]
in push Hn- Hudson Ita> in.nl Tbe
lush an* gelling ready fnr homi
rule \n expert is getting ready t<
laj eggs without Ihe help ol a ben,
ami a few are getting ready fm
Ihc millennium—bo I getting reodj |i
all.—Calgao Herald
"It is better tu bo Lite than tn bi
dead" wi'.ilil in- a good motto fnr Hn
Hpeed ereied motorist, — Tumuli
(ih Ih-.
Two leaden ol Toronto tin bandi
have been summoned lor conducting
Sumliiv concerts Thc\ mny be
charged with Inuing false aoles un a
batik  holldaj .—Province
Dondi  Hut ptay mi Hundaj in Tu
tulitn    nr  tliric.lt fs  at,    tn  In'  pltM
rented We have nol yel beard if
proceedings an* tn in* taken against
wicked turn's ihal persist in singing
• hi  tii.it day —Colonist,
Outside nf those who hail iheir
pocket s picked at i in- coronation
parade King (Icorge probably feels
mure relieved than any man in l.un
don —Proi imt'
ll\ fttilitm quinine to hens it is
said tti.it thej will laj two eggs a
day. Benedictine has nol yel been
tried, alihiiugh ii miglii prove tu be
a greal tonic fur poultry, if given
tu them regularly aftei theli meals,
—Greenwood Lodge.
Tin- C r R always Iceepa abreaal
nf   the limes       The latest move  uf
the company is <•> plwe mnia fountains on the through Irakis, (mm
which hiIi drinks and Ices nf nil
kinds will Im* served Tn|s tt ill
give the ootnpany n ehaoca tu Intro*
duce a novelty in this line in the
shape of "Cinder Sundaes."—Kelson
High Heeled Shoes
.fudge W. o. Howard of the New
V< rk supremo court must Ik* a man
without women folk of any sort. Mr
bravely, tf mt rashly, denounces the
wearing nf high-heeled shoes bj
American women. The practice, he
avers, is barbarous, destructive nl
health, "as outlandish as tattooing
tbo face ur wearing rings in thr
nose." Then this mere man reckless
Iv ami unfeeling adds insult tn In-
Jury by proclaiming that "it bre?ds
an  ungainlj ami deformed rati'."
Lovely woman won't care a snap
about ihi* alleged elTecl nf ni^h heels
mi health, Tin* dectora have Inhl
her thai fur In' Ihcsc many years,
ami they tmnlit ai well have talked
tu the winds fur nil tin- Influence
iluy exerted. Hut when a legal
luminary lots tin* feminine Vchlltca
in the la-el uf lur regard fur Oneness
nf figure ami grace uf appearance
then there is going to t»e something
The |udge plans a national uprising
against tin* hie.li heel, His stmt at
its deforming Influence appears tu
have been shrewdly nljncd al the
most \iilmralift* point Thf (net
faet thai even Chinese women are
discarding fm I hi-idim*: nml tmpos
ilblj iin> slims, wnltc Chinese men
are eultimr. nfl their queues, holds
nni some hu|n- uf succeaa fnr tre
Howard crusade lint unless the
\im-riean woman benefl ran lie enlisted in ihis s tisjiiic campaign the
■Itmm of Un- high-heeled show Ilea
centures in iln- (uture.*>m8pokesman
\ SION uK \visi:\i:ss
Many a man binned Willi n halil
belfry understands nut tin* causes
therefor a certain hairless phltoso*
phei has    reasoned    it    out   thus:
Skulls aie boxes tn bulil brains
\'i tv, the skull ills over the brain
anil the sealp over the skull. They
ill glUW til ntiee while WO nn*
young nml all ship growing at the
nmc 1 hue The brains nf musl
grown <>p  people always iii     their
kniis, because such persons forget as
in.ni' 1 hin*.:*, ns they learn, nml so
brains iln nol crow. lint sometimes a per si ti ll found Who
learns « greal many things nml re
mctnbe* i them ami who thinks a
great deal, so Ihat his brain has
tn grow tn huhl his wladom. This
preaaea  Uw skull (-ulward ami strel
dies Ihe scalp. You con easily see
Hint Ihis must ennsc the little
sockets nf ihe hairs to stretch
nml Innseii I lit* hairs. In a very
wise person nil the hair fatls nut, as
you have noticed. The sealp i-.
stretched sn thai it shines. The
sockets for the hairs disappear.
When such a person is [oiimt you
should bo very careful tu pay attention   to what lie says."
Unique Operating Room
A new kind uf npei.itin.!, mom—the
first of its kind in the Tutted States— hits liet-n upemil at Ihe (icrmuii
hospital. New York City. In die uf
tWO steel vaults of the mom the
patient can he operated mi in it
partial vacuum where tlie ait pressure against his body is eijual tn
ihat nn n mountain tup ten thousand feet high. In annllier steel
v.iuIT the patient's head may be Inclosed in a compressed air cell.
Which will carry air tu Ids lungs at
increased  pressure.
Tiic compressed air is forced into
Hie patient's lungs sn they will m t
collapse when the lung casting is
etn Into. Heretofore surgeons have
been rcluctani tu iN-rform operations
necessitating any interference willi
the organs above tne upper stomach
wall, the reason lieing tlml there
1 almost Invariably a collapso of
the tonga, fulluwed by a shuck that
in tunny cases prnved fatal. Tin*
complicated machinery hy which a
partial vacuum is pnuluccil iu urn*
operating chamber and nn extra
pressure uf air in another was enn
StrUCted   in New Vort nnd set up in
new wing uf tin* Herman hospital
built especially fur it,
first time iu Canada in Toronto nt
the Ontario Jockey club's iupm nt
the latter part uf May, ami were n
decided acquisition tu the eel. Ii
is expected that fully one hundred
thousand people will visit the coming
exhibit iun, which will undoubtedly bc
the  best in its history.
The Calgary Fair
Tin* Special features fur the
coming Calgary industrial t
linn to in- held nt Calgnry
30th    to    .luly 7th,   nre  the
that have ever turn pruvided fur an
exhibition west uf Tockuto, At
great expense tlie directors have
provided fnr (lights twice daily uf
StrobcPa aeroplane, demonstrations
nf Hrentinti's mutin-raif ear, moving
plctum uf the Coronation, nml other
high-elan attractions. The exhibition company nre paying freight on
nil exhibits nriginating In Alberta,
nml are nlTering twenty-nine thousand dollars in priWS nnd purses.
To  make ihe    racing    end nf      ihe
progretrtmo mure Interesting to pat
These machines were iwed fur Hie
latest model have been purchased.
These  machine-, were used fur      tne
A career of great distinction was
ended in Winnipeg early last Saturday morning when Hit! death occurred of Hun. T. Mayin* Duly, P. ('.,
K.C., police magistrate ami judge uf
the juvenile court of Winnipeg and
former minister uf the interior.
Mr. Duly appeared to bc in hi.-,
usual good health Friday and sat un
the bench as well as attending a
meeting uf tin.* police commission,
of  whicli lie was a member.
Mr. Italy was born at Stratford,
Out., August 10, 1852, sun uf
Thomas ntaynn Daly. After practicing law fur four, years at St rat-
toad he liiini' west to llraudmi in
ism, and became lirst mayor
that town, He represented Selkirk
in the house nf commons iu 1887,
becoming minister of the Interior In
Sir .lohn Abbott's cabinet in 1«03,
which office lie held iu successive
governments until April, 1806, During Hm month uf May, 1*00, Mi
Daly was despatched un a mission
England ami France, in order in
in.ike arrangements f< r the rccngnl
tion uf the regulations which enn
trolled Hn- Immigration system ui
Canada at that time-
When he retired from politics he
began Hie practice id law ai
Rossland, 1807-1*102, where he wns
associated with C, it. Hamilton,
K.C., In the firm nf Daly and Ham
Dion, tu Rossland be held the positions nf police uml license commissioners. Returning to Winnipeg in
that year he was appointed magistrate, lie was beaten by Hon. Clifford Siflon by sixty-nine votes fur
It ram Inn in a llitet-cnrnered contest
in   the general election (t 1008.
"Who took the initiative?" demanded Ihe judge of Hie two men
hruiight before him charged witli
"1 never saw il!" pn tested both
men as une; "somebody must a'
swiped it!"
Xed Sbuler thus explained liis reasons  fnr   preferring to  wear  stockings  with   boles tn     having    ihem
darned: "A hole," said ho, "may  be
Ilie  accident uf a day, and will pass [ hibitiuu
upon   the best   gentleman; but       a
darn   is premeditated poverty." J
Alter July iirsl all Vancouver hotel
dining rooms musl he closed from
midnight until six p.m. and tin ex-
performances ur vocal music will he allowed in restaurants ur
cafes  at any time.
Good Care of the Hair
Makes all Women Fair
Miss Ha/el Klecncr, nf Minneapolis,
will be in Cranhrook sot u nml will
give nu entertainment lu the Presbyterian church on the evening of .Monday, July 8rd. She will he assisted
hy Hie hcsl local talent. It will
he under the auspices of the Ladies'
Ouild. Miss Khmer Is n graduate
uf Ibe teacher's and players course
nf the Conservatory Of Music nf
Minneapolis, ami stands very high In
musical  circles in Minneapolis,
Hair—natural, snappy well kepi hair is woman's greatest beauty. The It.tir (Ira I at Intel s attention
Nice, clean, limn hair, growing un Hie head it udurns, makes for personal charm inure than a clcoi
complexion, regular features nr a handsome ejuwii. Ilenuliful hair, which commands admiration cverj
where, Is almost always associated   with Hie use uf thai
Well known Scalp Prophylactic
Newbro's Herpicide
Tin- ivoral enemy of good hair in iliimlniff caused by nn Invisible mlcroblo growth nl germ lll-'ll
1'iriliK usi-.i rnlelltgenlly ,1,-strays this germ, removes Uie tlonitrufl uml Hum provenla [ilrlhoi loss ,,i
Imir. II imparls life, luster nml liixuriiimr wliieli oorrstitulo Imir la-auty. Tttero is n subte nml lie
llgbtfnl odor ubiiiit llKlll'lcini; tltat never nffemls but appeals to everyone.     IIBRPICIDK conlntns
im grease ami does mil stain ur ,iy,-.    Tin- ltcti,ng wbirli Indicates iluiiiliiift, usunllj stops ui i   nt
once. There is im need fur anyone tu lie deceived by the other preparations Ihnt have adopted our
ndvorltslng elnims, Von run avoid possible iliKappiiiiitini'iil by Insisting upuu having genuine IIKltl'l
t'llil-: long known as the Original linmlriift derm Destroyer.
Fend for Sample and Hooklet
A sample bollle ol HliKPICIDB aid a ishnUc tMblet •• Ibc cart ol Ibc hair nil be m.iilni untw rccelpl of
Ific aiiacbcd coapoa properly filled est led tot la poiltfc cr illicr.
Applications Cblair.it! at the Cent Barber Shops and Hair-Dressing Parlors.
The One Dollar Size Sold and duarantcd Everywhere.
After Grippe
or any Sickness
Vinol Creates Strength
" Alter a long attack of Grippe,
Mrs. Vaught seemed unable to recover her strength. She was very
weak and had no appetite. VINOL rapidly improved her condition and restored her to health. I
sincerely recommend its use during
convalescence or any run down
Judok C. N. Vaught,
llunlsville, Ala.
Mtss Adelaide Gamin, uf Water-
town, Wis., writes, "After n severe
attack of the Grippe, my system
was in a very weakened, nervous,
run-down condition, I tuuk VINOL with the best of results,
and il made mc feel better ami
stronger lli.ni I have been for years/'
We have never sold in our store
a more valuable health restorer fnr
weak and run down persons than
VINOL, and we ask such people in
Ihis vicinity to try VINOL wllh
the understanding that their money
will lie returned if il docs lot do
all we claim fur it.
ClUNRROOK llltl'tl A HOOK CO.,
i! ArchieWaller
Builder and
] |  Septic Tanks ami Concrete
~ Work generally a
;; Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. Box 316
!! Cranbrook, B.C.
New Season's
Just Arrived
Up-to-date first-class
Paperhangers to hang
B.   H.   SHORT
The fainter and Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
M. 0. llu. .,., I'hone III
Baptist Cburcb
Pastor, t'barlca W. King.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
•Pbooe, 2M.     P. O. Hoi 267.
lingular Herders:—Sunday, 11 .
a.m. and 7.10 p.m.; ltttilo,
School with \oung laities' l
t*hllethr* and Young Mcn'a I
Ilible Oleu, S p.m.
Monday,   Young l'.o|>l,a',   I
i P-m.
Wednesday, Mid-Work Meeting, ■
A cordial Christian weluoino '
to all.
Wentworth Hotel
ii will find relief In Zam-Buk I
It tases the buntlng,«rtnftng
pain, stops bleeding and brings
| ease. Perseverance, with Zaa.
;, meant eure. Why not prove
"   Ml Druoetoi omf Storar-
Tin' president of a sin rt him!
srhniil iii Spokane makes lho statement plainly that stenographers
usually make good wives. Tlie president of  litis school says:
"Vou may nut {relieve it-, but sinee
I entered this work in Spokane in
1005 more than two hundred of my
graduates have married their employ-
t, iheir oiTice associates or some
business man whom they have met
the otlice. And I want to tell
vim I approve of these marriages',
,1 though I must say in most cases
my approval is not solicited, hut l
tin expected to know nml feel almost the sublime joy of these hap
|iy young women.
"But to be serious, I firmly believe
iiich marriages are the most happy
ones in every way. Ileal admiration
comas through admiration for business ability and tact. The stenographer sees the cares and the responsibilities nf the business man and endeavors to lift from his shoulders
Uie smaller details and annoyances ol
the ofllce, iT she marries a business
man By this means she is doublj
valuable ami doubly appreciated bv
nay worthy man. she soon he-
men a business companion as well
. a wiii- ami social companion "
TAKE NOTUT. that Annie Mot
iiigtoii. of t'ranbrook, occupation
man led woman, intends lo apph foe
l>ermissii n to purchase the following
described lands:
('(Miiuu'iieing at n post planted at
the south-east corner nt l.nt 10007,
(iioup One, t'.ast Knolenny dlslrlet,
1 hence west 20 chains, more nr less,
sn thu east bank nf tbe Kootenay
river; thence smith easterly along
said bank nt tlie Kootenay river
distance n( 30 chains, more nr lost,
to the west boundary of l.nt BUT,
(Irnup One; thence north along said
west boundnry a distance of 20
chains, more or less, to point ol
commencement nnd containing forty
acres, more or less.
Annie Merlngtnn,   I.neatnr
Stewart Morris, Agent.
Staked May 27th, toil lMt*
Conditions on ihe Panama Canal
have leached a point where the end
tuny, he anticipated with confidence.
Of Hie excavation work only ono
[pinVlet remains In be done. Tb
onornioffs total of one bundled ivnd
Ihirly citOH million yards of earth
iiml ruck lias bci'ii taken from lho
■-anal lied ami disposed or at vat
Inns points where il will mil Inlet
lire with romlucl oi affairs on Ibe
big iiiiHi,
Mori' Ihan half of (tie concrete ue-
■essai v for the locks litis- been
placed. Tbe Oiling r<>r the (latuu
dam is seventy |n*r cent completed,
in addition, large amounts of machinery, needed to tow ships through
tin- locks and in the operation ol
Hie locks themselves, have been put
in place. The gluiil gates have
commenced to arrive and are lieing
moved Into position tor speedy erection.
These figures indicate the great
progress achieved by the engineers.
They may come as a surprise to
many who have, followed the canal
work only casually and did not appreciate the extent of progress
made during the past year or eighteen mouths.
Wattsburg   Lumber   Company
Succeed in Hilton Case-Claim
Dismissed and Counter
Claim Allowed
Judgment has just been received
bv tin- registrar fn m Mr. Justice
Murphy in Ibe action of J. II. Hilton vs tbc WatUburg Lumber com
pauy Tho action was tilts] without
a jury before Mr. Justice Murphy on
ihc .;,ib nl May, at the assizes
held in Cranbrook, Judgment being
reserved  ai ibe trial,
c ll Thompson appeared al ibe
hiai fm tin- ptnlntlfl .1 11. Hilton
.imi M \ Macdonald toi the dc
femlaiit, ibe WatUburg Lumber coin
The plalntin Milton is the owner
i.i lota 7101 ami 7108 near Qonttell
The Wnttaburg Lumber company bail
an agreemenl with him in remove
tin- Umber oil those lots, the time
limit expiring nu June 30th, 1811.
Hilton owned a house on lot 7101
ami other buildings were erected by
Hit' defendant, such as a blacksmith
Shop ami sleeping bunks. Hilton
claimed Ihat the defendants hail
no right lo occupy his house, which
was usiil as a eook-housc and on
April 271b Obtained an iil.iin ;tioii tn
prevent the WatUburg Lumber company from occupying any of the various buildings on this lot. The result was that the defendants were
ci mpcllwl to give up logging operations hy reason nf the Injunction.
The plaintills also claimed from the
defendants about n hundred dollars
damages for certain articles which
were missing frnm his cook house,
alleging Hint the defendants broke
open the premises and removed
The WatUburg Lumbot company
counter-claimed atfiitist Hillrn (or
damages, claiming that hy reason nf
this injunction they were compelled
In vacate buildings, only one of
which  Hilton  owned—and that    one
tliey claimed they had permission tu
occupy—and were also c» mpelled to
withdraw' their men and give up
further logging operations on these
lets wilh the result that it was
Impossible  to remove the balance of
[tin timber before June the 30th,
when their right under their agreement expired, His lordship finds in
favor of the Wnttsbuig I,umber company; dismisses Hilton's claim for
damages, finding ihat they had a
right to occupy all thoso promises
and also directing a reference to the
registrar L ascertain the amount of
damages sulTcrcd by ihe company,
Un* registrar nol i" consider, however, the feature that the defendants
removed certain loading machinery
from the lot after the injunction was
obtained. The plaint id Hilton is to
pay costs oi both claim ami counterclaim, The judgment of Mr Justice
Murphy follows:
1 am of opinion thai the main action should Ih* dismissed. The plain-
Hit agreed with tbo defendant's fore
man lo alb w his house to be used
as a cook house iu consideration .of
Hie defendant purchasing the sup
plies nu hand. I think this arrangement was not brought to an end
in February and I accept the evidence of the foreman that plaintiff
did nnt make the statement he
swears he did ami upon which he relies to terminate the contract he
admittedly made. I find as a
fact that the bouse hud been broken
into ami was open when defendants
workmen returned in March to resume operations. Tbc articles
claimed for were probably stolen before tho men so returned. In any
event in the view I take of the ease
the defendants cannot he held liable
for their value, as no evidence was
given showing they had appropriated such articles. I think the ca.se
falls also nn tbe ground that nn
damage was shown tn have been suffered hy the plaintiff and that the
case—no matter what view of the
evidence is taken—is net rue in
which nn injunction could succysstt:!-
ly   he asked.
The defendant counter - claimed
for damages arising out of the issuance nf an ex parte Injunction obtained hy tlu* plaint iff. 1 bold an
injunction should never have been
applied for and admittedly as obtained it prevented defendants fmtn
using their own property ami put
end tn their operations. The
plaint ill must pay such damages as
arise from its having been issued,
but I do not think such damages can
be increased by the act of the defendants. Under the circumstances
I hold it was reasonable ft r the defendants to wait until the bearing ol
the motion to dissolve notice of
which was given for the Nrlsui assizes.
On the statement of counsel 1 have
to hold that the plalotift is respon-
ible for the unfortunate adjournment of this motion for hearing at
Cranbrook I do not   think, hnw-
vcr, the defendants should have removed   their machinery.
There will Ik* a reference to the registrar  to ascertain:
Ftrtl —What quantity of timber
falling wjthln the timber agreement)
held   by defendants and available ft r
igglflg could have been logged off
ihc lot, which defendants intended
log, by tbc defendants between
the dale when defendants finally
abandoned the eamp ami the time
limit date in the said timber agreement .
Si*ct ml — Whal quantity of ties ami
pules on the other lot could have
been l<*tw«l oil such tot by the
defendants between the date they
Anally abandi qed the eamp and the
lime   limit   dale    in Ihc said Umbel
Third.—Whal amount of each of
these quantities could have been logged by the defendanes between say
three days after the date of hearing
at Cranbrook—on which date defendants could hope had the Injunction
dissolved had they so desired—and
the said time limit date assuming
defendants hnd allowed their machinery   tn remain al the eamp.
The quantity found under heading
:, are to In* deducted from tbe sum
lolnl of Ibe quantities found under
headings one and two. The remainder is iu he irt-ulyd us the
amount ot timber td which defend
arils have been deprived |>y the issu-
amv of said Injunction and defend
nuts are to have judgment on their
Counter-claim for the value id such
llmbet to them. in ascertaining
such value regard is tn Im* bad not
tn the market price, but its value
tn defendants under all tbe circumstances.
Fourth.—The registrar is also to
determine the cost to the defendants
nt replacing their force nf men at
the camp from VYattshurg and such
amount is to lie added to the judgment on the counter-claim, hut nn
allowance is to be made (or replacing machinery as 1 hold the defendants should have allowed such machinery to remain nl tbe camp, m»r Is
any allowance to Im made for any
expense In moving machinery pre-
paralnry tn sending il In such camp
If damage bad resulted or would
have resulted under either nr both
nl these heads, bad ■ the dissolution
of the injunction been accepted at
the trial. I hold such damage has
resulted from the defendants' own
Dr. Maud's Female Pills
Prescribed ami recommended tot women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick and
permanent. For sale at all drug
stores. 3-toIiel'i
No regard i.s to be had by the
registrar to ihc alleged lie contract as plaintiff was not shown to
have bail any knowledge of it, but
damages as to Mc timber l« tn ho
determined as above set out hy Uie
assumption ihat such Me timber
would he laken out by tin defendants   themselves,
The defendants are lo have theii
costs of defence ami costs nr ci nn
Q, H. Thompson fnr tin* plainlifl
It, a Macdonnld for ihe defendant
Each of King George's snns will
receive fifty thousand dollar* a yeni
frnm the civil lisi ihi attaining his
majority, and each daughtel thirty
thousand dollars a year at hei ma
Jorlty   or marriage.
sir Wilfrid Laurler will sail for
home  un June 30th.
The Calumet and Ilecla mining
company has paid a hundred ami fif
teen million dollars in dividends
since   it started.
The   labor    situation   among
saw  mills of   Northern Ontario
the  present     time is far from sa
factory,  from   the  employer's i>•
of  view.       Many of the mills
unable  to find enough good    men
handle  their cut properly. There
few exceptions to  this, hut
general   tbe complaint is     heard
over tin* north    country,    Ihal
though   wages are unusually       h
good   men are scarce.
Copyrights 4c.
anyone niarifllnB a pkef rh and .tn«cr>t*f Um T>*ni
(lulrltli UOOrtAln our ni'i'iimi fruo tilii'iltoi  mt
lllVl'Illl N   ITi-llIlM**   I'llU'tl'tllVo,      ('   -,,M,lt!l,|.It-
• ^[iflHirlcttrMtUMMUi. HANDBOOK ■ ■til'mn.L.j
■Oht few. t'ldMl hboikt furu'euoutt i-titcnia.
i'ntonu Uketi tliniuiili Muiin A Co. tc. ..■:?«
l'pffltilru(l-(, without cbrtrtie, Intl.o
Scientific American.
A liimtonmfjlT llliit.tn.U-il WMklj.    lAtgnt <!r-
i ul»ti'iti  i>i hit   •"■iftitui''   t-'iinml,     J until   tut
CsniJ*. lA-'i ii ymu, imuune i>ie,f,ild.   *-unl l>y
All   II!'* Ill I nil-'*,
MUNNJCo^vrr* New York
lif.iicl, OftlM. fltt a* 8U W.ililnaluii. II C.
Spokane is threatened with a coal
famine if the big strike in tbe
Canadian cnal mines is tun settled
month or six weeks, ami a l.ig
shortage  in   Ihe coal supply lor litis
ity   will he absolutely certain.
The I\ Burns company will creel
u packing plant at a cost nf half a
million dollars at Edmonton,
Reporters will he barred from exc
cut ions in Ontario In the future.
sheriff Reynolds, ol Godenrich, is
the first to bring the new order ol
things into effect, and will Issue an
(hcial story.
The members of the Loyal Orange
lodges nt Cranhrook and Crerton
will celebrate by having a big picnic
at   Creston nu July 12th.
The Grand Central station in New
York will he completed in about
eighteen months. The total area td
the terminal will be sixtyvight
R. L. Borden Is scheduled to make
forty addresses during bis western
The Bank of Vancouver Is Opening
a  branch iu Hazelton.
It Is stated at the post nffice department tbat tin- King George
stamps will he on 'ale for a
couple of months yet. The dies
have nnt been east, I bough the design  is approved.
Trains are now tunning from
Prince Rupert lo Copper river, one
hundred   miles   distant The first
train  carried    two hundred passengers  and several cars id freight.
A spectacular fire occurred in Vancouver Sunday morning in the garage of \v. Bauer, Georgia street.
Thirty-six autos were stored In tbe
building, whicli was of wood, ami
only four were got out before the
Haines blocked the doors and drove
tbe employees awav Two of the
latter were seriously burned. The
loss is estimated at one hundred
thousand dollars
I —
The uniform success that has at
tended the use id Chamberlain's
Colic, ('hclcra and Diarrhoea Remedy
has made It a favorite everywhere
tt can always in; depended Upon, Fnr
sale by all dealers. 15-tl
TAKE NOTICE that I, Sarah
lane Macdonald, nf t'ranbrook, occupation, Married woman, intend to
apply for permission tn purchase tbe
following described lands:
Commencing      at       a post
planted       about tour feet
from the N. IV, ci.rner of Lot
HlOll.'t, thence west ten chains, thence
south sixty chains, thence east ten
chains, thence north sixty chains,
along the .Spokane International
Railway to point nt commencement.
Sarah Jane Macdonald.
Samuel Macdonald, agent.
Dated June Lttti, 1911. 1? tit
«      WOOD SPLITS      »
*i    a combination Of  Wood  am! ♦
•4   lion  Hint glvei tin* beet mlvitii    f*
^ tagos of all other wood un well as .
* Ihe steel split pulleys. '*
Now has a liiu't- stock in Nelson,
Carries a full stock of
Repairs for above always
iu HI nek
lilONK :M0 l\ O. BOX 001
Twenty-live yoars' practical experience.
Kivu years Inspectoi of nuisances.
Plumbing nml Seunge Export foi Hwln
don—30,000 population.
■Ml Jill
Note tlie difference in these
two loaves of bread!
No. 1  wu matte from SEAL OF ALBERTA
Ihe Faultleu Flour   Ilie flour   that make, per-
feet l)re.-,d.
There is u reason why il it belter.
Vou have seer, a hoy chew wheat lo malie
"gum" out of ii. That "gum" as he calls it,
h Ihc filuton of the wheat. On the quality of
tlie f;!u!en ilie bread depends. That "quality"
ir. the gluten is determined by soil and moisture
f.r.d locality and other things. And we select
the best wheat from the best locality clean it
perfectly wash it mill it in a mill that it per-
feciio.i itself then age it until it is just right, in
order lo cive you in perfect condition SEAL OF
ALBERTA, the Faultless Flour. "
Ash your grocer about it.
Rem] nrvt wtelr*. .niiouncntirnt.
Everything in Tin uml r'liecl Iron muii,-
to older
lint Air Furnaces,   Hot Water anil
Sti'illll Ituilul.
SIR EDMUND WALKER,  C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L. President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Gevek.l M.n.cer
REST. - 57.000.000
Every bmncb of The Canadian Hai
the priiiL-ipdl clUeS in the fbiloarlfjg
AlHca Cret«
Ar.,Wa Cuba
AlBMllM Republic IVnmark
A„.tr„li4 l:,->pt
Ati.tri.-llunu-anr    F»r,-« KanJ,
IMEiu« Fhtaa)
lir.,,,1 F,
li of Co
,.   .   -.r.,
I -    i
I   .    - -.. !- -■
I. ... .- .
Pr'ch Cechln Chli
Chili Germar.y
China Grpat UnUii
The amount of these drafts i. st.-it.-.i ,. Ilie money of the country
;.hle; that i, thev are drawn 1:1 sterCag, 6 mes, m.irli,, lire, k:
laels, roubles, etc.. a. the ca«e may be. Th-s ensjres that the
receive Uie actual amount intended.
So*tb Africa
Strail. Setl>mrr.la
I ruUrJ StaU.
Cpt Itjip.. elc.
where they are pay.
rotien, florin., yen.
payee abroad will
M. T.'Jrytimer, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
WITO UJTtin»*W Mill
riBie on PEMftny
«0lHCKI.YA5 1HE(t(IL)
our Business is
vour wi*ie 'Annus
WIlvritO'lfTU 8RIH6*AHI
let us lineup td it
521 Camble Street,
pV&ivcoMver B.C. o
A  Good   Home
is what h dear to erery man, A home
i* where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is fonnd. That is the reason
men throughoot British Columbia, when
"Oranbroov1 is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos, Branlt has made for an
ideal home at the
II Canadian Hotel
************* **********
VouN tver
Saw Us Saw
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»l*m.   We don't have lo.   We
make i-glft- and atesdy one-
lomen loo b* t'ivini; people
jnet exaeUy wiiat Ihey waol "1
thecholceat t;,*&i» we can get.
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tliat we ii"t."- people alwavi
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• PHONE 08 m
Where to go for First Class Job Work ?
By the llrriilil   Publishing Company,
K. J. Deane, MuuaBing Editor.
CtttNimiJOK. It. C, June 21,1'lll
The census eiwimeralors an- nn the
home stretch, so in s|it-.tt..
Big crops un th*' in.tiii.s will
mean husy limes in KorI Koolonaj
litis  coming fall
British Columbia ilIU continues lo
attract a large number ol hlgh-elnm
settlers    This province is mnvl)   the
llll'    DillllllllHI
\ I read) Ihe [armors nn Hie prolrli
arc worrying over Ine prnLahlc
shortage ol harvesl lielp Nest
monlh the rarmei will be Ukina hi
Imi  nil tn   tin* hired man
ll is not general!) known, bui It li
a tacl nevertheless, that thousand*
nf frogs arc whipped lo Mllwaiikei
every   ycai        The breweries      um
their In ps in making mail n
\ man who ban travelled all ovei
the world nays Uml (here is mnn
in tu- seen in iln- way nf nature*!*
wi.inliis along Ihe line ol ibc ('ana
ih.in ractlic nil Iun j ihan in a Iri]
I,, KurojH' While ibis is a fad li
is haul in make iln- genera! run u
|ienplc believe it.
There is a |udge down in Seat11.
who   is on in his |nb        l'«" n I""
lime  tbeic   has been a Bcra| he
tween the Seattle Timet, and tin
Seattle 1' I , and flnnlly each papei
sued   Ihc other for libel,    Tbc |udgi
iliMtiiss.il   bulb ail s, seating Ihal
be would not sanction a waste ol
Ihe country'', money fur the piirpma
nf  avenging private grievances
Years  ago    V   V.  Simpson,    thu
publisher ot    the Herald, said:
The  wise   man  of    Cranhrook
will   gel hold oi    a piece «.f I tod
m   the     Koolenay      valley   ami
thereby   la)    tin-    foilndalion foi
liis fuiiiii- prosperll)
Now   after eight or ten years have
passed   we realize how sound the ail
littlii automobiles have been land
hI in t'ranbriHik from fbr fm lorie
in the past [our weeks. Then' i
nut auoiber lown m tin- provhict
nf Cranbrook's si/e thai can boas
of so main motor ears, foi then
arc now over thirty of tliem in ami
around Ihc city. These cars arc
coming in so fast tlt.it tin- arrive
uf a new ono creates scarcely air
more comment than a personal (ten
Rial Ing John .foncs m Mill Sunt1
bait  come to lown.
Next Saturday is Dominion Da).
ami marks ibc forty-fourth annlvei
sart of confederation, lieu- s .1
fitting t< ;isi fm the occasion: To
Canada: The land of nut Iwsl love
May her sons ami daughters a
carry themselves tbat In the
■.cars to come the name of Canatl
iau will lie associated throughout
tbe world with honor, intelligence,
good workmanship, fait dealing, sn
her public opinion, but quick Indlgn
aliou agnlnsl wnuip, oppression ot
inhumanll)   wherever displayed
Tlif promotion of Oovernmenl
\genl .1 c Armstrong to the
position ••{ acting chief water cum
mlssloner, with headquarters ai Vic
torla, is a most deserving om-. It
is safe lo sav ihal (here is nut a
more capable official lu tin- service
uf the government in the province
Mr Armstrong is almost a walking
encyclopaedia on matters m conncc
tion wiih iln* various ofllcca he has
filled in South Kasl Kootenay, ami
mi queallons uf law be is seldom II
ever astray The wondci la thai
ibc government did nol - recognize
lho man's abihU long before Ibis
Natural!) Cranbrook ami South
l-'.itsi Kootenay regrcla to low such
a  good dtlxcfl (iiui sn capable an nf
dual,   but   at   Ibe   same    llmci   .ill
will in- pleased that ho hoi been advanced   in tin- ranks
Electric Restorer for Men
I'husphonol rutorwiiery norveIn •Jjjjwjv
wm mid utahly. rrunmtinc il.-i it iiml nil sextifil
wanknost, SYMled al onee. Phottphonol will
niatu ymi ;i m-w man. Price IB » box. or two tot
«.. rttailcil lo tiny iiiMi t*ii. llioycoutiUUrug
Co., HI. Cfttlinrluea, Out.
For sale al Uoatlo, Murphy & Co.,
The Cranbrook board nf trade, always anxious lo pul before the
public (he resources ami advantage*
ni the city ami iltr district, never
loses an opportunity to make Ihc
true fuels Known. Oil Ibc programmes used ai iln- concert lasi
Tuesday evening b\ the Coronation
Concerl company, Ihe following facts
nre given relative lo Cranhrook un
iln   ihe caption uf "Do Vou Know?"
Cranbrook has four thousand liibab
Cranbrook is Ihe financial center of
iln-   Kast Koolcnn) district?
Cranbrook is iln- I in In nil tlUtrlbul
lug point ol the Kast Km U'linj ills
Cranbrook  has   twentj   saw mills
Witlllll   a   ratlins nl  Iwenc)   IllIlOBl
Cranbrook has eight passenger
trains  per day.'
Craitbrcok is Ibe divisional point uf
ilir  Canadian Pacific railway?
Cranbrook is Mir rounded by fertile
valleys and bwich lands awaiting
Then the question is asked: "Have
um done your share to make thesu
facts known in tin- outsiila world?"
Ever) one of tho above statements
arc correct, Actual count shows
Cranbrook to have ovei four thou
sand Inhabitant!., Time banks, uml
all ol them busy, is proof of Cran
brook living ilu- financial center ol
the Kasi Koi lena) district, Make
a   note of    the  shipments   of goods
from    Cranbrook t (aide    polnl*
and you are at once convinced thai
C ran brook is the natural dlstrlbul
Ing point of ibe Kast Kootenay district. Cuiini ibe saw mills within a
ratlins uf twenty miles uf (ran
brook anil you will easily Iiml twen
tv oi iiniii Ki.ij.hi pnssoiiger trains
leave Craubrook every day. Count
ihem for yourself. Cranhrook i i
ihc  divisional    polnl of lho C.P.H.,
 I   nu   this      there is no    chance
for argument. An last, bui nol
least, no one disputes thai Cranbrook is surrounded by fertile vol
leys ami lieneb lands awaiting de
velopmeiit, A thousand other good
things could be said iu favor of
Cranbrook without exaggeration
The knighting ul Mr. William
Why to is meeting wiih popular ap.
praval. He is a hi and worthy
subject for such a distinction, anil he
will wear ii with dignity, Mr
Whytc was born in Scotland in
1813. In 1872 he emigrated to Canada, and until 1883 In- was employed
wiih tin- Grand Trunk railway. He
worked iu almost every capacity.
from brakesman up tu assistant sup
erlntetident. lu I8tlfl be left the
(I rand Trunk ami Joined the C.P -It .
taking charge of the western lines
witli headquartesn at Winnipeg. Last
year he was made vleo-prcsldent of
tin* company, Sir William Wliyle
while serving his company faithfully
has always ki-pt iu view the development of the west. lie has always
been a friend of the settler, and is
noted for bis square dealings with
those under him in the employ of
tbc company.
The pclltlcal meeting addressed by
\ s (loodeve, tin* member tor Koo
lenay, in ibc Auditorium un Friday
night, the 23rd Instant, must have
been a kern disappointment tu Ibe
Dominion member, Noi more ihan
>m- hundred nnd forty people wer
icattcred tliroutfi a ball capable of
holding six hundred and there was a
noticeable absence ol enthusiasm.
If   there    was any doubt     as       tu
wlietbti    ni    not    tin* people uf      this
city ami vicinity Men* "worked up"
as the Ci usciv.it m* press is fund
of alleging against tho rceiprocitj
pact,   it  must  hate bQCh dispelled hi
ibis meeting, No attempt was
made as ai thr public meeting at
S'clson, io obtain n nap verdict
from the audience by a standing
vole Those iii charge of lho meet
ing no duuiit realized from ihe pro
found  -lion r    and   general    ail oi
Dr. C. Gordon Howitt, Dominion Entomologist, says, referrintr to Ihc infantile death rale
from intestinal diseases and diarrhoea spread by the house
fly, he believes that the so-called harmless fly is yearly causing the death of thousands of infants, as well as spreading
the germs of typhoid fever.
are the best thing to rid your house of these dangerous pests.
gloom which marked the meeting
and the numbers who walked out
while Mr. (Innilcvc was speakingi
thai ii, won Id be distinctly danger.
mis to ask for a vote. The Herald
believes that thu prevailing opin-
oii of a large majority oi the electors of Cranbrook is strongly tu
avoi of a trade arrangement with
the United States, which will relieve the people ut Canada ul just
Unit amount of taxation which was
formerly collected un all the articles
Included in tho arrangement coming
into this country from the United
States, nnd placed on the free list.
It is rather dllllcult to create enthusiasm against a large measure ol
free trade with ninety millions ol
people right nt our doors, more especially when ns every urn who is
familiar with tho facts knows tlml
ver since confederation both parties
have endeavored to secure just such
ail ai raugcmciit. During the wl-
ministration uf Sir John A. Mar
donald a standing offer was maintained ou the Canadian Statute
Hooka whereby tho government expressed by logitfintltai iheir willingness io ctiicr into an arrangement with the Untied States, for
the free interchange of natural products just as sum us the American
products if Canada Thai alter
government expressed willingness to
open their markets lo the natural
was maintained wiih little alteration down to 18(10 when the Conservatives went out if office. The
voile face shown by the Conservative parly in opposing an arrangement which their own leaders
sought for thirty years requires a
little more explanation than Ihey
have   Ih-cu able to give so far.
Mr. Clow.eve at the Craubrook
meeting made a reference to the
lumber situation which appears in
llu* Herald to be marked hy Insincerity or an attempt to obtain sup
port 111 a quarter where It should
m t be obtained. Referring tn Lho
complaint of local lumbermen that
Ihe prairie market Is now being
glutted with American lumber, Mr
(loodeve said: "What they should
have done (referring to Fielding and
Paterson In their negotiations wllh
the United States) was lo insist
Ihnl a duly should bo placed on
American rough lumber coming Into
Canada." Will Mr. Goodcvo inform
Ibe readers of tbc Herald if tbe Con
nerval ive party at Otsawa will sup
port an amendment to the tariff
act Imposing a duty on American
rough lumber coming Into Canada?
Will he also say if in the three
years he was iu the lu use he ever
made' a move in that dircctit n him
self? When Mr. Ooodcve says Kidding ami Paterson should have impi s
ed n duty—he must mean, if he
wishes to la* regarded as sincere,
that the Conservative party are wil
ling to impose such a duly. Will
he say they are? We ask him t-
stale bis answer In explicit term
through the columns of the Herald
if he cares lo. Tills duty was taken tiff rough lumber hy the Cuu
servatives seventeen years age and
the Herald believes tbat repre
scntaliutis made by the Lumberman'*
association to both parties at Ot
tawa to re-impose the duty were un
successful. The mischief, if any
was done hy the Conservative par
iv. Will ihey, if returned to power
undo It? Mr. Ooodcve cannot shirk
Ibc issue. Let.him answer two
simple questions (1) Will he say thai
the Conservative party will Impose
a duly on American lumber if returned ti power? (2) Will be him
self advocate il in the house when
il   resumes on .Inly 18th?
Mr. floodeve referred to the question of Japanese Immigration at the
meeting at the Auditorium on Friday evening. This reference, however, lo "a white llritish Columbia" did not dis-rel Ibe gluom
which pervaded the meeting or enthuse the one hundred and forty
people scattered through the ball.
The |>eoplc know thai the arrange
men! made by the 1>i minion government with Japan has been adhered
tu   tu     Ihr letter and   that no .lap
aiiese uie coining Into llritish Columbia except Ihe limited few to
which no one objects—arranged tor
by the convention with Japan, ll
is also the fuel that the Conservative party iu the house did nol
oppose that arrangement, Mr. Good-
eve says, that "speaking for myself
In the house" he made objections tn
dealing with the problem in this
way. Mr, Gnodevc may speak ''for
himself" on any and every question
and then come back Lu British Columbia and endeavor to obtain cheap
political advantage, Ho will deceive no one by such a course,
Every one knows ihal I his question must be deall willi not by Individuals in ibe party "speaking
for themselves" hut by the parly as
whole. When, therefi re, Mr.
Goodove'f) party do not oppose the
government's method of doajlng wiih
this qucstlo-a they must In* taken
as approving It. Mr, Goodcvo will
Iiml Ihat he musl tint) soino now
io retain the support given
him In the lasl election, "Ont*
deceived twice shy " The simple
fuel is thai ihc government have
dealt with the problem of Japanese
Immigration by negotiating with
I a pan itself to ibe nni Israeli on ol
everyone—even lo the satisfaction ol
the Conservative party In the house.
Mr. Goodcvo should speak for hh
party, art "fur himself" merely,
The arguments -used by Mr. Good-
eve in opposing the reciprocity arrangement were nol convincing, Foi
instance, he slaled thai the United
States market is a myth, giving figures to show the ei mparatively
small volume nl our exports to that
country, showing too that wo buy
more from them than ihey do front
us. The figures were ol no benefit bi
far as the reciprocity arrangement
is concerned, as they included the
whole volume of our trade Instead
of the trade in the particular ar
tieles affected by the agrecmoot
Iluwt'ver, be thai as il may, wt
would point out thai Mr. Goodevc's
argument is unsound. Why are om
exports to the United states lc
Ihan our Imports? Simply because
there is a duty against them of
over forty per cent. What other
itxpected under thesi
rhe reciprocity pact
duties on natural
ult will he in
creased exporl to the United States
Of course (in exports were com
paratlvcly small because the Amcri
can door was closed, Mr. Goodevi
complains of Ihe fad thai tin
railed States buy so little from
us ami at the same time opposes
opening the door tu enable us to sell
Ihem   more.
The pecplc in the Auditorium
were told by Mr. Goodeve that Ihi:
trade arrangement with the United
Slates would divert our trade fi
cast ami west channels iu Canada
to lines running north and south
Bui he aKo claimed that the United Stales was not the natural mat
ket for the products of Canada,
prices wen- hither on ihis side and
the United siates produced a surplus of natural products for export
themselves. How Is It then that
trade will run north and south ii
both countries will be exporters in
the lines nffected by the treaty? Mr
Goodeve should make only one ar^n
ment. He is apt to refute bis Iirsl
by   venturing on a second.
We have a right to expect candour and honesty from Mr. Goodeve
in discussing public quest ions. Was
be holiest in his references to the
pulp wood situation? He clearly
tried to leave the Impressim that
this  trode arrangement   would
VotpO the depletion or our supply uf
pulpwood fm manufacture into paper in the United states and that
Mr. Fielding and Mr. Paterson
"connived" at sueii an arrangement
Nothing is clearer to anyone rending
the correspondence between Mr.
Fielding ami Mr. Knox, win repre
senled the American government,
that Mr. Fielding made il plain that
(he collirol of iiiir pulpwood is under
the   jurisdiction of the provinces nml
result   could   be
removes   these     i
products,      The
Let Us Cut Down
Your Insurance Rates by
Wiring Your House for
Electric Lights
Let us know your wants and they
will be attended lo in a thoroughly
efficient manner.
Our terms enable you to install
lights in any size of a house.
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Siuvi'BMuri to the Qiiain Electrical Supply Co.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,      •       B. C.
thai tliey Iiml neither llir. rinlit nor
tho ili'sin- tn interfere with flint eon-
Mr. Gooilcve assured liis audience,
mi Friday night Hint Ihc fruit Industry in Ihis province would imt lir
ruined, It would tie affected hut nut
ruined. N'oliottlil he would persist i
tlie ground taken lay alarmists at
tin, outset that ruination
bound ti follow were it not that
nearly every week reports appear ot
tlie tlie transfer nf fruit lands at
steadily  advancing prices.
Mr.   Cfonileve's   inn'tiiif. with it
sparse  attendance showed that the
people of Ihis district cannot he
enthused  over a proposal to remove
customs taxes      from a larite pro
porlicn nl tlio articles which tin
people  eat    anil wear.
Mr. Ooodcve is fimfiiii; a similar
sentiment iu Kasl Kootenay in
iranl lo reciprocity that liis leader
Is finding in tlie prairie provinces,
The Herald is credibly informed iiy
a Cranbrook citizen who was at tlie
Borden meeting in Medicine Hat thai
mil more than two hundred people
Hill Mr. Cm deve admit that Sir
John A. Macdonald, sir Charlc
Tapper and Sir John Thompson
were misi;iiiilc<] men iu scekiii}.
their time just such an arrangement
as Uie Laurler government have re
Gently   brought  about.
• i»*»*»***»»**»»»»****»*tt»
tSpokcjm.n' ll.,l,w.)
What has become d the old-fash
ionttl   Indian cigar sign?
Mexican soil is so rich Hint they
grow everything Irom grapefruit I
Hut mi matter how thirsty you
are, don't drink wood alcohol, for
it's sure death.
Dan Cupid is packiuri tiis suitcase
for a  trip to tlie seashore.
It doesn't necessarily follow that
the eilimi who pays his hills the
first of tlie month is mi early
When  a woman says she I, st hei
hair  no one   knows     whether she
means rats, pulls, switches or the
natural  kind.
While attending the coronation
wealthy  A rlean glrla also    look
il over ihc slock of dukes across
ilu- pond,
An accommodating hotel propria*
tor at l-'nx lake, neai Chicago, in mi
elforl    to please all   classes, lias pro-
iileil Sunday worship lor his
Biiests wlio lean Hint way, and iu
another part ol the structure a
faro game ami roulette wheel are in
When a gallon of milk is all, wed
lo stand over nklii without producing enough cream t, change the
color of a cup nl .lava II doesn't
necessarily follow that the milkman
Is dishonest, but at least the cows
snoiilil lie given more nourishing
Xn  more she meets him at the gale,
I'o slay till nine or ten;
As gates are out of style jllsl now
I'or up lo date young men.
Instead, they    walk   through     city
Willi 1111,118111111 (rend and slow;
Where inn and   pa can't come    and
I I'm lime lor him to go.
Joseph Ryan
Vviiidurmore, 11. 0.—672 acres, situated ou
Columbia River, between Columbia unit Win.
tlerinere Lakes, in the most, fertile, and beautiful part of tlio Windermere country, Fee
simple title, unencumbered, Prior water right
10 160 inches frnin Coldstream Creek. Large
portion Bub-lrrlgated, Excellent dwelling
house unit out olHces within hull a mile nl' tile
Kiiiriii.iiint Imt sulphur springs. (IIiIihI
i.rcluinl in tho Wiiiilerniere. Unlimited tree
range, ICootonay Central Railway, now under
construction, surveyed aoroDB two of ItiololB,
Nine Iii-iiil of Inirsiisiiiiil 76 lieml of Block, wilh
complete equipment uf farming Implements,
Ac.    HiniHi' well furnished.    Will be nolil an u
going concern, fully equipped, I'nr&iN.uiiii, o	
t Iii ni cnsli and twu minimis nt li per cent.
Without Block ami equipment, $22,600, Sum,,
tin ins.
noar Windermoro, Plentifully watered, Huh
been extensively cultivated, Excellent fruit
laud.   $111.00 un nere.   Terms,
THE COUTURE RANCH.   Reputed tu be the boat luml
in the Windermere. Price null terms nu
THE WALSH AND KENNY RANCH. Directly opposite
the town of Windermere on the wott shore ot
the lake. Watered from end to end by lioldie
Creek.   Price and terms on application.
To Urn, t tivlif i knowltrie of the Wlailera cr.- caoslrv II la nni
n.-ttMorr In ape.k ol Ihe quality of thou holillaia. Taty' mat. fnr
Ibc ben,III ol oulaidcra, be > olid In bc .bout Ihc n tk ul tbe pid.nl
lao4 ol ibe volley, cllhir for .Jianiancs ol water, fertility, hull
growlof or icacril fanslttf.
40 ACRES °f Prime Fruit Lands near Creston. In-
cleared. Clearing, fencing, plowingnndlaying
down iu clover will cost nlioiit $85,00 un nere.
Water right across it. Some beaver meadow,
The picked laud of the district. Apply for
price and terms to above.
Raworth Block,
Baker St,   Cranbrook.
A luisbandli'SK woman starts worrying at twenty-five, becomes Iron-
Lie at thirty, reaches tin* desperate
stage at thirty-five and loses all
liojie at torty. Alter thai she is
classed as a maiihater—says sin- never wanted to marry, anyhow—and
Irom that time tin Imagines .she is
enjoying life.
He bragged that   he could drive     a
In record-breaking time;
Next   day the nidge imposed on hitn
A record-breaking fine.
J-c-s-sh) wears his trousers creased,
Hut .l-i'-s-s-i-e wears a holthle skirt;
K-r-a-n-r-i-x is a modest youth. ...
While K-r-a-n-c-e-x is an awful flirt.
■fust   keeps me guessing all the time
Because they almost h ok the sainr.
To   tell just which is tnasniline,
And  also how to spell his name.
Packed In
CO< a pound
In i 'tnuir'Ti n'l'in ol Die curonaiion of
KlngGcofff V," Uiitirw.1*.t» mvi (mion tlie
ruikt-t a OoKniUon Im ol a nt.-i pctliraqii**.
a HlottquWwdeittfl, beirliwctcttleni portnilli
it ivi 'u iai..n:r V.* 'i.rt.i M.iry an llhf l'nn*.e
.■! VVslti. SiYiiul pancli bwa beta M-focd
rrf.itfM-.iliiii( < -nuila, Iiitlia, Aliu... Auatidlu
an.I Nrw y.tnl-inil.
Only a Untied niimbrr li.ivr heen ircpoited,
1'iti.ctMlc. lur inn* i«'uuti tins.
At Kr*l Mop*.
Special Offerings for Monday in Low Shoes
Salartlfty boing a I.KfiAl, HOLIDAY we offer 8PE0IAL
siun-Mtiiiil'iy at n saving of :!0 . SKI-: QUOTATIONS
PATENT KMPS-witlMin-ltroM
mill liult.ill itiitil. on  ll, Heal
loll.   All aixel, r.|fultir pries
II 60, SO |ior rent illxnulil
HlriipsltiiltMii.ihW AI.K
ut 20 iK-r caul discount
MONDAY.   A iplemllil
rhllli.v lOgl't 11 lllll III
SIH IK ill lli<> prion of
1111 ontiiiiiry ono,
GUN METAl PUMPS-one button,    sty 1,.  vory   new..!
■bants ami Itylilll,   regular
price 9: |„.| cent dia-
muiil.   MONDAY $3.1$
MONDAY at same dis.
count 'Jtl |K>r cent, nil
styles- -OX Fn If l)S.
SHOK.S A slnii,;lit
snviiiL' for llu- little
BI.AOKK, TANS  aii.l   OX
III.OODH, nil aluetanilavoiy
comfortalilo  olios,   regular
nrica $.1.75, 'i» per rent (111*
count.   MONDAY 93.00
All sizes in WHITES and TANS.   MONDAY ONLY
at n DISCOUNT of 20 .   A good clianoo to si-cure 11
pair of tln-se Sandals at a LOW PRICE. THE ORANBROOK HERALD
Your Interests
Are Ours.
Tlio Rotnilor in any line of business
should stand fur tin- interests of his custom-
era, lu tlie Iiitig run, it is on them lie must
ili'lii'iiil. It in because \ro know that tve
niiiBt satisfy yon Hint the Kodak line is the
one sold exclusively in our photogrupliic
No. 3 Folding Pocket Kodak
Id absolutely up tu dale In construction,
(Kodaks always lend) Makes BJ x ij pictures.   Price, $17.60,
.III of thu now goods front the Kodak
factorynrolo !«• found iu our stoek.
The Beatlie-Murphy Co.,
•n      „ •    . LIMITED
I he Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, - - British Columbia
that suited your eyes two
yours a«o inuy not Biiit
tliem to-day, It is essential that you liuve your
eyes examined once iu two
years at least, if you require no oliange in lenses
we will tell you so frankly;
if you need oliiuige you
would want to know il.
Jowi-luru and Opticians
ll.!'. It. Watch laipootors
TIIK tiiiestion ol " what
watch" to buy Is n haul
ono lor the nverilge to
decide. Dozensof gnu lea aro
mltl under Ilie snme name,
and it |itix**.e1sany Iun nn ox-
perl to decide where prm-llenl
utility stojK and i xtrnvngfluco
Watch Exports
ami will gladly help yon in this
matter. Our steel;'. mlirsces
the l«sl wtii'lii*.-uiatle. Come
in uml look them ovei we're
always pleased to hIiqw—
whotlior viiij I my or not.
And RK.UKMUKR repairing our specialty, Our piices
an* right,
Jo waler nnd Opilcinn
Paul I land Icy was down from
Marysvllle  Tut sriaj
All kinds ,.( rresb rrnlls at Little
ami   Atchison's
\. C. McKtnstr; i ■■in . i Tuesdaj
from  a    nip to the nasi.
Dave Griffith wns over from Fori
Steele  yestcrdaj
Preserving gooseberries    nl   Pink's
I'UK*    I'lMrtl   (it- • i : i
V   ■'. Deam   .
homo Saturday  ni 8
i!   Warns!* j.   .i   real ■■ i  I
ol   Creston, wa-1  In l< an ,
The  hmrrnl ol   Hob!   t'oghlll took
place   Irom       iv.ini'.   un I
parlors  this aftt n n
I*.  K   Patrick,    ol ill.' i i nhronk
Onru-gi npnny, will    - iki
■ 11■   io Wlndcnnore Satiinlay.
I-OULTRV SPfiCUUflS   Wc have even
thine  fee  \iiur  ttcn-  /inj    hi rites*.    O.mi
bmiik lratjls| l'".
Chas Ktingi -nsmlth, i i,i- ul the
leading   Inn ,.     \x,\n
ot   i, wn Tin wlaj
The Woman's Institute will mcel
l.ni.n (llm rsdaj .■■■■■, nme o|
Mrs    Murgatmyd nl  three u i
Some  snaps in ham] painti
full  ami   ire     Ihc
and   Manning
The  baseball   boys bj   got tl   rust
ling  unit   hard   work have
iti   I atiit-, tin >:   gruitn i. fenced
V, Mm.', Ihc man who m uie \hl
wnukcv   |enli i   In town       lids
Mauri re Chimin ami I) i. Davis
wore down ■ | , Lhbrlil u anil nth i
Alberto   points Hn' in i ..i ii„- wn '.
iln Ice imi,i..it ni.--    .nnt
on  ,ii I ni,,- .nni  Wcnison'
•I    I'   Kink WI   M - id ij
foi   foil   George, nml   -ul bo nwaj
(ot  aboul six ui i
•ynltc a number of Hit* mm     ,.m
ployed in ihe (government road gangs
have  been laid off.
There was a big time at the picnic
mi St. Joseph's creek on coronation
Green corn, cucumber, tomatoes
and California peaches, plums and
apricots.—Campbell and Maiming.
II. K. K. Kent, superintendent lor
W. .1. 0age and Co., Tnrciito, was
in   town Tuesday,
P. K. Simpson is in Paris, and
will probably not return to this
country   until September or October.
Our preserving cherries will he
here (his week. Huy now. Price
and quality guaranteed.—The Pink
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Arthur Ward was on the police
force this week while Dune Mel.cotl
was  away to Hie coast.
Strawberries! strawberries? Strawberries! Wo handle the best for preserving.—Little and Atchison.
Dr. Lees left last. Sunday for Vancouver, where he is opening an office  and will practice his profession.
C II. McDougall, superintendent of
lho SI. Eugene and (be Sullivan
mines,   was iu (own yesterday.
Work on ihe Cranbrook sewerage
system   will bo commenced early    in
One of our cost special*, for Fr'dav Is 20
No. ini-.au.*] lib. ol aar aelcd Salsds
Sfcls tea tor SI.M. East kooteasv Prods.*
antl Provision Hone.
Plenty  of wild strawberries arc to
he found growing around the outskirts  i [ Cranbrook.
II. R, Hazlewood, or the firm ol
Fitch and lla/lcwotd. Movie, was in
Cranbrook  on business yesterday.
w ,i. l-ren, c.l'.R. superintendent
at (his division, has returned from
liis vacation trip and has again assumed   his duties
Leave your    order   f» r preserving
raspberries     nt   Kink's Pure     V I
Mrs Milne and daughter, ol Waldo,
were in t'ranbrook the lirst ol tbo
wi*<k and were guests of Mr. ami
Mrs    Simon Taylor.
\ It IVnwick and wife. Mrs. Dc-
m ii i .mil Ceo. Watson were over
from Port Steele Tuesday in Ml
Pr-nwick's  motoi ear.
Plolilla batli soap—the first over
brought into this country—al Pink's
Pure  Pood Grocery.
.lodge Wilson rernrned yesterday
from Hcvelstoke, where be was hold
nu: court m ilu* absence of Judge
Table cherries, fancy largo hull,
two boxes fm 2SC at Kink's Pure
i- ood   Grocery.
.lames M.imiii and Oliver Brlstow,
of the t'laitliiook Agency Company,
(pent several days around Yahk ami
Ktiigagolc _
Senator King hui returned from
Ilie eoasi ami is with liis sou, Dr
I ll King, He will leave In a
i'w   days for Ottawa
Choice cucumbers and ripe tomatoes ai l.itiie ami Atchison's.
Mrs O'ltagen, of Calgary, has
been m Cranbrook for several days
on a visil with her brother, Aid.
i    it   McNabb
.1 B, Beaton and wife have returned from a Iwo mouths' holiday
liili   through the east      They   were
yen here whenever you care to
■elect it. Why not come and ,lo
a„ to Uny. You'll never have a
chance to get > Iwiter one for
iIiohl- here n-preaenl
Perfection In Carriage Build-
You linnlly have the chtnee to
;"•' .nn- »t « lnwer price. Far we
lieve iuad« inir pricct ia cloni to
actual ui.at nl meteriile end
wm kniamhlp that further reduc-
tion ia imiHiKailile. Come end get
your <-«rringe at your price
;: The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
< >       ORANBROOK - ** B0 j ;
in  Now York, Boston ami Mom real.
Mr. ami Mrs. I). B. WcNabb, wlm
have been here on n visit fir a
few days with Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Taylor, returned lo their home ai
Waldo Tuesday.
It behoves every commercial house wife
and olh rs to get our prices oa groceries
before hying ehwberc. Hast Koolesav Pro*
duce and Pro vision II oust.
('has. A. MacKay was in Cranbrook yesterday. Mr. MacKay was
census enumerator fur the district
west of Movie, and was here to turn
his  papers over to T. M. Roberts,
One New Canadian Swcnson's
Stumping Machine, with complete
outfit ready for work. For sale at
a bargain.—Cranbrook Tradgin
Rev. W. J, MacQuanle ami wife
left Monday for Vancouver and oilier coast points, Mr. MacQuurric
was here relieving Rev. c. 0. .Main
of  the Presbyterian church.
There was a dance al Ilie Yahk
hotel  at Yahk last Friday evening.
C. A. Poole and Ben BrosNcau, of
Movie, were in Cranbrook during Hie
When you buy your preserving
fruits from Pink's you get the
benefit of their sterling! guarantee.
Howard Patrcquto and bride have
returned lo Moye and have taken
op their rewidrliec in tbe house formerly occupied bj Rev, and Mrs,
Strawberries will Ih* better next
week. Let us have your orders for
preserving.—Little and Atchison.
Miss Eva Stinson came in last
evening fn m Pinchcr, where she was
attending school, and left this morning for Kimbcrley to speml her holidays  with her parent*:.
When you see a lady smiling she
has been purchasing at Pink's Pun*
Pood Grocery. Kink's luscious
fruits  make everybody smile.
Harry Drew, mine host of the
North Star hotel at Kimbcrley,
came down to Cranbrook yesterday.
Mr. Drew conducts om* of the best
hotels   in   the prm ince
The  rid reliable    Crown fruit jars
[lints, quarts and half gallon sizes
-io folly glasses in half ami three**
quarter pound sizes —Campbell and
I. Atherton. editor of the Creston Valley Kcho, was la-re Tuesday
with the Creston I all team, "Jay
is one ol tin* btightesl newspaper men in the Kooteiiays and is
a good all round sport.
We arc ont rtMiii good* a»ay bui air pn'
tent prius will make >oo woatfersaw we
cosiiucl our hu-tiacM oa no until I a narili
of profit. Easi koniena> Prodstc aad Pra*
tlaioa House
\t Pernie on coronation day I.. A.
Rtrcotct pul \lf Dragon out in the
ninth round ui ultal was- It have
lieeii tt len round contest, Dragon
was taken from the ring lo the
hospital nnd ii was several hours
lK'fore he regaimil consciousness,
Streeter came out oT the fray
lithoul   a    scratch.
September, Dim, Canadian cluiblar
ihocse — very Une—al Pink's Pure
Pot d  Grocery,
I'.nie Small has |ust atlded a large
moose head to his already bit; collection of heads and animals at the
Cosmopolitan hotel The head was
shipped fn in New Brunswick, and is
one of tlie inn -t s|h'clnieiis on exhibition anywhere in the Kootenay s.
Little and Atchison, headquarters
for lla/elu'ood ice cream and Hazel-
wood  Double Jersey buttermilk.
Live man or woman wanted tor
work at In me, paying $2.00 or $.1.00
per day with opportunity to ad
vance. Sparc lime ran lie used.
Work not difficult and requires no
experience. Winston, Limited, Spad-
ina Ave., Toronto, Ont. U; ,lt
The programme at the Auditorium
theatre Friday and Saturday Is a
good one, consist ing of (be* following
features: "In Golden Harvest
Time," a beautiful rural drama;
"Zoological Gardens at Antwerp," a
picture tn please the children, and
three comedy pictures "Who's Boss"
"The Timid One" and "Poolshead
steals Carpet."
The Pink Mercantile Co. report a
very large and satisfactory sale of
strawberries. This firm makes a
specially  of (be lines t frill 11 piocur
Preserving Kettles
We have the goods
See Our Big Window
Beautiful Summer Dresses
We were fortunate to secure a number of travellers' sample dresses at
a small fraction of the original cost and we are now offering them at the
same liberal reduction.    Act quickly if you want one.
Pop ham'a and Ncitson's chocolates
always fresh ul l.iuie and Atchison's.
Whooping cough is not dangerous
when the cough is Kepi loose and expectoration easy by riving Chamber.
Iain's Cough Remedy, it has been
used in many epidemic; nf this disease wilh pel feet success, For .sale
by all dealers. |V t[
Thos. CaVetl is in Victoria
business in connection with molten
affecting his constituency. Several
matters requiring his allcnlion arc
being looked after One is llm
grant for the Agricultural Society
which will endeavor lo bate made
available immeiiiah It Another is
the question of funds for ilie Movie
school hoard, win al present hate
instiHicJfiil money available tn p ty
tbe  teachers' salaries.
'reserving strawberries mid cherries will be at Ihe best next week
Your orders will receive prompt at
tent ion.—Campbell ami Manning.
It is worse than useless to take
any medicine Internally fnr muscular
r chronic rheumatism. All that is
needed is a free application <f Chamberlain's Liniment. For sale by all
dealers. 15 If
(Special !■:
The    recent I)
works company
contract for all
tious    required
incorporated water
have awarded      a
piping ami connec
a tin* carrying om
nf their project for supply iin; tin.-,
place wilb walei The various of-
licers have been appointed and under
their direction w<rk will be shortly   commenced.
Water is now being delivered by
the Columbia Valley Irrigated Friit
I,amis. Limited, tn users along their
main dtstributan for the Wilmer
bench lands. Construction on Mn-
main system ol latterals is being
rapidly pushed under difTerent gangs
of men Tbe prospectfl for a gtn>;t
vegetable  crop ore magnificent,
The bciiefji ol our present automobile mutes was in evidence lately bv
a visit of a parly of tourists in four
touring cars The occupants declared the main mads as being in
travelling lhapr Trips were made
around Windermere lake and In tbe
surrounding  hamlets. Connec'ion
by auto routes i- now possible Iron
Calgary or from Kootenay I.amliim
via Cranbrook
Tlie woman of today who las good
health, good temper, good sense,
bright eyes ami a l"Vi*ly CCmplexlon,
the result ol correct li\ing and good
digestion, wins ibe admiration of tlie
world. If yout digestion is faulty
Chamberlain's   Stomach    ami Mvm
Tablets will cmi.et It      F.-r sale bv
all dealers, 15-ti
Chas Staocv. an t
count 11 has dlspe
id  timer in this
-til   i f bis ranch
Pernio people    The cwonsldcra-
tion   is thought    in be   a In ut     two
thousand   live hundred dollars
During tbe last couple ol weeks
large numbers of men have tome
through here going north. They are
all heading for Wilmer ami Oolden,
where they expect to get work on
the  irrigation ditch ami railroad
Several bears, mostly black, have
lecii shot by Iln- Indians lately and
Bono very line pelts brought to iin-
local store, where they are for sab-
Sunday lasl one Indian brought in a
live hlacv bear rub to tbe amuse
nient of the croud No admittance
fee   was charged.
City visltor—"Hn*,*. mmli milk docs
your  cow, give?"
Parmer—"Eight tenuis a day "
C. V.—"How much do you sell "
Fanner—"Ten quarts, miss "
Messrs    .1      P    Pink   and    W   l>
ll.aidlaw. of Cranbrook, were register
Trimmed with Klmonasleeve
Piped with black.    A plain.
erviceable dress.
Muelin, lace trimmed,   Very
A big range of Ladies', Children's, and Misses' Sunshades, in all colors.
wilh all Ihe popular styles of handles.
35c. to $5.00
Big Reductions in Millinery
Starting on June 30th,  we  are making big reductions on all trimmed
Millinery.    It's to your advantage to inspect these offerings.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
and Clothing Stores
ed al the Wasa hold ihe middle of
last   week,
Mr. until Mrs .1. O. Cuniiiniigs, of
Cranbrook, went through here wilb
Iheir auto last week on their wa)
to Windermere, where Mr Cumtiiiligs
has a    force of men surveying,       i
Mr (i. I'lrieksnh, ,,f Cranbrook,
was  oil I here ll ml of last week
Then* is now much activity iu the
lumber camps al Skookumcliiir.
The   wind tip of ihe winter's work is
>d ting   tbc bgs into thr river aad
this is now being done in all the
camps. Soon Hte forest king will
be decapitated al tbe Wardner mills
and then go out as plain lumber to
various parts of this continent and
maybe  across the seas.
li was witb deep regret that wi
received the news of the death ot
Mr. William flinch. Mr. Blrtch
who was very well known in these
parts bad been associated wiih his
brother, II. K Hirteb, of Calgary,
iu various business enterprises iu
this country ami represented then
interests here last winter To all
who knew Mr. Blrtch his death will
be a deep and sincere toss. He was
the type of iin* genuine broad-minded frontiersman, his word as good
as cold, tbe friend of all in need
ami with a heart as hit; as the
Rockies, which he worshipped. No
higher tribute can lie paid to tlie
man we knew ami liked than that
ihe memory of him will long remain
with  ns.
II. K. Blrtch, of Calgary, was a
Wasa visitor Saturday last. Mr
Blrtch, who just arrived from the
coast where lie attebded the funeral
of his brother William, repi rts business bright and active in Vancouver,
whereas in Seattle and llcllingliain
business men complniii of a general
commercial depression.
The coronation of King George V
wav celebrated in grand style at the
smelter city. The streets were cu
wiih dags, bunting, etc.    a  picnic
was held on the school grounds,
where out riftv citizens sat down to
ii fine spread, after which were the
sports, which was a success in every
way, with the except on ol the
x-polieciiieri's rate, which was unavoidably called off on account or
Hie majority of ex-policemen, 'if
Marysn'illc  being away on business
II I.. Sawyer and Paul Handle
visited Cranbrook on Friday lad
It Sinclair, C.P.R cruiser, was a
Marysvtlle visitor on Tueadaj
Chief Fire Warden Wfltaon was in
town   on Mi h'lav
\ large number from hen will ai
tend the Dominion daj celebration
il  Kimbcrley
It was rumored here yesterday
that Ihc coal minces' strike had
been settled, and thai the men
wen- returning tu work on tbe lirst
of   the montfi     There appeals to li
tin    Hutu ii,  the H-port
\ good portion ,,f the brick and
saml I. mi Ibc grouod f,,r tbc !«•»
building t„ i„- erected |,\ ih,- fijii*
Bros   Elc trie compAn;
Work nn n Hanson'! new buck
blink is t;,,iinc nhinui at a H".h1 rat,-
The  steel lias   arrival, and work on
'In'  set d storey will b,- *.,,!„• nci.:
ahead   with     Mr  ilans.,11 N in f,,wn
inspecting the wuik.
flmal progresf is als,, bt-inj mad*-
,ui the city ball and the building ol
ibr  t'ranbrook ■iidib.'rs. 1.mined
Steel Railway Cars
It is difficult to understand wfc;
that universal material i( construction—steel—should have made s*> late
an entrance Into the important field
of American railroad tar construction. For a given weight, the steel
car is far .stronger ifcao one ol
wood, its perkd of useful life is
much longer, it lends itself more
read lly to a t ■ .met. t rat ion of
strength in those parts of the car
where it Is most needed; it is
Incombustible; coats less for upkeep.
and, most important of all, removes
forever from railroad operation
those two frightful causes "I death
and injury in railroad wrecks—lire
and telescoping of the ears.
Briefly stated, the principal ad
vantages of the new construction are
—first, the provision oi a massive,
longitudinal, box-girder running entirely beneath the center of thy car
from buffer to buffer, to which are
attached the couplings uml through
which are transmitted the heavy
shocks incidental tt. railroad •<:
vice. Second, the prdrlston ol
means f.»r linking the abutting pla*
forms of cars rery firmly togetbei
sn.as tii prevent one platfotm from
mounting the other and acting as a
knife to cut its way through the
adjoining car in the process of tele-
SCoplng. Third, the provision in
this lasi connection is masaire,
vertical steel framing at Uw vestl
utile and the car entrances, ol
sufficient strength to resist tela
Mopmg in case the platforms
should overlap In collision; and.
lastly, the complete elimination if
uoiil   ami other   combustible mater
111    so .is  to shut  out   Ilie possibility
d  fire in case ol a bad wreck
The    un qnaltlM    success  of      steel
tar equipment   m active service ha**
led to its aili ption by several
leading roads, including the Me*
York Central, the New Haven, the
Uacttawanna, ami the Chicago Rock
Island A Pacific, all of which are
placing steel cars in service as soon
they are available, Hut in this
connection we wish to utter a word
of warning In a long, heavy, and
fast train made up of .1 mixed steel
ami wooden cars, the very elements
of strength ami resistance to tele-
■coping which render the car a protection ti, (hose win use it, make it
a menace to the weaker wooden
1.irs   which     nun  Ih* s;vnd<Aiched     in
between, in ease of I head-on coin
sion t.ho momentum ot ibe train is
expended m crutblim up or splitting
open ilu* weakest element in the
train HenOe it would he advisable,
if  a trail is to   be math* up of both
wooden ami steel cars, that can to
lie taken always to place ihe bit
let liumnltatelv behind the lOCOfllO
live— Sclent ilie  American
LOOKIK0 l''<»|{ ORE
J M Turnboll, of the Consolidal
nt Mining ami Smelting rompntiy d!
Canada, is on bis woj tu Mm
eltoii ta report „„ .*„. m\WTU\ ,t.
sources ol ihe district wliere con
siderable development is in progress
lie rill M-it various silvri lead proposition! with a view to ascertain
Ing the possibilities ol ore totmago
a year hence, when the Orand Tiunk
Pacific will reach Hawlton. A
number of mine owners have nlreadj
Intimated t< tbe management of bis
company their intention ol shipping
tbelr high grade ore t" Trail for
treatment Mr Turnbull feels confident that if the ore runs anything like the values represented
it will easily stand the long haul to
Trail  and treatment charges
I, Allen Barnhardt, of Cunon
(Yahk P.O.), randier, give notice
that on the I2th day ol .July, Ull,
at elelock in the forenoon, I Intend
to apply to tne Water Commissioner
at his office in Cranbrook for a license to take and use one* cubic foot
Of water per second from Klmera
•reek, in the Cranbrook Water District. The water is tc be taken
(com the stream about 10 chains upstream from S. W. corner of Lot
MO!, firoup One, Kootenay District,
and is to be used on said Lot 9104,
for irrigation purposes.
lt>-5t      (Signed, Allen Barnhardt
We, Pitch and Haxelwocd, td Moyle, tie contractors, give notice that
on the sixth day ot July, nil, at
eleven o'clock in the forenoon, we intend to apply to the Water Commissioner ut his office in Cranhrook for
a license to take and use ten cubic
feet of water per second from
Bridge Creek, a tributary ol Ibe
Movie Rtrer, In the Cranbrt.uk Water District. Tlie water Is to . be
taken from the stream about two
and a half miles above its mouth,
and is to be u**d on Timber Permit
of Lot 159] for Homing ties ami logs.
TAKE NOTICE   tbat .John Irvine,
( Wasa, occupation Rancher, Intend*
to  apply for permission U   purchase
the following described landi
Commenting   at   a    post   planted
al*»ut Jo    "ha ns   east oi tb Hi
veal i'.iiier of Lot rtt on north end
■f island      iu  tin-    Kootenay rivei
.nd includes the    whole ol the  I land
about 5 acres
John Irvine.
c iiungerforii Pclleo, \gent, Cranbrook,
iKited June 17th, I'ui ll Bi
We, George Welch ami Joseph Jackson, of Cranbrook, Railway Conductors, give notice that on the
31st day of July, 1011, at eleven
lock in the forenoon, we intend to
apply to the Water Commissioner
al his office in Cranhrook foi a It
cense to take and use three cubic
feet of water per Kcond from
Lewis Creek, a tributary ut the
Kootenay Itivcr, In the Cranhrook
Water District. The water Is to
be taken from the stream neat the
east tine of Lot l2Af>, Group One,
Kootenay District, ami is to he used
>n Lot film, said group, foi uiir.t
tion purposes.
Geo, Welch and Joseph Jackson
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A ...Inhla luentll rettllatol I 08*81 f.lU.   TlieBB
ift Is™".,*!.>. M.lkJ to any add,.,;.
Th.8oon.il Brig bo., 81. Cltorluea. Oat
For nalu ut Boatlo, Murphy 4. to.,
Opposite O.l'.K. Stutlou
THK    PLACE    TO     BIT    A
Headquarters tor nil kluds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlm Slum Bpooialist
W. F. CiURU,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable teruis.
Provenzano & Sacco
Ganeral Merchants
Employment Agentt
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONS 544
II  yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing   send
it to
Special prlcos for family work.
Nelson's l.cuitinx Hotel
II,, a willi Until..   'I'll,,iib ni
every i.HHiL
Barlwr Hlioiioii Ilia premises,
Tliuroiiglily up.UMlale.
Kales, $2.00 a day and up.
OEO. I'. WKI.I.S, Proprietor
11. TOMKIN, .Manager
Every enn* nml comfort
A home Irom home
S| tnl attention iu caees ol
.Mtiti'iiiity, It heum ut ism
uml ['noumonln
Tortus uioilemte
MRS. K. BENT, Matron.
IM). Hui I'boiie 'J7H
Columbia-Kootenay Valley
Descriptive Article by F. J. Clarke, Secretary,
Bureau of Provincial Information
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office tt Rfaldaace, Aruutroog Afi
Forenoons - - - - sou to 10.00
AflnuomiN - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - ■ . - 7.30 to   i.iO
Sunda.a .... 3.30 to   4.10
IIRANIIROOK   l     :i     II     »     ■■ 0,
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   II p.m.
ciflitv In ii.-w field Block
I'RANIIHOOK -       -       - B. C.
Cranbrook nml Fort Steele
KuiiWIiH trail**ie throughout tbe tvorlf1
it> comimiitlciiit* direct villi   Kut(Usli
in uflib eluff ut ituoilH HmIiIw IhjIiih
ii com pit*te com menial guide to Urn*
il<hi ittnl Ita puliiirlii, iIh* dlrectorj
1'uiiiuinti IUIh nf
Willi   ib«- Goods  iheyt-bip, and   tlie
Colonial  iiml   Foreign  Markets Ihey
ar.angpd under the Port* tuvhleh the)
■all, itit'l Indifating tin* appioxlmale
of leading Manufacturers, Mercw*iili,
etc., in the nrinci|ml provincial lown*
mid imlmiilal centres id llm United
A copy of il urrenl edition will hf
forwaidetli freight |>iii<l, on receipt ol
I'natal Order Im 20a.
Dealers leaking Igenclei can ad?ei
iit>i* iheir trade caidi for -Os., nr largre
ndver tivf men ti from Mb*.
The London Directory Co.. Ltd.
IS Mkbimh taat. l.onil„n. H.C.
® I.) •') .; .} ,aj y»j •) & If 11.) ® I*) Ifl >.l
; East Kootenay
Butcher Co. •
— w
llfllllTS   111
Fresh nml I'ur.il ^j
Meat*, (,)
Poultry, liiitn,; nml Fiih   f$
in 8,■ns'ni. ,«,
East Kootenay      %
Butcher Co. :
Ihe Old P. Wood's
« Business.
«) "& & «J * * v» * iS* 4 ® (& IS) i?-' v*
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
pokane, Wash.
A modern (qtrippc<1 Cafe at moderate
Ratal |1,00 and np per day
Cut lift ol Howatd Bl.and Prom Attn,
Out but meat* all iralm
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
» dominion and provincial land [
* survbvoii
I t.i0n„?i4318 Cranbrook, B.C,
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •      B. C.
st (ur Halcyon LITHIA WATEI
For litinily me ttinni is nothing
ki wlitil.'Hmne iii,,I hi, pure a.
Vnn Nome Street   [opposite  Depot
Krrtitr. Kunrrtt Director
l'rminr. '.k H. O.
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.U.S.
t'r.iwn nml I',ri-ti_'»- Work
ii specially,
Phone Xu. 200     Armstrong Ave,
Oranbrook, B.O.
Prtahtent i T. h. Oiu
Swi.Ihiv: B, alACDOMAlD
lor latunnatton regarding lainl.
i > tiii.t agrtealiura SMily to the
1» Baoreiarr, Oranbrooit, ll. G.
Kvi'ty second \t'.',lii.,ailiiy
************ **********
Alwtn tin* Bo) Qtnlltf nml
QUMM Bvrriw. I In m iii'in Mt'ii'n
l.iinrh.   iip.ii I>!•>-nn,| Niirht.
iltvor, copper nml lead, ll each;
BoliI'Sllver, (1.80; b I Ivor-lead, $1,60;
Rottl illver, with copper or trail,
tiStn, alnc, 12; silver lead /inr, J3.
Price* fnr other metali on nppiicu-
tiuii iv ii. llm CD , nun, Nfi-
ann, it tv a tt
"It is pitiful that those magnificent crooks have been given names so
painfully commonplace, It is fitting
thai explorers like palllser, Moberluy
ainl titltfis, who have nflorded accur.
ate ilescrlpttons tif the country opened up hy tlii'tt), should have their
pioneer work commemorated in the
inline tf mountain or stream; hut
that the prospectors of the 'sixties'
who, like Toby or Flndlay, happoncd
along eertuiii streams without leaving uny description or report ol
their wanderings shotihl tie similarly
honored is unreasonable,
it is unreasonable also that a
stream should he itummtl iu perpetr
uity merely because a horse-thief was
run to lAuih ut its mouth, ami when
the utter lack of imagination of the
pioneers finds expression in naming
erecks 'No. 2' and 'No. 3,' then surely, before it is too late, the government should nitty in ami give more
worthy titles. It would be a politic
move for the provincial government
lo rcohristcn these crafts, reverting
to the names given hy the Indians,
which are at least distinctive and, in
general, euphonious.
"The glaciers ami pehks at the
upper end of llorsethicf are even
nobler, the plateau at thu head of
Fimllay, with its encircling chain of
snow-clad heights, is, at It'ast, equally derervlng of distinction. In short,
the scenery at the headwaters of
these tributary streams, wllji the
abundant glaciers and towering
mountain-peaks, is so magnificent
that it only rcqulren well-made
trails uml well-appointed camps for
them to become celebrated the world
"1 would, however, dwell more particularly on the main valley. Having myself been attracted to it by its
beauty and climate, and having spent
several weeks in it each summer for
now many years, 1 feel that 1 may
s|i«ak with some authority regarding
its qualifications as a summer resort.
I may safely leave tn others t» describe its soil and agricultural ml
vantages, as again what it affords in
the way ol big game and other
"Perhaps the particular quality of
its beauty4i* best indicated hy the
remark uf a gifted Kostonian, a great
traveler, who spent several days witli
us at Kccnhomc last summer, as he
was concluding a journey round tbe
world: 'I have seen inuen, but nothing tbat I can compare with this,
save, perhaps, the Vale of Cashmere.' And he explained that the
two valleys, had ji common a certain
noble proportion, a generous breadth
of base, with massive enclosing
mountains. The average distance
from tbe foot cf the Rockies to the
foot of the Selkirks Is from three
to four miles; in places, as around
I.gke Windermere, it is at least seven; nevertheless, the serried succession of m» untaiiis, capped here and
there with snow, stretches north and
south on either Hide In so magnificent
a scale that nowhere is the scenery
tame; but, on the contrary, as
with u great cathedral, the eye, satisfied jat first with the harmony of
the parts, comes bradually In realize
their magnitude.
"I have traveled along many nf the
most celebrated rivers uf the Old
World and some nf those nf tbe New
—in sustained iuterest ami beauty
the journey up the Columbia from
(ioldcu tu its source excels any
known tn me, while the scenery hus
it character all its own. The river
wanders lazily from une side to the
other ut the fertile bottom lands,
heavily fringed un either side by a
hand nt willows, cottonwool! trees,
ami Halm if (lilead. At every few
hundred yards a turn of the stream
discloses a new view. Now it winds
tlosi* under the nmuntu it side and the
plno-wa ds clothing it, ur, higher up,
it has eaten into glaciul clay of the
'benches," funning light, yellow
cliffs, which, us tin* sun pours down
upmi them, are almrst too brilliant
to look upon in tht* intensity of
their contrast to the deep green ven-
dure of tbe forest above—cliffs that,
through the action nf wind and
| water, arc carved above Into fantas-
ilie minimis and towers—"hoodoos."
( Now it ist bordered on one or both
' sides by broad lake-like 'shins' that
j mirror the mountains un iheir calm
surfaces, and in autumn arc the   re-
I sort of thousands of birds, mallard,
widgeon, teal, wild geese, and      the
, like. Kingfishers dart with disturbed chattering along the banks,
and every utile or so Is an osprcyVs
nest, large and clumsy, perched on
the broken top of a dead fir tree
near the water's edge. Rackwaters
and densely     wooded islands abound.
1 Sn densely wooded arc the banks
that long miles are passed without
sight nf human habitation.    It is as
, thutigh the river wandered through
primeval forest: one feels alone with
nature. And always on either side
si retch high above and intt the ills
In me    tbe     rugged towering     chulu
ol the Rockies and the wide, Jagged
peaks of the Selkirks. II is an enchanting voyage.
"A good inn at Gulden, another on
Windermere lake, and a daily service
of speedy launches, ror passenger
trallie only, ending this journey in a
day, and running throughout the
summer, run iu connect ion with Mil'
house, should attract thousands to
the \alley, affording a tour and an
experience totally unlike- anything
else to he gained iu the mountains.
"Of almost equal lute res I is tho
stage journey up tt down the valley
between Oolden and Cranhrook—tho
road is excellent, ami die winding
river, succession of slims, seen from
the greater elevation, with the
mountains reflected in them, annul a
landscape of constant Interest. Rut
this, one uf the few remaining slagM
journeys of any length iu Canada, is
made only once a week, and is destined to disappear when the Kootenay Central railway along the valley
becomes an accomplished fact.
"From Windermere the traveler
may continue the journey along the
volley to the upper lake, then
across Canal Flats, so called because a canal a few hundred yards in
length here joined the lake, the
source of the Columbia river, with
the-urn in tributary of that river, the
Kootenay, already a stream tf large
size, flowing In a diametrically opposite direction, and so down tho
Kootenay to Cranhrook.
"And if some objective is needed,
some spot which the visitor may
make a center from which to explore the main points of interest,
the Windermere district affords this.
The little town uf Windermere is
beautifully situated on tho side of
tin* lake, and would make an admirable tourist resort. It possesses already a country hotel of fair si/e,
and at least one welt-conducted and
comfortable boarding-house. Rut unquestionably fir u llrst-class hotel of
the order of those established by the
Canadian Pacific at Hand and Lake
Louise, the Canterbury Peninsula!
jutting Into the lake near Its lower
end, hnth from its position and the
view to he obtained, Is the site par
excellence. Either place may be
made the starting-point for numerous
excursions. Among these may be
mentioned that hy launch to the head
of she lake and up the Winding rlv
er lu the unfortunately named, hut
exquisite, Mud lake. Either this or
a drive around the lake (twenty-live
miles) may have combined with it a
visit to the Fairmont Hoi springs.
It is in itself an experience worth
many days' journey to sii in a natural bath at the top of n small
hill—a hath sp hot that it may just
be borne—and, sitting there, to take
in the wonderful landscape stretching
fifty miles to the north and to the
south. Professor Ruttan, of Mo-
Gill University, was so good as to
analyse fur me the deposit frnm this
spring; he found that it consisted almost wholly of calcium carbonate,
"Four miles beyond Brewer's and
Fairmont, the rppcr Columbia lake
is reached, tin* remarkable cliffs nf
glacial clay al the month ol Dutch
creek being passed on the way. Here
there is exposed in a striking manner
an almost vertical surface close upon
one thousand feel in height. The upper lake is larger than the lower
(Windermere) lake, and is equal to
it in beauty, although not so well
situated ns a ccntet for visiting the
points of interest in the valley. It
should in time beet me bordered bv
fruit farms and summer residences.
"Some fifteen miles to the north of
Windermere is another remarkable
hot spring, a little way up the Sinclair Puss This hus evidently been
lung known to, and visited by, the
Indians. It is n sulphur spring,
much stronger than that at Banff,
The lea coltl stream coining down ihe
creek passes within a few feet of Ihe
main basin. After becoming par
boiled in the spring, it is a delightful
sensation to take it dip into the
stream after the manner of the cold
plunge in a Turkish hath. The min
en ami dwellers In the valley have a
prod mid faith in this spring us a
healer nf rheumatism and ol skin affect inns.
"What is the finest drive or ride in
the district is up to Plnchursl, un
Toby Creek, and thence along the
road laid down by It. R. Rince,
Esq., to the Paradise mine. This
leads hy a perfectly graded ascent to
a height uf eight thousand feet, and
nt the end nf a shi rt climb of a
few hundred leet reveals a magnificent pnooramic view ol the peaks of
the Rocky Mountains.
Lunger tours with camping outfit
moy bc made up Toby, llorsethicf,
and other creeks, to the glaciers at
their heads, or, again, over the Tug-
gart or the Sinclair Pass into the
Kootenay Valley.
tTo be continued).
V. II. Wil.KIE, I'r.-nl.lunt.
HON. IIOIIT. J.U'MAY, Vlca.Prealil.lit.
Accounts uf Cor|ioratioim, Munlcipalitine, Mercluints, Fanners
anil 1'iivate Imliviiliiala Invited,
Draft* uml Letters uf Credit iasucil available in any part of
the worlil,
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-Nl'eciul attention uiven to
havings Hiiiik Accounts, Dei'iwitBof f 1.041 nni! unwinds iec«ivtd nnd
interest allowed from date ol deposit, ^
Wilmer Branch        ■        ■        W. R. ORUBUB, Mgr.  |
************** **************
« The !
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, Urn/Inn anil Timber Lands.
Insurance, Slocks anil Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers In Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
CuiMriiNT IiiiiiuE No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. »i
Fraternity Hall.
■I. M. Iloysc, O.O.
V. M. Christian, K. It. & S,
Visiting brethren   cordially in.ltai
to attend.
Meet! every Monday
night at New Fraternity   Hall.    Ke-
louriiiiii; Oildfi'llnwa cordially invited.
E, II. 1'lltllioro W. M. HurilM
N. 0. Seo'y.
Be a Well Man!
It viiu nre n sii'k mini. Buttering from
niiy ilimmler. wo can cure you Permanently,
You ilu not have to linger along siitforinn
frum ilisetise, Ik-i'iuisi1 \\v nre medical
si«-i'iiilisis witli ninny years' oxuorionce
treating niul curing successfully nil men's
A suri' niul pennnnent euro in oil diseases ol
men, Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins,
Hydrocele, Nervous Ailments, Blood and
Skin Disorders, Sores, Ulcer.., Kidney, Bladder and
Rectal Disorders, nml nil special ailments common In men.
Host Aiiiitoniicnl Museum in the North-west,
•   Consultation Free
If you cannot come to Spokane fnr free consultation
UOW, write fnruiir free tmuklet.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
H. L. BTEPI1EN8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Foil SAl.K.-linhy carnage, al
most new, lie. Cost %'1». Apply .1 ,
Herald office. *
Imperial Bank ot Canada
U. It. WII.KIK. President.
mix. itiuiKitT JAFFKAY. Vice-President
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants. !
Farmers ami Private Individuals invited
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the worl 1.
f       SAVINGS  DKPAUTMKNT-Special    attention:
, given to Savings think Accounts.    Deposits uf $1.(11   and
I upwards received and interest allowed frum dnteuf dc|iosit.
Cranboork Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
320  ACRES
Half Cash.   Balance on lime at 6 per
cent, interest
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. S«
A F. A A. H.
f\*   Itt'iiiilar meetings on
•    ■    tlie   third  Thutaday
ut every month,
Yfailliig tirethren wclcoiiifd.
A. ('. Sliniil.laiiil, W.M.
1*3. W, Connolly, Secretary.
No. IS.
Meets every second and   lourUi Wed-
neaday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    llelirkuhs  cordially Invited.
Mm. W. F. Cameron, X. II.
Miss M. llirki'iiliiiftiiini, Sec,
Meeta in   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. 0.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chid Ranger.
L. Bent, Secretary.
VH'Ine brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall lirst and
third Thursday ol each month at
s p.m. slurp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Itec. Sec,
W, 11. McFarlone, Chlel Ranger.
Visit iug brethren made welcome.
Presbyterian Church j
Sunday morning service at It <
Sunday   evening
7.30 o'clock
service   at j
Sunday      School   and
Class at .1 o'clock
Presbytrrlan    llulld, Tuesday,
at I o'clock
(1861) 51171
Will stand at my riiucli at
Wardner. It. O.,
Every Saturday. 5unday
■nd Monday
And at  Mr. Schiiil'n. Hull
Un.r District,
Every Wednesday and
This horse is Well tired
andliiiill. with luls uf power
mill cleuii bono. Woi^ht
botween HhXltliaiul 17001b.
Mures lin-d Iiy seasun ur
insure f.iiil at uw tier's risk;
lull every euro will Ih- exercised.
S. J.   HAKKI50N
Proprietor        lilt
Tlie " Imiliel " has Ikimi
put iu cuininissioii and is tied
up ul Athulinor.
Convenient for pnsscni'crB
| coming either Iiy host or uulu-
Motor hunts, canoes or rigs
arranged for on board.
f. P. AIIMNTIIONIl.  Preaident
MAM ■li
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed in Job Work at "The Herald"
■ ANI) 4o HOK
W      BAT TL E
wiih   an
I'l    lal'll     1
ill   tin
1111(1 lit*
i   wilh
i   Mr.  Mil-
.■if-, would
.  Hghl   Hn*
other bulls
li-   llf   III.-in
li looked lo
us on ills or
limed. Neither Ly .V'ii-il n( mouth, Im telegraph nor by
tuiii wu** uei?* permitted r« he carried outside of
Mexico tint) mi Aimri. an lind given a demonstration
of tune. tOUtrtlge. strength kind during tbllt had belittled iln* Innisted prowess nf every professional
l< rondor ;tnl Ihal  liis nchlevemeni  iiml nearly cont
hltll tltS life .-it Iln* hands nf lllf limb.
I'm in win. «'t nil ilu precaution*, lill Iiy bit lho
story lias Hifti il Into A merit11. Here anil iliere a pi■■:-
nre or n 'ii.': it iln* it ii taxing cnmb.it has appeared.
I nl Mm- full t ile in nil lis qdendld horror. n|ver before
Ii.is lieeti hiltl exactly nn l\ occurred
Tin* mirratlve is true hi nil lis .let it I Is, If you s«*k
-i rn I.. 1:111,11! i emu mend (lie |ihjtp» of Kl Impartial.
BI IHiiio. Kl Ti !>•'. Kl 11 urn Id n nr uny nnd all Mm-
him   i,i-wsjm|e r*   Up  lo and  Im htilliig   December M,
U-oii.   After lutit date they give no Inkling of the eveut
tlm n i- flays it-id t n their conspicuous sensation.
tn* lufcrrogiilc Hie hull tight devotee* events toroortb
:i* tin* In ui-. 11 Land., arenas. They'll shake* their
tt*t* mid "if-" ivirahimiiiuti'it "f the tin me of Pickett
and  ill the UilllutlAl shame it recalls     (JlU-stlon une of
tie f.tt. tiiiis.iiii American res Id cuts "f ihe City of
>..-:. I ti ,i lie (.Imi .us mini "i> al li ..ill nn • me nt h r lly
m imi'iii' tteti ihc I'lnnii fe-eiii, nil |n>rrndlug dreed
revelnlj n ami ha (HitMlUle consequences to ihe
. lull*
i.i 11 s
An* dial's 4 .mi- i ti"ii. fur I don't believe
ine - I them who Im- ucglccltd secret arrange-
. i mile mid hurried ilkhi If iln* dreaded clash
i iid I'll.
. . iii.:in
i Iln' !*•
[i| im iiiiihii, whuse mother was
,,iu Im mm mil father n mixture of
i and v(ri iu raced He'scommonly
itthwesi .is "iln itnMky deniotii"   On
it  Mi .1.
.    tn* ' ,  .li,' sn i lew -■!   i
i,.r-- nnt] nitth-;    Xri
.1    Will   |  Kill  lul       ill' 1 It.
ii  ai ii   irau.i    ■■ei-iti n ■ i
i mi i. .,i- ihi * man Mill,
ti n i
.,V   Hi.
ii    hn Kl i
i, ■ doll*   weep
• in ugh  tn  it*  i
M . le Kin i.e.   i
i hi
h   I     till
ti ;,i   !•'
I., ill lu ,i
I. is t till*, leil< •
I'l. kill's ■■■
iliou   ilia I  h i.
•   ""i	
I. ip rim i it
ii in-  • i th   •
Mtt'lvnri  >   "   i
uf ihe *;	
I I'l III.   ; Hiltl l
wa* tlie ni l.
mn thai tins' ai
I'   ah!i llielr
i... ii in.- mill
l   .. led p	
•   ' l in     ,
ID I  ll ni.li nf i
*. f "n- -ti ii      i
 ■■th'j.i. a*
lellef Him f
V. Ul.Illllli' |*
lb  .,,,■ ami H
'« matador as
1 ii  i !■ ■illet'-.e
lit r n.-uig
a I --.ii In i
t ili'ntnilloti -
i n 1-
nf in-
•rr lew.
lilih lies they
Unrlng with
fa iJed In re
lleuge of the
nl he could
wrestle am)
, -i. el ti.i ■' thej pitted him
n   -t a  mil  ilk til.. Willi a lie
i  it.;..-., hi ..lul Imrns uml strung
    in   'ii..'  killed  hill)  with a
l.t n  iln. it   the . t. ,u.ii.* mi lis ha. k
.  Iiiu.     iti.U ■ uiei>id from Die cum
iiii'.i ilie s.iiiiiii.si decided that
. ii mi ns hen a who could lies! tin*
,   ! kbl ii nu'l e->ist, uml ll wan with
,   .   mt | mi nl Mexico,
|| in  a   uf  i|ar ill-HI.ii   ivflli  the  lent
...i ,i.-i|  Mexico coimuhhI or n  mud
i    ii 1-.  nt ,i   It-xii* -H'er. a midair
- i tile of iin* milhi|ilug home in tbe
i  ,-_ 'inin. mil a struggle for
iitetii.ihi.i .'iiititi in iite overturning
i i fe.lt Is Imt all UlU'illllUin|| nlie st
hill ll t«ii« lien Iii Ihe Meth-miN. It
i    im  Ul liii'U'-iieill   lll'.v   had ever
i   ill Inn at all In ...in a. et ell vug'*v-
wn I .e to veil imi! lighting,   One after-
i,. is . itntH In a Iiml i tn ii.i h'll     Ihey
I i I. »    '
r three bretbers who own ibe big
tioma. Imppeiird to nl to own hair
nil lit In- was at the I'afe ColOH.
tli.- Imll lighters, iiiiuouut-lnit ids
nii>i,e.i m ne ni the fraternity
tt niheitl l« I'.lenvoiihtu. fniunun fnr
ike. tls * niiim.j.li dexterous and deadly
, n!ii or M**xl n ever pr.nlneed, accepted
I1: would heai the scene al tenuNlnvk
• Imlig n lid give ihe h-iitstli'g American*
i- mii'iuc mid skill ns applied |n the
Ihe bovine spe. les, Heflor Louis K.
>'■ lean (I era Id, was ihe Inlerpreier at
ml ilu- details wi-ii- duly chronicled the
i M'ii | ai id lea lion nnd In the unlive con-
i d i dld'i'l slow up. Xo word of ex-
I' ' ;y ui tne from  Iiiu,    Two seme
at d wondered, We despab lied n
Id-   hotel       T'.ere   hilled   llit-ii vi nldii.
id mil ;*ivul.'l.v r-i re!ful that he bad
;..\ ih. hull ring nu;horitits under their
ft.n '
0ERE Is Told in Full for the First Time,
the Story of "Bill" Pickett's Life and
Death Struggle in a Mexican Arena, Bom-
barded the While with Missiles Thrown by
Hostile Spectators cs & *3
Oklahoma Half-Breed Cowboy
'Cutifrlffhl. IIUO. I" lUi- N<*«- Y.irk It.-n.li1 I'll, All riibtt rtMrrtd.t
!T will ei nni* as a surprise to the ra-ople of this
country to learn Unit an American Is the only man
lu Die hlsiury of utill llghtlug Who ever Imt tied,
hare handed nml unaided, with a Spanish bull;
mat the encounter took place before tweuty-ttv«
thousand iicraons in the Mexico City nrenai that nil
tin* Koulhcrn rt-pul'llrs are still angrily dNeumtitiK tbc
Ullpm-edelllid event, and that Ihe native iieiv-i'aper*
puldlshld pa-.es In |e\l ami plclttrcs.
N.i Ktiuncf had Itlll Pickett an Oklahoma litiirhn-.-d
cowboy. I'lif i im d the feat and beeu dragged to safely
from a fttsllliule of missiles hurled ny the enrajied
Vesical) mi looker*   thin every nutlet of uews was
)-ou.pl i,
A  new llt'cife Wilit III ■ m   IiiiiIiSji I" I Tu the linn-
i ItiKKed Iiniii - iirfn in il ■ :       'ilie could frai ther
'■■.■■ti-.-., uml while [lu> wi t| li^g Aiperlenn worn*
•■ii  "iiiuiihiiviiilj   •■ | -     i   H-''ie.-   in   their
In-inr, |n-.-;,.ir .1.'.., ■ ror ihe i mi i stritKulc wenl on
As ii Hubstl  hgll   M. I    ern i H|        -d   l'>IJ ■ I
Chhpilni   tl.ltHe   .temtxi,   ; ilk   wild,   wary   niul
iii.'li.-il a creaiure in Itonlto. nn I nn il    ■- I     ■ nil lo
L-uuibiU  in   lil   I , mi . ;■     I he  l-ii . bred
Un* fniii'itiH Teiicyaliiiiileo urniinderiu. ' Ills short,
thick, |Miworfiil iH-l.  inn*11dud lilm to Mm experienced liuproaitrlu even mom forcibly than Botilto, f >r
ii would !>•' upon Hn- neck ami hunt- ihal Pickett
would i'M-i'i his strength to throw the henji If ever bo
succeeded lu Kclthi*- a hold
Meniiwhlle nn unfair ndvantngo of us wns being
token in ilie nronn. A twenty f""i board was dis-
pltiyed  before  the j>*:iz.* of  the  partisan  spectators
ben Hug In Spnulsh litis ; niiceuient:—"Hy request
liniiii.i lias been wltbilrawii nnd nnotlior hull mibstb
i'iI."    Tin-  Implication,  of course,  was  tint!   we
i'.*ar of Doulto's (Irowess
mil derision, which watt III-
Incovered the lutpoaltlon mid
aK li the emphatic dcclnratloii
ti! In-riti> s   Rnliho   would   not
Impresario had selected
it'ihv n coinhataut.
Not a
>r wild exultn
flown   in   iln
supposed!^ Iinpossibl
hull was frantically i
BlreiiBtb,    bellowing
pirouetting In dizzy,
Pickett,  bin  ht
like n htirr.    Sen
ensi upon the nobli
it!- the streuBtb. h
t* as if every titan, woman and child
feet, «u ulnlng for n clear view of ilie
.-I., tin- Mexican mind hod fondly ple-
und Ihey uttered, hut a coneentrated
lultntlon wns waiting on their lips.
areiiii the unexpected—no, tlie
-wns happening.   The dreaded
-sin*, ids head wllh all his [treat
Ids    rujie   and    bewilderment.
In les,  and there still dangled
had uiiide ilu- rcqueal in
Thu crowd howled Its rnae
tie assuaged when we dl*
posted ii second bullet!
Unit Iiy older nf the au
appear, and Unit Ilu- hull i
FrJJdll Clllquftii ns tptile a
We had planned In prea
iiaiiieiii ns a preliminary
mid hull, imt ih'
ll so.   Tbey ih-iiui
Oklnhonml"   'the
battle, come to it
Hi    So..u their
A     Ii   of   IWO
Mexicans, tunny of Ihei
force i» wittingly nntnu
.■-I "Kl
ad hi-
i i In *ii
: . ur regular cln-ns tour-
the ilghl  between  man
nudlcucc would not hat e
feroz feuoiucnn negro do
for hull ring hi I and
li generations, wn * upou
I*, utuu menacing and wc
Ibousnnd  frenzied,  hm
Irresponsible i ns. Is in
ilse.   We retlreil b< :> ltd
■ bug unshaken and lie clinging
before laid -ah disrepute been
! mm ul  hull flglltlllK.    How 111fSII-
v ■ I ii mny tbe skill, bow foeblo the
courage of the ndored toreadors iy comparison with
the exhibition being given by 'hi,- u itcd stranger from
the north! A shoiii ol nhger nt the Ignouilulons sight
swafii ih rough ti:- «entfl and bouic one rh*d In >'pait-
Ish: "He inber lig-nvenldn's voi-N. Pickett's funeral will follow fooUmrdlnessl" *.od tbeu pnnde-
mon Ium broke
Pickett ' i men while trlving n coullnnous nnd
.    ■ t Fi    II i blquita  bad
mel his hui \. •-     ,       .,! :lie bull uot
tosii or trafnple or ulhei     it mist, but
the ■ twboj   n tnnlly tint) ihe hi   si  *■  terlng on Ids
feet.   Tlif haugl :  under
the  foi i   exi   i I  ■        ;: .■  : >rus b.t  the swinging
man.   Tin -        rite nnd never be
fore lind four fot>ted creature wPhstmid It,
Wherbi r I ■ ' tl     ivt   been itdfled
ns n hlstui Oklahoma nmn's pf iwess
will i-t er ; -st! iu    a chair cushion,
thrown wl film and judgmeut, stnick him
full lu ih.' face   \ greal - hoitf In fusil
lade of Hi w«l    Pickett became
tjuiit* as t.iisy ■! ,; nbower as vavlng himself
from Ihc buil's siivnse i
The boi e i      •      I n si it hit the Incklem  he
rn Iginl man on beck  tnd dri u n sireaui of blood,
ll Kceuu-d then lie seats bet sme
n n-n'ii- [patoi ecdlngs.
iuives fi I upon
i   ■■-. - itgle
-.,:      \ ■        ■.. ion
In thai gre i . ■ fled li ind or voice in pro-
e. I .. ■  Hi j   Thi ■'!■'■ n ixa»
tn .im.] ii.' ii w.      ■ . VI ex ten i lie  >nl, nexl day,
and eren
tbe lu Kl li I. the govern-
iota . ■ -  ■■.!   iheir
I (he
i.tti'ha Taurlun Hum,
Tbero i-s no .1 -ulu thai Pli '■
(I wiiii dam er of bis undern
ilu* Amorlcnn H lUthwcsl bad u
of ids prowew. ll.- iind nevei
lighting hull. I .tin told, and '-
llu* hi-.' beilowl iu- moii'-ters. i|
strongtli tiini i.. •-, unto tbo vlel
he had so often conquered, I'r
proclivlltes were as much []kt
brothers' tis a wtldcnt is like n i
the cowboy w.l,-, soddll
us worthless miggcslli
half a dozen I'l Toret
torturing the intll In
extreme pilch of man
IK Ills li
Iti* ell'i.t'I   '
atbiR furj
it hail unflerestlmati<i
iking.  Mi. victories In
.<de him 'Hen    |
even seen n H
Ids mind (mil likened
ilrprlng with Ufi     nd
- Texn -   tei rs which
. i -1 lip  la's six
bovine Ann
'-  iinutik,     Ai d
:   ■ nnd n •■■■:■       I n
■   :. ■ ■        : -  -
- wore :-
Vou i an  - - n raih of ns hnndful of
Anierlenn* ■-,   ;,. (he  police.
Tin > I .:. ■   -    itt b ij fi lends
pleaded  ■■■ '-■     ,  I ■   . ■. . ssli n to retaliate
it ith Ami rleni . ■     but Un  rant bu in forbade
Ii.* and ,: n       - ie extern-
' lur I'   tS iv. ti- reeking
atbj ol tbe human
es ovei •■ I. itrler,    I'i Icett was
i.       user and weakening f:ist.     It
hie funeral would take place
h   Mex rn -   !'■ enrentdn had promised,
Ont - Ills ' it would Imvt- him
. ■ death.
In alt that awful bedl in Joi  Miller alone kept his
v. lu.   He i ■ • or later Pickett would
tjm to tbc   be desperately u d that his eud
would eoroe « .   - suddenness unless some
The Bull Hesitated for One Providential
Moment   •   •   •   It Saved Bcuh Men
contract with him from risking bis valuable bones and
budy 'Jiiiside the rail, mil arena!
If we'd mii> tieeu cunteut wllh thin moral triumph—
for we were convinced thai Ph-nveiildti had dellltefr
ately ibllWU theeoWard-*! white feather ami h» pUlllli I>
expre-si d our ixultail-ui--the inoat exciting chapter hi
ihc history of die Mexican tail! ring would never have
been written Hut .l-e Millers tl.'e km-w no hounds
and bin Atuerlcai'lMu was runniug rampmit To ilu*
Tiifii (*i.|,ui he a<d SefnT Corren hurried again, ami tilt-
dui* iV-uiided bull righ'ers and iheir assembled wor
sblpiK'ts heard hiui >*> o.st* tu insteh PI kett. bare
handisl di.d unaided, HguliiKl tbe most blood hungry,
man bating. tlgktit<g null die re^miitlc iou!d i*r»vaie.
Intld-'Utall.,. I may iiieiittou thai he hadn't evel con*
stilu*tl Plikei. In the uiutier!
The appnn-iit superlative teiiv of the pro|Hwltlon
and why t<> ihe Mrxl mi mltid lu execution mean!
ihe sure. Hpeedy tind Klcktsnlng death >.f the luckless
mini may not •■«. ubvlous lu the American muaiiiiliar
with ibe Ih.ii ii nt at-.' iis praetltes.   I'b explain
Vou nee. In the .niuliu'y ns profes-,l«l';;iiy provided
for tbe entertainmeni of the public the !•■::! tlghiii
I'i'lies Upou hi.- qui kut as of e.u* tind foot,    lie evades
ibe mad rushes ,.f hi* Antagonist, nevei grapples.
Tlie tig hi bu- ne. n dw tided as a tragedy In three
u,*u The plmdorm mounted on .v.inhli—, blindfolded buixfi*. tlrsi tetttve ilie charges uf tbe bull
with In lice*.    Whenever a hnTM Is ivoundi-il Ihe ridel
betakes himself to night and when either thu lisp*
1'i'ns or a pi -«dor Is thrown the chitlns rush in and
•ittniil the aiiiiti.il fr.uii his prey hy theh red cloaks,
sMvlng themselves. It Herd U\ by leaping uver tbe
piillsude width eneloeea lite arena.
Wlien the bull has i(.*t*t roJfed lo freiisled fury h>
the prodding* I be plcadorrs ar. replai ed by Hie
ebulos, who bring with il i the Imiiderlllu**, Imrlied
i!:iils   Which   llm.,   drive   Into   llu*   ImUt's   shoulder
riien ihe maiador enters tn com leie iin* tragi  bu*l-
UMa, The hull Is vie.tk from loss .., blond and he
wllderedu but still her.e and a.-ihe. In his Hghl
hand Ihts thief ■ oitihnain hoi S a naked stit.nt; iii
his left the mulel.i. n stick wiih a ploec nl s.-an.-i n||k
mttn-lied.    As s.iolt as Hie hull - e.n-s nihil Ihe IllUlCtS
he iiishts hi Imi h ai ii. Uie matador didges uludily,
de\h-rou->l.t pluti».i-. the BWofd Into the spine ami ibe
Ullltual lll'o|is dead ai his feel
'the bull Hgblers HlDS, you will understand, per
form iheir deiolly work at a disunite from (he four
foiltld foe. Never WOUlt) 0I1C of lliem dare lo even
lay  hands on a hull     They save iheir preeloUS liven
ii.i their reranrknhle HgHlty in eradlna ihe aulaial's
itiii'iiis Hssautu Muiwver, ilu- braiidlshetl • loth,
th.' color of nhleh ilu- hull tuts heeii laiighi rrmu lii-
fiimy io deiesi. I-, the Inrget of attack, not iln- man
wlin Uourtihes h and spring! aside, A hull, too. closes
his eyes when he charges    a nti*rr doesn't,   Pen nut
illliiuaiel.i    familiar   with   tmijne   Imult-   kUOW   this
To return lo iw Milter and hi- cnwhvy, Pli l.eii. the
guy Melhiin nipllal via- Imimtli.uel.i Hgog wilb Ihe
story of Ihe iiUilarinlis ihallelite Ha hull lighten
latighid llpronil'Usli Tin* Mevhau u,-tt-papi>s aid
Ihe   Mex Inn   public  demanded   thill   Hie   Annul am
make guvd     If  Picked   wuiiimI iil.e hliilwlf
iipiiu ihr idiar of Aluerlcnil egoil-ui lei lilm tin Id Tliey
Would liiru ..ui Iti fore to wllos. flu- 'fun," Itiey
promised, for human death In he hall ting aiTonl*
only hereditary amusement io the pnthdis of ilu-
Sertor lllvero. Impresario of Kl Tnrett, the big itetv
Kleel and eom-rele hull ring, pmiuptly gave |ieriulssltin
to hold the emouuter there, and Mr. Miller delegated
lilm lo sele.t ibe animal against which the lowboy
should Ih* piled, lie named Rottilo. u gie it, tb-ree, iiwl
bliu k bull, who had ntiee be«u ln..sed lu t ie nren a. who
Iiml killed two iiit-e ami half a dot.en hursei, ami who
bad been span d the deal li Ibrtisl U|toii llle elitrealh-s nf
ibe speetiitor*. So lieive and Mtrotig u hull, iln-y cried.
should imt suffer an Inglorious death, 'llm tribute
wan our paid not mure lhau once or twice before or
sin. e In the history of Mexhau bull Hum Ing. Ibmllo
was returned lo Ihe orrals. and then- he remains to
ihis day. pnwlug ihe ground ceaseless)v and bellowing his unnliHied hm King to litclit and kit).
This, then, was Hie lumbllke creature selected io
gore the Ameri.un to death and rlinu ibe lifeless hi sly
trlnmphniitly In Ihe air. A rare afternoon's entertainment, Mexico ,'iiy agreed. Itienvenhbi net elerateil
publie antHpBtloii hy publishing over Ids idgnature lu
the newspii|H-rs "Kl eullerm de esle Pbketi Hera ■*!
segundo acta de est,- drams," whose free trnnslnllon
Is, ''Pk-kctt's funeral will follow his foolluudlueas."
Wi   " ' ■-■•^j
■   -   '   ,:'.'■■■. -*? +'■?',•fir.'', •    -
/    .'•;-,•• '„ .*;«,:<:-k': - '. « -   '
.,-■,-    ■ \:-:-■-■      ■ ■    ?£/*,   <■
,-,,.... .;-•■••.-j ■'.> '■■'■;-.<. ,■?'.%•'   */    ;
,-,--- •'_:;<Vi,,--.-''   -;,/   .,2   -'\
i fi i5&-^mz
■ pr a i j«i o.
w --
Pickett became
Quite as Busy
Dodging the
Shower of Missiles as Saving
Himself from the
Bull's Savage
Photograph Published in the
Mexican Record of Some of
the Deadly Litter Thrown at
Il,.w much effect the dire prediction had upon the
"dusk*, demon" may In- gnlued from Hie f.i.i that we
l*eraunded him niiii difficult; frnm nt tending a dance
Ihe    night    before    the    ball It-    which    Wollld    luiVB
kepi hi.ii nwrtse umil daybreak, luslead. we directed
his I't-liicuiif si.-|,s i,, tb,* Hole! ft. KrnneU ami snw t*>
'i Ihal be was s.vurely locked iu i room fiir Ihr night
The largest crowd ever assembled In i*:i Tomi was
tlm'e io view the spectacle Klgures showed an at
lendrm-e of more iiniii iweiiit in,- ilmusniHl persons;
and probably not one honed or e.\|.<- i-d Ihnl Plekell
would leavi* ihr arena uliVe. Ki >•■>■> \ bailor to Mexk i
knows ihm ihe native in* no love Tor Amerl am
,«ilthd in this |K>rvadliig geui-ral lH«tlllty was tin-
kuowledge that.Pickett's NUi-ee-nful sccoiuplldiiin-nt
or bU hand to born combnl wouhl shaiue Ibe effort*
of every tan-ad. r. W'v Anierlenn citrus |*«o|ile, scleral hundred I mug. escorted Picket) to the hull ting.
ft'ftur Itivero, Impresario, mat Beflor Urnvo, presl-
deute, received us. Itmh wen- obviously apprehensive.   They told im afterward Ihal ^ivy had r*>*it eer
lain tlml Pb-kelt would lose courage nl the last mo-
meiit and refute lo ebam-e bis life Hut the cowboy
was fm,lly confident and eager for the fray. Never
did man mo impress me with the virtue of physical
courage and a contempt of death.
Then, while ihe Mowd was pouring into iim enclosure, mt me flie atnggerlng m-ws that Hie Governor of
Ihe federal dlstrb-i bud forbidden ibe battle, A delegation of American women, residents of tb,. city, hud
walled upou him ut noon mid protested hi llu- name of
humanity, arguing that llu- outcome or Ihe affair
Would Incrltably be Hie death of iln- brave Imt rash
Oklahoman. They had earlier enlisted the Influence
ami assistance of powerful American ofllelala and bus-
Pickett's entrance info the en losure re el
gl,*d hiss,.* and cheers; then a wild tumuli ■-:  ■
as a gate was thrown open and Prljoll rhlqiittn d     iihI
upon tin- s ,-m-. righted Pickett and made for lilin
iln- power i ml speed "f a rn ,.-.   The
man's face blanched momentarll;; for lho Oral
fully renllxeil tbe neru ••! lib p   it Ion and il      rer
whelming "this against ultu In a Hghl for life with ibis
bovine demon.   Hut everj  n*rv« was steady,  every
muscle ready and all tin tc craft nnd coo
Ding nf hl« ralllug nununotied   - ■ i   nl the Irre
alstlble onslaught.   Xoi   pm pn       d was Bpradley,
tbe vtar.i ron [hi n lie i |e, j    rned by In
experience on Ihe pi I ;.>- moods nnd
m.,ves of rattle as a sbepheni tlofi knows bl
Never before bad -inch n terrifying Iblug hurled its.-it
lownnl Spradlcy, bui the shock of ll dldu'l bewilder
1,1k.- a flash lo* il dged and Implanted hlfl bind li »fs
wiiii all bis strength full on tbe 11 urging bull's - do,
lia.-k ruabed the bull, iiot-al all dl-iooncerted, and Ibe
attach was too suddenly renewed for defenc • evasion. The cruel, ueedle pointed horns penetrated the
helpless horse's shoulder, As they withdraw, blood
covered, Picket! leaped between them to .ne bull's
head ami clasped his arms around the n&clt.
This was the expected moment ihat hud drawn
iweiiiy-tivi. Ibousnnd Mexicans td Bl Toreo that afternoon. Bxperta bod conceded thai the wonderfully
lithe mid agile American might, perhaps, secure a hold
on tin- hull, hm never, Ihey declared, could be maintain thai Imld Tor half it mlnuie. On.- loss of lha powerful head would dislodge lilm and then ilu- end would
be a mailer of lOCOUdS, us be lay prOftfata and exhausted.
■i by bis friends.   Bum-
K Vi   er Pi grg ..  ranebmao com*
■   J
"Strip oil j our red shlrtf
-.\..\i. when i'. kett drops, you leap Into tbe en-
ire, . we to the bull ai
v.,u dare - d -■■■ if yon *an save your com-
.;. s lifer
iiur  watches ed  that  Pli kett,  perched  pre-
- head, bad withstood tne itorm
for ei   II*  -■■'-:.  mlnotee and « half
ded mt mem came.   A bottle hit him
n       , thud full In tbe iMe.   lie groaned In sudden
. isped   f'-r   breath,   cast Imploring,
:...■ iced I u§, h     ■■- time friends, im       i d
tbo irmi clasp which bad defied tbe fur, of is flerco
■ t pawed tbe earth of BI Toreo.
Prljoli Cblqulta. tbe Incarnation of brate ferocity,
loddenlng burden, lowered bli boras
death thrusta.   PI keti lay a limp and wrltb*
under tht   inlv     • aote.   The UesJ*
■    i  '    i Joy.
Over tbe bat i ■ • al one b mad burdltd n half naked
flgure,   The bull glimpsed li seen more quickly than
[he astonished ind dlsoi lyed human audit nee, f--r tlm
led i       red        bt ng brandished almost In Prljoli
ihhpiiia's face.   Vester Pegg was obeying orders In
lllC   lli'Jtperal.-   o!;i  'vi,  >    n;lh   linz.inloii-.   ,:ii]-:i.|ty
Tin* hull hesitated for one providential moment wheto*
er i" turn iii-oii the Insolent newcomer or to rent bill
rengi>ance upon  bis helpless and  fallen adversary,
SI  .i- was the respite it saved both men,   Pickett
tggt red in bis f.-.-t. scrambled grogglly to tbe barrl-
• nde and our outstretched bands (ragged him to
safety, Pegg retreated precipitately and bent the hull
lo -i .nt by a foot. I'rijoli Cblqulta, doubly robbed of
pray, bellowed bis Impotent rage and hatred to nu
Otnptj  arena.
So ended the only struggle of Its kind tbnt over has
or probably ever "iii take place.   The tumult over tho
 ixpecied deliverance was. of course, appalling, We
look refuge behind iron gates iu one corner of EI
Polio and remained concealed for two hours, The
Oorernor then sent two hundred mounted soldiers
to tbe scene. They dispersed the more violent of tbe
spectators who remained, threatening our safety, and
escorted ui bnck to our tents, There were small demonstrations agalnBt us that night nt our quarters on
ilu- Pnseo do la Iteforma, but lu twenty-four hours the
hotheads bad cooled. The feeling ngnlnNt Pickett
personally remained bitter, however, und he did uot
uguln make public nppeuninco. THE  0RNBUO0K.  HERALD
+ * ••• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!' + *
Tlif Junior ball teams ol
Movie uml I'laiiliroiili will
play oil tlio lower grounds this
ovoning nt seven o'clock.
Moyle buttery: Crowe Bros,
fiiinhriiiik battery: MrNulili
nml Armstrong. Buy u
booster   Iiik uml bo    tliore to
* + *
0-    •!•
.j..[. .j..]. * .]■.[. .*. * .*..*..*. .|,
Born—Al Hie Homo hospital on
.inn,, null, m Mi ami Mrs. .1. Walk-
ley,  n son.
Horn—ai the Homo hospital en
Juno 10th, 1" Mr. ami Mis. .1. Mnr-
iHiuli, ii daughter.
Born—Al ihe H"""' hospital on
June 22ml, lo Mi anil Mrs, A. P.
cliiiki-,  ni Moyle, a daughter
Born—Al the llnmn hos|iltal on
Juno Ultll, I" Mr. nml Mrs. .1. P
I'lnrk,  ii son.
Tho   Herald has received the    lol-
Inwiiii! Bell-explanatory    letter Ir	
Mr.   Fred Davey, grand secretary   ol
tlie  Mil) I-'. "( lliiiisli Columbia:
Kdllor IIitiiIiI:
li nil,mis mi- much t.l.iisiii«■ I"
forward you n ci py >>( Uie 'lollmvlng
resolution  unanimously passed      nl
tli,,  i eluding si-ssiiin nf ibis grnnil
lodge  in vein   eilj on llu- Mill insl
Resolved: "Thai Hie   ilia-nks nl   this
grand   lodge In- tendered I" lho press
nf   tho city nf   Cranl ik i' r      Ihc
iiiiiiini-r in which il bus reported the
proceedings nf this session, and nlsn
Unit tho sincere I banks of ll"-
grand body be ontendcd Ihroiigh the
press i" ll"- cltlvcns nf lho cltj ol
f'sanbrook fm ilii-ir lavish hospital
iiy, anil especially In llioie citbscn*.
wiin so generously extended tbc hand
ul good fellowship by opening iheii
homes I" the delegates wlin could
imt obtain accommi dation at lite
lintels, and did ovcrythlng In theli
power In tnake mir visil agreeahlc
uml  pleasant "
... .|.+ ... .|. .]. * ... .j..[. .j.
, I
). .*« .J. si    it won't be long In-fure wo
*I* have  music iu    the pink.
•!• j    Miss   M. IVnsini, nf Slueilli,   i\
visitor  in town Saturday,
The Cranbrook Garage nuii-
pnny Ibis week gut In two
moro McLaughlin cars. Ono is
a [our seatnl runabout
tlio other n two sculiil
I   •!•
-  •!•
* •!•
•i. .j. .j. .|..[. .|. .|. .J. .|. .|. •!• .]• *|. •!•
Hobt. 0, Coghill, a wiitcbniun al
Leask and Jolinson's sawmill at
Maynnk, was found deml near Eng-
siiling, about six miles east ol
Cranbrook Monday afternoon. W, 11.
Beiilty, iinilerliiker, brought the
body Into Cranhrook thai evening,
mnl it is now in liis undertaking
parlors awaiting burial, Tho deceased was aboul fifty-five years of
ago. The i» dy was found some dis
lance  from the track.
An effort is being made lo have n
hall tiiim come Irom Spokane to
play lien- Dominion day. n was nt
first expected thai lite Whlleflsh
team would l»- hero in piny Sutur
day,   bill tliey hnvo wired tbnt. 'tliey
enlllil    lint enme.
.1 |.' Armstrong, government
agent nf South East Kootenay t"t
llu- past fifteen y.-ars nr more, tins
accepted the position nl acting Chief
wnler commissioner. Mr. Aim
strung will take charge al i nee,
uml will lake up bis residence at
Victoria. He has been nt tl"
enasl Inr several days, lint is expected bill"' UhOUt the lirst nf thill ill    A   C   Nelson is acting   gov
eiiiini-iii agent A successor tn Mi
Armstrong lias not yet been appolnl
Saturday promises lo la- a bi.
day at Kimbcrley, and Iln- towl
will celebrate Dominion day nn i
bigger scale than the place has ever
seen There will he athletic simrts nt
nil kinds, Including running, lumping, Hindu wrestling, etc Then
there will In- a ball game between a
team from tb,' Sullivan mine and 0
learn from ibe town. There will be
a grand lull in the evening, II S
(iiimlili- Is chairman of Un- cclebrn
lion committee, and (' 0 ftm-k is
Hie  secretary,
KS'OX   IMIESHYTEItLW   ('111 Ifl'll
-.Inly 2nd, toil.
Morning  senile al  11 o'clock,
This is a special patriotic service
fnr the children, Parents arc asked
aid in Ms success by seeing their
children  are present in gi"'d time,
Sunday school niul Bible class al
I   p.in.
Evening service ut 7.20 o'clock.
Subject: "The Greatest General Assembly   Yet llelil."
The pastor tn V.) will conducl
both  services,
('. II. Main, Minister.
An old timer in Hie Koolenays
passed away at San Francisco last
week iii the person ut ,1111111 V. Mr
Kane. Somo years ago be Hv,il at
Rossland, and ran in. HUM ngalusl
IV. A. Gnlliher. McKnnc made several fortunes in tin- gold mines nt
Nevada, bis lirst big venture being a
lease nn Ilie .llllilbn claim, lie was
fnr some lime the Nevada representative if Charles M. Schwab, ami
engineered tbe sale of the Toncpnl:
Extension. Mi-Ku-ne later went in
Cobalt, t'mimla, and then relumed
In Scotland, ran fir parliament 11ml
was defeated. He then returned t"
Hie United Slates to re-engage in
tin- mining profession, He was 17
years  uf age.      He leaves a widow.
(By Fred Roo.)
A bi|T hunch ot Blkoltos nUctulwl
tin- Odd Fellows banquet hold in
Cranbrook Inst week. Prominent
lunong Wto visitors were Mrs. (lien
Campbell, Kred Sheridan ami wife,
nnd  aboul two dozen others.
CnbleKinm received Ihis week In
London, Engl ami,
Kifd   Ittit), Elko, B.C.
Arrange lor litmlng party 1 wrote
yoti about.
Admiral Togo.
Tho writer just returned Irom
RooBVillc nml Tobacco Plains conn
\vy. Scvt-rnl largo, real estate dealt!
have gone tjirough tin- past wtt-k,
lho purcbnsorB being Lothhrlilgo and
Calgary people. The cherries aro
almost ready (m- shipping nml tho
orchards look beautiful. It's tho
lirst Ikiv iu llu- Dominion ol Canada   nml well worth a visit.
Hairy Sliarpi* uml James Milb'i
Watson, two eattto men from Roos-
villi-, passed through I'.lki* for Nelson  this week,
A sad accident recurred nt Roos
villi- last, ww-k. Jonas Van Wago*
nian,a rancher, while leading a horse
down a grade fell and cnl his knee
and died from blood poison the next
Tin- visitors lo Ihc big banquet al
Cranhrook from Klko say our old
college chum, V. .1. Smyth, was al
bis best on the platform nnd ihe
way he went alter them false
alarm sweat simp bargain/buyers
heat gelling elected to a cabinet
position or marrying an heiress for
pure  unadulterated iinspeckled joy.
rheic's nothing heats printers ink
for advertising. Itcri Bcattlc used
Kiiy every knock's a boost. Well,
must he gelling an nwltil lot of
knocks ihe way mir business is
;rowing and the way wc arc putting
in flesh. Our fishing tackle is sure
niching   the big ones.
Tin- Hank of Montreal may open
up   a brunch rn Elko this summer.
Boh Pake gol a consignment of
telephone wire chairs in this week
in eal willi bis bin red apple flavored   ice cream.
Tho Great Northern cannon hall
express passes through Klko twice
dally, stopping at the open air depot.
When we look at seven-tenths of
ihc commercial travellers and pert-
itlars association we cannot help
kit think that they are certainly
n>bbing the All-rta farms of Rome
good   plow pilots.
Mr. Williams, general manager ol
the Baynes Lake Trading company,
was in  Elko    this week dohtg husi-
BOWEL   disorders   quickly  cured by
At all dealers,    25 cents per box, or
The Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold and recommended by Tho
Cranbrook Ding ami Hook Co., Ltd.
have   to    cut o
dog   lights anil
tilts   week,
t   tho society notes,
police   court,   news
*********************** ,
The I'restnii hull team eiime to
I'liiulniH.k Tuesday evening unit
played Hie linine learn Nothing
happened tilt the fourth Inning,
When Crisler gnl the first linin mil
siinnis scored a home run fnr Cranbrook in Hie same inning In the
tjftn Sullivan eiiiiie home. In tlie
sixth Creston changed pitchers, pul
ling Hoffman iu Hie box, Tbe result was Hun Siinnis, Hurt, I.un-
belg unit Sullivan eneli scored Ro
suit nf 1*1,111,-, six tn one In Trim
brook's favor. Umpire, it It"
11. k
I'liliibrniik's     hue up—Hint,       left
Held; t.iiiibcrir, slu n    stop; Sulllv	
third liiisi-.   Poller,    Oral brae; Mr
Wlia.  second base; Peters nlcticr;
Jones, center    field,    Blnuns, rtltit
field,   flillviii, pltcbei
Crestnti's line up—McKay, slmrl
slop; Applcrnilst, ratotier; Runny
MetVak, third bus,-.. Ilulfman, second
bus.-; Huber, first base. Crtslor, pit -
cber; Bundy, center field; Bud Mo
Peak,   right field, Ward, let! field.
Over one hundred owl fifty Masntis
.villi their wives ami families had a
grand picnic on Arthur Ward's place
near the head ol Moyle lake on cos-
mint inn iluy. A special car was
run in Jerome frnm Cranbrook in
the morning and the people were
then taken up Hie Moyle river in
iiintnr hunts In the picnic grounds.
Almost every iiintnr boat mi Moylo
lake was pressed into serpiec, and
there wns a lull delegation ot tin
tiu'iiibers  nl    the order from Moyle
Saturday being Dominion day and
n lecfil holiday ibe following stores
will in- closed nil day: Campbell and
Manning, Fink Mercantile company,
Want mid Harris, John Manning,
Little nnd Atchison (grocery depi)
Kast Kootenay Produce and Provision House, 1'. Burns and Co., East
Kootenay Butcher Co., Central Mean
Mnrket, Mel'reery tiros., Hill and
Co., E, A Hill, A, C, I've, C C.S.,
lleiitiie-Murpby Co, (Sunday hours),
Cranhrook Drug and lb»k Co, (Sunday hours), ,T. D. Mellride, I-'
Parks .v I'n , Patmore Bros , lln-
wnitb Bros . IV II. Wilson, A I.
McDermet,   A  C  llownoss
Tbo pout office   Will be "I"-"    	
bout  during Hu- day.
Hi HKlt-ritlst.l-'.lt.
■flie untiling nf Mr. Jacob Huber,
,,f Creston, und Miss Laura May
Crisler, ol Cranbrook, was solemnized ai tin- Inline nf Hit- bride's mother nn Baker street ill Ibis eily yesterday morning, Rev, II C. Speller,
pusinr  ol    I he  Bnptisi church, obi-
sling. Tho bridesmaid wns Miss
Vera Crisler nnd Ibe groomsman
Bay Crisler, sister and brother "I
the bride. Mr. nnd Mrs Huber
wenl lo Crestmi lho same day, and
will  make llielr    home In that city.
Tliev   llllle ll  Imsl   ol  fri Is ill    Ibis
(Special   correspondence),
Mr. Spratnge, wlio has htun In
Bayncfl tor .some time assisting Mr.
K. II. Art-oil, left ou Saturday [< r
London, ling , whero'htl will represent (i.e. in iin* British Empire
Valley View club house is progressing nicely, 11 will lie a
splendid bui hi ing w lien completed
ami is loco led iu a perfect!^ ideal
A basket social wns given by the
Catholics to start a building 111 ml
[or iheir church, on .lime 20lh, It
was a splendid success in overy
way, uml the Catholics nre inosi
grateful for the congenial nml liberal
patronage which was so generously
given. Solos hy Mcstlnmes Fritz and
Tormcj', and Messrs. Simpson and
Webb were splendidly rendered and
thoroughly appreciated by everyone
They were accompanied hy Mis
leanetto Adolph. Mr. Chambers deserves special thanks for the way he
auctioned the baskets, The nel profit   for    the evening was $2(10.36,
Mrs.   Martin   Tormcy,, of Richland
Center,   Wis., is visiting at lho hom-
ot     her   daughter and son,   Mrs.
I).   W, Hail and     Mrs. J? A.     Tor-
Mrs. W. V. Orr is visiting al the
home   of bi-r sister, Mrs. .1. 1). Aye.
Wc are glad to know Ihnl Mr. Wilkinson is recovering from a recent
Mrs. Joule, the new hostess at tbe
club house, was at home to Hinnes
Lake settlers on Thursday evening in
tumor of the coronation. Dancing
was the order of tho evening, nnd
everyone   had a delightful lime.
Wo are pleased to announce that
Mr. P, W. Adolph, of the Adolph
Lumber company, was married on
Tuesday lasi, June 26th, nl the
home of the bride, in Essfcx, Ont.
The home-ocmlng of tho bridal
couple is anxiously awaileli by Iheii
many friends who will extend them
a ci rdial welcome, May all good
things atMiil them through a long
and  happy life.
The Comfort of Our Prices
Is Cooling on the Hottest Days
Friday Special
fit Kiinov Wlimfllis Mill llollll'H|lUllB.
Well Tailored. Finished in first.
i-liiiis ntvli'. .Inst ll tow toft. Iii'in-
Inr $ll.0H to $15.00,
**+**+***+*******-**++4 f H*H+f
Friday Special
Finiir Hints for Mon also nt ^n-nt
reductions. Wo otter stylus worth
$18.00 nnd $20.00 lit tlm lowest iios-
sililo |irii'i" quoted lit tliu liciiilit nf
of tin) wi-iirinn iii'iisiin.
Charles Augustus Fllsplckles, ol
(iiillnwav, ivns nn Klko visitor tins
Tlie Progressive Investment company arc puttiiiR a Wn toree nl men
In work on llieir Irull trails wesl nf
Hie  town.
Klkii will sure pel a Ills tiinst nt
Hie coronation, Well, it will be like
\. s. IliKiili-ve's speech in I'ran-
brook, Everybody will hear about
On account of ™,r abscnee anil Is-
Iiir sn busy (HUiiR mail orilcrs    wc
(Special corresponilenco).
Missis.   Hill,v l.lil'nllili- mnl   .totin
I Uiil.au av  were  in t'ranbrook  Weil
ni-s,lav   Inst.
Mr Stevenson was a Oranbrook
\inllnr  lust Wi-ilni-siliiy.
Mr. lien Sinclair nml son ri-lnilii-il
homo Inst week niter visiting (rii'mls
since  Inst full hi New llriiiiswlck.
Murk   McDonald, nf  tl lllll" stuff
ol  the   C.N.P.I,, company, was    n
visitnr  iii Cranbrook Thursday lasl.
A  number ol the boys spent     the
holiday Inst   week fishing up    Dull
Mr. Young, chief engineer on the
Koolenay Central, was In town I'ri-
Mr. McNctsh, iiniii boss iu the Pernio district, was in town Wednesday,
Henry Ilotinrt is at presenl taking
tin- baths at Blalrmoro fur his
Miss lln/i'l Dnliiirl is- at present in
Blalrmoro  with her brother Henry,
Mr. Skinner, manager lor the
Western Canada Wholosalo company,
I'Vinte,  wns iii town Tuesday,
Arthur Mollis, from Galloway,
was  in   town Tuesday.
Th,- Instruments fnr the Wardnot
iiiuss band arrived lusl week. The
boys nre luisy cviii iilnlil practicing,
'rim l.i'idiiiki HiiHlneiH Col lege
of the Norlhwent
Where voting people enn receive
ii thorough busiiietw tmining.
In in Heivion twelve mouth*- io
the year.
No entrance i-xniuinatinin*.
Board and room at very reaaon-
aldf rates.
Wu to'ruro pusitioni for onr
(inr new licuiililtilly illnatrated
catalogue neiit free "pon rei|iieit.
Write tor it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lit A Mailieou     -      Sl'oKANK
Wi- wind n g I S/i'.i-tiiiin   tn
h-I' ii trhl«li-Bndt> low ol Niirwr.v
Htni'k in Raat K.'i'Ui'ii.v I W. »i
K.mO-tiiir CountlM.   Htnrk Ktnir-
nqlfffl    l.iii-*tiil i-niiiiiilmlnH.
Tom blii      *       -       **"*♦* *
1 ^TEA
"H.M.B." . .$1.00 lb.
"5 O'Clock," . .60c.**
"Old Country," * *50c. "
"Capital Household,".40c. "
At Best Shops
New  York.—liar silver, Mc.   Lead
London.—Lead, Sis., (is., 3d.
Tin-re is one medicine that every
family .should be provided with nml
especially during tlie summer months,
viz: Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Dinrrhnen Hcnicdy. it is aliimsl
certain to lie needed. It costs but
a quarter, ('tin you afford to be without 11? For sale by all
dealers. Lr,-tf
Friday Special
X TIlO shiboii's tiest unit latest stylos.
T ltof-ular $21.00, $25.00, and $2li.00
X Suits, made of All-Wool Worsteds in
T Fancy Stripes  and  Checks  in  all
* Shades ami in All Lengths ot Coats.
X   $20.00 	
Friday Special
MEN'S $s oo AND $5-50 OXFORDS
TIiosl" nre made on the latest lusts
iu Velour, Patent Leather, and Tan
Leathers, Low and military heels.
Laced and lluttoued. All ("iiarau-
Friday Special
$10.00 Panama Huts  $7.50
7.00    « "          5,60
II00 Straw      "           2.25
2.50     " "          l.'.sj
200     " "           1.40
1.50     " '•          1.00
*++*******************+******       +++++*****+******************
The lirst ball game of the season
at .laffray was played between the
Ninth Star mill and the llanbnrv
mill on Hie North Star grounds last
Saturuay. It was a fast game, which
resulted in a score ol three to two
in favor of the North Star. North
star flattery—Mills nnd Anderson;
llanbiiry—McKinnon and McLeod
Umpire—Norman Addison.
A***.**********  **************
Hnvo u very fine, assortment <>f
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All treos ottered for uie ore nmwn in our own nurseries on
llm I'olilstri-iiiii Estate
V. D. CURRY,' General Agent
************** **************
KOVAI. ANN. 5 »>• bo>
... lb. -
HINtl, slh box
••    10 lb   ••    	
Si >S
Si .15
Cherriol ihlppeti in one nr two days fr.-i.li from tin- t'olumliia
Kiv.r llrcliiiids.    Money musl un uiiiikiiiv onler.
liufi-riiii'i': think ot Kettle Fulls, Wnnli.
A. LtVRUUORK, I'.op.
lBro*|>urBl*.l 1SSV
Capital Paid Up $6,mo,ooo Reserve S6,ouo,ooo
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
H. 8. HOLT, President      E. L. l'KABE, Ueneial Mansger
Accounts ol Firms, Corporsliol.a nnd liiilividu.la solicited.
Ilal.pl lown ImaiiiN. receives every stlention.
SAVINliS DKI'AIITMENT-HeiH.ail.of ll.ro and iii.«nrdirrcei<iil
and inter.,t allowed at current rale.   No formality or delay in
Aiiener.l Banking Businesstransacte.1.
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Manager
It a the Same Place
The Place that is Popular
Hood as the Best
IlitLr thnn the Itisl
The Cosmopolitan
If you come once,
You will come ii^iiin
E. II. SMALL. Pam-KtimiK
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited
Kennedy, .1. 1-1.
Mull. Ur	
: JUNE 30th TO JULY 7th, 1911
t21.OOO.00 In Priam ana Purses
Freight pii.l on all eshihits <>ri|inatiii|i in Athens.
'I'lie itesl Hpecisl Features ever reen in Canada wesl <-l Tomnio,
Music hy the l.vir.l Utile Itrgiuisnul Hand and other lli(h
Class Features
l'a.i Muliiel Machines to lie uae.1 fur lho drst lime in Western Csns.ls
at the Kxhihitlon Races
Itetluced Psisenirer Rales.
Entiie. eloae June loth
SIIKUIKF I. 8. tl. VAN WART, President.
Prise Lists and other infurmallon Item
K. L. RICHARDSON, Mansger,
11131* Victoria Park, Cal|aiy.


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