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Cranbrook Herald Jul 17, 1913

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 Legislative ASscmWy
April 24-n
We art well equipped tu
turn out the best cUsa
ol work.
In the Herald Payi—Try
Our   Local_ Colnmna
~TOc". a line- ^
**V    l>»
Crly Colinoll met ul llie cily hull
on Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. tlie
follow iiif, being piesi'iil' Mayor A. ('.
Bowness, Aldermen J.cask, Ward,
Hupp, Carr ami Kennedy., City clerk
T. M. Roberts and city engineer V.
Minutes of previous ineoMngs were
read ami on motion approved fiy the
Finance oonvnviUcc reported ami Uie
following accounts were passed and
ordered paid:
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd    1.50
Bcatty, W. R    3.00
11. ('. Livery (Deacon)    10.50
Burns, P. and Co    7.05
Cranbrook    Foundry       7.50
City Clerk's Sundries        127.15
Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Co. 20.00
City Engineer's puy-roll ..... 083.55
Calgary Drafting Co., Limited 126.75
Canadian Brass Co., Limited... 24.00
Cranhrook Garage Co., Ltd ... 2.50
Cranbrook Sash & Door Co., 30.011
Cranbrook Cartage A Transfer
Co      1.00
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.... 2.05
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.... 1.30
City Transfer & Warehouse Co. 84.58
Cranbrook Steam Laundry ... .75
Cranbrook Electric Light Co....107.38
City Officials Pay-roll      355.00
City Livery (Macdonald)       10.50
Dezall, Frank     13.50
Fink Mercantile Co. Ltd      82.00
Fire Department Pay-roll    260.00
Fulljames, H. & E.'      83.33
Herald Publishing Co. Ltd     28.00
Kootenay Telephone Lines Ltd.   15.00
Ixjgan, James      60.00
McBride, .1. D   22.22
Metals Limited    55.50
Manning, Ira It     7.80
Niblock,   Oeo    60.00
Police Pay-roll      305.00
Patmore Bros 40
Parrett, T. X     7.40
Parks, F. & Co   59.03
Quain Klectric Co., Ltd      2.20
Smith, L. M      03.00
Salmon, Mrs A.   ...»    00.00
School Board Pay-roll      1710.52
School Board orders   .   111.80
Wester Municipal News      5.10
Beattie-Murphy   Co	
Cranbrook Drug & Book. Co,
Limited      1.05
City Transfer & Warehouse Co.   I.no
McBride, .1. 11     1.30
Washington Brick, Lime A Sewer
Pipe Co      00.78
City Engineer reported in pari as
loi lows:
Mil,DIM!    llYt.AV,
Mr. Ban (Juan has erected n woodotj
addition at tho book ol tbe Pool
Boom on Van Homo Street without
u permit and not in compliance with
the by-law, the premises being within
the lirst class limits. 1 warned Ran
Quan on the tlth inst anti wrote him
on the 10th insl. to remove the
structure, 1 lind on Uio lllh lie lied
completed the work coutran I,, my
Mr. George Hoggarth bus ro-erectcd
a wooden building nt the tiack of the
sample looms on lhe lane from linn
roil Avenue, without a penult and
nml ran to the conditions ol lhe llv-
Law for second cluss llie limits, no
sheet metal being used.
Tin' new level nnd ranging poles
have beet) delivered to tlie Citv lie
llie Culgan Drafting Company,
The telephone at the reservoir lias
been installed.
l>uring the month 22 leaks were repaired on various purls ot the system costing 5101.110.
Three new services have been Installed.
Five new services hnve lieen partially installed where the new concrete
sidcwalk.s will lie laid lo prevent
breaking up in thc future.
On motion by Alderman Lea.sk, seconded by Alderman Clapp, tlio report of tho city engineer was accept;
ed and filed.
As some ol the officials bad lieen
notified that thc building oreotod by
Oeo. Hoggarth would bo prmicrly
covered with sheet metal, no action
was taken In Ihis matter.
Motion rescinding the motion mode
at a previous meeting in regard to
paying Mrs. Lyman $10.0(1 per month
lor thc keep of Mrs. Ollno was carried, and another motion giving her a
total ol $25.00 was carried.
In the matter of the amendment ol
Ibe pound bylaw no amendment wns
carried aa since, the authorities bad
been anient I*. regard lo this bylaw
stock had been found In various parts
ol the town to such an extent that
thero was considerable complaint
from tlie citi/X'ns and the council left
the former Pound bylaw intact and
gave notice that il. would be strictly enforced hereafter.
Bylaw No. 125 which is known as
a liquor licence bylaw passed lirst
and second rending, council resolving
11 self inlo commit lee on tlie whole
for the discussion of tlie bylaw. On
motion It passed the third leading
Council udhourucd.
■Judgement lias lieen rendered by
Mr. .lus-ticc Murphy in a earn of special interest to those engaged in
lodging operations in this province.
It concerns, a Cranbrook action in
which Thomas Hedigan sued 11m*
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Company,
and his lordship has found for thc
plaintiff, directing a reference before
the registrar to ascertain the quantum of damages to be awarded.
Hedigan entered inta a contract to
art logs for the defendant concern,
hut not to take them out of the territory,. Subsequently it was claimed
that a man named Magoon, said to
be acting for the company, contracted
that Hedigan should take the logs
out or one camp. The Crow's Nest
company intervened and operations
ceased, Hedigan entering suit to recover compensation for work done
and for the carrying out of the contract. *
In his judgement his lordship says,
in parti
"On the question of fact I hold
that the contention that the plaint'
iff abandoned the contract is not
proven. Tlie contract requires fifteen days' notice to be given. No
such notice was given, and without it
I bold the contract could not be terminated. The real defense is that
Magoon had no authority to make
the bargain sued on.
"The memorandum and articles
were not put in, hut evidence was
given, without objection, that defendant company is in the lumber business, and amongst other things done
by it was the cutting of logs on its
own limits. Mr. Lund was the managing director and could, as such, I
think, delegate the power to make
such a contract as the one in question and ott tlie true legal construction
of bis letter of November 15, 15*11,
I hold he did make such delation.
The insistent note in that letter is
tluit Magoon is to provide between
85,000,000 and 30,000,000 feet of logs
within twelve months, and lie is urged to get in contractors,
"I think on tlie evidence tin* p'aln
tiff is entitled to succeed in \hfo
court at nil events, on thc prim pie
cilcd by Mr. .lustier living in the ic-
cent case of Doctor vs. the Peoples Trust, thiil a company is bound
by the nets nf persons who take
upon themselves with the knowledge
uf Ihe directors, to act. for the company, provided Buoh persons act within the limits of their apparent autho
rity, and that slrangers dealing bona
fide with such i>crsons, hnve a right,
to aniline that Ihey have lieen duly
"The plaintiff is entitled to >idg-
inont, hut I direct n reference Ix-forc
lhe registrar to ascertain the quan
luni of damages, ns the matter is n°a
hilly entered into the record. Tlw
measure of damages will be tlie
amount nf profit the plaint in would
have made if allowed to complete thn]
contract in due course."
Mr. Macdonnld, counsel for the
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company,
informs the Herald that the cose will
1m* taken to the court of appeals.
The usual weekly band concert will
he played next, Sunday evening at
8.-15, when the following programme
will be rendered:
March—Cheer Up   White
Overture—American Triumph ...Miller
Waltz-To Thee  Muller
Intermezzo—Flower Oirl   ... Wenrich
Mehley—Selection  Mackie
Idoyl—The Cllow Worm   I.inki
March—Officer of tho Day  Hall
God Save tbe King.
II Jaiuei Austin, baad-MUter.
Two hundred and fifty people from
Cranbrook visited Creston last s-atur
day on the occasion of the Orange
celebration of July 12th, which is
annually celebrated in commemoration of the battle, nf the Hoyne
Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1871 parade*)
the streets of the city in tlie morning headed by the Cranbrook City
hand, marching to thc train which
departed at 9 a.m., and arrived at
Creston at 11.30.
A special train from Kootenay
Landing arrived at 12.30, bringing
the Nelson contingent about 150
strong. A number of visitors arrived on the regular trains, making a
crowd the size which Is seldom seen
in Creston. At 1.30 the parade formed up on Fourth street led hy William Trotter as King William, and
followed by the band and the Nelson
Cranbrook and Creston Loyal Orange
Lodges. They marched to the recreation grounds where an address of welcome was delivered by Rev. Fred L.
Carpenter of Creston. Able addresses were also made by Rev. R. .1. Mclntyrc of Nelson, Rev, W. K. Thomson and Rev. W. E. Dunham of Cranbrook-   After this came the sports.
The following is a list of the winners in thc principal event.) . 100
yards dash, 1, -I. Brechin, Cranhrook;
2, E. C. Kuhnert, Cranbrook. .Married ladies' race: 1, Mrs Adamsoii; 2,
Mrs. Herrett. 220 yards dash: 1,
Brechin, 2, Kuhnert; Standing high
jump: I, Brechin; 2, Arrowsmith.
Standing broad jump: 1, Brechin; 2,
Arrowsmith. Running broad jump: 1,
Brechin; 2, Arrowsmith. .Standing
hop, step and jump: 1, Brechin; 2, .1.
R. -Thompson. Pole vault: 1, Brechin
2, Arrowsmith.
*The ball game between Cranbrook
and Creston was won by Cranhrook,
If! to 3. A dame wound up the day's
Miss Dorothy Toye, nf Nelson, who
has beeu heralded throughout Canada
for tlie past several months as thg
opera singer with two grand opera
voices, appeared at the Auditorium
on Tuesday evening, giving a recital
before an enthusiastic audience. I ler
appearance here was made nt the
solicitation of a number of hei
friends in this city, who prevailed
upon her to appear here before she
departed for Rurope to complete her
theatrical engagements, where she
goes within a few days. No time was
given tn advertise her recital properly ami only an average house greeted
the singer on Tuesday evening.
There were rt large number of her
prtsonul friends in t-lio audience,
many of whom had known her in
Nelson when she was but a small
daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. R. .1.
Toye, and her lirst appearance was
the occasion for an enthusiastic demonstration.
The programme, consisting a( eleven numbers with four and live parts
lo many of .thorn gave tt wide range
to the display of her powers. Htt
rendition** were the most superbly
perfect singing ever heard in this
cily, nnd the critics who credit her
with two grand opera voices could
elaborate to a larger degree In measuring the pure tone quality of either nf her voices.
The programme opened with the
curtain lowered, the tlrst strains of
"Siciliana" from the old time favorite "Cavalleria Rustlcann," being
rendered in the purest tenor. As tlie
curtain rose Miss Toye was discovered as the "male singer" and she rendered this difficult song perfectly
being tendered a deafening outburst
of applause at the close.
"In Quelle Trine Morbide" hy Puccini, in "Ich Liebe IMch," by Grieg"
and "The Year's at the Spring" by
Beach her soprano singing reached its
highest excellence and proved her
portrayal of tlw various emotions
through her voice.
One of her own compositions
"Here's 1o the Rose," a melodious
duet, iu which her two voices blend
ed harmoniously In quick succession
closed Part  I
Part II, opened with a soprano aria
Irom La Boheine followed with       a
tenor aria from tlie same opera  and
■li Miss Toye sat at the piano niMl
number of familiar old home songs
the greatest of which was "Shad
ows"      by      Bond. These      som*>
brouuM nut the sweetness uf he,
voice, touched the hearts of the audience with Iheir simple melody and
endeared lhe singer in the memories
nf those who listened.
"La Donna Mobile," n tenor solo
from Rlgoletto, one nf tlie most
showy and difficult songs ot lhe pro-
gramme was effectively rendera! in
this song Miss Toye displayed per
feet control jhrnmHi amazing crescen-
doa ami rapid, vlbranl pianissimo*
Her attack and technique was equal
to the best nf the grand opcrn stars
and the thrilling lone quality of her
wonderful tenor voice gave in the
song an added meaning ami ;, force
Inadequate for words lo describe.
In addition to Vr singnij; Miss
Toye is considerable, of an actress
with an easy stage presence and her
advent inlo grand opera and world
prominence as a singer is predicted
within the very near future. She was
accompanied through her recital by
Mr. Fred M. Geo.
Following was thi* complete programme:
Part I.
1. "Siciliana"—CavallPiia    Kuslie-
ana Mnscagtii
(Tenor voice)
2. In quelle   trine morbide (Manoru
Lescatit)  Puccini
1.   (a) "Still Wie Die Nttchl" 	
(b) "Ala Die Alte Mutter" 	
fc) "Was   Nun" ... Tschaikowsky
(d) "Ich Liebe Dich"    . ... Grieg
I.   ta) "Thy Beaming Eyca" 	
(h) "pose in the Bud" Foster
(c) "His Lullahy"  Bond
(dj "The Year's at the Spring"
5.   Arioso (Pagliaccl)  ... I.coneavallo
(Tenor voice).
fl.   Duet—"Here's to Ihe Uose"	
1. Aria de Mimi (La Boheme) 	
2. Aria de Rudolfo (La Bqhome)....
(Tenor voice).
3. (a) "I Love Vou Truly" ...  Bond
(h, "Shadows"  Bond
(c) "Jusl   Awearvlng for You"
(d) "Steep  Little Baby nf Mine"
(e) "Absent"   Metcalfe
t.   La Donna Mobile (Rigoletln)....
(Tenor voice)
5.   Duet—"Laughing   Eyes" ... Doro
I men Miss toye sai at hiu piano ami
played Ini own ammipaatinvuti for a
Kditor The llerald:
•Sir; Having jusl read, in your issue of >luly loth, am account or ihe
sitting of the Royal Commission on
Agriculture at Uauies Lake I must
ask you to kindly allow mo a little
space to correel a mistake which
of considerable importance under
existing circumstances.
Mr. .1. Radford gave his evidence
to the commissioners In private, I
believe, but I fi-el certain that lie
could nol have made such a grave
mis-statement as ynu attribute to
him in the words, "Mr. Welsh (nf
Messrs. Kohb and Welsh, the company's solicitors) had succeeded in
arranging matters fairly to the satisfaction of the great majority of the
When I say that this "fairly satisfactory arrangement" consisted of aii
ultimatum, with a time limit (about
■IR hours, I believe, but I am open
to correction', lor acceptance| the alternative to acceptance being n
threat of eviction, when I say that
this Ultimatum did nol deal at nil
with the only basis on which a sat
isfaetory settlement can Ih* arrived
at, i.e., the provision of a guarantee
for a permanent satisfactory Irrlga
tion, but simply bound its Bignnlor-
tes to arbitration mi the subject of
whether ibis year's Installment
should be deferred to nexl year or
not; when 1 say, finally, that this
"fairly satisfactory arrangement"
wns signed bv lfl landholders (my
authority for this number is one of
the signatories himself) whereas 1
have before me, as I write, tin* names of over fin landholders here, then,
Mr. Editor, I think you will agrci
that this passage In your report
hardly does   justice to the situation,
Prophecy is dangerous at all limes,
so I will only say that nmny others
are with mc in thinking that before
a year has passed, Ihis "arrangement" will he regretted by its signatories—or perhaps, I should say, by
those of them who have not, by
then, also become prominent citi?ens
and hotel-kcciwrs, but have slill tn
depend tor their living on the produce of their farms.
Thanking you,    iu anticipation, for
the Insertion of lhe nbove correction.
1 am .etc.,
.1. Barnard.
Baytti Lake, DC, .luly 14, HM'I.
At l( meeiiftg of tne Liberal assc
atiou held fn the Liberal club rooms
over l.esier Clapp's sfore last Thursday evening Dr. .J. II. King addressed
Ihe gathering and pointed out the inconsistencies of, the present administration at Ottawa on the matter of
lapanesc Immigration. After the
winning nf several elections in the
province with the parrot cry of a
"White British Columbia" and thc
sending of the "solid seven" to (H-
tiiwailo represent the province, those)
who elected them could very well
have expected some stringent and
forceful legislation along the lines of
Asiatic exclusion nt' a vigorous measure regulating Asiatic immigration.
The farts borne out by the hill
which was passed and tlie letters
whieh passed between Rt. lion. R.
L. Horden and the .lapanesc emissary
arc that the Conservative government has thrown the Dominion of
Canada wide open to Japanese immi-j
gration with no control whatever,
aud lhe ■lapanesc immigrant can enter Canada today on the same terms
as a British subject from any other
pari of the empire. They can become citizens, control property and
vote on au equality with any British
If the 'lapanesc government so desired their citizens can he landed
here by the thousands daily and the
Dominion government is powerless to
prevent their landing or regulate
their coming, if they are provided
wilh $25,111. when they arrive.
The doctor was listened to with
attention by those present and vigorously cheered at the conclusion of his
The people of British Columbia as
a whole are against the adialics ex-
a whole are against the Asiatics except on lhe most stringent terms and
are in favor of complete exclusion.
The Conservatives have betrayed
their trust and have thrown the
gales* ajar for the wholesale admission of the .lapanesc and the solid
seven from this province raised no
dissenting voice when the hill was
pussed the house utter tlie terms hod
been fixed between thc premier and
the representative of the Mikado.
ll will be interesting to note the
denials and explanations necessary
for the Conservative!' to make before
the nexi election, providing of
course, they ever call another one.
Discussing the progress of Australia with its radical syseem of
administration, the Ottawa Citizen,
the Conservative organ at the capital, recently said: "But in tlie eastern provinces of Canada there is yet
a strange impression that loyalty to
the empire can best he shown by
lying down on the path of progress
and hanging on to the things and the
ways of the past. The Australian
Commonwealth has developed a spirit
of healthy independence which is
wholly in a ceo id with imperial unity,
yet which commands respect both
at home and abroad. . . Australia
shows thai it is possible to lie radical and sane, to bo progressive and
patriotic, and to develop on ■*:-. own
national character and life utthout
the least danger to the "band that
hinds thc scattered segme.i.s into ihe
circle of Imperial union."
Australia is carrying out cxaMly
tbe imperial naval .iid programme
ih.il was agreed upon in *'* 1 rt between Australia, New /.■•.." in-.l and
Laurier made good headway geltlug
Canada's share of this programme m-
dcr way, hut his defenl in 1011 ended
that imperial progress.
Mr. Borden came to power and
promptly refused io "develop our
own national character and life with
mil the least danger" to the imperial
bond. He, in the words of his
party organ, became obsessed with
"the strange impression that loyalty
to Ihe empire could best be shown by
lying down on the path of progress
and hanging on to Ihe things and
ways of the past." He prefern
tribute and subservience to developing national character with a Canadian navy as part of the imperial
The Ottawa Citizen says Australia's policy "commands respect both
at home and abroad." Mr. Borden's
ideas are mote llkel) lo command
contempt nl home und derision,
ll is with considerable regret that
the announcement of the departure of
Mr. H. T. Btymncr and family from
this city is made. Word was received this week from tin* headquarters of the Canadian Bank of Commerce transferring Mr. Brymner to
the management of the branch at
Lethbridge. He will leave in about
thirty days for his new location.
Mr. .1. M, Christie, of Prince Rupert, will succeed Mr. Brymner iu
the .local branch.
Mr. Brymner has lieen manager of
the local branch for the past five and
one half years aud has made many
friends throughout the district since
his connection with the local financial
institution. Last year lie was the
musical director of the Cranbrook
Operatic Society and much of > the
success of "The CIngalee" was due
to bis efforts. Mr. and Mis. Hrymner wilt both be missed from the
musical and social circles of the
Mr. Brymner expressed his regret
in leaving, saying that he had alwavs
liked Cranbrook hut that the move
was in the line of progress ami
that Lethbridge was a trowing little
city with many advantages and good
C.   P.  'R.      SPHNDINO     bARGE
Vancouver, B.C., .luly 15.—With a
view to encouraging tourist travel
around the Crows Nest and Arrowhead takes route of the Canadian
Pacific railway, H W. Brodie. g*i>
eral passenger agent for British Columbia, has been making arrangements for stop-overs and special
transportation facilities in Kootenay
and Boundary districts. He has just
returned from an inspection visit of
sections in that part of <he province.
Discussing his trip he stated that
general husiness conditions in Nelson
and surrounding districts are showing)
marked Improvement and that traffii
is increasing nn the company's lines
in Kootenay. Now that the company has its new hotel at Balfour in
operation extensive plans for diverting a large share of tourist travel
around by the inland British Columbia lakes have heen drafted.
Vice-President Bury of the Canadian Pacific railway, from Winnipeg
expects to spend a week or ten dajs
on the coast. He expects to have
double tracking completed and in
operation between Mission .function
and Ruby Creek hy September 1st.
Trains are already being operated
over the completed double tracks between hero and Mission. The bridge
over Diet river will not be completed
until later, but with that exception
the double track will lie all ready
finished to Ruby Cfeek by tho date
''This year the Canadian Pacific
railway is carrying out the greatest
construction programme in its history," observed Mr. Bury, referring
to the improvement schemes which
have lieen planned and are now under
way. "Camps have been established
at lingers Pass in preparation for
the giiwntic boring project. The
whole work is to Ih* finished in 12
With regard to the financial siUia
tion Mr Bury said that despite the
financial stringency which has been
affecting all tin* market* of the
world the Canadian Pacific railwav
was not curtailing its expenditures
as wen* main other large corpora
tions, but was proceeding with its
1100,000,000 programme. A tribute
to the financial foresight of Sir
Thomas Shaughncssy was paid by
Mr. Bury in   Ibis connection. 11
said he considered that the fact of
the Canadian Pacific railway spend
ing such large sums of money redounded to the credit of the Dominion., and it was in itself a splendid
advertisement abroad.
Mr. Bury denied the report to the
efTccf that tlte Canadian Pacific rail
way contemplated issuing stock. ft-r
another (100,000,000.
Concerning   the outlook   on       the
prairies    Mr.    Bury said all indications pointed    to one of   the     best
| crops iu tin* history of tlte west.
fin we or
We wonder how many people attend
our exhibitions and fairs in a proper
spirit. Do they realize there is much
to be learned on these occasions ai
well as an enjoyable day's outing lo
be obtained*
Each one of them should be a delightful book nn nature, properly indexed and profusely illustrated
Most Exhibition Committees publish
a catalogue containing a full list of
every entry under its proper breed or
variety, and in this we have the properly indexed guide.
Procure one and stroll to that part
of the grounds where the horses are
stabled. Here are the illustrations, not from nature,
little about horses now is a chance
to gain a little more at first hand.
Bach animal carries a numbered tag
add the guide will tell to whtcb+r*ed
each one belongs. Note the latent
strength, the huge frame <ind tbe ponderous' weight of the Clyde.sda.es,
with their great joints and hoots
like pancakes Contrast these with
the smaller, round and Jaunty Per-
eherons or the lithe and speedy Standard breds. Points like these once
taken in are never entirely forgotten,
•ind tlw man. woman or child noting
tbem has already gone a long way
towards getting value for the money
spent tn gaining admission to the
grounds If we are among the fortunate ones who are already well acquainted witn the various breeds then
we must try to find just what are
the points ol excellence which have
caused the judges to place a blue
ribbon on this animal -while that in
the next stall carries neither ribbo«
nor card. Remember the judges arc
chosen on account ot their ability to
judge stock properly and are usually
men wbo have had long years experience with tbe particular class of
stock they are judging, so that we
shalt not go far wrong in looking
upon tneii decision as correct.
Treat the cattle, sheep, bogs, poultry or dog in a similar manner, aiming tn first master the distinguishing
characteristics of each breed, particularly as to shape, colour and size.
Just listen to these two men discussing tne relative merits of white Orpingtons aQd brown Leghorns; they art
enrbusiasis in their own line and w*
may gain a few pointers from their
animated and mayhap somewhat heated conversation.
In the produce and industrial class
much useful information may be gained along similar lines. The product a*
their sources, the different stages In
their growth or manufacture, etc.,
are all worthy of our attention.
TV Athletic Sports are an inspiration in themseices, especialy to boyt
and men; good, clean, healthy competition amongs teal live men or boya
being always good to witness. Tbey
are an object lesson to all.of what
can be done by continued and well
directed effort along any particular
To all the above add the pleasure
obtained from the company of our
friends and neighbours, tlie channa
discussions with strangers who happened to N- looking over a vertaia
class of stock at the same time that
we were, and the new ideas picked up
from the advertising literature that
is always in evidence at a good fair,
and I .have no hesitation in asserttag
that we shall leave ttx* grounds in full
vympttby with the director! In thttr
arduous duties thankful to Ih* ailvt
and moving in the midst of so maty
of Ood's good and wonderful < reatw*
res, well satisfied with a day well
spent and eager to take up a similar
book on nature study at tlie first
possible opportunity.
Pllt MIL !Rlf BILL!
Wardner, the undefeated champion*;
of the Crows Nest Pass, in 1»12, will
play against Cranbrook on the home
grounds on Friday. Tbis will be a
double header, .Ik and 7k.
If you want to see a good game  of
hall, why   come, as Wardner is taking the pick   of Waldo and O-alloway
to strengthen their team.
"        X   '   *
Brigadier und Mrs. Green, of Van*
couvei, B.C., will conduct special
evangelistic services in the Salvation
Army citadel, Hanson avenue, on
Saturday and Sunday, July HHh ami
20lb. A welcome is extended lo all
to attend these service... THE CRANBROOK HERALD
Bt the Herald   publishing Company,
J. R. Thompson, Editor and Manage
CBANBKOOK,B.C., Jnly I7tfa, 1913
A Conservative oxpres&d the opinion recently that he ilind't think
conditions would bu any belter uitfttl
Liberal control. Could Ihey he
What the people of this country
need more than anything f!»" lh to
practice thinking (or throne1 '•'.. and
qui! playing the gam- of follow tie
leader no matter where t*r how hi
Development.,   since the formation
of the    Borden government in October,  lflll, may    well cause the people
of Canada to ask Ihemselvcs a      fl'
questions.      The     more   insistently
these questions are asked, the better
will bo the chances for the return   to
good progressive government.
Would Mr. Borden have been elected
* in If'll, if he had promised the people
lie would make     a clear gift of $15,-
000,000 of the people's money to   his
Iriends, "Mackenzie and Mann?
Would .Mr. Borden have lieen elect
ed iu Hill, if he had promised the
people to try to make a gift ot $15.
000,000 or the people's money to tho
ficials in Kngland known as the
Hritish admiralty instead ot continuing the peaplo's policy of a Canadian- navy?
Would Mr. Borden have been elected
in lflll he had tuld the people he
would try to vote $10,000,000 for aid.
to highways, hut only on condition
that he would not trust the provinces with the money, but handle it
himself for his own political advantage?
Would Mr. Borden have been elected had he told the people that
stead of practicing; economy he wouldj
double the   expenditure and taxation
within two years?
Would Mr. Borden have been elect
ed had he told the people that ho
would Instal lion. Robert Rogers as
master ol his administration with
unlimited power [or spending money
and engineering crooked elections?
Would Mr. Borden have been leicctcd
had he told the people of Ontario
that the Laurier government was
perfectly right with regard to tho
impotence of the Ne Tcmero decree tot
affect. Canada's laws and the impos* J
nihility of the Dominion government
passing a uniform marriage bill?
Would Mr. Horden have been elected
had he told the people that while he
knew the Dominion government could
not encroach upon provincial rights
regarding marriage laws, he was willing to waste over $50,000 on political
friends to prove that tho pre-election.
promises made on his behalf were
Would Mr. Borden have been elected
had he told the people that after all
his protestations of Civil Service reform his ministry would be .marked
by the most ferocious partisan persecution of civil servants ever seen in
Would Mr. Horden have been elected had he told thc people he would
approve nl such national disgraces as
the Macdonald election deal, the
South Renfrew broken agreement, the
attempted Richelieu by-election bribery, .the Antigottish election bribery
and the Hochelaga personation, and
in each case refuse any investigation?
Would Mr. Borden have been elected
if bo had told the people that as sooj*.
as he got control of the government
he would turn back the hands of tiiui)
and attempt to inaugurate a system
of absolute cabinet rule and the disposal of huge sums by government
without responsibility of parliament;
that he would "gag" the opposition
with closure and threaten to club
the innate   out of existence if either
dared to oppose his will?
Would Mr. Borden have been elected
if the people had realized what the
reciprocity agreement really meant,
and had they known that within a
year or two the I'nited States would
reduce their tariff so as to give
themselves all the benefits of that
reciprocity, while the Canadian consumer was refused them for the
benefit of "the interests"?
Would Mr. Borden have, been elected
if the people could have foreseen that
the Mr. Borden who had condemned
reciprocity in 1911 aud approved the
Slogan of "No truck or trade with
the Yankees" would in thc month of
June, 1!)1.'*J, give a banquet to the
New York State Bankers association
in Ottawa, and, sitting under the
"Stars and Stripes" which hung
above his brad, listen calmly to his
chief guest, Mr. .lames ,1. 1HH, of
St. Paul, deliver a stronger speech iu
favor of reciprocity with lhe United
States than was ever uttered hy any
Lilieral jn Canada?
No one supposes for an instant that
such a thing could be possible. Every
political event since October, 1811,
proves more and more clearly that
the people were dectived and stampeded into a snap verdict during a
period of excitement. Every week
makes it more apparent that a progressive people like the Canadians,
arc on the side of Liberalism and
advancement, not of Toryism and retrogression.
Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Armstrong
acted as the general committee on,
refreshments and those who assisted
in this work were: Airs. Callahan,
Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Dullam, Mrs.
Greaves, Mrs. Mclioldric, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Doolan, Mrs. Moflatt and
the Misses Moffatt, Stapleton, Obet-
ta and Green.
The success of the social, which
netted the society the sum of $228
was largely due to the unsparing
labors of Mrs. Drummond and Mrs.
McOoIilric, who were in charge of
the general arrangements for the affair.
These ladies desire to express tlu*ii*
sincere thanks lo all those who so
kindly assisted in thc work and to
all who donated so generously to tho
Opening the season on the home
grounds last Thursday evening the
Cranbrook baseball team have had a
very successful week. Thc lirst
game was with fernie and was won
by the visitors 7—1. Burr and
McNahb were thc batteries for the
home team- It was a very good
contest and closely contested to the
last inning when .a bunch of hits won
tho game for Kernic. A return
game will be played with Fernie in
the near future, when the local team
will expect to even the score.
On Saturday the team journeyed to
Creston and won from a p'eked team
from that town 16—3. The game wa^
scheduled to be played with Nelson
hut that team disappointed the
crowd at the last minute by not appearing. The $Hlfl prize was won
by Cranbrook.
Sandpoint sent a team on Monday
which plated u double header! afternoon and evening, both games being
won by the Cranbrook team, tho
first Ifi—1 and Ihe evening game
7—1. The last game was a very
good contest, Galvin and Stinspn being the battery for Cranbrook.
This is a total of four games for
the Week, three of which were won
by the Cranbrook team, certainly a
good showing for a start. The team
is strengthening and will he able to
continue to give a good account of
itself in future contests.
The next game will be a double
header next Friday afternoon and
evening between a picked team Irom
Wardner, Waldo and Galloway and
the. local team.
chii'i nlwayn \»- taltpn out,. From to uu da tion
•ii up io theabtoglwt ther** Ih
Money Value in Houses Here
Our Iioubm don't talons to "bargain onna-
Ur" job Iota—they're too pm.i for that.
Vulne IncnaPM "ll hoiinen on narllat. Buy
to d«> iii'inie the advance tn price.
wr, ^=^   The :
Chapman Land & Inv. Co.
Two doom from tlm Hex Theatre
PIIONK nil P, O. B6l496   rtl hy Mi*, Prawn l.rummoiid
Although there has been a larger
run than usual this year on the lawn
socials as an evening's diversion, the
one given lust evening by the Ladies
Aid ot St. Mary's church proved one
of the. moat successful ot the season.
The evening proved an exception to
tho late weather as there was no
rain during the day and the air was
still and warm. A large crowd attended. The lawn at the Catholic
church grounds had been well decorated and brilliantly illuminated. The
Cranbrook city baud rendered selections from eight o'clock until eleven.
A line collection and display ol
llowets were banked at the entrance
and prettily displayed under small
colored electric lights. They were
in charge of Miss Margaret Kennedy
and Miss Klsie Van Slyke.
A candy booth was next and a
large amount of home made cancj|
was sold by Mr«. Connelly aud Miss
Soft drinks and cigars wcce sold a I
a stand presided over by Mr. .lames
The fishing pond proved one of the
great attractions. This was conducted by -Mrs. Drummond, Mrs.
Keating and Miss Callahan.
The drawing   conducted by
Matthews   was well patronized
little   MISS Helen Miller drew
lucky number, which was held
Mr. A. L. McDermot, who won
handsome carving set.
Mr. I.aylay, a traveller, was
best gtiesser in the bean guessing
contest, winning a box of candy. His
guess was 27(1 and the correct number 281.    This contest, was conduct-
Although among the many appliances with which inventors have sought
to supply the modern need for portable wireless telephone and tele
graph communication there are none
which meet the requirements of the
Forest Protection organization of the
west, yet it is hoped that the day is
not far distant when every (ire warden wandering in the woods will he
able to summon help tn fighting fires
without the delay caused in reaching
a telephone line. Meanwhile, however, tho manufacturers of clcctrica
appliances have done a great deal to
moot the needs of forestry officials
At meetings of the Western Forestry
and Conservation association lumbermen have been particularly interested
in the exhibits of these companies.
For instance, then' are not only the
light telephone lines, such as those
that the foi est branch strings trom
tree to tree so as to extend telephony
communication in a rough ami ready
manner into thc woods, but there arc
also still lighter wires, four miles of
which can he carried on a man's
back, which can Ih* used as temporary feeders for the main forest lines.
When this field telephone system is
'installed in amy district tho efficiency
of a fire warden will be increased to
a tremendous extent. For instance
suppose he discovers a fire in Its ear
licr stages, instead of going back tr
the nearest settlement he can rush to
the nearest point of one of the forest
telephone lines, and, taking the portable instrument thae he carries with
him, can connect with the wire and
call for aid. Should
lie need to remain in charge of a fire
that is in some portion of his district remote from loads and settlements he can connect one of the very
light wires to the main wire and
trail it out through the woods "for
two or three, or even four miles,
and so long as the weather is dry so
that moisture does not spoil the conductivity o( the ground wire, his
portable instrument attached to the
end of this will enable him to keep
in touch with headquarters without
leaving the site of the lire. Of
course, all this installation! of field
telephone is a very different matter
lo the building of regular lines, such
as those established hy the telephone
companies for the service of the public, and it may be noted also that
the forest branch will install its field
fines only in isolated timbered districts in which 'there is no prospect
whatever of public telephone lines
being constructed, following out thc
practice already developed so extensively in the American States to
the south of this province where
lumbermen handle the problem
forest fire prevention through
agency of theur own voluntary
social ions.
Indicates indigestion, constipation
or liver trouble. Flo PILLS will
regulate your system and build up
the nerve forces so that you can
sleep and enjoy life. At all dealers
25 and 50 cents or Thc Fig Pill Co.,
St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co.. Ltd.
Pastor, Rov. 0. E. Kendall.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor,
.hunt Services:
Morning service, 11 a.m. Presbyterian ohurcli.
Evening   service, 7.-10 p.m. Baptist
Preacher at both services Rev.    \V.
Kolman Thomson.
S. K. und liihlf class, 3 p.m.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday   services: The pastor
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Courage
Evening subject:   "Driven i>y
All arc cordially invited.
We have
everything in
• I. A. Laurie of Cranbrook, B.C.
is in the city, where he is selling
land in the Cranbrook district. Mr
Laurie owns considerable land in thc
vicinity of the growing B. C. city
He states that a large number of
new settlers are coming in this year.
The fruit growing industry is coming
to the fronl, and he can sec no reason
why Brilisli Columbia should not
soon be supplying all fruit lands
from this Province. (Lethbridge
Pernio, H. ('., July U.-Drastic
measures have lieen adopted by the
local press atul Pernio Hoard of Trade
towards putt inn; n stop to wild cat
real eslate husiness wnteh has done
imieh harm not only iu Pernio hut in
the whole of Western Canada.
A crusade has heen inaugurated to
drive these people out of the eity
prosecuting whenever opportunity offers, notifying other municipalities
of their action, and requesting litem
to lake similar steps towards making the west homes tor the home-
seeker, and not a laml for speculating parasites.
An intelligence office has heen opened, giving free information lo all
prospective purchasers of lots, and
there aro many people who have been
denying themselves the necessities ol
life in oider to make payments to
cold-blooded sharks on property that
is not worth one-twentieth the price
lhat Is being paid for it.
Two on 1 fits hnve already pulled out)
df Pernio and others will follow, but
the temper of the citizens is such
that if at nil possible the law will he
Invoked to bring them hack to a mct-
ited punishment.
TO LET.—Two nice large lurnlsheil
rooms.    Phono 322. aWt*
-lohn I.eask and two sons arrived
home today from a two week's trip
into West, Kootenay on business.
-lack Davis left last Friday for
Vancouver and will ,he absent for the
next month. He expects to undergo
an operation on his ear while at the
Sec our breakfast food bargains Saturday only-—lra It. Manning.
Mrs. W. H. Wilson was hostess at
a large reception at the residence on
Fenwick avenue Tuesday afternoon in
honor of Miss Dorothy Toye, of Nelson, Mrs. A. If. Eager and Mrs'. P.
MoPherson, of Winnipeg. The hostess was assisted by Mrs. J. H.
King, who presided at the coffee
urn, Mrs. R. T. Hrymner, who poured tea and Miss Dal ton, who served
Shcrbert. The following young ladies assisted in serving tlie guests:
Misses Vera Erickson, Florence
Erickson, Edith McBride, Williams'
and- Prest.
Calling at franbrook during tho
next month there will be a piano
tuner who has the endoisement of
the Nordheimcr Piano Co. and who
is specially skilled tn player piano
mechanism. Persons wishing services of this man kindly address J,
A. Fergus-son, city. 29-lt*
F. L. Davis, of this city, formerly
associated with John .J. Woods, has
been awarded the contract for thc
erection of a new school building for
the Hlackfool Indians at tbe Indian
reserve at Cluny, Alberta, sixty
miles east of Calgary, at a cost approximating $00,000, hy the council
of the Department of Indian Affairs
at Ottawa,
tiivc us a call ami let' us quote you
a few prices on staple lines. We\
might save you money.—Pure Food
Orocery Store. Phone .23.
Increased by a shipment of 1,075
tons from tin? Sullivan mine at Kimberley, which Is operated by thc Con-
solibatcd Miniiii', & Smelting company, East Kootenay ore production:
last week reached a total of 1,1*11
tons, the highest since the week end-
inn Feb. 2 last. Sixty six tons
were shipped from the St-Eugene at
Watch our prices on fresh fruit for
Saturday.—Pun* Food Grocery Store
Phone 28.
Funeral services over the body ot
Frank Anderson, who committed suicide by, shooting himself, while
working with a surveying party on
Wild Horse Creek last week, was
held from Heatty's undertakingi parlors on Tuesday afternoon at 2
o'clock, Rev. Thomson, pastor o|
thc Presbyterian church ofliciating.
His father and two sisters were here
from Winnipeg to attend the funeral.
The coroner's jury returned a verdict
of suicide but no reason could be ascertained for the rash act. He has,
resided in this district for the past
twelve years, coming here from Winnipeg.
Oet our prices on canned vegetables hy the case. Wc can save
you moiicy.-The Pure Food Orocery
Store.    Phone 23.
On tlie occasion of a visit to Creslon last Saturday, lor the lirst time
(u two yearn, yvt editor wu* agrwa
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
bly surprised to find ample evidence
of a wonderful development and
growth in that time. The giant forest has been beaten back and orchards planted in the place where
two years ago the tamarack raised
his lofty head. The young orchards
are all growing wonderfully well and
this year the bearing trees are loaded
with healthy fruit. Everything showed evidence of persevering labor, the
city Is lively and prosperous with a
number of new buildings, new
sidewalks and new firms. We did not
sec an empty building in thn city.
The farm buildings are all well finished and comfortable and flower ger-
dens are in profusion throughout the
residence district of the city, and the
Creston flowers won't take a back
scat anywhere. In fact, they could
held a rose carnival in that fruitful
valley that would class with any
thing in western America. This year
there has been a big demand for
Creston fruit as well as a large yield
and thc fruit growers of that district
are having a prosperous season.
O. Arnold of Baker, P. O. near
Mayook wishes to thank the parties
that tried to deface brand on his
yearling steers for leaving old brand
to be recognizable. 20-lt
FOR SALE.—Light wagon, horse
and harness; 50 hems and about the
same number of young chicks. Ap
ply at this office. 2!»
modem conveniences. Apply phone
156. '  29-lt'
We arc open to consider tenders
for the delivery on Lamb Creek of
5,000,000 ft. of saw logs.-Porto
Rico Lumber Co., Moyie. 29
Complete Line of
Harness, Saddles, Bridles,
Blankets, Robes,
Whips, Etc.
Trunks, Valises, Grips,
Bags, Etc.
Complete Repair Shop
I have the lollowlng machinery lor
Bale and ln order to clear them out.
offer them at the prices below, which
are about one-fifth tbe price tbat
new machinery would coat:
1 Chandler and Taylor firebox boiler, 51"xl8' long. Pressure 80 lbs.
last B. C. inspection, 48 h.p. l'ricc
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., (175.00.
1 Atlas Return tubular boiler,
96"zU' long. Pressure 80 lbs. last
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at McNelllie, near
Creston, B.C., (175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cut-oil
engine, H"xl0" stroke. Price at
Cranbrook, B. C, (200.00.
1 saw husk complete with top saw
Irame and mandrels and saws and
20 leet extension shaft. (250.00.
1 lour saw edger with saws. Price
at Cranhrook, (200.00.
1 Hoyt planer and matcher, 24".
Price at Cranbrook, (100.00.
Also a quantity ol ■hatting, etc.
Apply te
eiko, b. c.
When Summer
Stops the
Most of us can remember the
school lesson in the law of accumulated motion—momentum.
If you exert a pound of pressure against a man in a swing,
you'll start him moving slowly
"to and fro." If you continue
to exert a pound of pressure
against him every time the swing
makes a trip, you'll soon have
him going so high that he almost
turns the whole circle. If you
stop pushing, the momentum will
die out and the swing come to rest
.      at " dead centre."
Winning trade follows the same
natural laws.
Keep it Going
by Advertising
Advertisements are the force
behind the swing of public favor.
Each new advertisement increases
the momentum. Finally, the accumulated force of these numerous
impulses swings indifference to
the buying point.
If you stop Advertising, you
lose momentum.
The moral of which is: Don't stop
the business swing in summer.  Keep
adding the pounds of  Advertising
Herald Ads will
Do the Trick THB   ORANBKOOK    HJCltALT)
News of the District
(Special correspondence).
Mr. .lohn Whltoley was taken to
the hospital on Thursday last. Mr.
Whiteltjy has suffered for some time
with his limb.
Mr. Kennedy, of tlw Northern
.Shirt company, of Winnipeg, called
in town on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Thorpe and
Miss Florence Heric are Croat On visitors this week.
Mrs. Emtio l.allH'tu was n Craft
brook visitor on Friday.
Miss Hall, of Minneapolis, is visit;
Ing her brother Cloorgo in town for ;i
■Vw days before going on to Portland, Oregon.
A. LUIld was iu Marysville for a
lew days last week,
Mr. Wesley Smith is spending bis
holidays with bis parents hero, alter
noing to school in Michigan.
Mrs. .Pete. Lucler and sun were
(Yanbrook visitors Saturday.
H. ft, Hobart is at Midway, B.C.,
on a business trip.
After tunning the Wardner hotel six-
days, Mr. Downing gets orders to
close np thc bar. It will be uecou-
sary for him to make application for
a new license, as thc authorities
fuse to grant an extension of the old
This part of the province is bc-im;
overrun with real estate agents.
Walter Magoon left for Nelson
Sunday   morning, where   be   intends
looking up some contracts.
The (Employees club at a special
meeting Thursday night passed upon
the plans of thc committee for the
installation of a new and most
complete bath house for the benefit
of the employeees. The enterprise
is already oinder way and will soon
be a reality.
Mrs. L. .1. Derosia and children
have taken up their residence in
town.... Mr. Derosia has been sawyer at tho mill since last spring.
Mr. Tom Whitelcy, of Galloway,
visited his sister, Mrs. Burgess last
week end.
A number of immigrants passed
through town this week with all
their belongings, which included
about twenty-five head of horses.
They are settlers for Alberta.
•Jack Stinson is a busy man these
days as star catcher for tbe Wardner
team. He also plays for the Cranhrook boys.
Mr. Stephens, of Cranbrook, spent,
Sunday with her husband, the Rev.
Stephens, of this place.
Mrs. Peter Lund was a Cranbrook
visitor the end of Inst> week.
Mrs. Annie Breckenridge returned
home Saturday after a short visit
with friends in Cranbrook.
Arthur Fenwick, of Kort Steele,
was a business visitor on Monday.
Billy lAllcn, one of the old timers
nf these parts, is doini?. business in
town for a few days.
Tbe regular annual meeting of the
school trustees was held Saturday
night, when Chas. Barnes was elected
In place of Oeorpe FTayward, whose
term had expired. T. QftTroey was
re-elected as auditor.
Mrs. Clarence Martin and child arrived in town Thursday last.
Miss Lillis Rivers, <>f Kverett,
Wash., is visitins with Mr. and Mrs.
I). .1. Mcfiinnis at present.
The Cnlloway baseball boys wero
here Sunday afternoon, and tin* results were rather one sided. Uavis
and Rielly played a good game, but
Could geti no support, \V.miner,
runs, l-l; hits, 17; Galloway, inns. 2,
hits, li Batteries: Wardner, Art
Lund and Stinson; Qalloway, Davis
anti Welly.
Tom Hedigan was a vis)tor in
town Tuesday.
Tlw* Conservatives ot Bull River
aro calling a public meeting lor Saturday, July 80th, at R o'clock lot
tho purpose of forming nn aSBooIa-
Mr. Fred Burgess wns in 1-n U)e
hospital at Cranbrook Sunday to see
Mr Whitelcy,
J, I). McBride, ol Cranbrook, and
a party of friends mntmed into town
on Monday evening.
Mrs. F. W. Burgess and sister,
Miss 13. Whiteley, spent n trw days
ol last week with their father al the
St. Eugene hospital. Wo are sorry
to hear thnt Mr. Whit-dry's condition
does not improve.
Mrs, llurcaw, sister-in-law of Mr.
Chas. Burcaw, with Iter little, child
Is spending a lew days in town.
Miss Margaret Anderson visited
with friends in Cranbrook for a lew
days.last week.
The splendid new cement cellar, under the residence of Mr. Ole Holmes,
Is now about complete.
Billy Gates and Palmer of Castle-
gar may locate in Elko this summer,
We never heard that William was
much of a tennis player but he is a
humdinger at an Irirh jig.
Commercial trave lers say that the
mosq u i toes are so large around I
Cranbrook that Tom Caven, M. P. P.
is having sonic of the finest, specimens
mounted for tho Victoria museum.
•I. S. T. Alexander, government
agent, and F. C. Lawe, barrister ol
Fcrnie, were down to Flagstone on
Thoro were over a do/en real estate
poddlers in Klko tills week from Alberts wltlh some of the frostiest propositions this side tbe north pole.
Mrs. Watson and live of the Scott
children of Nelson passed through
Klko on llieir way to Roosville lost
Miss Blanche Goodyear and Miss K.
May Roo left for the south country
mi Thursday, going via thc overland
When you can't fish mend your
The Misses Faulkner, school teachers, arc spending their vacation in
Fred Powell and family of Taber,
Alta., are camping in Riverside Park
Miss Olark and Miss Jessie Nicholson of Trail arc visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Dr. Watt.
The commission sent out by the
provincial government arrived at
Baynes lake and gave. a very interesting lecture on wild strawberries arfd
how to take a bite out of a dill
pickle without disguising your face.
Some liars are so interesting that
we are sorry when we can't believe
The peace advocates are spatting
over the best method of preventing
war. Let those who make the quarrels be the only ones to fight. It's
strange that Andrew Carnegie never
saw It in this light, but it's worth
i a: ,
**•**    B L l c;t c d
Sore  Feet.
am Buk
tlw Old    Country is   decreasing.   In
Bolgl  lhe avcr.iRc consumption is
■IRS of bocr and 1.10 of spirits;; Germany 2li..'l and 1.43; Kr.iv.' 7 a of
beer and 1.37 of spirits, and 83.8 ol
wine. Norway is the most temperate
country, witli 3.0 of beer and 0.51 id
Fred Vance and Charles Chester-
Held Clarrldgc were In Klko on a
Vnoso hunt. Both are well known
Kernle   business   men and   big gamo
On Wednesday night fire destroyed
tho government road gang's stables
near Canyon City. At midnight the
men, who were sleeping in a cabin
across the road from the stables,
were awakened by the barking of a
dog belonging to one of the crew.
On investigating it was discovered
that the stable was in flames.
The horses, eight in number, were
rescued with difficulty but the harness was completely destroyed. The
origin of the fire is a mystery.
A quiet but pretty wedding took
place on Wednesday evening afc the
residence of Mr. and Mrs T. H. Price
wbeli their second daughter, Susie,
was united in marriage to Alfred
Cockrill of Canyon City.
The provincial police are wa.o<tg
war on the Canadian thistle in an effort to stamp out that pest. The advent of the railroad brought the thistle into the Creston district and it
has been thriving on unoccupied lr.nd
ever since and gradually suc«,»*!ins
over the whole district eonstitntirw; a
grave menace to the developmc.it of
Miss Creelman of the publir Klioo!
staff left on Friday to spend h*r vacation with friends    in Grand IVir.s
D. M. Allen, who was recently op-
esated on for appendicitis, returned
from the Cranbrook hospital on
An Indian woman from the Cran-
bnxik reserve named Mrs. Patrick
Pascell died at Duck ereck on 'I'hurr.-
day from pneumonia.
Kev. G. W. and Mrs Blake returned
on Wednesdav front an extended trip
to Toronto and eastern points.
The government bridge crew is repairing    the large
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
Notice is hereby given that l'cter
Lund of Wardner, B.C. will apply for
a Licence to take and use four (J)
cubic feet of water per second from
Mark Creek which flows in a southeasterly direction through Lots No.
2.179 and 2.178 and empties into the
St.Mary's river on Lot 2378, G. 1,
East. Kootenay. The water will be
diverted at a Point about three quarter miles above the Government bridge on St. Marys road and will be
used for irrigation purposes on thc
land described as Lot, 2377.
This notice, wgs posted on thc
ground on the lflih day of .July, 1013.
The application will be filed in tho
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections    may Ih* filed    with tho
said     Water Recorder   or with   the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C .
Peter Lund,
By W. Garbutt
(Agent.) 2l>-.t.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
anyone lending e iket<*n inri dwcrtntlnn me*
qulcklr uiL-orliil'i Mir r>plnu.:t Ins* whctlier an
liivuntt.in le ,irnti:il,|7 ppiieiiinlile.    'wtiiiiunlcrf
tioiii«irlcilj(.'(.inli)t.'iiiliil. HANCC-JOK .."1'aicUa
lent dee. Oldest ncency fur B'TtinsiR patent!.
 ■—• tbruuifli .rfuiin & Co. r-jeelff
PaleuU ulaiji. tt.ruu.th jlunn i
Scientific American.
A tianlMiRelr tUuitratnl weekly. Urimt dr
c nl at in ii of any niieim*..- Jt'iiriml. Ictm* tor
rniu.'tri, S3.T5 b yc:ir, inxaUije fit-paid. Mild by
all uewKlt-taler*.
 8 Co."'*'*""* New York
jmre. EarKL \V.«Mn*luu, D C
District of Kast Kootenay.
Take notice that fl. O. Pratlef, oi
Toronto, Ontario, bookkeeper, intends to apply for permission to
purchase a portion ot an island in
Kootenay Hiver described as follows: Commencing at a post situate
about eight chains east of the soiilih-
east corner of I.ot 2214, Gnwp 1;
thence east ten chains to east shore;
thence southerly along easterly shore
about 8(1 chains to southerly point of
island; thence northerly along westerly shore about 60 chains to point of
commencement, containing eighty
Located May 16th, 1913.
OeOflrey (}. Pratley.
Alfred Cummings, Agent.
Dated .lune 17th, 1913. 25-10
Dislriet ot   Kast Kootenay.
Miss Whitehead of Moose .law Is
spending her vacation in Creslon, the
gllsst nl Mrs. ,1. W. Dow.
Take notice that Clara V. Cummings, oi I'Yrnic, B.C., married woman, Intends lo apply for permission
io purchase tho lollowlng described
lands, bi'ing a portion of an island
bridge on FourthI sibilate in Kootenay Hiver, described
follows: Commencing nt a      post
Situate about eight chains cast of
tbe south.east corner of Lot 2214,
Croup I; thence east ten chains to
east shore of island; thence northerly
nhout eighty chains along easterly
shore to northerly point ot island;
thence southerly about eighty cluing
nlong westerly shore to point ol
olliers who1 commencement, containing 1)0 acres,
more or less.
LocuM May 16th, 1913.
Clara V. Cummlngs.
Alfred Cummings, Agent.
Doted .lune 17th, 1913. 25-10t
District ol East Kootenay,
Take notice that Heath Spry   Morris, ol Cranbrook, B. C, Surveyor's
It Is not nlways well lo use ns a
Justification of our   shortcoming by
vomparisions witb some
are even worse.   However, it -ea? ho
pointed out.   Just as an   interesting
fact, that   we drink much less than
some of   our neighbors.   That  is no
indication that   we do not drink n
great deal too much!   The drink I 11
in Canada is Increasing on the whole,
though   people seem to   be drinking
less.   That may seem like a paradox,
"out it is not.   More   liquor is being
consumed,  ln the year ending March
31, 1912, our overage per head     lor
the   year was  6.589 gallons ol beer   Assistant,    Intends, to apply lor per-
■and 1.030 of spirits.   One year later mission to    purchase   tho lollowlng
the average   was 7.053 ot malt and  described land:
1.112 ol spirits. I    Commencing at a   Post planted 80
Thc increase is accounted lor bv thc chains south and 40 chains cast    ol
largo influx of foreign;) s who are   In   thc south    cast corner of Lot 9970,
the habit, ol drinking more than Can- O. I, Kootenay District, thenco cast
! aidians.  That brings up the average.   40 chains,    thence   south 35 chains,
Across thc line there is the     same   more or   less, to the north hank    of
increase, onlv It is more pronounced,   thc    Skookuinchuck     Hiver,   thence
hunters and arc anixious "fo inake~For-j The average dweller under the Stars  north-westerly no chains, more
nie the biggest   Moose camp in Uiolj and Stripes   drinks 1.592 gnllons of  less, to a point due south of point til
Kootenays I spirits   and 22.033   gallons    ol beer  commencemenl,    thence   north      10
O. O.   Veaman of   "Disslon lame"]! yearly. chains, more or less,    to point      of
was in Klko last week. I1     According  tn figures   not right up   commencement    nnd   containing lull
Messrs.    Reynolds and   Imby, the i fo, tlie hour, lhe average consumption   acres, more or less,
Calgary   well diggers,   nre   sinking    ol llrraot per head per  yenr in     Ihe
wells lor   the government    down ut j United Kingdom Is 27.7 ol beer anil
Mnian lake * •».»! ol spirits.   Th* oiin.nniutlcm la     Dale* Bay 27th, 1913. •»•»•»
Hun  ;,iv you  KOtCfT t» BWUtl   vnnr
viii-Hiixii'.'   Until'. .Mm like*■
timl go to tlie tap ot thf Imli.pr with
Our students utoml the tett; the?
me uk good iw Die lieni und better
than tlte rent.
summer terra begitti .luly".
For a License to Take and Use WaU'r
that Thomas .Mayne, ol Wasa, li. C,
will apply for a license to take aud
USO twenty (211) inches ol water nut
o au uonatned spring on Lot loooi,
Croup one, Kootenay District, wfciei.
Hows in au easterly direction and
sinks on said lot. The water will
tic diverted at the said spring and
will lie used for irrigation purposes
on thc land described as ten acres of
the north west quarter ol Lot 8921,
Oroup One, Kootenay, commencing
at the northwest corner ol said lot,
thence cast 20 chains, south five
chains, west 20 chains, north live
chains to place of beginning.
This notice was posted on the
ground on tlio 10th day ol .lune,
1913. The application will bo filed
in the office ol the Water Hecorder
at Cranbrook,
Objections may be filed with     tho
said   Water    Hecorder   or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Thomas Mayne, Applicant,
by Peter Anderson, Agent.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. A A. U.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
F. B. Mites, W.M.
J. L. Cranston, Sec.
Cbescent Liiime No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
duets every Tuesday nt 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K. ol HAS.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Heath Spry Morris.
.1. (1. Climinlngs, Agent
Take notice that an application has
been made to register thc Crow's
Nest Pass Lumber Company, Limited, as the owner iu Fee Simple, under a Tax Sale Deed from Assessor
of the District of Fort Steele, to
Kills C. Miller, hearing date thc
lith September, 1905, and a further
conveyance dated 13th .luly, 1912,
from Bills Challis Miller to the
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company,
ol all and singular that certain parcel or tract of land and promises
situate, lying and being in the Kootenay District, in the Province of
British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as Lot 23, Hlock
12, .Townslte ol Wardner, Mop 039.
Ynu and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiininjn
any interest in ihe said land .by virtue ol any unregistered instrument;
and all persons claiming any interest
in the said land'by descent, whose
title is not registered tinder thc provisions of the "Land Registry Act,"
an1 required to contest the claim of
Ihe tax purchaser within forty-five
days from the date of thc service ot
this notice upon you, and in default
of a caveat or certificate of lis pendens being filed within such period,
or in default of redemption belore
registration, you and each ol you,
will be forever estopped and debarred
from setting up any claim to or in
respect of tlte said land, and I shall
register The Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company as owner thereof in
Dated at the   Land Registry Office,
Nelson, Province of British Columbia,
this 17th day of May, A.D. 1913.
,    Sam It. Roe,
District Registrar.
To C, P. Roland. 2R-4t
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellow, cordially invited.
R. Diion, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'j.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Ollicers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
II. White, Scribe.
No. It.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Hebekahs  cordially Invited.
Mrs. Alma Liddicoot, N.O.
Mrs  A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
.1. Mcl.achlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   cltl
E. Y. Broke, L. Pearron,
Pres. Sec.
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcom
W M. Km.sn, Diet.
Cranbrook  Lodge
Meets every aeeond am)
fourth Wednesday at 6
till,   ill   llnynl    Blink
initios'   Hull,   Baker
it. S. Gahkltt, Her.
District of South East Kootenay.
Take notice that Harriet C. Miller,
of Rossland, II.C, married woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains north ot the south-cast corner
of I.ot 9970, fl. 1, Kootenay District,
thence north 40 chains, thence east
80 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence west 00 chains to point ot
commencement and containing 210
acres, more or less.
Harriet Caroline Miller
J. O. Cummlngs, Agent
Dated May 23rd, 1913. 23-10t
For a License to Take ami Uso Water
that Hon. Harry Lane, M.D., ol
Washington, D.C, will apply lor
license to take and use 4 cubic leet
per second ol water out nf Mark
Creek, which flows in a southwest di
rection through I.ot 2379 and empties into St. Mary's River, near
Marysville. The water will be diverted at 100 feet south nl (he north
boundary line of Lot 2379, and will bo
used lor irrigation purposes on the
land described as Lots 2379 and 2378.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 21th day of ,Iunc,
1913. The application will be Hied
in the office of the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with      the
said Wntcr   Recorder, or with       thc
Comptroller ol Water Right", Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Hon. Hurry lane, M.D.
by Ike McBride, Agent. 26 4
Pride of Cranhrook   Circle, No.
Companions ol tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday ol each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Wblttaker, CO,
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secretary.
P. O. Box 442.
Visiting Companions cordially wel-
LODOE, No. 1871
W5P^      Mie'.s 1st nnd 3rd Thnre-
tefan^--. days at S p.m. in Koyal
^■■"XXxXtJ BlackKniglilsof Ireland
Hall, Baker Street.
Frkd. W. Swain. W.M.
8.1.. Williams, Sec.
President: I'. R. Sueeeanii
Metts n-cnliirly the flrat Kriduy eveningefleb
Information on Poultry matters supplied
Address Hie Heeletary,
A. D. SMITH, llox 863
II you want satisfaction witb
your washing lend
it to
Special pricei lor family work.
All kinds of Repair Work
liet my prices before you build
P.O. BOX 188
District ol South East Kootenay.
Take notice that Stewart Morris
of Cranhrook, B.C., occupation, Sur
vcyor's Assistant, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the lot
lowing descrihed land:
Commencing at a P°st planted 21
chains south and 40 chains cast oi
thc south east corner of !/>t 9970
O. 1, Kootenay District, thence
south 60 chains, thence east 40
chains, thenco north GO chains,
thence west 40 chains tn point ol
commencement, containing 210 acres,
more or less.
Stewart Morris
.1. O. Cummings, Agent
Dated May 28th, 1113. 23-101
Headquarters for all   kinds of
Satisfaction Qnaranterl
The Shoe Speciulist
Hotel International
(Ieo. LosiieRE, Proprietor
Situated at Kingsgate, B.C., on
the Boundary Line, iu a spot of
rare scenic beauty ami the sportsman's paradise.
Headquarters tor Commer.
clal Men and Tourists
B. .C
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSphonOl realore. .very nerve In the body
 to Ita proper tension ; restores
and vitality. Premature d«av and all sexual
.veaknesa averted at .nee. rbuaphoaol will
nake you a new man. Price JS a boa. or two lor
tA. Mailed lo any address. TheScobeU Drue
Uo., St. CMIorlnea, Oua. ^
For sals at Beattie-Murphy Co., LW.
I to 13 a.m.
1 to  I ism.
T to   • p.m.
Offlee ia Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -       . B.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard Ht. anil Trent Ave.
A moiUrn equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates $1.00 and up per diy
Otir biiB meets all traim
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11x11. Price
$850.00. May be seen at Bene
diet .Siding, ono mile east of
Mayook, B. C.
One Oxfonl Saw Carriage, com
plete with rack feed, 3 blocks.
3 post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxfonl Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves ami
drive pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. C.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elku, B. C.
Opposite C.P.R. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     OUT    A
President: J. II. McCulai
Secretary. 8. Maodokald
For information regarding lands
and   agriculture   apply   to the
Secretary, Cranbrook. B. C.
Every second Wednesday
i umiiii
District of South Kast Kootenay.
Take notice that   Thomas Trotter,
ol Hrandon, Mao., occupation Oentli
man, intends to apply lor permission
to   purchase   the   following descrihed
Commencing at a post planted 100
chains south and Hi) chains east of
the south east corner of l.ot !)!)70
O. 1, Kootenay District, Ihcncc east
CO chains, tlience south 30 chains,
more or less, to the north bank o
the Skookumchuck River, thence
north-westerly along said hank a
distance of 10 chains, more or less,
to a point due south of the point of
commencement; thence norlh 1"
chains, more or less, to point ol
commencement, containing 120 acres
more or less.
Thomas Trotter
'J, O. Cummings, Agent
I>ated May 27th, 1913, 23-10
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeon*.
oaos al RasMsaee, Arnstrota aia,
Forenoons .... i.oo to 10.01
Afternoons • - - 1.00 to   4.(1
Evening! .... y.sj w   ( l(
Sandaya .... no to   4.11
CRANBROOK :i    it    »    H    B, «,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
I'lione 26:1 Matron
P. ii. Box Bt8 Garden Ave.
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
Cranbrook, B.C.
T. il. Boi 218
Tel. No. 1«
Civil ■■■ Mlalai Esilaura
British Celaatla Lead Sarveyorl
B. C.
W. R. BattT. taecsl Dfnatee
Ctubraot B.C
Phone 34fi
Norbary Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone 233 Night Phone 35C
Frank Provenzano
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; sever fails. Thett
pille are eacecdiaglr powerlul in regulating tht
generative portion of tlie lemale »y»tem. KaluM
all cheap imitation*. Dr. d* Ym'i an iold at
li a boi, or three 'or 110. Mailed to any addrtaa,
Tlw ImIwU Ur if C*., •*.. CMtnrtaftv Oat.
For •»!# at B-MtU, Mmi-ph-jr 4 Co.,
',',        Hur-.ea.or to F. T. P. I'KKKV I
, 1 Onoclsciillotlforamlilelivereil. < >
(iooil work only
Prompt   j J
i; Telephone No. 405::
P. O. Box 798
Works : Armstrong Ave.    ,
A new steam traction road roller
lor use on tho government roarls arrived in the city Monday aud was
Immediately put tn »"rk.
The Home Bakery
RohkmtFbams, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall THB    CKANBttUOK.     HJCIiALD
PERE Is Told in Full, for the First rime,
the Story of "Bill" Pickett's Life and
Death Straggle in a Mexican Arena, Bombarded the While with Missiles Thrown by
Hostile Spectators
Oklahoma Half-Breed Cowboy
In- tbe Nnw York Herald Co. All rlnhu irwrvr-it.)
IT will mini' ns « surprise to ilie people of tliU
country to loitrti lliiil mi Attferlenn fo the only man
in lho lilsiury nt hull llghtlug who ever battled,
bun* handed  nml  mm tiled,   wilh  n  Sjmnlsh bull;
llmt iho encounter tnuk place liefore twenty-live
thousand persons In ihi> Mexico City arena; lhal oil
Uu* southern republics ore still angrily discussing the
unprecodi nii-il event, mid thai the native newspapers
published pages in text nnd pictures.
Nn mHtner had Hill I'lckelt, on Oklnltnum bulfbrewl
rowliny, performed llie feni nod I a dragged tit safely
from ii fusillade of missiles hurled ny ihe enraged
Mexican onlookers thaii every tuitiei of uews wan
cloned. Neither !jy word of nioiitli, by telegraph nor by
iiinii ivns news permitted in be carried outside of
Mexico thai no American hail given a demonstration
nf nerve, courage, strungtli ami ilitrlng Unit had he-
lluh'il the boasted prowess nf every prof ens.una I
toreador and dial his achievement had nearly cunt
t.ini lih life at Uu* hands nf the mob.
Km in s|ilie of all Hie precautions. Ml by hit the
story has sifted Into America. Here and there a picture or a hint of Hie flintiitlng combat bus appeared,
but tlie foil talc In nil lis splendid horror oever before
bas been told exactly as n occurred.
The narrative Is Inn* In all Its details.    If you seek
corroboration I com ml tlie page.-, of Kl Imparelal,
HI Dlarlo, Kl Tletupo. 151 Henitdo nr any and all Mex-
lean newspapers up In and Including iJeeetnber 24,
IIHW.    After tiial date Ihey nl\ «■ im inkling nf tbe event
that  for days hail  I n tlieir conspicuous sensation.
or Interrogate the bull tight devotees even as far north
as the Juarez or Laredo arenas. They'll shake their
lists and hiss their nlmmlnntlon of the name of Pickett
und all Ho* iiallonnl Rhnilie It recalls, tjmestlou uue of
tbe forty thousand American residents of the City of
Mexico and ihe glorious memory nf It will momentarily
submerge even thu omnipresent, all pervading dread
of a revolution and lis possible consequences to the
lolmiy. And Unit's some emotion, for 1 don't believe
there's one of them who 1ms neglected secret arrange*
inulits tin' sub* and hurried (light if the dreaded chub
of iirms is lu-nrj
Picket! is a snipping cowboy, whose mother was
u lull blood Choi tuff Indian and father a mixture uf
tin* while, Indian ami African races, lie's commonly
known in the Southwest as "the dusky deutotl." Un
the New Mexico, Texas ntnl Oklahoma rum*ties they
never lire of the Stories ol ids reckless during with
wild hurst's atul call It1. Never has lie failed to reap.ml wilh grinning alacrity to the challenge of the
rough and ready Westerner who vowed be could
never subdue ihis man killing horse nr wrestle and
throw thill murderous steer. Once ihey pitted bltu
at tlie Kl Paso fair against a furious elk. with a tremendous sweep of snaggy, Mailed horns and strung
enough in Its fore/eel (o have killed him with u
slngll* stroke. Picked threw Mo* creature un lis back
io less ihan ten minutes and emerged from the combat uuseiitiled. Then lhe Hotllbtt'OAi decided that
the four footed herbivorous boa SI who could beut the
loan lu a still id up liglil dldli'l exist, aud It whs witb
ibis .convict Ion thai we penetrated Mexico.
Pickett's e.vhfbillon of dan-deviltry with the lent
show that had IllVadpd Mexico consisted uf a man
scamper, a •horse, lo chase of a Texas steer, a midair
leap from the saddle of the galloping horse to the
burns of tin* still tieeliig ipnit-ry and a struggle for
supremacy which Inevitably ended in tint overturning
of the steer. The feat U mo au uncommon one at
prairie gatherings, hut it was new to the Moxlciitm, it
was ibc only American achievement ihey hud ever
Keen that had anything nl all iu common, even vaguely, wlih their own helmed bull lighting, one after-
in . ii ibe hull Hull tern came in a body to watch. Tliey
in ot lied cotltelllfitllnllrMy
. e Miller, one or three brother* who own llie big
loi Italich of Oklahoma, happened to -ii*o own half
of the show. Thill night lie wns ul tbe Cafe Colon,
tbe rendezvous of the hull lighters, announcing his
belief thai f<u- run nr im ney none uf the fraternity
vtni.lil dure perform the nick. P.tctiveiilda, famous for
bis eye und stroke, us euiiiilttgly dexterous and deadly
'« matador as Spain nr Mexico ever produced, accepted
the challenge, lie would lie at the scene at ten o'clock
the following morning and give the boasting Americans
ti lesson In grace, courage ami -kill us applied to the
subjugation of Ihe bovine species, BemJr I .outs V.
C rrea, of the Mexican Herald, was ibe Interpreter at
the Interview, and llie details were duly chronicled the
loit morning In thai publication and In ibe native con-
U injioriiries,
^eii. nieuvetildii didn't allow up, No word nf explanation or apology came from httu, Two seme
giteXs waiicd mal ffoiulured We dotpllb lied a
i , JSeujer to his lintel T'.ierc lolled KleuvMildii.
riih-riha."!'f*nei! ■>m| h'ltgnldlv regretful thut he hnd
\   <•" '■ ■■'•■'-'      ■'     ■     '    • ■ '■   ■-'  - ■•■■.'   ■  t'..'r
loess men. wbie.i the On rrlmr could nut irslsi*. and he
bad ttrudghtr ,,- revnlttMl (hi1 i ei mi.-t-tl'-u i.lven witb
ubtcrlty sevetiiI da*.- borne
Tbe  bull* ring   ummuers.  much  relieved  at  t1 <*lr
escape li I ihe utt'lnvuiil p isl I u In W i li il.ey I'm ltd
t'o'tiHelves. iVik ■ ip ed In \ r , p.i,. .iiii. un e the in-
cellatlnti and dismiss the speetrjuor**. bin Mr Sillier, -el led ami ready willed ui dire exigencies; would
Uol agree.
"Tbe Ooverunr blis rnrhl'Vou Pickett to lli'ht Ito.
nlto." he iitHimeil i ui My. "I m yuii have other hulls
Just us silVllgU. i'lckcll Will incel any one or lliein
you pick.'
A new license was lu our bam.-1 bet'ore the u ul
plusscd Impresario aid prW.denlc could frame otter
excUsesi and while tlte well meaning American *,*,..in
tn '•oinpliteeiitlv eno^iatulaii'd ilicoiselves in tl, 'r
luoiies   prepuralious for the cruel struggle went oil
As   a   -aibstlitile   bull   M.   I'lvern  SllpUlllleil    I'Tllilll
Cbhinltfi il.lule .lean.-n, fully us wild u.ir.i nml
wicked ii c real are us llonhn, and ii weiring, his mil to
t lhat  iu   Kl  Tot-eo stalls.   The hull   Whs bred  mi
the   hum.ii-   Tepoy.ihil.ileo   gramuierin      Ills   tburf,
thi Ii.  powerful  ne k  c nieriled him t" the expe-
ileiued liiipresiirio eu>n more fdrclblj lliuu Ibuittn, for
il WOllld be upon the neck ami bonis lhal Pickett
wniihl exerl his Rtrt'Uglll In throw tbe bbrisl If ever llf
succeeded in gelling a hold.
Me-inu'liMe an unfair iiilVi.nti.ge nf us was being
takeu In the arena.    A twenty fool board  was dl>-
l«i is   neime  tiie  ga/e -it   ibe  partisan  spectators
beiirlng tu Spanish litis aiiuuiinceiueiil:--"lly reipiest
LloiillO bus been wlilulrawn and another bull substituted." Tbe ini|i||t>atlnii. nf enurse. was lhal we
hail made llie rcquesl lu fear of Monlln's prnwe-s
The crowd howled Us rage ami del'lslou, whh-li was Hi
tie iiSsmtge'tj when we dismvered tin* Imposition and
posted a sdeond bulletin with the einphtlflc declaralhtu
lhal hy order of the authorities Boitllo would not
appear, and that the hull ring Impresario hail selected
Krljoll Chliittltil us tpiiu* us worihv a combatant.
We had planned to present our regnlur chviis teur-
nament us a iirelluiltiury lo the light between man
und bull, but Hie treinet dims audience would not have
ll so. They demanded "Kl feross fenomenn negro de
Oklahoma!" The mad lust for hull ring blood ami
baitle, come to I hem through generations, was upon
them.   Soon llieir ntiilude became mentlulug nnd we
A mob of twenty-live ttumsand fi'enxled, hostile
Mexicans, many of I hem Irresponsible peons, is nut a
force m willingly untugnitl/e. We retired behind Ihe
harriers und the "(Iran Kucha Tiiuriua-IIiiinami" whs
ii a noil heed.
There is no doubt that Pickett had underestimated
tbe awful diingcr of bis undertaking. His victories in
the American Southwest laid made him overconfident
of his prowess. He hud never even seen a Spanish
fighting bull, I urn told, aud hi Ills mliHl and ll'eiied
tbe big bellnwing monsters, qulrevthtj ivfth life and
strength and rage, unto the vH iu lexa-- -iicers \vbit*h
he had sn often coiup; red KrlJ II t'hhpiita's nige and
proclivities were us much like bis bovine American
brothers' as a wildcat N like a ehipinuitli. And while
the cowboy was saddling lil" herse and reeeh In^ from
us worthless sitggesilons as to the tactics to employ
half a dozen 1*1 Toreo vmpu'l'os were tormenting and
torturing the hull in (he effort to amuse 'dm lo the
extreme pilch of man hating fury.
It looked io me us If every man, woman and child
was nu ids m* ;mf feet, siruiniiig r.ir ii clear view of tbe
grewstuue spcfttiele llie Mexican mind bad fondly pic*
hired. ,\oi it sound ihey Uttered, but a concentrated
pean of wild exultation was waiting un their lips.
I'.ul tlowo in ihe arena ihe unexpected—no, the
supposedly Impossible—wns happening, The dreaded
bell was frit nt lenity musing his bead with all his great
Nli'Ongtll, hollowing bis rage and bewilderment,
pirouetting in ftltosy circles, and there still dangled
Plckeii. his hearllUe btTg iiiifthftkun and he clinging
like a burr, Never before bail t*neh tllsrepute been
east nholl Hie noble sptirl of bull OgllllUgi How ittfmi-
lib- ibe siiemrlb. bow clumsy tbe skill, bow feeble the
Courage of i in* adored lureadors iu comparison with
lln- exblbllton being given by ihis baled stranger from
ibe iioilb' A slmtil of anger ut lhe ignominious sight
swept ihrnm-h the sears ami sume one cried 111 Spun-
>sh:- "I'euienihcr Mienveniila's voHa, Pickett's full era I will follow rooPiiirdliiess!" ^|ltj thou pamle-
monliim broke loose.
Picket! was mennwhile glvlhg a continuous nnd
convincing del no md ration Hint rrljoii Olilr|ulta had
met bis Hill mill mulct,. .Vol only could (be bull not
toss or trample or otherwise barm his antagonist; but
lhe cowboy ucimilly bad the heusl tottering un Ills
leet The hauuhty. sllllggy head was usluiit under
Hie force exerted upon tbe burns by the swinging
man The hold was I'ickeii's favorite and never before bad I'nur I'unted creature wllllSt i It.
Wbelber RHloll i'lil<pilia would have been added
us ii historic victim of Hie Ok la bourn man's prowess
will ever remain n mool •piestion. A cbnlr cushion,
thrown with accurate aim am) Judgment, struck him
run lu ihe race. A great chorus of approval and a fusillade of theeauvni missiles followed. I'lckelt became
quite as busy (bulging the shower as saving himself
from tlie bull's savage evolutions.
The some one slued n stone.    It lilt the luckless, b:*-
seigeii man oil ibe cheek and drew a stream of blood.
li seemed then as if every person in the seats became
ft part lei put or iu Hie ensuing shameful proceeding-*.
Prtilt. hollies, eaues. and even npeticd knives fell upon
tbe brave cirwltuy who was bntllitVR for Ids life, single
handed, with Him blood hungry bull. Not one person
In thai greal hnsllle throng lifted baud or voice In prole*, t or defence. I am nol exaggerating. The arena wss
leddetl wlih weapons; The Mexican itecord, next day.
published a photograph of ibe deadly litter, uiul even
tbe Instantaneous picture In Kl huptirclnl, the govern-
men! organ, plainly showed Hie missiles on their
Von can Imagine the helpless wrath of us handful of
Americans, We appealed frantically to llie police.
They laughed in our faces. Pickett's cowboy friends
pleaded wilh Mr. Miller for permission to retaliate
with American iurtrldges, bul the ranchman forbade.
He and the wiser heads knew one wholesale extend*
InatlOn would have followed. Our bats were reeking
with expectorations from Hie mouths uf the human
brutes over our heads above the barrier. Pickett was
no longer on tiie offensive and weakening fast, , It
seemed Inevitable that his funeral would take ptace
Iu Mexico, after ail. as Blenvenldft had promised.
Ouep his hold relaxed lhe furious foe would have him
at his mercy and gore him to death.
In all thai uwtill bed I mil .Toe Miller alone kept bis
wits. He realized that sooner or later Pickett would
be desperately wounded '" n mls«lle and thut bis end
would come with sliuddi,i..ig suddenness uuless some
The Bull Hesitated for One Providential
Moment   •   •   •   It Saved Both Men
contract with hltu from risking his valuable bones and
bOlly Outside the rational arena!
If we'd only been c i with Ibis umral triumph—
for we were convinced thill Bleuvenldn bad deliberately shown the coward's while feather and so publicly
expressed our exulimlmi -the most exciting chapter In
the hisio.-." of Hie Mexican Mil! ring would never have
been written. Bill .loe Miller's glee knew no bounds
and bis Americanism was running rampant. To the
Cafe Colon he nnd t'eftor Corren hurried again, and tbe
dui.'.Vuudcd bull rig hi ers und their assembled worshipper.-, heard him pvuiK.se to match I'lckelt. bare
bunded nnd unaided. iigiiNif.t the most blood hungry,
man bating, fighting bull tbe remiiillc could provide.
Incidentally, 1 may mention that he hadn't.ever consulted Pickett In the mutter!
The apparent superlative fully of the proposition
aud why to the Mexl an mind its execution meant
tbe sure, speedy ami Slckenlllg death nf the luckless
man may nut lie obvious to tbe American unfamiliar
with (tie bull ring und irs practices.   PS explain.
Vou see. In ihe rothoats as professionally provided
for lhe entertululitem of the public the bull tighter
relies upon his ijlili'kmss Of eye und foot. He evades
Ibe mad rushes of Ills finlugotilsl, never grapples,
The light bus lieen described as a tragedy 111 three
acts, Tiie pb-udorcs. mounted mi worthless, blindfolded burses, tlrsi receive the charges uf the bull
with lances.   Whenever a horse is wounded the rider
betakes himself |o tllghl. allfl when cither lids happens or a picador is thrown tin* elm los rush lu aud
attract the animal from his prey by their red cloaks,
saving themselves. If need he, by leaping over die
palisade which encloses ibe iiremt.
When tbe null lias been roatfeti to frenzied fury by
tbe priKldings lhe plead bit's niv replaced by the
cblllos, who bring with tbem tlie hiimh-rlllus. barbed
darts which they drive Inlo the beast's shoulder,
Then ibe untiador euteis to complete the irnglc business. The bull is weak from loss of III doll and bewildered, bin still tierce and active. In bis right
baud this chief coiuhuimit holds a naked sword: lu
bis left the uiuleta. a stick With a piece or scarlet silk
attached, As soon us tbe bull's eyes cntell ihe uiuleiii
be rushes blindly ut It. the matador dodges nimbly.
dexterously pluuges the sword Into tho uplne and tbe
allium] drops dead al bis feel.
Tbe bull fighters thus, you will understand, perform their deadly work nt u distance from llie four
footed foe. .Never would one of llielii dare lo even
lay bunds uu u bull. They save their precious lives
by tlieir remarkable nullify In evading (lie animal's
furious assaults, Moreover, ibe brandished cloth,
tbe color of which the bull lilts been liiugltl ftum infancy lo detest, is Hie liirgel of attack, lint the man
who flourishes li and springs aside. A bull, too, closes
bis eyes when lie charges A steer doesn't, l-'ew not
Intimately  familiar wlih  bovine  habits know  this.
To return to Joe Mllh'r and Ills cowboy, I'lckelt. tbe
gay Mexican capital was Immudlulcl.. agog ivlth Hie
story of ibe audacious challenge The bull lighters
laughed Uproariously, Tbe Mexican new-papers ami
tlie Mexican public demanded lhal lhe Ainerl. tins
make good, If Pickett wauled lo sucrltlce himself
upon tbe Altar of American egotism let him do ti. They
would turn mil lu for. e to witness Hie "fun." Ihey
promised, for human death In ihe bull ring afford*
only hereditary minis..men t \„ the pa lions of ihe
Sefior Itivero. Impresario uf 131 Toreu, the big new
Heel and concrete bull nog. prnmplly gave permission
to hold ihe encounter there, and Mr. .Miller delegated
liiin to select the tlltlm.il against which the cowboy
should be idled. He mum d It.mlm. a l*ivii. tierce, coal
bliU'k hull, wbo had Ollce been loosed iu l te arena, wbo
had killed two men ami half a dozen horses, ami who
had been spared tile death thrusl up.ui Hie cm real les of
the spectators. Ho Herce and strong a bull, they cried,
should uoi suffer an Inglorious death, 'lhe tribute
was one paid not more than once or twice before or
since in Ibe history of Mexican bull lighting, Boh I to
was returned to the orrals, und there be remains to
Hits day, puwllig the ground ceaselessly und bellow*'
iuu his una bated lougitiK to lltrbl and kill.
This, then, was the lamblike creature selected to
gore the American tu riciiih und Hint; tbe lifeless body
triumphantly in llie air. A rare afternoon's entertainment. .Mexico ijlty agreed, Blenvenldn accelerated
public anticipation hy publishing over his signature la
Hie newspapers "101 eiitlerro de este Pickett »ern el
sciMiiiihi ueto de esie drama." whose free translation
N   "plel-eti"« fniwii win r.u.,w idq feoMiswIlrtnw'
I   .'   i.   .fiij,,    ■ 11!■ li     ;T     ;    ~t_ ' "
Pickett Became
Quite as Busy
Dodging the
Shower of Missiles as Saving
Himself from the
Bull's Savage
Photograph Published in the
Mexican Record of Some of
the Deadly Litter Thrown at
How much effect ihe dire prediction bad upon lhe
"dusky demon" may be gained from lhe fad lhat we
peiMiadid him with dllllciiliy from attending a dance
Hie night heroic ihe battle which would have
Kept bin. awake until daybreak. Instead, we directed
his reluctniil steps to the Hotel St. Pram-is and saw to
li thai in> teas securely tockid io a room for ih<* night.
The largest crowd OYer assembled In Kl Toreo was
there in tin*, ihe spectacle   Plgures showed an nt-
lend,Hue nf inn ft* ihan I wciiiy-ll. e 11)00*01 lltl |iersoim.
ami probably not one Imped or evpeeled that Picked
Mould leave the arena alive, Mvcry visitor to Me\lcu
knows ih.it Hie native bus nu love for Aiiierluins
Added io this pervading general hostility was tbe
knowledge lhal Picketf« successful uccompllsbment
of ids hand lo horn combat would shame the efforts
of every liirendor, \Ve American circus people, several hundred irong, cscorled Pickett tu the bull ring.
Scfmr Itivero. Ituprcsmlo. mid Seller llravo. prest-
denie. received us. Itnili were otivlousiy appreben-
wive. Tbey told us afterward that Ihey had fell certain that Pickett would lose courage at the lust moment und refuse tu chance Ills life. Hut the cowboy
was coolly coiitldeuf and engcr fur the fray. Never
did mau so Impress uie with lhe virtue of physical
courage und a contempt of death.
Then, while the crowd was pouring Into the enclosure, came the staggering news thnt the (Jovetuor of
the federal district had forbidden lhe battle. A delegation of American women, residents of tbe city, hud
walled upon lilui ut noon ami protested lu the mime of
humanity, arguing that the outcome of tbe affair
would Inevitably be the death of the brave but rash
Ukluhotnan. They bud earlier enlisted Ibe Influence
nnd assistance nf powerful American officials and bus-
Pickett's entrance Inlo the enclosure received mingled hisses and cheers; then a wild tumult of acclaim
as a gate wus thrown open und Prljoli rhhpiliu dashed
upon the scene, sighted Picket! and made fur him witb
tbe power mid speed of a runaway locomotive, The
man's face blanched momentarily; fur thu tlrst time be
fully realised the peril nf bis position and the overwhelming odds against nlm lu a light for life with this
bovine demon. Hut every nerve was steady, every
muscle ready aud all lhe consummate craft and cunning of bis culling summoned us be awaited tlie Irre-
slsllbte onslaught. .Nor less prepared was Spradley,
the wary cow pony lie bestrode, learned by lung, siern
e\|ierlelice oil the prairies lo know the moods und
moves of cuttle as a shepherd dog knows bis sheep.
Never before li.-nl such a terrifying thing hurled itself
lowurd Hprudlcy, but the shuck uf it didn't bewilder
I.Ike a Hash he dodged and Implanted bis hind hoofs
wilb all his strength full ou Ibe charging bull's side.
Hack rushed lhe bull, not at all disconcerted, aud Ibe
Htlack was too suddenly renewed for defence or evasion. The cruel, needle pointed horns penetrated tbe
helpless horse's shoulder. As they withdrew, blood
covered. Pickett leaped between them tu Jiu bull's
head and clasped his units around the neck.
This wus the expected muiuent that had drawn
twenty-live thousand Mexicans to Kl Toreo (hat after*
noon. Kxperis bad conceded lhat the wonderfully
lithe and agile American might, perhaps, secure a hold
on the bull, but never, they declared, could he maintain thai bold for half a minute. One toss of tbe powerful head would dislodge him nnd then tbe end would
be n matter of seconds, as be lay prostrate and ex-
succoring expedient was devised by his friends. Sum*
liumlng Vester Pegg, a cowboy, tbe rauebmsu commanded:—
"Strip off your red shirt!"
"Now, when Pickett drops, you leap Into the enclosure, wave your garment as close to the bull as
you dare approach, und see if you can save your comrade's lifer
Our watches showed that Pickett, perched precariously ou the hull's head, hud withstood the storm
of missiles for exactly seven minutes and a half
when tie* dreaded moment came. A bottle bit him
wilh a Hind full in the side. He groaned lu sudden
pain, gasped for breath, cast a lust Imploring,
agonised look ut us, bis long time friends, and loosed
the Iron clasp which bad delicti the fury of as tierce
nnd strong a hull as ever pawed the earth of Kl Toreo.
1'i'ijoii Chlquita, the Incarnation of brute ferocity,
relieved of the maddening burden, lowered bis horns
for (be dentil thrusts, Pickett lay a limp and writhing form almost under Hie animal's nose. The Mexicans yelled their joy.
liver the barrier ut one bound hurdled a half naked
llgure. The bull glimpsed It even more milekly than
tlie astonished and dismayed human audience, for tbo
bated color red was being brandished almost In Krljoll
Olllqulta'l face. Vester Pegg was obeying orders In
the desperate emergency with haxurdoiis duplicity.
Tlie bull hesitated for one providential moment whether to turn u|sm tbe Insolent newcomer or to vent his
vengeance upon Ids helpless and fallen adversary.
Short as was the respite It saved hold men. Pickett
staggered to his feet, scrambled grogglly to the barricade und our outstretched bauds Iragged him to
safety. Pegg retreated precipitately and heat the bull
to succor by a foot Krljoll t'bbpiltu, doubly robbed of
prey, bellowed his Impotent rage und hatred to au
empty arena.
So ended the only atruggte uf Its kind that ever bas
or probably ever will take place, Tlie tumult over the
unexpected deliverance wus, of course, appalling. We
took refuge behind Iron gates lu one corner of Kl
Toreo und remained concealed for two boars. The
Governor then sent two hundred mounted soldiers
to tbe scene. They dispersed the more violent of the
spectators wbo remained, threatening our safety, and
escorted us back to our icnts, Tbere were small dem-
ouatralluns against us that nlgbt at our quarters on
Ibe Pawn de la Iteforma. but In twenty-four hours tbe
hotheads had cooled. The feelwig against Pickett
personally remained bitter, however, and be did net
again make public appeaiance. THE  UBANBBOIIR   1IKRALD
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Mr. and Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon
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Currie spent Saturday and Sunday
at Wasa motoring home via Cherry
Creek Sunday evening.
Entertainment either afternoon or
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U the Wasa hotel the lit|iior license has been suspended hy the
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Major Sopor, sister of Mrs. General Booth, who is touring Canada inspecting lhe rescue work ol tlw Salvation Army among fallen women,
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llie Mackenzie Hiver district, He expects to take in a carload of effects
and will then return lo Cranhrook in
about two months time. He may not
locate there before .next  year.
Kev K. P. Flew citing, pastor of
Christ church, left on Tuesday for
Proctor, B.C., lo attend a retreat of
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Dean ol Columbia, and will he away
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On Tuesday evening the Grand International Auxiliary to tbe Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers gave a
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Recently the Anciemt Order of Foresters issued a dell to the Y.M.C.A.
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ending in a score of .'i— 2.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Fa Stinson (Miss
Dorothy Toye) departed on Tuesday
evening for New York, where they
will remain for a few days before
sailing for Europe, where Miss Toye
is called to complete her theatrical
Preserving cherries, raspberries,
currants and gooseberries now ready.
Apricots next week .—I ra R. Manning.
W. E. Cline, chief train despatcher
at the local office, is taking his holidays and left today for a two weeks
outing in the W:indermero , district.
His position is being filled during his
absence by Harvey Brown.
To the incoming travellers for the
next two days Cranbrook will present the appearance of Coney Isle or
some other summer resort with a
merry-go-round and a number of
carnival attractions on the main
street of tbe eity.
Try a pound of Havana tea 35c,
50c. and line, per pound at Ward and
R. K. Beattic has returned from a
trip to Vancouver and thc coast cities and says thai he is glad to be
back in Cranbrook again as this city
certainly looks good to him. He says
Cranhrook is the best town in the
country and be is here now to remain for the winter. His family
will return as soon as he finds a suit*,
ahlc residence.
F. L. Davis returned Tuesday from
Cochin, B.C., and reports coal mining on the move there. The Corbiu
Coal and Coke company are now-
stripping a new property, known as
t-he "Big Show," with steam shovels
and intend taking out large quantities of coal with steam shovels. They
will begin shipping from this property
next week. The government road
surveyors are also working in * that
district surveying a mad through to
the Flathead country.
Special prices Saturday on many
lines of breoklasl foods.—Im R- Manning.
W. B. McFarlane is just completing the erection nf an addition to his
residence on Garden avenue. The new
addition will complete an eleven
room house. Two new bedrooms
and a bathroom are provided on the
second floor and a kitchen, summer
kitchen nml dining room and pantries
on the lower Horn by the new addition.
A change has been announced in thc
stage schedule botWCOO Cranbrook
and Athalmer, the mail stage now
departing Irom Cranbrook on Tuesday instead of Monday as formerly.
Solid oak   dresser and stand      for
$ 10.50; bed mattress and spring    lor
$7.50    at.    assignment sale.—Cranbrook Exchange
Mr. and Mrs. P. Doran departed on
Wednesday for an extended visit lo
Ireland. Mr. Doran, who has heen
running oul ol Cranbrook for several years as a passenger conductor,
feels in need ol a period of relaxation
ami pleasure and will visit the scenes
ot his birth. Ho left Ireland when
only four years old and has not returned In 18 years.
At the meeting of tbe Cranbrook
Agricultural association on Wednes*
day evening it was decided to oiler a
special prize of $160 for a baseball
competition during Mm fall fair.
$1011 will be given an a ftrxt priv* aud
Your Attention
To These Prices
1 iglit    weight   Uutti
-ini pair, at
6 PR. FOR $1.00
Black Cotton Ho.e, with
Merino foot. Regular
36c. fmir.   Now
4 PR. FOR tl.00
Wo ore selling these
celebrated Knulish
prints, guaranteed
faBt colors, at
Yon will ilo well to lay in a
supply of th.ese shirts now.
Every shirt is a neat, distinctive pattern. They are all roomy
and good titters. Regular $l,2o,
11.50. $1.75. and $2.0n.
NOW 95c
You may have your ohoico of
stork at one-half of the regular
Half Price
You must see these
for yourself. Here
aro the prices :
123.00 Units    $15,00
♦20.00  '■'         14,00
118.00   "         13.00
A splendid variety
in all colors to suit
your ditferent dresses.
We are offering them
the regular price
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
CANADAPortiand cement
COME men ask for so many bags of
***'   "cement"—
Others, more careful, say they want
"Portland Cement"—
But the man who does the
best work insists upon getting "Canada" Portland
And he looks to
l see that every i
bag bears this
Write the Canada Cement
Information Bureau, Moo-
ti-nl. for a free copy of
"What the Farmer Can
Dn Wid. Concrete."
There it a Caa.da
Cement dealer ia year
taeighboihood. II you do
Dot know him, watt for
bit l
$51) as second prize, providing lour or
more teams enter.
KOII RENT. - Partly furnished
house on Armstrong avenue $30 per
month, including electric light and
water. See lleale and Elwell.    20-11
Cliff Steevcs, clerk at the Cranhrook hotel, departed last night for
Hoston and New York, where he will
make short stops and then go to
Moneton, New Brunswick, where he
will visit his old home, belore returning to Cranbrook. He expects to
be gone about a month.
The tennis toumamj.-it of the
Cranbrook Lawn Tennis club started
last Saturday and a number ol very
interesting sets wore, played. There
were a large number of entries
gents singles and doubles and ladies
singles and doubles besides the mixed
doubles and keen compstUioni has
characterized the tournament so far.
The tournament will continue until
the championship in each elass has
lieen decided.
The first car of new erop timothy
to be shipped into British Columbia
Irom Alherta, was billed out by the
South Alberto Hay Growers r.l I'ln-
ehcr Crock. This we believe establishes a new record lor our sister
province and are credibly informed
tJiat the timothy crop at IMncher
Creek is at least up to the average
as regards quantity and of excellent
quality. M
fl. II. Applelon, of Gateway, M.C.,
who has heen In the employ ol the
II. 0, Farms Association for Hie
past, year, wns In the cily this week
having levered his connections there
and is removing to Proctor, where be
will make bis future hour
FOR RENT.—Five-roomed house
on Cranbrook street, $18 per month.
Apply I.. P. Sullivan. 27
LOST.—Tennis racquet, llackett
and Alexander make. Reward.
Bring to Herald office. 21
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Tlm Provincial Government have instructed the City
Council to enforce the provisions of tin? above net within
the City limits.
Owners and occupiers of
land will therefore govern
themselves accordingly.
City Clerk
Cranlirook. B. C,
July nth, IHIS.      2!l-3t
Hnrr n mini" of H.....-UII Pockel UN-
linnlM    $11 .",n print for iii'*.i
Iilgbml mi i th
von   sale on   rent.-lkbb
warehouse1 with frost proof imminent and electric light, very largo
dry.     Apply Box 3, Herald.     19-tf
Large baserM'iit warehouse to rent.
$5.00 prr    month if taken for       til
months or more.     Apply Herald ol-
Many Good Men H..1,1*1 of IliKl.
Bnsines ami Social Standing
hy Drink
C'ura.1 at
Ihrw ilara
Box 896, < ruin-oak. B. 0.
A*-*!,! lor
■icYtu.it m Mil
cmim lucmiTiiHrc
Hl>n|r Fiona .VI Itni.lmirtO
•otut-rul Maimtier
l.L.n., D.C.L., rrcBidcm
Asrii'iiiint General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened ;it every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all oilier departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn In Ihis
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit lo the Hank.        s.4
R. T. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook, B. C.
**************************************< ******
' Imperial Bank ol Canada
n. K.
IVll.KIK, President.
Makes Hair Grow
sell SALVIA, nml
lo slow   hair oi'
Accounts of Corporations, uluuicipnlities, Merchants
Farmers ami Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit iBBiiod available in any part of
tlie world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT —Special attention
given to Savings Bank Aooonnts, DeposiU o[ $1,110 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: ti. W. SUPPLE, M^r.
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We hnve some Gilt Edged Grlgum! Prairie Townaite
(not. sub-divisions), which appeal to tlio intelligent iriVee
tor, and wo intend to put on au extensive advertising cam
paign iu ORANBKOOK (iB soon ns wo complete- arrange
incuts with a firaU'liiBs man, wbo can follow up iiiqiiirieE
tlll^ BtOl
ii is    guataul
money back.
Tlio limit In take (.-arc of your hair
fo when ynu have hair to take rare
If your hair is getting thin, gradually falling out, it cannot he long
before tlio spot appears.
Tho greatest remedy to stop tilio
Imtr from falltag is SALVIA, thv,
Oreat Aancrican Hair Grower, first
iliscbvered in Knglaud. SALVIA
furnishes nourishment to tho hair
idols juiil nils so quickly thut people
are  amazed,
And remember, it destroys the
Dandruff gorm, the little pest that
naps the life that should i*o to the
hair from the roots.
SALVIA is sold hy first-cUsfi druggists under a positive guarantee to
ture Dandruff, stop falling hair and
Itching scalp In ten days, or money
hack. A large bottle costs 50c. The
word "SALVIA" on every bottle.
.sold by tho Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Co.
We mail the district thoroug
apply himself can make this a porumne
able position. Apply H. W. MeCurdy,
ing, Toronto,
lit nmn win
ami vwy ,,
m Tn
«       Trees
****** *.*.***.*.**
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent
Phone 130 Cranhrook, li. C.
************* ****************
A Good   Home I
is what is iluur to every mnn,
is whore Peace, OomEort, Conic
and Plenty ia found, That is tin
men throughout British Oolumbi
"Cranbrook" is mentioned Hunk
provisions Jos. Brault has mailD
ideal homo nl the
A In
• reason
, wln-n
of the
lor nn
The rapidity with which tht* lands Biirri
being taken up hy people from a diatnnco bIu
advHntftgea o[ tliese IuihIh nre appreciated by i
of the town should tako a<lvaiiti.*jt' nf iliu oppi
securing small tracts running from n little 01
at a price per acre below what would have to
city lot. For instance, $300 will buy an acre 0
suit the purchaser.
i<l In 1
Great Interest comtred in the wedding of Miss Evelyn Mary Ritchie
Darling, eldest daughter of Mrs. William Darling, 2080 Haro street, to
Mi. II. Oscar Weber, eldest son of
Mi. Kail Weber, of Montreal, which-
was solenmi/cd Saturday morning In
St. Paul's church by Rev. F. A. P.
('hull wick. A large number of
friends gathered in tho church, which
was artistically decorated with
palms nnd lilies, and long stemmed
iris, which formed an aisle from the
steps lo tlte altar. The wedding
chorus from the "rtosc Maiden" was
rendered as the bridal party entered
llie church. Miss Phyllis Darling,
wns maid of honor, the Misses Uly-
bd and Helen Darling were bridesmaids, and the Misses Eleanor, Eva
anil Dorothy Darling, nieces of the
bride, were llie flower girls. Mr.
Oordon Darling, brother of the
bride, was groomsman, and Mr. Ernest H. Wood and Mr. Frank Raphael
were ushers. Mr. I,yell Darling, of
New Westminster, lhe bride's brother, gave her away.
The bride was gowned In a beautiful creation of ivory brocaded crepe
ile cliene over ivory charmeuso satin
with court train. Venetian lace and
pearls made artistic ornaments and
sin* wore a graceful tulle veil and
■allied a shower bouquet, of white
oki's, carnal ions and lillies.
Miss Phyllis Darling was in white
embroidered manpiiseltc over pink
satin,' with a hat of point d'esprit
with pink roses and plumes. Miss
IJlvt>i-l Darling was iu pink satin
wilh a white picture hat (rimmed
witli roses ami plumes, and Miss
Helen Darling wore a blue satin
willi n picture hat adorned with
cream rose and forget-me-nots. The
bridesmaids each carried pale pink
The dainty flower girls, the Misses
Kleannr, Eva and Dorothy Darling,
were in while lingerie frocks and
carried baskets of   pink and     whit*
A   Song of
signing   of
Beale Cb\ Elwell
have A number nf stir)) places,
deuce, but for ponltry raining,
mile from lli>- Cily limits.
1,1,1.. I
it only fo
union, nl
These Land.'. Can All lie Irrlfcnlcd
Miss Maguirc sang '
Thanksgiving" during the
lho register.
A largo reception was held at the
homo of the hrlile's mother afler the
ceremony. Ivy anil reel and white
rosea mtnlo artistic decorations, Mrs.
darling had chosen a handsome gown
of black charmeuso with tunic ot
l.lmcrick lace and with it she wore a
1, ink plumed hat. Mrs, W. Lyell
Darting, of New* Westminster, was in
black satin witli Irish lace coatee and
a black picture hat with white
plumes, Mrs. Harold Darling, of
Cranhrook, was in silk draped with
Iridescent chlltoti iu Balkan effect,
ami a largo picture hat.
Miss Ware, of Chicago, aunt of the
bride, was in black over royal blue
satin with duchesso lace. With It she
wore ;, Muck lace bat.
Tho wedding breakfast was served
from a table fragrant aad pretty
with a center of brides' roses arid
foliage, Mr, and Mrs. Wooer have
loll lot Victoria and will travel via
the Stales to tlieir home ia Mon-
lii'iil. Tho bride's travelling costume was lawn homespun with paddy green velvet trimmings and a hat
and parasol to match.
Tlie guests who were present included Dr. and Mrs. Coverntoa, Mr.
and Mrs. Georgo Campbell, Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon Campbell, Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Dorwnio, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foutnlor, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm
Macdonald, Mrs. (!. T. llaird, Mrs.
KmII, Mr. and Mrs. Lawroncb Illair,
Mr. and -Alls. Maedowell, the Misses
Maeilowell, Miss Mildred Campbell,
Mis. .lames Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Dubois Phillips, Mr. nail Mrs. Gordon
fleck, Mr. and Mrs. A. Itobertson,
Mi. Maguire, Miss Klleen Maguirc,
tbe Misses Worloy, Mrs, .1. W. Mac-1
keddie, the Misses I,und, of Wardner,
Mr. Harold Spelts ami Mr. and Mrs.
IInnmrustle. -Vancouver. Sun.
When it is remembered that until a
little more than a quarter of a century ago thc interior of Hritish Columbia was absolutely undeveloped territory, lucking in mails and railway
transportation, and possessing only a
sparse population ol hutttors, miners,
prospectors and Indians, it must he
admitted thnt Kast aad West Kootenay and llie Boundary country has
developed al a rote that 18 truly remarkable. To tho pionor millmen
should go most of the credit, because
their enterprise anl firm faith in the
luture encouraged others -to follow in
tlieir footsteps. Every sawmill became thc cenitre of a little community,
or aided materially in the upkeep and
growth of some existing village or
settlement. T'o-duy fully one hundred
sawmills, large and small, are kept
busy catering to tlie prairie demand
for lumber, as well as the needs ol
the. many ranchers and Irult farmers
who are developing the fertile valleys
of the interior. Thousands of mcu
are given steady employment in the
mills ami camps, while the iavest-
ment in sawmills and limits runts
into many millions ol dollars. Thc
annual capacity ot the plants included in the Mountain Lumber Manutac-
turcrs' Association is approximately
live hundred million feet, which figure
is increased appreciably by the cut of
the smaller mills,
At Bull River, about a do/en miles
from Wardner, the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company owns enormous
limits and operates a tie and timber
mill of large capacity, about one hundred and fifty men being employed
from April until closing down time.
A townslte bas been laid out, witb
water and electric light systems, and
it is evident the company plans to
make Hull River an important, centre
of activity. Last season eight hundred men were employed in land-
clearing operations in the vicinity, it
being tlie intention to transform the
arable logged-ofl areas into ready-
made farms for settlers. Thc best of
tho timber is rcservtd for manufacture at the mill.
The Cranbrook Sash & Door Comj-
any, Limited, is being kept busy with
orders, thc local trade showing up
well, while prairie business is also
good. A number of improvements
have been carried out since last year
that are calculated lo take care ot
the increased output looked lor this
Two new Watorous Company engines 20 s 24-in., also two new boilers 06-in. x Hi ft., will arrive this
month at Wardner lor Ibe new planing mill ol the Crows Nest Pass
Lumber Company, Limited. With
this new equipment added the company will have one ol tlie finest planing
mills in the interior.
Tbe output of the Adolph Lumber
Compaay, Limited, Baynes Lake,
Elko Valley, was held down to 7,000,
000 leet last season, • although the
plant has a capacity ol 00,000 leet
per ten hours. Thc reduced eat was
due to disturbed market conditions
on Uie prairies This season an early
start was made, a cut ol 11,000,000
feet being aimed at. Thc company,
ot whicli Fred. W. Adolph Is managing director, has about $500,000 invested in plant and timber, thc number o! men employed averaging about
Mr. Sadler, manager of the King
Lumber Company, Umitcd, Cranhrook, made a bad start this spring,
an unexpected delay having lieen met
wilh while effecting some changes In
the equipment. Despite lost time,
last year's cut will probably he exceeded, the intention being to oper
ate the plant on time and a quarter
schedule it tlie prairie demand war
There are tew better plants in tho
Mountains than that ol thu Baker
Lumber Company, at Waldo, in the
Elko Valley. The output last season
was reduced lo about 12,000 000 feet
owing to the low prices lor lumlier
on the prairies, hut this year the
company hopes to manufacture 10,-
000,000 feet. With this object In
view the plant was started up March
25, it being necessary to dynamite
tbe ice covering thc log pound in order to commence operations. The
plants has an output ol SO.000 leet
per ten hours, and will probably be
operated on tlmc-and-quarter schedule
until the tall. The plant represents
aa investment of $160,000, and Uie
extensive timber holding originally
secured lor $250,000 are to-day worth
$1,250,000. Thc oflioers of the company arc: V. Hyde Baker, Cranbrook,
president; Simon Taylor, Cranbrook,
vice-president; Walter Robertson, se-
cretay-treasurer C. D. McNab, managing director.
Despite the lact lhat many Mountain mills curtailed production last
year owing to the competition of
United Stales lumber in the prnirio
markets, the output of the Crows'
Nest Pass Lumber Company, Limited, witli mills at Wurdncr and
Galloway, was nearly normal, the
total being .15,539,000 feet. Thc cut
for the present year is expected to be
several million feet greater. The dally capacity ol the two plants is
about   800,000   leet per    ten hours.
If Halsall & Co.
Special Sale News
Our Sale still goes merrily on. We have had large
crowds. Many lines have been cleared still we are daily putting
out New Lines.   Splendid savings in all departments.
Read This List Carefully.   Better still, come in and see for yourself
Honeycomb Quilts
Pull Size and Easily Washed
Regular Value, $2.(10 each.
Sale Price, $1.50 Each
Twilled Sheets at
$1.50 Pair
Extra Heavy Quality Twilled Sheets.
Full Size
Regular value $2.2"> pair
Sate Price, $1.50 pair
Table Linen, Table
Cloths at ! Off
$2.00 Table Cloths
3.00   "
4.00  "
Table Napkins at Same Reduction
Ladies' HouseDresses
$0.00 Values at     $4.*0
5.00      " 3,50
4.oo    "            2.75
'ii.oo    "               1.95
All sizes
Children's Dresses
^ Off
From 1 year up to 12 years
$1.00 Dresses at        65c
'•50      "    $1.00
2'0°      "       1.35
:soo     »            2.0o
Boys Suits, Etc., at
Quarter Off Price
$8.00 Suits at    $4,50
f>-00    " 3.75
*.oo   "           3.oo
Potter's Famous Prints at 12J c per yard
Odd Towels at 12;c.
Slightly soiled.   Good quality,
Almnt .1 dozen only ut
12yc each
Gowns,   Drawers
Princess    Slips,    Combinations,
Skirts, Corset Covers, Etc.
All at Greatly Reduced Prices
ABk to See these lines
Children's Shoes
Boys' Shoes, Girls' Shoes
All Sizes. All Styles
At Special Sale Prico
i Off Regular Price
Ladies' "Empress"
Shoes, $2.00 pair
Only nbout 100 pairs left. All sizoB, front
2J to 7. Regular values $4.60, $">.00 and
$0.00.   Sale Price
$2.00 pair
100 Pairs Long Silk Gloves at 65c. pair
In Pink, Tans, Pale Blues, Browns, Black, dreys and Navys.   AC .
$1.00 $1.25 $1.50 Values.   Sale Price DO*-
of tlio company arc: President, William Wcmll, Mainstcc, Mich.; vice-
president, W. P. Haker, Manistee
secretary-treasurer, W. J. Gregory
Manistee; managing director, P. l.utul
Wardner; assistant manager,, O. M
Pcunock, Wardner.—Western Lumberman.
"Willie arts Improve in this aspiring
Peers  mount  tlie coach-box,  heroes
tread the stage,
Ami waltzing   tetanies witb unblushing lace
Disdain to dance but in a man's embrace.
All   arts   improve, but  modesty   Is
And truth and virtue   with our bullion lied."
These lines, written by Sheridan in
1807, express the view once held ot
the waltz.  Nowadays   we regret to
see our   daughters   as   wnll-tlowers,
hut abhor   the   crude   but   natural
dancing   craze   of the   present day,
known as the turkey, trot, the bunny
Brunot Dall
Boarding anil Day School for Girls, College Preparatory, Certilieate admits to nil Eastern Colleges.
Music Department under foreign trained leathers.
Fine Art Studio, Domestic Science, Fine (iymim-
sittm. Hood Home and Hest of Care.
Writo for Catalogue to the Principal;
220!) Pacific Ave.,
Nearly six hundred men.find cmJ>loy-j hug or thc grizzly bear,
ment in llie mills mid camps.   «"nicer s    Thus times da move.
Incorporated 1HU9
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $11,500,000
II. S. HOLT, President      E. L. PEABE, General Manager
Accounts ot Firms, Corporation, and Individuals solicited.
Out-of town business receive, every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Pepoiiti ol (fl.00 snd upwards received
and interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A Honors! Banking Business transacted,
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager


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