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Cranbrook Herald Oct 17, 1907

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 legislative Library
April _i n*
And Does Immense Amount of Damage to Property
Fonlenot,    Intl., Oct. 15,—Kontenot Hie Ileal trom tho Inirning mills    i-x-
wns prnctlcally dinlroytd today    hy l'1"'1'''1 lllc'  slnnl  . powdor inngniine,
Iho explosion ot    llm'plant ol    .he ESLtoif Sly^t"™ ™V^i
Utipont Powder company.    The dead „, (|lt, n.s,.U(, Lot\. vcru \m\\y injured
iiitmhei  11 inn 25 to fill.     More   than and several killed.
six hundred persons were injured  and (li-nernl    Supei inteiidenl     Moliahttii
ever)  huililing ill Die town was whol- was titled     while Killing iu his ollice
iv     oi    partially     levelled to    ibe ,..,ii hn wife .nut slslci In-law     were
ground.     Where stood a thriving aud killed     m llicli    home some dlslanco
busj  Lown oi l.nnii people ibis mbrn- away.    Thai  tin' death list  w.is ma
or-'.. I out ght    litem Is   min ami sen ir grenlri  Is due lo the i.iei  Unit     thu
tei ed   wreckage.        The  dead  and SOI'- people  of   lhe  lown   lelt  Ulen     home;
IoiimIj  Injured have been taken nwuy. ni  in* first explosion and were    not,
Five hundivil iub.ihii.uii..     alt mom in ihem when   tin- explosion of    tho
oi  less    wounded,    remain together in.imii kegs of   powder in ibe inagn-
wiib (hen senile rod household goods, Hue en me.
.md sleeping in tents ntiilei guard ui Vuiung    tin- building* lolnJIj  des
Hn* stale iiiihii... Iroyed .<■<- ibe    Methodist und Chris
Wltlioul  warning the powder mills, n.ui chinches, the depul, all business
seven in number, blew uii .a 0.15 ihis Iml Id ings, iinii.il.ng n hlock [ust com-
n Ing,        The companj   employed pleted,    a large wamhoiisu and    500
200 men, and ol .these,  150 weie   ,o homes
work whin Uu-explosion in the press     lu i ij ol Ihem the fronts    wen*
null occulted. blown iiwny, while iu others the roofs
Iii quick succession lhe gla/ing mill, were loin inl, Ibe sides blown mil, or
ibe iwo coin hig mills a ird the powder ihev    were left a   confiisMl mass    ol
iii.ilm/mic blew  up, followed In     the collapsed wreckage.
cap mill.     In Mn: nuig.i/ , situated The Big Foui railroad freight train
hi'vernl bundled yards trom iho mills, on     Ibe switch leading lo tbe mills
wen* si..led   HI, t      kegs of powder, was ptlVthlNh   destroyed by   lhe     ex-
Wh.*n ib.'v hlevv up .  lhc    concussion plosion ami the wreckage  caught fire,
was fell 'nearly     two hundred miles Englneei    Charles     Wells was badly
iiw.it.     K.iiui houses, i-.pi.illy distant, burned and received a fracture of the
were torn to pieces aiwl several   per- right leg.
s.nis injured.     A passenger train   on Three   school     buildings were  des-
the    Big     Four railroad, four miles Iroyed, (wo at Fontenet aud one   at
nway, had every window broken   ami ColdlflUlT, two miles away.     All were
-seteral passengers     were injured    by filled  wilh  scliool children  and every
falling glass. otic of Ihem were more or less     iu-
Tbe mills  went up wilh three    dis' juivd bv the collapse of tlm buildings.
limi     explosions,     followed a    few None   of     lhe children     Were fatally
minutes Inter by a fourth and   even burl, but over two hundred were    ln-
iiioie .serious  than  the others,  when juni.     The .school building at  Culd-
Ibe inaga/ine wenl up.     Immediately blulT was  turned over and collapsed.
following ibe explnsions tbe wreckage The teacher and ninety pupils      wore
caught lire and tho inhabitants of tlie more or less injured. " The force    ot
lown, who rushed to the rescue of tbo the     explosion destroyed     telephone
employes,    were     powerless    to aid communication     wilh   outside towns
lhose in lhc   ruins.       They worked .iml il    was wilh    the greatest dilli-
fiMUtically,  in constant danger, irom cully lhat help was summoned. Tern,
succeeding explosions, unmindful     of Haute   and    Brazil   physicians    and
lhe destruction of their homes,   The nurses       came    in     carriages    and
il *.nl and dying were collected. Eigh- automobiles across the country, while
hin burned and mangled bodies were special trains wore made up and ran
laken to a prepared     spot  to await over tho   Big Four    railroad for the
Identification,  while the budly  injur-* care of the injured.     Governor llan-
ed, numbering upwards of fifty, wore ley ordered tbo Term Haute company
put on a special train and were laken of the Indiana    National Guard here,
in Terre Haute. to patrol the     ruined district    and
The mills   wore locatrd one    mile protect life and property.     The gov-
st.utli of the town,    With the first ex- el'lior arrived this evening about   the
plosion tbe employes ran for safety, lime tho    soldiers   passed here.     He
hut most    of   Ihem were killed    or brought     wiib  bim  several hundred
wounded liy the quick following    ex- tents and   cots, for    the use of    the
Illusions iu   the other   mills.             ■--..
When  homeless.
ind all  the     local members of     lb
provincial legislature are nsked
ASIATIC     LEAGUE       DEMANDS Jquilc as beautiful now as I had    he-
MV.NY   RESIGNATIONS jlieved it to he and man has iu     tlie
 ' '       ' meantime contributed greatly to   its
v             ,, ,     ,,    .....    !_.;..;. artistic possessions; tlml man has   iii
\nncouver Oct ll.-llie Asiatic (ll, meil|rtlm0 ,„,„,, i( lllor, Umn !
Exclusion    league   tonight pass.il re-  ||1((1 j,,,.,,,^.,)
solutions   slating   that it was ailvi* - ■„,,   s ,(0Hf{ibIri |M in Tfflir slr(.m,lh
able for   he people of \ ancouvcr    to „,.„ v<ltl' It);iv „iiiik the men mn   '
express (Mr fltti Uric as  to   he   ex-   |s no ,* ,.,.,  U|l, t|       .    '
elusion iiuesiu.n ,n a constitutional „.,,,.„ vnn wH| hlV(, ,n Hl0ns(,
manner, herefnre, It. C. Mae- 1wlTll "desired re-lnforcemenls of -ou
I tenon, Ml'., was requested to re- nWn st0l.k , ,.,n(H, , ., tfr.
n Ins sent m lb.- Dominion bouse slm] ,..R,^ ,,, vvh(llLl ym ,,,,. sllilIli;.
is whose speech von do not under*
.... ,,       ,     ,       .tnnd nml from whose instincts   and
■ate their seals so that the dec- lrn,iJttous von arc separated bv
tors might lune an opportunity of [iiousnmls 0f vents. That is your
declining tin* local sentiment in ihe p)-oiC(t po,-imselt j i.,mt. \to time
most   telling manner. fo|   llmU„B  llu(-     cll(),pc  ,„ nft     vo„
A   separate  resolution  asked  I'r.'in-   |](UV ■■      (Cltoers )
in McBride lo resign after an evasive i +	
htttr     froin    the   premier     to    the
league's queries bad been read. NEWSPAPERS AND C   I*   II   GET
The league dcclnred to hereafter en- I TOOETTTER
ter full     tickets f.u  civic, provincial 	
ami Dominion elections.     Along ten-;   Winnipeg, Oct     12 Tho    dllllcully
cial lines n! t\ r1: :1 was divided to between ihe western newspapers anil
bold niioth i .1 t.i.l.* sboitlv ami id.* Cnnndlnn Pacific Telegraph corn-
strong coiiiinitt.'- were appoml.il to |uii)   has {teen Ballsfi ril\  adjusted
..name a inonstri demonstration,        in   Hie rompnnj    conceding tli''   con-
.1. W. Ilirwthoritibwallo last nlghl lentlons ol the newspapers wiib one
addressed a sot'.al t mass meeting on exception, \i- Iho relations of tbe
ih.- Oriental immigration question In r l' It Willi the newly organized
bis usual strenuous manner. Heclaim- Weslern \s-.„.,,■,,I Press, ami upon
ed Hint lb.' nun.' blame foi the Ihis a joint contereucc is t„ be held
presenl conditions reslrd on lhc men a* au earlj date. The Following
nml th-' corporations who broqghl lelegtam wns rccelvixl vesterday from
iii'. In bo i to the country. So  Wilfrid I rlei  in reply to    the
Bev, tn. Eraser, ,i prominent local wire senl to bim from the meeling nl
clergvmnn, Insl niclil declarnl Oui Itpginn on We.iuesd.iv
the foreman on largo lobs were Inr- "I nm In receipt of vour telegram
iclv intrlrumcnlnl In having Orientals ol llie ninth, \* vou know the gov-
..il, lo Ihe exclusion of white .crmneiil Is wilhoul am nutbnrily In
1 charged thai Ihere was    a  litis matter, hul will deem it    thru
general pmctlro ol these men mvi\    dut\  to look ii he miestlon with a
ine payments fiimi Otlrntnlsfoi posj   view     n. rinding   a redress   to   your
 a grievances.     I ma) .old I .mi ndviacd
Pi.iiiiip.-ul local nun aie illseusslng jllml ihe Canadian Pacific rallwaj .it
ns to tthelhci Uiplin.'s uveal visit .headquarters discl.t.m .i„\ knowledgo
io ih,* e.usi w..s nol ns nmbossndm ol 11k rimiw nl which you com-
liiengiilln fm ihe Imperial government  plain -Wilfrid I rlei
 Iii.mm ,i    knowledge ..t local opln  >   The nfllclali ol the Canadian Pacilic
ion regarding    Orlmlnl Immlgnilion. rnllway's t, i,- ■ i..|.i,   have notified the
h w.is pointed out Hint his trip was newspapers *>l
.,  bullied one.  with  this COASl lis  Hie   all   the c Iiii
main objeol nl his    visit.    It    was Imiismlsftton «
.,i.,, n I Mut while horo be dMrly the sup|ilv <,r
questional local imn ot all i lasses on |*» Hw mnnlli
ib.>     ni.O I ei  nnd     innnj   limes asked .foice trom hei
wlmlhet   Ihe cmuiln   would stand tm j   Newspapei.,
.. law  which would peimil ol \slnllcs   \»-sneinled Pr<
coming ni loi i. I'M.i .if tens, lo l»* rail's in force
Lands of This District Considered to be the Best
Mr, Thomas Cunuingham, the chiel In only too glad to join such an or*
provincial inspector ol fruit pests, ganization and do all in then power
was    m town for seveial days     lasl   lu uelp it along.     Nelson awoku from
week und whilst hero visited a nun;-  ui. sleep ui dopressi n tij    I  Uiey
ber of the fruit growers m this dis- iveru able to accomplisii tn boldtng'
out, accompanied hy John Uutchl- nuit, um. and showing ito wuiM ai
son, the local inspector. [large wnai that pari ol the country
lulerviewed by a representative of could Uu. Ivaslo is doing the sanw
lhe Herald Mr. Cunuingham expressed itung uuw. Ann aiuunu uoin places
biinsell .is both surprised and delight- liann Ihal bu I no sale Uve years ago
e.l witb what ne had i»eeu, "lou ai two oi .. dollars an acre, is
have a Iruit country here," said   Mr.   nuw  in ..■  i\    lemaitd    at 51U0     iu
Cunningham,   "and     u good une.     1   Hn« an a         ■■ rib eveij ceni
have bouii to    Mr. Llunullon's ranch, o\ it uecau i   il  iwn .iui
iu the Mission and lu Full Steele and1 it can     produce    thi    »luu lo ii...-l'
I ..ii.  lay lhat with the aid of water  -■•-■<    ft mil       Uvea   accompli b il
llieie Whs not ouo   aero llial 1    saw    .   i      .. i .■ ...- .:.    I  ruofc,
llial would not make fruit land." in   .   ■. < i bu m.*iI
"Ah     Hamilton has dune   wonders. ■      pti uu.
lie I...    uf course, like ..ll who start   ill j  an  ...... i tncj
iui.. in.ii mad.' si,in.  mistakes,    but  ■.... ■   y, .....
On'-..- will  iu* recti tied,     llu has de- in*,     tiuit       naustry,
listruteil wilbuut a shadow uf    a[\.ttli ibe sole, cuppci tud uo^t
) uuu.-?, aud a tu-.**
. .: il
li.ulii that join cuuiiii) hero will, in
ibe iii.ii future, bu a Iruit Cuui.it>
.ii und to nunc In the province. 1
uivu sent samples ol buiii the fruit
jrown hj Ut. Hamilton and bj Uie
-sisters .it    tho   Mission tu the    de-ju.*uict  tor sunn
[inrtmenl   at    \ictorln so thai     tbe    pi    .  .'..cut
people at     ih.*   coast   may seo    fur Icier)one    anu ..     a dul.at   ul ml.
hciusolvos what     line ftutl can    bo leal iu u.c touuU)
town ui ISnsl Kootenay. Take my
word lot It m a ver) lew years
Cranhrook will be surrounded     with
Ah.   Liii.niugliaui examined   H laud 1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
u st. Joscpn's pniiric und snys that j    I'bc co  chai ;i  ol solicit
nit Ian.I.      ,\il thai j.:.-, .tppituitiutis     tor sioeU tut      tu<
. -   ...- ...,    lUUUsli)   ii. te,
rillSlHSi   on . 	
II     ..i... I   H      ■■
erj lliiuj   .....  '   .     .. ta
ts    tu ,     .... ,
[■ i 1.1.1   > ..< ..   St . m Itll . U    b'OB
>iUk t\   i.\   i in.  I- viu  rou
■ UA 1
lie. tUst
, pin
..1 he ba
ll.. Courteiw i.f il.i* V
Hull: "Hi ihere. .Inppy, 1 didn't agree io let yon dab your hlooi
allied  With  Vou."
i ci seen.
.Hi. Cutiiiinglmm w ill loiurn to
I'laiibio.ih probubl) latel in Uio
month .md utivo ihrougli tu Golden
iiispecllng the onihirds along tbo
Following Is a list tt fruit trees
.suitable lot t.ns district nut a lullci
list win bo furnished tu the Herald
jj Ah. Cunningham later:
Apples — lellow Trans|>areut,
DMCiiess ol Oldenburg, WealUiy, Mcintosh Bed, Grimes Golden, ltbode
island Greening and Northern Spy,
Crabs—ilyslop, Moolreul Beauty
and Largo Siberian,
Pears—Flemish Beauty, Winter Nel-
les, \ ic.u of WokcJieHl.
■jhcrncs—EngliBh Morcllo, Ollret,
Bollo Alagnetlque and Montmorency.
Plums— lellow Egg, Bed bgg,
auu    Dusc,
.....     1 :■■■.■■	
a in. n it tat     wm     uu)   Uie .Hull-lie
-uMi.ii  .:       .    .....   : .    race
Lillys        - L|     .1    .-.-.    Ill')
»UCCI •>      : •    .... i .. -   -..■
ias*.*.! in     raising ... ■ ... .-■. ■ .\
inei ting is   iiu   ■.. _i. .Aia  \',.s    bi'i.i
,       .      ,      , [Shropshire, Uumson
iw over     my red spots when   1 jjU|][tl. i>luhl.
$5,000.00 REWARD
..ued uiat tbe com-
     BlOCk   tOl
Mr. rtyau cxpi
,'. | ■» ■. ix :.., ..:.;• \-..^ I.. .'•  reaO)
tu lepoi'. and      ■. i.. .....   \ .  .V.
,.'.....- lo .....■•l a statement as     tu
i-.uat tiau b*-vu dune.
.ui. ttolltns read a list uf Uie   applicants    toi .-;... and    staled    ibu
I  Ul    .. . . *■ i^^cUx-vl was
KOOTENAV   CENTBAI,     MAY  BIO oi the wheal crop, ho said, has   been
CO.MMI3NCED grossly exaggerated.    Tbe total yield 	
                            :will approximate Unit of  tUOU     and „...,,-,»„« T(l V1I, wii w*uin
Victoria Times:  According to    the prices tor   farmers would bo    much *•"■ '.'; feN?feu,018 S fffi,    "
alesL reports the   C. IMt.     would higher, duo   lo   crop failures    else-.   L V, s    ^'\\ u»V    V  V   1*
inii'ii    I.,   he    ii*..i, 11  i,,>   ti.  enn-1 niel i\ i.'ie -M.n Ul"   UniX'tun, n l   ■*-■  u.
pptai    hi   in     ji.tp.u in-,    iu   i on., i im i hul ii. ... . ........    ...,   .,■ \-e*rvu|   |>(*
mil   nf   Oi.-   k.i.t.-niv   I'ei.li it   nil- t.lodvllu'i   I'ol    lliviikiii  wa*  mosl WAILS,  Or   nAllhUtUU
pan   in   uu   i\U'.iiii,i\   i inn.ti   i,in -utot-tiiui   i oi.  i»a\ius(u was iiiosl uniTiviii I'llI IIA1HIA
ray from Uolden to Foil Steele.   It optiitilsllc concerning   the Immuilatu BUI 1 ISO '.QIA Aim a
is reportctl     tlial   ntte.n oi   iwenuj inline of Western Cannna.   liven   Uw ,,        ,          	
icxois Ictve livcu    ."iil In on this lumber   outlook    he declared lo     bo }, A.-..K, _ Watts, hereby cbuUengo |
sccoiKU_d by     i-. ll,    Small, Uml a
.-.'::.:... e ue .... anted la lake    u,j
'...-. qu it ion of orgai lion    ol  Ibis
company  and to -.,..... out tbe provisions uf     incorporation i. i...... cont
ai a    capiutization ui   ^j.uou
t.10 u shares ol i-j.uu; to be    called
simply tends to prove wball"** "Cranbrook Park, Limited,"   lur
id ims muiutainea iui years, I t*»e. IW«PO« ut. acq^umg the present
district  trtuu-
llllS IS A Kltl 11  COUNTRY
'ho statements made by Mr. Cur
m   cms    iiiiioivi      uuu.xm      Uii   ui'ciaiiu   iu       iiu        'i   "■    ■'•        ••*•**«,   ..v.^..j    ^ ->-a- |.,    ,s   nt'CCSSari    II
fairly bright.     Jusl at present     the   Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and tne mombois i „',■„,',,,.   ,„,
; m.t.le  lumbei  yards uf Saskatchewan     and   oi(iho government,     individually   ^ot j",atts     oi    Uni
mc lie      ^^^^^
and    llial  is tlial 111
lary to Craubrook u as s^uoa a Itm
COUtlir)   as  IS to Uv lutiliu nt all    lite
[iio.ii.lo  ui  Urirtsh Columbia.     Tne
IbiUil is just what is ucedoo, and where
u irrigate tnat.    can
anv  aoiiblir.     ia *- 1
Mnnltohn are ovcrl(;nl.d with slock, collectively, lo put up funds for    the
i a large pari ul tho railway will but as soon as the wheat is harvested purpose indicated by the attaclwd roundel  construction this fall     and   he expects to   sec orders loi  lumbei solution and thereby show     their de-
will bo pushed Ihrougli lo completion j pouring into British Columbia. sue, thai poHtical campaigns shall bu
; fast as possible ^^^^^^^^
The C. P. It. has considerable |>ro|i-
11\\  in the    Columbia  valley.     Mr.
Bruce is there representing the ('. P.
nf an Irrigation
o thai ;.t Calgun
nub mure produc-
tlus great vullcy.
commuted ilecentiy aud honestly, and
Unit in future they will prosecutefd-
TllE lenders and see Uiat justice is effectively applied, and thereby cleanse
i a uad a of the    foul blot they    lava
MAUCGXl   STATION     IN     CAPE put upon her fair name,
BBETON PICKS I P MESSAGE    i    I'u prove mv sincerity and to shield
KUOAI MANILA ,a part of British Columbia from thu
banielul stigma,  the crying  disgtac.
I    I
if- ll'lll
f    Ullll'l
i :'
.1 llll*
In  tli,'
i     ill
I- r
. 1
'    II
im   In
■ if.i
1  tin'
ttONBEKKl I.     FEAT      Oh
It, lor the purpoi
ic   installation
huh will render
■ lait-e aicas t
The idea of the oiupait-. is to en- j Sydney, N. S., Oct. 7.—Tills mum- ol Canada wliieli makes hot appear as
courage settlement and ibis this end j lag wliile Marconi experts were lest- n harlot amongst lhe clean nations ol
in view will push Uie work and make lug the new receiving cones at Ihu lhe world, 1 will offer $a,liOfJ.ot) ie-
ihe land avaiiuble nt the eaillest ims- top of the towers ol the station at ward for Information lending to tho
slble date. I.Morien, the   opera tots beluw    picked cotiviclCou and unseating of any mom-
Few  people realize the easiness   nl  up Oil*   wireless   station   at Manila, ber of parliament Ihal may bo elect*
ih,*   agricultural possibilities ,.f    the IPhilippluu islands.    The message   re- eil In the Kootenays by the   aid   of IJ
Columbia valley lying to tlw south ut'ceived was that the American cruiser bribery or corruption, whether lie ho   ;
Uohlen, ol which cotinln   lhe citv is  Philadelphia had arrived there sulely.  ol  the Liberal ur Conservative ur of j
the distrtbiiliiu:   ccntei      The build- Tho Mnreonl people   account for   the any other party
ing "i llie ruilwaj  will m.i only     ho communication  with  Manila by     the) M
Uie means ol attracting n large num- theory Unit the cone at Manila musl I 	
bei  ol settlers, bul   will he a     very  have been In perfect tunc with     that | RESOLUTION
..™. i .-   i       already j at Morion.     The best previous     re*  i_-0i,y
1 lor distance   was I,mm    miles, j
hetween Savannah ami B warship    in Cranhrook. II. C, Oct.  1,1007.
Ihu Suulh Pacilic ■   Whereas,     there  has been abundant
The message from Manila was pick- proof that numberless eases of giuss
e.l up while being senl to sonic other torrupllun of tlio electors have been
station on tho Pacilic or to a war l«rpetnited Unougbuut Canada,
vessel. The message was recorded wherebj the voice ol the people has
by iiu operator iu tho receiving room ,,lT" stilled, their natioiul fame beat the Marconi station at Hue time Hnirehnl -"tl1 "»«« cepreseiitiitlves
lhe experts were cxpeilm nting ill an   iniiwled.
effort   to receive messages from  Ire-     At u meeting of the executive com-
liin-j. uiltlee of lhe Crnnbrook Conservative
Th'ei had received Sovcrrtl messages Assoclnllon held ou the above dale,
from tbo Irish station and weie iu George T. Rogers presiding, the tol-
Ihe net of making further tests wiien M«wing rcsolillion was unanimously
Iho iiistruuieni rcconled the arrival of .adopted:
Iho Philadelphia nl Manila. "Tlint  wo     fully    endorse the pro-
The Marconi    wople Bnj  Ihnl     no.'l'osal of Mr. A. E. Watts, m Watts-
mistake   was i le, nml lira message l"1'1^ wwt *t subscription list     shall
was undouhfedlv senl  hv   ihe Manila;1'1' opened and lhe public Invited     to
iv|si,iiion    wliieli is nbnni  13,(1(10 mlloa inubacrlbo Ion    fund which shall    be
II..ol,    II bisluii   In   loio   tl.iVH       b distant, and thnl  as n mull  expert- held III oust and used solely for   Ibe
hun.l-,m"l,s wi"' M" S,1,,|,,IS "' tlie   east il""liuse ol     prosecution and  lew.,..I
iiurlu ui town, and here irrigation is
carried un in a manuei tbai snows
vv easily it can to done.   There are
Hundreds ui acres on the nencbea
iround CrunbrooS Unit can tie treated
u ine same way, and inus uiatce -;••
laud so tbat it will bo productive
ny Kind ut a season. Uul there is
ii immense amount ui land all around
hero dial will produtc ail smas
tnlctic grounds and carrying tnefeou
Irace meetings, Cmit fairs, agricultural
and athletic meetings, tne committee tu cu-sis; ui James Ryan,
V. A. KoUlss, J. P. Fink, \Y, F.
I Gurd, J. U. MeBridu, \. Hyde Ua*-
er au'i S. J. Migoton anti Uie directors borrowing powers tu to Hmiied
to J5,w.'u. 'ims motion was carried
unanimously, and tbe meeling ad-
l tie   co
matte! -
-nd  Out
. olon
up  th.
d'por(eil   nl   the explliillnii .d     tbe
p.nod  Immlgl iin..    plan similar
iu Uml pursued bv Gieal Britain mi
ut hei t'olonlM.
In   i. spouse      tu   ,i   i.'iiiesl   i.f      the
I A.lusiun   league   tli.it    Ibe  eilt   COttU
ul endorse the pnlle) of the oxolti
-i.-ii ul \siatus from the Dominion
ihat bodv toii'.ght referred ihe -pic*
lion Ion    committee which    sliould (I'm iiewspapers
di.iw up a full repoil. giving reasons Tin* huge lucre.
loi   anv  iccommcn.led
ntalives     uf  the
wei-e    present  exnvi ssed    in I ten ted
lerins Iheif surprise that  tbe council
should interpose anv delay.
Viefnrla, B.    'C,  Oct. 7.-Kipllug
In I ..ii ovation at tin* luncheon nl the
.   ,.i  al 1  MM v    pel i  ibe
prlew ohnrgeil s.mv Ihnl  dale   This
wilt  I,.-     .i   1.1.-.il   bu.-11  to  Die     cu.isl.
pniH-tN     Most ..[ lhc newspapers   in
WCHt-clll Cma.la  1I..W   take the W'esteiu
\ in uMli'.l      Piess    nml will not      lie
ailei ti.l In this change.
The   reestablishing of lhe   former
mess lales    will, however, affect all
i     western   Canada.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^    I put  inlo eflect mi
action.    TlmjOclober I have been nbnnib il,    and
league  whp[the former coidltlons revived.    This
ive, fm ,. long lime, b.v
hr nction which the con
report-ctl to Im taking I
Umber, mineral .md nn
esources     ol  that     rtli
KiM B  |i W   BOAT
II SIT \M \     CAN    CLAIM      THE
TITLE     OF   ijl KEN   OF   THE
New Yolk, Oct. U.—All New York,
lo.it   I .isbote,  made Welciime      lo
e record-breaking Lusllnnln ns   she
..lie: inlo her dock today bearing
e (Hie ..I ipieen ut lire seas, wrested
  I., i o 'im.iii rivals by making   a
■ num  [Intuit'k Rock  t    "    '
li.,hlshi|>    ia    loin    d,
Did :>2 minutes.     Tin
by tbe uieichauts foi  i-'1
ami most ui litem    wiH
.Vslicioil and Unit vuii.i-).      And yet
il is conceded by those who are pa)-
iut  the mone)   Unit  Oil- potaiucs
1 on tbo benches in this distnci
■quail) as good as tbe a »1n run
A   K  Wnits   ll'olntuca, if nol   superior.     Mr. mis
' 'staplen, ul the Staples Lumber com
pany, iu tin:, issue ui lhe Uerahl.
says ihal it is cis) mat lei lu raise
at least 700 bushels ol potatoes to
tue acre, and a is possinlo tu du the
same ut bellei al dozens ui places
abuut t runbiuok. Mr. i unnlnglmm,
visited this district iho past
allhuugli a   mail wnu is     ver)
i   md iwentt Uu... iiicmci.     ioid.'.'r lwl" "hortly be atiempteil. loi    lire cimylclloii of any   person or
t  Imi    oil    Porl   Morion,   where   ibe Marconi corporation in any wav contrnveulng
'st..Tjet, is located, is the most easier- 'he laws against  bribery  and coiruji-
ly town In Cape Brelon      It is    2fl , ooi, at elecnlons either   for the pro-
miles east of Sydney.
moves one ot the main grievances of
the western newspapers.
Tin* particular grievance of ihe
Winnipeg newspapers, which was the
cause of Um correspondence between
the Winnipeg newspapers nml the of-
lie,als of the company, recently published, has licru KJitisfaelnrily ad-
'IV-   only   difficulty    which    still
i■.,.. ..tiau    club today.    So insistent ™« !s,*"' "*''luu' J" {h* ■J»«5 of ®*
was the demand lor admission Hint tt Ji    w£2       V .     \S' R*   nrf
large ball had    1o he secured.    The \\"* Wwt«m Associated Press.    This
lwm—mimmam sccurwl
hilly guests of tlm clnh were admit
led. Before Kipling lind completed his
fust sent ence the audience sprang up
and snug "He's a .Inllv flood Fellow." lie said: "Lltfle by littlf.,
us I saw one Vast province niter
another, my sentiments of kindness
und affection were overlaid by private
envy and my envy reached Its height
when I   arrived l\\ the city of    Vic-
is to lie gone inlo at n conference be
I ween representatives of the (wo organizations, and wilh the resumption
ol amicable relations between the
newspapers and the telegraph eompanv it is ex nee led thnt no difficulty
will he experienced in rencMng ii
satisfactory arrangement.
"Start right.'
We mean,     stnli
tnrln.    I had Ihoutrht I hnil mnde    n'housekeeping rleht.     The right   way
mistake Inst time I visited II and    1 lis to   get „ "Kootenny" ran^e.   You
overrnt«l Its scenery and climate but
I find thnt 1 was nn imperial observer at that time and the city    is
get alt Hie satisfaction there is to be
had.     We have     them in uli sizes
Patmore Bros.
  work lli      	
'uinnccs bet wnu WW and I. noil
d [ileked    Bi-r.1i.di navy   Welsh     coal
-aeb  dat   in older   llial   Ibe  I'linaitlct
'tut'.'M   become   the  Ills!   foill-llft)   ship
i<> cm.ss ibe Atlanlk.
on Tuesday nighl. when ihe Lusl-
I,una lutt.iucs wiic working at top
•peed, the hint of Ibe stokehole was
so intense thai a lire man became
crazed ami Hn- strength of half a
ilo/cn stokers weie required to carry
bim tn the shlii's hospital. That
nvi*iii-ii|4 tl'-1 Cutinrd's officers established a precedent, and gave each fireman a bottle of ah*   in appreciation
if their effniis.     Th* next dav     the
.Macdonald & Lalng, who have converted Ibe lower si.iiy ol the Leask
building into a most handsome stoic
room, nre making mosl excellent progress iu getting everything Into
shape, and when completed will have
an extremely attractive place. Mr.
Macdonald will have charge of tho
candy,     cigar und   fruit department,
ml Mr. Idling    will look after    the
uncial legislnlutcs or the House
Commons at Ottawa.
The amount so subscribed shall
I..- returned to the subscribers if
IIOl used lor lhe purpose indicated,
oi if pail only ot uio fund bo usi*d
then tbe balance shall tic returned to
ihe subscribers pro rain according to
llu* contribution of each subscriber.
"Wc beg to commend tho resolution to the consideration ol all
executives throughout Canada ami to
all candidates, actual or prospective,
foi scats iu the provincial legislatures
in the Dominion house; being fully
. In
i Uiu   pi,S3i;.!iLiCS      ul
mc Crnnbigok uisirict us a du.;
glowing letrilory. He v cited several uf die places bote where nun is
grown . .11 sei uud sur.ipli a ol lhc
same l< -< ml tu the coasl, and tic
irankl) admit lid that it William
llaiuiit >i ii.nl sent some oi his apples
raised nu ■ yeal rigbl adjoining
i ranbrook, lo ihe Iiuil fun at New
Wc-tminslcr, bo would BUtelj have
ta-ii.il lhc nrsl prize lor tho best ap-
pks   I
oral .
6 1
erald Im
of Bllttsh
H   lui   Bev-
that fnis
was a
il il
was given
the ti.
ghl   i
1   1.
1    .;
and    ac*
. ■   llCl|
ftplUI)   .i
i lias i.f-!.
poun li
...    :..,.;
line, not-
..:, ...
.ct that
timo  and
II     1
i 11
lidiuuled  lot      Us
state ii
1 nls
i.     J.  D,
il ', A
io takes
glial     lu
in   .i
iters oi   il
lls      kind,
I.iisii.nn.l broke nl records by reeling hmrlier shop. '   A hnlh tub has   lieen [confident that it will have the hearty
..n IU7    knots and    made an     hourly >infltnllwi, a new billiard lable Is     on
record ol 34.75 knots.        be firemen tIw Wft„   „cw slocV for ,,„, storo hfls
received no no thai     night,     which | ,„,,,„ onlcre(|  „,„,   wIU)ln ft fortnight
tbey laughingly assii In accounted ror tjtcimrs. Macdonald & Lalng will have
the slower day's run ol BOO knots on - - -
u place of business that  will be     a
T,ll,^,,:^;....!t';'!!1aii.il ''■ ii.;!!:"1':,,!!! .cw&TVu^town.
the Lusitaiiia, said:     "Witb    butler
weather cnmlllions the Lusilnnta
do better."
Vancouver.    Oct.    IL—Col.   A.  I).
The telegraphers of the Crow held a
short meeting in Cranhrnoki last Sun-
Davidson,  known throughout  eastern day    for the   purpose of transacting
Canada as the "empire builder ol tho  some    Important liusiiiess.     The fol-     We wish    lo thank our friends     ot
west " 111 rough   bis work in proinot-  lowing named    members of the     as- j t'raulMook for llieir kindness after tho
ing colonization In Saskatchewan, nr- soclalloii were    present: W. T. Wat- death of our husband and lather 1
rived  in    Vancouver yesterday.     Ho son,    Crows Nest;     M.  A. Murphy, ■ take ibis     opportunity    to say thai
approval of the vast majority of
the Canadian people, who nre the
cul masters ol the political situation rather than lhe biillot-slufler or
the manipulators ol election returns.
0, T. Rogers, Ch-airninn,
Joseph Ryan, Secretary.
he   lb.
is an ardent sunportei ol tin- idea,
and iin.t.s upon tne development ul
our land as one of Uio potent factors lor the upbuilding ol the district
and Cranbrook, Ad. McBride has
given the matter u great deal ol
thought and study and hu feels confident that ho is'light and the opln-
i expressed by Mr. Cunningham
ncided wilh those expressed by
nsi'lf. Ami speaking of lhc organization of Oil* company to take
over the athletic grounds 'and provide
for the holding ot race meetings and
fruil fairs, Mr. McBrido emphatically
sladd lli.O he was of Ibe opinion
thai il Wiis one of tbo best moves
ever made bv the citizens of Cranhrook for tho advancement ol lhe
town. .lames Ryan, who is one of
the pioneers ol llie town, says tbo
same thing, He thinks lhat the
race meeting vttll furnish entertainment fm llu- great crowds that wo
will lie ahh* to draw here and Ibe
fruit Ian will show them what this
section ol lhc country can do in nn
agricultural way. Mr. Ryan is nnx-
the   fruil glowers    and
nt ores ted     in agriculture, get
Prince Albert 14.—Tbe result
;   ..   | ......  -- bje-eleciion beld
Sat -; ia]   i.      ....L.;.. j  ;:.    tbe
I roi -: -...;.,.■. jre caused     b)   Um
elevation ■.: AMorney-Oeneral J, ii.
Laniont to tho superior court bencb,
ia still in doubt, altbough tbe count
;h 'V-.    !.:..    .. ■■, tbe    t ■   rrvative
..:  ■ ,   .. a  lead ol one.
rl)   .' v '...   . . re tied
up and  ..- ve yet to ided     un.
M;.    i ..  eon -    Li ■ .-       ipporiera
L....;.. .... ..      ,. rity    ol
tool.- ul Lbe contested ballots,
nut iiu. provincial fighters expect tu
break even at lea ..
Mr. Targeon bad major lli .1 eight
In pull 1, four in poll fi, and Ih.ity-
ihree In  poli &
Mr, Bra ii     ■■ re 35
in poll -, 2 in poll 3, ". in ill *, 1"
In nod ■">, and two In p ..   ,
The contest brought into lbe public
arena Lfa i youngi it attonn j -. enerai
in the history ol Canada. Woo. Al-
[.bonse Turgeon, a young lawyer ol
out 30 veai . - : « . ... man i u wbom
the highest politici . bono) are pre*
dieted dj  hi   ll (I   T -.    on .
.jijMjtii-i.t  ;;, interest oi the pro
vincial right:, party, was Mr. Brad-
rimw, a popular ami public spirited
i .'."■:, an .: ni ol tbe * It) loi sir-
teen years and a former alderman and
mayor ol Prince Albert.
There Is I
Herald    more than ol
prai  leal - ■ .'1 ■■■    tending t ■ Lbe
■voi :   Iui no die*
tolot In an   - Tbis
■k  the   M Olia
Staples, ot Wyclil a ol po
tatoes rai ■ I on i - ol land
n.Mi bis cottage   at the n ill     Two
V.'.M      .in . d       oil
this   piece but lasl year
nothing was doii   ■■■ ith it.     \be plot
f ground i I   i t-1 ■       tout^
linths ..f an acre, and yel Mr.
Staples got     from it 106 wcka    of
potatoes  of  the      lies!   ipmlity.      each
sack weighing more Umn l":i pounds.
Mr. Staples, in speaking nl the ler-
tidly of the soli, said: "This is the
pomest country to raise crops In I
over saw if you .ion t plant, but it's
she Im'sI if you do. Soven hundred
bushels ri potatoes' per acre is a
pretty good crop any place."
Winnipeg, Ocl, 14.—P. Bums, ol
Calgary, is in th* eity, returning
from a ten days' visit to the east.
Asked .is to tho conditions In tho
cattle country, Mr. Hums said:
"Good stuff is worlh good money,
but there is nn market for young,
thin and unfinished cattle, and there
is a glut of thai coming forward at
presenl. My own feeling is that
ibis is a time to buy young stock,
lather than to sell tlu-in.' Tbe days
of the big ranchers are numbered-,
bul tho days of the stock farms.
where Hireo and four hundred head of
pood steers are kepi and fed, are just
stilted Mint   next   veiir immigration, Cowley., .1.    E. Lcgaull, lyncher; \\. what wns done for us  will not
p.iit.iuhirlv  from  tlie Culled  Slates,   -V     Workman,    Macleod;  and  .1,   ■ f.,rgntli'nJ 	
would reach a total never before at- Sutherland,  •!,  .1.  MacdonhCl and  L l            Mrs. G. A. Kerr. lie savs lhat     he feels confident that iin Alberto have   fifty of such I arms,
talnod,     The reported partial failure .11. Willson, Cranbrook. I           Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Flowers. |ovory one Interested in Uie lown will [where we have one today.
form au .issue,a 1 ion, and .beginning and in a few vears we will TIIK OltAMtliOOK II Kit AM)
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX. LA1KD, Genua, 5-.ii>..."
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent ol
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest,       5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Curate, andjnjlic United States aid Enjland
R. AMD THE WEST ^"1,1'
Whilt'ipijg,    Oct.     8.—Sir     Thomas ;W.itts,  "an
Shuiighncfisy, president of the C, P.:trolling luti
R., and party of    directors ol    tlw .her  eomptu
railway accompanying him, spent to- limber linn
dny in this clly.       In ah interview Ontario."
Sir   Thomas referred   to the* steady |   "What will he
progress which is being made in con-;the political
n.ction wilh     Iho extension ot     tlie lure'" asked
lines of tho     conipanv, both iu     the!    "Well,"  sn
east and west.     Arrangements   had  "I cannot
been completed lor the expenditure o-f moment.     1
large sums of money uu the building i Thursday and
1   tin'
last night     at
look after the
' continued Mr.
e sold my conic Proctor Luni-
mosl all ol my  (<algi
. B. Ilerron    of
ol  th
■ lines
able a
which would open   up.before,
ens of land (or settle- program
lirst move in
held, a newspaper ven-
the reporter.
I Mr. Watts, smilingly,
peak definitely at the
nm going to Ottawa on
on my  return,  if    not
Deposits .if SI nnil upwards received, and Interest allowed at
enn .nl rates. The depositor is siihje.t .,> no delay whatever In
the withdrawal ol Hie whole or any p„r.iiin .'I lhe depnslt.
Cranbrook Branch,     -      F. C. MALPAS, Manager
A   Word   to  the  Wise!
Cold weather means big fires in your house,
.md al the coinmcnceme.it of tlie cold season
then Is always a danger of fire owing to
neglect of stove pipes. See your stove pipes
are thoroughly cleaned, and better still, also
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   |
r Poi
Vermin: < mlintie Red lliua, Cuekronclies uml likn lioiihe-
>sta when iihi.i1 neeouling lo ilheelloiiH.
Put ti|) iii 75c, ami $1,50 patented screw top tins
Dispensing Is nur specialty
iniui. Very satisfactory progress
lind been made during tlie presenl, season, and active operations were still
In iut!; carried tor WO I'd, The company would continue lo make largo
expenditures mutually for many years
io come iu cons true I ion, betlco-
in.*ui, uud equipment,,
"When vou wen: iu the country
Insl year! you slated thai, If Ihey
were available, vou would buy $ft,-
uuu.uuu worth ot digitus and cars at I
once, and thai you would provide lbe
money in cash."
"Well, we have done two and a
half limes heller," replied the prcsi-
ilriii. -it' vou will consult our annual repoii ymi uili see thnt. thu
eoinpitlij has expended since that
lime nhoul $1.1.11110.000 iu engines,
cms, etc. lu the matter ol eipiip-
iiii nt we are now fully abrcnsl of the
tc.ji.iifincnls of lbe count tv, jicrhaps
a Utile in advance ol them. All we
wis-! 1 now is that there should be
work [or our locomotives and cars to
ilo. As you may be aware, the
shipments of grain so hir this season
have not been as large us they were
during the month of September last
year. In September, IHOfl, wc carried 3,81)8 carloads (o the ports on
latko Superior. This year, owing to
lateness of lhe harvest, we carried
only 1,881 cms. The general business, however, including passenger
liallic has been very heavy, mid there
has been no diminution In lhe comparative weekly earnings. OI wheat
we expect Unit there will be nn extraordinary rush to the hikes liefon*
llie close ol navigation."
il has been stated that Iho directors of tbe company had decided to
withdraw the new steamers, Empress
id Britain and Empress ol Ireland
from lbe Atlantic, transfer them to
.llu* Pacilic, and replace them with
much larger and faster boats."
i "No," replied Sir Thomas, "this
has not been decided. Provision was
made For this at the annual meeling
of ibe shareholders, hut only ns a
conl ingency. This may he done,
tin- final decision was not reach-
it uds
a flu lis.
Mr. Wat Is li
er in tbe ('.
for some I iin.
you    may learn of my pro*
Al the presenl    time   my
e lull closing out my business
been an active wnrk-
■native ranks locally
ml judging by his renin rlcs     jusl   ipioled be evidently   In* |
lends lo be n very active politician in
future.        Wi   Walts' known leaning
pei  work may result in liis
u poll I Icnl journalist, using
ns     i.l   lhc piess to exploit
Calgary llcrnld: The large and enthusiastic audience which greeted the
return ol the Howard company at
llu. Lyric last evening, goes lo prove,
theatergoers appreciate to
the lull, the exceptional ability ol
each member ol the company. Such
a treat as afforded in "A Gold Mine
last night is ol a rare occurrence.
i The magnificent stage settings* wore
a revelation to theatergoers, Tbu
color and harmony appealing to tho
eye. Those who were not fortunate
iii seeing "A Cold Mine" should not
miss lbe opportunity of doing
1 As a repertoire company, presenting
society dramas mul comedies at popu
In 1 prices, llie Howard company Inn
yel their equal to he seen In Cal
(The Howard eompanv will
in Ci.inbio.il. the hitter' part ■
if  this
Ibe Colli 111
I Tin
town  afler  ..
[during wliieli
"put I.ml poln
He savs he 1
Oct.    II.-Hon.  .1
it,   general, is back     iu
tour    of the mainland,
be visited all Ibe     mu—
1 iu Hie upper country.
us much struck with tin*
•nl prosperity of the country and
progressive changes  which     have
n place iu the last six years,  lie
cniiimenled mi the fact (bat districts
considered valueless n lew years ago mk|j,
wen* loday proving up well for   fruil
glowing.      The    prune crop of    tho
Grand Forks country is estimated ot
len carloads of ten tons each, and is
being    sold    at  great      profits.     At
(li.iiiby he found    the smelters treat*
Ing about 3,000 tons ol ore per day,
and  lhe furnaces  were being inere-ns.
ed lo be able   to handle I0IH1     tons
dally.    At   Coldstream   he iiispecied
tin* Irrigation canal being put in   by
I,ord Aberdeen and associates, which,
when completed,  will irrigate     Irom
30,000 lo 30,000 acres.     Mr. Turner
savs there is     an almost    unlimited
market tor Hritish Columbia fruit; in
the Old Country, especially for    the
choicest varieties.
mship business of the
aided materially In iu-
getier.ll trallic. It hns
remunerative, and it is
to    continue to develop
Uust  from the Manufacturer f
« .—1— 9
********************** **********************
A  Im*.'
l.llcSl 11
iil liiilll
y "i Ilk.
'nrt'sllc ill
AI-11 11 niff ii._n.lni
11 llm
'nl nl'
a Iff :
1 llii'in
hi l.MOXII
. ['INS     Cull in nm
W .    ll.     Vt IL/Jj-LJiN. Gri.dni.le  Optician
; ;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
• 1
< 1
• 1
I,   .1-11    'I'I*, , ,  '   ,,           " ""  "'   u"*   limine  Milium       lie
.u _>i:-\i.  ii-..-, 11 checked,     Nothing fi.iihl retard    llm
I'he lies. 11 LlilJ     " permanent and steady progress ot the
——      "     7*kl 1 A 1    III       ^ ■ "^         " I   "You'lraiwolcil Iiii' iluiililii tracking
-.Ut.;    I ll    /\L>* * ''I     ml Inns liotween Fort William ami
illt.-.    V *-       '—1 ]; Winnipeg-';"
_______— HINII.H.V 4 PUMiKS BISCUITS < > '    "Ven,"  replied Sir     Thomas,  "anil
lllillL'   ill    I lli-    IV,
.' I' i ■ I' \ 11:1:1: - 1
Im AlliTiiuini Tea
111. !■; UN 11
eil. The si
company lui'
creasing the
heen directly
lhe purpose
ibis branch.'
I   Sir Thomas    was   astod regarding
1 tin* irrigation project in Alberta, said
lo be the largest and most important'
uml or Inking ol its kind In the
I "A very large amount of work," lie
saiil, "bas been done during the year
under the direction of the engineers,
(her .'Ifill miles of canals nnd ditches
1 has been excavated and completed,
and water can now be furnished to
200,000 acres."
I When tho plana ans carried out
:i."tu.liim acres will he irrigated in this
section, and all Ihis laud will be
available nt the    end   nf next year.
1 The eompnny will continue ihe   work
I on the cinlral ami eastern sections.
A.s a result of the beginning of the
irrigation project, a very largo
amount of laud along lbe main line
ot the railway cast of Calgary has
hern made available, a 11 hough loo
high to be reached bv the irrigation
1 Spending of the general situation iu
the west., Sir Thomas    staled    that
1 Ihere would lie HO selbacv or delay in
lhe development ol Ihu western provinces of Cnhndu.        In some regards
.time mil-lit have been nn undue inflation of Values, and it was well thai
tendencies ol this nature should lie
becked.      Nothing could  retard    lhc
"Yes," replied Sir Thomas,
I wish to pay my highest tribute
the executive ability and great engineering skill ol the oilickils of our
company in tin* wesi, which have
rendered it possible lhat a work ol
so dillicirlt and Intricate a nature in a
region so unpromising should have
been carried on with great rapidity
nml practically without a serious accident. Mile after mile men have
been daily engaged in blasting while
passenger I rains wero being operated,
nnd there has been no serious accident, and comparatively little de
lav The record iu this"regard is
ingly satisfactory."
Winnipeg, Oct. 12.-A. Leltch, a
pioneer lumberman of the Cranbrook
'district and managing director of the
i East Kootenny Lumber conipanv,
[who is in Winnipeg, says: "Only
nne ol the company's three mills are
i running, the oilier two having been
'closed. We are operating the mill nt
at Cranhrook. Seventy-live per cent
of the mills in the dislriel are uot
working and not more than 30 per
cent of the longing done last winter
will lie done this. Wages are getting
easier and unless tabor is absorbed in
some direction ihev will Inevitably
"Many men have obtained employment on railway work. Cranbrook
i.s not yet suffering very much but as
it depends in a measure on the lumber industry, it will, ul course, experience some slight depression. 1
look forward to a revival of trade
next spring, the mills have large
stocks and they do not want to Increase them, hut when the crop is
ma rkei eil and money moves freely
again Ihere will lie more work for lhe
lumber industry."
Pabst! Pabst ! Pabst!
'i I a (
Wholesale Wines, Liquors And Cigars
CRANBROOK, B, C.       -       -       PHONE 17
' ********************** **********************
i •
. •
i r
«   »
This II.
In iis Iii
people, (
loi Ims always been tlm leader
10. arid will bo kept up to thu
If ymi want lo meet tlm
mu'   to  tlm Queen's Hotel.
< 1
i 1
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
iicouver World: Passengers on the
Ionic on her arrival from Seattle
morning reported having mot n
■ school of whales jusl oft' Point
Some ol the whales wero
and sixty feet long. They were
'unusually hold nnd played about lhe
vessel for nearly au hour, coming
wilhln twenty feot, spouting up wntor
nml diving lo appear again on lhe
Other side of the boat' According to
reports thorn were between twenty
uud thirty iu the school. The Waiul-
enle is now under contract to bring
lour thousand boxes ol apples from
Seattle lo be transferred to the
Canadian-AuslmHan steamer Moulin
tor shipment to Australia.
Vancouver, Oct. 11—According lo a
| Spokane despatch, the people ol the
■inland empire united iu welcoming the
extension by the C. P. H. ol the
I Soo-Spokane line to,the coast, prominent Spokane nllleinls and railway
' men will moot President Shaughnos-
sy in Vancouver on the tatter's ap-
■ broaching visit, nhd will urge Sir
IThomas to stop oft at Spokane on liis
return to acquaint himself wilh the
Immense trallic in the tributary
country and to meet the business
men, wheat growers nnd others now
'nt tlm mercy ol the Hill-IIarrimnn
Ottawa, Oct. ll.-The formal order-
In-couiicil appointing the Hon. Ito*
dolphe l.cmicux Canada's envoy to
Japan was passed at tbe cabinet
tin- way of Mr. Lemietix iu reaching
accompanied by Joseph Popo, under
scoreUiry of state, uml Mr.-Vern.lt,
postmaster's private secretary. They
will sail by the Empress of China
from Vancouver on October 28. As
already slated the Japanese Consul
General Nosso will not go. The reason lor the cancellation of his passage is mil known, but, it was no
doubt done through orders Irom thu
authorities al Tofclo.
It was also decided al the cabinet
meeling today to appoint W. L. Mackenzie King, deputy minister of
labor, lo be royal commissioner to
go in Vancouver lo adjust thu
damages to the Japanese cili/ens
caused by tlie recent riots there.
At one time il was suggested to send
a judge, Iml it, would take some time
to do this aud the government is
anxious to have the whole muttci
cleared up as speedily as possible, so
thnl Micro will he less dilliculty iu
the wnf of Mr, Lemirux in reaching
a settlement with the Mikudo's government, when he arrives in Japan.
Mr. King will consult with the Japanese consul in Vancouver, ami will
take whatever measure he may lliiiik
proper to arrive nt n decision us to
the actual loss sustained by each
Mr. Nosso has presented to the
government n statement showing ihu
toss to lie over $13,000, Mr. King
will be provided with n copy ol this
statement and will go carefully into
Mi, 0. P. Walker, ol Ihe Walker
1 healer, of Winnipeg, Man., who has
In-en responsible (or many of lbe
most    satisfactory    t lien 11 len 1   per
loiiuauccs    iu    Western C nla, will
preseirl another attraction which, be
is colilhleul,  will  plOVO as popular as
anything appearing heretofore under
bis direction, tinier a coiisldurablu
guarantee, Mr. Walker has secured,
for a limited season, lhe excellent
company ol metinpolllun players pre
sent ing Iho delight ll.l romantic com
edy "Wv Are King," and will offer
lit ruction iu the local opt-in
house at some early date.
•'We Are King" has enjoyed phenomenal success during llie past four
seasons iu the theatrical centers ot
the world and Mr. Walker has sliown
great confidence in tho thentergi
of the west by bringing Mils ci
pany here.
Division L, h\ It.  Anderson,
Total  attendance   575
Average al tendance  "1N.7">
Perfect attendance: May Anthony
Raymond Armstrong, Garnet Bink-
ley, Georgian Cartwright, Melva
Cartwright, Robert Kiuley, Jessie
Kennedy, Lillian Leask, Katie Leek,
Jessie McCowan, Bella Taylor, Sybil
While, Florence Wood, John Wood
Kathleen   Bridges,    Lillian   McCowan,
Division  IL,  Miss   Caldwell,  Teacher
Total    attendance    (i'»2
Average attendance   32.60
Perfect attendance: Edith Anthony, Edith Adderly, Merman Bink-
lev, Mildred Cliue, Josic Drummond,
Arthur Eowler, Milton Leek, Dave
Held, Earl Stevenson, Virginia Tucker, Olive While.
Division IIL, Miss H. 0. Purdy
Total ai tendance  1007
Average attendance  51.04
Perfect attendance: Lauretta Armstrong, Marion Bunl, Marguerite
Drummond, Wanda Fink, Wesley Fin-
lev, M rguerite Harvey, Irving Leask,
Lottie Leask, Grace Merlin, Ruby
Nesh-ilt, Mav Pvatt, Alice Reed, Marguerite Stoiie, Robt. Taylor, Hazel
Taylor, Gordon Wallinger.
Division  IV., Miss Hull, Teacher
Totul   attendance  UH2
Average attendance  ,iii.:i_.
Perfect attendance: Harry Doris
Valerie DcGrace, Alex. Dickson, Norman Fowler, Douglas McCowan,
Noble McNeil, May Patterson, Rains-
fottl Parks, Wilfrid Stone.
Division V., Miss Anderson, Teacher
Total   attendance  910
Average  17.30
Perfect attendance: Vaida Cawiev,
Helen McKlnstry,  Ethel  Reed,  Merle
Wang Ship,    Wang Tow, Lee
Toronto, Oct. ll.-The postal uuUi
in ities here have received Information
from Ottawa that an increase is to
grunted to alt postal officials, and a
large increase to letter carriers all
over the Dominion.
The lollowing are entitled to have
their names Inserted on die voters'
lisl for the city lor the year cms.
Any British subject, mule or female, of the lull age ol 21 years, being:
1. An owner of real estate of the
assessed value of not less than $100.
2. A resident authorized representative ol nn incorporated company
which is the assessed owner nl laud
nr of improvements ot land within
Ihe municipality.
3. Tbe owner of a trade license llie
CSS    than
.■Hilly   lino ■    ,   "   -■■"--   "• »   -•
iiui spot.    'I'lii' money villi Iiu j.''""'1'1 ,l'-' "' wl1"'1' '» "ut
f,,i nm i.e. Irom oitawa ui ..ne.-,  nml .*'■
il is likely Unit, llu* I'ily uf    Vniinm-
i.T will in- uflriwiinlH nskwl by   Um
Dominion tn recoup it fni' ilir aii.ou.it
MON!"    Till.
Nelson News: "I have retired trom
llie liiinherinn liusiiiess unit will    nt
liter tin,    political field." suit.
Watlsburg, to    a
A.  K.   Walls, ol
I. A householder. "Householder"
shall mean and iueluili' nny person of
lull age nl tweiily-iuii! years whn
occuptos ii dwelling timomcnt, hotel
nr boarding house, or any part or
imrliiin of a dwelling, toncment, hotel
or hoarding house, and who shall, unless exlenl. hy sialute nr municipal
Ij.-g by-law, have paid illrcdtly to the
municipality rates, luxes or lees nl
not less Iliun two dollars tor tho
■urrent year.
The names of properly owners, as
above, will be laken Irom the assessment roll anil inserted on llm
Representatives    of     incorporated
companies must hand in their niiiiinr-
... . „        ■  Hy to tho    city   clerk betiirc    their
I iniiii Slates,     Mexico nml I'.urope.  namrs „„„ fo. inserted
When the ''Kilties" were en tour   in     ucmse   holders ami    householders
tlreat Britain three years ago    they milst ,„„),„ the statutory declaration
appeared twice before   he King    by ,|ur|n(. t,hc   moim, ot October,     and
royal command.    The "Kilties" Is a hand   the   snmc    tn   the  city clerk
nnilinn    organization,   with head- witiiln 18 hours after it is made. All
quarters al Belleville, Ontario,    and declarations must be hniuled in    hy
Inuring under the    management of .1.  s p. m. on    Frldav, November Isl.
P. ,1. Power, the men being selected     forms ot    declaration   can he ol,-
frnm the crack regimental hands    of  tnineil at the city clerk's nfticc   Irom
Eastern   Canada.    Besides the "Kii- now nn until October 81st.
ties" being one ot the greatest    con- t
cert Inimls in the   world they    have
special features that are hard to PERRY CREEK 110TEI, POR
beat, such as their    male, choir ol IB LEASE
trained voices, 6 highland dancers, 5 ——
bagpipes, celebrated soloists, etc., all Owing In Ill-health I will lease the
appearing in full kilted regimentals. Perry Creek lintel nml ranch, or the
Their concerts arc entirely out ol hotel alone. For terms write O. A.
lhe ordinary and arc sure to please Burgc, Cranbrook, ll. I'., or call ut
all classes. the hotel.
Arrangements has just heen made
In bring the famous "Kilties" Hand
to Craiilinsil* on November (llh, when
lliey will give two grand concerts In
the'new opera house. The "Kilties"
have a world-wide reputation, having
iiiiiii-d nver .'iiui.uoii miles in Canada
Imperial Bank of Canada ||
$4 845,000
i ►
Savings Bank Department   jj
Interest allowed on Deposits Irom date ol deposit
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. j i
Aro ymi nm. nf
Our Customers?
II not it will p.iy ymi tn Im ouo, Wo liuvu thu largest u.nl
lii'.t slock nt' l>riif„. Stationery, oto„ in tho Kootenays,
liny Whore you
Can Buy Cheapest
nml i,'i't whut you ask for.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores
Spring Lamb
P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd. ||
Hotel *» &
Oueals Cornier I • Speciality
Hood StsMlnr in Connection
Neirte. to railroad and depot.    Hri Kcciiintmii.a.
lions lor Ike public une-tualln. In Crsn.irnnk
Hoi Md Cold Bilks
li.., ».,s &****
Hoggarth & Rollins
If yon want Clothing thnt is "(lilt Kilge" in name,
•'{tilt EIko" in u.tterinland "Gilt Eilgo in make,
call anil see our NEW STOCK of Ueoily Mmle
Obtliing, JlTi.T RECEIVER   All Union Mmle
| Leask C& Henderson ii THK  CRA~*BItOOK   III.HAI.I)
Winter Serges
There's nothing >nor« becoming
to most men than ' imperial"
Blue Se
It's elegant always in good taste
— holils in shapeliness - and wears
• IMI'EKIAl."    Blue   Serge   is
woven in the best mill in England,
expressly   (or   Fit-Reform.    It   is   guaranteed   absolutely
fadeless—retains its rich blue color as long as you care to
wea. the suit.
In both single and double breasted styles.    $20. .16
Cranbrook, B. C.
Rambling Reveries
.this Instinct liy Uir* false noui Nun.'
"1 gossip.
i.in USSlOll
Ciours alter
nl  the drain,
wns slill um
'[■ilaiu species ot reptile
aits or th.* known world;
i»i so much in tlit* jungles
s-s, .is one might sup-
serjHMil frequents tlie
■ii, allowing liy tliis Uiat
character; cities,
sparsely populated
anil all claim    its
[iiiuiii in .ill j
ts hoini* is i
ntsl  wilderui
nose,     Tliis
I.f    llll
if ;l SiH
s,  anil
Unit ion.
lis form is
it becomes a
Mattered ami
lost honored
niong thi'   fi:
■dazzling all  with
urlng   wiih its
iiusi unwai y, itn
tutirsi otmrnctcnt .in* chosen to --atis
i.   il*,* crown   ami   demoralized     a-u-
lietite.     While it seeks out the homes
nf ihe honored ami refilled, ami elides
inlo the lieaiis i.f tin* must iiiiiliiliiii*
il i^ not the leasl |>arttal in its
■I "<' »f associates, fm Hie haunts of
lhe Villous are not illi.mL||.-|ill. vis-
ihii hy  lllis Wiley Keipent.
It   ccitaiuly   i|ih>s   "|ilsa"long ami
hut     never i.ntil alter It has
Km thr girls:    Could vou love    a I   Alter viewing    the famous landslip
who won* falsi* hair on his hendjal  Dow lands, I.ymi' Regis, a    party
ady visitors commenced tholi
ourncy hy  the cliffs.     Darwin, ami  they hail perforce lo
until morning broke.
if   the
stay by
During a considerable portion
night rain fell in torrents.
often m.
st   ctrol
beautiful that
•Id pet; it is
is much as tiuit is 1.niii.i
*s of society.
music, and alms wiles tfao
»t hums,    the
whin be bad enough of his own; who of five
paints his face ami Improves his form | return
aS \ ou iinprove (?) your». win
pinches his feet wilh small slmes. he
hands witli small gloves, his wais-
with corsets, and then -ls H to toi
not heen    deformed enough, lies    a — -
huge bustle to his back? I   In connection with the coining an-
Koi ihe boys: Could vou ln\.* ;i girl  niial meeting of    the Roman Carbolic
wh., defiled her     mouth with lot
and loaded Hie     air    wilh fumes
nd cinars; whn staggered  "
home several times a week th.* won.
for liquor; who bets hi.h a' cards an
horse races, and swairgers around Hi
struts   witli     questionable   com-pai
iiid of Our I.adv of Hansom, to bi
,f held this month at the Caxton hall.
it, an Anglican clergyman,
Spencer .lours, vicar of
in-the-Marsh, will read a
lhc   "Itciiiiloii nt Christen-
the Rev,
paper on
new Russian battleship Km-
peror Paul 1., of 17,000 tons, was
launched at St. Petersburg recently.
The     total cost of  tbe vessel     when
completed will be £l,70U,fifln,
The Rev. H. It- Anderson
St. .Johns, Lowestoft, bas
oxcollcnt recital upon lhe
his church.    Mr. Anders
capable- player on the
total gold output
■m net.
vicar of
given an
organ iu
nlso   a
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
Q roceries  and  Crockery j j
1 have just received n large shipment of
Invaluable to the Housewife for eleiiiiinu Tin. liruss.
Copper, mul uli kiiuls of Knuiiiel Ware.   Take n look
nt my window,
prE j. ruNNiNG
* ~ Z    _ ..... ...'.'.
Try a   Case ol
K |mil
Two l.nzeii   Phils   $2.50
to tliiiniiuss'.   Tlie finest  beverage on  the  market
for family ami table us-'.   Imparts vigor ami
health, ami tones up the Isnly generally
Brewer, Crunbro.
The total sold output nf the mines
I Hie Transvaal Inr August amount--
eil tn 555.1127 07.. ot line gold, ol 11
total value ul £2,837,.l..2, n record of
■1,811(1 ounces over llie previuns 'ilgliesli
nut put.
struck    iis   pots s     ..mi's tn  tlie
 -I  vital part.       Tin- vcrv    best
physicians lmve tailed In nnd .111 imli-
dnie nl its venomous bile. Unlike
oilier poisonous reptiles, ii dors not
produce Immediate death; but the
victim lingers ulum*. ii may be lor
years, .hie is i.evcr tree from the
tear nt recoiling another attack Irom
s"  unknown    ipiarter.     Although
these reptiles nre very numerous, and
constantly vcntlne, llieir spite upon
some nne, yet thev may lie in one's
own tltv-.liiig |or years nnd m,t |„,
'I'hey have often been Known In
sting llieir nest friends; even the
lin mis Iiuil feed tbem nre un ways
exempt. For thousand ol years Ihis
species of serpent lias heen nurtured
nnd cherished witb almost unbounded
aillllllalliin; hm |t_ ahi-ilinlis „le nnt
inlillil tn any nne, anil no laws ot the
bind are simile rnnucli In dee us
frnm lliis terrible scourge.
Woulil ymi _„. (his serpent in lis
worst, forms? Visit th,. knots of
men that are gathered nn lbe street
corners. It Is always there. II vnu
wish to heboid it i„ its elegance and
beauty, go .0 the sewing circle, to
the alleiiiniin tea-partv, In the even-
ing social, .-iml see what a smooth,
soft voice It has. t„ attract allen-
tlon. Ah! ilnl you not nn.lce that
sharp,    forked   tongue as it uttered
hi     ei,J,?"!'""1 „"'"''"".., "'XT''- "K-il's hostel In connection willi    lhe
s .n,'    ,'','' ''''^   w   ''    '""-iuunieip.nl college.      Periodical e«er
Was going to tell     something, but  I1-'        ■-■
guess I'll wall ,i,,|il another time."
The name of this sernenl is slander.
We liniie it Ims no abiding nlaee    In
Ai l.udham, in Norfolk,
•i.'.'liti rub-
ilis were captured In ono
eld during
A German inventor has taken out
patents and built a factory at Gros-
saiiueiink* for lhc manufacture of
glass telegraph poles. The glass is
uiU-itwined with strong wire threads.
and is specially adapted fur use    in
hoi climates,   wheh>  llm  weather    and
inserts soon destroy wood poles.
Tin* managers of the Council school
at Mivhinghaiti, Nolls, hale issued instructions that 111 future, hymn No.
573 iu Uie book, "Hymns Ancient and
Modern," is not to bv allowed to bu
sung by the children in school, exception lieing taken to the third verse,
which reads as follows:
The rich man in bis castle,
Tbe poor man at his grate.
(IikI made tbem high or lowly,
And ordered their estate.
Columbus, O., Oct. 11.—Mis. L'assiu
Chadwieki    whose    financial transactions uuitlmated    in the wrecking of
an u'leilin, ...,    bank, diis. in    lhe
woman's    want    last night.      .Wis.
(liadwieiu luui been iu a comatose con-
Nmilnlln" is llie naiiie nl a   new ' illtlun lor some hours previous lu ger
language created liv   Prolessor lloor- death, ami the. end    came peacefully.
niaii, of    Brturth, which, unlike Pis- No Iriend or relative waited at    her
pelalitii, savs the author, lullills     all   iM.lshli-, only lhe prison physician and
llm conditions required ot nu auxiliary, her attendants    being present.    Her
international language, soli, En.ll Hoover, bad been summon-
  |i-il .loin Cli'Velauil,   but did uot    ar-
The Clranil  Puke Conslunlln,    wlm live until litteen   niinu.es alter    liis
the   translator of "Hamlet"   Inlo mother's death.
Ynilis."       The pll .
al    the    Ermitage Puhr
..rand   lllike     will lake tl
I   Exu-r  corporation   lias
• |liiiM'xliiiguishing appl'
will la- produced  was
nul    the
Inr     a
Phone 57 '•
Head Office, Calgary Alta.
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wlioleanle ami Retail Denlera in
Our Meal is always fresh, as all our Heel is killed
in Cranbrook
f.i r t,
idea  .
f   the
must  1
and v,
hat  is
Mill   1
ul      h
..    . no abiding place
Hie home nf anv of our readers.
Rambling Reveries department is tho
best nnf-Mole vet discovered fnr tbis
vile reptile, and seldom fails lo drive
it from lhe home it weekly visits
o many of mu- young
without the remotest
duties and obligations
e discharged by a wife
Ibc result? Neglect, ,,s-
1111I 11.in. The true wife
ave hei household affairs
wholly to th,. careless overseeing ser-
uinls, nor will the true, loving
mother Iravo her children to the care
nf others. We dn not think any
woman Ims (he right to marry uuiil she feels bcrsoll <]Uiifc:iied to take
her place as mistress of household
economics—queep regnant of all that
can make home pleasant and bright,
whether in parlor or kitchen, e\eii as
she sliould be queen regnant iu the
heart of the man she marries. I[
young ladies were educated (or tbe
duties ot life, Instead ol its frivolities, there would he f.u less unliappi-
iiess iii the world; tbey would not
he censured as lhe majority now aro
for marrying (or selfish Interests—
lor wcaltil), ambition, anv tiling but
line.     Wives would not .-.eel. fnr their
dearest happiness In scenes of fashionable L-ayetv, but would find il in
the brightening ami hallow iuu their
homes, husbands would not frequent
"he • dub room" and billiard parlor,
,s m» main do now, nor complain of
nl expend llu re; ami the pub-
Mrs. Chadwioi, whose maiden name
Kli/abetli lliglcy, was a native
of Woodstock, Out. She first came
into public notice in Toledo, O.,
about twenty years-ago, where sbu
told fortunes umlcr tlm name of
.Madame Devcre. While iu that eity
she forged the name uf Richard
Brown, of Youngstowu, O., and for
this crime Was .sent to the peuiten
tiary at Columbus for nun* years
nml Mie served hut a imrtion of the sentence, and then located iu Cleveland,
I where she married a man named
Before his departure for UuITord Hoover. Her second husband was
Abhev the King conferred ihe honor Dr. l.eroy S, Chudwick of Cleveland,
of knighthood upon Lleul.-Cnl. C. a man of good family and excellent
-Frederick (master of the housi-hold). standing iu his profession,
and invested bim witb lbe insignia of) lu the latter part of 11H)__, or early
a knight commander of the Victorian  iu 1003, Mrs. Chudwick, iu the pre
vises Will he carried on hy Hie
ents in manipulating the gear
working the pumps.
j ence    of   her husband, gave to ' Ira
[Reynolds, the cashier tit the Swade
Parke. Bank, of Cleveland, a box
cotaining notes signed with tbe name
of Andrew Carnegie, The lorged
notes are alleged to have amount ill
to $7trilH»aQU0.
| Reynolds gave to Mrs. Chad wick a
receipt for the papers, which destrib-
led the notes anil the signatures upou
them. Mrs, Chadwick left witli
Reynolds us un explanation of the
existence of the notes tbe statement
that she was a natural daughter    of
1 Canadian Hotel |
One of (he pioneer hotels of Cranhrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the host
§ Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
IIC   pi
able wome
ot   enn,
tod a i
As a recognition of the fact that
during her nine years' attendance at
Seven Sisters' school she has never
been late or absent once, the Tottenham education committee have decided to award a special prize in a
scholar named Urncc Marnmeu,
In lhe list of revision court claimant* in the Bow and Bromky division
a la milord who occupies ihe urnier
portimi of a bouse is named Fair-
weather, while his lodger, who lives Carnegie. With the receipt^ of Rey
iu tbe downstairs portion ami is nolds iu her possession, Mrs. Ch.id-
elalming a vote, is named toggle. , wick went to different banks aud
—— many capitalists, making loans   and
Hilling the absence of the family of paying not only high interest to the
Mr. Cyrus Baker, butcher, of New- banns, hut heavy bonuses to the bank
citstle-undcr-Lyi..'. Stalls, thieves en- officials who loaned her the money,
tercd the residence hy the kilcbeii The extent of these transactions will
window and opened a safe in the never be fully known, but they ran
kitchen by a skeleton or duplicate up into the millions. They Involved
key. They took from lhe safe £171 men of high standing in the financial
in gold and some silver, an.l left world, and caused heavy losses lu
everything else     in  the house     uu-  many banks,
touched. I   in November, 11)04, she was sued by
  a man named   Newton, ol Btookline,
Kor the first time in Ihe history ot Mass., from whom she bad borrowed
[-rent exhibitions held in (treat Brit- u Urge amount, which she was un-
ain a sivthm exclusively devoted to able to pay. Other creditors came
'ducation will be arranged to form down upon her, ami within a short
part of the Franco-British exposition time she was nlaced under arrest by
in London next year.     Its represent-  the federal authorities on the   charge
live character is thus early assured  of conspiracy with Charles Beckwilh,
Be satisfied
small scale.
yoiing   hniiseke
iheii mother^
is ncecssai) t
adorn your ho
lo   commence on     a
It is ton common    for
ipels to begin wllCtO
ended. Buy .,11 that
o work skillfullv with;
Hi all that    will
New ninl Sin
Aiuurlcnu IMn
th l''irsl Class
i|, $'_!.-'itl |.iT iln)   up
Tblkimiokk 20W1
Chas. Maiitscv, Propriotor.
Cor. St-yiui'iii
l)|ip.iHle I.
ami Cordova Sla.
, P. ll. Station
Vancouver, B. C.
render it comfortable.     Bo not )cok
al richer homes and covet their tost-
ly furniture,    If sccrcl dissatisfaction
is ready     lo   spring   up, go a step
further, and    visit the homo of    the
suffering pom; heboid dark, cheerless
itparlmcntH, Insufficient clothing,   and
absence of 'ill the eomlorts     .iml    refinement ..f social life, and then     return io vour own with a Joyful spirit.
Vou will l hen be prepared to     meet
your husbaml     wilh a grateful heart,
and be ready lo appreciate the     toll
of Rulf-dontnl which he has endured in
|lhe bUNinexs world lo surround     you
.with the delights of homo; anil    you
-mil co-opiate cheerfully wilh liim In
.sn arranging your expenses, lhat   his
I mind will not be continually harassed
liesl his family     expenses'may     en-
jCroach upon public payments.     Be Independent, a young housekeeper  never
needed greater    moral courage    than
she does now, lo resist the arrogance
of fashion,     Dn not let the A's   and
B's     decide   what    you shall  have,
neither lei Ihem hold lhe strings   ot
your purse.       It matters hut     little
what people tbinV, provided that you
are true lo yourself,    to right    nnd
duly, and keep your expenses within
vour means.
by the co-operation of two members
>f the present cabinet—Mr. McKenna,
the president of the board of education, and Mr. John Sinclair, Hie sectary for Scotland—who have respectively consented to become honor-
president and honorary vice-
president of lhe sittion.
The clerk told the members of the
lhe president, and A, H. Spear,
the National Bank ut Oherlin, 0.,
which had been substantially looted.
Mrs. Chadwick had obtained Irom
this institution such large sums uf
money that it was compelled to close
its doors, causing heavy losses to the
'depositors and ruining many of tbem.
I Mrs. Chadwick, Beckwith'und Spear
were indicted lor a variety of offences
Mere (Wills) hoard of guardians that, against  the national  bunking     laws.
they made a profit of ftd per head on  Beckwith died before coming to trial.
every vagrant  who was capable    of  Spear pleaded guilty,  was sentenced
performing bis Insk. tn seven years    in   the penitential),
  'ami is serving time at Columbus, 0.
A  Radcliffe slater named Howarlb '   Mrs& Chudwick wis brought to trial
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»<
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindi Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
was repairing the toof of a chemical  °" March
works when     he slipped     and     fell   !"g WblCl
through into a tank of boiling liquid,
lie was badly scalded, and died    ut
tin' Bury Infirmary a short lime afterward.
Boston, in [.Lincolnshire, is coming
to the front iu consequence of the
boom in the eoal shipping trade. It
is now handling between 10,000 and
20,(HUI tons weekly, being the nearest
shipping point from the collieries and
also Hie the continent.
connection with a bazaar and
country fair which is being promoted
at Kiilham in the Interests of the
lord mayors' cripple fund, ft novel
feature will be a "Limerick" competition written bv Councillor
Andrews, ami having the mayor of
Fullmm for iis subject.
At Tuubridge Wells the ministers
ami choirs of various churches now
endeavor to secure Hie attendance ot
worship of passers-by hy standing
outsiide the chapels singing hymns for
a considerable time before Hie ordinary service begins. This plan has
resulted In a marked increase In the
At Gloucester Viscounl St. Aldwyn
(formerly Sir Michael Hicks-Beach),
referred to the fact that the mayor
pried after, and it does not seem very had challenged anyone of his age to
difficult to do to our neighbors In'run a hundred yards, s*hl he was
this matter as we would they should prepared to walk nnyone of his nge
do to us. This curiosity is the Jot a mile. The viscount is seventy
great sin of small societies. For years of age.
want of a more heallhy outlet of ttwj ■■    —
dramatic instinct with which we are I Detective Inspector I.yon, of the
all born, tlio • dwellers In confined Norfolk county constabulary, over-
localities turn upon each oilier, like balanced himself on the top nt an
so many spiders in n tumbler, and electric tram nt Norwich and fell
try to make tho real starvation    ot twelve feet to tlie ground.    He sus-
11, 11KI5, and after a hear-
lasted for two weeks was
found guilty of cotispirucfi to defraud
a national bunk, and was sentenced tn
ten years in the penitentiary. Her
health, which was not good ut the
lime of the trial, failed steadily after
iis conclusion.
Arrangements were made today for
the removal of Mrs, Chad wick St body
to Woodstock, 0., for Interment.
i tlio market for londirg clmins, wo lmve tin
Trident Steel Loading Chain
The clinin that will millnst any other on the* market.
Brenkiug strain for i
i-Uiih inch chain
-iiii-h chain
.MIX) llis.
0,160 His.
When your Friends visit Town, lirint' tbem lo .lit*
Saratoga Restaurant
Opiiosito .'. I' K. Depot,
I.. J. SAKA.ilTill
********* ****************$
-.aiula.iur.r. ol
Rough and dressed
LUilBER and
Also all kinds ul
JafTray, Kyan anil
CranurooK, B. V.
Ht-.il 0ll.ee, ■ CrMkroiik
. *"*■**-* ** *
.... ****■
&********** if *************m
lllllil^t^^r^lfl{3SPP-C Fi^ Pffiafll^^^BB^Biitffc fSiff^
1 Wentworth Hotel 1
CI. WT ,\. ROLLINS. Pioprieto
B. C.
-li.i- U tlie In
Who nre "Hi
The |wople.
WliV.li, "ill.
itel iliat Uiey talk iboul.
On uc.
lent nm iif
meal ut tli
unit „f lli
|, and tlm i
ulk ■.'
■ _,^>1 uieui-. lli
ii und vim I-- on
■ eomfortAhte roorat, ihe enfel-
Ireatment Rccorited to all. K-.u i
e a Wentworth too.ter.   Try it.
Wlii-n you buy meats in hot weather. We pay
particular attention to tins feature of our liusiiiess.
That is why people ii,-i«-iul upon us for lhe l»-st at
this season of tlie yea..
B. C.
Nothing is much nobler than tlie
desire for knowledge; nothing much
shabbier than low curiosity. What
does it signify to us what others
do or have, awl why cannot wo leave
Ihem and theirs alone? Nn ont) In
lbe world   likes to he watched    and
/Serioua contequencei were avtrttd at
Kingston br Zi
oewwloil  pruvtd
.■m-Buk. Blood Poison
ilye hM on inort th«n one
U.L-H.H.H nrtivwl KriOtit, »r.d «UCO uiiuLl
bftrobnullie mm with Mr. Too* >u*i«.
orKlngiton.hiul It nol been for Zam, Buk.
Mr. FiMttr, formerly *n oUocr in tbt Horne
Arlllle ¥ il*tioo**d ol Kingrtoii. **••:-
"ijwtfaHI hurt m niutf tort on my foot
caiiiwd hj th* irrlt»ll<jii from a projt.-i.titr
eyelet In oir ehoe. lluforw 1 wie awttrrof
It thi colored took I wore had paiwiiitd the
flpiih and 1 Hull'trfd much In c.d««iui;ii«-.
I tried a good tuant mItch ami olniuirntii
vet there wu no iDinroveii»*nt uuiil 1
began with Zatn-Bnk. TbU ointment drew
out all the IntUni motion aud pol*ououi
inattrr aud healed tlie mro In eevorul dart
afiw *wlTInf.. Von enn publl-h tbliatato-
inunt If ymi wUh for the nmrltsof Katu-lluk
cannot be to widely known."
t bihI tn'ill.'i'
il (Kill tie*
-n,'ht t.i ba done hy ni with oor
.i ire Lea-l an.l Oil Slop Mixod
Paint We g.iirantee ou wjrk
an I initeriil to be of the best,
I' i ironhly    U|><tO(Ute   Sign
I'.nu ..ri nl DjcoratoK
Phone 111       Arm,trull*  \i
I '
i '
I '
' •
i '
' >
| '
• >
• >
' >
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining linginecrs
and Surveyors,
^^**^*"D^a^ **********************
Qeo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in uur advertisement, l"tt
put liiin ad in the Heral-1 lo
euiplianiK». it.
Near l-ower Armstrong Avenue.
1 have sectireil  machinery for J (
sawing Wood, and am  now pre- * \
pared to contract for Wood of any \
length, In large or tunall i|iian- ,
Out-of-town contractu solicited,
For further particulars address ; j
$2.00 A YE All
OCTOBER   17,  1007
III! VN IIUOOK   III.li.VUI> so li.iiuiil up in a (inancinl way   that
v " lliey are afraid to   snv wlial     Uuv
By the Herald   Publishing Company, ,,,,,',^ mi this   most    important s_li-
Linuted.   i,,.,.,      Alll| JTt limi. IU0 ,W|„.rs   :i||
 fiin-i tin- province ili.il liavo never snid
mu-    word.      Something    must    lie
Tin- llernld is ngalnsl nny kind of
cheap immigration. Th.s paper
u.niis iii see lliis province progress,
.mil in- all know ihnl suiil n tiling
will nol In- possible il we allow thu
.mint.) to In- lill.-il up with Japs nnd
won't come    if tlie people   sit down |
in) say nothing.
Where is that Hoard ot Trade;
$   A
Editor and Manager.
Ami speaking mi this question wo
saw n lologrant iu tlm Spokcsmau-
Itevlow Un- other day In the cltcot
Ihal ihe Canadian governmenl wns
Tin- Herald is worth tin ,i year. }«'going tu take ihe head tax olf Irmn
costs only J-. No in-ill "i South i.,,. i hiii.inii-n so ns to slop the liu-
Easl Kootonay can afford to he with- migration oi tho Japanese, oi
nut It, ninl evoryono living outside 01 course wo do not lake any stock in
the district, who is Interested In lhe „N,.|, . smlelncul, ns we believe Hint
Lrogrcss oi this section, should road Sir Wilfrid l.niuier understands tin
It It publishes tho news while ll is sjlunllon Inn well Iii innke such a
news. It is controlled absolutely by ■„„„,. „s thai, and ii such a linns was
the publishers. No clique, parly ot done, Ilrllish Columbia woulil return
individual dictates iis policy. 11 „ solid seven tor tho L'onsorvntlvu
don'l try in please the people. is puriy. llm instoiiil ol lliis being
desire i.v to publish a newspaper that, ,|on0 vvl. f,.,.| ootifltlciil Hint tho Lib-
will be a credit lo tho community, oral parly will iln all in thou power
Send in your subscription and yuu.,,, iitolcct Uio while man nf tins
will be thanklul ever nllcrward. I province by restricting Asiatic mi-
Advortlsing rales tl per inch per migration.
mill, no mure and in) less.
Heading mailer 15 cents per line
to iiiiii-advcrtiscis; ll. cents per line
to regular advertisers.
II you desiie In loach Hie people ui
Snulli Kast Kuulciiay yuu must ad-
verlise in The Herald.
The lleralil has n fust class job
iiiani mul iis work is ul the best.
The Herald don'l want charity. It
wants a si|ii.ne ileal on your job
wink. H we can't suit you in duality und price, kick, ami send your
work to some Cheap John house iu
the east lliiil never spends a cent hi
4,600 sn Month
following is u statement of the
circulation of the Cranbrook Herald
Im the past !) mouths:
August  5,270
September  4,315
October  4,305
.November  5,460
December  5,400
January  5.G0O
February  4,425
March  4,425
April  4,423
Total for !) months  4.1,ii2;i
The total lor the 9 months is
43,1123, which divided hy 30, the
number ol issues during Unit period,
shows tbe average circulation per
Issue to have been 1,11s and 81-30.
The above is     a true   aud correct
statement  of   tbe circulation of    tho
We wnuld like to see the Dominion
government take some steps to restrict Japanese immigration pending
tho negotiations taking place hetween
the two governments. Diplomacy is
,i siiauge procedure, and very slow,
U'liilu our ambassador is working i.
Japan thousands ot lbe .laps ean be
brought lo this country. There
should be somo way of stopping this
immigration until tlie two governments can come to an understanding.
As far us the Herald is concerned it
would rather see Canada lose all ul
the business with Japan than t-u Mil
Ier a continuance of unrestricted Immigration from that country to Kila
11 is conceded that the dislriel
around Oraiibrooki is a trull countr>
.and thai most ol lhe laud around
here can be made most productive
along this line, tlraut thai this is
i inn*, and suppose that on every tun
.or iwenry acres there was a white
''jin.in wiui his iaiuily, and that hundreds of acres around Crnnbrooto
would bu settled iu this manner.
Uoi.ld mn that be a grand thing for
Cranhrook? Hut, un the other hand,
suppose ib.it all uf this laud around
i lamiiook was to be purchased by
Juputiesc and Chinese immigrants,
tthoru would Cranbrook be in a few
years? Them would bu Japanese ami
Chinese stores in the eity, and the
merchants would have tu leave for
other parts, One while man's store
would III] the demand fur an Anglo-
Saxon trading place in the city.
These are the things thai must be
considered in connection with this
question, and tbat is why the Herald
is pul ling the facts tu yuu plainly.
By lhe way, if ive have not, mentioned it lately, what is the matter
wiib boosting Cranhrook'.' ll is u
good job for anyone.
Martin Buirell and his family, of
tlreenwood, left last week fur England, where .Mr. Hun ell will act as
us assistant iu showing the people of
tbe old country what British Columbia cm du iu tbe way of raising Iruit.
F.   E.  .Simpson,  Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
by the said V. K. Simpson, whom I in ono   party alone
personally know,  this 37til day     ol gather around any parly that is     in
Where can you lind a nicer climate
ilinii that of the Cranbrook district?
A. K. Walls challenges Sir Wilfrid
Laurier,  That settles Laurier.
Uul speaking seriously, the Herald
readily joins with Mr. Watts or any
other man who is sincere io this matin ol demanding honest elections.
The Herald would like io see any man
who violates the law in this matter
gel a sentence in the penitentiary that
would be a warning lo .ill peuple, and
so far as the Herald is concerned, il
would not care one iota whether Uie
guilt) party wasa Liberal or Conserva I i ve. The: 0 lias been Ioo much
monkey business jn Canada withclce-
nd we might add right
here Hint these acts an- not confined
to any one pally. It is useless for
Mi. Walts or anyone else to get up
I try lo say thai corruption exists
[Lunacies  will
May, 10117.
J. A. Arnold,
J.  l\  in and fur Hritish Columbia.
In eastern Canada and ihe   Stales
power. Conservatives know that
lull well, and so do Iiu- Liberals. Bui
lhc members of both parties should
unite in demanding   honest election
it is considered a conservative esti- f-«* "f hf ;l r|Kh . '» «*£ !ls
male that live people read every |l,all9* „ lf he,h"8 complied with the
paper issued. In Cranbrook, to he J*" ;MlT,i . V?"! "''i."'" ih°
on  Iho safe side, we place ll.e mini-' ,"SI|M  <,f  i1m1 ballot-ihouW stand.
her at     three,    which    i.s absolutely I 	
safe, and that would make 3,354 read- It has been suggested Jh.it A. It.
eis of ihe Herald each week. Grace, of the Prospector, be a candl-
Thcso circulation figures can be date for the Dominion house. Why
verified al any time by anv advortis-' imt'» Me is a pioneer in the Conner who will lake [ho Lrouble to go try, he bus been a staunch Conser-
over the subscription books or watch j van'vc ever sinee In* came to Ihe
the big press roll out tho papers, dlslrlct, he has     worked early    and
This is where the advertiser gets a l.n,. tm lbe success nl tin* party be
run fur bis money. Tbe llernld |,.,s spent Ills nionev and given bis
would like lo see every newspaper. time for the be no III of Conservatives
make a sworn statement of its cir- in n,,. past, bis paper has never fill-
nil iho,,. Tbe advertiser is en- |,.m| j,, the faith, ami surely Mr.
Hied io know, lie pays his money (inu.0 is untitled lo some recognition
nml he should know what he is got- (mm lhose whom be has served so
Unit In return. Welt,      If the  Conservatives of     tho
"hy don t .,ii papers do as the Kootenays do what lliey should ilo,
IlewW lloes? f'tey will ui.ile on Mr. ((race as their
a militate.
The sooner that the post office depart ment supplies tbis town with
mail boxes at the station tbe hetter
pleased a whole lot of people will
Cranbrook will soon have a govein-
.iienl building tbat will Ih* a credit
lo the towu ami  tbe district.
Cranbiook has at last secured a
fair rale ou     express from Spokane,
ml it got it hy kicking. Thai is
tbe Wiil lo do some things iu Ihis
[iail of the country. Kick, and the
door shall be opened unto you.
Boost tlial race mooting nml the
fruil lair. Tbat is going to he
worlh thousands and thousands of
il..liars to Craubrook ami Ibis district.
It is no use for the papers of the
Stales lo libel Canada. This country is the great last west and the
people aie coming here to take advantage of tbe glorious opportunities
Air. Shnughncssy was in town last
Friday four aud a half minutes.
There is a movement, on foot lo
increase the salaries of the otlictals of
llu* B, C. government. The Herald
seconds lbe motion. This paper does
not believe in cheap men or cheap
salaries. If you want good men
who an* competent tn attend to the
business of the province it is neccs-
siiiv lo pav the right kind of a
salurv. dive" Mr. McBride ami all
lbe rest of the cabinet more money.
If you don't they nre liable to quit
ami then what would we do?
Hurry Wright, government agent of
Nelson, is being exploited as a caiidi-
dale on the Conservative ticket for
the Dominion bouse.     What next?
Ciissie Chadwick is dead and buried.
Casslc was a Canadian and the way
slie did up lhe Yankees was a caution, but she finally got caught and
puiil  lbe penalty.
The people of Canada believe iu the
party Unit has given them prosper-
ily. '
Time is money to everybody but a
Lots of men and things seem easy
till you try to do them.
When a man aims at nothing he
seldom misses bis target.
Better a wont In season than an
hour's lecture out ol season.
Revenge may he sweet, but seeking
il is apt  to sour one's disposition.
When vou face misfortune it is time
lo turn your back on discouragement.
But Ihe average man Isn't h.itf so
anxious to be on a sure thing as
those behind the game are to have
A man is up against tough tuck if
he marries a woman who knows that
she knows more lhan be does.
You are apt to get a stinging reproof if vou Interfere with the busy*
little bee'.
If a woman would stop to think
when she is talking she might think
to stop.
What a jolly good thing it would
be lor undertakers if men, like cats,
hiid nine lives.
When you meet a man who has
money in lbe bank it's a pretty sure
sign ihat he is not a printer.
ll is lhc contrariness of her sex
Ihal causes a woman to love a man
after she imagines she has broken his
benrl by not loving bim.
>*& sgia ;..-o *. ■*:* *;_.-:.■ .-,_V.' £;-$*-£<*
The Vancouver Province is now
lbe most radical Conservative paper
ol British Columbia.    Why?
It seems si range Mint there were   a
lumber of daily newspapers that, had
The Herald said a    few weeks ago  ""thing ,0 Sft>' about lhe contest be-
that W. A. Galliher would ho a can--twwn ""' IW8 ,,f the wcs' ami the
did  lo succeed himself.    The Her- c* ■*• ••• lelegraph department. This
aid is slill belling thai lie will be a  srms stl'»"^!.  when ,lu' Oglil  meant
(.iiidiibite and will be elected ,m mti" lo    t,ir newspapers of    tlio
  I west,     The explanation is easy     to
Why   s il  ihal a number of pnprrs  lho$a w'|rt    understand the situation.
in this'province nre    sil.nl on     the  *"""' I"1!"'™ are not in a position to
question nf   Astatic Immigration''  li   S,'V   too    much on mutters of    this
is a live subject, one in fart     that  *md.
menus a lot tn every resident of this ——
province. Can it he possible thiil What Crnnbrook wants and that j
Ihere are papers Ihal are afraid lo right away, is a free delivery of ex-J
express nn npfnlnn i.n ibis mailer? press in Ibis towu. It musl como
Sureh no papei m Knsl  Ko.itonay is  nnd Hit* sooner tbe belter,    But    it
Paul Handley closed a deal this
f Ier noon hv which I. Baxter and
Loin L an gin become proprietors ol
livery business. Both of the
gentlemen are welt known and popular and will mnko a success of the
(Nelson News.)
Leadci Borden ami his chief lieutenant, (leorge I'ulas Foster, are   very
bus)   these ilnys denouncing Sir Wilfrid Laurier .tot allowing Canada   to
lie    IrrnuiCht     under     Ihu    Japanese
eaty.       They see   an opening    to
Hike a In He cheap capital for their
pally over the present dillicultv     in
unlit-lion willi the influx of Japan*
to and so.  regardless of past Utter-
hits,  Ihey vilify  Laurier for having
ssented tii Canada being a parly  to
tho treaty,
It.iib Mr. Borden nnd Mr. Foster
voted iu favor of Canada being a
pnltv lo Ihe treaty and neither uttered one word of .criticism*of Ihe
terms thereof.
The records show that Foster   was
particularly fervid in his support   of
tin* treaty and lhat he did not hesitate to censure Laurier for not soon-
briogiug Canada  within the    ad-
i nt ages of its provisions.
Mi. Foster nn   .Tune 21. IftOV, condemned tbe government for not having acted sooner in securing the betie-
llts of the   British treaty, "because
two   years ago     tbey we're informed
of Iho good disposition of Japan   towards Canada."
Again on March 12. IflQfl, Mr. Foster thhs expressed hitflsolf In the
House of Commons:
Some two    years ago, I think it
,, we on     this side of the house.
drew attention In the fact that there
was still a possibility that   Cnnndn
might he    iueludid within the provi-
will make a great effort to interest the economical
purchaser in the line of
Misses' and Children's School Shoes
We hive bitween 500 anJ 600 pairs of Children's Shoes
and we have decided to reduce them at a great sacrifice in
100 Pairs BOYS' SCHOOL KHOKS. Solid Leathoi',   *<  ac
UeK. *2.25. for       *P »'*•*
75 Pairs BOYS" SCHOOL SHOES, Solid Leather,   *1 nc
Reg. $1,75, for     $*.03
li*i Pairs BOYS' SCHOOL SHOKS, Solid Leather,       qc.
Be«. $1,60, for        ~3C.
100 PairsCilKLS' SCHOOL SHOES, Solid Li.ither.   *f c(\
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80 Pairs GIRLS' SCHOOL SHOES, Solid Leather,   *-i *)r
Reg. $!'">, for      -f»»****
100 Pairs OIRLS' SCHOOL SHOES, Solid Leather,      nr.
Reg. $1.50, for        7•-'c•
A Pointer for Those Who Wear Clothes
We have just received 200 Suits of Clothing of the
20th CENTURY Brand, ranging in price from $22.00 to
$37.50. Our Englishman wished us to say something
about the texture, style and make of this clothing. What
is the use ? Everybody knows that they are the best.
But really, the style is wonderfully attractive this year.
Drop in and see for yourself.
Prions of that treaty. Then, ami then
only, ibis government woke up, then
md then only it stirred around, und
after the lapse ol two years they
roiiie lo ns wilh what is called a
treaty with Japan. Well, sir, if
there'i*. i ie reason now why this
trcnty should he hailed aud acclaimed
wiib'd. liirbl and with applause, AS I
BKLIKX I) IT S1HUIl.il HE, there
were ten reasons ten years ago why
it sliould have been adopted ami iis
provisions laken advantage of by this
■ouiiirv, simply because ten years of
id dn I benefit nVot    ami above what
ibis c illv can nnw obtain     would
have been ' obtained by intercourse
..ith Hint country at a period of
lime when probably its demands upon
such products ns Canada could have
alio ri led would have been even greater
than Ihey will be in years to come."
A young man whn hud prolonged
bis call on his sweetheart a lew .
Ills ago, was surprised when a
.dow iu an upper story was raised
tie left the house, ami the voice !
of tbe luistress called out: "Leave an
extra quart this morning, please'."
".Such nn amendment," said a
senator during debate, "would destroy
the bill's meaning, even as the moaning of the epitaph on old .John
Sklnn's tombstone wns destroyed. An
amendment was, tacked to John
Sklnn's ppilaph. ' Tt consisted of one
word, lhe word "friends." It was
put on   in   the   dead of night.     The
epitaph, previous to the amendment;
read: 'He ilk! his be»t.' "
What strikes the Loudon Spectator
us being among the things that ate
most extremely funny are Mar1.
Twain's stories of bis editing au
agricultural paper, of how, in ibe
olumus of that paper he advised
"Turnips sliould never he pulled, il
injures tbem. It is bet lei to send n
boy up and lei him shake the tree",
and of his putting forth the Information that "the guano is a Hue bird,
but great care is necessary in renting
An antiquary one day visited Westminster Abbey, uud found a stonecutter at work 111 the little cloisters,
reeuttiug the name of Wilson, the
great tenor of Shakespeare's day.
Tlm antiquary began to tell the
stonecutter nbnut Wilson, how be had
been Strokes pea re's friend, and Ben
Johnson's, ami Kit Harlow's, and
how all these men had loved and
honored him. The stone-cutter look-
tig Up, frowned and shook his head:
"I wbh sir," he said, "we'd knowed
lie was such a swell nfore. we run
that drainnge through him.::
An unique entertainment was held
at the Methodist church last Tuesday
evening, when the members nnd
friends who had been away on vacation during the summer read papers
descriptive of their holidays.   There
was a large attendance and the several papers which were all exceedingly well written were tbe subject, of
favorable comment uml enjoyment by
nil present. It was thu unanimous
opinion thai although (he place'*
vlslled bad their Individual charms
ami weie all glowingly depicted, Uril-
i»h Columbia and Oranbrook in par-
Hci.hu was tbu one spot to which
tbey all very gladly returned. At
lhe close of Hie papers, Home Sweet
Homo was rendered us a solo by
Miss Connolly, the congregation taking up Ibe refrain. Tea was ufler-
wards served in the vestry nml a
mosl enjoyable evening was brought
1o a close. Mrs. Uyekmau presided
at the organ uml lbe pastor occupied the chair.
The official opening of Hie gymnasium for the season last Friday
evening was one of the must successful events of lbe season, There was
a large crowd present and corodderiuw
that it was the bcgtnutng, when Mie
hoys had hud no training, lhe athletic
part of the entertainment was far
heller than had been expected. One
ol (he pleasing features -was the
lining contest liei ween M. Sheridan
and Ira Fierce. There were several
rounds and it was flnaJly decided a,
draw, The people are taking a
great Interest in the work of indoor
athletics This year nnd there is no
doubt but that tbe programs that are,
to to presented will prove of moro
than ordinary int-ersst. I
One of the most ama/ing careers on
recoVd has jusl been closed by ito
death of Lord Duumoie lie Ims
been ilesciim-d as an oxptoroi aud a
faddist, and >Was famous as an advo
cute of Christian Science. No oim
can gainsay his daring and pluck. As
a traveller, Lord Duumoiu explored
"Uie roof of the world" iu lhe I'.im
Irs ami Western Thibet, sleeping amid
ice aud snow ut an alHli.de 20(1(1 feel
higher lhan Mont Blanc, tiring ultimately arrested us a Russian spy,
Al one time bit wauled to ride fioin
New York to Paris bv laud, crossing
the BWiring Straits on the frown
ice, but tbis be never achieved, lie
(was one of lhe (list to really explore
'Newfoundland, and went further Inlo
tlie "great lone land" lhan anv other
while mau before It became opemsl up
to civilization. Dunmole Juno tion
on the Camiilian Pacific raitway is
named after him. At Moose Jnw bo
mended Uie wheel of bis Red river
cart with the jawbone or a moose he
hud shot, and the Indian scouts called.
It the place where "tbe one-eyed white
chief"—a shooting accident having deprived bim of the use of one or bis
eyes—"mended his cart with the jaw-
bene of a moose," shortened eventually into "Moose Jnw." Viscount
Fincastle, who succeeds to the title.
is no lese daring than his father. He
won the V. C, In the Afghan frontier war of 1897, and comma mie I
Fincastle's Horse in tbe South African campaign, winning u medal ami
four clasps. TILE  Clt-UQUlOOK   QEllALO
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——————— ——
I have just opened
out I case
Clear Havana
Palmoic Pros., tinners anil plumbers.
,!.   .Invic   left    mi Tuesday    tor
.I11I111 Cluililit.li   spenl las. Sunday
In Creston.
Dave     l.tcckenriilgc was in     town
lust Tuesday.
H. II. Benedict., of Jluyn...-, wns In
town last Friday.
Hi. Collin, ol Marysville, was     In
town lust Saturday.
M. B. King is having a large addition built to llis residonte.
ll. \V, llyiiiluuii and wile, ot Mon-
real, are at llie Cosmopolitan.
Mr. an.l   Mrs.   McPcak, nl Sirdar,
were Cranbrook visitors last week..
Boll" Densmolr, llu- boy orator ol
ot .v.-
'« al  "The
tlie   Crow,  i:
Every girl
et Wr .1   li
Dr. llarvie, el Moyie, was in town
yesterday breathing a little metropolitan air." t
. .1. Mighton if under tho weather
tliis wees being alTiicled with a very
■re luid.
. W. \V.ait, ol Vancouver, was in
town tbe past wcok in tho interests
nf a trust company.
WANTED—Position   as   bookkeeper
r clerk.      Apply lo M.   II. T., Hox
., Cranbiook, Ii. C. 27
S. 11. lloskins ami family have
loved into their handsome new rc-
Idenoo on Baker Hill.
$2.00 a Vear.
for Renornl housc-
woili.      Wages:
$25 00  pot month.
\pply Mrs. R. 13
ll. ll. Dimoek
iml Tien Riley,    ol
Movie,  came   up
on Monday lor    a
laj 's business in
Mrs. 11. Y. i'ii
.leer is ni tlio    st.
Sugotw hospital
or treatment, hav-
g Ihtii taken seriously ill.
Georgic    Dickenson   has   recovered
illiiii'iillv so as to be discharged
from tho St. Eugene hospital.
Tin- Argonaut club will bold Its
next danco on Tuesday evening ol
next wee* Instead ot Thursday,
II n. Oilmour, tin' well known
travel Ing man for sawmill machinery,
was in town ;i tew days last week.
.1, ,1. Grady, ot Creston, wns in
lown a lew days this weok preparatory to opening a Btoro at Creston.
Governor Hanson wns in town
last Friday ati.l says that tlio roads
are now in line shape for mitomobil-
Don't forget thai wc carry a full
line of the McClary Healing stoves,
Hie "lirst'' on the 'market.—Patmore
WANTED—Oood cook. Vox particulars apply to Peler Lnlotido, C.
I*. It. hoarding bouse, Cranbrook,
11. C. 29
Mrs. Hislop ami ehihlren left nn
Tuesday tor Kinlcrby tn join Mr.
Hislop, who is teaching school iu that.
Remember that your wife likes
chocolates as well as vnu Ifke cigars,
net her a hox of Webb's at "The
HOY  WANTED-flonil    honest boy
A. T. Colwell, of Fort Steele, and
H.    H,     Dimoek,     ol   Moyie,   were
mong the guests at the Cosmopoll'
tan Tuesday.
Tho eity council has left the appointment of a new jailer to the
police commission on the recommendation ot Chief Dow.
W. A, McDonald, of Nelson, who
may be the Conservative banner hearer in the next Dominion election, was
in the eity last Sunday.
II. Howard, of Blairmore, so it is
reported, has forfeited his license for
his hotel owing to some oversight as
to obeying the license regulations.
Get your wife a "Perfect Pantry."
A complete kitchen cabinet, The
most complete cabinet on the market.     To be had at    Patmore Bros.
.1. Ilanhury, of Brandon, Man., and
A. F. Krapfel!, of Klko, were in town
last Monday on business eonneeted
with the North Star Lumher company.
There is on an average of f!7 smiles
in every pound of Webb's chocolates.
If you want to make someone particularly happy get her a hox at "The
Vlnco Liddicoat was called lo Wallace, Idaho, on Wonday by a report
that his brother Sid, who is sick
with typhoid-pneumonia, was mueh
People arc bound to have Bums
Pros. boots-AT ANY' COST. They
know t-hey are sure to give satisfaction in wear, and then look at Hi*:
NOTICE—A. P. Nicholson, of
Crothers mill, is an authorized agent
of the Cranbrook Herald, and will
gladly take subscriptions and give
receipt for same.
It. B. Dnrrant, nt Perry Creek,
II. W. Reed, of Swansea; J, Mercer,
P. McAlpIn, of Movie; and .1. W.
Hope, of Calgary, are registered at
lhe Cosmopolitan.
Messrs. William Stewart and
Arthur Sherman returned last week
from an extended trip to the coast
cities, and say that Cranbrook looks
good enough for them.
There      was a    small    blaze
at the residence ol F. C. Malpas yesterday morning, caused hy some
slight defect in the chimney. The
damage was very light.
Among the shipments that will he
made over Uie Soo-Spokane line this
fall is 580 cars of barley that are
to he sent to the eastern market
from tbe state of Oregon.
Conductor Joseph Jackson has returned from his trip to Winnipeg,
where he had been on work for the
trainmen and is now ready to resume his work on the road.
Walter Haynes came down from
Kernie the latter part of hist week
to Join Mrs Haynes, wbu was ti isl ting
relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Haynes
turned to their home in Feruie
M. Mclnnis, of Calgary, was in
town a couple of days this week. Mr.
Mclnnis says that the crops on the
prairie are going to turn out far
better than was anticipated a lew
weeks ago.
Where can there he found a finer
climate than that of tbis district?
People who visit this section comment on this tact and are loud in
their praise of the Cranhrook brand
of climate.
WANTED-Wlde awake hoys ln
every city, town nnd village to sell
Western Canada's new weekly newspaper, "The Western Homestead.'
Hustlers can make money. No capital required. Write for terms immediately. The Western Homestead, Calgary. :i0-2t
Word has heen received that Pat
Leahy, of Sirdar, succeeded tliis week
in killing a large black bear. It is
reported that he got Mr. Bruin cor-
tiend in a rocky chute and after
shooting seven times finally landed a
fatal bullet. Mr. Leahy expects lo
have the pelt ol the bear mount eil
and will donate it to the C. p. R.
reading room to show what a brave
man can do when he makes up bis
mind to win out.
Tbe house warming nt tbe Kings-
gate hotel last Saturday evening
was a success in every way. Mr.
and Mrs. D. J. Elmer did nil in their
power to make the visit, of their
friends a pleasant one, and those who
were present say that nothing more
could have been done. There was an
orchestra of eight pieces from Spokane, and so far as the refreshments
were concerned nothing better has
been produced in the history ol East
Kootenay. Everyone who were present say that they had a most enjoyable time and that they will re-
wanted to help around studio    after I member for a long time to come the
school.       See     Binning,   the photo-j hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer.
grapher. 80 |   Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McDermot   at-
f   IT   M   PtnMintn   V   Ilvile Biker ten<!wl tlre   opening of the Kingsgate
and llr. OreTn sponi' SLrTdayS   In .•** m* Saturday evening,
tlio    neighborhood ol   Wasa hunting I   O. P. Tisdale   brought into    town
this week. Itoday a magnificent   bunch ol cuttle
Miss Ruil.y, after a week's visit that had boon purchased by P. Burns
wilh Imr brother Frank Rtltloy, lelt & Uo. People who saw the entile
last Tuesday tor her Inline iii San »» U'cy passed through town snid
Francisco. ttluit a Hirer lot   was never raised In
WANTED-A    woman   to do wash- tlli3 ,llstrlct'
Ing   lor small   family al house.   Ma-1   A. Lettish, manager of   Hie     Ensl
liiiif   furnished
Herald office.
K. S," IKootenny  Lumber eompnny, retutiieil
37 today Irom a trip to Winnipeg.
The Queens lintel lias been sold to
Gust Andiuc, formerly uf Yahk, who
wilt lake possession ou the lirst ul
the month, Peter Molander, will
probably engage iu contracting work
i tbu railroad.
Mr. aud .Mrs. Oldlnmls, of Kernie,
who have been living ul the Cosmopolitan hotel the past few months,
while Mr. Uldlands was engaged on
the C. 1'. 11. sewer contract, left last
Saturday lor home.
Herbert Clark brought over from
Fort Steele last Sunday a potato
that was grown in his yard iu tbat
lown that weighed three puuuds ami
tin ounces. That is going some
when It conies to potatoes.
The council held a short meeting
last evening in Mighton's hall, transacting such business that wus pressing, 'lhe new council chamber at
lbe government building will be ready
iu lime for the next regular meeting.
Miss Mollatt, sister ol A. Mullal,
is visiting her mices and friends iu
Hie city and will go to Harrison, 11.
C, Uus week witli the Missis Mnilal,
where they will join Mr. Mullut. Miss
Alollat expects lo remain in tne west
the entire winter.
11. Smith, of the power department
ol the Crow, returned this week tu
Cranbrook. Mr. Smith lias boon to
Rochester, Minn., since lie leil here,
where he underwent an operation ami
une uut ot it feeling better Ulan' he
has for some lime.
The subject lor discourse in the
Methodist church next Sunday evening will be: "The Scarlet Line." At
lbe Men's Own the alternoon will be
pent iu considering some aspects ol
llu soeial question. Urcbesllal
music.    All men invited.
The limeral of tl. A. Kerr was held
lasl Sunday afternoon ftoni the Kng-
lisb church. There was a large number of the people ol Cranbrook pre-
■nt anil Hov. Flewclling had charge
ul the services. The remains were
interred In the Cranlirook cemetery,
Hugh Mclnnis, who lias been with
Iho Standard Lumber company lor
lhc past three years, lelt ou Tuesday
lor IValdo where he will enter the
employ ol the Baker Lumber company. Mr. Mclnnis is one ol tho
most reliable men ol the district and
Ins friends are legion.
Ou Saturday morning's train Capt.
Davcy will arrive to take charge of
lhe meetings held in the Salvation
Army hull. Ou Tuesday night in
aid ul the sueial wurk ul the Army,
lie will conduct a lantern service, en
titled: "One of His Jewels." All
are welcome to the meetings.
Judge George Turner and F: P.
Ilngai'i, heavy stockholders in the
Sullivan miuc, arrived In town over
lbe Soo-Spokane Monday evening and
went to the mine on Tuesday. They
said that they expected lu be here
fur several days looking over the
situation at tile mine and at the
Sir Thomas Shaugbnessy, president
ol the C. P. R., paid a nice compliment to William Smith, wlio has
made such a success with the garden
at the station this year, on tiie receipt ol a line bouquet ol llowcrs on
lhe occasion ol his brief visit lo
Cranhrook last Friday, he has sent a
telegram to Mr. Smith thanking bim
Mildly for his thoughtlulncss.
The Telephone company requests
the Herald to state that when there
is a lire and anyone is calling up the
central ollice to get the lire hall, it
would be sater to announce lhat there
is a lire and where it is located.
When this is done the operator at llie
central ollice can notify some ul the
olliciTS of the fire brigade when no
one is at the fire hall, which naturally happens quite often.
Hubert Aiken has purchased the Interest of his partner, Arthur Bradley,
in the Palm candy kitchen and will
carry on the business in the future.
Mr. Aikens is well known here and
will continue the success that these
gentlemen have made ol the business.
Mr. Bradley has not decided as to
what he will do, but lhe Herald
wishes liim every prosperity in whatever be may take up.
'I'he Rev. J. A. Doyle, the western
secretary ol Sunday schools will occupy the pulpit, of tile Methodist
church on Sunday, lhc 27th Inst. A
special Than—giving ottering will
be asked for on this occasion as a
determined effort is being made by
lhe management to wipe oul a debt
that remains on the trust property.
The Ladies Aid will hold a special
sale on lhe evening preceding Thanksgiving when all kinds ol good tilings
for lhc dinner can be purchased.
George Staples, lor several years
past in charge of tlie freight department ol the C. P. It. at Cranhrook,
has resigned his position, and in
company wilh Mrs. Staples leaves
tomorrow [nr the coast, where they
will make their future home During
bis stay in Cranbrook Mr. .Staples
has iiiuiii' many friends hy his courteous treat ment of 'ihe patrons of the
company, and his departure will tie
regretted by those wlio transact
business with the Ireight department, as it will be extremely diflioult
to secure a successor who will give
.letter satisfaction to tlie customers
of tlie eompnny than Mr. Staples
has. Mr. Staples has not decided
yel what be will do in the future, but
men nl his ability are hound to come
in tbe Iruiil iu this country, no matter what calling they may lollow.
Look Out for Snow! It Will Come Soon! i;
You don't want tu tramp around in the snow
ti) cut ami pile wood. NOW is tin- time to
do tiuit work, uf course, you want tlio bes*
of wood!    It costs no motv tlmn lhe i>oori_t-
Where   Can   Vou    Get    It?    Of
They Iuiyg tin- t>. st. Tbey nre reliable, they
keep their word, and they never fail to five
satisfaction, ll is a pleasure to deal witli
If vou need wood,jusl try this tinn once.
You will he their patrons for the r, si of the
winler if vou do.
"   Telephone 102 CKANBROOK. B. C.   ;;
Fred Diilhel.l,     \
watch repairer at
Uie     past year or
and on    Friday    i
has been     Uie
K. Tate's    for
o, has resigned
es for Victoria,
where he wiil    reside in ito luture,
Mr-, UiUllcId lias made many   trunji
nee he came to Cranbrook who will
igret to see him leave, uut ail juir.
wnu    the   lleiaid in    wishing     ;..:..
ivory prosperity in his new home,
The city couuc.ll shuuld accept   '.;•-■
ecommeudauon ui Chief Kink ol the
ire department,   io    place a hydrant
it th..     corner opposite    tue Went-
wortfa hotel.    At the present    time
the nearest hydrant is at tne coiuvr
ot I', liunis cc    t'o., and with     the
iVciitWorth hotel, tlie Laii-idi-in boiti,
new opera house, the Ikralo    ol-
, iho Canadian Bank ui Commerce,
the Fink Mercantlle's   compan) a mg
store, Ueattie &   Atchison a    store,
and A. L. McDermot s store that are
m jeopardy aa the mattei sUnits aud
as the insurance raits on these places
vull probably be raised unless   Uwt
hydrant is    put in, and ail ol     ibis
property    pays big taxes, a    would
a-in Hut u is up lo Uie council    to
put in that hydrant.    A tew acts oi
tins    kind   would   show ihe council
meant business.
Montreal, Oct, 14.—In an interview loday Charles M. Hays, general
manager of the G. T. It., ..aid bis
company will operate i-ao fleets ol
steamers un the Atlantic and Pacific,
uul il was loo early to discuss details.
ile wouhl Bay, however, that the
company will wow iwo allied lines ol
nmships, especially the AlUn lui-\
but if necessary the company win
uuihl ii-' own lleela.
Regarding the labor question In
Uritisli Columbia, Mr. Hays said that
it was u,i io ihe contractors. He
..ii.'w ihat in ttiiir endeavors to nil
the engagements and ^et the work
done Ihcy will employ anything lhat
the law will allow ihem to employ-
Japanese, Chinese, Hindoo or anything flsc.
pany, tbat   played at uie aew opera
house    last    evening ai.d    will play
again this evening,    'iuu often   cum-
pumes oi Uus character prvu* to be*
:;■•-■. .....   the    people are .■^appointed.     JJui   with ;ii-.-    Moore company
t:.._- Herald can .'.::. with all ol laose
;...-.. beard :..■:... ...  -...i:.i that Uiey
c-i-e -:.. entertainment that v.as emi-
.....v.-    satisfactory in every     way*.
r. wc* i_.■.'.-.:., pleasing, artistic, -iiid
ot uie kind tfc_ii maiw.-s irita<_j_ on ac-
cou&t ol its :..•...'.. After *to close
oi the concert a d.ii.ce was given and
It Was ialgely a: teheed by the best
people in lta'.uivj:*, loi the reason
thai the music is the Lest ever heard
in this city aiid the maimer thai tills
part of tbe program is handled is
sueu tiuii people lue to to present,
a-i titey know that ihere will in: nothing ih,-t wiil oheud. The Moore
Concert coniji-iLV enjoys an enviable
reputation ir* Ci-ini-rooK' and tt bas
heeii won by giv.i.g ihe people tho
I Nexl Thursday evening a medal
[contest wiii tit ht-U at v..t Baptist
'church in which six young Utiles of
i 'Ah;>*<T>t* ■will participate. This
ehterUiin.'nent wiil prove interesting
, to Uu people ol Ciaubrook and there
I should he a urge attendance. Mr.
Ittaliingcr, Mr. Reeves, Mr. .Joseph
[Kyan and ot-hers, will assist in a
musical way. '1 ha contestants aro
i,-.-i;.^    trained   by      Miss  11^1.,      and
their woik     tbat   evening will show
What Liient Cruhbroo-t has along thu
elocutionary line.
A in«;. was tau-_;.t stealing a pair
ol boots In front ol liurns brothers'
store one day this week. That man
was loolish. He could not he blam-
!ed lor wanting to get the kind ol
Miwis t.-.at they sell, but be could
| get them at a price that ht could not
afioid to taite U.e risk oi stealing
them. Hul in this world soiue fa.il
to make the best of the opportunities that are presented.
Mr. W. '
.ompanicd i;
in the city j
ih ai.il   i'"
brook.    Mr
[i.ilill. i,   M,  P.,     ac-
llu.   Ualtin r,  arriw-.l
icrdu)  on Uio belated
nu rooms at the    Cran-
I...iiiii.'i  Was met al Uie
alh hv   a  llUinbel   o( the local mcm-
is oi' in.'  Lilu Ml  party ami     ar-
ihgriiiei.i.i were made for a meeting
i Million's hall to laU over mat-
■is    of a    political    nature.     Tbe
..ieetlng was beld at 6.3U and all   oi
ihe members ul    the exeeutne    who
were in town   weie   present.     Mal-
u-is   oi    Importance io the district
were discussed   -uul  suggestions  made
tu Mr. Ualliher that would assist
him in securing certain legislation of
a benefit to this pail oi his riding,
Li tne evening the executiic committee and oilier Liberals met al Uie
Wentworth hall fm an Informal m!i.-
erlng. Ocorge Hoggarth, president
of tlie local association, presided, and
short talks were made bv Dr. ,J. II,
King, M. P. I'., Mr. Galliher, M. A.
McDonald ami F. K. Simpson.
Mr. and Mis. Galliher left on Uie
west bound train today for Nelson.
Mr, Galliher will return lo Crcston
and Movie in a few days and consult
with the people as to iheir needs before be leaves for Ottawa to attend
the coming Bcssion of parliament.
H is a pleasure for the Hcruld to
give praise when: praise is due, aud
ii takes this opportunity to say a
word lor tbs   Mooit Conceit    uuiu-
Fur the hist answer to the following
Why pay more foi youi It irance
than it is worth?
Address: Arnold St Kobertt.
Any male or female, being a British
suhjuct of the full age ol 21 years,
who has paid all the rates and taxes
for the current year, and has continuously resided within the municipality since tht first day ol January,
l!t07, and who is a householder or
license holder within the municipality, may register as a voter for the
l.HiS election, if the necessary declaration i.s deposited at this ofTico
on or before the first day
of November
as license hold
Persons qualifying
who are not prop
erty holders, mu.it attend to registration of their names on tho list.
Persons who have become property
owners since December 31st (1906)
nre requested to Inform tbe undesigned at once.
Thos. M. Roberts, C.M.C.
Oity   Clerk's Office,  Cranhrook, B.
C. Oct.  1st, 11107. 3-17-81
(Graduate TorontoConservatory of
Musie.   Tenohor's Diploma)
Telephone .03 THK   Ull.VNI'.liOOK    II Kit AM)
Mm   News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned irom Newspapers
********************** *{;
. ...ileil llie   iiiilii-i|ii<litiiis    Mial     III;
♦ ollleiiils nl Hn- eiiininiiiv have ili-eiiieil
? In      i-i.llli     lllis      -fii iff     lii-Hv.fi,
* S|iiikiiue   .m.i     si     Paul   llie    year
;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ i,art,l,ii,J'Ma^;*.!!im,u!',;'i7iliiS
,Krolll our own correspondent) s'<W'.'     liusiiiess      lielweeii    Ml„-n,
. [".I'tf  I Spiiliime sinee iln- npe g
.him leliiineil ,„ ||„. |.,„„|      |, |1I1S |„,.„ n,,,    nmm
.1        Visit    Willi ii   till..Hi-    l|,.llll ll.njlll-   lllllll        il„-
.'.I linn   -iiii-   In      S|i,,l„,if        )|
>  I **********************
.Irs. Curtis nnil
,   leu   il.ivs  ago      I
Mi 11. II. Hull-
.,« kill,it one iluj
-,„. S|niv.iin- train.
the line was ii|ii-ii -.1 |ieii|ili' in Siillli.
Iiail .. valualili! nn Alberta ri--.iiil.il S|iiikniiii us «
1'lillv, In     llm  |ilnei  i,-iiuil,-. Inn nnw .i nip lu S|i.i-
kuiiii i-  i> ui mi    iiuili'i-lakliiK
Iliun  travel  lielivi'i'ii   tnn ver    .mil
In iiu- beginning li.ni i-if.ni-il     il"- Seut-llo.       Willi Uie     liniiriiveiiientK
lu-.iu'iis nml tlie eiirlli uml nil   Ihlngs   'iniiii' u-il -iml     in     pi ns ress mi il>.<
il,,.,,.in      ih- linn   if' ; m nut Cruus N'l'.sl lii.itii'li the i iu-_ liiin-
u an .mil  leil    lif  loafers mi    tin'   Mill be considerably illlnliilsliiil."
plied mill mirrail Inlo pnsl ,,ili.--s ami     T:„, Klngsgntc liienl mum ,.,,sl List
- - .mil depots i ilii'i    l'1'ii-es-  |,|Rh| ,.,,|,|„,| j  ti,,, m„ ,.,,,1 „|   .,
11,-if ili,-i,,i     nnil explain a      Ilia  f|.L>| ,,,,   ,   ,    wMt.,   w'us s.„„,n„B „„
?'"■«   "''!"" "'■   ,'"' '"'       ' 1!"' '"•''» ti'i.'l- ■'! ""■ slallon.    Tlie
have resell tl,,' lii.nils ol .ie.it    men.    „,  , ,      „,,,.„.
•Ilu-y     Immv     iiisi  Imn   Uu- i-.niiitii   .i,,...i|„i  ,.„,  lU Kni. utnasiiwi   m0it
should    lie; mniiajswl     who slu I lie ,„. u,ss,     The wiwh was   lo    n
»'"' »''"• sll,°"'n , f  ",'"''''      ,' •"'"'" -st. "- ol   orders.        Tin'
"."  "' s,lim"<   ""'  luu' '■|l" ,''  .'"  vnr 5 ,-n-iv  wiirh.l nil  lusl  lil-Khl
.In- ureal departments nl H.e Doniln-      , .   S    .,    |r   k  ,        ,     ,.,,.,,.
im,, in l,,fi  Ihey iliink ihey know nil  i.,,,,,.....,;.!..  „,. „'1S j.. ,i.,.    ,.„.
!l,us''e,,K™e,l''l.iS wile'h out '"Sin-  llnn!iu "'"' ""'""'>' "'"s i"j"lv'1-
mi      In-,   neighllois mul' tin-     children I 	
.in- leil ui home     in lute earn    nf I   .1. All wood, ngenl nl Ilif ('. P. II.
Iheiiiselves -is In-.I lliey fan.    There' liil'lon,  is   tailing liis     m nl  well
is   nnlllllig  1       mil iff .ilile nr   le earned   i.ii-iiliiui       He mill  lis  Inlllily
f-iiifin|ilililf   I,.,n ii Ifiih-t unless il is iiiiiI .Miss Edith  llnwlil! ni-ii- ilnivn lit
ii liiisvlinilv in  ii gossiper. I: llifisgntc Tuesday Inr a  trip,     uml
  I .-vt  week     Air.  All wood will spend
Mi-   Oiiiih-i .limes .i.ui sun Iliehnril mosl nf his lime nu liis   larm   near
spenl   ,i rnupl. nl     ilni .    iliis week I'li-slmi.       Fred   Itelgb,   a relieving
wilh i'.....li.iml. liifinls. ngenl, is filling Mr.   Allwnod's pnsi-
  linn nl   Hit- staliinn.
nl;;fil."''sin,HirL!i!!":li:l;:;i:;i »<>■ <•< < vi^~ r >■•"■•»">>'■■
ll,i       mi     Sultllllu)  lulling, llil ,   A||„,|.|||| sistw „( j    s   M,...,.;.,,),,.,„,
'   is    Inn- mi a sliorl  visil iiiili    Mr.
llr. fliaham Donahue returned    on  ,;l"1 Ml'8' Mi"'l':'"' '"'
willi im-ml- .il I lie const. '   Kini'sl Mills,    nl Greenwood,  m-
  her nf  llie exei'llliii'  board     nf    tin'
"(' ii-sv is i, ki'i-   it  uili     open IVi'sii'in  Pi'ileniliiiii     nf miners,     is
liinn- i.f iliun    .i crow Inn.''    Sn visiiing lhe Ensl   Kootenay     unions
Un- wise mini has saiil, nml yel how in his   nfllcial     ca|i.ieily.     He     will
in.mv Ihere un- who Inrgel  .his piiii- proliatilv ii'tt.rn   In Moyie next week
n.nlf     llnu dlieii liavi' in- wnailereil -mil lie'presenl   while lhe lii'lii.riitlun
mIiv fiuiu-    men who iln nnt possess hoard is in session.
inn  .'Xlrnnrilinnrv ahilily, succeed sn .	
well   hul il    n   notice   mnre parti-     „       „,.   „„,,  ,,„ ,,,,■  ,,„. ,,,.,,.
'"'•"■   "'   "'" '""'  "ul   ""'M'     ""'" i-lci.,iii airvira.  in    UcUriwnr     hill
fill III, ..ill-     lllll.Ilni     ,,.    , .... t   '     .'""'"l    SIMIU.S    III       .1111,11^111 11,11!
, " , '    '   :       ns. Sunday evening.     In ..II probnl.-
11    '"',       ,.,     Ilily in. Mnlt     will   I ngaged     In
 x"f*   succi'l.l  Mr.  l-'iiiilliiy,   who will leave
Trail nn Nnvemlier lirst.
mul <
everyone, frien
smile tlml   win- success.      Of
course w_ iln nnt iiif.ni iln- ilccepliv
hlainl smili- nf lhc scoimilrel, hm  tin- 	
courteous, genial manner. Have ynu It, T. Howard has gone over in
ever nol led Ihnl it you compel your- his ranch near Kuderliv, which he
.-fii in speak kimlly in nm- ymi iln not' urchaseil some lime ago.     llis fnin-
liiii- mu will I'm.I yourself dually   lie-! Iv hns heen living there fm- a n ih
ginning tn sec sonic n I in     them. I r iwn.     Mr.    Ilowunl will    return
Sn if iif prnclice courlcsy it will in In Moyie in ahoiit Iwn week's lime
.he end strengthen -nul ilcvch
nohlcr selves.
P. I.uml ti'lurni'il a few ilnys ago
fiinii ii husiui'Ss trip in Allii'll.i.
A.i-liilf.ii-nn liter, nf Kaslo, II. ('..
preached nn Sandfly uiorning last
In iiuile n large ui.ilii'inT. lie pii'.u'li-
i-il [lom lhe ti'Vl "lllvc ii- this iluy
nm dally litenil." nitiking it partake
nf lhe nature ol n Thanksgiving scr-
\  good .....t.y     pcoplt water     the
milk nl liiimmi titiiliiess.
ttlfi  llrilisli     Columbia Icars    is
'ill.- liuililiiig over   lhe holler     nml
 pressor ai Um Camhrlnii is linisli-
il, ami good progress is luring   mnilc
.'Ith lhe covering over the slmfl.
(From tbe Feruie Free I'ress.)
"Monty," Gi'nnbrook's luinous loot-
Wli.it lliiiisb Columbia fears is ,"m,', is, '" luV'- H? Kas m u?.tt
ihat she may become Jaimncse Go- tool black stuud at Ingram it -\lc-
linivhia, I n'yre's barber shop.
li has boon "oliidally announced I Ml'x iVals""' of u'?) l^'iil govcrn-
tlml Thursday, October 31st will he ,"t'"1 oIlk'e» Il'u uu ^miny tor Wlu-
Thuiiksglvlng day this year. Iiipug.  ^
"Our next issuoTwrote the editor'   ■'■.,''- Armstrong, assistant    com-
i.f .in    excluingc, "will he extremely  i'>lssioner of lands   and    wmks,    of
interesting, ns It    will   contain    tho  ^niAtwk,  was ;,  1-e.nie vhsitor   on
names of all  the delliupiunl suhscrib- ™l"rday.
ers."    Hm when the time came    to 	
semi out the next  Ksue il   was     dis- I    Mr.   A.   tt.    Hleasdell   ii-tiiliied oil
covered  that     there     were in. dctln- -Monday evening from a trip to the
11iicnt subscribers.       They    had all Salmon river country, where he has
paid up!     ttV may  lest   ihe ellieaey .teen    holidaying   loi a     couple of
uf lhe above some dav                                   '
I .vecks.
Tin- leachet: and pupils of lhe' tt- IV. Thompson, manager of the
W'nrdnet school, propose giving ;i Trites-tt'ood store ai Goal Creek, ac-
il.inie in lhe mill hall on llie evening! ompaiilod by his family lelt lor
id December .fist. This will he in heii future home in Vuticouvcr yes-
the form of a box social, the hoses -'"lay morning. Mi. ami Mis.
in he sold iii auction and lhe pin- Thompson leave behind them many
■ veils will in- used in buying gifts lor friends who siucciely regret their de-
all the children, whirl, will be ([ s- par lure. The Trlles-ttood cotnpany
iiilnii.il al tbo annual Christmas slafl ou the eve ut iheir departure
gathering \n ni'ii cordiallj invited I'^senlcd ihem with a beailtltul set
I., come. ol cut glass.
I I miss the concerl in the Lib-1   su      IImi !    bookkcepui lor     Hie
ran hall,   Snturdny evening  Uefuber  Woml-JIcNiib Luiribei comj y, bad a
iPtli. Jiitle adventure mi   Wednesday mom
I ng.    While walking up from the mill
be met a husky looking hear    wl
Mr. Drowley, who    has been nclltig  lie ""', ;i   msk>  |,M,ul,li '»«" ,     1'"
us relieving agenl at ihe local depot °«» wH«l Mm to lake lo the t,ll ir
sii   Hi..  Fomnvul  ...   \l,    U .it      t..   CiilHiiiled      until   bis     hi.ii.ship      e.
♦ t
4 4
(From The Frank l'at.er )
t   i^ ivpi.rt. d  that  eiiiil .-hiiiiii. nls
ii«n Hn- I'nss lo ihe American side
ia Kingsgate are being much ,hl.a-
1 b\   th.- eiislimis . Mice and that  i-
iigiurs are ediiiplnEnlng nt ihe ear
.ni,.i charges linv aie leipill'ed lo
>.i\    iiivlug in lhe dlllleiiUj  as     Hie
c I'. II. exacts ihe cm rental lor
verj -\.t\ a load Is ihii up no uuilter
wbal   Hie cms      whose the l.ii'li   '
To obvintn Hie diilieuliv it  is report- I
ml a consular ,i...-jh will likely be up-'
pointed ai  Frank.
Kdltor .loluis, of the Fernie Ledger,
lei Min.I       li.   Hie     miners  of  Col.-111,111
.Moii,lav evi'liing and spent Tuesday
in Flunk. There isn't any danget of
Mr. Johns having lhe place, a.s he
.aiil dlstluctlv he tlliln'l  like il.     ll
Is reportwl on g I     autliorlty  Ihal
Mr Johns will be lbe labor candidate
in K.isi Kootenny in ihe nexl Dominion election.
Frank W. Sherman, district prcsii-
ileilt uf Hie I . M. tt. of A. and lhe
uelelv of eiplltv, loiiiied wilh a
.lew lo placing candidates in Hie held
in Macleod and Medicine Hal ridings
ii the nexl Dominion election, is an
ssured thing and tbat he will he
he eatididate iu Macleod riding l»-
..leail ol Medicine Hat, as had been
llilliello    assunii'il  would he the ease.
Monireal Star. If we are going In
lurii our schools wholly over lo the
Indies we shall rob Hie rising generation of buys of an influence in the
upbijliling'nr manly character which
cannot well be over-estimaled. Our
ful hers had il. and so did we, though
.. '.sser degree. To pul before Hie
growing hoy as Hie person lo whom
he is to look up in lbe mallei ol
eili.eatimi, of knowledge, of conduct.
a woman—no mailer how clever—is
lo cive him a ladylike ideal whieh
will either weaken Ins character on
llu" side of the manly virtues or load
him io revolt nguinsl authoritative
ilership as represented by his
school mistress.
A Discnn. acim; oitlook
(imlerIch Signal: Things are not
divided evenly in Ibis world. Carnegie has more monev than he knows
what to do wilh, while the rest of
ns have lo advertise for it. In
Kasterii Cnnndn there nol enough men
lo do the jobs, while out on the coast
ihey are trying to chase workmen
out of tbe country. And down i.n
New Brunswick thev have such a
tremendous crop ol potatoes that
Ihey cannot lake care of them, while
up this way there are hardly enough
for the hired man.
isst']•: must hi-: met
Clinton New Urn: There is at least
one plank in Mr. Burden's platform
lhat will call lor consideration, ami
tlml is rural mail delivery.
Winnipeg Telegram: "Times are
ipii.'t." It was iu the reasonable
order of the evolution of things in
Western Canada Unit times .should
be quiet. It is probably well in tlm
progress of development of a city or
■ounliy, as in the progress uf an
individual on what might be termed a
journey, that ihere should be appropriate "mile-stones" whereby a
pause may be made during which the
lessons of the distance travelled may
he considered, and from that consideration and knowledge hetter facilities provided for the immediate future,
Toronto Star:
old Hainan built a gallows once full
fifty cubits high,
(in which be planned io bang a chap
whose iui me was Mordecai!
Hul  something busted up the scheme
ihe King playi-d Inst and loose,
And when the hanging up was   done
'Iwas Hainan iu the noose.
These facts we merely  HieiiMon    here
lor .Mr. Oiiriicy's aid.
Ih-  Wiinls a  tariff    jusl  ns high     as
Hainan's gallows  made.
If   history      repeats       itself,     snv,
wouldn't it be sad
SI Id Mr. (Iiirnev gel whal put poor
Il.n i   In   lbe   had'
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer
Family Herald and Weekly Star
Cranbrook Herald
The Truth About Scotch Whisky  I
knmji.AK prick $4.00
The WcHtern Canadian rending public in made up elilellv ol ihci-e eliiSHep:
PoraoiiH win. have lived in the West torn lengthy peii.nl and aie out-and-out
Westeruem, ninl recent nrrtviils frnm tlm Old Country, from the United
Status and from Rastoin Canada.
I'eihap-  in- newspaper could eater with complete pitti-dimthui in all
these chiHH'j*, hut l.y ihis combination offer e.ery special need is met.
Tin- " Weekly Free I'ress ami I'm!He Farmer" gives a complete nvoid
week hy week nf nil happenings in the Western I'roviiues. In nth Iil inn it
has special departments for American nnd llritisli mMtlers. The " Family
Herald and Weekly Situ" supplies ihe former resident nf Knntorn Canada
with iho news of Hie Eiisturu portion nf the Dominion in detailed form, and
Hie " Cranlirook Herald " provides the local Western new*', which you cannot
dn without.
Mi. Willson   1
Crnnbrook, has been translerreil 1.
Frank, Alia . mid will leave U1I1
toed .mil wenl oil-
Mr.   Hay,   who      has hem
relieving operntor at the l.n
has   been   l lansfel ml   lo  Mm
The past year Ims witnessed    more
petmniieilt   develnpiuent    and   has   pin
diiced 1 e good icMills 111 lhe milling
']'« 'ls disirict of Cranbrook tl nv prei-
dep'H,   jMits year. Within ., sbm 1 time ninny
.pinperlics     wilt he Improved In    ail
....     ...       " ,    ,     ... exti'iil siiiiicienl     tn baie   a   miiHwd
he Kootenny  Central  will     como „!„.- ,,„ lhl,    millllll, ,,,,,.,„jnhs    „,
ben nexl  vt-ar-m      he rrar after-  tlljs .iisl|.i(.L     ff,H| |I(1, HIMlruBl	
01  the jenr nfler thnt, elc, so says (l| r,,ilWavs in the Kootennj     vallev
s" nias MiniighncRsy   when    in-   the new order of   thing* will     have
tervicwed in Nj-lsoii a few days ago-   (utU  Umilt^ .,„,, ,1V ,l(.vl  v|Mr_     „„.
  I-s all signs hiil, the dlfilrlcl will he
Un Saturday evening next, October  unusually active.
Iltb, ihe Moos,. Concert company will! 	
give 01 f Hair    musical treats in     "• s   Kcuy,    local customs officer,
Hu- Mill hail The program for Vs resigned. Mr. Keny has been a
Satiirilav evening is entirely now. I nit'hfiil servnnl of the govornmoiit
Afler the concerl is over Ihere will I or many years and in him thev lose
lie a dance, for which ibe conipanv " Kood ollicer. We understaiui thai
will furnish the music. Everybody''lfl Intends to go into business in
come. .Fernie.
T. II. Whelan has n bentiMftil dis-
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'Play of ore in C. c. Wright's window
T J from bis si Ivor-lend    proposition     in
4 IUIOVIR x! Idaho.     The Whelan bovs appear    to
J 1V1VJI1C. X have  a good     thing in   their mining
4 J  property nnd a number of local people
(Fr«m  the Moyie Leader,) J   J- S. Volume returned ou   Monday
...      ,,     .,     .                  f'""i   a trip   to Vaneoiivcr where he
tt.    0.   Mu.pl.y. general travel Ing represented the Fernie branch of   (ho
passenger   ngenl     nf    tho   Canadian Liberal association al   lhe big   eon-
I'aclflcs western   lines,   wlih    head- volition held in Hial citv on October
ipiarteis at   Winniiicg  says:     "While   |si ,  2nd.     .lark look in all     lhe
11  was lhc nrfginal   plan lo Ulae off ,.„iist   ntlractlons.   but savs      lhat)
the Soo Spokane fast t rain dm ing the Fernie looks good to him.
Ornngt'Vllli! Sim (Con.): The Canadian Manufacturers' association in
meeting nssomblod demund.s a higher
1,.nn. What lhe manufacturers real-
Ij want is a prohibition tariff, bul
Hie rest   of    Hie    people know      more
il 1  laiilTs now than llrey did Miitty
rears ago, ami auy government thai
would increase rather lhan nth ice the
dill) would go down lo defeat. The
Ca uud Inn manufacturers, like those
nf other cniiuiries, ate (ims, and wani
in gulp everything in sight. Let us
dn something for the farmer—it's
nhoul lime.
Very few people in this pail of the
country know Ihal W. I1. White, sup-
ciiulendeiit of the St. Eugene mine,
ai Moyie, was iu the famous Jamieson raid at Johannesburg a number
of years ago, yet that is a fact. Mr.
White was nol only in the raid, but
be took ii prominent part, which, at
that time, was much against his
will. He was made the innocent
messenger of important documents to
Dr. Jamieson, whieh wore carried in
a hollow walking stick, aud it was
this oircuinstance that forced him
into the raid, as lie hud tho choice
id joining or being shot by some or
Jaiiiieson's followers from behind.
•'Hilly" preferred tn play tho game
alive and be did sn, although he was
wounded twice ami today carries a
beautiful scar on bis back as one of
the marks of tbe conflict.
Find euclosu.1 fci.50, for which send me "Weekly Fie.- I'rusa and
Prairie tanner." Winnipeg; " Ftimllv Herald and Weekly Mai,"
Montreal; an.l "Craubrook Herald,"'fur onu your each.
I "UK safest and must n-'rei>hing nf all leverages h Whiskv and S...1.
Where wines ami other slimtilanli. uie f irbldileu, Whiskv. diluti
with some suitable mineral or aerated water, and prescribed by
physician at iln* proper time, bus always n highly benetlelal effect.
Scotch Whiskv has bmg U-eii nckiioHb'dge.1 Hie l^t. li ton nltno
entirely superseded French Itriindy over the greater pari nf the hoi I.
this is owing to the skill and mire which have, of recent veai-- hei
devoted to blondliig. Mall Whisky, l.y itself, unless very ..I.l, is hem
an.l iinpiltitiilde, ami is extremely hurtful to (he digestive organs win
taken fiecly.
Scotch Orain Whisky, however, being made from the lines! g'nlns 111
mailed barley, and distilled praelieally pure by modem appliances,
c|iieiiily pi of erred,   Nn stronger evidence of its purity can be givi
bun this, that one nf ibe mosl eminent Professors of ciien.i-uv
England has used Cam hue O-uiu Whisky for nearly liiin v years.
Tlm blending of Midt and (iinin Whiskies bus within 1 nt yoamlie
reduced ton science, the result U-hig u eotiibiiuiHi.n which uvnfdn 1
heaviness of the " All Malt" Whisky and imparls a distinct delicacy
ihe Ittend, of course I.1.1I1 kinds must li ve ugu. Nothing is IiuibIi
lhan Malt Whisky iiiiinanire.1.
"The 1.1.ud. n Wine and Splrll Trade llecord," nf Kill Mav, l!tltf'.
diseiisHiiig tbe ri'eeiit eoiitrovorsy regarding "atlnuilt" Wliieky,«uys
"ll in iiiiuli lu he n-aii-l it'.l I Im t  1 ln> iiuil iiiiini H.iiim t line ago ntgard
iua-nil uuiil' was I'liinliirtHl Oil It Mri'iin- I ■■ H ivilfl.ilfl lliei'liatiRe
I1.1111 I.lends •>( umin and iiiull lu • nil mall ' WUU IIUU'll liuieslreme, lind 0
im ..ilinii..hI thui    nil  mull' is uul  dmirillilo, and  Mie KllgllHll  Hllil In
w hi.li il mills nivfett nnd (ui Li'ltt iiii "
We are Proprietors ul ton Hootch Distilleries, famous for their uml
of drain and Malt Whiskies, and we hub) enormous Blocks of both tu
in ii intra lili'iiilcl S-uli'li Wlii.ky, tiilitiiinl I   Inl' ntte. quality nm. <
..two. ll iiuvur viiiii',,. It hit. iililiiiiu'il lloiil Mtiiluld llliulii'.l AwiihIh)
wlierovei- oxtilbtUtl in mitiipetltioii wilh oilier liltinitB. l-\,r Geneml
Table Use it ..lmi.1- williinil n livitl.
nllSKIlVK t'Alih'.i'.'I.I.V .11.1. 1.AI.1.I.S, C.AI'SUI.ES, CKHTIFI-
t'ATHS AMI I'OUKS. AN.I '.'Ill's A Villi.
KIN..  ..KORflK"  WHISKY is kiuiwii eretywltora, Iml -I hi ♦
lllfll'   I'll UUV  itiltil'lllty   ill  lllllllillill).'   it, |ll_||.-_ HI'llll   IIS   It |illSl|-lllll  |,il nm    •
uenit'.l Agtint'. niiuie iiiiiI uthlre.... ♦
W'u nl-.. h.'II CALEDONIAN, iwngni.ii.1 us one ol tlio host. ♦
This iilii-i is uiii'ii onlv in llui-i! liim un' now snhSL'iIhere, or lhose ivlm
pay ni' in lull, uml Wll.I* CI.OH'l D_ICKMIII.il 1st.
NUW IS Till'', TIM I. 1" tiilu- U'lvaiilim,' „f Till-: IIKST OKI'KII RVKI1
M Moylo, 13, ."., mi Wi'ilnemluy
I'vi'iiini; liy. llm Hov. H. Hii-Ih-s, ot
riiiiiliiuiik, Mr. .i.mtu' William
IVt'iulii In Miss Clmoc Kli/.ilii'ili \.il-
smi. ni .'ornle, in Ihu iiii'si-ni-o ol a
few Intlinnte friemls. Mr. uml Mrs.
Wt'i_;h!  will reside in Mcyh
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephen. & Knckentlorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   OAY
Calgary, Alta.
I Tuke imlii-e ihal The King Lumber
Mills, Limited, inli'inl to apply lor
lii'iinissiiin in j.ui,'],.,__!_. (he following
ili-si'iilied land:
Commencing at a posl plunli-il at
the sniilh-enst corner ol Uie I. Ca-
liill timber limit, Lot i:il_, tlience
running nortli tblrly-flve chains,
tlience oust Iweniy chains, .hence
snulli twenty chains, more or less, to
lbe II. C. Southern right-of-way,
tlience following the suiil right-of-
way in a south-westerly direction to
point of commencement, uud enntaining lillv acres, more or less.
(Sgd) The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.,
Oeo. Hmigcrtofd, Locator.
Paled September lath,  1007.  2f!-r.t
. •*•«-• • • **
A Good Investment
on  ynur  luui.-,' Ihis winter will
sate iiiw-hall your eoal hill,
in.loi now Ir llm
Cranbrook Sash and
Door Company
All kiiuls of Huililing Malarial
sol Huililing Muliuiulnii   .
n.l or liulilo In unler j
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
W. It. tltxitty.  Ktineral Dirt-.-l.ir
(.miibruulc II, C, I'lione Nu, h-.i
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is insl up-to-
, date and is modrrnly equipped
| lo do lust the best work in all
" branches ol the tonsorial art.
Livery  S
Tenuis ami drivers fmul.lie.l for mi'
point in the district.
A. HOVI.K. Mflnairer
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Hive me a call.
R. P. RITHET _ CO., Ltdj
soli: agents X
l:RI:l) ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment ol Fishing Tackle suitable
(or the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs ol The Great West.
Hiuyi'le Ituptirs nlwuvs lit itin'1*.    Machines (ur pulling uu Doggy {
Ktibliur Tyres, with Tyres always on liiiinl. !
I'HOXK 110
r. ii. it..x in
B.C. Livery and Feed Stables   ,
11 .111 HIIIHE'. ALWAYS Til HE  HAD '
Manitoba Hotel
iian Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook. b c.
Headquarters for
The ManitobaliMiitnillyloealoil ami has one of lhe hiulillnliigroon
In the eity.   The bar la aitppiM with the husi ol Liquors ami t llga
i! The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
triiittttifiiiiii.K.tiri.tMtixtiittiittf THIS'CUAN ROOK    HKUAkO
Ernest Brain, representing ito London Times, among the party of Drifr
isli journalists who visited Camilla-
tins summer, is writing a series ol
lour artieles on some aspects ol
Canadian lile. The first ol theso
bas appeared under the head "lmmi-
grnblon."    It is ns follows:
No one   who had    not seen Can-
min," said a very distinguished Canadian to the     writer the other day,
"can appreciate whut Canada means
to the   Empire and     to the world."
Tho   statement      Is  hue.       One ean
Im in much of Canada from    books,
^^^        from personal ittter-
wltll   those    who are familiar
vitli its geography amt its resources,
IOOF     Key City ledi*;holli agricultural nml mineral; hul to
' w« *i«  uamt. ...r. P«l« nnyMilng approximating n   just
no. n, iMwwirj ||PJt „[ uie Imiiienso possibilities    of
Monday     night    W U,|H VilK| |mnilni  it is necessary to
New    fraternity   Hall.     Sojourn-IVIhM tin-   country, lo walk   through
Ing Oddfellows cordially Invited. , nH_ s|,<r|s of its cities, traverse   its
Murphy A Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold FishTt.
Crebuknt Lodge No. :tt       li-
Cranbrook, B. C. |«
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m. -* i
New Fraternity Hall. '
.1. It. Henderson. K. of It   A 8.
W.  A. Holiins, 0. 0. .
Visiting  brethren  cordially tavtted\tvm mV*i w»rt
to attend. ' n"ron """' ,,,n'
Chas. Smith
N. O.
II.  MeKay,
tmiihf.iiik l.ntfie, Nn. J4
\. V. m A. M.
Iti-aulat nieellncs •>■
tbt ihiid Thuisdaff
of evrty  month.
apparent Iv unending plains, ascend iis
nioutilaiiis, pass 14)rough tlie vailleys,
descend inlo its mines. \liove all,
i.lie must rome inlo personal eon-
I,iel with Ihe loyal people ol Cnnndn,
whose faith in llie destiny of their
eountrv is unbounded, whose nttneh-
iii.'nl tn its soil is as passionate
that  of any    people in auy  part
|sonal cleanliness, baths being prov
ed iu this as in other parts of the
ship. There is a covered deck, und
above it the passengers ean tftke
exercise or dance In the open air.
Thoughtful provision is made for old
and young alike, and a sand pit affords a never-failing means of amusement to tbe little children who form
a not inconsiderable proportion of
tho immigrants, The food, though
plain, is varied ami plentiful, and is
of the same quality as that provided
for tlie other passengers,
In conversation wiib the writer, a
gentleman travelling hy tlie Empress
of llritain contrasted the present
state of things witli lhat obtaining in
1855, in which year bis parents emigrated from the (Uii Country. It
IooIj tliein livi- weeks to make the
sea voyage to Canada, and Ihey wero
compelled   tu   simply   Ibciiisclves   wit.h
everything neeessnry for their exist
ence rin ring that time They
many hardships .mil privations wh.
the emigrant <>f today is spared; hub
their courage ami faith weie instilled
and llieir son is today the premier ol
'one nf the greal provinces of the
Canadian Northwest, which offers t.i
tbe seltler opportunities nut less
ureat. probably much greater, than
those enjoyed l.y the pioneers of half
a century ngo.
Vast as is their territory, the Canadians have no   room for undesirable
aliens;     and    tbey are   always doing
their best to    prevent their entrance
as and lo eliminate   them should   they
of ciTci-i a footing in the Dominion.  The
Visiting ftreth en welcomed.
Edward Klwell. W.M
W. F. Attridgc, Sec'y.
lilu' world to the'  land of Hu-ir birth precautions begin at  the port or em-
|or their adoption, ami whoso optim htirkntlon, The emigrant on taking
ism, energy, ami courage nre at once ship al Liverpool is under the eye ot
au example anil an inspiration. an inspector, whose duty it is to see
Hut Canada is n distant parti of that no person suffering Irom infertile Empire, ami il is not given to lions disease shall travel hy tiie ves-
ovory one in the British Isles lo sel, In the next place, the ship's
cross the ocean and see with his surgeon must certify on oath that
own eyes what has been already ac- those on liis books have lieen vacol-
cminllshed    in the    huge    territory na-tcd and that they are fit and pro*
I which stretches from the Atlantic to per persons to enter Canada,
the Pacillc, nnd     which is absorbing whom he finds    to be unlit are    sent,
population from every civilized coun- back tu their owp country.     On land-
itry in the world for the development ing llie Immigrant must pass another
of its voting and vigorous Industries, examination known as tlie civil    ex-
. Those to whom a visit to Canada   is animation, held for statistical     por-
drtiied may     learn something     Irom poses, together with n further medl-
Itho impressions of a traveller     who eal examination.     Until he has   done
LOYAL ORANGE LODGE, NO. 1871  has recently    crossed tlie     continent so and his card is stumped, he cannot
Irom ocean to ocean, and whose    op- purchase (l ticket     for   any train iu
portunities of inquiring Into the con- Camilla, nor can tie leave the confine
dilions    ol life and labor have    been      .^_——
ficilitated liy the kindness of     many flee.     A travelling agent accompanies
representative men    in all parts     of all  trains  from    Montreal  lo Winui-
, tho Dominion.                                     |peg. but a third    medical Inspection
The lour   was undertaken hy    tho is    made before   the latter city    is
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at f
Chas. Smith, W.P.
M. D. Billings, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially iuvited.
Meet at B. of L. F. Hall 2nd  and1
4th Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
id-(cadi taken up a quarter section (161)
acrwj near mint'. AllogeUiei wo
have some IUI) or 500 acres under
cultivation. The Canadian Northern
lailway and a branch oi ito C. P. It.
have collie lluougii oui district sluce
oui settlement, and one ol my broth*
era bus been olieivii 15,0(11) lot bis
quarter section, which was granted to
him by the government two 01 three
veals ago."
The coming of the railways to this
locality so soon was a piece of   good
fortune which was not lo be counted
on, and many uf the settlors of    today have to lake up their homesteads
|an places which arc far distant   from
ny  railway, and  which  ma}   not  be
appetl     by one for a long time     lo
ome.    Tbey cannot expect tho value
i then land io be     enhanced except
by  their uwn labor,  and  this     labor
thousands ol  men aie depending,  silently and unseen, to ibe gie.it profit
■ndnmi" I lhl advantage both ol tliemselves ami
mu""1  of tlie country.    Practical!) .ill   the
lice land     in .Manitoba suitable     for
British    Immigrants has now    been
I alien up, ihuugh foreigners who euro
o accept  laud  ot  an  lUfCllui
can siiii secure It. of com
i. plenty ol luml loi sale, a.
in Manitoba not moro tbau •
in nine is inula cultivation
plaints of Uie countr) arc hai'
"tAc have no really poor p>
Liis country," writes the wil
lhc Reglttn Standard, in answer to an
Inquiry,    "There is work lor nil. The
fjroigncr who lands with his wife and
children buys a cheap loi, buildi.    a
li.ud bouse or a lug.shanty, then gets
to work wilh shovel oi buck-saw, Tlie
lhc wife lakes to tho wash-tub,   and
hey arc soon    earning dollars     intend of dimes they would at home."
The demand tor laborers, which   is
real, is one result of railway euler-
nsc.    Tiie men ou tbu railways Ibis
y_.-ar exceed the number employed last
Those  *Val ''■   thousands.     'l**ic coal   mine
.f unp re-
Nova Scotia had   .1 year
■ ilcuted prosperity in 1908.
Nova Seolia has the thickest known
coal seam in the world (17 feet) at
Coal output in Nova Scotia. lOllfi
M million tons.
Lumber shipments,
Ion feet.
l'< wi.
lumber industry em
■ii   and has  1 million-
« there
Nova Scotia
ploys 5.01)11 n
'Total output   from   all Industries-,
Hifl millions, or $],.H)Q per family.
Failures,     ltlUli,  onlv  I)!), as      com*
pared with HT in 1905.
Canada had,     1901, ov-
imlls,     employing   not
ha mis each.
r   lun    ll,UU
less   than 5
Capital invested, $14,680,558; 1,351
employed; wages, $t,985,»9l
Ontario has 275 mills; Manitoba
(7. (-fuobce, 85; Maritime provinces,
31; Saskatchewan and Alberta 17,
lliiiisb Columbia, 2.
exports     1901-1
uc, $5,800,358.
Take notice that 1, William Sherwood Belli ot Cranhrook, 11. 0., occupation, Veterinary Surgeon, intend
to apply tor a special timber liceuso
over  the following described lauds:
l. Commencing at a post placed
ou the east bank ol Scmliu Creek,
auoul forty (l«j cliains from Moyie
Itiver, running kii chains west, tin-net
mi chains soulh, thence Ml ebaiiiL
•ast, thence 8U chains north to point
of commencement, and containing uiu
acres, more or less.
Located this 4th day of September,
\. I)., 1007. *
2. Commencing ai a post placed uu
the casl batik ol Suinliu CiecU, <iboul
in chains south ul Moyie Kiver,
running SU chains east, Uience 80
ham* suuth, theuce au chains west,
thence au chains i,.;i.ii lu point of
Loiiiiiiciieemciu, und coiitaiitilig MU
acres, more or less.
Located this -ah day ul September,
A. D. 1007.
T. Boyter,
W. M.
J as. E. Lri-igoo,   I
o. the wesi have also absorbed ad
I ition.il men. The consequence is
tbat all ihis year the immigration office at Winnipeg has been unable to
}mvi the applications for men on the
arms, notwithstanding the fact that
the wages offered are 20 per cent
h.glicr than last year. All experienced farm laborer can earn $30
o $IU a month (about 80s. lo -Ills, a
. .,    ■',,,, r ii    ■.!..■.    t   vcek),   with  board,     less experienced
,1 Ito Imililinits nl llie iiiiiniKiultoii ..I- lm.„ {;,i||g |uW ,„ j,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.
"lf uu   iigrlrulltiriil liiliiiii-i iii'iives
at Wiiuiiiiee, witli llu in Ills iiuekci,"
Nearly Iml. to ..teal Britain; II,-
:ili;,;tii_ in Newliiuiullainl, 1903,032 i„
llrilisli Africa,
Value ul lluiir e«|iorleil, lasl. 10
years, 31. millloiii..
Vuluo nt grail) i'_|ioited, 190-1-5,
$18,781,000; llnur ami ii.tivr iirotluet.
In. Lfiain, I8,50_,00li-lotal nl V27,2»li,-
Total limn inil'lini; capacity of western t'liniida, 3..,-lfi5 burrels jiet- day.
Montreal is Canada's coittmorclnl
Miiiitreul is I'linadii's largest cllti;
|in|ililiilii,li.   100,000.
Birrii.cr, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc.
2   Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offloi tl RnMeBot, Armstroni Art.
Forenoons 0 00 to io on
Allernoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - . - - 7.30 to
Sundays - - - - 2 30 to
CRANBROOK ::    ::    i:    i
B. C.
writer us nne of a partv nl Uritisli reatiltett liy a doclor wlio carries it
I ournulists invited liy Sir Thomas Olil at' a iiiiinl 11.0 miles east ot tliat-
Siiitugticsssy, iiresident ot llie Cana- cfnler. Any norson about whom a
dim Pacific railway, to go as bis doubt exists' Is Mien liroiiRht, to tlm
guest across tbe great ocean ami immigrnlion hospital at Winnipeg lor
railway system witb which his name observation nnd treatment. Finally,
is identified, as far as tbe island of under Iiu* Iminigriition Act., any jie'r-
Vaticouvor, on lbe extreme west of son declared to be undesirable' niav
liritisb Columbia. The bist'try ot Ih* deported, even alter a residence o't
the recent development of Cannula is two years in ('aiiii-tn; and Ibis provi-
argely bound up witli Unit ol tlm sion is no empty formality, but is
C. P. It., tn give the railway l-lto conslantly enforced. .Stringent as
.I'signalion by which it Is known these regulations appear, they uio no.
loin one end of llie Dominion to tho sufficiently so to satisfy ihe de-
nlher. Beginning in 18H3 witli tlHi nuinils of manv Canadians, wlio in^
4UII or 000 miles wlllcll bail been eon- sist Hilt grenier care sbonld lie
Iruclisl by the government when tin taken lo prevent lhe admission of
1 orpora-t.ion took over the line, tho, persons who do nol conform to tbe
('. P. K. has now 10,23!) miles ol standard considered necessary it
I ailway, and is Ihe great artery Canadian citizens are to be worthy
vhieh connects Hie Far West ot Can- ol Hu-ir eountrv.
ada with tho older and more seMle.ll Agriculture 'is. and always must
provinces on Hie eastern border of „0i ,,„, *mivs[ industry ol Oart-
the Dnminion. Ily i.s means ttie.,^, u,„| it |„ t„ |llllslll. n;is vocation
Jirincis nn Hie great wheat growing flint, ibe greal majority of liniiii-
llelds of Hie noiHlwesI  provinces   are Br.,|l|s .,,.,, ,|,,S|j,„,i |.;v.,v Kclt|,.r
enaWlcd to convey llieir produce lo wh„ (|win.s ,„ ,,„ s0 ,,.,„ nM;,iT, |rom
llie polls un Lake Superior, wlicneo n,,, c.nmid|an government KIO acres of
II iliwls lis way to the eastern sen; hml as ., h.(V KiM „„ |lls 0OmplyJn«
with certain very reasonable and
Fitly thousand of
were given    last
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p in.
Office and residence un Armstrong ave
CKANBROOK -      -    B.C.
office:  HOURS:
!) to 111 a in.
1 to   6 p in.
7 to   8 p in
Oilier in new Roll! BIo«k
CRANBROOK        -      -      - B. 0.
id tlie commissioner of Immigration
to the writer, "we will lind him a
job on a farm where he cau earn
Money at once. After that it is his
wn fault if he does not get a living.
Such a man could save in two or
hree years $200 or $300. Upon this
capital he could take up a home-
leatl. If a man comes oul- for the
purpose of homestead ing, however, it
is advisable thnt he should have
$500 to start with."
The great Held for immigrants iu
Western Canada is agriculture; but
mines, sawmills, and railways call
for many hands, who receive mueh
higher wages than those paid to men
of the same class at homo and whose
xpenses are nut proportionately-
higher. In the cities and towns unskilled labor is not wauled, and no
provision is made for the necessities
of loafers and tramps.
It is interesting to note Hie rapidly with which Canada is assimilating its new population. In addition
ti those coming llom lhc British
Isles uml the United Stales, the 1m-
nigranfs classified in the government
eturns show that some lit) uationall-
ies are represented by those who
eek iheir homes iu tliis country. The
rigitial immigrants preserve for a
time their native costumes, alwl nos-
ibly for a longer time still llieir
eld habits of life uud thought. Hut
become Can-
Montreal    was
neiive iu I IS 12.
founded bv Mnison-
lluildiiig permits,  IllOli, $7,715,023-
Jncrc'tKc of -t millions over  (WW.
\'.l o[     Canada's      trade     passes
through the port of Montreal.
Kill ocean vessels entered  the port,
1110(1, inland craft, 12,557.
The  I .'1,373 vessels   represented     a
tonnage of  1,700,000 tons.
Montreal    shipped,
husttels ol wheat.
UiiHi,  11  million
Value   ol
menls,    HIOil,
■107,708 hhls.
Montreal's   dairy ship*
21!A   millions; apples,
Montreal's' street railway net earnings, year ending Sept. 30th, lOOti,
$1,240,760—Increase ol $102,858 over
Montreal's street railway carried 77
million passengers in 1007.
clearings,     1000,
increase ol $200,-
board for shipment to     Kurope, ami
(wbem-e, also, it is dcspalclied tti i4m{^fiV roIMijtions
'United States of America Bv Its (,1(^,   |((>mos,r;Hls
means also the    mannlacturcs of the'vlMI, „    ;ir(t;l „,   am)r,HnK to , ■■■■■■  :■■;■•
provinces of Ontario and Quet.ec   aro {^ svstl,m of a]|0,im,n, adopted   b-> '  '"•• ' f 'l
taken into huge freight cars, capah^ ,     ?^m mHes      „  ,       r^
of ear yfng   0 tons apece   across Ww LJ^ fil(,'t  „];lt     no.will.slandin< i',   ,h   ,'™T,\J     1      v filiei.,,,'years,
desoate nml sterile      raet  of    conn- „,      V(t  , „        ,     )!ll|!:i|il)I1   durll|  ^u/ifnn u* t^^' H.,r,   li.?   , S-'
try between Central Ontario and the   w fflfi,  u,ent        'w'  hftrm      m0£ 1 .easant won..... will lelurn hei    pic
norHicrii   shores of    Lake   Superior. \.-mn   ;1 )K.r (,p-n," n,   the agriculturnl
latsl  in  the great  Northwest  hns as
., . .    ,.    I vet   Ikh n     phuisl    under  t tiltivn t ion.
live,,, Hie eastcrt provinces and   the 7hm       , ,„    ,   „,0 p|.ovlncM    o(
Nortliwesl with Its proud aspiration|A1bortn< M.1Tli,„,,, ,„„, Snskatcbewan
120,000,000 aires not settled; and il |m,.|
I is ls*lii*vi*il thai     Itomcslonds    could  jII(,s.
In* grnntcd tor Hie ticvl fltteen  years
ill llie same ratio     as lhose allotted
last year. »
1   Tlii'ic is no   iloulit  that   Iiii: condi-
Monlreal's bunk
l.,iK.a,5m,nm.| au
000,000 over mos.
Moiilienl    ranks      eighth
American clearing houses.
Imports of .Montreal, 1030, $83,281.,-
037; exports, S81,..8»,!i'l_; total ot
This represents a doubting in    ten
traction ol Hie
natural harrier be
nt the    Km-
in liii'niiie Hi    	
Important     as    nre these burdens.
Iln'i  arc by no means all  that     the
Canadian Pacific railway is destined
in    transmit.       Its   most preolous
fii'lubl, Inr it  is om. without    which . ,___—______»M«_n_
no progress in Canada could In- pos- <"",s '" 1|'1' ''"' '""' wl"> Km's out '"
sible. is lhe human clement In tlie!11"' I'1''""' "' '"ne western Hinds
problem nl the development ol a new an' -'''ml ,or " ""■"• i""1 still hard-
i.'iiiiliv-ilie Immigrants who (urnlsh M '"' » woman. Tho ollmata in
tiie labor lor which Western Canada is winter ls severe, and lhc work labor
always crying out. One of llm i""s MM exacting,
iiiiiiiiniiicst. as well as lhe most again
touching "I Uio s-iglits on tho Oatntd- cd,
i.m Pacific railway    is Unit ol     "    "
tiiresiiue dress, but her daiiglitcr   be-"     »". v-_lu" ol P™!""'" ol Montreal s
nines     inilistinguishalilii   Irom     the I manufacturing industries lias     grown
tber    young    Canadian  girls.      Ailt™> »• millions ln PK.1 to 100 mil-
I.ouWiolwr, clad in sheepskins     am. m.lions. ___
knowing no language but his nwn. will     ,,    ,     , t        „. ,    .   .        ,
take his   child with liiiii us au inter-    Montreal now has a 30 foot channel
when he visits a luwu on bus- at extreme low water.
and the hoy or girl will con-     „    ,     ,,        ,  „„,
duet the   necessary conversation    in    Montreal s customs collection, 1000,
English as fluent and Idomallc as any j*8,Ki„,.-10.
llial one ciiiild hear in Hie Dnminion.     ,,   ,     ,      ,     .. , ,
The minds ot these young people arol..Mo" "«-• !'"Jl.ks ln'1'1 '" si"' al",°"S,lc0 ,J..|M sou,l.   ,„     „oillt „, tom.
vcrv susceptible to the influence    ol <■'" cities of lhe self-governing .colon-|l^«^ns --O^J".,,1™'^"1.™™
bo country and none ure more ready  "'s. exceeded only by Melbourne   and
than Ihev   to join   with heart    and Sydney. 	
voice     la   the two   patriotic songs | MISCEU_ANEOUS
Commencing at
the west lurtt ot
ahoul 120 chains trot
running nil chaius iv
chains south, thence
a pubt placed
ttumlill Lie*,
i Moyie River,
est, uieucu au
eu chains east,
theuce tm cliuins  uoiih to poi
Loinmenceiiietit,   aud cou lain ing    tiu
teres, more or less.
Located this lib day of September,
A. 0. 1007.
1. Commencing at a pust placed on
ihu UesL t-uu. oi ^ciiiuu tue.v
auoiiL 120 chains itoin lUoytti lu
uiu.iig au cnams    east, iU.ucc
cnaius south,  Uience t>u chains  wisi,
aeucu au cliains nor Hi iu pomi ui
coiuiiieucemeut, and con lain ing nu
ictcs, iiioic or less,
l.ocaieu ihis UU day of September,
V. i). 1007.
a. Commencing at a post placed 70
L'huillS ca.il ol lue loi'hs ul beinlin
Ciees aud about i.m chains souUi
ol inoutli oi .Mgger Croek and Uu
hams trom Moyio Kails, running &u
chaius soutb, thenco su cbains east,
uience mi chains not in, theuce su
chains west to po.ni ul commencement, and containing uiu acres, moro
or less.
Located Ibis llh day o( September,
A. U. 1007.
0. Commencing at a posl placed 160
chains due sotitu ol lhe mouth ot
Boulder Crook, tunning -lu ciuius
west, thence ItiU chains south, theuce
111 chains cast, theiicu ItiU cbaiu->
nortli to point of commencement, and
loutuiuliig Olu acres, mure ut less.
Located this IStli day uf September,
A. 0. 1007.
7. Commencing ai a post placed on
tho north bunk of Moyie River l"
chains above mouth ut Mgget Creek
at the S. W. corner of Lot No. MUT,
ihence running east 6U chaius, theuce
south 80 chains, thence west SU
cliains, thence north au chains to
point ol commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located this 4th tla- of September,
A. U. 1007.
8. Commencing at a post placed
SU cliains east of H milt: post ot
C. I'. It. line ol Moyie Kiver, running 80 chains south, theuce Su
chains west, thence SO chains north,
tlience 80 chains east to point of
commencement, and containing U10
acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 10, 1007.
0. Commencing at a post placed
liit) chains east ol 11 mile post of C.
1'. It. line ol Moyie River, running
80 chaius soutb, theme SU chaius
west, thence 80 chaius north, thence
Su chains oast lo point ol commencement, and containing UIU acres, mote
or less.
Located Sept. 10, 1907.
and exacting.       Over nnd    over
one hoars    the warning rcpeat-
1 Advise no one to como out here
"tho{who is nol able and willing to worta,
CV...   .NIIIMI'ltS  .Nl.   DOMINION !
ttS" CranbrtMik.B.C.
********************** „,„„.,,,
H.  Y,
Hallway mil Mining
.'ligitictTing a S|iri..illy
I'll,mc  171
I'. ... llm 11
New ami Secmnl hand, .'iinii-
iliuu or American makes ninny,
on blind.
" llelereni'i's in 0 liiilooor: Fink
Mercantile Co., V Mule linker,
W. II. Wilson mul Iteid's Dry
(iowU Store.   Addiessi
I'. O. Uox UW.       C'lgary, Alta.
Immigrant .rains carrying the future a"'1 '« »"lk hard.     I here Is n0 place
clllJcns nl CiiniKln  lo their destlnii-.'"' »«''') " Person in Canada,   where
lions on    lhc great  solitary    plains,,"err one must depend on his     own
Which beliirc manv veins have passed exertions ...  go under.       II,    bow-
will    he the   homes   o. millions    ,,( ever, a mail is prc|iaml to rough it
hnlipy ami prosperous people.   Before '" 'aeo flttnciittlos and hardships with
nroceetllni to speak nl the conditions »?«rago and rtisoliillon, Hiere Is prac-
'■I   the   eniinliv llsell, I    musl say ,lie;illy no ilniiht ol llis ultimate suc-
soincthlng ot Uieso   Immigrants,    to "'ss     Canada is a country of    un-
whoso well liciug the Onnaillan   gov- ImiHnl  possibilities     lor lhose who
attaches lhe Utmost Import-1 Can late .ulvalilage of Hie opporllltli-
m,oo     The latest returns show that lies wliioh she presents, ami especially
In seven years Canada's immigration lot men like lhe small    holder    who
has   increased    I 000   nri cent,  The finds it    iliflieiill in the Old Country
mini Immigration to Canada tor llm to gain a bore    subsistence on   four,
Iwctv ililhs ended .lune 30th, 1900,|sl», nl   leu acres   nl land.       Such a
was 189,001; Inr lhc twelve    months num. Willi lull ncrcs. is assured of a
ended .lime 'loth.    1907, was 189,0117, -livelihood    Iiiiiii Iiii! beginning,    and
,il   readies 2M,088-n gain of 62,974, jn the course of a tew years can at**
in :t;i   per   cent.      Hv way ol ocean toin an indi'l leiice which no amount,
I ports the numbor   was ]9,i',_20,    us ol lalnn and Industry would procure
nguilisl   III.,2118 Inr the pievlous vear for Will in lhe land of his blrlh. This
'—a gain nl 10 per cent.     Krom   Hie 's all Unit lbe Canadian government
I nited Slates the number was SO.fils, aims al  in Hulking     lis grants    ot
us compared "lib M.T.lii lor the prev- land.    I. Is not roncernrd that men
lniis vi'ii-.i   decrease   nt I.27K,    nr sliould grow rich, but desires to see
iilioui 2 per cent |Scallend over its lerritories a large, I   ol Ibis   Nova    Scotia, $8,309,085;
i   Ciniing as Ihey do from across the contented,     and    prosperous popula- INt.w    Brunswick,   14,817,09..; Prince
ocean   II    is interesting lo nolo Unit Won.    Such a pnpi.lntton Is steadily  Edward Island, 1098,922.
the   Hritish   immigrants   are better growing up in llie    Northwest prov-1 	
cared tor    on their   wny than were inccs; but   he area Is so vnst   that     Miirilime provinces have 72'1 lobster
those who loft our shores even a tew Progress;  though really rapid, seems 'cnnerlcs, employing 11,000.
years ago.       The time is not    very slow lo lhose who know lhc country I 	
remote when the emigrants on board ami    realize its    capacity    for sup-     Value of plant, »1,400,800; output,
ship were herded together like cattle polling millions    of families    whore |]I05, »;.,907,000
—to use the expression of one      '*""■ '""" ""' " " ""'
.which one hears so often and so fer-
ently sung—the "Maple Leaf"
be National Anthem.
Maritime provinces nre neatly as
lirge as Kuglaiid and Wales.
Population, 8».'i,!)53.
Sea coast line from Hav of Kuiuly
i.* Straits of Belle lslo-f»,«00 miles-
liure than double that of the United
Deep sea fisheries received $130,000
ns hot.i.tv in 111115, or M.uiio.uihi sinle
Value   of    fishery yield, 1870-1005,
totals -10(1   millions. '
10. Coiiimencing at a post placed
ItiU cbains east ol 11 mile post on
C. P. It. line ot Muyie Kiver, running
ti) chains east, thence lttO chains
north,  ihence 40 chaius west,    thei.ee
niencement, and containing Mu acres
more or less.
Located Sept. 11, 1907.
11.   Commencing at a post    placed
200 chains cast ol 11 mile post on C.
P. 11.     line ol   Moyie Kiver, running
.40 chains  east, theuce    IUU    chaius
is 148   years   old, dating north, thence 40 chains west, thence
U>ila alone, 11     mil
  , of families     wiwicij
who now not a single settler is lo_toe seen j
„,.    b.     Uallwavs I   Maritime provinces     have over
-»♦♦»»»»»»»# erlbod it to me.     The Canadian Pac- ••"' heing pusluil on as quickly as tbe 'million apple trees; Nova Scotia
| nnVrwent    the    experience and des- on the unbroken     prairie
iflc railway has pursued, with rc-gard resources of the country will admit ol  million;  'fcew   Brunswick,    700,000;
to these people, au enlightened policy Hielt construction, and wherever ttiey .prince Edward Island, 300,000.
wliieli is calculated to have a    most go   prosperity      follows    in    their I _
salutary influence.     On board    tnelr wake. I   Nova    Scotia's    apple   shipments
; a test liners, the Empress of llritain | "I came out to Saskatchewan four, lOliti, 325,000 hhls,
nnd Empress of Ireland, tho name years ago," said a voting Scotchman
The French Dry Cleaning procesi ".steerage" hns been abolished, to- to tho writer. "I was an nrtlsan,
enables us to clean mens pants, suits gether with the abuses so long as- ami, siring no prospect of getting on
and neckties, ladles suits and skirts sociatcd with it. The emigrants are al Itome, I decided to emigrate. T
In such a wajr that they positively known as tttlrd-eten passengers, had $200 when I arrive.], ami with
look «s good as new. ,Tlwfr quarters are, in all essentials, this I seltlcd    on a   farm 711 miles
We are experienced dyerB and clean- similar   to    those id the first    nml from Routlna, the capital of the prov-
ers, therefore, we do not require   to   «'-«*! glasses, und tbe ship's officers hire, ami 25 miles from flrenfell, the
send anything down east pr up west, tike care tbat ihcy    shall be    kept nearest railway station.       I camped • nken Irom It.
weot awl clean.    The sleeping    ac- nut on mv homestead In a tent, and '
Canada is 30 years old, dating from
from British conquest of 1750.
Canada is 372 vears old, dating
from Carrier's first visit of 1535.
Quebec is 200 years old; Montreal,
2115; Halifax, 150; Toronto, 114.
Victoria is 62 years old; Vancouver, 26; Winnipeg, 37.
Hudson's Bay company is 240 years
old (1607.)
Original shares quoted ou basis of
£100, now worth £120,000.
It is Canada's oldest joint stock
Of the 33 Fathers of Confederation,
only 2 survive: Sir Charles Tupper,
'Hon. A. A. Macdonald.
Ol the 18 colonies ol the Empire,
Canada takes the lead.
|   Canada was the first colony to asW
for and receive wl (-govern ing powers.
Canada was ito first colony to form
The British North America Act   Is
Canada's Magna Charta.
Uuiil Keeper, intend to apply for a
special Limber license ovei the tol-
lovWng described laud:
Commencing at a post planted at
lbe south-east corner of Lot 3096,
ihenee west 40 chains, tbenee south
20 chains, thence west 80 chains,
theme south I" chains, thence east
Hi chains, theuce south to chains,
thence cast IU eliains to west tiouud-
ary ->f T. L, of L. Clapp, Uience
north J'1 ehains to N\ W. corner ol
P. It. W. to, thenre cast to a point
just soulh of S. E. corner of L. 3066,
iniiili to puint ol commencement, and
enntaining (.10 acres, fore or less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Mated Sept. 25, 1907. 27-6t
Take notice tligt 1, Henry F. Lan-
decK, ol Gateway, H. C, occupation,
Kailway        AgiUi, m tends       to
ppiy lor permission .to purchase   Uie
lollowing tiesciibcd land:
t'oiiiuieiiciug   at a post    planted 4
miles   wesi of the Kootenay   river
ong on the luierualioiiat Uouudary,
thence north 8U chains,    iheuco   west
-ii   chains, thence south w    chains,
theuce west    4U chains,  thence souiu
.chains,   thence east ou ebaius to
pomt of commencement, and containing tilu acres, more or lest.
Henry h\ Landeck,
Dated JuLy 2ath. 1007. 8l-tH'
Take notice that    I, Nicholas l'ow-
is, ol UrauUrook,  D. C, occupation,
imbei Cruiser, intends io apply lor
Special timher liceuso ou-i  lhe lol-
iwlug described laud:
Commencing at a post planted   at
t.ie uorth-west corner   of   Lot 2798,
thenco south su chains, theuce   west
8U cltaius,  theuce    north bu     chaius,
(hence    cast 80   chains u> place    ot
uieiiceineiit,    and   containing 940
.-,, more or less.
Nicholas Powers.
Take notice that 1, Abel Horsuian,
oi CianUrook, D. C, occupation,
Lumberman, intends lo apply tor a
ipecial timher license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
three and a lull miles south ol Cur*
zon*<fad about two miles east of the
:. I'. Kailway, tOeoce cast lbO
Ua;oj, theuce south 4u chains,
thenco west HO chains, Uience north
diaius to point ol commeacement
and conuining 040 acres, tuoie or
Abel Horsman.
Dated August 22, 1007. 24-6t
Take notice that Cirant Miller, ol
Winnipeg, occupation, Gentleman, initials lo apply lur permission to purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner 20 chains west
of Lot 2oIti, Group 1, thence north
80 chains, thence east 20 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence went
20 chains to point of commencement,
and couMiainf 190 acres, mure or
Grant Miller,
Frank Fletcher, Agent.
Da ltd July 9, 1007. 20-91
Cane Breton has six collieries.
The    Princess,    or   Sydney pit,
learly a mile umlcr the sea.
mm J.  LEASK, Tailor
Take notice that I, Robert Rohson,
of Mayook, R. C, occupation, Rancher, Intend to apply for a special Um-
,ber license over the    following des-
 .cribed landa:
— I   Commencing at a post planted    at
Its undersea   workings    cover 11520 the    south-east  cornrr of    mr nre-
ercs, ami 54 million tons have been emptlon,   thence    north    80 chains,
..     .       ,*. .thence east 15 ehains,    thence south
130   chains,   thence   east 85   chains,
160    chains south to point of    commencement, and containing mo acres-
more or less.
Located Sept 11, 1307.
12. Coiiimencing at a post placed
210 chains cast of 11 mile post of
C. P. R. line ol Moyie Kiver, tunning
40 chains east, thence Ito chains
norlh, thence 40 chains west, theuce
160 chains south to point of commencement, and containing 64U
acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 11, 1007.
13, Commencing ,.t a post place*!
280 chains east ol 11 mile post on
C. P. R. line ol Moyie River, running
40 chains east, Hume li.n chains north
thence 40 chains west, I la nee 10**
chains south lo point of commencement, and containing 010 acres, more
or less.
Located Sept. 11, 1907.
M. Comment ing at a post planted
320 ehains soulh of the mouth of
Mgger Creek and 320 chains east and
4*1 chains north of 15 mile post ol
C. P. R. line of .Moyie River, running 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east, tlience 8U chains south,
thence 80 chains west to point of
commencement, nnd containing 640
acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 12, 1907.
15. Commencing at a post placed
80 chains south of the mouth of Nigger Creek, and 95 chains east mouth
of Semlin Creek, running 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains cast, thence
80 chains north, thence 80 cbains
west to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 9, 1907.
William Sherwood Bell, Locater
per Arthur Yea**cr, Agent. 28-fit
Take notice that I, Abel Horsman,
of t'ranurook, B. C, occupation,
Lumberman, intends to apply lor a
special timher license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about three and a ball miles south of
Curzon and about two miles east of
C. P. Railway, thence cast Itiu
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
west 160 chains, thence soulh 40
chains to point ol commeacement,
and containing C40 acres, more or
Abel Horsman,
Dated  August  20,  1907. 24-«t
eommodalion is good, eahlns    being bad everything lo do before I couW I   Sydney's    population,  1(1,000; as-  thence south 50 chains, thence   west.DISTRICT OF    SOUTH DIVISION
allotted ns far    as possible lo    the establish a homo.       Today 1    hnve   essment, $5,700,000. 100 chains to tbe point ol commence-             q« r^ST KOOTENAY
^bird-class passengers on tlw    same under crop 40 acres, which will    be!                         — ment, and containing 545 acres, morel
system nn that adopted lor those  of increased next year to 125 acres. My i   Nova Scotia's output of sawn turn- 0r Ihis.           '«                                I                             .     ,         «.
the superior classes.     Everv facility mother nnd my three brothers   have Iter,    1005, 200   million    feet; New,                               Robert Robson.   I   Take notice that I,    Lester Clapp,
is given for the observance ol    per- since ioine<Wne in Canada, and have  Brunswick, 846 million feet. j   Dated Sept. Sth, 1H7.           IMt* el    Cranbrook,    B.   C, occupation,
Any available Dominion
within tbe Railway Belt ia British
Columbia, may be homesteaded by
any person who u the sole head ol a
family, or any male over J 8 years ol
age, to the extent ol one-quarter
section ol 160 acres, more or ies_.
Eutry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district
iu which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected there*
with under one ol tbe following
plans: .
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation ol the land In
each year for three years.
(2) If tbe lather (or mother, 11
the father is deceased), ot the homesteader resides upon a larm in the
vicinity ol the land entered tor, the
requirements at to residence may he
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mother.
t3) If the settler hat bis permanent residence upon tanning land
owned by bim in the vicinity of Un
homestead, tbe requirements as to
residency may be satisfied by rat-
deuce upon the said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Landa at Ottawa of In*
tention to apply (or patent.
Coal landa may be purchased at
$10 per acre (or soft ooal and $20
for anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one Individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton ot 2,000
pounds shall be collected on the
grown output.
| Deputy ol Um Minister ol the lntsrtot TIIK OltANIiltOOK.    IIKUAM)
Sole Agents for the
H. S. Peters
ThaTaFHE well dressed
person is the one who has
appropriate attire for.
rue STORE >6y CWW5T
TltE Viotc' I ccH VKifc.
m       **^
The correct thing in Men's Clothes is just as easy to have as not. It doesn't require any
special skill or any special expense to be among the best dressers—that is, if you come to t.s
(or your clothes.   We'll put you into a Campbell's, Johnston's or Copley, Noyes & Randall
Suit or Top Coat, and that means that
nobody else will be better dressed than
you.   The best tailoring, the most perfect
style, and above all, a correct fit, is assured
under these labels.
CAMPbeiLL s   CLUTMlia
The Full Dress
as well as the TUXEDO season is in full
blast.   There are plenty of men who ought to wear these dressy clothes who imagine their
pocket baaks will have to stand for $50.00 or $60.00.
We'll put you into a CAMPBELL'*" FULL  DRE-S-S -SUIT or TUXEDO, which are
guranteed perfect in Fit, Tailoring and Style.
Wc price these garments at from
$25.00 to $40.00
Our Fall line is now complete and ready for inspection.
See our beautiful line of Stripes in Browns, Greys and
variety of Colorings.
The patterns are entirely new and will be much worn
by well dressed men.
You are invited to call and see them, whether ready to
buy or not.
Always glad to show our lines.
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
Till: tmI:am
I1.  I.iinil
I'.    Woods
Creek, wero
•lue Ilaly, the engineer, is in tbo
city, having returned"from tiie east
where he has been all summer re-
eu pern ting. Mr. Italy comes back
leelini!; in line fettle, a Iuct that will
please his many triends on the Crow,
ami expects to lake his engine at Sirdar some lime nest week.
A. Good, lhc welt known hotel
keeper of Crows Nesl, was in town
last Sun-tiny. The people who have
occasion to travel to tho Klathead
country or visit lhe scenes around thd
siiir.mil of lhe Rockies all know
"Andy, lhc Oood," and he can tell
tm.lists more about tlml part of the
country than any mnn known around
thore. lie Knows where lhe best
fishing exists, where there ure bears,
where ihere nre mountain goats,
whore lhe deer come in the morning
nnd where Ihev go at sundown, where
to Imp the otter ami lhe mink, ami
he can nlso give you n comfort ahlu
place lo sleep, a mcnl that will make
you think ymi nro your own mule,
li vuu L-.i to Crows Nest he Mile lo
sir "Amly, 1lu> Good."
The lleralil will have In sav
another word about the mlaptllrlllly
ol llie si.il 11 Imiil Cl'niibiouk lor the
raining nl potntoPN and ilsk the
charge of being a relentless biiiwler.
William Hurt on lus a place on the
ll.tl ue.ir the school house mul last
* j April, as llie strike w.is ou al Mi
iliel, he came down here, and nol
having much lo do proceeded lo pint it
his yard ful) of potntoes. Some
I TV HV peuple told liim lie was crazy to
plant 110t.1l1.es Unit e.nlv in lhe sen-
sou, hul Mr. Ihirlou did not think
mi. A.s a result lliis week lie harvest nl liis crop ami there never wns
seen a better loi of potatoes anywhere than he miscd in his garden.
'I'hey are sound, many of the pota-
nil wife, nf Cherry Iocs weigh over two pounds, and
town last Tuesday. ' nicer looking ones never were raised
in this pint uf lhe country. It heats
all what  I'ranhrnol-i soil wilt raise.
1 have just
opened out
11 Conceded   to   be   the   Best .
11 ——_______
■ 1
::0CT. 24, 25, 26
''    Th,' fuIsuit llimilil biivj: "■
|-iipor.nire company, |iifi-iilii
' ' .niii-lv illinium nml i ii'iliuH ul '
|i,i|.iiliu |iili'._, llu' II.min.I .'iiiii-
Iniuy Iiiivii yel llieir i'(|iinl lulm
scull in Calgary."
!; Tickets nn Sale ul Bciiltic
, & Atchison's ♦
lusl     Mil
WANTED-A good bright olll
boy.—Enst Konlcnny Lumber I'i
I.hi. 36 ,
llr. ami Mrs. 1-:. .1. Ftlzpatrlck, nt
Aimysvill,*, were   in llm L'lty yestor-
Mrs. Welkins nnil
.f Marysville, spenl
It v.
(The Frank Pa|icr.)
Mrs. Connover,
"'l'"'"*V "'    "'",      The lour ol     ll.c west nf ll. I..
Hiirtli'ii, leader of tbu ii|i|iiis.tiuii     iii
Win. Gibson nml wile, nf   Spokane,  n,_ House nf C'oinnions, Ims come ami
were registererl al   llu- Cosmopolitan  gone, Mm I is, us lur us Alberta   mul
"may. till' fur wi-sl iui' concerned.   It     was
Mrs.    Alhvonil ami   daughter,    ot designed as   an iiwitkcncr, an    effort
Moyie, spenl .Saturday nml    Siimluv  (" rally around lhc opposition stuii-
in tin' city. '   'hnil   su|i|iorl    in    tin*   forthcoming
iin,.,-,.., u   i,. L.i. i   .   i .i   i     ,i     nonunion plcellon.     It bus mil tieeu
im ii ge If. l.i'usk bus slai lid     the ,    ii.i.,...!.,.,   H,~,„„    ir    n„.
I'liiisiriii't nn nl a new bouse lur him- '  ,,     ■ R ,  ;, "
_,.ir   ...i i „.;i,. i-n  itisiasin  which  niarkitl  llu' iih-i'u-
si'll am   Ijillllll. ,. ...        ,,     , .  , ■    , ,,
linn nl    Mr.    lliirdi-n and Ins fellow
Miss Ilalili., uf Cllcithui'st, Tornn- speakers in Ibis section nf tin. west
tn, Onl., is llie guest of Mr. ami points th. temper nl llm people
Mrs. II. Stewart. Ibrouglinul   the country it is a safe
Have v„„ registered for th. mtinlcl- !"'' ,l1''1 ,! ''""P" wi",,""' smj!1*'
pal election?     II will lie ncrasnry if  ""''''',""' '"' ,,"'",'""''' "'   I,"""'1'™.1'™
inn want tn vntc. "™,lw™ "' •>'" I"!"SI'     '^''V"1,"''
Iv     was nn enthusiasm.     Air. Borden
A SNAP—7 rnniii Furnished bouse; was given a respeclfcl bearing, Ihal
good loealion. Apply I'. 0. Box was all. In Ibis particular locality
205, Cranbrook, II. C, _0-;.t  mil even nrdlnaiv interest wus tnnn'l-
II. A. Airlh, „[ Wycllltc, Icll Wed- ,''sl'"1' 'n odor (was made to work
iH'siluv morning fni Portland, Ore, "I' l'!""1-,1' .'""'"'.I . '""p i ,
where he Intemls I,, spend the win- ""f "*, ,»,ln* '" j1 "', "••""^ ">}
,.,_ ' ll   failed    and     then special arrange-
ltr- iiii-iils were made hv the C, I'. Tt. to
It. Little and Hen Wcrdcii, of Kort take llie people of this district to
Steele, were In town the lirst of lhe Macleod to hear Mr. Borden, hut only
week shaking hands wilh llieir many three went and nne of those was a
t'liinhrook, friends. woman.     Hoes anyone   Imagine that
f there had heen any widespread or
ven a modornle amount of inclination
,    ,   .... .      ,      ... i,r, "ii the ['all   nf lhe people nf this sec
(•lam'fni.k, li ■(• «**Wi   llontoW Kir Wilfrid Laurier
Four  roomed house to let  hv     the
Huh Octoher; north ot Sash & Door
t'h.is.   I'.   Kelsev.
plnnted hy Mr.    Rorden, as premier,
H. .1.    .Johnson,    tin:    coittrn*tor,   Ihnl   the' interest  would not     havi
made a  tiiji up    the Calgary branch   lieen grenier?
this week where he went In figure nn     A   , ,„„,,,„   , ,   ,    ,     ,    M
slntlons at Muveli'y ami l.aylcy. ,,„. |wo(|,e (|, |i)l|a |.imn||.v ,,„•,,,     ,|hV
Tom His''-., nl Kcrnie, the mnn who such wish? Whn I bud Mr. llorilen Ic
sells rmiily, Iruit iiiiiI in- cream lo idler Hull Mm people shniilil wish In
all tlie people ol thnt section ol the see liiin elevated to llie premiership'!
country, was in town lust Sunday. i Mr. llorilen tnhl lhc people al Uw
ff,l ili.ii bi> wanted this In be n
while man's couiilrv. Sn does lhc
Liberal purlv ami ii will In- lbe Lib-
ii.il party Hint will sec it is sn kepi
Ilere in' Alberta Mr. Bonlcii I.hi us
William llm Inn ami lamily, nl
Michel, spent a lew days in town
ibis week ami llieir uiaiiy Iriciids
wen! pleased tn sec tbem
Mrs. II. Grlllllb, nf Wil.l Horse,
and Dave Newell, nf Vancouver, were
al lhe Uosmopollliin Inf.-1 Monday
null lelt fm tin- fffi ilu< Jollowing
Dun McDonald, proprietor ul     thu
that wc mmiii In liavo bud our lumls.
He did mil leil how hn would go
ahoul restoring Ibem tn as if he wen.
inndo premier and as .-> mutter nf
fni-l we are mil sn certain tlml
dn want  Ihem relumed since w
Manitoba hotel, ami John Macdonald, bow the form nf autonomy wc   hav
lelt yesterday for Spokane, fnr    tbu been given is   working nnt and sine
purpose ul     [laving Oliver Hinge    a wc art' having mi holiest mul Inlellt-
Ivisit. gen!   nilnilnlslrnllnii   nf   lhe interior
'llm   ('. P.    11.    wish In nniioiinco department,
round     trip   talcs   nl fare aad one-    'I'i™ fait  is lhat llie Conservatives
!third.     Tioltcla   ou sale Octoher 211, themselves arc nul sulisllcd with Mr.
:ni and .11  wilh linal limit November "onion   and  do    mil want, hint
2nd n [iri-niicr.     The Conservative wbu
|   Miss     Commiskey   ami Miss    Me- ,.",t " hi.l.-liuunil parly Ulan will tell
(lilllvruy, ol Los Angeles,  Cul.,    nro  >['   »» mvf-     "lu llllll who is piull-
vlslting in Cranhrook, Uie'guests    ol "''>','"' s„ r^fs   ,"lul '.T   ;'?"s's,-
;Miss   \'n„„„isV,'y, sis.cr.Vs.     '.'. -^^"I,?'1'1^ ^"mitf, Tta
i' ""ll"5' Ernnli   Paiu-r llm    day   Mr. Hordcu
I   Hilt IMMEDIATE   SAI,E-A liiii- wenl  thrniigli llie district, Hint    ho
ited   nuiiilii'i'   ol thoroughbred   link- did mil  lielicvo in Uordcii and would
■shire   pigs eight,   weeks nld.      Call nnt voto lu place liim in tbe. premier
upun or    address,   J.   K. Stephens, ship with all the   attendant changes
Morrissey. il    wnuld     bring about, notably,
I   Nnw is    the lime nl lhc year    to .ll»",-*'' '". (Iw direction ot tlio lntor-
gcl in vour winter supply ol    wnnd >"<' iloimrtmont. .    And nil . onserva-
uilll sec'thai your wa or pipes    and u\n. «l.n escicise any Iiecilnin     nl
iTrZm*-™" ' ""' ""' '"" nbX&&™™A
uili wiatmr. bis pally     leuili'isiiip s indlv tiuit
I   llnlicrl Walsnn, who drives a    de- |„. „.rali,| slin follow    if it hd bim
livery wagon for CI. T. Itogers, bad ,„,, o(     sis s|„,v „i,„i„vv without a
n runaway  luesdiiy nml was   brown namcliule, who iiill icll yon ho   bc-
nui of   tlie rig    mul sustained     lhe |j,,u.s Mr   [tnrilen a man ol si.lliiieiit
fiai'iiiie nf tt couple ol libs. iu|iniity to in' bim tor lira direction
1   LOST—Brown   colored vosl,    run- nl Hie    ulTnlrs nl the nation.    Even
tuiiiiiig gold tilled ease.  Elgin waloti   Ibis  ii il   be lulls vou bis inmost
and gold lilli-il chain lasl  Wednesday Ibotiglils, will miniiI lie considers Mr.
un prairie near   llaplisi i-liutrh.   Ilo l.orileii a Wcnl-i Iliun yel publicly    he
ii'wuiil.    Kinder please leave at Her- will usk vnu In    vote (nr a     parly
lllll nllil'i'.                                                       30 wlllcll,   il  successful,   wnuld   place  llilll
I   .1. (I. Taylor, ol Exeter, Onl.;  I), "' » Posilion In direct Hie poflclos nt
E.  ..InIne, nf Hulks  Kails, (Int.;     ,1. Cullitda.
.1. Kilzpaliick, nf    Mnrysi'tlie,    ami In   emit rnilisl hid inn In lliis    sort
A.   I-i. Taylor, nf    Vancouver, were nt feeling    wliieli every until    kmitis
among lbe guests at  llie Cosmopoll- exists in Hu' Ciinsi'ivative imrly, nolo
Inn Saturday. Hie uhiiliug In'iHi in lbe picseiil prcui-
I'. Boss    Talc bus   been appointed Ier -,1""' '" '«']    slncorcly by    every
olllclnl     walcb    iuspeclnr    (nr     tlie ">"»""'? "' .  ™J 1'11"'1'11 t"*\t,    and
lu'llibridge division ol   the ('. P. It. J1'""'   'V nmej-nini'    oul ol    every
Thnl  Is ii proper recognition ol Mr. "nudred Canadians.
Tale's   reliability    and the    Herald Then, wlml is    il ili.it   lb,, Liberal
congratulates bim. Party nl'ers in conliiisl wilh I lie nn-
Coniiiii'iicing With next Monday the ™rlnin  plaltorm eiinnciateil by   Mr.
curlew licll    will ring    ut K o'clock ,0"J " , '- '" l"',lml« » »Mta early
everv night during Hie winter season. '!.' "\n "k? u'. I"'™"""™ '"r „ ,,lf
Tbe 'clilldren  nf the  town ns well as ''.!'.''V"  *?f*X'  l,,,t    <]'■  r<1"\ > '.'I"'1'
lbe parents should boar Ihis In minil. »     lin/n d II,,' pri.hctlon that   Ihere
It might save trouble. v! ' '» »{  ™sl l»'°.   '?."""" '"      re
„    ,      ,, ,,             ... ,,      „ „   , Liberal pliiltniin that will he ot    the
IJ. .1.    McSwcyn    Wa ion I ellei-k, hi„h,,sl   .ra|)0,.t„„c_     1o Hto ilevelnn-
Gcorge Lei toll, Jack Davis and   lom „ml ,,,„, Co'nscnucntly the .rnsperlty
tt'laon rpturncd   ast week trom llieir (lt -.anadn.    one ol. ihese, we Ihlnk,
trip to the coast,     lie buys bad a „.UI ,„. ., ,„-„„oiim.i.m™t in lavor ol
good time and    spread the gospel ol „ )nnrofl<l In Hudson Hav, l.uilt    at
Cranhrook wherever they went, |„IS, hy c(,vernmcnt assistance,    the
Tom Wheliin,    lormorly ol   Kernie, nlher, a declaration In tavor of    In-
liut now engngii!    in mining iu    Ihu sis-tence nn lhc estnlillslimciil oi   nn
Coeur il'Alcne country, was lu lowu "All RmI Line."
one day last wock.    Mr. Wholnn feels ..\s lietwecn lhc policies of the two
well satisfied Willi the outlook   and parties, It is the humble jiidgmenl ot
expects to   remain In the mining bus- The Prank Paper lhat the parlv that
iness,    but    will   ninke bis home at does things will stand the strain   ol
Kernie lor the winter. unothcr election.
I'.S Six sizes in stuck: A small
imn. sttit.ible for tlw lonely liutcli,
anil rilliniilK up In llm Intgii size
siiitulili- I'm- lititi'l use.
Si-u our winiloiv display.
List of property   olicred im sale by
Frost Investment Co.
Ileal Estate aud Rentals
lull acres on Koolciiay river near
International Houudary, excellent
giuiu     laud   without    irrigation, -
miles from lowil, good -soil, lays
nearly level, one hall prairie balance
covered with scattered limber, can
he Irrigated if needed lor fruit or
grain liiisinj;. i'riee, $x per acre, l-j
cash, Balance yearly, or will exchange for Cruuhrook oity pioperty.
500 acre hay farm. Cue of Die tost
in Kast Kootenay, 30U acres natural
meadow, heavy black soil, \ elenv,
balance has some seatlercd brush, ft
miles liinn lowu, good ouUdde raiigu,
log bulttlliigs, spring waler, It looking lor a money maker invesUgalu
this. I'riee, *lll per aero, *.*_ cash.
Itahiiice in yearly payments.
lilll acres wild laud on St. M.ti)s
1'iaiiie, about \2 miles from Cranbrook, 1 miles from Marysville, lays
slightly rolling, good soil, will in..l.n
goud diversified faun. Price, Ki per
acic.    lCusy terms.
11)0 acre slightly improved [.mu on
Kootenay river, i mile Horn station,
beautiful location, 7(1 acres iu
timothy, $1500 house, good hams,
etc., full set implements, t horses, .'ID
bead of cattle and all household
goods go wilh place, a money maker
from the start; $8,000. Iteasonahlo
280 acres wild laud un Kootcuay
river, 2110 acres low bottom land, excellent for timothy, good deep soil,
80 acres bench land, covered wilh
pine timber which noes with hunt,
good nuiside range. This will make
a nice    place for illvei'silled farming.
I'liee,  $0 pel   acre,   {   cash.      Il.tl.tiiee
Three residence lots mi 1I.iI.it Iiill,
best location in eily, lav high, eust
front, slumps cleared, beautiful location for home. Price, It taken sunn,
Three lontil house, close in, lot Xi
fei-t fiont, house nicely fill lulled In-
side, in good repair. Ilenta lui 110
per mun Ih.     A simp nt $5(10.
Crnnbrook, R. 0,
Ileal Estate nml Kcut-ils
Kt-pniriiif.; a HpcctnUy
Aikrtis llliti-k. Orn li brook
Tb„ lu-iiiliiiir KrultHlnm ' '
ll|||lili|lliu-li-rs for ' '
llNT.lltlll llKAI'KS iiiiN'IIIII'-i i.
I'llOICK ..'KtNI.KHI.IK8 ' '
I'lNHAI'Pl.iH,         l'l-: .I'.ICs | !
I'KARS       Al'l I.KS , ,
i i
hone 75 Armattony Ave. ' ■
,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< i


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