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Cranbrook Herald Nov 27, 1913

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Array Legislative Assembly
April 21-a
We are well equipped to
tarn out the bint class
ol work.
In the Herald  ray.,— ir
Our   Local  Colnmni
XO. 48
Holi Lamont, tin* largest Individual
owner of Irult lands in lho Creston
district, and ono ot tiro most progressive of tin* old-timers of tin Koote
hay, recently relurned from ;l irip to
Victoria, whore Ito spent considerable
time boosting Creston and Kast Kootenay'
Mr. I.nmont, who owns 1200 acreH
of choice fruit lands in the Creston
district, has this year planted 28011
fruit trees on liis lands. Those fruit
trees art- composed oi the Delicious,
Mcintosh Red and Wagner apples. Tin*
Delicious apple is tho highest priced
apple in the valley.
This year has been a banner year
for the Creston district, over thirty
cars of tlie fruit being shipped to Alberta markets. Among (be principal
shippers are Messrs. Stocks am!
Jackson, Frank Rose, W. K. Hrown,
tlie Dow BroB. and others. Mr. La-
mint says that some of the old orchards this season yielded twenty to
thirty boxes ol apples lo the tree,
while the younger trees averaged six
to eight boxes.
One of the oldest fruit growers of
New York has recently sent an order
to the provincial minister of agriculture for fifty-live carloads of non-
irrigated apples. The minister of
agriculture referred lhe order to
Creston, but as most of tbe orchards
there are young, the order could not
be filled.
•Several of Calgary's millionaires
have recently become interested
Creston fruit lands and much good to
the district is expected to result
from this fact.
In th:' Creston district tlie winterkilled fruit trees arc unknown, this is
owing to the fact that the climate is
of an even temperature and the coldest weather seldom exceeds zero.
Mr. Lamotil says that any man
who applies himself ran make n great
success of fruit growing at Creston.
Imagine in. orchards ten years old
where the average yield per tree is
say fifteen boxes of apples at $1.50
per box means S22.50 per tree, and
sixty trees per acre means nearly
Sl.'lOO per acre.
Mr. Lamont says that land values
at Creston will incrcas,> rapidly as
the shipping from that point ...•■..lies. Land near Ores' n which rati •'"
obtained at from Flub n Pil'i t>'r
acre in a few yiMrs 'Alii he
worth S.r>0.t an acre
Mr. Lamont is a big man with .."-■
holdings and big ideas. Ills .Mt
interests at Creslon now are w
probably $150,000, these in the n
al course of events in three yi
time should c,*iiul n quarter if a
Mr. Lamont lived for a number
years in Rosslnn.1, and while in
employ of tbe Dank of Mo.it real
made many friends by bis mnnl
straightforward manner. Sotnb fo
years ago to benefit his health be i
moved to Creston tn mim the mo
simple life.
A special meeting ol tho Cranbrook
Poultry and Pot Stork association
was held in lhe old gymnasium building Friday evening last to make final
arrangements for the provincial
Poultry show, which is being held at
Grand Forks, opening on December
This is the lirst time the show has
been secured by thc Interior and inland poultrymen are putting forth
every effort to make this exhibition a
success, as it will to a large extent
determine Whether or not tlie inland
people will have another show.
A number of birds were brought
alon;| by members and were examined
strictly according tc thc Standard of
Perfection, Rev. W. E. Dunham
handling the birds.
As a result of this meeting Cranbrook will be well represented at thc
Provincial show. About fifty hirhs
will be sent and a number of local
fanciers will attend and look after
Ihe birds. E. II. Slater, II. Pig-
gott and A. I). Smith will be among
those attending from Cranbrook,
Kntries close on December 2nd. It
is up to everyone who intends to exhibit at Grand Forks to get busy.
a led
I'ANY. !
Ottawa, mil.. Nov. 21.—Sir Wilfrid Laurier quietly celebrating liis
Tliiid birthday at liis homo anal at liis
office in the liaauw aaf commons bulltt-
t'Ol.l MIIIA
Will II ■'. .1. Hill a-laissa'il tlie Una'
from t'anndft into tlie I'nitoil States
be hint, to wait (lie vnirs tii'litrc lie
was allowed lo vote even lor eon
slabl' Today he would hnve to pass
at tlw oiplratlon "' ">° ii"illation
period, nu examination in Uw prln«
elides of American govornrflnt and
produce witnesses vouching tor      his
Over tho line in IHilish Columbia
UK) Hon. II. II. Stevens, M.1V, is
loudly complaining ot the laxity in
the administration of Hie naturall'*
tion lawa. Hundreds of Japanese,
he avers, east, ballols even though
lltey have never hern naturalized
Canneries, losgcrs nfld mine micra-
tors, he asserts, keep a supply of
used hut otherwise, pcrlcetly good
nnturnli/ation certificates on hand
and pass them around mixing tip
n.wly arrived Asiatics thoy employ.
Why nol? Hritish Columbia has no
educational standard to measure applicants lor cltiwrislilp, It requires a
residence of only three years; it does
not Insist, upon knfiwledgo oi thi'
English language, the franchise may
!n'e as little meaning to lhe appll-
iant as Sans'trlt and the chirring effect of distilled grape )ulee have tn
Mr. Hryan, sllll Hritish Columbia
confers the privilege. What, dirtcr-
enee does il make, under Ibese circumstances, wbetler tlte certilieate Is
conferred by a magistrate or by tin
boss ol a I salmon cannery?—Sunset
The following communication has
been sent by a Cranbrook man to tbe
Nelson Daily News and as it touches
two questions of vital importance to
this city and district, we reproduco
in full: '
Sir: I was at a public meeting on
November llth, part of a report of
which was reported in your papr
but nothing was said about what,
my mind, was the most important
matter discussed, and that was the
"truck system" of payment of workmen. As a working man with many
others I was intensely interested
when tbe member of parliament for
the dislrict explained that the working man under British Columbia law
is entitled to cash payment every
fourteen days and tliat he has not tbe
power to sign away that right, ami
even if he did sign an agreeim'tvl he
tan still de-maud payment for bis
work every fourteen days. I am a
working man witb a large family and
like many others have but a little
laid by, I ean obtain wrrk from Ihe
wealthy lumber manufacturers if 1
will agree to taU* my wages next
May. Meanwhile what is my family
to exist uiHin. Merchants cannot afford to run the risk of giving us
credit, Sueh as we, liave helped to
make the lumberman rich; many
drive Iheir motor cars, live iu luxury, give banquets to boards of
trnde cos-ting thousands, ami, it is
siiid. their tens of thousands to politicians, is this thc reason they are
permitted to break, the law and oppress the pot r tollers?
Among many other Interesting matters discussedi none of which were
mentioned by your reporter, wns the
subject of the Impossibility of po.u
men obtaining land rs homesteads in
Iiriiish Columbia, which requires pro
ilucers (.n ils barren wastes, yet wc
working mm ask, for a pre-emplio.i
and Cannot obtain one- Around Cranhrook are hundreds of square -miles
With the timber ent off, yet we   are
told ihe government  will not give it
The cx-pretnlct (
f congratulations
representative In Canada. His Royal
Highness the Duko of Con-naught,
from Premier Asquith, Llpyd-Ooorge,
Lord Stratha na, Karl
Grey ani! numerous other prominent
men in Great Britain. From the
Dominion overseas cable, messages
were tbis morning received from Senator the Hon. O. P, I'ciuce, ex-minister of state for defence, and ex-
Premier Fisher, of Australia, while
Premier Mas-sey, of New Zealand,
cabled his good wishes at noon.
Among tho rank and Tile in both
parties of politics, the desire to ex*
press good wishes is quite as evident. From the Yukon, Ur. Thompson, MM*., has wind his good wishes
the Liberal chiefs owl lieutenants
have all expressed fealty and loyally,
while messages were received      trom
both to thc right and the left
ing last   Thursday
Whether operation or non-operation received   messages
l«* the mow  profitable mode ot deal-,'™111 ,Ils &to*JMt>* lho K,M'	
ing with timber holdings, there can
lie no question but Ihe Yellowhead
Pass Lumber company has a quite
except tonally favorable balance sheet' lkma1' Uw
to present to their lucky shareholders.
In the years 190*11-7 tbe company acquired some seventy-five limits on
Willow river, Ptarmigan creek and
Goat river iu the valley of tlte Fraser river between Fort George and
Tete .laune Cache. Some idea of
the density of the growth can be
formed from lho fact that eleven of
the limits on Goat river have lieen
cruised to cut over one hundred and
twenty-five million feet. The main
line of tbe G.T.P. passes through
those limits and tomb closely upon
another big bunch belonging to the
company on Ptarmigan creok some
ono hundred miles nearer to Fort
George. The completion of the Panama Canal nni the certain prospect
of being able to ship a deal of the
product of those limits via the Canal
to the eastern seaboard of the States
enhances the remarkable value of all
the company's property. Of course,
all this was seen at the time the
berths were acquired, but a load involving an expenditure of well over
$8,0000 per annum for license fees,
fire protection, surveying, etc., required powers of financing of a whole-
souled am! enthusiastic character. But
those concerned, the directors, that
is, fought on in the face of the direst
discouragement and now have the
satisfaction of being able to show
that they have over half a million
dollars in e\e,*ss of their liabilities;
that outside tlwir indebtedness to tbe
members of the company tbey owe
but filW and tbey have on hand available capital of ov, r $28,000, or
enough to discharge lhe license fees
on the property for the next five
Mr. George II. Ashworth, who has
just completed an exhaustive audit of
thc company's affairs, certifies that
each S110 slwre is practically value
fur $400, Thr company's holdings
amount to over six hundred and
million   feel of standing
Meeting nf the board of trade has
been called for Friday evening at the
city ball when it is hopid that a
large and representative attendance
will be on hand to transact the business which will come before the meeting. The executive has been working
on the matter of luncheons and will
have a report to make to the meeting.
There arc a large number of important subjects in connection with
the work of the board during the
coming year on which it is desired
full discussion by all citizens.
During the past year the hoard of
trade lias been inactive, the work
that has been done falling on a very
few. Thc scope of the board of
trade comprises matters of importance to every citizen residing in
Cranbrook and it should In* not only
a business man's organization, hut   a
many members of parliament who sit  citizen's organization, one in    wnlch
of  the
A. Gaskill, formerly of
nnd now residing with
his family at Fort George, was tlie
moving spirit in the original acquisition of the timber and the formation
of the company nnd still remains one
of those most largely interested in it.
To the remarkable courage and financial ability of the president, Mr. A.
Carney, of Kaslo, must he attributed
the surccss of tne company. There
were times in plenty, in tbe early
days especially, when bis hand alone
saved the ship in the deep water*
while very wise men stood safe on
shore, knowing all that was at stake,
and waited and watched for a chance
oi profit ing by what wreckage might
come ashore. However, the venture
has come into port without a plank
being started and those who cast
iheir bread upon the waters find their
profil three hundred fold.
It Is not often lhat a legitimate
Opportunity arises for offering congratulations, but they appear to be
in order in this case.
The head office of the company is
here in Cranbrook. The directorate
consists of Messrs. A. Carney, Kaslo, B.C., president; l-cster Clapp,
Cranbrook, vice-president; Louis
Johnson, Marysville; Charles A
Cock, Cranhrook; Arthur II. Fenwick,
Fort Steele ami Joseph Ryan, police
magistrate, Cranhrook, managing director and secretary.
In view of the. approaching inauguration of the parcels post system in
Canada it is somewhat encouraging1
to learn that a year's trial of a
similar system in the United States ■
has brought returns far beyond their
best expectations. When, some ten
or eleven months ago, thoy took final
steps in the direction of adopting the
system, tliey were assailed by grave
doubts as to Whether the service
would prove of real benefit lo the
puhlic and whether tb*' public would
be able to support It, owing to the
fact lhat it must give people the advantage of moderate rates.
They have their answer already in
the term of dollars, the term of service having already brought in au
immense profit with a proi^is* of
some thirty million dollars lo the
good at the close of the year. These
figures indicate that the service has
paid from the very lirst and will
continue to pay. Kven when they
have satisfied the railway companies'
claim to a share in the profit, they
wlll reap an immense harvest, as ten
of the thirty millions will not make a
noticeable depression in their gains.
Experience has shown the necessity
of a readjustment with the railway
companies, who claim that they are
not adequately paid for carrying the
mails. American public sentiment
favors a generous treatment of tlu*s
companies and it is Mieved that thc
continued growth of the parcels posh
service will more than defray any ad
ditional cost entailed thereby.
What the rates are to be for the
seven zones into which Canada Is to
be divided are not yet known, hut
if they achieve results anywhere commensurate with those of the United
States, the Canadian express companies will have some cause for bitter
reflection upon their past highhandedness in thc matter of their small par-
cell business and ihey writ], no doubt,
be more willing to please tbeir customers.
There are gre.it latent possibilities)
in tbe parcels post system, and a daW
may come wl.cn it will be not only |
an inter-Dominion asset but will assume the proportions of an intcr-con-
tinental service.
every citizen feels an interest and all
work together fur the common weal
of the city.
With a live organization comprising
a majority of all citizens no one
could estimate tin* amount of good
work that could he accomplished in
even one year. Factories could he
encouraged, pressure brought on railroads for needed transportation facilities, settlcss induced to locate on
the very desirable lauds of the district and the city made more hospitable to the stranger within tlie
gates and therefore, a stronger center
for drawing the trade from an ever-
increasing, growing and widening
area of thc district. Koads, brid-
ges, farmer's and lumbermen's problems and the development of the mineral resources are all live subjects
for discussion at hoard of trade meetings. Let all get together and boost
and in a year surprise will lie manifested at the progress made.
Kndowed with a richness of resource surpassed by none, with undeveloped fields in eVery line of activity, which, If known to thc outside
world, would mean a great foregathering of new people in th's- i.islrict,
Cranbrook offers the liest advantages
of any section of Kast Kootenay, if
not of Hritish Columbia or th* entire
of Western Canada. It lies within
the province of tlie hoard of trade to
gather thc facts, to itemize the.resources and to give to prospective
newcomers the Information wanted,
and to constantly keep before thc
public ihe opportunities liere afforded
in such a comprehensive way that
they must appeal to the home seeker,
who is looking for the promised land
Pinchcr Creek, Alta., Nov. 23
Fire breaking out yesterday in thc
Mudsin's Hay store, swept half the
town, neatly wiping out the whole!
business .section. The loss will exceed $33,000, thc major portion being
cover, d by insurance. |
The cause of the blaze cannot be(
ascertained. The   Hudson's   Bay
company Was winding up a closing-
out sale, and nut of thc $35,000 stock
originally in the store only aboul
$3,000 worth was unscld. Many ot
the buildings were completed gutted,
the following being the list:
Hudson's Hay company, building
$9,000 and stock $;.,000 loss; insurance $20,000,
!•'. S. Blake, building, $3,500, insurance, $i,5on.
Langlon's livery building, $5,000.
insurance, $3,000,
.1. K. Schult/, stock, $1,000; no
M.jD. Gray, stock, ItiOO; insurance,
$ Hilt.
Mis Lynch, milliner, stoek, $800.
iii. insurance
.1. Moitogban, shoe store, stock,
$8,000; no insurance.
Partial loss, all insured: I X. L.
Blacksmith company, loss $500; .lack-
sou Brothers, $500. Dr. S O. Mills,
$100; A. C. Kemmis, law ofhee, $1,-
nmmi run«
The annual meeting and convention
of the B. c Poultrj association will
be held at Grand Korks, B.C., on
Thursday, December llth, I'M*, atul
the following programme has heen
arranged for the" meeting ihis year:
M.00—Address o( welcome
G   M   Fnpp. Esq . Mayor ol Grand
Forks, and F    Clark, Ejjq ,  President of Grand Forks Hoard of  Trad**
President's address
Minute*, of List meeting
Executive report
Directors' report
Secretary-treasurer's repot I
Unfinished business
Election of officers.
New business
8.00—Address, "What   bas llie Fancier to    Contribute to Commercial Poultry"
Mrs.   Helen   Don    Whitaker,    Haven
Heights Poultry Ranch,
Tracy to
l»WV_Ad,li.ss.    i',
High   Altitudes '•
It. W   Orlgor,
!V30— Address.      I
Benjamin Hoy,
. Wash
lltrj   Keeping in
Rossland, B.C.
oultrj  .iii-l Fiun "
Assistant Provincial
t, Grand  Forks,
i   —<
in homesteaders, ll Hurt policy is
portlstcrl ii> Iiriiish Columbia will
remain sparsely populated and enn-
liiiiif in in* non-productive and to
live nn borrowed capital, What will
support I lie subsidized railroads in
lhe near Inline? One speaker bil
lin' nail on thc bead when he submit led a resolution proposing that
committee lie appointed lo dratt
petition tend)' lor the signature ol
tlie citizens, asking the government
to throw open Ihe vacant lands for
pre-emption lor homesteaders, and I
trust this committee will do its work;
promptly. This question was handled In good style, but not so the
criticisms of the lumbermen's method
of paying their workmen six montlis
hence. This is a question of vital
importance to working nun with
families, and, Mr. Editor, I wish you
would express    your views on      the
subject, and maybe lire millmen will' twenty thousand, while Ihere was an
explain why (bey sa-ek to oppress the. Increase ol over thirty-six thousand
tollers in this way. I have only in tlie immigration from otlier conn-
heard one of them speak In public on tries. I'nder the existing policy tbe
tlie subject and lie strongly condemn-'best Immigration Is apparently not
eil the practice. He was cheered t(| eneoiiia id, while eltaaits are devoted
tlie echo. What have the others to lo gelling in tin- Imrales ol cheap
say? Working men will anxiously "foreign" labor. In everything tliat
look lor their reply. transpires  under  lhe present govern-
.lobn Tocsin,     ment ilia- hands of their masters "tho
|   Crubioak, B.C., Nov. llth. interests" an visible.
DuritiR the lirst seven months of
tlie present war, Canadian immigra-
linn shows n total of 327,919,(made
up ns follows
Iiriiish  128,868
American   80,330
Otlier countries  118,715
During the correspond ng period ol
lasl year the total immigration was
300,811, made up ns follows:
Hritish  118,4117
American 100,140
Otlier countries   82,204
Hritish Immigration shows an Increase nf atinut ten tbolisanil, American immigration a   decrease of al.out
Itccogni'ing the high cost ol living
as it exists today in Winnipeg, Doc
(Jlube, proprietor of the Belmont
hotel, has hit upon a scheme whereby
he can assist the poor anal needy in
at least eat regularly at a minimum
cost. He has opened in his hotel a
bar at which no drink* can be pur*
iliasfil, but at which nny one can
obtain a llaoal meal at the expenditure ol five cents, the humble nickel.
Thc method under which the Belmont hotel proprietor has established
bis proposition is the same as tbat
adopted by lhe American saloon
keeper In supplying free lunches, tint
as this Is against the law in Cam
Hue (llilbe. Is charging the lowest
pria-e possihle. There is no necessity
lor ani man to enter the bar. Hi
has simply to go to the hotel desk,
pay five cents and ask for a lunch
Today the lunch provided was Irish
stew and pork and beans.
I    "How do you do it'.'" was asked
"Well," replied the hotelman, "1
buy (Uriel from tlie abbatoir, anil the
stuff is conked in the hotel kitchen.
Even if it is a loss, I have lieen quite
successful in this eity, and I am prepared to do a little for the place
which has been generous tn me."
] Doc Olube was seen today eating
try and the gradual change to steel trom his own cheap lunch counter and
is one of the most interesting ae- as the Doc Is a connoisseur in the
counts ever written about this par- matter of viands there is hardly a
tlctilar industry. I doubt thai, the    fond ha1 is providing
Mr. Wallace knows    Ihe sen     and  nl this abnormally low priiv Is 01 for
"Canada's shipbuilding greatness
lies in the performances of th? past
and tbe days wba'n the forests provided the material, Ijut 11 is gratifying
to note what has hem accomplished
In the present with the change »f
steam and steel. We are loo young
a country la, sit and brood over ancient glories anil tbere are ample
evidences that a new and greater
shipbuilding industry will shortly
arise in this country."
In an illustrated article in this
week's Issue rf the Journal of Commerce, Montreal, Mr. P, William Wallace, editor of the Canadian Fisherman, has an interesting article on
"Canadian Shipbuilding: Past and
Present." Ills story of the rise and
fall of the wood™ shipbuilding Indus-
On account of unit rest-en circumstances the concert to be given by
the Cranbrook city band was postponed from tonight until next Tuesday evening, December 2nd, 1913,
when tiie concert will be given *t tbe
Young Men's Club building. Tbe band
Is assisted in their musical program
by the following ladies and gentlemen: Mrs Maurice Quain. Mrs. Ira
It. Manning. Miss Margart-t Kt-nnedy,
Miss Ruth Stevens and Mi*>sr!,. A.
Raworth, G. S. Iloutharu, II. D.
Cameron and H. Darling.
The concert will consist of vocal
solos an-1 duetts, readings, clarionet
solo and selections by the band Tbe
concert will start promptly at $.30
The purpose of givinR the cona-rt is
to raise funds for the maintenance of
the band during the winter months
when there are no engai^em<-nts to
meet the usual t-vpenses. If tlv band
disbands for a few months much valuable time is wasted and the players
lose much of the value of their
summer practice. If th'- band can
lie held together with steady practices during the winter, a much better
class of music will result next year.
For this concert the band has pre-
pared a special programme of classi
eal music and an* giving one of the
hest concerts ever heard in Cranbrook by the local hand. It is hoped
that the citizens will give the concert their beartv support and thus
encourage the members of the band
to continue to e\ert Ihemselves for
the rendition of hetter music.
On Tuesday c.en.i.c the Fellowship
liible class ul the Baptist church
heh: us lirst banquet in thc dining
room of tbe Hy. Y.M.C.A. The object of tins Catherine was social
fellow ship arid organization ol the
Bible class int., a definite working
agency in the Sunday st-b<M,l and
church. Tables were s(m-ad with
appeti/ing dainties l»\ tht- efficient
oversight of Miss Least., Miss Williams and Mrs. N. Watson'. Covers
were laid for fortv. Thirty-five
were present, tbe remainder heing
absent largely through illness. As
soon as the edibles were disused ol,
the company gathered about the
tables gave attention to the business
of organization In a short address
the pastor. Kev. Q. K. Kendall, explained his ideal of the Bible class Ike
desired this one should be. 'sing the
triangle a-*, an illustration he emphasized the prime ob-cet r,[ the class as
"Study of God's Word.' liased upon this and a natural expression ai
it there must be "The Wtanfng ol
Souls." Bible stud) and soul winning must converge upon "So-cial Fellowship " These ihree branches
made the ideal Bible class, atid any
ideal lower than this was unworthy
the serious endeavor of a Christian
body. The orlteers of the class were
elected, Mr. IJ. Palmer hem; chosen
president, Mr. I S Hennfe rice-pre-
sident, Miss Sarah I'almcr, serine.
Tbe chairman of tlr* s«»cial committM
will be Miss M. Wade and tlK* chairman of the committee on absentees
will be Mrs W Wa'sor. Tlie proceedings throughout were characterized
by general fellowship the work being
<nliven**d  by  readings  rendered       by
Mr. I'almer and Mrs. Kendall
Dining tl.e second seven days of
November the, Oranby smelUr in
Trail treated 2j,!>7H tons of ore ot
which amount 25,663 t<n. were from
tin* Oranby mines and 31S tons Irom
foreign properties, In {toe same
period Oranby shipped tsu.oou
pounds of blister copper
During tb.- period from -lanuary
Ist ti* November Htti ol this year
the Granhy has smelted a total ol
1,087,806 t-.ns of ore, of which
amount 1,071,887 tons were from the
Oranby mines and Kl,«09 tons from
otlier properties, In the sam»* period
Oranby has made and shipped a total
of lK,fl87,..!i7 pounds of blister copper.
urn's power cflimw
Wilson's belie!
ernrnent sloul
day leitctated
Tlie president pointed ou
uncontradicted,    ba*>--i n
Nov. 21— President
that the HuerU govts < rambling, was to-
at Un White house,
lhat tho
as tn thc future Intentions "f
United states.
As evidence of tire abilit. <>( the
Huerta government to spread anv impression it pleated through ttw Mexican press, the president ivferrrd incidentally tu optimistic predictions
during Ok* last few days in Mexican
newspapers that recognition of tho
Huerta government by thi* I'nited
States was forthcoming Tlw Washington government, it is known, is
irrevocably determined under tm circumstances  t<> recoiini'c Huerta.
There were no new developments
today in the situation generally, according to White House ollirials. hut
added interest was developed in the
president's forthcoming annual message which be will read to congress
Monday nest, I>ceembcr 1st, will bc|wh*n it became known lhat among
tlie annual meeting of the Cran-hrocVt tin* subjects to he a statement as to
Civilian Rifle association and will be On* status ol lhe Mexican situation,
held nl the Y.M.C.A. at 8 p.m. The The president Indicated tliat he
matters   pertaining to shipping thor- anyone to eat, In addition to   being   ...... .
oinrhiy ami his story carries with   It   tlu; cheapest meal ever presented    iu   election   oi ollicers     foi  the ensuing! would keep h.s message abreast of de-
much    of the glamour    and romance  the city of Winnipeg, ami one    that   year will take place and appointment! velopim-nts In Mojrfoo so that h.s pre-
wblch wc associate witk the "Wooden   will   come in hearty to many     this of committee,    end range    officer*. J smtatIon   of ftvrata    W  "I' «•
Walls of Kaglaad" 'winter. | Also other matter* of importance
i I scntatlon   of ovratfl
| thr day of delivery. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
J. R. THOMPSON, Editor and Manager
Subscription Rales
One Year
Six Months
Three Months
Advertising Rates
Display  Advertising   25  cents
per inch.
Reading notices or classified mis.
10 els per lino.
Tho Canyon City Lumber company
will start a guns to work In this
woods at once.
s. E, Bradley was one ot those
Who took in tlie show at Spokane.
What Cures Eczema?
CRANBROOK, B.C., November 27th, 1913
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.3O a.n;.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Hosary anil Beni-
tliction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays anil holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 0 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
ll Bcomo ai shaaini' that the aidii-
,,., |. whaa drew llir plans lor O"'
Cranbrook post aaili™ failed hi pro
riding a place Iaa instal the.bell. The
new makeshift "al"R house" faar this
purposo is not in kcoplng wi1* ""'
arcltltcctural beauty of lhe building.
Reports Irom Vancouver an' iaa the
a-llavl that tbe coast inclli>|anlis i^
hard hit i"sl a' prosont with itsiiHs
a.I the financial stringency. The next
Una.,, months will sir tho worst ol
llie hard tima-a, as easier money will
lac available, without doubt, in tlie
There nre n largo number of Idle
men on tho Btrccts tbis week. Somo
ui' these a'aaiui' in from Itho closed
mills in thc ilisiiici and a number
arc roporled lo have arrived from
Montana and Idaho whero tie- mills
an' also closing down for the winter,
li tbis condition should exist long ''
would mean a new thing for Cran
brook, which in years past has novel
oxperionccd a winter wba-n all tha-
men available could nol bo omploycd,
With mora' snow ami colder weather a
number oi mills will lie starting their
lamps anal pi.anila- laabor lor all tin
men in On- district. The Kootonaj
Central will also continue building
operations as Into ns possible and
will require men until the middle ol
Two little boys in Toronto went
out the other day aimed with lilies
to shoot, birds. They found no birds
anal began blazing away nt each othei
with tbe rCStlll Hint one of thorn
was kill' al. Tin' ago ol tlit-sr children was seva'ii years und the police
an- holding Oi>' child who fired lb,
fatal shot   ns a   murderer.    A chili
oi sa'VCll casus ol ago belli by  tlio po
lire' What aboul the parents ol thi
hoys who allowed them to go oat
wltli rifles? They ore Uie real criminals il there an.' any criminals in
I Iii- enso. U'o cannot believe that
fvfn police-ridden Ontario will told a
a-hilal nt seven years ol age lor murder, or thai Nn' laws aal Canada will
permit such a thing.
Rov. ti. 10. Kendall, pastor.
Sunday services: 11.00 a.m. una'
7.30 p.m.
Sunday Sohool and Fellowship
Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Morning, topic: "Quonotting the
Holy Spirit."
Evening   topic:   "Acceptable Sacii-
Worship the Lord in the beauty   oi
Pastor, W. K. Thomson.
.Horning  service,   11 a.m. Subject;
"A Portrait of .lesus."
S. s. anal Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
"A Portrait ol a Man in Hell.
Painted by the tllivino Artist."
Aulheni, selected.
Come and we will give you a welcome.    Come! Cornel Come! i
Mid-week service Wednesday, 8 p.m.
We have had so many Inquiries
lately regarding Eczema and other
skin diseases, that wc arc glad to
make our answer public. After careful investigation we have found that
;\ simple wash of Oil of W'intci'green,
us compounded in D.D.I). PRESCRIPTION as made in the D.D.D.
Laboratories of Toronto, can tie re-
lia?d upon. We would not make this
statement to our patrons, friends ami
neighbors unless we were sure of item! although there are many so-called
Eczoma remedies sold, wo ourselves
unhesitatingly recommend D.D.D.
Drop into our storo today and let
us tell you more about D.D.D. Ask us
about D.D.D. Soap; it helps.
t'taiibrool! Drug and Bunk Co., Cranhrook, II.i'.
there is one section where vessels
cannot be reached by wireless and it
is desired to till this gap with thc
proposed improvement.
Thc host dollar's worth olrored today is ft year's subscription to The
Family Herald and Weekly Slur    nl
Montreal. Any home not now
ccivlng that paper is missing a treat
for every member of the family—troui
grandfather or Inlher down to tho
youngest loi. Try il lair n year tun!
you will be convinced. The publishers villi refund yuur money if you
aie nol salislii-il. ll is certainly
worth your while to try il for     otic
[, Hob Kellock, do hereby swear
tbat I did on the 11 lh day ol January, Saturday, quit the employment
of James Bales on account ot htm
doing a dangerous man to work lor
ami be did not make any remarks in
revFiid lo money taken until I was
out ot bis employment and refused in
return and to which I took him in
court nnd heat him.
Mob Kellock.
Witness: -I. s. Santord X bis mark
Sworn lii'fore    nu*   this nineteenth
day of    November, nineteen   hundred
and thirteen.
II. McNcilv, -I.i
Rov, W. Bison Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday Sohool and Onward Bible
class at 3 p.m.
Morning subject: "Angels of QouV'
Kvening subject: "Lost Strength
An unthcni will be rendered by, the
choir at both tlie morning and the
evening services, under the leadership
of Mrs. Oeo. F. Stevenson.
All are invited to the above ser
A despatch from Victoria, B.C.,
slates that representatives of eoast
ami mountain hiinlicrmeii associations and officials of llie forestry department are considering proposals'
for a new royalty basis, whieh, if ac-
irpiali.e, will probably be put inlo
force by legislation at the next session of tlie legislature. It is understood that tbe mountain lumbermen
will abandon tl.e Doyle scale and accept lhe B. 0. scale, now used by
coj^ interests; that lhe present roy-
Ity ligure of 50c. per thousand feet
will continue' until 191*3, after whieh
for ten years const lumbermen will
pay $1 per thousand feet on No. I
and No. 2 fir and spruce and No. 1
cedar and 60c, on all oilier varieties
nf timber. Mountain lumbermen will
pay 50c, an all varieties.
You Can
Next time you step into the corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were not
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardwire and House
Headnuartcrs for nil  kiiula of
Satisfaction Gnnrnntctil
Tho Shoe Specialist
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results
COMMERCIAL Cniailal aattei
rivutleal aiiaiaortiaaailii'aa for money
HOMES. Laaouasloaa llaa: FRASERtaul WILLOW
anal HUDSON BAY. oaaal aatlaaar riiilr.anals. in tin
centreofa LARUE RICH FARMING aanal TIM
BER DISTRICT, the natural aaumaly [aaaiut f.ar til,
aurea tha future of Wla.LOW RIVER. Write
now, tawlay, for free mapa, iilataa, etc.
443 Richards Street, Vancouvur, li. C
Agl!IllH Willi til I
Halsall & Co.
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the store.
The styles arc absolutely thc newest and
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in Serges, Whipcords, and many of the beautiful fancy mixtures.
You can surely find a Suit or Coat thai will
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"ZDt f&ljubtvt flipper"
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your name on a postal today
You want this valuable publication—it la worth hundred* of
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all thc Markets of the World in American Raw Fun.
Write for it-now—id fn
"""" W    -  ...._
?.j rmcAuo, ii. 5. i.
District of South Kast Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE* that .lames W.
Blake, of Wasa, B.C., occupation
Farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner ot Lot 11010,
Group One, Kootenay District,
thence west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to place of
commencement, containing UIO acres,
more or less.
.Tames William Blake.
Dated September 24th, 1013.    40-9
Christmas Rates and Sailings to the Old Country
BEALE & ELWELL are offering on behalf of the WHITE STAR
LINE tne following sailings nml ruteB :—
Awnox. Dath
Path        Stkamkr        From Ta, Kates of Ann.
Liverpool  .   $50 HO   Dec. 10
Canada ...
I III vet fori!.
New York
Arabic   .
New Yoik
Liverpool .
CO 00   Dec 10
66 00   Pec. HI
60 00
fit! 50
65 00
65 00
5:1 75
Deo. 17
Dec. 10
Tec I'll
Pec. HO
Dec. 28
Tlie above laonte are what are known an one-clone boats,and tbe
above lailes entitle you to ordinal}' liiM-clase accommodation.
Cranbtook to the seaboard anal return aro up follows:
Boston anal Heturi
Portland       "
Montieail       "
New Yank     ■'
For further particulars see
Beale C& Elwell
Kditor llerald:
Dear Sir: a roan gelding belonging
in mi* was lately found shot through
the ticc!*: hv a suiiill bore bullet. Tin*
scene of Ilk* occurrence was on tbo
western sub* nf tin* valley between
Ta-Ta creek and Slinnkmiichuck.
Tlie lasi seen nf this horse, who
was gifted wilh considerable horse
sense, he appeared to ho in tlio host
nf spirits anil Condition, so thai (he
(henry nf suieiile does not seem tangible. Tlie same disease has nlsn attacked a limse, the property of Mr.
Eli Roach.
The only solution appears to bo
that sume sportsman in search ol
game has been a little too precipitate, nml lo such as this the publication of these ^_facts may be a deterrent.
Ynurs faithfully,
0. I lunger ford Pollen,
Cranbrook, B.C., Nov, 27th, 1018,
Snow fell on Sunday to the depth
Of about six inches, bill Monday's
rain soon look a lot of il away
at tho International Eisteddfod al
the Panama-Pacific International ''-x
position in. 1915. Olhcs large prizes
will he olTcml for competitions in
solos, recitation*,, musical amd poetic
compositions, A half dozen male
choirs will compete from Wales.
Many lands will .send picked choirs lo
participate in (he song festivals.
It is slaled oa the best authority
that tbe Duke of Sutherland will follow politics as a career. It is said
that be takes UUle Interest in bis
Canadian estates, a matter whieh
held the chief attention of his father,
who bad acquired large interests in
Canada, particularly in tbe Northwest. The late Duke was keenly interested iu si-cuniin Immigration tot
Canada, particularly of time-expired
Closo friends of Miss Helen Dens
more Huntington have heen privileged
lo see the engagement ring given ta
her by Vincent Aslor. Tbe ring
was made to order and is said to
have cost 110,000. Each of (ho seven
stones in ihe ring is a perfect specimen. The Central stone is a huge
emerald, Miss  Huntington's favorite
jewel. On each side nf tbe gold hand
are three diamonds, the six stones
being exactly matched,
Asking that standard time in Hritish Columbia from the first Sunday
in April until the third Sunday iu
October should hy legislation be ad*-
vanci'd one hour in order to provide
more daylight for recreation and to
redlico artificial light bills, a resolution has been passed by t-ho Nelson
hoard of trade ami will In* forwarded
to provincial and domininn governments.
Schcrmcrliorn's camp has had     tn    The Hritish    Columbia government
shut down temporarily on account ol ims   under consideration the buildiiiR
tho depth aaf mow upon tin- lull;.       I „i „   wln>les«    station nt Chatham
~~—        . I Point which will   complote the cliain
Local talent is now occupied in along tho coast saa thai steamers ply-
preparing liar thi- Orangemen's con- inn between Vancouver mid Prince
cert, which will be held un Tuesday itunori will be In constant cummuni-
noil. cation with land stations. At. present
At Young Men's Club Building
Given by
Assisted by the following Ladies and Gentlemen:
Mrs. Maurice Quain, Mrs. Ira R. Manning, Miss Ruth Stevens, Miss Margaret Kennedy;
Messrs. A. Raworth, R. D. Cameron, G. S. Hougham, H. Darling
Admission 50 cents.
Children 25 cents
Programme will start promptly at 8.30 p.m. THE   CHANRROOK   HERALD
British Columbia Agents
| A  Good   Home
*% is what in dear to every man.   A homo
♦ in wIimi'm iVmio, Comfort, Ooutentroeot*.
J ami Plenty is found.   That is tlie reason
♦ men throughout l.ntiuli Columbia, when
J l,0 rail brook" in montionotl think of tbo
provision a Job. IJrmilt line mmlo for an
ideal home tit tlio
Canadian Hotel
mWtTd CAME HEADS a specialty
P. 0. Box i.i., CALGARY, ALTA.
i'lit" "fm—¥■—^———F— •3as6Ba«ae«Bsiaa
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men [
ll.v M.'.Iitii Mitbodi.
My motto: Qiih'ki lasting ciiwRgimrHntred at mortorutn
jirinH.    E\]n it IIhhHuuI cMiUiiiiulitiii five.    Prw I'Xiimili-
linn ..( mine ivlit'ti titcMtaHHry. Ouuhu I nift— (reo.   tJun'l
diduy.   I*' I'l.tH tin* dniigorons. Cull up jrrito.   Vrw book.
kt.   Everything ponfidentlul, Hours; Un.in.tn 5|i.m,
RtiiMln.vn, Ml a in. in 1 i'.in.
210 Howard Sl'OKANK
Daily, December I to 31
Firal   Class   Ronud  Trip
Pnros  from ORANBRI OK
TON      -
Corresponding Pares from
Olhor pninlH to Btntfons in
Ho turn t i mil three months,
Step over ami extension pri-
\ Hugos.
Uooklol of Information
from tt ii v Canadian Pucifio
Kiupiiro regarilitiK llirongli
lourial Bleeping caiii
Special Tares in Connctitm
with Atlantic Sailings Nov. 7
to December M
FuIIobI Information from locnl
n^i! it, or
Orit.PAMgr, Agent,
Trade Mafiks
copyrights ac.
ftrtTontsntiilfiiR h nkfMi fiinl dpicrlnllnn may
Hi'l.'tlj iiTi-ptti >nr n(-li-n'ii frua • hi'il.i'r »u
ll,>rilll>ll   If pfnl.-.l.lr |   ,r,.r*l.|f.      (*..i,,f„0l>ICft-
t lOlifl Um I It.' .Ulalfl.l IHi.  ll-lNlJ&nfllt Oil i'Ht.'LU
(viit iree. (ilili"*t itfrtu-t tor h-c:ii.\;k I'lttriii*.
Polenta tnlifii ilir.ir.uh Sltir.ii * Co. raimlTf
•?ji,vii'l ri!i„; ir'iltiuitciinmo, tnlliB
Scientific JUaerfcan.
A Mnilh'iri'lT lllii*tntlH wr-Hr, l„Tiv.t eta
. iilftiimi <>! wiy c'l-nll!,,' juimini. Irrui. fit
tularin. |S.;r, r.   fc.it, .Hulace rir>)>:ild.     Sulil  l.j
All  !,.'U«(li-llll!rt
MliJIN-SCo.36"'—"' New York
nwirb Offlvo. C» K t*t, WatMncton. I) C.
IT'S TIME tssnn* roryoureoutw
I'vl i l.vlm.ui-  |ilu:t.    !,loi,| Wialimi
.iii.l BqulpmonL Pitt Mnklat tell.*, all ulnml
il.   Got your «roy,- RAYMOND P  KEllEY.
ni.i(t. Gmtih at K pj
District nf SOUlll Kast Kooli'iiay,
TAKE NOTK'I*; tliat .loscpli
Blake, of Wasa, B.C., occupation
Farmer, Intends to nl'P'y f,)r pormls-
dlon lo purehaso tiie fallowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted *lo
fliain.s cast- ol lliu sniit!i onsi roruor
of IM Itoil, thonco cost 80 chains,
Uienco south 2(1. chains, thrnco west
80 chains, thenco north 20 chains to
place of commencemfiht. containing
1(10 acres, more or Ips*.
■Joseph Make,
per James W. Dlako. Agent.
Dated September aiWi, IOU.    10 H
lhat I, Win. ll. Moss, of Cranbrook,
B.C., Civil Engineer, intend to apply
fui permission to purchase lho following described land:
Commencing .it a post planted    on
lho cast bonk    of tlio Skonkumohuok
river, at a point ninrlv-four anil
B7 100 chains east, nnd 111) chains
souUi u[ Hi* S. ]■). comer ot lot
0070, ti. I., thenco cast 2r> chains,
more or less-, to a point 180 chains
ensl of the said S. 13, comer of I.ot
0070, O. 1; thonco south 20 chains,
theme west l*i chains, mora or less,
lo the east hunk of the Skookinn-
chnck, river, thence northerly along
thc east hank of Ihe Skooknmcluick
rlvor, t o i h j poin t ol eom-
menecmint, containing 40 acres, more
or less.
Wm. II. Moss,
Dated September loth, 1918.  43-te
Tight nwny—the first day you start to
take RHEUMA— the Uric Acid poison be-
f:in:; to dissolve imd leave the sore joints
mid muscles. Its action ia little less than
magical,   50 cents a bottle—guaranteed.
Judge Bnrhorst of Ft. Lornlme, Ohio,
enys: "After treatment by three doctors
Without result, I was cured of a very bad
case of Rheumatism, by using two bottle!
Healtie Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
The Dominion government now lias
under its control in the Rooky Mountains region some 2.1,1100 square
miles of foresl lands, and there i^
some likelihood of extensive forest
reserves, either under provincial or
federal management, being established in other parts id Canada in tho
near future. This being the ease, it
should he Of interest tn consider what
we may expect to gain from the
puhlic ownership of largo timber resources. p*or aa answer to 'his
question we may turn lo the national
forests of ihe United State) and soo
what advantages have accrued from
the administration by the forest service of a vast estate, ten times larger than the present reserves under
Dominion control.
Briefly enumerated, these* advantages are: I
1. The value ot the forests is now
Increasing witli use instead of depreciating.
2. More wood is grown per annum
ihan is lost through cutting, lire, disease and decay.
8. Whenever timber is cut', ih.*
operation is so conducted that young
growth will mil lie destroyed, thereby
assuring a now crop in the future.
1. The opening of roads, fire lines
and trails, nnd the construction of
telephones, lookout stations and rangers' houses, is making an effective
system ol fire patrol possible,
G. Operators of small lumber mills
are encouraged, except in Inaccessible
areas whose development involves a
heavy outlay of capital.
fl. Speculation in, and monopoly
nf, pubfic timber are prevented.
7. Abuse of   homestead and
Hectors' privileges is prevented.
8, Settlement    is encouraged
lands of   the right character,
prohibited on non-agricultural areas.
S. Settlers get wood and timber
for their own use, free of charge.
10. Every settler's clearing is an
aid in fighting fire.
11. Agricultural lands covered
with heavy timber are quickly cleared—not held for speculation—and
ihrown open for settlement.
12. Sheep, cattle and hogs arc pastured in suitable openings in the
13. the old warfare betweem sheep
and cattle ranchers is put a stop to.
14. Erosion, caused hy removal of
surface cover, ie checked.
15. Water supply is conserved for
irrigation and waterpower projects.
lfi. Pests — insects, rodents and
beasts nf prey — are more effectively
fvefpe Needs fFrn^k
Uie it foi eczema, ulceri,
cold loroi, c h a p p« d
htodi, poisoned wounds,
pilei. ictlp lorti. end ell
■kin injuriei end diieuei,
Beit beta for j * b y *
Purely herbel. All drug-
gilti end floret 50c box.
which has heen so frequcnlh com
mooted upon by hostile critics, is becoming t thing of the past and fan
ada, instead of borrowing money to
pay her debt-;, is selling her natural
products and thereby redeeming hot
' li is. of course, true that thc
wnild wide financial stringency has
bad something to dn with the lessen
ing of Canada's Importations, our
railroads, manufacturing concerns, Industrial carporalionj and municipal!
ties were iitiiil 1    to lionow as      much
money as tin j i\ sired, This mennl
that ibe\ wore forced 'Ho cut tholr
suit according io the cloth" or, jM
other winds, bpend less money than
usual.    This meant thai as a people
we were unable lo purchase ;is many
commodities as usual with the consequent result tbat our Importations
fell off. The favorable showing
was also somewhat glTeoted bv tho
excellent crop witb which Canada
was bless, d ihis year.
Canada's failure to go into liquidation as prescribed by her adverse
critics will doubtless prove disconcerting t" them. Tliey had everything nicely figured oul and conclusions reached which pine d Cnnadn
among th.* d ad or dying nations of
the world. Tliey did not reckon,
however, with the virility and]
strength cf this young country,
Thanks to our excellent hanking s\s-
1cm- which foresaw lite financial
stringency add prepared for il, and to
a variety of other causes, Canada has
weathered th:* financial galo with a
minimum of loss ami emerges today
with (lying colors. Rveni thn one objection of possessing an adi'erso balance of trade has largely been removed and today Canada is paying her
way through lho exportation r.f her
natural products.—Tho Journal of
than in the annual maintenance of all Tho Indian potlatch is threatened.
our state universities. The financiali Two chiefs have been arrested tor
loss resulting from destroying One on- participating iu one ani olll r chiefs
other's homes in lhe civil war   would] are now taking     legal counsel        to
have built 15,000,000 houses each
costing 13,000, We pray for love
bul prepare for hale We preach
peace but  equip for war.
Were half   the   power    thai nils the
world with terror,
Wero   half     tlte    wealth   bettowrd
The last uf the savage Instincts   Is
1 war.     The cave man's club made law
and   procured food        Alight decreed
rlghl      Warriors word saviors.
in Na/aretii a carpenter laid down
a saw tn preach the brotherhood of
mail. Twelve contllrles afterwards
Ins followers marched lo lhe Hoi)
Land to deslroj all who differed with
tbem in the worship of the Clod pi
l.ove Triumphantly thej wrote
"In Solomon's 1'oreh and in his
temple our men rode In tlte blood of
Ihe Saracens up to the knees of Iheir
History is an appalling tab* of
war, in the seventeenth century
Herman)*, France, Sweden and Spain
warred for thirty years. At Madge-
burg 30,000 out of 80,000 wow killed
regardless of sex or age In Germany schools were closed for a third
of a century; homes burned, women
outraged, towns demolished, and the
ilntilied land became a wilderness,
Two-thirds of   Germany's property
was destroyed and 18,000, I (lf   her
citizens were killed, ' because men
quarreled bjliout th* way lo glorify
"The prince of Ponce." Marching'
through rain or snow, sleeping on
llie ground, eating stale food and
starving, contracting diseases an,I
facing guns that lire six hundred
limes n minute for fifty cents a day:
-ihis is the soldier's life.
Al    the     window    sits a    widowed    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
mother crying.  , Little children wilh
fearful faces pressed against tbe1 Thl' ^W"1 sin8|c ***««« "' ^
pane, walch aud wait. Their means j BVM ,nn'le oul ,,f N«lhcrn British
of livelihood, Iheir home, Iheir hap-1 C'oluplbia waters was thai sent out
piness Is gone. Katherless children, from Prince Rupert during the past
broken-hearted wrimrn, sick, disabled ■ W(1(.k w]lcn ,hp stPamer British Co-
and dead nun. Tbis is the wage otj
learn if thev can maintain Hns ancient custom. The. Indian department
contends the potlatch has ,1 demoralizing influence on the natives,
mi camp and courl I    ' ,"*'ri-l'V uulif) all   purchasers    of
Given   lo    red mi    this world frrnn!the f""""1"^    described lands, 01 ol
orror Iil,lV !"'r''"" thereof, thai ' liave   re-
There    would be no   need ol arsenal   ^,,<l *"-d cancelled all aoHiorUy  ol
,l|i(j fi|.| - Mr  li  <;  Thompsan to sell or other-
j wise deal  with the said lands, or    to
War «>iil\ defers a question. No   is   collocl anv inonevs  ler outslanding
sue will ever really be settled until it' aiueemn.t> (or sih on an behalfj
is settled lightly. Like rival "gunUnd I forthcr notlfj said purcliasers
gangs" in a back alley, the nations that th*j are required lo moke all
of ihe world, through the bloody payments under said outstanding
ages, have fought over their differs- agreements foi Bale to myaell .11
ces. Denver cannot fight Chicago I Room 213 Winch Huildlng, Vancou-
iiui Iowa cannot light Ohio. Why
should (ierinaii) be permitted to fight
Krance, or Hulgaria fight Turkey?
When mankind rises above creeds,
colors aud countries; when wc are
citizens, not of a nation, but of tbe
world, the armies and navies of the
earth will constitute an international
police force to preserve the peace and
lhe dove will lake the eagle's place
Our differences wilt be settled by an
iiiterualion.il coiirl with the power
in enforce iis mandates,
111  limes of peace prepare for peace
The wag.'s of war are the wages of
sin and the "wages of sin Is death."
-Leslie's Weekly.
We   spend    more     money preparing
men io kill each other than we do in
limibia sailed with about 500,000
pounds "f fresh halibut Iced and
frozen halibut.    The hulk of the ship-
teaching   them     to live.      Wo spend! nmit Is   consigned     lo eastern mar-
more   money building one   battleship J kets.
ver, B.C
The   lands aha
Lots thirty-rive hundred and fifty,
eight (3S58), thirty-five bundled and
fifty-six (3556), thmy in e hundred
and iiftv seven (3557), and thirty
hundred and liny right (3058), all in
Group One ill in ihe Mast Kootenay
District, excepting out of !<>i thirty
hundred and "''' 'c' ' i'r'*1 that
Part marked on 1 ap ,-s ' SYLVAN
L\Ki: PARK ' and lots twvnty-
three (33), thirty-three (3S) and thir-
ty-fom (31), and excepting cmt af loi
thirty-n\e hundred and fifty-six
(36561 sixty 160] aerrs in the north
half or said lot Including lhe present portion of nboul Rcvcn ^7,
acres which have been deeded to thn
Cranbrook. Cu\ Waterworks and excepting out of said tots thirty-Avo
hundred and fifty-dgbt (^3558) Block
One ih to twenty four H. (2110 Inclusive, and blocks thirty-two (32)
and il Irtj -two \ t33A)« in the
Pro\ince ol British Columbia.
■lames C. Shields.
Dated at Vancouver, H *  ,
Sovctnbcr 22nd, 1913 JS-3t
I Beautiful flam
During the past six months when
Canada, iu common with the world,
was passing through a period ol financial stringency, a great deal of
emphasis was laid upon Canada's so-
called adverse balance of trade. It
was pointed out that this country
presented one of tho most dangerous
fields in the world owing to thc wonderful prosperity and expansion which
had characterized her during the previous dozen years. There was a
general belle! expressed hy Canada's
critics that the pendulum would
swing in the opposite direction and
lhal this country would suffer severely from business depression. To substantiate Iheir arguments, they j
pointed out the Inrgc excesB ot Im-
porls over exports nnd concluded
therefrom that Canada bad a heavy
adverse balance of trade. It was
pointed out thai for the fiscal year
IDia-lS our Imports totalled 1691,-
048.615, while our exports were hut
litlle more than half, amounting to
Admitting the  truth    ot tho arguments that    Canada had   an adverse
balance of trade, it is interesting, to
note thai in the next six months   of
Ihe fiscal yenr     1(113-11, which ended
30th September    last Canada's total
trade amounted   lo $551,»78,000    as
compared with $580,2(15,00(1 (or    the]
corresponding six months of the prev-
s   year.     The    chief   point to be
emphasized,   however,   was the relation of imports to exports. For  the
six months   just ended,    our exports
have, boon   growing taster    than our
imports.       The  exports for the six
months af the present year amounted
to   $211,000,000 as    compared  with
$178,(100,000    for   the corresponding
period of 11112, or an increase of $33,-
000,000.      During thn   .same period,
our   imports   only    increased   from
$328,000,000 to   Mto.iino.iino, again
of hut $12,000,000.     For the month]
of September itself, this tendency   isj
even more marked.    While our total"
trade increased from $87,000,000    to'
$1)5,000,000, imports actually declln-1
ed from $57,000,000     to $54,000,000,1
while exports   showed a gain of from
$20,0110,000:10 $41,000,000.    In other'
words, the   adverse balance of trade, \
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more natural to fui! easily and 1 racefully into Ver-V P^MMl to use, very easy to apply -
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an instantaneous  rich, fo 1 nlng lather, penetrating to every part of the hair
and scalp.   It is washed oil just as quickly, the entire operation taking only
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It leaves no lumps or stickiness.
— Just a refreshing sens? cf c 10I, sweet cleanliness.
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Both in odd-shaped ornamental boUlis, with sprinkler lops.
Harmony Hair Beautitur. $1.00 , Harmony Shampoo, 50c.
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Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
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AKE certain of complete success in your concrete work
by always using
CANADAPoitiand cement
We art .applying C.n.di«n farmer, wilh the high* qusbly ol PortUd Corneal il is
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We hav. .educed lhe piicc pi Canada Po.ll.nd .C^J^'V*^^" '"* fa
every pufpoie.
llUtileoiiiy building material ihu i. not increasing io co.1.
Be sure to ask for Canada
Cement, in bags.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
i have not waived ,i free copy of' What the farmer can da nvith Concrete.'' write our Information
Department ana" get one.    Ii'j a complete practical concrete encyclopedia.
News of the District  ras
(Special correspondence).
A. K. Johnson,spent) Tuesday
tbis week with Cranbrook friends.
(ieo. Custer ami Arthur Lund lin
taken a large contract for taking nut
props and are beginning work       this
week cm Mr. Lund's property.
Mr. MoV-icar, of Fort Steele, visit-
nl with Iriends hero last Tuesday.
Mrs. llnyies was called to Craft
brook last Tuesday nvening, to tin
bedside ol Mr. Hayes at the St. En
gene hospital. It is (eared thnt Mr,
Hayes1 condition is serious, Both
limbs were broken, about lour week:
ago, but other complications seem i<
have set in.
A joint meeting of (the hoard ol
managers and the Ladies Guild   from
Hull Hiver and Wardner churches was
tailed for Tuesday evening In the
cliurcn nt Wardner. A number ol lb.*
Mull Hiver people were in attendance, The object of the meeting was
tn notify the superintendent, Hr.
Ferguson, that these congregation1)
wished to unite and become an augmented (barge, also that Ihey wished to extend a coll to Itev. Woo.l, our
present pastor. Tbe subject was
fully explained by Mr, K. W. Burgess
chairman, ami the minutes of th*
last meeting read by the secretary,
Victor A. Lund born, after which ibis
notion was unanimodsly agreed to by
nil present. After tlie official part
of the meeting was disposed of, refreshments were served hy some of
the Wardner ladies.
Mr. .1. Downey, photographer, was
in Cranbrook ore business last Tuesday.
A. R. Johnson left for Oalloway
on Thursday of this week to take an
inventory nf tho stock at the Crow's
Nest Pass Lumber company's commissary.
Written by Bright Correspondents
Baynes, Waldo and Elko districts
was here visiting for two days this
week and meets with much acceptance.
On Friday 0. Nutt will give a
paper on "Soils" at thc monthly
meeting of the local Farmers' Institute.
It is hoped shortly to hold a Conservative meeting at Waldo, when a
prominent member of the government
will sneak.
Last week one of the bunds at the
Adolph mill bad n marvelous escape
from death. He slipped on the log
chains iu Hying to handle u heavy
timber which ii.nl miscarried, and was
pushed by it under the guard fending
Oft from tlie live saws of tbe "slasher" which cuts in lengths the waste
lumber,      I lc was   forced   towards
thom until bis lens were each side of
a saw before his frantic efforts io
escape succeeded.
Tbe largo winter logging camp of
the Adolph Lumber company, u mile
ami ;i half nut or Haynes, is now ln
full swing,
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Robertson of Waldo have arranged to
give H large farewell dance in tlieir
honor on November 27th, licfore their
departure for Medicine Hat. Mr. Robertson, who is a brother of the Bishop of Kxetcr, is secretary of the Baxter Lumber company, and intends taking up the real wiato business in
Medicine Hal.
The Baynes and district branch of
the Farmers' Institute meets on Friday, November 28th, In Uie Adolph
hall for the election of delegates to
tbe central convention. Q. Null thaw
promised to read a paper on "Soils."
ROV. Mr. Bruce bas taken charge ol}
tlw* Anglican congregations In Elko,
Baynes and Waldo during the absence
of Rov. J, Boss Colquhoifn ou sick
leave, who left Calgary on November)
15th for Glasgow, Mr. Bruce preached,
lure last Sunday.
Tlm children's Christmas tree      in
connection with Baynes Lake schod
is fixed for Friday, December 15th,
when a concert by the juveniles will
also be given.
The Adolph mill closes down next
week, being the last ol the three
local linns firms to do so.
.Mrs. Adolph, sr.,     has made satisfactory    improvement after her   serious illness     al     Los Angeles, Cal
whither she had gone some weeks ago
for thc winter.
P. Backs ami family have left for
Spokane, Wash., to stay over Christmas.
• I. Ilouten of Calgary arrived this
week on a visit lo <'. Brooks, postmaster.
W. F. Wright, station agent, is
soon taking u month's furlough in
The squirrels, fpphcrs and other
forest folk are still out und about
quite lively.
On Sunday a traveller driving
through the townslte about (I p.m.,
when everyone wns at supper, saw
that the barn of j. Radford, of the
Baynes Lake hotel was on lire, and
Immediately gave tlte alarm. Soon
some twenty people were on the
scene. The fire when discovered had
a good hold on the upper story and
the helpers had to climb along tb.*
roofs of adjoining buildings to throw
water on the spreading flames. Tw0
norscs were in the stable underneath
and were got out safely. In about
three-quarters of an hour the fire was
got ulider control, with only thc
Hitting of the upper story, and the
entire loss of the store ot winter
hay. It is supposed that some one
passing through got into the barn
and dropped a match when lighting a
pipe.     The building is not insured.
When Kev. A. E. Bruce drove over
from Elko the same day to take the
11 a.m. Anglican service at Waldo
not a scut turned out, though he
waited till 11.80 .a.m., and the Baker
hall was opened nnd wanned for the
(I. Welsby, the policeman acting at
Elko, and last from Nelson, drove tq
Baynes and Waldo on duty on Sunday.     He acted    for several months
s    chief constable at Fernie.      Mr,
ollins, the Waldo policeman, is ex-
pech-d back Trom his fortnight's holiday this week end.
The newly established free reading
room, housed in the Baynes Lake
hotel Is going ahead. The latest
move of the association was to secure a circulating library under tbo
rules of the government travelling
libraries, at their meeting on Thursday, nt Baynes Lake hotel, when
Rev. .1. Philp, president; S. Boll, 0.
Brooks, .1. Radford, W. F. Wright
and (1. Nutt were present. The library will start with fifty books,
chiefly on fiction, literature, travel,,
science and* hooks suitable for children. Uev. .1. Philp also agreed to
deliver on Thursday, December 4th, a
lecture on "My Pilgrimage Through
Palestine," illustrated by maps,
charls, pictures and curios, and giving his varied experiences of "400
miles on horsehack, stormed out o!
Hebron, robbed at Tiberias, attacked
in the desert, when 72 persons perished." The function will include
musical selections and the examination and explanation ot the curios..
The lecture will be In aid ot the library fund.    0. Nutt is librarian.
Rov, A. E. Bruce, the Anglican
clergyman, recently put. in charge   ol
(Special correspondence).
The weather lor the past week has)
been mild and damp, although there
has been a heavy fall of snow. On
Sunday the snow turned to rain and
it has been raining ever since, so the
snow is fast disappearing.
Miss Martin has just purchased a
fine now Oirard-Heintzman piano,
whieh arrived here tbis week in good
shape. Miss Martin has started
music class here and is now prepared
to accommodate a larger number of
Mr. Pierson, brother af our well
known townsman, arrived here op
Monday from Cranbrook, where be
had visited little Oscar Pierson-, who
is in the hospital s uttering Irom
pneumonia. He reports the child
progressing favorably, although on
two different occasions the physicians despaired of his life. It is expected that lie will soon be able to
return home.
On Wednesday evening Mrs. Horn
entertained a number of her friends
at an informal card party, when a
most enjoyable time was spent. The
first part of the evening was spent in
playing whist and other games and
about midnight tbe guests were invited into Mrs. Horn's cozy dining,
room, where a sumptuaus repast
awaited them. After doing full jus-
lice to thc appetising supper the
guests again repaired to the parlor
and it was well on into the wee
sma hours of the morning before the
party broke up. All report having
spent a very jolly evening and pronounce Mr. and Mrs. Horn eicelhnt
Mrs. Nordine went to Cranbrook
this week to see Harold, her son who
is in the hospital, heing treated for
typhoid fever. She reports tlw toy
doing well and expects he will soon
be able to return home.
Miss Martin, principal of the public
school, went to Cranhrook on Saturday. She was accompanied by
little Hilda Wills, who went to the
hospital lor treatment (or nervous
trouble. Miss Martin returned on
Sunday after having left her charge
comfortably ensconced in the hospital, where it Is hoped that quiet and
rest will restore the shattered nerves
of the child.
Mrs. I<aing spent several days in
Cranbrook this week shopping.
Mr. Wlllan, thc Methodist mission-
cry here, paid fl visit to Kimberley
and Marysville this week, where he
gave lantern lectures to large aud
Imees. The proceeds of the lectures
was devoted to the work ot the,
church in these places Mr. Willan
reports deep snow in that district,
while here mild spring-Hire weather
1-ast Wednesday afternoon the
school children of the senior division
gave a little send off to Miss Mary
Roberts, one of ehrir school mates,
who was leaving   lot the oM coimtry
tbe next day. Games ot all kinds
were indulged in by the children and
then some appetising refreshments
were served by the teacher and-older
pupils. The little gathering then
broke up and all report having spent
a most enjoyable afternoon,
The Misses Nordine went to Yahk
on Saturday, where tbey spent tlie
week-end visiting friends.
Mr. Willan went to Nelson on Monday on a business trip, He will return about the end of the week.
Miss QuancCj sister ol our well
known citizen, Mr, Quance, is spending thc winter visiting her brother.
Mrs. Sylvester's sister, wbo arrived,
from New York, recently, has decided
to spend the winter here visiting her
The service which has been held in
the Methodist church at LHO p.m.
has been ohonged lo the usual hour
of 7.80 p.m. and nni'vices will In* held
at Yahk 0n Monday evening in place
of Sunday afternoon as this is more
convenient for the people
Mr. nnd Mrs. Roberts and family,
who are old residents of this place,
left on Thursday nJgjvt on the (Iyer
for England. Mr. Roberts, who is
suffering from cancer, hnd an operation performed sonic time ago nt
Spokane, but without any good results. His physician then advised
him to refrain from having any more
operations, as the case was hopeless
and tbe treatment only aggravated
the disease. Mr. Roberts then decided to return to bis native country— England—whore he intends' to he
treated with the X-ray and he hopes
wilh the best of medical attendance
to effect n recovery. Mr. and Mrs.
Roberts have made many friends
here and will be much missed from
our town, but they carry with tbem
the hest wishes of thc whole community.
Mr. Boisjolic, accompanied by .his
daughter, Miss Boisjolic, returned
here on Monday from Lethbridge
They are old residents af this place
but hnve been absent for some time
and their many fiiends are pleased to
welcome them back again. Mr.
Boisjolic has rented the Methodist
parsonage for the winter and will
move in as soon as tho repairs are
made. The parsonage has been vacant for some three months and the
Ladies Aid Society are having the
windows repaired and the inside of
the house thoroughly renovated for
tho new tenant. Miss Bois'olie will
spend the winter here with her
(Special correspondence).
Through the kind instrumentality
of Professor Robertson, of the department of education, under thc direction of School Ins|>ector Miller
two schools for public instruction
will tbis season be opened in the
district. One of these will be situated within this towns-ite and opens
this week, the other will lie on thc
benches overlooking Lake Lillian and
will be opened as soon as a building
has been erected
The various curling clubs of the
towns!tea in this neighborhood which
form the district association have
recently held their various annual
meetings and appointed their officers
for the ensuing year and mapped out
their owo individual programmes.
The Windermere Uistriet Curllns
association comprising players from
rinks from Invermere, Athalmere,
Wilmer and Windermere will be holding an annual meeting in tbe immediate future
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Thos.! Interested in the "roarin'
game" to the mmilicr ol about
twenty assembled on Monday evening
in the Hotel Invermere to hold the
second annual meeting ol lho Inver
mere Curling cluh.
The following ollicers were elected
lor the ensuing year:
Honorary Presidents—H. Foister,
M.I..A., und E. Mallandaine.
1'rosUlonl—Oeo. A. Starke.
Vicc-l'reshlonts—P, C, Stockdalc
ami (l. Stewart.
Seeralaryi-Treasllret — W. 11. Cle-
Evecutivc Committee—0. A. Hen.
nett, V. nodus, ,1. It. Hankry, A
Ritchie nml Godtrey Vigor.
it wus decide.! tat moke n rink ol
one or two sheets of ice on the vacant hat just opposite tlw Hotel Invermere. A supply ot water will be
easily available Iron, tlie Invermere
water works system ami there should
be nn iliDlaulty in making a good
sheet <tl ice.
Messrs. Welti, llennett and Cleland
were appointed a committee to meet
representatives Irom the otlier club
in tlte district and arrange tor local
Tlte second annual meeting ot tlie
Invermere Hockey club was held on
Monday evening in tbe Hotel Inver
President Bennett being absent, Mr.
Woitd occupied the rhalr.
The lollowlng officers were elected;
Presidint—Oeo. A. Bennett.
Vire-Presidcntr-J. B. Hunkey.
Secretary-Treasurer—II. Monk.
Executive—P, Hodges, 1. O. Wcdd
and P. C. Stockdnle.
Messrs. Wcdd, Hodges and Bennett
were appointed   a committee to meet
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
362 Richards St.,
(Suaacaaaaor to W. F. Crmi)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
V. (t. Ilau Mill
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to l.taan
Physicians and Surgeons.
OaBee at RmMih, Armstrong ira
orrioe hours >
Forenoon • — 1.00 to 10.00
Alternoons - - - i.OO to 4.00
Evenings .... 7.10 to III
riandaya ■ ■ - ■ i.M to I.M
CRANBROOK :i    ll    H    It    l,«
the representatives ol the Windermere District Hockey association and
arrange a schedule oi games lor the
The directors ol the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd., comprising Messrs. J. S. Dennis. R.
Randolph Bruce, Hon. Angus Mac-]
Donell, ('. TI. Davidson, jr., and
Thorburn Allan, have made personal
cash contributions to the building ol
the Windermere District General hospital amounting to 51300 and the
lands have already heen received and
applied lo tlie reduction ail the build
ing contract.
.1, F, Spalding, of PcrnaO, who is
touring the province collecting data
tor an illustrated touring guide cf
the government highway, called in at
Athalmer this week. In, a bricl interview he expressed bis opinion that
the rood Irom Windermere to Cranbrook lor good surface and easy
grading has the rest ol the province
licked to a frazzle.
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You can make, from $18 to $50 a
week driving, selling or repairing
cars. We will teach you in a tew
weeks in your own home town to he
an expert Automobile man, and, get
you an agency for a high grade car.
We have been established* five years,
ami have over 6000 successful graduates. Write at once for free booklet
whieh gives full information.
508 Church St. Rochester, N.Y.
That the city of Calgary has sufficient applications from new industries);
for space in thc new industrial building to more than 1111 the structure
when completed is now announced.
The matter was discussed at a recent)
meeting of tlie railways and new industries committee of the city, and
the information given that there were
more than enough applications already on hand Irom new concerns. It'
will Ih. the policy ol thc city to allot
thc space in this building only to new
industries, the Idea being to build up
Calgary as a manufacturing center.
The building will cost (250,000, ami
will lie en up-to-dale structure ln
every respect, containing the latest
ideas in sanitation, etc. Tlie city is
creeling! tlie building as a result nl
the clients ot the Calgary Industrial
ami Development Bureau, whoso
commissioner, Andrew Miller, was
struck by lhe success nl a similar enterprise at Haverhill, Mass.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard Bt. and Trent Ave.
A modern equipped Oafe at moderate
Rates 11.00 and up per day
Onr boa meeta all trains
Tht Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB 00ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER. Secretary
aiuat ia
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. H.
Regular meetings on
the" third   Thursday,
ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
F. B. Miles, W.M.
J, L. Cranston, Sec.
CbebOENT Loiac.it No. 83
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K, ul R.&S,
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
• to 12 a.m.
1 to  • p.m.
7 to   6 p.m.
Offiee In Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. 0
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 269 Matron
P. O. Box S45 Garden Ave.
5..°fc.?iS8 Cranbrook, B.C.
Civil and Mining Engineer.
Brltl.lt Columbia Lead Surveyors
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
W. & BmtUj. ruMnl DlcttU.
Phone340 P.O. Box 585
Norbnry Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone 233
Night Phone 351
Frank Provenzano
General Marehanta
Employmant Agenta
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Buat'eanaar to F. T. F. PERRY
{star cleaning}
Gootle cnllrxl for and deliverer,.
Good work only.   Prompt
| Telephone No. 4051
P. O. Box 703
Works: Armstrong Ave.
i A
For Sale
Ono Oxford Engine, 11 ill. Price
$350,011. May be teen at Bene
diet Biding, one mile eaat ol
Mayook, B. 0.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, com.
plete with rack feed, 3 blocks,
3 post doga. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.O.
One Oxford Friction Feed, com-
Slete with cable and sheaves and
rive pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. O.
.    For further particulars apply to
Leask A Johnson, Elko, B. 0.
l.O.O.V., KEY CITY LODOE, No. 41
Heats every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlellowi cordially Invited.
.1. 11. Tinnier, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meeta first and    third Wednesdays
ia each month.
A  cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
11. White, Scribe.
No. ID.
Meets every second and   (mirth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs cordially Invited,
Sis. Maude Hickenbotham, s.O.
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Roo, See.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at 8
p.m. sharp.
I. McI.acWan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 61R.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at S p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Prea. Sec.
ISox 018
Visiting members cordially welcom
W M ESMffl, Dial.
Cranbrook Lodge
Nn. into
Mtvlaa every aajronal and
laiiirlli Weiltieailny ta tr]
la. nt. ill llaaynl Itlna-k
Knight.' llaail, Bilker
Pride o! Cranbrook   Circle, No. 15S,
Companions of tne Forest.
Meets la Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ol each month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secretary.
P. O. Box 442.
Visiting Companions cordially «»!-
LODOE, No. 1871
Meets 1st and Ural Tlinrs-
ataivai at 8 p.m. In lloyul
Black Knii-litaol l.eln
Hall, Baker Btreet.
Fhkh. W. Swain, W.it.
s. L, Wn.i.iAMti, See,
Prteldsnt: 0, B, Bhspfasu
llral. nwtlarly III. Seat Krlalaty i>vi'aiiliR H, la
IlalaarmHllaaia on l'aallllry total ta-ra xnii|i|ia.al
Aalalrw tha Barrel wry,
A. B. BUITII, ll,» H.-.a
II you want satisfaction with
your washing send
it to
Bpeelal prices (or family work.
President: A. B. Smith '
Secretary; S. Maowmiald       \
i For Inionnatton regarding lands a
I aud  agriculture   «PP'y Jo the a
I Secretary, Cranbrook, B. 0.
Every second Wednesday      j
Opposite CPU. Station
THB    I'LACE    TO     OET    A
T*t fataM. Start
The Store with a Renut latum
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It Pays Iaa Drill
A. B, JoNR. T. J, llailtiaa
I'l USO Phone tail
Haas IWI
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
..'I il.a|ii  Van. I'a-..-. s |l, |,,a
Va.ll llllllal
Bee iaa iilaaiaii your Coerrel nl
llaiaenielll Waal*
saint mm
And Christmas will be here
with nil its joy and mirth,
We have nmilo special preparations this year to meet
tlie needs of the Xmas shopper with nn exceptionally
lnr^e and well selected stock
of Jewelry, Silverware, Cut
Glass, Leather Goods and,
in fact, everything yon
would expect to Hnd in n lirst
class jewelry Btore. For, after
all, there is nothing like a
real good pieco of jewelry ns
a lasting and appropriate
Xmas gift. Make your selection now and have it laid
aside. Itwill cost younomore.
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Ask for and insist on having
brook heel served von.
A. n. Macdonald lrfl yesterdajr for
Nelson on a short business trip.
Mrs. A. C. Ilarshaw will not receive until the Nimv Year.
New crop navel orangecs jtisi arrlv*
nl al Wanl and Harris.
Mr, and Mrs. I.onis IlHton, ol
Wattsburg) spent a visit lo town last
Horn.—On Mondaj
1918, in Ihis tity.
Lynch, a son.
dipssei cltcai'l
[ovenibct -lib,
Mi   mid Mrs
Phono l"7 for your next rast* ol
beer or porter. Made nt homo and
guaranteed pure.
Mrs. K. T. navies, of Maclcod,
Alberta, is visiting in tlie rily       the
guest of Mis, i*:. iv Shackleion
A three-drawn dresser at JS.!Ul.-
0, C, s,
A. C Piggolt left this week W
spend a few montlis in the cast visit
inn bis old homo at Pembroke, Ont.
Dajion and  Toledo
at Kink Meieautile ft
uiles for   sate
Woodman has been visiting
I'Vrnie tot the past    two
Watch the next child, or voting
peroon, warning a pair of BlaHnee.
Don't thoy make the child look
old? Tliat in llie fault of tlie
KlasKei. They have no mote right
to make a person took old I hi 11 a
hatoramiit ofolothei, The Rimer
kind innke yon look voiJNaiR—
tlie kind we well.
dmffliiiwr-i fu.t only I'liliaiiL'oyiniriiii'
peRratlM, Iml llii*y an* the \w*\ thut
:.l'll'lH-f lllilt llfl'll   lllllt'    til    I'llBhlrr   l..|    ,|
coiitllllon Kkayaura,
Neat lo tlm Pant Onto.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Joo Kennedy hns relaiirnnl Irom a
fortnight's visit at I.othbridge anal
The many friends of .Mr. If. V.
Parker will be pleased to note that
lie is around again afler a long anal
serious illness.
Mrs. It. al, Binning entertained on
Wednesday afternoon, the guest of
honor being Mrs. Armsirong, who is
visiting in the city from Lctltbriilgc.
C- C.
want a   dresser cheap?-
S. I,. Coop, Fred and .lohn Hycfc-
man and Arthur Burge left the lirst
of the week .for a bunting trip on
Irishman's creek west of Olenlily.
Jonathan, Wagner, Kings, Grimes
Golden, Rome Beauty and otlier good
varieties of apples at Ward and Har-
Mrs. ('. T. Davis entertained on
Monday afternoon at her home on
Garden avenue in lienor ol Mrs. Armsirong, of Lethbridge.
want a   ilresser ehoap?-
Healc anal Elwell have for sale 320
acres of hind close to Fort Steele
.lunclion*t $7.11(1 per acre. This is
a snap.
Large dry warehouse to rent, $6.0(1
per month.    Apply Herald office.
Horn—Al (he Coltaje hospital in
Ihis eity on Thursday, November 20th
11)13, to Mr. and Mrs. .las. .loyee, ol
Flags-lone, a son.
20 ami 2.ri per cent
;'ls—f. C. S.
'tit on all alres-
Hnln—At the Cottage hospital     in
this cilj on Tuesday, November 25th,
nnal    Mrs. .lama's fiart-
o Mr.
Try a poa
SOc. anal 60c
Mi,    T
McLean ami
signed their
mil of   Hasawa tea 85c,
pound     at Ward anal
Shackieton, Mrs.   C.
Miss K.   Park have
aallice as patronesses
ilia- Cranbrook Dancing club.
20 and 20 per cent cut on all
sits.-C. C. s.
Mrs. .lohn I'aterson, who has laeen
visiting Mr. and Mrs. It. T. Brymner
at Lethbridge, arriv.il home on Weal
Grape Irult, pearl, grapes
ItUltl ut Ward nnd Mantis
ami olhen
Born—Dn Thursday, November
2Dlli, 11)1.1, to Mr. and Mis ,1. Hiui'a;
Cully, ai daughter.
c- c.
want a   dresser chenp?-
Whra you
hroaik |„.(.i,
order bcor, specify Cran*
tmide at home.
I.alwnra! KlttcM is lenvinij tomorrow lor Ktiglnnil lat join Mrs. 131-
wa'll anal will remnili nway (air the
winter montlis.
20 ami
per n'ttl cut on nil .Ires-
Miss Bertha ntul Master Arthur Gill
lell tlie lirst of lhe wirk lor Marysville where they will spend n month
visit iug friends.
Do    you   want a
dresser cheap?--
Mr. nnd Mm.  T.
S. dill
tefl      on
Tuesday for Morris,
vhcto tliey
will visit with Hum
r pnreti
s for snv-
cral weeks.
Wood for sale. Phone \nu.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Darling moved the
past week Into their new house on
l.umaditi avenue.
Are your hard earned dollars     going to    Cranbrook   ot   where? Keep
j your dollars here, und tliey will    re-
rink and is opening a three-target
gallery with 7"> foot range at the
rink, next Salurdi
main in town, by drinking Cranbrook
Sovereign (lour, regular price $3.75  beer and porter.
per cwt. on Saturdaay $3.35, one day J •	
only.—Ira R. Manning. Head what we are doing with drcs-
                         ' sers.—C. C. S.
Meet me at Bob's Place. , •—*
 " -Johnson   Bros., proprietors oi   the
Increasing business of thc Koote- Ilex theatre, have made arrangements
nay Telephone Lines, Ltd., has no-] to give a picture show every Satnr-
cessilatcd the establishment of a new day evening at Creston. Mr. !■:. A.
200 point switch braid which 1ms' .Johnson will have charge of this scr-
been ordered and will |** Installed the ' vice.     The Auditorium     at  Creston
first of the year,
C. s.
dresser at $8.90.-
has been
■cured   for     the    weekU
The regular meeting of tlie Women's Institute will be held [n tho!
Carmen's hall on Tuesday next at
3 p.ni December 2nd, when Mrs. w
H. McKarlane will give a demonstration nu "<*andy Makintt" J
Wo offer our P»re bred Berkshire
hoar for sale, Ifi months old at $-15,
also a lot of small pigs at $5.00 each
Inquire at st, Eugene Mission, m-it
Mrs   I-:. II   Uocd was llie vii-ljui oi
a runaway accident last Friday      on
1 taker street    which resulted in       a
bad cut   over   her    eye and several
Poller and beer made at the Cran-  bruises which necessitated her ren.ai,,-
hrook   Brewery    is   fftving complete' |Bg |n bo<| fot   Wv«rat days.      The
satisfaction. Phone 177. | hmy 81.,taillld ,, broken whce|   and
the frightciiod horse was captured before he injured himself.
The regular   monthly mcetinrt     of
the Ladles AM Society of the Methodist church will be held at the  home I   over   forty   lines of English fancy
of   Mrs.    -Ll).   Murray,   ftnyfck biscuits will be
avenue, on Wednesday afternoon, Dc-
ocmbcci3rd at 3 p.m. A full attendance requested.
A three-drnwer
c. c. s.
dresser at $8.90.—
Marriage license was issued on
Tuesday, November 2Rth, to William
James Duncan and Joanne Me Catherine Mather, both of Kort Steele, Tbe
marriage will take place tomorrow
reduced from 50c. to
35c. on Saturday.—Ira Ii. Manning
Ilowser   oil
Mercantile Co.
tank for sale at Kink
On   Friday,      December   19th, the
Overseas club are hokting their annual kill at the Auditorium. Mrs.
Wallinger's orchestra will furnish lho
Sovereign (lour, regular price $3.75
per cwt. on Saturdaay $3,35, one i/ay
only.—Ira It. Manning.
A three-drawer dresser at $8.00.—
C. C. S.
Miss (lill, eldest daughter of T- S.
Oil!,-was lure last week from Blairmore, Alberta, visiting the family
and left the lirst of ihe week, for
Movie, where she will visit friends before rcforo returning home.
Peek Proem, Hun-tley and Palmer
and Jacob's biscuits reduced to 35c.
per lb. Saturday.—Ira R. Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. [). W. Hyndnian arrived in the city the first of Uie
week from Edmonton for a visit, Ite-
ing the guests and Mr. and Mrs. T.
C. Phillips. Mr. Hyndnian was formerly manager of the C.P,It. telegraphs hen* and is now the local
manager for the company al Kdtnon-
j ton. He is spending a few days at
Spokane anil will return here for Mrs.
' Hyndnian More returning home.
Dressers in any wood, Bird's Ey*i
Maple, Circasian Walnut, Quartered
Maple, Circasian Walnut, Quartered
Oak, Early English and finished
woods, selling at 20 and 25 per
cent off the regular price.—C.C.S.
Mr. and Mrs. A. ti. Jones and fani
ily departed on last Wednesday for a
four months' holiday and trip to tbe
old country. They will stop in Ottawa for a visit there before going
on. This is Mr. Jones' first visit to
the old country since he left there
eight years ago. We. basin-en in
Cranbrook for the past six years.
Thc business will be conducted under
charge of Mr. Doris during his absence.
Special biscuit sale on Saturday.
All'our fifty cent English lines will
be reduced to 85c.—Ira K. Manning.
J. A. Gillespie, ol Vancouver, formerly manager of P. Burns and Co.
in this city, was a   visitor here
Wm.   Harrison, who  has l«en railroading out of Cranbrook for several
years,    has   recently completed      a
thc swing around   thc    circle of Western
first of the week. He is now can-
necied with (Jillespies, Ltd., a real
estate firm of the eoast metropolis.
A three drawer
. C, s.
dresser at $8.90—
Mrs. Carrie Baker, who owns con-'
siderable Cranhrook property, was in
the eity this week from Sardis, B.C.
where site
oast year.
Canada, being away on a several
weeks' trip and reports thnt he has
not seen a town in his travels equal
to Cranbrook for general prosperity,
lie reports conditions in Lethbridge,
Calgary and Vancouver as being at
wry low ebb.
Special biscuit     sale on Saturday.
All our fifty cent English  lines   will
has lieen nursing for  the  *» reduced to 35c.—Ira ft. Manning,
Bowser   oil
Mercantile Co.
tank for s
A. T.   I'nitcrhill, accountant
the Imperial bank here for the
several   months, has resigned
position and accepted one with
Cranbrook   Jobbers,    Ltd-, made va
cant by the resignation of Mr. Haas.
Read what
lors.-C. c.
Here's a snap.   Must be sold before
lie at Kink' Christmas to raise money.    Two va-
I cant corn.-r lots in the South      End
| Addition in Cranhrook giving 122 ft.
with 'rontagc on Dennis street and 115 ft.
past on   Harden avenue.    The lots     are
h/is cleared and have been ploughed twice
the  and    the   water   main is within 3(KI
feet.     Are well situated in the  best
residential portion of the city.    For
price and terms apply to Beale   aud
Klwell. 18-lt
■ are doing with dres
W, McBean, of the Creston Drug
and Book store, wns here the first of
the week making a selection °f
Christmas goods from the large stock
of the Beattie-Murphy Co.
Peek Proem, Huntley and Palmer
and Jacob's biscuits reduced to 35c.
per lb, Saturday—Ira U. Manning.
Dressers in any wood, Bird's Eye
Maple, Circasian Walnut, Quartered
Oak, Early English and finished
woods, selling at 20 and 25 per
cent off thc regular price.—C.C.S.
Now is the right time to buy real
estate. It will not be too late iu
tho spring but you will pay more.
Buy now. Get the hot and cold
beds ready now, and when the good
times come again, you will be ready.
You will not have long to wait eith-
l-M.     Slater    was elected delegate
from the   Cranbrook Poultry       and
Pet Stock association to the British  "«     Two acres for $350, one qunr
Columbia Poultry association at Uw'terdOWtt; balance to suit. Immediate
At tin- special election held at the
city hall yesterday only q small vote
was recorded, the two bylaws passing almost unanimously.
20 and 25 per cent cut on all dressers.—C. 0. S.
•Vfter a three weeks' visit with her
sister, Mrs. Carmen, Mrs. Dee returns to Sandpoint, Idaho, on. Monthly.
20 nnd 25 per cent cut on all dres-
sers.-C. C. S.
As nn indication of the mild and
springlike weather of this district,
farmers situthwest ol town are still
Five-roomed cottage for rent; good
warm house. Apply Mrs. I..'P. Sul-
IIvan, Cranbrook St. 18
Mr. W. II. .lohnwm has abandoned
hia tube shooting range, at tbe Anna
Hireling last PrMay. He will be in
attendance at the meeting to be held
in Grand Forks on December llth.
■tend what we are doing with dressers.-*'. C. S.
LOST—A ladies black hand bag,
on Hanson avenue, Saturday, Nov-
utnber 22nd. Kinder return to this
office nnd receive reward. 48-1*.
King Lumber Mills in this city
have closed down their mill for the
Over forty lines of English fancy
biscuits will lie reduced from 50c. to
35c. on Saturday.—Ira IL ManninM
'Patmore Bros, have just completed
the installation of a furnace and hot
air heating plant at the building occupied by the Kootenay Telephone
Lines, Ltd. The new plant is greatly improving the comfort ot thn
possession—W. It. Mentty.
Certain Relief
from headaches, dull feelings, and
fatigue of biliousness, comes quickly
—and permanent improvement in
bodily condition follows—after your
Htomach, liver and bowels have
been    toned    and    regulated    by
S*M •v«rrwk«t«.   In bam**, 28 ctntt.
Saturday special; Leitch Bros.
Sovereign Hour $3,35 per cwt., $1.70
per •lOtbs., 85c. per 21 lbs Guaranteed to be equal to any brand on the
market.—lra IL Manning.
Two boys with a large hound dog
called at the ranch of S. Johnson
two miles west of the city this week
and carried of! two chickens. Mr.
Johnson has laid a complaint and has
a convincing clue to the perpetrators.
There have been" a number of depredations of this character in his neighborhood recently and the farmers are
determined to punish the culprits to
the limit when they are caught.
Dressers in any wood, Bird's Eye
Maple, Circasian Walnut, Quartered
Oak, Early English and finished
woods, selling at 20 and 25 per
cent off the regular price.-*C.C.S.
siou of   tlie    whole question <,[ feeds
and feeding in this dislrict will       |;
participated in.     A irom] chance   t
l.ear    what practical    men use   and
why.       Everybody welcome. The
meeting will be held at 1 lu- old
gymnasium building commencing al
8 p in.
Kohctt Shields, of Toronto, author
Of the book, "My Trawls, Visits to
Lands Ear and Near," was a Cranbrook visitor this week. Mr. Shields
is gathering data for ins forthcoming
publication which wilt be entitled,
"The Lure of the Canadian West."
lie spent a few days here and states
lhat he is greatly pleased nnd impressed wilh tlie possibilities of British Columbia. He has visited 'Vtm-.
co ii ver, Victoria and the eoasl and is
continuing his observations through
the interior.
A new newspaper law lias been
passed which in a measure protects
tho publishers of newspapers from being defrntidi'd out. of back subscriptions- Frequently cases come I if *-•
the publisher where persons cancelled
their paper, but incidentally "forgot"
to pay arrears of subscription. Under
the new law, however, the publisher
can continue to send his paper (even
if refused) until such time us said arrears have been paid.
Saturday special: Lelleh Bros-
Sovereign (lour $3.35 per cwt , $1,70
per tfllbs,, 85c, per 21 lbs. Guaranteed to bo equal lo any brand on tin-
market.—lin R, Manning.
Capt. Carruthersyttid his bride ie
turned to Cranhrook lasi Salu.day
after spending iheir honeymoon in
Alberta aud the Captain has uvin
assumed charge of the local corp of
the Salvation Army. The ,new bene
diet is receiving the congregations
of his many friends in the cily aid
Mrs. Carrutbers is being welcom m(.
They were married in Winni(leg on
November lib. Thc bride is a >'::l-
vation Army officer with the rank, of
captain. She resided in Winnipeg
for a number of years but bas recent
ly lieen stationed at Vancouver.
The December meeting of the Earners' Institute will be devoted to (lu-
drafting of resolutions to be presented to the Central Convention ofj
Farmers' Institutes in January.
There are a number of questions of
public importance f tbat could lie furthered by being brought forward in
this way, as if endorsed, they will
then, have the weight of the whole
Farmers' Institute (body of the province back of them. The Institute
will welcome anyone presenting any
matter at this meeting and if supported by the members present will
support it both here and at tIncoming convention. Thc meeting
will start at 8 p.w. December 10th
nt old gymnasium building.
Vou can save 40c. on 08 lbs. of
flour if you buy Leitch Bros, on Saturday. Every sack guaranteed.—
lra It- Manning.
On last Monday evening Uie Auditorium presented a very pleasing appearance, being crowded With a brilliant throng <f merry makers, the
occasion being the dance given in aid
nf St. Mary's school. 'Ih-re was a
large crowd present and all thoroughly enjoyed- the good time afforded,
dancing continuing until 3 a.m. .Mrs.
Wallinger with an orchestra of four
pieces furnished the music, which was
thoroughly enjoyed aud repeatedljl
encored. The supper was in charge
Of Miss Delia Drummond and everything in the way of cuisine par excellence was served tho dancers by a
corp of capable young ladies, who
diliiintly looked after the wants of
the inner man until all were happily
provided for. Mr. Raj Howard acted in the capacity of floor managoi
and furnishid a programme of dances
that kept all busy, not a wftllflowcl
being allowed U adoin the empty
seats It was a congenial crowd
and o'ie of the happiest dances of tin
We want to emphasize tlie
faa-t linn we un' prepared io loi.k
utter the needs of the obililren
in the line of wearing apptirt I.
Our selection of Coats is es-
peoially large, and we think we
have tlla' riyht   uaaoals. jusl  what
yon  are looking  fur.   Al   ilia'
present li  every Chilli's ami
Misses1 Ca.aii   is being  saaM nt
greatly reduced prices.
Wa- would ask ya-nr considera*
lion of the valii'.s thill we are
offering before you tick,- your
purchases. We believe thai we
can givo you belter values than
yaaii eau obtain miywh
May wa- have
Bhowiug you
il pportunily of
New Shoes
UV are siia'wiiu: n beautiful
line of Patent Leather Boots
with fancy tops in liaal and Urey
Smiles and White Kids. Tliey
are exceptionally pretty, Ask
to see our line oi Sa-lia>aal Boots,
They are jus* what yaaii vv.inr.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
We wish to
mi's lie     Utilities     lh
Excellent proposition
man in ' lejw of Xm
and Young, Northwcs
\.«.; couvei. H C.
igent lQ
lew do-
I night.
v sales-
i Bldg.,
: on Saturday,
i o'clo V    fea
b Ladies ■(•mid will
work, home made cook's in the rarmen's hall
Soveti bei 2flth, at 3
•wilL U- s\ nod This
ro: *, mitj ti. pun-hase
TORONTO ONT.    ~"tl
Sir Richard Solomon, inch commissioner in London for the t'nmn ol
South Africa, died last week aeed
ti.'l. Sir Richard was one of the
wealthiest men in lhe Transvaal Ho
held several hieh p.*>.itions in that
country after the .inst- nf the Boer
rvar, and when *l>c I'nion of s.>mh
Africa was formed he was made a
member ,,f the native law commission
and chairman ol the mining commission.
Hritish Columbia i> pr.-1-ably the
best bit; game bunting ground *n all
Canada. A man from Masset spent
three weeks nu the west coast of
(Jrabnm Island recently and shot fif-
leen hears.
hand cutter.   A
I 401.
First-class      democrat    for
cheap.     Apply  Heiald.
FOR    SALE.—CoropleU!   set      of
Kncyilopedia Brittanica.      Ajti'ly I1.
O. Box 54, city. 4l-tf
Set of denjocrat harness for sale
almost new.     Apply Hera'd. 84*
Tbe Cranbrook Orchestra having
left tbe Ediaon Theatre, is open at
all times for engagern'nls for dances,
dinners, socials, etc; any number of
niw-s Addrr-s- ' 'ranbronk (irches-
tra, I'. O. H"\ !'i'' -Mrs. Arnold
Wallinger. 44-it*
for    horses  and
l!„   Waul Uanehe,
Plenty <*f  hay and Rrass.
won) for ttrtsf HwL.aiid le
HHi.lf.rrcii.-h "■-A'.-.ti-r
Hoi sr:
and bath
TO RENT.—Sis r.«o:us
room. Apply Mrs D.
\rmstrong avenue.     iK-tf
({nod   wini
cattle to i* i
Jerome.       1
Apply    Oarh
Foil   REN
bones,  foi^
with electric
per month.
Ilov 78li,
W WTKII.-llhl
in aftrrncons.
ia, help wtli l.aliy
\pply   Mrs   r. II. |
Knit SALE.—Two slnn*- marl in
skins, .lark in aaaia.r, ..all tiinwat
price I2.vi.ia ,i skin.    Apply in letter
\. V., 1 llllllal a.llllT. 18-lt'
r.—Stable   liar        two
hay    loll anal oat Ilia
light, vpry warm, 12.5(1
Apply llcialal olHce. 45
Nicely furnished ro'.ins Iaa let; centrally sitiiat.-il in iiioala-ria Iaa,use; next
lo l.r. King's, Armstrong  *i.ti. IS.4t
LANDS.—Ten aa'ia- :r,a,is, cloae to
market, la.it-. 10M; 'all a.'',.*! alu.ic-,
a.nli is DO I., MS I'" pei acr»i "«
maariihh no Intercut.—Write Columbia Ilivcr Orchard 1, Limited, \aisa,n,
B.C. IMt"
The December meeting ol tlie Poultry association  will be   held on, Fri-
Yon   can   save   Mr. on 08 lb». ol day   evening,   December nth, Messrs.
flour If you buy Lellali   Urns, on Sa-  John Levett nnd   O. E. Kendall will
tnrtlay.       Every   sack auarantewl.— each rive   a short practical lull,   on
Ira It, Manning. ' facetiae;   poultry ni an opt* aiuiu-
Kew ol us realize    with whal 1
mcndoiiH    rapidity northwest Canada!
is ticiiu brouirht    under   cultivation.
Train'oads    ,1  settlers    during tho
summer conic Irom Minneapolis, ship-
loads come   Irom     the Brilisli isles
Vast farms arc licinn Improved.   I'll-'
ics arc iipspring like mushrooms. The
Hudson     Bay   company has already j
opened    iu    Calgary   a department
store that represents a capital      ot;
13,000,000.     Another Is building    in
Vancouver, say the newspapers, nt a
rost ol Ji,ooo.nnii.    still another at
Victoria will cost     SI,200,00. Winnipeg will    have,    a J7,000,000 store.
There will    he one nl    Edmonton.—
Vancouver World.
Twenty thousand dollars will he
oflerrd lor tbe chiel choral competi-
tioa. and    (10,000 1,1. tbe male choir
Sleighs and Cutters
Also Robes, Bells. Blankets, Etc.
"The Life of Dante"
In three Reels, with Special Music
A Magnlllcent Historical Drama
in which huge crowds appear in
a most eiiective manner. The
photographic quality is magnificent. The producer has very
clearly kept the the thread of the
story throughout every picture,
and the actors have responded
with high perfeet characterization. A picture that will create
intense enthusiasm and appeal
to all classes of people. The pic
ture runs along with thc story as
The youthful Dante bas for 1
teacher Brunette l.uiini, a man oF
Kra'iit learning. Tliey nre purauinpt
their siualii's one morning as usual
when there appears ta> them a
vision of Uu' great poet Virgil,
Dante resolves that thereafter
Virgil ahull lie liis nitiilo.
As lie is returning to his home
after having sa'ou the vision, he lie-
haalals for the lirst time, Beatrice,
nne of the fuiroBt miiiils ill nil
Florence, Between these two there
is ut once a feeling of mutual ail.
miration, ami Dante feels Hie firsl
throb of love. On his return home
he writes a poem, the theme of
whioh is the beauty of Beatrice,
Dante soon afterward is formally
introduced to Beatrice. It so hup.
pens that Simon do Baiili, one of
her most ardent admirers, is present ul the meeting, and he forms
ii great dislike to Dante.
The meotings between Dante and
Beatrice are now very frequent; Im1
is content only when devoting
himself entirely to her.
At this time Florence is divided
into two factions. " The Blacks'*
and "The Whites," who were eon.
titvually warring with each other.
One day the tolling of the bell calls
the men to iirins. Rumors of th<>
tumult reach Dante iiti.l (jrrotti
while they nre at work, ait renovating, and Dilute, laying down his
tools, goes forth, and by his elo.
qiience pacifies his countrymen.
He receives a great ovation from
the people nnd they carry him to
the palace of the sovereignly,
where he is iniiale leader of " The
Whites" and a member of the town
corporation, by whom he is sent to
the war of Arczzn us leadur. Afl
a hist adieu tn Beatrice he sets aaiit
for the front.
Dilute arrives at the sent of war
just iu time to enter into tlie ball
of Campaldino, iu which the Fit
entines are losing, Ho immediate y
summons help from Corso Donuli.
;i   captain   of   Ihe   Pistoyans, on
whose arrival   the tide  is turned
and the Florentines nre victorious,
During Dante's absonce, Simone
ah' lliiiili induces Ttileo Potinare to
conspire with tho "Blacks" to surrender the domain of Florence to
Charles ah1 Vulois.   Pope Boniface
the eighth, semis an ambassador
with ii letter of approval, and lhe
agreement is carried out.   Charles
de Valois enters Florence iu slate.
Meanwhile Simone de Baidi re-
ipiests the hand of Beatrice as a
token of his faith.   The father of
Beatrice grants this request. Thus
both Beatrice  and the liberty of
Florence are sacrificed,
The war being over, Dante
returns to Florence only to find
Charles De Valois in power, and
he, Dante, is denied admittance to
thi' home of Beatrice. This incident, changes the wholo course of
his life and, hoping to forget Bea-
trice. he plunges into the pleasures
of the world. While in the company
of one ol' his new found friends one
evening he meets Beatrice, and she,
consumed wilh grief, nml n victim
of circumstances, returns to her
home a martyred victim, to Simon
De Bardi.
Beatrice's marriage to De liardi
having been consumntcil, tliey
enter upon a life which is very distasteful to her. She still loves
Dante, after an exchange of hot
words, Beatrice fulls in a faint and
receives au injury from which she
never recovers, Thinking of lhe
|»et, she culls for her chest of
keepsakes. Among them she finds
a rose whieh Dilute hud given her,
ami unable to bear ihe separation
longer, she sends for him. He
nrrives only iu time for a lust embrace uiul weeps over her deaal
Shortly after, Dante iB forced to
flee from Florence, and many
weary years of cxil... returns to
Itnly. lie reproaches Pope Boui.
face with being the cause of the
evils of Florence and his own
Again being warned of a plot to
kill him, Dante takes refuge in a
convent where he remains long
enough to write his masterpiece,
"The Divine Comedy." He is now
informed that the Sovereignty of
Florence grant him permission to
return to Florence on tho condition
that lie enter the town us a culprit,
barefoot, with n rope iiround his
neck, and a lighted brand in his
hand. He refuses to accept these
conditions, ami in a sliort time,
grieving over Beatrice and his
beloved country, Florence, dies of
a broken heart.
The world of music—what a gift
Suppose you should wake up Christmas morning to find
that some one had put the world of music in your slocking.
That's precisely what you can do lor any member
of your family, or any of your friends, if you give in
Edison Phonograph
iimmi ph~MM t\a» wil t* a .utot
unlMT*Milt«M. CiuHiwiiai
ft Micltul ■%--« Ml MM wil MM
imI Mfhi ta Hmm rmUtat
The ntw tn**. wilhotil hem, ■>• tjapsxially
popular mil n.,». The* m BMI in •'&}'«
rJeiitini ft.un a variety « DMUtihl wood*. The
one shown tin* is eitrwielf Moderate priced,
ll is celW tli* AmbnoU VI. ll plan the sew
Blue Aml'Mol rwiidf. wilh all then remark.
able brautr of tweat-Maa and volume, witli al
iheii reu|e ol ..retrain,   ll ia fallad with the    SitO S\   0   *
diamond rcprodufiaf tmat thai ae»ti wean S /n. f I f* Jt******
««l and ever need* Lhaniini.   Aa Ediana iit/UlwIVUn* CV V*UWvll«»
Ediaon Phonogrtphi and Recoidi an told by'
BEmiE-riURPHY CO., Ltd.
Moalrcal, Nov, 2.) —The election ol
James Munis as M.P. lor tlie county
ail Cliatcguay was protested this a(-
tcrauon when petitions to unseat anil
disqualify him were deposited ia tlio
superior court ut Valleyliclil.
Bribery by liiniscll, and by agents,
by payment ol money, promises ol
public olliccs, undue Influence unit
otlier Intimidation and [mulshing vehicles illegally an' iiiiiong tiie charge
made against llie Conservative member ol parliament and his agents.
l)n Thursday, 4th December at the
Adolph hull, Baynes, Uev. .1. Philp,
will give a lecture in aid ol the free
library to be established in tbe dls
11 ici, entitled, "My Pilgrimage
Through Palestine." it will lac il
lusl luteal by maps, charts, pleturcs
and emits, ami give liis experiences,
such as "iou mill's on horseback,"
"Stormed out of Hebron," "Robbed
at Tiberias," "Attacked in tlie Desert When 72 Perished." The lecture
will lie Interspersed wilh musical se-
Icotfons aim! ana Inspection aud explanation of lhe curios from the Holy
Two interesting games nt basket
.-.all were played at tlie Y.M.C.A. on
last Monday evening In-fore- a lair
sized audience,
Following were Hip scores:
Ashworth, center  18
Khatford. forward  24
Mclllwaino, forward  18
Mackersy, guard 	
McKwen, gnurd 	
Dig Five—
A. Crowe, forward   3
K. Crowe, forward   3
ftov. Dunham, center 	
Adlanl, guard 	
Macpherson, guard   *1
•Willis, guard 	
Today marks the first anniversary
of the opening of the Rex theatre and
.Johnson Bros., the proprietors, desire through these columns to thank
lhe.theatre going public of Cranhrook for tne splendid patronage of
the past year. They believe their
efforts to give the public a lirst-
class enccrtainment has been appreciated and they desire also to announce;
that thc same high standard will Ik*
maintained throughout the coming
months and t*hcy hope to merit a
continuance ot thc same liberal support.
It has only been through the generous patronage of thc theatre that the
proprietors have been enabled to furnish the high quality of entertainment lhat has been their rule in the
past. It is their intention to maintain the same in thc future anri plans-
arc now underway to make their
shows better if possible.
Some ol tho features af the Rex,
whieh have been inaugurated during
the past year are as follows: Clean,
moral pictures, especially given careful attention for the children's
matinees; the highest salaried orchestra in tho Kootenays; special at*
tention to neatness, cleanliness, proper ventilation and with exits sufficient to empty the house in three
min)it<*.s in case of fire or panic; thc
most up-to-date appliances availably
for projection of the pictures and an
operating booth as safe as money and
skill can make it.
'Macpherson succeeded Willi:
com) hall.
Brcchtn, center .
Kuhnert, guard .
Bridges, guard ..
Dallas, forward .
dill, forward 	
in sc-
Total  42
Y.M.C.A. Substitute—
Harrison, center	
Crowe, forward 	
.Johnson, guard 	
Phillips, guard   4
Mahood, forward   6
Admission 10c and 15c
There are hut   four teams in      the
league,    the    Y.M.C.A. team   having)
dropped out.
December    1—Thistles   vs. Big Five
Bankers vs. Y.M.C.
December    8—Bankers vs. Thistles.
Big Five vr. Y.M.C.
December 15-Y.M. vs. Thistles.
Big Five vs. Bankers
.January   S—Bankers vs. Y. M. C.
Thistles vs. Big Fire,
— —t
The    standing   of the   basket hall
league is as follows.'
Team Won.     Lost. Played,
Bankers        .... 2 fl 2
Thistles    I I 2
Y. M. C ll )% l
Big Five 0 I l
The Okanagan valley has made a
good showing this year, having shipped fruit and produce to the value of
over $1,300,000 so far, with more
yet to be marketed. For the week
ending November lftlh, fifty-eight
carloads were sent odt.
■ ♦ '
The sawmill at Baynes has been
closed down lor tno season. Mr.
Adolph reports a very satisfactory
11, ti NOTES
Dr. W. H. Ball, of the international
committee of the Y.M.C.A., New
York, spent a couple of days at the
local association, and gave several
lectures on Ileal th, hygiene and other
subjects of interest and instruction
to men.
Mr. J. M. Dudley, railroad secretary (or Canada and Mr. .John V-
Moore, senior railroad secretary for
North America, arrived,from Revel-
stoke last Tuesday, spending some
time in confi rencc with the local
hoard.of directors and departed the
next day. They stated that things
were going well in Y.M.C.A. work
all over the continent and were
pleased do know of tho bright prospects bif ne the local Institution,
The impromptu night of the Debating Society last Friday was a decided success from every point of view.
A large number, turned out and look
part in the discussions. This meeting has been a success from its inception.
The pool table is being thoroughly
overhauled and put in good condition
mid the Hrunswick-BalkoCollenden
Co. of Vancouver arc [ping,to put
tbo alleys in first-class shape before
the opening of the schedule games for
the season.
The men's meetings on Sunday at
10.15k are well patronized. They,ate
short, bright, informal meetings,
just the kind a man likes. The Men's
choir practices every Sunday at 17k
We have about thirty men ini this but
our number is not limited and
could do with a few more.
The Wednesday night Bible class is
holding its own. It meets every
Wednesday at 18k. Supper fo served
from 18k till 18.30k and the class
tabes up the study of lhe hook,
"Men of Steel," a hook specially
gottm up for railroad men. We are
half through with the book now but
will welcome any man who cares t
The Camera Cluh is under way and
das a definite plan arranged for the
winter. We have a dark room with
running water and other areessories
for photography which members, may
We will be pleased to see any of
the hoys of the town come in and
take a look at our splendid facilities
for rest, recreation and instruction
Wc want to tell those in Cranbrook
suffering from stomach or bowel
trouble Unit we are agents lor the
simple mixture oi buckthorn bark,
glycerine, etc., known as AMer-i-ka,
lho remedy which became famous by
curing appendicitis. This is the most
thorough bowel cleanser known and
.IUST ONE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on tlie stomach and
constipation almost IMMEDIATELY.
You will lie surprised at the QUICK
action ol Alder-i-ka.—Heattie-Murphy
Drug Co.
Mr. Hales II. lioss went down
Swift Current last Tuesday.
Notices arc already out concerning
the Christmas entertainment to be
given at Haynes on December 19th by
the day school children. Rally round
the youngsters. A nominal admission fee ol 25c. will lie charged.
Last winter a series ol debates
ioaak place in Haynes on such lively
lopics as "Woman Sutlragc," "Homo
llule," etc. Surely It is possible to
havo the debates recommenced this
winter? Wc have the talent, wc can
get the audiences, and can possibly,
get tho hall tree ol charge again
Come, let us organize.
Kev. Mr. Iiruce will hold service in
Haynes on Sunday at 11 a.m. Loyal
Anglicans, take note.
Fred Wood has become the organist
pro tern at the Presbyterian services
in, Waldo, during thc absence ol Mr.
Milne in Saskatoon.
Mr. l.omas who got his leg injured
at tie iBaker planing mill is back, ot
work again.
Our prophecy ol last week came
true. Some line deer have been shot
by local hunters.
Waldo folks don't forget that good
fresh meat will lie sold at your door
on Saturdays and Wednesdays by Mr:
Hliint ul Haynes. As un old lleslier,
Mr. Iilunt knows his business. Support local rtatciprlse.
George Wilson, the Kimismiit Indian, was found guilty of manslaughter at Vancouver in connection with
the shooting of three Indians, following a drunken brawl at the Kimisqiiit
cannery, and was sentenced to fifteen
years' imprisonment by Justice Morrison.
Frank August, an Indian, charged
last week at Kamloops with assault,
admitted striking his wife with his
fists in the face. He was sentenced
to two months' imprisonment and ordered to pay a 'inc. of $20 and costs,
or in default undergo an a*'dieional
two months' imnrisonment.
One hundred and seventy-tiwo
births, 7« mJiiriages and 72„deaths
were registered at the government
offices at. Kernie for the half year
ending Oetoher Hist.
Hoard and room cnii bo had in a
first-eluss hotel at Viinct mi ver lor %l\
per week.
Joseph Harrison lost his life last
week at Coal Creek in No, 1 cast
mine. A bump broke a bridge stick
where the unfortunate man was working and the fall of rock whieh followed caused his death.
Ontario will send a number of its*
youthful prisoners to the lumber
camps to serve their sentences. H.C.
lumberjacks will probably resent the
imputation thai the pine woods are a
substitute for Jail.
II you want     P.O, Box 187
Phone 485
and your order will
receive prompt
C.aanbrook, B. 0.
Advance Showing
ADVANCE showing of the newest novelties suitable for presents
for your relatives and iriends at home,
We have just received by express, direct from the manufacturers, a large assortment of the very latest ideas in both WOMEN'S
Both of these departments are filled to the overflowing point with
the most beautiful goods we have ever had the pleasure of showing.
Our prices, we think, will compare with the large stores in the large
cities, and our goods are guaranteed to give satisfaction or your money
will be returned or goods exchanged.
You arc fully protected against loss and you have the opportunity
of knowing the goods are satisfactory in every respect before paying lor
Large dry basement lo rent, 100x20
feet, $5.00 |ier monlh. Apply Heralal
Half an Acre of Land
and 3-room Plastered House
All property fenced. Lawn
and wood Bhed. Situation
just beyond lho Power Hoiish.
Imperial Bank of Canada
[CAPITAL AUTHORIZED        - -        $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP - -        -        «,925,000.00
D. R. VVILKIE. President.
No Man's Collar
is comfortable if it doesn't fit
perfectly. Neither is the collar worn by your horse. We
have been called the "horse's
merchant tailor'' liecaiiBe we
are so particular about the fit
of the harness we sell. The
better you treat your horse
the better he will treat you.
Get his harness here.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.(10 aud
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Royal Hotel
Well Furnished, Steam Heated Rooms
Everything New, Clean and Bright
Best of Service and Cuisine In our Dining Room
Only White Help Employed
Large, Spacious Parlors and Comfortable Rest
Rooms for Ladles
All the Comforts of Home.   Family Trade (liven
Special Attention
Billiard Room
Cranbrook,       -       -       B. C.
Keep in mind Uie fact that each
drink of Uqimr you take only
creates nerve demand for
larger drinks ami
more of them
In TIIREK DAYS vain will Ian
Perfectly Cured of tlie Drink
Habit and all tlioa-o symptoms
which sorm In rcainlre liainorns
" medicine" will disappear.
The Home Bakery
RaanuRT F'bamk, Prop,
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pits, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbu-y Ave.      Opp. City Hsll
Emily Lees, ol Cranbrook, B.C,, married woman, inloiid to apply lor permission to purchase the billowing
described land:
Commencing nt a post plnntcd at
the south cast comer ol Lot mill,
0.1., thence south twenty (211)
chains; thence west twenty (211)
chains; thonco north twenty (20
chains; thenco enst twenty (20)
chains to point ot commencement,
containing lor'y .••'la) acres, more or
Mary Emily I.ces, Appllcl
per Win. II. Moss, Agent.
Dated October mill, 11)13.      U-1'
Cranbrook Land Dislrict.
TAKE NOTICE that Stewart
Morris, ol Cranbrook, II.C, occupation Surveyor's Assistant, intends
to apply lor permission to purchase
the billowing described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted lor-
ly chains enst snd twenty chains
south ol tlw south oast corner ol
Lot 9870, Oroup One, Koolcnay District; thenco south sixty chains;
thenco cast twenty chains; thene,
north sixty chains; thence west
twenty chains lo point ol commciict-
ment, containing one bundled and
twenty acres, more or les.
Stewart Morris.
William II. Moss, Agent,
Doled September 18th, IOU,   41-10
Cranbrook Land District,
To Rent—Large Fireproof base,
ment, ao x too ft., $7.00 per
month.- Apply Herald Oflice.
warehouse with trost proot basement and eloctric light; very large
dry.      Apply Box 3, Herald.     lfl-tt
ol light bob  sleighs tor sale
Apply Herald. 34-*
TAKE NOTICE thnt Hnrrlet C.
Miller, ol Hossland, II.C, mnrrlnd
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following des-
aril'Cd land:
Commencing at a Post planted at
the north east corner ot Lot 9970,
Oroup One, Kootenay District; thence
cast lorty chains; thence south twenty chains; tlicnec west lorty chains;
thence" north twenty chains to point
of commencement and containing
eighty acres, be the same more or
Harriet Caroline Miller.
Wm. H. Mom, Agent.
Dated September 20th, 1918. 41-19


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