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Cranbrook Herald Apr 28, 1910

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Array Legislative l.ilir.ir*
A|>r 21-09
In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   1/iral   Columns
lUr. h line
VOLUiMJi  18
llRANItltOOK.   KKITISII   UOL.UMII1A.   THUitSDAY, APHIL.  28, lillll
Wo ate woll equipped to
turn out ilu- best class
NO.  !»
* ♦
*   ♦
* Ottawa, April as.—Sic Wilfrid ♦
s> Laurier promised a duimlaUon *,
* ol Liberal   nirmlii'ts today Unit ♦
* hu would spi'inl l wo months in ♦
* till*     WI'Sl     tlliS     HUlllltlt'l*   going ♦
* through in Vlotorla unci mnklug ♦
* n kitIi's "i   public adilressos en ♦
* mull..      11   is   mohnblu Uml ♦
* Hon. MosBI'H, .''Icllll'ljt, ami Urn- ♦
* hum will   nccomiiaii] iin- prime ♦
* minister. ♦
* ♦
I'. I,unit wns in Irom Wardner during  llie week.
M      Ivol's liiinoiis   incuts   in    glass
Jars.—Campbell nnd Maiming.
I toy a I IK) u I ton clilnu at -Jamphell
niiij Muiming*-..
Mr. il. Corbott's two brothers,
Noiinan mill Clarence, ol Creston,
have come lo reside in this city.
K. M. Brown, one ol tlie best
Known cooks on tin* Pass, wns In
town reucwiiiK old nci|iialntnncoa on
Miss m. Hull, ol Hu- public school,
left iu baste last Saturday lor Mu»-
hoha. Out,, where her mother is seriously ill.
Itev, c. (». Main leaves ou Mondav
lor Vancouver to attend the Presbyterian Synod ol B. *., which meets
lliere ou Mav 1th.
Miss Eva M. Stark's kindergarten
class is under wav with some ten or
fifteen little ones, who seems tu thoroughly enjoy tlrts »opular ana elfeo-
tive fonn id instruction.
C, II. Allison, ot the Cranbrook
Drug und Book compan*' is leaving
early next month lor Kort George,
where lit* will put in a drug store,
lie expects to be absent all summer.
His man** iriends were pleased to
see T. T. McVittie, ol Kort Steele,
in town again this week, .Mr. McVittie has been verv sic*, ami is now
mil*- nnrtinll*' restored to health.
Fresh strawberries every day.—
Campbell and Manning.
The Wednesday afternoon half holiday throughout the summer months
project is receiving attention and it
is unite likely that some iletiniie arrangements in connection therewith1
will be arrived at in the coursu of
the next few davs.
I'. Burns and Co. hire this week
been making extensive Improvements
to the refrigerator plant, in connection with their store. A new system has been installed, involving llie
extensive use ol cork mats, which is
saitl to be thoroughly utvto-date.
Next Mondav afternoon will be observed as a public holiday in town.
The idea is lo provide everyone an
opportunity to clean up bis ha-*.;
vard, It should In* borne iu mimi
that owners of anv unclenncd back
yards after Mondav next will be
liable lo nrosccution*.
"A Knight lor a Dav" al the
Opera house last night delighted a
large audience, This is a musical
comedy, which lends itself to the
skill of the stage manager ami the
costnmcr. The music throughout is
bri'ht and catchv ami amolc o-uor-
tmiit es an- provided It r the fun
making proclivities d1 Miss Florence
Sinnott ami William .1. Ccnle* the
onlv members of the companv who at
all distinguished  tltemselvcs.
Victoria Day, Mav 24th, will be
celebrated iu Cranbrook with all the
old littic enthusiasm, pins Cranlirook is developing along healthy
lines, Btcadily growing [n population
and commcreial importance and I'ran-
lirook p eoplc will feel thoroughly
equal to a good day's enjoyment on
the 21th May. Those responsible
(or the arrangements promise an excellent program.
A. McCowan gol nwaj to l-Miuou
ton on Sundav last It was with
keep regret that Ins hosts ol Iriends
saw "Sandy" depart. Just prior
to his doparturo, McCowan was duly
Installed as presiding preceptor ol
Cranbrook prcoeptorj. The ceremony was to have taken place the
preceding Frida*) night, bul owlne to
delay tu receipt ol the necessary authority from Montreal it had to be
tlelnved until Sundav morning.
Oeo, T. Cait, ->f Perry Creek, was
iu town yeaterdav, a guest at the
Itoyal hotel. Mi ran is interested
in the exploitation of the ivrtv
('reck quarts deposits, ol which he
speaks vctv hopefully lie Intimates that extensive operations will
he carried an at the Perry     Creek
hvilraiilic      works ihis      season,   n vv
inachiiieiv being Installed and a
gomi clean-up is confidently anticipated.
The third ai al  hall held hv    the
Maple I.cat IU-1-ckah lodge, No. Ill,
at the Auditorium on Friday evening
last, was vary succosstul m every
wav. While the ladies did not go
lo ihe trouble ol decorating the
main part of the ball, they made (he
BtagO look like a summer garden,
the colors ot the lodge being artistically icpteseiiled in a lattice work
fence ol pink aud green, also festooned with pink ami green lights, und
small tables tastefully laid, with a
patagus terns, as a cenloi piece   i<
each. Tlie excellent supper served
speaks well tor (lie ladies ol the
lodge. The attendance was large,
ami everyone reports having had a
good time.
Frederic Vllllors, the famous war
correspondent, dcllvoren his address
"Pictures of Manv Wars." before a
verv slim audience in the 1'reshvler-
ian cliurch last Monday evening.
This was verv regret I able, us Mr.
Villicrs merited better treatment in
Cranbrook ami Cranhrook peoule lost
a splendid opportunity ol learning
something about war's alarms ami
realities at lirst hand. Mr. Villicrs
gave a most Interesting talk, greatly
enlivened hv a series id over 100
admirable pictures, prepared hv 1 itn-
setf ou the set s of Imt tie depleted. Mr. Vlllters Is gathering imi-
terlal tor a series ot illustrated lectures to In* delivered iu Knclntiil,
with a view to stimulating emigration to ('lunula of a ['mid class of
settlers. For thnt reason alone,
it would hnve paid Cranbrook peonle
to bave turned out in force. Ifnp-
pilv Mr. Villiers was very much tak
en withe the scenery in und around
i ran brook und was vc favorably
impressed with Lhe outlook iu this
district for liritisli settle is, lie will
undoubtedly have a good word to
say for cranbrook district iu the
course of his English lectures, ami a
good word from so experienced a
traveler as Mr. Vllllors will go a
long wav in tlie old Country*
A new establishment, lot the comfort ami convenience of the ladies,
lias been added, this week, to llie Up-
to-date business enterprises that
give Cranbrook so enviable a leputa-
tton throughout the province. Reference is made to Ibe huirilressing
parlor just opened bv Mrs, vou
(lirsowold, over Ftaworth Bros.'
Jewelry store. Judging from patronage nl ready extended ft is unite
obvious thai such uu establishment
hlls a long tell waul. Ladies can
nol only have their liair skilllullv
dressed here, hut can eujov the delights ol ii shampoo, or have their
hand:; uiuii.ciired liv- an expert at
ihis delicate operation. Until further notice Mrs. vou Olrsowald's parlor will he open lo tlto public from
l to s p ui. daily, except Saturdays
and Sundays.
What thH'S 80 per cent of vour anneal insurance premiums amount to?
Unite a sum, eh? You can save this
XII per cent bv huildinir vour house
or store of brick instead of lumber.
Lot us oiiolc vou on brick.—Tin*
Cranhrook Brick Co., Ltd.
Some Account of this Eminently Useful Roman Catholic
Baseball may now Im* said to be
fairly under way for the coining season.
Cranbrook Bast-hull Club got reorganized on Tuesdav night lust and
starts out with every prospeet of a
verv successful season.
Officers for the ensuing vear were
■lccled as follows:
President and manager—- K. II.
Vice-President—D. .1. Rimer,
Secretary—0. Nellson.
Executive committee— V. A. Rollins, W. II. Wilson. I). .1. McSweyn
and .1. It. McCreerv*
Regular practice irames will he tn-
tituted at once and as soon as the
apabllltles of the Cranbrook ball
■'insers are known, schedules of
•raines with outside teams will be ar
raneed. ft is boned to pull off a
match with Movie shortly, probably
in Victoria Dav.
At the next regular meeting ut
Cranbrook Women's Institute, Thur**-
day, May 5th, lliere will ne no special subject under discussion, as the
most important order of business will
be the election of officers for tbe car-
rent v -ar. '''he institute was organized iu November l>v Miss L. Rose,
of (iiielph. Tlie membership now
numbers t went v. 1 had honed lor a
iar higher membership bv this time,
but we seem to haw- failed to catch
the Interest of the ladies of Cranhrook, possibly because they do not
understand just what subjects are
taken up. Tlie dav is fast passing
when tho Institute is looked upon as
a place to disCUBS food topics only.
All matters of interest" to home-
makers are dealt with. There is a
wide held to work upon, The government is doing much to make this
Instil tion successful, have promised
a granl ol Me, pet menifaer and they
ii.av also setnl a lecturer once or
twice a vear.
Seveial friends ot the Institute
have offered their assistance hv giving a Paper on topics ot interest in
the eoipiiur st\ months.
\ heartv welcome is extended to
voung grls and women—the home-
makers ot Cranbrook. 1 am sure
none will regret utlending and en-
rollinc i»a "• ■ '"rs on Mav Rth. at
t o'clock, iu the government build-
in tr.
Refreshments will be served after
business is diseased of.
C. M. dill. President
DY1.AWS     TO    BE    VOTED     ON
\t a special meeting of llie city
council last Thursday evening, three
bylaws, which ure to 1m* submitted
to the ratepayers on Friday, May
nlh, were put through their several
leadings nml Anally passed.
The bylaws In rjuesttoa are No.
?:, "Municipal City Building By-
Law," No. ?4, "City ol Cranbrook
Debenture Bylaw. No. 7" (Y.M.O.A.)
ami No. 7ft, "V.M.C.A. Building
Exemption Prom Taxation Bylaw."
Another bylaw, No. 73. was also
adopted al the same meeting, entitled the Trades License Bylaw Amendment Bylaw, 1810. but this one does
not have io go before the ratepayers.
11 provides foi the imposition of a
lux ol Him upon non-resident real
esiate dealers everv six months.
Bylaw Nn. 12, lhe municipal building bylaw, provides for the sale of
llie city's interests in the government
bulldlttff for f?,600, the proceeds to
he expended in the erection ot
exclusively municipal building.
Bylaw No. 71 provides lor the
civic subsidy in aid of the C.P.R.
V.M.C.A. Tlie sum of l.ifilMI is to
be raised wherewith to purchase a
site, within the city limits for the
proposed building.
Bylaw No. ?r> is to provide exemption from taxation on this land and
for Iree water lor the use
ol lhe Y.M.O.A., lor a period ot
20 years.
As announced hy advertisement elsewhere In this Issue, lhe Voting on
these bylaws Is to take place on Friday, Mav Hth.
Another special meetine of the citv
council was held last Tuesdav even-
Intr. al which the council had under
Consideration bvlaw No. 7fl, debenture bylaw No. 8. which provides fnr
the raising of $|oil.mni, to be expended upon the installation of a citv
Sewerage svslem. The bvlaw was
put through two rendi*""-* apt considered in committee of whole, the council rising whilst the measure was
still In tbe committee stare.
(Prom the Western Catholic i
Tbe St. Eugene Mission und the
laige area ol well cultivated land
pertaining thereto are situate on the
south hunk of the rivei St. Marv,
about six miles above its junction
with the Kootenay river al Fort
Steele. At a point six miles sooth
lies the thriving cily of Cranhrook,
the nearest railway station.
The Mission enjoys a matchless
climate, cold uud dry iu tlie winter
and wuiin vet bracing in llie summer; people come from fur uml wide
to see the place which is trul" an
oasis of greenery uud cultivation in
a country where agriculture is hut
now making its lirst serious start.
Looking ut the Mission today one
would lind it extremely difficult to
realize the greatness of the material
hardships with which the pioneer
priests who chose it as their headquarters in the work of evangelizing
the Indians, had to contend.
land was cleared, se.-d-whe.ii 11mom had ihe visits ul the .lesull Fathers,
ed .ii ureal expense and sown ami a ami tins contributed not a little to
plentiful Ion vi si was reaped,    \ Horn   ward.-, keeping their faith from decay.
null, '.viik'Ii proved an Invaluable   as       III this c notion II will be of his-
sel to lhe Mission, was bulll (it is lorical interest lo state thai Father
Still to he seen   lodav   ami  unt'lil     at < Hv   Suiet,    of      the  Jesuit     Mission,
' traveled in 18-18 ai >g the Kootenav
Indians, teaching, bnptUlmr ami
preaching lo them in then own language,     li is said ibat he organized
little expense be set In Working oi
del i, and geiieralh till' wav was
opened foi the efforts of those l-'ath-
-is who came    later on (o take   tb
eis who came later on to i.ue mc' guuge. n is sum mat m- oiean
place of the pioneers, ami who, whilst a greal assembly of the whole mix
Improving op previous endeavors, | al Canal Flats, at the south end of
made the St tfllgcne Mission the. the I pper Columbia lake, when
fortunate spot which it is at lhe pre- j having hupti/cd some hundreds ol
sent dav. ; heathens, to commemorate the event,
Though malarial cares were ever sol*10 ceded a great cross ou top of a
greal and absorbing iu those earlv mountain, since railed alter him lie
davs, ihev were never considered bv Sm*'1 mountain. others sav thai
the Fathers otherwise than as sec- this occurred near Cranbrook uud
oinlorv occupations, uml the best ol "'at tbe mountain, whichever one i.
ihe missionaries' time was always ***, can lie seen from that point,
devoted to ihe religions training and u ••■■ events, it is now Impossible
social uplifting of tbe Indians. positively to Identify tbe Bpot where
tu one respect   thev   Were singularly   ""' r"lss was I'h'Vated.
fortunate.    Thev found the Kooleituv     ti was ul the rcmiosl of the Jesuit
Fathers thai in 1ST I Bishop d'Hcrbo-
| me/., of New Wcs tin luster, iu   whose
diocese  lhe Mission  lav. sen!   Father
) F |iii*i ami Brother Burns to reside
permanently among the Kootenav Indians.
(iradually, inch by inch, iu heavy
labor and deep niixielv Father Fou-
l|UCl gained a loot hold at the Mis
sioii. and gained the entire conlldctice
of his new parishioners. A rudo but
ier«'  decent    log   structure   with a
Dross above the gable, was erected
for it cliurch. This building, which
was replaced in 18H7 bv u larger ami
more commodious chinch, was to the
Indians for nearly n ipiurter of a
centurv the house of Cod, under its
roof they assembled to listen to tlie
great truths of salvation; there the*
mel to nrnv and lo sin** liv-miis      to
Ood ami  His saints, there Ihev     also
came to be comforted and to receive
those sweet inner consolations which
the Catholic religion alone can bestow.
Then other buildings were successively put up with perseverance born
of faith ami God's good grace, until
a visible something was accomplished.
After thirteen vears of successful
missionary labor at tbe St. Eugene
Mission,   Father  Fotupiel    was    suc-
In tlie first days of October. 1871,
Reverend Father Leon Komi net anil
Brother John Burns arrived at the
place where the Mission stands today. They had left New Westminster in the lirst days id Julv ami
spent three montlis on iheir tourney.
Thev found thr otuee as wild as nature had iiiuile it, but tor a trail
that ran from Fort Steele to Perry
Creek. They set to work ut once
and, armed with tbe axe and saw,
they siuveeded in building a log
structure, two stories high, spacious
and comfort able euoiif-h to serve
them as a lodging place It ni" be
of interest to state lhat some vears
later this ol-d log building hail the
distinction of being the first (temporary) hospital at the Miss-ion. Which
distinction it retained from the lltli
it iveember. 1837. to the 1st ol
Mav IK-iX, when a more commodious
hospital was completed under the direction of the Sisters ol Providence.
A livelihood had to he wrenched
from the heart of stubborn nature,
aud bv dint of deadly, unremitting
toil Father Foutpiet ami Brother
Burns earned their scanty bread lu
the bitter sweat ol their brows. Cn-
Imliaiis not wholly deficient in religious knowledge. True il is that
this knowledge had become distorted
and its application tn the affairs ol
Ufa had become entirety neglected.
Still, when the first resident priests
'arrived amoiiest Ihem, all the Indians with the exception of one old
Woman, had already been hupli/ed
IInto the Catholic church.
j Their conversion was due to the
I example of sound Catholic faith, and
■ the gund words ol some of the
i French Canadians with whom the
I Kootenav Indians hud come iu cou-
, tail whilst disposing of their [urs
ami making purchases at Colville, a
I fort of the Hudson's Bay company,
1 in whose service those French Cana-
! dians were engaged. When therefore
'•Fathers Be Mors and Blanchct, on
their way from Winnipeg (or the
Red River settlement) to Vancouver,
Washington, passed throiigb tbis side
of ihe country, they found the Indians disposed to welcome the Blac'\
j Robes witb open arms, and lo give
willing ear to their long-expected
i words of salvation This was
j fur back as 18-lK. The two Fathers
preached to the Indians and haotlxcd
win hAitK 5ir.ru
•jtiltlUI S     LIABILITY    Oi>'    AN I
n.ii.SO.v     l AJti'jtilthMJ
i lii-.hr.Uiitl.
A decidedly Interesting case was up
i-'l   iilspusal   ill   tlie   police  collit   ttl.s
iveeH, uml oi Un- i ny vs. Ferguson.
eei'gusuu was eiiarged wuli misap*
pro-Jiiuling city wau-i and was lounu
guilty, being allowed out ou suspended sentence.
Uouutiess, many others, besides
Ferguson, tiuve been guilt) ol a similar offence, Use bim, tu ignorance ui
im- lact thai tney were subjecting
themselves to thu liability ol criminal prosecution, in view ol the
Importance ol Mm taso, a Herald representative discussed tbe situation
wiih Citv Sollcitoi Thompson, and
in the course of the conversation Mr.
Thompson said:
"in tins case (City vs. Ferguson)
the accused, imt realizing the seriousness oi his ad, connected a nose
to a tup iu the Manitoba hotel ami
ill led mi a barrel with water, from
time to time, us be required tt.
"A great manv people in ine citv
and vicinity seem tu lorget the lact,
that, in making connection wub tbe
water tups ou other people's premises uud in filling buckets und other
receptacles with water from other
peoples premises, tbev are commit
ting u verv serious offence under section 313 of the criminal -.ode. and are
liable to Imprisonment for a term
not exceeding seven years, without
the option <>f a tine Theli actions
constitute a crime of theft, and
while, at the request ol the cltr, th-
magistrate dealt leniently with the
accused In this case, he has Informed
me that       tlie next    case that ma*
come before him, will not Ih- so dealt
" \s i s.iv ii • cat nol propose a
line, but tin* city propose**! to ask
thnt lhe offence shall be usih-d with
Imprisonment. There is an ECogtish
ease where a woman look a bucket
.if water under exactly similar cir-
Otimstances   to what   is bc'tig done in
numerous Instances todav in Cranhrook, and tn that ease she was fuund
guillv  and  imprisoned.
"If anv householder In ibe citv desire water, he must have it laid into
his nremises. Should be. however,
reoulre water before the olpes can he
laid in. and should he be able to
te arrangements with a neighb-i-r.
♦ *
w          CONTRACT LET. ♦
♦   ♦
w The much talked ol C. P. R ♦
•«) v.M.c.a. will soon begin to ■*>
*> assume shape, ami of hues, too, ♦
-4 which is a good deal bettor than ♦
w had been anticipated. The ion- ■#>
-*> tract lor the brick bulldtn" has «•
•*> been awarded to J. <>. McCal- ♦
<s> linn and Co . and as soon as the +
w negotiations regarding the sue *t>
> are settled, a start will be made #
v with  construction   work. ♦
♦ It will be a mutter ol general ♦
•$> rejoicing thai a decision iu w
«> favor ol a brick Btructure has ♦
4 been reached Not onh will ♦
w sucb a building add matcrlall) ♦
•y) to the appearance of th.1 town, ♦
*> but it also means the consump- ♦
■s> tion of a large stock ■-! Cran- ♦
+ brook manufacl un d in Icks.       ♦
♦ *
he can tlu-n arrange with u.e city
clerk tu obtain water upon paying
his water rate foi tbe quarter. In
cases white pipes are frozen or temporarily out ol use, a consumer   may
obtain water Iik'.ii his neighbor tor a
short time without maning these arrangements, provided, of course, his
water rate has been paid.
••it had better, however, be understood hv the citi'eiis ami by the Inhabitants <<i the district surrounding
Cranbrook, iu ibe Aral place, thai no
person can take water from neighboring premises without the consent of
lhe iitv clerk and without paving
tlw water rate, otherwise lie will un-
doubtcdlj be punished bv imprisonment; and secondly, anv person allowing water t<> bo taken from    bis
premises will Ih* punished In     having
bis w.i*.i cut oil lorthwlth and not
being allowed to have n connected
It w .11 be obvious Irom the lore-
coins legal remarks that one cannot
Ih* too carelul in the matter »>f securing one's water supph
Chamberlain's Stomach and l.iver
Tablets assist nature iii driving all
impurities out of the system, insuring u free and regular condition and
restoring the organs of the body to
hoalth and strength Sold by all
dealers C-tf
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•a ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦     FERNIE    I ♦
(Special correspondence )
Fertile     people   ate   suffering IlOffl
(Special Correspondence.)
ou  i.LviaaiiiS)
heat tn April. Though nulte unusual
at tins huh- of veai, tin- neat has
PecQ intense. We h'-.pt; it ts no indication of a lung, but summer.
.Mr. James McLean, wisj has   bwn
in .Spokane undergoing two very st-r-
ious operations, ha*, returned to' tu-um, .^^^^—^^^^^^_^^^^^^
town tttUch tmprorOd in health, and; .„;. i:. h. Northcott, engineer,
we hope he may continue to Im- u«i» in v. ranurov^ last tuursOa)' ou
prove. j buaiiu*.--.
Mr.     Elliot  KirkpatdeJr. who    has;    Ml_ u. R. Ilullrerl, uf the Canadian
been suffering irom rheumatic trouble ' (jfijerai hicctnc   company, ui     tai-
Mi    U-.-0.   Poweil,   ui LranorooK,
w*» in iu.u un otissssstss last inurs-
..iiJ3    Jones,    ui (.ranbrouh, music
ttrttutf,    S-JJ-Hll    VitUIlt-aUay    laai in
for the past few weeks, left on Mondav morning for Blalnnore Springs,
where be will try the --bath trrat-
mei.t." He was accompanied bv bis
mother, and his many Iriends wish
him a speedy aud
der the able supervision of Fatherisome of their children, then thev
Foiiquet and ol Father Hlcliard, who j proceeded on theli Inurnev alter as-
had bei-ii given him as a companion,! siring the Kootcnnys that priests
conditions of life rapidly took a would in ibe future visit thorn. From
change (or tbe better.    A piece    ot' time to time, therefore, the Indians
ceeded by Father N. Coccola, a truly
great priest and public benefactor.
The standard of his worth can only
be guessed al by the abiding love,
aflietiou and manly regard in which
his memory is held by tbe people of
the Kootenay country' regardless
creed or class. He was known
the "miner priest" and the "doctor
priest." lie it was who taught the
Indians practical (arming and cattle
raising. As a doctor—and be was
the onlv one iu that earlv time iu an
area of some thousands of square
miles possessing any truined knowledge of either medicine or surgery*—
anv of the old-timers and manv nt
the voting generation will tell with
delight "| his headlong rides, bv dav
or  night,  tti     save the lives or,    if
medical skin availed nothing, to case
the parting from this life and assuage the hurts lelt by death in the
hearts of the living.' These acts ol
practical, living charity wilt novel
be forgotten. As a miner he gave
lhe Indians specimens of ealena—sil-
\ir-lead on—and Instructed Ihem
to note earefuiiv where Ihev found it
in their hunting trips
After some time one of tlie Indians
Pierre by name, when hunting on
the east side of Movie lake, found   a
quantity ol   ore outcropping In the
formation about 1,000 feet above the
lake level. II marked the s*>m and
Informed Fat iter Coccola who at
otiee staked a claim or two. oue of
them being named "St. Eugene "
This was in 1WI. Father Coccola
had some work done at his claim,
and iu 1898 he sold out bis interest
for about (12,000 ami devoted the
entire sum to the erection at the
Mission id the beautiful church
which was ready for divine service
on Palm Sumla-   iv"-*
The church stands ns a monument
to tin* unselfish teal of the missionary, whilst, at the same time, it
might well prove an ornament iu
manv a wealtbv parish. Such Is.
iu the barest outlines, the slorv     ol
the beginning of the famous si   Bu
gene mine at Moyie, which was hut
recently purchased bv rhe Consolidated Mining and Smelting company
for over a million dollars, and is
now operated hy them, affordlns employment for about  (OU men
(Continued on pagt* eight )
r>, was in town inursoay last uu
•i:   u wis, oi Pbiladelpbia, was in
wi, last inoraday on business.
ur- u. <- iiiiiton. of toe .nelson
petmanent RCOv-|1ido Horns, u«> in town last wee*.
ou business.
l. a. Undo, of tbe James Turner
cwupaity, t-a.iiiUu-i, uni., sfeiii
inursuav last with irienua here.
ait. auaiofeoa, oi v autouter, spent
Montfay  who iriends ut town*
-»n. ueo. nusun, oi -uttiloway,
si/trui Siuws)  i.. n«uuaer.
ii, ii. tsohart man in Piaoher
< ti-i-A last -see* >ju busineiM.
Mi -Lowaa beta nis u^uai service
at   eon   Mt-elc  last bunuay.
Miss Minnie 'Mr-sice   ssteni ounday
belt,   U.e   gOCSt   ol   .»lr.   uuu   Mt».   tt.
si, ureen.
.vir Uradley, of Wilson, Bros.,
Vancouver, *■*.> In town tuesday   on
Mr and Mis Moat, of I'inct>r
Creek, Alta.. are spendlntc a few
ilavs in Fernie. tlie guests of Rev.
and Mrs. Grant
.•*..*,.-. uv..c McuAoaJoiia spt-ni a re
■JUja   linn       Wtviw      sialllUg   UlcliU-.   .
MttKtOuu. unlit   lime  sue   loo*     I
mc     ' uanaeis   bail      un   iueasi.
lue Misses   Dudley aad Miss i>u*.«.|
gaso au tuiormai nance at inc.    uoiucj
. Men. -i.  H. Ulundeil on -nedDCaoa)
eveuiiig, .\prii auto,    luose   preaeni
nt-iL*.    .vu. ami    Airs.   •*■- A. Dto>cy,
.uis.ies   Hogan,    juortuoa,   -tVtUlns,
-LOtlings,    ttoey,    nut tan,     .Uur t ay.
uaics,     Utown,   KiriKpattujA,   Muvi, I bu->inesi>.
uetinisuii, Uhimster, alessrs. Slattmall|    list* C.IMl.
stioran,    Maclean,   Barclay,   i uentlt,
i*arhcr, lioiA-'reiiur, Doris, l'wiy,. ^p-^^^,.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
uates, Drown, Uatlon, JeSery, su-lseot time is lound to i« very much
son, Doran, Jedries, Kaiconer,   Arm-ltoo small.
Strung and LlpbardV,     The DOOI was'    Messrs    L'cnte and   Baker,  of  Man-
pcrteot, music  good and everyone In istee, Mich.,     wc-it- io town t'uesday
a dancing mood, so "all went merry  last.
as  a marriage bell." .   Mr*    Whitehead,     ol the Ashduwn
Hardware company,    .-.uccceUmg    Mr.
^^^^^^^^^ li.ar.uig   j'lepara-
1 tions lot tae enlarsement   ol   uieir
[freight shed here, wimb at tl»e prt-
hiiox   Presbyterian    church    was
opened oo Sunday, April 2ttb.     'il*1,    p.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,—
nay   was all   that   could he desired ^L011.-^?^!
and as    there was no service in    tlie]       ~"
Methodist or  Daptlst churches        the
Presbyterian church was packed.  The
altar was verv arilstlcallj decorated
it.  Drown,  wa» in  town 00   I m-sday
Mrs. Lavangei and   Urs. Anaereoa,
oi JaDray, called on Iriends In town
on Tuesday   last
'Use sawmill upeoed loi  tbe season
,i „,t   n ssmn    m„iihi i.ms andion Moailay monring last with a com-
l" ^wweaTpwlWS « £2! r\u 3Sk.UBdM IU "^
■ of lhe new  church,  which in  ""'r'1   «   Mr    ™?1_	
p.-ai —^*^*^*^^^*^^^^—^^
itself is a gieat credit to the town. >
being so laatefull]   imisiuii ihtough-
oil. The pulpit Chairs Were i*C-
CHpIed   bv    lhe   home   pastor,   Itev.   II
(irant. Itev .1. A Clarke, M. , . ol
Caltan and Itev. Mr. Hull. «d Ibe
Method Ist church. Itev. Mr Clarke
conducted tbe dedication service
Tbe !■ ink Mercantile Co, have pur-
chased ■ new lioimrt Electric Coflee
mill, the most inodern machine pro*
curahle. being Btl d witb \h>- latest
and '*D01 earing .. pliaao Tbe advantage this   partkulai model has over
preached    verv     aide    sermons, iHithls-twmttwtwtft^twtwtwtwtwtt^g^g^g^g^g^^—
mon.ii.it   ami   evening.     Tin-   choir '■'■; ordloarj coflee mill is that      li
rendered   some   s|»ecial     music rem**!1 t'ul-,,f''e ..    well ... grind     and
luceesstullv    snd    the orgaolet  ami i •*» ''•at"-'«, will be greatly apprecist-
leadcr, Mr  and Mrs  Watethoti.se. deserve great    cretlit    for tlie
.        ipie'ndid 111
the members of the   choir ' "r
jxhlblted.     The anthems  were "The
Lord   is     ICxsited"   (J.   K* West):
"TJreat   and    Marvi ions"   j Bdmund
Turnen    "Itadlnnl    Morn"    (II    H.
Woodward)        Mr   W'aterhouse       Introduced     the new Kstev   organ   to
the congregation, hv playing suitable
selections   for   half an   hour   ireforc
service, both morning and evenine, In
the afteriumn   a     special   baptismal
service      was    held  aud  seveli babies j
were baptized
The Ladies \id gave a dinner on ,
Mondav night from six to eight.
which was a Teat success^flnan-
ni   hv tbe
citizens  of    Cranbrook
percolators as palvertted
tlee can tie used to muofa tetter
advantage, besides being more economical than ordinarily ground coflee.
The Fn.k Mercantile Co. is to he
e.ttiKratulat4il iin tbis progn sslee
Cranbrook's eill/ens must Im*   nn>
Fresslve   t..  make  the citv famous
Build     a brick   citv   vou   hnve   the.
hesl opportunl'v in tlie west.   Let us1
320 acres ol the heal land in   Kail
Kootenav.  witn  apod bulldlngSi  g I
water, splendid bench of land, suitable for fruit, and large tract of
bottom suitable for hay. Plenty of
oih-n pasture Pol nat t Iculars see
Mr. P. Ogle, lb-raid ollice. fl-lt
Horn—To     the    wile  of   Mr.   .las.
McLaren, of   tins   city, Wednesday,
April 27th, a 100.
Born—To the wile ol Mr W Sullivan, <>t this citv. Wedneadav, April
37 th, a son
Kred Simpson is expected back on
Raturdai from i'Kh-.u ■■
The finest     n'ltilltv  brick    m.iinifac-
ired    In   Western Canada are math*
.mote vou on fare nml common bitek.'i'i this citv hv the Cranbrook Drick
-The Cranhrook llrlrk Co., Ltd ,Co., Ltd. TUKUUAJSBltOOK    UJSKAI.U
b. i. walker, ptesident I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAHDER LAIKD, Geueral MMijer j Reserve Fund,   -    6,000,000
DRAFTS AND  MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all parts of Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.    1J3
K. T. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook Branch
********************** *********
We have just unloaded One Carload
of Hardware
-Patent Wire Kencirti, Wire Netting, Bailed
Wire, nml l.ntiilieiing Supplies.
One Carload of Farm Implements and Carriages
■   in addition to the above, we have a lull line ol HnrneM
mi.I Their Parts. Your patronage iti solicited.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
********************** *'
********************* *
********************** **********************■
News of the District
If you want to buy a cheap cottage
5 roomed cottage within easy distance
of the C. P. R. Shops
Only $800.00
This property is in the best condition and
is well worth your inspection.
$400.00 Cash
balance on easy monthly payments.
<} *
(Front the Moyie Leader.)
Harold (irmly lias suae to Nelson
tn wink anil lias joined tho Imseball
team of Ihal. city. (trolly is une ol
llie liest eateheis ja lhe country.
A juvenile hasehall learn was nl-
Hani/ed ia Moyio last wee... I'lande
Heese is manager, Geo. Wallace, see-
reiaiv and Arthur (.'rows, captain,
The llm .e linilt through town last
year hv tin* provincial government is
giving splendiil satislaeliim anil curries nil Ua. water Irom L'Binpbcll
creek without anv ilillienltv.
The recreation grounds nl AJil-
I'lllgfl an* in splendid shape, Tin'
grass which is growing has lorinotl a
sinl which will keen Un* dusi down.
There will he verj little living requisite this vear.
Graham Cruickshnnk, Hiiiieriiitei.il*
enl nl lhe Si. ICttgone concentrator,
relumed in Moyio Similn.* alter a
linn* months' vacation ill New Zealand aud Australia. He came I"
Vancouver on ihe Mamma and laid a
verv iileasant trip,
A petition asking ilu* provincial
government to either up|iroprlate or
set aside $2,01)0 nl tlie nnuronrlatious
already made in Ihi.s disiriel lor the
cinoplelinn nl the wagon rnad hc-
Iweea Moyie and lhe Society Girl
mine was seal In Victoria ihis week.
The   sawmill  ol   lhe    I'orlo Rico
I.uioher   en* al I    two miles
north nl town,  was started    oil    lhe
season's run    lasl Mondav, and   Uu*
log drive down l.amh creek was
started a lew   davs ago.     The
panv    have nhnnl   clglltv  men
ployed.    The outlook is hrlehl
lhe eompnnv, as lliere promises
ne a hig   demand   lnr liimher
vear. ,     .,
On Mondav evening. Mav 2ml, the
Moyio Miners' union will give a
basket social and dance in Morlev
hull, lhe proceeds nl which will Iw
given lnr the henelil nf lhe locked
oul miners iu lhe lllnck Hills South
Dakota. Tickets are fl and ladies
will lie admitted free. Those ladlei*
taking baskets are mounted to each
include two cups. Vou are Invited
In come along and eainv  vnurselves.
Kruest Ayre left fnr Calgary Fridav, where tie is lo attend school
ut the Western Canada College.
Mrs. I'. A. kliiigensmilh is a guest
ol Mrs. A. Sampsoa, of Fernie, lor a
few davs this week.
1)0111*1115 McKec iefl lasl week ou a
A. L. McDERMOT.Cranbrook
II you stop here once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
trin ti
Mrs.     C
Hah lasl  a
and   other   prairie
Davis lull for Whilo-
in   a visit lo her sis
al   the A.   McDonald
, was in  town    l-'ii-
T.     I'tentiei
'lunnnv, Fen
II.   V.   I'	
ll lown    the l
.Ins Hoc I
from Cuclirnm
ivcek and will
The  tiusinrs*
recentlv organ
U lhe lirsl a
hi Ilu* 32nd.
Here olCOtcd:
I'. It. Wicks
F.   Itoo-Viii-I'lesiilelll
It.   Ilirl/.-Seilelalv-Treasioer.
Kxeelllive       Cl litter—Will.
I.eaci"*     C.   A.     Kliiigcnsinltli
iilands und .1   M. Agnow.
Tlie seerelan was Instructed
hnve a supply of stationary prialed
ami lo purchase Uu* nccessarv hooks.
Another meeting will he held at nu
earlv date.
Tin Progressive Investment eompnnv are pulling in an irrigation
system on iheir fruit lands, about a
mile west ol Klko. This company's
land here is ol excellent uualitv and
esnccinllv adapted lo fruit raising.
Willi Irrigation some ol the flnosl
fruit ou the markcl can la* grown
here. This work is being coptltloted
liv Win. Frost.
i.   ot Cranlirnnk,  was
n .!• nf llie week.
*      and  familv   moved
,  Alia .  In  Klko    lust
reside here in Iutl.ru.
peuplo nf Klko   havo
i/.ed a board nf trade.
.*. 1 mt*    wliich was held
Ihe    lollowing nllieers
in. nf Merchants Hank
* *
I        GATEWAY
.Inst arrived front  the
Famous Italian  Swiss Colony
tho following wines
ii  A. C. BOWNESS,   -    CRANBROOK ii
LIQUORS   AM)  CltiAlts
Is Oolng Fast
We have only a few lots left.
Von must set i-uii-l. it ynu want to get in uu the bust
investment nlferwl in
Canada's Fastest Growing City
(Special correspondence.)
It hus been decided lo Rive our village Iho local name ul old Waldo,
thom-h our posl oHlco ami the headquarters ul tin* Maker Lumber companv is Waldo ami will su remain,
vet it lias become necessary to use a
local term to distinguish it Irom
the new settlement (the Ross-Saska-
luon Lumber companv) tu tin* south
ol its, as lliey arc two distinct villages, vet have Hit* saim* post odlc
at tlw Maker mills.
Tlie site of the Baker Lumber
company's mills is Interesting Irom
tlie fact thai in tin* earlv days,
which perhaps some of the pioneers
will remember, and in fact at tlie
verv spot where the Ita er Lumber
conipanv'a milts now stand, steamers
used tu laud, carrying construction
supplies lur Ihe Crows Nest Pass
railway, then In process ot construction. There were a number ol
sldents, u school house, store houses,
customs house, hotel, etc. This
little set l leu ien t was cal led t he
Crows Nest Landing, and we are
still reminded ol the old davs when
we see Ihe sign of the hotel which
some wag nailed tu uur blacksmith
shop when it was built, These
imildiiu*s had long fallen into decay
and when the Baker Lumber compan*
purchased their line mill situ, which
extends lor a mile along the river,
the onlv resident It-M was a Hue old
American gentleman uf the name •
Waldo. Though he has long sine
crossed the greal divide, vet bis
memory kiill lingers iu the name
which the company bestowed upon
their pust ullicc and settlement. Old
w.iido is now a village cmolovlng
Muiie two hundred and fifty men
mills running nmlit and dav and
unite a number uf permanent residents. The 'people are verv progressive, owning tlieir own hall in whirli
thev are installing a line pianola.
Thev Include uur official stall ami all
the men who have worked fur tlie
Maker Lumber companv fur some
vears and are top-notcliers, among
the beat men iu their line tu he
lound in the country. We are Justly pniud ol the little settlemcirl
which has risen on the ruins dI tlie
old ami which wo locally call old
The recent hot weather has melted
the mountain sno« ami the Kootenav
river is risiiiK rap dl\ This, together with various lires und lhe drv
condition uf the country, keep thr
mill men pretty anxious,
The Hukei Lumbei company's nllc-
drivcr is hi operation ami rapidU
puiinit- things in shape lu meet the
miprcmlenti'd high wuler lol Ibis
time ot vear.
Old Waldu had a visit from the
Klko tiasclinll team vcslcnUn. when
Ihev eafne in tu plav un our ulhletir
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. aud Mrs. .Johnstone arrived
home uu Thursday. Everybody was
much pleased to see them hack in
(Jateway. They were accompanied
homo hv Mr. Johnstone's mother.
Mrs. Andy llurllngham and her infant daughter returned to Burling-
ham's mill, (ialeway. on Saturday.
Mr. Vincent, uf the Royal hotel,
made a business trip to Spokane
last week, lie returned on Sundav.
Our popular station a^cnt, Bert
McCaiinon, was also a visitor tu
Spokane last week,
Mr. Miller, section boss at (iate-
wav, has resigned his position. Mr.
Prince has been appointed in his
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Fripp lelt Gate*
wav on Saturday for Kureka.
Gateway's government curral was
qutto a busy scene on Sunday. Six-
tv-lwo bead ol nrinu* heel cattle en
route from Alberta spent the dav
there as tiuests uf Dr. White, V.I.
Thev wen* the property of the well
known Canadian butcher, "Pat"
Mr. I lamlv and crew arrived here
on Saturday and proceeded across
tne river to tlto Bonners Kerrv
camp. The drive commences on
Everyone is speculating on the reason of the pbenumenallv hiuh temperature for April. The thermometer registered ninety-eight several
davs last week. lias llallev's
comet anything to ilu with this'.'
Mr. Robert Reddick. of Flagstone,
ll. C was a visitor iu (Ialeway on
The Gateway baseball season opened on Sumlay. April 21th, with a
match with Hexford. The Gateway
learn was victorious. Ihe score bcimr
17-6 in favor of (lulewav. Uexford
fup'ut to bring their famous iiiteher.
"Cttrlev" with them.
Tlie Herald la pleased to he in a
position Lo stale that there is every
prospeet uf Mothers' Day being gen-
erally observed in this citv a week
from next Sunday. Tlie idea appears to have caught ou verv favorably and the clergy general I v are
actively Interesting themselves in
tlie movement. The lollowing correspondence received hy Secretary
It. B. Benedict, of the board uf
trade-, hears on lhe subject aud is ul
My Dear Sir: !
The enclosed is Irom Mr. Holier I
B. Adams, secretary of the Philu-
tlclnhia association, and represents a
resolution passed hv Hie Pennsylvania Stale convention, urgliu' upon
all the associations in lhe state, the
Observance of lhe second Sundav in
Mav, the 8th, ns Mother's Dav.' Mr.
Adams asks our co-opcratlon in the
west, ami I guess there is no grcatCE
field for a movement of Ihis kind,
than iu Western Canada. Might it
not lie wise for vou lo consider
whether It would he advisable tu observe this day. ami got SOIitO ol lhe
fellows who are u-auv Irom home loi
ilu some writing. The object is to
honor and uplift motherhood, ami
give comfort and happiness to tbe
best mother thli I over lived—(vour
mother)—observance, sunn* distinct
net uf kindness to somebody's motility a visit or a letter iu remembrance of vour own. Floral badge
is a white (lower, preferably a white
Use vour own Judgment as to how
vuu can make this helpful to the
Sincerely yours,
Chan, It. Saver.
Travelling Secretary
Mr. C. It. Saver, Winnipeg, Man.:
Mv Dear Mr. Saver: Our I'hiladel-,
phia Y.M.O.A. is especially interest. \
ed in tbe dav in honor of our moth-1
ers and yours, and we want vour.
state to join Pennsylvania leading in
tlio Mother's Dav Movement. Then*
is a greal power in this cause for
the association.
Will vou do all vou can to have
everv branch iu your state fitly
celebrate the dav? Also give it all
possible publicity through the press.
Also ask all civic, religious, military, social ami other organizations
to join vuu in celebrating. If you
can ask vour governor or mayor to
make public requests of citizens    to
bserve the dav. their proclamations
and the co-operation of the newspapers will give you such ureal success that vou will find Mother's Dav
one of the most uplifting and Inspiring of tlie vpar.
Thanking vuu for vour co-operation
(.Signed) Itobt. B. Adams.
Promoter of Service.
Tea That is Always Fresh
"SALADA" is grown in the finest tea gardens of
the Island of Ceylon, picked every day and reaches
you not later than fifteen weeks after being gathered. Its native purity and fine flavour are preserved
in air-tight sealed "SALADA" packets. You
are guaranteed tea of unvarying good quality.
Ask your grocer for a package to-day.  You'll like It.
 illuck, Mixud uml Nuturul Onion, Kit*, Sue, run uuil 70c jier lb. —
I Imperial Bank ol Canada |
;; CAPITAL PAID UP    -      -        5.000.00C.00
RESERVE      .... 5,000.00000
I). It. WII.KIK. l-reililont,
HON'. ItOWiltT JAFKItAY, Vlcs-Pnuhlsnt
Aooouuts  of  Corporations,   Muiiidimlitii-s,    Murchnnts,
 - I  n  *...._ r.i*   m      i      •       ...
'. | Fan-mrs nml Private Individuals invited
m i
,,      Drafts ami Letters of Credit issui-il available in nny part of !
tlio world. ,
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special   attention i
11 Kivnn Io Savings  Bank Ac-counts.    l)e|)osils of *1.II0   mid ■
,, upwards received and interest allowed from date of di'-iosit.       '
i i
■ ■
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
ana   iiallett, ii. i*: ncshicnee
m    JAKDINK, Mils. A  RcsMimco
********************** ********** *************
I Special i*iiin's|iiim|..|.iT.)
Mr. 0. II. Wlcksotl uml Mr. h'r.-il
It..i. wi-re RoobvIIIo visitors Sunday.
.1. \i. a*:iii*w drove out lo his
runi'li on Siiiui Creek, Sunday.
Mr. uml Mrs. A, Sampson, "l Pernio, were j*.m*sls ol Mrs. I*. A
KlitiKdiHinitli last Krliluv.
A. A. Ilanlsli'v loll last Tuesdav
lur tin* coast alter un eitended visit
with his sister. Mis   IIiiIIhmik.
V. \\. (loitlri'v. ol   Victoria,   was
ilmii" business in town Saturdav.
I   siunli** Todhimlcr, nl Michel,     is
yImIiiiii* his mother nere lnr a     lew
ilavs this week.
Miss I. McKit ami Mine M Bernlc
Mine \i*.ilni"  Irii-mls in llnsim-r lust
I'lacc her anionp the dowers, tester
her as a tender plant, anil you will
thus inaki* of her a trailer plant, and
she becomes a iIiiur "f fancy, waywardness ami inllv. sin* is annoyed
bv a dewdrop,   Irctted by tbe touch
I a butterfly's wing, ready to lain!
at the sound ol a beetle «r the rattling ul a window-sash at night, anil
is even overpowered by the perfume
of a rose bud. lint let real calani-
ity enme, rouse her affections, enkindle the lires nt her being and mark
her then how strung Is her heart,
Place her in the heat ol battle,
give her a child, a bird, or anything
to protect, and see her lifting her
white arms as a child, as her own
lili'Hii crimsons her upturned lore-
head, nraviiig fnr her life to protect
the helpless. Transplant her into
the dark places ol the earth, call
forth her energies to action und her
breath becomes a healing, her presence a blessing. She disputes inch
by inch the strides nt a stalking
pestilence, when man, the strong and
brave, pale and affrighted, shrinks
awav. Misliirtune hurts her not; she
wears away her life in silent endurance and goes forth with less timidity tliuii tu the bridal altar. In
prosperity, she is a bud full ut odors
waiting fnr the winds ul adversity
tn scatter then*, abroad—gold, valuable, but untried in the furnace.
it is seldom thut tin* management
ul the Cranbrook <Mn*t-i house iilme
their personal siamn nf approval upon an approaching attraction and in
tin* mist when the personal guarantee
nf the liieul iiiamigeiiient has been
placed prior in Uh> appearance ul uu
approaching theatrical event, the
merits nl llie ultrartinn llsell hnve
Invariably sustained tin* management's recuminendalian.
We have never heretofore mn'e
special mention nl an approaching
theatrical event with greater assur-
iiih*i* and i-unflitenec than in this in-
Bianco when it is our ntfnsiirc i,,
announce the iorthcoir.ing engagement In this cily ol the dainty singing comedienne, (trace ('anierou uml
a superb acting company in ('. Her.
hen Kerr's latest lour art comedv,
"Nanev." which occurs on Mav Srri.
Wo lake great pleasure In adding our
giinrunlii. tn that ol Mr. Kerr's that CnnmtarionVs Stomach and "Liver
both the euninanv and scenic environ- T,Mf,, „„. ,,,, „,„, ,,,„„. ,„ wk„
infills he sends here will lie Ol the „„,, moa1 rg„.|lvP. Sold bv all
hlthesl order. druggists and dealers. 6-tt
Muring the netlnn of   I . II. Kerr s
highly    diverting   rnmcdv "Nnnrv."     HI'V    VANCOUVER    REAL I**S*
which will lie nl tho Cranhrook Opera TATE.—WO offer   lull quarter acres,
I se nn Muy Hrd   WW. Grace Cam- Imperial    Park.    Iicautitul   location,
ernii will sine many M**h dnss selee- rnsy terms, Writ.* lor particulars.
linns as well as several of the catchy Western Brokerage Co., 720 IVnder
order. *st* t\t»\, Vancouver, u.e. 7-sv
Your tongue is conted.
Vour breath is lonl.
Headaches come and go.
These symptoms show that your
stomach Is the trouble, To remove
the    cause   Is the lirst     thing, and
with a good supply of Fresh
Fish, Spring Lamb, Veal and
Beef, all  in choice quality.
PHONE   io
P. BURNS «t CO., Ltd. i|
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
General Insurance Agents .
i ■*■*- i.
Tho Dominion of Canada, Guarantee nml Accident Insurance   | \
'    Company, aro writing a  spi-cisl Accident  mid   Siikmss    ' |
i Policy.   Lot us show you Iheir rates. i i
j  CRANBROOK,   -      -       B. C.
i . i
ii J. MANNING'S, Cash Grocer jj
WATER ACT, 1000.
TAKK NOTICK liml (Hhir Na-
ili'Hii, of Cnutlirunk, II. ('., Kiirinct,
will applv tu tin' Wiitii Ciiininls-
sloner ut ('ruiihrtHik mi Tiicmlav. 1 hi*
tilt dav ot Mav, 1010, ul eleven
nVliK'k in (Im* fur^nnxin. fur a license
tu divert two cuWo feel of wuu*r pot
seeuinl from New Luke at llic Ihm.I
nf I'e llatiillton ditch. The sniil
water will lie iimhI [ur the irrigation
of 110 acres ol Lot H'HH, (Irotiii
One, Kootenay UistrU-l, lield bv the
applicant under a pre-emption record
and will lie conducted bv Humes ami
nines over said Lot win only. No
Crown I.amis will lie used and no riparian or licensees will be ailected bv
tlic works
This notice was posted on the 2Kth
day of April. 1010. Mt*
Oliver Naile.tii.
Within sixty days 1 wisb to upply
to lhe Assistant roiomlHsionrr ol
Lands und Works fur a license to
prospect for eoal and petroleum over
the folio-Ainu land, situated in Block
■l;i»;i, South Kast Kootenay, II. (*.:
HcKiimiiiK at a post plunted IID.ilt
ehains west und 6.til chains south of
(hu N. W. corner of Lot «727, -11 roup
Oue, and luins the S. V.. corner ot
Lot 8507, and marked .1. A. Hid-
dell's S. K corner, thence Ml chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence
HO ehains south, Ihence HO chains
east, to point of commencement, and
cniiUiiihiK um acres.
.1. A. Hiddcll, Locator.
Mated March 2Mb, 1010. tt-6t*
(loud rooms to rent for otlices
other mirposes on linker street.   Address No. 18, Herald. Ml
('. White Leghorns, kept in curtain
front |iens witb free range or farm;
headed by pil/e cock, $2.00 per 1.*.,
infertile i-rks replaced.—SttK-ks ami
1 Jackson, Creston, II. V, Mt* Till:   UHANBItOOK    ItlCitAI.
Fiffy rears
the Standard
Baking powder
Its use a protection and a
guarantee against alum
I Cranbrook Opera House
It. A. rllASIill, l'ro|iiii.|i>f
Grace Cameron Musical Comedy Co.
Tuesday, May 3rd, 1910
: The Jessie Maclachlan Concert Co.
May 5th, 1910
rccenl jurv InveutlgaUng Iho "Will
Slave Trtiihc," is to have charae
ilu- n.-H Rockefeller Pliltonthroii
KoiiMilaliiiii anil will five his enii
time to tlie careful admlnlstratlt
ami dispoBal ol his father's enormoi
fortune for tho Rood of humarritv.
Along with the u;ro\viiiii movcmci
in India against the business "I '
professional dancing outcast "slave
girl, has developed another refor
on behalf of     tin* "child wi
Nelson's Leading Hold
Itoonift willi Until*.   'IMiotie in
every room
Bar in" Mbojioti (lie pmntawt
Tbonmgbly no to-iliue.
Kates, $2 00 a day and i
UKO. IV WKI.1,8, l'ni|s-u>ior
B. TOM KIN, Mmiagor
Baptist Cbmch
Pastor, Charles \V. King.
Parsonage, Norhury Avenue.
'Phone, 281.      P. 0. Box 267.
Regular Services:—Sunday, 11 \
a.m.     and     7.SO   p.m.;    Hible i
, School    with     Young   Ladies' i
Phllctbca    and     Young   Men's i
Hible Class, 3 p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   s
, p.m.
Wcdnetday, Mid-Week Meeting, <
A cordial    Christian welcome *■
to all.
i Presbyterian €hur(bi:
Suudav morning sstslcs
I 11"
Bumtftjr   evealns.
. .Ill  nVI.H-k
servii-e   nl ' '
Sin..1 iv       School   ami     lllbli   .
I'lnss at .1 o'clock ' '
Presbyterian   Oullil, Tuesday,
.il H o'clock '
All Recount! tine Hu* undersigned
if not settled within thirty flays,
will he placed in court tor collection.
Please settle same ami SAVE
Waldo, H. C.
Waldo,  April Bill,  U10. 7 11
thai one month niter dale 1, William
.1. Allen, of Mm v.-ille, It. C, intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a transfer from
myself to WHHotn Nelson, ol my
hotel license lor tlie premises known
aud described as the Kails View
hotel, Marysville, H. 0.
Dated this l.,th day of April, A.P.
8-rit W. .1. Allen.
that oue month after date I, William
Nelson, of Marysville, II. ti., intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a llqltot license
for the premises known and described ns the Pulls View hotel, Marvs-
ville, H. <\
Ihiteil this mil dav of April, A.I).
H-..t William  Nelson.
FOR SAI.E-Kggs for hatching
from pure bred alngle comb Hrown
Lrgttorns.-II. White. ft-tt
TAKE NOTICE that Annie Mer-
Ington, of Cranlirook, li. C, married woman, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described laml:
Commencing at a post planted hu
chains south ami 2.17 chains east of
tlie northtvest corner of Lot 316,
(iroup One, on tbe cast bank of an
island in the Kootenay River, thence
west 21) chains, more or less, to the
west bank of said Island, thence
south-easterly along said hank 2u
chains, more or less, to .south end ot
said island, thence northerly along
cast hank to point of commencement, containing 10 acres, more or
Annie  Mctingtoii,   Locator,
Per Stuart Morris, Agent.        I
Staked April 2nd, 1910. S-H*
that country. A league lias been
formed and branches are lielntf organized In all the large centres.
Judges and other -educated Hindus
of tiDwet and Influence have enlisted
with their sympathy. The nobility
of India are rallying In the cause.
The marriageable aee of irirls is to
be raised lo sixteen vears. Instead of
less than hair that afro to men ol
from 2fi to r>u vears, as at present.
"Child marriage" must ***), ami with
it untold mischief ami misery.
I Professor Harlan P. Bench, of
Yale University, in his recent atl-.
dress io the Toronto Canadian club.
spoke of "the sudden mission tor
education which has swept over
China." There is also an ominous
awakening of Uu military spirit-—
ominous, unless the message of   tbe
I Christian missionary and educationist
I is given lamer wings. China is rapidly installing her electric trauiwavs,
telephones ami all the other modern
improvements. And she has a
wealth of* mineral resource and cheap
labor situnlv thnt mav comnete seriously with tin West some day.
These awakening, knowledge hungering -icople. constitute a third of the
human race.
Robert E, spur bus noted w:th
some point that the countries which
have embraced Christianity are nh-si-
call* as well as spiritually, better
fortified, "People die hv starvation in countries where Christianity
has nnt been taught. There arc
Hindu Buddhist ami Mohammedan
famines Has anyone ever heard ot
a imat Christ inn famine?"
WATER ACT, l!.0i>.
that on the 23rd day ol May, 1810,
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,
the Corporation of the Ohlates of
Mane Immaculate in British Columbia, will apply to the Water Commissioner of the Cranhrook Water
District for a license to divert Irmn
Joseph's Prairie Creek two cubic teet
ot watet per second, said water not
being beneficially used on Lot No. i,
Qroup l. Kooteftay, though granted,
a pait ol a greater quantity, to
John    Shaw, tinir   prccteoessor, on
title t>\ a record made on the Ith
dav ot December, 1888 The said
two cubic leet ot water is to be
diverted nt the present ditch-head
and is to be used for Irrigation of
Lot No* 2, sant group, ami is to be
appurtenant to the whole nf the said
lot. No Crown land is to be taken
and no riparian proprietors or licensees win be affected. This notice was posted on the 22nd dav of
April.   1010.
Fells  Beck. O.M.I.
Agent for the applicants. Ml
Il yots   want   satisfaction    w tb
your wash in it   send |
it to
Within filthy vears afte
al of the lirst mission an
Special prleea foi family wmlt.
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANB-OOK     -     B. C.
f. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
In reviewing ihe parliamentary
Situation in relation lo the gambling
issue, tlie Branttord Expositor has
this to suv: "There has been much
evidence presented ... a great
deal of it of a negative nature; but,
so far as the Expositor can discern,
nothing has been offered which warrants the Canadian nco|ilc in legal tl-
ing race track irainhliim ns an Institution. Horse racing is trood
Sport uud horse breeding is legitimate business, hut neither tbe snort
nor the business has any necessary
connection with tbe gambling mania
by which both nre dcKrudcd.
Tlie missing of the modified Miller
AntWlamhling Hill at Ottawa does
not crive to the Reform parlv nil
that thev sought; hut it is a 1>ig
stet* in advance. The professional
book maker, pool seller, racing tips
vender nnd gambling advertiser now
have received notice to unit.
Mnvor Oavnor, of New York, is
waiting a vigorous and successful
eampnign against  the social evil.
Inliii It. Hock feller, jr.. who bus
been conspicuous as foreman    ot the
there have Iktii gathered in 75,000
adult Protestant communicants.
Within twenty-five vears after the
beginning ol the work in Korea there
bave iieen registered 115,000 communicants,
(Continued )
li does not matter where vou live
or the kind of poultry ynu raise, it
will --av vou well to use an incubator and brooder. Some people who
luiv Incubators often set hens at the
same tune ami when the hatches
come ofi with the incubator and liens
the chuks Irom the Incubator are
divided mi and given to the hens, ami
she broods them. Of course there
ar;* times when this method is successful, ilthough at other tines it
would pay better to buy nr male a
There are many reasons why il
would nav in purchase an incubator
which hears a good record fnr hatch*
Kiret.—You can run an Incubator
where il is most handv. and thus
avoid runnimr vour system down
with attending to flirhttn*. ep
breaking nud mite hatching bens
With nu Incubator vou arc boss, with
bens it is vice versa, for thev boss
vou. Should conditions tie just
right, i.e. that is, il the hen is
right ami conditions an- rich! it
would take a vet rood incubator to
beat her Hens have a veiv had
habit of not si-Mini* when ihev do
not wish to ami when we want then.
to, they are verv contrary ami we
just have to wail until she herself
gets reudv to set. I knew of a
poultry business not tar avvav nml
where the hens inn llie business tn
suit iheiiiselves and then own convenience
In one particular ease a small (lock
ol two do/en hens utt-orlv tailed.
The ovvnei final I v "nl ma.I. sold the
whole business ami hoii'ht an inctihu
lor, although l*tO in the season, set
the incubator and fuuih wound up
iii um.! wilh four hundred chicks. It
costs less In fiid the incubator with
oil lhaii to feed hens eim-ir!) in incubate the same amount of eggs. An
Incubator is always read?, never
leaves the nest, never h>hts, and is
noi in the lice hatching business.
With a good incubator vou eau nlan
abend, ns then* is somolhina definite
you may depend upon, and at all
times vou nre prepared to enlarge
vour poultrv business, Met" ** '
think that iu bavin*! an incubator it
comes under the hemline of luxur*
hul believe me there is a vast difference between h»*'l*"* a iux"r* and
something reallv useful and if bandied ri'dil. mow*' makin". Luxuries
ot course, are things Unit shrink in
value and are not money making.
Incubators are a neccssltvi thev are
uni expensive, bul moric* earners.
For neople wbo wish to raise onlv
about (i\e or six li lied chicks during the summer I will tell litem how-
to make a "ben Inouhfttor." 1 mv-
self invented it in C**"f'r*-i*i n'mnt
twenty vears ago.    1 have read that
|,i  man  named     'Titter
got imlii   ol il and   has secured    a
patini mi it. ahead of nir. Iml     as
far as I Know lliere are none in Lse
in Canada,    and   as   I have now   n
i vented an Inc ■l.-utur t'int Is .i,i.v f.,r
ahead   of     the   "hon    tnuttmtor"  1
j reall*, 'In not mind it ho 'U-i a n-tuil
i mi it.      of course the hen hieubat r
! is   very handy   and convenient     for
1 those who only wish to raise -i   few
i liic*.s.     The dimensions arc as    follows: Gel  ll planks li feet long and
12 inches    wide, also 12     puns :;xl
and  \2 feet  long.       Now take three
plaids   12    feet   long   bv 12 inches'
wide, la"    lliem   side hv side,   rinse
toiretlicr, mark     ofi 0 two trot, ih.it
I v\ ill give you fi mart**; eon i■ •ib-se   ...i-
(■ml one vou will have :<'' n Ta tj
vour -xl, cut litem three feet nlnpij
and nail them across lhe three nl.tnks
at everv mark. Now cut se en
pieces of 2x1 four feet long for posts
on ihe side. St Ihem on top nf each
nn the side. Sei them on top ol each
-■ut seven pieces five feet long
them mi Hi'- mli.>i side nud top uf
every    cross piece,      This will nive
vii     one f itch [m-     ihe tool.
Next cut fourteen pieces three feet
long twelve Inches wide tor the
partition wall, Nail two of Lhcnj
si each cross piece This will give
vou six staMs or partitions two feet
high. Next lake I lure more plankf)
twelve feel long and twelve inches
wide, and lav on lhe top fnr the
second floor. Now make mord
stalls ur partitions on top nf ihis
Root just tin- same as below, Now
cover ovel with hoards, tnrpaner or
shingles, if ii js to he sit nut of
doors. This will dvc von twelve
places to sel hens in—six Inns on
tlto top floor ami six hens mi the
bottom floor. Make doors in the
Front "f each chicken of wire or lath.
Make nests iu the hack nf eacli stall
also a slide door at the hack of
each ni'si tn attend to the hens.
Place Borne d'rt in the front of each
stall for the hens to dust iu, also
something to put water and wheat
in for the hen to eel her water and
teed from. Mark lhe date and then
vou will have nothing else tn dn until the hatch comes off. The hens
will come ofi. drink, feed and dust
themselves {without you having to
bother wHh them) and eo baci on
their nests themselves. Vou can, If
vou like, paint it to make it look
Well, Clean out everv I ime vou
lake ofi the hen after she lias hatched and it will he clean fnr another
to set. I advise whitewashing the
inside ever" spring. You will lind
that this Incubator W-ll save vou
lots of time ami trouble.
A number oi Incubator concerns advertise a cheap mac.me and a more
exnensive one, wiia iny exuress ob*
teet of forcing Ihe output nf the
manufacturer nf onlv one grade into
a class with their cheap ones, while
they undertake lo reap lhe harvest
With their outrageously expensive
once. Who, for instance, cvtr heard
of a manufacturer of cheaply made
incubators admitting the cheap
tanks, lamps, etc Thev will say:
"Our cheap machines, of course, are
not as good as our better "ties, bul
for practical purposes iust as trood
as anv except our last ones." That
is about the wav the argument runs.
As the Chinaman says: "It's heaps
lot of tain and don't say much."
The want lo sel), seems to dominate every price in u special kind or
line of goods. Let us take, tor example, the manufacturer who makes
various kinds and sizes, ami lists
everything under lhe sun that is supposed to he good for poultry ur
good to have around the noiillry
vard. What is the man, who
works fur what he has, to do about
it? It would take several hundred
dollars to even commence to raise
poultrv because cwrvihinir lie reads
nf in a book js hlghlj recommended
A great many people start to raise
poultrv and get discouraged because
thev have had the misfortune to buv
an incubator that will nol batcli,
and quit, whereas if they had purchased a good reliable incubator they
iiii"ht have made a grand success. A
whole lot ol good sound, common
sense, must he exercised, not onlv
at starting hut all along the line.
The "gold bride" swindle is still
getting its work in on new beginners and as 1 have pecii throuirh lhe
mill, which has cost mc lime and
monev in chasing wild geese theories, I am writing this nig letter on
noultrv raisin-' In help one and all
to make a success, of course I do
not "know it uil' about incubators
and poultry, in fact i expect tu keep
on learning as long as I live.
I think mv experience will compare
verv favorably with stock comoanv
concerns, whose membots ate business
men—lawyers and merchants—and
who are in the incubator business,
iust as a side investment. Tbe a:l-
VertlsttK matter ol these concerns or
combinations of business men do
not tell us of then inexperience.
To the contrary, thev hire people to
write their advertising matter and
who are experts al making claims.
They set possibly a .lohn .tones or a
Hill Smith or some other member up
as a great expert and with as manv
years experieme its tl.ev think the
people will believe.
I have gained mv knowledge liy
experience and the experience ol others who, like myself, have had their
tips ami downs, if wc were to read
some ol the advertising oases we
should come to the conclusion that
there are lots of things to be given
away for nothing.      Should we read
such   advertisements wc si id peep
behind the scenes and believe me no
person, whether a jeweler, a medicine man, or anv otbci kind ot a
man   actually gives   anything away
It is always a sprat to catch a
I have always, in ri.v Immmng up
and down the world, found the safest
man to do business wilh is the man
that does business at an honest, legitimate profit. No man con make a
profit selling at cost—it is alwavs a
bite or a nibble al the other follow.
If I bite, the other fellow catches a
sucker, and that sucker would In* mc
If uil poultrv misers could get together nnd each tell ol their experience, we should have a far greater
knowledge atone tins line.
and Why we turn them during incubation. Hv mnnv people it is ns-
Slimcd tbnl the air cells are for the
storage of air fur lhe chicks to use
during incubation. We find on
breaking nn egg anv time after it
has neon a few davs in the Incubator
that there ii, a throbbing movement,
as if it were Irving tn hrealhi*. This
is reallv motion from the heart nml
not tbe lungs. Now alter about*
tin* lifteenlh dav ot incubation, there
Hahy is Badly Binned.
The young daughter "f Mrs, T s
Bougall, 533 Klora Avenue, Winnipeg,
was arranging] some of her dulls
washing on a clothes rack, beside
the stove, when she tell, and her
hand, being thrown out in try and
save herself, came in contact with
the side of the hot stove. She sustained a serious hum, and her
screams brought her mother quickly
to the spot.
"1 sent to the druggist for the
hest remedy he had fnr burns," she
says, "ami he sent back a box of
Zam-Buk', lie said that Him* was
iinthing to equal it I applied this,
ami it soothed the pain sn quickly
that ihe child laughed through her
tears. I humid up the hand in
/alii-Huk, and each day applied
Zam-Buk frequently and liherally,
until  the burn  was quite cured.
"The lit lit* one wns soon able to
go on with her plav, and we hud mi
trouble with her during the time the
hum was being healed. 1 would recommend all mothers to keen Zam-
Buk handy fur emergencies uf tbis
All druggists and stores sell Znin-
Buk at fifty cents a box, Post fie.
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, fur
mice, nml vou are warned agalnsl
harmful  imitations
is (if exposed to the ail | a lung
movement, hut it is ol verv short
duration, as the air Is too stroti
for it, aud the lungs are tun weak*
and 80 it dies. A chick dues iml
breathe u natural breath until
it pips the shell. Krum the time it
aips the shell until it is right out it
is adjusting its lungs to real air,
and it is right at Ihis time a low
ering of temperature weakens iii.
chick. It's lungs are imt strong
enough for the cooler air and manv
times it causes them to <-ive tin he
fore they are right out of the shell.
The Incubator should imt he oueued
Ion much in a cool loom while the
hutch is coming oil. There is
old fashioned, long d is lance
thai lhe chicks die or gel weak
account of escaped moisture but
the main cause lies in lhe lowering
of temperature, ami test after list
has been made lo determine lliesi;
1 lind bv repeated trials that tin
eggs can Ih* safely drawn from tin
Incubator in a room of lu.f degrees
temperature aud that the eggs will
continue to hatch without a halt
Again, if eggs are withdrawn in
room nf Tu degrees they will stop
hatching. The air cells have then
use, as tbey make a brace ur back-
Stop of action for the chicks. The
enlarging of the air cells am) the
growth of the chick is what makes
the moisture leave, as pressure
within the egg is found, which forces
the moisture out. This pressure
and force is not in an infertile egg.
Infertile eggs do not louse in weight
and the shrink in size is onlv very
slightly perceptible. I have come
to the conclusion (hat the key note
on the uir cell and moisture question has been struck. When we
make large batches of strung chicks
a good incubator will look after ll;
size of the air cells on its own ac-
geittog its work in on new begin-
not a gouii Incubator. More eggi
have been spoiled throush lollowing
Incubator rainbow theories than ii
anv other way, and again more egg
have been ruined hy lamp chimin-;
egg testers than from any oni
cause, as the intense heat serves ti
paralyze the living ami blood vein;
under the shell. The heat sets up
an ailment with the embryo ami in
nine cases out nf ten the chick will
la* deformed, or a chick thai is too
weak to break the shell at t'liie of
hatching. There i.s un old and absurd idea that loo much moisture
makes the chick too hig fur the
shell. The correct idea is that too
much moisture retards the u- .*
To gel rid of the moisture tn a
prober wav is ibe uucstiou. The
haicllit-" nrocess is iu reality a drv-
ing out one. Oil or grease on egg
shells will prevent them from hatch
ii...,. as it closes up the pores and
prevents evaporation from the egg.
Il also prevents the shell fibres from
breaking up or softening so that the
chick can pip or get out.
Air celts vary in size in eg**s king
side bv side in a hen's nest or in an
Incubator. The age of tlie egns, also the kind of eggs, have a r*rcat
deal to dn witb it. Kor instance, a
Leghorn cockerel crossed with a
Brahma makes larger cr*"" cell.-, than
a Brahma cockerel crossed with Leg-
born Inns. Hens during periods of
lav it-- lav different Bize e****s and the
air cells are likewise different. A
few quacks pretend to know about
the air Cells. It is also true that
medical quacks can cure Incurable
diseases bv a simple twist ol the
wrist and a wise look. It is [uit
our imaginations. Yes. and wc all
have imaginations. Years a**0 it
looked nice to me to sec an Incubator picture through which *oii could
see the cmrs ami theruinmi*ter without opening the door. I must confess that mv imagination was so
trong nothing could budce it. but
bv vears uf experience 1 have learned that glass doors were nnlv to
cater to the imagination. Mvsell, I
like a small glass door without the
wood door, hence the egg are thus
Incubated in the dark, as the** should
he | find that lighj shining con-
tinuallv on the c-s throush a (Mass
iloor weakens ihe chicks and causes
them to drv in the shell and as a
result Ihev die. There is nuij.it '
about n hen's nesi thai calls fnr a
lass door. A small rials In the
wooden door. *t bv ti inches. Is plen-
tv hi** enough and 1 even vvanl that
closed while the etgs are Ineubatlns
and o|hmi when the hatch is cntmn I
ofi. Kor -cars I tbourht brooders
must have a class top, and to save
mv life I could not explain whv.
So as the sun will shine in. vou
would natnrnllv sav!
,et me tell vou the hottest place
is nmler "lass in the sun and cold
when it is cloudy and so creates
two extremes. Do not ima-'inc as
I did that vou ean raise chicks in a
ulass brooder. A brooder should bo
a place ol refuge and warmth fnr
the chicks.
!->-*s must i»e turned three t-lmca ;>
dav while Incubating, Turning iAem
bv hand makes Mod hatches.
The folloHng is a food method:
Remove a row or two nt one side
nt e-*** trav and roll the balance to
the vacant "laces. Then nitre tbe
row or two back at the nthet aide
This wnv it is puloMv done the r-****
gel the airing, nml the natural soft
movement of turnlm* at the one
operation        Hriucmlicr alwavs every
movement "f the ttgg makes u cor-
reapondlng movement ol the embryo
duck. Tlie egg trays should bo
drawers, to ppti out and inc.*. uti the
tliermuinctei   hum,   to   IdOK   at      llie
degrees ol temperature railing
ti.'' drawers In nird out does the eggs
good, and it is a good plan tu
change the drawers about from one
si.h- Lt Ute .tilier everv other way.
Kggs must he aired tor twenty minutes every other dav. The last three
davs before the hatch comes oil it is
a good nlan lo sprinkle a few drops
of water on lite *■*..,., as it helps to
soften the shell. Sprinkle them
morning and evening, Chicks when
hatched should nol have anvthlm* to
eat for at least \8 hours and 0U
hours will not hurl.
My next letter will he nn brooders
ami how tu raise baby chicks. 1 am
using a tin-less brooder and 1 will
tell vou why su many chicks die, as
I think lhe subject will bo ol interest.
William  Bartholomew.
Cherry creek, It C.
(Tu he continued. 1
TAKE NOTICE thai Wilhelmlna
Muss, of Cranlirook, B. c, occupation, Spinster, Intends to apply fur
permission to purchase tho following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe southeast corner ol Lot 0804,
Group One, thence south 2U chains,'
mure ur less, to the north boundary
ol Lot 1834, thence westerly along
said boundary seventeen (IT) chains,
more or less, to the west boundary
nf Lot 8111, thence northerly along
said west boundary a distance ol
twenty [2D) chains, thence cast
seventeen 07) chains, more -a less,
to the point of commencement, containing thirty-live (35) acres, more
or less.
Wllhclmina Moss, Locator,
per J. t;. Cummlngs, Agent
Dated February 5th,  1910       5t-9t
TAKE NOTICE that .less.* Frolde-
veaux, uf Seattle. Wash,, I" S. A.,
occupation, stenographer, intends to
apply fur permission to purchase tlie
following described lauds
Commencing at a post planted
nhout is chains south and IM **bai**i
east nf the S. K. corner <•[ Lot
Tsiti, Group due. South East Kootenay, Block 1503, thence south 10
chains, thence east j'l chains, three
north 10 chains, tin-nee weal -<) *
chains 'tn point of commencer.nnt
and containing 80 acres, more or;
.lesse Froideveati-t, Locator,
1. N. Dally, Agent.       T-t't-
Any available Dominion Lands
within ihe Railway Hell in British
Columbia, may be buiucsleuded by
any pursuit ivliu Is the sole bead ut a
family, ur any mate, ovei ih yoars u(
ago, lu the extent of one*i[uarier sei>
iiuu uf iu'u acres, muie ur less.
Entry must bo made personally at
tho local land o III to for tbo district
iu which tho laud is situate, h-iitty
by proxy may, however, he made on
curtain conditions by tno father,
mother, sun, daughter, biuihor or
sister ol an inteuding homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions councclcd therewith under uiicui Hie fulluwiug plans;
tl) At least six months' resilience
upon ami cultivation ol the land iu
each jcar foi tbrou vears.
12). if tho lather (or mother,
f the lather is deceased), of tho
homesteader resides upon a farm iu
tho vicinity ut ihe laud entered fur,
the lequiuiiiiiiis as to residence may
bo satisfied   hy such person residing
ith the father or mother.
{•*)■   It tne   se tiler   bas   his   permanent residence   upon (arming laud
nod hy him in the vicinity   ul   Ins
homestead, tbo requirements   as   to
■suit'ie e may be salisbed by resident .'  ., un u.e said land.
ms     u t*    notice   In    writing
•ihould ite given to the Commissioner
ol Dominion Lands at Ottawa uf in-
tenllou iu ... it) foi patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may he
leased fur a period ol twenty-one
years at an annual rental ol Si per
acre, Not more than 2,570 acres
shall he leased to one Individual or
companj \ royally at the rate ol
five cents pet ton shall be collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
W. w CORY,
Deputy  ol  tbe Minister  ot the    In-
tetini 'J'MMt
$10   REWARD
l ■      pay to anyone the -i m ol
i I. iIiiIImh foi ihe ii i • ■ it mion
ttl ll * ■* : lei ■' lo the Stun, m it
evnvb it-nil,    Ol     ll «     I'.n-, ti    nr
pent i- who n*e mnlil tin p the
monuments in ilu*» emo mies,
W. );. M.U'IY
Maleiair,   f 0  I'..j •*.-.
i..k.   -   KiiiUli r..li*n,l*,*i
|        dezall's old stand
!    BoiliSinjtleiin.1 I'.iiii.'.* D.irera
|        forall pant nt tb« liim Ll.
il.iii.l Saddle 1 t*,r**e-*  UoodTnrni*nt.
j Up-to-dale ltlga       Moderate Pi   *-
j   opposite thi: rotal rotei.
iUOlMST & DEACON, I'rrp's
.1   1'. DKVCOS, Man.*.-.
I I'lim •* !M         -      -         Phone BI
Itntslnste Nmte
met Mntieuf-e
TAKE NOTICE that George Kennedy, u( Cranbrook, occupation,
blacksmith, intends to apply lot permission to purchase the* following
described lands:
Commencing a*, a post planted five
chains north ol southwest corner ot
P, H. 1041, thence south to Lot
-18921, thence east to the Kootenay
' river, thence upstream to the point
of c-*mmenccraetit, containing 160
acres, more or less.
'leoni-.'  Kenned v.
March 19th, l'Jlb. 5-9t*
C- ER AND CHEMIST.—Charges: ♦
•> Gold, silver, copper or lead, II •>
»> each, gold-silver, $1.50; silver- •>
-:• lead, U.50; gold-silver, with ♦
•> copper or lead, $2.50, zinc, $2; ***
** silver-Iead-a-mc, $3. Prices for •>
I* other metals on application. •>
>Long distance 'phone 07, P.O. •:•
> liox, C1108, Nelson, B.C.    4S-ly->
:* •:• •:• •:• •:• ♦ ♦ •:* •:* •:• •:• •:• •> •>
•:• THE ROYAL HOTEL.       •>
•> Mrs. L. V. J'oberts, Proprie- •>
•> tress. ♦;•
•;• Cor. Stanley and Silica Sis. ***
.> NELSON, B.C. .>
•;• Free carriage or bus from all *>
•;• boats and trains. .;•
•> Hates, tl and 51 50 p'-r day. «>
<• Remember our 2'tC. Chicken ->
•*• dinner on Sundays. iMim-t-
■ *\ ,
• 4 •>
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦, ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>*>->*>
A splendid lilirary. consisting of !<M Vol nines ot the
World's l»'*sr. Literature in a handsome cusp, will Is* given
l'\il'.K lo any CVireli. L)l<o, ur Institution iu Cranlirook nr
llts'rict tImt ean si-'cun; the lury.-bt number ot votes in
it's fiivor
The merchants titled Mow will give wilh < m-li lOcrnt
pnrchiae a vote A ballot box is placed in Beattie-Murpb}
Company's Drag Store where votes can be deposited,
'I'i.* Herald will nulilisli the respective standing of the
OO'tteSt -nlH each week.
Tii" I, tir.iry is now on exhibition In tlto window of tbe
Pink \l trnntilu Company's Store.
Tn.. Uurald will ixlve 1' 'I votes to every new sul-scribcr
nun null ,1'iri i,u the contest.
Tin* contest begins March Ith and closes Angnsl 6,1010.
Rem .'alter Voles ean only In* obtain, H by trading wilh
the merchants list, il lielow, and , \,*ry dollm t-j, nl al i.t*> of
these st'ip*s entitles von lo In rotes.
Fink Mercantile Co.
A. C. Mye •
Patmore Kros.
Hen's Furnishings   ] [
Tinners & Clumbers
(Seattle-Murphy Co.,Ltd. ■ llruvs & Stationery
Hill & Co. ....       |)ry Goods
Hclntyre & Frickson, ■''•"'•"•• K,"Jl',,',i'.". ""'x ™-   !.
Cranbrook Opera House, Fraser & l-arquhnrson, Prop's.   ',',
"In ltu.lhe.il Kin Y.iiii Ai,111-,■ i,;.• 111"
For New Annual Subscriptions to tlie Herald, ltd voles   ',',
'• i********************************************' THE   CRAiN BROOK   HERALD
2.00 A YBAlt
APRIL 28, 1910
By tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
V. J. Deanc, Managing Editor.
The whole world mourns tit*.* death
ol "AlarK Twain," Samuel Langliorne
i It-metis. Probably the death o( no
wriier, since that ol Charles iMck-
ens, has conic as a distinct hlow tu
mi many people as has thai of Mark
Twain. Whilst Mark Twain will not
he ranked among the grealesl ol
modern authors, as a humorous
writer he will undoubtedly lake lirst
place. His works appealed to a
larger circle than those uf almost
any other modem dav writer, and,
largely, we think, owing to their
virility. Apart from his gifts as a
popular wriier, Mark Twain had personal nualilies that endeared him to
all wilh whom he came iu contact
ami it i.s not saying too much to
add thai his death will be. more
widely and more sincerely mourned
throughout the civilized world than
thai of anv oilier contemporary writer.
The announcement from O-tawa
thai Sir Wilfrid Laurier intends Visiting lhe West ihis coming summer
will i«- welcome news to the nofiple
of the West, irrespective id political
leanings. Not since he assumed the
reins of ollicc tins Sir Wilfrid had
an opportunity, to visit the west and
we may lie uite sure that the two
months he now proposes to devote
in lue trip will prove as enjoyable.
and inspiring to him as it will prove
welcome     to  the    people of tbe  west
uud beneficial to the Dominion at
luri-c. Ruring the fourteen vears
Sir Wilfrid has been at the helm,
Cnnnda has made vast strides forward, und in no part of the Dominion
has progress been so marked as in
the West, in faet, it is uot saying
ton much lo sav that the West only
reallv began lo exist after the Laurier administration took ollicc. Sir
Wilfrid will, it is understood, devote
a fair share of bis western tour to
liritisli Columbia points. It is to
lie hoped that those responsible for
the arrangements of bis tour, will
sit to jt, that either going west or
returning east, he will pass through
the ('rows Nest country. Sir Wilfrid bus not yet visited tbis section
of (lie province and be may be assured of an enthusiastic welcome when
lie does come this way. He will be
welcomed not merely as a great
party leader and the premier of fan
adu, hut as one of the Makers of
Canada, a Canadian, of whom every
Canadian is proud.
The appointment of Commander
Halfour Macdonald, K.N., son of
that old Tory senator, W. .1. Macdonald, of Victoria, B.C., a native
sou of ihis province, to the rommand
ol ll M.D.'i.s Niobe, recently purchased hv the Dominion of Canada,
at> lhe lirst warship of lhe Canadian
navy, has ht*en announced and the announcement bas been most favorably
received tbroti|^iotit tbe Ihrminioti.
Commander Macdonald lias an enviable reputation as a naval officer, his
record to date being one of which
both he and his fellow Canadians
have everv reason to tie promt. That
such a selection should have been
made for ihe command of the lirst
Canadian warship is th** surest evidence thai Hie Canadian navy will he
administered with an eye single to
(tie hesl   interests of  (lie empire.
Kveiv citizen is alive to Hie fact
that Momlav afternoon next is to be
devoted to On- verv necessary and
heiicticiul work ol cleaning up the
city. It is to be hoped ibat every
Citizen will chcer'illv do his part in
this work.
"Mothers' Dav" is to be observed
in Cranbrook, verv neuerallv on
Sundav. Mav Hth. This should
prove an occasion in which everv
person in Cranbrook should delight
to participate. If the observation
td this dav resulted onlv in absent
sons iHiitiin-** a few lines to tlw*
dear old mother in the cast, or the
Old Country, it would he (be means
of adding immeasurably to the happiness of those whom we nil delight
to make happV, though at times we
mav he forgetful.
Since the beginning id the veal
there bas been a most marked increase in the population ol the city.
Tbe fact has been the occasion of
constant   comment Crunbrook is
|M*culiar in that the business center
is Confined to a verv small area, to a
verv few streets The aspect ol
these hardly varies from vear to
year, while (he extensions, the
growth, the progress of the residential portion is something we can
scarcely realize The city is reaching out like a new kind of' pacific octopus. "Cranbrook is a growing
child, a growing child, and comely
to behold.'1 Vou will notice it most
on Saturday evenings when the mills
and (be railwav shops pour their
II'mkIs ah*tu*. the business district.
Walking from Bums' corner tn the
Cranhrook hotel is a matter of slow-
progression—unless, Indeed, one takes
to the   roadwav Hemetuber, too,
that when that throng is filling the
streets, there are two theatres
packed tn the floors, with neople indulging In the wild dissipation nf tbe
niodes-t and Instructive nh-ture show.
Where dn nil the nenple come from?
You never dreamt there were bo
manv in tlie town. The same Idea
sirii-es votl at the post office during
the time when the cenernl d*llvprv i.s
handed out, sav from I-'1ft tn MR in |
Ibf! afternnnn. The arrangement ol,
I'-e double h)i*>m*i la *i n ••■■ tb|nf* in
Cranhrook. It onlv recently fume
into 11*1*4, Thpre Is n reason fnr It*
Vou see Ihf-fC a**e the *M«nn|i» t-n
I'tiii n double iMii'i*'*, The 'net of
ftw matter li (but Crnnhronk Is
h*tnml"-<" without ever rcnl-bln*" it
Tb» boom, or bonni'et, -teems to
have stolen on   us In the nl-»hl     It
seems to be coming by every train.
We did not seek it, certainly we
never shrieked for it as others do.
Cranbrook stems to accept what is
Us due and to absorb it without a
word said. There are places bv the
hundred where if Mrs. Lem Scour-
berry's eat bad kittens vou would
hear a whoopee Irom the SUmkville
Trombone loud enough to go twice
round the earth, assuring vou and all
others whom it might concern that
Um* birth of that litter of cutlets was
evidence strong as proofs of Holy
Writ that Slunkville was the destined huh of the earth. Tlie good old
stork that did duty for Cranbrook is
grown too still iu lhe wings for the
weight of his duties. Two tine, fresh
well trained birds ure now doing tbe
work of lite old Brigadier General.
Thev ure getting a bard time of it
Scarce n night but there is .something doing. There ure marriages
uml giving iu marriage*-and more to
he heard from.
Is uot the time opportune to have
a census, an informal census, taken
of the city? It could be done easily
enough by having a printed form left
at or posted to every bouse in the
citv. Tbis form could be tilled up
with the number of people in that
particular house at midnight of a
certain date and the police could take
up the papers in tbe ordinary course
of their duty. Something nf tbe
sort is being worked out in Spokane
and the Spokesman of that city is
offering a prize of $10 for tbe best
guess as to the result. The Herald
will give a prize of $5 for the best
estimate of the population nf ('ran
brook, provided the citv council will
afford the people a chance of knowing how manv there are within the
citv gates. There is Cranbrook and
Greater Cranbrook. The latter
voold take in all those small colonies that lie Just outside the citv
boundaries. The idea should be
tressed lo an issue. tt is really
worth while.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.,
nigh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
irom 2 to ;i p.m.; Kosary and benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ot obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at ti a.m. at the
Mav devotions at 7.30 at the
church. Beads, sermon or lecture.
Hymn and benediction on every evening during tlie month.
Kveryone welcome.
Father L. Choinel, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Sunday, May 1st.
children's service at ll a.m.
baptiMnal service and Sunday
..chool ami Hililc classes at 3 p.m.
•Annual roll call and sacramental
service at 7.30 p.m.
League     prayer   service at 7 p.m.
'londuy—Annual Sundav school
meeting ut H p.m. Quarterly oiliciai
noard meeting at .» p.m.
Tuesday—Lpworth League service,
al which Mr. Ogle will give a phreu-
alogical lecture.
Ucdtie.sday—Ladies Aid meeting at
3 p.m. at the residence of Mrs. Albert Nesbitt.
Thursday—Prayer service at 8 p.m.
Friday—Choir practice at  « p.m.
Public worship 11 a.m. and 7.3ft
p.m.; Bible school 3 p.m. Morning
subject: "The Feast ol the Kingdom." Evening: "The Wanderer
aud tbe Wouderer," an astronomical
sermon. The Lord's Supper will lie
celebrated at the close ol the evening
Mondav, H p.m., the Young peoples
l'nion will hold their monthly parlor social and musical at tbe residence ol Mr.   and Mrs. J. F. Bridges.
Wednesday, H p.m., tbe regular
mid-week meeting for praise and
A cordial Christian welcome lo all
.Mav 1st.
Regular    morning   service    at     11
clock. Special address for children.
Sunday  school and Bible classes at
Evening service at 7.30, A missionary subiect.
Young People's On Uil on Tuesday
al   s p m.     A social evening
V cordial welcome to all
C. O.  Main,  pastor.
o Us* Editor iii Um Cranbrook
Sinn; last week's issui* ol tlie Herald, containiiiK a report nl rcmar*,s
(rum mv sermon, dealing with some
railway questions nl vital Interest
lo the public, 1 have secured lurtlivr
IlKlit on the matter: anil, in justice
to all concerned, leel that un this
situation there should bt u further
word in vour valuable pajicr.
In the lirst place, as tn the reported time taken bv the relief onrlv in
Renin**, under way to the Ferule
disaster. It Is onlv lair thai tbis,
in the mind of the people, should Ih*
eorrectid. It was over an hour al-
t«*r the accident that word came to
t'ranbrook. This, chlellv. owimr to
ilelav at tlie wreck, caused bv ellorts
in the dark to locale and release
Kngineer Roberts, and then to reach
the Fernie teleirraph. a mile and a
quartet distant, while those here
charged with the dutv of making up
Hi,* reliel (rain were on tbe spot lor
I liis wnrk within ten minutes or so
alter lis* phone call. Further delav
her,, was owing chlellv lo tbe Inel
Ihal a pari ol the machinery needed
was hitcl,,-rl mi under commissi,,*!,
awaiting ilavliitht on nnother wrcc*.*-
In« ioh Othrr pro'oklne aed annn,-
,"itlv unforeseen and unnv.-ldalil" *'.**
lav Ihroilfjl accident   ennlronteil the
We are opening our Puint Ciim-
ptthjiion Kri.l.iy. the ..'.nli iu*st.,uml
uil) continue mime fori month.
We shall endeavor to Inlereal eveiy
resident of Crunlirouk on the
Btibject of buying the heal paints.
t-tiiiiir-, ami varnishes on* the
are made in Ihe West by Men
who understand Western
We cany u full line of Hteph in'n
1'uiniH, Stains, ami Vat till lies, mid
our punt experience lun- plOV''l
that their mainiftictii es me the
beat tu be puicluo-eil in Western
Cmiailit ami aie made especially to
vvitlisiiui.l the extremes of the
Western climate.
Call for a Color Card and let
us figure your requirements.
We ciiii ii^ihi you in many win s in
ilecuriiliiii' your lioutie on the highest artistic principals, ami our
services aie always at yminliepoiyal
Ask for 'Stephen's Brand' and
see that you get it.
relief party in their fevered ellorts
to   (*et away promptly.
It is well Ilia! this also should lie
known to ali interested (and wbo is
not?) viz.: Tbal those wbo saw the
remains of Mr. Roberts after tbe release and wbo know, from experience, declare emphatically that his
early decease was inevitable from tbe
steam inhaled unit tlie other injuries
received. And further, it is claimed
that, owing to his peculiar position,
release liy chain and derrick in lilt-
ini- the enormous locomotive weight,
instead of by the method used, very
likelv would bave wrought added injury.
It* is due to me, as to nil, that the
above should be stated When it
comes to dealing witb vital moral
questions, uml questions that have
do with the safety of precious
life as well as of property, when public feeling is high*wrought ami something must tie said and said promptly*, one is easily iu danger of speaking not under Ibe fullest light of the
facts. Hut, Mr. Kditor, there ure
times when il is Infinitely better to
go too far than not to go at all. To
keen still and silent is soim-timcs
criminal, especially on the uart of
those of the press ami of tlie nuHt
rom whom utterance is rightfully
expected bv the people
And lo he iust to tbe lurircr interests and the greater number. I
must repeat that tin re is u deep
feeliiiK anil conviction,  growing    out
if recent unfortunate railway events
that on u public hlghwftM through
such a mountainous and hazardous
country, the railways should provide
a much belter Kiii-rdiunsliiu over the
safety of the travelling public as
well  us   over the     security ol     the
brave, hard-working armv ol railway
men. utmii whom the brunt of so
much heavy respoiisi'ii'itv (Mil And
further, it must surel' be ne'-nowled-
"fit that the equipment for the relief
of ieopurdi/ed hiiuinn life should be
much more complete nt this divisional point. Railway accident,
fatal ami otherwise, is tar le«s In
Greal Hritain. with its greatlv congested   population ami    its regular
network of tracks. If the company
will no) make better nrovtston in this
vital matter, nnd In its own best
interests (bv the wavA, the Government ol our country should see to fl
and "the people are the governnienl,"
if thev care to sav so.
Yours pro bono publico
C. W.  Kini*
NOTE.—Further details concerning
the Fernie end of this disaster, of interest to the public, crowded out Ibis
week, will be given in next Issue.—
Kditor the Herald:
Among manv wanderings, I happened once to find myself in a sago brush
country, some distance lo lhe south
of the boundary line. The same was
supplied with a large number of
rnttlcsuakes, and the sparse population of these parts were ever alert
during the season and missed no
chance of klllini- the posts.
What lu such n district would have
been thought ot a farmer who       on
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liuding a. nest, ol ralllesuakes war
liy tlw entrance to bis house, and recognizing tbat this entrance was
made thereby "inadequate snd unsuitable lor ladles" and children,
would therefore proceed to lurnisb
other means of access to his dwelling*
The action ol the license commissioners is commendable, hut with
regard to tbe three hotels notified
about the location ol their ollice, is
something like the larmer leaving tbe
snakes in possession. Common
sense would ssy kill the snakes and
an application ol the same would remove the barroom, not tbe office.
These places are ran lor barroom
profits and without tbe bars would be
uiiickly shut up, and to stop human
wreckage the sooner the better.
Is this not a   very open confession'    Song by Court—"Onward. Christian
i.l the demoralizing   nature ol    the Foresters."
liar?    We mutt admit the propriety;   Chairman's address.
.I Mic commissions' action, but is It;   Instrumental    music
not at   onoe  branding   tbe bar with * Palmer and Christian.
ts true character.     It  is nol       ut      Uecitatiun bv Mrs. I,. Howe,
present suitable   lor ladles, in      its:   Duet bv Mr. and Mrs.
habits, language or morals, and    a    Dialog,** hy   Miss    Leek,
logical conclusion is tln'relore forced. Ucndrou and Vincent,
that     it    must   la* dciiioruli/ing lor:   Solo bv Miss A. Crowe
men.    What will degrade u   woman
will degrad,. a man.     There are and
can In* no se|iarate snides of moral-1
itv lor the sexes.     Let men by    all'
means sel   a high   ideal lor womanhood.     Hut  let them not lorget    to
ul lain I,i lhe same standard    themselves
Ito-ilns lo see the nrlnelnle ol removing the barroom in lull swing in
Cranhrook, with.manv thanks, I remain,
Kiibon Rustic.
urechbank, April 35th.
aud retained it promptly alter it had
stormed the ramparts. Anyone
wanting strong butter cheap can get
a bargain now.
Tin members ol Wild Horse lodge,
No, 268, I.O.K., were at home to
their Iriends at the D. It. C. A. hall
on Tuesday evening. An excellent
musical program was provided and
admirably carried out. after which a
| most enjoyable luncheon was served
aud thoroughly enjoyed. Then those
who were so minded indulged in the
light fantastic until the wee sma
The musical progcam was as tallows:
hy    Messrs.
Piano solo bv Miss Kva Conns.
Solo bv Mrs. Palmer.
Solo bv Mr. Christian.
Piano solo hv Mr. Chalterton.
Dialogue   bv    Miss   llinklcv, Mrs
Scott and Mrs. Abar.
Ood Rave the King.
Pernio Free Press: A local K. of P.
received a wire Irom the master ot
ceremonies ol the D.O.K.K. at Cranbrook/ to send down one lull-bodied
goat of pronounced Dreadnought tendencies, lie promptly oheved tlto
call of dutv and purchased a long-
•arcd Hilly at tho goat ranch, paving
therefor   twenty* hones.      Same was
shipped to Craabrook prepaid.      The 	
local brother expected to rocolvo    a dav ol Mav   1010. (or tho mtrpose ol
cheque bv return mall.    Instead    he considering the said account and anv
received    a  notification    from    the explanation that    mav ho given    by
freight department ol lhe 0, P   It. the l.lnuldator.
that n goal    was waiting lnr him at I   Dated this 211th dov nl April, 11110
the Ireight shed und would ho kindly N. I. Harrison. II
remove it    More It hnd comnletelv l,hi"ldnlnr.
consumed lhe floor, scales and    the1 w. K   flurd.
other truck.     The Cranbrook people Mt        Solicitor lor the Liquidator
The affairs ol the Company having
been fully wound up nnd the liquidator having made an account shewing
tlw manner in which the said winding
up was conducted, which account is
attached hereto, and the property ot
the Company having been dis -ose.l
of, notice Is hereby given that a
general mooting of the shareholders
nl the Company* will be held at the
Company's ollicc at Crauhrnok, Hritish Columbia, at the hour nl five
o'clock in the nllornunn on the .luiil
I'liilerwenr Unit's thin ynu can liml anywhere:
underwear that is thin thai lits you can liml here you
need Isitlt lo In* cool.
Underwear for thin weather
means the lightest nml coolest suits Unit machines ean
knit. Ingenious man has not yet learned lo fashion
umlerweiir from Spider \\ elm. but lliere would be a
strong ilenuind for it about now,
Our Kind
Is tho kind that Ills without having to turn up the
sleeves aud legs. We ean hour tho short fat and long
him say "Wo'vo la-en waiting for you." We return
the compliments with our underwear.
All grades and uil prices. Inspect our lino beforo
buying elsewhere.
A. 0. PYE
The House for Good Dressers TUJC   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Fred A. Russell & Co., Farm and Timber Lands
Incorporated I situ
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -      -      -      70,000,000
II. s. IIOI.T, President
10. I,. I'KAHK, llenurul Manager
Accounts of I'Viiis, Corporations nnd Individuals
Out-of-town  business receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT, -Depositsot $1.00ami
upwards received ami Interest allowed at current rate.
No formality or dolay  iu withdrawing.
A General   Hanking Imsiucss transacted.
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ. Mgr.
We Have
When we say Hammocks we mean
.  The    Genuine    "Wyvern     Brand"
Drop in and see the many pretty designs and styles.
These are Canadian Hade Goods nnd the
prices nre right.
$1.00 to $15.00
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
"Where It  Pays To  Deal"
Your Mail Orders are appreciated here.
************* **********
Merchants Bank of Canada
Head Office, Montreal
CAPITAL       - - $6,000,000
RESERVE       - -       K602,!57
Sir II. M. ALLAN, President
K. K. IIKKIH.N. General Manager
A General Banking HusineM transacted.   Out-of-town Accounts
solicited.   De|K»ltsor witlidrswali muy be msds l>y mail.
$1.00 opens un account Inleiest paid ni highest current rates.
Elko Branch:   C. R. Wickson, Mgr.
-li'.HiM.riis am> Opth ity*
Headquarters  lnr  Ideal (lilts
Prices   Irom   $1.00  lo  $5000
Kindly pall.
We make it a pleasure Iii sliuw our stuck.
We want vt,nr order for
Several styles to choose from.
If you ,' tu'1 ''all. just I'lione No. ,5, wo will do tho rest.
J. D. McBRIDE - Cranbrook, B.C.
"—■*.*———■■■—— Hardware ->-«*>HHpaaa>Bi
Tho Junction *■* tin* (.real Noflliont Knllway willi the
(*.I*.It.. nml It Ih hound tn ht< it It si I way Centie
The (Intnl. ({•••<itiuiti.il town in Kiwi Kootenav nml ntljuct-nt tn the
Coal nml Oil FietiK I'l-.iutifiil Mvnmy hihI dtlVOS, The Klk I'ivi-r in
eonced-Nl a« mn< uf tho -dirlilN uf lin* Itockicn
Price nf l.,t- 175(Kl enrne-B  I %.\am in-tide, turinn— 'i oaill.
halnnce tl rtntl I- tiiniillir- nl K pur cent intnrcM.
Apply toT. O, Proctor, General Manager, Tho Koolenev VnlleynCo.,
Ntd'oii, KC ; or to Joe Austin Local Agent, Klko.
;:0ur Spring Array;:
nf Jewelry has Just Arrived, ami
never before have such entitle
designb been turned out by the
manufacturer*1, (.'unit1 in inn)
we'll show yon lomo beautiful
neck drains, wiih tin* new Japanese Pearl Drops nml tin1 pntenl
hull ciifftv oftteli. Prices are jfi 00
nml iT.iii) .-.nil in a iitiut plueli
W. H. Wilson :
Jeweler & Optician
Dyeing, Cleaning, and Pressing
of all kinds at
Phone jio
N'iec, fresh mutton, l.m.li ami veal
at P. Woods and Co.
\. Pearson, of .laffrav. was In tlie
citv Tuesday on business.
Hazel wood ice cream at Stewart's.
ll. II. Kohart, of Wardner, was in
the citv Monday on business.
Sale of household effects. Apply
to Mrs. K. Orevett. i)-lt*
F. L. Brown, of the Kink Mercantile company, is confined to the
house with tonsilitis.
N. K. Smecd, representfnu W. J.
Gage and Co., Toronto, was in the
citv Saturdav.
Olivers' pure Knglish jams at
Kink's Pure Food Grocery,
Itev. K. P. Flewelline returned on
FrMay from a trip to the Windermere district.
Born—At Cranhrook, B. ('., Mondav. April 13th, li»10, to Mr. and
Mrs. II. E. Stevens, a son.
Fresh strawberries at Stewart's.
Shipments received dailv.
Miss I,. Tannhauser. ol Kurt Steele,
is visiting Iht sister, Mrs. It, Fraser.
Miss Hall's class, which has been
elosed during this week, win re-open
on Mondav.
Fish and poultry of All kinds at P.
Woods and Co.
Messrs. A McL. Fletcher and T.
Labette, ol Hosmer, were in tbe cft-i
on Mondav on business,
A. Mut/, nf the Kcrnlo Plowing
companv, Kernie, was in the eitv
Chivers' mince meal in class jars
at Kink's Pure Food (Irocerv.
K Campitell. superintendent of the
Crows Vest Pass Lumber company,
Wardner, was iu the city Monday,
.1. W. Mutt, traveling passenger
agent of tin* Allan steamship line.
was in town this week from Winnipeg,
Fresh Hazclwood buttermilk at
Tin* Kootenay Telephone Lines.
Limited, have completed tbe Installation of exchanges cast of Kernie, as
follows: One each at Michel. Natal.
formerly New Michel and Hosmer.
The floods in Kink's Pure Food
Grocery are bristling with newness.
Treat vour palate to some ol iheir
sea delicacies
DVJ. Elmer. Of David llarnn: fame.
returned on Monday from a business
trip to the coast. Needless to sav
Pave attended all the baseball rames
and reports a good trip.
Seats for the Grace Cameron com*
pant Tuesdav, Mat* -ird . 50c, 75c
and SI.Ot).
.lames  \niold.     V. A. Rollins and
W   \. Rollins lelt on Saturdav for
shorl visit tti Spokane, returning on
Choice Ituhv blood oranges at
Stewart's, tide, a do/..
Campbell ami Manning and II
Stewart have put new delivery wagons in commission. These rigs
wore secured through the Cranbrook
Trading eitm*»anv.
Smalt's mire maple syrup at Kink':
Pure Food Grocery.
Governor Hanson, of tt'as.i. was in
Ibe eitv Sundav. According to all
reports be is breaking all records
from Wasa lo llie eilv with his new
Hini automobile.
Seats for Ihe Grace Cameron com*
itanv Tuesdav. Mat tnl . .Vie. "fir
and 11.00.
C. K. Ward, of the Cranhrook
Ageliev ComWUIV, left on Mondav on
a business trip tit Lethbridge and
other eastern points
I see we have gol a new burlier in
town on Armstrong avenue. Pat
runs ran depend on first-class work
and strict cleanliness.
Chief Dow announces lhat auv persons who hate not their vaids cle
id up and refuse stacked readv for
removal on Mondav next, Cleaning
I p l>av. will Ih* prosecuted.
Have vour roofs protected, as well
as beautified, with the best creosote stain on the market. To he
hail onlv at SHORT'S.
Rev. Mother Mary Nazareth, wbc
was the first Superior al the SI. Ru-
gene hospital, is vlslll-g tbe Sisters
nt Cranbrook nml the Mission. Sister Krnes'tlne accompanies lier.
WANTKB-OIrl for light housework. Apply Mrs. K. S. Rossoter,
Garden Ave. fl-lt*
C. K Manshclrl, chief desnnteher at
Medicine Hat, was In Cranhrook during the week Instructing the operating deiinrtment of the CPU in the
new standard rules. » uniform code
being now In force throughout the
hv sir m.
Florida    lumatoes,   euruuibern. let-
riagnificent showing  of  Carpet  Squares  and   Rugs, in
Wiltons, Axminster, Brussels, Tapestry, and  En grains.
Very special en-grain rugs suitable for bed-rooms,
in browns, blues, greens, and fawns.   All sizes
Prices from $6.50 to $17.50
Tapestry Rugs, very  pretty colorings and designs.
All Sizes.   Prices from $8 50 to $16.00
Wilton Rugs, in Persian designs and plain colors with
conventional border.   All sizes.   Prices ranging
from $30.00 to $45.00
Linoleums and Oilcloths in 12 ft. and 6 ft. widths.
Very  special  quality  Linoleum  at 50 cents per sq. yard
A   complete   range   of   Curtain   Muslins,   iladras   and
Tapestry.   Prices ranging from 15c to 95c.
Window Shades and Curtain Poles in all styles
Successors to
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
tucc, green onions, rhubarb, spinach
and celery at Stewart's.
It. T. Brymner, It. It. llciit'ilict and
I'. DeVere Hunt left for Fernie yesterday morning to attend the meetine of the Associated Hoards of
Trade as delegates from the Cranhrook hoard. M. A. Macdonald is
also in attendance, helm* the first
president of the new organization.
St. Ivel, tongue brawn aud chicken
1 glass jars fresh tbis week at
Kink's Pure Food (irocerv.
A meeting of the local Orange lodge
is called for this evening. *•'• which
the question of celebrating the Glor-
.dii.s Twelfth will tie 1111 for consideration A full attendance is re-
ii ucs ted.
Scats for the Qraco Cameron coin*
n.Tiv Tuesda- Mav *'ir.l . 60c., 75c.
and $1.00.
.MI baseball platers are earnestly
requested to turn out regularlr every
evening from now on for practice.
lDirecllv a good team can he selected
frou: the material .available, arrangements will Ik- made for matches with
outside teams.
Headquarters for Ibe best keel In
lite citv—I*. Woods and Co.
The Kast Kootenav Produce and
Provision House, Norhurv avenue,
have mnde special preparations for
the summer trade hv the installation
of a commodious refrigerator, which
will enable them to keen In line stale
of preservation throughout the hot
weather all manner of uerishable
goods, in the shape of butter, eggs,
Tlie held manager of tlie spirella
Corset companv was in tbe city to-
dav and placed the agenc) with Miss
Kthel llent. tl-lt"
itev. Kather K. Heck, ol St. Eugene
Mission, will hold services at llie
Catholic church on Sunday. Mav 1st,
and on Mondav morning. Itev.
Kather I.. Choinel v. ill Ih- at tlie St
Kugene Mission for Hundat m irnln
ihence In1 will visit Fort Steele in
the afternoon and hold services at
that place on Sunday nlghl and Mondav morning.
Ki tints tufts Improperl) cared lor arc
more injurious than foods not properly cooked, The foodstuffs in
Kink's Pure Food Oroccrj are clean*
Iv and anueli/ing
At a meeting on April S6Ul, the
Voting I.miles (liuld ol Si. Mart I
church elected as officer*- for the ensuing tear: Miss Hazel Ilui/, president, Miss Margaret kennedv secretary; Miss Nellv Drummond, treasurer. It was decided al tin- meeting
to prepare a grand social on about
(lie same lines as their social ol last
year, ami to hold it on the church
grounds on June 21st.
FOR SALE—A good MeinUman
piano. Extra bargain Sec J. II
McLean, old Curiosity shop.
In the library voting contest tbe
results to date place the St Kugenc
hospital In the lead, the Methodist
church still holding second place. The
si undid.; nf the contestants is now
as follows: St. Eugene hospital,
5.112; Methodist church, 3150; Church
ot Knrlanri 8086; Prcahvtrtlsn church
812S; II. of I, F. and I* 1771; public
school ISflj; Haptisl cliurch 557.
Leave your orders for white carnations for Mother's Dav al the Kink
Mercantile Co.
Miss   Grace  Cameron, who comes
to the OpeiH  bouse ou   M:i\   *'ld. will
Im* remembered bv craiiin""' iheatro
goon, hv her lasl appearance here,
In the hig musical tiroduetion "Little
IMIie himplt-x," which was admitted
Ours i.r.* in n tii
liy tlifiiisclvvs
Patmore Bros
Chivers Jams and Marmalades
 PHONE 56.	
Insure your health snd bappfnen by baying Paie Food.   We
bandit* only the*  best.    Now that* the* «»iti.  weather hat*
commenced and jrour appetite is not fust what it -hould be,
remember are «»♦* the high Wasa
Specialty   Grocery   House
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4 ♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦•»•»•»'«
i •
hv  both press aud public to be     the
targes! and best attraction of    this
nature ever visilinit Western Canada,
and which showed at the Line
theatre in Calicut\ during the Dom*
inion fair
I haw taken Hid tin* barber business ol Mr Prank Qoddcrls, Kvcry-
thim*. has Ir-ccii remodelled ami pul [a
(Irst-class   shape Huh-ml t in-.*   i >
un specialty.    I have three   ol   the
best baths in town, with hits id hot |
water and clean touch.     Come   audi
Ut  them-F. Vi. Wells. <l-lt*
The ninety-hrst annlverean of llie
founding of the l.o.o.K. was celebrated locally un Sunday, wlien between seventy and eight) members
of the order joined in a parade, leaving the |o*di[e room al 7.15 mid proceeding to Knox I'resle lei an church
hv Ihe wav of Hut well, Maker and
Armstrong streets. .\ number ol
Itebekahs also attended the service
in a bodv. occupvlng th* (rout reats.
Rev. C. O. Main, pastor of the
church, occupied the nulpli and delivered a verv able and Intcresllnn
sermon deal Inn with tin* history ami
objects of the Iraternltv.
Chivers' preserved fruits in large
Rlass jars at Pink's Pure Food (irocerv.
PO.H sali;-.\ quantltt or S... 2
common lumber, Apply to Tims
Vi   Leask, citv. Mt*
Tne 3llh session al ihe Hritish (',.
imnhia conference of the Canadian
Method I si church will assemble In
Trinity Methodist church, Kelson, it
C . on Thurwlav, Mav 13, HMO, at
9.10 pui.       Tlw    ministerial    tfRsiou
Fairview & Mount Royal
Luis i'> < 125, only ilW.Od   tl<) cash, balance
'il. ii, '.iimil 12 months.
No Interest on Deferred Payments.
We* guarantee an investment in tln-st* lots. If we
show* yuu same you will surely liuy and always
appreciate your good fortum* in dealing with
Veal Estate and Financial Brokers
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ww e'eeveveeef wwwww
all) convene on Wednesday, Ua) 11,
at   !• a m.     The stationing Commit
tee uill   ii t   Tuesday, Mai  l". at
D ill a.m. The   Statistical   secretar
ies will meet Wednesday, Mai H. at
't p.m., ami the financial secretaries
will meet treasurers of connexlonel
randl at the same hour. The Sabbath school and Rpworttt League
committees <a til meel on Wednesday,
Mav 11. at  7 p.m.
There has been a bit: hole made ir,
mv WALL PAPKK st"ck. bul there
are a few thousand rolls still lelt.—
It. II. SHOUT, tbo painter and decorator.
If removing from the city thii
spring see McLean, of the Old curiosity Shop. lie pays the highest
cash price foi second band goods.
A name of football between the
Hosmer snh Cranbrook teams took
place Sundav afternoon on the re-
'(■nation grounds, resulting in a vic-
torj foi llie home team, bv a score
of three In one The kick-off took
place a' ■ .18 nnd the gltliM was divided mt" halves ol t-wenty-flvo mlnu-
Irs each Cranbrook scored all tbe
coals in lhe first half and llosuiet
scored tbe onlv goal In the last ball
\ meeting o! the directors of the
\irii,i link whs held on Kiidav. 22nd
lust., when the following llnancial
teporl  was    pretiented and accepted
Ileteipls.       IT "i'i 'in. i-xjiendit'ire.s,
I llh -Hi, net gain. SSOT.-DO Owing
to the lateness m startim* the dircc-
lori CMMistdei   t-iHa a veri 'alt   »*•&•
sou and BXpeOl to lie able to show-
far better results another year, The
compart) are getting estimates on an
ni' | lanl and if II Is at all practicable will install one and have Ice
skating the whole vear.
It will be learned with arldaaoread
r.-gret that Mr.-and Mrs Ore.-It an*
about to sever their connection with
Cranbrook Mr. and Mrs Orevctf
have accepted imsitions of n sponsi-
bilitv in connection with the Sarcee.
Indian school, just outside Calgarv.
and will he leaving to assume their
duties in the course of a few (lavs
The Sarcee Indian school, near Cal-
aarv. |s a ehnrch of Knaland institution Mr and Mrs Orevett hav-n
bad previous eiperlenee of work of
this character, having been connected
wilh the Church of Kngland Indian
school al I'incher Creek, Hefore
nrooeeding to Calaarv, Mr. ami Mrs
Ore Vet I Will nav a sfiori visit to the
former seetie of their labors at
I'ineher Creak noth Mr and Mrs
Orevctf have taken nn netive nnl    a
useful interest iu civic nlfn'Ts durln"
their residence in PranhfOOV and
theli departure will In* cl^cerelv re-
Cretfed hv the ronitmmitv ns a
Stop at the
♦ Cosmopolitan Hotel
♦ E. H. Small, Proprietor
Great American Humorist's Course is Run--Mourned by
the Whole World—A Glimpse at his Career
New Management
I niprovtxl
in Every Way     ♦
Cranhrook,   B.  C.
I lnr Mntto : " Tlld Ui-sl is Noun Too (iooil.'
Did you hear it pop?
♦ Ask the
I East Kootenay Bottling Co. jj
| Canadian Hotel g
& m
K One nf lhe pioneer hotels of Cran- J3
53 brook.   Warm room.*., good meals
JJ ami a ha-  stock eel with the best
p Joseph Brault,  Proprietor 1
Spring Overcoats
Eight artistic creations—from
the stately "Governor Paddock",
50 inches long—to the smart
little "Topper", only 36 inches
In design—in pattern—in finish
—in every essential of fine workmanship — these Fit-Reform
*-*•**•*.      spring Overcoats
FIT- w "*ave no eclua,s
^REFORM® ,n Canac*a a-
any price.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook.
fWfTVffW ▼WWW*!'WW *i
The   New   Produce
Provision House
im'xt iiihik to Canadian Hotem
I Ins until tall stink' of Si*, il Dnlii. I'l-iil Until. Win-lit.
Bran, Shorts, Oliops, li .1 '•*.i Outs, Com Mi*nl. Ilntti-r nml
lOtlgs, Timothy, Hint. ,loint ami I'rnirii* liny, nml tho ln*st
Flour milli-il in Western Canacla
Glveua a call.   Try our kooi1» anil he convinced tlint you
(nt Quality ami I'rici* fiiitht.
The East Kootenay Produce and
Provision House
Samuel Langhorno Clemens (Mark
Twain) iii ft I painlessly at 11.80
o'clock last Thursday uiiiht ol angina pectoris at his home among the
hills ol (tedding, Conn, lie lapsed
into coma al -i o'clock in tlio afternoon nitii never* recovered coasciods*
! II was (lie end of a man outworn
hv grief ami acute agonv id hodv<
The previous day was a had dav lor
the little knot ut anxious watchers
at thr bedside, l-'or long hours the
Rrcv aquiline features lay as molded
in the inertia of death. The pulse
sunk lower uud lower hut late at
nlghl the patient passed Irom stupor
into the first natural sleep In- had
taken since In- returned from Bermuda and on Thursday morning
awoke refreshed, even faintly cheerful, ami in full possession of all his
He recognized his daughter Carrie,
Airs. Ossip (tuhrilo-Aitsrli, ami spoke
a rational word or two. These
words wen- his last. Laying aside
his glasses and pencil In- sank In si
info reverie and later into linal aii-
couseioiisness.        There       was       no
hough! at tin- lime, turnover, thai
tlie end was so near.
With the simplicity which he te-
tjuested a few hours before death
claimed him, the funeral services
were conducted in New York oil
SlllHlay afternoon. He was buried
in one of tht* white (latino! suits
which he had worn so frequently; in
his declining vears at Kliniin, N.
V., where iu lhe family plot Ho his
wife and children.
It was teamed from those who have
had charge of Mr. Clemens' business
allairs that lib lean's an estate valued at a million dollars, or possibly1
a little less. Tlie most valuable
assets arc the copyright and rovaltv
rights of his many hooks. Thev
ban- been bringing him an income ol
!*i0,(100 annually for some time. According to Mr. Duneka, his publisher.
the highest price Mark Twain ever
received for his writing was thirty
cents a word, which had been his
prevailing rate for several vears
la addition to his literary fortune,
Mr. Clemens had an house ou Fifth
avenue ami an estate worth $10,000
at lteddin» Conn. There is no hint
from bis executors as to tbe nature
of his will, which will he tiled at
Danhurv. Conn , shortly. tl is
.said, however, that the hulk of Im
fortune will go to his only survlvina
damihter. Mrs. Ossip Oahfilowltscb
who recentlv became the wife ot llie
Russian pianist.
Loudon, April 22.—Britons nre
mourning the death of Mark Twain
no less deeply than arc Americans
The humorist was a familiar figure
in London, not only iu high social
circles, hut in the streets and parks
ol tbe West End.
Lomlon newspapers publish extended biographies of Mark Twain, some
nf ilit-in running tu four columns.
Thev admit that he was the greatest
humorist the English-speaking race
bus produced in modern times. It it*
doubtful, however, tbey sav, if it was
bis humor that made his greatest appeal to the Knglish heart. Thev consider it more likely that bis pathos
and strong uud kindly and honorable
character did that.
Berlin, April 22,—Extended appreel
at ions of .Mark Twain appear iu today's journals. The Lokal Au/.iegei
says:   "Not    onlv   English-speaking
people,  hut   tlie   win tie    world of culture grieves that he has gone."
Tlie Berliner Keilung, in a two
because liis humor turned [undair.cn-*
work, expressed the opinion that Ihr
American author was lotcd in (iermany more than is the whole bodv
of F'rencb ami Kuglish humorists,
because bus humor turned fumlnmcn
tallv on serious and earnest conceptions of life. The paper savs liml
(he American works most Which'
it-ad in Germany ure probably those
of Emerson and Mark 'I'wain.
Rome, April   22.—The   whole press
of Home gives much space today In
the death of Mark Twain, recalling
Ihe months lie spent iu Italy Ilu
death id bis wife at Florence, ami
the recent visit to Home of bit
daughter. Clara, and her husband
Ossip (iabrilowilsch, ou  their honey-
London, April 22 —The following
telegrams have been received from
eminent Englishmen of let tors ami
others in response to requests for
expressions on the death ol Mark
Sir Arthur Conan Ihivle—'Everv
uie here savs some brightness1 has
passed from the world and that it is
n duller place now that Mark Twain
lias gone. We have lost not onlv his
fun hut ids great human sympathies
ami striving for good. Wo remember he was the one American who
protested effectively for the uuhappv
Congo people."
W. Vi .lacohs-'Kiiglan.rs moil
haractcristie living humorist. The
world has lost a great humorist, and
one nf the lines!, sanest personalities
il bas ever known Kindness ami a
gre.it sense of charily Colored alike
his work ami his life. Humorous
writers regret the passing of their
Sir Francis llurnaud, late editor oi
punch—"Having noidv finished his
I ramp abroad, let us trust that lie
has cone home to rest in n-euei- "
Robert Ban—"A great soulcil,
noble mini, acquainted with grief, lie
tscapc** the world's most sorrowful
dav, which marks his depart ure from
it—the eternal law of compensation,
No other man so daddi-ued the earth-
none was so universally mourned."
William Watson—"I join with all
Americans in lamenting the loss of
one whose good sense rose to the
level id genius, whose laughter was
next Hn to wisdom whose jests
promoted the comity nf nations nud
whose private sorrows ami misfortunes touched ail hearts."
I It'-dyard Kipling—"in Mr Clemens1
death all our English-speaking world
loses a great sage ami humorist."
Anthony Hope—■•Vie hen* slum* in
the profound grief for the loss of a
muster of humor, Insight ami imitc-
Ination. Kor the man's greatest
charm ami kindliness we honored and
:  loved bhn."
Mark    Twain's   personal st;ilenient
that he was horn in Aberdeen, Comity of Cork, England, may be regarded
as metaphorical, More exact is the
report that names us his birthplace
tho village of Fonda, Missouri,
1835. His true name was Samuel
I.aiighoruc Clemens. His noni de
plume was derived from llm call used
by Mississippi leadsmen when sounding two fathoms, lie received the.
common school education of a frontier town, and euliTi-d a printing office In IMS and, becoming an expert
compositor, worked at this trade in
SI. Law Is, New York and other
cities. in 1 **■;"• I he gave up printing
and hcc.uii.1 a steamboat pilot on the
Missiasi pi, iicci inulating a timet of
experience thai In* was later to turn
to unique lilornry account. The
Civil War closed this livelihood to
him. He Joined a volunteer squad
of Confederate svmpatlii/.ers, remaining with lhe command for a lew
weeks, hut seeing no active service.
Then he wen I lo Nevada with his
brother, who had been appointed
Territorial Secretary, and at Virginia City became a reporter and
stall writer for the Territorial Enterprise, revealing here lirst to tlie
public his powers ol humorously ex
.iggerateil description aud sarcastic
wit. From Nevada he followed tbo
I rend to San Francisco tried mining
in Calaveras County, made u vovago
to tbe Sandwich Islands, uud attracted attention as a humorous lecturer ami writer of localized fiction,
The first writing to attract general
attention was "The .lumping Prog
of Calaveras," which was republished
with several other sketches In hook
form in New York. Shortly after
Ihis be joined the excursion of the
Quaker Citv steamship to the Orient,
wrote letters about it to American
newspapers, and advertised it quite
beyond the expectations of its projectors. These letters collected and
revised, became "The Innocents
Abroad," which Instantly gave him a
world-wide reputation. This was
followed by "Roughing It" most
amusing cdisodcs of frontier life. His
pen became immediately in great demand, and Innumerable sketches (lowed from it, manv of them recklessly
exaggerated for the effect be wished
to produce; always laughter-provoking, and nearly ' always having a
wholesome element of satire ol some
sham or pretense or folly. For
some time he had charge ot a humorous department in the Galaxy Magazine. These sketches aud others
that followed were from time to Um.i
collected into volumes which had a
great sale. About tbis time he
married, ami permanently settled iu
Hartford, where lie began the collection of a library, set himself to
biographical ami historical study,
made incursions into German and
French, and prepared himself for the
more serious work that was before
A second sojourn in Europe produced "A Tramp Abroad," full nf stories and adventures, much in the
spirit of ins original effort. Hut
with more reading, reflection and
search into liis own experiences came
"Old Times on the Mississippi,"
"Tom Sawyer," and "Huckleberry
Finn," in which the author wrote out
nl his own heart. To his inter* st iu
social problems must he attributed
the beautiful idyl ol "The Prince
and the Pauper,1' and "Tbe Yankee
at the Court of King Arthur,"
which latter the English thought
lacked reverence [or the traditions of
During all this period Mr. Clemens
was iu great demand us a lecturer
and an after-dinner speaker. His remarks about New England weather
al a New England dinner in New
Vork, are a favorite example id bis
humor aud hi-s power of poetic description. As a lecturer,
a teller of stories, and delineator of
character, be bail scarcely a rival in
liis ability to draw and entertain
vast audiences. lie made a large
income from bis books, which always
had a phenomenally large sale. Very
remunerative also was the plav id
"Colonel Sellers." constructed out of
a novel called "The Gilded Age
After 18.10 Mr. Clemens and bis
family lived most of the time in Eur*
pc. Ear some time before he had
Written little, hut since that bis pen
again became active. He produced
manv magazine papers, a story called
"I'udil'ii Head Wilson," and the most
serious and imaginative work of his
life in "The Cersoual Recollections
of .loan of Arc," feigned to lie translated from a contemporary memoir
left bv her private secretary. In it
the writer strikes the universal
chords of sympathy ami pathos, and
heroic elevation. In IH.l.i-ii he made
a lecturing tour of tlie globe, speaking in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India, and
everywhere received nn ovation due
to his commanding reputation.
Mr. Clemens wus universally re-
cognlxod us the lirst of living American humorists; hut If the fashion of
humor changes, as change ii mav. he
will remain for other qualities—certain primordial qualities such as are
exhibited in bis wnrk on tbt* Mississippi, a force to Im* reckoned with iii
the literature of Ibis century, Mr.
Cb-iiiciis's humor bas tbe stump ol
universality, which is tho one indispensable thing in all enduring literary productions, and his books havo
licin translated and verv vvidelv diffused am) read in German, French
and other languages.
The .tumping Fro*," bis first
hook, appealed in 1*867. Then came
the turning point id bis life. He
went to EUfOpfl on an excursion,
sending home a series of letters to
lhe Aha California. These sketches he
afterward collected into a book, under the title of "Innocents Abroad,"
and il made Mark Twain famous. He
then became tho king of American
humorist*, In a letter Mark
Twain qiiaintlv summed un bis earlv
literary experiences as follows: "I
fully expected 'The -lumping Froii'
to sell .Mi,linn conies and It onlv sold
1,000, and I onlv expected the 'Innocents' to sell 3,000 conies, but it
astounded me bv sellhu* "fl 000 contra
within Hi months." This record
means a great deal more than now,
as the cheapest edition cost $.1.50,
About a score of volumes have followed those first fruits of his genius
"Roughing It" (MM); "The Glided
Age." with Charles Itudley Warner
(1873); "Adventures of Tom Saw-
vet" (187!»); "Sketches, New nml
iild" (,1876)1 "A True Storv" (IK77)
(Continued   on page eight.)
Cure that Cough-
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uii-sitrn Protocted by Copyright)
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
By-Law No. 75
A Bvlaw to exempt (be Canadian
I'aniii- Railwav Company irom all
taxes, water rales and all (itIht
rail's tir assessments whatsoever in
rrs'ieet t.f the lands to be occtmletl
bv them as a "Young Men's Christian Association" Huitilim-,.
Wili:m:AS the Canadian Pacific
Uailwav Company an* about to undertake tbe eri'cliou ol n buildintr in
tin* vlclnitv of tbe Citv nl Cnwtbrook
to lie occupied bv Ibein as a "Young
Men's Christian Association" build-
\N|) WHEREAS tin* Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tbe
citv oi Cratibroox deem it advisable
and havc requested tbe Canadian
Pacific Railwav Company to erect
tbt* Saul building within tin* Municipal limits of tbt* Corporation of tin'
Citv of Cianliri.nl.
AND WHEREAS a petition has'
been u rest* n Hit to tbe Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tin*
Citv of Cranbrook, aliened liv the:
owners of at least one-tenth il-HHh, |
of the value of the rateable lauds
and improvements in the said
Citv as shown bv the last Revised
Assessment [toll, requesting the said
Council to introduce a bvlaw to'
aunt aid to tbe Canadian Paeiiie
Railwav Conmanv In the maintenance of tbe said building Iti exempt- -
ii>K tbe said Canadian Paeiiie Railwav Companv, in respect of tbe said
lands and huildini:, from all taxes on
lands and improvements and water
rates which miebt lie Imposed upon I
tbe Companv in respect thereto, for i
a period of twenty vears.
AM) WHEREAS it lias been deemed ex|H*dient to grant to tbe said
Canadian Paeiiie Railway Company,
exemption from taxation and rales
as aforesaid in respect of the said
lauds and building.
NOW   THEREFORE tlie Municipal
Count il   n(  tin*  Corporation    of      (he
Citv    of   Cranbrook   m Council as-
rembled, enacts as follows:
1. Subject to tbe fulfillment ol tbe1
terms uud conditions bireiiiufter contained, which terms and conditions
ami llie dm* fiillUluictit thereof are to
Ih* deemed and considered as conditions prcoedcnl to the enjoyment of
the rinlits and nrlvlloftea hereby
grunted the said Tlie Canadian Pa-j
eillc Railwav Cuinpanv its stictvs-•
sors and assigns, hereinafter called .
the "Company," are hereby granted
for a "eriod id twciitv vears Irom
tin* date ol tbis bylaw, exemption
from all taxes on lands and improve
ments and water rates which might
Ih* imposed upon tbe Companv in
respect of the lands and building to
be occupied hv them as a "Young
Men's Christian Association" tluild-
) 2. The Companv shall erect a
building ut a cost of not less than
twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00)
upon the terms bereiiiafter mention-
til and sliall maintain and use the
same exclusively aud cotit inunuslv
.for the purpose of u "Yotin* Men's
| Christian Association" Huilding for
a period of twenty years from tbe
date of tbis bylaw.
3. Tbe Companv shall erect and
maintain a building containing
amongst other things, a swimming
pool, shower baths, howling alley,
reading room aud billiard room.
1. t'pun tlie Company falling or
refusing to carry out the terms ami
conditions herein set forth, then and
iu such event, sucb exemption from
taxation shall forthwith cease and
determine, and either all the lands
comprising tlie site of the said build
iug shall forthwith revert to and lie-
came the property of the Corporation of the City nf Cranbrook, its
successors or assigns, or, the Company shall pav to the City tlie sum
of ' thirty* five hundred dollars
($3)500.00) or sucb sum as shall he
devoted bv tho City to the purchase
of a site for said building, without
S. Tbis Bylaw shall take effect
ami Ih* of torn- on and after the Hilli
dav of Mav, A.D., l»lll.
I. Tbis liyluw may be cited for
all purposes as the "Young Men's
Christian Association Untitling Exemption From 'Taxation Bvlaw."
Read a first, second and mini time
on the Dill dav al April, A. I> ,
l!l HI.
Received the assent ol the electors
on the   dav id 	
A.i>. lino.
TAKE NOTICE (but (he above is
n true copy of the pro-toscd bvlaw
upon which (Ih* vole of the Muuici-
palitv will In* taken al lhe Municipal
Building, Raker Street, In the City
id Cranhrook, R C*. on Kridav, the
lith day of Mav, 1010, between tbe
hours af nine o'clock (ten o'clock
local time) in the mnmiui! and seven
o'clock (eight o'clock local time) in
tbe evening.
Clerk to tbe Municipal Council.
Diarrhoea should be cured without
loss of time and bv a medicine which
like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy not only
cures promptly but produces no unpleasant after effects. It never tails
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In furnishing a bouse tills spring
do not forget thut MoUoan of the
Old Curbmilv Shop, deals on tbe
easy montbiv payment plan. Sec
WANTED-A competent maid lor
Tainilv of two. Must lie cood plain
cook, Good wages. Address M.O.,
Herald office. 7-tt
TAKE NOTICE that I, Cleorge K.
March, ol Winnipeg, Man., occupation Agent, intend lo apply (or permission to purchase the lollowing
described lands
Commencing at a post planted NO
(bains smith of the smith-east corner
post ot Lot KT.'il, thence south RO
chains, thenee east Ml chains, thence
north K0 chains, thence west RO
(leorge Keith March, Locator,
It. II. Benedict, Agent.
Doted March 2Hth, 1910. H-Ht
t. AsayaNeurall
Nervous Exhaustion
The depression experienced by
womenduriugconvalescence from
childbirth is never forgotten. The
sense of utter nerve fatigue blots
out interest in every tting. "Asa-
ya-Nuurau," is invaluable at
such times. It feeds the nerves,
induces sleep, quickens the appetite, aids digestion, and soon buoyancy of spirits aud thesenseof nervous vitality returns, $i. jo a bottle. Obtain from the local agent.
.hum's Clnytnn. ol Murysvillr, II. C,,
OCOlipAllo'1,  I!i*lml Tllulrr, llltrtlilH to
apply lor jiorinissloii Ui purcliaso Un*
(ollOWlllg ilr.M'I'ilirtl  IiiiiiIk:
Commencing at. u pimt nlnntcil at
tlio soutlionst corner nf l.«i IS7(i,
ilionco boiiIIi lurty imt olialnn,
tlionoo wont duty it'1) chains, thenoe
north lorty (III) chains, thenco cast
tarty (IO) chains l» place bl com-
nioncomont, anil coiitntntng inn
acres, iniiii' or less.
Kihun James Clayton.
Dated March 21th, 1010. 5-tlt
/ \
Ask lor Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For futility n«t» IliiTf it" nothing
ho wtinlt'Himn* an.l so 1'ii't* IIH
Builders and Contraclors
All kinds of
Boiler nml linn.'i* Work
Huff Oi|>n*tftnnr-, l-lin* A tidal tit-Ihm
and   IVkin  Mnrkn.
Fine, buiiltbv, pureditetl sleek.
WHtTR Hill i-nicpa th
t*. V. ClllLDS, IIANI.UKY, R.C1
Is |in*|iuml to sii|i|'1y help, skilled or
unski'lcil, on sbortest possible notice; to Hud employment and guarantee positions wbi'ii sent out; to
rent houses and rooms aud to sell
vou fruit lands or other properly foe
a smalt commission.
Adtlress.-W. Parker, 312 Baiter St.
NELSON, B.C.        48-l2t
Copyrights Ae.
J-itwiU taken thmuiti Munn A ci
tftemnjtkt, withoutobart«, tatM
Scientific JfoKrkait.
■ll iirwaii'aii-iB,
i ' •
I The Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real I state Agcnty
II.i'Si.riiillly It I~im.Ui> laltur lnr
I.IIIIiIhT   I olltl.tihl.'-.   Kml!  n.I   I on-
Irnelo'i, ll<,i<*l-. mnl n.,,i,t., *.
.1. Armour, l-...,....-i..»
I'limu* nn   I'm. aim   iu). Mm um
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to ynur inciisiirt'
FROM  $10.1X1 DP.
Cloiuietl, Repaired,
mnl I'ri'HMHl.
Hiiml ('liilht'i. Ly onin.tr, iml Hut
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StotKiA*ao iff
•^«v . tfidu*. (Mllwt
(jOnr JlH^/Vvvfri-ttta. CL
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UentleiMi'ii'H imii boobtiilliod ai
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Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE If II does
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, but w-
pitt thin ad in tbe Herald to
enipbaeise it.
Near Ixiwer AmiHtrong Avenue
ffTfffff ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼WWW
,' CRANIWOOK-FERNIE        ',!
President: T. s. Uiu ''
KeeretBry: **■   MaciiovaU*. '
Kor information regarding lutuls 11
i nml   agrienlture   apply    to  the < i
» See ret* ry, OrahhrnrtRt I*. C. ■■
Meeting - ' '
Every second Wednesday       \ [
The i^mlintf Frnil Hhir**
Kri'di Rtrawberrios
mi-mhI Oranges   Kaunnas
Fiji*     Psioa      Pineapples
Lett net-     Oncnmbeis
Oreon Onions       Ceb'ty
Hatelwood lea Cream
Stewart's Fine Chocolates
Pbone 7r» Armntrong Ave. '
OpiHwIt. r.r.ii. Station
i.l i-vcry kiln), in niiv <|ii:intily,
by tin* imcktiyo or l,v
Illl* I'llllllll.
Ornamental SHRUBS
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l.ii. non-il I.,. LAUNDRY
it...I It, ill., -iii-nlii**-! RMJlaal**
nnt. Vim Hon.. Blrwt, Nl,,*,..
jiiitrnii. in-.v It-iivp lliflt Iimiii*
■Ir.v. 1,11.1 hIii'I.. i,II 1.1,.in. — „ III
Ih*iI„ii,.    II-.I l.nni.ilr.v in It.i'.
Louise and Van Hnrne Strerls
• ia*-*-j-*>>a-*a->a-*«a--*aBaa-a»
Ban liter, Solicitor, Etc.
iMuni'v to lotin on fitvoriihle tttrmB.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
By-Law No. 74
▼ fff "J**********"*'*' W#W*#*#*# WW V"JJ
riiDNKim. p.o. iim nor
The Pineit Driven
Up-to-date Riga
(lood Saddle Horaea
m un CMIN im uu
f   WM.    KERR   t
X l-ro<,rl*.l.>r    -    rilANIIIKIIIK.II (•   •
Mm. li. Hent
I'll lion 781, I'I".i"* II7II
Tmrlin .1 Rtrlim mil
Simulant J I,-- ■ i ■■ in- nis
PHONE 95.1     CUANItliooK, lie.
Miss Mabel Wtllman
Hllll-I .nd Teacher
IVriillnr.il |.,,,.i| „|
lliitmilli. Mi.II. I nl \Viiini|i..B
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllca «l Rnldenn*.  Armilroni «»•
Forenoons 9.00 to 10.00
Allemoons - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evening. - - - - 7.SO to 8.30
Sundays .... J.311 to   4.80
'RANBROor. :•    :i    i:    ll    >. C
> to 12 a.m.
1 to  • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Offlot la new Rcld Block
Notary Public
Iti Coatj-rpnlitnn Hotel
Cranliruok ami Fort Steele
♦ SLflrttS1 Cranbrook. B.C. Z
B.  C.  and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
F. 0, Bwannell, D. I.. S., II 0, L. s.
A. I. I!i.l.|.|| II. 0. I.. S.
Dominion antl itiitifiiCaiiiiiii.in
l\o. Drawer 703 VICTORIA. I.C
.. Bylaw granting aid lo the Canadian Pacific Railway Compan** to
purchase a site fur tin' erection ol a
"Young Men's Christian Association"
WHEREAS the Canadian Pacific
Railwav Company arc about to undertake the ercotloii ol a building to
be known as the "Young Men's
Christian Association" Building in
the vicinity of tlie City of Cranbrook.
AMI WHEREAS tho Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City nf Cranbrook deem It advisable
and have requested tho Canadian
Pacific Railway Company lo erect
the said building within the Municipal limits ol the Corporation of tbo
City of Cranbrook,
AM) WHEREAS a petition lias
been nresenleil lo the Municipal
Council of ibe Corporation   ol   the
City of Cianlirook signed bv the own*
orfl of at   least one-tenth  (l-HMb) ot
I the value of the real piopeiu  ol the
I Said Cily as   shown hy   the last  Ite-
I vised Assessment  Roll requesting llie
said   Council lo   Introduce a Bylaw
to raise ihe   sum of three thousand
I five   hundred   dollars ($3,900.00) by
| wav of debentures for tho purpose lit
|granting aid to the Canadian Pacific
Railwav Company to purchase a site
for the erection of tho Bald building,
AND   WHEREAS for the purpose
aforesaid, it   will be necessary    tu
borrow Hie   .sum of three   thousand
five hundred dollars ($8,500).
ami WHEREAS the whole amount
of ihe rateable lairds of the said
City according to the Last Revised
Assessment Roll is eight hundred aud
.six thousand seven hundred and
thirty-five dollars ($800,735.00)
AM) WHEREAS the amount of the
existing debenture Indebtedness nf tin*
Corporation of the City uf Cranbrook Is one hundred and thirty-four
thousand four hundred uud forty-
nine dollars and eighteen cents
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council bus power to pass Bylaws
for contracting debts, bv borrowing
money or otherwise uud for levying
rates for payment of such debts nu
the rateable lands and improvements
either or both, or rateable real property ol ibe Municipality for anv purpose within the jurisdiction of the
Council; hut the aggregate of such
debts, except for works of local improvement aud for .school purpose,
shall not exceed 20 per cent
i'M p.c.) uf the assessed value of
tbe lands and improvements or the
real property- of tbe Municipality according to the lust Reused Assessment Roll.
AND WHEREAS the nresent debenture indebtedness of the City of
Crutihrook, other than the indebtedness for works of local improvement
aud lor school purposes is ninety
nine thousand four hundred nud
fortv-nine dollars and eighteen cents
AND WHEREAS it will be requisite to raise annually bv rate the
sum of four hundred and seveuty-
siv dollars ($476.00) to provide for a
sinking fund to pay the said debt
and to pay interest.
..NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
citv of Cranbrook in Council assembled, enacts us follows:
1. It shall and mav be lawful fnr
the Mavor Of the Corporation of tin*
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon
the credit Of the said Corporation,
bv iva*- of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
mav be willing to advance the same
as a loan, a sum of monev not exceeding in tlie whole the sum of
three thousand five hundred dollars
($3,500.00) and to cause all such sums
so raise.! or revived to he paid into
the hands of the treasurer of llie
said Corporation, for the purpose
and with the object of aidine the Canadian Paeiiie Railwav Company to
purchase a site within the limits ol
tbe Municipality for the erection of
,\ building to be known aud used as
a "Young Men's Christian Association" Building.
2 The conveyance or conveyances
of the land comprised within the
said sile shall contain a covenant
lliat tbe Canadian Paeiiie Railwav
Companv shall, within the pcilod of
one vear. complete the erection "f a
building thereon to be used for the
purpose of a "Young Men's Christian
VMOClatloh" Building, ami to he of
the value of at le&sl tweutv thou
••..t'i,l     dollars   ($80,000.00) and shall
Grarii llic  of   Ontario   VcteriaiiM
Oidl-*-***, Toronto. In ISDN
lim-iuiu.. mi,) Umlalllil »f MeKII In's
V.-h-runtrv r.illi*--  t'bltbiga
in in o
Nine ynri np-prir-nn In frlMnnrt
pme-Ueeln Mant-tobD
I'(Mike   nrvI -Jonr ta P«l (Mike
PbMc lit     .      p.o. Hex 181
Ni^lH mil-It. ||. Bhorl'l lt'*hl*me
contain a     swimming pool,    shower
bulbs,  bowling  alleys,  leading  r n
and billiard room, and that the Canadian Pacific Railway Cninpaiiv \wll
maintain the said huilding as a
"Young Men's Christian Association"
building ami [or nn other purpose for
a period of twenty vears; and thai in
default Ol their so doing the said
lands shall bo convoyed to ami he-
come lhe property of the City or
thai the said Canadian Paeiiie Hail-
way Company shall pay to the City
its successors or assigns the sum ol
iluce thousand flvo hundred dollars
($3,500.00) or such sum as shall he
devoied hv ihe citv for the purchase
of said site, without  interest
3. It shall he lawful for the
Mavor of tlir siiii] Corporal inn to
cause anv number of debentures to
be made, executed, and issued for
such sum or sums as mav be reiiuir-
ed for lhe purpose and nhieel ofore-
mhl, iml exceeding, however, tbe .um
of three thousand Qve hundred dollars
($3,500.00) each of ihe said debentures being ol the denomination of
five bundled dollars *-W00.CO) and
all such debentures shall he si-.th-d
With lhe seal of the Corporation and
signed hv the Mavor thereof.
I    The said debentures shall   hoar
date the 1st dav of September. \ ll .
1010, and shall he made pavable within ten vents from ihe said date in
lawful monev of Canada, at the
ollice of the Imperial Hank of Canada, in Cranbrook aforesaid, which
said place of payment shall he designated hv ihe said debentures.
5. The said debentures sliall hear
interest at the rate of flvo ner centum per annum rrom the date thereof, pavable yearly at the said Imperial Rank id Canada on llie Ist dav
of September in each and everv vear
durinc the currency thereof and shall
have attached to them coupons for
the payment of ihe said Interest,
which coupons shall he signed hv the
Mavor and the signature to lhe coupons mav be either writ ten, stamped,
printed or lithographed.
li. During the currency of tlto said
debentures, there shall he raised annually bv special rate on all rale-
able lands in the said Citv of Cranbrook, tbe sum of one hundred ami
seventy-live dollars ($175.00) for oar-
men I of llie said interest on lhe said
debentures, and the sum of three
hundred and one dollars ($301.00)
for ihe purpose of creating n sinking fund for the payment ol tbe debt
hereby secured, making in all the sum
of four hundred and seventy-slx dollars ($470.00) to be raised annually,
bv special rale as aforesaid during,
each of the said ten vears.
7. It shall bo lawful for tbe Mavor,
nf ibe said Cornoratlon to negotiatei
and sell the said debentures for less
than Par, but in no case sliall lb"
said debentures be negotiated or sold
for less than ninety ner centum of
their face value. Including the cost
of ne^oiialimr and sale, brokerage
and nil other incidental expenses.     !
8. It shalt be lawful for the said
Municinal Council to re-nurcbase anv
of tbe said debentures noon such
terms as mav he agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof,
or anv part thereof, either n' the
time of sale or anv subserpicnt time
or times, and all debentures i-o repurchased shall forthwith be camelled and destroyed and no re-issue of
debentures so repurchased shall be
made in consequence of such re-purchase.
9. Tbis Bylaw shall take effect on
or after the Kith dav of Mav. A.I)..
10. This Bylaw mav he cited for
all purposes as the "City ol Cranbrook   Debenture    Loan Bylaw No
Rend a first, second and I bird time
ou the 21st dav of April. A.I). 1410,
Received the assent  of the electors
nn  Ibe   dav nf  A. D.
Recnnsidereu and fluallv passed anil
adopted   on   the     dav     ol
A. D. 1010.
3. Bylaw No. 21 ot the Citv nf
Cranbrook wheresoever it is inconsistent with the provisions of this
Bylaw, is hereby repealed.
I This Bylaw mav be cited fur
all purposes as the ".Municipal
Building Bylaw."
Read the first, second and third
lime nn the 21st day of April, A.I),
J!) 10.
Received the assent of the electors
on  the    dav of	
A.I). Rllll.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted on the ...... dav of	
A.D. 1(110.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is
a true copy of the proposed Bylaw
upon which the vote of the Munici-
paTtv will be token at the Municipal
Building Raker Street, in the City
of Cranbrook, 11. ('.. on Kridav. the
nth dav uf Mav. 1010, between the
hours nf nine o'clock (ten o'clock
local lime) in Ihe morning and seven
o'clock (eight o'clock local thno) in
the evening,
clerk in lhe Municipal Council
London, onoc the safest as well as
the quietest of all groat capitals, is
every day becoming noisier und
more dangerous. The enormous increase of motor traffic has added to
[lie perils of the streets, so that at
certain congested points il really requires considerable activity as well
as nerve to cross from one side uf
tho road to the other. Where lliere
is a policeman to regulate the traffic the pedestrian may wait till one
or other converging stream is held
up aud cross in salety; hut the police
cannot be everywhere, and there arc
points iu tbe Strand at which om
makes tbe passage at the risk nl
life and limb. Even ou the pavement
the wayfarer i.s not quite safe, Motor cars will sometimes skid on a
greasy roadway and bounce upon the
sidewalk. No fewer than 30(1 motor
vehicles mounted lhe pavements during the past twelve months, killing
nine persons and injuring in.i others.
This is rather appalling, and suggests!
Dial automobiles are not always
driven as carefully as thev might he.
lu point, ot fact, they are nol, par-,
ticularlv il Ihev are taxi-cabs. The
driver of the Loudon hansom had a
reputation iu the old davs for "cutting it line," and his recklessness
has been imitated in too manv cases
bv bis .successor, the chauffeur, with
more serious consequences; for you
cannot take liberties with a vehicle
that has a twenty horse power engine iu its vital parts. The police
are siumcstiiig ihal the pavements
should lie furl ilied with a higher
kerb, for the protection of foot passengers. Perhaps the time will
come when they will haie to be1
provided with aa elevated causeway
raised well above the channel in
which tlie motor cars flurrv and
skurrv, with lofty bridges to connect one side ol the street with the
oilier. There are a eood man* nrob-
lems to be solved before urban locomotion is placed on a satisfactory
That the militarv spirit is widely
diffused in Britain i.s shown bv the
amazing success of the Bov Scouts.
The movement grows apace, ami this
Easter all* the counlry lanes seemed
to lie pervaded bv companies of
brisk youngsters with bare knees aud
slouch hats. General Baden-Powell
kindled a lire which will not soon he
quencbed. Tlie time 'appears close
at hand when everv youngster who
respects himself will join a scouting
compa'iv as a matter of course. Already the scots are numbered hv tens
of thousands. Of course thev are
not supposed to bt; soldiering, aud
anything in the nature ol million
drill is carefully excluded from their
curriculum. But drill is easily
learned. What is more dlllicult to
aci-uirc is lhat conception nf dutv
subordination, order and discinline
which lie at the root ol all militarv
training. These thines the Boy
Scouts are learning, and one cannot
Rth ,i,v „( ir-.*   mm   I,,.!,*.,...,,     ti... doubt as thev erow to man's estate
6th day ot Mav,   010, bttween    the   ,        ,., f       lh, ,   ,        -,jU,      .
hours of    mm*   o clock   (ten o'cloct materlal for a national armv.    Most
local time) in tbo morning and seven1   -   -   •"■■**
TAKE NOTICE that tho above is
a true copv ol the proposed bylaw
upon which the vote of lhe Municipality will he taken al the Municipal
Building, Raker Street, in the City
of Cranbrook, B. ('.. on Kridav. the
clock (eight o'clock local time)   in
the evening.
Clerk to the Municipal Council.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
By-Law No. 72
I.ilc mnl Fire [ii-mrmu-r.. Renl Finale
Olllrr-Ki-sl iIimi to
Pout Offlca
Cnni* III anil let me <|iinte ymt rule.
H«iuli|iinrti>ra fnr nil kimla of
Snliafai'liiHi (limriiiiliiil
Tlio Slum S-KH-ialiat
A llvluw lu iiulluiri/c tin* salt*    ol
ilu* Tin's interest in lili-ck i>, I'l.m
B09, Cranbrook, II. C , ami the Joint
Government ami Mmiit'ijml HniMing*
erected Uiereon. ami tn devote tin*
prooeeda thereot roi tht* jnirimsi* >*i
I'liirlniMh** a sit.* lur anil t'Trcliii)*
Municipal HniUlines.
miii'kka.s .i iH'Uiinn baa been presented In tll,< Mnriirlji.il CotinOll uf
tin* Corporation ul tin* t'ilv nl I'ran-
liruuk. *.i**iii*il in ihr owners nl at
least one-tenth (i-imli) ol Uu* value
ul tin* real property in tin* said t'ilv.
ns shown bv the   last Hf*i*.,*.i   As*
Sessmenl   Hull.   I rijurst tn*;   tin*      Kail)
Council tn fntrodeca a llylav. in sell
ami i;raut tin' City's interest in Block
ti, iu tin* City ot,Cranbrook, accord*
lm; lo a niiii> or plan nl the sail!
t'ilv. Iileil in tin. Land lleeistrv III
live at Nelson, li. C„ as Number iihii
ami in tin* Joint Government anil
Munieipal tlnlhliiiRK ereetiil ilictiim
lo tin* Province of British Columbia
lnr the price or sum ol seven thousand live hundred dullam ut.sihi.iiih
uml to use anil devote the proceeds
thereof lor the purpose ol purchasing,
a site lor anil erntinK and nni*niimi
.Municipal Hiiililiiics   is   nol rciiulred
, Crunhrinik.
I AND WHEREAS In Ihe opinion ol
tin* Council separate promises arc requisite, belonging lo and under the
control nl the t'ilv. and lhat therefore the City's interest In said Block
I), and said .Inlnt Government, ami
Munition! Unit ings Is not required
lur corporate innjiusrs
AND WHEREAS lor such purposes
it is neccssury to amend Bvlaw No.
tf. ol the Corporation ol Hie Citv ol
Cranbrook. being Ihe Citv ol Cranbrook Drht'iilhrc Loan llvl.aw No.
ANII WHEREAS tlie consent ol the
Lieutenant-Governor In Council
baa la-en   obtained   lor sucb uuicnil-
nf them, one mav .suppose, will even*
tuallv join the Territorials and
prove extremely efficient young soldiers when thev gel into the ranks.
it is all paving the wav lur that
universal militarv training tu which
tl«* reluctant Briton is being slowly
but inevitably inducted.
Mr. Krohinan, untiring in iiis missionary labors in the cause of the
drama, has now conceived u scheme
for evangelising lhe East End. Thai
huge area, with its million uml a
hall of working-class peonlo. dues nut
In-quent the theatres uf tile West ami
ment ul Bylaw No. 21 to he    made,
as appcara in* n report   ol   a   committee of the   Honorable the Executive Council, approved by Hi*. Honor!thcTcentor.    It lias uu tune to come
lite l.ieiitenaiil-Governiii  mi the 2llh  ,„ them,   ami    it cannot    afford the
''".V!1 *>'"vi'nil».r. All . 1008. | price uf admission to the nil or even
AMI WHEREAS the approval ol jj,0 Ka||rrr. su Mr. Frohraan pro*
the Lieutenant-Governor In Council ocm, tl, .ak, tho mountain to Ma-
lor the aalo and disposal ul the Citv ■ j,,,,,,,., ,1V bringing the theatre to
interest in said Block li. in the City j the) l*:ast end. and providing its in-
1 Cranbrook, according lo a man or habitants with good melodrama and
plan tiled in tin* Laml Reglalr, OlDce ||vclv oomedv al u price within their
»t Nelson, II. C.. as Nu. 00 id Ihe   means.        It  Is     an    excellent   Idea'
Joint Government ami Municipal though whether it can be made to
Buildings erected thereon, has been tiar seems doubtful, but Mr. Prob*
had and obtained, as n|>|M*,irs by the ,„„„ |a cheerfully superior to such
said remit I mercenary considerations.     lie    has
ANII WHEREAS f.u the purposes I made so much monev out of some
ulorcsnid. II will be neccaaarv 10 de* ol his theatres that he can nml   dues
te the said sum ol seven   ll sand uf)urd lu pursue "art lor art's sake"
live hundred dollars fJ7,Sno.rOi.       I ,n others.      His Repertory   theatre
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal ca„ scan-civ bo a profitable venture.
Council of the Corporation ol the But it enables the discriminating
Citv ol Cranhroo', in Council nam-1 stage-lover tn sec tlie work ol men
bled enacts as follows: I like Galswnrlhv and Granville llark-
1. It shall and mav be lawlul lor pr, wj,o can hardly get a "show" un-
Ibe Minor ol the Cornoratlon ol the der ordinary theatrical conditions,
Citv of Cranbrook lo sell, eranl and and so is of distinct artistic and
absolutely dispose of tlie I'ilv's   in- literary value.
means 61 siil/orlalnmeiit, uud, savs
Mr. Whclon, "would no more dream
ol entering into tin* splendid theatres
ol West London than a working mini
would of making his wav into St.
raid's cathedral or the Savoy
Hotel. Philanthropic,   social und
political effort havo spent themselves
upon tin* noisy, populous Kast, and
havo almost Ignored tho silent South.
For that district a good ami very
cheap theatre would bo a godsend.
lerest in Block I). In the Citv       ot
Cranhrook, according to a map    orj Mr. Frederick    Whelen, the founder
Plan nl the said   Citv filed   In     tho 0| the stage society, another renter
Land Registry Office at Nelson, B.C., of the literary drama, suggests   that
?J.     '•, .'.'I1?' '" llis    "•■•'I' Kin': lhe South, rather than the Last,   of
Edward VII, in the riohi ol tbo Pro- London would be the more lavorablc
vlncc ul British Columbia and in the (fold lor    Mr. Frohninn's missionary
Joint     Government    ami   Municipal enterprise.       For   tlie   Kast    End,
Buildings en-rind   thereon   lnr    the though poor and overworked, is   nol
price or s"m of sevin thousand   live without :ts entertain Ms.     If lias
hundred dollars ($7,500.00) and   lnr n*, ,mlaic halls, its variety theatres,
such purposes   to sign. seal, execute its   cinematogropli    shows, its huge
and deliver nil deeds nml other    In- public houses, where silw songs   nml
slrunieiits ncocssniy nml requisite in boxing matches    diversity the oven*
the Premises. |,„s      |*,.., s,„„|, ,,, ,|lp Thames,    in
i.  The   proceeds uf the said   sale Lambeth.   Ilennnndsev.     Southwark
shall lie devoted to tin* mirclnvlng ul ami Depttord,     lies a fmlnrii region
a sile for and the Modioli ol Miml- steeped In Poverty ami a -loom   nl
clpnl Buildings foi lhe Cily ul Cran- most unrelieved.     There is n    vast
■"■■ml*. public which    has hardly anv    local
That tomperanco is makinjr. steady
advances in Scotland Is evidenced b\
tho largo decrease in the arrests lor
drunkenness ami tor offences allied
in the Hcjuor IralDc. The lollowing
extract turn a lotter Irom Loro
I'entlaml, Secrctan ol Scotland, addressed to tin- member ol parliament
lor tho Dumfries Distriet Burghs,
ihows that tho government has decided   to    make    the public sel Is
centres  of   temperance leaching, arid
have temperance lessons taught    regularly ns iiiiii ol tbe   school curriculum:   "For    some    time past the
Scottish education department   have
been receiving  Irom manv  Influential
quarters representations on u    s,.i»-
ject in which vuu bave taken a great
Interest—namely, thai ol Instruction
in 'temperance1 In the public schools
in Scotland.    Such instruction      is i
propcrlv pars of that instruction   In
the i»i\s of health, which llic department regard as an essential clement
in tbo    curriculum ol even nr.mar*. *
school, ui nl the department are aware!
that, as ;i matter   ol lact, excellent
instruction   In   temperance    is being j
given in manv schools.     As llie   ri*-'
suit nf tho experience gained,    how-|
•. thev arc sattsHcd thai instruc
tion ol this si'ii might at once be
inoro definite ami more general and
llu'v accordingly propose thai instruction in teniperance shall In fu-
turo In* regarded us .1 nccessan tit
men I nf ihal instruction in tin- laws
ol iw.il'li wblcb thev expect to be
Riven in nil schools, and that It
sliall In- given in conformity with an
fflcfol s\lliilnis ..f li'ssims on ti-m-
perancc, which will follow the general
lint's of that already issued hv the
board ol m.'.**-** ..
"I gather Irom many expressions
t.f public ooinlon in Scotland that
there is *-> general desire for an ad-
vanco in tins dltecttan, and I trust
that it mav lu* fruitful uf eoori tu
tho communit)."
The noted statiscian, Prof. Haxatd
U'estgergaard. ol the University ol
Copenhagen, is regarded as toe greatest living authority on the statistics
f mortality, lie lias just eiven a
course of lectures in t'hnstiariia on
the relation of drink to death, which
throw a striking light on the practical result which such a reduction in
consumption *ls that recorded in tl*
Faroes, n.tW-- for a people. He
says' "The inlluente of alcohol on
health is far cheater than wc have
hitherto iir.agined."
According to the just published r*e-
port of the Danish commission, of
every hundred deaths among Danish
men twenty-three are caused by alcohol. In the most valuable periods
of life the mortality is even erc-ater
Age. Male Deaths.
86-41). 34.8 in loo are due to alcohol
10-46. SU in Iftlf are due to alcohol
15-50. 87.7 in 100 are due to alcohol
50-65.   88.7 in Wi are due to alcohol
Ou the basis of these government
figures, which are doubtless below
the actual level, as doctors are usually reluctant to report alcohol as
tho cause of a death. Professor
U'cst-ergaard   has    worked  out  ho*
much each of the 850,000,  pot ten
of brandy consumed yearly in Denmark shortens life. He eon*. ■•'. -
this to be eleven hours K alcohol
mortality, concludes Professor ffes*
tcrgaanl. could be eliminated a man
of twenty would have on the lowest
average 10.3 vears to look forward
to instead of 15.4. Further, one-
Aird of all the accidents in Denmark wauld vanish and two-fifths ol
the suicides.
In view of such facts it is not to
be wondered thai Prof. Dr. fiaupn
nf Tubingen, should exclaim* "it li
our earnest duty to drive these
drinking customs from the world
with every mean** at  our disposal "
One of the most successful Institutions in Kurope for spreading the
new knowledge about alcohol is tbe
1 ravelling anti-alcohol exhibition
which goes about the towns and
cities of Switzerland This is equipped with the wealth of scientific information which investigators of the
Con tin nt have sent out of their
laboratories in the past ten years,
;ill arranged In striking and effecWvc
ways on charts. In statistical tables,
phj liological demonstrations, etc
The finest minds in Europe have
sought to popularise anti-alcohol
sclenos lor the public schools aid tlw
above-men tfonnl metttod brln-cs before the adult niiitd the true (aits s.i
vlvidlV port rave I that the people
are being roused to tbe porll of tl
oohollc diluting as never belore,
Superintend) nl K D FalrchlW, ol
the Kansas public schools, has latch
been Investigating attendance in tbe
'hoola In dlfTerenl parts "f thai
State. He reports lhat attendance
is much more regular in interior
towns than the towns on the Kansas border and near liquor States
"(tf the hair million boys anil irirls
in Kansas,*' he writes, "onlv Hie
smallest fraction has evrr seen an
ojn-n saloon Children ar.- crowing
tb manhood and womanhood without
the temptatl-M of the saloon." This
is something Tor which the oeonle ol
Kansas mav be heart ilv eontratulal-
You judge a pair of shoes
somewhat by the way they
look-perhaps you judge them
more by the way they feel, but
rest assured that if they do not
feel comfortable, the chances
are ten to one that they will
not look well. Vou cannot be
at peace with a shoe unless it
feels comfortable, and no shoe
can be comfortable unless it
fits. If it fails to lit it will
soon lose shape, for you cannot be comfortable in a vice***-
the foot or the shoe must yield.
Now Ames-Holden Royal
Purple shoes for women embody just these features—
perfect fit, perfect style, and
with it the maximum measure
of full comfort, and that is
why so many women ask for
Cbbscekt Lodob No. 'X6
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meets   every    Tuesday at fe p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J   M. Boyes, C. C.
.1. L   Walker. K. of R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
aigbt at   Sew Fra-
    ternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
Vi. II. Harris, C. J. Little,
N   O. Sec'y.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 31
A F. A  A. M*
Regular meetings on
tbe   third   Thursday
of every month.
VUltlng brethren welcomed.
W   F* A tii •■ M.
E. Vi. Connolly, Secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie  967
Meet every   Friday evening   at    8
p in   in Carmen's Hail
F. Vi. Reeves, \\v
Wm. Andereon, Secretary
Visiting brethren cordially Invited'
Meets at B. R  O. A, Hall 2nd ami
Ith Saturdays each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Jos. Wallace, Si . Vi, M.
■las. F. L'nin. Secretary.
Every (amity and especially those
who reside in the country should be
provided at all times with n bottle
ol Chamberlain's Liniment. There
Is no Icllitii*; when it may he wanted
In case of nn accident or etnereency.
II is most excellent in all eases of
rheumatism, sprains nnd bruises.
Sold hv all druggists nml dealers. B-tl
WANTED-Rewlng by the dav. Appl? Miss Twamlev. cure of Mrs
Thompson, next to Opera house.
No.  l*f.
ML't-ts every  KCOOd and   touCtfa Wednesday  at  Fraternity  Hall.
Sojourning Rebekahi cordially invited.
Mis W. H  McFarlane, N '».
Uln Hlclienbotbam, Sec'y.
Meets in    Fraternity Hall First and
Third  Fridays
Hazel Bownesv, M  B, B<
Annie llnyes,    K. of R. & 3.
Visiting members cordially invited.
Mcrls in Carn:.*ii'** Hull Second ami
Kinirili Thins,1.11 "I padi iiiimlli at 8
p.tn. iharp
.iimii-s suns, chiel lEiiniiiT
i-r.-.i .1 s Orovelt, Bsontatf
Visiting liti'ltiit'ii* niaili* uplcome. THE    URANBROOK    HERALD
St. Eugene Mission
Some Account of this Eminently Useful Roman Catholic
(Continued from page one.)
The zeal ol Father Coccola nrompt*-
ed him to negotiate lor the opening
of un Indian Industrial school at the
Mission. The first school lor the
Indians was opened mi Hie fifteenth
of August, 1800, by the good Sisters
of Providence, who generously accepted the direction of it, und the
tii si pupils were received on tho
llllh of October ol tbe sumo vear.
The school has grown from meagre
and trilling beginnings to tbe dignity
of a group of line, extensive nnd
commodious buildings where about
tlilrtv-llvt- Indian boys, uud as manv
Indian mils, are tboroughlj lruined
in religion and morality, educated
in English and taught practically
every Industry thai may bo ol ns*
Histnnco to them after the*, leave the
institution.     Word bus been received
tO   Hie  lilted   thai   the   Dominion   KOV-
eiiuiieiii, appreciating lhe Impiii results produced by ihis Institution
among our Itrdlnna, have considered
the advisability nl erecting lor ihem
a still largei ami better sc| I.
Special care is taken in imparting
the manual arts and era Its—carpentry, Hhoomaking nml fur ml mr, Ite lug
the subjects of most Importance for
the boys; while Ibe girls aro taught
plain and fancy sewing, foi whleb
they show remarkable lasto and ap*
Htuth—dress mnlrlmc, embroidery.
und  cooking.      Tbe boys have n flue
feeling their llsblug, bunting and
crops. On llie departure of Father
Coccola, Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
took charge of the St. Eugene Mission und occupied the position with
great credit to himself and with advantage to those entrusted to his
euro until Mav. HlliK. Ia August,
lllllll, Father Wagner left for "
St. Marv's Mission, where he has
charge of the Catholics alontr,
llie Fraser river.
The Fathers in    the held are
live, while there is work to keen
others busy all   the vear round,
present   Superior of the Fathers
the    St.    Engone    Mission    is Rev.
Father F. M. Tuveniier, O.M.I.. wbo
resides habitually nt  Kernie, having
under his immediate charm*, Father
Meissner,   O.M.I., uml Father Saltes,
(..MX,    who    assist    him iu      tl
nnroohnl und iteneral work ol a    dl
Irlet which embraces the entire m
lion of the eoal mining towns of I
Crows Nesl Pass, from Klko to   t
i    s  boundary line ami tlie Alber
Father    I,. Choinel, O.M.I.,    Ih
charge ol the Cranbrook parish, wi
a comtregation   of about tub Cath
Ins      He    resides at the Si, EttW
hospital        Father Reck   O.M.I..
i live
ihe onlv priest living at tbe Miss-ion
house, where he "fives his personal
lhe Indians settled there; his work,
however, is no) confined to them, m
brass burnt und acquit themselves
most creditably ou uil lelt- and gala
occasions. 'ihev occasionally five
public concerts in Cranhrook and
other centres,
The conduct of ihe Mission Indian*,
is, taken as a whole, quite i-xcin-
plary; thev never mve the slightest
trouble to the authorities, and are.
all of them, thrift) and happv nml
better provided In material wealth,
in cuttle und horses than ni.inv of
their white neighbors. How difler-
eni from wlm! Father Fomniet found
ihem in is? I ■•The laziest, and
vet the most hnughtv class of Indians he hud us vet been in contact   with."      These  tesnlls   ni.n     ill
all just ice, he uscnheil to Un- beneficent influence of the Catholic
Four times a veal iht- eniire tribe
gathers from Creston, Windermere,
Bonner's Ferry (Idaho), and Tobacco
Plains (Montana), viz. ui Christmas,
Easter. Corpus Chris) i and All
Saints' da) Corpus Christ! is
iheir incut feast, Inasmuch as the
solemnity is concerned, it was es
tahllshed at ihe Mission and celebrated for lhe i its I li in lhe .list
of Ma*- 1801. Hundreds of people
giUhci from Cranhrook, Marysville
and Fort Steele loi the festival,
when the religious services in tbe
church uml the procession ol the
Blessed Sacrament outside nre conducted with all nossihle iiwt.'i umidst
a blaze of Indian dresses and ornament thut is hcwlldi i im* in its lav-
is'hniss and vivid contrasts
It has been told elsewhere (in an
article on Si K-i-ew hosnital which
npneared In lhe Western Catholic i»
* Ictober) how lull ol incident t he
years 1KH7-H were at the Mission
owiti" to the construction *>t the
brunch ol the   Canadian Pacific rail-
he bus manv outlving settlements-
soine ten in all—to engage his atten-
tlon- Father Fouuuel spent from
September, 1909, to March, 1910, at
the scene ot his labors ol tbirtv-Iive
vears ago, and was agreeable, it-eased
in note the magnificent strides matte
hv the Mission during those tew
vears. His lirst companion in es
tahlfsblnc* the St. Kueene Mission
good old Hrother .lohu Burns, left us
lor a better world in February
r*oK, after having been during his -II
vears spent ut the Mission, an object of edification hv the holiness of
liis life and his devotedness to the
service of Cod and of his neighbors
It is worth noticing that the Fathers of the St. Eugene Mission have
been the pioneer priests in tbis Kootenav district, and lhat their administrations have ted them into the
Slocan district und other points far
To them, likewise, belongs the
credit of having built all the Catholic churches along the C.P.R. line
from Crows Nest to the Kootenav
t.uudim*. us well as those ol Windermere. \\tinier and Tobacco Plains.
The Fathers of the Mission be-
lone to the religious congregation of
ihe Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a
congregation which has hardlv at-
tuincd its ulth hirthdav and already
possesses a network ol magnilleent
ami flourishing institutions in all
parts of tbe world.
Among those who some vears ago
labored with the Oblate Father*-, in
the East Kootenavs ure Verv Rev.
Fut her Welch. of Vancouver, and
Father MacMnnnn, of Rossland. To
Father Welch heliums the credit ol
having erected the first Catholic
and is still devoting his talents and
church in Fernie. He was later nn
transferred to the pastorate of Ross-
wu known as the Crow's Nest land, which he resigned after three
brunch and bow the st Eugene bos ! years to enter the Oblate Order. He
pltnj was established ul Hint -mint j is at present the beloved sunerior
under    the   cure of   the   Sisters of p!   the order    in the    province and
A Line of Reasons
We are very ready to admit that you should know the
kind of clothes you want to BUY.
Will you admit that we should know the kind ol clothes
that ought to SELL ?
Then—that's two very good reasons for seeing
Our Smart Clothes for Men
and Young Men
Because—we have added Your knowledge of buying to
Our skill in making and produced a line cf clothes wi'hiut a
Haw in fabric or fashion.
The result Must be a line of clothes lhat will sell lo the
mist people willi the most pleasure and Profit.
Sec   the   Line  of  Reasons
Salesman Awaits the Word
Price Range $12.00 to $25.00
* ♦♦♦♦♦♦•^^♦♦♦»*»»-»»M»*>M*> *»♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
as a big triangle, Goldcti iu the nortb
being the apex, the base being formed
bv a line between Bonner's Ferry
(Idaho) and Tobacco Plains (Montana); the western boundary being
tbe Alberta frontier. In all there
ure about 13,000 square miles of diversified country containing un
equally diversified population, Canadians, Americans. English. Slavonians, French, Italians, Germans,
Roles, Bohemians uml our native Indians. This condition of things
compels the Fathers to he polyglots.
None of them speaks less (ban three
languages, and one. Father Meissner,
Twain's death, a lew years
* the bitterest stroke of fate
humorist ever suffered—he look it
more io heart than the [allure of
Charles U. Webster end Co., the
publishing house in which he wns m-
tircsied, winch reduced him to poverty and burdened him with debt in
his old age. In his heroic determination lo pay his deht Man. Twain
hud two famous predecessors in IUe»-
aturc—Sir Walter Scot I and llonorc
de Balzac—and also the example of
his old friend, General Grant. Scott
did not succeed in clearing ofi his
enormous incumbrance of (760,000,
due mainly to Constable's failure;
and Hul/.uc contracted iresh debts
everv time fortune smiled upon Llm
—debt was his literary stimulant,
along wilh black coffee. As for
Llcueral Grunt, a strange coincidence
linked his later years with Mars
Twain's, a coincidence tragic for lhe
soldier, but furnished wilh u IntM***.
ending for I he humorist. Two vears
before his death Granl found himself Impoverished through the failure
of Grant, Ward uml Co. The dying
hern set lo work writing liis memoirs, which Twain's linn published,
paving Grant's fuiiS.v nearly $500,-
niiii. A few veals later Mark
Twain's linn failed, and lie was put
in the necessity of raising 880,1)00 hy
heroic labor—liabilities which Mark
considered himself morally obligated
:•• nav. though not legally hound.
Mark Twain paid uil his hills hv a
lew year's toil—hooks ami a lecture
tour—and laid the foundations for a
new fortune, ample enough to let
lun: indulge in Italian villus and
similar expensive habits.
fie wus the hero of us luuny good
klories, tlie mouthpiece of us many
dndl sayings, ns any other American
that ever lived, except, perhaps, Abraham Lincoln. There is one story
thai goes back to his California davs
ihal bas been told pet imps a hundred
times. I'.vt-u then lie wus as inveterate a smoker as Genera] (Irani.
Friends often remonstrated with him
about his ovcrfondncss ot the weed,
and he always hud some evasive excuse. One day a ladv met him with
a clgat box under his arm. "I am
ufrnid, Mr. Twain," she said, shaking her linger, "thai vou are smoking too much." "Oh, no," replied
Murk, looking al lhe cigar box,
"onlv moving again."
Murk never lost his smoking habit,
fnr Major Pond's account of the
trip around the world tells how lu*
hought 8,00*3 cheroots in Victoria
hop-Tug thev would last three weeks.
And when a delegation mcl bim ul
oiympla, and the spokesman nooln-
g|/,ed for the forest lires thai were
shrouding the scenery in a pull, the
answer was: "I don't mind tin
smoke a bit. I'm a perpetual smoker myself."
To his earlv lecturing davs belongs
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ another anecdote teciMlv  tesuricct I
(Continued from page six ) !—ihe store of Mark T.vnin   and    the
Bunch.   Brothers,   I'uneh"   (I87»); harbor:    "You're   a    stranger hero
A   Tramp   Abroad"   (1880);  "The aren't vou?" asked lhe man who was
Prince and the Pauper" (1888); "The | shaving   him.       Murk admitted thai
Stolen      White    Klephant"    (1882); |hv wus.     "We're going to hnv
can address six different congregations in their own languages.
The aim of the Fathers in establishing the Mission has been to follow in the steps of the great Apostle
of the Gentiles, to provide themselves for their own subsistence
without being chargeable to anv, uud
to in* tbe belter able to do the
greater good to all. In tbis they
have perfectly succeeded and have
proved themselves to he a real providence to Indians and white men
alike in times of need, as the chronicles that are kept at the Mission
prove bevond all question.
"t may lie well to state in closing
that tin* note of order is one of
teadv progress in all things lhat
pertain to the good of the chinch
ami the greater glory of God. The
Catholic church was the nloncct
church of this great, young country.
and remains today possessing the
vitality that gives assurance of endurance and success.
In IflUS, Father N. Cnrroln, O.M.I,
lo the abiding regret of the people
and of the eeiienil Dllbl'c, wen I north
lo tnit*!' charge or the iiiluiis id lhe
Indians ut Stuart's lake, who were
at that time practically slanlna
attention to the religious needs id
owing lo n series of    calami ties al
holds the ecclesiastical affice of
Apostolic Administrator of tin
A rchdioeese. Father Mackinnou
went Irom tbe Fast Kootenavs to
succeed Father Welch at Rossland
energies lo lhe glory of God ill    that
The area     served   bv, the   Mission
Fathers may   lie nmghlv lepicstnltd
File   on   the    Mississippi"   (IMS):
Adventures ot Huckleberry Finn"
(IMHl); "A Connecticut Yankee in
King    Arthur's      Court"       (1889);
Merrv Tnles" (1802); "The American Claimant" (1802); "The
11,000,000 Bntik Note" (1808);
"Tom Sawyer Abroad" (1801);
"I'udd'enhead"Wilson" (180ft); "Personal Recollections ol .loan of Arc"
OMSK), "Following the BflUator"
(188ft); "The Man Thai Corrupted
lladlevburg" (1000); "A Rouble
Barreled   Detective    Story" (1002);itu
Christian    Science"    (1008);    "A   ter
Dog's     Tale"       (1001);     "Adam's'
Diarv" (inns). "Journalistic    Wild
Oats" (100ft).
On the excursion of the "Innocents" he met Miss Olivia I. Lattg-
don, of Klmira, New York. Miss
!,ati|*dou became Mrs. Twain. Many
are the anecdotes (old in Illustrate
her trials—trials known lo every
wife whose worse half CATCH more
about literature and com fori than
about neckties and conventionality—
htil their married life was us lumpy
as poet could nieturo or philosopher
goad lecture tonight." said the man.
"ii Mark Twain lecture.     You ought
to "o."     "Yea, I think | will," said]
Mark.      "Have   von koi your ticket
vet.'" the barber    continued,    "No,
not yet."   said     lhe other.     "Then]
I'm   afraid   you'll     have to stand "
"Dear   me!"   exclaimed    Mar*:; "it
seems as if I always have in    standi
when I hear     Ihal  man Twain     lee-,
On another occasion Murk visited a
small town, where he was welcomed |
ut the railway station bv Ibe minis-j
the leader of Intellectual Boo-
etv in the place.        As thev walked
ip tn the parsonage, where Mark Was!
, lo In* housed and fed dlirlnr* the »':••
I his host conversed on Bcvoral topics,
and finally said: "Mr. Clemens, il has
'always been our custom in Ihis little'
i town to open   every litlb- enfei inin-,
ment with prayer, uml—would     vou,
have   n«v objection   to mc doing soi
tonight?"     "Whv. mv denr sir." re-
Plied Mark warmly, "on the contrary
1 should he very gtftd lo know   that
the lecture    was gotnR lo he started
rlirht.  anyhow."      Wilh this understanding thev     went    lo the lecture
| room that evening, and the  nriniste-i
lelt   the   lecturer sitting in the corner of the platform, took lhe center
of the slagc   himself   and proccclcd
to ofl'er a prayer about half an hour
1 ie*'  In the course of which he gave
his   views on all   the current affairs
ol interest, and concluded by saving:
'"And now. o Lord, we have with us
Igiiighl a man who is known throughout the world us the greal American
humorist.    Ileln us. o Lord—lielo us
to understand what he is about      to
say G) us uml he amused bv it: und,
ii possible, i-ruui  that we mav derive
|some real benefit Irom his lecture."
!   No doubt   Mark   felt     toward the
parson as he did toward a conscientious printer who once sent bim        a
| proof     with all   the humor earefuiiv
i eliminated.     Murk complimented him
highly upon   haying "consumed onlv
one    week to   muke sense of a storv
which     it     bud taken   himself two
l weeks to make nonsense of."
■ Mark Twain wns the center of attraction at the Kite's nartv at
Windsor ou June 22. Iti";, and besides meeting the King and the roval
[party, shook bauds with several hundred notables- lie wus nccomuanled
to Windsor bv John lleiiniker-llea-
lon,   the "father    of imperial penny
I postage," who introduced him to
manv of the King's guests on bis way
to the party, Including sir Henry
i'.iiiiplxdl-Baiinerimin, Fridkcf Nuiisen,
Sir Henry Mortimer IHirand and Ellen Terrv. lie heartily congratulated the latter on her recent marriage,
nud the two shook hands enthusiastically. After tea. which was served on the lawns. Ambassador Reid
presented Mark Twain to King Edward and Gueen Alexandra, ami the
King and humorist spent a quarter of
an hour iu conversation.
The King laughed heartily at
Twain's jokes. The Oiieeu also joined in the conversation, and was
much amused when Twain asked if he
could buy tbe Windsor Castle grounds
from lier Majesty. Then the King
called on' him to meet the other
guests. lie introduced Twain tc
the King of Siam. tbe Duke of Con
naught. Prince Arthur of Connaught
and others. Prince Arthur was to
receive a degree ul Oxford at the
same time us the American humorist, and remarked thai he would collapse if ealled upon lor a speech.
Thereupon Twain offered to undertake to speak for him.
Murk Tvviru wore the regulation
frock coul und silk hut al the garden
partv.      speaking   oi his reception
there, he said: "His Majesty was
verv courteous. In lhe course nt
lhe Conversation  I  reminded bim     of
uu episode sixteen years aso when
I had lhe honor lo walk wilh him
when he was lakllll llie waters at
llambiii" I said I had often told
admit   Hint e.iisodc und that whenever
I wns ihe historian l made a food
storv ol it, and it was worth listening lo. inn it hud found its wav Into
print) once or twice In unauthentic
ways nml bud been hadlv dnmoffed
theie. I added thai I should like lo
en on repealing, bul Hint I should
be quite (nir and reasonably holiest,
uud. white I should probable never
tell the storv twice in the s;iir- wav.
I should at least never allow it to
deteriorate at mv hands.
"His Malestv Intimated bis willini*-
ness that I should continue to disseminate that niece of hislop- and
added thut he knew good uud sound
history would nol suffer nt mv
hands, and thnt if tbis "ood and
sound history nccdiii anv Improvements besides the fuels, he would
trust me to furnish tbe embellishments.
"l think it is un exaggeration   to
sav Ihal the Oihtii looks as VOUOP
aud beautiful as she ri'd thirlv-five
vears nffO when I saw her first. 1
didn't sn" this to her. as 1 learned
lone n-*o never to sav nn obvious
thin" but leave nu obvious 111111" to
com mon n I ace n«d Inoxnerlcnced
people to sav, That she still looks
as votinc and bi'uul iful as she looked
thirty-five tvars.nvo is »ood evidence
Hint ten thousand neiMc hnve nl-
read-* noticed this and have mentioned it to tier. I could have said tt
aud    spoken the   truth, hut 1 bave
| ll.-VltNKHS   LllJ!l?MIUXG    •    FLOUIt    -    HAY
Company, w.
I'. (l.   BOX   "A"
PHONE   (.98
Plows Plows
We ei-ry u uo.*,l awortmont, prioea milling
fropi 116,00 fo 1881)0.
Manufactured by the
Cockshutt Plow Co., Ltd.
Brantford, Ontario.
Fergusson and
.        Trowse        |
kepi the remark unaltered and    that
has saved Her   Malestv Ihe vexation
I heariin{   It for    the ten thiiumuid
ud one Hi time.
"All that reporl about my proposal to huv Witidsar Castle and ihe
K ron nd h Ih a lalsc rumor—1 slurted it


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