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Cranbrook Herald Apr 30, 1914

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,..   ii
THURSDAY, APRIL 30tli, 11114
Overnment Ofliclals  Are Quests of
Honor of District Conservative
Mine Host Steward, of tlie Royal
hotel tendered a banquet on Wednesday evening to the executive of the
District Conservative association and
the Hon. Thomas Taylor and the Hon.
Robert A. Ronwlok, of Victoria, who
were guests ot honor.
At nine o'clock tho executive of tho
Cruubrook District Conservative association met In tho parlors of the
hotel for a short business session. At
ten o'clock they retired to the dining
room, whore tho banquet had been
Thos. D. Caven proposed the toast
"The King." A program of speeches
and music followed the banquet. Mr.
A. 10. Watts was the first speaker and
directed his remarks chiefly to a review of the lumbering situation,
lauding the Hon. W. R. Robs for his
legislation on the timber royalty question. Mr. Watts was followed by the
Hon. T. Taylor, who outlined the
works of the province and discussed
the division and apportionment of the
moneys throughout the province. He
predicted that the province waB
through the worst of the financial
stringency and that better
were coming.
Mr. R. L. T. Galbraith, of Fort
Steele, spoke on the outlook tor a
mining revival in East Kootenay.
C. D. McNab, of Waldo, and T. T.
McVittie, of Fort Steele, were other
speakers on the program.
Mr. Geo. Glbbs rendered "The Holy
City" and some other songs and was
vigorously applauded.
The banquet closed with a rousing
cheer and a vote of thanks to the host
for the fine spread provided.
There was   about seventy of
local Conservatives present.
Everything In Readiness For Rush Friday Morning, At The Government Office For Lands In The Cranbrook District.
Burglars Vs* Exploslw—Flte People
Witness Operations—Set Amy
With Gold nnd Notes
RevolBtokc, B.C., April 28.—While
watched by Ave persons tho burglars
In the early hours of this morning
blew open the safe of the Kevelstoke
post ollice and succeeded in escaping
ches and two chains, the property of Two Special Representatives Of Lands Department Are Here From Victoria
Postmaster   Young.    Private  papers JQ Assis, jn Recording Applications.
were also taken,    but stamps   and -
other money, blown over the floor by \
the force of tho explosion, wero left!    "Ml Preparations for the opening
behind, of tlltJ la'ltlH in tl119 diHtrlct ^y tllfi
The attontion of Miss Bell, nurse on
duty at Hevclstoke hospital, was al-
Government Is Providing New Varolii*
atlon Free of Charge and It
Troves  Successful
Dr. W. Bapty, of Victoria, B.C. the
acting    secretary   to
hoard of health, .sends out a memor
andum   regarding  the   prevention  of
typhoid fever in our province.
His communication is intended to
show how to prevent this very prevalent disease.
Two years ago there were over one
the  provincial | Tuesday, May  Iftth. at Auditorium—
List of Contributions
Tickets are being printed for a
Charity Ball which will be given at
the Auditorium on Tuesday evening,
May mil. In aid of Mr. J. Riley, the
unfortunate man whose feet were am*
provincial government have been
made and everything la expected ifi
pass off smoothly tomorrow. Two
representatives of tin* lauds department ut Victoria ure uu hand to assist the local ollice In receiving the
Policemen will be on hand at the
outside of the  building and  no  dls-
and bo on,   The lund will be opened I
as the clock strikes nine on Friday
The booty consists chiefly of gold
Homeseekers Driven Over Lands to be I and n°tes -»"• cannot be identified.
.. Thrown Open nnd Many Select
lots For Pre-Emptlng ; REBEKAH DANCE
traded by the first explosion and
Mrs. S. Gale, living In a house some
fifty yards from the postofllce was
simultaneously awakened. Mrs. Gale,
looking from a window of her house,
saw the burglar's confederate running from end to end of the post office to command a view in each direction.
Miss Bell, with Miss Gelger, another nurse, were later Joined by D.
Blackwell, fireman at the hospital,
and Mrs. Blackwell also watched the
burglars from the hospital windows.
Attempts to summon the police by
telephone from the hospital were for
some time In vain. But the red light
call for the police was eventually secured and the sound of the footsteps
ot a constable running to the scene
alarmed the man on watch and the
two burglars were seen to dash away
ln the direction of the railway tracks
to the north.
Safe Shattered by Explosion
Three shots In all were fired, all
of which were distinctly heard by ths
onlookers. The massive doors of the
post office safe were bent and shattered and one of the heavy outer
doors were blown bodily some 25 feet,
striking the partition ot the lobby and
making a dent fn the opposite wall.
The office was filled with dust and
smoke, which probably prevented the
burglars from securing more booty.
The police, who arrived Immediately
after the burglary gave chase, but In
the darkness and through the rough I Baltimore, Maryland, in 1819, by five
country at the foot of Mount Revel- men. These men with palms cal-
stoke no trace ot the thieves could be j 1(JUBed and musoi08 hardened by man-
discovered. |uai iabor gathered in a little candle-
morning und will be available for entry until every man has filed his
clulm or until ull the land has been
From  indications today there will
be a big rush  for the lands to be
opened by the provincial government 'Sainsbury, city;
tomorrow.    This    morning    ut nine Nell, city;   fifth
made his appearance at the government office at noon on Wednesday and
has been holding it down ever since.
The others lu the line-up due for a
thirty-six  hour  wait   were:   Second,
A. Flndlay of this city; third, H. E.
fourth, Norman  Mc-
Jlm   Uny,  Wycliffe;
hundred cases    treated for    typhoid pntated last February at St. Eugene
In the   Cranbrook   hospital.     About hospital and who still lies in the hos-
69!  proved fatal. 1(llal  the vict[m of belng frozeQ wW|#
This number   is   far   greater  than being lost In the Kootenay valley last
deaths due to consumption (tubercul- winter.    The tickets will be sold at
josis) or smallpox, and it is to be re- ,11.00 each, and It Is expected that the
i membered that though a patient   re- good people of the city will respond
cover from typhoid fever, his health
may be Impaired ever after.
We have now a means of preventing
by buying the tickets freely. Messrs.
A. L. McDermot. C. H. Knocke and R.
E. Nafe are the committee which will
o'clock there were ten men lined up  sixth, H. Johnson, Wycliffe;  seventh
in front of the office, most of them j Frank   Wright,  Wycliffe;   eighth,  H,
having been there for the night and j Martin, Lethbridge;  ninth, F. Dreen, it, and if ever the proverb "prevention I ****** charge of the dance. The Cran
order will be allowed, und every man   with another twenty-four hours vigil  city; tenth, \V. T. Awmack, city. Is better than cure" is true, this is a F broijk  orchestra  have  donated  their
will have fair play.   The officials uro-: ahead of them.    Their numbers are j    The fine weather of the past two case in point. ; services on this occasion and all ara
mlse  that  the  policy   of   first  come ■ being added to constantly today. , days has made the long vigil of the      The prevention treatment Is carried I workins  l0  nmke tllis dance •*■    D'B
first served will be the only one foi- j    The first man to get Into line waa : homeseekcrs one   not   unnecessarily out by means of Injections underneath
lowed, the    first man    having    first   Mr. G. Parnaby, who has resided in I unpleasant.   They have ordered their the skin;  the skin Is not scratched
choice, the second man second choice   the city for the past three years, and  meals from the restaurants and those i The writer has never seen a man off
who has been employed by the water, who have friends are occasionally re- wor(- on account 0f this treatment.
works department of the city.      He | lieved for a few moments at a time. The government proposes this year
Key City  Lodge   Celebrates Ninety-
Fifth Anniversary of Founding
of lhe Order
One hundred members of Key City
lodge, No. 42, I.O.O.F, ; urtlcipated in
the maliel. fron* thy hull to th? Presbyterian church on Inst Sunday ever-
Ing and attendance at divine services, an annual event In commemoration of the founding of the order. Rev. W. K. Thomson addressed
the members.
Mexico anil United State. Agree te Arbitrate lillTerencett and Crl«l»
1. Averted
Canadian I'ncilir t« Hun Trains lie-
Klunlua (if Next Year—ll(i|ie
tut-Oll Later
Vancouver, B.C., April 29.—"1
think tliat Mackenzio & Mann ure to
Washington, April 27—Formal ac- no congratulated on tliolr choice o(
ccptance by the Huerta government. partners-," said Sir Thomas Shaugh-
of the offer ol Argentina, Brazil and nessy. president of the Canadian Puc-
Chile to use their good ofllcoB to bring i Mc ruilwuy, today,
about an i-mlcublc settlement of tho ] The remark ol tho blgBcst railway
difllculty between the United States man in Canada wus brought out In
and Mexico was cabled to the Span-' response to an Inquiry If hi
success for Mr. Riley,
ln the meantime the Herald is .till
receiving contributions for Mr. Riley
and will continue to do so. Tboae
who do not care to dance can donate
to the fund by sending their money
to the Herald office Tho total
amount subscribed to the present la
$39.00 and with the dance and other
contributions this month the Herald
hopes to report the full amount of
1200.00 raised before the end of
The following is the list of contributions to date:
April 211th, 1914, marks the ninety-  i»l1    ambassador    here    tonight    by
fifth anniversary of tho rounding    of
the order, which  was instituted    in
l'ortlllo y Hojas, foreign minister in
the Huerta cabinet.
Situation Less Tense
The tenseness of the Mexican situation was distinctly relieved today
■ hud seen
the announcement thnt the Dominion
government bad agreed on terms by
which the Canadian magnates were
to get a bond guarantee of $45,000,-
He said the Canadian  Pacific rail-
to supply doctors and nurses with the
material Tor injecting, free of charge
Tlie stuff Is exceedingly eostly.
Tills Injection Is compulsory ln the
United States army. It has been
proved by statistics to have diminished tiie number of cases of typhoid
in the army enormously, and to have
reduced tho deaths from thc disease
to almost nil. The course which authorities have    taken    in the United  „craW puWWlto| fjo , 6.00
Mates,   and   the   same  course   being   E    u   stan|cs fjOO
adopted In Hritish Columbia, shows
what Importance they give to it.
It Is nothing new. as It was originated by Sir A. Wright in 190S and was
used by him successfully on soldier*
going to thc Doer war. over ten years
Let us take advantage of this offer
People are gettlag slack over vaccination against smallpox for this reason, that the form of smallpox at present Is a mild one. and patients dont
die from ft,   though   ther   go nock-i
t.   n" .WtJH ££   MOl-NT.U> SLIDE
A  Wend     6.00
Q, C. C  6.0»
T.  S   Ulll     i.OO
Peter J. Murphy    1.M
Two l-ady Friends   iM
John  Levett     J.00
Mrs. S   \V  8.00
E.  Shackieton     J.H
iMlss   R  2.00
... .,     marked for life.   On the other hand
the representatives of Argentina,  way would be opera lug trains on the ■ dangerous  to  life  as
.    .,. .. .       ._i    a__.             iv„ttl,.   ir,,11,ii-   linn    it-h   i- i   mill   ntlurf     n ■«»•«*«•■     "*     tne     aa
'. seed of  Braz11 mi cllll<!' supported by pres-  Kettle valley line, whioh will afford a
On last Monday the free Information .
bureau opened by the board of trade j
was moved from the old C.C.S. store j
building Into the city hall, where they
ure occupying the office of the mayor
ln connection with the Cranbrook Ag- j
rlcultural association.
Mr. Fred Russell, who has charge
of the office, reports that the move
was a good one und the office has been
exceedingly busy during the past week.
Several parties ot new-comera have
been shown over the district in the j
last week. On last Friday a party of
home seekers from
lighted room and planted the
Odd Fellowship, which has grown in
to the mighty oak-the  Independent •*• foreiuost *,owerfl °r bur0De' co"
Order or Odd Fellows. Those men had  ^ntrated their efforts toward 	
BIG SUCCESS I(*u tll,! nomB8 of tiu'ir cn.iloTjood and
  jhad taken up the struggle of life in
! a new country and they felt the need
HaU Beautifully Decowted and Urge lf  brotherIy   ,0V8i of  truc   frlendB.
Crowd Enjoy Music by Cran-      : .f)ie sp,rjt o[ lh(, order Ims been nur.
brook Orchestra turc(] throug|, tn0 muny j*oars ot its
sure from all Latin America and from
, eon-
, pacilic adjustment of *". crisis,
The success of the first steps toward mediation—the prompt acceptance by the United States and the announcement of the Spanish ambassador that Huerta- had accepted   the
short cut to Koutemiy-Buundary, the j  __
Okanagan and Hope, by the middle.   ^
of next year, and that it was expected  WOMEN'S MUSICAL
that a service would  hr* started by
way of the Nicola valley branch   and
Spence's Bridge early in  1916 to be
utilized   until  the    Hope    mountain
cut-off ls finished.
With  reference to  further  double-
A (hunk of Mourn Fernie Slips Into
the Elk River Without
  Tiie hill above the provincial high-
Excellent   Prognu   tf   Vood   aid   way iuBt scross Uie water P'*3*1 DrWB*
Piano Solos at Second             over '•'•" EIk r>rer slipped into the
Sfusleale                          river 0Q Saturday night with a noise
like unto the spilling ot a large pun-
hlslory and stands out'today as the tendor of B°od   offices-produced    a tracking on the British Columbia di-      The  Cranbrook   Women's   Morning
One of the most enjoyable sootal fundamental and predominating prfn- feeling of distinct hope which was re- vision
, ciple.
! The order has grown to be worldwide aiul its members and lodges are
; spread all over the North American
continent and beyond the seas. There
are new over eighteen thousand subordinate lodges, besides about 10.000
Rcbekali lodges.  There are fifty Odd
functions of the present social sea
son and was one of the best attended
dances of the past year was that given
by  Maple  Leaf  Rebekah   lodge,  No.
19, at the Auditorium last Thursday
evening, April 23rd.
The hall was beautifully and artfs-
Camrose,   Alta",'tically decorated.    A large umbrella
were driven out to the lands whicli are j -*°™ed • can<>Py ■« *>•* center of the  Kt?]lows homes al wMch 4,000 people
being opened by thc government. On I '•»»• from whicn wero suspended long  ftre being ^a for.   Odd Fellowship
Saturday two parties were taken out. | streamers of bright colored bunting.  cnrrlps out t0 a practical conclusion
One family from Pentlcton, B.C.. decld-1 BuDtm« WflS also draDod around thfl  the belief in the
ed to take lands near the Mission and  *■»■• ™a ne« tne orchestra pit a
large electric    sign    Illuminated the
three links, emblamattc of the order
and  a  large "R."    Along the walls
the programs were hung and decorated with maple leaves.
The Cranbrook orchestra furnished
the  music  and  the brilliant assem-
the  president   said  the  com-  Musical club held their second must-
fleeted  not  only   in    administration  pany would postpone additional work  cale ln    Masonic    hall on    Monday,
quarters,   but   in   congress  as   well, along that line until the Kettle Valley  April 27th, at 3.30 p.m.
where  "war  talk" Jgave   way  to   a  branch was finished. The following program was render*
spirit of conciliation. The sections which are being paral-  ed;
Towers Work for Peace i iclod cast and west of Kamloops and | piano solo—(a) "Poupee Walsante"
Throughout    the    day    the   three \ west of Revelstoko are now nearing
South American envoys held frequent' completion  and  are  expected  to  be
conferences to arrange tho prelimln-; ready for    the    heavy    mid-summer
aries of procedure.    Pending receipt traffic,
of the formal acceptance by Huerta
a party of four from Claresholm,
Alta,, were driven north of Lot 41.
Monday Interested people from Creston were driven out and on Tuesday
Mr. Russell was kept busy, The local
autolsts have greatly assisted the work
no  proposal   will  be  submitted     to
either   the   United    States   or   the
Huerta   government.       Also it   »»»|to the Rogers Pas,
been  made plain that no conditions i Ro„Iand.CaBt,egar
Thomas was asked.
contemplating the  electrification    of |    drop'
(other sections of Its line in addition
hns | tn tha pntrani Po-u   tunnel and  the
Monday evening the annual roll  rrom  elther"party as to  the „„,,'«—-*-*"«»'        b'-"^     s"
of the board In furnishing free automobiles  for  the  various  parties    of,hlnge happily glided away the hours
homeseekors. until early morning.   At midnight the I [owing the cards, and refreshments  ance    Pressure from Germany" Great
There is no doubt but that the work I committee    commenced    serving the  wwe served by the members. All re-
Fatherhood of God
and the Brotherhood of* Man."
call of the order was held in Frater- that win  be acceptable has as  yet
nlty hall and was attended by mem- i,een formally placed before the Inter-
bers  of both  Odd  Follows  and  Re- mediarles.
bekahs as well as a number of   in- The president and secretary of state
vlted guests.   The evening was very were a88Ured  through  two separate
pleasantly passed with a whist drive, diplomatic sources that Gen. Huerta
A musical program was rendered, foi- wa8 now drafting a formal accept
"We will probably electrify a
miles each side of the big tunnel, but
have not decided on any definite policy with regard to other sections,'' he
cheon of tcolosneg. The slide nearly
blocked the river and still stretches
half way across the stream, though It
Is being gradually eroded by tbe current
A man from Hosmer had just driven over the road and  was crossing
the bridge when he heard the noloe
.. Poldine I behind him.   He saw the earth moving
i'Antico"     and  thought  Prophet Sam  Nemore's
Seebocck  vision had come true, that "The earth
would slip to tht- East fifteen feet."
ban  McNefsh's road  stood  up like
  Clayton-Jones the  giants   causeway, the  mud and
Rose in the Gar-      gravel   from  above  slipping  over tt
  W. H. Neidllnger  like snow across a roof.    Travel was
Mrs. E. Paterson scarcely interrupted.   A crack In the
| Piano solo-Haj "Liederohne Worte"     hl" ■**■«« a Die arc an(1 comes down
few!    No, 41     Mendelssohn  close to thfc (:ity water plpe liDe'
lb) "Minuet t
Miss Mabel Wellman
Is  the  Canadian   Pacific   railway I Vocal solo— (al "Rose and the Dew
. but
of this office would be a good investment for the board of trade to continue. It has certainly IllloJ the bill
on the occasion of the opening of the
hinds by the government and will like-
committee commenced
supper, which was pronounced by all
to be one of the best ever served in
thc city. The tables were arranged
to seat four and were furnished with
bouquets, and the service and cuis-
port a most enjoyable time.
ly be kept busy in this regard for th* jine wcre par «ce"encc-
next Tew months to come. Mr. JameB Martin officiated In the
  'capacity  of floor  manager and kept j Louis, Mo„ is to p!
A quiet wedding wus solemnized on
Saturday, April LT.tli. at the home of
Mrs. T. Wilson, 830 Twenty-third
avenue, when her sister, Alma Adel-
la (Dell) Cameron, third daughter of
Mr. und Mrs. Itonold l>. Cameron,
Mini's Head, Ont., became the bride of
Howard 11. Wtckett, son of Mr. and
MrB. M. Wlckett, Toronto, Ont.
The drawing room was prettily decorated with sweet peas and carnations and the wedding was conducted
by Rev. A. Muhuffy, late of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church.
The bride was beautifully attired in
an Imported gown of cream duchess
satin with tunic and bodice ot silk
shadow lace edged with pearls and
square train lined with midnight blue.
She wore a mob cab and veil with
wreath and sprays of orange blossoms
and carried a shower bouquet of
bride's roses and lilies of the valley.
After the ceremony a dinner was
served, at the conclusion of which the
young couple left for a short trip to
Banff and Laggan, The bride's going
away suit was of cream wool warn
with a bodice of rose silk crepe and
rose hat to match.
Mr. and Mrs. Wlckett wlll reside
ln Maeleod, Alberta.—Calgary News-
Mrs. Wlckett formerly resided tn
Cranbrook, being employed aa stenographer 1» tha CP.R. office.
iii-* famoui en- avert
! everything on thc move with no idle tertnlnment. "A Nig it In a Poet's ; 8|ied,
I moments. Workshop," at the Young Men's club
Tho Misses Hickenbotham, Mrs. V.  next Monday, May 4th, at 8.30 p.m.
Llddlcoatt, Mrs. A. A.  Johnson and i    Mr. Lucy Is a dl^rlnpulshed enter-
MIbb Byrd wcre the committee which   talncr, with a long oxoeilence on the
hud charge of the arangements and | Clmutauqun circuit   The following is
to them are due the credit for    the \ an extract from the San Saba (ToxftS)
Britain and France advising Huerta! 	
to accept the first steps toward med-;    when   tlie t*"en   Players   -,re8ent
, lation and the approving attitude   ofon    FrWa»   evening "A Fool   There
NIGHT IN A -^"n American countries to the aet- Was*   mtle M!m Dorls Seggle' who
PACT'S  U'llUKHIlAP   tlemcnt of t,le controversy by pan-. geared   with   the   players   in   this
"rJ B   »»K**""l   American  diplomacy emphasized the Powerful play In Moose Jaw recently
world-wide    influences    which    are and   aC(-u,led   "erself    ln a manner
Elmore  Lucy,  of  St    work,ng  t0  brmg  &bout  peace  flnd ; that proved a delight both to the play
Mr.   Thomas
a conflict of death and blood-
Late Mediation Plans
Scope of conciliatory measures en-  WRh   which
Miss Alice Pye
Vocal solo—(a)  "My Love Is Grey"
Eyes"   McGeach
(b) "Love Me If I Uve"
  Arthur Poote
Mrs. F. M. Macpherson
Piano solo—"Nocturne" 	
 Erik Meyer-Helmund
Mrs. S. W. Ryekman
Vocal solo—"Sunshine and Butterflies"   Herbert Bunning
ers and the audience, will be seen in ; Misfl Edttn McBride
a pleasing role.   It was a matter of no  Violin boIo—"Salut D'Amour"	
small wonderment to Miss Felton and          Edward Elgar
her  company to  note  the   readiness Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
she adapted   herself  to  Vocal solo—"Big Lady Moon
(b) "Lleder ohoe Worte"     il ** not considered dangerous to the
No. 22     Mendelssohn   pip^. though more of the hill is due to
come down at any time- Some hundreds of tons of miscellaneous goota-
luro came down in the rush.—-Fernie
Free Press.
St. Eugene Hospital Ball
From  sale of tlcketH    |22».O0
Donation, A Friend        6.00
Balance from laBt year's ball..    17.60
larged to include the entire range of' the Intricacies of professional  stage         Coleridge Taylor  Printing
Mexican  affairs—rebel,
United  States  forces.
federal    and
splendid success of the party.
Editor Cranbrook Herald:
Sir: In a recent speech before the ] versatility,
business men of Spokane, Professor
T. 1). Shaw, agriculturist ot thc
Great Northern railroad, recommended the sewing of a mixture of mammoth clover, winter vetch, alfalfa,
timothy, etc., on bare ground. Some
of the seeds are bound to come up
and when they mature, wlll scatter
and catch elsewhere. Would this not
be an excellent Idea to those who
own cut over lands and are desirous of selling them for agricultural
lands. It would help to give Intending purchasers an Idea of what the
soil would do and the suggestion 1b
made for what It Is worth,
Youra truly,
M. A. Beale.
Cranbrook, B.C., April 39th, 1914.
Cranbrook Tennla club will hold a
series of flannel dances during the sum
mer, on the first Wednesday of each
month, the first being held on Hay
6th tn the Masonic hall.   No InvlU*
"Tho first performance in the Lyceum course was given by the artist,
actor und impersonator, Thomas Elmore Lucy. It wns dazzling in Its
Whether drawing a
sketch, singing a song, reciting a
classic,   or impersonating   the great,
Mr.  Lucy showed jment o( oltiMn8*
Her role In "A Fool There Was" Is
Armistice proposal meets ready ac- a del*gntflJ, oWld purt, wUh a ming-
ceptance from United States, from 1|ng of com(jdy and ,iaUl0S alld all
Rebel President Curranza, and it ta U^ ingenuous charm of which only a
believed tlie Huerta government will youngf,ter is capable.
accede without delay. „.«,-.       «.   ■. , * .,
.,,,..„. , "A Fool There Was    Is one of the
Armistice is defined as truce, dur- :■   .   . ... ■„
, ... ,        .        ' i greatest dramatic novelties ever pro-
ing which  preparations for  warfare  *,      „      ,,...« , ,, .
a    u,.,. I. * duced and it justifies its right to ser-
can proceed.   Wil   permit free move-   . , .
lous  consideration   by   proving   wor-
' thy of   being   seen  more than  once.
Mrs.Geo.  Stevenson
Vocal double trio—"Lullaby" 	
   F. Leslie
Mrs. A. Graham, Mrs. Geo. Stevenson, Mrs. W. E. Worden, Mrs.
Alex.  L.   McDermot,   Mrs. J.  H.
King. Mrs. P. E. Wilson.
Soloist—Mrs. Alan Graham.
Orchestra    % 29.00
Hall rent      40.00
J. Smith, services       6.00
Check to Rev. Sister Superior. 167.50
Certified correct:
Dr. J. H. King, J. P. Fink. Robt
Nafe, Maurice Quain, C. H.
Knocke and A. U McDermot,
Weather being favorable the Cran-
The committee, on behalf of the
Rev. Sisters of St. Eugene hospital,
desire to express their deep gratitude
0t j Secretary of State Bryan assumes
Shakespeare's greatest roles, Mr. |there wU1 be no »"»*■••«<* during the
Lucy was charming, and his funny vrognm of conciliation,
characterizations  were  irresistible."
or the near great
    past  master   of   his   art.      «««»»^«« «• «<«*■ »•»»« ««».|t^unatlxed from  the  poem of Klp-
From Shakespeare to Bill Nye    the.™* absorbing   oplcs in the sltua- L.^ „Thfl  Vamp|re/,  |t  B**0Wfl  for
actor  passed apparently  without ef-    lon>    Army  and  navy  departments : aome dramatlc work lIiat la startling I brook   Tennis club   wlll   be In full | and extend their most heartfelt and
fort nnd adapted himself with equal    u^y ca»n** for rerugees. L    ^ extrpmft.    particularly is this j swing next week.   The courts are in 'sincere thanks to all those who   so
ease to the grave or gay. In some   of !1L_re„.r*   _    .    ?,.!:,ryan, a.aBum.e8 ! true of   Miss   Felton's    role   of the  first class order and by the tone of! generously  contributed by  donations
j "vampire."    Her appearance  In  this the general meeting held last week aland work to make the event such a
! role  will  bc  a  revelation   even     to; most successful  season  Is antlclpat*! grand success.
; those  who  have  followed   her  work led.   Any Intending new member can (
most closely.   It is a peculiar role, de* .obtain an application form from any j
pending more upon the power of BUg- member of the club.
gestlon  than on  anything else.      It |    The election of officers resulted as
ls In this that Miss   Felton scores  a |follows:
triumph.    (With   gowns   of   startling
beauty In    their    siniiousness,    with
langourous grace  and   voice  vibrant
Marriage licenses have been Issued with repressed passion, she projects
This ls an opportunity to hear one! this month at the local government j the  erotic  character  of  tlm   woman
of the leading cntortulners of the con- office as follows:  On April 4th     to !*■*•■ compelling distinctness.
Uncut.    A   Lyceum  entertainer  who  Thomas George Ross and Maud Isa- j    There   will be   a popular    priced
has   travelled   lu   muny   lands   and j holla Huscroft, both of Creston, and  matinee     Saturday    and    tli'-    on-
brlugs to us his long and successful Ion  April  20th  to Frederick Becker, jgagement closes Saturday night with
experience as well as a striking per- of Klllaloo, Ont., and Violet Bury, of; the funniest of all forces "The Man   Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. McCreery, Mra,
•ouallty. .Cranbrook, ^From Meilco- iCrnnato*.
There should be a crowded house
to greet Mr. Lucy next Monday evening. Tickets for this entertainment
are selling well. There will ho no reserved seat plan, The popular price
of fifty cents will purchase a ticket
entitling the holder to any sent ln
thc house.
Envoys call on European nations
to urge United States to make no
stipulations which would tend to defeat peace plans.
Latin-American envoys hope to
make a definite statement of contemplated measures shortly.
|    Presldent-N. A. Wallinger.
Secretary   and   Treasurer—A.
i worth.
Assistant   Secretary—T.   McEwen.
Committee—Messrs.   Beale,   Mackersy, Mackelwaine, O. McCreery.
1-adlen   committee—Mrs.   Erickson,
president;   Mrs.  Paterson, secretary;
The second concert of the season
was played by the Cranbrook city
] band last Sunday afternoon at the
hand stand at the government build*
(Ing. There was a good attendance.
,    The following program was given:
! March—S.I.B.A    Hall
(Overture—"Little Duchess"   ..Plcclua
Waltz-"To Thee"       Mullet
Medley selection  ....  Arr. by Boyer
March--"American Cadets"   Hall
1. U. THU-HI'SON, Killturand Manager
Snpwrlptloi Bates
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Six Months        100
Three Months    5°
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Display   Advertising,   25   tents   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
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fatigue ot" biliousness, cornea quickly
—and permanent improvement in
bodily condition follows—utter your
stomach, live* and bowels havo
been    toned    and    regulated    by
The Impression that the Liberals will
carry British Columbia at the next
provincial election Is gaining ground
'dally. There are many reasons for
i tills belief, but most people who ex-
j press uu opinion on the subject con-
! line themselves to the fact that the
Liberal party is the people's party,
; while tho interests dictate the policy
i of the Conservative party.
Sold ■■very**'
aro.   In boxvft, 25 conU.
full power to deal with any situation
with these matters, who will have
that may develop in connection with
the opening of  the  hinds  in   ques-
On   account   of   the   many   com- tion.
plaints of the amendment to the land Victoria. B.C., April 17th, 1914.
luw which gave the right of fixing —	
ownership on the department of lands Kdward Beck, one of the men who
at Victoria, Mr. N. A. Wallinger, the WflS responsible for the recent ex-
local government officer, comiuunt- posures of Kraft in Montreal, has
cated  with  the  department at  Vic- started a magazine known as Heck's
torla, and In reply was assured that
the policy of first come, tlrst served,
was still In vogue in the land department. Since receiving Mr. Wallinger's communication an assistant of
the land department was sent to this
Weekly, a copy of whicli has readied
us. The new magazine is an able exponent of the muok-rakers. if he finally succeeds in cleaning up Montreal he can find new nnd virgin fields
for his efforts in British  Columbia.
city to help Btraighten out the matter  The following letter written by him
self for his lust issue is Belf-explana*
tory of the man and gives some Insight into thn light ho Is making in the
big eastern metropolis:
Some of my too-sollcitious friends in
Montreal   have    employed a    secret
the manner In which the government  agent to look up my career in the hope
assures tlie homeseeker tliat he will 0r discovering something discreditable | ;li,out tjiree -wneha ag0,
be treated fairly.   We trust that they | lu it,  They think if they con show that j    Next m0rnlng comes rehearsals as
and every assurance has been given
by the government that priority
rights will be zealously guarded by
the land department officials. The
Herald Ib pleased at the interpretation
which is being placed on the law and
Favorite  1'el  Dog Accident ly Killed
hy un Automobile in Medicine
| The Allen Players have been de-
' lighting large audiences nightly at
the Grand this week, saye the Fernie
I Free Press. The company Ib shy
member who was along on their last
visit here and thereby hangs the tol
The absent member is, or was, i
dog. What succes he had as a dog
we do not know, but as a member of
thc company he became well nigh In-
dlsponslble. At morning rehearsals
lie would always open proceedings
with a "How-d'ye-do" for each member of the company and business
could not proceed until everyone had
noticed and been noticed by the dog
aud he had been chased off the stage.
Now for the soft pedal and the
tremulo, Lo, un automobile in Medicine Hat garners ln the company's
pride and mascot with one swift swirl
around a    corner.    This    happened
A TRIBUTE TO THE I    For what awaits ua there.
LATE CY. WARM AN j When swift and free she curries me
Through yards unknown at night,
will see to It that everyone gets a ( Was once a horse-thief or a bigamist
square deal. But their Interpretation that that will huve a beneficial effect
docs not lessen the fact that the law upon tho fortunes of tlio grafters,
does give to the department of lands -phia secret agent, who sometimes goes
the power to decide ownership in case . under the name of "Mr. Russell" and
of dispute without regard to priority; purports to be acting on behalf of
rights. Whether It was the intention 1Persons from whom he says I am seek-
of the department or whether it was jng capital, and at otlier times repre-
merely a bungling of the wording or Bent8 himself as "Mr. Brown," trying
the amendment, the fact remains, and la diBCOver the legal claimant to an
no number of officials interpretations t.Hlute in Kngland, seems to have had
can change the wording of the law ,..lti,er )iard sledding In the quest. This
which plainly states: \\H both unfortunate and unnecessary.
"Provided also that when any re-, aiu| jie ,jome to me in the first In-
aerve haB been cancelled Tor the pur-1 Btance he might readily havo ascer-
pose of opening lands to pre-emption,  tuined that my career In crime had
been both varied and distinguished.
Before the age of three I had achieved
quite a reputation as an Incendiary of
no mean parts; burning hay-ricks was
the joy of my earliest chidlhood. From
Lhat to a standing in tlie profesion of
common or garden variety of house
burglar was hut a step, and before the
age of adolescence 1 had successfully
won my way as sheep-stealer, horse-
thief, forger and bank-breaker. Then,
being seized, us ure most youths, with
,i touch of wanderlust, I became a
pirate on the high seas. After a few!
/ears in this exciting occupation I relumed to the more civilized forms ofl
rime,  namely,    blackmail,    highway
and on the day fixed for the opening
of said lands two or more applicants
file applications at the office of the
commissioner having jurisdiction over
the said lands, the minister may direct that the person entitled to receive a record thereof Bhall be selected from amongst such two or more
applicant:, In such manner as the
various applicants may naturally
agree upon, or, in the event of tlieir
failing to mutually agree, In such
manner us the minister muy direct."
ls there anything concerning priority In the above amendment to thc
"Land  Act?"
In reply to Mr.  Wallinger's letter
the following communication was re-  r(jbb(.,.yi baIlk robbery, swindling imd
ceived from the lands department at murder, In all of which I achieved not-
vlctoria: able success. Asa member of the Mafia
The  Government  Agent,  Cranbrook,  m Florence and the Black Hand    in
B.C.: New York I outwitted the police    of
Sir: I have to acknowledge the re- two continents, while Scotland Yard
ceipt of your letter under date of the |s still debating whether or npt I was
4th Inst., dealing with the procedure the original Jack-thc-Ripper. So far 1
to be followed In connection with the have lacked the opportunity of selling
opening of certain lands to pre-emp- out my fellow-citizens in the city
tion in your district on the first of council or a legislature, but doubt-
May next. less that will come to me In time.
In reply I beg to advise that this The gentleman who is behind the
matter has been referred to the Hon. Investigation of my career is, I am In-
the Minister of Lands, who directs formed, the fnt but fatuous lawyer
me to state that no new practice will who enjoys the extreme felicity of be-
be Initiated in connection with the ing nble with one hand to assist in
opening ot the lands In question, that making the laws of this province,
the applicant who Is first at the door while with the other he instructs pre-
of the government office at D o'clock da tory corporations In the devious
on the morning of May first will be ways of avoiding their application,
given the first opportunity to record At least, I am informed, that my
lund, and that ull other applicants friend Is wont to boast over his
will bc given an opportunity to re- Scotch-and-soda at the Windsor bar,
cord in the order ot their precedence that his one ambition nnd interest in
at your office at the time of the open- life is to land me In prison. I trust
Ing of tlie office at 9 o'clock. that he will see In the frank confession
Arrangements have been made by  I liave made above, an honest attempt
thc minister for the attendance    of  to aid him in accomplishing his most
some official from this department at  laudable purpose.
Cranbrook  to assist you in dealing Edward Beck.
Advertising means directing the
attention of others to that for which
attention is desired. It you have a
stock of which you are proud, or a
service which you believe to be superior, direct attention to the fact
every week in the columns of the
Stretch out the hand of good-will, wear the
smile of welcome, and command the business of the buyers of this community. Do
these things and your business will expand
and the profits from your business will be
greatly Increased.
Do you not fed a certain reluctance about golua-
into .hop", that have not Invited yon to enter their
doors I At the shop which ail verllsea- which Invites
your custom—you know that you are welcome.
Shop Where You Are Invited to Shop
usual. All Is in readiness. It i'i up to
the ingenue to lead oft by asking the
butler if Lord Kiiahi-kbakl knows
tbat lie 1ms become heir to the Trevor
Hlie got about as far as a short
breath would take her und burst Into
ti'iirs. This was not correct "business" for the part and caused much
concern among other members of the
company, so much, indeed, that the
whole works, from prompter to leading man, immediately followed suit.
Then they laughed or pretended to
and reheat sal was off for the day.
The next day saw a repetition ot the
same performance, and things commenced to look serious for Mr. Allen,
lie had to talk to the company by
hand. He told them, gently but firmly, that the deceased dog was HIS
dug, and In the matter of weeping for
the departed he had sufficient capacity to nmply take care of the brine
sifting himself. Moreover, he had acquired another dog, which same was
present for Inspection, and he trusted
tliat a transfer of affections could be
consummated without putting the
whole layout on the bum or words to
Unit effect.
Whereat a slow process of sentimental adjustment was inaugurated.
A bitter journalistic opponent of Liberalism and Liberal policies Bays Canadians who contribute nothing to the
naval defence of the empire must call
upon the British navy to safeguard the
Interests of the Canadians now In Mexico who may be In peril. That Is
true, but it is not the whole truth.
When Sir Wilfrid Laurier went out
ot ollice tenders had been opened and
were under consideration for the construction of four Canadian crulBers
specially adapted to the very service
that Hritish warships may be called
iilioii to perform for Canadian refugee.? on the Mexican coast.
Sir Wilfrid, wltli the courtesy that
has always distinguished him, refrained from awarding the contracts
wlille a doubtful political battle was
in progress, in which his policy of
naval self-defence was being keenly
assailed In thc province of Quebec as
imperialism In disguise. Had he won
the election Canada would now have
four efficient ships of her own, manned tor the most part by Canadians,
to send to Tamplco or Vera Crui.
lir. Ilorden won, aided by the anti-
British Nationalists, whose leaders he
rewarded with scats In his ministry.
The cruisers were not ordered. Nothing wus done to organize Canada'!
naval service. The men recruited under Laurier and placed in training
were frozen out by discouragement.
The policy of naval defence was made
agreeing to establish a Canadian naval
i party football, although Laurier In
service Imd done so at the earnest
solicitation of Mr. Borden and Mr.
Foster. ,
Liberalism Is not responsible for
Canada's fullurc to protect Canadians
In Mexican waters. Had the Liberal
policy been carried out ample and efficient protection would have been available. How long does Mr. Borden
propose, becauso of a pretended emergency In European waters, ln which
no one uny longer believes, to leave
commerce of Canada and tho Interests In Mexico and other countries in
entirely unprotected the coasts and
Central and South America in which
Canadians are doing business? National sentiment will In the long run
compel the premier to return to the
sound policy of a Canadian naval
force, organized and controlled by the
parliament of Canada. Why not now?
By Col. G. C. Porter, Kdltor-In.Cbief
of the Winnipeg Telegram
So old Cy Warman Is dead! The
report of his death, tn Chicago, Thursday, reminded me that lie was sixty
years old. It was hard to believe, because his sunny smile, jovial disposition, and diplomatic smile suggested
always the joy or life und youth. Ho
was a cosmopolitan character, a real
"good fellow" In the best sense, going
through life whistling, smiling, joking,
and, withal, striking a serious note
here and there of sufficient weight to
Indicate tliat he wus a man ot depth.
It wns 2T years ago that 1 first met
Cy. He was "running" nn engine on
the I'nion 1'uolllc then and writing
vagrant verse for private circulation,
which ocasslunally crept into the old
llocky Mountain Nowa of Denver.
Here is the one lu' framed one dny,
utter un tspoclally strenuous "run,"
whicli has caused many nn old railroader to smile and cry:
Oft, when 1 feel my engine swerve
Ah o'er strange raffs we fare,
I strain my eye around the curve
It keeps thc beauty lover yelling to
see a dingy, shabby dwelling that
shrieks aloud for paint; It jars his
nerves and racks his spirit, and blasts
his eyes, or pretty near it, and makes
him sick and faint. Some folks will
wear such costly raiment you wonder how they make the payment, or
keep their standoff good; nnd all the
while thc shacks tliey live in are bum
and shabby past forgivln', old piles ot
dingy wood. 1 hold tluit painting ls
a duty of every man, a debt that
should be paid; no odds how high you
may be Hying, you'll stack up cheap
If occupying a battered house and
frayed. Then let us buy some oil and
ochre, and clean up our old house,
and soak her with paint that hits the
spot; rep puint is best—it's rich and
mellow—but you can use pea-green
or yellow upon your humble cot.
Some paints are bright and others
duller, but any old three-cornered
color wlll beat no paint at all; so
let's go painting, all together and
brighten up oirr dwelling Avhether
it's hut or stotely hall.—Walt Mason.
F. Parks & Co.
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15 Fenwick Ave.      Phone 204
Anyone having Information concerning the whereabouts of Andrew
L. I'nxman or knowing anything that
wlll lend to locating him, wlll confer
a very great favor upon his mother,
Mrs. K. L. Paxman, If thoy will kindly tell her. She can bo found nt the
land office, or at the Cranbrook hotel.
Slid can bc found at the lnnd office,
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Organist of Hie Metlioitifit Church
Organ, Pianoforte. Voice
atuillo: MethodlitChurch
I look along the line to see
That all the lamps are white.
The blue light marks the crippled car,
The green light signals slow;
The red light Ib a danger light,
The white light, "Let her go."
Again the open Holds we roam,
And, when the night is fair.
I look up in the starry dome
And wonder what's up there.
For who can speak, for those who
Behind tlie curving sky?
No man has ever lived to tell
Just what it means to die.
Swift toward life's tormina] I trend;
Thc run seems short tonight,
God only knows what's at tlie cud—
I hope llio lumps urc white.
So now "Old" Cy knows "those who
dwell behind the curving sky," and
tin* line old poet "knows just what it
is to die." Tlu> tender message which
lie carries to all mankind was tlie impulse of an idle moment, and probably
sweetened the lives of countless
people. 1 heard it made the basis of}
ii powerful sermon in Calgary ten j
years ago by Rev, Gearge Kerby, u
Methodist minister. Cy had attended a banquet in Calgary given by C.:
W. Rowley, now manager of thc Can-
adian Bank of Commerce at Winnipeg, then manager of the same bank
in Calgary, "Pat" Burns, and a num-
ber of otlier public-spirited citizens
to a band of eastern newspaper men.
George Ham was tiiere and the pre-
sent premier of Alberta, then Chief
Justice Sifton. 1 sat next to Cy when ,
he arose, amid furious applause, to
"say something." And he recited
"Will the Lights be White?" The
boys had just quit singing "Its Al-:
ways Fair Weather When Good Fellows Get Together," but the turmoil
gave way to oppressive silence be-'
fore Cy linlshed. It was tlie beuedic-
tion und the atmosphere of tlie entire
function was softened by the expression.
Like 'Gene Fields, who was at his
best when writing of liis family or:
friends, Warman's loftiest sentiments
sprung from the impulse of home life
or that of the road, where he "pulled"
an engine so long. What the ghosts
of his babies were as an inspiration to
Fields, so the shades of tlie railroad
hoys were to Cy. He contributed substantially to the literature of Canada,
liis adopted country as well as that of
tlie United States, the land of his birtli
1 wonder If Dr. Kerby, at Calgary,
will see the report of Wurman's death
and be moved again to thrill his congregation with a discourse on this
lesson of the strenuous, useful life of
the "road?" When Cy was in Winnipeg, a few months ago, lie remarked
to the editor that it seemed only a day
since lie was feeling the throb of his
big locomotive and wiping the oil
from his hands on his overalls. This
was the lesson of his swift and useful
journey toward life's terminal to this
bright spirit. Tho "run" did seem
short, and his many friends now voice
the prayer of the last line of his
beautiful poem, the dirge of thousands
"I hope the lights are white."
Warm Weather
It has at last dawned upon the
minds of thinking men that our present system of education is far from
being the acme of perfection it was
proclaimed to be but a few years ago.
There is no disposition to condemn j
it on Its entirety, but to question Us I
effectiveness as a preparation for ac-
Mve life. Said Mr. Brierton ln an ad-
dress recently: "The schoolmaster of
the past went on manufacturing, like
certain English manufacturers, what
he fancied was a good article, irrespective of what was really in demand;
today he is gradually learning that
the placing out of his pupils is a
matter of ever growing importance,
and of a system of examinations upon
book lore alone, which tend to unhinge the nerves of the pupils and
graduates Impractical theorists. If
the thirty million dollars the commission asks the Federal parliament
to spend during the next decade does
little more than awaken the direct Interest of tho people In the necessity
and value of vocational training it
will not be wasted .—Alberta News.
Next time you go to the theater or
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Pen No. 1—Cockerel Mating—
$3,50 PER 15
Pen No. 2—Pallet Mating-
$3,50 PER 19
Boi 288
Slatorvlllo. CRANBKOOK, R. C.
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us and Save Money
Zi*m •*•}•»•" »l««*l»» am..
™*!**»   Oelf*U  aalllM  SlraM   to   il
mmSs■m.tmr hi Sum (tauitltlae u<l »■
2* •***■   **» wa mm rm tfca tnld.r
J"*! tV™1 msS rm em tm Par tor il
i any ataar Blur,,
la Brittaa Coin,.
n» ^r™*T™ tW fHata.   "»r Mltanc
o**J*l»a far l-liea nirulaaS p pa
IS* to", IM tsmtt^smm
}£■>■ Waa, St.ll nr IN
JSJ* DJ thi ruianao
■w* mmtsxr. ■*»*. «Imw it-Mr <-,<> --
llMl ut w wu: ctrc TM prlev cum-
pirtf Minna hi nw tm. by return
Then Mropar* Mr prion with ethnra.
l'""'( pay tw* prtsn tn fm plumt-mt
MfPlin. Wa a-aa npptp maniac for
Tarn ntfcnm at gnat m** ta y.m.
Wrtta n *— *-■■" •—---- -.. ■
I   society and church
■ •■■■■*'■■■ rasraa
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 3t
A.F. & A. H.
Regular meetings ot
tlie   third   Thursday
_ ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. Itickcnbotham, W-. M.
J. U Crasston, Sec.
Crescent Lodge No. 33
Cranhrook, li. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the
Fraternity Hall.
tl. llouahue, 0, C.
F. M. Christian, K. ot R.AS.
P. 0. llos 52J
Vlsltlug brethren   cordially Invited
to attond.
Meets every Mnnda.
night at Ncw Fra
tcrnity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited
J, 11. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
MIIII.UI.  KM'A.MPMKNT    N<>. .12,
Meets first and third Wednesdays In
each month.
A cordial invitation extended to
visiting brothers.
It. w, Russell, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe. '
No. 1».
Meets every second and   fourth Wed
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs   cordially in
Sis. Ida Baxter, S ll
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. Sec
Meeti in Maple Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol eacb mouth at I
p.m. sharp.
J. Bird, C.R.
I,. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets ia   Maple Hall 2nd   and 4 th
Tuesday evert month at 8p.m.
Membership open to British citl
E. Y. Brake, I,. Pearron,
Pres. Sec
Box 018
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook Lodge
No. lot'.'
Mfota every Wednesdaj
nt H p.m. in Kn.vnl lilac!
Knights' Hall, Bake!
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
1152 Richards St.,
(Snceuesnr to IV. V. Guitul
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
I'. II. llox SCU
llnrrislers, Solicitors and
Money to l.imn
Physicians and Surgeons
Ifflce at Kntdeioa,  Armitrong  lv<
Forenoons - ■ ■ • S.flO to inM
Afternoons - - - 1.01) to   4.IUI
Evenings .... 7.10 to   8.311
Sundays .... a.81) to   4.18
1RANBROOK   I     :i     It     ll     B. t
t to 111 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Oinee la Hanson Block.
"RANBROOK -        - B. t
Practical Nurse
Phono 187    Cranbrook, H.C.
S Strawberry Plants
llai.lv Northern grown Btra-k ol
letilingvu leties propaeated f rom
the It. M. Kalhqu Btraio ol pedigree plants.
I'rlee.per Thousand Plants'1,0 h,
IOU I'lanls, pusipald foi $1.25.
Catalogno seni |uc»l
MonradWigen, Wynndel, B. C.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 269 Matron
P. 0. Bin 84,1 Harden Ave.
t.i°no?i«8 Cranbrook, B.C. j
W M Kiii.eii, Diet.
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ol tne Forest.
Meels In Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ol each month al
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. I.aurlo, C. C.
Mrs. A.  E. Shaw, Seeretar
P. 0. Hoi 412.
Visiting Companions cordially wd
LODGE, No. 1871
Meets 1st snd Snl rhiirs
davs al S p.m. in Itoyiil
UlaokKnightBOl [roland
Hall, Baker Street,
It. S. (laaiiicrr, W.M.
W. 0. Di .was, Ree. See.
Meets In the Catnicu's Hall, 1st
Tuesday BttemQon ol every month al
3 p.m. and the fancy woik class
meets on 3rd Friday evening in the
same plaee at 8 p.m.
Mrs. 11. II. teaman, Pres.
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Sec. Treas.
P. 0, llox 141
All Ladies oordiallyy invited.
President! A H. smith
Meeta regularly tlie tfrai Friday evening sneli
Information on Poultry matter, supplied
Address the Hecrotnry,
w. IV. MHiIlKciou, p. o. Drawer400
President: A. R. Smith
Rpcretary: Ami, II. Wr.mi
For inforraB'/.oii regarding lands
■ and   agriculture   ajpp.y   to tlie 1
Hwetary, Cranbrook. R, C.
Meeting—The :ird Thuinluy of
finch month, at old Gyin .Kp.rn.
Opposite C.P.R. Html,in
THE    I'LACB    TO      OKT    ft
Civil and Mining Eaflneers
British Columbia Land Surveyors
CRANBROOK    ■     8. C.
W. R. Baattr. Fnnarai Dlraetm
Cranbrook n. c.
riionc34li P.O. llox SSS
Norluiry Ave., next to Cily Hall
Day Phone 233
Night Phone 3St
Frank Provenzano
General  Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. Ul 101 "HOW "44
x forwarding and Die.
11 Uniting Agent for
IMI'ERI Al. Oil. CO.
Ulven prompt attention
11 Goods (Milled fof and delivered.
]'   Good work only.   Prompt
] I Service
;; Telephone No. 405 i
;;       p.t), BoxTiw .
\',    Works : ArnistroiiK Ave.
K. A. u:zi:i!T
Builder tinil Ctintrnctur
P.O. Dot 183 Cranbrook, B.C.
idantttacturer    of    Cement    Blocks,
Chimney Blocks and Porch
Concrete Work a Specialty
Prices Right
^_ J. TAYLOR-. Proprietor
Has just purchased n 'enr o£
High Grade Cows
I All TiilioR'iilin Tested)
Milk and Cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
•lusl ordered n Clarifying
WU (ll'AI.'ANTKI:   I'll Pf.liASI!
All residents' are notified to clenn-
uii their premises of all refuse and
j garbage and place, in receptacles on
I hank ol lot next to alley, so tha', city
scavenger can readily load for hauling away.
All who do not comply with this
order will be prosecuted.
Chief of Police and Sanitary Inspector.
The Home Bakery
Honker F'bamk, Prop,
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norhu-y Ave.      Opp, Cily Mall
Headquarters for all  kimls  of
Sittisfiii'tiini Guaranteed
Tlm NIkm) Specialist
MiNKiai, ACT
CorUflciite of InipruYumeiH
St. Mary's uud ("obait Fractional
uiiii nil claim, situate In tlie Kort
Steele mining division of East Kootenay Dlstrli t.
Where located; On Luke c:eek,
about l*j mllea northeast of McDer-
rald*s ranch.
Take notice that J. T. Laldlaw, Free
Miner's Cartlflcato No. 40.47:; B, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to
apply* to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notiet that action,
under section mt, must be commenced
before the Issue of such Certificate of
Iiiitt-d this l-ith day of April, A. D.,
1914. .       lti-ltt
Cert itii-iiit* oi'  tmprovonfents.
Moylo Fractional. Hen Fractional,
Trail Fractional. Eric, Pine, Annie, Ken. Winnie Fractional, X.
u Fractional, Liny Fraction I,
Korl. Mineral Claims, Bttuato in
the Fort Steele Mining Division
of EJaat Kootenay  District
Where   Located:     On   Sullivan     Hill,
near Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of
Canada, Limited, per C. ll. MeDougall,
Agent, F.M.C. No. 61282B., Free Miner's Certificate No, 01257B., intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown Grant of the
above claims,
And further take notice that action,
under section 87i must bo commenced
before the Issuance Of BUcll Certificate
of   Improvements.
Dated this 80th day or March   A.I).
IJH4. I4-.M
Cirlhicitle of liiipnneMM'nlH
• Gulndon, Ferrobe nnd Alice Traction
Mineral Claims, situate in the Fort
Steele Mining Division of Fast Kootenay District.
Where locnted-West side of Lower
Moyie Lake,
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Gulndon, F.M.C., No. B3504B, acting for
myself and as agent for Joseph (losse-
lln. F.M.C. No. 6860513, David Fortin,
F.M.C. No. 6360I1B, Alphonse Demers,
F.M.C. No. 63607B, Joseph Montpelller.
F.M.C. No. 67244B, Adelfn Montpelller,
F.M.C. No. 53II21B, intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Hecorder for a Certificate of Improvements lor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further lake notice thnt action,
under section 87, miiht be commenced
before the issuance or such Certilieate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of March, A.D.
13-Dt Frank Glllndun.
Hon S'r Samuel Baker, no Dncle of
V. Ilv.le ttufcer. Filled In a Mop
(The Morning Post, London)
Saturday! March 14. la an important aniversary in the annals of British exploration. It is the jubilee of
tlie discovery by Sir Samuel Baker
and Lady Baker, His wife, of the hike
which we now know as the Albert
Xyanza. a discovery which finally set
at rest problems in connection with
the googruphy of the Nile valley,
whieh had puzzled mankind ever
since the days of Herodotus, The
work of exploration in the long
strangely-neglected    Hark     Continent
now goes on with bo much energy
thut the labor of the men who were
early In the field- Livingstone, Spoke,
Grant, Burton and Baker—are apt tn
be, ii' not forgotten, somewhat overlooked. It is line to tbe example sel
by these remarkable nieii that so
much has been done to remove the
reproach wittily satirised by Dean
So geographers, in Afrlc maps.
With   savage   pictures   I ill   their gaps,
Aud o'er uninhabitable downs
Place elephants lor want of towns.
Sir Samuel linker unhappily Ik no
longer with us, he died twenty years
ugu, but his indomitable helpmeet,
who wns ever ready to share with
hlni the many hardships and Bufferings whicli he underwent, Ih still living a life or dignified ease and retirement In the beautiful English home,
: Sandford Orlelgh, which Sir Samuel
purchased thirty-live years agyo,
The (Ureal Discovery
it was In 1.SG1 that Sir Samuel set
| out on the expedition which resulted
In tin1 great discovery of whicli we
I are now celebrating the jubilee.
, Without any official aid of recognition whatsoever he set out to discover
the source of the N_Ue, with the hope
of meeting the East African expedition under Captains Speke and Grant.
Aa the Nile source had defied all previous explorers he kept his intentions
to himself, although he had sufficient
self-confidence to forecast his future
success. The first year he wan in
Egypt he was occupied in exploring
all the Nile tributaries from Abyssinia, and then he descended the banks
of the Blue Nile to Khartum. He
started from Khartum with a powerful force in three vends, with twenty-nine transport animals, including
horsox, camels, and asses. All went
well as fur us the Behr-el-tlazal junction, but here the difficulties of the
White Nile begun to be apparent. The
entire country was a dead fiat, a
world of interminable marsh, overgrown with high reeds and popyriis
rush. Through this desolate region
the river wound; no wind was favorable owing to the frequent bends, aud.
the current heing adverse, the men
iiad to tow the boats night and day
through water and rushes, exhausted
with hopeless labor und maddened
by clouds of mosquitoes, There was
worse to come, as they very soon
found. Meanwhile, however, the
party arrived at Goiidkoro, where Sir
Samuel came across those gallant explorers Speke and Grant, a meeting
us memorable us that which took
place between Livingstone and Stanley. Pushing along, he had to encounter the hostility of natives and
others, and many i. time it wan only
his grim determination -and pluck
ut a crisis thut saved himself and tlie
members of hit; party from destruction. The worst of It was that he
could not rely on his own men, und no
wonder, for they were recruited from
among a people who lived by cattle-
stealing, sluve-lamtiiig and murder.
Then his dealings with native chiefs
involved him iu al! sorte of difficulties. War wus guir.g on between
some of them, und he wns canvassed
by each combatant for his support.
Other chiefs detained him on his way
with the object of extorting as much
as they could from him, chiefly arms
and ammunition. All this the gallant
leader eouid face with calm, serene
courage, hut there was one stealthy
foe which BVen ho hnd cause to dreud,
and that waa fever.
From Dark to Dunn
Both he end hie wife, who had to
subsist for a long period on native
food, unpalatable at the best of times,
and positively repulsive to a «lck
person, were stricken down, and then
came a crowning calamity. Hla wire
suddenly fell, apparently dead, from
sunstroke. For seven days she had
to be carried in a state of insensibility on ii litter through swamps and
forest and grass Jungle, the rain fulling pltllesly the whole time, while
there wus no food to be found along
the line of route and the provisions
curried by the party were insufficient. The men, feeling sure that
Lady Baker's last moments had come,
put a new handle to the pickaxe with
a view to digging her grave. Sir Samuel was exhuusted with fever and
watching, and all- > a long march
he fell senseless by the side of the
litter. That was the darkest hour,
but the. dawn soon came. On the very
next morning a mlraculuos change
had taken place, After eighteen days
Journey from M'rooll the long-wished'
for lake was announced by the guide.
Suddenly, on reaching some rising
ground, Sir Samuel saw the great
reservoir or the Nile before him. Weak
and exhausted with more than twelve
months' anxiety, toll, and sickness, he
tottered down a steep and zigzag path
and lu about two hours he reached
the Bhore, The waves wero rolling
on u bench or sand, aud aa hn drank
Uie water and bathed his face he nam- [
ed this great basin of the Nile, subject to the jjbrmisalon ot Queen Victoria, the Albert *Ny:u;?a, in in mory
of the Prince Consort This was at
a place called Vacovia, whence the
party proceeded in canoes in a point
twenty-live miles beyond Magungo,
and from here, utter mniy and eseit-
Ing adventures, he succeeded In getting back to cixlllzatlon, On returning to Kngland he was made the lion
'it a season, aud hoii"rs fell on him
in profusion.
Suppressing the Slave Trade
Sir Samuel's fame a.- ;. travi :;* r In*
lucod '1 e Khedive Uraail i      utru
him with    the    Importanl  > \.*-. ti in
for the suppression ol thi trad
in the Smulau,   This wftj , i nd
the mlBSlon was for i> ur j ars, '. lie
leaib r was rai» d to the rank nf a
Pasha, and had the command Df 1.6G4
soldiers. Egyptian and negro, Including UOO Irregular cavalry and two bai
terlea of artillery, with all he bad
brought from Englan I Lady Baker
accompanied him. Aa .i r mil if iiii>
expedition slave-hunting was put an
end io throughout an Immense district, and perfect conltd nee was established among th m I «• %, Bul
Sir Samuel's many adv< nturers, it
narrated In detail, would (ill volumes.
Thousands Endorse It
Tho Japanese farmer produces an
average of 38.5 to 41.3 bushels of
wheat per acre per annum, and, on the
sume land, 362 to 361 bushels of sweet
potutoes, notwithstanding that wheat
Is rather an exhausting crop. The
British farmer produces an average of
thirty bushels per acre yearly. The
[German and the French farmer each
produces corresponding crop yields to
that of the British. Thc American
farm averages 11 bushels of wheat
to the acre.
Why is this difference? Why should
lands tilled tor centuries produce so
much more than lands that have i n
yielding crops on an average, taking
the country at large, of hardly mori
than one century? The same Hunt:
could be shown In corn, oats, Or any
other crop generally raised.
The combined crop.- of tlie United
States last year, it Is estimated, wen
worth about ten billion dollar.-. There
may he a million or so of error in tills
estimate either way, but one million
Is only one-tenth of one per cent of a
billion, and the error, if there be one.
is not Important. An average increase in the crops of only one-fourth
-an increase of between three and
four bushels of corn, or t!0 to 125
pounds of cotton, and so on, to the
acre in any year—would mean un Increase in the wealth of the country
lor that year ol two and a half billions of dollars.
This would build another Panama
Cnnal every two month's. It would pay
the cost of the complete and perfect
improvement of tbe Mississippi river
and the reclamation of Us broad and
fertile valley in a few month!:. It
would about equal tlie net annual
earnings of nil the railroads In the
country for the year. It would pay
the expenses of the entire educational
system of the United States for that
All persons owning dogs must purchase dog tags on or before April
25th. Persons not complying with this
notice will he prosecuted.
Chief of Police.
rhousauds of ladles throughout the
world an- thankful for Newbro's Herpicide, because it is to that wonderful hair remedy and sculp prophylactic tliey owe their soft, long, beautiful bair.
Mury J. Teny, of Lovejoy, III.,
vrltes: "My hair came out until there
was .ust ;i painty cover for the scalp,
i Ui"l everytliing I ever heard of
■ *r read about until I finally used Herpicide, There is nothing like it. My
■ -: now i overed with new hair,
i  .-hall   forever   praise  Herpicide."
M ii i hair troubh s come trom dan-
■ ■        Newbro's   Herpicide   removes
■ di ndrufl and prevents further ac-
umulatlon. it aim stimulates a.tlow
i'i' bin.i.i which nourishes tbe follicles. Tiie -'alp being healthy the hair
lo. h not come out and the new bair
Is allowed to grow.
There an- other preparations which
they say ..re -ju:-t ;.s gt;od" as Her-
It. (. NOTES
Provincial Constable R, J. Suther-
land has been transferred from New
Denver to Golden.
Charles Davidson was quite seriously ininn d while at work at the
Granby sme;ter in Phoenix last week.
! The collar ui the sweater he was wear-
'in;* caught on the head or a revolving bolt and he was drawn into the
machinery. His lefl ear was nearly
torn oil and he received some bad
cuts and bruises, and will be unable to
Ti-■ Sally mine, near Beaverdell,
111] peil seventeen carloads of ore this
'hlti r,
The Van Itol mine near Silverton is
gain   shipping  concentrates  to the
rail   ini. Iter,
Cp ■■" il o presenl ti.:- y, ;ir over
1)0.00 too* or on have been treated
er at Trail
A Free Thought Soi lety has been
ted ai   Fort George.
it tlr
plclde. It is not advisable to try
them. Instead of doing any good they
may do positive harm.
No one is ever disappointed in Newbro's Herpicide. The results are almost always the same, highly satisfactory, as is Indicated by tlie fact that
Herpicide has been sold for years and
bas thousands of satisfied friends. It
it tie- only "genuine, original dandruff
germ destroyer." Ther- is nothing
"Jusl a- good."
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c, and $1.00
>[■/.<.-- \> sold hy ,-iii dealers who guarantee it to do all that la claimed. IC
you are not sati. tied your money will
be refunded.
Auulicatlona at good  barber shops.
Send 10c. iu postage for sumpl«
and booklet to 'lhe n.-rpicide Co..
Dept   it.. Detroit, Mich.
Beattie-Murphy   Co..   Ltd.,   Special
At Moyie It A Smith lias taken
over .1. \V. fttch's general merchandise  stock.
A    .1    Moffatt   has   bt en   appointed
city ci, rk at Pernle m a Balary of
flSfi a month.
The St. Regis hotel at Vancouver
has been taken over by the Calgary
It i- expected that 20.000 crates
<<f tomatoes will be shipped from Creston this season.
Sorai Jealous rascal threw a stont
at a buggy m which a certain young
man of Florida and a young lady of
Lockhart were rldtng hist Saturday
nlghl Thi stone struck the young
lady squarely in tie- back, and at the
same time bruised the lelt arm of the
young man v. r> badl) The Florida
■ Ala i News Democral
.1   Mini   Le.er   Simulation
i"r •    ■ v''                .--;.'**:    to    itv->aw»fji    .1
j& ■      ^      .   i *',' V \x^
r '- ■'••;■' ■'V   \ i.''*v *' "Xr!v*
$   ■ '^  v-       'j             ;7*- *"*
N}?'-*;   --.'_ j-Jr-i*        ",,   , "  *r"*  trw
.- <.*.    -j tab *J
bit*.   oStr,     **  cipajrt   r-a   w   i»a   j ■«           ,
*>o it    ill    »'i'l    til. '•    ibe',:     Vst     tvMrrti'ajJ     iu-h
1'  i. '  UUnk Cits >J(r t.fl t'tsrl   it,   <■*)  trr-    tn!   pr]
18    CB^'.'    t>rt»t    "Hi    .A';    4     T-f     Hfrh        T-,
w.11 t- Umj.-*   *W f.t. .-.i-   ■    l;.v,;.    -vjoVf..
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave.
VThe Dye that colors ANY KINDf
I cf Cloth Perfectly, wilh the 1
m   VoOimw*/ M.iiikrv   Clran and Slmpl*.     1
IA*iT..urDnifi.lOfII«itr. -mil tot booklet
f rb*Juaa*on-RicHwaitou Co. Uffiitcd, Monvul k
\ modern equipped Oafe at laoder&ie
Rates 1100 and up per day
Our hn** meets all train?
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B (10ETZ, President
HARRV'F. BARR. Secretary
[i  /it   wit  sitiifaction wit!
your washing   send
it   to
ii pedal pricei for family work.
»'. E. WOBDEN. Prop'r
66   PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
BaXKajre Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specially
Furniture and Baggage
•I. MII.NK. UanaKB*
ACT, 1001, AM) AMi:\ll.
NOTICE la lioroby given thai Daniel llurton and William Maxwell Park
carrying on bualnosa under tlie style
nr title of W. M. Park k Co, al Baker
street. In the City of Cranbrook,
Province of Isrltluli Columbia, as deal-
era in Harness,. Saddlery, Trunks,
(irlps. ete.. assigned to Joseph Ryan,
oi tlie City of Cranbrook, In the
Province of Hritisli Columbia afore-
Bald, Investment Broker, In trust for
tlie benefit nf tbcfr creditors, all their
real and personal property, credits
mill efforts wlilcfi may lie seized and
sold undeil execution; anil which Assignment bears date the -Hli dav nf
April, 1014.
AND NOTICE Is further given that
a meeting of the creditors of tlie said
W. M, Park k Co. will be held In the
offices nf Thomas T. Mecredy, Solicitor for tbe Assignee, linker Street,
Cranbrook. on Wednesday the Bth day
of May. 1914. nt the hour of 4 o'clock
In tile nfternnnn for the purpose ol'
Hiving directions for the disposal nf
the estate.
AND NOTICE Is furtlior given that
creditors are reqnlred to send to the
Asignee on or before tho Bth dny nf
.May, 1014. full particulars luly vcrl-
fled of their claims and il" security,
If any, held by them.
Dated at the city of Cranbrook lids
84t.ll liny of April, lit 14.
Joseph Ryan,
IS-lt Assignee.
| P.  BURNS & CO., LTD.!!
backers and Provisioned
N ;w Zealand  and  Miawriui;   CreSfnerV
40c per lb. or 3 lbs. tor "6c, 4
Empress Orown Creamery—
* \ .>"-^M'^ ::■'»■ per II,,.,,:! lb. loMU
* ■ -*■' '■> .V (*$^ %
^.t,'"5i--'>—"'/       1'lllK  I.AKD-,1
fj y »1.70j 2O's,$SS0.
COMPOUND HK|i-^'s. «c| .','«, ;.5c
lu'., 11.45: 2i,'s, *•_'.'»). 1 '
Bfici   10'a,
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
Mjrmotio  Quick, iMtlngcurH giiamnfoed »' motlerata
pri.-ftt    Ripen mfldlcnl cutnm!nation frwi   f*■■•■■ chimin-
linn *>f tiriiiH ivhcii n Mnr.V.   Ontwnll  m—li*i*#    Don't
■Lluy    Dflajiam (Inngornnn.   Cull nr **\w    prw book*
1.-1.    Bvrrjtlilnir (innflilMitial.   il.,urH  u &,m. to ft p.m.
Siiiiiln>>>, in » m in 1 |i,tii
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210 Howard                            SPOKANE THE  CRANBROOK   HERAT,!)
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents
Hypophosphltes have long been endorsed by successful physicians, but
here, tor the first time, they are combined into one preparation which, as
a nerve-food and a builder of strength
and health we believe has no equal.
tion, which Includes a certificate to
the effect that the potatoes were raised In an area In which neither potato
canker nor powdery scab exists. It
the export with the United States ls
to be regained in face of tlie existing
(Special  correspondence).
,-y$^    A Concrete
|| ►*** Root Cellar
fr       is one of tlie farmer's irreatrst money
makers.     It makes money hv keeping produce in good condition until it can he taken
;   ■■■!     tn marker, nr until belter prices can be obtained.    It
jMrn     maintains a cool, even temperature thai
U Keeps Produce Perfect
i'u&'3 A Crmcret. ro .1 cellar is always ,lrv, clean and .unitary,    li 1,
t|. i proof aganit heat, cold, water, lire   nd nt..   Altfi ucli ilia
:«| grealet part ,,f ii Is iindentrmiiiil, it cannot crumble oi r.,i
\..$l away' '' '* lIL*r|naiienl and need, no rep.iiis.
|vfj Tell ii, tn send ynu iliis handsomely illiutmeil frre'nok
yti$ what the Farmer can do with Concrete."   It ciiniain   tiie
£fi§5 fullest information about concrete lout cellars :ci 1 ..tie  fir'ti
Bmi building, that never wear oul and shows how you em build
gg| llirm al small cost.
Hli Farmer1! Information Bureau
Canada Cement Company Limited
:  I
{By Fred Uoo).
Mrs. It. Joyce, ol' Riverside Park,
J. T. Browning left Wednesday ot ! entertained the beauty and chivalry
an official visit to Kingsgate. ' of Elko Tuesday night.  It was the
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Thorpe left on I largest party held this winter, visitors
Thursday's    flyer    for    McOillivray, | from Cranbrook, Fernie. Baynes and
wliere they    expect   to   make their
On Thusday H, M. Bell, medical
health Inspector, visited tho local
school and reported the children In a
healthy condition.
Mrs. Otto Herritt and daughter
Thelma, are visiting Mrs. Ed.
Shackieton, of Crnnbrook.
On Thursday evening a party was
given  at  tlie  home    of  Miss    Molly
(Special   correspondence)
If you don't feel well, begin taking regulations the methods directed to-
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion today, and wards the eradication of the disease
build your health and strengthen must be followed Intelligently and in
; your system agalnBt more serious ill-1 a thorough spirit of co-operation.
J. H, Webster, of Wetasklwln, Alta.,
has purchased Walter Corbett's ten-
acre  ranch,  situated  about  a  mile
north of town.     The purchase prico :
is $3000.00.
Mrs. Dr. Henderson will leave this
week on. a visit to relatives in To- '
Indians are making large catches
of char at   the   mouth   of Summit :
ness.    To convalescents   old  people,!    ,n or(Jer to fam!liarize the rnrmers
l.uny children and all others who are|of Canada with tWg digeasti Mj
Waldo responding to tho invitations
sent out, and the extreme upper crust
of the old hlsloriu burg were out in
full force. Dancing wan a strong feature of tlie evening, while tlie others
enjoyed the romantic adventures,
Maria Lloyd ami Casey Jones on the I creek.
gramophone,   Tho rooms were taste-     Horn
fully decorated with potted plants, ex- ; Kev. und Mrs. W. Blake, a son.
eellcnt  music  was  furnished.     The,    Local Jews celebrated a medieval I
supper was one of tlie daintiest, and a   festival ou Sunday near Wynndel.
marvel of tha confoctlonors art,  and |    A   watch   repair   shop   has been i
would have tasted good to an angel. ; opened lu the building recently   oc-1
of the family were:   Mary  QQtto& thut tickled the taste und gave
flavor to the feast, was ably poured
by Mrs. C, E. Ayre, North Star Park,
Mrs.  Boss, Riverside  Park and   Mrs.
Hay  Ilirtz,  Knob  Hill.    Mrs.  Joyco
made  an  ideal  hostess and nlway
weak, run down or ailing, we offer
Hexali Olive OU Emulsion with our
personal promise that, if it doesn't
make you well and strong again, It
will cost you nothing. If we didn't
have the utmoB t faith In It, we
wouldn't offer It with this guarantee,
nor even recommend It to you. We
are sure that once you have used it
you will recommend It to your frleuds
and thank us for having recommeud-
|ed it to you. Sold only at the moro
At the manse, Creston, to thc | tlmn im RexaU st()n,B) md m thj8
town only hy us.   $1.00.   Ueattle-Mur-
l.11y Co., Ltd.
Ewlngs, lu honor of her thirteenth
birthday. Those present outside the
Hates. Jean Blackburn, Knthlcen
Dome, Agnus Lutner, Homer Dlmock,
Douglas Dome, Irene Nordman. The
evening was spent" In games. A vur-
lety of gifts were received.'
Some time ago ft wus found that
there existed In tlie eastern provinces of Canada, viz:   Prince Edward j )m
c. J. W.
Eastman, chief assistant botanist of
the Central Experimental Farm has
prepared a comprehensive circular
entitled Powdery Scab of Potatoes,
which Is Farmer's Circular No. t> of
the division of botany and is available to all who mnUo application for
It to the publications hrnncli of tbo
department of agriculture, Ottawa.
The nature, symtoms, nnd preventative methods aro fully outlined and
the following summary of recommendations for control of powdery scab
are   given::
1. Use only "seed" from a crop
free from the disease.
... Disinfect such "seed" to destroy
any stray disease germs.
!l.   Use land knows to be fret* from
the disease,     in most areas this will
to be land not previously plant*
A  good  number  were  present at  Heea tlmt eve*.yb0(jy \m* iX delightful
tin* Thursday evening dance in Koo<
tenay hall.
Imperial Bank of Canada I
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED        - - $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP 6,925,000.00
I). R. WI1.K1K. I'ren.leiil.
Amounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants
Farmers ami Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit iBBtieil available in any part of
the world.
SAVliNUS DEPAKTMENT- Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.(10 and
upwards received aud interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: It W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Philip Conrad, jr., left on Friday
for (ilenllly.
\V. B. Willan held a church service
in Yahk on Friday.
Joe Whitehead, of Scollard, Alberta,
is in town.
On Friday three caravans passed
through Moyle, the travellers making
for points south.
On Friday evening Mrs. J. T.
Browning gave a launch party, followed by a musical evening.
Goo. Pelletier, civil engineer, of St.
Anne de la Pocatiere, Montreal, is
visiting friends In town.
J. Chlsholm has gone to Kaslo to do
assessment work on his claim.
Walter Jones left last week for
Bull River.
C. Nixon left last week for Glen-
lily, wliere he has obtained employment in the tie camp.
Boating is now enjoyed to the full
extent by the citizens of Moyle.
Miss Gerda Arvldson, of Westra
rihynincis, Doje Vermland, Sweden,
arrived in Moyie last week and is at
present visiting Mrs. O. Nordine.
A meeting of tlie quarterly official
board of the Methodist church was
held in tlie church parlor on Monday night.
A C.P.R. extra gang, the bridge and
building deportment, are now doing
repair work In the vicinity.
Born—At Cranbrook, on April 9th,
to thc wife of J. Parkins, a son.
Mrs. J. Whitehead returned on l
Tuesday from a visit to Cranbrook.
J. W. Fitch left on Tuesday on a
business trip to Cranbrook.
.Master George Smith broke his arm
nn  Wednesday morning and, accom-
I time.
I Mr. Fay, of Jefferson, Wisconsin,
j was in town tills week with the finest
; shoes ever seen with the naked eye
ball, and a smile the width of a cow-
l hide, and the spring of a kangaroo,
i He is a past master in the shoe busl-
| ness, carefully trained like a Federal
'offlce holder.
From now on the American maga-1 near p* B«rns' slaughter house.
zlnes will be full of our war with j	
Mexico, not Spain. A 11KAL NERVE AM)
Miss    Belle    Thompson    returned;  BODY-BUILDING MEDICINE
after a two  weeks visit to Alberta t
points, also Jim the hockey player,    j    We believe Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion
eupleil by tin* Fruit Growers union,    j "*
The ball game on Saturday at the
park between Creston and EriekBou
Juniors, was won by Creston 10—6.
Mrs.  G. A.  Hunt, or  Kitchener,  Is ; Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick | (.,| to potatoes,
visiting friends in town. j and Quebec, a disease of the potato!    4.   l)o not plant potatoes again lu
A public meeting Is called for to-   tuber known as corky or better pow-  i,lIuj  which  has shown  the disease,
night to discuss the advisability of! dery scab, which had probably been  if possible seed such land down
holding a celebration on May 24th.      ' present, at least In some localities, for  grass.
E. Mallandaine and wife are on a  a number of  years,  but not  dlstin-     5,   isolate the crop from any Held
short visit to Windermere. guished from tne disease known as  showing tho disease, and    take   all
The town garbage dumping ground .common scab. possible  precautions    to    avoid  the
has been condemned by the provincial 1    While this disease, under Canadian j fipores from this crop scattered where
board of health as a menace to health , conditions, has so far only in one in- they infect other potatoes,
and a public nuisance. A new site | stance given    indications    of being
has been selected on Kootenay Flats ' more destructive than common scab,
*, is the best remedy made for toning
Edison Diamond Disc
The Phonograph with the new voice
This wonderful Edison achievement is more
than an amusement phonograph. It is a beautiful musical instrument—beautiful in tone and
beautiful in design. It represents years of study
and experiment in sound reproducing and musical acoustics.
The Special Reproducer, wilh ill diamond point, has given the instrument a new
voices—tones of marvelous depth and mellow sweetness.
The records are ol a material heretofore
unknown to record making. Years of playing
will not affect their perfect playing qualities.
All Edison Discs we of thr cabinet (hornless) type, made of rare woods along graceful
lines. Hear this new Edison. Compare it
with any othen you have heard. It is a decided advancement in musical reproduction.
Diic Phonograph
Mihofiny e* In n • l. g<J il - pi * 1 nl
tnrit.li.a-ti    Filled wilh •ulu-
inalir  record i-nJ. ihiwpHuI
•i-rini muloi wilh worm «-»(.
11 ASM 'lia-flond-poi-il reproducer »j,.J
►VOTI*** »Btamr.'ie Hup.
A complrli* line of F.-lin-it Phonoflmplu ind Record* will bt found at
Thoniee. Honeysuckle Drive Cottage.
North Sthar Park, this week.
Mrs. H. Kennedy nntl family are
moving hack to Klko from Reglnn,
j The Musical Shlrleys entertained a
! large audience in the opera house
j this week, and furnished music to
tho dunce after the concert, On ac-
1 count of the heavy rains and the con-
! dltlons of the roads, a groat many
I were unable to attend. But their en-
; tortalnment wns a musical success and
■ nanied by his mother, left on the 8 flatly appreciated Dy all who Heard
o'clock train for Cranbrook to receive!them. ,    .        ,
medical alu :    Four Sky Thunder is in town from
  ' Fort Steele, also Miss Hetty-Hole-ln-
CONCERT AT FORT STEELE ! her-Stocklng, and Mrs. Double Chin
  j from the Palgan reserve.
A very enjoyable evening was i Dawson, "The Robin Hood Warb-
spont on Monday, April 27th, at the ifir." was iu town this week and Boy-
Presbyterian church, Port Steele, themes.
occasion being tlie departure of Mr. 1 Pratt, with Scotch scones, honey
and Mrs. Chambers for Saskatchewan, kisses and nil day suckers; Reynolds
en route to Kngland. Mr. Chambers j with Tetleys old maids joy In one and
Ims given yeoman service to the. three pound packages; a Si-okane
church during IiIb residence here, oc-1 traveller with coffee you'd swear bad
cupying tlie position of superintend- [passed through a sand storm; a Jack
ent of the Sunday school, leader Ofj knife peddlar who's samples would
the Bible class, chairman of the 1 make your hair curl like the back of
hoard of managers, and many times, a Persian lamb nnd others,
occupied the pulpit in a very ac-| Mrs Pakfl( of Brighton, Ontario,
ceptnble manner in the absence of is visitinK ]lor sont r. j, Pake, Elko's
the rcgulur minister. heading druggist.
Mrs. Chambers, has by her charm-
Miss  Inez Holhrook entertained t
large party of young friends to a must-  nerves, enriching the blood, building
cal evening tills week. j up  wasted tissues, renewing health,
The directors of tiie Elko Water, ; strength and energy—the best medl-
tlght nnd Power company held a icine you can use if you are run down,
meeting and decided to take up the : tired out, nervous and debilitated, no
matter of lighting up tlie town. The matter what the cause. It doesn't de-
annual meeting of the shareholders I pend for Its good effect upon alcohol
will be held some time in May, of j or habit forming drugs, because It
which duo notice will be given .contains none. It may not
through the mall and the press. make     you     feel     better      in     u
They had to put wee Gerald on a j few [fours, but it will make
picket rope tills week. you feel better, we are sure, just as
Mr. Kardies, Creat Northern dls-: soon as the tonic and food properties
patellar, Eureka, Montana, was the it contains have a chance to get into
guest of Mr.
it is nevertheless a very undesirable
malady to have permanently established in potato growing land. As a
result of the discovery of powdery
scab, the United States' authorities
through fear of introducing the disease, have enacted that potatoes shall
not enter the United States except
under u rigorous system of certifica-
-ase ti _
ind Mrs. Oka Hastings  the blood and, through the blood Into  nf RHEUMA.'
Tight away—the first day you start to
take RHEUMA—the Uric Acid poison begins lo dissolve and leave the sore joints
End muscles. Its action is little less than
magical.   50 cents a bottle—guaranteed.
Judge Barhorst of Ft. Loraime, Ohio,
siys: "After treatment by three doctors
without result, 1 was cured of a very bad
if Rhf^iatisni, by using two bottlea
6. Pay special attention to the
cleaning, and, If necessary, dllrifec-
tlon of Implements which may carry
the disease.
the rest of the system.   Pure Olive Oil Heattle-Jliirphj Go. Ltd., Agents.
It Quickly Removes Dandruff
Just becaus your hair ls full of
dandruff, thin, streaky, dull nnd never
will do up to look pretty, do not des-
spatr. Beautiful hair, thick, fluffy,
lustrous and absolutely free from
dandruff is only a matter of care.
Parisian Sage frequently applied
will work wonders, Just one application stops Itching head, removes
dandruff and all excessive oil. It
goes right to the hair roots aud furnishes the nourishment needed—the hair
becomes soft, fluffy, abundant and radiant with life.
Parisian Sage not only saves the
hair but stimulates it to grow long
and heavy, Get a 50-cent bottle
from the Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., at
once. There Is no other "J;,st-as-
The city fathers are planning shade
I trees along the boulevards from the
j C.P.R. station to Gospel Hill.
1 Mr. J. Stanhouse, C. Pye and Miss
lAlbertson were Cranbrook visitors
'. this week and took In tho club dance.
ing personality, endeared herself to
the residents of the district. The respect In which they are both held was
shown by the   large   attendance on
i Monday.
Mr. W. J. Duncan presided, and in
a few well chosen words, voiced the I    Mrs. Watson and   Master   Hilton
1 regret of all present at their depar- Scott arrived from  Nelson nnd left
! ture und wished them "bon voyage." j via the Great Northern for Roosville,
; Mr. R. h, T. Galbraith delivered an Tobacco Plains,
interesting address in which he OU-     The   writer  ls   visiting   Gateway,
loglzed the work of Mr. Chambers.     Flagstone and Roosville this week.
' Mr. Chnmbers, who wns very cor- Mr (. *,* Ayr0| manager of the
dlally received, fittingly replied and NorUj star Lumber company, was a
oxprei <ed his intention of returning k0thbrldgo visitor this weak, returning
In three years time. on tl,p (|r(4t tra*n for his snow shoes.
During the evening thc following
II A  Good   Home
is whut ia doar to every num. A honm
is wliere Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
nnd Plenty is founil. Tlmt ii) the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" iB mentioned think of tho
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
I! Canadian Hotel
* •
program was rendered, Mrs. Cooper,
organist, proving herself a most efficient accompanist.
Instrumental  selection	
Mrs. Cooper, Messrs. J. and II.
Song—"Motherland"..Mr. J. Fishlock
Heading   Mr. Kershaw, Sr.
Song—"Sing Me To Sleep"	
  Miss McKenzlc
Messrs. F. Jackson, J. Fishlock,
11. Fishlock, A. Williamson.
Song—"Love's Old Sweet Song"....
  A. Williamson
Recitation—"The Bumper Degree",.
    F.  Jackson
Duet—"Life's Dream is O'er" ....
— Messrs. Fishlock and Jackson
Song—"River of Time'
Strike up the band, W. It. Ross, minister of lands, Is coming to Klko in the
near future nnd will go over the
whole district wilh the writer. It's
possible Sir Richard Mdlride will bo
along to spend 11 week's visit ln the
Itoosville valley, it pays to advertise
If you have thn goods, and know how
to spread the mustard, nnd of course
that means that Jim Scliofield wlll be
along with his grip. All we can say
Is welcome to our little city. Our
heart still bends to our dear friends,
so come early and avoid the rush.
Several delightful social events
took place the past few days, but on
account of our Invitations getting lost
we are unable to give full particulars.
Wesley  Austin, chauffeur    of the
It Is surprising the amount of old,
foul matter the simple mixture ot
buckthorn bark, glycerine, et*.,
known as Adler-i-ka, drains Irom lhe
system. This remedy became tfttiiO'18
hy curing appendicitis and acts on
BOTH thc upptt and lower bowel  Rq
thoroughly tliat ONE DOSE wjIIlvcs
sour stomach, gas on th? stomach
and constipation almost IMMEDIATELY. Wc arc mighty glad we
are Cranbrook agents lor Adlor-l-ka.
—Beattie-Murphy Drug t'n.
After thc    program   refreshments
were served by tho ladles.
Mrs   Cooper.Ab(!nlcen Barngo, left for Cranbrook
'tills week.
R. G. Rookn, formerly news editor
From February 10th to March 31st j0" lllc Nf80n Dfll* Newfl' h« tak™
'charge of the Mall-Herald at Revel-
3.17   parcel  post  packages were  received at the Trail post office and 228
packages were dispatched
Alterations arc being made In the
Colin A. Campbell, an old timer of
Rossland post office building to cope {the Phoenix district, passed away nt
Tlie new Catholic church to bo
erected at PontlCton wlll cost $..,0H0
and tlie house for thc prlost $3,500.
wltli tlie Increased business duo to
the volume of parcels pasing through
the malls.
thnt place hist week. Mr. Campbell
was well known In tho Cranbrook district.
Some Tasks are Hard and
Some Tasks are Easy for
While Few Indeed are Impossible
The ea sya vertising tasks are usually
accomplished through ONE PUBLICATION of the advertisement. The
hard advertising tasks may require REPEATED PUBLICATIONS of the
advertising — sometimes growing into
the dignity of " advertising campaigns."
And, while purely " transient" advertising may not complete the task set for
it. an "advertising campaign" does not
fail if sensible persistence is used. This
means that such difficult advertising
tasks as that of finding ONE BEST
BUYER for your property, or the man
who will be glad to invest in your enterprise, or the best possible tenant for that
store or business property, are SURE
enter upon suitable advertising campaigns.   .
You Are Business-Like in Most Things, and Yet Not an Ad. Reader i
If you'll take the trouble to read the
advertisements carefully, interestedly, in
this and future issues of the " Herald,"
you'll decide that you've been using poor
business judgment in overlooking them
in the past. You'll find,even in your
reading of the advertisements, buying
oppDrtunittes — clues to business opportunities that should be followed up —
money-saving and money-making Facts. THE CRANBROOK HERALD
The store with a Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and BooK Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Whew ItrnyHtoPpftl
A. B, -IllNKH
T. .1, tlimla
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
Let un Quote Vim I'rli'i
You lluilil
Dim aboul your (Jot*ur*t* and
ItiiM'iiient Work
This defect is tlie re-
suit from tlie une-
i)ua 1 curvature of
the principal meridians in the eye.
Cloudiness of vision
may or may not be
present, according
to the nature of tlie
In most cases intermittent dimness
of vision and liead-
acheare experienced.
Specially adapted
glasses give a wonderful relief,
W. li. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
That piece of jewelry yon broke can be made as
good as new at a nominal cost.
Bring it in here to-day and
let us give you a price on it.
We can mond anything iu
reason stones rcsot and jewelry altered to suit your fancy.
jewelers am opticians
Next.to tbe Post Offics
Meet me at Bob's Place.
April 20th Is Ui* end of the fiscal
year in Die C.P.R.
N. M, Lideen, of Invermere, was
among tlit* city visitors this week.
Large assortment children's dresses
2 to 12 yearn, at 85c to $1.26.—Fink
Mercantile Co.
Do not forget tbe
dunce in Maple hall.
Saturday  night
Mrs. J. W, Silence will not receive
this week (Thursday) nr again this
PHONE 8—We handle
Cranbrook Meat Market.
miiy  fresh*
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Duncan McLean was in the city
from Nelson the first of the week. Ho
wus formerly night officer on the local
jjolice force.
Born—On Monday, April 20th, to
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sainsbury, at
their residence, near the city, a
Thc regular tuanthly meeting of
the Women's Institute will he held in
Maple hull nt ■' p.m. mi Tuesday,
May 6th.
Mr. C. Lawrence, inspector of
stores und mechanical accounts for
thu C.P.R., is fn town on a tour or
Mrs,   Fiedler,   mother   of   Mrs. W. •
Ilalsall,   arrived   from   England on
last Saturday■ and  wlll make an ex-,
tended visit with her daughter.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Methodist Church Ladies Aid society;
will bc held at the home of Mrs. Les-
| tor Clapp on Wednesday afternoon,
I May 6th, nt a p.m.
! Large assortment children's dresses
2 to 12 years, at 86c. to $1.25.—Fink
i Mercantile Co.
Uev. W. Kison Dunham Pastor.
Sunday services:: Tlio pastor will
preach at ll a.m. atul 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Why Join the
Bventng   subject:    'individualism:
Salvation   by   Exalting   Self."
This is the third of four addreses
on "Some Solutions Offered for the
Problem of Life."
"l.enrl M
■ Liircl" ..
con brio .
. Keeno
the Auditorium   Tonight,  Friday
and   Saturday
Tomorrow—May    1st—opens     the
trout  fishing season   and u  number
of anglers are preparing to try their
' [ luck  In   some   of   the   many   local
Mr. and Mrs. Hopper, of Winnipeg, 18tream8 ana* ]a|-0B
returned to Cranbrook Monday and I  .
have again  taken  up residence on j    Mr. J. L.   Walker,   accountant for
their farm near the city. j Ira Manning, has heen recommended
  ■ for the position In the local customs
PHONE H—Fresh killed, grain fed j office made vacnnt by the resignation
Strong Repertoire of New Plays Being Shown This Week by Tills
Popular Company
Kvening Service:
Mr. Nidd will give a brief organ recital prior to the evening service.
.Mr.  Thomas   Elmore   Lucy  of  St.
Louis, Mo., will give two vocal solus
during tin* service.
Prelude—1. Coronation march from
"Le Prophets"   Meyerben
2. The Calm of Night 	
Anthem—"0 How Amiable" 	
Offertory—Impreslons du Solr ....
Postlude—Dithyramb Op. 47 No. 2
Mr. Charles t-\ Nidd, organist and
choir muster.
■ At the close of tlie evening service
[Mr. Thomas Elmore Lucy, of St.
' Louis, Mo., will conduct a praise ser-
i vice.
j All ure cordially invited to the
' above services.
Pastor \V. IC, Tin
of Mr. Fred A. Small.
The Allen Players are showing till
this week at tlie Auditorium und ure
proving as   popular   as ever.   ThtB
j company have been making seml-an-
Arthur  J.  Morris,  Horace  Jones, InimI tm,rs through Western Canada
C. H. Whitney, (i. Milford and God-' for  mmy  >'uiirs  an(l  lmve  built  il
frey Vigue, of Windermere,  arrived! reputation   for   square   dealing   and
Chas. J. Little were visitors in the I In the city on Wednesday, .pending Bood   productions   und   their   fume
Windermere country the first of the a couple of days here on business.      grows with   each succeeding   year.
week, making a run up via automo- ■  Miss Venn. Felton, tl.e leading wo-
Martin Conldwell. aged 22 years, man, Is still with the company und *-ouver, wm pnw.ii m mi morning
died at the St. Eugene hospital on'continues to Increase the number of;and. .eV(minB lGrVJC109,
Wednesday night after a six weeks'' devotees und admirers of her very
illness. Tho body wns taken to the clever work. Mr. Norman It. Fues-
undertaklng parlors of F. M. Mac- ler, is the leading man and bus been
pherson and is heing held awaiting seen in Cruubrook before. All of the
Instructions from the brother who re- other members of the stuff are old
killed, choice stock, and our meats are
the best to be had. Give us a trial. -
pork at the Cranbrook Meat Market.
Mr.  Geo. F.  Stevenson   and   Mr.
"0   come   let
I Lord."
Morning service
i S. S. and Bible <
;    Evening service
sing   unto   the
7,30 p.m.
; Mr. J. Gordon Smith, of the de-
| partment of lands, Victoria, arrived in
' the city the first of the week and will
i assist at the local government office
during the expected rush tomorrow
Rev. J. S. Henderson, B.A., of Van-
Selections  by  thc
Choir  leader—Mrs.  E.   Paterson.
Organist—Mr. II. Stephens.
A meeting will be held on Monday
sides hi Windsor, Nova Scotia.
Meet me ut Bob's Place.
25 ladies spring suits, 919.85, Saturday and Monday. Sec nd.—Fink Mercantile Co.
I Robert A. Renwlck. deputy mlnls-
i ter ot lands, arrived ln Cranbrook to-
• day and will be at the local govern-
; ment office tomorrow during the pre-
; emptors rush for lands which will be
opened ln this district.
friends of the theatre-goers and m-^^^^0^
elude:   H.  Irving  Ke'nedy,  Blron  Ba
lk   in   the  church
hall.     All those Interested In social
Large assortment children's dresses -»n. Arthur Kenck, Howard Wiggins, Iaervlce are mvited'
. n .... ._-._         .    - t.....       I      C       t 1.,,, .1,
25 ladles spring suits, 119.85, Saturday and Monday. See ad.—Fink Mer-
Prlngle has returned , °mm Ca .
.       nt       Dn«at lnnrl
Mr. E. Eyton, who has been employed in the local government offlce
for the past two years, lies seriously
ill at the Cottage hospital with dy-
scntry. The doctors hold out but
little hope for his recovery.
Mrs.  J.  A,
from an extended visit ut Portland,
Mrs. C. R. Ward will not receive on
Friday, May first, or again this season.
26 ladles spring suits, $19.86, Saturday und Monday. See ad.—-Fink Mercantile Co.
Mrs. J, (1. Cummlngs will receive
on Friday, May 8th, for the last time
this seasdn.
Kd Slater left Inst week for Vancouver, spending several days at the
coast on business.
Sewing by the duy at your residence. I'lione 880 or apply 212 Arm*
strong avenue. 17-3t*
Edwin Ismay has sold his automobile to M. J. W. Burton, of the Fink
Mercantile company.
to 12 years, at 85c. to $1.25.*
Mercantile Co.
The following is the line-up of the
Cranbrook lacrosse players going to
Fernie Mny first: Goul, 11. McKay;
point. Moore: cover point. Duffy; first
defense. E. II. McPhee; second defense. C. Leitch; third defense, W.
Chambers; center, l-nfleur; third
home. Heaburn; second home. McGregor or Manahan: first home. J.
Callahan; outside home, Wm. Matthews!; Inside home, McMillan.
Mrs.  iv   1-    Paxman.    ,>f    Purplt
Springs  Alberto, Is in the city touav
.   ,.     .       ,*.e-..i   «„i    m*  i lookil*K for her son.    who    she Inst
lay and Monday, $16.00—Fink Mer- .      , , .    .
„.." V 'heard from about two months ago at
Hosmer, B.C .    She  heard of    the
Any man's suit in the store Satur-
Cbns. Clapp, ('has. Connors, Ernest,
Leiper und Miss Lillian Fischer, bu-
, sides Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
During tills week they nre showing
an absolutely new repertoire of plays.
, Monday they opened with "The Woman," which Is the feature production
, of their present repertoire. This j
piny is a strong political drama deal-;
' lug witli graft and scandal ln high
public life at Washington, D.C. Miss
Wanda Kelly, us Interpteted by Miss
< Felton, plays the leading part In
saving a legislator's reputation   and
{honor. Miss Kelly was a telephone
girl In tiie Hotel Keswick, and acted
1 upon Information which she overheard while In the discharge of her
Rev. J. S. Henderson, B.A., of the
Social Service and Evangelism Department, of the Presbyterian church
will deliver an address.
Knox Literary and Debating Society on Wednesday evening, S p.m
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Public worship of God, 11.00 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday school 3 o'clock.
Fellowship Bible class. 3.00 p.m.
Baptist Young People's Union, Monday, 8.00 p.m.
Weekly prayer service, Wednesday,,
cantlie Co.
duties.    It was one of the best roles [ 8.00 p.m.
cruihnmk I ml o »> r             ,.     >*htim w,lkl1 MlHS Felton nas been 8cen I   Jun,or B.Y.P.U, Friday, 4.15 p.m.
A crew of men have been engaged | lUikt tl,1°_1",,. ».„ . ,_i-_. '?.*. 'in Cranbrook aud the audience vocl- j    Week-end prayer   meeting   Satur-
llou. Thomas H.
tor in, is among the
clalB in tlie city this
Taylor, of Vie
government olll
Mr. P. E. Wilson bas received notification or his appointment as crown
prosecutor  for the  Fernie district.
Mr.-*. (Dr), John Barber, of Fernie, was the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs.
j. D. McBrldo for n few days in»t
26 ladles spring suits, (10.85, Sutur-
duy aud Monday. See ad,--Fluk Mercantile Co,
by the city the past week grading the
alleys on Baker Hill on both sides of
Harden evenue. Louis street was
also graded aud a drain built to
carry off the water from the two
streets into the creek.
] Mr. Irving, of the Dominion Dairy
! department, was in the city last week
doing some Inspection work of the
provincial department. He Inspected
lhe dairy herd of J. A. Pringle. Mr.
, Pringle has a number of cows he Is
entering for advanced registration.
i I'll ON E K--Fresh sausages daily.
. We make them on thc premises and
i ran recommend them —Cranbrook
Meat Market.
At the Young   Men's   Club   Mondaj
Night, at UM
Fred. A. Small, who has been connected with the custom's office here
and at Kingsgate for the past seven
years, has resigned his position and
will leave next week for Canal Flats,
where he will open up a general merchandise store. The new store building Is now under construction and the
stock of goods have been ordered and
he expects to be ready to open during the month of May.   Mr. Small will
nrry groceries, boots and shoes and
general merchandise. Mrs. Small
will remain In the city for some time,
Joining her husband as soon as a suitable residence can be provided. The
best wishes of the Herald, and his
many friends In the district, are extended to Mr. Small for his success In
his new venture.
Any man's suit In tbe store Saturday and Monday, $16.00—-Fink Mercantile Co.
John D. Cameron, of Winnipeg, general manager for the Gordon Ironsides
& Fares company, wholesale meat
packers and exporters, stopped off tn
the city the first of the week on his
way through from the coast for a
visit with his brother, It. D. Cameron,
secretary of the Hy. Y.M.C.A. Mr.
Cameron reports business conditions
brightening up on the prairie, but
from all Indications there wlll not be
any stimulus to business this season.
Any man's suit In the store Saturday and Monday, $16.00—Pink Mercantile Co.
that this might be a good place to lo-
I oate him or find someone who Itr. tws
1 his whereabouts, she is remaling ;n
; the city for o few days and Is advertising extensively for news of her
I son, Andrew L. Paxman.
Mike Stojack, ft Slavonian who resided opposite the school house on
Cranbrook street, wns arrested this
week on a i*h,irge of wife beating and
was sentenced for thirty days by
Magistrate Arnold. His daughter
brought charges against him nnd her
husband, James Hnkorcyk, charging
theni with committing nn unnatural
crime and they were both sent
for trial.
Lee John, ou
ferously applauded    throughout
three strong acts.
On Tuesday evening "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary" proved a laughable farce with a strong moral point
and one which pleased all present.
Tlie program for the balance of the
week .Is as follows: Friday "A Fool
There Was," and Saturday "The Man
From  Mexico."
the | day 8.00 p.m.
Topic for Sunday services: Morning, The Lord's Prayer series "Forgiveness." Evening, "What Must I Do
To Be Saved?" "What a Minister of
Religion Did to Oet Saved." This will
be the first of a series of evening addresses on the question: "What Must
I Do To Be Saved?" All are Invited.
Sundays—Low mass at 8:30 a.m..
Mr. Frederick Becker and Miss Vio-1 high muss, 10:30 u.m.; Sunday School
let Bury were married at the home of  from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary nnd Bene-
A. Grant on Dewar avenue on Wed- diction at 7:30. p.m.
nesday evening, April 29th, at 8.30!    Mondays and holy days of obllga-
up o'clock bv Rev. W. K. Thomson, pas- i t|on— Maaa at 8 *11"-
tor of Knox Presbyterian church. A     Week days-Mass at fi u.m. at the
of the prominent and number of the friends of the con- uOBpltal.
well known residents of Chinatown,
wns arrested for having opium In his
(possession and was lined $100 and
trading parties were present at the j
ceremony. They will make their
home In this city the groom being
employed ns stationary engineer with
the cranbrook Steam laundry.
p. Plamondon, O.M.I.
'    It looks us If the old favorite sport
!or football Is going to be revived lu
m:\xinu immvx the news!'™" J1"! y,ca,r; AJeag"\i,as "?f"
  j formed, Including tho Bankers,   tlie
Them In no newn In thin settlement j V.M.C.A.  and  the Ancient Order ot
to speak ot.   Wo did hear of a man Foresters,    and a   BChedule of   six
Wearing Apparel
Tha. wm Appeal to You
kUR Suits and Coats
are made up in nothing but the best
quality materials and the
fit and workmanship are
unexcelled. We guarantee every garment we sell
to give perfect satisfaction.
Our prices, too. are exceptionally moderate We
want you to see the splendid values we are offering.
Prove, for yourself, these
statements by inspecting
them. Come in and try
them on. You will not be
urged to buv.
Coats   $5 to $25
Suits   $15 to $45
New Shoes
We are now showing the
fines! range of shoes for wo
men and children that has
ever been shown here. The
loath ers are thn very fluest
Thoy come in Patents, Kids.
Gun Metals, Suedes, Box
Calfs, Velours and Dongola a,
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
*»           ^m
Fi rrtow, Mo.. J»n. 1.1913.
K«ai IwmrTB.
.-;    ■.--..!   Mi-«oun
<>-■••-..•.'-Y..» iisi, nif ht>w 1 Km
t™ ^■T^T^nlta^M
yMresra dm over two jreartaco and
can trgU.fu.lly »y 1 hive n**ver witni-
*si a drmk   frr-m  th»i <laj   to  thir
Your core i»  nitty a wonder and I
know it ii laving many who tak* it.
Two of my neighbor* hive tiken it
and thev ir»? now both  ROM and up-
right men.   May ynu poatn the work
along    It  it a biessing   to any  man
tint drinks.    Pobli*h *.t. - leuer if
fn want to.
CRANBROOK                           BRITISH COLUMBIA
Cranbrook Electric Light Company, Limited
New Rates for Users of Motors, Electric Irons, Toasters,
Stoves, Heaters, Etc. :
First 400 h.-p. at 6c. per h.-p. hour.
St-curid 400 h.-p. at 5c. per h.-p. hour.
Over800 k-p, as4J*$c.per h.-p. hour.
These rates apply to electricity consumed between the hours of 7 a.m.
and 7 p.m. from the 1st of March to the Ist of September; and from 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. the remainder of the year.
On motors there will be a charge of per h.-p. capacity in addition t*
these rates, as ~
On motors from I to 15 h.-p.—Up to 60 h.p. consumed, $1.00 per h.-p. per month.
ioo ■•      ■*       ..r*o
200   " " .Vi
Over 200 h.-p. consumed no charge per h.*p.
On motors oterlOh.-p.—L'p to 100 h.-p. consumed, SOc. per h.-p. per month.
200   :■ "       2oc.
Over 200 h.-p. consumed, no chirge per h.-p.
You are "cordially invited to the demonstration at our office between the
3rd and 15th of next month.
ford lot fimr
onl fur lull '
*>k,nnd lent
■rk after
I wIiokc lioml wus blown off by n boiler
UxiuuhIoii, but wa didn't linvc tlmt' to
Kiimt's bun been nrraiiRr-d between tlie
three tenniH, the first match tu take
Th.- following does now ln the city
pound will. If not claimed within three
days, from date will be disposed of:
One black collie dag, white breast.
One bluck Cocker Spaniel.
Ono White Fox Terrier, brown enrs
One Collie, old dog.
One brown mongrel,
P. Adams,
Chief of Police
lltWIli Sn fi'rS'Sbi&^a.d toa'n" I know whether ho"got ont or not, aa I j   Come out on May 8th and boost for
*Kil!»iM,*. Tii.jk».itujiara had l0 b„ agolriB „„„,,( t,,,, Mm„ they!the boys.
went for a rope to let down to him.    I ■	
IHMHi I housekeeper (or famil)
ot three. Elderly lady preferred
Apply  P. 0.  Box 878. l.S-lf
! learn his nuiue. Anyhow he didn't idace on May Sttf on the Agricultural
.have no kinfolk In this country, so it [association grounds, between thc An-
j don't much matter. ' dent Order   of   Foroatara   and the
While going to prayer meeting the j Hankers.
i other night, guided by faith and a j   The three teams have secured thc
\ lantern, our preacher tell Into a dry  best plnyers fn thc town  nnd some
well about twenty reel deep.   I don't' exciting gumes are expected.
FOR SALE.—Young m»rc harness
and buggv. Apply llox I, Herald
Oflloe. 2-tt
PIH8 Mill MI.K. lining und eld.
Young pigs at »,"..lill each Apply
Herald offlce. 117-2t
very cheap, suitable fur warehouse,
dry, electric light.   Apply llerald.
Vim mill
Vitality' for Ni*rni ni"l Hraln; dicrrn'-o-.-'i'njy
natter"jaTonlo—wlll I'UiM yon tip. w n iio*.nr
two for $v nl 'Inn* storm, nr by until nn rwelfrt
of prii i' THI BOOBEIJi PstTO Co., >•'. I'd.latrines*,
MILITANT 8UFFBAGETTE    i   A fftrmer whD was carl7in« an e*'
IT Ul tABltOGK ',,rPSti *aac*{f*Ke l*rom a l'!ty ma" or(,pr
house wan accoBted hy a local mer-
On Monday nnd Tuoaday. May 4th
Ifatrhlnir fpRH from pure bred i and 6tli, wlll appear at tlie Auditor-
Single Comb White Leghorn*; good lum theatre, Mall and Menzlen In
laying strain, $1.60 per 13; $7.00 per'"The Duke and the Talkative Udy."
100. Thin la a high class Knglish roniedy
Hiiti'hlng eggs from good laying j team. They have played all the beat
fltrntn of pekin UuekH, 91.60 per 10;. Kngllnli halls and arc now on their
110.00 per 100. | round-the-world tour.   Everyone who
Hatching egg* from  Kiiglinh bred likes good, clean, mid funny comedy,
Indian Runner Ducks; limited number,(that absolutely reeks of tl.e old fcoun-
92.00 per 10. 'try, should not miss this.   In ad litlnn
Apply to this there will he a Ono Hn.- of
ATCHISON'S lllli.TUY RANCH,   i pictures.
chant. "Why didn't you buy that bill
of goods from me? I could havo waved
you the express, and besides you
would have been patronizing a home
store which helps pay the taxes and
build up this locality." With characteristic the farmer asked: "Why don't
you patronize your home paper and advertise? I read It nnd didn't know
you had the goods I have here, nor dn
I ever see your nnme in the paper Inviting one to come to your store."
The Pomotropie.
WANTED—Posl len   tin  housekeeper.
Desires situation where lady can
have her daughter, aged 13, with
her.    Apply Queens hotel.     ls-lt*
$l,ft0 f'»r 10; also fresh cream Tor
sale. Phone Awmack's ranch or
Box 142. 16-3t
DONT IMV HKYr. We will hulld yen
a house to order, buy the lot and
hulld to suit you. if you want a
home of your own. drop me a card.
Box  A.B.C. I8-tf
hatching ((S.C); Kvangellne strain
$2.00 for 13. Wlll treat you right
Male bird for sale.—L P, Sullivan,
llox 403, Cianbrook, B.C.        12-tf
FOB SALE—New Democrat, cost J155,
for sale 190.   Apply  Herald.       tf
I.U.I.i; LOTS. Small price, HOOJMt
cash or terms; off Watt Avenue.
compare these with Others. Apply
Guy Russell, opposite Billy .Vale's
residence,  P,0,    Box,    Cranhrook,
B.C. 17-4t*
TAII.OIHM>.—Udles suits c\ttMH
and prosed; Chicago experience.™
Miss Baker, near Leask's store.   i;i-tf
FOK   SALE   CHEAP-Young   marc,
four years old, very gentle, harness,
buggy, cutter, will wurk. Just tb«
thing for rancher. Apply llerald
office. tf*
from June 1st; elegantly furnished
house; nice lawn and garden; one
of the nicest houses in Cranbrook.
Can be seen by appointment only.
Phono 67. l -it
TO KENT—Comfortable four roomed
cottage wltii hath and all modern
conveniences, fenced, use of kitchen
range and heater. $20 per month
Including water.   Apply Herald.
RAN) II    TO    RENT - Comfortable
house, Mablt- for six horses, about
10 acres broken, good grazing land,
plenty wood aud water. Apply Herald Office.
Hill    RENT   (Mm*
cottAge   with   hath
light, large cordwood shed, kitchen
range and healer, good location,
fenced. Three minutes walk from
1*0. Furnished or unfurnished. Apply phone 317. li4P
-Four   roomed
phone, clcctr.*!*"" .HALL-8.
,C   While . Leghorn
eggs, f 1.50 per setting: Partridge
Wyandotte eggs. $1.50 per setting.
Fertility guaranteed. Iiaby chicks a
specialty. Apply 83. H. Slater.
phone 292. U « «
Pew people like to take physic, especially salts, because they are so
disagreeable to take and because ot
the gripping and pains they cause.
Reiall Orderlies enable you to take
less physic, and all without griping,
purging or excessive looseness. Salts
and harsh physics usually give only
temporary relief and often leave the
bowels worse off than before.
Rexall Orderlies move the bowels
promptly, and soothe, tone and
strengthen the Intestinal muscles,
leaving them healthy and regular In
action. They taste like candy, and
the movement they cause ls as easy
and natural as though your bowels
were in perfect health and you never
had to take any physic at all. We,
have so much faith in them with tlte
understanding that, it they do not sat-1
Isfy you in every way, all you have to
do to get your money back ls to tell
us. Wo honestly believe them to bn
the best bowel remedy made. In vest J
pocket tin boxes; 10c, 25c, 50c.
You can buy Rexall Orderlies onlyj
at the Ilexall Stores, and In this town
only of us.   Beattie-Murphy Co,, Ud.
«(    Attendance   (or   the
Month ot April
•   I 15
4 £ n
- <
F. O. Dexter    2
Miss DarklB    3
Miss   Bechtel     4
Miss Suttahy    5
Miss Richards    6
Mis, MacDonald  7
Miss  Cartwright  8
MlBS  Faulkner     9
Miss Pye  10
Miss MacDonald's room-
7—wins the Nelson Shield
29 88.08
119 74.74
37   90.45
43 91.01!
44 95.31
51   115.1)1
48   88.15 |
47   91.81 j
62   84.03
-Division !
for   the
Division 10
Albert Badham
Malcolm Brogan
Meryl Carson
Hlng Gun
Dorothy Henderson
Madge Johnson
Gladys Johnson
Paddy Kennedy
Ralph Ladds
Grey Moseley
Florence Renlx
Gertrudo Scott
Hilton Slater
Willie Stuart
Irene Taylor
Davie Watson
Wllhelmlne Woodman
Rovenna McGlnnls
Division 9
Dorothy Dufour
Marjorle Dufour
Hector Hernlman
Wilfred Jolllffe
Stanley Kimball
John Lancaster
Helen McGoidrlc
Murray McFarlane
Jack Ogden
Eddie Spence
William Selby
Raymond St. Eloi
James Taylor
Douglas Thompson
Kate Watson
Edward Jecks
Delia Baxter
Hum Wong
Clyde MacKinnon
Eunice Parrel
Reginald Parret
Olive Simpson
James T. Taylour
Ralph Robinson
Wong Hong
Gerald Bartlam
Howard Brogan
Edith Caslake
Elizabeth Chapmun
Gerald CHne
Stanley Fyles
Hlng Hlng
Murray Henderson
Eneas Hoggarth
Alfred Jolllffe
Roderick Kennedy
Dorothy Leask
Margaret Leask
Jimmy Logan
Donald Morrison
Helen Muller
Patricia McDermot
Freda Osborne
Wllma Park
Isabel Parker
Hope Taylor
Gordon Woodman
Ruby Applcyard
Kred Briggs
Leonard Burton
Delia Foster
Faith Ewin
Lenore Hill
Gabrlella Hamilton
Gertrude Hopkins
Ella Kendall
Roy Leask
Maud Malcolm
Murtliu Messlnger
Stanley Moffatt
John Moffatt
Hugh Macdonald
Joseph Mueller
Cyril Selby
Maud Scott
Ruth Simpson
John Stevens
Garlleld Taylor
Norman Wasson
Sam Watson
Helen Worden
Bessie Woodman
Division 7
Delphine Bennett
Christine Carson
Charlie Chapman
Ralph Oreen
Hugh Hanna
Herman Hollander
Russell Leask
Lily Lancaster
Ella McOoldrlc
Marlon MacKinnon
Alma Sarvis
Kathleen Snook
Viola Sarvis
Hugh Simpson
John Turner
Freda Taylor
Keith Wasson
Flossie Robinson
Marion Drummoni,
Mary Carson
Donald Dallas
Harry McDonald
Verne Woodman
Harry MuBser
Roy Roblchaud
Division 5
Irene Beech
You Can
Next time you step into the corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were not
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in, You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements,
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it,
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results
H REMEMBER! The ointment
vou put on your child's skin gets
into tlie system just a, surely as
food tlie child eats. Don't let
impure (atsand mineral coloring;
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointments contain) get
into your child's blood I Zam-
lluk is purely herbal. No poisonous coloring. Use it always.
Box al All Dmnlstt ami Stem.
Nina Belanger
Gladys Brooks
Kiil,y Deacon
IS race Doris
Hattlo Hollander
Jennie Hopkins
Therssa Johnson
Faith Kendall
Ruth Kendall
Wilfrid Kennedy
Harold Leask
Annie McBlrnle
Grace McFarlane
Mabel McOoldrlc
Edith Murgatroyd
Doris Sainsbury
Alfred Sindall
Clifford St. Eloi
Crossley Taylor
Edward Turner
David Watson
Muriel Baxter
Gordon McKenna
Grenvillc Musser
John Noble
Nettle Robinson
Josephine Severe
Harry Webb
Mubel Flnley
Ida Johnson
Mary Mann
Evelyn Moore
David Reekie
Margaret Lacey
Ferris Bouzan
Frank Bridges
Philip Briggs
Mcrritt Leask
Sydney Murgatroyd
Edwin Malcolm
Alex. Mennle
Mary Malcolm
Agnes Reekie
Margaret St. Eloi
Gladys Spenco
Division 2
Vuda Boyter
Helen Bridges
Alice Brown
Bernadette Doyle
Delia Greaves
(Irmii McNabb
Harriet Moffatt
Vigil Snnto
Winifred Webb
Harry Doris
Chinese, Japanese and  Hindus Excluded by New Interpretation
of Order-ln.CouncIl
Vancouver, B.C., April 29.—Asiatics ot all races will be barred (rom
entry into Canada under an interpretation of order-ln-council 897, details of which were made public today to representatives of trans-Paci-
llc lines by Malcolm R. J. Reed, superintendent of immigration.
The new Interpretation has made
the order-ln-councll applicable to
Chinese, Japanese and Hindus and will
become effective on May 31.
The entry of laborers, skilled and
unskilled, us artisans into British
Columbia was prohibited for a period
of six months. At tho expiration of
that time the order was extended tor
another six montlis, or until September 30th. This order keeps out
ull labor under the head named, both
whlto and yellow, but there was
some misapprehension as to how It
would affect Chinese who wore prepared to pay the head tax of $500.
Under tho ruling received today,
Chinese wlll not bo allowed in at all
except certain classes, such as tourists, students or merchants. The
possession of $500 for the head tax
wlll avail them not at all, and the
bars will be as rigidly enforced
against Chinese, Japanese and Hldus
against Chinese, Japanese and Hindus
are already almost barred under or-
ders-ln-councll, which call for
direct routo and the {possesion at
The new ruling will strengthen
these orders-ln-councll and a shipload
l Hindus coming on a chartered vessel direct from India and each having
the money qualification will he kept
out of the country as classes of labor
prohibited. Notice was today served
upon the Canadian Pacific railway
and the Blue Funnel line, which
handle all the Oriental trade here.
Evening Wisconsin: Speculation
has been rife on this subject for a
long time, and there are numerous
theories. None is more Interesting
than that which affirms that a favorite song of the soldiers of Taylor
and Scott ln the campaign of 1846-
48 was the rollicking lyric of Robert
Burns, "Green grow the rushes, 0."
This ls sung to an old Scottish air,
which Burns modernized and Improved, and ln which he pays a handsome
compliment to women:
"Dome  Nature swears
The lovely dears
Her noblest work she classes, Oh.
Her prentice nan'
She tried on man.
And then she made the lasees, Oh."
j    No wonder that tho song was a
' favorite with the brave fellows far
! from  homo and natlvo land whose
j fancy loved to dwell on dear ones
j thoy had   left   behind.    When   the
: Mexicans heard tho Americans alng-
j ing "Green grow tlie ruBheB," they
had not the remotest Idea what it
' wus all about, but they supposed It
I must be the American national an-
! them, nnd from that time their name
i for tlio Americans has been "Gringos,"
If there nro one hundred people In
tlifs town who suffer from Indigestion,
dyspepsia, or any other form of stomach complaint, wo believe we can
suggest a i emedy that will relieve at
I least ninety-eight of them, and per-
i haps every ono of the hundred.
We'll do more than suggest the remedy—we'll premise to give back the
money to each and every one of the
' hundred that are not relieved. That's
! how much faith we have In Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Containing Pepsin and Bismuth,
two of tho great digest!"
to medical science, as well as other
necessary Ingredients, Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets, soothe the Inflamed
stomach lining, aid the secretion of
gastric Juice, check distress and
heartburn, promote regular bowel action and make It possible for you to
eat what you like and as much as
.vou like v/ithout foar of consequences.
Don't suffer any longer from dyspepsia or Indigestion. Use Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets, and you wlll be
Just us ready to urge them as we are,
and Just i.s ready to urge them on
your friends. Sold only at the Rexall
Stores, and In this town only by us.
Three sizes, 26c., 60c. and ll.M.—
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Paris, April 27—A British king and
queen made the first state entry In.
to Purls ln the history of the French
republic, and also in the longer his-
tory of tho city of Paris, when King
George and Queen Mary, attended by
their suite made a !state progress
through the streets. Only on one
other occasion hue a British sovereign accompanied by the queen visited Paris, when King Edward accom
panied by Queen Alexandra came In
February, 1907. This visit, however, was not official. Their majesties travelled Incognito as the Duke
and Duchess of Lancaster, and stayed at thc British embassy.
Crossing from Dover to Calais, the
king and queen travelled to the
Gare du Nord, where they entered the
underground system to complete
their Journey to the Bols de Boulogne.
There President Poincare and Madame Poincare formally received their
royal visitors.
Last Tuesday their majesties attended a banquet given in their honor
by President and Madame Poincare
at the Slysee Palace.
Sir Edward Grey and his secretary
are in residence at the British embassy.
The greeting accorded King
George nnd Queen Mary was a flattering one. The evening newspapers published their welcome to the
royal couple In EngllBh.
Coast Conservative papers claim
Sir Richard McBride has the appointment as high commissioner to
London ln his pocket, or assurances
to the some effect. If bo, British Co
lumbia may prepare to say farewell
to one "native son." sir Richard bas
pledged the credit ot British Colum
bia, It is said, for something more
than a hundred million dollars. In return the only new country opened _,
is the 200-mlle stretch between Tete
Jaime and Kamloops, and speculators
have been allowed to grab all the
land In this Btretch they were willing
to take a chance on being able to re-
sell. The money which the province
got for this, and all the rest of the
public domain that has been sold, Ib
gone, and the government had to ask
the leglBlaturo at thc recent session
for powor to borrow ten millions for
public works.   If sir Richard Is wise
and has the chance, ho will go
1-ondon. It will be much more plea
aant to explain the frult-farmlng pos
nihilities   of   British   Columbia  <•
wealthy younger sons tn England
than to explain the choatlc ruin o
British Columbia's financial status t<
the riotous population of that prov
Ince.—Kdmonton Bulletin.
The man whose trousers are baggy
at the knees may never say his prayers.
Some of the most exclusive people
In the world are In Jail.
Many a man Ib whole-souled whose
shoes are not.
Thc soolal Hon generally haa the
soul of a rabbit.
Beauty Is only skin deep. The
chicken can't sing liko the nightingale, but 11 Is a heap better to eat.
The peo ile wbo tell ns not to cry
over spilled milk are those who don't
Just for 2 Days Only
SATURDAY and MONDAY, MAY 2nd & 4th
Your choice of 25 Ladies1 New, Spring Suits
Regular $22.50 and $30.00
For $19.85
Any Man's Suit in the Store
For Two Days Only
SATURDAY and MONDAY, HAY 2nd & 4th
i I
like milk.
All the stage robbers arc not theatrical managers.
Even a good fellow may reform.
Many a small man rises to the occasion where a big man shrinks from
his duty.
The heaviest collection plate
doesn't always Indicate the most religion.
Lots of women who claim to feel as
young as they look don't look It.
The Household Remedy
Many a girl with eyes like a startled |
fawn has an appetite like an ostrich.
Many a man with a big head has j
small ideas.
I.W A Y S   keep a bottle  of  Eno'i In
( the house in readiness for an emergency.
There it not the leant danger of any   ill
effect or improper use in any case, at its action
is entirely in accord with Nature.
Eno's "Fruit Salt"  containa  tho   valuable
constituents of ripe fruit in a portable, agreeable
and simple  form, and ft in every   respect as
harmless as the juices of the* iiuitt from which
it is obtained.
Sold in  all the principal townt and cities of
Prtpartd onlv by
}. C. ENO, UA, "Frait Salt" W.rti.Ua-J*, fa*
Aatats far Caaada i
HaraM f. RltcUs * C*..Uu..t*4
10 McCaol St., TORONTO
Application for a license to take
and use water will be made under thc
"Water Act" of British Columbia as
1. The name of the applicant is
Florence Edith Tibbetts.
2. The address of the applicant is
Marysville, B.C.
3. The name of the stream is:
Unnamed spring rising on lot No.
10367, Group One, Kootenay District. Spring rises on south-east
corner of said lot. •The spring has
Its source ln Lot 10367, and flows in
a south-westerly direction, and sinks
about 100 feet from rising point on
Lot 10368, Group One, Kootenay
4. The water is lo be -diverted
from the.spring where It Blnks on
Lot 10367, 75 feet from northern
boundary line of Lot 10368, (i.i..
5. The purpose for which the water
will be used ls irrigation.
6. The land on which the water is
to be used Ib described as follows:
Lut No. 10368, Group One, Kootenay
7. The quantity of water applied
for ls as follows: Ten (10) inches.
8. This notice wns posted on the
ground on the 1st day of May, 1914.
9. A copy of thw notice and an
application pursuant thereto aud to
the requirements of the "Water Act"
will be filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C. Objections may be filed with thc said
Water Recorder, or with tho Comptroller of Water Rights, Purl lament
Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
18-5t Florence Edith Tibbetts.
Reasons Why You Should Read
SUNSET, The Exposition flagazine
The Only Magazime containing Up-to-date Mies relative to lie Panama-Pacific International
Exposition. San Francisco, 1915, and the Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915.
Illustrated in colors
SUNSET should be read by every automobillit because it presents
monthly articles of Interest concerning delightful trips. At the
present time a series of splendid illustrated articles by E. Alexander,
F.R.G.S.. i< running. Mr. Powell tells of a trip from Tla Juana on the
Mexican line to British Columbia. The trip was of such magnitude
and of such absorbing interest that twelve articles are necessary to described the events. This is declared by our readers to be the best automobile scries ever published by any magatine in thc United States.
Fiction lovers should read SUNSET because wc are sparing no ex
pense to purchase the best cffoits of the best writers in America to-day.
A ripping good tale is that by William R. Lcighton, author of the "Billy Fortune" stories. "The Man Who Won." a serial of absorbing in-
terest by this famous story teller has just begun. Another serial by the
author of "The Lanagan Stories" will start shortly, an amateur detective story of San Francisco society life. It is a corker. Each month
SUNSET presents three or four stories by the best known of American
authors.   They are equal lo the best you will find in any magatine.
Business men will be interested in the scries of articles soon to start
by Arthur Street, awell known writer, who Is now touring tbe Islands
of the Pacific and Eastern countries, digging up vital statistics and information relative to the impending contest for supremacy of the Pacilic.
The opening of the Panama Canal will cause some lively scrambling
for the trade that is sure to flow through it. Who will get thc bulk of
it? Why should Merchants be alert and on the job? There will be
plenty of meat in these articles. Mr. Street is going right after ihe real
stuff that will mean dollars to American business men.
SUNSET each month contains color pictures that are undoubtedly
the most beautiful carried in any magatine on the news stands to-day.
These wonderful color pictures have set SUNSET apart from other
magazines as distinctive. No only are they faithful photographic reproductions of scenes on the Pacific Coast, but are really colored by one
of the best color artists in America. Every issue contains pictures worth
Have you read our department "Pulse of the West?" It is the
"meat in the cocoanut" concerning things Western. This department
is conducted by Walter V. Woehlke, acknowledged the best posted man
on Western topics writing to-day.
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.50 the year
Canadian Postage, 50c. extra
Foreign Postage, $1.00 extra
Home Office, 460 Fourth Street
San Francisco


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