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Cranbrook Herald Oct 30, 1919

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 _____________ r
THURSDAY,   OCTOBKK   80, 1919
NUMBER      lis
Ou Monday, October 27th, at Uio
I Knoz Presbyterian church, Mr. Vincent D. Sullivan at Philadelphia and
i Miss Violet May Chambers ot Green-
' wood, were uulted In marriage by the
, Rev. Hugh MsKay Lyon, paBtor ol
j Knox church.
  j    There were present to witness tiu,
I ceremouy only a lew ot the Intimate
CRANBROOK TO  BE GIVEN  PUB-1 Mends ot (he contracting parties.
Peace lreaty    ™m
to be Ratified
November 11
Meelliut In lie Held Here Wediie»day
Neil and Will be Attended
by Outside Delegates
Preparing Blue
Book of Roads.
Uilt-Hini Firm Ha* Representatives In I
Field ou Important Mission i
Here UM Week-Knd.
LONDON, 0;'. Ma-it ifn ftaKl
ln Ihe Utilise of Commons today that
the ratllleutluo ol thc German treat)
ut Pari* and the proclamation of
peace Ik likely lo be settled Armistice Ray.
The rooiiuuH!- is debating the gov-
rmweul motion assuring the support of the heuse to Hie drastic
program of economic-* which In regarded an a voe ef contldeuce, and
It In not expected the go rem ment
will be defeated.
The Siratlieona trust prize, the firm
prl/.e Riven to the class *'f each Inspectorate showing the nearest 100
per rent, average et&oiency in physical
drill, health, and penerul Bchool work
has been captured again hy the Central  school of  Oranbrook.
This is the flfl.li yenr the prize has
been awarded and the Cranhroolt Oon-
ral school ims annexed li four out
of live timet-..
The clone taugnl by Mr. K, 8,
Shield.*, was successful in winning the
coveted prize three oul of four times.
i t'hurles M. Emery, of the Antonio-1
jbilo Blue Book Publishing Company,!
Many matters of importance were J of Chicago, who has been on tho road |
discussed und committees appointed i since January lst, logging roads, andj
at an executive meeting of the Board j only recently from tlie Yellowstone j
of Trade, hold at tlte .president's of-1 National Paik through to this city,
flee Tuesday morning.. \ paid Cranbrook a visit last Saturday,!
It Ir Uie Intention of the Hoard to i and was entertained by the Automo-]
MUSKEGON. Mich., Oct. 29— 'livm,
ty-one persons, ofliclnly not counted.
fourteen nf whom are known to linve,
tost tlieir livos in tne Bin king of nit*,
Big Coal Strike
Thought Certain
and Lenine on
Best of Terms
LO N RON. Oct. 'JH.-Lieut.-l -.1.
s-; ni nu- Malone, H.l\ after a daring
tlalt In lYtrogrud, says that Trotsky
and l.enine are working together la
harmony. Re avers Petrograd can-
not be taken before winter.
Meiiikhie has gone over to Von
Her lialtx nnd the l<triaau-Russian
eommaiid aud lias lost the confidence of the Allies.
The Ifa.Khnlst plans for tbe seizure of tbe House of Parliament and
Whitehall have Just come to light
and one of the conspirators has been
The following despatch trom Vancouver tells of the death of a former
minister of Cranbrook:
"Rev. William Elson Dunham, pastor of the Sixth avenue Methodist
church, died Sunday morning from
diphtheria, after les;; than a week's
illness. He wns born ia St. John's
N.B., -11 years a^o A brother lives
in Toronto."
! Crosby liner lake stcrmer Muskegon,
(yesterday, which was driven into n
' pier by a gale she had battled witli
boost  Oranbrook  to  the   limit  In  a   oile   association   nnd   the  Board   of
campaign mapped out in conjunction ' Trade.
with .he Good Hood* AMoolatloh, so     ■• did un. ■*•■■» Mr. Emery long tjl- ,
that wllh the opening ot the tourist interest the assemblage In 1.1. work, | « ^
Reason Cranbrook wilt get her share' which has a circulation of over 250,
000 In the United States alone.
of Hie tourist trade.
The matter of advertising in the
Blue  Book  was discussed  at some jti0n of patronizing the book to the at
length, and tho secretary' waB Instructed to confer with tho Windermere and Fernie boards of trade to
ask their co-operation in advertising
the East Kootenay district extensively.
The Good Roads Association of out-
     It was
unanimously decided to bring the cptes-
heavy seas.
tendon of u special meeting of the
board, at which time, no doubt, Immediate steps will be taken to have
Cranbrook entered as a contestant for
the tourist trade.
It appears that the general -public
lying districts will send delegates here I MQ not wholly alive to the great im-
next Wednesady evening, and a ban- j parlance of the nmo tourlBt traffic,
quet is being arranged by the Board flnd il lfl the Intention of the commit-
to entertain them on this occasion, | tees comprising Cranbrook, Creston,
when a definite program will be ar-! Windermere, Golden and Pernie, who
ranged for the carrying out of a pub-1 wlH shortly convene, to impress It on
Hetty campaign which should go far Itlle mInrt8 ot a11 business men in their
toward bringing the tourist through j respective districts. Considering the
Cranbrook this coming senson. mct -kat 1268 cnra V^Mi through the
Mr. Sproule aud Mr. Harris were: P°rt of ent|,y at Kingsgate during the \
appointed to wait on Mr. Mahorg, Su-. touring season of 1910, some concept- j
pertntendent of the C.P.R. with regaiu lon of the henedts which will accrue,
to providing a place of exhibit near I may w tfssned.
lhe station, wliere not only the rain-; A maP lR ala0 **hig arranged
oral, but the agricultural, lumber and jlake ,n tl,e circular tour highways of
other resources of this rich district
can be displayed for the edification
of the traveling public   A log cabin
000 miles, and an effort ia being made
to Induce the C.P.R. to get out a col'
ored circular tour  which  will take
Mr. W. R. Hods, former minister of i
lands in the 41. C. government, now J
member for Fort George, spoke here.
last night at the Auditorium theatre j
in the interests of the Victory Loan j
11)19. Mayor Cameron introduced the
Mr. Ross, who is a good speaker,'
spoke for about fifteen minutes out-
lining the necessity of the loan being;
subscribed and the attractiveness of
the loan as an Investment.
He was listened to most attentively
by those preseni and was frequently
He called attention to the fact that
$60,000 of the $300,000 quota fixed is
for Cranbrook district, lind already
been subscribed.
WASHINGTON, Oct 29. The luier-
natlonal Labor Conference under the
peace treaty has opened. Latest advices indicate tlie big coal strike in;
pleads auras before
LONDON,   Oct.   p.—Liout.-Col.   J.
Sherwood Kelly, V.t'.. pleaded guilty
today at a court martini to publishing
letters in n newspaper charging a
BCandalous wane of lives and money
in ihe British und Russian expedition.
Sentence wai; reserved
Interest is Great
In League Games.
Hn«line   Unite   In   Full   Swing
1'rnenl—Jfui-li  Inlere.l
i«  lll-likied.
The bowling  league it uuvv tu full
' swing, and some tv,-<*!leul game* lif.vt
MATRON SliCCUMBS^^^S-^ri'^o,
-,-~ rtct. mid tlie Sky Pilots, met  in their
Mrs. Krunois B. Phillips, wife of initlaI t'mUcst in which the "P,lots"
C. II. Phillips, died nt her home, 2211 graclouely handed over four .points to
Armstrong   avenue,   at   2:30,   Tues-
I .if Skaten,  HoWQTSr  Are tn
Looked After Kealontiy
by Curler**
day  nioruitiK.    The deceased  wa;;  5t>
their   opponents.
On Saturday afternoon tlie Officers
bf age and  was the last of a | "UPosed a strong  High school team
PARIS, Oct, 2ft,—The elections to
the Communal Council nt Plume Sunday resulted in an Overwhelming victory for D'Ahriunzip, More than 8000
of tho 7160  registered electors  who
family of eight children. She was the;
daughter of Mr. Alonzo Taylor of East
Florence ville. N.B., and came to Cranbrook sevon years ago with her young
est boy, Sperry.   During the period of |
The Cranbrook Curling Club. In executive session, uift* the city council
Tuesday evening at the Cranbrook
hotel, to discuss ways and means of
conducting the rink in an up-to-date
manner this coming season. Tho
council was represented by Messrs,
A. J. Balment. B. C.Kskin and W. .1
Flowers. If earnestness of purpose
and enthusiasm *-* a criterion, the
cltlsens of ''ranbrook con feel assured of a skating season unparat-
leded in tho history of the rink.   The
uud   were obliged  (o  take  a    whitewashing from the schoolboy:-
The game between tlie Dispatchers
and tlie Engineers, which was sotted- ^^^^^^^^ ^_	
uled for Saturday night, was postpon- Curling Club pledged itself to look offer residence here she won her way ! «>. **&* >» the former being unable <er the Intereata of the skaters, and to
into the Leans of all who were for-   "> »*■• » ^ "f tl,;" ft« lce is in ** "*M** ,u
tunate enough to meet her. and her! °» M™**y evening, the alleys wa«--H Untes. In the even, that the city
death comes as a distinct shock to her «« ■«»• of tw" «c*«ng contesto. Wees upon the amount offered for
hosts or treinds *I't'0 r'rfiI 8-*uie between t.ie Supfs of*
Mrs.   Phillip*  had  been stifforlng |«« »nd Engineers was keenly con-
■      "~! ,  'j  "'V   .":;| from liionehltiH for the past two years.  teH,wl     mt ln  tho ,,liri1 strin* ,h«
went to the polls voted the straight],   ,  ,  ' '      .Ihb. •• *~m  -- .--■■-    --..--
iUiuexuiionist  ticket.
(Stration was lO.OOfl.
The  total   reg-
LONDON, Oct. L'!i.—The Cambridge
shire stakes was won today by Rots-
child's Brigand, with  Diadem second
and My Dear third.    Eighteen rnn.
 ♦-*»-■♦ ■
Real Cold Snap
Ahead of Time
but no dangerous K>mptom» unpenred I "s""llli" WI "«'•■>• -WllE. Md prove.!
until tha death of Eugene PhllllpB, j otti'-v vlllims to *• *-»Kl""-'er».   'Andy'
liar eldest »on. who wr,B killed at Val-' Davhlaou showed en.-elleiit lonu. and
dnolannes, Pranco, j..». nn» yeur ago  ">Wed UP » wore of
Wednesday.   Kngetie was tweiiiy-two Batne.
years ,.r age when he made the su-1    ■'•-"owing 'his. the Yard otflos and        r|nh
pronie sacrifice and rm acting captain | -*• Byn,-bo,-s pul up an e.hibi.lon of „.m ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^
rental This amount is sufficient to
-he Intere-i on the money Invested
.ind also t» provide a sinking fund
which would wipe out the entire deht
In a few years The Club's bid is
very ganeroua, and we have no doubt
m ^"'uSalttaHheilUr-rtllMMptlt
Tlie Corling .'lab requesls lhe cil>
rt-nrnv*. ih^ walk* on either side ol
brigade licndiiuarters.   He woa the '■ •"""l howling.   Tb„ Byng-boyi, nced-
li IV V I   AHE I.OlMi ■' rn.ibrniik.   Ilancvcr.   Enjoyed   Mild
B   H.-alh.-r ...Plfal.il  "Ith
haa been angled fat-Ih^ pwrooe. \ la.Baaff, t'.rou.h Ihe Witmtmen it>{. QA >r|dllv —^   ^fog nst, j Otheffltle.
but notlilng dellnl.e win be deckled I-rlct to Cranbrook. Spokane, Yellow-Uhe vftsrait> w,„ „,„„ glve m ,„.'
upon until Mr. Maharg's opinion bM! stone National Park, back through tht | ,„m., j„„„„ ,„ ,h. „,,.,,, h„„ |
been received. i Olacler National  Park to Cardtton,
It was decided to defer action with! Macleod.   Uthkrldge.   (lalgary   and
regard to requesting the C.P.R. to run I Ban*,
ao extra daylight train oa the Crow's
Nut Pass line owing to the (act that
tha present traffic does aot warrant
It. But nest spring the natter will
again be taken up with a view to having the extra train put ln operation
before the summer time card is ar-'
ranged. —
While lhe board discussed other;
matters of local interest, tho whole
meeting was one of unity ln respoot
to boosting thc city and district, and
II the program proposed Is carried to i
Its final conclusion. Cranhrook will be
very greatly benefitted and thc bone*'
Ills will be nollccabln in thc vary near
1 formal  dance In the O.W.V.A.
■ Dancing from 8:30 to 12.
Wednesday evening, at SiilO p.m. ln!
. the  club  rooms of the G.W.V.A.,
Attempted Suicide
At the City Jaii
Hnlnuder Mak*s Third I'nanrrftufal
Attempt.  Ib Held Far
While ihe cold snap hns been unusually severe for this time of the
year in Crnnbrook. this city haa nol
Buffered from the spell anything like
.-.making concert will bo held for" all | somp ,,f hor neighboring towns fur-
memberB of the O.W.V.A.. illlGr 0(lB,■
According to ofiicial meteorological
rejiorts  there are  indications of ihe
public in  general  will kindly asalsti -ireKe,lt  cold   f>ia.'   moderating  and
The Oreat War Veterans are desirous of fnrlng a library nnd    if the , '
Al the city police station last Friday morning. Matt Johnson, a Philander, a teiapti'l suicide for the third
time.   It Is thought by the authorities
that ho Is Insane, and is being held for,_.,,,-, .,   .   „.,     .,
,,    .. ,, u       ..  . .    ed. which will make this building Uie
investigation.     He   was  brought  into ,      .       7.
by donntlng books, the same will be
greatly appreciated by the members.
Books cr.n be left at the O.W.V.A.
club rooms, or by phoning the secretary, who will arrange to call for
A new furnace is being installed! wlml noticeable,
in the danco hall of the (treat War j provoment
Veterans,   and   in   the  course  of   a|    While the cold
week or ten days should be complet-1
this will he gladly welcomed by citizens who lately have been inclined to
believe that they were located somewhere within the shades of the Artie
The improvement is already some-
Military Crow), which Mra, Phillips re-
treived from the Prince of Wales on
tlie occasion of his recent visit to Nelson. Her son. Sperry. was only s»v-
I'liteen when he enlisted and lost his
left leg two years later at the front.
He is now at tbe B.C. University at
Van couver, where a wire haa been sent
him by the bereaved family, and he
iii expected to arrlv-» tomorrow. Besides the husband and son, Mrs. Phillips Is survived by her daughter, Mrs.
T. C, Phillips of thl«' city.
Ity tiie death of Mrs. Phillips the [ "-s"h Se|l0°*
Orlm Reaper ia responsible for ta>- A" Stars
lug from our midst one of the noblest   Engineers
and sweeten! characters in Cranbrook,: Hyn-boys  .  .
one who strove to do a kind turn for I Firemen
others even in her weakest moments. Snpt'a Offico
The sympathy of the entire community: Yard Office
goes out to the saddened home, and Sky Pilots
ull will deeply deplore their distinct  Officers
loss. Dlspatchres,
Thc funeral services will be held
from the Methodist church on Sunday,
November 4th.   The Rev. Dr. Lee will
less to say. grahbed off all four poinu
by their superior bowling Following
is the score nf the different games:
Yard office   -t
Sky   Pilots     0
High.School   4
Officers    0
Engineers     $
Supt's Offi-re    1
Yard Office     	
league Standing To bat*
The indications are
; officiate nt the services.
Change In Bank Staff
Mr. J. P. Johnson, uccountnnt o.' tile
Royal Bank of Canada in this city,
since April, left ou Tuesday for Mounl
Pleasant, where he hut* been transfer-
rod to tht* branch there to tuke over
tlie accountancy Hu
very .popular by hi;
moanour during his short stay here
A.   H.   McLean,   of   Vancouver,   i
Cranbrook from Yahk, last Wednesday by Constable Chas. Kerr, at which
place Johnson had tried to enter the
(treat Beyond by water route. But
drawing was dented him.
After  being  lodged   in   tbe  police
station, a careful watc'.t was placed
made himself!ovcr llle ""fortunate man, and in the
courteous   de* * mornln* he was token out of hia cell
and during the temporary absence of
constable Johnson, whn was called to
rived lust Monday to rill the position ! thp »rflone whUo ,lie »™M-tt --Wde
of accountant at the Royal Bank of! was waahlng hlraaelf. the latter broka
Canada, left vacnnt owing to tlie de
part ure of Mr. J. M  Johnson for the
a pain of glass and made an ugly gash
In his neck witli a piece of the ,pone j xovembor
most  comfortable one fn the city
A general meeting of the G.W.V.A.
is being held ln tho club rooms, on
Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock.
The G. W. V. A. are placing fn the
club rooms fn the near future, a
brand new, full size English billiard
table. It is thought that a series of
games will be arranged for the winter |
months, which wfll bring tortli some
cf Cranbrook's first-class hiltiord players.
The Udios Auxiliary of tlie G.W.V.
A. aro holding a meeting ln the G.W.
V.A. club rooms on Tuesday evening,
4th, at 8:00 p.m.    A full
^^^^^^^       weather ha«  been
keenly   felt   in   Cranbrook,   the  city    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
has   been   well   placed  compared   to.     .,,,,„ „,,„„„„t       '   t
' ,   """ i     lhe general secretary returned on
other parts of the province.      Lath-  S(lturda)r  ,rom  ,.onference on  Char.
bridge and Outlook has been tlie cold-1
est spots during the past 24 years, 16j
Cranbrook Looks
Good to Big Firm
vw-iiern Grocer* Limited Take Over
Loral Wholesale Ororery
below zero being registered at both
places. Edmonton lias been a close
second with 14 below, while at Coronation it was II below, and 10 below at
both Empress and Vegrevllle.
The   coldest   here   was   Saturday-
Mount Ploanant  Branch of the same! ?e,*t,ort frtrg ^e purposi? of self- des-1 -^tendance is wanted of all members
as business of importance ts to como
up before tlie meeting.
Hank Manager Coning Home
(ruction.     He   was   removed   to  the;
It   was   ascertained,  as   we  go  to |
morning  when   the  mercury  went   81 of Washington,   Some of the gather-
below zero. j higs numbered over 5,000, and tbe ad*
dresses were most Informing and fa
ncier Education, held  In  Winnipeg, '
under the auspices of the local Rota-* Tiit* Cranbrook Jobber,. Limited.
riuns. There were delegates from \ "Wesale grocers, e-tabllshed here
all over Canada, and the conference ■ "«■» ***** a«°* and the !?•««■ *<>*>•
was a decided success in every way.      tw* Limited- at x«lson- nave **•■
Prominent among the speakers were U'UHiaaed by the Western Orocns,   	
Ralph  Connor,  Peter Wright,  Prof jT:ui fU- * MiWMW r.ciiefali vro-i.to carry on the club's husln-rfi during
Soares. of Chicago and Dr. Sumlio, i r* r>* ^oroporr tion, opjrrtltt^  twelve (the coming *.-ason.   A re»olur.nn will
Mr tkating Thta request will be r-?
.►oried favorably to the city father*
at their next regular meeting wMen
will t* held on November Sth. Tna
employing of .* regular caretaker who
will look after the ice and keep it in
first-elas- order, was also favorably
reported. The salary fotr th*** service-- will be good, to that tl*.? riul;
■honld be In e*- le-it shaps during
Ih-j pntVr* «ea«mi
City Clerk Robert) was an attentive
listener throughtout the meeting, at
the conclusion of which he expressed
his delight in the manner in which
the issues were discussed, and espec*
ially with the scale of price)* which
were proposed for season tickets and
single admissions. Thes-e prices are
as follows. Season tickets, children
11.00; ladies. S2.50: men. $3.5"; family
V'M Sfngle admission*, chlldren.l'k
adults. 15c Surely these pricp= ar«
within reach of everybody.
The Curling Club looks forward to a
-f-asor. of prosperity ami a membership of orer a 100. We trust that their
hopea will  be realized
After their discussion with Lhe city
'iMincil. the club went Into executive
-.esslon. with Mr. B. E. Howard, president and Mr. W. fi Gilroy. secretary.
presiding Mr Hogarth oved that the
-rule of prices bf adopted and thai
the rink he rented at amount agreed
ij-oii during the earlfei session. This
was carried unanimously. It was fur
ther agreed that tlie club will hold
their annual meeting on November 7,
at wMfh time officer* will be Slaotod
'rom   Port
Must I ml ergo Another Operation
Mrs. Grid ley has gone to Toronto |
to Join her husband who preceded her I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^tbe he put at that time to elect   offfrer-i
""'-'• at  the end of the season, instead of
The   Cranbrook   Jobbers.   Limited, the beginning. a« heretofore, thus al-
was established by George F. Steven- lowing new officers to transact busl-
The dining room is again in opera- j «on In 1911,, and the Nelson Jobbers,' nc=s at the opening of the season
tion, under tbe capable management. Limited    in    1916.   Both    concerns,
some weeks ago to be (Itted for an a.* j of H,  yolsey.    It is clean, comfort- i though they will be operated by the   WCBCT nilTIT IX
Mr. C, W. (fnllmore. manager of the   Press, that the unfortunate man was
Canadian Bank of Commerce, of this I suffering from acute alcoholism, and
city, who with his family has been in j »«t  Insanity, as was  first  supposed.
Kngland the past tour months, will ar-  He Will be nil fight In a few days,
rive In the city on the neon train from j iniMTTFI)'
the Kast on Friday   Mr. and Mrs. Hal-!,m ,B ™*   ««,,,!»*, vnnv
Hmore'a numerous friends will be very, nTQ l AyAIM f REE
glad to see them.
OOOIt HOUSE A?ll» PLEASED | *»f,Rr much prolonged suffering
tiflclal leg, but further trouble having
developed, the doctors have found another operation necessary. The many
friendR of Pic. and MrB. Grldley will
wish  him speedy  recovery of health
The opening of the Lyceum circuit
wfll occur in -"ranbrook. November
1st. ThlL is an event ihat has been
looked forward to with much Interesi
Address Postponed,
The address to have been given by
j^''nWM,-'dNW an^i^leint"tai.e!M!:.';l'l!ld".''>';,'*l!ral. "' ,he '",b!,c
"In Old Kentucky," which was the
attraction at Ihe Auditorium theatre j
I and nppeared to ploatge the audience.
H*i. RlMlalr Lecture*
Rev. J. P. Sinclair returned to the
city Wednesday, nfter giving a very
interesting lantern lecture, at Wardner, on Tuewluy evening In the club
hall to a large audience Rev. Sinclair will give another lecture at
Whrdner again next Tuesday,
Delegates Have Retained
Mesdames P. Clark, B. H. Leaman
and J. Penton, returned home on Monday (rom Nakuap where they wen attending the conference of Kootenay
and Boundary Women* Institutes. The
ladles report having had an excellent
The following notice has heen re-
rclrod hy H. White, collector of ens
lonis, from the Department at Ottawa
"You are hereby advised that an
Ot-der-ln-Oouncll was paused on tbe
10th of October, 191t>, authorising permission and refund of customs duty
on hay Imported trom the Northwestern States Into the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, on and after the 10th of Octo- j
her, 1919, until further ordered.
In order to expedite information
and delivery of hay ao Imported
mny be entered at the cu..toms bouse
as free of ordinary duty, until otherwise provided for."
Travellers Should Remember
Owing to tho change ln time, the
train coming from Medicine Hat
through to Kootenay Landing, arrives
here at 1 o'clock by Cranbrook time
and 12 o'clock C.P.R. time. The train
from Kootenay Landing through to
the east gets in hero at five city time
and four railway time.
School Hoars Change.
Beginning Monday morning, November 3rd, the schools of Cranbrook
will assemble at 9:30 Instead of nine,
nnd dtsmlce afternoons at 3:30 Instead
Bev. Lee at LetMrMf*
Rev. R. Lee left on Tuesday for
Lethbrldge, where he went to apeak ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
la connection with the Forward Move- j ot four. Tlte hour and a half at lunch
ment at tbe Weeley Methodist church I time will be kept aa usual, but no rein that city. Bev. Lee will return to (cess will be «ranted tka children In
tka cBy on Saturday
Portland Newspaperman Hen
Mr. nnd Mrs. WI T, Molr of Port*
land, Oregon, who have been In the
city the past woek the guest ot Mr.
Molr's brother, Mr. O. T. Molr, left
the first of the week for Nelson, to
visit with relatives before returning
to their home. Mr. Molr Is connected
with the "Oregontan." nt Portland.
j school In tlil* city, lust evening to the
l.imorth I-enguc, on Education, was
postponed owing to the death of Mrs.
Phillip*. Next Wednesday evening
Mr. Shield.-! will address the Epworth
league In the Methodist church.
Storms IleU) Traffic.
The trains on the C.P.R. from the
east which are due here at tne o'clock
| clly time and twelve C.P.R. time, have
1 been late the last week owing to the
■ severe weather further east.
Douglas Patton Improving
Douglas Patton, eleven-year old son ; Saturday
of Mtb. F. Paton, of this city, underwent an operation for epyema at the
hospital.   He Is doing nicely and will
be afeia to return hoaw la a tsm daya
Considerable Snowfall
Thc "beautiful snow" fell heavily ull
day Wednesday, and left
looking white.
High   Low
Thursday        .3
35        .0
23        .1
Saturday      25
21       .1
27       .14
31       ,8
Tuesday       28
34       .27
Wedaesday     H
tl       .It
iible and homelike place in which to  new owners, will continue under their
em. und should be welt patronized. present names for one year The
The  bowling alleys  huve  not  had i headquarters   of   the   Western   Qro-
time to cool off these days.   Besides   cers. Ltd., is in Winnipeg.
the senior league, there is an inter-      T. II. t'audwell. for a yenr und a
church  league, und  on  Monday, the , half assistant manager of the Moose   bjr |he c„)Mnrj. 0! rrsnbrook as the
Xew Methods beat the Wild Cttfl by 4. | Jaw branch of the Western (Jrocers, | ,'h,irr,r1tif.  nt ,h„  r,»i-f/wmnr.  <.--<.  nt
pins. We believe the Indies are organ* . Limited, and previous tn that general
auditor of the concern, will assume
charge of the Nelson branch as manager, and wfll bt* assisted by Ralph
Palmer. J, 6ohg|)t, Who has been thc
traveling salcsnnn for the Nelson
izfng,   and   nre  coining   some   fancy
names for their teams.
Ou account of the dining room opening Up, tho Sunday evenlug song services are discontinued.    It  ia hoped
to start some Sundry afternoon meet- j jobbers. Limited, out or Nelson
Ing for men. I be manager here    There will  be no
ither changes in the organization.
_^^^^_mmmmmmmmmmmmfmimi^l^—mmmmm Mr. Stevenson, president and mana-
The regular monthly meeting of the|Bin| ^rector of both Nelson Jobbers
Women's   Institute   will   ne  held  oniamt   Cranbrook   Jobbers,   under   the
Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the' lcrm}- nr the transfer will be nssoclat-
Arrangements will be;eij wjt|, Western fJroeers. Limited, for
another year.
Mr.   Stevenson   expects   to   depart
Women's Institute te Meet
eliurarter of the performers are of
the highest ela*-s--the Metropolitan
tilnpiers being trie b-UI thai money
ran procure
The nrttetU who Who will appear
are well-known, and were chosen foi
their rare ability and finished aecon.
pllshments, and a musical treat ls In
store for thOlf whn procure geaunn
Miss Hi;lali Mayes, soprano; Miss
Marie? Miller, contralto, Alfred C,
Oreen. tenor; and l^eonard S. Aldrldge
batso eantanto, and will tw> accompanied by Miss Mary i.reen, pianist
and accompanist.
Parish hall.	
completed  for the entertainment  of
returned soldiers on Nov. llth, (Armistice Day) so as many members *re about the first of tbe year for a stay > DANCE TO BE GIVEN IX
asked to be .present who can possibly | of abm„  ,hroe monthK  m  California INTEREST llll HAR1TV
attend.   The delegates will give their |and enJoj. rt mm,h nwded res| 	
report of the recent conference ot ■ --*•*.*  The ladies O. L A. to the B. of L. E.
Kootenay Women's Institutes held at, form of Entertainment Chaugv-d : will hold a fancy sale at Maple Hall.
Nakuap. There will also be a dis- The entertainment for the returned on Friday afternoon from three to alx
cuBslon on "Co-operation Between soldiers of the district under the sua- p. m.. tbe proceed.*, to be devoted ex-
Parents and Teachers." pices  of the  Women's  Institute, sr-1 cluslvely  tn charitable  purposes.    A
 ranged for November llth. will take   light  luncheon will be served and n
t'irt of Thanks. !([,e form of u  nodal evening,  (con-, dance will follow at night from 9 to
Mr   and   Mrs.   Percy O. Coe  wish, cert, refreshments and dancei Instead   I o'clock.      The Edmonson orchestra
to expreHs their nincere thanks to all of a smoking concert as previously J will furnish the muHic.    Mrs. J. S.
kind friends for sympathy shown In arranged.     Full particulars will _.
their recent sad bereavement. King* ] published nest weak after th* regular)
frUM, B.C. Msattag t tu I
Roy, who has charts of arrangements,
promises a good tlmo to those who l« A (I E   T W II
I II K      I' It A Ml II IH, K      II I. It A 1.1)
I'limtNiiAV, oct. so, i»iii.
Your Next
Will be a
Find out WHY
Call To-DAY
Raworth Bros.
jewelers \ optician*.
Next to the Poetofflco,
control ol ;i labor organisation ill I
which tho predominating element i
must he un-Americnu and uiicduc.it-
ed. From their point of view mo
strike is :i strflco, not against tho employer nlone, or chiefly, but against
tho best element of tho employees.
It is a deplorable tutsooncdptlon
whieh lends any working-man to regard those who have remained faithful to their tasks in this particular
Bttrllto as trnitors to the en use of
A Savings Account is like a weed — once
started you can't stop it growing.
Don't run risks by keeping money around
the house. Place it in a Savings Account
with this Bank, where it will always be safe.
Interest paid at current rate.
Cbt Cranbrook herald
Published Every Thursday by
WILL A. BLLBTSON, Jit., Artst. Mgr.
"With a .Mission; Without a Muzzle"
Printed by  I'tiiun Labor
AdterlMiiu Rut e-% on Application,
Changes for Advertising MUST ho ln
this office Wednesday mum the
current   neck   to   secure   nllculion.
THURSDAY., OCTOBER .10, till!)
"We must Imve courage, und determination nnd must summon tho necessary unanimity" said a distinguished British statesman the other dny, in
oouncelllng his countrymen on tho
necessity of matfltftiniug her trade.
These words might JuRt ns well have
heen uttered hy a Canadian statesman)
for the qualities named nro all-essential to this country ut the present juncture. Canada is now offering the 1019
Victory Loan und It must ho pushed
thrpugh to success with courage, determination and opportunity.
Great Opportunities for trade lie
within the grasp of Canada iff her
farmers, wage-earners,'merchants and
manufacturers have foresight cnong-h
to reach for them. On the maintenance of our great overseas trade built
up during thy war rests our ability to
carry on. Ono of lho great objects of
apart from tho rehabilitation of tho
returned soldier Is tne raising of the
capital necoi.snry to enable tho Oovernment of Canada, to continue Ira
system Of credits to Great Britain.
France, Belgium and otlior countries,
nnd ut lhe same time pay Cash to the
Canadian producer, On these credits
our present and future .nidi- depends
and all Canadians must unite to ensure un ample subscription to thc 191**
Lonn which alone will rentier them
Cranbrook must not overlook the
importance of supporting tho Loan-
it's good business.
Pretty Smnll.
There is no limit to the extent that
some ward politicians wfll go when
hunting up something nasty to any
ahout their opponents. One Falconer
In Vancouver, in addressing a Want
Liberal, association n cently, st Und
that the Dominion gova-nnienl had
discriminated against this province
when a shipment of sugar wiih sent
to ihe prairie*, where '.if.ro was no
sugar, while B C. had loia of BilfifU.
lie also suid some -..l-o;.ic who were
Tories   lould   ge!
, who won; Liberal
igur beoiitso they
at  least.  CI
■ their Tory brother
' ting  pretty  low l
I oven   a   ward   spell-hinder   can   get
< nothing more Important to talk about
I than    the   nbov'. -Omlueee    Hera1
Cranbrook Branch,
B. E. Howard, Manager.
Sub'Aieucr at Kimberley.
Made Money
gai  while some
oiii-l not get Eii-
em I Iberal i, m'
Id  lu-i  £t»l  as much  at
Ho -tics is uyl-
.".t   mire   whei
I Liberal.
Right Vou Am, Brother,
Public  feeling certainly   would  he
against granting Orientals the (ran
1 chise merely to persuade thorn to In
! vest   in   Victory  Bonds;   it  would  be
I practically selling them the franchise,
- nnd nothing  less.    If ihey see fit to
buy  bonds  it   must  not  be  on  any
direct or implied understanding that
they will he given in return the right
In vuie.- The 11. C.  Veterans' Herald.
Cnlgarj limit IIU.
Seven below zero is not bad winter
weather for Calgary and district but
coming in October it does seem rather previous.—Calgary Herald.
It has long been the complaint ot
labor organizers that the illiterate
foreigner*.', were lhe hardest class of
workers as to bring Into active and intelligent membership in n trade union, and It hns bcou alleged, possibly
wtth some truth) that employers Imve
made u practice or Importing this
class or labor, not merely for the sake
of illllng vacancies, hut because of the
effect which they expect it to have
In mnktng more difficult tlie task of
hibojr organisers, saps the Journal
of Commerce,
Hut a very interesting turn has
been given to this question by tlie
development lu the United States
steel strike. In that strike the men
who went out have been the illiterate
foreign element and the men who
stayed at work have been the educated and American-borb, or Americanized,   higher-grade   workers.
Tho only conclusion that need Indrawn from Ihis is the dunger of
making too extensive deductions from
a given set of premises. Under certain circumstances the uneducated
worker in harder to organize than
the educated worker, hut under other circumstance** ho is more easily
brought to Ill-considered and violent
action under tlte leadership of those
who ure reckless In working upon his
feeling-. Cnrrut^tondlngly, the educated working man, while easy to organise for iho defense of his economic interests, is also easy to port-made nf tlie hilly of Ill-considered
and violent action cnlculnted to damage the entire industry of which he
in a part. Tho American worker of
the United States steel Industry is,
we are convinced, not a whit less devoted to the interests of the working
class, nor less willing to make sacrifices; for its Interests, than the foreign-born nnd un-Americanized element with which lie labors, but he
has a much better knowledge of tlte
situation ln the Industry and a much
better appreciation of the attitude I
of his employers, who are so far from I
being hostile lo labor that they have
done an much oh any of the grout '
industries of tho country lo secure
lo tlieir faithful and progressive j
workers a direct financial interest iu
the success of tho buslnej-s.
We  believe  that   workor:  of  this,
olaes would be very reluctant to see
Uie Industry in which they are mi-j
pass in any degree under the-
The dance given by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the CI. W. V. A. last Friday
evening lu Veterans' hall, was a lingo
success from  every point of view.
Ahout sixty couple!** were in attendance, umi from eigiu io ten enjoyed
whist., from leu tti two dancing being
enjoyed. All will remember tlie occasion of the initial dance of the ladies
and tiie success attained.
After cards refreshments were serv-
ed in the parlor by thc ladies, the
tables being spread wltll appetizing
Friday evening must be remembered
as Veterans' night nnd fortnightly the
ladles will hold a whist drive and
Visit of Mrs. Itiilpli Smith, M.l\l\
Ou Sunday evening, November 9th,
the pulpit of thc .Methodist church
will be occupied by Mrs. Ralph Smith,
M. P.P., of Vancouver. Mrs. Smith
will also speak at. a public meeting in
the church on Monday evening. November null.
Avers 6-Hour Day
Han Needs Nurse
Rev, Br. Kalon. Former Cimiullim mul Now indnsirhil Condi-;
Intor In I'. S» Hnllios   lhe HrtlNIi Work hi gill ft 11 on
HIh Luck of Jndt'iM-nili-iire.
"If I  were a working-man now, as, on nnd build our free societies upon
I   was  Cor many years of my  life, 1   those    ideals   of    democracy    which
should   be  deeply depressed  by  the, have beon  the rgireat contribution of [
desperate efforts heing made at the our race to tlie progress of mankind;
moment  or  my  country's  need  and, or   must   we   abandon   our   ancient'
danger to reduce my life to the »tat-', ideals and adopt some Insane dream
ute of * o   weakling.      I  should be j Uko   Russian   Bolshevism,   or   some
ashamed to be put in tlie position Of Impossible mechanical makeshift like
asking Dor a six-hour day surrounded; State Socialism?
hy on entanglement of legislative safe ] The Glory of Our Ruco?
guards for fear that I get a smooch of!    l belong to thut grcal body of Aral- j
coaldltst on my nose or soil my fine! ricans  who believe  that tho future'
linen   by  sweat.   A man   who must | well-being of the world depends very,
be  protected  by  law  from  working largely upon the fidelity, intelligence
more than six hours a dny Is too deli- and persistence with wheh the Eng-
entely   organized   to  wear trousers. Hsh-sqieaklng   peoples   continue   to
lie ought to bo garbed in petticoats: work out  those Ideals of democracy
and imve a nurse to stand between! whicli  constitute at once  the glory;
him and the rude realities of n work-  and  genius  of our  race.    For this j
Ing  world,'"—Or,  Charles A.  Baton, reason   we  in   America  follow  with
the Canadian who has been head of I keen and sympathetic Interest the un-
the National  Service Section of the'- folding drama of British life, know-
United States Shipping Board hi an
address to Urii.ish labor.
Nu Substitute.
Dr, diaries A. Eaton, tho former
Canadian minister and more recently
head of the National Service Section
of the U. S. Shipping) Board, has been
addressing British labor on the problems of tlie hour. He takes a new
line, which should lie effect he, of
pouring ridicule u-pou those who demand to be sheltered by law and tlie
Stale from the dreadful fate of working more than six hours n day. Dr.
Knton says:
The acute social problems now
pressing for solution in both countries have grown out of our common
effort lo apply tlie iwlnciples of political democracy to economic and industrial conditions created by an age
of mechanical industrialism.
In both countries we began to see
that tho new organ of civilization is'
industry. For hundreds of years our
struggling to establish political freedom In every corner of the earth. We
now tind ourselves at tho threshold
of a now age, wtth new nucleating
energies creating a new Quality of
social structure. The queotloh is, can
we, under these new conditions, go
Do you remember
those agei, when your
character was being
formed — how you
followed examples, did
what other people did—
your senior years at
school —your start in
business ? Recall them
i( you can. You gained
a knowledge you will
find useful when your
own boy starts out.
Give him the right start. Teach him the value of
personal -appearance and self respect Tell him how
confidence may be gained merely from a clean shave—or,
better still, * how him—and show him in a practical way.
Give him a
GILLETTE Safety Razor
and make his morning shave come easy. The old time
pulling and scraping is a thing of the past. The
haphazard element is gone. There is no need for your
boy to know anything but the ease and comfort of the
Gillette shave. It is the razor of his lime—that to which
he is entitled—nothing more, nothing less.
Sold at mott ttoret entering to the needs of men.
MADE IN   ^.^^tea^       CANADA
The Gillette Safety Razor Company
of Canada, Limited,
73 St. Al«»nder Street, Montreal, Que.
Ing full well that whatever make.*!
Britain strong will in the end streng-
then America, and wherein Kngland'
fails America, too, will fall. We stand
or fall together, because we nre build-
ed upon tlie same foundations of
principle and draw nourishment for;
our social progress from the same:
spiritual source. And our reaponsl-'
hllity is doejioned beyond measure by]
the fiict that those Ideals and principles which constitute the, genius of'
our race Imve been victorious in
tho great war and are now seeking to j
get themselves enthroned in every
mid in every section of society.
The danger that threatens to des-
troy the world to-day lies in the
realm of spirit. Ignorance and 111-
wiii, In E In me d by a materialistic conception of life, are marshalling ttie
brute force or money against tho
will. Inflamed by « materialistic con-
brute fot'ce of numbers for a fruitless,
struggle iu which both will be destroy. Germany went mod because sho
fed her soul with lies. Russia Is bo-
led by lunatics into irretrievable ruin.
Ami ihe very ideas that have made
Germany a charnel-house and Russia u chaos nro now finding rootage
fn England and America. The only
ens'o for Ignorance is education, and
the only remedy for ill-will is a moral trans lor ma thin.
Believing that tho whole world has
entered upon a new age which calls
for new standards of value, new con-
! (.options of truth and duty, and new
j new tasks and tests in every realm
of human endeavor, I venture, with
; full consciousness of their inadequacy,
1 to offer a few -suggestions towards a
solution of our most immediate difficulties.
Thrill With New Sense of selfhood.
I The new element which will deter-
i mine tho next cycle of history ls the
' emergence of thc masses of men into
I sub-consciousness. Henceforth, all
| legislation, all thinking, all industrial
organisations must be conceived in
| terms of nil the people
| In Kngland Labor hns proclaimed
its unalterable determination never to
go hack to its (ire-war economic
status, li never will. Neither will capital, with or without proclamations
In Itiifisia the imuwew stood up and
thought thoy were free. Thoy have
fallen Into the hands of a tyranny
more hateful nnd bloody than any
political Tsar, Hut tho fail I'l'inalns
that In every land the whole people
nre thrilling Willi a now sense of
which is a BOboiflQ of life In whieh
tho whole people participate upon
equal terms, Is being accepted everywhere us a theory, although! it is
falling often as a practice.
I npllal Ihe Servant of All.
It seems to mo self-evident that this
new awakening to self-consciousness
of all the iKiople calls for hotter Instrument of expression than tho class
struggle whieh has characterized the
past generations. If capitalism has
beon the instrument of u class, lt
m-uut now become tho instrument of
all. If the capitalistic system cannot becomo the economic, organ of all
tho people it will cease to oxist. The
labor union has been the necessary
and useful organ of a class. If It haa
In It. a universal value ll may becomo tho organ of oil tlie people,
Otherwise It will havo to be abandoned. From now on no man can claim
special consideration because he ta a
worklngman or a
EVERY one ©f the million and a half subscribers to
Canada's Victory Bonds knows that he can sell
them today for more than he paid for them.
Every one who bought Canada's Victory Bonds has
received $K per cent, interest per annum—paid twice a
Over half a million Canadians who bought Canada's
Victory Bonds on the instalment plan saved money that
they would not otherwise have saved.
The guarantee back of Canada's Victory Bonds is
the same as the guarantee back of a One Dollar or a Two
Dollar bill. There is this difference, however, that you
get interest on the Victory Bonds and you don't on the
One or Two Dollar bill.
Canada's Victory Bonds will always be accepted as
security for a loan.
Banks are ready to loan money on Canada's Victory
Canada's Victory Bonds may be turned into cash at
any time.
There is no other way in which you can invest your
money with such absolute stcurity—paying such a good
rate of interest.
Canada will soon give her citizens an opportunity to
buy Victory Bonds 1919. It will probably be the last
chance to buy Canada's Victory Bonds on such favorable
Prtpare tv buy at many Victory Btmdt this
Hmt as ynu n%w with yu had bttn
abb fa buy tht latt timt
Victerv loan 1919
"Iveiy Dollar Spenf in Canada"
United by Canada's Victory Loan Committee,
111 co-operation with thr Minister of Finance
cf the Dominion uf Canada
Extracts from the Cranbrook
Herald of this date, lS'i.i
A. and J. Leask returned Tuesday
from Spokane, where they visited relatives and attended the fair.
must rest his rights upon tho fact that
he Is a man. And his rights will
have no value except In so far ad
they are sanctioned by bis duties.
While those larger and elemental
truths are working tlieir way Into the
minds of men certain practical realities must be dealt with. For five
years this nation has been engaged
In spending money on non-productive
effort. No building or repairing could
be done. Production fell to a mlnlh-
mum except for war uses. Now the
country faces the absolute necessity'
of work being done—simple, plain,
everyday work that has as Its object j
the production of houses and clothes;
and food and machinery and fuel, and j
all tho ordinary necessaries of life. ■
No Substitute ror Sweat.
j I see no way of getting, this work'
done by Act of Parliament or by fine
progrnmeB of social reform or byj
strikes nnd lockouts, or even by hear-'
ifljg-s before learned com m Iks ions. The'
only way to get coal Ih to dig lt out
of the mine. Food cannot 'be produced by any conceivable change In laud
tenure. It must be grown ln tho fields
or brought from distant growers by   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
an  exchange of goods  produced by I tract this evening for a two storey
wort.    There  ls  no auhstfltuto for  dwelling house which Is lo be built
sweat.   Work Is paid for by the com-1 on lots south of James Uyans store,
munlty because It furnishes the com-1 —
munlty with somo thing that It wants. J«"n«» Llddieoatt and wlfef, of Ilel-
If the worker produces all of a com-1»«. Man., arrived hero this week. They
modlty that Uio community needs ho | ^0 tbo parents of Mrs. Oeorgo It
SlmuglineBsy, of the C.P.R., arrived in
the city from the cast by special train,
on n general tour of inspection. In
Iiis party wore W. Why to. geaeral
muiiuger of the lines west of Winnipeg, l.. A. Hamilton, land commissioner, P. A. Peterson, chief engineer,
1). R Ooyle, secretary to Mr. Why to.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and Mr. Holt. Tlie train remained lu
— j the city  that  night,  and  President
M. Medhurst returned today from 181mugHnessy conferred with the local
n pleasant trip through the Boundary
country. He reports everything lovely over there.
(i. il. Miner will let the contrac<
for a store building fn Moyle, and
when ll Ih completed will open n
branch In that town.
Fathers Coccola and Ouelette visited
Nelson Sunday to participate in the
dedication services of the new Catholic church In that city.
After November 1st the postolllce
will not be opened on Sunday. Postmaster Beattie says that six days In
one week Is enough for a man.
Angus Morrison will lot the con- j
officers, met tho Fort Steele delegation and took a look over the town.
He and Mr. Whyto expressed surprise
nnd pleasure at the growth of Cranbrook.
Is a useful public servant, and is
entitled to fair reward from the community for full and. fair service rendered. If he will not produce his share
of what his country needs, then aome-
0110 else must take his place. And
this ts true of every class of worker.
No Nationalisation In I..S.A.
I shall follow with eager   Interest
the   proposal  to  nationalize  Bilusii
(Continued on Pago Four)
Tho G.B.C.X.Y.Z. club met at Miss
Lauretta Armstrong's home Monday
evening. The Ladles' Bowling club
was organised nnd captains elected.
The lineup of tht club will be announced later.
lieu sit aad will make Craabrook their
Crunbrook hns over one hundred
children of Bchool ago, and only one
school room and teacher, it is an outrage to permit such condition or affairs.
Tlie payroll in Cranbrook now aggregates over $15,000. That Is a
pretty good Item to carry a town
through thc natural duliiesR of a win- j
lor season.
Charles Minis, advance manager for
"In Old Kentucky," which hold the
hoiinlh at the Auditorium theatre Wed
uesdny uvonlng, wu.. In the city Inst
Thursday ahead of his show, Mr.
DuvIk IihIIh from Chicago, his head
Uiinrters, but li Ik home Is In New
Vork. lie Ih well known throughout
Canada r.nd lhe I'tilted States, being
j n pioneer In the show business, huv
J lug travelled extensively throughout
thlfl euimlry, bringing the lirst iiitn-
ittrel Bhow through Cam du, the "Famous (leorglu Mlm-ireK' over twenty
years ago.
Uu linn been advance agent for the
present company for many years In
arranging for many attractions they
have placed ou thc roud, and from
Cranbrook went to Neisuti and to the
Count, where "In Old Kentucky" will
appear shortly.
Simple glycerine, buckthorn 'bark,
etc., as mixed In Alder-l-ka, removes
! all foul, accumulated poisonous
matter from BOTH upper and lower
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j bowel and prevents appendicitis.   Re*
Tho   Brotherhood   of   Locomotive | How" ANY CASK gas on stomach or
firemen will organise a branch lodge
in tbis city. The grand organiser will
he In Cranbrook on the 26th of November for that puipose.
constipation. The INSTANT pleasant
action of Alder-l-ka surprises both
doctors and patients, A business
man reports great benefit lu a loot
standing case el iodlgeitloD ud eov THURSDAY, OCT. 30, 1919.
T 11 E     (! II A N II It II 0 H      II E li A 1,1»
-r I'lIK    'IIIHKH
. Jl ....
Save Fuel and Food—
Baling Powder
Egg-O Baking Powder  Co., Limited
HamiUon,  Canada
Trainmen to Hold
14th Annual Ball
ItrotherlNxtil    tppnlnt   I umuilltcc   To
I'niiimtc The New
Vfitr Event.
The Urothorhood ol ll. fl, Trainmen
and the LwlioB Auxiliary met lasl week
to appoint n committee to carry on
the work of promoting ihelr llth annual hall, to he held in thc Auditorium
theatre on .New Year's Evo.
During ihe war ihis much looked
forward event was discontinued, hut
now that we nre nt peace tlie old enthusiasm litis heen renewed ami the
ll. R. fraternity expects the coming
ovent to be :i red loiter even! of ihe
Tho committee on arrangements
of the aboved-mentinned organization
are as follows: faosdames C. Lnfleur.
P. Dallas. R. YV. Leonard, C. H.
Knoche, v. it. Llddieoatt, C. Hughes,
C. N. Parker, W. 0 Fran in. ing, J. Lau-
ritz, C. Hnrtnell. W. Walsh, T. A.
livan. Mest.ru. P. Dallas, K. II. Brauch,
It. \V. Loonard, J. H. Cameron, J. B.
Peltigren. F. S Ryckmnn.A. II. Moe.
S. Mcintosh, ti. L. ^Sullivan, X O
Inghun, D. M. Linn. U. il. Hanson,
J. N. Dames nml 13. II, Brown. Floor
committee: Messrs. C. II. Knoche, ti.
Lacey, T. A. Wallace.
st. HARTS I'luiim: tvimnv
Mrs. N, M. Met Mure mnl Mr*.. Uohorl
FlomitiKi whn* wiTe iii crnnbrook hint
Weil (dny from si. Marys Prairie, on
I'oUlt'nillB home in lhe ovoillllB hy till to
nnrrowlj oscnpo bolng killed or seriously injured on Mission roud.
; Rnroule lo Craubroolt the uvn Indies
i piiKHcil over lhe bridge on Mission
: Hill, but on returning and on reaching
. ihe bridge, found n hud collnpsod.
| Only for lhe presence or mind of
Mrs. McClure, who .**ns nt the wiiu'u.
j of the nuto, both Indies might have
heen precipitated to the milch below.
Mrs. McClure taklug-ln the situation.
swerved hor cur tn one side uud av-
j cried nn accident. The car wus only
i slightly damaged nnd is receiving re*
i pairs at a local garage.
Tlie Mission road will he closed for
' some time or until the necessary re
j pairs can lie made to the bridge.
I    Tlie   recent   cold   snap,   whicli   has
j given tlie wnters nt Kootenay Lauding
solid covering of ice, has driven Ihe
thousands or ducks which luiie been
noon there or late from the waters.
Passengers on the steamer and train
have noticed of late the unusually
largo number of ducks which frequent
the waters there, but .lack Frost has
heen too much for them nnd Ihey have
lulten to warmer dimes.
Rossland Mill
to be Immense
Tlie Rossiami Saturday Night Miner
says, regarding the proposed big concentrator of the Consolidated company, ai that  place:
Because or the cotUIIcting reports
and the speculation regarding the
con conl rubor which Ihe Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Co., of Canada Limited, is considering building
here, the Miner hus been umirdvd
an interview by General Manager 3.
<*. Ulnyloeii oi tba company, who is
jusi hurl; j i\ m ., trip with Mrs. Blaylock liy nuto into Albcrlrt nnd points
in Mils PioHiicq. tbo object being,
tflucu Hie pinna nre ttboui lo take on
u concrete i.-im. io gel Hi" exact situation regarding tbi pro; osed work
which is ol sui li ts ti Importance to
When requested to glva thi Uluei
Komellhlug ni a ib llnl'r nn-nrn n
gurdiiig ih- propn ed ronslrurih u,
Mr. ninyloeli said
"The ittnaUoii .ii preseni regard
Dig tho Itosslnnd eouceiifrnttir It thai
wc Intend to build u roncpiiun'oi
olther ni lto slnnd i r Trail ..llh a
capacity ol lifteen hundred torn
dully. The location ol this concen-
trntor depends enllruly upon whelli-
er UusRlaml cun rflvti \\t> sulllcien'
water, and also, whtehor wo can gel
sutilclnnl ground ior the disposal oi
lhe liiilillg'.-i iii-in Hie mill, .-|.■.*■
"If the above ('lut-ulons can he
solved al Itosslniiil Una coin ntraloi
will undoubtedly be constme'ed ai
Hun place, hill rallillfi ihat. h will be
necessary to build lho works in
Allied regarding the success of tho
process perfected for the ir.aiment
of Hi?1 low-grade ores nf ihis camp,
.Mr. Hlnylock suid; ■Toe process hw
beon worked ont nnd tPMed for
en ma mnnths nn n pcnlo of two hundred ton.- dally nt the Trail '.eating
oonconlrntor and Is entirely sntlsfno
The Mlnet desired. hIiicq Rossland
would hmiolU \i iv materially from
the ii'Miiiundous amount of conalriic*.-
Ion work necouary in connection
with thn placing ol' i lu. works here,
lo know or what maierhil -he mill
would ho constructed and in reply to
ihis question Oenornl Manager May
lock   said:        ■'The  Construction   will
probably '"' »ieel building with
steel nml glass window.-, gunn^te
walls and concrolfi Moors; the main
•Fortunes in Canadian   Alfalfa
Stacking alfalfa in th« Central Farm, Van Horn* Colony at Coaldal*, Alberta.   Th
Home is one of the Colonics for returned soldiers established by the C. P. R. ii
It it no eiaccei-atfan to soy that
feu-tunee aie helot made tts Southern
Alliertm to-d>; with alfalfa Witt
till, emu •allliva It *!0 1 ton end
yield, ,»f four tons Ui the acre tsolnt
sssnetlrii. It la eaey to ,„ that largo
eiune of montj era belDi obtained
trovct thi, nop.
On, firmer at Ooaldala la to*
l«thbild|« Irritation Utotrlct. thla
jeer liart«atm no law tfeea It toe,
of alfalfa hay oa lw«(j- tana of
Irrlsatad laad at tba flrel cutuot.
Tkln liay Ue aold at tha prica of MO
iwr ion la tha alack, raallilnc 111 to
tha nere. Tha aacond crop on thla land
waa almoat. If sot quite, aa food, aad
there la eveiy probability thai a
third crop will be hamate*. It tl
aafe to at; that tha return) from
ibeee twenty acrea of land thla year
will be between "160 and 1170 to the
The caao quoted ln the prerloui
paraf mpu la not an laolated one.
Other farmera In the aame dlatrlct
hare crops equally a« good, though
ao doubt auch yields are somewhat
ahore the averaie. Moat of the oth
ar farmers have, bowerer, much
larger flelda, Altogether there are
about fifteen thouaand acrea In alfalfa in the lethbrldge Irritation
District thla year. Two cuttings had
been made on most ol tbe flelda before the end of August. The average
yield from the two cuttings for the
wbole of the fifteen thousand acrea
eras well over three tons to the sere.
aad It ls safe to .say that wllh the
third cutting ths average ylolrt will
be at least four tons to the acre. The
farmers In this district will, therefor*, get a return this season from
Ihelr alfalfa crops alone of nearly
two million dollars.
'But. the I-ethbrldne District la not
tho only part of Southern Alberta
where alfalfa can be grown. It Is
Mac grown equally aucceasfully In
,Ml— parte of tha large trrlgatloa
HfHaKII tta Canadian fa-
When Edward, Prince of Wales - eager, bright
eyed, smiling and sincere arrived in Canada in
August, and v.hen lie voiced Iiis great admiration of
the wonderful achievements of Canadians, on tha
fields of battle and ut home, once again we were
thrilled with joyous pride.
He asked concerning Canada's reconstruction programme, and when he was told of the Victory Loan
1919, he graciously consented to lhe use of his Coat
of Arms on a flag, which is to he the prize of honour
for districts achieving tlieir quota in the loan.
In dedicating "The Prince's Flag" at Ottawa on
Labor Day, His Royal Highness suid in part: —
"It is a great joy to me to be associated with the
loan, which is the bridge between war and peace, and
which is finishing off the job."
"I hope every city and district will win my flag."
Striking, and beautiful in design, this flag will form
not only an unique memento of Victory Year, but e
lasting and outstanding souvenir of the visit of His
Royal Highness a visit which will remain as one of
the most memorable events in Canada's history.
The reproduction above shows the design of the
flag. The body is white, the edge ted; in the upper
left hand corner is the Union Jack, and in the lower
right hand corner the Prince of Wales' Coat of Arms.
The Hag is made in two sizes, 4 feet 6 inches by
9 feet for small cities, towns and villages, and 7 feet
by 13 feet ry inches for cities of over 10,000 population.
Canada has been divided into canvassing districts
by the Victory Loan Organization. Each city forms
one district. Other districts have been determined
according to population.
Each of these canvassing districts has been allotted
a certain amount it) Victory Bonds to sell. To win
the Prince's Fhg, therefore, a district has to sell its
allotment.   That is the one aud simple condition.
Anticipating that many districts will buy far
beyond their allotment, the organization decided that
for each twenty-live per cent, excess of the quota one
Prince of Wales' Crest be awarded. Thus the workers
in a district doubling its quota will be the proud winners of four small crests for their Honour Flag. These
crests will be sewn to the flag.   The Prince's Creat- -
the three ostrich plumes is shown at the top of the
coat of arms.
To every organization with fifty or more employees,
where seventy-live per cent, of the enrollment invests
a total of ten per cent, of the annual payro'.l in Victory
Bond,,, a supplementary Prince of Wales Flag in
smaller form —18 inches by 3-1 inches—will be
The allotment for each district has been carefully
considered, and is based on a conservative estimate
of the purchasing po*er of the district.
Your district can sell its aQoiment and thus win the
Prince's Flag, provided each person does hie or her
You will gladly do your part and encourage your
neighbour to do his.
Remember YOUR purdiase may be tlie one that
decides whether or not your district U to be the proud
possessor of the Prince's Flag.
The Prince's Motto is "I Serve"
Will You also Serve?
Victory Loan 1919
Issued by Cuu«ds'a Victory Loan Committee
in co-operation with the Minister of Finance
uf the Dominion of Canada.
ctflu Hull way tut uf Calgary. Both
In tht B*ji**rt. and Weiurn Motions
of the block termers are (rowing
alfalfa and otttft'ulug yields of four
ton* of alfalfa to tbe acre and mora
during tht eeaaon.
Ont uso north of Brooks. Alberta,
hu tha whole of bis lto acre farm,
wkh the exception of a tmall place
for hia buildings, In alfalfa. I .art
year ha cleared between 114,00*) and
111,100 from thla crop. Thu year
his return* will probably be greater
because if anything, his crop le larger, aad tha price of alfalfa hay le
rullac higher.
Tht growth of alfalfa <n Southern
AJhsrta la certain to have an aaor-
awu Influeace In the development
of the Prow-ince. H has t»en proved
that it will grow anvwheev throughout tha Irrigated area. There are
still tbouaanda of acrea of land suitable for tha suoceaaful growth of
thla crop available, but settlement
ls proceeding very rapidly and gaining impetus every year. The Irrigation eyoUmn at present in operation
are dealgned to supply water to approximately 910,000 acres of land.
This year about 160,000 acres or irrigated land were producing crops.
Tbese cropa were mostly grain,
wheat, oats, barley and flax—a large
number of the settlers being new,
and as yet their land is not in shape
for growing alfalfa, which requ'res
that the sod be thoroughly dlHlnie-
grated for beat results.
But-when the development reaches
tbe slate of development Ihat has
been reached In the Letbbrirlge district, In which 15.000 acres out of
100,040 acrea of Irrigable land are
growing alfalfa, there will he en
enormous production nf thin crop.
On this basin ahout Ml/ifm «cr>h out
of the !H0,000 acres would Im producing alfalfa. Taking an avnraice yield
of three torn to lhe acre, which Is
one tea lata than the average this
mt, * nfii feu m.m m «t
alfalfa bay, worth at preaeat prices
114.690,000. would be grown.
Expert* tail us, however, that wa
ahould develop our irrigated flanu
on a tea year rotation plan with oat-
half of the land in alfalfa each year.
Wtth the 940,000 acres developed In
this manner, there would be upwards
of 460,000 acres of alfalfa grown oa
this Irrigated land. Averaging tka
yield of three tona to the acre we
should have a crop of 1,150,000 tona
of hay. Tbis production woull
make Alberta one of tha greateat
winter cattle feeding countries oa
the continent.
The story ia not rinlsbed, however.
Tbe fine crop* that have been
grown oa the Irrigated land throughout Southern Alberta have stimulated ths desire of thousands of other
tanners already settled In this part
of the West to have Irrigation for
their laads so Ihat tbey can grow
alfalfa too. They are now organizing Into Irrigation districts for the
purpose of securing water for their
land. With the organization of theae
dletrkis and the eatabllahmunt of
Irrigation systems, it ts eat/wared
that there will hn appioxltnuuiy aa-
otue'* half million acres of land
brought under Irrigation. With halt
o' these lands g.owing itlft^fa, i*,n-
Otlier 760,000 torn, o! hay would be
grown In Southern Alberta, bringing
the total to over two million tons a
Alfalfa has already made fortunes
for many farmer* ou Irrigated land
in Southern Alberta. Bul tts cultivation Ih still In its Infancy. Before
many yeare have elapsed with the
quantity of ibis crop grown Increased manifold, many more fort lines
will have been made. Un Influence
on tbe future prosperity of Southern
Alberta and of tin- Weal generally
can nol b-> psriinstt-il ai ihi> present
time, but 11 will anHurodly be very,
building will !..• ((proximately one
aero jn nren. The preliminary erush-
' inc I'l.iin win bo l<iii in conjunclion
ivi tli the Centra Star Item) irum.
and shipping bins wliothor tin- mill
i in iiuiii iti ItORKlnnd or not."
j    Whan queried regarding *A\e np-
proximute real of tho works, n<- sold
the mill  will  iniohc an  outlnj   ol
r.fai-ly  Jl.000,000.
KvorylllliiH is l.»,n    done  by td
i Clly Couucll to secure Lho hlg wor'ta
tor rt'...:l;iMi, nnd while the mattei
i* in ii preliminary ataso it would
appear any apparent obstacle-** can •»•
cnsll} ctlmlnnioti and Lhe mill secur
otl for lin aland through the i arnes'
co-operaLioti of all ihoae who are |«-
Hi-ones of aoolng tlie clly progress,
li in liellovoil Itotslnnd haa Hn
wuler nocpwovy, mnl although thi
om-poundlng of lhe same may entail some oxjionsn on the pari or then >• wli ioli nun iii be necessary
however, because or lhe Mien-nip i >
population which would follow the
| U out ti ii .;! Un- mill hen-, all these
obataclea van bo removed and the
future or tim city a-iaurod through
' the earnest, active co-opornllon of
Preside nl J, J. wrirr.ii, nr the Con-
soWlatod company is enrou'.e .mine
from a buBinefa trip to Kiinlauil and
upon his arrival het'e II  is believ
ed some definite decision will have
been arrived at lit rough the. active
efforts of Mr. Blaylock and his staff,
who n.te assembling all data and getting matters in shape tha' the question will be settled once and for
TDK  110*11
K"lit. Franc Prop.
1 n--.li lli'.-uil.
Cukes, I'len
i               nml r
Pilous 3?
Norbury Ave.
Opp City Hall
If vmi want satisfaction
willi vour wanblri«
send It to
SniM-ial nrlces for family
KiiiiIiiiiij (iranllc & Mon-
uiiicnliil Co., Lid.
(ir-noral Stone Contractori am!
Monumental Worka
► nml St., Xclion   I'. 0. bos -J',,',
Forwardlni and  Slitrltuulnt
Aicnt for
Ulkkrl4|«ul lirwaalll laal
Inprrlal OU Co.
Dlatrbutlon Carl • Spedaltr
Krit11iilt mnl TranafcrrlDK
Qlven prompt attention
I'tione 13
nnivx iik (uvn rs \ ro>.
TIIAIT   TO Hill II    VAC   A
Clarke St Sainsbury
I'liniii- Til nr ."i;«     P.O. Hoi MID
Famous Wash
Heals Skin
I It will take Jimt a few momenta to
atoji In nnd ask us whnl onr experi-
I once haa been In the wny nf grate-j
fnl customors with tha soothing wash!
of oIIh. D, D. n. Vour money back
unless tli'1 iirni bottle relievos you.
('■runbrook Hook and Drtag Co. ,
I   d:d.d.   1
IM   or   IM
i       piiiiii: OP Tin: hkst     j
{ KMlllli 00008
! llrllMi.loliiiiililH-Mudi- |
{ llll,   Ul   llnllll' ,
]   Murkii).   Smllli,   Blair A Co. \
\ Vani-mn^r, IM'. ;
\nvi 0|ifn lor liiitjiiii'iiH-iil-.    One to
I'onr Piece*
Tlie Mnalc Willi tiie PKP.    For Terme
MKS. KDMOMiSOM        ~~
nr illume '-'.'» Cranlironk, II. 0.
I'iiiim >o. («•,
I HtMIIIOOk ■ H.  ('.
Tlie Shoe specialist
.mi: maiiapoih
KalMartliiii linaranteeil
Weail'iiiartera for all klnrla of
When in Cranbrook
The Place To Eat
it at
Alex Hurry's
Tables  in Connection
Hurry's White Lunch
(Till aad Main* Knflaeere
n. ('. Land Narierara
Montana Ilcslaarant
Heal! al All Hoira
ri»am, I liarelle, ail Caaay
iiiipoaita the Bank of Commerce I* A « E     FIIU It
T HE     C It A Ml U ll II K      II E It A I, D
Finance Minister
Announces Terms
Dominion    GovorniiK.nl     Uopo    T«
Three Hundred .Million hollars
In Present t'timimlirn
OTTAWA. — Sir Henry Drayton,
minister of finance, made known lhe
terms of the coining Victory Loan.
The pro&pectus will ask for u minimum amount of $800,000,000, with tho
right to accept till or any pnrt ot
subscriptions in excess of that
amount. As lit previous years, the
subscribers will he given a choice
of maturity, five year bonds, duo November 1st, 1924, or lf> yeear bonds,
due oveinber 1st, 1934. The securities will carry interest at the rale
oi five per cenl iter annum, payable -Mny 1st and November 1st, nmi
accrued interest for both maturities.
making tho income fi I-- per cent per
annum. Purchasers mny pay in full
on application or in five Instalments
ns follows:
Ten per cent on application: 20
per cenl December 0, 1910; 20 per
cent nuuuryU, 1020; 20 per ceutFeh-
0, 1920.
he last payment or 31.21 per cent
covers .ut per cent balance of principal and 1.21 por vent accrued in-.
loroot at r» 1-2 |M>r cent from November lt-L to (lutes ot the respective instalments,   As a full half year's
Interest will he .paid 001 Mav 1st,
1920, the cosl of the homl will be!
100 and interest. It payment is made
at time of application tho price will
Iks 100 Hut. After the Initial payment subscribers have the prevellgo
of paying in full on nny due date
thereafter with accrued interest computed ut tlin rate of fi 1-2 ,per cent, j
Arrangements have again heen •
made with the honks for the pur-
chase of bonds by small suhsciibeers
on    ihe    Installment    card    system.;
-.pri'iniiii    the    payment
i'linlie :i;»0
Norbury An-, next In  (ilj Hall
bonds will
available through the hanks for delivery oi the fim* of application to
subscriber)? making payment in tull,
is in dn rogistered as to principal only
or both ns to ,prliici(-.il anil interest
tit authorised rteiiominations win be
delivered to subscribers making \ ay-
[ ment in full as soon ns tiie ret]uirod
registration  can   ho made.      Iiundu
■ with coupons will Ih* issued iu denomination   of  $30,   MOO  and   $1000
1 and may be registered m to principal Pull rogistered bonds, the interest ou whieh is pa'tl directly to
the owner by government chequo,
will not be issued iu denominations
lower than $500. The subscription
lists will be closed on or before November 15th, 1920
As previously Intimated b;
minister of finance, the new issue
will not cmry the exemption .privilege, which was attached to the
issues made during the war. b|ts
menus ihat in computing tlie Dominion Income tax. the holder of Lho uew
security who is Biibjool to Lhe tux,
will be roqtilred to Include the lull bersi b-.yTlhepla ,. : IT g kw kk
torelH as purl uf his taxable income.
in making the announcement, sir
ihnry Drayton Bald: "This is not
my loan; it Is nol the government's
loan; it is the loan of the people of
Cannda j back hy all the resources
li is io be spent to discharge our
Ltonn! working capital. The se<
is undoubted; the Intern) return exceptionally attractive, l confidently
appeal to the pooplo for the same
'.nil measure of support that has
been given to the previous -flota
world t'anadaV Bt finding. The purposes of the loan, which nro set out
literature of the campaign nre described lu goneral terms iu the prospectus as follows:
The   proceeds   Of  the   loan   will   he
used to pay LndobLednesv* incurred
anil lo meet expenditures to he made
iu connection wiih demobilisation
—including II:'1 authorized war service is-ratulty to our soldiers, land
settlement loans and other purposes
connected with their re-establli
menl Into civilian life—for c j| iiu
outlay iyion shipbuilding nml other
u.-t.oiinl activities) forming purl of
anadn's reconstruction progrnm and
for ihe establishment of any neces-
iind will lie spent wholly in lunula.
Now   Open   For Business
■Ibe Club (Me
in Baker Street
Opposite Cosmopolitan Rotel
,!-,i:"v5J../;i:Ti''.'..n:.'i.7i;~:-.-' .,.■;■;";
Rev  Hugh McKay Lyon,  Minister.
11 a. m.    Divine Service
12 noon    Sabbath School
7.30 p. m. Evening Service
.-;:.: i;;...n .u:u.;- frft:''.;' i.;."..*i nr.i'r.i .;:i.,j [:'..H.;.
Avers 6-Hour
(Continued From Page Two)
-/Wethothst Church
Rev. R. W. Lee, pastor
il a.m.—Divine Worship
12 noon—Sabbath School
7:30 p.m,—Divine Worship
Preacher: REV. R. W. I.EE
A Hearty Invitation lo All
-IS*::..?! i:.i.i;i I.;.:;: t..:~'i :"::.':..' *i""'iiLj uTiiai C?ilri iKili nrrj.mrrmirt-n*n.ri-:■ rrcipTP *■*:nttj?*;j
lte|iatr Work Sollcllfld,     Prices Ilea ho nahle
mineH. In America many of us used to
believe tiiat thc Government could
do railway running und mining nnd
Home other things better than could
private Interest!*.. We don't think so
now. The war lias cured us. The
other dny when the rallwaymen, who
are a very high typo of workers, demanded nationalization of the rail*
vraam, tiiey were met by a storm of
protest from all classes, workmen in-,
eluded. We are afraid of bureaucracy
and red ta.pe nnd taxation to make up
for losses due to the stupidity of political administration of public utilities. We are coming back to the
good old British doctrine that the less
interference from Government In
Industry thc better. The best government in self-government. One ot the
greatest delusions that ever darkened the mind of mnn Is the theory that
you con work tiie institutions of industry by a political machine.
1 should he untrue to my deepest
convictions were I to close this statement without frankly saying a few
plain words alMiut certain tilings thnt
must be done here and in America al
of class or' self-interest. The destiny
of man Is in his soul, and wo must
find some wny of driving out suspicion, envy, hate and Ill-will before we
can create Jusi and reasonable social
relations, Tho cure for Ill-will is'in
teir-gont solf-discipline in a humane
and mom I conception of life. The
way to gel rid of n small idea is to put
a big idea In Ua place.
Hii-due-**. a Social Service.
If 1 were a workingmau now, ns
I was for many years of my life, I
should be deeply depressed by tho
desperate efforts being made at the
moment of my country's need and
danger to reduce my life to the stature
of a weakling. I should he ashamed
to ho put in n position of asking for a
six-hour day surrounded by an en tag*
lement of legislative safeguards for
fear that I get u smooch of coal dust
nu my none or soil my fine linen by
sweat. A mnn who must be protected
hy law from working more than six
hours a dny is too delicately organized to wear trousers. He ought to
wear petticoats and liavo a nurse lo
stand between him and tlte rude real-
(ties of n workadny world.
A mineowner is simply a trusteo
nnd servant of tho nation. A mine-
worker fs exactly the same. Kvery
business is a social service, other-
its profits are got by fraud.
Every worker is a notional servant
folk together with some rotten string! is to be offered ne the Honor Trophy
plough. Jf we malre everybody earn | this year, te attracting great alien-
what he gets it is reasonable certain 1 Uo" ** lUe1c't>*. /""J ^™^'- , A
that he will get wlmt he earns. S]^^^^1^. T^^
land won in the wnr.   Can she now
win In the .peace? I believe she con
und wilt, nnd she will do it as sho
lias done so many great things before—by hard, honest work and a
square deal to every square man.
 —tmt-*tsf ■
Success of Loan
Appears Certain
I'm;-.peels   for  .Success   of  Loud  Ja
Province Loon
Oct.   2(1.—MoRt   heart-
once if wc are lo escape economic | wise
ciioos nnd serious suffering. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Things tn (In For the Xalliiu. Otherwise he has no right to demand
In  thc  ffrst .place omployers  and | wages from the nation for his work,
oinployees huvn got to get  together  A Si-unic Deal Inr Square Men.
on a basis of national service,  ^t, is     The supremo need of this hour In
plain treason for either capital or lab-, for everybody to quit talking and go
or nt tho present tlmo to advance their | to work.   Let us take on faith. If we
Agents for
The Studebaker
11 eonsldcrlne buying a car call <in u*.  II yon luivo a tight car ne
will take II on pari payment at a reasonable price.
own Interests by destructive nnd rev
oliitloiinry strikes or running financial manipulation. Tlie progress and
prosperity of botli depend upon tbe
well-twine of tbolr country as n
whole. Everybody must quit thinking
in terms of class and bogln to think
In tones of nation. Wo must work
for England-
Let ne face the fact that wc never
can ro back to tbo old times; and
let ua find a way off all working together for tbo common good. Tills
new attitude of mind is absolutely
nli^i to tbo class hatred and materialistic madness that have come out
of Russia to infect nnd be-devll the
world. We need a spirit uni awakening. You cannot make n permanent
society by tying a bundle of selfish
cannot believe it otherwise, that yon
cannot get more meat ont of an egg
titan there Ih In it. Wages and profit
both are paid ont of .production. Aud
production Is our only salvation to*
My. For Ave years wo have been
' '.roytng materials and men. Tho
world's stock of food nud goods is at
; IIh lowest ebb. It will take years of
tlie most st renuous effot t to get back
to normal, let alone to create a surplus. There will bo more than enouglt
work for everybody and everybody
must work, 1-lncb off tbo social parasites, whether thoy bo cooties or humming birds nnd put them to work.
•ralng reports as lo (he success of
the 1919 victory Loan Drive nre
oomlng In rrom every district of thc
I rovim-o. orgnnlzn-lon of district
and local committees Is -practically
perfect ln every ccniiuunlly. There
's n mui-kcd favorable attltudo to the
Loan everywhere and since the actual
bond selling ia on this week there
Is every ni-.iuru.nc
Knit. mm
Manager J. I). Konxns, of the Pre*
vinclal organization, has just ro-
ittrned r„P n ,0llr of |ilpooUfin „,
several sections of the. Interior and
Ills reports from each point vlolted
'bow th,. notlvlty nun enthusiasm
which tho people of tho province nro
•Hsplnylng. visiis «-,.„, mKiB ,.,.
Asliorofl, i:|ii,ion, Kiiml-mps. Vernon.
Kelfmu, I'eiichlatid, Hiiinnierliind!
1 entirion. Koranoos. iin,| Princeton. In every tow,, and ell.*, and
nirnl community, tiical commUtera
ere making onorgetlo canvass or the
Held. When tbe subscription!, ore
nsketl for by selling force or tho Victory Lean Drive there ki no doubt or
tho answer. The Irtcrlor dle'rlots
are uolng to exceed their quota oaal
with the Union Jack in  the upper
left hund corner, with '.he crest of
II.It.II. In colors on the white Held,
makes a striking combination.   It Is
possibly the most attractive of ull
official Itritlsh ensign*. "I hope every
town and city will win my  flag,"
said the gallant young prince who
has won every heart in tbe Wesl ou
his recent tour,    h  is possible for , -.
every unit  to win, for Ihe llttg is
awarded on percentage basis.    Every city or town reaching tbe quota,
of bonds se to bo sold, will be award- ■
ed the flag.     Per evory additional
25  per cent,   sold,  above  tbe set
quota, an additional crest Is to be
sewn on the white Held or Ihe flag.
The size for  towns- under   10,000 j
population Is 4 feet 6 Inches hy nine j
feet.   For towns nnd cltle*» over 10,- j
000 population, the size Is 7 feet by I
thirteen feet six Inches.   An Indus-1
trial banner, embodying lhe features |
of thc Hag, is lo be awarded to route
panles or organization*   witli   lift)-
employecs   or over.    An Employees
Honor I-mbkiu, or Ihe -tame design
on heavy bristol card Is to be awarded  to  Institutions  wilb   less  than
fifty employees.   In each case eoven-
it mi; ii is or nun ah
Crsulirouk, fl, (!.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p m Is
the Fraternity Hsll
C. fl. tinrgstroni. C, C,
C. H. Collins, K. fl. A 8.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Ill-culm   Meeting
month st i |i.ni. In the City Hall
record  re- j ij.-t|vt. ,Ilsr com 0r iho stall nro to be
jsubscrlbem to the 191!) Victory Loan.
HHH Meets   lu   tli.
Parish Hall
lirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
st II p.m,
Pros. Mrs. II.
cnnipholl, bos
fiery, Mrs. i. W. Burton, I*. O. Bot Ul.
All ladles co'illtlly Invited
Piliule Nursing Hosts
Licensed by Provincial Uovl.
llulernlly snd General Nursing
Mnssnge nnd (test Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A Crawford, Matron
Phono 2B0 p. O. Bos Ml
Address, Garden Ave. Crnnbrook
llrs. (Irci'ii it Mik'KIiibiir
I'hjslrlniu and Surgeon*.
Oltln.  nt   resilience,  Armstrong
A ven hi.
forenoons   n.oo m 10.00
Afternoons  n.oo to  I oo
l.vrnlug«   7 :in to  8,30
Sundays   8,80 io   4.30
Reports from the Nelson district
announce that tbo organization has
been rally completed throughout tho
Kootenay, Sloraii anil lloundnry districts. Provincial organizers and ttls-
trlrl chairmen nre working III Jiar-
mony, and th« people nro generally
       Inking nctlvo share In lho committee
Lei those who nre most skillful in ,"orl1' l"'"> ""-»*>--«tlly rucpriwsod opln-
proparlng progromos for the salva- „" „""" "'""' ls " """* <™Br»We
Hon of tho -A-nrtin-,™.     i recoiitlon awnltlng tho bond-selling
anil  lJI . g„L. ge °™' "rhv "•"«" " »Mta« »«t week,
and  take e   turn  with  the  pick or      The Prince l0- Wales' flag, which
Remodelling and Repairs »
1.    r.   II IK! II CROFT
nn. f. it. MiiiEs
Olllce in Hanson Block
9 to 12. a.m.
J to   6 p.m.
^■i itf Jiat-     '•''•'"   s»sry
QJKJrT\   M.md.T uiiht
HJ-ST-SPHy    ,t  Fr.teroltr
Hall.     Snlniirnlng   Oddfellows
eordlnlty Invited.
Nohto Grand, Ree, Sec,
J. H.Whlleboune   W. M. Harris
iniiliiliii- for nil I'ciiuile finii].Intnl. |ft h Imi,
fir tin'*-- fur ritl, in urilK Mntr*. .M<i!lr«l lontty
nililrciwturcceif-t c*f |..iic. Tni;SCfitiLT.l>Kit«
I'o.. SI.Lnlliiiriiu1-. Onlnrfii.
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN^rvi,:.!.'"'
for Hervfl mid l.mln; Iii.t<i.-.ui Mmyy mutlrr'':
n Voiiic n-tll l.'iild ;-ni iii>. J.in lip-., or (wo fin
(i1,nt'lrii!.'--(i'iiFt ct't*vf,ii.ili hit Iji nf ti'tri*.
l'iiH'iLoiii;i.i. ]iKt'iiCfi,.KI.i'.itluimi'rt, DnblHu,
Help the Boosters Boost Cranbrook-it's a Good Business Policy
Wll'l" ','! ' THlIHSItAY, OCT. 80, 1819.
T II i:      0 It A N 11IIIIII I,      || K || A I, I)
P A (i I.      1 I V E
- A, (i. Langlcy, resident mining en- j Tiie development ol n chimney of ore
gineer for the eastern district of the uracil up recently is proct.edlng Biti-
provlnce, passed through Cranbrook: is factory. Tho mine now lias be<*n ric-
lust Thurcday from Cultns Creek,' vcla.M-J to a depth of SOU feet and
where he had been examining tlie big! a large quantity of ore Is nviiilablc. for
showing  of  the   Iva-Fern  property,  Miipment.   Shipments are Ming made
LYE   i
OVER 500
III.IM 1.11 .Mill I'UVI'IN
i:x<i:i.u>t siiapk now.
Tint ,ioi> printing ilepnrtmoiti of iho
Cninlirnok lli'inlil linn- boon pul in
oxoellenl bIwih) and witli tliff large
stock nt' typos nnd inodorn ntac|ilnory,
Tin1 Horald I'm' aorvo im'trotis bettor
ilimi over boforo.
New typo faces linvi* been milled nnd
the premisoB Ronorn'lly brightened up,
and with experl workmen pntrona of
The Herald run depend ll|ion ft that
Ihey will get the very best service.
We solicit a share of your .patronage
which is being operated by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company
ot" Canada Limited. J. \V. Mulholland.
manger of the mine, was wtth Mr.
1-ungloy,  the two  being -enroute  to
1' ore which aeeuniiilnted at tlie bunk
i* I ».fore operations were tempontti-
■  . -impended some mont-is nao
World  Wo«4rr Copper
Nelson,   Having  renched   tlie   devel-   llt-po*!! In To Be Worked.
opment stage when maelilnery is re- a world wonder eoppei* deposit in
quired for Its proper exploitation, the j Northern Manitoba, known as the Flin
Iva-Porn property, which has been p|on, has eiianged ownership for two
closed down, because il appeared im-,and a half million dollars. A sev-
posdble to lake the necessary ma-' enty mile railway will be built into it.
illtinery In over tiio difficult trail. Con* One of tho largest smelters In the
siderablu money has been spout In world will be built on the property,
making tlie trail usable, but It is con* The proven ore body is :.r.O liy 1500 by
sfdered that, in view of this trail, be- jkio foot. The value of lhe ore Is eight
ing tho trunk trail for all the prop- dollars per ton. Hefore the returns
urliofl in the ltayoniie, the governmeni are expected tho owners Anticipate ox*
should share with the owners of the ponding fifteen million dollars, it i^
lirospeci.il the rest of making a good llayden and Stone of Huston who neg-
ronio. oil ut ci I   the deal on behalf, it is be
lieved of Tennesse Copper CO, and
Anuona Copper Copper Co.—Omtneca
SeiilHe .-Uliilng Huglneei*
To Work Nliirun rroperlj.
W.   ,1.   101 menilorf,  of  Seattle,   has
Inkon the Mercury group, threo miles
l.fiiern   Xliif.   Vamoinei,
I nun Sandon, on a bond tor $30,000,   i-lmwl. U to lie 0|»med I p.
ff 71   ■ „_ you wish "some-
rr fie/1 body would invent something new loeat" you
need Beeciiams Pill&  Even
when digestion is good, poisons
are formed during its processes that unless eliminated
irritate n.ind as well as body.
■tvhaf-i tn
H ho*--*,
Where Eyesight
Is Concerned*
McLeod's Store
Dr. R. V. Hoyt
Kjfvii.'-iil SjM'cinlisl
and lias lei u contract to extend a tunnel 50 feet to determine other development. Sovoral eurmaos were shipped a few years ago from thc Mercury and returned 200 ounces In sliver
and 50 per cent. lend.
Ililltunbt Mine llpernlloits
Ire Watched by Mining Men.
The attention  of  the mining men
The Aliening of tiie heuora nitue,
Vancouver Island, is l>elng proceeded
wlili. G. l>. B. Turner, at whose instance ehietly tlie work I* being undertaken, lias returned from New
V'orb and will remain until development ii' well started. Alex Meagher
Will have direct, charge, N. A. Mc-
i.eitu, who directed preliminary work,
luving left for Montana to take over
of the northwest lias been directed to j tt,P 1H.«ltion of superintendent of the
tho Hrittania Mining Company's opor- • uovouue Mine, in which Mr. Turner j
ations recently because of the tact . ixnt\ i^aociuies are interested.
that, its large nnd complete plant is. .
being worked Bteadlly at capacity j fernle .Hen Mny Sell the
with rather reinarnnble results. It, rtimoHs Hush Mine, lu North.
may not be generally understood that', ,\ deapatch from Fernle says per-
this company Ib equipped with a con- si^tcnt rumors have been prevalent,
eentrating plant with a capacity of! nie-.e tor some time concerning a deal
2,000 tons of ore per day and has the f e0Y the Premier Oold Mines, formerly
largest mineral separation plant in]t[ie Bush mine, whicli ls owned by
the Dominion. The high 'grade ore , r, \v. Wood, A. n. Trites of (lie Trltes-
and concentrate Is shipped to Tacoma ; wood company. W. It. Wilson, gen-
and thc tp.ilingis delivered to the beach | eral manager of the Crow's Nest Pass
and carried to sea by tide. All tho j codl Company of Fernie. and L V,
machinery is driven by eleotiicity,} ^elll ot Spokane,
which is generated by water power, ( u \H generally known that Trites
After passing tha turbine wheels', mf\ wood are in New York negotiat-
water Is used again in concentrating: jnK f0r a sale and tho first report
tho ore. At tho present time the com-| reaching here was that 51 per cent, in-
pnny controlls a length of twelve miles ,er0j,t had been disposed of lo Amer-
oii the Brlttania Geological Belt and i(.an capitalists for $2,000,000. He-
a width of several hundred feet. Dur- j cent|y n waa reported that a quarter
ing the last few, years it has acquir-: interest had been purchased by the
ed properties from prospectors, for j American smelting interests at >1,-
which  it has  paid  out  In  the  not-1 oot>,000.
ghborhood of $1,600,000. Thus It lias; T'llCf,G reports have emanated from
been of material assistance to pros- Vancouver aud Spokane respectively.
poctora and small operators who have j No confirmation or n rteuinl Is not
not the means to proceed with the de- i obtainable* locally on account qt the
velopment of their properties. The I nblienc.e of an the resident princl-1
mine is in a labyrinth of underground pn]„
workings between forty and fifty mUes; The pPemfer is north oi Stewart,
in extent, and last year some 24,600 j B c and from time to time since
feet of levols, crosscuts, raises and  ^^^ 1)CQpi0 became Interested re-
tensive equipment on tho property.
n 190*. the mine wan sold to the Uug-
gonbelms who tncorpornlod ii under
the name of the Cariboo Cold Mining
Company. They spent another $500,'
ooo in equipment and In constructing
a canal for water supply. They, how-'
ever, never worked the property. In
1013 it was sold 10 It. T, Ward of California, and ten duys later was claimed by John Hop), of Barkervtlle on the
technical ground thai it had been'
abandoned as a miner's license had'
not been renewed. Tlie decision of tlie
Privy Council Anally disposes uf this
claim, Argument by Mr, Ward's;
oouneei was dispensed with at tho
High tirade Ore oil The
Kamp-illn (•roup at Kdgewood.
II. Cordiana woe In Nelson Friday
from the Ram polls Group mi I'lglitning
Peak, wohore ho has been working
witli a ciing of men for Lhe la-sl eight]
months. Ho --<■■■ run two tunnels.
One is about 160 feel mid at tlte face
Is iii :.n Inches ol solid oro, which
will go from 260 to 300 ouncos. Ho
brought some of th<- musi beautiful
Bpocltnons of native silvar and gold
ever soon in this district, in quartz.
summer work. About six indies of t
snow roll at Lightning Peak ihiriuu
the week arid lho snow is now expect-1
ad <o stay on the higher peaks,
lMn.irmi ot >in. ami mum.
lllltllli   IIKKK   ON   SUNDAY
Miss (i. Cole, only daughter of Mr.:
nnd Mrs. Percy Cole of Kingegate, who
had only recently returned to lior
home rrom Vancouver, where she had
been attending college, arriving home
Tuesday, the 21«t, after Buffering for
One of tlie most jwrylexini; prob-
Lome arising out of tbe great war has j
been made the basic theme of u photo-'
play lu which Grace Cunardi known
from coast to coast will appear at the.
Ilex theatre Monday an* Tuesday.
The feature is called "After the i
War" and was prepared for the screen j
by Harvey dates from Kingsley Bene-;
diet's story of the same flame. Tbe
story deals with tbe romance of
Ger-ve, a noted prima donua of the;
Opera Comique in Paris.
Oerve is only one of hundreds of,
women of France and Belgium who,
were made victims of fGerman atrocities, ln order to save her soldier
sweetheart, Phillippe. from execution
by a German tiring squad, she hsd
sacrificed herself to a German otlieer,
Karl Wets.
After the wur. Gerve. Wets and
Philippe met in Parts, Phillippe'
tolls Gene of his unchanged love and i
units her to marry him. She refuses
him, realising that her child, of which
w.'i/ \n Ho- father, would ever be a
barrier in tlieir complete htt,ppincss,
Tliis  is  only  one  of  Uiinisand*-  of
similar situation^ thnt are arising today.    What  ts to be done with such
children?   The problem fs u dftUunlt'
mo', but one solution of it haa been :
depicted in an appealing unner. |
m;h koi'mi iioiwk at
A large force of workmen are busily
ongngod In erecting the new round-
lioiiie and turntable or the Canadian
Pacllic Hallway company at Sirdar,
an effort being made to get tlie build*
iii';  under  roof as earl/ as  possible
only a few days with numerous com-! „r before bud weather will prevent its
plications, died Friday last. j completion.
The body wns brought to Ibis city  -*.«—	
for burial Saturday, tho funeral tak-1    The Canadian Army Dental Cor,ps
Ing .place   from   Knox   Presbyterian ! huvo °P«ne«. «  ,,.ft»tl-i1  '''l''!0  "}.}**
church, the Uev.  Hugh McKay Lyon
The services tat the chinch and
graveside were very Impressive and
many of tlie friends of tlie deceased
young woman were present.
The He'rnld, associated with the community, extends deepest sympathy to
the parents iu their sad bereavement.
Hanson block. All returned soldiers'
requiring dental treatment will please
report immediately as tlie clinic will'
bo opened for a shot time only.       J
mim; contuacts
S.illinin  Mine, himlMrlev. ll. (.
Coiitrncts win iM! let for j connecting raise, ti feet liy 14 feet. 705 feet
long lo be driven at. an angle of 47
tlegroos, following a diamond drill
hole 2 11-82 Inches lu diameter.
Also for driving 1000 feet of tunnel, 10 feet by 12 feet; und 500 feet
ol cross-cutting, S fed by fl feet. My-;
ers-Whnlev mucking machine available.
Also contracts lor breaklug ore in
itopes.     Adequate power and equip-
On the noon train hist Thursday the
body Of John Drew. Jr.. age 20. was
conveyed to tliis city from Calgary for
burial. Deceased was a former resident or Cranbrook and was a membm I ment .supplied; Tur bro one-man ma-
of tlie Canadian Expeditionary forces. I '',ljn0 J" UBe- .
,   , , .  .     .,     ,;    Good bunkhouse accoinotlatlons and
He succumbed to stomach trouble nl ( a „m,tod number of homes for mar-
Calgary on  Wednesday of last week i fled  men.
chutes were added, while nearly 27
000 feet of exploration was done by
diamond drill.
Iii every Coeur d'Alene bedroom Is a framed card on
which is primed the rules of
lhe room. In other words
tho Coeur d'Alene Hotel
marks Ihelr selling prices
In plain figures, The patron knows what his bill will
be;  he knows that lie It  not
being overcharged  through
n misunderstand   his or tlie
clerk'S—ho   knows  that   he
is   paying  ,lu«t   wlmt   every
other oei'iipsnt of that room
pays -   no   more,   no   less.
That's  standard   American
practice t» flrsl class retail
stores;  BOttlO duy il   will no
doubl   be standard practice
iu the best hotels.
^   Thftl  framed card  is a small
detail,   but    It    illustrates    the
Coour d'Alono wny   of   doing
things.     It's one of  tho  many
ooncrolc  opplloflilons ot    iho
Coeur d'Alene pollcj of fairness
and a full and honest money's
worth, to every patron whatever
kind or  price of room ho bo-
Rnokano, Wnshlneinn
imrts linve been made of phenomen-
oually large bodies of high grade
gold-copiier ore found in tbe course
of development work. Tests have
with sample shipments have shown
exceedingly good returns, and the
only drawback lias been the situation
I'roilneal Government Puts
In l>isueu.1 Drill at Ashcroft.
Diamond drilling, whicli was undertaken by tlie Provincial Government i ^ "the „,,„„ wWch ,„ romotc from
under the terms of the Mineral Survey ; trnn3portatlon tAcltlUes. Trites and
aud Development Act on the Snow- Wow, ure eXpc,.t0d to arrive back in
storm Group or claims, Highland Val-1 p^nla nny time.
ley. has been discontinued temitorar- 	
(ly. The exploration Is reported to Ore KeeepUs Show Nome
have disclosed some veins of high • New Hhlpper<* to Sarlter at Trail
grade c^ipcr and is to be continued , Tho Consolidated Mining and Smelt*
niter some more surface work is done; ing Company of Canada Limited, re*
on the iona Claims, which arc a part! ceived 4157 tons of ore in the seven
of tiie Snowstorm Group. W. S. Drit- i days ended October 21 as compared
i>, IM,s, of Victoria, has been ongag-   with 414S In the last previous week
after a lingering illness.
Immediately aftej- the arrival of the
train tlie body was conveyed to the
Presbyterian church where the Rev.
Hugh McKay Lyon conducted services
for the departed, G.W.V.A. members I
acted as pallbearers and escorted the
body to the burial grounds.
Many friends <-f the deceased and of!
the father and mother were in attend- j
once to pay their respects to the departed veteran.
John Drew. Sr.. of Calgary, who
accompanied the remains here, and
Thomas Drew ot this city, father and
Further particulars If necessary
can 4.C obtained from K. G. Montgomery. Sept.. Kttnberiey. B. C, to whom
all communications and bids should
be  addressed.
Increase In Kale of Interest.
ed to survey their properties. In the
meantime it Is considered likely that
tiie Government will undertake diamond drilling on other properties, ap-
and a  similar quantity  in  the  first
week of the montii, according to a report from the smelter nt Trail.
Tlie list shows the receipt of a car-
pHcuiiim for which has been received | load from the Alamo mill.   The-mill
from tiie owners. ' is  owned   by  Clarence  Cunningham
—  j and supplied with oros from his mines.
Important Kind ef Copper Ore ' The shipment Is the first credited to
Near Prince George. [ it by Trail.   The Uurier copper mine,
An important discovery of copper i at Laurier, Wash., tiie scene of recent
ore has been made by Martin Pram-! strikes, Is credited with the delivery
stead and George S, Hughes, local of :;o tons. The movement of a large
residents  In  the Hansard take dis-; tonnage form the Republic mines, the
source of silicfous ores, Is shown tn
the table.   The receipts li detail follows :
Mine and Location Gross Ton
I Inch Hear, Rossland .
-. i- ntro Star, Ilosslaud
tricl, east of Prince George. Tlie
originnl discovery mas made by these
mnn some months ago, but during the
past few weeks, In carrying out development work on their claims, they
uncovered a vein of rich copper ore
several feet In width.   Samples of Ihe  ''"Kio' !„,,  U",1
.       , .„,      Almu  Mill. Almo   	
ore seen here show  large quantities . CtimAa Copper  GpePUW00„
of copper, nnd mining men who ex-   |ro„ M„kt Kamloops ....
mnlned the rock say It is Hie richest, f<0ne  Pine,  Itepuolic.  Wn
discovered   hereabouts.    Offers  have j Laurier, Laurier, Wn.   ...
been made by capitalists to furnish i Mowitch. Almo        21
funds to development  but  none- of I Mamly, Ln Pas      -IH4
them   have   been    accepted-Prince | ^h s^t;:.,^mbop,p>' ;<
George Citizen.
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby   given
thai   iu  accordance   with   the ,provi-
brother of the young man, are left I flons of an Act to amend the Domin-
.,   . .,„    „ aA. : ion   Lands   Act,   pussed   at  the   last'
to mourn his loss. Mrs. Drew prede-; ^.^ Qf l>ar,ioIIieilt( and commenc-
ceased her son last April and was bur- jnR from tj,e 7th July, 1919, where
led In rhis city. ' Interest is chargeable, the rate of
 1_*-^^  | such interest on all new trunsactons
HI llll III I I OTIIKS WORN BY ' ,n connection with Dominion Lands
„.'..,..., IV «p,v „, .« i shall bp six per centum per annum;
PETROU IN  NEfl   PLA* ; also that from lst of September, 1913
  ■ the. rate on all overdue  instalments
Wearing  the  most sumptuous and j In connection with both past and"fu-
varied wardrobe that she has ever ap-! lore   transactions   will   be   Increased
..... *i        —»- ..    to seven per centum per annum.
I eared in during her entire screen ca-1 Hy' 0rdei.(
reei*. Madame Petrova comes to the | j„ pEREIRA,
Ilex tiieatre Friday aod Saturday in . Secretary.
her latest production. 'Tempered Steel'! Department   of  the   Interior,
written by George Middleton and M-Lggggi Al",IHt jL^g |
reeled by that master of smiles and I.ANU  RKGIHTKY  ACT.
thrills, Ralph Ince. section 131.
Madame   Petrova   is  shown  at  tlie 	
opening of tho story in a smart riding I in the Matter of Im 2S Block 42,
habit which she wenis as the daugh- j 5761-J.
ter of the proud old Caruthers family j
n, Wt».ky. Sh. I. .ne» *,„ tnl toagfifig**&X&»
tlie garb of n typical Greenwich Vll- „my Diatrlct.
into ilenlzen, and from this rapidly; TAKE N(m0B 0M u>(, aboye
changes Into tbe abbreviated but application ba» been made to regit*
highly effective costume of "The Si- ] i.t Thc Crow's Meat I'ass Lumber j
ren of thc Nile." In which her debut Compiuiy, Limited as owner In fee
U a ..roadway favorite Is mU, - ^ ^ W, <gfttf&&
There then follows In quick and fascl-| •*,,„. |,.,8S Lumber fom.ir.ny LlmlteJ
noting array a whole shopful of frocks I of a Certificate nf Indelcaslble Title
nnd gowns, topped off with a fur cnat -hereto, and Hint in support nf such
of a cut that should make ,„ wearer &»***%££ Ze^tX.
from CI fllUs Miller whose title
c a package
before the war
c a package
during the war
6c a package
Care for a Ride Tonight?
SHAKE the dusty cobwebs from your brain.
Enjoj   tlie   exhilarating   freshness   of   the
country.   Take   an   evening's   spin   to   the
bathing beach.—to the trout pool.
A week-end   in   the   woods   with gun and dog
are your? for the asking. Donotenvyyourneighbors.
A Ford Touring Car will give you daily pleasure.
Your family will appreciate it too.
fori BBmho-ntH-B. TntnissJC*. On Opes
inr-i*.! the Lttctne Burtiaf *r.a Llfbdoc
•quipuieM il il'." CJUtS.
Couptl°Ti, Seoanl'..lTi. OoMd mod*lstfaM
iac..'<J* Electric.Surur.c tati ..*■■'■* -"-;- i-
RMtll.   t-eBlO'J 1'*-> ■*'"•:*•.  ■.r*i".»,   ■•*-■.'.'■•«  i
t.re« vin rmmr ma *.&t.*.r.a: •q.i.pn.er.: or. :ctea
ttt only »t t2&.C*i exm.
Thewpr:cei»r*f.o IkPanLOs-U,
the envy nf every woman In tier audi-   j'yj
Klretrle Polit Mile To Use
Tim»» Mere Ore.
The Electric Point Minim Company
In the operation ot its property, whicli
Is situated near Northport and close ta
tho Drltlsh Columbia boundary line
proposes moving Ha ore to the railroad entirely by tramways. A year
okii tlie Company built an area! tram-
-voy from the Mine to l-eailiiolnt, n
distance of more than two miles and
n survey of another Is being tnado
from Leadpolnt to Wood Spur on the
railroad. It It seven miles between
the two latter .points and three miles
rrom Wood Spur to Northport. The
first tramway eliminated a sharp descent of the mountain by means ot
trucks and teas, which meant expensive haulage. K the Installation of tho
second la decided upon, it to llgttttd
Mat ttm «U *•
Ocean, Sandon
I i'rovldoneo, Greenwood ..
'. '.'nllp, Itepubllc, Wn. ...
I St. Eugene (sine) .Moyle
Standard,  Silverton   ...
Union, Lynch Creek   ...
Tariff,   Afnswnrlb   	
Minn: to snisniiiiiiis
If for any reason siiburrllieri. are
nol mvhliig Hie lleralil regularly,
we will »|i|iniliile their notifying
llils office, when Ibe eiimiilnlnls nlll
rerehe (tie |ironipl«">t ntlentliiti.
u ■
Some I'ast History ol
A Famous Mlae la tke Cariboo.
The Privy Council has sustaned II
T. Ward In tho famous Ward vs. Hopp
caso that has been In the courts since
1913. The"sult arose out of the purchase at the Bullion mine In the Carl-
boo. This mine, situated near Ques-
nel Parks, Is a hydraulic proposition
of 1200 acres, it woo first taken up
In 1900 tho mine was sold to the Ong-
flclals, Including Sir William Van
Home, Baron Sliaughnessy, Messrs.
W. 1). Matthews and E. B. Osier. They
operated until 19M, spending a total
ol UMOjOM, ant producing $1,600,000
to Mat HM.  ly msm tkey ha* m-
wus derived miller :-. tai rt-Jo deed
dated 6th September i."ir> from the
Assessor of thc District of Port
Steele anil thai prior 10 12th day
Jniiuort 1111)3, {the date on whieh
lhe Kaii. lani.K were sold fnr overdue takes) you. <'. P. ltolnmi were
the registered owner thoreol and
you. A. W. Kwallwell were the As-
-•-, ed owner thereof.
and further Take notice
Mini  registration  will  be effected In
' pursuance  of  tlie above application
: ami    a    Certificate   ol    Indefeasible
Title io the said lands. Issued to the
diilil The Crow's Nest Pass Lumber
Company Limited after the lapse of
15 days from the service upon you
nf HiIh notice (which tuny be effected by publication hereof as hereunder directed), unless you shall take
- and  prosecute  the  proper proceed*
< iiiEK to establish your claim, If any,
to the sal' lands or to prevent such
 ,--i action on my part.
DATED in ihe l*nnil Registry Ofllce. Nelson. II C„ Ulls 22ml i.ay
ol   August, A.  D.,   1919.
E, 8.  STOKES.
District Registrar
| To C.  P, Unkind.
A   \Y.  Swallwell
Umber Up With Penetrating
Hamlin a WliqrO Oil
A harmless and effective prepare.
Hon to relieve the pains ot Rheumatism. Sciatica. I-ame Back and Lumbago is Hamlin's Wizard Oil It oen-
etrates quickly, drives out soreness,
and limbers up stiff aching joints and
You have no idea now useful it
will be found in cases ol everv day
ailment ot mishap, when there is
need oi an Immediate healing, antiseptic application, as in cases of
sprains, bruises, cuts, bums, bites
and stings.
>&udi^ft&ffs& i' rr: "rrv^«""; "or.'" „b:
•nt vour money bark. : ">"■!'  ■>>'  publication  hereof in one
Ever  constipated  or  have   sick   l»«"e of a newspaper circulating In
headache?    lust try WUerd Liver \ Cranbrook, B. C.
Wklpe. Dleasenlliltle pink »UU, » .
No. 07
I tally
Train Service
will be a K'-nerol iimnse In train
.,1  I lnn!i!T,„k  hill ),e.
l.v   Medicine Hat   Ar
No. 68
Lv   Calgary   Ar  7-60
l.v    Lethbrldge   Ar 2.00
i.i   Pernie   Ar 18.4'i
Ai    cranbrook    Lv 10. IE
Lv   Cranbrook   Ar lo.o.i
Ar   Klngsgate   l.v   ' ~UM
Ar   Rooteriay Lending   l.v 1120
,- particulars apply to'-any ticket agent.
PROCTOR, District I'asspiiaer Agent, Calgary.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nl I'Hiiadn Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
I'lircliiiserx ul l-nlil. Silver, C<i|i|ier antl Lead (trek
I'rndueerx nl' llnld, Silver, Copper, lllat'stiiiie. Pig Lend and
Zinc -I'AllANAC" Brand. THURSDAY, OCT. 80, 18W.
"The Bridge from War to Peace"-T.uMaw-elWaba,
The Minister or Finance or the Dohionion of Canada oilers lor Public Sul
Victory Loan 1919
$300,000,000. 5H% Gold Bonds
Bearing interest from November 1st, 1919, and offered in Iwo maturities, the choice of whicli ii optional
with tin; subscriber as follows:
5 year Bonds due November lst, 1924 19 year Bond, due November let, MM
Principal payable without charge at the Office of tlie Minister of Finance and Receiver General at
Ottawa, or at the Office of thc Assistant Receiver General at Halifax. St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal.
Toronto. Winnipeg, Regina. Calgary and Victoria.
Bonds may be registered as to principal or as lo principal and interest, as hereinafter provided, at any
of the above-mentioned offices.
Interest payable, without charge, half-yearly, May 1st anil November 1st, at anv branch in (
of any Chartered Bank.
Principal and Interest payable In Gold.
Denomination.: IM, UN, ISM, and |I,*M
Issue Price: 100 and Accrued Interest,
Income Return Z%% per Annum
The proceeds of the I oau will be used to pay ludebtedneee Incurred, and tu meet eapeadiiutea
to be made In connection with demobilization (including the authorized war service gratuity
to our soldiers, land settlement loans, and ot her purpose, connected with their re-eetaMlehmeat
Into civil life), (or capital outlay upon shipbuilding, and other national undertakings forming
part of Canada's Industrial reconstruction programme, and for the establishment of any n
sary credits for the purchase ol grain, foodstuffs, timber and other products, and will be s
wheiiy In Canada.
Payment to be made as follows:
10% on application; -»'i December 9th, 1919; 20% January 9th, I USO;
•eV/,, February 10th, 1920; 81.31% March 9th, 1D20.
The last payment of 31.21% covers 30% balance of principal and 1.21% representing accrued interest
at tyi% from November 1st to due dates of the respective instalments.
A full half-year's interest will be paid on May lst, 1920, making the cost of the bonds 100 and interest.
Subscnplions may be paid in full at the time of application at 100 without interest, or on anv instalment due date thereafter, together with accrued interest at the rate of lij~% per annum.
This Loan is authorised under Act of the Parliament of Canada, anil both principal and interest are
a chine upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Tie amount of this issue is 1300,000,000, exclusive of the amount (if anv) paid for bv the surrender of
bonds of previous issues. The Minister of Finance, however, reserves the right to allot the whole nr any
part of tbe-aonxint subscribed in excess of 1300,000,000.
All (toques, drafts, etc., covering instalments are to be made payable to the Credit of tlie Minister of
Finance. Fanfare to pay any instalment when due will render previous payments liable to forfeiture, and
tbe ainrtrimt to carioeHatioD. Subscriptions other than those paid in full on application must be accom-
paniedby a-depoat of 10% of the amount subscribed. Ofiicial Canvassers will forward subscriptions or any
Diand) in Canada of any Chartered Bank will accept subscriptions and issue receipts.
Subscriptions may be paid in full at time of application at 100 without interest, or on any instalment
duedate thereafter, together with accrurd interest to time of making payment in full. I 'nder t iiis provision,
payment ot subscripiions may be made as follows:
II pud iii full on or before November 15th, 1919, par without interest or lull',,.
IfteuMiiang instalments paid on Dec. Oth, 1919, balance of 90% and interest (»!W.u2 per llutli.
Remaining instalments paid on Jan. Oth, 1920, balance of 70% and interest (I70.S4 per 1100).
Kaauaiiiiug imlalnnits paid on Feb. 10th, 1920, balance ol 50% and interest (151.08 per 1100).
Wiiiiiaaiiaiit ilinent paid on Mar. Oth, 1920, balance of 30% and interest (131.21 per $100).
Payment of-wtalmcnts or payment in full after November ]5th, 1919. can lye made only on an instal-
Denomiiiatioii and Registration
Bearer bonds, wath coupons, will be issued in denomination of 150,1100, $500, and 11,000, and may he
'as to principal.   The first coupon attached to these bonds will be due on May 1st. 1920.
registered bonds, the interest on which is paid direct to the owner by Government cheque, will be
in densnuatir-ns of BOO. $1,000. $..,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000. or any multiple of
Payment of Interest
A*WI,haifcyear.'sin*enatat the rate of S'-i% per annum will be paid Mav 1st, 1920.
Form of Bond and Delivery
 l their applications the form of bond and the denominations required, and
theaecari-kaao indicated wfll be delh-ered by the bank upon payment of subscriptions in full.
~* Bearer bondaof this isue-will be available for delivery at tlie time of application to subscribers desirous
otimakaig payment in fuU. Bonds registered as to principal only, or fully registered as to principal and
interest, win be delneted to subscribers making payment in full, as soon as the required registration can be
Payment of all instalments must be made at tbe bank originally named by the subscriber.
*fon-negotiaDk receipts win be furnished to all subscribers who desire to pay by instalments.   These
' i will be exchangeable at subscriber's bank for bonds on any instalment dale when subscription is
Ml.   All receipts must be exchanged before lst June, 1920.
Form of Bonds Interchangeable
Subject to-the payment of 25*-ents for each new bond issued, holders of fully registered bonds without
coopoas will have the right to convert into bonds with coupons, and holders of bonds with coupons will
haue-the right to convert into fully registered bonds without coupons, al any time, on application to the
Maiism of Finance or any Assistant Receiver General.
Conns of application may be obtained from any Ofiicial Canvasser, from any Victory Loan Committee,
cos-ember thereof, or bom any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank.
Subscription Lists will close on or before November 15th, 1910
or Finance, Ottawa, October 27tb, 1W9.
Canada's Farms and Factories Busy
Over tbe Cea Cups
Get behind the Victory Loan.
Insure with Bealo & Elweli.
Insure with tlie Cranhrook Agency
Try ono of Beale & BhveU'a safety
ilejKmit boxes.
List your house with the C.rntilii-onl.
Agency Company.
Beale fi. Elweli insure goods In trati-
slt—horses, wagons ami automobiles,
The Victory Loan 1919 hcn.hiimrterH'
phone will be known ns "Victory
The Canadian Pacific Hallway have
been having their own time during
the last few day*, of cold simp, trnn*.-
fcrriiiR apples from box cars to refrigerator**. Potatoes nnd apples being
caiiKlit in zero weather.
Owners of telephones in this city
have received the new telephone directory Issued by tbe Kootenay Tele^
phone Lines, Limited.
The young people's meeting hold in
Lhe Methodist church last Wednesday
evening was well attended. W. S
Martin gave a very interesting talk
on the life of Edison. These meetings are of an educational character,
and the young people of the city are
heartily welcomed to attend th-eso
Rally Day Service was held iu the
.Methodist. Sunday school last Sunday,
one hundred and live being present
A  special offering  was  asked for to
We have just received a large range of
Mens' and Boys' Mackinaws
at prices that talk.
Prices $7.00 to $20.
sustain tha general Sunday school ■
work in the church, and resulted ln
uu offering of eighteen dollars.
Many of Cranbrook's young people i
have been enjoying tlte skating at the
Marsh the past few days.
W. II. Grimshaw, of Vancouver,
arrived in the city, Sunday and left for
Nelson on Monday, before returning to
the coast.
FOR SALE — Bargain. Second-hand
wood furnace, complete with casing.
Enquire at Herald office.     10-30-11
DRESSMAKING.—For dresses of any
kind, or sewing, call on Mrs. Feu-
raets, 208 Cranbrook street.     30-4t
PIANOS FOK SALE.—Choice of three
from $15ii.no. All bargains. Star
Second   Hand   Store. 10-23-t.
GIRL WANTBD-HIgh school -girl to
help core fnr baby after school
hours. Mrs. D. M. Smith, opposite
C.P.R, Depot.
Conductor Thomas Cavon, is in f'nl
gnry this week on business.
Mrs. T. C. Armsti'Qug is In Wnlrto,
spending the week with friends.
Mr, T. J.  DoucettQ arrived In tbe
I city on Sunday trom Great Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Baker, were guests
• In the city over Sunday, from Wasa.
i    Frank L. Archer the FIndlay Creek
' cuttle king, was ;*, visitor in the city
last week-end.
G. W. Iiockhart of Sandon, was In
the city lust week-end looking up
former frlonds.
A. McL, Fletcher of Nelson, Dentin-
| ion fruit inspector, was lu the city
, lust  week-end.
!    Mr. A. C. MacMlllau, of Kamloops.
was In tlie city for a few days attend-
; lUg to bllHiUCHH.
N. B. Sanson or i..uitt wna in the
city Friday and left in the afternoon |
' for eastern points. ,
Mrs. L. O, Clarke returned yesterday)
from Windermere after spending somej
: time with frlneds.
Mi*. Bryan Gorman, of Kiugsgate, Is
in the city for a few days attending j
to husEnesH matters.
Miss Vera Dailley, of Veruon, Is vis- j
King with hor aunt, Mrs. .1. Flngnll
Smith, in this city.
Mrs. C. Bidder and daughter. Ivy, j
, left on Sunday for Greenwood for a
two  weeks' vacation.
I sister George, of Vancouver, is a re-
I cent able addition to the hospital aud
' will remain permanently.
Stanley Hill and George Dixon spent
l Sunday and Monday shooting at j
points out from Crunbrook.
.1, B. DoLong-, High school inspector
. fiom Vancouver, paid a short visit to!
tho city on Tuesday, and left Wednea- .
Uiis Kay, evening operator at C.P.R.
depot, will leave the coming week for
Crow's Nest, wliere he has been transferred.
Miss Mayme Mackay entertained ou
Tuesday evening at dinner Miss Delia
Greaves in honor of her twenty-sec-
1 ond birthday.
F. M. MacPherson, manager of the
Hunson Garage, who has been at the
Const on business, returned home on
. yesterday's train.
Miss Ti. Drummond will return from!
Vancouver on Saturday where she has j
: been in the employ of the British Co-j
1 lumbia Government,
Mrs.   10.   Machom   and  si3tcr.  Mrs.
Roy   Crane,   left   for   Spokane.   Inst I
Friday,  wliere they  will  remain  for
1 an Indefinite period.
Col. Ilangerford Pallen and his wife
] left la*u week-end to attend the mil-
! Hia council, at Victoria, which has
j been called for In that city.
!    Howrad Armstrong' was ln the city
. Friday io attend the dance from Yahk,
, where lie Is employed by the C.P.R.,
■ | departing for Yahk Monday.
Guy Mahaffey of tho Cosmopolitan
Hotel, and M. Ault of tbe Staples
Lumber company, ,at Wycllffe, left
last Saturday for Spokane, where they
will spend a couple of weeks.
Poter Mclnnes, of Fnr Lands, B.C.,
Saturday and left on Sunday for his
Windermere, county reached town on
home. Mr. Mclnnes was at one time
associated with the Radium Hot
James Finlay, who bae beon li) tbe
city for a few weeks, looking after
busbies matters, and visiting at Flagstone, while in this section, has returned to Shawnlgan Lake, Vancouver Island,  leaving  last  Huturnu.*..
Col. J. L. Davis, manager of the
"Make Yourself At Home" company,
which Is scheduled to play here on
November seventh, gave the Herald a
friendly call on Tuesday afternoon.
The Colonel promises to keep the
Cranbrook- public in laughter during
the entire performance of this .piece,
this year. Never in the
history of this STORE
have wo purchased as
extensively in FRENCH
IVORY ns wc have this
season. Wc have some
exclusive lines, and the
color, weight and finish
or these goods cannot be
excelled anywhere.
l.ll-l Showing of
ills fi*lli-i-l Feature BOMI
Mile. Olga Petrova
I Story nf Tlioulrlenl Life
'     tin
A suiireiiK iiroiluetlon—nntangl*
ln«- Hie threads uf roni'illeated
, 'situations fiillimtngr Ihe world-,
i ' ivar—iillliimt the seenes nf the
_ (' ii in I n it _
I ! WKII; ami TIUKS. ROVi .>th*»lhl
J.nst and Newest I IIAl'LIN
IULI.il. Bl'KKE, In
The Fink
Mercantile Co. Ud.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have just shipped
you a large quantity of
things for the Boys and
Qirls of Cranbrook.
I will be in Cranbrook again on December i8th, as usual, to
give the presents out.
Yours truly,
LOST.—Between Burwell Avenue and
Upper Garden Avenue, ladles gold
breast pin. about two inches long
with purple stone. Finder will be
suitably rewarded on returning
same to Herald Office or Box No. 9.
it beins one or thc besl thnt Earl Carroll has ever produced.
Mrs. G. Pelton, who underwent a
slight operation at the hospital, was
able to lenve for her home on Wednesday,
Ceorge Thrasher of Bull River, who
ha s been suffering from rheumatic
fever at the hospital for the past two
months, In improving.
A daughter wns born to Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Quick, of Wycliff, last Friday at the St. Eugene hospital. Both
mother anil daughter are doing nicely.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, who has
been ou a business trip to Nelson, and
points iu that district, has returned
to his home, and was in the city on
H. B. Hicks, chairman of the Victory Loan canvassing committee, who
has been In Vancouver, returned to
the city Tuesday and waB at Fort
Steel nnd Bull Hlver yesterday.
Mrs. Ege and Mrs. Evans of Klmberley, arrived ln the city Saturday and
spent the week-end as the guest of
Mrs. II. S. Gamble. Mrs. Ege and
Mrs. Evans left Monday for Spokane,
where they will remain for an Indefinite period.
ROOM Is opened to the
From 61 SO a.m. to 11 p.m.
illealK a la Carte
At   Moderate   Price*
WANTED—A reliable active man to
contract for the exclusive local
nelllng agency ot a well-advertised
patented article. Small capital required In establish profitable business. Reply, P. O. Box 1271, Victoria, B. C. 10-16-3t
You aro advised to- get Into communication with w. H. Roberts, 214
Boiver Bldg.. Vancouver, B. C, who
Is able to place you In touch with
the latest developments regarding
Imperial men, Latest news re Gratuity nnd Pensions. Write at once."
KOIt SALE-1 Holsteln cow to freshen February 11. Thla caw Is a good
mllcber. Apply J. W. CARLSON,
Bull tlm, B.C.
Metropolitan Singers
First of a series of five high-class  and Instructive
General Admission to this Show, $1.00
All surplus will be devoted to purchasing playground
equipment for the children of Cranbrook. Buy a Season
ticket and help.      t '
"Make Yourself at Home"
25 --PEOPLE--25
Style Suggestions
from the
Exclusive Cadies (dear Store


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