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Cranbrook Herald Nov 16, 1916

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.cglBlutlve Vsuembly, Apr.-lC
Whole-hearted Response »i Cra iiiirouk Citizens in Appeal nt Hn*
Local Schools I'or Funds  tei Aid llclgiiin Clilldi'i'ii
I.dike's in IVuli'l' Mllllls Due lee llefe'C-
Hie-1'utiikliii* nl I'lpi'- Glres Engineer's Stuff Much H.uk Ercrjtlilng
Mei|i--iiiiin' for tin- Winter,
To Represent South Eastern ti. f. in the New Cabinet—Liberal
Association Urges his Claim t o Position—Election of Officers—Many Resolutions Passed—Bowser Censured.
The annual meeting ol the Cranbrooh clea ot the Liberal Party by tlie elect-
All roads soomed ta load to the Cou- relief ol the Belgian children.   This      .•-■■*u>r i»r '■"-' ■"■■■■■• city Liberal Association was helj on unit*- in the recent election, pledging
trul School  lost  night, tho occaalon is n must creditable sum und speaks Thursday Inst with a good attendance, the support and co-operation of the As-
betng a School Polo put on for tho votumoa for the generosity and proB-     Thu I Ity  Engineer's report ot the The following offlcen   were olected. saciation, and strongly criticizing Hun
bonoflt of tho Ilolglan Children, and      ,,.     , ,■,....,•.,,.„,.>. hii/.'ii'- lnsl mooting of tho council explained     Hon Pn   -Sir Wilfred Laurier, Hon. Mr Bowser for his "unwarranted and
fur whirl, the population of Cranbrook  '      • " several matters In connection with tin   1st Vice.-  H   c. Brewster, Hon   2nd insolent attitude" in holding onto of-
turned outnliuoaten nobbo.   Entering     An oronoswa nnuer tno leaaorsuip o   ,.;iti .    : , [y [n regQr[] {Q ffWch U|(ir   Vi(,„. Dr   ,  ,,  Ki,iiF  PreiWenti.T M   n,.,. ami thereby holding up tin* busi-
Uio door ii gny und brilliant scono Mr,  Percy   Parker and composed ol  ,.,,,,   I(1,,,   compia|nt8l   notably the Roberts. Vice Pres.- A. B. Smith, 2nd liosa of tho province.
grootod ii yo,    Plugs, bunting and  Mrs. Llstor, |ili  nnd Misses tlolen  shutting off ol the water tn certain Vice-Jon Jackson, 3rd Vlce.-H. Patter-     The  Association   placed  on  record
evergreen in profunlon nmde lho prln*  wordon nnd Wnudu Pink and Mastor    11 Lion . and the Impurltlei noticed In son, Sei retarj.- c l\ Ward, Executive, tm ir appreciation  - (  the gi noroslt".
olpal docorntlona, tlio walls bolng do- V|ni.,,n,  |p|nK   lirovidod miislo during *■■»■   ■»•"■•■ nortious of tho city,   After  Dr   Milei    VV   \   Nisbet, I.   Pearron, oi  Mr   .los  Jackson In allowing 	
corntod with evergreen ovorhung with        ..V(.nilu.   ' dealing with other matti rs in tho re- ■• ■' Sullivan, F A Rob ion Wm. Uuth- rn*o uso of Ills store on Norbury Avo .
foatoons of Oregon Crape, whllo flags, h port, tin   (engineer says:- ri , it. w Hamilton, C .1   Little, J. E,  lor Committee Rooms etc   nnd a vol
ovorgroon  nrclioa,  nnd  other  decor*      lu lho Japanese toa mom tho almos-     ■ ,:,.. „.,.,., trouble now   11 mi to be K< nnedy, A Ci tn  I i| thanks wai  i-vtendod to hin    'l ■
atlons filled up tho corners, overhung -more was distinctly Japiinoae, from  defective caulking of tho lead joints.     The meeting  wai   strong   or   the It.'ftnks of the *s«Qclattn»  .vhpp .,:>,.
tho stairs, nnd occupied nll the vaaanl  tin* decorations to Un* dainty atton*   It Is usual to find tho lower part of the
niches.   Tho crowd In appoaranco waa dants prolltly attlrod 4n Japaneao cob- ,  blown out, and an examination
mopolitnn  -Jn  character,  In-  tunics.   In tho coffeo-room dusky-hiicd showi   n  lack of euffleient lead  well
' liiveii home,   Thanks to tie   special
end fibre which we m e, we are en-
ibled lo thoroughl) nil tlie joints and
:aulk to .1 solid mass even under wuter
i- Ims Imd to lie done in a number of
eluding Boj Scouta, tnghlnnd lads In ■ tno-to  servitors  of   Brazilian   lineagi
costume, pretty llltlo .lapanoso InsBloB, deftly served sandwiches and fragrant
dark-huod Brazilians, wllchea, furtt - n,tiv,. to tho waiting throngs,   Then
tellers, aaloa-glrls, etc., etc., not  to there was tho log-cabin with tho for-
ineiitlon   tlie   rest  of  the   population, tune-tellers, the llsh pond, the candy
young and old, in ordinary attire. stall, the cookery stall, flower Hnll,
Along tho WH..S of tho corridor:; nnd perfume girls, etc.
Bchool-Tooms   wero  displayed
mens  of tho children's  work
sorts, many of them calling forth verj
complimentary remarks from the vial
tors,   It was Impossible on nt
the transformer to light all tl
as brilllanty as desired and tl
It dlficult tn do Justice to the exhibition of children's work, but parents
will be welcomed at nny time at tho
school, and the exhlblta are to bo lt-ft
up for n while so that those who wish
may have the opportunity of examining them. '*
Great credit is due Principal Shields
and  his  loyal  staff for  their  anions
labors  in  preparing for lust night's
most successful  affair.    Every detail
ount of  .,.u| [jeen  thought of in advance and
arty thanks to all who so kindly as
slsted them with donations or assistance in preparing for the big event.
Though it meant much hard work
it was well worth while, not only for
the very considerable sum raised foi'
■ tiie assistance of tlit* Belgian children,
There were many attractions where ,mt fnjm thelnterest it Ims created in
the elusive dime or dollar was eoaxed the school, it was such asuccesa-
from the pockets of tlie audience, but It ful social event that lt has raised
was all for a good cause and the money the question again of whether the
*as  cheerfully   handed   over,    Over school could nut be used to advantage
"We liave completed the replacing of
all defective hydrant rubber valve
seats which wen* preventing the hydrants from properly draining when
out of use. This was essential on the
approach of winter. In this connection
not a hitch occured anywhere. The ■■ ■*■■ noteworthy thnt what are known
staff in  turn  wish  to express their nB the McVittie hydrants are easily In
of till
$44.. was taken in and after the ex- for .social purposes on special oc-
penses are paid, whicli will be light, the caslons, but that is too big a subject to
balance will be handed over for thejdo more than mention in this article.
Interesting Budget of Personal Men-
(Ion  About  Crnnbrook Soldiers
Nov? Oversea*-.
Sergt. Edgar Sainsbury of the 8th
Irish, King's Regt. sends the following
ri§wsiH< tter te I1"* ll.-oiltl:j:r<v*u a Military Camp in  England.
A short account of a    brief visit to
jured at the rubber seat by tin* application of too many turns on the
wrench when closing off the hydrant
after use. Too great a pressure has
the effect of shearing off tlie edge of
tlie rubber and driving so far into its
seat as to cover the drain hole, with
the consequence that the water remains standing in the barrel.
"All the air valve boxes on the way
to the dam have been refilled with
sawdust to prevent freezing.
"There have been two or thr
plaints regarding some impurities in
our water. I think that there is probably considerable dirt in some of the
main?, particularly In the lower parts
—. . ■■ *******       *; . [of the town, which the ordinary
ling of the hydrants is not sufficient to
1 saw Corporal Brown (Bob) look- |remove, The recent opening and closing of valves in connection with shutting off water stirs this dirt up. When
tilings get quiet again i expect tlie
trouble will disappear. If however the
trouble persists it will be necessary to
systematically flush tho system."
lu report on the public works the
engineer says; "Considerable grading
has been done on Kdward St,. E. .Martin Lane, Lumsden Ave., Fenwick Ave.,
Kalns St.. Armstrong Ave., French,
Dewar and Van Horn-. Stones and
Bods were afterwards raked up and
carted to the bridges on Kdward St.
and Norbury Ave. where the sidewalk'
foundations wore streugthened against
ing a particularly smart soldier a-
mongst many. Others all In the pink
that 1 saw included Jack Ketteringham
Herbert Clarke and one of the Cadwallader boys.
The first Canadian Contingent were
popular in Kngland and right nobly
they fought and toll on those fateful
days In April 1916. All the following
contingents have been well "up to the
sample." The boys 1 saw at—-yesterday will do as well when they get tlieir
ilin.'.cc. Thej are ae One -■ 1 it as g
man  could wish to see.    There is an
a Canadian camp where I met several alertness,  an   indefinable  something
of the Crnnbrook boys and heard news  thnt catches the eye about tin* Cp,na-
of others will 1 am sure he of interest dlans that makes them general favour-
to you even if some of the items have   ites,
already reached their friends. Edgar Sainsbury
—Camp is like a few square miles     p    s    "Cam"    Lindsey,   Canadian
of Cauada transported bodily to—.        pield Artillery, and "Conductor" Mac-
On arrival nt the station the Military Farlane, Fort Carry Horse, are both
Police,  the Orderlies, the Transport over lure and all's well with them.
Officers, in  fact * verybodj   In khaki	
has "Canada" on their shouder straps
in many cast's supplemented by Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, ete.
A large motor ambulance met as at
tho train also having "Canada" palnt-
sprlng foods. The creek through town
1ms been cleaned out and rubbish carted to nuisance ground. The rip-rap-
ping of the bridges pulled away by the
yt uugsters has been restored and left
tn condition to stand the spring foods.
The channel near the C. P. R. track in
the vicinity of Uie Btenm laundry has
been deepened to better drain In tin*
swamv in the vicinity of Cranbrook
cd on both sides and n d
from Vancouver
The  large  Military   11.>
tlrely staffed by Canadian
elert  and  efficient   bunch   t
Our bualness was quickly got
and n  hike round th    « mil
Lance Corporal l eslle Will
the first I met. In d to think t
he was. witli a in oi lm be
armed ns he is, nfti h ■ lng
France since thi l* '
been recommended t »r . ■ o
and was one of tlio fi". I to lei
Proid. In Ocl   101*1
"Ted"   Kettorlngbnm,   now
ver hailing
opinio thnt Dr. oKIng was entitled to a extended to w  .,   Bu
position   in   Mr,   Brewster's   cabinet, !-■ thbrldgo H*iratd for
and  the following  motion   was unani-   III ■ Liberal Party in th
inously pal led: hi   King In tho rec*ri!
"That the ( ranbrook City Liberal ■l(»l-
Association is desirous of respectfully The attitude of a por
but confidently and firmly pressing servatlve press of Canada iu casting
upon Premier-Elect Brewster, the reflections and insinuations upon Uie
strong and deserving claims of tho loyalty of Sir Wilfred Laurier waa
member-elect for tho Cranbrook Elect- strongly condemned, and a resolution
oral District, Dr. J. H. King, to a posl- to that effect placed on record. The
tion in the Cabinet whieh Mr. Brewster resolution states that "Owing to the
Is about lo form, not only by reason of frequency and similarity of the articles
the length of Bervlce rendered to tho i" different parts of the country it
Liberal Party hy Dr. King both II. his would appear to be part of a consplr-
own district and throughout the Prov- ncy on the part of ti least certain mem-
inee generally during a long period of bers If not leaders of tho Conservative
opposition, but also by reason of the pnrty to blacken the character of one
well-known and outstanding special of tho foremost gentlemen and Ktntcs-
qualiflcatlous of Or. King to fill auch n men in Canadian Public Llfo," and in
high aud honorable position with greut concluding says: "This Association de-
crodlt to himself and tho Libera! party nonncos in the strongest manner the
to himself and to the Liberal Party unpatriotic and cowardly attitude a-
and to the best interests of tin* Prov- doptod by cortaln portions of the Con-
inco generally. And this Association servatlve party iu an endeavor to gain
would also press upon the new Pre- some parly advantage by falsely cull-1
mior the just claims of South Eastern ing Into question on tbe evening of lib*
Hritish Columbia tc. representation In ,)f(, work tIl0 ,nVllItv iim| putrtotlsiti of
the Cabinet and the fact that Dr. King .,    ,, . , . ,,       „     ,,    ,,    '
is the only logical man for the ap- the finest and bravest Canadian Centle-
potntment from this part oi the com:- man and Statesman of his generation
try." nnd places itself on  record as having
A resolution was adopted congratu- the same unbounded faith ami confl-
hiting Mr. Brewster upon tlu? splendid deuce in the leadership of Sir Wilfred
endorsement of himself and the poll-  Laurier that It has always had."
1,1st eel' Kiiipioyccs From Tills llltlslun
Wine HUM' l-lllllstCtl Fell' Overseas
Tlie following is n list of the ('. P. It.
John Barleycorn Ims lee'en tlle' cause
eef the- emtii'i' eloi'ki't in tlm pollen court
tliis week. On tlw lltli Teem Kelly of
1. W, W. proclivities wus up on u
charge of being elnink anil disorderly,
according to tin; evidence tee* wus of
u very pugnacltlB disposition une! wus i
r,      ,   , ,        , ' ,' '*• given ten duys witiiout the option of
mployees In tins division who have J ,.    „    „"      „ E ,   ■
minted for overseas service since tl.e Jna]i   Kly|  mM  iisR(,ss<j|]  $, „„ am,
costs for being drunk uml disorderly, j
, ...... They jiuid the coin.    The following]
I liiriuuii, A|ir. ii li, (lay Br|0ltam WM ,lf;Il[I] i„ t|„. loi|s „„
Vrjnstrong, II 13, brakemau; Sep. l-l11 ~
outbreak of tlie wur, together wltli tli
elate of enlistment.
\ndcrson C B,
Baldwin, le !
Barker W .\
llurue'ss. W 1
Bronsdon, s
ear clikr. March ljl'i
incut, Sept. 3|1B
iR-cnt. .Mar. 23(15
l., wiper, Aug. 15-14
tlie same charge but as lie had a job
und promised tei get out to his work on
tlie afternoon train lie- was l**t off with
ti $10 fine and costs.
I'atn, (J., yardman, Sept. L'l]14
Conley, II T, ynrd clerk, Muy C|l(i
e'urrcy It .laborer, .lune Hill
Davidson .1. fireman, March 3|16
Flewelling H 0. fireman. Aug. 21 '14
Qougeon I' .1. braki man. June 21115
iiiiiieni I., fireman, Aug. 24;14
Hartnell it E, brakeman, Sept. 111
I'.irrlsim W E. brakeman, Xov. 1'14
Hayward W, fitters helpr. March 2-''le'
Haynes .1 R, freight clerk. Oct. 110114
(nlghl Q, brakeman, Sept 1 14
Kllllna ll L, fireman, Feb. 22|15
Kenry t: s. fireman, Aug. :M 14
Ken r, li. brakeman, Sept   1)4
i.iun It A. brakeman, Sept. 1 14
Lindsay ('. conductor, June 11'IT,
Laurie N w, car checker Muy ll'lf,
Leveque I. T, conductor, Murcli 24!n',
Lunn J F. ear Inspector, May 7 in
Murdock J n. car laborer Feb. 22|16
Murgatroyd It, mach. appren. May 22 li
Macdonald (' It. fireman. May 24ll6
iSieecial to tiie Herald)
Invermere, II. ('., Nov. 13th.—An unusually cold wave for this time of the
year passed over tlie district em tlie
night of the lltli, the thermometer fall-
ins to twelve' below zero. As a con-
sequence of this Windermere and Columbia lakes, which are the headwaters
of the Coliiinbiu Hiver. were beetle completely frozen over. A comparison
with records shows this tee be' tiie earliest known within tiie past thirteen
lyears. The more important dates fnr
ithat period for freezing eiveT ure: in
11)03, 16th Nov.; IflCel. Bth Dec: 1307,
211th Nov.; IMS. 16th Nov.; 1912, JT.tli
Nov.; 1013, 17tb Nov.: 1014. Uith Nov.
A big
IUIMVA1   r, M
nmpalgn for 30,000 new
IT i in M'. iliin h
horse Is now being conducted ley the
leiiinii  iii  lho 7th ,\„rf"lks,h:is 1 11  V  ll C   \ and Cranbrook expects to contribute a shari ot that number,   a
awarded the Military e'ntss    This  is canvas Is nov, bolng math' b) tlie secretary aBsisted bj ., committee and it
Hi* sec,,i,,i M r won by ex-Cronbrook Is hoped that  the  citizens  will  give thi canvassers n favorable reception,
„„.,,' ih,. ii,'-i being I lout 1   T Oruce Tl"' ltJ   ■   M c   v  |B ""ll"' ""' ''"'"" "' ''"'■' IgM-thlnWiig Christian
,,,     u  g    itl]|1   man in lids community, uml in no more practical way can your sympathy
and support I*  manifested than in lolnlng lis membership.
time ago, Inn   I   have mil   seen   •"
of the Tiiiiii, llln
mention in your columns.
Sei'i'.i   "Hilly''   Harrison   lioi   boon
given u commission in the 16tli Uattn
Sum  Cool' ha-  made  c i  d    I
friends   would   expect   and   Is   ie v,   :,
Sergealil  on  lhe .lull ,t Col    Ml I "»l
wur iii Oermnny
Fd  Scnmmell dole of Hull Illver)
ts In England ni a Canadian Hospital
He has lOSl  lie- I' II  aim and III.   riehl
Is badly Injured but Improving.
Capt   Hail-., ut one line
lllll  U,S INTO Ill-Still \l I
V. )l. I. t.   NOTES
,.      [TTT^T^t      ,       "'"'  « I»y evening Nov. 20th, the
■•ort Steele   \">   i i Thursday   Bowli„B    r„um „,    tor tlle 1916
Cameron died o prisoner ot '"< ' '• ;" " P*™ :.' " ttomont ot , !i:„nlli„„. i,i„ „iH ,,, „,„.„o,l by the
'"""' ,IIH|"' lh" Influence   ol   liquor,  ...      .,,„,  ,„,-  ,,.„„, „,  „„,  flrs,
broke down thc dooi ol Hn   l.i vill
mntell of tho Benson.
residence and entered, thinking (as he      n   T I1;;ni,,ll |s ,„, ,,,ims ,lf flvi.
asserted later) lhal II wai the stable  ,„,. .], and „],|i,, „„, „,,. only one
wliere he had lefl III   team. Mrs. I., vin eacli year It Is tho most Important and
had reiircd i'or lhe nlgllt, bul managed  worthy of tho Interest of all howlers.
with iirs. |„ ,.,n for help.   Two men ushered     in addition to thc Trophy a aold
King .-■ Cri'on, Is doing duly with C A   u,,. Intruder out Medal is being presented by tho Asso-
M, C In Kngland Constable Walsh was „i the time on ,1l;,'1!""  '""   ',"""'',''' 'l"?"',ls ""'
,, ,,..,.„., ,, h.-i i„ i„ 1.*,-.,.,,.,, . „■ , highest average throughout the league,
t. Ai, i ownn is nu, i, .ig.nu in i ta.ii i    patrol nt Wasa,   howovor   ho   cn	
S.'l'gt. Waller Chambers is wounded quickly  In  u car as s i ns hc '
ns nlso Is Ollvor Brlstowo. notified by phono.   It took him a v
w   Poppers, \V, A   lleellliis. Stanley short time to locate and arrest thc
Brlstowc, Martin   Harris, Tom Good toxlcated visitor,
nnd  carl   Mnchoy   an-  nil  over ihe     0n tin' following morning the p
wuter und 0.1C. up to dato of late'st In- oiht appeared beforo A. B. Fenw
formation.   Harry Fyles and lien Aus- j, p, anil wns fined Ji'.O and coBts.
Will    he
oponed up under lust
•' *if**oiifl( ^MvawM*
Ipeclal tee tlle Hemldl
B. c. Nov.  IS—Tlle St. Eu-
gen nceiitrator is leelng remodeled
tei treat tlie ore from the Sullivan
.Mine. About twenty live men will be
employed. A. tl. MonkhoiiBO, formarty
foreman of tho concentrator, lins   the
saue   position.
At the. Rex Monday nnd Tuesday
next.-This subject takes up in pictorial form the mooted question as to
whether u doctor should tinder any
circumstances lake' the llfo of a patient lu order to save unnecessary suffering, when death is but a mutter of
Malcolm J C, titters' oppren. Feb. 10 15
McKenzie J. freight porter. Nov. 1114   time, or the patient doomed  ti
McAsklll 1*. hrak.nian. Sept. I'll shattered mentality in case of n
Me-1 ion a id li P, brakeman, June 11|16
Mcintosh S. brakeman, March 1416
McOregor W I., brakeman, March ll lfi
HcDonald J. mach. appren., Mur. 221i:
Nigg A B, agent, April 2.1110
Plggott A. tire patrol, Aug. 24J16
Itafferty J I', brakeman Sept. 18il4
Swanson J. fireman, Jan. 5|15
Silencer K M, clerk, Sepe    1 14
Turner W K, ear foreman, Feb  29 HI
Tennant V, li. wiper March 22 le;
Woodward F. car repairer, Aug. 22'14
Watson s O, brakeman, March 14|15
imtll.K HAM I.AIM MIS HIS lllll NAVY.
From Manilio. Tokyo.
.Mr.F.A.illll has n couple of Interest
lng trophies in his window tuken by
Capt, Fred Lister eef CrnnhnenlLdurlng
the   recent   Allied advance   on tho
Solum,'.     One   is   llie   shoulder   strap
off a Oormi n potty : aval; fflceT, showing tliat Uie liraiul German float Is
hedllg  denuded  of men   lo nsslst  the*
land troops. Tlie other Ih a tlenunn
"Scrap of Paper" In Ihu form of •
Five Mark not.*.
Tlie story i* written hy Agios liny
uml is enacted by a good east, which
includes besides Hobart Boaworth, in
tlie name' part. Dorothy Davenport;
Qretchen Ledorer, Emory Johnson. A-
dele Farrington, Charles Hickman ana
Margaret Whistler
Doctor Neighbor is tin' guardian of
Hazel lingers, a young heiress. Though
he himself is in love with lor. lie
stands back when siie gives Iot hand
iii marriage to a younger lover.
An injury to the    spinal    column
inuki's It problemotlcal  whether tlie
girl will live, but it i- understood licit
In   e-ase  she  does  lur  mind   will  be
gone.    Tiie elector  refu-es ii.  bring
about her death, In spite ,.i h, ■
qtient entreotlea,  The- nurse, her elenr-
A wire was received toihiv from Mr. "i Wend, Bdmlnlstera Hi" fatal ovor-
Vies   Rollins ui   the  Const  thut  Ins 'lose of inori'hlu which ends her mis-
brother, w. A. Rollins who hus beu-ii In  fn.  Tl'" last see,,,  , when ihe doctor
he trenches in France for th,. last year '- "" 'r,i«l aml "" ",lr ' ""'' "',,  ;"
was won. ,1 and dangerously ill In a  '"'"r ilh"' »r" Impreaslvely handled.
military hospital at Rouen suffering     This is very Interesting an  . studj
from n c und fracture ot th.' head.  "'' medical ethics and win proi ua
_ In nieTit to other ited Feather l-uiures
so fur presented,
Mr. Maurice Ooor, Belgian i'e>nsui
General nt Ottawa, lias received a wire
(rem American Belgian Relief Headquarters In Now York a" follows:
"lleport thnt German soldiers Interfere with our supplies Is not true, onr
system of distribution being ho llior-i
oeighly organized mid 'ear Inspection
servii'"   I ffei'tlVe   II-   tO   lll-lir W-
irol up to tiie point of actual Issue to
ih,. people In the - me of all ration
Beyond this point there Is. of course,
the chnnre Hint nn Individual may pnrt
wltli rations for a consideration but
yon will agree that this Is so extremely
re-mote In the circumstances ns to bo j
ii negligible factor probably of h'ss slg
nlflcanco thnn thc Inevitable petty
Irakngr In culinary eommertlnl »(f»lr» I
Exceptional Values
in Ladies Dresses
Illl I I'iiluv llllll SutUl'tlll]  tu- eeiil sel!
inii' Khlpinenl of LADIES' si; Kt; i:. Mil,
iiiiiI \ l l.\ l I Dili: ssis iii M ami f net ii r-
ir-' Prices.
I hese are direct Irom onr ol America's
most uiitlinrullve ilpslencrs and the- lnsl
eniid in I'u-liimi. Shipment is not larite
mi see tli,1 in early.
Prices range frcm $16.00 U  $25 CO
Millinery Bargains
This \\to\t, \w urc putlini: on Milt* our
entire stock nf Trimmed HUUnery. We
littve mini) smnrl styles lo choose from
und hnve inurked thnn fur quick selling;
Regular S5.00 and S3.50 models for       53.00
Regular $7.00 57,50 to S8.50 models hv $4.75
McCreery Bros.
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Dining Room Furniture
See our splendid showing of
We will make it to your advantage.* to buy
now. by quoting Low Prices.
evkkvtiiim; in the h'hmitiu: i.im:
V*   V*   O*
The money saving opportunities wen nn-
inN-iiiL'. Ii) iiiiI alt ending the BIO MOVIXO
Thursday 16- Friday 17- Saturday 18
li' jeeu ivllnte.ss eeur windows, thej alone «ill
rnnvlnee you.   Doors open nl H a.m.
Cranhrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
rn on i:  ti
ineJIteirluir, Nik. IHtk.
§     .,, Signer?
Mn. mH&^ •- Soow.s!
You bounce out of bed '»iili bnin ilert
and body refreshed by a good night'i resl
(—>     if you've slept "ji an
LL aska
WITH Till'- 111 MIAMI I I, Miv-IHMIM. I '. \MI 1. 1IM-II
<]Thc patented Inlerlocked lvri.tcd licU -,c border lllnitration nnd
line parallel lengthvdH |,iell ,,1 tl,.. ten-,- Iielli uls en en, li ead, emuro
n I, uoylol eonilort 1111,1 .enrloe tiut no woven win, ,pring enn eeiv,-.
•|h« ileclTeinlorced adjustable eomi r auUng, (pete nt applied l„r
ciiaurc.lrongtli.rigldllT.andnccerVatoCloniiiiylicel, qYonrdealeraella
x<TiriMi7s>>.      Ihuaprinj   orwlllgci It 11 rouaakforltb. name.
few'Wirai TIIE AI.\-K.\ BEDDING CO.,Llmlled
XliliililMiy' musmvefsssmmesUertsssmsusts
Sss\\^s*rS*Sam      VANiieevili e..l,.„ tttfsa WUWIPIO
«<■ ei, Lo""1"' •'Al.a'.k'.  , ..,,.1-  i,. 11*1, I....I. I,..y IWi^e."
THURSDAY, NOV. 16th, 1916
Issued   Weekly   ley   Tlie   L'runlerook
Herald, Limited.
T. 11. Kay, Kelileir und atannger
Cranbrook, 11. C, Neuemtecr HI. nil'.
YKS. 11V  All  Mi: INS.
Tho resolution I'lioi 'I ul ill
Conference Council Inst Thursday asking for ie public meeting to enable tin
members ot tlio city council to give no
account ot their stewardship, Is un i:.
ccllcnt idea und we hope evil] be acted
upon by the council.   It is customary
ln many municipalities to hold n public meeting the night ot the nomination
when members   ot   the   old   council
huve »n opportunl'y of ti Hlni Hi   rat
payers what they have don. di
;,.;ir. and new candidates ai ■ abl   t"
pn    m iheir platform lor tin •
as Libera
Liberals i
ti ■ nc
'onservatlvos.   Either
jorvatlves claiming a
the soldiers  in  thc
i* ;is absurd as a con-
to ii' ti rmlno ilu* relativi
term   Thc pan has much to cummend of  Uutliodlsta ur  ^resbyterlam
glicans or  .toman   Catliollca  at  th>
front, or ta i.uarrol aboul Hn* propor
It and, so fur as
to condemn it.
At last tlir Qcrraans »ill lienve
sigh of relief and tool thai their ei
em les are  playing  Into tholr hn
Hon of Canadian and British born. Wo
are nol righting this wnr as political
i. ■■, loua iii nominations or
i,. i ,\'i nro fighting it ns q nation
to whom It makos no national dtffer-
i ncc If twi -thirds of the army happen
in be Scotch (Jritti nnd PresbbyterianB,
two-thirds ui it another wny Torli
Germany choosos to have them starve,
becauso it serves thc Qerman purpose
and may tend to help them gain here
fighting failed, for stavatlon Is a ter-
[nml there, whore the efforts of their
rlblo weapon, Germany has; violated
every convention, overy dotal) of law
governing civilized warfare and her
crowning bit of lnhumanness Is the
starvation of women and children.
if it serves Germany's purpose to
starve these people It must serve the
purpose of the British Kmpire to see
lint tliey are not starved. There Is but
oin> way to do this and that is through
tin* efforts of the Belgian Relief Committee.
Appeal ai't<r nppeal has been made
to Canadians to feud these starving
women and children, The appeal continues because the need is greater than
ever, it is thu bit thut those who cannot light, can do to help win the war.
All donations sent to the llerald wlll
lie gratefully acknowledged through
these columns and promptly forwarded
to the Belgian Relief Committee. 69 St.
Peter St., Montreal. Any amount Ih
acceptable for the situation is extieme.
The Sullivan Mine Relief Association Is keeping up their good work by
sending in another $1011 for the Belgian
Relief.   This generous donation swells
the total amount acknowledged through
the Herald to over $700.
Amount previously [acknowledged.
(013.36, Mrs. It. T. Williams $2, Sullivan Relief Association $100.00. Total
-For Tired, Weak, Nervous Women
Bellefontainc, Ohio.—"I wish every
tired, weak, nervous woman could havo
Vinol, for 1 never apent uny money in
my life that did me so much good as
that I spent for Vinol. I was weak,
tired, worn out and nervous, and Vinol
made me strong, well and vigorous after
everything el-**** had failed to help me,
and I can now do my housework with
pleasure."—Mra. J. F. Lam bobs.
We guarantee Vinol for all weak,
run down, nervous, debilitated conditions.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Company
Cranbrook.   B. C.
Also at the best druggists iu all B. C.
that at last thoy havi a chanci to win nn(j two-thirds of it Hritish and fo-
now that the Allies are deprived ot tli" reign born and Anglicans.   Any nation
servlceB of the "Canadian Kitchener", that carries Its political, rollglous and
the military genius I J.. ™«„™ 1^—J
bout miliary strategy and fighting than ^.^ t cw_ w^ ,{]mil t|i.m |l(, (U)1,S
General Joffre, tieneral Kl mil or nny thl. 'oxiri\, dimension.    What Canada
of the Allied Generals, th*' wondi rltil wonts at the front is soldiers, whether
administrator \
George and tin* other British authorities cards and spades and then boal
them to a frazzle, the superman who.
according to bis own admissions, never
made a mistake and whose ability and
usefulness wits limited only by his
opportunities, To explain tho foregoing In other words, the redoubtable
Sir Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia,
has been requested by Premier Bo
to resign and has done so.
The announcement of sir Sam'i
slgnatlon was mnde very suddenly
dramatically and that only nmde it unexpected.    It  has  for  long  been    n
matter of surprise that Sir Robert Horden put up with tli'- Hon. Sir Sam,
who despite his many really useful
qualities wns a continual source   of
trouble and annoyance to the Government through his utter 1;
diplomacy und his man
and making "bad breaks,
ca valuable service to
since the* outbreak of th
ha been wise enough to k
I- tii
ere burn in Canada or abroad,
uther <i:
(Section 48)
on the first duy of December next application will be mude to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
us the Central Hotel, situate at Moyle
in the Province of Brtish Columbia.
Dated this llth duy of November,
4tl-4t Applicant.
(Section 20)
on the Ilrst day of Docembor next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Polico for renewal of wholesale license No. 98, for
the Bale of Hquor by wholesale In and
upon the premises known as the
Craubrook Brewery, situate near
Cranbrook, upon the lauds described
aH Uit 29, Group 1, South East Kootenay.
Dated this 20th duy of Oetober, I91fi.
Cranbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
HARRY  HESSE, Manager,
4i-4t Applicant
lita In A Bar Room", one of
tiring and truthful temperance stories ever written, will appear
re- at the Auditorium, Nov. ISth.  The piny
nd   is from tin* pen ot T. S. Arthur, tho
„.„  evils of the destructive liquor traffic
being    well depicted    iu  his    drama,
i aching a moral lesson that could never In- forgotten, showing the downfall
of n young man who lakes for his partner, bid Satan, the king of all destroyers.
It Is a story that murks an epoch In
k of tact and i classy    theatrical    productions,    and
for talking : st;;lllls '""■ '" Btron8 contrast to its
'    .     many competitors.   Every type, every
He llas 8      detail, costuming and scenes are of
lie   country   BUCj, careful selection that It marks
war and had  ■_;,,. director a master of the better
ephlB mouth kind.  Tho acting Is perfect.   Everyone
shut the public might now accord him  Is suited to th
sir respective parts, can
a nearer approach to his own estimate I    ' **£ mow? the suspense has been
"ii '       ... ■    *i ogcally carried out from beginning to
of himself than lt does under tho pres- ^ .m(j t)|(. Uil.,K Mt|ng| ,U|(, „|iarL
ent circumstances. interest are all threaded together iw
While the Premier is doing a little mic|, an ;ii,i,. w*iy, that it places "Ten
housed caning there Is another member Nights In A Bar Room" amongst the
Annual Meeting
Cranbrook District
will III* lli'lel ill tho
(' IT V    II A L L
Thursday, Nov. 23rd
ill 8.1ii p.m., City Time
A large atteudnnee of memhers Is
anxiously desired
Haw yuu tried onr
Fresh Killed
the product ot our local ranchers? They are the very choicest
of young animals.   We have
And Poultry
City Meat Market
W. B. BLACK, Mp-r.
Armstrong Avenue.
Next to Kiliij's
looks for
The Royal Naval
Volunteer Reserve
OvtiriMi Diviiion
will enrol 2000 men of good
character and good phyiique
for immediate aervice oversea*,
in the British Navy.
Pay $1.10 per ilny •nd up
Separalion allowance $20.00 rnoathl**   I
F«« Kit **•
For further particulars apply to
Nearest Naval
RecrultlnK Station
or to the Department of   the
Naval Service, Ottawa.
Cottage Hospital
Terms M.nlernle: Pleasant Situation
ami well equipped. Write for Prospectus   lo
V. 0. Box M."» Telephone 2.19
Hospital Address, 240 Garden Are.
of tin* cabinet lie will be wis.- to get rid
of if he wishes to retnin Lhe confidence
of the people sufficiently to roturn him
to power nt the next election, win nevi r
thnt may bc. We refer to the Hon.
Robert Rogers, whose disgraceful ut
most wonderful scenic productions
playing this part of tho country.
There ie tun* point that "Ten Nights
In A Bar Iloom" proves conclusively,
nnd that is, the fund ut' matorlal for
good theatrical productions has not
been exhausted,   it can be truthfully
tack on tho judiciary during the rcccnl  Bunimod up in one of the press notices
Investigation in Winnipeg wlll not bei"<    ■ ■■■■■■ Crora start to flniH'1:
soon forgotten by the electorate.
I healthy in tone, offensive to none, and
far removed from any of the hackneyed
'stage plays with which the theatre
j going puhlic lias been, and is being
flooded.   l'If you miss "Ten Nights In
A Ki
I Un
u will miss the theat
treat of the season.
•re   is one  quito apparent merit
s production: Tho producer puts
version of "Carmen" which does
'cqulre any previous knowledge
I story on the purt of the speetn-
I'he story has a logical beginning,
nl dramatic development and a
(Kaslo Kootenalan)
Once In a while one hears a grouch
nbout digging up for this or for tlmt j
thing in connection with the war.   At i    ti
tho present time there  is  the    Hed in ti
Cross,  Patriotic  Fund, Kaslo  Junior on a
Wur   Workers,   Belgian   Relief,  Over    not
seas' Cltlb Tobacco Fund, the Sailors' of tl
Fund and various other tilings asking tor.
contributions, either In coin or effort,  a  gn
Whichever way ono turns tiiere ap   good climax
pears to bo an outstretched hand.        j    xhedn Hani plays the part of Car-
But what of it? !.,,,.,,    This actress has many admlr-
Compared with nine-tenths of the orS( wno evidently think that her vam-
world. we are In affluence,   Wc en- ,,*,... specialty is Interesting and well
joy a fair degree of prosperity and the i worth seeing
proflpocts for thia immediate locality     Ti1G BOtUnBBi too, reach a high stand-
are better than thoy have been  Mr m        •     won(lor£ul !ltu,lti(m
years.    Wo   have   not   BUffcJred   any
monetary   loss,   or   loss   of   property
like those millions of unfortunates in
France,   Belgium,  Servia and  other
parts of Kurope who are in the war
rono.    Our Increase  in  taxes on  ac-
detail which Is highly pleasing.
Somo ot the touches of characterization are particularly fine The liberating of the dove by Carmen and tho
scones Immediately following are beyond all praise. Altogether it must 1»:
count of the war amounts to Im  very mM ,h.it (|ijs (,mil).|] |fl W(l|. wu.th
little. Those of us wiio have made
real sacrifice aro sucli as liave their
relatives at the front. Besides this ordinary money is a mere bagatelle.
And yet there are lOtne who whine and
grouch about doing a tittle digging up.
They should be thankful that tbey
are In a position to dig up a paltry few
dollars voluntarily, Instead of having
It taken away from them.
cell   I
Hid tl:
type   of   .lose   Which   we
di   familiar with In the
type of Jose In tills pro-
quito different.    At the
tnd Saturday this week.
(Canadian Courier)
Only children would argue that because there were enough Con erva*
tlev voters among British Columbia's
Roldiers at the front to oloet William
Bowser to tin- Opposition In Victoria,
the majority of our soldiers are Conservatives, This Bort of narty twaddle
muy have heen excusable before tbe
war. It sounds now like the mutual
recriminations of -mail boys In a vacant lot Ynu cannot make bulb 11 In-
t oballotts.   We do not fight Qermany
"It Is not our duty to Iced a population abandoned by its own govern*
ment/'a statemi nt made in the Qerman
newspaper, the Hamburger Na- hrie-
ton, explains fully the attitude of the
(ierman peoplo towards the Belgian
This profligate government, which
i lined that everything Ih fair
In war, chooses to interpret the fact
tii.it so many Belgians, chiefly women
and children, are their prisoners Is
due to the fact that the Bolglan Government   lias   deserted   these   people.
The people of Belgium—sovon million   of   them   are   starving   because
Nov. 14th - Nov. 24th
We are out for 30,000 New Members in the Railroad
Associations of North America
Cranbrook will do her Share
Why not get in line and be one of the 30,000?
BOOST for an Institution that stands for all that is
best in the life of this community.
$5.00 per annum
Saturday,   Nov. 18
Grand revival of thc most powerful temperance play ever written
All special scenery and electrical effects.
A play everyone should see,
A play endorsed by the clergy.
Reserve your seats early at Beattie-Murphy's
Drug Store
Prices -= = $1.00, 75c,     Children 25c.
Engagement Extraordinary
The famous Broadway Comedy
"Twin Beds"
Willi ii New York Company
(ill thr Slirnii'iniiii f this—Twin Beds will play
Calgarj-CRANBROOK— Nelson and Vancouver OMY
Here FRIDAY, DEC. ist
Mr. shcrmuii Presents
"The Girl He Couldn't Buy"
A Powerful Modem llriuiiii
Where Everybody Goes
WE started out a Bhort while apo determined to give you bigger
and better values than ever before—but honest to goodness,
Just glance over the "Rood stuff" prepared for you and you will
understand wliy!   And don't overlook thut COUPON.
Friday and Saturday, this week
William Fox presents TH EDA BARA
Tlie Incomparable, in thut most wonderful and elaborate epic of
the operatic stage
You lmvo heard all about It, no doubt, but If not—whisper!
You'll wlsli you lind paid us a quarter!   Children of publto achool
age or under, free If with parents, otherwise not admitted.
Specially prepared Children Mnlinep on Saturday at 2.90
Mondav and Tuesday
NOVEMBER 20th and Slst
In an exceptional RED FEATHER offering
with Intense Interest throughout lis entire !, reelB
mbcr-Nnt one RKII IrUlllll   we linn* Presented hns yet
"Fallen liown"
To tost the virtue* eer Mils nil anil al the siinir lime obtain lhe
names ol iiiitriins met yet  ur mailing list, fill In your name un
coupon bi'iiiiv. ni 1111111 iiiiiI prosonl M lay e,r Tuesday ami obtain
live e'emts ri'lmt,' iiii ynur admission.
Tut Ihis mil
nnil suae >>
(ul this oul
■nil saie .>
The supreme lleilMi ralrlnllr spectacle
"Britain Prepared"
White Star-Dominion Line
Cortland, Me.—Halifax—Liverpool
Twin screw S.S. "SOUTHLAND", IS'KSI tons,
1111111 I'lirllanil, .Me, December 2nd! Halifax, lice. Ird.
Twin screw S.S. "CANADA" Iimhhi tens,
From I'lirllniiil, December Kith; Halifax, December Hth.
ONLY ONE CLASH CABIN AT *r.r..O0 up; and Third Class $33.75 carried
At Portland trains run alongside Hteainshlp dock, baggage checked
through to steamer lu bond, no trouble with customs. Passengers may
embark previous evening.
For further information apply to Company's offlce, UB Second
Ave., Seattle, A. E. Disney, Agent, or Heale ft Elwell; J. W. Spence,
Agent, C, 1*. H- Cranbrook.	 THURSDAY, NOV, llith, lDlii
when studies are a necessity and
reading is a delight—when the
eyes arc called upon to do liouis
of close work -are here, Whut
of  your   eyGB?    Are   tliey   keen,
strong, clear, or do they dim
and ache, and cnuse blurs to appear? if so. now is the tlmo to
let us oxamine them nnd, if ne-
cossary, fit you with glasses 1
Vtui will have ease, and comfort,
and better Hlght, and freedom
from eye strain and  Its results.
Cnll and consult us to-duyl
inc. iirrillts
8     PHONE     8
Cranbrook   Meat
ont  < rsTOMt.ics  aim:
which gratifies us. Wo spare
no pains to give the best possible service, and our Meats
cannot bo beaten for quality.
Try n joint of our
I'rime  Steer  Beef
Mutton   &   Pork-   superior
Butter EggH and all Kinds oi
Smoked  Meats
8     PHONE     8
Killiy '-'rallies Pictures.
]    Dr. Bonnell or Fernie was a visitor
' in the city yesterday.
Uev. W. K, Thomson is away on y
two weeks visit to Calgary, Edmonton
and other planes.
Kilby repairs umbrellas und sunshades.
Mrs. J. 11. Klni; returned on Tuesday
from a few week's trip to her home In
the Kast.
Mrs. MluMcil, wiio wus u unest at the
Rectory ovor the week end is now staying ul King Kdward School,
Have yoll  thought about thai  lire
Insiira  policy liilely"   See Heel" S
I Klwell.
A start Ims I n made ul this curling
: rink milking Ice uml If tho cold weatll
or continues duvoteoa will soon he able
lu inlie i> whirl «t the stones.
Mrs. liarrj Ui'ikb-i uiul daughter re
turned from Kugene, lire., after spend,
lng a montll with Mrs ih-Ikk-' sister ut
lhal plaee*
We me oarrylng a rail line ur boots
and shfies Crnnbrook ICxchnngc,
\rmstrong Ave
Miss .leim s. Hunter, who lias a large
eli'ele nl' I'rleiiils iii  Crnnbrook, won
tlilril prize iii uu Essay C petition
conducted by llie Penile Mull
Mrs. J. 13, Kllloti left lust woek-ond
i'or New Westminster wliere she will
Join her husband Bnndsmnn Elliott oi
the 286th.
We ure carrying a full line ot heeots
(end shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
\rnistrong Ave.
Tlie annual bazaar and cookery sale
of the Methodist Ladies' Aid will be
held ou Saturday afternoon, Nov. ISth
at II o'eloek III Mr. Worden's store on
Baker Street.
Mrs. Alexander of Moosejaw arrived
in the eity Friday and on Saturday
left witli her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Moth,
for California wliere they will spent
tlie winter.
A danco will he given by tiie R*>
leekell  Lodge, I. II. 0. P, .111 the Maple
Hall, Thursday, Nov. 30th.   Keep this
<!ut<. open.
lie- marriage look place at tbe i'res-
j byterian Manse on  Wednesday, Nov.
| lat. of Miss .Inn Wllsun of this city to
Mr   James  Davidson ot  Lethbridge.
Rev v," K Thomson officiating
annual meeting oi Uie Cranbrook District Agricultural Association
wi! I,., held in Uie city hall at S.1G city
tine- em Thursday, Nov, HUrd. A large
attendance of members Is desired.
Mr  A   E  Solaway of Vancouver Is
taking   Mr.  Moth's elilties us   Division
Master Mechanic and Trainmaster dur-
ing Ills ,it,."'life on vacation in California  for  three  weeks,
Chrli in; i sailing Lo tli" 'eld country S, .- Northland, 12,000—from
Montr, al, Nov. ISth, Cabin rale SG6.
Apply i„ Beale anil Klwell
Mi ll v. Vmerman uml utile
ihlllglltcr I, It Tuesday for Um Kast and
will pi ini tn. winter al her home' In
Michigan, Air Amerman un Dmpanled
tin in u   far us Cowley, Alta,
| i  ,iinng uml 1*1 us help you se-
.i", i   your   1'lirii.tmm    gifts   from     the
numerous tables al tho Methodist Ladles' \i'i baxaar to be held on Sat-
' urdnj afternoon, Nov 1Mb. at :i p.m.,
I in Mr  Worden's store on Baker St.
Fresh dried fruits in. choice bulk
currants 25c lh.. 2 lbs 46c; Yellow Sul-
tnnas 26c a lb,.: lbs. -ir.e; Seeded Ital-
slns l.",e ii pkg.; orange and leneeen peel
30c a Hi.; citron peel 35c u Ih. -Cran-
! brook Trading Co.
Uml H. 13. Green, Director tor B. C,
un tin- new National Service Commission, is in the eity to-day and Is holding ii meeting tliis evening in tiie Cranhrook Motel Parlors to diseuss plans
for the future.
Christine Ashton of Wasa,
(Section 42}
on tlie tlrst ilay -J*" December noxt application will he made to the Super
intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Wasu Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranhrook, in the Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this Tth day of November 1816.
The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
J.  H. Quartly  General  .Manager    for
the Company.
45*4t. Applicant.
J. G. Sullivan. Asst. Chief Engineer
of the C.P.R. at Winnipeg was a Cran-i
hrook visitor on Sunday and on Mon-
day mnde an inspection trip over tlie,
Kootenay Central.
Tlie ■nana, general meeting of tiie
Cranhrook Farmer's Institute will hi1
held in the City Hall 0:1 Saturday. ISth
November, 1016, at 2.30 p.m. city time.
All members are urged to he present,
us tin- Directors will he elected for the
ensuing ycur.
Apples %IJ&') it Imx, ■"> lioxe*. at $!."«
a -mix. A car of choice Creston apple*-
Just in. consisting of Mcintosh Reds,
Wealthy, Jonathan, Spy, Wagner ami
Home Iteauty, a few boxes af small
size Jonathans at J1.50 a box.—The
Cranbrook Trading1 Co,
We arc offering our Alberta Dairy at the very
low price of 3 lbs for $1.25
Sweet and choice   Cottage Rolls
at 24 cents per pound
Strictly fresh mutton secured
direct from a local ranch
B. C was given her decree of divorsc
from Vernon Ashton fn the district
court of Wnsltoe, Nevada, on October
LOtli last hy Judge Averlll, both parties
being represented hy counsel.
.Mrs. \V. .1. Atchison entertained at
live hundred Friday evening last. A
party of young people enjoyed cards
till midnight when a luncheon was
served. Miss Marlon Robertson and
John Martin were prize winners In the
story telling contest.
Mr. A. K. Watts iif the Wattsburg
Lumber Co. was in the city last week
i'or tlo> ilrst time since 'tlie election
landslide iu September in connection
witli the purchase of some timber lint
its owned by Edward Covell of Kings-
gale and George Welsh of Vancouver.
A few articles tor the soldiers: —
Cocoa, •• lh tin L6c; gum, 5c pkg.. 76c
a box; Chocolate liars fit* & 10c each;
Oxa in cubes 15c tin; Dates IBc & 20c
pkg.; Peanut Butter 20c, 2fic & 30c;
Soups, all kinds, 'n- per package. -
Cranhrook Trading Co.
Tlie Herald regrets a mistake whicli
appeared in P. Burn's ad last week
when the price of dairy butter was
given as three pounds for $1.00. The
copy as it reached us read 'A lbs. for
$1.10. but our compositor in an endeavor to lower the 11. C of I,, made the
figures read $1.00.
Tin marriage took place on October
30th al Sacramento. Cal.. between Ella
Christine Ashton of Wasa. B.C.. nnd
John H. Quartly of Wasa. B. C. Tlie
honeymoon is being Bpent in Southern
California. Mr. and .Mrs. Quartly and
Miss Erie Ashton expect to return to
Wasa ai  tlie end of November,
Ladles! We are showing today exclusive styles in Ladles' Separate
Coal.- Call ami i xamine uur Plush
Coats with Lynx Collar aud Cuffs.
also Lynx trimmed Skirt, Silk Poplin
lined, also our Plush Coats, Hed Fox
trimmed; our Plush Coats Sable trim-
med These are positively New York's
latest fashion word - \v. D Hill.
Mr. J. McF.weoof Dundis,
Ont.. write!*:—" For fifteen
year* I suffered with Pilet
mid could get no permanent
cure until I tried Zam*Buk.
Perseverance with thin herbal
balm resulted In a complete
cure, and I have Dot been
troubled with the painful all*
men! Mnce.*'
Mi    Henry   F-mjere o(  Poula-
mond.   Vs.,  sav*. —" I   luRcred
terribly with Pilej and could find
linthuii* tO (*i*-r iot* relict until I tried
/{am*Bilk. Thu cured me. I coir
<i*ler Zim-Buk the fineit ointment
on the market."
Thr abme art* •.pccimriis ot Hit-
many tetter* we irecomtintly rem.-
ing from men and women wtio liave
rndfd llieir sultr-rinK hy Uling Zam-
link.    Why not do lik-wiie?
Zam-lluk i* hest for eacma,
blood poiinninn, ulrm, lore*, cut-.,
hmilCli and all skin injuries and
diseases. 50c, hm, all dniggutts
and stores, or post free (mm /am
link Qo., Toronio.     Send this ad
vertisement wilh name of paper and
one cent 'lamp (or tree trinl boi.
ments. Our reduction in price for tlie
balance of these coats, is very interesting, .Vote a few of tlie prices which
will largely govern, ladles' black
ocean wave, full length coat, regular
$14, sale price while they last, $!»,7r.
Plush coats, regular $27.50 while they
last, iflS.7.".. Ladies' fur fabric coats,
the very latest word, regular $24.50,
sale price $10.25. W.  L).  Hill
The Boy's Club Is making good progress. .Mr. Huwortli last Friday gave
a demonstration iu watch making
Baseball and drill were also Items on
the progrnm. Mr. Ormston is now able
to assist in the work and It is hoped
that a scout patrol will soon bc formed. Boys desirous of joining tlie club
must he Introduced hy existing members; their names will then he voted
on ballot hy the whole cluh and if
they obtain a majority they are declared members. Strictest discipline wlll
he observed and any disobedience and
ill behavior will lead to suspension of
the member concerned.
Commencing Monday next tbe Hex
Theatre will have as one of Its regular
features a four-piece orchestra, to he
known as the Bex Concert Orchestra,
composed <>f tlo* following; P. A. Parker, violin and cello; W. A. Burton,
trombone and cornet; Van Staveru,
piano; .\. Thompson, drums and elects. Music will be played appropriate
to the films being shown and will undoubtedly add much to the effectiveness of the pictures ami the enjoyment
of the audience. The addition of the
orchestra is in line with the progressive policy of the management In giving the patrons the fullest value possible for their money.
Pale, Sallow Cheeks
show that the hi,,,,,! is Impoverished and tle.il Un* sleemach is not properly assimilating us food In fact a woman's physical condition always
shows in her lace.  Paleness, blotches, pimples, sallowmssordull eyes all
Tel! the Need Of
Beecham's Pills Women who are subject to these conditions should
not fail i" avail themselves of their prompt and beneficial effect
Beecham's Pills arc Prepared to furnish the mvessaty relief. They
clear the BVBtem ol Impurities, gently stimulate the liver, regulate the
bowels and tow the ■ item. Their mild and thorough action quickly
rid the skiii'' blemi -he,. Improve the circulation and help the digestion.
Every w nan shon'.l hi   \ the c tmfort; and experience the help of
Bee&fram's Pills
,   1   eeilm, , flue 1«,ij.
In making up your Clirislmus pa 'kitgo i'or
The Boys in Khaki
Dn mil forgot I lm! ive have 1111111.1 article*, Hint nili delight
nml mill In li Ih comfort!—
Tobacco Pouches. Cigarette Cases
Button Sticks, Metal Mirrors
Leather Photo Frames
Writing Folios. Stationary
Fountain Pens, Chocolates, etc.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
~* to_J_ Storm
There is a great influx of laborers
from the prairies since the advent of
j tho cold weather, but all nre being
rapidly picked up and shipped out to
mines or lumbor camps around. At
the arrival of tlie train from
thi re is always a grand rush
to ilie nearest hotel liar and a stoek-
Ing-up with bottled goods for the nal-
;mce of Iheir journey.
The pe* iini tor desires to call the
attention of the public to tlie fact that
ihey tan greatly assist the postofllco
officiate and obtain better service by
mailing pa reel b and purchasing stamp-*
early  in  the day rather Hum  waiting
nil near train time when tiie office
staff is busies! preparing the mails
and   Immediately  afterwards   sorting
mall, "ie The staff wish to give th.*
public Rrst-cnBfl service, and a little
■ e i'i» ration and thottghtfulnesfl on the
pari i'l the public will result in mutual
hen eft I and eonvcnlencc.
The majority nf doer hunters tlilK
season have been well satisfied to Ret
one deer, many in fncl getting none nt
all, hut not so Willi KriiiiK Provenzano ami Toney Fusco. They returned
on Tuesday from the Yahk district
bringing with them four line specimens
of deer which were the envy and admiration nf less fortunate hunters.
The llerald editor, through the generosity of .Mr. Provenzano. can testify
to the tine quality of the venison.
Crnnbrook has boen getting the edge
of the cold snap which struck the
prairie during the last week and sinee
Saturday has heen enjoying clear
bright zero weather. The lowest temperature was recorded Saturday night
when the mercury dropped to nine below. Sunday night the thermometer
registered six below, and while it has
been slightly wanner since the mercury has hovered around nr near the
zero mark. There Is very little snow
on the ground and wheeling Is splendid
Did Hill mako a mistake-? Ask the
ladies who hnve visited our demonstration for Ladles' Separate Coats.
Only styles which have hem approved
hy fashion authorities have been allowed to take tlieir place in our dls-
plays. The woman who chooses from
Our vmit stock gets only tho must
stylish of the recent fashion develop-
Wards Off Nervous Break Down
Alburtls* Ph.—"1 am « teacher in the
public schools, and I got into a verv nervous, rundown condition. 1 could not
sleep and had no appetite. I wus tired
all thc* time. .My Bister aakod me to try
Vinol. I did so, aud within a week ray
appetite improved and I could sleep ail
night and now 1 feel well and strong."
—Rosa M. Kelijoj, A1 hurt is, Pa.
We guarantee Vlnol, which contains
beef and end  liver peptones, iron  and
manganese    peptonntuB,    and    glycero-
pliosphaten for run-down conditions.
t'ranbrook Drug & Hook Company
Cranhrook,   11. ('.
Also at the best druggists iu nil H. C.
2c per word for first week, and lo per
word for each week after.
HAM)  TO   RBNT-  In   first*da»
ond I tlon.—Apply at Herald Ollice.   tf
FOI'NO, Stray ponj. .Ontier ran
liave same on paying expenses, Apply
A. J    Smith. .Moyle,   li. ('.        46-31
LOST- Marahiiul Mole, Imnui color,
at Central School Kete in Coffee mom.
Kindly return to Herald office,     (IB-lit
H.t.Ymr  A good reliable man to
run skating rink, will rent on easy
terms. Apply to John Levett, box stV,
Cruubrook, B. C, 21-411'
TI.AniKK   Wanted,  Kural  School,
beginning about Dec. 1st.     .Male pre-
fered.   Ser. box 48 Cranbrook, B. C.
FOH SAI.K   Thorough-hreii English
Setter dog. broke,    Apply "Herald"
LOST-A pair of \ililtt* cninas ballet
slippers belonging to Marguerite Caven. Kindly return to Mrs. ('even,
phone 179. 40-lt.
FOH SAI.K Light drhing team brn.
ken for riding and single, with democrat nnd harness complete, first class
condition* $1.76 cash Apply C. Burgess, WftldO,  B.  C 4G-l!t*
FOK SAIL American organ in
splendid condition, 12 stops, 2 knee
swells, cost $100. Must sell. Will
sacrifice for rf:'", Kilby, Armstrong
Did Hill Make
a Mistake?
We* confined oui   i nj ii     . his
seas,en to a "Wl li
We studied the styles e losely .
fully     watched 11 ■ ii   n
our garments whei d
wee were right. Oui 1 mil - I ':-
would do credil to any city.   The but !less
we have done in  these.*
very  gratifying.    We  have
thing like "Twenty  Coats le
dei Ided to maki a sacrifii i >
Call ..: d li ok   In '.  ovi r
Ladles' I'lu-li ('mils, full I. iietli
regular price $22.5(1, nt't'er  ; nl «JI(I„.(I
Ladles' Ocean \\ uve, full li n Hi I u Is,
with nr eu'ileiiiii lull*, n L'lilin |irlct*
>l l.llll, nun *'i.;:,
I.ndles' Ciiriliirnj Cnnls—
regnlur price $27*.')t), non >l**.7'e
\\ t-  iln   nni   Intend  in carrj   ;;  -Ini'le'
Conl pust llii' Isl ol I,mn.in
■ '
Doyou know why
Pastor—Rev. ThOB. Keyworth,
Organist Prof. chas. f. Nidd
Sunday Services al 11 a.m. and 7,30
p.m. nt both of which tho pastor will
Sunday school and   Ladles'   Adult
Class at .'t p.m.
Prayer Service Thursday at s p.m.
Pennoiiey   in Cranbrook) on the Hth
inat to Mr. ami .Mn* .1. .1 Ponneaoy,
a son.
Moacley   In Cranhrook at the Cottage
lluapltal, (in the I lid inut. lo Mr. and
Mra. II. U   Moteley, a non
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Ofllce*, Smelting nnd Refining Department
s m i: i, t i. it s A **. i» u i: k i \ i: it *
Purcliason of Gold. Silver. Conned and Lend Ores
THURSDAY, NOV. 18th, 181«
GURD &  SI'liLl LL
Barristers, Etc,
W. F. Gurd G. ,1. Spreull
Physicians and Surgeons
Ollice at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 200 .0 4.00
Evenings  1.J0 to 5.S0
Sundays  2 30 to 4.30
1. (I. 0. 1*'.
Meets   every
Monday night
nt Fraternity
Hnll.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially invited.
E, II. McPHEE,        S. FYLES,
Secy. N. Q.
Offlee ln Hanson Block
9 to 12 n ne.
1 to   6 p.m.
Crunlirooh, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
R C. Carr, C. C.
p. de Vere Hunt. K. R. & S.
P. O. llox 522
Visiting  brethren cordially in-
vlted lo attend.
The children ol the local school ar*.
giving n concert on Wednesday the fit- i
teentle in uld o( the Children ot Bel-'
A district bazaar under the auspices
[of tiie Ladles' Aid of tlie Windermere
; District Ileisiiltiil is to be held In this
] phe.ce.* on Saturday, Dec. 2.
I    Business of every character is good
in this part on account of the revival
of the local mining industry.
Mnternnj i.U Goncrnl Nursing
Garden Ave.
Teims on Application
MRS. A. SALMON'. Matron
Plione 259 P. O. Boi 846
Meets in Maplu Hall Bceoud
Tuesday ol overy month at 8
p. in.
Membership opon   to   British
Visiting   in mlicrs   cordially
E. V. Broke, J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Phono M 1' Ce. llox 686
Funernl Director and Bmbnlmcr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Ave, ne'ar Baker St.
Meets in the
Vi.,   *fg Maple    Hall
"v  . *?**, Hrst   Tuesday
,.  . v   y. j uftiTnoon   of
3 ..*
/? eirvil-e.^N every    month
at 3 p.m.
g^fiB*"   pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane.
Mra  John Shaw, P. O. llox U2
All ladles cordially invited.
Civil nml Mining Engineers
B. ('. I.anil SurtoyorH
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
HendquarterB fur all kinds of
Mlt V IK
Mrs. John Wills und two children
relumed from Cranbrook Friday.
Miss McKay accompanied Mrs. Lup-
ton to Creston Thursday.
Frank Conrad was a Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
Thus. Hates of KlngBgutO was here
on Saturday und visited the Empire
\\"iu. Hreuuier, who l.us been propria- j
tor of Kootenay Hotel for the past live I
years, lias retired, P, V. Stevens of
Hull River hus taken over aud Is add-1
iiif; a number of Improvements to the
The ladies of the Catholic Church
gavo a successful whist party Saturday
ovonlng, Mrs. Fitch and Mr. Thomas
won the Ilrst prizes; Miss MeKay and
Nelson Labontd were awarded the eon.
solution   prices,   Refreshments   were
served at lO.DO.
Messrs. Ward and Richardson, game
wardens, were Moyle visitors ■ last
Mr. and .Mrs. A. tl. Monkhouse, old
time residents of Moyle, returned on
Saturday to reside here.
Pacific time was adopted for two
days but found rather slow for Moyie,
We are keeping Mountain Time again.
J. R. Cram, superintendent of Sullivan and St. Eugene Mines, spent the
week-end in Moyle.
Miss Fraser of Cranbrook visited
her parents here last week.
i Nick McKenzie, formerly carpenter
for the Consolidated Co. here, returned
on Friday to resume the same occupation.
Kay Phone 288, Sight Phone 85
Norton Ave. next to City HaU
I,.   M.  SMITH
Ladles and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Ulocked
Phono 204
Phone Ul -'• 0- Bo* :ll!
Professor ol Music
Studio t 100 Armstrong Ave.
Uobt Frame, Prop.
hvMi Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.       Opp. City Hall
If you were told ol
a new discovery for the
treatment of roughs,
colds and bronchitis, as certain in its
action oo all chest troubles as antitoxin is on diphtheria, or vaccination on
small-pox, wouldn't you feel like giving
it a trial ?
Peps is the discovery 1
Peps are litlle tablets, containing
certain medicinal ingredients, which,
when placed upon llie tongue, immediately turn into vapour, ami are at once
breathed down the air passages to the
Lungs, On their journey, Ihey south*
lhe inflamed and irritated meiulirane>
uf the bronchial tubes, the delicate walls
uf lho air passages, and finally entei
andcarry relief and healing to the lungs
In a word, while no liquid or sulic
can get to tliu lungs and air passages
these Peps fumes get there direct, une
stunco commence tlieir work of healing
(FREE TRIAL   Cut out thli
«■■*■» •-MMrMrte article, writ*
leOross it thu name and date uf this paper
indinaU it (wlih lo,stamp topay renin
postage) io Peps Co., Toronto, A fret
trial packet will then be sent you. Al
druggists and stores sell Peps, hUc. bug
Teacher of Violin
Opi'ii feer Engagement*.
fleiiernl Merelnint
Employment AroiiI
P. O. Box 108 Plume 241
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
Bend It to
Snecial oricea for fainilv
I*--1** I
— LIMITI-.D — *     1
.HMimo c cwicHAPrcml-.D
The Rev. J. C. Hobson, late of Koch
Siding, has heen appointed to thc Presbyterian pastorate of Waldo and district, and preached liis hrst sermon on
Sunday lust.
Mr. McKenzie of the Simonds Canada Haw Company of Vancouver was
in town on business Saturday last,
Mrs. A. M. Beattic was a visitor to
Fernie Monday of this week.
Three mere prisoners escaped from
the Morrissey Internment Camp on
Sunday last and a strong cordon of
guards have been placed here on the
lookout for them,
A. M. Beattie import ri sonic prize
poultry this week, and anticipates doing well with them at the fall shows.
A largo hatch of deer were brought
into town on Monday from the Gold
j Creek country hy several hunting parties.
Mr. J. Sniillle returned to town this
week from Creston where lie was scaling for the Rogers Lumber Company
the latter part of the summer.
The entertainment given by the
Waldo school children in Ross' Hall
on Tuesday afternoon, in aid of tte
Belgian children, proved a big finai-
clal success, Quite a large sum of money being realized for this worthy
cause. The children had the Hall
tastefully decorated with evergreens
and bunting, and the tea tables were
In charge of the little ladies, who cat-
red well to everyone's wants. Phonograph selections were given throughout the afternoon and the rendering of
"Keep the Home Fires Burning" by a
bevy of little tots, was certainly a
treeat. A sale of work was also held
which helped to swell the proceeds.
Despite tho fact that the river ia
frozen  over,  tiie  Baker  Lumber  Oo.
re still continuing sawing operations,
bringing tlieir logs by train and dumping them on tlie Ice on the river,  j
Miss Esther Madden of Cranbrook,
is visiting with her parents here this
Forwarding   and   Distributing
Agent for
Lftlibrfdire Coal
XMte Powder
Imperial (111 Co.
Rraylnir nail Transferring
Given prn.opt attention
Plione 03
derstand the music will he furnished
free which is quite an Item.
John Reid, Road Supt., was In town
on Tuesday, and has decided to put
men to work right away opening up
for winter traffic the lower Kimberley
road which was washed out last summer.
The Secretary of the Farmers Institute has been asked to call a special meeting for the purpose of endorsing resolutions urging the Provincial
Government to continue the wagon
road from St. Marys Lake to West
The showings at the Park Mine
operated by the Selkirk Mining Co., of
Spokane, has by far exceeded their expectations.
Mr. U. L. T, Galbraith will visit, iu
compnny with Father Lanbord, tho
Indian School at Bonner's Ferry.
Hugh Wood of Cranbrook, Mr. Lav-
Ington, Finley Creeke, J. Walsh, jr.
Fish Lakes were visitors in town during the week end.
Fort Steelites will be glad to ktow
tliat M \ Peter Innocent, 3rd C.M.R.'s I
alive and well,
who formerly had a ranch near , is
Mrs. R. T. Richardson has heard
that her brother John Kelly has had
a very narrow escape from deatli at
the front. Mr. Kelly was hit by a large
piece of spent shrapnel.
Mr. and Mrs. Pownall motored Into
town on tho 9th.
Mr. R. Abernethy and A. Abernethy
jr. of Spokane, were in town last week.
There are excellent reports of their
mine, the Victor, where improvements
of various kinds are being made.
Mr. Walsh spent Sunday and Monday
in Cranbrook.
T. McVittie and R. T. Richardson
motored to Cranbrook last week-end.
Tho Fort Steele people have nto
adoptd the new C. P. R. time as they
find Mountain time more convenient
and practical.
Tlie Rev. Archdeacon Beer is expected in Fort Steele on Sunday, Nov. 26th.
He will hold both evening and morning
Mr. Richie of Victoria was in town
The children are donating their
small candy money to the prisoners of
war fund. So far in Div. II at school
tlie following collections have been
made: William Walsh 15c, Leo Walsh
10c, Margaret Werden 5c, Amy Ban
Quan lc, Grace Baker 10c, A. Maye
Bate (teacher) 50c.
It will Interest Fort Steelites and
peoplo roundabout to hear that Mr.
Rex Hardy has left his work in the
machine gun sextion and has Joined
the Flying Corps.
1 in:
Spokane. Washington
Tills   house   lens    t'lie
hnppy distinction of lee;-
Ing tlio feivorlto stopping placo in Spokane
(or thee people of Brltlsii
Columbia We appreciate
thlH patronriKO anel ilo
everything ln our power
to mako yon comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Siiillme
and O. W. H. & N.—Mllwaukao
terminal, nnd within a minute's
walk from tho prllie:l|inl lelislneins
housees nnd place's of amusomont.
Sw*   Sti'll ill shin   nil   Hoi*'
[Mortgage Sale
Under and by virtue of tho powers
contained In a certain mortgage,
which will he produced at the time of
sale, there  will  be offered
MONDAY* the *!7th (lay of
NOVEMBER, A. D., 1«1«
1 at  the  hour  of  2.30  o'clock  In  tho
afternoon, at tho ollice of the
Cruubrook, B. V*
by C It. Ward, Auctioneer, thc follow-
; lng property, namely.—
I ALL AND SINGULAR that certain
parcel or tract of lands and premises
cituate, lying and being In tlie city of
cranhrook, in the Province of Hritish
Columbia, more particularly known
and described as Lots Bight (8) and
iNlno (ID, Hlock twenty-three (28) ac-
I cording to a plan filed In tho Land
Registry Ofllco at Nelson as No. 6GA.D.
The terms nf sale shall be cash, but
i oilier arrangements can probably be
' made if sufficient payment is made
I down   and   proper  security  Is  given
for the balance at the time of sale.
For   further   particulars   and   con-
I ditioiis of sale, apply to thc undersigned  at their offlcefl in the Home
'Hank Building, Kernie, B. C.
!     Dated at Kernie, B. G.f this 26th day
or October, A. D., 1916.
|43-5t. Solicitors for the Mortagee
The regular mon'i iy meeting :>f the
abovo association will bo held on Friday evening, Nov. 17th„ In the eity hull.
|nt eight o'clock, Matters or Importance concerning tho coming hIiowh
will ctmie up, and all nJcmhorfl aro requested to attend, —B. "i. Cooptr. ••cy.
ml nil ii'i'ini
At the local Police Court, on Tu s-
day, before N. \V. Burdett, J. P., Ro it.
McKay was charged with vagran y.
Prisoner, who pleaded guilty of be: ig
a frequenter, was fined $5 and costs it
the court. Provincial Constable Sli 3-
uiaii, who prosecuted the case, Is u-
tcrmined to clear his district of tli jo
kind of gentry.
J. B, Gilford, Manager of thc Pi 'k
Mine, and Paul Handley, Propiel ir,
Central Hotel, motored to Cranbrc jk
011 Monday.
Geo. Powell, Manager of the Cr n-
brook Dye Works, was doing bUBltn
in town on Monday.
Thoso who attended the Patriotic
dance at Wycliffe last Saturday wore
Miss Handley, Kd. Handley, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. James, Constable and M«*s.;
Slilpj'vri. Harold Bennett and Bd. Lundin- ail reporting a splendid time.
Miss Ruth Tlbetts who spent last
week wltli iier mother, returned l-j her
duttOB at the Sullivan Mine nn Saturday.
Skating on Lottie Lake Is now the
order of the day.
There was a surprise party at tlie
homo of Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Bennett at
j the Broad View Ranch, on Monday
night, the house was crowded to excess, many coming from Sullivan Mine,
Meadow Brook, Cranhrook, Wycliffe,
Kimberley and other points, all present had a dandy time.
i Another former Marysville resident
I has been wounded "somewhere In
Prance", in the person of Sergt. Horace
I Gratton of the 54th Batt, Sergt. Gratton while here was employed by tlie
O. S. L. Co. at tlieir campsti, 7, and 8.
We wlsli Horace a speedy recovery.
Pte. Percy Bidder, 54th Battn., who
was also wounded, has written ills parents that liis wounds nre not serious.
Percy was assisting a wounded comrade hy pulling him Into the trench
when lie was struck hy shrapnel. Tn
previous wars a little act like this
would not have passed unnoticed.
The Provincial Police are doing
their share towards tlie Patriotic
cause, they donate a certain portion of
tlieir salary each month, and are frequently giving dunces ete, for tho
cause. Our local constable, Mr. Ship-
man will tie giving a dance for tills
cause on Dee, 2nd, at the Kails View
Hotel, am] we hop*? to see a good
crowd out an nil the money collected
will go to the Hed Cross and wu un-
Oils Soothe
Skin Disease
OH of wintergreen, thymol, glycerine and other healing ingredients compounded in proper proportion into the
1). D. D. Prescription has now become
the universal favorite of skin sufferers
in relieving skin disease. It is a mild
wash that penetrates tlie pores and
gives instant relief from all burning
and itch ng. It kills and washes eff
tne rnawlng disease germs nnJ Its
soothing oils quickly heal tlie inflamed tissues.
Como to us and we will tell you
morc about this remarkable remedy.
Your money hack unless tlie first bottle relieves you. D. D. D. Soap keepj
your skin healthy.   Ask about It,
D|\   f\    For  IS Years
• V* U* thc    Standard
mmm Skin    Remedy
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.,
Trappers, Farmers,
It iIocb not cost you anything to
on your Mrs.   Express tlieem to us
over a *,r>.00 valuation.   We make
you our offer
for your reply, returning tliem
if not purchased.   Try ua
In Husiness Since 1888
Send for Price List.
Special price paid for Hark Murtln
Mackay & Dippie
318 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alta.
have we made more or better suits
in our tailoring department than we
have this tall.
Because men realize we fit them much better and use
better materials than special order houses do, and at about the
same price.
Our Ready Made Suits are second to none in Price,
Quality. Style or Fit and our stock is in excellent shape to
care for your wants.
See our $25 Blue and $27 Brown Serge Suits, they can
not be beaten and are made of genuine British Serge and are
fully guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Venir Money Back
If Rood* are not aa
tEo Snfaegtorg
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
re ion
WIS       9
Are you anxious to identify yourself with one of the biggest, livest and most profitable industries in the world?
Arc you willing to work hard, providing your efforts yield a
greater return?
Are you eager to establish yourself in a sound, growing and
money-making business?
Are you thinking about a business that you can build up, that
will provide you with a real income, and that you can hand down
to your son?
Have you a good reputation, a business training, selling ability,
acquaintances and some capital?
If you can qualify, we want you. And we can submit a proposition that you will like. The possibilities are unlimited for a live,
hustling business man.
We are at the present time without representation in this locality.
We must have a dealer at once. Thc demand (or Maxwell Cars
is insistent and we must make arrangements to satisfy it.
The Maxwell Company is one of the three largest automobile
concerns in thc world. Tile Maxwell Car is famous for its durability, economy, comfort and (','"■'! looks, lt is without question
the World'* Greatest Motor Car Value.
If you arc interested (and if you are the kind of a man we want,
you will be ) write, wire or telephono at once to
Maxwell Motor Company of Canada, Limited
Touring Car
F.O.B. Windsor
One Chassis
Five Body Styles
F.O.B. Windsor
;1// Module  Completely  Ectmpped-No  Extras  to   Buy
(lev W. H, I)rl(lB<>, Ili-eelor
8.00 a.m.—Holy Communion.
11.00 a.m.—Matlas anil I.ltany.
7.30 n.m.—Brensonf.
  aaluleii Pill lor VTMMf. « • boi »r mrmlrs,
BO. Solel «t oil Dim"****" tssOs* Vsssmj
Wlicn yonr energy Is nil Bono nnil UimusTsMttsjlA*, T»i Sssmsu. Di»
you fool like onillni* It nil tliufs when Bflfa^Wgr Mj IffiW    figjg
tho Noul will prove lis worth.   It putt  „„„„.,„ Mm, ^stjssm,:"  '	
10 years on tlio Mo of the drinking m^g*^******—
mnn. Wrll.e tor leexekl. t, Nw.1 Institute, |*|**j» ™»
Cnnbrook, D. C.


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