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Cranbrook Herald Feb 8, 1912

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Array d?
Id ths Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c. a line
We are well equipped to
turn out the best class
of work
NO. 0
Mono) Monckton's two act musical,
comedy, "Tlu- Country Girl" was
admirably produce*! at the Auditor-'
lum by tin* Cranbrook Operatic j
Surjoiy ni Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings of Ihis Week, This produc-
hon was quite tlio most pretentious
ever attempted by loeal talent and,'
in fairness, ii must Ih* suit) tlml the
production reflected tho greatest
cmtit upon all concerned. To Mr*
Geo. l>. Ingram, under whoso direction llir comedy was produced, tbc
entire performance must havo been
exceedingly gratifying. Krom start
to finish everything went oft without
tlte slightest hitch. Staging, scenery, costumes, and, above all, the
orchestea, were quite exceptionally
good fnr an amateur performance.
That. Cranbrook possesses some exceedingly clever musical artists was
once again abundantly emphasized.
On the whole ithc performances would
have done credit to the best travelling musical organizations on tin*
road, in (act, very few of them tbat
have si ruck Cranbrook in recent
years, have ever provided anything
half as good.
ll is somewhat of an Invidious task
to particularize in commenting upon
an amateur production of this character, and Where all were so goml
special mention of individuals is practically uncalled for. However, some
brief mention of the chief performers
will not be out ot place. Mrs. Oeo.
F. Stevenson, as the Princes Mehc-
lanch of Hhong, thoroughly sustained
ibe reputation tbat preceded her arrival from , Fernie, as a finished actress. Her singing was a rare treat,
and her rendition of M Under the
Deodor" was one of the decided bits
of the performance. Mrs. R. It.
(Benedict, as Manjery Joy, was equally charming, Iht singing of the
»'C,»o" song elicited a very hearty encore. Mrs. P. Bouchard's "Nan*'
nnd Miss Margaret Kennedy's "Madame Sophie" were two exceptionally
clever comedy roles, well sustained
throughout! and quile one of the
most delightful features of the performance. Mrs. a. l. McDermot, as
Mrs. Quinton Itaikcs, made a very
handsome am! imposing SOClot) queen.
Miss Itiimsey, in a number uf special
dances,  proved herself an exceedingly
clever dancer,  whilst   tlw Misses Flu-j
nis ami Service aduurabh sustained
thei I respective roles. Among the
im re men, probabl) tin* highest medc
of praise should go to Mr. a. Ra-
wiuili, wlm was fumiii i than evet
ami sustained a somewhat trying
part \nih admirable tern ami go
throughout Hi* appearance in the
second act as a    lady of fashion, at-
tins)   iii .i     handsome    "1 mpire"
gown. pi oVed upi oai iotislv Itimiv
Mr. (!. F Slcvcngon math' a band-
some naval officer, ami isng admit
ahh Mi it T Rrymncr, always
poputai with Cranbrook audiences,
lilliil ihe role of "The Rajah ol
Hhong" capltellj Mi C !■: Lou-
bach, as "Sn Joseph Verity" ntui
Mi Man Graham, as ■Viiaiiln Mum
iih*rv," iwo new additions to Cranbrook's theatrical latent, proved
themselves artists ol Aral class abU-
iu Meson n Darling ami D J,
MiSwi\ii, the formei as ''Douglas
\uiiu" ,i toting English ihult*. and
lhe    latin   as   ' Matoi Yicat," filled
smaller roles with distinction.
Tbo cast*' in full was as follows:
QcolTray Oballonor 	
 Mr.   Oeo. F. Stevenson
Tbe Kujnb of IHiong 	
 Mr. H. T. Brymncr
Sir  Joseph   Verity 	
 Mr. C. E. Loubach
Douglas Verity ... Mr. H. Darling
Ct ranter Mummery 	
H. C Brewster, Alberni's M. L. A.; subjects Billy Ross's Forests
Bill to Critical Examination
land Anchoster
Lord Qrossnicre
Major Vicat ... ..
Rubo Fairway ...
Marjorie Joy
. Mr. Alan Graham
 Mr. S. McKcc
 Mr. Sadler
Mr. D. .1. McSweyn
.. Mr. A. D. Harris.-,
... Mr. A. Raworth
Mrs. R. 11. Benedict
Princess Mehelaneh of Bhong
 Mrs. 0. F. Stevenson
Madame Sophie 	
  Miss Margaret Kennedy
Mrs. Quinton Raikes   	
  Mrs. A. L. McDermot
Nurse  Miss Finniss
Miss Carrulhers   Miss M. Rumscy
Lady Anchester   ...    Miss S. Finniss
Nan    Mrs. F. Bouchard
GLEANERS: Mrs. R. T. Brymncr,
•Miss M. E. Patterson, Miss Mary
Palmer, Miss Moore, Miss Brown,
Mrs. F. Rossiter, Mrs. Geo. Miller,
Miss Birkctt.
CHORUS LADIESl Miss I. Williams, Miss M. Service, Miss M. Patterson, Miss Moore, Miss I. Brown,
Miss (t. Brown, Miss M. Palmer,
Miss E.< Prest, Miss Baker, Miss
Carlwrlght, Miss BirkcU, Miss Connolly, Miss Moss, Mrs. R. T. Brymner, Mrs. R. Fraser, Mrs. G. Miller,
Mrs. J. E. Kennedy, Mrs. F. S. RoS-
siler, Mrs. Chapman.
('bonis Gentlemen; Dr. .1. H. M.
Rail, Mr. R. Flewelling, Mr. A. P.
Harris, Mr. H. W. Henry, Mr. H.
Ing1 is, Mr. J. Lower, Mr. Oeo. Miller, Mr. Oeo. MeCreery, Mr. R. Mc-
Creery, Mr. A. L. McDermot, Mr. ll.
Palmer, Mr. J. S. Peck, Mr. (».
Humsey. Mr. Oeo. Sadler, Mr. G.
Sims, Mr A. B. Stanley, Mr. D.
Tbe orchestra, specially organized
for tlie occasion, hy tlw conductor,
Mr. Oeo. I). Ingram, Included the
... Mrs. Ira Manning
..... Mr. Wm Guerard
.. Mr. J. Rumsc]
Mr. Wi G. Thompson
. Mr. E. II   Loo-man
,. Mr. 11. Robinson
Mt   ff. H. Wilson
Mr.  J. R. Thompson
Mr   Rolfe Palmer
Mr. Chas. MoCowafl
Mr. R   B. Benedict
. Mr. E. ll. Reed
Mr  Edward Reed
 Mr. A   Gronier
Violin ...
Cornet ...
Flute    .
Craribrook'a appreciation ol tlw
forts of ihe Operatic Socletj was
amply demonstrated by the two
crowded bouses that witnessed tin*
performances Regret will he widespread thai Mi tiro iv Ingram,
with tin- production of "The Countrj
Onl," is leaving CrahbrOok loi
pastures new. He has proved a
valuafdo lactoi iu stimulating inter
cal in musical affairs ami has shown
himself 1( capable ami painstaking
musical    director. Their    many
friends hero will wish both Mr. ami
Mis   Ingram   full   measure of sneec
in theli new home.
Porn.—\t      Si    Eugene hospital  nu
Pebrunrj     lib.    181ft, to   Mi.    ami
Mrs  Cow. twins.
Mis ffblte -wii entertain at
foi Knoi church Ladles Aid ou
Thursday, Februait 15lh, from 3.30
fo 7. A cordial invitation is ex-
lendetl to all*
Owing to lit.- superior attraction <(
"Tho Country Girl" tbe uieetinn of
tin* Cranbrook Poultry ami Pet
Nloek association, called for Tuesday
evening, did md materialize.
The meeting ol the Retail Clerks
Protective association col ted for last
Friday evening was postponed until
some future dale to lie announced In
due course.
While skating on the marsh, west
cd Ihc citv Inst .Sunday, Sam Grit".
lilhs mel wilb an accident, dislocating his shoulder, whicli will incapacitate him Irom work for Mime
lime. I
Tho Women's Institute are holding
a social in Carmen's ball on tho
evening of tin- llth inst. and for that
reason Hie regular meeting ol the
Farmers' Institute has been postponed until tbe Rial inst. All members
of the Farmers Institute are cordial-
It Invited lo attend UM Women's Institute social und dance
S. Macdonald, secretary of the
Ctanbrook-Fernie Farmers' Institute
has returned from a visit to Victoria, whither he Journeyed to attend the Central Farmers1 convention
held tbere the last week ot January-
A great ileal ol business of interest
to farmers generally was disposed ol
ami several interest Ing addresses
wero delivered by Premier McBride,
Hon, Price Ellison, Thos. Cunningham among others. Tlie manager ot
the Silica Brick and Lime company
Victoria, also addressed tin* gather
ing, offering lime for fertilizing I Inland at 14.25 per ton, t-o.b. Vancouver Island. Members of the Institute desiring a fuller report of Mr.
Mardonald's mission should make a
point ol attending Uie meeting of the
Institute to bc held In tho government buildings on tin* evening of Wednesday Hist inst.. at 8 o'clock.
Mr, Brewster, in resuming the debate ou ilu* second reading of tho
'Forests Hill, was given a hearty reception.     He said:
"The hill now licforc the bouse
one of such vital inlcrcsl, touching
ns it docs possibly tho greatest
set in the province—-llial of its
timber— that it is ono which 1 think
should receive a very large measure
of discussion on the lloor of the
Ionise. This bill must have a very
far-reaching effect, ami I think that it
is only fair to expect that every
member here, and especially those
who represent constituencies in
which large timber areas are included, should give public utterance
to iheir convictions and their views
on Uie matter. The bouse should
expect—and I believe Uie country will
give this measure thorough discus-
rion before allowing it to become
law. 1 do not believe that il is
enough that the question has been
discussed in caucus hy the Conservative party uml possibly found to be
measurably satisfactory to that'political party, hut it is due to tbc
country that such further discussion
should take place as io familiarize
those interested with the legislation
which it is Intended lo pass.
"I look on this matt?r seriously,
and would call on tbe honorable
members to note that in this matter, wbieh affects the greatest asset
of the province, they are, in the
house, acting as directors on behalf
of shareholders, ami these shareholders the electors of a great province,
should and will bold them responsible
for their actions. The minister of
lands, in mot ing this hill, travelled a
long way. He travelled Into ancient
history, made an exhaustive Inquiry'
into old conditions; and applied
them as he thought they applied to
ibis hill. He travelled a long way
and delivered, as 1 think, a very excellent stump speech. With your
permission. Mr. Speaker, 1 intend to
follow him a considerable way Along
the trail he has blazed through bis
Forestry Act. He proclaims thai
the Umber policy stopped laml aid to
railways, ami I have no douhl he
thinks in making such a statement
thai he is appealing to the people
ot the province and asking them to
lake note thai this is a move which
the Conservative government. has
taken, and lhal to the Conservative
government all credit should i«* git-
en. Welt, sir, he is cotfUod to whatever credit lu* is able to get from
this particular statement, but 1
would remind him that in 1900 the
very point he claims tvas the policy
of the Liberals oh the lloor of
this house, and that in 1002 many
Conservative members now here, and
one minlstei now on tlu* treasury
benches, favored giving the Canadian
Northern Immense territories of this
province, to the extenl of some ten
million acres. Il was proposed to
give ibe companj $10,000 and 20,000
acres |kt mile. Tho honorable gentleman should have told us thai the
credit id the defeat of that proposal
was due to the Liberals of that
turn- So wc see that relegation to
Ihe scrap-heap nf tlte policy of land
aid to railways was not due to the
Conservatives bul had very active
support from iln- Liberal members of
that time.
"Then again, the minister makes
the statement thai the experience of
modem times is that forests are taest
cut under public ownership. It
stems strange to me , and 1 think
it will seem strange to others, that
tlie honorable gentleman at the bead
of the lauds department should make
lhal statement! especially when the
government of which be is a member
seems to have thought so differently,
for be will lind if he looks hack
that under this administration there
has been tlie greatest amount of
timber alienated from tbe crown
tbat has ever taken place in the
same length of time probably in
tbe world, and certainly in Canada.
We iiml that the Immense territory
of between 11,000,000 and 12,-
000,000 acres, as a matter of fact,
bas been taken up, alienated from the
crown under this government, The
very best thai can he said is thai the
government may claim a nominal ownership over ibis vast area. So, as
an answer to lhe honorable gentleman's statement, we have the very
I acts of tlie government of which he Is
n member to prove that this is not
their policy.
j "Then he referred lo the legislation
of I sun, from which be no doubt Intended to   point a moral, but I have
no doubt, hail be    taken Hut leglsln- of    the third year (1,234.00, and   at
I tion under careful consideration,    ho cqjulty would hf $1,021.70, at tbe cud
| would have   found his reference   was  the end of the sixth year $1,013.78.
jiather unfortunate.      Al  that   lime,     •Now, as I think six years     have    mini.: < !.
in 1K8X, tliere   was a pollcj  whereby elapsed since this system came    into ),<.    proud    of
the actual operator couhl obtain   his, force, it   is   nol   necessary lo follow J commodatlon    and
timber, and    1 thir.k if the minister] llu* calculation further.      The fact is
looks   at ii  he will Iiml mil  lhal  Hi
operator   manufacturing limber     at minister states,    was staked in 100'
that      time hud au opportunity
has good reason t.i country, and in endeavoring to si1
public school    at- high grade   teachers,     who will
puinstut ing mannc
that tlio bulk of   the timber, as    the board nf
I attention to tin- general upbuilding ol
For the sake of argument, let us say ,,jlt. educational foclHties ol the citv
obtain timber    at a   nominal   price,two have five years' equity to     con-     Reccnl advices   from Victoria  con-
provided   be was an actual operator, alder,    which    tve will    Iiml    to be nrmwl hy letter Irom tho superintend-
In 1805 speculators   were allowed in,I $1,092.80 per square mile which    thf',.,1,, ,,- education  announce that
but as the   tenure was from year   to; holder would he entitled to, provWcxl I |irov**incia] gov
his money cosl him H per cent. What  present session of t
do    we find?      For    t Ik-
year, no great  areas    were taken up
ami  as a   matter of fact very litlli
was done    in   the   way   of    timber of argument, let us
alienation for    speculative purpose!
But taking it now,   tve iiml that th
reverse    is    the fact.    Wc aro    no
present session of tin  legislature, ap*
purpose' pro|iriutt- the sum ol $17,000 foi edu
say these lands cational purposes   In this   citv.   Kit-
arc being   exchanged    and lute heen Ut.n (JtouKuid dollars ol this amount
exchanged at     prices running     from ■„ spmiicalh    sel aside for tbo ercc*
$35 to $10 per acre, which latter    la* tion of   a new public school, contain-
in the same position, because we find not an extreme price for the bcneri [n« f,,„, rooms to the south-west
the small operators must go lo thej lands Taking tho lowest price, the [of Um* city, on an extension ol
largo speculator in order to get result would bo that at $35 on acre Dennis street. This new build-
timber to cut. In 1895, according! for 010 acres il would make the value j fog wi|| provide accommodation lotto the minister, was the lirst timolol a section of timber laml worth! children living iu that section as
iu which  the investor was recognised $10,000 to thu holder.       Take away|wej| as i*.,,      •■„, younger cite pupil
, ihe equity of $1,002,   which tin man'residing ,h   the west md.
| who staked it    is entitled to, and we     ,\s tt.ll   be seen    bv the
.have   left a value    lo the .speculator ['■*,-, |us-
of $11,.nut. Take the minister's
figures and multiply ihis in the
15,mm gquaoc miles of alienated
lands, ami vou hml Hut the govern-
* people
seen    by tbo  teport of
■ity   council meeting, el
wliere In Hus issue, a bylaw is t<.
he submitted to tbe ratepayers at
au early date, providing h.r Um ra -
ing of the sum of $6,500 for the
purpose of erecting a manual training school. With these additions to
up the already excellent school accommodation Cranbrook will be pretty
ontinue tin- excel-
in which timber licenses were
granted to non-operators. Vou will
notice, Mr. Speaker, Hie manner in
which he refers lo these men as
"investors." We on this side hav-'
had the unfortunate practice of calling 1)11*1)1 speculators.     However,     a
rose    under   any   other  name would I ment     has given over to the
smell as sweet—he cam call lliem "In- $21*1,020,000 ai current rates
vestors."     They were allowed in    in     ''And yet    tlu minister standi
1006 under a special license for I wen- and talks of the wise ami statesman
ty-one years. like policy when such a thing    takes  we*j s     ,.,
As a matter of fact, whal did cc- place.      VVo talk of subsidizing   rail- _■,.„• educational tt
cur?    The government ol that   time'ways.    Why, sir, here is enough    '"progress.    Bui ratepayers must
changed Hie   land laws so thai     the uuild «   network    of railways    over  tlcipatc a   further call upon them ii
speculators were enabled to come   In  1*0 w-*-dt!  c it ry.     Wo had a    tax ■■„. m.ar (,Ulu,. .„ .u..,)lv an ad,hti(11
ami    secure   licenses   tor twehty-onc commission    appointed a few months ,„ t|„. central public school building
years for tbc cutting of timber. What H°v but    here is enough money    to already   pretty well crowded to    Iv
happened?      This    was done hlimtlt. I wipe out alt taxation,      Wc are con- ||m(t.
The    minister,    in his speech, points »t*ntly being asked    for trails    ami;    h ,m. ^
out tbal     they were Well atSHfe    ol  roods, while here is enough to    eon- |N(im, ,,    ^
what was likely to lake plat,*.      lb Met      every    settler    with a -^hundred and    .Kit  pupils for       thi
himself   states a case,    which    con- toad.    And yet t icy say that waa a ^r, the    enrollment being at    pre
demtn tho   ministry for allotting the *-'ry wise and    statesmanlike   policy:
alienation of such Immense areas   as »" the part cf the government to In-
were   taken    up, and   1  will read a eteaso rentals and royalties.
section from his address which proves     "It is possible that the government
that    the ministry were aware    and'will contradict     these figure
>f the active ami  main on the staff, cans must Ite tuk-
iu which       its en    to make    the salarj list a-ttrac-
1 trustees oevoto their me to the best talent available.
The remaining $2000 ol the above
mentioned govcrnmeni appropriation
ol $17,000 will be devoted to necessary Improvements to the central
public school.
The following committees have boon
ll White has been elected chairman
■>t the board tor tbe ensuing year,
ami N   I   Harrison, secretary,
Finance—Messrs. Qurd and Mc-
Supplies and contingencies—Messrs.
Klwell ami Qurd.
Building and improvements*-.
Messrs. McKowan and McPhce-
The board has undertaken lo BUp-
pit sctibblers, pens, pencils and erasers for Hie use of children After
thorough discussion estimates to the
amount of $15,849.60 have been
adopted for the ensuing year, details
of whuh appear in the report of the
recent cut council meeting.
In addition it is anticipated that
the sum of upwards of $t;5o0 will
hate to be expended ti|K»n the pre-
letrt school building and site It is
not considered likely that the board
will haw to ask tbe council to make
any special raise of money foi this
purpose, as they will hate on band
Ihe following amounts for such purposes:
From     Fernie     Construction
and  I
am willing to make them. If they
ridicule them I challenge them ti
appoint a non-partisan commission
and investigate this whole matter
through aud .through, and I am will-
that they will Imd ovei
$200,000,000 of an increase in the
province's greatest asset as held nt
speculators, who must demand in order to protect themselves au adequate  revenue  for    the   money they
I persisted in their policy. He
says: 'And yet the rest of the continent was even then beginning to
realise that Hie timber suppl) wai
insufficient, in fact, that shortage
and a timber famine was predicted trig, to stale
in thirty years by some lu u posltloi
tti know. Flourishing lumber reg
ions such as Michigan were declining
important eastern species, bucIi ai
white pine, were getting cut oui
stumpage pnci*s all over the I nited have put in.
States and Canada were going up by "I do not think there was any ade-
leaps ami bounds; stumpayj in ton- quale excuse fcr the policy of the
sequence was being sought almost government. They make a state-
feverishly hy investors.' Well, Mr.'ment in whieh they say that this
speaker, the condition was thai with action was the most statesmanlike
stumpage   being    almost     feverishly ever known.       Following   the mini
sought, this government should not
have allowed Hie alienation*-!! these
immense areas. lie goes on: "II
was a moment of danger for the
province, it was lhe parting of the
ways.'     It might have been tbe part
Ui'** (lottery and eloquent language I
ean picture as being the greatest
scope of genius ever known, hut I
think we will lind, before this legislation goes through, many cases which
. . will show that the honorable intuiting of the ways, hui it is a fact Hut [ter is not sure of his position. The
it was the parting with the Umber j minister says this js a stroke ol
of the province. Hui he goes on* j genius, and they agree with him, but
.Modern history is full of sad CX- I think it is a stroke of very evil
aniples ot young countries dctcimii.- genius indeed. The minister states
ed to get capital at any price, at I dial Hie legislation of l'Mi5 was
any ruinous sacrifices of their tu- truly greal in its simplicity, aud 1
hire.' 'do    mt think    ihe opposition    will
"Now   let    us consider    what the claim    anything  else for it    hut Ita
alienation of these greal finest lands
really means to the province. Il
seems to uie thai the minister has
not taken   time     to consldet      the
simplicity. He goes on to state
'that prices td western Mtmipagc
were veiy low in l"0,i, the future m-
creasQ In value was obviously large
matter from every aspect of the case.| ami the problem was to sell at that
I took care to hate some figures pre-date wlthoul sacrificing this lutur*
pared—figures which, when I prepared rise in value.1 He knew values were
them, I seemed to doubt, anil 1 bad going to rise, and that there was no
them checked by a former bank man- way possible of getting out of the
ager, who has handled some of the j poalllc-n the governmenl had created
largest transactions in Umber in this b) giving away vast areas iu the
part of Canada.      Ile has   prepared past,    Hut still he tried to covci
some figures which I hope will bc
enlightening, and which, while iluy
may be ridiculed by my friends opposite, cannot he denied, ile places
his figures   on   a staking basis, ami
up by a gieat flourish, ami claiming
that great 'liings hud come U pas*,
as a result of the government's timber policy.
"The   government     is iu the san.«
carries them out with the annual position as the storekeeper who,
rentals at compound interest, and probably trusting for cash, takes Hie
shows the equity which the holders |M-st goods oft his shelves, reduces
possess at the end of each annual them to ruinous prices, sells lliein,
period. Tbe minister Bays we have and then calls attention to the
about 9,500,000 acres, or 15,000 amount of money in bis till, al-
square miles, under alienation. Plat- though be has half Impoverished hinting tin* cost of staking at $1 pet n If hy selling goods at half then
acre—and tbat is an out&Ido figure, value. We bate today eleven or
because it is welt known thai tim- twelve million acres alienated Irom
ber lands are sometimes staked at as the crown and the government claim
low as 25 cents per acre—oi $640 iug thai it has received some $18,*
per -square mile, plus licenso lie nl 000,000. Was if good policy tt
$110, and plus (I |h-r cent compound alienate 'his large quantity of tim
Interest, the equity ol lho license-'ber foi such a paltry sum' Tha got
holder would ho $8M.H0 per square eminent cannot say it needed the
mile at the end of lhe hist year 'money, for eight millions of
At tbe end of     Hie second year    his! (Continued on page two.)
stiii four hundred and rifteeo. Tbe
average cost per pupil according to
the estimates is $35.22 a year. This
is g very low figure, as report % recently to hand from Ottawa >how
the average for that city at over
$50.00 per pupil.
Ii will therefore i** ■-■•■ii that this
important part of the city's business
is being managed very economically.
At the same time it must hi* borne
in mind that the salaries of teachers
are advancing steadily throughout the
Co.  t3-<»5.2r.
Sale ol material at    school...     50.00
ft'tvernment grant     2500.00
Total  $6345.25
The school trustees wish to place
on record their appreciation of the
active interest displayed by Mr.
Thns. Caven. ML.A., in assisting
them to secure necessary appropriations for school purposes. They take
this occasion tn appeal for the hearty co-operation of ratepayers in
working out their plans and ihey
hope, tr. particular, that every ratepayer will do his or her utmost towards securing the passefp of the
bylaw to raise funds for manual
training school purp<«es.
Itev. C. 0. Main having received a:.
unanimous call from the Presbyterian
church at Vernon, has resigned his
charge of Knox church. Mr. Main
hail turn stationed in the Yukon
when be was unanimously called by
the congregation of Cranbrook and
wa« Inducted to his charge on the
Ith ot January, cot. His fir-t'
sermon was preached on tlw Bth ol
January ami from ihat day to the
presenl bo upheld his high character I
in his pulpit preparation. His sermons at all time*, showed care,
earnest ness ,,nd scholarly attainments. Mr. Mam was instant In
season and oui ol season antl took a
hteh interest In everything that
tended to the uplifting of everything in Cranbrook, Like motl ot
the ministerial work In the west, Mi
Main's was a laborious one. Tbe d.f*
lieully of the work which sometime*.
appeared to be disappointing is
shown by lhe Itinerant character ol
the population. During these years
one hundred and fifteen families lefl
to in* replaced by one hundred and
seventeen, so that only numorlcailj
docs the congregation appear to be
at a standstill. Mr. Main was for
three years president of the Moral
and Social Reform Council, In addition to vvoik in his congregation he
has been in charge of all Presbyter-
Ian mission fields in East Kootenay.
The annual missionary offerings Increased from $112.00 to C400.O0- Foi
all purposes the general revenues
have    Increased     from $*21!,i.oo    to
Id-eared herself to all who had the
| pleasure of her aoquaintance. Her
share in contributing to the prosper-
THE 1,v of the congregation has been un-
ostentatlous and valuable Her formation of a bevy of a score of
loimg girls into what was called
"Knox t'lub" did much to en-fiil the
Interest of these splendid young women, awl their effort*, by entertainments, helped greatly to contribute
to 'Ik* binds of the church. General
regret la expressed ai the ramounce**
metd that a vacancy is to occui In
Ue- pulpit and manse.
A nteetfnfl ol tin* Cranbrook Trades-
arid I.aboi Council was heid Friday
evening las' m the City Band hall
for the purpose of electing permanent
officers and foi the traaaactfon of
other business.    Repraentatives were
present     from several local organi/a-
Uoni and     a nood     deal of business
put through.
The officers elected are as lollowi
Presidettt—w. p  Macdonald,
Vice-PreaWent-L   p   SuIHvan
Recording    Secretary—Frank
FinaiK-ial  Secretory—-A.  Brier.
Treasurer—s, Griffiths.
statistician— I'.  A. flrenon.
Organixera—E.    H. Reed ami
The balance of tin* officers will
elected at    the next meeting <-{
council,     which meets    the first ami
third .Momlay of each month.
following     official     announee-
hate been    Issued from      the
Winnipeg offices' F. F. Bus-
formerly  superintendent     at
JJiOO.OO. The debt has im-h reduced Vancouver, will be general superln-
from $8000.00 io $1000.00, So that altcndent at Winnipeg, when his health
subsiantial prosperity marks thei will permit, In the meantime, D. 0.
period of Mr. Main's Incumbency, Coleman, formerly    superintendent  at
This brief notico would be very nn- Nelson, now superintendent    of    car
perfect without a reference to the loss,service, is    appointed   acting general
-.thai   Will
that   purl ui e of
Ih- sustained by the
pari ui i- of   Mrs. Main, who hy
Vinilh  and   r.'in.il mantlet has
di-'stipeiiritendeni  at Winnipeg to
hei   chuigo Hi'
tn-1 later handle.
duties Mr. Busteed will THE   CRANBROOK   HEBALD
(Coirt'lmlutl Irom |i»go ono),    _
amnuirl   still    l«'s   '"       l'10 llll"'i:
drawing Utroe l"'1
!\v lamls uml- j
ws us     what 1
•venue derived
i what   Imvo 1
ids'' Can     hei
in nr lo   any|
it aiding such
■   minister to
nut olliee uml
is iiiii good   policy.      Tlm nmristoi
tells ns how il'is modi! il possible   li
survey liumlriils    "1 acres nl ngrlcul-
tuial lands mill bring n
cr cultivation.      He
ia possible Irom tlio
Irom lliis Limber.
Ihey done Willi Himo
[l.illll   in settlers mi
policy nl   ihc govern
set Hers?
"I would challenge
go min    any    govel
even gel Information as to where
man    can go ami Beltlc oil a piece
Biaal agricultural land. Willi llie
peiKliluru nt tlii*-.    ne) he boasls
m   have nut  even     Uw Inlormellon
available   lo   uetllcra lo till    lliem
where    the) ran gel a R"ml piece ol
land.     Ii is   siinjili  iln- same      old
story  with   it"1 laud ami Uw Umber J
ihc speculator .i chance, antl he'
t.      Ho is allowed, both      In
j. nl Umber and land, to conn
in between    llie man win  v.nni:.   t.
use and develop   litem, ami wc    ltavi
the spectacle ul the governi
ibis province standing uji It
telling us   that this Is a «
statesmanlike way ol handl
assets ul the province,
"lie sues un   f'nil' i and tells    us
llial the gove it a lopteil a llior j
otigli-going   poliej  id    limber mano-
laclure in Ulllll,     1 do not 1 w what
Ini means. I have gone through the
ail nl lli.it      m.ii   ami cauluil  lind it.
I  I    in mill Ural '.. i.ii as Umbei
uianiilai-tiiii' was coliccrnell Hint sir-
inm ; nl chapter -m says: 'All um
hn cut Irom pi * lincial laud musi tic
inanufaet iin-.i within the coiiflnes nt
tin-    province "i     liritisli  Columbia;
Otherwise      the      1III...H    ml   mil)   be
Bclzetl and   liiiiiiinl     i" '!''■ crown,
lu 10110 lhe si vernmenl iciiin.il this
Irom all   limlici  ml  easl     nl        lliej
Cascade Mountains.     It   was nol un .
til Ihe Trmbri    M itncluri'   vol     nl.
the Cl
ami I
Here ls one of the man; cases In whicli
■ereral members of one family have
benefited from the household box of Zam-
Buk. Gol-Sgt. Louis Elliott, 3rd Co., ■Kth
Battalion, Peterburo, Out., says: "Tho
lower put of my face, cheek aud chin
broke out In small red p mples, which
liter festered and broke, forming nasty
■orei and dry scabs. The itching sot un
by these eruptions and sores was terrible,
and seemed far worse during the night.
All kinds of soaps, washes and ointments
were tried In the vain attempt to get
relief, even to bathing with carbolic acid
and water. Finally I thought of Zam-Buk
and straightway procured a box at the
drug store. One night's application
brought great relief from the Intense
itching, and aa I kept on applying this balm daily, the Inflammation
waa soon drawn ont, and in leu than a week's time the sores were
thoroughly healed and every scab banished."
Mrs. Elliott, 139 Shubrooke St., Feterboro, telling of ZamBnk'a
effoc t on her younger ion Walter, says •■" He slipped and caused a wound
on his right kip, which developed Into a running sore. From this
smaller sores spread until his lower limbs were covered with ulcers.
These proved very aJa—nim and I feared blood-poisoning I I began tho
Zam-Buk treatment, and It really seemed to aid like magic I In a
remarkably ahort apace of time the raw running sores were all healed,
I am very grateful indeed for Ilia cure, and I strongly recommend all
mothers to keep Zam-Buk always handy."	
. Ka.m-1-ak will be founa ft cur. for ootdaorr*. chapped handa,
| fro., I»lt«, Blcora, blucipolaon, varicose Mire., piliia, eCHly
I -uin.. rlr.Kwe.nu, Inflame*! patch**, liable.' eruption* autl
Icliaiipe.1plac...cum, 1,'iiih. brulaoa.»titl akin luiurica ncuei-
■ ally. All druKKMi. ami ator** aali al Ale. box or po.t free
I from Zam-Huk Co., Toronto, upoa rtoeip. of prlM. You aro
li.Mrnadasailirt bariof'iliinlUUoMsndaiili.lit'ito.. Moo tbo
I rcsi.lei wToaiiia " Za.ui Huk " on every packus* beforo bu/log.
Snn-i (Iiii Coupon
■mi lo. KUiiij> to
Zam-Buk Co., Tur-
ontr., ami ymi will
recti*1 iflr-*etriai box,
HS 3
1000,     nlnrli Bcems     I" mc I" -	
ulwi cmilici mill the Land Art, Ural
lhal proliilillinn »•'* again enacted
Tbc very date thr minister gives as
Ihc dale alien Uw policy was adopted
was when Ihey reduced its clluiciicy
hy culUng nut the timber easl nl tbc
"The    minister     tell-;
ns Unit  i
1903-1 tlie gowrnment si
at led In     .1
a new government with
I  vcty      (in
pressivc policy          I wo
lit! polnl oi
that in 1903-4 they Increased Hit- i
lul exclusive of tint whicli paitl t
ally to Un*    Dominion treasury.
1905 tliey   inlrukiewl lho system
tweniy-one year licenses, whieli   wns
taken   advantage ot so Mint up      to
1.107 Itetwcen ten    uml twelve     millions of acres of   tin- lusl timber    in
the province had Iwco alienated. Under thesr conditions limber taken    up
between i"""* ami 1907, timber taken
up willed ii.nl io in-   (-ni within twen
ty-one years was suiilcfenl lo last
two hundred years insi cad ul twenty-
one years, ami such a great area was
taken up that wc lind tin* hont-rahlo
minister saying he hopes tliey can
have it surveyed Iiy 1918. I do not
think the minister know-*., or ihat
anyone in the province knows, except
approximately, the actual amount
alienated from the crown under Uu
McOrhle administration. With
.'hniif-h Umber to lasl two hundred
years, ami with licenses lasting twenty-one tears, it was noi to be ex-
pectpd that anything else would take
place ihan a public sentiment against
waste, ui ihat the licensees should
go in and commit greal havoc, cut-
tin-; in such a manner as in make reforestation practically  impcfisible.
So in 1908 largo delegations came
liere and made thr claim that it. was
Impossible to cut oil these lauds in
Iwenty-ono years In tin- West interests
of tlie province, ami they asked the
govomment t<> extend t-hoir licenses
am) to make them renewable Irom
year tn year. We all icmemlicr thai
we had    to elbow    dui way through
mt, which was very low at the time,
ih.-.v did nol    realize llu* Importance
ol    the timber to the province.    Al*
though ibe minister of lands said thai
the eyes    ot   the whole world    were
upon   thai      limber, ihc government
could    not have realized that,    such
greal areas    were taken   up, because
tliey   could   nol    plead lb'* excuse ol
revenue necessity, when the      money
derived from those sales was lying iu
iii.-    hank drawing     the magnificent
ii- j sum of three per cent  pel annum.
'>'-     "However, we have now Hie bill bell-! lore the    house,    which ibc minister
il lauds as being the greatest piece      "i
■'as iuiesiry    legislation ever undertaken.
tf When he speaks of the large amounts
iii-1 expended   in lire    protection,     I am
in ('iiili- wilting lo admit it. but it was
hardly    tin*     position     the mlnistei
should have taken, lo boast of      the
great amounts    so expended.     While
ml wishing to    hurt the   feelings o!
itcst as
c     llial
nigh ih
1  the   d
le knov,
Liberal Convention
Will Be Held at Vancouver
Thursday, February 29th
Knell ('inislitiieiiey is entitled to 10 representatives.
Delugnlus to tli ih Convention should {1111-1*111181' lirst
class transportation tt) Vunconvi r, ol tnining from tin- ticket
iigont a stitiiihiiil cortifictile. This certiAcnto slioult! Im
siKiird l»y tlio {Secretary of the Convention, and unori
presentation at the ticket office nt Vancouver, the holder
thereof Mill hi! entitled to it return faro at one-third the usnnl
.111'. other member of the house, in
making personal references, it is a
tact that there ate a great many
hn* wardens drawing salaries from
ihe government who are far more ex-
pcrl in extinguishing any Liberal
doctrine or Influence in any district
than ihey are in eilinguishlng fires.
They arc far better votc-ebasers than
lire-ehasers. The honorable gentle-
mail (orgol to mention that under
ins administration the province lux'
tin- most devastating lire in its his*
lory, and Instead of boasting of his
expenditure*! on lire protection ho
should have mentioned Mu* great loss wo nnd wherever power is, a minister
l in this  province, and 1
ii will imt he rushed
house without due con-
li is of such Importance
discussion 011 It should Into tbe country through
There is one thing thai
must strike anyone who reads the
comments on ihe minister's speech,
and that it is to he mode use .if in
the same manner as many othei resources and industries of the country
arc math* use tf hy this govcrn-
iiienl. They say in effect, il is a
bill relating to '.'lie greatest asset we
possess and we musl lind a place tu
ii fm something that will strengthen
our political position.' And sn wc
lim! tlmt instead of this hill giving
lhe legislature control of this industry the minister has authority all
1 In- way through, and it can be used
like a club of political authority ovei
lhe hacks of those who musl conic
io the minister for their privileges,
autl they must he good or they will
nol get the concessions iluy are
entitled to. This is a matter we
have already discussed in connection
with the Liquor Act when Hie appointment of license commissioners in
municipalities was left in the bands
of the minister iu charge. It was
a poll;; of using author! i*, ft r p: lit-
ial clfeot, rather than decentralizing
it and placing It iu the hands of
thoso most nearly aftcetul. Hut we
can expect nothing more from this
Conservative   ahministratlon, because
under his administration. I'os-
w lo n Ihe hill comes Into com
the corridors because of the si
the delegations   coming tu bcc
government,      The government
allowed them to gol so far oil!        of
hand, tliey had such large areas,    it
was   impossible to force Ihem lo cut
except at    ruinous li **s.        Tint.- was
an election   in sight, and llie Liberal
party, under   the present chief justice
of lhe appeal coin I. was taking        a
definite stand on tin- matter,
"The Liberals laid that since the
Condition was one thai could not he
regulated (nun a governmenl standpoint, the ties! thing WOi in have an
annual renewal of licenses under conditions hy which I lie limits shnuld be
properly cut, ibe government r
ing the power to Increase royalties
and fees and insist that the timber
be cut with the least injury to 1 ln-
fn rest. The government at that
time refused ihe request nf the Liberals, ami it was not till the billowing year, when an election was in
sight and heavy pressure was being
brought (o hear upon them, that they
did Introduce legislation which made
the licenses renewable annually. Hut
even then the government did not
take the opportunity of notifying thr
lumbermen of what must he expected!government
of them   in insisting on drastic moa-.ln*r alienated
hv lit
mil tec of   the     whole we may
fiirllicr into il.        lie boasts
iu   Ibis bill they have provided
the sale of limber under public   competition.       As a mallei  uf fact     his
governmenl is    just the   governmenl
Iiml    refused to     adopt  that     policy
when tbe Libeials presented it  some
years ago, but     now   when the horse
is got t     of     Ibe stable      the
door is locked, am! WC say thai wo
will In future have the limber of tbe
countrj sold by public audit u Thi
had is only one id three instances in the
presenl bill in which, years afterwards, the administration now in
power lias turned round and saitl,
'We sco the i-rmr of OUT wa>s, and
We ate going 10 adopt tbe idea that a
few years ago we refused to adopt
because nf politics, ami ihe fear that
any credit might in- given in nur political opponents.'
"Tbe minister goes on a little
lurther, and I am surprised (though
ht- may have been intoxicated wilh
his own eloquence that day ami did.
not realize what bi- was saying)'
Ihat he declared 'An epoch is draw in;
lo a close, an epoch of reckless devastation uf lhe greatest of tltOSCj
natural resources with which Ibis
province bas been endowed Iiy Providence.' I ask whether it would
Ik* possible fnr any minister, or
gentleman in ibis bouse to give a!
more caustic comment on the conditions that have prevailed in this!
province since 1908, and that com-,
ment came from a member ol ibe
government sitting in one of the
most important positions in that
In the quantity of tim- j
or    destroyed bv fire, 1
siires for   protecting the forests      in Ihe era was undoubtedly an era      'if
the cut. reckless  devastation, and I could find
"Then    the    honorable  Bcntlomnn no words that 1 could think of   that
must also reall/e Ihat  while the gOV-jltod really   such a biting and caustic
eminent   no douhl bad Intended      to loucb   ns Ibe statement of the honor-
alienate certain   areas of timber     In abb- minister,
the. lirst place     lo recoup   Uu* treas- "The    bill   before   us     affects the
sitting close ami saying "Vou must
see. mo before you can do anything.' "
"And now iu 1012 when we lind all
over lhe world people demanding thai
they shall have a say iu public affairs, this government says, "This
being our greatest asset and affecting
llie greatest number of people, we
musl ise it for political advantage,
and we must put into the bauds of
ihe minister of this department absolute powers of administration.1 in
committee of lhe whole t may
point out instances in which this is
actual ly ihe fact. For example tbe
minister can direct Uu- classification
>>[ timber, instead ol the legislature
ben* saying, 'Under such condUionfl
sucli and such classification shall
exist.1 In fact all tbe waj
tiuoiigh we nm) the centralization
idea, ilu* Conservative idea, is being
carried nut.
"We find that res (Tores tat ion i^
dealt with, and ibc mention of tin-
names nf ihc gentlemen to be employed iu supervising this work   musl
be Welti me    news to tile people ot
llritish Columbia, thai Is if ihe gov
ei linn ni really inlemls to Inaugurate
a Byrtcm by which the forests are
to be kept up and this 'reckless
vast a tion1 slopped. Tbat must
welcome, but if wc an* to have
condition in which we have
minister dictating what shall
done, wo shall have a condition
which, in its last state, is worse
than wc have now. As I do not
wish to go into details now, I will
leave ihat matter for committee <>f
the   whole.        I would   simply point
out that while tin* honorable minls-
ler might bring down a bill, which in
somo particulars may do very well,
be had 110 light lo make some of lhe
statements he did, and thai some of
the cardinal principles of the bill
wen- presented to the house by Lib-
• erals rn 1905, so I leave il to tho
f-government to ox tract from it any
i benefit they may." (Applause).
Ihat thirty days after date, I into**'
io apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands antl Works for ;
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, simile in the District of South Kast
Koolenay, Hritish Columbia, iu
Hloek *I51)3:
Commencing at a post planted at
nr near 2 miles east of thu 11 milt:
post on the C.I'.IL survey on tbo
west boundary of Block, -15113 and being Hit* S.W. corner post of Wm. M.
Neai claim; tlicnce north 811 chains;
ihencc east HO chains; tbence south
Ml chains; thenee west 80 chains to
a point of commencement, making
liltl aeres, more oc tess.
Located this Itilh day of November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Wm. M. Neai, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, 1 inUa**
lo apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Works for n
license to prospect for coal and pet*
: oleum on the following lands, situalc in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 45U3:
Commencing at a post planted at
: near    -H miles east of the !•» mill
posl on tbe C.l'.ll. survey on the
west boundary of Hloek 4503 and living the S.E. corner post of Hurry
11. Walker claim; tbenco north 80
chains; thenct- west, 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence east SO
chains; to a point nf commencement,
making 010 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th dav nf November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Hurry IL Walker, Lccator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days after dale, 1 liitw-
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands antl Works foi .
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, siluate in the District ot South Kast
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 45*33:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 13 mile
post on the C.I'.IL survey; on tbe
west boundary ot Hloek 1593 and hU
ing tlie S.E. corner post of .lohn
llaynes claim; tbence north 80
chains; thence west 8(1 eliains, thenee
south 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making 0111 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th dav ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
•lohn llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, 1 inlen-
to apply to the Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Lamls and Works lor *
licenso to prospect for coal and fi4-
roleum on tho following lands, situate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 4593:
Commencing at n post planted at
or near 1 mile east of tbc 43 tulle
post en tbo C.I'.H. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4593, and being tbo S. \V. corner post of John
llaynes claim; thence north 80
chains; thence east 81) chains; thence
south 8U chains; Hienro west' 811
chains; to a point ol commeiici'inent,
mailing 010 acres, more or less,
Located this Li-lb day ol November,
Hoy Allen, Agent tor
.lobn llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-r»t
that thirty days after date, 1 InteWkl
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for *>
license to prospect for eoal and petroleum on tbc following lands, situate iu the District of South Kasl
Koolenay, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 46H3:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles nr 100 chains east
of 37 mile post ff C.P.R. survey ou
west boundary of Hloek ir>!):i and being the S. K. corner jtost of Mr.
Sellars Largey claim; tbence north
HI) ehains; tbence west 80 chains;
llicnco south 80 chains; thenee east
so chains; to a point ol commencement, making 010 acres, more or
Located Ibis 0th day of November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Mr. Sellars Largey, Locator,
Witness; Jahn Virgo. 2-51
point of commencement, making tto
acres, more or less.
Located this 14th day of Novendbfcr,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days alter date, 1 InteO
to apply to tbo Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works foi u
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate iu the District of South Kast,
Koolenay, Hritish Columbia, iu
Hloek 4593:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 4 miles easl of the 43 mile
post on lho CIUL survey on lho
west boundary of Blook 4fiU3 and being the S.W. corner post, of Bert K.
Calmer claim, thenee north 8(1 chains;
thence east 81) chains; thenee SOU til
Kit eha'ns; theticu west 8(1 chains to a
point of commencement, making iiiu
acres, more or less.
Located this lalh day nf Novcmlher,
Hoy Allen, Agent fnr
Bert B. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2 f.t
that thirty days after date, I iuUs*-
to apply to the lion. Chief Com-
j missioner of Lands and Works for »
! license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situ-
iate in the District of South Kast
} Kootenny, Hritish Columbia, in
Hloek 4593:
Commencing at a post planted .«■
or near 1 mile cast of the 39 mile
[>ost on C.P.R. survey on the    west
I mlary of block 1593 and being the
S. E, coiner post of Mary Largey
claim; tlicnce north 80 chains; tbence
west 80 chains; thence south 80
chains;    thence cast 80 chains to    a
TAKE NOTICE that William Murdoch, of Flagstone, B.C., occupation
mlllman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted ou
tlie south cud of au island iu ths
East Kootenay river, and in a direct
lino with the north line ot Block
327, commencing at the said post
autl confining along short* to point ol
William Murdoch.
Dated January 5th, 1912. 2-i)t
Ihat the partnership heretofore existing between us, tlio undersigned, as
George H. Leask and Company in
the City of Crnnbrook, Province ot
Hritish Columbia, bas this day been
dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts due to the said partnership are to be paid to Oeorge R.
Leask at the City of Cranhrook, It.
C, aforesaid, and all claims against
the said   partnership    are to be pre-
OOtttc-d  to  Ure  .-..-.1-1     ncci-go   11.   Ioa.,1',
by whom tbe same will he settled.
Dated   at the     City ol   Cranbrock
this 20th day of January, 1012.
Oeorge H. Leask,
Vincent S. I.iddlcoatt.
Witness:     Joseph   Ryan,    Notary
Public. t-11.
i Win (re*       i impart ^
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Charles Dickens
Sketch of the Life of the Greatest of English
Humorists, whose Centenary has been
Commemorated the World Over
This Week
was born
Dickens, Kugli.sb novelist, Twist." Besides being a more
at Lantlport, Knglaml, hercnt story than "Pickwick,"
ith, 1812; tlictl al Gad's though not, even so, a very close
Hill, near Loudon, Juno Dili, 187*1* knit narrative, lliis .successor was tit
Dickens, who was christened Charles I a type common in the author's later
.John HiiiTham Dickens, was the eld- j work it had a purpose. Strong
est son and the second child among hints of the type are to be lound in
eight ol .lohn and Elisabeth Dickens. I "Pickwick," as in tlie trial ot Uar-
His father was a navy clerk in tbo dell vs. Pickwick and Mr. Pickwick's
Portsmouth dockyard at the Unto of own imprisonment, in which scenes
the novelist's birth;,thence be was tlw intention is not wholly comic. In
transferred to London, and, when "Oliver Twist" there Is a deliberate
Charles was five, to Chatham. Here representation, somewhat along the
•Dickens learned to read and got some1 lines laid down by Fielding and
schooling. The most important in- Smollett, of the under side of life
fluence of this early life was his    n,c- and tbere is   also au attack on    lliej'bis own
, /„
tern. In the misfurUities ol Mr. most successful ami arduous courses
Dombey he prcaclml from tlie text were a series oi SO leadings in
thai "Pride gties before destine- America, iu 1*857-58, which brought
Hon," It is on the ground of in- him nearly £20,000, und a farewell
sufficient reality the major diarac-,course of lull readings m England the
tin* hook have often been following winter, which wen* worth
but     there is little dissent £8,-000, besides    expenses   antl    pern
tors of
from Die
actors ar
1 lii-
view that the minor
* done with much of
hook   was onr
char- ceiilagcs.        Tlie ino
Dick- Dickens to give tbcsi
power, or      that  growing    restlessm s
ot his great popu-'activity, and   a enr
lar successes. I rather than any   peel
In KS47, Dickens began a series    of A*- ••* wa*s* ,1k'>'   W('*'
Intellectual diversions in the form of tax °"  his   strength
an    organized     amateur     theatrical doubtodly shortened I
company, which   included many well-
known   men of     letters of tbe time—
It.   il.   Home,   Mark Lemon,     Mrs.
Cowden   Clarke,   Wilkie Collins, and
others—and       wbieh gave     successful
amateur    performances    in   various
' that i ml ii
lufsea was
Hit* need
. fm- applai
i;iiy necess
uf  Tv
places in England. Performances of
.liihiisoii's "Even Man in His Humor" were given in Manchester and
Liverpool, in -luly, wiib great sue-
eess, and tbe following year Ibis play
allernatetl with "The Merry Wives of
Windsor" In London ami live largo
towns of the kingdom. Many of the
performances were for Dm* heiielit of
Indigent actors und men ol letters,
and a performance in 1-861 of "Not
So Had As We Scom," wrlltcn for
tin occasion hy Uulwer Lytton, was
acted before the Queen for the benefit
of the Guild of Literature ami Art.
During IK')., also, tbe company gave
many representations in various
parts of the country. Throughout
tht; live years of its existence Dickens was manager of the* company.
Meanwhile (May IKltl-Sovember
1850), what is commonly regarded as
Dickens' masterpiece of narrative fiction, "David Copperfield," appeared.
Dickens himself thought more highly
of the novel than of any of the others, and looked upon it with much
affection. The reason for both the
popular and the author's judgment
probably lies in the autobiographical
character of tlie hook. Tbat is to
say, Dickens here speaks more profoundly from his own experience,
tells with more closeness and reality
the taJ.e of his early days, and introduced a large number of those inimitable characters, which, however
comic ami retouched, are founded on
observation   of   actual life.
-jUaintanco with the great novelists Iniquity of the administration "t
of the preceding century, Fielding and charity schools aud tbo poor law.
.Smollett, and also LeSage and The most intimate and affecting parts
Cervantes, all of whom had   much cf- of the story are these dealing    with
The humorous passages, the idyllic,
and the pal belie passages are unexcelled hy any of his other work. On
she otlier hand,    though there       are
left ou his own work.    He also read!the   sublerraneah   life of the    young many traces and delineations of , the
much travel, and bad a good deal    at|pickpockets   and   Nancy.        Dickens'| conventional villain type ami      some
soundings of tbe
1 these are   not so
feeling for  reform is even more polg
nant in   the   next     novel, "Nicholn:
Nickleby"    (1838-39),   where lie   fell earlier novels as
upou the  country schools in the per- olas Nickleby
sentimental motif
marked as in such
tor example, "Nicb-
lii short, Dickens,
pleasure iu tlie "Araban Nights"   antl
tin* British essayists.
In 1821, the Dickens family returned to London, in strulghted circumstances, and the following year     Hie|son   of   the  immortal Squeers    ami i»     "David     Copperfield,"    followed
■■Ider Dickens was confined    in      'be Dotheboys Hall.      Critical opinion is more closely    than iu any    ol     his
Marshalscu  for   debt,     through hard in accord   with regard to the Infinite|preceding novels the groundwork    of
luck ami misfortune rather than,    as superiority   of tbe portraits of     the his own knowledge and experience, at
his biographers are   careful   to     ex- S-yueers family, the actors, antl     Hie the same time    losing no whit of his
plain, any   fault or    misdemeanor ot rest of those   who are more or    less quality and   humor.    Criticism    and
his own.       The young Charles    was taken from     the author's    own keen1 popular verdict alike assign to    this
put to pasting labels iu     a blacking observation of life, to the convention-! novel a very high   place in    English
warehouse in lllaekfnars, much      as al unconvincing picture of the "high" | fiction.
his hero, Davit) Cappcrfteld, toiled in
the warehouse ui Murdslone ami
(irinby, Ibough be was not ill-usei1..
■Beginning with 1884 be got two or
three years of schooling of no very
profitable sort, and found some employment, lirst as lawyer's clerk, ami
later a** newspaper reporter, in order bolter to perfect his* work in this
in-lit be learned shorthand ami read
with some system in tho llrilish
museum. Foi a time, probably. lie
thought of becoming an actor, whose
profession   always bad greni    oh&rmjbooks
life in the novel.     In Mrs. Nitkleby,     Before   th-
nnpletlon of "David
as earlier in Pickwick, and later in; C'opperlleld" Dickens had started
Mrs. Gamp, Mr. Mieawbvr, Uriah. (30 March, 1850) a monthly periodi-
Heep, ami many others. Diekens cal, Household Words. The design
made an interesting addition to the was to furnish an inexpensive and at
gallery of permanent and popular the same time cheery and wholesome
portraits established by Chaucer, ami periodical for popular consumption.
added U by Shakspere, Fielding, Us idea was to be pleasant and im-
Slh-ridnn aud others. | aginative rather than sensational and
After    a   false   start    in "Maalci  literal.       To    this    Dickens himself
Humphrey's   Clock," there    emerged contributed the   novel "Hard Times"
MOM Curiosity Shop" (18-10) one   ol (1854), aud    some of   Mrs. OaskclFs
the author's most idyllic and pathetic novels also saw the light through its
published like   all his carliet  pages.       Coming to an end in 1859,
tor him. bul tins was definitely aban- works, serially. He then essayed R it was followed at once by tbe simi-
doned wben. tu 1831, his toil was re-1 historical novel, and in "Darnaby lar periodical, All the Year Hound.
VOrdcd by hlS being made parliatncn-lRudge1 (1811) laid bis scene al the! Throe novels which followed are of
tary reporter, and later, In 1834, a!time of the (lordon Riots, In the romewhat different types from "Dav-
rogiilui lepoiiei on Hie Morning preceding century. It is a novel ol id CopperncM" and among tliemsel-
Chronule. an impoitant Whig news-lprettj elaborate plot antl uneven ves, "Bleak House" (March 1852-
|M|N'i At his profession Dickens dramatic power and historical sense Sept. 1858) was more ol an attempt
worked with greal energy, but be. As usual. In Diekens' work, the best at intricate plot construction than
found time also to begin the writ-j parts deal with genre types and bad been tried In the earlier novels
dig which led lo his gieat populal comedy characters rather, than with that depicted the fortunes of a hero,
conventional villainy or sentiment, and tt attacked vigorous!) tin* law's
Dttriog tins period Diekens bad not delays by making tbe Court of Cban-
only written his stories but bad eery, as it were, the center of inter-
writleu several plays, ol which two,'est ol tbe story. Interrupting the
"The Strange Cieiitleman," a farccjeourso of his novel by "A Child's
(IH.'iti) "The Village Coquette," an History ol England (1853*), ho pro-
lODOTObta (183«), were suceessful, and duccd alter that "Hard   Times," one
This was a skrtch entitled "\ Dm
ner at PoplSI Walk," ami il was published eail> in is.il m Hm* Monthly
MagniinC B) the beginning of is:-*i>
enough    bad been published In    thai
papei   ami  the Evening  Chronicle,     t
make a volume, whieh slioMh  appeal  j bail essayetl the   founding aud editing
ist with the title "Sketches bj l.**-\"jo(   the    Weekly magazine in    Which
the nickname td  his boy-years.    TheNoid Curioslt) shop" appeared.
sketches weie so siueessftil that nuk-     Early in     J8I2,    Dickens ami    his
ens    shi'ill*.   found     ll   profitable      to   wife went   to
buy back tbe   copyright   loi thirteen warmly received and where bis popu-j wherein hardness of heart will lie our
limes the £180 lhal he had original   larit) was quite as great ns In Eng- bane.     More satirical and specific in
Iv got foi il.    Tho same yeai (1838)  land,    The result of Un* journey    is its application was    the attack
lie married Catharine Hogarth, eldest lo    be   found    in    the   "American'*ho    "Circumlocution   Office," which
of Ins most didactic works. The moral was a general one, we should cultivate the virtues of charity and
fondness for the poor that we have
America, where he was'always with us against the evil days
daughter oi George Hogarth, tbe
duotoi of ibe livening Chroniole,
The live years following tlw
pen in me of Hn* "Sketches"
marked by an enormous nmounl
pearod each   vear from   1813 to 18IK forms the burden of   "Little Dt-rrlt
to a   certain   degm*—m those parts! (Dec. IHS-Juna    1857).    Its animus
that, satirise   Vmericnn life,—tn    tbo I was a hatred of war and a    wish to
in vel "Martin   Chii/zlcwit," of which satirize the War    Ofllce because      nf
(be lirst Instalment appeared on    Hie several breakdowns   in the machinery
a very    gr
nd tin y
j  life.
In 18')!i be gave cotnparati
leadings, and Hie follow
none. He was then cbieflj
wiib ibe new All Ibc Vear 1
which appeared his second an
historical in vel "A Tale
(Aprll-Nov. Ih-vi
stor\ ol Hn- French Revolution wW
written with more deliberation, care
for construction, and succinctness
than his previous works, und, In
spue of iis comparative lack of
humor ami spontaneity, Dickens
thought highly of ii, though he went
back in Ins Buccecding novels lo lus
more free and easy way. A scries
of sketches "The Uncommercial Traveller." wns begun iu 1830, shortly af-1
ter lie bail laken up his abode at
Qttd's Hill Plate in Kent, ami this
change with its Incident trips '<>
London, furnished him material for
his work. The offecl of the chants)
also   appeared    iu   bis    nexl   novel,
((real Expectations" (in All tin*
Vear Round in INlifl), which revetted
iu many respects lo Hie earlier stylo]
of "David Copperfield." More readings then Interrupted Hie course of
bis novel writing, ami it was not un- j
til 1868 thai be set lo work ou his
last complete story, ''Our Mutua ,
Friend" (May 188-1-Nov. IKii.'i). Many!
of the passages of Ibis novel have
been greatly admired, bui opinion Is
fairly uniform thai it, as a whole
lacks the movement am! glow of Dick-1
ens' earlier novels and shows    signs
of tho strain    under which be       was
A abort Ins! course of lectures was*
delivered between Jan. and March,
1870. Then appeared the Iirsl instal-
mi'iit of "The Mystery uf Edwin
Droi.tl." Tbe afternoon of June *•
be finished lhe sixth number of the
-.lory. The nexl day he was suddenly stricken and died al about six in
Uie evening. He was buried in
Westminster Abbey.
With ibc possible exception oi
Scott, no English novelist has beei
and probably *^iill is, so widely popu
lai as Diekens, both in bis own emu
ii v .mil abroad. IDs great conlcir.
porary Thackeray was nol so exter
-■lively read in bis lifetime, and nun
ol lus .successors who, like Clcorg
(Clioi, may noi unreasonably be ri
(Cantlmicd on page seven).
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vi-.*i I..w,.nc*Ci>. Solr Mfra   Mnelrtat
wntt-tiicui ri 11,, i..'Ivd Ncnoai
|iii*ili»'lliin ill Miiliil ami iiiliniiulila first iluv ul 1118. TIlis novel, in <il llir I'rinii'an War, then just
quality nml C.IMI popular iucccm. Ill which Dlcki'iis in many rcapccti, as hi!of Uirao novcll, "llleak House" at
iluit vear, al the reqncsl nl Chap |iIh- iinmorlul 1'i-iksnitl nntl Mrs (alms! an extraordinary amount, nl
iiniii anil Hall, lie began tho "Post* (lamp, reached ibe high-water mark'popularity, even surpassing "David
humous Paper*, ol lho Plokwl* ot Ml comic and satiric power, ran't'oppciHeld" in that respect.
Cluli.' Tho oriRlnal ill™ was io lor twenty monthly numbers. It was On 10 April, UM, Diekens began on
have u humorous running account nt Immediately lolloveed by Ihc lirst at] tha large scale, that Ite carried out
a party ol unlucky sportsmen, lllus* his "Christmas Hooks," which ap- Inio the year ol his death, tho laro-
iraicil with suitable pictures, Tho pcared each year Irom IMS ta IMI ous serire ol reailings Iron, bis
id™, alter the first lew numbers,' and again in 1818. For about a works. As early In 1853 he had
year, IStl-lKt.i, with rite return to given occasional public readings, but,
London, be was with his family in | until 1858, never in an extensive ami
Italy, ol whieh sojourn "Pictures systematic way. At tlw outset he
ters grew in depth and intensity and From Italy" contains llm record. Iroad with the text before him, but he
became less caricatures hy (he time A short connection wilh the newly- soon memorized the scenes, worked
if ehc close ol Ihc publication In founded radical Journal The Dally up the "business" nnd cultivated a
1M37. The Isiok was almost In | News, early In 1846, was followed byldramatlc action which so grew In in-
stnnily popular, il achieved success another Journey to the t'ontinriii. tensity, that toward Ihe close ol his
such as few hooks have had, nnd Is On Ihis trip be began "Dombey and hie, his reading ls*eame almost act-
today probably the most familiar ol Son," the first number nl whieh up* ing. The success ol this almost
Dickens'writings, |pcan>d   in   Ootober isto.     Herein wholly now departure In 1*0 career ol
In February, 18.17, while "Pickwick Diekens for the lirst time on an rln- an author was startling. His first
Papers" was si ill In progress, there borate scale atlfinplctl a statement ionise eonslstisl ol 81 readings in
appeared the first instalment ol ol a moral Mid spiritual, rather than llm*' und a hall months, ami this
Diekens'   Aral regular novel, "Oliver a political    and philanthropic, prole was followed by shorter cms,a. His
Aa lam continulnf* my late bus.
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111 mil
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
K. J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CKANBHOOK, 6. C, February 8, 1912
Charles Dickens Is bo much alive u
the hearts und minds ui mosl ol    in
that il is    somewhat bard lo realla
thai lie was   born one hundred year
ago  yesterday, awl that he 1ms been
dead since   tho    Dtb ol  June, L870
Throughout    tho    English    speaking
world    Ins momor) baa been honored
these |iusi tew   days, with a    loving
affection tliat lew even ol the    great1
cat    lDnglisb    writers,    ol an) age,
could command.    Elsewhere In    this
Issuo    wo publish a ncccssnrlly    alr
brevlatod sketch ol   his career, which
despite  obvious    deficiencies,      will
prove oi Uniol)  Interest lo llie many
in   Kasl    Kootenay     w bo  love antl
roverc tho momor y ol tho greatest ol
English humorists.
It i.s probably unnecessary lor the
Herald iu more than call the attention ol ratepayers to lhe (act Ural
iiiu olty council will shortly plats
beforo them a by-low to permit
Mic raising by debentures ol lho
ol $0,50(1 lor manual training school
purposes. Tin* object is sn entirely
u desirable one that it Is Inconceivable thai there will be found n
single ratepayei opposed to It, Overy
ratepayer musi lie gratified by Uie
active, Intelligent interest dlsplayel
in public school work by iln- pr
board oi school trustees ami all will
unquestionably be pleased lo a
themselves of tin- opportunity all
til by tlu- presentation ul tins bylaw,
to assist IIi«-iii in extend their ood
work. Manual training for the
small lmy is probabfy  Hi-' beat    pos-
sible   advantage    Ural, can be insi
him in ti'iijiHii ii'iiin witli his purely
scholastic studies. Cranbrook already ranks high as an educational
center am! with Mil- additional attraction of an up-to-date manual training
school, it will be second to no eily in
Un* province in Hns respect.
Elsewhere in this issue will bc
•found a lengthy report of a speech
made by Mr. II. «'. Brewster, tn tho
legislature, on the subiccl oi lion. W.
It. Ross' new Timber Bill. Wo think
it only fair to devote si, much space
to this subject, in view ui its
greal moment in many nf our readers in Kasl Kootenay. Timber legislation vitally concerns all of us u
Ka-st Kootenay. i pun Mu* wel fan
ami prosperity of the lumbei Industry
depends in very largo measure, tin.'
prosperity ol tins entire Kast Koo-
tenay section. It is well therefore
Mail any ami all proposed legislative
enactments should in- carefully examined, It is the iiiuu* necessary in
provide this means ni examining Into
legislation ol this eharactei at tins
time, because nf Mie practical inability to secure adequate discussion in
tin* legislature. Tin- Liberal opposition's one representative does the
best (if can, but il is physically impossible rm lum to meet and reply
to ull tin* government' sjicakers, even
if tlie rules nf procedure pcrtnlUod
bis doing sn. li i< in no controversial spirit Mi.it we Invite those of
our readers Interested m the lumber Industry tn read Ibis Bpcech ot
Ur. Brewster, bul ratbei witb a view
to securing   propel t sldernlion    nl
Mm* measure now before lho Itousc
Both Mm* Introducci ol ilu* lull, Mr
W. It. Itoss, and liis chief, Premier
Mi Hi ni- claim foi tin* measure prac
Ileal perfection. Prominent lumber
men, wilb whom wc haw- discussed
the bill. Intimate thai it leaves very
tmirh in Ih- desired, particularly on
Mm* grounds nf good common sense.
tine feature ol tbc bill thai cannol
lail to attract attention is Ihc attempt to still turthei concentrate in
the bands ol tbc government control
over Uie lumbei Industry, along much
tin* same lines as thej havo already
secured control ol the licensed victuallers, in iV unorganized districl
Will find our
stock of
Game Traps
very complete
We can
supply all
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
Tin' fainwllan    null'
in-  having 11.,-   inter!
I nn .nil I'll  lliis  wivk.
Hi,, contractor.
.Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m..
Iiigli mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom 2 to 8 p.m.; Iloaary and Uenc-
iliction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a in.
Wok days-Mat. at 8 a in at the
I'. I'latiiiiniliin, O.M.I.
Feb. Illli.
Subject nf   the    morning discourse/ new school building.
"The Chtm-ll ill ClOtl."
Kvenlng subject "The Urgency "I
llu- King's llu.sine.ss."
Ihc pastor, Itev. E. O. Kendall,
will preach. A cordial Invitation is
'Xtcudiil to all.
li ...Perfect Prints... il
jj This year's patterns are better than \\
We guarantee every piece to wash.
Mrs. (ii'ii. Sinclair, nml little    sou active dissentient,   to  invite       Mr.
Murray, :ue visiting  Mrs.   Sinclair's  Borden back.    Tho  bounty ol Carle-
cousin in Kernic. - Ion,   in    Ontario, was opened      lur
——                         I liiin,  .llul Mr. Borden was hack      at
■email Kggleshaw was called to his  post  wilh no loss of lime.     Ap-
Cranhrook   taut week on husinci
I parently
Hl"h-        i
Mr. Rei.il, of Vaucpuvor, spent    the
week  end wilh trtcmls In Wanlner.
Mr. and Mrs. Len Rcnwick, ol Galloway,     visited   Mr. and   Mrs. Otto
VYisncr last Monday. p
Mi*. Win, Man icily was here    Monday  Inspecting  the      work on    tha
******************** i
: Chapman's Agency ['■
w Ntfkiry Avciiic. Ncir ilu Audilorivm "
leal F.ilalt
Loin »
Auctioneer it
Auitl-in Sile il our rmnis every
SlIiNiyal 2 Mind 7 30,
If job Iii ve * mill i-ik l» -ill, bring
II lo ii. II you Mint anything tnme
,' ll our Mien.
! Chapman's Agency;
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  hottig stored thin season
it   did not occur to       the
aliiuet  i if  nineteen hundred
,[ Foresters and four    that    Ihey could  play    a
t their hull  sharp   ititle    upon    their opponents.
Dormer is When Mr. Kydd resigned,    tlw writs
, were Issueh and   Mr.   Hordcn       was
  I elected.    All   they had to do was to
10,   LaPoinle  left  last \tA\iwc  as Mr. Borden and his friends
n i   his camp    at    Kort  aro behaving now.     Tliere need have
* hein  iin eleetion    In Carloton       for
—— mon Ure.    The party mlffrt have tried
is hand without    Mr. Borden for a
session, or    perhaps,   too,   Carloton
could   havo stayed unrepresented.    Is
it   nnt odd   that u   scheme like that
did   not    commend   itself?     Plainly,
tin* I.aurier cabinet of nineteen hundred   aud four    must  have been Without  the    resourcefulness which    the
present   one  owes to the presence at
lie  council   board of giants like Mr.
'ochranc, Mr. Rcld, Mr. Pcllotlor.
Mrs. It.   .1. Pearson, who has been     Perhaps the reminder  of the    way
quite   ill for tho past few days   with he   was treated   did shame Mr.   Bor-
fagrippe, is now convalescing. den  a   little.      At all    events, the
■ I writs  have now heen issued    for an
lew early election, wherens it  was given
Wis-  uut   that   one could not 1h> held    bc-
ner. fore  a    new voters' list was    made.
  Whether he  was   shamed into doing
The   play that    was being prepared jti nr  whether   the broad gauge men
for tlie church concert, to bc given m tho cabinet insisted upon having
shortly, has been postponed imlelin- >\w thing done decently, at all
iiely. events   the right thing has been done.
Two Cranbrook rinks are taking in   ■,,.,   ,iiem beat   Mr. Graham if they
iln*    Lethbridge bonspiel   this  week,    Tht.  crows Nest Pass Lumber com- can,  so    long as they do not refuse
ti/.:   Sinclair,    Campbell, Robertson, Iiaj|y   ,|av„   Carpontors employed this bim   the chance lo fight.
Patmore, ^.^  enlarging    iheir   hulclier shop,  ♦*	
being very    much     Thc new lnteriot adorations of the
fnr their large     and     in-    i,M-iifAHnm u*i.rn     vnr**  fnvnrnhlv
tie ami Cameron  arc holding    their croaslllg tra(lc      .,.,„.,. .,„., als0 hav   A'"!"""".,.      «ere    icrj Iaion.ui>
own   in guod shape.       In thu (irand
Fitzgerald is spending a
with her sister, Mrs. Otto
Beattle,   skip.      Topham,
Harris, Cameron, skip. | ,Ih. prcselt|
Krom   reports so far to hand Ileal- ,|((1  sma)i
ing   a large refrigerator installed.
Mrs. Lovtck,      who is in
brook hospital, is  doing     Vi
ly   autl is   expected home in
Challenge   competition Cameron   was
beaten  by Rev. Grant, of Kernic, at-
ter    ;i   close,     hard     contest, fl—S.
Meat tie heat  Bruce, of Macleod,       in
the  same    contest,    12—<7.     Beat tie
was  to   play    Grant this afternoon, ___
for possession of the   Grand    Chal-    Mli \V. -j. Embrce, who bas
'' "K'*- ' machinist    for    Uh*   Crows
At   the    Fernie bonspiel last week  |..lss \Am\iet    company for
end, a Cranbrook rink, skipped by p. Ume) ^.,.   (n ,ljs n..s.i,,imii„n ;
Wilson, and   including     Barr,    Hog- ,|a«8 nRO
garth ami    McWha,   won   the Burns *. ,
cup, I
Arrangements are lieing oomploted
this afternoon for a lionspiel to be
inld in this city on Tuesday, Weil-,
nesday and Thursday of next week.1
There will Im- several cups to compete for, including tin* (irand Challenge, the Corby nml the Fleishman*
Kinks from all the surrounding towns
are expected to attend. Arrangements wilt be made to afford all
visitors a thoroughly enjoyujtih- outing.
Three games of hockey look     place
yesterday. Phoenix beat Rossland,
1" to 5] Nelson Intermediates beat
it- salami, 13 to 9, Greenwood bcai
Cranbrook. 5 to 3.
commented upon by patrons this
week. Tlie Auditorium now presents a much cleaner and more attractive appearance. ,
This week's furniture special*. Set
of diners, oak finish, (17.50. Something real good.—E. K. Merc. Co.       '
Actions involving iu claims nearly
(150,000 have Ini'ii       set down     for
| trial at    tho sittings of the supreme
I it     whieh opens on Tuesday next
at Nelson. Mr. Justice Clement is
expected   to    preside.    In the King ;
| Lumber Mills, Limited, vs. the C.P.
It. claim is made for $110,000 damages alleged to have resulted to the
company's timber limits In East
Koolenay rrom (ire caused by thc
railway company. M. A. Macdonald
is solicitor for the plaintiff and .1.
I-:. McMullin is for the railway
company. A special jury will hear
llie case.
(Special correspondence).
Mrs. Speaker, mother of Mr. Fred
Speaker, who has been here lor several months, returned to ber home
in .!»■ east last Thursday. Hei sou
accompanied her as far as Kemie.
Mr. and Mrs. Rankin moved thelt
household effects to Tntonga a few
days ago.     Mr. Rankin     is chief
(By Pred Roo).
The Elko Power, Waler ami Light
company held their annual meeting
Monday, February fifth and elected
the following oflicers for the year:
.1. Klingensmith, president; .1. W.
Kerr, rice-president; .1. M. Agnew
secretary. Then* was a good al-
l rndanco antl considerable business
t innsacled,
Bert Carinan, lhe popular president
ol  the Prido of   the   West Knitting
Mills, Vancouver, was in town Tuesday   showing    the     products   of hU
mill,    with a smile   ou   his (ace   tin*
width   of a sweater coat and as long
as   a pair of hose.
|   The   Conservatives   held a    sccrctl    The Dubs next dance   which'
session     Ttierday   night,    February VM to have been held Tuesday!
sivib.    All   press reporters were re j the 13th instant has been postponed
|fused admittance,    •'Ulster"   seemed  until St. Valentine's Day, FebV
password and the members J4.    As this will bc thc last of the
(lo 1
got Ml
■ the Palace Cigar Store for n
smoke.—S.   A.   Reid, Hanson
■ -•  it
i Io   Ih- llu
looked   like hero's in a moving picture show.       We shall see what we
shall   see Inter.
This   is   sure     one    winter Llial
does   not have   to wear a lulu I to
show  whal   season ii* is supposed \<
A carload of   salt was received    iu
Kernic lhe   other week.     "Who     th
the  tie   department, and    will look ■■■•"«' 's Retting fresh now?
after   the    company's
the new town.
interests     at
A gang of men bas l»ocn busy rip-
rapping the roadbed ol lhe Kootenay Central at Wardner, for the past
few days.
Mr.  and   Mrs. A. Norris, of Cranbrook, accompanied   by their     little
■lack,   visited at the    home    ot
Mr.   nml   Mrs.   S.   C,   Smith    last
In the debate about bringing
ihe election in South Renfrew,
Wilfrid touched Mr. Borden oa
what in lhe prime minister's earlier
days, would have been a sore spot.
lie recalled the time, now eight
years ago, when Nova Scotia
swept  clean of   Conservatives,
series, supper will be served and
dancing continued until a later
hour than usual.
Cranbrook Branch.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
11li Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citizens.
\. A. Walllngcr,        W. C. Crebbln,
I'res. Seo'y.
P. O. Box 125
Visiting members cordially Welcomed.
Believing tho British empire to
was'stand for justice, freedom, order anil
nnd  good government, we pledge ourselves
when   Mr.   Borden   himself wns    de- as tili/ens of the greatest, empire    In
tested   in     Halifax     without    being lhe world, to    maintain the heritage
Mr. Prod   Audit! has been busy tori elected anywhere else.      The Coitser- handed down lo us hy cur fathers.
scleral   days hauling fee.     The-    Ice vulive parly was  without a    leader. Social evenings   in   Carmen's   ball
I teems   to be in line shape foi hauling  They   had a  caucus tu Montreal    on Second and  fourth   Tuesdays in     tho
'and   Very large quantities of it     are   Ibe  eve of   Hie   session and decided, month nt 8 p.m.                                    '
Will be to subscribe to two superior publications, from which you can get your
money's worth. Your safest investment
will be to subscribe to
Farmer's Magazine
Cranbrook Herald
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Only $2.00
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By renewing your subscription to the
HERALD you can get both papers for
the year 1912.
villi   Mr. Vi   ft. Minium ns llir Mil)      t»|»*la In llnlisli CitltMM.
Music in the Home
Nothing Kivi's more pleasure to home life tliiin goml
music, and no music is better than that given by the
Edison Phonograph and Victor Oramaphone
With one of these machines you can hear the liest
Artists of Europe nml America in your own home at a
■minimi) price,
Edisons from $19.50 to $200.00
Victors and Vlctrolas from $20.00 to $150.00
We curry lhe must complete stoek of Kilisou anil
Victor liccm-ils iii IV (1. anil enn supply you with any
Kceiwl ptililishcil.
I'ull iu nml hear ynur fuvoriltj singer or Musician.
Ask ns about terms.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The IR&HO&JL Stare
Cranbrook - - B. C.
#    Wc Want
To Convince You
If we can, that we ileal only
in competent repair work.
We want to have yon know
that when you decide to leave
us u job. large or small, simple or complex, you can lie
sure of being pleased. We
promise you this beforehand,
and we want you to hold us
strictly to this promise.
(Iliul to have you put us to
the test any time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Gurd returned
last .Saturday from a very enjoyable
trip    to Toronto and New York.
Rockers, ail styles, all prices. See
for yourself.—E. K. Merc. Co.
Conductor A. .). Martin has returned to bin duties on -tht C.P.R.
after several weeks' vacation.
T. S. Flaherty, ot Spokane, is taking over the management of the
Cosmopolitan hotel.
A snap in 5c., 10c. and 15c. china-
ware and a beautiful asnortm-rnt of
ct lored glassware, at the Model
Variety Store.
On Friday evening of uexl week Unheal Knights of Pythias will be the
hosts at a dance to he held in the
Bedroom sets from 118.00 to
145.00; many styles and designs —
K. K. Merc. Co.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Q, t'ummings are
leaving   on  Saturday for a trip to
lhe (>id Countrj*.        They will be
away   for two or three months.
Mrs, Fred Wells was removed to the
St. Eugene hospital today, wtcre
she will undergo an operation for appendicitis.
Try a pound of Kaiawa Tea, 35
aud 50 cents.—Ward and Harris
w \ MeKen/ie has arrived (rom
Winnipeg to fill a position on iln*
Stall   of     the local branch of the Im*
___________________________________________  pel inl bank.
Fine   assot intent    ■   ho\   writing'    	
pnper; beat   made,    st    lhe    Model|   p  lillmi    Wils   ,,|lWn *ri)m Gardner
Variety Store D-lt .,„  xueffaj     ■„    attend thi annual
'meeting   of tin Taylor   Lumber
Ihnn-\t   the Home hospital     on v,mmn
Wednesday,  February 8th, i«i_,    to-  ,
Mr and  M.s  .las Qntslbe, a daugh-    (*flll ,„ and SPi (Mir ta|wl Wra Ul
,rl                                                 IcoHanden and potato bakei s, ai   the
                       I Model Variety store.
Horn.—At the Cottage hospital    onl 	
J-Yliiiiau  Snd, 1918, I" Mi   and Mrs.     Miss    Daisy    Harrison has arrived
n o  llorsman, a son. from lYmbroke.   Ont.,   on a lengthy
  | visit to  Mr. and     Mrs. N. |. Harri-
itoiu—Al the  Cottage hospital on son.
Kd. Tatton was up from Movie today.
Just arrived.-*OhOlCo naval oranges.
—Wan) and Harris.
Home made candy 25 cents per lb.
Saturdays. other days 35 cents.—
The Palm.
Horn,—At the Home hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. i,csiei Clapp, a daughter, Momlav.  i-Yhmaiy  Mb, 1913,
Hum-To Mi. and Mis. Thus,
i hrisium Momlay, February 5th.
1918, ai tin Home hospital, a son
Large Warehouse.   Apply F.J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
Monday,   February 6th, 1012, In Mr.
nml Mrs. .1. I,. Sims, a daughter.
Dill     pickles   29
Yard and Harris.
reals a dozen.—
It Pays
To Bear in Mind
Tlmt rc'i'iiira of In'gli-olaBi
workmanship win bo obtained
nt onr sliiri' at n-iiHonablw
|irh't'B. Try ns anil be run-
0.1'. II. IValcli InBpeotoit
Large Warehouse. - Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Of lice "tf
i an  inleiesl-
■iliiy evening's
department, Nelson, w
ed spectator at Tu*
production ol ''The (Country Qlrl '
Mr, Drew remarked i hat butnpei
houses would (.'in-el such a performance in Nelson, which, in his opinion, far excelled the average productions of travelling troupes,
Vou are probably swaro that
pneumonia always results from a
cold, but you never heard of & cold
resulting in pneumonia when Chamberlain's (''mult Remedy was used
Why take the risk when lliis remedy
may b* bad foi a trifle? For sale hy
all -tains 5-11
Last week     Hn,
from   tlu city Jail
has  been    prosecuting a quiot
for  the fugitives ever sun
just   gut won!  that     they haM
hanging an.'.unI   Sandpolni Lho
day  or two.       [Ie will likely
them hack in   jail hero before
prisoners escaped
Chief Cory Dow
il eh
il lias
The Ladies Aid of tbe Methodist
church will givc(a musical evening
at the home uf Mrs. .!. 1). Murray,
Wednesday, February 21st.
Farmers, the hesl way to clem*
your land is with a Monarch
.Stumping Machine They aro very
powerful and do a spjondld job. Wc
have a number in use giving excellent satisfaction. (let our prices.-
Patmore Hros.
Arnold itoworlli ami his wife were
down from Lethbridge yesterday
and were Interested
the production of
Girl" last evening.
This    evening   the
Fanners, the most economical \ p-cce 0* flannc| dampened with
method of clearing that laud ol Chamberlain's Liniment and hound on
yours is with a Monarch Stumper.' to the affected parts is superior lo
It's a wonder. Get our prices.- any piaster. When troubled with
Patmore Hros. I lame back   or pains In tho side      or
chest- give it a trial and you nre certain (o he more than   pleased     with
the  prompt   relief    whieh it affords,
spectators      at] Sold hy alt dealers. 5-tt
The    Country
Liquor license holders should take
not* that their licenses must be
Kngineers ball newed Immediately. Delay in so
takes place at the Auditorium and rloing may result in loss cf the II-
will doubtless he largely attended, cense. Owners of dogs should also
This is always one ' of ihc, most see that Uieir licenses nre promptly
enjoyable social   events of the winter renewed, otherwise   ttier pound keeper
Try a pound   ol    Raxawa Tea, 35
and 50 cents. —Ward ami Harris,
may   be
making    away   wilh their
A new assortment of picture post
cards may be seen at lhe Palace
Cigar Store, Hanson Block, li-lt
Ilert Smoke, who has been rail'
roading In Cranbrook for several
years, returned this week from an
extended    trip to    ihe     southland,
through the orange groves and food, constipation, a torpid
sheltering palms of Southern ('alitor, worry and anxiety, are the
Sedentary habits,   lack of   outdoor
exercise,   insnflicient mastication    of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ common causes   of stomach troubles.
j   I Correct your   habits and take Cham*
■ W. .1. Rutledge, who lias been laid berlain's Stomach and Liver Toll-
up ai the St. I*_ugene hospital for lets and you will soon Ik- well again.
[some time past, is now    progressing For sale by all dealers. 6-tt
favorably and has heen   removed    to __
his homo. j   Major and Mrs, Green, of thc    Ral-
i   i vat ion Army, conducted revival   ser-
.1 ust in, baby baskets in fancy willow straw, honeycomb patterns! al
the Model Variety store. ,
vices in   this city on Wednesday evening.       The open air son*; service ami
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   the   meeting,     later at    the eilaihl.
 ■ | were very largely attended.      Major
After lho production of "The Coun- and Mrs- Green conclude their work
try Girl" lasl night the members ol here with a meeting this evening In
the  caste and orchestra were invited the .Methodist church.
to    Tlu*    Palm by  Mr. and Mrs- H. 	
T. Brymncr, where refreshments were     Dr. A.   Mcllurricy, a graduate     of
served.    Over seventy were seated at McUill  University, recently stationed
the tables.
j at Alert     Hay, in charge of the Mi:
— • I sion  hospital, has arrived In      town
W. L. Johnston, of Campbell     and to  join   the staff ol Drs. King    and
Manning's staff, has leased one ot the Green    (luring    the absence    ol Pr.
stores  in ihat firms now building on Green in Europe.
Hanson avenue and   will shortly open ■ -*
up   a confectionery store. Hereafter    drop    into
  ! Cigar   Store,     Hanson
Tli.ie i*. to   be another fancy dress books, magazines,     etc.
carnival    al   llie   Anna rink      next  up-to-date Block
week, on   Thursday    evening.        Tbe   tbe time,
the   Palace
Hloek,   foi
A complete
will he carried    all
band will be In attendance
prizes a ill be awarded for the
costumes in   the usual classes.
We wish to inform our customers that we have
received a
Large New Stock of Harness
In Team, Driving, and Express
The Driving we have in all prices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock of CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter or son a new Cutter for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
A pleasing feature of the production
_____________________________________________   & "The Country fiirl*' was Uie    ar-
  | tistic  programme Issued to all     thc
ti. ll. Brown, of •■'. Parks and Co., spectators, This tasty product -d
is attending iln* golden wedding an- the printers' art was produced a
nivei-sary of bis parents ;it Vancoii- tlte t Herald office and was tlior
ver this week. The occasion will uugbly in keepinn with the nil round
alst he a family re-union, all tho excellence of tla* performance,
scattered members being present. Mr. j ■    ■ ■
Hrown is expected back the first    of    From    late   Saturday   night until
-Tuesday    evening    of this week    all
| bands    were unusually busy     around
:-"' Uw   Kootenay Telephone   company'
nlral office.     The transfer of     tl
nexl week.
Try a  pound   of    Haxawa Tea,
and 50 cents.—Ward and Harris.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -change from the ground lloor tip-
Pete Harbour, ol Sudbury, Out.,'stairs was in proflress. The work
was cleaning tli nut*, mil rapidly at was carried out very ■•mcii-ritly and
Hie Canadian hotel last Saturday j everything is once atain in lull
night, when ho was Interrupted by running order,
Chief     Dow,   who, after considerable .
difficulty, landed lhe obstreperous hu Honor Judge Thompson last
customer in the city bastile. He week end Imposed sentences upon
wns broughl before Magistrate Ry an | Peter Williams, contesaod forgerei and
Monday morning and sentenced to si* thief, aggregating tm years, although
months in Nelson jail on a charge of Uw total term be will have tfl
tlrunk ami disorderly. nerve   only amounts    to tout yeara,
■■ ■■ * I lie was  sentenced to four yean cacti
Farmers, order your stumping on two counts ot forgery and to a
machine now and he in readiness term of two years on a charge ol
for the sprint-, when the ground is theft, all sentences to nm concur-
soft aud the piffling good. The rcntly. His honor took occasion
Monarch is the besi. Lot us hear pass some severe slrtctures upon the
from you nt once.—Patmore Hros. .parties responsible for supplying Wil-
—— 'llama with dope.    Williams    Is
Tbe meeting of the Cranhrook    Ar- confirmed dope fiend,     His honor ir.-
rieiiltural assoeatton called for    last tlmated  that   if the police Could as-
evening wns adjourned   until Monday certain the guilty    party ot parlh
evening next,    wben    it is desirable he  would     take   pleasure in meting
that   there    should  Im* a full attend- out   a pretty severe penalty.
ancc of members, as    business nf im*. ——•
portanee    will bo up   tor discussion.'   I have a few cars of good oats and
Members     residing outside the    city wheat left a'  prices that are righl
limits are   specially requested to at- Ed. Shackleton, phone 3IR. S-lt
tend this meeting. |   Dr. H. E. Hall lias decided to erect
 ■ 'a  modern   brick    ami Stone business
Good line ot   silk    taffeta ribbons, block  on     his    lots   adjoining    the
ten aprons 850.   and   gingham aprons Kdlstn theatre, Daker   street.    Plans
25c. at the Model Variety Store. and speclffcatlnns   are now being pre*
—— pared and    in  the course 0  a short
It. W. Drew, of  tbe O.P.R, freight while tenders will  tie called for.     A
'   < u>   r
The Greatest Care is exercised in producing our
They are made by manufacturers who have studied
the School Shoe proposition
Our Shoes for Boys and Girls are made in a variety of good styles,
most of them to be seen here exclusively.
*> *.
Boy Scout Shoes
In llux Calf mnl (iun Metal I'nlf
[leathers. Extra heavy soles, welted,
Btitoherl. Tlii'Hr are without doubl
tht* lii'st wear-resisting slioi'M made.
In all size*, from li up lo 5's,
Price $1.75 to $3.00
Classic Shoes
l:0R tilk'l.S
In lion (.'alf. Viei and Hum Metal nr
Putt'iit. Medium or Stont *'ak Soles.
Dull Kid Top. Wide Toes, Button,
Laos or Bleuoher style. Hij;li tops
or low tops.   In all sizi's.
Price $1.50 to $3.25
| To End All SCHOOL SHOE Troubles Send the Children Here f
Phone 23
A. C. PYE,
Tbe Home of  f
Good Shoes
portion of the ground floor will
Ik* devoted to a modern moving
picture theatre, W. Guerrarrt, lessee
of tbe Auditorium, having contracted for the lease of tbe theatre when
completed. The second story of the
building will* lie laid out in suites of
modern offices, lite building will be
thoroughly modern io every respect
and will form an handsome addition
to Maker street.
Visit our furniture departmeni.
wbieh is now upstairs. Wc are
ready to show you our many lines,
both in surface finish and in tlie bet-
ler grades of furniture. Come iu
and see tor yourself. It is nu
l rouble to show you and you will lind
our prices are rirfit.—K. K. Mere.
A burglar of very modest tastes
was busy last night. Hi* broke Into
Met'recry Hros. dry, goods store,
through a back window, bclpcd himself to a pair of rubbers and then
retired. Krom Baker street Ih* proceeded to Ward and Harris' grocery j
on Norbury avenue, forced open a;
back window and entered the store.
There be appears to have examined
tin* cash register and tin* safe, witb-'
out avail, Mli being bare of cash.
'In appease his  hunger lie apparently
r. - ■ * I m -*. I himself     to a pin-   of     cheese
and   tbt-n left for fresh pastures.
The production of "Tin* Countrj
(ii*r' ibis week, by tbe Cranbrook
Operatic Society, bas so deligbti**!
many of our prominent citi/ens that
tbe question o( arranging fur the production <>f tins comedy iu the chlel
cities along the Crow and tl Iw
i-ast ns Calgary is Ircmg freely Bit-
mssed. It is felt tbat despite tbe
excellence <*[ tbe performance It
might Ik* unreasonable to ertpect the
company to pay all expenses of
such a lour out of tbe receipts md
tin- idea is to guarantee a fund lhal
Would safeguard every member of the
company from any financial loss.
Nothing definite bas been decided upon so far, but it is i|uite evident
thai a Strong effort wilt be made to
have the Cranbrook Operatic Society
rlill several of the chief jmitits im--
tween here ant! Calgary. The simplest solution of thc question Would
lie (or a citi/ens' Committee U) se-
rtire funds adequate to pay all expenses of itich a trip. Theft, after
the tour, any deficit in receipt! over
operating expenses could promptly Ih*
made gtMid. The Herald will ladly
open   the lisl with a contribution   tit
LOST.—A black hone, weight
aboul lino Iti* , branded H. low nn
left shoulder. I.nst seen on St
Mary's Prairie, when Ih* was wearing
a halter, with n Ml wiib a chain
ami padlock. Kinder notlfr Mrs. M.
Johnston, Klko, I tv e _i
;;   Plastered Cottage on Hanson Avenue,   - j
1' "i rooms, water, fenced, wood shed yl,**UU J
j| Two Story Residence » Arm-
strong Avenue. _* Lots, 7 rooms, modern    a*» jaa 4
Terms can I*.* arranircU
$kty We welcome a [jersonal inspection of our
*,   Absolute security guaranteed. Bos rentals reasonable
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D , D.C.L, Psesidint
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST.-   $8,000,000
Ever*/ branch of The Canadian Rank of Commirie is equipped to issue drafts on
Ihe principal cities in the followi-ii* countries H.ihout delay
KU ci   * CftU
Arabia Cuha
A,|*triline Republic I'-nmarfc
Au*.tfali* ■L«»pt
\. *'r,j. H,im*«rjr     Faro* tsUnJa
H?] fin m Finland
Brazil Fomuwa
Hull-aria Franct
i n :#n Ft'ch Cochin _
Cliili t.rr,...... Mamh-iria
China Onal Britain Mftt-M 	
The amount of these drafts is slated in the money of (lie country where ii\,-y are pay-
able) that is thev are drawn in uti-rlim;, fr.inct, m™rki, lire, kr.m->n, florin*., yen,
laels, roubles, etc., as Ihe case may be. 'I hi* cniu-i-s th-t the payee abroad WM
receiVf the Actual amount intended. Aiii
hin China Km
New /-...-J Sibrria
S ■*.*. Soudaa
I'anaata South Africa
r*/»i'a Spain
Peru Strap's S*!!>- r- -.|
Pr.tlippin* Iti.nJi Sardrn
P-rtut*ai S>if*->_u_i
I-'. . ■ .   • Turkey
P .-* - I n '<■ : V*af«
Vmi, l*f_*-U.-
Wtm Indi--'. ru.
H* T. Brymner, .Manager Cranbrook- U. C.
FOR SALE.—House, (nine rooms,
electric wired, water) stable, wood
sbed ami hen rsrd, ami hull a«rt*    ol
PsrUes tl'-rsinn*.' lo lecure (jnarant-
f*i| ina|i|«- syrup in ooe gallon or 5
gallon     lots     mav join     with other
laml, northWCTlol th.- Sssb ami Dooi   ^tUm    bv     advising     P.O. Iktx 51
Factor*-*,    Apply t..  Mrs. w. plater, ,,„ (l[ u.fuI). pebrusrs MHfa Wt
P.O, CHjr. Mt'  '
nil    motlt'in   '*< nvt-nit-nf'-s,   clow; in.
phone i«»i- Mt'
WANTED.—Thoroughl j* compcteni
housekeeper for ixrio-t ol thrto
months. Applj H. II., Hersld oi-
flce, 2-ti
I.O.ST.—-A bunch o| keys, on a
rinfr,, on Hnkrr slrtft, lir-twren the
HoU'l Cranbrook anil the post oftW.
Kimlor will pletSQ ivturn same to
Herald offloe,    Rewstd. 5-it
! ROOM POR RENT.—with lath,
i suitable for one or two gentloroea,
! Address Box I) , Herald t-lt
TO RENT.-Well heated Inrtiisheil
room uitb all ronvenienccs. Apply
j Mrs. John Tanner, phone 32f.      4-U
WANTED AT   ONOE.-Tesmi   fori
baulitif- logs,        Apply nt   Wsttsburffl
Lumber <*„, Wsttsburg, B.C.     *i-ti|
Sntckl   Ntffld   from IS    aw
10M p.m.—The Palm,
RENT.—Four roajned httiise.
Apply to Mrs. .lohn Leulc, H.ikn
stret-t. Mt
WANTBD.-OIrl (or gsnettl housework. Apply 1<. Mr*., J. P. Kink,
city. 6-tt
riage in gixnt comJition.
1, Horaltl nflirt.
-llaby rar-
Applv Hoi
The Edison
$16.50 to $240.00
YOU get in an Edison Phonograph a
perfect instrument, one embodying
every improvement whieh Edison has devised
The Volume of Sound of the Edition Phonograph—just right
fur the home—perfect in its reproduction, giving just the
right value to each kind of music, but never loud, strident
or noisy, is an Edison inprovement.
T lie IteprmluciiuiPoiiiliif the KdisonPhonograph—a smooth,
highly polished, button-shaped sapphire that never scratches,
never needs changing and that brings out all the sweet, musical
tones of the sensitive wax Edison Records, is an Edison
The Amberol ltecords for thc Edison Phonograph—records
of wonderful clearness and richness, playing four-and-one-
half minutes and offering ull of the best music without cutting
or hurrying, are an Edison improvement.
Home Record Making on an Edison Phonograph—that, is
talking, singing, or playing into the horn and getting a clear,
lifelike record of the voice or music of anybody, for the Edison
to reproduce, is an Ellison improvement,
iTyvvlirri*. Oo l<- tli,' r.-at ami
i nl.,, I.ilh Kill-"" .stiindnrdilll.l
Id t uiiiiili'lt' i itiiloa. fruu, your
Standard Record*, 40e. Krtla.ni
n aa Iiiiik'i 65c.   Ktllaoli Grand
10O Uk..Pd" A.
Oram, N. J., U.S. A.
Opaniteroruai as.. ti.S2.S0.
A complete Iin* of Eduon Phoooar.pb. and RacMda will W foutl .1
Beat tie Murphy Co., Limited, Agents
Cranbrcok, B. C
■iist, ion,
Thr total
under review
HS2.27, anil Uie tnlal
(8,414,836.01, i
.1. Grant, hardware,   etc.,
.1.    n.   Quail,   hardware,
Standard Lumber Co., lumber 	
King   Lumber    Co., lumber 	
,-ow's   Nest Pass    Lumber Co., lumber 	
Kast     Kootenay     Lumber
Co., lumber	
*vcnuo during lhe period Pugh and Livingstone l.um-
omounlcd   to $111,1112,-1   ber Co., lumber 	
xncndlturo    io' Ptrtn Lumber Co., lumber.
excess ol upwards Porto   Itieo    l.umlter Co.,
nni* l"l the
been publish,
and I
ol     the'   lumber 	
Analysis'Taylor   Lumber t'o., luin-
tbc    ex-     her 	
litis Staples   Lumber Co ,
of  two    millions over that
preceding twelve   months.
o[ the &CC0UntB shows whrle
tra eX|H'nilitures eolne in.   j 	
Increases aie noted in the lollowlng!   lumber
it.'tns, among others;
Civil govcrnmeni   salaries,
excess     over    preview
Administration ,,l Justice
Printing olliee	
llospttals for insane
llosjiiials   nnd  charities
Public works 	
of   ibe    I,,tal   revenue
IW2.27, ihe   Kasi    Koolenay districl
contributed $354,009.41.
Kxpeiiiliitirrs ii! Cranbrook district
were, roughly, as tollows:
Cranbrook Agency-
Salaries  %
s. K. Kootena)   districl .
Hospitals and charities—
ii\\  trial*
Per   capita  gram t
Eugene hospital
Clown counsel 1 rt sj
Oeo. II. Thompson
M. A. Macdonald
W. f. Until   	
Kivp of prisoners—
eily of Cranbrook ...
Per capita   grant   t
of Cranbrook
Revenue    services
.1. Walsh,   Pott    Steele
V. It   Morris, Cranbroot
Travelling expenses—
A. C   Nelson,    deputy 1
Repairs to govcrnmeni building
.1. 11. McBride 	
11 .1. Johnson 	
Cranbrook   Electric  Llgbl
Cranbrook Potatdry 	
QlUrln  Kliitlic Supply  Co.
W. K. Worden 	
Bridges Lumber   Co., lumber 	
j Cranbrook   Sash and Door
1115,015.57)  Co., lumber	
211,11110.tin 11. K. Dosaulnicr, lumbei .
38,000.001 Consolidated    Mining  ami
11,000.00     Smelling Co., lumber   ...
. 100,000.00 j K.    ilc/nll,   tilaeksmilliiiig,
. 100,0110.(11)     de	
I,200.000.00'A,   Doyle,     blacksmllhilig,
. .'IllO.OIlil.Oil'    etc	
'p.  Murphy,  blarksmitliitig,
11.    Han.    btac.ksmltl.tng,
Consolidated    Mining   anil
Smelling   Co.,     powder,
Ills,*, etc	
K. T.    Crowley,     powder,
fuse, etc	
Cranbrook  Co - Operative
Stores, tents, etc	
13,380.251(1. Booth, boat hire 	
of $10,102,
commission  on
08 0!
W  .1  Sclliy .
B  II. Short
piitnitiue for
Pink Mercantile
I)   .1   .lohnson
W   II   Wilson
.1. II. M.Hi nl.
V.    K   Worden
11 .1. Johnson
Ri ad*, streel
Pay li-ts     	
.1. Held, toad superintend
ent (salary) 	
.1  l)    McBride, hardware,
Cranbrook    Truding     Co.,
hardware, etc	
C.   M.    YanWi rtner. hard
ware, elc.
.1.  II. McLc
(I.       Labelli ^^^^^
MeCallum   anil   Co., hardware, etc	
MeKaehet n ami   McDonald,
hardware, etc	
.1. E. .I, riloii,    hardware,
Porl   Steele  Trading Co.,
hardware, ele	
N.    Hanson.      hardware,
A. Msllor, hardware, etc..
.    .        11.10
l« 60
ami biiik.*— '■
(Iiy Prefl Roo).
A. l'. BownosR,    Cranbrook's popular mayor, was visiting I'.lto trloiirts;
this wt't'lt ami doing* business for   Iiiu
lirin. i
Tho genial ami ever rctrcshlngi Captain Ciinutlit'is is on his tliinl trip
round Hit' world willi tht'. Kimiii*
Murray lines of gents' lurnlsblngs for
every clime, lie was showing a line
line of COW pasture pool suits, bath-1
iiiK suits and ore sat-lis. Cap. dots
business with every stoic In the
town and country.
Kraneis Downs, nt Kliv*j;sfone, was
slialuiiK liaiuls with his legion of
friends in Klko. Mr. Downs lias
just returned from a tour of the
Middle     West States in the Interests
if Flagfttonc real estate. Flagstone is
otgairUliig a Conservative association, who will welcome the British
settlers Lloyd George Is sending to
Canada, God bless him. Flagstone
is six  miles   north west  of Itonsvilli
mi ihe Greal Northern railway,
Hut lis, ii capitalist from Tilts
hurt;, Plan., was In Elko looking
over siinit- manufacturing locations,
Several real estate transfers were
mado in Elko last week ami business
is opening up like a rosebud in the
It was a great week lor curling up
in Pernio lasl week and nil husiness
wus suspended to join in tne roaring
gainc ami the mercury dropped so
low it pulled out a nail on whieh the
thermometer hung. Don't, that heat
A bin land deal took place al Roos-
\ilh* last week, 113fl aeres of llir
best fruit lands In Tobacco Valley
being boughl by Pernio capitalists,
nn this property there are fifteen
hundred tires in bearing, It's tlie
show place of the whole valley and
last fall six exhibits from this orchard won six first prizes at the
Country Fair in Montana, There is a
kimhI school, pnst office and general
si ore on the place. The whole will
In- eul into live ami ten acre tracts
anli put on the market this spring.
Kullcr particulars will appear in this
paper next week.
They nre trying awful hard to
build n church ia Elko—awful haul.
II they would try ball ns hard to
pay their store accounts there'd be
more rerliuion in It. There's a
whole lot of people in Klko under a
bin obligation to the store keepers
for the amount of frills they put
on. Readers will notice tlmt our
name is above these remarks which
proves beyond the shadow of a
doubt that we fear neither God.
man, devil or .suflragettc.
Mr. John Todhunter, nf Fording
20 401 ifjver, is visiting his family at Cum*
■■•■,,M[,,-rlanil House, Uiverside Park, Klko
this week.
Mr. antl Mrs. Tom Duncan and
little Willie, of Passhnr-;, Alberta,
were visiting the home folks at the
Columbia hotel.
Tlk're    are    sonic   things     in this
world that money cannol buy.    still
lil.8l|j[   U(, i,aV(. (ii,.   money we can generally manage   to struggle along without them.
Travellers are flocking Into Klko
like the blooming Knglish sparrow
aud politicians at election times;
also maga/ine writers. One fellow
with a complexion like an under done
pic crust wanted to sell us a ratlle
ticket for two pounds of breakfast
bacon Hint had   only been fried oucc-
HA IK    -
drug- and book co., ltd.,
has the article and
guaranties it to grow
hair, ok refund your
Thc Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Ltd., backed up by thc manufacturers
of SALVIA, the Great Hair Grower,
guarantees it to grow hair.
SALVIA destroys dandrufl in ten
The roots of tho hair are so nour-
slutl und feil that a new crop of hair
springs up, to the amazement and delight of the user. The hair iu made
BOft and Unity. Like all American
preparations SALVIA is daintily perfumed. 11 is hard to (hut un actress
who does not use SALVIA continually.
Ladies cl society and influence, use
no other.
SALVIA is n nmi-stlcky preparation, aud is the Ladies' favorite. A
large, generous bottle, rule. Tlie Scu-
bell Drug Co., St. Catharines, Cauu-
dian distributors.
shafts; almost    new.
Herald ofllce.
pair  ot    good
Apply Box 5,
The Leading I.tiHinesn College
of the Nortii went
Where young people can receive
a thorough btisiuesH training.
In in Hussion twelve montliM in
tho year.
No entrance examinations.
Btiatil uml room at very reasonable rates.
We bccure positions for our
Our new beautifully Illustrated
catalogue uenl dee upon reqilOBti
Write for it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lstt. Mailit-oit     -      BPOKANK
D    ________
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money tu loan on fn volatile terras.
Hint  thirty days niter tlate
lo  apply   to
missioner of
  1 luteal
the Hon.  Chlel Com*
.anils niul  Works foi 1
licenso to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in tho District of South Kast
Knoteuay, llritish Columbia, lu
Block 45*93:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles east of the 41 mile
post on the C.P.H. survey on, the
west boundary ot Block Wh and being the N.W. corner post of Wm. M.
Neai claim; thenee south 80 chains;
thence east K0 chains; thenee north
HO chains; thence west 80 chnins to a
point of commencement, making 610
acres, more or less.
Located this 10th day ol November,
ttoy Allen, Agent for
Wm. M. Neai, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
Builder and
Septic Tnnks and Conoroto
Work nciicriillj' :i
Estimates   Freely  Given.
Every cure ami eolnfort
A home fiom home
Bpooinl attention In eaaea of
Maternity, KJioutuatlsui
ami I'nenmonitt
Ter ma   moileralu
MKS. I!. BENT, Milren.
P.O. n.» I'ln -'(I
Cranbrook     Lod|«,
No. 84
AF. & A. II.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ol every month.
Visiting lirethren welcomed.
1). J. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. .S. I'eck, Secretary.
Physicians and Surgeons.
IIHIcs it RMldeses, Armstrong A.*
office hours i
Forenoon. ■ t (III tn 10.00
Afternoons - - - JOB to   4.00
Evenings • ■ - - 7.10 to  1.10
Sundays . • •
•JllKSlJENT   I.OIKII!  No,   311
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T, (I. Jones, C. C.
,1. M. lloycs.K. ol R. N. S.
VlultiiiK lirethren   cordially latitat
to attend.
- a.30 to   4.10
II    »    li    B. O,
P.O. Box 316
Cranbrook, B.C.
Vi. Kerr, livery hire, etc....
Vi. E. Worden, livery hire,
account road superintendent 	
Cranbrook Foundry and
Machine Simp, repairs
road machinery 	
('uain Electrical Supply
Co., hatleries 	
T. T. McVittie, services
i. Rankin, payment in lull
lor injuries received 	
Ii. il. short, painting
bridge signs 	
MiCrocry Hros., oilcloth ...
W. I'.. Worden, cxprcssagc.
Co.,    cxprcssagc,
25(1.115]   ele	
|T. T. McVittie, services an
222.5U j   surveyor, Kast Kootenny
T ..nt (   dlatrlet,   Flathead    and
1.10    Elko vownailo  roads   ...
1.30 Advertising, the   Prospco*
  19.001    lor 	
  2l.unjl'oslage anil expressage ....
governmenl building—. Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Co I072.C3    l.td.	
llllll.h'uel ami light, Cranbrook
18.75|   Electric Light Co	
101,81; W. E, Worden, coal   	
Quito Electric supply Oo,
Hoard ol Health—
r. w. Connolly 	
A. 11. draco 	
jl'ink Mercantile Co	
1,888.03 ii. McDonald 	
I Mrs. t'adwalladci 	
8,055.11 j Campbell uml Miiiiniini	
Deacon and Daousl 	
.1   I). McBride	
.1. K. .Ionian  .,
n3.80| O. A. Martin 	
|w. F. Itoran 	
25.55 Hill and Co	
|l>. .1. Johnson	
5.00 (Inme      protection,    Jas.
|    Hates 	
80.80     Farmers Institute—
I Cranbrook	
1 Si
(hat thirty days alter date, 1 int«a_
to apply to thc Hon. Chic! Commissioner oi Lands and Works for '.
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the IHsttict of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near I miles east of the 43 mile
post on Ur C.P.R. survey on thc
west boundary of Block 1553 and lieing thc X. W. comer post ol Bert E.
Palmer claim; thence south 80
chains; thence cast 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains to a point of commencement,
making 040 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Bert E. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
A.M. Can. Sue. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Otliee over Cranhrool*  I *ris■_• nnd I'ool;
Co't*. Store
I to 12 a.m.
1 to  • p.m.
7 to  8 p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
URANBROOK        -      -       - B. C
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
Meets In   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. 0,
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially Invited.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially luvitad.
II. J. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sac'y.
Telei hone 880
P. O. Hox :
.Inst arrived—Another   shipment ol
Pophan's big chocolates.—The Palm.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
Aieliable French regulator; never fall*. TheM
pills are exceedingly p»uc,ful hi Titillating ,'.
Runetalive porti1"1 l,t tlie female "vsleul. Hele,.
all cheap initiation*. Dr. d. Yan'a an Mid at
.5 a I,,)., or three l.trlttl. Mailed to anv nil'lre,..
Th. SMb.ll Drat; Co., m. rMlutrln...' lot
For sale at Bcalie,  Murphy  &  Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
r 0. Km six
Tel No. 143
Norbury Ave., nest to City Hall
Op|>o*ite O.r.R. Btatlou
im.gi s, McDonald 	
Agricultural    association,
38.85    Cranbrook 	
llcatruoUon    ot     wolves,
1,016.04    panthers, ole	
i ittirlal of hatlgcnl   persons
H7.3f» Towels and soup	
IS. 10 Waler 	
.1(12 III
(inn nu
3111. (10
Vancouver, Jan. 31.—As a result oi
ihe conferonco between Premier McBride and Sir William Mackenzie, il
is understood the Canadian Northern
railway, backed by government support, will build a Irani system in
lire Okanagan valley.
Tbo firm of Mackenzie .V Mann, or
rather one of Iheir numerous subsidiary compnnics, lias practically completed details for the purchase ol
water lijOits of tlie Cotcau Power
Company. Negotiations for this plant
arrti lire water rights at Shuswap
Kails have been in pn j;ress since last
August. A line site lor an extensive
power phllil exists al Slluswap Fulls,
2ii miles from Vernon.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Hoomfl with Butlm.   'Phone In
every room
Barber Shop on (he premise!.
Thoroughly up-to-tUte.
Rales, $2.00 a day and up.
How to euro n cold is a question in
which many un* IntotoBtod i»st now
Chamberlain's rough remedy has won
iis great reputation nml Immense
sale by its remarkable nm* <>i eoldsi
It ran always Ih* (tt-pniilc-l upon. For
snle by all dealers* .r«-tt
K(tU SAI.K.-Ont* registered Per-:
choron stallion, rising inc years;
weight about 1650; sound and gentlo,
Kor particulars apply S. J.
son, Wardncr, B.C.
Ro cast half of Lot 18, in Block 8,'
Subdivision of District Lot -dim*
Gtoup I, Vancouvci Dislrict. |
Whereas prool of loss of certificate
ol title No. 72580 lo the above
named property issued in the name
of Gcorgo Mead lias been filed in this
office. Notice is hereby given that 1
shall at the expiration of one
month from the tlate of the first
publication hereof issuo a dupHcato of
said certificate ol title unless in the
meantime valid objection he mn<le to
mo in writing.
Dated at   the   (.ami Registry Office
this 1Mb   tiny of Augdst, AD. lllll.
Arthur O. Smith,
6-fit liistiul Itegislrar.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
Headquarters for all kimls of
Satisfaction. Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
Goneral Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
p.o. loxiM       nmiu*
It yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
It to
Special prlcen for family work.
l'hone: Seymour 7980
Palace Hotel
HOLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -       B. C.
Two hundred cle|-untly furnished rooms. E\ery modern
convenience. Elevator service. Oafe in connection, ltonuts
$1.00 iter day and upwards.
Up.eountry visitors lo the Terminal City will Hud every
convenience and comfort at the Granville Palace special
attention being paid to their wants.
Day I'lione .'3:1
Sight l'hone :>05
B.  C. land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
For (Ainily nan tliere ia uutltinv;
*o wholeaome anil so pure a.
Meets first and    tliinl Wnlti.sdays
iu each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Olliccrs July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe-W. M. Harris.
No. ia.
Meets every second and   lourt- Wed-
nesds; at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekaue cordially la*
Miss Ada Ilickenbotham.N.O.
Miss M. Mickenbotham, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp
Win. Henderson, CR.
A. Clark, jr., Hm 278, See'y.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday ol each month at
H p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
Vi. II. MeFarlane, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
, R. BMttr. FaMnl Diract**
Crubrook B.C
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 25SI Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown and llridgu Work
a specialty.
Illliic over V. Parks Hardware
Slore, linker Street
PI e No, 200
Vnn Home Street    {n|,|t,>aile   De|M,t)
Curriwi a (nil Htock of
Repairs fur above nlwiiyn
in itock
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSnhOnol realorea ever y ner ve In Ihe l>o,ly
' 1., It. iii.iper lantoo ; naloea
iiiake ynn a new man. Hrlte SSa hua.nr t.n l'<r
15. MailnlManyaiMaan. Tk.S~W*UDrag
, ja* BI. CMI-rl.H, OaS.
For sale at Deattle-Mutphy Co., Ltd.
Sunday morning aervice at 11 *>
o'doeli x
Sunday   evening    aervice   at *}
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School   and    Bible
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
at • o'clock
j Baptist Church j
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
f Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 211.      I*. O. Boi MT.
Regular Her vices-Sunday, It X
a.m.    and    7.30   p.m.;   Bible
School    with     Young   Lexllea'
Phlletbea    ud    Youag   Ilea's f
Ilible Class, I p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoplea',   I
Wednesday, Mid-Week Meettag,
A cordial   Christian
to all.
l-rmiilunl : T. K Iiiu.
Hecretury: I*. Macihinai.i*
For information regarding land. ',
and  agritiultmei   apply   to the i
Heeretary, Oranliroos. 11. C.
Every accond Wialnuailny
r_ Mama
ConmiaHTS *c.
•ni*M6 -u"f*ri"iii ouroi'tiiii'
inYi>i.r.i.ti ia |»DMU* —
tliiitaiMrl--: **■"-*"
•ont frM.
tluiia at rl-Mlfo »iB Jeall
•ont frM. ((Moat (MM. --
tfttitHrHUtt wHho-«*Sl
tfteiiirMicf, willioflt atarv*. tn tb«
Scuniilk Hmttm.
A hanflaoti-rtj IHnalnlHl «wk1y.    Urn*** «l^
i >ila>.ti< f >tii-f  a.H-nli*l>*  )»uiiul.     lirma  for
anula, ffl.ft a **mt, |uli|« pieiMl-1.   tmld Irf
tmadmli-ift. THE   CBANBUOOK   HERALD
(Continued from page six),
garded    as-   approximating    bis high
plnce,    have   been    so much beloved.
Dickens'     maimer of expression    has
bad a wide  effect on    popular style,,
ami many of his   sentiments, as well
as a whole -galaxy of character**}, have
become common    property.    Foreign
writers, like   Hamlet, have to    somo
•degree, imitated bis style.     Furthermore, few     writers havo bad so long
continued     a vogue,      Single novels,
like "Undo Tom's Oabin," may   have
surpassed any of Dickens' works, ami
(several contemporary novels biive had
marvellous success, but witli tbe    except inn ut   Seott, there is in English
fiction HO instance of such widespread
and lasting popularity fot sn long    a
succession of iHivcts.        Of late years
th;*!!' has Ini'ii some    critical disparagement of   Dickens as an artist, mil
it Is doubtful   if this bus in nny way
it lice led his popular vogue or lesseiit'd
tbe solid esteem   tlmt people (Ml for
The    reasons   for bis great  success
ami Hie Juki estimation In which     In1
is belli are usually accounted to     be
tbo   marvellous vitality and ivsourc
luiitess of bis characterizations,    the
copious   ami     tup id, though lengthy,
movement uf   bis narrative, and     the
unfailing   spring of    bis humor,   His
power of    seeing rfleets in situations
and huiui rs in    character ami ol depicting    them      with a   few   salient
strokes, have probably been tho cause
of bis   adding more figures to      the
common store of characters than any
writer since   Slmkespere.     Most    of
tliese   figures,   it has been frequently
observed, are taken from thc    lowerj
strata of society;    witli the so-called
higher   classes   he is uniformly    less
successful,   and     iu   some   Instances
wholly   u neon vi ueing.        His natural
habit of mind ami his training as    a
reporter early gave him    thc faculty
of taking   in a large number    of details at a   glance,     ami bis boyhood
experience and   bis active life in London bad furnished bim with an abundance of material.     The subtler    effects t f    a more   refined or intellectual society were foreign      to      his
early impressions     ami   were beyond
tin-   scope   of his swift,    definite delineation.   In this respect lie will fall
short ot Fielding,   Scott and Thackeray as an   analyst of various human
life, but outside   of these three writers it is doubtful if any Knglish novelists have   so great a rahge of characterization.       Certainly no  Knglish
novelist has   depicted a greater number of characters.       His performance
remains, iu spite of attempts to disparage his genius, one of the      most
vigorous and lasting in Knglish literature.
Ottawa, Feb, 7—The irovernnieivt
seems tn Ih* determined in continue
iis policy of Hying to keep Hon. O.
IV Graham out of parliament- this
session, ii>gardless of all principles
uf fait play uud political decency,
The latest excuse nflcie-d for tbe non-
issmng td tbe writ for Smith Renfrew, now delayed loi two mouths,
is tbal it is desirable to have tin*
htt'ehvtion on lhe new lists, and,
nccorhlng t-»    law, a period ol sixty
daft musl Ih* allowed Inl leMsinli.
TilO technicality is, of course, a sub*
teiftige, us        Ilii-le is no valid 0XCUS0
foi noi holding tin- election ou tin*
Imis used In*! Septemttcr. Tbe exploit fttfon ol inmluin* politics in
S.ititb Renfrew is In charge of Hon
.1. D. Kent, who is suppoited by
Hon   Frank Cochrane i" the effort to
Veep Mi    Graham nut of polHtci at
atl costs. Their UotlCfl aie, bow
rvci, ot somewhat too gtnss a kind
lo   Ih* long sticeessfill.
Failing tin- issuing of tbe wrll
Hitihiiii lurtber delay, tlie Liberals In
pailiauient pinmisc (o make things
.so uncomfortable fm lhe government, and espeejnll*. loi tbe two mite
leleri most cc*nccrned, that the*, will
soon be rMdy to capitulate. The
lde*.Miig ot a sni*e»ly prorogntinlt.
which the government now ear-tenth
di-sties, will nol be likely to muterinl-
Ibo unlOM it shows a belter disposition lo play fair.
Me.inwbil.- the real situation in
Sniitn Renfrew is shown by tbe last
issue of The Renfrew -lonrnal, the
Conservative paper iu (he riding, lhe
Journal does not mum* its language
in its condemnation ot the course of
action tl th** men who are behind
Dr. Malonev, the Conservative candl-
dale, in delinance ot the now famous)
agreement. It is especially caustic
nl the expense of Htm. ,1. D. Reid,
minister ol customs, saying in thc
report ol the minister's speech nt
tlio Conservative convention on Friday week:
"Dr. Iteid closed his remarks with
some cheap claptrap about there
lieing no family quarrel in the Conservative ranks in South Renlrcw,
nml suggested that if tho party followed Ms advice thc quarrel would
lie  In  lhe Liberal ranks."
Again, hi regnrd to Dr. Ileitis
second speech, Thc .li urnol says imd
turned   his attention    to the    good
roads movenent    advecated by     the
Conservative   government at Ottawa,
ant)   the bald  way that  he    handled
this topic disgusted   all decent    men
who   look for something higher    than
this  kind    of talk Irom a      cabinet;
minister.       The -burden of this part1
(*f Dr.   Keid's speech    was to tho effect   tliat South Renfrew should vote.
for  Dr. Malonev and the Borden gov-!
ctnment   would   then spend money
this district for good   roads.   It was
put   as openly    us   that, and       was
throughout the sort  of low,  mercenary    appeal        that     Conservatives
fought against as disgraceful in     the
case  of  men like    Pugsley. The latter, however,   usually Imtl the   grace
to respect   his   audience enough      lo
put    a      polish       on   the       wltolesille
And again. "Tbe decent, people of
South Renfrew will decide In stand
behind Mr* men of their own riding
rather than follow lhe dictation of
three nr four men from North
Renfrew, with a twetve-yoar-oUl
grudge to satisfy, and a meddling
minister rrom Ottawa, whose, stand
aid of political ethics hardly reaches
to thai generally -held by decent
people in South Renfrew."
Editorially, The Renfrew Journal is
most outspoken. After asserting
Ihati the honorable Conservatives
will stand in honor hy the agreement, ami again reviewing tlie situation arising out of tlm agreement
ami the breach thereof, The Journal
says: "Because of these tilings—
things that belittle and disgrace a
great party—and because of tho low
piano of appeal adopted in Renfrew
by the visiting cabinet minister, and
because Uie people of South Renfrew
are quite capable of attending tt
their own aflalrs, The Renfrew Jour
ii,il would liko Io -see Rt. Hon. R
Borden, not only as premier of
Canada, but also as leader of tin
honored Conservative party, show ii
no uncertain way that In and his
cabinet will not connect, themselves
in this affair, that savors of breach
of honor and tlie flouting of political
Tlie Journal says that as it in the
past fought consistently in the Conservative interests against machine
polities under Liberal manipulation,
so it will now strenuously oppose
tin* machine politics of Hon. Dr.
Rrid. "There is," It says, "an element that, desires an election, not
because of this candidate or that,
but because of thc money tbat inevitably seems to come their way
during an election contest in South
Renfrew. If this element believed
that North Renfrew would send no
funds for » Mil, and that tbe
government at Ottawa would give
no support of a financial kind, the cry
for an election in these quarters
would soon lessen to less Ihan a
whisper. Dr. Malonev would have
been able to see, perhaps with more
clearness of vision, it men from
Ottawa and outsiders had not held
out tbo hope of that embracing word
'support' to incite and cheer the
eonvention proceedings in Renfrew
were deliberately garbled hy the
tin* reports of the Conservative
convention proceeding! in Renfrew
were deliberately garbled by tin'
Coiworntlve press. It says: "Everj
Conservative daily newspaper In Ontario seems to Imve received a
garbled am) misleading report
what occurred here on Friday, ami
tin* similarity of these reports sin*.
gests tlieii origin. Cooservotiv*,
newspapers refused accurate and un
biased reports from regular Ot special
eoriespoudents, su u may be expected
that the Influence was strong. Ot
tin* other baud, at least two liberal
dull*, papers published practically ac
curate reports, so that the Influence
of misstatements was not nt the pi is*,
itself,  hm  of outside nli||iil "
A   Woman    of
Few Words
Mrs. Many E, Hye, .Main Street
North, Mount Forest, Ont., writes:
"Your remedy for kidney, bladder
and stomach trouble has given me * north
great relief. Have taken three'
boxes antl now feel like living and
butter than 1 have felt for years and
1 give your
alt the praise, for they are the best
1 have ever tried'" Al all dealers,
25 and 60 cents, oi The Fig Pill
Co., St- Thomas, out.
Sold in' tin-   Oranbrook Drug    and
Book Co., Ltd f
Block 4593;
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 2 miles east of Lite 30 mUe post
ou   the   C.P.R,  survey  on  the     west
boundary of Block 15U3 ami bcln
the N.W. corner post ot Alva A
Young claim, I hence sou Lh 8
chains, thence easl HO chains; thene
8(1 chains; Ihence west 8i
cl>aius to a point of commencement
making 640 acres, more or less.
Located this Kith day of November
Roy Allen, Agent for
Alva A. Young, Locator,
Witness; John Virgo. 2-5*
that   thirty days after date, 1 iiit-i-
rapitlh, often causing damage by
floods. The dry seasons of summer
Ibid the streams almost dry.
The soil ni tin- loresi, however, is
o! a spongy nature and soaks up the
water falling on it, afterwards giving
it oui gradually and so furnishing an
even supply lo Hie streams and enabling ibi'in io keep up iheir levels.
Tin* higher Hit* level of the stream
is maintained, 'ihe higher will he the
level of the water in the soil, aud
the easier Ibe plants will lind it to
■grow. It is for reasons above out-
llncd thai it is .so important to ihe
farmers nf the west, that llie 1)(.minimi foresl reserves should he main
tained. The- Rocky Mountain forest
reserve thus serves the farmers ol
Alberta ami Saskatchewan, the Riding ami Duck Mountain reserves, tin
farms of northwestern and northern
Manitoba and lhe Turtle Mountain
reserve a considerable port ion of
southwestern Manitoba.
Wl'i'H her child is in danger a woman will risk her life to protect it.
No great net of heroism or risk ot
life is necessary to protect a child
from croup. Give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy ami all danger is
avoided. For sale by all deal*
era. 5-ti
to apply to thr Hon. Chief ('nt.*
missioner or Lands and Works fm i
license to prospecl foi coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in      tbe   District   of    South  Kasl
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 1598:
Commencing at a posl planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 18 mile
post on tbe C.P.R, survey on lhe
west boundary ol Hloek 1898 ami being tht!  N.w. corner   post of   liar
IL Walker claims, thonCfl smith 80
chains, thenee easl Kii ehains, thene
north 80 ehains; thence west K
chains; to a point <f commencement,
J making ttIO acres, more or less.
I Located this Llth day of November, HUI.
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker,  Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 3-5t
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeftf
Certificated and Trained Teacher
uuder School RoarJ (or London
will open a
At Carmen's Hall, Feb'y 19th |
Apply Boa .'.ID •{
For Sale!
R. S. McNeil
PHONE  81.o
Reduced Prices on 5 and
10 cord lots
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
llr,' ■
I OAF, tho oltltflnoo <•! ioivsls al
unit's cl    u nlr,'ain ailtvL      ill.'
in      llio   district wnL'icd    by
iln> sii.imh''
Tlu. rjucaUon is nut liiinl to aiismiT.
'llr,' Hml moil    Ini liV itromli nl all
plants is water. Om ot Un b**t
known luthorttlos   eslttnitei    tliat
Ir, 1,1 Crops list' 300 til 500     tons     ul
wwtat im ,'vi'ry ton «t dry material
pinalniTd. This inn's up thi' water
in from 3j to 5 inches deep ol tin-
Naturally., the nearer tho wnu-r ls
to the roots ol tbe plants, the easier it is lor the plants to take up
the uai.'i and the better tho crop
will grow. Water, whether running
tree in tlio stream or lying in thej
soil, will seek the lowest level. IV
tho level ol tbo water in ttie
stream tails, then the water in the
soil (first, Irom tbo near neighborhood ol Uie stream, and then Irom
larther away) will find its wtiy to
U10 stream, and tbc level ol the
water In thc soil will Iall, and so
the plants- will lind it tisnler to pel
n order tn keep up tho level ol
the streams In the summer, tbere
must ho a constant flow nl water
Irom tin' head waders. It is well
known that, wben Uw (orests aro
[cut away, tho    watar (rom the melt-!
er the hcadlnK: "A Uw Appeal Irom in* ol Ihr  snow,   tn spring ami tin!
• ttakhwt  Miniate*": "Ur. KcM Um rains id   other    araaona low    away
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed ami recommended tor .»■
men's atlnioiila. ■ ai'iontiricslly prc-
vttre.1 rented* "I proven worth. The
remit Innn liieir use ia t|uickau<l per.
iiiaiieiit.   Foraalaat nil tlru,;*tou'*.
BtmwoortoP.T. I'. I'KKKV
that thirty days after date, 1 inU'—
lo apply tn thc lion. Chlel Com*
missioner of Lands and Works (oi -
license to prospect tor cool nnd pet/
roleum on the following lamls, situate in the District ot South Kasl
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4993:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east ol the Ml milt1
post on tlte C.P.H. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4-503 ami lieing the N.E. corner post of Marry
11. Walker claim; thence south ho
eliains, tbence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thenco cast Ku
chains to a point if commencement,
making tilu acres, more or less.
Located this 1'vth day of November, 1«1.
Itoy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. Ml
that- thirty days after date, I inU-v-
to apply to the Hon. Chlel Co!&
missioner of Lands and Works tot ■
license to prospect for coal nml pet
roleum on the following lands, situate in the Mat-lot el South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 45*3:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 3 miles east of the 13 mile
post on the C.P.H. survey on the
vest boundary of Block 1503, and b&»
fng Uie S.W. corner post of Ilarrv
tl. Walker claim; thence north un
chains; thence east 80 chains tbence
south 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making C40 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: -lohn VIr*fl_. 2-5t
White Leghorns
Wt-ll kd"wn tor
atamina ia tlie Pj
nl tlm breeder, [.i
stamina HRA1TO RQ08 [:'
a To keep np th,.
Ut.'alt'.I j.i,.Mew
I2..MI I„t I'n ,7.1)0 |ler,'SI; ,12.011 ]
lierlOO, ,100 ptr 1,000.
Cowtehan, V. I.       o-it |jj
that thirty days after date, I intend
to apply to 1 lie Hon. Chief Cum**
iiiis-Min-vr ni Lands ami Worka lor *
licenso to- pros|H*et tor coal and pet*
roleum on the following lamls, aitn-
ate In tlm Jhsiiirt ol South East
•way  Kwteany.       Uritish
tbat thirty days alter date, 1 intend
to apply to the lion. Chief Com-
iiitssinmr of Lamls and Works for i
license to pros[iect for coal nml petroleum on thc lollowlng lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay. British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted ai
or near 3 miles east of thc 13 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary* of Block 1599 and being the N.E. corner post of Bert E.
I'aliitrr elaiixe*; theme south 80
chains; 1 hence **-it 8i) eliains. theme
north 8(1 chain*, thence east hii
chains to a poll*} of (iiniinencetnent,
making 91-0 act-.-**, marr or less.
Located this l.Vi day ot November,
Roy Allnn, Anent t.-r
Bert E. PottOttt Locator.
Witanm: John .Virgo. Ml
that tliiity days niter date, I Inlea-f]
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for t*
license to prospect lor coal ami petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District nt South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, iu
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted nt
oi near 1 mile east of thc 11 mile
post nn the C.P.R, survey on ' the
west boundary of Block 4593 and being the N. K. cornet* post of .lohn
llaynes claim; tliencc south 8fl eliains,
llienee wesl 80 chains; thence north
80 chains; tlicnce, east 80 chains to a
point of commencement*, making B40
acres, more or less,
led this nib day of November,
Columbia,    Ira'    Wttheta:
that thirty days alter date, 1 Intend
to apply to the Hon. CMll Co©*
miuinnrr of Lands and Works foi *
to prospect for coat nnd pet"
roleum on tbe -following lands, situate In Um DMrlet of South Bttl
Kootftty, British Columbia, in
Block -1993:
CofnmenclnfC at a post planted    at
r near 1 mllo east ol the 41 mil**
poat on tlw c.IML sunry on tbc
went boundalv <tf Block 1503 ami be-
tag tlie S.W. corner |Mut •»! Mary | NOTICE IS HEREBY fiUKN
•***rgey claim; tbence north 30 ihat thirty days alter date, 1 fm.nw
chains; thence Alt nt rhnins. thence to apply to tlie Hon. Chlel Com*
aouth 90 ehains; tlicnce went .'*'*! missioner ol Lands and Wotks tor
chains; U, a point, toi cmiulMireiiietit, j license In pros|Mit tm roal and pet"
making 6I0 acres, more or less. j roleum on    "    •-"-—■'—• ■---»*■   -■•*■
Located this llth. tlav of No\emlper,{nt
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary l-nigcy, Locator
: John-Virgo
Hoy Allen, Agent fur
•IdIhi Haynes, Locator.
ess: John Virgo.
Mint thirty days alter date, I Im**-
tu apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for -
licenfw to prospect for coal and pot**
roleum on the following lauds, situ
ah* iii the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, In
Hloek 450.3:
Commencing at n post planted nt
or near 1 mile east of the 41 mile
post on tho C.P.R. survey on tbo
west boundary of Block 4503 and being the N. W. corner post ot John
llaynes' claim; thence south 80
chains; thence cast HO chains; thoncc
north HO chains; thence west 80
ehains; to » point of commencement
making 940 acres, more or less.
Located this Ilih dav ot November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
.lohn llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo, _-5t
that thirty days alter date, I InUi-
to apply to the Hon. Chiel (W
missioner of Lands uud Works for &
licenso lo prospecl for coal ami pel
roleum on the following lands, situ
ate in the District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east ol tlie ■!'■ mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on west
liuiindary of Block 1593 and being thr
S, W. corner post of Mary Largey
claim; tbence north 30 chains, thence
east 80 chains, tbence south 81'
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point o! commencement, niakint; Old
acres, more or less.
Located this llth day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. Mt
that thirty days afler date, I Inteai
to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Cow
missioner ot Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and pri
nun on the following lands, situate in thc District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mi.e east of the 30
mile post on the C.P.R. survey on
the west boundary o! Block 4503 and
being tbe N. E. comer poat ol Mrs.
Mary Largey claim; thence south Su
eliains, thence west 80 chains, thence
nortii •*■" chains; tliencc east Su
chains, to a point td commence*
ment, making 010 acres, more or
Located this 14th day ol November, 1011.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator
Witness: .John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, I inUu
to apply to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works lot »
license to pCWpect (01 coal and !•*•»-
rotam on the following lands, situate in tbe District ot South Baal
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
OouUMMttng at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east tit the *Vt mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
Wail boundary Ol Block 4593 ami
being the N.W. corner post ot Maiy
Latgey claim; thence south M>
eh.iins. thenee east HO chains, tbCBCC
north KO chains, ihence west hn
chains to a point of commencement,
making tilu acres, more or less.
Located this llth dav of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2*5>
post on the C.I'.H. survey on tin
west boundary of Hloek 4503 and being tho S.E. corner post ot .lulu
Haynes' claim, thenco north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains; tlicnce
south 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making U11) acres, mure or less.
Located this 13th day ol November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness;  .John Virgo* 2-fit
that thirty days after date, 1 iutiw
In apply to the Hon. Chief Cuu,
missioner of Lands and Works for 1
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situ-
tc in lhe Dislrict of South Kast
Kootenay, Hi it ish Columbia,
Hloek 4593:
Commencing at     a post planted at-
ur near     3 miles cast of the 37 imli
post on    the  C.P.R, Burvey on west
boundary of Block 15113    and    be.14
the     S.  U.  comet   pust of Ml.     Sel
luis Largey claim, tbenco nortii &1
chain*! tbonco east 80 chains, theno
south 80 chains, tlicnce west 81
chains; to a point of commencement
making iiiu acres, more or less.
Located this nth dav of November
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Mr. Sellars Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. &-5t
thc following lands, situ-
.      tho   District o!   South East
Kootenay,      British     Columbia,
j Block 4593:
I    Commencing at a post planted     nt
3-51 01   near I    mile east ot Uw 41 mile
that thirty days after date, 1 Inteai
to apply to thc Hon. Chief Com
mlnsloncr of Lauds ami Works fm t
license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate iu the District of .South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Hloek 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles m 100 chains east
of 37 mile post of C.P.H. survey on
west boundary of Blook 1593 and being
thc N. W. corner post of Mr. Sellar-
Largey claim*, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
nortii 81) chains; thci.ee west, »U
chains) to a pomt ol commencement,
making (iiu acres, more or less
Located Ibis tith day ot November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Mr. Sellars Largey, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. _-5i
that thirty days after date, 1 n.Ut*
tu apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works '.-i .
license to prospect for coat and petroleum on the following lands, situ-
ite in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4393:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east ot the 43 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary uf Hb-ck 4593, and being the N. W. corner post ot Harry
If. Walker claim; thence south &0
chains, thence east 60 eliains; thene*.
north 80 chains, thence west Su
chains, to a point ot commenoemen*,
making Olu acres, mere or less.
Located this 15th dav ol NOTCUfbar,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry H. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, I lnU»J
apply to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works fur a
license to prospecl lor coal and petroleum on the following lands, sttu-
ii. the District ol South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, tn
Block 4593:
Commencing at a pt>M planted ai
or near 2 miles or 160 chains east
ol 37 mile post ol C.P.R. survey on
west boundary of Hloek ','>■*, and being tbe S. W. corner prst of Mr.
Sellars Large] claim; tbence north
80 chains, theme east 8(1 chains,
thence south 80 chains; tliencc west
811 chains, to a point of commencement, makim; MO acres, more or
Loonted this Cth day of November.
Roy Allen, Agent foi
Mr.  S.-'.lais Largey, LOCOtOT,
Witness   Jnliii Virgo. Ml
tbat thirty days after date, I inUW
to apply to tho Hon. Chief Com*
missioner ot Lamls and Works for a
lloenae to prospecl tor ooal and petroleum on the tollowing lamls, situate in the District ol South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencim*. at a post planted nt
r near 2 miles 01 Din chains east t-f
37 mile post of C.P.R. surv«y en
west boundary of B.Ock 1593, nnd ruing the N. K. CCmer post ot Mr.
Sellars Largey tlaim; thence south
■0 tbains, tbence west Sll chains.
thence 11,,-ill 8(1 chains, thenee east
80 ehains. to n point of comment
ment, making 610 acres, nunc 01
Located tin-. Mb day td November,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Mr. Sellars Largey, locator.
Wilutna. John Virgo. 2-t>t
that thirty days after date, I inte-i
to apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for u
license to prospect for coal and ps*'
■um on the following lands, situate in the District ot South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, i*
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted a.\>
or near 2 miles east of the 39 mile
post on tlie C.P.H. survey on the
west boundary of Hkck 4593 and being the S.W. corner post of Howard
Neai claim, thenoe north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains, thence south
8n chains, thence west 80 chains, to
a point of commencement, making
(ill) acres, more or less.
Located this ltith day of November,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Howard Neai, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days afu-t date, I intend
to apply to the Chiel Commissioner
of Lands ami to the Assistant Com*
missioner of Lands for the District ol
East Kootenay, (or a license lo
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
on tbe North Fork ot Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, ami lying between the Mclnnes Group and tlw
Crows Nest Ct-*- Coal Companj's
Commencing at a p^st planted m
C, I. tlower's S.W. corner, same be
ing the hutial post ot L. M. Mor-
le\ s claim, and marked "L. M Mot
ley's S.E. corner," thence 80 chain
north, theme 80 chains «ert, thene
SO chains BOutb, thence 80 chains
east to place of beginning, containing
titll acres, more or less-
L.  M .Motley,  Locator,
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located December UMi,  1911.    3-5t
that thirty days after date, I intead
to apply to the Chief Commission*!
Ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands tor tbe Dlatrlet of
East Kootenay, tor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tbe following described land, situate
tbe North Pork ot Michel Creek,
about six miles north of tbe Canadian Pacific Railroad, aiid lying between lire Mclnnes Grouv and tbe
Crows Nesl Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north of a point one mile east
of the intersection of the ea*t side
line of tbe Melnnis Group and tbe
north side line of the Crows Neat
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being tbe initial post of C. K.
W**ismann's claim and marked "C. K.
Weismann's N.E. corner,'' thence 80
chains south, tbence 80 chains west,
thence Ml chains north, thence 80
chains   east to    place  of   beginning,
-ntaining £4u acres, more or less.
C. K. Weismann, Locator,
Batice Lameroui:. Agent.
Located December 19th, 1911.     3-5t
that thirty days after date, I intend
apply to tbe Chief Commissioner
of Lands and to the Ab_i„Unt Com-
mfsaloner of Lands fur tbc Mttrtst ri
East Kootenay, for a license to
prospect fur coal and petroleum tn
the following described land, situate
tbe North Fork of Michel Creek,
•boot six miles north ol tlte Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between tlie Mclnnes Group aiid tlw
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted     at
Cs K. Weismann s N.E. cornei,   same
being the initial post ol A   B.     Wil-
lard's claim, and marked    A. H   Wil-
lard's      N W     comer,"    thence    80
chains    south, thenct 80 chains east*
thence 8"    chains north, thence      80
•hams    west to    place of beginning,
containing NO acres, DON or less.
A   H   Willard, Locator,
Batten Lameroux. Agent.
Located December I9tb, 1911.  3-5t
that thirty days alter date, | intend
to apply to the Chief ConuntsatoM-C
of Lands and to the Assistant Cotb-
missioner of Lands for the District ol
East Koolenay, for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
ih.* following described land, situate.
thc North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of tlte Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying tt>
tween tlte Mclnnes Group ami tbo
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planUil at
A. B. Willard's N.W. corner, same
being tbc initial post of C L. Hower's claim and marked "C. i,. Hower's S.W. corner," tbence 80 chains
north; theno* 80 chains east, thence
80 chains south, them*' 80 chains
west to place of tiegtnninj-,, containing Old acres, moro or less.
C. L. Howor, Locator,
Batice I.Mneroui, Agent.
Located December  ltith,  1911.   3 it THE  ORANBROOK   HERALD
j China and Crockery
| ==Bargains=
I —- - —
1 5c, 10c and 15c Counters
| Loaded with useful China
J and Crockery Articles,    Cups
I and Saucers,  Mustard Pots,
f Tooth Pick Holders, Mugs,
I Pictures,   Vases,   Salt    and
I Pepper Dishes, Preserve Dish-
| es, Plates, Lemon Squeezers,
| Brushes.
I Regular prices from 10c to
l 35c, all tabled at
I 5c, 10c and 15c
§|   CranbrjoK Co-0p?rative Stores, tn
*_^ii*-,*-,*'">.'-'''-*J"'''' *. ■-'*^'.*.,-'..'*'7 t'J---*?iTri-_/**S
1H;|| ;&t*t=OT3«ffi
LAST   MKl.l'ISii.
Janitor's supplies	
Ti lephaue	
Medical health Inspection
Less   balance
Tla* tirst regular meeting of the
new city council tooV place mt Monday attorn    lu»1 anil waa attended.)Teachers' salaries
by Mayor Bowness,     Aldermen Cam-|.Hehool supplies ...
ernii, .lohnson, Compbell ami Clapp.   JCeneral expenses
A great deal of important business .lanitor's .salary .
was up for consideration,
After the minutes ut Uie lost meeting <>f the old council and of Uu*
statutory meeting ol the new hail
been disposed of, several Important
communications win* dealt wiih.
Among these was a letlei Irom ll. '-'.
Aitkin, Inspeeloi ii electric wires,
complaining of fault) wiring. The
only way to overcome this evil,
in Mr. Aitkin's opinion, ia to enforce
a wireman'a examination, embodying
the principle ol electric wiring ac
cording to 'he i ndei ia rltei ■•' rules
Certificates, classified in three gratli's,
masters, journeymen nml apprenltces
U> lie issllill In tlltlf ,'.i- in sai i*
faetonlv Mi     \11 Lin also       com*
plained of the state ol tin- wiring i
tin* business section ol tin- city. Ih
would like i<> In- instructed to in
sped ihese building   ami repi it      oi
their condition, v.Ii* ii any imsufl
plans could he taken up with Un
owners. Tin* communication wai
referred to thi- lire anil police com
Anothei     coinmunl
Mr. Qeo. II. Thumps
resignation as    < m  solicitor
wiw   accepted    villi an appreciative
vote ol thanks foi tlie services      be
bad rendered    .1     Un- city's    1i-k.i1
•ad\ is* t   since  ii<- <it 1.x-t it H>t
TIM'   bOOrd   Ol   Bchool   'Mi   In      Wlut
requesting ihe council '<■ prweed nt
once   with    the |iii•■• ntallon ol ., il.
lull!ure loan by-law*    for tbe purpi
• >f raisin*; $(1,500 tor   manual training
school purposes.
This communication was referred in
ihe city clerk, with instructions to
have llie required bylaw prepared ny
a solicitor.
The school trustees also presented
ilnii estimates for the ensuing year
.is follows:
F, Parks anil Co	
Pink  Mercantile Ct	
1*.  lU'Verc Hunt 	
H. C. government 	
15,   Crooks   (Miss) 	
Vancouver Rubber Co  •
Aquathomo Co	
Cranbrook    Sash    and Door
Prospector   Publishing  Co. .
Bealo and Elwell 	
A.  Leask ami Son    ...
my Telephone    Lines...
cash payments
iiml Con-trucllon   Conge payroll 	
Halt Engineering    Co,,
idol   board  td health...
T. N.
w, !•:.
It. C,
H. C.
.1. I),
'tanhiiuik Foundry
(Ing Lumbei'   Mills,
Coo tenay   Telephone
iCIoneral Supplies,
| Fink Mercantile (
ranbrook Kleclri
50.33 Weatmlnstei is in    Lht* iicculiar posl-
115.115 Lion of    having two   names,     being
125.00 known to the   residents of Vancouver
2.20  as "the Westminster road," and     to
1.05 the people ol   Westminster as    "the
100.uu Vancouver   road."       If the plans ol
2.58  the.     Canadian    Highway association
' mature    this section of the highway
.18.07 will   In*, k'novvii as    "King    George
08.00 Avenue."
20.00     The   municipal councils of Hurnatiy
0-1.00 anil South Vancouver, through which
133.70  (his road passes, have lieen approach-
22.70 ed   with a     view to having a    hard
7.50 surface pavement laid over the eleven
8.70 miles of     mail thai divide the    two
35.00  eilies.     The   cost will he heavy, and
U-83 ii   js prohnl.lo ihal government    oh-
75.70 sistance   will have lo he secured     in
carry Uu; scheme to    com-
\ number   of automobile
Vancouver have volunteered
ifioo each   as a contribution
i.ic paving of the mail, anil
mvei    Automobile club  has
-oil lo raise the sum of $10,000
ihe   purpose,     other  Individual
750.03 order I..
272.50 plollon.
■137.00 owners .
1.15 10  give
13.55 townrtlfi
10.00 the  Van
I.lil.   .
., Ltd.
■ Light
Crane and Ordwuy
Ileal lie-Murphy 	
C.P IL freight 	
(1.   R.   Leask  	
Toi al
Th.* lit
el 1
 1. SKllU.lit
liie and police committee pre*, (hose
a communication from ihc
f ihc lire department, in which
lbul official asked to have his powers
of control over the force clearly defined, ll was pointed oui that in
this reaped Ihere is 111 room for
dispute. The lire chief has tltfl righl
io engage anil dismiss, whoever ho
sees fit, subject to tht' final approval
of the fire and police committee.
An enquiry was received from the
Sisters of St. Eugene hospital in reference to the city's promised giant
of $5iio in aid of au Isolation hespi-
lal, and roqucstinn that they be Immediately forwarded a letter stating
clearly that the money will he paid
1 ver, This mailer was referred to
the health and relief committee with
instructions tn ascertain the comli-
timis upon which city patients would
he treated.
Alderman Cnmp-boll, on behalf of
special    committee,    reported     that this
tloiialioits     are   expected,   bul     the
17.23 bulk ol   the money will have to     he
j raised hy   tin-    municipalities,   inns-
0.511  much as these    will derive the greal-
iio.15 lSi benefit from tho Improvement   to
•75 ihis 81 re toll of highway.
j    Speaking    on   this subject at     the
2*80 |;aiuiuet,  President    W. ,1.  Kerr Bald.
10.00    "Nothing   will   so quickly promote
lho good feeling between the cities of
2 Vancouver antl   Westminster as    the
0 existence ol    a good road      between
-  these two thriving towns.     At     the
presenl time   communication between
places is liandicap|K*di    becausi. of the bad road, particularly iu
South   Vancouver,      lluild a      road
ihat will he   permanent; a road ovei
which   it       will     be a pleasure     to
travel, and      you will see a    string
of automobiles and horse vehicles go*
lag to and   Irom these chics at    al)
hours of the day.
"The existence of such a road as
we plan will mean this* Vancouver
and Westminster are now twelve
mills apart, but every year will see
liis distance shortened by ono mite
iit each end, once this road is built,
lu six years, or less, these two towns
will he practically one big city with
a busy stream of traffic stretching
over King George avenue, from Hastings street, Vancouver, to Columbia
street, Westminster.
"Land    values along ihis road will
increase 15 per cent to 70 per cent as
11 a result of this improvement. 1 know-
will   be     thc case because    my
Spring Suitings
Have Arrived
F you are thinking about a New Suit for
Spring we invite you to inspect our
offerings of New Goods. We have
just placed on sale a large and varied
range of the very newest fabrics which
include beautiful fancy patterns for the
young men as well as the more staple lines for
older men. We guarantee the goods and workmanship in every way. An early selection will
guarantee early delivery.
Phone 4
! suitable chairs Iit tlie comtorl anil tnnji experience in Hit' real cstato[
convenience nf liis worship nml tlte business lias taught inn Uml there is
aliliTiui'ii I'niilil lie procured ol tin' nothing ihat Mill so quickly bring
! Fink Mercantile company lur fin.Sll land In iis proper figure as tlif
tn piece, fm    the aldermen, ami      an existence nl Howl roads."
ai   November
...    1.'21111.1111
..   1,000.00
21 .till
:iinuui ]
Net amount for '12  $11,510.01
The finance committee's report Was
presented and tbe following accounts
ordered paitl:
school board payroll  $1141.(151
Salaries       330.00
Police payroll   r , .,.   !31.0o]
Kiir department     240.00
City engineer's payroll      887.02
Ctanhrook Klectric Light Co.   881.251
.lohn Choi ditch     300.001
Ward and Harris       34.7*3
Herald Publishing Co      27.30
.11 was trom'.C* S. Parker       27.901
tendering hlsl Ptllahurgh M*t« r"     1°*00
which I Niagara Kails Metal Stamping     *     |
Works         0.00
Davis   Bros    Klectric    Co.. j
!■:   \   Hill 	
■i   llraull 	
I.ni|iiie KJcclric Co	
extra handsome ime fm* Ihe mnyor
for $21.50. Alderman Campbell was
instructed to secure ihe chairs as
speedily as possible.
Hylaw No. lul, io amend the Procedure Bylaw, No. 3, was Introduced,
read 1st and 2nd times, passed
through committee, am! read a third
May.it*   Bowness, ou hi half of     the
board of police    commissioners,    reported 011 a   plan   if electric      light
signs, for     police purposes, six        of
whicli    will he   erected   at   different
points throughout     Hie ciiy, all connected  with the telephone system.  In
tin* event uf   any person wanting po-
! lice aid, he   will call u|i central, who
J will at once turn on the police lights.
. It    will then he     Die duty     of      the
i police lo ring   tip central [rom whnt-
levcr point    he may have seen the signal.     The cosl cf installing this sys-
I torn will   amount to about (325.     \
similar   system   is in (nice in Nelson
am! other eilies, wiih success.
This mailer was referred to the
liie and police committee witb power
io act.
A long discussion ensued alient the
Klivlric Light company's charges,
with the resull that the following
were appointed a committee to aa*
certain the number of arc lights    re*
Pkone 14
Cranhrook won from Nelson on the
three contests, with 1110 pins. Tlte
total for Nelson was OfiSfi and for
Cranbrook ossr>. Nelson won Sn
1111-day afternoon with 123 to the
good, hut still one luuulivil behind
from the previous evening. The Saturday evening game was dose, but
Cranhrook won with 00 pins,
.  ,      1811
135- 513
181- 511)
l .in
107— 121
111- 115
150- 173
825  811   093—2302
FRIDAY   Mtlll'i"
Campbell .
II. Stephens ...
ll. Stephens ...
. 172
. 1!I8
117- 457
14.3- 308
tjnisitc    lo replace lhe present Tung- Turner ...
sten lamps:   Aldermen Clapp, Atchl* Pitts 	
vn and Ihe mayoi. McGregor
This committee will report  to      a  Allen 	
ipcelal meeting to he called for the
purpose, when steps will lie taken lo
return 1<> llu* terms of the original
contract   with    ilu-   Klectric  Light
♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»■»♦♦•♦♦•>♦ ♦♦♦»♦♦♦*>
*    j company, abolishing   Tungsten lunii
1 :   lavoi of an* lights,
ouiicii ihen adjourned.
...118 200
...112 lot
...152 111
.175 2111
.120 131
Kollowing tin* contest on Friday]
night a banquet was served at thej
V.M.C.A. tor the howlers of llie
city and the Nelson team. Mr. .1.
P. Kink presided ami the following
programme was rendered* Toast,
"The King"; welcome to the visitors!
by Mr. Kink; toast, "The Nelson
I'A'y— 116 Team", responded to by Mr. Camp*
150—118 bell; sonfi, Mr. A. Shanklaml; toast,I
Ml— 118 "The   Craubrook    Team'*, responded
  __,._ to by    Mr.    .1. It. Thompson; song,
72:i—2L17 **'*** "■ *'■ McSweyn, toast, "Tht
I Ladies," responded to hy Mr. VV, L.
1711— 172 Johnston and Mr. Jones; piano solo,
181— 465 Ted Halsall; recitation, Mr. Allen,
lit:*!— 178 'song, Mr. A. .shanUand; toast, "lhe
2L4_ 479! Press/1 responded to by Mr. K.
11:1— Uiti Christian;   toast,   "The    Y.M.CA."
  _\y! responded to by Mr. Turner ou behalf
830—_:i.i(> "' ^*kls°u ami Mr. Teet for Cranbrook. Mr. IL Brown proposed a
vote of thanks to the chairman ami
the banquet cloned witb siiigin,
"Kor He's a -lolly Good Fellow."
i:i2— 489
186- IU
117- 443
152— 528 I
122- 31.1
7 HI   852   (W8—2286
Big Clearance Sale of
We want the room.
Look at these Bargains  f
$19.00 Healer now $14.25
■ i
r •'•'.<■'
to    "J
Come In and See Them
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
TIVBEN     VANI'lll Vi:lt    AMI
New Westminster, B.C., Feb. 7.—
Tlml Ills Majesty King Oeorgo «.lii-
eially declare open lho Canadian
highway at some polnl between Van-
rotifer niul Now Westminster was u
suggestion thrown out at tlm luuuial
iiiiwiiu't nl Hn' Vancouver Automobile
I'lnii, recently In-liI at Eburnc,
Vi. .1. Ki'it, president ul the Canadian Highway association, 1ms been
working willi this rml in view for
tfomc time, nlthniiKh no lonnal invitation 1ms yi'i been scnl in his majesty, ns It Is mil yet certain Hint
Ihi' King will liny a visit lo Can*
ailn in 1013, In the event ul his
doing sn, in- will certainly lie askeii
In officiate, nt tills ceremony. ,
Tho   iiniii    IiiiUii,', Vancouver      In
11 ■•
A lurther stair*' was laken     in lho
. organization nl tin' Cranbrook branch
of  the   allow named    .Inl, at a ir.cn-
T- "v<'r»1 nicotian   held in   Hie   Y.M.I'.A.
I.    . . on Saturday lasl, when il was rlisiil-
r-it to take   the   Carmen's hall     lor
08- 111
1211- 1161
15»- t«,i
Hie use ol the members.
Turner ...
It was also passed   at llie mooting
""—     "I thai an inillatioii   lea ol   ono dollai
lt'"~*     ' earli lor ladies mu] gentlemen and   °
nt..r,11,ly  dm' ol twenty-tWo cents t
gonttemon only in- chargod.
The lirst   siMiitl evening    ul     the
188— 173 iluli is   to i»'  belli iu llio Carmen'
ins— :i7ii hull, Tuesday,   February 18th, at
151— 188 p.m., when Iiniii members and    not
172— Hill members are cordially invilial.
172— 1751  Special  committee mooting, Snim
— — — —I day, the loth Inst, al 8 p.m. prompt
735  737   7111—2283 III   tlio Carmen's hall.
Strongest       Brightest
Most Economics!
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
1 P. BURNS & CO., LTD.
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Mots art Government
Head Office. CALGARY, ALTA.
s. A. IlKlir, I'roprlolor
I have jusl received a
complete line of new
Come and sec our lines
Jc vlens dc reccvolr
un nssiirlimeiil coniplrl
dc CldAHnS 1)1'. PRE-
Vein/   voir pour  vous
vous container*.
Don't lie rush, buy for eusli,
It will flirv,' yon many 11 dollar;
Tlio roiiily eusli will ninki' 11 iimsli
Much quicker than n sininliiiK collar
Specials to End of February:
DUST BANE - • 2 Tins for 75c.
TOMATOES 3 Tins for 50c.
Read tbe Herlad, $2.00 Year


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