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Cranbrook Herald Jan 9, 1913

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Array <&
l.egislitlve Assembly
April 21-11
VTe st* well equipped tu
turn out th* but clsss
of work.
Ilk. a line
nelson Dim m
la a well printed, handsomely illustrated issue of 118
pages, The Nelson News, has
published its annual review of the
growth and progress of the Kootenay
sod Boundary districts. On the whole the publication is one well calculated to convey to the outside world
a .true and lasting impression of this
ujagnilicent section ol tbo Province,
tin News has been very lair In its
treatment of tbe entire district, and
targe space is devoted to the Cranbrook district. In particular, so far
as our chief Industrie are concerned,
the News pays special attention to
lumbering, mining and fruitgrowing.
II space permitted we should gladly
reproduce from its   colums much ol
son a traveller on the Canadian Pa.
cine railway passes, without thought
ol the tremendous agricultural possibilities contained in tbe vast stretch
ot arable land, many ol tile recbmt
tracks to be found anywhere In tbe
Interior. Kor Instance whilst at the
outset a visitor to Cranbrook might
conclude that it is merely a railroad
and lumbering centre, on further investigation and oiler enjoying the opportunity ol seeing some ol the surrounding district, one Is inspired
with the tact that tributary to Its
main centre at all points ol ton compass the area .particularly suitable
lor agricultural purposes Includes
hundreds or thousands ol acres ol the
finest arablo lands anywhere In the
province ol British Columbia—a view
trequently expressed by government
officials whose business it lias been to
survey and report on tho lands. While this is the cose tbe Indisputable
tact remains that up to date only a
very Insignificant portion of this area
has been brought under cultivation,
duo to conditions that are quite understandable.
In the first instance considerable
tracts of this land have been held under timber license and the (act that
much ol it is largely covered with
timber has hitherto created} the impression in the   minds ol many visi-
the really good material it contains tors that the land  was not suitable
regarding tbe development ol these
industries in this district, but we
can only, at this time, give an ex-
tract or two.
In reference to the lumber interests, The News says:—
Uany million dollars In capital is
Invested   in the lumber   industry ol
lor agricultural purposes. However,
in several specific Instances that idea
has been entirely exploded. Hundreds of settlers have come In and
hundreds are in sight. In many cases)
they have not been located sufficient
ly long to establish the certainty ol
commercial   successes,    but  on the
the Kootenay and Boundary district Liter band there are many .nstaows
which practically comprises the tor-| where results have proved cooeluslv-
rrtory embraced by tbe Mountain ly that the Cranbrook district offers
Lumber Manufacturers' association opportunities unrivalled,
ana the number ol men directly; emn- \j Just to take three instances: Peter
loyed by these enterprises runs Into Lund, who has accomplished Iphenoni-
several thousands. Mills total prob- Unal success at Wardner; A. E. Watts
ably 100 in the whole district. Var- 0f Wattsburg, a pioneer worker, **°
leties of timber in the district incl-1 has obliterated tbe won! failure Iran.
ude: Larch, fir, cedar, white pine, his vocabulary, and the Staples Bros,
spruce and hemlock. at Wycllffe,   who have- a ranch upon
The Provinces   ot   Alberta, Sask- \ w-t,ieh   results   demonstrate'to   the,
atehewan and   Manitoba,   which are fullest extent the wonderful '■ fertility
not. blessed by nature with the huge
tracts of valuable timber which cover
the slopes of the mountains ol llrlt.
of thc land. On a smaller baits, then
are also hundreds ot ranches bringing
satisfactory    returns-tacta     which
tth'Columbia, are tbe chief   purchos- clearly emphasize   the chvims of the
en ot the output of the mills ol the
Figure, supplied by some ot th*
leading companies in the district indicate that the "total output during
the past year has been heavy and estimates in nearly every case indicate a
much larger production lor 1913.
Prospects from a marketing point ot
viewfc are regarded by some as good;
other's refer to the need tor increased prices on account of tbe growing
eott ot production and to the fact
that the lumbermen of British Colombia are suffering through tbe competition from United States mills
which dump their surplus on th*
prairie market.
Bcww are given accounts of the operations of some of thn companies in
Kookenay and Boundary with a view
to indicating tbe tremendous Importance'ot tho industry to the district
on account ol the capital invested,
the large number of men employed,
and the wealth produce Irom the limber resources ot the province.
The Baker Lumber company of Waldo has 1190,000 invested In Its mill
and (2IW.01N1 in timber limits, which
am estimated to be worth (1,300,000.
At the mill and yeards 115 men are
employed and 130 men work in the
ramps. Twelve million leet was the
output last year and
expects to manufacture 30,000,000
twit this year. Tbe mill has a capac
|ty of 30,000 feet per 10 hours. Officers are: V, Hyde Baker, president,
Walter JtoherUwn, secretaty-treasur-
urer; 0. 1>. McNah, managing1 director , Tbe volume ol business during
1M was fairly good, states tbe company,' but prices were so low that
there, was no margin ol proot. Tho
outlook lor 1013 is stated by the
company to be excellent.
Over 33,000,000 leet was the production ol the Crow's Nest l«ass Lumber company, limited, which has
mills at Wardner and Oolloway, thc
exact figure being 33,539,000 feet. The
estimate tor 1913 Is approximately
tbe slime. Tbe mills have a capacity
of 200,000 feet, and employ 230
men.. In tbe camps the number ol
men Is 323. Officers ol the company
are: President, William Wentc of Manistee,' Mich.; secretary-troasurlr, W.
J. Origory, Manistee; managing dlrec
tor, (*,' Lund, Wardner.
Forty men are employed at the
mill near Waldo ol the Rock Creek
Lumber company, limited, which has
(10,000 Invested In plant and (30,000
In limits, which comprise 8,000 acres,
value? at (50,000. Tbe output last
year was 5,000,000 teet and the estimated production for 1913 Is 6,000,
000 Uftt. 8eventy-0ve men are employed, In the camps. The outlook
for 1913 Is described as fair.  James
Frnlajr h president; H. A. Corbett,
vlce-ptwldent; R. Joyce, secretary,
and James Joyce, managing director.
In regard to our agricultural posa*
MHtin, The New*, says in ssxt:-
Betwwc th*   Cram Mast as* tie*
most    enthusiastic   pioneers la We
district  trUrUrs
boosters,   who confidently  loo* tor
even better thhrgs.  Undeveloped opportunities await sueocstul organisation.
Many prominent men faror the suggestion that as the timber leases lapse tbe government sbouM thk* steps
to place the land thus treed lor settlement in the bands ol practical
agriculturists and when necessary be
prepared to advance to the bona He
settler of the desirable character capital, at a low rata of interest, sufficient to cover the cost of clearing,
and making provision (or buildings
and the stocking ot their holdings.
Tbe tendency for mixed rartimg Is
rapidely gaining favor among these
ol careful observation and practical
While Cranbrook wants settlers,
and has room tor many thousands,
tbe general Impression Is that efforts
should he made to secure tne class ol
settlers inclined to derota their
efforts to mixed farming, and the
reason which prompts that impression is given in this way: "While it
is admitted that Ctanbrook district
can produce Iruit and vegetables ol
unrivalled quality, to engage in exilic company elusive fruit or vegetable production
at the outset entails a heavier expend
dlture and delay In securing results
than the average settler comes prepared to lace." That view is held
by many ol the men who have achieved brilliant returns, even with exclusive fruit or vegetables.
Within a radius ot 35 miles it is
calculated at a low estimate that
Cranbrook is the centre of some 400,
000 acres ot the finest fang, suitable
lor fruit and vegetable growing and
stock raising. Orchards from 10 to
12 years ol age In this district are
tbe exception; In fact, there are only
three ol any account, but within the
post lew years between 3,000 and
4,000 acres have been cultivated and
planted. Fruit ranches which have
arrived at the hearing stale are at
present, therefore, in the great minority, but tbe growth ot 1 the trees
has heen fully up to expectations and
tremendous yields ot tree'fruits sre,
certain la the near future.. Thousands ol young trees have been planted during tbe past year ' and In the
meanwhile ranchers are meeting with
tbe brightest kind ot success growing
smalt fruits, vegetables of. every description and farm product*. Six
miles northwest of the city Were are
thousands ot acres ot prairie land
known as St. Mary's .prairie. Wheat
oats and barley grow here
equal to No. 1 hard ot
the prairie provinces'. Extraordinary crops ot grain have been
raised this year without irrigation,
about 1,200 acres having been sown.
to spring wheat.
To the south, toknr Potts*** aa«
(Co.Haws* *a p*«* few.)
South East Kaotanay's Splendid Showing at Chicago'*
Big Land Show
authorities at Victoria have in tlie
efficacy ot the mineral exhibit in
attract the attention of the public to
the resources and opportunities ol
Province, it may be said, finally.
that the Government is now perfecting arrangements for tbe coUcctian
and exhibition of a collection of ores
to embrace the entire Province ol
In Newbro's Herpicide.
that this collection will be shown at
the great Panama Exhibition nl Sun
Francisco In 1916.
m e
In a recent article is The Iferald
the writer dealt with the Chicago
Land Show in broad, general terms.
It Is, therefore, no* Appropriate
that a special word be said as to the
mineral exhibit In which Cranbrook
and East Kootenay were most interested.
A small box of loose samples containing specimens of the ores Irom
the Yukon, Portland Canal, Cariboo
country, Rossraad, the Sloetjn and a
tew from the Lardo was seat by the
Mining Department at Victoria and
proved highly useful. For those
really skilled and interested In .mining, geology and scientific mineralogy
the samples ot ores trom the Oranite-
Poorman at Nelson, containing th*
,0ns ol platinum, iridium, th* new
metal canadium, and other metals ot
the platinum group, (for which th*
writer ha* very cordially t» thank
Mr. Monty Morgan at Nekton) wen
an irresistible lure. TMf cats*
from ' many points once it became
known that what has heen proven to
be genuine platinum ore was on show.
Seeing the ore, studying It, they
were disappointed at the absence ot
weight which might be expected.
They talked and argued most learnedly, 'plunging milts deep into th*
moat profound terminology of all th*
sciences allied to mining and geology
So long as they conceded that th*
ore contained the minerals the wrtttr
agreed with every theory ot deposition they put forward. It on* lofty-
browed scientist declared the mineral
was deposited by super-htata* water*
or v*pors ascending from below, well
and good. If another, ot even more
lofty brow and deeper language, doe-
By Jos. Ryan
It U striate that even the platinum ore did not interest tbe mining
men nearly az much as the mineralized dioritet Irom the Alliance Group
on White Fieh Creek, belonging to
the Evans Brothers. It is regretta-
Me that the writer never bad a
chase* of making on examination of
this' extraordinary property, but
tram years ot intimate knowledge ol
the owners and of their thorough reliability, be could vouch, on their
Credit, tor the facts as they gave
'them. Putting aside the fact that
there are ten millions ot tons ol this
low grade capper ore "in sight" (the
term Is used m its strict mining and
technical sense) and that the property Is admirably situated tor handling this immense mass on the quarry
system, the ore was a geological
puzzle. Every mining man could un-
dtratand mineral being found in dior-
Ito where dJortte forms the contact
wall of a vein, but finding copper and
silver In payable quantities right   in
to be beautiful and attractive. Color helps her in her forays on tbe affections. That is why that highly
colored ores used to halt the ladies
at Chicago, and, ol course, their
male escorts, when minerals, scientifically curious or commercially 'of
national importance, would be passed
by merely as "old rocks and things."
It so proved in Chicago were a huge
chunk of the. St. Eugene, orr shimmered and twinkled like four hundred pounds weight of polished diamonds. Just below it was a mass of
the blue and green copper carbonate
ore from the claims belonging to the
late John Larson—the Tlger-PoOrr
man Group—at the head ol Shtvp
Creek, which Mr. George Judd and
Mr. William Myers, ol Fort Steele,
most kindly helped the writer to secure. It was a marvel how those
blue and greens and the sparkle ot
the "Big Nugget''-that is What they
named the big piece ul clean i>r«
Irom the St. Eugene—made tho
the center of a huge diorite sill was crowd halt and stare  and   question.
+ + + + + + + + + + + •!•
+ The annual general   meeting
•fr ol tbe    parishioners ot Christ
+ church pariah will be held    in
+ the church of    the parish on
+ Monday; January   13th, 1913,
+ at 8 o'clock p.m.
■(. Business:     Appointment ami
+ election    of   church wardens
•J. election' ol   sidesmen, election
+ ol lay  belt-gates to the Diocc
•I- san synod; reception  and con-
+ slderattoh of reports; lormula-
+ Hon ol plans tor next    year's
+ work.
+ The   fullest possible attend-
+ ance is greatly desired.
+ E. P. Flewelling.
4. Rector.
+ Christ Church, Cranbrook,
4. Dec.: 31st, 1913.
as unexpectable as finding it in
mass ot granite. Many specimens
were taken away to he ground down
Into sections so thin as to be translucent, Then the microscope tells
many a curious tale of formation,
construction and causation. The
scjentilic world will   hear    a    deal
Once they got to asking questions it
was all easy sailing to introduce
them to tbo other attractions ot British Columbia in general aud Cranbrook and East Kootenay In particular.
It is not over stating the case    to
say that the minerals sent to Chlcu-
about    these   same    diorltes go proved tlie acumen ol   the    Hon.
have keen made thc subject of
a most learned article by Doctor
Bcbofkcld, Sc. D., who is In charge
of the geological work lor tbe Dominion Department of Mines in this
section ot 'the Province. White Fish
Creek and the valley ot St. Mary's
River ware mad* known to the Am
district,  art'■ «>«rj*» «^I***L. oa**aaW-th*t th. ml*i»pL-i^\**m*t*& <•*«** the medium of
In fan, the dhrt        wuaes win  ^ ^ percolation ot surface waters,  these ores and tne mineralized schists
why, equally   well  or   even better. from Sandy    Hodgson's claims near
Theories matter not a straw so long . the Old Office Camp.
as the point was got home that we bad!   Ntolde is  now one   of the world's
mineral and wanted people to  com* prime necessaries.   Tbe bulk ol it   is
themselves on the .used as aa alloy lor toughening the
steel used tor armour ol the great
battle ship) and cruisers, the barrels
of the huge 12 and 14 inch guns,
some cases lor
structural steel. There are those
who declare nickel to be tbe arbiter
of peace and war between the nations
and go on to argue that as the largest deposits ot the metal arc tound
in Canada   It may, one day,   be our
~*r 1911 the Sullivan shtawi over I •r"u**» to say to any bellicose
year >»11 the »uuva* ,rWV°T power, bellowing for war, "Halt!
(000,000 ot ore to Trail aeusltar aad E" ... "»       ,      '
out and learn tor
Quite a number ol scientific
was a good exhibit ot ores at the
Show, and came there keen to examine them. The enormous sample*
shown from the St Eugene and the
Sullivan led thtm at oaw, to enquire
about the size of the ore bodies.
When tbey were told that  daring th*
raised a tannage,    in    addition,   of
nickel supply is cut off.     No
armour or big guns tor
prob.il, greater weight hut ot lower ^   £ ^ „   To ^ ^ m
is a dream, more or less, but it is a
. ... . * ,j a ■ ... — -— *■■** that rich nickel ores are rare
"7. I84.*!*. ""L"4.' i^*^ '.** proportionately attractive. When
gold, th* root of all evil, and   nickel
value,   and that one ol the, stapes in
the mine waa over 500 teet is length
thirty leet In height, these men ot
science were read; to bear the gospel
ot the mineral wealth ot East Kootenay generally. From th* Sullivan
It was only a verbal trip across the
gulch to Introduce the Stemwlnder.
from which Mr. Louis Johnson, of
Marysvllle, like the thorough man
that he is, packed down on his broad
shoulders a single chunk weighing
over eighty pounds, and this, be It
observed, just to oblige the writer.
He went even farther and took some
which Is grpwing to be the root ol
war, are found in combination you
have a highly interesting ore. Show
any man or woman a piece ol ore
carrying one hundred and twenty
golden bucks to the ton combined
with 23 per cent ot nickel, and you
have captured the haplocerus mon-
tanus, or Rocky Mountain goat, ol
that person. In the classic phrase ol
the West "you have his goat"
deanerate chances to get some samp    Pf»l,te loTe t0    uaI,ale    the    ruw
£*$?*. ATI" £~^vitXil notarial trom which tbe gold    coin,
les of the. now very rare crystallted
lead ond silver ore Irom the famous
old North Star where he was formerly assayer.
Alter examining the ore trom tb*
Sterawinder, or Indeed, any ot our
ores "which carry much tine, tb*
scientific men, and many who knew
more about mining than the science
thereof, always went back to the
question, could aqy process be devised whereby the tine could be senerat-
ed trrjm the lead and silver on a practicable basis? if so, said they, then
the Stemwlnder and the Sullivan and
hundreds ot properties like them, at-
Mcteij with an overdose ot zinc,
would prove enormously profitable to
the ; owners. It had not ben announced at the time that the Canadian Consolidated Mining it Smelting
Company at Trail had acquired the
Canadian patents tor the process
recently Invented by Mr. French ol
Nelson, tbe world-famous metallurgist -who discovered the new metal,
canadium,in tbe dyke rock of tbe
Oranite-Pootmao at Nelson. Touching on this purchase ot Mr. French's
proeess hy the C. C. M. * S. Co. it
may" be said that it is highly unlikely that the deal would bare gone
through It these very astute peopl*
were not thoroughly satisfied the
process was s solution of the on*
difficulty which has proven th* bug-
hear of the  attvn-tssd asiser la th*.
v *r T •#* *r T V
+ + + + -I-
The    Bowness  slate 1- mndo u|> as
W   !
t the
be a
the citj ;.
sinned th.
ilitrsl bctw
above, I lie
t'oiitest is,
ir tn lio
n leums
(hero is
|>i'!li.i!i>. tiest for
Il  is to he as-
meeting, or ptib-
called hrlnre the
til  re
the new
it is on
be It gold or silver, Is manufactured.
For these reasons the gold-nickel
ores Irom the War Eagle Group on
Skookumchuck belonging to Messrs,
McNalr, Johnson and Nelson, created
tbe greatest sensation ot any ore
shown at Chicago. Everyone wanted
to examine it and "belt" it. And
there is "heft" In plenty to it. The
scientists took away specimens for
examination and some ol them came
back to tbe writer declaring the ore
to be in a class by itself.
Like our Provincial Mineralogist,
Mr. W. Fleet Robinson, they could
say it contained gold, nickel, silver,
zinc, lead, cobalt, tungsten and iron,
eight metals, but not a man ol them
could put a name to the combination. The ore is unique. it was
fortunate that the writer could
speak of the property trom personal
inspection and could declare his firm
conviction that tbe claims are worthy ot tbe. most exhaustive examination and development.
The proper study lor mankind is
man, according to Alexander Pope,
whose poetry, by tbe way, is now
about as much admired as castor oil
for breakfast. The aphorism is true
and a trifle of study of the average
man shows that down deep in his nature is a natural love ot mere color
Isr the   color sake.   In this   regard
Price Ellison In deciding to include
them in thc Provincial exhibit. Tbey
grasped thc eyes and the attention
of many thousands of people whom
fruit and grains did not concern1 in
tbe slightest and once you had them
in conversation It was ■ no trouble
to preach the general doctrine that
there is tto country like Canada and
that British Columbia Is its jewel.
They were ready and willing to accept the gospel" "Come up to B. C.
and use your own intelligence anx
brains and make ypurselves a comfortable home where streams are
bright and skies arc clear and where
tbe air is not a dirty mixture ol
soot and smoke and sulphur.
Just to find out what tbe average
man most desired to examine in the
tbe mineral lice, the writer used to
often ask:—"Is there any particular
class of ore you would like to sec.'"
With very rare exceptions the answer
was "Well, I'd like to see the gold
rock II you have any?" That is where,
tlie ore trom the claims on Perry
Creek In which William J. Rollins,
Doctor Rutleojge, Cuss. Theiss, OjforJ
ge T. Carr and his associate, Mr.
llainey of Chicago, are interested,
mode their permanent and enduring,
mark. People excepted to find gold
sticking out ol the rock like raisins
in a cake. Still, they all found it to
their own complete satisfaction, all
he same. It was ''tool's gold"—
iron pyrahes— they usually mistook
for the genuine, and then they bod to
be shown the pure metal In the rock.
For this purpose Mr. Catt provided
the writer with some beautlul specimens which he kept in his pockets
for prudence sake as it is said there
art. two or three people in Chicago
who might, in a moment ol forget-
fulness, attach them as souvenirs.
These specimens made people sit up
and begin to take real notice ot the
land they i-auie Irom. Mr. Ueorge T.
Carr did plenty of good work for
Cranbrook and Perry Creek at Chicago. He was ever ready to help the
writer in thc demonstrations at the
booth and could speak Irom personal
knowledge of the worth and value ot
the district with which he has been
long and honorably associated. In
addition he brought many men of
capital and influence to see the exhibits and beyond any reasonable doubt
he was the means certainly ol helping;
Perry Creek, a lamous old time gold
camp, to came hy its own again.
To sum up what was effected by the
mineral exhibit at Chicago it can be
said that Cranbrook was proven to
he the center of an area embracing
the St. Eugene, Aurora and Society
Girl at Movie, the Sullivan, North
Star and Stemwlnder at Kimberley,
thc Evans Group, Dominion Consolidated, Hodgson's Group and the Big
Copper on the St. Mary's ltltrer, the
Kootenay Kins, Tiger-l'oormanj, Emp-;
lire and   Eagle   and Plume  Group at
Fort Steele, the War Eagle on Skookumchuck, the different claims belonging to Michael Shira on l*wis and
Tracey Creeks, the great deposit* ot
hematite iron ore on Bull .lUver with
The annual meeting ol tin- Crau
brook Poultry * Pet Stock Association was held on Friday evening last
in the council chambers. Among
other items of business taken up
were the matter ol a luture meeting
place where judging classes could be
held) and plucking and dressing demonstrations given . On motion this
matter was placed in tbe bands ol
the incoming executive. During th.-
discussion on this matter it was
pointed out that the lite and usefulness of the association depended almost entirely- on whetheri they were
to continue to hold demonstrations
and judging classes as without sucii
there would be little ot interest to
warrant holding the association together.
Tbe auditor, Mr. E. H. MiPhee. reported tbe books in good condition
and a substantial balance to tbe credit of the-Association at tbe bant
Mr. OrltBn, of the International Correspondence school, addressed the
meeting in tbe interests ot his firm.
who have a very thorough course in
poultry work in their list.
The election of ofliats resulted as
Presideat. C. R. Sheppard. re-elcet-
ed; vice-president, A-. II. Webb; secrc-
tary, A. B. Smith; directors, John
Levett, Re»- 6- E. Kendall, E Slater and T. S. Oil!.
An effort was  made to   induce ihe
ate secretary, Mrs. It. Ilrown, to
srrve again but without avail mueh
to! the regret ot those prewnt, who
appreciate fully ber services to the
Association in the past year Alter
a vote of thanks to the council lor
use ot the chamber, the meeting art
What |ilir|)oi>.
been issued lo
the Herald h
duce it. as loi
>y, by tho
tickets, so
nu\  bo ena-
 ■ the var-
the several
mporl 111-
- attitude ol.
, mayoralty
tile lo offer
or the other
platform has
0 ticket, aud
sketl lo rer.ro-
Last Monday evening a ruee'.,n? ol
Selkirk, Preceptory No. 45 took place
in tbe Masonic Temple, the ehicf object of which was to make a presen
tation to Eminent Past Preceptor.
D. J. McSweyn, who is shortly to
leave this city lor other fields ol
The presentation consisted ol a
Past Preceptor's lew', and was inline
by Sir Knight F. J. Heane on heh-.ill
ot Selkirk Preceptory Whilst Mr. I)
J. McSweyn held high rank in the
Preceptory, he had also passed
through tbe chair in the Blue Indue
and had held high office in the Chapter. H» departure creates a serious
lo. 1 in tbe ranks ot local freemasonry
as be was ever an active and zealous
the Blecto
Ladies ami Ol
In  view
January 4th. H13
,.f the City ol Cran-
!As the'llrst year ol the above club's
existence is well nigh closed, a spec
ul genenal meeting will '-• held next
Tuesday' nUyht, J*nv- 14tn' at * p
m., in the Carmen's hall.
TMs'-theetina; is lor the purpose ol
dlscusatlng    tbe geuenl condition   ol
^     ,_.,.,,   ,,B_._   many others, all within practically si 'the clubland   tor tbe Bxing ol a d,it«
hmalToTour specis Is tar roorelrsdlns ot twenty miles from our city, fj,,  the)   election ot officers lor   ""
ta (has th* male.   It ia her right     A* a proof ot the belief which lb* icomlag, ywM-
the near expiration ot
the civic year ;,nd the consequent necessity for c:. sing a Mayor and
Council to admin ster civic business
lor the ensuing twelve months; we,
tbe undersigned desire to submit our
selves as candidates lor election to
tbe council fur 1913.
We wish to state clearly at the out
set trat in appealing lor your support for our pragramme, it is the
programme rattier than the person
upon whic.i we base that appeal. It
as we hope, yo't eject us as instruments to translate that programme
into praet cat effects we will us« our
best endeavors to act faithfully under your mandate ;tn 1 in the best interests of this city ol Cranbrook
which under efficient administration
we are convinced, has no mean future
before it-
It that future is ever to be achieved, it will he by force ol tbe united
goodwill of all sections of the community, and although we speak trom
an opposition platform, we are not
animate.! by any personal jealousies
cr fanatical prejudices.
We are Inclined to shale the popular opinion that fartion fights In
municipal affair, are iletrimental to
a city's best intirests as they tend to
inability and weaken public conh-
dence, and the fact that we stand In
opposition to tae retiring Council a-
rises from no desire to revive dead
Issues or sti: up partisan feeling.
In proof of our sincerity in making
tbe foregoing statement we may
state that during lost week, wo place
before the present council eleven
names from which we invited them to
choose three men to assist them on
tbe council tor the ensuing year. This
arrangement would have still guaran
teed to the piesent Mayor and hi*
colleagues the bal inc. ol power, and
would have eliminate : the |,..«»il*yity
ol friction thai 1- Inseparable from a
eamnalgn ol this kind.
This compromise was llatlj refused
i,y Ma;.,.r B iwnes snd hla eollegue*
and we were consequently compelled
to eonK out ami state as alteriintlv*
policy and suggest an alternative
Council to carry that policy through.
We therefore appeal tor your support nn the toUowing grounds:
F-IB8T—In the interests ol Economy.
It is a f.ict that tlie elector, of
this city are paying in municipal tax
ntlon a hielier rate than any other
city, lame or small, in Hritiflh Columbia. Why is this? Is Hie so attractive here as compared with other
points in the province that It Is
worth paying a top price lor? Olad
as w-e are to he citizens of the "Star
City ol the Kootenays" we object to
-paying so high a price for tbe privilege of living here, and we think we
voice the objections of many electors
an well. 71 returned to tbe council,
we will institute u thorough enquiry
into the subject, nnrt will endeavor
to do everything in our power to lessen thc burden ol local taration consistent with true proereBS and efne-
ency in Municipal Departments,
We think that the utmost publicity
should l,e given to all proceeding* ot
the council, and would afford every
lacility to electors to attend meetings, ask questions, and in any and
every way see that they arc posted
in the affairs which vitally concern
AS  we have  already  stated,  we b*-
(I'nntinued nil page eight ) THE CRANBROOK HERALD
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
School firtint 	
Trade Licenses 	
Liquor Licenses 	
Dog and Pound Tax 	
Cemetery Fees 	
Road Tax 	
Water Revenue 	
Water Connection Fees .
Bills Payable	
Bank Balance 	
..   5,1511.70
,.    1,577.50
..   2,505.00
..   3,200.00
, 10,728.06
...       999.11
„ 19,000.00
..   1,398.98
Balance From 1911   ( 1,597.65
School Board  (17,182.92     17,182.92
Finance Committee
Salaries  ( 1,210.00
Elections   30.40
Furniture  891,37
Printing  312.13
Stationery and Postage    342.85
Expense  1,280.63
Tax Sale Surplus  237.33
Real Estate     313.60
Interest Account   529.38
Municipal Building Repair*   327.70
Fire and Police Committee.
Street Lighting  ( 3,887.70
Police Salaries   5,018.95
Police Court   507.70
Police Supplies   289.00
Keep ol Prisoners   117.60
Grants ,  1,050.00
Fire Department   5,179.69
Fire Department Equipment   5.00
( !l,188.39
Board ol Works.
Public Works Equipment 	
t    817.15
Street Improvements	
Concrete Walks Extras Account  	
Concrete Walks, Owners' Proportion :
Block 88	
Block 90	
Block 91 	
Block 94 	
Concrete Walks, City's Proportion ....
Health and Relief, including Cemetery
Sewerage Maintenance 	
Debenture Repayment.
Sinking Fund By-Law No. 88 	
Sinking Fund By-Law No. 86 	
Water Committee.
(     121.10
.    1,169.67
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dec   16, 1912.
Corporation ol the f'ity ol Cranbrook, Cranbrook, B.C.
Dear Sirs: 1   hereby certify that the amount of (218.08has been placed to the credit ot a sinking tund account, under
By-Law 88 and lb. amount of (1328.30 under By-Law 98. ,       yours tru,y ,
(Sigma)     H. H. Bourne,
pro Manager.
..-:..,    3t»H, 1912.
School Debenture.
Hypothecation  ( 5,200.00
Balance Due Bank        635.77
-( 5,835.77
NOTE—The amount authorized to be raised under these
Amount Paid on School Board Orders   5,751.15
Interest        84.32
( 5,835.77
Debentures Is (8,588.
Sewerage Debenture.
Proceeds of Debentures   (90,281.97
Accrued Interest     2,057.91
Special Connection Fees        157.25
Sale of Pipe        396.25
Hypothecation of New Issue     7,000.00
- (100,103.11
Accounts   Paid as   Certified   by Engineer in Charge 100,087.97
Bank Balance        105.11
NOTE—Tb.   amount   authorized   tn lie raised by   tlieseionil issue ot the Sewerage Debenture Is (20,000.
Year ending November 30th, 1912
Fire Hall Building and  Equipment   ...   6,820.00
Municipal Building No. 1 	
. t 5,(57.20
Furniture and Fixtures    1,371.37
Fire Hall Building and   Equipment 3,177.17
Water System  75,160.06
Street Improvement No. 1 	
Water System Tools and Equipment....      275.43
School Building No. 1 	
Public School Building   51,868.06
Street Improvement No. 2	
Manual Training School     5,835.77
City Pound       500.00
Municipal Building No. 1 	
Cemetery      500.00
Sewerage Debenture No. 1 	
Sidewalk and Street Improvement  16,990.50
Street Equipment     1,820.00
Concrete Walks Equipment        790.00
Sewerage System 97,798.97
School Building No. 2 	
Sewerage Disposal Equipment       100.00
Sewerage No. 2	
.    7,000.00
Sewerage Equipment     1,889.00
Bills Payable	
„ 19,000.00
Sinking Fund By-Law No. 81       218.08
Current Account Bank Balance 	
..   1,398.98
Sinking Fund By-Law No. 98     1,326.30
Excess ot Assets Over liabilities   ..
.. 13,817.03
Outstanding Accounts :
Water         8,191.06
Taxes  „ ...... 11,370.71
Concrete   fkdewalks Extras   Account       1,021.80
Concrete  Sidewalks   Due
From   Property Owners Blocks 88, 89, 90,
91, 93 and 91    3,681.86 18,588.25
Sewerage Debenture Bank          105.11
I HEREBY   CERTIFY that I have examined  tbe City Books and, compared the   vouch.rs and Snd everything
Craabrook, B. C,
December 18th, 1818.
J ii
Good  Health
Vim and Vitality
Are assured il you will cleanse your
stomach of undigested luuil aud foul
gusts; the excess bile Irom the liver
and the waste matter trom the intestines and bowels by the use of
the great fruit, kidney, liver, stomach and bowel remedy.
At all dealers 25 and 50 cent boxes
or mailed by Tho Pig 1'ill Co., Kt.
Thomas, Ont.
Sold by The Cranbrook ]>rug and
Rook Co., Ltd.
Plie hoys are '.working Jjaxd tn pet
e riiik in shape, and play Uii'lriMst
(lie knme nn .Inn   lath with Waldo.
e mis IEST
(By Prod Rao),
Christmas at Elko was the best
ever from a business standpoint.
Fie Stores did a ripping busineess,
ami the headache factories broke all
previous records, and the City Ilnst-
ilc.,remaiud vacant throughout the I
whole festivities.
Business ' was very quiet after
Christmas and New Years jlyas that
quiet the Cows ignored the pound
laws and came in to hear the news.
The Walnut Valley and Fort Steele
Special Mixed is running some of the
time and walking the rest-
There is considerable building goiiiig
pn'in Elko at the present time.
Charlie Klingensinith, wtib Is bathing the Briny off" tne golden shoers
of California during the winter,' writes from Redondo Beach, asking if
the' report is true that the Walriuit
Valley and Skoocumchuek' Special
beat the fold Molasses Limited fidm]
Waldo to Elko'; Christmas Day.
Tlie Ladies Guild gave a New
Year's'"Eve Dance in the Grand Opera
House. The ' Elko String Hani ( I
pieces) supplied the music, a'pleasant
time was spent hy all participants
C. .J. Ryf'ey, of International fume;
was seen in KVko one nay lastwp.'k.
A. .1. Carter, Loco. Engr. nf thr
Pirte'Valley'Central, Qallowuvj visited his family in Elko Sunday.
Contractor Dave Easlon has returned from Regina where he has been inspecting some property hf was ifiiiik
ing of purchasing.
Rvcii If you have-a, luxuriant head
of hair, you may want to know
whether it is in n healthy condition
or riot. !>8 per cent of the people
need a hair tonic.
Pull n hair out of your head, if the
bulb at. the end of the root is white
ami .shrtiiikieu, it proves that the hair
is diseased and requires prompt, attention if its loss would he avoided.
If the hulh is pink and full, the hair
is healthy.
We want everyone whose hair re-
uuires Iretttmonl to try Hexali "03."
Hair Tonic. We promise that it
shall not cost anything if it does not
give satisfactory results. It is designed to overcome dandruff, relieve
scalp irritation, to stimulate tho
hair roots, lighten the hair already
in the head, grow hair ami overcome
baldness. ■
It is because of what Hexali "M"
Hair Tonic has done and our sincere
faitli iu its goodness that we want
you to try it at Our risk. Two sizes
inc. and $1.00. Sold only at our
store—The Rexall Store, The Bcattio
Murphy Co., Ltd.
About twenty people .
Mew   Year's   Dance at
Elko,    ami report
Ucietr-l  ihe
Waldo from
a very    |";ms.ui
Elko is fasl becoming the centre of
vast stretches of real >;3'.U\ fruit
farms and bungalow sites.
Charming Bill Peach was visiting
his sister, Miss Sarah Peach -if il'O
Columbia Hotel, last -V3fti:
If, as the newspapers'sLite, we are
soon going to have anbflur Dominion
■Election, "we can see- - where Bobby
GteenV Martin nurr-.ll .i: » .few
more doughheads will be hunting new
'At a general meeting last week,
the Elko Hockey Club organized for
this "season and have entered a team
in'tfre Kootenay Hockey League witn
Waldo and Galloway. The following
officers were elected:—
Honorary president, Fred Roo;
honorary vice president. C. A.
Klingensmith; president, Jos. Austin;
vice president.-C. E. Ayre, Si*.-; secretary-treasurer, R. II. S'nclah;
manager, .1. W. Kerr, captain, Gibson Tbdhunter.
Copies of an address given by Mr.
X. W. Rowell, K.C, leader of the
Liberal party in Ontario, on ''What
Liberalism Has Done for Canada,"
before the Montreal Reform club, on
November 10th, last, will be ready
for free distribution in a short time
Trom the Central Liberal Information
office, 63 Sparks street, Ottawa. Any
person desiring a copy of this ad-
drtss.will receive it at once on writing to the information office.
In this address Mr. Rowell gave a
careful outline of the work done by
the Liberal party in shaping the destinies of Canada, not only in her domestic affairs, but also in her relations with the mother country and
the rest of thc empire, especially
with regard to the development of
political and trade relations and Canada's share in the problems of defence. He particularly showed the
effect of the Liberal principles on the
main events, in Canadian history—
the early struggles for responsible
government.. Canadian confederation; Canada's evolution from a
colony to the status of a self-governing nation, and finally her entry into
imperial affairs with the creation of
the imperial conference.
Mr. Rowell lays stress upon the
nob.fe. work done by Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ier as bead of the Liberal party in
this national and imperial development, and shows that "It was the
trluniph of the federal principle—thc
Liberal principle—giving local autonomy- to the provinces that has made
possiblo tbe development of our Canadian Confederation as it is today;
and it is the extension of that principle to the other self-governing
Dominions of thc empire that has
made possible the growth and expansion under the British system of
government of harmonious co-operation with the motherland that we
witness today."
Mr. Howell's address throughout is
one of keen interest, and should bej
read hy all Liberals as an illuminative justification of their political
faith. .
I! you were told ol a ne*
discovery lor the treatment i
coughs, colds and bronchit.
as certain in its action on i.
chest troubles as anti-to-;in ;
on diphtheria, or vaccina lone
small-pox, wouldn't you U
like giving it a trial? Especial
if you country it lor filly cent
Peps is the discovery!
PeptarallUU liihluti, neatly wrc
ped in air and garni*proo, diverf
They contain certain m-diolnat lug
dienti, which, wln'u ptiuwd ujnn .
tongue, imon-diuiitly iurn Into v*pwi
and am at OHM broalhuil dowu tint »
paaugM to the limn*, till thoir lourtl-
tlioy ■oolhe the iufliimed tuul En Ul
itiMiihraii.-t of the In tibial til «<•. t
dolicato walla of the air MltUgtH, a
finally entor and carry rullot and h"h
to tin oapillane* ami tiny a r iaua In t
lUDgfc „       ,
In a won!, while n-i liquid or tn
can get to the \n%* ft'id air pu ittft ■
thine Pnpa fiimca get thow dire«'l, oi
it once cmnmonci tlioir work of hualie
I'dubi.™ entirely diminot [unii I
old fashioned liquid coiiitli oliroa< with
are merely ■wallowed Into the Bloi-m
and never reach tlie lungs, repi it i
ment of OOUghl and ouldl iadiru.t trun
ment. , ,i
If you have not yet triiid I opsi
out Ihia aiti< le, writ's u.-i mh i
the name and dale of thii p per,
and mail it (with lu. Bt-n I..B ti
pay return putage) toPepi C ,
Toronto. A free trial path '
will   then    be   lent    )01,
East Kootenay District
Take notice that Alice Clcrtrtide
Morris, married woman, of Cran-
Jirook, D. C, intends to apply to
purchase the ' following described
Commencing about 40 chains south
and 120 chains east ol the south cast
orncr ol Lot (197(1, Croup One,
thence soutll forty chains, thence
west eighty chains, thence north
orty chains, thence east eighty
Alice Gertrude Morris.' •
.1. (I. Cuminings, Agent.
Dated December 7tli, 1(1)2.
East Kootenay District
Take notice tligt Stewart Morris,
urvoyor's assistant, o[ Cranbrook,
li. 0., intends to apply to purchase
thc following described land:
Commencing about ' forty chains
south and ciglity chains east of trie
south east corner of Lot 9970 O. Iv,
thence north forty chains; thence
west forty chains, thence south forty'
chains, thence east [orty chains.
Stcwa.t Morris.
J. O. Cummihgs, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
STUMP PULLERS, earth augctB,
well boring, take-up, cables, fixtures, self-opening and shutting gates
and doors, etc., manufactured. Write
•109 Burnsidc Road, Victoria, I). 0".-
Special 5-year arrangements to settlers for stump puller outfits, capacity up 3fl-inch green slumps, 6 ft.
trees; large area cleared at each sitting; 30 minutes to re-sit; prices $50
and upwards.
Turn idle hours into
concrete fence posts
EVERY fanner, finds himself now and'then with :i few idle
hours in wliich both himself and his help must look for "odd
"'■' jobs" tokeep'them busy. Use these hours to make concrete
fence posts. YoU cat. make a few at a time, storing them until needed. Then
wlicn you want n"fence- in the' new field, your posts—everlasting, concrete posts—
arc all ready to use. The making'of fence posts is only one of scores of every-day
use's for concrete on the farrn described in thc book,
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
NOTE'r-fTlria lgtV'jKigc book will'be sent to you free upon request. You do not have to agree
■„■,:, ..,»to use cement ,iir place yourself under any other obligation. Just send us yuur name
tf     ,   ..and add/ess.    ^Vddreis,
Publicity Manner
Canada Cement Company Limited
Tyi/'/MiTv* you   buy cement,   rememb r that the farmcrt of Canada
WW   have found thai "Canada" Cement in best.   Look for the label on THE   CBANBBOOK   HERALD
SIR EDMUND WALKER* C.V.O., 1.I..D, D.C.I.., Pr..ld.nt
(ifiumi Mniiiittcr Assistant O.nenil Mniiiiurr
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 HKST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive tbe
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of Ihe
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        S4
R. T. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook, B. C.
*********************************** **********
A  Good   Home
is what i» ilour to avery man. A home
in where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found, That iu tlie reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Oranbroolt" is mentioned think of the
provisions .loa. Bnuilt hus mutle for an
ideal lunne at tlie
Canadian Hotel
A Wise Legislator once said:
" If I hud my fray. I would write the word ' JNS.VHE
on the door of every bouse "
Remember, the neglect to insure to-day does not provide
for sickness or accident of to-morrow.
Spend five cents a day with us, and we will step in when
you are disabled. It means protection to you and your home.
Accident and Sick Benefit Policies
ar* real protection.   Let us add you to our list of Policyholders.
Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
Ageits International Casualty Company
P.O. Drawer 80
Phone 4H7
Phone : Seymour 7!tt0
Palace Hotel
HOI,1.INS IIUOS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER       -       B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms,. Every modern
convenience. Elevator service. Oafe in connection. Roomd
$l.oo per day and upwards,
Up-conntry visiters to the Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort at the Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants.
P-  BURNS & CO., LTD. |
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
Head Office.  CALGARY,  ALTA. 1
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
If You Want
Your house connected with (he new bmwwbkh system,
PHONE MO. Our work gmirantoed. Estimates of cost
cheerfully given,
The Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing   |
OLi\d Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
Were I     a    Canadian, said an Englishman    to     the     Turtmlo   Star,  I
should view    the proposed naval pol-
Icj  with grave disquiet and apprehension, if not, indeed,    with something
oppreaching to dismay. That is   not
tn   say   that   it [B    without   merit
from soma points of view   The British admiralty gains three new super-
Dreadnoughts— with the increased expense    attendant, on   its part,      of
manning   and   maintaining tbe same.
The British people, who foot the the
lull for the last two items, are    reassured of  what they    have always
well known   they    could depend on—
Canada's aid in time of need.     Complete   control   is   left with Downing
street—and Downing street, ever, (or
practical purposes, the same,     loves
complete control.    So far so good—
for the United   Kingdom.  But where
do Canada   and   the  Canadian come
There arc  certain conditions       in
which a monetary gift from one country to another may reflect kudos    on
the giver.    A gift of money by    an
immensely wealthy nation like Oreat
Britain to one of her colonies or   dependencies, for example, would be
sort of   Christmas  box    or   "tip,
which a daughter might well, without
loss of self-respect, accept from    an
affectionate   mother.      But a monetary    gift from   one nation   which,
however potentially rich, is still, at
this   moment,      immeasurably   less
wealthy than the one to whom      tbe
gift is made, savors, and, howsoever
speciously disguised, must savor,    of
tribute.    And   for    my part, I have
always fondly   believed that it    was
one of the chief glories of the British
empire—as      distinguished   from all
other   empires, either past or    contemporary—that nothing in the    nature of tribute was exacted from any
of   its     component     self-governing
parts.    Were it otherwise, indeed, it
would seem to many of us impossible
to reconcile the theory of empire   in
which,   happily,   we loyally believe,
with the principle of nationality, the
sentiment of  nationality,    and    tins
consciousness   of   what   must be, in
each of the Dominions of the King, a
separate   past,   present, ami future,
history.     And that reflection brings
me to my next point.    Which is that
the proposed naval policy makes   not
for the   enlargement, but for       the
narrowing, of   the Canadian national
spirit, by impoverishing    tbe latter,
which should be, and is, capable    of
forming the most    fruitful field    for
the cultivation of that larger    patriotism to which a sane Canadian ism
must lead, and   which must, in turn,
he represented by a sane imperialism.
In vain shall you try to feed      tbe
heart of   the empire by starving     a
nation's soul.     It is because I   consider   that    (however  undesignedly)
this will be tlie likely effect of     tbe
Borden policy that    I should, were 1
a Canadian,    determinedly oppose it,
and mainly on    that specific ground.
It impinges on that principle of unity
in diversity    to    which   the empire
owes its peculiarly   distinctive cohesion.     If,      and so far    as, It dors
that, it is not a forward, but a    retrograde st^p in the history of    tbe
relations of tbe Dominions with   tbe
mother    country.      "Father      said
'Turn,' and we all turned,"'.is not
pood scheme    of family government,
when thc family—whether ol children
or of nations—has reached tbe grown
up stage.    A Canadian navy, ot  tbe
kind favored   by Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
although   possibly along more generous lines, must   inevitably have fostered—if   for   no   other   reason, because it   was   Canada's   own bairn,
horn and nurtured    of her—a patriotic   sentiment   which,   in   its turn,
would have embraced the   empire of
which thc navy—the Canadian navy-
would have    formed a self-manned, a
self-maintained, and   a self-sufficient,
unit of defence.    A Borden contribution will,  on thc other band,   mean
the repression of this peculiar interest which Canada would have shown
in her    own bantling,   reared under
her own eyes,    and,   perhaps,       on
second thoughts, some resentment at
the enforced deprivation which    has
heen done her in    tho name ot    en>
But, it is said, Canada will have a
member on the committee at imperial defence, and so will have some
control, in return for her contribution, over the policies which may
lead to wars. Could any more futile kind ol control be imagined? One
representative out of fourteen or fifteen—about half of whom will be
British cabinet ministers, and the
remainder experts of various kinds,
while all of them must, of necessity,
he hetter versed, in matters alike of
foreign affairs and of Imperial defence, than the Canadian member,
coming fresh to it all, can possibly
hope to be! What sort of weight Is
his voice—even if he finds it-likely
to carry in a committee of that
kind? If he dissents from a con*
cluslan, he is almost certain to be
outvoted—for this committee, so fat
as the general public knows, has always been characterized by apprort-
aate nnxntty. If he agrees, at
once the argument   can be set up fos'
further contributions, emergency
otherwise, that Canada's representative concurred in the expenditure
which may be rendered necessary.
And yet, even at thc most, the committee is but an advisory body practically appointed by the British
premier of the day. Still, it is not
unlikely that from it may spring a
sort of imperial executive committee
—in which case the last stage of
Canada, as regards the likelihood of
her being dragged, willy-nilly, into
the whirlpool of European militarism, will be worse than the first. It
will, of course, be argued that the
' 'emergency" contribution means
nothing of all this—that no question
ol the restriction of selt-govcranient
fs involved, that Canada will no
more than heretofore be embroiled in
the militarist squabbles of tbe powers. That is as it may be. Self-
government is one of those tilings of
which it is easier to yield up an ell
than to regain an inch. And sometimes It is wiser—and yet not disloyal—to "paddle your own canoe"
than to be a passenger on a great
big man-of-war.
OIVEN to the Electors ol the Municipality ot tbe City oi Crsnbrouk
and t require the presence oi tho
said Erectors, at the Municipal offices
on Norbary Avenue, in tbe City of
Cranbrook, on the 13th day ol January, 1913, at 12 o'clock noon (1 p.m.
local time) (or the purpose ol circling persons to represent them in the
Municipal Council as Mayor and Aldermen, and public notice is further
given to the electors ol the Cranbrook School District that I require
the presence ot tbe said electors at
tb* same place and time lor the
purpose ot electing persons to represent them on tbe Board of School
Trustees for the Cranbrook School
District as such School Trustees.
Tbe mode of nomination ot candidates shall be as follows:
"The candidates shall be uoialnuteil
in writing, the writing shall he sub
scribed by two voters ol the Municipality, as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to thc Returning
Officer at any time between tbe date
of tbe notice and 2 p.m. (3 p.m. local
time) ot the day of nomination; and
in the event ol a poll being necessary, such poll wilt be opened on
the 16th day of Januaty, 1913, at
the Municipal Offices, Norbury
Avenue, Cranbrook, u. C, from tbe
hour ot 9 o'clock a.m. (10 o'clock
local time) and 1 p.m. (8 p.m. local
time) of which every person is hereby
required to take notice and govern
himself accordingly*
Tbe qualifications hy law required
to be possessed by the candidates for
the office ol Mayor are as follows:
The persons qualified to be
nominated for and elected as Mayor
of the city shall be such persons as
are male British subjects of the full
age ol twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding tne day ot nomination the registered owner - in tbe Land ltesistry
OlDce, of land or real property la the
City of tbe assessed value on tbe last)
Municipal Assessment Roll, of One
Thousand Dollars ar more over unit
above any registered Judgment or
charge, sad who are otherwise duly
qualified as Municipal voters. (1906,
C. 38, S. 14).
Tbe qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidate! for
tbe office ol Aldermen are as follows:
Tbe persons qualified to no nominated lor and elected as Aldermen of
tbe City shall be such persons as are
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one years and are not disqualified under any law, and lave
been for the six months next preceding the day ol nomination the registered owner in tbe Land Kegllitry
Office ot land or. real property in the
City of tbe assessed value on ihe
last Municipal Assessment Roll of
Five Hundred Dollars or more over
and above any registered judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qualified as Municipal voters. (190V,
C. 12, S. 14).
Tbe qualifications by law required
to be possessed hy the candidates for
the office ot School Trustee an as
Any person Being a householder In
tne School District and being a British subject of the full age ol. twenty-
one years and! otherwise qualified by
this Act to viote at an election of
School Trusts** In the School District, shall be eligible to be elected
or to serve as: a School Trustee in
such Municipal District. (1905, C« 44,
S. 32).     (190(6, C. 19, S. 25).
No Trustee shall hold the office of
teacher within the District of which
be Is a Truktec, provided always,
that no clergyman of any denomination shall be eligible for the position
of Snperinte ident, Inspector, Teacher
or Trustee.     (1905, C. 44, S, '109)
Househol Her," in the ease of Municipal Schoo 1 District shall mean and
include any person of the full age of
twenty-one years who occupies a
dwelling, t mement, hotel or boarding
house, or an; part or portion of
a dwelling,. tenement, hotel, or boarding house, ■ and who shall, unless
exempt by Statue or Municipal By-
Law, nave* .paid directly to the Municipality, n tes, taxes or fees of not
ha* thn. t«)o dollar, for tk* current
year.    (1906, C 39, S. 2).
Given under my bund- ut the City
of Crunbruok, this 26th day of December, All. 1912. I
l-2t Returning Officer.
District of South East Kootenay.
TAKE    NOTICE      that    Robert
James Crooks, of Cranbrook, occupation Baggageman,  intends    to apply ]
for permission to purchase the    following described lands:
Commencing at the south east corner of lot six thousand three hundred
and forty-five (6345), group one (1);
thence west eighty (80) chains, more
or less, to the east boundary of lot
eight thousand five hundred and forty)
one (8541), thence south ten (10)
chains, more or less, to the north
boundary of lot six thousand two
hundred and forty-three (6243),
Uroup One (1); thence east eighty
(69) chains, more or less, to a point
due south of the point of commencement; thence north ten (10) chains,
more or less, to the point of commencement, containing, forty (40)
acres, more or less.
Robert James Crooks.
Dated November 28th, 1912.   48-9t
Notice ol Application for   the    Approval ef Works.
TAKE NOTICE that the British
Columbia Southern Railway Company, will apply to the Comptroller
of Water Rights fot the approval of
the plans ot the works to be constructed for the utilization of tlie
water from Moyie River, which the
applicant is, hy Penult No. 32 authorised to take, store, and use lor
and make surveys necessary for the
construction ot works.
The plans and particulars requited
by substation (1) ol section 70 ol the
Water Act" as amended have been
filed with the Coiuptruller oi Muter
Rights at Victoria und witli the
Water Recorder ut Cruubrook, B.C.
Objecttoss to the application may
be filed with tbe Comptroller ol
Water Rights, l'arliauient Buildings,
Dated at Cranbroola, B.C., this
30th day ot November, 1912.
W. F. Ourd,
50-4t Agent of the Applicaat.
District of South East fflootenar.
TAKE NOTICE that John Stanley
Peck, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Employment Agent, intends to
apply tor permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about 20 chains in a westerly direction trom the north-west corner cf
T. L. 6575; thence 80 chains west,
more or less, to tbe east boundary of
lot 6231; thence north 40 chains,
more or less, to the south boundary
ot lot (288; thence east 10 chains,
more or less, to the northwest corner of lot 9234; thence south 40
chains, more or less, to the southwest corner ol lot 9334; thence east
80 chains, more or less, to the point
due north of the point of commencement; thence sbutb 10 chains, more
or less, to tbe point ot commence-
best, containing 200 acres, more or
John Stanley Peck.
Dated November 23rd, 1912.    49-9t
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt .Strvict Ntw Car:
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A ftliablaPrmh relator: itvtrlatlt. Then
Villi ara •iCMOlnt].y pwMflul In itfuUtinf the
gtMtailv* portion ol Uf Iwuiltiyittn. Kafutc
all cl.tap Imitations.   Dr. do ▼»'• ara sold at
aAttONSft ~- fttUWKttS
Tor sale at Btattt. Murphy 4 Co.
Maternity Nurse
Gaadnate of Queen   Charlotte'*  Hon
pita), laondon. England
P.alients attended, Town or Country
Address P. U. Bos 112, or IM.one.MC.
by the
How you smack your lips over the delicious tang of a
golden "Sunkist" orange! Breakfast would be a black
without it.
"Sunkist" arc the finest selected oranges grown. Seedless,
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paper, and packed by gtoved hands. Cleatuit ol all fruits.
"Sunkist" 1 emoni on Fish and Meats
"Sunkist" lemons are the finest fruit selected from tbe
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'Sunkist" Orange Spoon
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I * » I••*-*♦ *
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prottrt yoorwH bybuj
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N.B.—Wehera &WAKF stoek in Uelntosb IM. wealthy, Jonathan] Cex's
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Frw export advice to fruit growers by Prof. A. Van Hoklerbeke,
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Chartered CompsDie. a
W.». Ai.i.sts E. H.BHITH
P.O. Box 1140
atuoN   •   •   i.c.
TJM MM wcunvtK, HUM' Hri onlr Ua*k»* U-1"'
mi m* omit* wm *!«***
MZ\\t •tfitbrrt #t?*w»r"
MaMsxt  nKK   tn Bus** taWn*!**!  In   H»» tun
ustiiiwiuaiM.mw tout
I,. Si mtr-ri OnMi. W< a r^.i^iM. MS
...*r w. •"«. •"'» *"" r»i ii-"< •" »h"'"
4ulu. lp ^1 th* M.rb.t* uf II.. W-rM I" A».»I«M
*■« Pan. lUMMMa '• """ll ■■""M *J
III IU..) Ill   "---■■"-"" ^•"l-1-
Aaattaai *•» fura
MILK      MILK       MILK
Experience Ims taught us every precaution for th* production of the' highest crude of milk. We feel sure that Mt
trial «ill prove this.
J. A. PRINGLE, Prop'r
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have some Gilt Edged original Prairie Townsites
(not sub-divisions), which appeal to the intelligent investor, and »e intend to put on tin extensive advertising campaign in ORANBROOK as soon as we complete arrangements with a fust-class man, who can follow up inquiries.
We mail the district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and very profitable position. Apply H. W. McOurdy, 502 Tempi* Building, Toronto.
Incorporate, 1«fJ0
Capital Paid Up Sii.soo.oon Reserve $12,500,000        J
II. S. UOI.T, President      K. L PEASE, General Maniger
Aoaonntiof Firms, Corporations und Individuals solicited.
Out-of town buslnsis receives every attention.
8AVINGB DEPARTMENT- Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received
and Interest allowed nt current rate.   No formality or delay in
a General itHnkinu 1.u-.n----11:ui~m'i**<i.
Cranbrook branch : T. B. 0'CONNELL, Miugcr THE   CKAN ctltf.iDKUKttAI.iD
Hv ine
. Deant',
Publishing Company,
Managing f-Mitur.
CltANBKOOK, B. C, January •». TO
Owing to schedule changes in the
l(*g;il rat* at Victoria and consequent changes iu the various papers
throughout the province the Herald
announces that beginning with January 1st. the following charges will 'ministration given us during the past
he made for advertising ail legal n<>- ' 12 months, there can he but little
tices:    Application for liquor license,   (|0iibt  that Mr. A. C.    Howness will
ihe appeals being made lo ihe thluk-
ing electors in favor of Mr. Santo fu
preference In .Mr. A. 0. Howness.
Iu our opinion Mr, Santo is iu
every personal respect a creditable
ean-didate, and, could he demonstrate
tlie possession of accurate knowledge
of civic administration, it might well'
be that, tbe ratepayers would seize
the opportunity to make radical
changes at the City Hall. However,
l here is nothing to even hint nf practical business efficiency in the admin-
istrat of the City, in either the literature so far circulated, or in the
street canvass of the Santo workers.
Under these circumstances, and in
the  light of the     good   business ad-
$6j00; liquor license transfer, $8.50;
land purchase, J7.U0; land lease,
$7.00; certificate of improvement, Hi
tents per line first insertion and T>
cents each subsequent insertion; delinquent co-ownership notice, 10 cents
and 5 cents; duplicate certificate, in
cents and 5 cents; water notice, 10
cents aud 5 cents, coal and petroleum
notice, Jfi.00. 51-tI
In the course of an eight .column
Interview, published iu the local
government organs, Premier McBride
extends wbai be terms a New Year
itfessagu to Ihe people of British
Columbia. Careful perusal of this
lengthy and verbose message fails to
disclose any knowledge on Hie pari
of thc premier of tbe existence of
South East Kootenay as an important section of the great province ol
British Columbia.
It is a remarkable thing that the
premier of tbe province, should give
out sucli a statement as we refer to,
published iu the Nelson News of Jan.
1st, and will, undoubtedly he pu*
Halted in pamphlet form and circulated wherever the government has
immigration agents stationed, in Kn-
gland, tbe United States and through
out Kastem Canada. In the course
id his long message, the premier lias
much to say auent tbe various res
nurces of the province, enumerating
this and that point as being of spe
eiul Importance, having reference t>
some vast area of undeveloped oi
partially developed wealth, hut of
the resources of South Kast Koote
nay, of the magnilteent si retches tu'
lumber, thousand of acres of agriml
tural lands, known to be the best iu
the province, and of its proved nun
eral wealth, the premier has never a
word to say. Why is this so'' Is it
because he has such a supreme emit
empt for the electors of this section
that be believes lie can treat Heir
ambitions and aspirations with 'vl.al
appears in be studied neglect"' No
portion of the province has been tiion
loyal to the McBride government
than this of South Bast Kootenay.
It has been practically unanimous in
its support of premier McBride anil
his government and by way of sho.v
ing his appreciation of the trust thus
imposed in him, he ignores it all to
gether in the course of what purports
to be a review of the development oi
the province during the past twelve
Premier McBride has probably some
recollection of the worm that turned
lie may have iiis memory relccshed
in a very practical manner, next time
electors of South East Kootcnnj
have the opportunity of expressing
an opinion at the polls.
, Tlie Herald is free to confess that
the progress of the present Municipal
Campaign leaves it precious little of
a substantial character upon which
to comment, There has been no public meeting and the only definite issues WO have, in so far as they can
be so designated, before us, are contained in a number id letters and
special campaign articles, published
elsewhere in this issue and coining
from both sides iu the Mayoralty
contest. Careful perusal of what
may be termed the Santo propaganda
discloses an unfortunate carelessness
in the making .if charges, notably
with regard lo tlie Water Works.
Examination of the public accounts
and the statement recently issued by
tbe Council, audited by. Mr. .John
Cholditch. does not warranl the assertions contained in some ot Mr.
Santo's literature regarding the Water works being conducted at a loss.
There are other instances of this sort
of thing, whloh cannot but have the
effect of   minimizing   the influence of
be reelected for another term, and
that the bulk of his council will include the men who have subscribed to
his platform.
Kditur of the "Cranbrook Herald"
Dear Sir,—
Will you kindly allow me space in
your valuable paper to contradict
the report that was so strongly circulated that I had taken an active
part iu the last Dominion Election
while acting as Postmaster, at Kim-
bcrley. This report was started by
the two so called leading Conservatives in Kimberley for-the express purpose of bringin about my dismissal
pose of bringing about my dismissal
Postmuster; which they finally
succeeded iu doing against the protest
succded in doing against the protest
signed by one hundred and eight citizens of Kimberley. There was a report to the effect that I was out
electioneering. This can lie proven to
be false.
Iu consideration of the above facts,
ami in justice to myseff, 1 believe
that a thorough investigation should
have heen held V> enquire into tbe
facts of the case, and I am positive
that should such a course have been
taken I could easily have refuted any
of the above false accusations.
I would ask the Conservative Party
iu fair play to myself and to the
constituents of Kimberley, to appoint
a Commission to make an investigation of this affair.
Thanking you for space In your paper, I rema'in,
Respect fully yours,
Thomas Summers.
The timber resources of Quebec are
enormous, though greatly diminished
in past years by forest fires. The
privately owned timber lands comprise aboui U,Odd,UIHl acres and are
able to supply 500,000 to 1,000,000
cords of wood per annum for years to
come. The Island of Anticosti alone
is able to produce 8(1,000 to 100,000
cords per annum for years, a good
portion of which, however, will probably he converted into pulp in the
near future, a's a large mill os now
process of predion there. Pulp
Is are also iu process of construction in other parts of this district,
so that the pulp industry, especially
n this district, is bound to witness
i great boom in tbe near future.
Tbe public schools reopened on
Monday morning of this week for the
summer term. At tlie general Public School, Principal Cranston reports thai the attendance was about
the same as laslyeur. It is a little
too early in the year for uew pupils
to come in.
The manual training school has also
resumed work, under thc capable and
painstaking supervision of Mr. A. H.
But the most interesting thing of
all in connection with our local educational system, is that the line new
school building, to the southwest of
the centre of the city, is open and
well attended by some 34 children,
many of whom would have been unable to attend school during the winter months, had it not been for the
addition of this building, so situated
as to meet the requirements of a
large number of settlers upon the
bills, as well many of _ the citizens,
residing in that section of the city.
Last winter a number of their children did not attend school at all, it
hoing too cold and too long a walk
for youngsters to make. Now everything is more comfortable for all
The new building is a large, sub-
tan-tial, red brick and concrete structure. The two large class rooms, 30
x 27, with ceilings 14 feet, splendidly
ventilated by large windows, are as
handsome and commodious as can be
seen anywhere. There is also a large
basement, half of which is devoted to
tbe beating apparatus, tbe other half,
vacant just at present, should make
a splendid play room for the children
in stormy and particularly cold weather. Miss Kothnie is principal ol
the new school, and she is very proud
of the scene of her new labors and of
the bright bunch ol little ones she
has under her care.
To Our Customers
Because it is nufiilr
for us to tllke all the
credit fur tlie success
we've Humeri iu 11112 i
—for us to iisBUiue thut
our unaided efforts are responsible for tlie progress
we've iniule in the lust
twelve mouths ;
for us In suppose thut
limit hiiuil played no part
in the production of results thut have been ho
pleasing to us;
—We would otter yotl a most
lively appreciation for the
cooperation you have
(liven us.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
Norbury Avenue
Sacrifice Sale
132 feel frontage on Norbury, and 122 feet on Edward. Positively the best
available close iu corner
iu the City.
Price $2,000.00
Better nee
Half Cash
this at once.
lively by
Chapman Land 4lnv Co.
Two doors from  the Kox Theatre
Sundays—Low mass at 8.3fl a.m..
niili mass, HI.HO a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 'i p.m.; Rosary and He tie-
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at fi a.m. at the
P, Plamondon, O.M.I.
Rev. 0. K. Kendall, pastor
Services II a. in. and 7:30 p. m
Tbe topic of Ihe morning service will
be."The Model Church Member." In
the evening the topic will lie, "Thc
Clean Heart, tbe Revelation of the
need of it, tbe method of obtaining it
the joy, and power of possessing it,
tbe means of sustaining it.
A new hymn book has been introduced and a song service will be held
in thc evening. Hymns that all can
learn and sing will be used. All are
Pastor, W. Kelmnn Thomson
Morning service. 11 a. m. Sunday
school and Bible class, 3 p. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m. The annual
Congregational meeting will take
place in the church on Wednesday
evening, .Jany. 22d, at 8 p. m. A lull
attendance of the member* and adherents is requested. Business important.
Rev. W. Klson Dunham, Pastor
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach al 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.
Morning subject, "Spiritual Impoverishment". Kvening subject, "Municipal Administration." A pre-election meditation.
Tflere will be special pipe organ
Slid vocal selections at tbe e.vening
service.    All are united to attend.
On Tuesday afternoon a lire alarm
came in from Hurwell ave., intimating that the residence ol Albert Slater was alire. With their customary
despatch the lire brigade were quickly
on hand. The fire had, however, in
he tew minutes that had elapsed,
obtained a strong hold on the upper
portion of the building, and despite
the praiseworthy energy ol thc fire
brigade could not be got under control for quite a long while. I'nfort
unately a large proportion of the furniture, etc., was destroyed or badly
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Slater were
out of town at thc time of the fire
returning home late last night to
learn that their dwelling place was
practically uninhabitable and that the
greater part ol their furniture was
lit only for the scrap heap.
Fortunately there was insurance on
both thc house and the contents. It
Is surmised that the fire oecured
through an overheated flume connecting the furnace witb an upstairs
room. A fire had been lighted
in the furnace earlier in
the afternoon by Mr. Frank Detail,
who hanked it up and left everything
apparently sate. Within twenty minutes of so doing, the lire broke out
with results as above.
Word has been received in the city
of thc death of Mrs. Olive II. Prest
at Saskatoon, on Tuesday ufternoon
at  I o'clock, of cancer,
Mrs. Prest was engaged, with her
husband, who predeceased her, in the
photographic business in this city
Mrs. Prest developed great talent In
this work. She was a very charming
woman and everybody In Cranbrook
in thc days of her residence thought
very highly of her. Her son Cecil
was the first city clerk of Cranbrook
Mr. Prest Sr. died here in Oct. 1902
Young Prest is now engaged in the
real estate business in Saskatoon.
The Hoyal Black Knights of Ireland
held their annual meeting and election,
of officers in their hall on Baker St.
the other evening, and elected thc following officers for the ensuing year.
S. L. Williams W. P., R. A. Kraser
I). P., .las. Hlslop, Chap. R. S. Oat-
rett, Hegistrar, F. W. Swain, Treas.
Thos. (Jood, 1st Leet., W. H. Brown,
2nd, Lecl. E, J. Reburn. 1st Censor,
W. O. Hay ward, 2nd Censor, Brio
Olsen, 1st. S. B., Waller V. Jackson;;
2nd. S, B., S. T. Kvans; Pursuivant,
.Jos. E. Mills O. T. Committee A.
I). Horsman, .las. Finlay, T. Hors-
m-an, A. R. Rodgers, I>. .1. Williams,
Thou. Marks, W. I.. Allen.
Trustees: V. W. Swain, A. D. Horsman, R. A. Fraser.
(Continued from page one.)
WyclifTe, there are thousands of
acres of land ready for mixed farming, grazing and fruit lands, u WyclifTe, eight miles out of Cranbro.ik
K. L: Staples A Co. have '100 acres
in farm crops and nine acres .if irrigated gardens. Onions, cabbage, celery, beets, turnips, parsnips, carrots,
lettuce, radishes and every kind of
vegetable grow here in abumLmee.
''We have had an exceptionally good
season and are quite satisfied with
results," said Mr. Staples. Tho bulk
of our products were disposed of in
the lumber camps and we had no difficulty in disposing of the surplus.
Prices were certainly lower this year
than hitherto, but a man who siud-
ies his business carefully can i.-ake
money even at this year's jiriccs.
Calgary took three carloads of cabbage and four carloads of potatoes
from us this year, and our riot
houses are well stocked with ;.ll
kinds of garden vegetables. V'e are
storing five carloads of .potatoes, six
carloads of sugar beets, about Ui.OOO
head of cabbage, 701) bushels of onions, 20,000 bead of celery, .csides
all the surplus garden vegetables
raised. The climate here is splendid
for vegetable growing. We have kept
onions in the ground all the winter
and are able to pick them green in
the early spring.
At Marysville, Peter Lund has
1,000 acres of tbe higher! quality of
soil, 120 acres being under r.iitiva-
lion. This Spring 2"> acres of the
old land was plowed and sown to
oats and 20 acres plowed '.bis fall
and sown to fall wheat and timothy.
In thc spring f>5 aires were , ai to
potatoes, four carloads of which were,
shipped and the remainder pUcid in
the root houses awaiting better
prices. Five acres were planted with
apple trees this spring, With the exception of four tnes, all survived.
They have grown well and are in a
healthy condition. Never at anytime has there been any difficulty in
marketing the crops, which found
ready buyers at Fernie, Cranbrouk,
Crows Nest, Galloway, Bull River
and Kimberley, with continual enquiries from l.etbbridge and s<»i.;h;
also Macleod and Calgary.
With new Industries und increasing
population it is calculated that I'ran-
brook at present is compelled lo import nearly DO per cent of the foodstuffs consumed, and it is thought
that it will be fully 10, if not liO,
years before the immediate surrounding districts will be in a position to
supply tbe whole demand and have
anything like a large [Umiit
Shipment to the prairies.
To our mining potentialities the
News pays special attention Mid in
an able article sets forth tbe ureal
things that have already been accomplished and the ultimate inspects, in this direction, l\-r the future.
Ladies and Gentlemen.—I lieg tu
uller myself as a candidate lor Ald-
inan. Assuring you ol my determination to work earnestly and faithfully for the welfare and progress nf
I lie City of Cranbrook il honored
with a majority of your votes.
Yours faithfully;,
11. ('. CARR.
Ladies and Gentlemen.—I beg to
offer myself as a candidate for Aid-
man. Assuring you of my determination to work earnestly and faithfully for the welfare and progress of
the City of Cranbrook if honored
with a majority id your votes.
Yours faithfully,
Laities and Gentlemen.—I beg to
offer myself as a candidate for Aid-
man. Assuring you of my determination to work earnestly anil faithfully for tin- welfare and progress of
the City of Cranbrook if honored
with a majority of your votes.
Yours faithfully,
Ladies and Gentlemen.—I beg to
offer myself as at candidate .for Aid-
man. Assuring you of my determination to work earnestly and faithfully for the welfare and progress of
the City of Cranbrook if honored
with a majority, of your votes.
Yours faithfully,
Ladies and Gentlemen.—1 beg to
offer myself as a candidate for Aid-
man. Assuring you of my determination to work earnestly and faithfully for the welfare and progress of
Ihe City of Cranbrook if honored
with a majority of your votes.
Yours faithfully,
It has been brought to my attention that a statement is being
circulated around town that I have stated I did not want to see any
Railroad men on the Council.   This is an absolute falsehood.
What I did say, at the so-called Compromise Meeting. In discussing the propused names of Candidates on both Tickets, with
fir. McFarlane, was, that owing to the difficulty in obtaining a
quorum, it would be inadvisable to have too many Railroad men on
the Council.
I feel sure that any Railroad man who has been on the Council
will agree with my views on this matter.
I might mention also that rir. W. F. Cameron was requested lo
offer himself for re-election, but finally decided he did not have the
time to do justice to the City or himself.
Cranbrook District.
TAKE NOTICE that Annie Mac-
aulcy, of Cranbrook, AC, occupation nurse, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land:'
Cofttmenciog at a post planted at
the N. W. corner of Lot 10086, Q. \.,
thence north 50 chains, more or less,
to the southwest corner of Lot 3552,
O.l.; thence east 40 chains; thence
south'60 chains, more or less, to the
N. E. corner of Lot 10086, G.I.;
thence west 10 chains, more or less
to point of commencement, contain.
ing 200 acres, more or less.
Annie Mncuuley, Applicant,
.1. $. Cumuiings, Agent.
Staked Dec. 111th, 1*12. f»2-»t*
Ladies and Gentlemen.—I beg to
offer myself as a candidate for Aid-
man. Assuring you of my determination to work earnestly and faithfully for the welfare and progress of
'.he City of Cranbrook if honored
with a majority of your votes.
Yours faithfully,
To Hie Electors,
Ladies and Gentlemen:—
I have been requested by a number
of prominent ratepayers to allow
my name to be placed before you once
more as a Candidate for tbe ollice of
I have consented, and I trust that
my record in the past, both as Alderman and Mayor, is such that I can
confidently rely on your vote and
My attention hap, been drawn to a
circular letter dated January 4th.,
issued to the Electors on behalf of
Mr. Santo and bis siipporlers. As
tho statements contained therein
show such a lack of knowledge of Municipal Affairs, I only intend to refer
to same very briefly.
With regards to tlie proposed compromise. I might say that I met
Mr. McFarfaue and discussed this
matter, and he submitted a list ot
ten persons whom his party were
willing to support, from which he
wanted me to agree that he and his
associates should decide finally as to
who the three should be. I told Mr.
McFarlane that I could not make any
definite arrapgements as there were
other parties to be considered. He
also stated for his part that he
could make no promise that any arrangement which might be agreed
upon, would be acceptable to his party as the majority of them were anxious for a light. It was mutually
agreed that thc meeting was to las
treated as confidential, yet it will be
seen how much be has respected this
confidence. I therefore feel that I
am at liberty to place before you a
statement of the facts in fairness to
myself and my supporters.
It is true that taxes arc high and
tbe reason is that we have better
schools, water and sewer systems
than any Town of our size in Canada
and Craiibook is unsurpassed by any
Town in her extremely low death
A further word regarding taxes. It
might be pointed out that the
amount levied by direct taxation
last year was $-10,161.95. The
amount expended over which the
Council had no control was $30,303.
40, being made up of Debenture repayments und School Board requirements. The Debentures have heen
voted on by Ratepayers and arc necessarily a fixed charge over which
the present Council or the ensuing
Council hnve nothing to do but to
pay. i
With regard to the assessment |
([iicstiun, I may say that if there has
been any discrimination (I know of
none) the responsibility rests entirely
with the Court of Revision, not the
Assessor. As a matter of fact there
were not a dozen appeals last year
against improvements.
1 also notice that a reference is
made to the $500.00 Bond required by
Plumbers under the Plumbing By-
Law, and the inference is that such
a bond enables the local plumbers to
charge what they like and preven*s
outside competition. This is very
misleading; these bonds can be obtained from an Indemnity Insurauce
Company for the small sum of $10.00
per annum.
Tbe sole purpose of the bond clause
which appears in every by-law of any
City of any size in Canada, is for the-
protection of the public health. If
bewer work is improperly conducted,
there is great danger of infection
in fact, as much danger as under the
old cesspool system and the object
of putting that clause in the by-law-
is, as I say, to protect the public.
Why an annual fee ot $10.00 should
prevent any reputable plumber from
carrying on business in Cranbrook is
heyond my comprehension.
I, too, believe in public ownership,
whether it be a non-revenue producing one like the sewerage .system, or
a revenue producer like the Water
Works. With regards to the latter,
an extraordinary statement is made
that the water system is being run
at a loss. What are the facts; take
the last two years:—
Ull   ....
...   19,563.811
...   19,728.(16
..   $89,292.53
6,1112 30
Net gain two years...
Less repayments on account
of original   Debentures ... 11,234,00
Actual net profit over all
cost for running expenses and repayment of money borrowed to buy the
.plant    $16,838.62
Of course some considerable capital
charges have been incurred but whoever heard of a business man writing
his capital investments againt his
profit and loss account. Nevertheless
even if these capital investments are
taken into consideration there is still
ft a profit over all running expenses
turc repayments of over all running
extensions, hydrants etc., and debenture repayments of over $8,200.00 during the past two years.
In closing 1 once more beg of youi
support not only for myself but for
Messrs! Clapp, Carr, Erickson, Kennedy, Ward, and G. K. Leask as Aldermen.
Yours obediently
District of   East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas Joyce,
of Calgary, Alta., occupation, mason,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the south end of an island in the
Kootenay river, opposite Lot 358,
and two chains east of the north end
ot the island applied for by W.
Murdoch; thence north 40 chains,
more or less; thence all around the
island, back to point of commencement.
Thomas Joyce, Applicant.
W. Murdoch, Agent.
Dated l«th November, 1913.    4S-9t
Ladles and Qentlemen :
I beg to offer myself as a candidate for re-election to the
honorable office of Mayor of the City of Cranbrook. Vou all
know my past record as Alderman and flayor, and upon that
record I respectfully invite your cordial support.
Yours faithfully,
A. It.TAtT, Emi„ M.A., Principal
The Mi nf( of Ma»li'rr! in I.ariutira in
nn exceptionally etroiiK oue.
Hn.vrt prrpnml for (tin mntrii-tilatiun
t'xiiiiiiiiniiunh nf rmn.ilimi Unlvnnd-
tlw or for th' 1'iitrnin't* exHrnluiition
of tlie Royil Military Collrgu, King-
MlHH Makuaket Rout, Principal
The moiit modern hulldiniii and tbe
■ mnnt, effluient fltuff ot nil the girli'
it-boulH ot the Dominion.
Unci] miitrp.Mii unei itilirit in tier own
Regular tralninR In tfjimimitii-i by
a t'ompeteiit mietreu.
t'nri'tiil Hiiprrvlelon nl the piipiU In their Rumee. tut well tm In their Htiniim.
Mpfi'iiil attention i>»bl tn thedm-elopment of obfltaotfr.
HotbnohaolH inn under tbe nmnnfeinent of •' Wertern Reeldi'titUI HiIiooIh,
Ltd."   U inter Twin oiieiw Tnendny, 7iii January, ifil*.
Applie.nl IfiiiH (or iiiliiiinpioii n lion Id \w made ut onre.
pr. E. D. McLAREN, 1947 Pendrell Sir«»t, Vancouver. B.C. t*
We wish all our many Patrons
and the Public
A Happy
and Prospe:
New Year
New Zealand rresh "tags butter
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
Miss Howell, from Spokane, is vis
iting her cousin Mrs. A. Q. MacUo-
Wanted—Stenography or boot keep
ing, evenings. Apply P. 0. Box to
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The QgkoJIJL Store
An Opportune
To havfi your oyea ut tended to, now that tlie
(Mirigtmaa rush is over.
Those long winter evenings you'll want to rend
with comfort, so we advise yon to get a pair of
our satisfactory glasses.
Hundreds of people
will testify as to our ability in giving eye comfort. There is no guesswork shout our methods
of eye examination: but.
on the contrary, you'll
find us careful and painstaking ill every detail.
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Sen Fink's grocery, bargain cii'ltltci:
it will pay you.
Oranges and apples, best an.ff chei;;.-
cst at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
Hugh Macdonald ol Wilmer, II. C,
is about tn open a store at SpUllma-
.loin the Cranbrook Economical
Club.—lor particulars apply to Leask
& Son, l'lionc 124.
Private sale of household furniture
at C. II. Ashworth's, I.umsden Ave,
near to the skating rink. 2-lt*
Oil ami gasoline, we han-tte f.y Ibe
carload. We handle the best- and we
sell the cheapest.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
W, .1. Harry has leased his hotel at
Spilltmachene to John Q. Harris,
who is conducting a first class .boarding bouse.
j KOIt SALE.—Ten thousand i*are»
Society Girl stock, Hoyle, in Mocks
to suit.      1 need the money.—'W. It.
I lleatty.
I For Sale—Rose comb
j land Hed cockerels, well
| fine large birds, $5 each.
; Appleton, Gateway, B. 0
Many shrewd persons save
their money buy buying diamonds set in rings, pins and
other urticli s of jewelry. You
cun always Bell a diamond at
u fair profit—if you buy right.
Purchasing diamonds will not
only, therefore, enhance your
personal appearance, but save
your money- nod bring you
u reusomible profit.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Creamapte   for iciug,    r>c
Fink's Pure Food Gricory.
Kelowna sweet apples, i
baking, at Fink's Pure
i-';e MIS fol
Kiel tiro-
Cold weather,   use weather    si up-
|:ping    on     your   doors.—Crloi'irook
Trading Co.
New .Zealand pure junt in 1 pound
ittos, 2 for 35c at FHU's Pure K-i ■!
FOR RENT.-Store 44x25 ft.,
possession December 1st. Apply W.
J. Atchison. 40-tt
A' >carload or trunks, s .it cases,
grips, etc.,in. Buy Irom the I'raii-
| brook Trading Co.
In order to demonstrate the 	
siperior qulity of "Vinelandj  miss   iiiscocks,  who   has   owm
Canned Tomatoes," we will spending her vaca'ioa in Rnssland asi
sell until further notice 3 cans I 'he guest of Mrs. J. D. Mc Donald,.
for   50c,  included  only  with,ro,urned l0 <'rat*rook ■* Sunday.
order for other groceries.
CO., Ltd.
Meet me at Hob's Placo.
0.  B.  Applofon was iii triiin
0 ato
way Ibis week.
Wanted—Kvontng   work   ol a
ny lie-
scrlptlon.   Apply P. 0. nn* 10
, en j
Mr. and Mrs, Rob't McAllister
Tabcr, who have been spending
holidays with Mr and Mrs. II.
Parker, returned to their home
hist of the \vtrk.
Tho early bird catches the worm-
do not be* late in malting your •.ejection from* Fink's grocery litirj;.iiii
Isaac HirUcb, !otrtm.rli f-f    Wyeiifttf
hi'.i gone down to falihrnU t.i uir
over the management of a largo
fruit ranch.
Messrs. Su-pate and ilry'iincr have
recuperated frotir theii rccdi. iadiv
pt'sition and are ao*>l'. once again, in
their respective ban* offices.
Hugh B. Gtbnonr, of Vancouver,
represenutiw ot the Waterous Engine Works, •ft-as in town during the
week, tyisrtinR the .surrounding mills.
The city band has .vcep'-M the ies-
i^nation of band mat. in It. W Kvs-
sell, and his place will be filled by
Mr. James Austin, who some years
age acted -in a sim'-'jl capacity.
r\4 lak.t: seriously
k. and w.w wiivv-
\le   1...I.   .Mti'Y
,.f a;;i  nt«h;ilf
ltniit\ m a   day
W. D. Hill and his sou Wilbur were
in town during the week, visiting Mr
E. A. Hill.
Rev, Mr, Calhoun, ol Elko, underwent a criticul operation on Monday
last at the St. Eugene hospital, and
is now progressing eery favorably.
Mrs. T- C. Phillips will give u tea
in connection with the Ladies' Aid of
the Methodist Church at her home on
Armstrong Ave., on Wednesday afternoon, January 15th from 3 to fl. 2-1.
For Sale—A few thorough-bred
Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington,
White Leghorn cockerels from prize
winning stock; also Pekin drakes.
Apply "Rooster" P. 0. Rox 253, city
Conservati will please make note
that a special meeting of the district-
association is to be held in P. Ma-
theson.s store building on Friday evening at 8 o'clock. As business is
great importance is to be transacted
as large attendance as is possible Is
urgently requested.
At the municipal elections, which
take place on the tilth inst, school
trustees will he elected to take place
of those who are retiring. The candidates for election are J, P. Fink,
Harry White and A. McKowan, thc
two 1 utter are members of last
year's board, whose term of office has
run out.
Indications point out to a very
brisk demand for I). C. shingles iu
the prairie provinces and Ontario
I next season. The probability is that |
half-a-dozen new plants will be start-
i'd up to help supply the demand, although it is said the existing mills
could double the present output If
Mr. T. L, Glrard, of Orouard, Alberta and Mr. P. (i. DoGagrie of St.
Boniface, Man., paid Cranbrook a
visit Thursday. Mr. Glrard reported
(irouurd to he the booming town ol
Alberta North and of the Groat peace River District for next Spring.
Mr. DeGague will stop over in both*
bridge and other prairie towns before
going back to St. Boniface.
To make things interesting in our Ready-to-Wear Department we are
allowing some EXTRA SPECIAL REDUCTIONS. These prices will
show you we are giving bargains, but you must come and inspect Ihe goods
for yourself in order to understand the true values. Everything that we
are offering is this season's goods.
2 Women's]|Suits
i llelow are'geuomlly deacrihed a
few of these bargains. Everything
fist* is at a similar reduction to
these : -
with brown velvet i-ollur. lined with
ricli brown satin.   This is an ex
t .-eiiii-ly graceful suit anil is uniilt*
from nn exceptionally K«od material.
RECULAR $37.50 FOR $25.00
sell' collar, satin lined, small strap
and button on sleeve, cut in Norfolk style with belt,
an excellent suit for curly spring
wear; belt on lrnck: four pockets in
front, embodying the latest touch, s
in strictly tailored goods.
RECULAR $35.00 FOR $23.00
perfectly plain* on a strictly tailored Pari si an model
IS26.00 FOR $17.00
^^^^^^^J   Women's Coats
On any Black Cout in Btot k we arc making special Reductions.   They ;uv splendid values at
regular prices.   At our reduced prices they will po quickly.
Mrs. K. M, Macpherson will not re-
colvo next Friday, nor again this
I A masquerade dance will be ijlven.
I by the Rdison orchestra at Kort.
[Steele nn Tuesday, .January 21st.
! Tito dance aa advertised to be given
; by them a*. January 17th has beem
\ postponed-
I Mrs, it. Brown will leave lor Vie-
| lorla on Thursday, January 16th, to-
represent the Cranbrook Poultry Association at the annual convention oil
tho B C. Poultry Associations the*
tallowing "week.
Two comtortablo rooms, fur lent
also hoard if desired, phone IBO, r
0   Box 8R2, Ml
('lull.-     t^mmmm
& Sun, Phono 124
the   Cranbrook    Economical
For particulars apply lo Leash
Instructon have hern
local government office to discontinue! Dee
the collection of the $3 poll tax. well
George Longptti, proprietor of tllfw
International Hotel at KingBgalv,
was in the city Monday on business.
Mr. larOngprc was wearing the smiln,
that won't come ol! and on being;
questioned by the reporter, aiiratttciiV
( his happiness, which was occasioned*,
•ived at the | by the birth of a son at his home on.
23.    Mother and child are -doing.
Ladies' Waists, reg. $3.00          ■ Special, $2.25
Voile Waists, reg. $1.75             ■ Special, $1.35
Flannelette Night downs, reg. $1.50 Special, $1.00
Children's Bearskin Coats, reg. 4.00 Special, $3.00
Child's Teddy Bear Blankets, reg. #150, Special, $1.00
Fine Assortment of Skat ei at 25 % Discount
R. P. HOFFdaTT &CO. •■""
Ira    Manning    wu
til early in the \t*-*'H,
led to the     hospit:.-
Hade good move .■ ;
Iv be   out and ibour 	
oi two.
A general meeting ot thc Ctaribroolc
Central Conservative Aasssooiatlon
will be held on the evening ol -January loth, to discuss business «J interest to every conservative in \*e dist-
ict and every one should atti wl-
A baby was horn at the A »J«a, |
111., hospital last week welghln % ^u*"
seventeen ounces. Mrs. Eva Hot w\ ol
Aurora, is the mother. The in***1*
is perfectly formed, and apparei »ffly
strong. It is so small that Uie i •*•"
ther's wedding ring can he placed w«
one of its legs.
Mr. W. It. Beatty requests ub to|
State that, contrary to what was re t
ported locally, he did not have charge '
of the fun-Mais ot the victims ot the
Coal Creek snow slide disaster, .but,
simply witit down to Fernie to as- ,
sist the local undertakers, Messrs. !
Thomson A Morrison.
H. A. •Vraser has resigned his position with A. O. BowneSs, his intention being to engage in the wholesale
.liquor business on his own account
In the near future. He has been succeeded at Mr. Bowncss' by Mr. W. H
A large retail lumber company has
just been incorporated at Lethbrldge,
Alta., under the name ot the Middle
West Lumber Company, Ltd. The
capital of the company Is half a million dollars, and thirty or more
yards will be established by them in
British Columbia, Alberta and Sas*
katchewan. The president of tho
icompany is Mr. E. II. Heaps, president of E. Ii. Heaps & Company,
Vancouver, B. C.
At thc Auditorium tonight and Saturday night the Acme Variety
Show, ft big acts, will be the attra*
tiun. This, amusement company have
a number of vaudeville artists with
them, engaged on a tour ot the world
and a good evening's amusement is
assured. Manager tluerard in endeavoring to secure the best possible tor
the Auditorium and he has booked
hhead some very line attractions.
{TJbcre will be a matinee performance
on .Saturday afternoon for the benefit
ot the children, admission charge
only ten cents.
RECULAR $20.00 COATS FOR $14.00
REGULAR $17.50 COATS FOR $12.00
Sweater Coats at Startling Reductions
There will be no excuse for not owning ii Sweater Coot when you can now liny lliein fur sm-li
small prices ns these.   Style nutl quality of every one is guaranteed.
Regular $3.25 Sweater CoatB for    $2.15        Regular $5.00 Sweater Coats for $3.65
"     4.00    "                         2.85                  ".so    •• 5.35
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
William Blakemore has made a
special report to the provincial government regarding troubles ot dealing with the Doukhobors in British
Columbia. He recommends that the
officials of the administration deal
firmly hut gently with the Doukhobors, showing them much patience
and put the pressure where it belongs—on thc leaders. He recommends that KusKian teachers be appointed in the Doukhohor schools. He
. suggests that no more of these people
IliK* admitted as immigrants except
Iw'itti the clear understanding that no
receptions of any kind should be
iiade in thc matter ot observance of
1 Vws. Ho thinks that a Doukobor
pint Should be appointed with uu-
th <wily similar to that of other
ag ssrts-
A fcout 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning   ai very distressing accident took
Mrs. Lees, sister ot Mrs. \V. F.
(turd, Is up from thc coast with her
In the Police Court this week, a
man named Woods was convicted of
theft from tlie person and sentenced
to 9 months imprisonment, by his
honor .luge Ryan.
Hex Vs Eureka, an appeal from a
decision ot Mr. (laftney, of Wardner,
who had sentenced the appelant to
six months for being drunk and disorderly was sustained and the penalty reduced to a fine of $10.
Imperial Bank oi Canada'
CAPITAL PAID UP    -      -
RESERVE FUND        •      -
6.620,000 00
Bailey, fomtierly   time
•0. p. R. superintendent's ofllee.
ft is essential that every conserva
tive in tbe city and district, who can
•convenientl y do so, should attend the
special me etlng to be held on Friday
evening, .lanuary 10th, in P Mathe-
son's sto.re building. Business of
great imp ortanee is to be transacted.
and it is desirable that the attendance shouW , be throughly representali-
I s 'Stake, car repairer, who had
been' Waged at his work on a tram
standi*.* there, stepped oil a car and
on ,0 tte parallel track, when the
vardtngine came along and struck
'„„ leitt »m, causing a serious Irac-
U,rc jisst above the wrist, of the Wt
arm Mr Brake was immediate
removed to the St. Eugene hospital
■lor treatment. It was quickly ascertain that the fracture was ol a serious nature and the question oa,,,P;
jutating  the am, was consuleri. W
Ltion v..as deterred for a <■»■* two
R. I..   T. Oalbralth,   Indian f^l»f,OT *'"■ «rbn«s' made, vesterday
.f Fort   Steele,   was in town during  to note tte »«««« nMcssar). tn
| th. week .  He called the «Mta£ Ufternoo«tt W* »- „ra.
she      H erald        to      the      tact    per otm ""^SSs,   ' 8atis(actorily.
that on Tuesday.     tial»t'(^ is"X Ta comparatively young
I Inst.,    ; there will be a    meeting offtMr, Urate^M a con,
I delegate.     from   Boards o. Trad. o.    «-»"';»^hon   the sincere symp-
South B ast Kootenay and be. partlc  .children, t.whom tne
ularlv   i irued   that   the   C ranbrook l 0thy ol l ranbroo" sitw»   a
I bo.,1 4 Zt be npr.w.W Jbereat. [ia this Mi ***»"■
Peter Lund, ot Wardner, B. C, was
at Calgary   recently   hiring men tn
work   in the   woods   in  connection
with his loglng  operations at Ward
net.   Mr. Lund   stated that,   during
November and December, 15,000 men
lelt   the   prairies   to   work in the
woods in British Columbia,    "These
men,    said    Mr.    Lund,        "will
work in the lumber camps daring the
winter and will return to their farms
or to their jobs on farms in Altiertu
and the two   other   provinces in the
Tho arrangements is one that is of
great benefit to the prairie tanner..
By it they can work in the woods
Both provinces   benefit and the men
make   more   money by working the
year round than they would if they
were Idle all   winter.  Alberla need,
the men in the summer, British Columbia needs them in thc winter and
tlie tarmers need the employment anil
the money.
Many ot those tarmers have taken
their horses with them,
"We expect to have a big year,"
said Mr. Lund on Tuesday. "Tbe
prairies are filling up more rapidly
j every year, the towns all over the
| west are growing bigger all the ttao,
and neit year m expect to have one
of the biggest building years in the
history of the trade This means
that more lumber than ever before
will be used and, all the mills, both
in th. mountains and at the coast,
are making preparations lor a phenomenal year's business
D. R. WII.K1E. President.
HOS. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers ami Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issned available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT — Special   attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts.    Deposits of 11.00   and
I  upwards received and interest allowed from date oj deposit,
:   Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Oxford Foundry &
Machine Co., Ltd.
Oxford, N. S.
' Manufacturers of: K^uTmS
' Machinery; al«> Steam Fitter*. Horizontal anil Upright Engines,
Patented Belted Friction for Baw Frami*. This [iieti< n he? given
good eatiafaction where inaUltetl. It ie easier on Sawyer ami
increases output. Our Carnages and Edgars nra leaders. Heavy
Carriage with Killam Patent Saw Bed, with capacity of 115,000
per day.
lUSlI Ci.mmIiaai Hoe and Atkins Bewf, Belt,
/Villi bUpplieS: Ilcin„, oils, Vsives. Steam
Ganges| Pemberthy Injectors, Etc.
Repairs to all kinds of Machinery
executed promptly and efficiently
Cranbrook Kindergarten
Kilw.nl sim-l
O-rtiflt'nU'il T>-ih li»r, S' IhmiI li'cl l.tr l.nmlim
Hour. I" ii, la, a to 4
TKUM.s   ,;i:, i tor four >M.
tli*    South   Africa    war was being  n thoroughly satisfactory   one,   ami
[ought. >i liu u°t think there is any chance ol
|   Sir Willrltl Laiuier iliil not send to j its becoming unsatisfactory in the fu-
tlrent    Britain a    grudging consent tare."
that Canadians might be recruited at, Was it after reading these assui-
the expense of tile British tax pay lances of the head ol Great Britain's
ers. His government sent contlng-1whole naval resources that her posi-
eul alter contingent all "organized,
trained   and     thoroughly     equipped
The opera, the concert and the vaudeville of the city come to the small towns
more vividly than ever before on the
because Edison has just created a new record- the Blue_ Amberol
—which is sweeter and finer in tone and reproduces in a more
lifelike way than any other phonograph record ever
made. And once the best music and songs of the
best artists have come to you on Hlue Amberol Records it will always be yours as vividly us at first,for
the Blue Amberol never wears out.
Hear it at your Edison dealer's today.
Thomai A. F.duon. Inc., 100 Laka.ida Ave.. Oranpie, N. J.. U. S. A.
A complete lino of Ediion Phonographa and Record, will be fouod «t
The Beattie-Murphy Company, Limited"
The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Ltd."
Uon was and would  continue in    bo
thoroughly satisfactory thai Mr. Hot
den discovered the emergency? Or did
who   won undying   plory tor Canada lie discover il in his own cabinet boon various hard-fought fields. |foru he left for England?
Sir .John Macdonald stood out i
'troops ready for immediate service,"
(Special (.'orrespondence)
Keen 'disappointment and indignation will be fell, throughout tbe
eountry generally, and in Saskatchewan in particular, at the refusal of
the Saskatchewan Conservative
party to assist further iu the invest
igatiion by a select Committee ot the
Legislative Assembly into the manner in which the last Provincla'
election bad been carried fin, and
particularly tbe part played by Hon.
Hubert Holers, who was in charge oi
tbe campaign for tbe Dominion government with lion. Dr. Roche and
their notorious charges respecting tho
voters' lists,
In view of tlie gravity oi the
charges made the appointment of this
committee of enquiry was generally
commended us a means oi vindlcnl
ing Saskatchewan's good name, and
tbe Conservatives, who leveled tho
charges, were looked to to bring for
ward their proofs without delay
Hut tbey remained silent, thus forcing Premier Scott to demand a rigid
Investigation as to the truth nf tbe
slanderous statements so freely scattered by thc Conservatives during
the campaign. It was a courageous
step for a government .so violently assayed—but, aina/ing to rtlate, Ihe
Tories tried to secure a postponment
and ditl all in their power lo hurk
the enquiry.
First tbey objected to the select
committee. Premier Scott showed
this was the proper procedure, hut
expressed Indifference so long as a
proper enquiry was enforced. Tlie
Tories insisted upon a judicial enquiry, althiugh they were not sure ol
that, and the Uegina Conservative
organ went so far as to say that tbe
members of the Saskatchewan Supreme Court Bench could not be relied
upon. Probably from a Tory partis
nn point of view they could not.
Eventually a select committee was
appointed. The government produced
its evidence to disprove the charge;-
made against it. The Tories did not
like this, threw up their hands and
refused to proceed further, their (lis
honorable tactics causing tbe suspciis
ion of the committee's work. It was
evident they did not want any real
enquiry, and subsequent faels showed
tlie reason for their prudent secrecy.
It was unanimously decided taht
the Press should he represented at
thc Committee's work, but as soon
as thc papers published reports ol
evidence distasteful to tbe Tories-
even without commenting upon it-
the latter declared that the enquiry
was being used for party purposes
although a judicial enquiry would
have given equal publicity.
The other reason given tor the
withdrawal of the Tories from Hie
Committee was that the Government
wounld not pay for their Counsel, although at the start they had proposal that, any counsel employed should
be paiil by the persons employing
them. II was plain that tbe evidence
adduced by tbe fiovernment made tbe
Tories long for cover, ami tbey resigned hurriedly.
In fact this evidence was a preliminary to that in the notorious Macdonald election. The Attorne\-(ien-
eral produced the papers and depositions in three cases which exposed
tbe campaign of coercion and InLlmld- flapporn
ation carried on by the Tories the
amongst the homesteaders sued''
One   homestead    inspector,     round      Contra
guilty of Intimidation, was sentenced,
and another Conservative worker
was sentenced on two similar charges—the latter iu defence claiming
thut bo Intimidated German homesteaders under instructions of the
Conservative candidate and a homestead inspector. The significance ol
ibis lies in the fact that !Kl per cent
of tho unnaturalized aliens in Saskatchewan are homesteaders who have
not yet received their patents, and
arc therefore particularly susceptible to Influence irom the ollicials of
the Interior Department at Ottawa.
in view of Ibis the charge that tho
aw was altered so us lo enfranchise
these aliens was not only false hut
ridiculous. Al the same time tlie
action of the Conservative organization in having a number of thorn pat
■ hi iln lists proves conclusively which
party   wanted them  lo vote.
In proof of ibis the Attorney-General presented ;i long list of these
unqualified men who bad been put on
the list in Maple Creek by the Conservatives, aud who voted. Similar
evidence was presented from the district ot Pipestone,
Both Hon. Mr. Rogers and Hon.
Dr. Roche wore invited to lay before
tbe Committee any proofs tbey could
'ii tbe sweeping charges they had
made, and both ignored tbe invitation thus tacltojy acknowledging not
only that tlun had no proofs, hut
that they were as anxious as tho rest
• ii th.- Tories lo avoid publicity regarding tin- work of their party iu
the Saskatchewan elections. Without
counting the later exposures iu Macdonald the whole course of the Tories
in Saskatchewan has proven that the
wild charges made have proven a boomerang which has hurt the Borden
(lovernmeiit even more t han they
Impel to injure their opponents.
During tho naval speech in the
House ,of Commons the Government
supporters undertook to jeer at thc
proposition laid down by Sir Wilfrid
I.auner that, although when Great
Britain was at war, Canada was at
war, it did not necessarily follow
that Canada must participate in
every war undertaken hy Croat Britain, either on sea or land.
In this the Tories showed characteristic ((.stability of policy as well
as ignorance of the history of their
own puny, coupled with their cust-
omary assumption that they were
the keepers of the loyaty of ihe Dominion, As a matter of fact, Laurier's
policy was in line with that laid
down In Sir .John Macdonald, al
though his action was in exact reverse to the Conservative chieftain's refusal to act.
In lKSfi during Ihe Sudan war, New
Smith Wales offered the Imperial
Governmenl a contlngeul of troopst
This was gratefully accepted, and
the Imperial War OITlce oaiiiii.unicat-
ed this -step to the other colonies, including the Mnctlonald Conservative
government ol Canada and intimated
that similar aid would he accepted
from    them  by    Gioal   Britain.   Sir
Canada's right to participate or re
iiain from participation iu foreign
wars—aud declined to paotlcipatc.
Sir Wilfrid Lnurtor stood out lor
Canada's right to participate or refrain from participation in the Emp-
re's foreign wars and participated
most efTectively.   It was the oft rep-
ted story. The Tories shouted
loyalty, waved the Union Jack and
did nothing. Thc Liberals under
Laurier wasted no time in Hysterical
Hag waving hut acted promptly and
patriotically. Canadians like to forget the Conservative episode as much
iis they love the glory Canada won
under Laurier.
Tlie point as to Canada's position
when the Kmpirc is at war and the
Liberal doctrine ou that point was
ably dealt with hy Mr. iN. W. Howell
the Ontario Liberal Leader, in
speech biiore the Montreal reform
club, .Mr. Howell said, "It is well
for us to get clearly in mind the distinction between neutrality and non-
participation. As Sir .John Macdonald would undoubtedly have said,
aud as Sir Wilfrid Laurier has rep-
eatedly said, whenever the Empire is
at war, Canada, as part of the Empire, is at war also. In the last 100
years Ureal Britain has been engaged
in, I suppose over a score of wars,
and yet in none of these which have
occured outside of this continent,
have Canadian troops participated,
except in thc war in South Africa.
No statesman of Canada has ever
proclaimed the doctrine of colonial
neutrality, hut what Canadian statesman have said, ami truly said, ,t
that the Government of Canada must
decide the churactcr and extent ol
the participation which Canada takes
iu tbe war. It is Parliament which
must vote the supplies. On this important matter, if I read history
aright, Sir Wilfrid Laurier aud Sit
John Macdonald have taken exactly
the same position, except that the
Government of Sir John exercised
llie right lo decide hy refusing to
participate, the Government of Sii
Wilfrid be participating.
The more tbe speeches of Rt. Hon
Winston Churchill and other British
ministers iu the Imperial Parliament
are studied the more futile appears
t lie emergency idea propounded and
Invented by .Mr. Borden and his $35,-
iMjii.onii solution for it. Every ut
lerance of responsible British minis'
ters shows tiro absence of any emergency, and their confidence in their
own naval programme to keep pace
with tbe hostility of any power
ihe world for years to come. And
the utterances of irresponsible lire
brands can hardly be accepted as re
liable in face of the careful studied
and prepared statements of ministers
For instance, on March 20th last
some time before Mr. Borden and his
colleagues went over to invent tho
emergency—Mr. Page-Croft, a British
Al. P., who is well known in Canada
as one of the ardent Imperial cult,
bail expressed the view that each
Dominion should have its own tleet—
that Canada and Australia should
have four Dreadnought cruisers
apiece and the rest of the Empire in
Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, l-'irst
Lord of the Admiralty, thought this
rather an optimistic view, and added
"These great vessels, of enormous
strength and cost, would certainly
he very welcome, but 1 do not expect
the great results Mr. Page-Croft has
forecasted as being likely to occur in
the future will make any immediate
difference to the problems which we
have to consider this afternoon.
And a few minutes later Mr. Churchill gave an effectual quietus to the
emergency idea, in the following
"The hon. member for Chester has
asked me why we were taking so little lor battleships this year (1013).
We calculate when we lay down each
battleship according to the actual
dates at which we think we shall require them. If we thought we should
require one of these ships at an earlier month than that which we have)
fixed In our minds as necessary,
there would be no difficulty in laying
down tbe vessel u little earlier. THEl
Cranbrook Land District
District of South East Kootenay
Take notice that Greorgo S. Mc-
Creery of Cranbrook, It. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing nl a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot tifit! G.
I., thence west M chains, thence
mirth 20 chains more or less to tho
south boundary of Lot L335 O. L,
thence east lit chains to the southeast
corner of Lot 1235 G. I., Kootenay
District, thence north 20 chains,
thence cast 20 chains, thence south
2ii chains to the point of commencement, containing 200 acres mure or
George S. MeCrcery.
Stewart Morris, Agent.
Dated Kith ol Deccinbcr,1012.
Cranbrook      Lodge,
No. 31
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ot every mouth.
Visitine brethren welcomed.
]). .1. McSweyn, W.M;
.1. S. Peck, Secretary.
CniisciiNT Lodge No. H.i
Cranbrook, Ii. C.
Meets   every    Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, 0.0,
p. A. Stride, IC. ol R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
John    Macdonald    replied hy meroly I TIL THE
offering tn sanction recruiting iu Ca- OAN WITH FULL SECCRITY in
uada with the condition that the j order to get advantage of every ad-
whole cost must be home hy Great jvance in design at a time like this
Britain. The British War Office in a ; when naval science is moving, on from
carofullj phrased reply declined this j week to week. We have taken a lar-
proposal, al the same time pointing jger proportion than is usual of the
out immense difference between New new programme in the Hrst year of
South Wales' offer lo supply "an ; its currency, and we have distributed
organized 'force tall) equipped and that money amongst the different
ready for immediate service," and (vessels of Ihe programme with an rye
Sir .John Macdonald's niggarded con-1 to seeming at the earliest moment
seal to recruiting in Cnnndn provided! those which are most required for the
paid  the whole  proper    development    of    our fleet's
ntrv paid  Ihe whole
; Canada     under the I strength.'
vernment, not under     And this need, he
udded,   was—not
Wlint    would the Tory flag |Drcadnough'ts—but torpedo boat   dc-
ave said had Laurier taken Istroyers, of   which 51    were   to   he
course thai Macdonaltl pur-1 built within   the. next    18   months,
making n total    British fleet of    107
if these emit.   Mr. Churchill eontin-
with the action of
the Liberal Government in IH.'.K when   ued-"Our position at the present
For a License to Take and Use Water
that the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
Co., Ltd., of Wardner, B.C., will apply for a license to take and use 40
cubic teet per second of water out of
Little Bull River, which flows in a
southerly direction through Lot
313, G. L, and empties into Kootenay River crossing at Lot 4838. Thc
water will he diverted at government
road, and will be used lor flmuing
logs on the land described as Lots
2050, 2060, 483!) and 4838, Group 1.
This notice was posted on thc
ground on thc Oth day of December,
1012. Thc application will be tiled
in the office of the Water Hecorder at
Objections may be filed with      the
said Water     Hecorder   or   with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Crows Nest Pass   Lumber Co., Ltd.
hy W. F. Gurd, Agent. 51-lt
For a License to Take and Csc
Store Water.
that Wm. M. Campbell, of Cranbrook, B. 0., will apply for a license
to take and use II) acre-feet of water
out of Baton's Lake, on Lot 2245,
and empty into a pond near Lot
2215 and 280.1. The water will be
diverted at the lake and will be
for irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lot 2245, Group One,
Notice is also given that he will
apply for a license to store or pen
back forty acre-feet of water from
said lake. The water will be stored
in a reservoir of 10 acre-feet capacity, built or to he built at the outlet of said lake, and will be used for
irrigation purposes under the above
notice of application for a license to
take and use water.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 17th day of December,
1!U2. The application will be filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at
Objections may be filed with      the
said   Water    Hecorder    or with tne
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Wm. M. Campbell, Applicant,
by A. II. Playle, Agent. 51-4t
District of East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Alfred Pigott, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation
Carpenter, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot 0104,
thence south 21) chains; thence east
2(1 chains; thence north 20 chains;
thence west 20 chains to point of
commencement, containing 40 acres,
more or less.
Alfred Pigott.
Arthur Henry Pigott, Agent
Dated October 28th, 1912.       45-9*
East Kootenay District.
TAKE NOTICE that Laura E.
Green, of Vancouver, B. C, married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the S. E. corner of Lot 335, G.I.,
thence south forty chains, thence
east twenty chains, more or less, to
the west shore of Premier Lake,
thence northerly following the said
west shore a distance of fifty chains,
more or less, to a point due east of
point of commencement, thence west
five chains, more or less, to point of
commencement, containing fifty
icres, more or less.
Lnura E. Green, Applicant.
.1. (J. Cummlngs, Agent.
Staked November I lth,, 1912.    47-9
Meets e,ve.ry Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephens, W. M. Tlairis
N. G. Sec'y.
Hotel International
am. l.<iNnHHE.Praprlstur
Situated nl [Cing.g&te, B.O., on
111.- Boundary Line, In n spot of
rare Hui-ni,' benatyaml the Bports-
iihiii'h paradise.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
It. .C
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
II. White, Chief Patriarch
I). P, Itodkcy, Scribe.
No. 10.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    Kebekahs   cordially invited.
Mrs. Alma Liddieoat, N.O.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, See.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second anil
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sharp
Wm. Henderson, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec, Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome. ^
Meets in Carmen's Hall first aail
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu Wayward,  Rcc. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger
Visiting brethren niaile welcome.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Oafe at luoityrato
Rates $1.00 and up pwrdny
Corner oi Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our bus meets all traiiiB
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to Hritish   citl
N. A. Wallinger, W. C Crcbhln
i^res. Scc'y.
P. 0. Uox 425
Visiting members cordially welcom
ed. y
Cranbrook  Lodge
No. Hi]'.)
M.'rU i'v.tv Weduiwhlj
nt 8p.in.hi Rt'ival Miu'b
KiilgW   Hull,   Uakcr
l\ W Shun, Hi
R. S. C.uiiiktt. Nei
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 15.1,
Companions of tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whittaker, CO
Mrs. I. Heigh, Secretarty.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome.
Miss HoiKIMiX
(ifiitirul ('iiurtte $'2.~M per WW
Kindergarten $l itf
Pre ll rli ii ill] .Music Snle KxtniH
Nexl terra will lipg mm .Inn. (ItIt.
President: T. S. Gill ]
KeerPtarv: S. Maodona] p
For information regarding lands i .
and   agriculture   apply   to the 11
Secretary. Cmiibrook, It. C. • <
Meeting <'
Every second Wednesday       * \
Electric Restorer tor Men
fhosphonol ;es!°ruH eve,v |jw«'»,lie J111'1*
 r i   i «■■ U9 proper tension ; ruHtitrcs
mi mill vitality. Fremotiiro decay sunt nil sexual
venknesa averted at enre.   Pitoftphouoi will
take von A new mini.    1'ilce {.'tn linx. or tw<> (or
Midler] hi «iiy flddrpvi,  The Svubull Drug
, Ut. CHtharlnee, Out.
For sale at Beat tip-Murphy Co.
For Sale
Ono  Oxford  Engine,   11x11.
May be seen fit Benedict Siding,
ono mile east of Mnyook, B. 0.
For further particulars apply to
Lensk & Johnson, Elko, B, 0.
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Forty years in US0, 20 yoal'S the
standard, proscribed and recommended by physicians. For Woman's Ailments, Dr. Mattel's Female
Hills, at your druggist.
Many (jood Men Robbed of IHgl
BusiueB and Social Standing
by Drink
(JUt'Oli Ml
in threedayi
w. F. QURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms,
barrister., Solicitors and
Moimy to Loan
' till
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B GOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
Physicians and Surgeons.
OBoa at RmMiih, Armstroig  t...
Forenoon. • »1)0 to 10.08
Afternoon. - ■ ■ 2.00 to 4.00
Evening. - • • - 7.80 to 8.80
rfuoxlayi .... 2.80 to   4.88
CRANBROOK :.     II    H    B     B. O,
,• ® ® ® <s a ® s W * * ® «> ® ®
The Little
or tlie fiooae, the chicken
tho (luck, the turkey you
wiint for the Christmas
dinner we'll have it: and
we'll have the finest, juiciest, sweetest, and moat
savory assemblage of
meats ever on exhibition
in these parts.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Home Bakery
.Rohkht Fa.MK, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbary Ave.       Opp. City liall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries a full utock of
Mccormick mowers
Repairs ff>r above nlwuyi
In utoi'k
S «,„rtoF. T. I''. I'KIIKV
} 5CI.M
Nelson's Leading Hotel
KooinR with BatliH.   'Plion. in
every room
HuitptT Sliopon the premise!!.
Thoroughly iip-to.datn,
Rates, $2,00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
•    B.-TIIMKIN, Manager
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   S p.m.
Office la Hanaro Block.
■KANUROOH        -      -      - B. O,
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work
a specialty,
Office over F. Parks Hardware
Store, Baker Street
Phone No. 2110
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Are
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
SftSSP Cranbrook,B.C.!:
B.  C. land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
A M. Can.Soc. O.K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Drug anil Book
Go's. Rtore
Telephone M)
P. O. Boi M
W. B. BMttf, fuaaral DlMatoi
Oftnbrafc B. C.
Phono 848
Nortmry Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone W!
Night Plume :!M
Frank Provenzano,
General Marehanta
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
F. 0. MI 194 MORI 144
It you want tatitfaction with
your washing  send
It to
Special prices lor family work.
Oppoalte O.P.R. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     GET    A
al !
(Special to the Herald.)
Invermero, B.Cf, Jan. 8.—In   connection  with  the  oncoming mooting
ol the Associated Board of Trade ol
Kastem Hritisli Columbia which meet|
in convention at    Fort Steele about
tlie (third.- weeki in   January the Secretary   ol the   Windermere District! ami fall out.
Board       of Trade     lias      submittr surprise   in this   pltenomenoii;    it i
ed iiuioitp its resolutions one asking   natural and happens in every instanc.
The luiir is more exposed und hence in Newbro's Heipicidc.
more liable to   accumulate dust and     The dandruff germ cannot live on a
ilirt than any   other   portion of the head to which Herpicide is regularly in the   chair.     Among the most
body. applied.    The serin dies.     The   hair
In spite of   this the hair receives, ceases to tall.    The terrible   itching
as a rule, the least attention and no stops almost Instantly,
real cITort is made to keep it healt-1    That is what Newbro's     Herpicide
hy. does.
If the dandruff germ is allowed lo      Newbro's Herpicide In 50c and $1.00 pire
work   unmolested   and tbe scalp be- sizes is sold In all dealers who guar-     ;*,
At a meeting in the
Saturday, .huiy Ith, the Veterans'
Brigade of Cranbrook ratified the bylaws drawn up by .i special commit
tee.    Vice pres. Lieut. S. Blower was
port ant of the by-laws were the tol
1 To baud together all who have
served   the Mag tor the   British Kin-
comes CEUsted  with dirt accumulations, one may expect the hair to die
There is no cuuse for
that the Dominion (loveruinent extend its present telephone line (rum
Windermere tn Wnsa lo enable a connection to be made with the company
owned telephone line which leads
brook and connects wit It Spokane, andU
llk'ti on to other parts of Western
British Columbia. Still another resolution asks the Provincial Government to go on ami construct a waggon road over the Selkirks by way ot
Karl (Irey l'uss up Toby ('reek in
order to connect more firmly this
part of the East Kootenay District.
with that o! the 'West Kootenay. The
final hope being that this waggon
road would develope into one suitable for automobiles and thus make
another outlet by way of the Banfl-
Windermere. route from Calgary and
the prairies to the thickly settled
parts of South Kastem British Columbia. Another far reacning motion
from the Provincial standpoint is
that asking that thc present rule ot
the road which throughout this Province is "Turn to the I-eft," should be
changeed to that of "Turn to the
Right" which is in more common use
throughout the Provinces to the East
of   us.   The   reason   for ~
where the care of the hair and sculp
is overlooked.
The one sure remedy which prevents tbe loss of hair and permits a
healthy,  luxuriant    growth is found
antee it to do all thut
If you are not salisfirr
will Ire refunded
Send 10c in stumps fi
sample to tbe Herpicide Co
R., Detroit, Mich
Applications at the   good
Beattic-Murphy    Co.,  Ltd
booklet and
Co .     Dept
veterans   that
iteriial purposes
wlneh shall be
waist any moni-
which may be due i<
3     To  meet   for  []
1    To form a mini
available in order In
ber (or other veteran) In lira
wrsity. always provided,     I
that no member has   any   clu
such fund.
5,   To help forward anj  m
j for the   belter   phj
al developi I
ol our youth
unprecedented activity in construction works which promise tor the
spring! amongst the more Important
of these will be the continued work
on the Kootenay Central Railway,
the further pushing of construction
on Hie irrigation works of the Columbia Valley Orchards, Limited, ami
of Harold K. Foster, M.P.P., totalling an area of sny sixty-eight thousand acres.
has on ' the" Windermere  Conaervath
said :—
, I   "We hav(
That tlie prominent business men of
the western states are thoroughly
alive to the vast importance of the
forest conservation movement was
shown by an address by F. C,
Knapp, of the Portland Chamber uf
Commerce. Mr. Knapp at the convention of the Western Forestry and
Association  in  Seattle
act as an   Information
can for veterans.
To take part  in
ij  publb
moral io
ir    pal
Arrangements have been completed
for pulling off a burlesque game of
hockey between the teams Irom this
place and Athalmere. It will take
place on the open air rink which
A thai mere
Lake.  ...	
gigantic task before us
The Wilmer Curling Club are push-  in thc eradication of the false theor-
ing to completion the details pertain-  ies aml unworthy ideals that go    to
ing to their coming   Bonspell which  make.up the average American's con
the Board  ,akes P»«* this month.   In addition  yjctions on the    subject of conserve
bringing forward this motion and
asking that it be pressed is due to
the fact that there will be a number
ol strange cars traversing the mountain roads immediately the link between here and the prairies is completed and thc present system of turning to the left would be sure to invoke needless troubles in passing.
Still another motion deals with
making of the Columbia River navigable from its source to the Pacific
Probably the two motions which if
brought up will create the most discussion, are ones calling for the further prohibition of thc sale of small
firearms, and asking that the carrying of them he made a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment
without the option ot a line; and one
asking that the newspapers support
a crusade to keep details of all sensational news such as pertains to
murders, suicides and hangings out
of their column. The motion goes on
to set out that In the opinion of the
members of this Board the publishing
of these details often has its influence
in prompting other persons to go out
and commit deeds of violence.
Thc annual meeting of the Winder
mere District Farmers institute was
held at Athelmere nn the last day of
the year when Mr. Sam Brewer was
elected President and Mi Basil (!
Hamilton Vice President respectively
Mr. T. W. Turner was again elected
Secretary-Treasurer, and Hie following persons were elected to bo the
directors, Messrs, A G, Culhbnt.
Captain 1 II (1 While, .Joseph La
ke. Judge G. F Stalker; (i 0. IL
Coleman. A very Btrong resolution
was passed asking Supt Henderson
ot the Dominion Government tolcpho
ne lines to have n poreon appointed
to investigate and report to loin per
sonnlly on certain Irregularities
which are reported lo have been going
on iu connection with the use oi
phones connected with the trunk line
between here and Golden for which
reason  the Superintendent  bas deem
ed ii necessary to denj to ihe farm
era ol the district the privilege ol
having their phones connected with
the trunk line between Itere ami Gol
den for which reason the Superint
ed il       ncessary to den\
to the farmers of tho district
the privilege of having their phones
connected during the off hours with
the local hospital. It was considered that the denial of this privilege
was working a great and uneeesMiry
hardship upon ihe rural population,
a hardship which at times might g>'
further and bring about uneccsaarj
loss of life through it being impossible to quickly ohlain a doctor's
Invermero, B.C. —The Invermere
Sports Association were the hosts
last week of a very enjoyable sleigh
to the local rinks   which will be in
the competitions others «re promised       * "ave   u'Wilys
from points in the North and in tbe  «l*nes was  *>n the
Tbe Winter mere District Board ot
Trade to-day sent a long congratulatory telegram to Sir
Shaughnessey, K. C. M. G., on the
Ihe completion of the Kootenay Central
practically to Spillimachene and asking that the railway Company extend
the piivilege to the merchants Mid
Ihe settlers of the District of having
their freight, brought in to the end of
the steel.
hratiou held
any event ot a national or    patriotic.
character ^^^^^^^^^^
N. To maintain and improve mark
D.   To do our i).,i  iu help to weM
together   the different .parts of    our
vast empire.
All officers, non-commissioned (>lli-
cets and men, who have retired or
been honorably discharged from any
branch of the Imperial service,
A whist drive aud dance     will   be
liehl iu the   Carmen's hull, February
1st, in   aid of the   veterans
Made Strong and Well by Vinol.
When we tell you that Vinol fs iba
best remedy in our whole stock tor
making weak, miny, ailing children
strong, robust and rosy, we are only
telling you whal bas been proved by
hundreds of mothers,
Mrs. W, O. Strother, Raleigh, N. C,
1 says: "My little girl, Hazel, has been
taking Vinol to build her up after a
severe spell ol sickness, It has done
so much good by restoring ber appetite and building up her strength that
I think Vinol Is tho finest ionic ever
prepared, and 1 am telling everyone
about  It."
What    Vlnol   did    for   ibis   little
; girl   it   will   do   for every  weak  and
ailing child, because sickly children
i need   the   strengthening   cod   liver
■ elements and the tonic iron that
I Vinol contains—that Is why Vinol
j builds them up quickly and gives
] them  b   tine,  healthy   color,    it   is
■ pleasant to take, and wo guar-
! aulen that the results will satisfy
| you — money back  if they  do not,
Cranbrook   Drug    and    Book    Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
TIIKRI':    MAY    UK    I0AHI.Y    AN1
The secretary addressed the men's '
mooting on Sunday, Dec. 29th. The
attendance was very good. Mr, G.
Vv. Muir sang in a very pleasing manner that beautiful sacred solo entitl- •
ed "Calvary." It was very much
appreciated. Last Sunday, .Ian. 5th,
Uev. K. I». Flewelling, of Christ
church, was the speaker and his re- j
marks on the subject of "Meditation" I
I were listened to with careful attention and much enjoyment. A trio
was sung by Messrs. Scott, Hannah
and Cameron, the audience joining in
tlie chorus and recording their hearty
appreciation ol the same. These-
meetings are for the men ot the town
and as they start on time ami finish
on time, having a schedule run of
16:15 until 17k every Sunday after-
boon, we hope to sit them grow to
ureal proportions. They are remarkably well attended as il is and the
management is much encouraged but
we want to he forced to take steps
lo procure greater accommodation.
Drop in just as von are. You will
hml you can spend one of the most
profitable three quarters ot an hour
that can be spent all the week.
Briiit^ your chum also and we will
guarantee q cordial welcome tor you
The howling tournament will re-«
open this week again with a match
between tbe famous "Thistles" and
the ferocious "Tigers", Something
doing on Thursday night nilright.
The lun will commence nt 2uk prompt
1 The shorthand class has resumed
Its studies utter the holidays. It
meets every Thursday night at 20k
Speak to lite Secretary about this.
Employers of all kinds of labor am
requested to ask the secretary about
help as many men apply at the office
and we would like to lie able to help
I hem.
thought thai Dm-
wrong trail; it is
not so much  the "honest man" that
is the rarest among mortals, but the
man with the open mind.
_.d   I   "We have   to light not only human
Thomas* inertia—which, paradoxically enough, j l(
' is the strongest force in nature—but
we have to combat prejudice and uproot tradition.
"We are a whole nation of prodigal
sons. We are not only wasteful but
we glory in our wastefulness.
"Thrift is not in our category ot
"Indeed, we are prone to look
upon thrift not as a virtue, but as a
makeshift of little people.
"Eve was not obliged to pare bet-
potatoes thin and we of the bounteous Wesl have been accustomed to
consider ourselves as dwellers iu a
Garden of Kden from whence we
could look wilh no little scorn upon
tire frugal ways of the New England
housewife. But there came a time
"when Adam delved and Eve span",
and now our own day nf reckoning
is at hand.
"If we would stay in our Garden of
Kden we must not only pare ihe potatoes thin, but we must plant the
parings. We must not only cut the
ripe timber wiib due regard for that
which should make further growth,
hut we must use the slashings and
reforest thc hillsides We waste $50,
000,000 and sncriflee 50 lives a year
in forest lires and have been doing il
for a generation
"Thus it is up to you and me. thc
members of this association, to correct the false popular impression and
make known everywhere ihe facl that
conservation is not onlj a policy to
which ihe IKiverniueut is committed,
but, in its broadest sense it means a
new national idealism toward which
officials, lumbermen and laity, alike,
are striving.
"And so our task becomes tbe delicate and difficult one of popularizing an ideal Each of us—Associates,
confederates, fellow-workers, sincere
men "combined for a common purpo-
K,>.'_must go back to our several
communities and lake home to them
through all our other varied assoc-
alions the lesson that we have conn
ed here together. It is the lesson
that is taught lo every Boy Scout
that is thauglit to every Boj  Scout
und Camp Fire Girl; the lesson that
should be taught to every lumberman
logger, sportsman, traveler anil child
the lesson of personal responsibility
for national conservation."
Chief business was the instructing
if Air. Sain Macdonald, the delegate
Central Institute, in the matter
of the resolutions to come before
that body at Its meeting in Victoria
on 2:1 nd ami following days.
A letter was read from the Minis- !
ter of Agriculture requesting the del- i
egatcs to rtmain over in Victoria for |
two days, to attend the session of 1
tho Agricultural Commission if pos- |
sible a resolution was passed asking
Mr. Macdonald to attend these scs- |
Mr. Macdonald   was instructed especially    to do all in   his power to !
induce the Government to take more
vigorous measures in  the inforcnient j
M thc Noxious Weeds Act.
The report of the auditors was reived. ■ showing    a balance   of some
netv    dollars in tlie- treasury after
ie year's affairs were closed.
A resolution was passed ashing the
ivernemeiit to assist In some way to
provide a meeting place for tlifl" various agricultural societies, recognized
by   the  government   here, which arc
now thrown on their own resources
for a place to meet since their room
at the Government Building has been
taken for other purposes.
"The Forest Branch of the Depart
ment of Lands expects io Issue,
shortly some interesting material oi
Ihe subject of wood-paving. A letter
relief j has just been received from Mr, 0,
II. P. Goss, of Ihe Fores! Products
Laboratory Portland, Oregon, prom
ising the results of the experiments
being conducted bj the lumbermen
mid civic authorities iu Seattle, The
noise of the brick pavement is verj
disturbing ami the people are looking
to the vasl accessible supply of Don
ginr Fir, from which blocks can lie
made, to solve one of the cilies'
"British Columbia may Hud verj
soon a great market for Douglas Fir
in thc form of creosoted blocks if the
paving experiments prove successful
The prairie towns, lo say nothing of
the Coast cilies, are due to undergo
wonderful 1 development, and westerr
wood may prove no small factor In
ussisiing business and pleasure traffic,
"When the Forest Branch cornea
Into its Products Laboratory verj
extensive Investigations will be made
on all muttqrs such as these. It
seems unreasonable thai if there
should prove to be a local supply ol
good paving material, recourse
should be had to that which requires
to be brought from iire.it distance-"
Tin1 regular monthly mooting ol the
above organization took place nn
Tuesday atternnon in Carmen's Hall,
when officers f«»r tlie ensuing year
were elected as [ollows:
President, Mrs. II   l.eamau
Vice president, Mrs. it. Brown.
Secretary-treasurer, Mrs. -i. Shaw.
Directors, Mrs. T. S. (pill, Mrs. W.
iioran, Mrs. Murgatroyd, Mrs. Geo,
Cautdwell, Mrs. Itrapcr.
Convener of social coiiimiltee, Mrs,
T. Christian.
It was decided In hold a Valentine
social in Carmen's ilall on Ihe evening of February 1 Itli.
A directors' meeting will be belli
luring next week Up complete certain business details.
I. .1   1111,1.   BELIEVER   HE CAM
St. Paul, Jan.7.—Into the grcen-
bousees of -lames .1. Hill, in the rear
ol his residence here, where Mr. I I'll
A.F.   '.NO
ing party lo thc home of Mr. Harold has   been   carrying on  tor   tin tat
... Foster, M.l'.l". They were bos
pitably received and royally entertained hy Mr. and Mrs, Foster and
Mrs lltimc.
two months an experiment expected
to revolutioniw agriculture, six men,
representing commercial and financial
MlncapollB, were guided to witness
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ astonishing results in wheat, cnts
The bachelors of this place have and barley culture, achieved by new-
issued invitations to their llrst dance chemical soil analysis and Its prac-
whtch comes oil in th: parlors nl the tifal application. PhosphorUB has
lnwsrincrc hotel on the evening of been found to be the grent essential
lanuary tenth. Scventv persons plant-food lacking In soil ol north-
have been bidden to this least. west and Mr. Hill has found the way
— be told thc Mineapolis men, to in-
Several ot tbe ranchers jipincd in a crease soil fertilit*.
a round up ol their cattle lately. A "I believe," Mr. Hill said, "that
number nl hundreds were brought In we can, by application ol these me-
ready lor winter (ceding, of those thods, increase the production of
over one Kindred head were sold to grain in the Northwestern States tcj
thc Invermero Meat Market, Limited, twice the quantity given in the flgu-
lt is necessary to make extensive ren ol the ttepartmnrt of agriculture)
pntaiattosa iu 'this liw owing to the  tor ltU. .
On St. John's night, Friday, Dec.
27-th officers lor the ensuing year of
North Star Lodge, Fort Stifle, wen.
installed as follows:—.
W. M. Albert Ore/., S. W. Joe Tain
bauscr, jr., ,1. W. Geo. S. l'-aker,
Tres. R. L. T. Galbraith, Sec. W.
.1. Duncan; Tyler, ('. .1. Reynolds;
senior deacon, D. McEachem; junior
dfacon, G. W. Donahoe; senior steward, (1. Geary; Junior steward, "J.
Ilarherd; Innot guard, A. Tracey.
MAY     UK      APPOINT!-.!)     NEXT
Victoria, It. r.. ,Jan s—preliminary- estimates of British Columbia's
mineral production during 1912 have
jusl been completed by the provincial
mineralogist, \V. Fleet Robertson,
and indicate, as forecasted hy 1 lie
prime minister in his New Year'*-
day interview, the breaking ol all
records tor this industry in British
Columbia, both as to output and
The ligure shows a total for tin-
past 12 months of 210,000 ounces oi
gold, both lode ami placer production
2,900,000 ounces of silver, 38,000,000
pounds of lead; 51,000,000 pounds
copper; 8,338,001) pounds of sine;
050,000 Inns of coal and 364,000 t
of coke.
The value of placer gold dining the
year is placed at $500,000 and thai
of gold production from quartz at
The silver production shows a gain
of 1,007,300 ounces, and ihe copper
output leaped from 36,000,000 I" 51,-
000 OOli pounds. Lead and /.in*' also
show large gains.
The total value of British Columbia's mineral production for 1012
both precious and economic is placed
by Mr. Hobertson s,t   $32,600,000, as
contrasted with $23.100,  foi  1811
a clear   gain of $0,100,800 or constd
erably better than 38 per cent
' Personally, I prefer to ha\c no railway men on the ticket."
Kditor The Herald I. [criticise   thai recoid. we Uiink it    is
Hear Sn—In view  o! the publicity   but fair   thai the fullest opportunity
that is involved in    an ahpeat to the should lie afforded the electorate    of
iiunicipal electorate such as i- lieinc; hearing both side- h the qui
^^^^^ tbe iiu.-siions at
Sue when *!,e,   will be  tn .i      betlrr
position Ui judge belu*een the parlies
made at  this    time, and also in view
il   the criticisms we are niakim:    ot
hf   civic council aud their   handling j who are askine
of city  affairs dunnc the past twelve tiuke this
lonths,     wc desire to be fair to out   •>, !«• fair to   .;'i
ipponcntS in every possible wav. nod    ,,..t because   up '
we are out tudor*' the public, sug«   have 'i"1 seen
est tii.it    tbey should also come out   statement frotn ^
:■•■•' Uit- open and tell  the citizens oi   his »■>'.■..:
Cranbrook  what    their achievement* ^ rur    ^^^^^^^^^
in the [nist   have been    upon   which V\   s   SANTO
they   base their   claim to     continued K.  liK'/,AI.I.
public confidence.       We     understand .'   It   HALL
! i
he   i
.    .mil
lb.it Mayor ISowness appeals for this
onfidencc <-:i the basis of his past
record, ami us wc have undertaken tu
The Santo Ticket
Is composed largely ef railway men. Mr. Santo believes that as
railway men have practically built the  tov>n: own   two thirds of
lie property in it. they should have a voice in its administration.
Most Cranbrook citizens agree that Cranbrook is a railroad
t iwn. That is, as a divisional point, the town sprung up. and by
virtue of that fact, it thrived and continues to thrive. lake the
C. P. R, shops away from Cranbn.ok and the hottom would drop
mt of if is a statement generally admitted to be true. A ppartntly
vlayor Bowness decs not share this view, as he expressed himself
is preferring not to have railway men associated with him on the
Vancouver, It. L\, -Ian. 7—At tb-
Joint meeting of the coast and
Mountain Sawmill associations heir
a resolution    adopting   a   memorial
Toronto, .lain.     6— Il is   reported
thai the next  Lieutriianl-fiovernoi of ^	
Ontario will be Sir .lames Whitney, jsettinp forth tbe claims of the Cana
RumOl hitherto has coupled the name jdian lumber Industry to a measure ol
of lion. A. K. Kemp, M. P., for fiscal protection was unanimous!;
Kast Toronto, with the succession tojadpptod.    Tbe    memorial was    lot
Victoria, H. C, Dec. 30.-Mrs.   H
Ihe position. Hut it is snid that Mr. \
Kemp has ambitions in active politics
and that be would be unwilling to
accept even the high office of Lieut-
enant-Oovernor if it would have tbe
appearance of shelving him politically.
The elevation of Sir James Whitney to the Lieulenanl-fiovcrtiorship
would nllOrd a way lo heal tbe
breach beiween ihe Ottawa Citl7.cn
ami the Conscrvalivn parly. As a
matter of fact Ihe Citizen's quarrel
is nol with the Conservative parly,
hut with Sir .lames Whitney, and if
lie ceased to he the leader its coin-
, plaint would no doubl fall to the
t   Lieut.-Dovernor Gibson received III*
warded to Premier llorden. No fur
ther action in renard to tire quc-iinn
of securing the imposition of impor*
duties nn forcnin lumber will be taken until a reply is received from tbe
prime minister.
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Cranbrook, B. C,
Phone 5   ?
C. Brewster, wile (if the formiir !appointment Irnm Hip I.nuricr (lov-
leader ol the w-Llberal opposition.irrnment on September 22. l»«». ""'I
in tbe ltgl«l*tutc, dtrtl on Sunday, I cannot be removed, except lor cause,
lut. [ until September ol neH yenr.
Kast Kootenar Districl
Take notice Hi.it II •'. Miller.
nmrrlod woman, p>i Uossland, 11 v.,
intp'iHls tpp apply tu purchase tlie IipI
lowing described lanils:
Coimnenclng    at \    t;    M.prris'
north east corner, Hip-net- soul ti
einhty chains, thence cast eighty
drains, tiiencc north eight) iliains,
thence west eiglitr  chains.
II   C. Mllh'l
.1. (!. Cummlngs, Agenl
Muted llcmi.brr 71b, IHI2.
should have a vunenf
livery Sunday—and none but the choicest are worlb while. We .jiiarie a
specialty of charming Irouijuetf (or any occsiion. Our expert designer
lino the "knack" of giving that perfect arrangement io any Kmral
Decoration which itampH it with supreme beauty.
s-orebuf Societies, Clubs, ChnreheKt Ku-., send here foi theii do were.
Lei us fill your next order.    If il aiiiuiiiitt" lo $-r).iX),,. nioie,
to your station.   Uucb order* executed  in an  hour'* time   Leave
then, to
(■honeNo, itjis.  NlghtOall—SOlfi
all. nth Ave. Weat CAl.t.AltY THBCBA.NBHIJOK HKRA.LD
The Santo
Waterworks Question
lotted, will faithfully do all that In
aa Ilea to realize theui.
Yours respectfully,
For Mayor
For Aldermen
RATEPAYER — Your worship,  when  can  we  expect a revenue from the
Waterworks Department.
HIS WORSHIP —- Thus far, the payroll of my engineers and their staff on
the Works has absorbed most of the profits.
Municipal ownership of public utili
ties is now almost universally tie-
eeptwi as an axiom iu municipal poll-
lies. Su acceptable u doctrine is it
lo tbe municipal electorate thai it is
frequently found tu be a plunk in op
putting platforms, which may be tal.
en us a tribute to tin* awakening
knowledge of tlie modern voter. Here
and there, however, there arc still to
be found people who oppose the priu
ciple from various causes. Perhaps
thc_ commonest of the reasons advanced for opposition tu the municipal,
ly operating its own utilities is that
il dors not pay. This is naturally a
strong argument lo thc ratepayer,
and where il can he proved, often de
cides the issue. As appears from oui
manifesto, we do not occupy any un
certain position on this question
We believe thoroughly in the principle, but we realize at the same time,
that tbe municipally owned water
works of Cranbrook provides more
material for opposing that principle
than it does for defending It. What
we have to do, however, is not to
spend argument In defending the prin
ciple in the abstract, but try to discover why it has fallen down intho
one concrete instance where it has
been applied to the local affairs.
It does not require the acumen ol
a King's counsel to discover at least,
some of the reasons for this failure,
and the object of this article is to
br.ng some of those reasons to public
notice, so that the electorate may
understand what a so called business
administration has done for Cranbrook so far as this particular question is concerned, (hi August 3rd,
1909, the city purchased from thc then
water Company the present system
of    water-distribution   at a   price of
Tbe electorate were persuaded to
purchase this property on the understanding, thut, operated by the municipality, it would yield a revenue to
the community which would be appar
ent by lower taxation. To the lav
mind, this is u most attractive proposal, and the community being mostly composed of lay minds, the electorate have looked in vain for the UK-
OK Till-; MUNICIPAL WATERWORKS. They have secu instead a
higher local tax and the undertaking
that was purchased us a revenue pro
ducer has uctuully been a charge to
the community. On the face of it,
this loota like a knock down blow tu
the municipal ownership argument
doesn't it; hut stay a moment.
The waterworks paid a dividend to
the Company who promoted and operated it prior to its purchase by the
community. That it does not puy
now must be due to some other tea-
Jon or reasons than the mere fact
that it is now a municipal undcrtnk-
Let us examine the situation and
see il we can discover those reasons.
Perhaps the business management has
been at fault. Perhaps the purchase
itself was u mistnke. The Company
sold for $')5,000.00 as a going concern. The community bought the
property as a going concern. Immediately it became their property, it
was discovered that it was necessary
to lay a new main pipe throughout,
and a little sum of fifteen thousand
dollars was raised for the purpose.
Incidentally, it was actually found
that the selling Company knew that
a new main pipe was necessary and
had actually  ordered pipe for the pur
pose. Astute wasn't it? (iood management (or the Company, but poor ma-
uagemcut on tbe part of the people's
representutivos;who bought a property in bud shape, paid a good price,
utid then spent fifteen thodsnnd dol
lurs tu put it into repair.
Now, this might have passed if the
property had actually been put into
order, but it is the experience of
Cranbrook citizens that it was not
only, never put into shape,
but it is not       in
shupe at the present time, and all the
indications are that before it ever
will be of any use, they will have to
spend something like thc original
purchase price to repair it. The
winter is now with us and many are
the complaints that the pipes are frozen from every quarter of the city.
What will these complaints cost before spring arrives? If last winter is
anything to go by, it will run into
the thousands again. Meanwhile, the
present council are appealing for continuation of office, and their appeal
is on their past record of which they
seem to think they have reason to be
proud. We are quite aware that
Mayor Bowness did not purchase the
waterworks, but some of his colleagues were on the council nt the time,
and neither they or the Mayor have
given any evidence to the electorate
that they are capable and business
like administration of civic business
Municipal ownership of public utilities is not at fault, but if the electorate want to vindicate that principle,
they should refuse to place further
confidence in a council who have displayed so lamentable a lack of business knowledge as is evedent in their
handling of thc waterworks question
Chief Foster, of the city lire brigade, has provided us with the following detailed statement of the fires
during the past twelve months. It
will be noted that none of them was
of a very serious nature, and that
the losses, on ihe whole, were quite
Insignificant. This speaks volumes
for the prompt, energetic action ol
the brigade in all cases of lire alarms
and thc fact that the city is so peculiarly free from disastrous conlla-
grations cannot but have good effect
upon the fire underwriters, whose adjustment of rates of insurance must
be qualified, to some extent ut least,
by tbe comparative freedom of fires
of uny consequence.
The list of fires during the year follows: *
January 2—Telephone alarm to lire
in house on Hgnson avenue 12:30 a.
m. caused by defective fire place,
light damage, owned   by W. Greiner.
-January 5—Telephone alarm to fire
in house on Clark Ave. 5 a.m. caused
by stove upset, no damage, owned by
a. Joiiftc.
January 1ft—Foot alarm of fire in
house on Louis St. 9.20 p.m. caused
by overheated stove. Hous1 destroyed,
owned by 10. Fulljamcs.
February 13—Telephone alarm to
fire in house on French Ave. 9.40 a.
m. caused by no stopper on chimney,
light damage, owned by W. R. Heat-
February Iff—Telephone alarm to
fire in house on French avenue 11:30
a. m., caused by stove, pipe through
roof, no damage, owned by F. Russell.
February IB.—Telephone alarm lo
Fire in Cleaning work on Cranbrook
St. 10.15 a.m..gasoline explosion,
building slightly damaged owned hy
fieorgp B. Powell.
February 22—Telephone alarm to
fire in brewery on Durick avenue and
Louis street, caused by over heated
stove, no damage, owned by .1. Kerrigan.
March 4—Telephone alarm to fire in
house on Lmnsden avenue 3:20 p. m.
caused by defective chimney, no
damage, owned by P. Hnmll.
October 1—Telephone nlarm to fire
iu stable on Watt avenue 11 a. m.,
building destroyed, caused by boys
smoking, owned by It. McNeil.
October 2—Telephone alarm lo
bush fire on Garden avenue and Kaiiis
street 8:30 a. in., no damage.
October 3—Telephone alarm to
grass fin' on Armstrong avenue ll;80
a. m., caused by burning rubbish,
no damage, owned by Mrs. Murgatroyd.
October 28—Telephone alarm to fire
in house on Ciurden avenue 4:30 p. m.
caused by oil stove explosion, light
damage, owned by A. R. Ncsbitt.
October 31—Telephone alarm to fire
in house on Ilnnson avenue 12 a. ni.,
chimney fire, owned by -I. II. McLean.
November 2—Telephone alarm to
fire in house on Fenwick avenue 10:30
INIC.NL elections
(Continued trom page one.)
Have tbat It la by tbe united goodwill and lotereat of all sections of
the community that Cranbrook will
raallM IU full possibilities, and for
tbli reason we would do everything
possible to stimulate individual inter
est In local ailaire.
Third—We witb to Bee established a
fair and equitable system of assessment of the values from which municipal revenue is raised, and for the
realisation of this purpose, suggest
tbe appointment of a practical builder, thoroughly posted In the value of
Improvements who should be given a
free and Independent scope. This
would take this item of work out of
the bands of the Olty clerk, and a-
bove tbe suspicion of discrimlnntlon.
Fourth—The amendment of the sew
erage by-law le advocated by us In
the interests of the less favorably
placed ctttcens of this city, who under tbe present arrangement, are not
only    compelled    to    connect,   (heir
houses with tbe sewerage system, but
are compelled to pay high prices
for tbe work. The eiisting by-law
provides tbat any plumber coming
into town must guarantee his competency and ability by a 1500.00
bond before he can enter into business.
We have no desire to fill Cranbrook with cheap or incompetent
labor in any craft, but we fall to
see in what way the bond guarantees
competency. What we do sea however ie tbat the arrangement eliminates competition, and. places householders absolutely at the mercy of
the plumbers who can charge
extortionate prices for their work.
Lot us profit by the experience of
other municipalities everywhere who
have found what a costly business
is class legislation.
Fifth—Following as a necessary cor
rollary of item four of our program.
We advocate municipal ownership of
public utilities together witb an enquiry into tbe reasons why tbe already municipally owned waterworks
la not paying. It paid as a private
ronrern,   Why not as a municipal nn.
dertaklng? All over the world today
the once sneered at doctrine of muni-
cipal ownership is now being adopted
and under clean and efficient administration Is proving the only sane
and sensible way of carrying out tbe
people's trust, as against private
greed and corruption.
Finally—We sincerely desire the sup
pression ot vice In all its forme, the
enforcement of the law without fear
or favor granting equal rights to all
and special privilege to none.
We desire to Bee this city go ahead
and we are convinced that it can only gain true prosperity along clean
straight lines.
To proceed along these lines, we
need the best type of citizen, and
the best type of citizen will always
settle in a place of good moral repute for the sake of his family.
Cranbrook has passed out of the
"tough wild west days" and aspires
to a high place in the life of the province and the Dominion.
As citizens asking your confidence
we share those aspirations, and If s-
uo ilaniugts,   owned    by C. H.
November 25—Telcphoue alarm lo
fire in house un Ourdcii avenue 7 p.
chimney burning, out, no damage,
owned by W. J. Atchison.
December 3—Telephone alarm to
fire in house on Clark avenue 12 p.
caused by defective chlmuey,
building destroyed, owned * by .P.
December 3—Telephone ularm to
fire in house on Lumsden avenue B p.
m.p caused by over-lieuted furnace,
light damage, owned by Mrs. T.
December 14—Telephone alarm to
fire in house on Watt avenue 12:15
chimney lire, no damuge, owned by
Harry Lenal.
Decemher L4—Telephone alarm lo
fire in house on Clark avenue, 4.30 o.
m., no damage, owned by .1. A.
Four outside city attended hy tllfl
February 20—Telephone alarm tu
fire in C. P. R. shop, 12:40 a. in.,
4ight damage.
March 10—Telephone alarm to fire
in C. P. R. boarding house 12:30 a.
m., building destroyed.
May 8—Telephone alarm to fire in
warehouse, building destroyed, owned
by J. D. Murruy.
June 4—Telephone alarm to bush
fire near power house, 2:10 p. m., no
December 18—Telephone alarm to
fire in house in Slaterville, 4 .p. m.,
ight damage, owned by 0. M. Moure
fob icporiE
We have a safe, dependable and altogether ideal remedy that is particularly adapted to the requirements
of aged people and persons ol weak
constitutions who suffer from con.
st'ipation or other bowel disorders.
We are so certain that it will relieve
these complaints and give absolute
satisfaction in every particular that
we offer it with our personal guarantee that it sha'l cost the user nothing if it fails to substantiate our
claims. This remedy is called Hex-
all Orderlies.
Rexall Orderlies have a soothing,
healing, strengthening, tonic and
regulative action upon the bowels.
They remove all irritation, dryness,
soreness and weakness. They restore the bowels and associate organs lo more vigorous and healthy
activity. They are eaten like candy
may be taken at any time without
inconvenience, do not cause any griping nausea, diarrhoea, excessive
looseness, flatulence or oilier disa-
greable effect. Price 25c. and 10c
Sold only at our store—The Hexali
Store, The Beattio Murphy Co., Ltd
In every package of Machela, Nature's Scalp Ti nic, which has a record for growing hair—95 cases out
of 100—there is a packet ol Machela
Dry Shampoo Powder. Price lor complete home treatment, $1.00. Soli
and guaranteed by The Cranbrook
Drug and Book Co.
•. *
"We are only little ones, but we know Zam-
Buk eased our pain and cured our sores. Per*
haps It would cure you, too, if you tried it?"
Isn't this sound advice from
"babes and sucklings "I Take it I
The sneakers are the children of
Mrs. E, Webster, of Seigneurs Bt,
Montreal, and the mother add.
weight to their appeal. She say.:
" My little girl contracted scalp
disease at school. Bad gatherings
formed all o'er her head, aud not
only caused tho child acute pain
but made her very ill. The sores
discharged, And occurring on th')
sealp wo (eared she wuuld lute
all her hair. She was in a pitiable
plight when wo tried Zam Buk,
but a few days' treatment with this
balm gave her ease. Then the
sores began to heal, and we continued the Zam Duk treatment,
in ashort time she wasquite healed.
" My little boy sustained a serious scald on the neck. It set up
a bad sore, and quite a few things
we tried, failed to heal it or give
him ease. Once more we turned
to Zain-Buk, and we were not
disappointed. It acted like a
charm in drawing away the pain,
and soon healed the wound."
Zaaa-Buk is "something different" in the way nf batma. It
eoo.aiMpowerfulliea.ling herbal essences, which, asfpoonaiapplied
to skis disease., kill oil the germs apid end the painful Hmari.ng
Other acaenoeecontained in Zatn-Utik ao atlmulaie tho ctdle that
swwheelthy tissue is speedily iorn ed. Bonnie, itch, ulcer*, sold
saees, abeeaaaes, foataring sores, blood poisoning, chronic woumla,
cracks, etc. ,aro healed and cured in this way, Uee it for ell
injuria, and disease Itiaalaoof gieataorviceforpiles. All
~*    end stores at B0 cents box, or Zsm-Buk Co., Toronto,
Send ui1 cent
■■lump (or pott*
age, aud we will
mail trial box
fre*. Mention
thli MOW.
Have Ball Bearings, That's why thoy run soeuoy und make
so little noise.
They stitch perfectly now, and we guarantee them to do
it five years from now.
The White is too well known to neexl much comment.
Please call and see the machines.
*   Fruit
J   P. DE VERE HUNT, Local A*ent
« Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C.
A Pull Carload
New Patterns
Just Arrived
Our Prices will be the same as
last year
Floor Oilcloth, sq. yd.   -    35 cents
Linoleums, 6 ft. wide, sq. yd. 55   "
12ft.   "       "    62*"
Co-Operative Stores


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