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Cranbrook Herald Jan 2, 1919

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iiiiinsii im idini
THVRBDAY,   .IWIUIV   2nd,   1019
Pneumonia,   (he   fatal   after   effect
il   Spanish   Influenza.   Invaded    the \
The annual meeting or the Crunbrook  Farmers'   Institute   was   held!
on Dec. 21st. There were about 38 |-on-fl 0[ Kr--.nR Provonsano ami car-
members present, B. II. McPhee in rjed off bis hrother Michelangelo
the chair. Provensano, on Jan. Snd,
Among matters taken up wore al Deoeosed was one of the old timorB
farewell letter from the recently ie-' ,,.■ ,|liH district, having been employ-
tired Deputy Minister aud Kuperlii- „(| -,y ,',,. ,• p u, ■■„,. mfxay ye(ir8t
lendent of liistltutes. Mr. Scott, whose Latterly he was ongagod in ranching
retirement was feelingly rofotrod to ilt aionllly. He was highly respect-
by several or tho member*, nil of Qti among bis compatriots and his
whom seemed to concur in Ihe op In; many friends mourn h^s loss. The
ion that In losing Mr. Bcotl tho farm- runoral will take place Monday,
ers of ll. C. bad lost one friend In
the ileparlincut who would bo Very
much missed, ami on a unanimous
vote the secrolnry was Instructed to
semi   (lie   regrets  of   Ibe   Inslliute  lo
Mr. Soott and express the hopB that The late Frank <; Murphy was ono
he would soon be fully rocovorod in I of lho besl nf Cranbrook's brightest
heallb and able to Inko his place aa y R  husllioss  men;   clean,  honest j
a leader antl counsellor io the farm-. and honorable; true and well belov-
erH of ii. C, whether in office or out. ed, lie wan only 311 yens or ngB, but
The meeting discussed organised had already attained to n most on-
actlon In getting lu hay to simply the! viable position III lho business affaire
shortage and instruction a were pnsB-  ot Mils city.   He was horn In Ololchon
ed to order about too tons as soon   Alberta, tho si i   worthy parents.J
as possible. j Mr. aud Mrs.  It   13,  Murphy, of till
Smart  hoy  wanted    to    learn
printing.   Apply at the Herald ofl
.1. P, Fink is spending his holid
iu Vancouver with his family.
Miss Elsie and Mis
more left for Bpokan
mi   Sunday   last.
Joyce Hatla
Wm   Kelly, after r short  struggle
witli the Influensa, Buccumhed  -      u ie"    "Hwrto nl  "»«  World"    Is
after  effects, pneumonia,  on  Satur-  Bnow" r°r ""' r,r ' "   '    '     '   '   "
day last. Dee   2Bth    He was burled  Theatre, Wednesday, Jan
by  tli"  Masonic order  ol   which  he
was a  highly  respected member, on
Tuesday.   Ha leaves a wife nnd three
children io mourn his loss
Mr   Kelly Wis an old timer nf (his   '""
will be few in the uudh m •■ who will
reallzi   the i i In* I     cene ol 'i.i
master production was re a a ed i x
aetly one hundred and twenty even
before   David   Ward   i
Vital Btatlstlcs ror the year 1918:
marriages, 37; births. 150; deaths,
district, having been tor a long time
with the It. Ci forestry department as
scaler, The bereaved have the deep
sympathy "I their many friends.
culled "Camera!"
Many   will thin In   thai  a
uulrlng sn many rehearsal ■ musi '
uniii- magnlflcont, a  kind of pano
\\   Vl'l'lttt'IATION <H  THE
RoglBterod Shortliorn Hull For Sale
I \ II   I -in Mi ... Ml HFIIY '' Vm l>«ril«-nlnrs apply Cameron Bros.,
bos 12. Fori Steele or E. ll   McPHeo
. Cranbrook. Bl-3t*
The story or "Hearts of the World'"
was wrllelf by M. Masten (le Tolignac,
and translated from the French by
Captain Victor Marler. The story is
In   two  parts.
ol  Mil
V[olei  ci
i.mtc spectacle like the iu;i- Ive group
VIOLET CHM.lllM.Tii\ Inge In "Tlie BlrUi of a Nation oi   I
liKI'AKTS   POR   TORONTO   tolerance". Griffith'* two former
'notions.   Contrary to this, tht scene
pon which -o much lime waa spent.
Inrjton and her mother tor Toronto K ttcMw elaborate nor mas   fl - H
n December SttUi and I dosing of ana* Bl(|| every ,„„. W|lQ BeeB ;,  vvil,
lie  King   Edward  Bchool   is   ;i   blfc f rcaltzo whv ro much tlmo <■
iss to the community. -turned on "it nnd why th,   -...■ u   Hi
The King Edwnrd School  was for ocior  attached  so   much rl  ■   e
\ new nnd active working rotini
i is to be formed to meet all
: turning veterans and give them the
ne the nni)
Kootonays, antl
t advantage to
ol remained o]
h and tberefon
chord of its hind
s  " I     It   is   Bald   oil   good   1
tt.    The   for two years Mr. Orlfft
1 ' B'x|g«l    tho   particular   o
on dur-  milgM from the faces c
   whole period of the war. a juvenile players, Lillian ai
The Secretary reported a member-   city.    With his parents ho nunc   to | rlErlit-royal   reception  thfti   they  dos-  time when so many boarding schools I perl   Harron.    Untold  or
ship of 80  for  the  past   year and Cranbrook In 1800,   Herwa» educated Qrve in othor and  larger centres hnd  to  probably nobody would sin
handed  out the cheques to the prize ■ at  the public schools of Field    and.  „  __ [closedown.   However, because of the  0ito sc  us the work or
winners  In  tho Crop Competitions,  j Cranbrook. nnd at llifl Western Can-'    -**1|e „umber „•■ tho winning ticket   increased cost of upkeep, Miss Cher- years of the two players ;i
Tbe financial report was not ready | nda College, Calgary.    He chose tho   ■-,„. I]u, ■rj-aphaphone was 206.    The: rington decided  to   accepl  the oiler ] ron su*m ,|)(, \mm\ 0f .,,,],-
owing to inability to held meetings; profession  of  druggist   and  chemist j nerBQ-- holding this ticket can get the  of a post on the staff of The Haver- '< ringer of Miss dish, and look
for  many  weeks.    No    auditor    had   and
been appointed.   On motion Mr. A. I..; the firm of Beattie £ Atchison of this I.,, ,,1(1 rinyo'l Pool Room
apprenticeship   witli - M,-aiilia.i)hot]e on presentation of same "gal School. Toronto.    During tho six   ward,
McDermot was named auditor for tin
The election of directors for tho
coming year resulted In the following
being named: Messrs. P. Woods, B.
Kerr, J. H. Hayes, R. K. Beattie. C.
S. Fleming, N. McClure, H. Edwards,
Jos. Wallace, Itev. F. Umi bot and A.
B. Smith. President McPhee having
declined a nomination on account of
pressure of other business, the directors retiring elected R. 13. Beattie as
President; Peter Woods, Vice Pres.,
antl A. B. Smith secretary.
A vote of thanks to the council for
the use of the councl chamber was
passed and a vote of thanks to the
local press for willing help In giving
publicity to Institute matters was replied to by Mr. Myers of The Herald
in a few words stating lie was always
glad to be of use to such bodies which
he felt were doing a useful work iu
tbe community.
Mr. Lambot, seconded by Mr. Fleming moved a vote of appreciation for
Mr. McPhee's help as chairman for
two years and regret at his retirement, which was heartily concurred
in by all present, to which the retiring prudent replied briefly., stating
that he hnd found much Interest in
the work and hoped he had done
some good anil told the members to
stick-together and stick hard if thoy
expected to accomplish anything in
tlte many problems now facing the
farmers of Canada, and after thank-
1-31 !
. largo number
city.   He attended tho Ontario School
of Pharmacy, in Toronto, graduating I    Jm. ■■.,.,„■,   ,„■ lh(, Canadian hotel,] of business   pupils.
therefrom in Juno. 1010, and obtain-1 |U](l ]ljs H||11 Wilfred, wore fined $200 j    The teaching standard of the school
ed the degree ot Ph. 13. (Bachelor of aml $*■-, rc9peottve1y for having booze  was   excellent,   pupils   being   grad-
Pharmttcy) from the Toronto Culver- ' ,„ an un)ftWfUi place and offering it I od   very   high   in   their new schools.
over 200 pupils passed through   will know that we died man and wll
slty in  lhe sume
tirement of Mr. Atchison from the
firm of Health' & Atchison. Mr. Murphy  became an  equal   partner  with
('(instable  Johns   hi id
Miss     Cherrlngton   hnd   a   very   out-
1 standing   personality  and    will    be
 „ much   missed   In   social   and   bcI I
The   regular  meeting  of   the   St.   circles.
Mr. It. E. Beattie and tho firm name j John's Ambulance Association will he     she will also be remembered lor the
became tbe Beattle-Murphy Co.. Ltd. | held on Tuesday, Jan. 7th. 1019. at | actfng and leading pnrt alio hns taken
This scene w.is rehearsed two yen
ago; in fuel, ii waa the tlrsl bcq
rehearsed and the last to bo "sho
In Hie Interim, during all the lo
weary months on the battlefields
France, this was gone over again n
again. Miss Oish herself tells of i
hearsing li in n London hol • ■ ■ I
boal of France, mi the battloflel
with shells screaming* overhead,
the way buck to America, in a \'i
In addition to their thriving drug and | 7.80  p.m,   In   the  Y.M.C.A.   building.; in dramatic circles also, much or the   York hol
book business iu Cranbrook tho firm j A full attendance of members is re-1 success of tiio piny "Oreen Stocking*" ; Angelas.    Bul   like  Unowned and operated the Beattie- Mur-  quested. being due to her!   She also noted as, old. Griffith  did   nol   fl
phy ranch on St, Marys Prairie.                                                            | choir  lender  In   tho   Parish  filiuroh. | Ornll until ono day upi
Mr,   Murphy   was  married  on   the      Mr.   Griffith  describes  "lb-arts of  where her absence is keenly foil. to his homo In Pnsnden
14th of last May to Miss Josephine U  the World" as "A Story or ibe Great     The members of the choir, niter a ' when   Mi-   tltreo   wore
Felker, a graduate of tlie St. Eugene  War." with tho actual conflict itself! successful   canvass   among   friends  over the wedding compn
training school   for  nurses, and    a j serving only as the grim background   were able io present her with a purse  just a fleeting glimpse g
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. |[. p. Pol-  for  the  unfolding tale of life  In  a of $100 an a token of their esteem   slon ho wanted.
ker. extensive land owner aud ranch-   small French village. wlxm saying goodbye. I     "lie  was  like a  child
er at Williams Luke, in tho Cariboo.  \w wish Miss Cherrington and lor   toy", says MJrr Lillian <
district of B. G. The "Country Gentleman" says thnt mother happiness and good  luck  In   or have seen him hap
He leaves to mourn his loss a young Motherwell is the father-of co-opera-  -iu>ir new sphere.
wife, a bride of less than six months; I tion in Western Canada.     Il seems a I  .	
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. lv Mur-   pity that the gentleman's name is not; SIRlMMNi; PARTIES
phy,  and   bis   sister,   Miss   Uelores   more consistent with his paternal In
Murphy, all of cranbrook. stlncts.
The  passing of  Frank (!.  Murphy \ 	
means a severe lops to the firm and.    The  dance  in  the  Auditorium  oi
to Los
died   of
! 11   ill
o tin* ir"TT.in'ii-;*y in. jvhii.h he wasuaf-Nnw years five was well patronized
bright and shining light.   His hearty and the music furnished by Mrs. Kd
good humor and pleasing disposition mondson's  orchestra   was  delightful,
made for him many friends, who we Everybody had a good time and A.
know join with the Herald in extend- Treverton's chicken supper was ihor-
ing to tho bereaved ones their sym- ougltl)  enjoyed,
pathy in the loss of a model husband. 	
son. brother and a promising   yo
A very happy and enjoyable even-
i lug   was   spew   at   tlie   home   ol   Mr.
1 and   Mrs.   W.  (1.   Morton   on   Tuesday
evening (Ne* Year's F.vel.   when   n
nuthber of ntyhofHst Church pson-ls
paid u surprise visit to Mr. and Mrs.
The'visit was an entire surprise,
thi- parties not having the sllghtost
idea of the coming of thc party.   Dur-
On th
Ing thi mombrrs for their co-opera-  bualnes
Hon In the past, stated thai he expect- j
e;l stll. to be n member and an ncl
We one oven if ho could not see lil
way lo ?erve as an officer this year.
reds  of  equally   painstakingly   pr
pared scenes, each one measured by
the unerring and critical eye of this
master producer.
David Wark Griffith, who is by all   »
j Ing the evening the Uev. U. W. Lee.Udds the David Bolasco of the motion   •?
u of Mr. J. F. Smith's j on behalf of those prosent, presented] picture  world, goes about  his wort
on  that  afternoon,  he  oent
cameraman, and  secured   th.
jusi us he had wanted it.
It would of course ho nnfai
that this one scene -.lands ou!
all the rest in such a produc
Provincial Library ul'
'Horn's nr tlie World", for tho Rim-  ,'*
New Blouses
Pretty New Blouses made of Silk,
Crepe-de-Chene and fine Georgette
Crepe in Ivory, Flesh Maize Rose
and Navy. Made with the New
Dutch Neck or with Convertible
PRICES from $6.50 to $12
Big Saving on
Winter Millinery
HALF Price
McCreery Bros.
•j;;'."1"0QaS mi cooas and clothinc stores
*• ssmftsM    lf}fimee/(f,e, smhfem .eUttttltiyfstt.
"llpnrts of tlie World", for tho Blin-     I      Tlief"--rVVT   Ti    I  r\£C /"•—     '    ^
•u,.«„«„,,!,„■ ,1.,.,-,,-..„,,„;.,,i„„: .,-    ±>v.-*i> 1 Pul (Jjf Laring
For That COUGH
ll j,m i!„. .,.j-[„ii» coripUcatlonti nre n(,f to arNr untl I lie result
"ill menu a treat deal of e\|,en., anil ineeiivelileilf"'. The
•eii.;i.le treatment Is
Loa   Ansel,•»   Rally   Times      Mi-<
°-l juat a^ an artist bent iti.on i-iinliiif: a
irk masterpiece, surveys each fresh tlanii
of  paint  to get  his effect.    The ag-
na grogate offect determines the       tei
; lla*el
nl   Ml.   II
the  l.i'*
rled .ni Plirlstinos U») ;
j Angeles homo ol ti»' brld>
; Mr.  and  Mrs.  S   Taylor I
\nrtli Alexandria avenue.
, MacAllleter.   D   I
j Presbyterian Ohttrclt.
I    Mr.   Shields   is   principal   of   tlie
I PranbrooK  public  Mhoote, and  both
I lie and  Ills  liride are   popular  in   the
white, Pron
ul  decked   \<
The directnra of Inslituie me! on
Dee. 2si;i and .discussed n plan to pet
n stronger organisation .to handle the
commercial activities of the local (armors than the present loose management of the Institute, it was decided
io prepare for organisation under
Part ll nf the Agricultural Act, with d
share svsteni and n committee was ,
appointed to draw up a reporl and I l'»1»»lii'" '
present it at the nexi meeting which
will be on Saturday, .Ian llth at * 00.
Tlie Brand Act nml matters affected
lliereli) will lie lip fur discussion al
the next meeting*.
The arrangements and resolutions
rur the next District Conference will
be inken up at ihe January meeting.
II Is proposed to organize the District
Institute us n Central District body
on n permanent basis with a constitution nnd bylaws based on those
adopted at Kamloops Inst winter fur
District 1>. coplos of which are heina
sent eaeh Institute in District I, which
Is 'lOnst Kootenay, and will also bo
prosented al tho coming local mooting, Those provide Inr a permanent
body with President. Socrotnry and """' "
Uxeoutivo, the tllstrlcl meeting shall el*"1- ",ni ''"'' lu' '" m;"1'11
eonslst of '2 dolegatea front eaeh In- —
siliuie In Ihls district, ime i„ he the      x(l Hloi> pull OliltMANV TUT
Secretary ex officio, and among other I
tilings the Dlslrlet Board are cxpeet-   ((,( ,r|H,m sinne as Millions af Oilier,
ed to keep tlte Advisory Board mem- n,,t,Pr T|inii They Will
Ihtb and his colleajiiies In more in-1 Unxi tn lift.
ilttmtc loueh with tlte distrlol locals I 	
and matters requiring review or leg-       par.s   Dec   21.—Herbert C. Hoover
sttporannuntlon  and   rellremeul   from   ^|,.   Norton   with  a  cosy chair
the government siarf. the members : ..i^in token of grntitudo for IiIh
ot" the Btaff and a row nl* his friends  ;,s choir master.
presented lilm with a very tine up-      Mr. 1. isn presented Miss .
holstered   chair     Mr.  Smith   retires   sarvis  who  for seme  time  In    the piece.
after having  served  in  the govern-   summer presided at  the church or-	
'   ''  menl office hero and In Porl Stoele   cl,n. with an exquisite silver mounted
ror 18 years    Ho was a faithful sor-   untbrolln.   Both the   recipients   were     ''"u. Julius did  smne good de
vain and carries his honors with him.   taken completely" by surprise, and in tlve work on Thursday night, Dee.
a  v,.|.y  gracious  manner  expressed He noticed the peculiar actions of al j
(Tltl.lNi;   A  well contested game  their appreciation  fjr the gifts bo- crowd of Chinese tn the lnne bel
,..,,, took   place   between   tho   following stowed. Hanson and Armstrong avenues
rinks  en    Wednesday   evening!    S.      On  Christmas  Eve  the,   llev.  and finally  he  rounded  up  a  cacti.,
Fyles,. A. C. Bownoss, A, Ward and   Mrs. ll   \v. I  were the recipients booze containing 42 quarl bottles
P. Tnniiani. skip; ami N   a, Wollln-  of many expressions of good will from rye whisky,   wing nmi was seen
ger, T. .1   Brown, W. 11  atlroy ami   tho membors ot tlte church. Mrs. Leo as Hie owner, pled guilty before M
B. II   McPhee. skip    ai the end of  was presented   with a  beautiful sot Istrato Leask and was fined SB0. '1
tho 10th  end  the rink-   were even, of knives ami  lurks,  .viiile .Mr.  Leo booze was confiscated, which leads in   ftjestfl/tsMtmesfy 1 m-frnm-tV   mstfljeimrj .tr]/*-, .efffem isf\fm
ie remark that there ls a cellar fill
\ tftinlilnaUon of healing Ingredients reeofpnixed h\ tin- medical
profew*lon as the '**"*i for the treatment of coughs-
■"•■'■ h    *>—\ ,	
1    $e*t£&mw^
.1. tn IHSIIK, afgr.
Ilai   Phaiie 74.
N'tokl i'l • s'.u.
well   illled
the brldogroom.
quel of bride roi
j ferns.   Sho come
her father's arm
i wedding music. .
\ the company  ivo«
elaborate Clirjstn
I house Ihroughonl
I Christians motifs.
i Shields   lefi   nn   a
for   lllverslde.     a
honeymoon   in   Si
but lu the last two ends Tnplinin made   was   the   recipient   uf
"V I a wiiiniiiR and nl iho end of the game  purse.
1    aid  I up. Mrs. Ashworth, who has been pre
siding ni the organ for some mouths
' wns   presented   with   a   lovely   siilad
I. 0. II. B.    MI'I'KS „„„.,
her gift   trim
uri'ieil  a   I	
id   nialdenhaii
Ihe stairs in
Mendelssohn's j    A mi,Mng „, , ,, ,, E was |loW
1 leremony  |n |hl, Counoll I'liniiiber on  Dec   18.
iiained "' _"": Tin' rogont, Mrs. MacKinnon, In the
hair.    After  tho opening exercises
i greetings from the Provincial Prsst-
]    Mn  '
of confiscated booze  to li>>
from here to the roust ;is soon as ii
i:; ktimvii to whose warehouse in Vancouver it ts to he Bhlpped i<> Me-
f'ritmps'-1 or Plndlny's.
decorated    In
train ,
' Shield
nl.. It
ill ll
ll     llll
dent were read, h1m> a message from
the National President rejoicing over
1   -1    oriel 1 pp|H1(1  W|*|,   victory  and  conjrfltula-
' " ;:: a'  tiotis on  the pari  Lho Chnptor lind
taken in helping tn achieve this glor
IslntlVO or departmental  action.
The secretary of the local Institute
requests that all membors wishing to
requisition any^ pure bred breading
animals should get their applications tn early, thus saving a lot ol'
annoyance and possible useless work.
Requirements; tn the way of lot orders of grass, clover or alfalfa seeds
also should be turned In early, the
secretary positively will not send ln
any late orders this year.   Oct busy!
Be at tlte annual meeting—It will
mean dollars to each farmer If donated with onergy.
Purchasers of Victory l.onns who
have made payments in full should
sign their names on the back of tho
official receipt and send them In to
the Bank thoy subscribed through
and obtain their bonds. This does
not apply to fully registered bonds.
American food administrator will *<nori
come into possession of 1.000,000 tons
of German shipping, which will be
employed In revlctualllng devastated
portions of Prance, Serbia, Belgium
ml Rumania, now destitute of food.
These ships wen* taken from Germany by the armistice commissioners'
without pledging that liermnny would
he supplied with food.
At present no snpplloa will be sent
to Germany. Lhe flrsl relief work of
the allies/belng planned In neutral
countries, In the meantime it is believed Mint the Germans can subsist
on food stored for the use of their
army ami hoarded by peasants,
A survey of Mie food supplies of the
central empires is being made, nnd
only ufler the entente allies' nonrts
ure provided for will any assistance
lw given the COUtltrtoS Of the central
Lous en«.
There were eleven mombori present. Mrs. iiiintiiiit signed Lho roll nml
Mrs Chas, Kerr was unanimously
elected to tho memhershiii. ,
An nppenl trom headquarters for
iho t ontlnuattons of the work was
read Articles such ns under won r.
pyjamas, socks and nliilit gowns were
still urgently needed, and cloth llifl
of nil kinds lo meet the needs of lhe
repatriated refugoos, especially of the
women and children.
Reports of the various commltlCOfl
showed  thnt  although   meetings   for
sowing had been prohibited, the Chap
lef had not lieen  idle, but  bad  ren
dored valuable aid during tho recent
epidemic.    02 pneumonia jackets had ,
been made aud donated to tho hospital and to homes wliere parents were!
suffering with  pneumonia,   Also is
suits of pyjamas aud 8 dozen mask I!
had  been given ont;  BOitps. custard-';
and  other  delicacies nad  been  distributed  and  the  Regent   and  other
members   had  done  heroic   work ins
volunteer nurses.
A full attendance of the members
Is requested at the next re^tilnr inQdt-1
ing on Jan. 10th at :i p.m. iu tho|
Council Chamber, as nominations for
officers for tba coming yenr will In
From Santa Claus—
The l»*i is found. The box of banks that I bad ordered
In be delhered In the Fink Mercantile Co.. at Crfllibrook",
II. I., aud which was lost en route, lin*. been found anil has
snfelj arrhed lu your fine clry.
it nil! be a pleasure fur lhe Kink Mercantile Companj t«
present all of the children who were missed on Wednesday
OVenlngi Dec. IS with one uf 1he*e nice bonks
fgmmjl/emmteetlflleenmtrsjlp   m tUf i sin/t/sn«■ »*%    —**%" ■ *Al" " %0
(' Hunting SATI'HIIAV. JAM AIM   llll, Rvorytlilng
nni.I ire, In I.AIHI.S-, (IIIl.llllKN'S mul -Ii:vs WIM'III
WI Ul: I'll |irr cilil nil' nil IIKYI.IIIIIIS nml III |iii cinl
nii t'liTjiiilnif Iii ^lulii.  IVftl'li mil' fflmloivs lor linrfroln*.
Moffatt's Variety Store
I'Hiim: mi niAMiiiinih, it.C.
jHrthotist Church
SUNDAY NEXT Je.rv. 5th 1919
11 a. m. Divine Service
12 p. m   Sabbath School
7 30 p.m. Divine Service
Subject: The Outlook for 1919
Preacher at Roth Services
Rev. R.   W. LEE
Cranbrook Herald
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Advertising  Untcs  nu   upiillcntlon.   I liniicis fur Advertising MUSI be In
(Ills    ni'iiiT    Wednesday   noon    tliocnrrout   week   to   secure   attention.
Deposit iccouoli may be opened and operated by mail if more
convenient  to  vou  than  personal  viiiti   to   neareit   branch.      II
B. E. HOWARD, Manager.
Sir K I- Borden, Premier uf Canada, in his New Yeara message to
Canadians, says among other tliinss:
"The burdens with w-hlcti tlie future
confronts us are heavy tint tliey are
insignificant in comparison with the
heritage which is ours. With solemn
thankfulness for the blessing of
peace and animated, iu spile of war-
weariness, by tin.- spirit whicli lias
hitherto maintained our purpose, let
as fare tbe New Year with courage,
with determination and with confidence."
Have you ever though* of the great
heritage which is oura? Territorially
the richest part of the globe In natural
resources; situated so strategically
along tbe line of traffic between the
Occident and (be Orient that every
nation in the world must pay tribute
tn us; climatically, iho healthiest in
the world. If ever there f-; to he a
race of supermen In tne world that
raco will he Canadian.
Nothing ran atop our onward progress, nothing can prevent us from
reaching our goal, nothing can impede
us in wording out our own glorious
In this spirit  the Herald urgi
citizens to "do Forward."
prohibitionists    were   not    satisfied. !
They wished to see the whole businesn
probed to Hie bottom.   Malfeasance In j
office was talked of.   Pindlay got un-
easy in Seattle and moved to Portland.   He had to hide; he went under!
another name: bo could not communicate with his wife and family; he had
the uncomfortable feeling that he was ]
under surveilance.   lt got on his ner-1
ves. He had been un honest man until!
lie began to administer a law that was'
not desirable to administer honestly, j
He started out to do the best he could ;
for  the  prohibition   party,  but   they |
still remnlns good, but ttio demand is
so great that it may have io be withdrawn soon. The Family Herald Is
big value and the Album is most attractive, so it is no wonder they are
securing thousands of new subscribers.
Notice is hereby given that on November 21st, 1918, It was ordered by
His Honor George H. Thompson. EBq.,
Judge of the County Court of East
Kootenay. that James A. Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion of
I tlie County of Kootonny Included In
tlie Electoral District of Cranbrook
be Administrator of all and singular
the estate of John .Caspar, deceased
Every person indebted to tbe said !
I deceased is required to make payment
forthwith lo tbe undersigned. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Every person having in possession  Encourage Companion is our
Be sure and test all makes
of machines in town before
We Stock the
Brunswick dc
Meeta In tbe
Parish Hall
lirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Tres., Mrs. E.
H. Leaman
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Boi 621.
All ladles cordially Invited.
were not  satisfied;  for tlie govern-j
ment. but they showed their teeth;
ihun In. began to administer the law      „ „ ,    .
....   our Help in
In his own interest.   That worked all   m^ by ^ pMlUng flf U)c -^^
There, „ chr0I1     29    Tll(m    foii0wed    the
The large audience which assembled in the Methodist Church on Sunday evening Inst, wns itself an evidence of the esteem in which the late
Lieut. E. S, Phillips was held by the   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
people of Cranbrook. j    Miss Cherrlngton wishes to   thank
In spite of the wintry weather, the j the congregation of Christ Church for
church was comfortably filled by a  the address presented to her with a
sympathetic audience who desired to   puree of money on Thursday. Dec. 19., dnu nn(| m m [)ftrUcularB of „iH
pay their last respects to a real hero.' The thoughtfn' kindness which prom-1 (%la|m M .^^ mA fl Btrttoment of
The service which was conducted, ptcd the generous gift is much uppre-
by  tlie  pastor,  the  Kev.  il.  \V.   U
effects belonging to Hie deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person hnv-
iug any claims upon or interest In
tlie distribution of the estate of tiie
said deceased Is required lo scud before the 4th day of Fetiruary, 1019,
next, by registered mull addressed to
tlie undersign0(11 bis nnme and mi-
Large Assortment of Records j
Raworth Bros.
Next to tho l'ostofflce.
I was opened with the Hymn "Oh God,
Ages Past," this being
regard to the pr
;oea merrily on.
Th.- Talkfeal i
conference still
The league of nations.
The freedom of tho boi
The  indemnities to be
If Hie Nuns bad Hie money the Allied nations would sure he In clover.
It would pay to start another war, if
the victors were to be Indemnified for
all their losses, all their expenses, and
all their wounded feelings. At the
same time the Huns should bo made
to sign a promise to pay the cost of
tlie war iu blood and treasure and
art. A small sum. only $ILM.O00,iMlf),-
000.00 and about 10,0(10,0(10 lives. As
long n* it Is not paid Germany cannot
expect ihat her creditors will permit
her to spend any more money m preparation for a new war.
President Wilson has the bee lu his
bonnet thai now is the time to get all I
the nations to agree to <    ablisb  his
pet   International   arbitration   court i
thai  will .■u--<"-«H ttvn HI* of tho ml-j
tions tiiat are not of a purely domestic
Premier Clomenceati, nf France. [
says the world must still remain split j
un into two camps, those who nre
willing lo bo free and those who nre
not; those who are willing to submit
to democratic ideals and those who
nre not.
Germany says she lias no will to be
punished and ought not to he. Give
her back hor toys and forget how she
abused thoni.
Bul in the midst of all the babel
President I'oincure says, "I do not
foresee the slightest trouble in arriving at complete accord, even to the
details, We are already m harmony
on general lines; the details will be
settled as soon as tbe delegates get
down tn work.
ok Tin; whole Timi'itu:
Kx-Prnhibitioii Commissioner W. C.
FIndlay can blame booze for his downfall, as booze has lieen at the bottom
of the whole trouble.   Tim proverbinl
and Inevitable woman In tne ram has
not yet pul in her appearance.  It may
be llmi  the woman has found more
congenial  employment  since she has
been given the franchise and put on
an equality with the man.
Tiie FIndlay case is developing anil
promises to point such a threatening
finger at those who arc called the
hlgher-Upa as to produce a panic and
au adjournment of the commission appointed to Investigate sine die. to use
a term employed by the legal fraternity when they want to put the lid
on. or call ofr thc dogs. I     Pollcfl    MoKl«lnilo    John    Uask,
Passing the case in review we must I »P»Wm trom tbe bench and in the
go back to tlie beginning. j mnw °r lftW ■nforcemait w*-
The 11. C. Prohibition Act whh voted \ "A lar&° •""'■■»,r "' Cftflfla of breach
on in 1910 and carried by tbe civilian i o( lho Prohibition Act have, been
population, but defeated  liy  the  sot- ' »roughl  before me.    Hitherto 1  have
right until the crisis came,
soon developed dishonor among
thieves. The liquor began coming in
to the province for tlie government
store, but it was diverted to Plndiay's
warehouse. It was being shipped in
by Hie car load from Montreal. Soon
tin- shipments were broKcn into en
route. FIndlay was not to get all the
contraband liquor, Sevotuty-threc
cases were missing out of one shipment. Barrels were tapped and partially emptied of their contents. Find-
lay found that one mun could not possibly handle all the wet goods that
were required to satisfy tho thirst of
British Columbia, a thirst that the
"Flu" made more intense. He began
to organize and too many cooks
spoiled the broth, spilled the beans.
Too many bottleH were uncorked at
once and those who were having a
corking time were suddenly raided by
a distracted government urged to take
action by an outraged people.
Tbe Prohibition Act lias turned out
to be very much or a gold brick.
FIndlay could stand the pressure
no longer and returned. An investigation is now taking place. Judge
('lenient has been appointed a commissioner, but his court is being ignored. FIndlay refused to testify. He
was sent to jail for contempt of court,
other witnesses are refusing even to
appear at Hie summons of the court.
A warrant was to be Issue*! for tbe
arrest of A. Cartshore, a prominent liquor dealer of Vancouver, but It would
spoil his appetite for his New Years
dinner if it was served before Jan. 1,
..lilt, so it was held over.
Aside from the reluctance .of Mr.
Q&rtsnore to*W questioned on the
witness stand an interesting development- of the inquiry is one that goes
io show that ship cargoes are not the
only ones that can be broached.
A car may leave Montreal jammed to
tlie roof with cased goods "consigned
to Mexico" but that is no reason why
this car is intact on arrival in Vancouver. A Canadian Pacific freight
official recalled that one recent carload arrived seventy-three cases short.
When liquor Is worth sixty dollars a
case this is quite an Hem. An Investigation is still being made in the flu-
Infested territory through which the
car passed. In another instance a
barrel which weighed 600 lbs. when it
left Montreal bad shrunk 237 lbs., at
Vancouver. It was officially explained that shortages arc sometimes caused by accidents en route.
Oficial heads arc beginning to fall.
Last week Geo. L, Courtenny, manager of the Pacific Great Eastern
Hallway for the provincial government, received prominent mention as
having been furnished Willi a case of
whisky at the favor of FIndlay and
without necessary medical certificates)
needed by a plain citizen who wants a
plain pint. On Monday Courtenay:
was reletved of hfs five thousand a
year Job. He had been manager of the
, railway line for just three months.:
In political circles it was rumored
thai Courtenny had some disclosures I
■ of his own to make and another in
| vestlgatloti may start ere long.
hymn "Listen, the Master Beseechetlf
after which the audience was led in
prayer. The names of the "killed in
action" who were members of the
church were read, the last name being that of Lieut. Eugene S, Phillips.
his account and tfee nature of   the I
ciated  by both Mrs.  and  Miss Cher-1 MOurity ,fr unyl i,eld by him. I
Huston, who will carry away pleasant;    Attei. Ul0 mM ,a8, ,nPlUl(med ,*ato
memories of Cranbrook to their future t*ie
sphere, I ,„„
There will be offered for rale by
public auction at t!'e offices of Messrs.
Macdonald & Nlsbet, Solicitors, Cranbrook, 13. C, on Monday the fltli day
At tills point the pastor unveiled nn j o( January, 1010, at 2.30 p.m. the following assets:
Saw Mill (capacity 1:1000)
Horizontal Engine (14 x 18)
Upright engine (11 x 11)
Log jack, two plumber saws, carriage, five team of horses, wagon and
One typewriter, certain bills receivable and logging and rigging aud mill
enlarged photograph of Lieut. Phillips, which had been canopied with
Hie Union Jack. Then as tiie audi-
ence stood, Mr. Lee hung a wreath
Upon the photo of the deceased. Sergt..
Richardson, a returned veteran man.j
in an able manner sounded the "Last
Post." The congregation were deeply I supplies,
moved by the plaintive notes of the | TERMS CASH.
.    ,        . ,,    .     ,     . ,. ,       For further particular!
bugle, and the hearts of the people | -m-iera|gned,
were stirred as the "Last Post" Bug-1
Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those oHms only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 20th day of j
December, 1015.
50-2t Official Administrator
dler vote overseas.
The Prohibitionisti contended ihat
thc overseas vote was fraudulent, and
a commission was appointed to investigate the charge. It wns a political
commission aud furnished a splendid
Junketing trip for three supporters of
tho government who just needed a
visit to Europe to round off their education, Their verdict wns that tbe
majority against the Act declared by
thc overseas vote   was   obtained   by
been very lenient iu every such cose,
but emphatically declaring that the
law musi be obeyed, witli the iiope
that liquor selling and drinking
would   cease.
"All tbe cases that have come up
before me have been against the
seller, the drinker who is just as
much an offender, hns not yet been
apprehended, The Prohibition Act
instituted to cut out the sale and
gested the last sleep of a hero.
The Hymn  "Asleep In Jesus" was I
next   sung,   after   which   Mr.   Let
preached from the 2nd book of Chron-
teles, 29th Chapter.    The subject of
address was "The Joy of Sacrifice."
Tbe significance of the historical events of the chapter were pointed out, 1
the   idea  being  emphasized  that  in.
the midst of great sorrow, and nat-1
lonal misfortune, there was an element of joy.    The offering of    tlie
people stood for penitence and consecration.
When we think of the sorrow of
thc past four years we are surprised
at the calm cheerfulness whicli has
always been present, in the sorrow
of the nation lias been found a
source of joy. The Jews of old celebrated the sacrifice of burnt offering, but to-day we have a larger idea
of sacrifice; viz, the sacrifice of one
to oneself, the sacrifice of the lower
to the Higher, and of our natural
wills to great spiritual and moral
ideals. ■ We have been taught to
sacrifice for the brotherhood of man,
and also to sacrifice our wills to that
of God. We doubt whether the empire could have learned, except by
war, the Joy of sacrifice. The men
who have died held something dearer
than life, and that was "Tiie life of
the Soul of the Nation." They tell
us from homes where no pain is tiiat
they felt joy in tlieir act of sacrifice.
That is tlie ideal of Christ. The
death of every soldier is a call to us.
No man today can be an idler or
grafter or law breaker. The Indifferent past 1ms passed away in a molten
Mr. Lee spoke of the life and character of the Late Eugene Phillips,
and read extracts of letters from brother officers at the front, all of them
testifying to his noble character as
well as a soldier.
The choir then sang very sweetly
tlie Hymn "When the trumpet of the
Lord shall sound."
The service will live long in the
memories of those present.
The passing away of the Old Year
and the ushering in of tiie New Year
was solemnized hy a Watch night I
Service held in tiie Methodist Church
on Tuesday evening. New Years Eve.
Although the night was severely
cold, there was a good audience. Thc
service was conducted by the Rev.
Lieut Chas. E. Batzold of the 72nd
Seaforth Highlanders. Lieut Bat- I
zold has recently returned Invalided
from the front and he brought an
eloquent message which was greatly
appreciated by all present. The last
few minutes of the old year were
spent in prayer and consecration.
The service was Inspiring Trom fce-
glnning to end, and after the Benediction "each wished the other" a Happy
New Y'ear.
Macdonald & Nlsbet,
Solicitors for Assienee. 50
Beautify your
—and rid the skin of unsightly blemishes, quicker
and surer, by putting your
blood, stomach and liver i::
good order, than in a::y
other way. Clear complexion, bright eyes, rosy
cheeks and red lips follow
the use of Beecham's Pills.
They eliminate poisonous
matter from tlie system,
purify thc blood and tone
tlie organs of digestion—Use
Worth a Guinea a Box
Dteth-M of Special Vita!-, Wmm w. witli Lm*t Bm
S«U«*«f*k.*.   labMti.lSctfili.
Notice is hereby given that on November 21st, 1918, it was ordered by
His Honor George H. Thompson, Esq.,
Judge of tlie County Court of Kast
Kootenay. that James A. Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion of
the County of Kootenay included in
pply to the; the Electoral District of Cranbrook
be Administrator of all and singular
the estate of Knut Proroth, deceased
Every person Indebted to the said,
deceased is required to make payment!
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In possession
effects belonging to  the deceased Is |
Feather Light
Thc users  are  the
>»«■ Open for Engagements.    One to
Four Pieces
Tlie Music witli tlie PEP.    Por Terms
required forthwith to notify the tin-   or pllonc 2211
dersigned. =s^=s^
Every creditor or other person hav-	
lug any claims upon or Interest In
tho distribution of the estate of the I
said deceased ls required to send be.
fore the 31sl day of January, 1919,
next, by registered mall uddressed to
the undersigned, his name and address and the full particulars of his
claim or interest, nnd a statement of
his account and the nature of tbe
security (If any) held by him.
After tile snid last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed witli
the distribution of the estate having
regard lo those claims only of wlilch
he shall have had notice.
Haled at Cranbrook this 20th day of
December, 1918.
"■0-11. Official Administrator |
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Imperial
OPEN FROM 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Best Meals    •    Quirk Service
Thc  Family  Herald  and    Weekly
Star or Montreal is having   !'"i best
year in Its history.   Tlieir suuscrlp-
so ot Honor as a beverage, and aa a |tl0"8 !or ",e m°nl"8   of   November
Spokane, Washington
This bouse baa tbe
happy distinction ot being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for tbe people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
and O. W It, & N.-Mllwauke.
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
bouses and places of amusement.
See StfiniNlilo on Roof
Purity's Symbol
White is the symbol of purity. The
creamy whiteness of Ivory Soap symbolizes its purity. There can be no
purer soap than Ivory because Ivory
contains the highest grade vegetable oils
the world affords, expertly combined
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tendcrest skin or injure the most delicate
Made in the Procter & GamlU factorltl at Hamilton, Canada
Building and
Job Work
Clarke & Sainsbury
Phone Tit or !IT«      P.O. Box SOS
fraud, nnd tlie Art was brought Into] magistrate it Ik my duty to nee that) exceeded by almoat 200 per cont. the
tiie purpose or tlie law Ih fulfilled' Bame montl1 °' any iprevtous year.
within the Ht-opo of ray jurisdiction. I December will also be a record-
"I have thcreroro decided Trom now breaker- Tl,e Family Herald Pub-
on In every case that is tried before ■ llHners ar« perfecting plans for
me and proven to my satisfaction to'. e,aborato improvement*. The public
Inflict a penalty to tho limit of the' 8,loullJ not confuse that great weekly
force on October 1st, 1017.
\V. ('. Pindlay, a prominent prohibition worker, was appolntod oontmlB-
Bloner to administer thc Act. Tho
temptation to get rich quick became
too Btrong Tor him ntnl the ninny loop-
holes in the Act wore just so many
urgent calls to him to «o into tho
Wholesale liquor business on his own
account Tie fell from grace, He admitted that lin hnd Imported liquor Into the province contrary t» law, ww
fined $1,000 and flow tho coop.   The
David Work Griffith was the tlret
American ever to set foot in the front
lino trendies. This watt, of course,
before thu United Slat as entered the
with a small dally paper of somewhat similar name now m liquidation.
There is no fear of such a thing happening with the Family Herald. The
word "Family" should not be omitted
in the address of that paper. We
am Informed that tlieir offer of a
War Album frw for all who subscribe
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Office, smelting and Refining Department
Purchaser of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores.
Talmnac Brand Pig Lead, milestone, Speller and Copper
Csn you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
Jutktlni fill tur Wumt.11.  ...,.
ii..*-Suli, at nil Pnii Mtnri.il, •
DR. De VAN'S rittNCH riLLd j.Vk--
y, ti box or tUnwior
- _. fn. <ir ninlleil tunny
on iccolpt uf |.fice-   Tn k ttcoif .Ll. Pr.'Q
G0..1L OtUmrmei. ontnrlo. 	
Vlullt.;for N.T.. .nrl Hrftln; Iiic»mm"if.»
■.tier':. Tonl.--wllniulld.on up, a a bet,or
two lor t*,.l drug atone, or by Mil on
t'ltll and Mlnlnr Kmlor.r.
B. ('. Land Sarrejron
Urn. Oreen & MacKinnon
rli.vslilllli. und SiirBcnns
Oilier  ;it rGBldetiao, Armstrong
Foronn i   9.00 in in.no
Afternoon*    U.00 to    ' 00
rsvonlngs 7..10 to  s.so
Sundays   mo to  4.:io
l.O.O. h.
Meets   everj
Mondur ulglit
       »t Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
B, H. Mcl'hoe,      J.W. SfeCnot,
Secy. N. Q.
1*11. F. II. MILES
Office in Hanson Block
fl to 12. a.m.
i to   5 p.m.
I'rhale Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Maternity and General Jiurslng
.Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 260 P. O, Box 846
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
RoliL Frame, Prop.
t'resli llreail, Cake-, IMes
iiidI 1'aKlrj'
Pboae >T
Norbury Ave.      Opp Clly Hall
Cnakraok, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. tn
Ibe Fraternity Hall
C. G. Borgstrom. C. C.
C. H. Colllne. K. R. ft s.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets In Map'.e. Hall second
Tuesday ol every month at •
P. m.
Membership open to British
Visiting membera cordially
a*. Y. Brake.       J. r. Lower,
President. Secretary
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent for
LeikkrMfe aad flr-*aklU Coal
Imperial OH Co.
Dlstrbathm Can a Specialty.
Ilraylnir antl TroiKferrlnK
Olvsn prompt attention
Pboae fi
The Shoe Specialist
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.ieadquartera for all kinds of
Pboae Ml
Norbury Ave, next U> City Hall
Montana Ke-tanraut
Heals at All Hoars
Cigars, Cigarettes aad Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Automobiles for hire...Heats
on Green Bay In Connection.
If vou want satisfaction
Kith vour washing
•end It to
Hneclal nrlcea for funllv THURSDAY,   JANUARY   2nd,   1019
Start the New
Year     /fl^
With ^aP
Clear  Vision
To be clear sighted ia to be
clear-beaded*—and to be clearheaded, is to be successful. The
difference between failure ami
success in life often hangs upon
the slender thread of good eyes.
Por defective eye-nerves or mils
cles easily wreck the whole delicate bodily mechanism—which
spells  failure.
Clour, perfect vision restored
Is a most Inexpensive uplift.
W. H. Wilson
Hlg. Optician
l^ocal and Personal
Insure with Beale & Blwell,
Write it—1919.
Make 1919 a Saving Year. Keep \\\ S. S. in mind.
Kilhy Frames pictures;   phone 9.     Make 1919 a wj. s. s. Vear.
Curling   Uonspiel     Commences on
Monday. Jan. 13th.
A.  M.  McKenzie  returned  on  Sun
day from his holiday at Kelowna.
Twenty-five   cents   buys
Stain [i.
Thrift '    k s- Shields and bride are expected
home on Sunday.
Cranbrook is proud of the fad that Bt, Mary's prairie potatoes fl.76
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, Mr. and Mrs.
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Mrs. Legg's parents,
A. Walllnger.
PHONE NO. 409,
(HAMIIKMIK . n. r.
Piano and Theory lessons by
arrangement. Phone 404 or box
428—Mrs. Van Braam, 237 Burwell Avenue. 46-tf.
The City i>L' Nelson linn granted $50
to tlie Returned Soldiers Club to enable the club to start the New Year
free   front   debt.
Miss Rumsey will open after
the Christmas holidays a kindergarten and primary bchool.
Por particulars phone 357. 46tf
Did you have a cutter ride on .New
Years Day? Tlte sleighing was pretty
good, although the snowfnl as yet has
only been a few Inches.
Fancy and Ball-room Dancing taught, For particulars
phone 404 or box 428.— Mrs.
Van Braam. 48-tf
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Sgl.-Major and Mrs. A. W. I'. Taylor,
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Cranbrook, B. C. 1-st
Dnissmnklng at reasonable
terms.   Day work lit plain
or fancy sewing.
Phone   170  nr  Write  llox  im
( ranbrook. lt.<.
Mr. Harry Fteade, who has. been
training with the Navy at Esquimau
for the past several months, has returned to the city.
Miss Sybel D. White Is spending thc
week in Nelson visiting her sister.
Miss O. H. White ami will return on
Sunday's train.
. .Pantry Queen Flour, Robinhood ami
Royal Household, get oar prices on
two or three sacks, you can buy all
you want now.—Crnnbrook Trading
The Annual Convention of the B, C.
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10 per cent off all Rubbers, Gum
Shoes and Overshoes at Clearance
Sale January 4th.—Moffatt's Variety
Pupils of thc High School will kindly take notice that tlie hour for opening will be 9 a.m.
R. B, Forsyth.
Skating and curling, oh hoys, say,
we're going to have a good time this
winter. You're going to be in on it,
too. are you not?   And you girls, too.
V. M. Dicken of Fernie. special laud
assessor for the provincial government, is spending a few dayi, in the
city on official business.
The roarin' 'game has begun. The
first game was played on Monday
ntght In the Arena. Tlie Ice Is in excellent condition, as level ns a board
and scientifically pebbled.
Umber Up With Penetrating
Hamlin • Wizard Oil
A harmless and effective preparation to relieve the pains ol Rhenma*
tlim, Sciatica, l-amc Hack and Lumbago is Hamlin's Wizard Oil It penetrates quickly, drives out soreness,
4nd limbers up stitl aching loints and
You have no idea how useful it
will be found iu cases ol every day
ailment ot mishap, when there is
need ot an Immediate healing, antiseptic application, as in cases of
sprains, bruises, cuts, burns, bites
and stings
Get it from druggists for .10 cents.
It not satisfied return thc bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? fust try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents.   Guaranteed.
round DlHtrfcf Act.
Pursuant to the provision.! of Section 11 of this Act, notice Ih hereby
given of the appointment of Charles
Langridgo or Bull River, B.C., aa
poundkeeper, of the pound established
in the Bull River district and located
at the junction of the Government
road and the Bull River, being Lot 118
(J. P. It. Map.
Minister of Agriculture
Department nr Agriculture,
Victoria, B. C, Dec. Uta, Ull 10-31
Rev. J. P. Sinclair was called to
Spokane on Monday to attend the funeral of his uncle. He expects io bo
back to take his usual services tn the
Baptist Church.
The annual meeting of the Women's
Institute will lv held on Tuesday,
Jan. 7th, at the Parish Hall, commencing promptly at :i p.m. Annual
reports will be read and the election
of officers Tor  Ifll!)  will  be held.    A
full attendance of member*; is requested.
Mr. T, B, Robertson, of Dryden, Ont.,
tlie new manage]' ot the Cranbrook
branch or the Royal Hank of Canada.
with his wife and child have arrived
in the city and will lake up their
residence In the house lately occupied hy Mr. H. C. Seaman.
: The bills arc out announcing the
eighth annual bnns-picl of the Crows j
Nest Curling Association to be held;
this year In Cranhrook, commencing j
Monday. Jan. 13, There are to be four
open events, The event around which
Will gather the greatest interest is
British Columbia vs Alberta.
The membership of the Crnnbrook j
Curling Club is now well over lift,
the canvass for membership has just I
begun. The objective of the commit-j
lee is 7.'. members Will they gel I
thorn?   Sure tbey will, nnd more.
J. Sanderson hns received a letter 1
from Hob Quinn, late of the B. & B. j
1 deportment of the 0. P. R. who is now
' In France, He bus been wounded and
j Is now ou his wny back to join his
[ battalion and he wishes to ho retnem-
; bored t« his old friends in Crnnbrook
[ —anil he has many.
j C, H. Ross, of Saskatoon, has ae-
j capted a position with the Cranbrook
j Trading Co. ln charge f their fresh
I meat department. He and his wife
and family have taken up their residence on Lumsden Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Seaman and their
I two children left on Tuesday for Vancouver, where Mr. Seaman enters up*
; on bis duties as manager of the Robson St. branch of tho Royal Bank of
Canada. Tholr many friends hero regret their departure as both Mr. and
Mrs. Seaman were prominent nnd useful membors of the society of. this
city, but thoy are pleased to know
thut Mr. Seaman's valuable services
nnd great ability to one or the great
banking institutions of Canada have
brought him promotion. Many of their
friends wero at tha station to see
them off, and wlwh them a safe and
pltaiant journey to the ooatt.
Rev. D. T. McCUntOCk of Nelson occupied the pulpit of tbe Presbyterian
Church here last Sunday nnd declared
the charge vacant. He returned to
Nelson on Monday.
There will be no whist drive nt the
Veterans' rooms on Friday evening,
owing to tlie children's New Years
party which is to be held there on
Oh joy, the soldiers' kiddles are going to have a good time on Friday
afternoon—a Xmas tree and) party.
Don't you wish you were a adulters'
F. Ayerst, who has had charge of
tlie  Cranbrook Trading Co.'a  fresh
meat department for some time, hns
resigned his position and leaves for
theeoa«t today. He was the New Year
guest of Mr. and Mrs. C  Va.s-.oit.
Rev. C. M. Campbell. M. A,, of
Kaslo. will occupy the pulpit of Knox
Church next Sunday. A real treat is
iu store for all who like to listen to
sound doctrine delivered in eloquent
We Wish You All
V. o
.-• s
ig    Moddachben    Castl
where W. Hohenzollern is residing, I
a deep moat   One might think thai  (][,..
the waters ol thai aioal mlghl suggesl [
something to tho ex-kalse
Bill's ancestor Fredorl I. the Clreal always carried a small bottle of poison
io be taken when the critical moment
should   arrive,   Probably
Bill Is to be misled with the water
thai there is no flnngor
from drowning for liie man  who is
destined to lie hanged.
Crnnbrook schools will re-open on]
Monday morning, Jan. Otli at D.30.
li is lo be hoped thai every pupil t j)
will he in his or her place al that time;
determined upon such dose application to work us io make up for lost
Parents will also please Lain
that new pupils will nol bo admitted
until March 1st.
WHAT TO i si: to I
Cranhrook people should know simple buckthorn hark, glycerine, etc,, as
mixed in Adler-1-ka, flushes Hie ENTIRE bowel tract so completely that-     lu the mailer of Lol S752, contain
appendicitis is prevented.   ONJfl TEA-1 ■■•■- H40 ■••■■vs mure or less. theSouth-
SPOONFUL   A.ller-i-ka   relieves   ANY,    ,        ,.,,    |h(l Bo||l,,   Kast   ■_,  „,   .-.,.
cash sour stomach, gas or eonstipn-  ,    .,   ..   . ,,   ,. ,,,„
Hon because It removes ALL foul mat-! North Weil 1-4, tho North 1-2 ol Uie
ter which clogged and poisoned your; South Kiist 1-1. tho Snuili Wosl 1-4
system. Tho INSTANT action stir- „. tho South East H, tho North Wosl
prises both    doctors   and   nation's.   , ,    r (1    Nm.Ul W|1|i,   |.4  alld the
r.,..,(.:,,    M I..,   I-.,       1   t.l       ,l>nn»tala        I
South Wcsi 1-4 ut the North Wesl
1-1 of Lol 1130; tho North 1-2 and thu
South Bast 1-4 of tho North Wosl 1-4.
tin. North West 1-4 .jf tho North East
1-4. tho  WeBt   1-2 of the South  Hast
A Very Happy
And Prosperous
New    Year
Mr. Fink
Mr. Patterson
Mr. Haynes
-Bonttle-Murphy Co., Ltd,, druggists
Cn-ahi-mik Lund Illslrlct—Dlitricl of
Kn-I. KootPllliy
Toko notice that  I. Hurry Rymell,M-4 and the Smith West  1-4
of Kltchonor, occupation Laborer, •**- j jcortl,  Bast 1-4 ot Lol  340 nnd the
tend to apply for permission to pur- ..   .,  ,.   , , ,   , ,,    ., ,.,,, ,..,„, , ,
chase the following deser t laid.: Nort» |,-»"1 M '" "K Nort1' h"s' 1'"'
—Commencing ut a post planted at of Lot 841, all ol Group I. Kootenay
the   southeaBl    corner   of lol 3903; District.
thence   20   chains soutli; thence -t),    A,„i ttiB0 |„ tho manor of   Part
ffcerc!,;alte„st?rp!2^o?°colmi <«"» »-> ^~> »< ' ™; Q">»» »■
moncemont; containing 40 acros, ex- District aforesaid,  n»   registered   in
ceptlng the li. C. Southern right of Indeteasihlo Fees nook Vol 1. Fol. 438
way.                                                 : n„. 1261-J.
,h„e„i,ioi,ei-!„r-;!Hs,iy,,"'n- Proof-havin, been mod in-^ror-
Date of rirst publication of this no- "co of the loss or < ertlfloatea ol I Hie
ttce October 17th, 1918. 49-flt Nos. 799-1 and  1261-1, to   the above
—            =s= mentioned lands, in the nam-- ol the
TIMBER SAI.I-:   X  lAII.'i Jewish Colonization   Association, and
  bearing   date   ihe    n;th   of   April,]
Sealed tenders will be received by 1012,    aud   tflth  of  December  1912.
the  Dis trie I  Forester, Cranhrook, not    respectively,     I     HEREBY      GIVE |
later limn noon mi tho  L3th day of NOTICE   of   my    intention   at   the
January. 191fii for the purcliaae of Ll- expiration   of   one   calendar mon
cense X  1565, to cut 7,000 Tamaruc from the first publication hereof  u
nnd Fir ties on an area   Bit tinted   on Issue to the said Jewish Colonization
Lower Moyie Lake. Association fresh Certificates of Title
Two year.- will be allowed for re- In lien of such lost Certificates. Any
nioval of timber. person  having any Information  witli
Further  particulars] of  the  Chief reference lo such lost Certificates m
Forester, Victoria, B. c. or District Title Is   requested   to   communlcati
Forester, t ranbrook, B. C. wi"1 ,'"1 undersigned.
■ -■-,*■"- - —-      Dated at the Land Registry Office
TI.UBKi. SAI.K  X  lo(l2 Nelson. B. C, this 13th day of No
Healed lenders will he received by ember, IMS.
tlie  District Forester, crannrook. nol *.;  $-   STOKES,
later than noon on the 13th dny of District Registrar of Titl
January,   1919,   for   the   purchase   of
High Class Tailoring
For Ladies @. Gents
Special Reductions in Stock
Mackinaw Coats and Shirts
Licence X  1662,
ni 70,1
et of
Dote  of   First    Publlcatli
ember ..1st. mis.
Skating aud curling got away to a
good start, on New Years day. Both
afternoon ond evening there was quite
a crowd of skaters and the Ice wns
in fairly good fth&pe, The curlers
nlBO were at the roarlu' game in tlte
iitternoon as well as in the evening.
Horn—At. Cranbrook, on Dee. 20th.
to Mr. and Mm. Robt. Dfxon, twins, a
boy and a -girl, The boy lived only
nbout five hours, but the girl Is doing
A. C, Bowness, chairman of the
ice committee, was a happy man on
Now Years day when he saw the lee
in the Arena rink ln such good shupe
and the crowd of curlers and skaters
enjoying themselves with one of the
most healthy and Invigorating exer-
OhRR ever Invented for human development. Walter Brown, the expert ice
maker, also wears a broad smile because of the successful start made this
These arc the days of real sport, and
the skaters and curlers are doubtless
willing to pay for tlieir fun, and everybody who hns children and all who
are Interested ln the proper development of the young must see the great
benefit the skating and curling rink Is
to Cranbrook and every ratepayer can
be assured that the said rink will become one of the city's best assets; a !
necessary part in the education and
entertainment of the community.
Did you notice how the skaters and'
curlers enjoyod themselves on New
Years day? There Is not a rate-payer
or citizen In this town who will not
benefit through the opening of the
skating rink. The building, too, Is a
most substantial ono; a credit to any:
enterprising city. There are few rinks j
better aud many that are not ho good, I
not to lb* mm cIms al aU I
Tamarac Fir and Pine and 8,750 Ties
on an area adjoining s. I., 54, L.
4696, near FIndlay Creek. Kootenay
Two years will, be allowed for removal of timber.
Further particulars oi the Chief r,"om the exhibition of the film in I
Forester, Victoria, B. C. or District England goes to the British gnvern-
Forester, Cranhrook. II. C. ment for war purposes.
Make a "Saving" Resolution.
Fifty  per cent  of  the not   profits
Gold Soap is not only big but
solid. This is proved by its exceptionally heavy weight and by
tlie way it lasts. Instead of
crumbling and softening, Gold
Soap wears away very slowly
and evenly. It can be used
down to the thinnest wafer.
Cold Suap u made in the Procter & Gambia
Factories at Hamilton, Canada
the sun with
Vision, for a moment, those far off ports
beyond the trackless seas—
From Arctic ice, to the torrid lands
beneath the Southern Cross-
From towns tucked in the mountains, to
the busy river's mouth—
WRIGLEYS is there!
There, because men find      MADE IN CANADA
comfort and refreshment      sealed tight
In its continued use. kept right
Because of its benefits
and because
S^/The Flavour PAGE FOUl
ai thu Clu'istmas closing o( tho
Fori Steele Public School Hio pupils
gave a small entertainment. The en-
tertainmenl opened with a chorus
"Christinas Dny" by tho school; Edith
Kershaw read an essay <>n "Christmas"; Helen Wirth recited "If 1 were
Santa Claus"; Kenneth Jollltt recited "A Christmas Sloopy Heady"; Esther Chalander recited "Thc Crippled
Doll"; tl»' school then saag "The Red,
White ami lllue"; William Walsh rented the "Turkey's Lament"; Ethel
Kershaw recited "Have you seen Dear
Santa?"; Robert Werden recited "A
Holiday Sollquay"; Annie Wirth read
■■Miss Prim's Christmas Shopping";
Grace Baker reeited "Tlie Christmas
Tree". Tlte children ended the performance Ity staging "We'll never let
the Old Flag Fall."
.Miss Veronica Filbert, ot Nelaon. Is
n visitor al tlie Imperial.
Born To Mr, and .Mrs. h. W Wor-
don, mi Decern ■ 80th, a girl.
Miss MacKIa, tho new school teacher, registered tit the Imperial.
The witter wishes every rentier ol
tills great family paper Many Happy
New Vent's. And may till your lives
so ordered be. That e'en through all
eternity Tlte hovering dove o'er you
all shall be.    Sweet Pence,
There nre a greal many visitors iu
the Roosviiie Valley this Christmas,
Christinas trees were held at Mc-
Cniies' School house, and lhe Itoos-
vilie school house. McQulres holding
theirs on Thursday night, December
19th ini.l tlto ranchers turned out en
innsse. And the school house was fnr
inti small to accommodate the crowd.
The chair was taken hy the secretary
of the school hoard. Mr. G. II. Pornell
or the Compton ranch and the splendid programme was carried out with-
onl a hitch ami wns a credit to the
teacher. Miss I). Walker of Nelson.
Following tlie programme lavish refreshments were set-veil to all lite
guests. The school house was beati-
lil'iilly decorated and alter refreshments candy antl smokes were enjoyed hy the young and the old timers of
fie   .alley, and ii jolly time was had.
tin Friday night December 20th tho
whole McQuIr contingent drove down
in the Roosviiie School Tree, whore
Miss .lennie Nichols of Creston, B. C.
had cbargo of the public Institution
lof initial education. Thd rneutty
hud secured considerable outside talent antl tlie program wus some two
handled pumpkins. The chair was
taken by tlie secretary ot lhe school
hoard. Mr. George Dlngsdnle, who
made the spperh of lhe evening, dealing with tlie .glorious victory of tho
Allies, the blockade runners and how
lite Spanish Armada tame In he
wrecked in the English Channel. This
was Followed by a varied program of
songs, recitations, dialogues, etc.. In
eluding a selection hy the Roosviiie
Jazz Hand which was et gh tontake
lite coyotes and cotton-tail rabbits
within a radius of 7.", utiles hunt their
respective holes nnd remain there till
the danger was past.   There was an-
1,1st   ut   liargains   this   Week.
PIANOFORTE—Nordhelmor,   cabinet
grand, splendid condition; *2U5.
BICYCLE—In fine 'condition, $211.
BUFFET—Mission oak, "30, '
for coal or wood; all cheap.
complete, $20,
Phone. !); if you want to buy anything
Phono a
For Sale—Cutler, nlso Baby Sleigh
and Crib.—P,  O.  Box 827. l-.tt
Watned- Underwood ty pi-writer in
good condition. Must he cheap for
cash.   Address Box 10, Herald.    i-:it
fob RENT—Modern Bungalow, Por
particulars apply C. Van Braam, phono
404, or P. O. Box 42S. 50-lf.
Por Sal*—Circular saw and frame
anil good leather Lm-U. Can be seen at
cranbrook Trading Co, A bargain,
$00.   .1. I'. Gustation. l-3t
Housekeeper Wanted—Middle uged
lady without children, good wage to
suitable person. Address Box A,
Herald Office. l-3t
LOST—(in Wednesday evening, a
small wallet containing $40,00. Owner's name on registration card. Finder
return to Herald Office and receive
reward. 50-lt
Will Buy for Cash several second
hand Pord cars suitable Tor light express, state luwest cash price. Ford
cylinders reborcd and fitted witli oversize pistons, piston pins and rings.
Work guaranteed. Two secoud hand
Chevrolet Model 490 for sale.
50-3t,      Rmedloy'H Garage Co. Nelson.
STOVK worn*
lfi in. green blocks II ins. to 12 ins.
thick. V& ricks $6.00. Ordinary spilt
green VA ricks $8.00. Other lengths
In proportion. Phono O. E. Poote,
Wycllffe lino, between 0 nnd 8 morning or ovening, Froe Telephone Sor-
other selection on the prolamine by
the .la/./.  Band, but several stockmen
who bad teams around objected, so!
with a few closing remarks by the
chairman, the whole ussemblege Bang
witli great gusto "Hod Save the King"
—Wilson's name was never mention
ed. The school presented a very pretty appearance with the beautifully ''
decorated Christmas tree, witli fes-1
toons around thc walls with dozens of
pink candles burning, with decora-
lions and smllax and pink carnations.
Refreshments were served consisting
of salads, sandwiches, layer cake and
five or six stories castles of succulent delight, and coffee. Tlie dance
after the tree entertainment was
greatly enjoyed by the young people
who tripped tlie light fantastic until
the cold daylight began to splash'
through the windows. Both teachers
being in great demand throughout the
dance, and both leaving the next day
for Creston and Nelson.
Fred Peterson and Herman lleftie.
the Roosviiie trappers, came lu from
their trip line December 18th with
Til! martin, 1 mink, and 20 weasel
skins and left for the hills again after the Xmas entertainment,
Miss E. B. Paterson, tench at tlie
Kootenay Orchards school, Cranbrook,
is visiting tlie linos of Klko and Roosviiie for the holiday, Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Macdonald ami son Tom I,. McDonald of Okotoks, Alta; Mr. and
Mrs. Blnlr Letcher and family of
Whitefish, Montana. Prank Letcher,
rancher Cowley, Altu.. are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Letcher ol' the
Square l>eal Ranch.
A decided acquisition to Flagstone
Society will be Mr. and Mrs. Franlt
Wt>st of Ainsworth. B. C. Mr. West
taking tiie management of Roo's store
at that point. Both are splendid musicians.
Sunday. .Ian. Oth.
Morning Service—11 o'clock.
Sunday School will re-open at It.OO
o'clock in the afternoon.
Evening service at 7.Hit.
Rev. C. M. Campbell will preach at
both services.
Tliis is an old place known as tlie
Belanger Ranch adjoining tiie town
or Marysvllle. B. C. The North Star
Branch of the C. P. R. runs through
this property. There »s six Hundred
acres in tills tract, mostly under
fence; 12r. acres cleared, plowed, levelled and ready for seeding either
to grain, timothy, alfalfa, potatoes or
other vegetable crops; 100 acres additional land cleared and ready for
the plow. The improvements on this
land have cost ?ir»0(t0.0(l. The farm
buildings consist of a commodious
residence, large barn, hay shed, chicken houses, hog pens, root house,
blacksmith's shop and grainery. Water rights have heen procured for Irrigating and the ditch partly built.
The property enjoys tlie advantage of
heing within 15 minutes walk of tho
town of Marysvllle. B.C., where there
is a school, church, hotel, general
store, post office, police station and
railway station. The Kinvuerley Mines
and lumbering operations in tlie vicinity provide a reudy market for all
kinds of farm products. There are
several thousand acres of open grazing land ln thc mountains adjoining.
which will "be available for many
years. The price of tills land is $35.00
per acre, $2000.00 cash, balance ln
10 equal annual payments with interest at 7 per cent per annum.
For further particulars apply to
f,l-4t Box 189, Lethbrldge.
as the Arena Kmk, being lots 1 to $
in Block 141, map ROD, for curling,
skating and other athletic purposes.
AND WHEREAS for the purposes
aforesaid It will he necessary to borrow upon the credit of tlie Municipality the sum of three thousand dollars ($3,000,001, which Is the amount
of debt intended to be created by this
AND WHEREAS Hie amount of ihe
whole rateable lands and improvements ot real property within tbe
said City, according to the last revised assessment roll is one million,
two hundred antl eighty-two thousand, five hundred and seventy dollars   ($1,282,570.00),
AND WHEREAS it will be requisite
to raise annually hy rate tho sum of
two hundred and sixty-one dollars
and sixty-nine cents ($201.00) ror the
payment of the said debt and the sum
of one hundred and eighty dollurs
($180.00) for the payment of interest
AND WHEREAS Hie aggregate of
the present indebtedness of the City
of Cranhrook other than the indebtedness tor work of local Improvements
and for school purposes is two hundred and eighty-four thousand, two
hundred and thirty-three dollars and
fifty-five cents  I$284,233.55)
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of Hie Corporation of the City
of cranbrook in council assembled eu-
acts as follows:—
(1) Por the object herein recited
lt shall be lawful for the Municipal
Council of the said corporation lo
borrow tbe sum of three thousand
dollars t$;i,000,00) and for such purpose to execute and to issue upon
the credit of the Corporation any
number of debentures to the said   a-
I mount   of    three    thousand    dollars
I i$;;,ooo.oo).
I    (2)   All such Debentures shall ho
1 sealed witli tlie Seal of the Corporation aud shall be signed by thc Mayor
and the Treasurer thereof, aud each
of such Debentures shall be of such
denomination as tlie Council may by
resolution determine.
(3) The said Debentures shall bear
date tbe first day of February, 1919,
and shall be payable within ten years
from the said date, in lawful money
of Canada at the oflec of ihe City
■ Clerk or the City or Cranhroolt In the
City of Cranbrook, British Columbia,
or at such other place or places   iu
| Canada as tlie Council may by resolution determine, or in gold coin of the
United States of America of tbe present standard of weight, and finess at
such place or places in the United
States of America as the Council may
hy resolution determine, und shall
have attached to them coupons for the
payment, of interest, and the signatures to the said coupons may be
either written, stamped, printed, or
(4) The said Debentures to bear
Interest at the rate of six (ti) per
cent, per annum, whicli interest shall
be paid annually in lawful money ol'
Canada nt the said office of the City
Clerk of thc City of Cranbrook, In
the City ot Cranbrook, British Columbia, or at such other place or places
In Canada as tlie Council may by resolution determine, or fn gold coin of
the United States of America of the
present standard of weight und finess
at such place or places in the United
States of America as the Council may
by resolution determine, on the 1st
day of February in each year during
the currency thereof, and it shall be
expressed In said debentures and
coupons to be so payable.
(5) There shall be raised and levied in each year during I he currency
of said Debentures tlie sum of one
hundred nnd eighty dollars !$1S0.O0i
for payment of interest and t';c sum
of two hundred and sixty-one dollars
und sixty-nine cents ($261.69) for the
payment of principal of the said debentures by rates sufficient therefor
on all rateable lands, or improvements or real property lu the said
(6) This By-law shall take effect
on and after the final passing thereof.
(7) This By-law may he cited for
ull purposes as "The Arena Rink
Debenture By-law."
Read a first, second and third lime
on the lfitli day of December, A.D.,
Received tlie assent of the electors
on the dny of
Reconsidered and finally udcfited
on the day of
w^ftwu^ftw i i^wn^ft-«».»«^>***«^«* «^A>*» h>m "ty** tflfimm mrf|frm mf\fittt  ir\fa-% irf|fljn jf|«^frTi- ttyim5J3
REXTheatrerfWED.Jan. 8
dm: million men in wtion; fleets ok airplanes unokh MBEi HUNIihbhs of tanks ckisiiini;
hi n trenches; (jas and elame projectors in tiik mist ok their hellish tvokk- i'ohm a vivid rack-
gltouni) koit "the sweetest love stoky ever tom)"— situ is "hearts ok tiik w'ori.1>" in bit ikk,
"HEARTS OK TIIK WOltl.lt" Is bj (he sume produces as 'The
Birth of a Nation" and "Intolerance." II U Iho KM'eetesI
love story ever told.
ITS RACKGROUND is Till: MM:AT HAH. David Lloyd George
commissioned Mr, Griffith lo make HiN wonderful production under lhe auspices of lhe P.rliMi Government*
The Kntlre British Army in Franco was placed at hi* dls.
posal In lhe making of this gigantic screen drama.
YOB WILL SEE peaceful France ami llclgiiini: (ben comes the
alarm nl' war. Hie mallei) list of lhe brutal Kaiser strikes
and the holocaust Is on.
YOI' WILL BEE ihe most striking Indictment of Herman Bestiality and German Krigbti'uluess ye! shown In the chlll/cii
YOI! WILL SKK the British Parliament- champion of Liberty, lit
its famous sosaloii when the Ron so of Commons votes In
lhe name of Immunity to rostsl the outrages upon a free
people and lo 1 ii:ht lo Maintain'.Insllre lu the World.
YOI' WILL SKK France, Cradle nf Liberty, the memorable sos-
slnn uf the Chamber of Point tie*, voting war with Gorman}, wailing for lhe time thai wotiltl Itriiiir them revenge
for the crime of Alsace and Lorraine,
PRICES —$1.00, 75c, and 50c
ttJis" w*^-*Wi/'»«^V*WV"-*'**flr'«»Vtr',«'WV' ■'*/^,|wVI^>''*<tft<*'^MV»-'^»"V>w«»<tf>^«<^w<.»t«-w,g
.. .,       „    v,.M..v i    Cranbrook people can prevent an-
Mutter  ol Columbia   \ntloj, ]ni]u.ilif „,;„, sil ,, ,ra,.K„.„„-„ „„-,,
[rrltraloil Krnll I lis Limited,     j g|ycorine, etc., as mixed in Ad-ter-l-ke,
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that bowel tract so completely It relieves
'    , ,    .,    ,. ,,  , .,.,. „ 1  B.,,,11  ANY CASE Bour stomach, gas or con-
e Columbia Valley Irrigated l'">» ! ,ti]rjli„„ .„„, prevonl,   appendicitis.
Tho INSTANT, pleasant action ol Art-
Irr-I-Ua surprises both doctors und pa-
ijt'iits. Leaves stomach eleon and
strong. - Beattie-Mtirphy Co., Ltd..
BY-LAW No. 1*9
A By-Law to rnlse the Bum ol three
thousand dollars (4)3,000.00) by debentures tor the purpose of purchasing
the building nnd  real estate known
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is
a true (ropy of the proposed By-law
upon which Ihe vote or the Municipality will be taken at the Municipal
Buildings, Norbury Avenue. Cranbrook. II. Ci on Thursday, the Ifltli
day of January, 11)111. between the
hours ol 10.00 a.m. (local llniel and
8.011 p.m. (local time).
Clerk   to   the   Municipal
Limited, ot Invermere, B.I
body Incorporated by Letters Patent
under the Companies Act <>r t lie Dominion or Cannda (nnd hereinafter referred to as the Petitioner Company),
has riled in the otrice ot the Comptroller ot AVator Bights al Victoria.
IV C„ and also in tlie office of the
Waler Recorder at Wilmer, B.C.
Plrst—A Petition to the Lieutenant-1
Cnvenior-lu-Council   tor- PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to
Governor in   ouncii, ior. ^ Blectors Q, t]u, j,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,. 0( ,i,e
(a)   An Order-ln-Cottneil   npprov-   corporation of the City of Cranbrook.
ing the transfer by the Columbia Vol- that I roquire the presence of the said
lev Irrigated Fruit Lands Limited of I Electors at the Municipal OKIce"of the
..   ,.       i   i.. in, „.,,„,.,,i,„i   Corporation of the t'lty or Cranbrook,
Winner II. c„ a body Incorporated , X(,1.l1]ln.v ,vl,m|t.  0,„;lm„lk, „.,... ,lt
under tho Companies Act ol BrltlBh ,m „m (k)ra| lime) „„ {{w 1;,lh lUi;,
Columbia, or tlie whole of Its tinder- of January, 11)10, for the purpose of
taking   Including all its water rec- , electing persons to represent them In
ords.  rights-of-way.  (fern tches,   tto;MunlolpalI Council, as Mayor  and
„ •     ", „„,,„,i Aldermen, and ior the purpose of elec-
pipo linos und all works connected t,„g „oraons to represent them as Pol-
tvlth its Irrigation system, to Hie . i(.Q commissioners, License Commls-
Potltlonor Company. j slonors, and School Trustees.
„ ,    ,   ,.      ,.   ,.„ ;,,ir„ i    Tho mode of nomination ol Candi-
,1,1   An Order-In-Councll u''«'i''iM da.es shall be as rollows:-
the Comptroller ol  water Rights to]    T]u, candidates shall bo nominated
INDIVIDUAL TUITION, Excellent Gymnasium, 1'iepurn.
tl.it, fur University,  Professional nml   lloynl   Canadian
Navy Examinations.   Moilcrnlo Kces,
School Reopens January 6th 1919
r:.nl- .\|.|ilimlli»i Is ncccssnrr, as Hiere are fatv vacancies
I'nr House Boys.   A|i|ilj
Rev. Dr. A. 0. McRAE
PRINCIPAL:                 The Rev. CANON HAYES
issue to the Petitioner Company n
License for conveying purposes, under
St'ction 171 of the Water Act as amended by Chanter 7."), 1!)17. and Chapter
98 nf 1!»18, in respect of all tlie water
I entitled to lie diverted nnd nped under tlie Water Records mentioned in
the Determination Order ot the Board
of Ivncatifiiitioii under the Wale
dated  18th April,  1918.
Secondly—A Petition to the Honorable the Minister of Lands, for a
Certificate approving Ihe two undertakings of the Petitioner Company,
namely—tlie Wilmer Division nndlhc
l-alie Division.
in writing; the writing shall he huIi-
acrlbed hy two voters of the Mimtci-
pallty as proposal and seconder, mid
shall be delivered to Ihe returning officer at any lime between the date of
liie Notice and W.ftft p.m. (local time)
m' tiie day nf tlie nomination; the
said writing may be in the form numbered S iu the schedule of the Municipal Elections Act, nml shall state tlie
I Ik
Kr«ne frnm "HEARTS OF THU WORLD" al the Rax Taaatra, Jnnunry ftth
Thirdly—An  Application   for
approval   by ttie Board,   under   Section   160 of   the    Water    Ail.    of    :■
Schedule of Tolls,   proposed     to    lie
charged and collected by tin Petitioner Company In connection witli Ha
snld undertakings.
fixed Tuesday tho 7lh day ut January 101!) at 10 o'clock in the foro-
nona. nt IU office in the Parliament
Ilutldings at Victoria, 11. C. us the
time and place for the hearing of tlie
said Petitions and the snld Application, nnd that anyone having objections to the granting of the said Petitions nnd or to the approval of the
said Schedule of Tolls may file their
objections In writing in the office or
tho said Comptroller at Victoria B.C..
or la the office of (lie said Water Recorder at Wilmer, B. ('., or appear
in person and he hoard nt tho said
Bowser, Retd, Wnllbridge.
Douglas ft Qlbsdn,
Solicitors for tho Columbia Valley
Irrigated Fruit Lands  Limited.
Iin numrwiBi*
  fotpal Votor.
■^,'t', name,  residence,  and  occupation   or
j description of eaeh person proposed,
in such milliner aa sufficiently to identify such candidate; uud tu the event
I of a poll being necessary, such poll
i win be opened ont the I6tb duy of January, 1018, at tlie Municipal  BuIIiIIiik
; ou Norbury Avenue. Crnnbrook, H.C.,
between tbe hours of 10.00 a.m. (local
llnii'l  until 8.00 p.m.  (local time), of
which every person Is hereby roqulr*
ed to take notice ami govern himself
The qualification by law required to
be possessed by the candidates for the
office or offices mentioned above nre
as follows:
FOR -MAVOH. the person qualified
to he nominated for and elected as the
Mayor ol nny City shall be nny person
who Is a British subject of the full
age of twenty-one years nnd not disqualified under any taw, and has for
the six months nexl preceding the
day of nomination being the registered
owner, in tbe Lund Registry Office,
of Land or Heal Property In the City
of the assessed value, on the last Municipal Assessment Roll, of One thousand ($1,008,00) dollurs or more over
and above any registered Judgment
or Charge, and who is otherwise duly
qualified as a Municipal Voter.
FOR ALDERMEN, tiie person qualified to be nominated for nnd elected
as the Aldermen of any City shall be
nny person who is a British subject
of tlie full age of twenty-one years
and not disqualified under any law,
and has for the six months next preceding the day of nomination being
the registered owner, in the Land
Registry Office, of Lund or Real Property in the City of tiio assessed value,
on the lust Municipal Assessment
Roll, of Five hundred ($r,00.00) dollars or more over and above any registered judginont or charge, and who
Is otherwise duly qualified as a Mun-
The   President,   Directors   and   Officers    of
desire to offer to the^Customers and
Friends of the Bank, Best Wishes
for a Happy Christmas and a
Prosperous New Year.
POLICE COMMISSIONER, nnd LICENSE COMMISSIONERS, the persons qualified to he nominated lor
and elected as Police or License Commissioners shall ho such persons as
are British BUbjestS, of lhe full age
of twenty-one years, and who are not
disqualified under any law, and who
are otherwise duly qualified us Municipal Voters.
SCHOOL TRUSTEES, the persons
qualified to lie nominated for and
elected as School Trustees for tlie
Cranhroolt Municipal School District
shall be any person being a British
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years actually residing within the District, and having been for the six
months next preceding the date of
nomination ihe registered owner, fn
tho Land Registry Office, of Land or
Real Property In the City School
District of the assessed vuluo. ou tlte
last Municipal Assessment Roll, of
Five hundred <$r.00.00) dollars or
more over aud above any registered
Judgment of Charge, nnd being otherwise qualified to vote nt an Election
of School Trustees in the said School
District, shall be eligible to bo elected
or to serve m a School Trustee iu
such City School District.
(liven under my band at Cranbrook,
B. C, this 24th day of December, 1018.
W-3t Returning Officer.
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ll (loos not oogl you miytliingio
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ou your furs. Hxprcss them to us
over $5.00 valuation. We make
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for your reply, returning tlmm
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