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Cranbrook Herald Oct 18, 1917

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THURSDAY.  OCT.   18th,   1917
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
"Let Me Help You Carry the
Burden, Mother'5
" lJ tltttssuiti fails us in October, we
many •/ our activities."
Creairmiiti, K-t.-rutivr CummtUa*--,
IlietisJ. Red Cesssss.
It now costs $300,000.00 ai week to carry on the work of the
British Red Cross, or $16,000,000.00 a year.
Every minute of the day and night it costs $30 to ■■'•■'•■• -to
th, sick and wounded and dying.
Last vear Canada's magnificent contribution paid for the entire
work cf the British Red Cross ior nearly seven weeks.
This vear. in view of the greater need, it is earnestly and
confidently hoped that Canada's contributions will be as
ureal   proportionately   as   the   magnificent   offering of
last  year.
Our trust is. that the Citizens of Canada will , ' generously
to Ihis noble cause on—
A Few Fact* about British Red
Crow Work.
The Briti*.! Keil Crass Sucivty is the
only institution which carries voluntary
aid to the Sick and Wounded of the
British force*, nu land and hch tn every
region of tlie Wur.
Its work is therefore the concern of all
clusesol Hritish BubjectA, whether living
In the British Inles, in tlie Dominion* IM
Colon?-, beyond the teas, or in foreign
57,000 Hospital Beds found in tbe
United Kingdom.
.TO.IRH)   of   these   provided   with
Nursing Staff.
2,000 Trained  Nurses working at
home and abroad.
7,500 V. A. TVs helping in Army
$220,000 spent on equipment of King
Oeorge Hospital (1,850 beds) and
$130,000 a year contributed to cost of
ils maintenance.
$225,000 spent on building and equip-
ping Netley Red Cross  Hospital
(1,000 beds); and
$625,000 spent on maintenance.
$175,000    for    Orthopaedic    Curative
Workshops  and  Training  Fund.
$185,000 for Facia! Injun- Hospitals.
The regular monthly meeting of t«c
City Council was held on Thursday
last with Mayor Clapp aud Aldermen
.MacKinnon, Kakin aud Balment in
The  following  accounts  were  or-
! dered paid:
Beattie-Murphy Co. $..60; P. Bums
& Co, 12.15; Cranbrook Electric Light
'Co,    202.80;  Cranbrook    Trading Co,
I 15.40; City Transfer, 157.55; (Tan-
brook Sash ft Door Co, 74.81; Can-,
udian Fairbanks Ltd. 56.60; It. c. Carr
,.25; City Livery, 1.00; Cranbrook
Herald, :i5."0; Pink Mercantile, 1.00;
Hanson Oarage, 1,80; Kootenay Telephone Linos Ltd., 20.45; Kootenay i
Oarage, 10.90; lra Manning Ud, 29.-
52; P. 1'arks &Co, 49.(55; Payroll
School, 1962.2!); Police, 297.00; Fire
Department, 27ti.00; City Hnpineor.
288.90; City Officials, 207.60; K. Sey-
mord. '1.90; L. P, Sullivan. 3.60; Sundry fiisli Payments, 89.47; Charlie
Wing. 5.00; J. IJ. McBride. 25.47.
The Cily Engineer reported as fol-
j lows:
j Water Works
i Maintenance work on the water sya-
1 turn during the month was as follows:
' One leak on the main, and three
; leaks on the distributary syslem were
| repaired. Two hydrants aud two valves were overhauled and  repaired,
I'iiMIi- WorkB
• Tliree, culverts were built du Kalns
; St, at Norbury. Armstrong, and Dur-
iek Avenues. Itoad bridges on Edwards Street and Durlck Avenue wero
partly re-decked. A new fool brittle
was   built on Oarden    Avenue and
■ Kootenay Street and the creek at tills
I joint cleaned out.
Tbo main streets were cleaned, and
■ sidewalks and footbridRes throughout
the City maintained In repair.
A 7 x 12 Mitchell rock crusher, with
elevator, was purchased at u cost of;
$575 with tbo object oi providing more
suitable material for street maltite-;
| nance and repair.
Thc  Stoddart  trays   uver   primary
filters  at  tlie  disposal   works   were,
■ cleaned, nnd the ditch und flumes to
thn irrigating tract maintained.
I     Two plumbing permits were Issued {
during tbe month.
Your obedient bcrvunt,
Wm. 11   Eassie,
City Engineer. |
The  Flre  Chief  was  instructed  to j
have the Flre Hydrants covered  .'
u..ui*l for thnl wl:*..:r ma&Uu. \'
Requests WOle received trom Kile-1
men It. Simpson and W. I'oster for j
an increase in salary.
The matt r was referred to a committee com.u.at-d of tbe .Mayor and
Aldermen Hutment and Eak'n witb
power to act,
The application of Mr. .1. n. Adamson for sewer connection came before
tho Council and the Mayor and City
Clerk were authorized to enter into nn
agreement with Mr. Adamson foi
Aldermau Eakln gave notice that be
would at the next regular meeting of
the Council introduce a By-Law to
amend the Hoarding and Lodging
House By-Law.
EWbM»vt> iWH-Wb' 'Wlr-^Wl**.^
Ladies' Boots
and Slippers
Tin* verj newest t liiiitr*.   '     '
in   I'liillee'   "'■■'■   ::       ,
Provincial Library ol
Streel llu    British Columbia, Aug >--■'
nil kinds wilh liifli anil
line heels in patenf len-
ther*.. sninnlli   kill anil
'■all' skin, tin* nen Mn-
i >      Iiii.iiii'    anil   ilaik Ian
slin.es being verj non-
j •      niar.
I'llll KS  FRO.I     S1.50 to $10.00
.!   New Pumps & Evening Slippers   ;,
All  similes  nf Satin  ami
lelark pnlent lentlier   anil     <,
flue kill.
I'llll is l nini
$3.50 to 56.00
I |      Tlio Origin III Kron I Lacing   Corset.    \   Model In su
every Figure,
52.75 AND
•nil       ,1
UP     t
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Qvw   e»Vm  sl[fsn..r\f,m   my**.   ,l\ft,ss   *y*m   m*a*,s, ,.t\fsmm\
|     The lols owned by tile Government i
: in the Kimberley Toevnslte were of-1
fered (or sale* by public auction on \
■ Monday afternoon at the North Star j
Hotel, Kimberley, by the Government
' Agent, Mr. N, A. Wallinger; 33 lots |
' were   sold,   netting   the Government i
$2900. thc blddlnr* was fairly brisk at i
' times although no fancy prices .vere
* paid, the highest hid being $160.   The
tealcs were as follows:
Hlock 1, Lot 3. Tleos, Summers, Jl:i:>.
Block 1, I.ot 10, Kimberley Miner- !
: 1,'nlon, J135; Hlock 1, iM 17, II, Moi- '
'■ rison, $75; Hlock 1, Lot IS, A. I'ow.ll. j
; $76; Block 2, Lot B. A. Hlgglns. $12:,:
Block 2, Loi 7, It. K. Burke, $125;!
, Block  2,   Lot   s.  li.  Morrison.  $12.*,;
Block2. Lot 13, It. B, Burke, $100; i
' Block 2, Lot 14. .1   I'. U-wis. $100.
Block B, Lot B, P. Carlton, $160; nioik j
i 6, Lot 7. A. Perrls, $150;  Hlock 6, Loi
i S,  P. BgO, $130:   Hlock  7.   Loi   2.  A
Musser, $00: Block 7. Lot 3, J. Piem- '
Ing.  $60;   Block   7.   Lot   4.  J.   Usher. ;
$S0;   Hlock  7,  Lot   11.  II.  W.  Schor- i
lemmer, $50;  Block 7, Uet  12, It. E.
Crerar, $60; Hlock io, 1/et 2, Consolidated  Mining k  Smelting  Co,  $115:
Block 10. Loi 3, C. M. 4 S. Co., $125:
Hlock 10. Lot 4. ('. M, * S. Co., $105:
Block 10, Lot 5, C, M. & S. Co.. $75;
Block 10. Lot «. C. M. & S. Co., 185;
Block   10,  ljet 9.  It.  E.  Burke,  $75; I
Block   11,   Lot  3.  C.   A.   Foote.  $S0; j
Block  11,  Lot  4.  R.  B.  Burke. $75;
Block 11, Lot 20, B, Hines. $85; Block
11, 1*1 21, E. Hlnes, $60;  Block 11,
Lot 22, II. McLeod. $90; Block 12. Lot.
11, P. Summers, $60;  Block 12, Lot,
13, J.  Kemprud. $60:   Hlock  12.  Lot
15, B. H. Burke. $90.
Beef Iron and  Wine
Lleliig's Kxlrart of Beef, Citrate of Inui A Sherrj  tVine
This preparation posse ses in  the   ilg     '   .-,--■.   ■ ■- valuable
propeittes nf it* Ingredients   bo combine ■    form   a    pleasant
remedy for DEBILITY,    E.XHAI'STIO.V   IJfl'OVEHlSHME.NT   "I
THE BLOOD, aud will prove .-. ratlve   for all conval
escents. REGULAR (1.0(1 I'KI!   BOTTLE
SATURDAY ONLV 2 bottles for $1.36
I'rescrlplliius a Special!**. Prompt Service Our Motto.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. ATCHISON, Manager.
I,   Krnm the A 1111,1111 I 01' Husiness Bone,
I.   lly Sending in unir Suit the Week Beginning Ocl 15
Ending (let. 20th.
Any Lad)' cr Hint's Suit. Exeejil  tt'liiti*
French Dry Cleaned and Pressed for $1.50
GET OUT THAT WINTER MCIT nnd   Glvo   li   n   Sen
Lease nn Life.
Armstrong  Avenue        PHONE 405       CRANBROOK, B, C
P. Hlilull Whyte will offer Ills new-
Not only is this ■,'iiinp to lie » won    Tlioatre, London.
dorful slnglns and dancing show, but     gome Q( U)0 or.Mt> ,chl,vea ,,,,. Ml.
the soenlc effects promleo n rare treat.
There lire eleven edinplete sccnos  in
McKlQ  lire   marvelous  In   their   tone
est mipier-muslcal rairavagania, "Hon-   *    '"','",".'"".'"'"""„.'",,„"  color and  beauty  und  will make a   Prances Phillips, were tried for steal
inson    Crusoe," nt    the Auditorium  ""' I'1''1'1'* "" doalgnod by Mr. Whet., |llB „ hl.if,,r taelonglns tn the Bisters
Tht-atrt on Thursday night, Oetober | and oiooiitod by Mr. Bdgar McKlo, lute j flttln8 hack-ground for tho brilliant | ot.Oiarlljr at * tbaJjOwrtm. nliud »t
•*t scsuic artist of the Drury Lane | aa-tiuie ot the place.
pesreii lor the defendants, Patrick,
Gregory and Prances Phillips ploaded
guilty and after hearing a number of
e*ltnesses, the .Indite decided to convict Patrlct. Bcntence was postponed
In order that further, Inquiries nelithi
he made
,„ , ,,  , „.__   .,  _,      Patrick was suUseeiuenlly sentenced
136.00.    W.  A.  Nlsbtt  apiwu** (or   to thte* r»'» »nd Gregory and Pran-
I Uu prosecution anal S. t. HcnU m*. cea wa ytni sack.
Before His Honor Judge Thompson,
three Indians, Patrick, Gregory and
The Last Opportunity
to buy a.
1    S
•machine      m m^
- f)5rt^« ■HS»«*,—^j
at $19.00  J¥ _i(<
only a Few left
THURSDAY, OCT.  18th, 1917
I). A. Kay, Miiii.iirt'r.
\l.   .,  iti'iilt*.  Sec rein rj   uml  Kditor
(ViiiilH'intk, it. <., Ortitfwr Isth, lin;
Then*s no littler way ol choosinp
silver plate ol beauty and quality than lo
look lor the mark "1347 ROGERS BROS."
Ilisknown as''Silver Plate thatWears."
We havc n complete li.:''. affording
a wide choice, il is lhc Prisinal
Rogers Brothers ware, the lavoritc
since 1847.
Nel in tiie l'asl Ofllce
Seilil  al   Mtorllseil  Prima
TIIK \st i:\1Hm; UTAH
;    Tin*   great   Conservative   party   In
, Ctinadii  tins ceased to exist, al  any
rate for some  time to como und  a
| Unionist Government is ;it last an ac-
tual reality.
Overcoming all obstacles, sir Hob-
i ert Borden, by sheer force nf charac-
. ter, grll and determination, lias suc-
. cessfully  brought   together  tbe  very
; best  available   brains  and  ability  of
i all parties, men of undoubted integrity, in assist  him In carrying out a
! progressive win the wnr programme.
We  wish  it  could  be suid that a
i cortnin  section  ot Uio liberal  party
bended  by  Sir  Wilfred  Laurier  was
I Imbued  with  the panic patriotic de-
j sire i"  sacrifice their  political  am
bitlunu for tlu- nervier nf their coun-
i trv; luul b beon so, the newly fornitM
G a
nt. i
i 8 Mil.
Inr il
■ X
Slmrl Orders
■rices            It
Table   f
ir   Udles.
SI   11.
nn: home uakerv
ileelit. Frame, Prop,
I re-n llrtiml, Cakes, I'lcs
nml I'uslrj
Plioue 37
Norbury Ave.      Oii-i City Hall
I ,,'iiiuti'ly sellle.el down to their lieiv)
risiionslbllitics witli uuillsturbed ce .
ri'iiirutlim ni' iiiiim. insteae] nt' wli'i i
tho countrj lins to prepare for mi
election to whicli tho tlmo uml ener-ty
ni' ihe ministers  will more or less
lm v.. iii be ili'vnt.'il: i lection to tie
.■lil,- whether Cnnatln is lo bo ruled by
u questionably loyal element or by a
Governmcnl composed ol tho I'iclt ol
tho nation; ami also to decide Uu*
only Issue lei'i'ore the people, whether
I ( ana
tn   mid
I. 0. (1. Fa
gf^P^        Meets   every
InJK j*4     Monday night
Vt&Ss**    at Fraternity
Bojournlng   Oddfellows
lly invited.
10, II
Mil'ii.-i:      W   C. Adlard
Hecy.                 N. (J.
Cranbrook, 11. €.
MeetH every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tbe Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
1*. de Vere Hunt, K. R, &. S.
P. 0. Boi 522
VIhIIIiik   brethren  cordially  invited tu attend.
Meets in Maple HaU aeeond
Tuesday of every month at 8
Ii. m. afif
Membership o\t?u   to   British
Visiting   members   cordially
E. Y. Brake. J. F. Lower,
['resident. Secretary
Meets In the
Parish Hall
lirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every   month
Mrs. W.
B.   McKarlane.
Secy, Mrf, J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.
All ladles co-dially invited.
dcenaod by Prov. Government.
pedal attention Riven to Ner-
>'hhk and Rheumatism cases by
Violet Hay Treatment
Build Up tlie Byatem and
Bteady tlio nerves through Bleotrio Vibration, Internal Exorcise
Violet Hay and Ozone, a per-
cctly natural process.
I have been conducting a publicity
campaign In Southern Alberta during
the loal year, endeavoring to gel the
prairie farmers aud cattle men Interested '" growing lands, etc., in Ensl
Kootenny, There Is no demand tor
large tracts nl preaent, bul then' are
number ot people who are anxious to
procure a piece of cheap land in tho
mountain district where the business
of raising live BtocK can bo engaged
In. I am In a position to assist any
one in East Kootenny wishing to dispone of tin ir land at a price that will
justify lis purchase for grating pur-
post Address P. Lund, Dox ISO,
Lethbridge, Alberta
the mu hold
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist Tiimtitnitt go. Etd
KUlBtliiK I'lll lur VVoaie.il, •>,'» ii Ini or three/or
(in. Sultl nt nil Unit. '■I1"''", "r mid led to nny
kiltlnuuun ii'i ''ii'i i.i prico,   i hr Bcob li. Dsuti
PHOSPHONofFOR MEN.  tjj£«jj_
viiftiiiv;inr Ncrvi' hii'I Bruin| ineroMU"gny
matter1 taTonte  trill hulld ynu *ij». in nboj.or
'-ti [or I"', nt linig nt'iri't. or Iiy mini on r,T-i.||.t
place iii the world war for freedom
and demoerncy or to retire with ig-
and the
.lie   wood
vill be
The election is hievltnhl
result la Inevitable The o
thing tliis ill wind will blow
io dear the political atmosphere and
enable ihe Qovernment to get down
iu wnrli witiiout further disturbance.
Sir Itobert Borden by bis skill fill
handling ol a delfcnte'sltuatlon and
by his unselfish devotion to the cause
of the Empire Is proving himself a
statesman of the firsl magnitude and
fortunately lot- Canada his star is in
Help the work of the Red Cross b>
donating liberally to-day.
Tin* Red Cross cry for help must
he heard, and answered by a liberal
response.   Lot Crnnbrook ibis day do
its duty.
I'nion th
arena lo w
tlie Huns
ernmeni has entered the
'Q two wars    the war nn
nl ihe war nn profiteer!
.1  political   itrnflm
tli are numbered.
Tin*   tlmrll.K- of   ('Biindir are   iim*   tn
the besl elbinenl of the Liberal party
who by their unselfish patriotism enabled  Union  Qo.vermnent  to become
an   established   fact.
Charles A Hanson, who is London's
Lord Mayor, is a Canadian. Ho was
formerly n Montreal financier nnd
Belleville clergyman, nnd married
Miss Appleboe of Onkvllle, Out.
M 11
in [!iii:\   i>   tiamaim
Naval Activities ol Clin-
itiliaiis aiv im>1 Confined In
Iniapeaii Wnr Aieus.
Ottawa, ,,(',■ Uesldea the military
organization she maintains overseas.
Canada In eps up a considerable es-
tnbllshmenl at home. Const defences
have i" !»' looked after al Halifax,
Sydney, Quebec, St. John anti Esquimau, Again. Canada lias the duty ot
guarding al home Internment camps,
railway bridges, etc., requiring a
larg"e number of men, besides hospitals and camps.
in addition to this, there is in home
waters the Canadian Naval Service.
which since tbe wur began has absorbed ."'.'Uiii Canadians as officers
and men. with its associated services
all under direct Canadian control.
Although far removed from the ecu
trnl sent of war. Cauada is under the
necessity of keeping up a healthy
military organization at homo because
Ihis a world war anil, iu its many
ramifications may raise its horrid
bead from any point of the compass.
Tin* first guarantee of efficient nctiv-
Itj at tho front Is efficient orgnnlzn
tion and perfect order at home.
mi;s. c, si'omiitn'S visit
Mrs, c. Spofford ot Victoria. Provincial President of the vv. C. T. U.,|
has como and gone, and both the lo-1
t nl   union   and   the   ctiiuniunity   are
tlle richer in knowledge and Inspiration for her visit.
The temperance propaganda, whicli
1 as become undoubtedly lhe greatest ethical anil political movement of
any day, so wide In its sweep that it
Is carrying cities, provinces and great
nations nn its bosom, can he traced
lo the loll of a lew Iriends. in a small
village, wbo struggled to save their
own sous and lhe tone of the community.
The nritish Temperance League
the National Temperance Union, tlie
International Congress, with all its
world wide research might never have
lieen. hat] not Joseph Llvesly, in 1832
consecrated himself and the villagers
and walked or driven In liis carl to
tbe neighboring villages to fan the
fires of Interest in total abstinence.
Thero is continuity, therefore, In
the parlour meeting such as was held
a the home of Mrs. Joseph Woodman
cn l*"riday afternoon, the 12 th oi
Oetober. Mrs. Spofford spoke to the
women iu her own Inimitable way, of
"The Woman Who lias Come". Her
address was practical, immediate,
suggestive   aud   helpful.      It    was   a
high tribute to the attractiveness of
her own winsome personality lhat
inch a large gathering of ladles, the
largest she has hail in Cranbrook,
should, iu spite nf the other functions of Lhe week, be present to welcome her.
In the evening, iu tbe Baptist
Church, Mr*. Spofford also spoke on
■The Price iii  Victory."    In life  we
••IIIIt'll! OF  \ NATION"
Stupendous  picture  coming to  the
Hex Theatre
Unite the most   wonderful of many
ones pictured In "Tho Birth ot n
Nation" is thai showing Sherman's
march to the sea and the burning of
the City Of Atlanta. Imagine If you
COIl   ■<   view   of   n   long,   fertile   Vclley
extending ror miles, apparently between the hills .Moving through
this valley, in strnggllng formation,
or lack of formation, is the army of
(lenen.l Sherman. The view is so extensive thai the soldiers appear but
little larger than ants, yet tho photograph Is so clear thai the form of
each man is perfectly dlllnonlcd.
Now and then a puff of smoke Indicates return fire upon snipers in
.arm buildings. Now and then o
barn i- fired in evident retaliation for
a deadly bulla! from Its shelter, am!
the army of human ants 1« ever moving ror ward, wriggling ll i way Itlci
a huge serpent towards its goal   tin*
Atlanta Is reached. Whether llu
burning   Of   tlto   City   was   a   military
necessity, or whether lho conftngrn
tlon wa- of occidental origin, chron
iclers of the time |:1il t« agroe, bit!
Atlanta was sacrificed to tho flanie-
nnd lho conflagration is so renllstl
cally pictured In tho "Blrlh of n Nn
tlon" thnl one can nlmost smell the
smoke, mid hear the erics of the terrified   people  IIP   Ihey   flee   to  the   liilC
for iheir lives. Pew make any attempt
io save household effects, so groat Is
tlieir haste to escape the flames and
the hated Yankees.
I    Sherman's army has Bent its fearful
| swathe   through   the   heart   of   the
j South.   Another link has been forged
\ in tlie chain thai shall hind the confederacy ta ihe stake.   Another move
' has lieen  made in Iho big war game
that is to  end  al   Appomattox Court
House with Uu* surrender of Lee.
[     li  is a  wonderful  picture in  very
| truth.     Nothing   like   it   hi's   ever   ap-
I peared   on   the   screen,   and   il   look
a  vast  amount  of labor and  infinite
patience to slage such a spectacle.
The  entire   musical   score  written
I for this greal  picture will lie played.
lhe  picture   will   h,   nootl   111   the   Hex
Theatre  one  nlghl  only.  Wednesday.
i Octobor 24th,    I'rlees 7B cents; chlld-
| ren -f> cents,   Scats on Bale at Bonl-
tie -Murphy's.
Temperance victory has been grei*.:
the price has been great. To-morrow
.i larger victory mny demand n heavier price. The theme was opportune,
The Executive Committee of the
\V. C. T. IJ. occupied seats on the
platform. The Baptist and Presbyterian ministers eould be seen in the
audience. Mrs. Thos. Key wortii.
President of the local society, presided, and iu her own gracious and happy way introduced the speaker ns n,
woman of rare eloquence, Tlie prediction was fulfilled. Mrs. Spofford
spoke for over an hour with n voice
that seemed unwearied, elear and
full. Mrs. Spofford's style wns forceful witiiout losing grace. Her arguments were convincing. The address
was informing, teeming with facts
culled from scores, history, life and
literature. Tho literary grace in
whicli these were clothed, with the
speaker's warm conviction and unbounded optimism, interested, and
held tlie attention of the audience till
the close.
The itev, ll. Wright ie*: the meeting
In prayer. An augmented choir, un-
der Hie leadership of Mr. .1. Palmer,
ably led the singing
The local W. C. T. 1". therefore
should be able to run through the
ft inter, happily, on ttie impetus of the
visit of iheir esteemed President.
Thnt Is the proportion of medicine contained In Zani-Buk, and
thut Is why ZamBuk's healing
powers are so superior to those ot
ordinary ointments, which contain
but ■'* per cent, medicine and the
balance animal fat.
Mr. Anges Josey of Spry Harbor,
Halifax Co., N.S., writes: "For
three year I suffered terribly wilh
eczema on my hands. The Itching
was so intense that lt kept me
awake at nights. 1 used numerous
■ so-called ' eczema cures.'but got no
better until I commenced applying
Zam-Buk, The use of this wonderful healer, however, has entirely
rid ine of this distressing disease."
Zam-Buk is also the quickest and
surest healer In the case of ringworm, salt rheum, scalp sores,
ulcers, abscesses, bolls, pimples,
blood-poisoning, plies, cuts, burns,
scalds and all skin injuries. All
dealers ur Zani-Biik Co., Torouto.
BOc. Imi:, 3 for |1.25.
km Buk
GEORGE the FIFTH, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.
To all to whom these presents shall come, or whom the same may in anywise
A Proclamation calling out the men comprised in Class 1 as described by the
Military Service Act, 1917.
Tlie Tii puty Minister of Justice
yonct Cai
'HEREAS It h pro-
viilcil by our Militia
Act of Canada, Re
vised Statutes of Cnimdn.l'lOb,
chapter 41, Section dl, tbat
our Governor-General of Canada in Council may place our
Militia of Canada, or any part
thereof, on active service anywhere in Canada, and also be-
la for the defence thereof, at any time when it appears
to do by reason of emergency)
A nrl WtiPri^ac tlu,t l,art of our militia of Canada known
/\I1U VV ncrCfcUS fla t|1(. Canadian Expeditionary Force is
now engageo .i active service overseas for the defence and security of
Caiiatl.], tlie preservation of our Empire and of human liberty ; and
it is necessary owing to the emergencies of the war to provide re-
enforcements for our said Expeditionary Force in addition to those
whose inclination or circumstances havc permitted tbem to (volunteer ;
A nH WhiT^aQ ky reason of the large number of men wbo
-T_,uu    vv iiticcio   have ulready lcft agricuitliral and [ndu8.
trial pursuits in our Dominion of Canada in order to join our Expeditionary Force as volunteers, and by reason of the necessity of maintaining under these conditions the productiveness or output of agriculture and industry in our said Dominion, we have determined by
and with the advice and consent of our Senate and House of Common:; of Canada that it is expedient to secure the men so required,
not by ballot as provided by our said Militia Act, but by selective
draft ; such re-enforcement, under the provisions of the Military
Service Acl, 1917, hereinafter referred to, not to exceed one hundred
thousand men ;
AnH Whprpoc ■*' •* accordingly enacted in and by the
n-iiu v v iiei ccia provisions of an Act of our Parliament of
Canada, holden in thc 7th and 8th years of our reign, and known
as the Military Service Act, 1917, tbat every one of our male subjects
who comes within one of the classes described and intended by thc
said Act shall bc liable to be called out on active service iu our
Canadian Expeditionary Force for the defence of Canada, -either
within or beyond Canada; and [that his service shall be for tbe
duration of the present war and demobilization after the conclusion
of the war;
A nH A^/Vi^rpQC tne men wno are» under the provisions of
•".IIU VV IlcrCctb the said last mentioned Act, liable to be
called out, are comprised in si. classes of which Class 1 is, hy the
provisions of the said Act, defined to consist of all our male subjects,
ordinarily, or at any time since thc 4th day of August, 1914, resident
in Canada, who have attained the age of twenty years, who were born
not earlier than thc year 188.3, and were on the 6th day of July, 1917,
unmarried, or are widowers but have no child, and who are not within
any of the following enumerated
1. Members of our regular, or reserve, or auxiliary forces, as defined
by our Army Act.
2. Members of our military foices raised by the Governments of
uny of our other dominions or by our Government of India.
3. Men serving in our Royal Navy, or in our Royal Marines, or in
our Naval Service of Canada, and members of our Canadian
Expeditionary Forte. ■ «
A. Men who havc since August 4th, 1914, served in our Military
or Naval Forces, or in those of our ullies, in any theatre of actual
war, and have been honourably discharged therefrom.
5. Clergy, including members of any recognized order of an exclusively religious character, ..ud ministers of all religious denominations existing in Canada at the date of the passing of our said
Military Service Act.
C. Tlibse persons exempted from military service by Order in
Council of August 13th, 1873, and by Order in Council of December hth, 1898 ;
A n/J <\A7,_"tPrPQC it is moreover provided by our said Military
xiiiu vv miicao Service Act that our Governor-General of
Canada in Council may from lime to time by proclamation call out
on active service as aforesaid any class of men in the said Act described,
and that all men within the class so called out shall, from the date
of sucli proclamation, be deemed to be soldiers enlisted in the military
service of Canada and subject to military law, save as in the said
Act otherwise provided ; nnd that the men so called out shall report
and shall be placed on active service in the Canadian Expeditionary
Force as may bc set out in such proclamation or in regulations ; but
that tliey shall, until so placed on active service, be deemed to be
on leave of absence without pay ;
A nr, "\A7h/»r^QC it: is also provided by the said Act that at
_n.nu   vv iicigc*-> any time before fl dntc to be flxed by
proclamation an application may be made, by or in respect of any
man in tlie class to bc called out, to one of our local tribunals,
established in the manner provided by the said Act in the province in
which sucli man ordinarily resides, for a certificate of exemption
from service upon any of the following
(h) That it is expedient in tbe national interest that tbe man should,
instead of being employed in military service, be engaged in other
work in which he is habitually engaged ;
(6) That it is expedient iu the national interest that the man should,
instead of being employed in military service, be engaged in otlier
work in which be wishes to be engaged and for which he has
special qualifications ;
(e) That it is expedient in tlie national interest that, instead of
being employed in military service, he should continue to be
educated or trained for any work for which be is then being
educated or trained ;
{il) That serious hardship would ensue, if thc man were placed on
active service, owing to his exceptional financial or busim.*.-
obllgatlona or domestic position ;
(c) 111 health or infirmity ;
(/) That he conscientiously objects to the undertaking of combatant
service, and is prohibited Irom so doing by the tenet*; and articles
Of faith in effect on tlie sixth day of July, 1917,of;:ny organized
religious denomination existing and will recognized in Canada ut
sucli date, and to which he in good faith belongs ;
And that if any of thc grounds of such application be established,
a certificate of exemption shall be granted to such num.
AtiA WTht^v*»oo  moreover it is enacted in and by the pro-
na wncreas vUt0M of fln Acl of our Pnr|(aincn, 0f
Canada holden in the 7th and 8th years of our reign and known as
the War Time Elections Act th.it certain person-, thereby disqualified
from voting wltll such of iheir sons as on polling day are not of legal
age, shall be exempt from combatant military and naval service ;
A tir-l   Whittrft'ic   '•' 'H further provided by our said Military
/xuu   VV iiciCciE.  gcrviceAct that appllcutioiiB for exemption
from service .shall bc determined by our said local tribunals, subject
to appeal as in the said Act provided, and tb.it any man, Iiy or iu
respect of whom un application for exemption from service is made,
shall, so long as such ap),lie nion or auy appeal hi connection therewith is pending, and during the currency of auy exemption granted
him, be deemed to be on leave of absence without pay ;
AnH Whi'rM1*! our Governor-Generul of Canada in Council
■fviiu vv nu ccta |U|S determined to call out upon active
service as aforesaid tlie men included in Cluss 1, as iu the said Act
end hereinbefore defined or described ;
Now Therefore Know Ye f*"^ S,.^,™"
comprising tlie men in our said Militaiy Service Act, 1917, and
hereinbefore defined or described as to the said class belonging, on
active service in our Canadian Expeditionary Force for the defence
of Canada, either within or beyond Canada, as we may, In the
command or direction of our Military Forces, hereafter order or
And we do hereby strictly command, require und enjoin that each
man who is a member of tlie said class shall, on or before the 10th day
of November, 1917, in the prescribed form and manner, report himself
for military service, unless application for his exemption shall then
have been made by him or by another person entitled to apply on his
behalf ; wherein our loving subjects, members of tlie said class, are
especially charged not to fail since not only do their loyalty and
allegiance require and impose the obligation of careful and implicit
obedience to these our strict commands and injunctions, but moreover, lest our loving subjects should be Ignorant oi the consequences
which will ensue if tliey fail to report within the time limited as aforesaid, we do hereby forewarn and admonish them that any one who is
hereby called out, and who wili out reasonable excuse fails to report
as aforesaid, shall thereby comn t an offence, for whicli he shall be
liable on summary conviction ^o imprisonment for any term not
exceeding five years with hard labour, and he shall nevertheless, if we
so require, be compelled to serve immediately in our said Expeditionary
And we do hereby proclaim and announce that for the greater
convenience of our subjects, wc have directed tliat prescribed forms,
for reporting for service, and for application for exemption from service, may, at any time on or before the said 10th day of November,
1917, be obtained at any post otlice in our Dominion of Canada; and
that reports for service and applications for exemption from service,
if obtained at any of our said post offices and properly executed, shall
be forwarded by our postmaster at the post office from which the same
are obtained to tlieir proper destinations as by our regulations prescribed, free of postage or any otiier charge.
And we do further Inform and notify our loving subjects that local
tribunals have been established in convenient localities throughout
our Dominion of Canada for the hearing of applications I'or exemption
from service upon any of the statutory grounds, as hereinbefore set
out; that these our local tribunals so established will begin to sit in
the discharge of tlieir duties on the Sth day of November, 1917, and
that they will continue to sit from day to day thereafter, as may be
necessary or ccuveuieut, at «ucl. time* snd- plates as shall be duly
notified, until all applications for exemption from service shall have
been heard and disposed of; nlso that men belonging to the class
hereby called out who have not previously to the said 8th day of
November, 1917, reported for service, or forwarded applications for
exemption through any of our post offices us aforesaid, may make
applications in person foi exemption from service to anv of our suid
tribunals on tlie 8th, 9th or 10:h day of November, 1917.
And we da hereby moreover notify and inform our loving subjects
who ure within the class hereby called out, that if, on oc before the
10th day of November, 1917, they report themselves for military
service, or if, on or before that day, application for exemption from
service be mude by them or on their behalf, they will not be required
to report for duty, or be placed upon active service as aforesaid, until
n day, not earlier th.in the 10th day of December, 1917, which will,
by our registrar for the province in which they reported or applied,
be notified to them in writing by registered post at their respective
addresses as given in tlieir reports for service, or applications for exemption from service, or at such substituted addresses as they may
have respectively signified to our said registrar; and wc do hereby
inform, forew: m and admonish the men belonging to the class hereby
called out that if any of them shall, without just and sufticient cause,
fail to report for duty at the time and place required by notice in
writing so posted, or shall fail to report for duty us otherwise
by law required, he shall be subject to the procedure, pains and
penalties by law prescribed as against military deserters.
Of all of which our loving subjects, and all others whom these
presents may concern, are hereby required to take notice, rendering
strict obedience to and compliance with all these our commands, .
directions and requirements, and governing themselves accordingly.
In Tcstimo«y Whereof I£c^l!~£
ent, and the Great Seal of Canada to bc hereunto affixed. WITNESS: Our Right Trusty and Right Entirely Beloved Cousin
and Counsellor, Victor Christian William, Duke of Devonshire,
Marquess of Hartington, Earl of Devonshire, Earl of Burlington,
Baron Cavendish of Hardwicke, Baron Cavendish of Kcighley,
KniahtofOur Most Noble Order of the Garter; One of Our Most
Honourable Privy Council; Knight Grand Cross of Our Most
Dist ing ui shed Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; Knight
Grand Cress of Our Royal Victorian Order; Governor-General
and Commander-in-Chief of Our Dominion of Canada.
At Our Government House, iu Our City of OTTAWA, this
TWELFTH day of OCTOBER, in the year of Our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and seventeen, and In the eighth year
of Our Reign.
By Command,
Under-Secretary of State,
it is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically   prepared
for man's use.
,ll*tfci ___i&w
1 •
"SET. ji»4l» tit
10-r -BIACK-WHITE-TAN- |0*r "C^V
F. F. DolloyCi>.ofC.no.a, Ltd.
llamilll.ll,   La.., THURSDAY, OCT.   ISlli,   1!)I7
■. nrc tih.hu
Signet fflings
An Ideal Soldier's Olft,
and wonderfully ixepiil.ii*
these days. Suitably engraved witli recipient's
monogram makes a lasi-
ing gift and one that is always appreciated, We have
just received a large assortment iu new  designs.
These come In both 10 and
M karat, and are sold by
weight. Prices range from
$4.00 to $12.00,
W. H. Wilson
j i: iv i: li i:it
Kilby frames pictures.
Mr. M. .1. McLeod <>r Calgary
a visitor in tin- <ity last Monday.
Mrs.  E,   Howard of Moyle  vv
visitor in tlie city this week.
We are carrying a full hue of boots
mil bIioob,— Craubrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
.Mr. and .Mrs. J. Bnker of Calgary
were vlsltlug friend*, in tin* city
Friday and Sniiirdny.
Mr. Alex Milt-Neil, a prominent barrister of Pernio was in tin' cily last
Friday between  trains.
Expert piano and organ tuning, repairing anil regulating. B, A Parker,
plione 811, IV 0, Box r._s, Cranbroolt
Mr, H li. Berk
ran sit et I ii g biiBlno
■oek end.
or Vlcto
I  in  Hie •
O'Cedar Mops
2 styles, 3 sizes
75c, $1.00, $1.50
O'Cedar Oil loo
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbro;>k     °     B.C.
Mr. John T ChlBliolm of Vancouver
■/Its a  visitor in the .ity hist  Friday
gtiosl ni ihe Cronbrook Hotel.
a  legitl-
r.:." pr'de iii ler sons who have
eon ii ted i.ot iheir live-, dear unto
tliem in tlie great world-struRKli1 for
righteousnesB and liberty
Her   pride   is   deepened   when   she
hears   of   her   hoys   volunteering   to
rush i" ihe post nf danger where ti
ourage   and  self-
hotlld | sacrifice.
iu   in I     Had   Robinson   Cyril   BrownN)een
Morc   spared, lie would have been decorated
JistlnsnlBhcd   service,     Harold
Cadwallader    offered    himself    for
trench service and liis broth*
una ml-    -nn    was    killed    when    entering    Hie
I mt;  |uiysn|ue, who regiaioreu ai  the   fourth   Qerman   trench.     Tlte   hoys
 I"" ""'• M. -- <""• -"• respectlvoly
..   MciIIcIiib   Hal   wu**   In   iln*  Hly   till,      killed In the prim, of youlh
«*e*i*le Interviewing various laml linile- \ memorial Bervlca for the boyn
..rn wiiii a view ki purchnBlne " largo will in* hold ul 7.30 p.m In Uir Cran-
t land I'm* grazing purpo.eH,        hrook   Buptlst Church   in   whli
I'ncls thai    ever)  ntilolsl
km*.,.    tiirlmniuiii   puts   Hit*
leao'illne*.    riluilnal*.-. Curium.
Power.   More Mileage.   Per sale li;
I'lilnmri. Bros,
\ gentleman 'villi ;. vi ry command,
phyatiiue, who roglati
nbrooh lli.ii*! us "Hi,* Jim" from
Mr. E. s Wnilsiviirtli of Montreal.
wus drumming up business in ihe city
Shorthand, Typewriting and Book
keeping ul King K.lwurd's School.- All
day attendance iviMti a month; Kvening i-lusses, Mondays uiul Thursday,
from 7 tie II p.m., $ei.oo u month; Dully
uml evening attendance 112.00 u montll
I i:\lilli EXAMPLE OP PATRIOTISM MIOWN 111 I 1(11 Ultl \
li. Pastor.
.Mi*. A.  K.   HaiiiiiTiuuti  (if llu'  East
Wo are carrying a full line of bunts
and shoes.-- Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
liiilivi.itiul tuition,   Private lessons by
ItCV   Tims. Kiev
There will i„- no scrvl
Siuiilu.- Scliool ui :: p.u
ii 7.::ie  i.iu. ui whicli ill
uml i
Willi a determination  in do their
i.ii" I'm* iiu* Prisoners of Wur Fund,! nt 7.;iu  i.m. al which iln* pastor will
Hn,, iy Lumbor Company, Jaffray, I uirageim-nt. a number of tho y g children of this < proneli,
wus a visitor In the city lusi Friday.   ''''■' exhibited n fine oxnmplo of pat-	
.Miss Florence Bathle of Wyiimli'l,   rlotlsm lasl wc.k whon they, imaldod  I'KA.MIIIOOK    BAPTIST    Illl III II
ll. ('.. is iiii Inmate of the St. Eugene   by tin* adults, arranged and carried j 	
Hospital   this   week,   where  sin*   is   out a program of song nnd dance.        Oclelier 21*1, 11117: Spe*clul Services
rocupcrnting from a successful opera-      The program was ns follows* Meeniln**   anel   Evening*.
Hon   fm* appendicitis,    Miss   Bathle      opening   chorus;    "Oh    Canada";
expects    lo  leave  tlu*    Hospital  on   Highland fling;  Loreltn  Leclerc and
Mr. C. A. Dawklns, n commercial
travollor eel' W'lnntpeg, wus Interviewing tlie loenl merchants lusi Friday
nnil Saturday.
.Mr. ".luck" Colvln of Vancouver, the
popular representative for "I.cckle's,
famous hoots uml shoes, wns in the
cily last Monday soliciting business.
Mr.  Malcolm   Loltcll  of Ouk   Lake.
.Mnn, is In tlle city this week visiting
wltll  his  nephews  (leorge   Leitch  Of j Tllns. Keyworth officlatltl
Cranbrook and Archie of Jaffray.
Thursday when aho will be tho gnesi   A,mil.   |.„n,„i,).:   Recitation:   Annl,
of Mrs.  Wnldron   McKay  for a  few   Por*,nby; s Is nice: i.oretin Lu-
woolls* clorc, aortic Parnaby nml Helen Le-1
 clorc:   fairy  dunce—sketch:   Muriel i
IIJOIIKMAN   JOHNSON Rondo, Queen; Annie Pamaby, Lorntta
  Leclerc uml Marion Drummond, fnlr-
At t'ranbrook on  Wodnosday, Oct,   los; Short dialogue, "Marigold"; Chor-
17lli. Victoria Johnson of Hull Illver,   l«!  "Cood  Luck  to tin* Hnys of lho
ll. ('.. was united In marriage to ling-   AHIos," nml "Coil Save our Splendid
nnr  BJorkinnn  of  Hull  ttivor.    Iter.   Men."    Itofreshmonts    ami    randies
were served.   Tiie admission charged
wus .". cents from which wns collocted
iii nl' $3.86,
Preacher;   Hev.  Jane •-   Iiuiiln
j Morning    II    Topic:    "Tlie    (
Win's   After-math,   from
I.   Wnr uml   Economics.
Wnr uml Politics,   ::.    Wur
Uie Church
Evening  7.110    Memorial  Servlci
tin- hoys  killed in action
Meditation:   "The   World
row. nml llu* cure.
All are welcomed t.. tin* sen
The Methodist Ladles Aid will hold
tlieir Annual Bazaar on the afternoon
of November 17th; doors open at !t |
iv r t r
He'll Be Hapm
When He Gets This
Whether "Jim" is on a man-of-war or in a
trench, he's going to havo long-lasting enjoyment and a lot of benefit from
The Famous Chewing Gum
It's one of the outstanding features of
the war wilh its
tonic el[feet on stomach and nerves its
welcome refreshment in time of need
We give herewith Hie names of tin*
  children   who took  part   in  the prei-
Tlie   regular   monthly  meeting   of   eeodlngs:
tlle   W.  C.  T.   f.   will   he  held nl   tho       Annie    Pnrnnby,    llerlle    I'nrnnby.
iiii Monday,
Mrs. J. T. McFadc
Can yoei think of uny reason why
there should not be one In your
  home of Mrs. Koyw'ortll, lit  3.30 p.m.    Muriel   Heinle. Lorelln   Leiden*. Helen
Private ('. Edglnton of Cranbrook, Thursday,  25th   Inst.    This  meeting j Leclerc, Hazel Simpson  nml  Marlon
Is reported to he nt the Military llos-1 will begin the work of the Winter,   Drummond,
pita! nt Kingstono, tint.. Ill witli hy-   which promises In lie one eef Increns*
steriu.                                                         Iuk   Interest   nml   usefulness.   iiiiiI   .i
  I Inrge number of Hie Indies nt x*
Tlie Ladies Aid society   of   Knox ' pected to he present on Thursday.
Presbyterian Church will hold a sale      \ special Invitation is Riven to tin
of  work  on   Dec.  Sth.    A  fuller un-    ladies nr Cranbrook to share tin* fel
nouncemcnl   will in- made Intel'. Inwshlp of the meeting.'
MotoriMs! ■TilNnT.IVtttfl -f-lhn.ii.il."*
curium. Tn il in ymir wi-nlim'. In*
(■rciisc* your iiiilcniii', pro rents hnck*
t'lrinii1.   Vor Riilf It? I'nttnnro Hm**.
TKKXT   wiSNKH IVEiroiXif       And Invigorates Old People
rhe friends nf Arthur Trent will i
  ngn enbly  surprised in lonm of ii
Mr. nml Mra, ,1. IS. Biker ot Nelson ivGf.illng nn Tuesday nrtonioon tn Mr
arrived in the lily lnsl week eml from Sarah Wisnor ot Thmnpson Full
liivermore when, they hnd been vis-   Mont.
i 11 ti fr fnr Bomo time
their home in N'elsw
Agi, w. F. Doran, CranbrMk Kxehnnre
— LIMITCn - •
liwrn*ii> C CRICH' K *•
Mr. it. Randolph Bruce nf Invermere arrived in the .-ity last Sunday
from Coast points and proceeded to
liir- homo vin t!i>* Kootenay Central,
on Monday.
Mr George Brady of Victoria, representing Pither .<• taker, wholesale
■ocers and linporti ra wa* In the city
-t Saturday transacting business in
ii- Interests of his firm
I will soil my proporty. The Maple
Hull, with living accomodations which
has bath room attached and good cellar, cheap for cash or terms arranged
Apply to H W Edmonrfson, Cranbroolt
orge Warren of Vancouver
r city last Friday completing
puts for n return engage-
th.it mnsterph i n of motion
iir Birth of n Nation,"
lex  Theatre mi   Wednesday,
MntortRlsl   I -.■ Carl told in j	
gnsnllite. Increased pflwrr-, perfecl Ig-
nil Inn, uniform mmlHiMlou mnl grenl•
et-    iiilleaue.    Fur  sale nt     t'ntltinre
Kindergarten clnai es nt King Edward's School from 10 i«. 12 n.m.
Beading, Writing, Arithmetic, sewing,
limning, Blnglng and Drill. Pees
|B rn ;i montii including dm* nt books,
stationery nnd  die work materials.
Any doctor will tell you that the
ingredients of Vinol as printed belov/
contain the elements needed to improve the health of delicate children
and rtstore strength to old people.
IJ Cod Liver and Deef Pf-ptonts, Iron.
•n J MangintitPeptonatti, iron and
Ammonium  Citrus, Lime mj  _,(,_-
ti.j.L'.upho.p;._■.*■_, Ca-...iio.
Those who have puny, ailing or
run-down children or aged parents
may prove this at our expense.
Besides the good it does children
and the aged there is nothing like
Vinol to restore strength and vitality
Arthur [rent has been a resident to weak, nervous women and over-
: llu* valley  for sovoral years and  worked, run-down men.
ns known n- a confirmed bachelor. . J7 **'   '* you «e not entirely «*t-
. ,. ished,  we  will  return  your  money
» that the surprise cbmes more pro without   qUeition.   that   proves our
iiinted among liis friends,    11.* hns fairness  and your protection.    Mil-
jeently erected a cosy cottage In the lionfl oi PMPl« h*v« beeu convinced
iv nn the N'orthsldc, but Ims Btoutlj   thls way"
Fnuilimnl; Unig £ Honk Co., Crannied that ihere were any matrlmon-   linmIi   B  ^   ^ ;|l t(i(, bost (,niR.
. elsts in nil B, C   towns.
.md returned to     The ceremony waa performed at tl
on Tuesday. International  Hotel  In this city,  I
Rev. U ll Wilbur, nnd the couple In
mediately left for Mr Trent's rani
on th- north bench    .
Oct. 25
Prices $1.50, $1 00
Children 50c
Seals  nni'   on  Sole nl
The Biggest Musical Show of the Vear
5upcr> ■ Musical Ix ritn vac a mz»
and a Company of Fifty People
30 sum; nils
When Women are Weak
Women who (eel weak, languid and depressed-
who look pale and dull-eyed, and have lost appetite and fresh looks-need a tonic that will
purify the blood, help the organs of digestion,
regulate the liver and bowels, and strengthen
the system.   It long has been known that
are a blessing to weak women, for they quicklv correct
womanly ailments, improve the appetite, pilrify tlie
blood and re-establish healthy conditions. They are
safe to take as they are purely vegetable and without
any harmful drug. A few doses will bring better
spirits, improved health and a feeling of fitness.
Worth a Guinea a Box
Frvparei- nitty by Thornm BMchair  Sl. H.Uni, LucaaMrit. Finland.
533 wi|wW« la Cwdi —il Ut J. Awitiifc   In hum* HbwU. M
REX Theatre
Wed., Oct. 24
By Spectal Arrangement with Wm. Cranston The UNITED PRODUCING Co. presents
I* i: o I* I. i:
ll o ll s i: s
S (' K X K S
Special Bargain Prices—75 cts. Children 25 cts. (All Seats Reserved)
Firsl i'l mi' In (iiiiiiiIii ill Tllcsi'  I'i'Iith Si'iits een Suit'nl lli*illlli->l ne pli)'*■ llriic Sion*.
Iirl Veeiir Sriits liiirl)
THURSDAY, OCT.  ISth, 1017
Hamsters, Kir.
IV. I*. Gurd li. J. Spreull
mn nui w. i. Miioiti:
lllll AliO
I I 1.11   Mills   IIV   Illl ll   litlle
His. Green * MacKinnon
t'liysii-iaiiv anel Surgeons
Ofllce  tit residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00   o    4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
IMI. 1'. II. Mll.KS
Ofllce 111 Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 tern.
Licensed ley Provincial Govt.
Hiitcrmr) i.e.l General Nursliii,
Maoiage and Rest cure, Highest
References,  fair  terms.  Apply
MRS. .\. SALMON. Matron.
Phone 2.".9 1'. O. llox 845
Address.Qerden Ave., Cranbroolt
Civil iiiiiI .Minim.* Engineer*
II. ('. I.mnl Surveyors
i'Miiiiiiiiilinns nnd Iteporls
. I, i* A ii k i: ii
Mining Engineer
litis 2
!i   ll.'i'iil.l  I'le.   Calgary,
ami Elko,   11. 1'.
ley. victoria, II. C.
i> visiting Hn* sniilii-i Orchards,
Roosville Valley, tliis week.
Francis Downs ot Claresholm, Alia,
bouglit   the   Morrison   Timber,   Roosville Valley and will  put ill  a  mill
' near  tlie  Square   I'eal   ranch.
lt. I.. T. cialbrulth witli Government Engineer .1. G. Cummings was
looking over ihe cut-oft through the
tndlnn Reserve, Tobacco Plains from '
llie   Roosville   Valley   lu   Flagst	
This will he a big help III tlie farmer- fur marketing their produce,
besides the several mills thnl are
gotng  lum Hie  valley   Iliis   fall.    The
Sunkist Orchard people are putting
in a mill nn Iheir property and Intend
tloiiig hit; development work nn tholr
fruit tracts,
A speaker in Vancouver last week
gave nil address entitled "From Trapeze tii Pulpit." Jim Thistlebeak
says. Von will have In admit it is
something of a swiiif..
Mr. nini Mis Klingonsmlth, Mr. ami
Mrs. Gallagher, .Mrs Longworlli, .Mr.
Juek Graham, ami ,). Thomson motored in Eureka lnsl Sunday, inking
lhe   Itoosville   Valley   route,
K. Lloyd Hailies. Flagstone, was a
Ferule visitor Ibis week.
Mr anil Mrs, A M. Kllwimd und
daughter motored tn Eureka ami
iionsvilie Fulls Sunday.
Miss E. li. Paters    teacher   at
Roosvlllo returned from Pnrt Haney
where she wns railed, nn aeeiiuut eel'
her father's serious Illness lnsl Sim-
11 lni|l|ie I in a lOWII e.ll the Crow.
nml the husband hnd  n Bcoldlng
anil  kicking  nboul   the  rats  anil  liia
puffs ill" wiiii   wear in their hnlr
mnl a lew nights iigo he gut an Invitation ii. ■■: swell dinner Inr both of
them, and sn she dressed I'm* the big
event,   hut   left   off  llle  trimmings  of
false hair mnl lior husband positively
refused In accompnay her because she
looked so tough. (The Brute.)
I though! Ibis was a dry town, said
a  Calgary  visitor  in   Elko  the  other,
duy, ns he gazed Into a store window.
Thoro  was  n   sign    inside    reading.
"Tnngiefoot I'm' sab* hen." Fly paper,
Contractor Morrison of Fernie* is
moving his family to Elk" for He*
and the
Wibl llu
of whieh
lag Ibe i
bis assot
and then
v In, l tin.
Pie cxi-.lt
Cranbrook anel tin- Invermero courses.
Returning recently In Chicago on
business the old trouble recurred in
nn intensified form so Hint nn opene-
will hear of his | lion wns decided upon by his friend
and associate, tin* eminent In*. B. VV.
Itivins.  M.   II.  and  olher   medical experts.     The   operation   was   entirely
successful, but ibe patient's constitution   had   iosl   its   resiliency  and  lie
i   Placer   Compnny i never rallied.   Doctor Btvlns and Cap-
shareholder.   Find-1 tain E. E. Rodger., both of whom are
of ihat enterprise : well and favorably known In Cran-
reported back  to' brook, were with liitn to tlte last and
cstors in  Chicago, [ to tlie lust  he maintained his consciousness.    He tiled mi tile llth illst.
and his remains, accompanied hy several of his Masonic friends, were taken lo the home of his father iu MIs-
ere nttnek . sottri tor Internment   The Herald nml
kly regain   lhe people of Craubrook tender their
mil ', sympathies to liis fntlier and friends
bis   fnr his untimely death,   He was only
i Instnnt with doep
aoro cn t hero
f .Ian.' I.i jiersonally ,
ommcrcinl   aspects
undertaking of thej
iln  in Ensl i
f liis health
Impaired by
■i* of guslrl
sing from i
Hi'   M '.
strength and liealtl
freely   in   Indulge   ll
III''   of   golf   bulb    iiii    I
i f<>
ura nl age
■luni,. 888, Mght I'lione .'13
Ave, nexl to Clly Hall
Tenclier uf rinnnforte
Cranbrook, II. C. Dpi 3s|i
Molilalia Itrslaiirant
.Meals lit All He.iirs
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite tile Hank eef Commerce
st. .ioiin   t.Miii i,ami: iimnkut
Iln Tucsdny evening, the energetic
members of ibe local branch of the
St .lohn Ambulance teeeek charge of
the Hex Theatre;  unfortunately the
j films which wen* kindly donated by
tin* Id gal Film Compnny ditl not arrive in litiie ami tiie matinee hud lo!
In- cancelled, inn there was a full
capacity house nt both shows ln the
evening, The total receipts heing
$113.06 notllns ii"* si. John Ambulance JS3.0I).
The members elesin* to thank nil |
1 ihose wiio suiiplleei candy und contributed In other -**uys to ,..uke the
' dny n success, especially iff?, nnd Mrs.
Iiiiokont. Mr. Toombs and Mr. Parker's
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washli'a
send tt to
Special prices for familv
Forwarding  snd  Distributing
Agent for
l.ellihriilge and (irecnhlll Coal
Imperial (HI Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Iirityin. anil Transferrin);
Given prompt attention
I'lione 63
i.'iiii,  i Merchant
Pmnloytunnt Agent
P. O   Box 108 Phone 244
sister Philomenn died early Mini- j
day morning at the St, Eugene IIos-
pital   from   tuberculosis  nt  the age!
of 2S years.    She wns horn In New ,
Brunswick   ami   taught   school   for!
somo lime in  Alherta.    She received
her training ns a nurse in Vancouver
uml Inter entered into tbe community
of [he Sisters of Charity of Providence in Montreal.   From there she*
was   sent   In   New   Westminster   as'
tenclier nf lhe Orphanngo but  owing j
to fulling health she came to the St. !
Eugene   Hospital   last   .lune.
Tiie father, brother and sister of
the   ileeeseii   lady   arrived   from   New
Brunswick tu attond tin* funernl
which took placo from the Hospital
Chapel, Father Murphy officiating I
and Father Michel from Fertile pre-j
shling ut Hie organ. Tiie Internment
taking place Iii St. Marys Comotcry.
Sister Phllotnena was known ns a
giinil teacher anil was very popular.
Her   ileaiii.   whicli   was   really   her
birth inlo n brighter world, was  sl >
touching, au exempinry lo the good
Sisters around ber who,.-aw her pns»
p. her reward,
'I'ln* s
mi' Specialist
Satlalnctlon Guaranteed
adqunrtors for all kinds
Spokane, Washington
This house lias the
hup.ty ill.-it I net ion of being the favorite stooping placo in Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage ami do
ovorytbing In our power
to make yuu comfortable
Our location In excellent —
close to (Irent Northern Station
and  O.  W   R. -tf  N.-   Milwaukee
terminal, ami within a minute's
walk from the principal ImikIiicbk
tioum*H and places of amusement.
Nc«  Slnunsliln  nn   Itnof
He per word for first week, and lc ner
word for each week after.
MltlrM. Ito., line III .car-, will!Is
.i .,nii nftor Bciiool iiml nn Saturdays
Apply Itox 180, Craubrook, lt. C 42-11
■-'n ilmn] lumbor ImruPN for mile.
! Write I-   P, Uonnoll, nr phono  10B3.
Uthbrhigc. (Mi
st i.i:
ar uld.   .1   II
Ilay. -.
*'"l*l   s
12 ll
H  lam
ml. Cres
on. II.
11   fur-ri
te'ral lttiust>.
rirli, g
Kill   WUR
s.    Applj
In Mr
. W,
eii, Arm
etrnni; Av
(IIU SALE    llt'lkslihe    Ileal*.    Ill
months old, also iou bran anil shot* I
sacks, cheap.- (len   .III s, M.ii*.,*s,*;i. •
II. r. 41-21'
Ladies' Misses' and
Children's Woollens
These frosty mornings and cool
evenings remind one that war-
m.r clothing is required.
We are showing a large assortment of Ladies' Sweater Goats
and Sets, consisting of Sweater,
Cap and S:arf in all the newest
weaves and colors,
Cbilbren's Sweater Coats, pull
ovtt Sweater and suits consisting of Sweater, C.xp, and Pants.
Also large range of Mitts and
Save those dollars
You can cut down the cost of stump blasting by using
Giant Stumping Powder.
11 goes further than ordinary dynamites.
It exerts its strength over a wide area,
Tracking, splitting and heaving out the
stumps, roots and all, rather than shattering them or throwing them high
in the air.
lt is made especially to suit Canadian
farm conditions by u Canadian Company with many years' experience —
the company that originated all "Giant
It is being used by farmers everywhere
in British Columbia. Scores of these
write us that Giant "gives better results," "saves money," "shoots the
roots." " resists cold " and is " always
the same."
Get our valuable book that tells how to save dollars on your
stump blasting.   The coupon or a post card will bring it.
WANTED   l'l' tee flfl) i'iirl> linle.il.
eel  pullets.    Have  till' .-llle  Bomo  pure
bred white leghorn uockorols;   prico
| $l.r,0  each.-   llnx   li.   Wardiier.   II.   C.
_ ____.'
FOK SALE- lira, Dominion Organ
Co.,  piano  shape,  In  splendid  condition,   II   Slops,  2 1 i swells, enst
$100; fur quick sale jr..   Apply Kilby
I AmistriiiiK Avenut, .i:t-tf.
Free Book
Vancouver, B.C.
Sen J me > urn book, Better Farmlm* *>ltb
(luul Munipin, Potadet.*' 1 an ineereited In
ibe tabled, whicb I bave marked Xi
Nunc  .
Going Fast
El Sidelo Cigars are "going fast."
Dealers are requesting us to double
their orders and RUSH the cigars.
We're doing it. We expected this
immediate popularity of El Sidelo-
—the product of 17 years' study
They are so mild, so fragrant, so
good, that we guarantee them
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House size).    Smoke them.   Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and
the value given,   return the bands to us and
get your money.
el Sidel
"     f.TGAT_\
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co
London, Ontario, Canada
The Ford is Now Considered a Necessity
for Large-Scale Farming
WHETHER you are doing work on a large scale, or a small
scale, you endeavor to reduce the delays of your farm
machinery to a minimum and'save time. A Ford will assist
you in doing these two things.
If your tractor runs short of gasoline, the Ford will bring a few cans
right to the spot and greatly shorten the delay. Or if you need
a repair, or some new plow points, you can "run" the errand to
town and back in one-third the time it would take with a horse
and rig.
With a Ford you can supervise the work on your ranch much more
thoroughly. You can get your mail and supplies oftener, and take
more enjoyment out of prairie life. A Ford will do all these things
and many more, and at the same time save you money.
The strength and endurance of the Ford has been proved the
world over.   It is equal to the western roads and the distances.
The Forti is llm car for the Western Farmer.
Touring   •
F. O. li. FORD, ONT.
Hanson Garage, Dealer, Cranbrook, B.C.
Famous  Wash
Heals Skin
D.D.D., tlu1 greatest oT skin rem-1
Gdloa will remove thoao akin Affile-
tlona tlmt have mado your life a bur-
den. That intolerable itching, burn-!
Ins and discomfort will disappear un-
der the magic of this remedy. It has
cured many cases pronounced Incur-
able anil will reach your case. Wo'
Kuaranten the first bottle to bring re-;
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Ofllce, .melting and Refilling Department
The Liquid. Wash
The Crunbronk Drug & Rottk Co. Ltd.
Craubrook, U. 0,
Herald Want Adds Bring Results


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