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Cranbrook Herald Dec 21, 1911

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Array .*?
'"'"</<,, •*
a.    *<?
In th« Herald Psys—Try[
Our   Local   Column.
10c. a line
We me Well equipped to
turnout the best class
NO. 51
Kort  Steele will  In- llu- si-rui* of
grand Jubilation ou Tuesday, Pcei
lict iiniii. After yearn ol waiting,
Imt of never failing confidence, ilu*
mils iirc ill Inst tu In* laid through
the ti wn ami big locomotives, hauling liisl-i'liiss trains, will slo|» nt
this thriving little burn, from both
rniis oi tin* continent.
The flrsl train is to run into Korl
Steele, on Tuesday, December 20th,
ami Ihat event is to bt* (In* occasion
uf a big celebration, which, in Lhe
evening, will take the lorm uf a
grand banquet and smoking concert
Messrs. Fcawlck and Richardson,
inembors of the committee on arrangements, were in tht* city during
the week perfecting plans for this
hi.; event, securing the boat tue.il
nnisiral talent for tht*' sinokiing concert, and   issuing invitations to pro
minent citizens io join with limit
Korl Slide brethren in .he propel
colchrallon uf this lung lot ked Im
i ve.ii.
Special trains will lie run Iniii
Cianbrook and Kernic Lo accomm>
11 a Id tho guests of Ibe Fori Steele
board of trade uu this oo/aslou.
Naturally Cranbrook will ho well
i ('presented at this gathering. Cranbrook lakes the liveliest interest in
all thai makes fur the prosperity of
old Kort Steele, Ihe Intimate ass-u'i-
ations between the two towns makes
tlie prosperity ol one Uie oceasiun
if sincere rejoicing ou the part of the
other. All Cra'ubrook men lu>k fur
lhe Immediate and rapid advance uf
Fort Steele and will heartily assist
iu tin* consummation of this end.
Here's to Kort Steele and a got il
•hi time on the 20th.
The Auditorium was crowded  last
evening with the friends and relatives
of the publie school children of      tli
city, for tlie annual Christmas     entertainment.
A long programme was admirably
rendered by tin* youngsters, reflecting
great credit upon thos*' who had
worked so patiently to train them.
To Mr. Oeo. I>. Ingram was due, iu
particular, credit for the admirable
manner iu which the youngsters acquitted themselves.
"Santa Claus and Ills Friends,"
a cantata, permittinij wide scope fur
the special capacities of the youthful
performers, was the bill uf fare,
(.real eare li.nl turn taken Iiy parents
in the costuming of their little ones
and iu several of the set pieces the
grouping was very charming.
Among ibe many, who all did well,
special     mention   of    the exceptional
histrionic ability displayed hy a few
of the principals, is in order. Master
Charlie Elmer, made a eapital little
tough, designated "Little .lefl*'
Little Oraee Higgins, also proved a
very charming little songstress, securing quite .in oration by her rendering ol "Every Little Movement."
Little Miss Wanda Fink and her
small brother, Vincent, also scored
a hit in the instrumental duel Other special ly enjoyable features ol \
really capital programme were a
sung "Onl From lhe Dreamland ol
Childhood," iung by a winsome
group uf fames, the 'poll Drill." b)
anothei vary attractive group of wee
mites, tableau] •Tbi* Empire1 ,
'•shine on Harvest Moon in the
Picannlnuics, the Tapei Drill, in
which ihe leaders wen* Lil) Lnncas
lor and Crosslc] Taylor ami tho
Floral Drill.
a list of the yoongstcrs takln pai l
in the pel rm maim- follows
Sanla ('Inns .    Sidney lllnii'i
Chief of Police Tom Pemtetathei
Pi. Hills Mm    Murgatroyd!
Little -lt-n ('Tough* *
  (bail.s I Imei
.tack Frost   . Nigel Thompson
Detective Marshall Barton
Mail Carrlei Jack llaslani
Grandma Sarah Palmei
SiiKio Oracle lllggln
JudH-h Frances Drummond
Margaret ,..,., Irene Elinei
Cora ......... Florence Bottle
•lean    Florence i ron
Man Mailon Lcltch
Fain Queen Edith run
Knit v Aiienilaiii Mabel Passmorc
Fnir*. Attendant .    Vina Doris
Fair*. Attendant Pons Walllnget
Lenders of Fairy  Pi ill —
Orma McNabb
Dora I've.
Leaders or Dull Drill:—
Ma .lohnson
Alma Sarvis.
Leaders of Taper Drill:—
Lily Lancaster
Crossley Taylor.
Eva Conley
Laura Richards
llei nice Fraser
Wanda Fink
Lauretta Armstrong
Jessie Kennedy
Jessie McDonald
Rita Cameron
Ruth Stevens
Marguerite Drummond
Kdith Caslake
Louise Elmer
Dora Pye
Ruby Deacon
Elsie Beattic
May Smith
Maisie Small
Merle Taylor
Edith McDonald
Lilby Fiulay
Flora Baldwin
Lottie Leask
Blanche Brault
Alice Brown
Mabel Turner
Vina Doris
Orma McNabb
Lottie Moore
Gladys Spence
Bertha Gill
Oracle McFarlane
Francis Nobel
Dorothy Hackle
Enid  Gill
Helen Bridges
Doris Wallingcr
Mice Reed
IMla Dow
Olive Dow %
Mabel   Passmnrc
Pearl Pratt
Marion Priiiniuomi
Gertie Hopkins
Kathleen Brown
Nma Bclanger
Bessie Woodman
M.m  Carson
Annie Shaw
V-vian Fraser
Mam* Washington
Mamie Bartlam
Ida Johnston
Wllma Parks
Flossie Robertson
Merle Bennett
MawHe, Scotl
dargarcl Laeey
Edith Murgatroyd
Jessie Fennlssey
Leonora Little
Mabel Finlaj
Marie Edith Couldwell
Radio Laeey
Mma Sarvis
Hope Tayloi
Maj Brake
Patricia McDermol
Gladys Hh'ackloton
[■/thei Clapp
Let a lllll
Helen Worden
iimmie Logan
Roberl Beaton
.lack Mottlll
Harry Smith
Leonard Burton
Joseph FrosI
Norman Waason
Eric MacKinnon
Leaders ol Floral Drill-
Agnes Reekie
Margaret St. Eloi
Brit tan-a    ...
Scotland ...
South Africa
...Augusta Dovle
 Helen Bridges
 Violet Deacon
Orville Thompson
.   Rainsford Parks
... Ashton Powers
  Carl (lill
The Herald Extends To AU Its Readers
Sincere Christmas Greetings and
Heartiest Wishes for a**Happy
and Prosperous New Year
Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow ;
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
Ring out the grief that saps the mind,
For those whom here we see no more;
Ring out the feud of rich and poor;
Ring in redress to all mankind.
Ring out a slowly-dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.
Ring out false pride in place and blood,
The civic slander and the spite;
Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good.
Ring in the valiant man and free,
The larger heart, the'kindlier hand ;
Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.
To the    thoughtful  man each  recur
ing event ol Christmas rouses prob
terns deep as serious.
\\<- celebrate and keep in sacred
memorj on the 2Mb the anniversary
of the birth uf a Jewish babe, born,
so they till us, in a stable in a lll-
lean village more Mian nineteen centuries ago. His parents were peasants, bis friend**, were t'isher-folk.
Education he had none—at least, not
as nowadays we count education.
Vtrull ami Cicero were citizens of the
same Roman world as himself, and
whereas \ irgii and Horace and Cicero were steeped in the literature and
the philosophy of Greece, he gave
no inkling oi ait> knowledge, not only
of the literature ul Greece, but even
of Virgil or Horace ot Cicero.    Noi
only was he unlearned, Imt lie In-.nt ■ ■ I
no notable movement; lie led nu
armies, he did not convulse continents with politics and war, as did
Caesar nml Antony antl Oetavius ami
Puinpcv—and these were his immed-
late predecessors among the great
ami noble of ihat Roman world, lie*
spent his quiet life amid tin* (|iiii-t
cornfields ami Un* placid lakes id
Galilee. He wrote nut a line—save
once upon tlie sand on tlie ground—
divine proof, perhaps, that the heart
and the character tbat indite are
more important than the writ*.en
word. When he taught, lie taught to
the unlettered and tht* humble, and
through Iln* unfettered and the
humble what he taught hus come
down to us. Has come down to us,
and hus uplifted and encouraged
thousands*, as the literature uf
Greece ami (Ik* epic of Virgil and the
odes of Horace and the orations of
Cicero have not done.     Caesar    aud
(lly Arnold Ilaultain).
ample, if, for the other three hundred
ami sixty-four days uf the year,   the
whole nf   Christendom were toi
out iii practical detail tin- simple  injunction of   its    Founder to do un* <
others as    they     should do unto u*>'
Would it not   be a world very diflei
enl from that Influenced by tie* iit-t-
aturc of    Greece, bj lhe epic ul Vir*
the odes ol Horace! the orations
Cicero,   the conquests ol Cae
ndom itself,and the   political and militat*.     .
. But
that '
far  Kll.
who I of
and worship only Him?
■ It would In* easy, »-f course. to
solve the problem by recourse to
that simple solution which happily
perhaps, suffices (or so many, to iay
in a word     tliat   the Babe was
actual infant im- incarnation o!
Supreme Power of tbe Universe
let us remember,    for the once,
that  infant's     influence extends
beyond  the confines of those
thus believe.      In Chrl
arc thousands who hesitate to
eept that   creed, and yet  whom
Christmas spirit most powerfully
feels.    This is the real problem
Christmas; that numberless men  ami
women, as paean m their creeds    as
Virgil and    Horace, acknowledge and
accept  the  Influence  of Ohrlstmaa—
and try, poor pagan souls, to live up
iu It;    trj to   be generous and kind
and forgiving and benevolent,  to Ure
in peace   with their fellow men—in a
word, to    act, in works if not faith,
as Christians.
And here, perhaps, is the key      to
the riddle.     The    solution  of        the
problem is found in iis enunciation.
Solvltur anbulamlo The moment
we utter the words "generous,"
"kititl," "foii|\itiii," * benevolent."
that moment we pierce the core ol
Chrlstendon. Christendom is, supposedly i iu the words of one of the
Apostles   of    thai    Jewish  babe, a
tilt ions of Antony, Oetaviu
the Poropoy?    Imagine everj mcmbci
nf- tin* human family every da? weh >;
t-f ing. greeting,    helping, giving,     i
and! members    of single families do
Christmas Day!     K it an Inconcei
abb* ideal''       EvidentIj thai  Jewish
babe did nol think io, f"i he    sp*nl
| thirty-thne    strenuous    yean       In
preaching it', ami at las' gave up bin
life aud suffered a painful  death    h
proof  of liis conviction    Sure!]
not an   Inconceivable Ideal  I:
i went j -four bout- on Christ ms    Di
Wfl can sink  pride and srrogst
iclf-sccklng, n i- within    tbe bounds
of conteivahiliu tiiat Humanity i mi
day will he able to do likewise     ful
•tbe tweirtv foui   hours "f >.ul. ol ihi
other    three   hundred and slxt) f mi
days of the yeai.
For, Ih* it ever lememb.red,
each   membei  of    the Human Family
has to stiugelc fur a livelihood, it i-
enthusiastic meeting uf share-
■i** ol tin- Aurora Mining a
ng company took plan- in this
on Tuesdaj evening, upwards ol
j ol ihe leading shareholders, re-
•ntatlvo of tbc business interests
iis city ami Movie, being fn    at-
nine back,    lli<-
I announced sonu ^^^^^^^^^^
*nllon ol the directors was to
jo a iurthei sum of Jin,Ann, with
which to continue development work
The reports presented to the shareholders were so entirely satisfactoiv
and encouraging thai over $6,500, ol
this amount has already been subscribed and paid In, ami there will he
difficult) m securing the balance.
■ Annua is iu splendid shape   and
I the   prospects  could not well
An extension of time of sixty davs
i has lieen obtained in which to raise
the cash still requisite The intention Is to prosecute actively work cu
the lowei tunnel, which, n is confidently anticipated, will strike a
tine body >•{ high grade ore, and whin
this is encountered tin* Aurora will
rank amrng the biggesl mines in
Bast Kootena)
The utmost confidence in their ultimate success prevailed among all
tlu- shareholders nrescot, who are one
and all quite certain that ilu- Aurora
In the verj near future will prove to
lie one of the bonanza mines m the
.uli othei in obtaining from Nature
that abundance of bread—perhaps tl,.'
ideal fur which that Divine Man died
would In* realized, and "the Kingdom
of Heaven" would "Im* ai hand
Sure!) it is nut an unrealizable ideal.
though ii will ii"i be realised In
mu time—perhaps not upon our
The annual "at home" a*. Christmas time at the Fink Mercantile
company's big store was well attended un Monda) evening. An excellent musical programme was pro-
vided by Ouerard's orchestra, an-l
tea and coffee were served by the
Tiii' various departments ol th
large store were all brilliantly lighted up and decorated and courteous attendants were at the disposal of
visitors t<» give information.
Beautiful hand-pair; t»*d calen-Jar-
wera distributed, so far a*. they
would co, among the ladies as the/
left the premises,
]>:-« u ising tbe I bt Istmas 'lad*'. M.
Laldlaw, ol tbe grocer) and china-
ware departments, r.-marki-d that «-i
far business had been above tbe
average "I previous fears, the demand for tbeii bigbrctsss ipecisli-
ties in the grocery line, being spet -
iaily noticeable.
has been established In ihc potentialities oi lids province and anj bona
iid<' concern that will show a profitable careei foi a numbei ol years,
whether lumber, mine, fmit farm ot
private business, is eagerl) sought
after hy English capital, hut tin* undeveloped property its not much In demand.
Mr Elwell remarked that it gave
lum great pleasure to BOC Hritish
Columbia peaches exhibited in London, and ihey certainly occasioned a
good deal of questioning upon the
part of siav at home EngHshmen.
They all wanted t.i know bow such
magnitict-nt fnnt could Ik* grown in
Canada. For in .-pit-* of much pond
work, manj Englishmen still Imagine
that all of Canada is a land of
Bttow and ice, anil somewhere near
■he North Pole.
Mrs Elwell arid the children will
remain foi some few weeks in England.
Corrected figures of •FernsVs population ban* been issued by the censur
department, showing a population n
ll Hi This     number includes •*!"
enumerated in the tub-district ,*■■
twecn Fernie and Elko, which an* reported as having Fernie as then
place nf babilali* n
A. 0. Dixon, ol Spokane, formerly
of Nelson, has spcnl several days in
town this week, on business In con-
neotlon wilh certain valuable coal
lamls he controls in Alberta. The or-
iiini/ation of « company -to* operate
these lamls Is under way nnd u number of prominent local men aro inter-
est-cd iu the venture.
community of citi/ens "kindly      af-jnol an Internecine strife. One has no*
fectioncd one io another." to slay one's mighhoi iu ordei     to
There is a prep*'mt truth Under- feed ones self. The wnrfan- ll witl
lying this simple asseveration. All Nature, nol wtth Man We eal the
tin* pessimists to the contrary, trail trulls of the earth, and the struggli
nml  weak as human brings an*, Ihey Is tor    opportunitj   lo obtain    lhe
seem at     ihe bottom of their hearts
to cling   to  the good and the true.
^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^__ Though   'tliey   H "| I    H evil"
Antony ami Oct a vl us and Pompcy are'they do not laud evil. On the eon-
today but names; the name of that trary, when then- tomes one among
Jewish babe is a miirhly power. I them who lives     Ihe holy life,    hm
Why''    Wherein lies Ihe evsence   ,-.f  they Worship, him thei  deify. And if
the  potency   of the influence ot that   Christmas teaches us no othei Icawn
Jewish babe, that, nineteen centuries' but ihis, it    will have taught       us
after   his birth, we forget Virgil and   much.
Horace and   Cicero and Caesar    and'   Rut Christmas    does teach another
Autom and    Oetavius
and Pcitnpt-y. Wmoii.
Whal   Would  happen,  for e\
fruits, not tu kill off those b\ whose
labor they are produced, Were one
to slaj all his n\als tomorrow, whal
would be be on the dav afM * lie
(lal two Christmas and its problem*
Would be a    solitan  warrloi  -.tuini'L'
with Nature for his dally bread, and
terribly bamluapp -d he would be
And Nature bas abundance of iu-^.1
foi nil. Were all lo totubme "klirt*
Iv nflcctioned one tu aiiuttivt" as
they are on    Christmas Pat, lo    aid
ED,      ELWELL      RETI UN's    TO
Ed Elwell returned to Cranbrooli
lasr Monday, looking as bale ami
bearty as evej Mr. Elwell Intimated   thai    he       had    spent  several
months verj enjoymbly In     tl Id
land, but thai be *.*.as might) pleased
•"     be li.uk    iii koiid old   Cianbruok
■   ■  again      lie was somcwb.it sur-
pi Ised     to    note the many changes
taken    place In and around
. months    ab
.    ■ ■! that  Ihej  tsere
nothing compared with what     would
be ion., during Uie coming months.
Mi Klwell was in England during
the rec nt Dominion elections He
•-.a*, tbe results were very favorabl)
received in 'hi- old laml and it matle
him feel prouder than pvei of Canada
tn heai lhe high esteem in winch
tlie Dominion Is held in all parts of
England. Throughout England now-
.i lays Canada Is regarded as the
greatest "f the empire's possessions
Following closely upon the Canadian elections came several bye-elci
tlons in English constituencies .ill
of which resulted favorably toi the
tarifl reform party nml these results
were to some extent attributed to
Ibe resull in the Dominion of Canada       Trade is    grwnl  in all   branches
in England, says Mr. Elwell in fart
England has    not iiem so prosperous
i j \«'.tis    Then* is apparently
plenty of aapltal available im Investment in Canada and particularly
in Hiitish Columbia.     Full eotiftdnrr
During the week Mi William Hen-
:■■: ■■'. .■■••:. .-..-■: zuwrnlin-n' resi 1-
>*nt engineer and superintendent of
public building-*, was in town making
an official [ospectlcn of the new post
office building. Mr, Henderson expressed entire satisfaction with thft
progn - being made on construction
and was partirularly emphatic in rc-
Eerence to tlw* quality ol the material
betni*; if-ed io the structure. With rc-
Hird to the brick, ol loeal manufacture, bring usi-d in the buildin-g, as in
ther local public and seiin-public
buiidmgs. Mr HendV rson could not
speak too bighl) He stigmatised
as absolute!] unwarranted an) su**.
gestiou ihat these bricks were nnt
of thi- fine * '. ■..:' equal to the
best obtainable anywhere So lai
from tbere being anj reason t-f criticise the use of these bricks in a public budding. Cranbrook citi/ens,
lu- said, should be proud to know
thai ihey had a local enterprise
turninc out such an excellent pro-
A special meeting of the directors
of tbe Cranbrook Brick company was
held on Tuesdaj evening to consider
a statement of tbe pa*-' year's opera
tions Tla- report presented wa
very satisfactory ami encouraging,
Tin- purport "f 'ins was to show conclusive!) that not only was tb*- local
iiemand foi tbe bricks fncratuHng, bul
(bed .i iteadil] increasing trade was
bHiiir* done a' points throughout the
Crows Nest Pan, as fai *■*< a-*
Macleod The prospects toi tho
coming yeai aie exceedingly bright.
Not onh is a big local demand assured,  but   lhe      prospects    are favorable
t<i  a largely increased outside      demand.
Cranbrook buck has now been
amply tested in many of the principal buildings throughout the districl ami has everywhere gained favor. It is a good appearing article
and its wearing qualities are exceptionally II 'od
Wind has been received locally
that Mrs Hughes, wife of Rev.
Robt. Hughes, formerly pastor of
the Methodist church in this city,
has left tin- hospital m London, Kng ,
where she underwent an operation and
is now visiting with friends al
Wellington) on-Thames, Berkshire,
rapldlj regaining strength. This will
In- welcome news to Mis llm-hes'
man, friends in tins city and dh>
Dec. SO
ago ui
il I-
Journed a few day
10th, after a partial
teen Working days.
A general election which detents
government holding powci
majority ami elects a sue
eiumeiit   in a   corresponding major
Ity,    is an ndvcnl
iu the history
because one set of men
other      m  Hit- Wuil;        uf
bui because tbe popu-
aiulah- as lo what
done by   those
by a lar
•ceding p
nf ilrst importance
the country.    *■'*
lie. n
position in
placed In
lar vole i
shall or shall not be
Mho  have been    successful  in the elef
lions.     It is to be assumed that  th
purpose    ol     the people
progressive  improvenieiii
conditions; to   inspir,
national sentiment, and to add to the
prestige,  ami therefore      lo       the
strength, of  the   empire whose prestige ami strength is the guarantee nl
is to secure
lu material
ml strengthen
their continued enjoyment of desirabl
existing conditions.
Whichever political pally Is lb
power for the time being, the standards by whicli iL must tie judged are
the same. The people are not so
much concerned as to who occupies
the treasury item-lies In parliament of
Whal policy they advocate. Their con
ceili is With results.      It" results     \U-
satisfactory, a   governmenl by whal
ever name it may be called, may iea
Bonably expect a continuance of popular   support.       The late governor"'
appealed to lhe country on its
policy, not on its past  i
feat was the    rejection
ol the    proposed policy, md a
demnalton of   its record—whlcl
universally   acknowledged to In
biighicsi chapter In Canada's
tory, bold as the material pi
Canadian national    spirit,    ami    sub
stiintial support ol Imperial prestige,
The new government look otlice  01
October   0th, and    met    tlu
elected parllamenl on S'ovemb
The adjournment    for the Chriatmns
holidays on    December 7th,   allowed
sixteen parliamentary working   dayi
which   constituled   the government')
opportunity   to place its pollc)    le
tore the country.        ll must be    an
dt-istood thai attaining power by tin
elections of    September 2lst, takln
otlice   on      October  Oth,  and  inert ini'
parllamenl on November nub, tin
new government had not sufllcienl
time to prepare legislation du tb
(tut sit I era I ion of parliament, and except for special reasons Lhe session
would not have been called until af
fer the Christmas holidays.
Tin* neccssltj for calling parliament
together was because the money re
quired fir ibe public service fm the
fiscal year had only been parti all)
voted when the bouse was iii
iu .lul\.       It    was imperative
lis dc
the Herald).
money    should  be provided   to com
plele the   services of the year,      8*.
lhal  the public interest  would      not
Buffer.     It may be pointed out   that
the   supply bill, submitted by        the
previous governmenl at ihe beginning
of   the session     of   November, 1910,
obstructed by the then op-
tier to force a tlissolu-
n,,,i ui parliament and an appeal   to
the   people; so that the early calling
of parliament was the direct result
the action ol tho presenl act
iu opposition.
The estimates submitted by
new government wen- identical
those whicli bad been submitted by
their predecessors, and were voted
practically without discussion, The
present opposition party having prepared the estimates wben they had
the responsibility oi government
could nol oppose the same estimates
when submitted by their opponents,
who bad in tbe meantime been
charged with that responsibility.
While the voting of supply was  the
reason    which made an early session
I Imperative, it occupied only a    very
|stiiall    part of the     lime.    The presenting of the supply bill Is the occasion when a governmenl under     the
responsible system    can be compelled
lo state -ts policy     nn publie     (|UC->-
tions      The fact that a new     party
bad attained power, -and a new   government had succeeded to ohTce, made
it  all     the mure reasonable thai  the
opportunity    should  Ih- taken
bj ihe government   or by the
tion, or both,    to place before
country by means of debate in parliament lhe policy of the government in
regard  to important  national affairs.
Ordinarily, the governmenl of      the
day avails itself of the opportunity of
the     opening   of    parliament    to announce iis policy iu regard to leading
questions   by    means of     the speech
from the throne.     For whatever ica-
the Borden government did   not
lake     advantage of    Uh* opportunity,
ml the speech Irom the throne    contained very slight indications of   the
government's policy.     This omission
ninth* it all tbe more necessary      Io
tlu* opposition, iu tbe fulfillment     n
its share of the responsibility of gdv*
i-riiiiieiil     and of legislation, to bring
nul by discussion the points of "policy
which the govcrnmeni bad not    s*jen
fit to declare in the speech from   the
The most important of these discussions related to tho question of
imperial naval defence. No mention
of the subject was made In the
speech from the throne, but in the
course of the discussion it was announced by the minister of marine
that the previous [pvernment's policy
ilwd j would not ne followed, and that the
that i tenders they   had received for       the
construction ot cruisers and destrov-,
would not be acted en. No announcement was made oi the Intentions of the government, except that
they would consult the Hritish admiralty. That tliey held widely divergent views on the naval question
—running from a gift of Dread-
naughts to no action whatever aud
that this was the reason why no definite announcement of policy coul-1
ho made, was indicated by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, leader of the opposition, in an amendment to the address. The vole ou the amendment
wns on strictly party lines and showed tlie government's majority to ho
forty-four, with a possibility that it
every member had been in bis place,
it might have been forty-five. An unfortunate feature of the ease would
appear tt be that although the government has a substantia! majority
that would enable it to carry out a
progressive policy on any line that
might be chosen, the divisions of
opinion     in the cabinet compel Inac-
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, either
■     the
connection with it, are so vitally uon-
prestige of the empire, and Canada's
because of Ms   proposed trade     ar-1
corned. I
The    defeat of tlie late government
tion on    this matter in    which   the
rangements     with the United States'
resulted   In large measure from    the!
defect ion from the Liberal party of
Important interests which hitherto
had given it their support. While the
principles ol the Liberal party were
recognized as favoring low tarifl, nn
important and wealthy section of lho
party had recognized higher tariff as
being in their special interest. Tho
trade arrangement with the United
Slates, being an arrangement for
reduction of tariff, was a declaration
of Liberal principle to which these interests objected, and therefore, allied themselves with the Conservative
party, always avowedly in favor of
high tariff", for the purpose of defeating the arrangement and the
government as well. Tlie minister
of finance, formerly a Liberal, is accepted as representing these interests
in the cabinet, and a section If the j ation beyond the fact that au
speech from the throne which an- rangemont with the government
nounces the intention of appointing j Manitoba had been arrived at;
a tariff commission, is recognized   as j from such information as was
♦**)? *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ v* * •>'
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E. H. SMALL, Proprietok 2
lie church, his reply was that   under
the   constitution, the Dominion   government bad no responsibility in
Regarding the extension (f boundaries of   Manitoba, the government
cliued to   give, the house
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indicating the   intention of the   gov-j
eminent  to mees    the views ot    its'
supporters, both new and old, by revising the tariff upward in due time.
An indication of tariff policy,    even
more   definite than the announcement
as to a tariff commission, was     the
administrative action taken    by   the
customs   department    in    regard   to
duty on   rough   lumber.    Ever since
the Foster tariff of 'ill, rough lummr
has   been   admitted     tree   from the
United States    into Canada.    Under
the   customs'     definition,   partially
dressed      lumber is   admitted       as
rough, and has been so admitted oVet
since 'm.      Immediately after      the
lections the    British Columbia lumber mills raised a question as to   lho
interpretation   of    the  act, and succeeded iu securing from the new mini
ister    of    customs an "interpretation
which provides for the imposition   ol
duty upon a large proportion of    the
so-called    rough, but really partially
dressed lumber,    which was forme ly
admitted fiec.    The minister of  cu;-
loms defended his action as b*\.ig   in
itrtct accordance with the act     Vhc
t ^position   contended that *.h; interpretation of the act was a matter of
opinion, and tbat it was a eas:*       ia
which tne Western settler shou-d hue
the benefit, of the doubt, as he     lift.)
het-n given it by the previous a-tern
ment.      Their    arguments, horfevcr,
did not avail.       The minister maintaining his    position    that tl.:   additional duty would have to bc paid.
A question by the opposition as to
the construction ol the Hud ton   lliy
railway brought out the inl-V'-iaMon
from the minister of railways tba" it
v. as intended to re-open the (titration
rf starting point and of rou'e.    Ibis
i. formation, in addition to the   Iai t
tbat orders had been given no*.      to
proceed with the contract whicli li?d
been let by tbe late government,    is
accepted as an indicatioa of indefinite
delay in   the commencement of    the
work of construction.
Tho elevator question ts being dealt
with by the re-introduction of the
identical bill presented to tbc last
parliament by the late government,
and which tailed to pass for tbc same
reason as the estimates. This bill
provides tor a commission to leil
with tbo grain trade and lor the control of terminal elevator, with the
right of acquiring ownership by tin
A sidelight on the recent elections
was given by the minister of public
works when he stated that the Liberal party had tost ground in Quebec
iH'cause the late premier had n»t
stood by the special rights nml
privileges of the French-Canadians
and Catholics in the west, while
tlie member for East Peterborough
informed the house that the Liberal
party bad been defeated iu his
constituency, and had lost ground
generally in Ontario, because it had
not dealt with the questian ol mixed
marriages, which arc not recognized
hy tlie Roman Catholic church
The same questions ot recognition
of special rights ot French-Canadians
and Catholics came up in connection
with tho proposed extension of the
boundaries of Manitoba, under thu
present government, but the government declined to say how they would
lie dealt with. To questions asked
the premier as to action hy the government in tin* matter ol marriages
not recognized by ths Roman Catbo-
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terms which were offered by the 'ate b -- ..-
government, are practically the  same      *'
but I
  ^^     made
public by the premier ot Manitoba, I
and In reply to questions iu Hie
house, it     would appear that
We Have Some Specially Fine
For Your Xmas Dinner
Tlio OUI P.Woo-Jb1 Business
as have been offered by tho present
government, ami now have been accepted hy the province. The reticence
of the *«pvcrnmcnl in regard to this
matter of the extension of Manitoba's boundaries, is thought to have
been due in some measure to tne
conflicting claims of Manitoba ami
Ontario; and to the desire not to
tliscloff' tho final arrangements until
after the Ontario provincial elections. This would rather seem to
indicate that Manitoba's claims are
to In* upheld.
A mattei* of minor interest, and
which claimed the attention of Uie
house immediately before adjournment was tlie subject of civil service
reform as understood by the present
government. A considerable number
of dismissals of officials have taken
plaee, and this was made the subject
of discussion. Tbc premier, while in
opposition, lias always taken high
ground in regard to the maintenance
of the public service free from political influence, but in the course of the
debate he admitted that he did not
find it possible to carry out the
views that he bad previously expressed. This was not remarkable when
the announcement of the postmaster-
general is considered. He declared
that so far as his department was
concerned, if a man was dismissed
fifteen years ago, and today asked
him for ro-Instatement in the position, lie would re-Instate him wiiii
out regard to the merits or the demerits of the presenl occupant or the
position, or of the applicant. As a
declaration of principle this would
Beam to have a very wide and far-
renchinrj application, and would indicate a species of civil service reform upon which the new government
is entitled to claim the record.
Alcoholic and Physical
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CRANBROOK HERALD'might be spared    many years yet to
witness the growth of the Dominion.
Regardless of pa iiy differences, Canadians generally will wish ilu- old war
_     „____._     _    hoist' ii    sptH'dv   recovery and     lhe
CKANBROOK, B. C., December 21,1911    enjoyment of several .nor.' Christmas
_ ,     seasons
By the Herald   publishing Company,
V, -I. Deane, Managing Kditor.
+ * * •!• * -I- * * -I- * * *
Kditor    the     UcraW,     Cranbrook, n.c-
WUh verj greal pleasure I
take advantage "I V1"' Invlta-
tion to send through tbe Herald a Christmas greeting *<■
lite people ol Ka-l Kootenay.
liritisli Columbia has bad a
prosperous year.and the du*>
look lor 1012 is sn encoura*.)
Ing that wo may all en-Joy the
hoi Ida} season seeuro In tbe
splendid future ol the prov-
Inoe, Maj tin- coming New
Vt-ai Ite a Imppj one lo us
Richard McBride.
Victoria, B.C . Dec. 31, 'tl.
.\* * *\. -|. * * * * * * * *
Onco again it liecomcs the ploasur-
ablo duty ol the Herald to extend to
ull its readers tho compliments uf
the season. This CliristmustMe finds
Cranbrook city and Its citizens in a
very prosperous comHtton, with lho
brightest possible outlook lor the Immediate future. Having enjoyed a
prosperous twelve month* and having
every proBpecl ol an Increasingly
prosperous twelve months, there Is
the bent uf reason wh\ all our renders slu uld enter upon Un* Christmas
hollda) seastm iii tin* liappiisi upll
Whllsl it Is mu- ihat prosperity
prevails gcnerallj tbrouglioul Lhl-i
t( ni mini it). ii is nlso inn-, as we
dine previews!) pointed out, that
there an- a few exceptional oases in
out midst where tin- advent uf
Christmas gives promise id no special I
pleasure. Dire wanl confronts some
eight oi nine (amities, in which there
are a numbci nf tilth- children, right
in lhe city. Happily th**se unfortunates an- not being entirely neglected, bul our advice is lhal tliere is
urgenl need nf further assistance if
Christmas is to bring any comfort
cr joy into tlie hearts of those to
whom wc rclcr Tlie Herald, believes
ih.it their wonts will yet bo liberally provided [oi and Will lake occasion, before Christmas Day, to solicit contributions for these families,
ami for one outside family, known tn
Im- in    very great distress,
Whilst nn definite announcement ean
as yet in* mode as to candidates fur
ihe mayoralty, it looks very much
us if Mr. .). ii. McBride will be the
exists a very genera) feeling through-
xists ii very   general feeling t'lmunh-
trtit  the    City that      he should ueci-ot
nomination) und the odds are thai
he will This feeling is not conflacd
to any one section and certainly represents nothing nf u factional nature, but is quite general. After
the Christinas holidays fcvenci interest will doubtless in* displayed in regard tu the civic elections, which
tuke place mi ilanuarj Llth, but ll
is extremely probable that Mr. .1. D.
McBride will Ik* chosen mayor of the
citv hy acclamation.
It is very gratifying in he able to
announce thai the Aurora Milling \
Milling company has enjoyed a very
•atisfactor) year, that the outlook is
extremely bright foi an even greater
measure ni prosperity Aut'iiii*. ihc
coming twelve months. Thr Aurora
is largely a Cranbroolt undcrUktnfi
und its successful developmen! means
a greal deal lo this city. Tin- additional capital required fot develop
ment purposes is being freely subscribed hv presenl shareholders, Indicating then unbounded confklenco In
ithe property. Expert advice is that
with u little, work a large, rich body
it on* will be encountered and then
the Aurora will take lis plate among
tin- hm shipping mines nf Kast Kootenay,
Tin* news that sii Charles Tuppei
it* critically tn will be received with
situ hi- regtcl throughout the Dominion Thr aged statesman hns ni-
raadj outlived all ids aaaodatci in
the council which brought confederation Into being, bul with his wonderful vitality, u was hoped that     he
The adjourned meeting of the ll. C.
Curling association took place in this
tin* at the Hotel Cranhrook this
week, when it was decided to bold
the honspiel in Nelson on Wednesday,
January 17th.
Officers Im* llie eiisuin- year wero
elected as follows.
President—Donald   Guthrie, Nelson.
Patron—Oeorgo Hoggarth, Cranbrook.
First Viee-lMi-siileiil — Mr. Tyson,
Second Vlce-P residents-Mr. Mcln-
iies. Grand Forks.
Third   Vice-President— Mr.    Tltomp-
011, PtioeiiU.
Secretary—0. A. Hunter, Nelson
Chaplain—Rev, Louie, Nelson.
At a meeting of the city band held
ii   the    skating rink, last   Thursday
vcnlng the  following officers     were
elected for the ensuing year:
President-—A. 1.. McDermot.
Vice-Presleenb—W. 11. Wilson.
Second Vice-President—Oarnoy Patmore.
Secretary—Kd. Slater
Treasurer—Ralph Palmer.
Additional Members of Hoard of
Trustees—.!. R. Thompson and II. C.
Prof. 11. A. Russell will he retained
ns director, Tlw financial report
! showed the hand to he in good Bhapo
financially, having cleared nil several
hundred dollars Indebtedness during
the past year. They expect a pr
perous year during 1912.
Rev. (i. K. Kendall, pastor.
Special musical features at niorniiijj
und. evening services.
Topic of discussion, morning service, "The Wonderful Christ."
livening topic "A Sure Foundation
for Human Hope."
A. F..& A. M.
Oflicers of North Star lodge, Nu.
In, A. F. A A.M., Fort Steele, have
been elected as follows:
W   M.-A. 11. Fenwick.
S, W.—-I. Tannhausei.
.1, W.-A. Ore*.
Treas.-W. Bro. It. h* T. Gal
Secretary—Dr. Hugh Watt.
Tyler—S. Maker.
Midnight .solemn high mass.
t, o'clock a.m., low mass at      tin
10.30, high mass.     Benediction itn
mediately after mass.
P. Plamondon, O.M.I,
December 24th.
Morning service ul 11 o'clock.
Simuay school and Ilible class nl 3
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
Special musical features:
Anthem—"Lift  Up Your Heads.''
Solo—Mrs. Benedict, with violin
and tlate ohlij.|ito.
Violin solo by Mrs. Wnlllnger.
Rev, W. Klson Dunham, pastor.
The pastor will preach at ll a.m.
md l.'Mi p.m. Sunday, December
.Jiih, Lite sermons will he on Chrlst-
iis themes and special music will lu*
rendered at both services. The pro.
gramme oi the services lor the day
Morning subject—"The Christian
and Christmas."
Anthem—Choir—"There Were Shop
A snlo will also be rendered.
Evening subject—"Tho Heart of
Anthem—Choir—"There Were Shepherds."—Dudley Duck.
Snlo, Mrs. Geo. Stephenson—"It
Came Upon the Midnight Clear."
A cordial invitation is extended t-i
nl!  iu attend the above services,
ftliont lo supply additional accommodation for lho Queen's hotel.
Gold medal reinon, orange, citron
peel, also Holla cUl mixed peel.—
Campbell and Manning.
Rev. Oren I',
just assumed tin
First Baptist ehu
no stranger In
Some eighteen year:
•,'i-ndall,  who     has
pastorate   t.i the'
-h of t'ranbrook is
Hritish Colombia.
i Chapman's Agency |
Repair Department
X      All kTl-Jl ol I urmlurc Repaired
Iphn'nterinj*. Mi II re •• Miking.
X    Ns* Is Ibe lime is hm ynur work
dose, before the r»h bcflsi.
! Chapman's Agency I
Norbury "nenor. Near the •\i-JHorlo-ti z
Fourth Sunday in Advent.
Holy communion—8 a.m.
Matins—11 a.m.
Kirsi Evensong of Christmas—7.80
Holy communion—8 a.m.
Matins and holy communion—11
At tlie early celebration will be
snub the old familiar Christmas
The following music at Matins:
Carol—"The Kirst  Nowtil."
Hymn 72.
Responses—Tal I is'  Festal.
Yt-iiite— Crotch in A
Te Dcum—Woodward in D.
Ilenedictus—Trout beck in G.
For anthem, hymn all. tn Sullivan
setting in K.
Hymn 73.
Kyrie—Mendeissohn in <i
Gloria Tibi—Short in C.
Hymn 23.1.
If your druggist tuld you that
you could simply wash away thut
awful itchy Ec/eiiiu—yes—that the
very first drops ut u soothing, clean*
ling uash would give you instant re-
lii-r, it would st-cm too good to he
true, wouldn't it?
Hut It is Hue, every word, Wt*. keep
nu li.md a supply of such a liquid
known us the D.D.D. Prescription for
Edema, because we know that this
Wonderful compound of Oil of Winter
green, Thymol and other ingredients
actually does wash away Kc/emu and
all otMlt skin impurities—that il
<l-.it** the eomplcxicn over night
and leaven tbe skin as healthy and
smooth as that of a rhitd
We conid not recommend D.D.D. so
positively unless we knew of the
utmderfil cures wrought by this
remedy. We vouch lor the merits ol
DO I), and know positively that it
takes away the itch Instantly. When
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their free (rial bottle.
Cranbrook Drug and Rook Co , Md.
KOR BALE.—Having bought larger
wall cases I will dispose ol my present solid etierry wall cases nt a
snap-W   11   Wi!-;uii, jeweler ill
Don'! forget the A.O.K. social and
dance at the Auditorium nexl Thursday night.
Fred W. Sears, employed in tbo
C.P.R. commercial telegraph office,
left for his old home at Sackvlllc,
N.D., lasl Saturday to spend the
Th.* drawing for the two seated
Utomobllc takes place at fl p.m. on
Saturday at the Auditorium. Tickets
$2.00 each, to be secured at L.
Clapp's cigar store. 51-tt
C. A. Lemon, of the Oregon Nur-
s:*ry company, is here Inspecting the
country, expecting to dispose ol
nursery stock for the spring. He says
Kast Koolenay is regarded as a coming fruit country and a large number
of orchards will he started during
the coming spring.
Leave your orders early for cut
flowers, roses, carnations, chrysan-
tlvmums.—Campbell and Manning.
Conductor A. .1. Martin left the
fust of the week for Vancouver en
a several days vacation. He is one
of the oldest conduetors on tbe
Crows N'est division in point of ser-
v-ico. Mr. Martin was collecting
tickets shortly after the road went
through iu 1807. He has been on
passenger trains continually since,
having bad but few mishaps or accidents ami has a large acquaintance all
along the Crow.
Morris chairs in oak and mission
finish, upholstered in velours 'nd
Spanish leathers. Prices from $11
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By the first of the New Year the
Royal Rank should Ih* established in
its new quarters in the Hanson
hloek. New furniture und special
electric fixtures are now being in-
stailed, The staff is to Ih* Increased
directly business 'is started iu the
new premises, nf which the hank has
secured a long lease at a high rental.
Wedgowood cups and saucers, from
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A cantata entitled "Foxy Santa"
will be given in tbe Methodist
church by Ur* Sunday school Tuesday
evening, December 26th. The choir
of the church will assist iu the
choruses and solo parts. This is the
Usual Christmas entertainment given
by the school. Presents will he dis-
dihuted to the scholars from tho
Christmas tree us Usual. A general
admission fee to the entertainment
will he t-hargtil.
Make your Xmas brighter by using Sunbeam Tungsten tamps, at tbe
Mavis Bros. 'il-lt
The quicker a cold Is gotten nl of
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ami other serious discuses. Mr. M. W.
I,. Hall, of Waveily, Yn., says: "I
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Remedy to he absolutely the best
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1 have recommended it to my friends
uud Ihey all agree with me." Fnr
sale by nil dealers. J Ml
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housework. Apply Herald, Cran-
1 brook, R.C. M-tt*
WANTED.—A competent maid at
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Oreen. -ifi-tl
I The Hanson block Is rapidly filling
up. The store next to the Beale antl
Elwell offices is being fitted up for
S. A. Reid, the tobacconist, who *i'l
open shortly with a full line of high
grade cigars and tobaccos. Upstairs, offices are now being occupied
by R. B. Benedict, formerly locate!
on Armstrong avenue, where he .vill
ronduef his real estate and Insurant*
business nnd have his office ns secretary of the board nf trade. Mr.
Oeo. H. Thompson, tbe lawyer, is
moving into offices from bis present
Baker street quarters. The new
Crsmbrook club rooms will shortly he
lilt eil up ami open to members. Tbe
llm-.1 atorjf is  to Im fuialsbW tbrou
lively engaged iu Christian work in
New Westminster Mr. Kendall decided to go east to prepare tor the
gospel ministry. After three years
ia Woodstock College he entered Mc-
Master University, taking bho lull
theological course of four years, being graduated in 1000. During this
time he held several student pastorales, Including eighteen months as
pastor iii-eharge nl lmmnnucl Dap-
list church, Victoria. Immediately
(ollown-: prndiiation Mr. Kendall became | isl. i nt llm Osgoodo Baptist
church iii ihe Ottawa Valley, where
(Ive fruitful years wire passed. Receiving a.i unsought call Irom
Plattshurg, N.V., llireo years wen*
devoted lo work with the Kirst, Baptist church of thai -city, followed Iv
four years In Antrim, N.I1-, from
wlrlch plat-.- he comes l<> Cranbrook.
Jordan shelled almonds—Uw finest
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"I have been troubled with constipation for two years aud tried n'l ol
tho best physicians in Bristol, "Ynn.,
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writes Thus. E. Williams, MtddlcbOL'0,
Ky. "Two packages ol Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
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nntcc behind It. Vou should see it
to appreciate its good value—Wilson
the jeweler. 50
Pascall's Venetian mixture and
barley sugar candy put up in glass
hollies.—Campbell and Maiming.
The Herald offices will be open unlit noon on Saturday to receive any
contributions In aid of distressed
families in lown ihat the charitable
minded may wish to send iu. Included among the number of those the
Herald knows would appreciate some
assistance at this season are twenty-four little children, who, at present, Imve nn Idea that Santa Claus
will remember anyone of them. 'Nufii
said. Tbo Herald believes those
twenty-four youngsters will not he
entirely overlooked. Toys, in particular, will he welcomed, also some
warm clothing as well as some
substantial fond stuffs for Christmas
dinners. I*. wry thing received at this
effieo will he carefully distributed.
"Royal K.xcelsior Cluster Raisins"
ai Kink's Pure Food Grocery, Ask
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is the lime tn beautify your homes
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Dr. P. W. Oreen has been visiting
in Spokane. When away from home
Ire does not forget to say a good
Word for ihis district, as witness
tire following from the Spokesman-
Review: • The industries of the East
Kootenay districl ol British Columbia have undergone a wonderful
transformation during the last thirty years," said Dr. Frank W. Oreen,
ol Cranhrook, B.C.. al ihe Hotel
Spokane yesterday. "They started
with placer mining in the later '60s.
This was practically lhe only industry until cattle raising was Introduced in the early '80s, During the last
decade lumbering has come to the
iiniii. There are now some twenty
mills in Cranbrook and its tributary
territory, width are giving employment at ihe present time to fifteen
hundred loggers. Of late it has
been demonstrated that a very large
urea tributary tn Cranbrook, heretofore valued only as gracing land or
for flic timber standing on it, is ex-
eel lent 1 j adapted to farming and f ml I
culture. A beginning ol fruit raising
ahead*, has htm tnadi* and it promises, eventually, m be the leading
Industry ol lhal section."
Have yon selected ytui china yet *
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ll ii. Oaliman.   i
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this testimonial to be genuine.)
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Where to go for First Class Job Work
Charles Dickens
Some Reminiscences by his Son, Alfred Tennyson Dickens
In   February     next   tho    English- tho house, .lohn Thompson, wakening beautifully illuminated, but when this
speaking world     will celebrate      thorny brothers Frank and Sydney   and {party got baek to   the Straw, at live
centenary    of    the
Dickons,       In this
posite Uu* Lyceum theatre in Wellington street, where later on iu the
day mosl    of   (lie  members ot tin*
family assembled, us well as ,i number of the authors and authoresses
wlm were contributors to my lather's periodical. Tlw duke's burial
was a most Impressive oeromoiiy,
and 1 recoiled as though it were
yesterday our father calling the
attention of us children to iht- duke's
famous charger, Copenhagen, au he
was Uil Iiy iu the proeesslon.
THK     OHIOlNAli    OF     DOCTOR
birth of Charles
connection the
following article by tho eldest, sur-
vivin-.**) sou of the great novelist, wlio
has recently returned from Australia,
Mr. Alfred Tennyson Dickens, will he
read with intercsl:
Since my father's death ill 1870
many very int'•'.'est iug books concerning his works ami his life Ir.tve
lat'ii n;.wii In tliu world hy able
writers, nol only here iu lilt gland,
hut all over l-.urope and iu America
ami tbe Colonies, wlti'it* bis novels
arc more intimately known limn arc
those of almost any oilier author of
his time. Hut each day adds to Ihe
difficulty writers oxperioncc in finding
anything worth telling aboul him,
for everything lias been told, and
whatever is now written must iuevil-
ahly read like a repetition of what
has item already said. There- are
many of my lather's admirers, how-
over, who, looking upon his memory
as they do witli the warm affection of
a personal friendship, never Ure of
reading his stories or of seeking for
further details relating to his life,
and to the desire of satisfying the
affectionate curiosity of these admirers may Im- attributed sometimes
a slight amount of exaggeration that
creeps into tlw descriptions we come
across of his habits, manner, and appearance; indeed, 1 remember having
read somewhere of various gorgeous
articles of apparel, supposed to have
been worn habitually by my (ath'-r,
that were eeetainly never seen upon
bis person, either at home or elsewhere, and that must have existed
solely in the fertile imagination of
the writer.
In the short article I am about to
writ* I shall confine myself to describing a few facts and impressions
connected with our home life and
that came under my notice during my
holidays from school, and the impressions I give of my father will be
those of the boy I was before leaving Knglaml for Australia.
I was born at No. 1 Devonshire
Place, Devonshire Terrace, almost
immediately opposite St. Marylchone
church, on October 28,  181"|, but     as
my father left     there in 1851, having j sUm*ss of this number that in
purchased    Tavistock    House,   T*v-jflr8l fo„r    ,,avs o( issUtl) ,ro|n
myself at about three o'clock in the [or so, most of them bad nol seen
morning, and escorliug us so I he .anything at all, and were utterly
Household    Words    office, nearly op-1 miserable, hungry and worn out
oi the realm. 'A    SIMPLE   TREATMENT  THAT
At the end ol 185(1 my futher turn- WILL MAKE HAIR GROW
etl his   daughters' schoolroom at   (lie NOW SOLI) IN CANADA,
back of     Tavistock   House into        a' _—.
charming little theatre whicli he.    Every up-to-date     woman     should
described   as     being       the   smallest   have radiant hair,
theatre in the world, ami in Januaryj    There are thousands nl women with
1857,    "The Frozen    Deep," written harsh, fade-', characterless hair, who
istock Square, in thai year, 1 have
but little recollection of tlie events
which occurred in the house in which
I was born. An early reminiseen-'e
of the last-named house, showing the
kindly ihoughifulni-.ss of my fath-r,
brings me at once into touch with
that great continent of Australia
Irom which I have recently returned.
Shortly afler my father had taken up
his residence at Tavistt ck House
there appeared upon the seem* t
erossing-sweejH-r in lhe shape of
small boy. He was about f.-ui,
years nf age. and was, 1 (irmly believe, lhe original it poor .lm* in
"Dleak House," which was written,
as many of my readers may recollect, iu 1852 In ortlei lo make mv-
selt clear, 1 must explain that this
house, wilh Iwo otheis—one of which
was occupied Ity Mi. Frank Stone, \.
It.A. (father ol ilu* presenl talauted
artist. Mi Maivus Stone. It.A.), and
the ciibei in a Londott merchant—
stood tvittnn lion gates ol its own
In from of tin***** houses there wns a
eoiisuleiiihU* hlix-k of laml, with a
large caiiinge-drive, nml a llowet-l cd
-in tin* center.     The imy-sweep made
lliesc houses his heatltpiai tcis, keeping t Im* pa Verne!* Is and t he -In, e
scrupulously clean. Dining tin- win
lei mouths, When Hh* sdou was upon the ground, he managed in some
mannei to Collect little pieces if
holly, mistletoe, etc , with wbieh   he
uV---i.,t«ii the barren flowerbeds. \f
tel a lime au intimacy sprang up be*
twtvn iny    latin*;  aud     lhe neglected
Depurting for a moment from the
chronological order of events, I may
hero meat ion that when the. procis-
siou td the then Prince of Wales iafterward King Kdwanl VII) and
Prince Alexairdra of Denmark passed
along the Strand in March, lStEH, my
father, my aunt, Miss (leorgina Ho-J-
arMi, and myself were Hie sole oc-
cupants of the balcony on the lirst
floor of tlie office of All the Year
Hound at the corner of Wellington
und Yoik streets. The vehicular
traffic was as a matter ol course
all blocked in Wellington street, a.id
iu front of us there was one hur,e
mass of omnibuses, cabs, carriages
ami large numbers of coster mongers'
On   the top   of    one of   tlie buses
stood   the  conductor, 	
"cad," as many of them were ttum
familiarly termed. He was a man
brimful of natural wit and humor,
and was doing the "chcapjack man"'
absolutely to perfection. He beguiled
the time and kept iln* crowd, including my father, in roars of laughter.
At Christmas, 18fJ5, In All the
Year Round "Doctor Marigold's
Prescriptions" appeared, and I think
all readers of my father will agree
with me that he never conceived a
prettier little story than that of the
tleaf and dumb girl and the cheap-
jack, and lie certainly -never created
or depicted a finer character or our
more admirably drawn than that of
Doctor Marigold. So great was the
days of issue, from      De
cember 20 to December 23, 18B5, -.ver,
two hundred and lifty thousand cop-,
ies were .sold—nntl this was at a
time when readers were very few in
number compared with those ol tli ■
present day. Although my fathei
was always very reticent as to the '
channels from   wbieh     he drew     liis j
The following evening my fathei,
my oldest brother, Charley, myself,
and two or three young men from
Uh- olliee (which I had just entered) ^ u,(,
started on foot from London
Hridge, did the whole of the elty
and West End, and saw all that
there was to be seen perfectly. When
we hati iiiiisheil our walk, my fath.-t
look the party to suppei at Evans'
famous supper rooms in Co vent- Ci at -
den. The owner of these rooms at
that time was a perfect character in
himself, who was commonly known
as Paddy Preen. He wore a wig
which was painfully transparent
lhe naked eye, carried a most elabo
ate gold snuff-box, had manners
which were icallycourtly and gracious, and dressed in exquisitely gool
taste. He knew well every celebrity in London, and whenever any
one of them patronized his house, he
invariably himself escorted the honored guest to an armchair in a sort
of a library near the entrance doors.
This was a most delightful spot in
which to spend a couple of hours, for
there every evening were rendered
glees such as "The Chough and
Crow" and "The Men of Harlech,"
by choir boys from Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's. Then again.
Herr Van .loci, another most orlgin-
o London a' character, was, witb his farmyard
imitations and quaint German songs,
always a leading attraction ot the
program. Would that the dear old
place were still in existence, for since
I returned to London last October I
have not seen anything in the whole
of this wonderful city to approach it
for comfort and civility, or for orderliness and good nature on the
part of its patrons.
During the years 1854 and 1855,
and always commemorating Charley's
birthday, our most successful children's theatricals took place. Th.*
pieces selected were Fielding's burlesque "Tom Thumb," and "Fot-
tunio," and in each of these my
brother Harry (Henry Fielding
Dickens, now tlie well known K. C,
ami recorder for Maidstone) most admirably sustained the name parts.
Among the rest ot the company were
Mark Lemon, then editor of Punch,
and his talented family.
by Wilk.it* Collins, with elaborate
scenery, was played by a very large
cast. This proved llu* most successful of all the theatrical representations given, Of all the talented
men and women who took pari In
these faim-d theatricals I think there
are now only five living—vi/.., Mr.
Marcus Sinn.*, R.A., Murk l/*nioii,
jr., niy aunt, Miss tJenrgina Hogarth,
my yoirnglst sister, now Mrs. peru-
gini, and Mr. Francesco Bergcr, who
ionduotcd the orchestra and compos-
1 incidental to the two
During 1857 my father heard with
great grlel of the death or his dear
friend iMiglas Jorrold ' Ile died i*t
indigent circumstances (through, I believe, the failure of some bank), and
it was therefore decided at a meeting
of hjs friends at Uie I'tiheh offltv
lhal my father should give two public readings of tht! "Christmas
Carol," at St. Martin's Hall,   W. M.
1,11Thackeray a lecture, and W. II. litis-
M>l—i      .....
Mark Lemon was one of the most
delightful of men, and was always
called hy myself and my brothers nnd
sisters "t'ncle Mark."     He was just
characters, and never, so tar as        I   a^ut   the   middle    height, decidedly
personally know, spoke to anyone de- j n>rpulent,     with   a grandly    shaped
finitely about them, yet 1 (irmly   he-   fa^il and a face brimful    of vitality,
1  Here   his    idea of   Doctor. Marigold  K00a t,innor, ami kindlinres-in short,
>  germinated from the conductor      on   ,Us*t such a face as the editor ol   the
memorable   afternoon h March, j mosl successful   comic paper of    the
when    the   prince and princess   universe should   have.     He was      a
most excellent actor, and     as      ihe
had j (riant    in "Tom     Thumb" and    the
passed along the Strand.
I'h.ii same   evening mv fathei
to   go   to a
bourne Terraci
dinner   party iu West* ( Haron in "Fortunio"    be was simply
so toward nightfall  ti resistible.       Mrs. Lemon was       a
In- senl mc     to,get hint a cab        or
liaiisi'inc       i searched   tin* Strand,
Haymarkcl, Regent    Street ami Leicester Square, bul nol  a single    vehicle ol any     description was proem-
ahle.     1 was returning in despair to
llie office     when, outside the Lyceum
theatre,  I  Righted a sulitaiv   well appointed brougham.     Upon getting into    conversation with the coachman
.uni explaining ihe predicament       in
winch my fathei    was placed,
coachman said, "Well, I do not
I peel nn     master will Ih- hack
| about    three-quarters of an hour
as I would chance a good ileal
Charles Dickens,  I   will drive
, ow "    When 1     told my father   of
( what  I had done, he expressed      lho
1 opinion     that     I  had a   considerable
, aud
finding the      lioy
lad, and     Dickem 	
holiest,     Industrious   ami intelligent, I
saw to ft Ihal  the little lad got   Im,
meals in    tin1    kiu-lirn of Tavistock
Home,     and sent hlm to school
mitfit Hn  boy gt I on w-uidvilully I
well with his education, ami when he j
came Io bo .some seveiiteen vears of j
agv his benefactor procured foi him i
Kiihstuntial outfit nntl sent him to the.
colony ol New South Wales ll  is
satisfactory to know that the young
man prospered well in his adopted
countty. After he had lieen in Australia ss me three years he wrote to
bis friend in England, thanking him
for his kindness ami telling htm of
bis prosperity.
This is but one of many hundreds
of similar actions which this warmhearted man  performed   during    his
assurance. Inn  ne availed
tin* us*- of the brougham
id the   family
among others,
Forsler, Mr   aud Mrs,
charming lady and a devoted mother,
and as tliey lived in Gordon Place,
only a stone's throw [rom our house,
(lie intimacy between tlie. two families was veiy close and true.
Included in the casts ol both tin*
above-named pieces was Mr. Aingrr,
.lien on the verge of manhood,
became tin* well known preacher
canon of St, Paul's cathedral,
il nil, I am told, some five or six
years ago. So admirably comic was
his remlering ot Villckit.s, and his
I Hindi in "Fortunio," that Thackc-
tav, who was one of the audience,
was so much convulsed with laughter
that he rolled off his chair. Following on these children's revels came,
iu 1855, the celebrated grown-up
amateur tin-alluals In that year
I "The Lighthouse," written by Wiftle
j Collins, was produced. The princi-
pnl parts fn this drama were sustained by my lather, Mark Lemon,
Augustus Egg, HA., my aunt, Miss
; .icoigimi Hogarth, and my eldest sister, Mamie. In the laree, "Mr.
Nightingale's   Diary," which conclud-
ntnount of
himself nf
lievet t tidcl	
On the night ol March 18, 1883,
[when the illuminations i„ i*,*,.*,,. .,*
the prtaoe ami princess look place,
nn fit-hot chartered a furniture-van,
! which he had fitted Dp with Kite.
I Al      nboul nine    o'clock at  night we
I started with a joyous party from the	
In addition to the members  cd the   entertainment, in addition  to
there    were present,   tht)      actors and    actresses already 'the centenan of the birth of  William
Mr   and Mrs.     .lohn named,     my   youngest   sister, Kitty 'Makepeace    Thackeray,    it  is appro-
11. Willis,I(Mts.   Carlo    Pcruginl)    also  took, prjate that   I   should make      some
Wllldo ami     Charley Collins, Mr. II.   part.
F-      Chorlev   (tho  thoti   miiulefll   Prlilfll     . . ,.    ,   ..
may   here mention that the scen-
sel,, the celebrated war correspondent rf the Times during the Crimean
war, a lecture. Further representa-
lions of "The Frozen Deep" were also given hy my father and Mark Lemon at the Gallery of Illustration
and in the provinces, the only alterations in the cast being that iu the
country towns professional actors
were substituted. A large amount
of money was realised from thoso
combined efforts, and invested for
the benefit ol Mrs. Jerrold and the
Her Majesty Queen Victoria, having heard so many favorable words
about these theatricals, sent a request that a performance might l:e
given for herself, the prince consort,
and the court. This look place at
the Gallery ol Illustration ini August,
1857, the only persons present besides
the court being my mother ami Hans
Chris-Man Andersen, who at Ihat time
was paying a Ion;; visit to Tavistock
House and Gad's Hill Gad's Hill
had then just trecu purchased hy my
Hans Christian Andersen was one
of tho most singular men I have ever
met in my tile. In appearance he
was like an elongated Tom Pinch,
with a lank, ungainly figure, and
with all the simplicity of Tom. He
was so unversed in tlie ways of 'nc
world that one could almost believe
Ik* had spent his life with the fairies
of whom he wrote so charmingly.
Onco, when a cricket match was being played in the meadow at Gad's
Hill, ami a ball hit vigorously to
square leg landed close to him, lie
fairly bolted, and never stopped un*
ittl he had accomplished a good thr-e
hundred or four hundred yards. He
used to delight iu making wreaths of
very bright (lowers, and one evening
in tbe height of tin* hop-picking season, when the whole of the houte
party were going for a stroll aftei
dinner, he trow mil Wilkie Collins
with one ol his wreaths, just as we
were passing the Falsi aft Inn, almost immediately opposite (lad's
Hilt, where a large number of hop-
pickers were sitting at the table in
the porch. Poor Wilkie, to his intense disgust, had to run the gauntlet
of the pickers, who gibed and Jeered
at him to their hearts content. My
father, bringing up the rear, was, I
remember \ery well, literally choking
with laughter.
Dunn;; the time we were in residence at Tavistock House my brother
Frank (Francis .lelfery), next elder
_ . in the family to myself, suffered from
hn a very severe affection uf stammcr-
and ing. Although my father at the
He [ time was working night and day at a
very high pressure, he used to have
Frank in the stuhy every morning.
He would read lum a passage from
Shakespeare, and then would make
my brother Frank do the same thing
over and over again, very slowly and
very distinctly. Finally my father
made a complete cure of him, and
later life in Canada, where Frank
In'li! a high position in the Canadian
Mounted Police force, Ir- was described in lhe public press of that dependency as being a good ami tfl-c*
Ilea s|teaker. Frank, like my
youngest sister, Kutie, (Mrs. Peru*
gini), bore a striking resemblance in
face, gesture and manner to our
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SALVIA is a beautiful, pleasant,
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offering himself as the Illustrator ■vl
Uie "Pickwick Papers," lasted, wiih
a very slu rt intermission—tor winch
neither of them was iu uny way personally to blame—1111 the dentil nl
Thackeray on Christmas Eve, 1863.
At Thackeray's funeral at Kensal
Green my father stood as chlel
modrncr at the grave. 1 drove n.v
father down iu the basket carriage
from Gad's llifl to Hiuluim railway
station on the morning when lu- ***aa
going to London lo the funeral,
antl 1 know how much distressed he
was at the death of his old friend.
In compliance with requests received
from all sides, my father wrote an
"In Memnrinm" of Thackeray for the
Cornhill Maga/ine, which periodical
Thackeray both   s lar ted   and edited.
I cannot, I think, conclude these
detached reminiscences hei ter than
hy giving a sin it sketch id the per
sonal rharaclcristlcs ol Charles Dickens iu the year I860, In lliis yenr
he decided In live permanently at
Gad's Hill* He was then fifty year,
of age, about lhe middle height, with
u ami     < mu ley  i minis, nir. ll.
Chorlev (the then musical crltlal
the    Athenaeum) Mr. (afterward
Mr. ^^
college   days as
fustic*) ("bitty, celebrated in Ws.stanfiew'
err    was    painted by Mr. Clarkson
reference to him in connect hn with
my fathei Many arguments have
laken plan- in the past, and will
v.r. „• ii l a. Tl *th!etr' Md,klwwn*    »°   my frther »**l   N» int
er, wall knownto the general pub- ^       stJ y    M |hf gatc   of
R.A.,    (always familiarly »" Pliability he continued
III    " lie
future, as to which of the two novel
ists was the greater writer. It     has
having been    for many years J ihe"furnm*re and the ethxi's at'oad's alwaV«    appeared   to me that
of the    Ollord ane> <'*^|M«e1lim in the autumn of 1870, the drop-  would he    just as  easy   to CMnparo
lifetime,    and of    which    tlio world'boat races.     We succeeded in getthglggg 0-   x\#    Kddystone Lighthouse Smollett or     Fieliling with Richard-
knew nothing.     It may bo truly laid.passed across lho Strand    hy      thc'roaUMd one thoU9aw, gu|Mts.
of him that he never let bis left hand  police, and all went well till wc gnti ,
kiKW what his right was doing.        [safely under a railwav arch close   toi   Thomas Carlyle,   writing of      my
DCKI? " | "H" crusn ol vehicles nl   every
| .-.ible description from that side
I ean recollect without effort, tlie river got hopelessly jumbled up,
nearly everything that occurred Inland I am not exaggerating when I
our family lite at Tavistock House, say that the wheels ol that wr?t-
One of my first and most, vivid ie- Iched furniture van never moved again
morning, and escorted us to the .till four o'clock in the morning. A
burial ot the Duke ol Wellington, and | few ol the male members walked aa
I remember well the then butler    nt' far ai   London Hridge, whieli       won
son, or Wordsworth and the Lake
school of poetry with Lord Tennv-
son, as to compare these two writers
whose   modes of composition were so
safely Under a railway arch close   to       ^^^^^^^^^^^^
London   Bridge at about ten o'clock, I lather's   make-up    as the lighthouse
Tbe crush oi vehicles ol  every    po*  *#* i« "The Lighthouse," Hksnj « ^^ wb^    chfttwten
>f to  the    fsmous    figure In   Nicholas ^       f ^    m     t
lorn-sins Bacchanalian^ Dance in   the ^ ((( wM       „„ |h(|| „
National   Gallery.      At   one nl the
suppers that followed on each    night
may, the facl temains that each
writer had the most sincere snd
of the play, Lord Campbell toM the j^i, admiration for the works el
Company that he would much rather thp ftllM.r> nm, „„, ^^ !riffln.
have written ►'Pickwick" than lie fjh|pi commewed In tm, when
chW    jUktirr ul   tinglaad aad a peer Thackeray    waited    upon my lather,
his hair just, grizzled with gray.
face was full of life and intellect
bright, piercing eyes were
thoughtful and dreamy looking
times, but si-cmed always to be
to look you through and thr
His eyes were a true index to
character. Leigh Hunl said of hlm
"What a face is his to meet in n
drawing-room 1 II has the life iu It
of fifty human beings"; nnd Carlyle,
referring to the fineness of fits fi't-
tures, said, "it Bcemc to me ns
though his face were cut out of
steel." His features were far loo
sensitive, however, to he likened t<>
so hard and unsympathetic a substance. He was the kindest, mosl
thoughtful, antl most considerate of
fathers, and he was one of the
most charming hosts il is possible
to conceive. While he had a fund of
anecdote and humor, lie was never in
the least pedantic or bookish In h'l
talk, and if anyone referred to himself or his hooks, he invariably in a
very pleasant way turned the conversation in another channel.
As in his public autl professional
life he laid down for himself the
golden rule that "Whatever is worth
doing at all is worth doing well," so
in his private life he was the m.-st
methodical and orderly of mm. He
could not bear to see anything out
of its place. If a hook was removed
Irom the library, he looked for the
borrower to return it Immediately it
was done with. I recollect once
when I was going to drive with him
in the basket carriage to Oravcsend
to meet either Mr. Spiers or Mr.
Pond (I forget whicli of these two
gentlemen it was>, who was coming
over to see him about the contemplated Australian reading, I was busily encaged brushing my coat in the
li ling room Instead ot -itside. He
happened to come in fust nt thi! n *"•
ntent, and I never hy any chance
committed that particular offense afterward.
In everything pcrtainim' tc food
and drink In- was Ihe most careful
and abstemious of men. Mr. Fields,
of Ticknor and Fields, Uh* Boston
publishers, described him ex.u tty
when he said: "He was accustomed
to talk and write a good deal about
eating and drinking, but I have rarely seen a man think ot eat less, lie
liked to dilate In Imagination over
the brewing ol a howl of punch, ei',
when the punch wai brewed, he
drank less of it than anyone aim
might Ih* present." It was the sentiment of the thing nnd not the thing
itself that engaged his attenti-m He
was wonderfully good and even tempered, although, ho may In* easily
imagined, of a nervous nntl excitablo
temperament. If he did allow his
temper to get the better <l him for
a few moments, which, however. In-
very rarely ever did, then, like the
sun after a passing summer shower,
all the most lovable traits of his
most lovable character shone out to
greater advantage afterward,
That ts the Charles Dickens of ,m
loving recollection. In 186S I Aent
to Australia, and I never saw him
again. j
Five years later, when I was man-'
aging a large station property in the
horth id New South Wales, news
came to me hy cablegram of my
father's dentb at Gad's Hill Two
days afterward there reached me a
letter—one of Uh- lasl letters from
his hand.
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To tho Trade Unionists ol North
Amorica and Their Friends and
Qreotlng: Tho conference ol executive oflicers of thf interim 1-lonal trail,*
imtons with lieatkiuarters In Indiana-
polls, assembled lliis day, takes this
opportunity 11> express its coiidcmun-
Hon of crime and violence, whothor
developing in trade unions, in commercial enterprises, tn* in the conduct
nf daily newspapers. There can lie
no distinction as tn nualtty ot par-
licipaiiis iii crime, no palliation ui
crime, no excuse for crime; and tm*
present enlargement on a particular
crime- committed by » member of a
trade union, one among the millions
nf organized wage earners, ox Iiy an
oUlcer ol a limit* union, our anion;;
the thousands ol such oflicers, Bmacks
much of an attempt lo cover up
crime in other quarters and in on-
largo tlio opportunity fnr criminals
in high places, and this eltorl Is by
(lit* interests that are suspected of
controlling the utterances ol supposedly publie mouthpieces and niold-
ois of public opinion.
We, the International officers located in Indianapolis, believed that John
.1. McNamara was tho victim of as
fun I a conspiracy as was ever hatch-
i-tl. That bcliel was fostered, nurtured and grew into conviction largely
because of the manner in which McNamara was spirited from Indianapolis and harried tn n distant city,
supposedly hostile lo organized labor.
In order that McNamara might he
rushed from the city ot his residence,
private, detectives, tlio Indianapolis
police department, a judge of iis police court, the mayor of llu* city and
the governor of the state, all len I
their aid in violation pf law. Thus
was crime perpetrated by Uwse who
ostensibly sought to punish crime,
and thus was our belief in n conspiracy justified by the representatives nl tho law ami those who artel
with them.
As to the events to whidi wc allude, we quote from our statement of
May 10, 1010, wherein wc sel forth
that "Un* Bccrotary-trcasurer of tbc
International Association of Bridge
antl Structural Iron Workers was arrested in his office without service of
warrant, hustled to tbc police court,
and, without regard lo tlie provisions
td tbe law relative to extradition
proceedings-, and while his associates
were, held prisoners in their *iwn
headauartcra by local and Imported
detectives, was given summary hearing in a court having no jurisdk-
lion, denied Ibe right tn be heard by
himself and counsel, guaranteed by
the constitution, and was then immediately transported from Wits state
iu ilu*    confines of a  jail in another
Continuing, we asserted: "if this
method ol procedure is sanctioned,
are we not all in tho same peril?
May not tin* officers of Uu* law or
private detective agencies enter our
i fflccs at any time, arrest us, ransack
our lilt*s and place our organizations
in such a condition that they can not
transact their official business? Is
lliis the new short cut thai has
luen mado for the overthrow of
unionism'' l-'ailinn iu the usual assaults on the trade unions as such,
are their inlenratlonal headquarters
to be at the mercy or private detective agencies in the employ of manufacturers' associations?"
Now Uml ihe McNamaras have
pleaded guilty, there can, ol course,
be no question of their guilt, and
wilh tin-in we have nothing more to
do except lo reiterate onr previous
estimate ol the crime for which they
now plead responsibility as "holnoili
and revolting."
When we came to their defense wi
acted iu the light of eirciiinstaiice:
as we have explained them, autl wt
assert thai we did only our duty uu
der thu conditions that then existed.
If the law is again ruthlessly trampled under foot, violated ami sel ul
naught, iu otilet* that a representative of a trade union may hr* kidnapped, we will take exactly tho
saint* position and action as ou the
former occasion. The guilt ol the
McNamaras hail neither then nor now
anything to do with, nor can it Im
pleaded iu extenuation of, the guilt
of thoso who were responsible lor tho
outraging of the rights ot u citizen,
even though that citizen himself may
have lieen guilty of n crime. The
guilt of Die kidnapers (s no less guilt
than it wns when the illegal art
was perpetrated.
While professing the utmost horror
ami condemnation for the crimes to
which the McNamaras have no v
pleaded guilty, and, while asserting
that the history of trade unionism is
freer from   crime than Is (he history
ol any other organized human effort,
wc at tho same Unit! desire to call
attention to another phase of this remarkable criminal even!, whieli, when
the log of sensationalism and newspaper hysterical Ism has cleared awi v,
will impress [tsell on lho minds of all
thoughtful, camps! and conscientious
men: Tlie Los Angeles Times, Ua1
tliciais i f iln- nnlH'niun associations, the opponents of organized tf-
forl of all description mi Uu* part of
the wage earners, Irom what ever
quarter they may come, have Incessantly ami at every opportunity indulged   iu Inflammatory, vicious   and
ischit-vous denunciation of the trade
unions, their officers and their members, and now give forth added venom and concentrated hostility while
Indulging in Iheir favorite occupation
since the  McNamaras pleaded guilty
Every hostile newspaper, antl Uml
means every newspaper controlled by
the interests, ami there are many of
them; every officer of the hostile associations, every opponent ol tra'de
unionism, has gone into an ecstacy ol
enthusiasm iu denunciation of tho
trade unions, not because of the crime
to which ilie McNamaras plead guilty, but because opportunity has nceu
afforded to strike another Mow ;M
the organized wage earners; another
avenue, has been presented through
which to arouse suspicion and dissension in their ranks, and another
hauce has been availed of to proceed wilh tbe atlcmpl at their disruption and disintegration, Before the
catastrophe and Blnco that time the
Los Angeles Times has indulged iu
defamation and villi ileal Ion of the
Irade unionists and the trade unions;
its utterances have been more violent and anarchistic than the contents oi any of tbe ultra-radical publications whose object is to destroy
society by violence and anarchy,
I'he Los Angeles Times was, and is.
respecter of persons, creeds or
conditions. Every trade unionist,
very officer of a trade union, every
representative of any movement that
was distasteful to-the-editor of the
Times, suffered from tlie baleful effect
it the merciless and brutal eastigi-
tion that he administered, ami thai
he had au opportunity to give expression to simply because lie is the
owner of a dally newspaper. Journalism ran riot, liberty tinned to license, the floodgates Of vituperation
and character assassination opened nl
his touch, becausi* lie has an engine
of destruction at his command, au
engine more powerful when damnably
used than dynamite, bombs or nitroglycerine. Ile reveled in an orgy ot
editorial crime aud newspaper licentiousness. Krom ihe standpoint of
law and humanity the McNamaras
are guilty of a terrible ami revolting
crime and will now suffer the penalty
for their wrong-doing; from a moral
standpoint tho proprietor of the
Los Angeles Times is just as guilty
as the McNamaras, ami iu his guilt
he is joined by those representatives
of tlie anil-union associations who
inflame the minds of the wage-
earners, who force on them tbo one
idea of the hopelessness of their
struggle and who indulge in legalized
crime in order thai profli may thrive
and greed may be nurtured.
Despite the shrieking ot the hostile
press, despite the insane rejoicing ol
the enemies of labor, and despite the
great addition which has lieen Imposed on labor's burden by those who .ue
recreant to its cause, lho lull Imporl
of this tremeiidtus development in the
relations between capital ami labor
will finally assert itself, ami tbo
criminals who can mil be reached by
law will not go iinwhlppcd of tbe
seorn ol public opinion.
To tho millions tit trade unionists
throughout llle eolililit-nt we convey
(bis message:
It can not be denied that labor iu
its organized uud unorganized form
bus suffered temporarily, hut as it
has recovered from many reverses, as
it has arisen Irom many defeats, so
will it rise again, more powerful,
compact ami determined, lor Its
cause is just and its methods are
correct. Thu storm ol villilleation
ut prercnt raging will subside, ami !u
the clear sunlight of u bettor day tha
causes and the reasons and the Impelling motives that have broughl
about the mosl regrettable events lo
which we make reference, will bo
understood ot all men, and those
moral criminals, those crlmins of Unmoral criminals, those criminals ot
the employing class, those criminals of
used by them at every opportunity at
their command, will stand fortu
stripped of their sheep's clothing nnd
will bc held up in Iheir true colors to
the gaze of all mankind.
To those critics who have so avidly
and    exceptional    none of   the llu*
which is lying out will be saved.
Over 100,000,000 bushels ol wheat
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sii red up lo lho present time and the
supply will continue to ho Increased
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son for lho dying of a valuable vear a record crop will have lieen
plant? Vou perhaps found Ihat life won. He says that with favorable
was destroyed by some insect or weather threshing should be finished
parasite working about llie toots and nboul the Iirsl of February,
sayying away the elements which go ^s lo car shortage Mr. Castle says
to support plant life. tliat not    only are telegrams pouring
The (laudrun germ exercises tho ■" from all Bides imi largo numbers of
same destructive Influence upon thu letters nro being received daily stut-
life i f lhe hair, ll forces Its -vuy toff thai the counlrj is paralyzed for
down ibe follicle around Uu* hnoi Hui wan) id nn*; in move lhe grain,
bulb uml Huis prov en Is tlu* hair from Commerce is slow, money tight gnd
gelling propei nourishment, The ball   cn-dil hard I" secure.     Afler       the
dies and drops out. j —   ,. ■     ,   _   _ __  _      ^ ,
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Christinas holidays it Is expected
lhal the railways will be able to
devote more time lo Uio moving of
tho crops unless the blizzards set in.
lie adds that it is impossible to estimate the full extent of lhe damugo
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i • Ml fifl
accepted this opportunity to rail
against Uie officers of the trade union
movement, wo again say, ns we said
hi May 10: "We are thankful to oui
critics for their good advice, bul we
believe we know our business, and we
propose to conduct ourselves in accordance with the dictates of our nest
judgment. The trade unions of this
country, not the present critics ■ I
tbo trade union movement, have bulM
up tliat movement to the tremendous
force that il is today. As representatives ol that movement wo believe we understand its aims and
aspirations. We believe we under-
Hand the desires of its members, and
we will endeavor to make these aim,.
aspirations and desires effective
Ih rough the channels thai we select."
Yours mest respectfully,
.lames M. Lynch,
Chairman of the conference
Frank Dully,
Secretary of the conference
Approved  by twcniy-onc    affiliated
You were never too young—
You will never be too old—to enjoy the
The Ldiion Phonograph  It not render it—an true to life ns the
only the greatest muaidtui of nil origimil.
thesges- it i>nll tlie Krcnt.ss..nl*.*ls-n*. fl,, Uiten ,       ;, ,„,„„„,
of tliu present daj-plnyint- nil of ,uMllK, .nd ,       ^^J    of U](J
thu greatest imisio ever written. nmM, bnttOMhiped ss re re-
You select your program lo suit produc1ng-potnt,wblchglveiexactly
your audience when vou own nu the right volume of sound for thu
Edison rimiiogmph.  The songs ynu home* And the sapphire point is per-
lovebest, sung by the singers who ttmneiit—lusts forever. No changing
ling them best—Besi' kind of music, needles, no scratching or wearing of
rendered as only the Kdison can records.   ,
Tiit-ie nn* Btlltoq dealen tnerywhere* «o in the nearctl ind
hear Hits Bdlson numomph piny hntit Kiii-mi standard nm)
Kduon Atu'i'Ti'l Ittvurtln. Get complete .a t.i I of* from vnur
denier or from us. Bduoa I'honotr-iph-*, 116,80 to $240.00.
RUlton Standard Kcii<rd*,40c. Kdi-tin AtntK-rol Kn-nnln{|il-iv
twU-cunluii|).6Sc. KdifaonUrindOpcr«K-rt-oril«.t8c.to|2.BO.
100 Lakeside Avenu*
Oraiw, N. J., U. S. A.
A complete lis* of E
•leattie=Murphy Co., Limited, Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
There are over one million acres oi
wheat iu stunk still nnthreshed, according to C ('. Castle, tho Dominion warehouse commissioner at Winnipeg, ami he says that the threshing
machines are still running to gel
Ibis immense acreage reduced before
the depth ol winter. Ile says that n
cold wet spring with the StooVs
still out and rotthif) means that the
train will have to be burned autl that
much ul it will not be lit lor Iced
purposes even. If the spring is it
good one with drying winds and continuous warm weather the grain -.vill
take practically no harm. Ho says
that at the present time the grain I-.
in remarkably good condition considering    the   weather    it has       gone
♦  Canadian  Pacific   Railway
2nd Annual Excursion to Los Angeles, Cal.
SI'i IKANE, WASH., Friday, January 5th, 1912
Tickets ou Snli,. January 2nd. :lnl anil -Mi. I'll;!
Final return limit April HOtli, 1912
Fare from Cranbrook to Los Angeles,
and  Return
Going anil returning via Spokane       - $108,40
Going via Spokane, returning via Seattle      -      $121.85
AIhiv.. fares itit'lu.le liertli unit incula from Spokane on going trip
For full particnlars ii'irnnliiiji these and oilier Escutslon iHi.-a,
apply t-i nearest C« 1'. Ry. Agent, or to
It. li. MiNElI.I.IK.
i-iftiict Patienger Agent
Calgtry, Alberta
• ♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦*♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»»»♦♦♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
W ♦♦•♦*»'•▼*•'▼♦ •#♦▼♦♦*•/♦'• •♦••Pi
Model Variety Store
Only Two More Days to Do Your Shopping In
Our Oreat Assortment of Toys, Simplex Typewriters, Tool Boxes,
Trains, Drums. Pistols, Hooks, Blocks, Noah's Arks, Horses
and Carts, Paint Boxes, Balls and Everything in the Pie-
chanical Toy Line.
Bargains in Dressed and  Undressed Dolls. We have a lire.it
Assortment to be disposed of at  SLAUOHTEK   PRICES.
LADIES' Xmas Barrettes, Combs, Hair Pins, Brooches, Souvenirs, Etc. GENTLEMEN'S Xmas Armbands, Combs, Cuff
Holders, Tie Clasps. Etc.
A GREAT ASSORTMENT of 5c, Ik, 15c and 25c BARGAINS
Each and Every Order Promptly Pilled and Delivered to any part of the City
We wish to inform our customers that we have
received a
Large New Stock of Harness
In Team, Driving, and Express
The Driving we have in all prices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock of CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter or son a new Cutter for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same.
Flour, Peed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
Here's Your Opportunity
to secure a pood reliable Lady's Watch at a bar-
train. A» wo have nu overstock of Ladies' Watches
on hand we offer for
Saturday Only
our reuular |25.00 watch for 1*20.00, This watch
is described as follows: 17 jewels, set in gold
settings, and adjusted to beat ami cold and three
positions, patent regtilmor, gold centre wheel,
double sunk dial, fitted in a 2f.-year guaranteed
gold (Hied case with s<di<) gnltl bow.
Your choice of either plain, engine turned or
fancy engraved case.
We'll not guarantee'hour long our present
stock will last at this price, so come early.
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
ilie Sknnktiiiu-huk country,    was     in
buying supplies Wednesday.
■bis. Fusee, a rancher (rom Wasa,
was in tin' elt) Wedtesday on business.
Red Rose tea at Ward antl Harris.
Today's Flyer is   cancelled, reason,
heavy snow storms ofl the prairie
THE DVNC1NO CLUB.    It has     Ho' nonsi' Mlmv '"',l ™<-''» ■»■'<■*" at
been found necessary to postpone i "ord aml *,arr's-
the next dance from  December —•—
37th to Friday the 20th instant,         Fresh  Wipe   Tomatoes at Hast
                           Kootenay Produce and Provision
Mrs. II. 1. Sawyer waa 1 in Cran
brook Wednesday
Gorgonzola and St-illon chcest nl
.Fink'*, Pure Komi Grocer]
c H Trites wcnl tn Pernlc Sunday.
io remain dvci Christ mai
A large assortment of Christ -
mas Hlscults arrived this week
at the Fast Kootenny Produce
■nil Provision Mouse.
Born.—To Mi ami Mrs Harold
Oarllng, a sin. Tuesday, Decembei
Patmore Bros an* giving n brault*
ltd ait calendai to those who • ill
fall ami Ret  your*.
Solicitor 1. r I&kstctn, ol Pernte,
was in tbo eiiy on legal business
the tusi ol the week.
cut  (lowers at Kink's Pun
Tom r   Thompson underwent    an
m at     Un* Royal hotel    this
aiteiiionu hy Drs. King ami Green
.lap oranges in abundance; very
ni,.* srieel stock.—Campbell ami
Dr. Oreen returned Wednesday
from a   le* days business trip      ti
1'ailni ami dm lobles m mahogany,
quartered oak In many designs and al
all prices from M :.'• tn $19 50.—K K.
i'.\i'   House
\iu person looking (01 a witch
bargain should read    W. II   Wilson's
Sit- oui j o'clock tea sets, extra
in.,- |oi |iiiM*iits, fifteen dtatlnol pat
terns; no two alike— Campbell und
Miss Oalbralth, ot Port Steele,
was shopping in    Cranbrook Wcdnes*
('.   II    MfDotignll   nl Moyle, was     a
guest ol ibr Cranbrook Hotel    over day
Sundft) ■-
  !    Hannnas.Oranges.UrapcPrult,
Maraschino and   Cieine   de  Mintbc. Malaga O rapes, Cocoa nuts, Nuts
cherries -Campbell ami Manning.       jot All Kinds. Etc.,at rock bottom
  j prices at East Kootenay Produce
Geo. Hannanti owner ot a ranch  In and Provision House. .">l--t
We extend to our many friends and patrons our
fjj best wishes for "A Merry Christmas," but we are
{a going fu'ther than that and providing you wilh the
!;'j means of having one.   Our large and varied stock
j;,, of the good things to eat will convince you that they
},j have been carefully selected, and in price and quality
I we challenge comparison.—HAST KOOTENAY PRO-
.©sieEiempRpr^ Mr"iijiiJRrt'Hr'!1j(pi?ri'Vt>'f^fi3ipfi*irL*irarara^
The post office will be open to tbe
general public trorn 1 to 5 p.m. on
Monday, Christinas Dar.
See our j o'clock U>a sets, extra
nice lor preseiils; fifteen distinct pat
terns; no two alike.—Campbell and
11. L. Clark and G, M. Davhj,
members ol the clerical force ol the j
King Lumber company at Wycllfle
were in the city Tuesday.
Pure Russian caviar, guaranteed to
be the best,—Campbell   ami Manning.
(i.     It. Brown is absent from his
desk at I'aiks and Co, this week, be-1
ing confined to his bed witli .1
slight Indisposition.
Hot bouse lettuce, celery, radishes,
cauliflower, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
—Campbell and Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick, Mesdames
Dlnmore and Henderson, ol Kort
Steele, were shopping iu the city
A Christmas (lift for Mother is one
that will prove unit thoughtlulness
of her comfort, one that she will use
three times a day every day ol h--r
life. It's a "Kootenay" range to be
had only at Patmore Bros.
W. II. Wilson, the jeweler, is offering a very attractive watch bargain
lor Saturday only. Head his ail.
this issue.
Cut flowers and potted plants for
Xmas. See our window.—Campbell
and Manning.
.1. G*. McCallum and his son left for
Vancouver today and will remain
away until about the first week in
II George llanes, holder ol ticket
No. 35, in the drawing conlest at
The Palm will call he will receive
box of candy. Sl-H
Mr. ami Mrs. West and daughter of
Springwood, Skookumchuk, were In
tlie city Wednesday for medical attention, returning Thursday.
One of the most useful presents
one can give a lady friend Is a
rilsslon Boudoir Clock filled with
best Chocolates—East Koolenay
Produce and Provision House.
Owing to prevailing high price of
sugar our home made candy will he
25c. per lb. instead of 20c. per lb.
Saturdays. Other days 35c. per lb.
starting      January 1st.—     The
Palm. 50-tt
D. D.   Mct.aws left Wednesday for
St. Thomas,    Ont.,   to spend the
holidays.     He  will return about the
first week ol January.
That 15 per rrnt discount for cash
only lasts till December 23rd. If in
need of furniture be sure and see our
many lines for il will pay you to buy
here.—B K.P.ftP, House.
Xmas Shopping Hade Easy
Judge ami Mrs. Wilson ami Mr ami
Mrs Geo Thompson spent last weekend with Mr. C. H- Pollen on his
ranch at Skookumchuk,
Christmas trackers,    tinsel, candles
ami ornaments [01 Xmas tree decorations.     Stockings, Teddy bears, etc.
Campbell and Manning.
Mrs. A C Nelson gave a delightful
tea lasl Thursday afternoon in honor
r her sister, Mis. Inglis. who is visiting until aftei  the holidays.
Uagstam'". plum puddings and
mince meat save time antl worry.—
Campbell and Manning.
Hanson litis week established    a
speed record between Wasa    and
iins city, covering ihe distance In his
autn in an hOUt and ten  minutes.
Washed iuii|,p. Mrn7il nuts at Kink's
Pure Knod Hroeery.
The production by local amateur
talent ol "The Country Girl," Is
now lived for a dav during Ibe first
week in February.
Your Xmas table is not complete
without a .'"inputt .Ionian shelled al-
mnmls.     Ask    lor them at      Fink's
pure Pood Grocery.
A. -1 Put Inc. of the Canadian Hank
nf Commerce, has been transferred to
the ClfSton branch, leaving Wednesday to take up    his new duties.
We buy sell or exchange furniture,
stoves, etc.—The Cranbrot k exchange, Armstrong Ave. .10-11
Tbe public schorl closes tomorrow
for the Christmas holidays, and the
yoiiii-|,ters will enjoy a vacation until Monday, January (Ith.
California ripe tomatoes, fresh celery and cauHflower at Ward and
At tlie Arena rink no Christmas
Day the band will he in attendance
and there will be good skating lor all
All kinds of confectionery, choc*
lutes, bon-bons, etc.—Campbell and
There are only TWO DAYS LEFT for you to
purchase your Christmas remembrances for 1911. No
doubt you have many friends to whom you want to give
something. Following are many things which you can
buy easily and without worry —things which will make
perfect presents.
New Neckwear For Hen
A fre*)h shipment of the very newest Christmas Neckwear containing the
Latest Novelties for the Holiday Trade—nn ..     .     ei pa
Endless Variety of Bonutitul Pattorns  ioC tO tjll.dU
Men's Lounging Robes and Smoking Jackets
One of these would make n handsome Rift,      This year we Imve u
, splendid seleotion In rioli colorings and *. .n .     a.*,. nn
beautiful qualities    $4.3U tO $£5.UU
Men's House Slippers
The well known "Kosy" Slippers and several other      71?    ... ». **n
leather Btyles as well ns the Cloth Top Styles        'AC tO })4.0U
Pleasing Gifts for the Ladies
Rpfliitifnl I inpne ""'"'.,"lB.I"'''", *'"'* admiration ot our Linens and they ure truly deserving of it. There ure scon s
ucauiuui   lumens,        of dainty designs in small pieces and many handsome pieces iu an ... ,„
Table Covers, etc.      Liuen is always an appreciated ui ft lUC    tO    <pll.5U
Pure Irish Linen Table Cloths iu Double Damask wilh Napkins to match.   Every Lady       .. „.   ,     „, A_
delights iu Nice Table Linen  $7.00 tO $16.00 per Set
Inexpensive,  Useful  Gifts That Are Appropriate
In long and short Kid, alt colors and in Cotton anil Suede
with Silk anil Wool lining. tCr. *r. Cl Cl\
Many styles      **jC IO J*)*}.3U
By fur the most popular »[ the small Christinas remembrances. This year our selection p* . si pi\
is bigger and better tliuii ever      *>*> IO 91.OU
Very lwautifiil Cushion Tops ill rich Velvotand Satin Designs
also In Burlap and Linen. Some if" i %**••> aa
an'made np ready to give    sMC IO J)u.Utl
A fine range of beautiful Collars, Jabots 1tr in *J1 IWI
and Bolls in individual gift boxes     oa*' lu *9».W
In the New Stylish Shapes Imported from New York.
They come in Leather. Velvet rA- x a*i» aa
Suede and Tapestry oUC tO CplO.UO
Dainty Boudoir Slippers in Red, Blue, Pink, brown and
Black, $1.50 ». tf, -n
Several styles in Pelt House Slippers      IX tO fL.OV
Mittens, bibs, stockings, kid gloves, pin holders, dresses.
leggings, bootees, shoes. Eskimo and Teddy Bear Dolls.
Crib blankets, Kimouas. etc., etc.
Btt pin holders, pin cushions, writing pads, collar boxes,
Hair receivers, etc., etc. Visit this store and see tlie
Seores of Pretty aud I'Beftil tiifts on Display.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
1>. .1 Brady, ol thr C.P.R. B. C.
land department is being transferred
to WUmer. lit* will take up lus
nt'W duties on tin* iirsl ol lhe
Wben making youi Christmas purchase lor thr lady nl tin- house, bc
sure and get hei something useful.
Wfl suggest a Koolenay range. It
will make Iht cheerful all   day   and
■very day of the year. To Ih* had wi
l'atnion< Hros.
c. c. Henderson, ol Hull River,
passed through town Ihtt wed( on liis
way to Chicago iu complete the na-
gottttlons lot ih** salt* i.r tho power
company's undertaking.
N i|>|t..n band-painted \ ases—very
dainty—50c. to 11.00 al ilu* Fii.k
Mrn-antilr* Co., Ltd.
Hugh Stephens, C.E , and Miss
l.t/i-i llohart. ol Wflidner, were
united in mnnta|S] al the manse on
Momlav afternoon lul by Rev. ('. O,
Leave ytur ntdeis eaily  for  rut
flowetSi    loses, carnations, chrysnv
tlieniuiiis — Ctmpbl ll .md Mannintf
Miss .leniiit* lloaaid's appeal
afiainst hei coinmlttnieiit has been
disiniswil ami lhe *>.H BOI ha*>e to
take up residence at Selson i.ul foi a
period ..I m\ months.
Iledroom suites in walnui, bird's
rye maple, mahogany nnd oak. These
lines are especially good, being nt the
best quality, and the price Is righl -
E.K.P.AP, House.
.1.   H.    t'baasay    made a   hurtled
bustness trip tit Kemie . n Monday.
Miss Fortune lefl atondaj for   Ed-
innntoii. where site will make her l'*-
lure home.
The drawing lor llie two seated
automobile tak-s plan* nt *■ p.m. on
Saturday at lhe Auditorium Tickets
$2 on each, to be leenred at I..
Clapp's t'igar store. M-H
RoM. Barber, ol Porl Steele, was
in town Saturda\. lie i*. a mem-
lirr f»t the new firm ol Valetttinn
and llarbrr. tbo are just opening  an
up-to-date pool room in Porl Steele.
Miss Lillian Leask, daughter ol
John Leask, who has been attending
Okanagan college at Suinnieilaii'l.
B.C., for the past three months, returned to Cranbrook Monday.
Beginning Monday, 18th December,
WC will do "Family Hat" work at
45c. per doien.—Cranbrook steam
Laundry, Phone 55. 50-tl
iits   uflercd Inr sal
rani ile Co., Ltd.
-Tlie Fink  Mer
it.   W. Drew, district freight agent
r.f th*-    (' I' H . was up from Nelson
—— during the week.      Mr*   Drew speaks
A very enjoyable    dance took pUn   \.r, hopefully i.f tbe outlook for textile   Masonic      hall   on  Tuesday tensive mining operations diinng   the
evening,   under the auspices of
KtliM.n orchestra.      There was
good attendance, the music was
cdllent   ami    the Hoot wa**; in
condition.       Everyone   had a
■ ■uglily goiKl time.
the  cent ing year,   the    Slocan district in
a   particular   promises   to ft- very     ac-
e\- | live.
thoi        --   Ihc .'.'.    Bros. lor your Xmas
I tree dec ratfc 5i-lt
Robert    Yeamllle  and    family, oi
Wycllffe, Were     in     the city   tl.e list
of the week on their way tu Vancouver, where they   expect   tn resfdo      In
FOR   SALE.—Two    boilers,    two
engine and sawmill machinery. Nn
reasonable oiler will in* refused lo
this machinery. Apply t<> Thos tv
Leask, Cranbrook or Mayook.    M
Royal Vienna  cocoa and tea m*'*-—
neat designs—at the Fink Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
Miss Nellie CrOW WM operated     I
at the st   Eugene hospital on Tins
day    for    appendicitis In Dr. King
The operation «a*. iflcceasful. she
a daugntei    ol    Mi  ami Mrs. r. it
Crow, id Cherry Creek.
\ fen potted   plants to arrive
once: fans, primroses, daariai  and
mums — Catnpliill und Maniiiiui
M A Beale left today foi Victoria
to Join his wife and visit with hei
parents. Mr. and Mis .1. F .Wm-
strong, during the Vutetldc He *<•>
return with his family after New
Hcffinning   Momlav, LSth   Decembei
we will do '-Family Hat" work      al |
45c.   per   do/en— Cranhnmk     Steam j
Laundry, Phone 59. 50-tl
Miss Florence Erlckson, accompan1
ied by her friend, Miss Turnbtill. .ir-
rtred from VaneonfW Wednesday to
spend the ludidavs with hei parents.
Mr. and Mrs. (lus Brickson. she has
been attendiiiR College at  iln*     COUl
Oui assurtiiieiit ul mlied nuts COn>
priM*K    the finest ot the manv vaiie
How are ynn going to roast Mr. j Rollo Crooks, v>l*> ha*, been acting
| Turkey'* In a. common open pan or J in the capaciiy ut assi.it ant secre-
in an up-to-date coveted roaster- The tary M the V.Mr A. has accepted a
latter way will save the nice rich j positkn with the local ofllce ol the
1 flavor and cannol burn and never; it r land departmeni The new
gets dry. Wc have them.*-Patmore I assistant lecretar] i^ expected here
about Januart
to Shop
Ask For Our 64-Page Catalogue
Jewellers and Opticians THE   CHANBHOOK   HERALD
I The Palace Cigar Store j;
Will be opened Eaily Next Week in the
S.  A.  REID
Full Line of Best Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes and
Smokers' Sundries
Call Around, You  Will Be Welcome
********************** ************* **********
No Health Official
win i vVi In ill in tin-ill iiinikel iiiu
find ni'V futllC. Our imirki-t iH
nn clean un can be nml onr help
musl ii.*.!tl]i' Miinr, H'o nre
inirliiiiliirl.v jil.-iiHi'il In Imve
particular pooplo ■'■M'  in   "
only to look an d. Kor tliey
raillinl tail tu In* imprei.H--il
wiih the ram with which we
InokIIi- men to mnl tlie exquisite
cl.'it llum-i everywhere oppar-
Our Meals im! Government
ii P. BURNS & CO., Ltd. ii
H. 0.
[Hundred dwr   were   shot near    Elko
\ ihii season.
I    Young .luck   Oledhl.l, North    Stir
' I'ark, was visiting around the town
last week.
I Mills, Prlnglc and Dubbin Bro...,
contractors, outfitted in Elko      aud
I moved on to the Sheridan ranch.
Now Klko sports arc wondering
whether Its the Grand Trunk j'acilic,
the t'anadlan Northern, or the Kalts-
Ipoll, Hoosvillc ami Elko electric line.
lly Ihc bones ol I'at Murphy Elko is
sure growing.
Mike Roeser, potent high priest ol
prosperity and developer ol natural
resources ol Flagstone, passed
through Elko this week lo escort a
hie, party of home seekers he was
meeting In Kernic. Mike can handle
lhe hot air like a duplex blower.
Mike feels as happy over Flagstone
prospects us an Indian would with a
whiskey jag on. Flagstone is moving so fast you'd think Hill Lncey
was afler il.
What's sauce for the goose this
Christmas should be good sauce    l.ir
< *********************************************
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
IV. K. JOH.N'fiOS .v mix, Proprietors
********** **********
1    News of the District
(.Special correspondence).
Mr. Hawthorne, ol tin* Nelson
Browing company, was dolnjj business
in town lost Wednesday.
Mi. lleili Kelt, nf Cranhrook, renewed acquaintance**, In Wardner ihis
week, returning on Wednesday.
The new c.i'.U. agenl arrived lasl
Wednesday to succeed Mr. Swanson,
who litis occupied thai position for
(in* past few months.
Mi Sam Harrison was in I'nri-
broofc lasi Wednesday on business.
Mr Archie McKaelierti, of Galloway, was in   town last Thursday mi i
it. ll. Bo-hart
and smt Hem v
-in    Cranbrook
un      business
Mr. Matthews,
ul    Montreal, i
ol idd friends hen* last  Friday.
Policeman Bgglcshaw was called tn
Cranbrook laal Thursday on business
Mrs. Itantz, ol Tabor, Mia., is
spending a few dav a v. ii h h lends
here bctorc going to Kallspell io
spend ibe winter.
Mr, Ii B. Maikl.* apenl lasi Thursday wiih Mentis iii Cranbrook,
Mr. Jus. Downey, our highly cs*
teemed photographer, lefl lasi Tlmts
day fm Oravcnhurst, where he purposes maiding in the future.
Mi. Stewart,   ot Slocan City,     is
Spending a few   days al  llle home    ol
Mr. and Mrs. W.  It   l-.nibrer.
Mr. K. M. .-.teams, of Galloway,
took advantage ,.\ a ittrtaah op ut the
(liillowiiy    mill  last   week   and    spent
Friday with lus lamll) here.
Mr. Graham arrived Irom Scotland
a lew days ago t<> nu the vacancy
on tbe office stall id the Crows
Neat Pass Lumbei company
Mr C, li Smith, who has been ill
for the past lew days wenl lo Craii-
luook lasi Thursday foi medical attendance
Hev. Stephens intends holding icr-
via in the Presbyterian church nt
n o'clock on Sunday morning and at
~ oVfotk in ihe evening, special
Christmas music Ku,rj'body Welti utile
Mi- .1 Manning, ol the C P It Mc
ramp, wus in Cranbrook last Wod-
in'sduy on buslneasi
Mrs. Murray ipenl ihe week end in
Spokane on business.
Mr. Snow, emit rat tor. wns In town
Inst Friday tm bis way lo Hull Itiver.
Messrs. Edgar Wlllson, Alfred
-lohnson, it. c. Baton, v. Lundborn
und V. Swanson. sjM-nt Sunday with
Ii lends in Fernie.
Mr. -I. Hates, ol 1'ranhrook, nnd
Chief ol Police Miuty, td Fernie,
were in town lusl Saturday on hiisi-
Mrs. P. I.mnl wns with friends In
Cranhrook  lasl  Friday.
Mr. Alfred Armstrong of Tie
Camp, was in Cranhrook last Monday
on business.
Mr. Barclay, photographer*, of Nol-
son, Is very busy these davs nnd is
k»*i I im'. some   excellent   view i      of
Uiirdnei  .  Im aiii Mnl  settle ry
Mrs   Itelnsliom     was in I'iniibruok
lasl  Friday on business.
! The young men's club, of Wardncr,
intend Holding a dance in the library
| hall on Friday evening. Excellent
music will lie furnished for the
dancers.     A cordial invitation is rx-
) i ended to all*
' Mr. antl Mrs. Murray Intend leaving
Wanlner    next Tuesday for Columbia
j Falls. Mr. Murray has purchased
stock in a lumber business about sixty miles from Columbia Falls.
Mr. Horace   Munroe, or Cranhrook,
spent lusl  Monday with friends here.
■ Mr. Meeker, the ostrich fanner, was
hi Cranbrook lasi Wednesday on
I    Mr. uud Mrs. Geo. Miller,   of    the
| King Edward hotel, entertained a
number t f the young people ol Wardncr  on    Tuesday evening of       this
| week, All report a most enjoyable
! Mr. I ti 11 ic- Oreen, of Ta tonga, spent
Sunday with his family here.
: The teachers and pupils ot St.
Andrew's Presbyterian church intend
holding their Christmas two iu the
Library hall on Saturday evening,
December 23rd. A Rood programme
is iiriii:.; prepared*.    Santa clans will
I appear at   the close To gladden     Die
, hearts ol the Juveniles.
{Hy Fred Kto).
Compliments of the season.
Gentle readers, il you think       you
an* going    to have any ilillieiiliy
storing   whiskey or other brands    ol
untamed fiery liquid, should apply  1*
ou all
] us.       We know     several commodious
' promises to lei cheap.
J Date Eastern, contractor, returned
to Klko after    spending l wo mouths
' Mi Manitoba.       Dave    spent       some
' lime   in     Iturul   Itcston and declares
I without winking an eye that be saw-
several people from the country with
j leathers on.
I     \  leal jolly lime t
Sam   Bradley,    of  the Cranbrook
j Jobbers, was in Klko last week, sell
ing fanners vaseline and other
Christmas vegetables, tu picking up
lus orders he (inked up the Klko
Holes that should have appeared in
the great     family paper, and       may
J the Lord have inercy upon him the
next time I.e comes to Elko, lhe
best town on the Crow Une.
Roht. St. Clair, ol the C.P.R.
land departmeni, Cranbrook, was in
Elko this week, He left for the
south country and will visit Tobacco
Plains, and wished everybody
Klko dm, (casting! and frolic this
Wo wish to thank Mrs. Klingensmith, through the columns nt this
newsy paper, fur the vefl ot sunshine she so kindly donated to our
family circle.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kor will ccle-
htale their silver wedding December
22nd ai Roosvillo,
May nothing pop oil with your ban-
pIlKM Ibis Christmas.
It   is estimated    that over     lo.tr
(By Alfred H. Webb).
Manual training is not vocational
training. Aceocdtng to Dr. David
Sneddon, ol Massachusetts, "A liberal education is one that is intended
to free the mind and develop it to the
uttermost. Vocational training is
an education which fits people to do
a particular kind of work in the
world—a productive work whereby
they earn a living."
The medical school, business college, normal school and agricultural
college give vocational training.
Manual I raining (woodwork) is vocational io those who intend to become carpenters, but certainly not
vocational for tbc future clerk or
lawyer. This docs not detract Irom
Us educational value, as It is tbe
very kind of education that broadens,
ripens and deepens the general capacity, Imt docs not fit one directly to
•arn a living.
Vocational training Ik narrow in Hs
aims. Manual training ls broad,
aiming at general rather than specific
Vocational training is in the Interests of the employer, manual training in the interests of the hoy himself.
Wo need in these days not only to
"put the whole boy to school," tut
lo "put every boy to school and
train head and hands together."
January 12 next will be the greatest day in German history since ihe
war ol 1870. The ultimate results
of tbe national election to be held
on that day will exert such an in-
fluence on transatlantic commerce
and industry, and likewise upon international relations, that students ol
politics ought to follow it with close
attention. It has been called "the
lu- or not to be election," inasmuch
as upon its issue depends the continued existence of all tbe political
and economical institutions which In
tbe eyes of the outside world are
modern Germany.
Tho present reichstag, the twelfth
since the union of Germany, expires
In February, five years after its election in 1907. It will be dissolved a
few weeks before. Tlie new reich-
siag will be elected, like all others,
oa equal, free, universal, and secret
suffrage. Every male over 25 has a
right to vote. All votes arc ol
equal value.
In theory at least tliere is complete
freedom of dunce ot candidates. The
elector delivers at the polling booth,
which is presided over by honorary
ofllolats, bis ticket, which must he
ou white paper. The ticket is deliver.il scaled, or in an envelope, and Is
thereupon   deposited in a voting urn.
To lie successful a candidate must
poll more than hall the total votes
cast. This does not always happen,
as tbere are usually three or more
candidates. Failing such an absolute
majority, a "stlchwahl," or second
election, is Md a fortnight later l-c
I ween the two candidates with the
most votes. The other excluded
candidates usually transfer their
votes to the party nearest to them.
Thus a typical German election
WOtlM Im*:
Meyer (Center party) 3,575 votes.
Schmidt (National-Liberal) 3,210
Henckcl (Freisinn)  1,774 votes.
In the "stlchwahl" Henckel would
be excluded, and would probably give
bis votes to the National-Liberal
candidate, so that the election (presuming that the same number voted)
would probably be:
Schmidt, 4,984 votes.
Meyer, 3,575 votes.
A German election thus is seldom
decided according to the preponder-
| a nee of one of the five great relchstiu
parties. It is decided on the basis
of tactical and often temporary combinations; and when the strongest
[party in a constituency, when it
cannot command allies, is often beaten hy a considerably weaker party.
I The live great parties in the reichstag are the Conservative, the Centre
(Clerical and Catholic) the National-
Liberal, the    Freisinn  (Radical) and
the Social Democrats,    The election
now being fought is, put roughly, between the    iirsl two in combination
ami the last three, more or less     in
agreement.     The   Conservative-Clerical party is     tlie famous "blue-black j
block,"     ou   which Chancellor      von
Dethiiiaiin-Ilollweg   relies for a reichstag majority. I
Thu three opposition panics do not
form    a coalition, although attempts j
have been     made   to induce them to.
■Tho famous publicist, Fricdiicli Nau-
maiin,   invented    the   phrase "From
iBasserinann to Bebol," meaning that1
the     National-Liberals   with Easser- ■
matin as  chief, should (via the inter-1
mediate   Freisinn) join the Socialists
under   Augiml   Hehel.    Tho Liberals
and   Freisinn   and the    Freisinn and [
Socialists   havo    certain agreements!
about not splitting forces lu doubtful
electoral districts and    about mutual
suppori in • slieliwahlen."     Hut     the
tin it parties remain independent    of
one another and   are united only    in,
their common ambition lo overthrow
tlie "blue-black block."                     |
Conservatives  2,050,000
Center '2,145,000
National-Liberals  1,718,000
Freisinn  1,311,000
Socialists  3,259,000
Minor parties     715,000
The reichstag membership does not
correspond to this voting, the Socialists, with more votes tha'iv the Conservatives, having less than half the
number of members. That fact Is
due to tbe unequal distribution of
electoral districts, The seats are
apportioned as in 1871, but since
1871 the population has grown enormously aud unequally, It has
grown most in lhe towns and the
industrial west, where the Socialists
are strong; and least iu the country,
particularly iu the agricultural east—
the kingdom of East Klbia—whero
tho feudal Conservatives are lords
and masters. Hut the west has got
no increased number of reichstag
members.       If tlw Socialist member
ship was increased in proportion to
Socialist voters, then the party in
lf-117 would have Won about 170 reichstag seats, whereas it won inly
Ill 1807-'0D, during Buolbw's regime, tlie Socialists dill not win one
'bye-elect ion. Since 11)1111, under
Hothinauu-llullweg, they have won no
less than ten, and eight ot these
were gained at the expense of tllii
two "blue-black block" parties. In
1907 the Socialists were badly defeated. Their parly of eighty-one
was cut down to forty-three. With
the aid ot the subsequent hye-elec*-
I'lons, they now have fifty-niic members, and few doubt that the coming
election will restore the old clglity-
one. Some predict 100; a few enthusiasts say Llu. The genuine Hoi*
lalist vote is precisely known, The
question is how many thousands of
"-bourgeois"     Who are opposed        to
programmatic Socialism will vote
with the Socialists merely as the
most extreme way of displaying
their anti-government bias?
That the election will deal a bbw
to tbe government no man doubts.
The question is, How severe will be
the blow? But cool minded critics
ure not iucliiu.ed to exaggerate the
Socialist victories, and are quite certain that, however severe the government defeat, the day of the Radical-Socialistic majority iu tho reichstag has not yet dawned.
Wben your feet arc wet and cold,
and your body chilled through nnd
through from exposure, take a big
dose of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, bathe your feet in hot water before going lo lied, nnd you are nl-
most certain to ward off a severe
cold.     For sale by all dealers.       tf
FOR SALE.-A pair of good
shafts; almost now. Apply Box 5,
Herald oflice. 47-tf*
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., L.L.D., D.C.L., President
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST,-   $8,000,000
The Money Orders of The Canadian Bank of Commerce are a safe,
convenient and economical method of remitting small sums of money.
They are payable without charge at every branch of a chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon Territory) and in the principal cities of
the United States.
The Orders and full information regarding them may be obtained
on application at the Bank.
In the event of loss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt of
a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount of
the lost Order. ajjj
R. T.Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B. C.
Have ii very tine assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trees ottered for sale are grown in onr own nurseries on
the Coldstream Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agent
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Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; iiuvor fulls. These
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nil chi-.np ItiiitRtli-n*.. Dr. ile Tun's nre s..l«l ut
urmlMt. nrtlirwj Im 'fill. Miilh>i| In any inhlre^.
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Vox Bale at  Deatle,  Murphy &  Co.,
0|>|ioaitfl CJ.l'.U. Stiiliiin
THE     PLACE!     TO      RHIT    A
Imperial Bank oi Canada
I). It. WII.KIK, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers anil Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SA VINOS DEPARTMENT - Special   attention
Riven to Savings bank Accounts.    Deposits of t LIM   aud
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: il. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think ot the
provisions Jos. Brault Iins made for an
ideal home at tbe
Canadian Hotel
ETeiulqiinrtors for nil kinds of
Kut inflict ion (inn run toed
Tlio Slum Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX in. PHONE M4
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Bpeclul prices for family work.
The PITNER Lights
Are the Boat Gasoline Lights in
the World. Headquarters for
tills Province
The PITNER Light Co., Nelson, B.C.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
IIdoui!* with BtUllfl.   'I'lione in
every room
8      Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
Low Hound Ttip Iintf*- to
Ticket! on sate
Good to return within three
Tickets issued in connection
witli Atlantic Steamships will l>e
on sale from NOV. tOtli to DEO.
'.I*>t. Inclusive, aiul limited to live
ni-iiitlip frnm date ol icene.
Finest Equipment, Standard
Pirst Glass ami Tourist Bleeping
Cam, Dining Curs on all thiough
Compartment— Library— (il).«er-
vatlon Car on "Imperial
Anply tn m-nri'-i* C.P.lt. Agent
for full information, nr
R. 0. McNEILLie,
District Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alta.
*  the »
2 Columbian »
* »
^ is a |iuaraut(*ed pulley. Tlmt Is, •—
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Day Phono 383
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result from tholr use is quick and
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Archie Waller
Builder and
ioptic T.-mk*i nml Conorcte
Work gononilly a
f| inliy. ' X
; Kslimalcs   Freely  Oiven.
P.O. Box 3'6
Cranbrook, B.C.
Kit, would like the cn-nprrnlion nt
any party or parties desirous ol having photos taken lor Xmas hy doing
so as smi,n as convenient. This will
insure the hrst nf workmanship and
everybody will receive photos In
plenty ol time tor Xmas. Studio
next to Auditorium. 40-tl
v y. frffrJY/Jss/rjjW/rp/'
Ths Loading Burinesa College
ol the Norl Invert
Whero young people can reeoive
a thorough business training,
Ia in sosslon twelve m.mtliK in
the year.
Noontrance examinations,
i Board nnd room at very ronton*
nl.le rates.
We secure po.itions for our
i. :i nutv bountifully lllnsttnied
cstalOKiiesent fiee upon request.
Write for II NOW:
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1*1 & Mnillfon     -"SPOKANE
II ynu ctuiit* lo
expect to lit.
cured. If otbere
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mu lo i-itr** yo«.
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ymi | trill not in-
tfpl   your iiiBt*.
inn) ill i-ver.v iii-
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my own iirittiuiil
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t-i'il'tll ilie    in ■*■
I Iiml-.
SpermilorrfctKi, Organic Wcakie»,
Lost VIger, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Col*
traded Dliorden, Specific Wood Poison.
Plica •nl   Strictures — restoring  all
aitVi!-''l.i'n.iiiir h'liiiMDiilainllieitllliy
aetlon in tlie hliorteet potitiilile apace
of lime.
*«> nil l lie fiirm. of llianiiaea ol Men.
Consultation and Inttruetfre I kl,>t im>
nl oltli- i,r bj linlil.
Belling OOr guarantee, lo give
..lial.cllos .lock, free out til.
Cn*li weekly. Kxeluaive territory.
T stall,
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A moli'tne<nii|>|ietl Cale at moderate
Itiitea $1.00 ami up per iluy
Coiner of Howard St. and From Ave.
Onr linn meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr. THK   cnANUBOOK   'HERALD
Tiiis was a charge againsl a man
named A. C. Brown, a news agent
running on the Canadian Pacific railway, that lie stole about $10.00 from
a man named William Mclnlee on the
llth ol December, mil. Tho accused wus some lew days ago com-
mi Mod for trial by the police magistrate for tlie city of Grant!rook uct-
ling us a justice of the pcaco loi Hid
Mr. \V. F. (Ini'ii prosecuted up lie-
bulf of tlie crown mid Mr. i
'riioinpsou defended. I5vjtln.ee
Riven for tbe crown by Mclnlee
loss o[ bis piicket-booli eontaiiiltig
the money, while in nil Intoxicated
condition. Urakemnn Adillsi u swore
thai be siiw (lie neciiseil take tin*
purse  from     Ibe   pocltel of Mefnlno.
This,   liuwever,   was  tint   linllic  mil   |.\
tbe evidence ol two oilier witncHses
for the crown, Mr. Dimlslcy nml Mr.
Hull, who were presi-nt nt the time
mid the uccusetl was prompt!) <li->
charged by His Honor .fudge Vll-
A technical polnl wus urged by ibc
defence nn n mnl imi to minsll the
Indictment, which, however, wns not
decided. The magistrate, before
handing in the depositions, did no',
sign the deposition of om* 11 tbe
witnesses mid nt tbe snme time signed his name to the committal wilb
■the initials "p. M," moaning police
magistrate. It wus urged by Mr. j
Thompson, for the defence, that these .
two mistakes invalidated ull the proceedings and thai the man was entitled to be discharged. A great
many cases were cited, both by tbc
defence and the crown, on this point
which is apparently, one that has
never come before the courts. Thr*
point, however, was not settled     by
his honor in view of the fact that he
discharged the accused on the evidence.
II. Maxwell Clark, the young, hustling anil ciilliiisiaslit- travelling representative of iln- Canadian Highway association, was a visitor in
town this week, Dining lu.s lirief
slay be on rolled it number ol members bete and generally enthused all
iln sr Interested iu ibe Good Itoiula
movctnciii in ibe work ol the assorl-
ntion be represents, Mr. Clark was
on bis way to Ottawa, slaying oil
at ihc chief points between Vancouver niul Winnipeg to arouse tlie interest of prominent men in tbe work
of the association. Here in Cranbrook he secured Ibc mimes of s.*v-
I'lul of our chief niltomobilists,
Tlie aims and objects of the Canadian Highway association ure us follows:
To assist iu having a Canadian
iii'i'iwnv established Irom Alberni,
H.C., to Halifax, N. S.; to endeavor
in get Ibe connecting links of this
Roatl from Halifax to Alberni UJ.
by the different governments and
municipalities through which this
road goes; to have llu- Canadian .section ol the Pacific highway, whirli
runs from Tla Cuana, Mexico, to tlie
Alaskan boundary line, completed;
to promote good roads; to endeavor
to have all publie money expended on
roads spent to better advantage; to
show    the   members  of    parliament
that tlie people want good peiiiianent
roads; to carry on a campaign nl
education i" order to enlighten tbe
governments and the people regarding
the henelils to be derived from good
roads; to cti-iipciale with the different governments with a view to bet-
road roust meted as soon as possible
which federal or provincial grants
are made; to capitalize our climate
and scenery in building roads that
will bring tourists here from all
parts ol the world.
We believe that the tourist crop
will he one of tlie greatest crops liu-
vested In Canada in a few years.
Officers in the association give-
Iheir services and lime free, ami I
meet all travelling expenses.
Your subscription is used only to
carry on  ibe educational work, h i*.
llu* intention to have this work      i .\-
lemled [rom Alberni, IU'.. to Hall-
fax, N.S.i ns soon as funds aie available.
The Canadian Highway association
is national in iis scope, uud is <s
tablishiug branches in ull purls of tlie
Dominion, The intention is to hold
the next annual convention iu Win ii
peg in 1D12.
lu order to establish tho Canadian
highway it is necessary that strong
resolutions lie drafted and sent In
lhe different governments uud municipalities through which this highway
passes, supported by heavy delegations.
It is our aim to have Good Roads
associations established throughout
Canada, which will be associated
with the Canadian Highway association, so as to perfect the organization and complete the work at is
early a date as possible.
As a national highway through
Canada was part of the agreement
at the time of confederation, but bas
never been carried out, we wish to
prove to the members of the Pom-ii-
ion governmenl that tlie people ol
Canada want this highway, By adding your name lo iln- membership lisl
you bIiow ymir sympathy and interest
in    this great national movement.
Tbe membership Ice for this assont
ation Is $2.00 per annum, but no lim
it is placed on your generosity.
I  Phone  56
Where Christmas Delicacies Abound  •
E Have nol spared either time or labor to help You make
this Christmas dinner the best yet. It is impossible to
name all the good things, but among some of them, you
will find
In Our Grocery Department
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Curled Anchovies and Genuine Russian Caviar.
Mexican, Chili. Menagers, Brand's, A. 1. Lea & Perrin's,
Punch. H. P., and Holbrook's Sauces.
In    Sweet   Goods,   don't  forget  Huntley   &   Palmer's
Alaska Wafers. Short-Bread. Philippine, Acorns or Christie's,
Cherry Rings. Water Ice Wafers, La Fete, and Cracknels.
New Grenoble walnuts, Jumbo Brazil  Nuts. Filberts, Almonds,
and Peanuts.
Smyrna Figs. Irom three to nine crown, Fard and Golden Dates.
Malaga Raisins in lib cartons. 3-lb and 22-lb boxes.
Japanese Oranges and red cheeked Apples.
Ganong's G. B. chocolates arc always lop-notchers Peanut Brittle, Ganong's Barley Toys, French creams; Molasses cocoanut, Assorted
bon bons, Butler Scotch, gum drops, molasses kisses, jelly beans, maple
California and hothouse lettuce, celery, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, parsley.
China is Where We Shine
"What a difference when the table is laid out with dainty dishes." And
they are always appreciated for presents. White and gold and baby rose Limoges
in stock patterns, Bavarian, Wedgcwood and Austrian, in complete dinner and tea
sets. Japanese Tea Sets, Nipon hand painted china in odd pieces. Nice for
presents. Hand painted bon bon, celery, fruit dishes and cake plates, tapanese
cups and saucers, berry and chocolate sets. All the old world patterns are
We Guarantee Everything both as to Price and Quality
Five per cent discount on all cash sales of one dollar or over
(By Fml Koo).
Mrs. Huj;h Midlines drove In from
tin. Pineries Tuesday.
M. Phillipps, ol Fruitlands, was In
Elko Tuesday.
Wi- arr sorry to notice llial in tlio
massacre .i lire Mauelms iti China
not even thu womenehus nre spared.
President Tall will nol spenl
Christmas in Klku Uiia yesr. Ncithri
will Champ Clark.
I    Merely, ul presents Mnlh-
ows, Powers ana Co., Montreal,
preached in Elko Inst Sunday in a
small inn appreciative audience. The
subloct \. as David and Goliath.
Tlw Elko Christinas ireo for llu
school children will in1 held in '.lie
opera house and promises to be the
best Ural's ever taken place in
Chief Minly, of Fomie, was in
Klko this wcok inhaling the pure air
of heaven, afler leaving lor Kraj. and
II it kec|is nn snowing tlicrc'li bo
sleighing in Klku hy Christmas.
Never in Ihr history of Ihis old
historic burg havo tho Htore windows
been decorated with such richness of
color and magiilDcancc of decorations al this festive lime.
Knit    RENT.—Very   la«p
iousp,   suitable rm' furniture,
iiam is,
feed,   etc.,    $1(1 per month.
Jerald office.
Electric Restorer for Men
win Ihe body
Phosphoiiol "*'''("'''i every nerve in Ihe ln.il
C to its [.Mil.-, teniloni restore
•rim anil vitality, I'rcmntinc <!<■<,tv .mil nil nuxii.il
rmknesi uvtrtcd nt once.   PhtMphonoi will
niake vnu a new man. 1'iire I'lalinx. nr two f<<r
IS. Ms lie. tni.nviiMr.-*.. TI.nMootM.il Drug
Co., Ht. Catharine*, Out.
For sale at Beattio-Murphy t'o., I,td.
die intention td (lie undersigned In
apply tn tlie Ijctiteiiaiit-tiiivernnr in
Council (or approval ol their proposed undertakings and works in connec*
ti«n with Water License Numhef
1571, dated Juno 25th, till, for
twenty-live cubic feet per second out
of Mark Creek. The maps and plans
of the proposed undertaking and
works will Ir.- open to pnlille inspection at any time during business
lit urs at the Office ol tho Water
Commissioner ai tin* Government
Uuildint*; in the city of Cranbrook for
thirty days after the lirst publication
or this notice in Hn* Cranhrook Herald. Application will also he math*
to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council tn correct the description of tbc
point of diversion from Steitiwinder
dam. Lot 3032A, to Stennvinder dam
Lot 3038, and ilcsrriptinn of the
point tf user as on Lot 20*13, instead
of on Lot 9328, Group One, Kootenay
Tlie Consolidated   mining & Smelting
Hy   Their Solicitors,
Hamilton & Wraggc.
Dated Dec. 18th, mil. 5i-5t
Cutler the power of sale contained
in a certain Chattel Mortgage given
by 0. L* Knight A Company, Limited, to William W. Douglas, of Taber,
Alberta, covering chattels mentioned
below, situate, at KimlH-rley. II. C,
there will be offered for sale by publie auction, the 15th day of January,
1912, at 11.80 o'clock in the forenoon, at KimlM'iley, 11. ('., the fol-
lowlOg gnmls,   chattels    and   effects.
Twelve carbon, weighing 17 kt-J.;
•ight carbon, weighing 8 kts.; eight
carbon, weighing 5  kts.. two Beauty
drills; ono Loogycar & Hodge drill
si/c !'.(. , 300 feet E. mis, one Cam
don pump, size A. special, one ten
fool roaming barrel; one 5 H. K. core
barrel,     new, two  10 fl.   I*:, lubes;
three s ft.     K. s.   <■  barrels, old
five "i ft. K.s. core barrels, old;
eight 5 rt. K.N. core barrels, uld;
three 8 ft. k.s. lubes old; seventy-
five 13. s. bits; twenty-flvo K. bits
four extra Beauty chucks; ten extra
set Beauty teed gears; Ihrce 15. In 1st-
ing plugs, thirteen K. water swivels;
two E. safety clamps; three oxtro
sets clamp jaws; three K. hoisting
bales, two Beauty crank shaft gear-:.
nil-sen fed U in. suction hose; Uu
Inside rod recovering laps, three out
side recovering taps; wne coiipllug
Inp; "in' lr[t hand Inside hit lap, one
sel Beaut) crank shaft brasses; one
Beauty iced nut; two Canada Pound
rj pumps, lU2'\l, with leu feet
ol \\ iu. suction bosc; two Canada
Koumlry pumps, 2\.i\2, om* h [n
Parker vise; one Millers Kails breast
thill XXX; one li in. Trimo monkey
wrench; five brace jacks, three chopping lots, 600 It. E, rods; one 30
H.P, vertical boiler; one Shelve
wheel; one beauty cylinder head; one
Beauty feed screw; six casting bits;
two four lb. hammers, one sel
Brown's tongs; one set babbits hr
t'.(J. drill; one sot crank shall
Por lerms and conditions of aalc
apply to the undersigned or his solicitors.
William W. Douglas, Mortgagee.
I tarvey,     Met 'arter,    Macdonald    A
Macdonald,      His      Solicitors,
Cranbrook, B.C. fil-tt
Canadian Pacific
Christmas and New Year
ltd ween nil stations Port Artlmt
lu Vancouver nntl Branches.
Going links Dec, 21, l'.lll to
Jan, 1,1!U2. t'innl Uetnrn l.imil
•Inn. 5th, 11112.
Por further particulars npplj to
neurest Agent, or In
It. li. McNEILLIE,
District Pu»H0g«r Aaenl
Calgary, Alberta
Q. B.
»   Large assort inent of Xmas
|    Fnncy Hoxi-g just  nrrivecl
ii Campbell & Manning |
See their Display
Vsncouversnil N.lson
B. C- Aiit-iua
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
I Campbell & Manning:
« *
Ht* * ****** 9 4 4 4 ******** 4 4 4 4 * 4 4 4* ****** 9 9 9 * 9 **W
Phone : Suvuiottr 7030
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two htindreil elegantly furnisli.il rooms. Every modern
ontivenien.'e. Klevator service. Uafe in cpnneotion. Rooms
$1.00 per iluy ami upwards.
Up-country visitors lo the Terminal City will Iiml every
convonienee nntl (.nnfort nl the (Irnuville Pnlnco, special
nttentinn heing |>:iid tn their wants
Bvory cure nml comfort
A  11111110  from  home
Special intention in caaea .,1
Maternity, Rheumatism
■niul i'lii'iiinoiiia
Terms  motlerate
MKS. E. BfiNT, Mslron.
I'.o, ii .i piioiia ar:i
Physicians and Surgeons.
IBlca it  Resides!**,   Arm.trunl  Iti
Furetiimn^ - - . . ft.oil to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - - 7.30 t„   « ;io
iSumlnys .... J.30 to   4.30
ORANBROOK 11    ■:    1;    11    H   c
I to 13 a.m.
1 lo   6 p.m.
7 to   8 |i in
ciKut In ni'iv Ri'lrl Block
URANBROOK -       -       - B  c
Oranbrook and Fort Steele
iRKimrins li'.iiivit.n
[tasW Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.   land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■     B. C.
Aslfor Halcvoo LITHIA WATER
For family use tliere is nothing
ao wholesome ami ao pure aa
W.  It   Beattf. Funeral DtraeO),
Cranbrook B. C.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 269 Matron.
I'. O. Hus *l"i    Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown nml Bridge Work
a specialty,
Olliee over t". Parka Hardware
Slore. Baker Street
Phone No. 200
Van Horn.. Btreal     opposite   Depot
«   ■  ■■■!
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 84
A F.  *  A.  at.
t^^'i V   ili'sular meetings oa
/   »*M^      t|1(!   u,|r(1   Thuredar
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
A. 0. Shankland, W.M.
13. Vi. Connolly, Sucretary,
Oresoekt l.tiiHii: No. M
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesdaj at s p.in. a.
Fraternity Hall.
T. (!. Jones, c. c.
.1. Id, Hoyes.k. ol 11   N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Meet, in    Fraternity Hull Fust and
Ttiird  Fridays
T. Fraser, E. t'.
M. MacKinnon, M. R. ami L'.
\isiting sisters cordially invited.
Meet, eiety Monday
night at Now Fraternity Hall. Sojourning oddfellows cordially Invited.
I. A. Fergus-,,,, w. M. Harris.
N- 0- Seo'y.
I 0.0.F.
Meets fust and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
usitiug brothers.
Officers July 1st to Decembei ;iut.
C. I'.-H. Clayton.
Scrlbe-W. M. Harris.
No.  1>.
Meets every aecond and   fourth. Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    Hetiekab.  cordially Invited.
Miss Ada llickenholbau.S.Q.
Miss M. Htcken'jothaui, Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at •
p.m. sharp
Wm. Anderson, chiel Ranger.
L. Bent. Secretarv
Visiting brethren made weloome.
Oarrtu » full itock of
Repfttn for ftboVfl alwiiyt*
in f>toi.*k
Meets in Carmen's Hall first    and
third    Thursday of   eacb month    at
p.m. sharp.
Mrs   Lulu Hay ward,  RfC. Sec.
VV. B. M'.Farlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦s#*»*»f
Presbyterian CburcD
Sunday morning service at II
Sunday    evening     service   at
"30 o'clock
Sunday       School   and     Dibit
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian    Guild,  Tuesday,
at s o'clock
| Baptist Cbuvcb
I'astor, II. S. Speller.
I'arsonsge, Norhuiy Avenue.
'I'bone, 214.      P. O. Bos 117.
itegular Servicti — Sunday, tl
am. and IM p m., Bible
School with Young Ladlse'
Philetbea and Vouog Man's
Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Monday,    Young Peoples',    I
. P.m.
Wednesday, Mld-Week Mefltnf,
A cordial Cbrl.tlan welcome '
to all.
President : T. S. (imi.
fiecretary: B. Maefioirai D
, For iii[.,itiiati.,n regardlog land. ,
, and agriculture apply lo the i
. Hecretary, Cranhrook, B. 0,
Everv SSCOOd Wedneaday
^aJUiliat. oven es vcans-
AND CHEMIST.-Charges: OoH,
silver, copper and lead, II each;
gold-silver, J1.50; silver-lead, 11.50;
gold*sllver, wllh copper or lead,
12.50; zinc, 12; silvcr-lead-r.ine, 13.
Prices for other metals on application. P. O. Roi CD., 1101, Nelson, R. 0. 41 tf
l|.„;.e.M,'.ir' .i-M.'i!"..!. HAKOBDDK'*"l,":*'.t«
■rm fr«**. 'tl-l«l *f»< ** f"{.*'-■■ 1.1* "";"'i'VM
lj.i, ii' r .h,', telltioutCliHrt/O. lath*
Scientific American.
a kudtwaMr ni"»»f*i(*<i *»TwMr.   tvg* <£
iilkli.ni nl i*nj   e-u-iittii'    , ■■'■«■■     '*'*V'\ '.**;
i'*.ti*.i». UM » 1*»f, VWUtt Vm*wk\   "M"'1 "T 10
Only Two More Shopping Days
Before Christmas
The Rush is on, the Good Things are being Snapped Up.
Better Arrange to Shop Early To-morrow and
Saturday Morning
Below we offer a few suggestions which may be of use to you in making your selections for Christmas Remembrances
In the Grocery Department
French Mushrooms Peas and Asserted    Jumbo Spanish Queen Olives
Vt'iri'talilis in Glass,
liloby'i California Asparagus
Llbby's    Hawaiian     Kveless-Cnreles
French Cherries in Marlsohino
French Cherries in Cremo de Mint
Sharwood'a Melange
Sharwood'a Truffles
Sharwood'a Indian Chutney
Held, Murdoch's (Hive Salad
Dillard's Relish
I*«■> al Mint Sauce
French Asparagus in (.luss
Nut Stuffed Olives
l'uit- Italian Olive Oil
Old Mission Ripe Olives
Crosse & RlackwoH's Pickles
Nine Crown Layer Figs
Ten Crown Layer Raisins
Sis Crown Layer Huisins
Cadbury's English Chocolates
Webb's Plum Pudding
Cros-se & BlackwcH's Mince Meat
And every variety ol fanned and
green Irults, canned and green vsg«-
i ables iiiiii Fink's Sweet Brier Butter
nnd Meals.
The China and Glass
Contains all the Newest I lesions in
Itoyal Crown Derby
Itoyal Worcester
Itoyal tiraftou
Itoyal Doiiltou
Itoyal Suhl
Wedgewood's Art I'hiua
Foley's Souvenir t'lilna
('o|H*laii,l'H Knglish Bone Cliisa
Alnslcy's Knglish Hone China
Ilavilanti's Limoges China
Strauss I.imoges China
l.a/rrous Itoscnvcldt China
Nippon Hand Painted China
Nippon Children's Novelty Chinu
I.ibby's Cut (llass
Hohemian Klched (llass
Full Crystal Finger low!*
Wine lleeesters
Water flotlls. I
ess     1 llC   ess
Abounds in Beautiful and
Useful Article* Suitable for Gifts
Carpels, Huns, Mats, Lace Curtains,
Tapestry Curtains, Tahle Covers,
White Hid Spreads, Blankets, Down
and Cotton Quilts, Pillows, Beds,
Dressers, Chiffoniers, I>n«sing Tab'*
les, Hall Seals and Glasses, IMuinir,
Tables and Chairs, lludels, China
Closets, Serving Tables, Parlor Tables anil Cabinets, Music Cabinets,
Parlor Chairs and Sets, Library
Tables, Hook Cases, Kasy Chairs,
Lounges, Smokers and Sewing
Tables, Sewing Machines
The  Men's   Department
This year excells all former years  in  tlie  variety
Christmas offerings.    In this department you
will find on display the very newest
and   very   best,   Reliable,
Plain and Kasc? Shirts
rudei wear
Initial Handkerchiefs
Fancy Ties in Individual Roses
Fancy Suspender    Sets in Individual
Fancy Motor Suarf. in all Colors
Fancy Sill.     Mufflers ulth Ties
Dressing Gowns
lliilh Holies
Smoking .luckeis
Mllllnrj  Brush Sell
Fumy Leather Collar Baits
rniipic Tie Hacks
Filled Bags und Suit Cases
Cuff Links and Tic Pin to Mulch


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