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Cranbrook Herald Jun 20, 1912

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Array ■s*
't"r« 21.,,
J UN 556 19-2
Wa ara well equipped to
turn out tha but clam
ol work.
In tha HeSfi
Oar   Loca
10c. a
KO. 25
The cloning session of the (Irand
Lodge iif OiM Follow, nf liritisli Columbia "ore signalled by tlw tsx-
cliaiow nl greeting, lietween the lle-
liekuli iissemlily, glltlMircd In tlio K.
el I*. hull, and Hn' (Irani! I..mIk.> iis-
HHllllul In the I 0.0.h". llllll, u llulc-
Katlnii Irom the lurnier visltini-, ihe
11 rami Lodge in the morning, .ml u
il.1i.il ii Iii si ol three, I'li't. tlinu.l
Muster* (illiiii.ii', l.uw ami II. A.
Anderson, from thu latter Indue vis-
ililiK the ItelN'knli Aswinlily during
tlw urlcniuon lol II*' silllie purpiinc,
Uh. exelhttHT,! ot felieitotloim mneiit
inn Unit, spirit til i;iii*I lellowship
whieh already exists between Hie two
It wa. ilcclihsl by tho iiniiiilnious
decision nt tlw (Irani l,c*V Ilut Hie
grand secretary, K. Davey, should he
sent as a delegate to thc session ol
the Sovereign (Irand Lodge, which is
to meet at Winnipeg on Iheeiiiliei 20
next,; where ho would aet us representative at the Secretary's Association nf the (Irand I,odge.
Appointments made during tlw alternoon included llev. E. O. Miller
a. grand chaplain ol Hie Orand l.udga
and F. Foriwri as district deputy
grand master (or Victoria.
In ciirmcctioti with the financial
statement which wa. read during the
alternoon, tne funds cl thc order ap-
prarrd to be in a most flnurlaliing
condition., and it was decided, in order to avoid tbe accumulation ol too
large a surplus, to reduce lho per
capita tax Irom SI.10 annually to
tl.imi. The total cash received and
naW lo tlw (rand treasurer during
lhe year was (7,730.03. Thc estimated revenue ol the Orand Lodge lor
the next year i. $11,005.37, tlw expenditure $5,1142, whieh leaves a
balance in tlw hand, of the grand
treasurer ol $5,253.37. The expenses
ol the present session were $2,-tA2 as
compared with $3,750 at Cranhrook
last year, although a larger number
of deVegales were present.
The Odd Follows' home lund was
resorted to be increasing, although
up to lhe present time there appeared to ka ao one In nml o. tbe proposed oeviistanee to be obtained (rom
such an laatitution. During the year
II73.M had been added to Uw previous total of thus lund, $l2,»7o.02
now standing as the total, which
may lw devoted to this purpose
whenever Ihe need is felt Inr the
rrcclion of such an institution.
The election tal officers result.*! as
(Irand Master—IV. X. .lnluislone.
Deputy Grand Maaler-Ri Dudley,
".irand Warden — 11. White, Cranbro. k.
(irand Treasurer-** D Dempster,
(Irand Secretary—K Fftvey, Vie
tor la
Orand Repienentalive—A. M. Poise!, Vitnroiiver.
On Saturday evening last tlw regu
lar monthly iiiei'i iny, of Uw Cran
brook Welricl Farnwr.' Institiiti
liKaV plaer, tla-re being a luirly re- i
pii-M.itatue gathering. Alter routine
business had 'been dtaposi-d of the
piesidciit Introduced Mr. Fn.icli, tlie
representative  ul Uw dcuurllllflll      ol
agriculture, at Sainton Arm, who ad
ilicsM.I Uw m.riing uu iirigaliiui
and trail growing Among the many
practical tiiiMiiiiHtiilatinns ol Mr
Fiemli we rented tlw lolltiwing
Vtlwn- water is prealllul moat Ini-
gat.us cir in using lim inm-h to Ihe
inimi ol Ila* product from lhe stand
point ot quality and also by render
lag I mi and plants Ino twit to survive the winter. Mr French pointed
out kow caanttial 11 I. that Iruit
wood should be thoroughly ripened
belore severe weather or much loss
will be simtalaed.
Ile atrongly retimiimixlcd a rover crop to be .owed ta .luly (o take
np surplus moisture and plant lood
and lw plowed down next spring,
lie ad locate.! a careful levelling ol
Uml lo be irrigated even il It seemed
a cosily process, as otherwise the
lower portions were aim,*.! certain
In become alkaline, owing lo the Im-
posslWllly nf wetting llw higher
spots without ovei wuterlng the lower.
Mr. French laid great, .tress on tlw
seed lor cultivation of Ibe soil on all
later tilled crops a. stum aa It was
atmidble In get upon I'w null alter
life speaker thought It. would rarely be necessary to Irrigate young and
eiureo), Iruit Irera more than once lu
• aana aa m *nme* Ml la   Ikla
district, but would advise more Ire-
quent applications to bearing stock.
Considerable discussion ensued when
Hie question ol nursery stock awl
tlio methods ol nurserymen shipping
into lliis district were touched upon,
and It was evident that in not a lew
rases planter, have been imposed upon, either wilfully or through care
lenities., by nursery firms, or else by
reason ol total Ignorance ol our con
iHllons uud seastms.
It seemed io lw tlw sense ol Uk'
mivtiiHe that Mr. French would be doing a li'iendly net by etnphasl/nig this
stale ol affairs in his communications with these people,
At Hie close ol his talk Mr. French
was asked u number al question, as
lo (Mails ol work in dinVreut district, and after answering these to
the satis.aotlon nl all concerned gave
place lo Mr. Terry, wbo addressed
Um. gathering on poultry matters.
In tbe course of hi. remark. Mr.
Terry stated many ol the reasons
why some people do not find poultry
ruining profitable and atrongly advised anyone who felt himself called to
lw a chicken fiend, without previous
experience, to take at least six
montb. in the breeding aeaaoa and
work on a siiccesslul plant, nothing
else would get trim as much valuable
knowledge Inr the nine price.
Lack ol room wa. one great stumbling block, too many fowls on a
small patch ol ground, causing
fouling ol the soil and once disease
breaks out it is universal In tbe Hock
More it ean be checked.
A new man on clean noil very often uMaioed exceptional results lor a
year or two with very moderate care
and arguing Irom the same tor the
future, doubles or quadruples his
Hock without doubling his care and
accommodation, result, are disappointing, when as a matter ol laet it
was the only logical eonclusko in t In-
light of experience that could be ex-
Voung chick, should always be
In-lit on Iresh soil.
Alter .lune cultivated Mill heats sod
lor raising ground.
Poor .rock is ihe great difficulty
Is-g-hrncrs have to contend with. See
stock if possible More buying. II
possible see them In winter and see
il tlw egg basket i. gettiag lairly
well OIM each day. If ao, chance*
are you also can gel egg. trom this
slnrk in winter, don't buy stock
where no winter egg. are obtained.
Start with good equiiment, .get the
highest grade nl incubator, on the
market. None ol Idem are as good
as they will be, lor there I. .till
mui* to be learned about incubation.
Mr. Terry preferred hot air ma-
I'hincs for incubation.
Use hens only lor breeders, breeding from pullets deteriorate. the
Keep flock free from *Mt and
cripples. Cut out Inbreeding, it
brings small eggs, weak stock and
infertile egg*.
When starting gel the best .train
< litninable.
Kits! outs lor heavy stock in win-
ii'i, use shorts instead ol bran lor
dry mash, get corn eves il high in
price for evening leed In coldest
Mr Ierry took some ol hi. aud-
ihhv by surprise by rmimmending
snow instead ol waler In cold weather. From several years practice, he
says, II begun a. soon a. snow arrives and kept up it produces no
evil .meets and hi severe weather prevent. Ihe I Having of Uw wattles, almost sure lo ensue after a fowl
drink, waler, a. the waler on thr
wattles iiiiiiiiallnlely, bexxjene. Ice and
Irccring Ihe wattles cause, the bird
lo abstain trom leed lag on account nl
pain and egg productioa ceaaea at
once. The mow being dry dors aot
.nils-re and thus trust bites are prevent,*!.
Speaking ot ready mixed poultry
locals Mr. Terry did not seem to
(unci buying such as eoatained the
grll also, lw seem, to neve an Idea
that ei ushnl rock or gravn) 1. Ion expensive at three cent, a sound and
Mr. Terry gave all poultrymen   ot
tin' district warning to be oa     the
lonkout    for blackhead    In turkey.,
which has already rulaed  the turkey
business in llbnde l.land and ll pre-
si.il now In   every province ol   Canada and one    case, on a place will
'contaminate tbe  whole aad eventual-
iljr clean mrt all Ite poultry oa H.
I   The secretary ol Ite Institute, Mr.
S.    Macdonald,   brought   forward a
(owl which had died suddenly    that
day and   being opened by Mr. Terry
he prietiotenceil cause of death lo have
Keen cnngcstlm ol oviduct, and point
ed out tn thoac present tbe difference
in appearance trom a healthy bird.
Tbe many young lady triends ol
Mis. (lladys (lesklll are preparing to
give ner a shower nn next Saturday
alternoon from 1 to I. The aa-
notencement ot ber engagement to .1.
Aiken, waa recently made. Tbe wedding will lake plan ite Mat ol    Ite
oic mm. but
II. C. PLANS    TO HAVE 100 l.IN-
the ribs and sUiniacli lie was not iletermine this point
able to stun,! il. During the fust [ Si/e nf Incubators.—The question is
nuiml there was very little to cltoost! joften asked as to the most, suitalili'
between the   better    Imxing ol Null, size ot Incubator to lmy.    This,    ol
Lelhhrldgc, Alia., .lune 10.—The
provincial ilKi'luy ni Itritisii Columbia will be out' oi tht! most ai tract iv,-
features ol Uw big DryFunmsi Product*. Exposition hero nest October,
reservation having been made Iiy Deputy Minister ol Finance ami Agriculture W. E. Sei.lt lor mu lineal
feel space and u depth ol ut least 'ill
Writing) Chairman .1. W. McNicol ol
tbc f.posititii committee, Mr. Scott
says Ihat It is planned to bring lo
x-thbridge one ol tlw finest exhibits
■ver gutlwrml in Western Canada ol
an extensive ami dlicrsificl nature, I
the feature ot which will lw llw Iruit
grown without Irrigation ami specimens of the timber tor which tlw
province is famous. Thc Iruit exhibits will probably lw sent Irom
here to Chicago and New York land
shows, and it is expect,.! that fully a
carload ol choice apples will lw collected Ior this exhibit.
(Mir exhibit will be made more
witb thc Idea ol showing tlw resources and potentiality ol our province
than lor competition," says Deputy
Scott. "We do not have In view Uie
competing for prizes offered tor dry-
farmed products exclusively, because
we have.only a very limited territory
in which tbe precipitation is less
than 10 Inches. But much nl our
Iruit and some ol our vegetables are
grown by dry-farming methods, and
we desire the world to sec what we
are producing, and we certainly leel
that we shall win the merit ol
praise ol all delegates to tlw Dry-
Farming Congress."
II. N. Wlnslow, horticulturist ol
tlw department ot aur'cultnrc, writes
that lw is arranging to collect an
unusually large exhibit nl Iruit and
tbat he has advised all commercial
organizations in Uw various districts of British Columbia to make a
display and will personally supervise
tbe gathering ol Ite Iruit exhibit.
nml Un* heavier hitting of Carver. In
the boooikI Carver hail Uie best ot
tlif exobanges for Un insl ndnuto
ami a half after which Nntl evened
■ jl> matters witli n couple of ologant
clips io fix* }aw. WaWbtag Nutt in
Ms corner il look-il doubtful if tin
could      lust      aiiyllmii;       ilko lifU-rn
rounds, Honors wen' about even
for the Iirsl minute ot the tliinl session when t'aiMi jabbed liis left to
Uw ribs si'iitlinii   Niul tt. tin*   ropes
Jii-ill Carver's nniii. Tin* oil), was
not a lurd one to look at Imt Suit
lowered liis left leaving himself wide
open. Carver saw lo.-, chance uud
the right came wbl'/.Zlttg over, landing fair on Null's jaw. Down be
went on bis face, At tin* count ot
untie, like the dead game tail he is, lie
foogbt terribly tn stagger    to    his
feet. It wat, not. to he. Alter a
few moments In- held out bis hand
to his fellow countryman, admitting
Ih* bail met bis superior,
The contest was, aceoi'ling to Uie.
public verdict,' "all right." A tritle
too abort., perhaps, hut still thut is
nil part ot the game, Cranhtrook can
do with more contests of tbe same
kind uml run on the same Un.s pro-"]
viilt-d tlie name of .llm Hales ts associate with them as a guarotrtpe of
tbe square deal.
(Iraat Falls Paily Tribune, Friday
.lime 7: Roosvllle Falls, one of the
most, interest ime and scenic s|Hits in
the whtde Tobacco Valey, is now
Ihe meeea (or many picnic and sight-
seeing parties from Kureka. Some
day soon the utility as well as
tmuty of this gift of nature will be
specially wogni/wl. and the Koos
ville end ol Tooatvo valley will grow
in value thn ugh settlement and in-
tmsivr cultivation ol the soil at an
ania'.mg rate. Some ot the richest
soil In Tobacco Valley is found on
lhe Roosvllle bench lands, and there
ht an abundance of pure water, mah-
im; It doubh attractive to the
home seeker.
Fishing in Tobacro Valley streams
is n*p* rtrd to be eiceHent, some nice
catcfara of char and troot having been
reported within lhe past few days.
Calgary real estate men bought
3700 acres near Roosville last week
I will subdivide into 10 acre
I Austin sold Ms 40 acre tract
joining Koosville to a Fernie real
estate man on .lune 14th.
wifTirl ino
.llm llaten prnnilned Ibe public
I'mi tbe Carver—Nutt conle.1 wouU
be an lllii.t ration of good, clean,
manly sport. It I. moat satisfactory to he able to say that tb
promise was luinilwl to Hie letter.
Tte content waa aet lor Mtecn
rounds but had mehed hut the
arvond minute ul Uie third round
wbn the K. o. went over Irom Career and Nutt wa. In the land ol Ite
drow.y punch where many ■ gxiil
man proceeded him hy the name
Carver appeared In hare Ibc belter
of the Wright by Irom four to aeven
pound., a serious handicap , whero
men rank a. light weight.. In coalition he was entirely Nutt'. auperior,
in hi. middle section opecially
which looked like a spring mattress
ot musile. Carver I. a veteran ot
sonojlhing like a hundred ami sixty
bottles during bi* time in the Kng-
li*ti navy and lights with Ite light
nt battle In hi. eye. Null i. a beau-
lilul boxer and on points would pm-
baMy beat Cum, hut wben tt lame
lo hud ■Ultai awl leiilbla .Up. to
A I'l-M'iiuuiy linli|ue ill tbi' tiislury of
fruit |irowilig liNik iil.ui' at liiimli'lii,
near Mniiisliuin, Ont., lust Saturday. A iimiiiilni'lit wan imielisl lo
an apple trie. Tlie farmers ol liiin-
tius county by popular subscription
have placed a marble si one close to
tlie spot where stiiniis ilu- original
Mcintosh lied apple tree tbal sue-
elimbed only recently a-ter liraiine;
llie storms mnl its cncuii.-s fur over
mu' liuiiilrnl years.
About li'i years ago, '.lolin Mcln-
tie-li, wlio came li t'anada willi tin'
I niUal Empire loyalists, and settled in Matilda tow-nohip, lotin,! u
a,itti.ta.-r ol appli- lr,rs while clearing
a place lor a home, thte ol lliem
produced Iruit of sucli superior color
:ni,l quality that he named it the Mc-
Intosh lied. It sium attractisl attention and his son Allan propagated
irom it and commenced to disseminate the variety. In recent years ii
bas been widely circulated, and now
is planted in all parts ol the contin-
nt where apples nourish. In 18t)(i tlie
old tree was partly injured by fire,
but i-ontinned to bear on one side
unlil l»nn, when it tailed forever.
course, will lutgely depend upon the
buyer's condition ami intentions; and
[irolialily where one's operations may
expand it is not wine to purchase   a
machine too small. Large machines
an* more ecommiral nf oil ami lal in
ami", for the egg capacity, usually
on (the other hand, the ordinary
farmers will not have sIlDlcleni eggs
to Oil u large machine, and it is
sometimes uu advantage to have two
small Incubators rather thau a largt-
ne of    Hie same   capacity. The eggs
un In* set fresher a rid, in ease of
accident, the egg" ure not ull in    tbe
me basket. Kor several years tlie
general average hatch of the two
sixes has been kept, ami the results
show thut  machines   Willi a capacity
if over 200 eggs "have not given as
ffood results a* those with a capacity
under 200 eggs, the general compari-
son being -IS.2 per cent inr the large
si/e and 54.1 per cent for tlte
Cooling and Turning—A general
average result of 10 per cent more
from eggs that were cooled while
bateliing over those that were not
cooled is the result of our experiments. Hnt-li were turned twice
Vimt ilation of Machine.—The experiments on ventilation of tlie machines are not complete, but indications points to the advisallillty of
keeping ventilation* closed for the
first few days or week and opening
for the remainder of the hatch This,
if course, is where the room is well
A number of experiments have been
conducted     at   Maidniiuld College,
(iuelph, some of which may I.e of Interest.
Koom Ventilation.—The rr^mi In
which Uie incubator is operati*-.!
sImhiM be well ventilated and not
ion warm. An even temperature
makes it easier to maintain an even
degree < f heat inside thc incubator,
hut a room at 60 degrees Is better
than one at 70 degrees or 80 degrees.
In this experiment three rooms wvn*
used. Itootn No. 1 had no ventilation, except what it eould get us Uie
attendant tntereil and left tla* room.
Ihif-m No. 2 had an electric fan going, and room No. t had a (on going
ami Uh* window* open The desire
WM lo ascertain the influence of
ventilation, not only in the hatch
hut In tlie vitality nf the chicks.
Tin* |K*rcentaf>* of tlie hatch was:
No. 1, 30.8 per cent; No. 2, fl».2 per
cent; No. 3, 81.1 per cent. The
vitality ol the chicks was: No. 1,
•14.S per cent; No. 2, 87.8 per cent,
No. 3, 81.0 per cent; demons!rating
most clcady that in order to get
the Irest hatch ventilation ot thc
room is necessary, und also that
chicks hatched in a well-ventilated
room have,more vit-Jity. In this
ease there was double the number ot
chicks from the ventilated room.
Coal 041 in the Room—Not only
should the room have an abundance
of ventilation, but according to
another experiment tlte coal oil can
or barrel had better Im- kept outside
the room iu which the incubator is
rimnlng ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Machines running in the room in
which tbe oil   tank was kept      ami
♦       —
Kim   m-:w  school minuses
This week contracts were awarded
for the erection of the two new pttn-
lie school buildings in this city.
Messrs. Waller ami Liddie* at! secured ttie contract for the two roomed
school to he erected in tlie s,,tith end
if the city, and Oeo. II. l-vask was
awarded the contract for the manual
training school to be erected on the
block cf land occupied by the presenl
public school building. Work mi
holh buildings will be started as early as pogsitle and pushed through to
Messrs. Baker and Banfleld have
lain awarded the contract for the
erection of Jim Bates* hotel at Hull
Itiver. Work on this building will
also he started at once ami ruslied
through aa speedily as possible.
Another building that will he underway shortly is new moving -picture
house on Norbury avenue, adjoining
(he Auditorium. It will be a frame
structure, thoroughly up-to-date in
ull its appointments. Messrs. .lohnson
brothers are having this new   house
I entertainment erected.
Despite the wet weather last Saturday afternoon, upwards «■( thirty
Itoy Scouts gathered at the Mtn's
Club gymnasium promptly at 3 p.m.
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather the youngsters devoted tbeir
attention to indoor sports, cnjnyiti-g a
good game of basket ball and all
kimls of exercises In tlie gyuinjsium.
Short addresses were given by Acting .Scout Master l-eslie and his assistant , Rev. Mr. Dunham. Tb *
Scouts will assemble at the same
time and place next Sat unlay (or an
noting, wben a second visit will he
paid to Rcout Master l-Wo*'^ rum-lie
A true horn Scout
Senilis Uie Notion
Tlmt Scouting is
A military motion.
makes for   the   settlement's      pros- feat in that campaign.
perity and progress. I    Two years later,  however, Mr. Mc-
Sevtn new private residences are Bride was elected member ol the
under way just at present, and tlie British Columbia legislature from
new brewery is beginning 'o assume Dewdney, receiving an overwhelming
siilistantial proportions, popular vote.      When   tlte provincial
Mr. Pred Spenoo has been government was formed in June,
appointed secretary of the citizens mon, he was given the portfolio ol
committee, to whom JI correspond* minister of mines, but resigned m
ence should be addressed. September, 1901.
Slatervilians are proudly watching Iti 1»02 Mr McBride distinguished
tlie progress of their community and himself as leader of the opposition
do not hesitate to suggest that     the   His most distinguished  service,  how
day is not far distant when ''un*
Inimk will Ite proud to 1)0 taken
within her limits. Tn any event
this will Work out une way ot the
other, r.itjicr (•ranbrook will at.
sorb Slaterville or viee Verso and in was
the meantime Cranbrook has noUiing  tori;
hut gnnl   wishes    for
ucccss of Slaterville
ever, and that for which his name
will receive recognition, has been 80"
n-mplislied sitae lie become prime
minister. June 1, 1908, At Uie
general election of 1907 the premier
lected ai tlie rnetnlh-i for Vic-
cit>,     ami at  the  general elec-
A mooting of the directors of the
Cranhrook District Agricultural a«-
Hociation took place last Monday
evening at Secretary 1\ DeVeie
hint's olliee-., when several nutters
affecting the successful carrying out
if arrangements for the coming Kail
Fair were under discussion. The chief
matter discussed, however, was Finance Minister Price Ellison's failure
to tome throUfgh with prmnlsed finan-
t ial assistance" It was pointed out
that since Cranbrook's cum> bail been
laid before the minister, upon whk-lt
occasion he promised to deal gener
mi sly with ot, be lus promised ap-
piiipriutif.n, to othei fairs, in no
way littler entitled ic government
assistance than the Cranlgook fair
The whole matter was thoroughly
threshed out and a committee appointed to wire immediately, demanding prmnpe response, as upon failure
to secure reasonable assistance it
would lie necessary to forego tbis
year's exhibition. A reply received
later, indicated that the finance minister was out of Victoria, but promising that lie would give immediate
attention lo Cranbrook's demands
upon his return.
It is really essential tbat the finance minister should bestir himself in
ihis matter. Last year he promised
substantial financial assistance to
the Cranbrook exhibition and be
again made a similar promise catty
in the present year, also again to a
deputation that waited upon him a
few weeks ago. Hut so far there *has
not been a word of a definite nature
received from him in regard to tlie
amount to be allotted to this ei-
hibitinn, thereby seriously handicapping the directors in their efforts to
organize the Best Exhibition Yet.
the Continued  M°n n( 1!*,,M  he was given the popular phtlgr of confidence* and       wm
—* chosen    to   represent Victoria     City
and Vale in (lie provincial legisla-
ure. Again this year he was
iumphaiitly returned to office,
Aside fnHii tbe office of premier.
Mr. McBride holds tin* portfolio of
minister of mines, » denartuient
which In* has devoted bis besi
Chicago, .tune SO —X'W outcome ot
yesterday's procewlings at tlw Republican nominating ooofenUoa onlj
made confusion worse eonta-tiide-i
Roosevelt delegates bolted tlw ere
dt-utial oomniittee, when ttiey eouhl
nol throw out Taft delegates. After
tbe belt the credentials committee
a-ttourih-d until this morning.
Rooaereft is advimng nis delrgates
to bold a separate oonventioa, if
tliey canoot secure all they are alter
[mm the Taft   controlled convention.
Itegina. Jane 18 -The third tegisla-
ttire ol the province of Saskatchewan
hai been dissolved and writs for a
p-nerat electicn were issued oo Mon-
day. Nominations will take place
on Thursday, .luly 4, sod polling on
Thursday,  July  11.     Tbe legislature
ust dissolved had a membership ot
11, but the next bouse, as a result of
a redistribution bill put through at
the last session, will have 54 members.
An official .iiii"»iiric,'iii!Tit wu made
lust werk nl ilie King's InrtM.y
Il.fliii.aint l*.ili n Roblin, pmiiii-r oi
Manitoba, and Richard Mcllnlr,
pri-tnirr of Hritish Coinmbia, arn
made Knii;lit t'ntiimandi'rs ol tli. i-r-
dcr ol St. Miihatl and St. (Iccrm,
iliiil.' Mr. John Mcllounald ol ihr
ili'imiion-lit ot customs and Pf,I.
■latiu-s Melville Malonn ul tbe ,'e-
iMttiiiitit id miti.li arc created i..*n*
IHililulis of the same order.
Mr. .losrph HiiMn, late chiel J .slice
ol Manilolia, Is created Knuh-. II:. 1.
Inr, and Mr. William Hum Wa ner
il lhe cxivrmil .l.-i.aitii',iit ha.i nrtn
admit ted to the iiiijaiiul Scrm-c I'r-
Ttap resMleols 11 Slaterville met on
Tuesday rvenirue, to diseiis* ..-„ral
matters lor llie good and wellare nf
their growing community. Among
older matters up lor discussion was
Ihe water supply It was decided
to immediately pay up ttie tkilalice
ill.' Uin city lor in*Ullati<m. Steps
were taken to arrange lor Ure pro
tn'tiim, by the installation nl hy
ilrants and the purchase ol hose.
Application will at one lie ma.li
to the provinciil government lot additional   road    w,,rk and the layimt
where the lamps were tilled gave       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I' overage halch   ol in.fi i«?r ciiil,    a.'down ol   new sidewalks, wliere
against an gverngo hnlrli ol 61.1 per'quired.
,ccnt    In    lhe sntne   klml ot a room!   Slaterville   is    growing apac
ivIIIkhii   tlie ul       II is   not known llie
] Hhellier lhe chicks Irom the one room the retirements
lion.  Rirli.nl
. A., is a sun
Mary    McHride,
Columbia, tli*'
Mcllride,   I.I. II
ul Arthur II.     and
pionisTs ol     liritisli
tainilv rcsidh;      at
lly direction ol the Hon. Martin
Hurrell, minister of agriculture, a
timely bulletin on r»»-l<eeping has
been issued by the lederal department
of agriculture. According to a
statement ol the author, Dr. 0. Oordon Hewitt, Dominion entomologist,
tbis work has hem prepared to meet
a very persistent demand lor inform
ation by persons who wish to learn
how to begin and to continue tbe
industry of apiculture. It waa tlw
I lurther object of the author to in-
' crease the number ol -jtv-keeper. in
Canada by indicating the advantages
ol l,r.-kee|mii,' It 1.    punted out
ihat bee-keeping returns the direct
profit ol a honey crop and the Indirect one ol improvement to yield, ol
clow seed and Iruit. It, is oleeri-
rd that a bullock alter being M and
cared lor during ao entire winter will
not realize much more than Ute produce if a colony of hen in a single
season. Beginners are recommended
to start on a small scale with ooe or
two hives increasing the number annually as experience 1. gained. This
treatise ol 4 pages, which is helpfully illustrated, cover., In plain
language, the whole field ■•! auiciil-
ture, including; equipment, management, the production of honey aad
VOX, disea.es, legislation of the various province* against bee diseases.
elc It I* designated "The Honey
lice," llnlletin No. 1, Division ot
Int.iinolofT and No. **, Einerlmw-
' tal Farms Copies may he had
Irre by applying to the Publications
Branch, Department ol Agrlcultnre,
New Westminster at tlie time ol Uie I
birth ol Ur future piemier 'Ici-culiei j
It, I.Jti.
He attend,*I the   pilldic and
sihools ol     New   Wcstmlnsu'r,
pleting his ginerul education in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
IhillmiKii' tniversity, llaliluv, SS*,I l'nder the auspices ot the Womrn*.
where lie achieved distinction as nn Institute Mrs I. K. Davies, ol Van-
apt ami thorough scholar, *.r.iilii>tli:ig comer, graduate ol Warwick Agrl-
wilh ll.' class of 1110 anil receiving nil Hire College lor l.sdies, will give
tlie degree ol Bachelor ol U.S. two  lectores    on    Wednesday, .lune
l>m leaving colhire In- read law Jtith, In the alternoon at 1.M on
under T. C. Atkinson aud linn. " n- thc lawn ol Mrs. Murgatroyd'* re-
gus .1. McCnll. li, .lul,, mj, Mi. siilenc.', Armstrong avenua Sub-
Mi llride was ciill.il |„ the hat, ' x-i'i: "Flnrlriiliure   lor Profit      aad
in pnlilical l.-liri Ihi was always  a Pleasure."    Ice cream and cake wilt
lii-an-nii     Ci nservalive ol a      must  lie served alter the lecture.     In   the
prnnrissiic wclem type. In H!'0 ho evening at » o'clock Mr.. Davies will
ami I was put lorward to cdnteat the West- li-cture in lhe  Carmen's hall.    Sub-
Profit."   Etery-
Mr. and Mrs. .1  O. Cumntrogs have
'returned Irom a prolonged and   wry
higi enjoyable visit to the old country.
ii-tldentii are tl.irnughly allvr to'niinst.i ilistticl lor . seat    In    the   nat'   "Poultrv   lur
nl tlU'lr town, ac- Inius.' "t nimmi.is. In spite ul lus one interested in either or both of
livid any heller thun those Irom the live commuters giving muih ttnrr ntrsonsl p^mlarlty, however, lhe ton above lecture. Is heartily ■»-
other, as an record, were turpi      to'sad atlwUaa  lo evciythlag       thal,Ci*i«'iiatlie cauw weal down la dr . vited to attend THB  CRANBROOK   HERALD
Herald Butldin., Monlre.1
Pleaie scml mc full |iartlcuU'r* uf
die 1912 Fanner.' Pria Cnntnt, and
a tree copy ol ynur luml. "What Uie
Foraiei Can Du With Concrete."
h& one of the 108
Fanners who will receive
our Prize Contest checks?
HERE will be twelve cash prizes in
each of the nine provinces {108 in all)
in the 1912 Prize Contest for Canadian
Farmers. The 1911 Contest was so successful in awakening interest in the use uf Concrete on tlie farm, that a
second contest, in which three times as many prizes arc
offered, was decided upon for this year.
The Contest tlm year i» ilividcil into three clause*, "A,"
"B" ainl "(.'," anil there will h* four jinks in encli (las-*   (first
prlte, tSOi Second prize, $25;Third prise, flSiFoiIHh prise,(IP )
Thus there are three f 50 Prises, tliree^s Prtxesj three #1$
prises, uml three $10 Prise*, for **aeh *>»ovinte,
th Ctaii there will lie Pint. Second, Third and Fourth Priiei
\*.S,*, >25, fit, anil fin) for Each Province,
I I.A-i "A"     I'll*** lu be »w.iJrJ lu tlif liiuf liiui'Is In -i.lt  pmllKI  « I'"  UH-  «"-"
"i iiiJilj" I'niinil „.i lletii linn, in ihr fen l'/l.
U.AM*- "H"     I'pi/fi In l*e s-tsid-Jlulbr l.iur I irilMIt lit Ik'tl p(t'iliK'rwln,.-it.t photrj
i'>t'iii ct th* tW tone*tie mitt hn -.iiii   CtMw" Cement un tbth
CLAH '■('"— 1'il/niub-»-*irJfd to tlw ftW linn-ii In -s.it [.i,...i..-.-  wbo •(ml in
III- licit ,ffn nptwn. IHIilll   Im* lilt   tilnr ul cut-vi'tr  w.«fk  wi* June mill
"t'jfudj" Crmrril,     (Kuttlrt lu ibis yme inuil Or iu'<iiii|i.iiiir.l  \<i phulo
dtplii el iM woik.)
Don't think tlmt you mutt utea lar**e quantity of cement in order to
win a prize. The quantity of cement used tfofi not count iti Classes "B"
ami "C.       Many of last year's prize winner* iiieJ very little cement
\Vhen you enter the Contest, yon have a ehanee to win a cash
prize of >5U li well as the certainty that you will nil a fiimantal
improvemtnl to your farm. If you haven't a copy, he sure ami ask fur
nur book, "What the Fanner Can Do With Concrete." I( will not
only »uuije»t many improvements that vou can use in entering the Contest,
but willtcll you all about the uie of concrete on the farm.
'u.t wrltR i ..ur iii ii ir an J idtll'ii un tb* itu>l,r,! , uu|uii, vi ui- *
IwiUl tilil, iiiJ me »ill acluUtull puticulaU* ul llu* prize Cuuieir
llul l CM* ul "Wttil Ibc firiuff t*ii Ou Wilb I outlet*" *' ru»
Jlm.liiirl- tree.
Addr... PubUdty Mon.,.,
Canada Cement Company
501 Herald Bldf.    .    ■     Montreal
(Bj It. M. Wlnslow,, B.S.A., Provincial Horticulturist),
Tire very tavorahle weather whieli
has occurred LhtDtlbhoul llu* blooming season, iii'all tho fruit districts of
tht* province has favored the sell ing
of a very largo percentage tit tlu*
blossoms. Tboro aro very few troos
which will not have all the Iruit
they oarn carry, ami probably the majority of them will have more than
they can carry with profit. This
brings up the ((uostlon of tho thinning ol Iruit, a practice well recog*
tii/eil in tin; Stales to the smith of
us, but not yet. generally undofttood
throughout British Columbia, A discussion ol the inelltods ami results nl
lliiiiiiiiif, is at lhe present time very
much in order, because the wort
must In* undertaken iu the very mar
in discussing the question of ihiu-
ning, wo admit thai, ^i two may aol
more Iruit than it can possibly bring
to perfection, us tbo fruit-grower understands perfection. Nature cans
nothing, for the fruit except us a" aid
to produce seed; the orohardlst cares
nothing for seed except as tliey are
necessary to the production of fruit.
We wish each tree to carry all tho
fruit it ean bring to commercial perfection, and nn more.
At the same time, lhc,tree must
make new vegetative growth consist
cut with Its age and the variety.
Tlie third requisite is that il
should also form enough Iruit-spitrs
for a similar crop In the following
year. This ideal is the foundation
of our orchard practice.
When a tree is hi 111 11 Ing these re
qulrements it is performing lis maximum duty In tin* owner. If it (alls
short in any one ol them, lie is not
Retting bis maximum Of proiU, either
immediate or prospective, from It.
The removal cl some ol the, Iruit
at an early stoga in iis growth helps
materially towards securing the maximum duty of the tree in certain definite ways-
(1). The average size ',1 tbe fruit
left on the trees is mcreasnl, this i*j
the most obvious result nf thinning
Trees overburdened with fruit »ro-
duce a greater percentage of No. 2
apples. The Increase in si/e of the
remainder, after the first or second
pickings of Hui tie't pears is made, is
a Striking instance nf the increase In!
■Ue -Alien ihe number of fruits Is re-1
(2).   The fruit,borne    is mure uniform in si/e and shape, On the overloaded tree Ihere is    much variation
In size, and, especially where two or
more fruits remain on a spur,    Ihey
are variable in   sha|«* us well.     The'
fruits from tbe side,blossoms of   the
cluster are in many varieties      much}
different   from those from lhe center'
veiily   distributed and   more slowly
(I).   Thinning    Improves thc qual-
ly.      This is    especially   tlie   case
here the soil is deficient in moisture
i* planl-Iood.
(5). Tlie frciit is freer of diseases
mid insect pests, because wormy apples, limb-bruised cr diseased fruit of
any kind, cuu be removed at thinning"
lime. On plums and peaches in
moist regions, fruits 1 binned so that
ni two touch wben fully grown are
mi.eh freer of brown-rot.
(fi). Thc removal ol misshapen
fruit lowers the percentage ot low-
grade fruit.
(.7). Thinning prevents premature
t.ropping. A familiar instance is
ihat of tlie McIntoHb Bed, which Is
especially liable to drop where two
fruits are left on one spur. Premature dropping is quite largely due to
the inability of the tree to supply
moisture to an excessive crop.
im. Tht* load of fruit is more
evenly distributed, and this is a very
important feature in preventing the
breaking-down of trees.
(!>)*   The cost of picking Is reduced
• - usidiiuhly, and tire labor of picking is divided more evenly over thc
unison. This is an important ad-
-.utitage where the. supply of labor is
deficient iu picking-time, Costs ot
grading and packing are also much
110). Less fertility is removed
from the soil. A ton of apples takes out approximately 1.2 lb. of nitrogen, 1.8 lb. of potash, and 0.6 lb.
nf phosphoric acid. A ton of pears
removes the same amount of nitrogen and about twice, as much of   the
ther elements. The seeds take the
great hulk of these amounts, thc
pulp of the fruit taking but a small
portion. As the number of seeds is
inugl-Jy in   proportion to the number
• f apples, and not lo the si/e, ttie
removal of    fruits leaves a      much
■renter supply of plant-food for    the
.alance ol the    crop, for the growth
f ihe trees, and in the soil.
til). Tlte tree is less liable to
winter injury. Tbc ripening of tbe
heavy crop drains the vitality ot the
tree, so leaving it in poor shape to
withstand the winter. Trees bearing
moderate crops for which there is an
wlOquaU supply of plant-lood acid a
itdet-tiatc supply cf moisture have sut
litient vitality to ripen Uw crop, and
i<> ripen the fruit -thuds and new
shoots as well.
112). One of the most important
results of thinning is that the trees
will bear a larger ami more uniform
crop iln* following year. Tbe tendency
towards biennial bearing is materially reduced, much depending in tbis.
however, on the variety,
For various reasons, then, thinning
helps materially to secure tho maxt
mum duty from the tree.
As soon as Hie crop con l>e deter-
illiuni and the supply of l.itmr permit-, thinning shooid Im- commenced.
Start with those varieties1 which are
most advanced. (lenerally, apples,
pears and peaches arc thinned   when
blossom, usually being Hatter iu I about the 8i/o ol a hickory-nut, and
shape ami having u considerably Ion* I-the thinning should lie completed hc-
ger stem. Uniformity in attc and lore tbey are more than douMe that
shape is, an Important essential of i „|W.. On-the various plums the
commercial perfection. wnrk Bt,ouW ,)(l    er-mmencod as soon
(3). The color is materially bet- ilS possible after the, dropping, fami-
tered, more uniform, and comes ear- liarlv known as "the .June drop," Is
Her.    The remarkable Increase.     In over
color whieh occurs when n first pick- j    .\prieols,    cherries and crab,apples
heavily bearing   !|n. ,mt  usiialy   Ihimied by -hand, Ir-
. winter varieties,  cause thn    crop    which they are to
Wagoner, Iun bear is.n reasonably certain quantity•
this ami   can lie   Controlled to a greater
| ex I en l. than In lhe larger fruits     by
jliinper priming.       The Italian prune
ing is   made   from
trees of    even the
such as Jonathan and
nishes striking confirmation of
point.     While color seems large!
latod tn sunshine, it is n Wtll-lmoWn
fact   ihat on n    heovily loaded tree jond lhe peach    plum an* not umiallv
the Iruit hns less color, which is less -thinm-d, lieOatM normally the set ol
fnrft of Micse varieties   is not    groat
enough to warrant the expenditure.
To set rules for thinning is even
more difficult than to set rules Ior
pruning. The fruit-grower must determine tor himself just how much
crop tire tree will bc able tc carry
Much depends on the variety, the agi
of tire tree, its vitality, the soil
cultivation, climate and distriet. t n
der equal conditions the Wlnesnp
may bc thinned to, say, 5 inches,
where the .lonalhan would Ire thinned
tu fi or 7, and thc Northern Spy to
8. In climates sucli, as that i f Vancouver Island, where no irrigation is
available, and tire rainfall averages
about ball an inch per mouth dining
■the summer season, or one-fifth that
of tire average Ontario district, all
varieties are Ihiuiiodito a greater distance than in districts of greater
rainfall or where irrigation is available. In this district it is advisable
to thin many crops, the whole of
which could lie carried to advantage
under other conditions. Unhealthy or
diseased trees should not Ir expected
to grow as great a load ns those in
perfect health, while trees making
extensive growth may very well be
allowed to carry much more than
average trees Under the same* conditions.
By i ne rule which is practised to
some extent the grower sizes np all
lb.* conditions and determines how
many boxes of fruit the tree shnuld
carry. It is a small matter, then to
determine how many fruits there
should lie left on the tree.
Another rule which might Ire taken
iu connection with the previous one
is to thin plums to alt-out 2, 2\ or
3 inches;* peaches, 1 to 8, depending
(Hi tt» earHness ol the variety} pears
and apples, fi to 7 inches apart. In
thinning pears and apples, it is only
with early varieties tlmt more than
one should 1t> left on any fruit-spur,
and with these early varieties part
of the crop may bc removed in one
picking and tbc balance later. With
winter varieties of apples it is a
good rule to leave fruit only on each
alternate spur, to encourage annual
bearing. On slender twigs and on
wood ot tlw . past season's growth
(where many varieties bear heavily
in British t'olumbia) It Is well to
thin to a greater distance than on
strong fruit-spurs in tire body of tbe
tree. On the nut-side twigs nnd
sho.,ts tire hui I will average smaller
Ihan on tlie stouter branches; they
are unable to grow a close crop ot
Iruit lo perfection.
A very Important point, well Illustrated by tin1 Yellow Newtown aplle,
is that the center apple of lire cluster, ami not. tne of the side applet,
should reman. The ceiuter blossom
nl the duster comes out first; its
stem is usually shorter and stockier
than those of tire outside blossoms,
nml at the time of tliiuiiii.-', the, apple Is usually much lurgcr than the
otlrers nml on a shorter stem. The
center apple usually hangs better to
the tree, Is the typical apple ot the
Variety,, is, less liable to variation In
shape, and having n shorter stem is
diet ter for packing nml fnr appearance
Fruit-spurs vary greal ly In sl?c and
vitality; the best •spurs bear tire
best frnlu; the weaker spurs should
be glpen a chance to develop into
strong ones before next year's crop.
In the production of fancy fruit,
thinning pays, and pays well. It
moans,much in lire assurance of crops
of only high-class fruit. It is not
HMy tn la- of value unless tire orchard is Tight in the mntterg of
variety, fertility, cultivation, pruning and spraying; it is not likely to
give    good   returns   unless tire high
class article produced is projierly
packed ami marketed by business like
methods. Thinning is uu essential
feature of the new orchard-culture.
Present Indications are that this
year will sec the largest crop ol
tree-fruits British Columbia has yet
liad. Throughout the province from
Vancouver Island to the Kootenays
the apple, prune, peach, pear and
plum trees have been, full of blossom,
nud thcro has been no loss from frost
or unfavorable weather. Most of the
trees are certain, to have a heavy
load of fruit, of which very much will
Ire undersized unless, thinning is practise*!. It Is hoped that fruits-rowers will grasp tire situation rightly.
I'lie prices for undersized fruit are
never very remunerative. It is always
thu good, large, perfect fruits that
bring paying returns. This yonr the
difference In,price between fancy and
tow-grade fruit will be euipbasi/ed.
Large yields of fruit are promised in
Ontario, in the Middle States, Colorado, , California, Montana, Idaho,
Oregon nnd Washington, ns well ns
in British Columbia, The Nortb-
Western States, in fact, have the
bumper crop of their history;! ami
Ihey hulk to the ('niitMllan prairies t
huy a great deal ol it, ns times ate
good In Canada, while niuiuey b
scarce in the United Stales. Thi:
means that there will be plenty of
poor fruit for sale In our markets
without any from British Columbia,
and the returns [or this class of fruit
are bound to Ire low. Neither do the
canneries want small fruit; there it
no money in pic-pencttcs for any one
Every grower should resolve that bc
will not grow any peaches smaller
than "90's." Any shipper knows tbal
there will Ire no market for the small
stuff, and that even in the earliest
varieties we can grow, returns will
he unsatisfactory for the small
grades. Fortunately there is
good reason why any grower should
Imvo any percentage of the small
s zes to market.
It is unlikely that any fruit-grower
will thin too much; it is quite certain that most growers will not thin
enough. While the average man- may
Iwiow about thinning, In* is short the
nerve necessary to carry it out
Most of the growers in British Columbia have not yet had enough ex-
jrerience to realize the difference ii
profits on large and small size's.
Those men who see the situation
clearly ami who recognize the fundamental necessity fnr, adequate thinning use their Influence by getting
Iheir neighbors lo lake It up.
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We sucgest the West, because the West spells PROGRESS ! Here are the cities of
the future, when! hamlets existed a few years ago. Here are the towns which possess both
wit ami rail transportation facilities ! Here are the towns whose strategical positions ensure
them becoming large commercial distributing centres in the near future!   Here is
The Future Liverpool
of Canada
A Seaport of No Small Renown
So situati'il at the head of Alberni -Canal, on the West Coast of Vancouver I.liunl. its
importance as n sonport town cannot lie doubted, or too strongly emphasised. This canal
opens itself out into the Pncilic I Icenii, nfler ite land locked course from Alberni, extending
for a distance of 2H miles. Its water ii of great depth, permitting of safe navigation to the
largest vessels plying lite Went Coast, nntl being one lo three miles ill width. An investment
in 11 place possessed of such enviable features
Must Surely Be One of the Best!
Yen! without n shadow of a doubt, it is ono of the best! Ilmi't lit ustefp to thene great
chances, which iln mil mmr too often, Rciuumlicr Al.llHKNI is at present .wmil by
.me great Trims Ciuitini'iitiil Railway System, the Canadian I'aeilic Railway; and by the end
nf tin-yenr llie Ctiiiiiiliiin Northern will have completed its track into Alberni. Then will
come the bridging of tho Seymour Narrows, connecting the island with the mainland.
Mails niul imssengers from tlte Orient nml other Mules via the Panama Canal, lo lie
opened next. year, will be lainleil at AMIKRXI mid transported by rail lo Vancouver, saving
from eight to twenty.foil- hours lo the present route.
A liltKRNI, therefore, is where you should invest.
Lots can be bought for $150.00 inside the town limits.   Easy Terms.
Ten per cent. cash.   Five per eent. per month.
Test il yourself.   Buy n lot lo day and help to develop the West.
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cranbrook Agricultural Association
== Cranbrook, B. C. ===
SEPTEMBER 19 and 20
Two Days of Care-Free Enjoyment
$5,000 - IN PRIZES - $5,000
Big Special Attractions
New Interesting Features
Everybody Help-Plow, Seed, and Cultivate
The District Waul.; Your Assistance
| pounds  in   five    lioiirs with
.horses.    If good roads were
| sl-nici.*!, however, it has lieen
filiated  lli.it one horse could
41 Market Company
We handle nothing lint the Hnest qnality
Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
A trial older will coin ime you ot their excellence
Try our Brook field Creamery Butter
New Westininsler, B. C; .liim* 18.—
After an exhaustive examination lasting over two weeks thu Judges se-
Iccled to award tho prizes in the Ca-
iiaili.in   Highway    Association   Kssay
rived so many various benefits as
Dial ol Home, (ireat and wonderful
me the iiiiiiv'.imeiits tlmt perpetuate
tho name of Home and everything
connebted with it, but none are so
famous as her roads. Rome's military, commercial and imperial suo*
I'tss was (hie, primarily, io her splendid .system ot highways, thc relics of
which extend from tint Pillars of Hercules to the Temple of Jerusalem.
Hut tlie Human road-makers haw a
far more important lesson for Canada. The world -will, for all time,
i-.tiiiiulier the message of Christ,
u Inch was delivered to humanity
through the medium ol the Roman
n ads, There are thousands of
people    existing in hamlets scattered
Comiietiliitii   on
"What Good   Roads throughout Canada,   who are await-
Mean to Canada," have nuhmilteit
Uie report to President W. J. Kerr,
donot nf tlte gold, silver gill, ami
silver meilals.
Tlie winner ul lhe lirst prize is S.
Cietnati, of Still Major Street, Toronto, whose paper is exceptionally good
lot a boy under eighteen. Tha
Mt-oml   prize    winner is Albert Wat-
tng religious instruction. They    will
not emerge from    their semi-barbarous state   until     tlie "Good    Roads
Movement"   has   won    Its way into in its history
overy nook of this new country.
The attendance to the rural meeting place is diminishing; the attendance U. the school house s dwindling;
friendship is lieing severed with   tbe
shi (17) of New Westminster. David neighbor   living   a    short    distance
TeWuldale (tl)   ..2     Bellamy street, away; and with the person to whom
Kdmoaton,   ami     Christine I.anovillc n-u regularly send a letter; aid    tlte
(under eighteen) ol Souin Vancouver, village preacher is being discouraged,
tied for   third place, ami  will     cacti What  is the reason  for this? lmpass-
iii-ehe a silver tnedal< Nexl in order
of merit puna M.tlde Kyres H-'>1 BGO
(iii-svenor Ave. Winnipeg, Gladys
Guild (11), 538 Sinclair St., Kdmon-
lon, Leonard Mutchistn (18) Harris
Ion, Ont., Vclmu Weleli
Ave.    West, Vancouver, Mt'.. Bcfsfo
Krasel   (l.'t)  2lit     Klevclith St .      Kd
monton,   G. Stanley Scolt  (lb) Ills
2ft I h St., IM mon ton.     Alia.,     Annie
Shore (15) Nottli Vancouvci, B.C.
The interest taken in thc eompetl
ti*si oxooeded all expectations, no
less titan 'Hi2 essays U-lng received
from   Canada,    and     quite a mini lur
all.* roods and ""thing else. Country
communities are not ft>>big to wade
ilnoiigh mud tt post a letter, to gD
t.i school, tt go to church, or to
n-.il a tiicnd, neither will they sut-
(IC) SC 7th fei their horses to attempt it. They
\uii not in' pestered with doctor's
lulls because tlio [Ood is translorntctl
into a quagmire. Rural inhabitants
,.te being degraded educationally, socially and morally. Country folk are
nol migrating) to cities because they
tli n't like rural life, but because the
roads, it they may Ik- called so, are
impassable.       These people are intcl
from  Kngluuil.    Including nine     (mm ligoot    cnoagfa    t
tin* Park Street  School, Mrigbton, discoinfoit   and  I'levention  of    LKClal
The limjoiitv   of  the BSSt,ys   ti'H.ieil , ttjtiyith'tit   is due  tO the lark of good
tin* ollitv ol Sivi,*(arv  |'. \V. l.mv on loads      line liis the cicot**sl  lesstm
May ii aiid   ir*, some   of the papers .*(   Uie    Roman road-builders.    Yen
coming in by express, others by pat nataio. estimate in   dollars sodocats
eel   post.     Several   icbooli setil In ihe naUohal.loas entailed    hy      tha
from ten to   thlitt essays, emlmlN constant withdrawal of labor      Irom
twelve luindred pounds and more
two hours. Not only would the
farmer save time, conserve his energies, make better use of his vehicles
and horses and thereby save money;
but the consumer, too, would receive
his needs, at lower prices. And as
Canada's agricultural production is
annually increasing by leaps and
bounds, a greater proportion of
money would lie saved by ;J.l, classes
of people year hy year; and, probably, tlm high cost of living in. tilte urban districts would recede to the
"It costs tlie averago Canadian
farmer two dollars a ton to haul bis
producq to thc market town, to Uie
railway station or lake port. It is
known tint the produotlon of Held
Crops alone amounts to about 1(1,-
000,000 tons a year. It. would tie
motlf-mlc to estimate tlmt 20,000,000
of  l.liis  tiinliage  is haul.il  over mads,
ono way or another; so wo have Sfill,-
iiiMi.inin as cost of teaming field crops
by the farmers. This cost could, Im
reduced if we had first-class roads,
to $2(1(1,000,00(1, a saving or 00 pei
cent, leaving $40,(100,000 as a saving
on (me (lass of product, alone."
Thu building of good roads would
increase the value of taxable lands
not only in tlie vicinity but also in
llm .most remote parts. Stupendous
amounts cojild be collected in taxes
and the assets of tbe nation as, well
as thc landlord would increase. New
towns would spring up; new railway
brandies would, Ik* built; and Canada
would lie settled and developed at a
miraculous rate.
Our convicts could be profitably
employed building roads. Ot course,
it is useless to have them constructed unless carried on In a systematic and scienlilic way.(The roads
must lie "graded, lopped and rolled." Tbey should in*, constructed so
tiliat water will quickly drain,on and
so tbat tlie greatest applied pressure
will not force upon the foundation
and cause mud, to ooze up and ruts
to be renewed.
Well-constructed roads shorten distances by reducing the time to travel. They would give rise to a further
exploration of sparsely settled districts and wouhl result in the discovery and shipping of more mineral
and timber wealth.
I feel confident that smooth bard
roads would mean more to Canada
than any other project. 1 believe
that a remarkable awakening, a renaissance woild take place. Thc economic and national advantages that
would ensue are incalculable. Tho
energetic settlement and development of Canada would swell the
treasury and the country would enjoy an era of prosperity unequalled
Good roads In Canada would mean a higher standard
of citizenship; a [icoplc pervaded by
education and good morals, and a
better understanding and a mutual
sympathy between the diverse peoples
in tbe Dominion.
S. Cieman,
262 Major Street
Toronto, Ont.
NOTE.—Punctuation, spelling, etc.,
is exactly ftl in original essay, and
no faults of construction have been
Dr. Gordon C. Hewitt, Dominion Entomologist, says, referring to th* infantile death rate
from intestinal diseases and diarrhaM spread by tlie liouse
fly, he believes tliat the so-called harmless fly is yearly cans,
ing the death of thousands of infants, as well as spreading
the germs of typhoid fever.
are the only thing that will ritl your house of these dangerous
Samuel  Polt'cr,    A.
and   J. W.    Stewart,
have been appointed
under the Provincial
(!. Miiukhoiise
oi Kiiitiierlcy,
Klcctions  Aet,
in thc Cranbrook electoral district.
(Mir price on oranges still (3.50    a
case— Cranhrook Trading Co.     22-tl
Miss DnH
visiting fi tends       in
Miss Johnston, who has been visiting in the city, left Momlay to    re-
Bee that all liie  turn to Iht home at Vancouver.
Mrs. Attn Slater and Miss Boll'
can left the lirst of the week for
the    besi   of a   numbei   unit*n
tin* students of that Institution.
The   Judges   were    Messrs,   J
Cunningham, it, \ , alitor     of
British  Columbia, ,i graduate of
ionto   i iii*ieiMi\.   siid    t"t Several ho\
years leoohfr in Ontario schools, Mr.
Charles    \  Sutherland, a newspapei
man ol tnauv yean    experience, and
P W. I.nce
\ large numbei of ctaayi wire
i In own oui nn Ihr inst reading, and
lliey  giaihiall\  dwin-lld down     Until i
about 7it papers remolded, These were
carefully     considered    hv  the  |udgMi I
forms, and hy the. fading   of the In-
iPiitiee of  the   rli.iracti-r-building     in-
numioiis ol the country.
Bushnetl, a gnat American Uiinkcr
mys. "If new ideas arc abroad, new
arising, you will see it by tlie
roods tbat nre .milding." Simultane-
uuslj with the movement lor tlte
ii ,d of gooil rosdt arises one tarn-aching idea, even more prod und
ihan ilu- niliaiicing ol land values, ll
is the son»1 betterment by which
Canada is ilaylng a distinguished
rait iii tbe uplift of the world.
Now we turn to  the meaning       ot
mid the hart (farm picked out. Mr niads in the economic sphere. Is it a
Cii-mmi's essay was easily inst good business policy? Canada's manu-
atnong tliese. but the difficult* nrooo Eaoturctl. men ul commerce and
iu awarding the second ami tini I business admit that Canada needs
prllrs, Kaeh twpcr was critically stub a policy, hut because they can-
evaniifint, ami the imlges finally tie- ' not see uny solid, unrestricted and
tilled on the awards as above men- available gain that would accrue,
Uoned, itfmy    don't    care.       Tho cost of a
to the ntrtlnls, Presld- breakfast roll would bc trifling
In addition
Hit W. .1. Kerr announced some time
ago that he would give a silver souvenir pin to every entrant whose cs?
say at taint d a certain standard of
merit. Seventy nf these pins will
le awarded,  including (tie    to       the
it not cost tlte tanner .eighteen
cents n bushel more to transport
wheat nine miles to a railway station than it, did from New York to
Liverpool, a distance of three Muni
sand one hundred inilrs. Thc cost   ol
Ask Itlom
Hliiii.lv   knows.
The I.adics
are   giving a
the  Rectory'
June 2.ri, (Jo
fiuild of Christ church
strawberry social at
on Tuesday GVtottltjg,
which all are cordiullv
W. Y. A-ttridgc ami 11. Itanflell
left, last week end for Vancm/cr,
where they will attend tlie sessions
of the Grand Lodge, A-F.fVA.M.
They will also attend a communication regarding the establishing of a
Grand Chaptet for B.C. of Itoyal
Arch Masons.
Dr. H. E, Mall has leased the
buildings and purchased the goodwill
of Hie dairy business heretofore conducted in   this   city by W. B. Bard-
it.     Dr. Mall has placid in charge
of llw business   an ex|K*rienccd Kng-1
li.sh dairyman, recently out from the'
old country.
Persons desirous of having sewerage connection made should apply to
Y. Proven* a no, P. (). Box 194 oi
phone 244, who is prepared to tender
on Hie work of excavation nnd ditching. 22-tf
Hotel International
11.il. Lo.np.K, l'ru|irli'ti.r
On. of the twit Imlel* in Brill, li
('ollllli)ii*. l.uriileil tin (lie llDllli-
ilnrv Une. between llie Unildl
Sl.le* .ml Ciin.ilii, in a *pot nl
rare .celiic lie.nly, where traiiif
.bonnil. and FIhIi ate |ilenli(iil.
Ciirrtiapnniii'liri- ul toiirihl*
promptly aiiHiveieil
4J*. ************   *.*♦***#*##«,##*
*) VERNON, B. C.
4    Havo ii vary Bug iissorliiienl ol
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
* All trees offered for sale aro grown in our own nurseries on
• tin- Culilstri'iini Estate *
« l»
*.     P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent, CRANBROOK, B.C.    »
' Imperial Bank of Canada
Kate* lli'.ai.iiulili'
B. C.
— | that ihc   llritish Colitinliia Soiitlirrn
AOENTS  WANTED. - If ymi can Railway  Company il Montreal, l»	
hustle apply in writing lo Sale, lw, will apply lur a license to take
Agency and Adjustment Co., Iloi uml use i cuMic l,«t i»r scrmul nl
810, Cranbrook. 21-tf  water    out    ol   Moyle Hlvcr, which
  .Hows in a'south    westerly direction
The formal order-In council |ir.,nu>t- through East   Kootenay and empties
Ing Mr. Justice Davidson lo the po- Int" Kootenay itiver. The wutei
sitiuil ol chief justice ot llie supreme
ii.tiK'sl    csHKyist,  Master   Tliiun.is a hoiled egg is tho payment nl trans-
lllrd, who hns st.-ti nine summers
ihe wesl  ci*ist    nf Vancouver
piirtation Irom Ion hen to Iln house-
Is linlil. The intrinsic value ol thc
epi; is a inert' trifle eomparett with
11 l.o enpeiise ol carriage Hi rough two
feet of mud.
Thc I'lirlhnglnlans wire the lirst | over lhe deep rulli.l rnmls, as'things are looking very
people lo make syslemiillo prnclimi lla-y olst al present, a larmcr can In the KHithern cniinlry.
ul  n«admaltiax, U,t no   tailion    de-.haul,    on   an average, all    kundral rah*, wen vny hmeflclal
I 11. FooHllt, nf the Royal Iwnk
stall, was Iransti'iriat to Salmn, II.
I'., IfniinK Momlay Inr his new location.
Rev. Mr. t'ohnaihon has laken
'liarge of tlif Church nl Knglaml
work al Klko. Ile will also vl.lt
ll>. "iirruuiKling point..
lohn I*. Karrell, of Moyle, Is gar-
ett.il t.i tie deputy mining recorder
lor tlte Kurt Steele mining division
wllh miIi nt'iiriling odlce at Moyle,
in the place «l .1. A. II. McDonald.
Ilecr will soon Ir made in Cranbrook. Kred Simpson left, that city
too anon. Wilh his paper and a
brewery that town would not re
quire a brass band.—Nelson New.
Cat at our store for a sample
bottle ol VerH.rilc Vermel, the best
varnish polish going.—CrarJhmuk
Trading Co. JJ-tl
Mrs.   O. II. Leask ami Miss IjiiuI
nit leli nn Saturday on a visit     to
lis'    coast  cities.    They   will visit
I'.irllainl   and    San Francisco More
returning bomr.
d, n. McNah was In from     Waldn
Ihe Hr»t ot Iho week.    Ile says that
The remit
court ol ''uelrc in place ol Sir Mel-
ooiiriif Tait bus been passed. Judge
Davidson was in line lor the position
Iiy reas-im of seniority nml following
pr,cedent, will doubtless bc knighted
in due course. For the vacancy
caused by .lutlge Davidson's promotion, no appointment has yet been
made II is uiult-r.stisal lhal Hun.
\V. A. Atwatcr, K.C, could hav,. Uie
position II lie would accept it.
There is a great shortage nl labor
in Western Canada, according tu J.
S. Dennis, tbe bead til the natural
resources of the C.P.R., who Is is
Montreal to atteml a meeting ol the
department. Mr. Dennis said ihat
on the Irrigation works ol the company in Alberta the company wanted
llllll more men than it could get,
ant! it was estimated that In railway
atnt "llm work there wus at Ibe pre.
sent time a demand lor liiyum m excess of thc supply.
Collections.—Let us collect your
i Id accounts. No charge If we don't
collect.—Sales Agency ml Adjustment  Co.,    Ilex    316,    Cranbrook
nc. «-«
The 101 Ranch Ileal Wild Wesl
.how which will lie here on Thursday, .lune 2"th, will give but oae performance in t'r.inliruiiK, and that one
nl 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Thi*
was found necessary owing to the
long jump from here to l«thtiridgc.
It will he well lur all to bear tbis
In mind. All of llie advance printing announces two ixTformaneea, hut
this was put in circulation previous
to the determination ol giving one
pcrlormance. being reached. Remember the date, June 27th, and the lacl
that hut one iierlormance and thai
one in thc alternoon will Is? given.
' will be diverted at Yahk and will be
used Ior railway purposes on Ute
land described as the applicants
I This notice was posted on Ihc
ground on thc 12th day ol June,
IHU. Trie application will lie filed
in the office ol the Water Recorder at
j Cranhrook.
Objections may he filed with      the
said  Water    Recorder or    with Uu
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.O.
llritish   Columbia  Southern Railway
Company, Applicants,
by W. F.  Ourd,   Agent., Cranbrook,
B.C. - 215t
D. R, WII.KIK, President.
Ajooiints   ol   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants
tanners uii'l I'rivnto Individuals invited,
Drafts uin! l.i-ii,-rs,.i Credit     med available in any part ot
the worll.
SAV1MJS  DKl'AIITMfAT     Special   attention
given to Savings   \'„,uK  Aoci Deposits  "f tl.OO   und
upwards received and int.-r. st allowed fn ni date ot deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: !i. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
The Lund Land and Development Co.,Ltd.
I'. I.I ND, . :,i:-m.i:\t
Hi-ad Office       -       Cranbrook. B. C.
*444 ********** **************
« •
Sec us about lands In thu Beautiful
Kootena} Valley 	
Orchard and Harden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit our Experin i   rms at Wanlner. B. C,
and '-'     -       . B C.
that tbe British Columbia SoutliTr |
Railway Company intend, to apply
lo tbe Lieutenant Governor iu Council, Victoria, British Columbia, lor a
linal license under part XI. ol the
Water Act, 1N>, aad Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
Irom Bull River, la East Kootenay,
Ior the purpose ot making thc same
nt lor raiting aad driving logs.
Tlie map. and plans and particulars
ol the proposed improvements ami
works have been filed with tlw Chiel
Waler Commissioner, at Victoria
llrilish Columbia, within 20 days
alter Ihe first publication ol this
Jialed at Cranhrook, llritish Columbia, the 17th day of February,
W. F. Ourd,
2ii--it Solicitor lor the Applicant
Cranorook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
H«*d Office CALGARY, ALTA. ; |
*********   ***************
11. L BTBPBSK8, Pro|..
CALGARY, Alberta
The Motel with -Uie Reputation"
You'll get your .Money's Worth.
********** ******
i     ,     .   i -i ■•
Capital Tald Up $6,350,000 RettrV« $7,450,000
ht.il Assets, 5iMi.52h..-,i.?.it>
HOLT, Tn-.u-i •      1   L PKA8E, Qencnl Utaiftf
Acfonnii*ul Plrai.Cof 0 it.iii\i-lu»litolidtad,
tint ot town butti m rnttoi
BAVING8 DKI'ARTUl  • 4 *)\M atnl nmr4a raealfad
sn.) Intarail allovol *t earranl rata.   -v;'» tormalltj or M*\y in
vithdravti tf.
A • ifiifra. l-an-.it..' BariDftn '''■-■
Cranbrook Branch : T. It. O'CONNELL, Miatfer
*********************************** **********
;! A Good   Home
la whal ii tlssr to ••-»ry man, A lionus
m where ''■ i- Oomfort, Oontonttmtili
nn«l IM'-niy la 1' ■ ''..I Thill if* luu raMUti
iiu-ii throiiAboul British OolnmbU, when
"OmnWrook'1 1- mentioned think ol tin-
provision! «Joa Branll baa made fnr un
i.lf.il home ni tha
Canadian Hotel
Apples, Plums, Pears and
Semi uu your niitiu' nml mlilrit. nml we will mnil you onr
Now Catalogue
F.-i nl.li.lied In ]'*0U.   Its Acre.
P. H. WORTHINOTON. Local Afint
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. K. .tiillv-uN. Proprl.lor
********** THJC   CUAXBUOOK    UEltALi)
ORANBROOK IlKUALD'haii-Mikk, curly, but all white   as
snow.    Therein lie bears some      re-
By the Herald   Publishing Company
K. J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
C. June 20,1012
Tin* Herald wishes tn Jain v
cninlhilly lied unreservodly In thc
rlumis ol congratulations that hns
welcomed lhe anttomicomcwt ot
honor bestowed, upon the premier
Itiiush ('(iHinvhiii In King Oeorge, It
is nii.v Sn  Kiili.ml McBride, llu- ol
familiar     "Dick"   umsi now lie rel(
ga'tod in liy-gonc mciuorlva.   ITbwevc
iiiuny uf ns may differ    willi       th
premier ,lti tun* views ns in Un   gooi
governmenl ol British Columbia    w
urns!,    ona .mil an, chi-vrlnllj      nc
knowlodge    that    according   lo   hi
llgjhle, he   has   worked indelatlgahly
for tlie   advancement nf   his   native
province and in    ihi* honor ihat I
been dune   him by "111' King, Brlllali
('iiliiinliiji secures n proud recognition
II  is fitting lhal   jusl  nl   this    inn
ment when ;#l Uu world In interpsled
in ihe [icrsonalit) of "•■. premier,
very Interesting cjmraeter
»koU'li, ..f llun. Itluban) Mo
Brule, K.C, prime minister ol Brit
ish Columbia, should appear ii
T. IV* Magazine, written by Mr. T
P. O'l'oimor himself. Space will not
permll 0! the reproduotion 0! this ex
tremelj Interesting sketch in full ii
this issue, imi an extract nr two will
give .sunn* idea ot Tay Pay's sue-up
of "Diet" McBride, "a benevolent
'There dwell  fnr a low weeks Jate
ly in London 1 one ol kl"' most re
maitalih* nf Ihe I rue empire builders
uf our time. Doubtless he passed
through many scenes unknown and
unnoticed; and thai, in bim, must
have been an experience as welcome
as It was novel. Kor it is 'tulle unlike bis ordinary experiences in his
own country. There, Ior every moment "I every day, he bas rows ol
people Blom^ng outside his door
eager to win his car, tn excite his
interest, ui oven to have the plea
8U(re ol shaking him by the hand ami
uf exchanging a few words with htm
In  passim; uutsitle    Ins office  llitHii-j.li
the streets of his city, there is not .1
man, wouinn or child ihat does no*
recognize him, lew who dn not greet
him tnth .1 word, none who do iu,i
gi.r him a kimtlv smile as hi; passes.
Mam   of  theiii, simple as   well m
gentle, address him as "Dick," and,
in turn, la- addresses the must of
them hy then Christian names. Nn
limn ever had m a greater degree
thai terrible 13111 oi familiarity
■.Until   so exasperated the father    uf
tlu- great   MlrabcaU;  110 man was ever
ao endowed, hy nature witb those
gifts uf kindliness, simplicity, good
fellowship, which are among tin*
iiml rcqulrcinenia tl lhe ruler u(
om- of those greal young oonununl-
Uea, monorchia) io Uie heart's cure
so far as lif old, mother country
concerned, boi within their own
sphere ami inward-, Iheir own public
iim-ii democratic to a degree undreamt  nl even tn    the ]>hilii.Sop|iy    nf
countries that rail themselves w
"Yet, though his name ami personality iiniihi he itraage, this dweller
fur brief apace within our pttei
tiiniii nol appear aoywbete without
atliaitiiig .some atieiittnn. Ile luuketl
what he was. Ihe horn ruler ol mm
Vef| tall, ami nl the same lime
Vet| n*tiiist, with tin* ureal, shoulder**
of ;ui,athleie, lhe strong, lum walk
ol a glanl in good l"'ui. he l,,tks
Dm* man who couM shoulder his way
through uny crowd however dense ur
however si nni;. He Is lhe emliodi-
itifiit nf massive phyatoal atreogth
ami of laflexibtn will. The head     antl
boo me a worthy  culmination     tu
the splendid. figure. Tin faeu Is
round and aomewhat short—tin* face
of om* whose blood  is matnl) Celtic,
'Ihu jaw has the strength ot the
f.trunvi man u( action, of the Agbtat,
n| the man who knows no tear. The
mouth    is,   curiously      enough, small
ami delicate; bul Bgeln lirmncrt is
its chief Indication. Hie brow Is
haul ami broad, and lhe eyes, bright
blue, plerOlng, and vigilant, reveal
the man who has had (tt look      tutu
tin' depihs of myriads of human
•wuils and Iiml out whether gold nr
luml  are at  their unfalhomfd depths
semblance lo that other great Canadian of whom lie lias been the personal Irieml and the political oppon-
nt all liis life, for the massive
white mane ot Sir Wilfrid I.aurier
has iK'come historic in Canada,, aad
lny his* enthusiastic friends used to be
-mparod tu that orillamine ot the
FrencJi king whicli always led the
y In battle and always railed the
l-'reiich soldier to courage and to victor.*.. Shrewdness, kindliness, good
natWro ami yet vigilance,, kem insight, Indulgent hut thoroughgoing
Instructive knowledge of human nature, anil above all, iullexihle will;
these are the different qualities ol
the ium-i man that are expressed in
his physique. Mr. Winston Churchill 1.nee mldrcsslng a meeting iu bis
honor, said of him that "high des*
Mules" wore written on his tace, and
(hai is a true as well as eh*j|M--nt expression of what this man suggests
even nl a cursory glance*,
"Such is "Dick" McBride., I call
lum "Dick" for nobody ever calls
lum anything else. It is one of the
many signs of,the extraordinary hold
In* has 011.his people; it is symplo
lit: of Um- spirit ot tin community
lie rules. Of that community he is
Ihe child in every sense nf the word.
Mis |iarents were anion;; the many
v. tm left Ireland tu find a freer and
more prosperous Iioma In ihe New
World. And in the iiniimstauces of
his parentage, as in so many things
iu his prosperous life, fortune smiled
upon him.    for it   was a mixed par-
tilage holh as to race and creed;
iiml this accounts largely for the
singular combination of n^ialities
thai has made him so ideal a ruler
for a young and democrat ie eommun-
llis father came from Ulster
an.I     was an Orangeman, his mother
tme from Umerick and is a Catholic."
Sundays— Low mass at 8.30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
trom 2 tu 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and   holy days of
ti.ui—Mass at 8 am. H	
Week days-Mass at • a.m. at tba
1'.  I'lamoiiiloii, O.M.I.
4 ■■      ■
Rev. O. K. Kendall, pastor.
Pleaching services will lie held
11."il am. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday selntil at 3 p.m.
Xiil-jirt for the morning service
will In-: "Three Calls to the King's
Service." In tlie evening "The
House ut Many Mansions" will he
uni United Bom last Lord's Day
l-.tetiing, dealing with "What lolin
saw in Tbe House ut Many Man
slims." The pastor will lead the serines of the day.
Vou and yuur friends are invited.
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock — Hot-
lieu meeting. ■■
Sunday alternoon, 2 o'clock —Sunday school.
Sunday afternoon, :t.:m o'clock —
Free and easy meeting.
Sunday nlghl, R o'clock — Salva-
t hm meeting.
Bible lesson: "Obedience."
ICverybody heartily invited t<» these
1v ices.
Kred'k A. Stride, Captain.
Us Vegas, N. M., -lune Hl.-E. W.
Smith, a   Chicago spurting    writer, -,.,.,.
It is with very sincere regret that I
llio Herald records the deaih of Uie|
NHle son uf Mr. and Mrs- K. Hi
Small, of this city, which occurred
at 2.30 a.m. yesterday, after an
operation, occasioned by a serious attack uf appendicitis, whicli developed
into severe peritonitis towards the
end. The little follow', who had been
around on Monday, the picture ol
health, was taken sh'k that night and
ihe doctor wns etl led in on Tuesday
morning.     Ih- pronounenl the    case
 _^^^^^^^       •,,lls D I '''''I'*1 W**H removed to
has Iktii selected referee for the!yw hospital in undergo nn-operation.
.hdinstin-Klynii championship haltle *n,is WllK ,,. ,■,.,-„„<[ BUOCMBlully, hut
■hero July ■». This division woe pcrltoni'lh. n-l in ami death claimed
reaclu'd at a conference botweou k.in nj a;„ 1 3,3(1 o'clock yeaterday
Champion Jack Johnson and Jack morning. Ucorge Clementine was
Curley, the latter represent mir Jim \\mn lwit years ago last Valcnlim*
Klymi. Curley also aiiiintiuet'.l U1.1L |»ay. Ile wus a bright, engaging
the light would be staged nt two |jUli. -p||0W( 1|l(. ,,\0\Wii „- physical
h.-allh. Mr. 15. II. Small was away
_^^^_^^^^^_^^^_. 1 frum home at     the time his     little
td u> smith and   13d. Cochrane,    ol H0„ was i0i*cn Ku*i(. lie was up     In
Kansas city, upon receipt of a   mcs-|Ul(. Windermere country nud   whilst
very effort     was made hy  telegraph
o'clock iu the afternoon.
The choice for referee was narrow
sage frnm .lack   WMsh   of San Fran-'
Cisco, thut he had been chosen tu re-
fir.-e the Wolgast-Rivers match.
.Promoter Curley had planned tc
Stage the lioul at eleven o'clock on
Ibe morning nf July 1 for the convenience of tlie newspapers and eastern fight fans. Tlte change in the|Ml Sy,„,mihy 0f t*„.
hour wus due to llu* Inability
railroads to get    crowds Iwto
and telephone to reach him, he was
unable to reach home before ft
o'clock yesterday morning, two or
three,hours after the loved youngster
hati breathed his last. To say that
Mr. and Mrs. Small have the licurt-
^^^^^^^^^^^^ jit Ire commun-
f the'ny ln y10 terrible alllfclIon tlmt has
Vegas before noon.
Smith is ia Las Vegas, having arrived here several days ago to represent a Chicago paper. He accepted
the relcrtvship.
Probably never in the history
i'asjso suddenly befallen lliem, but
Rev.  W.  Klsou Dunham, pastor.
The pastor will   preach at 11 am,
aud 7.80 am.
Momlng   subject:   -'Over-OvganlMd
Kvening Subject*    "The initttfulnrss
f Ignbranoe."
Vnuhenh   fur evening servie*-:     "0
Saviour ..   Ihe World."
HI are Invited lu the aboVe
ctuilHh'iice prevailed in tbe rival
camps as in the coming match between Jack .lohnson ami Jim Klyuii,
slated at l-as Vegas, 'N. M., on July
The unwillingness nf Jock Johnson
to concide .Mm Klviiu even an outside chance has been the-cause of
cimsiderahlc worry tu tlw promoters
ot the match. Try us they wi'.l by
lieisiias-ion as well as suggestion, the
match makers and press agents have
su far utterly failtd lo f^'t an interview out ut Johnson that would
boost the show with the dignity of
having Johnson grant even an outside chance to his challenger.
However, this has not worried .lim
Fl vim in tho least. And working
along tin* same lines, Flyim has utterly refused to mince his words, or
hi hide his feelings in any way hut
thut he will knock, the lag smoke
stiff. 1 Flynn hns, 'therefore, gained
some bad friends, who have wished
him to use milder language Inward
his opponent, with a view to keeping
the Ik nit clean, and preventing tlte
opponents of boxing from gaining
a foothoU on reform by showing the
world that instead of a clean exhibi
■litrfi of the manly art Die coming
match will really develop into a
ph/e light. Flynn, however,, has
|disr<*garded ■their wishes, and uses
only the strongest language, which
docs only Justice U, bis real fellings when Johnson's name is uiiii-
■liniwd in his presence.
As a matter ot fact, Flynn would
muchly prefer lo be lefl tt<me, und
he shows plainly that he does not
seek Die sympathy of those wlm brieve that he has iHtteu oh more Ihan
lie con chew by matching himself
against the giant negro.
Nur does Flynn fully appreciate tbe
necessity of crowding his training
ipiarters with interested light fans,
Wlio come to see him dn his training
stunts and work out in trip-hammer
slaughter house style with his sparling partners. Flynn really resents
the Invasion ot th.se armies, who are
not even satisfied by watching liis
training ordeals, tail insist on asking
nuiiieeoiiK (ptestioiis on his sincere
feeling that he wil win.
In this way Flynn has aroused th'*
enmity ot many a visitor to his camp
especially those trom the uninitiated
ranks. But the old timers, who
have seen champions conic and go for
many years,    plainly   sec in Flynn's
ndemialoly expresses the sentiments
of citi/ciK- nt Cranhrook generally
Tin* funeral look place at 2 o'clock
lliis afternoon trom the family re
shlence on Armstrong avenue, Rev
°'|k. P. Flewelling officiating. No
stronger testimony to the widespread
sympathy with Ihe bereaved lumily
could he desired than the large turnout of citizens, thoroughly represent-*
ative of Cranbrook's varied interesls,
at tbe funeral. The (lower-covered
ei fiin was conveyed from the house
to lhe hearse hy Messrs. S. Elmer,
C. M. Crosson. R. Fiulay unit A.
Carson. Thenee the hearse proceeded to the cemetery, escorted by a
long line of rigs. The ceremony «t
th.* grave side was brief, being impressively delivered by Rov, K. p.
Flewelling. W. It. Beatty bad
charge of the arrangements.
Tho Cranbrook   Gun   Club
rapidly   getting    into    Brst-clnas
shape for u y<'"i| Benson's spurt.
A shoot was hold on Wednosdny
afternoon nt which tlie traps wen*
well tested ami found to lit* in
-goixl work ini; order. ScorOS were
na follows :
Ist Event K. Campbell, 1-1;
I'aterson. IN; Miller, D.
-ml Event .MeLaws. 15 ; Grace
8; LaitlInw, I-; Paterson. 17.
.Inl Kvi-nt MeLaws. 13; I.nid-
l.iw, || ; Paterson, 15.
A chniiipionslii|) shoot will be
held alt-out August 1st. when trophies donated by the Dnpoiit Powder Company nml J. I>. .M-'llrhle
will be alio! for.
The Grand Old Nan ol the Salva
tion Army Faces Blindness
with Equanimity
u»'t',m.s t.K,s,' ol a man witli suiiirm.'
e*'r'  nmHrhlHT, whn n-sijils     1-lic i|ii. si ion
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, I i«l hi.   ulaili ly ol   dnwniiiK Die    |>re-
*  I        wnl UlMwMer.
IAIIII OP THANKS. I   KI)tki lit on edge, ihal Is plain. Ho
11. Iiappy only whfti aurroiindcd hy his
-Mr. •,-.,„. Bardgett, having .ii^md lmmi{tti Mm|l    ,„,,.,.   ,,„ lralncrs
.1 hi.   dairy l«ta    in thi. city. | — „,,   ^^  „, „, ,,„„„,      ^.
doslrea to ln|i.' this means ,»l Ml,'
Ihr Io Hit'     p,-o|tlc ol CiulililiH.k eily
,.■>.] ilislrirt, liis sim-ere Itiiinas      Inf
IKve as he  d<«s. ami Imvo no ihHili:
«n lo Ibe outcome.
The   manager has already arranged
r ; - 1.-;    |..il I ..ii.m.-  1I111111;-     tlie    laasi',      ..      ■■     '„, . ,
•r,    11*     iusi  |or ,|w   ||m y\nUt rhampiiin ol
11' H'iirs, anil llnpes Unit   lhe    same ..   .        ...       ...        ...
 ,      „, """.  world, tour to take place- mined a le
"Hi  liiiilint'iit will In. ni-ctrnJnl    tO ,_   ..,,.„,.. ,t.     ....    ,,,        . _,
I '1..1.I 1..,.!,.   II I'
And llun roloes a naMlVo l*'a,l      ol [1919.
ly   I, Mowing tlw   July    Illi mutest
The trainers are looking forward   lo
»m. IliinUi-.i.     aiTompaniii,*!   Klyun   im   this tour,
I'm.'  lill,,  \. II.(ami Klvnii MnMoll lus laid liis   plana
«', It  o.'.'oi.line to Ihi. Mbedule.
lii'iiernl William Booth,of the
Siilvatloii Army, hus Issued llm
tbllowintt menage to his hoIiHith
tliniugliiiiit llio worlil i— .
My Dear Comrades: It llie mi.
ix|M'i'U'il lilow ri'unriliii)! thn hiss
ol my eyesight hus nol noltially
fallen, ns lho iiows|iii|ierB have
stul,il, it is hovering ihtngcroiisly
near, Inuti'inl „f iln, restonition
of sight for which I hml hoped,
iiii'l for which I know you have so
I'.irnstly prayed, tho doctors loll
llie I um ou the very eve nf entire
I In u few luii-l hours my comrade* mny bo under llu,   painful
I linn pulsion of announcing I hat The
lUeiii'riil is hopelessly blind. In
thill event, what an inili'scriliabiy
painful loss will lie mini', nevir
again to see the light of iluy, or
bi'holil the countenances of my
friends, or look into the sympn-
1 tlietie. eyes of my comrades; never
again to witness tlml which for
over sixty years has In on to me
the sight of sights men and
worn ui kneeling nt tin' Mercy.Sent.
Then, too, I have Inst the hope
of lining able with any facility to
write, while il will lie uu absolute
See our
nice line
F. Psvrks c\ Co.
Cranbrook,     -      B.C
A     Kl'-COItll   Klllt'llllOWINO
Miii-licht, Nature's Scalp Tonle, will
ilu il in (if, cases out of Hiii.'ll- is llie
only remedy discovered that is similar lo the natural hair fooils or
liquids ol tin' scalp. Removes dan
ilruff, prevents.lalliniiol llie hair anil
all other diseases ol thc scalp. Kadi
package contains a packet ol Machela
llry Shampoo Powder. Prieo lor
complete home treatment, $1.01)
Sold ami guuranlccd hy lhc Cranbrook Drug and Hook t'o.
impossibility to rend well.
Pile up all my losses they art
many and serious, I admit; but
look at the mercies left me !
First, there is my couliilencc iu
God. 1 nm not going to allow the
existence ot a few things which are
iu coullict with iny judgment tc
interfere with my confidence in
His wisdom —confidence) that is
inspired Iiy a lifelong knowledge
of His loving euro.
Then, t have not lost the assurance of my own liuppy relations
with my Heavenly Father. I hav
not lost the couHdenco and love of
my own dear people. I Imve not
losl the inestimable blessing of
I want lho continued loyalty of
my own people, and the heartier
co operation of all men ami women
whose hearts are fired with the
same purpose us my own.
Iu a few weeks' time I hope lo
be found ohco more on the battlefield,
Anyway my dear comrades, in
the liglil or in the dark, you may
count upon your t-ieneral to trust
in (lod and go forward!
Halsall & Co.
New and Comprehensive showing of Ladies', Misses'
and Children's
1 [=i WHITE   DRESSES 1=3
We nre showing by far the largest assortment of Ladies'
Misses', and Children's THU bite DrC80e8 ever shown in
Cranbrook, iu flue Xawna, Embroiders TDvcsece ami
/B>lllilllli5CttC3    the newest and most effective styles we
have ever shown.
lu Lawns and India Linens, trimmed with Lace anil
Insertion ami Dainty Embroidered Effects. In sizes
II'.iu li months to li years, ranging in price
(«>ii> 11.00 TO 13.00 EACH
lu Lawns, India Linens, Embroidery and Vesting. New   j
stylish garments.   In sizes from ll years to
11 years.   Ranging in price from  12,50 TO 17.60 EACH
lu Lawns, India Linen, Embroidery and Marquisettes.
In all sizes.   Splendid values at
S5.00, S8.00, $9.00, S10.50, $13.00 ANO $15.00
Collections.—la-t ii. collect your
i Id accounts. No charge it we don't
collect.—Sales Agency and Adjustment t'o., Hns 310, Cranbrook
B.C, 31-tl
WANTED.—Stenographer lur com
ini'icial house. Apply with references at ilcrahl office. 2-tl
A LAW IE LOT on Block 1134, near the Public Schools,
212 feet by SU feet, with house suitable for a small family
uud letting for rent at $«.(X) per month and presently occu-
pii-il by ii tenant.   Price, with fee simple title,
$i;tlU.iNi, Cash aud terms
810 At'lf ES. in fee simple, one million feet timber, eicel-
liiit eight-room dwelling house and offices; abundant water ;
-ii acres under cultivation.
■fii.tssi, Cash aud terms.
I lost buy in the Kootenay country.   Convenient to rail and
'.in ACIIKS frown granted, 15 acres under cultivation.
5 acres almost ready fnr the plough. $1,000 worth of logs
.ui land: 1 team of horses, wagon and harness, mower anil
complete outfit of line agricultural implements; boiler and
engine with cordwood sawing outfit; ten room dwelling house,
water iu kitchen: burn witb new hay carrier fork; carpenter
mid blacksmith shop, fully equipped, 120 chickens, incubators, brooders,   Will sell as a going concern—
$Iii,inhi, Cash and terms.
1 guarantee the foregoing to lie well worthy the closest
investigation by prospective investors,
Bnworth Block CRANBROOK
SIR EliMI'M. WALKER, C.V.O, LL.O, D.C.U hiillnl
(lentml nl.aa.er
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
ii Ittmfliml II i hi hi* mt Vmi Home stn-*>t. fur
fl.~i.IHI a moll III. Nun-*** mil In- LiI-ikiiii ,,|
in--li Ini- imi nu in),' ti-iiiinl nml |inl in lir/-1
ilnn »1iii|i-\—Apply io -I. U«anell, llnrftell
Ava. ur km11fin**. OrHinnU \few*.
j The Home Bakery j
hns moved into new quarters f
on ^^
Norbury Avenue
Opposite the City Hall
ami iiguiii   entering  lo  the
goodwill of III.' publie with
Fresh, llrenil. Cakes, Pic, £
and Pastries ol all Kinds
Free delivery lo any |nirl of J
the eily [^
Norlniiv Ave.,
Opp. City Hall
| Robert Frame, Prop. |
Interest at tlie current rate is allowed on all deposits of ft and
upwards. Careful attention is given lo even* account Small accounts
ure welcomed.   Accounts may he opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may he opened in the names of two or more persons,
withdrawals lo be made hy any one of them or by the survivor. *,
R.    T. Brymner, "lanager Cranbrook, B.C.
Kor a License    to  Take and
Waler.       B
that Walter Halsall, ol Cranbrook,
HM'., will apply lor a license to take
uml use I cubic loot ul water out ol
HooUi Creek, which llgws In a nortb-
eily direction tlirniifh lots 10.1112 and
10,'too and empties into St. Mary's
Itiver near Wycltflo, B.C. The wat
er will lie diverted at 200 yards nortb
nl Post 6, IM 10302 and will be
used tor irrigation puruose. on
lund described n. Lot 10,100.
This notice wa. posted oo tba,
ground ou thc lath day ol May,
IHI. Tbe application will be bled
in the olliee ol the Water Recorder at
I'ranbrnok, B.C.
Objections may be Hied with     the
said  Waler   Itecordcr    or   with the
Comptroller ul Water Rlttfts, Parliament IVilldings, Victoria, B.C.
2l-5t Walter Halsall, Applicant.
' WANTED.-Married man (tlinrotHjH
ly experienced wilh horses) to work
on ranche in Kast Kootenay; steady
all-year job to suitable party; separate free lions*, fuel and board; wages
Sir, pvr month; one child not objected lo; man lo milk three cows aad
wile to churn. Apply I'nwnall, Fort
Steele, Kast Koolenay, B.C.     2S-.1t
I, Carl Newton Corwla, hereby
make application to purchase ths
following described leads:
Commcndae; at the S.W. corner ot
I*. It. 1271, tbence nortb 40 ekaia.,
thence west 40 chains, thenee south
40 cbalas, tbence seat 41 cbalas to
point ol comrasoeemeat, coatalalan
IM acres, more ot lesa.
Carl Newton Corwla.
Hated Marsh IM, IHI.        17-U*
Lake View
SI. Miry'i Lake, B. C.   J
Oueala conveyed from
Marysville to the hotel
by motor car or team.
Excellent Fitbiif Retort
Gasoline and Row
Boats for Hire
wist I wkeemmmtmrnm
W« have just received a large consignment of
Thermos Goods
and nro prepared to give our customers prices on this line
never before heard of.
Pint Bottles  $1.25 lo $2.75
Quurt   "  $2.75 to $4.60
Ooffne Pots  $7,511
IjiiiicIi Kits  $2.75
Thermos Cups, sel of ll, nickel
plated    $1.50
All refl.ltU.le
Something New - The Thermos Carafe
•lust the thing to keep Unit summer drink at the right
temperature.   Keep liquors cool for 811 hours without ice.
Quart size, ull nickel plated finish    $11.00
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The flexO-iC Store
Cranbrook - - B.C.
June Brides
Let ui help you to Heleut something for the lu liie to be. W-
Imve jiiBt milled to our slock a
splendid assorlmeut of
Sterling Silver
Cut Glass
in n great variety of patterns and
Ami remember tbnt every
article we sell is backed up by
our broad guarantee and you'll
not lie disappointed in anything
purchased at tbis slore.
Cotncand have a look an> way.
Willi st riiwlicrrlcs arc ri|ic.
A.    .1. Mott   returned    "ealerday
Irom ii Inisiiiivs lri|i to Spokane
■p'rodi pineapples    and   oiimvlnpc.--
l'.iin|,lh'll nml Manning
It.    M.     r-'ussie     wus iu Irniu Hull
Itiver during Hm- week.
It. .1.    Long, nl Creston,    was     in
town during the week.
Ask Wendy. Iltomlv knows.  'I'lione
ii, n\i
C. II.    Knock,.    reports tliis year's
pullets laying already,
II. While, ol 111,' customs office, returned Irom Victoria today.
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
75c. Dallirigan underwear 39c. a
garment.—C. C. S.
The Feed Store.—t'ranhrook -Trading Co.
The store for fresh Fruits and
Vegetable. East Kootenay Mercantile House.
.1. I). McBride is away in Winnipeg
on a husiness trip..
Don't tnrgct Kink's closing out
Jos. truly, ol Sirdar, is visiting in
Maurice ouain Mt on Sunday tor
Ottawa. He will be away several
Ask lllondv. Blondy knows. 'Phone
62. ll-tl
Harold Pari ing has returned to the
city Irom    an extended visit le     the
CoaSt cities.
(I. W. Buchanaa and O Buchanan
Whit,- are Cowley, Alta , visitors in
111.00 tweed men's suits, $J.».">.—
c. C   S. ,
Mrs. K. II. lVtmorc will not receive on Wednesday, June 26th, nor
again until lurther notice.
"Cooks the dinner hut not the
cook," a Florence automatic oil
stove.    Kor sale hy Patmore Bros.
A lull line ol fresh vegetables snd
Iriiita always on hand—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Ionic I.annui has accepted a position with tne gents' furnishings department r I the   Fink Mercantile Ci.
thief I'rnvlnclal Constable A C.
Mint)' wns down Irom Prate tile Drst;
of the week on official
tlie lirewl wns so good. Ami the eook—his Komi wife—
promptly onlensl anol'ier suck of the same good Hour from
. which it wns uncle -
Sirdar, a daughter. completed,    and   next   week a third
i   ci-at will he added.     Work lias     al-
The store for Fresh Fruits and ready commenced on the laying      ol
| Vegetable*— East Kootenay Mercantile House.
Horn.—At Uie Cottage hospital, oi
June lltli-, Hf!, to Mr. and Mrs. W
Barolay, of Marysville, H. C, i
FIOM 11.00 TO 1100.00
Please Cull anil See I lur
11112 fStock
Jewelers and Opticians
You can't afford to miss thr closing
out sale at Fink's.
B. H. Short has gone down to the,
coast and will join his family in
Portland lor a short vacation.
Mrs. It. W. Hussell will receive on
ihe 25th Inst, instead of the second
Tuesday in July.
$1,000 to any one proving we ilnn'l
mean business.—C.C.S.
W. Ross, ol WaMn, has resigned his position as a justice nf
tlie peace.
Mrs. Jos. Walsh has gone down to
Seattle to undergo surgical treatment.
The largest stock ol waggons, buggies and implements in Kast Kootena)'—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Two land registry offices, it is understood, are to lie established in
East Kootenay, one at Kernic and
tlie other in this city.
W. Heap Holland, It. .1. Colsou and
0. Phillipps came in Irom Fairmont
the first ol the week in tlieir Fiat
There will lie a meeting this evening of those interest,.! in organizing
a Y.M.CA. tennis club. Courts have
la-en laid iiiii niul uie now in gisiil
"Oil, MY, HIT IT'S HOT!" Yes,
but keep cool hy using one of our
automatic oil healers. "Cooks tlie
dinner, hui nol the cook."—Patmore
■lanws Kinliiy is in Irom his Alberta coal mine, where he lias l.'cii
(teiainul for Borne time owing tin a
breakdown ol machinery. He expects
to bc leaving shortly wllh Mrs. Kin-
luy, on a visit to Sci.tl-.uid.
Those who think money is tight
slioiilil visit the C.C.S. closing nut
C. M. Edwards ami P. E, Wilson
left lor Spokane this alternoon on
legal business in connection wilb the
settlement ot tin- llaynes Lake estate.
Table oil cloth, white marble cc-
ored, 2iic. yard.—C. 0. S.
Tlsi lainily ot M.  Iv Collins arriv-
tlie cement sidewalks around the
building, that on Baker stccct will
^about 24 feet wide, whilst that on
Norburv avenue will run to about
18 feet,
C. 0. S.
men's    work shoes, (1.85,
The Ladies lluild ol Christ ehurcli
are giving a strawberry social at
tlie Rectory on Tuesday evening,
.lune 25, t<i which all are cordially
invited. 23-31
Mr. W. J. Atchison has established
a record in incubator hatching recently, out of seventy I'ekin duck
i-ggs set and    tested down to III ler-
tilc,    he      olituinial     u     lllll,ll ol 58
Mkiokum ducks. This certainly points
not i nly to knowledge of his machine and how to run it but also
to ability fn caring lor parent slick
to secure such a run ol Icrlllity.
Preserving strawberries next wwk.
The lowest price this season.—Campbell and Manning.
Captain Stride, nf the local Salvation Army corps ol this city has received his larewell orders. All over
the Dominion tlie officers of the Salvation Army will Ik* taking fresh
commands and the captain will be
priK-ecding to his new appointment
next week. The captain wishes to
thank all of the citi/ens of . Cranlirook for their hearty co-operation in
assisting the local corps und Uie Sal-
local   siipcrinlciiilciit's olliee
i«l Wednesday I rom Ihnina to join ' valion Army gem-rally, and trust
Mr. Collins, wlm is employed iu the that the generosity shown, will still
if lhe continue during the command of the
incoming oilicers. Captain Stride
Iras been labor ng in Ihe city Inr the
last twelve months and during this
time tis. work has progressed. Last
winter and In early spring, scores
ol people were assist id financially,
and in other ways.
W. II. Wilson has made a very
decided improvement in the interior
ol liis front store ami optical room
by re-decorating and papering both
ami by tlie addition of n skylight in
bis optical department.
Leave your orders fur preserving
fruits and arrange date ol delivery
later. Wc guarantee to 'plmse you.
CumplN'll and Manning.
•el.UOO lo any one proving we don't
mean business.—C.C.S.
llr. II. II..Ralph, ol Winnipeg, representative of the International Securities Co. uml the Orand I'arillr
Land Co., has completed the purchase
of 1000 acres of.land, four miles
south ol Cranbrook, Irom Dan Burton.
You always want crockery
glassware. Don't fait to
Fink's closing out sale.
Table oil cloth,    white marble cd
a|)(, ored, 25c. yard— C. C. S.
Mrs. W. .1. Rutledge ami children
left Ior flodenrieh, Ont., last Saturday and will remain in the east
throughout Uie summer.
Hollo Crooks, wh.. Iras been wilb a
surveying party in the Winder ure
country for the past few. weeks, has
returned to the city.
All kinds of cluck lonl, clam shell,
grit, heel scraps, etc.—Campbell and
W. li. McFarlanc, ol the C. C. S.,
has decided to dispose ol all lines
except furniture, which lie will handle)
exclusively hereafter.
Tbc store for Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables Eut Kootenay Mercantile House.
Rev. Mr. ThcMnpson, nl Stavely,
Alta., will arrive here on the 2Sth
insi, to take permanent charge id
tne Preshy ter inn church in this city.
The Cochran company seem to understand their business by appearance of things about ibe C. ■". S.
Paul Doyle, a brother of Al. Doyle,
ol Fort Steele, Is visiting Cranbrook
having arrived in town yesterday
Irom .laco.net River, N. II.
Wm. Bardgett expects to make     a
Jo.. Walsh, constable at Fort
Steele, lelt for New Westminster on
Momlay afternoon, having in charge
Thomas Dow, an old time Fort
Steele resident, who is suffering Irom
some mental trouble and has. been
committed to the asylum Ior treatment.
There are many things in onr
crockery department you want, nianv
things you can't do without, many
things you won't do without when
you sec our prices.—C. C. S.
(lie*   food but not       thc
t    Florence automatic   oil
$3.00 men's work shoes, $1.85.—
C. C. S.
Manager (liicrrard, ol the Auditorium, ls making some bookings for
the near luturc that will ensure
crowded nouses, no matter what thc
temperature may lie. On June 22nd
he hae tallied lor lhe moving picture
show, "Redemption," the world's
greatest .sensation, 500 people, 50
tig scenes and 3 grand reels. For
lune 27th and 38th, the feature at
the moving picture show will ,be "The
Crystal Casket," telling the story
ot a beautiful princess awakened Irom
a sleep of a thousand years. But
tlie biggest item so lar billed lor the
Auditorium summer attractions is
tlie appearance ol the redoubtable
Bob Fitzslmmons In "A Fight for
Love," on Saturday, July 13th, a
(our act drama, written especially
Ior him by Hot Reid. lie will be
ably supported hy Miss Maybelie
Byrnes, and a strong caste. Tbis attraction will without a drnajbt prove
lo he the beat drawing card ol the
season. It shows Fitzslmmons In
his training quarters, in the great
arena, also an actual horse-shoeing
scene in the village blacksmith shop,
where he makes a horse shoe in lull
view nt the audience.
Leave your orders lor preserving
fruits and    arrange date   ol delivery
stove.    Just the tiling lor this    hot later.    We guarantee to please you
weather.    Kor sale by Patmore Bros, i Campbell and Manning.
Miss King, who lor the past two' That) time honored yet magical
years has been with Mr. and, Mrs. phrase, "are ycu going to the
lames Blake, ol Skookumchuk, as a show?" is the query mist Ircquenfly
teacher, Mt on Monday for Nelson beard tliese days upon every hand
nml St. Louis, Mo., ber old home. '"joili in Cranhrook and lor miles oui
into   the  surrounding    country. The
world    lamed Cole   Brothers I'niled
Shows   are  responsible lor the question, arrangements having been   com
pleled (or    them to   exhibit Wednesday,   June 20th, alternoon and evening in Cranbrook. The small boy  ami
girl are correspondingly happy     and
it goes without   saying that      their
elder* have the day marked on     the
calendar, too.       Fresh   from    their
triumph, abroad,   the   Cole Brothers
havo greatly augmented   their shows
ith   every    department      Thi* season
I their spread ol canvas ever, an area
John Haas, who has lieen In     IH nl about nine acres and when erected
employ nl J. B.   Culley, Ic'l Wednes-|the Idg tent alone affords comfortable
trip to the old country before settling'day lor Phoenix, 11. C, where le has  accommodations   lor   W.IHio persona.
Ihlds and ends ol crockery, Friday
ball prloc.-C. C. S.
A family has already moved into
the new post office building. Way up
in the tower room, the highest In
the building, a bird lainily have built
their nest and several little tiny cflga
arc Mug earclully watched by
Mother Bird.
Odds and ends nl
hall price.—C. 0. s
crockery, Friday
down to the   cattle dealing business,
Hv which he will engage hereafter
Tliere IS something in that olil saw that "the.way to
reach a man's heart iB through his stomach." ami there's
i that hiitl) nihility in our flour which unfailingly finds the
:   e»y.
A single sack will satisfy ynu that yon can't buy better
>   flour.  TRY IT.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Horn:...At the Cottage hospital,
Armstrong avenue, Cranbmok, to
Mr. and Mrs. W. Whalcn, ot Jaffray,
B. C, a son.
purchased   an    interest in He Itoyal,Overcapping   the    three    big rings,
Bowling and Billiard Pallors. L. I. three elevated stages and va.t lupine
Deiclierl, lormerly a luirher of this drome track is a veritable mare ol
eily. is his partner in the new ven- irape/e riggings, bars, rings, ropes
tare. and apparatus   upon whieh dauntless
___ awenu and   kings   ot    thc air twice
Picture   post    cards 10   for He.— dally dely death in entertaining   the
C. C. S. ! thousands of patrons     Over      three
The sale al Fink's I. genuine   and — hundred   men, women, children    and
Is conducted by themselves, thus It. E. Sale has returned Irom Win- educated animals are employed in thi
saving, you any commission for a nlpeg, where he established a branch prcsentatim ol the astounding pro-
sales manager. lot MoLnvvs and Co.'s real estate gramme. From Ihe first to the last
"'i . I agency. lie will return in the niimlrr, act follows act in rapid
Horn.—At tlw Cottage hospital.\course ol a week nr Iwo. Business succession and with smh prccisslnn
Armslrong avenue, nn June 20th, Is lively In Winnipeg and Cranbrook I and skill as ean only he louml in
Illi, to Mr. and Mrs. Fronk I,.]real estate Is regarded as an elect- Cole Brothers United Shows
Davis, a daughter. I lent investment. Throughout the pertormanee as many
—— j   | as Olteen separate features are   situ
$12.00 tweed men's   suits, $5.85.-1   IMclure   post    cards 10   lor 10c- ultanct.imly   present,d ,.n thc ground
CC.S. C.C.S. I or In lhe air and one is kept   right
— I — . busy in watching the myriad ol won
Born—At    the   Cottage   hospital,]   Work on    lhe new post office ISrlld- dam.      Aa  ImporUotl   department,
Armstrong avenue, on June loth,   lo ing is progressing apace.    This week Irre to all who attend the big show.
Mr. aad Mrs.    K. S. lloteghaai,      ol, the wcond   coaling id plastorlag was i. the triple menagerie wbieh is    an-
The Latest Millinery
Scores of pre.,
tily Trimmed
Huts, embracing the latest
Hushes from tlie
centres of fashion, murk oil
down to shadows of tlie ori
ginul price.
l'ay this department a visit
and see the
beautiful Huts
that you mny
olit uin for a
small cash outlay.
They're being
eagerly sought
for. Better be
along to-day.
Pretty Sunshades
During these warm days
a Sunshade is most useful
as well as the fact that it
adds siiiiiitiii'ss to your
ciisttiuii'. We've all colors.
Priced from 55125 lo $6.00.
Women's Coats and Skirts
The Wash Tout and
Separate skin Is the popular dress for the summer.
We're showing buiiie very
smart garments ut special
Children's Dresses
Neat dresses, made from
I'rint niul liiugliiiui. in all
sizes up to 111 years.
Priced from Hoc to $U6
Dainty Collars and Jabots
We're showiug the latest
novel ties in Collars, Jabots
and Collar and Cnlf Seta.
Ask to see them.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothinf Stores
and 3 Lots, on Armstrong Ave.,
Choice Location.
White Addition
is the time tn secure a good building lot in what is
daily growing into the IlKST residential portion
of tlie city, facing 011 Xnrhury uud Armstrong
Lots are all ploughed and levelled,
$200.00.    Easy Terms
c'lcstenfuiblv the largest und mosl
complete Unveiling "»< known. Tlw
mammoth lent in whicli this Is ex-
litbitid is tilled with rare and costly
specimens of animal lite Irniu all
nnarter* nl tlie globe, captured and
■hipped direct lo lhe*e slums by
Messrs. Cole', own special agent. A
isit to llie display wil pri vc ol
more interest and education..! "aloe
than a tour ol the i«-st known 700I0-
aical garden   in this country or Bur-
75c. Ilalhrigon underwear Mc. 1.
garment—C. C, S.
WANTED AT ONCE.- Oirl lo do
general housework. Apply to Mrs.
II. While. H-U
general Ik
-A   coinpelcnt   iniii'l   lor
work      Apply to   Mrt.
lie,,  A. UMrh alter .lime Mill. IMI   Apply to Mrs. .1. S.
] stray.*! bay mare came Into my
place at   Wardner    tn early   spring.
■ Owner may have same by paying loi
this ad. and  her kccp.-Arthnr l-und,
I Wardncr, III'. i*5""
I'l lit HUNT.—Two furnish,*! room.;
a I modern condeniences. Apply Herald ofllce. M-"
FOR SAI.K.-Haby carriage 17.00,
Apply Hoi 3, Herald office.       21-11'
wheeled Knglish cart and single harness; In first class condition. Apply
Herald offlce, llox A. ll-tl*
Kiral-elsss room. Ta hilly modern
house recently improved and reno-
vated. On I.umsdea avenue, opposite    south corner ol    Baker', park.
I    News of the District
(By Fred Hn-')
There is iiiritd ;i land boom going
on in i'l'*' Tobacco Plains dlblrlot on
l.olh sitir.s ul Hit* International
boundary line-
Mr. and Mrs. S. Brittlley, ot Cran-
brmdt, came down in lluilt Wlmnnss
and spent the wwik-ond In Elko. Mr.
HimlN-y tli«*s Um pencil act tor tho
franlirook .loubers and gives ilemon-
slralii.ns, Ikiw to mako opened laced
prune pies without thr aid ot yeast
getna or axlo grease.
\ millionaire's daughter in California wan forced in romovo tho botla
from ln-i dog kennels hcoatiBQ Mio
Bull pupa chewed lip the linen slut-is
nvory day.
You can't down an Elko booster,
lie's so optimistic he'll make lemoii-
.iili* if yun luunl him a lemon.
A lumberjack walked Into -11111 l.iil-
dcrootfi Bhoc repairing eliop from tho
Rook Creek plnorlea M10 other day
and t'hicw an old shoe Into Jim'**:
lap and said: Yw Uiua t.iistiil lire.
Automobiles from Crnnbrook, Waldo, Roosvllle and Pernio visited Klku
Ihis weck-
Tettty Mills. Driftwood Terrace, i«
lining civil englneera work on U10
governnu*iil mac) with a No- -■ Instru-
on account of Lho great development ihat is going <>n simlli of Elko
ami the demand for Ugh - class
t-ivil i-ngiiieers uml expert surveyors,
It is expected tlmt T. T. McVittie
will move his headquarters from
Kort Steele to Klko nr Roosvillr.
Tom Caven is building a large wa
gon bridge across tlw Kootenny nl
(iatt-way, B.C.
The C.I'.H. are doing (Snnsiderablo
work in and around Elko.
Mr. Gorman, Elko's new ohlcl of
police, is making ii rod liol in the
shade tor pot t-uiig COmodionB atul
members of tin* I.W.W.
Civil Engineer Biker, of lho Lands
department, is in tlie ftoosvtllo district taking stock of al! streams, in-
BpcoUng water rights and irrigation
Winnipeg capitalists have houghl, up
a big lumeh ol land around Elko and
are having same divitlnl into leu nere
Ki >r pure iiiiitdul I end trail wo
loitimeittl you to C.P.H. freight anl
express rates and ttie B. B, Sugar
refinery. We beseech thee, sir Richard, lo look into these mailers.
Friendship you hope I,, |*iy is ileal
at any price. Try ami net along
without it.
(Special correspondence),
Br, Green, oi Cranbrook, was in
town Wednesday last.
!    Mrs. Louie Larson    was a    Cranhrook visitor last Thursday.
I   l*'ieil    AuditL spent Wednesday last
in Cranbrook ou business.
A tew fishing parties are nj.iing out
tliese days. Some real good oatclMS
are reported, hut it has lieen so wet
ltttelj   it greatly interferes with   the
I Mrs. (Mlo Wisner was Io Cranlirook
lasi   Wednesday.
' The Iwsolmll game at Cranhrook
last Thursday between Cranhrook
and Wanlner resulted in a win for
Cranbrook. Seore: 18 to IU. Ken-
lures of the game were the batting
of Burr for Crnnbrook and I lod lean,
Shardiilf. and Lnudhiiiit for Wardner.
Hum- Douglass is Isiek from tbe
Crnnbrook hospital, l'-oking as good
as ovor, Imve had three ribs
Ttie hall game lust Sunday at tlie
[Mirk proved extremely interesting.
The eamp boys were too ninth lor
Ihem, winning in a walk.
Messrs. LaPohite and Katun spent
Monday at Cranbrook on business.
The ii.nul hoys have succeeded in
securing a good instructor. Here's
hoping good results will follow.
We are sorry lo hear llial Mr. Wai
tt r Campbell, who has Ism night
operator at tlw station here, intends
going io I'inelier Creek, win-re he
[ims secured a lucrative position.
Good luck t<> you Walter.
\ number frnm Kort Steele came
Into town Sunday in Messrs. Fen-
wick's and Jordan's autos to witness
the bull game. Leaving Ior home
after Hie game.
Evelyn Wrench, organizer and
ft. nder of Ihe Overseas club, was
ni-ioriled n recoptton hy 11m- Winnipeg
j branch of the cluh, at a meeting held
1 lasi week in the Hall of Industry,
'corner of Main and Water streets.
His honor,     It.  0. Cameron, lU-ulen*
Will Exhihit Al: 1 CKNOON and
NIGHT in Cranbrook
Wed., June 26,1912
«•    Sr/IGES            ;
Dare Devil Act
ant ^ov^rnor of Manitoba, presided.
On the libit foi m were men prominent
in business and jmblie life, regardless
of political affiliations. The chief
< i speakers were Evelyn Wrench, who
*.' • outlined the aims ami objects ot the
cluh; how it was founded; and what
it had -accomplished. Hon. Hugh
Macdonald and W. Santord Evans.
Hon. Hugh John Macdonald, lirst
■honorary president of the club, iu
welcoming it* founder and organizer, spoke of the club ns a means of
bringing together into one great
brotherhood, the scattoml units of
the British empire. He pointed to
the scope permitted to its memiti-rs
by its constitution and its value to
the empire us a unifying force.
Evelyn Wrench, before addressing
tlie meeting, sn^ested despatch of a
telegram to His Royal Highness the.
Duke of Connaughl, congratulating
him upon the recovery of the Duoltcsg
of C^iiuaiigbt, and to Earl Grey,
cable, bidding lilm Ood speed on his
journey to South Africa, whither ho
Is going to unveil tin1 monument to
Cecil Rhodes, which has been erected
in Rhodesia In Uie Matloppn Hills,
to perpetuate the memory of the im-
pcriulist- and statesman, whose dreunit
of a united South Africa has now
I'ttn fiillillc-d. This wns done.
The speaker then proceeded to explain the objects of his present mission, whieh In* said was to bring the
75 Canadian branches of the Overseas
cluh into closer toiie-h with one
another, and with the other branches in tlw various count lies of the
Hritish empire.
Reviewing the events of liis tour,
Mr. Wreiirh said lhal. the lirst meeting held hy him since leaving Kngland was on tlte Canard steamship
.Ma'irclaui.i, where, to his surprise,
there were sixty members among tlie
crew t»f the vessel. Before Ne
York was reached, forty new members from the crew were enrolled.
Tbe next meeting was in New York
where there are 500 members. Meetings were held in Montreal. Ottawa,
(where a banquet was held on Km
pile day), Toronto, Three Rivers and
Fort William, illustrating the universal nature of the movement, lie
Hp"k« of life dramatic moment at the
Toronto meeting, when the chief ralfln
rose and told why be believed in tht*
liritisli empire ns a world force.
The founder of tin; Overseas club
said that it stood for u strong navy.
He said that be did not wish tn
touch controversial matters
Imt that in his conversations with Canadian statesmen of
every political color, he bad lieni im
pivssul with Ute unanimity with
which they had declared that Canada
should do her share toward the maintenance of British supremacy on the
high seas. He answeced the charge
that, ihe ekih was a party organization in saying that applications for
membership Imd been received by
seven members of the former cabinet
of Sir Wifrid Laurier.
Mr. Wrench, in relating thc pro
Kress that the club hud made, described bow the idea of its formation
had rriginu-Ud al lhe Ridr.ui hall in
Ottawa, where lie.wns staying as a
guest of Earl (irey, then governor-
general ot Canada. Tlie former governor-general had shown bim some
papers wttch had belonged to thc
lute Cecil Rhodes, which he, as one
ol Hie Rhodes tixistevs, hud In his
keeping. It was a fcw wonls written by thu great South African statesman as be lay awake one night on
the vddt. He was then a young
man of 23. Thc words were to the
effect that the ultimate unilicntton ol
the Hritish empire might brat he
wrought hy the establishment of a
secret society. Wben these words
wen* shown to Mr. Wrench he turned
to Karl (Irey and suggested the formation of the Overseas club. Returning to Kngland he secured the
support ot I-ord NorlhclilTe, who
placed at the disposal of the cluh the
columns of tbe overseas Daily Mail.
The Overseas cluh was founded
August 271 1910, and hy Christinas
of xhaif year bad a membership of
10,000. lly July of last year there
were 50,000 members enrolled, and
BB.OOO arc now on the books in London. There are 7*1 branches in Cuu
aria.,of which 63 are In the west. At
the present lime there are 350
brunches of tbe club In ull parts ol
the world, from tht; Falkland Islands
to the Yukon, and from Burma to
St. Helena. There are two hruticlics
In Cairo, Egypt, nut* of which Viscount Kitchener, liritisli agent In
Egypt, is president, ami Sir -lohn
Maxwell, the Sirdar, vice-president
The patron of the Winnipeg brunch is
Ills Honor I). C. Cameron, and thi*
honorary president is Hon. Hugh
•lohn Macdonsld.
Semi-ready Suits
TO Sped*-Oidd
TF THBMJ It no Semi-ready it«s ts
*■ your lur.-,. you nuy li-maSeml-resdr
mil made to youi -pedal onl*' Hum Pit*
IHU. Bend fot ' Klin'i Own" Kit*
Mlu it «0, with ttyle book and Mil*
•Minting totmt. Guuanieed. Sold it
the lime pike evctrwhria in Cinart*,.
Have you leen tne iiylr book, Git I
OBI tot you it hml • icady Llulud,
•nd-mbil Satbirinft
i. Fred Joh.it.ton. Fernie, 11. C.
Is'fore by one of her sex. Mounting to
the 'topmost pinnacle of a towering
wctl|-like wooden inclined plane, this
dauntless young lady seats herself
'"■ipiHi an ordinary bicyite and before
the surging m.iss of expectant -human*
ily helow can realize just what she
intends to do she has started upon
iter Implied flight. The bravest
heart seems tn censo beating for tbe
moment, w ■ mebriK* and its charming
rider in\ii t' ■ earth, 80 feet from
which iii.i.i tJlioOt upward and onward
inio space, having lefl the curved end
of Hie frail structure's flrsl section.
Like a bird on wing they fairly lly
through live air, high over tbe broad
bail-"*, ol n herd of elephants, olonr.Ug
n space ut *ri5 feet nud landing upon
Ihe lusl portion of the light wooden
path, ll it n wonderfully biiwudoiis
exploit und, as Mile 't*'w\ safely
reaches Hit? ground smiling und bowing to the anxious spectators who
crowd around hor, cheer after cheer
is given. This unparalleled deed of
during is given absolutely free of
charge on the show grounds directly
after tha parade mil again at (1.30
p.m. Kvcn if you will lit' analile to
nltetid the performance do nol permit
anything to interfere witb your peeing M'lle /Jzzi spun death's arch.
New Potato Sacks
For Sale
Cranbrook Jobbers
With Cole  Brother. lnit.il Shows,
<Iik' to c.hlblt Wednrsuiiy. .lune 21'tli
In ('ranbrook, will he IoiiikI an     nil
which Im* matte other inuiiniu'rs   sit
»l» und notice thing,   slmr thr opening    ol   too   season.      II Is termed
snutHiiniQ death's  nreh" mid poreona
who hive witness,*.! it protlalm it   n
tifflhlyt  sensational and   <l.uin>: lent—
which swills lo prow Hint      its
author, M'lle. Y.im; possesses nerves
.til steel.      Sin- is a winsome       uml
| petite yomia; native ol Lyons, Prance,
j who twice ili.il,     'iikkIcs with ih-.it h
I In aceimipllshini', an act, lho like    ol
which has never hrr* even attempte,!
ir _vi.it i-iinii* i •
.* '    t	
nirvil If otliim
In.vi f...l..l--\|----l
mt* M> row vnn.
ITiiImh 1 know
tlml I ,iu. ino*
j.ni | Mill not ii'--
icpl    yoUI"   riot',
iiiiiI iii evep> hi
■.oiin-i* I iri'iii Iiy
niv uwn nriitlniil
n.l cm I  mid
fpenulorrhoei. Orf«nlc Wcakncs*.
Lett Vlgcr, Viricocele, Hydrotelc. Cm-
Ificlcd DUordcr-a. Specific BlooJ PoImi.
Plies »4   Slriclures — restoring  nil
Nflecletlor-£iiiiiitoiinrui.il ami healthy
Hciion in the eltorleal poMfihle spaci*
ot time.
il IlieeneeH ui .11' n.
Imoklel tr.*
.'.-.■ nil Itli'tiilina
I'-in-nlI iilion mnl in.l	
nt iiluVe ur I.v tiillil.
910 NOW,,till STIIKKT
Bioiinil nn Uie lolh day ol .Mine, ,
1*112. Tho application will be filed
in Uin oifloc of the Water Heconler
at llranbrook. '
Objections may he filed with tho
Water Recorder or with tho Comptroller ol Water nishts, Parliament
Iluildings, Victoria, B.C. I
Jonathan W. Innocent, Applicant.   |
hy W. K. llurd, Agenl. 24-5t
Cranbrook     Loan,
No. 14
AF. ft A. IL
l!ce,ii)itr ini'olltig. on
tho   third   Thursday
ol evory month.
Visiting lirothren welcomed.
1). ,1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peek, Secretary.
OlU'sC'I'NT IiOihiii No. Ull
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meet,   every   Tiieada, at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. Cl. Jones, 0. 0.
J. Al. Uoyes.K. ol K. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meet, .vary Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddtcllows cordially Invltsd.
II. J. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. G. Seo'y.
Alcets lirst and    third Wednesdays
in eacb month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.—ll. Clayton.
Scribe-W. M. Harris.
No. II,
Meets every second and  iourth Wat
ncsday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   K.tiekab. cordially Invited.
Miss Nellie llakcr, N. 0.
Mrs. Anna Beattle,   Bee. Sec.
For n   License   to    Tole   nnd   Use
tliat Jonathan W. Irmocont, r.l Fort
Steele, B.C., will apply lor a license
to take and use 21)0 acre leet o*
Water out of unnamed spring and
slough which Hows in a southerly direction through T. I.. 31222 and
sinks N. nl Lot 8112, near Fort
Steele. The water will If diverted
at siiutheily end of slough ami will
lie used lor irrigation purposes on
tin land described as lots IHM and
721S, tlroup One, and to store same
in reservoir I acre by five leet deep
at point ot inversion.
This nol ieo wns posM na the
ground on tin! loth day ot June,
1012. The application will 1.' filed
In (he olliee ol the Water Recorder a'
Objection, may lie filed with the
said Water Recorder or wllh the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Iluildings, Victoria, II. 0,
Jonathan W. luimioent. Applicant.
hy W. F. llunl, Agent. 21-51
For a    License   to   Take   and   Use
that Jonathan W. Innocent, ol Fort
Steele, B.C., will apply lor a license
to take and use .000 cubic let. per
second ol water out of unnamed
spring and shaigh which flows In a
soullierlv direction through T, L.
No. .11222 nnd sinks N. ol lot 8112
near Fort Steele. The waler will lie
diverted at southerly end ot slough
and will lie used lor domestic pnr-
IHMrs on the land described nn lols
8112 and 7218, Oroup One.
Tbis notice was posted      on    the
Meets in Carmen'. 11.11 Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp
; Wm. Henderson, CR.
I.. Pcarron, Sec, Box 618.
Vl.lting hrethicn mad. welcoma.
Meets in Carmen'. Hall drat aad
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Alcets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Walllngcr, .      W. 0. Crcbbln
>*rcs. Scc'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
Presbyterian ebwcl)::
,j moi
Sunday morning aervice at II '
Sunday    evening    anvlca   at'
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School  and    Ilible
1'la.B at 3 o'clock
Presbj terlan    Oulld, Tueaday,
at 8 o'clock
********************* i
Paator, II. S. Speller. ! !
Paraonage, Norbury Annua.     '
' > 'Phone. 284.      P. O. Boi 117. \
Regular Servlre.i-Suiiday, 11 \
a.m.     and    7.30   p.m.;   lllbl., ,
School    with     Young  Udlaa' i i
Phllethoa    and    Youag   Men'.' '
' ' Ilible Cla.», 3 p.m. ' '
; |    Monday,   Young Peoples',   I | ]
,, P.m. , i
Wednrdlay, MId-Week Meeting.' '
A cordial   Chriatlaa
' ' to all.
President: T. s. tlm. •
(1 -Wrptnrv: S. Maciminai.i,
i i For information regarding land. , ,
• < and ngrieultiliu apply lo the i i
1 ' Secretary, Oranlirook, H. O.
Every second Wnlueptl.y
' ~s%&A$Qmi*in*\
Tli. Leading Bimnea. College
of the Northwest
Where young people can receive
a thorough business training.
3H0BTHAND, f Y P1W8ITIKC, I00KK tt ■lltO
I* in session twelve month. In
the your.
No entrance examination..
Board and room nt vary reasonable rates.
We secure position, lor our
Our now linanilfully illustrated
catalogue sent Iroe upon request.
Write lor It NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ist & AladlBon     -      SPOKANE
i i
i '
Builder and
Si'|itie 'Punks niul Concrete
Work tri'iiorally a
;; Estimates   Freely  Qiven.
P.O. Box 346
j; Cranbrook, B.C.
• i
• >
, .*********
A. M. Can.Sw;. O.K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olliee over Cranbrook l»ni(* mnl Book
Co'h. Rtora
Bantrte, Solicitor, Etc,
Money to loan on favorable term..
Physicians and Surgeons.
OSaa al KmMmn, Armatroag Ita,
■ • • • I.H to 10.M
 IM lo   4.11
- - • IM to   III
dMriaya IN to  I.H
ORANBROOK :l    ll    t    •    1,0,
I to 11 a.m.
1 to  I pa.
7 to   I p m.
Olliee la Haaaon Block.
ORANBROOK        •      •      -BO,
Oranbrook and Fort Steel..
towation eiMiNeet
Norbary Ave., nait lo City Hall
Telephone 'twi
P. O. Bos 37
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A it-liable Prench regulator; never tall). These
pills are cxcvcdingly uowcrlul lu regulating thi
generative portion cl Oie female system. Refuse
all clipiip iniilatlons. Dr. d« Tim's art told si
t-ft-t box, nr three '.>r till. Mallei) In any address.
TtM Uc.Ih.11 Drug Cm*, M. • MhArlsM. H«ft
For tt-ile at  lk'Hlii1,  Murphy  4 Co.,
Oprea.lt. t'.l'.H. Station
THF.    PLACE    TO     (»K!T    A
lli'iiili|iiiirl.T8 for all kimla of
Ki pairs
ISatisfiiction (iuuranlenl
The Slum Specialiat
Frank Provenzano
Ganaral Merchant*
Employment Af ante
CRANBROOK    •     B. C
II yuo want satitiaction with
your waihiogf wod
it to
Special price, lor lamlly work.
HiKTminr to P. T. F. I'KRRV
Day Phone 233
Night Phone .IM
B. C. Ions Surveyor
CRANBROOK   •    B. C.
For lamlly nee there ia nothing
m wnoletome aad ao para aa
W. H lattr, IMmI OtraU.
->■■>„■* ac
Phone 'Mii
Crasbrook Cettsge Hsssltsl
atinmn anb wvats nwiws
Terma on Application,
Phone 2311 Matron.
P.O. Box 845   Annatronn Ave
H. E. HALL. D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work
a epecialty.
Olfioe over F. Parks Hardware
Store, Baker Street
Phono No. 290
J. Q. Mitchell
Oamo Itoadi, Bird*. Rugf, Flak
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
l'liM-rilti'il nml recommended Inr women'!, uilini'iils, a si'ii'iiiiiirally pre-
pnriil ri'iiuily nl proven worth. The
result Irom Iheir. ii.e la quick aad
permanent. For sale at all drngntore.
White Leghorns
Well known for
To k'.i'p np the .lamina I. Ihe j
Kieateei piuhlem ol the breeder, j
i t'-'.OO per It; 17.00 per M); 112.00 I
|«r ion, 1100 |>er 1,000.
Oowlch.ii, V. I.        Ml
Oarriee a Iall .lock ol
Repalre lor above alwaya
In .lock
Electric Rsstorsr fer Man
For aale at BMUtTBarHv* Oo-, Ut.
SUnON't SEEN FO11012
laported la le. orlirl.ai NaM packet*
lens Haltra S Oeae, tk. Kln«'a aeerleae*.
ItMellu, Saalaarl. aka41k»ewale(B».
A. J. WOODWARD, (ok AfMt
Miaiaa.lM.M.,*aaeeatar. AWTletaeia
Freight paid on Alberta Exliibita
ary Industrial
June 28th to July 5th, 1912
nn I other Features »t Merit
1. S. II. VAX WAifT        - - - President
I'ri/.r I,ini nml Unity Forms from
W. I. IIKIIIAIIDSCIN, Mnnngi'r, Vlotorln Pork, Calgary.
We Have the Goods
Hose Screens
Screen Doors
Freezers    Refrigerators
See the
The Best Made
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
Is at its best a hard proposition.   Let ut
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical.Equipment
VII*. ItOI.I.IXS. Mgr,
I'lione : Seymour 71KK)
Palace Hotel
Ifiil.MXS lilios., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred fli'i-niitly furnished moms, Every modern
con von imi'.'n. JOIrvnlor Borvloo. t.'nln ill roiinectioil. Hoonis
$1.00 per iliiy nnd upwards,
ll|iiiiuntry visitors lo tin' Terminal City will find every
convenience null niiiilort nl the Granville l'nlnce, special
iittriition boiiiij (slid to tholr wants,
There are two great countries ol
j tin* world, ami so fat as can lie
learned from inquiry, two only, in
which the principle ol state ownership ol railways has hitherto made
no progress. These are (Ireat Brit*
ain nntl tlie United States.
In other Hritish countries where
railways exist a start at least has
hoed mado with satisfactory results,
In some cases, us in Australia and
New Zealand, and wilh disappointing
experiences hi others.
It may now lie saitl tliat railway
nationalization has heen ptojected In-
Ui the split*re of practical pnliiit-s in
Ifhtglond, for Premier A*|Ulth toll a
deputation, wlm waited upon him
nml tho president of the hoard of
trade the other day that lh- ami his
eoloagues though not definitely committed for or against railway na-
.io)iali/.ati<iii were ready'to take up
an active inquiry—to undertake a
preliminary exploration of tlie
ground n« he put It.
That ttie railways stand in a special position in regard to nationalisation the prime minister freely allowed. Parliament which gave the
power of compulsory purchase without which tltey could never have heen
constructed has always claimed more
than ordinary control over their
management and since 181-1 has had
the right to take them over on
throe months notice at twenty-five
years purchase.
Mr. Asquith said they would re
gurd si eh a transfer as involving less
tlte In trod notion ot a new principle
than an extension ol an existing one
State interference being granted it is
simply a question ot degree how far
il should lie carried.
It was impossible to leave out of
ciuisideraeion the.enormous magnitude
of the undertaking.
Without entering into any question
whether thc capital had been "watered," an enormous amount of capital had been subscrilied and paid up.
Tlie paid-up capital of the railways
in lull was £18,0^,000,000, stg.
tbe [gross receipts £127,250,000, antl
tlie expenditure i78,500,000. The net
percentage returned on the paid-up
apital was 3.06.
That was tlie highest figure obtained during the past ten years, and it
was not a very high return for a
commercial undertaking. Even ac-
■cpting the figures ol a member ot
the delegation — the parliamentary
committee of the Trades I'lTion 'Congress, that the return on thc actual
capital was 4.3 per cent that was
m>l a very extravagant return for a
commercial undertaking which was
attended by certain risks, and in
wbieh the shareholders had lieen kept
for years without any return on theiq
capital at all.
.Hi the continent of Europe private
ownership of railways is not far
from extinction.
Nationalization   is   not,   therefore,
chimera, though, of course, it Is a
large proposition. It is easy ,*n<*igh
for platform purposes to draw comparisons between tlie system in favor
nf either, but less easy to reach a
definite business conclusion, treatise
in arguing from one country to
another alt sorts ot varying factors
must lie allowed for, from Uie geography to the standard ol life and
France is tlie only great country
wltere both systems exist on a
large scale side by side, but French
comparisons are peculiarly mislead-
in,, becttuao the state there has always boon a Cinderella only called In
to run railways, which private enterprise shrank from or had (ailed at.
Formerly it only worked unremunerar
tm* "feeder" branches, and the old
small Orleans railway; It was M.
CMnciiceau who added to these the
Great Western railway, which under
company Management had touched
t be lowest depths.
Opponents of nationalization sometimes quote now this state-owned
western railway as the wotst trunk
line In France; it may well lw that,
ami yet thanks to its few years ot
state management Ih* decidedly letter than its former self.
To see state management at Us
best one should go to a country—Belgium or North Germany for Instance — wliere it has heen long os-
tal-Jiulhi.. Ihere can bc no question
of the heller that toe public arc letter served there than In Great Britain, especially In regard to goods
traffic. Freights are quite commonly a hull, a thin), or oven little over
a quarter, ot cor respond ing British
freights; passenger tickets are much
cheaper, and in Belgium the extraordinarily cheap workmen's tickets enable two-thirds ot the town workmen
to live in thc country.
It may he noted that Sir George
(libbs, former general manager of the
North Kastern nnd now tlw head of
the national pulitc highways, without doubt, the greatest ex-railway
manager tn Kngland, holds, that
while private ownership may to best
for the building stage of railways,
the state ean best manage, them now
that stage is over. Transfer In lUelt
The Great French Tonic
Makes Men and Women
Strong « The Cranbrook Drug and Book
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Import this Jnto
Cranbrook — Get a
Bottle and be Healthy.
Since the introduction of VIGO-
llOL into Canada the Bale has lieen
phenomenal. VIGOROL is purely a
tonic—tt builds up the run-down system, creates a new lease ot life,
Everybody should toko a tonic. Tin*
only question is what to take. Vou
can rely upon VIGOHOL as one ol
tlie greatest, if not ttie greatest,
that man ever proscribed, t'.veiy (lion
ol lliis wonderful French Tonic contains life. Your nerves are toned up
to their proper tent ion. The stomach
and bowels ure made healthy and
strong, while the kidneys and llvct
arc cleansed and put in goml working
order. Headaches, billiousness anil
all blood impurities am at once removed. Tlie skin becomes clean and
healthy. VIGOROL in short wilt
clialige your whole system, making it
pure and healthy. The Cranbrook
Drug and Hook Co. will refund your
money if it tails. Trice $1.00 a
is almost solely a financial problem,
and as sucli varies with financial conditions. Fifteen years ago when the
government could borrow at 2A per
cent, and thc railways had not by
pooling and other agreements skimmed much of tlie cream to he had
from centralized control, it was easier and moro attractive Ihan it is today.
One can hardly conceive public
credit lieing now exposed to snob a
strain as would follow llie Notation
of government stock to pay out at
sweep Uw holders of thirteen
hundred millions of company rapitat,
yielding an average return ul ,,M
per cent.
i\ few weeks ago the discovery was
announced by Prof. MctchnlkotT, the
head of thc Pasteur institution in
Paris of a now and important vaccine to In* used against typhoid fcvet
and since then thc question of vaccines and aiiti-toxins has lieen
brought into general prominence at
medical gatherings all over the
world. leading physicians in Great
Britain and the United States ami
elsewhere have been engaged in experiments, directed towards the confirmation of the discovery.
This newly discovered vaccine is
different from all others used in typhoid, being prepared with living ba
ciili which were formerly considered
Under prof.. MetchnikoH's method,
living bacilli are districted in water that has been impregnated with
certain substances found in the serum
of animals immune . to the disease.
The vaccine is then injected into tin
blood In two or three Inject ons,
500,000,000 living bacilli being given
in the first dose and a billion tn each
subsequent dote.
Professor Metcbnikoff asserts that
the new vaccine is not very virulent
but other experts claim that the experiments have not luen carried tar
iiiourfi to determine positively
whether there is any danger or not.
The new sulistance has heen injected into chimpanzees without
harmful effects, ami .. few months ago
two persons were vaccinated with
live bacilli at tbc Pasteur Institute
in Paris. Since their safe recovery
the number of people who have submitted to the experimental safc-gupr.)
has reached fifty.
Thc pig is to he commended for one
instinct—lie knows how to dig.
He digs into things—aimlessly, 'tis
trite, because lie's a pig*
But lie's a digger—ami intelligent
diggers accomplish things.
Tako a lesson from tlu1 pig and
dig for business, even when the
ground looks barren—mav tl; l<»ts ot
good picking just beneath the surface.
Don't slay in thc rut. Try different
methods; follow up different leads.
Strive to get   more business
dig! dig! dig!
CepvmoHTt 4c.'
anrnMMn«tnf art-*-* rh-i .trtcriMton n.if
qntclttf Mc-Mtaln »iur «i>trii-,ii tnmjhent	
f»nt fr-M. 0,<tti|
icMMic American.
A ■—IWMtt lllnH(»t«i w-.-i.it.    Ia-v-m-i Hr
■WMvl-iii■ •.'ki.iitl.'  i..Mtii»i.    ihi... tor
Every Dollar
Of an Ad=Reader's Money
Is Above Par
Your dollars vary in value as
they vary in purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
work of two.
Frequently Its Buying
Power is Actually
And the experienced reader of
advertisements will always make
a dollar command a premium —
make it buy MORE than a dollar's worth, as figured on " ruling
prices " of things.
How much " above par" are
the dollars in your pocket worth ?
It will depend on how closely you
study the buying opportunities
outlined in the store ads.
Nearly everybody understands
that a store's advertising, IF BIG
enables it to sell the same things
more cheaply, at a smaller per
sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
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The Doctor
will tell you Ihat fresh air
is essenlial lo good health.
and swiii)" in lhe outdoor
sunshine and fresh air.
You will feel better, look
heller   and    acl    better.
Prices to Suit Everybody
$2.25 to $9.00
ln,lk'a4,'K Indigestion, constiinition
or liver trouble. P1U PILLS will
regulate yonr system and build up
the nerve forces so that you can
sleep and enjoy life. At all dealers
25 and 50 cents or The Kir; Pill L'o.,
St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by tbe Cranlirook   Drue,    and1
Honk Co., Ltd.
Cranbrook Co-Operative
Stores, Limited
W1I.1. Ml
"We sailed wherever ships could sail,
Wr founded man) a "ligbty stale;
|'m> Ood oui greatness may nol Iall
Through  craven    tears    ol    being
■*r-*at." —Tennyson
(Motto of lhe Over-Si-ns Cluli)
Thursday, June 27th, .-tl he -t red
letter da) in tlw history <>! the loeal
branch ot th,' Over-Seas club, n* it
is tbe occasion cd tlio wmi ol Mr.
Kvelyn Wrench, ol London, England,
Uh* loiindct and organiser of the
world-wide Over-Seas club.
Mr Wrench and Miss Wrench aro
expected hv the noon train, when
they will be met by the oflicers ol
the cluh and escorted to the Hotel
Cranlirook, where thej wil stay
while in the city, as the gnoBtl ol
tin* members of the lucol bronchi
In the afternoon it fs proposed tn
tak*- the pari j round in automobiles
to view the surroundings and developments i;« in*.', on in tin* tlistriet.
In the evening Irom s to 9M p.m.
a reception will bo held in tin* Auditorium tor members ol Uw
total branch who will then have an
npportunlt) ot meeting their founder.
\i 0.80 the meeting will be thrown
open to all those Interested in imperial problems, Irom an entire!)
non-party standpoint and to those
the Club extends a cordial imitation
lo In* present,
Krom reports received Mr. Wrench
i.s having most successful and en
thuftfaitlc meetings mid is cicitlng a
great deal ol interest in tin- move
ment, from all clones in Itn* conn
Invitations are being sent out to
Hie several local bodies and men prominent in business and puttie liie ot
the city, and it || hoped that nil will
moke an eftori to attend tnd     thus
thOW to Mr Wrench and Ibc places
visited hy him ,on his Canadian tour
that Cranliiook believes in lho lup*
remacv if the Hritish empire.
The "mi-mhers1 treed'' is SS fit-
"Believing the Hritish empire to
viand for nisliee, fnpodom, order and
good governmenl. wa pledge oursrl-
\es, as clttWns nl lhe greatest empire in Uw world, to maintain the
heritage handed down to us by    our
Mori 11. Singer's latest musical
Kitcocss "The Flirting Princess," in
which the m11 i-tl comedian, Harry
Bulger, bus scored such a triumph,
cuiiies to ttie Auditorium for an engagement of one night, Tueaday,
July 3.
Tlw scene   of the piece is laid    at
Ih.- Cafe TrOUVillo in Hotel llare-
ihoiiI, New York City, where the
authors slate uiiylhing may happen,
ami for three solid hours the clever
I Ii*ri \ Hulger and his entire company go through tx scries of new,
lUiii'iie .iinl novel dunces, including
Un- famous ''oogie l>ance," Uie
'Kgypiian Turkey Trot,'! and a new
departure culled the "Gloomy
fl looms," the latter lieing token Irom
Hie well known cartoons uf Powers'
"-toys and Glooms."
The company supporting Mr. Bulger numbers several entirely new
faces Ui theatregoers of this city, but
who have long lieen identitled with
successful musical plays. Thc cast
nut iities Helen Hurling, Kiltm Sheridan, Dale Fuller, and what is promised lo Ih* the "girliest girl"
chorus \et Been on our local stage.
will n
nt  b(
I.I llie
on 'i
. .lune
The tenth anniversary ol the Institution of Die Brotherhood ol
Railway Cannon will be conunotnor-
nta) local!) bv an excursion to
Perry Creek ou Dominion Day, .inly
lsi. Conveyances will lAv« t'ar-
met's hall at K nm. Tickets, iu-
oludlng dinner, can in- secured of an)
Of llie member*., price M-W. Tlckbtl
will not be sold   alter the 27th lust
Sir Tlioinits ShiiiighncKsy, pteeident
oi tin- Canadian Pacific railway, con
irHiulen an article to ihc Christian
Science Montioi in which he discuases
Un- trade ionics ol the Dontlnio.i,
and prcsonts a strong argument for
Hn* inililiii,'. up ot traffic east and
Ih,* inter dependence between east
mil wist is insisted upon as the
fundamental basis of the prosperity
of the country. It Is tor the west
lo scud to tlie east lor its own consumption and (ur export trom Canadian ports iis surplus ol the 10*0,000,-
000 bushels of wheat, the contents ol
lis elevators and granaries, its
coarse grains and cattle, while the
iasi returns in kind groceries, pro-
visions, implements and products ol
Hn- factories nnd laboratories.
Tims the people of Ontario and
Quobeo ami all eastern Canada will
prolit by every additional dollar of
pin chasing power the west possesses.
It Is Imperative, however, lor the
realisation ot tin* Itnmcndous, poo*
m!iiIiIi.-s o( the country thai Canadians should Ire true to themselves
so as to culture llul tlw west shall
lie,nu OSScnilal inlegral portion ot
itn* Dominion,
We   are   all    too apt, Sir Thomas
turc. but iu British ColumWa the
fruit industry means a great deal for
This year alone no less than 1-7,000
aeres of orchards will become productive, and this new yield will
bring a return ol $5,000,000.
This Will mean a gain, an important addition to the purchasing powers ot the tunnels of tlie prairiu
country, while the mines uud lumber.
Industry will bo given increased activity, .oui will come to the east for
their supilies; so that from every
side the cities ot the St. Lawrence
villey receive advantage Irom the
growth oi ihat western territory.
With the good liar vest ct last year
wo are sure to lorget the recent financial stringency. "But," continues
thu Canadian Pacilte president, "1
earnestly trust that while we forget
these disagreeable days and the
trials that evcrytiody connected with
Imaneial affairs was put to, we shall
not forget the lesson of that, period—
shall not forget thut a boom, if
il It* an ephemeral boom, must have,
serious results."
We have our interna, waterways,
We must endeavor lo shorten the
distance between the Georgian Bay
and ihe seaboard and improve Uie
routes so as to make traffic cheaper.
Wc must, amplify ami improve our
ocean ports so as to give cheaper
handling of traffic there. We must see
Hut our St. Lawrence navigation
and the approaches, to our Atlantic
ficahuord are made as reliable and
safe as modern methods can make
them. By doing this we shall lie encouraging .shipping to our ports and I
hy 1 ringing additional ships wc shall
1st bringing what we want most—
people from thu various countries ot
Kurope to occupy our vacant, lauds.
We should adopt every improvement
nird not hesitate In any expenditure
necessary tor the safeguarding of
Canadian traffic that may he undertaken by the government lot the
protection or improvement ol our
There is one other subject to which
rtlerenee must t>e made, out population is* continuously being increased
by immigration from Kurope ami,the
United states. These settlers coming here have naturally nut the-same
national sentiments us we have, but
we waht their co-operation and countenance in carrying out the great
works before us for tin* still greater
advancement of our country. Th**
■question is how to secure that ' to
ofieration. If afler he has been here
a little while the settler from thc
1'nited States linds lhal lie ean buy
his agricultural Implements ami
other supplies to as good advantage
ihere as in Canada, he will naturally
do so, and the trend of trade ami all
social intercourse will thus become
northward and southward.
This is some!true, which we must
try earnestly to avoid. We must es-
la. I ish such relations lietween the
merchants anil manufacturers of tbe
east, and the merchants und consumers of Western Canada, as will make
tlie trend of traffic and of social intercourse in Canada east and west.
If we succcid in doing this we shall
not only make these strangers,, these
colonists who have come here to
build up homes* for themselves and
their families, good Canadian citizens, but shall be able to make them
strong advocates of every policy calculated to advance lhe material interests of tbe country and bring the
various provinces into closer con-
ncctiotn, nnd thus mon; firmly estnli-
lisb the original iden and intention ot
"How are we going to do this!
Without talking as- au expert, we
must rely upon two things: First, a
strong ami well thought out transportation policy. By that 1 do.not
mean that we should dniy people the
■ iinht lo build railways north and j
south That would create dissatisfaction, ami we do not want that.
Ul who will build railways from
Ihe iuteriialioii.il tioundury northward
into the western provinces, or westward tlm ugh ihem if they want
them. Bul let thi' men In charge ol
the transportation Interests ol Canada devote themmives to such nn improvement of their properties us will
citable them to carry traffic more
ehenplv, if possible, than it can lie
carried in any other country. But
besides this transpi nation policy,
we should have^a wise, prudent ami
statesmanlike tariff policy-' not witli
a view to enriching the manufacturers or making goods more expensive
lo the consumer. That, 1 think, can
be regulated. I do not see any reason why there should not Ik* a trade
commission ns well ns a railway
commission. But the work should
he done, so ns to definitely and beyond any question fix tin* channels ot
Canadian trade eastward ami westward. "
SCORB 18 TO 10.
At tho new baseball park last
Thursday .evening the Cranbrook Cubs
won (rom the Wardncr nine uy a
score of 18—10. A large crowd witnessed the game and from the fans
point ot view the game was interest/
iug, if a bit one-sided. In the first
inning Wardner seemed three rims on
hits by Lumlbum and Swanson and
errors hy Crowe and Sullivan. Cran
brook secured two im this liming on
hits hy McNah and Burr, thu latter
scoring on a wild pitch by Lund
which gave Sullivan a walk. In the
second liutb Bides went onl in one-
Iwo-thi.e ii.lei. In the third lull
ing lli.hr. „ was hit, by a pitched
hull, Campbell secured his base on uu
error hy Crowe uml holh scored on"
sliurduhl's long hit (or two IbaBos,
Miurdohl was caught at third and
Swanson fanned. Klmec went out
'on hit to I.iind and Iturr and Sllllvan
were thrown out at lirst. In the
fourth for Wartluer, McLaughlin and
Kuibree were thrown out nt lirst and
Lund funned. Cranlimok secured
three runs in this inning on two
errors by Campbell in center field, a
walk for Adamsou, and a hit hy
Crowe scoring Stinson and McCreery. Nordmaii llcW out to McLaughlin, McNah's hit to Campbell
was dropped and Crowe scored on tho
throw in.
In the fifth two more scorch were
made hy Wardner on ltedtcon's home
nm bit, scoring Lundhom, who made
first on an error by Sullivan. Kor
Cranbrook Burr retaliated hy a clean
homo run hit, which- was followed by
hits hy Sullivan and Crowe and errors by Lundhom and McLaughlin,
which gave. Cranbrcok four more
runs ami a total of live for tbe
Three more runs were made by
Wardner in the eighth and ninth hut
by this time the Cubs were far tn
lhe lead with three runs in "the
sixth, three in tho seventh and two
in the eighth. llattertes were:
Cranbrook, Nordmun und Stinson;
Wardner, Lund ami Kmhrcc. Umpire,
At a meeting of tlie executive committee on Monday evening at the
V.M.C.A. the Men's Cluh announced
that they were dropping Irom the
city league, and a new schedule was
drawn up as follows:
June 19—Cubs vs. Commercials.
.lune 21-C.IML vs. Y.M.CA.
.lone 26—C.P.H. vs. Commercials.
June 28-Y.M.c.A. vs. Cubs.
July 8—Commercla,s vs.* Y.M.CA.
July S*-Cubs vs. C.P.R.
July 10—Y.M.CA. vs. C.P.H;
July 12— Cubs vs. Commercials.
July 17—Commercials vs. C.P.H.
July 19-Y.M.C.A. vs. Cubs.
July 21-CP.Ii.  vs. CulK.
July 20— Y.M.CA. vs. Commercials.
.July 31—Commercials vs. Cubs.
August 2-Y.M.C.A. vs. CP.lt.
August 7—CP.lt. vs. Commercials.
August 9-C'ubS vs. Y.M.CA.
August it—Cups vs, commercials.
New rules were adopted governing
the teams, the principal change in
the old rules lieing'thut substitute
players must he picked from those
not  Irelongiitg to any other team.
Lost Won.
C. P. It	
(in Wednesday evening tbe Cubh ami
Commercials met for tbe first lime
this season. As neither team had
met a defeat this season a warm
game was looked lor and both teams
went into the game to win. The Cubs
were short two <>t their regular men
ami Ciirhett was suffering with a
sore side, which told in the score,
which ended 1.7—fi in favor of the
Commercials. There was good playing and ragged playing, three fast
di utile plays and several goml catches. The superior stick work ot
Ihe Commercials was mainly responsible fir Iheir win. Batteries: Commercials, <}uuncc and Stinson; Cubs,
Corbel! and Kisciihart. Umpire,
\ inaleh"d gume bet we. n the
, Brunswick alley team and the Y.M.
'C.A. team was plated on the Brunswick alleys last Thursday night, resulting in a win for the Y.M.CA. by
the narrow iuurg!n of three pins. A
return game wilt Ih- playnl on tlie
Y.M.CA.   alleys tonight (Thursday).
Hollowing   art*
week's game:
chambers   ...   .
Sutherland    ...
C Pye	
the scons of
Closing Out thc
Crockery Department
WE have decided to discontinue the Crockery and
Glassware Department, To force the goods in
this section to travel fast we have cut the prices to
cost, and in many cases al LESS than cost. The stock is in
excellent condition for your selection — a large shipment of
new goods was recently received and placed on the shelves.
There are:—
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Chocolate Sets, Fancy Plates,
Cups and Saucers and Bowls, Toilet Sets and a
large lot of Plain White Ware, Cut Glass,
Presscut Glass, Salad Dishes, Pickle Dishes,
in facl, everything usually contained in an up-to-date crockery
This Closing Out Sale should not be overlooked by the
hotel men of the district, as an opportunity like this to
replenish their requirements in dining room crockery and
bar glassware does nol occur every day.
The Quality
4 and 14
AI lasl a remedy lias Itt'en discovered tliat will positively uYstro!
lliis pest.
Tliat liainlliili is (aiis,-U Iiy genii,
is .icCt-pl.-U Iiy every sensible heritor,.
DanilruO is the rool ol all Imir
SALVIA will kill Ibe daa.liuli
germs and remove DumlmiT iu leu
days,  or money back.
The Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.
guarantee it. 11 will grow Imir,
slop itching scalp, lulling bair, anil
make the bair thick and abundant.
ll prevents bair Irom turning gray,
land adds lite and lustre.
SALVIA is a hair dressing that
lias become Ibc favorite with women
ol taste and culture, who know the
social value ol beautiful hair. A
large, generous bottle costs only 50c,
at leading druggists everywhere, and
Cranbrook by Thc Cranbrook
Drug and    Book    Co.       The   word
SALVIA" (Latin tor aage) is on
'every bottle.
117- Mi
131- IIS
l:il— 3!iii
In*— 483
1171)   7111   770—321)7
—     ■   ♦-
Kink is ipiilllng llie
says.i   l.i   Ibink   only .at the prairie ness      Don't I.ii    lo attend
Y.M.CA.-   •
II. K. Stephens .
\V. E. Stephens
112- 351
172- 482
IliO- UK
153— 171
133- 453
Notice to Contractors
Scaled lenders, addressed to N. 1.
I Harrison, secretory ol the Cranbrook
[School Hoard, wil be received up to
12 o'clock noon, Monday, Juno 17th,
1->12, (or the erection ami ctHupletion
t»l a two roomed solid brick school
building, tu he built in thc Otty ul
Crnnhroolt, BX\
Also (or a brick Manual Training
School, in the same city. 'Separate
tendon (or t-nch building will U* re-
t|ttireil. A marked clie*|iK* to the
i-\tenl or lh per cent o( the' amount
nt each tender, drawn un a chattered
kink ut Canada, made payu-hlc tu the
('ranbrook School Hoard, must ue-
iMiupany each tender.
All unsuccessful tenderers will have
Iheir clietpies returned. The Hoard
, wilt hold the cheques ul the siiecess-
jful tenderers until dual completion ol
the work. And should th.* successful tenderers refilw to i-nter into »
contract -frith, lho huard (or the
niiftvc nntned work, their cheques
wit be forfeited.
Plata and specifications may lie
mm ii nl the olliee of J. .1. O'Oara A
Co., nrchllects, Hanson Huilding,
Cranhrook, B.O., un mid alter Mon
day, ■ I une Kith, 11112.
The lowest or any tender not lid*
c.'ssarilv accepted.
Secretary School Board.
Prar.lirook, B.O., June 6th, 1012.
count iv    iu   connection wlt« aurlcul   n*li*
721   77B  711-2210
KOK SALK—Good saddle pony,
broken to harness. Will also work;
good horse for small rancher, ('heap
lul cash.        Applv Herald olliee, Box
KM tr
Boost Prices
• ■ ■     are  —==
Still Prevailing
It rained last Saturday — rained actual dollars into our store.
There's a reason—
It's impossible to beat a real good thing.
When you buy your Men's Wear here you
have found a real good proposition — FOR
YOU will find it utterly impossible
to equal these values in Men's Wear.
Men's Suits
$22.60 Values
A Iniyt; variety
Boos: Price $15.00
$5.00 Shoes
Iiii'ii 11 rial,, Stork -
Boost Price $3.75
$1.00 Linen Hats
Boost Price 50c
$1.25 Underwear
Boost Price 75c
$150 Hats
Holt en-ili mm! Fwlom
Boost Price $1.50
$1.25 Shirts
Boost Price 85c
Vou may «s well ».t them here.  Why pay more ?
Where to go for First Class Job Work


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