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Cranbrook Herald Mar 11, 1909

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Array •••.
There is Every Evidence of Prosperity
and Progress
Thero is mi nucattoii of a doubt hut
that ihi' conditions in Cranhrook and
tht' district nit' improving day bv
day. The renl estate men nre receiving inquiries from all over Canada,
the United States and the old Country regarding tin- resources of tbis
district. Mr. Hamilton, ol the O.P.
It. land department, was in town todav and from a In id conversation
with liim Ijv n Herald representative,
there is no question hut that the C.
I'. It. nro going to do all in their
power to bring to tho notice ot the
puhlie tin- advantages offered in
South Kast Kootenay. A gentleman ami a former resident of this
district win. arrived in the citv last
evening expressed extreme Tatiflca-
tion and surprise over the advancc-
nu'iit made by the citv of Cranhrook
during thc last four vcars ami a half.
"Cranhrook Is ono of the verv best
towns that 1 Know of in Western
Canada. It never seems to have a
boom, but it keeps coins on steadily
in a manner that should lit- satisfactory to tho property owners and tlic
people generally. 1 am specially
pleased lo notice the growth in home
pride which is evidenced lr the im-
provi-nirnts in the residential portions of the citv. I am satisfied that
Cranbrook is destined to l>e one of
tbo verv host towns in thc interior
oi British Columbia,"
There is n general feeling amona
tlie citizens that this is to be the bic
Cranhrook year. Tlic Board of
Trade is taking active measures
alone the lines of publicity and is being hacked up in ibe wav ot generous
support on the part of the people.
Heal estntc men are nl ready getting
busv and the signs of progress and
prosperity are noticeable on every
A talk with the renl estate men
and coat ractors this week brings
forth    the   unmistakable faet    that
IttKiil will be u banner year (or thc
district. At V. IIuie Haver's office
thc Herald was told that there were
many inquiries both (or city and
countrv property and that, tor
early in the season, sales were unite
numerous. Arnold & Huberts' mail
is heavy with inquiries tor lands
town lots atid business openings.
The Knot en-■ Investment Co. are
full of business and nre replying to
man questions through the mail
nml ' means of beautiful picture
post cards of the district, are showing people on the outside what Kast
Kootenay looks like, Beale & Klwell are keeping two stenographers
busy answering the inquiries that are
coining in and Mr. Klwell told the
Herald that he will be badly fooled
if this vear does not see a tremendous incoming of actual settlers.
F. A. Russell has only just opened
his office and got his shingle out, but
he too is in the march of general
Tlie contractors nre getting busy.
George It. Leask 6: Co. arc figuring
on a number of new dwellings, which
will be constricted this year and arc
looking forward to a busy time.
Baker & Banfifld have their hands
full figuring and planning tor various
buildings ami improvements to buildings. A. H. Ncsbitt has a number ot
buildings in sight aud thinks he will
have all he can do. ,1. F. Huchcroft
is preparing plans for a large store
ami several dwellings and is very
optimistic of the cominc summer. Besides all these things P. Burns & Co.
will build a big cold storage building, the Imperial Bank will put up a
handsome structure, the Masons will
erect a temple, a hig apartment
house is on the tapis, and the fifty
thousand dollar school is now a
sure thine. Watch Cranbrook Grow,
because the opportunity will be offered this year more than ever.
board of trade kxkcutive.    NEETINi OF MECHANICAL TRADES
Cranbrook, B.C., Mar. 0.
The Board of Trade executive met,To tho Editor Cranbrook Herald:
last evening at the committee room A meeting ol the Cianbrook Federal the Cranhrook hotel and trans- 'at-ed C.P.R. mechanical trades took
acted quite a lot of business. The plat-c in the Carmen's halt on Tucs-
Board is arranging fnr a line ol day evening, March 2nd. The meet-
publieity for the benefit of the Ing was held for thc purpose ot
town and the district and the public listening to an address by Mr.
will be kept posted as to their ac-'James Somerville, ot Montreal, the
tion from week to week. Next week secretary-treasurer of the Federa-
the Herald will publish the list ot.tion. Mr. Somerville delivered an
members of ilu- Board and will leave eloquent address ot about two hours
the list in the paper for three or duration, during whieh he outlined
that the policy ot the Federation executive for tlw ensuing twelve months.
He proved to thc satisfaction of all
concerned that the Federation as reconstructed, will be able to stand
anv strain, that it may be called upon to face, financial or otherwise, in
„ the future. Mr. Somerville took
1 atr pains to point out that whilst    tbe
four weeks, adding anv names
mav come iu   in the meantime.
Next Wednesday     will be St.
rick's Day.     According to the
best | Federation was stronger today than
authorities   the patron saint of lre-im>r it was ,)f-orri ils policy   would
land was born about 872 A.D.
the village ol N'empthur, just outside
Glastonbury, in the County ot Somersetshire, England. A popular
tradition, howeve , mikes him a
native ol Tours. France, and a
nephew of St. Martin. It is only
known for    certain,    Uial  bis father
had   a   small    fai
Tabcrniao, ami ai
some   writers   ns*
to   the   present
Others to a place i
the Chile,  called
rick, at or near th
ton.    Whether si
Iish, Scotch oi     |<
be known fm a cer
a poor    prophi
one birthplace i
tradition rclnti
Ibis data.
alwavs be one of conciliation rather
than otherwise. After our visitors
speech, which was received with
great enthusiasm by the ninety mem-
l»-rs present, the following gentlemen
enlivened the evening with song and
speech: Messrs. S. R. McLean, S.
MacDonald, J. Burns, W. Henderson,
lt. Moitatt, W. Morton, J. Uinn, .1.
C.    Woodward,    R. Nape,   W. West-
it   his birthplace bnHlk   flml »     \\\   Lalonc.     W. K.
Eaglesomo presided at the piano.
Frank McKenna.
Loeal secretarv-treasurev.
i the estuary of
from liim Kitpat-
1 modern Diunbur-
I'atrick was Kng-
ii'iich mav never
unity, hut he is
deed who has but
mie town. The
li.it   in his       six
teenth yeai Uic future saint was
carried nwnj hy pirates and taken to
thc North ol Ireland, where he was
sold tn a pott) chief, in whose service lie remained fm seven years, after which he. made his escape to
France and became a monk. In thc
year ttl he went to Home, from
whence be was sent hv l'ope ('destine to preach iu Ireland.
Mc  Ictstond, as did must   of the
early Christian missionaries, how to
adapt the superstitions and pagan
iites which he found existing io  tho
i.f  llv .!
imii. ami   uni'   ot
Ills lilM   .
Is      \\;l
in imlii a Paschal
llll    Ill
■     lllll    O
Sialic in n|i|nisi-
Hull In n
i ni tin' lllll »t
Tlll'il, am
Ilu'  In
1 i  tiniii Slam'   cc-
ll|l*~tl Ilir
■the inn.
light "I
1    ll.'I'Nl.l
r.na forever.
..( ihe legends io-
SI      I'.il
ii.li   is thai  wlli'll
f'.iVi'S   llllll
n.'iln  I.
i driving nil    th.'
sllfltfes nn
[ siiril.ii
vermin  ml .il ln-
Innil.     Tl
1'   N1 .. 1 \
s liilil Iniliiv in   a
Washington, Mar. 2.—Although the
lumbermen had almost given up
the tight as lost, an agreement has
heen reached bv the house ways and
means committee to fix thc duty on
rough lumber at M.aO per thousand.
Tbis is a reduction of fifty cents a
thousand from the present duty, ami
while it does not entirely satisfy the
lumbermen, it gives them the reasonable assurance tbat the induslrv will
not be destroyed, as tbey contended
would have heen the ease had the
product been placed on tbe free list.
The reduction ot fifty cents a thousand is a concession to the demands
which were made tor tree lumber.
Tbe tight over this schedule has been
more keen than over any other it-em
in tbe new bill, not even excepting
steel or iron.
favorite Irish song, from which    the
following is nn extract:
There is not a mile in  Ireland's isle
Where the dirty -ermin musters;
Where'er he put his u-u* Imefoet ne
Murdered tbem in  '1 i-thiri.
The toads went hop, ihe frogs went
Hop, slap dash into the water,
And the beasts committed suicide  to
Save themselves from slaughter.
St. Patrick's work   in Ireland may
he summed up   by saying that       he
founded   3115   churches   and baptized   ,M>   Then he gave her some candy,
with his   own   bands 12,000 persons,'amj Umie^>
'-Did    the   man just ahead ot me
givu vou any candy?"
"Yes, sir."
Then he gave her a nickel and   inquired:
"Did he give vou anv money?"
"Yes, sir, he gave me ten cents."
Then, picking her up, he kissed her
(The Kettle   River    Journal, Orient,
During thc late Dominion election
in Yale-Cariboo, II. C, when Duncan
Itoss, of (Ireiinwood, and M. Burrill,
of Grand Forks, contested, they
both happened along the same road,
a short distance apart, between
Pentlcton and Keremeos, looking tor
votes. Duncan Ross, the hinder-
most, called at a certain farm house
where a bright little girl came to
the door.
Said he, "Sissle, will vou ■••» mo
a drink of water?" which she «uickly
Mr. .lustiee Mabee and S. J. McLean gut through a lot of business at
Nelson last Friday. A large number
of cases were heard and among them
some effecting Bast Kootenay.
Speaking "I these the Daily News
Robert     Robson's    application   re
boat and train service on the Crow's
Nest branch of the   C.P.U. was   dis-
Imissed, tht;   complainant uut appealing.
Air. A. L. Watts asked for an order
compelling the C.P.R. and other railway companies in British Columbia
to comply with sections 386 ami 2U7
of tbe Railway Act bv cutting and
destroying all thistles and noxious
weeds and destroying all Inflammable
material along the right-of-way. Mr.
McMullen appeared for the C.P.H.
Chairman Mabee pointed out that the
remedy lay in the hands of the
citizens and thut au order of thc
commission wus not necessary. Any
municipal ollicer or justice of thc
peace could do the work, send the
bill into the company, collect for thc
sumc nnd also collect the penalty
under the provisions of the act.
Mr. Watts promised to attend to the
case of the C.P.R. in his district and
passed to bis next application.
Mr. Watts'   next application   "was
for an   order   from   the commission
for    a   station   at  Wattsburg.   Mr.
Watts stated that he had sold    cer-1
lain land for station purposes to the;
company and that a clause   in     the i
agreement bound   the company to put
lu a station at   Wattsburg.     Asked
by the chairman for a copy of    the
agreement,   Mr.   Watts   said he had
none.    The agreement was made out
in triplicate and the C.P.R. had   obtained possession of all three copies.
Since then he Mud tried in vain    to
get one of   thc three returned       to
him or to   get    the station   put in. j
and   his    letters   had not even been
answered by the C.P.R. officials. Mr.
brook aud Fernie Farmers' Institute,1
asked for ah    order compelling    the j
C.P.R.   to   put     in   adequate cattle
guards on the Crow line,     Chairman
Malice explained at length that     thc
commission     was   considering     and
drawing    up    resolutions     regarding
fencing ami cattle guards that would
". the varying conditions of Canada and work no hardship. The importance of the question was fullv recognized by the commission, whieh
was deluged with complaints, but it
was a hard matter to handle. The
whole question was.still under consideration.
Mr. Watts also presented a complaint that the C.P.R. had blocked
certain roads and asked for an order!
for their restoration by thc company.
.*£ter considerable argument and explanation, in which there was more
than one livelv pn»-u"e of arms between Mr. Watts and Mr. McMullen, '
the chair made an order that the C.
P. R. engineers should examine thc
road in question at once and report to the board, after which the
damage would be repaired.
McMullen thought it possible that the
addition of the station clause by Mr.
Watts bad caused the tielay, such addition, perhaps, being unauthorized.
After a lengthy discussion thc chairman gave an order for the production
of a copy of the deed or the land
from thc Nelson registry office. Acting Registrar .Johnson, who was in
the court room, went In search of
the document, and, returning, handed
it to Mr. Mabee, who read aloud a
clause binding the C.P.R. to build
the station as stated by Mr. Watts.
After what had gone hefore this climax was almost dramatic, the C.P.
R. officials present having shown no
belief in Mr. Watts' claim, hut Mr.
McMullen gracefully admitted the
company's obligation on bearine the
clause fend. After this Mr. Watts
proceeded to show that, apart trom
tbis agreement, Wattsburg wns entitled to a station. An order wns
Ie that plans for thc station
should be submitted to the commission within two months and the station built within (our months.
Mr. Watts on behalf of thc    (Iran-
He is also said to have organized an
arehiepiscopal see, ihat of Armagh,
and to have ordained a vast number
of priests nnd civilized the people
He died nl Saul, near Downpatrick,
and in the abbey of   the latter town,
bis body    was   buried amid the sorrow of   lire whole people.      It      i-* and asked:
impossible to sny when   the 17th day I   -*«r>ld he kiss you?"
(if March began to    be set aside as ■   «yM  sjr ••   -**-'  replied; and    he
St.   Patrick's     Day   and    observed kissed ma, too'"
ns   the   popular   holiday of Ireland. >
Rut    whatever   may have started tt,
there cun be mt doubt that the day! It Is estimated that the revenue of
Is kept with much enthusiasm, and British Columbia this year will be
that It reveres and Intensifies Ure six millions ol dollars and the ei-
patrlotism ot the people. Ipenditure about ball a million leu.
The political ball started rolling on
Tuesday moruiug last at Lethbridge,
when the Lethbridge District Liberal
convention opened its sessions in
(diver's hall. There was a very
large number of delegates from every
part of thc constituency, every quarter being represented.
The afternoon session opened shortly after two o'clock with Mr. Simmons in the chair. The delegules re-
sponded to the roll call. The
nomination was made by ballot and
resulted in four men being named,
\i/.. in. .1. II. Rivers, of Raymond; 11. A. Driggs, of Orassy Lake,
\\. W. [louglnss, of Tabor; and W. (i.
Hitchcock, of Bowvillc.
The supporters of Mr. Hitchcock
■withdrew his name, leaving the conic.-;! between W. W. Douglas and Dr.
.1. II. Bivers. The vote being taken,
resulted iu the election of Dr. Rivers
hy a substantial majority. Dr. Rivers is therefore the Liberal candidate
for the Lethbridge districl.
(Dr. Rivers is a brother-in-law of
W. D. Hill and bus many friends in
(Catholic Register.)
Must Rev. Augustine Dontenwill,
formerly archbishop of Vancouver,
and now Superior General ot the. Ob-
lales of Marv Immaculate, has been
naiiii-.l hv the Consistorlal congregation titular archbishop of PtoUmias
of Syria, in pnrtlbus infldclium.
(Movie Leader.)
The nt her morning in Moyie a boy
named Johnny started to school
sninewhat late, and to save time, cut
across lois. Comiii" to a barbed
wiic fence he gently threw his books
over and then proceeded to crawl
through heneath the wires. In doing
su one of the barbs caught the ca-
honse of his pants and caused a rip
clear up to tlie waistband. .Tuhnnic
found a solltarv pin in his coat and
closing the rent ns well as possible,
went on his way arriving at thc
school house just after school had
taken up. As he entered the school
door the teacher said: "Johnnie, I
see you're little behind." "I know'
it." replied Johnnie, "but if I'd
another pin vou wouldn't." And
that held her until recess.
At the council meeting last evening
there were present Mayor Fink and
Aldermen Henderson, Johnson, Jack-
.son, Ryan and Baker
I The health committee reported upon
the case i>f a young lady withuut
funds having been turned back from
tho boundary line. It was moved
bv Aldermen Henderson ami Johnson
that the citj clerk he instructed to
rendei an account to the provincial
government of expenses in connection
, will. Miss McLean.    Carried.
; The Board of Wurks reported that
St. Joseph's creek wan Itelnt eon-
Laminnted hv person-* throwing garbage, refuse, etc., into it, aud it
was moved hy Aldermen Ryan and
.Johnson ihat Alderman .Jackson be
added tu the health committee fur
ihe purpose of interviewing Mr. J.
I*'.  Armstrong, government agent, re
'ihe contamination of St Joseph's
i Moved hy Alderman Johnson and
Jackson that on account uf the tire
whistle lieing installed  that  the tire
'bell he used on   and after April 1st,
; as a curfew hell pursuant to the curfew  by-law.        Moved  by  Aldermen
| .laekson and Johnson that the clerk
be instructed to put a notice in tlic
papers warning the citizens that tlie
curfew bvlaw will be strictlv enforced.
Alderman Jackson brought up the
matter uf the water system and the
installation of sewerage system,
Moved by Aldermen Jackson
Henderson ihat the clerk be instructed tu communicate with Messrs. Me-
Culloeh, «.f Nelson; Shearman, ot Calgary; Cameron, of Vancouver; Laidlaw, Cummings ami Parker of this
city, asking their terms for a report
on the valuation of tin- water system and for installing sewerage system. Aldermen Ryan ami Baker not
Moved by Aldermen Ryan ami
Johnson that bylaw No. n7, being
the school debenture bylaw, be reconsidered and linallv passed and adopted.
The council adjourned at 10.15 p.m.
iKredvrick Clarke wlil h* here tomorrow night with Alexander Dumas' great play "Monte Cristo."
Mr. Clarke needs no introduction to
Cranbruok audiences. It will be
remombcred that he played John the
Ilapiistc iu the "Holy City" played
here hy the Harold Nelson eompanv. The press of Calgary say
that Mr. Clarke is good and there
is no reason why in a play like
■•Monte Cristo," that he should not
make a success here.
(Calgary Albertan.)
W. A. Buchanan, editor id the
Lethbridge Herald, has been selected
as Liberal candidate for tho citv of
Lethbridge. The nomination was a
verv fortunate one. Mr. Buchanan is
a Verv popuiui   .< utau and   has
made good in the south country. He
is active in every enterprise that
makes for the advancement ot a citv
or country. Thougb Lethbridge gave
a large majority iu the recent election toi Mr. Magrath. it is pretty
certain that it will turn- the tables
and elc-t Mr. Buchanan in the legislature.
Victoria. Mar. ft.—A bill having
for Its object tlte furnishing of more
a-deqdate protection for the game of
lhe province, was introduced in the
legislnture by message by the chief
om missloner of lands. One of the
biel provisions of the bill is that
forbidding the use of thc automatic
shut gun.
The bill makes it nu offence to buv
sell or offer for sale the heads of
mountain sheep, elk, moose or caribou, or the teeth af wapiti or elk.
The sale of protected birds or animals is protected during the close
Non-resiiliiil hunters mav Obtain
licenses extending from September 1
to July Iff, on payment of stop. A
license to hunt hear deer ami "oats
fur any ime month between Septem-
Imm* I and December 1ft, for $25;. and
a license to hunt hear in the spring
between December 1 and Julv 15, tor
Winnipeg, March 5.—A special from
Washington says:
Consul General Jones, ol Winni.
peg, bad an aiNliencc with President
Roosevelt today and extended to him
nn invitation to a big game hunt in
Manitoba next vear. The president
listened attentively to the consul-
i-eneral's enthusiastic descrlutlon of
the hig game and wonders of Western
Canada and said nothing wmdd give
him greater pleasure than to visit
Winnipeg and a chance to hunt in the
last great west. Tbe president
takes a lively interest in the development ot Western Canada and
would appreciate an opportunity to
visit It."
Ashcroft, Mar. 5.—News has been
received from Barkervillc that R.
Pedcn, A. Akin and J. Gotdie report the discovery ol two men, frozen to death on the McLeod river at a
point about lit) miles from Barkervillc.
It is believed here that the bodies
are those of Charles Baker and Jas.
McCurdy. who lefl Barkervillc about
six or seven weeks ago accompanied
hy two hardy old-timers, Messrs.
.spit lal and Henderson, bound for
Tote .J aune Cache.
Peden's party was on its way to
Barkervillc with dog teams to letch
their third consignment of supplies
for the Gaskill partv. who are cruising timber on Goat river.
It is thought that Baker and Mc-
Curd" had left the company ol Spit-
tal and Henderson, and were returning to Barkervillc, when they met
their death, through exposure as
they bad neither food nor blankets
when found.
(The Gaskill party arc all East
Kootenav people.)
The Editor, The   ('ranhrook Herald,
Dear Sir: Would you kindly permit
me space Im     the following suggestion:
The citizens of Cranbrook arc, I be-
fullv alive to the -reat possibilities
uf this section of British Columbia,
fur fruit culture, ami tlte Board of
Trade doubtless intend to do good
work this year in advertising our resources throughout thc Dominion.
There will probably he a large num-
her of visitors looking over our land
with a view to settling here this
spring, nnd I think we require more
practical demonstration of wbat can
be done in fruit culture. A large
number nf gardens will probably be
laid ttut this spring, and would it
not be a good idea for every resident
of Crnnbrook with a garden, t-o plant
a few apple trees and smalt Iruit
trees, and in this way we shall all
he assisting in the good work. A
number of residents are already doing this, but il it were more generally- dune, greater good would bo accomplished.
Yours, etc.
M. A. Beale.
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 3fi.—A notice
was posted at the Canadian Pacific
shops here today announcing that the
wage rate established by the board
of conciliation in August last vear
will hold good till April 1, PJ10.
The Editor, "Herald," Cranbrook:
Dear Sir—As the erection ol the
new schools will mean the expenditure of some $50,0011 of the money of
tbe taxpayers uf Cranbrook, I think
it proper and fair that the men who
provide the taxes should huve a prior
claim to the earning of thc proceeds
of the increased taxation rendered
necessary by the recent bylaw. The
man who provides the means for
building those schools should have a
claim superior to an outsider to
sharing iu the distribution af proceeds of his thrift and industry.
There is a possibility of some outsider coming in and securing the
work uud the profits. It is right
that such a possibility exists; but
other things being equal, or even
nearly equal, my view is that it
would be fur and away sounder bust.
ness for those who will have the
power tti decide in the matter to
favor a Cranbrook contractor or contractors, since it would secure badly
needed worn for local labor, carpenters, painters, brick layers, masons,
plasterers and plumbers, besides leaving considerable money with thc
local wholesale supply houses fur
hardware, lumber and so forth. Mj
argument goes merely to tbe sound
conserving of home industry and
home lahor on lines suggested • •■ the
action of the city authorities of Fertile. There thc outside contractor is
compelled to pay $50(1.00 for a license to do business and must give a
bond tu stay and do business there
for twelve months. If such a
course i.s fair and reasonable for
Fernie it cannot be unfair or unreasonable for Cranbrook, provided it
lends to keep trade at home and to
prevent the importation of outside
lalior. when we have humfreds of men
idle this moment in everv line you
could mention.
Either directly or indirectly every
man aud woman amongst us is contributing lo this Jftii.tuiu purse we
are banging up, nud bas a tetter
right to the earning id a part of it
| than the outsider who never put up
a cent. Trusting ihat the point
will he recognized and that this letter mav tend to stir public thought
along the lines I have suggested,
I remain, yours trulL
A Reader.
NO. 51
!    ^CTOR
No Foundation in Rumors as to His
Serious Illness
Owing to the varloui
Ing aroum
'.' tlie health «.f the King, the Her
io the various rumors float-tills Excellency the Governor General
d the western country    as I     Ottawa, Ont.:
did wind tn Earl Grey this
ts follows:
What is the truth about the Kins.''
j i ''inflicting reports here. Please
To which the private secretary   ot
Earl Grey replied;
F   E.     Simpson,    "Herald,"    Cran-
Lrook, B.C.:
Nu    truth in     rumors   as    (ar as
known here.
London,   Mar.    10.—King   Edward
■ was iciiortcd yesterday as hem.: iu
guod Ileal th and he lias quite recovered rmm the signs of fatigue noticed
.<: in- arrival at Biarritz, He walked
through tin- town and visited the coif
links in thc alternoon. It was anno tin ■■■! from Hau last night that
Kins Edward wns planning to go
there Irom Hiarrit/ at thc end ot the
week tu witness a series ■■( aeroplane
ighU !.\  Wilhur Wright.
There are shoes and shoes, hut the
display uf boots aud shoes ot the
famous In vietus brand now being
shown hv the Fink Mercantile eompanv are shoes. One thousand pairs,
imported from the tactorv direct,
are among the best made and set
up footgear ever shown in Cranhrook. Kvery width and everv sl7.e
is represented in tbis line. Among
the varieties are Velour Call,
Kancaroo arid Vici Kids. This is
the largest importation ot boots and
shoes ever brought into this district
and us Mr. Fink says, "They arc
mighty good shoes."
The Kootenav Telephone Lines,
Lid., are extending their line trom
Melnnes' mill to Dorr, a distance id
three and a half miles. This brings
lhe line about eight miles from the
boundary line.
In the Similkameen (60,000 will be
spent this year nn roads
It seems as if Uie silver-lead market should look uit. Germany is
about to issue $90,000,000 worth ot
silver coin
In Grand Forks the ladies have a
rifle cluti. In Crunbrook the wives
are organizing a come home earlv
A pust office is being opened at
Knglish Cove on Christina lake. J.
IV. Spalding will be pustmaster
Making an average uf '.is miles a
dav, two English editors walked
from Montreal  to Vancouver.
It Is understood ttut Graham
Cruickshank, ->f Rossland, will be the
new foreman of tbe St. Eugene mine
at Moyie.
Nelson will vote on the purchase of
Ihe electric tramway fur $10,000.
The Princeton Slat suggests a
hatchery for trout to be supported
hy fishing licenses. This is an excellent idea.
P. Hums & Co. are erecting a six
storey building in Vancouver.
The Canadian Dank of Commerce
will open a branch at New AlbernL
The saw mill at Moyie will saw
six million feet ot lues this summer.
Father Kay. the first parish priest
of Vancouver, died a few days ago.
William Skene, secretary of the
Vancouver Hoard of Trade, has been
building. The provincial government as the British Columbia representative, al the convention to be
held at Calgary, to discuss thc question of exporting Alberta arain via
The finest motor yacht known to
the North wesl Pacific is now under
construction for .lohn Hendry, the
llritish Columbia lumbei king, at a
cost of over (15,000. Mr. Hendry
will have a gasoline Imal of 80 tons
register, having a length over all ot
70 feet and a beam of 10 feet.
The fust annual poultry flhow at
Kndcrby was a great success. Whv
not a poultry show in Cranbrook
this fall?
Nelson contributed $218.50 to tbe
fund fur the Italian earthnuake sufferers.
The Snowtop group of mines at
Creston hnve been sold.
Twentv-elght men are working at
ihe MolUc Hughes mine, New Denver.
M. Chapel I, an Austrian, committed
iuleide near Boundary Kails last
It is said that Harry Wright will
he the Conservative candidate in Nelson.    What will -lohn Houston" say?
The rase of Lord Sholto Douglas
or the shiK'ting of a man at Creston
last N'ovemher will come up before
the courts early in May. It will be
remembered that Lord Sholto on arriving at his home one evening tound
a man there who refused tu leave
und whom he consequently fired upon
with a shut gun, inflict ine a serious
Wrr    handsotmlv illnstrnted catalogue of fruit and farm lands. Every
man interested     in a mildrr climate
should write for it.
Established 1801.
F. ,1. Hait A Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, ll.C.       W-St*
i ■■.! brook, B.C., March 10, 1903
i .•  Kdttot, Cranhrook Herald   Cranbrook, B C:
Deai Sn. Now that the Board    ot
Trade lias been revived, and a stimulus given to Its efforts hv the splen-
lid        ting which was held at    the
1 rani    ok   hotel    tbe otlur evening,
■: ? .-ie looking to them  to
.i.e     honor     ot the Huard,
It ..is so lune heen dormant.
li' awakening of the puhlie trencr-
all tu Uie fact of ibe creat possibilities    ! this    vallev from an agri-
iltmal point of view gives the
Board excellent scope tor its ener-
gii s The   example of the Nelson
Board ■•( Trade which, hy its energy
and united action brought such atten-
tiuii tu that district, is worths to be
imitated, and a good many of us ex.
pe-1 biz thjncs of the committee, in
this 'direction. I can assure them
that tht v will receive the heartv co-
operatton of a creat many    of     tho
■ i'i 'i.s. and the knockers, of whom
•r.-'v have been so manv will be
much less in evidence in the future
thai   Lbe'   have- hevn in the past.
I* occurs to mc that there is an
■x-'-U'-r:* fipportunity for the committer lu iVmonstrate its usefulness by
impressing upon the covcrnment the
neeessitv of establishing an experi*
mental ?_rm in this valley.
Tier.' r- an immeusi area available
between the boundarv line and Gold-
co and the character of the soil
and the climate make it rnnre neces-
*ary -!.'i* experiments be marie, and
■; at the "lucational advanta-<-s of an
.■■vp^rimpriTal farm he affordM. *han is
n-ffssary in     the   more euuable cli-
Tbe possibilities of this larzc dis-
tricl in this direction are so rreat,
tn.it _r: f-vperimental farm would
undoubtedly prove of immense ad-
vanta**-. and would ouicki- return i's
cost iv ihe increased valuation ot
thi- lairds which the -rovernment
holds, and in the revenue from taxes.
I ye bv tbe papers that Hon. Mr.
Field ine Ns announced at Ottawa a
.veil developed policy with  regard  to
■ he establishment of cxn'-rimental
in"- throughout Western Canada, in-
cluding British Columhia. The locations, of course, have not been
settled, and it occurs to me that the
time is ripe for our Board ol Trade
to prepare a memorial on the subject uf thf- possibilities of this valley
in an acricultural way, and the es-
pr-f*inl nfed for   the assistance uf the
'eminent in its develonnvnt.
Yours truly,
(Calgary Albertan.)
We have news from a r'liahle
source that one of the ohjects ot
ihe ('IML in stopping wor*. un the
Kootenaj Central is to rush the construction of the Arrowhead and Kuo-
tenay railwav connecting Ii. v. ls'oke
with t.e Crows Nest road, and mak-
ir,-,; Revelstoke the must Imp irtant
railway junction ia the province of
Hritisli Columbia, says the Revelstoke Observer. It is stated the
c p.R now recognizes this road must
he built without delay if the r-ad la
to he in a position lo handle tbe
hit, grain business which is now be-
Ing it.-veloped between the wtstern
pr.iin,-.*, and the Pacific coast.
.This railway will open up the l.ardeau country which is one of the
rlclicsl mineral sections ot the province and only wants transpurtaUoii
to come to the front. It will also
bring ihe Crows Nest countrv a dav
nearer Vancouver, thus heading oil
the advantage the Oreat Northern
has against the C.P.R. in saving
Crows Nest passengers a dav's iour-
nev mi their trip to the coast. The
opening uf this railwav will mean thu
doiililui' uf ihe stafl in ltevelstoke.
Parents and guardians ol children
aro iuTPhy notified that it is thc
Intention ol the Council to strictly
ntilnrcc tlir provisions ol the ahove
Thos. M. RohcrtB,
Citv Clerk.
Cranbrook, B.C., Marcli 10, 1909. 61 IllI*.   CBA.NBBOOKtfI1EBA 1.0
\X     Joseph Murphy's Masterprice of Irish Plajs, which
has stood the test of time
Strong in Human Interest, Strong in Love, Strong in Plot ff
and Strong in Every thin? that moves an
Audience to Enthusiasm
X See thc Blacksmith Shop
* See the Carrier Pigeons
And hear Dan O'Hara sing
Sweet Irish Songs
PRICES:  $1.00,   75c,   50c.
' '*.l"**Hm *ITMMf HttigM **WWW*'
Plan at Beattie & Atchison's        . **
Rambling Reveries;
V,\ a UKEAMliXt
|hood" tun much. lie girls awhile
ct—lender, joyous, loving, obedient
ui hidUbU'iuus, Uuiiiauhuud, with
Ills privileges and power, ils burdens
: .iml its inula, will came suou enough.
Uu liii-* point une lias said: "Wait
People who liiuKc mistakes arc I pttilciitlv, mj children, through the
those ftbu uuairel wiili one auouici'|«hole hum ol your girlhood. Co not
neturu their uhfldten; ui who ullow ,lIk'1 womanhood; lei it come to
Uiu laliei Lo wow up in Idleness: s°u- kl-*-l' ullL "- puWlo vicw*
ihosu who talk about liieir troubles Cultivate refinement uud modesty,
beturu stran*is; lhu father who tellsL1!1" lillt's aml tesponsibihtles of hie
a.s -luldieri to go Lhe -Any h. dueh!tt,li C0!--c sou,> enough, When they
nut a,,, himself, and the )uuuK wo- -wine- you will meet them, i trust,
duu- noi make a confident us ll11*- woman should, liul, oh, be
not so unwise as to throw away your
girlhood, Hob not: yourself of tins
beautiful season whicli, wisely spi
j will brighten -ni iihii future life.
ni ti«i mot lur.     	
ui;i'(n;i-; ri is tuu latk.
from Uu* schoolhouse door up to the
marriage altar. That is an achievement which the Eternal Uod celebrates high up iu the heavens, though
tor it human hands so seldom clap
the faintest applause. Myl My!
What a lime Ihat mother hud wilh
those youngsters, aud if she had re-
laved care and woric aud advice and
solicitation of heavenly help that
next generation would have landed in
the poor house, idiot asylum oi
itentiary. It is while she is living
hut never while she is dead, thai
.some girls call their mother "maternal ancestors" or "the old woman."
It >uii \t a  »i.i) ii..!irtJ inuihor
iu lhe ultt liuinv f,u away,
Sii down ami twite the Icliei
. imi put uli day hy (lay.
Hon l waa until hoi laud steps
Kejiehi-j Uuavun's pearly gatu,
Uut show nei Lhal you mint, ul hei
Before il is too late.
li ju
ti  lciidy-1   nn ssi
Nl  a  lu.lliti  woi'l   ui s.i).
Iiuii't wait until yuu'vu furgol it,
Hi* whispur il today.
Who knows u_ul bitter memories
Mm haunt you n you wait.'
Sn make row loved one i	
Ucforc H is too l*le.
i lie uifiei words unspoken,
The letters never Hcnl
Tin* long forgttlcii messiigi'K,
Tho wealth ol lovi  unspout—
Kor ihe.se sotno banrls are break lag,
Fui the-c somn Ittied ones wait,
Su show tU-iit    that you  cure    for
Hefore it is too late.
One kind Utounht spoken Is worth
i wo unsaid.
A girl nevoi marries hei Ideal. Une
reason is (hat she seldom (luds bun,
.md when she dock   .she doesn't     like
ilel loi simple food with pleasure
than luxuries wiih annoyance ami
Thero   is   n   difference in "Intel!!
neul"   drosslng    and     philosophical f-In'ii.,
dressing,    The first is to keep   youi ' 1]|(, ,
dross  ll|1  wiMi  fashionable fads,   Bndi,lriKI,
'.he hitler is to |«cep vmi pocketbook
up witii your dross,
Itifiht horo is tho word of awkwardness, it is self-coiigciousnoBs, a
gill who Miinks about htiw she is going lo look when she extends her
hand will hold It out as still as a
pump hnndlo. If she is wor-
rlcd aboul Uie appearance id her
walk -lie -.till stalk over the lands-
capo like a wooden dummy. What n
person dues gracefully Is done uncon-
iclously. Sn if n person wuuld learn
gincc she musl tt:st loarn how to do
tiling!)   unconsciously      ami   she      can
onlv learn to do things uncnnseioiish
hv doing 'if'in often.
lino mils, ilnn'1 lw Bo often wish-
uii_; tun were grown up to women
thai mi will negleei mm rhlldliood
In a nish aud hurry nl IhCIO fas'
times Ihnro Is dnngot thai vmi will
rwcli ami  .main alLm   "young lady-
NUT U\ i-itWUHK.
Numberless men, alleged tu he
hint by overwork, do nol work hull
enough, 1'hcii trouble comes Irom
superabundance ul leisure uud activity, Tin y yawn Ihruugh throe or
four hours in Lho ulhcu ur counting
mom, .in Lou indoleut to walk up
town. e.n ton heavj and rich a diu-
nei, go uul aiiciwaids io sec merchant*, hunkers and the Use, aud join
hooii conipnuious wlm walk around
billiard tables m .sit at curds, aud
Ikuep verj Lhirsty until the drowsy
| stuepli - loll iwo and three. This is
uvurwuik, hut overwork m ihe wrung
ilirui lion, und uf u very diUcront
'Kimi frum ihat supposed. Overwork
|covers u multitude ol had habits; il
is nuuli a scapugoal iui countless
transgressiuns, it is very often a
shallow prelciisc, a miserable sham.
While there nre Iui too many who
overwork, ihero arc a grunl many
that break down aud kill themselves
by loftiness, selMniUilgouce and dissipations, Very decidedly, overwork
Is ovordonc,
Vl'IMtl'-l i VI (■ \tn it MUTHi.it
Hie giuveyarda arc full ol moiUcrs
who died taking care of Lheir children. Ih.'Uer appreciate vour mother
before your approclatlon of her will
Iir im kindness to her, and lbe pisl
mortem regrets will lie inure ->ud
moro of nn agony as tho years \ iss
Dig Itendstoncs ol polished Ah-
i and tlic best epitaphs whi-'l
iii.il> put together could coin
ami a garland of whitest roses
trom the conservatory arc often the
at tempt lo altone for the thanks we
might tn havo uttered iu living ears
and the kind words Hint would have
done mule goud than all the calla
lilii-, ever piled up nn the silent
mounds ol tlir cemeteries. 'I'he world
makes opplaudltory ado over tlie
work uf mothers who have raised
bovs iu lie ureal men and most of
oui readers could turn to their
i Ks .md lind the names of tiflv distinguished men who had great molh-
prs—t'uvier's mother, Waller Scott's
mother, SL Hernnrd's mother. Benjamin West's mother. But who
proton mothers nr what thev do for
daiighlers who mate the homes     uf
il,,    Innd      Wo d I  Know-    nf   au
instance ol such recognition, Vou
nevoi heat a word iu appreciation of
Ihi     ii denial, uf   Lho fallgtips   nnd
g I    mi'.r nml prayers which   those
mollien  go through who navlgnlo   a
torn 11) uf girls hum the edge of  the
mill-  Lo the schOolliOUSO door     aud
V'aucouvor, Feb, 22,—That grain
dealers of the Middle Western United
states who annually ship thousands
of dollar.s worth of wheat to Mexico
are hoing forced to come to Vancouver for < 'anudiau wheat to be shipped
through ihis port is a position forced
tin the Americans because of results
ot first shipments made to
.Mexico from this port.
Tin- outcome is that one firm, that
ot J. .Sydney Smith & Co., one o!
Lhe largest wheat-handling firms of
Kansas City, has already been compelled tti make arrangements to ship
from Vancouver, So effective has
Canadian competition in Mexico m>
comc thnt. this firm will erect here
elevators of its uwn if the Canadian
Pacific or the government have uot
solved the elevator problem here
within a short time.
Joseph Myaii, police magistrate,
who wrote au article entitled "The
Did Timers" in thc Herald ol December 17th last, received the fol-
hiwiug letter from "Dave" Morgan,
of Ferguson, one of thc old timers
mentioned in thc article;
Ferguson, ll.C, Feb. 27, 1909.
Joseph Ityan, Esq., Cranbrook, B.C.:
Dear Friend: 1 was showed a piece
aboul tin' old timers in one of tho
Vancouver papers, thc same was
copied from the Cranbrook Herald,
written by une .Joseph Ityan.
Well, tdil friend, allow me to congratulate you. It was very good indeed, and true to our way of living.
I would know the author even if the
name was not there. The paper was
passed from one to the other of the
old timers, so they all read it and
they thought il was great. 1 wish
you could get mc a copy ol it, i.e.,
without inconveniencing yourself.
I have heard here that you are doing
well nt ('ranhrook, that you are one
uf ihe city fathers aud 1 am glad
that your real worth is appreciated.
Vou will never do hetter than I wish
Things are very i|uiot here. The
obi hoys ure. running along much as
usual. I have bonded one of my
claims fur a goodly sum and bave
every reason to believe the deal will
go through.
David Morgan.
(New York Life.)
To the assembled alphabet
The letter "I" then said:
"M\   master's going to Africa
And I am going to bed."
No. 1, Notice is hereby Riven
that 30 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable tbe chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
(or a license tu prospect for coal
and petroleum ou lhe following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Ulock (45»-t District of
South East kootenay. uf tl. C:
Commencing at a pust planted at
the southeast corner ul Lot 83113,
(■roup 1, thence east 80 chains,
thence north BU chains, thenco west
80 chains, tbence suuth 80 cbains to
place ot commencement, containing
ij-iu acres, more or less.
1*. Burr, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness.
Dated this 2titb day ot January,
Nu. 2. Notice is hereby giteu
that au days allot date 1 inteud to
apply to iho Honorable the Chief
cuumissiuncr ul Lauds and Works
lor u license io prospect for coai
uud petroleum on thu following
described lauds, situate on the
Klaibcad Ulock t-iia.ii District ot
South East Kootenay, of U. 0.!
Comuicuciug   al a   pust planted ul
or near lhu uurlkeast corner   ol   thu
John Anderson claim, tbence oust tn
chains, thenco north 80 chains, thence
west    80  chains,   ihence   south   80
chaius to thu place ot cuuiuiuuccuicui,
containing tiio acres, more or loss.
Eliza Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated the 27th day of January,
Nu. _. Notice is hereby given
thai, .iu day* after dato 1 intend lo
apply lo the ifouorablo thu * hici
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works
lor a license lo prospect for coal
uud petroleum uu the fulluwiug
described lauds, situate on thu
Flathead Ulock (4593) District uf
Suuth East Kootenay, uf ti. O.i
Commencing at a posl planted at
or near the uurthwest corner of the
i*. iinrr claim, theuce running eust
89 chaius, ihence north 89 cbains,
thenco west 80 chains, ihence south
89 chains back to the place ul commencing, containing 810 acres, moro
or less.
Andy Oood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness.
Dated    this   _tith day of   Januarv,
Nu. .. Notice is hereby given
that 30 days   after date 1 mtt-rui lo
upply   to   tho  llonorablt    Chut
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
lor u license lo prospect lor coal
uud petruieum on the following
described lands, situate on thu
Klathead Ulock (1593) District of
Suuth East Kouteuay, of U. O.i
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northeast corner of thu
A, Oood claim, thence oast 80
chaius, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
nil eliains to the place uf cummeuc-
ing, containing 610 acres, more or
Odin Goud, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated     this 26th day of   January,
Nu, 5. Notice is hereby given
thai 30 dk)s uftur datu 1 intend to
apply tu thu Honorablu thu Chief
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works
for u liuouse tu nrospeet for coal
uud petroleum uu the following
described lauds, situate on the
Flathead Ulock (.5o:v District of
Suuth East Kootenay, of li. O.i
Commencing at a post at or near
ihe northeast cornor of tbu A. Oood
claim, thmce east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence- north 89 chains to thc
place of commencement, containing
919 acres, more or less.
J. A. Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated   this   _,tilh   day of January
No. 0. Notice is hereby given
thut 30 days alter date I iutcad to
upply to thu Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
fur u license lo prospect (or coal
und petruieum uu tbu following
described lauds, situate on the
Klathead Ulock (1593) District of
South East Kootenay, of U. C:
CummuiiL'ing at a post planted at
Lhe northwest corner ol the A. Good
claim, thence running east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, theuce west
80 chain.-i, ihence south 80 chains to
thc place of commencing, containing
919 acres, more or less.
Catherine Cate, Locator
Don A. Cate, Agent
John Anderson, Witness,
Dated this -fith duy of January
No. 7. Notice is hereby given
that 80 dicys alter dute I intend to
applv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to nrospeet for coal
and petruieum on the following
described lunds, situate on tho
Klathead Ulock H603) District of
•South Bast Kootena'   of B. C:
Commencing at a    post planted atj
or near the southwest corner ol  the
John Anderson claim, thenco east 80
ehuins. thence south 80 chains, thence
west xti   tiliains,     thence   north   80
ohains   to the  place of commencing,
containing tiiO acres, moru or less,
(tetherlne Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
I). A. Cate, Witness
Dated   this   2Sth  day ol   January,
No, 8. Notice is hereby given
that 3d days after date I intend to
apply to thc Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
for a license to nrospeet for eoal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flntliimd Ulock {1503* District ot
South Easl  Kootenav   nf B. C.l
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of Lot 8363,
Oroup 1, thenre south 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thenco west 8ff chains to
lhe plaee of commencement, containing 6-tti acres, more or less.
John ftnderNon, Cocator    ,
l>. A. Cate, Witness.
Dated   this   2fltb day of   Januarv.1
No. 9. Notice ls hereby -iven
tbat 30 days after date 1 ii lend to
applv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot Lnuds and Works
fo-.* a license to prospect !or .ual
aud petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block (1593) District of
South East Kootenav. of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the southwest corner of the
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 80 chains, thence south SO
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 89 chains to the place of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Eva Joss, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   this   28th   dav of January,
No, 10. Notice Is hereby "Iv'en
that 30 days after date I Intend to
apply to tbe Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands und Works
tor a license to prospect for conl
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Ulock (15931 District of
South East Kootena    of U. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner of thc
Eva Joss claim, theuce west 89
chains, thence south tu chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence norlh
80 chains to the place of commencement, containing 810 acres, more (4,
Leah Cate, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   this   28th  dnv *-i January,
No. 11. Notice is hereby given
that 30 days after dato 1 tuleuil to
apply to thc Honorable thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
tor a license to prospect t*-r cal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block f 1593) District of
South Pnst Kootcuar, of H. C:
Commencing at a post planteed at
or near the southeast corner of the
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thenee
east 80 chains, theuce south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, theme
north R0 chains to the place of commencement, containing CtJO acres,
more or less.
Walter Freeman,  Locator
John Anderson, A wit
.fumes Under-wond, Witness
Dated this 29th dav ot January,
No. 12. Notice is hereby -iven
that 39 days after dato I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect [or coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block (4503) District of
South Fast Kootenay, ot It. C;
Commencing at a pust at or near
the northeast corner of thu Walter
Freeman claim, thence cast 89 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenee west
89 chains, thence north SO ehains to
the place of commencement, containing 840 acres, more or less.
Batise Lamereux, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated this 20th dav ot January,
No. 13. Notice is hereby Ken
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to thu Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works
tor a license to pruspect for coal
and petroleum on the following
descrihed lands, situate on thc
Flathead Block (1593 > District ol
Suuth Easl Kootenay, of B. 0.:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near thc southeast corner of the
Neil jUc-^uarrie claim, thence north
80 chains, thence cast S9 chains,
j thenco south 80 chains, llience west
80 chains to the phue i.f commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Irvin Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated this 29th day of January,
No. 11. Notice is hereby "Iven
that 30 days after date I intend lo
apply to the Honorable tbe Cb-et
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
aud petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block (4593) District of
South East Kootenay, of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tho northwest corner of the
Robert Anderson claim, thenee west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
theuce cast 80 chains, theuce south
80 chains to the plaee of commencement, containing C19 acres, more or
1 less.
Neil McQuarrie, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated this 29th dav of Januarv,
No, 15. Notice is horcliv "iven
that 30 days after date 1 intend to
apply   to   the  Honorable  the  Cb'.of
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the fullowiug
described lands, situate on thu
Klathead Ulock (1593) District ol
South ISaat Kootenay, ol It. C:
Commencing nt a post planted nt
or near tho northwest corner of the
lint ise Lameureux claim, thence
north 89 chaius, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenco west 80 chnins to the place ol
commencement, containing tun acres,
more or less.
Itohcrt Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
lames I'nderwood, 'Witness
Daled   this   29th   dav of January,
No. 10. Nolice is hereby given
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner or Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
nnd petroleum on the following
Klathead Ulock {1593) District of
descrihed lands, situate on the
South East Kootena-   of B. O.i
Commencing at a post ulantcd at
or near the northeast corner of thc
Nell McQuarrle claim, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbence
west 80 ehains, thenee south 80
chains to tho place nf commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
P. F. Rowlison, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
.lamps Underwood, Witness
puled   this   29th    day of Jnnunrv.
L909. 17-flt
Cuusci'.NT Lodge No. 3H
Cranbrook, 15. C.
Meets every    Tucsduy ut s p.m.    at
Fraternity Hall.
.1. ll. Henderson, 0. i*.
.1. I.. Walker, K. ol «. ft S.
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
O.O.P. Key City l.ndge
No. 41. Meets tv«;
W2*f*- Monday night at
New fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
II. White, Win. Harris,
N. O, Hee'y.
fflfiV I        Uanltrooii Lnduc No. j.
\$|p* A.P.4-.M.
'  TK&^/'X'   .     Rnnlai  Tm»-U!\K« ,,t
/''v.'/  '"      ll"  ""'d    1l""-'l»l
'/V'/"**        '*f frrv  month.
Visiting 'irt'lT. en welcomed.
W. II. Wilson, Vi. M.
1*. W. Connolly, secretary..
Cranbrook Aerie -167
Mtet every    Friday     evening at C
p.m., in Carmen's Hall.
F. W. Reeves, W. P.
Wm. Anderson, Secretary.
Visiting hruUiren cordially iaviied
Meet  at li   of L. K. Hail Hnd   and
tth Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
Abel Horsman, \V. M.
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
I Prcsdytei latt Church:
♦ Sunday morning service at 11 '
J        o'cluck
♦ Sunday    evening    service   at J
♦ 7.M0 o'clock
♦ Sunday      School   and     Bible
♦ Class at ;t o'clock
4 Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
J at 8 o'clock
I Old Curiosity :
f      Shop
JOSEPH It   MtlEAN, Proprietor
lleniei in
All Classes uf Secondhand Hoods
'Furniture nl All Kinds, l.-.t 1.
N'ow mul Seconil-ltnrol
Sage's Old Stand, Man   *
son Avenue ♦
I'HONK 251 X
Nelson's Leading Hotel
li e with llntlis,   Tlionoln
"very room
Burlier Shop on tlio-premises,
Thoroughly up'to-tltite,
Kales, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. I'. H'Kl.l.s, Proprietor
It. ToMKIX, Mntinger
Ministers, Solicitors, Etc,
Supreme nnd Exchoquer Court Agents
Practice in Patent   Office and Belore
Hallway Commission.
lion. Charles Murphy, M. P,
Harold Fisher.
Banister, Solicitor, Etc.
-ittintoTorontoCoti-orvutoryo( Mimic)     |
nil.' cm* Cmont In " the iiiuiinttl
mutk Siudy lor Hcihinm."
Telephone 103
Francis E. Corrison
lliitulmiiutor Crmibrook City Bnnil,
I ll.l.t IILIIS'.-I' Knox I'lTshvti'niill I'll.
I nn. 11.11. HlsMn|cstj-'< Royal Welsh
I   li.Hi.1S.
Teacher of
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
I'lltWK 25a   -   OR-tnirtOOK, B. c.
LussonB in liusicnl Theory
Phv.-icians and Surgeons.
Ullks at  Resldetee,  Arniitroui An,
Forenoons - - - • ».(10 to 10.00
Afternoons - - • 2.110 to   4.00
Evenings - - . - 7.30 to   8.30
.-iumlays • - • - 3.811 to   4.80
CRANHROOK :i    ll    ii    ii    B. O,
■      OFFICE   HOURS:
U to 12 a.m.
1 to   fl p.m.
7 to   8 p.tit.
Ofliee In new Ilelil lllock
I'lUMIHOOK -        -       - B. C,
W. ft. lt..ntty, Funeral Director
i.nhriHil. ft. C. I'liuim Nu. I
.1. (j. CUMMINQS
t..i°:n>dus8 Cranbrook, B.C.
I llinn i; LOT IIF
* HTI'tt'AHT'fl I'lNK illm ul.M lis ' '
I'lionn 7fi AniiHiimiK Ave, ''
B. C. Machinery Agency
Wnnlinl Second Hand KNCIINEanil
Wnnii'.l Hei'iuiil Iliui'l Mitolil v nf
any kind.
Weean Biinply yon wilh any thing
new on short notice.
Wo pay each for Second Hand machinery,
Hive us n trial. We enu nave yoll
ltn|»iiriii|- n Specialty
Aikens Block, Oranbrook
B.   C.    and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
K.C. Hwnnnoll, I), I.. B„ ll 0, I.. B,
A. I. llohertBon, ll. c. I,, s.
lioiiiliilon ami British Coltttnhtft
IM) l)-awor703 VICTORIA. B.C
.1.   W.   RUTLEDGE
(1 militate of Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, In istis.
liritdtinle ami Medallist ol
McKillin'a Veterinary College,
Chicago, in 1000.
Nine    years'    experience   in
Veterinary practice in Mauitoha.
Office at Cranbrook Hotel.
I'malilenl: T. S. fiiu.
Secretary: Oconns Asiiwortu
For iiif'M'tnntion regarding lands ]
nml itgrtcnltnre apply to the ,
Secrctnry, Cranbrook, B. C.
****** Till*   I'HANBROOK   nF.RAI.n
Fit-Reform Spring Overcoats
There's nothing in Canada with
which to compare these
No Merchant Tailor can duplicate them in style, workmanship
or value.
e name
orm" in a
ami Vicuna
garment means the truest
economy, just as it means the
finest tailoring. »
Cranbrook. B. C
Will bo given by the Cranbrook City Band, assisted by
l.ftilius and (Jrentlemen of the District, nt the
At'DlTOKIUM, Cranbrook, on
Wednesday Evening, March 17th
At 8.80 promptly.    An excellent programuu'
hits been arrauged, uud patrons are ussiind
nf nit enjoyable evening.    Come
No extra charge (or Daunt? to those at lend in? the Concert. Tickets
can im obtained (rom any member of the Baud or at Beattie & Atchison's Drug Store, where plan of reserved neat* can be Men.
• ►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦-»»
Hold country news!
Customs officials at an Kast Coast
port arc discussing with much
amusement tho smuggling adventure
til a lady uf American birth who now
lives in England. Possibly her nd-
w-ntiirt* wns piiimplod by Buceetses
in similar cases when passing tbe
New York customs. The lady was
returning to England from one ol tho
Swiss winter resorts, where she had
bought a parcel ol valuable lace, so
before leaving Franco she swathed
herself about tbo waist with the embroidery, and embarked in the
steamer feeling decidedly comfortable, The presenl popular style ot
dress, however, docs not readily lend
itself in those conditions ol transport. Tbe initial discomfort had
grown Into positive pain before the
vessel gol undo! w.iy. The lady
found lhe torture ttuondurablo except
when maintaining nu upright posture*
It was tbe reverse ot comforting to
overheat the conversation of two
fellow-pussongers, one of whom was
n Hi fining '■■■■■■ experience that the penalty In a iloteetod ease ot smuggling
was three limes the value ol duty
relating to tlic goods. How she ultimately disembarked and satisfied
ibe revenue ehalleive she scarcely
knows, but when she reached her
hotel and divested herself o! her
spoils she was in a state bordering
mi collapse Only onco was tbe
story unfolded as Btlrrlng drama.
That was transformed Into roaring
comedy when a member ot her ilrst
audience tendered tbo information
that (Heat Britain has levied no
duty on lace for oboul half a century.
Iish barquo Albin arrived
• other day, bearing
signs of an eventful
tho North Sea. "I
-a tho whole ol mv
her acting captain, "and
before seen such weath-
ei." The vessel, then under Captain Nielson, lefl KotrkoplRg in Dc-
eemliei. The weather was terribly
eold, pnllev blocks and ropes were
frozen, ami the ship was coated two
and a half leet tbiek with Ice. Captain Nielson fell on the slippery deck
ami fractured his ribs, Captain Hen-
ricksen then taking the command.
Kour times thev nenred England
onlv io he as often driven back.
Three weeks before Grimsby was
reached the vessel was given up for
lost, tt was then struegllnn in mtd-
oivnn in the teeth of a wild North
Sea gale. The steering gear was
smashed, and the crew toiled to repair their helpless craft. Eventually the vessel was got under control,
and the men retired to the eabin tor
refreshment, but n heavy sea smashed the skylight, Hooded the cabins,
upset the tables, and captain, crew,
and food were splashing amidst the
wreckage on floor. When Grimsby
pier wus nt last reached the men,
with buckets, rushed nsbore for water, of which they drank greedily.
"In another day " said Capt. Hen-
rioipn, "we should have qecn without
food or water." Thc voyage, normally of four or five days In duration, had occupied over a month
■ Rn
llll VI-
The discovery ol un important
seam of iron ore in Kent and Sessex
seems likely to lead to a revival   ot
j tlie famous old Sussex iron workings,
■ which have been abandoned now (or a
century or so. For hundreds ot
years there were iron furnaces in
j what are now quiet countrv parts ol
Sussex—the site perhaps marked by
the old ponds which once supplied
power for the hammers. It was an
old complaint—you find it poetically
expressed in Drayton's "Polyolbion/1
says the "Manchester Guardian" —
that tbe Sussex forests were cut
down to supply the furnaces with
fuel. The great guns for our warships were of old made in the Sussex
foundries, and it is said thnt Ralph
Hogge, a Sussex iron-master, made
the first Knglish metal cannon in
15*13. l.amberhurst was a renowned
plaee fur the making ol guns—some
of tlte biggest came Irom there. At
Lamberhurst, too, were made tbe old
iron railings round St. Paul's—2,50b
of them, each 5 leet ti inches hish.
i A record in life-savins difllcult to
beat  has been achieved by Mr. Geo.
j Little, n lighterman,   of Hromlcy-by-
1 How, Kent.     He has been instrumen
, tal in saving over 40 persons Irom
drowning. Ile possesses the Koyal
Humane Society broir/e medal with
three clasps, two silver medals Riven
by private individuals, and 12 ccrti-
lientes, "1 am 4H years ol a^e now,
aud I learni to swim when 1 was
ten," said Mr. Little in an inter-
Mew. "The mosl excitiug rescue 1
ever made was when a man tell ofi a
barge while going under Dow lock
bridge.      As thc barge was   moving
[ there wns a possibility of his being
crushed between the boat and the
sides of the lock. I jumped overboard, and just when he came to
the surface   thc barge swunc round,
i threatening to crush us both. 1
pushi*d   him    under    the water and
I swam with bim beneath tbe harge,
bringing him to thc surface on the
other side, where there vvas plenty ot
A wild scene was enacted in tbe
Oxford police court recently, when a]
prisoner made a desperate attempt at.
escape. An clderlv man, who gave |
the name of William Sykes, but
whose first conviction was in the i
name of Richard Halstend, of Wakefield, was committed for trial Ior ■
burglary. He appealed to the Bench'
to deal with tbe case summarily, and
j when met with a refusal he leapt
over the rails ol the dock. He was
seized by a number ot constables, and
1 a terrific struggle took place. It
was only by the united exertions ol
eight constables that he was carried
to thc cells. In the course ol the
hearing the prisoner admitted having
becn liberated (rom Dartmoor a fortnight ago, and had forfeited a thirteen months' ticket ol leave. .
The will has Just been proved in
Liverpool   of   thc late    Mr.   Becket
| IIIU, Liverpool managing director of
| the Allan Steamship  company,    the
, value of the estate being £94,254
gross.      »r. Hill   directed that the
1 following shall be inscribed on his
I Let on his soul kind judgment tall,
Who did his best for one and alt.
I He further requested that the Inscription should mention tbe tact
that he had helped to change paddle
-tugs to screws, and    initiated Ugb-
pressure engines and twin screws for
ocean-going steamers. It is also to
refer to his introduction ot the
Steam Lines Conference, and bis
starting of thc Shipping Federation,
tbe Loudon Exchange and tlie British Empire League.
With a large sum (if money in his
possession, a man of miserlr habits
died recently at tbe David Lewis
hotel, Liverpool. He was found unconscious by a fellow lodger, and,
despite prompt medical attention, be
died in half an bour. The man was
very poorly clad, and had the ap-
peatance of being halt-starved. When
his clothes were examined; however,
there was found concealed about him
£32 in gold besides a quantity of silver and copper money sewed into the
lining of bis vest. There was also a
bank-book showing be had £_<hj
standing to his credit. He was registered ut the hotel in the name ot
James Dunn awl he represented that
he was destitute. The occupants ol
the hotel provide their own lood ia-
ciliiit's lieing given for cooking it.
The sleeping cubicle costs onlv a topper or two per night.
The lecture room at Gresbam college, London, one day recently echoed with strains uf music Irom
quaint instruments, some of them
thousands ut years old. Sir Frederick Uridgc was lecturing on the    in-
umm*tits of olden times. Holding
up what looked like un uld school
ruler, he said: "This is a Nay—tbe
llute of the Eeyptians. lt is probably U.Ubb years old." An instrumentalist who played on the llute,
and there floated across the silent
lecture roum a faint, sweet, eerie
sound. The notes gradually resolved
themselves inlo a melody—"Annio
Laurie." "Soft and delicate," was
Sir Frederick's comment on the
performance; but he added, with    a
imile: "The tune you have heard was
not played upon the banks of the
Nile ti.GUl) years ago."
A policeman of Uurton-on-Trcnt
has just had a tooth drawn in tbe
execution ot bis duty. This volunteer for the operating chair explained the affuir in the local police court, when Percy Louis fallen-
der was prosecuted lor practising as
a dentist, without having the requisite qualifications. To convict Alt.
Callender it was necessary Ihat some
devoted constable should play the
somewhat unpleasant part of patient, The constable in question was
told to go and have the tooth drawn,
aud he went, accompanied by a
solicitor's clerk. The dentist extracted thu policeman's molar witb
skill and promptitude, and then something thc patient said made him suspect something, and he refused to
take any payment. The dentist was
lined two guineas by tlie bench.
An ex-artilleryman living at Yarmouth, wbo has been totally iucap-
iidled from earning u livelihood
through blindness, bas just received a
pension at tbe rate of id per day,
wilh ull arrears. He was not aware
be was entitled to one when be came
out of the service, but the Rev, \V.
T. Goodrich, in whose district he
lived, finding out tbe circumstances,
recently laid a statement before the
t'hclsea authorities with the result
that the veteran was found to be
ntitled to a pension and £139 has
been remitted, whieh it has been arranged shall be disbursed to him at
the rate of hn per week, and in that
way will last him a long time, while
be will not be barred from a Slate
old-age pension.
Ten days atter the suicide of a
friend at whose house he used to
spend his nights, Mr. Lumley Bent-
ley, a chemist, living at Collingham,
twelve miles from Leeds, died from
poison. He was found in his sitting
room wiih a glass beside bim. On
the table were "Virginibus Puedis-
qtie" and La Rochefoucauld's
"Maxims," while Kipling's "Seven
Seas" had fallen from his hands and
lay on tbe iloor, open ae "1.'Envoi,"
which contains the lines:
When earth's last picture is painted.
And   lhe   tubes   are twisted    and
When the oldest colors have faded.
And the youngest critic has died,
We shall rest.
The Dudley police authorities recently adopted a very effective method of dispersing a crowd ot bedstead
trade strikers who were disorderly.
The places of the strikers at tbe
ory had been filled, and when the
time came for the strike-breakers tn
stop work, a large hostile crowd
natliercd. Stones were thrown and
windows broken, and so disorderly
did tlte crowd become that extra police had to be summoned. Even-
tiially the services of the lire brigade
re requisitioned. A hosepipe played on lhe crowd, and thev dispersed
in quick time.
In Uie London Shciifi's cotirg recent iy the undefended case of Ppken-
lieimer vs. Forley, counsel, said thai
the defendants, Mrs. and Mr. Forley,
iwed £30 for rent. Being unable,
after obtaining judgment to get anything by the otdinary means, plaintiffs had to ask tor a writ of
"elegit,'' a procedurre some 1100 or
THO years old. The jury had to sav
whether two bouses be.lonbed to Mrs.
Fortey, and it they did belong to
her, what was their annual value.
The jury having answered the questions, plaintiffs will take possession
ot the property until the debt is
j When a man named Geor-T Farmer
wus bound over at Bromlc
recently, tor twelve months under the
new act for thc prevention ol poaching the police said it had been difficult to catch thc defendant. The
man did not trespass, hut staved in
the road and sent the dog to poach.
It wus a wonderfully trained animal,
and answered the signals made to it.
On the least sign ol anyone on tbe
watch, or on the approach of a policeman or gamekeeper, the do- on a
signal would drop what he was earning and make tor cover.
■ ■ '
Ou April the 1st Miss Florence
Roberts will hold the hoards at the
Auditorium in "The House ol Bondage." Miss Roberts comes to Cranbrook highly recommended by both
press and public and with, what is
said to be an excellent supporting
company, ber engagement here should
be a
[Tho Literary Dif-est.)
ln tliat delightful walk, "Th* Bad
Child's Hook ol Beasts*" llilairc Brl-
loc sings:
•'.\s a friend oi lhe children eommeiid
ine to the yak;
Vou will find ft exactly the thin,;.
It will carry and fetch; you can ride
on its back
Or lead it about with a string."
Although some of the qualities
here attributed to the yak arc
doubtless imaginary, the second line
appears t.. be truth as well as poetic. In a contribution to Country
I.ile iu America (New York, Kebru-
arj i entitled "Thc Vak—A North
America Opportunity," Ernest
Thompson Sctou assures us that thc
animal really is "exactly the thing
loi Canada and Alaska" Tlteie
exists iu America, he points out,
a vast belt oi unsettled country extending Irom Atlantic to l'acittc,
Irom .Maine through Canada to
Alaska, aboul 1,01)0 hy iou miles,
which would be suited to cuttle raising were ils winters uot so severe.
Here, he tells us, is the yak's
chance; lor thts auimul is able to
withstand the cold uf just such regions as this.    Says Mr. Seton:
"With four mouths ot hurd Irost
and deep snow the ordinary range
cattle can not thrive, so that practi-
cally the north limit ol cattle-iunch-
illg, without winter houstii" and feeding, is thc south limit ol the so-
called Canadian fauna—uot the south
boundary of Canada, but a line crossing irom the south end ol Lake Winnipeg to thc north Saskatchewan,
then southward along the Itockies
into the I nited States.
"Reference to the map shows thai
tbis area is at least equal in si/.e to
all the cuttle ranges hitherto utilUed
in America. At present, however,
il is iu a primitive condition, not
tinned to productive use except ou
tlie edges by lumbermen, und iu general bv u lew trappers and ludlnns
who need not be interfered with by
anv stock-raising enterprise.
"Attempts to use this cold
range have not heen wanting. The
American huHalo and its various
crosses wilh the lone-haired cattle ol
lite Highlands have been tried, but so
lar without satislactory results,
childly because ol thc unmanageable
nature ol the huilalo. it is unreliable iu temper, almost impossible
lo drive, and ever ready to stampede
in the wrong direction.
"A hetter solution ol the problem
ts ottered us ready-made iu Asia,
where they have precisely thc same
conditions to lace. The yak or woolly os i Uos gtuuniens, Linn.) has
been formed by nature lor the northern ranges uud lias long heen domesticated hy man, so that the work oi
adapting and subduing is already
luue. Its native haunts aie thc
mow-clad, rocky hillsides and bare
mountains ol Tibet, even up to 20,-
uuii feet ubove the sea, going higher,
as some think, than auy other animal. Uut experiments show that It
thrives equally well near sea level,
as at Shanghai, Nice, 1'iiris, Antwerp, and Woburn Park In England,
as well as in the London Zoological
"Its native lood is a coarse, wiry-
grass (whence one ol its names, poe-
phagtis) ot grass-cater, but thv experiments at Woburn Park and at
the London Zoo show that it will
eat anything that common cattle will
eat, and that it thrives equally well
on stud that in tlie barnyard would
lie thought very poor loader indeed.
"In size the yak resemble* common
cattle. Prejevalsky says tha bulls
are live to six leet high at the shoulders und weigh 1,000 to 1,2011
pounds, but thu accounts al various
other authors would suggest a much
greater weight, ln build it is like
a common ox with the hump ol a
bison, but thc distinguishing feature
ol this cold-ranger is its coat. On
the upper parts generally it is three
oi lout inches long und hut little
thicker than that ol a well-Iurred
Highland bull, but It lengthens on
the sides, till the throat, shoulders,
liellv, and hams are covered with a
dense hairy (ringe that reaches near.
ly to the ground. The tall is so
enormously bushv and ' With the
hairy hinges is such a generous coveting for the hocks that it is difli-
cttlt to see how any wolf could ham-
slring a vak. Thus, its ample coat
ailonls it'an ample protcctioo Irom
[lies iu .summer, Irost in winter and
Ives all the time.
'The neat allinity ol this animnl
with the common cattle is .shown
liy the fact that it can he readily
crossed with any ol the domestic
breeds. It is particularly lond ol
rugged hillside pastures where it
scrambles among the rocks like a
goal, or grows lat nn miserable wi
urass among which European stock
would starve. The country along
the north shore ot Lake Superior
would make a veritable Happvlund
lor the vak."
The matter, Mr. Seton noes on to
tell us. is not to he allowed to real
nu a theoretical basis. He himself bus called the attention ol the
Canadian government to the opportunity, und he has hern given auth-
ority lo lest the matter praetieal-
le. ' He says:
"I found no difficulty in getting a
svmputhetl" hearing on the yak uues-
lion Irom the very-much-alik« aith-
orlties at Ottawa. I was asked to
solve the question by getting a small
herd to begin with, as well as lull
information on methods ol management.
My opportunity tor the last I recognized when on a visit to Woburn
Abhev, where lor many years this
animal has been ao successlully bred.
The whole scheme was still lurthcr
advanced, when, on hearing the details ol thc proposed Introduction
llis Grace the Duke ol Bedlord, with
characteristic generosity, presented
to the Canadian government t held
nl six fine yaks to be the breeding
start lor the enterprise.
These are to be handled first hy
the experimental larm st Ottawa.
Their number will be increas*-! by
Iresli importations as soon as einer-
ienee shows that it is justifif-l. intimately breeding-stock will be sent
tn each ol the Western and Northern
Stale Experimental stations, t*A
thus in time we hope to eBect a
comiucsk ol the great stock range
whieh lies between the especial in-
I mains of the common cattle sod thc
reindeer, and which is at present |v
ing Idle."
Hands Covered With
"For three weeks | actually
had to be fed like one feed* a
baby, because my hands and
arms were ao covered with
eczema that they had to be
bound up all the time."
Tliat i* tht tiperlcncc <ir Miu
Violet M. McSorley, of 75, Goie Street,
Suult S|e. Maria. She nl.ii 1 " I
could not hold ipooD nor fork, 1 >■ m
tinker lips to elbow* the dreaded di-eat*
spread, my linger uaii*. came ,|] nnd mv
flesh w__ oue raw mask. The itching
ami the pain weie aim •■■ etciuciating.
1 had three montha of this ion ure buJ
at one time amputation waa discussed,"
" Zam-Buk alone laved mv hands
mid ami*. I perseteic-l with it and in
the end had my reward. To-day, 1 am
cored -onij'lei-sly of everv trace of tlie
drctded eczema, and I fervently hope
that Miflurert from "kin diieate inny
know of my case and (he miracle
Zaui-Hi.k has woilted,1*
Zam-lluk in without equal for edema,
nnj* .-di 111. ulcer*, abjceSH-*!-, piles, cracked
hands, cold sores, chapped pliicci, and
ail skin injuries mid dilates, Iiiu^jji-i-.
und !>l"r-** at $0 rents u bos, nr pott
free (turn Znm-1'uk Co., Toronto, for
Mine price. You are warned npnlnM
danger nut substitutes ■ometimci ulit-te.l
as '■ jut! as good"
Tlic British Culumbia Souther a
llailway Company will apply to the
Parliament of Canada at its next
session for an Act:
I. Kxlending thc time within
which it may construct:
(a) 't'he extensiou of its railway to the 4Uth parallel
aud thc Tobacco l'laias,
which it was authorized to
construct hy Chapter 55 of
tlie Statutes of 1899.
(b) The western section of its
railway and the branches
to Nelson and Martin
Creek as described In Section 1 of Chapter 52, ot the
Statutes of 1900.
II. Authorizing it to construct,
acquitc and operate a branch Une
from a point at or near Michel in a
northerly direction through Kaoanaa*
Kis Pass to a point of junction with
the main line of thc C.P.H. at or
near Kauanaskis, a distance ot about
120 miles;
And for other purposes.
H. C. Oswald,
Dated at   Montreal   January 13th,
11)09. 4S-5t
Auy available Dominion Lands
within ihe Hallway Belt in British
Columbia, may be bomesteaded by
any person who is tbe sole head ot a
family, or any male over IS years oi
age, lo lhe extent ot one-quarter sec-
lion uf Uiu acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ollice for the district
in which the land Is situate. Entry
tiy proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister ot an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions cuniicrted therewith undi-i one of the followint; plans:
(I) U least six months' residence
upon aud cultivation ot tbe land io
eaeh year for three years.
Ci). If the lather (or mother,
if the lather is deceased), of tlie
homes ten der resides upon a farm in
the vicinity ot the land entered tor,
the requirements as to residence may
he satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If the settler has his permanent residence upun farming land
owned hy him iu the vicinity of his
Homestead, the requirements as to
residettec may be satisVl by resilience upon the said land.
Six months' nolice in writing
should be given to lhe Commissioner
uf Duminiun Lands al Ottawa ul intention 10 apply fur patent.
COAL—Coal mining lights may be
leased for a period ot twenty-one
years at an annual rental ol U per
acre, Not more than 2,570 acres
shall he leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ut
five cents fier ton shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of tbe Interior. 2-29t
The puhlie will welcome the 1909
revised edition of this valuable book*
let, which has been happily described
as a tabloid encyclopaedia ot Cauda.
It is unique and clever in Its ar-
rangemeot as worked out by Its compiler. Mr. Frank Yeigh, ol Toronto,
the well-known writer and lecturer.
.10,000 copies have already been sold.
The resources, wealth and business ol
the country arc given in a concrete
form—a tact in a sentence. Mr.
Ilarnar Greenwood, M.P., for York,
Eng.. says: "It is an eye-opener to
even a keen Canadian like mvselt."
A copy may be had for 25 cents from
thn Canadian Farts Publishing Co.,
tin: Spadina Ave., Toronto.
Notice is hereby given that 30
•lays alter date i Intend to appi
to the HouuiabU- Chief Commi
slonor of Lands and Wurks [or a
license io pruspect for cual and
petroleum on the following de *
-ribed lands, situated m the
district of South East Kuu-
tonay, Province oi British Culumbia:
Commencing at a post placed ai
the south-east cornet ot Lot Nu.
tiftti:', being the north-west corner ol
Gertrude Myites' claim, thence south
so chains, theme east so chains,
thenco nurth SO ehains, thence west
so chains to place ot beginning.
Located this ,32ud day uf Januarv,
Gertrude Hynes, Locator
A. Hacketi, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend tu appl
to the Honorable thief Commissions of Lands and Works fur a
license to prospect tor coal and
petroleun  the following described i.u <■- si muled .ti thc
dlstti i -.i south East Koo
teii-n, I'i.■ viuee of British Colum
Commencing at •> post at the
south-east coiner of i.ut No. B86U,
ii'-ing the south-west corner post ol
George Hynes' claim, ihence nurth
su chains, along tho survey liue ot
Lot No. GStiit, thence east --o chaius,
thenee south SU chains, Uieuce west
SO chains to place ot beginning.
Located this _2ud dav ui Januarv
George Hvnes, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
CUAL    AND      PETROLEI Ai      NO
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend tu ap
to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner ot Lands and Works { i a
license to prospect fnr coal aud
petruieum uu the lollowing des-
cribed lands, situated in the
district ot South Kast Kootenay, Province ul British Colum
Commencing at a post at tb
north-east corner ot Let So, B^yQ,
being the muth-west cornet .f Madie
Uailtou's claim, the i e i th 80
eliains, nlong sui vi; ' ne I !.■ t No
n'MiU, thence east v" i. ns. th
north so chains, then c ■ I SO
chains tu place ul beginning,
Located this ^2;:d da;  ol January,
Madie   Rallt ■    !. e it r,
A. Hacketi   a.,-:.*.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I iutend to applj
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wurks tor a
license tu prospect for co^l and
petroleum on the followim
cribed lands, situated in the
district ot South East Koo-
tenay, Province ol British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at th.
south-east corner oi License Nu.
U_0,. being the south-west curoer
post of. C. G. Pence's claim, thence
north SO chains, thence east ou
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to place uf i,e_wmin_.
Located this 22ud dav ol January,
C. Q. Pence, Locator
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after dale 1 intend to apply
to the Honorable Chief Commts-
sioner ot Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum oa the follow-in" described lands, situated in the
district of South East Kootenav. Province ul British Columbia:
Brginning at a post planted at the
north-east corner oi License No.
1081, being the north-west cornel 'I
M. Thorpe's claim, thenee south _'i
chains, theuce east _U chains, thence
north SU chains, thence west su
chaius to place of beginning.
Located this 22nd day ut January,
M. Thorpe. Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby elven that 30
days alter date 1 intend to applj
to' the Honorable Chiel t omrals-
sioner ol Lands and Works Ior a
license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum un the followii descrihed lands, situated in the
district ol South East Kootenav Province ol British Columbia:
('"inmen'-iti" at a posl planted at
the south-east corner ol Lieen
1085, being the south-west corner ol
William Ruths' claim, llience north
•iu chains, thence east su chains,
thence south 80 chains, tbence west
80 chains to plate of beginning.
Located this 22nd daj ol January,
William Raths, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that :iu
days after date 1 intend to applj
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Wurks tor a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described lands, situated in thc
district of South East Kootenav, Province ol British Columbia:'
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner ol License No.
10W, being the south-west corner of
Harry McLeod's claim, thenee north
80 'chains, thence oast so chains,
thence south 80 chains, thener- west
So chain* to place ol beginning,
I.orated this 22nd day ul January,
Ilarrv  McLeod,  Locator.
A. Hackett   Anent   48-M
nsi^ ■■: .<,.
he limine of Ridaways wnB established
.M ilu* *-ear 1880, Over Beventy vears'
"! motion fur quality and flavor,'
!  Ask lur Halcyon L1T1IIA WATER
I in family use there is milling
-*> wholeFome and su pure as
":- ^™^aH-nM-_---nMa^
I.      ■■•"tt. riK, I'.l.v ll. v. PARSER,C.B
Provincial Land Surveyors
RvlU'-.Y   '".l1   MINIMI   ENOlNEIiRINO
Ratimatea Furnished
1   i   sit-cle P.O. Box L'S.
C si ■ .\...:. P.O. Box 11.
Telephone 171.
11!; • ir. Craubrook: Reid Block.
3eo, k\ Leask & Co
our advertisement, but we
its ad in tha Hemld fo
etuphatlie it.
Lower -.rtustrou* Awnue
IKI.l-nniNK IM
iim i»'itv fitting
■ in '.: - ti mbre drflH ol
arrflj ■■:.•—.* ■ tfau
pj r-fflwi *he joy o! lite
■■ -■ ■ --,- --'--ies
■ .. r -.,.«- .it ■ ur 'prine
* TUB rt-T.»D.TE  T.11..K-
**V *******************
Has now a limited
cumber of
Voung Apple Trees
of the varieties epecially ♦
selected and suitable ior *P
this dUtrict. x
2ND    "      ■  20   " ♦
Delivered at Crunbro b 2
:: i-electe-J by   tbe  pur- +
iter, Let choice, 2ucj ♦
-. 1 choice) 15c. Apply to ♦
E. W. HUSTLEY, Nursery ♦
\i"At vVilmfcr, is.C, or X
I. ir'ri.'lllSiJ.V, Cranbrook,B.C. J
\ I'HOSESO. P.O. Box807
* The f-'inest Drivers
Up-to-date tfixs
Oood Saddle Morses '
;, •   ir    ■    CRaNBRO IK, B 0   T
\      II iXDLEY'S OLD BTAND     ♦
General  Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANB- OOK      -      B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
IOHN    W.    WOLF
Old Show Made Now.
All Kin li* "f Repairing.
'live ine a call     ::      ::
will pay the highest price fot
fui.s consumed to me at LetliiirldRe,
Alta., and il thc price is not satis-
factory I will pay express both ways
am] return the same.
J. Young,
•2.00 A YEAK
By the Herald   I'ulilishine Company.
MARCH 11, 1909
tiy   Western Canada,
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth til) a year. It
costs only S3, Nu man in South
East Kootenay can afford to he without it and everyono living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in ihe
progress of this section, Bhould rend
it. It publishes the newB while it ia
news. It is controlled absolute!) In
the publishers. No clique, party
individual dictates its policj
iluu't try tu please the people.
desire is tu publish a newspapei that
will be ii credit to the community.
.Scud in your subscription and yuu
will be thankful ever alterward,
Advertising rates ll.hu pei inch pet*
month, nu more aud no less.
Heading matter 15 cents per line
to non.advertisers; 10 cents per line
to regular advertisers.
It you desire to reach ibe people ni
Souih East Kootenay you must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald lias n first-class job
plant, and Its work is of the hest.
The Herald don't want charity. It
wants n square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit ynu in quality and price, kick, and send your
work to some Cheap John house in
the east that never spends a cent in
Canada,   ospecU
had some too.
It is said thai alter all Uill I
Miner's escape was not an escape but
a "Skldoo old chap, when 1 ain't
looking." But why? Did the O.P.
K. and the Express company want to
know where the missing bonds were?
We wonder, we wonder—but theu,
never wonder in the west, it is dangerous.
Keep on boosting Cranbrook. It
is going to he the center of one ol
the rn-besi sections  in Western Can*
Keep on boosting the race meeting.
i will be one of the loading attractions in the Interior ol ll. C.    this
The fall fair in Craubiouk wilh thu
aces should be a hit; drawing card
for this district. The display of
frull and vegetables on that occasion
will be a surprise to thc most optimistic rcsldeul ol Soulh East Kootenay.
I'lnnttng shade trees is a mighty
good idea, hut if the people of
Uranbrook will plant fruit trees they
uill secure the shade and at the
same time assist in demonstrating
lbe fact Ihat the soil of this districl is a gold mine to any one who
will cultivate it.
li wm want In help your town help
the Hoard nf Trade.
1, K. K. Simpson, manager of thc
Oranbrook Herald, do hereby state
thai the pressman's books show, and
that I have every reason to heliev
that thi' circulation of the Herald tot
the past year has heen 71,070 copies,
divided as follows:
January, IMS 	
Keliruan,   190k    ...
March, 190H 	
April, 19118   	
May, 1U06   	
June,  laitt
Julv,   lllllli    ..
.  ...5,895
August,    11108 ..
September,   lt)08 ...
Uetober,   10(18 ..
November,   1908   .
.   ...5,875
December, 1008   ...
Total for the yeai LHOS ...71,079
Average monthly circulation..5923.;!
Average weekly circulation ...1366.47
Subscribed aud sworn to before mc
this Kith day of February, IflOK, at
Cranbrook, B.C.
.lohn Hutchison,
A    Notary   Public  in and   for   the
County nf Kootenav, llritish Columbia.
J     People interested In Fruit
t Lands In South-east Koot-
* enay should write to
CO., Ltd.
All of Cranbrook, B. C.
The announcement made by Captain Tatlow at the opening of ihe
Farmers' Institute meeting at Victoria that il was the intention oi tbo
government to include an agricultural
college in the provincial university
scheme, will be hailed with satisfac
Hon throughout the province,
li i- stated that the daughter of
Mrs. Ilein (Jreen is about to many
a Canadian. Mrs. Greet] has shown
her wisdom in the selection ot a well
M'i up young Canadian as a husband
for ber daughter, rather than a
-non nl European nobility.
I'he lb raid is of opinion that Bak-
ei street from the station to thc
government ofliee should be boule-
vnrded along its entire length. There
seems io he rut reason whv this
fdioultl nol he done and the Improve*
ment lo tho landscape and the general appearanee of the city r*annot
he measured In words.
Cranbrook business men are being
legislated against in Fernie, so that
they cannot do business there. Is
jt not time ibat the CranhrooV city
council passed a similar bylaw1
Tbe Canadian Zinc company, ot
Nelson, is re-organizing on a larger
capital basis to give the eompanv a
larger scope for operations and the
purchase of ores.
A Chicago woman wants a law
providing       for a       title    to
distinguish married men
from bachelors the same as
"Mrs." and "Miss" for women. Very
well* But also give a title to dis-
tlngirtsh between women with husbands and widows, and if widows,
whether "grass1 or "sod."
Printer's Ink points out that VlfiR
was a great year for libel suits ln
the United States.    Quite true, but
The King is alive,
Long live   the
The .McHride government have taken hold of the suggestion made at the
Kruit Growers association convention
regarding the establishment ot cold
storage depots for the handling of
K- C, fruit. This is a most excellent move and is a credit to Mr. McHride and his cabinet.
Kast Kootenay is fortunate in having a man like A. E. Watts to fight
its battles. In the presentation of
the needs of this district to the railway commission at Nelson, Mr.
Watts showed both intelligence and
tact, and secured what he went after.
The Dominion government has purchased a site for a post ofiice building in Cranbrook. What the people
of Cranbrook want is thc building.
it seems as if it was up to thc
Laurier government to get busy.
Cranbrook needs the building and the
time to build is now:.
The longer one lives in this country Mie mine natural resources arc
discovered. fl. It. Leask has discovered another source of revenue in
the use of native woods for house
furniture. A representative of thc
Herald failed on Mr. Leask one day
this week and was shown exactly
what could be done with tbe native
tamarac and fir. Not onlv is tho
linish of Mr. Leask's house of native
woods. but        it        is
Ished in various colors and
highly polished, in faet with as high
a polish as a piano case. In this
way, while Ihe wood itself is simply
native tamarac. Mr. Leask bas mie
room linished in what looks like walnut, another in mahogany, another in
mission oak, and so on. But this is
not all. Mr. Leask has had made
some verv handsome pieces ot furniture from native woods, which look
fully as handsome as if made in a
furniture factory in the east. TTiere
is a filing cabinet which is a work ot
art, a fire nlaee and over mantle
which is particularly fine, a bookcase
and a table, all of which cannot, be
distinguished from thc product of the
best manufacturer on earth. Mr.
Leask savs Ihat there is a splendid
opening fnr a furniture factory here.
to make mission furniture from the
native woods whicli, be says, could
be made even more handsome by
quarter sawlug. A <lrv kiln and a
workshop with some light machinery
is nl) that would he needed to start
this enterprise which, it seems rea-
sonnhle lo suppose, wmild be verv
profitable. One thine is certain and
that is Hint, there is a limitless
vitriol) of grain effects to he had
from hnth tamarac arid fir, quite as
manv as ean be obtained from the
hard woods. Again should some
classes ol furniture require to he of
real oak, maple, or birch then Mr.
Leask snirgests thai it would be an
easv nintlur to linpnrt veneer nf anv
nt   these    woods,   using    the   native
w Is as a basis.     Another     thing
that Mr. .Leask thinks could be done
is to make veneer nu>t of tamnrar In
the same way as veneers of any other woorltt are made. It this could be
done, ami there seems to be no reason whv it should nut. the tlw Tain
effect would be entirelv different, as
the veneer Is made by circling the
tree, but there Is no -jiiestion but
thnt il would be verv handsome.
These suggestions of Mr. I-eask's
should have tlie effect, of bringing in
someone who is interestu'd in these
So as to facilitate work in the
various departments certain changes
have heen made in the C.P.H. olliees. Instead of as hieretofore
the bridge and building department,
the trainmaster's department) and the
master mechanic's department each
Saving their own staff of clerks the
.lerical force has all been concentrated in the superintendent's office
under Ibe ehief clerk, Mr, Watson
"QUALITY"       "QUALITY"        -QUALITY"        "QUALITY"
W. \. McPhalen has lieen awarded
judgment for $n.rP(t(i against the city
of Vancouver for   the Itoss   of    an
eye caused by a ('Icfectiv-c sidlewalk.
All 20th Century Brand—The Clothes with a National Reputation for Style and Satisfaction
Ready for Service or Hade to Your Special Measure from Choice of 300 Stylish Cloths
The Largest and Most Attractive Showing of Styles and Fine Woollens Ever Attempted by a Tailoring House in Canada
*   A* A* A* ****** A. At.***.
w fffffffffl
Trouble In China
We have still n few sets or pnrts of sets in
dinner ware thnt we are offering itt reduced
lit PIEOK DINNER SET, will, only,a vegetable ilish thort. This set ia worth (25.00
when complete.    Weofleritnt  $18.00
ll.i PIECE DINNER SET, with time
pieces, Hhort Ior  $10.00
«; PIECE DINNER SET, with three
piece- ihort, lor  $10.00
Odd   Pieces In Fancy  Scene China In
Vases, Salad Bowls, Pin Trays, Etc.
at Just hall Price.
Reat Qnitlity.   Newest, Deiigne in all Chinn.
Making A Choice
It is when thf bright sunny flays come
that you want to discard your old shoes
mid clothe your feet in becoming und well
fitting ones. We have many stylos to
choose from, Ominilinn aud American, and
we accept it as a privilege to show them.
Come in. We have added several thousand
dollars worth to our stock this spring and
surely we can suit you in fit and prioe.
we make a specialty in
Ladles' and Children's Foot Wear
nnd guaruantee the quality of every pair
we sell.
Quality,   Style,   Variety,   Prices,
********************** ********************** « THE   CRANBROOK    I1KRAI.H
Imperial Bank ol Canada
l>. lt. WII.KIE, Pr.-ldent.
Aooounts   nl'   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants, ,,
',' Farmers, und Private Individuals invited.
NA VIM'S DEPARTMENT-Special attention is ]|
given  In Savings  Hank Accounts.    Deposits of I1.U0   and T
upwards rccoivou and interest allowed at current rate from date
nf deposit.
i: Cranbrook Branch *. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. i:
8M ACRES OF LAND, all highly cultivated, including 6-roomed Frame
Dwelling House, Barn and Outbuild*
ings. within five minutes' walk of
Cranbrook School. Must be sold at
If you are interested, call on us and we will take
yofi over the property
Beale & Elwell
Renl Estato, Insurance and Investment Kiokera
• >
lie is only seven years old, yet he in wearing gla»ee. He hau
wise parent*, tor when he complained one day of pain in the
eyes, be was brought (o up. We ordered a pair of lenneH made
for htm, and now be studied without the least bit of Inconvenience,
Bring your boy or virl anytime if they have trouble with
||    W*   H.   WILSON*      GrJu*f"opt1clan    jj
Pride of the West Flour
$3.50 per cwt.
Cotedyke Baking Powder
inc., 35c, and 75c. a tin
TG J. HANN1NG rswasrii
, till!   ll
a difficulty in getting Qramophouea
ly, we hei; to announce we will clean, repair
[ettiiie tm
we will cl
nd fitanv now pari t hut will make the instrmiieiit UK
.Ml w,)ik guaranteed,
C. P. H. Watoh tiupectori CRANBROOK, IS. C
Mouse Traps
loc. Bach.    3 for 35c.
< *********************
_      C3DaWILLIE'S PRESERVED FRUITS in ("lass jars.   Just like   ;;
',',   home Hindu.   We have them in Strawberries, Raspberries,
' [   Poach es. Pears, Black Currants, and Cherries,
James Pussee,   of Waldo, was
Cranbrook la-st Tuesday.
Mrs. A.    K.   Watts   and daughter  Limited,
were Cranbrook visitors on Friday.
in Scotland. This change has bi-eu
made necessary on account of Lhe
j ill-heal Hi ol Mis. Anderson,
P. .1. Smyth, editor ot the well
known yellow journal, the Movie
Loader, was in Cranhrook on Monday
lending the light of his countenance
to the beauty ot the landscape.
Another shipment ot gramaphoncs
Cranbruok   Drug    &   Book Co.,
G. M. Donahue, of Wardner, was in
the city at the end of last week.
Latest works of fiction at Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co., Limited.
J. W. Bennett, ol Fernie, was a
Cranbrook visitor last Friday.
Otis Staples, of Wyeliffe, was in
Cranbrook on Friday last.
James Joyce, uf Muyook, was in
tlie city on Saturday last.
Fracht- Bros, famous lettuce.—
Campbell -V Manning.
Or. Bell, V.S., visited Michel on
T. M. Roberts aad E. H. Small
visited Fort Steele last Saturday.
McLaughlin carnages.—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Constable Adney, ol Wardner, was
in the city on Tuesday.
.1. O. McCallum visited Fernie on
business last Monday.
Fresh cress and mustard ai Fink's
Pure Pood Grocery.
J. W. Ross, ol Waldo, was iu
Cranbrook on Tuesday.
O. G. Jewell, of Jaflray, was a
Cranhrook visitor on Tuesdav.
11. W. Bradford, of Wyeliffe, was iii
Cranhrook on Tuesdav.
Limonera lemons at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Otis Staples, of Wyeliffe, was in
the citv on Tuesday.
D. Sealv, of Moyie, was in the
citv on Tuesday.
W. Camera, ot Michel, was in
Cranbrook on Tuesday.
Ganong's (i.H. chocolates.—Camp-
hell & Manning.
The King Lumber company's mill
west of town will commence sawing
on Monday.
Frank Duun, naturalist and despatches got a nice martin in one of
his traps last Wednesday.
McLaughlin carriages.—Cranhrook
Trading Co.
I. E. Gibbon, the well known Yahk
hotel man, was in the city nn Tuesday.
The Manitoba maple and Russian
poplars are swelling quite visibly in
the bud these days.
Strawberry rhubarb at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelsall and daughter,
of Wattsburg, were Cranbrook visitors on Tuesday.
Books! Books!! Books!!!—Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Limited.
Mrs. O. Campbell, ot Hosmer, was
the euest of her daughter, Mrs. W.
Matthews, this week.
.1. Angers left for the coast this
week where he will engage in the
rt-al estate business.
Newport high class bou bons at
The Palm.
Wm. Carlin and A. Doyle, of Port
were in   the city un    Mon-
Strachan and Miss Brown, of
. were in the last last Satur-
Fern it
St. Patrick's Day. March 17th
Concert, and damr at Auditorium
Don't forget.
A. Ward, the Sitton City rancher,
was in the city at the end of last
It you want something nice ir
potted plants, call and see our display.—Campbell & Manning.
O. N. Tomlin-smi t.f the Yellowhead Pass Lumber i-omp*-" oi Kim
berle1    was in the fit    on Tuesdav.
V. Lund, presidrnt ot (he Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company, Wardner,
was in the city last Monday.
"Golden Flower" oranges always
please. For sale at Fink's Purr
Fowl Grocery.
B. H. Short has iust nveived a
largo assortment of ttie vi-rv lntcst
designs in wall paper from the old
Newport high class hon hons at
Tlie Palm.
Mr. and Mrs. Bell, of Pincher
Creek and formerly of Prince Kdward
Island, were Cranbrook visitors at
the end of last week.
St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.
Concert and dance at Auditorium.
Don't forget.
Two meadow larks and a robin
made their appearance in Cranbrook
last Fridav. These are the harbingers ot spring.
Celery, radishes, rhubarb, spinach,
-Campbell   A Manning.
Miss Handley, Miss Dennett and
Harry Handley, of Marysville, took
in the opera at the Auditorium on
Thursday evening.
Grand concert and danee at Auditorium on Wednesday, March 17th.
Don't forget it,
Miss McLeod, slctiotrrapher in the
office nf W. F. Gurd, is heinc visited
h\ her father, John McLeod. of Nelson.
Remember Saturday is The Knndy
Ihiy at, The Palm.
II. K. Ilurnham in advance   of   the
Kerrv Gow" company, which  plays
here next Monday, was in the    citv
last Tuesday.
Ask to see Reed's Anti-Rust wash
boilers. We will replace anv boiler
that rusts. For sale by Patmore
Morton Campbell, thc popular
mixologist at the Wentworth hotel,
left on Wednesday for a short trip to
St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.
Concert and dance at Auditorium.
Don't forget.
A picture representee the locked
horns on exhibition at Mitchell &
Garrett's taxidermist establishment,
aippears in the Sporting & Dramatic
News, of London, England.
TO RENT—Furnished room, Hanson Ave. Apply R., care Herald office. 50-tt
J. O. Cummin"- B.C.L.S.. has
hnne nut his shingle at Scale A' El-
well's ofliee and all inquiries tor surveying and engineering may be made
Conductor Arthur Martin returned
on Sunday from his three months'
tiip to tin- east. While away Mr.
Martin visited Ottawa, Montreal and
other points.
At the Co-Operative Stores, Mr.
McFarlane, ihe manager, has made
some L.rr>'at improvements in th*1 show
windows. They hau* been enlarged
and boarded in so that noods displayed therein will not be damaged.
advertiser in g small fruit and poultry ranch.    Apply P., Herald. 45-tt
It is said that the Imperial
Hank of Canada has opened a branch
uf the bank in Cochrane, the new
[own near Cobalt, located ot the
junction of the traruxotitim-ritiil and
1. .v V a. railways.
Flour, feed, hay aud mill stuffs.—
Cianbrook Trading Co.
K. .1. Dickison and J. McTavish
hav otaken over the pool room at
the Royal hotel. These gentlemen
are well and favorably known here
and will undoubtedly   made a success
f   1 lar venture.
Steele Uricus and McKenzie's garden anh llower seeds at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
A solid train of seventeen cars of
lumber and ties cana* in over the
Kimberley branch on Tuesday. The
shippers were Crothers mill. Staples
mill, and the Yellowhr. s Lum
ber company.
Ask for a booklet ot our famous
SASK-ALTA range.—Patmore Bros.
One of the windows at Camphell &
Manning's has a beautiful display ol
potted plants and cut flowers. "The
Quality Store" mukes a specialty of
(lowers and certainly carries one ot
the best stocks ever shown here.
Wagstaff'e jams and jellies nre
.iui"' delicious, guaranteed pure
frull and sugar, Kor sale at Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Word has  11 received from E. H.
Brown and bis brother, F. L. Brown,
m Grand Ilnv. N.lt.    Tlie hoys are
tiieir way to Huston, where arti-
al arms will be procured for E. II.
Remember Saturday i.s The Kandy
lav ai The Palm.
The Railwav Commission stopped
iver in Cranbrook for an hour or so
last Saturday on their wa>* to Calgary. Several ot the business men
of the citv had short talks with them)
at their private car.
Fresh I'oidcrnsa tomatoes received
Lri-weekly at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
The head office of the East Kootenav .Lumber company has been moved from Cranbrook to Jaflrav. As
all lumber is finished at thc Jaflray
mill it is found to be more convenient to have the head office nt that
Toilet articles, the best in town at
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.. Limed.
C, IL Powell, oi Calgary, inspector of the C.P.R. commercial telegraph, was in the city oa Tuesday.
.Mr. Powell has been looking over the
improvements made on tbe telegraph
and telephone systems between Sirdar and the Landing.
Another direct importation ol semi*
porcelain dinner ware—four cxclusivt
designs—on display in Fink's inimitable china department.
A. D. Aycr, who has been sleeping
and dining car agent hero for some
time, has been promoted to an
important position in the same service at the coast. His place is being taken by E. P. Galnow, late of
Spokane, W. L- Jones taking Mr
Galuow's place in Spokane.
WA NTED—Good general servant.
Apply  Mrs.  F. R. McLean.        01-tt
C. W. Bissell, of Edmonton, was in
the city last Sunday. Mr. Bissell
represents "Joxitc, thc uew explore.   Joxlte is cheaper    than dyna-
iite, more effectual and much safer
is it will not explode without a cap,
Ither bv concussion or by lire.     It
ooks like rice and Mr. Bissell says it
makes an excellent breakfast food
along the lines of grape nuts.
The Cranbrook Trading Co. will
have for the spring trade a car ot
wagons and implements ot all kinds.
Disc harrows, drags, harrows, plows,
road scrapers, etc. They propose
giving lo the people ot Cranbrook
and vicinity the best selection ot
agricultural implements ever sold
in Easl Kootenay. It would be
well for those who contemplate getting auy ot the above to call and in-
sped ilieir stock,
1 ►
< t
< t
* t
i <
. ►
* '
« 1
* t
. t
< >
< t
M       -**»^*<^**
Yes, Sir,
Ready to remove the Spring or Summer
Suit worry from your mind. We can do it
in short order. Every looker praises our
selection, and we know it to be the best we
have ever shown to our customers.
re :ue alwavs two points to remem-
rhese are : Wc handle the
• 1
■ 1
■ 1
• 1
• 1
• 1
• 1
• 1
■ 1
■ 1
• 1
• I
• 1
• 1
• 1
1 •
■ 1
"Fit-Reform" Clothing
and the "Fit-Reform" trademark not only savs money back if satisfaction be not
given, but ths company behind the trade mark ensures you getting your money back.
Our stock is so comprehensive that it embraces Suits to fit the young man, the
middle-aged man and the old man.
Prices $15.00 to $30.00 a Suit
The  Popular
What I Want When I Want It," was
son"* that could so easily lie overdone ami made vulgar, but Mr.
Powell sang it in the most, natural
wav possible—he's an artist, that's
II. .Miss Lucille Palmer, as Anna,
was in splendid voice, und it is sate
to sav that her rendering of Annie
I,auric, as an encore, was one of the
most accomplished pieces of singing
ever given in thc eity. George Kun-
hel, as tbe prince, played a difficult
part well. Miss Leicester, as Mirni,
looked and acted charmingly, especially in the first act. Thc male
quartette was distinctly good and
the local hits in il.e "Go to 11—"
song, were particularly appreciated
hv the audience. The San Francisco
Opera company can come to Cranbrook any time and be sure of a
full house. Wc can't say more than
West Window.   Ycntr cho
Bound Books
ol  theee Cloth
Values from 50 Cent
i $1 'Al
On Monday evening next Joseph
Murphy's masterpiece ot Irish plays,
the "Kerry Gow" will be at the
Auditorium. The story is one appealing to thc best in every man
who loves u lover and hates a
scoundrel. It touohes the hearts, thc
sympathies, the manhood of everybody, and is strong in human interest, strong ia love, strong in song,
strong in humor, strong in plot and
strong in everything that moves an
audience to enthusiasm. Each minute tears and smiles mingle like
shower and sunshine to make a glorious spring of everlasting enjoyment.
Tliere is u heart throb and a shout
of praise in every speech. Dan
o'lluiu (the hero) stirs manhood to
the heroic point. It Is a play that
has withstood the crucial test of
time ami should be seen by everybody. Among the exciting scenes
are the t .cape ot Dan O'Hara from
prison, the blacksmith at his forge
and the flight of the carrier pigeons.
Scats should be reserved lon-z in advance of tbis attraction.
Cranhrook can boast of having one
of the. very besl boot and shoe makers in the west in tlie person of
Joseph Maripodi. Mr. Maripodi is
an Italian and has been at the business ever since be w&m a small boy.
lie has not wasted bis time because
he ran turn out boots and shoes,
from a lumber jack's waterproof log-
ning hoot to a lady's evening slipper,
of lhe highest quality.
LOST—Small lady's gold watch.
Kinder please return to Herald ol-
lirc. 60
One of those rare treats in the line
of amusement, which is oflered from
time to time by reliable managers
will hi' the appearance of the "Kerry
Gow," at Uie Auditorium on Monday
night next. The story of Joseph
Murphy's famous Irish domestic
ilrama, Kerry Gow. which means the
"viilane blacksmith," is founded on
fact ami tells of Dan O'Hara, the
smith, in love wieh a girl who also
has another suitor, Valentine Hay
As it is a crime punishable by
transportation or death to have oik-
es—formidable weapons—in one's
possession. Hay causes several to he
hidden in the blacksmith shop. Dan
is arrested, hut escapes from prison,
just at the same time as the real
maker uf the pikes confesses on his
death-bed to the conspiracy. Dan
returns to his forge and shoes the
horse which saves his sweetheart's
home hv winning a creat race. Hv
means of earner pigeons \'ora is informed of the result ol the heats
as the race is run and tbe play ends
prettilv and happily. The good
Irish songs introduced by Dan are
pleasing features to the performance.
Amusement seekers should not fail
to secure seats early, as enquiries as
to the reservation has already been
ma de.
640 Acres
Tito and a-half miles from railroad, school and P. O.
Frame house and stable 1^ x 60, chicken house 80 x 16,
cellar and ice house. Forty ncres under cultivation;
three acres in fruit—100 apple trees. 12 pears. 12 cher-
rins. 12 plums, luu [x-ach tr»-s. 1.000 strawberry plants.
loUcurranrs. 12 gooseberries; eight acres in fall wheat.
Half cash.     Balance to suit at 10 per cent.
160 Acres
Two and a-half miles from store nnd P. O.. adjoining tlie
finest summer resort in Kast Kootenay. Frame house
16x86; chicken house 10 x 14 with shed 10 x 14: implement slicil lUxlO. Seventy-fiveincheaof water-right,
Sixty-five acres irrigated. One hundred and fifty fruit
trees wil! be set out this spring,
PRICE $2,500
Half cash.   Balance to suit at & per cent.
Office: Opposite Royal Hotel, Cranbrook, B. C.
Contractor and Builder
When "Billy" Cranston says &
show is good, one can bank on the
tact that It is good. "Tbe Stiol-
lcrs" presented by the .San Francisco
Opera company last Thursday even-
hii; at tlte Auditorium was one ot
tlic very best comic operas ever presented in Cranhrook. "T**My"
Wilih and his support are so far
above the average company that
comes through the countrv that really
Strollers" ts not an opera or a must-1',', JOB WORK A SPECIALTY
cal comedy  that can claim anything
much in   the way ol plot.    It Is an i
o-cuse for the Introduction of a wholo
lot ot good music and rood lun.    It
goes without    saying  that "Te-My"
Webb keeps  the   house In roars   ot
laughter all the   time.    Miss Mabel
liny, as Hcetha, was at ber best, her
"llutterlly   Song"    was   absolutely
captivating,    her  high notes    being
ricrplliinaily clear.    Mr. Powell, as
the   drunken    gaoler,   played a part
Large naval oranges 40c. per do/.
at The Palm.
Rev. A. Anderson will leave at the' that so many, "less eipcri'enced than
end ot tba month for his former home he, would have overdone.     "I Want
11 you are intending to <!'» any
building, you can niuke money
hy consulting with me.
In FRUIT LANDS. Almost Given Away
situated two miles from a town.
Rich black loam,  Can be irrigated
if required with very little cost -      PRICE $300
A VIA APDC I AT ono m'''' ^rul" u town*   Good
4U"HunC  LUI   loam, level, and a first-class fruit
tract. ... PRICE $300
three miles from a town. River
bottom (lood loam. Timber
enough on laud to pay for tht* hind. Would make a fine
houn for anyone PRICE PER ACRE, $15.00
We havo lota running from 20 acres to 2,000 acres at
priccH to Bliit you. ami ui land values are going to fait go
ont of raticli of the poor rami, come and take advantage
ul these snaps now.
Or, if you want anything in lands, let us look it up for
you. It will not cost you anything, as tha seller pays us
for our trouble.
Come In and see what we can do for you.
The Kootenay Investment Co., Ltd.
:++•!•+•-+**+.+*** -m-*+*++w* mMom*wototctmommm*. >w<qo«oMoic«oio<oMO>o«oto<o<oto>o«o^
In East Kootenay
And other parts of British Columbia
i     UIXKIi
bituated    ain
I'WHM uf HiO ucres,
i six miles .south ol
11 ul Imhi Steelo, Jusl undrr the
kj fountain ltanjp.', with a
western aspect. Thirty acres are
i leared and under crop. Twenty
acres partly cleared. I2u acros
fenced. Pleut) ol timber fur all
purposes, such us buildings, tearing,
etc. Water is supplied from n mountain stream which runs through the
property. The surveyed route "f thu
Kootenay Central Railway passes
i lose to this property. Buildings
[welling, stable and out-
trs. Price, pxclmliiig live
etc  $1(750.011
2.   A
Sl ltl)l\ ISION ol the abort
property consisting uf .*>u acres, including tbt* whole ot thc
land ami partly
will) ilu- twiib'-i
i cuius       ami
cleiirud land (ihal is
fill) lior.se, buildings,
implements, etc.,
A SI ItOIVISION "| No. I, am-
of Ilu i
nher {vi
j n.n.
ol uueleared laud
:il. $S,Ql)U) sland-
I. 85(1 a*
growing fi
parti) levi
Hi piil'licilih
i o!   hind
,    I'UJ 11)
living alsu
the land,
citable lur
doping ami
some stumps
a good deal
g rut
iy    inr lbe [iltmgb
north »f iim city o
land has a west
fin tdupe, which is the must favored
foi growing fruit. There is n hike
• ■ii the property, alsu a spring of
waler. Hns is ideal property foi
sub-dividing ami    lhe price is    only
S.'i.UU  per  aire,   Iui    whicli   leriil- can
he arranged.
... HK.U I'lKlU-* sheltered lain.
of ;MU iu-res, situaied on the St.
Mary's Itiver, about jj miles from
Oranbrook, and 1 mile from two
saw null'-, employing between the
two about Mm men, alsu the same
distance from Post Office, stbuul and
general store and railway siding. 1UU
acres uf this is high grade buti-uiu
land. I hi acres bench land. 10
acres are under crop. 20 acres in
meauow aud a great deal ot land can
be easily put under meadow as tbu
clearing is liglit. Timber has alt
been sold and purchaser has the right
to cut it uff u ithin the next lew
years and to make a road through
the property il he so desires. This,
however, would enhance the value uf
the property ius-tead of hurting il.
This is a very pretty spot and cheap
al       $36011
0, 1KIUGABLE    FAKM     ot    330
acres, situated un a lovely trout
.iream and about lh miles north ul
- iraubrook. This farm has neighbors on both sides and is only fi
miles, from General Store, Post Office, School and Railway Siding.
■Jb acres are under cultivation. 200
aires can be Irrigated hy putting in
a ditch at soiall cost. House and
stable un the property. Water right
bas been obtained out of Cherry
Creek fnr 100 Inches, whieh is sufii*
cient to irrigate liun acres uf land,
['rice $2000, and terms can he arranged.
on the Kootenay Itiver, consisting of
285 acres, partly open and ready for
plough ami partly covered with poplar aud willow. The land is rich
and would iiiiikr a great hay producer, sub-irrigation is good, 7 miles
from Store, School ami Post Office.
30 acres bench land, about 200 feet
higher than lbe bottom land. Abundance nf water fur all purposes. District is scaled np all round. Price
115.00 per acre.     lash or on  terms.
8. minkh kaiiai, containing j;.j
acres,   nl tun tod   on    tho   Kootenay
liner, ai t half wav between Citui-
hrooft and Windermere. A surveyed
route of He Kootenay-Cenlral flail-
wnj traverses 'be propertj. Oood
wagon mad to the property, S acres
mull r cultivation. ion acres or
meadow land. nti acres of bench
hind. All Ibe land can he irrigated
bv putting in a three mile ditch, but
there is plentv ol water fur all purposes obtainable from springs on
the land. Price, SlO.tW per aere.
bay, and with a little clearing thu
Terms, $1000 cash and the balance
spread ovel  a period nf two years.
0. IKRIGAHI-I. FARM containing
320 acres alt fenced, situated about
one mile from the Kootenay River,
and about 0 miles from General
Sl..re. Posl Office, School and Railwav Siding, The route of th.' Koo-
lenafl Central Railway runs through
lite property, whieh consists of beautiful bench land, tbe whole, of which
can be irrigated, for which purpose a
ditch has already been put in on the
properly. It is all fenced and there
arr plenty of buildings on the prop
erty. 100 acrm under cultivation
to acres under crop.     Price is $5000.,
in. HOTEL PltOPERTN fur sale, Igan Lake. A guod view of the Lake
situated In rich mining country of j ami surrounding country can be ob-
qunrli and hydraulic gold, ll miles.tained from this property. This is
from Crnnbrook, 10 miles trom j exceedingly choice, and cau be pur-
Rallwaj Siding.     Hotel has 10 bed-'chased fur $4000, by a payment    ol
rooms,   store   i n,   kitchen, dining $2000 cash,   balance   to     ho spread
ml bar.     156  uver a period o| four years, with inland   also goes with    t-his  terest at 7 per cent.
and all hotel furnishings as I
»t present aro included In- '-«• MiXE0 FAHM- consisting uf
320 acres, of which 10 aeres are under cultivation, and there are 50
acres besides this ready for tbe
plough. The property is situated
south of Fort Steele, on tlw; Kootenay River, and is beautifully sheltered,   with a Western   aspect.     There
  _, M.niuii. '*s a commodious dwelling house     ol
fivo rooms, also stable for six burses,
chicken house, mot house, and other
buildings. The bench land is ex-
eediugly adapted for fruit growing,
nd the balance of the property,
whieh is from thirty to forty feet
ubove ihe river, would grow fall
wheal, or any oilier produce to perfection. The Crows Nest Pass Railway is aboul two miles distant, on
thc opposite side of the River. This
s a delightful spot, and the price is
room,    pail
acres of
it staiulfi
I lie price. The land Is very valuable
for fruit growing, as the locality is
particular!} adapted to ihis purpose.
Price (300(1, payable MOtHi cash, lhe
halonCu in three equal annual payments ai s pel cent Interest, Arrangements can bi' made to rent  ibis
ll    ii,
oved land, plenty
three miles west
Is a good proposi-
TUU  acre*, of  ill)imp
oi cordwood on   it,
ot this eity,   This
lion   i<>   subdivide
Railway Station within half u mile
and iiolghboiing land lias proved it-
self most attractive for all kinds of
Iruit aud vegetables. Title is perfect. There is a tine spring of water
on ilu- properly, and the price Is
only $5,00 per acre cash. II terms
were needed the price would have to
he raised to $0.00,
Road  belw
und about
This is tin
I.     I
on the Government
Creston and Port Hill,
miles from tlie former.
iii and the climate   is
ce $125.00 per acre.
consisting of 5
business portion
Pi ice $300.00 per
icres, liglit in the
of the townsite.
11. CRESTON FRUIT LAND consisting of 30 acres, tine mill* north
nf Crestihi. 7 acres are cleared,
ready for breaking and balance easily
cleared. Pien ty of good running
water on the property. Price $125.00
jper acre.
acres within half a mile of the town.
Priee $75.00 per acre.
CRESTON FRUIT LAND adjoining the Townsite, containing 10
acres.   Price $150.00 pur acre.
near Jaflray, one and a half miles
from Post Ollice and Store, consisting of 825 acres. 80 acres in hay,
balance slightly limbered, all saw-
logs sold. Buildings consist of a
cottage and a stable. There is a
big spring of water on the property
also a running stream. Price $12.00
per acre.
2U7 acres oi line upland, three miles
front town, School and Post Office,
l.'i miles irom Cranbrook, 5 acres
under crop, Railway running
through the properly, one-quarter of
a mile from Railway Station. 110
.etes fenced. Would make a line
dairy farm. Half of Ihe land is
ready for the plough, will grow cx-
iclleni (all wheat, fruit ami other
produce. Farms all round, Half of
the land is cleared, other halt scattered over with pine slumps, most
suitable for lire wood, and easily
cleared, Price $15,011 per acre, one
third cash, balance oil time. House
and barn on lbe properly.
lit. I MA1PROVED LAND, situated between Fori Steele and Windermere, consisting of 251 acres. 80
aires bottom '.and. 100 acres bench
land. The bottom lam) is ideal for
entire area can be made Iray-produc-
ihit- The bench land is ideally situated for fruit growing, being in what
is known as lhe fruit belt of this
district, which is lhe first main bench
above the Kootenay Itiver. A ditch
three miles long will Irrigate all this
bench lam] ami plenty of water can
be obtained from a mountain stream
which flows through the property.
Trice $1500 ami terms can he arranged if necessary,
This Is the dividing line between
South and North East Kootenay,
and at Ibis point the Kootenav aud
Columbia Valley is very narrow.
Here is a farm of 211 acres with 12
acres under cultivation, half ot the
property being fenced. There are
several buildings on the property, all
of which nre new. The house and
stable cost $1500, and Ihere is also
a hay barn nnd other outbuildings.
Water is obtained from a creek of
fresh water running through thc prop-
ertv. This property can he obtained
for' M0OO.
consisting nf lfl acres, of whieh 0
acres is planted In apples, peaches,
•te. This is situated in the peach
ritish Columbia, ami II
west     side of   Okana-
MARYSVILLE is situated a 100 acre
properly, with about. 5 acres under
cultivation, and good buildings.
Plenty of water from creeks running
1 brough the property. The Railway
runs to Marysville aud produce from
this property cau easily be marketed
from Cranhrook.
.1 AFFRAY, consisting of 010 ucres
partly timbered, timber must lie removed within two years. This property is situated near a beautiful
trout stream, and about two miles
frnm Railway Station. Water can
be obtained from a spring situated
on the property. This would make
an excellent ranch for raising stock,
as it is situated in the center ot
very liifgi' rangy. Price is $10.00 per
acre, and ordinary terms would be
ncres of unimproved land, 00 acres
callable of being cultivated. A creek
runs through the property, whieh will
supply water for domestic purposes.
There is a railwav station one mile
distant, and three miles will bring
yon into a town where there is
School, Store, Post Ofliee, etc.
Neighborhood scitled up. Price $1000.
miles from Fort Steele, where is
Srhonl and Post Office, containing
500 acres, with 100 acres under cultivation. Thc trunk road
passes thtough the property. Well
supplied with water trom spring.
Buildings consist of a house and
stables, chicken houses, etc., and 2
big hay sheds. Title clear. This
is one of the most up-to-date farms
in this district, and is very well
adapted fnr fruit growing. Price
$10,000.     Cash or on terms.
Mayook. Railway Siding on the
property. Fine soil. Water.
$10.00 per acre. Halt cash, balance
to be. ngrted upon.
(■ etc. This is
district of Hn
lies   un   the
28.   ON  KOOTENAY RIVER, near
Wardner, ;fO0 acre farm, partly under
cultivation. Oood buildings, Price,
!-:2n,oo per nerc.
consisting of 10;-M acres, principally
bottom land. Will grow at present
I mi Ions of hay. A bcautlfdl stream
traverses the property. There is
plenty of range for 1000 head of
stuck around Ihis property, free and
wilh plenty of water. The route ol
the Kootenay Central Railway runs
through the property.
31, SMALL FARMS of 5 acres or
larger ns desired, some having irrigation syslems iu connection witli
them. AH situate from three-quarters of a mile to two miles from
Cranbruok. Excellent for fruit growing and dairying. Prices varying
frum $50.00 to $150.00 per acre.
Should il be necessary to telegraph
please refer to the numher on this
list, aud we will understand which
property you refer to.
For further information regarding
auy of the above and other properties, Farms and Land in British Columbia, apply to
Cranbrook, B.C.
Fur sumc tlmo tbe wain canal ot
the irrigation system intended to irrigate the subdivisions of lot Jill-,
just south oi Lbe town, bas been
slowly but surely progressing, lt is
now practically linished, with tbe
exception ot Lbe upper antl lower connections ot Lbe Hume, which can only
be conveniently made alter the frost
is our ol the ground. Tbe owners
tnteud eventually to put in laterals
lo convey this water to cacb suit-
division as these arc required. A
general scheme for these has been decided upon aud some at least wtll be
iu working order this coming spring.
Thc intake is at Lhe itoliiitsuu-
.McKeazie mill dam, aud from this
point the water is carried by a tluuie
which has been In course of construction for .several months, for a distance of IVtiu feet through lbe small
canyon iu St. Joseph's creek Lo
where il connects with lbe earth
dlLcb on lhu bench above. The lirsl
four hundred feet ts on tlie cast side
and eleven feel are on lhu west
side, Mie ravine being crossed on a
trestle lllll feet long and almost _f>
feel above ibe creek, Tbo louuilu-
lioit of the Hume consists of bents of
short, round limbers, peeled and placed ai intervals of twelve feel, the
posts of which rest tut substantial
blocks lirmly bedded. Along the top
ol these bents extend uvo lines of
siriugcrs, each twenty-lour feet long,
aud faced on the top. Hosting on
these at intervals of every lour feel
are Lbe yokes lo which is nailid ihe
Ilunie lining or box. The bottom oi
tills consists of four six-inch plunks,
two inches thick with slip tongue
joints entirely preventing loakagc,
lbe sides made of li inch boards.
Provision is made for adding to the
dcpili of the lltiine by another tior of
li inch boards, if it is desired at any
time itt tbe future to increase ils
capacity. The grade is 3-ltitbs of a
tool in otic hundred feel and thc estimated carrying capacity as now
constructed is six cubic feet per inch,
or 214 miners inches. The additional six inch board would iucrcasc
ibis to aboul ttlu miners inches. This
would be convenient iu case it
should be desired to bring other
lands under tbe ditch in the future.
One thousand acres could be irrigated in this way. All trees above the
line of the Hume whose full migbi
threaten tho safety of the structure,
bave been removed and the toolings
of some of the bents have been protected against landslides by crib-
work. Provision will also be made
for escapes.
The earth ditch, which has a grade
of one-tenth of a fool in IIIU feet,
extends from the cud of the Iluino for
a distance of about three-quarters of
u mile before lot 31112 is reached
und front tbis point through tbe
property is nearly a mile in length.
Tlic carrying capacity ol this ditch
as constructed is about six cubic
feet per section. Thc velocity will
be stow, about one and one-third feet
per section. Though a velocity oi
two anil throe-quarters leet per section would have been quite safe in
tbis soil, which is of a compact and
Impervious character, this would have
requited a grade greater than advisable, iu order to get as much
ground as possible under the canal,
The speed will be advantageous,
however, in warming the water, and
in view of these facts and the additional reason that two reservoirs lie
above the intake, it is expected that
there will be no danger of tlie chilling ciTect on vegetation, which sometimes arises from thc application ol
cold spring water.
lt is the intention to construct
laterals from this ditch to serve each
subdivision of Ave acres as required.
Some of these will be put in this
outing summer. Owing to tbe sloping nature of the ground and the
rectangular system of subdivision,
small wooden boxes or Humes will be
pul in to lead the water down along
the lot lines without causing erosion.
The upper ends ol each ol these laterals, eight in number, will have a
headgatc box set in the bank of thc
canal with measuring weir and headgatc tor regulating the How. Along
the line ot each ot these laterals
and at the upper end ot each suit-
division will be placed a measuring
box, with a little gate lor giving
tbe individual irrigator his proportional quantity of water. In this
way no water will be wasted, each
mail will get his proper supply and
erosion will be prevented.
Thc method of applying thc water
to the land will naturally be what is
known as the furrow method, whicli
is most used for orchards and car-
dens. Deep furrows arc ploughed
between the trees or rows of vegetables ou such a grade as will conduct tbe waler without washing the
soil. Tbe waler is turned into the
upper end ot say hall a dozen or
more nt a time. The grade is such
Ihat tbe water moves slowly along
percolating downwards, and laterally
into thc ground as it proceeds, and
by the time it reaches the end ol the
furrow, tbe ground bus boon suili-
elcntly dn- it is cultivated, leaving a
tin loose top soil, which prevents
evaporation from beneath.
The How nf water into the lurrnws
is hest obtained by wooden boxes
funning across their beads, In whicli
nre bored holes nt intervals, corresponding lo the width ot the fur
rows, and which can lie opened or
plugged as required. These boxes
when laid down a slope should be
either stopped or have riffles in the
bottom li> prevent too rapid it velocity and ensure delivery of water
thioitrcli tlie boles. For extensive cultivation on a small patch of ground
the expense of such arrangements is
comparatively small and the efficiency obtained pays many times fnr the
extra trouble.
The nearness to town and the increasing interest in the subject of
irrigation for this vallev. wilt no
doubt lead a great manv to visit
this system during the coming season.
J. O. Cummings.
Or to their Agent
In London,   Eng-
1.1 Oreat   St. Helen's.
London,   E.I-'., England.
I have disposed of my interest In
the firm of Sacco 4 Mirabelli to
Provenjano llrothers and Sacco, who
will continue the business end collect all accounts from this date.
T. Mlrabelli.
Dated this 3rd day of March.
11)09. 50-St-
• i. I
. I, I
• ll I
. I, I
<>< I
11' I
<l, I
• ••>
■ I,i
ui i
. i, ,
i H i
,,• '
• HI
,,' •
• HI
• HI
. i, ,
• '• I
***** ■■,**********•************
Why Does
Business Grow ?
^ HOSE not familiar with
the facts might well ask
the question, as it has
been a query to many people how
a weekly paper in a comparatively
small town in the mountains
could do as much business as the
HERALD does.
But thc answer is easy.
The HERALD has always endeavored to give the people the
worth of their money, and a little
more if passible. It has published
at great expense an eight page
paper when other publishers in
the Province were content to publish only four pages and ask the
same price that is charged for the
The HERALD has never hesitated at expense to give the people
the news.
For these reasons the HERALD
leads in circulation.
The HERALD has one of the
best equipped job offices in all of
Western Canada, and employs
only artists in the typographical
line. That is why it does such a
large amount of JOB WORK,
and receives orders from Alberta
to Nelson.
HERALD "delivers the goods."
This is evidenced by the crowded
condition of the HERALD'S
columns, where Ads. are printed
from Vancouver to Halifax.
It is easy to see why the
HERALD'S business continues
to grow.
When you want the best of
work, or to advertise in a medium
that covers the field, or read a
paper that gives the news all the
time, see us. We can please you.
The Herald Publishing
Co., Limit
************************** *******
__.___..__*.,.__ t***..*.***********.**** *   -
rffffffffff *4 1*11 K   rilAMIUOOK   UKHAl.li
HKAIi OFFtCB. Toronto
b. s. waiker, pr-stdeut I Paid tio Capital, $10,000,000
-iexandes laisd,General Man«~*r j Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in lite United Stales and England
COUNTRY BUSINESS ,Cv7 ■••■•;.%/■■■-••-•' <° p"«« ***
others for thv tntiisnttion or their
banking business,    Sales notes will lie cashed or taken for collection.
BANKING GY HAIL Aec ■■" "'•'>'lv "^ '-' mail "nd
DMliniKU Ul   I..mil     _,0ll-e8 iiop-wllcU or witliilruwa in this
wny with equal fticility. m
H. I'. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook Branch
>j-s--n-* s«>w>j>js»v«s»>»s_v_-~-r>n*jr>« — m *M\\>**e*>n\f.iM-s--N-r>i-N--s--N-'NaNa~.
=S^» Si.-"-'
News of the District
! Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned irom Newspapers J
ri. v^r^.^»^_v»vi^^v-r-jv-ts--v-r_ivs«>»s**N*r.»s***^'*-»N&-sf.^y ^ ^ .--■v*>;-r."*v»--4fN-
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Our   _5C.   Merchants'    Lunch X
Is What  lhu Merchants Gat ♦
II ilv CHARCOAL BROll.lil) between Calgnty uml tlie Const _
Wti aro always open lo suggestions ♦
P. BURNS <& CO., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
PHONE NO. io P.  0.  BOX  *    {
| P. WOODS  -S CO. j
(From our Special Correspondent.)
At the general meeting i'i thv executive -md general lire relief coxti-
initlci'S, beid in the provincial court
house last Friday night, the report
ol Auditor HcUermld, ol Nelson,
uiu. Imd been employed I j Lhe executive committee tu audit die books
and accounts ot tho relicl [uml, was
read lo tho lull committee. Belore
leading lho report the executive si.a*
cd that as soon as tho auditor hud
reported to them they bad notified
ihe chief oi police that .i shortage
ha I heen (Uncovered in the accounts
.md I. pleated hini in issue a warrant
for tin (iiii.ii «.£ ll. (i. Lockhart. The
report states that a shurtagc ol
jmiU.OO vvas discovered In the
counts, which had occurred in tlie
month ul August, during the tlm
that Lockhart had charge of then
Two ulher discrepancies, one of li\
hundred dollars and one ol one hundred dollars had been discovered, hut
it might bo possible to account fur
theso through error in crediting thc
amounts to tlie wrung accounts. A.
1. Fisher, of the firm of Lawe -.V
Kislier, was present, representing Mr.
Lockhart, and made a very effective
plea for a stay ni nroetedtngs until
his client could be present to meet
the general committee. He stated
that he had received a wire from Mr.
Lockhart, staving that he was on the
road to Fernie and would reach here
in a few davs. In ilie meantime Mr.
Fisher offered to furnish acceptable
security for the amount of lhe alleged shortage of the relief fund, so
that tbo funds would be properly
safeguarded until the matter eould
he thoroughly examined. The proposition was discussed at some length
and a general disposition was manifested to grant as much of the request as was possible iu thu ease,
but Mayor Herchmer gave it as his
opinion tliat no security, excepting a
ash deposit to thc credit of the fund
fottld lie accepted, and tiie committee
voted that if Mr. Fisher would put
up $15110 in the bank the next dav
the chief of police could be Instructed
to allow Mr. Lockhart to come to
Fernie without legal process. It is
stated that the arrangement could
not he curried out and that Lockhart
is on the way to Fernie in charge of
an officer.
» -
(From our own correspondent)
Mt. Hassle, ol tho
pent lost Wednesday
•it business.
'.P.It. camp,
n Cranbrook
No intuit" order too email and no wholesale order tm> big lo receive    *
prompt mul cnivful attention. *
PHONE   NO.    ^7      X
V.   O    BOX    154       ♦
I   Armstrong Ave.
Means Protection *
If you do not carry Insurance,
A Milliliter ui liain and Chatham Second-hand Logging
X Trucks. Jusl the lliing for lie Contractors lo boy.
|   lor particulars apply to
The East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Cranbrook, B.C.
I A. C.  Bowness
Wholesale Dealer in
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
-f   Wo  iwommond   P.  Duwbou's  SCOTCH WHISKIES ub
tho boat.   Anil Mulcher'« HEI) CKOSS (IIN.
All other choice brands kept iu Btock.
AGENT   FOR   T.   LABELLE   4   CO.
Tocloir for sto.ktnkin^, wo will reduce the prices on Oats to
S.di.tW; Timothy. $3H.O0; Wheat, $M.0l>.    Strictly spot cash.
.Judge Wilson held a session of the
oimty court here on Mondav, when
ic rendered his decision in tlie case
if thc Crown vs. Shcppard, charged
| with obtaining money under [also
pretences, acquitting him of the
charge. Tho action wns broueht on
account of some sales made of lots in
the town of Lcthhridgo to parties in
j Fernie, thc purchasers claiming intent to defraud.
In the case ol Gilles, charged with
stealing $22.00 from a Miss Brown,
a resident   ot      the   aristocratic su-
I burns of our nearest neighbor un the
ftulch, the crown failed a-aln In make
| a clear case of theft and lhe man was
dismissed and the   lady in   thc   case
1 still misses the money.
The case of Mm in from Michel,
\ who was up for Illegal intimidation
i ia the case ot some carpenters who
i wero sent up from here bv contractors Dlehy tS Waldie to work on the
,Trues.Wood store building In thc
new town ol Miehel. The man was
fmmd guilty ami allowed to go on
suspended sentence.
i Oeorgc Card, who was arrested
las) week on a charge of indecent assault upon a little Kirl has not, as
yet, had his preliminary examination, being remanded in tlie meau-
1 time.
' Mr. Win. Walker, ol the firm ol Mc-
! Ilardie & McDennld, accountants,
ol Kelson, is in town auditing the
books of the J, H. Reid Co.
Tlie San Francisco Opera company
plnvcd to full houses here last Fridav and Saturdav nights. They
proved to be the best eompanv that
lias visited Fernie ia a long time
The scales committee of the U. M.
W, ol A. havo been examining the
conditions at the Coal Creek and
Michel mines during the week, and
will report at the adjourned meeting
with the operators committee at
Maclood on the Kith inst.
.1. A. McDonald, late secretarv ol
the r. Mi W. of A. and now nu in-
depoiidont candidate tor member    of
| llie Alberta legislature for the new
Puss district, was in town Tuesday.
Johnny has lots ot friends here  who
| would be:     ' in t in   his race    if
thev eould throw a ballot across the
summit of tlie Itockies, lint the I'entle
lnee.e that usually floats softly
through thc Pass, it is feared would
waft it on to Turkey or somo other
place where they would not know
what to do with it.
The irrand old bull elk that    has
been lhe wonder and delight    ol the
llosmer   people tor    some time, has
succumbed to the Inevitable and missed in his cheeks.    Ills new environments were ton snowy and too barren (d food,   with too much ol fashionable life, and tho fastness ol    thc
lite was too much for lhe simplicity
of his nature nnd he gave it up. The t
body has been sent to Victoria to be
ununified and stood up iu a corner to
bo gazed at by the  curious.    There I
ate others of the hand coming   down I
oft' the hills and there is said to he a
store or two of   these starved creatures in that vielnltv that are liable
to   share     the   fate   of their noble .
ehief. i
Mr. and Mis. I.owcy entertained on
Monday evening last in honor ol their
..,, ighti i  Mamie,     Dancing was   the
hiel amusement. All report bavmg
Imd a very pleasant time
Mr. Smith and Mr. W. C. U. Coy
were in 1'Yinie this week.
Mr. K. Sparham, brother of Mrs.
Samuel Rogers, of this place, who
has resided in Vancouver for the pasl
couple of vears, calh-d on friend: n
town Hi,*, week.
\ii Brownlee, representing the
Great West Saddlery Co., ot Calgary, Alta., was in town Thursday.
Mr, and Mrs. H. H, Bohart, accompanied by Mrs. Inglis, spent
Thtlrsdny last in Cranbrook,
O. W. Donahoe spent Thursday
last iu Craubrook with friends.
Mr. und Mrs. S, C, Smith and
baby spent Monday last in Cranhrook on business.
Mrs. (leo. Custer spent last Wednesday in Klko on business.
Mrs. Otto Wisner visited friends in
Cianbrook on Friday last.
Miss I Ia/.el Mathers, of Fort
Steele, spent the week end with her
friend, Miss Hazel Hohart.
Miss (irnndull, of Fort Steele, was
a guest at the ball in the opera
house on Friday evening last.
Mr. O'Neill, representing the Ityan
Shoe company, was in town this
week on business.
.Mrs. S. A. Inglis, who has been a
guest at the Wardner hotel for the
past three weeks, left on Saturday
last   tti  spend a short   lime    with
iriends iu . I affray.
Mr. and Mrs. Bohart were In Fernie ou Saturday on business.
Mr. Black, representing prairie city
oil, was in town this week ou business,
The carpenters who have been en-!
gaged at the new C.P.R. bridge ■
here, have completed their part of
the   work and   left for   Fort Steele]
Mr. .Mm Kye, of   (Irand Forks, B.
., who has been visiting in town
for the past week, left on Sunday
morning last for Orand Forks.
We are pleased tti report that the
Maiming family, who were so seriously ill a week ago, are now very
much improved.
The bachelors, of Wardner, gave
another very enjoyable assembly in
tbe opera house on Friday evening
last. Several guests were present
Irom other towns and all were very
h    delighted    with the evening's
glided "i"i the eastboiind Flyer
idy tii'S returned ftom a
.it ui Spokane. Speaking
boring Industry, he says
dominatiug feeling ol op-
vuli ni, and he has noticed
els ihal all llie lumber
i dealers au* hopeful of a
demand     in  the coming
During lhe past winter Creston has
i ono ol I be few "alive" towns of
♦ We have put in ;» battery of Self-Measuring
♦ Oil Tanks, aud solicit your coal oil biiBiness.
|j.   D.   McBRlDE \
■> ♦
•: •• a-**; »->->*+ .♦A*•-.-•>.>■>-*.« ♦-_«•»*♦+-»♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Intending pun hasi r i of town lots
sin lid hear in n Ind that the real rs-
'..'    mi ii ai'-     waiting for April to
llll lease lhe prices.
, ii.i
responsible lot
.Mar Isi tana.
•HeraW," L'tau-
******** ****** ****** ** **********************
*     '
* Pumping ctipncity up to l.u 0.0 0
(From the Moyie Leader.)
Harry While, customs collector at
L'lanbrook, was in town Thursday.
Bruce Attwood and wife, of Creston, were in Moyie on u visit during
the week.
.Alike Moran, of Moyie, who has
been employed in construction work
the new'tunnel at Field, met with
a bad accident tbis week in which he
ad a let; broken and an arm crush
(I. Mr. Moran Is in the hospital at
S. G. Blaylock, superintendent ot
the St. KuRcne mine, returned yesterday from his trip to Eastern
As soon ns the lumber can he
procured Calder Bros, will commence
the putting up nf a building on the
Frobus lot north of the International hotel. The buildiim will he
18x2-1 nnd will be occupii-d by Tom
Summers as a store. Calder Bros,
making good probress on the
new residence, which Donald Peddie
is having built on his lot on North
rawsuuk street.
(From the Creston Review.)
Buildings are going up nil over the
Timothvitis is now a fashionable
malady with the ladits of Creston.
Three* sacks full of the antedote arrived from thc Katon factory at
Winnipeg one dny last week.
lJ-:       ^m_______________________mm
iir: The '(.'bain Prayer."
is been repeatedly held up to
from Catholic puipiis has
repappeared and is circulated
in the city, A well-moaning person
Lo whom Uiat prayer was scut, ia
ilie innn oi a imdiy written letter,
which denotes iu ils writer a deep
ignorance of English orthography,
asked me for advice in the matter,
nml i tiavu tbuiiuhl to ask you to
kindly allow me the use of your columns io express au opinion thai
might bu oi iuLcrcst to a certain
part of ilie general public, Here is
ilie letter:
"heat Friend: The folluwinj; was
"given mc by a friend aud 1 thought
"you wuuul like the same. Will
"yuu kindly copy out this prayer
"ami scud it to nine of yum* friends
"and see what will happen,
"The Chair Prayer:—Oh, Lord, we
"implore 'line ha\e mercy tm all
"mankind. Keep us from sin by the
"precious blood and take us wilh
"Thee through all Eternity, Amen.
"Ii is said that all who write this
"prayer commencing iu the da- re-
"cclvcd will un the ninth dav receive
"some great joy. lt in said that
"all who do not will meet wilh some
"great misfortune, lt is said ln
".Jerusalem at the Holy Feast that
"all who write this prayer would be
"delivered from ull calamities. OO
"Malic a wish as you write. It was
"given mi: and I have chosen ■»! as
'one of my friends.
"From Friend to Friend.
"Do not sign name."
Nuw, .sir, on tbe face of it, this
nt is a manifest fraud; and
, nut for the _tupenduous crcd-
I some people who make uo
•if neglecting lbe New Tcsta-
prnyers, such ns lbe "Lord's
to lake up willi anv nctt
i prayer to which a definite
• is said (without any prool)
attached, it would not be
Ui noticing. Tliere is nothin:-
vvrong iu llie twentv-soven wolds uf
the piayer itself. What is wrong i.
Die threat of misfortune to those
who do not copy and send uul iv
prayer, and the promise of great joy
to ihosu who do it.
Nowhere has Almighty Ood promised temporal blessings, or threatened u mporal punishments to the
p; act u*e ur neglect uf any special
form of prayer.
une is requested nut to sign his
name. Obviously enough, no sane
person would make himsell icsnun-
stblo foi such a silly document. U
is sent "From Friend to Friend."
How considerate on the part'of the
Now, sir, as a matter of fact 1 am
personally acquainted with a gentleman, whoso mind became so upset
at lhe receipt of such a letter thai
he bad nu peace until he had liuished
writing it and sent il an nine eon-
seeutivc days to nine different persons. 'I lus "Friend" would therefore do wi 11 to use a little consideration and not send such a letter to
any one of his "Friends." Some
wuuld rather not receive it. And as
for an*, gentleman, be is hiill waiting
for the coming of that great joy that
was promised, and likely lie Will be
obliged to wait as yet for another
while. Un lbe other" band 1 know
that no calamity lias befallen those
who gave that letter the treatment
it deserves and unmercifully destroyed it.
requested not to break   the
On the contrary, please
it;   burn any      such  non-
leIters.      The   threat will
vanish with the sm^kc thereof.
"Make a wish as you write-" Hcal-
lv, a person is to be pitied that is
SO ignorant or so stupid as to be deceived by this specimen ol spmioiis
pj.-ty. But should any one writo at
all, by all means lot him make a
wish,'that fur instance, of getting an
ounre of Rood "horse sense," then
let him wait to "see wli.it will happen." He may consider l.iniMMf iu
Luck if i.e pets it.
Thanking you In advance tor   youi
consideration in publisl ng   lirse   ob
I am, dear sir, sincerely ymrs,
Father L. Choincl,
♦ D0J-LE A,;t;'! RAMS,   PiJMPS WATift
t bv wura pow.h
I H.    Y.   PARKER
_ 1'iiiiii ik. II. t'.
* *£'   ~\ ;\ ■  ^.,
* .--***.1 **?*r
X ^:--
1 Canadian Hotel 1
(•$ One of thc pioneer hotels of Cran- Q
J3 brook.   Warm room.*, good meals J2
gj and a bar stocked with the best £3
m &
u t       m.
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
do   brca
:Bt?K tti annouuee that they ;
for C mtmcts. U, r_r** or small.
X ft'-lo, tind iioihiii* but rir.it-.
♦ for vmir building, and oufiip i
J town.
»    P.O. Bos203
now opsn to give estimates •
.il our quotations are reason- j
is wi rk.     Let us quote you *
our prices with all others in ♦
_______________ ♦
* New and Strictly First-Class Telephone 2086     *
* American Plan, $2.50 per day np *
Chas. Hartsev. Proprietor.
Cor. Seymour and Cordova Sts.   .. n    /•
o,„,o8.,.c.r.R. station     Vancouver, B. C.
X     New Ma
Unproved in Every Way
* Cranbrook,   U. C.
Z Our Motto : " The Best is None Too Good."
'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••♦♦♦♦•.♦• ***
'i'n   run tlirouph a tort une a tcllow
mist lie pretty rapid.
Cap. Carrutlicrs   lias severed
.inflection with Lena & l.eiser,
liis >
who i
In  i'n
man ii
mutter ol hot air many
hent his own furnace.
have Rone into voluntary liquidation, i ...Ij™  n
Mr. I'nrrtitlicrs is in Hum looklpo at-   '"""'
ter his Interests ln his Duck Creek
I fruit lands that arc now cm the mar
may   luoadcn a   man,   hut
n slay   at   home   and get
Read The Herald
Take notice that I, II. Steward,
will tint, lie responsible tor any dehts
nf mv late partner, A. Orenler, who
hns lett the partnership without nolice. I stntll continue the business iu
my own name.
I"-.'U H. Steward.
All. f'ottcrlll has been removed to
the t•rnnhronk hospital. He has been
BilHerliiK trom an acute attack ot
pleurisy, The last reports arc thnt
lie is ninklliK process tn recovery.
Even the man who borrows trouhlol
is npt tn kick if he get more than '
be bargained for.
The things Ihal ma
contented nre not wh
nlint ho wants.
Manitoba Hotel
Cap, Carrutlicrs, the drummer with     Slander loves a shining mark.
**## ¥¥>*wwwwwwwww^lhrwwwww4w
Headquarters for
Tlie Munltobnin centrally lorato-l nn-1 Iuip *mno( the bent dlningroomfl
in tlm city,   Tliti bur la supplied wiili the Iteatof Liquors aod Cigflre
Remarkable   for
Walch *_ir
flavor. The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
A. C. Nelson visited Nelson todaj
K. II IVaison. ot JalTiiiv, wflS in
i.'wii vcsterday.
Mis T P I'nven will not receive
a-ia in mi,nl further announcement.
flour, feed, hay ami mill stuffs.-
i 'ranhrook Trading Co.
I), Urueki'iiridBe, ul Wardner, was
in Oranbrook this ivcek,
I) i    firifllth, Hif king u!    Wild
Ili'i •>!■. was in town yesterdaj
John Urecki-nridge, of Oalpary, was
in tin- flu yesterday.
rn I.K'l — v. three roomed cottage
\*.jiti watei in bouse near school
l se.     Item  $11.00     T. Sprats.
.lames Kit-oil, ol Fcmie, was a
('ranhrook visitor yesterday.
It. II. nohart, t.i Wardner, wns in
iho eity yesterday.
Mis. .1. .1.    Wat , i.l CalKiirv   is
.isihiiii lu-i Kim, Thomas Walton, of
this city.
W, A l-r.i/r. C.P.H. superinteml-
1'iii's accountant, whs nil Mie sick
list  this week,
Mrs. S. Tayloi and children have
Koiie hi Arnpilor, Ont., for a visit i.f
ihree months,
by the dav. Address Sophie Phei-
fer, care Herald, 47
■> \ Hi-nli- visited Movie today
in connection with tin.- business of
bis firm.
It. I.. Stephens, the well known
proprleliii <*i tin- (jucens hotel, Cat-
Kary, was in ihe city yesterday,
C'OTTAOM TO KENT near school
iii.iisc. Five dollars per month. Address T. Sprn^ffs. 51
i< T. Itogers is improving the
show wlntlows nf bis hoot and shoe
Ui. liinl.liv, secretary of the Koo-
triia\ Invesl iiit'ni eompanv, visited
Uanlmr  yesterday.
I'"i the lirsl time since the city
incorporated the Canadian Pacific
land department will not appeal
against Hieh assessment.
WANTED—Employment from 2 to
."■ daily; would take charge of young
baby. Applv P.P.O., en re Iler-
,.ld. * 50-tf
Une of Uie strain shovels lias been
seni to Sirdar in charge of M. McCarthy. The work in hand is tlie
(Ming of i hi' Sirdar bridge.
Mrs. Mallandaine, ol Creston, has
lii-i-n spending a few days with her
sister, ths. .1, K Irvine, at Fernie.
We can please vou in enamel ware.
Culm: in mid look us over.—Patmore
Many Oummlngs, H.C.I-.S., was
in the city yesterday from Waldo.
Mr. Oummlngs is an old-timer in this
districl and has many friends here.
Oram! concert and dance at Auditorium on Wednesday, March 17th.
Iiou't forget it.
■ I. ii Cummings, B.C.L.S., has
gol ten oui a new map of Kasl Koo-
lenaj showing all land locations. Mr.
Cummings bas presented a copy to
Iho Herald office.
Special sale at half price on rub-
l.cr sponges, while they last.—Cranbronk Drue & Hook Co., Limited.
renl on Fcuwick avenue. Stable,
ben run ami garden. Waler and electric light. Applv to fl. McGoldrle,
Cranbrook. B.C. Bl-l!
modern conveniences, near center of
city. Applv F.. care of the Herald. 47.
Tbe lU-bekuh lodge will not give
theD ball on the date first named on
account of the evangelistic meetings
at the Auditorium. Further an-
nouiicemenl  will he made later.
Grand concert and dance nl Auditorium on Wednesday, March tTtb.
Don't forgel it.
It is reported in town that the
Kev. Westman Buffered a slHrt stroke
ol paralysis at Vancouver a few days
since, bill thnt be ii improving iu
health now. Mr. Weslman was pastor ol the Uetliodlsl ebureli here tor
Mime lime.
TO KKNT-Furnislied house tor
Hirec months, Address T., can'
Herald. 51
While in the Windermere .oicii .
Ur.     Miiilaiidaine   visited     Samuel
HieHel,   Who   was   well   CIIOUKll    to   In'
able lo piny crlhhage. Mr. Brewer
is just ns   full of jokes and old-time
-.iui lis as ever.
TO KENT—A large, comfortably
furnished room. Applv tn S. Macdonald,   \rrnstrong avenue,       -is-tf
II, 0 Hamilton, chief clerk in the
land department of the C.P.R. at
Calgary, is mi the city today conferring with E, Mallandaine and V.
Ihilr Baker in the matter ot C.P.R.
lands and lots.
FOR SAI-K-A fine, rich-toned
nolincello. Applv Hoi 308, Cranhiook, B.C. 48
C.P.R, Timber Cruisers Bates, St.
Clair and llewetson have been making some minor explorations in ihe
Windermere countrv during the last
Iwo weeks, Chief Timber Cruiser
Mallandaine went to Windermere this
week to verify their work and bring
them hack.
thoroughbred Brown Leghorns, imported stock. E. II. Slater, Cranhrook. B.C. 49-4t.
Fred Dumont. the mayor of Kings-
Kate, was in the city today. Mr.
Dumont says that the boundary citv
is growing rapidly and that tonight
a dance is lieing given which will he
a huge success. An orchestra from
Spoknne has been secured which will
be supplemented 'hv ihe Kingshate
local hand.
J Improved curtain stretchers. Our
prices will decide vmi.—patmore
!    A   II se  head   was  sel/Cd  bv      the
authorities yesterday that had been
shot north oi Prince Albert aud
. shipped for Spokane. An unmount-
jed head is not exportable, The head
was turned ovci to Mitchell and Garrett io he mounted and it is a
phenomenal one. The spread from
poini to point is 55 inches, the palm
iv 1 i inches, the hand is ll1. inches
and the head carries SO points.
I WANTED—GeberaI servant; a good
cook if possible \pply .1. Brownlee 51-11
I March 1 Ith.
|   The Rim    S   Cook, ol  Michel, will
- preach    missionary sermons morning
'and evening,     Mr   Cook has    spent
several years in evangelical work  in
Kngland in ihe largo centres, and fur
the lasi u.i! has had charge of   our
work iu  Michel,    when* his successful
efforts have     been much appreciated.
\i  thc close of    the evening servico
there will    be an united sonc service
in Hie Meihodlsl     ehurch to prepare
fm    ilu     coming    revival meetings.
Bring youi   hooks, if you have     not
nlread)  purchased one do so at once,
as there are only n tow left,      See
lbe    organist    of    the Presbyterian
.church, Mi   Stevens, be has    charge
oi  ihem.
Tuesday—Epworth Leagud missionary service at a o'clock.
1 Friday—Choir practice at S o'clock.
Cottage meetings for prayer and
preparation for tho revival campnicn
nre itr+w being arranged. These will
he beid in various parts of the city,
Orenl interest is being evidenced in
the i'nii-ii<« campaign ami ibe promoters are looking tor a wave of spiritual awakening   nil through llie Koo-
- line of the largest gatherings ever
held in the Gym greeted the literary
ilepaiinieni of Uie Kpworlb League
,on Tuesdav nighl lasi on the occasion of (lu-ii presentation of the
Wooing of Portia, from the Merchant
of V cniee. The stage was very
[prettily arranged, the shields of the
roval bouses, and the arms of Portia
were specially designed and painted
hj Mr, Ryckman in a very clever
manner. All those taking purl ac-
(plltted themselves well, and the
whole recital consisting of many
hundreds nf lines went through without the slightest hesitation. Portia,
Miss Connolly, looked well in her
while robes and golden girdles, while
her iady-lu-waitlng, Nerissa, Mrs. I.
Manning, wore a charming black velvet costume which suited her
splendidly. Thc Prince ot Morocco,
Miss Bon im. v ne, al tended bv four
dusky pages, was suitably attired in
In sweeping red robe with turban to
match, and was proceeded bv a
swnrtbv standard hearer. The effect
of these colorings added much to the
beauty of the scene, Messrs. .1.
Burgovnc, 11 Uk-ksrm, F. Orvderman
and II. Hiekeiibothnm attended the
Prince of Morocco. Tlie Prince of
Arrngon, Mr. II. S. Garrett, wore a
tream cape relieved bv a blue border,
and was attended hv a swordsman,
Mr. Mum. in a neat uniform. Bas-
sanio, Mr. -I. F, Broughton, aspired
[to the dress of the period verv elev-
erlv, ami caused much amusement.
Gralinno, nt lace ruffle, Mr. F. Sis-
1 sons, made love lo Nerissa quietly,
as the recital went on, and Mr. F.
Al. Christian, who looked the part of
a Servitor, wore a red coat trimmed
, witb lace. Mis, s. W. Ryckman
'presided a! ilie organ, and mmilfers
I were rendered bv Mr, Stevens, Miss
.Prest, Mr. Morion, and Miss Flnnis.
[The pastor took thc chair, and a
.good collection wns taken for    mis-
\n united meeting will he held
in llie Presbyterian ehurch on Sundav afternoon in the interest of the
lliblc Society, when F. Milford
Junes, tbe secretarv from Vancouver,
will give au address upon the work
Ihat is being done under this
Match   IUI).
Services -aill he held as usual
morning and evening at 11 a.m. aud
7.;lli p.m.     All are welcome.
Communion service will he held on
Siimbn evening, March 28th.
CONCMRT-SOC1 \L       HV       KNOX
im si. Patrick's Eve, Tuesdav,
March llllh, The members of Knox
Girls Club are lo have a concert and
social in Ibe Presbyterian school
room at 8 n't lock. This is lbe girls
lirst appearance as entertainers and
hostesses, hul judging by their enthusiastic preparation ii will be enjoyable ami Interesting,      lt is     to
1 nrnesth   hoped the praiseworthy
ambition <■( the girls will be appreciated        The  ohieel   of the eilter-
tnlnment Is in provide money to
liliv materials whicli the girls intend
to make up Into fancy and useful articles lo be disposed oi at a ba/aar
in ihe autumn. The entrance fee is
Iwenfv-flve cents for adults and lif-
leeu cents foi children  ler thirteen, Tickets mav be bad from
Ihe members of the club ami at the
iloor. Come and celebrate st, 1-nt-
rlck ami encourage the girls.
0. (I, Main. Pastor.
Morning-ll a.m.
Sabbath School—3 p.m.
Fvenlng—IM p.m. Subject: "The
Great (juesiion,"
Musi,   by the choir.
Duel—Miss  Fiuniss ami  Mr.   Ander-
The   Baraca and   Philathca classes
icet al '1 p.m. All voung people are
heartily Invited.
Vt iMi Pape avenue, Toronto, Out.,
• >n February Kith, Thomas Christian,
ol Cranhrook, B.C.. to Miss Florence
Gill-art. voungest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. .1. 0. Gilbarl, of Toronto,
the Rov. Samuel W. Fallis performing lhe ceremony. The happv coupe
sailed for the Old Countn from New
York ou the Mauritania on the -_fth.
(in their return Mr, 'ml Mis. Christian will reside in Cranhrook.
, ,i,
Spring Styles in Hats
Look on the hat rack in the club room or in the
hotel, and you'll always find
The "Stetson"   or "Henry
Carter" Hats
Wc handle them because they meet every occasion,
for dress or for outing- and they are the correct hat
every time.
First impressions count.   That's why men of
judgment wear these hats.
Just received- One thousand Pairs of the famous
"INVICTUS" SHOES. See next week's Ad.
for particulars.
!' »
► t
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»
ii t
i tt .
A, C. Uowness and Airs. Bowness
returned last week from their trip
to California. In speaking of the
trip Mr. Uowness expressed himself
us delighted with it. He visited San
Francisco, which, he says, is recovering slowly from the earthquake and
fire, Casedcna, Los Angeles and other
Important points. While in California Mr. Bowness n>f>de extensive mir-
cbases of wines. ''I eiijo.-ed the trip
thoroughly," said Mr. Bowness, "but
1 am glad lo be back iu Cranhrook."
The following programme of music
will be rendered by the Cranbrook
CRj hand on Wednesday evening next
{Si. Patrick's Day). Atter the
conceit tlie ball will be cleared, when
a big dance will he given. Everyone
purchasing a tieket for thc concert
is entitled to remain and enjoy themselves ai tlie danee. The programme:
Quick Step fa) "March the 17th"...
 T. V. Short
Intermezzo (b) "Ivanhoe" 	
  Van Alstym-
([rami Selection   of "Irish Airs"...
  Edward Beyer
Synopsis:    "Come   Back to Erin,"
"Kathleen     Mavoiirneen,"      "Tarn's
Hall." "Cruls Keen Lawn," "Killar-
uey," etc.
Violin    Solo    Fantasia   on   "Irish
Airs"   W. .1. Birteh
Mrs. li.  Kidd.
Vocal Solo "Father O'Flynn"
Mr. If. E. Stephens
Processional March ''Romaine"
Wall/  Be    Concert  "Enchantment"
  Ernest Alberta
Intermission    Five Minutes.
March ... (a) "Tipperary" ... Fulton
Characteristic ( b) "Southern Realities"   C. I,. .Johnson
Vocal Solo "Come   Back to Erin"
Mrs. W. .1. DeBock.
Selection of .  "Popular  Airs"
.   .,           Rodewalt   I.ampe
Synopsis: "Hang Out ihe Front
Door Kev " "There Never was a
Oil! Like You," "Pride ot the
Prairie," "Sweetheart Days" "I'm
Afraid to go Home in the Dark," etc.
Fantasia nn "We   Won't Oo Home
Till Moininn"    fas if might have
Synnpsls:   Introduction  (a)  As a
Spanish Walt/; lb! As a Gavottr;
(c)   \s a Polka, fill   \s a Gfllop;
icl   \s  il   is   Often  Heard   \boiit
1 o'clock in lhe moiniii-.
Cod Save tbe King.
Accompanists—Mrs, W. .1. IVBeck.
Mrs.  II. Kidd   Mr. .1. S. Peek.
Conductor— Finiici-. E. Corrison.
Take notice Ihat I, Harry Hamilton MeVittie, of Cranhrook, B.C.,
occupation, Agent, acting agent for
Louise Mav Aikens, of Cranhrook, B.
C, occupation, Married Woman, intend lo apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for
permission to purchase the following
described land iu East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about four ehains south ot the
south-west corner of Lot 1 ".•)«, Oroup
1, East Kootenay, thenee west sixty
(Uiu chains, more or less, to the enst
boundarv of Pre-empt ion Record No.
HUT, tbence north 1" chains, more or
less, lo Ihe St. Mary's River, thenee
following the said river down
stream to a point due north of the
point of commencement thenee soulh
twi-niv-five chains, more or less, to
the nlaee <d commencement, containing ItflO acres, more or less.
II, II. MeVittie, Agent for
Louise Mav Aikins.
Billed Ihis ,'ith dav ot March, A. D.
1000. fil-flt
Retiommemleil by tin. bout
medical authorities.
Wholesale Wine Moichanl
17 PHONE 17
t'HONK in
Dairy authorities the world overAgree
thai tlie centrifugal separator it* in-
dicpfiicalde to the man who owns milk
eown. And why'.' -Simply becaim* it
waved hi* cream, hence his money. The
more cream caved, the more money,
linn'!- sure, Hut unfortunately, many
(-separator!* do not pave all the cream.
Am) worn* still the higgeftt of claim a
are made for (bent* machines. Such
separator* nte like a thief at. night or
the pickpocket who with an innocent
face rubs onr elbow ami then rohe us of
our wallet. Became of inferior and out*
of--late howl const nici ion, these sepflrn-
tora- unknown to the users of ihem,
daily lose a hig percentage of the
It if easy to be deceived inlo buy ing a "pickpocket'' (separator,
but it is just as eapy to avoid buying one if we will but take the
advice of those whom we know are eiperieueed separator
judges. IW)_ percent, of nil expert croauicrv-men, Puller manufacturers and real separator authorities living to-day use RK
LAVAL separators exclusively, for they have learned by experience thnt the DK LAVAL Is the only separator that uill save
all the cream all the time under all conditions. And tlio reason
for this fact is plain. It is found iu the improved patent protected DK LAVAL "A'pha-Dise" separating Utwl. It is different from anv other Wwl and its peculiar construction is the
secret of DE LAVAL clean skimming. Ask forour illustrated
catalog which explains the DK LAVAL bowl in detail as well
as many other interesting features.
IV,     MoKEE   I.KAVINd    FOB
,1, IV, McKce, ol tlic liniirilul
bank, Im.s been transferred I" tho
Wlsnii branch. While ovorjono i*
gltiil in nee "Muffnii'" pel promotion
lliey nre all sorry to see hlm leaving
Crnnbrook, wliere he has made *
t nl friends. Mr. MeKee leaves
for bis new post on Sunday. Mis
lilnee will be taken hy J, II. I.eade,
from tlie Nelson hrancb.
Dull Razors
aie not our game.   If you
want a nap come to ibe
white barber shop foi a
The Lean «w\ Kat Tonsorial
If yon don'l want a good
shave, don't come
Kor a reliable Local Salesman representing Canada's Oldest ami
(in-iHeit Nurseries in I'ranhiook
aud adjoining country.
The popularity of onr stock,
which is grown oil limestone soil,
milking our trees ami bushes hardier ami lotigor<|tved than Coast
grown stock, is acknowledged by
experienced (mil growers.
We make a specially of growing
stock for Iti it ish Col uiu bin, and
ship in carload to (hat Province
A |ierinanent situation lo right
man.   with   good   territory  reserved.
Pay weekly; free outfit-
Write for particulars.
Fonlhill Nurseries
(lli-i'iiscil by R,G.Oovt-riiiiK-tit)
Kaslo wants a $25,000 government
appointed by the provincial government have so far voted $5,000 towards tbe project.
P.O. BOX 33
A Fair Judge
Of WALL PAPER would not be overruled I'.vn IdmlK-r court If Iip tleei-l-'d Hint
iihdieil tiy It. H. Short and Iii* t-.Kll.LKJ)
AUTISAN8 were tho bent obinimibli-
fur anywhere near the pricp, hoth lnhor
mul material lieintr conaldered. The
patterns we ilif-plny ami our lust-* tn
fombinltiir rnlui'i* nml our "sticking"
ability will ht-ar comparison.
The Painter and Decorator
II you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
jj; The Cosmopolitan Isj
---fr iiiiiii iii 1111 ■! iiiii
Wlii'ii in ilnulit no to the Cos.,
whort' yon enn got the licst of
11H 1111111111111 III 11111 H 111 j|H 11 IH 11
I'.ii ill.' Knri ll,n-,l
llii-Tif   (imwn   nnd Tlinr-
i.tn-lily ToRtal
1 Illl'n-i-eOntnlnjninHiw
M.   J.- HENRY
nolo iVfHtminuter Itmid
Viiim'imj v«-r
Ask youriitiocnK for it,
■       MENT ACENCY      *
Mi'l, emploVflfl Inr llll kill.If nl l >
* ..ink.   \Vo sol jolt corrospotHlflii	
[ wiili tn ill operators ami otlior ]'
oi lie* Industries. ''
Waldo, B. C.
I'AHL ST. JOHN, Proprietor
Souilf-east Kootenay'a Great
Summer Renort
Just the place to spend a tew
ilaya' vacation
Bar Htockeil with the heat
Hilling service flrst-clasa
Comfortable Rooms


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