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Cranbrook Herald Mar 2, 1923

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Apr. Mils
the Cranbrook herald
G.W.V.A. Annual Masquerade Dance March 16th
Good Show by
Local Ladies
Itebekali Lotipe Makes Hit: Hit
Willi Performance ut Auditorium
Ono of thu brightest local laleiit
IMirforminiccs, and unique In that lt
was very largely pul on by ladles, was
the concert, in tho Auditorium Tuesday evening, it was staged by the
members of the Maple Leaf Rebokah
Lodge! ami nol being exactly lu lhe
naturo of u nubile function, tho big
crowd present proved iho popularity
of tho performance und its auspioos.
Much of the dotull lu conuoctolu
with   tho   Btage arrangemontB   bud
been lu the cupuhlo liauils of W. S.
Johnston, to whom a good deal of credit for the success of the performance
Is duo, and lie was ably backed up by
other members of tho lodge, Including Mrs. W. Wolfer, Mrs. W. M. Put-
ton and others, whose original work
showed up In tho verses made up for
some uf the choruses. The natty costumes had just the right degree of the
bizarre to them to enhance the singing, and the result was an encore
to almost every number, nnd requests
to repeat the performance In the
future. Mr. Prank Woods, at the
piano, did good work as tlie accompanist, adding not a little to the success
of the evening.
The chorus opened the program
with a song containing some amusing allusions to some ot Its members,
and closed with a clever adaptation,
"The Maple Leaf Rebekahs," in which
a large maple leaf emblem was surmounted by arms forming the well -
known three links. They also supplied the chorus for the darky trio,
Mrs. Pantllng, Mrs. Dalztel and Miss
Lewis, who sang "Gin, Gin, Ginny
Shore." and had to respond with Borne
more. The soloists of the evening
were Mrs. McCallum, Mlsa E. Miller,
Miss Grace Higglns and Miss Ethel
Clapp, who nil did well, Miss Higglns
adding a happy touch to her solo by
some clever dancing. Mrs. A. Pant-
ling qavo an Impersonation of Vesta
Til ley with a comic song, which pro-
Ted one of the cleverest on the program. A little matter of "Eleven
■Hollars" was the cause of an amusing dialogue between Messrs. Johnston and Doodson, which was also very well put on.
The second part of the program
consisted cf a farce in one act, "A
Pretty Kettle of Fish," in which many
ludicrous Munitions were caused by
trying to conceal past mnrrlnges and
relationships, and mistaking Identities, There was endless fun in Ihe
entanglements of Mike Dooley and his
grown-up daughter, and Mrs. Dooley
and her grown up son. Mary and
Thomas, of the household; and in the
predicaments of Ikoy Levi, tho obliging friend who kindly undertakes to
untangle things, but pets very badly
entangled himself. The ncting was
very Rood, and there was no more
doubt ns to the success of this part of
iho program than of the first pari.
Those participating in tho farce
were: Ikey Levi (an obliging man) 0.
Sinclair; Mike Dooley, it. Leonard;
Mrs. Dooley, Mrs. W. Wolfer; Thomas
(tho butler) \V. S. Johnston; Mary (a
maid) Mrs 11, Drown; Honorn,
I Mike's daughter)     Miss Clapp;  Pat
Mason (Mrs. Dooley's son) F. Doodson; Tim Donovan, (Mary's guardian), A. Burch; Ofllcer McManun (a
poUoeman) u. Buroh,
Following the entertainment a very successful dance was held, at
which (he floor was so well occupied
that there was no room for any more,
and there were as many more spocta
tors RobtnJOn'l Orchestra provided the music, and Introduced some
now numbers to good effect. Refreshments wero served about midnight, which was no light undertaking
In view  of (be crowd in attendance.
It Iioh nol yot been announced what
arrangements have been made for u
repeat performance, If this Is lo be
Mrs. Thos. Units Succumbs Vol
lowing Effects of Stroke
Two Months Ago
A losing battle tu regain health und
strength camo to an end on Munduy
of this week, when Mrs. Esther Dates,
wlfo of Thomas Dates, customs collector of Kingsgate, paused away at tbe
St. Eugene Hospital. She suffered a
stroke on the 14th of December, und
wus never ablo to rally from lis effects. On tho linli of January she
was brought to the hospital, aud In
spito of overy ministration that could
ho done for her, she gradually sunk,
till the end came ou Monday. The
cause of death was heart trouble, arising as a complication from the effects of the stroke she suffered, lt had
been seen that her condition was becoming critical last week-end, and Mr.
Dates was summoned to return to the
city at that time, und also Mr. nnd
Mrs. It. P. Johnson, the latter a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bates.
Born In England, the late Mrs. Bates was lu her 48th year. She bad
resided in the district since 1907,
when tbe family came from Burnley,
England. They lived first at Moyie
for a time, later removing to Kings-
gate. In addition to the bereaved
husband and daughter here, there is
another son still at Burnley, England,
and her mother, brother and sister,
and other relatives also survive in the
Old Land. She had a number of warm
friends In this city and district, who
held her In real esteem, and who
speak of her passing in terms of sincere regret.
The funeral took place on Thursday
afternoon, Rev. F. V. Herrison. rector of Christ Church, conducting the
services. Soon after two o'clock the
cortege left the church for the Anglican cemetery, where interment was
made. The pall bearers were Messrs. Wm. Nell, L. P. Jecks, Ed. Rat-
cliffe, J. Fennessey, O'Hearn and R.
Griffin. There were many flowers
In evidence of sympathy and esteem,
from the following: Family, pillow;
Mr. and Mrs. Reg. Johnson, wreath;
Friends from Kingsgate. heart; Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Smith, wreath; Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Fink and family, spray;
Friends from Bastpoft, star; Mr. and
Mrs. Wells, spray; Mr. and Mrs. Lin-
nell, spray; Mr. and Mrs. D. Wilson,
spray; Mr. and Mrs. A. Mueller and
family, wreath; Mrs. Ben Bartholomew and Mrs. J. Reekie, spray; Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. Steward, spray: Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Selby, spray; Mr. and Mrs. G.
Warren. Yahk, wreath; Mr. and Mrs.
Flewelfing, spray: Mr. and Mrs. J.
Fennessey. spray: Anna. Irving, Em*
il, Elwood, Katharine and Myrtle
Sims, sprny; Mr. and Mrs. H. E.
Jecks and family, spray; Mr. and Mrs,
D. A. Burton, spray.
Mr. Thomas Bates anil family wish
to thank (he sisters and nurses of the
St. Kugene Hospital, ami all friends
In Cranbrook and Kingsgate for their
kindness and sympathy during the ill
nosB (inm! death of Mrs. Bates.
M. A. Biale and It. J. Huffman took
In the hookey grimes Ol Nelson tills
week. Mr. Deals stales that lhe boys
tire" deserving Ol great credit for tbe
game I hoy put up.
Tbe monthly meeting will he held
In the G.W.V.A. Hull as usual, on
Tuesday next, March 60).
MouibcrH are again reminded that
this Is tho date Mrs. (Dr.) Miles has
kindly consented to be present. Each
one, therefore. Is requested lo nltend
and bring a friend to share In the Interest nnd enjoyment of the after
noon's proceedings.
Tho programme will also contain
musical selections. No dellufie steps
were taken nt the last session re.
the continuing of millinery classes,
(he number of would-be entrants not
being sufficient lo wnrrunt the average nltendnuce ncrcssary.
To give any absentees n chance of
Joining It is purposed to doul with this
again at above date in Ibo hope Hint
tho number muy be raised, so as to
resume business at once, as an efficient Instructress can be secured as
On Sunday evening tbe congregation
of Knox Presbyterian Church listened
to a most Interesting address from
Miss E. Mitchell, Held secretary for
the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church.
Miss Mitchell stated she felt that the
work was one of tbe whole church,
and while the work of the women
wus meeting with wonderful success
still there was much to be done, and
they were eager to get women to help.
The Society needed more support.
There were girls who had graduated
and were willing to take up foreign
work, but there were no funds to Bend
Miss Mitchell cited some very Interesting incidents In connection with
the work of the missionaries In various parts of the home and foreign
field. Mention was made of the good
being done by the teaching of the
Bible to new settlers. There the Bill, c was taught while, In the public
schools of to-day no Bible Instruction
wns given. It was also a pitiable
thing that so little Instruction was
given In the homes, Miss Mitchell
Under the title of "Tha Clef Club"
a new musical organization has been
formed in the city. The membership
is limited to twelve, and they will
present concert programs to the public from time to time, along the lines
of the two which have been given on
recent Sunday evenings at the Star
Theatre. W. A. Burton is the president ot the club, F. O. Novak the musical director and J. K. Chorlton secretary-treasurer. Rehearsals are taking place now for the next concert
to be given at the Star Theatre on a
week night later on In the month.
Commissioner S|inulillii|f (Jives
Address on  Tourist  l'ros<
peels For The Year
Speakers Optimistic As To Outlook For The Coming Year
In This District
A special meeting of the council as
committee to consider the matter
of the salaries paid to city employees
aud th.' scope of the various offices
was held on Thursday evening in the
council chamber.
The councilors were all furnished
with a report on each civic employee,
giving his salary and duties. The
case of each employee was taken up,
and every one thoroughly considered.
One noticeable feature of the investigation was the fact that the efficiency
of none of the employees was ever in
question. The only debateable point
was whether a reduction in the re-
muneration paid for the service ren-
Wlth an attendance approximately
double that of last year the twelfth
annual meeting of the Cranbrook
Board of Trade held at the City Hall
on Monday night was a marked sue
ress. Not alone on account of the
number present was the attendance
satisfactory, but also on account of
the varied Interests represented.
After the reading of the minutes of
the last annual meeting, which were
duly confirmed, the president, Mr. J.
P. Fink, In a few well chosen words
expressed pleasure In seeing such a
representative attendance, Including
ihe Mayor and representatives of the
City Council, annd particularly Mr.
J. F. Spauldlng, Commissioner for the
Southern Alberta and B.C. Tourist
Association, tbe activities of which
had meant a good deal for the welfare
of Cranbrook and vicinity.
The president in bis report, which
Is published herewith, expressed his
appreciation of the co-operation of
the various members of the executive,
also of the good work and assistance
of Mr. W. M. Harris, the former secretary, and of Mr. P. A. Small, the
present secretary of the Board.
After reviewing the activities of the
Board and the various results for the
year, he said he thought they could
look forward to the future with much
confidence, having passed through tbe
periods of adjustment and readjust-
l better and more settled conditions.
Mr. P. Small then read his report
as secretary-treasurer, which was adopted as read.
DisCUSS Salaries Paid and DO",ment. and being now on the climb to
ties Covered hy Civic
A meeting was held on Monday ev-
eniugof this week at the home of the
Misses Drummoud, when preliminary
arrangements were made to hold the
iiniiual hospital benefit dance in ;tid
oC the hospital, on Buster Monday,
This is an annual event which has
always been known as one of the big
(VOper'itlou of Parents Urged
To Make Students' Work
More  I'mlitnlile
Junior Matriculation
Annie Chalmers 82J, Nora Brander
77. Hazel Limbocker 72, Donald Mor*
dances of the year, and now that an|r,80n li**'5' Vivian Kummer ti".;}, Olive
energetic crew of young ladles are Simpson 65.3, Gertrude Hopkins 64.6,
again nt work ou it. It Is safe to pre-J Advanced Junior
diet that success will crown their of-1    Dorothy   l.eask  S0.19,  Nora   Hume
forts. 78.31), Geneva Puffer 7:1.89. Wlnnitred
Miss  Delia Druinmond was named Burdett 72.79. Hester Thompson 72.49,
us the convenor ot the general com- Delia Baxter 70.89. Alex, Nlsbet 86.69,
mittee, nnd Miss White as tbe secretary-treasurer,     The ticket and advertising committee consists of Miss
White, convenor. Miss H. Trembatb,
Miss V. Wolfe, Miss D. Kershaw, Miss
M. Terrace, Miss J. Carlyle. The refreshment committee Is Miss Baxter,
convenor, and MIbb M. Martin, Mlsa L.
Armstrong, Miss P. Drummond, Mrs.
Schell. The decoration committee is
Mlsa D. Mackay, convenor, Miss D.
GreaveB, Miss II. DeCew, Miss King,
Miss Symes, Mrs. Gulmont, Miss R.
Stanton. Tho program committee Is
MIbb Delia Greaves and Miss Prances
Drummond. The next meeting Is to
be held on Monday evening, March 5,
at the homo of Miss White.
The funeral took place on Sunday
afternoon last of the nine weeks old
son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Harblnson,
who died last Prlday morning from
pneumonia. Rev. E. W. MacKay conducted the services, and the funeral
was of a private nature.
Flowers were In evidence from the
following: Family, spray; Mr. and
Mrs. Malcolm Horle, spray; City
Transfer, spray; Mr. and Mrs. Percy
Graham, spray; P. Burns & Co. staff,
Tbo hockey boys returned from Nelson  today,  and   while they  did  not
bring   back   tbe   McBrlde  cup,   they
have done credit to Cranbrook In put-
>*EW TOURIST i'XMV BITE ltmB l,1> two B00C' clean ^ames, only
" Mr. Beale, as chairman of the ape- beta* beaten by Nel80n's won^rful
cial committee that had been appoint-!<iefence- Tne NelBOn News 8flVs:
ed to go into the matter of a new "Oanbrook put up a wonderful ex-
camp site, reported that several pro-
Jumes  Logan  .""•-#.*•
Preliminary Junior A
Margaret Johnson 8-1.9, Hector Linnet! 83.7, Doris Haynes 88.1, Murray
McFarlane 80.1, Henry Godderis 79.2.
Esther Challender 79, Joe Brogan
74.9.   Grace   Baker  74.4.   Jean   Flett
74.1, Marguerite Godderls 78.8, Marion Henderson 71.1, Mildred Burdett
71, Marlon Atchison 70.8, Gilbert Blumenauer 61.4.
Preliminary Junior
Arthur Shankland 82.4. Ituth Soder-
bolm 81.8,  Sandy Pascuszo SI.  Eva
Weston   77.1,   Chester   Roberts   76.8,
Norman   Parker   72.3,   Trilby   Rebel
71.2, Amy Williams 70.6, Olive Ryde
07.9, Hubert Nelly 66.7. Edward White
66.6, Nfssle McRobb 65.3, Ernest South
64.2, Daisy Whittaker 33.3, Lilian £',
Hlof 61.3.
Second Year Commercial
Reg.   Parrett   70.4.   Gordon   Armstrong 60.4.
During this month the 1st aud 2nd
year Commercial Classes wrote off
the final examinations in filing under
a course supplied by the Office Specialty Company. The following stu-
dentsmaklng over 7." per cent, qualified for certificates:—-
Amy Stlgant, 1st year  95' fa
Annie Johnson, 2nd year ... 94'c
Reg. Parrett, 2nd year   SlrV
Mack Klrkland. 2nd year ... 79*. V
Gordon Armstrong, 2nd year "6'i-
Florence Bradley. 1st year.. 75^
The names of those who were successful  in  passing in all subjects  in
the  February  examinations   are  announced.
The first year classes again show a
very satisfactory record, while the
number of passes in the second year
Is also encouraging. In both 'he first
and second years, the number of successful pupils would undoubtedly have
been greater if the epidemic of bad
colds had not caused so many to be
posed locations had been inspected.
1.—-The location across Fenwlck Avenue from the new park Bite was con-
MUtton, and up to the last nine rain- absent ",lrlne ™>m™«°" "»«.
The Third Year and Commema! re
ntes It was anybody's game. The entire second period was the visitors',
their  combination   work and  rushes
sidered   unfavorable   on   account   of j »"•"<*'»" tne •"'*" Nelson IMm o"
dampness.    2.—The location at tbeilne'r 'eet"
head of Lumsden Avenue, which had
been acquired by the School Board.
3.—The block owned by the C.P.B.
across from the Mounted Police barracks, practically the only desirable
location in many respects, waB close
dered should be made. All of course to electric light annd water, was fair-
were not of the same opinion on thejly level, and with a little improving
cases considered, several lively tilts could be made an excellent natural
between  the aldermen  adding  spice
to tho proceedings. On the whole the
meeting was worth while, as It gave
the aldermen an opportunity of knowing something ot the cost of carrying
on the city affairs.
The list ot salaries Is given below.
In regard to the number of men in the
Electrical Department, It was pointed
out that they did other work, and
wero kept constantly employed, the
Idea being that the city would be In a
position to avail themselves of their
services In the event of the necessity
of starting up the old steam plant
again. After the completion of the
Power Company's auxiliary plant at
Klko the danger of a shut down
would he removed, when the matter
of the reduction of the staff could be
considered. In the discussion the
wnges paid by the city of Fernie were
died hy Alderman Ilronsdon, who had
personal letters from the mayors of
Penile and Nelson on the subject.
In regard tn the clly clerk's duties
it was decided to add to them the duties of secretary to the School Board,
hut for the same salary.
camping site.
In connection with the amount of
land that would be required, It was
considered that four lots with the
street at the front and the lane at the
rear would be a greater area than the
old camp site. An estimated value of
1400 was placed on these lots, but It
was considered that a lease might be
obtainable. Mr. W. R. Orubbe asked
about the road leading to the site, and
it was thought that the place would
be easily found by the use of signs.
On motion of Messrs. Orubbe and MacPherson the matter was left In the
hands of the Incoming executive.
The matter of the election of officers was deferred In order that all
present might have an opportunity of
hearing Mr. J. F. Spauldlng, who had
come down from Fernie to be present,
reporting on the activities of the Tourist Association, and to offer suggestions and advice If desirable.
< ommihsionkk Hr.tri.niMi
Mr. Spauldlng thanked the chairman for the courtesy extended to him
nnd claimed that It was a privilege
In regard to the city office it was to address  the Board of Trade of
suggested that  arrangements might Cranbrook.
(Formerly the Good Eats Cafe)
On Siiliinlii)', March 3rd the Zenith Cafe will
open for business.  This will be a Strictly First Class
Cafe.  The premises have been thoroughly renovated,
and there arc special tables for Ladies.
Corner of Baker and Van Home Streets
be made whereby the office could be
open during the noon hour to accommodate those who only had that time
to transact business there. Mr. Roberts thought that this could be easily
Tho report submitted to the aldermen showed the following salaries
City Clerk: T. M. Roberts; 1200 per
month. City clerk, treasurer, pay
master, assessor and collector.
Assistant to City Clerk: $100 per
month. In charge of water, light,
and tax rolls.
Superintendent of Electric Light and
Power, also Water Works Superintendent: R. 0. Eakin. Mr. Eakln'a
salary lor tho cosaWnad positions It
Mr. Spauldlng then gave a brief
outline of the Tourist Association
since Its inception, and the results
achieved. The parents of the Association were the Boards of Trade of
Cranbrook and Fernie. In 1918 and
1919 a few hundred pamphlets were
Issued. In 1920 through n co-operative campaign of the Associated
Boards of Trade of South Eastern B.C.
a thirty page descriptive and beautifully illustrated booklet was prepared
and 10,000 distributed In the United
Stutes and Canada. In 1921 the Tour-
Ibb Association of South Eastern B.C.
and Sout horn Alberta wns formed,
comprising Lethbrldge, Cardston, Pernio* Cranbrook. Windermere, Nelson,
Dr. Huffman, the Cranbrook manager, stated that be considered that
the best team had won, and that Nelson's defence was tbe bent in iima-i
teur hockey to-day." i
Nelson won both games, tbe first by
a score of 4 to 1, the second by 4 to
2. The team representing Cranbrook
were T. Hogarth, A. Batchelor, T. and
H. Blumenauer, Dr. Huffman, B. Huff
man, E. Hogarth and H. Bridges.
21th MAY
Arrangements for the 24th May are
under way. This is going to be a
banner year and no effort will be
spared to make it the beat yet. You
baseball enthusiasts get busy and organize, as there will be prizes worth
going after this year.
mm .
The G.W.V.A.   la   to  organize  a
concert party, and those veterans who'
are Interested are asked to Bend In
their names to the secretary or Btew-:
ard, G.W.V.A., Immediately.
suits are still most unsatisfactory.
In the Matriculation Division seven
only out of twenty-four who wrote the
examinations have made a complete
pass. With the end of the term less
than four months away, the maximum
of effort is required from all pupils.
In order to obtain the desired results
the parents, pupil-* and teachers must
all work In close harmony. Each has
a duty to perform, and one must help
the other.
Parents, if you wish your children
i to accomplish a profitable year's work.
I It Is your duty to see that your boy
[or girl studies at least one and a half
hours a night.   Some need more, but
jnone can do with less. This Ih necessary in order that the work taught in
the claBs room may be properly assimilated. Do it now—not a month or
two weeks before the final examinations.      W. C. WILSON.  Principal
Coming Events
Friday and Saturday, March 2 and 3
Symphony Concert ut Star Theatn
at 8 p.m.   Also "The Eternal Flume
the issue of a forty page booklet, |
15,000 of these being distributed all
over the American continent In 1922.
The result of this advertising has
beer; an ever Increasing tourist travel from all parts of the continent.
In 1922 Nelson withdrew from the
Association, Joining in with an association of cltlea in West Kootenay and
the State of Washington, believing this
move to be in their Interests. To offset the loss of Nelson, Blalrmore, Calgary and other places have come In.
Recognizing the great value of the
work of tbe Association, (be C.P.R.,
the Provincial  and  Federal  Govern-j —
ments have all assisted financially.     I Wednesday  and  Thursday,   March
Mr. Spauldlng laid special Btress on     nnd 8: "Back Home and Broke"
the fuel that sums or money collected     tho Star.
from sources outside the Association' •**
Shows Firm Footing
of Organization
President and Secretary of the
Hoard of Trade Present
Annual Reports
During the past year tourteeu executive meetings have been held, and I
wish to express my appreciation of
the excellent attendance of the members of the executive ami the cheerful
manner they carried out the work allotted to them.
i also wish to iiuuik Mr, Small for
the good work and assistance rendered during the year, and I would like
:o Include Mr. Harris who carried on
until the appointment of Mr, Snail.
During the year's routine many
luestions were dealt with, umt l regret that we have not more evidence
of ihe work done. We did obtain some
results, and much more can be accomplished this year by closely following
up the start already made. 1 think
ac ditl accomplish some good anil we
an justly claim some credit for the
mprovemeuts made throughout tho
At the beginning of tlu* year we
were very much handicapped by the
resignation of Mr. Harris, whose services were invaluable], and It was
tome time before we were fortunate
d securing the services of Mr. Small,
ind now he is resigning to accept tbe
osition of Government Agent.
Right here I wish to congratulate
lie Government of the Province on
ts selection of Mr. Small, because I
m sure that If courtesy, efficiency
.nd hard work count for anything,
'ranbrook will have the best office In
lie Province.
Tbe question of irrigation has been
Kfore the Board for a long time, with
io result excepting a partial survey
>t St Mary's Prairie. One reason for
his Is. I fear, too many people view
ids as an expenditure that will serve
0 increase taxes rather than an ln-
estment or loan thai will be very
irodtable and will be repaid. I think
be Board should give this special at-
I enrion this yct-r and try to get a good
• ubstantlal start made, because In
ime we win have to depend more
ipou the land than we have in the
This Board endorsed a resolution
ire.-ented by the Rod and Gun Club,
taking that & fish hatchery be located
n the Cranbrook district. I trust
he Rod and Gun Club will not let this
lie, as It is an important thing for
the district. I am sure they can
.-o'jnt on the assistance of tbis
We had a half page advertisement
n a special edition of the Lethbridge
Herald, In which we featured our
akes, streams and scenery, and be*
■ lev* we had some good results from
Mr. R. E. Beattie acted as our rep-
resentatlve at the Canadian Good
Roads Convention held at the Coast
last June. Arrangements bad been
made to entertain a number of the
delegates here on their return trip,
but at the last minute decided not to
return this way.
On June 28th thla Board bad the
pleasure of entertaining qufte a number of the members of the B. C. Dairymen's Association, who were returning from the Windermere, where their
annual meeting was held. There were
i number of excellent apeakers, some
of whom were well posted on Irrigation problems, so that much good Information waa obtained.
On the evening of September 5th
we had the pleasure of entertaining
'our old friend and townsman Hon. Dr.
King, Dominion Minister of Public
Works. We very much enjoyed the
visit and am quite sure he did.
Mr. F. Gulmont acted as our repre-
srntatlve on a special delegation appointed by the Tourist Association to
wait on the Provincial Government to
urge the necessity of early attention
and completion of the new main road
...    ,      from  Wasa  to Sheep  Creek.    Much
Symphony OOOOMI ut B ar Theatre        .        ...»       ..   „ ,
.."_ _     .._- «ml. ,, , bh .- (*'00'1 resulted from Mr. Gulmont s trip
and we appreciate hln work and willingness to help ua out.
The question of an ore testing plant
tor B.C. was discussed, and a resolution was forwarded to Hon. Dr. King
urging the consideration of Cran-
brook's claims.   In his reply Dr. King
and "The Blacksmith."
Monday, March 5: Annual meeting ol
Cranbrook Golf Club, City Hall at
8 p.m.
Monday and Tuesday, March •'■ and 0:
'The Man From Glengarry" at The
Star Theatre.
promised his support to the Interior,
preferably Cranbrook. This should be
[followed up.
This Board has been much concern-
JM with better passenger service for
Kimberley.    We have made some eu-
(Continued on Pag» 6>
last year paid  ull the overhead ex- Thursday, March 8: Annual meeting —	
pensoB, Including the Commissioner's|    Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club, City Saturday, March 17: Tea by Ladles'
Trail, Grand Porks, Pincher Creak, I members of the Association this year
MtoLaod and Banff.   This allowed a*1 (OmttoMd •■ faff* l»|
salary With the exception of J1"»0. andi    Hall at 8 p.m.
that   this   year   the  money  Obtained —
from outside sources will more than,Friday and Saturday, March u nnd 10:
cover all overhead expenses nud leave!    "Dr. Jack" al The Star Theatre,
a balance.   In other words every cent mm
of the subscriptions from the different J Friday, March  16:   G.W.V.A.  aula dance at  Audit-
Guild of St. Mary's Church.
Monday and Tuesday, March 19 and
20: Boy Scout Benefit nt Star Theatre, by local talent.
Monday, April 2: Ranter Monday Ball
.   at Auditorial, In aid of Hospital. PAGE   TWO
Friday, March 8, l»-'!l
hours, there Is certainly
[a   n   very  prectous  tiling,
should not be neglected It si
complains-   o(   hendnolies.    Tl
chances aro Ihey ere caused
tjetectlvo eyesight. Wo <■»" r*
edy nil such troubles quickly
providing Jusi the liRhi kind
classes thai will enable her
sec lienor and lo dispense wl
the  hendaches.    Our service
up-to-date and  our charges a
.lenders und Opticians
On Cranbrook herald
Published Every Friday
A patriotic  organization   in
tho town of Cardston lias had
placed in each   of   the fifteen
rooms    in    the  public  school
there   a   framed copy of the
"Canadian Creed."    This is a
dignified and simple statement
of national  ideals and aspirations drawn up recently liy the
Knights of Pythias of Alberta.
This   is   a  practical patriotic
move,   and   the framed creed
will   be   constantly before tlio
young citizens,   ns a reminder
season   and   out what it
means to he a Canadian.
Parmer.members of the Alberta legislature are oui for a
reduction in salaries, lo include their own as legislators,
ministers and deputies and the
civil service   in    that province
generally, Only last session
the same legislature leaped into fame liy sanctioning an Indemnity of $260 for a special
session which lasted exactly a
week. Now the province of Alberta finds itself faced will) a
big deficit, and is trying to stop
the leaks
tor was evidenced hy a wire that Mr.
Spauldlng read from tho 0,1'. It. Publicity Bureau, asking him to notify the
Association Hint they were erecting
bungalow camps at Sturm Mountain,
(Continued from Pace Ono)
will ho spent in advertising. I—--
Tho effect of this publicity is shown Vermillion Crossing, and Radium Hot
by tho enormous increase in the mini-1 Springs
ber of cars entering the district, as
shown below:
in una
In 1920
In 1921
In 1922
500 cars
... 1200 cars
.... 2000 cars
.... 3500 curs
Tbo effect of this travel has torecd
lhe Government lo Improve tho roads,
so thnt to-day It call be said that tbe
East Kootenay ronds are Ihe host ol'
At the request of the chairman, Mi
T. li. Flett, superintendent ot the
Crow's Nest division of the C. P. It.,
gave some interesting figures taken
from personal records of the business
done iu tlie Cranbrook division. These
shewed that a successful year bad
been passed, and encouraging reports
for the beginning of this year which
Exiraits from The Cranbrook
Herald of this dale, 1901
Hiihwrlptlnn Price .
To United Stales ..
. V2.CII per year
. 1(2.60 per year
"Wllfc   a   UL.l.t n   Without   a   Maaele"
Printed br Union Labor
Ao'eertlalnir Ralea an Application.
Crmrtr". for Ailvertlalne MUST be In
thla nnV*. Wednearlav noon the currant
week to e.rtire attention.
MARCH       1923
1 23
4 5 6 7 8 910
1819202122 23 Z4
2$ tt 27 28 29 30 31
FRIDAY, MARCH 2. 1!12..
li la reported tlinl H. It. Jainleaon,
i.P.R. Bu pari nt on limit  lioro may  bo
put in charge ol nn new JI vision to
ih' mudo by » re-arrangement uf Weat-
ru Lines, nml Lliftl Q, ISrlckaon, now
i Schrlober may return to tills dtv*
"•"■    «"•«--»-*-*     •*■•*»■    •»*      .v.     u,    ,.., ,       .
tltetr kind, while the enrap grounds Uo mvti ,cllt aupport to tho view held
nre the equal, if not superior to most^. immy tlml im ^.ould be a pros-,
in the United States, [perous one for Crnnbrook und vlcln-'
( Al'ITAMZINC THK   St'KM'HY ity    T1,0 vu|ume 0f outward business
Thu ci-onery tu tho Canadian Rook- luul incr0llBO{* o.l'/l during l»22, while
Iob is unsurpassed, nnd Is nn unset ,hl) ||lwlinl WftB ViV/l mtcr The
worth many minions of dollars. It outlook [or (|ie year may be gauged
only remained to see tlml full udvnu-; ,■,.,„,, ,,,,. .■„,., I]illt lm. j,uumVy the
lago wns tnkei. of wlial nature has bo|outwavO had iucrenaod 1001). and the
Cully endowed the (llstrlcl with. Mr. jIUV,m( \i2">.
Spauldlng was very optimistic with Comparative tlRiiros woro also bIvpu
r.'Biird tn the number nr tourist* that lowing llio relative amount or busl
will vlsll B.C. this year, OBttmntlng ,waB ,|,Mle by the fruit, lumber and
tlml nt leasi 10,000 ems will bo hare.Lining industries. There had been nn
I   nr years hko bo made the propheay  iIlcroa8e of 2V,> in lbe ore nhlpmetii
A local hoys' worker, Ki>euk-
Ing of conditions affecting the
young people of the community
made a terse statement of the
truth when he bluntly suiil that
theup was no such filing as a,
lhoy or girl problem it's all a
grown-up problem.
A remark of this kind is a
scathing arraignment of the
parents of to-day. Inn. it is all
too true. The hoys and girls
are sound nnd true at heart, but
they drift—-anil whose fault is
it? One day iu the past week
one of the boy organizations
carrying on met with one man
to lead the activities of fifty or
sixty live wire boys, and that is
beyond the power of any man
to carry through properly.
Where there is little or no
interest shown in what the boys
and girls are doing, or what
road they are travelling, they
cannot he blamed for following
their own devices, nor for the
fact that they sometimes end
up lamentably. But lhe pity of
it is that while they are not to
blame, they get the stigma in
after years, while their parents
wash their hands of it all.
That's the grown-np problem
of to-day.
French methods of collecting Indemnities may noi appeal to certain
interested peoplu who appear to think
thai as Prance bore tho brunt of the
fighting during tlie war, France should
also bear most of the burden Unit
follows the war. But if Germany had
won, would tlie Kaiser have been con-
lent with a peaceable collection of
tlie reparations agreed 10? WmiWf
Germany have left (France saddled
with only a financial defeat? France
knows Germany better even than the
pacifists who spend most of their time
spreading German propaganda. Ami
Fiance, having once been dealt wiih
by u German conqueror, knows best
how to deal with a defeated Germany.
—Toronto Telegram.
Tho bin strike in the Fernie nnd
Michel coal llelda is still on. with no
jpeci of settlement in sight. Biuj-
.... is generally in the Koolcnnys Is
beginning n> feel Hie bud effects uf
ihe struggle.
Thos. Caven is expecting lo leave
shortly for San Francisco on n visit.
John Fink, niie of the pnrtners of
.the Fori Sleelo Mercantile Company
nud now connected witli h Cnlifornia
wholesale house, was in lbe city again
Ihis  week.
Jus. Ryan of lhe Cranbrook Hotel
Tied out a novel method of thawing
mil bis water connection there this
week, when be had a connection made
with the Eleclrlc Llghl ('ompany's
wires, and inside of half an hour bad
ihe water running again,
thnt within five years this district
would become the motoring playground of America, nnd he wns glad
to see there seemed lo be every evidence uf its fulfillment,
What tbo tourist tralllc meant to
the towns along tlio route of ibo big
•Ircle lour, and the businesses It ben
Fruit shipments, due to the luck ol
moisture, nud the poor mnrketlng condition, showed n Blight fulling off.
Mr. Flett thought it Important that
Hie Duck Creek sirawlierry Industry
should be glvon hearty support. He
thought tbis district wus in a position
lo compete favorably with the famous
Ircle lour, nun mo niiKiiu'HML'-i u uon-il0 m-nipi-n- iinm ,   „„,, ,,„
dltted  was then dealt   wiih  by the Hood River berry, and efforts should
A general transfer of onernies iu
tbo Provincial Department of Railways has (-rented another job and
m*de a vacancy tlml is to be tilled by
A. H. Ciirruthers, who lias been district engineer lor Hie Department ot
Public Works iu tbe north. Surely
this would be an appropriate time to
bring about welcome retrenchment.
Inspection has been running riot . We
have had Mr. Can-others Inspecting
other engineers who have estahliiheil
their Individual competency by the
tribunal set up by the Government.
Mr. Phillips inspects Mr. Carruthers,
Hoc. Sutherland keeps an eye on Phillips, nud Honesl John is keeping lab
... tbe Minister of Public Works. But
who is looking after Honest John?
The whole service is conducted on
Intensive suspicion by tin; lilgher-upi
.ml the tux bills soar.
—Interior News, Smitbers.
If   the    1922   city   council
want to make a name for themselves,   one   thing  that   would
start them  along the road to
fame would he to have some of
the roads graded down so that
in  the spring  when lbe tbaw!
comes  all  the water did  not
drain onto the sidewalks which
are  thereby  made  impassible,
with lhe alternate freezing nnd
thawing.   In a city already provided with a sewerage system,
it should nol be an expensive
matter to provide more surface:
drainage,   making   vastly   im
proved conditions under foot on
many of the streefs.
•   •   •  •
The strictures of Kirkham of
Lothbridge upon the deliberative methods of some Cranbrook
rinks at the bonspiei, find
some support from the Fernie
Kree Press. In quoting The
Herald comments on Skip
Kirkham's outburst, The Free
Press adds:
"All ralr minded curlers who attended the bonspiei will agree wllb Stanley Klrkham in bis criticism of some
of tbo Crnnbrook citrlora for the
length of time they took lo study out
nn end. When It lakes three bourn
und a hall to study nut a kiuiih which
should he played in two and a half
'Mnn From (ilf-wnirry" Shows
Canndlnn  Life From Tnn
Canadian Viewpoint
It has been customary to connect
the production of all moving pictures
likely lo he seen in tbis pari of the
country with Hollywood. California.
Hound that suburb of Los Angeles lias
grown the Idea Hint if U's 11 moving
picture — that's where it comes from.
Thore Is no mistaking that most of
tbe big ones have come from there -
but not all of them. So thoroughly
American has Hie production of lhe
moving pictures seemed to become,
that tho American ntmosphero Is lo
be soon stamped on them nit too vividly to please Canadian audiences, in
depicting scones of Canada, for in*
stance, the majority of pictures show
bnrren snow wastes, wild dogs ami
wolves, lawless loggers nnd rough
ountry -- that is Canada ai the Am*
lean screen-going public sees 11 most
For tbis very reason the production
of "Tbe Man from Glengarry." announced for tbe Slur Theatre oil Monday
,1111(1 Tuesday Is a special attraction
III Is nn honest-to-goodness Canadian
I moving picture, liy a Canadian nuth-
_jL.BIBLE thought]
S UiLlo Thought! memoriud, will \ito\<s n
ii| priettlai tan luge in utter nut.        \
Saturday, March :t
is my light  and my salvation; whom I
shall 1 fear? The Lord Is tlie strength
ii my life; nf whom shall 1 be afraid?
— Psalms 27: 1.
Sunday, March   I
And the King shall answer nud say
into them, Verily I say unto you, In-
tismuch as ye have done it unto one
of the least of these my brethren, ye
have done it unto Me.—Katt. 2ii: 40.
Monday, March ;.
Tin-; mission OF JESUS:—The
Spirit of the Lord is upon ine, because
He hath anointed me to preach the
mspel to the poor; He hath sent, me
lo heal the broken hearted, to preach
deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set nt
liberty them that are bruised.
—Luke 4: 18.
Tuesday, .March 11
syake Jesus again unto them, saying.
1 am the light of the world: he that
foltoweth Me shall not walk iu darkness, bul shall have the light of life.
—John 8:   12.
Wednesday, Mureh T
ir.an offend not In word, the same Is
a perfect man, aud nble also to bridle
10 whole body.-James 8; 2.
Thursday. March s
CONFIDENCE:—! shall yet praise
Him. who is the health of my countenance, and my God.—Psalms 43: 5.
Friday, March .1
COD'S  PEOPLE:—My people shall
well iu u peaceable habitation, und
in nuro dwellings, und In quint rest
ine  places.*— Isaiah  .(U'.IS.
„,.jaker, He claimed that ii wiuld
bring tbo farmer, the merchant, the
manufacturer und the capitalist, who
wiih their eyes ever open for new opportunities, might become future residents. Besides the hotels aud garages, practically every line of business benellts either directly or Indirectly. He pointed out. particularly the
value of cam]) sites and how they bad
a tendency lo keep the tourist a day
or so longer in the city.
lu regard to tbe opening of the
Banff-Windermere Road, Mr. spauld-1
ing snld that by those who are in a
jiosiiiou to know, it Is conservatively
estimated that there will be over one
Lhouaand automobiles present nt the
<:;ieniiig ceremonies, which ure to be
International events, ou June IJOth
next, nnd from then on to the end of
lie motoring season at a still more
1 onservatlve estimate, ever 10,000 curs
will pass over il. These are expected
to come from the United States alone.
Etfch successive year these numbers
will increase.
Mr. Spauldlng also drew the attention of tbe meeting to the importance
of keeping up tho advertising, as It
was absolutely certain thnt the sections iu the Western Slates that had
been attracting the tourist that we are
expecting to draw here, would increase their efforts to retain their patronage. The people of the States were
spending millions to attract tourists.
It wns also pointed out that there
would have 10 he concerted effort here
be made to get the B.C. berry on the
.Spokane market.
In regard to the mutter of the ac-
jommodtttlon of the tourist, Mr. Flett
suggested that the merchants by arrangement keep one place Of each
kind of business open on Wednesday
The remarks of Mr. Flett were listened to with Interest, the chairman
thanking him for making available lo
them these facts. All were pleased
to hear the statement that the est!
mates cf the Company for the present
year Included one quarter million dollars for the Cranbrook division.
Alderman Bronsdon expressed his
Warm appreciation of the Invitation to
address the meeting. In regard to the
matter of (be support of the Council
to the plans of the Board of Trade,
Mr. Bronsdon said that personally he
was very much in sympathy with tlie
work of tlio Board, and that the objects they were endeavouring to obtain were most commendable. He considered that any reasonable request
should be compiled with. The work
uf the Board should receive more gen-l
oral support, nud an endeavour made
10 enlist the sympathy of the citizens]
generally, He commended the spirit
of optimism shown by the merchants,
even In times of depression.
The matter of his recommendation
for proposed by-law offering Inducements to possible new industries, he
felt, was one which should commend
itself to their support.
Mr. Fink thanked Aid. Bronsdon for
eloctod, Mr. Fink thanked Mr. Grubbo
for tbe words of appreciation or his
efforts, but lie felt that It should be
thu business of all the business men
to take un interest in tlie affairs of the
city. The time spent in so doing
should be allowed for just as one
would provide time for the taking
care of any other phase of their business. Mr. Fink stated thnt while be
had taken a great Interest In the
nanff-Windermere Road project, It
Jhould not be forgotten that the rent
credit belongs to Mr. Randolph Bruce,
but for whose efforts It would never
have boon brought to such a success-,
till completion. j
Mr. w. s. Santo proposed the name
of Mr. W. H. Grubbe as vice-president,
whom he considered a valuable mem-,
her of the Board. 1
Mr. Grubbe on lieltif- duly elected iib,
vice-president by acclamation, thank-j
ed lbe meeting for the honor confer-;
red mion him. Ile had taken pleasure
in the work of tbo Board, nnd hud
only done what he considered wus his
share us aii Interested citizen, and
would linve boon prepared to enrry
on in any capacity, Ho considered
ilmi the mailer of taking steps towards the securing nf an iidequnie Irrigation system for the district was
one that sliould he energetically pursued. Tlie orforls of the 1922 Board
had been Hiiccessfnl in securing a
small amount of money for a small
scheme, nml more would bo done this
year. It was ibeir duty to look more
to tbe future and provide some source
of revenue to take tbe place of that
existing in tlie lumber industry at the
present time. Something must take
ihe place of lumber.
Tbo following executive was then
elected: W. E. Worden, M. A. Beale,
F. M. MacPherson, A. Graham, G. J.
Spreull, C. J. Little, J. H. McQuatd,
A. Raworth.
The appointment or n secretary was
left to the executive.
Selected,  Early,   Hardy. j
rrodaclivo Varieties for
Field, Garden aud Lawn
Write for Illustrated Catalogue
SEEP CO., Limited
Well Back Vicks
Against any Cold
In Cranbrook
Fresh Milk & Whipping Cream
If not satisfied will return the
('. (,m>l>F.l.IS    -    -    Sub Tel.
We will back a Jar of Vicks Vapo
Hub ugitlusl any cold In Cranbrook
and vicinity.
Kere'e Otir liberal offer:
Get a Mc. Jur of Vicks nt your
druggist's. Cse ull or part of It. If
you ure noi dollghtod witli the results
mull the top ot the carton to Vlck
Chomlc.nl company, 844 St, Paul Street
W„ Montreal, nnd we will gladly refund tbe purchase price.
Mm. II. Scoblo of Paterson Road,
Kitchener, Out., wrilen: "1 certainly
like Vicks Vapoltuh Hue und can highly praise li for colds ou the chest. I
bad quite a severe cold nnd used it
every night for u week, after which
time my cold was gone. I certainly
can't praise it too highly."
Vicks Is the external, direct treatment for all cold troubles — rubbed
on — absorbed like liniment — and at
the same time, inhaled as a vapor,
We make the above offer because
Vieks certainly does give quick relief
In the majority of cases.
■ At all drug stores, 50c. a jar. For
In free test size package, write Vlck
Chemical Co., S44 St. Paul Street W.,
Montreal, P.Q.
Though Vicks 1b new in Canada, it
enjoys a remarkable sale. Over 17
million jars used yearly.
ve lo he concerted onori uerm    •».. . .-.^ 	
u order to obtain the support of the' his offer of support to the work of the
:\ P. It. or the Federal or Provincial! Board, and assured him that they
Governments, Local appeals would 1 would be only too willing to lend their
be of no avail. I assistance  to any  proposal  that  he
At the conclusion of his address
Mr. Spuubling wns thanked by the
ihalrman for bis very able address,
who salil thai lhe Boards of Trade
sverc fortunate in having a mnn who
might have to advance the interests.
of the city.
Mr. W. C. Wilson, principal of the
. High School, solicited the endorse-
; mcnl nnd support ot the Board to a
Acre fortunate in having a man wnu.m™, ...... .,,.,.,	
was inking as much interest in the j proposed lecture to be given by Prof,
work ns Mr. Spauldlng. Sage under the University of B.C. Ex-
Mr. W. H. Wilson stated that he had 1 tension Lecture Program. Mr. Wilson
listened with muck pleasure to the pointed out the value of lectures that
remarks of Mr. Spauldlng. whom he'were made available by this scheme,
thought was the best booster the die- Many local pupils were at tbe Univer-
trict had. Ho concluded by moving! sity and it was desirable to get into
'm behalf of lhe Bourd of Trade a very! closer touch with the work of the ln-
icarty vote of thanks to Mr. Spauld-
ing, and this was done with much up-
Mr. Spauldlng, in response, thanked
1 lie members of the Board for this
kindly expression or their feeling, and
-iiiid lt was a plonsure for him to be a
booster.    He had travelled thousands
sUtutiuu. While all the expenses of
the lecturer were met by the University it was incumbent upon the party
Inviting tlio lecturer to make all necessary arrangements lor hall, etc.
It was also stipulated that no admission should be charged.
In reference to the question of cer-
ister.    ne nau in.Yw.uju inun*-„......     	
ir miles all over Hie continent, and-tain work necessary on roads In tbe
hero was nothing to compare with vicinity, Mr. John Taylor elated that
Hits  district. "        "        "" " -i»*w«. that ilmv ««.
Illlllg    IO    ru ill 11. ut-    mini  ........ .   	
To him the Yosemltei with tho appropriation that they ex-
or and produced in Canada. Tills 1
presents a step in national development thai ought not to be overlooked,
and If proper encourugemeni Is utven
to u production, it is only reasonable
lo suppose that there will be encouragement townrds further development
along this line of Industry.
The Premier Mine paid another dividend to tbe United Church this week
when W. It. Wood generously handed
the Church treasurer u check for
$.■,000. cleaning up lbe balance of tin
debt, on tbo church buildings. W. It.
Wilson and A. B. Trltes had each previously given handsome donations inward tho debt, reducing it to $2,01111.
Rev. Wm. Burns will now be able to
walk down Front Street with lita head
up, Inetcnd of taking to the ulluyn to
dudgn tbe nhrrifl.   Fernie Free Praia.
wvcum. NOTES     •
t •
1 as> Wednesday evening a sleighing party consisting of about sixteen
Kimberley people paid u surprise
visit on Mr. und .Mrs. F. A. Fredrick-
Harold (Snooks) Cnnmry left Sunday for Everett, Wash., where be will
reside III Ihe future.
Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Larson have
moved Into the house recently vncat-.
ed by C G, Redmond.
L. Zimmerman, clerk nt the Cnrr
Camp, left Sunday for bis homo In
Medb Ine Hat, where be wns called
owing to the dangerous Illness of his
Miss Cnrley and Miss Heeklo have
had to change their abode from Minnesota Row to the house recently occupied by Charlie Smith, During the
pnsl week tho snow lias been molting
lasi and tho water has been running
down tlie hill ami Into tbe bouses to
BUCtl an extent that u move was necessary.
"Monk" hns again taken ovor the
duties of chef at the mill boarding
was a joke in comparison with the
row's Nest Pass. Ten miles of the
scenery between Fernie ond Crnnbrook wns equal to the entire attractions of California.
Ile drew attention to the pleasure
1 hat could bo derived by visiting the
.'amp site and getting acquainted with
the tourists, lt would also tend to
diow the visitors thai there is some
peeled for this year the roads would
all be in good shape for the expected
traffic over th ow hghway.
Tho election of officers then followed. For tbo office of president Mr.
W, R. Grubbe again proposed Mr. J.
P. Fink. In doing so ho stated thnt
Mr. Fink wus working for the good of
Cranbrook all tbo time, and that they
could not  do bettor than to appoint
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Farm Help for
Western Farmers
TO BE OF SERVICE to Western Canadian Farmers
ami help to meet their needs in securing competent
farm help, the Canadian Pacific Railway is prepared
to utilize its widespread organization to provide such
belli from a number or countries.
The CANADIAN PACIFIC Railway will now receive
and arrange to fill applications for mule and female
farm help to be supplied from Great Britain, Belgium,
Holland, Denmark. Switzerland ami Norway, in all of
which countries tlie Company has representatives who
havo farmed In ami are familiar with Western Canadian conditions und who aro now in touch with such
men and women ready and noxious to come to Canada.
THE GOVERNMENTS of the countries above men-
tKined have expressed their willingness to aid the
emigration of this class of their peoples, in order to
fill such applications satisfactorily and bring the help
to the farmer at the proper time and with a clear
understanding of the requirements and obligations of
each, a printed "Application for Help" form has been
prepared which can be obtained from any C.P.R. Station Agent or offices listed below.
Th? rnmpnny will mnlie no ctinrtre to the fanner for this icr*
vica in.I- will the fiumer be- required to make any ciub atlvntire
whttlsoflvcc lownids the travelling expeniei d( hit help lo tha
]- droit i-nilvVHy atatloq. The information neceinarily aikcd (nr in
(hue HTolinniim forma, which will be he'J in MrinrM confiilenee.
covers Uie followinir point*:—the kind of help required—male or
female— married or unmarried; date required and for how Ion,.'I
nationality desired; monthly wagea ofle-ed; kind of work offered,
WINNIPEG—T. S. Aeheasn, General Airi-altural Agent. C.l'.K.
WINNIPEG—John  Sweetlm, Industrial  Agent, C.P.R.
SASKATOON—W. J. Geraw. Und Agent, C.P.R.
EDMONTON—J. Miller, Land Agent, C.P.B.
CALGARY.—M. E.   Thornton.   Supt.  Calenliatlon,  C.F.R.
VANCOUVER—K.  J.   Semraens,   Ttav.   Industrial   Agent,   C.P.R.
Department of Colonization and Development
Canadian Pacific Railway
J. 8. DENNIS,  Chief Cefaraiitloner, Montreal.
how    Hie   Visniirs   uiiii   inure   m   .Vlu«|..	
other Interest In them ln'sidcs their him lo the ofllcc that he had tilled
money. The person.il Interest that with 80 muolt Credit lo hlmseU'and tlie
the (\ P. H. were taking In tho mat-1 community.    On  belnn   unanimously
Buy NOW Pay Later
No longer do yon have to wait for your FORD until you can hand
us n. e.lieime for Ihe full amount. A payment of one-third down puts
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Aapirltt la tho tratle ntntk (tvuleti.tv.i In ('unit.I.it ul Dnref Mntiiilartiir.i ut Mens.
at'ltt iwlilr.trr «I Hulliy llrai I.I. While It la Well Itiitiwn lli.l A»|ilrlu itnutie llev.r
niatiiifaclure, t» eeel.l th.. puiillu .Kuln.t Imitation., th" T.il.l. I« nt llnyi-r 1'nn.paaf
wUl be itaniBed. with th.le natural u.le aeaea, Ut. "Unyer Craaa" i), .Miii-tli 2, IIIL'II
m    m    m    m    •
Pros hy tor Ian itooonl
Trent-hunt Letter
Church Union
l lias been asked tn j-'ve
rollowtng strong letter
Jr. Scott, editor of tbe
i Record," on tbe subject
nlon, representing as it
presentation of one side
uitcii union" mil
ileal in cliurcli coercion
by a legal committee, of
. \V. Rowell, a promln-
it, is clmirmun, which
Act of Parliament to
■esbyterlan Church Into
is been approved by the
nferonee. It may come
Qeneral   AHHeinbly,  and
may seek tho sanction of Parliament members or n church they bud i:
will create a
great religious corporation to dominate in  politics,  to win "the battle-
in   the   rellgio-notlMcal   realm" —as
• a year hence.
* I    No   wise   legislator
For  six   months,   until   it   could   tie
known how many oongpagattoni
would vote thuUBQlVOB out and a coin-
mission DOUld be appointed, all these
has  been  so frankly avowed  by   Dr.'persons  and   things,  every  dollar  of
Chown,   the   head   of   the   Methodist  every  fund,  all  the colleges,  profes-
Of Interest to Poultry Keepers
Edited by The Brown Poultry Ranch  Fort Steele, B.C.
r|   *
l 11
1   \ m
ipt Service at
and Cream
tte Dairy Farm
"HONE 10
read Is GOOD Bread
'alecs and Pcstry an
tasty manner which
* most exacting per-
o call again, at
Norbury Ate.
nent sent to us to be
or Dyed Is given
Utmost Care.
edge of the buslnesa
urance of satisfaction
le, and we will call,
g us your work,
and Dye Everyttaliif.
HONE  157
■ HI., n.K.l».M.,
teal Director
k Musical Society
Singing, Violin and
for Musical Examinations
(raiil.roi.lt, B.C.
ok Hotel Cafe
First Clast Dining
. in the City
e  Will  Please  Ton
klfi a.m. to 8.16 p.m.
K   &   MeOKE
Feed Merchants
iraln of All Kindt
on Avenue
92    Res. Phone 310
.. .l^ilMLitiOiaR
i'o Nelaon, Vaocou-
eto.   ArriTe 11.10 p.
-To   Fernie,   Uth*
ne Hat, Calgary, ate.
n.; leave 4.K p.m.
Further, no just, legislature will do
a thing so unrighteous as to disband
the Presbyterian Church on the demand of one-third nf iis membership,
and hand over to n new organization,
on a different basis, iis property and
persons, its very name and right lo
exist. But Presbyterians should see
and know what acinic are planning
Pot them.
The bill Is long, lint its four main
provision.! are simple ami plain,
1. It creates and Incorporates tbe
O.B.U., with nil the powers which Incorporation gives.
2. It linnils over to that corporation
the Presbyterian Church.
8. It provides that within six
months any congregation may vote
Itself out of (but corporation.
4. Il provides for a commission of
nine, three Iron, either side and thv.ee
chosen by those nix. to decide bow
much or their own properly shall be
given to those voting themselves out.
These four points would work out
as follows: The moment ibis bill be
camo law, ihe Presbyterian Church
all lis properly and persons, lis cl
leges nud churches, its endow men
funds of all kinds, no mutter how be
f  feed   f
Viliul They Will Kilt or Heijulre
iu One Year
sors, ministers, missionaries, home
and foreign; retired ministers, wod
ows and orphans, every one supporl**'
wholly or in part from any funds o
the church, would be under the ab»o
lute control of the O.B.C, to be ilia-  1,700 lbs. wheat at  •*<-■ $26,60
posed or dismissed at its will. 1,700 lbs oats, at H,('  25.60
But what of liberty to vote them- 1,700 lbs. corn, at 2#c  .18.26
solves out?    This liberty  (?)  is not 1,700 lbs. pure wlreat bran, Ufcc 21.25
for individuals, but for congregations,j 1,700 lbs. line ground oats, l&c, 29.76
and   its   workings   would   be  on   this 11,700 lbs.
wise: 300 me:
Every church would belong to the 800 lbs.
O.B.U. If a meeting were called, audi .100 lbs.
if thai meeting, however small, Should 111 lbs.
vote to remain in. U would remain In 1,000 sen
IT it should vole itself out, the bill Total cos
provides  for a change Of  mind, and; 	
those In tbe congregation in favor ofUyiial Tliey Will Do For Von If Prop-
'•-; erlj Housed ami Cared For
. at 414 c
i, 1*
c. 29.75
. 12.76
bone, at
3c. .
.    9.00
ii ;ic ...
.    li.00
litter, in
$10 ti
n    5.00
ol   1
year's lo
union could call meetings, w
week,  until   (he  majority   present   al
some meeting should vote In.
Al the end of six months, any congregation which had survived this ordeal, nnd were now out. would be
without organization or funds, ii
[thoy could get together they might ap-
I polul throe commissioners, the Oit.r
would   OpPOt111   three, aUtl   lhe   due   In
| those outside would tie considered.
Five of these commissioners would
re there is not a quantity
the  poultry   that   would
otherwise be wasted.
Remember though, the larger your
Hock tiie less net profit per capita.
Labor and overhead expenses figure
largely in flocks or 1,000 and upwards.
It costs you practically nothing to
market the eggs from 100 liens, but
when one seeks a ready market for
lhe eggs from l!.000 a heavy marketing
expense immediately enters into your
operations. Labor costs mount higher, insurance ami buildings as well as
taxes eat up their share of the profits.
nueatheil; its gr'eal women's societies,! oe » OHorum.   Three would he a ma-
east and west, with nil their  funds, J("'lly aml »«W decide.    From their
llde, IlBfcerler ■«■
.06 a.m.  MM-Ar-
1.10    P.OL
ke Whitman vU
■ Beriret:
rhuradar. ttflb WMk
9 a.m. Wednesday
HO. 811. Mn  B.M
MutftenUn apftj to
and work, would ut once become u
part of this one big corporation, subject to Its control.
"The Presbyterian Church in Can-
adu" would he no more, ministers anil
members would be subject to the direction and discipline of a church they
had never accepted aud, to escape that
yoke would have to ask nud receive
certificates declaring that  they were
"California Fig Syrup" is
Child's Best Laxative
decision (here would be mi appeal.
On (he one side would be scattered
congregations, with no legal standing,
no organization, no treasury, yel having (o share tlie expense of lbe commission. Ou the other side would be
u great legal corporation having everything under its control, at Us command a great church treasury, and
officials ever ready to attend as commissioners. What (lie dole would be
may be left to fancy.
If, nt the end of six months, there
should be no congregations remaining out, there would he no commission
; appointed and no division of the property. If half the Presbyterian people En Canada should gather and claim
! some share of the churches and funds
■tliey and their fathers helped lo build
up, it. would be In vain. Tbe bill does
{not know them. Tliey would have no
i right to a stick, or a stone nr a dollar
I of property or funds.
It  can  lie  readily  understood  that
one hundred hens will bring a greater
net   return   than   four  or   five   cows.
The writer has before him the Domln-
will lay !.",i) eggs each or 15,000 i011 Government report of their exper-
■•.- in the year.   Thai ts 1.250 dozen (mental lesi at the central farm of n
ifft.    The  average  price  should   be number Of cows.    I( Is assumed thnt
Dc. per doz., which equals....$085.00 the  cows  under  test   were  selected
i ihe end of the year 100 hens | high milkers und of a pure bred stock.
The average  nel   returns per cow la
shown  around  close io $fS0 for  the
■■'■  '    126.00 year.    This is from Ihe standpoint of
, butter   making   und   not   Helling   (he
milk, for few farmers are able to sell
their milk direct to consumers.
j    The whole matter sums up about
like tills.   The one hundred hens sell
07.00  for more  than  the cows.    The  eggs
tliey lay sell for more than (he milk.
Tho broilers sell for more than the
6.00 calves, and the hens enf less than lbe
and lake less housing room.
Even if cross, feverish, bilious, constipated or full of cold, children love
the "fruity" taste of "California Fig
Syrup.' A teaspoonful never falls to
clean the liver nnd bowels. In a few
hours you can see for yourself bow
thoroughly It works nil the souring
food and nasly bile out of the stomach
and bowels, am! you have a well, playful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "California Fig Syrup" handy. They know a
teaspoonful to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow. *Ask your druggist for
genuine "California Fig Syrup" which
has directions for babies nud children
of nil ages printed on bottle. Mother!
You must say "California" or yon may
get an Imitation fig syrup.
But ihe end Is not yet. If Presbyterians—like the returned exiles from
Babylon—should gather and begin to
build up once more Ihe ruins of their
Zlon. a spiritual church nnd not a
legal corporation, and should fondly
call It "The Presbyferliin Church in
Canada." as a branch of the worldwide Presbyterian family, they would j
find that, this name now belongs lithe O.B.U., which can no I use it. but j
will not permit its use to others.
But surely this could not be? Could |S=
it not?   This bill disbands the Pros-|0f Cnnadi
or nil in
.,• ft
wis welg
5   Mis.   i
36c. per
mill sell
i proline
1 lull hens It
is ii...-...-
raise a
n umber
if i
n lev
or loo b
urn; tin*
weeks ol
■   07c.   t
hero alio
bo 10 lbs. of
thera it
hens, ai
ti i
of (Kit'.
l Ih.
1 In
foine ...
On our ranch we would keep no
cows if it were not for Ihe milk required iu raising our baby chicks.
In raising six to seven thousand baby
chicks it is essential tliey hnve plenty
or milk for at least the llrst four
weeks of their lives.
It will cost $120 to raise the 100
pullets from (he baby chick lo (he laying room, und to bring (he broilers
to ten weeks of age. This includes
the purchase price of the baby chicks,
and ii is assumed thai they arc raised on free range wiih alt modern
equipment, or divided among mother< •   *   •   •
hens housed  In safe and convenient1    poultry   means   work;   llghi   work
:oops. [und   pleasant   work,   hul   one   must
This   leaves   you   a   net   Income of keep eternally at  it.
$703, and with $203 outlay for the year. »***"* '
for the pullets In the laying house,.   A ma|] ,hal W))|l., work nee(, „evep
i to pray.    You've got. to  DIG  in this
eaves a net profll of $600.
Now this is theory; sou mil
, old  world  if you  get religion  more
de and can be brougbi to practice K than  skin  deep,
he slock is handled under absolutely j ,   e   *   *
lerfect  conditions.   The nearest   we     „,, ,, „ ,
The world may owe us a living, hut
mow  (hat   -dual   practice has ever!      ,,,.,, ...
,   ,   ,        „ ,    ,,,, -no free delivery service is mentioned.
■cached lliese figures in B.C. was two „
'So go after it.
.ears ago at one of the experimental.
furms, Where Si per head was shown] *   *   *   *
as a nel  profit  from 50 Barred Ply-     A hen (ban never lays is as mean
mouth Rock hens. {as the fellow that comes or leaves tbe
Practice on the average farm. If j church after or before the contrihu-
'onslstenl effort is made should atjtlon basket Is passed. There is only
least reach one-half this net profit, one place for her nnd that's the roast-
Also  there  are  few  farms  properly! Ing furnace.
Ltd., was a speaker at the
Trade Convention for Kast-
byterian  Church,  takes  lis   property n0flrtifl
und rights, lakes away Its very name. ' .,.    .,    ,    ,,
\«a        ..,-,.).• >> i      , era B.C. las   week al Trail, dealing
And as the O.B.U would lie dominated by those opposed to any Presby-| wlUl I,ie tuture outlook for that sectarian Church continuing In ihe Held. Hon,    His  address  w
if they could prevent the name. Can-[interesting as regards
ada would have the sinister distinction of being the only country in the
world where a  Presbyterian  Church
of that country was forbidden by law.
The passing of tbis bill would be
one ot the most iniquitous chapters In
nil church history.
303 Y.M.C.A. Building. Montreal
January 14, 192.'..
.ts   particularly
the Company's
Intentions in Rosslaud.
Mr. Warren reiterated his statements made recent ly wherein he said
thai operations here on a large stale
depended upon  the completion of the
concentrator   at    Kimberley,   which
would  release  for lhe  treatment of
Rosslaud  ores   the   present   Hossland
concentrator at Trail now being employed in handling ores from (he Sullivan zinc-lead mine of tiie Company.
Mr. Warren also called to (he attention of Ids auditors the great  liandl-
ap under  which  his  Company  was
—       — operating   with   <vko   around   $14.00
President  James J.  Warren  of  (helper   ton   and   coal   prices   unusually
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. high.
sru.ivAN mu win,
Banff Winter Carnival
(Special Iti The  Herald)
lnvermere, B.C., Feb. 2C—B. Glad-
wyn Newton, B.S.A.. Superintendent
lor the Dominion Government of their
Experimental Station for the Colum-
bin-Kootenuy Bivers Valley, returned
this week from n ronventlon of the
Htliiei'intemlentK of Dominion Experimental Farms and the Live Stock
Shows as held throughout the Province of Ontario. Mr. Newton is most
onthUBlastlo over the results of his
visit lo the East.
Al llio local farm during the past
yeur u first class Clydesdale stallion
for public service, and a registered
shorthorn hull for the same purpose
have been added. Another acquisition
Is a splendidly matched team of
young Clydesdale mares. Other improvements are contemplated during
the coming season, such as the foundation or nn Ayrshire herd of rattle.
J Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Dlehl have
I returned after an extended visit lo
points, in Alberta.
<)»'  KUN	
Ki:il.2SndTOMAII. 3rd
Emm Stations
MARCH «, 1W.1
For Information  Ask  tlie
MA 111 11 8rd
i\ ii i.i. m:\v \r ai TIMES
Official Thermometer Readings
Al Cnuilmmk
Mu. Mln.
Thuraday, February H   M      :i
KridHy. February M   48    si
Sniur.i.iy. February U    -H 33
Sunday. February it:".   :is 19
Monday, February 2«   IS 19
Tueaday, February IT ...... 40 1-
Wednasday, February 2S ... 4.*. u
(Special to The Herald)
On Tueaday. February 20th, a meeting under tlie auspices ot the BaytieB
District Farmers' Institute was held
nt 7.30 p.m. In the Adolph Hall, when
Mr. A. L. Hay. District Agriculturist,
nave an interestint*. lecture cm cattle
It had been understood that Mr. C.
E. Travea, Provincial Poultry Inatruc-j
tor. would also lecture on poultry
raising, but owing to his Impending
retirement from the Department of
Agriculture, he was unable tn he present. Capt. Barnard, the secretary and
treasurer of the Institute, ti-ok the
chair. There was rather a poor attendance, partly due to conditions
underfoot, but possibly also to tbe
fact that the district boasts a certain
number of farmers who may think
they know all tlml there ts io be
known aboul their business and cannot be taught anything further.
The lecturer started by showing
that a ration containing certatu proportions <>f protein, tats and carbo*
hydrates  was  nevessary jtisi   in  keep
a cow in condition, without obtaining
any milk from her, and thai this ration was practically the same ror all
cows of equal wftgiit. He then gave
ihe extra rations necessary in obtain
20 lbs,, 40 lb*, and 00 lbs of milk per
day respectively, und demonstrated
ihut it was much cheaper to feed one
40 lb. cow than two 20 lb. animals;
and lio Impressed ou his audience thai
the aim of tlie farmer should be tn
obtain lhe highest possible amount ol
milk from the lowest possible number
of cows.
He insisted that, roughage being tlie
iheupest feed, a fanner should grow
aa much as possible of the right son.
no that the bought portion o! the ration could be a minimum, bul added a
warning on the danger of over feeding cattle. He went on to show the
Importance of balancing the ration:
of not turning cattle out too much in
bitter weather, but rather feeding
and watering thetu in ihe barn at s'ub
times; aud of regularity In feeding
and milking. He ulso gave some useful hints on the raising of calves,
showing how necessary it was to feed
a calf rightly in order that, when U
came to maturity It might have a
frame capable of giving the larger
output of milk; and he concluded fa
expressing his opinion that, contrary
to the general practice in East Kootenay, it would he good policy to bree<!
some cows to freshen in the fall, a?
they themselves would produce mon? j
milk, aud their calves would have a
better chance.
Mr.   Hay   then   answered   various'
questions put to him by his audience !
In moving the hearty vote of thanks J
which  was  unanimously accorded  to]
Mr.   Hay,   the   chairman   mentioned j
that in a .somewhat varied career he ■
had listened to lectures on very many
different subjects,  but he could not
remember one in which so much practical Information had been "impressed into such a brief space as in the
lecture they had juat heard, and he
thought East Kootenay was much to
be congratulated on its District Agri-'
Following Is a statement of ore re-
L'clptS at Trail Smelter for the period
during February 15 to :'l im-lusive:
Name of Mine and Locality
tell, Beaverdell,  B.C	
Black Colt, Sandon. B.C	
-mie Pine Surprise Last Chance,
Republic.   Wisconsin   	
-one  Bachelor   (zinc), Sandon..
[.one   Bachelor   (lead).  Sandon..
Metallic, Silverton. Hi'. ..
Vodaway,   Beaverdell.  B.C	
Paradise. Lake Windermere, B.C.
Silversmith  (zinc), Sandon. B.O.
Standard   < zinc i.  Silverton, B.C.
Standard (lead) Silverton. B.C.
Surprise. Republic, Wn	
Silver Hoard. Aiuswonli. B.C....
Steel Group, Brlsco, B.C	
Sally. Beaverdell, B.C	
One 25° packet
AEDAL uWcci rc3s
irpaJUtXMi     .1    troii
kVfMUfl ol Ihu .ir* oft.;
with    KITCHlKi   IftU I
MM ind Gauiirn Gu.d*
Send for your packet NOW!
biteoM ik m nra diiif,u   m
-        -t-W   ycM   OUI      J        CaMiMM
*rtJ  hKt-t.  Ptcktl  ol  S-fTl  IVi
:•,■■      S*t,J hi.i  tht t    ,   .   Sir I
Send Now!
OBI .( FREE SAMPLE in a ulaln container by sending tlm advertisement
wit;, , „li.r of hair ami vour name and
address plainly primed. TO TRY IT
IS TO BIT IT.   Full size bottle »1.:'5.
thi: iris COJfPAXT, ii.id. n,
1220 .Melrille Street. Vancouver. B.C.
Practical Coaiaarrelal Coirie In
glMltftut, TTTewrltlnf
BoeUMpPf,  Coaaatrelal   Law
Cajuwckl hfthi ani
lor Parttrtlara Apply to
C. W. TTLEE, Principal
P. 0. Ban, 14, Jel.on, B.C
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of Mpslc
Studio above Murdock McLeod's.
Phone 295
Write (or Booklet or Call at   4 III linker Street, Nelaon, ll.C.
Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Purchaser! of Onld, Silver, Copper, Lead A Zinc Ore*
Prodicera of flold. Silver,  Cupper, Pin Lead and /.ine
about thf eraioe.   /
BEIU6    A     60JP       J
10OK.E.I5..    s"j       ~~}
ajttl found him'
-'v.- ME1 THAT *0«BiEP
TO    HirA
- rivonce'
Friday, March -.', 111211
gateass^^#a t^ fei SftS EfiEJ^fe 5*3 !53 EL'S IfeiBwrai^T.GpUQ^.^innTOKaljj^
metbodist Cburcb
REV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
11  I,,, -THE GOOD SHEPHERD OIVETll   Ills  LIFE"   j|
Junior Choir
Immediately utter close of regular evening Borvlce
( 0 H II I A 1. I. V
VY I! I. ( » M E »
.: ■■■!'y%t
They Are Tlio Backbone ol Any
Community, "iu or
Ever;- town or city, whether larne
or small, encourages the establlsh-
mcni within Its limits or pay-roll Industries. Their value to any commit,
nlty Is u recognized fuel, and llioy are
welcomed with open arms,   it is won
Meets In the
G.W.V.A. Hall
afternoon ot the
flrat Tuesday at
3 p.m.
All ladles are
cordially Invited
I'nmldenti    Mrs. F. Constantino.
Sec.-Trensnrer:  Mrs. S. Taylor.
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Meets evory Tuesday at 8 p.m.
In tho Fraternity Hall
W. A. Wilson, C.C.
H. L. Harrison, K. ot R. & S.
J. Walker, M. ot F.
TIsHtiiar Brethren Cordially Invited To Attend.
known that such estnbllshmonte di
tribute from week lo week or month
to month a considerable amount of
money, all of which is llms released
for distribution throughout the community.    For this  reason  "pay-roll"
towns are always looked 01) as lieiua.
rather more prosperous than those in
which all wealth Is dependent on raor
or less spasmodic  or  uncertain   n
Thus pay-roll industries should h
Induced to tho cities of East Kootenay
and afler they have come THEY.
There is seani satisfaction iu local
Industries trying to work up husiness
increase tho number ol their employ
ees, and cause more money In be clr
dilated locally, unless those who live
ill and do business In such localllie
see lit to deal with und support such
established Industries. Every add
tioiuil employee means Just Hint much
more money per week lo be distributed
nntonk local merchants. Every dollar
spent for out-uf-tlie-city work, no mat
ler what kind il may be, is gone for
over aud serves no further purpos
In lhe East. Kootenay. Every dollar
spent, in Cranbrook remains in tin
nonie town to he passed on from one
to lhe other, doing good lo all n
Husiness men nnd residents gei
j ally should hear this III mind at all
! limes. Buy at home ou all poBslbh
'occasions. Encourage the establish
,lnont of pay-roll industries, and having secured them, let all support them
When HBPATOLA remorse fall
stones In 24. hours without pain and
relieves appendicitis, stomach and
liver troubles. Contains no poison.
Not sold by drugglsta.
Sola Manufacturer
280 Fourth Aye., Bo., Saskatoon, Buk.
Price 16.60 Phone till
Fashionable Ladles' and Gents'
Merchant Tailor.
Chinese Fancy Goods and Silk.
Van Home St., Cranbrook
Phono 416 P.O. Box 447
Phone 810 P.O. lire 38.1
B. A. M00RH0U8E
A.M.E.I.C, & B.C-L.S.
PBOV. LAM) sutvnoR
Crnnbrook     ■      -      -B.C.
\ dr.w.a.ferojfT1
1  Campbell-Manning Block
I       Phone 87.    Office Hours
1 I lo 12, 1 to i p.m.  gats. »
IE   I
lock (
»■     J
Iirs, Green A MacKinnon
Physicians nnd Surgeons
Ofilco nt  residence,  Armstrong
Afternoons   2.00 to 4.00
Evenings   ;.so to S.30
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
Crnnbrook Street
Opposito the Bank ot Commerce
9 to li era.     1 to 6 p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Soft Drinks
Tobaccos, Cigars
Fruits in Season
Vim Home St., Opp. C.P.R.
P.O. Box (145.      Rooms to Rent
Montana Restaurant
Meals ut All Hours
Cigars Cigarettes und Candles
Cranbrook Si. Phone mil
Opp. Bunk ot Commerce
Phone UO
Norbury Are, neit lo City Hall
ffll Cakes of
lagggij "Grain"
Mrs. .Mary Baldwin says
that slio finds Pacific Milk
gives cakes a finer texture,
or "grain" as she calls It,
than either fresh milk or
Another  point  »he  men*
lions Ik (hat eOCll Cftl. nf mllh
can '"• depended upon in act
like (he one before it, »u she
knows exactly what result in
expect. We are gratified to
Mrs. II. for her letter.
Pacific Milk Co., ltd.
Head Oftlre, Vancouver, II.C.
Factories at Alibolsford and I.nilnrr,
King of Pain
nliaUt imrJyf* tOnttmollM onj Nmttltjf, 5-*» tlml, Sprain, Strain
Sittllttt ■•/ uiiy tort r.-J Bruiitt
Mia Tti-th r.«l i nt IJ TflffJpi St.. St TbamMi Oat "My (rindmoilirr »-.i«,
uibiect wr'.niiii.'ii m 3ml twl to ull n« ■ ■•mi my tiUymat« to go ttttht druif
, ...lift M.r.-U Linn.™,.    I •ii.fJun un«,lli«ii >nl (InUmt I Ulr.ltluH4.Ulu1,
.. i .,..', : l.-ir h.* iie.lil mi   | [i.tinar ilria   I.r.-n-lmi time Bilk the Umnvnl ami
i|.-u.hii.hi ,!.. dtM4Timv*FfyMMtw*n*au
baptist Church
sunda\ next, fkh. uth
11 ii.ni.:
Sunday school
7.30 p.m.;
Twenty-Five Perish in Asylum Fire v
The sawmill oE the Adolph Lumber
Company shut ilown on Tuesday last,
when nil the logB to lie sawn were
iluislieii. u is nol probable dun opor
utlous win he resumeit. The planer
mill will continue working until ail
the lumber In the yard bus been disposed of.
Mrs. farmthers, the school nurse
paid a visit in Hnynes School lust
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Dnfoo are leaving Baynes Luke on Friday next. Mrs
Dafoe will visit ul her home In Merrill und Mr. Dafoe will ko on to the
Coast, where they expert to he set-
lleil In the EutUl'0.
Mr. P. W. Adolph spenl a few days
ut home Litis week. Ho has returned
again to tbo oil fields nl Shelby, Mont
Mr. C. H. Brooks spent a few days
ihis week in Calgnry on business.
Mr. Parkhill spenl the week-end
here with his family, nnd returned
on Momhiy morning to Llbby, Mont.,
where he is employed.
The Elko Boys' Hockey Team railed
n second time to ftmke their appearance ;n Baynes to play a return game.
The BayneB hoys are beginning to
think they do not want to come.
Operations have commenced oi
building the new ?:tfl,000 bridge over
lhe Kootenay River al Waldo. Sever-
ill men are already on the job.
V successful whist drive was held
in Boss's Hall hist Wednesday evening In aid of tho Mission fund.
llttch JoflttbMl
the Atlantic eve*" ne'h-,
HWf A REAL "/JEl'-TUam]
They Callep Him
An "Old Pill"
THAT was years ago when he
packed a terrible grouch, a
mighty irritable stomach and a
liver that refused to do the things
that all good livers should. No
wonder his friends called him a.i
"old pill" and stayed away.
But that was years ago-long
before he discovered Beecham's
Pills and learned that two at bedtime can bring sunshine into a
man's life. Today, he's an optU
mist, a hero to his wife, and a
staunch believer in Beecham's
The cheer that Beecham's Pills
bring into a man's disposition, is
the incomparable cheer of sound
digestion, active liver, and the
regular habits that make good
Twenty-five perrons were trapped
h   and   perished,   twenty-two   of
j whom were violent cases. In the
Arc which destroyed the Manhattan
State HoBpttnl for Insane nt New
York C.ty, Feb. ]f.    Tlie picture
shows firemen tu the ruins search-
I Ing for bodies,   Insert shows front
I nf structure after Are.
I'ltmt'H Report Shows Varied Nature of Societies'
tSpeclul to The Herald)
Invormere, B.C., Feb, 24.—Tho annual meeting of the combined Windermere District Agricultural Association
and Furmefs* Institute was held lasl
week In the schoolhouse here. The
Attendance -Was a large one. After
he reading of tho repiu'ts and the
Qlcclion ot officers the affair was
brought to a happy conclusion by the
serving ot light refreshments by the
ladies of the Association.
Tbe report of tho retiring president
Mr. A. O. Cuthbert was splendid, in
hat It reviewed the work which had
rieeu aocou.pl.shed In 11)22, and set
■mt that affairs were now back to the
pre-war standard with the organism-
. Ion.
The secretary's report showed that
here bad been an Increase of over
it'ty per cent. In the exhibits at the
air as compared with the year hern re.
A motion was passed to hold the
loxt annual lair about the end of August at a date lo be set later   on.
Finances are on an  even keel nc-
■orilinp to the report of the treasurer.
many ot ihe deficits ot tho previous
.'ear having been laken up.
*The officers  elected  for  1923  were
lion. Presidents-Hon. W. It. Motherwell,  Minister  of  Agriculture  for
Canada; Hon. E. D. Harrow, Minister of Public WorkB for Canada, and
Federal   member   for   tbe   riding;
John A. Buckhnm, M.P.P. for Col-
umbia riding.
,'resident   \. O. Cuthbert
,'he Pies. It. lihnlwyn Newton, B.S.A.
lec.-Trens   Basil ti. Hamilton
llrectors A. 13. Fisher. It. Randolph
Bruce. A. J. Walker, Basil ti. Hamilton, Arthur Taylor, Ed. E. Tunna-
ellffe, Frank Jones, James Sinclair,
Major F. B. Young, Captain A. H.
Mact'arlhy, J. W. Morland. A. (i
Cuthbert. Major F. C. Turner, H. 11.
Pot crs, Nat. E. Bavin.
The report of the president for last
ear was as follows:
HEi'OHT of r«i:snu:>T
,adlea nnd Gentlemen:
You ure culled together to-day for
'he Twelfth Annual Meeting of the
Vlndernicre District Agricultural As-
.ochition and Farmers' Institute.
In reviewing the year which is paSS-
il 1 think you will agree that we are
advancing. For the llrst time In our
.•xlfllence we have held our fair on
mr own grounds and lu our own
Tho fair Itself Is hack to pre-war
'lines. The secretary will tell you
ho exact number of entries Which
,vere made  last  j
The March issue of Hod ami tlun in
Canada, the well known Canadian
sportsmen's magazine of the oui of
doors, contains many attractive teat
urea and abounds In stories and articles that are sure to please. "In the
Canadian Alps" by Campbell J. Lewis,
is a breezy, Interesting article, while
Bonnycastle Dale's article, "Spudgtng
the Uimpsuckcr" Is worthy of special
mention, Harry M. Moore, whose
work is popular witli Rod nnd Gun
readers, is among tbe writers who
contribute red-blooded stories. II,
Mortimer Batten Is another. C, S,
Laud Is and Robert Page Lincoln
nt their best In their departments,
Guns and Ammunition and Fishing
Notes, respectively, while the other
departments and features contain
splendid features of outstanding Quality. The magazine is profusely illui
l rated throughout, and lu every way
the March Issue is one thnt not one
will want to miss.
Rod and Gun in Canada is publish
ed monthly at Woodstock, Ontario, by
W. J. Taylor, Limited.
this being done by members of the
Association under the direction of
Mr. Frank Richardson. A successful
race meet was held and this year It
Is hoped that some arrangement can
lie made to carry on this form of entertainment.
hi the matter of the financing our
capital account we have been making
enquiries lo see if tbe money can be
borrowed under the Land Settlement
Board from ihe Government, The sum
of aboul $1,200 will require to be (In
anced in some way, u> take care of
tho directors' note lu favor Of the
bunk and for the payment of tbe am
omit due and to fall due on the purchase of tbe land. I do not think w
could (lguro*olt paying off much more
than ?U-0 per annum and cover i
rent expenses. If we negotiate a loan
as suggested this could be cleared up
ou a twenty year mortgage. Other
suggestions have been offered and It
will be up io this meeting to lake nc
tion. Our present expenditure on in
teresl comes to about $S0 per yeur.
Early iu the summer we had a brief
visit from ihe British Columbia Dairy
men's Association, who held their con
veiition In Golden. Wo Showed our
hospitality by Inviting them to supper. This cost our organizations some
$110 odd dollars.
Turning to the purely Farmers' Institute Bide of our work, our secretary
sold some $000 worth of stumping
powder to tiie members on which
there was a slight profit This shows
that there must have been some ex
tensive laud clearing done, which Is
a good sign.
The Advisory Board of the Farmers
Institute of British Columbia are go-
i  understand'ing to hold their annual convention
show ibe members bos
hese are something like two hundred tor the district of East Kootenay here
noro than In the previous year. Al-|uext mouth, and It behooves us to be
bough our building Is 64 feet by 32] prepared t
feet, wo hud not enough room tn It pllallty.
ind had to ill up extra tables nt the! Quite an Improvement has been
ust moment to cany all the exhibits, made lu tho Live Block Branch of Ibe
With regard to the llnauces of our Dominion Experimental Station foi
nstituilons liiBtend of al the coin- the Columbia Valley and further In.
nencement ot the year having a ual- provemonls nre contemplated.
ince on hand to go on with, we were! The llrst carload of milk cows ai
.ver $i!U(l lu debt. Forlunalely wo supplied through the Government or
iiuve been able lo clear that off and' Brillsh Columbia, was brought 111 and
»ur (Inane In I statement will show you illspoioil of this year.
hat   we  jiiHt   aboul   break   even  this      '" c lusloii. as you all know, out
year. -oc-*l   * I'cnincry   is   going  ahead,   the
There is one thing we must decide feed warehouse, and Ice house ara
o-day, nnd that Ih how to finance the practically completed. The plans and
purchase of tlie grounds nnd our specifications of tho creamery proper
building, lu order to get Iho money nre complete and tenders are being
'or tho building your directors took called for. the work to commence tin
he responsibility Of borrowing money motllutoly the frost Is oui of the
from the bank on their own arrange- ground. Perhaps we may have more
aient and endorsed a note for $000. hiformnlloii with regard to Ihe cream-
This put us through up to the mo- ery proposition later on. ,,
mont. Tho amount required would; We have been advised thai the ex-
have been much larger If wo had been tension of the telephone system along
obliged to pay wages for all the work, the western side of Lake Windermere
performed; but a number came to our has been put In the estimates which
help by giving voluntary work. We J are to bo brought before the Dom-
ran tbe building up In eight working Union House, also there is a probabil-
days.   I would say right here that the ">' that Ibe system may bo extended
merchants nnd tradesmen turned out
better to work than did the farmers.
Very large nnd cxtenslvo Improvements were done to the grounds tn
the way of a race track, the fencing
and th* building nr u grand stand,
along lhe back  road to take In the
ranch of Mr. ,1. W. Morland.
Yours faithfully,
lnvermere, B.C. President.
February 23rd, 1923.
(From North-West Mining Truth)
Nelson and Vancouver, B.C. are
both laying claims to being the proper place for ihe locution of a projected Dominion Government ore test
ing plant. Cranbrook. In East Koot
enay, has also put In a bid lately.
That some point iu tho Kootenuys Is
ibo right place to establish the plunt
is the contention of the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British
Columbia, such contention being put
xmcretely by that organization In a
resolution adopted recently, and which
"Whereas an appropriation was
made some years ngo by tho Dominion
Gobernmont for ore testing plants lu
British Columbia for refractory ores
of the Province; and,
"Whereas, such appropriation was
not reVOted by Parliament and tbo
sumo lapsed; und,
"Whereas, a greater proportion of
development of mines producing refractory mes has been done in thi
Koolonays than elsewhere iu tlie Pro
vluce; and,
"Whereas, the Interior of ihe Pro
vluce, and more especially the Wool
enays, produce most of I bese refrac
lory ores; and,
"Whereas, a great many mines are
now lying Idle because or the want of
facilities to have their ores tested
and treated; and,
"Whereas, many of tbo mine owners and prospectors aro not in a position financially to undertake iho expenditure needed lo cover the expert
meats necessary for testing the process which may be needed for the
treatment of their ores; therefore be
"Resolved, that the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British
Columbia  strongly  urge:
"1. That the appropriation for such
testing plants be revoted at the next
session of tbe Dominion Parliament.
"2. That immediate steps be taken
for tbe erection of a testing plant nt
Lhe most convenient point in the Koot
enays; und that priority be giveu to
the Kootenays for the erection of tbe
first treatment plant under such appropriation aforesaid, and in particu
lar that the Kootenays. where tbe
main bodies of refractory ores are
located, shall be given preference over
ibe coast district, where there are no
such ores."
Tbe most powerful radio receiving
;et In Canada, equipped with eighteen
Lubes, has been installed by the Mar-
■mil Company on the Forest Exhibits
par of the Canadian Forestry Associa
Ion which started tbis week on it*
\>2?> tour or fifteen thousand miles.
Phe radio set will not only serve to
entertain the evening audiences Rath-
Ted io listen to the forest protection
ecttires, but during the day radio
alks on forest lire prevention and al-
ied topics will be broadcasted from
Montreal and other points every few
hours, so that the crowds visiting the
•ar will be reached no matter where
he Itinerary may lead. The Forestry
'ar radio set will catch any station
n .North America.
<st:rrn» ittti)
IN THE MATTER of Parcels
1  and 2 of Block "D" of I.Ot
15112, Croup l, Map 1447, Koo-
lenay   District.    (See  Reference Plans Nos. 24072-A and
1.4073-A respectively.
PROOF having been filed in my of-
ice of the loss of Certificates of Title
s'os. 24072-A and 24073-A to the above
uentfoned hinds in the name of B.
Spruce   Mills,   Limited,  and  bearing
late the Uth August, 1921, I HERE
BY GIYE NOTICE of my Intention at
ihe expiration of one calendar month
from the llrst publication hereof lo
.ssuc to the said B.C. Spruce Mills,
Limited,   provisional   Certificates   ot
Title in lieu of such lost Certificates.
Any person having  any Information
ivlth  reference to such   lost Certlfl-
nates of Title is requested to communicate with the undersigned.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson. B.C., this 5th day of February,
\.D„ 1923.
^      A. W. IDIENS,
Date of llrst publication. February
1th, 1923. 60-2
IN  TDK MATTER of  Lola  1
and   2,   Hindi   30,   Cranbrook
City.   Map   860-B,   Kootenay
PROOF  having   been   filed   In  my
'itihe of ihe loss of Certificate of Title
No.  8413-A  to  ihe  above mentioned
lamb: In tbe name nf George P. TIh-
dale, and bearing date lhe 121b May,
Intention at the explrutlon of one oal-
ur mouth from tbe first publication hereof to Issue to the said George
Tlmlnlc a provisional Certificate of
Title In lieu of such lost certificate.
Any person  having any  Information
with reference to such lost Certificate
i>r Title Is requested to communicate
with tbe undersigned.
IMTEn at the Lund Registry Office,
Nelson, B.C., this nth day ot February,
A.n. 11123.
Date ot first publication, February
Sfcb, 1933. It-:
and give
stomach a
Provides "lhe
■ wee!" In btnJ
Helps   to  clej
Ike leelll  anil
them henllhyJ
Kuril lliillril Mule
"Hoy Sum, I wnnl my imuiJ
Vou hiiIiI MiIk hero mule \viinu|
and lie Is."
"Huh, wlial mokofl yon u"j
mule urn lllttld?-'
"Why, Iho very niluule 11
Hull mule nut ill. (le luiKllll'ej
rltUit Into ii tree."
"A\V RWllll. Dlit mule lllllJ
lie just don't Rive a (InWKKOiil
Lift Off with FinJ
Downt hurt a bit!
"I-rowrao" on an aching
■tantly that corn ttops hurt
•hortly you lilt It right off i
us.  Truly!
Your druggist sella a I
"Frewone" lor a tew cents,'
to remove every hard corn,f|
or corn between the toss, I
lasses, without soreness t
It's often hard to tiiul tlic|
—Il may be teeth - it '
stoma eh—but oh ! bo   |
just a chafed irritated
whieh poor Soap has hei
Tbe remedy for this is s
Hours of Buffering—ul
night of disturbance—b.
avoided by mothers,
insisted on—Baby's Oil
Of course it costs a lit!
a very little more,
than what is often hd
used—but four genera
Canadian Mothers arel
vouch for its purity]
soothing healing effect t
delicate skin, for the lo
flower fragrance it lea
Baby fresh and clean |
from his bath.
Don't you think, Mftihml, I
paying the 15c. u cake, a ll
yon buy a box (.1 cukes I \f
dealer aaka lor Baby 'a Own a;
For Bowel
Clean your bowels!
When you feel sick, i
when your head la dull j
your stomach Is sour ol
take one or two CttBeorf
conatlputlon.      No
catharalc-laxuttvo on earl
ups and children.     10c j
Ilka candy.
I.A1I1HS' TAll
We make, clean or prl
Dreasca. Fitting gill
Wo nuiko tn order Uii
wear and Men's shirtl
China and Japaueao ]
Oppoalte the Bank oi
Phone 201.   P.O. f
(Little lln.eoj
When you wish i
to tat go to I
oub men Friday, Hnrcli 2, 1038
THK   t'KAMlltOOK   lllilt V1J>
; feci
i ha- Q
liny c
l apeaV
lecture ol aioro than ordinary lull wan giveu by Mr. H. F, Helm-
iit ;. meeting l,r the Anglican
il People'a Society on Wednes-
ji' this week. Mr. Helmslng'a aub-
w;is "The Battle of Zeebrugge and
Blocking Ot tlie Harbour," and \ eti u.,
a who had the pleasure of hear- stalled
[Continued from I'age II
i regarding a gasoline driven
car. aoattng about forty persons, with
compartment Tor mail and express
and the niotornuui. and froiu the re-
porla received are sure that it will
give perfect service. K this is follow*
v,   1   tliink   it ran  lie  1 ii -
iki'iNh    During tin
M;.!!- was Increase
one high school t•_■ i
we are accoud lu u>
1 think that we <
year tho teaching
I hy •■ public mul
I her. I think that
me In the province.
mi look forward
Balance Hhrei tor The Cranbrooh
Itimrit in' inuii- lor jroar ending Ki-hninn 98, i«*».i
Ohurllc Ohnpliu has I'nuiul his true love. He admit? It—and bo
does she, I'olu Negri, They aro engaged'and to be married within the
year They are so Bute or it thnt they |»oaed In a fond embrace for
Ihe camera—-and giggled In Iheir haiiiilneHti
It Can't
it's Made
in One Piece
The Ural of what is proposed to I)'
a  BOriOB  ot  Sunday  alteiuoou  meet
htga wiih held uu Sunday hist nt tin
Y.M.C.A.   The speaker, Rev. W. T
Tapscott, of the Bapthil Church, took!
for tlie subject of his remarks, "In
the Cluteha. of the Law."  After reading the story of Daniel's steadfastneBB
to hia faith despite the decree,of ihe
King    Darius,    and    of    punlshmen'
meted out to him for disobeying, the
speaker  drew   ninny  lessons  therefrom, and allowed how all mlglil pro- j
fit hy tlie example cf Daniel. '
In referring to the honor he considered ft wns to speak to the young I
men, and to what extent many statesmen and other prominent men es-'
teemed the Importance of speaking lo 1
boys, he claimed that the tremendous
possibilities wrapped up In the boys
ts a challenge to every parent and!
teacher, and that the greatest benefit
to be conferred on any mortal la to
give them an impetus in tlie right
direction, the time Tor such impetus
being when it will count for lhe most.
In the attainment of heroic character nothing Inspires like hemic example. Aa James says. "Principles
instruct us. precepts guide .us, but
examples move us." It is this "moving*' that Is our greatest need. Wo
want some master motive to lift
us out of our lowness. aud laziness, i
and low ideals, and lire Us With an
ambition to excel.
Ingly "Bight is forever nn Ihe scaffold
and wrong forever on the throne."
(ind assures ns with regard to the ultimate Issue. "He always wins who
► Ides with Hod."
The atory or Daniel is profitable as
illustrating the trial as well »* the
triumph of faith. The envious nobles
decided that since they could not Unit
badness in him, they would by passing a law against worshipping anyone1
save the king, make his very goodness badness.
Daniel waa not lo be deterred and
worshipped aa he was accustomed to
do. Daniel waa loyal to God aud could
nol be Influenced by the intrigues of
men. Good men keep right on doing
what is right under all'circumstances.
We should be grateful for tlie example of heroic men whose heads are
clear In great crises, whose hearts are
pure in the midst of Impurity, and
whose feet are straight In tlie path
of right, While Daniel was the bust-
man lu the kingdom, still he found j jllK (
ould not help but he Impressed
the intimate knowledge the
;it had nf the operations con-
I nocted «viih this memorable strategic
I, t ii ii nt tho British navy.
Ii was untortunatte that a lecture ot
this nature, nn admirably given, should
have been no! better attended, The
lecture was Illustrated with slides,
moat of which were actual photos.
j The lecturer flret showed views of
that part of tin- Belgian coast from
Keebrugge lo Ob tend, also Brum's nml
Its i innectlng canals with these two
points, Hie one io Oalend being eleven
mllos and the other eight. A bird's
.ye vlow nf tli*.* .Mole at Zeehrugge,
also detailed aoctfonal drawing and
actual photos of the Mole and the via-
td the .Mole proper
lilquo manner tbe speaker
showed his hearers the plan Cor carrying oui the proposed project of bottling nil nf the Ciilimn fleel in the
canals At first sight ihe Idea of successfully carrying out the plans seemed preposterous, und it waa only nn
account of the dependence placed In
the men and officers of the Navy thai
oven a consideration of the plan was
entertained, The keynote to success
was secrecy, Knowing thai ihe wl-
t'lituiv was most hazardous, with the
chances of failure aa great, if not
greater, Hum success, the Admiralty
decided to make a call for 1,000 men
from tho service for "hazardous work
bo which 3,600 men responded, and
from whom the desired number were
The questlun of shipping grain for,
export via the Crow's N'est and the
OOasl lias been considered. While we
have no data to place before you 1 am
sure yon will agree that it is of such
Importance to warrant a special committee's attention.
During the year lit.!'! our tourist
park was used by sixty-one tars. In
1821 ihis was increased In two hundred and eighty-three; and last year
four hundred and seventy-one ears
were parked there. With the opening
<u the Banff - Windermere Road on
June 30th, will come n mighty wave
nl' cars which will require a larger
park, and on uccout ot the present
park being included in the new city
parking scheme, another location will
e to be found. Mr. lleale, chairman of a special committee, will report on this with recommendations.
The  diversion  on   the  north   road
ihe future with mm h confidence, ai
no doubt  we have passed through all
of the period^ of adjustments and re*
adjustments, ami are now on ihe climb
to better and more settled conditions.
I was pleased to note the very optimistic view of President Warren, of the
Consolidated Mining, in a speech at
tho Associated Board of Trade meeting at Trail lust week. He stated
that tlie metal market was good.
The Canadian dollar und the British
pound sterling having returned to par
'. Balance nn hand in bank..
": Merchants' Association  ...,
City of Cranbrook Contrtb.
Dills payable. Hank of C.  ..
..$ 26.81
, . .  500.00
.. 190.00
... 300.00
... 20(J.00
Interest          $   •I.:':,
Tourists Publicity Books     425.90
iincluding photos and express)
E. K. Greenhouse   17.00
Telephone and telegraph   10,72
Adv. and Stationery   10.00
Banquets     56.70
nr almost, is one of the best Indlca-j Camp Grounds    70.50
lions of business assuming iis normal V. J, C.uimom   oO.OO
trend,   and   speaks   volumes   for   the   Salaries     362.60
future.  -                                                Kent     85.00
The mill men report orders coming  Furniture      10.50
P. Hutchcroft  .
Balance in book
And otic piece <if tolklly
moulded nilib-r throughout. Thai's why it's *-<l-
Idly frtijHttntrrJ not '"
leak—you* money back
if It diKS.
— The Kcxall Store —
CRANBROOK     -     - B.C.
Whore It pejs to deal
time to pray. Daniel thanked God that
: he waa In His hands and Unit no harm
could befall him, and for the honor of
serving in God's righteous cause
whether In life or death. Daniel was
not afraid—no good man should be -
aa death to htm only means the he-
ginning of the life for which he has
been preparing, just aa the launching
of a ship places it iu the environment
for which It was prepared on land.
The chairman of the meeting. Mr.
G. T. Molr, thanked tbe speaker for
his straightforvfeird talk and hoped
that the meeting would he but the
commencement of a aeries of Interest-
It has been said that there is in ul- , aU(, promgble mMtlng„.
ogrnphy an antidote for every mood. The B,nglng u( lnB ,„.„,„„ „..1S ac.
For discouragement read Ihe life otl Banled bv „„ „„.„<,„„,, „lm,„,8l.,i
Abraham   Lincoln;   tf   afraid.   reod|0( M,.  Q E  Bower „,„, M„ A   A,„.
In al a very satisfactory rate, and they p.
look forward to a good year. J.
Cranbrook and district has reason i
to be proud of the fact that no lutein-1
ployment pas prevailed during the
past year. —
In conclusion 1 wish to thank Mes- There was a total of 167 cars
srs. Montgomery and Burdette of the tered at the Information Bureau
Sullivan   Mine. Norman  Moore, chief 1 talnlng 457 people.
Respectfully submit!
foreater. T. It, Flett, superintendent
nnd J. A. limes, chief accountant of,
the C.P.R., V. /- Manning, school hi-'
tram Wasa to Sheep Creek has caused speclor, ,1. c. Brady, district
is   a
Stonewall Jackson; if tempted to tern
porize and imagine that success cai
come by playing fast and loose
principle, study the life of (lie
Hebrew   captive   Daniel.    Here
story of unswerving fidelity to principle, in spite of tlie plots of the envious nobles and royal decrees.
As a rule men do not wrong from
tho love of Wrong lining, bill rather
because they sep something Of profit
or pleasure in the result of wrong
doing, it should lie re-assurlng to'
those who are making sacrifice for
righteousness, to find Unit ii is ex- •
pedlenl to do right.
While sometimes the path ot v|r
tue seems difficult, fidelity apparent!
fails of Immediate reward, ami seem
worth, violins. Master Frank Hoy.
Piano. Mr. K. T. Cooper, saxophone.
A quartette composed of Messrs. J. M.
Clark. H. Hlnton. J. L Palmer aud
F, A. Williams rendered two very acceptable quartettes.
o the Impossibility of conducl-
! operation by signal, as Ihe
11 hud to be done under cover
of darkness, a syslem of liming the
operation was decided upon. To show
how perfectly the scheme worked, the
speaker said thai the "Vln.HrtlviV*
which with tho "Daffodil" aud the
"Iris" were to land their men oil the
Mole al midnight, actually landed the
first man nf one minute after twelve.
The plan of campaign was to so attract tho garrison on Ihe Mole that
the three ships that it was proposed
bo sink in the canal at Zeehrugge
could slip in behind the fortification
unnoticed. To accomplish this simultaneous attacks were to he inude hy
ihe ships and the air men. The vessels approached under cover ot a
smoke screen, bul when within three
hundred yards of the Mole tho wlno
shifted, exposing the ships. On ae-
•ount oi the running tide great (infinity was experienced iu making a
ending on lhe Mole, but this was done
it about fifteen minutes, and the laming parly had Ihe three large guns on
the end of iIip Mole silenced, thereby
three ships lo pass un-
I. H. Benson of Nelson spent I
of   days   in   town   during   tin
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Govt.)
Maternity nud  lleneral Nursing
Terms Moderate
MRS. A. CRAWFORD,  Matron.
Garden Avenue     - Phone 2Bt
Brew a cup of Celery King
j a "tea" of Nature's own herha ami
roots, —-the finest laxative ami
i blood purifier you can get ltgent*
I lycleaniea the system of all Inv
I purities, banishes headaches, etc.
80oand60cpackages, ntdruggliU.
A Croupy Cough
lull Line of Wall Taper
In Stock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Phone 409 at nil hours
(HAMIIIOUK     .    ■    .    B.C.
Kwong Chung
11 Armstrong Avenue
Opposlto w. D. Hill's
PlrBt Class  Work Guaranteed.
brings dread to the mother's heart.
For safety's sakei k.-.-p a bottle
of Shiioh, tho old time remedy, at
hand. A very few drops makes
thecougli easier atones, and taken
regularly given complete relief.
30c, 60c and *1 20   All druggists,
"Pape's Dlapepsln" Corrects
Sour, Upset Stomachs
at Once
'papo'sTJiapppsIn-' Is the quickest,
surest relief for Indigestion, gnses. flat
ulencc, heartburn, sourness, fermentation or stomach distress cnuBed by
acidity. A tew tablets glvo almost
Immediate stomach relief. Correct
your stomach and digestion now for a
few cents. Druggists sell millions of
Telephone 03 IMI. Box 21(1
Towrlss & Adams
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
( ItANItltOOk, IM\
Miss Olive Meek spent a few flays
wiih her parents In Fernie.
R Holbrook, better known as "Ho
by." left tor Portland, Oregon, on the
98rd, where be Intends to reside with
bis parents.
The Dorr Lor Camp closed down
lust week, I-ors were supplied from
ihis i-atnp to ibe Baynes Lake Mill,
and It Is reported thnt the mill will
be closed.
\ fovir horse team and sleigh look
down 23 Blkoltes to the dance on Saturday evening at the pulp mill site
at McNnb. A very good time was
The whist drive held In lhe Community Hall on Friday evening was a
huge sure ess. It wns followed by
Lunch and a ennrert. supplied by local
The O.N.  Railway are fixing the
depot, platform, etc.. and It Is rumored
that the agent from Baynes boko will
open np an office here In the near
fni nre.
The transformer for the East Koot
onay Power Company has arrived, ami
is ull ready m be installed.
Mr. 8. M. U Norton, late of Dorr. Is
visiting Klko and Fernie for a few
Mr. J. M, McKeiuie of Vancouver
watt In Klko nn Monday-
Mr. Archie Corrie was in town between trains on Monday.
Since the shut down at Dorr suveral
bush old timers have heen seen In
Klko, amongst whom were 111k Arcbln
Carrie, J. D, Grant. D. Delany and
several others of great renown.
Mr. S. D. H. Pope and I.. St. Elmo
Pearco were in Pernio over the weekend.
Miss Edith Cartllflge Is spending n
few days with her parents In Fernie.
K. l.unn Is busy renovating the dry
I rood* pact «e M» Mm; Mi wUt I*
this it w
lock  of
ivi.lt. do
it  is considered that  to do
is necessary for the landing
scale twenty  feet  from  the
the ship to the top of the
a tour feel to one ledge, then
►ver a wire railing n drop ot sixteen
eel 'o the Mole proper, the difficulty
if the performance te apparent.
Two ol ihe ships were successful
u  reaching their objective point   in
he canal.   One got tangled up In a
submerged   screen,   hut   got   to   the
noulh of the canal, where her crew
blew the bottom out of her. and while
tol   in  the canal the location  proved
tqually fiood. us the silt, collecting
round her. obstructed the whole pns-
A greal deal could also lie said re-
*ardlng tbe heroic action of the others and men of ibe various parties
.onnected with the blockade.
After considering the matter almost
three months Judge Thompson has nt
last handed out a decision In the appeal taken by Konrad Wlgen against
the line Imposed on him for selling
out fires without a permit last July.
Tho Judge upholds (he decision of
MngjBtrate Mallandalne who tried the
case early lasl fall, when n line of $10
and costs wus Imposed.
Creston Review.
stall u restaurant
lOr in tbe same.
and ice cream par
Miss Edna QallagUer of Fernt.
spending a few days In Klko and at
the Ingram Ranch.   She has been In j the year
training al the Call Hospital at Loth-
the Board considerable worry because
nr the fear thai it will noi be complete in lime for the opening of the
Banff-Windermere Road, Mr. Brady.
district engineer, assures us the road
and new bridge over the Kootenay
river ut the mouth of Sheep Creek,
will be completed In plenty of time
to lake care of the heavy traffic that
will come this way this year. This
inversion will cross the river al Wasa
aud follow the west bank of Ihe Kootenay north to Sheep Creek, where it
Will cross back to tlie east side and
connect with the present road at
Sheep Creek. It will eliminate a*.l of
ihe hills and bad crooked road between Wasa aud Sheep Creek on the
present route, anilwill pass through
some of the finest scenery lu tbo
The main road west between Moyle
ind Vahk was in almost Impassable
.'ouditiou last year when the Board
interested Itself in the matter, nnd
assisted in securing a special grunt,
which enabled Mr. Brady to put it into
fairly Rood condition. But it Is hoped
that another special grant will be
made this yeur to complete the work
properly. The new road around Moyie
Lake Is completed and is wonderful.
The road cast Is lu excellent shape
excepting that piece between Rampart
and Arnolds. It Is desirable to have
this piece changed over to the east
side of tbe C. P. R„ which will Rive
a much belter grade and cut out two
very bad crossings. It is hoped that
ibis may lie accomplished this year.
Mr. Brady assures us that he always
is glad to have our recommendations
and assistance at all times. We appreciate this expression und can assure him that we are ready at all
times to render such aid us we can.
Mining lias shown some Improvement. Tbe location of 07 mineral and
10 placer claims have been recorded,
ind assessment work amounting to
$28*350.00 has also been recorded at
'be local office.
Tbe greal Sullivan Mine at Kimberley Is continuing Its big output. It
shipped 8,926 tons of lead, 349,830 tons
ar zinc and 2,089 tons of Iron ore.
making a total of 360,845 tons, or 7,217
cars, equal lo S01 trains of twenty
cars each. Wages paid for mining
.mounted to $474,740.00. For supplies
mil expenses for mining $590,100.00;
and for labor and supplies for the big
concentrator, crusher building and
ire bins at the tunnel $750,000.00.
making the huge total of $1,814,840.00.
They have employed over 800 men, bul
now, on account of the weather, this
number has been reduced.
Quite an Improvement In the lumber market was shown during 1922,
In the district there were ifi mills in
operation producing over 1,000,000 ft.
per day, and employing about 2,500
men. The monthly pay roll was about
$105,000.00. In addition to the lumber
largo quantities of ties, props, piles,
poles, posts. lord wood, pulp wood and
grain doors were shipped out. The
value of the totul production was
$4,O!i2,54S.O0. Estimating the value of
a car load ol $600, which Is high, it
would make 8.185 cars, or 40!i train
of 20 cars each.
Much credit is due the local officials
ol the C. P. R. for the excellent freight
service rendered, there being no
shortage of cars at any time during
and J. S. Alexander, acting
menl Agent tor Information
and used in this report.
I also wish to thank the M
mgtneer, A. it Swaoson, former c P. R agent
Govern- here, but since October last located
supplied! as despatcher at Ruby Creek, and
making hi* home with the family at
iviir audi Buniaby. Is buck at Sirdar, where lie
Council lor their support
past year, and fe«l sure tin
ell will assist us in ever
possibly can.
during the! win be located permanently as sue-
new Coun- lessor to C, M. Goodman, who is trans*
way they ferred to Lumherton.
Creston   Review
ni:s< itirnuv Ofc" BOOKS*   il) The >*w tVaefg
Manual   (enlarged  edition)—a  tondensed  mcyclo* 4 |
puedia  of  practical   Information   for  the  general *
farmer,    stockman,   dull > man,    poult ryman.   fruit
grower, etc.   25G pages.    i2i   The Family Herald
Conk Book—Scientific but non-technical.   (3> lOtl of
the Best Song*.—A rare collection of old favorites.
(4)   Singing  Game*'' Indispensable  for  children's
parties,    lot    Sitnduv   Album   of  Sacred   Song—
A comprehensive collection of popular and classical
sacred sona^.
Extraordinary Clubbing Offer
By special arrangement we are offering The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal and
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I The Family Herald' and Weekly Star is a com
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All Orders must lie sent to The Cranbrook Herald
Yoft Sav*
Mr. (!. T. Ordish «f Kalispel, Mnnt..
mil bin two famous cougar dogs, left
Blko Wednesday morning for a few
days' bunt in the Wigwam district.
Ordish Id tho man who six years ago
i sent for and captured the cougar
that caused so much tumble at Stanley Park.   Watch for results upon Ida
IC It. Ma
Mini and Tom RJ, Downey,
with the (
l'. u. Forestry Branch al
were   Klko  visitors  Tiles-
Mr. Rob. 13. SntiR »ni! A. Martin ot
Crattbroolt wore In Klko looking for
bus!nos8 between trains on Tuesday.
Mr. J. !•'. Webster wuh alno In on
loft   oi
Warden Tlinmas of ('ranbrook
t   Tuusdur'n   train   for   t'ran-
The railway business In a bin la.-
tor in tho commercial life ol thia city
and district, the average number ot
employees on lhe cranbrook Division
nf tbe ('. P, II. being 666 with a monthly pay roll ot $1*5.000. 1 am informed
tho Company anticipate expanding
11168,000 till" year on Improvements
lu Ibe Cranbrook Division.
1 regrel thai 1 was unable to pro-
anre any data on the agricultural production of the district, but believe that
all of the vegetables and a lorsc quantity of grains and hay used were pro-
luced here. With Irrigation we
mould bo able to supply our own retirements aocl have a surplus for
A large portion of the meat used
was produced in the district. 1 was
unable lo cot this data In time for
to-night, but will have them later.
Our illy nnd district are well sup-|
piled with schools, In the city wej
have one eicellent high school with
r. teachers and 107 pupils, thru pub-1
Ik aatuwU with. IT uettkan aaut Ml
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family Herald * Weekly Star
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1 Cranbrook, B.C.
mk ■■*%' niifr *.JH ii»*V
■aV *»*«fll PAOE SIX
Friday, March 2, 1023
Boy Scouis
Benefit Concert
at the
Star Theatre, March 19 & 20
City Items of interest
Insure with Beale & Elwell.
+   +   +
One  Special   Six  Studebaker;   one
live  passenger  McLaughlin,  in  perfect condition.    A real good buy.
+    +    t*
John Toiler, manager of the Green-
hill hotel, Blalrmore, has severed his
connection with the house, und may
go Into business at Fernie. Ills brother, Gordon, is tlio new manager of
tho GreenhilI. -Fertile Free Press.
+    +    +
Fred Woodland, C.P.R. fireman, wus
admitted to the Golden hospital on
Sunday morning suffering from pneumonia. His condition wns such that
his mother wus summoned from Cranbrook, arriving Monday evening. A
brother, Bert, from Revelstoke, is al
here. At the time of going to press
his condition was reported much improved.—Golden Star.
+    +    +
Miss Ethel Clapp underwent an operation for appendicitis at the hospital this week, and Is now reported to
be doing well.
+   +   +
We have In a Full Line of Winter
Rubbers, and—
Our low  prices win every time.
+    +    +
A safety deposit box with Beule &
Elwell means absolute security for a
nominal individual fee.
+   +    +
Those who attended the sacred concert given by the choir of the Methodist Church about three weeks ago
will bo pleased to note the announcement in another column of "A Special
Song Service" to he given In the
same Church at. tho close of the regular evening service on Sunday next.
This will lie well worth attending.
5,01)0  MEN
to try our meals at the new cafe.
All white help.   Opposite depot.
hill coarse meals .'f",e,
A trial  will convince you.
ruder   the   management   of
t-iic a  Returned   Han a Trial.
The annual meeting of tbe Cranbrook District Rod and Gun Club will
be held at the city hall, next Thursday evening, March 8th, at eight
o'clock. A large attendance is requested. 1
+   +   +
Mrs. H. Brock returned home mi
Tuesday of this week from the hospital.
+■   +   +
We have in  stock  a full  line of
Women's,   Men's,   Girls',   Boys'   and
Children's Shoes.   Our stock Is complete and—
Our low  prlceB win every time.
+    +    +
Mrs. G. Steveley, of this city is a
patient ut the hospital at present.
+   +    +
Mrs.  Artlius   Webster of  this  city,
who has been a patient at the hospital, is reported to be improving.
+ + +
A defect which developed iu the wiring system wus responsible for the
fire alarm last Saturday morning, at
the homo of Mr. aud Mrs. Thos. Cnv-
en. The place was filled with smoke
and a celling blackened up, but the
damage was slight. On Thursday evening there was another cull, to 115
Clark Avenue, the residence of Mrs.
Barnliardt, where a chimney fire was
tho cause of the excitement. There
was no damage In this instance either. People are reminded that this te
the time when the chimneys should
be given attention. After Ihe heavy
winter fires this is the time when a
little time spent in prevention would
be worth a lot.
(Over Club Cata)
Portraits & Amateur Finishing   Done   by  Expert Photographer
Watch for Later Announcement
nro only one of Ihe good things
offered here.
When yon tee lhe enko, pa«-
try, rolls anil hrend from
you will understand why n |»
lhat bo many good housekeepers
nay Mint It docs not pay to trouble with home linking.
Hive us n trlnl order.
I'liono r>4
Mrs. Finlayson, holder of Senior
Certificates from tho Royal Academy
of Music. London, England, will give
lessons on pianoforte and violin at
pupils' homes.   Sub phone. 49-61
+   +    <
Wo repair hot water bottles, rubber
footwear,  in  fact anything made of
rubber.—-WIlson'B Vulcanizing Works,
Baker Street, 30tf
+   +   +
Mrs. N, A. Walllnger will play the
violin  with   the   Rookie  Four  Dance
Orchestra at future engagements, it
Is announced by R. \V. Edmonson. On
Friday of this week they are booked
' to play at a dance at Banyes Lake, j
' and a week following at a basketball
; dance at Waldo.     They ure also en-
j gaged for   a   St. Patrick's dance at
Kimberley on the night of the 16th.
On Friday night of last week, Feb-
I riiary 23rd. the Rookie Four were at
I Ward tier, where a very largely atten-
| ded dance was held    at   the Crows
Nest Lumber Company's hall, the biggest event for many months at Warrt-
. tier.
1 + + +
Beale  &  Elwell,   steamship   ngents
for the best lines to Europe.
+   +   +
With the work of the demolition of
the old curling ronk rapidly proceeding, and the arrival of the bandstand
from Its old location near the government building to Its new position to:
part of the park scheme, work on thai j
'! project Is taking more definite shape.
I Since It was decided to prosecute the
■ scheme with all due vigor, lt is pro-
; bable that this coming season will see
'some real tangible steps taken In
I development of tho beauty spot ultl-
! mately planned In the heart of the city.
Now Is the lime to have your Rugs
and Carpets dry cleaned. 24 hour
Bervlce. 9 x 10 $1,60; 10 x 12 $2.00.
Phone Willis. 167, Cranbrook Cleaners
nnd Dyers. 1 -1
4- + +
The Fernie School Board is calling
for tenders for the erection of a four
roomed addition to Its Central School,
to be built of brick. Tenders are to
be in bv the Uth of March.
+ + +
Fred Perry, of Fertile, has been in
the city this week on court work. Hi
was successful iu getting on the Han
sard staff at Ottawa by exnminntioi
recently, nud is on cull to take up
that work. It Is not his intention io
give up bis work In this district, as he
only plans to spend the time of the
session nl Ottawa when he goes to
take up tho work with Hansard.
. Local nm.
Don't Forget Hie Big Symphony Con-
vurt in Hie Star to-night at 8 sharp.   1
Mrs. George Hogarth aud Mrs. M.
Forrest were Cranbrook boosters at
tbo hockey gamed In Nelson. Mlaa
Phyllis Small of Creston also lueom
pauled them.
Mr. und Mrs. O, S. Frlzzull were visitors this week at the home of their
daughter Mrs. Roht. Potter. While
here thoy bud the pleasure of renewing many old acquaintances, Mr. Friz
zell having been in business in the
old days at Fort Steele. They are now
making their home in Spokane.
Don't forgot St. Mary's Ladies' Tea
tbo 17th of March.
Saturday,   March   the
Day at Weston's Storo.
Talmadge In "The Eternal
Buster    Keaton    In    "The
Blacksmith," at the Star to-night.
Your dollar Is worth two hundred
cents on March the 10th at n. Weston's Store. 1
E. C Doner, of this city has rec
ently purchased lhe W. C. Wilson rcs<
Idcnco, but does not take possession
till tho summer.
The case of the Crown against T
Shlmoyama, a Japanese from Ward'
per, charged with unlawful wounding
was tried before His Honor Judge
Thompson on Thursday. The affray
look place as a result of a card game
.ii Wardnor on Sunday morning last.
Tho accused was found guilty of common assault and was lined $50. The
case against P. Paul was dismissed
by His Honor Judge Thompson.
Mr. J. C. Harper of Calgary arrived
In tbe city from Calgary on Monday
last to take over the management of
the P. Woods meat market. Mr. Hat*
per Is an experienced meat man. having been connected with the retail
trade iu Cnlgary ami other Alberta
cities for a number of years. Mr.
Harper's family will poin him as soon
as satisfactory arrangements can be
Canada's own
From Glengarry.
picture,   "The   Man
Star Monday and
Dr.. Wilson Herald, ear, nose and
throat specialist, will be In Cranbrook
March 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and can be
consulted at tbe Hospital. 52tl
Mrs. S. Drummond, of Cranbrook,
who has beep visiting her daughter,
Mrs. F. Denlson, returned home on
Wednesday.—Fertile Free Press.
Mrs. Oliver, of Nelson, waa a visitor In the city last week for a day or
two, a guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. L.
Palmer. She returned to her home
on Friday.
P. W. Sheffield, public school principal of Fernie, was a visitor In the
city on Saturday last, paying an official visit as representative for tbe B.
C. Teachers' Federation for this district. He met the local teachers In
a conference at the Central School on
Saturday afternoon.
Thos. Bates and R. P. Johnson re !
turned on Friday to Kingsgate, nftcr
attending the funeral of the late Mrs.
Bates. They were guests of .Mr. an*
Mrs. H. E. Jecks while here, and Mrs
Johnson is remaining in the city for
a while longer.
A very pleasant evening was spenl
mi Tuesday of last week In honor of
Miss I. V. Beech at the home of her
parents, cards and music being enjoyed by a number of young people.
Dainty refreshments were served,
bringing to a close a very enjoyable
line. Miss Beech left on Wednesday
to visit wiih friends at Kellog, Idaho.
At tho closing session of the W. M.
8. Prosbyterial of the Presbytery of
Kootenny, which met Inst week at
Creston. Mrs. E. W. MacKay of this
city, was chosen president for the coming wear, and Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon one of the vice-presidents. Mrs.
A. J. Balment was appointed recording secretary nnd Mrs. H. White treasurer.
"Back Home and Broke" with Thomas Meighan Is one of the season's
Six Best Pictures. Star, Wednesday
und Thursday, March 7 aud S. 1
W. C. Adlaid has been confined to
the house for some days lately, a bad
attack of the prevalent bad cold being
Your dollar has a lot of power on
March the 10th at B. Weston's Store. 1
Let Harold Lloyd as Dr. Jack prescribe for that grouch. Star, Friday
and Saturday, March 9 and 10.
Lieut. Col, J. Ross Napier, Inspector
of Qovernment Agencies for British
Columbia arrived In the city on Tuesday evening and left Thursday for
Victoria. Whllo In Cranbrook he made
the official transfer of the Qovernment Agency from the Acting Agent
J. S. Alexander, to the new appointee,
Mr. F. A. Small. Mr. and MrB. Alexander left for the Coast on Thursday.
To reduce our laying stock to the
number our summer quarters will accommodate we will soil any number
of Btandard bred White Leghorn pullets up to 600 birds. These birds are
laying now and in first class condition. Will consider exchanging for
fresh milk cow or one coming fresh
within two weeks.—The Brown Poultry Ranch, Box 703, Cranbrook.     1-2
It will be worth your while to be
at B. Weston's Store on Dollar Day,
Saturday, March 10th. 1
Always Men Available For Odd
Jobs Around the House
Or Garden
With the splendid weather of the
past week and the rapidly disappearing snow, spring is nearly here
This Is the season of the year when
all prudent housewives are making
plans for the annual clean-up, not
only from cellar to attic, but in the
back yard and around the garden plot
there are a hundred and one things
to be done. Trimming the trees and
shrubs, and preparing the flower beds
for the seed, tidying up the lawn and
around the outside of the house generally.
The importance of securing good
help for this work should not be overlooked. This problem can be easily
and satisfactorily solved by calling
up the steward at the Q.W.V.A., who
can send you men who may be employed by the hour, day, or week. No
lob too small, nor too large. No matter what It Is in the shape of work,
just    phone
the    steward    at    the
We have Just received from
the    manufacturer    another
shipment of the popular
In the long drops and circlets.
Also Aqua, Amethyst, Onyx,
Pearl and Sapphires, in Silver, Qold and Gold Filled
Prices from $1.50 to 110.00.
The Jeweler
Followed by about ono hundred of
his countrymen the remains of Lee
Him, the Chinaman whose death was
announced last week, were laid to
rost on Sunday last In the local cemetery, following a service in the Chinese Masonic Hall, of which the deceased was a member.
Tlie funeral procession, consisting
of about twenty cars, made its way]
to the cemetery by a circuitous route
to the burial grounds, and along the.
route a party from one of the cars
scattered paper along the way, the
design being to misguide any evil ■
spirit that might be following in pursuit. At the graveside the ceremony
was performed by the Masonic chaplain. Here a feature was the burning
of a heap of money. According to the
wealth of the friends of the deceased
and the esteem In which he is held',,
the greater is the heap. The currency
Is purchaseable at the local Chinese',
merchants, and consists of pieces of
brown paper about 16 Inches by 9.
covered by a thin piece of yellow tissue, in the centre of which Is deposited a two inch square of silver leaf,
which denotes a certain value in
China. They are sold at three for
25 cents, the number burnt on Sunday costing the friends of the deceased about $50.00. The burning of|
the money Is supposed to appease the
anger of the evil demon and secures
peaceful repose for the spirit of the
Mr. Sam Ylck, a cousin of the deceased, aays his estate amounted to!
about $1,000, which will be sent to hit
wife and two children.
Time To
Think About
Wo have just received a nice assortment of Brussels
Rugs of nice quality, and the prices are considerably
Our Spring Shipment of Linoleums has arrived.
Included in this lot aro some nice patterns in twelve
fool widths, also the six foot widths.
We invite you to call and see these Linoleums and Hugs
and get our prices.
Our Stock of
Bedding & Furniture
of all kinds is very complete, and lhe prices are very
much reduced.
P. Woods Meat Market
XOIIIIl IM   AVENITE   (Opposite Old Kink)
TAKE NOTICE Hint all our Bee' la tint Choicest that fan he had
Phone ('alls Given Special Attention
Watch this apace for Week-End Specials
I     Phone 524
J. C. Harper
Phone 524
.1. Fred Spauldlng, of Fernie. the e»-
srgetic fomniiftloner for the Tourist
Association of Southern Alberta ntiil
B.C., was In Ihe city fnr it couple of
days nt the beginning of ibe week,
and attended tbe bonrd of trade meeting on Monday evening. On Tuesday
be was n finest of the Rotary Club al
their weekly luncheon, lie is busy
collecting information mul other data
for ihe 1088 advertising campaign bis
organisation is putting on.
BIG 22
Armstrong Avenue
When   In   need   of   Furniture,
Stoves, or Kitchen Utonstls
■I piece Mluary Suite
8 piece Dining Room Suite
Wicker Chairs and Hookers
Trunks und Salt Cases
A return basketball game wns play-
od at tbe Recreation Club gymnasium
Wednesday evening between the Cran
brook and Wycliffe basketball men's
teams, Cranbrook winning 34 to 20.
The game was fast throughout, although somewhat rough In spots the
players of both teams showing a leniency to body check too much.
Cranbrook took the lead early In
the first half and never lost It, the
score at half time being 22 to 10 In
their favor.
The play In the second half was
more even, but the Cranbrook defense
held out, tlie Wycliffe players scoring
fdilefly on free penalty throws.
A. Gill and V. Woodman starred for
the winners, the former especially
with his shooting, while Beaton checked Steve Clarke, Wycliffe redoubtable
forward, to a standstill. Young aud
Jones showed up well for the losers.
Throughout the Cranbrook boys had
the superior combination.
W. C. Wilson and J. M. Clark as ref-
oree and Judge of play conducted
the game In a very efficient manner.
A concert to be given as a Boy
Scout Benefit Is being arranged, and
Is to he presented at the Star Theatre
on Monday and Tuesdny, March 19
nnd 20. Some very promising local
juvenile talent Is being worked into
shape, and full particulars as to the
program will probably bo available
next week. The Boy Scout executive
committee are meeting Friday evening
to complete the arrangements.
A quiet wedding took place at the
Methodist Parsonage last Tuesday
evening, when George Dlmor was united in marriage to Miss Stefana Tov-
Ick, both of Kimberley.
Mr. Dlmor 1b popular with a wide
circle of acquaintance locally through
his relation to Klmberley'B first class
restaurant, and the Herald joins their
many friends in wishing the happy
couple a long and very prosperous
voyage over the matrimonial sea.
Applications will be received by the undersigned
up to and including the 12th instant, to Oil the
position of City Superintendent for this City, who
will be capable of talcing complete charge of the
Electrical Department, aud the Streets, Sewers and
Water Systems.
Applicants will please state, experience, qualifications asd salary required.
i City Clerk.
(Continued from Pane one)
9250 per month.
Electrical liopartment:  Mr. O.
Salary $150 per month.
Meter  Header,  limine  wlreman, nnd
general electrician:  W. A. Burton.
Salary baaed on the rate of 60 0.
per hour.
Ivloctrlcal   Department:   TIioh.  Drew,
Snlary 1150 per month.
J. G. Chllds. Salary baaed on the
rate of GO cenln per hour.
Wnter and Sewer Department: Wal
ter Soden, foreman of sewer and
water works.   IHO per month.
Public Works Department:  A. Tito.
employee nt the rate of 50 cents per
H. Noyes, 50 cents per hour.
Fire Chief: Geo. W. Recce. |130 per
In charge of Are truck: John H. Mc-
Clure, $125 per month.
Assistant  Driver:   Richard Simpson:
$115 per month.
The committee also took up the val-
untion of the lots held by the city
for turn About fifty ot Umm were
considered and rallies decided upon.
These will be advertised In the local,
papers I
John Manning
— * .
Oranges, per dozen   40c, 50c, 60c and Wc
Apples, per box  From $1.75 lo *M5
Fresh Rhubarb, per lb  $n(.
Nice Dry Potatoes, per cwl  fl.»5
If you would enjoy a good meal
Try Moore's Cafe
Only White Help Employed
Baker Street      I'linne »?!>
Opposite P. Burns & Co.
We pay tbe best prices going for alt
kinds    of   furniture.     Wa buy any*
thing from a moose trap to an automobile.
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
WAITED —Small cottage, or housekeeping rooms, furnished or partly
furnished.   Phone 143. 62tf
FOR SALE—Beautiful D. B. shot gun
by Greener, as good as new, In leather case; cost 40 guineas, will accept $160. Almost new double keyboard Remington typewriter, No. 10
visible, $66. G. C. H. Coleman, Windermere, B.C. 62-1
WANTED—Work for boy 15 years of
age, In town preferred. Telephone
470. 52tf
WANTED — Olllces to clean, or any
kind of work. ti. Leltner, Armstrong Avenue.   Phono 104.       62tf
TO RENT—Two single rooms. Apply
Paulson House, Mrs. A. l.otltter,
Armstrong Avenue. Phone 104.   Witt
WANTED — Tomn chunky bay innri-s,
C to 7 years, aboul :t.*)00 His., free
from vtro, guaranteed broodvH, and
hacked hy vot's. certificate or soundness. (1. 0. II. Coleman, Winder-
more, D. C. 62-1
Phono 114.
room   for
Stndlot  117 Armstrong Avenue
Opposite Telephone Building Phone 142
WANTED—We wish to purchase for
spot cash at market price two good
milk cows, fresh within past thirty
days. Brown Poultry Ranch, P.O.
Box 703. Cranbrook. Hit
WANTED —Help for general housework. Apply Mrs. Fred W. Adolph,
Baynes Lake, B.C. 61-1
FOR SALE—One Savage 303, and one
Lee Endcld rifle.   B. Weston.
TO RENT—Three rooms. Can be used
for housekeeping. 209 Dewar Avenue. 4811
4WANT»DTOBOY-Webuyfuri.   B.


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