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Cranbrook Herald Oct 21, 1915

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Array *
Jury at Fernie Discharges Man Charged With the Murder of Sam
Watson—Congratulated by His Many Friends-
Jury Disagrees in Johnson Case
Tbe fall asalxcH opened at Fernie
Monday morning with Chief Justice
Hunter presiding. Sherwood l lurch-
mer, of Fernie, watt crown prosucu-
tor. About thirty people were called from ('ranbrook, both as witness*
ea and Jurymen.
The grand Jury am win ted of Thomas
Uphill, Jacob F. Fink, Thomas
Roberta, Robert M. Young, Myles
Ariel Beale, Qeorge U. Jewell, John
L. tlaU'H, J. 1). Quail, Edward K.
Stewart, Frederick Ulnmore, Qeorge
Cody and Petor R. Lundle. True bills
were brought lm In the four criminal
cases beforo the court. Tho grand
jury presented the following report
and recommendation: "The grand
Jury haB visited the public buildings,
-fix., public school, Jail and the city
hall, and find these buildings in excellent condition and suitable for the
requirements and capably looked
after. The grand Jury recommends
that a prison for the district ot Fcrnie and Cranbrook be established at
some point convenient to both with an
experimental farm connected therewith for all cases originating In these
districts wherein Imprisonment now
takes place at Nelson, The reasons
for this are to reduce the excessive
cost ot transportation to Nelson and
to provide for the districts ln which
the cases originate, the benefits derived from prison labor and to afford
labor of such a nature as would be
beneficial not only to the communities
in question! but to -the prisoners
Chief Justice Hunter commended
the men on their recommendation and
said it would be placed before the
proper authorities.
Another recommendation was to
the effect that all cases originating in
the Cranbrook dietriet be tried at
Cranbrook. This recommendation
did not fare so well as the one above
After being on trial for two days st
the Femle criminal assizes, Hugh McOill, of this city, charged with the
murder of Samuel Q. Watson, stepped
from the court Tuesday afternoon at
4.30 a free man. He arrived in the
city Wednesday, accompanied by John
Bird and Qeorge Couldwell, members
of the Ancient Order ot Foresters,
who have been looking after thc case
on behalf of that order. The case
has been followed by Cranbrook
people closely, the keenest interest
being manifested throughout When
McOill arrived in Cranbrook a large
number of friends were at the train, j
probably one hundred, who warmly I
shook his hand and congratulated i
blm on being set free.
Not guilty, was the unanimous ver-1
diet of the Jury which has been listen
ing to the evidence in the murder case
before the assizes court at Fernie
since Monday afternoon.
The accused, Hugh McOill, of Cranbrook, was put upon trial for hla life
charged with the murder, on September 15th last at the McOill home in
Cranbrook, of Samuel Watson, a young
man of about twenty-five years of age
who had been sustaining Improper
relations with McOlll's wife for more
than a year.
The case drew the Interest of a
whole district, owing to the circumstances surrounding the tragical ending of the young roan's life, and the
standing of McOill as well as the respect felt for the parents of young
Watson. The Crown, represented by
Sherwood Herchmer, undertook to
prove that McGlll was the aggressor
ln the fight which took place on the
verandah of the McGlll home on the
fateful 15th of September.
The defense, conducted by Mr. A. I.
Fisher, showed that Watson had been
unlawfully Intimate with Mrs. McGlll,
and that McGlll, upon finding out the
state of affairs, reported the facts to
the chief of police, with a request that
Watson be kept nway and warned to
that effect This was done, but Watson did not heed the warning, and
made threats as to what he would do
to McOill If he undertook to interfere
with htm.
McGlll was an employee ot the C.P.
R. at the machine shops and lt happened that he waB changed from day
shift to night shift on the 15th, which
was an unexpected occurrence, in consequence of which McGlll was at home
on that afternoon when Watson came
to the house and knocked on the door.
Instead of meeting MrB. McOill, as was
his evident expectation, he was met at
thc door by McGlll himself who wanted to know "what the devil he wanted
Watson answered by striking at McGlll with a whip crop which he was
carryin* atid, JJcGi]! stated that he
went at Watson with his fists, striking
hlm and causing him to fall against
a post of the verandah. The young
man sustained a fracture of the skull
over the temple and there were two
otlier wounds upon the head and face.
Dr. King stated that he had examined the deceased both before and after death and thought the fracture of
tho skull might have been the result
of a blow of a blunt instrument, and
on cross-examination admitted that It
might have been done ln some other
No evidence wns produced by the
crown to show that McOill had any
weapon, other than his fists, and rested its case largely upon the theory
that the wounds found on the body
could not have been Inflicted by fist
blows or by contact with the post.
Mr. Fisher spoke tor twenty minutes
making a powerful appeal for his
client and received the applause of the
spectators ln the court room, which,
of course, wbb promptly silenced by
the sherirf.
Mr. Herchmer occupied but ten mln-
iit'M In stating the case of the crown,
und was also applauded- His Lordship, Chief Justice Hunter, ln charging the jury, waa explicit and Impartial  occupying fifteen minutes.
The jury were out half an hour and
returned with a verdict of not guilty.
In discharging the accused his lordship congratulated him and expressed
the hope that he might be able to
live down the dark shadow which had
been cast across his domestic life, and
also hoped the untimely ending of the
life of young Wat&on would serve as
a lesson to others regarding the breaking up of thc homes of other people.
When released McGlll received tlie
applause of the crowd and the hearty
congratulations of many friends who
had watched every phaue of the case.
It was, perhaps, the most dramatic
ending of any trial ever held In the
F*>rnie court and the verdict is approved by everybody.
The names of the Jury are ac follows: Foreman, Thomas Beck, J. C.
Forbes, F. J. Brown, J, S. Corbett,
A. E. Fcrgeson, Wm. Allen, Alex. Cameron, J. W. Buchanan, S. J. Horton,
Thomas Hampton, D. J. Cody and
Frank Bean. The deceased, Samuel
Watson, was at the tlmo of his death
a member of the 54th battalion, stationed at Vernon, and was In Craubrook on a visit to his mother who
have the sympathy of the whole community in the sad ending of their son.
j Witnessed called from Cranbrook In
connection with this cose were Chief
iof Police Adams, Policeman Horace
| Venus, City Engineer Cummlngs, Dr.!
J. H. King, Mr. E. Y. Brake, Mr. Wil-
Ham Hayward and Mr. Isaac Burch.'
The charge of Indecent assault'
j against A. A. Johnson, manager of the
i Rex moving picture theatre, this city, i
j opened Wednesday morning and occupied two full days.    Most of the
evidence was shocking in the ex-;
, treme.   After hearing all the evidence
the jury disagreed, there being nine
j for acqultal and three for conviction.
The case will be held over until the
I spring assizes. Meanwhile Mr. John-
| son will languish ln jail unless ball j
j can be arranged.
Among the Cranbrook people in at-
tendance at Fernie ln connection with
thll case are Chief of Police Adams, ■
! Policeman Venus. Dr. J. H. King, |
I and others.
Y. M> C.  A.  Granted  Permission  to
(mi-h-net  Boulevard— Electric
Wiring Bylaw
The city council met in special ses-
Blon at tin: city hull on last Monday j
afternoon at 2.00 p.m. with the mayor
In the chair and aldermen Clapp, Bal-
ment and Leask present
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and on motion approved.
A letter *auk read from Sir Richard
McBride in reference to council's resolution in favor or n ku a ran tec to the
French's Complex Urc Reduction Co.
Letter was received und filed.
Tlie accounts of the finance committee wcre then presented and allowed as follows:
Uinnlng. II. J	
C. P. H. Telegraph 	
Cranbrook Electric- Light Co,
City Clerk's Sundries 	
C. P. K	
City Transfer * WaNillouBC..
Cope Ian d-Chattemm     20.40
Cranbrook steam Laundry .. fi.si!
City Transfer & Warehouse Co 11.40
Frame, R  14.00
Kootenay Telephone Linoe  .. 21.76
Manning, Ira, Ltd  100.83
McBride, J. D  9.30
F. Parks ft Co  18.51
Payrolls, schooi    18S0.57
City officials    ,*,02.fi0
Police dept  ;,2M0
Flre dept  255.60
Engineer     336.70
Parrett, T. N  3.25
Lajoie, Medley     4.76
Roblnson-McKonzle     5.80
Ward ft Harris    25.26
The accounts of ('. ('. Connolly nnd
A. Fairbairn were referred to the
city solicitor with Instructions to report at the next meeting.
Motion by Aldermen Balment and
Leask that the space of 3903 square
feet, more or leas, In front of the Ry.
Y. M. C. A. be leaned to tliem Tor
boulevard purposes for a term of *en
years and the mayor and clerk be
authorized to enter Into an agreement
to that effect carried.
Alderman Balment gave notice thnt
at the next meeting of thn city council '
he would Introduce a bylaw dealing
with electric wiring ln the city.
Council adjourned.
J Sherwood Herchemer is represent-
I ing the crown and Mr. A. I. Fisher is
| acting for the   defendant,    Johnson.
If TOIT Hav* m Idea to Help Save
the -Situation Bring It Along
With Yuu
As elsewhere intimated the market
question Is to be laid before the Farmers' Institute on Saturday at 2
In explanation of this the state of
affairs In tho matter ls about as follows:
The city paid the rental of building
to September Ut. The market committee managed to finance tt further
till the present time. The directors of
Farmers' Institute have agreed to
carry It to the end of this month, but
do not feel they would be justified In
Drop in
20 lb. nack 11.70
SO lb. sack 14.10
100 lb. sack 18.00
Per 100 l*>8 85c.
Br half ton $7.50
By the ton 114.00
Just arrived one car ot
Choice Alfalfa Hay. Call
and get our prices.
Fresh lot of apples:
Wealthles, Jonathans, etc.
Still $1.80 a box; half box
90c. Buy now before they
get higher.
4 lbs. for 25c.
Cranbrook Trading
doing more without express Instructions.
The market committee at the last
meeting some time back felt they
could not approach the council for
further assistance, as the market was
Hot getting sufficient support to encourage the city In giving it further
financial assistance.
Tlio question now is, do the farmers
themselves feel that they will make
sufficient use of It, now cold weather
I Is at hand, to pay for supporting It
. It is a matter of extremp regret to
the market committee and their
j friends In both council and Institute
; that the market has not obtained the
i support It should from either the pro-
j ducer or the eonrumcr. Other cities
i nre carrying on very successful mar*
| kets. witness Nelson, where tho market Is a real llve Institution, well pat-
ronliod on both sides of the counter.
Are tho ranchers here less alive than
In other places or ire the townspeople
ho well satisfied with the present state
of affairs that thoy have no desire to
help tho district to shed Its pioneer
aspect and become n real factor In
producing the agricultural wherewithal sufficient to supply Itself.
Certain It Is tho sources of support
on which the market rested In the
past are about exhausted, thc Institute Is In low-water and those who
worked hardest feel much dlscourag-
If you have nn Idea to give
away come out Saturday and bring It
with you.
A. B. Smith.
Poultry   Association   Decide  Matter
at Last Regular Meeting—Prlie
Lint Beady for the Printer
Tbe Cranbrook Poultry association
held their regular monthly meeting
Friday evening last in the council
chamber, when a large number of
P«ttrym#tt   turned  out     Preeldent
Palmer was In the chair.
The flrst business to come before
| the meeting was the purchase of feed.
Prices were submitted and on motion
requirements were to be turned In at
| once and executive Instructed to purchase wheat and or.ts in next few
Progress of executive on show preparation was reported. Classes were
j voted for song birds and pigeons for
(winter show.
Resolutions were also passed In reference to utility and egg and broiler
The executive reported tho prlzo list
practically complete, except specials
on which they are now engaged; also
thut they have agreed to purchase In
total one hundred exhibition coops.
Owing to tho lateness of the hour
Mr. Sheppard's paper was held over
till next meeting.
Public Market Will be Discussed .al
Meeting Saturday Afternoon
la City Hall
A general meeting of the Farmers'
Institute wil be held on Saturday,
October 23rd at 2 o'clock ln the council chamber. Several matters of business are to come up, among others the
question of the market will be up for
discussion, as to whether tt will Juss-
tify the Institute ln trying to carry It
over the next fortnight or so In hope
that cold weather wlll bring Increased
supplies and custom.
There will also be a paper on tho
"Theory and Practice of Plowing"
read and talks on the actual practice
of the same by one or two experienced
men In this work, an operation' that Is
the corner stone of all farming. It In
hoped a discussion wlll be opened up
that will be both Interesting and useful. This will be the laHt meeting
before the annual meeting and a
good attendance Is asked. Everybody
ta heartily vtkeaat.
('Miens Asked to Attend Meeting In
Ct!j Kail—Cranbrook Should
"Be l*reparedw
Every citizen is urged to attend the
meeting of the tioy Scouts Association
which Is called by the mayor at the
city hall next Monday evening. Parents of boys who are enrolled with the
Scoute should consider It their duty
to attend and see that an efficient
corps of officers are elected to conduct
tlie affairs of the Association. There
will be an election of officers, the naming of a good strong executive and the
formation of a permanent association.
The training of boys us it is undertaken by the Boy Scout movement Is
an important one in the lives of young
Canada and should he encouraged and
supported by all good citizens. Any
persons who have had previous experience with this movement or similar organizations are especially requested to attend and lend the benefit
of their experience.
The Cranbrook scouts have been Increasing in numbers under the direction of Scout Master Crebbln. They
now have their own elub house and
are all keenly Interested In the work.
Now is the time for the genera! public
to assist and help boost the work
along. The Scouts' motto Is, "Be Prepared". Crnnbrook should be prepared to give tho boys every opportunity for currying on their work with
Christ Church the Scene oi n  Yen
Interesting Ceremonj
Weil lies duy
Bright October sunshine greeted tin
nuptials Wednesday evening at Ave
o'clock of MlSS Dora Mary RuBcell,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell,
of unite worth, Hlugland, and one of
the most popular young ladles of
Crunbrook, and Mr. Donald Dell, • n-
glnoer In the employ of the Canadian
Pacific rullway, one of the moot popular young men in the employ of that
company operating on the Crow, Rev,
W. H. Bridge, rector ot Christ church,
performed the ceremony.
Promptly ut 5 o'clock, to the strains
of .Mendelssohn's wedding march,
played by Miss Mabel Wollman, the
hrldo entered the church on the arm
of Mr. Prank Sheridan. Sin* looked
charming in a stilt of navy blue with
liut to match, and wore white roses,
Miss Amy Lewis, a girl chum, who
attended na bridesmaid, looked very
pretty In a costume of navy blue, with
black picture hat, and like the brltlo.
also wore white roses.
Mr. James Davidson, a well known
and popular young man, (Supported
the groom.
Immediately after the ceremony tho
newly married couple held it recaption at their newly appointed and
beautiful home on Armstrong avenue.
A large number of Invited' guests won
present, where greetings and good
wishes wcre the order of tho day.
Both bride and groom ure gn at
favorites, the former Is u charming
girl and a very popular favorite In
Cranbrook. Thc groom lias boon a
reiildent of the city for a number of
years and Is exceedingly popular Willi
the railway boys, who are extending
hearty congratulations to him and his
bvautlful young bride.
The large number of present* received testifies to the popularity ui
Mr. and Mrs. Boll. The bridegroom's
present to the bridesmaid was a handsome coral ring, while the bride presented the groomsman with a tie pin
set with whole pearls.
Wedding gifts wero received from a
large number of frlonds, Including a
number from thc homo of the bride in
the old country. A partial list follows :
Miss Amy Lewis—Silver egg stand.
Mr. James Davidson—Sliver tea
Mr. Prank Sheridan—Cut glass
water set.
Mr. and Mrs. Hedley McLeod-—Casserole dish and brown Betty tea set.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Harry    Gammon
Carving set.
Miss Ada Gammon—Silver berry
spoon and salad fork.
Mr.  and Mrs.    G.    Morrison—Oak
j    Mr. and .Mrs.   11.  Baird-Silver nut j 	
howl. I    The "Crisis in B. C." for sale at the
Mr. aud  Mrs.  j.  Campbell—Linen I Herald office.   Price 6o.
■  I-. 	
Ir.  and  .Mrs.   D.  Ilerrlngton—Pair '    Some sperlal offerings will be placed
*-;iit and pepper shakers. 'on the market this week, hoping tor a
Mr. A. Raworth—Pair cut vases.      revival of interest
Mr. p, u   Rutley—Cut glass cream  ,.   ,,     , „ ..
gu        ge1 Carl   McNabb  left  the   Hrst  of  the
week for Medicine Hat, where he will
Messrs,  R. and B. Bartholomew^
bl atlon sugar bowl with
Mi un
,'allitce,   s.   McTavish.
nl   .1.   McOregor—Cut
Mr and MrB. A. Recsor—Silver butter dish.
Mi and Mrs. J. Russell (England)—
il  u i lold linen.
'■'"  and Mi    .1   ll   Kiddy (England)
Unen and oil painting,
Resident of flic Windermere District
In crested In Hie Forthcoming
Winter Show
The executive of the Poultry assoc-
lotion are working overtime with one]
end in view: to make the second!
w,nter show bigger and better than!
the tint Tuesday evening, the 19th. j
a meeting waa held, with all members
present, except tho show    secretary.
The show secretary had turned in
typed copy of prise list for review be-
fore going to printers. The orders for
rf booms and coops were passed, the
ribbons nre to be the official ribbons
of the American Poultry Association
\ letter from Pernio was reud statin-,- thai that association had changed
their eliott dates to December 7th and
8th, also Informing the executive that
Pernio reciprocated In all special
rules in prize lists and privileges.
\ communication from Inveruure
^1 o was read, requesting Information
■in association rules, etc., with a view
to u number of fanciers up there Joining:. The secretary was instructed to
write them, sending membership book
and other information and to express
tlie hone that wu shall see some birds
from them at the coming show.
We ran breathe freely at last. The
orops nre harvested.
f'rop questions are now reduced to
three: How many bushels? Can we
gi t them to market? Whut will be the
soiling price?
According to tbe official government
ri cords, thi*- year's crops surpass all
previous records. Wheat, as the following figures show, has made an immense increase.
Total Canadian
Vear. Wheat Crop.
Ifilfi     30S.S39.8OO
*!'l*     161.2SMOO
I-1-:!    231.717,000
L910-14   (average)    196,024,000
Perhaps it will be found that the official estimates are a trifle generous.
, run on the C, P. R. as brakeman.
j Buck Taylor has returned from a
: hunting trip in the Skookumchuck
country, where he rt ports game plentiful.
B. H. Patmore left today for Lethbridge, where he will be engaged for
the next two months at his trade of
steam fitter.
Dr. H. G. McKld, of Calgary, Alberta, was a visitor In the city Wednesday In connection with medical inspection of railway employees, there
being an adjustment of the agreements.
Miss Pownall. of Fisli Lakes, who Is
confined to St Bug. ni hospital
suffering with blond poisoning, is reported slightly improved today, although she Is In a precarious condition.
Mrs J. A. GUlla, of Calgary, a former resident of Cranbrook, spent the
pust week here, the guott of Mrs. J.
R. McNabb She was accompanied
home hy Miss W'iini.* McNabb. who
will spend a week visiting in Cat*
Mr. Charles Utile, of the firm of
Uttle £ Atchison, is wearing a
roguelah smile this week Asked by
a Herald representative for an explanation, he said "Well. It's n girl.
It arrived on Tuesday That's the
.story.    Have a cigar."
The Overseas I luh held their
monthly social last Tuesday in the
Maple hall, when ur. enjoyable evening was spent, and wliere a large number were present to take part ln tbe
programme. Mrs. I). Campbell won
the ladies prlae, while Mr. J. F. Lower
carried* home the gentleman's trophy.
A good prugramiui* of music and recitations were given, the Overseas
club numbering among its membership
a number of finished musicians. Refreshments, served in an appetizing
manner, were pasaed at the close of
the programme The evening closed
at midnight with the singing of the
National Anthem. Neit Tuesday, October 26th. the regular monthly dance
will be given in Maple hall, commencing at 9.30 p.m. There will be
tlie usual good programme of dances,
j with special mnsic Non-members
will be welcome to the dance, the
charge for that occasion being,
gents 60c, ladles, 26c. Any British
subject of good character, naturalized
or otherwise, can join this branch of
the Overseas club by sending In their
applications to the executive committee.
LM No. 4
Hull ul' Honour
Several thousand officers aad employees of this company enlisted for active military
duty with'the Canadian Expeditionary forces, and the majority of them are now in Kurope,
bravely battling for Canada and the empire.
As particulars of Army Reservists are not available, these lists of those who have given
up their lives for their country, or been wounded In action, aie necessarily incomplete, and
do not therefore indicate fully the extent to which the Company's officers and employees
have participated in the great sruggle.
Hep Thong, Chinese Merchant,    Sets
Splendid Example for Others
to Follow
In May last, Hep Thong, Chinese
merchant, Imported a quantity of
Chinese wine and paid a war tax there
on of some $27.00. In some time the
customs authorities found they were
not within their rights ln making this
charge and prepared the necessary
papers to enable Hep to get back the
money. No. He did not want it. Let
It go for tho war, to the Patriotic
Fund or the Red Cross, for the
wounded men coming back from the
war, said he. And so lt was arranged,
and to the extent of the money some
of our poor fellows will benefit by the
recognition by a Chinese gentleman,
for that Ih whnt Hep Chong Is, that
our laws aro good nnd the country
which gives him the shelter of Uh constitution ls worth supporting In hard
coin In tho hour of her need.
A deal could bc Hnid on this little
i matter. Rut tt all comes to this, thnt
| It points the line of duty for thc whole
of us. Hep Chong Is a good cltlten,
a man worth knowing, and a splendid
example for others to fellow.
In Company'
Nature of Casualty
Ballock, John
Frt. Handler
Fort William
Killed in action
Datchelor, Thos. K.
Biggam, Andrew
Moose Jaw
Boothby, Geo. W.
Bratt. S. W.
Silver Cleaner
Burns, Edward
Burrells, P. H.
Bell Boy
Crosby, Goo. C.
De LaCour, F.
Housi man
Dixon, Julian
Killed in action
Duncan, David
Glen Yard
Killed fn action
Evans, Edwin
Farnworth, Percy
Brass Filer
Fisher, Harry R.
Eastern Division
Died of wounds
Gray, Wm. E.
Hall, Harry C.
Haynes, Thos. R.
Hallo way, Wm.
Holmes, Jas. B.
Medicine Hat
Wounded nnd missing
Howlett, H. B.
Fort William
Wounded and missing
Hyslop, Jas.
Car Repnircr
Gas poisoning
Knox, Harvey
Moose Jaw
Lavender, James
Fort William
Lewis, Arnold
Second  Cook
MacAuley, Murdo
McKay, Charles
Fort William
Maxwell, A. W.
Suxerlng from shock
Morrow, Robt. F.
Loco, Engineer
Died of wounds
Mason, Wm. J.
Fort William
Naylor, Herb. V.
Oke, Richard G.
Sour Is
Pratt, Clifford             i
Bafferty, Thos, P.
Robinson, Alfred
Linen Handler
Selllrk, Wm.
Pipe   Filter
Shaw, Wm.
Btat'y Engineer
Died of wounds
Shlcrs, Frank
Moose Jaw
Taylor, C. 8.
Wounded mid prisoner
Walker, Wm. O.
Wheelhouse, C.
Killed  In  action
Williams. A. Q.
Medicine Hat
Wlman, E, L.
SmllliH Falls
Died of wounds
Montreal. October 4th. ltlE.
ft U. BI'F.1.1,
SUIT BrfMnr,
RWItteWT,  l'*»SrS»  BnHleMI PAGE TWO
THURSDAY,   OCTOBER 21st, 1915
vuv  (RiNRItOOK   HERALD I privileges °' cimenshlp in this Prov- SUBMARINE DICK
TBI    t/UAiTOlVUU"    n«,lk«»a»|    .._..„„„.„..,,,„ „.,,..m„ nan. .vn   TUP   I
L. P. SiUItm, Editor
J. B. Thompson, Business Managsr
Snpscrljitlol Rates
Oh   Yea*    	
Ui Month*        If*
Three Montlis    **
As.ertUiM Rates
Display   Advertising,   li   *****   per
Column Inch,
needing NoUoes or Clseeiaed *.**. I*
seats per Has. 	
Incc, yet she ssuffcrs the extreme pen
a Ity of a man-made law.
It will be a disgrace to Canada lt
*"   this  woman Is banged.    Apart from
ll.M i 'bat view of thc situation, hor case af-
Cranbruuk, B. C October Hist, 1916
fords an opportunity for women who
are lighting for tbeir rights and men
wbo look favorably upon their campaign, to commence forthwith an agitation which wlll lead to the remedying of some of the Injustices Buffered
for so long a time by the women In
tbe Province ot BrltlBb Columbia.—
Vancouver Chinook.
No case, probably, in the history of
Cranbrook attracted as much attention
as thc lamentable death of Samuel
Watson at the hands of Hugh McOill,
whose trial at Femle during the past
week, ended ln what tbo public fully
expected, a verdict ut acquittal. There
Is no necessity tor reviewing the facts
as these appear quite sulllciently in
our report ol the trial. The view ot
tbo Jury appeared tu be that McUill
was In the position of the strong man
holding bis house und the honor
thereof. This, too, from tlie very inception uf the cuse. wus opinion of the
Ancient Order ot r'orcBters, to whicli
McUill belongs. The order took up the
delenee, gave McUill the strong en
couragement of their moral and lint
unclul support, and welcomed him
when he stepped trum the dock, freed
from the resiionslblllty lor the death
of Wutson and better still with words
of eminent comfort and profound (amnion sense from Chief Justice Hunter
who, when the Jury had rendered their
verdict of "Not Guilty," said us follows:
"Under the circumstances oi
this (list,', Mi'Uill, I don't think
anj one will regret that the
jurj- has heen able lo absolve
you from illl Illume, and I ean
only sny my only hope Ih that
you recover from the shadow
cast across your life. I will
further say 1 think thc fate oi
this unfortunate man Watson
ought to lie a snlulnry warning
to any inun who In the future
sets out with lhe purpose of
destroying another man's
home."- «—•
If we be permitted to suy so, this
wus one of those memorable expren-
slon which crystallze the almost universal opinion of the thlnktnk public
and which ure a credit to the Judicial
bench.    Tbey convey a deejier lesaon I
Several editorials have appeared ln
the press strongly advocating the advisability of altering the B. C. "keep
to the left" rule of the road, so as
to bring that province Into line with
the other Canadian provinces and the
United StatcB. II must be remembered lhat there are always a large number who disapprove of any change on
principle and have to have any new
idea before tbem for Borne time before they can get uaed to it. So It wlll
bo wltll the question of the rule of
tlie road and the arguments in favor
of tbe change being ao overwhelmingly Btrong, it can ooly be a matter of
time and perseverance before it Is
brought about. Thc great point is
that public Interest Is now thoroughly
Quite a number of letters for and
against havc lately been appearing In
tlie public presB, and the following
jxtract Ib typical of the general tone
if those who wish to "let well alone"
and allow the present slate of affairs
to continue. It runs: "As to tbe tourist or occasional visitor, he is generally cosmopolitan and broad-minded
enough to understand that when he is
in Rome he ls expected to do as Rome
does.   That Ib well enough."
Unfortunately for our correnpond-
'■nt's argument, the cosmopolitanism
and broad-mindedness of the motorist
visitor to B. C. Is not the Important
consideration; the real point is the
.langcr of life and limb which such
,-lsitors must face at thc present
time. Of course, aB a thrilling experience, changing their accustomed
usage at a moment's notice and running Into imminent peril of a serious
accident may have its charm for
some; still we fancy that the ordinary mortal would rather dispense
with the risk even if this does mean
Icing without the excitement. In
fuct, to go on with tbe metaphor used
above, until be can come to Rome with
reasonable feeling of security, the
The Borden Uoteruneut Is Pla*l»»
lhe Game—Hoyal.t'ommlsslom.
and Other Kind
Ottawa, October 21.—At a time when
the average Canadian is squcctlng
every cent and cutting out the frills to
keep down expenses the Borden government Is going In for extra hired
help in a generous, not to say lavish,
Without much strain on the mind, tt
Is possible to recall at least half a
doien Royal Commissions—whicli Is
the big name they give their hired help
—who are now being paid to do what
Ib really the government's work.
Just a few off the top. There Is the
Davidson Commission, whose duty ls to
follow up, amplify and extend the revelations made beforo the Public Accounts Committee. The Purchasing
Commission which is to cleanse and
elevate the business of buying army
supplies, and free It from the breadth
of scandal.     The Shell Commission
and more* people with chest and
throat troubles have tried to cure
them by pouring cough syrups,
lung tonics and the like into their
MtomachM. All a mistake I The
Pepa way It different.
Pepa are tablets made up of Pine
extracts and medicinal essences,
which when put Into the mouth
turn Into healing vapors. These
are breathed down direct to thc
lungs, throat and bronchial tubui
— not swallowed down to the
stomach, which is not ailing. Try
a 59c. box of Peps for your cold,
your cough, bronchitis or asthma.
All druggists and stores or Peps
Co., Toronto, will supply
{What  Doctors Use
for Eczema
A sootliltiK combination of oil of
Wlntergreen, Thymol, and other healing Ingredients called D. D. D. Prescription la now a favorite remedy of
I skin specialists for all akin diseases.
I It penetrates the pores, gives Instant
relief from the most distressing itch.
Its soothing oils quickly heal the Inflamed tissues.
Test Its soothing effect. We have a
generous trial bottle for only 25c.
Come and let us tell you about our
money back guarantee offer to free
you from your distress. Ask also
about D. D. D. Soap.
D. D. D. Ib Made ln Canada
misHlon Ib to make a valuation of the
which ls to play the shell gamo for I various Indian reserves, no tliat the
Canada In an honest and efficient manner. The Unemployment Commluslon,
which tells the working man that
Ood moves In a mysterious way, but
mostly tn alternate cycles of seven fat
and seven lean years. The Marketing
Commission which alms to provide the
wheat farmer wtth kind words In lieu
of transportation facilities. The High
Cost ot Living CommlsBlon, which
drew up a report but never printed lt
because It was overshadowed by thc
high cost of dying In Europe. The Better Terms for British Columbia Indians Commission, which function Is
to prevent the red man being skinned
alive unless the B. C. Government gets
its share. The Ferguson Commission,
whose mission was to unearth dead
Grit sins, ransacking the cemetery, as
it were, for the gold fillings. Tlie
Georgian Bay Canal Commission,
which serves its chief purpose when
It links up that amiable philosopher
Sanford Evans with a Government job.
The but what's the use of Btrlng-
by far, then maybe even the Chief Jus-1 tourist will avoid tlmt town and Rome
tlco Intended, but what specially com
mends them Is the kindliness which
lies at the back of then*—the moving
causo which prompted tlie utterance
Here was a young man acquitted, to
be sure, of a dreadful charge, but still
there was the stain whicli some would
fain attach tu him  who spills blood
The Chief Justice saw tlie justification
of the blow which led to the accidental death, and then poured In thc balm
of an earnest wish tlmt McGlll would
recover from "the ioliadow cast across
his life."    Tlie judge  may rest satisfied that McGlll stands rehabilitated
tn the good wishes and good will of
the entire public, save and except a
few who wag their solid Ivory nuts
and glory ln the fuct that they belong
to a contemptible minority who would
burn a man at tlu* stake on thc wind
of a suspicion, men of the stamp who
furnish the leading disgrace of    the
great republic to the south of us.
*   Wo   cannot   close   without   saying
what a profound sense of satisfaction
Is felt by tho public that once In   so
long,  we find    real    common  sense,
human heartedness and that charity
which covers so many    aches of the
mind, in those who sit in judgment of
uh.   It might be expected of the judges
of our Supreme Court, but we so seldom find our    expectations realized,
that when we do, as occurred In the
case of the trial of Hugh McGlll, we
wish to mark   the occasion   as very
specially memornbtc.      We sincerely
hope that the Chief Justice may long
continue to be a terror to his enemies
and to trouble their sleep of nights,
and to throw the shield of his great
human knowledgo    between  the law
and the man It would discipline.
.ind thc Romans will be the sufferers.
Nor, as some hyper-sen native
people seem to think, would It be
'Infra dig" for B. C. to make the
liange. After all, practically the
whole of the North American contln-
mt lias the right hand rule, and
t would be abBurdedly unreasonable
tu expect such a large body of outo-
inobllists to alter their law to suit the
convenience of one province. We
hope that we have by this time made
t clear that the whole problem hinges
iot on any question of provincial dignity, but on the necessity of protect-
ug the personal security, both of
motorists from B. C. who cross Into
neighboring territory. In effecting an
iteration of this kind there must necessarily be some trouble and confusion at flrat, and It Is only right that
thia be confined to what Is, after all,
only a small minority of the North
American continent motoring community.
Above all, let us repeat (for the fact
cannot be too strongly emphasized)
that for the sake of Its prosperity,
ti. C. should do everything ln Its power
lo attract the touring motorist as the
latter ls normally a moat desirable
and profitable visitor.—Western Canadian Motorist.
Mrs. Coward, the woman who Is
condemned to hang at Kamloops, Is
Bupposod to huve murdered a man.
Detectives who were men trailed her
and put together the circumstantial
ovldence upon which she was condemned. She came before a judgo.
who was a man, who gave his judgement upon the law whicli was made
by men. Tho Jury was made up of
men. The Crown Prosecutor was
man and most of the witnesses were
men. If the sentence is carried out,
man will mount the scaffold and place
a rope about Mrs. Coward's neck. A
minister, who Is a man, will read the
service—or will start to read thc
Lord's Prayer. Tiiere wlll be no necessity for concluding the prayer. A
sheriff will be present who ls a man
The Jailerfl who will koep the death
watch on Mrs. Coward's cell will be
Under our laws women have few
rights. She lias not the custody of
her own children. Unless her Iiuh-
band specially provides for her, upon
his dentli all liis property may he taken
away and given to Ills blood relatives
thc wlfo enjoying the same rights here
as nn Indian aborlglnes's wife did In
tho old days beforo the whites came,
The wife cannot vote, is not a citizen
In tho real Rcnso of the word.
Mrs.  Coward enjoyed  uonu of tlie
If there were Canadian ships today
carry our wheat to Britain
double service would bc rendered for
the empire and, more Canadian money
would remain at home. The "Made-
in-Canada" trade-mark should be
placed on a lurge mercantile marine,
'anadlan goods and Canadian commerce Is carried In foreign vessels
md this country which was fourth as
ii shipping nation has sunk below
tenth place. Over 20,000 foreign
-ailors are now engaged in Canadian
coastwise trade.
Kditor Cranbrook  Herald:
Dear Sir:—In your "floating bun-
"ombc" column last week you one*
more referred to the erring Wives of
Cranbrook. Wc don't know who you
liave In mind, Mr. Editor, but would
like to ask you to bo fair, and take
notice of erring husbands also, some
nf whom, because of social and financial prominence, consider tliem-
nelves exempt from criticism. There
are wronged wives as well as hus
bands In the world. Please don't forget
Yours truly, jrj
October 20th, IMS.
Those sewing at the Red Cross
rooms during thc week ending October
14th were:
Thursday—Mrs. Wilson and Mrs,
Friday—MrB. Barney (convenor),
Mrs. Harshaw, McDonald, Henderson,
Surtees, Tisdale, Kennedy, Cameron
Doolan, Jordan and Boilham.
Donations for the past month wlll
ho acknowledged In nekt week's Issue
Mrs. McKowan, Secretary.
ingout the list of those present? Suffice It to say that Royal Commissions
are almost as prevalent as sausages.
All these Royal Commissions are at
work but there is some doubt as to
whether tbey are earning their money.
Take the Davidson Commission for
example. It consists of one man, a
Quebec judge, Sir Charles Peers Davidson. An opinion grows that for a
gentleman whose middle name Is Peers
he might peer more deeply and widely
than the facts appear to Indicate. The
Davidson commission Is following up
the scandats all right, but that ts
about all. It keeps strictly In the
footsteps of the Public Accounts Committee, covers the same ground, and
doesn't budge from the middle of the
road to see what !c behind the hedge.
A good and faithful Royal Commission, that won't hurt anybody that
hasn't been hurt before.
Reports from British Columbia
tend to show that the Interesting
transaction of the two submarines,
purchased In a moment of inspiration
by Sir Richard McBride, and billed to
Canada at $1,160,000 Is being scrutinized as between gentlemen. Suspicion
cannot live in that genial atmosphere.
Sir Richard appears and handsomely
denies everything. Nobody seems to
wish to bring that dignified and beautiful head of early grey hair In sorrow to the grave.
So far, as can be seen this distance,
the chief facts remain unexplained,
and no satisfactory answer Is given
to questions like these. Why did Sir
Richard telegraph to Ottawa flrst that
the price was to be $1,050,000, and
then send a second telegram ralBlng
the ante another hundred thousand
Why was the cheque split two wayB?
Why, moreover, was $1,150,000 paid
for two bargain counter submarines
that Chill turned down at 1760,000?
To all these questions, echo answers,
At all events only faint replies are
made, as for example when Manager
Patterson, of the Seattle Drydock and
Construction Company, explains that
Chill didn't get the boats, because
Chill was broke, which Is probably
news to Chill. Chili declares that
she refuBed the boats because they
were better dlverB than they were
swimmers—that Is to Bay when they
went down they wanted to stay down,
and couldn't be coaxed up short of
wrecking tugs ond steel cables. But
now that Sir Charles Davidson has
been down In one of 'cm and has come
to tho top again, the Chilian contention may be held to have been disproved. When a high court Judge consents to act as Jonah to a tin whale
he must be pretty sure of his return
ticket. Out In Victoria they will tell
you that the submarines aro pretty
Hafe aB long aB.they go down only once
at a time—they have to go down
three times In succession, before they
Talking of British Columbia and
Royal Commissions, reminds one of
the Joint Indian Commission, approved by the Dominion and tlie British Columbia governments. It Ib
built largely on a sense of humor, Is
now In its third year, and haa already
cost the country over $200,000, One
of Its members once told me that if It
were necessary In the pursuit of better terms for the British Columbia
Indians, the Commission would not
hesitate to cross the ocean to England
and remain at the Savoy Hotel In
London, for six months while It looked up state documents, treaties,
crown grants from Qeorge the Third
and similar matters.
Some men are like that—they   go
where duty calls and to hell with the
Tbe alleged huslaeaa off tha Coaa-
Indlans wlll get as fair a prico as
they can expect from the white man
In event of a sale being made. On
this basis the McBride Government
purchased the Kltsllano Vancouver
reserve Tor $350,000, a fraction of Its
true value. Incidentally, lawyer
Read, one of Attorney General Bowser's friends, picked up $80,000 by way
of commission on the deal. The Klt-
silnno purchase was subsequently disallowed by the Dominion government
because lt had been made without consent from Ottawa, but history says
nothing about Lawyer Road's commission. It probably held good. Such
work as there was for a lawyer tn
skinning the guileless red man'he
did, and it's up to him to hang onto
the money. The wages of skin
At present the Joint Commission for
Better Terms for the British Columbia Indians Ib working the northern
iiart of the province. Better terms
for the Indians do not necessarily interfere with high old times for the
During the last six months they
have "conferred" with the Indian
chiefs In the north, three times—a five
hundred mile journey each way. The
lirst and second times the commissioners went north they used the ordinary palace steamers of the C.P. R.
und G. T. R. which ply ln the Inside
Passage, but on the last visit they
make the trip from Victoria on the
Union S. S. Co.'s steamer "Cheloshln,"
which they chartered for $350 a day.
Tltia charter with side trips, and picnic Interludes, will probably rim three
weeks.   Some Charter!
All persons owing accounts to Tho
Queen's Hotel, Crnnbrook, or to P. F.
Johnston, are hereby notified that
Prank Carlson has been appointed
bailiff by the mortgugee and ls now
in possession of the Queen's Hotel and
ls entitled to collect the outstanding
accounts and book debts. Mr. Carlson
has authority to give a receipt for ac-
counts and any payments thereon.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
42-2t Solicitors for Mortgarccs.
on October 19, A.D. 1915, It was ordered by His Honor Judge George H
Thompson, Esq., Judge of the County
Court of East Kootenay, that James
A. Arnold, Official Administrator for
that portion of the County of Kootenay Included in tho Electoral District
of Cranbrook be Administrator of all
and singular the estate of John D.
Cameron, deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or otlier person having any claim upon or interest In the
distribution of the estate of the said
deceased is required to send before
the 30th day of November, 1915 next,
by registered mall addressed to thc
undersigned, his name and address
and the full particulars of his claim
or interest,' and a statement of Mb
account and tlie nature of the security
(If any) held by him.
After the.said last mentioned date
tlie Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having regard to those claims only of which he
shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 19th day of
October, 1915.
42-2t Official Administrator.
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
flajitl't Package.
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at Moyie,
in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 7th day of October, 1915.
40-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate at
Kingsgate, ln the Province ot British
Dated this 7th day of October, 1915.
40-4t Applicant.
IN THE MATTER OP tlle "Land Registry Act" and in the matter of
Lots 1 and 2, Block 62, and Lots
3 and 4, Block 63, of Lot 132,
Oroup 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE thut nn Application
(No. 2936-1) has been made to register Douglas Philip Sturgls Morlson as
owner in fee simple of the above lots
under a conveyance to him from
Baynes Lake Land Company Limited
et al, dated 28th day of July, 1914,
and that unless within 36 days from
the date of the first publication hereof
you file In this office a caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens 1 shall register
the said Douglas Philip Sturgls Morlson as owner In fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, tills 30th day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of Ilrst publication 21st day
of October, 1915. 42-4t
(Section 42)
on tho first day of December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate at
Moyie, ln the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day ot October, 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
The New Shampoo
Keeps the scalp clean and
healthy so the hair has no
reason to fall out or fade.
Tbe Beattie Murphy Co, Ltd.
*** ?Tnr" *--
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—ln the most modern plant In
the West—Government Inspected—approved by careful
housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OP
SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter,
Eggs, Sausage—wherever It appears.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Are You House Cleaning?
How about yoar Paints, Stains and Varnishes ?
A little touch of Paint or Stain will  brighten  up the
house wonderfully.   We have thirty six different colors to
select from. m
Our Price on Electric Lamps on Saturday is 36c each
J. D. McBride
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Plumbing   Heating Tinsmlthing
ACT, llllll, AND AMEISD-
Waller Halsall carrying on business
an a Merchant nt tho City of Cranhrook, British Columbia, under thc
name and style of Halsall & Company,
assigned to Thomas Mason Roberts,
at the City ot Cranbrook, aforesaid
Accountant, ln trust for thc benefit of
his creditors all the ical nnd personal
property, credits an' effects of Hainan & Company which may bo neized
and sold under execution which assignment beam date the 20th day of
October. 1916, AND NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a mooting of creditors wlll be held at the offlco of
Thomas Tighe Mecredy, the Solicitor
for the Assignee, Bakor Street, Cranbrook, British Columbia, on thc 8th
day of November, 1915, at the hour
of 2.30 o'clock In the afternoon for thc
purpose of giving directions for the
disposal of the estate AND NOTICE
IS FURTHER GIVEN that creditors
require to nend to thc assignee on or
before thc said 8th day of November,
1915, partlculnrn duly verified of
their claims and the security (If any)
held by them.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this 21st
day of Octobor, 1915.
42-U Assigns*.
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
tho Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranbrook, in the Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
J. H. Quartly, General Manager for
the Company.
41-41 Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the tlmt day of December next application will be made lo the Super.
Intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Imperial Hotel, sltuato at
Fort Steele, In the Province of British
Dated this 15th day of October, 1916.
41-41 Applicant.
(Sectlou 42)
oni the first day of December next application will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Canal Flats Hotel, situate at
Canal Flats, In the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on- the first day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate at Wycliffe, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this llth day of October, 1916.
To England Under Neutral Flag
American Line (New York—Liverpool)
Large, Fast American Steamers, Under the American Flag
8. S. FINLAND OCT. 24th
8.8. ST. PAUL...... OCT. 80th
8.S. NEW YORK.... .NOV. 6th
8.8. ST. LOUIS.... NOV. 20th
First Class MS* Second Class 1(0; Third Class WJ.50
Company's Offlce, A. E. Disney, Passenger Agent,
619 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash.
Local Agents t
J. W. Spence, C. P. R. Station
Beale & Elwell
(Section 42).
on tbe flmt day ot December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
an the Kootenay Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In tin Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
41-41 Applicant.
(Section 42).
on the Drat day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel llcensu to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
aa the Windsor Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October. 1916.
41-4t Applicant
on Wednesday, the 8th day ot December next, application will be made to
the License Commissioners for the
Municipality of Cranbrook, B. C, for
the sale of liquor by retail In and upon
the premises known as the Queen's
Hotel, situate at Cranbrook, British
Columbia, trom Elisabeth Johnson to
Frank Carlson, of Crnnbrook, British
Dated this luid day of October, A.
D. 1916.
Elisabeth Johnaon
by Lena Andeen, her attorney
Holler ot License.
Fruk Carlson
Altllmat k( Tkwte.    M-«U-«
(Section 42)
oo the first day of December next application wlll be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotol known
an the Tourist Hotel, sltuato at Bull
River, In Uio Provlneo ot British Co-
Dated this 7th day of October, 1116.
40-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
onl the flrat day of December next ap-
ellcatlon will be made to the Super-
itendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
aa the Yahk hotel, sltuato at Yahk, In
the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 7th day of October, 1915.
40-4t Applicant
(Section 20)
on the flrat day ot December next application will bo made to the Superintendent bf Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale license No. 9*, for
the sale of liquor by wholesale in and
upon the premises known aa the
Cranbrook Brewory, situate sear
Cranbrook, upon the lands denortbed
as Lot 29, Oroup 1, South East Kootenay.
Dated thia 15th day of October, UU.
Cranbroolt Brewing Co., Md.
aVMttraai. THURSDAY,   OCTOBER 21st, 1915
the most valuable ot all
senses, is the most neglected and the least understood. Many suffer from
Ills that upon examination
can be traced to defective
While all cases of Impaired vision cannot be
cured by glasses, by far the
greater number can, if the
lenses are correctly prescribed and properly fitted.
W. H. Wilson
Town Torici
Bin. A. Hurraw, ot Waldo, Ih In thu
city today.
A. B. Pigott, ot Bull River, In registered at the Hotel Cranbrook.
Capt. Kerr, ot tho Salvation Army,
was a Fernie visitor this week.
Patmoro Bro*. are Installing a new
Btjam heating boiler at the C. P. H.
Capt Richards, ot the 107th,
Athalmer, was a vlrltor In the city
this week.
Safety deposit boxes to rent at
Beale ft Elwell's. Try one for your
valuable papers.
James Buchanan, proprietor ot the
CtOM Keys hotel, woe In Fernie attending the McGlll trial the flrst ot the
Now that stokeing up days aro at
band, look at your flre Insurance
policy. Have you enough protection?
If not, call up Beale ft Elwell at once.
Don't forget that $1500.00 two storied residence which Beale ft Elwell are
offering tor $760.00 on easy terms.
This is a snap which Is worth looking
Avoid harsh purgatives for children.
Tbe ideal laxative Ib Rexall Orderlies.
Bold only by The Beattie-Murphy
Co., The Rexall Store, 10c, 2fic. ft
(0c. boxes.
Maurice Qualn has returned from
Spokane where he accompanied Mrs.
Qualn and children on their way to
Victoria, where they will make an
extended visit,
John Bird, who has been employed
ln the C. P. R. stores department for
the past several years, has enlisted
with tbe 64th battalion, a call for ten
additional men having been made.
have your order for your Fall Suit to
be made by our own tailors. We
furtilM ebsolote satisfaction
and tha price Is Jiyt a trifle higher
than for a ready-made.—Fink's.
Mr. Bert Parker hns been appointed organist at Knox Presbyterian
church and C. F. Nidd haB undertaken
to train the choir on Thursday even
Inga. This wlll in no way Interfere
with Mr. Nldd's duties at his own
B. M. Dow, who has been employed
as a forest ranger during the past
summer, left the tlrst of the week for
an extended visit at his old home at
MeducUck, York County, N. H. He
expects to return to Cranbrook In thc
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Ryekman are
home from an extended visit at Lover-
na, Sask. Th-sy report on enjoyable
trip,   '     That        district this
year harvested the greatest crop ever
known and all the farmers are Jubilant From 1600 to 10,000 bushels
ot groin was the average yield from
each farm.
Joe Kennedy, of the P. Burns staff,
la to be congratulated on the splendid
window decoration of thia (Thursday)
evening. Tho arrangement was per*
feet, showing the high quality of goods
carried by this Arm, which were displayed with a taste which only Joe
can carry out The display was most
complete, even to the placing of
"Uncle" In the window.
The fair damsels from the trenches
In Hill 60 will hereafter not be al- i
lowed toe freedom of the city. Con-
■table Collins haB received military
orders to the effect that tbe "babes"
Hill only be allowed the privilege of
coming-to the city once a week, on
Friday afternoon', from 2 to 4. This,
we are given to tindei stand, haa come
nbout as the result of tbe visit of At-
torney-Oeneral Bowser to the city rt-
T. H. Kay, of Medicine Hat la In the
city looking over the newspaper field.
The local Red Cross authorities beg
to acknowledge with thanks the sum
of $6 from Mrs. Fred Ege, of Kimberley.
Constable Collins is at Fernie this
week where he is assisting with the
many criminal cases before the assize
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and daughter
are at Fcrnie this weok in connection
with the criminal court cases at that
Mrs. Finley Robinson will receive
for tho flrst time on Thursday, October 28th, and afterward on the second
The regular monthly meeting of tlie
W. C. T. U. will bo held at the home
of Mrs. J. F. Bridges on Thursday
afternoon, October 28th, at 3 p.m.
The Ited CYosh Society wish to
thank Mrs. Donahue fer the following goods: Ten rolled bandages, 48
face wipes, 91 mouth wipes, tl triangular bandages and two pairs knitted
Mm. William Robertson and daughter Mary, have returned from a two
weeks' visit with her husband, who Is
with the 64th battalion at Vernon.
They returned by w.",y of Calgary nnd,
report an enjoyable trip.
have your order for your Fall Suit to
be made by our own tailors. We
guarantee      absolute      satisfaction
and the price ls Just a trifle higher
than for a ready-mado.—Fink'a.
Constipation causes mental and physical suffering. Rexall Orderlies—a
gentle laxative—promptly relieve con-
stlpatlon. Sold only by The Beattie-;
Murphy Co., The Rexall Store, 10c, j
25c. ft 60c. boxes.
J. B. Haslam went to Creston Sunday, where he will manage tho Creston Drug and Book company until a
permanent man Is appointed to that
branch. Mr. Beattie, who has been
at Creston for the past week, roturned
home Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Atchison left on
Sunday for Missoula, Mont, via
auto and the scenic route on a short
visit to Mr, Atchlsor.'s mother. On
l io return journey tbey will bring back
their little daughter who has been
spending a visit at that place.
A dance Is to be given at Fort Steele
on Wednesday, November 3rd, under
tho auspices of the Fort Steele Red
Cross branch. Thc Cranbrook orchestra has been engaged to disperse
soulful and enlivening strains from
9.30 to 2.30 a. m. Refreshments will be
served at the very nominal price of
25 cents per couple. $1.00 per couple
will be charged for admission.
The school children cf the Central
school are already preparing their
gv.rden plots for next year. The
grounds have been thoroughly fer-
'.lllied and turned over to receive the
winter's moisture. Digging in thc
dirt seems to please most t'ranbrook
kids, for a more contented lot than
those at work on the school gardens
never lived.
Tho Cranbrook orchestra dance at
St Mary's hall Monday evening did
not draw a very laige crowd. The
weather man took a mean advantage
that night and th:- rain poured down
in torrents. Thotrc who attended,
however, were well repaid for braving
the elements, having a most enjoy-
abte time. Dancing was kept up till
i late hour and a roal good time was
reported by the dancers.
On Wednesday evening, Octwber
tilth, Mrs. A. G. Butterfleld, president
of the Kebeksh Assembly, paid her
official visit to Maple Leaf lodge. The
degree was confv/reu on two candidates and was well put on. Mrs.
Butterflold gave n very Interesting ad-
dross, whichwas greatly enjoyed by
the large number present   On Wed-
sdny afternoon, Miss A. M. Hickenbotham entertained the Rebekahs at
h.«r homo In honor of the Orand Pre
8t. Mary's hall wns nicely filled
Wednesday evening when the flrst series ln thu whist party was concluded.
Miss Josephine Filker was the (successful lady to win tho first prize,
which consisted of half dozen silver
si'ooim, a useful and ornamental
prlzo which will be of sorvlco In the
course of shortly, Mr. Jack Macdonald, won tho gt'ntlcmr.n's prlie, a
watch fob. The games were closely
contested and Interest was manifested
throughout the evening. The regular prizes for the evening were won
by Mrs. Harry Briggs, being awarded
a cut glasB atomizer, and Mr. Wm.
Harris, a collar box. Next Wednesday evening the flrst game of the second and last series will commence.
This series will run for flvo weeks.
The usual two hours of dancing was
Indulged in after the party which
was, as usual, up to the mark of excellence, both In good music and con*
genial company. The usual round of
refreshments we're served.
Calgary.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. J. N. Jar beau Is shaking hands
with his old Cranbrook friends. He
has Just returned from an extended
visit east
Constable Arden, of Moyie, is doing
duty during the absence of Constable
Collins, who Is In attendance at the
criminal court at Fernie.
Mr. Wl J. McFarlane, of Canal Flats,
had a narrow escape from serious in-
Jury last week, when he was hit by a
Qerman noxious gas bomb.
David Baird, the mixologist at thc
Cosmopolitan hotel, was called to Fernie Monday, being summoned ns a
witness ln the McGlll case.
Walter Soden was Cranbrook's chief
engineer for a couple of days this
week, during tho absence of Engineer
Cummlngs at tho Fernie assizes.
Mr. James Joyce, of Flagstone, wib I    Harry Gammon wob a Fernie visitor I PILES FOR FIFTEEN YEARS
in the city Tuesday. 'this week. 	
Thirty-two Cranbrookites were    at
the Fernie assizes this week.
Percy Coe, customs officer at Kings-
gate, was in the city Thursday.
Mrs,     R. w.     Kdmondson
Thanksgiving day at Wardner.
1    Mrs. Kd. Johnson  waB u visitor iu I
thc city Wednesday from Kimberley.;
j    Mrs.  T. S.  Gill  and  daughter left j
Tuesday morning on the Flyer   tor a
short visit with Calgary friends.
j    J.    Laing,    of the Imperial     Hank
E. Y. Brake was at Fernie this week Ioi Canada staff. Is back in the cage
being u witness in the case of Rex. vs.
I at  that institution  after a visit
! Kamloops.
i-.i,  Kann_,„  ,   , ,      Wilfrid   Dallas,  of  the    post offlce
Jack Kennedy  had a turn at rea  ;  . -  , ,    ,   ,, j *,      _, .
_»-i.   *i.i i .. """staff, lfi again behind the wicket    at
work  this  week,  operating a  steam Lt .       ,   .
shovel at Loco awog  *  I,WR1U ' the money order window.     Wilf. made
i a hurried trip to Calgary this week on
I). M. Cowan, secretary of the
Y. M. C. A., ls spending a tew days In
Calgary, Alta., on business.
lHaac Burch wna in attendance at
Official   tins.III-:-*-.
have your order for your Fall Suit to
"he mado    hy   pur   own   tailors.    We
  ! guarantee       absolute       satlsfartion
the Fernie assizes.     Mr. Burch was u (and the price is ju-:t a trlfla higher
witness in the case of Rex,  vs. Mc* | than for a ready-made.—Fink's.
QUI, —	
- I     .MI.sk Nina  McOunigle  returned    to
Mrs. Chas. Magee returned Saturday j Cranbrook  Wednesday  after a three
morning from a Qve weeks vacation i months visit at her old home at Vic*
spent in Winnipeg, Fort William anditoria Island, near Port Arthur.     Miss
McGonigle r»*ports  having a pleasant
time, mooting old friends and talking
over girlhood days, hut snyH she was
glad to get back to Cranbrook.
The net proceeds of the concert to
be given by the pupils of tlie Central
school will be divided among some of
the funds devoted to patriotic purposes. Tickets will be out In a few
days. The concert in going to be a
first clasB affair and the sooner you
get yours the better chance for a good
George Bury, president of the C.
t*. It, and former superintendent of
the Crows Nest Pass, with headquarters at Cranbrook, will pay this city
a visit tomorrow. He will bc accompanied by Grant Hall, general manager and vice-president; J. G. Sullivan, chief engineer and J. Mcl'her-
son, general traffic manager.
FOK    SAM!    CHEAP.   Gentleman'*
William Keyword, of the C. P. B. IT'^ ^ '»'« Mhree saddles.
shops, was in attendance at the Fer- W* V"} 5?W "* of J"™*
single and   double   driving   harness.
Cured by Zam-Buk
To those who suffer from this painful malady the following letters will
be of deep Interest. Mr. J. McEwen,
of Dundas, Ont, writes: "For fifteen
years I suffered with piles und could
get no permanent cure until I tried
Zam-BUk a fair trial 1 found 1 was
getting better, and ln tlie end it completely cured me."
Mr. James Ruddy, of Killaloe, Ont..
says: "I Buffered greatly from piles,
The pain from these, as anyone who
suiters from them will know, was at
times almost unbearable. I tried first
one remedy and then another, but all
without effect. The piles still continued as bad ar. ever. I heard about
Zam-Hiik and commenced with tlie
treatment. To my great joy, after perseverance, 1 obtained relief from the
agonizing pain of the piles. Having
been cured by Zam-Buk I heartily recommend the balm to all sufferers
from piles."
Why not end your suffering? Take
the advice of the hundreds who have
done so and give Zam-Buk a fair trial.
Tills marvellous remedy quickly relieves the suffering, lt soothes and
heals the Inflamed, irritated hemorrhoid veins, snd perseverance wltll
Zam-Buk  effects  permanent cures.
Every home needs Zam-Buk—acci-
deiits will happen, and Zani-Knl; is the
best "first aid-" it quickly takes the
sting out of a cut, the flre out of
a burn or scald, the sorenenH from n
bruise. Blood-poison or other complication cannot creep in where Zam-
Buk has been applied. It is a sure
cure for piles, eczema, ulcers, children's scalp sores, varicose veins, cold
cracks, chapped hnnds, etc. 50c, at
all druggists and stores, or pout-paid
from Zum-Buk Co., Toronto, for price,
Refuse substitutes and harmful imitations.
Children's Shoes
We have just received another shipment of children's shoes that are fully
guaranteed or money refunded.
The Trot-Moc shoe is the best for
children, they cost a little more than
ordinary shoes but they wear better and
are correct in shape.
Just received a large assortment of
Ladies' Kimonas, the nicest we have
ever had ranging in price frcm $1,25 to
nle assizes. Mr. Hayward was called as a witnessed in tho caso of Hugh
MIbs Bernadette Doyle, ot Creston,
arrived In the city Sunday for a few     	
days visit with her Bister, Miss Au- ! department of militia and defonce,
gusta Doyle, of the Cranbrook tele-; Fenian Rafd medal.     The medal ar-
phono offlce. j rived  In  Crnnbrook Tuesday and Ik
. inow In the hnnds of Mr. Kerr, who
Mrs. Davis and daughter Angle, of L^ |t h|ghly and who ,a ^itf
Vancouver, arrived In Cranbrook Sun*'
double se s working harness; eras*
eut saw and farm toolst one cutter.
$10.00.    Apply  Phone 317. 12
Mr. J. Kerr lias received from *ht
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of the St John Ambulance
Association, acknowledges the following donations to the fund for buying
Christmas presents for the soldiers:
Amount     acknowledged      last
week    $5.00
Amount of   collection at    Miss
i    Pye's recital   111.50
li. I.    A. to    the B.    of L.    E.
(per MrsB. Cameron, sec)....   5.00
|23.60 j 	
. *_ I    Tito   Crnnbrook    branch    of      the
A donation of two pair of socks has I Knights of Columbus was favored with
been received from Mrs. K. Allen. I -i visit Sunday from Mr. T. J. Scan-
.  | lon, district deputy.   Officers were In-
District Deputy Scanlon Visit* (ran.
brook llruurh    I.M of Ne*
day and will make their home here
with Edgar, . They are now comfortably settled.
The Indians are not slow in adopting the white man's ways. This week
ln a Cranbrook storo one Indian was
seen buying a podwer puff and scented soap.
W. H. Wilson, tho Jeweler, lc lu
attendance at the assize court at Pernie this week. Mr. Wil con was called as an expert witness ln the case
Ellis, who secured $70.00 on two phony
diamond rings.
George Leask and Danny Mcintosh
went to Bull River Tuesday. George
Leask was weighted down with a
prospector's outfit and a pair of gum
boots. At this writing lt is not j
known whether hc has struck pay dirt i
or not 1
XAIlE   IN   CRANBROOK. -Let   vs
have your order for your Fall Suit to
be made by our own tailors. We
guarantee absolute satisfaction
and the price Is just a trifle higher
than for a ready-made.—Fink's.
Mr. O. E. Barber, manager of thc
Cranbrook Drug A- Book company,
left Wednesday for Vancouver, where
he will be married on thc 26th to Miss
Gertie Wfcde. formerly of this city.
The usual pranks were played by a
number of his friends, who were at
the station to wish him well, and who
are anxiously awaiting the arrival of
the bride. When the Herald scribe
nosled around thc station that day In
quest of news (prey) a card bearing
this inscription, which was circulated
throughout the train, was thrust Into
his hands: "Look out for the groom,
passengers. Please take care of Mr.
Barber and deliver hlm safely In Vancouver, where he must attend his marriage ceremony on the 36th Inst—
Cranbrook Well Wlehors."
the only man In Bast Kootenay to receive a general service medal.
Mr. Steve Clancy, of Calgary, was
a ('ranbrook visitor this week, renewing old acquaintances. Years ago
Mr. Clancy was a resident of Cranbrook and was employed In the superintendent's offlce. He was the first
man to walk the railway plank in
This week Cranbrook has a new police force doing duty during the absence of Chief of Police Adams and
Constable Venus at Fernie. Ira Aid-
rich is chief, while no less a personage
than William Matthews, Is wielding
the baton at night The men are doing their duty well. , So far no arrests have been made.
stalled as follows:
Grand Knight—J. E, Kennedy.
Deputy Grand Knight-* W. H
Advocate*—J. J. Martin.
Chancellor—M. J. Ellard.
Financial Secretary—C. C. Connolly.
Worden—J. McDonald.
Ouards—J. Rudnicki and J Conroy
Recorder—J. Callaghan.
Treasurer—F. Sheridan.
A box containing the following ar-
| Helen were this week shipped to thc
I Canadian Red Cross Society, Toronto, Ont:
24 suits pajamas.
12 surgical gowns.
18 property bags.
1 pr. pajama trousers.
1 grey flannellette day shirt.
tl grey flannellette dressing gowns.
3 rolls 2" bandages.
1 roll 2 1-2" bandages.
2 rolls 3" bandages.
12 rolls 6" bandages.
IK cheesecloth handkerchiefs.
The members of the association wish
to thank the following ladles who have
assisted us during the  past month:      .... ,..._ ... ,_.. - 	
The I. O. D. E„ Mrs. R. J. Binning, I than for a ready-made—Fink's
Mrs. O. Mecredy, Mrs. J. L. Palmer, j ■
Mrs.  Halsall,    Mrs.    Limpley,    Mrs.
Shaw, Mrs, L. Clarke, Mrs. Worden.
Mrs.  C.  Selby,  Mrs.   Bamford,  Mrs
Lafleur, Mrs. F. D. Thompson,   Miss
Orace Black, Mrs. Ore, Mfss Bechtel.
Miss Smith, Mrs. Fielding, Mrs. W. M.
MacKenzle,  MrB.   Drew,  Mrs.  F. W.
Every Woman
Can Use
and ought to use occasionally,
a proper remedy for the
headache, backache, languor,
nervousness and depression to which she may be
subject These troubles and
othera are symptoms of debility and poor circulation caused
by indigestion or constipation
HADE   I\   (RANBROOK.-Let   us
have your order for your F^ll Suit to
be made by our own tailors. We
guarantee      absolute      sathfactioo
and the price is jurt a trifle higher
Cash for Coal
Owing to the fact that
all coal being shipped has
bill of lading attached,
which means we must pay
for same before opening
the car, we are therefore
obliged to ask our customers for CASH on all coal
orders in future. There
will be no exemptions.
We are sole agents as
usual for Qalt, Bankhead
and Steam Coals.
Prices on application.
W. B. WORDEN*, Prop.
About HOMO Realised From Dance
Held Last Friday Evening
at Auditorium
Last Friday evening witnessed a
large crowd at the Auditorium, when
a dance was given by the Ancient
Order of Foresters In. order to raise
Jimmy Foster, head of Cranbrook's
fire department, is turning over soil
on St. Mary's Prairie at the rale of
fifteen acres a day on his newly acquired happy homestead. Mr. Foster has leased the Tisdale farm and
wilt try bis hand at the plough, although the simple life will not in any ^~ mad
way interfere with his position as
flre chief.
are at once safe, certain and
convenient They clear the system
and purify the blood. They exert a general tonic effect and
insure good health and strength,
so that all the bodily organs do
their natural work without causing
suffering. Every woman of the
thousands who have tried them,
knows  that   Beecham's   Pills   act
To Certain
Worth • Guinea a Box
*mwtmlrtrr t*taf 5*«*ddVc!m?«W««
MADE   IN   (KtNBBimK.-Let   us
have your order for your Fall Suit to
by  our   own   tailors.    We
guarantee      absolute       satis faction
and the price is just a trifle higher
than for a ready-made.—Fink's.
(Section  20)
On   Friday  evening   next  the  ball
given by the St. John Ambulance Association will take place In the Auditorium,  when   everyone    In   the city mm_^_^_m_^_^_—_^_^_—_u
should make it a point to be present!    N0TICE Is HEREBY  OIVEN that
and   assist  this  society  in   Its noble [cm the first day of December next ap-
work.      The   following   ladies      and ! plication will be made to the Super-
gentlemen  have  kindly consented to ™»?"f °J frovtncjal Police for re-
monev for a. dofanaa rtm-t «„. u.   , j                                    j               •,.     I newal of wholesale liquor license, No.
S   . h   .„             w            Hugh  uct as patronesses and patrons: Mrs.  1W   for UMi gale of Uquhr h   whole_
McOill, a brother member.     That It | J. H. King. Mrs. F. W. Oreen. Mrs. A.' -ale in and upon tlie premises known
«r.« n -..««.„.- .        ,_..-                     .   McDermot, Mrs. Ed. Paterson, Mrs. | as Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
was a success financially Is evidenced by the fact that approximately
$100.00 was realized. At 10 o'clock
the building was comfortably filled.
when the Kootenay orchestra opened
the evening with good lively dance
music which set the merry dancers
to tripping the light fantastic. The
evening passed all too quickly, everyone had a good time, the Interest in
the dance being kept up until tin
"Home, Sweet Home" was played. The
money realised wilt help considerably
•with the heavy expense in connection
with the cost of the case.
J. S. Brake: Dr. J. H. K3ng, Dr. F. W.
Green, Mayor Bowness, Mr. J. P.
Fink, Mrs. W. E. Worden. Mr. N. A.
Sewing1 Doie at Hoae or
flit Uaatoa Atoim
Housewives, Attention!
Our fresh and high-grade Groceries and Provisions are
on tale for one week from 16th at such low prices that
has never been known ln Cranbrook.
Now Is your opportunity to buy your week's or month's
The following are a few of our numerous bargains:
1 98 tb. Five Roses Flour, regular $3.60 For $3.35
1 98 lb. Prairie Pride    " regular $3.50 For $3.25
20 Ib. sugar, regular $1.66 For $1.60
100 lbs. sugar, regular $8.26 For $7.96
Butter, regular 36c, 3 for $1.00
Peas and Corn, regular 2 for 26c, 3 for    35c.
Large tin St. Charles milk, regular 25c. for    20c.
Tip Top Salmon, regular 2 for 26., 3 for    36c.
Climax Jam, regular 60c, for  50c
2 Ib. tin Christie's Sodas, regular 35c, for    30c
Blue Ribbon Tea, regular 46c, for    40c
TokfkOM 811 Prompt Delivery
The generous gift of the resident
of Wardner last week of 1,16 tlie receipts from a danco glren In that town   mlson, B. A. ot Toronto, will deliver
Is highly commendable.     More thaui'-'i  address,    -Tlu*    Task     of     lh-
Pastor, W. K  Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"Ood'H VlBion of Man."
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m. Subject:
"The Second Commandment."
Anthem, morning and evening service.
itibir* study fiaHB Wednesday, n pro
l*ndt*r the auspices of Knox Church
UdlOS Aid Society tho  Kev. J. S.  Kd-
situate on Baker Street, in the City of
.Cranbrook, B. C.
I    Dated this Mtfa day of October, 1914.
[•ii-it Applicant
lc. per word for first week, and lc. per
word for each,w».*ek after
WASTED—general tenant, good plain
cooking esbentiai     i'lione 07.
FOR SAlEr-Hoasehold furniture and
effects, Apply Mra, D, li. McKay,
243 Hanson avenue. 42-2t
KurnNhfil mom lo rent, breakfast If
deeifedi modern coarenteneen,   Ap*
■     ply   1*0. Box   432.
HKMT • CLASH     D!.«0( KIT     OB
Ifght wagon for sale cheap.   Apply
Joe Belanger, city. 22-tf
passing notice must be taken of thli
i generous contribution. Wardner le
a small town of not more thnn two
{hundred people, r.nd has always been
to the fore In the matter of supplying
necessities for our brave men at the
front. The cltlsens have pledged to
do their utmost to assist in every possible way to bring victory to the Allies, and a bis factor is the work of
the Red Cross.
church."   on   Thursday evening     at  t'OTTAUt, FOR RENT—Flre roo«S|
8.30p.m. ^f      newly papered and painted;  11200
Vocal and instrumental selections.    .    WJ^SPm. •*-*<■ >.udi"!! ****£:   AW|-r
Everybody welcome.
L P. Sullivan. Cranbrook St.
Kev. Thos. Keyworth, pastor.
Charles F. Nidd, organist.
EDUCATIONAL.   An opportunity will
be glien lo learn either tJmrthaad
i    or I elf-graph)  in return for it*. *.;■>!.
ance In speed practice, it) conimuui*
|    eating with 1.. U, h„ Ileraid oflke.
Sunduy school ut 3 p.m.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     A special class for young ladles has
That Alcoholism ls a disease Is now Ib(>en orBanlzed and the teacher will
recognised by science.   No man in his  ue Klod to meet any young ladies who
senses brings disgrace and ruin  on  care to Join
himself and family through choice.
STABLE TO RENT, for four bones,
Services on Sunday as usual at 11]    electric light, warm, well ventilated
a.m. and 7.30 p.m. j    with large hay loft and   oat   bin.
$6.00   per   month,   apply    Herald
office. tf.**
Alcura stops tho craving for drink.
builds up the system, steadies the
nerves. It Is guaranteed to cure or
benefit or money refunded after a fair
trial. Alcura No. 1 can be given secretly by any wife or mother wanting
to restore a dear one to health and
i usefulness. Alcura No. 2 is the voluntary treatment.
Can be had at our store only $1.00
per boi. Ask for our free booklet
nbout Alcura. The Reattle-Mnrphy
Oka,  United, Drnfstste,  Cranbrook.
s a. m. Holy Communion.
11 a.m. Matins and Litany.
Sermon:   Materialism ond Truth.
7.30 p.m.   Kvensong.   Sermon "See-
Ing Things."
Preacher Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A., Lib '
Furnished house to rent.- Four rooms
with bath; fenced; close ln; newly
papered and painted; piano If desired; no children preferred; careful tenant only; $18 per month, Including water. Apply Herald offlce. 30-tf
we have ihe opportunity Of a life
time for an active, reliable, young
man to handle an article wanted In
every home, office uud factory. You
can earn fifty dollr.ru weekly. Wrltn
today for particulars.-Macdonald
A Co., Rorer.. Building, Vancouver.
no. 42 n. PAG 15 FOUR
L071I Orange
4 No-   l,T*
fl Meets first aad third
' HmrsJays it I *.m.
-ii i*     Royal     Bleak
, ot Ireland Bill. ****t
S. Oarrett, W.1I.
O. Horsman, Ree. Sec.
,.i-'-?Sij.     Meets every
SSS Ka&JSi Monday   nlghl
■' ■■*■ ■*£***** at Jrateraltr
Hell. Sojourning Oddfellow*
cordially invited.
\v M. Hnrrle, R- W. Russell,
Craubrook. B.C.
:,; , ry Tuesday at I p.m. m
the Fraternity Hall
It, c. Carr, CC.
P. II. Christian. K. R. * S.
P. 0.  Box Wl
Visiting brethren eerileUf In-
,\teit Ui a.ienii.
Baniit*r>, Ssllelton ni
Meier ts Lou
■ink Building
(Successor ta W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   Ml
P. O. Box 161
Meets every second ail I
Wednesday at Fraterelty
Sojourning Rebekeho 1
ly Invited.
file. C. liennet, N. 0.
His. A. Hlckentotham, Sec.
rkrsleinae  anl  BirgMBI
Mk, tt reeldene*. Armstrea*
orrici HOUR!
rerei.ee.    I.M U W.M
Aftonoous  *.** to   *t*
Bvaola*o    T.SOte   III
-  1.10 to
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Meets  In  Maple Bail
■ ml   fourth   Tataday  Ol  *****
montll nt tt u.m.
M' mbershlp eiea to iltltm**
R y. Drake. 3. T. LOW.
president **mtSs\*t
Visiting    membere    aordMat
Meets ln the Maple Bill
Brat Tuesduy afternoon el *****
montli at 'A p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary. Mrs. John Shaw
' P. O. Box eel
All ladles cordially brite*.
Mea la Bum Bloek
I Is 11 a.m.
1 to   I p XL.
1 to   I p.m.
■ata* aal Oeaeral SeisUf
•arte* Ave.
ststsss aa aVppUoatlaa
MM. ai. BALMON, llatisa
■ferae Ml P. 0. Box Ml
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
Fur Information regarding
lands und agriculture apply to
tho Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at i.'At o'clock.
l*aaao IM p. 0. Box Ml
Funeral Director aad EabaUer
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St
CM aai BIbIbc Ea(iaatn
B. C. Und garveyora
Is open for engagement
Dunces, SocUli Etc
Apply to
Jlrs. Arnold WkUlBger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl.lte Powder
imperial Oil Co.
Praying and Traniferrlif
Olven prompt attention
Phone 11
is   open   for  engagement
tor dances, socials, etc
For terms aiiply to
Crnnbrook, B. Ca
Bar »kaae IM Night Pkeae II
RMtiry Ave., aaxt to City Ball
Phone 105 P. 0. Box M
Onanist Methodist Chunk
Receives PipUs Mr
Organ, Pianoforte, Volea,
Studio: II Norbary Ave
(from the Fernie Free Frees)
Born—In Fernie, on Sunday, Oct.
10th, to tbe wife ot Stafford Wilson,
a son.
Frank Lnbelle ls the proud father
of twin babies, both girls. Tbey arrived on the 14th inst.
Fred Roo, of Elko, was In town
tills morning. Fred reports grouches
very numerous in that burg.
A report ls current that the McNab1
lumber interests are endeavoring to
purchase tlie Fernie Lumber Co.'s
limits. ,
The last of the prisoners at the Internment camp were moved to thc
new quarters at Morrissey Mines on
Sunday morning.
W. McBean, of Creston, spent Tuesday here vlaltlng his brother, A. A.
McBean. He waa on his way to Winnipeg to enlist for overseas sorvlce.
John Rogers, of Spokane, sales
agent for the C. N. P. Coal Co., It In
town today. Ho reports a considerable Improvement in the coal market.
The citizens ot West Fernie are
considering the advisability of forming a local nre brigade aa they reallie
that the distance from Femle renders
any assistance (rom that brigade, in
case of flre, of very doubtful value.
Rumor has it that the Provincial
License Department will cut off several licenses ln this district. Bob
Webb's license at Gateway will not
be renewed and two others are ln
Dr. W. A. Henderson, ot Sarnia,
Ont., brother of Q. O. Henderson,
local customs officer, has been placed
in charge of thc hospital ship Oalcka,
which sailed for the Dardanelles. ' a
few days ago.
Twenty Italian reservists from
Revelstoke arrived in town last evening to Join n detachment ot 16 from
Fcrnie and Michel. They will all
leave on this evening's train, which
is bringing a hundred moro from
The report published ln last week's
Cranbrook Herald that 0. W. Carter
of that city would succeed) O. F.
Stalker, government i.gent at Fcrnie,
la absolutely without foundation. The
rumor was evidently started by some
pipe-dreaming Cranbrook Liberal.
Sam Graham has purchased the 41
Market Co. business ln Fernie and
will carry on the business as usual.
Sam ls one ot Fernle'o old timers,
having started business here in 1898.
During the past four years ho hus
been manager for the 41 Market people
and by strict attention to business has
built up a big trade.
The residence ot C. W. Whltehouse,
West Femle, was destroyed by fire
on Monday night. The Are brigade
went over but were too late to render any material service. Mr. White-
house was at Morrissey on guard
duty and the remainder of the family
were up town attending a picture
show when the nre broke out. Thi
property was Insured for 11600.
' ■■-u.J
the results of the work of the past
year and to elect the officers for the
ensuing term. The reports of work
as done by the members were most
encouraging. These showed that In
addition to the presenting of many
useful and necessary articles to the
hospital that the members had at one
time at the opening of the jam session presented not less than sixty-nine
pots of jam to the hospital. The
treasurer's statement showed that the
auxiliary have some one hundred and
thirty odd dollars on hand to their
credit In the bank after all accounts
had been paid. Thc election of officers
resulted ln the re-election of those
who had been In for the previous
The first annual meeting of the Dls
trlct Red Cross Society of Canada was
held last week ut Athalmer.   Thc local
Favorite pear held thc championship bran(:l- n** «-&* bt*n ,n operation as
for Just ono week.      Yeatorady Tom  Bllch for the last six months and dur-
Butterllold wrote us from Duck Creek  ln»- tllat timo ■•* Wtt8 Bho™ lhat the
If you  want  laUifactlon
with your washing
tend It to
Bpacial prices for family
Headquarters for all hinds of
Naturae Mon  Ouarantoal
Tho Shoe Specialist
$!».   I     I Hi
':     I
f i ii tun tu (tirwfttP
m, or iimllol tear-
Tiik s.-omli. Ol
03:;;(;;(OL FOR men. ?rtB
V!U..tvjf.,r Kctto nntl BmlBj incnuM-'trty
mnui'i    n TV-nit.    ■■■■■. -t yw, up. fl ft MS. ar
two fn.- jv iti. .ir'w Miii*"!*. "r Uf to*. 1 t*mrwHlft
ftfj.M."     In.. ;,. ...ii... t>Hlii* CO.,«. OktfatritH,
Jtanltln Mtirafcr Oa, IM,
ftaoff.1 Xorehamt
■asHjmm%t AfMli
V. * Bos IM Phoaa 144
.Beat rmsub to*
Fnsh Brest, Casss, Piss
ami Pastry
Phoaa IT
Hsrssry Aro.      Opp. CUy Hall
i tto Crostoa Barlow.)
thut on the N. Craigle rune), there's
a BartleU that n.eiiHuri'H Id inn lies
from top to bottom atul on around, to
the paint of commencement. If Mr.
Buttertlcld'H veracity had ever been
questioned, even at Alice Siding, we
would require au affidavit, hut even
In this extreme eaue we accept the
statement of D. C.'s modern Uuorge
Washington unhesitatingly.
Had not Kditor Power been pretty
much all In from much mountaineering we fancy he would have been sorely tempted to put out a Kootenaian
"Extra" to announce tlie gatherings of
thirty-sly (36) cups of second crop
strawberries on a Kaslo ranch during September and Octoher. Here In
tho famed Creston. valley where we
shipped out almost thut number of
crates last month, to suy nothing of
the quantities consumed locally, one is
hard put to account for the Kooten-
iian's horticultural exuberance. The
•vent will be of considerable historical value to future generations of
Kastatites in that they will be able
to recall the big German war as having taken plaee the year Kaslo had a
:,ii-cup-crop of second growth strawberries.
Business was suspended at Cranbrook for several hours on Thursday
'ast to give the citizens a chance to
inspect a box of "crabapples" from F.
G. Little's orchards, which thc mayor
had sent to thc city of sackcloth and
ashes via Conductor Joe Jackson
And as Ben Palmer wus heard to remark, "Them was some apples"; some
of them almost as big as Tom Cavcn's
head immediately after he had made
his first and only speech at Victoria,
last session, and had been duly congratulated by Sir Richard. They were
Home of the mayor's noted 1915 Nonsuch, and but 27 of them were needed
to All a standard apple box. Some of
♦hem weighed over two pounds, mea-
-mrlng 19 inches in circumference, and
one of them furnished the makings of
Four ordinary Cranbrook apple pies.
After looking them over carefully
Kditor Sullivan of the Herald frankly
admitted that it was a Creston Valley
apple that got Adam and Eve Into the
jackpot In the garden of Eden. Provincial Horticulturist Winslow please
residents of the community had sub
scribed In cash the sum of four hundred aud eighty-three (4X.I) dollars and
that the hnly m<cmhcrs had In addition
to this doue In the neighborhood of
one hundred dollars In work. It was
specially mentioned that one of the
starters of this movement In the district had been Captain John Koel
Phillips togethnr with his devoted
wife; that he 1ms acted as first secretary and that in the carrying out of
his duty as a member of the Lincolnshire regiment hc had met with b
painful death In. the hospital at Bo-
logno on the* 18th April, having been
wounded on thc fourth of that month
at St. Eloi, France. Also that another
Hovere loss to thc local branch had
occurred in thc recent death of the
late thc Lady Elizabeth Bruce, of this
place. The election of officers resulted In the re-election of those who
had held the positions in the previous
term, Mrs. Q. E. Parham being the
president and Mr. Irving C. Nidd, the
secretary. A special canvass* for
funds Is being made today—Trafalgar
nor, thut down the night shift on tbe
planing mill.
Mr. C. McDonald, traveller for tho
Western Canada Wholesale company,
of Kernie, was ln Wardner on business
last Tuesday.
Mr. W>n. Barclay, travelling salesman wtth the Crows Neat Pass Lumber company of Wardner, arrived tn
town a few days ago from the
Misses Llna Peterson and Miss
Emma Johnson, of Kimberley, is visiting with the former's brother. Jos,
Peterson, who Is a C. P. It. section
foreman at Wardner.
Mr. P. Lund and family left Wardner on October 13th for Lethbridge,
where they expect to stay for some
time. Mr. Lund Is interested In some
lumber yards around there.
Mr. Oscar Anderson last week
bought about twenty acres or land
from I*. Lund. The land, most of
which Is under cultivation, lies on the
Hit across the river from Wardner.
Mr. White, who lived In Kast Wardner with his family, left here a week
ago last Monday for Winnipeg, where
hc expects to stay for some time. Mr.
White sold his buildings to Oscar
Anderson, who expects to move them
to his ranch.
Mrs. Chas. Wilson arrived In Wardner last Sunday from St. Kugene hospital, Cranbrook, where she spent
about a month. Mrs. Wilson Is quite
improved, but wlll not be able to
walk for some time yet. She Is now
staying at the Wardner hotel.
Mr. Gus Johnson, who used to be
manager of the Queen's hotel, Cranbrook, was a visitor ln Wardner Monday last He ls now living' oa his
ranch three miles west of Wkrdner
and says he can see a shining future
ahead of him. Mr. Johnson has a
very good quarter section of land near
a lake.
IN THE MATTER OF the "Und Registry Act" and in tbe matter ot
the north H of Lot 5, Block 4, ot
Lot 132, Group 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2889-1) has been made to register William Freeman Wright as owntor
In fee simple of the above land under
a Conveyance to him from Baynea
Lake Land Company, Limited, et al,
dated 23rd day of October, 1914, and
that unless within 30 daya from tho
date of the first publication hereof you
file In this offlce a caveat or Certlflcato
of Lie Pendens I shall register tho
said William Freeman Wright ao owner la fee.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Ofloo,
Nolaofl, this 30th day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of flrat publication Tth day of
mt. 4Mt
(By FreS Ree..
Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 4, Block 68, and Lot 3, Block
7fi of Ut 132, Group 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE thnt an application
(No. 2965-1) has been made to register Frederick James Gavin, of Waldo,
B. C, aa owner Iff fee simple of the
above lots under a Conveyance to
blm from Baynes l-tike Land Company,
Limited, et al, dated 30th September,
1914, and that unless within 30 daya
from the date of thc flrst publication
hereof you file In this office a caveat or
Certlflcato of Lis Pendens I shall ro*
glater tbe said Frederick James Gavin
as owner ln fee.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Offlce,
District Registrar.
To all to whom tt may concern.
Date of first publication 7th day ot
October, 1916. 40-4t
I,   M.   SMITH
Ladles   and   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone 204
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a ear of
(AU Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twlee dally
BiUerntlk twlee a week
The only clarified milk Ib
Wo fBaraatee lo Please
L1QI OR ACT, 1910
(Section 41!)
ore the flrst day of December next application will he made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, lu thti Province ot British Columbia.
Dated thit Tth day of October, IMS.
Annum bubos,
40 41 A^pllcaat
The school at Canyon City now
shows an enrollment of 29 pupils,
with an average dally attendance of
The demand tor lumber still keeps
up. This week the company Is reported to have received an order for,
20 carloads.
MIbb G. Cartwright, teacher at
Moyle, spent Thanksgiving at her
home here. She was accompanied by
Miss Snider.
Sirdar had an export trade of two
cars of cinders on Tuesday. Section
Foreman Romano and crew are "dolling" up tbe Creston yard with them.
Frank Staples left Erickson the
early part of the week for Morrissey
Mines and is now on duty as guard at
the alien Internment camp at that
Frank Ebbutt got away on Tuesday, via the overland route, to go on
duty at the internment camp at Morrissey. He took passage on Cupt
Mallandalne's saddle horse, and hoped
to negotiate the mileage In two days.
Capt. Mallandaine, who Is now at
Morrissey in charge of the alien in
ternment camp, was a passenger
through to Nelson on Sunday
on business ln connection with raising
two companies In that city for tlm
107th Kootenay regiment. In reporting the matter thc Dally News gave
him the rank of major.thongh at the
hotel he still modestly registers aa
('apt. Mallandaine.
R. L. T. Galbraith, Fort Steele, the
Kootenay Indian agent, and A. Me-
graw, of Vernon, Inspector ot Indian
agencies for British Columbia, along
with Thos. Wilson, ot Victoria, Inspector of Indian orchards, were hern
on Tuesday in connection with an Indian agricultural competition which
was Inaugurated this year. Owing to
the small area available for cultivation on the Creston reserve none of
the local redmen were prize-winners.
Creston lost one of ber most popular
and quite an old-time cltlien on Tuesday, when W. McBean, who haB been
manager of the drug store for some
years past, left for Winnipeg. Billy
has been trying for months to go to
the front but owing to his small size
could not pass the recruiting officer.
At Winnipeg he ls confident he will
connect wtth the medical corps, or
any other corps that will get him
into the fighting, and the best wishes
of an army of friends throughout the
valley so with blm.
Mrs. Barton's jumbo 13-lncb Clapp's
(Special correspondence).
A Hallowe'en concert and social
has been arranged to be given by the
ladles In Athalmer on the evening
of the thirty-first ot this month.
The work on the Lead Queen and
the other mines In that neighborhood
wlll be under full swing by the first
of November or thereabouts It ls hoped. Gangs are busily engaged In
building the necessary roads and trails
leading to the various properties.
Notices have been posted calling
a meeting ot the ratepayers and free*
holders of this school district together
for the afternoon of Saturday the
twenty-third Instant to consider the
nuestion of the acquiring of the present school building and the acre and
a half of land which surrounds it.
Other questions are also up for discus*
-don at the same time, notably the
question of arrangements In tlie future
for thc higher education of children
In the district.
A Hallowe'en entertainment under
the auspices of the Ladies Aid of the
Windermere District Hospital Assoc!-
ition Is to bc held in the town hall at
Athalmer on the evening of the 31st
uf October. It wlll tr.ke the form of
an old-fashioned party. There will be
ducking for apples and fortune tr*Hlug
and i-oiKlni'KK knowi; what not. The
proceed are to go to aid ln the hospital. This Institution Is sadly In need
of funds for Its malntafnence and upkeep and but for 'he genorosity of Its
two devoted nurses who arc working
without any financial rumuiteration
might have had to close its doors for
ihe moment.
The preliminary steps are being
taken In the formation of a live stock
association for thc district. It Is
thought that by this means the Interest which was once the paramount
feature of the valley In the raising of
cattle and horses may be revived. Mr.
G. C. H. Coleman, of Windermere, has
been appointed sescrctary and thc next
meeting of all interested Is called for
the afternoon of November the fourth.
Prizes of five dollars In books of
tholr own. selection is being given by
Mr. Charles Johnston, of Athalmer, to
the. best essay wr'ttcn on the war by
the boy and girl scholar of the district schools who enters tlte competition. The essays must be In by tho
tenth of December and must bo thoroughly up-to-date.
The annual meeting of the Ladles
Auxiliary to the Windermere District
hospital waa held last week to bear
Mrs. James Joyce, of Flagstone,
visiting friends ln Elko this week.
Jim Thistlebeak says: "You can't
saw wood with a hammer, so push,
dont knock."
The Waldo Dramatic Club is going
to cut some wood for the Red Cross
Fund this week.
The Flagstone Lumber Co. have
about completed tlieir new mill and
expect to start up November 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. Klingensmith and
Chief of Police Gorman and wife motored to Cranbrook last Sunday.
Miss A. Donnan of Grand Forks,
B. C., left Sunday for home after
spending a very pleasant time In Elko
and Fernie.
Fred Miller, the well known horse
wrangler brought in four work tanmt)
for the Roberts and Winsor mill company this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Waltor RobertBon of
Medicine Hat passed through Elko
Sunday for Waldo to visit with Dr.
and Mrs. Saunders.
Doc. Ken. Foster, government vet.,
Gateway, was ln Elko Sunday and
Monday on official business connected
with his department.
' The prairie chicken are thick a-
rouhd Dorr. Harry Gregson. got 12
brace last week, and you know what
kind of a shot Harry ls.
The Roberts and Wlnsor Mill Co.
have sold their entire cut and are
running full time and expect to have
everything cleaned up by Christmas.
Archie Prentice (the Harry Lauder
of Fernie) and Mrs. Tom Prentice ot
Fernie were the star attractions at
the concert given at Baynes last week
Hugh Jones, capitalist, bought several residence lots tn Elko last week.
Chief of Police Gorman sold two lots
on Riverside avenue to the same gentleman.
Mrs. Tom Duncan and family of
Passburg, Alberta, who have been visiting with Mrs. Duncan's parents at
the Columbia hotel returned this week
to Passburg.
The I.O.D.E. gave a whist drive In
the old trading post thc other evening
and kicked up quite a shine, so much
so that some of thc pass papers havc
applied the glare to the Aurora-Bor-
Four carloads of produce from tho
Roosvile Valley was shipped ovor the
Great Northern from Flagstone to Al
berta points. The farmers expect to
he through theshlng this week except
two handled pumpkins.
(Section 48)
on the Hrst d»jr of December tsesx application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor or retail In the hotel. known
as the Central Hotel, situate at
Marysville, In the Province of British
Dated thli llth day of October,'1(16.
41-tt Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the flrat day ot December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to! sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
as the North Star Hotel, situate at
Kimberley, in the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October. 1916.
H. W>. DREW,
41-4t Applicant.
Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Stewart, of Fernie was haskins; in the magic sunshine
around Elko last Simduy. Ed. asked
one of the natives If they had any.
thing else in Elko besides sunshine
and he replied, "what will you have,
rat-poison or hatr-restorer.'
Mescrs. Oeo. Munro, F. N. M-ilirr,
Winnipeg, Messrs, J. A. Kennedy nnd
N. a. H. Skelts, Lethbridge, Merchants
Bank Officials wero ln Elko this week
looking over the bank property. They
stated ln town that they Intended opening up the Bank again but thoy
wtre short of men. Why don't thoy
do like the C.P.R. and the Lumber
companies do, get Austrlans? says
Jim Thistlebeak.
(Spatial correspondence!
Mrs. Bert Johns n with her mother,
Mra. Bylander, were Wardner visitor,
Monday laat.
Thursday. October 14th, tho Crows
Neat Pass Lumber Company of Waid-
(Section 20)
on the first day of December next application wilt bo made to 'the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale liquor license, No.
107, for the sale of liquor by wholesale in and upon the premises known
aa Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Storo,
situate on Baker Street, in the City of
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1914.
41-4t Applicant
the reserve existing on Lots Noa.
10356, 10888 and 11661, Kootenay District, by reason of a.notice published
in tho British Columbia Oaiette on
the 27th of December, HOT, la cancelled, asd tbat the laid lands will be
opened to entry by pre-emption at •
o'clock in tho forenoon, on Monday,
the Sth day of December, 1115, all applications to be mado at tho oUca of
tho Government Agent at Cranbrook.
,^_^_ »• ■*>• RBNWICK,
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C,
September 14th,  Mil.    89-10
Registry Act" and ln the matter of
Lot 1, Block 21, of Lot 132.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2987-1) has been made to register
Llda Harriet Putnam, aB owner la
tee simple ot the above lots under *
Conveyance to her from Baynes Lake
Land Company, Limited, et al, dated
17th October, 1914, and that unless
within 30 days from the date Ot tbo
flrst publication hereof you Die In thia
ofllce a caveat or Certificate of Lie
Pendens I shall register the said Llda
Harriet Putnam as owner In fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 23rd day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom ft may concern.
Date of flrst publication 7th day of
October, 1916. 40-4t
gtstry Act" and In tho matter of
Lot 1, Block U, sf Lot Ml droop
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(IM8I) baa been made to register
Arthur Edward Blunden, of Valetta,
Malta, aa owner ln too simple of the
above Iota under a conveyance to him
from tho Baynes Lake land Company, Limited, dated tho Ird day of
December, Mil, aold that unices within
30 days from tho .'nto ot tho flrat publication hereof you file in thia offlce a
cuveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens I
shall register tho aald Arthur Edward
Blunden oa owner In fee.
Dated at tho Und Registry OUca,
Nelson, this llth day of Beptnnbor,
Samuel R. Roo,
District Register.
To all to whom It may coacern.
Data of flrat publication llrd day of
September, Mil. 31-41
IN THB MATTER OF tha "Und Registry Act" and In tho matter of
Ut I. Block II, ot Ut 118, Oroup
Map Ull
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(2IM I) haa boon mado to nffteter
Thomas Uwndea Waahlagton, of Tha
Harsa, Malta, aa owner In too eknpla
of the abovo Iota under a conveyance
to him from Baynea Uke Und Company, Limited, dated tha Ird dor ot
December, MM, aad that aaleee within
10 daya trom tho dato ot tho Irat pub.
llcatlon hereof you file In thia offlce a
caveat or Cortlfleate of Ua Pendoaa I
shall register tho said Thomaa Uwndea WaehtaftoB as owner to foe;
Dated at the Und Registry Offlce,
Nelson, thia llth day of   September,
Samuel R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whooa tt
Capital Authorised  .
Caattrd raid Dp	
at   Undivided
Accounts   of   Corporations,
clpalitles   .Merchants,   reman
Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Uttera of Credit
available to any part of the world.
attention given to Savings Beak Ao
counts. Deposits of |1.00 aad aa>
warda received and Interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A branch is also established al
Athalmer, B.C., under the management ot Irving C. Wedd.
Craabrook Breath
R. W. SUPPLE, flaaager
ItmtJ ooaoera.
iMleSCTaWB e^oTV V
Bpokana, WuhlnfUm
Wa ballet* w*
hav* mon regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any oth*r
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to thi* city, lat us
show you why
thl* I* true.
Oppoiit* new Union'Station. Cloae to all place* et
Interest Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rate* a* low
as at Ui* mor* ordinary


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