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Cranbrook Herald Oct 23, 1919

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mows m best midtom-
VOLI'ME   21
Ji i." be ii ii;
Kaiser to Stand
Trial for Crimes
LONDON, Oct. 22.—All the necessary arrangements for the
trial of the former kaiser are being made, It was announced In
Ihe House of Commons today by Bonar Law.
The request to the Netherlands for the surrender of the
mer German emperor could not be made until all the powers
had signed lhe peace treaty.
Ou Tuoailay ovenlng al Uio homo ot
Mra. Ooorgo T. Smith, a very iiloamm.
-mining win "Poul of *••• MMUUre
or il» Ladloa' Auxiliary lo tin tlroat
Wur Votorano' Association, llifl miens*
ion being » farowoll to Mrs. Slicnflolcl
A ni'TtliiK whh held ut tiio V.AI.C.A.;
Hnnirduy evening hy thc eoinmlttee
end cuptiiiiiK of thu bowling clun, uud ;
thu following gumes were armngvil, j
l lie HcrioH HtnrtliiK Woclnoftduy:
Wednetuluy, Oct. "2--The HyiiR-hoyn [
vb. Slipt'n 7:00 |i.m.. All Stars vs. Kirn-,
men, 8:110 p.m.
pm feavlgg tor J«Wft;'|o» feiV^'Wl
family  nn   Siitnt-duy.   October   2M». „f(h,„ J...,.'     '
Mr.. Latirl., pr-'HOUied tanrtk ■jtt. ^ %m; „6_Detnl„toh,tt r„.
lie token nil behalf of tho ladios uux-1 .--  ln       •
lllary nml read tha following In tba  *-»»»»"•.    ^
form nf n iiroaontation to Mrs. alien-      "" "3I"^ '>'
"On bolialt of the Utiles' Auxiliary In the llrcnt Wur Vetcruns'
Assorluilon, we. thc oxecullve.
meet here tonight tn express our
regret on your leaving and trust
that you will have u pleusant
voyage and have the best of
health nnd prosperity In your new
home: nnd tn shnw our appreciation of your valued membership
we ask you tn nccepi thla llttlo
present to remind you that you
will always-, bo .vlth ua nt heart
wherever you may ho.
13UZABBTH tf. SMITH, Sec'y.
the games and names j
ol' the men who made up the teams
uud cnptuiliB, pluyeil off al 7:30 and,
8:30 p.m. laat evening are aa follows: i
7:00 o'clock game.—-Ilyng-boya, 1209,
iiue point va. Supts, 1240, three points.
I,lne up of Byng-boys—Cnpt. John*
son. Asf.eltine and Leaman. Snot's—
Capt. Simpson, llattnn and Armstrong.
3:30 game.—All Star, 1302, three
points vs, Firemen, 1296, one point.
Line up of All Stara.—Ca,pt. Barrett,
Martin and Dallas. Firemen.—Capl.!
North. Ptllon and Robinson.
lu connection with the Forward!
Movement, the Rev. H. M. Lyon visited
Trail during last week. The proceedings opened with a banquet
ou Monday evening and addressee
wore glvon by Rev. Ferguson Killer,
Moderator ot B. C, Synod and local
leaders. Tbe following nights were
taken by Kaox chucch pastor of Cranbrook speaking on "Reconstruction."
Recruiting aad young people's prob-
I'uiilh Notice is hereby given Unit tlie Police
I'oiiiiiilssliini'r*. of the I'll) in' Cranlirooi ure full)
ilelcrinineil that the provisions nl' the l'rolilliitinii
Act, and Ihe provisions nf the I'riiiiinul Colic In re-
npecl to (Jninlillng unci linages of Ill-repute shall lie
strictly enforced.
ff. f. CAMERON, Mayi.r.
R. ('. KAKIN.
A. J. BA1..MKNT.
Cranlironk. H. ('.,
August 20th, HUH.
Council Met Last    Borden Asks For
Friday Evening    Support of Loan
Transacts Considerable Business and  In Letter lo llniytmi Suys There is
Takes Action Regarding New Ample Money in Inninla For
Herniation*, for Fool Rooms Uler-tViir l'n,l,l,.in.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Howler, George
.1 Morriion. Mr. and Mra. H. Jones.
M. A, Hatnir, P. J. Berkman, 0. Cramer
und E. I.. Morse, who have been al
the Wild Horse mine, a placer prop-.  .. 	
»rty, came Into the city Tuesday and' loins.    The congregations  Iperaased
will depart tor their respective homes veery evening aad splendid tributes
io ramaln for the winter team. were  paid.    We know from public
Moat of the party reside In Seattle, men In Trail that the meetings we»
Tbe Wild Horse will be reopened of a singular high order, and tbey al*
ugala iu the Spring. hopefully looking forward to splendid
. „ . results.   We also are informed that
„.. --..«. .*-.*»->..• R«v* H. M. Lyon baa been strongly
LEADER OF THE LIBERALS urged ^ larUti to return to Trail
ELECTED BY ACCLAMATION early In the year.   RoBsland. whace
  .the movement Is under tbe I'nlted
SHMMBR81DB, P.RL.-Hon. W. U'*"»*•,***}"?" •** WlB ** h0,d
•OaeKensle-KIng, leader of the Ubar- meatlngsjlwrit
al ftny lu  tbe Dominion, was on
Meaday .le.inre.1 elected by acelaaut-
'**->n at tbe nominal Ion to ill Ow ra-
iMic^An tbe lion*"* ■pt--U^-S#*V*iaH-<),«.*^-i--..
iiieTiimty'of PHnce?
Mr. King's name waa the only one
submitted to the returning olUcer.
.--i—v -    --.   *ZZ—   - -     '
CANNINGTON, Oct. 21.—Following
u hard days electloaeering, W, J.
Cowan. Unionist candidate tn tbe
North Ontario bye-election, died suddenly. The vote was to have been
pnlled on Monday nexl. Only yesterday Mr. Cowan was nominated to
Edward Sail, representing one ol «"■-«- the seat left vacant by the
ilio lar-est shoe manufacturers In the de-"n of Col. Samuel Sharpe, M.P.
last, waa here yesterday. The rap* His opponent was President R. H.
resentatlvc of the manufacturers was "allbert, farmer, who out of respect
Mirnrised when lie culled in al W. n. <»" »•" ■<••« opponent, postponed his
Hill's store to find Mr. Hill was sell- Beavt-rtim meeting, which was In have
,ng shoos ol tho same price ill force "">n addressed by llou. T. A. I rearer.
..eforc lhe bin advance look place and T1'« -ale Mr. Cowan was 69 yours of
offered Mr, Hill a check for his stock "go, and had been conducting a very
•., lho prices he. Mr. Hill. Is selling, *>etive campaign, and only Ihis raorn-
Lbo shoes at retail. Mr. Hill refused l"B be mlotored out addressing large
,nd aa long ns Hie Hue lasts local committee meeting In several plnccs.
rbopnors  will  enjoy the benettis of '      -*-**-*
:'ie low .prices. FORTY MINERS LOSE LIVES
  PENNANOE. Bug., Oct il -A dlsas-,
Tho C, P, It. train from Ihe Knsi. ier in tho 1-evant mine at SI. Just.,
duo here at 12:10 p.m. for Kootenay Cornwall today caue*ed the death ot;
: :iiulliig wns six hours into yester- about forty miners and many others;
,:.iy nvviim in (wn freight cars being , wero injur, d when tho collapse of the ;
./rocked a eonslilerneble distance east; main winding engine precipitated 150 I
,,f Cranbrook. The delayer! train nr- men to the bottom of the mine as the
lived hore at 0:10 p, m. cnge was being lowered.
 1 —— = j
Petrograd Battle
Continues Fierce
LONDON, Oct --. YtideniU'li hns heen liroiiKlu to a vlr-j
mnl slnndhlill by the stubborn tlcfensc of Pctronrad almost lit
slRhl of his mon.
The capture of Krasnala tiorka on the tiulf of Kinland.
nearly Oppoglte Kronstadl liy his army wan effected Monday}
nflor severe IIrIiIIiik.
The battle for IVIrngrad is continuing with heavy engage-1
ineiils six miles soulli of Ihe city. Ilolshcvlk rcgiineiils from I
Moscow are taking part iu the defence of Ihe city.
Ontario Voted Dry by
Overwhelming: Hajority
TORONTO, Oct. 22.—The referendum figures published by
the Ontario Referendum committee show that the Province
went dry by more than a 2 to 1 vote and that Toronto voted
"No" on all four questions-
Following is the latest reporl: Question t—yes, 184,463;
no, 255,702. Question 2—yes, 200,463; no, 240,728. Question
.1—yes, 11)2,628; no, 247,477. Question 4—yes, 215,774; no,
The City council met In the council chamber o( the city hall last Vr\
day ovenlng transacting considerable business.
Mayor Cameron and Aldermen
Flowers, Balment and Kal.in wore in j
The matter of tbe damage to the
generator lo the Leaak home was re-1
ttred to the city engineer for fur- j
ther Information with power to act.    [
Aid. Balment moved that the may*,
or appoint a committee to moet mem- \
here nt the Curling rink club with reference to renting the arena ring for:
the curling seat on.
The report of the city engineer waa ;
received and filed.
The anttly.'is of milk was received
ami filed.
It waa ordered that the sum of $50
be paid Mr. Binning for ?. dozen pho- >
lograpiui of tbe various detachments
which enlisted in Cranbrook during
cue uice war.
Notice of motion to introduce for,
(he first and third reading the .pool
and billiard room regulations by-law
amendments to the by-taw governing j
same, was given. The new measure:
was passed and It was ordered that
copies or the sume be dlsplr.yed In
all licensed places fn n conspicuous,
Similar action was taken in regard
lo the health by-law, tho new measure being considered In all Its stages.
The city clerk was instructed to
t:«ke up with the towns of Fernie,
Creston, Wycllffe. Klmberley, Wardner and Jaffray the matter of tho
change tn time.
Col. Prior May be
Vtrtoria   ltu*liio«»   M*u   mil   I'oriniT
1'r.Biiir oi Proflnw Will bo
ntterei the I'm.!. i« Hrpnrl.
Parmers Victorious in    mm
Ontario Elections Monday
TORONTO Oct. 22.—Reports from South Grey indicate the
farmer candidate, O. M. Leason, Is elected there. His majority
with 11 polls to hear from Is 852.
The leading political parties now stand aa follows:
Coaservatles, 26: Liberals, 28; United Parmers, 48.
VICTORIA, B. tt, Oct. 22.—Colonel
the Honorable K. O. Prior wilt probably be British Columbia's new Lleuten-
ant-dovernor, it Is learned on reliable
authority. While the post has not yet
lieen officially offered to Mm, it is understood that he is the ccholce and
Ihat he will .-succeed Sir Frauds Barnard when thc.tatter's term expires lu
Colonel Prior will be thc fourth Victoria man tn succession to act ns Ueu-
lenant-Oovernor of tiie province, the
others being Hon. James Punsmulr.
lion. T. w. Pateraon and sir Francis
Colonel Prior has hud t* lengthy career ns a public innu, for many years
hns rr.nkcd among the be«t known of
ihe province's business men- being tho
founder and president of K. G. Prior
■irnny, wholesale hardware mer-
Ohanto, He came io British Columbia
In 1878. Ho was elected to tho House
of Commons in 1KHS after corving two
ve-iir- In tlie Provincial legislature.
i\o was a member of Die Dominion
Ciihtnet under Sir Mackenzie Bowel)
and Sir Charles Tapper, and was premier or British Columbia In 11)02-3. A
keen student of military affairs, he became lieutenant-colonel In command
of the old fob Regiment In 1888, and
sorved In that capacity for several
yettra. He has been prominent in tlie
activities ot the city's public organizations and was president of the
Board of Trade In 19113.
There is ample immcy in Canada to
'■arry on its affairs ihnou»li the period
of reconstruction, prfflnler Borden
says In ii letter wrU'teo to Sir Henry
Rfaylon, Minister of finance, In connection with lho Vlciury Loan, 1019,
Sir Robert emphasizes thai the Dominion niusL rely upon its own iv-
sourt.es, now that the- moiit.y markets
of the world to whfeb wa have hail
to resort In the past are closed.
Tiie Premier's letter follows:
Ottawa, Out.,
18th, September, 1!H<)
My dour Sir Henry Drayton—
I hope th« people of Canada
will fully realize the extreme Importance of making the present
Victory Loan a conimetc success.
The necessities oPthe country
involve u very hcavyjexpenditure
in demobilization! >" the payment
of the liberal warjgra-tuity nuthor-
i(.efl lasl l>eeaiube«-in. currying
nut the arrangements for the civil
re-e-slablishmeiu of returned soldiers ami In providing for settlement upon the land. As Sir
Thomas White .[.-ninted out In iiis
Budget speech, the present fiscal
year, lor this reason, Is a war
yenr so far as expenditure is concerned. The exportation of our
surplus food products and other
staple commodities must be maintained, aud pending the return of
normal flnniici: I conditions, the
Governmeni is called upon to establish necessary credits for tills
The money markets of the
world to which we have had resort tn the past are elosed. aud It
is entirely necessary to rely upon
our own resources. The are ample for the pur/ose of providing
the country with the amounts
necessary to carry on its afTatrs.
The security offered by n Canadian loan Is second to none In the
world; and every citizen who
contrlbtttes his quota aids In
stabilizing and maintaining the
credit of his country.
1 fiend you my best wishes that
ihe loan may he highly successful.
Faithfully yours,
(signedl  R. I-. Borden.
Tho Hon, Sir Henry Drayton,
Minister of Finance.
Decision Given „.  Victory Loan
in nining Case Committee is
Getting Busy
LONDON. Oct. 22.—The Privy Council has given lis decision in favor of It. T. Ward in the celebrated Ward vs. Hopp
mining case in connection with the Bullion Mine in ihe Cariboo district near Quesnel-Forks.
Sailors' Tag Day
Tuesday a Success
Pltlxena nf rmnhrmik Hitpp«rt Mher-j
all;  Ihe Indertnlihig tn filve
Sailer Unj*. ComforR j
Tuesday was Sailors' Tun iJ'-y in
Cranbrook and citizens bought freely
the little lags lu support of the soldiers aud sailors.
The ladies who conducted the cam*
pnlgn worked mosl Industriously and
if you were overlooked it will not he
tod Into to "tin your hit," for today Is
Lhe hist day.
Those taking an active part were
members of the Navy League and
much credit is due them for the manner In which tbey "cnrrld on" tho
- •ampaign.
The sum realized from the taKglug
in ■Cranbrook was $142.00
Air. McDonald, accountant for tbo
Canadian Hank of Commerce stated to-
dny Hint lho committee are greatly
pleased with the results of the day
llmi. William Moan Talks »t Condlt- ot«t|r«w»
IM'OiniAl, IMMi; OK ti. w.
Lust Kridn-y evening In the 0. W.
V. A, club riMiins. tin Informal dance
was given by the veterr.ns.
About thirty couples attended and n
very enjoyable evetiln? was spent.
A series of similar dances and card
parties will bo given throughout the
winter, n commlttoo h;.vlug heen
named to arrange tliis entertainment
consisting of Vice-President Hewison
ii ml Secretary Simpson, Comrades
Hicks, SkeKon, Brlstow, .lohnstou,
Johns umi (Jill.
On Friday evening the Ladle..' Auxiliary of the (I. \V. V. A. are giving
n dance and whist drive In the club
The music was furnished for dancing by Miss Smith throughout the
Tho Kink Mercantile Company in
jiwi iln re^Mfit tr»d -t^ ■«t^kir#ff;e*(rt'
unusually icrge shipment of choRte
house furnishings and tho lines are
most attractive.
In Die shipment are some beautiful
patterns In rugs, beds and other articles for the home nnd those wishing
to brighten up their residences could
do no better even In the Inrgest market centres than at Finks. The new
arrivals are there for your choosing.
Ion*, as li«* Found  i'liem in
Crow's Ne-*t and Slocan.
Victoria. B.C, Oct 22.—Improved
conditions in the coal aud metalliferous producing sections of the Crow's
Ne.st Paas and tlie Slocan are reported by lion. William Ston, Minister of
Mines,who lias returned t.-ora a three-
weeks' trip io the eastern and southern  portions o? tiie province.
Following tiie strike troubles in the
crow's Nest, he stated, production is
resuming normal proportions, while
there has been a marked improvement in me tall iforotis mining in the
Slocan uud Kootenay Bvcttons, where
old properties have been given a
lease of life by the discovery of new
ore bodies, and many new properties
are being opened up and actively de-
veloped The minister inspected a
number of tho leading properties,
nearly all of which are increasing
ihelr development activities, and he
returns enthusiastic over the future
l-io-pecls of the mining industry in
those perilous of the province.
While at -Nelson the minister discussed witli Lhe local Board of Trade
the affairs ol the French Complex Ore
Reduction Company i Limited, the
bonds of which have been guaranteed
to the amount of $66,000 by the government, and which recently ceased
operations. The company was carry-
In: on experiment! In tiie French el-
ectrolytlcal process In treating com-
plex ores, bul in the meantime the
feasibility of the commercial treatment of Bllver-lead-aina ores has been
established,   and.   consequently,   the
minister stated, he was of the opinion
he could not properly advise the eov-
eminent to furthpr assist the com-
pany by any more tinnncial aid But
he promised the government would
take no action In retpect of Its mort-
gage on the company's properties and
plant for at least n month.
KINGSTON, Ontario.—Hon. Henry
Urayton, minister of finance In the
Borden government, was elected by
acclamation Monday at the bye-election here. The Liberals did not name
a  candidate.
It. Schoenemon nnd family, of Long
Beach. Cal., were here last Saturday
Bnrouto home, having left Long Beach
July 1 und having toured through
Yellowstone National Park and Glacier park to Banff and Lake Loulse-
M.\ Schoenemon has large tncts of
wheat laud lu Alberta and It was for
[the pcrpose of visiting his ranches
that he made tbe trip. His only criticism of road conditions ln B. C. was
'.hut the rands were not marked off
properly and the Infonnntion contained In the folders available was
Of  the Vniversity of  New   York,  who
s/i-oke    before    the    National    Educational Conference In Winnipeg, fm
October  20-22.
Rev. J. P. Sinclair of U>e Bapti-w
Church, will arrive hou.e today from
Fernle. where he has been in attendance at the Sunday School Teachers'
conference which was held there this
week. Rev Sinclair left Sunday afternoon for Fernle and spoke ln the
Baptist church at that place Sunday
VICTORIA. B. C—Hon. S. F. To!-
inie, minister of agriculture In the
Unionist governmeni. and Thorn*.s
Barnard, returned soldier. New Westminster, were, nominated Monday afternoon to contest the federal bye-
election for Victoria necessitated
tTirough Dr. Tolmie's elevation to the
rank of cabinet minister and Mr. Barnard's decision to oppose him. Polling tuke.- plme on Mom!..v. October'
President Wilson is
Reported Much Better
1 th.   ii. W, v. A. fflU he
at the Heud of Campaign.
The Ciuubrook Victory Loan committee have secured ihe Plain? build-
ing lately vacated by the Slocan Mercantile company, as committee rooms
ior tlie li-in Victory Loan campaign
winch opens throughout the Dominion
on the 27th (not
These premises will be used by the
several committees appointed recently
as a meeting place,
' Owing to stress ol work. Mr. W D.
Gilroy, who was appointed secretory,
and Mr, John Martin, canvassing committee chairman, have asked to be re
lieved from their duties and Major
Hick*, civil engineer r.nd Secretary
Simpson of the Qreat War Veterans'
Association have agreed to nci as
chairman ot tlu* canvassing committee and secretory respectively.
The secretary will be in 'the committee rooms very day and the public
are urged to pay him a vt*.|t tf requiring any Information regarding
the  loan
A telephone hus been installed nnd
will be nkown as "Victory Loan."
If you want headquarters nnk central tor   'Victory  Loan.''
Because of tin* misunderstanding
by the public, regarding to the new
Ion King taxable, tiie following stale
ment is nude by D O Thomas. Inspector of income tax in this dlstrlcl
for tiie Dominion government
'If the Interest obtained through Investment In tbe Victory Loan, com-
b.i,ed with a person's other income.
is In excess of the amount exempt
from taxation which is in the case of
a single person $1,000, and of a married ier=on $2,000. Ua- amount tn ex*
■ ***■= will b« taxable."
Tlte following gentlemen of tills
city hove been selected as canvassers
foi tbe Victory Loan, which begins on
Monday, and have been given districts,
The following are lor the canvassers,
M-iyor W P Cameron, chairman i.
Woodman, W; a. tfisbet, J. P Fink.
»v.   S.   SintG.   P.   Qntmant    F    H.
Mrl"v     M      Bar"-..-      .;     V     PV.L
'-:-    f-    ■ -■     -..V     ..     .m..':..*. J-*V""
■torn ' . ■:*■ v. Pl*w«n. ' £,
**orth. w. ?■: \j-ridge, o. B v.-^':.;
*-. Bhankland. Martin Harris J Mora-
podi. Lee John. Charlie Wing. H.
Futa. Itev H. Lyon. George Stevenson. W. J. Atchison.   E. S. Maharg
M»  Order.ia>t --tiwii. I'mrfacial Gov-
• mment. Ha«e Named Oct-
•her iti u the Tine.
VICTORIA. B.V , Oct. 22.—Daylight
saving in British Columbia will end ai
2 o'clock on the morning of Sunday.
October 2*;, when the clocks wfll be
pot back one hour.
The Provincial Executive Council
boi passed an order-In-co unci I to 'hat
effect ana formal aiiiioMncetneni thereof is contained in iho Provincial Gazette.
The period for which tht daylight
laving was brought into effect by or-
der-ln-council pataed last May under
authority of legislation pafcsed at the
then session of the legislature was
fixed to terminate on October 31, but
In view of the fact that the railway*
of the Dominion, which have been
operating under a daylight saving
plan, will terminate it on October 26,
to conform with the United State*, roil-
way=, the Provincial Executive deemed
it advisable tn comply with the same
WASHINGTON. Oft. tl. —The doctors reported today that
Piesideul Wilson had one of the best nights el nee he became
ill. The president is trying to prevent a breakup of the Industrial Conference owing to labor's disgust with Oary and to
avert a big coal strike.
A. G. l.imgley, of Revelatoke, .provincial mining engineer, who woe ln
the city the past w*ek examining
mineral claims, departed Sunday tor
hia home. Beforo coming here, Mr.
Lang ley waa at Creston and mnde an
InKpectlon of the British ColumMa
Iron Company'.* property at Kitchener, reccommendlng further development before the diamond drill Ir put
into operation.
■    i-. ■■ •, *%.% i  i   i
Itev. H. McKay Lyon, who has heen >
at Trail, attending meetlnga ln connection with the Forward Movement,
haa returned to the city.   Rev. Lyon '
while at Trail paid a short vli-.it lo \
The offering at the itex theatre tor
next Monday and Tuesday \t one of
special mention, being Mae Murray,
in   "Tiie  Delicious   Little  Devil."
Thin unique picture In chucked foil
Of the mischievous adventurer of the
title role played by this win som little
..tar. and to say the least, yon will
be |K>i-ieified with tbe wpirli she pro-
truys in the unraveling nf this odd
but   -spirited  story
Regular prices at the ii'*x theatre
mi Monday and Tuesday
While on tin* following Wednesday
Mid Thursday, next week, October
29th uud 80th, the Fir*-; National attraction entitled "Alimony." by an
old eourt rci*orter. depicts the story
of the- amazing divorce traffic of
blackmailing lawyers, who prey on
the rich.
Stony Indian Camp,
No  play   before  the   public  Htands
thr   wear and   tear of time as well
as docn "ln  Old Kentucky" booo  tn
be given again  in thin city.    In tbe
hearts  of   the   play  going  public   it
never grows  old.    Charles T. Dazey
wrote   the    play   more   than   thirty
years ago.    From  It's first presentation   li   has  never  been   withdrawn
from the American stage for a single
thcatrtcul season and during all these
years It  h;u been  controlled by the
sume   management   and   has  alwaya
been   cant  und   presented  with  care
i and attention.    Now  In  the twenty-
eighth year of It's career. It remain*
ns   fret-ih.  us   new  and  as  enjoyable
, an ever.    Plays may come and plays
j may go hut "In Old Kentucky" Is a
i>     m      x.        *».    tr, i st«. » -...».,.. .... f,     ., m ...      nature In the land.    At the Auditor-
Banff, where the Prince of Wales was Made Chief of "Morning Star   Tribe ||Um n„, Wednesday, .October ttth. r a « E
w 0
IN       (' It A Ml It 0 0 K      IIKK.VI.lt
ot Tom.it js, mm.
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Will be a
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tbe Cranbrook berald
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"With it tt talon j Without u Mn//lc
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this office Wednesday mum the
current   week   to   secure   attention,
Canadians all over tbe Dominion
will remember how In Sontember ot
I a.-a year tbe Navy league of Canada
iniide an appeal for one million dollars
tor the relief of tbe dependents of
dead and Injured seamen of tbe mer
chant marine who were tbe vletiniH of
the German submarine campaign.
It will be remembered how under
the name nf "Sailors' Wcok"--lhu-nks
to the thorough-going co-operation of
the public wilb the workers— the
cumimlgn was a great BUCOess und
the objective was reached and passed.
The Navy League of Canada again
appeal.) to all citizens for fund* urgently required to carry on its work
The "Nelson I>ay" Campaign has been
launched and on October 21-22-2:1 the
sum of $500,000 will be raised by vol
untnry contribution.
The money will bo devoted to the
payment of tbe debt of gratitude to
the Canadian seamen tost In the war
to provide protection and homo comfort for nil seamen who come tin
Canadian ports; to educnle the people
io tbe need of a strong navy and a
strong mercantile marine and to train
native-born lads for service In thc
navy and Canadian merchant ships.
All the money'aero Ing* from tlie "Nelson IXty" campaign will be Bftlnt In
OivnpL\ j*>      f
Under /be above caption ibe Leth-
bridge Herald says:
"Iu analyzing tbe steel strike in the
States, the Toronto Mall and Empire
notes thut ont; of Its noticeable features lr. that tbe American born remained at tholr .posts In far greater
numbers than tbe foreign bom. In
fact, the United States Steel officials
declare that the strike i.i largely a
strike of foreigners.
"This Is- considered of interest hi
view of some recently published statistics showing the Illiteracy that prevails In the United States antl the
amazing number of foreign-born who
do not understand the English language. Three million adults are deaf
to the English tongue and live million
nnd u. hull blind to the printed word.
Of a million and a half men drafted
for the American army and examined
later as to tlieir Illiteracy lt waa found
that nearly 400,000 were unable to
read American newspapers or write
home. They wore unable to read
-printed HlgnB about their camps, or to
understand a written or printed order.
If this percentage ot Illiteracy prevails
throughout the nation It. would mean
that, Including the foreign-born, nearly one-quarter of the population Is Illiterate Bt> far as the English language
is concerned. Thc significance of
figures Is that a man who is unable
to read or write the language of the
land he lives lu Is dependent for bis
news and perhaps for his opinions
noon his next-door neighbor.
"It Is naturally among the illiterates
that the t.narchist and Bolshevist agitators succeed most easily. Like uneducated people everywhere, they
have a deep respect for gllbness. The
man who can make u speech without
hesitating fo.* a word, even though the
speech is itself nonsense, profoundly
Impresses them. They are readily Inflamed against their employers, nnd
the greatest danger lie** lu the fact
thai lu BOmo Important American In-
dastrlea foreign-born workers outnumber tbo native bom. In the steel
and Iron luduntry, for Instance, fi8 per
cent, erf tbe employees are foreigners;
In the slaughtering uud meat packing
trades 02 pet cent.; tanneries, 57 per
cent.; furniture factories, 50 per cent.;
sugar refineries, STi per cent.; oil refineries, ti" per cent.: clothing factor-
leu, 72 por cent.; and so forth. All tbe
foreigners, of ccourae- arc not without
knowledge of English, nor are all of
them oa-sy victims of the Bolshevist.*,
hut on the wind., they arc much more
easily misted, for they know leas of
American Institutions and have less of
the American spirit than the native-
born, Hundreds of thousands of them
after years of residence have not become naturalized; so Utile Interest do
they take In the United States."
The Club Cafe, aL 111 Baker street,
has been reopened by Messrs. A. L
Lafuntulnc and E. Cook, and is already receiving liberal (patronage.
Tho cafe presents a clean and Inviting appearance and the accomodations are ample. The table arrangement should appeal to patrons who
would enjoy tlieir meals In comfort
Messrs. Lafnntaine and Cook also
have made suitable provision for lady
patrons In providing private tables.
■ **»'«    — ■
The services at the Baptist church
Sunday will be at the regular hours
Morning worship, 11 a. m.; Bible
school at 12 noon; evening worship at
7:80 p. m. The pastor, Rev. J. P. Sinclair, will arrive back from Pernie
sad will officiate at tbe servicer
Atll.liitle of ii.W.WA,
We aro Informed that the Victoria
branch of the Groat War Veterans'
Association of Canada, acting in conformity with its interpretation of Us
constitution, is taking no part In the
coining Federal by-election, lt hold-
no brief for the Union Government or
tho Federated Labor Party, is giving
no assistance to either of the candidates and deprecates the uoe of the
name of the organisation for political
As citizens thc members ch im the
same political freedom enjoyed by :.ll
citizens of Canada. They will work
ami vote for the candidate whom they
desire to return to Ottawa-, but it
must be thoroughly understood that
their action in supporting either Dr,
S. F. Tolmlo or Mr. T. A. Barnard are
the actions of Individuals ami do not
reflecl the opinions of tho Great War
Veterans'  Association  of Canadtu—
Victoria Colonist.
South Africa'*, future.
Our greatest and most permanent source nf wealth--the land-- if
not actually neglected has been
merely scratched. For a country of
the size and Imporance in the Union,
we have but barely '.oped the frinze
of its possibilities. The war has
shown us what an Inexhaustible
HVUI'Qq oi weal tli we have in our
land. The varieties of tho soil and
oil mate wityhin Soutih Aifrleft are
•inch that we can grow almost anything that can be grown in any
other part of the earth's crust, and
our commodities are of a quality that
can compare comfortably with those
produced cli-ow-heie, and In many
Instances—wool ami mealies for example—oxci 1 them. No one can say
that we make the fullest and best
use of tho soil of South Africa. But
there has been n great awakening
within the last few yenrs and If we
take but one indication, the increasing price of land, It will be seen that
Uhe leavening is rapidly beginning to
spread,    'Phe  Friend,  liloenifont. In.
To Kud All Strikes.
Obviously » way must he found
to end striking. As long as strike-;
are wiled upon, as thoy must be in
the absence of o+her, belter means
of aobtoving the end in view, the vasl
majority will be taxed mercilessly by
the dlsjmrb.iiii'o of production and
disrlbutcn which a small minority
will bring abut. Industrial warfare
Is less bloc-dy, but fn proportion to
its  scope,  is  costlier  than  war  be-
There is more energy
in a pound of good
brca.d ma.de in the
home with Royal Yeast
Cakes than in * pound
of meat. Bread making
is a simple operation
and requires no previous experience. Full
instructions in Royal
Yeast Bake Book,
mailed free on request.
T Vi I. N T V     Y E A It S     A <i 0
Extracts from Uta Crnnbrook
Herald   of  thia  date.   1R99
tween nations, tr arbitration la tho
future means of avoiding inurim-
liunal wars, without sacrifice of national rights, why nut courts of arbitration for nvtdance nt industrial
warfare? Ijouisvlllo Courier-Journal,
Canada is to get a hundred airplanes from the British Oovernment.
A squadron of planes should be maintained at the headquarters of earn
military district. They are as vital a
part 'or tlie equipment or a defence
force as artillery or machine vans, -
Toronto Glebe.
W. K. Baling is making a success;
of the Rossland Record.
M. A. Beale of Fort Steele, was n
ICranbrook visitor this week.
j A. B, Walls lias purchased the property facing tho depot and will put up
(four or live bouses for renting. They
! will be finished In go'od shape and will
! be in demand.
! Tlie family uf A. Leltch. Sr., arrived;
last. Saturday from Oak linko, and are
domiciled In their home on Baker'
'Mil. Their many friends In Cran-j
| brook were pleased to sec thom re-
Si E. olivet*, formerly nt Wardner I
and Cranbrook, has gone to Trail lo
take charge nf the Trail Creek News.,
Mr, Oliver's ninny rricud.. iu tlie Kast
I Kootenay wish him every bucoss In his
I new  field
Manager Fink, of tho Fori Steele
Mercantile Company, turned his force
loose  on   the   big  glass   t'rnul   in the
store and n.   a  result  the clerks tan
tell a while horse from a black one
across the street,
The Fori Steele branch of tlie Canadian Bank of Commorco will be opened the latter part of ibis week or tho
firsl of next. .1 M. Medley will be in
charge lml the management will devolve on Manager Bmytho of the Own-
brook branch, who will have both Institutions under his supervision.
Word comes from Victoria to the
effect that Jack II. Haslam of this city
was among the successful candidates
at the recent examinations held In
Vancouver by lho pharmaceutical association, and lias been granted tlie
qualification of a "licentiate pharmacist,"
If for any reason subscribers ure
not rec.Mmr tlie Hern Id regularly,
we will appreciate their notifying
this office, ..hen the cnmplalnts will
receive lite promptest attention,
"The Rancher pC St. ISugone," Mission district. Kllbo.irn Coolldge, paid
Cranhrook a flying visit on Sunday
nml Monday on business and motored
to Wycllffe and St. Marys Prairie and ,
R, C. Mission and back to Hamilton's
apple orchard. As a demonstration
to some of his Alberta friends of just
what this beautiful country Is like,
and to happily -locate them in tills
thriving locality.
Ills oldest son wns ox-manager for
the Canadian Irrigation Company,
north of Tabor, and Ills youngest ton
and mother are happily located In his
old time general store business at
Pleasant View P. O.. Alberta, whoro
Mr. Coolldge Is now pnsl master.
After   greeting   old    friends.   Mr.
Coolldge departed again Monday even-1
lug to join   his  family  at   pleosanl
Developing  a  New  plover Seed District
During lbs   last  tbrea years Mr.
Don ll. Bark, Chief of tbe Irrigation!
investigation Division ot the Department of Natural Resources  of   tbe
Canadian Pacific Railway, has been
conducting a number of experiments
iu   .lie growing   of clover   seed ln
Ait,i hern Alberta, and has met with
i'prising »uccsas.     Before coming
Alberta in 1916, Mr. Bark wae for
i vera, years connected wtt-b various
rrlgatlon enterprises in Idaho  Ills
esp rfenced eye noticed tbmt tbe elo-
■ ..owing on lawns, ditch banks,
■ i .. aste places in Alberta, trom tbe
t   iMin:y tine to ss far north as Kd-
>,.  .a. ttave   promise   of good re-
Mi This promise was fully con-
dkil when be shelled hundreds ofj
■ -ids thai he gathered,     They   re-
teii.cd u  iwrge quantity of seed of
ti n lull j- good quality.
'I '.,-■ following year, therefore,  he
■ iigt-d  for   several   plots to be
'.anted on tbe various Deuwnatre-
, n Parma of tbe Canadian PacificI pound, the returns secured were very
I:.. way ...mated in the Irrigation satisfactory, despite tbe poor stand
ti ti ':. pssi of Calgary, Alberta. Tbe and indifferent growth of tbe clover.
iiu-, of these experiments, which! Ust year tbe yield from tbis plot
Look to the Juture
Begin with the Boys
HI. glorloui victories of  Druke and  Nelson were des-
* m   tined  to  lie  the  foundation of [our   Umpire  and  the
guarantee  of  tlie  freedom  of  lhe  seas,   which   mukei
possible the vast international  trade of   Britain and
her Dominions.
And yet when Drake and Nelson chose the sea as their life-
work, who was there to know what would be the overwhelming
consequences of their decision?
Tod,), i(; oil lm\ cony question in your mind
as lo whether you should support the work
of lhe Boys' Nuval Brigades, study the
nutter with an eye to the (uture. Get clearly
in mind the tremendous importance of Canadian products reaching foreign markets,
which can only he assured by the building
of a great Canadian Mercantile Fleet, mats-
nrd with Canadian Seamen!
We may build ships by the thousand, but if
we cannot man them ourselves our position
is still economically unsound. If we do not
train Canadian lads to man our merchant
fleet, we shall be left behind in ihe race for
export market!.—we shall have missed the
greatest opportunity for trade expansion in
all history!
What will YOU do to help some Canadian
boy who is anxious io learn seamanship, and
so be of the greatest service to his country?
l.et your contribution to the fund be •
worthy answer. Help them by giving!
Ala. .1 tk*
r. .mpka.is. Cassis's
..pirtunitin snil resets-
Militits .i. Ih, lit,
T. rstsi fundi f.r lis.
rilitf if .er unresist
ssum.it, Inj.nd is llii
star, end f.r dipisdimti
iflh.tt w!i, tvtn lillld.
T, visitant, suitors' h.mts
ts .,r pirts.
Ti trsin sayi end yiunf
nil, fir tur minkaol
sklls   Sy   thi   .reSHitltlts
•/*«,,' Nsesl Hrltedis.
Putrou :
H.B.H. Till
Dominion Frr.Id.nl:
" Thank Cod I have done my duty! "
for $bOQQ!mdmjs,Qctote2t&&
"Canadians "
Campaign CommtllM for tha Provlnva uf BRITISH COLUMBIA
Chairman! Sir CHARLES TUPPER Vice-Chairman. H. T. RAVENH1LL
Mis.-. Delia Qreaves was hostess on
Monday evening to n number of the
I friends t.f Miss Josephine Drummond
with a pretty miscellaneous shower
; In honor at Miss Drummond. The
den, whore the shower wns held, wns
appropriately decorated in white with
, red nml white carnations. Fully 2h
phi friends showered humorous appropriate (rifts on the bride-elect, thej
Rii'is ranging from n mouse-trap to
■ cut glass and pieces of silvor.
j    After the shower and Uio arrival;
1 of several gentlemen a very enjoyable
time was spent nt progressive live
hundred, the prize winners befiiK Mrs.
W. Wallace, Mr. D. a. Clark, Mrs. 0.
M. Mcintosh and Mr, IP, Pftasmore. ■
A dainty buffet luncheon follow-.
ol tiio card names, after which those
pr 090)11 proceeded to Maple hall
whoro the hostess entertained them i
wltll n dunce ln honor of Mtb, William;
Irdihiei*. of Spokane, and Miss Drum- j
motiil. The hull Was nrllsticully dec-;
orated In accordance with the lml-
loween se.ison,   Mrs. Kdmoniion was;
in attendance and for cevernl hours
the merry-makers "tripped the light
Those In attendance were Mr. and
Mrf. V. RllAnlOkl, Mr. and Mrs. L. G.
Clark, Mr. nnd Mrs. \V. Lindsay. Mr.
and Mrs, A. Wallace, Mr. nnd Mrs. tl,
M. Mcintosh, Mrs. M. L. Howard. Mrs.
K. Sims*, Mleses Bertha 0111, Mamie]
Maokoy, Doris Kershaw, irenu Beaqu,
Dorothy Mackey, Elfreda Drummond,
Minnie Armstrong, Mabel Canieron,
Nettle Terris, Lauretta Armstrong,
Herl Cameron, Mary Terrls, Ivy Didder, Gladys Spence, Mildred Harvoy,
Bertha Lo Clerc, Muriel Walllnger,
Frnnees Drummond. and Messrs, W.
Leaman, O. Taylor, 1,. Hlckoy, JR.
Armstrong, r. Mackey, M. Ault, V.
Daiiford, J. McClennan. M. Dallas, E.
Stivens. Q, Mahaffy, W, lltckey, M.
Aiuue, M. Hatlon. H. Doolmau. D,
Lynn, T. Downey, J. Barrett. A. Rob-1
Insoti, J, Armour, ('. dill. R Homer.
.1. Oroaves, L. Leask.
Charlie   Johnston   succeeds   John |
John, who resigned as night patrolman rocontly, and will act until an |
nppolntmonl |« made by tlie CQUnoll,
clover heads so that lt would pay to
harvest It. This accordingly woe
done, and    the area threshed   105
..♦•.ii continued ever itnee, have
■    n   very   satisfactory.     Not only
fcvi   ttifv  proved  that clover   seed
tan be K-own successfully ln South-
- ii   Alberta,   but   they have   alao
. :,. * a i .un tbe need obtainable is of
.,,, exceedingly blgb qwlity, with tbe
. id well above tbe avertf*-
One of tbe lareeet   plots  planted
d ii nr the ftrat year was three and
it ....;; acres, which were planted to
a:-tie clover at Tllley, Alberta.  Thla
a tea produoed the following year 2,-
ii: pounds of an excellent quality of
machine run seed per acre; an aver-
ags yield of "48 pounds, or approxi-
i.mtely   twelve and a half bushels,
ii. i acre.    This seed could have been
sold  readily, without recleaning, to ■ pounds of White Clover seed of an
dealers at twenty cents a pound, excellent grade and quality. Thia
which would have given a gross rev- lawn, therefore, produced over  $60
enup of $149.60 per acre. But suchi worth of seed, though It was not
was tbe quality that after a thorough .planted for seed production purposes,
to-.caning, there remained slightly Mr. Bark hus gradually extended
over ten bushels per acre of tbe high-f bis experiments over a larger te-rrl-
esi possible grade of seed. At ibis tory with equally favourable results.
..imug'tt retail prices each acre pro-lThrec and a half acres planted to
duced a gross revenue of upwards ofjalslke clover at Rosemary, north of
CHU. Brooks, Alberta, were harvested for
At tbe same place another plot,, seed In 1018, and although tbe stand
comprising almost an acre and a wus only fair, an average yiekl of
bdtf. was planted to white Dutch, 250 pounds of seed per acre was pro-
tlover in 1916, This crop bad not duced, Complete records were kept
looked very well througboui tbe sea-1 of the cost of handling this area, aud
sou, the stand baviug been thin and Ht thr rate of forty cents per hour
Uu- growth rather Indifferent, yet a, pet- man. and fifteen rents an hour
i no] yield of 205 pounds of seed of per horse, worked om ut $63,07, oi
un excellent kind were secured from,117.73 per acre. Tbe total seed pro
Hi ,*, area iu 1017. The average yield duced wait tifif. pounds, which at
WM U- poundb par acre.     As .kit twenty cents a pound, Is worth $177.
49*4 km wtfrth tt laMt ftlgr Malt *!Tu> tat profit tram Hu ttrse aaree,
(1) Alsike clover at Carscland, Alberta.
(2) Field of alsike clover at Tilley, Albeiia.
therefore, amounted to $114,03, or
$36,31 per acre, not a bad return for
one seaaon fnow land that cost only
fitly dollars au acre, although tbe
ciop was considered rather disappointing.
But much better results were secured with white clover on tbe banie
farm. Of tWs, three acres produced
1,144 pounds of liuu-hlnt. run seed,
which when thomugbly re-cleaned
weighed 1,033 pounds. White clover wnd is now bolng sold -■.ii tbe
Culgary and Winnipeg markets at
sixty-five cents a pound, The grower,
therefore,  might   reasonably  expect
was somewhat better, 206 pounds of
seed of an equally good grade being
produced. On tbe atove bMls, this
represents a gross return of more
than $100 an tore.
Tbe following example rotated by
Mr. Bark shows the prolific nature of
clover under conditions ln Southern
lu tbe fall of 1917, a one-acre lawn
of Kentucky Blue Graaa and White
Clover   at Caaslls, a small station
west of Medicine Hat, on thc toaln to receive fifty cents a pound for re-
line of the Canadian Pacific Railway,1 cleaned seed In large quantities. Ou
appeared  to contain    enough    ripe j ibis basis tic gross return from the
three acre plot would bo no less than
$501.50. Ah In tbe ease or the alsike
clover, the actual cost of handling
Wftfl carefully kept. It amounted to
$l!0.20or $36.73 tyn acre. It will be
seen, therefore, that tbe actual net
proftt from these three acres was
$391.30, or over $130 an acre. Wllh
such results lt does nol take many
acres to provide a man with u good
Now that thr possibilities or growing clover seed on the Irrigated lauds
of Southern Alberta have beon practically demons!rated, it will nol be
long before every farmer In the district ls growing at least a few acres.
The demand for high-class seed is so
great, and likely to he greater In Uie
future, that the danger of c&uslnf a
glut on the market ts very remote,
aud tho grower can rely on good
prices. There ta little doubt that
within tho next few years the Indus*
try will aaiume nrmslitarable fNHfr
'Great oaks from little
acorni grew," and from such a
meagra start in 1t77 has developed the wonder of modern
science—-perfect in its interior
construction—exquiultt in ite
exterior appearance.
Iii every Coctir d'Alene bedroom is a framed card on
which Is; printed the rates of
the room.    In other words
tin;    Coeur d'Alene    Hotel
marks   their   selling   prices
in  plain  figures,   The patron knows what his bill will
ho; he knows that he is not
helm? overcharged  through
a iiii-'-undenMiind- - his or the
clerk's—ho knows that he
Is paying Just  what every
other occupant of that room
pays—  no  more,  no   less.
Tli;ii.V.  standard    American
practice In ft rat class retail
itores; some day it will no
doubt be standard practice
lu the best hotels.
That framed card Is a small
detail,   but   it   illustrates   the
Coeur d'Alene  wny    of    dolni;
things.    It's*ono of the many
concrete  applications  of    the
Coeur d'Alene policy of fairness
and n full and honest munuy's
worili, to every patron whatever
kind or price uf room he occupies.
1 he one plitVKn rajin ifcovo
all otheri Unit hus dovelupcd
unci Improved tu m point
toddy wtit-te utile moil emu
lie  C-.|.-!-t.'d  111     Ull     l«piu.
uucliitf tit tin humin v-.l-.ii
und Rititlci.1 tvundi of ivory
lleautlfiil fiecw of furniture tuddi up lu period dealfm
to mutch your other InrulDlilitifN.
Tiw pHtliephone ulvos you the actual trmtla Itielf
through tlia medluM ot u round polkilieil, iicrmiiiont
iippttli* tall—no hosflln to ctangi—no weir on the
record. This now ind aclenllflu metlwd ut recordlnf
mod Mcltulvuly on thu rallieptiotie produce* a reoorJ
inferior In tone, duality and volutin over my other
iihoiioifrar-i record—rich, fcroad, it&iiiril-aud tudeeorlb-
nbly inM-ct.
Hw Them at Yew Local Deslert	
I Pathe Distributors, Limited |
HEAD THE EEEiLD W1BT AM. r ii i:    c it \ \ it it on k    ii i: it ■ i, ii
I' A ti E       I II K K K
IlllllllinillllUlim'-"*"""" tnrr» r
!       LIQUIDS <wk/PASTES. For Black.Whife.Tdrt       J
! and Ox-Blood (dark brown) Shoes*, - «
■'I: ■*.-': ": W
You save when you buy
You save when you bake
Baking Powder
Eff-0 Bikini Powder Co., Limited- Hamilton, Canada
[teg ub billon There Is
Operation the
■h   .    !■■   artmeni of Ro-
i mining   scheme,
di   to be  pul  Into
* irioi    Federal and fn-
■. i    beon appoint-
i ; . lie under the
l i   may  pur
I .   .. n,   h   dwelling
.,■ ■ ,-:..,.■   - oner charged
.   ■   .•!   alue 'ii $700, this value
b land ns well
ul i nuld an eligible
ai lling douse, th*1
,-.,■(( E700, he
till nerotlal the eontmlss-
i ■       pur*   ■■■ ■■   i r 'U" hoiCM*.
I    i  can llnti the difference
■ ■•■ uih -.1 the pro ertj and
i  ■■ ■; artment Ib pro
ii ■■I : > . dvance him.
I'l .i. ;■ erviee Hotnei Acl,
hi In ■ t-ommli doner has author-
Ire elthor i  Ivate or Crown
.i Btln *     neh  lands
  ■ va - ml areas, and I
upon land    i ai quired, he may eracl
i   In   a   value   of |
111 I    lude lho cost (
r i ■!       veil osl of the,
. auied ■
mm\\Wm*VtLf':i -". V./-..'.  -
CSismetCriSSZ&aJs -■".-' "r
We have just received a large range of
Mens' and Boys' IVlaekinaws
at prices that talk
Prices $7.00 to $20.
AMI IT Til ll.tTH.
hi: uui: a Nm111.1t of noon all wool sins, ta 11,01;
MAOl:.   I-'IIH   «t:>.   HAMIIMi KlillJI »•-'.. TO SI.',.
WIOKS   p,  TO tlSM.
■ im   ;.:<ii iiiur-
.   . death);  tho
. . \ . nlinn ro1.-
Ioi ■ : -.- rrlcd nt tho
,'. ..: 1 ■..' ■■ ■■ husband iu
.- ■■ :. ! : . la lv unable to
uio 1 ..*.:.]]> inwards her unpin 1 .! member of tho Army
I « orj "Curslua Service.
i 1      .   : i'::i        twi  main uor-
ler in empowered to carry nilt
j 1 ■;.' Ih ■ soci tied activities
.ttitleil in either jmrcbase hous-
: 0 n ". or to build them, If
,. i n e horn ■ which I- t'lii'iim-
■ . ■••. he inn lift
1   . . ,     Under the other sec-
, ...I
.t ■*-..-*--      -I
MBX8'   Kl IIMSHlll
X- .
: .
m \ nn: .Tin:
Fastest Transcontinental Train*    1
for the I-:, ine lurry
The Expenditure of
How the last
Victory Loan
was spent
jDEFORE  buying Victory Bonds again you  may want to
know how' Canada used ttie money you loaned her last
Canada borrowed the money to carry on the war and to provide credits for -ireat Britain and our Allies
QONSIDLRABLY more than one-hall of the Victory
Loan 1918 was spent on our soldiers. This included
$312,900,000, for paying them, feeding them, bringing them
home, separation allowances to their dependents, maintenance
of medical services and vocational training schools.
59,000,000 of the Victory Loan  1918  was paid on account
of authorized Soldiers' gratuities.
9,000,000 was spent at Halifax for relief and reconstruction
after Ihe disaster.
For TratL
Other disbursements were not. strictly speaking expenditures, but National Re-investments
To Great Britain tor example:
$173,500,000  was  loaned  lor  the  purchase   ol   our
wheat  and cereals.
$9,000,000 lor our fish.
$30,000,000 for other Foodstuffs.
$2,900,000 for Canadian built ships
$5,500,000 to pay other British obligations in Canada.
Making in al! $220,900,000 advanced to Great Britain
To our Allies, we loaned $8.200.000 for the purchase of
Canadian loodstulls, raw material and manufactured
The Re-investments will be paid back to Canada in due
time, with interest.
These credits were absolutely necessary to secure the orders
Jor Canada becaus* .ca*U?;..u.£.ias«s mtur* list possible
They have had the effect of tremendously helping agricultural and industrial workers to tide over the depression thai
would have followed the Armistice, had we not made theti*
credit loans.
As far as money is concerned. 1919 has been, and is still —
just as much a wa.- year as 1918. Our maa» expenditures
for war cannot be completed until '.;ell on into 1920 Thus
another Victory Loan is necessary -Get ready to btiy.
Victory Loan 1919
"Every Dollar Spent in Canada"
UM.r.i by Cenaihi'i victory Loan Commit lr*
in co-operation with lhe Minister ol I ifrt&W
of the Dominion »f Canada,
♦ ♦ ♦ T
Now thnt the era of recount ruction [Canada"— the new traflBc
li here. the builnttl man. who baa exprjH oftheC. P. H. pu
Wen taxed in ihe i'.tnlt, bought bondsjthp fllno>or St. S ... on
t.i'bla capacity and fwm until it-rilled to capacity on ltd I
luirti l« t» he considered *«am. He, sand rale run lo ymicoiiy.
U to be permitted to get from iilned Thi* is the rae«ni [fan
i . mare Quickly, his freight is to be" train n ib-- wnrlfl i iaW i
handled promt-lly   nnd be   Id io be from Montreal lo Vimeouvei
riven everv MatsApoe lo revitalise. Iban four daj-H. lo i i i '■
iV ImelnesR of Amo^'ea,    The rail   awH SO-mlnnie*. nnri rrom Vai
>.uv» an- ihe veins and arteries uiwnflo Montreal in
tion of the Act, the coramlseloner may,
wltlioilt WAltlng for returned men to
apply for houses, build in anticipation
nt requirements.
Although tho appltcnni may not he
: able to ,pay an dopostt, there is nothing tu prevent him securing a house
I under the scheme. At the same time,
he may pay any deposit that it is
within his power lo pay. The Interest
charged is m the rate of 6 per cent.,
ihe periods of repayment range from
^n in ::7 years, according to the ma-
iur.nl of which tlifl building consists,
The shorter periods apply of course,:
io the lighter class uf wooden build-'
| Ing, and tlie 87 years period applies
lo the more suhslautlal brick dwell-,
lap. The sinking fund for tho 37-year
period Is one per cent., therefore a!
mini would he required to pay six i>er j
Cent, lor the amount standing to his
debit in cconneotton with his properly. An Important provision is that
ir applicant a destro, they may pay ofT
tholr propeny within a shorter period.
The most convenient conditions
have been hifd down for the payment
. of purchase money or the repayment
of advance, Such payments can be
made equal weekly, fortnightly or
monthly Instalments us arranged at
the time of tlie contract. Recognition Is made of the possibility of cases
of hardship arising In connection wltll
the administration of tlie act. and to
such circumstances the commissioner
Is authorized to extend the period for
the making ot payments within his
own discretion Interest will he
chargeable upon the puyments so extended nt the same annual rate as that
which Is payable upon tho imrchase
money or advance.	
limit: ii.iki.itv
Kohl. Krimr, Prop.
lli-ciiil. full.-*.. I'lei
mul ru-.li)
I'no-je 37
Ave.       Opp   CUT Rtll
If vou want salislaclloii
wllh vour wanhhiff
send it to
Sneclnl nrlees for family
Hnntfiiay (iriiiilt** -V Mon-
iiiiM'iilnl ( o., Lid.
C.enenil stone Contractor! and
Monumental Works
1 nml M., NeUuii     1'. <t, liox ^ti.'i
f,ir«»Mlli*  md   ')l,lrlblUl»
Altai tor
l.ttkkrMi* ttt GrMiMD CMI
laprrUI Oil»'«.
Diitrtwiw cm • artettnt
llmrinir «ml TraBntrrrhn;
OItmi pronpt itUDtlor,
wliloli ii liealtlij) liuiilnow tmrty rtlu»l
. i>|it-n<l, Ui.Mvl'i-r- nurraully muell tli
;  . Iir-lp iillifl «,!«,, from Ilium.
Tho CiinUHrii I'ut-ii.c. u nrivwwy
niu roitil in llifl rii-Ht rr Um m It,..;--
u> belli llio bimlntH mall.
* (U, jiuu  lil.   Uio   tint " Ttuu-
iin Itriir-
A ivliolo bualnene doy In Ibii-
!',,[■ lho llu, iv*.-*= - Mm.- ir.-a-n ni-ry.
An tntcronUnR iiolr.i In cnntipriloii
n-Illl Hill tnilll li Iho llli-l Hint null''
than usAt ot tho m-auinii-i. uo im-l
ill. llIM ll      .." OStllOl
,l|r,r $8,000:000, n Ins ro. Hi ■
r-nothminil tnil wpMbnnnrl,
Ins I'licp. fi compartment
iiinuiv tui-l 2i lotwmoUvoa.
erjur ,   . C *3f
Suggestion ,
on Eczema
It will take just a few moment** to
stop In nnd ask us what our ex per-1
I fenco has been In tlie wny of grate-
J fni   customers   with   the   soothing
wash of oils, D.11.1). Your money
Lbaclt  unless  lhe first  bottle  relieves
you.The  Crnnbrook   Hook   nnrl   Drug]
Co., Cranhrook,
The Liquid Wash
(1F.T   THAT   (HU    nm si:
IIM.II IT linillll  IT PAIil-8
IMIWMHI lilVl:  IS   »  CON.
Til tli   Til III ll.lt   VIII    .1
xi:w im:
Clarke & Sainsbury
I'hoao ..I nr 370     IMI. llox Kfl.1
i       ritim: m Tim wist     •
! Brlllih.Coln«hl».X«il-
J llll,  0l   lliillll- !
j    Xnrkiii.    Smith.    Illaii   A   I'".   !
I Vnnriiu,*T, ll.l. |
i:ll\l(IMiSII\,S lltMt: OKI III.HTHA
\oh 0|icn for LiiKiiBi'mi-iit..    Ono to
Four ttkll
Tin, Mutlc wllh tho I'KI'.    Por Ti>rm,
nr plione '-'-.'ii (ronbrnol, B. t'.
I'llll.M   NO. Ml.
I inMIRIIOk ■ R.  0,
Tin' Sinn' Spoclallal
Soll.lofllun OuaraitlMil
■ I'liil,I Hurler* for oil klnilo of
• When in Cranbrook j
The Place To Eat     !
i i
it at I
j ,
! Alex Hurry'*        !
! Tables in Connection l
j Hurry's White Lunch j
I, A llll. A «   it I.KWOI.F
(Till anil Mlnlni Kaflarora
II. f. I.iall H«r,o,or,
3lonl.ni llMta.r.nl
MmI, ol III Ham
r l|ar>, (karotloi tot Ct»U)
,)|i|,noiio Iho Book ot Cawum l'AIIK  KOI It
THE     € lt A \ II It 0 0 K     HER A 1,1»
onoin.it iii, umi.
At Cranbrook  Drug & Book Company
Let us do your printing and developing.
Quick service and work guaranteed.
All mall orders promptly ftttetided lo
Vi. .1. ATCHISON, Jt»r.
Uui I'hono 7t.
Nlghl I'hono UN
A safe ind cheap way oi remitting money is by
Bank Money Ordera.
When sending even small amounts always safe*
guard yourself by baying a Bank Money Order
This Bank issues money orders payable in almost
any part of the world.   Ask at our nearest branch,    sot
Cranbrook Branch,
B, E. Howard, Manager.
8iit,-A,ency it Klmbcrlt,,
ii Sin., i:i;'ni iL^ui 'J-Jiiy^X.'yiiim tumu au:;.a ii
Rev Hugh McKay Lyon, Minister
11 a m.    Divine Service
12 noon   Sabbath School
7.30 p. m. Evening Service
Mining Company of Rossland,
with n newly developed property in
the vicinity of Paulson, Is awaiting
the coining of snow tn put their
mine in Uie list of shippers. The Molly Gibson ABoo-ye from the ore thoy
are at present taking from tne mine
ran   a*   high   ur   $125.00   In
;■;,'! '■'.:..:: : ;.;.;-£ :.*.". i t.."...t
•/WrtljoDifit Ctjurcl)
Rev. R. W. Lee, pastor
11 a.m.—Divine Service.
12 noon.—Rally Service.
Open session of shool.   Everybody should come.
7:30 p.m.—Divine Service.
Preacher: REV. R. W. LEE
You Are Invited.
per ton, and the shareholders, principally liosslanders, are very enthusiastic over tho outlook nnd the e«e-
slblllties or the propertly becoming
one of tho rich mines of the Prov-
vinca-. They have stayed with tho
mine and have at las', got it in
shape to bring them return*.
place. They wero accompanied by
sovern 1 mining cxportn, Including Mr.
Harry Gamble, who hoe reported vory
favorably on the property, which is
peacoclt copper Of very lilglt grade.
Development work will atari right
away. Tho services ot two ot Hie host
men trom lho Sullivan mine have boon
obtained, namely Daniel McBocltern
who will attend to tlte mining end, ami
g0ldI John Kwon. who will be in charge ot
tho carpentry ami timbering.
Shipping from the dump haa already
commenced, transportation heing nn
easy matter. Tho government contemplates putting a wagon road up to
within 500 yarda Of the workings, and
i former lire chief James Poster will
I be in charge of the rond crow which
1 Remarkable Hunk Clearings Knipha-1
Blie Imparlance ot lhe
Victory Lean.
Judging from tlie statement ot bank
i clearings for the month of Septem-
I bcr. Canada ia doing an unpreeedent-
' ed amount of business, Tho clear-1
1 Ings advanced 40 per cont. over Se.p-
lembor of last yenr which Itself was!
a large month.
! All sections of ihe country shared j
In tho advance of business some ctt-i
, les tloing double the mule of Boptem-
| bcr, 1918. Many quite remarkable In-
i creases, outside of lhe especially j
.largo advances of Winnipeg and
Windsor, wore noted, Toronto gain-!
; oil 87 per cent., Ilranlford 47 per '\
i cent., KUo ll oner 57 per cent., London j
|3G per cent., Ottawa 51 .per cent.. Ell-
motiton CO per cent.. Prince Alberl 1)4 ;
per cent.
The present remarkable period oft
prosperity in Cannda will be main-1
trained it Uio Victory Loan, 1019 'is
made an overwhelming BUCCOSS, Business men realize tilts and in the In-;
lor eel a ot tliemsolvoa and tho country are being urged t<> DrOBS the Imparlance ot the coining loan upon ev*
ory one with whom ihey come in contract,
Repair Work Solicited.    Price* Redouble
AgenlK tor
The Studebaker
II eonsiderliiK Inuring * cur Mil on nn.   II yon h»ie • light ear ne
mill lake it on pari payment at a reasonable price.
British Columbia
Every  Progressive Farmer  in  British Columbia reads
If yon are not ons ot thin lar(t-» family of rsadsrs you arc losing
ociiui. dollaiV worth of valuable information every week. Auk y.mi
noiBllbor wtial he thinks of Farm A Home.
Fur in A Horn* ia puhllahed every week of tlie year and contain).
departments for every branch of farming, dairyini, poultry raising
j pi- keeping and gardening, wlt-- a hreezv, sparkling woman a nectton.
n <thwiy aerial ratnry, the latent Inventions and appliances (Illustrated),
what other farmers are doing, quimtlons and answers column snd
nummary nf tho world':* news for the week.    (Market reports).
Circulation growing by leaps and bounds every week.
Hend your subscription now— ua* the coupon
Ill" Pender St. W„ Vancouver. fi.C
Mcntlemen:—Begin with your current Issue and lend in* Farm *
M.-fT ror s year; enclosed find niv dollar
Jtock Candy Mine to Ship
Klgiiloen tarn of Ore Weekly.
The tinind Forks Sun says:
"The whole ft>ur units ot tha decrepitating i>lant at the Hock Candy
mill, 20 inilos north of Grand Forks,
are now completely installed and are
giving entire satisfaction In operation, according to Superintendent A.
It. Robertson, who was in town recently. Tho mill Is now icperating
at full capacity nnd handling about
10H tons dnlly, Which Is transmitted
Trom the Rock Candy mine in buckets over an aerial tram line. The
fluorite ore is being shipped to chemical plant- in Indiana. The first
three carloads were shipped last
week and Trom now on there will
b regular train shipments about
twice a week, as the output will run
well on to 18 cars a week. There
Is a storage bin at the mill for '.he
concentrator from which the cars are
men employed in the mil and about
3ft men at the mine."
List of Mines Shipping Ore
To the Biff Smelter nt Trail.
The Black Bear mine ot this city,
ia mentioned amtng the Rossland
mines shipping lo the smelter ot the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company ot Canada Limited, Trail.
The  t-tal   tonnage  received   was
4072   for the week ending October
7tb, tbe following mines being In tbe
i>t ot shippers:
Mine and Location Orosa Tons
Bluebell, Rlondel    183
Black Bear, Rossland  231
Centre Sta.\ Rossland 1400
Consolidated Mines, CUnes     26
Highland, Cedar Creek   106
Iron Mask, Kamloops     42
Josle, Rowland   502
Loon Lake, Loon Lake, Wn     32
Lone   Pine   Surprise,   Republic
Wn   114
Mandy, The Pos, Man   468
Monarch, Field     78
North- Star, Kimberley   404
Ottawa, Slocan City     50
Faradiso, Athalmar     44
Quljp. Republic, Wn   148
lo.th, Cedar Creek  100
San Poll, Republle, Wn     57
Sullivan, (zinc), Kimberley     62
Velvet, Velvet, Wn     26
Important Besl Made In
The Kaslo District Recently.
An important mining deal took place
recently In the Kaslo district, Winnipeg capitalists taking over tho Colorado mine owned by A. J. Harris and
A. T. Garland of Kaslo. The amount
Involved was unusually large according to Mr. Harris, who hay worked
the mine for several years, says a despatch from Kaslo.
The Color-ado Is a rich silver-lead
property nnd adjoins the famous
Whitewater mine.
This is a district which is particularly rich in minerals, and until recently, undeservedly overlooked. The
dlstricct Immediately surrounding the
Colorado is considered by experts to
Ik the richest mineral district In the
district immediately surrounding the
interior of British Columbia, but until
recently capitalist", have fought shy
of Investing there. American capital
has alwuys been more In evidence in
this district 'un has Canadian, but at
lasl, as Is apparont, Canadian capitalists are actually i waking to the fact
that lana.la has wonderful resources
of its own.
Arrangements have been made to
put a small crew of men to work at
once under the superintendence of
Mr. Harris. Necessary machinery will
be purchased and Installed as soon as
practicable and a targe crew put to
work early In the spring, when it ls
confidently expected by :>.ll concerned
that even the wonderful Whitewater
mine will he surpassed tn richness and
quantity of Its production.
W. J. Elmendorf, mining engineer,
of Seattle, made a thorough inspection
of the property before the deal was
put through, and satisfied tho purchasers that their money would be well
Mr. Harris nlso put through a private deal whereby he disposed of hit.
Interest In the Oorean, a property In
the same vicinity ae the Colorado.
Mr. Harris and Mr. Elmendorf have
recently arrived in Kalao from Spo-1
kano ond went up to the property on
Friday morning's train.
Development Work to Begin
Immediately Near Marytwllle. .
The Lone Tree Butte, the well-'
known Marysvllle landmark, woe last;
week-end the scene of great activity,
when a Mr. Battle and hia partner,]
George Leaek, both of tbis city, motored out to thtlr copper Bin* nl -ttat
I will start work shortly.
, Starkey Ha- nn Extensive
i Collection nl Ore Samples.
"Snmploa of ore from 100 mineral
properties, speaking approximately,
are on exhibition or In storage In the
ofllce of Fred A. Slarkey. commissioner of the Associated Boards of
Trade of Eastern British Columbia.
"For years Mr, Starkey has been accumulating ore samples, large and
small, and some in boxes or sacks,
some in cabinets, and hundreds on
shelves, llo knows each sample by
name, whether ll Is tagged or not, aad
the details of Its discovery.
"Just after the fall fair, ~Mr. Star-
key, assisted by J. ,1. Currie, made a
grand onslaught on the stored riches,
New York recently. The manner ln
which Mr, Earlo speaks of iho Grand
Porks plant, rather than the Phoenix
plant, suggests to many the probability that while smelting will be superceded by concentration the milling,
plant for the ore may be located at
Grand Forks as Is the smeller at present."
Will Rush lieu'ltipineiit on
The Beatrice Mine nl Caiiihaurat1.
Managing director W. E, Morphy, of
the New Era Minos Limited, operating
tho well-known Beatrice mine at Cam-
brone, Is authority for the statement;
that since reopening the mine several;
months ago it has been under active j
development, and from now ou this,
work and Ibe taking out of ore will:
be carried on simultaneously.
A crew of live men has been working, nnd the coming week E. Bodine. j
mining engineer, will tnke charge of
tho operations. Mr, Bodine Is just)
returning from tlie Mount McKlnleyi
district, where, with the United States;
geological survey, lie has been Investl- j .
gating the Valley of a Thousand
level, from which former :
MORALE {Mo-tali n. IF. See Metal, a) tl*
moral condition, or toe condition In atlier niperti, to
fat at it iM ajtelltd hu, ar dependent upon, moral con-
ttJeratloru, uich at teat, tpirlt, hope and confidence;
tnrttat ttate, at of a Mu of n*n, an atm, and Ilk'-
HAT U Dr. Webster's definition. Many
oi us know the word only in its
war-time application.
Webslrr dwells firstly upon the uisgs of the
■'word "morale." ss applied to the common-place
happenings ot every-dsy life.   His alluiion to it*
reference to <n army corns! Ister.   And Webster Is
corred—meticulously so.
It was their privnle-life morale that made such
■plendid soldiers nl our boys when the time came
(or them to don the khaki. It wai that, and that alone,
that made them take the first <trp, and it was thst which
csrrisd them through to viclory. If their everyday
morale had been neglected, the Army could have done
little with them and success would not have crowned
their efforts,
lt Is the many little incidents of your daily routine that make up
your morale—the morning shave, your clean linen, polished shoes,
brushed clothes. Webster speaks of zeal, spirit, hope and confidence. It is by attention to the small details of your personal
appearance that these may be attained.
The Gillette Safety Razor enters «s much into the morale of everyday life aa it did into that ot the trenches. It helped our soldiers to
maintain their confidence and bearing. It will do the same lor you.
The Gillette Safety Razor makes the daily shave come easy—there
is no pulling or scraping—no honing, or stropping—just five minutes
of perfe-ft shaving comfort. And, afterwards, a chin that tells ef
morale and self-respect.
Sold at moef •tores catering to man't naedt.
MAM IN   •^a7tamaammm^mM^     CANSO*
KNOWN TMrT^,»ss*»w'W0m.0 oveft
The Gillette Safety Raaor Co. o! Canada, Limited, Montreal, Que.
with a view or bringing order ont of I °l*ra ors took out considerable ore.
chaos, with the result that several n mi- tn,e faco,B '" ore> pnd raln-
hundred additional samples are now,1"-? operations will be continued all
Sallhnn   Mine.  Klmberley, lt. V,
adorning shelves. By the time his
drive is completed, every sample In
Uie shop will be brightened up, if It
needs brightening, labelled and placed
I in view.
*'ln addition to the ores shown, there
! are also smelter products, from the
smelter   of  the   Consolidated   Mining
! and   Smelting   Company   of   Canada
Limited, Trail.
"By way of a whitlow display. Mr.
winter in this ore body. Values gen
orally in the past have run around $8(1
in silver, when silver was low, and
around 34 per cent. lead. This tunnel was Hooded but Is being siphoned
Development work Is taking tho
shape of drifting from tho point at
which Xo. 3 tunnel cuts the vein, with
tbe object of coming unde.' the ore
body of No. 2, when a raise will con-
Starkey   has   ore   from   live   'recent neot tho workings.
trikes. respectively from the Perrier,
Nelson: McPhall, Granite; Central,
Eagle Creek; Mountain Chief, Re-
natai and Phyllis and Gv.-ounle, Rlondel."
Contracts will be let for a connecting raise, fi feet by 14 feet, 765 feet
long to be driven at an angle of 47
degrees, following a diamond drill
hole 2 11-32 Inches In diameter.
j Also for driving 1000 feet of tunnel, 10 feet by 11! feet; and S-.00 feet
of cross-cutting, S feet by !> feet. Myers- Whaloy mucking machine available.
Also contracts for breaking ore in
stones. Adequate power and equipment supplied; Tnrbro one-man ma-
womkvk iNKTirrm:
Mi't-ts lu the
Parish     Hall
first   Tuesday
afternoon    of
every   month
at :• p.m.
Pres. Mrs. O.
Campbell, boi
Secy. Mrs. J  YV. Burton, P. O. Boift2l.
All ladies -.o-dlully Invited.
Tiie company Is looking forward, ac-i chine in use.
cording to Mr. Morphy, who was in i    Good bunkbouse accomodations and
Nelson recently, to having a mill next  a limited number of homes for mnr-
sprlng. If all goes well, by which time I ried men.
sufficient ore will be broken out to de-'    Further   particulars   it'   necessary
termine the oil notation process.
Locate l.xtciislou of Valuable
Salmon IMver Area on Nbss Hh*r.
Kei-orts of prospectors who have
been engaged on the Nass River side
of thc slope, ns well as from samples
with which they have returned, Indicate that thc Salmon river formation
and character of ore extends further
than was originally figured.
Spider prospect, which is said to be
very promising, is in this area. Besides miners have brought specimens
from claims staked near by which
arc shot wllh native silver. Some
high grade ore also lias been brought
from tbe late discoveries across the
glacier from the Big Missouri. There
are a number of locations there, and
Atlin Gold Production for tho
Yenr Will Show a Decrease.
Gold output of the Atlin, B. C, district for the season of 11)19 Is placed
al $250,000, compared with the usual
production pt approximately $400,000.
Lack of men is given as the reason
"'■j''' for this falling off hy Prank Mobley,
M  I1 P        wild     ,-nl m-ii el     ronnntU-     fnwn
can be obtained from 13. G. Montgomery, Kupt.. Kimberley. B. C, to whom
all communications and bids should
he addressed.
CITY 1,0110E, No. 42
-il'j""Hr£*^**4-.      **tee**t   ever,
EjLIKaE?S   Mod*|*it »i8kt
^msSS''^r9sW -  ,1 Fraierolt,
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellow,
cordially Invited.'                f- "
\V M
\V. l.„Cl!roy
M.P.P.. who relurned recently from
Atlin to Victoria and who is the owner
of the Discovery Mining and Power
Company. He states that the output
of this company will lotal $25,000. It
Is situated on Pine Creek and has been
in operation all summer. Mr. Mobley
does not expect that the profits will
be great because of the increased costs
on property as tlie Mother-lode Group   ll&^&^O ^JeVX
a wide vein of tbis ore has been un-  ft_- hnvfl llOBn L wnr.   ,n H"      ""
Increase In Rale »i Interest.
covered. George Clothier, government
engineer, Intends visiting this ground
before returning south.
l-raiibj l'roKpecctlng In the
l.tstall IMver Section of H. (.
V. H .Todd, one of the engineers of
(he Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting and Power Company, recently arrived on the Const after spending
the season in charge of diamond drilling operations on properties in which
the company is interested on the Ecs-
tutl River, about 30 miles south of
Port Esslngton, B. C. Mr. Todd suys
that there are a number of men employed there nt present, but that the
work will be closed down shortly for
the winter. There are a number of
promising prospects on tlie Ecstnll,
and It Is likely that the company will
start operations on a large scale next
Reported Grunhy I oinpany .May
Resume Again al (>rand Forks.
Tlie Grand Forks Gazette says:
"That there is a probability of the
Granby mines nt Phoonlx resuming
operations when a milling method for
IreaLlng about 500,000 tons or concen-
tratlng ore there can be found is re-
ers have beon at work in the district
this season, most of whom wero engaged on Spruce Creek. With reference to the Engineer mine, one of the
best known and possibly the richest
lode property of the Province, Mr.
Mobley explains that owing to the
drowning of Its owner, Capt. Alexander, and his wife, when the Steamer
Princess Sophia was wrecked last
year, and to the subsequent death of
his heir nt Pittsburg. Pa., no work
has been done this year.
Development Ik Active in the
Sloran According to Late Reports.
Tbe Evening Star property, Dayton
Creek, near Slocan City, Is being opened up witli satisfactory results, according to William Moore, the manager. The mine buildings are completed nnd Winter supplies now are being
transported to the mine, which Is situated at nn altitude of 5,000 feet. In
the workings the tunnel found the
ledge, which now is being followed In
the direction that eventually will bring
the tunnel under the shaft, A granite
dyko 20 feet In width materially cut
down tho rate of progress In tho drift,
hut the face is again ln tho voln, and
two shifts of hand-drillers nre making
good  progress.   It was Mr. Moore's
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby   given
thnt   tn  accordance  with  tbe provisions _of an Act to nmend the Dominion   Lands  Act.  passed  at   tbe  hist
Session of Parliament, and comment,
ing from the 7th July, litlfl, where
interest   is  chargeable, tbe   rate  of I
such Interest, on all new transactons'
in connection  with  Dominion  Lands j
shall be six per centum por annum;
also that from lst of September, 1!H0.
the rnle on nil overdue instalments j
in connection with both past and fit-[*■»—•*■
lure  transact ions  will  be  increased
to seven per centum per annum.
*   By Order.
Department   of  the  Interior,
Ottawa. August 26. IfllD.
Crnnhrnek, B. (\
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tbe Fraternity Hall
v.. (j. Borgstrom, O. c.
0. H. Collins. K. R. & 8.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Regular Meeting
nmnIh at i p.m. In the Olty Hall
llected In the statement of Vico-Presi- j Intention lo reopen the Silvor Nugget,
dent. D. P. Earle al tbe annual meeting- nn adjacent, property thin year, but If
of the G rim by Consolidated Mining, i has boon decided to defer this work till
SmolliUK and Power Company, held in  next season.
Too Much
jX TWtSoili'O nuty beas dangerou
sippeuie   a8100 Iittie
/Jt When the skin is sallow or yellow, the
Y eyes dull, the head aches or sleep hroken
and unrefreshingj the back aches, or there
is a pain under the right shoulder blade—it
is an indication that the body is being poisoned by poorly digested and imperfectlyelim-
inated food-waste.   It is a wise thing to take
to relieve those symptoms by
helping to remove the causes
WJmmrWnbCwJi.  1sImsu,ISc..Uc.
Seotton 134.
In the Matter of Lot 28   Block  42.
In the Matter off Lot 2.1, Block 42,
Town of Wordner, Map «:i0. Kootenay District.
TAKE NOTICE that the above
application has been made to regis
ter The Crow's Nest Pass Lr.tuber
Company, Limited as owner' ln
of the above lands tinier alia) and
for tbo losUQ to the raid The -Crow's
Nest Pass Lumber Compr.iiy Limited
of a Cortlficute of Indefeasible Title
thereto, and that In support of such
application there lias boo.i produced a conveyance dated nth, July,
1818 from chillis Miller whose title
was derived under :; tax r;.lo deed
dated (1th ,Septembor I'.mr. from the
AftpetfRor of the District of Fort
Steele and that prior to l-tl: day
January lOOH, (the date on which
ibe said lands were sold for overdue luxes) you, C. \\ Poland were
tho registered owner thereof and
you, A. W. Hwallwell were the As-
ettsed   owner   thereof.
ilint registration will be effected iu
imt-tuinuce of lhe above application
nnd a Certificate of Indefeasible
Title to the snld lands, Issued to thc
said The ('row's Nest Pass Lumber
Company Limited after tlie lapse of
45 days from the service upon you
ot tbis notice (which mny be ejected by publication hereof as hereunder directed), unless you shall take
and prosecute the proper proceedings to establish your claim, if any,
to tho sal:1, lands or to prevent such
ropoBed action on my part.
DATED at the Land Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B. C, this 22nd day
I of AUgUBt, A.  D., 1819.
District Registrar
I To C. P. Roland,
A. \V. Swallwell.
| I direct service of this notice to be
mado   hy  publication  hereof  In  one
Issue of a newspaper circulating In
Cranbrook, B. C.
DUtrtct BeglMrar.
Prhale Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial   Uovt.
Maternity and General Narslag
Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mm. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 259   - P. O. Box 84fi
Address, Harden Ave. Cranbrook
Drs. Urwii \- UncKtnnnn
Phjr-lrbin* and Rnrgrun*
Ollln   at  residence, Armstrong
office Hours
Forenoons   (1.00 lo 10.0(1
Afternoons   2,00 lo   4 00
Evenings 7.:io to  8.so
Sundays      2.30 to   4...0
i:sti,m\ti:s   AMI
IteiiH-drllliiff and Repair* a
J.    \\    Hit lit ItO FT
IHt. F. II. SlIliKH
Olllce In Hanson Block
9 to 12. am
1  to    5 p.m.
F. Al. IIA< nil.ItSON
Phone SH(1
Norlinry Are, neat to City Hall
iiieiKcliit* for nil I-Vm-ilc C-i.iiptnJnt. *.*. n bo-i,
or three fur Jill, (it (inij; t*t»r--n. Mnlletl to any
aitdresH nn re.-L-ijit uf prict*. Tin: ttcnitti.t. Dhpo
Co.. St. Cut Murines. Ontario,
for Nerve und Drulu;lucreuscs "bil-v matter1
a Tonic -wilt build yon up. fl a 60s, or two for
&stdntgstorct or by msil on receipt nt
ud Vitality;
natter1': oti'tuiEit 2:1. mm.
T il E     CHAS It It 0 II I.      ll 1: I) A I, II
A ti i:      :| II l( i; E
A Business Proposition for Farmers
WE want you to size up Delco-Light as you would a
new farm hand before you hired him.
Will Delco-Light do a good day's work on the
farm every day? Will it cost much to keep? Will it earn
money for you?   Will you get along pleasantly with it?
Oyer 75,000 Delco-Light users have answered these
questions for themselves and for you.
Delco-Light gives them all the electric light and power
they need.
At a result—
They do chores before daylight or
after dark, bectttisc house ami burns
nre well lighted.
The) have slopped working small
machines by linnet—•milking machine,
churn, separator, grind stone, washing
machine, fanning mill, water-pump.
Ihey have running water wherever it
in needed. Thej 110 longer hamper
themselves with a lamp or lantern
while working. There are no lamps
lo flean and fill. The ironing is done
by electricity,
All ihis means time
saved for every member
of the farm family.
It means more time
spent at money-mak
ing work. On some
farms it means doing
away with hired help.
And the money
now spent for coal
oil will operate
Delco Light. Four
times as much light
from a gallon of coal
oil i-i the record of
peli-o Light over
oil lamps. A few
ecu Is a day for all
the electric light and power you can
Where there is a boy on the farm he
looks after Delco-Light. 'A few minutes each week is all the attention it
needs. Note these exclusive features
of Delco-Light construction. They
insure care-Free, long-lasting service
for you.
li is direct-connected. There are no belts
(o slip, break nr bt- replaced,
Ii U self-crunkinv. Pressing down du a
lever starts the engine umi it slops automatically when tht.- batteries tire charged.
It isjtir-caoleti. There is no water lo carry,
to freeze, or fo boil away.
There is only out- place ta put oil. There
are no grease cups,
A simple- mixing r.i.'.r regulates the fuel
supply.   There U no complicated carburetor.
Halt .mil rotter hearings eut down friction
and hicrease efficiency.
Thtek-pktle batteries are long lasting.
You can see that on every point Delco-
Light is a good business proposition—tllat it
pay-- for itself. It tides a lot of work* for yon.
It saves you time, li gives you time for
money-making   work,   ii   costs   little   to
operate.    It is i'...iy to look after.
BESIDE AM. THIS. Delco-Light Kivcs
ynu the wonderful commit and pleasure n|
electric light In tin- liottte, floods ol cleat
bright buhl nt the prentaij «'l n button, No
matches; nodoncpr. LoLsnf light Pleasant
evenings; happy mother ami children. Von
can't know the untold beuefiU. of electricity
until >ini try it,
Delco Ugh I users know nil thus-* things.
They have written us letters telling us.   We
qtiolo ir some of then Inters.   Wc Imve
printed ionic of (lum in u little folder.
Illustrated with photographs, We wanl you
to gel tins bonk ami uud it. it will open
your eyes toathe possibilities for greater
profit and greater comfort on the farm.
Write your nearest distributor lor u free copy.
The   fuel   saving   alone
nu.  1460,00  per  year,  as
fa) DELCO-LIGHT has made it
possible for us to do without one
mail,   whose   wages   and   keep
amounted to 160.00—he would
cost ns more now.
By operating thc above
ment inn ed a p p I i a i: c <- s
Mrs. Peek has been so
relieved from her ordinary
household duties that
she is able to spend u
great deal of her time
helping to care fur tlie
milk, and we are now
able to do all of our own
work, which has solved
the hired help problem
for us, nnd securing help
nowadays is the farmers'
greatest problem.
Where we formerly used 5.r> gallons of
gasoline per week, at 25c. per gallon {$1*1 7151
to operate the milking machine and pump
alone, wo now im. .i-fi gallons ol kerosene pei
week at 14c. per gallon ($4,00 , which is a
net saving of |8;8fi per week, or (460.30 per
Also, iu addition to thi-*, we arc lighting*
four imuses, horse barn aud cow barn and
doing the washing and ironing.
Another instance uf saving is thai we save
the time of one man f4 hours a day) handling
lanterns alone in our cow barn. We figure
this a saving of 3Qe. per huur, making $1.20
per day, $30.00 per mouth, or $432.00 per
i'h) "I consider my purchase of a Delco-
l.ighl plant one nf lite best improvements I
have made on my farm."
Minister of Agriculture, Alberta, Canada
ij.) Delco tight saves us every day about
one hottr duing llic chores around the farm—
this would mean for my son and I about
730 hours a year at 80c, per hour, which is,
figuring very low, about $210.00 saved.
(i) The plant has not given us a bit of
trouble, there had been unrepairs to date and
the operating cost has been less than $2.00
per month.
ij) Any child can run il and it beats any
of your coal-oil lamps for light and safety.
The time and labor saved every week
ie old way is as follows:
mi Separator    fl hours
Washing Machine,
Mat iron	
Pumping water	
Vacuum Cleaner. ...
Power Slain! on Tan
Mill and various
Total :
per week
i\) I ■
boul 2 hours a week on the
washing, and 7 hours a week on separating.
Ii save*, one man about -i hours to clip my
team. Oil chumhlg it saves my wife .'f hours
a week. It saves about 30 minutes oil grinding our sausage per hundred pounds.
(a) Wc figure that ii has saved us in way
oflabor foi [Mtniping and milking not less than
$1,200.00 during the two year*;. The plant
require-; .cry little attention aud ouly about
$2.00 per month for fuel. Wc could almost
afford to buy a new one each year and still 1*
ahead on labor «.id satisfaction, aside from
the advanu; rs of having the lights, of which
[■ .">■ in ihe house and barns.
Before acquiring a Delco-I.ighl I could not
rest good at night for fear of children lighting
a match and thereby possibly setting tire to
something, Now I sleep like a log because
al! that is necessary for the children io do is
to press th? button and the light is there,
and a must excellent light at; that. It is
much cheaper than Coal-oil and no danger
of upsetting a lamp.
E. M.   McPHER
(V I light ni] r
sidence, al.ou-e ■
f fourteen
rooms and one ol
five, m*. gurage,
two bams
and a workshop
1  opcfHic   au
water pump, ma
nlaiuing a press
ire of +o
pounds for 1 .-.   -
mire wain sup
!j   ".  the
place, including hose for watering the garden.
We have a .vhorse power Delco-JLight
Power Stand, which is used for chunfing and
working the butter, turning the grindstone
and running tht! washing machine. I expect
to attach ii !..'.<'i to the cream separator.
Modern Utilities Ltd.
liMrllnilor**, VANCOUVER, R.C.
linkers nf llclco-llglit I'l-mluc-la
llu ilon. Dill,,.
li) This plant i* paying fo- itself In wronil
'Drl™ l.itlu Products
The Complete Electric Light and Power Plant for Farms
Claim Bowser Plan
Can Save Industry
Victoria Hoard of Trade Ha> Ask tht*
1'iin iiiiial l.iiiiTiueiil lu Kv
tend  Shipbuilding  AH.
VICTORA, B. ■'., Oct 2;.—Following preliminary Investigation into con-;
dltians governing the .pro&pects of a-
t continuance "I wooden shipbuilding
at this port, it has boon concluded
i Inn  Oovernment  assistance will be
. neceaaary ll' any schemes for the community operations nre to be successful.:
*_ This was stated at the quarterly general  meeting of (he Hoard of Trade
| by President J, 0. Cameron.
It was recalled thut thc Bowser,
Shipbuilding A-ct, passed Is 1916 as on
encouragement to wooden shlpbulld-'
Ing effort!!, would provide for the fl-
nnnolnl alii to the* fndnsti-y us appeared lo be necessary ut praiont
it is probable thot before the movement ror community shipbuilding enterprise*, in Victoria goes very much
rurther the  Board of Trade will us-
irt.-iiaiu from 'he Provincial Govern*
j meni what pi'OBpeci there is for thc;
pnssage of on order-ln*couaol1 estand* i
tn-: the time for the operation of the'
net. which automatically expired, it is
hold, ho vera I months ago.
OF $75,000,000
Wa-n*-.   I'.ii nod   K>   Monet   In
Domestic War l.onns
lu  Dominion i
A pay OIlvolopQ .Tiimmml with $7fi. "
000,000 Ih not a hard thing too take,
even If it i.- for u yoar's work. This
its tho amount of wages onrne-d bj
Canadian Investors in the Victory
and ether War Loan-', ni.th.'r. it Is j
tlie amount on mod by tholr money,
('lore to lin!I' this amount m In be ■
d strlbiited to ihe fottunute Investor!) j
a!thor on Novnuvber  1st or Deconi* |
her   1st,  just   in   tlmo   to   ol   ro*in-
vested  in  bonds  ot    Victory   l.onn
Peoplo get ahead .'hi.in-.-l.illy, nut
by spending liitotosl returns on '
everyday thliugs lml by setting tho
returns buck to tarn more Interest.
Money, iplace that wny rolls up like
a snowball,
The cover painting on the October
issue, of "Hod «"d Gun in Canada" ,
Is bound to evoke the udnilra'.lcn of
all lovers or the great cut of doors
who  have  seen  a  partridge in  its
native haunts,    To  accompany  this'
wonderful pointing, P. v. Williams
the artist has written a graphic story
entitled, "When leaves turn brown."
A   beautiful * nature   story,   "Under
Canvas wiih Moses," by S, Livingston to!In of Muses HtSBttbt, un cM *
Objlbway guide in the Tlmagiiml He-
serve and his cheerful Indian philosophy.      "Oayotee and Coy" is the
tltlo  of   H.   Mortimer   Batten's  latest   tale   of   tho   prairie   foothills.
Other interesting stories un4 articles In this Issue are "The Kejlmlk-
jnk   Monster"   by   Phil   H.   Mw.ifi
"Tho Sea .Serpent" written by A. E.
Jay:   "Dredging   Within    The   One
Hundred   Fathom   Line"  by  Bonny-
coftio Dale; and "Wild Life Sonetu- .
arles" by J. B. Unrkln, Commissioner of  Dominion   Parks.      Rod  and
Oun  in Canada is published hy W. ,
J. Taylor. Limited, Woodstock. Out.
it in believed the Canadian government will take action to bring about
the setting back of the clocks on the
■ same date as the United States, Oct.
1 26th.
The time pieewi would be set back]
j an hour.
Alfred Bachtold, a well known mining man from Walla Walla, secretary
the rnland Mining company, operating propert fen near Nelson, died sud-'
only nt. his home in Walla Walla recently.
Baby   Bear   is   Afraid   of   People
The IWOOlfa, hard, duailes* road
wound sbom through th« kvlvin
depths or :•■.![.i ferni aud might;
timbers In a u strlel round son t
Lake, Vincouvei Island, Km u»ui s
•moke imtldse ou ibe blur above tin*
heaving ocean ihowed where » Ciaa*
A-sii PaciflO i-H.-sPtiit.' ! nei wus
ploughing ihe liesving Pacific, liouud
for the Orient On the right Spirit
l*kf gleimed in the bright sun
There whs » gentle nistllni In ibe
darkness or ihe undergrowth, the
fern* iwsyed gently. Then theft
came t aoutut of srrafehlni snd
clgwing, mac. finally the h#ad of a
thiee-muuiii,*' cub rose ilougsldp «
gi wi Dougtsi Mr bole. As he clear-
«d the ferns be paused sod glanced
Mgorly sboiH, He wught sight of
bis mother, who was so wrapped tip
in Home lUSOlOUl salmon berries that
she hsd 'o T.'-'ieu him. Higher sod
higbei he climbed, widening his
*cope of view. Then csme s terrible
sound thai paralyzed him where he
flung io tbe ragged hark. It was
ibe raucouH challenge of a motor
horn Hugging the iree tightly be
hoped to he overlooked. On the
smooth road a i>w yards away there
rolled into sight r terrible engine
carrying ladles and gentlemen. He
he-id bis breath and hoped more
strongly. But sharp eyes were
peering every way from under tha
auto, canopy -nd a si ream of plea-ted
excitement showed that femlnln*
eye* bad spied him. He hunched
himself closer and bent hia head oa
1>U shoulder io watch the awful
■ .-aatiwea In the big Iron animal
that always had such a bod breath.
A man oraabed through tbe ferns
and pointed a blank box at him.
'I'he cub darted high tn tha
t. sat Use    of    the    towering   fir
(il.Vt I.HIM.  MIXTl IU.
Crnnbrooi* women will be surprised
nt the INSTANT pleasant action of
simple glycerine, buckthorn hark,
etc., us  mixed   in  Adlor-i-kn.     One
! spoonful   relic,'.'.-.   ANt   CASK  k:i.- on
stomach or sour stomach. Because
Ahler-l-lia nets nu both upper and
lower bowel it often dlirea constipation
unit proven is appendicitis, One lady
re;oris horselt cNtKlt of n hnd enso
uf bowel lrouble and constipniinn.
Noble.  Urugnlsts.
««, Way to SMthla* H-pHto't
: I' ii
riii: cnni'onATiON <n; rut: rrrv
Baby Bear Watches an Automobile and Its Occupants From
His Perch On a Fir Tree. ■
IrM. Th. buI-brMthlnc Iron >t.l*|<wru aud follow.d th. sceut Ua!l ot
-ul tkw (ruaMd Kertnl limn and hn- prid* and hat- Joy. She nuzzlrd
crawlad awlfB, iwr, and down rrom hiuj all over In aolirlludr while ha
tha dlsir balthu tha baby baarj wtrimiiaretl bla aiory. Then side hr
hwMtwd hia painful backward I Md« they waddled away deeper Imo
climb. i-TlTln« at tho baaa b« tbe toraate where inoloi- trails dirt not"
fouad an anlioui mother who hart exlsi and baar. can lira in comiorL
raaMubtratt kar (orfotten uuitamal -),. v. K. "■
im will bo received by ihe
I not Inter Mian SRtttraul
•lolicr Un- :ll.-t. 1010, m llll iho po-
'Ion nl .Vlt'lii Cnnsrtlble In tho City
A| pllccnnts will kindly Btete exporl*
re. ii'^inv. rtntl   iihiry required.
Clly Clerk
dnbrook, 11. C„
Ootobor It; 1!)1!».
Read the Home Paper-The Herald«$2.00 per yearls^
I Imve lon-'oil iii" rooming house
or Frank Polio, unit nil poreons tiro I
hereby noiliicil tlir.i nioi-ies duo from
October 26tli, 10m, nre i.nyablo to the
ttn^erslgiiot); and nil accounte aRHinst
the enlil Krniili Polle t" nn. 85, 1810,;
nre lo he |;:ilil hv him.
10-2.1-1! Chf I,   KAI.
,    The C.iimnini;   Army  I lent:-1 Corpn
I linve opened   a  ilealal   clinic  In   the!
Hunaon block.   All  returned soldiers
Iring dontal treatment will please'
Immediately a* tin clinic will I
panad tor a shore iimt only.       1
Hamlio's WIsard OU h a aaft sad
effective treatment tor hsadsde sad
neuralgia. Robbed In wliere the pain
ii, it sets ss a toate io »»« »[*»'•*
nerves and slmott iavsrisbljf brisfe
quick relief.
Its healing, antiiaptic ««alitiw csa
slways bs relied upon to prevent ia-
fection.orothei aerious reiulti, from I
sprsini. bruises, cuts, byas, bltea ;
and •Uafs. Juit ss gaod. tot, for
"re fee?it» neck, Irostbltts, cold
•ores snd canker aores.
Get it from druggistsJor Mi cents.
If not .atiafied return tht botrie end
get your money back.
Ever comtlpsted or hs»s sick
headache} Juit try Wlisrd Livtr
Whips, plesaant little pink ptlli, 30
cent..   Guaranteed
fluys onlrisht ray House
and lol on Cranbrool; St.
This place is rented and
ii real snap, bul must he
sold. Apply direct to
.1. F. Rroughton
35 Whitehall Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.
c a package
before the war
c a package
during the war
5 c a package
Care for a Ride Tonight?
SHAKE ihe dusty cobwebs irom your brain.
Enjoy  the   exhilarating   freshnew   of   the
.no.'ntry. .Jake  an   editing's   spin   to   the
.-aihinfe beach.—to the troa« pool.
A week-end   in   the   woods   with irun and dog
areyours for the asking. Donotenvyyourneighbors.
A Ford Touring Car will give you daiiy pleasure.
Your family will appreciate it too.
rtrd Kuii»u-.i)*. Wm. Towtog i#? On Op«»
noot-lt the BI«ctrle Sttrtioc »mj Ur-"-af
equiptTF-r.i it tK1; extra.
*"Vhio« *"-. i«"an S-.i'- '- -*« Beat's tr.ie*
laci-.tle IsUiiu^StmcUcg ami UfbtUf Equip-
iHDt. LrfinsanUbieriiT.a. tJr*e*m*sT. n<,n-ia a
tir»« o.'i reir ^*^ optitfo*' •gaipHi*** c
Th«M priced »r* t. <, b. Pord.Oa1
and Jo not ta-ehrfa War ia-
Btt\r-o;:l*tJen*isieyerJ Putt
L". l, lW*1
Hanson garage - - Dwi-rs
Train Service
IS, 15
I., ,|.,i..-li,p Mm    Ar
l.v   i nifltiry   Ar
l.v l-.-i-il.ri.l--4"    Ar
I..   Kernld   Ar
Ar CraubrooK   l.v
i.- Cranbroolt   \r
\: Klngsgalo   Lv
Ar    Kcmtciniy Lafiilmi;    l.v
ttculftr. apply ir, any 'i- kft ai-<Mii
TOIL IM-irii-i  l>ru»cn«r-r Agent, Calgary.
Nn. Ck
11 U
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol' ('lunula Limited
OfflCttS, Smelting and riefinlng Deparlmnnt
SMKI,Ti:ilS      AMI      REFirfBRS
Purchasers nf (ii.lil. Silver, C»|iprr and l,ra<l Ore*
Producers oi (iolil. Silver, Copper, Bluemlone, Pig Lead and
Zinc "TAB A SAC" Brand. P A « E     V 0 I! K
1 UK      C It A Ml II 0 II K      II K It A 1,11
Support the Boys' Naval Brigades
Became these are the only organizations training Canadian hoys (ni' service in uur merchant fleet now
heing  built.
Canadians Must Sail the Seas
* Because we cannot leave our growing eupml trade at
the mercy of foreign seamen.
Canada Needs Trained Canadian Seamen
The Naval Brigades Train Our Boys
$500,000 is Needed
Became the work of the Boys' Naval
Brigades and the other branches of the
Navy League's activities are financed by
public contributions.
The Campaign Must Be a Success
Because Canada must be assured that
her increasing surplus products will reach
overseas markets.
The Race for Export Markets
is on. One quarter of the world's shipping was lost in the war. Canada cannot buy or rent ships and so is building
them, and must be in a position to man
them with trained Canadian seamen.
Kim..I «.,
T,   mtssslsi   Csssds's
.».,!..if,.,  smd  r.sfu
sIslllHii., Iks sis.
T, rsisi /««* f,r thi
nlll/ if ,,r asirihssl
•MM.., lejend is thi
msr, ssd fir dlptediets
.fls.se wh. win sillid.
T. mslslslu ,sllm'himis
Is tur strss.
Ti  Irate  leys ssst y.„l
mis   fsr    issr    merits,,!
ships  h  Iks  .risalssti"
.ft.ys' Ntetl Brltsdli.
phlice of wales
#   Don.!*,!-,*! P*..lil-ni:
Mrs. Violet HobertHon entertained a.
few friends on Thursday afternoon of
; lust week In honor of Mrs. Atkinson
nnd her daughter, who just recently
! have arrived In Calgary from England,
; hm who arc here at present visiting
'■ Mrs. Atkinson's son, Mr. Alfred Atkin-
: hou.   Very dainty relreshmentij were
I nerved by the hostess und altogether
a very enjoyable afternoon wan spent
by  the guests.   Those  present  were
Mrs. Atkinson, senior. Mrs. Atkinson, I
Jr., Miss Jennie Atkinson, Miss Emsliei
Mrs.   Knninler,   Miss   Manning,   Mrs j
l.oucks nnd Mrs. Gillls.
Uev. R, W. Lee, of the Methodist)
church, lefi Tuesday afternoon for'
Fernie and Michel in connection with j
church matters. Uev. 1,-ce Is expected!
in return on Friday,
J. Horman of Mnrysrtlle, was a business visitor here on Tuesday.
A G. Macl'hersnn. hrigiuller-gener- j
nl of the Urltlsh ai'tuv, was In tho
clly lasl week-end ou business. Mi*. I
(M.icl'berson left Sunday for Haynes
I Lake, where Ira Is interested lu the
Kootenay Valley Development Com- j
'. pony. Mr. MacPherson has been onl
from ISu-gland for nboul a month.
i K. P. Gunther of Vancouver, lire j
|Insurance representative, was in tiiej
cily Monday.
Paul P. Nord/ren of Hull lllver, I
was hero on Friday hint on business. I
ll. R. MacCuan, commercial man j
from Nelson, [accompanied by Mth.
Median, was In the city Thursday
on business,
A. Lobeau, from Wattsburg, was In
tlie city last Thursday on business.
E Harry Lauder ®
'0 It's nice to get up in
the morning, but It's
nicer to lie in bed.1"
Harry is right. It's
nice to He in bed In the
morning when one ts
tired kind menially fatigued from work of the
previous day. This tired
feeling Is often due to
an error of refraction
which disarranges tlie
whole system and causes fatigue. Let us fit you
witli glasKCH and you'll
lind it a joy lo get up
in the morning. Don't
pvit il off. Vou will find
our prices moderate,
Qi,<lfrM..<mm issfLfett msflfsJn
A. G. Wilmot* accountant for thej
iCast Kootenay Lumber company at>
Jaffray, accompanied by Mrs. Wfl- 'm
mot, were guests in the city last Fri-j 9
day. !* "
II. H. Garter, bookkeeper for the
Yahk Lumber Company at Wasa, was
hero last week-end on business,        I
for *500.0Wi«i5w'Octobera.2-23
Frank Carlson motored into the)
clly from Kimberley last Friday. .
(    Mr.  and  Mrs.  French  from  Cres-
ton, were here last week-end.
A. Booth of Edmonton, represent-j
' Jmg Swift & Co., was here Inst week-
end on business. !
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Roberts and family, from Wasa. were iu the city last
W. It. Carroll, insurance man from)
Spokane, was here last week-end on j
W, EvaiiB, of Klmberley, was in the'
city on Monday.
Mrs. Harry Phillips and Mrs. Margaret Ylddis, of Lethbrldge, are guests
I in the city for a few weeks.
Hurry Williams, Minot, N.D.. and
brothers Jack. Cnllie and F. C. Wll-
, Hums, of White Earth, N, D., passed
, through the city last week-end in their
1 automobile.
Mme. Petrova
"A MrIiI nl lhe Shim"
"Onto! the Fog"
From thc famous stage success
"Veptlon Shoals." '
Mae Murray
A picture of a miachleToui* adventuress,
rnmlni! Nest Week
"ALIMONY"   tli
0"i*i^l/-"-»>*-Jl^'*.*,«^V' mtJQ
The best is not always the cheapest, neither is the cheapest always
the cheapest. Paint and putty will
cover up many bad spots.
We buy from lh« very best and reliable
houses, those houses Ihat are not afraid
to guarantee their goods, we pass the
goods along to you with our guarantee so
you have nothing lo fear when you buy
You see different arlicles before you buy them and afterwards, if any thing goes wrong,
you can come back to us for adjustment which we always make
Our stock is quite complete and the prices are much lower then they will be at
we have just received advice of a 20 p.c
The world is short of almost every kind
of goods and there are many buyers bidding against each other to get their re*
quirment. Ihis causes high prices
'Canadians     Mu
j tie-    Seat
C*mp»l|n Commltlt. lor Ih. Pro.lnc. of BRITISH COLUMBIA
Chairman, Sir CHARLES TUPPER Vice-Chairman: II. T. RAVtNHILL
brother Mr. Harry Gamblo.   He has
been  ut Coleman,  Alberta, and da*
rart.nl Monday noon for his home in
C. J. Davidson was In the city Mon* I Nelson.
day from Klmherlev. —
  I.. J. llnddy of the East Kootenay
H. B. Smith and family, of Klmber* Lumber company, from Joffrny. was
ley, arrived here yesterday. m ll"' c">' Sunday.
John and Walter Walsh, sons of |
1 Joe Wills!], Provincial constable ut
E\>rt Steele, motored Into Ihe city on
! com
lirst -,.' tho week,
I p-.y, travelling out of Van-
was  hero on   business  the
Over tbe tu gups
Insure with Beale & Elweli,
Gel behind the Victory l.omi.
Try one of Beale & BI well's safety
deposit boxes,
Heale & Elweli insure goods in transit—horses, waggons and automobile.!.
The Victory Loan 191ft headquarters'
phone will be known as "Victory
If yon require any information as
lo the Victory Loon 1918, ask central
for "Victory Loan."
the department arrived li was found]
; il was only :\ false alarm.
Salvation Army Sunday school .. p,
in. Salvation meeting s p.m. Week day
open air meeting, Baker street, on
Wednesday ai 7: SO , p. in.. Indoor at
X ji. m., conducted by Major doodwin.
The Bally Day services of the Methodist church ami Sabbath bcIiooI will
be held on Sunday next. Divine service will he conducted at ii a.m. by
the pastor, Uev. R. W. Lee. Tliis will
bo followed liy the "Bally" service.
This will be an open session or the
j Sabbath school, tn which all scholars
land parents present are invited. In
1 ihe evening divine service win be conducted at 7:30 p.m. by the itev. R. \v.
I Lee.
The ore display whicli has been ah-
Bent for some time from tlie cabinet I
at the depot, is again in place and at- j
tracts tlie attention of many tourists I
and others.
A dance was given lasl Friday night
at Wardner iu aid of tlie returned sol- ,
tilers' hospital nl Frank, Alberta.
Quite a number attended from this
city, motoring to and from Wardner
in an ton.
Tlie fire department was called out
about nine o'clock la.-^t Friday morning
io ihe hospitnl, hut fortunately when
Mrs, McKlnney, of Clarcsholm, Alberta, who was to have addroaeod »
public meeting next Monday evening
and conduct services Sunday evening
lu lhe Methodist church here, will not
lie able to gel to Cranbrook before the
early part of December
Major Alice Goodwin, who Is the
Hold secretary of the Salvation Army,
iu Canada, win visit Crnnbrook next
Wednesday, October Uio 29th, nnd
conduct n meeting in the salvation
Army citadel on [fantbh Avenue,
The Major has spent over thirty years
is an  oflioer. and it  will be worth
■our effort to come and hear her.
Admission free.   A welcome to all.
Yon need protection for your valu-
ibles, Beale & Elwell's deposit vault
h just ihe "ight place, and it only
lostfl a trllle.
A whist drive and dance will be
held in tho Veterans' hall by the
Ladies' Auxiliary to the Great Wai
Velerano' Association, on Friday, Oct.
Illli. Whist 8 till 10; dancing 10 till
i. Admission 50 cents. Refresh-
menls. Come and have -i good time.
Edmonson's orchestra. 10-23-lt
Ensign llrown, who lias been in
charge of the Salvation Army work
in this city for ihe past fifteen months
has received farewell orders; also
Commandant Molkle, who has assisted witli the work since last June,
The officers will conduct their farewell meeting next Sunday at 8 p. m.
and during the next week will proceed to Vancouver . Word is not yet
lo hand who will succeed these
The Ladles' Auxiliary to the Great
War Veteran.**' association will give
a whist drive and dance In Veterans'
hall on Frida night. Oct. 24thy. Edmonson * orchestra Is to supply Uie
music and a pleasant ceniug is assured all,   Refreshments win e serv-
Mr. and Mra. Geerbart of Edmonton, accompanied by Misses Dora and
Nora Carlson, motpjyd to Cranbrook
lost  Sunday.
Ladles: In calling your attention to
our "exclusivo" models in Coats,
wc would usk, you particularly to
notice that each garment Is modelled
•vitli   th..   object  ot giving  you tlie
• nost up-to-the-minitfo style, with the
.toper fullness to give the garment
he desired effect. No stinting of
■loth or workmanship, but exact du-
tn.cates of the world's most famous
j artists.   And the prices you will And
< are decidedly moderate and sensible.
'    The Exclusive Ladies' Wear Store.
1 Gordon A. Walllnger, who 10ft two
| weeks ago for Trail, has accepted a
j position wilii the Consoliu, ted Mln-
i lug nnd Smelting Company of Can-
I udn Limited, at that place.
j Mrs. J. D. 'McBride received ou
I Tuesday, tiio sad news of the death
j of her mother, Mrs. W. H. Wnrd, of
Kansas Clly, Kansas.
Wednesday, October, 29th
Mll.l.lll AMI SAM.MIS I'li-si-iH
An Entire New Production of
That Grand Old American
Queen Bern Win
the Kentucky
The Famnns
Kilter Band of
I'll'kjl 111 llll.»•*.
I' II I C " S:   .Vic-1 Wlr   und   ll.lll
Sent* on Sule Sulunliiy at Benttle.Holile. Mil.	
NANUS FORJ3AUB. -Choice of threo
from 8150.00, All hai-galim. Star
Sei ond   I hind   Store. 10-2H-t..
WANTED—A reliable active man to
contract for tiie exclusive local
selling agency of a well -advertised
patented article. Small capital required io e-.tahli.0i protltsblc busl-
noan. Ueply, P. O. Box 1271, Victoria, it. C 10-16-at
i-'()lt SALE—-Largo quantity of extra
good   green   feed,   shipping  .point
Airdrio,  Alta.,  for  further  particulars apply Jack 1'lne Fuel Co., 26
Central Building! Calgary, Alberta, j
WANTED—Boom In .private family
for young man, Apply at the Herald ollice. 10-23-lt
Vou are advised to get into communication with W. H. Roberts, 214
Bowor Bldg-i Vancouver, B. 0,, who
Ih able to place you in touch with1
the latest developments regarding:
Imperial men, Latent news re flra-
tuity and Pensions, Write at once."
10-16-4 L
POR BALE 1 Holstoln cow to freshen February 11. This cow Is a good
milcher. Apply J. W. CARLSON,
Bull River, B.C. 10-28-*
General Manager S. C. Blaylock of
tlte Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Limited, of Trail, accompanied by Mtb. Blaylock, arrived
hero by motor last Thursday enrotite
to Trail, Mrs. Blaylock departed on
liie noon C.P.U. for home, Mr. Blaylock, wiio was at his ranch in High
liiver, Alberta, continuing the return
Journey by nu<o.
Pred Ege, nf Klmberley, was here
Tiie little son of Mr. Parplnno, of
Jaffray, who was operated upon at
lhe St. Kugeno hospital recently, and
wiio for a time was very critically 111,
Is improving nicely.
Mrs. Preaflicr, of Bull River, is u
patient at tiie St. Eugene hospital.
This afternoon at the home of Mrs.
John Pattersons, a tea will be given
under tho auspices of tlie Woman's
Auxiliary or the Missionary society
of Christ church. Tea will be served
from three lo six o'clock. •
T+» Hi
last evening ln tlie parish hall of
'■ list church a card party and dance
is held under the auspices of the
church parish committee. Cards were
enjoyed from eight to ten and from
ten to one the time was devoted to
dancing. A very enjoyable evening
was « pent and fortnightly a similar
form of entertainment will be provided.
Jess Saunders, who was In the city
last week on business and looking
up former friends, has returned to
P, D. Emory, of Nelson, representing the department of trade and commerce wltll headquarters el Nelson,
has boen hero Inspecting meters.
James Gamble, of Nelson, representing the Waugh Rock Drilling Co.,
w»» la the city Monday vtotttw U»
We believe we ure showing the
largest and most up-to-date assortment of Ladies' dresses in alt the
new models, in Serge, Jersies, Tri-
Colettes, Rajas and Silks ever displayed iu British Columbia. Call and
be convinced, ask to be shown
through our up- stairs ready-to-wear
department.    "
The Exclusive Ladies' Wear Store
S. G. Blaylock, general manager of
the Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company Limited, of Trail, wes in
Golden during the week and proceeded
south to Invermere. He was accompanied by Mrs. Blaylock.
Mrs. William labister of Spokane,
who has been tiie guest of Mrs.
Greaves for two weeks, left Tuesday
for her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Trnvls-Bagley of this
city were   in Nelson Monday.
P. M. MacPherson fs In Vancouver
on business and Is expected to return
to Cranbrook Sunday.
Miss L, M. Smith teacher of the Senior girls' class at the Baptist church
Sunday school, has been in Fernie
this week in attendance at the Sunday
school conference being held there,
and nlso in tlie interest of the Senior
girls' work.
Mrs. H. A. Corbelt left Monday for
New Westminster whore she expects
lo remain.
C. E. Sampson, organizer for the
lftlfJ Victory lioaii, who was here last
week arranging for the organization
of campaign forces In Cranbrook, departed Sunday for Nelson and Will
go from thnt place to his borne in
Vancouver. He expects to return Icier and go over the cnmpr.ign with
the Interior committees.
Now   Open  For Business
ftbe dlub dafe
in Baker Street
Opposite Cosmopolitan fioul
"'Out of tlie Fog," the late masterpiece in which Nazlmova, the distinguished Russian actress wilt be
seen, and which will have n special
showing at the Rex theatre on Priday
and Saturday, has been adapted for
the screen from her greatest stage
Bnccess, ""Ception Shoals," a powerful
drama of the sea written by H. Austin Adams.
This play, whicli wus produced at
the Thirty-Ninth Street Theatre,
New York, und which ran for two
seasons, created world-wide comment, both for Us unusual nud ele
mental themo and tor the supreme
artistry of Nazimovu's characterisations
1 In "Out of (he Fog," Nazlmova has
I curried out with faithful exactness
I the story which Is even more convincing in .picture form than it was
In the more restricted confines of the
■ stage.
Mr. W. D. Hill is in receipt of a
letter from his sons, Wilbur and Roy,
who left here for Vancouver In their
Wyllis-Knlght car, that they arrived
, safely Wednesday last, not having
any   trouble   but   experiencing   bud
I roads In places.
Where Eyesight
Is Concerned
McLeod's Store
Dr. R. V. Hoyt
Eyesight Specialist
Style Suggestions
from the
exclusive Cadies Wear Store


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