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Cranbrook Herald Aug 17, 1916

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After tin* big Conse
un  Friday night, un h
. Royal HMllTvhere ™ ,,e <,"<"'1 !" ""' < ■"■ h"""-»''
.'no enjoyed  tiie hospitality of ,
tilli nud ,H
Premier Bowser Stands Upon the Record of the Gov
ernment's Constructive Legislation for
a Greater B. C.
is in aitKAT mini ami <\\mm:s uiioli: ai mi:.\n: with iiim—brst political   HKHTINGI IN TIN:  HISTORY OF THIS CITY-—Hit. MM.  HAS TO TAKE
Never in tlio eity of Crnnbrook hns
ther heen u more Buccossftil political
meeting than that of Friday night lust
Tin* largo auditorium waa packed to
capacity witli un orderly uml appreciative gutherinp: which ut times heeunie
wildly enthiisiiistie us tin1 Premier
drove home, point alter point, und replied with telling effeet to Dr. King's
statements. That the ladies are taking a keen interest in polities was
evidenced by tho largo attendance of
tlie fair sex, ami when tli.* franchise
is extended to tliem tliey will show by
their votes tliat tliey appreciate tlieir
new responsibilities, and will use tlieir
influence for tlie good of tlie province
und tlie betterment of political conditions.
Tho Premier, Hon. W. J. Bowser,
wns in great form and had the entire
audience with him right from the start,
liis sharp thrusts nnd witty sullies provoking great enthusiasm, He twitted
Hr. King for posing as a friend of Labor when be iiad been one of tlie lirst
to vote against the Eight Hour Day,
aad his excellent memory as to Dr.
King's record on the question of lumber protection proved unpleasantly interesting for that gentleman, He made
his appeal for support on the constructive record of his government, not on
the strength of election promises given
on tlie eve of,an election, and the optimism und confidence for the future
running through liis entire speech contrasts strongly with the blue-ruin forebodings of the opposition.
Mr. T, D. Caven, the Conservative
candidate for Cruubrook riding, wus
tlie lirst apeuker on the program and
lu an effective speech compared Iili,
record in obtaining appropriations for
the district witli that of Dr. King during tlie time thut gentleman wus member, stuting thut lie hud secured the
largest appropriations tliis district had
ever received. He challenged tlie Lib-
erals to show tlie electorate thut tliey
ulso criticized tlie method of appointing tlie police and license comraisslon-
At tlie close of Dr. King's address
a rancher cume forward ami took exception to his strictures ou tlie roads
iu tbis district, saying that the Dr.
could not name a single tanner who
wus unable to get out from his place
by rouds unless on account of a without, lu reply Dr. King claimed he
could name L3 in one district who wero
had  uny   pulley  tu  iiIT.t   while  flir.ie l^thout ft POttd.
Premier Dowser is a man of his
word.   His word is as good as  liis
Mine   Host   Stewart
abloa and drinkables. Iota oi    good
Bpeeches and a genera] feeling ol good
i* llowshtj] i om iiiii' ti ono of the most
enjoyable evente of the season.
Next Thursday, Auguai 24th, is tbe
date ui tii> flower Show and Exhibition of Work held by the Cranbrook
Women's institute. The place is the
Parish Hall, tlie time from 2.80 to 8
o'clock, witli dancing nfter eight o'clock, a small admission fee of 10
centB is charged for tho afternoon
show ami 25 cents for the dance iu
months of investigation had shown
that tlieir charges against tlie government were unfounded. Not a single
dollar hail been misappropriated. Mr.
Brewster had admitted tliis when committee made Its report to the legislature. He compared tlie government's
record with tlie Liberal plugging at
Vancouver und suid he was sure that
this disgraceful attempt tu defraud
honest electors of tlie effect of their
franchise would not find a single supporter nmong tlie Liberals iu the
audience. He concluded by outlining
the government's program of legislation aud declared tliat it was the most
progressive tlie province hud ever been
Mr. Thomas Uphill, Conservative
candidate in the Fertile riding, is improving us a public speaker and showed up to much better advantage than
in Fort Steele two nights previous.
He Is supporting the Conservative government liceuuse of measures it had
passed for the benefit of the working
people and hence for the benefit of the
whole province. Under the existing
workmen's compensation law, for example the mnximum compensation
payable is $1600, When tliis sum was
spent the injured man was older and
consequently in worse condition to
earn a living than when the accident
occurred.   Hut under the government's
bond. Every pledge in Ids manifesto,
every policy lie promised is heing carried out", sad It. F. Green who followed Dr. King.
"Thero is no question in the minds
of either Liberals or Conservatives but
thnt tiie legislation passed Inst session is in the best interests of tiie province. Notwithstanding that tlie province lias passed through a period of
hard times, better times ure coming.
There is proof of tliat In the activity
hi mining, lumbering nnd In the other
industries of the province", said Mr.
Green. "And this activity is being
fostered by the. provincial and Dominion governments."
Dr. King hud brought tip the Question of lumber duties, The Liberal
candidate was not correct when he
said the Borden government had promised higher protection. It had iot
If it had done so tlio higher protection
would have been given. His own pledge
was that lie favored higher duties and
would do all in liis power to. secure
them. He had done that. He had
worked in season and out of season
nnd lie would follow the saint* course
in efforts to secure greater protection
for any other industry in the province.
But the Dominion government hnd
aided the lumbermen in another way.
Tht1  Dominion  hail  named a   special
new net the payment of compensation agent, nominated by  tbo lumbermen,
continued for life or as long ns the to enforce the dumping clause with
injury lusted.   The farm loans system the consequence that the market was
would prove of immense benefit to tlte '"day practically   free   of   American
Then it had sent 11. ll. McMillan to
'scour the worlti anil secure lumber orders. He had secured orders for many
'millions of feet whieh would he shipped li- -eon as ship- constructed under
1 Premier Bowser's policy    had    lieen
country and especially to small fanners.   Long term loans at low Interest
enables farmers to repay in easy instalments, he said.   Mr  Uphill admitted and was proud of the fact that hi
was "only  a  common coal  miner" Af
his opponents were saying about him
He was a working mnn nnd perhaps completed to carry it,
did not express bis thoughts in ouch j    The ■1(,»li»i',l> government had
flowery language as his lawyer friends, Ic'
but lie wus in  a  better position
know what was needed for the benefit ,
Of the laboring classes, atul better ubU
plained the member for Kootenay amid
1 tho applause of the audience,
"Thev need every dollar they   can
Dr. King appreciated the Invitation ra,80 fnr youp .„.,,,,.,.,•„„ nnd mille,"
extended hlm to speak at this meet- no continued,
ing hm complained that bis name, was     A(tor ,*,,, W;ir however, tho Domln-
used tm  iho posters for advertising |on proposed to undertake a Bhipbuild-
purposea without hiB consent.   Ho ex- mB policy, \lc si,m.   The   provincial
tended an Invitation to Mr. Caven to government was co-operating   to aid
be present at any of his meetings.  Dr. lumbermen.   H bad sent an agent to
Premier Bowaor referred briefly to King then proceeded to tuke up tho Mcminn who today wns securing  nr-
Kir  Charles  Tupper     Here   was   Sir : ladies cause, whom he thought had aider.-,,    Doth governments were co-np-
1 Dominion
[at the present time needed every dollar it could raise to pursue Its pnrt In
the wm* iti n buci essful conclusion, ex-
to help tht in than one who knew nothing of iheir problems
liov IV, J. II0U8I It
premier  nl   itiiil-h  Columbia
HlbbeH   working band in  glove  with  grievance because the government bad
F. C   Wink as n friend ami political  not assumed the responsibility of ex-
colleague, yet ft waa et ihis same man|tending equal suffrage or turning it
wtio while a member of Uie Dotul
house declared that P. c Wade, crown erendum.
prosecutor in the Yukon, Bhould have     Ho charged R i\ Qroon and the Do-
been in ti iwnltentlary    Thia    Btnto- minion government with having pro-
 "i ol sil   Hlbborl oi  Ills political ,,iised Increased protection on lumber
colleague waa to bo i i In Hansard Lnd of having railed to give it.   Ho
And then joining with Mr   Brewster, thought shipbuilding should he under.
orating also in aiding minim:. The
Dominion hud extended the lend
bounty nml grunted the zinc bounty
down Instead of submitting it to a nf- ITho result was that today zinc was
being refined In Hritish Columbia. In
addition, tlio government at Ottawa
was assisting iu establislmg a copper
refinery in the province. The policy
of the Dominion and provincial governments is that our minerals should
who wa** trying to invaltdnt
benefit soldiers, he had signed u man
IfeHto witli the Liberal loader asking
soldiers to put tin* Li bo rale in power
nnd clear this provlneo "of all Hint is
to  taken by the Dominion instead of by  be mined ami refined fu Canada    by
the provlnc
The Liberal candidate Canadian labor, said Mr. Qroon.
suid the government had been extrava- ] Mr. (Ireen emphasized the fact tlmt
Bant, but hud not hud a dollar for I this was a time when men of broad
farmers or prospectors nnd lie claimed | ideas, men  of foresight nml courage
vll, mean and sordid nnd so that it   the farm credits nud Workmen's Com-   were needed to carry out policies of
might be blessed with high Ideals and ponsatlon net bad been advocated by constructive development of Industries
nnd resources of the province.
good government- |t|1(1   Liberals,    The   government   was
-Did you ovor hear of such n thlnsT j inatraduolng them on the eve of elec-
Put the Liberals iu and give thr prov-jtjmii |l0 sufd
luce clean government!" suld tho premier with reference to Liberal plugging operations iii Vancouver, This
in the former home of M. A. Macdonald and tlie audience cheered the
premier wholeheartedly on each occa
sion when lie referred to the Liberal
plugging conspiracy.
The chair wus occupied by Mr. J. H. I '
! The railway policy, lie deelurcd. was
iu failure und he voiced Llbernl nrgu-
j merits on the land question, which lias
'now been settled by the soldiers homestead bill. Ile BUpportod the Hrewster
writ and assorted Mr. Ilowser was responsible for any technicality as he
I was the premier of tlie province.  Cou-
,,„.,..        ,   ,    , corning public works, Dr. King suid
Hall, President of the Young Consor.t|lo wMlfl nf mm m nmc,H ,„ tl[is
vattve association, nud n hug,* banner (liHtrl(.t W||B ft cr|m,
StrCtVtllOd across tiie hnll bore the I wjm, i._ ,.,.11.1,1 "(||(
motto "Vote for Cnven, the working- pointed out thnt while In the house
man's friend." Beautiful bonquetu of Homo V(,nrH HR|J 1|(l ,,„,, UWH| that the
home-grown flowers were presented to ' r,m,, *rim ■<..„*„,.,.>. [ending to Crows
the Premier and io Mr. Cnvon by Miss \,.H, H|„,|,[,| |„, built by contractors In-
Rota Cameron, Dr. King, the Liberal ktoad or Iiy government system,
cundldule, was extended a half hour to1 ]],. claimod that the Agricultural
present Ills case and received a hearty Loan policy to be a success must he
reception aud a good hearing. Unmoved from politics altogether, anil
"Tlie government is going to be returned by u very handsome majority,"
tlie member for Kootenny continued.
"Crunbrook electors will make a serious mistnke if they do not return Mr.
Cnven, If tbey return Dr. King he will
surely sit nn the opposition side of
the house."
Premier Bowser referred to a com-
plniut  Dr. King Imd mnde because It
luul been announced by the Conservatives thnt lie hud been invited to speak
d he blamed  hoforo be had consented to do sn. ih
ichine "    He ' "■*''' the object had boen to use him to
attract a crowd. The audteuoo laughed
nt  the   Liberal   candidate   when    Mr,
Bowser Ironically referred lo tlie doe-
tor's high opinion of li's drawing powers.    Mr. Ilowser laughingly   replied
that crowds always turned out to his
meetings. Independents, lm said, came
to sen what kind of it mnn ho wiih
(Ciiiilliiueil nu page ■')
the   evening,
lied cross work.
The latest Cranhrook citizen to receive the death summons is John Livingston who departed this life Monday
morning in his 42nd year. Deceased
has been ailing for some time but on
Saturday was able lo come down town
in u rig nnd on Sunday appeared better thun usual. Monday morning a-
bout eight, o'clock he died peacefully I]-|B tl
rations are
pleted for Fast Kootenay's Dig Full
Fair to be held here on Sept. li ami 7.
A big program ol races will provide
Interest and excitement, and there wlll
also bf a number of children's races
for both boys and girls, together witli
100 yards dash for hoys of IT anil under, uud for men, also running high
jump for boys and men. and a hall'
mile race for men.
Tin- full program for the horse race-,
Indian Pony Race.-H mile heats
best 2 in 'A, first $ir,.(tO, second $10.00,
Pony Race. Open—-ii mile bents, i!
in 'A, $20,00, $12.60.
Relay llace— 1% miles, dismount
and change saddles every Mi mile, loop
cinch only, $20.00, $12.00.
Squaw   Race  on   Horse   Hack
mile heuts. 2 in 'A, $10.00, $5.00,
M* Mile Dash for 2 year olds, $lfi,00,
Teepee Building Contest $11.00, $:
At a meeting of the Association on
Monday night Mr. W. C. Murshnll was
appointed Secretnry, and  will  devote
to the work from now until
funeral wns hold exhibition time.   Anyone desiring en
n    to   Craubrook plea of tlie prize list may obtnin then
hos. Keyworth offlcla- ky culling  nt  the Secretary's office
d having been a mem- flt the council chamber or at tlie Hor-
and  quietl;
Thursday,  aften
cemetery, Ri
ting, the dec
her of the Methodist church. lald ofllce.    The splendid attendant:
Besides tin* widow the deceased ls|at the meeting Monday night and tb
iitliiisiasm manifested by those pre*;
survived by i'our children, Allen, Ha
zel, Norman nnd Marion, as well as
seven brothers ami three sisters and a
mother. He Imd lived in Cranbrook
for ovor nine yenrs und was well und
favorably known around the district
tishormcii ran only to
1 "flail
about the big tlsli wlili
1 tbey
caught" Inil which uhvii
vb Blip
Oft till'
book just belorc tbey nr
ed. hut Messrs. Lester Clapp, Shorty
Lamb nnd Art Webster nre not in
tliis class. Tbey were ont at St. Marys
Lake a few duys ago nnd brought back
tlie finest catch of trout which bus
heen brought into the city this seuson.
Tiiere were over 110 fish in ull, nnd
none   of   them
eut  augurs   well   for  the   8U0C0B
this year's fair.
I wisfi to express my heartfelt
thanks to tin? friends in Crnnbrook
and Sirdar for their kindly expres
sions of sympathy on the recent
death of my beloved father, nnd alsi
for tlieir many beautiful floral tokens
Another of the Old Timers of the
district died Monday last In the person
of William  McCabe.    Death  occurred
ut the St. Eugene Hospital from heart
nn  n  pound  ini trouble, ut the uge of 08.    Deceased
weight. Each of the trio caught a big I had been 111 for a period of eigiit
one, but It wns reserved for liis wor-1 weeks but was brought to the Hospl-
siiip the Mayor to huve slightly the |tal from Sirdar the day previous. He
best of it not only in number but in lis survived by a widow, Elizabeth Mc-
tiie size of his "big one". "His Wor-,Cube, nnd one son Ernest. The de-
ship" was right ou all duy, making ■ ceased was an old C, P. II. pensioner,
beautiful tast,- into all sorts of dlffi-, having worked for the C. P. H. for 26
cult and almost inaccessible pools and years He was eight years in Culgary
and landing the good ones. Just ut nnd moved from there to Sirdar where
the close of tin* day he caught the real he has resided for the last ton years.
"whale" of the bunch, a regular beauty j The funeral took place from Christ
whicli took the united efforts of the Church Wednesday to the Cranbrook
three to laud, and three-quarters of cemetery. Mrs. Cam, an old friend nt
in hour to do it al that, The fish were j Sirdar, wns here for the services,
lisplayed in tin* window of Clapp's which were conducted by Rev. Yoland.
Cigar Store and admired hy everybody the deceased being a faithful and con-
ither anglers or not. slstent member of the Knglish church.
Now is llie ilino In gel in mill clean up hlu ful 11 re profits.
The Farmers' Loan and Credit Act gives money to the Parmer on easy terms up lo fill per cent, of the value of his holding.
Hn .vim mini In |iiit 11 liiirirer acreage under cultivation next
Vcnrl The Credll Act enables you to get a Single Season loan
io meet the cost of the necessary operations while the crop is
being produced.
Ito you mini lo erect new liiiihlings, get n irnoil start in live
«tock. or obtain Hinl machinery yon need so liadlyl The Credit
Act enables you to gel a Short Haled l.inui running from ,1 to
lu years.
Do you mint lo put In permanent Improvements on your
IiiiiiI, such us draining, clearing, or irrigating.' Tlie Credits Act
enables you lo gel a Lung Milled I,nun extending over a period of
from in to 88 years.
You cannot gel these long loans at the Dank, nor can you
gel any kind of Loan ai sucli a low rale of Interest as the Credll I
Acl affords you.
There is no partisanship shown I the only preference displayed is lo the small farmer who does not want to borrow loo
large a sum.
This Is mil a pre-election dodge: the working of the Acl is
just in ils infancy, and lhe scope of the work will lie extended as
lime goes on and the necessary experience is gained.
Tills is noi a device to control your vole: this Act is being i
operated on jusl Uie same lines as the Laud Act,   Anyone can gel
a pre-emption; anyone can got a Loan.
Don't Keep Putting off Your Application
Tlie ilegislriilion Tee for securing the Luan is very small.I
Up to $500, it ctists you $2.5(1; from $5(1(1 to $1260 you gol for
$5.00; from $1250 to $2500 llie fee is $7.5(1; from $250(1 lo $10,000|
you are charged $10,
The valuators under the Act will soon lie in litis District.
If you delay you will bave to wail until tbey come around again.
Write for an Application I'orin lo the Superintendent,'
farmers' Loan Co in mission,   Victoria. II. (,
Watch this Space Next Week
Vim will lie slum ii how lo fill in jour Application I uno Properly.
A Man who has bought Fit Reform garments for a good many
years, says that to him the most
important part of a Fit Reform
suit or Overcoat is the
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been designed and tailored expressly
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buy. These are the kind you get here,
Guaranteed by us and by the Founders
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terns are here, come in and look them
McCreery Bros.
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IIi5    v   :^
J.." 1
—SO   11F   LOST   IIIS   MAIN
and an Important appointment.
Ski   lliat   jour   watch   keeps
timo.   Tin' cost of having tt re
paired is small and correct time
is Important
Exports   say   that   every
•   watch Bhould ho overhauli A
once in 1* months.   Bo wise
—bring your watch In toduy
Next Hour lo Hie Posl Ofllco
Issued   Weekly   by  Tlio  Cranbrook
lleruld, Limited.
T. II. Kay, Editor ami Manager
('rillllirnok, It. ('., \irjn-t 17, !.Mt;
A.s forecasted in a recent Issue, w<
have to chronicle u complete agreement betwoen tbo protagonists of tin
Conservative party; in this mattei
tlio accord wns approached by botl
parties in a must admirable mannei
und thi! results will be, in foci are already, being felt In ;i strong coalescing of Interests that foreshadow victory. Mr. Thomas Donald Caven, win
has so long and faithfully represented
tho Conservative party in this riding
lias been unanimously cliosnn to again
uphold the banner of progress, and
with the aBBistance of all those who
favour a government, whoso adversaries oven (with a carte blanche permission to delve Into its operations)
concede that thoy can find no serious
discrepancies, tbat Ims done nnd pro-
pases to do so much good work for
tlm province, is assured of again becoming tlu* bolder of tlmt honor,
It Is also announced tlmt In tho Interests of tin* people tho patronage
system is to undergo a complete
change, heretofore it hns been distributed, not altogether rognrdless of
merit, but In such a wny ns often not
to recelvo the approbation of the gen
eral puhlic, and tliis naturally has led
to a certain amount of unnecessary
recrimination. All this, it is to In* lio|
ed, will be eliminated hy tbe new
arrangement whereby every applicant
for a position, ofllce or job must bi
approved of by a commission presided
over by Mr. M. A. Beale and consist
ing of ten otlier members. This is i
particularly good and wise innovation
and will assure to this district tli
very best help available, regardless of
Tho spoils system was always a
odious institution and in a small con
iiMiniiy caused il dividing line tli;
should have uo place iu modern lif
It Is a relic of the old "Hoss" systt-i
that can now bo relegated to obllvlo
ln decency as far as tliis riding is coi
Mr. Heale, an old timer in this di
trlct, is well und favourably know
strictly impartial witli that Impartln
Ity associated with tlie Hritish cba
actor, and determination to hold
what he considers right     A    betti
choice, would he difficult lo make, as
ho Is conversant wltli municipal as
well as provincial interests, uml is a
property holder.
Wo aro very glad to record that
Craubrook is In tlie van in political
progress, and we hope lu time to see
this district a pioneer in everything
tliat goes to make politics something
to be proud of, something thai will
draw to itself the best Intelligences iu
tlie community, something wc can all
bo connected with witiiout a consciousness of feeling debased, Instead
of something manipulated by llie lowest element in human life, "grafters"
und fostered by "heelers."
In this respect, It is only just to acknowledge the debt to Mr. A, 13, Watts
of Wattsburg; it is greatly duo to bis
Initiative and willingness to forego,
for the good of the party, that such
a fine piece of reconstruction has heen
possible, aud he bas certainly earned
the good wishes of ull.
Tho Conservative party is now in a
position to make use of every adherent
and to demonstrate hy every means in
its power, the good that has been accomplished by tlie Conservative Government and the equally advantageous
future policy Indicated by tho progressive measures placed before lhe electoral.
Probably both parties have the future welfare of the Provlneo at heart;
if so, it ia only a matter of degree
und in this ease It is tho simplest
thing to challenge tho Llboral parly
to show In what respects their policy
Is better or as good as that of the Conservatives; Up to the present we have
failed to see a Liberal platform that
can for a moment be compared    to
Whut   tin*     (.'ousel'Villi Ve     (ioverillliellt
haa already done, without taking Into
consideration what it proposed to do
(Xelson News')
When Dr. .! H. King at Cranbrook
on Friday attiel.cJ the Conservative
governnlcnt at Ottawa for having failed, to place a i'uvthe,* Increased tariff
on tho lumber lie must have assumed
lhal lhe people of tlu- mountain lumber districts possess short memories,
The idea of a Liberal candidate attacking tlie Horden government because lumber duties Bhould be higher
Ib funny, It is still more so when Dr.
King makes the attack. Why, Dr,
King himself in 1011 ran as a supporter uf the Laurier reciprocity policy against A. s. Ooodovo, The lumbermen know whnt reciprocity would
have done to their industry.
Then when in Lfllfi tin* Horden government placed u special wur tax of
T*,& per cenl oa Imported lumbor the
Liberals In tho house of commons
fought it with all the vigor at their
command, lion. Prank Oliver, leader
of the Liberal party in tlie west, asserted that "If there Is one institution
or organization in the Dominion of
Canada that did not merit consideration al the hands of tlie government
it wus tlie lumber combine." He further lulled the increased tariff "unjustified" and "unwarranted from any
point of vh-w,"
Yet Dr. King thinks be cun convince
tin* lumbermen and the people of a
lumber district that it is In tlieir interests to support lhc Liberals.
A*.       .***>.**,	
on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday next the local Golf Club
members will meet the Cranhrook
Tennis Club ou the hitter's grounds iu
Ladles' singles, gents' singles, mixed
doubles, ladies' doubles and men's
doubles.   The line up is not definitely
settled hut we have rriiHOH to believe
that there will ho some very interesting gumes. Visitors are specially invited. Tea will bo provided as usual
Saturday afternoon.
Tin- Consolidated Mining Company
at Kimberley ure shipping daily to the
Trail smelter for treatment no less
than live hundred tons or ore. With
tin* Improved facilities for handling
the ore it is expected the output will
in* shortly doubled. Work on the tunnel is progressing favorably, it being
driven in nbout throe-i*uurters of a
mile. Tlie railway system, disorganized Iiy the recent high waters, is onco
more iu operation, and trains ure u-
gttln running to tlie mine.
Ford Cuiindinii 'Imithlj, Bex Theatre
1 riday and Saturday, Augu-l Is ami it).
Tlie authorities liave issued tbe
game regulations for 1B1G. The season
for ducks and geese will open on September 1st as usual. Deer may be
shot, from Sept. 1st till December,
though tin- shooting of mule deer Is
limited to the bucks. No female of
the mule deer may be shot tbis season.
Tlie regulations also provide that no
deer or bucks may be exposed for sale
this year. For tbo whole season no
person shall take more than 260 geese
or the same number of ducks.
have, at least, ihiylighl courage, nnd
lis attacked i peelally when the mail
Btruek at 'mii neither defend himself
In the public press or elsewhere.
Anonymity is a ready means io do ill
deeds, ami here wo sic it making ill
deeds  done.
Yours truly,
i K Blwell-  Steamship Agents
Stuff Captain Sims, the officer in
charge of the Men's Social Work of
the Salvation Army in Western Canada, is lo pay a visit to tlie local
ranch of He- S. A. on Saturday and
uiiday, Aug. liith and 20th. Special
ervlces will he conducted on Sunday
:il 11 ii.m., 3.80 and 8.00 p.m. In the
afternoon tlie Stuff Captain will give a
talk on "1'rison Work". On Monthly
evening, Aug. 21st, tbe Staff Captain
will give his famous lecture "Tin* Underworld", admission 10 cents.
l-oTil I'unadlou M-mllil), Bex Theatre
l riiiiij uud Saturday, August is and I.i.
Tho entries in tin; Field Crop Competition uud tho Hoys und Girls Potato
Competition were Inspected this week
iiy the Qovernment olllcer appolned
fm* the purpose, -Mr. .). Miller. After
his inspection he was tuken out
.Mr. Hanson's ranch near the city j
expressed Ids pleasure at tbe cr<
he saw tbere. one particularly flue Held
f oats Mr. Hanson hus. heats anything entered in the competition, Mr,
Miller suys, nud would easily have
i tin* prize hat] It been entered.
Optimism and Confidence For the Future
iCmitiuiii'il tt
other imd
found Unit
low titter ;i
OgfO  ll.'  wa
ill blackguarded
province to tlio
ul "clot tlu
llli'il lo do hv tin
what lio
Uvea can
luul ii gr
"Now   '
ers", Uio
■•lho iiml
nil us to
ith nil these
' Hinl It
concourse ot pcoiilu.
King is
Dr. King nosed ai
uml grot ho iiml liooi
legislature Bomo yi1
luul ho advocated to
King IiiiiI been ono
iigniust tho olglit-ho
smelters, Dr. King i
ill  nidi
it bo Bi
il nil this
i u liifiul ol' labor
. lour yours lu tlio
ill's nun uml what
benefit Inbor? Dr.
il' tlio lirst lu voto
ur law fur men In i Ject.
polio uf tin: VYork-
uh'u's i'tiiii|)i'iisiiiit>n law, inn what luul
ho done to secure such u measuro as
the govornment luul now plnced on
tlm statute books?
"When I heard Hr. King spool
the protection ol' lumber  I  luul
laugh,"   continued   tlio   premier,   '
would  lllii'  liim  In  Ull  us  what th
Laurier government
such nu i'lilliiisinsli.
And Customs
Prohibition Act Proposes to Introduce Methods Which arc
Distinctly In-llritish.
Hritish traditions uml customs which
linvo ho.ui established fur centuries,
nnd which nro dear tn the heart or
every llrillshor, us lluy roproaent tu
blm tho very foundation ot Unit aov-
oriilnolit, which hn bellOVOS to bo the
freest on tlm face of the earth, nre
thrown tn the ground ami trampled in
tho dust by the ll. c. Prohibition Acl.
This phase of the referendum legislation on which the electors will voto
mi Sept. Hth should be carefully Investigated by every loyal llrltlsh nub-
Worth a Guinea
a Box
as a remedy for the evil effects of quick
eating, over-eating and strenuous living. The medicine that meets this
need-that tones the stomach, stimulates the liver, regulates the bowels-is
SMl Stic of Anv Medicine in the World,
old •Temvhere.   ID boier,, 25 cent*.
: of!
protect the lumber industry in th
yeara in whieh it wns in power. Benin* it wns elected iii isiiii it had free
trade, commercial union witli the United States nml tariff, ror revenue only
as its various policies. After it gained ollice it simply adopted the Con-
servutive policies nf protection.
"Hr. King waa not u protection lat
nf lumber in l!U! when Goodeve, who
cume from Rosalaiid ih Eeated him
right in ids own constituency of Cranbrook. Regarding ship building Mr.
Ilowser asked what the Ubernla Dr.
King admired so much hud done for
shipping when Bremler Borden hud returned from England und declared the
necessity for Canadian
perial service. Tiie Ui
King opposed it.
The prime minister then dealt wltli
the new policies he hnd placed in effect since he took ollice hist Decembei
and took the view that owing U
changed financial conditions it was
necessary for tin* development of Brl*
tis.h Columbia to bo regarded from ;i
mfferent viewpoint.
A fundamental principle of the private lite of every Britisher Is that
"A man's home Is his castle", and the
sentiment expressed by this motto is
.leaf to tho heart of every inun who
enjoys tlie protection of the British
ting. The B. C. Prohibition Act, without the slightest regard for this just
lorter, did to [uud dearly cherished right of the subjects, set this principle absolutely at
naught, and tramples it under foot.
Clause -IS of tlie Act provides that
nny olllcer of the law, provincial or
local, may, at any time aud without a
warrent, forcibly break Into the home
of nny citizen if he has the merest information or tin- least Idea that the
occupant of. tlie house possesses lhjnur.
.Not only muy lie break Into the home,
hut, having entered, he may forcibly
break open any closet, ehest, box or
receptacle In tlie house.
Tlte question as to whether such
methods are in accordance with Brilisli traditions and customs will he answered at once by one little word
which contains only two letters.
Another fundamental rule of British
llfo Is that when a man is attacked
through the process of law he has the
right tu know wiio is behind tlie prosecution. This just and time-honored
custom is absolutely thrown overboard
At a 'meeting held on the 4th of
August, called by the Port Steele
Branch of the Canadian Patrlotlo Fund
tin* following reaolutlon wus pussed
Moved by Mr, Cliarlos Muir, seconded by Mr, It, U, T. i.ulhniilh nnd resolved thut this meeting, hero assembled, anbmIt tiie following
unanimous wish iiml
regard to tho war in
pint is engaged.
We are of the opinion that this wur
appalling us u is in loss of life, in
self-sacrifice uud suffering, must bo
(Ollgllt to u successful end,    To inula
a   premature  und   patchod-up   peaci
is tlieir
iivlellini wilh
i;uii our Em
for Inland Dr.
"1 mn confident the people will hick
me up in the efforts I am making tu by clausc M of the Prohibition Act
make British Columbia more prosper- This provides that when any person
said Mr. Bi
iot cerning  be
omises,   but I
The Editor, Herald.
Dear Sir It has been very kindly
pointed out to ttie by one whom 1 highly respect und esteem, tliat my recent
letter wus calculated to cnuse undes-
Tved pain to Mrs. Brogan, 1 wish,
therefore, us far us it Is possible, to
make amends for my mistake, which
I greatly regret. I, all the more willingly, withdraw anything which may
huve hurt Mrs. Brogan, because I um
fully convinced by one who hus the
moans of forming a proper opinion,
that she has done her duty by her boy
in un admirable manner.   1 should
huve been more enreful not to aggravate a situation already bitter enough,
by uny want of thought or consideration on my part 1 make this retraction without uny reserve* whatever,
uml I trust that it will be accepted
by Mrs. Brogan in the spirit in which
it Is offered.
Turning for n moment to the pivot
un whicli ihis whole matter hinges, I
wish to stato my view that ono who
Is witling te Injure another should
that the cloak of darkness should not
hn Invoked when the means whereby
lhe Intended victim makes his bread,
ous and place it ii
than it was lust yei
aer and tlie audleti
applause. "1 am i
tho people witli pr
asking for support
"Dr. King Insinuated loans to farmers were an election bait und would
be discontinued after September. Now
just think of that suggestion from a
business point of view und yon will
see how absurd it is", suld the premier.
"Here I have nearly all of the million
dollar loan in the hank drawing 'A per
cent Interest. We are
fanners at 0% per cent
think we un- going to 1
tin* bank when we can
high Interest where it
much good?
"That is tin* complete
King.   His Bllgg
nf insinuation th
loaning it to
Now tlo you
will   do
out all over the provln
"My Liberal friends sometimes suy1
1 mn going to be defeated in Vancouver, but no one charges mo with being .
a political fool, although I havo been
charged witli being nearly everything,
else, and I know thai I will he re-!
turned with my ticket In Vancouver, j
I am not like Mr. Browater, afraid ofi
defeat in my own sent und therefore
gets the idea in his head that a citizen
has liquor hi his posesslon, he can go
o a constable and tell him what he
thinks. Ou the basis of this casual
ni of conversation the eunstablu can make
complaint mid enter a prosecution in
ids own name. Tlie informer runs no
risk of his Identity beiug disclosed as
the Act specifically provides tluit the
constable need not "Communicate the
name of the person giving such information."
What an opportunity tliis clause
opens uji for a man or woman getting
p money in [square with a neighbour, with whom
m It out nt there muy be a neighbourhood quarrel, or where a neighbourhood grudge
exists! What a wide field this clause
opens up for a blackmailer, that type
of person despised by all honorable
men! Ami yet such methods as these
are deliberately outlined iu the B.C.
Prohibition Act. Is it any wonder
that even urdent Prohibitionists, who
ure also true British subjects, are refusing to approve un Act con tn lain,
such im-Bnilsii provisions
Another fundamental rule of British
law is that u man Is Innocent until he
answer to Dr.
tion is just the kind
Liberals an* putting
ild the
Is proven guilty.   The B.C. Prohibition
by! Act seeks to overthrow  tills  firmly
, established   principal,  its   provisions
stating that when prosecution Is on-
running in u second one.   Mr. lir
ster has dono everything possible
trying to force dissolution March  M
nnd by his writ tn obstruct legislation
ami Dr. King is bucking him up. Whut
did In* cure for tin* bill tn enable sol- • *''■'''*• against a man on account of his
diers to vote?   Whut did he cun   tor having liquor In his possession, it Is
shipbuilding,  whut   did  ho care    for up tn the accused person to prove that
the   Workmen's   ('on nsatlon   BCt, H,j8 lji||l0r W|IH ](,KH„y w.,.limi iim\
what did he can* for soldiers who re- , ,,,,., .,,,,,, ...
turned frum the front, what .11.1 he!l"l!""y ""'"' ,n """" l"'"!"s"' tlllB
provision means thut.a man is guilty
until he proves himself innocent
sucli legislation is certainly not only
liii-B'itlsh, but also a rank injustice.
nire fur agricultural er
il'    he
tnilil gain a political inlv:
"       !
The meeting concluded
■Ilei'l's :
for  Premier Dowser nni
with a nation whoso unspeakable
cruelties uud trencheries havo horrified the world, we believe would be utterly futile and abortive.
Iu our opinion, such n pence would
assuredly be followed iu due tlmo by
another war, iu whicli the British Kmpire might have tu withstand the brunt
of adverse power unassisted and alone.
Iu such a humiliating mid immoral
peace us misguided pacifists are advocating, concessions uf a most dangerous kind would be Inevitable. In all
likelihood such stipulations would be
insisted upon as tu deny, or only partially concede tu Belgium mid Prance,
not to speak of Serbia and Hussla, Unit
restitution or amends fnr injuries,
many nf them irreparable, whicli common justice und the .law of nations demand.
To Canada sucli a peace would be
highly objectionable, if on any idea the
negotiations should ignore her claims,
whilst it would be equally objectionable to restore tu Germany those misgoverned territories won from her by
the valour of our African and Aus-
trallan fellow subjects.
We are proud of the gallant conduct
of our own Canadian soldiers who
have exalted the name of Canada, mid
by tlieir heroism have won a place iu
the very van of battle, side hy side
with the most renowned regiments
of the British service. We ure confident that they would repudiate what
WOllld be only u tmee wilh the enemy,
in fine, that not nne wounded Canadian soldier or fighter in the trenches.
and not one true Canadian man or
woman iu the Dominion would at this
incomplete stage of tin* wur, advocate
a premature and therefore a dangerous
peace. Our own desire for tin* Empire's
reconstruction, amongst other tilings,
Its security frnm future attacks, forbids it; and happily, we are assured
by the highest Imperial authorities
thut no such peace is contemplated,
save hy our enemies.
Whilst regretting several grave
blunders made during the war, we
commend its general conduct The
long continued policy of defense has
enabled the Allies to prepare thoroughly for offensive operations, and
now that a general and successful advance is being made ou all fronts, we
rejoice over It, and look forward to
its final triumph.
Though the Empire hus been bereaved of its great army organizer,
its matchless military genius, Lord
Kitchener, yet we feel confident that
through the application of the plans
he lived to complete, mid through
sound generalship, co-operating with
the brilliant and unconquerable spirit
of our Allies, the cause we fight for.
the cause of national ami Individual
freedom will triumph in the end.
This meeting contributes this reso- j
lution, believing It to be in sympathy
with  tlio wishes und convictions of:
the Patriotic Fund throughout the pro- j
vlnce of British Columbia,
God Save the King.
is as good today as when
[ bought it tlurty years a£o."
HOWEVER, Ostermoor quality at the
familiar prico of $15*00 has now become
utterly impossible. The consLantly-
increasinjr cost of all materials used in
manufacturing' the Ostermoor Mattrosa haB compelled
uh either to Tower the Ostermoor standard. — or to
increase the price. The former is unthinkable, and Is
not desired by the public; therefore, we ure taking
the other course.
On and after August 1st, thc &•§ Q
Ostermoor Mattress sells at <[»1*0*»
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The PARKHILL MFG. CO., Limited
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-*^*jr*'m llmtltd
ht.il.fioflliUh.i.h ami lulling      46
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"fUlltaon inatllcle Willi With SfjjlEwT f article'*.
tv*<*ie in Coi>o**°
. .  ,* .V   .         i ■-..;'
opera till..*;   uiuier   uov-
ornment  License.    We
make   a   specialty   nt
r**mw^m\m   ■gJdwnt*^
*-. JH         Hp*!!iir( ''1^
treating Stomm o Troubles, also the
for drinking men.
W$*r ^7"
Neal Ins itute
■ ■
Cranbrook, B. C.
t ■
-«—» -♦—»-♦-■♦-♦-♦■-♦-♦■■♦-♦-♦■..-»-♦-»-♦—♦ -♦—.
AUDITORIUM,   Cranbrook
-O N i:    \ I ti II T   0 N I, V-
Saturday, Aug 25
Wa II.  Sherman presents
A Melodramatic Comedy Ity August in .Me lliiirh.
This is mil a picture show
liiilcr same management as llie While leather.
Prices $1.00 75c. 50c. Children 25c.
Seats now on sale al Beatlle-Murphy Drug Store,
Only a fow ot tli.' uii-1 I'itisl: pro
visions of tills counterfoil, frolilultloii
mil urc omnnornloil abovo. It Is lio-
llovotl, liowovor, Unit llii' mention of
tlioso fow Instances will nronse the
electors to u sense of tlieir duty as
loyal sulijecls.trne lo llrltisli traditions,
and customs, to such au extent as will
cause thorn to closely Investigate the
Act. lu order that full opportunity
may he glvon along this lino, the Merchants Protective Association has Issued a boolclol which contains the full
text of tho Prohibition Act. Copies or
this pamphlet may he obtained on application to tbo Association ut Room
24. Canada Llfo lllilk'.. Vancouver.
Sond for a copy aad horn what this
Act really means.
The polish itafa easiest io use
ihe shine ihafs hardest io lose;
Keep your shoes neat
ComVine botK llqnlrl an-I paite, tlrni rerpirinf bat la!f A* •fort lo fti •
briliiiat, Uiticf*iliine.   Th^cunUianoicidudwUlnotaickUHluUier,
I. I, D.M.I.I.',, <:.,. „, (;„;i.,jJ, Ltd., HrualltM, Cit»J* THURSDAY, AUGUST 17. 11)111
livery day there comes to
someone the joy and pleasure
whicli ii remembered birthday
brings. Evory day Is someone's
opportunity to Impart that plea-
sore. Will tomorrow, or tbo
next day, or ono day noxt week.
bo yonr opportunity? Wo study
birthday Kilts, and render a service which mulios tholr par-
chase not only satisfactory, bill
a distinct pleasure.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mrs. Dufour and children are in Bpo- [
Italic for u short holiday,
Mlaa Effte M. Bechtel returned lu**t:
week frum her vacatioo lu Calgary.     '
Mrs. Mackey and two daughters left
on Tuesday for a Short holiday at Klko.
Mrs. McGuffie la visiting iu Spokane
witli Mrs. Leech.
Kilby repairs umbrellas and snu-1
Miss Knights, who lias boen visiting
with her brother here for a few week*,
left for Chilliwack hint week-end.
Private Illnton, Wattsburg, is in
town Mils week. He is home from Vernon nu furlough for a mnntli.
Mr. ami Mrs. Klniuii Taylor left on
Sunday I'ur a short holiday at tin*
took place
:it tin' Rex Theatre lust
8     PHONE     8
S |» K (J I A 1.    il l A I, I T V
Choice MITTON & I'Oltk
nml our
lleiuur In a [Hisilinn |o liny nny*
when* ve linn tlle nil lhe Henl
Itiiiiiil*. In
ami all kind** of    Muhity   and
to suit Individual tastes,
Cranbrook Meat
.Mrs. i(al|)h Whoboll ami children
lift Saturday for the Coast for an ox-
tended visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray of Oleichen
havo been vUltlng friends in tlie eity
Uu* past week.
Gasoline nnd Oil ut the Kootenay
Mrs. II. li. Miller has been called
to Hull Itiver on professional husi
J Mrs. Mueller underwent au opera
j tlon at the St. Eugene Hospital on
! Tuesday morning.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  R.  P. Johnson  ami
children left to-day for a couple   of
week's vacation at the Coast.
The Hev. W. Fortune will address
a mass meeting at the Presbyterian
Church on Sunday evening.
The Secretary's report of the I.O.D.E
is unavoidably held over till our next
Mrs. A. C. Bowness and three children nre spending a few holidays in
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
\rmstrong Ave.
*,: Every 10c -
Packet of
Clean in handle. Sold hy all Druggists, Grocers and General Stores.
Capt. Kerr was in the city this week
anil asolsted Brigadier McLean at a
successful meeting Tuesday night. Tlie
good work being done by Capt. Kerr
has been recognized by the authorities by pri'iuutiiig blm to the position
of Ensign
i    Kurd 1 iimnliaii Monthly, Bex Theatre
Friday aud Saturday, August 13 and IH.
Out., where th
few months,
Bpeud tin
Mr Jean Elgei Is back ai his duties
in tlio Road Superintendent's offlci
after being off for Bome weeks under
going an operation for appendicitis.
Mr. u. S. Shields, principal of the
Central School, returned Saturday alter a six weeks vacation spent in Toronto and otlier Eastern points,
A meeting of the poultry association
will hf held in Ui>' council chamber
to-morrow, Friday, ovening, commencing at 8.80 o'clock. A good attendance
Is requested.
ami  O
at   tin'   Kootenay
Mrs. Nelson  was the hostess at   a
  delightful   golf  tournament  on    her
All boys trespassing on  my place spacious lawn Tuesday afternoon.
will he prosecuted regardless oi who 	
they   may   be. Tlio Rev. W. Fortune, formerly pns-
\Y,  ,1.   HAMILTON. tor nf -be Presbyterian Church here.
.  will conduct the evening service nt
DR. DeVAN'S FRENCH PILLS£»?& K""x''"""'"tllis SmAay'
gumUiig Pill for Wuraon. fAn box or three for .,        „„, ,,     ,,    ,
$lo. colti at nil Drug Stores, nr mailed to nny M.ss   \\ Itehie   Beale   entertained   a
"Jb"™.'",';;;:.V,',,1 .''','!;■, '"" *'»<>«* "^ number or her young friends at   a
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN.  £10„„a '"r""l!iy ",'rty °" w''"""sil">- "«"'-
viuutv.ft,** Nerve nnd Bnlnj Inorewes "grey llonl1'
natter*;« Ponlc—willkalid ymi up. an iiox.nr ——_
two for IS. nt tinii: utor.'i, or by oirttl on receipt **«   i   \*   m._i .,        ,   ,,,,            *
olprlce   Tus Scobbli. liKiia CO., St Oatlurtnei, Mr* ■'■ M* ( hrist'c and children and
nnt"ri0' Miss Christie left this week for Guelpli.
White   Star   Dominion   Line
I lllltli CLASS ONLV
§ tugusi '-'.Mli s. s. "( ornlfihmnn"
; September Dili s.s. "Northland"
U September 17th s.s. •MVelsliman"
I Srjitowlier 23rd S.s. "Southland"
Sailings oi s.s. "(iiiiiitln" etlll he un
inmuet'ii Inter,
SCabin $55.00,   Third this-. $33.75.    tCargo only.
For furiiiiT Infornintion apply to Company's Offlco, 619 Second Ave.,
Seattle, A   13  Disney,  Vgent, or Bealo & Elwell; J. W. Spence. Agent
C  c  l(, Crnnbroob
Floyd Rodgers returned on Wednesday from Cranhrook, where he had
been visiting for a few days.—Creston
J. A. McLean, a well known Spokane
mining man, was in the city lust week
examining milling properties in tho
Perry Creek district.
Mr. Alex. Ferguson wbo has been
visiting Cranbroolt during Ills leave of
absence, left ou Wednesday to rejoin
his regiment nt Vernon.
Olllcer (16, said to bo one of the best
comedy dramas of recent production,
Is coming to Cranbrook on Saturday
August 20th, at the Auditorium.
Mr. Harold Seott, au old resident of
Cranbrook ami manager of Scott Employment Agency, passed through here
on the noon train Wednesday for Nelson.
Mrs. Norman McClure and children
returned homo Saturday after spending the past two montlis visiting at
St. Catherines, Brampton and Grand
Valley, Ontario.
Mrs. Tisdale and Mrs, Leaman of
Cranhrook. who have been spending
:i few days with Mrs, ll. I!. Downs,
left for home on Saturday.—Creston
I    Beal
led tt.
' t   bedi
all  nn
Ity;  p
a & Blwell have been Instruct-
tell a large modern residenci -
ounu, lum;.' e bathroom, and
di im cunvenienci s; large lot,
tl In Or best re: Identlal local
•op. rt,' cosl $4000 sale price
Anply tu Beale & dwell for ful
A Bplendid met nut; of the Conservative party was held Wednesday evening in the committee room*- and organization completed lor tne campaign,
Th*' management of the campaign will
bo In tin- hands of a committee composed ol Messrs. a., J. Balment, w. H.
McFarlane and J, D, McBride.
Sanitary Drinking Cups, 10 lo
it Cranbrook Drug '& Moid; Co.
The men at the C. P. It. shops here
have received a general increase In
wages of two or two and a half cents
per hour, according to tiie class of labor they an* doing. The raise while
not large will be none the less welcome
in these times of constantly raising
cost of living.
A change wus made in the arrangements for the Auto club picnic which
had been postponed until yesterday
nd while a number of private parties
went out. to Green Bay tho picnic Itself
vas practically called off. We undor-
tniid plans arc now on foot to hold
big day In Fori Steele in about two
New Prices August 1, 1916
m. |irlci.. lor lord ours nil)
Hi,, folio
hr effective
Chassis   .    .
Touring Car
Town Car   .
Sedan    .    .
ni nml after till!. Ist. IIIIII
.   .   $450,00
f. o. b. Ford, Ontario
Those pi'iira aro positively guaranteed .iguliwt nny reduc-
tlon before Aligns! lot, 1017, lint Hut.- Is nn guarantee
against mi advance lu price nt nny tlmo.
The Hanson Garage
Cranbrook, B.C.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
»f Canada, Limited
Olllcn, Smelting nnd Refining Department
SM.evj.kbs and refiners
Purcliasors of Gold, SIIvct, Covpod and Lead Ores
Wo aro carrying a full line ol boots
and shoot-.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. D. C. Coleman, Assistant General Manager of tlie C. P, it. :it Winnipeg, passed through to-day on 513 In
his private car Charaplaln, going to
Messrs. Robert and Martin McCreery
yesterday received a telegram trom the
Coast conveying the Bad news ot tbe
death ot tlieir father. Mr, Robert
McCreery ami Miss McCreery left on
the next train.
Mrs. John Ewen and family left for
Kimberley on Wednesday where tliey
will take up their residence witli  Mr.
Ewen who is employed in the Kimberley mines. Mrs. Ewen was accompanied by Mrs, J, Fielding.
Mrs. Chas. Mam.' left to-day for
Winnipeg where sin* will visit for a
few weeks, sin* was accompanied by
Gerald and Rowan Cline wiio are returning liintie afler spending tbo summer here.
Word comes from the eoasl Unit tlu*
school holidays In British Columbia
are likely to he extended tor several
weeks In order to avoid the possibility
of spreading Infection of infantile paralysis.
Stove wood for sale, quick delivery.
i'ranbrook Trading Co.
Tin* school mirdeiis are in tip-top
Bhapo at tlie present time and   tho
abundance of color and bloom well repays tbo teachers and pupils for the
time spent on the preparation of the
The I. O. Il I*:, night at the Ilex
Theatre lias been postponed from the
last Thursday In August to the first
Thursday in September on account of
the absence of so many mopibers from
P. W. Peters, Gen, Supt. and \V. A.
Mathers. Asst, Gen. Supt.. or Vancouver, were through this district Inst
Wednesday and Thursday on n tour of
Inspection. Mr. Mathers whs through
hero again this week.
Miss "Bunny" Doyle left Cranbrook
on the noon train Wednesday for Creston wliere she has accepted n position
with the c. P, H. Miss Doyle lias been
a resident of Crnnbrook for the past
five years, during which time she has
been   employed  as operator  on   llie
Kootenay Telephone Lines.
Economy jar tops, 80c per dozen.—
Cranhrook Trading Co,
The opal ring put up by the indies
committee to raise r Is io buy winter
comforts for the hoys of H. Company
wuh won by Mrs. ITIgRliiirof Kimberley
with coupon  No.
rooms havo
'il in
tin. Iiall
over Clapp's
lm open
nttor tin
election.   A
las li
ni Installed ami then
III'   w
ami rending
if tin
ro ai
all time
<. and a cor-
t, vi tit
inn i
, extendi
1 tn iill Con-
In nn
ki. uso nl
tlio roiuiis.
re yi
11/   VI
n   Beale   k
l's  S
ti ty
lonoslt V
The lire brigade luul a run Wednesday afternoon to tho residence of Mr.
J. E. McDonald on French Avenue
wliere flre started iu some manner
unknown under tlie floor In tlie shed.
The bla/.e had been pretty well extinguished by neighbors before the arrival of thc lin* dopartmont, uud the
hose was not used, Tho damage Is but
The government films showing the
natural resources of tbe province, and
the beautiful scenery of tliis Canadian
Switzerland are bolng shown at tlie
Rex theatre tliis week and have aroused much favorable comment. If these
are shown throughout the length and
breadth of the continent tbey will do
much to favorably advertise the province.
The pollco court docket bas been
very light tin* last week. Yesterday
one of the denizens of lllll 00, who
goes by the cognomen of "Archie" was
gathered In the toils for being drunk
nnd disorderly and fined $10. Chas.
Proctor anil Mike Ryel were picked up
the same evening for tbe same offence
ami not having the necessury coin of
tht.* realm arc now serving seven days.
On behalf of the Red Cross Society
Mrs. J. II. King thanks tin; ladies of
Kingsgate ami Eastport for tin* following donations: 1 package of lin, 9
knee bandages, ::" eye caps, 15 hot
water bags. 2] buck towels, .1 surgical
robes, IIS crash towels, 'A helpless
shirts, fi pair socks, 4 night shirts, 104
triangular bandages.
Safety Deposit Boxa
Beale .t ElWOllb.
to    rent;
One result of the dry law in Alberta
is tho opening up of a big trade in
wet goods between B. C. boundary
points and the prairie.   The Cranhrook
wholesalers an* now Bending dally
shipments to Alherta points, though
this city is some distance from the
boundary, anti apparently the demand
is still growng, It means consderable
extra business for British Columbia
Lieut. Adams returned to Vernon today accompanied by five new recruits
he secured during Ills stay here. The
new men are YV. Foote and Geo, Ritchie, Cranbrook, Prank L, Watts and
W. (inrbutt of Wattsburg. and William
D. Sullivan, au American who came
all the way from New York City to
nlist  In   the  cause  of  freedom.
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
IOU   SALE—One   Deering   Binder.
8-ft cut;   horse  $40;   Magnet  cream
separator,  several  milch  cows.--Roy !
Myers, Cherry Crook. 80-4t
WANTED   Iflglicsl prices paid for
gent's enst-nff clothing. Phone I57.804t
Your kind
of cigarette!
Prince Albert tobacco meets your
wishes in every way—no bite, no
parch; just cool, fragrant, refreshing.
It rolls up into a cigarette you'll like
better than any kind you ever tasted.
The Prince Albert patented process
cuts out bite and parch find you —
smoke as much as you like without
trouble for your tongue. Prince
Albert has always been sold without
coupons or premiums. We prefer
to give quality!
the international joy smoke
is manufactured to be in a class by itself,
to be better, to meet the taste of smokers
all over the world. It is universal in its
popularity because it is so friendly to every
man who likes to smoke a home-made
cigarette or a pipe. If your dealer cannot
supply you, ask him to secure it through
his wholesaler.
Yoa certainly owe it to yourself to know just what a great
amount of pleasure and satisfaction Prince Albert will afford you.
Prince Albert ri etsld throughout Canada, generally, in the
/„-ll>. tidy red tin, tstio in pound and half-pound humidors.
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C, U. S. A.
I   *0*GEU?fi!N« Pipe"AND
A   *-'*jaret-e tobacco
On thr rMWH ■■,!" of tliil
tidvK-dtm im. will rtUl
" ProctM Talented July
ZOtK  1907."
The Wrigley Spears are constant
friends to teeth, breath, appetite
and digestion.
Women workers relish the refreshing, comforting influence of this
toothsome, long-lasting confection.
Its benefits are many — its cost
small.  That's why it's used around
the world. Nothing else can take its place.
*mwmm%*ww   ta A*ff\   Write Wm. Writ-ley Jr.  Co.,
after eVetV y_\yffi\  Ltd-.Wri«lt'>*>l<1l'-.Toronto,
Zs**^*?^* \m\ for the funny Spearmen's
meal ^SL^ X \ Mother Goose
H.tvmi Mule Tonclior fur IV)ll.
nclol School District, second or third
I'liisK corttftcnto, duttcs to commence
(Vug, 28th, snlnry $80 per month. Ap- ,.
ply, Btntlng cxp'tIo,,,,,, to .I. imtlili-,   ■'»»»"«-'« ' ranUrook ( oltage Hoipl- |c.
Secy, Wynndol School Donrd, Wynndel
Made in
ii. t:
tut SAl.t:   ii clinld Fiirnllura
nml Typowrltor.   Apply to Mm. J. F,|   nnd Mrs. A  Johnson ol Kimberley
Tlio drawing Iniwor, Durlck Avo, ••ity. ,, daughter
Down Blko wny mon cannot tie se- tin Kootenay-Doundary country wliora
red to dr, the necessary govcrnmi nl So< lall I candidal ■ aro running,
tal, on Wednesday, Aiikii»i 10th, to!roadwork, to ony nothing ol no farm
Mr. nnd Mrs   Ivor lOssott, ;i 11 ,     help being nvulhihlo 'lulv  lU"' i*>'ltslU Ol Trull totnl-
Jiiliiison   On August lTtb, 1910, to Mr                            led f«,000.
'   Pernio, Trull nml Nolson nr,-  tin Th,. new croamory at llarolstoke It
'only constituencies ot Uu oUreon   in now in operation. Page four
ISuccesscr to W. P. Gurd)
Barrister, Solicitor uml
P. O. Box S5S)
Pliysiclntis n
nil Surgeons
Office at residence, Armstrong
... 9.01) to 10.00
Afternoons —
... 2.00 to   4.00
...7.30 to   8.30
... 2.30 to   4.30
l.O.O. P.
Meets evory
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially invited,
M. Harris,
S. Fyles,
OIlUii lu Hanson Block
9 to 12 u.m.
1 to   G p.m.
t'rnuliroiik, lt. C.
Meets evei
ery Tuesday at S p.m. in
e Fraternity Hall
rt. C. Carr, C, O.
I'eie Hunt, K. It. & S.
P. t). Dox 622
brethren cordially lu-
vlted to attend.
Robert McCreery, Martin McCreery,
wife nnd Bister, spent Wednesday half
holiday at Perry Creek Hotel.
A load of supplies went to the Home-
stake Mine on .Saturday.
I'. Hundley of Marysville motored
to Perry freek Saturday.
Mr. Wood and Mr. Nell Of Fernie
are spending several days looking ufter properties on Perry Crook. We
are pleased to se,, these gentlemen
taking an interesl in the mining on
Perry Creek.
Jlatcrully nud tieneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 250
Meets in Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every montll ut 8
p. m.
Mi mbcrshlp open to Brltlsii
Visiting members cordially
B. V. Bruko,        J. F. Lower,
ildent. Secretary
P, O. Box SI5
Phone 340 P. O. Box 6S5
Funeral Director uml Embulmcr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Ave, near Baker St.
Civil and Bluing Engl rs
B. C. land Surveyors
Day Phone 2lin, Sight I'lmne 85
Norbury Ave, next to Clly Hall
Phono 105 P. 0-Box 33
Orgnnlst Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave.
Mr, Trites and wife of Ferni
ed to Porry Crook on sun,lay
Ing Mondny.
Mr. Noble and family of Ci
are spending tlieir vacation
n camp
neur the hotel nt Perry Crook
ll. IS. Spence and family, a
so Mrs.
Harvey and Mrs. Moll, rnie sp.
lit Sun-
day nt the Hotol.
Dr. Rutledge and  li, .Meln
osll are
hauling supplies to tholr mine
mil put-
Mug in men to do dovelopmo
it work.
Mr.   Binning,   wlfo audi il
spout Sunday at Perry ci k
Mr. ll. Gustlnson  and  lain
v Bpent
Sunday ut lho Hotol
The Indies of tho Methotlls
held ii sale ot Ieo cream  i
ml enki
last week.
ry family In Moylo si ml those
living on ranches east of the town
were represented at tho Liberal meeting held here in Minor's Hull Saturday evening. A number living on
ranches west uf here were unable to
attend us the road between Moyie and
tYldertcli te dangerous to drive on nfter limit. Dr. King, liberal candidate
and (ims- Ward of Cranbroolt spoke
tn favor of tbo Liberal Government
and wore listened to vory attentively.
Messrs Roberts and Farroll also mnde
111 I.I,   IMt I It
Mr. W. tl. ivckliiim and wife arrived in Bull River from New York ou
Friday last, ta take up their residence
at Fish Lukes, where they have a
Bummer home.
Qeorge Trasher, Charlie Nelson and
West Austin journey up to Crunbrook
on Friday evening to hear the Hon,
W. J. Bowser speak aud came buck
thoroughly convinced that he is some
Mr. C. Wheeloek of New York city
arrived on Saturday on a visit to his
sister, Mrs. Peckham. Mr. Wheeloek
was delighted with our mountain scenery.
Andy Singleton was around saying
farewell to all liis friends on Satuday
belorc  leaving   for   Ottawa   where   lie
will join his regiment.
Jim Sims received ofilctal notification from the war ofllce lust week that
cue  of   his   brothers   hud   been   killed
iu action.
Mr. Ensign of Seattle is staying wltll
Paul Stevens at Fish Lakes lor the
summer. Paul is un oltl timer on the
trails and expects to take a party out
in the hills afer big game early this
Jtmmle Ruffles is treading on air
ami wearing ii smile ft mile wide these
vs.    It's another bouncing boy,
Mr. Home and children returned to
town   on   Tuesday   after   spending   a
month up nt Camp C,
Mrs. Manning nnd daughter aro hack
in Bull Hiver alter n few weeks stay
i (lie ranch in Alberta.
(leorge Cowan who has a contract
up river Is in town looking for mon,
Qeorge says lit* will have to close down
If lu* don't get moro help.
Tho Rev. W. (!. Fortune of tho People's Probobttion Movement will proh-
hly be In town on Saturday night to
deliver a lecture on prohibition.
Mr. Bodkin, paymaster for the C.P.
It. enmo down from thn camps on
Mondny to dispense the root of nil evil,
but owing to the non arrival of the
cheques tho ghost failed to walk on
ok wn
M rt
Miss Bennett of Cranbn
Desaulnier's guest this wi
.Mrs. Lupton who has i
her daughter, Mrs.  McK
to Creston Monday.
Miss Mary Hates of Kingsgai
a Movie visitor this week tbe guest
of Miss Home.
Tbo mombers of tho Catholic church
and Sunduy School held a picnic in
Aurora Park Monday. A number of
prizes were given to the successful
ancfi who ran in tho races, etc.
(Ins. Caiilman of tOnstport was A. (i
MncFarlano's visitor this week.
Mrs. Herman Peterson of ICimberlej
is visiting Mrs. Pierson.
Thos. Bate of Kingsgate and Mr. Let
spent Monday in Moyie district exam
ining their mining property tlte Rm
• Mine.
* I. (t. I). E
ck & Smith,
a   business
General Merclmnl
Employment Agent
P. O. Boi 108 Phone 211
Robt, Inline, Prop.
Fresh lircnil, Cakes, I'ies
nml I'nstrj
Phono 117
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
It vou want satisfaction
with vour washinE
send it to
Snecial nrlces for familv
Spokane, Washington
This house Iiuh tho
happy distinction of bolng tho tnvorlto stopping phleo III S|iokune
tor the people of llrltlsh
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage moi ilo
evorythlng In our powor
to miike you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent ■
close to Great Northern Station
anil O. W. It. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from th,. principal business
houses ami places of amusement.
* *
Sec   Stciimsliii)   on   Hocf
The Waldo Chapter of tl
wlll glvo a danco in  Ro
ovonlng 25th.   Tin
ni will furnish the
Mr. N. M. Smith of llalli
Commission Brokers, was
visitor to Waldo this woo!:.
Miss Jessie Kennedy of Crnnbrook is
Visiting lor lather hero this weok.
Tho Wardner baseball team Journeyed t" Waldo on Sunday last ami engaged the Waldo team in a return
game. Unite a large number of spectators witnessed tills game, there being severnl large parties from Eureka, Cranbrook ami Penile districts.
It wns anticipated that this would he
a good game, nml In this the spectators wore not In any way disappointed.
A nine Inning game was plnyed whieh
resulted in the seore of 11 to ,", in favor
of Waldo.
Miss lliiris Wallinger, Mr. anil Mi's.
MeGlnnis nf Crunbrook were week end
visitors in Waldo.
The Waldo ladies' basoball team
played a game of ball on Saturday
ovonlng last with the Baynos Lake ladles whieh resulted in a win for the
Waldo ladies hy a score of 22 tl] S.
Waldo sure has got some reputation
for big basoball Bcores this season.
Joseph O'Brien, better known as
Blnckoy O'Brlon, u real fighting Irishman, not on loo Inttmnto tonus with
John Barleycorn lust week end and
caused ipilto u llitlo commotion, Imt
wus finally gathered i» by the long
iirm of lho law. Ilo appeared before
.Mr. .1. J. Joule, ,1   P. uml pulled down
live davs on tho w 1 pile of tlie local
There was sueh a stream of drummers In town lust week end that It
looked as If the old burg wus a regular
Mecca for pilgrims.
Mr. A. Russel, sawmill engineer with
tin- Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Company,
left   this   week   for   Nnllllilllo   to   hike
tiie posltli tChlot Engll r wilh the
New l.iiilysiulih Lumber i'o.
'■UIWS9TO c c RlCManSltl
The Kootenay Garage
wishes io Inform the public  iiml   they  can   now
Gasoline and Oil
having Installed an  Up*
in.Hule Storage System.
lho   Kootenay   Garage
In tho Matter of the "Land Registry
Aet" iiiiiI III tho Matter of Lot S,
Block 22. ami I.ot 2. Hlock 80 of Lot
182, croup i.   Kootonay   District,
Provlni f Hritish Columbia, Ma]
FOB  BELGIAN   IIKI.li:. Ijj,?,'.88?3,"11 '
Philip Job
'  f ilmph
The following donations for Belgian convcynnc
Relief aro gratofully acknowledged:
A friend $200; box collection, Imperial bunk (4.00; Muster Joo Uttle
Mr, II. II. Kirkland $1.00.
Master Jn,, Little's example Is 	
worthy uf emulation,   This fine little
I'lllip   denied   lllll, ,'If  cnild)    and     lo'
croara uml saved the no cents out nf
thnn   an   Application
i been made to register
llllll'   HTKKLK
entatlvo of tin
(|;jfiAi\l««[jA5j ,. ,. m1 ,.
W. ... ■ J* nf B0„ Bay (
Steele Thursday last
.1.  Honey of Cnlg;
Steelo  visitor on   tlio  Ultl:
Mlsa Marion  Drummond of Cran
hrook arrived lust Thursday to p
Miss Dorothy Walsh n visit ut Wood
spring nineb.
B, llydnl of Pernio wns n business
visitor hero Friday
A surprise party t,u A. II. Logg Friday ovonlng last w;
enjoyable ovonts ot tho week.   Dan
Ing wns lu order.    A  dainty  luneli
wns Borved at   midnight   when   the
moonllgbl nnd I ironm won. thor-
onghly appreciated by lhe young folk
present. There wor,. thirty six guest
present among thorn being u numb
from Hull River.
p. s. Ryekman, Indian  ConsUibl
Cranbrook, was iu to
A. M. Millard of Toronto was n Port
steelo visitor Saturday
A. I)   Logg nml party motored b
Eureka, Mont,. Siiinhi
Hole crnwo spoilt Saturday nml Sun
day at his homo her
Miss Annie Wlrth nnd Miss Edltll
Kershaw returned Saturday ufter
week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. .1
(Ire/, nt tlieir ranch on Mini's Creek
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Nlcol and two
children and Mrs, Usher loft M lay
morning for Wnsn where    they   will
spend about n week, camping.
Mrs. K. Howard and two little daugli
ters, accompanied by Miss Oertrudi
Hanham Aplin ns owner In Mather left Monday morning nn nn
if the above lots under a extended visit lo eoast points,
to him from Danes Lnko j T |,U|,||„W 0f Crnnbrook was n
my Limited, ot al, dated j [..,„.,
In the town nf Elko betting is r, to
2 iu favor of Tom Uphill, the working
man's friend.
Engineer Jamison of Medicine Hot,
Engineer Falconer of Fernie uml Jack
ihites uf the Knlg Edward were out to
Rock and Big Sand Creeks fishing
this week.
Miss II. E. llsley nnd Miss 11. C. Sel-
lons. two school teachers from Medl-
eine Hut are spendinv their vacation
at tbo old historic burg, fishing nnd
taking pictures of the imperishable,
romantic uud lofty mountain peaks,
beautiful drives and scenes that drive
artists mad witli Joy. The other day
tbey went out witli rod. gun und camera and climbed tlie mountain east of
tho town and visited Silver Spring
Lake, returning home by an oltl trapper's train, they met a big liluek bear.
Miss llsley failed to get u very good
snap shot of tlie bear ns Miss Sollons
tmik a shot nt it as it wns escaping,
cutting off ils tail. Hotli young Indies
re having u delightful time now telling tiie tale.
Doe. King of Cranbrook was reported to huve been 111 Klko lust weok lull
un person saw hlm, not even bis old
ooll,'go chum,
John stenhouso of the Merchants
Hank uml Mr. Miller nf the Bank of
Nova Seotia. Lethbridge. Alberta, are
visiting Elko. Flagstone and the Roosville Vallev this week.
Miss Cole of Ottawa is visiting with
Mrs, J. Austin. C. I'. R. depot, this
Detective Sorgent J. S. Piper ami
Slafl'. Sergt. Allen of the Royal N, \V.
M. Police, Maeleod, are fishing here
tlie past woek und havo made some
record catches. We can understand
Piper making a good catch ns bo is
doing it right along. Last Sunday
morning both went to church and no
doubt prayed to the Lord for good
luek ns they went out fishing in tlie
afternoon und returned with over 20
Ihs of trout. Piper landing a bull trout
weighing 12 pounds. They aro returning tu Maeleod tonight witli sufficient
fish fnr the whole detachment nnd the
elete nr the Windy city. They bought
their fishing tackle from Prod Roo
whoso tackle always catches the fish.
Mrs. A. Boss iiiiiI family returned
from a visit to White Sulphur accompanied by Miss Patterson of Medicine
Billy McKay, the Potter Palmer nf
Waldo, wus in Elko und Pernio this
Three well filled automobiles from
Elko attended tlie Bowser meeting at
Pernie last week and we nre fully convinced tlmt Uphill is the man. We have
far too many lawyers In parliament
now without sending any moro. Lawyers especially of the Brewster nnd
McDonald type.
W. 11. Dobson nnd It. J. Davis or
Calgary are fishing along the Elk between Michel llllll Elko und huvlng
good luek.
Mr. Gigot of the Hudson Buy Co-
Nelson, wns tin Elko visitor this woek.
Chas. Burgess, chief Accountant for
tlie Baker Lumber Co.. Waldo, passed
through Elko on his way to Nelson
this week.
Our stock of piece goods consisting of-
Silks, Woolens, Prints, Gingham, Flan-
elette, Laces, Thread, Etc,  Is as Complete
as is possible under WAR conditions.
Our Fall Stocks will soon arrive—new Dress-
goods, New Dresses, New Co3tts, Suits
and Blouses.   Designs are the most beautiful
we have ever seen-WAIT FOR THEM.
Saturday two lots of Middies at $1.50
and $1.75 Extra Special.
I'll.(Mil. I, REVIEW
Ynur Millie)  Bnrk
if Uutiils are not ns
Crnnhrook thai day, Mr. .MeEai ll-rn
is now able to ho around again.
Mr. Waldlc, bookkeeper at the Sitlll-
von .Aline, spi lit Sunday in town.
Six well tilled automobiles passed
through on Saturday night for tlio lake
where tliey spent tlle night on tlie lake
and it sure wus some night. Amongst
others we noticed Dr. McKinnon, R.
Mecreery, A. Attridge, A. 11, Fenwick,
A. Attree, j. Campbell, Ira Manning,
Hilly Dickson R. Binning, It, Adamson anil wil',., A. .Moran. Mr. Russel,
Mr. Lamb, .1. I>. McBride, Mr. Stilher-
lund, all or Cranbrook; Mr. and Mrs
.1. I'. Lewis ami family of Kimberley,
Mrs. Hundley. Miss Handley, Ed.
Hundley. Constable and Mrs. Sbipmnn,
Mr. anil Mrs. A. Q. James und Mrs.
Mellor und daughter Edith of Marysville. Tlio day was an Ideal one and
the fish wero biting fino.   We thing
tlio   largest   catch    was    by    Messrs.
Campbell and Dickson with MO to their
credit, Mrs. Adamson rum
second.   Many or Hn   rr;
liiiil motors nttocl
whieh made it I
ot pleasure.
A. lllll. J ,P
brook passed thr
Tuesday followed
filled cars.
James E. King.
teacher hero fi
'il ti
the row boats
intittual   round
ami party of C:
ugh to tho laki
bv two other V
,'ho lias been school
Hie past year has
aeeepted the prluclpnlshlp ot' the Aliee
Siding Bchool for the coming term. We
regret that Mr. King bus decided tu
lenve us. us the children hnve made
better progress under liis tuition than
at any other lime in the history ot
the school. We wish you well. Mr.
A. Miller. Purest Ranger of Creslon.
was u visitor last week.
T. D. Cav M.P.P., John Hold, road j
superintendent, Mayor clapp, ami A. |
Belmont of Crnnbrook registered ot|
tlio Central Hotel on Monday.
Nils Hanson inotoreii in from Crnnbrook on Wednesday.
Owing lo Insufficient scholars Mirror Lake sebool will not re-open this
Mayor Clupp ami party motored
through tu St. Marys lake on Wednesday and returned with 1211 tine trout.
iho smallest weighing about one
W. II. Wilson nud party of Cranbrook motored through on Thursday
tu the lnko uml returned with u fine
Messrs. Fenwick nml Attree of Fort
Steele spoilt Slltlirilay lllglll llllll Sllll-
iluy ut tlio hike.
We think Alex. McDormld, the
road foreman, is tn be congratulated
Tor the way ho hus put the new road
through ut Metthew Creek In so short
11 Bpaco of time.
W. Meiioheni or St. Marys Luke was
11 Cranbrook visitor lust week Hie
roads are Impassable between tlie hike
mid Mr. Menchorn's ranch for vehicular traffic owing to washouts. We
understand the road crow will fix this
up right away.
Ed. Tundloy, and Alex. McDormld
motorod to Cranbrook ou Saturday.
Miss Madge Keer was tlio guest of
Miss Ivy Bidder ut Cranbrook tills
Mr. uml Mrs. 11 Munroe nnd party nf
Wycliffe motored through to Matthew
creek on Sunduy returning tlio same
Bvening witli 20 dandy speckled trout.
Alex. Hodgson nf Cayley, Alta, eallle
ill on Thursday in order to do nssess
IN TIIE MATTER of tlm "Land Registry Aet" and In tlio Malter of Lot
fi. Block IB of lot 122, Group 1,
Kootenny District, Province ol' British  Col Ida.    Map   1181.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt au Application
No. 2»sr>-l lins been made to register
Frederick William Irving Adolph as
owner Iii loo simple of Hie abovo lot
under conveyances from Haynes Lake
Lund Coinpuny Limited ot nl to the
Adolph Lumber Compnny and trom
said lastly mentioned Company In the
suid Frederick William Irving Adolph
and Hint unless within 20 days from
tlie date of tlie first publication hereof
vou file Iii this ofllco a caveat or t'er-
tlflcato of Lis Pendens I ahull register
the suld Frederick William Irving
Adolph us owner in foe.
Dated ut lho Land Roglstry Ofllco,
Nelson, this 2lsl day ol' .lanuary, llllll.
District Registrar.
Seal of Land Registry
(Wire of Brltlsii Columbia.   Kootenny District,
Tn iill to whom il  y concern,
linli- or first publication ihis 171I1
day or August. 11)10, 22-,|i
Dominion War Loan
By purchasing a bond you will help
to WIN THE WAR and obtain for
yourself an investment of tho highest
class yielding a most attractive rate
of interest.
money he would huve spent on these [
llliurli'3  thill  he  llllghl   help  Iho  1-oor
Belgians hh fnr 11s he wus nble.   It cor* |
tullily Ih Uiii right itpirll
 do visitor Monday.
ml day Ii, e, mber 1016 und that unless,    M|ko rjorlln, who has 1 11 visiting
within 20 days from tlie duie of the ■ |,|,. brother hero returned to Victoria
ilrst publication hereof you file in this. Monday via the If C it
offlco a caveat or certlflcato of Us Pen-     a, farewell tea wbb glvon Mrs F m 'ment work on bis property situated nn
dons I shull register the suld Philip Young on  Monday nrtornoon nl  tbo tho upper St. MaryB.
John Hanhum Aplin us owner In foe rog|,| ,r Mrs. Chlslmitn.   On bo-     '*'  T- Bidder spent 11 few duys In
on tho Register of indefeasible Fees.    1 |ln|. u, n,,. i,,i',n,.s* Aid of tbo Presby- Cranbrook this week.
Dated nl the Land Registry Office, („r|an Church Mr"  Cameron present-     Judgo Ryan wns In town with a mln-
Nelsoii, this until day of Mny, 1010.      ,.r) Mrs  Young witb 11 silver nnd oul  big expert on Thursday.  Tliey Intend
SYNOPSIS   111'   COAli    HIMXtl
iii:i;i i.nuiNS
Conl mining right, or the Domln
Ion, in Maiiitoliu. Saskatchewan nnd
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tlie
North-West Territories uud lu 11 portion of the Province of llrltlsh Ci
The Preserving
Raspberries And Blueberries
Now On
Get Your  Sealers Here
ut IN Uio Mailer of lh,. "Land Roglstry
Alt" uml III lho .Mailer of UU I.
Hlock 211 of I.ol 122. liroiip I, K1111I-
tho Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent ur Sub-Agent
nf llominiiiii Liinds.
Deputy Minister of the Interior,
N. B,—Unauthorized publicntion  of
liimblu, muy be leased tor 11 term ofl'1'1" »|lv,'?!;tiS('n"''" ««' "ol '"' I'"1'1
twenty-one years ut an annual rental: for'~ ~"0'190'
of $1  1111  acre     No  moro than  2,uti01 — —	
will be leased lo one applicant.
Application for 11 louse must be
mude by the applicant in person to
tho Agent, or Bub-Agent of the district In whieh tlie rights upplled for
nro situated,
In surveyed territory the laml must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions nf sections, uml in unsurvoy-
ed territory tiie tract applied ror shall
be staked nut hy the applicant himself.
Each application must In- accompanied by 11 fee of $5 which wlll b
sueh  returns  should  hi- furnlsheil
least onco u yoar.
The  leusu   will   Include   tl mil
milling  rights   only,   but  the  lofioo ,,      ,
muy bo permitted to purehnso whal-     onny District,   Provlneo of llrltlsh
ever uviillulilo siufi  rlghis muy bo     Columbia, Mup 1IM.
considered eccosanry for tho worklung
of tlle llllll,' lit the rate or $111,110 all \
i Take Notlco ihan nn Application
(No. 2.S77-I) hus boon liiioh' lo register
David Wallace Hart ns ownor lu i™
slmplo of lho above lots under n Con-
l-'ur   full   Information   application
SAM'L.  10. ROE, ginpj  lintlnr  lilsb     Mrs    Young  he, ed  looking  over  some  properties  U|]
District Registrar, i na vory ardent worker lu church the rlvor but tholr guide UA. McEach-
To all to whom It may conoorn,        clrclon and during her rosldonco In om   Imd  urtfortunatoly  sprnl I   lib
Dato of in i publication tlio twon-iForl steel,, hns  de mnny frlenda ankle ami Hie trip was put off, Hi
.11, Hi day of .lull, nil
who deeply rpgret seeing ber leal
Sealed tenders will be r Iveil by
tlio Minister nf Lands not Inter than
    in in the 23rd duy of August, llllll,
refunded If the rights upplled for lire'fnr the purchase of License X llllll In
not available, hut not otherwise, A out 1,000,000 feet of Cedar, Larch, lir
royalty shall bo paid on tho moroh- and White Pine, l.oon.ono feet Cotton-
antablo output ot the mine nl the rate wood, nnd 5,000 curds of pusts, nn un
ol'live eents per tun. uren adjoining lot 4111, Goat  River,
The  person   operating  lho   mmo I Kootonay District,
shall  furnish  the Agent with   swum      Ono  (II  year  wlll be nllnweil  fnr
returns accounting for lhe full quan- removal of timber,
tlly of merehiintuhlo eoul  mined uml I    Further   particulars   nf   the   Clllol
pay the royalty thereon,   ir the. coal j Forester, Victoria,i B,_0o or Dlstrlot
Judge ami tlm expert returning'  In   mining rights nro not being operated I Forester, Cranbrook, It. 0, uit.
veyntieo lo blm from llanos Utile Lund
Compnny, Limited el ul. datod 16th duy
of January, uur,. uml tlmt unless
within 2n days from tho date of the
lirst publication horoof ynu file lu this
ofllco i> caveat or Cortlflcato of Lis
Pendens I shull register t ho suld
David Wallace Hart us owner In too
on the Register of Indefensible Pees.
Dated ut thn Und Registry Offlco,
Nelson this 20th day of May, 1910.
Dlstriet Registrar.
To nil In whom it inuy concern.
Dnlo of first publication tlio twentieth day of July, Illl .
Morning  Service  11   a.m.
Subject    Keys llllll the  Killgdutll.
Sunduy school nt B o'clock.
Evening Service 7.20 p.m.
Rev. W. Fortune will conduct   the


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