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Cranbrook Herald Mar 11, 1915

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THURSDAY, MARCH llth, 1915
MAR 1 Cms
A. E. Walls Insults   Speakers   Who
Immediately Leave tlio
Meet fair
Last Saturday evening's meeting on
"Patriotism and Production" whieh
was being held under the ami trices of
tho Dominion Department of Agriculture at thc Edition theatre wob
broken up in disorder by tbe attempt
of A. B, Watta to Interject polities Into
tho meeting nnd his Insulting remarks
to thc speakers of the evening.
Thc meeting wns a public one nnd
was for tlie purpose of Inculcating patriotic hope mitl more determined efforts on the part of the agriculturists
of thu Dominion for production this
year. The meeting was secured for
Cranbrook through apodal representations made by tbo Farmers' Institute and thc Board of Trade, which
organizations brought every argument
to bear to persuade the authorities
that such a meeting was needed here.
There were about oue hundred farmers and live stock men from points
far distant from Cranbrook, who had
travelled many miles to hear the
speakers and, if possible, acquire some
' knowledge of benefit to thorn in their
vocation. Thc meeting was broken
off just at the most Interesting part
when Information of 'value to the
district was to be given by Mr. Moore
by the frenzied desire of the Pooh
Bah of Wattsburg to shine in the
To say that he bas won the contempt of every farmer and stock
raiaer in this district by his Ignorant
and uncalled for attack on the men
who were striving to Impart knowledge, is telling a grave truth lightly.
His actions at this meeting wero a
disgrace to the fair name of Cranbrook and should be resented by
every fair-minded citizen.
This sort of thing must stop and the
place to stop lt ls at the door before
a public meeting begins. If he desires to go into vaudeville tiiere are
several circuits that might sign him
The effects of this meeting will be
far-reaching and it is not likely that
Cranbrook wlll again be favored by
any Provincial or Dominion speaker,
but will probably bc left out In the
cold on all future provincial programs.
The meeting was called to order by
Mayor Bowness, who flrst gave a brief
outline of thc objects of the campaign, of which three hundred and
fifty similar gatherings were being
held throughout Canada. He emphasised the fact that this was a non-
political meeting.
He first introduced Mr. Cuthbert
ot Victoria, industrial and publicity
commissioner for that city.
This speaker outlined their work
through this province. They had
started as a trio, but Prof. Macdonald
was called back from Creston to the
coast. They had found conditions ln
the Interior very satisfactory and had
met with some live optimists since
they had come Into the Cranbrook district. Mr. Cuthbert stated that he
was at present connected with an
association at Victoria organized for
thc purpose of promoting home consumption of Victoria*made ami Canadian-made goods. They had recently
held a Made-ln-Vlcloria show, which
had proven a surprise to everyone,
Over forty firms were refused space
In tho show because there was no
space to sparo,
Thc recently started public market
In Victoria, said the speakor, bus not
only reducing the cost of living but
hns really proven a God-send to many
farmers In that country. They started with thirteen stall holders, which
had Inter developed Into sixty-four
with a dally average of about fifty.
Farmers had told him that it' he would
keep the market going for one year
they would raise three times ns
much produce. He was gltid that
Cranbrook hail started a market ami
advised the farmers to do everything
to keep It going. It would enable
them lo raise three times as much.!
and get the money for iheir produce, I
In Victoria, continued the speaker,
vacant lots were being leaned free to !
those who would cultivate
Mr. Cuthbert   then    undertook    to i
show  how the war came about, the'
part the empire played In  the days '
Just  before thc  war,  what  the  war
means  to  Canada  and  the  part the
people who stay at homo must play ; l'ity aldermen,
so ns to assist those at the front.
the   purchase-at-home   of   Canadian
made goods.
Mayor Bowness read a late newspaper dispatch from Victoria containing some of the provisions being
made in a bill for loans to farmers
by the McBride government. He then
Introduced Mr. Moore, manager of thc
Dominion experimental farm at Agassis.
Mr. Moore started by saying that he
had advocated live stock for years. At
present tiiere was a scarcity of live
stock ln the world. Recent figures
shown proved that in a decade Canada's population had Increased 34 per
cent, while llve stock had Increased
17 per cent. The city population
hnd increased 62 per cent tad the
country population 17 per cent. Thero
Is six million head of cattle ln Canada
and 134,000 hi British Columbia. There
aro 345,000 hogs ln Canada and
30,000 ln British Columbia.
On account of capital and labor
conditions this year Intensive cultivation must be the order rather than
extensive cultivation. In order to get
the most value out of high-priced land
lho farmer must practice rotation,
said tiie Bpeaker.    We have practiced
throe-year rotation at the farm
which has proven most successful,
thut ls, flrst year, mangels or corn;
second year, grain crop; third year,
clover or some hay crop. If a four-
year rotation ls desired use for posture in fourth year. Mr. Moore referred to two most important farm
requisites, If farming is to be carried
out successfully, naming silos and
alfalfa. He said he would reserve
liis voice for questions, as he had been
having trouble with his throat on this
trip. He stated that he would try to
answer any question, and that the
question part of their meetings had
proven the most Interesting and valuable, as lt brought out the needs of
the particular locality.
Mayor Bowness called on Mr. Bam
Macdonald for any question. Mr. Macdonald started to give particulars of
some of the distress on farms In this
district and was cautioned by Mayor
Bowness about making a speech. Mr.
Macdonald started to resume when
Mr. Watts launched himself into the
argument. With a tirade of abuse
aud villlficatlon he went after the
speakers, the provincial and Dominion governments. He defied (bt chairman and wished to call him to order.
Ho referred to the speakers as a
couple of political heelers, who were
going through the country talking
optimism, which he labelled
He said, "There are hundreds of huB'
gry people ln this district, smokeless
chimneys, deserted farms and empty
houses. The time Is coming when the
sovereign people will speak and they
will put political heelers in their
place. When people are hungry they
wlll speak and sometimes they speak
too loudly." He bragged about the
quantity of gall he possessed. He
then said that the night before that the
local Conservative politicians had met
In secret caucus and had proposed a
resolution for presentation at this
meeting. Then he said, "I am going
to read this resolution. If not with the
consent of your chairman, then without it."
Mayor Howness interrupted at this
point nnd told Mr. Watts that the
people of Cranbrook had beard all he
knew years ago. That he had practiced coming Into Cranbrook and taking possession of meetings and he in-
A. K. Leitch Doing Ever)tiling Possible to Secure Government Aid
tor Wood lllstllla Ion Plant
Press Gallery, Victoria, B. C,
March 8.—There have been many
delegations from the interior of British Columbia who have vlBlted Victoria during the session of parliament, to advance some movement for
their town or district. Yet, it Is easy
to venture tbe assertion tliat thero has
been more diligent, more painstaking.
more persistent than tho one composed of Mr, A. K. Lettch, manager of
tho Kast Kootenay Lumber Co., and
H. C. Moore, of Blairmore, Alta., ox-
pert on the process of of distillation
of stumps and securing therefrom
valuable by-products, a value In fact
that would enable thc average farmer to clear his land free of cost from
the sale of such stumps to a plant of
this character. These two gentlemen
have worked early and late, meeting
ministers time and again, holding con
ferences with different members, and
securing through the Cranbrook mem
ber, Mr .T. Caven, a presentation of
the facts In the bouse. This attracted the attention of many wbo had
heard of the process but did not fully
appreciate the value of the process
to the farmer, thc details of the work,
or the general benefits to both the
town and district where such plants
were located.
Before tbe arrival of Messrs. Leitch
and Moore, the matter was simply a
mystery, today It ls a live, pulsating
economic subject, that Is Interesting
not only the members of parliament
but the people generally as well.
Those back of this Important movement did well in their selection of
their representatives, and the representatives were a credit to the district of Cranbrook. If they do not
succeed In getting all that they wanted, they have secured the sincere interest of the government and the government and tiie members, as well
sb farmers who see tbat in such a
process tjiere ls profits for the man
who has been confronted by the heavy
cost of clearing timbered lands.
Mr. Leitch also took up the question of a tax on lumber and this matter he pushed as fur as any man
could do, and no man was better fitted
for this peculiar mission. What will
be done tn this matter is yet a eonjec-
'; j ture, as governments, no matter
whether they bc Liberal or Conservative, are loath to move too hastily on
any endorsement, nnd that ls all the
provincial government could do.
Mr. Caven made a strong plea for
enforcing the carrying of Canadian
tonnage over Canndlan roads, and
called attention to the fact tbat right
in Cranbrook 42 crews were laid off
by the C.P.R. because much of the
freight was being transported by the
Oreat Northern through the States,
thus employing the laboring men In
the states and depriving the Canadian
laboring man of the employment he
should be entitled to.
Not only was the railway men deprived of employment, but it effected
every merchant,   every bank,   every
er IM, MME
l.aa.frnmcnt Aaaonare Election Date
aad Tkea ladeti.lttl; Foa:-
P*MI   aSa»
Tbe provincial goTeramcnt
has annoaarcd aa election.
Two days afler the announce
ment they aanonneed the dale
ofl the ele.'tiii>i as April 10th
and nomination day April 3rd.
The next day the itovurument
had discovered that according
to law they taunt have the nominations earlier and con.
sequcntl) announced March
27th aa tbe date for naming the
Today they have announced
that the lists cannot be prepared by that time and therefore
announce a postponement of
the date of aa election. No one
knows whether It will be for
two daya, two weeks or two
months. Only the original proposition to hold an election
still holds and It may be that
means may be found to retract
Hon. Price Ellison, minister
of iinance and agriculture, has
tendered his resignation, and
It has been accepted. It was
anticipated that the Hon. W. J.
Bowser, attorney-general would
do likewise. Both these gentlemen have a lot to explain. Nr.
Ellison In connection with the
cattle mystery at tbe experimental farm and Mr. Bowser
as the solicitor for the defunct
Dominion Trust Co. Mr. Bowser has taken over the portfolio
vacated by Mr .Ellison and the
cabinet wlll not be reorganised
until after the election.
Kales Laid Down fur Both and (ilrls
Competition—Paper on Incului.
tion KaMul bj Mr. Sheppard
There took place toiluy In Christ
church cathedral .Victoria, U.c, the
consecration of tho Very Rev. Alex-
nniler John Doull, Dean ot Columbia
and rector of tho cathedral to the
bishopric of Kootenay. Dean Doull.
ivlio is a young man was :; member of
tlio congregation of St. Luke's, Hall-
fax, wrote a few days ago asking to
he remembered in prayer ou this soi-
The Poultry association held their
usual monthly meeting ou Friday evening last ln the room above Clapp'B
tobacco store. The association have
arranged to use this room for tholr
regular monthly meetings instead of
the old gymnasium as heretofore. | emu day of his consecration at All
.Mr. Sheppard gave a very Instructive Saints' cathedral. At all the ser-
and Interestlg paper on Incubation. It i vices of thc day, Including the early
wns decided to fix the date for tho celebration of tho Holy Communion,
neat winter poultry show so ns to be \ special prayers were offered. The
able to apply to thc department of ag-' new bishop is a son of the lata. Alex-
rlculture lo havc Mr. Upton visit the Under Keith Doull, of the old firm of
show with his departmental exhibit | Doull and Miller. Halifax, who was
and to act aa judgo of dressed poul-' lost In the Ill-fated City of Boston,
try, eggs and utility classes. The date ' shortly before his son's birth. He
Axed was the Ilrst week In December,  was brought up by his uncle, Robert
Tho rules of the Cranbrook Hoys ■ Doull, tor eight years M.P, tor Plctou,
and Oirls competition were framed up and was educated nt Plctou Academy,
und it Is hoped and thought that thc i Merchlson Castle School. Edinburgh,
competition will be very popular. Ijist and Oxford Dnlverslty. He received
ycar'B competition was an unqualified j Ids M. A. degree at Oriel College in
success and from the Interest taken ISPS, in which yeur he was ordained
in it last year the association think j to the priesthood, and was sab-
there wlll be quite a rush of young j aoquontly associated with the Bishop
people for eggs. No eggs will be: of Loudon In bis Bplondld work ln
4siven out before   April 1st   or ufter | Bast London. He held several charges
April 30th.
Onubrook Boys and  tlirls  Poultry
Competition, 1*19
Open to all boys and girls over 10
and under 15 years ot ago.
All eggs to be set during the month
of April.
Eggs from the following breeds of
fowls may be ubtained on application
to the secretary. Plymouth Rooks
(Barred), White Leghorns, White
Wyamiottes, Partridge Wyandottes, | on
Drown Leghorns, Duff Orpingtons,
White Orpingtons, Rhode island Reds,
Columbian Wyandottes.
Eggs will bo charged for at the rate
ot 75 cents per setting and -.", cents
will be charged as entrance fee, making the total cost to competitors, one
dollar. Fifty cents goes to the person supplying the eggs and fifty cents
towards the prizes.
Record sheets will be supplied to I Oertrude Cundlll
each competitor and must be carefully els   Cundlll,   of
Vancouver, B. Ci March IO.—The
Conservatives of this city have'fixed
March 19th as the date for ' the
ward primaries and the convention'
will be held on March 20th.
The rumor that Hon. W. J. Bowser
will run both lo Vancouver and Vic.
torla has been' denied.
On the' Liberal side no definite
statement baa aa yet been made- aa
to who will run, but it is agreed that
M. A. Macdonald; Ralph Smith, J. W.
DcB. Karris and Alex. Henderson, K.
C, will be chosen to contest the local
vacancies. It la freely admitted on
all sides that the Liberals will have
a walk-over in the terminal city.
In Victoria it Is believed that W.
clerk, in fact each and every man | Uehnsen and F. W. Davey wlll be
who had a Job a year or two ago. but
who Is now Idle owing to these very
conditions.   This should have been at-
vlted him to take his seat or he would jtmiei *° lon* »*»•
have the police throw him out. I    Oeorge Leitch wns a visitor to the
Mr. Cuthbert arose to explain his j "I"1**1'»»' *""*•
position.    He said that Mr. Watts had I   •>»««» SchoSeld, member from Ymir,
met him at the station platform, had I n»» °«n seriously 111 for the past
spoken to hlni us a Conservative, con- i week.
tiding that he would be the next Con-1 Joseph Martin, member of the Bng-
servatlvc candidate for the Dominion . lisli house of commons, late candidate
house and had Htated that he had a for mayor of Vancouver, now editor
reaolutlon to prescut to tho meeting, and proprietor of the ncw Evening
Mr. Cuthbert told blm that it waa a j Journal, of Vancouver, and one of the
strictly non-political meeting nnd add-1 leading solicitors of the terminal
ed, "and we don't want to see your j city .was tn town for the week-end,
resolution. No politician can hang i happy. Jovial, and when asked about
his political tall to my kite and there- j his paper, he replied in a characterls-
i- tic manner, "It will be a pleasure
to write an editorial now and then on
1  must say good night, gentle-
Both the speakers left the platform
and Mayor Bowness dismissed thc
Nomination!   Will   be   Held   About
March Silth.- -Election Date A a.
nnnneed Later
current events."    Those who know,
will appreciate this touch of humor.
Pursuant to the resignation ot the
Mr.   T. M.    Roberta,
city clerk, has   received a   warrant
There Is no use In I'liniulii at the from the provincial secretary to hold
preaent time, said Mr. Cuthbert, for tha
pessimist. There is no reason for tho
pessimist today. In 1012 1225,000,-
000 ln cash came Into the northwest
for products. This year from preaent conditions a conservative estimate would be $.150,000,000 for 1016.
Tho lumber men nt the coast aro getting hold of the Australian lumber
trade.     Tho closo ot tbe war wlll
a municipal election for the city of
Cranbrook. We understand that nominations will be held on or about the
26th March and an election wlll follow ln accordance with the provisions
of the Municipal Elections Act.
From present Indications there will
be two tickets in: the Held: om sup-
mean tho gtoatest demand for con-[porting Mayor Bowneas-and one sup-
structlon material that tho world has | porting the McFarlane faction:
ever known.    Now Is tlio opportunity     coming so close to the provinclnl
for Canadian manufacturers to secure '
the world markets for the trade cut
off, from (Iermany. Ho ended by
claVlfytng under tlio following hcuds
the matters of most importance to
the prosperity of Canada. Public markets, co-operation by Individual and
communities, cheap money for (arm
Improvement, low freight rates, and
election the city election will: have
more than the usual amount of poll,
tics mixed In, whioh Is deplorable for
the best Interests of the city;
However, a good healthy scrap may
clear up tlle atmosphere and lea sir the
city in * better position than ms to
progress along tha ritW WM
lllltli Regiment Will (.ive Fifth Regimental Dance In Nt. Mary's
The 17th of Ireland will be duly
colebrated by tho officers and members and friends of the 107th regiment, Eaat Kootenay Light Infantry,
C. and D. Companies on Wednesday,
March 17th, when a St. Patrick's day
<-or rather night—danco will be held
In St. Mary's hall.
Tho services of the Cranbrook orchestra' have been secured tor the oc.
caaion ,and the Volunteer Club promise another of their ever popular
Supper will be served by the St.
John's Ambulance Society. The proceeds will be usod for buying hospital supplies for the boys at the front.
Quarter-Master Sgt. Marchant, who
waa In ohargo of the Cranbrook men
who left last Sunday for Victoria,
returned home Monday. Mr. Marchant waa wearing thu uniform of a
Scottish regiment nnd was a striking figure. John Flngal Smith told
Use he na Ike bravest man In s then-
dropped, owing to there being some
difference in regard to calling an election at this time. The nomination ol
Premier McBride and H. B. Thompson is assured.
There will be four Liberal candidates, aa follows: H. C. Brewster,
lender or the Liberals of British Columbia Aid. Bell, John Hart and H. C.
The Athletics scored their second
consecutive victory when they, took
thc Beavers Jn Its camp Monday night
at tbe Young Men's Club, by the
score of 30—21. As usual the game
was very fast and exciting and kept
the large crowd on their feet yelling
tor the favorites.
The preliminary between the Early
Birds and Night Hawks resulted In a
win for the former by the score of
15—10. The teams put up an exciting contest and were loudly applauded for their strenuous efforts.
The Athletics rushed matters from
tbe first and by some clever and fortunate shooting ran up a lead of several points, while the Beavers were
missing the baskets from all angles.
Half time saw the score standing
19—6 In favor of the Athletics. The
Beavers began to work early In the
second half and their attempt to cut
down their .rival's lead gained the
applause ot the audience.. Ashworth
did some great work equalling the display of Mcllwalne In the first half.
But tbo Athletics were much awake
also and when the final whistle blew
had a lead of nine points.
Next Monday night the Stags and
Beavers mix In what bids tklr to b*
another tight game with a gams between' ths school teachers snd the
girls team "The Macs" as an opening
The line-up: Athletics, S. Phlllpps
and Wilson, forwards; Mcllwalne,
tenter; McEwtn and Kuhnert, guards.
Beavers, Ashworth and O. Philippe,
Ull, center; Murray aad
In tlie diocese of Montreal, and at the
time of bis election to the Bishopric
of Kootenay he had boon for some
ya-ars ra'aiair of Christ church cathe-
dral. Victoria, and Dean of Columbia,
He received last year from King's
College. Windsor, the degree of D.
P., nnd ut that time paid a brief visit
to liis friend of years, Hector Me-
Inni's, K. C. Among tho congratulatory telegrams sa.nt to him today was
from tho latter. Another special
frii'iul is Dr. A. II. MacKay. superintendent of education. News of his
consecration to tho highest a.filco save
ami' within tbe church of which he Is
so able und dovoted u priest, will be
received witli profound gratification
by liis frla'lids in Nova Scotia. Entire
■onsi'i'mtiain bas marked every step
111 his career and may ba' assumed for
Ills episcopate. Ile married Miss
daughter of Fran-
Montreal -Halifax
j      LEAVE Oil SIM
Twenty-Two Stalwarts Already io Lfne
for tbe Mounted Infantry—Will
l.euve on S inula)
Cranbrook's quota to the .Mounted
Infantry at the present time is twenty-two men und this may be Increased before the time for departure. Tlie
men are leaving on 518 next Sunday
to join the tliird contingent.
Regular drills hav.* been hold for
the past two weeks and the men have
taken tholr new duties like ducks to
Among this contingent are a number of young men who have practf-
enlly called Cranbrook their home
sinee they wen- youngsters.
Then* nre now only a few single
men left in the city who could pass
the examination) und another contingent will not likely he Oiled as rapidly
although there are still plenty wilting
to go. After they ure gone more
married men will be needed to till tlw*
ranks of the 107th regiment.
The departing soldiers ure being
given the usual round of farewells
and functions and other reminders
thnt Cranbrook people appreciate their
noble Belf-sacrifice and the part they
are to play in the great world drama
now being staged in Europe,
kept, as 100 points out of a possible   <N* S.) Kvening Mail.
401 will  be given   for    the    record 	
sheet.     Competitors  may get their YOUNG PEOPLES I'MOX
eggs from where they like, hut they
must be from pure bred stock and it
purchased out of town entrance fee
to the competition must bc paid Just;
the same,
The Anglican Young People's Association had a very enjoyable even-
All birds  must be  shown  at  the j ing at tlie King Edward's school on
Pali FWr- or at BUCh plaee and date J Tuesday evening, tbe  9th  inst.    Mr.
that the    Poultry    association    may  Fairbairn rendered "Chanson Triste"
choose.   Bach competitor must show  and another selection  on the violin.
all the birds hatched or forfeit two of Miss Hewit sang The Rosary" Refreshments were served and Miss
Cherrington proceeded with an instructive lecture on "Church Architecture,'' illustrated by Hadioscope
views supplied by Mr. J. Haslam.
Next meeting at the rectory on Tuesday. 23rd instant, at S o'clock sharp,
when an interesting program will be
the birds to the association
As soon as the hatch Is completed I
the competitor must notify the secre-
tary who will toe mark the birds so
that they may be easily Identified.
Any competitor being supplied with
eggs are not complying with the conditions will be disqualified from com-1
peting In-this and future competitions, j offered
The winner of the flrst and second
prizes must become a member ot the
'oultry association.
The person supplying the eggs shall
have the option of purchasing any one
bird out of the eggs he supplied at
two dollars.
Each competitor will be supplied
with one sitting only.
Applications to be made to A. H.
Pigott, Secretary to the Poultry Association or to Mr. A. H. Webb.
Crnnbrook Oreweas  Club  Will  Kn-
ler tn in  Men of Mounted
Tomorrow night (FridayI at the
Auditorium theatre the Overseas Club
and St. John Ambulance Association
Will give a Joint farewell concert and
dance to the Cranhrook men composing Cranbrook's quota to the Mounted Infantry.
Previous to the departure of the
third contingent the Overseas club
tendered a far-, well to that body of
men which was a rrcdlt to the club.
With the co-operation of the St.
John's Ambulance Society the affair
tomorrow night should surpass the
previous event.
During the evening a presentation
will take place, each man will be
presented with a remembrance from
(he organizations In charge of the
Proceeds over and above expenses
to be used by the St. John Ambulance Association for hospital supplies at the front.
The citizens of Cranbrook should
make it a point to attend this concert and dance and assist in every
way to make this affair a success
and show their appreciation of the
men who have volunteered for the
lorsl TsiVst Wm   Held Bosrajn   ati
.UU'orhm os Shrek 19th-
The Cut
May E. Countryman's comedy or'
domestic life "The Rebellion of Mm.;
Barclay," will be produced at the Aud-
Itorlum on the evening of Friday, j
March 19th, by the Ladleu Aid Society
of the Methodist church, aawtated by
the Cranbrook Juvenile Orchestra and j
Mra. Geo. F. Stevenson, soloist.
The first act, tbe scene of which
is laid In the dining room at the liar-
clay home, promises something' out
ot the regular run of shows,    lt has j
good plot with thrilling incidental
and will hold attention throughout.
The Hi-rond act opens with a scene
in tlio kitchen of the some place, and
it Is here will be witnessed a hit of
llrst-cluss acting, and where will lie
untangled and the plot over which
Mrs. Barclay rebelled.
Tlie amusement-loving public havc
recognized the excellence of local pro-'
ducllons, and we hope they wlll again
shoV their appreciation by their liberal patronage.
Regular rehearsals are being held
and the company Is working well together, not a person missing a re-1
The following persons will make
up the cast   :
Morton Barclay ... .Mr. W. H. Wilson
IWgor Stuart (a neighbor)      j
   Mr .1. Venus]
Dennis O'Hara Mr. A. Raworth j
Bthel Barclay (Morton's wife)     !
 Mrs. R. Eakln
Rath Carter (Ethel's Slater) 	
  Mrs. W. H. Wilson '
Mra. Brown (Morton's slater)	
  Mrs .Powell
Cora (her daughter)... .Miss McBride:
Elsie Stuart (Roger's sister)   ....
    Mra. McNabb I
Mary Ana O'Connor 	
  Mrs. Charles Patmore I
Remove the Dust and
Dirt and Save the
Doctor's Bills
The earlier the house is given a thorough cleaning
the better. During the long winter, with stoves and furnaces going all the time, dust and dirt accumulates in
every nook and corner. In the winter, too. there is usually insufficient ventilation in the home, and disease
germs find no better breeding places. Just because they
cannot be seen is no indication they are not there-take
no chances, but get your supply of house-cleaning ammunition at once.   Read carefully these suggestions:
l'on dered   .1 mnionlrt
Softens tbe water nnd ease*
the work of rubbing the floors
and furniture. Oolden West
Brand. 2 pkg. 25c,
Sweeping Powder
Why sweep in clouds of dust
when yon can prevent it by the
use of a little sweeping powder?
Use it on the floors, ruga and
' carpets.     Five   lbs.   40c.
Chloride ui I,imc
Nothing better for the closet
or for sweetening drains. Every
iiouii* should always have s supply on hand—ope of the finest
chasers of discus.- germs known,
and th>* price of a tin is small.
2 tins 25c.
I.i.'iuil  Ammonia
Some prefer the ammonia In
li<iulil form. Simply moisten
the cleansing rag with it and
It's ready for use.     A bottle for
Another fine disinfectant is
lye—there are few houses which
do not keep a plentiful supply on
hand. It will take up grease
and other dirt from the floors as
quickly and easily as anything.
Per tin, 40c.
Furniture Polish
To make tlie chairs, tables,
window sills and other furniture
clean and bright, use Liquid
Veneer. Just rub It on with a
clean cloth and It will produce n
bright shine like new. Per
bottle, li5e .und SOc.
8ILrer Polish
Thc table silver, no matter
bow good It is, soon tarnishes,
Brighten it up witli Electro Silicon. This lfl guaranteed to
brighten silver and give tt a
shlney, new appearance. l'.-r
tin.  16C
Metal  Polish
For shining up the brass
knobs on the buffet and other
furniture, a good metal polish is
necessary. Try Brasso Brand
it is recommended for pots and
all metal fittings about the
house,   per lin. 16c,
Kni-lii". and IIphiih*.
Did yuu ever think how much
(line could be saver) the year
round by brushes that get behind ami under tlie stove and
the radiators, and between the
spokes of the broom? Why n t
make your work lighter? A full
supply  to choose  from.
c.old Dust, per pkg., 26c.
Washing Powder, Golden
West, per pkg., 26c.
Of course you will not attempt
house-cleaning witiiout a good
supply of soap. It is the ever-
reliable. We recommend Hoyal
Crown, per dozen 45c .
Mops Washboard* and Clothe*.
A full supply nn bund of all
kinds of wooden ware for the
cleaning season. Come in and
let us show you our stocks—
made by the most reliable manufacturers.
Please remember ive giittnuilee every line of Ihhim-cleaning helps u.lverti.Herf—the) lum* all been tried und tested.
Select your requirement* nl once from u full Mock.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. f aiOB TWO
taa cnmroo**
THURSDAY,   MARCH llth, 1915
THE   CRANBROOK   HERAL11 slil1" "'' attain In Iiriiish Columbia.
. _ - ,,,       „.,, '    Just nt tin,' present time there arc
la. V. Sullbaa, Editor
i. M. Thompson, Bailaess Manager
Sipierlptlea Balsa
On.   Taar   	
HI Months    	
Thras Honthi   	
Bcoros ot farmers who want to plant
Bead In the ground fur the Increased
production tills year. But they have
no seed unil no money to buy at the
high prlees. The Dniuiiilon govern-
nient hus provided I'm- tlie farmers of
Alberta mid Saskatchewan but nothing lias been done fur llrltlsh Colum-
DW | bin, as lt is generally recognized that
this Is not un agricultural province,
seals par line.
Advertiilai Bates
Dlajilay   Advertising,   Ii   casts
Calsiui Inch.
i Notices or Classified Ads. 10 ,\ue to the inattention of the present
provincial government to any settled land policy.
Tiiere is no doubt that the government will endeavor to preach optimism and "let well enough alone" In
tliis campaign. But they will have to
preach it to empty stomachs and 111-
eiiul people, which wlll take much of
(ranbrook, B. (
lth, 191.'
the high color out of
"The sovereign people shall rise
up," and then the chairman sat down
on blm.
Everyone knew the government
would spring an election when our
Tom made that speech.
One resident of Cranbrook refuses
to drink city water, because the supply
pipes were "made in Germany."
Heard on the station platform: "It
their bold and I(,u08  ***    neart   8°od t0   mee*   the
gang."   And the gang smiled.
brazen assertions.
There will be n short dispensing of
election funds and a promiscuous display of promises and  perhaps a few
days work on the road gang for some
nf the   unemployed  and  then  If tbe
government in returned a settling back
to conditions even worse than at the
IV the people hut half realize their
true condition tin* whole government
w.lll  be  overturned  for  the  sake of
honesty, for a slap at machine poll-
ties In British Columbia und for    a
house-cleaning at  Victoria, wliere it
.    . m, ... hi    notoriously    known    natton-wlde
twenty-four.   There are hundreds of  t)mt BrHtBh Columblll ts badly govern-
me, In this city who won d welcome ^ ^ mm[w r|m,tousI>. s(.uan(icre(, I have purchased a quantlty of smoke.
eigb hours work inn week, let alone and th(! peoplfl be,ng iIltlmidateu by;le8H powder and aro expected t0
■ M.m.  in t*Aent)-iour    hours.       This  ft ribiil(|( unscrupulouB 1)urty machlue.; make "an application" In the   fourth
"Gall" may be a line characteristic |
for an M.P, but we imagine thut most
voters would like to see a small sense j
of decency, a degree of propriety and
a mixture of common horse sense
mixed with it.
Government heelers are already ut
work in this city. Tlie story is going the rounds that the eight-hour
bill has became law und will go Into
effect on May 1st. The great feature
'of thc law, it is pointed out, is the
fact that men will not be allowed to
work more than eight hours In any
As part of a sentence Imposed by
Judge Wilbur, of Los Angeles, Harold
Lane must read tbe Bible In 30 days
from cover to cover.
Most people call thu driver of an
automobile a chauffeur. Wc heard one
culled by another name today and
it Is u whole lot easier to spell.
After what happened Saturday night
it looks as If Kast Kootenay's great
i philosopher and "widow's friend"
' was nearing the end of his rope.
Several young ladies around town
the following statement will enable
your readers to make comparisons
and draw their own conclusions.
My estimate provided a much larger
system than Is being Installed. I provided a 24" intake at tbe reservoir,
with an auxiliary main and equalizers, also mains throughout tbe city
of a proportionate capacity, whereas
12,400 ft. of 4" mains were estimated
for and are now being laid. Recording
meters, tn suitable inspection pits,
were provided, so that the consumption could be ascertained and recorded. Every block In tbe city waB sec-
tlonlzed. Sixty fire hydrants were
provided. A reinforced concrete
dam with telescopic Intake valves and
sluices was Included in the estimate
as well as the deepening of the reservoir to Increase tbe capacity, and
most Important of all In preparing my
estimates I provided means of sufficient capacity to supply Slaterville
and tbe townslte, whenever these two
districts were Incorporated, without
the city having to spend a single cent
control, had already been expended
when I took hold of the department.
I made and was responsible for the
1914 estimates.
Now as regards the work done ou
Edwards street ln 1914, with the exception of the removal of dirt, etc., thc
grading and gravelling wlll have to be
done again owing to tbe laying of the
new mains. It practical experience
and a regard to the expenditure of
tbe ratepayers' money had been considered this work should not have been
done till after the water mains had
been laid. With the exception of the
cost of removing dirt, etc., no details are given by Mr. Horlo of the
cost of grading and gravelling, so am
unable to place before you the approximate amount ot money wasted on
this one piece of work alone.
The 1913 council wcre fully alive to
the necessity of grading and making
up the roads, but tbey would not
sanction tbe expenditure of a cent
more than was absolutely necessary
to maintain tbo roads, realising the
sort of play don't go uny
more with the Inbortng man.
He has been lied to und cheated until
he is sick of the whole arrangement.
What he wants is eight hours work,
eight hours sleep nnd eight hours to
do  what  he  feels  like.    A  free man]
The first Issue of the Vancouver
"Mvenlng Journal" nppeared on
Monday, March the Ilrst. This was
The Olght-hour lllll was Introduced hy .,„_ „„,„,. „, „„,,,,, ,,„„„,.(,„,„,. Tll„
Mr. Place hut It has never became ^^ |if ll|(, ,.„„„.„,,,,. Mr ,„„,,„„
aw. At tills particular time, when . M„t|||i „,,, „„,,„,,, t,1(, a|gn,t and
hundreds of men are out of work.; _.Uom ,lt fr,!C, j„„r,milsm.
It Is a poor political play. Thl, ^ 0| ,0UIm,,m ,„ Vanc0„.
A new plank ln the provincial government platform would be appreciated by tlie residents who live In the
neighborhood of tbe Chinese gardens.
The sidewalks are In bad shape and
i source of danger to pedestrians.
Some time ago we mentioned the I
fact that Mr. Thos. Caven was In a
listening attitude in the house. His
listening has borne fruit for he has
made a speech. Would you believe It?
After listening In the house for seven
years our Tom was able to get off
his maiden effort just before the close
of the present sen nion, It was duly
published in the Conservative dally
press accompanied with a double
coluinn portrait of himself. He received the personal commendation of
tlie premier for bis wonderful
strength-devastating, mind-wrenching
onco-ln-sevcn year spasm. And our
Conservative frlonds are telling us
tbat all sorts of credit is due our mem-:
ber because he advocated for govern-I
ment assistance for the wood distillation plant. Of course, but why should
he wait until tin? close of the session
when it was too late to accomplish
anything? Why didn't he agitate long
and loudly the length and breadth of
this session until he had made some
impression, and secured some results? We are fully advised that he Is
a candidate and the fact that Thomas
made a speech may mean his re-election providing that Is ull the electorate of this district want, u member whose orntory becomes unloosened
just before election and who Is the
most capable sphinx ln the house during the remainder of seven sessions.
Isn't it funny to think of the man
'who has never announced his can-
...  lldacy" standing on the station plat-
ver Is a disgrace. The newspapers I form and nieeting all passengers and
are characterized by none ot tbe• eonfidlngly whispering In their ear,
-turdy virtues of n free press. The! "I am It. I am tbe candidate. 1 am
■'Province" is apathetic. The "Sun" the coming Conservative candidate. I
Is now a glimmering, gabbling sun- um the coming Conservative candidate
dog. The "News-Advertiser" is ln j for this district. I am the coming
i state of peonage—when it is not de-t Conservative candidate for this dls-
finding rotten politics lt ls express-
on new mains to provide for tho dls- j absurdity of making up roads In u
trlcts. My estimates were based finished slate when they knew the
upon the current labor rates of 1913' condition tbey would be loft in, in the
which were higher than those of near future after thu mains had been
1914.     This alone Is a considerable j laid.
Item. Generally  the    labor  rates    were
Without wishing to criticise the (higher ln 1912 and 1913 than in 1914,
system now being installed, I say with I a considerable Item In itself when lt
confidence that the citizens can see j *H considered the greater proportion
for themselves from the foregoing re- -t expenditures on public works Is
marks when it comes to criticising the 'or labor alone and it would bo any-
two estimates they are not In the thing bl>t creditable to those consume class and cannot be compared, cerned If the work tn 1914 did not
Had I had the opportunity given Bhow a considerable saving .especlal-
me by the 1914 council to prepare i fr aa Mr* Olenday bad a horse and
an estimate under equal conditions j *k *ou»1** hlm- whicn enabled him to
to those they obtained, I say without! *?<* around quicker and keep lu bet-
hesltation It would have compared ]ter touch wtth tho work*
favorably with those Mr.  Horie Ib ;    Mr* Horle's Jibe at the flag ls ill- j
■ quoting against me. chosen, for the poorest amongst us
I may add here I offered my ser- j wouW not »<*nidge the amount to ,
vices to the 1914 council to prepare "keeP tlie flag flying," and I cannot let j
preliminary estimates for the work at » P»88 wltllout remarking that neither ,
a considerably lesser fee than they Ihonor or JU8t!ce overshadowed the
paid, but was turned down (certainly 11914 council, nor swayed their actions
not In the Interests of economy).        i wnen they dispensed with ray ser-1
;    It would be Interesting to learn to!v,cef- "» the m-*nner in wnich the>* |
1 what account the 1914 council     ln-! "Id.
Yours faithfully,
P. O'Hara,
Civil Engineer.
| trlct In the next Dominion election.
i ■ am It.     I.   am."
ing sloppy  platitudes.     Tbe "Saturday Sunset" has faded.     The "World"
Is a sort of quack newspaper.   They
have    no    independence.      All    are
committed to something.     They have
i-ommcrciallzed   their    editorial   col-
■imns. On puhlic questions, apart from    _____________________
politics, they speak weakly or prac-1 Winderness, have just about given up
lee silence.     The  press should bo (hope, and are ready to throw up the
forbidden to practice   silence.    The
press,  us   somebody   has   said,  Is  n
mouth that should be always open and
A number of the scouts who have
j been working the several town In tbe
I Cranbrook electoral district tn an
| -ffort to "land" tbe nomination for
! 'he Dominion house for Mosese In tlie
iilwnys speaking.
The trouble with the Vancouver
Initios is that they have no indlvid-
inlity behind them. All strong and
useful newspapers are expressions of
-ingle Individualities. The Vancouver
'Kvening Journal" will express Joseph
Martin, His powerful personality will
<ivc character to the "Journal." His
articles will be rend by friend nnd
Tbe "Journal1
ihllosophy of i
sponge after what took place last
Saturday night. In the course of a
little "side talk" at the station the
other day, one ot East Kootenay's
most prominent business men said:
'After wasting my time and money
touring through the Windermere and
making earnest efforts to line up the
men In that part, I And my work has
ill been knocked In the head." Watt's
the use.
tended to put the regradlng, etc.,   of'
the streets and avenues where thej
new mains have been Installed, as {
i what with settlements, regradlng and 1
gravelling there will be a lot of work '
i to be done here when the frost comes j 	
out of the ground and It wlll run Into I     Cranbrook ,B.C, March 11, 1915.
a considerable amount to put the roads; Editor Herald:
Into shape again and lt should be de-'    Sir: As an effort was being made
bited to the new water account and: by the so-called directors of the Pros-
not come out of the general rate. j pector Publishing Company, Ltd., to
With regard to the changing over; wrongfully obtain further sums of
; of the water services ln Hanson I money from over 100 residents of this
I avenue. A portion of the excavation 1 district, for the benefit of the Pros-
j for the services, over the mains, had ■ pector office alone, which was an en-
I already been done by the contractorsj tlrely different thing to what the com-
; when main laying In 1914 whereas the j Pany was formed for, I felt lt my
| whole of the excavation had to be j duty to warn the shareholders through
; done in 1910, a considerable difference j the columns of your paper.
i In cost, especially when lt must be I As F. M. Chrlstlon, ohe of the un-
i borne ln mind that it was easier and
British Columbia Is the first prov
Ince in the whole of the British em
pire which has deemed it advisable to
Usually when a man moves Into a
new neighborhood and starts prac-
will preach a political i tfeing on a tuba all the neighbors
dependent Liberalism j "itse an indignant protest. There ts
ind will stand for thc advancing j nothing so unsettling to a man's
standards of the conntiy in general. ] nerves as the un-earthly boom of the
It will say what it pleases, when it j big bass horn, especially when the
pleases, how it pleases, and to whom I tperator ls only a beginner and plays
It pleases, lt will pay especial atten- the Instrument out of tune perpetual-
tlon to civic affairs and wlll try to (.y. Mr. A. E. Watts, the big wind in-
create a state of public opinion in < trument of East Kootenay, started a
which we shall be dissatisfied with the ! little air at the Edison theatre laBt
present chaotic  Inefficiency of civic | .Saturday    evening        """'-
j cheaper to do digging ln 1914, owing
! to this fact, than would have been the
| ease If the ground had to be entirely
broken, also cheaper Ubor prevailed
In 1914 than was the case In 1910.
i This also applies to the other Items
under criticism by Mr. Horie.
■ The total expenditure of $13,159.96
• of the Board of Works quoted by Mr.
i Horie for 1913 Is absolutely mislead- j
j Ing without details aB to how lt was
: arrived at, as substantiated Mr..
I Horle's case he advisedly omitted to | n°'™ J^ "y
jglve them. '   """'"' ™a
qualified directors who has not paid
a nickle to the ubove company, seeks
through your medium to tell these
shareholders that It is all right to
pay In this money to his office, therefore for his personal benefit, which
shows a further desire to wrongfully
obtain money, it is my duty and
privilege to very-briefly point out a
few things for which I trust you will
grant me space.
1, It looks bad when Mr. Watts,
the president of this company, has
_____^__ In answer to the
charges made.
2.   I am reliably Informed that A.
For your readers Information I give | E  Watt8 dtctated the artIclo whlch
Mr. Christian signed.   Why didn't be
entitled, "Thia
Show Will Soon be Mine," but witb
-.o much discord that the rest ot his
"band" refused to play with him and
hc had to make It a solo—in fact hla
pianissimo finish was so low that you
could hear the heart beats of a spring
thrush on a telephone wire In the next
block. Some people suggest that he
■night to drop tbe wind instrument
ind take to beating the base drum.
His renditions have a raspy sound, like
government.      The   "Journal"   will
.       wake public opinion to    many ques-
rall nn election since the outbreak of I t>»ns which needed the light. The use-
wur. To the average citizen it seems till work done by the Toronto "Tele-
Ill-timed and not In keeping with the gram" tn watchfully observing civic
policies inaugurated at the beginning affairs In that city and calling public
of the war by either the government attention to the true nature of cer-
of Great Britain or tlie Dominion of'. tain deals, is an illustration of tbe
Canada. -^i- of newspaper sentry badly need-
But the local government has felt Its ; ('d ln Vancouver,
feet giving away under the pressure. \ Mr. Martin brings to the "Journal".
things have been going to rack and \ * good denl of prestige. We believe: a leaky valve and for the sake of the
awry and it is now or never that it : that the vitality and personality of Its public nerve, he should at least pur-
must be returned, "dltor-ln-chief will aid enormously thej chase a new born. Hla technique
Price Ellison, minister of finance j "Journal" in performing the public seems to be all right, he puts In all the
and agriculture, has resigned. It is duties for which tiiere ts much scope'. wells and tbe double fortes, but his
well. Several days have elapsed since in Vancouver and In British Columbia melody seems off color as If his fa-
two members of the legislature made j at present, and which the other Van-j culty for tuno was a trifle weak,
a sensational attack against the mln- eouver newspapers lack the courage to | There might be a Job for him with the
Ister and he has made no reply.   He perform.-Greater   Vancouver   Chin
sulked In tlie legislature and busied oo**-	
himself with petty details, while the
the details as follows
o m tn     n
at S
ill i
& 5 :
! to ■
sign It himself? _^^_^__^^_
3. tt is positively untrue that I engaged Watts with a talc ot woe. I
received written agreements from at'
least twenty people to take stock be- j
fore I ever spoke a word to Watts on
tho matter.
4. Later when the company was un- j
der way and Mr. Watts vas appoint-1
ed head of the committee, I had a j
.letter from him, agreed to by all the
committee, and later approved ot by
a general meeting, that If I would go
out and sell stock ,they would pay me
110 per cent on Bales, not collections, j
Wall Paper
at Cost
We have decided to close out our
Wall Paper Stock and will slaughter it
regardless of cost. All paper at one-
half regular price and a lot of broken lots
at your price.
We can furnish you first class men
to do your work at very low prices.
The Beattie-Murphy Co, Ltd.
Where It Pays to Deal
witching singing and dancing beauties, in a fantastic
fable of Fairyland, entitled
Musical Act.
BEEMAN AND ANDERSON present an unusual coined)
roller skating act, which is a decided novelty
DOLAN MISS LEMlAliR in their comedy sketch "The
liigli-Toncil Burglar's Christmas Tree," make a tremendous hit witii nil Pnnliiges audiences.
TOM KEI,;,V, the fashion plate of vaudeville, offers topical songs and witty anecdotes
This high class Vaudeville Bill will be presented at the
Prices—Reserved Seats (all down stairs and two front
rows in Gallery) SOc.
Balance of Gallery Seats, 35c.
of Fresh and Cured Fish
always on hand
Ayrshire Boneless Rolls, Mild Cured
and Most Appetizing SCOTCH BACON
P. BURNS & CO., LTD. _
tho purchase of my plant, taking his .
word that 1 will get pnld In neven '
yenrs, no security and no interest, and i
Paitor, W. IC Thornton
entire province Ik buzzing with tlie
iiewn of his disgrace. The time for
him to answer is past. Must men, had
they been Innocent of the charge,
would have risen indignantly and fur
ed their licensers on the floor of the
house. Not ho, Mr. UHlson. Then ,
there Is but one .supposition possible
and that is a supposition of guilt.
There was a murmuring and crying
out by the Rtrlcken victims of the
Dominium Trust failure and the charges thnt were laid against Attorney-
General Dowser in that matter have
never been given any attention, except a lordly Ignoring.
When word reached the city to the
efTect that the government would be
dissolved and an appeal made to the
people, everyone expressed the hope
that Attorney-General Bowser would
resign. Local Conservatives openly
expressed themselves, saying Bowser
should resign from his position of
truHt after the Dominion Trust smash-
up. On his shoulders rests the burden.
Evcrywlioro the problem of the unemployed Is raising Its angry head.
Tho people nre demanding work Instead nf charity and the failure nf the
government to provide for tin* practical farmer, the alienation of the best
lands to the speculator, is now bringing home to the government under the
present financial  pressure the true |
The Brightest
Women Find
sometimes that they arc dull in
mind, depressed in spirits, and that
they have headache, backache,
und sufTeringa that make life
seem not worth living. But these
conditions need be only temporary.
They are usually caused by indigestion
or biliousness and a few doses of
will quickly, safely and certainly
right the wrong. This famous family
remedy tones the stomach, stimulates Uie liver, regulates the bowels,
Beecham's Pills cleanse the system
of accumulating poisons and purify
the blood. Their beneficial action
shows in brighter looks, clearer
complexions,  better feelings.    Try
Are Worth
new Creston band .but there are both
better soloists and accompanists ln
Cranbrook and with the usual musician's Jealousy—they are knocking
the sweet soloist from Wattsburg.
, 1916
Cranbrook, B.C.,
8th March,
Kditor Herald:
Sir: I shall feel obliged if you will
kindly grant me space In the Herald
| to reply to Mr. Horle's letter ot the
1st Inst, which appeared ln your
I columns, to correct soveral inaccur-
! aclcs In the "facts" as given by him.
The 1913 council did not Instruct tab
to prepare estimates for a new water
system, but the water committee of
that year asked me to give them a
rough Idea of the cost for a complete
modern system, bearing In mind future
| estimates, was prepared very hurriedly only a day or so was spent
in its preparation.
It is very seldom facts which have
| not been discussed In open council
j have been given to the public and
It ls a betrayal of public trust to publish them.
      r ._.„. ,_ (    bi        In criticising my "prohibitive" es-
them, and you also wiil find that they "mate of $297,368.60 it would have
been more creditable to Mr. Horie
when bu was collecting his facta to
A have looked into the details and com-
■JnIhuji o Rav ' 1"irf''1 ""m wlth tliese at tli°Hy8iem
UrtMl 5.1. ef Art M.-ikU. Uttk* WwU.
I being installed, and better still as he
j wus going Into print to have publish-
j ed them.    As he failed te do so I have
0* tn ;
*m tn
is A •
ta w •
S 11 u.
As thcro wan no concrete ilde-
wulkn Uld ln 1914 and practically no
equipment bought, these two Itemi
mutt be deducted (rom tho 1913 expenditure before any kind of comparison can be made. Tlienc Heme total
S82.13.SS, deducted trom $13,169.96
leaven un only 14928.38 tor expenditure ot board ot works (or 1913 as
against $8666.46 In 1914 and none of It
was expended uselessly, as was the
case ln 1914, as I wlll presently show.
In addition to which the amount of
$6212.66 Is recoverable (rom the adjoining owners In payment o( their
proportion of the coat o( the concrete
I have not the details ot the 1912
expenditure, but as concrete sidewalks were put down in that year and
posslbbly other Items which would
have to be eliminated, reducing the
$14,648.14 very considerably. I have
no doubt It could then compare very
favorably wltli the 1914 expenditure.
1 was not responsible for the 1913
estimates, as they had been made and
passed by council before I entered
on my duties on the 10th April, 1913,
and ■ prajportUo our whicb I had aw
provide tor paying organization expenses, which legalizes the paying to
me of $31.10 for printing but does not
make legal the $200 given to Christian aB a first payment on his plant.
No payment to hlm outside ot Ills
printing and commission on sales ot
stock can be anything else but a misappropriation of funds when thc company did not materialize.
6. Invermere residents did not wish
to subscribe for stock unless they
could have a plant (branch) there. So
I took all their signatures conditionally, and had them write conditional
across the face of their notes and on
returning submitted these notes anil
the conditions to thc directors. This
Is what the Watts-Clirlstlon letter
calls misrepresentation.
T. President Watts openly stated at
general meeting that thcro had been
no misrepresentation,  but  that thej Bcrv|cc
cries of such were cries of those who ' " .,,.,„,
we,, trying to get out of paying I a,,nday 8t " "",
their notes.
8. Why does Watts hide behind articles signed by Christian. Isn't It an
admission ot guilt*
9. The Cranbrook Job Printing Office was valued by an expert valuator .and was accepted at IU price by
a general meeting of shareholders,
and there was no $2,000 allowed for
bum subscription lists either.
10. When a man is down and badly
beaten he must needs cry liar, and
then you can decide thc matter for
The many letters which I uni dally Sower,
receiving, thanking me for the plain 8, 8. nnd Bible class,
statement of facts as set out In thc
Heruld of February 25tli, tent] tn show
that jiiiiny of thc stockholders refuse
in l>i bled out of their lniril earned
money for the financing of ii proposition different to that far which the
company was furmetl.
1 thank you, Mr. Editor, fm- your
kindness, uml I am sure your open
iiiliiiiinH on this mutter will 1,,. greatly appreciated by those of our fallow
citlzene, who might itthcrwlsi1 hnve
been bitten.
Yours very truly,
II. S. lliinctt.
Morning service, 11 a.m.   Subject:
The Parables    of   Our    Lord—The
^^^^^^^ 3 p.m.
Kvening |service ,7.30 p.m. Mr.
Xcll McKinnon, of Ottawa, will preach.
Anthem—Morning and evening.
Mhl-week service, Wednesday, 8
"Thy word Is a )nmp unto my
foot, uml a light unto my path."—
I'll.  lllleilOBv.
IOU KAI.E OK TO l,KT.-Tw. roomed
house on Armstrong avenue. Apply
Neal Institute. 62-11
On  Saturday evening at 8 li.ttl.    n
■a holiness service.
Sunday afternoon, children's meeting.
Company meeting nt 8 p.m.   A gospel service to which all urc Invited.
Capt. and Mrs. Hustler.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Services, 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning topic—"Tho IlroHd and
this is the position taken In Mr. Chris-1 Narrow Ways of Ufo-Way—Marks By
tian's letter. I Whicli We Mny Know Our Wny."
11. Do not deceived, Mr. Stock- Evening topic—"The Revolution of
holder. Call at my ollice singly or In Jesus Christ In tho Scaling of tho One
bunches and you will see exactly what i Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand."
you signed, also copies of the articles
of association aad the letters of
afiMmate Mule oat by Mr. Watts (or
Sunday School and Fellowship Bible
class ,3.00 p.m.
You are Invited.
' Olll SALE Pair canaries, male and
I (a'liiule. Apply Mrs. Cory Dow,
a    I.iitiiiaila.ii avenue. 10-2t
COR NAI.K   Cyphers Ineulialiir and
brooder; only used ono season; $20.
.    Apply Frank (loddcrls, city. 10-11*
I house, large and dry, $6 per
|    month.   Apply W. J. Atchison. 61t(
KOR RENT.—Six rmimrd house with
Imlh nnd toilet, etc., situated on
Qardiui avenue. For terms write
hi. Home, Hull River. 9-4t
COR SAI.K   King Raspberry plants)
best for this district; very hardy;
$3.00 per 100.—J. Delmor, Box
766. 10-4t*
f ARM KOR HOT.-Tnn alles from
city; three acres cloarcd; has nice
lot ot small fruits; good house and
stable; $10 per month. Apply Box
S., Herald offlce. lOtf
TO RENT.—Corner ol Armstrong
Ave and Edwards St., four roomed
cottage with bath, electric light,
large woodshed, fenced, coal and
wood heater, range If wanted, $16
per montll. Apply Baal* ft El-
w.ll. flBtnSI&I  MARCH llth, 1916
tauMSRooR nui
a«OB tomb
Dinner Late
Children late for school,
husband late for work.
Everything twisted. All
because the clock went
wrong. Don't tinker with
it. Call us on tlie phone
and we'll bring it to our
clock hospital, lilugnose its
case In short order, adjust
it a little here and there,
clean il up spick and span,
and away It goes again, endowed wilh new life nnd
vigor. The coslV till just
a dollar or so, and you'll be
relieved of all the confusion caused by au uncertain clock.
W. H. Wilson
.linniilHcdtriiiL' Optician
See the Cranbrook Agency Co ,for
flre Insurance,
C. M. Edwards, of Wuldo, was a
Cranbrook visitor this week.
Next week's 1'antugoB bill Is a
"humdinger." so do not miss it.
Constable J. T. Browning, of Moyle,
wus a city visitor on last Monday.
Miss Marjorie Madden, of Waldo,
was visiting in the city this week.
Mrs. Walter Halsall will not receive
again thia season after next Thursday.
Mrs. Robert Woodey, of Kimberley,
was among the guests of the Hotel
Cranbrook last Monday-
Mr. T. D. Caven Js expected home
tomorrow from Victoria, and we expect Is already pulling up his big
Carr's special price for six days
only    #1.;.'*,    commences Monday.
March loth. Don't miss I.'. See adv.
on page :i .
The managers of the Auditorium
are making preparations to exhibit
high class feature films at the popular
theatre In the near future.
On Saturday afternoon football enthusiasts of the city will meet on the
grounds behind tlie government building for a game. All interested are
asked to bc on hand.
News has reached the city of the
death of Mr. It. A. Eaton, a solicitor,
of Black Rock, County Dublin .Ireland, who Is a brother-in-law of Mr.
Thomas Tighe Mecredy of this city.
Chas. Harris, one of tho oldest on-
glnemen on the C. P, It. in Cranbrook, has heen transferred to Lethbridge. He has boon a continuous
resident of this city for the past twelve
The Ladles Aid of Knox Presbyterian Church will hold a Shamrock Ten
at tbo home of Mrs. C. Little, Burwell avenue on Wednesday afternoon,
March 17th, from 3.30 to (1 o'clock.
Silver collection. 10
We are ploasod to learn thnt Mrs.
Thomas Tight* Mecredy Is now convalescent and has rcturnod to hor home
from the St. Eugene hospital, where
she has been Inkim*. treatment for the
past  few  weeks.
A convention or the Crnnbrook District Liberal Association Is called tor
Saturday night in Mat 11 OS on'a hall at
8 o'clock, All Liberals In the Cranbrook doctoral dietriet an* urgently
requested to attend.
The Pantages bill at tlu* Auditorium
this week    wns not    quite up to the
standard. Howovor, tho Versatile
Harmony Five, musical act was undoubtedly the bent of Us kind appearing on tho Pantages circuit for
many weeks.
Itev. K P, Flewelling, rector of
Christ churChi returned today from
Victoria, where he wai In attendance
at the consecration of the itev. a. .1.
Iioiill. the new bishop of Kootenay,
Mr. Flewelling visited In soveral of
tho smaller towns on route.
On Thursday, the llth instant, at
Christ church, Cranbrook, the following children wore baptized by the
Itev. A. B. I*i.lie (hi the presence of
the rector): Pearl, Infant daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Steward, and
Donovan Charles* son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Jecks, both of (.'ranbrook.
Saturday at 2 p.m. at the city hall
the Farmers institute wilt hold their
regular meeting. This meeting Is
not confined to members. All Interested In Patriotism. Production and the
future of tho district nro Invited.
■Board of Trade and Agricultural As*
soclatlon members please noto.
Ice cream parlors are being fitted
up at the storo of Ira R. Manning,
Ltd., tbo offices this week being moved upstairs to make room for tho par*
lors downstairs. A new room Just at
the head of tbe stairway on the second
floor has been partitioned off and
makes a very cosy ollice room. The
new lco cream parlors aro expected! to
•* opened nexl month.
Mr. D. McGlnniss, of Wardner,
was a week-end visitor.
Tom Hedigan returned home from
Spokane last Friday.
Do not forget tbe dance at Maple
hall on Tuesday next, the 16th.
PHONE 8—For all kinds of
fresh killed meats and poultry.
Mr. Benjamin Leard, of Wardner,
was a week-end visitor in the metropolis.
Elliott Crowe is at the coast spending a few weeks visiting his parents.
There will be a pariah "At Home" at!
St. Mary's hall on Tuesday evening, j
March 10th,
rnqucstlonnble, conservative flre Insurance only written by tbe Cranbrook Agency Co.
Llfo insurance means sound business und safe protection. See the
Cranbrook Agency Co.
Your own Inspection wlll convince
vou. Carr's special caanut be dup- j
Heated.   Nee his adv. on page X
Mrs. Bates, of Moyle, on Wednesday entertained the women of the
Overseas Club at an afternoon session
at her residence.
Carr has no old stock! All up-to-
date goods. Our old stock Is all
ghen away or destroyed. Nre oar
special on page X
Mrs. McGregor, Lumsden avenue,
will' not receive on Wednesday,
March 17th, but on the third Wednesday in April for the last time this
The financial statement of the Corporation of the City of Cranbropk has
been printed and may be had by
applying at the off.co of the city
George Bowen appeared before
Magistrate Arnold on last Saturday
on a charge of vagrancy and being a
disorderly person and was given until
four o'clock to leave town.
Mrs. Besegh was brought tn from
Moyie Monday and taken to the St.
Eugene hospital, suffering from pneumonia. At this writing she Is somewhat improved.
For Six Days Only
Enough Wall Paper for a room any size up to
10x14x9 inclusive and hanging, complete, ceiling,
border and sidewall in correct match GB mJf'
Thirty patterns to select from W**f, Id
Not old stock but uptodate desirable papers and first-class.
If its in (*^ A T_% Q has it
style      ^y rA ll ft in stock
Tlio star Restaurant lius gone out
of business.
Htt ailv. page il.
CurrV   Special.
See the Crnnbrook Agency Co. for
life Insurance.
Mrs. A. H, Webb will not receive
again this season.
Cheap teed for your hens. Wc haic
barley al tfiSt cwt.—('ranbrook Trad-
lap; Co.
Life insurance offers tlie only family
protection today. See the Cranbrook
Agency Co.
Mrs. Hillier, of Moyle, is visiting
Jier daughter, Mrs. K. A. Hill. Miss
Peart accompanied her.
Best sign of spring -Honk tour orders early at Carr's, Xoriiury Are,
See his adv. on page il.
Frank Godderis has rented his farm
'east of the city and will move tn his
city home about tlie middle of the
On Thursday evening last a largo
number of members of Ixiyal Orange
I.mlgi' attended a presentation and
address to W. (illclircst, of Arrowhead. At thc Bame meeting It. s.
Garrett presented a report of the
meeting of provlnclul grand lodge
at Chilliwack.
Mr. and Mrs. Itobert Sainsbury left
the flrst of thc week for Invermere,
wliere Mr. Sainsbury has secured a
lucrative position on thc government
experimental farm. Mr. Sainsbury is
conversant with the doing ot thc busy
bee, having conducted the largest
bee-keeping establishment In Crnnbrook. |
It. E. Deattle motored to St. Mary's!
Prairie Thursday last to spend tliej
week-end on the farm, and make ar- j
rangegments for the season's work.
Mr. Beatle will spend a considerable |
Regular 621 cents Square
yard reduced for one week to
50c Square Yard
Two Yards Wide
BigReduction in Iron Beds
ins operations, and will ln all likelihood follow tho plow. Mr. Deattle !mh
had considerable experience ln farm
work, having been brought tip on a
i farm in Oak Lake, Man.
Sergeant A. T. Underbill, whose! The Cranbrook Steam Laundry,
death waa chronicled last week at which has recently been taken over by
Tedworth Barracks, Dover, died of ap-' Messrs.   Adlard    and   Coleman,  has
PIIONK 8—Phone your ord-
part of his time on .the ranch tills ■ erg for fifth or poultry to ('rail-
year.     He will superintend all seed- [ brook  Meat Market.
Fire Insurance |« a specialty with  sir Wilfrid Laurier, in all probability
tlio Cranbrok Agency Co.   See thorn. ' has mad.; up his mind on the que*-
tion.    it seems clear, however, that
Mrs. Waldon McKay, of Greenwood, I). C., Is in thc city, the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Byron McFarlane.
She will spend a few weeks visiting
her many Cranbrook friends.
The alarm of fire Sunday afternoon
at 2 o'clock was for a call from the
residence of Guatav Erickson on
Baker Hill. A chimney fire was thc
cause. The firemen extinguished the
blaze with little damage.
Mr. Peter Lund, the Wardner lumberman, returned home Monday after
a couple of days visit ln the city
of opportunity.
Sanitary narnlsh tiles for the bath
room and kitchen, the best made, S.»e.
roll while they lust, at Carr's, Nor-
horj' Ave.
Politicians throughout tiie length
and breadth of tlie laud aro asking the
question; "Will there be a general
election in June?" There nre two parts
In thia question,   though    tliey   an*
the session will probably continue to
about May 16th, nnd that tiiere will be
no general election before September
or Octobor. Whether there will be one
then depends largely upon tho progress of tlie war and the quality of the
harvest. If Canada lias a favorable
season with an abundant crop, it is
almost certain that the government
will go to the country in the autumn.
There is just one other point which
i just issued a special price list, which combined In many minds as one. Will: might affect the decision, and that
should  appeal  to  every  resident of {there be a general election?   Will it
Cranbrook who believes In cleanliness j be In June?
and sanitation in laundry work. As to the first question, there Is a
| Just now, when the cry of "a whito j general assumption by both Conserva-
Brltlsh Columbia" is being again : tlve and Liberal members of parlla-
; heard, those who shout loudly should! ment, as well as by members of the
would be a lark of unanimity in the
cabinet During the past six months
there have been minor differences in
regard to election policy, and it is
probable that at the present time Mme
of     the     differences       still   exist
approach to unanimity now
thun at one period last year. The
authority of tlie premier is more pro*
The star attraction at the station
Wednesday during the dally visit of j cll>r*    Thfs is something to consider.
R. E. Beattie has purchased the Mc- \Uie hundreds of men who go down | The Cranbrook Steam Laundry has
Phee residence property in the Brault'to meet the afternoon train, was a ■ bt?«- fighting an uphill battle for Bomo
addition and moved his family Into '• reftl do« fl«ht It,me ua8t a*ainat Rreat odds-   whlte
the new home this week.   Mr. Mc I   | P*°P|e nave *° ,ive decently and dress
Phee and family have moved to their I    GT?e .^n?pre' who recent,y on" I accordingly- *° their means.     If you
ranch 6tt miles out, where they will
spend the summer.
cliffe on the Kimberley   train this i
morning.     The train arrived about 3 ■
'. gaged in the hotel business at Bozo- j believe In a square deal and you are
, man, Mont., returned to the city this j sincere in your cry of "a white Brlt-
j week and is taking his family and | jbh Columbia" patronize white labor.
It Is up to the residents of Cranbrook
to support this Institution.
City workmen are busy cleaning up j
o'clock this afternoon fn Cranbrook. jthe »*»*»» thoroughfare, removing the j
leaving the derailed cars behind and fWWUIwn deposited after the installable wrecking train was immediately it,on of tlie wati?r system and the
sent out to pick them up. \ winter's accumulation.
Robert Watson, who has been on i Mr. H. Cuthbert and Mr. P, H.
leave of absence visiting his parents in I Moore, who conducted tlie "Patrlot-
the city, returned to Pincher Creek [lam and Production" meeting in this
this city which employs only white j eral election this year.   And yet It Is
help and which at the present time| n°t absolutely certain that the general
Is giving employment to ten people, j assumption is correct.   The people of
who are spending their money In the i Qreat Britain do not Intend to have a I nounced, and no person now venture:
general election until the wnr is over, j to suggest that there is any other
and the same Is necessarily true of! "master of the administration." Un-
France. Should Canada follow the . loss something untoward happens.
British practice and defer Its general some unexpecetd disclosure, it seems
election Indefinitely? reasonable to assume that the prera-
The chief difficulty Is that the term | ler will decide when the general c-lec*
of the Canadian parliament la fixed by
the B. N. A. Act of 1867, and can bc extended only by the British parliament.
The Canadian parliament cannot pass
; an act, as the British parliament can,
I extending Its own   term of   office.
Complete Bill Will be Pat oa Next
YVrek-A Uttle Blarney Will
be Handled hy Tom Kelly
Tuesday to rejoin Mb regiment. Robert
s n fine specimen of manhood and already has quite a soldierly bearing.
lie was a member of the Herald staff
some six years ago.
H. P. Kyte, manager of the C.P.H.
telegraph office, Is leaving today for
l.ewlston, Idaho, on a three months'
vocation, which he will spend looking
after his orchard there. Miss McLeod, formerly manager here but recently of Edmonton, arrived today to
relievo Mr. Kyte. Her many friends
in the city will be glad to renew acquaintances.
Vou may talk about ttie tariff and
"The High-Toned Burglar's Christmas Tree," presented by James E.
Dolan and Ida Leuharr, will supply
the comedy on next week's Pantages
bill at the Auditorium theatre. "The
Noble journeyed to Creston on I High-Toned Burglar's Christmas Tree"
city last Saturday, went west Sunday
en route to Kevetstoke. where they
were billed for a meeting Monday
W. P,
Sunday, where hc made arrangements  has made a tremendous hit wherever
for the planting of his spring crop.; it has appeared and is sure to prove
Mr.   Noble   reports    farmers   ln   the j popular with Cranbrook     audiences.
Creston valley busy with their spring j Mr. Dolan and Miss Lenharr wlll be
■work  and a general  feeling of op-! assisted In their fun-making by Hugh
timlsm pervading the air. ; Mack.
m*   t.   ,.,,. T Tom Kelly, the fashion    plate   of
W,  H.  Wilson   the    jeweler,    has, vaudcvl„Ct offe„ to|llca, Boaga and
qu ten novel window In the shape of, some- of ChftUDCey 0lcott*s special
a lot of parcels Among these par- \wn B lnler8penied with some witty
eels Is a diamond ring and a watch LDecdotMi He has an extremely
valued  at  115.00.       After    Monday  good  voJce and  h,8  ,oke8  are  my
i tion shall occur and that his decision
will be that this Is the last session of
' the present parliament.—Tiie Courier
Therefore, so far as Canadian powers
go, the life of this parliament expires
In September, 1916. Of course, if Sir
Robert Borden and Sir Wilfrid Laurier were to agree that a general election was Inadvisable, they could no
doubt persuade the British authorities j tfJjfo^
to pass an amendment to the B. X. A. mom the W,8W, ,, r.
Act and extend the term.   But this 1
(Luke North  In  "Everyman")
I We're going to hang a boy in California—
;    Twelve men, a regular physician, a
j schooled jurist, and a cityful of rtght-
i cous people have condemned—a boy of
it3 sav-
Beauty of Quality
and Perfection of
How mut*. better your table
look*, with good dtafthes Is only
appreciated by those who possess thepa. Two beautiful dinner sets are being shown in our
wtndowe tliis week and marked
down for the purse o fthe careful buyer.
There Is about these sets a
beauty of quality not possessed
by ordinary sets and a harmonious perfection of design and
marking that make them ut once
the object upon which the artistic eye immediately rests
One £*7-piece dinner set Royal
Stafford with neat gold border
is being offered now at .-€12-00
One 97 piece dinner set in
white and gold, a beautiful set
of superior quality marked down
to  $22,00
Haviiand and Limoges China
in many beautiful sets and a
variety of odd pieces that bear
tlie individuality of these two
famous makes of China.
Don't forget the monthly Free
Day on Groceries.
Ira   R.  Manning,
lors, prophets, and rages, have re-
would be considerable trouble Bndfriiined from judging: whom the Cen-
mlght not, in the opinion of all con-1 jra| F,gure of the m ,.„ ffhoM nam(;
cerned, be deemed advisable.   There-
tin* nations
    filled  witli  temples)
fore, there Is likely to be a general adl110Ill8hea the world to "Judge Not"
election in Canada before September,, _tweIve nwiK a regular physician,   a
schooled jurist, and a cityful of right-
protection and freo trade and policies  ntton next any person will hnve the
and party for oppressing human Ills,; privilege by paying $2.00 and taking
and  improving trade conditions and   their choice.     There  Is nothing  to!rftl£"T.^
the boom that wheat haa made, bat  to* ns thc articles retail from $2.00 g        ' ' —«- — -*«
The headllner and big feature of tho
Tho attitude of the government is
pretty well known. There was a considerable body of feeling among the
leaders of the Conservative party that
there ought to have been a general
election ln the fall «r 1914. Indeed,
there ls a well-defined rumor In the
corridors that an election was decided
upon, that the units were prepared
and*that the dissolution order was
actually signed by the governor-general.    But  when  the  news  reached   N
What Cures
Wc- hare had ho many inquiries
lately regarding Eczema am] otlu-r
skin diseases, tliat we an.- Rlad tai
make our answer public. After care-
fili iriva-.aatigalion we laava, faaijnd tliat a
ilniial': waiaii nt Oil of Wbitergreen, as
pons pagople liave not only Judged but compounded  in   D.D.D.   Prescription,
condemned—n boy of eighteen. ,an '"' ttsleA upon.     Wa: wrauid not
___ make this Btatasment to our patrons,
We're going to hang a boy— friends and neighbors unless we were
Not  In   passion's   blinding   mists,  or 'u™  \\  ll _*I   »»'"'"«'■   »»"'  "0
,                             a.      .     . nanny so-eallaal Ka/a-rna remedies soid.
youth s high f,.ya:r that riots thru tt-,; ourselves   unhesitatingly   recom-
dlstended veins nn.i   overthrows mind Ii.lj.I). Prescription.
tha' Inner IJaad IJro|a into our store today, just to
v ,,,,,. ,      '      .,.,..    j talk ovar the ma-rlts of this wonderful
Not iii lightning spur to lust of blood Pre«riptlon.   Aak also about Him
—the ajuiek flowering of an ntavls- Soap.
tie germ from care and forest (IttMIKOOk   mill,  k   BOOB   CO.
for u sudden clot that bursts a I). 1). li is Made in Canada
tiny voln  ami  llaaaaals a laaba: and "
wits and his company of eight clever
article to be written In the Star which
ClOUdS  tha- nillltal  vlsiaall.
the   wny  to  Htlr  up  business  Is  to  to   17.00  each   . Tills should  prove_\\Z ."tontastlo tahla. of f.l«l.mt **W*i the whole proceeding.     Sir \\Not for a flashing Inn
a.aav emir Ultl,, hlllaaa-  If vn„  a„.v ,,,, aall I.  ...._..__ giriB .ID * laniasilt  rami' Ol lairytaOO .     ...j „._. . , ,„„ ,, ,    ,	
pay your little bills; if you pay up all  quite „„ attraction
yam ure able, aa you wish that others
entitled "The Land of Make Delleve."
would. Its tlm eirculatlve dollar the
pulse of business thrills.
The Masonic Social Club held tholr
fourth dnnce nf tho series tonight In
Masonic Temple. The danco was
well nttended. A number attended
tlie play given by tho Choral Society
In St. Mary's hall and afterwards enjoyed thc dance. Every dance Is
getting more popular and the only
complaint Is they are not long enough
—twelve o'clock comes too early. The
music was furnished by the Cranbrook
orchestra. Mrs. Wallinger recently
purchased a book of the latest hits
and they were thoroughly enjoyed
by all.
Made In B. C.
Per. S lft. Tin, Together With
Large Sample Package, *•*«
Xew Laid Egg* SOc. Per Doien
There was a very good attendance
at tho Illustrated lecture given by
Brigadier Oreen at the Methodist
church on Monday and those present
ahnjoyed the many Interesting views
and people of all nntlons. The services of ncv. \V. B. Dunham was very
ably given; also of the Kev. W. K.
Thomson at the closj. The Salvation
Army desire to thank those who patronised the affair. Also for tho loan
of the church for the occasion.
There was a large attendance—In
fact a record attendance—at the Overseas club whist drive and social last
Tuesday night In the Maple hall. This
club Is booming in a remarkable manner. Perhaps It Is the European war
that la In a way the cause of it all.
The result of the whist drive was,
Ladles, Miss D. Miller; gents, Mr. Larson. During tho evening, Mr. Coutts
delighted the members with two
songs, and a piano solo from Miss
Brake waa given. Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Flow/s wore the host and hostess
for the evening, assisted by Mrs. Leaman and Mrs. Lower, who carried
out their duties In an able manner.
Not Friday evonlng tho Overseas Club
la giving another send off concert and
dance to the volunteers. A good
Him la assured.
Hugh declared that a general election
This act in two scenes. I. full of .:wo",d,b' •WW*'* «nd the King-
1 maker s word was law, Whether this
story Ih accurate or not, everybody
singing ar,d dancing number,, not for-1know" '"•>'l"" a,,,cl'' "",p"ed '" "'"
getting the pretty costumes.
Beeman and Anderson present an
series of scenic spectacles*,, funny frolics, Introducing   some very   clever
unusual comedy skating act which Is
a decided novelty. Anybody who has
roller skated wlll realise how difficult
their feats are.
Gertrude Van Dyck and Brother will
appear In a musical act, consisting of
a choice selection of songs and piano
playing which fs very much appreciated by music loving audiences.
This excellent bill of vaudeville
should draw record crowds at the
Auditorium on Wednesday and Thursday. March 17th and 18th.
1    I I      '■BBSSS5M       I I    I I m^——
S.C W. Leghorn Hatching Eggs,
good laying strain, from uur twit
stock, $1.50 per setting, $7.00 per
S.C. R. I. R. Hatching Eggs, from the
best winter layers, $1.60 per setting,
$8.00 per 100.
Baby (hicks
$2.50 per dosen, $18.00 per 100.
I Montreal Star, and that there was no
general election at that time.
As to the second   quentlon,   "Will
there be an election In June?" tiiere
is something to be said on both sides.
To hold an election In June, parlla-   We wlll hung him
ment must prorogue by April Int. No        age, our virtu
t on a nerve
thut reaches from ths spleen and
dethrones the clay's master.
We'ro going to hang a boy—
To uphold the majesty of the law,
maintain ths dignity of the state
a buoy of eighteen -to provev
dint California li a law-abiding
Three million i pie against a hoy of
• prove our cour-
and uur c fvillza-
government would want to go to the
country without two months' preparation.   If tlie session should close by
April 1st, there might be an election ,
In June.    Will  parliament  finish Its!
work by that date?   It Is extremely
doubtful.   The Liberals do not want
Bn election In June, and It la not likely
that they will facilitate biiHlness to
such an extent as to allow ao short a
session.     The increase In the tariff'
Is likely to produce quite a discussion,'
the details of the estimates may be *
debated at considerable length, and
the "boot" Inquiry may occupy some
time.     However anxious the Conservatives may be to shorten the session,
And the church of Jet
provingly silent.
us Christ is ap-
We'ro going to hang a buy —
A jury, a doctor, anil a "Daniel come
to Judgment" have condemned a
boy—read Ills heart, searched his
soul, pierced tiie secrot chambers
of his mind, laid hare the human
ego, and found it ul) had!
A jury, B doctor of physics, and a
Oanlel, hare measured the surging impulses of hot youth, ha I-
anced the force of Impact and hn-
pulsion, read the record of the
motor brain areas —
It Is not likely that they would feel And found the hoy innfl and bad   quite
Justified In using the closure to xhort- Bane and all had. and have ordered
en discussion on estimates totalling n him hanged.
hundred and fifty millions of ordinary
expenditures. ; We're going to hang a hoy
Off course, one cannot apeak deflu-1 Wu hope Uie Houteuee may nol stand -
itely.   Neither Blr Robert Borden nor ah, well ,**.* liave bad our orgle.
Wa liave gloated m the spectacle In
court. The mother moaned, the
idler screamed, Uie hoy wan bold
then cowed by the brave and
manly Judge, he trembled, hid hli
face in  hli bands, u Uie fatal
words of the learned Judge fell-
manly, learned  .righteous Judgo,
(I'd rather be I  WOlt)
Tho tlu* hangman be cheated, we have
had our orgle,
We liave beard the mother moan, the
sister scream, and seen the boy
We're going to hang a boy—
A had hoy. Why Is he had, because
ho murdered? Then is he sane
because he murdered? Or did ho
murder because he was sane?
Did the doctor measure the boy's sanity by his own? Would the doctor
do murder?
Is It only fear of hanging that keeps
the doctor from murdering? Then
the boy were a braver soul. If
the doctor wlll ((insider why he
would not murder, he will reach
t truer measure of the boy'H sanity.
tf the doctor has a better test af sun-
Ity than murder lh, he Is wiser
than Ood.
We're going lo hang a boy
Take hlm hack, God—W0 reject hlm;
he'd alt had a had hoy nol IH to
live  with  us.
We're going to haug a boy—
. t-a* FOUR
THUMDAT, MARCH llth, 1915
I.oyal Orange
No.   11T1
■ Meets first ui third
' Thursdays at 8 p.m.
-il.' tn     Royal     Bleak
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
Garrett, W.M.
Ilorsniau, Ree. Sec.
Barristers.  Solicitors and
Money to Loan
lni|ierlal Hunk  llullillni
net*!*         «.«tt   every
S*E? HtJTTK   Monday   nlglit
\kw^S!t9ef  at
Hall.     Sojourning
cordially Invited.
R. A. Racklyeft   J. 1
. Urouglitoli
Fin. See.
W. M. Harris. Ree
(Successor to \V. F, Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   ■nd
p. O. Uox S59
(Prom the Pernie Pree Press)
Born—On Tuesday. March 2, to Mr.
and Mrs. T. Prentice, a son.
Born—On Tuesday, March 2, to Mr.
and Mrs .Klllani, a daughter.
Born—On Saturday, February 27,
to Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Olson, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers and Miss
Millar leave tomorrow for Spokane,
where they will reside in tuture.
Died—In Fernie, on March 3, Miss
Lasteiior Miller, aged 32 years. Tho
funeral was hold from Thompson's
undertaking rooms yesterday, Rev. D.
Perley olllciatlng.
Dave   Logan,   formerly   provincial
lucrease for the past two weeks. A.
Ldndley has been handling seven cases
a week, and the supply is not yet up
to the demand.
Real outdoor planting commenced
on Monday, when H. F. Weber seeded
(Athalmer rink:   The two teams con-1THE CARE OE MILK AND
i testing were those trom Wilmer and
thia place and after a hotly contested
! match lasting over eighty minutes tho
cup waa carried off by Invermere on
a score ol seven to six.
The Ice was very heavy and made
uphill work for all the players who
were pretty well exhausted when thc
nail rang at the final finish.
By beating Wilmer in this contest
Invermere are tho champions ot the
district,   having   previously    beaten
Athalmer.    In  fact they  might  he
trlct some spring ploughing has I
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at I p.m. In
tlie Fraternity Hall
it. c. Carr, O.C.
P. M. Christian, K. R. & s.
P. O. Box III
Visiting brethren cordially la-
vlted to attend.
I'hjrslclnns  anil  Surgeons
OlHee  nt  residence,  Armstrong
Failvil.nana,     il III) to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to 4.00
Bvenlugs    7.30 to 8.30
Sundays    2.30 to 4.10
('ranbrook,  B.C.
Meets every Bscond sad fourth
Wednesday  at  rrateralty  Ball
Sojourning Rabekahs serially Invited.
Sis. A. 14. Junes, N.O.
Sis. Ada Hlckeubothasa, Ree. fee
Ollice ln Hanson Rlock
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
. styled tbe champions of South East
unite an area on the Hatfield ranch to, KlK_v> .„ oa tnroe w0„ conlosted
spinach. In the Alice Siding dls-!nlthtB ,ney y_ cuoam tcam8 from
As a sporting aggregation for n
W. A. McMurtle's Bock; of Buff Or- small placo they aro a hard bunch to
plngtons Is keeping up tho good work beat for In addition to being the
stable, writes chief Welsby front | of egg production. For February 88 champions in hockey they hold tho
the trenches where he Is sniping for; of them laid an average ot 1«H eggs championship of the district and of
tlie Princess Pats, that the plckin's ! nor day. In January the average waa . North East Kootenay In baseball, huv-
are good and that it he crosses thej 14 eggs. ing last year beaten out Athalmer,
Jordan he will have lots of company.. Porcy Neil, who waa employed In Wilmer, Splilimachono, Field and lust
lie thinks bullets are not personal the drugstore during December andi but not least, Oolden aro still tlie
enough and wants to get at them {January, was among the Cranbrook' holdera of the Porater district cup.
with the bayonet. Where he Is fight-! voluntuoru with, tha third contingent.', Tha contestants aro now seeking a
Ing thc foe Is not more than 100 yards . u(. Wo« very busy greeting friends j Held for fresh honors and a golf nnd
distant. ' while tho train stopped here Sunday. {country club has boon formed.   Tho
It Is very evident that the ratepay-1    The IMS estimates were tabled   at j «•"«' wi* on the links which adjoin  £ mro t() mi,h|||i
ers of Fcrnie are strongly ot opinion i victoria on Friday last.   This year's i ">■» townslte was put on lust fall.  mmmlor
that civic economy Bhould be cxercls- J appropriation for Ymir la $72,»00. Al- Tbl» "Pr,n«' ** "mcl1 ta,*er mm °r jillk Honse,
ed in connection with the aalary list,  though thc rumor Is current that the money is to bo Bpont and tlio club     A iff o, ^^ Qf     ,[am (om.
The matter came up In council last,aay'8 pay Is to be cut from »3 to |2! house put In a good state of repair.  p8raturo ,„„ (ram ,,,,, „,£„„ u( vcgc.
night but nothing waa done as dls- ^pcr day, no   definite   announcement The club havc a nine hole course on  tob,M ,B u vo|y go(jd ^^ |n ^^
Interesting Paper Read by  Mrs. II,
Palmer a Itho Lust Meeting of
Women's lnstl ute
Our president lias asked me to take
a part in this year's program and I
have chosen this subject.—dnirylng.
From experience I know it is to be a
very large and important subject, and
this afternoon 1 can only speak briefly
on the most Important points.
In order to Insure succohh In butter-
making it is necessary thnt great
cleanliness should be observed. Tho
eow must lie kept clean, tlio milk,
cream, pulls, strainer, churn, worker
—In fact everything about the dairy
Bhould he ii model or cleanliness.
The Cow
Keep nulla' lint guild cows, food thorn
llberully, house coiufortulily, cure
for kindly uud milk regularly. Olvo
pun' water only anil keep salt where
It can he reached hy the cows at all
Procure   proper   utensils,   because
labor in malting butter.   Among them
a good iluiry thcr-
Alfalfa is becoming an Important
erop on the irrigation lands ot
HaaittliiTn Alberta, and an experiment
lias just been conducted by the Dominion Experimental station at Lethbridge to ascertain Its value as a teed
for lambs. The result shows that lt
ls entirely satisfactory and profitable
to buy lambs at market prices and
feed them with alfalfa as the principal ration. The alfalfa ration was
supplemented wltli smaller quantities
; of oat sheaves and a certain amount
of grain.
'.   The following statement shows that
tile average profit por head realised
, was over one dollar:
Croup 1 Oroup 2
Cost of 230 lambs..»  II4S.75   $  948.75
Cost nt foed       281.26
Cost of labor
'■     (estimated!          43.75
Interest on Investment           22.14
■ussion was not very free and nothing
definite had been decided upon. The
question will come up again at the
next council meeting and the city
employees would be well advised to
recognize changed conditions and to
the high ground known as Canterbury
Point, a part of which stretches away
out into Windermere Ijike for the
whole of which tt affords a most excellent view.
Meets In Maplo Ball leeeud
and fourth Tuesday ot every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership  open  to  BrlMek
E. Y. Uraks, J P. Lower,
President atecretery
Visiting members cordially
Muteinlh and Oeneral Nnr.lsg
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A  SALMON, Matron
Phone IS!! P. O. Box 846
seems to have been made as yet.
To tbe strains at "Red, White and
Blue" from the Creston band, and tho
cheers ot the male section of the vast
assemblage ringing in their ears, the
, valley's ten representatives to the
meet thc council half way. Aid. Up-, th,rd Canaauul contingent pulled out
hill's suggestion that the employees be i (or ,h() tralnlng camp at victoria on
asked to submit a proposition, If they 3un4av afternoon,
can frame one ,1s WHAtttotteJ ^^
common opinion tluit the business of ^ ^^ ^ ^ aa)m
the city Is not conducted on as close, ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ o| ^
Z"Z°Z1 WW5T^nleKe °" "*"■ and We" _T\»i ~"** «roSr»nd"bur,or
™.i,t!l*L7lW l*»   business purposes   on   Monday. L,e  exceptloIlal  g00d   playlng      o(
Manager Bennett Is quite confident the | ,he,r opp^^ta would have captured
The Maybees and Drummers played
their league game February 18th.
The first named team had an off
night and played very poorly lu the
drat two games, but in the last game
Total  81,206.90   (1,312.19
Selling price    1,609.92     1,584.92
Net praalit        214.03        272.73
Iii this experiment tho alfalfa was
valued at $8.00 per ton In thu stack,
and tho out BhcavcB at $10.00 per
ton. Tlie cost of the salt given Is
also Included. The grain which consisted of equal parts of oats und barley, fed whole, wns charged ttt l*ac.
per pound, which ls quite In keeping -
with tlio market price nt the present
In iirrivlng nt the dgurc quoted allowance wns made for tho cost of the
labor and Interest was ulso allowed
on the amount Invested at the rate
. „ , . of 8 per cent for 3>4 montlis.    The re-
Ing.    Milk  rapidly  ond   quietly  and      ., 0,,
to keep milk. Milk or butter, when
kept for ony length ot time whore
such smells exist, quickly become
tainted and lessened ln value. A
pantry or cupboard is not the best
place ln which to keep milk.
Milk only wliere the atr ls pure.
Brush the eow well before eonimenc-
maklng comparisons.
The funeral  service for the
strain   tlie  milk   immediately.      For
tliis purpose I ilhd G or 8 thicknesses
of cheeBCclotli a perfect strainer.
I like to separate the milk at once.
I have had experience ln skimming the
Meets lu tlie Maple Hall
first Tuesday ofternoon of every
month at '■'. ii.iii.
President, Mrs. W, ll McFarlano
Socretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. ii  Box 442
All Udles cordially invited.
Phone 840 P. O. Box 686
Funeral Director and Inilialmer
Building Contractor
Dealer in  Ileal  Estate, Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
; Robert Reading took place on Wed-1 mcit ,m mme ttme   mere „,„ s^w,
neBday afternoon at Christ church, | m nA ,or them M yet
Rev. Robertson olllciatlng.   A large j ,,
; concourse of citizens were present to
,upply will be ample for Croston's, h h   h   fl   , ,       SCMm were cream from the milk In three ways
. - . —...   -_-      1 t- __— B i.aatl    III.      t     Iaa      nilll,       *t,       a.lla,ll.,».       ........ ..
Civil and Mining Engineer,
II. ('. Land .Surveyors
President—A. B   Smith
Secretary--Alb. II. Wobb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply tu
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.::o o'clock.
Bay Phone 233 Night Plione 36
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
pay the last tribute ot respect to the
departed gentleman. The floral tributes were many, a pillow with the
j BrltlBh flag Inset, from the Conser-
. vatlve association being particularly
beautiful.    Among the floral offerings
i wcre an anchor, from P. R. Stirling.
; district freight agent ot the C. P. R.;
pillow, from the C. P. R. employees;
wreath from Railway Conductors, of
Cranbrook; wreath from the Rerain-
sence Club; cross, from R- •*■ Oreen,
M.P.; wreath from the Ladles Guild of
Christ Church; wreath trom C.P.R
staff, Cranbrook; cross from R. W.
Drew, division freight agent, Regina
(By risTmse.)
360 to 329 .with the Drummers on the
; long end.
j 12       3
IWalah    53
A. H. DeMara, of Calgary, was
town this week.
Mr. J. Joyce, the Flagstone millman,.
s ln town this week.
Mrs. P. Roo, ot Roosville, is visiting;
Elko and Pernie this week.
Mrs. John Stocks, ot Roosville, was
visiting friends In Fernie this week.    ;
Billy Labbs, the well known trapper, j
ind ski jumper, was In town thlsj
M. Gorman says, tbe original name
(Barnes .
setting the milk in shallow pans, us-
ing creameries, etc., the greatest advance of all is thu cream ut-iiariitorB.
The cream should be kept sweet
until   24   hours   before  churning  by
thc experiment is further proof
of thc greater profit to be made by
marketing crops "on the hoof" rather
than in thc ordinary way, and also
shows that when farmers engage In
rnlsing live stock there is no limit to
tlie mnrket which may be established
for alfalfa grown on the Irrigated
lands of Southern Alberta.
Editor Herald:
Dear Sir: Permit me to call the attention of the citizens of Cranbrook
124   102   124
' keeping It cool, either In the creamer ,0 an opportunity to assist ln a small
box or a cool cellar. Get a vessel— way> ti,oso wno se)1 newspapers ln our
tin Is preferable—large enough to hold town Every wcok hundreds of
fhe cream for a whole churning. If |)a|)ers „vr. s„w by train newsboys at
there Is not sufficient for a churning i the station. If the people of Cran-
at one skimming, stir the cream tlior- ] brook would only wait, say twenty
oughiy   at   every   addition   of   fresh
In summer warm the cream to 63
minutes, until these papers were on
sale lu town, cither In the stores, or
in tho hands of the town nowsboys,
67     82   180
Wouldbees vs. C.P.R..
wreath from Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Mot-'to'*-*• Shillelagh is "The Tlpperary
futt;   wreath  from Mrs.    Jennings;
is open for engagement
Danres, Social! Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wr.lllr.ger
(ranhrook, B.C.
Phone 106 P. 0. Box 33
l'ROI'. C. E. MOI)
Organist  Methodist  Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ,  Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 33 Norbury Ave
wreath from the Daughters of the
Empire; cross from Mr. and Mrs. J.
R, Pollock; cross from Fernie Club.
The following gentlemen acted as pall
bearers: Walter Harwood, J. Telfer,
Francis White, T. Oakley, O. G.
Moffatt and Mr. Bodkin. Among those
who were present from a distance
were G. B. Stcdman, Michel; H. J. P.
(Ircgson, Dorr; 3. McKee, Cranbrook;
Mr. Lanlgan, Winnipeg; Mr. Bodkin,
Calgary; Mr. T. C. Phillips, Cranbrook; P. R. Stirling, Nelson.
(Prom tbe Creston Review.)
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladles Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
.-iilatliiK I'l.I lor Women. 1.1 ii boat orttaneler
flu. Sola] at I'll Drug Ktaaa,... or aaiallaMl Xtssspy
Hddfeuonrccelpto! price. Ths 6cossu. Daw
Co.Ht I'allmriiia-a. Ontario,      _
PaffiBPHONOLFORMENrvMi ~T .      .  ....
Vitality;™, Ncr.o «n.i nr.in; increases "nay i    M. Nelson Ib spending the week with
nutter 'laTonc -Willi, ailli] yon up. (tabes; or Ifrlaanals In Prnnhriwalt
two tor J.S. al drug alor... or l,r melFon receipt   menOB in iranoroon.
efjrira   Tin swsbll i>»uo Co., st. atuifiee,      Mrs. C. O. Rodgers and Floyd left
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agent*
Puhlic Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -
If you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send It to
Special prices for family
Oeneral Merchant
Employments Agents
P. 0. Box 108 Phone 2<«
nrwardlng    and    Dlatrlbullng
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl-ilc Powder
Imperial Ull Co.
Braying and Transferring
Ulven prompt attention
Phone 63
Robt. Frame, Prop.
Fresh  Bread, Cakes, Pleg
and Pastry
Phono 87
Norbury Are.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
Wa  guarantee to Fleait
Wednesday for Cranbrook,
Mrs. H. B. Downs left on a visit to
Cranbrook friends on Monday.
Mrs. J. B. Moran returned yesterday
from a trip to Cranbrook.
Mrs. Andeen and daughter Ellen,
were Cranbrook visitors this week.
Birth—At Creston on March 3rd, to
Mr. and Mrs. E. Botterlll, a son.
Birth—At Erickson, on March 3rd,
to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Penson, a son.
Mrs. W. K. Brown spent a couple of
days in Cranbrook, the early part of
the week.
Mrs. Mallandaine returned on
Tuesday from a short visit witli
friends in Cranbrook.
Starting on Wednesday next, March
10th, the stores wlll close at 1 p.m.
every Wednesday.
Thos. Gill, a well-known apiarist ot
Cranbrook, was here a couple of days
this week, the guest of J. Bllnco.
Mrs. Qualn, McLeod avenue, who
hus boon away on a visit to Cranbrook
and Bull River friends, arrived home
this week.
Mrs. P. B. Fowler and children, of
Vernle, who have been visiting with
Mrs. R. S. Smith tor some weeks, returned home yesterday.
Ploughing and harrowing Ib being
carried on. by some of the ranchers
around Duck Creek, and ground Is
, being seeded to clover.
| Mr. J. Bathis, of Cranbrook, arrived
I In Duck Creek to start building a
| house. He wlll bring bin wife and
j daughter down early, in April.
Mr. Jack Johnson, of Duck Creek,
claims the honor of having the Drat
' llowers of thc year. He. had pan*
stcs ln bloom for the last two weeks.
, The lirst shipment of poles this year
', wont out this week to Hamilton, Ont-
larlo. It was a triple, car ot (Mooters
forwarded by the Canyon City Lumber
Red, our trapper, has moved to
town.     He thinks there Is lust as
James Ryan, railroad contractor, ls
.topping at the Columbia hotel this
John B. Brooks, United States customs collector at Gateway, Montana,
was ln Elko Monday.
The cellar : rf8nt degree of sourness or ripeness
holdera ud the Railroaders played 'a that time; but as soon ns it be-
thelr regular league match on Febru- '< c™ies Bllghtly thickened and sour,
ary 84th, it being necessary to i chum It. It ls not advisable to al-
change the Woodbees lineup ,and al-! '<"" «" ««■>"' *» """mB warmer than
though they felt they were called, they «• degrees In warn weather.    In win-
or 65 degrees 24 hours before you m!lI,y a mul;ii required dollar would he
wish to churn, and It wlll be about the saVed to the city.
Yours truly ,
P. D. Hunt.
In order to facilitate the handling of
mail at the front and to insure prompt
believe tbey were not chosen, having!tertlie r|P^ng temperature "'"J*8! delivery it Is requested that all mail
be addressed as follows:
E. J. Patch, of the Nelson News, ts • league aB the result ot this match.
,'lsiting the Tobacco Plains country' Total scores .C.P.R., 344 to 320 for
this week, optimistic as ever [the Woodbees.
So tho province Ib to have an elec-! Woodbees
tlon next month.   We wonder what
annexed the Ilrst game, they were off from 64 to 70 degrees. In cose the
to a good start, unfortunately they i cream "°es ni" s°ur properly In 24
lost out on tho next two games. The hours, lt ls a good plan to add a \
C.P.R. steps into second place ln the sim." uiiantlty of Bour milk or sour
cream to act as u starter.
All changes In cream should be
effected gradually. Never add hot or
very cold water directly to tlie cream
Jim Thistlebeak   will have   to say
about it.
Charlie Burgess, of Waldo, drove In
last week with his ivory bandied mustangs, and visited some ol hie old
friends in the old historic burg.
Francis Downs, ot Claresholm, Alberta, and Wm. Hoover, of Spokane,
was visiting the Roosville Valley laat
week looking over eome land.
"God Punish Britain" Is now stamp-
id on briquettes made in Germany.
'The Sausage Emperor" is determln-
id to burn lt in with a burning
Mr. Hope, the provincial- school in-
tpetcor, Ib In Elfco and the dlstrlot
'.his week, making, fast friends, while
<ome people would be getting, acquainted.
Colonel McKay, of Pernie, was expected In Elko this week to look over
Westmoreland Park for a camping
ground. It Is the best location In
South East Kootenay, an ideal spot
for the purpose, splendid range, good
water, good parade ground, and railroads from north, south, east and
The Flagstone Conaervative association expect to have a membership of
sixty by April 1st which should help
some. President Bagley Is one of the
most popular men in the district, and
alms to make it the largest In point
of numbers In the district. This will
be pleasant news for our popular
minister ot mines.
An extremely pleasant afalr took
idace at 402 College avenue this week,
when Capt. Pake and Private McKee,
of Company P., 107th Regiment was
tendered a banquet, it being the occasion of a Joint birthday. There were
songs, speeches and a real. Rocky
Mountain stag dance, which was kept
up to the delight ot all the participants until the cold daylight splashed
through the. windows and called their
attention to the morning after- the
night before. .Several telegrams were
received from prominent military men,
regretting their Inability to be present.
The Daughters of the Empire were
conspicuous by their absence.
Abbott   34
Bwanson   42
Hanna    37
C. P. B.
E. Stevens  37
H. Stevens  38
Connolly 30
. 2
3 or eool it. To effect tliis. set the
29 erenm vessel in another vessel con-
2i! tiiinlng warm or cold water and stir
45! thc cream all tho time it is being
_ warmed^ or cooled. Do not allow
95 the milk or cream to freeze. „_______^_„ __„
3      The churning temperature for sum-  IMPERIAL BANK Ol CANADA
40 mer Is from 56 to CO degrees, and winter 64 to 68 degrees.   Everyone must'
(a) Rank 	
(b) Name  	
(c) Regimental Number 	
(d) Company, Squadron, Battery or
other unit 	
lc)  Battalion   	
(f) Brigade 	
(g) First (or Second) Canadian Contingent   	
(h) British Expeditionary Force ....
Army Post Office,
London, England
105   115   124
Thirty- daya after date I intend to
apply to the Society Girl Mining Company, Umlted, tor a duplicate certificate covering Certilieate No. 808, dated
January Nth, 1915, for 6062 shares
of etook la said company.
The original- certificate has   been of wheat,
'find out for themselves what Is the Capital Authorised  ....titMlMtM
best temperature.    Start the churn Capital Tald Dp    7MtM*M
slowly (fifty turns to the minute, In-' Reserve   and   Undivided
creasing to  sixty or  seventy after:    Profits       MddaOOMI
a few minutes) and If a closed covered . 	
churn be used, it wlll be necessary     Accounts   of   Corporations,   Muni-
to remove the plug nt tlie bottom of I clpolltles   .Merchants,   Farmers   and
the churn two or three times during i Private Individuals Invited,
lhe first ton minutes.    After tlie hut-;    Drafts and Letters of Credit issued
ter "broaks" continue churning until! available ln any part of the world,
the butter Is about the size of grains
when the churn should bc >
Signed Allan M. McLeod.
Dated Stanford, Mont., U.S.A.
February 23rd, 1916.
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
counts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received nnd Interest allowed
from date of deposit.
Certificate ot Improvements
I stopped, the   buttermilk   drawn   off,
and as much water added us tiiere was
. cream at the commencement.     Give
s I the churn a few rapid turns and draw ; 	
jolt the  wnter, repeat the  operation,      A   branch   Is  also   established  at
j when, the wotor should come away Athalmer,  B.C.,  under  tlle manage-
quite clear.     If lt Is not, then n third  ment of Irving ('. Wedd.
washing may be given tlie granular
(lyeclal eorresaevdeiM)
|„ I butter.     Never gather the butter In n
of' solid moss, as this method IcavoB too
on ; much buttermilk In the buttor.     It
also leaves the even salting, su necessary to good butter, mure aliiiii uit to
Remove the granular buttor from
the churn  as soon  ok  worked nnd
drained and place on the hutler-work-
Hiill It nnd
Victor  Mineral   Claim .situate
the Port Steele Mining Division
Eaat Kootenay  District,  located
Wild Horse Creek at Old Town or
TAKE NOTICE that I, Geo. M. Judd.
Pree Miner's Certilieate No. 67313b, Intend, alxty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action., or or i„ t|i„ butter-bowl
&.0EJW-&3K '"""•«"«'*" "> «■»-™*	
of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd day of March, A.D.
*••«• ' „   _,   t-at I ,,„„„„• „( |,uUl,r
Cranhrook ilranch
W. SUPPLE, Manager
once.     Use flue salt at tlie rate of
from halt ounce to one ounao to the
Certtfrtate ef Improvements
Where   Located—On   Sullivan
Kimberley, B.C.
Invermere,   B.C.,   March   8.-
finals In the matches tor tbe posses-
good trapping here as In the hills, and U\m   0f   the   Windermere   District
Hi Is nearly time to cut trapping for the Hockey Association, for the holding of
'season, anyway. ,iie Columbia Valley Ttaw,cup were     ^^ _ mh to     ,
The export ol Creator, eggs lo on tin' played e« ea latarday 11 m*n m tte 't,pi|l*.
Be careful not to overwork tlie hut-
tor .Injuring tlie grain uud making
grenso of lt. Work hy pressure and
not by friction. A slanting worker
with a moveable roller wlll bc found
to lessen tho labor, and ls much preferable to the bowl and Indie.
Put up in a nent and attractive
form, and get It to the consumer as
quickly as possible. If It Is thought
better to do so, lt may be packed
solidly In tubs or crocks and covered
with butter-cloth, or parchment paper
and a salt plaster, so as to exclude
tho air. To prepare ash or spruce
TAKE NOTICE that the Consolidated Mining * Smelting Co. ot Canada,
Limited .Free Miner's Certilieate No.
7K*JB, intend, alxty daya Irom thc
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder tor a Certilieate of Improvements, lor the purpose of obtain-! tubs to bo filled with butter, ...
dates. C^0W,, ar,nt °' ,he """"": "1,0,"d b0 s<",1"!<1 wlt" brlnc '"r ono
And lurther take notlco that action, °r 'wo days, afterwards rinsed, scald-
under section 85, must he commencod ed and have salt sprinkled on tho
before the Issuance of such Certificate . |nBi(ic ilcforf, packing In tho butler.
olj-aproynneats. . ftfa Tln-llned butler tube are used Ir/ a
7-jl I number ef butter makers.
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons front
Hritish Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ua
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates aa low
as at the more ordinary
Ht* Steamship on the Bool


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