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Cranbrook Herald Sep 19, 1918

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THURSDAY. SEPT. 19tlr, 1918
Constable Johns an duty behind Baker street on Friday, the 13th, heard
a noise followod by the breaking ot
glass. He ran In the dreclton ot the
noise and saw a man running nway
Willi a suit case. He ran after him
at lull spend anil called on lilm three
or four rimes tn stop, lint the guy
was "nmi' sprinter anil kept ou going.
Whereupon tho constable ilred a shot
rrom his gun In the nlr. This Immediately brought the of fender to n hull.
It was then discovered that Ihe desperado was I'eter Frank, well known
In this district
Upon Invstlgntlon of th Cranbrook
Saddlry Company's premises it was
iound that entrance und be'. gained
from the rear by removing a piece of
quarter-round from the window casing, which allowed the top portion ot
the window to drop. Accused entered and proceeded to the front of the
Btore, where he carefully removed a
$20 suit case from the show window.
Frank was brought before Police
Magistrate John Leask and committed for trial. He elected tor speedy
trial and came before Judge Thompson on Monday, and pleaded guilty.
Chief of Police Hersey stated that
there was no criminal record against
the accused. .Enquiries had been
made and It would appear that Peter
had always been a good worker and
no motive could be found (or hi* fall
from grace. Tbe accused here Interposed that If the Judge would deal
. leniently with him he would like to
Join tbe army.
Judge Thompson adjourned the
case until Saturday n«t to give him
an opportunity to enlist, but unfortunately the accused stands only 4
foot t Inches and is of slight build.
iff fri hut
Tht following recruits have left
h»r» MMatfer:—R. F. Cox. to Join the
Marti Air Am: Nick Haramchuck,
WyeUft»; Harry Hlghes. Wycllffe;
Herbert Cheater. Cranbrook. and
Herbert Bradley. Cranbt-vnk to become members dt tlte Canadian Siberian Expditionary Forces.
The physical requirements for the
latter are the same as for the C. E.
F„ namely. Category "A", age limit 19
to 45 years. Pay and allowances are
the same as In the C. E. F.
Men registered under the Military
8errtce Act H17 who have not yet
been ordered to report will be accepted provided they are In Category "A"
and produce certificate from the registrar to the effect that they have not
yet been ordered to report for duty.
Anyone wishing further information can obtain same from Dr. F. W.
Green, who-.wlll also make arrangements regarding transportation.
Help the Boys "Over There'
by Saving Gasoline
The Allien need gasoline. Waste none ol It on Sunday
motoring for pleasure. He who uses it (or this purpose
stlntB those who are fighting our battles. It Is the duty of
all motor car owners to comply with the Fuel Controller's
request to save "gas."
The safoty of the State being the supreme law, personal
enjoyment must give place to national necessity during
war time. To save gasoline Is to save money, lt will also
eiiHtire a more adequate supply of "gas" for the needs of
our war machine, which must lack no essential. To comply with lhe Fuel Controller's request will save VHIMIOO
on it single Sunday. In gasoline lt will also save hundreds
of thousands of gallons. A word lo the wise motor car
owner Is sufficient.
Treacherously Shot by Hun Prisoner
Word 1ms been received from the
front that Capt. F. D. Smith, well
known In Cranbrook had been shot
by u Hun prisoner and the following
extract trom a brother officer's letter
slums how it was so treacherously
done: "Poor old Smith. He captured
n Hun the other day In the push. The
fellow held up his hands, so Smith
passed him on to the men behind to
take to thc rear. Well, as soon as
Smith was past him he grabbed a rifle
and shot Smith in the back. Rumor
had it that he was dead, but tho adjutant had a letter from him afterwards and he Bays he ls getting on
fine. Hope so, but this will probably
finish his flghtng."
Open Letter to Hon. Dr. King
Member for Cranbrook
Hon. Dr. King, Minister of Public Works.
Member for the Electorial Division of Cranbrook.
Honorable and Dear Str:-
The property holders of the Electorial Division of
Cranbrook regret that the Provincial Government, of which
you are an honorable member, have decided to put on a sale of
provincial government lands.this fall, and they have been astonished beyond measures and have clothed themselves in sackcloth and ashes upon hearing that this inopportune decision is to
be enforced against them without even giving them notice of the
sale of their property in a newspaper published and circulated
amongst them. The. fact tha* the farmers especially are to be
sold out ls to be published broadcast throughout Alberta; they
are to be humiliated by having their precarious financial condition held up to the ridicule of a sister province—a financial-
condition accentuated by the onerous surtax that has been levied'by your government—while 'ttef. the interested TtertletJ Me'
not even given an opportunity of knowing who the victims of
this outrageous proceeding are to be.
It is not yet too late to rectify this gross injustice and on
their behalf we humbly pray you to see that it Is done.
Faithfully yours.
W. A. Myers, Managing Editor
Why should anybody want to live necta with the pipe line. This pipe
anywhere but in Cranbrook or vie!- line is no guuharrel affair or domestic
nlty? There la not a better climate iu water carrier, but ls made of stout
the world: no scenery more grand; no, Iron lengths about two feet in dla-
drlvoways nnd lakes and mountains' meter, lt Is about 5.200 feet In length
mure pleasureuble; no people more; und ufler running i.p und down hill
agreeable; no buslnesu prospects ii ends up attached to a giant nozzle
brighter; no locntlon more suitable, tliut cue carry u stream of water
for u big, wealthy, happy commercial with force enough l>v::lnd it io v.-ash
metropolis. And behind It nil there are clown nhoui M.onn mint- yards every
untold nalurul resources In foodstuffs,' 24 hours. This pipe line will he com*
minerals nnd timber. Let us take a' plelcd by tlu, end of the month,
look ut what may be and then bend all! T||t,|e |s „ „„„,„ mmM„ „, ,ra.
our energies to attain it. | V1>, ,c) „.,„,, ,,own cv(;ry rrbir. (00l of
On Wednesday of last week n bunch wh|0« contains gold. A. J. Pulm-
of rive live wires nmcug the business qU|st, the engineer In charge of the
men of this community took a trip out wnrlt. hns had many years experience
to Perry Creek to see how work on a |„ placer mining fields, nnd who has
hydraulic mining property on thst ,.,,„„, here from Mexico. Is thorough-
creek was progressing. NJayor l^slio |y convinced that the proposition Is a
Clapp was the pilot and H. Gumble, verv valuable one. He has washed
A Raworth. C. Puley and W. A. Myers, mlt m!Uly a panrill from different
of the Herald were the crew. ,arts or ti,e property and hns dlscov-
The ride out was a most pleasant ered colors und small nuggets everyone. Along woodea avenues, with I where. He showed us u bottle con-
tho St. Murys Prnlrie In the offing; , talnlng several pleoes of couVse gold
beside rushing waters; up steep that he had washed out of but two or
mountain sides; across the beds of three pan1. Dirt that rich would con-
creeks that have already—In the early lain gold to the vnlue of III or more
history or the district—been washed tier cubic yard. Cold is not the only
for tlieir gold and that have yielded mineral, platinum hns been round, a
to most primitive methods n good mineral five times nn valuable as
many millions ot dollars. I gold, soiling now on the market  .it
About fifteen miles out we arrived nrer *1"° "n am(:e-
at the mining camp w,e had headed The property formerly belonged lo
for. Thc men were atiwork laying a the old Perry Creek Hydraulic Coin-
pipe line about a mile" away, so we (]u,ny, hut cwing to divisions and dls-
started off to where the work was; senJInns among the directors and fl-
belng done. We climbed down the1 ,miiy the death of trie principals,
steep mountain side about 1000 feet ,h0lr Interests were secured by the
(It seemed to the writer about 1000 wild Horno Perry Crceli Gold Mining
mlleB) to tho bed of the creek, along' Company, with Lester Clnpp as preBi-
Its narrow passage, across a fallen ^ dent and Archie Rtiworih. vlce-p.'esl-
tree and up the other side a longer; dent.   It Is not the Intention of thc
iul Library "' ——
"FOit iiit nib ».ID» MICE
and more difficult way than the one'
we had just come down, to (lie well
of the flume, wliere the pipe line Ir
The flume, which Ib ahout three
feet by four, Is nearly four miles long
and carries the water from a- point
up Perry creek to th*. well that con- i
company to do mite?- washing this
fall, but only to get ready for next
When we returned to cam*) we were
sure hungry,but the cook had preparer' for that very contingency a.H we
we're fed up to fortify us for thc return Journey.
aoflamy liiifl! si iiukjh
Mrs. Geo. Irfnsh hns recently received a letter from her son Uonel.of
the Strnthcona Horse, who has gone
through the recent Allied offensive.
He lost his horse nnd personal belonging* In the chase, but he docs
nut worry about thnt. although ll Inconvenienced him a good deal. He
■ays: "ft wire was an exciting lime.
We ran Frttx about 20 miles and he
stiro went fast. There were all kinds
of souvenirs, but 1 was not lucky
enough to get any. The infantry had
a better chance to get them than ns,
for wo were mounted most of the
time. 1 never went through so much
machine gun fire before. The gunners were nil dlsorganr.ed and so was
everything else. The ones who could
not run fast enough to get away gave
themselves up, and there was sure a
bunch of them. I saw som of the in-
fantry boys and ft seemed good to be
among the Canadians again. Our
tank* did good work nnd they were a
great help."
Wonders That Are
Worked by Irrigation
Mr. A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, has mise of a good yield; native grasses
mi irrigated farm of 300 acres or more seven feet long. This fine showing of
upon which he is working wonders, garden and field crops has been made
The results of getting water on the possible by an Irrigation system. A
land proves that the soil of this dls- fine stream of water runs through
trict is remarkably fertile. If a ays-' the farm the whole year round and all
tow of irrigation could be Ina'igurated, he has to do Is to close the gates and
—and it can be ■ on a large and com-1 flood almost the whole 300 acres,
prehenslve seal", this district would! Mr. Watts has also a green house in
become the most productive In Brit- [ which are growing a large number of
Ish Columbia. The prosperity of the i tomato vines, laden down with fine
district depends upon its production ■ large ripe and ripening tomatoes. He
or food stuffs, minerals and lumber, has a variety also of current tomatoes
Wtth tlte development of these re- that have ripened and are still ripen
Bourcea and the charm and Interest
Showing in "The PULbm" at the Rex him.   Instead of "trimming" him, aa
Theatre next Wednesday and Thurs- she has    planned, she becomes his
day. champion   nnd    determines to    "go
A woman as lawless and free of straight" In order to gain his respect.
love as Merimee's Carmen ia the role A splendid supporting caste headed
played by Dorothy Dalton In the Tri- by  Kenneth  Harlan,  former  leading
angle play, "The Flame of the Yukon" man for Gertrude Hoffman in "Sum-
written hy Monte M. Katterjohn.         \ limn" and last seen on the screen In
"The Flame," as the gamblers and' "Cheerful Givers" wtth Bessie Love,
miners call her, Is the quten of the Insures the effective Interpretation of
dance hall girls in a Yukon frontier the many dramatic scenes. Melbourne
town during the gold rush days. She MacDowelt, husband of the late Fan-
is a- woman without creed, conscience ny Davenport and distinguished for
or moral standard, yet when she his stage work, is another member ot
meets "The Stranger," a young, rug- the caste, and Margaret Thompson,
ged fellow who comes to the north- Carl Ullman and May Palmer have
land to make his fortune, she feels a Important roles. Charles Miller was
sudden attracton that draws her to the director.
Noted Educationist
Visits Cranbrook
Jit the Churcheo
Re*. R. W. tee, Pastor.
Sunday next September 22nd.
11 a. m.—Divine Service
To be folowed by Sunday School
7.80 p. m.—Evensong and Sermon
A hearty Invitation to all
Rev. J. P. Sinclair, Pastor
Union Services—Baptist and Pres
byterlan Congregations
11 a. m— In Baptist church
12 noon—Sunday School
7.S0 p. m—In Presbyterian church
Rev. Htllls Wright will preach at
both services.
BORN—At Cottage Hospital, (Inr-
den Avenue, Cranbrook, on Sept. 19
to   Mr. and   Mn. J. R. Walkey,   a
for the tourist contained in our attractive natural surroundings la to
be found thc health, wealth and happiness of our people. We must produce and industry intelligently applied will be abundant!,' rewarded.
Mr. Watts has one of the finest gardens in the Kootenays. Cabbages
that weigh nearly 20 pounds; sugar
beets '..'I Indies In circumference ;car-
rots a font long; alfalfa of n uniform
growth, deep rich green in color,
nothing of the hit and miss nature In
its stand.
Ho has oats that stand five feet
high, wheat heavily headed,.rye that
has already heen cut, threshed, sown
again and the second crop Is now six
Inches high: timothy that yielded n
ton and a half In the acre the first
crop and a second crop for the season Is now growing and "gives pro-
franbrook    was    recently favored
with a short visit from Professor Sad-
Ing.   One Interesting plot contains a j'«". nf the University of B. C.   Prof.
special kind of mushroom, large and j Sadler, who has recently been placed
delicious to the taste.
Tlie farm Is situated in the mtds-; or
a beautfu! valley, surrounded by magnificent hills. Many thousands of
feet of lumber have been cut from
Hie timber growing upon the tnoun-
l.iiil sldes,and lie has a mill ti'e.e and
valuable timber limits In the neigh-
let-hood that contain millions of toot
thnt await cutting.
The farm Is situated on a lake bottom out of which in times past millions of dollars In gold havo been
.vi.shcil iho for.'ii';-, Palmer Bar diggings. No one knows how many millions of gold still remain to he
washed out. But one thing is sure-
there nre millions of gold in the fertility of the soil.
Happy s the man who has a good
Irrigated farm In this district.
turned out at the East Kootenay In
duatrlal school and tbe farms of F.
Clark and L. Taylor, on St. Marys
Prairie, and at each place took notes
as far as possible on the special difficulties and problems encountered ln
trying to turn out a good marketable
article from the dairy.
Prof. Sadler took a keen Interest In
In charge of the dairy and bacteriology departments of the university,has
for the last six years been at Macdonald   College, Ste. Anne de Bellevut
and on this trip Is acting as judge of; tlie well known spring flavor that ls
dairy products at some of the fall encountered by nearly all dairy peo-
fnlrs and looking into tbe dairy prac- \ pie In this district for short periods
tlcos on the farms of such districts as i In the spring, the cause of which has
lie visits tn the hope of being thus bet-' not so far been satisfactorily ei-
ler able to plan tlie work of his de-1 plained and is desirous of having sam-
purtments to fit the special needs of' pies of cream tainted with this sent to
B. C. and the. students who will be his department
our future farmers and dairymen. Prof. Sadler Is very anxious to serve
Having only a very short time to tiie dairy interests of B. C. and hopes
spend In the district he was not able farmers and milk producers will send
to visit many farms, but guided by him their problems and let him be of
the secretary of the Farmers' Insti- uso to them, and hopes to spend a
tide he looked over Mr. Austin's longer season in the dlstriot at a not
dairy,   tiie   equipment   and produce too distant date.
The home of Mr. Thomas Lav-son
was visited by the nhrel of deatl- last
Friday, Sept.  13,  when    his beloved
wife was taken away after a short ill- Princess    Zara.  famous    Egyptian
nes3 of only two weeks. The funeral palmist, ha; kindly consented to stop
took place from the family residence,, over in Cranbrook in order to be pre-
229 Dewar avenue, on Sunday after- sent at  tiie  One    Thousand    Dollar
noon and proceeded to the C. P. H. Dance on Friday, tlie 20th lust   The
station,   thence  to  Winnipeg,   where entire proceeds of iier services are tu
tlie body will be interred.    The be- go io the fund to be sent oversea'. Do
reaved wish to thank all those who so not forget Friday.
kindly assisted In the obsequies. 	
  Get Fink's prices o-.i furniture fir t.
t Arthur Bowness. of Nelson, wra a
Pleuso gel your changes ot ads tn visitor in town this week.
the Herald office early nexl week as 	
we expect a rush of advertising both Tiie Knights of Columbus drive fin-
otd and new for ihe Fall Fair busin- i'hes  tomorrow.  Sept.   10th.      Don't
ess. and we won't be able to handle forget that they are doing a splendid
it all In a day. We request Hint ali and noble work tor the boys at the
copy  for advertisements  be  In   tlis> front and they need and deserve all
hands nf tlie printers not later than tlie  support  you can  afford to give.
Tuesday evening. Sept 24tn. „ |, „p ,0 voii tomorrow. Don't fail.
Premier Lloyd George and President Wilson
Attend church regularly
Will You Follow Their Lead?
"i '■'        ■■■ -Hi -^-—^——-.I——   I SSI 11   .11 ■ 	
You are Invited to
jrXt(ba*i*t Church
Sunday Next
TIIK REV. R. Vi. LEE will preach at 11 a. ni. and
7.30 p. m.
3n jftrmoriam
See Fink's for furniture.
In loving memory of my dear Son!    Editor Wallace of the Fernie Free
Trooper S. O. Watson : Pr""» wa" •» town on Monday and
llth C. M. R. ' B&ve tl,e Herald a friendly call.   He
Died at St. Eugene Hospital, Cran- lo°*5 »s tn0"*'h tne editorial chair
brook, on September tilth, 1MB.    : ""rees with him. fdr In spite of thc
My son thou art gone to the home of, sm»1"' atmosphere of the coal town
Th   regt ! lie ls as fat as a porker and wears a
Where suffering no longer can ham.;Eml1'' ln"1 " fu" of th< ** of '"*
thee; i
Where the songs of the good, where'    '■ P- Fink, one of East Kootenay's
tlie hymns of the blest, ' most nlert merchants, who was sent
Through an endless existence shall as a delegate rrom here to represent
charm thee. Cranbrook's Retail  Merchants  Aeao-
Inserted by his mother and family, elation at a convention cf the retail
■ ! merchant1, of tha province, has  re-
Mr. i.m'i Mrs. Simon Taylor have i turned finm the coast nfter Irving
gono to Vancouver and California, i'liad u very qicasnnt trip. He will mnke
Mr. Taylor expects to be away for aia full report of the business of the
month end Mrs. Taylor will spend .convention at the next meeting of the
tho winter In CalirnrnUs. \,
l.arfte    Assortment   to   Select    From
Just Arrived!
Salmon Fishing Tackle
Lines—Salmon    File*—Bait    Hooks—Gaff*—Got
and Wire   Leaden—Sinkers—Casting   Rods—In
fact everything to catch tbe big Salmon, when ther
start to hlte.  Get yonr choice now find don't forget.
The Christmas Cheer Danee tor "liar boys over then"
Day Phone "4.
Nlfkt Phone IN PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, SEPT. 19th, 1918
Cranbrook Herald
Published Every Thursday by
A. MYERS,     :      ;      :      :      :       Managing Editor
this    iil'l'ice
Hates un  application.   Changes for Advertising MUST be In
Wodnosdny    noun    Ihcciirrcnt   week   tu   secure   attention.
A General Banking Business Transacted.     Careful attention liven
tu accounts of Merchants, Manufacturers and Farmers.
B. E. HOWARD, Manager.
  ..   .   .    would be to notify him in the same way that the government In-
Tlte time has not yet arrived for us to relax our efforts to ^ ^ & ^ corporation gha„ noHfy B„ „„, ])1.QpeI.|y holdm
produce as much as we can and to save as much as po lwlth-„ its jurisdiction shall be notltietl that llieii- properly is to
we do produce.   We are marching on to victory, but the ■
etui ot the war is no yet in Bight
'' .   t«„.. I ue put up for sale, by advertising the fact in a paper published
lt requires our utmost effort I n J- „,„„;,,„„„„ _,„,,",„ „,„ „_,?_ _, „._ _ _L!,_..    r,	
mist be thorough discipline In our civ
ir her own disciplinarian,   The
in every direction, Ther
ilian armies al home as well as In Hi- .Wnina armies overseas
Every civilian must I"' hi
made thai Canadians be put on rations and
the food legula-
suggestion lias been ...
not on their honor regarding food, bul On tins suggestion the
Canadian food board says:
Do householders ln Canada seek to evade
tious'.'   Are the merohants In Canada conniving at tbe evasion
of the food regulations? Let us see about that.
Tbe main objective ot the Canada Food Hoard is to supply
Great Britain and the Allies with vital foods. With this in view
food regulations are made, which, if respected by the people of
Canada, will enable Canada to keep faith with the Allies on food.
Do lhe people of Canada want to keep faith with the Allies
on food? THEY. DO, Are the people of Canada keeping faith
with the Alies on food?  THEY ARE.
To lake any other position is to suggest that the people of
Canada would rather keep their pre-war food habits than keep
faith with the Allies on food. No true Canadian is breaking the
food regulations of the Canada Food Hoard for he knows these
regulations are made in order that Great Britain and the Allies
and lhe Canadian army at the front may be properly fed.
Who of us will eat ivlial should lie conserved for the Can-
nilian Army at the front?
The hearts of the people of Canada are sound and in this
war to a finish. Foot! is a first class munition of war and Canadians so view it. I( will be time enough to go in for rations in
Canada when the people of Canada refuse to conform to national efforts to conserve food for Greal Britain and Ihe Allies
aud the Canadian Army al the front
When Unit time conns a policeman, not a fund controller
n ill lie needed.   In Iiu- meantime Curry On.
tree and thc farmer Is to be destroyed instead. They are going
after him, bag and baggage, lock, stock and barrel, horns, hoofs
and tail, and it was the intention of the government that they
should not know a thing about it until they were scotched.
Many of Hon. Dr. King's friends say that surely the genial
doctor would not lend himself to such a gross injustice and he
may have fought against it. But he is travelling in a vicious
circle and his better judgment may have been overcome by his
unscrupulous colleagues, or an unholy ambition may have turned his head. Whatever has been the reason he certainly has consented to the handing out of a very raw deal to his constituents.
It is bad enough to rob a man of his property, but why not
do it in a gentlemanly way.
i and circulating within the limits of Ihe corporal ion. Tint in
this instance nothing of the kind is being done. Nol one farmer
in a hundred in this district will ever see the advertisement.
This is a gross injustice to the farmers of Ibis community.
The sale in tlie first place should never have been hold at this
time. It ls the hardest time in the history of the British Columbia farmer to make his living and raise money to pay his taxes.
But the government musi have Ihe money even if il lias lo kill
(he goose that lays the golden egg In order to get It, Why does
the government need the money? Because of ils extravagance.
There was to be a curtailment of expenditure In order to equal-
lie the revenue and expenditure of the provincial administration, but the late administration was only a kindergarten in the
art of spending the public money when compared with lhe present aggregation of spendthrifts
The Liberals were horrified because Bowser had lent the
Pacific Great Eastern $6,000,000 out of (lie provincial treasury
iu order to complete their undertaking. But, when the Liberals
got into power they appointed a commission to investigate the
affairs of the company and when they discovered that their own
friends were Involved and stood to profit they cancelled that
great debt on payment by the company of one million dollars instead of six million. If they needed the money so badly, why go
after the farmer and sell him out of house and home for a paltry
tax account and give millions to a bunch of grafters who were
already gorged with the people's money.
They were going to reduce expenditure by cutting out special officers and commissions, removing all thc unnecessary officials. Had they reduced the staffs as they promised to do and
cut off all useless and expensive commissions, there would have
been no need to take such drastic measures with the farmer.
There would have been no need for a surtax that increased the
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Office, smelting and Refining Department
PiirrhuNcr of Onlil, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores.
Tabannc Itrnnd Pig Lead, Milestone, Spelter and Copper
■'      Evtry 10c
Packet of
Clean to handle. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and General Stores.
Another peace proposal lias been
submitted from the Huns to tbe Allies, this time through the Emperor
of Austria.
Again tlie Allies have been asked
farmer's burdens beyond his ability lo carry them.to lie followed I have they not had enough and had
by confiscation, as (his tax sale is in reality. i they not better give up the flgrht for
„ . ... * .,  . . ■ freedom from the yoke of Teutonic
Patronage, the bane of British Columbia public life was to, mI|ltarlsm
The following letter has been received by Mr. Hallimore,
which ought lo be read with interest by all who wish to know
the facts in regard to the it. A. P. Canada:
Dear Mr, Hallamore:—
During tlie past few mouths a number of newspaper articles have appeared from time to time giving erroneous statistics
regarding casualties iu the Royal Air Force training squadrons.
The public, have, therefore, received an incorrect impression.
The purpose of this letter is to furnish authentic statisdes in order that you may be in possession of facts regarding the above
question. 1 should be obliged if you would extend the same cooperation as you have In the past and see that the informatjon
given below is placed In the hands of your local newspapers.
For the purpose of preparing statistics, the to(al number of
flights and casualties throughout the entire R. A. F. during a
certain period was obtained. For the purpose of comparison.
similar statistics were obtained from (raining squadrons operating in England. Iu the It. A. F. Canada, there were 36,263
flights, with 13.5ii(l hours flying, during which there were 59
crashes, 3(i of which were admissions to hospital. The English
statistics give !l,000 flights, with -1,000 hours flying, during
whicli there were 58 (practically the same number) of crashes.
iii of which were admissions to hospital.
From the above figures you will see that for four tim«B as
many flights, with three times as many hours in the air, the
number of Canadian casualties are practically the same as the
number of Englah casualties.
You will note that (lie above flights in Canada cover approximately 813,!)(i0 miles, or 34 times around the globe, thus we have
one fatality for 110.280 miles, or for 6 times around the globe,
The conclusions to be drawn from the above figures are so evident thai no further explanation Is required,
1 (rust thai this letter will receive the same careful consideration as you have extended lo previous letters.
Yours sincerely.
G. N. J. SHAW.
Lieutenant. Officer Commanding No, 3 Recruiting District.Royal
Air Force, Vancouver.
The British Columbia Qovernment are about (o hold a sale
of provincial lands iu arrears for taxes. But marvellous to relate the notice advertising the lands in arrears in this district
is to be published In a paper that does not circulate In the district. In fact the publication selected is nol a newspaper at all,
bul a society periodical, published at Fernie by Ihe Miners' Union for circulation among tho miners to advocate the Interests
of the miners only and whose circulation is principally In Alberta. The money to be paid for the advertisement might as
well be thrown into Ihe Fertile coke ovens and burnt up.
It is a political job, a deliberate robbery, a looting of the
treasury of the people and ii is believed to have been done for
the sole purpose of saving. If possible, the Fernle seat for the
A. I Fisher, who was returned ai the last election as an Independent, but who sold himself body and soul to the government, has been accused of putting over (his foul deal for the
purpose of obtaining the influence of Ihe miners' organ for the
next campaign. It has been put up to him in this way: Mr. Fisher, the man who would give $2500.00 of the public funds to an
organ whose chief business it is to carry on a Bolshivlkl propaganda is a damn traitor, aud thou art the man. The language
is strong, but not too strong to designate the crime committed
against the public, It would not be too strong if a little word of
three letters thai lias been popularized by frequent use In every
pulpit In Christendom were placed before tlte word "damn."
What does it mean? Nothing less titan thai the governmeni
'"'"•' to .sell out the farmers in this district/without even
" ■ of. knowing thai (heir property is
'minte farmer Is .to be put
'nd Ihat he has been
—ent could1 do
have been abolished.    Destroyed root and branch, but it has
flourished under (he present administration like a green bay the pence proposal Is: "The United
The reply of the United States to
To United States Citizens in Canada
By tiie United Stales Military Service Convention regulations.
approved by the Ooveriior-in-»*onneil on 20th August, 1918, Male
Citizens of tbe United States in Canada, within the ages for the
time being specified by the Laws of the United States prescribing
compulsory military service, except those who have diplomatic exemption, are made subject and liable to Military Service in Canada,
and become entitled to exemption or discharge therefrom, under the
Canadian Laws and Regulations. Tiie regulations governing this
liability are published in the Canada Gazette (Extra) oi' 21st Aug.,
1918; copy whereof may he obtained upon application through the
post to the Director of the .Military Service Branch of the Department of Justice at Ottawa.
United States Citizens nf the description aforesaid who were in
Canada on 30th July, 1918, have sixty days from that date within
which to exercise an option to enlist or enroll in the forces of the
United States, or to return to the United States; and those who for
any reason subsequently become liable to Military Service in Canada
have thirty days from the date of the accruing of such liability
within which to exercise thc like option. It is stipulated hy lhe
Convention nlso that certificates of diplomatic exemption may be
granted within the optional periods aforesaid. Every citizen of the
United States to whom the regulations apply is required to report
to the Registrar under the Military Service Act. 1917, for thc province or district within whicli he is. in thc manner by the regulations
prescribed, within ten days after the expiry of his optional period,
and will be subject to penalties if without reasonable excuse he fail
so to report. Kor the In format Foil of those whom it may concern.
Sections 3 and 4 defining the requirement!, of registration, with
which it will he necessary strictly to comply, are set out substantially as follows:
I. Every mule cltlion uf tho United BUtu within thc ages for tha tlmo
bolng opacified in the Iowa of tiio Unltod States proscribing compulobt-j1
military service, not Including thoio who imve diplomatic exemption, within
ton days after the expiry <.r tho time limited hy tho Convention within which
tbo Government uf tin- United States may Issue him a pertlflcatfl of diplomatic eiempti-m, hIuiII truly report to the Regiitrar by registered post, and
In writing which is plainly legible, his niinio in full, his occtinution and thu
date of his birth; dtatins also whether he In single, murrlcd or a widower;
and If tho latter, whether he has a chltil living, also if married, thc ditto of
bis marriage; und staling, moreover his place of residence and usual post-
office address in Canada; and, if lie reside within a city or pluco where the
itreetfl and dwell inns are named and numbered, the name and number of his
■treat and dwell inn; or If he reside In another place, the Im und concession
number, section, townnliip. rafigo, unit meridian, or other definite doner! [it I on
wheroby hi* place of residence mny be located, huvlng regard to the custom
of tbe locality In which lie lives; ami if without reasonable excuse he
neglect or full to report In the umnner and with the particulars aforesaid,
within the time limited as aforesaid.) he shall he guilty of an offence, and
■hall bt- >iuble ilpon summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding Klv«
Hundred Dollars, and to Imprisonment for any term not exceeding six
months, and moreover, he shall Incur u penalty of Jlli.00 for euch day after
tho time when or within which lie should have registered during which he
■hall continue to be unregistered,    i
4, Every United States citizen Who hns diplomatic exemption, although
not otherwise subject to these regulations, shall within ten flays after tho
granting of tho name truly report to the registrur, In like munner nnd with
tho oamo particulars as required by the last preceding section; and in addition bo shall embody In bis report a true and complete statement of tho
particulars of his certificate of diplomatic exemption. Neglect or fall tiro
without reasonable excuse to comply with the requirements of this section
■hall constitute an offence punishable In tho manner and by the penalties
provided In the last preceding section.
Issued by the Department of Justice, Military Service Branch.
qpfSrtlt&tes can and will entertain no pro-
I ]K)sul  for a conference upon a matter concerning which ft hat-, made its
purpose and position  so  plain" und
points the muzzle of Its guns towards
Met/, and the Rhine.
The question has been asked what
j are the million and a half or American  soldiers  doing over in  France?
T ousands of- them have been brigaded  with    the French  at Chateau-
Thierry, on the Marne and elsewhere,
but the great bulk of the American
army was held tn reserve.
Now It appears that question can
be answered. On Saturday the news
was flashed over the wires that the
American army had begun an offensive In the Verdun district and that
in 27 hours the St. Mlhiel salient had
been eliminated and that Pershng
with the Yanks stood before the
great German citidel of Metz. The
loss of Metz would have almost as
demoralizing an effect upon the Germans as the loss of Paris would have
upon tlte French.
This new offensive will test the
strength of the Germans tn manpower more than anything yet attempted.
If their reserve power is low this
move will surely demonstrate that
fact. If the Hun cannot successfully
defend Metz and must fall back upon
the Rhine, after havng been forced to
retire in the west to the Hinderburg
line. It will mean that the Allies of
Germany and those who arc looking
on with longing eyes to see the Germans victorious will be convinced
that Germany is going to receive a
thorough beating and they will got
from under before it is altogether too
This then, is America's reply to Emperor Charles' peace proposal. How
Charles is receiving It is not known
already yet.
Balfour on behalf of Great Britain
says: "It Is Incredible that anything
can come of this proposal," and the
British army makes further advances
In Plcardy.
The French say it is a trick and
continue to push the insolent invaders out of French territory.
The Italians give their answer by
swatting the Austrians on the Italian
The answer of the Japs is shown in
their capture of an enemy naval base
In the Far East.
In Macedonia also, the Allies are
making notable advances.
The robber bandits from their
strongholds, Emperor Charles acting
as their spokesman, uropose to the
police force of the world who have
tracked the murderous band to their
lalr. to give up the fght if the police
will please go away. The murderers,
however, do not propose to give up
their loot, recompense those who
have suffered from their lawlessness,
murder, rapine and robbery, nor give
any kind of undertaking that they
will reform end live at peace with
their neighbors.
Other terms of peace are now moving around within the heads of the
Allies in nebulous form that will soon
take on a more definite shape and it
won't have any lkeness to a German
If the Huns want peace they are
going the wrong way about It to get
It. They will never force a peace
from the Allies by sinking their ships
and drowning their women and children; by ruthlessly devnstalng their
country and taking their sons into
captivity and their daughters Into ii
white slavery; by firing upon hospitals and hospital ships; by pointing
their places of worship and destroying their cathedrals; by surrendering
and then treacherously shooting
down their captors. Peace through
annihilation is the kind of peace that
plan of campaign will usher in,
One Try   Will Convince
C. P. R. Watch Inspectors
Raworth Bros.
Next to I'D"' Ofllee
We'll km' you nt tho Thousand Dollar
dance, Sept. -Milli.   "Army mul Navy
CHrlaMM Cheer."
M.'ctii In th*
Pariah Hull
llrst Tuesday
afternoon ot
every month
nt 3 p.m.
Pros.. Mrs. E.
Jl. Leaman
Secy. Mrs. J. W. llurton. P. O. Bol6!l.
All ladles co-dlally Invited.
Civil nnd Mining Engineers
II. C. Land Surveyors
Kobt. -'runic, Prop.
■roll Dread. Cukes, Flos
umi Pastry
Phone 37
N'orliury Ave.      opp City Ball
Drs. Green & MacKinnon
I'll) slrlnns nnd Surgeon*
Oiile.  ut   residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons   2.00 to   4.00
RvenliiRS 7.30 to   8.31)
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Meets erery
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
V.   H. McPhee,      J.W. Spence,
rfHlutomoMleg for hire.. .Bonis
on Oreen Bay In Connection.
lilt. V. I!. MILKS
Olllee In Hanson Block
9 to  12. a.m.
i to   r> tun. .
Prlvatti Nursing Home
Licensed liy Provincial Govt.
Maternity and General Narslng
Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
I'lione 259 P. O. Box 845
Address, Gnrdcn Ave. Cranbrook
Cranhrook, B. C
Meets erery Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
It. C. Carr. C. C.
C. H. Collins. K. It. t 8.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets In Mnplu Hall second
Tueadey ot every month it I.
p. m.
Membership open   to   Brltian
Visiting   m.imhers  cordially
K  Y. Brake,       J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Forwarding and  'llstrlhutlng
Agent for
1,-thlirldgf and UramMll Ceal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlatrbntlon Cars a Specialty.
Iliiivlnir nmi Trnnnfcrrlaff.
(liven prompt attention
Phone II
The Shoe Specialist
.mi: ma ii a pom
Satisfaction flnaraataed
.,'eadiiuarlers fcr all kinds of
If vou want satisfaction •
with vour washlvsr
send It to
Special nrlcea for famllv
Phone umi
Norbury Ate, aeit to Clly Hall
(ulstitiK I'll! lor wuuati. tf. it bos or IhrMfor
lu.^soid at sit lirus sum* ur milieu tutor
tddieuonrccelptof price. Thc floosr.it. Daw
Co.,Ht,CHlhsrlDntIOnuirto. ,
	 THURSDAY, SEPT. 19th, 191*
That Please
In selecting your engagement King it is very essential to have a ring thnt will
please. This store is noted for
the exceptionally fine selection of engagement rings.
Our prices on Diamond engagement Rings are so low
that no girl should become
engaged without receiving
a Dlnmond.
Como lu nnd look over our
mil). WMlson
Buy your Gun,   II If lo   and
Ammunition from
Hardware ft Mill Supplies
Cranbrook    •     B.C.
What are yon going to wear to
That Thousand Dollar Dance
on September 30th
Rex Theatre   SPECIAL!
D0R01WDALT0N In"TheF-amc^tke Yukon"
Two Shows 7:30 and9:30.        25c and 35c. We pay the Tax
members of the W. c. T.
oto that 11 tho next meet-
161 u shower is to be held
■ ut tlie front. A good at-
roqueutetl aud each -rem-
iirinK something
Kllby frames pictures.
Im-ure with Beale ft Elweli.
Don't worry about the money. It
(is as bad to be the slave of Bill Dol-'
i lar us it is to-be under the oppres-
.  j Hive heel or any other BUI.
Get yoi:r laceB and shoe |H)HbI] at 	
the Star Shoe oliop. opposite uepot.      gam ryies-apent tlie week end on
  a fishing expedition  at  Moyie Luke.
Two hundred feet of new fire hose -jje (.aa,e .home with a nice catch of
have arrived for tho city. fish.
The prize Mats for the fair are
printed and are now being distributed. It is conceded to be the best
printed prize list ever turned out by
the Horald job presses or any other
printing office in the Kootenays. Ads,
list and cover are all printed in the
MPSt  workmanlike form,
Creston Review: Mrs. T
who lias been undergoing treatment
in the Cranbrook hospital for the
past two weeks, has returned home,
uttable' end is slowly recovering trom the effects of the operation she underwent
Work lias commenced on the new
Kootenay Orchards school.
Clarence Finnis, or Penttcton, Is In
the city on a visit to lis parents.
Shoe repairs, all kinds.   Star Shoo
Siiop, opposite depot.
Blllie Wells secured the first buck
of the season at Moyle.
East Kootenay Fair dates at
Cranbrook—Oct. 2 and 3.
boy    wanted—see Patmore
—~~ There is a very interesting tennis; co»ors
Creston fall fair will be held this tournament being played on the;
year-on flepte*T»r 28th. A splen- crnnbrook) tennis1 court. On Mon-'
did erhlWttoa.and a bumper crowd is (lav ttight t|ier(, wat a 8piendld match.
expected. , between N. A. Walllnger and Archie j ™?.;? 2?I!°??
——  i Raworth.
The Red Cross  ladles of Creston  were made by both men, which were
1 Archie Raworth put ir two months'
| hard work while he was ir. Toronto
this pumn-er In attendance at the advanced curse of the Canadian Ophthalmic College, which was conducted by W. G. Maybeo, President of the
Ophthalm.t Association of Ontario.
He secured  his diploma  with  flying
W. D. Hill has returned from his
He sayft that nl-
Some"'ve'^'flne"et"rolceB|'houg''tln,es »' *oai at tlle c0»»t
nre out to sen BOO tickets at 25c. each vigorously applauded by their lady
on a lot that baft been donated them  loves on the benches.
to raffle. 	
—— I    Creston    Review:    The   Board of
Let ns show you our Eureka Vicu- ] Trr.de will again see to It that a dls-
um   cleaner.    It will save yon the play of Creston fruit, etc.,1s made at
t'rudgery of house cleaning.   It's tho' the Cranhrook fair on Oct. 2 and 3.
best ever.- I Patmore Bros. j If possible the agricultural associa-
  I Hon will take charge of It, bnt If they
The regular meeting of the Cran-; are unable to tackle the proposition
brook • Poultry Asaodatkiu  will  be. Messrs.    Glbbs,   Beaven and George
G. Armour and John Murray spent
thc week end in Fernle.
| held In tbe city hall Friday
Sept. 20th, at 8 o'clock.
Rev. ft. \v. Lee preached ln Fernie
last Sunday, Rev. Mr. Pow occupying the Methodist pulpit here.
Spokane. Washington
TIIK   IIOTKI.  'Villi   A
Tbla house baa Hit
happy •tlstlnctton ot being tbe favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
thla patronage and do
everything In onr power
to make yon comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
and II W It * N.-Mllwauke
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the prlnclp-l business
houses and place* of amusement.
New Nti-amnliln  oa  Roof
There has been one more birth in
Creston, on Sept. 12th a eon was born
to Mr. and Mrs. John Huscroft.
We are having the finest weather
ever produced and the Cranbrook
fair Is going to be the best ever.
Now Open tor Engagements.    One to
Four Pieces
The Music with the PBP.    For Terms
or phone *>n ('ranbrook, B. C.
Geo. Hogarth's boys are on a hunting trip to Plumbob. They sent home
a fine bag of gamer a tribute to their
unerrng alm.-
Mnntana ReatawMl
Meals it All Ham
cigars. Cigarettes aad Candy
Opposite the Bask ot Commerce
,. Just phone us for a demonstration
of the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner. You
wlH <be agreeably surprised at the
amount of work it will save you.
Patmore Bros.
Allan de Wolf left on Monday
morning for the Whiteflsh district.
with.four pack horses, on a timber
Inspection mission. He will likely
be away tor about a month.
The ladles Aid of tlte Methodist
church will hold a sale of home cooking, on tne afternoon of Saturday,
Sept. 21st, ln the "Old Gym," at 3
o'clock sharp
Johnson are deputed to handle it for
the Board.
Creston has a live board of trade
and tlieir monthly meetings are enthusiastic affairs. There Is plenty of
work for the Cranbrook board of
trade to do. but apparently they can
only meet spasmodically and put
themselves on record at very long
intervals. It is not because they can
not do tilings, but—well, we'll let it
go at that.
overybody out there has to pay for
the privilege of living there. Meals
In restaurants arc just about twice
what they are here: overytlilng to
wear also costs about 25 per cent,
more money. He Instanced fur coats
on sale In Vancouver, bought from
tho same houseae he buys his furs
from, the same Identical coals, selling for 1176 that he Is selling here
for I14B.
Dan Macdonald, of the Wentworth,
has returned from a ten days' business trip to the coast. He hob-nobbed
with a number of Cranbrook's exiled
elite while In Vancouver. Among
them M. A. Macdonald, Doc. Bell.John
Gibbons. Billy Rollins, Wm. Small,
Dave Elmer and many others. He
says that M. A. Macdonald Is Just as
strong politically and as popular as
ever, and that ts saying that he Is the
most popular public man In the province.
We have just received a nice
assortment of SUITS for Men
Particular attention is invited
to the new styles for Young
Good material, well finished
and fully guaranteed to give
satisfaction and at reasonable
A I L 0 R S    ARE
Itrlni! *our friends In Hie Thmitaml Hollar lianre Sept. Jutli
Thanksgiving Day will fall this "sear
rn Mondr.y. October 14.
Piano   lessons  by  arrange*-- Tiro.
ment.     Phone 484, or call at
309 Hanson Ave.     Mia* Lola
Gamble. 33-4t
If yonr Roof leaks get It attended
to b> W. j. Sflbj el 'Tnnnreek, e|d
Roofs of every drserlptlen repaired aad
I mated wltk Improved Asphalt Ceas-
j ent anil Warranted tight.
|    *I.5M for IIMI square feet.
j    Kindergarten classes at King aM-
j ward's school, 10 a. m. to li aeon.!- ,
| Reading, Writing, Drawing, Bewtog.N   lajey,,, the iwornen's  Institute
I Number work, Singing and Drill. |M>. veil*-'euarMWa 'to the soldiers to the
The regular monthly meeting of the
W. C. T. V. will be held at the home
of Mrs. Argue on Thursday, Sept. 2d.
at 3.30.
House cleaning time ia here again.
Get a Eureka Vacuum Cleaner for
cleaning your ruga, upholstered furniture, walls, etc. Highest award at
Panama exposition.     Patmore Bros.
Lee, assistant ln Raworth
jewelry store, has gon, out
camping for a couple of weeks. He
has pitched Ms tent among the den-
Isons ot forest, stream and flelr. 16
miles from Pot* Ute"e1:
I Sugacts scarce la spots. Some people aalafc-i* Isn't, but It le up to them
to act as though*.!! was, whether they
think It la or not The Food Control
say* It la aad. that should be sufficient
a month (4 weeks) Including
value of Hit- they'want to do ns well
  I this year;   You nan help them do It
Shorthand. Typewriting aad Book- ™ their Tag Day. Saturday, Septeirr-
j keeping nl King Edward1! School. Dey| ber IS.
classes. 112.00 a month; Eventognl
sis.  "6.00.    Private lessons by
1 rangement.  '
Caa you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
Aivin E. Perkins
with the 30 years' of valuable
ond other experience, stand for pot>
lllvely the beat In the profession at
Tuning & Repairing
Honesty of Purpose aad Conaelaattna
Workmanship, and strongly endomed
by the beat authority In
piano manufacturers who nre
lively particular where they put their
As follows: Helnt-man ds Co.,
Morris & Kara Co., Oourlay Piano
Co., Dominion Piano Co., Newcombe
Piano CO., Fletcher Bros., Gerhard
Helntiman Houae, Vancouver. Prol-
J. I). A. Tripp, Vancouver; Haeon a) |
Rlsch Co.
ATTKNTION-Mr. Perkins la lata ow
Ing to nines* la hie home, bat will
be In tbe ctty not later (haa Sept-
Rev. J. P Sinclair la In the hospital
recovering from an operation for appendicitis. His was an extreme case,
but he la getting along nicely. Until hie recovery union services will
be held hy the Baptist and Presbyterian congregations with Rev. Hulls Wright the preacher. Next Sunday morning tbe service will he held
m tbe Baptist church and ln the Presbyterian church In the evening.
" i
East Kootenay Fall Fair
Wed and Thurs,, October 2 and 3
The Event of the Season        $2,000 in Prizes
Two Days
Horse Races
And Other
:: SPORTS ::
Send For A Prlie Llll
^9%0^m~ An attractive
kitchen must hava a bright atove.
effort required with Black Knight  Just
apply with a cloth for a bright, durable polish   €••» J**
und on either warm or cold stove.    It_j»•-■•"'
THURSDAY, SEPT. 19th, 1918
JCappemngs throughout   uhe
ontributed by Our Regular
o respondents
By Fred Roo
•    e    •    e
Jim Thlstlebeak Bays Hint In another week there won't be enouiili left
of tho Hlndenburg line to make a halter shank.
Mrs. A, S. Parnell, Compton ranch.
Roosviiie valley, received a wire from
tlie director of records stating that
her son deorge Henry PnVnell Iwoll
known along tlte Crow line) hail heen
admitted to hospital with a gunshot
wound In tlie left foot. This Is lhe
third son wohnded and a son In law
Pat Murphy. Mike Moloney an.! Ter-
ronce O'^liane, three Swede prospectors, are registered at the Ell: hotel
this week from Spokane,
Jim ThIsUebealt says thai-u arc i
some people so seirisli that If lliey had
a ton Ballon keg of Ice r.renm . I
strawberry sborlcake ns hip, as J I ox
car they wouldn't ask you to sit In
with them.
Miss Rtiili Klingensraith.o! Creston,
is visiting Willi Mayor and Mrs. Klin-
genamlth, al tho mining exchange this
Jim Thlstlebeak says that trying!
lo live a married llfo without loving
and trying to do business without advertising. Is like tlie young man
throwing kisses nt a girl in the dark.
Ho mny know what he is doing, but
no one else does.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam MacDonald and
family, of Honsvlllc valley, left for1
Goldman, Alta., last Saturday, and on
Friday night were guests at a farewell dance at the Roosviiie school
house tendered to them by the resl-j
dents of Iho valley. Mr. MacDonald
want overseas with tlie gallant 64th
and was recently discharged from the
Military Hospital at Victoria, B. C.
Ur. S. Bunnell. M. P.. Mr. Wakefield, II. S. Consul, both ol Fernle.
with W. II. Bernard, of Montana, one
of the best big gun hunters this side
of the Mexican border, wore In Klko
last week fraternizing with Jim This- j
If, says Jim Thlstlebeak, It dlstres-'
ses you to hear a man walling nnd
grouching about hard times, don'l.
for heaven's sake, talk to a merchant
or banker thai don't advertlBO.
The Burton mine just west of the
town Is to start operations again bigger and stronger than ever, under tbe
able management of 0. 0. Thompson,
the well known Calgary hustler. Several Calgary financiers and mining
experts were looking over tlie property Inst week.
C. Ferguson, the well known Roosviiie valley rancher, was in Elko this
Carter ami Roberts, both of Elko,
arc putting in a big cump near the
Burton mine for the winter, cutting
tics antl mine timber.
Jim Thlstlebeak luys there's a
whole lot of things going to happen
to the International trouble makers of
tho world before Thanksgiving day.
Thc sinking of the Qalway Castle will
help the dirty Hun's peace move. Go
to It, you Allied heroes.
n uii>\i;ii notes
ITI..::. "/ai »"--" t**£t yaur
LiCKi-ach, i'ver er blood is
out oi' on£er, renew their
"■Bast's by taking
Ij-i-f-c-t £ale of anr Mediciue Id the World,
iu'... ctcrjrwtacra.   Is boict. 2Bc
Althougli wo cannot Bay thai the
big dance given by the "Six Wardnor Angela" In the Club Hall un Friday. Sept. .:'•. proved to be a howling
success, we can honestly Bay thut it
was n-TTut'L'vs. jn aplto ot the knocks
and Blamn wheh were giyen to it by
neveral people who utood outside the
dance hall nnd Informed all parties
coming in that it was n German affair. .Nov. everyone in the hall took
this as an insult n.:'.l it resulted In
several tongue battles. The girls gave
ibis dance In order to keep the town
lively In spirit and if there had been
tuiy coal) left over they would gladly
have give:] ii toward sonic patriotic
fundi ns il was they Just cleared expenses, The "Six Wardner Argels"
wish to thank Mrs. Kdmonslon's orchestra In particular for the excellent mtifllt they liiinishcd throughout
the evening. It was enjoyed by everyone -.resent. The Angela also
wish to express their thanks to those
that wore present for coming cut and
helping the girls lo make the dance n
V. N. Feldhausen made nbusiness
trip to Spokane Thursday. Mo will
return  \Vednosday.
A very pleasant evening was Bpont
at the heme of Mr. and Mrs. John
Laweon on Monday. The evenng wa:
occupied with games, dancing and
Binglng, At a into hour light re-
froslunenta wore served. Those present were Mrs. T. Duncan, of Cranbrook, Miss D. Feldhausen, Mra.
Thompson, of Cranbrook, Miss Hilda
Baton, Miss Thirza Johnson, Miss Millie Barnes, Miss Margarel FeldliauBon
Mr, and Mrs. J. I.awson.
Local Overflow
Some one remarked the other day
that it was a long time since there
was a hanging In Cranbrook and lamented the fact thut the red blood of
the old timer waa getting so thin. Nobody seemed able  to get up a good
healthy holler.   Why don't somebody
gel out on the street und yell—ft good
strenuous wur whoop In tbe dead of
I night, that would wake us all up ln
: a stage fright, with our hair standing
ou end and our skin all stuck   out
j with goose flesh?   Wfliy don't a gang
for cow boys or lumber jacks or niln-
| ers- or bank clerks rush along baker
street uud shoot up the lown nsteud
of having this ali happen in a picture
show?     Or  why   don't  some  much
abused    wife    grab up a smoothing
iron, chase her brutal husband out of
the house and knock his block off
Ask the shades of the past for the
reason why?
party woU west by the main line.
Two of the director;-, 0. .R. Hosmer
und W. D. Matthew-', went through
by the Crews Nest, arriving at Cranbrook Saturday noon, where they
made a half hour stop. While thoy
were in the city they were whirled
around to tbe different points of Interest by W. A. Nesbit. Both Mr.
Hosmer and Mr. .Matthews are directors of the Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. as well as of tho C. P.
R. and will inspect t h company's
works at Trail. Charlie Mugeo, the
oldest engineer in the service of tiio
C. P. R„ had the honor of attaching
his engine to their special train and
j carrying them forward on their wes-
! tern journey, and the engine was all
| dolled up for the occasion.
Phono us your wood orders, dry or
j green. Cranbrook Trading Co.
1    Cod   helps   those   who   help   Miotn-
I selves. Those who will nol help them-!
selves, Cod help them.
Grace 13. McClure foil onl of .i swing
" ct tlie school and broke her arm.
A full lino of flour substitutes, oat
flour, corn Hour, barley Hour, rye flour
buchwheat Hour, corn (Hour," rolled
oats, etc,, we buy by ear loud and can
save you money on flour, ele. See
our prices Crnnbrook Trading Co.
j Crnnbrook is n magnot that draws
j back everybody whoever resided here.
i Old Cranbrookltes are now returning
In flocks. It is worth while living
] nt thla season of the year, if only for
j the sunshine and ctnr'ty of its atmosphere,
Friday night, Sept. 20th. is the great
Thousand dollar Dance. Will you be]
there? If not. you will sure be n lonesome boy or girl, aa all your compan-
I will be there nnd you will die a
confirmed old bachelor or maid. This!
is an opportunity of a lifetime to help
out tho boys; don't you dare to bo n I
If yon want the Herald lo publish a:
real good newspaper, you have n very
important part to play. The Herald
must visit weekly In every home;
the advertising columns must be more
liberally patronized by our local business men and all the job work that
we are equipped to do must be pul in
our hands for execution. Try us out
until the end of the year and see if we
do not give you the worth of your
City Pay Sheet
The following .accounts were passed at tlie recent fneetlng of tlie council, Monday, Sepia:
Bullman Brothers!  *   14 50
Oranbrook Sash ind Door Co    44 50
Crnnbrook   ElecuTlc   T.lgllt  207 86
Cranbrook   Herald      74 37
Sir Thomas Slmug'inessey end his j cranbrook Cartage Co      87 15
retinue nre on a tour of Inspection of city Transfer Co      i)5 55
tiio western lines or the C. P. II.   At  Hnnson Oarage    "      2 26
Calgary Sir Thomas with  the main  Imperial Oil Company      40 28
The Plain Truth about-
Shoe Prices
IEATHER is scarce and is growing scarcer. A
large part of the available supply must be used
j for soldiers' boots.  Importations have practically ceased and we are forced to depend
upon the limited quantity of materials produced in
The cost of everything which goes into a pair of shoos is
high, and is going higher. Workmen by the thousands have
joined the colors, and labor is increasingly hard to get. lt is
not merely a matter of high prices, but of producing enough
good quality shoes to go around.
These conditions are beyond the control of any man, or
any group of men. They fall on all alike. No one is exempt—
neither the manufacturer, the dealer, nor the consumer.
You must pay more today for shoes of the same quality than
you did a year ago.  Next Spring, prices will be higher still.
These are hard facts. They will not yield to argument.
They cannot be glossed over, Wc cannot change them, much
as we would wish to do so.
But you, as a wearer of shoes, can help to relieve them if you
will exercise prudence and good judgment in purchasing. See
that you get real value for your money. Spend enough to get
it, but spend nothing for "frills."
See that the manufacturer's trade-mark is stamped upon the
shoesyoubuy. High prices arc a temptation to reduce the quality
in order to make the price seem low. But no manufacturer will
stamp his trade-mark upon a product which he is ashamed
to acknowledge. Remember this, and look for thc trade-mark.
It is your best assurance of real value for your money.
t,   v   V '
"Shoemakers to the Nation"
When you buy Shoe* look for—
. I
Kootenay Tolephone Lines ...   17 60
Little   &   Atchison       7 60
Manning  J      3 65'
McBride J.  D      3 00
Payrolls— ~" |
Police     335 00
Cfficlnls     277 50.
Fire Department    327 60
Engineer Department   446 25
Parks P. & Co    34 10
Fnrrctt T. N      ■ *•
Sundry Cash  Payments    212 68
Sonen W   18 00
Wins Charlie ..'      1 60
School Payroll   2625 37
Total    14883 41
it's a
Wyoming fflanch
Real Wild
West Show
Not a Moving Picture
Thrills Comedy Thrills
The Premier Attraction at the
Western Canada Fairs this Season
Champion   Saddle   Rider
CASEjY   g
Sixteen-year old   Wonder
Broncho Rider
Youngest Girl Trick-Roper
uud Spinner llll
Champion    Lady    Brone
■ery meal
This Comedian alone is worth the price of admission.
Many other acts go to make up a two hour performance.
Bring in your Wild Horses. $25. in cash to any we fall
to Ride.
CRANBROOK,        bTc
Two Shown—8. p. in. •nd 8 p. in.
The dates are October 2nd and 3rd.
Paste this in your head.
The secretary haa received requests
for Prize List from Lethbrldge. Mac-
I.eod, Plncher Creek and several other
places outside the district, which Indicates that the Oranbrook Fall Pair ls
pretty well advertised.
The Directors are dlsirous of having
as many merchants represented ln the
main building as the place will accommodate. Those who want spacs
should make their wants known to the
secretary as soon as possible.
All exhibits should be ln place by
9 p. m.. October 1st. The Fair grounds
will be open all day October 1st to receive exhibits.
Tlte Boucher Carnival Company will
supply the mid-day attractions.
Bids will be received by the secretary tor the prlvelege of selling refreshments tn the refreshment booth,
lower grounds. No refreshments will
bo sold ln the main building thla year.
Mr. A. Sandhoffer expert aviator
will malte aeroplane flights each day.
Youngs ladies who may be desirous of
accompanying Mr. Sandhoffer on his
r iglits should send their names to the
Contractors aro now very busy fixing up tho grounds and buildings so
thnt everything will be ln Tip-Top
shnpe for the Fair.
It was found necessary to remove
severul trees and level up the grounds
in tlie Inner field to facilitate a landing for the aviator.
The merchants of the City are requested to decorate their premises for
the Fair.
Remember that all exhibits must be
in place by 9 p. m. October 1st, the
day before the opening date.
Tenders  for Refreshment Booth on
Fair grounds
Tenders will be received by the secretary P. O. Box IS up to noon, Wednesday, Sept. 25th for JJ_ie refreshment
booth on tiie Fair grounds for the two
days of the Fair.
rrom North boundary of lot 2873, and
will he used for domestic purpose upon the land described ?.s Sub-Lot No. 1
of Lot 2873. This notice was posted
on the ground on tlie 17th day of Aug-1
ust, A copy of this notice and au|
application pursuant thereto and to
the "Water Act, 191'," will be filed |
la the office of the Water Recorder,
at Cranbrook, Objections to tne application ma;/ be tiled with Iho said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C. within thirty days
after the first appearance of this not-1
ice ln a local newspaper. The date of,
the first publication of this notice Is1
September 5th, 1918. ]
27 94
9-10 96 "
6 146
The above properties will be offered subject to an upset price which
will be disclosed ut the time of sale.
Terms und conditions can be ascertained nt the office of the undersigned.
T. M. ROBERTS, City Clor*.
Crnnbrook. li. Q, September llth, 1918.
Pursuant to a resolution passed at
a meeting of the Council held on Sept-
ember the 9th, 1918 J will offer for-!
sale on Monday the 30th day of Sept-
ember. 1918 at 11.00 a. m. City Time
In the Municipal Building Norbury.
Avenue, Cranbrook. B C. the following i
properties :-
LOT .    BLOCK .    PLAN |
12-13 30 lltillb
16 30
28 31
23 36 669
24 35-
16-17 40
6                            94
12-13-14                 94
Feather Light
The users  are  the  Con-
The rates for advertisements In this column under a classified head Is as
follows: Three lines, one Insertion for i'x„ three insertion* of the same
ad. 50c. fcirger ads In proportion...
TIIE STAB SECOND HANO STORE  LADIES' AND CMLDREN'B underlet  of  Bargains  this   Week,     lelptblng, socks and stockings mended;
 |hoil and tuble linen end curtains also
PHONOGRAPH—Edison   Home,   two mended.   MARY- ISABEL- BUTLER,
dosen records; »20. 102 Clark Ave., cor. Louis St.
ORGAN— Double manual; fit for
church or school; cost (300; sacrifice for ItiO.
DE COTTAOB—Two lots, fencod,, electric light nnd water. Close to Bchool.
Apply  Herald office. tf.
A GOOD RANGE of heaters from »:i
Diversion nnd Use
TAKE NOTICE that Jamos Sanderson whose address Is Bald HOI, Cranbrook will apply for a licence to taae
and use 500 gallon per day of water
out of a spring, also Known as Gr.-nts
Spring, which flows Eastward and
sinks 30 foot from Its source. The
water will be diverted from the stream
at a point atant sixty three feat from
Best twimdaty otlot 1171 oast MM
Phone 9; If yon want to buy anything
Phone 9
WANTED—Men and tennis for logging operations. Apply lo J. A. Tor-
mey. Copelaml, Idaho. :i4-:u-p
horsepower gasoline engine and drag
saw for rutting wood.   C. Godderls.
spring; v/orth XI each; $3.60 apiece;
brand new.
has moved to a more convenient location, nearer Baker street, next to
Patmore Bros.
FOR SALE—Sow 111 pig. Apply to
F. GotlderlB, city. 36-3t-p
CAR FOR SALE—Sooond hand lu
•rood conuttlon, can bo seen nt the
Queen's hotel on Friday, Sopt. 20. lt
LOST—One Strawberry Roan Horse,
full White face. Branded I. S. left hip.
Last Seen Elko, B. C, Reward, Downs
and Retnecke, Flagstone,
WANTED—Boy to milk a few cows
and assist In the garden. Apply Box
72, Herald office; 33-tf
CAN your Fruit and Vegetables,
meat or fish, by tlie Steam Pressure
System. Sopd for Catalogue and
prices of Home and Commercial Canning Plants. Equipment Dept., Vancouver Island Fruit Lands, Limited,
Belmont Bldg., Victoria. B. 0
FOR RENT—Modern Bungalow, For
particulars apply to C. Van Broam.
Phone 404, or P. O. Box 428.      34-tf
WANTED-Nurae girl Apply to Mra.
ft ft Bomvd, ■ossmU tut.    tt-tt
FOR SALE—A Ford Touring Cor ln
good condition. Address Box 1, Horald otBce. ItVtl


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