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Cranbrook Herald Aug 25, 1910

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turn out the bed clan
ol work
no. an
Methodist General Conference
Orand Old Man ef Methodism Delivers Vigourous
Quadrennial Address
A notable feature of llie Methodist
general con Ie rei ie e, which wns in session nt Victoria last wH;, wns the
quadrennial address dol Pored liy llie
veteran general Biiperltitensleiil, How
Dr. Carman.
While (tie siiperiiilt-riinil hhows
somewhat the effect ol veins 111
trembling hands, there is still iln
saute old ring in his voice ami In-.
address, ns ever, is full of .subject nl
thought (or the conference It Is a
lengthy sloriiiiii'iit mnl occupied over
two hours in tlie reading. It chronicled un increase of,SI,700 in tlie
membership of the church in the
i|imilri'iiiiium, of which fi.fiOI) was in
the lust year.
Taking the qiiatlretii ium us a
whole there lias been an Increase in
all regards except class leaders,
where there is a decrease of a thousand. The conference is warned lo
"beware Jesi we make rich men n
necessity to us anil in a wny to mir
ecclesiastical movements. The money power is a tremendous power anil
even iu the hands of well meaning
men it may he mis-stireeled, More
than once in the history of Unchurch this money power has checked
its progress and Involved it in shame
and at least temporary defeat."
Of church union the superintendent
says that if the problem alter al!
proves too great for the churches
tbey must learn to direct their armies in well-ordered battalions upon
tbe commoo foe. In part Dr. Carman said:
Dearly Beloved    Fathers ami Hreth*
In the wonderful Providence of
God, our Heavenly Father, in the
due sueeessism of tbe ytars, at the
appointed time, in this city of Victoria, British Columbia) wc are
gathered together iu the fellowship
nf Christ and the unity ui His Spirit
and His church for lhe perfortnanei'
of the duties required ol n general
conference, the exercise of its functions and the enjoyment of its privileges. Kveryone of us .should comprehend fully, and .should he deeply
impressed with the consideration of,
what is demanded of bim in this
capacity and relationship. Iu tin*
lirst place, we nre the servants of
the ever-iiving ami unchangeable God,
infinite in wisdom, love and power.
Were we lift called to present anil
vigorous action, the consideration of
that statement ami meditation upon
it in all its bearings might easily
absorb all the time Allotted for our
conference. While we may tint abide
in tlie tjiiiet and fruitful mysticism
of such a meditation, we certainly
need all the moral ami spiritual force
we tnighi gather from it, from such
communion witb Cod, and such exercise of faith, prayn and holy consecration us (Ih* most earnest mimiv
t»f our Fattier, God, Implies Wt
must do our work as rorstantl) In
the light of (ntd, faithfully as tbr
profoundest gratitude and clear*-*, in
telllgchcc might rail (or at our
bands. And wc must do it in the
light ol the full and Infallible i'-<:
at ion of Himself in the Holj Snip
line, and with an unfailing sense ol
our constant dependence upon      ibe
guidance ami assistance nl His m.i
blessed I■«>]> Spirit; so w-.r-img In
Him, to Him and for Him. our vork
shall not  be in vain  in  the t.oi.l
Thin wc ha\t- a conKtHucnc*. of
this World, Which also we musl srni
according to the mind ami will     ol
(tod The Church is tb- aunt ol
Ihe  living <■■'■*.   fighting  Ilia battles
in au enemy's country, foi tbe faith
as delivered tn tin- saints -onl toi
(be rightful sovereignty ol tbe King
ol  Kings      Sun-It   WO are sadly     at
fault i( we mat ><i neglrcl the ofll
ClonOJ   ol  its battalions, nt   the    sue
cess of its operations. It we aie
not some wa> vitallj connected with
the church, ileaih Identified "111) its
movements, aud deeply Intcreated iu
its prosperity, we have no business
here. The heathen, even the most
benighted of Ihem, are within tlie
provision aud operations of the
Kingdom o( God; but such may be a
long way oil from tbe cburcb of the
|lvmg God, tbe pillar and ground of
the truth. Tbey have all the moral
anil spiritual advantages of nature in
themselves nnd in the universe about
them; yet they seldom make headway iu religious knowledge nr life.
Tbey rather sink into Ignorance, immorality anil spiritual death, us the
history of (be nations clearly demon-
strutcs. But the church of God is
founded on tbe revelation uf (iml in
Jesus Christ, superadded in tlie light
of nature, nnd is instinct with divine
life ami power. The chinch is a
(•uicksnml, organized, supernatural!?
uiul for its purpose omnipotenth
•Aggressive energy, directed, supplied
ami susUiacd from heaven lor    tbe
moral und spiritual conquest of tii
We repent, the church is the arm
of the living Ood, waning lo establish tlie Kingdom of His L'hrlsl
lint the weapons of our warfare nie
uot. carnal, hut mighty through God
to tin- pulling down of strongholds
In tbe interest of this church of (iml
have  we    come    logo (her   to take
< liscl, lo form our plans, to liml.
after our defences, to giinrsl and increase our resources, nnd tu push on
our campaign. Tlie words of the
covenant ami vow of the minister in
tho solemn admonition and pledge of
ordination may not be unsuitable lo
any of us in this hour? "Have always printed iu your remembrance
how great a treasure is committed
to your charge. If it shall happen
the church or any mem lier thereof do
take any hurt or hindrance hy reason of your negligence, ye know llie
greatness of the fault, and also the
fearful punishment lhat will ensue."
And may the Spirit of Christ give
unto everyone of us, ami to us all
collectively, the needed wisdom unl
strength for llie deliberations ami
decisions of this conference.
During tlie quadrcnnium now closing, brethren faithful, honored ami
beloved, members of our last general
conference and of the connexions I officiary, have entered Into their rest.
Let us stand at ease fur a moment
with bowed heasl while we reverently
speak the names of conncxtonal officers departed; ami of members of
the general conference of 191)0 in
everlasting glory crowned. In tbo
conference of our Maritime provinces, Itev. Dr. Charles II. Paisley an.I
Rev. William Pobsqn are two brethren of whom all of US wtuld probably lirst think. Hro. Paisley was n
ripe scholar, a sound reasoner, conservative in his theoretical positions, a careful disciplinarian, a successful man in llie del,I and a vigorous instructor in the chair of tl ■
college Hro. Dobson was a prince
among bis fellows in the nulnit. an i
iu his original, thoughtfii! aud scriptural discourses aroused public attention, and furnished the gonen 1
mind with stimulus and knowledge
In tin- Central conference the well-
known figures of .lohn Potts, William
II vnthrow, Alexander Sutherland,
T 0. Williams, s. fi. Stone anl
David Winter engage our attention,
To the contemporaries of their at>
! career, so prominent were they
iu every gi»t«i word ami work and
closely connected therewith, one
almost wonders how Methodism sut
■s their lament sil ilea tii. Who
shall estimate what Methodism In
Canada owes to that faithful soul,
John Potts? vnd possiblj not l«s
li due io that Indefatigable worker
and that possessor of wide and cn-
ricd scholarship, William H. Uith-
rovt Noble men' The; loyall* .,: I
Intelligently consecrated every eii-r. >
of tlieii lie.ng to the ht.-hest iiitei-
ests <<f Christ's Kingdom In tie
pulpit .Mm Potts reigned among*-.)
the people lo a plain, effective pn
aentatlon <<i tbe Gospel <>f God. The
monuments of ids power as a conncx
lonal leader are among ns in out colleges ami educational work The
eminence nf w II, Wllhrow among
scholars and his distinguished tiici
■m abilities, sanctified t<- tin* service sif his Lord, marvellously enriched <>in Sunday school publications
and gave tn the sj-eii tu s cf ot i
young people, Indeed to our entire
church, a varletj and suitableness nl
n-a.lint; ami Study, a heart ol patriotism and a soul of power, ulm-e
Influence will be deeplj bit and lis
bar vests rlcblj (pirnered f<<i generations to come
In sorest grief, yet in thankfulness
and hope, we contemplati r recent
iH-reaieineiil as we bo* i.vitintl. 111
deepest sorrow al Ihe grare of \lev-
ander Sutherland. Altei the estimate of men where bad we a mightier
man among nsi Who ever did a
nobler life work"* His memorials am
tin seas nml plains ami mountains to
tbe ends of the earth.
The (|iiadrennium just i losing has
been otie of reninrkabV activity iu
several direct ions in nttr Zlon. Our
last general conference, prompted by
faith nml courage, undertook great
things in the name of the i.ord
Jesus, and at last some wonderful
things, tbrtuigh His Spiril, have
been , accomplished There    an-
among us, however, those who hc-
wail, nnd certainly mil without reason,  tbe absence     of  mam   spirilu.il
manifestations that characterised our
religious Condition and progress in
former years. Tliey nny, and they
say truly, tbe cliiss-miwtlngs nre no)
by any means attended as they since
were; nttr are they at atl clearly Indicative nf peisuiial religious exper-
I        (t\»ttnu-*d ua page three.)
Oriental Immigration Question
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Clearly Sets Forth Liberal Policy on this
Vexed Subject
"Two considerations Influenced tbe
government's course in dealing with
Hi.- problems of Asiatic immigration.
They are in*, views, and upon them
I place myself iu the judgment ol the
people of Hritish Columbia ami of all
"M\ first ideal and conception is
Ihal of empire Looking to the fact
liml lhe interest of Kngland is
worth while, it shouLl bu our paramount consideration BS Canadians
find Hritish subjects to preserve
frfendlj relations between Grent
Hritain and Astltlcs.
".My second thought is of economic
conditions, if we admit Indescrlm-
Inate, unchecked immigration from
the Orient, the good relations whieli
ught to evist cannot be maintained.
Therefore immigration must he controlled, checked and kep* within reasonable bounds
t)ur conclusions arc the same,
our ends Identical. Hul we differ in
methods Vou hove looked at the
lUCSlion from the viewpoint of a
labor man. I have lo-da-d nt thu
question from the viewpoint of the
whole British empire. While you
have sought to obtain restrictive
and hostile legislation by harsh act
s.f parliament, I have fought to obtain the same result by diplomatic
and friendly negotiations aud mutual
agreement. Heforc you denounce me,
may I ask you frankly and fairly
which is the more conducive to the
peace and dignity of *le empire?
Canada bas rights to affirm ami duties to assume. It i< my ambition
hat Canada, while scouting her
rights, shall prove a wortbj daughter
<f tbr Mother Land."
lu clear-cut, earnest words Sir
Wilfrid laurier devoted bis attention
to a remarkable analysis of the ie\-
•l question nf Asiatic immigration
nnd bis ideals in dealing with it Id
the course of a speech in Vancouver.
■■I have realized that the question
l all questions in Hritish Columbia
Is that of Oriental labor As my
purpose in tbis tour is to meet and
reason with the people foi the common country, I propose to confer
with ton for some little time on llie
question of Asiatic immigration, to
discuss frauklv with you tin- policy
of mv government aud '.he \iews I
hold on this    subieet       It  had been
said that (la- east .lid not appreciate tli<- situation Tin- question
concerns       nol     British    Columbia
lone." said the prime minister. "It
concerns the whole of tcnada, nay.
it aflects Kngland and the whole of
the Hritish empire S« bt us di*.*
i and shape our pol in as Canadians lor the common gotwl s.f Canada, old England and our empire"
Having defined the two ideals lhat
governed tbe consideration of the
problem, sir Wilfrid expressed concurrence in the view tbat Immigration from the Orient musl Ik* controlled Kor countless generations
Ibe nations of Asia had been ground
down under despotism in ,  condition
ot penury nud subjection as tu food,
garments and lodging* Frugality
bad become sordid ness-, ami the
Oriental wns abb- lo work for a
traction ol the wage nece&sni'y to
maintain a white man iu tcsjn-ctahll-
ity To admit the \ in tic Indiscriminately under such circumstances
would Im- to create au tcriiopilc uis-
turbancc, fraught with evil consequences.
The premier reviewed Uil history of
lhe problem. Under the government of Sir John Mucdnnatsl a head
lax of S'di was pul on the Chinese.
The present government was asked
tu increase lhe tux lo fallll and put
the same amount on th,. .Japanese.
With the first proposition he lind agreed.     There were no Cumuli r
imperial relations, diplomatic, commercial or otherwise, to ue affected.
With Japan it was diffetcnl Close
friendly relations existed with the
government of Queen Victoria-
"I have compunction in inflicting
indignity on a friendly power," was
\he premier's observation, lie ne*
conlingly held a conference with the
■Japanese consul, explaining that his
notion was a friendly power, but he
musl recognize (he different status of
civilization prevailing in Ibe two
countries. The premier appealed io
the consul not to force Canada lo
repel bis people, uud suggested tbal
the Japanese government control the
matter itself. Tin- result was an
engagement to limit      Jap
anese Immigration to Canada to mti per ".ear, which operated from 1001 to 1007, Then Ihe
governinent of Japan turned a n-w
leaf, adopting many Britjf.li Institutions. Canada became a patty to
the Hritish commercial treaty ivlth
Japan. In 1007 there was a sudden
influx of Japanese immigration It
was charged that tb,- treaty had
over-ridden the agreement. Hon. tt.
I.emiciix was dispatched to Toklo and
was able to secure the re-enactment
of immigration restrict ions. This
undertaking has been scrupulously
observed to the prescnl time. "I
say <>n my reputation as a public
man. ibat this understanding has
been fully ami honorably maintained
by Japan."
Hut another problem presented iu
m-w Asiatic Immigration, this lime
from tbe Hritish country of India.
The Hindus are subjects if the King,
yet the same economic reasons militated against them.
"These men," said Sir Wilfrid,
''could iiot be turmM had* ignomin-
iously by a man who prides himself
on Isciiu*; a Hritish subieet. True, the
color of the skin was not the same,
but they were British subjects, many
t<( them wearing British uniforms and
lighting Britain's battles. I sen)
my colleague, Mr King, io Calcutta.
His mission was confidential, but
since that time not anothel man has
come from India. Now, frankly,
wbicb is the better method! Was
not my vision as goosl as the vision
of those who attacked mt?"
Hritain hud great Interests on the
Pacific The premier had noted
with profound pleasure thai lhe
sentiment of Vancouver was [ntctisetj
iu favor of Canadian citizenship and
British connection, sir Wilfrid related the history of century after
century of Oriental ins luslvcucss,
Kilty years ago Japan energed from
the lethargy in many of Ihe arts of
peace, and certainly in the an of
war. Old Mother England was the
first to realize the new condition.
The Anglo-Japanese alliance, to the
glory of Lord Lnnsdowne, secured
lite frontier id India against Russian
aggression. The masses of the
people iu the Orient were awakening
to the dignity of man. California
attempted to humble the Chinese,
and Chinese-residents and the presl
dent of the United State.*, had to go
down on bis knees to hog local authorities to cbungo their tactics.
Britain adopted a different method
The policy of Home in the old world
was the policy of Britain in the
new. Under Moriey and MinM
Britain coped wills tbe m-w conditions in India in the British way.
They were severe with lhe demago*
gue aud agitator, but recognized tbe
new spirit by calling upon the natives to take part iu the government.
"This is the story of Kngland,"
declared Sir Wilfrid, "and worthy ol
emulation by her daughteis in all
their dealings.
"The days are past,-*' concluded the
premier, "when it is politic to mat
other races with contempt and
harshness. Let us follow Britain's
example and treat all men with
fairness and equity. If for economic
reasons distinction must be drawn,
let it not he done hy harsh mandates, but my mutual agreement'!'1
Sir Wilfrid referred to the awaken
ing of tbe white world to tlie desirability of Oriental trade. Kngland
and (iermany and the I'nitcd States
were vicing in their efforts to capture
it. Canada was behind Kngland anl
bad the advantage of beim. the nearest neighbor.
"Men are men," said Sir Wilfrid,
"and the Orient will prefer to ileal
with those who treat her with respect rattier than with those who
treat her with contempt." He saw
no reason why Canada should not
cultivate an exchange of bread for
"When I come again to Vancouver
loon, for it must bo soon nr not at
nil, I hope, nay, I um sure, I sliall
find the harbor second to none on
the continent with fleets of steamers plying between China Japan, India and this great port. To attain
the best ends, material as well ns
moral, let us act as true Canadians,
true British subjects, and so behave
that the flag of Old Kngland shall
mean to the Orient what it means to
us—Freedom, Justice and Emancipation."
The -Mid Man's" Menage inCnnbrciA
from lhe Irrigation Cngtcntiui
I K. Simpson, of Kamloops, win.
was appointed Cruiibroo**; tmard of
trade delegate to tbe Irrigation Con-
grcsi at  Kamloops, has reported    as
follows tn the secretary:
Ibat Sir: I hate bad no lime lor
writing letters, and even now I can
only wrsle briefly. I want to thank
tbe board of trade for the honor conferred ami  the cotitideiic.- shown     in
appointing me a delegate lo the litigation contention held in this dI)
last week, uml assure you thnt I
appreciate vour kindly aci very much
Tbe convention aras a meat success
from any Standpoint on*' may care to
vii\\ it. It was lhe largest iu point
of attendance ami im.si interesting,
so far as papers read ami tbe intelligent and practical discussions thnt
follow ed Tbe    11> mini mii govern
ment was most ablv represented lu
Senator linstock nnd Marl in llurrell.
M.I', while tin- provincial gotcrn-*
ment was represented by Premier
McBride, who delivered a strong ail-
dress at tbe opening of the convention, and Mr Shaw, Ml' I'., nf this
II would he SUpCrflUOUS for li.C to
attempt to go Into detail, as n most
excellent reporl was printed in thr
Herald of your city. But permit unto presume on lhe fact Ibat 1 am a
"Crenbrool Old Tuner," and say    to
llie        people        of Kast Koti-
tenay that tlm must
wake up on ibe question id ir-;
must wake up un the question of ir-:
rfgut ion. South Kast Kootenay is [
destined to be a wonderful section J
when its magnificent agricultural resources arc developed, and like many
sections, tbe work uf irrigation must
bt* carried on hj companies of large
capital or by tbe government. At
least some of you .in1 familiar with
the North Yakima district in tin*
State of Washington. Not many
years ago it was a small eountrj
village. Irrigation, howi ver, has
transformed il Into a large and
thriving city with values vastly ln-
creased, both In city ami agricultural \
property.: Its onlj resource is fruil
raising and agricultural products and
this marvelous trai formation has
been wrought by tb means of irrigation, it is needle- tor me In refer
to greal Irrigation projects in Alberta, Idaho, Washington, Oregon
and of Cali.ornfa, projects thai are
being or have been carried lo a
successful oonsurnation nnd are redeeming thousand*! anl lens, yes,
even hundreds of thoiisanda of arid
acres. Irrigntiiui todaj i* a science
and these Irrigation conventions nre
lhe mediums through which the
knowledge of this ri lenw is being given lo tbe people of Western Canada.
Next year the convention will be
held In Calgary, nnd permit me to
snidest  that    ftoutb    Kast  Kootenay
should hate a large and representative delegation tin 11' The fill lire of
South Kast Kootenny depends largo*
ly upon the development of its ag-
iicnltiiial lands, and tie future of
CranbrtMik surely depend* upon (be
growth and prottpciity cl the      din
Irict* If ynu want to make an Irrigation enthusiast of it man living
in a -sectisin wliere irrigation can be
beneficially applied, let bim attend
one of these conventions. fit* Incomes an enthusiast simply because
he secures the knowledge that convinces him of the untold value and
Importance  of  scientific  irrigation.
(io t<> Calgary iis-.vt  veat  and attend
the sessions regularly     Oo not   on
one or two perfunctory delegates, but
go ax people Interested iu the important proposition of material home
development. Vou will not regret
it. and go to bring the ntJCl contention to Cranhrook. It will pro* ■
a power of good to the district,
since it will give every man in the
district interested it. irrigation au
opportunity of gaining futtnet Information ou tbis nil-important subject.
Thanking you again for tbe honor
conferred, and with the best wishes
for South Kast Kootenay and good
old Cranhrook, 1 remain,
Very truly yours,
F. K. Simpson
All applications nnil t*nd*ri fur
privileges uiul conceulonii nl tho
Cranbrook Kali Fair mutt Ix* In llm
li.in.ls nf Hi.. Sj-ccrotarf in.I      luiir
lliiiii Th.iiN.liiv, s.*pti*i:il»*r mii
r IvVi-ri* Hnnl. Secretary
•;ii-*!t       W. II  Harden. Prealdrat.
Ili.-r v.... tried an oleotrio Iron
yet. fall and i*e them —Tin* Qlialn
l*:ir.*tll.*il SiiJ'lilj  Co.
Kragg Murderer Killed
Hartin Hellar Shot Down by Police Within 48
Hours of the Murder of Palmer
U'lial seems to have beer, n brutally unprovoked murder look place
on Siiturdiiy pveiilng m Kragg,
thirty miles south of Prtiile, on the
line of the Clrent Northern railway,
when Martin llellar, ;, rancher and
lumhei Jack, shot and killed William
Palmer, al the Kragg hotel, kept b;
the mother of the murdered man.
The shooting took place about sis
o'clock, while Mrs. Palmer, Police
man Lncey. of Kifco. and UartenjHfr
IJi-ri Rawson were iu \fte dining room
eating their evening tneal
While seated at the table a noise
like a muflled shot was heard in tlio
direction of (lie bur room, where
young Pointer was on *Ji)i>t t-dlow-ed
by Iwo 11 titers m murk s^*MssI«it
and Mrs pnlmer rttshM Into ttif bar
room to sn- what was the mat lei
At ihe door she met Merlin llellar
willi .1 rub' in his bauds and beyond
him she saw the form .tt hex sou in
a stooping posture with bis hand**
held to bis breast
When he saw his mother he ex-
claimed "He has killed we, mother
lie has shot me through 11V lung*; "
llellar said ' iu, I ham killed
III 111 and I will kill you, ton," hut
tho mother ruslicd post bim to the
tottering form o[ ber son and
throwing her arms about him as
Blsted him Into Uie dirtnp roott ,
where lie sank to tbe floor from loss
of blood, which was flowing freely
from bis mouth
Mrs, Palmer, when Been b\ a pr«\--
representative, after her arrival In
Penile with the dead tn'd*- ..( Ur
son. could not pive a un ilt-ar account of what followed hee-acuon
when she ran to ber son iu tbe bar
room, further than to state what nbe
herself had done, and .1 was uncertain whal action < *< -a<rabl< Latlty
and tho bartender took, ut'ti! a(t,*r
llellar bad left the house and .•.--<
walking down the railway track.
when it is Mated that Lacey followed after tlie man until lie was seen
by the fugitive, who tuned upon
him and levelling bis rifle a* him
told him to go back' .,r he wo-old
shoot him also Lacer, ha-inc
nothing but a revolver, had to turn
back. Heforc be could secure pr.'prr
arms and assistance, llellar bad di**-
As soon it-, young Palmer sat*****
down his biother had tbe u-lep&e-l
at work in an rffow to locate Dr.
Saunders, who is stations' I in .the
neighborhood; tfndMO hate tbe Tias*
senger train, then due. stopped in
order t<i cet ber son aboard ro brine
him to tin hospital at Pcrnli
hr Saundei - happened to be
aboard the incoming train, awl as
soon as he learned of the aflair. ordered tin* train belt] until the
wounded man could l* taken aboard,
and together wilh Mrs. Palmer the
journey t<> Fernie was begun Lrpon
examination, it was found that all
three shots had Taken effect One
entered the upper part of the breast
a little to tbe right of the center
line, one a little to the left and the
third had torn a ghastly bole in tbe
front part of the left shoulder
The two shots which had entrrM
tbe breast evidently bad penetrated
the upper portions of tht- lungs, and
as tin- bullets used were ol Tin- st.fi
nosed kind they must hare expanded
tearing greal rents as tbey- passed
through jpi
Neither of tlie.se -Tails passed
through tie- back. Tha* 'f-iuim frti
mer lived as lone as he did with"
such wounds in so vital a locality, >s
evidence of the iuperb vitality of tbe
young man He died on the train
somewhere between Raynes and Klko
Whet, taken Irom the tram acre
the parly presented a ghastl) siirl.t
Mrs. Palmer had held hei ion's head
upon ber bosun), when- hi*, lib* MoM
had crimsoned !-.t cloihim:.
The body   was  taken to SCOtt's un
der taking parlor*, where it was
rlewed on Sunday morning hy a jury
summoned by Coroner Bbasdell to
hold tlie iiii|uest After viewing the
bod}  tin- Inquest was adjourned    in
order to summons witnesses r.>r a
further hearing Mrs, Palmer was
mei u' the train by Mrs U. Duthle,
an old friend and acquaints nee, who
took hot !.. ber home
William Paltnci was 11 years t>(
A younger sun, wbo is working in
the mines at I'oal Creek, was notified of tbe tragic death of his brother ami was with bis mother at the
puthle home
Mis Palmer is well known in Fernle and ,n Coal Creek, where she resided for several years, keeping a
boarding house before removing to
Kragg In take possession ol the hotel
Lbore, 5ooi aftei the construction o|
'h- «j   \   railway to Fernle
\ married son resides at Lady-
si ■■'■ ai d a married daughter iu tho
Boundary country, both of whom
have been notified !*» wire and are
expected ta !-■ with then mother at
the burial ol Willium. Mi l*almer,
the failn-t oi these children, who has
been separated from his wili for sev-
[ernl years, ii ..,■ > -,. }.,. residing in
- Naii.umo
;    It   is   reported   thai  Mrs   Palmer
!iad    warned Ihe   police thai Hellar
was a liangero is person and that she
was afral I   that In   a >uld    attempt
.some Injury to h i sun oi ;.»     the
bartender,   towards    whom     Millar
j seemed to harbor some grudge,   owing to   bet    having   discharged ItJm
B DM  time aco from her employ, and
j it is thoughl I.. some tbal it     was
J th** bartender, aiw be thought    had
[usurped bis place, that be was after
! when he came to the hotel on Satui-
jday evening with his rifle ready   Ior
bis deadly w,.ik      li  [H not   known
just what took   plan- before      the
shooting   ns there was no oae in tbe
'bar room except voung Palmer   and
Martin II*liar   the man who    shot
laud killed Wm   Palmer al Kragg on
[Saturday evening was captured    on
! Monday   evening    after   an exciting
'. •••   'f  IS ;. mrs,    within a      few
[hundred yards --f tin- scene of      the
j tragedy on Saturday.     He had been
traced up the Klk river as far      as
[ Ingram's ranch   ai Sheep mountain.
where be had demanded aud obtained
tu*f\ or. Sunday      He was !<<st *-i-?ht
of after   that but   while   the   police
were" at  ,'tjw.ii   lake a mile     or two
from Kra;n;. be reappeared war   the
bptH and nffflng himself upon    tbt*
railway trarl* placed bis rifle across
his arm and   ooollj awaited results.
The police were notified and    when
tbey appeared, IWlar got up am) began to retreat t<. a place of safety.
The point- opened fire but be     .sitc-
ceeded ir gaining tf.e cover of      a
[thicket of bushes uninjured
Constable Gorman, of tin* Fernie
force, r-auzht nlghl of hint in an
opening and fired with deadly aim,
shooting Hellar through the body
just below tbe rib-.. Hellar stagirrr-
ed atid ran for a shack nearby 14*
raised his rifle in an effort to cover
t Gorman, wl.., was in pursuit, but
wars -inahte *o raise Ids gun to a
level. He gaim-d tbe cow of tbe
shack where be was lurronaded and
| in a few momei • I wa beard tn
1 sav, "It's all over boys, I'm ail in."
The police entered and he wa*. takrn
and it*oy&hi u, Fernle on 'li" Oreat
N'ofttfeaxti iratu*
,M.i.\., ih-ii> i di. d from tbe effocta
rtt'lii w«-unds m the Kernie lurspital
lit '< 10 o'-IJUfli on Tjesday morning
From stores concerning thi nmrder
that have come to band, it appean
'bat be bad ;i grudge agalnsl young
Palmer because of a icven tbraahlng
the tatter administer d i<* bio some
time ago. Bartender Itawsoa and
llellar bad bees i-tiar . . Hi liar
sad the he I ol llawToa and waj
punishing Ium severe,v when young
Pali:-: catne on th scene knocked
him down and kicked bim. Hellar,
at the lime, swore : i !*■ avenged and
doubtless the itmoting* affray o( last
Saturdav was the outcome of this
M udiie
uioarcsT   ami  REST l^T-^fl
Plans f«i the forthcoming Fall I
Fair, September Slat -and 23ml, arc
working oui nicely The various
committees nre all busy and satisfactory progress fs bfing made m rvrrv j
department Lleut.-Oov, Paterson
bas written ';• express regret thnt
a previous engagement will prevent
ins participating m tbe opening ceremonies,
Secretary   Muni is now in correspondence with Mr. .1, s Dennis,   ol
Calgary, ami hopes to secure       hr*
is noe:, on 'bat occasion.
Hcv. ('. ti Main has written from
Portland, tin*.T,'tht I mating that the
Roys Brigade will parade on tht* ex-
l.ibitioti grounds al fair time, and
give an exhibition of thejr drill. A
pri/e of $^"i will likely be hung up
for the. benefil of the youngsters.
There  is talk   of tbe    Cranbrook
boats! of trade offering a hand?-oiut
cash •pri/e |*,r lhe lust CSSS* Upon
the capabilities of Cranhrook district from an agricultural point of
Klsewla-n ii. this i-,mi(< ap-M-ar*. j
further list ol special pri/es offered
hy cltlrena and outsiders interested
in the MlCOCai of Cranbrook's big
Fait Fau,>cjjja-mU-r ilu mh\ 22ad. THE   t-KANBitOOK.   HMfiALD
... :.;,.*.......... ....:■ .ii..*;,   ,i*;.*,[**ii*:il*!Ii*iii*',Mi*','l';.'-..''jL'^MiMifli'Bii^iSMiaaaiaiaiiaisriaEiiS^^
riSiaiaisiaaiEii ■ '.■■:■      isiaaraiaisisiaiaisiaiEiBHi   ■■.'i-vsiasij&'pjaaiHiBJBiB^
I*-! ■■
i. .*
(.*) ,*
i.i ,*
p. tn.
: *•
■' El
i'i B
1*0 d
■ .
i.*! r.l
v!  .
p. tn.
laga*3BIBIBI3IBIBl^ia'3l^:.-). J iiBI^
EHEEiaisiSEiBiaiaisiaisisiSr' ■ "^la^Hawsi-'ras'siafsa'aEiBa^
Will Address a Public Meeting in the
Skating Rink on
Tuesday,   August  30th
Also addresses by Hon. QEORGE P. GRAHAH, Minister of Railways
and other members of the party.
Special Train Service arranged for convenience of Moyie residents and people along the line of the Marysville-Kimberley branch.
The Flyer will stop at Jaffray and Wardner on Tuesday, August 30th, for the convenience of those
desirous of attending the reception from those points.
J. P. FINK, Mayor, Chairman of Committee
R. B. BENEDICT, Secretary
************ TILE   UKAJN BltOOK.    HFAiAlA)
SUES*. St.LE 3£lii
The Society Girl Mining Company, Ltd.
MOYIE,   B. C.
Second  Annual   Directors'   Report
June   7th,. 1910
siiuv (iic Insl report wiib ruuduri'd MOO ftiol
of ili'vi'ln|iini'tit ws)ik tins I ii'1*11 done, iii a cob! ol
81 L.8U per fool, This work ooiibIbIi ol 2C foul
of mining, IJOH fool of oroBB-cuttin^ und *ViU fos t
uf slriliinu on lhe vein, whieli Iiob rusulled in
iho oiHuiing of ii lurgo bony nl' coiioontrutitiu
oro. burins the pasl your 81101.115 wai oxpeml-
rd un the now Wilson road uiul wlioii the
nneoiiiplcted portion of suid road is completed
l<> iih- Kn.i'i'iniii'iii. ore mny ho hauled from Ihe
iniiio at about oiie-hnlf of (tic uosl of hauling
over Iho old road.
.\iiinii iu tons uf erode oro, sorted from the
coiiceiitratiug oro, is un tho upper dump
nwnitin;' aliipmunl, mnl liter-' is tilsu n large
quantity ul' ore uu tho upper dump wliich tuny
bo shipped profitably when hauling facilities
art* improved upon,
Tho development work on the lower tunnel
lias not shown up the Bame character uf sire ns
that found in the upper workings, which leads
us to beliovo that we have not yet encountered
tho main oro body.
Tho work of developmout has nut shown up
enough crude uro for the property to bo self-
supporting, and tho company stands nt tins
date with a definite of $1,025.00, and in older to
continue the development uf tho property n
large block of stuck must be disposed of. or a
loan negotiated.
Orgnnized uu.lcr Iln* Intra of Oritisl. Colnnibin, ,lunu 1st.  I'jut*, i.n.l
s|ii*i*inlly limited imilcr SooHon (Ml of the Coni|)iiiiy'8 Aot, 1897,
Authorized  ..iiiiitiil $1,000,000, divided into I.OOi'.OiM*
Hlinrci. of the par value "f $1.00 enoli,   Fully
|mi.l ami uon-asBOBSuble.     51A.021
shares remain in ilu* treasury,
C. C. Farrell         - -          President
J. P. Farrell     - Secretary
D. A. Ayres          - -   Vice-President
Philip Conrad F. J. Smyth
Seven  Crown   Granted
I'lniinsi 100,000 shares J $100,000
Buildings, Tools, Rolling
8tock, Ralls, etc.-      -     2.H18..4H
Biilauce        -      ■      -   18,4511,01 I1-U.3IKU7
Capital  Stoek   1481,.'ITS
slinri'si       - - $120,943.75
Bills Puyable      -      .      1,025.72 $121,31)11,47
Slill!    of    Btocl
.   154,8
.  $li
. i1 *■'
I'rolil und l.us
if  Mil
i*  $11
* lllil-i'   Kx|ll>llSI
Repairs in I'm
Travelling   *
I onstructton nml
,413 10
Secretary's Sn
Sundry Expen
... .
Work nn Roai
8    -
Commission A
Aeo ts Reci
£04,735 17
N. W. BURDETT, Auditor
Moyio, B.O,, June 7th, 0)10.
50,000  Shares  are  now  offered  the   Public
at   122 c.  per share.
Applications   for   Stock   or   for   further   information   should   be   made   to
Arnold & Roberts, Agents, Cranbrook, B.C.
(C'ontiniipii from page our )
iiiicc in out membership     The prayer meetings do nol gather Into theii
weekly exercise nnd hallowed nssoci
at Ion any considerable number of the'
members ol our official boards,    noi \
lor that tnattei ol the general   congregation; ro that ii  i*. likclj       to
come i-i pass that one ses lion <l mn ;
people attend   to    out  temporal! Ms -
ami posslblj a   weal pi    if   not      n
smaller section, atts nd tu the spit it
mil Interests ..( ihe   chuieh.      The*
say thai the ■
of leagues and sfmifai
arr separalcd Irom thr old i
in our religion      eetl        and    thnt
hence there are not on thi
thr care ami nm lure lo |hr -
«>t experience which arr j
to spirttunl gnu* Mi and powei.   nm
on tl«* othei hand.
Rprvicea  quickened    bj thi    vivas r \
ami cheer <*f youth
While ti«) much ol this K ti
tlir evils complained -<i nn to bs i ■■*
Ii-rll'il   anil   .llt'l I. .1   .1--   !-.
be nble, II is also true tl.ai
respects undoubted nrii  i
provementn haw lieen made upon I In
methods unit m hlevemrnl • ■
dn) ■■     Though pel nonal reli
periencc mav nol I e wli u It n tt . ■
pjiiietlj ol lhe kind ni <li gree it was
in   innii cases,   iiu    ehurcl
whole lias    eei Inlhl)  srappled   w ith
tho missionary problem*     "f      iii■
world M il did not a      ■ ■■ liot .. o
li has also thrown itself mot* earn
estlj  I decided!"     Inl    tl
gles    fot    mot I ai d       *' rvfot •
I'..- Ihi)  if ii.i    ■    '        ■■*■ re
man. more ol metal order, more *<i
tin* kingdom ol hcav-en on eai th, .m.i
less of thr    Individual,   leu oi pet
si<iial experience, and ll n a]  be lei
ol a    technical    and even a Hi hi leal
theology,    This i-* precise!j  .1 case
where the one we ought  t-» *!■■   and
not leave the nlhei undone
Attendant upon llic growth of the
ohutch ami tlir multiplication, enlargement ami Improvement ol our
institutions has been the remarkable
increase ol tho liberality ol oui
people in their financial cunlrUiutii ns
to tho maintenance of the wort, tin
the one side as nn elfecl ol the
blessed operation ot divine grace upon the hcarl nml in llm movements
of tlie church, and on thp olliot side
as both a cause and occasion <>( thp
church's progress, this Increasing
liberality nltorda ahumlanl reason
for gratitude to Uml, ami fm commendation of Dip benefactors.
Tlie four ypars just ctohlng have
been charactcrixod by several remark-
able movements ami aetivilies in our
church life.     Tlie I.Hymen''- Mission
.uy Movement, ihs* Adult Hible Class   should mar so Inspiring a scene  Yet
Movement, the   expansion and      m j danger lurks even here.   The masses
creased intensity of the Student
Volunteer Movement, th* compactei
organization of the Sundaj schools
foi mission    tvork and Lhe ci opera
tl..-    Woman's   Mis
SoCietj  therein, the widening of   the
nut   moral reform   enterprises, their gratifj In \
Hie OhTcicni \  •■:   ■      . • vr.-i.i:
late, the appointment     I addit onal
force   for   Sunda)    m. <■■ ! and  1 '
worth   Leagues In tbel
the   ex
tension of Ihe   field aad
of the operations 0
" ' *
1   K
liint in the world     It is as
■ 1 .in rolls in
md poui
■    .
I lie
II si-i « that n
■ ■ real
it  Britain
and  ii 1'
1 Is   liuisl
bill!) ■ ii	
..■■*■    1      . '
Sea t "II. 11 ..1 1
mei  are hn ugh!
:.,- .i   al di
fi ii. ■    Indent t
ami then the) movs   *•*
! 111   look !■ reetull) I ward llic need
foi    ■ 1 !■ ■■ 111. ng oui  ft 1. 'ral     ups 1
Ints iwlencj.     lhe betts 1  lo preserve
1 inn unity,
, Q ratifying instances *<i lai ge
hcartedncss and open-hatnedness «'f
brethren am) friends in 1 in it outlook
over the church nnd country cheer on
nnd sustain the toiler; I'rlnccl)
donations ami bequests honor llic
name of Hie living ami halloa tin
memory of the dead. Nothing but
keenest appreciation ami sfneer -st
gratitude on the part of all cons n
til h a suitable recognition of these
faithful, loving thoughts nml deeds.
All honor to (he men whose bounties uphold ami Milan; 1 Institution . " long as it Is nol done nl
Lhe sacrifice of Hi*     chuich's honoi
ami Willi llie j n| I) ..I bel hlght-sl
Interests     li la truly n pit)     that
any     ieii..ii<in     or     CMl-bJonU-Dti
•I men easily loss'
tag ami sink mii
self-reliance,   and
shameful depend-
It seems ai times necessary to recall I lie Words of .lohn Wesley,    tlie
irlginating spirit of our Methodism,
thai wc are lo beware lest we make
n<li men a necessity  lo us ami in a
j   to    xut    ecclesiastical   movents     The money power is a tre-
: ndmts   power,   and even    in   the
ol well-meaning men it may he
initHlin-cted     There is a possibillt)
. ii en touiit their nionej    as
;., and in a waj almost un-
islj    t<>   theins, in-    become
onat*cd      and     scU-wlllcd
.in liuidiousneu und a   dc
■i itfulness in tins sin atl  well .is |n
1      More than un " in   the
oi     the    church thi ■   none;
powei lias checked Ms progress    ana
il in    shame ami at least
temporary defeat      And it is defeat
In an) way t.< becloud    nr color llie
..:  should siiitti  t h-ar      and
-Iron* iiiitn  ihe pulpit      II   is posi-
ad defeat to turn the edge 01
darken the gleam of tin- Sword    o!
Spirit,     which is tin-   word "i
Ood     "Wc pa)   l"i   it, and  w<-    uill
is im argumcnl here. Rich
si  be Hstcncd  lo like other
11-n in tin- church ol  God. However
Irsirable Unit counsel ami their aid,
lhe]    st, ceteris paribus, be taken
as, i'e counsel and Die aid if other
men Their ileeisions and measiir s
nits! 1.1- fudged in tin standards
that determine ihe merit of the decisions ami measures ol poorer men
in tin- liouse ol iiu Lord. Hut when
1 church in which there are men of
wealth would arrange toi its pulptl
01 plans tbat would seriously juror
utterly dislocate the connexlonal order, un plans ami relations utterly
unattainable i»\ poorer churches, and
Injurious lo them ami the church at
large, Hip wealth of such a church
exacts tno lui:li a loll, demands a
consideration <<hi>'h no annual conference, im stationing committee, no
quarterly official board nor trust
board or other church authority bus
any rinht or power to meet or to
pay All rlghl discipline ami church
■ ■i.i i musl rcpedlatc such transactions. \ll church offiiTis uml autli-
thorltles in tlie nature of things
must discountenance om' disallow
them suppose wealthy churches
proceed lo bring in chosen ministers
imt of our Church, from abroad nnd
by Influence with church authorities
establish ihem in their pulpits: is
thai desirable? is ii honorable In
ail parlies concerned? Whal is the
end    Ihereotl      Suppose u wealthy
church places oven temporarily in Its
pulpit a minister who is under tlie
censure of our ecclesiastical courts
ami who is at the same time attacking our church iu civic courts, is
thai creditable to any of the parties
engaged theirin? if wc expect business men or many of our laymen to
eare for such things we expect too
much Such tilings are tin* special
charge of the ministers of Christ
Whether these arc mattets for legislation this conference can determine.
It is our duty as also mir pleasure
to gather in the rich as well as the
poor. It is 110 crime or sin to he
rich unless you make .1 sin or folly
il it. Our Lord Himself dealt tav-
orahly with all. But He foresaw
these and like dangers Io the mighty
cause lie wus establishing, whieli was
to lake dit-p root anl spread among
all nations ami over the whole
The relation of increasing wealth
in a church to the purity ol its doctrine, the spirituality and fidelity of
its membership ami iln- power of its
evangelism is closer, m<re intimate
ami more vital iu iis import than
ordinarily appears at first sight Aa
John Wesley fully appreciated ihis
relationship and iis consequences, so
also did the tensile ['.ml. The
Apostle lived in an anc "f intellectual activities, au a~< nl Inventive
theorists and mullifonn philosophies.
In his solemn charge to Timothy, his
son  in  the dispel  ami  his successor
iu stupendous responsibilities,      he
pours forth from his spll Uly    ■■11-
llgtcncd understand!ns and keenl)
sensitive soul the lively experience of
bis time ami the faithful warnings
for all ages: ''Charge then that are
rich in tbis world that tbey be not
high-minded, nor trust In uncertain
riches, but in lhe Living God who
give III us richly all things to enjoy;
lhat ihey slo good, (hat they h-c rich
iu good works, ready 10 distribute,
willing  to  communicate ■  .
0 Timothy, keep Ihal which is committed 1» (by trust, avoiding pro-
lane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called,
whitb Mime professing have erred
concerning the faith." Hero oven
mr friendships betray us into weakness nml ultimate overthrow. Spiritually minded ministers will ever
keep an eye to these dangers and accept their avoidance .1* n solemn
charge from (he Oreal Head ol the
Tbe qucstii f church union, important beyond all   e»i '■•.    musl
conic before the conf- n net' and he
considered hy it ■" all earnestness
ami seriousness. The report of our
section of tin-   joint   committee on
A Convention ol tin* Liberals   I  I    tern nnd Southern
liritisli   Column*;.:, will   i~*   It. . . in
On Saturday, August 27,1910
Tin*  Meeting  «ill  convene   in   Eagles' 11".i at 11 B.ni.
All representative Liberals from points where there is uo
regnlnr organi/^ition ..n* requestitl lo attend.
Sir Wilfred Laurier
Premier   of   Canada
aii'i mom hers of liis party ivill address a
Public Meeting in the New Nelson
Rink on Monday, 29th inst.
Everybody   invited.
A single tare anil n thin! ran from all points ti
Nelson, good  from  FrM j -■'•      ust, until Tnesua) HOtl
iust.. Inclusive.
H. E.Doujlas, Sec'y N.L.A. Edward Fergusson, Pics. N.L.A.
EJ-iSL'SJtWC.ji":.::*' «•■ i.i.**r****W9S«BSiS«
Hu. sulijiTt will no ilimlii liriiii* the]
whole matter lull, hclorc us. Thr I
protracted Illness ol Hip secrctar* , j
Hn* He. Hr Sutherland, anil his
recent much-lamented death, have
devolved upon tins chair llie urcpara
ium ill llic reporl us published In
I lir HKl-nilii
Thai Hie reliniiius communions sn
(irmly established in ilirir pr. .rut
form, some ot them Im centuries
long settled upim distinctive prlnclp
li-s ami contending earnest)] l.n
tlwm; mi separate in pull" mid   ad
stance and deed, *"   "' •    ■■lien *he diRcstiuu Is all right, th«
,i„. m05i   i    . '., il. the action    ol    Un bowels regslar,
minlslrali.il I   diver* lagc   thcro Is a natural cisviog and rdlsh
M | ,;,,     ... tor lood,    When tins is lacking yuu
,1(,i,.h ,,* M   re   may know tliat jrou r.ce.1 a duse   ol
uiniing I Chamberlain's    Stomach   and hint
In nm own land as  Tablets.    Thej str.-nqilun tlie digis.
rl    i tl | tiro   uiwiis.   inijiroic    lhe aji|H)i1l»
.,;..; Iiniild have litTnmt
modille.l  ii.   spirll Bitd *■ tillmenl ss
I,, movi  one nlhei    ,iu*l
eonlemplnle   • rgnnlc   u I        union,
nut mil*,  iii    I.it iii, hul also In miIi*
(Continued un ji.iru »t..,j
snd regulate tho bowela.
nil druggists ..mi 'ii*;.lers.
S„id    hy
Ilu* Herald Is (quipped to •!<» Hie
must up-to-date ***"tl> In iln* printing
line.    Modern lacllltlai l.n IM pto
ilitill.iu of tnu'lern uuil* TUt.   (.ISASUltOOIv   flKIlAi.1)
UHANIlllOOIv   HERALD    M would he well lor all concorned
.iu take  careful note ul the    roccitl
By the Herald   Publishing t'"iiipany,! ,„,lk.,. ,.„„,., Cllsl,, j„ wi,|eli Mi*. 11. II.
F. .1. Deane, Managing Kditor.       slum dgured as ilelenilunt.    The civ-
... ■—- : * * jc authorities Intend tu strictly   en-
CBANBSOOK, B. C, August 25,1910 loree the liylaw toliiie -villi ' Uu-
. disposal uf waste paper, nml Police
Magistrate Ityun has intimated that
In- will indict llie full penalty upon
tin- next offender coming heforc him,
Tlir safety nf Ha- city demands
strict enforcement uf this bylaw an.I
it will he so enforced hereafter.
Sir Wilfrid Latirler's lour "f thu
west* has heen remarkable in many
respects, bul in noiiu more sn than
in the nature nf Iho welcome In1 has
received ai every polnl at whieli In-
ha*-- heen able t.< stop Tin- note-
worihj feulure ..f these splendid receptions has been lhat thej were nol
tin- result ol careful plumilng hj
party enthusiasts, but rather the
spontaneous   ihitinnst nt tin- people,
proud t<> have tl pportunlt)       ol
showing in tin' must unmifilutfentile
inaimer possible, their nppreel it ion
nf the greal scrvlcea Sii Wilfrid
Laurier has rendered ins native land.
From thr day he reaehed WinnlpiT.
at lhe on I set nf Ins western tour,
until last l-'riij.u night, when lie
started fur Prince Kuperl frnm \ le
loria's hospllnhle "diorcs, In- hm
everywhere been welcomed anil entertained, not as ilii- leader uf ii ur-* it
party, but as lhe chief citizen nf ;■
great nnlion, Prom all nccouuli
Victoria appears in have excelled all
other points in the warmth nf the
reception tendered Canada's Ural
minister Whatever else mav have
contributed to this result, it is un
dculnhty true tbnl Premier Mc*
Itriiii-'s tactful i- Ittel .<[ th.- arrangements im- thr grcnl reception
at tin- parliameuf buildings, materially ahled, ami Itniish t'olumhinus,
generally, as will as ,'iclorinns, have
n*asnii iu recognize with grateful ap
preciatlon his broad-nil ruled course in
this regard.
As will be seen by uur reporl nf
Ilu- reception, appearing elscwhtfrc in
this Issue, Sir Wilfrid, himrelf, tool
occasion tn express, m a very for-
eihle manlier, his hearty apprecia
tion nf tbe premier's Irealineul ol
his colleagues and himself. We feel
Blirc that Mi Mil.riilr thoroUghlj
appreciated, as In- hail well eatited,
the warm eulogy bestowed upon bim
hy Sir Wilfrid, who, -{peaking ns an
old, experienced sluti-smnn, pulogi/ed
Premier McBrlde's conduel in language, uf whose siiici'iiii there could
he no question. Victoria's welcome
to Sir Wilfrid was ivnrlh) nf her
best traditions ami worthy nf tin
man. Whilst every Hritish Columbian cannot sec eye t" eye with Sit
Wilfrid Laurier in liis admlnlstratio'i
ut Canadian alTalrs, every loyal
British Columbia must recognize the
great blessings that have flown to
this province as a direct result «>f
his administration, There are s-ues-
tions still in dispute, questions o\et
which the two ureal parties will
doubtless continue tn dispute, hul
broadly speaking anil, lunking at affairs frnm a Canadian rather than a
provincial point nf view, then- can
be but one verdict, Ihal Sir Wilfrid
Laurier has dune noiily by tin* entire
west uud by Hritish Colttmhlu in
Sir Wilfrid will iiosut he aeknow-
ledging the hearty welcome ol the
Kootcnays. On Monday next he
will be acconlcil a right royal wel
come in the good city ol Nelson, The
following day it will he Cranbroolt's
privilege tn welc >• this greal Canadian and we ciin nny inihesilatinglj
that nowhere in the lioniifdoii wilt
be receive a warmer or a truer wel-
enine than right in this tilth- town.
a town that owes its verj existence
to his litrsiglited policy of railroad
development He will la- welcomes!
here loyally and whole-heartedly hy
ibe entire population. Tarty poll-
tics will be lost sight uf nllogether
for   the  occasion    and    Cranbroo'i
citizens will, as nm- man, jnin       in [from two to three, tu [ran, to   live,
welcoming Canada's gifted premier   j tn six regular masters, fm it Is the
In addition in special prizes in
connection with the esunllig Kail Pair
already announced iu these columns,
the following have been l-sled Willi
Secretary lleVere Hunt:
It* Mi j. s Dennis, ol Calgary,
assistant to vice-president, CM 11.
vj.'i cash fur the best exlrlbll nf
fruil grown iu tbe Kas* Kootenaj
Hv   Hm-    International   Harvester
t ipany, Calgary,    two sieklr      ur
knife grinders, valued al *>*■ each, for
grinding mower knives. Tn be
nwarded as tin* prize committee see
By W ii Bnrdgolt, $111 fur the
best two dairy cows, owned uiul exhibited hy any inember ot the Cr.in-
hrook Agricultural association.
Hy K. II. Small, $2S stash, tn Ik-
awarded as prize committee see lit.
By the Kast Kootenay Produce and
Provision company, Jin v.orth ol
pruduce tn in- nwarded as pri/e committee SS'C fit.
By the Kink Mercantile company,
8211 in trade, to be awarded as prize
committee see lit.
H> W. V. Jackson, uf Creston, Mm
apple trees, tn be awarded as prize
committee see lit.
By 0. Wigen, ot Creston, one box
nf Clrnvcnstein anil nne nf Rhode Island apples, tn he awards il ns pri/e
committee sec fit.
By the ({real West Saddlery company, of Calgary, a set nf llghl
single harness', tn he awarded as
prize s'uinmittesi see lit.
Hv Kred Beeves, Sill cash, for best
purpose exhibited, age and conditions
to he announced later,
Ity lhe president nf tilt) Provincial
Poultry association, six annual subscriptions to The .Successful Poultry-
man, in be awarded as prize committee see fit.
By Mr. (I. K* Pownall, of Knit
Steele, $5 cash.
Hy tin- ltoyal Bank, Ui) eash.
By the Cranbrook Trading Com:
pany, one set of single harness, .valued at $22, for the best single driver, owned by a resident ut Crnn-
hrook dislriel, and never before entered in a speed contest.
By the Raton departmental store,
Winnipeg, a set of scales
By T. Lehel *,\ Co., nf Pllicher
(reek, (Hi cash.
Ily V .1. Deane, $1.1 cash, and four
annual subscriptions In (be Crnnhrook Herald.
liy A. B. Orace, six annual sub*
script Ions to the Prospector.
By H. S. Oarrett, job printing to
the value of $25.
Bv W   A   Rollins, $0.50 cash.
That high class Institution for
toys, Western Canada College, Calgary, has just closed nun titer verj
successful year. It is now seven
yenrs sines* it opened It** doors as
the first incorporated tsdtege in
what arc now the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The attendance ha-: steadily grown, and
now with a tntiil legist rat ton of
nearly ISO, il stands out as 11n-
largest Institution nl iti kind west
nt the (Ireat Lakes
The    staff has    ste.i lily Increased
Quality from Quality
GOOD whisky can no more be made from POOR
grain than blood can   be drawn from a stano.
Tlio Eialn wo use 'or making
Is tlio kind that win-, gold medal-"* and b'Bheat awards
Tlm kind bought by tits FEW who are willing to p<iy
the prlCS - tht) ONLY kind good anough for ui
When the hum of the thresher has ceased on the
fruitful Ws»ts*rn Prank) thousand*, upon thousands of
bushels of " Nature's choicest " pour across the continent in ;i gcildon stream direct ta our own elevator
Shipped under tlie watchful eye of our expert
grain buyer, every bushel must " grade up to sample "
on delivery
Them's the life and soul of this choice groin corked
up In every battle or Corby's " Special Selected" Rye
Whisky   Try it for flavors sake.
Sold tivryutitre by hottls and liquor stores
The H. Corby Distillery Company
Head Offices: Montreal.   "CoibyuofCorbyvineforOverHalf-a-contury"
iim ul Uu- collogo lo have une for
■very twenty (joys,
Al the moment nf writing lhe boys
ue engaged 'on college and university examinations. In Uie lirst year
if Alberta university.*- e'.istence, uf
five scholarships offered Imt une was
wuii, and Hint fell in a graduate id
Western Canada College, The following year a student of Ui stern Canada
College earned off another scholarship at the same institution.
In the last few years lhe collogo
has also suit ap sIndents fur ilu
in.it i tenia tion examinations of McOIII, Toronto, Albion and Manitoba
universities. Here llie college has
heen wonderfully successful, several
of the candidates having conic very
near lhe lop among sf\ nml sevm
hundred hoys
Kaeh tear the college has Belli
forth a large number nf lads to I alii'
plan's in business ollieis, wholesale
establishments and bank*
Ku'ellent reports are being rs-s'i-iv-
ed <it Iheir prngress
The college has achieved snees'.s.s
because, as the boys Itiiiiiri'lves les-
lift, tliey ale made to work. (Ireat
care is taken with tlie discipline, iu
training, tin- preparation ol boys.
In the coming year it is the in-
lent ion to scenic an Instructor whoso
special business it will lie In give
tin- buys thai smart appearance,
hearing in dress, in mien, lhat
enmes from constant careful training in military drill, gymnastics and
general athletics,
Tin- college bus excellent opportutt
iijes tn carry   mil Ibis as well    a;
ilher lines
There arc
i residence,
There are
.f work.
three separate buildings,
a school building ami   a
eighteen acres of excellent grounds, on which are tennis
courts, cricket pilch, end football
During tbe present summer further
Improvements are to be imnle thai
the different buildings mny he more
commodious and mure comfortable.
Tbe cstrpnrutiou bas recently purchased a new property some distance
from the center of the city. Ms-re in
twn or three years the very best
buildings and equipment that money
can si'cnre fur a residential college
and all iis ri-sptirfmciii*- will Ite
catholic cm i:cn.
Sundays—Low mass at S..to a.m.
high mass, 10.-10 a.m.; Sumlay schoo
from 2 to 3 p.m.; itosnry and Hs-nc
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a m. at the
Father L. Choinel, O.M.I .
Parish Priest
Public worship ll am. and 7.30 p.
in. Hible school :i p.m. Tin* pastor, Charles W. King, at both services, Morning subject: "The
Guarded Crown," evening subject:
"The Greal Divide, as Seen Prom
Bethel by A brain and Lot." A cut-
dial Christian welcome to all.
Monday. Voting Peoples' meeting at
K p.m
p.m.,   the    mid-week
meeting, an lantern illustrated
on "Our Western Union and
Wnrk."     Everybody Invited.
I.t IK
During the week the Prlriglc compan) has been ai tract ing all and sundry to tho Opera bouse. Kacb performance has been enthusiastically
received by a crowded house. On
Monday evening a comedy drama entitled "My Sweet Heart" was plaint Tbe following evening another
lour net coined) drama entitled
"Wanted, a Wife," was on tbo bill,
while during tho lollowing two evenings "Young Mt. Winlhropr" aud
"Paid in l-'nll," were performed. Hie
Cringle company is always a popular
nne in Cranbrook. A feature ol
Tuesday evening's production was
the lirst stags- appearance ot Hahy
Bliss, a local comedian ol great promise, aged six months. Hahy Bliss
scored an immense success, sustain
ing a iHllieult part with quite re
mnrkable abilitv.
Win. P Ciilb'ii bus music a big revival nf Pixie*, and (aider's famous
musical comedy success "The llnrgo-
tinisler" and will present it at Ibe
Opera house, next Wednesday, .fist
August, with a large cast headed hv
(ins. Weiiilmrg in tbe role ot peter
Stnyts'sntit. Ihe old Burgomaster ol
New Amsterdam The company will
number fifty people. The production
is nn especially handsome one. The
costumes bave been revised ami are
all new. Special attention has been
paid hy Mr. Cullen to the voices nl
the chorus, as well as to the beauty
<d the feminine portion. "The Itur-
gomaster" was the first of Pixley
and Litder'fl pieces lo gain popularity, others being "The Prince ol
Pilsen," "King Doslo," and the
"Orand Mogul " Tbe music Is of
the singing and whistling variety,
and il is said that more copies of
the "Tale of the Knrgnroo" and "I
Love Yon" have been sold than of
any other songs in musical comedies.
Have you tried an electric Iron
yet. Call aud see them—The Qualn
Kleetrical Supply Co.
Albion, .Mich.—The people iu Albion arc elated to nu unusual extent
because uf the many aud remarkable
cures which have lately been made
by Mi-o-na, a dyspepsia cure with a
world-wide reputation. Everybody
la endorsing Mi-o-na. Here i» what
some respected residents say:
Mrs, E. C Cass says: "Mi-o-na
cured me o| a stomach trouble that
had bothered mc a lung time."
W. II, -.loll says: "I had doctored
for iitoiilliN without help. 1 Used
Mi-o-na nn.! since using it three years
ago I hutc been free from the distress."
Mrs. I.in mil Overy says. "Kor
months I had dyspcpfrla, bad stomach
distress, pains ami triust-a. Nothing
I used rellevcil or cured till 1 used
The Ili-attic Miitphy Co., the druggists, sell llie wonderful dyspepsia
enie Mi-o-na for f»o cents a large box
ami they think sn well of it, that
they will give you your money back
if it doesn't cure.
J(fmmxBnmo-Mi) _
Kronchitu, Croup, Cougtu and Colds, or
money b-ick. Sold and guaruUtd b*
the Beattie-Murphy Co.
lll*:V FATHER        CHOINEL
leaves crandrook
next week.
Tho ne\n outlined aliovc will Ik*
learned nl .villi slncero rrgret, not
. nly by Ins parishioners, i.ul liy tlm
I'lililic al large. Diirlnj! Iho sis
years Ihal Rev. father Choinel has
heen iiaiish priest at Cranbrook he
lias jjiiineil tin* sincere respect and es-
h't'in ul tin* members of his cnnKreua-
linn anil ul iln* townspeople gciieral-
ly, Rev. Father Choinel is j-oitiR to
(Irand Porks and will hid farewell in
his parishioners mi Sunday, lie is to
he Kiicmilcd here by Rev. Kather
IMatitondon, ol Vancouver.
(in Saturday afternoon a match
was played mi iln* lui-.iiall grounds
lietwecn Iln* C.P.R. CO. and the
('My. Ilii- latter being under the cap-
laim*y nl M. A. lleale, who arranged
iln* match.
I'lny started at 2.8*1 and stumps
were drawn at siv ..'clock. The
conditions were none too pleasant,
owing tn the wind and dust. The
C.P.R. Inst llie tnss ..'id tlie Town
went hi lirst. The following were
ilu* scores.
h llartholomew
... 1
Ruu out 	
.. 4
1. Bartholomew
Reeves ..
li H.ii'ln Inim-w
.. n
b Braie 	
lwh Brake 	
b Brake ...	
.. t
li Bartholomew
... 0
b Bartholomew
.. 7
1, Brake 	
.. II
Not out 	
.. 0
b Bartholomew
... 0
Mt. C.C.
b Woodward   .
... 2
li Woodward ...
.. U
Ilallliiiliiiiiew ..
h Woodward ..
I.iitli .* Robinson h Vi. Taylor
b Woodward ,.,
... >
b Woodward	
... 1
Harper c Rnhinsnn 1. '.V. Taylor
... 1
.. .* Oxlev 1. Ree\
es 1
b Wood Taylor
.. 3
Topham e Bealc b IV. Ta\lor	
Xot on. 	
b Moriey	
.. 8
Result -C.P It     wo*,  mi lirst   In*
nlngs l.y 25 runs.
City's    second   innings X* for five
ill II hi    I'lian! that   pcrlnrmed
Iln- pioneer work in B. C. Kather
Knllijil.-I aliine remain-,, ulthoilgh
Pother Peyiuiu's silvery locks Indi-
i al.* I Iml he, too, cam.' tn this Held
of IiiIhii when many ol those living
berr im.. bud not dreamed ol 11 C.
us their lulure home. Father Kou-
tpicl's career bus been i. memorable
mii from many respects. He was
the first siijii-imi nl the Oblatcs'
first permanent establishment on thill C. mainland, having l-ccn appointed iu lllllll tn open Hie house at New
Westminster, Most of his missionary career has been laregely devoted
to the cvnjigclizatlon ot the Indians
at St. Eugene, mission in the East
Kootenay and along tin* Frnser, but
he, likewise, gave considerable alien-
Hon lo the s|iiriliial heeds ol Hie
White population. Though advanced
in years, Kather Fouquet's ileal for
souls remains unquenched, and he
continues at Si. Mary's Mission to
devote himscll to the cause of Holy
Mother church by visiting the scattered missions along the banks ot the
Frawr-The Western Catholic.
The Right Hon.
Will be Iiui*..  nnxl wo.'k
ami after remaining with
nil fur ii few limn*., li.. nml
his party will lio gono
We are here all
The Time
to supply your wmils in
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
Fruit Trees
Ornamental Tree
Shade Trees
We hnve n Imt;.. quantity of
choice Nursery stoek uml
we offer tor snle Hoiiii*
lirown Tries
Coldslreim Estate Nurseries
Proprietors Coldstream Estate
Co., Ltd.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
X Incorporated 18110
X Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,900,000
TOTAL ASSETS, OVER      -      76,000,000
II. S. IIOI.T, I'lesiilmil
I*;. I.. PEASE, General MmiHger
Aocoiints   nl'    firms,   Corporatlone   uml    Imlivi.liiuls   j[
Out-of-town  luisiiii'HH rooolvas overy uttonti.iu.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.   Deposits of 11.00 ami   '■'•
uniViinlg rooolved  nml   lutoroat  nlloivwl ui   oiirreut   rnt«
Nn formality or dolny in wlllidNiwlug,
A (li'iiorul  Hanking 'biisinoss Iransitufuil,
I Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Mgr. ii
witli attn'k fioin now limits when ynu know
thul ilu- Block Rrowu liy
The Riverside Nurseries
ORAM)    POUKS,    IJ. C.
is tin1 beat that is over grown.   I expect ts> canvns
Omnbrook tliatrirt in September next.
Kor I'llcos, I'lr., write to
Walter  V.  Jackson,   Asent,   Creston,   B.C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Haying Tools
We have a full line of Porks, Hand  Rakes, Scythes
and Snaths, Grindstones und Whet Stones, Deering
Mowers   and   Hakes, dachine Oils and   Oil   Cans,
Wrenches, Hay Fork Rope and Pulleys,
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. ji
in liitii'i'f nreil if ft Hottle
"i BAniletsoti'i Monti lain
Dew. sinuil Jtidfftffl tell
nu that this whiskey la
f.i mi I to ntivtlsltig known
tt in I   superior   tu   most.
Andersen's Mountain Dew
Wl.olceivlc Wine Merclianl
********************** ***********************
1'iiiiKlt f iraderb throughout tlie woilsl
to cuininuiilcaie direct nith   Kngli*-li
in ciirli eUsfl ol uoodfl. Uealdefl being
ii complete eotnmerrlnl guide to Lou*
dim and Uu suburbs- tlu* directory
contnitis lii-tH nf
witli   tbt*  Good9   they ship,   and  ibe
Colonial itii>I   foreign  Maikii**. tln>v
arranged under tin* Turfs tn which they
Ball, mill Indicating the uppiuxiinut**
of leading Manufacturers. Merchants,
etc.,in t)n< principal provincial tonm*
nml industrial centres uf tbo I'mtud
A copy nf tbe current edition will Im
for wai tied, freight paid, on receipt oi
Postal Order lor 20s.
lU-uli'ro seeking Agencies <*hh ad ver*
tit*e their trade cuid!* for 20a., ur larj;*'i
advertisements from tiflts.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Ahcburch Line, London, E.C.
Tint*, but not every one knows wliere it
can i-i- bad.   The reputation of
if sufficient of itself to i/ive us an
increm-inii patronage. Tbe pleasure of
those who drink soUA ASI> GIN'GKH
ALE of uur bottling its only Intensified
by a second drink. Use our brands only
A modern pi-nipped Cut** at moderate
Rates 11.00 and tip pei day
Coiner of Ilimaid St. and Front Ave.
Our box tne.'t*« all (taint-
East Kootenay Bottling
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr. \*
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Ituomrs witb ItiitliN.   'Phone in
every room
Ititiber Shop on the premises,
Thnniiiiiblv iiptodale,
Kates, $2.00 a day and up.
URO. P.  WELLS, Proprietor
It. TOM KIN, Maimgor
TAKK NOTICE that two animals
tin1 property of the undersigned,
strayed from his prt-tniM-s on Of
about tlie nth inst. Description an
One oliunky grey, almos-i vhHf,
gelding.    Weight between twelve ami
! fourtecu liunilrcsl pounds. Wind'
mnno ami tail, steps short iii front
Very loppy.
■ One while mare ttit'i tin1 !.l|i low
i    Above animals    struveil  Ir-nn  pas*
j turo st, Eugene Mission.
|    Anyone   flmling    • ml     animals < r
1 harbouring same will kindly      rmn-
munloate with the undetslRnnd.
Information  to in- y,i\en to ,i. s.
. Markiy, ur llie    North Star Lumber
I Co., Cranbrook, R, ('. JH-tl
«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦-$>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ '■»->♦)♦■>♦♦■»»
, t    Tlo1 Pair time is near uml yon will
need VOtirboiSfl lilted up witli loll'
1 I,     liens   in   nrdei   tu   maki*   a   good
uppeitMince.   Hut 11ml is not all, you
The partnership heretofore existing ,, * *'••■ Iwvolo have a nice bnggy-lml
betwt« F. A. Russell A H. B. Bene- j«' niosl of all, you will need youi horse
diet, has been dissolved by mutual '< \ \ ,,lt "",| *M< Tl,° <i»esthiti la
consent. I * *    ''Where can   I  yet  the neeessar*
Mr. K. A. RttSSell will continue tho 11    K™^"'' T)»e answer will be, why at
business and will collect ami pay all
accounts due tu or owing by the late
k. a. Russeii, !;;     Tliey handle the Right Goods at the Right Prices     *
August I6th, mm. Cranbrook, B.C.   ,,
25-tit    ♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
;| The Cranbrook Trading Go's j: THE   OBAJSBBOOK   HKHALU
Be Prepared for
School Opening
Order jour supplies now.
Wt* Imv... ii riuiipli'ii. lino, [jicluding
Loose     Leaf    Note    and
Composition   Books
'I'll.* simplest ami most practical
for school um*
i nilliiii
"Wjiiciii: it Pus to Dkai."
We carry a heavy stock
of Cutlery and Tools.
Any needs will be
promptly and carefully
J. D. McBride
Hardware    -   Cranbrook
j Buy the Boy a Watch
i nnd teach liim punctual ily. Whh n
I watch iu liiu poeket he trill have no
I excuse for heing late tor school or foi
ntayiii(rout too lair because he "dhlti'i
know wht time it wa**." We have boys'
watches ap low nn fl ■'■<■ each anil up ai
li it'll iir yon want. togO. .Men's! WAI chef
too uf fun i j-e in,. I all kin"!*- of jewelry nn
i- disiroui oi appointing un Agent
rfr lirm ot agenti for tno cale oi
Vancouver, Fott George and Tort
Moody Properties.
Write to Utn 173*1, Vancouver* B.C.
K.liiiilur.. un.I nil kni'l- of ltoo.ll
.-...I.l   liv   A.li-liini   .in   Iliv   n,»->l
.......11 lli!,. tfrmi,     I'h.iiij.i -clll,*
I'.u lion »;s
oiiui* mnl Saleroomi
li in.mi Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C.
Go-Carts at
We mii-t have niuiu riMini
for Ottr Stove* *■* •    *<"■-*•
ami have decided to clear
oul our line ol
High-grade Perambulators and
Co-Carls at Cost
"The Range Store"
Heinz cider vinegar at Rink's Pun ,
Food Grocery.
Mrs. and Miss IngllSi of Winnipeg,
are the guests of .Mrs. A. N'elson.
Marry Drew, of Kimberley, tras in
town yesterday.
Alpine wafers—something new—at
Kinks pure Pood Ciroecry.
T. T. McVittic, of Fort Ste le,
drove into town yesterday.
\. Hanson was in from Wasa during tlie week.
Pilot bread al Flnk'a run- Fowl
Mrs. .1. F Smith is rtsttlng friend**)
at Wasa.
Blueberries at Stewart's today.
Miss n. C. Caldwell, of Green* I,
was in town llie earlv part nf tin-
week. I
itabi carriages and go carts al
oost.—Patmore Bros.
At Un Brat's private hospital,
Friday, August 18th, bom it. Ui
and Mis   Frank Heuudry, a son
Jacob's oat cakes at Fink's  pure,
PoOd (in«ili
Mr, ami .Mrs. Charles Pot via bavr
taken up their residence *>ri t'ran
brook avenue
Is your bouse wtndj if not, win
not'—The Qualn   Klectrlcal   Suppl)
The local football team mil llkelj
gu (•• Mo\ie mi Sundaj to plaj Moj
le for the Mats cup.
W, .1 Atoblson, fbnnert) ol the
Ann ol Beattie and Mehisoa, Is In
town foi a lew days
Jacob's "Marie" biscuit—al Flnk'a
Pore Food liiorer..
Mr. ami Mis (ien Thompson returned from Wasa thr carlj pari ■ i
the week.
W i Worden loat a conslderabli
quant It) ol wood h\ hush Area late
Motion's lime raspberrj vlnegai ati
PUril'S Purr F I tlu.nl.
Mis Unit, i Haines returned ou
Moiidat iioin an extended rtsll Ui
the sihi Country.
Miss  Alttitrd.   sislei   of  Miss   \    'tt
VIward, || expeoted ii> |oln tbe pub
lie Reboot itall ban
Preterrlng pea-obos, plums, pears,
s'luli apples al Stewart'** order
•I     Joms,    or    Windermere, and
Flank Itiehardsoii, of Alhaliuet, li.ui
been a|i|>oinleil justices of Ihe pcaiv
Hupreme court sitting1 ut Cranhrook uie a ii noi i need for October
We have n nla- nssortmi nl ol
shades and fixtures.—The (Jiinfu Kleetrical Supply Co.
.Miss Currie, of tin- Cranbrook
puhlie school, returns this Week hoin
her summer holidays Hta-tit with hei
hrolher In Nelson.
A return cricket match will take
place on Saturday afternoon, C.P.R.
vs. City. tin Labor Day the local
eleven hsipe to pull off a match with
1'Something Dainty" Venetian wafers in 100. tins at Fink's purr Food
f i Hirer y.
Work comiui'uied this week clear*
. Ing tbe lots on (tardea avenue purchased by a local syndicate,    lu   all
we sell them
Hut with u Quarantce
fflllcll menu*, n lot in
Quality ami Time-
, ■*.     .     '•■  '.*
m '■ ? ■ i
m   •    :
Raworth Bros.
*■■•■•• watch i.vBPtcnms
prohnblllty several handsome residences will tie erected this fall.
TO RENT.—Ono front room, furnished, on linker street. Apply at
this ollice. ' 2B-U
The I{. K. Fiila Lumber company
have removed their ollices from opposite lhe freight .sheds to their
camp on Lhe Moyio road, lo greater
facllllnte the workings of their mill.
TO LET.—Furnished rooms in
modern house, close !" Maker St.
Apply Herald office. 30-1
The seventh annual convention of
tho Association nf School Trustees
for the province is to ho held at Ko-
Inuiia mvt month, Sep tern her 18 th.
Mth uml 15th.
WANTED.*—An apprentice to drug
business; also a smart boy.—Cranhrook Drug ami Hook Co.
Last week Messrs. Campbell and
Manning shipped a full carload of
Cranlirook grown vegetables to Fernie. The consignment was made up
of carrots, turnips, beets and t call*
Hoiiirook's Imported English malt
vinegar—tho best procurable for pickling-- at Fink's pure Pood Grocery,
V. Hyde Baker's private game preserve has been further enlarged by
the addition of two deer, a hiick ami
a doe, which were brought In front
Wattsburg yesterday by Archie Elwell.
TO KENT.—Good warehouse, $K
pi r month Apply at     Herald of-
fico. 35-tf*
Wc guarantee our out-of-town customers the same promptness nud
service which our city customers enjoy If you uiiui tlu- tiest send your
mail orders to us.—Cranhrook liruu;
aud Book Co.
Choice cuctimbcrs and tpmatftos ai
A man named John Durnol, em
ployed at the Book Creek Lumber
Company's mill, died last Sundav ol
fever. The remains t**ere shipped I"
his former home in Nova Scotia for
WA XT RD—Voung couple wish to
rent small house (partially furnished
preferred) bj Christina*- Apply |*.
s)   Box \ SMI
Miss -lean \auVltet. who lias been
spending the summer in town, the
guest ol Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ilynd-
man, lelt on Tuesday fur Kindt. B
Genuine sockeye salmon in halt
pound tins—the correct thim; for
small fa.inlus-—at Fink's pure Fsiod
i S Wallace, assistant freight
agent In this district,"left for the
coast on Wednesday, Mr. Wallace
wan most comteous and obliging anil
v i- ilncerel) regret his departure
from Cranbrook.
Fleet rit radiators are Jusl right
f.<r these chilly nights. Foi sale by
The Qaafn Kleetrical Suppl] Co,
|«orne Lansdownc Langln, assistant
customs officer, returned Sunday
irom ins vacation, spenl in Leth*
bridge and other Southern Alberta
II your liver la sluggish and out of
tone, ami you feel dull, bilious, constipated, lake a hose ol Chamber*
lam's Stomach ami Liver Tablets tin
ttlght Mote relirinj; and you will
firl all right in the morning. Sol J
hy all drujiKist-s anJ stores.       3-l*tf
Mi \ It tSmltfa reiurned on Nun*
da) li"!n Vancouver, where he at
tended ihe Provincial Poultry convent ion The convention proved
very lateteattng ami greal good is
likely in result therefrom.
< untie thimble berries at slew-
Tin- Baptist Voung People**. I ninn
have arranged for a social evening
with the older members of the con
gregatfon as Iheir quests on  Mornln
evening, fith September. "Ve old
school Days" songs and readings will
be included on the programme.
Game Warden James it.it- *- had
two Moyifl men up last week un a
charge ol Illegal bear shooting. They
were lined JJ.'i apiece Mt. Bates is
determined lo enforce the Game Act
FOB SALE.—Tlioroughhred Rhode
Island Bed cockerels; also a few
thoroughbred Barred Bock cockerels.
'Phone Kite, Thomas MeConnoll,
prop, SMI*
.1 It. Melliide is home .n'.nn from
a pleasant motor tour, in the eoiirse
of which he drove tl Kh to Golden. Journeying Ihence by rail in Cni-
i.n\ The trip WM Without unto
ward incident).
First Showing of Ladies1
Fall   Dresses
We have just rocfiivml n shipment of these beautiful One-piece DresBes,
ready-to-wear;  there aro ail the new nnd stupid shades shstwn in fine
Herges, Puna mas. nnd Broadcloths.   Those dresses uro till mode indistinct
styles—not two  the same.
$15.50   to   $17.50
LmIIm- Motor Scurf, i,j llghl and heavy weight,    All the *•„ Fall Shades slio-m
$1.50   to   $5.00
Cranbrook's   Clothing   and   Dry   Goods   Stores
t        Cliolni Okanag.., I'lu
JVii" I'Mchca
Wm* Ben
rilgli GrndeC oletet
Uiuuh.iin.l Ice Crenm
♦ Phone 7fi Armstrong Ave. ♦
«jAAAjt,A* ****   ^   *****. j\AAJl A ■**-*****■  g\   ^  tfk **
PfffWf *F-^?*rf»? ▼▼▼▼wn
ll|.|..i»ii- C l'.K. HHilluli
THK    PLACE    TO     (:r.r    A
Ql'IOK MEAL AN'    .
Headquarters for all kiiuls of
Satisfaction (-liiaratiteeil
Tbe Sh >e Soeeinlist
THE   Ollfl.    WITH     UKAI riKll.
Attracts Attention livery whore.
There is one sme and certain waj
for every woman to have IteatiUful
hair, nml that is to give ii Intelligent caro, whieli Includea the use of
N'owhro's llerplolde.
This reninrkablo preparation hills
alisoluiely the dntidrtdT germ, eradicates dandruff and prevents the hair
from falling.
The prophylactic ael ion of fJorjil-
eidu keeps the hair free from disease
ami with the scalp sweel and clean
a natural hair growth is Incvllahlc.
Ilcrplcislt* hair sclntllates with
health and vigor, light and luster,
produced only hy the well-known
scalp aud hair dressing, Newhro's
All druggists sell it ami guarantee
one dollar size hot ties.
All first-class harhers ami hair
dressers use ami recommend il.
A sample and booklet will lis- sent
to an) address upon receipt of file,
hy The llerpicjde Co., Pept. Ii., Detroit:, Mich.
Beattie-Murphy Vo., Ltd., Special
There is promise of some fine exhibits from Klko nml the Windermere
ilislrirts at the coming Kail Fair,
September 21 ami 22.
All arraagements for the ream tion
Of Sir Wilfrid Laurier are well under
way. Mr. K II Small lias taken
charge id the work of decorating the
skatlpg rink and lu- will certainly
make a first-class job of it. Business men and private Individuals
are expected to look after the proper
decorating of iheir plaws of business
and residences.
Alymer Cranhorrj Sauce in one
pound jars at Kfnk's Mure Kood
It. It. Unite was in town from
Kilmer during Ute week. Mr,
1 trues* was boosting for tin- Athalmor
race meet, September 7th, and a
better booster wuuld be hard tu lind.
(Juite a number -d Cranlirook sports
will journey to Atbalmcr for the
ESIcctric light ami bath room, Sid
per month. Apply P 0, Box 806,
cily. 2S-tl
Mrs. I'etlet Ml for Vancouver on
Tuesday. Before leaving Cranbrook
she was the redplcnl of many tokens of goodwill, great I) appreciated
hy her. After ;i shorl stay sin the
coast, she. will make her home onee
again in Winnipeg.
WANTED.—A scrond-hand coal
beater; must he in good condition.
Apply Dos 21. Herald office.      36-tl
To remove our stock of efcotrlc
lans we are giving a 1"> |»*r rent discount during thf next ten days.—Tho
i/iuiiii Electrical Supply Co.
WANTED AT ONCE-Bush foreman, tlioroughlv acquainted with
tiutldiiij- and operating timber ihutes
(dry); references needed .is- to former
experience; stale wages; good prospects for stendi < \j<iti* need man—
Applv Lumber Ryndieatr, I'entlcton,
B, C. -'!'*
The season for ducks and deer
opens on Thursday next sportsmen
are reminded that the season for all
kinds of grouse ami prairie chicken
does mil open iiiilfl "ilol.er 1st ami.
as the game warden's will be verj
watchful, tliey had better take canto leave the prohibited birds alone.
Ironing is pretty hard work. Try
an electric iron.—The (Jualn Kleetrical Supply Co.
There will be a dan-re al tlio Opera
hmist on Monday Right. It has heen
organised In view "f assisting Hie
funds of the haseliall team. Tickets may be oMalned from Kri'd
Reeves, of the Cosmopolitan hotel.
price two dollars each, ll Is hoped
Hint all wlm take an interest iu
Ihr eluli will slo their best to attend.
Ilaiclwood ice erenm and Hazel-
wood buttermilk ni Stewart's
Mr. Chai Stevens, nl lhe Kast
Kootenay Bottling works, says thai
the output of his plsnl for the
months nf .lime and Julj was a
record breaker, und that the business
of the put (fear bus surpassed   that
of any previous year since the company was established,
Ue sure and take a bottle of Chamberlain's Colin, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy with you when starting oil your trip this summer. II
cannot he obtained on lioard the
trains or steamers. Changes nl
water and climate often cause sudden attacks of diarrhoea, nnd it is
best to he pie pare. I. Sold hy all
druggists and dealer!1:. .'t-tf
Harold Darling, of Calgary, has
been iu town during the week, in
connection with the ojKsiiIng up of
ollices for the recently organized
Lund Laud ami Development com
pany. Mr. Darling decided to erect
temporary offices on property owned
hy the company opposite the Methodist church. Later on the company will likely erect more suhstnu*
Unl premises1.
The Tiior Electric Washer is
lhe best washing machine on the
market—Tlie Qualn Kleetrical Supplv
A. A. MacKinnon aud f.umK have
returned from a very enjoyable holiday spent with the old folks in Cape
Breton. Mr. MacKinnon had nol
been home in nineteen years ami was
delighted to laid both liis father anil
mother in good health, lie noted,
too, the great Improvement that nad
taken place in conditions affecting
the fanning industry since he left
Cape Breton as a youth. Iu the old
days farmers were via.) to he able
to dispose of their produce in trade.
Now tliey can dispose of everytfllng
they have for cash at fairly good
prices. The town of Sydney has
grown enormously, boasting a popul*
aliou now of over -10,000. Mr. MacKinnon visited the hig steel works
Times are good throughout Cape lire-
Cat more Bros, have decided to
clear out their complete line ol baby
carriages and go carts in order to
make room for their extensive line
of ranges and stoves, and arc giving
great bargains in order to accomplish their aim.
I! II. Short, thi! pApei banner, appeared before I*oIice Magistrate Ryan
this neck to answer to a charge ol
allowing waste paper to accumulate
in his back yard. Oeo, Thompson,
city solicitor, prosecuted, and M. A
Macdonald appeared for the defense.
Evidence was given '•*. city Engineer
Parker, but as tin-re was no proof
that the accused had placed the rubbish iu question in the hack yard,
there was no conviction. The police
magistrate took occasion t" state
t ha 1 he proposed to assist t he
authorities in every way possible In
enforcing tlie hylau iij-uiatintt the
disposal of waste paper and intimated thai any properly sustained case
of Infraction 0( the bylaw would lie
dealt with to the full extent ot the
penalty, i.e.. a fine o| $100, Dn behalf ot Mr. Short. Mr. M. A Mac-
donah) p'»jiitc<i out that iiis client
had provided barrels f«-r an> waste
papei accumulating around his premises but that the barrels hart been
Stable with bay loft and feed Sin
above. Can be used as warehouse,
Appl)  at Herald ofllce 2i;-tf*
Mr. Alfred C Pye, fatttei ol Mr.
Chas. I've, has arrived in town from
Arnprlor, Ont., and will enj-age in
business here Before leaving Arnprlor, Mr. Pye was made tbo recipient of an address from his fellow
clUzcns Tlw Arnprlor Watchman
thus refers to the incident: "On
Monday evening Mr. Alt. C. Pye was
Invited io the Campbell house, where
a number of friends had assembled,
delegated lo represent the citizens
ami business men of lhe town, who
performed the pleasant duly of rending an address and presenting (he
departing guest with a gold watch,
chain ami locket. Mr. I've was
lea.inn the following day for Cranbrook, B. C, where lie assumes personal control of the buslncu established there last winter. Mrs Pfe
and family neconipaniH him, also ten
master tailors who were engaged in
Montreal. This famll-. had resided
heie fot ovei twenty fite veals,   and
Such ;'n increase iu our hmicesi
I nt-1:i..en plavo during recent weeks
tlmt oui representative has found ll
iuiinj---il.lt iii alii ut every residence
ami explain lhu 10 pei rent Coupou
Saving System, sii announced In the
cfrctitoia! latter* thai have been distributed lliroiiirhoul thedldtrlct. If
H-**nieiii** would call oi phoi e us
flintier .l.i:..." of I till 10 i*i ceut
Savin}* System will be given
Enquiries   Solicited
Ci ml rook, li i .
Zn $1.00
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     .     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 104 mOW 144
«'     II    >-... ,     I   ..*,.!
Cm, i * -      I    .*.
/ \
Sstfor Dak/on LITHIA WATH
For lainily asa '.lure i- nothing
«.i rlhilti*ome and so pore nn
11ILCYOX 1.1 It 11 \ w.UKU.
IT'S l(iiill.l[i 11 rHESPHINfiS
it is with   regret that we annour.ee ■
, their departure from town."
in buying a cough medicine, don't ,
be afraid to get L'haml-erlain's CoUfti
, Remedy.    There ■■*» no danger   Irom
it, and relief is sure to Mis,*.    Especially    recoinmended   for  roughs, '
colds and  whoopinj; cottgfa.  all dr-'g- i
gists aed dealers. t4-\t
"The Burgomaster." whieli   comes \
to tbe opera   house r*-\\ Wediiesda)
night is perhaps the best musical ar-
tractfon     we   will r**f  this season
Manager Wni   P. Cullen who h.i** giv;
en us many good things by the n-iy. .'
is the   producer, and be ha.s spared j
neither    time or expense in   makiriz ]
tin*, season's   production better thar. *
ever before.     The -d**t i*. headed by j
Ous*. c.    Weinburg, wbo \>U-:   Petei
Sturvcsanl tbe ooMegged old go*er- ■
tn.i ni \e«  \,: -u-rdam.    Ur. ffefa-
burg is the original Burgomaster an>i j
has never been sc*n lo tM-'.t-f:      ad- ,
vantage   than   In this    part.   Me fa j
supported    bj a     r-.r-ipa:.;.   ol filtj
|h*ople. in winch tint   irincipals     are 1
most of   tbe originals.      Mr t'ullen '
always makes a feature of his s?h*ir'js '
and Ibis season's presentetloo is  no !
exception, as   the press where   ever i
they have played speak ol it as l«-iii- '■
the hesl sin^ini; and dancin** on*- seen !
in years.    The  production is   brand j
new. also tbe costumes whirh    were j
purchased al Marshall Fields in Chic- j
ago this summer.
FOUND.—A       Knights'    IVmpl.it i
charm,   bearing the   inscription   ■•!
Rossland Preceptory, iVo   31*  Owner
cat     oute  same    on application  «*t
tin- office.
Wood-Taylor, <<f *!»• local branch ol
tin- Canadian Hank of Commeros,
has ii**'!■ Iransferred to th** Kernie
Dai; Met Itltivray. a u el! bho* B
lumberman of Marysrtlte, was operated upon .■' the st Eugene hospital
ihu morning for some itontadi
trouble .111(1 Is In a .rr* rrtlle-il
PRICE   50 C.   EACH
.     ■ -    to " p.m.
Satnrds** If' i.m   to ft p.m.
i:. edal honn •     tuged when
rs    iited.
Arm«lrorK   Avs-nuc
Phone .^i7
Special Pates
August 27th
September 12th
Ticket, on Mule
Auga.l 19th t... *-. |,t. ij,I, r *trd
Fiiml I!*!; ri. Limit
S. j.i, M.I.. r ■J.'tU. I'.'Jn
Tral -.1 Limit
10 .Ihi k in .... I. i.r. ctlofl
Fnr fuli  partirnlan »|.|'lj* to
i..*..** it il  * r li.
District Patieagcr
Calgary, Alta.
prui.ic   hoiiool iti;-in'i;\iN';
On Mondaj nest.  Vugusl 29tfa, tbe
summer vae.tti.ui rinses anil the put.-
Ilc ichool mil re-open There hns
ih-en considerable chanj(Q in tl.i
teaching staff, three or tout tm
teacberx replacing those who have
left. Among the nem teachers at**
Miss (nek. (.f S'aoafmo, Miss Alward,
of Bath, N ll. a ulster "I .Miss \i-
wnnl, wlm was on Ibe -staff last
term, Misa Ifenloj. of Osbawa,
Ont., Miss fiirrle, Miss Hall. Miss
Orandall, principal ol the hitch sohool
ami Mr  Cranston, principal nf    the
public id I, make up (lie Mall   fnr
the coming term
UceU in (armen'a Hall n«ond and
fourth Tuestis) ol each month nt
.*. i».in   sharp.
m^  <:  Howard      Mis  .i  Baiter,
RwmUrj Chief Ranger,
Miitmn brethren made wtlrome
Best sin the
Tint i« u.tit -itnl.,.ri;>» -ar
rMaidina H . u .-. |< i ,i -*asf'
uie...: iii* sat- r- st Ilii. von
II.>t .*-|
fi i itanit -■ un ii ioa under
new   m u irn and   hn
lieen ten ■■ • fn m lop tu
1-oiti.rn and it <-\ nffori r-tetf
facllltjr foi ti. mfoit ■ml
con yen ■ hoi -.
It.it it* $|3 and fifi i ti m-ck
ui I-' |h : day Mid 11 j■■■ i - -.
\\\l   II iVIi   l',,,|,n.*l,ir,
Unl,IJ ,i ,   .It.,**   Ulk.,   11.1'. this  cuA**ini.i)oK heb.au">
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000    Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hnve recently been completed under which the branches
of thi** btink aie* nble tu Issue Diufts un the principal points
In the lollowing countries:
Finland Ireland
Formosa Italy
KraiKt* Japan
FrVh Cochin-China Java
Egypt,,   ,
Faroe Islands
Great Britain
South Africa
Manchuria Straits Settlements
Mexico Sweden
Norway Switzerland
Persia Turkey
riiillipiiie Islands    West Indies m
Koumaiiia. and elsewhere
ULLAT    in    ii*win\n r *-■>-<   ■ ■     	
K. T. Brymner, flanager Cranbrook Branch
engineers.  Founders
and   Machinists	
Phono 11.
P. u. Box ***■■•
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
and Repairs
We make the Best ,*.iw Guide and Arbor in
B. C   Any size required.
********* ************ **********
CRANBROOK,     -B.C. |
A  Good  Home \
if) what is ih'jir tn i-vri-v num. A luum*
iK where lVa<..\ Usnnfprt, Coiitciitttient.
itnd Plenty in fouusl. Thut is the reason
men thruttghoitt U.'itisli Columbin, when
'•Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions .los. Bmu.lt has made for nn
ids-; 11 li'iiiu* nt the
Canadian Hotel
- *w*rw**fww^^maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*^^wm*>w*yw^ in*-
A $, 20.000.00 RACE PROGRAM
IK THK   MATTER OF AN APPLICATION tor the litua of a duplicate i'fi' uaU' ot Title to   u-t
II, Block 1, Tnwn ot Fott Steele
(Hap 624).
that It la   my Intrntlon   to iMuu at
the expiration ot one month alter thfl
ftrit publication hereof a duplicate til
the Certificate of Title to the above
mentionc-il     lot   la   the    name    nf
Robert    Qeorge Shirr, which Cert I A-
oatc ta dated     the Hth of .January,
ItttKi, and  numbered 269RK.
Harm-el R. Roe,
District Kaghtritr.
I-md KtjihWy Office,
Nelaon, B. C,
11-Bt Jul-/ Hth, 1*10,
IN THE   MATTER OF AN APPLICATION Ior the ttaue ot a duplicate   Certificate   ot Title to I ol
17, Block 1, and Lot 37, Block <;,
Town of Fort Steele (Map lit:.
that it is   my intention   to issue jii
tne expiration ol one month after tiic
first publication hereof a duplicate ol
the Certificate of Title to the aim e
mentioned   lota   in    the   name    'il
Thomas C.   Armstrong, which Certificate la   dated the    20th Decrmlutr
IH..K, and numbered 1526K.
Samuel K. Ror,
District Reglst-ar.
Und Registry Offlw,
Nelson, B. C,
21-51 July Uth, ltl'l
(Con 11 titled Iron* page throe)
nol one ol tho mosl stupendous revolutions in ecclesiastical history. If
successfully consummated to the
glory of Ood, surely it is the mighty
(ioil thai lcadcth on the otmlos? Ami
surely it is not desirahlo thai it hr
consummated unless the Lord God
Almighty lend us thereon? We want
no (|iiustloiialilo foundations, no devious bypaths, no uncertain, unload}- stop. In prayer and faith
and obedience we musl liavo a clear
vision, aud he .strong and well assured in   ihs* way of our going. Whether
Ion come or imt, there miisl ho
much    anxiety nnd   lahoi    If union
come who can lell the ii ally   ol
the responsibility?     What with Hits and fields "t labor, with     the
i gregatlous of our people so dearly
beloved, with quarterly oflicial
boards, dislriel nicotine^ und conferences, with our church properties
and dlvcrsied Interests, our connex-
lounl funds ami establishments, our
missionary and educational enterprises, our book rooms and publishing plant, oui departments and oiii-
elary, does lbs* task not seem ion
greni for human wisdom ami
strength*.' is it uot utterly beyond
our power and the resources al our
command to lead these churches into
compact, mighty, effective host for
Coil and Mis Kingdom? How man)
differences to reconcile! How many
problems to solve' How many Intricacies and perplexities lo unravel!
What opportunities for distraction,
contention and strife! Truly nothing hut llie love nf (iod that pnsscth
knowledge and tin- peace o! Cod thai
pnssetlt all understanding, the spirit
<<f Wisdom, of power anl of sound
mind, is sullieient for these tilings.
Tin- designation and demarcation of
fields, the arrangement, settlement
ami disposal of properties, tin* appointment and distribution of labor
ers, tin- composition and allotment of
governing boards, the coalescence ami
co-operation of the membership, the
harmonization of systems and methods, scores of dillieull undertakings
in scores and hundreds of places,
constitute a task before wbicb the
rashest may pause and Ua* braves)
mav hesitate and even tremble. "If
thou I'd imt witli us, send us not up
hence," may well be the prayer on
overy lip- in thr name of Ood will
wc set up our banners; anil if wc no
imt up yet a united bust, a well organized, Spirit-empowered, I r reals I
Iblo force, we musl at least learn lo
direct our armies iu well-ordered
battalions upon the common foe. Tho
history oi barbarism is Ibe history
ol clnus and tribes, ol feuds and
strifes, of chieftains .mil conflicts.
The Christian history has been a
history of the formation of govern
incuts ami councils, of kingdoms ami
empires, of churches and common
wealths, of the huniaiii/alion aud
('■ nstiaiii/aiioji of men, Posslbl)
we do better to follow ml.
The address went on lo deal with
tin' relation of thr general superin-
tendencj to the -.vork of the church,
suggesting that there should be at
least two effective men in this office,
both for counsel and action, will
salaries uf pastors, thr ecumenical
conference in Toronto next year, the
laymen's missionary movement,
church courts, supervision of records, courses ol study, government
ol choirs, codification of the Honk ol
Discipline mnl other matters
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, lhe Hon. 0.
I* (iraham, minister of railways, an I
Mr K M Macdonald, the federal
member for Pictou, N. S , were visitors to a session of the Methodist
general conference. The distinguished guests wen* given a hearty r.*-
Dptlon Tin- prime minister was in
his usual happy vein atul the brief
address which be delivered to tho assembly was ot a most appropriate
Sir Wilfrid said tbal so many nf
ilif delegates had dour him the honor
I calling on him during Iho provin-
iai government reception that he
had decided lo return the call It
was a great pleasure to bim to meet
such a representative bod) of Mctho
dists. Dr. Cartmn and In- uers- old
friends His atldress would be ol
tin- briefest, as he fell Ihal be was
trespassing on ihe time of thi' ton
fcrenec In the course of his lout
Ihmugh  tbe   Dominion   hi* hud men
nm 1.. refer to ibe lute Sir John t
Manhii.alil as a greal man Ih* be
lie.ed Ibid li.- was a great man
The   time  fn!  illfleh le'-s  in     milioiial
considerations had passed nwaj   Ih*
had never bad the fortune to be associated with sir .lohn, imt iu an)
dealings be bad had wiib bim be bad
received consideration.
In religion and politics, said Ihr
prune minister, II was possible to
agree io disagree. What was wanted in politics was (he welfare of the
stale, in religion lhe welfare id humanity. Canada he would describe
aa the star of the world. It was bis
ptiste   lo be able to   say  Hint aller
visiting the ibree western provinces
ami now British Columbia, niter seeing the immigrants drawn from so
many different races- during his
Whole lour he bad not beard n discordant note, The population of
the prairies was happy as Camuliaii
and British subjects, This spirit of
unity he believed also prevailed in
the deliberations of the Methodist
conference, Those deliberations bo
believed tended towards a free and
hrondening Christianity. In Uie line
nt human rnd-envur along which they
were travelling he could say that bis
views on tlw* nubjcot and those of
Dr. Carman were identical.
The Hon. 0. P. Graham, who also
spoke, congratulated Hr. Carman on
the ability whieli lie hnd displayed in
arrying on the business of the general conference. II was not inappropriate to call him the "Grand Old
Man" of Canadian Methodism. lie
understood from tho nowspaper reports that lhe conference had been
considering the question of church
union, in the present tour of Sir
Wilfrid and his colleagues the assembled delegatus might see an exhibition of union. Sir Wilfrid was a
Unman Catholic; Mr. Pardee was an
Anglican; Mr. Maedouald was a Presbyterian, and tie (the speaker) wns a
Mctlio.lisi, lhe son of a Methodist
parson. He personally could say
thai there wns nowhere he felt, so
much at home as amidst such a
gathering, lie imped the deliberations of ilu- conference would nol
nly result in good lo lhe Methodist church hut also iu good lo the
whole Dominion. He believed that
the effects ol what I bey would ne*
omplisb would he felt in their ram-
I lien lions a t t he confines of tbe
globe. He wished lhe con (ere lies;
every success jn llie work upon which
it was engaged.
Mr. Macdonald explained Ids inter-
i iu such assemblies by stating
thai he was the son ot a Presbyterian elder. He was sure that tho
liji'Cls engaging the attention of
the conference ol tho greatest church
in the Dominion would lead to tho
development and upbuilding ol Canada from sea to sea. In the composite masses which comprised the
population oi tbe prairies he saw a
tremendous mission before the
churches nf the land. In lhe fulfilment of Ibis religious differences
should be laid aside. When the
question of church union came up for
consideration Western Canada offered a problem which must he considered in connection with it. Sir
Wilfrid's ambition was to make the
people of tbi' country from sea to
sea Canadians one and all* He t-c-
licvcd that bis visit to the west
would help bim to carry out this
Presenting the thanks of the conference to Sir Wilfrid ami his colleagues Dr. Carman referred ts* the
honor which they all felt in the
visit, They invd been instructed by
the speeches delivered and strengthened by Ibe expression of unity in
national sentiment He could tell
the members of the government tbat
they might build railways ami batlle-
shlps but that these were useless unless the religion ot the country was
laid ou a strong and immovable
foundation, lie expressed Ihe hope
on behalf of tbe conference that the
touring ministers would have a successful Journey with a fruitful ending
Heforc Sir Wilfrid and bis colleagues left the ehurcli Ibe assembled
delegates aud audience rose and sane
"Cod Save the King."
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Money to loan on fiivomlilc terms,
Tin* ji-ii department ol thli paper is
rijiii|i|ii.il with the most up-to-date
faces of type. Vou get whit you
want when you want It at the Herald.
TAKK NOTICE that iiity days
alter date 1 intend to apply to tae
Chief Comminiouer of Land, aad
Works at Victoria lor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following descrihed land., sit-
uated In South East Kootenay, B.
C, Block 4593:
t'omniencin<E at a post planted at
nr near I). V. Hughes' S. E. corner
anil lu'iiiB* .lohn Livingston's **.'.
E. corner, which corner Is about
three miles south to tbe south east
of t.ot "'UM, thence running 80 chains
west, HO chains south, 10 chains
cast. 80 chains north to place ot
Located June 17th, 1910.
.5t      .lohn Livingston, Locator.
TAKE NOTICE tbat sixty days
•Iter date 1 Intend to apply to the
I'hirf Commlsrioner nt Lands and
Works at Victoria lor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tlie tullowlng described lands, situated in South East Kootenay, B.
I'., lllock ISM:
t'ommi-nclng at a post planted at
S. 1*: corner of Lot 1007*1, which
corner is nhout Iim chains south and
17 chain*, east ot the S. E. corner of
Lot KM I, Ihence 80 chains south, 12
chains uml 11 links cast, 80 chains
north, 11 ehains and 10 links west,
to the -.lace  il commencement.
l.oriiieil this 17th day of June,
John Leask, Locator,
J. I.ivingaton, Agent. tt-5t
TAKE NOTICE tbat siity day!
alter date 1 Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works nt Victoria tor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situated In South East Kootenay, B.
C, lllock 1593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the S. E. corner ot 1). F.
Hughes' claim, and being Petet
Orcnon's N. W corner, which corner
is about three miles south of the S.
E. corner of Lot 8363, thence running 80 chains south, 80 chains eaat,
80 chains north, 80 chains west to
place of commencement.
Located June 17th, 1910.
Peter flrenon, Locator,
J. Ll.leg-toa, Apr**.  •*»»
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every care ami comfort
A   Ihhih*  from   home
Sjieeiiil attention in citBOH of
.Maternity, Khouiiiatisiii
Slid  Piieiiiiniliia
Tortus moderate
P.O lloi 784. Phone SH"
Thhi-Iht „f Klein*- nml
Standard Inst rumen I.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Mill Mabel Wellman
Plaslil and Teacher
IVrlillrnl.il lillllll ul
lliilinllli* Miilli-I nl Wiiini|»n
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at Realdeace, Armstrong A..
Forenoon. 1.00 to 10.00
Atfenoons - - - 2.00 to 1.00
Evening. ... - 7.30 to 8.30
Sundays - - - - 1.80 to   4.30
ORANBROOK :.    :i    II    it    B. C
I to 11 a.m.
lie  I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Ofllce ia new Krl.l llluck
CRANBROOK        - - H.
Notary Public
19 Cosmopolitan Hotel
Crnubrook nnd Fort Stcelo
wnW Cranbrook,B.C.
B. C.  and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
Life and Fire Insurance - Ileal K.lnte
Office—Nexl doot to
1'iwl Ollice
Com. in and let me quote you rate*
CATION for the Issue ol a dunli-
cate Certificate ot Title to   Lot
IS, Block I, lown nl tint BtWUJ
(Hap 624).
that it is   my intention   to issue ut
the eiptratlon ol ono month alter Hit
Bret publication hcienl a dti|ilicute .it
tbe Certificate ol Title to the above
mentioned     lot   in   the    name    ol
Robert Oeorge   Shier, which t'enui-
eate It   dated   the 15th ol Januu.y,
IHt, aad aumbered 1703K.
Samuel It. Hoc,
District Itegistrnr.
Lead Registry Office,
Nelson, B. C,
11 51 July Uth, 1010.
* •>
* THE ROYAL HOTEL.      <•
* Um. L.    V. Roberts, Proprie-.;.
O tress. *
* Cer. Stanley and Silica Ste.   *
* NELSON, B.C. *
* Free carriage or bus from all •:•
* boats aad trains. *
* Rates, tl and 11.50 per day.    *
* Remember   our Ue.   Chicken *
* *iaaat on 8undaya. 48-»m<-
* +
RESERVE     -      -     -
1). B. VYlLKIE, President.
Acootints ol Corporation)., Municijialitirs. Merchants,
Fanners ami Private Individuals invited,
Drafts and Lnttorsof Cri'dit issued avnilaljlo ill nny part of
tlio world.
SAVINGS DKI'AHTMKN'I' - Speoiitl attention
given tn Savings Hank Accounts, l>e|innitt. of $1,00 and
upward., received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: If. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
DO     YOU      CARRY
Life Insurance I
The  Monarch Life |
Phone 280 Pliono 280
The Prettiest Spot in B. C.
lust received a consignment of new boats
to be placed on the Lake at once
For lurthtr inlormation call up       PAUL HANDLEY,
Central Hotel, Marysville, B. C.
************ *********************************
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ■SF'i? WW ■»»■*• ww f*fWWr*l*f WFTTWTVTWf
♦ where   you   get   the   best
| PHONE 56.
J We have only out' iron in tlit* liro, that is
J A First Class
I Grocery Stock |
♦ therefore it receives the liest of attention. J
♦ No order too small to receive careful attention.
\ Campbell   &   Harming |
^^^^^^^^^^^ ►••♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦*>*»*»'>*»**
We have one or two
Real   Estate   Snaps j
If you are lookini; for nn investment or want to
purchase a home, it would lie worth your
while to see us about it.
We have facilities for helping you in a financial way    i
Why  Pay  Rent?
When a visit to ns tuny enable you to buy a
comfortable homo.
J********************************** ***********
********************* ********** •••••♦♦••♦■»•»*:
It is the Same I'lai'e
The Place that is l'.puliir
Good as the Beit
Belter than the Rest
The Cosmopolitan
Tf you come onee,
V011 will come again.
B, H. SMALL, Proprietor
Read the Herald $2.00 a year THE   OltANBBOUK    ilKillAI. li
Ciiesoent Ldiuii*: No,
Cranbrook, It. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 ji.tn. at
Krotornlty Hall,
,1. H, Uoyes, 0. 0.
T. 0. .limes, K. ol R, iS  S.
Visiting liivilneii   cordially
In attend,
TAKE NOTICE that Mililred Oal-
liraitli, ol Kort Steele., II. 0., oceuiia-
tton, Sjiinst-er, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at tho N. W. corner of
Lot 721*1, thence east Jii chains, uioro
or. less, In lhe s. W, corner of   Lot
3057, thence north Si) chains to    tho
vited  N. IV, eurner :i(iri7, thenco west      20
U     chains    tu   thu   S, W. eurner 7318,
, thenco south '- chains, inure or less,
I.O.O.P., KEY CITY l.iililll*:, No. it  (,„ u,„ nort|| i„ ,|nry ol Weill's prc-
cinjitfon, tlience   easl 7 chains, more
or less, lu the N. I*:. 1 ler ol    the
I Wolff preeiiiptiiui, tlience soulli 78
[cliaiiiB, iiiiui! 1,1 less, iii place ul beginning,   containing 100 acres, more
Mails every Monday
night at   New l*'ra-
WVto.-5w'   lernity   Hall.     So*
juuiiiing iiiliiftiiiiws cordially invitoil.
  0, ,1, l.ltllo,
w. s. linn,
N.  (I.
ill   Jt'.SK.
I ia I I'll
■ Inly
Mildred GalhralUi.
2nd. 1:110. 22'\
tngi  un SYNOPSIS OK  CANADIAN   ll.lMlv
tho   thir.l   Thursday]        sTEAU UEGULATIONS.
ut run   montli
tiling brethren welcomed.
W. l<\ All 1 hi      W..M
K. W. Connolly, Secretary
Meets nt. It. H. i'. A. Hall Ist uiul
.lid Tliurstlnys each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
Any   available    Dominion    Lands
within the  Railway   Uolt  in Brills!)
Columbia, muy   he homesteuded    liy
any person Who is lhu solo Ir-jsI nl a
family, ur any mult: over lis years ol
ige, tu the extent ot ono-quartuc bco
inii nf Iim seres, mora sir less.
Entry must bo made personally at
i i hr local land ofllce for  the  district
iu which tin* land   is situate.   Entry
! by proxy may, however, he made on
,l. A. Cambell, tt. M.   certain   conditions    by   the  lather,
tt'  ll   Drown  Sec.        mother, sun, daughter,   brother    oi
sister ol an In tending homesteader.
,,     Tin: homesteader Is required tu per*
MAPLE LEAP REBEKAH LODOb UQtm ti„< conditions connected thcro
So. HI. i with under one ol tin' following plans:
'   (l)   At least sii mouths' residence
Meets every second and   fourth Wed
iit'stiay at Fraternity Hall.
upon uml cultivation of   the land  in
each year Ior three ye*i.rs.
^^^^^^^^^^ ,   i-).' If   the    father   (or   mother,
Sojourning    Rebekahs   lurdmlly in-j if  the lather   is deceased),    ol     the
j homesteader resides upon a farm   in
Wll". I
Miss E. Johnston, N. <;.
Miss Hioke'nbotham, Sec'y.
Fraternity Hall First ami
the vicinity of the land entered Ior,
the requirements as to residence iiiay
ne satisfied by such person residing
Willi the lather or mother.
(3). if the settler has his permanent residence upon (arming lund
lowued by him in Uie vicinity   of  his
1 ""' ' is    I
by rcsiil-
I homestead, the requirements   a
d residence   may he satisfied by
Third Fridays
ila/.el Bowness, M. E.
i upon the said laud.
Six   montlis*    notice
maaaaami ~~          *"     writing
c..       .should be given to the Commissioner
Annie Uoyes,    K. of R, ,\; S.|o' Dominion Lands at Ottawa of   in-
Visiting members cordially i»viU-a* | ^{j^^^^^^;;^'^;:;:^ may w
COURT CRANBROOK. 8913        (am..      N()t morfl    „„,,. o-,-0 R( cc|
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
James Sims, Chief Hanger
L. Bent, Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
■iliall lie leased I io indiviilu.il
imininy.     A royally at Ihe rati*
five tents per ton   sliall lie collected
on tin* merchantable eoal mined.
W. Vi. CORY,
Deputy   ol   the Minister  ol the    Interior. SIMM!
Ti'iiu- Moderate,   I'. 0. Boa IMS
Cranbrook,   -   British Colmi I ■
■I.    \V.    IM'TKKIM. I.
Ora I ■<■■■
.   [su*,
Ui .;
\,.,.* ....
.Nil .■   i.* .: -   * [j    .
Ollice   n. t doer is Pui I
I'lwnc  IJ-i               p.O, Box r i
N'u'il Pftll      It   II   Kl i -  II
TAKE NOTICE thnt Jean Mi ..,■
Lemolgne, ol Cranbrook, liritisli Columbia, intends lo apply for permission tn purchase the follom Ing described lands:
Commencing   at   a   posl   planted
twenty (20) chains south   and    ten
i H') chains   wesl ot the    soutl
cornet of    lol nine   thousand se i i
lumdreil     and     ninetj Ss ten     1707),
Croup    One (I)    Keotetmy DIstt
tbenoe north lorlj  (10) chains, « ist
forty (40) chains,    south fori
chains, easl lortj  <10) chains
point fl coi    i ■ ■
Jean Marie Le  oigns
Dated &<  31
His Maji-sty King George V. has
Intimated his acceptance ol the office
ol patron of the British Empire
club. The club has only heen established (ins year and las become an
Important Institution. The object
lnr which it was established was to
extend hospitality to visitors Irom
various parts ol the empire, and a
large number ol entertainments have
been given at the club house, 13 st
Jumes', Square. The following hon-
iii.ii> members lune been elected:
riic iml,,' ol Connaughl, Prince Arthur of Connaughl, lhe Archbishops
uf Can ter burj and *i ork, the prime
ministers ..( Australia nnd Sew Jien-j
laml, tin' l.nid Mayor o( London, the
Dfsbnp ol I.Minion, ihe secretaries ol
Btate f"i foreign affairs and for
Greater Britain ami the colonics, the
high commissioners fot Canada, Australia, South Africa and Now Zealand, the permanent under secretaries
ol slate for forolgn affairs and lot
Greater Britain and ihe colonies, and
Lord Rosohory. Mr. Bailout has
become an honorary member <>f the
An Influential deputation waited on
tin- prime minister to lay beforo him
a scheme, which is approved by all
jinnies in parliament, for Inviting delegations from tin* parliaments ol
Australia, New Zealand, Canada and
smith Africa lo visit this country
nexl year un iht- occasion of the
coronation ami the imperial conference. The objeel wns to urge on
.\|i. Asquith that government co-
opctalion should he forthcoming for
lhe purpose, hm this Mr. Asquith
explained his Inability to approve,
suggesting that ii might well be
left to lhe Iwo houses to entertain
the visitors. This, it is understood, will he the course followed.
The members will probably be the
guests of both the lords and commons and thclt friends, who will defray the costs of the visil and mal.e
all the necessary arrangements.
It has been asserted that the safest
place in the world is a scat in a
Brltisli railway carriage. There,
would appear to lie much iu the
boast judging by tho official record
of accidents on the railways of the
I niiid Kingdom during linn. Only
one passenger was killed hy an accident to a train in which he was
traveling. Further, this was tlto
lirst such death for a period ol
twenty months. There were 300
non-fatal accidents. During tbe year
1,201,800,000 passenger journeys
were made, with but one fatal accident. The proportion of passengers injured was one in 3,200,000
i$M^iM$i?i&''i>i SPIpIli »SW*MM
'■i*/-; * '•*■ ■     '*■' ■   ""*' '   -••■ '*7.*-.•"• '.•,.**-..•"T.'.'iT.
* am!
Mr.. M. BnMt, '
' '""a" 'h*'.,i*l       V»-W LA
rash cauif nut all over my baby's
■Dread until ii hadti tally covered li   __„.r.
It wai irr-.iui;; ;„*.. painful*, and cauwl
ihe little nne hour* of iusTering. Wc tried
WM md j ■■■a lei ■ , nd lalvi -, bul he bi
no Witer. lie refuted his food, got quite
'liiu and *.v*.in, anil was reduced lu a verj
terfoui condition, I was adviicd m u>
/um-l-Siik, nnd did ■■*-*. It w.is wonderful
hour it Kemed t<> r-.-.l nt>*l ett o lhe child i
burning, painful ikin.   Zhh-HuI; from lhe
wys»mmencemenl Bes?ni <l logo right t<>
Ihs spot, and ihoplmi
111 I
few weehj try baby's
pletely,   lie baa n>
r erupt Ii
■ il th
lc« rmd len,    With
n  was healed
ri'tl a trace ul
or burning
lore,    Nut only sn, hut cured of the to
mentlng ikin trouble, he bu Improved i
^mer.il health."
§ September 21 & 22
* *
t Baptist CEburcb |
J Pastor, Charles W. King, ^
T Parsonage, Norbuiv Avenue.     ■*
-   "" 184.      P. O.  Hot 2i.7  *>
*P 'Phone,
BULL :..
Does No!
Get Ok IS
A MAV ONE ll it does
B t ij.
I 'po-\\
.   B«t  .*,      wn^j
*'* :.,). , •   1 ■*>   *
|><w. t-rfiuo. -aMuM
|<r- |*)vii'.v-!r,.l/.^.(-t
^uti-bfiu, L-, -vuu poyr
Ui Services - Sunday, 11 ,j
^ is m.    and    7 BO   p.m.;   Bible <>
:■* i    with     Young   I adies' >>
Philetrhea    ami    Young   Men'  *>
♦ Blblo t'lftss, .1 p.m. J
J     Mlinlay,    Young IV..pi b'u    «   T
# P m. ****
•a> v.. Inesdaj, Ml l Week Mi-i-llng, 4
w     \  cordial    ('hiistinn 'velromo ^
: i" ««* j
Large, i I
very sats, itoubls doori
I  private
•\pplj at Herald Offlee  iti f*
I .allien' uml Clilltlroti'i in be bail at
(lenllonionV ean bonhlnlnesl at
Pink Mercantile Co.'s Store
(iciicr.il Blacksmlililng
WaRim Repairing
Agonl. lor CiiuA.ln Itloyclc Motor,
Al.-n Dcorlnji MoD'orannil link
I'HON'I*: B0
II  you    want   satisfaction    with
your wasljinjj   serd
il   In
S|i«t'i.il priii'-! for family wink.
The London court of common council art* considering two important
bridge projects which have become
urgent owing to the congested state
<f traffic »-n the bridges at present
existing. The recent widening
<d Blackfriars Hridgc has somewhat
improved the situation, but further
facilities for traffic from one side of
tl:e Thanes n, the oilier are required It is proposed t>< widen the
Southward Bridge, and also to build
a new ono between Southwark and
Blackfriars bridges, Mr. Thomas,
chairman "f the bridge house estate
committee, stated that after negotiations with the London county council he anticipated no difficulty regarding tho widening of Southwark
bridge but with regard to the proposed niw bridge his committee
would report on the whole matter
Biter the vacation, and might decide
to proceed with their application to1
parliament withoul tin- London ]
council. The Improvements
committee ol tho latter body had
expressed Its willingness to recommend a contribution up to utuii.otio
towards tho cos! of tho proposed
widening »<f St. Paul's churchyard on
certain conditions.
The electrification of London rail-
rays proceeds apace. The expert-
ieiil.il electric lino from Victoria to
London bridge on ihe Brighton and
South ("oast rallwaj has proved so
suceeasftil that the company has resolved upon its extension to a number ol otlici suburban districts, including thai of which ihe Crystal
Palace is tho con tor. The decision is
an admirable one, if u,r this reason
alone, foi tho Crystal Palace is a
national asset It has gone through!
many vicissitudes of late years, and
has oven within ihs- past few months
heen threatened with extinction. It
is a most delightful resort, and under Mr* '■ II Starr's nbfe management has hern enabled 1st offer lo
the public one of the best slay's nitt-
Ings io im obtained anywhere within
the metropolitan district. lint it
has Buffered because or the difficulty
of reaching if. With n quick .service o[ c.CCtctc trains it should soon
regain its old glories, and such a
service lhe Marl of Besshorough, the
chairman of the Brighton railway,
promises sliall be in full swing by lhe
time the Pageant of Kinpire opens
next year.
The journalists nf (ireat and Greater Britain are tn hold high festival
in London ne\l month. The occasion f**i Ihe annual conference nt the
Institute nf Journalists, which takes
place In the metropolis from Septeni-
hei in in 17 for iho flrsl til
ten years. -Journalists aie
from Canada, Australia, N
land. Smith Africa! Indii
Straits Settlements, Hong-Kong and
Jamaica, and a gathering (wo thousand strong Is lieing provided for.
Mis Majesty King George has bidden
the newspaper men and their wives
to Windsor, the governtnonI is in
give them a banquet, and the cily
corporation has lent them the Guildhall iu which tn hold Iheir deliberations and has voted lutto guineas toward their entertainment, l-'amoutj
bouses are being opened to litem;
tliey are to he made free of tin* Japan-British exhibition and other centres of attraction; the managers of
the London then ties mil music halls
are offering thorn generous hospitality; and several railway companies
aie placing special trains at their
disposal for visits to Portsmouth and
Southampton, Rochester and Canterbury, Oxford', and elsewhere
The movement initiated by the Imperial Maritime League to raise a
loan ol £100,000,000 for national defence is making steady progress.
Both in the house nf lords and
tin- house of commons special committees have been formed amongst
members desirious nl aiding this
movement, for the purpose of watching the development of cents, of
sustaining ami increasing public interest in the matter, and ol taking
whatever steps may stem advisable,
when parliament reassembles, to secure vet further support. Meanwhile the league is communicating
with other hmlies and organizations,
and is steadily accumulating a vast
mass of support for the project,
which has taken a stronger hold sin
public opinion at large than any ot'
er movement of recent times in cot
ttCOtiOn with the defence of the om
pi re.
Dysentery is a dangerous discaSO
but    can be   cured.    Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
has been successfully used iu nine
epidemics of dysentery. Ii has never been known to fall.     It is espially
nluahle for children and adults, anl
when reduced with v.-iter and sweetened, it is pleasant to take. Sold
by all druggists and dealers.     2;-tf
Every resident in Cranbrook District is expected to do his or
her best to make an unqualified success of this Big Event.
What are You doing?
The following committees have  been  .appointed
to take charge of the different departments--
Grounds Committee:
Messrs. Bardgett and Benedict
Finance Committee:
Messrs. Beattie, McSweyn, and Reeves
Attr.idiijns Committee i
Messrs. Brymner, Rutledge, and Benedict
Advertising Committee:
Messrs. Wilson, Reeves, and Raworth
Program Committee:
Messrs. Rutledge, Bel!, Brymner and Benedict
Entertainment Committee:
Messrs. C. H. Knocke, A. B. Smith, Campbell,
Fink, and Mott
Manager of Grounds :
A. B. Smith
Cats and Dogs:
Dr. F. W. Green
Grains, Vegetables, and Fruits:
Messrs. Gilt, Knocke, Jolliffe, Smith and Mott
Industrial and Commercial Exhibits:
J. P. Fink
Domestic Science:
Jos. Campbell
Mrs. T. S. Gill, President of the Women's Institute
his b.-en req.i;sied lo assist in securing exhibits in
Fine Arts and Domestic Science.
All persons desirous of assisting  or exhibiting in   the   liig
Fall Fair should get into communication with number*. <,f
such   of   tlie  above  committees   in   whose  work   the
specially interested,
lej   are
^ September 21 & 22
111      W. II. Bf
IARDQKTT, President
DeVere HINT, Secretary
A. 15. SMTH* Managing Director Km
*£ffiti&&lffl)& s   .   ' "  t -'.„•*'"' t-'-*'*""-' (.-'-'•'**■ c- ..** "^ l." ,.**'"» cj*£SM
lie .vholraiili* Distributors lor
Western Canmlft of Mathieu's Nervine
Powders, ami also ol Matlilon's Syrup ot Tar ami Cod l.l*cr Oil, the
Kreat remedy for Coi
Iiin.ith\  iin.l Oats
Grown on Fnta<a llanoli, Cnnlirooh
liiin aeaaon ea-t-r
•»* •**.*•-.. -t- *•• •*• .'* ... ••* *•* ... *1*
KR AND CHEMIST.-Chargei: *
»-. Gold, silver, cojijier or lead, 11 .;.
•;• each; gold-silver, tl.50; silver- •:•
>:• lead, 11.90; gold-silver, with *
.;. ropper or lead, 12 50, 7111c, TJ, •>
■I* silver-lcail-ziiic, $.1. I'ricrs lor •'•
*> oilier metal, on apj-llc.**,* .*,. .;•
.;.|.ong distance 'phone 87. I'.O. •>
* Bos, CI108. Nelson, B.C.    tK-lv*-*
win ii '* C.P.H
ni .  '■  i n lowi
1   ■ u luoti r  '*.:
Ii !l y   . ■ i  ..-! off.
I11!   Ro n -. [iiipmcnt,
X   farmers' institute! L. B. VanDeccir ii Sons
PrsBstilent : T. 8. (im, ♦
X Kor Information regftrsltna landa a* WHTirT
• nml  igricnllnrc   apply   to the # IMv-' I Ivd
Meeting - f      ' ",- ■'""ll''" i,r!U n" ■''" ImgOl
Kvery ni-coml Wednwday      f tlioslmrulioldcre ol tin; Koolonnv
-#«*>'.*•• ♦•>•'•! Cent nil L'oiii|mny, will
be   held    \l    IIhi    Hewl   Office,
Cnuiii!' * ' t ill a.m. "n
IMond'iy, fith Si |.t.nili.-t. fnr tho
|i'|(H'tioii of iHn i-tore. nutl fur llm
trmisuction -■! otln t # mernl bn«i«
('   I f i: iil,< rfi.nl  Pol Ion,
/'<.   ..*.■
|).-i!<"! itl i'i.'ihiiiM.,|. ilii.-, 22ml sl;i\
n( .lu!y,  [\}\0,
labor day
 Tat fernie
Hotei VanDecar    ,,:-' : ''■•""
%  Over$!,000inPrizes
F.O, Hhsiiiii'II, I).!.. s„ 11 C. I.. 8,
A. I. Holwrtaoii. B.O. I., s.
I'liini.iiiiii an.I Rrltisl.Col.iml.ln
If*:-   Mac Pool Ruing
I ,   ball      Football
T,*niii» Tournament
Sq       i* |.* * Rncoa
.-'i'i.*.*.. ll**r*.i. Racea,
Etc.. Kt<\
Entrl-k moal bamaJa •.-. Ihs -,.** ri-mrv
-' '•   .-••'.' ■ •'■' Stcrttjrv
is prepared to lupply help, t'.iiiti ot
anittllled, on ibortsnt puMibi* to*
tire, tn flod r;ii}i.i*yiii*-nt and $nt*t*
aiitif* poiitloni wlifii sent out; to
rent hoinei lad roomi and to n*II
ynu Iruit landi di otbet pr-jperty lot
n small eonimlnton,
Addrcw:-ff Parker, 312 Baker St.
NELSON, lir,        4K-1M THE   CUA.N-BUOSJK.   HBUALD
Victoria's Royal Welcome
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Given Grand Reception at
the Capital
Victoria was looking her liest last
Wednesday when the slimmer Princess
Charlotte, .vith Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
premier ol Cuiindn, on loan!, stenin-
ed sliiwli Into porl. Mi* vvas greel-
c(| ai iln* t'.l'.ll. Inndiiii! liy n large
and enthusiastic crowd.     There was
a   record   iiasscneer   list, some II	
people being on boar.), and those
waiting I" see tho premier had lo
restrain Ihelr natural impatience
while Uie crowd came oi! drat, The
bridge »*ns gall) deeornted with
llowers Iln lhe viaduct, al Iln* en I
ni iln* gangplank, vrlil.1i was massed
Willi palms, Iln* ili-lin- llfhril vlsll.ir
received the official vvnlcomc nnd the
(reeilinn nl Iln* City,     Till'   Mas li.linl-
eil him hy his worship Mayor Moi-
ley, wlm was accompanied
number nl cltj nldcrmcn, »
prcaentallvcs ol iln* Literal association were also prescnl
Aft...    vi li.ii     seemed    -miles*.
time, lhe piiiiein I I1.'  crowd was
nl length rewarded, anl, wearing a
long black eoal nml .1 black Derby,
Sir Wilfrid came Blowly over llic
bridge, escorted lij tlie mayor. The
crowd restrained its enthusiasm III
what has eiiini* to In* regnrded as a
characteristically Ilrillsli manner,
hut lliere '.as 1,11 llo'l'll as In lis*
..ariiilli nl il:. wclcomi. Bowing nnd
raising Ins lint Hn* pren Icl Btepped
iniu Hie liamlaome motor broughnm
ul lhe lieilteiiaiil-gii.iriiii, Wlilcli
was waiting lnr him, ami was driven
slowly up in Uu* Kniprew hotel, Hi.*
hand ol Iln* Filth mill"*' leading Iln*
way, playing nppro|i
lections, nn hi
hotel,    where   anothct     I
awaited liiin, a 1*11111;...I
senilis swung lliell 'in'**
stalls ami gave Ium a III
welcome. Sli Wilfrid, »li" was ne
companled by Hon 0 r. (Iraham
minister nl rnilwnys; '•: F. I'nrdce
M.I'.; K. Macdonald, M.I'., and Ilmi
Senator liihs    then went in    In
private suite,    wliere l.n received
deputation from Hn* Llhernl nswicia
lion and rested.
Tlie reception in the inning at th
parliament buildings wa*; a magiiillc
enl aliair. 'lla* llliimlnalions wen
splemliilly curried onl ami Inimlieil
ul s|ieelaiiirs crowded lb'' walls u
the gardens an,mnl lie* buildings
A hnnl live thousand attended Ibe re
an auto drive to dlfforent points ol
inieresi iliriiiighoui the city. On his*
return to the Empress lie received a
deputation from the board of trade,
heard the representations of tlie Ken
ian raid veterans and received a deputation limn lhe Victoria Trades
ami Labor Council, lie lunched al
government house, where he met a
small number of Victoria's prominent
Tin* cily was gaily decorated and
Illuminated in honor nf ihe distinguished visitor. A huge maple leal
with I'anaila written beneath formed
Uie principal design in lhe illuminations on iln* parliament buildings,
which were gay wilh Hags Tin* floral
decorations ul the hig subtle reception were probably the lines! tbnl
liave ever been seen in Victoria. In ll
word, iiom start to linlsti, nothing
lind been loll undone to show Can
mill's liremier Imw heartily he wa
welcome in this distant oulposl 1
the empire
a I se
I   lhe
■nm I
IV     nl  In.)
m,  their
rt)   Im)is
caption,   ami
been genet al il
scntalive    gulhe
gowned     soviet*
shoulders   wilh
a- invitation hnving
v*ns a prclt)  rcpre-
1. < lleanlifilll.
women     brushed
those   in   humbler
wnlks ol lili* nml lhe blnek .mil, ,.l
ihe many Melhodisl ministers present contrasted pleasantly with the
seurlel and gold lace nl II..- government officials.
The entrance ol sir Wi'lrid Laurlei
slmrilv after II o'clock, nccninpanieil
In Premier Mellride, wns Ihe slgnol
lor enthusiastic applause. Tin* distinguished visitor 1,ink up liis stand
in Hie legislature chamber, where .1
very large number nl iln si* prescnl
lileil through 1,. mecl bim Throughout Ihe long ami nil ig ordeal, lhe
gracious courtesy that has eiidearcl
Canada's premier lo all .lasses ol
society, was unlnillng. Everybody
wtio mei bim received a warm handshake and Ilu* pleasant smile tbal
is famous Irom Uu* Atlantic to Ilu
Pacific. Sir Wilfrid wis greeted l.y
a greal ovation. II.* s.n.1 "Above
all, I would lake ihis opportunity lo
express publicly mv gratitude in my
friend Mellride, fnr Hu* many courtc-
sics he has lavished upon mo. Mellride and inyell do iml alvva.s see
..ye to eye, hul when we iliHel we
are content lo disagree. I know il
is more his misfortune than his
fault (laughter ami applause). May I
say to the credit id McPrldc, lor 1
am much older than '*", ami can
claim more experie,,*.*. In the study
of the working ol public Iih* "I tin*
ohl Hritish school, tbal his mote
than kind conduct mi the jireseni
occasion is worlli) nl 'In* lust tradition and amenities which cbaractcrlMi
the party leaders In ilu* "id laud."
The     close nf    lhe      nnjilioli was
marked hy the playing ..I the natloaal
anthem Delicious refreshments
were served ami tbrougl 1 llie oven-
lag a capital orchestra dlsperaed ile-
lighlful music, among 'he Mnlllii-ls
being Seimt I'eriiia, of Vancouver.
(In Thursday morning Sn Wilfrid
was the guest nl Ilu* Liberal u>
soeiatioii executive, wlm look him on
I..1YAI,   WKL-C0I.1E   IN NEW
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was royntlj
welcomed at I'rlitce Itiipcrt mi Sn-
1 ui day List. Over Mix thousand elti*
/rns ot ihi- north were present. When
out ten miles rrom iln* harbor tu
Prince fleorge wan met liy ill■
Kestrel, accompanies! liy several other
limits all liedccked wiiii flngu anl
cam in^ thrre bands.
Wiib such an escort llic big boat
matlc her way into ibe harbor i.f
Prince Ruppi'l. As soon as it was
moored lasi to tbt- dock, Mayor
Stork and all tht- aldermen o! llic
cltj and a reception committee, con*
slating ot tbe Isissling citizens hoarded iln- boat ami were introduced lo
Sir Wilfrid. The premier was Ihen
driven to the city hall, escorted by
a guard of Itoitor from volunteers <<(
tin- cily.
Un arrival at the cily ball Sir Wilfrid was presented witb an address
ol welcome. Thr inscription is
burned mi tanned moose hide, uf full
size, anil lbs1 work is done in excellent taste. Tin* Illustration mi II
depicts the lmrlior nf tin* rising city
nf iin< north, showing tin- mountains
in the distance and the spirit nl
progress is represented by a wing-
nl ligure in a chariot driving two
plunging steeds. Pari nf lhe
inscription reads as lullows: "In the
building <d Prince Itupert, a monument is being raised to tbe sagacity,
patriotism and creative policy of
your administration; u city welding
tin- link between Ibe nation oil the
easl and Ilu- empire across Ute
Sir Wilfrisl ji replying said: "II is
tin- dream ol my life jf I should he
-.pared liv Providence for Hires* years
more, lo see my ambition iulnll.-.l
and In take the trip frsitn the Vl-
lantic to tin- Paeiiie and celebrate
the Inauguration of the National
Transcontinental railway."
Other addressi*s were presented in
ibe premier by Mrs. Dr. I.Ruert, ■>(
ibe Daughters of Kmpire, who also
presented Sir Wilfrid with a hook of
views (or I,ally Laurier, and by Mi.
Segouln, of Uu* French-Canadian
society, In wlioin tbe premier re*
plied in French.
The TsimpKcnn Indians through
their chief, Dmb'V.aril, presented an
address engraved mi a canoe paddle,
and Henry Edenshnw, ot the ilatda
tribe, thanked lain as tbe bead ol
the government for the guardianship
which the government has exerted in
tlie past and praying for a continuance of ibe same in tbi' future.
Tbe premier ami other members
id the party along Willi the flitting
pressmen were entertained at a banquet bv the citi/ens of Prince Itupert
(in Mondav Sir Wilfrid Inspected
tin- Orand Trunk paeiiie m the morning, addressed an open air meeting in
the afternoon an.I spoke al a
"smoker" in the evening Tbe par*
iv lelt lur Yaneiiiiver thai nlghl
FOR SALE.-OUret typewriter. In
good OOWlltion Apply to A. Hum
my, (lining car agent, C.I'.H, Uran*
brook. -JMI
♦♦♦♦♦♦*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦ wwwwwww4ww4fw4ww%wwww4j4ji
iitlif one yon -jet when you buy
meat nt tltit inttrket. And tbe
quantity yon mty you warn li
v. Imt yon will get loo. Ilui lit.ten !
I'on'l  uf.ler ton Utile.    I to  onee
you gel« liiHleof our luciils you'll
find youriaH hMimiikI em-tTtomt
inolO tliim tlMial. Ti j 0111 ment
Instead ol taking n tonic. It's
far bettor, nicer nnd ebraper.
P. BURNS 4 CO., Ltd.
You Want Clothes With
You want Clothes
that mirror
your task
■**** •***• imm        w&' •'■i*m
." m      gil
*z?*.        fm\\\                           \\\m< '»'3fal
*„..       ^1
iitWMk*.          :.
1 VA;
■ \
mmmW 1
M     1
You   Want   Campbell's   Clothes
Tliis Si.>r.*'s I'm-pusi* is loilresa men belter tlmn tliey have ever been .lr.n-.iil before   io provide surli
siyli*s uuil imlleriia nn "ill express the individuality of the wearer and give •-* miine satisfaction.
We allow no one to givo n greater equivalent for your money, and tin* Suits nml 1 Iverci als wo have ready
iii*..*..mil everything in the pasl
'I'., men of good judgement llicso values make an appeal as ininiedinte ns Iluy nre irrislnble.
We mean to ninkc thia the safest storo to bny at every day in the year,   We sell only lhe very beet of
Clothing nud insist on 11 period understanding with each customer.
Vou run no risk at nil in buying here,   ^d———■—§W   Kvery garment s..M is guaranteed by us.
w&zs... .-'.asi'.rsaB
Cranbrook   Opera    House
One   Merry   Music.il   Night
i..i-ve«.t ■inaction evei in Ctanbtotk
Wm. P. Cullen  oifers the  "Daintily  Different"
Comic  Opera   Success
with Gus. C. Weinburg
The original Burgomaster and over a 100 otheri
50c. $1.00 $1.50
l: n.-l Tlrkfli may \*t plilaliinl si l'« illhsMurjil.) I>rna Woro
Asaya Neurall -
Nervous Exhaustion
Since the tissues receive tlteirtone
from the nerve centres, lustrous
eyes, a clear complexion and symmetrical figure can onlybepreserv
cil by maintaining full nerve vigor. When the mirror warns,
"Asaya-Nkuram," isrequired.
It feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
quickens the appetite, aids digestion, aud restores the sparkling
radiance of full nerve vitality.
$t .50 per bottle,    Local agent.
i j ♦  Builders anil Conlroclors !;
You want Clothes 9
All kinds nf
lioilur and Rniigo W.nk
Tr.de Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
Rnrnn-. Mniltng . .'i.trh olid dec iptlun ni.**
<1*1 MT i,-"I'M, 1111 .'ur „|i, 11 Irae -.li.'lli.r au
iiu.- ii|.„i 1, |,r,,hril.|y r iti'i'ini*lo   (' -niniunlft,.
: ..icinl.*** .<.i>-l..i  JUNDIOOI *.„P.ieU.
,.*i!l I,.*,.>. i.l.lf.t b*h*ii'7 fi.r.f.'f.rui*,* wusiiis.
I'.ii.ii.i. nU'-n <r>r,ni<ili Mum, Ik Co. nc-ITC
.j.rrl il ***,(Ice, without oli-ir.*., lutnt
Scientific Jlmcricdit.
A Tiiiinl.ii**i'.'Iv illii-*'rsl--'l Wf+Wr. Ur,..-** oir-
iil-n.iiji ft iiiif *■ ii*iiiiln* l.'tirnil. Irtiii* lur
im ..in. £'..:'. u ye'if, it-ttuKe |ir*.|Mihl.   ***i*id by
^^urrCo.38-^-*****'Hew Toil
Uraiici. .Ifll.'o. OH V BU \vB,l,lu*iiun. I..T*.
X The Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real Fstale Agency
M, S|...i..lii, I. lur.ilnl.lt.K Inliorlur
L'tiuixT r..iii|iniiii*H. li,iiii,.mi r>,».
Inii'liii.. H11I.V nml lliill.l.n.
.1. .VtliKil.r, Projin.-tor
I'Iiiiiii. 11.1      III...'.'■•I.-.     I'll. Iln. *>l|.>
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•»
Fernie Pantorium
FERNIE       •      B. C.
Planted  Fruit   Farm {
For   Sale
1 uiili* liiuii Cranbrook, block Xo. I. of
Cranbrook Irrigated Fruit Lands
CoutniiiB .I inn's partly cleared and planted
wilh .".uu Applu Trees, Hm Small Fruit and
.".tin Strawberries, tlood House IS x "J4,
Itont IIi.it*-.*. Will. Irrigation Dlteh, and 50
.•orils of wool] ou skid.
Price $1,200 on Easy Terms
M'll.V TO
Wilmer Agency Co.,
WILMKI<\       -        -        -       B.C. 5
************* ********************************
to your measure
PROM   $10.00  DP.
1 Cleaned, Repaired,
and l'r.'ssiil.
Bend Clothea by expreir, and Ilui.
liy mail.
i -t.
Presbyterian eburcto i;
Sumlay muniliij* Bcrvm* at II
Sunday   eveaian*    Nrvlos   at
7.10 o'cloek
Sunday    s.*h.».i  ami   iiii.ii*
Cloil a*. .1 o'cl.H'k
I'lr-ilijli'lim     tlllilll,   TiiisiI.IV,
at H u'ct.K'k
, ****************•*****}
lin* ileslrui linn iii '.i linn . ii. i. .i 1'niiii. limy.
\liiiu-i ever)' American State I: ir.l ul IIcakn ix ctrrying
ni a crusade iijFiinst linn
Hi- filthy nriqin anil lialiits, in.l the l.ibt ih.i liis Imily
is generally laden with iliseaae-pr.Kluciuj; genns, maken Ium
nin: ni tin* grentcat t-ncmiei ol iln* liuniuii race,
It the housekeepers ol Citnnihi will use
poisisteritly, this peril would be tremendously reduced
******************* **************************
II. I„ BTEl'IIENS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
*********************** **********************
Calgary, Alberta
Itcnidenllil ■ad Diy Sihoil lur (lirIn,
under lhe 4'rtcliti al lhe Chircb
ut linicU-id
I'n-immlisiri for UnlvantlV
M itriaiilatlon: nlHufnr Mlliioniid
Art Gx.itnlnations.
S|it'i'iul cimrisrn tiiVoi'iiU'iiltm-t),
|)i(iiii!slii! Si-Umps', Pliycitiil (Jul.
fire, Frs'iicli ami German On-
viMHiiiion, etc.
i'rt'p.iiitury mnl Kini|i----,utcn
Oill-tloor Hiill, Tt'imi-, Cm-
(|iift,   Hiirikui.lmll, Horkey, etc.
r<»ii rnsMNiiTci Ai-i'iv
m-'t l'ai.M nil.


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